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Annual Publication of the Senior Class of Arts High School Newark, New JerseyA wise man is strong; yea a man of knowledge increaseth in strength. - Proverbs, XXIV, 5The 1963 VIGNETTE is dedicated to Dr. Frederick C. Seamster, who is retiring after having served as principal of Arts High School since April, 1949. Over the years. Dr. Seamster has looked to the welfare of his students with complete selflessness. Seniors especially appreciate his deep concern for the student body after they have benefited from his professional assistance in solving college entrance and career-planning problems. Those of us who have brought him our problems, both academic and personal, will sorely miss the counsel of the tall, soft-spoken, grey-haired man who has helped to guide us through a crucial period in our lives. In preparing for his career. Dr. Seamster received a B.A. from Colorado State College, an M.A. from the University of Colorado, and his Ph.D. from Yale University. His understanding of young people has grown from long years of teaching and administrative experience. Dr. Seamster served as both teacher and principal in various elementary and junior high schools in Missouri and Colorado. Later, he spent two years as Professor of Education and Director of Training Schools at South Dakota State College. Dr. Seamster also taught at Yale and was a member of the State Department of Education at Jefferson City, Missouri. He has worked in Newark for the past nineteen years as Personnel Director and Principal of Arts High School. There are few students who do not, at some time during their high school careers, learn to appreciate Dr. Seamster. His staunch, persevering character is a unique one. His kindly patience and strong sense of responsibility to others have made him, in the eyes of thousands of students, a great leader. The "Good Doctor", as he is affectionately called, has dedicated his life to the educational development of young people in a manner akin to a clergyman's dedicating his life to the spiritual development of his congregation. It is with the deepest respect and admiration that the Class of 1963, on behalf of all of Arts High — both present students and alumni — extends to Dr. Seamster a most profound "Thank you".Mrs. Geller, our competent and gracious vice-principal, has always advised us wisely. Her wholehearted interest in the students is evident by her participation in and concern for all phases of school life. She performs her duties with sincerity and thoroughness and has provided us with the proper guidance and assistance that is so necessary for the growing minds of youth. As a result, Mrs. Geller has gained our confidence and won our admiration and respect. 6 Miss Alice Kcehncr has been teaching at Arts High for many years. She is a delightful and charming lady whose ready smile and quick wit have won her the admiration of all who know her. A dedicated teacher with a warm vibrant personality she has shared with her classes her enthusiasm for Shakespeare and the theatre and has tried to instill in her students a love of English by emphasizing the human aspects of literature. Many times members of her classes have been her guests at Broadway and ofF-Broadway plays. She has always taken a personal interest in her students, and has helped many of them reach their goals. A native of Newark, Miss Keehner attended Barringer High School and she is an alumna of the Newark Normal School and Washington Square College of New York University. She has traveled extensively in Europe, South America, Scandanavia, Canada, and the United States, and hopes someday to visit Egypt. Besides travel and the theatre, she is also interested in art, music, and world affairs. When she retires, we will be losing a precious member of our faculty. To us — she has given of herself fully in time, friendship, and devotion. To her — we can give only our appreciation and our love. 8FACULTY Ruth G. Abot B.A., M.A. English Ruth Anarjion B.S., M.A. Art Albert W. Calvin BA, M.A. Mathematic Thereto S. David BA, M.A. Sponith Tina Eugene Bohannon B.A , M.A . Prof Dipl Head Counielor Lawrence Del Vitco BA. M.A. French 9FACULTY David Jonowitl B.S.. M.S. English Jerome Marcus B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts Seymour M Landsman B.S.. M.A. Art (Chairman) John Lang B.S . M.A. Physicol Education Ruth Meyerson B.A Mathematics Ethel Mints Pianist 10FACULTY Ilka. Horriett F. Word R.N., B.S. Heolth Alan J. Shapiro B A., M A History Gertrud Shapiro B.S. Muiic Mary Rutledge R.N. Louis Spindler B.S., M.A. Art Leonard J. Yablick BA. M.A. Science Sadi Yuker B.S., M.A. librarian Shirley Zones Clerk Stenographer 11"And what has your Highness done? And will your Highness promise never to do it again?” "Braid the raven hair" "I am the great Mikado" "Oh My!" "My good man! Throwing tantrums will get you nowhere!"Early each year the Art Department and the Music Department begin to prepare for our annual opera. Last year's production was The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan. The opera is about Nanki-Poo who has fled from the court of his father, the Mikado of Japan, to escape marriage with the elderly lady, Katisha. Disguised as a musician, he falls in love with the fair maiden, Yum-Yum; but he has been prevented from marrying her by her guardian, Ko-Ko, who wishes to marry her himself. Ko-Ko, however, has been condemned to death for flirting. Nanki-Poo hastens to the court of Ko-Ko in Titipu to find out whether Yum-Yum is now free to marry him and at the end of the opera he does marry her.SENIOR ADVISOR Milton Knoblor B.S., M.A.-Art SIiko 1955, whon Mr. Knobler first com htro, ho hot iSown an avid Interest In Art and it activities. Our gonial clo » odvitor i fho typo of toachor ovoryono enjoy . Ho ho novor boon too busy to too a member of the Senior Clot , ond ha worked diligently with the Cla»» of '53 In planning event thot will long be well remembered by all the Senior . Hi Jovial attitude ond hi quick-wittedne put ttudent at ea e immediately. The»e characteristic allow him to create a comfortable otmotphere which inspire both hi ort clattes ond hi homeroom group to do their best work. For yeor Mr. Knoblor has been coach of the Swimming Team, which ha had a record anyone would be proud of. Aside from these many activities he is an accomplished commercial ortist; yet, he never let hit outside work interfere with on important event on the school calendar. Hi presence is usually mode known at these event by the sound of laughter heard In response to his ready wit. Hit good-natured humor, ready cooperation, ond seriousness of purpose along with his "parental" advice hove mode him o popular teocher who hat been an inspiration to everyone. Bette Laiar M A. — Secretarial Mrs. Lazar, noted for her red hoir and lovely clothes, will always be remembered for her friendly ond understanding manner. Her warm personality and charm have won her the respect of both the students and the foculty. Many people confide in Mrs. Lazar because the It such a sympathetic listener and alwoyt teems to lighten their burdens. Her teoching methods have inspired many students to utilize their typing ond steno skills in the business world. At the Typing Club advisor she spends extra time helping those people interested in improving their skills. During her vacations Mrs. Lozor hot spent her time traveling throughout Europe enriching herself so that she is able to add spke to her clattes. When the it not traveling or busy with her family, Mr . Lazar indulges in her favorite pastimes which include cooking, entertaining and musk appreciation. Mrs. Lazar's variety of personal interests, at well os her sincere interest in others, combine to make her a truly oll-aroond wonderful person. Lucille Hiller, B.S. Home Economics Although Mrs. Hiller teems conservative ond sedate, the it really a fun-loving person with a sunny personality. She enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, ond traveling ond has visited almost every state in the union. Her enthusiostk personality ond her wide range of experiences have made her o friend ond confidante to all those who have sought her odvke. She makes on honest effort to help students to do their best scholastically. Betides carrying a full teaching load, the devotes much of her time to odviting the Red Cross, the Sewing Club, and the Color Guard. We will always remember Mr . Hiller for her firmness ond efficiency ond for her ready wit ond quick tense of humor which brightened her classes. Elizabeth R Stiller B.S., M A - Art Mrs. Stiller It a person devoted to her work and to her students. Always willing to help her students whenever the can, the radiates a warmth ond understanding to all those who know her. She can be firm when the occasion calls for it but most of the time the it gay ond cheerful. A her students put it "She's one of the crowd." She eon usually be found in Room B-8 leaning over a kiln removing her students unutsrol creations. A charming and witty person she hot enlivened her homeroom with her keen tense of humor. All who know her feel her sincerity ond through the years she will alwoyt serve at on Inspiration to her student Victor Thomas BJk., M A. -Science Mr. Thomas hot been a member of our Science Department for four yeors. During that time the legend of his joculor teaching manner In hit biology and physics classes hat spread throughout the school. Although he ho on extremely busy schedule he always finds time to participate in school activities. He hat come to every function sponsored by the doss of '63, at well at to many of those sponsored by the underclottmen. Coaching the Track Team hot also taken up many hours of hit time. Mr. Thomas’s ottitude towords hit work ond hit students make him a fine exomple of o well-rounded teocher and a responsible individual. 16 xPresident Jo Anno Minwtoli 679 North Eighth Street Jo, who hot been our Junior and Senior Clots president, is on intelligent, hard working person who it usually found rushing around trying to get oil her task accomplished. During her four years at Arts, she has received an A-pin for her participation in the Orchestra, the Craftsman Club, the Student Council ond Scope activities. She is also o member of the All-State Orchestra ond the Notional Honor Society. Jo’s ambition is to become a good teacher, wife, ond mother. She plont to further her education at Newark State College. Vice-President Class Officers Julius Benevento 65 North Munn Avenue Julio, os he is often called, can usually be found in the company of Sammy Siino, Bill Bernstein, or Helen Costello. While at Arts, he has won many friends through his easy-going manner and has gained admiration for his election to the Notional Honor Society ond for hit ort work. For his orf work too, he received the 1961 lotham Foundation Award and o 1962 Youth Art Week award. Hit goal in life it to be o famous artist and at a ttep toward achieving it, he plans to attend Cooper Union. Patricia Goffga 423 South Eighteenth Street Pot, better known at Patch to her friendt, it a fun loving person whose main ambition in life it to be happy. She can usually be seen wandering in the halls looking for Elsie Rinaldi. Her favorite teacher it Mr. Morris; her favorite tubjeett ore history ond Spanish. Pat, who can't Hand people who ore always complaining, hates to got up in the morning. She is o member of the Varsity Cheering Squad, the Scope, the Vignette, the Student Council, ond the Senior Clast Council. Pat will ottend college after graduation Roy J. Byrd 95 Moyboum Avenue Roy, a friendly, well-respected boy, it a member of the Notional Honor Society. He hot been on active participant in the Math Club, ond on the Trock Team, the Student Council ond the Clast Council. He has received o Trock letter and on A-pin. Although hit friendt are numerous, he can usually be found with Mike Gold! and Corlene Warren. Clotticol music, moth, ploying the piano, tinging, football, iwimming, reading modern novels, dressing conservatively, Mr. Morris and Mr. Steitel are among hit favorites. Roy plant to ottend Columbia University where he will major in mathematics or biology.DOUGLAS ANDERSON SIDNEY BERZON BALDESARIO ABRUZZO BARBARA BEDNAR WILLIAM BLANDA CAROLYN ALLEN WILLIAM BERNSTEINBALDESARIO ABRUZZO - 207 Second Street - »4 Benny, a true sportsman, has received three Varsity letters for his work on the Baseball Team and has been a member of the Varsity Club. He enjoys listening to jazz and being with his close friends Richard De Roxtra, Dennis De Palma, and Eugene Sweeney. His favorite teachers are Mr. Voller, Mr. Lang, Mr. Gommoll, and Mr. Giordano. Benny also likes history, sport clothes, and ravioli. He has enjoyed just about everything at Arts except the fact that there are no showers after gym! Benny plans to join the Marines or attend college after graduation. WILLIAM BERNSTEIN - 1126 Magie Avenue, Elizabeth — Bill, whose friends include Tony Splendora, Mike Cuozzo, and Annemarie Krey-big, has a many faceted personality. His sense of humor and genuine interest in others endear him to all who know him. His interests include reading, sports car racing, membership in the Craftsmen's Guild, the Literary Club, the Visual Aids group, and a Youth Good Neighbor League. He enjoys English, jazz, and folk music (he plays a great guitar). Although undecided about any specific career, he hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin. CAROLYN ALLEN — 506 Avon Avenue — Y Carolyn is a shy, studious girl who plans to become a medical doctor. Her close friends include Laraine Parmes and Ethel Du Hart. She can usually be heard saying, "Oh! For Days!" She likes jazz, bowling, and English. Mr. Voller is her favorite teacher. She especially admires the work of Rembrandt, and James Baldwin tops her list of authors. Carolyn has enjoyed everything about Arts except detention. Outside of school, Carolyn is an active member of the activities at the Montclair Y. After graduation she will attend Hampton Institute. SIDNEY BERZON - 309 Clifton Avenue - Sidney, who is sometimes quiet and at other times bubbling over with enthusiasm, plans to be an elementary teacher. While at Arts, she has belonged to the Band and the Orchestra, participating in most of the concerts and operas, and has been elected to membership in the National Honor Society. Sid's interests range from reading Pearl Buck's novels and piano playing to Young Judea Youth Group programs. She is usually with Kenny Thomas, but also finds time for the congenial companionship of Maxine Lipson and Liz Chraminska. DOUGLAS ANDERSON - 130 South Ninth Y • | Street — "Doug," who describes himself as "different," is happy being himself. His major interests include listening to records, drawing, and singing in the "Glover Choralaires." Doug's favorites are roast beef, all types of music, basketball, continental clothing, Mrs. Stiller, Mr. Landsman, and his aunt, Helyn Bell. Art is his favorite subject. Since Doug has won Art awards and is a member of the Fashion Club, it is not surprising that his ambition is to become a fashion illustrator. Doug plans to enlist in the Air Force or in the Navy before embarking on his career in the art field. pM BARBARA BEDNAR - 97 Warwick Street - Y , Bobbie is a happy individualist whose chief °'m 'n I'fe 's fo be successful. Her close friends are Jean Kovoe, Al Correale, Diane Cuidera, Mike Hatoff, and Margo Lancin. She enjoys ice skating, jazz, art and history, cherry pie, odd clothing and swimming. Her pet peeve is conceited people and she most admires dependable people. She has not only been active in the Spanish Club and the Student Council, but has also been on the Cheering Squad and the Vignette staff. In the fields of art, music, and literature, she favors Picasso. Dave Brubeck, and Shakespeare. Outside of school she participates in the Y programs, a gymnastic organization, and the Youth League at her church. WILLIAM BLANDA - 67 Reid Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey — Bill is a level-headed young man who enjoys reading science fiction in a worm, casual atmosphere. Although he lives in Passaic, he does hove two close friends from school. Bill Eisenman and Dave Soden. He is an avid sports fan and a most enthusiastic rock 'n' roll supporter. In his spare time. Bill particularly likes laboratory work or anything that has to do with photography or chemistry. His interest in these subjects is the basis for his choice of a career in the science field. ROBERT BELLA — 342 Orange Street — Bob is a shy, quiet boy, unnoticed by many of his classmates. Bob Votto and Bill Russo are his closest friends. For relaxation. Bob enjoys playing football, fishing, hunting, and resting. After the regular school session is over. Bob attends night classes in drafting. Upon graduating from Arts, he plans to use his knowledge of drafting to help him secure employment. In the near future. Bob hopes to attend Indiano State University where he'll major in history and education. Mr. Morris, his favorite teacher, inspired that ambition. 19quently JOSEPH BORG — 290 Fourteenth Avenue — "Iggy," who is usually found walking in the halls of Arts, plans to attend Newark College of Engineering. This future engineer is fre-in the company of Winn Salkins, Ben D'Alessio, and Tom Rizzo. He has an appreciation for jazz, Italian cooking, and basketball. His spare time is devoted to doing homework and reading modern novels. Although Mr. Tobia is his favorite teacher, Iggy dreads the thought of having to march in the Band when the occasion calls for it. This well liked and respected student has every reason to be optimistic about his future. RAYMOND BRISTOL - 1925 McCarter Highway — Ray is an ambitious person who wants to succeed in life. His favorites include dancing, jazz, football, basketball, and New York continental clothing. Although he enjoys history, his favorite teacher is Mr. Pesile. Ben Johnson and Steven Fields are his closest friends. Ray has won Varsity letters for his Track Team participation. He has also been the Second Place Essex County Vocational Champion. Ray hopes to continue his education at New York University or Manhattan School of Music. □ JOYCE BRYANT - 77 South Eleventh Street - "Joycie" is a quiet, conscientious person whose main ambition is to become a missionary. Phyllis White, Bertha Perry, Diana White, and Faye Drayton will vouch for her easy going, casual attitude. Joyce likes dancing, jazz, basketball, art, and Miss David. She is also interested in the work of Rembrandt, Herbie Mann, Steinbeck, and Cronin. She is kept very busy at school with her activities in Girls' Glee Club, the Library Guild, the Vignette staff, and the Senior Class Council. Outside of school, she is a Bible student at her church. Joyce will always remember the faculty at Arts and their sense of humor. THOMAS CALOIA - 96 Columbia Avenue - "Butch" is a happy-go-lucky type of fellow. ■CJ His close friends Bob Slonim, Rich Minetti, and Gary Zenga always Find him cheerful and ready for fun. He is an ardent music lover and has special admiration for Stan Getz and Paul Desmond. Butch's favorite teachers are Mr. Pesile and Mr. Tobia. His extracurricular activities include the Opera Orchestra, and the Dance Band. His future plans include attending Juilliard School of Music or Glassboro State College to further his musical education. rpv DENIS CAPESE — 190 Garside Street — Denis is a man of few words. He can usually be found in the Bright Spot or with his close friends Joe Katsock and Joe Cioffi. Den likes to listen to rock 'n' roll, eat all kinds of food, wear sports clothes, and read the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Although his favorite subject is English, his favorite teacher is Mr. Yablick; he also has a great admiration for President Kennedy. While at Arts, he has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in the building. After graduation, he plans to further his education at a college or professional school, and later on he expects to enlist in the United States Navy. m ■ PAULETTE CASALESE - 475 North Thirteenth f Street — Paulette can be serious at times, but 5 e likes to have fun and enjoys people. Her closest friends include Sal Ditto, Joanne Di Giuseppe, and Vinnie Ceglia. She is fond of pop music, macaroni, art, bowling, and swimming. Her spare time is spent with Anthony. While at Arts she has participated in the Typing Club, the Fashion Illustration Club, and has been a member of the Vignette staff. Her art ability has won her an award in a poster contest. Paulette's ambition is to become a fashion illustrator. |-----1 MURIEL BROWN - 94 Eleventh Avenue - Muriel is a happy-go-lucky, yet sincere person. |_____| She hopes to attend Douglass College, although her plans are not yet definite. Listed among her close friends are Carlene Warren, Laraine Parmes and Pat Winckler. In her spare time she enjoys reading or talking on the phone. Her favorites include jazz, potato chips, history and English, football and sports clothes. She could easily do without self-righteous people. She has participated in the Girls' Glee Club, the Band, the Red Cross, the Literary Club, the Student Council, and the Library Guild activities. Outside of school she has been active in the Y and in the Developing Association at her church. LANCE CASPER - 6 South Magnolia Lane - Lance is an easy going, likeable fellow, usually found with Tony Splendora and Arlindo De Oliveira. Music and art are his favorite topics of conversation. He loves Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, the Ventures, and almost all rock and roll music. Because of his interest in art, he has joined the Craftsmen's Guild which enables him to utilize his artistic talents. He has been a member of the Junior Varsity Baseball Team and Swimming Team and he is also a member of the Varsity Club. His leisure hours are spent fishing or hunting, but sometimes girls side-track him. Lance's future plans include attending college, though he is undecided about a career. 20LANCE CASPER JOSEPH BORG MURIEL BROWN DENIS CAPESE PAULETTE CASALESE JOYCE BRYANTVINCENT CEGLIA DIANE CHINNI 22 JOSEPH CIOFFI JOHN CHADWICK ELIZABETH CHRAMINSKA PHYLLIS CIOFFI KAREN CICERALE SANDRA COHENVINCENT CEGLIA - 420 Fifteenth Avenue - Vinnie is a likeable person whose funny antics have won him many friends. His closest are Joanne Di Giuseppe, Sal Ditto, and Paulette Casalese- Vinnie's hair, which always looks as if it needs to be cut, mokes him stand out in any group. His years at Arts have been made more enjoyable by Miss Keehner and Mr. Morris, his favorite teachers. After graduation, Vinnie plans to work, but he expects to attend a beauty culture school in the near future. JOHN CHADWICK - 18 Brenner Street - Jack W is, according to his friends Joe Katsock, Robert Falstrom, and Ted Gibki, a shy, quiet fellow. He loves to sing, listen to rock 'n' roll, and eat Italian food. While at Arts, Jack has enjoyed history classes with the one and only Mr. Morris. Outside of school, he spends much of his time tinkering with his '61 Chevy or playing football with the other boys. Upon graduation, Jack plans to further his education at a technical school where he'll specialize in drafting. DIANE CHINNI - 104 Devine Street - Diane Y is an out-going person who plans to become a court stenographer. Although she hos a busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy art and horseback riding. She greatly admires Mrs. Hiller and Mr. Shapiro but nobody tops Mrs. Lazar in her book. Here at Arts, Diane has been active on the Scope staff, has worked on Art Service projects and has won two awards in typing and steno tests. In the fields of art and music, she thinks Rembrandt and Miles Davis are the greatest. After graduating, Diane plans to attend the Essex College of Business. p ■ ELIZABETH CHRAMINSKA - 1403 McCarter f ,A Highway — Although Liz gives the impression of being a quiet person, she can be quite vocal when you get to know her. Some of her favorite pastimes include reading, writing, discussing "anything", bowling, or watching baseball games. Two of her good friends are Sidney Berzon and Kathy Quilban. She loves to hear the Arts High Band or Orchestra play but dislikes humdrum television programs. Liz has belonged to the Art Service and the Fashion clubs and has served on the Vignette staff. She plans to attend Montclair State College. □ KAREN CICERALE — 113 Isabella Avenuo — Karen is an outgoing, friendly person who includes, among her friends, Diane Chinni, Phyllis Cioffi and Lisetta Pantano. Her interests include bowling, dancing, and listening to music. Mr. Pesile and Mr. Knobler are her favorite teachers. She has particularly enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at Arts. Her many activities include the Student Council, the Scope and the Orchestra. She plans to become a court stenographer and will attend the Essex College of Business to complete her training for this career. JOSEPH CIOFFI - 213 Twelfth Avenue - Joe is a jovial sort of person who enjoys imitating ______ the antics of Mr. Voller, the teacher he admires most. Ranking at the top of his list of friends are Jim Robertello, Peter Cruz, and Benny Abruzzo. Interests of Joe include sportswear, sports books and magazines, jazz, general math, and Michoelangclo. As a member of the Baseball Team, he has received a Varsity letter as an outstanding pitcher. Joe plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a teaching career. □ PHYLLIS CIOFFI — 319 South Orange Avenue — Phyllis has a quiet but friendly personality. Her friends include Karen Cicerale, Lisetta Pantano, and Diane Chinni. While at Arts, she has been an active member of the Student Council, the Orchestra, and the Senior Class Council. She hos proved her ability in art by winning awards for her talent. Phyllis likes the friendly atmosphere here. She also enjoys the works of Van Gogh, the music of Gershwin, and the writings of George Orwell. Phyllis plans to attend Montclair State College to fulfill her ambition to become an art teacher. SANDRA COHEN — 49 Eckert Avenue — "Sandi" is known to her close friends Barbara Salzano, Jim Racioppi, and Mike Galdi, as a talkative imp who never gets caught! If not talking, she's either getting into Mr. Thomas's hair or laughing at the wrong time. She enjoys eating, sleeping, reading, and sketching. Although she is a music major, she's a fun loving girl who hos distinguished herself by her election to the National Honor Society and by her conscientious work as a member of the Student Council. Sandi has also been active in the Orchestra. She plans to further her education at Rutgers, Newark.GERALDINE COHENS - 7 Seventeenth Avenue — Gerrie, os she is know to her friends, is on amiable and witty person. She spends her spare time reading, going to parties, or watching television. Among her friends. Tommy James and Charlotte Mounnerlyn rank high. While at Arts, Gerrie has been an active member of the Leaders' Club, and the Modern Dance Club, and has served on the Vignette staff. Her favorite teachers are Miss Howard and Miss David. Upon graduation, she plans to attend Pratt Institute to prepare for a career as a fashion illustrator. JOHN COLEMAN - 127 South Thirteenth Street — Jackie is a very friendly person who wishes he were a wee bit taller. Two of the many things he enjoys are Mrs. Lazar's teaching and his collection of popular records. His favorite style of dress is the continental look. He usually associates with his close friends, Leroy Nash and Robert Fuller. Jackie plans to attend Central State College, after which he will secure a position in his father's business. ARTHUR COLES - 163 Somerset Street - Arty is a friendly person who gets along with everybody. His ambition is to become an art teacher. He expects to attend the Agriculture and Technical Art College of North Carolina. Outside of school, Arty likes to play basketball, listen to jazz, or devote time to his tropical fish or to painting. Two of his close friends are Den Miller and Tommy Washington. His favorite teacher is Mr. Morris. An enthusiastic sportsman, Arty has been on the Varsity Basketball Team and the Junior Varsity Baseball Team, and is a member of the Varsity Club. 24 CAROLYN MARIE CORAGGIO - 240 Mount Vernon Place — "Liz" is a cheerful person, always ready for fun and a good time. After school she has participated in the activities of the Drama Club, and the Leaders' Club, has served on the Cheering Squad, and as a member of the business staff of the Vignette. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lazar under whose guidance Liz was able to receive a steno pin for 100 words per minute. Her ambition is to become a secretary but, until that time, she will occupy herself with attendance at a school of business or beauty culture. CHRISTINE CORAGGIO - 240 Mount Vernon Place — "Chrissy" is a cheerful, energetic girl whose main ambition is to get married and have six children. She can usually be found roaming through the halls with her friends Christine Cummings, Linda Zompino, Diane Chinni, and Carol Kretchmer. In her spare time, Chris enjoys dating, listening to records, or eating spaghetti and pizza. Chris has been an active member of the Drama Club, the Leaders' Club, the Varsity Cheering Squad, and the Scope. She will long remember the members of the faculty, especially Mrs. Hiller. After graduation, Chris plans a career in the modeling, secretarial, or aviation field. |-----1 HELEN COSTELLO — 432 South Seventh Street — "Junior", as she is known to all, is a friendly, |_____| talkative person, whose ambition is to become a court stenographer. She can usually be found at home, work, or school, with her close friends, Betty Lou Sweeney and Judy Pavolick. In her spare time. Junior enjoys listening to records, especially those by Elvis Presley and Benny Goodman, sewing, dancing, and singing in her church choir. The echo of her favorite expression, "Who asked you?" follows Junior wherever she goes, even at the Arts High dances which, in her opinion, are always most enjoyable. ARTHUR COVINGTON — 16 Treacy Avenue — "Butch" is a friendly fellow who can frequently be found at the Health Studio lifting weights or with his friends John Kemper and Harold Neely. Arthur enjoys such sports as swimming and horseback riding. He has participated in the wrestling matches here at Arts, and will always remember the friendliness of the students. For relaxation, he enjoys reading magazines with music, preferably popular, furnishing the background. Although he is still undecided about his career plans, Arthur plans to attend Seton Hall University. DIANE CUIDERA - 48 Warwick Street - "Di", who is a very popular and charming person, can always be counted on to accomplish things quickly and efficiently. Her friends include Tommy Coppola, Jim Racioppi and Barbara Bednar. She loves to spend time skin-diving, improving her art work or just kidding with her favorite teacher, Mr. Knobler. Di has been an enthusiastic member of the Cheering Squad and has distinguished herself by being elected to membership in the National Honor Society. She is considering becoming an industrial designer and will definitely have a career in the art field. She plans to attend Montclair State College to continue her education.GERALDINE COHENS HELEN COSTELLO ARTHUR COLES CHRISTINE CORAGGIO DIANE CUIDERA JOHN COLEMAN ARTHUR COVINGTON CAROLYN MARIE CORAGGIOCHRISTINE MARIE CUMMINGS MICHAEL CUOZZO ARUNDO DE OLIVEIRA THOMAS Dl BELLA JOANNE Dl GIUSEPPE BEN D'ALESSIO DENNIS DE PALMA PAUL Dl MARTINOCHRISTINE MARIE CUMMINGS - 136 Darling Avonue, Bloomfield, New Jersey — "Big Red" is a cheerful, easy going individual. She is active in the Drama Club, the Literary Club, the Craftsmen's Guild, the Leaders' Club, the Modern Dance Club, and the Fashion Club. She also serves on the Scope staff and the Senior Class Council, was recently elected to National Honor Society membership, and is captain of the Varsity Cheering Squad. Her friends include Chris and Carolyn Coraggio, Joanne Minutoli, and Jimmie Racioppi. Upon graduating, Chris plans to do some free lance painting and then to attend the Fashion Institute to become a designer. MICHAEL CUOZZO - 585 Ridge Street - Mike is known as an "unhappy optimist" among his friends Linda Zampino, Bill Bernstein, Kenny Thomas and Helen Costello. An avid science enthusiast, when he is not in the chemistry lab, he can be found tinkering with an amateur radio set or having fun with his camera. His favorites include chemistry, Mr. Pesile, and Mr. Tobia. He has been active in the Band and the Marching Band and has received a Band letter. Mike plans to continue his education and expects to prepare for a career as a pharmacist. BEN D'ALESSIO — 288 South Ninth Street — Ben, a boy full of life, can usually be observed waiting for his girl near her locker. If he's not with Carol Kretschmar, he enjoys the company of Winn Salkins or Joe Borg. A music major, Ben loves to listen to jazz or go to a dance. He likes eating Italian food, is active in our sports program and wears the latost in men's clothing. After he graduates, he plans to attend Rutgers University to prepare for a career as an accountant. □ ARLINDO DE OLIVEIRA - 54 Monroe Street - Arlindo is the tall, dark and handsome type who thrills most girls with his sly smile os he walks through the halls. He has been on the Swimming, Baseball and Track teams and, through his sports activities, has developed a firm friendship with Mr. Voller. He has earned several Varsity letters. As an art student, he has received two Art awards. Arlindo appreciates the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Bosides art and sports, Arlindo has other interests, especially his girlfriend. If he isn't with her, he goes places and does things with Jim Robertello, Lance Casper and Winn Salkins. Upon graduation, Arlindo plans to join the Armed Forces. DENNIS DE PALMA - 84 Ferry Street — Dennis, affectionately known as "Dippy", plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art where he'll concentrate on commercial art. He also expects to spend two years in the Air Force. He is usually found with his close friends Fred Foti, Mario Vitalano, and Gary Zenga, or at the Sip and Sup. In his spare time Dennis works on his hobby, hot rods. He likes girls, jazz, Italian food, history, art, baseball, long collars, and Ban-Lon shirts. He has been a member of the Stage Crew and has especially enjoyed the dances here at Arts. THOMAS Dl BELLA - 118 Norwood Street - Tom, an easy going boy, can usually be found with his close friends Winn Salkins, Gary Zenga, and Joe Borg. He enjoys going to the movies, rock 'n' roll, eating lasagna, and riding horses. His fovorites include Mr. Pesile, Frank Sinatra, Rembrandt, Dave Brubeck, and Spartacus. Tom has been active in both the Band and Chorus. Outside of school he participates in a singing group and in CYO programs. He is also a member of a basketball team ond a football team. Tom's ambition is to become a singer but, after graduation, he will enter the Air Force. __ JOANNE Dl GIUSEPPE - 397 North Twelfth I Street — Joanne is a most vivacious and friendly person whose hope is to become happy and rich. Most of the time she is laughing and having fun but Joanne has a serious side too and will gladly give good, sincere advice to anyone. She enjoys bowling, jazz, baseball, and Italian food. Some of Joanne's closest friends include Paulette Casolese, Vinnie Ceglia, and Sal Ditto. Among Joanne's favorite teachers are Mr. Knobler and Mr. Thomas. After graduation, she plans to seek employment in the banking business. __ PAUL Dl MARTINO - 424 Third Avenue - Paul W is a witty, fun-loving sportsman who has participated in the Arts and Crafts Club and has been a member of the Swimming and Track teams. His close friends are John Sepe, Vin Cor-rado, ond Mike Priolo. His favorites include girls, jazz, art, football, Mr. Knobler, Mr. Gommoll and Dave Brubeck. He is a great admirer of his older brother. Paul plans to attend Parson's School of Design to prepare for a career as a commercial artist. 27SALVATORE DITTA - 321 South Seventh Street — Sol's ombition is to become o moth teacher. ______ His closest friends are Vincent Ceglia. Paulette Casalesc, Pat Goffga and Joanne Di Giuseppe. His favorites include popular music, Italian food, typing, baseball, Mr. Voller, and men's clothing. While at Arts, he has been a member of the Baseball Team, the Swimming Team and the Vignette staff. He has most enjoyed our friendly faculty. He plans to seek employment as on automotive delivery serviceman this summer but hopes to continue his education at Montclair State College in the fall. FAYE DRAYTON — 474 South Fifteenth Street — Y "Cookie", a serious minded person, is an amateur psychologist. Her close friends are Phyllis White and Joyce Bryant. In her spare time she practices her hobbies of singing and dancing. She likes rock 'n' roll, hamburgers, and economic geography. Her favorite teacher is Miss Keehner. While of Arts, she has participated in Red Cross activities, and has been a member of the Typing Club and the Bowling Club. Faye's ambition is to become a singer oc a secretary. After graduation, she plans to attend Katharine Gibbs School. ETHEL DUHART - 482 South Eleventh Street - Ethel, a member of the National Honor Society, is a quiet, friendly, unassuming person who is easy to get along with. A few of her friends are Bertha Perry, Carolyn Allen, and Carol Jenkins. Her many activities at Arts High have included membership in the Typing Club and the Student Council, os well as service on the Scope and Vignette staffs. When not too busy with other things, she enjoys sewing or cooking. The teachers she most admires are Miss David and Mrs. Neuss. Ethel plans to attend Howard University to prepare for a career as a social worker. __ EDWARD ECKERT - 92 Magazine Street - Ed Y %4 ‘s ° sincere, conscientious, well-mannered person. He can usually be found, after school, with his two constant companions, Harold Polk and Joe Cioffi. In his spare time, he enjoys listenting to popular music, bowling, ond doing chemistry experiments. Mr. Landsman is his favorite teacher and artist; Mr. Pesile rates as his favorite musician. At Arts, Ed has been a member of the Banking Club and the Bowling League. His main ambition, after graduation, is to become a bank president. BILL EISENMAN - 226 Nineteenth Avenue - Y Billy is an affectionate, considerate person whose favorite spot is on the corner of Nineteenth Avenue ond Grove Street. His first loves are art ond painting, although he also enjoys rock 'n' roll and singing. He con often be heard in homeroom and in the halls vocalizing the latest song hits. Billy's closest friends are Paul Sinkowitz and David Soden. His favorite teocher is Mr. Voller. Billy is an admirer of Salvador Dalli and would someday like to become a successful artist. He plans to ottend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to fulfill his ambition. __ ROBERT FALSTROM - 8 Summit Street - Bob Y is o person who is friendly and fun to be with. Besides drag racing which is his hobby, he also enjoys jazz, bowling, all kinds of food, Heming- way, and Rembrandt. He can usually be found at home, at work, or in school with his friends Joe Kotsock, Robert Rosselot, John Chadwick, and Charles McMahon. The thing he likes most about school is homeroom, with homework at the top of his "Hate" list. After graduation. Bob would like to go into the Army or attend some professional school. ANTHONY FERNICOLA - 264 Elm Street - Tony is an ambitious, serious, yet fun-loving young man who desires to be successful at Rutgers University. Tony's fondest remembrances of Arts will be the laughs he had in Mr. Morris's classes, and the interesting conversations he had with the upcoming debutants. Tony has been an active member of the Band, the Orchestra, the Student Council, and the Junior Class Council. His spare time is devoted to constant practice on his sox in order to help his group to be more successful. In the future, he would like to continue to strive for recognition in the field of music. □ FRED FOTI — 77 Congress Street — Fred, or "Bird" as he is better known to his friends Tom Rizzo and Frank Rubinetti, has a very warm, friendly personality. Although he is an art student, he has an ear for music. He's fond of the writings of Sinclair Lewis and the paintings of Picasso. His ambition is to become a famous artist, and he has been inspired by Mr. Knobler, for whom he has great admiration. After graduation he plans to ottend Fairleigh Dickinson University.SALVATORE DITTA FAYE DRAYTON ETHEL DUHART ANTHONY FERNICOLA FRED FOTI EDWARD ECKERT ROBERT FALSTROM BILL EISENMAN PHYLLIS YVONNE FUDGE WILLIAM F. FURLONG RONALD GARON EUGENE GIBBA BEATRICE GUIDERA MICHAEL GALDIPHYLLIS YVONNE FUDGE - 1971 McCarter Highway — Phyllis is a friendly, soft spoken, very neat person who is usually called Fudge by her friends. In her spare time, she can usually be found reading, sewing or painting. Phyllis's outside interests include horseback riding, and dancing. Miss Howard and Mr. Morris are her favorite teachers; art and economy geography are her favorite subjects. She appreciates the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and delights in listening to Beethoven's compositions. After graduation, Phyllis plans to enter the field of medicine, but she has not decided which college she will attend. □ WILLIAM F. FURLONG - 325 South Twelfth Street — Bill, who is new to Arts this year, has enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of the students.' Ho finds tinkering with cars and playing football keep him busy in his spare time. His other interests include sport clothes, art, physics, and being quiet. Among his favorites are Mr. Landsman, and the works of Rembrandt and Steinbeck. Outside of school. Bill participates in the Blessed Sacrament Drum and Bugle Corps. Although he would someday like to become a successful businessman, he plans to join the United States Marine Corps after graduation. □ MICHAEL GALDI - 258 South Eighth Street - Mike, an all-around fellow, finds art, pizza, soccer and "long-haired" music suit his taste. When he has spate time, he is usually busy with church affairs. He participates in the church choir and orchestra and is vice-president of a church group. A member of the National Honor Society, he has also received an A-pin for his participation in the Drama, Spanish, Math, Library, and Ceramic clubs, the Junior and Senior Class Councils and Student Council activities. Mike hopes to further his education at Rutgers Univer-sity or at Columbia University. RONALD GARON — 323 Renner Avenue — ■ 1 Ronnie is a happy, affable individual whose main ambition in life is to become a rich musician. He can usually be found in the auditorium with John Sepe, Maxine Lipson, and Mike Priolo. Ronnie's favorite subject is music, but his favorite teacher is Mr. Knobler. Outside of school work, he enjoys playing in the musical group known as the Novelettes. In school, he has played in the Band and has received a Band letter. Ronnie's future plans are undecided. EUGENE GIBBA — 267 Elwood Avenue — Gene", a dependable, hard working student, has distinguished himself by being elected to membership in the National Honor Society. His extracurricular activities include the Swimming Team, the Band, and the Marching Band. He spends leisure hours playing his trumpet, reading, or appreciating art. As a music student, he has enjoyed Harvey James, and as an art enthusiast, he has admired the works of Van Gogh. His close friends, Sal Ditto and Gary Seaman, consider Gene a real "right guy". After graduation, he plans to further his education at William and Mary College but hos not yet decided on a specific career. CHARLENE GREEN - 94 Burnet Street - Charlene, a quiet, ambitious individual, can usually be seen with Charlotte Patterson or Cheryl Stewart. Charlene has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere here at Arts most of all. In her spare time she is usually at home relaxing or just enjoying life as it comes. Charlene enjoys jazz. Art Blakely, and our own Miss David. Because of her appreciation of music, Charlene has taken her playing in the Orchestra very seriously. Since she is fond of children and enjoys working with them, she hos decided to become an elementary school teacher. She will prepare for this career at Newark State College. BEATRICE GUIDERA - 495 Highland Avenue - ■ 1 Bea, a wonderful, worm person, has enjoyed Arts High's friendly atmosphere. Her close friends include Paulette Casalese, JoAnne Di Guiseppe, Lance Casper, Gloria Villares and Vinnie Ceglia. In her spare time, Bea dabbles in interior painting, cooking, gardening, or sewing. She enjoys preparing and eating Italian and Spanish foods. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Pickett which is one reason for her love for music. Bea makes time to participate in the Girls' Glee Club rehearsals and programs. Bea plans to attend college after graduation but hasn't yet chosen a particular school. □ IRENE HANS — 177 Sixteenth Avenue — Irene, who is very friendly with everyone, has many friends and few enemies. Among the closest are Elaine Policasfro and Daisy Rodriguez. Her hobbies include bowling, and cooking all kinds of dishes. She loves to listen to rock 'n' roll, eat pizza, or watch baseball. Mr. Knobler and Mrs. Lazar are rated tops in her book. While at Arts, Irene has been active in the Leaders' Club, the Typing Club, and the Student Council. She has also served on the Vignette staff and the Senior Class Council. Upon graduation, Irene will seek employment as a secretary. 31□ SAMUEL HARDY - 104 Seth Boyden Terrace - Som is a very cheerful, happy-go-lucky individual. He enjoys girls, listening to jazz, studying history, ploying basketball, and wearing sweaters. He can usually be found flirting with the girls or chatting with Vernita Smith or Oliver Newsome. Som has been active on the Basketball Team, the Baseball Team, and the Track Team, and naturally ranks Mr. Lang as his favorite teacher. His leisure time is spent painting, or participating in the activities of the youth group or basketball team at his church. Sam's future plans include enlisting in the United States Navy. □ NORMAN HARTSFIELD - 20 Eighth Avenue - "Ronnie", a happy-go-lucky fellow, is in favor of the latest in girls' fashions. He's usually found at Pete's with John Coleman, Leroy Nash, and Thomas Lambright. Ronnie enjoys Chinese food, English, football, continental clothing, dating, and listening to jazz records. Mr. Knobler, Miles Davis, and John Coltrone rate very highly with Ronnie. During his stay at Arts, he has been a member of the Track Team. Because of his love for science, Ronnie will attend Rutgers University where he will major in chemistry. LARRY HELLER - 159 Heller Parkway - Larry, a quiet, shy individual, is an ambitious gentleman. His main topic of conversation concerns the theatre. Since his childhood days, Larry hos always wanted to act and dance. When he isn't thinking about the theatre, he enjoys English, Miss Keehner, and Baked Alaska. Larry is active in the Literary Club and the Drama Club, and is also a member of the Track Team. Despite his busy schedule, he still has time for church groups and the WBGO Radio Workshop. After graduation, Larry plans to attend the Juil-liord School of Music. From there we hope his interest and ambition will someday lead to his success on Broadway. ETTA HERMELIN - 538 South Thirteenth Street — Et is known to many as one of the friendliest girls at Arts High. With her warmth and sincerity, she has even made friends with her teachers whom she admires very much. She can be found with Donna Thomas, JoAnn Minutoli, or Karen Cicerale in the auditorium or in homeroom. Etta enjoys popular music, dancing, sewing, and eating pizza. Cheer-leading, Band, Sewing Club, Drama Club, and Modern Dance have occupied her after-school hours. Her future plan is to attend Newark State College to prepare for kindergarten teaching. JANET HILL — 477 Bergen Street — Jan is an honest, sincere, studious person. Her close friends Leroy Hutson, Laraine Parmes, Carlene Warren, and Cathy McCoy Find her to be o sparkling wit, too. She onjoys playing the piano, reading the works of John Milton, doing moth problems, watching baseball games, and dancing. Among her many interests are the Student Council, the National Honor Society, and the Scope. Outside of school, Jan participates in the activities of the YM-YWCA, the NAACP, and the Allen Christian Endeavor League at her church. Janet plans to attend Rutgers University after graduation. RALPH HOFFMAN - 48 Cortland Street - Ralph f is quiet when he is among strangers, but quite the opposite when he is with his close friends Joe Katsock, Jim Racioppi, and Mike Galdi. He usually does his homework in homeroom periods. He has a great time tinkering with his father's car. Because of his sense of humor and his great big smile, Ralph is sometimes called "Laughing Bubbles". He is an avid archer and spends spore hours on the range with his bow and arrow. If he isn't eating a steak, Ralph's either at the movies or doing math problems. Mr. Yablick, Lost Horizon, and James Hilton are only a few of his favorites. Ralph hasn't yet decided what he will do offer graduation. __ JANICE HOWARD - 131 Hobson Street - W ajl Warm and friendly is her personality. Janice, one of the better students at Arts, has distinguished herself as a member of the National Honor Society, the Girls' Glee Club, the Literary Club, and the Drama Club. She enjoys reading, drawing, listening to music — preferably jozz or classical, and good conversations. One of her closest friends is Doris Adams. Janice dislikes people who think only of themselves. Her favorite subject is art; her favorite teacher is Mr. Spindler. Janice has also received an award for her poetry reading. She plans to major in art and English and expects to teach in a secondary school. LEROY HUTSON - 137 New Street - "Butch", a quiet, amiable person, has served as Mayor of Arts High for the past year. His numerous activities include serving as president of the Student Council, participation in the Typing Club and the Dance Band, together with working on the Scope staff. He has received a Varsity letter for his work in the Band. He can be found either with his close friends Rojean Carroll, Laraine Parmes, and Tom Washington or in the Scope office. His interests include the Newark Youth Council, ploying the organ for his church choir, membership in the "Nu-Tones" and in the Washington Carver Drum and Bugle Corps. Leroy plans to further his education at Howard University where he will proparo for a coreer as a sociologist.SAMUEL HARDY NORMAN HARTSFIELD JANET HILL LARRY HELLER RALPH HOFFMAN ETTA HERMELIN JANICE HOWARD LEROY HUTSON 33MICHAEL KASHINSKI WILLIAM JAMES BEVERLY ANN JOHNSON JOSEPH KATSOCK CAROL JENKINS ELIZABETH ISHAM BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON ELIZABETH ISHAM — 9 Seventeenth Avenue — Elizabeth is a likeable, unusual girl. Some of her close friends are Michele Maziukiewicz and Vivian Prosk. Her spare time is spent studying and collecting law badges. She enjoys Indian dances, classical and Egyptian music, all kinds of food, social studies, health, swimming, horseback riding, and sport clothes. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Shapiro and Mrs. Lazar. She enjoys the works of Poe, Shakespeare, and Tibbies. Elizabeth's name has been in the newspapers and magazines because of her unusual collection of shoulder patches and law badges. Her ambition is to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. WILLIAM JAMES - 254 Dayton Street - Bill, according to his friends Joanne Minutoli, Michael Galdi, and Sal Ditto, is a very serious individual. He can usually be found doing his homework; however, in his spare time, he plays golf and football. Bill has participated in Opera Chorus activities and ha been a member of the Basketball Team and the National Honor Society. He greatly admires Mr. Pickett, his favorite teacher; and Andre Previn, his favorite musician. After graduation Bill plans to further his education at Rutgers University, New Brunswick to fulfill his ambition to become an engineer. CAROL JENKINS - 767 Hunterdon Street - t«J Carol, whose warm smile cheers others, is usually found with her friends Eugene Wright and Elizabeth Yancy. Her hobbies include dancing, partying, and making her own clothes. While here at Arts, she has been active in the Ceramics Club, the Drama Club, and the Fashion Illustration Club, and has enjoyed our friendly atmosphere. In order to further her ambition to be a fashion designer, she expects to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. □ RICHARD KARAS - 92 Seventh Avenue - Richie, a friendly person, can always be found with a crowd. His close friends are Anthony Fernicola and Kenneth Mazey. In his spare time, he enjoys pool, boxing, and listening to classical music. Among his favorites are Benny Goodman, adventure novels, and basketball. At Arts, Richie has enjoyed his United States history classes, especially those taught by his favorite teacher, Mr. Morris. After graduation, he plans to become an auto mechanic or join the United States Navy. BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON - 400 Bergen Street - Benny is an ambitious young man with an avid interest in sports. In school, he has been a member of the Track and Basketball teams. Out of school, boxing is his favorite. He was A.A.U. boxing champ and Golden Gloves Champ for 1960 and 1961. When he's not engaged in athletics, he can be found with his friends Steve Fields and Ray Bristol in New York, or at home listening to Latin music and jazz. He also spends time with a small jazz band in which he plays the trumpet. Ben hopes to be a success in the future when he will attend Now York University or Manhattan School of Music. □ BEVERLY ANN JOHNSON - 151 West Market Street — Beverly, who is affectionately called "Bootsy" by her friends, wants to work in the office of a large corporation. In her quiet, sure way she will undoubtedly realize this ambition. Her best friends are Janice Howard, and Minnie Kreps. Here at Arts, she has enjoyed the wonderful teachers, the friendly students, and history classes with Mr. Morris. In her spare time, she does a number of things including watching television and painting. After graduation, Beverly's plans include attending business college. MICHAEL KASHINSKI - 199 South Sixth Street — Mike is a cheerful, easy-going person who _______ plans to join the Navy after graduation. Some of his interests include coin collecting, basket-boll, and rock and roll music. Mike can usually be found in the auditorium with some of his friends, among whom is Barry Weiss, or else he is probably busy practicing on his favorite musical instrument, the drum. While at Arts, he has enjoyed the interested teachers and his work in the Band. Although Mr. Pickett is one of his favorite teachers, Mr. Knobler is his favorite artist. JOSEPH KATSOCK - 329 New York Avenue - f Joe is a likeable fellow whose ambition is to become a great artist. Joe's optimistic outlook makes it possible for him to forget the bad times and to remember only the good ones. Although he enjoys jazz, rock 'n' roll, and history, his favorite pastimes are relaxing and cultivating friendships with the opposite sex. When school hours are over, Joe is usually found with Ralph Hoffmann and John Chadwick at Jimmy and Jeanne's. In the future, Joe hopes to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art or to join the United States Air Force. 35GUS KAVOURAS — 18 Fessenden Place — "Gus," a very funny character, will always be remembered by his friends for his contagious laughter. Vinnie Ceglia, Barry Weiss, Mario Robello, Joe Katsock, and Paulette Casalese ore among his close friends. If not with them, Gus can usually be found at his girlfriend's house. He enjoys eating Greek food and listening to classical music. English is his favorite subject and Miss Keehner is his favorite teacher. After graduation, Gus plans to tour Europe in preparation for an acting career. □ ANNEMARIE KREYBIG — 100 Pomona Avenue — It is "Anemar" because she chose to be so called. She has a vivid personality. Among her friends are Janice Howard, Sam Hardy and Bill Bernstein. Anemar speaks Gaelic and Hungarian; her other loves are world literature, music and drama. She has contributed of her poems to "Scope" quite often. A member of the Periclean Society and the Glee Club, she was formerly an active member of the Red Cross. Anemar plans to attend a state college in preparation for art teaching. PATRICK KIOTZ — 30 Evergreen Avenue — Pat is a friendly, talkative, easy-going fellow. He especially likes parties in Brooklyn, New York, or being with his friends Arlindo De'Oliveira, Chris Cummings, and Diane Chinni. He is fond of rock 'n' roll music, steak, continental clothing, and art. Pat is a member of the Ceramics Club, the Swimming Club, and the Varsity Club. He regards Mrs. Stiller as his favorite teacher. After graduation, he will seek employment. HARVEY KNOX - 407 New Street - Harvey, an honest and witty fellow, is usually seen in the auditorium "jiving with the girls". He is a holder of a Varsity letter and a member of the Varsity Club, the Track Team, and the Basketball Team. Football, drawings, listening to records, and girls are some of his interests. His friends are Tom Lambright and Leroy Nash. Although Harvey doesn't care for the food in the cafeteria, he does like the girls at Arts. Mr. Knobler is his favorite teacher. After graduation, he will seek employment or join the Marine Corps. __ CAROL ANNE KRETSCHMAR - 243 Littleton j Avenue — Carol, a friendly, smiling person, is usually with Benny D'Alessio, Chris and Carolyn Coraggio, or Linda Zampino. When not in school enjoying history with Mr. Morris, she spends her time bowling, dating, reading, listening to records, or watching television. She also likes Italian food and the friendliness of our faculty members. Carol has been a member of the Typing Club and has served on the Student Council. Since her ambition is to become a teacher, she plans to attend Newark State College in the fall. THOMAS LAMBRIGHT - 266 Warren Street - "Speedy," as he is known to his close friends Harvey Knox, Leroy Nosh, and Ronnie Harts-field, is always friendly and almost always cool, colm, and collected. Although he can usually be found at work, he makes time for his social life. Tom has most enjoyed the girls at Arts but English is his favorite academic subject. He likes football, basketball, movies, milkshakes, track, collecting coins, and Cannon Ball Adderly. He is a member of the Track Team, the Red Cross, and the Spanish Club. Tom plans to attend Rutgers University to prepare for a pharmaceutical career. I-----1 THOMAS LAWTON - 65 North Sixth Street - Tommy came from St. Benedict's to spend his |_____| senior year with us. In a short time, his friendli- ness has won him mony friends. He enjoys jazz, Italian food, football, wrestling, continental clothing, and Mr. Tobia. He is also interested in the raising of tropical fish and has a collection of rare specimens. After graduation. Tommy plans to attend Northeastern University where he'll major in music. He hopes to become a fine musician in the not too distant future. CLARK LEE — 353 Woodside Avenue — Clark is a pleasing person who enjoys nothing better than a good party. He is also a lover of the outdoor life and has a great time fishing, hunting, or indulging in any other wholesome sport. Clark has made quite a special study of the Civil War period in Mr. Morris's history classes. After graduation, he plans to enlist in the Air Force or to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to prepare for a career as a commercial artist. 36GUS KAVOURAS PATRICK KLOTZ HARVEY KNOX THOMAS LAMBRIGHT THOMAS LAWTON CLARK LEE 37MAXINE UPSON DANIEL LOEHRS KENNETH MAZEY MICHELE MAZIUKIEWICZ CHARLES McMAHON RICHARD MINETTIMAXINE UPSON - 319 Renner Avenue - Maxine has most enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere at Arts. Her favorite subjects are music and modern moth. Her activities include ice skating land tennis. She has participated in the Band, the Orchestra and the Opera Orchestra and has been inducted into the National Honor Society. Max rates Sidney Berzon, Ken Thomas, Sandi Cohen, Maryanne Rogers, and Cathy Quilban as her friends at Arts. Her pet peeve is conceited boys. She enjoys everything from the works of Van Cliburn to Al Hirt. Outside of school she is a member of the "Y". Max plans to attend Douglass College or the University of Connecticut to major in psychology. □ DANIEL IOEHRS — 484 Fifteenth Avenue — Danny is a quiet, reserved person whose interests vary from weight lifting and bowling to learning! He also likes painting, Italian food, history, Rembrandt, Dixieland music and all sports. Danny has particularly enjoyed the sharp wit of his favorite teacher, Mr. Landsman. After school, when not working as a mail boy, he can be found engaging in the activities of the library Guild, the Baseball Team or chatting with Michael Galdi. Danny plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career in teaching. □ ROBERT MAC FADYEN - 89 Canterbury Avenue, North Arlington, New Jersey — Mac is a serious young man as his friends Clark Lee and Mike Kashinski will verify. The most enjoyable hours Mac finds are those which come after school. Then he is able to pursue the interests which he most enjoys. His main pastime is wrestling. When he's not engaged in that activity, he can usually be found listening to classical music. At Arts, Bob has developed a respect and admiration for Mr. Spindler who, in turn, has helped Bob develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of art. After graduation, he intends to prepare for a religious vocation. MARGARET MANCO - 55 Manor Drive - Peggy considers herself a conformist and an ambitious person. Her close friends include Larry Heller and Eddie Eckert. Although she works after school, she still has time, in her tight schedule, for singing and guitar lessons. Peggy has had a desire since childhood to become an actress or a great singer. She enjoys going to the theatre, likes chorus classes, admires Mr. Pesile and Robert Goulet. At Arts, she has participated in the Literary and the Drama clubs, and has won Typing and Steno awards. After graduation, she would like to find employment in the theatre. □ KENNETH MAZEY - 449 South Ninth Street -After graduation, Ken plans to attend Rutgers University in preparation for his career as a teacher. He enjoys visiting New York museums or being with Lorraine Sinkez, his close friend. His interests include pole vaulting and interesting females. Some of his particular favorites are progressive jazz, English and history, conservative clothing, Mr. Morris, Cezanne and Monet, and Tschaikowsky. Ken has been a member of the Varsity Club and has received several Varsity letter awards. He is extremely proud of his National Honor Society membership. □ MICHELE MAZIUKIEWICZ - 16 Milton Street - Mickey, a quiet, somewhat reserved girl, likes being with her close friends Barbara Tekulo, Barbara Triono, and Elizabeth Isham. Mickey can usually be found at home. She enjoys swimming, bowling and dancing. Her other interests include pop music, Italian hot dogs, typing, sweaters, and Mrs. Lazar. She has been active in the Leaders' Club and the Typing Club. The friendships between the teachers and the students will always be outstanding in Michele's mind. She plans to seek employment as a secretary after graduation, and later hopes to marry. □ CATHLEEN McCOY - 32 Barclay Street - Cathy, a pert and perky individual, is usually found in the company of Joe Towe, Janet Hill, Ronnie Hartsfield, Sheila Carter, and Geraldine Jenkins. Her spare time is spent telephoning, sewing, reading, or sketching. Her favorites include parties and movies, jazz, all kinds of food, art, basketball, and "Fine' clothing. Mr. Pickett and Mrs. Neuss are her -favorite teachers. Most things in Cathy's life are "cool," but she dislikes conceited boys. She's a member of the Library Guild, the Varsity Cheering Squad, the Vignette staff, the Girls' Glee Club, and the Student Council. Ray Charles tops Cathy's list of musicians; Pearl S. Buck is her favorite author. Outside of school, Cathy is a member of Foxes Inc. and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. □ CHARLES McMAHON - 172 Roseville Avenue - Charlie is a jovial fellow whose interests vary from jazz and football to Van Gogh. His friends include Bob Rosselot, Mike Priolo, and Bob Bella. A member of the Varsity Club and the Track Team, he has to his credit three Varsity letters and a medal won in a City Meet. Charlie ranks Mr. Thomas as his favorite teacher, admires Mr. Morris, and especially enjoys his history classes. After graduation, he plans to attend Montclair State College where he will major in art. PRICHARD MINETTI - 473 South Fifteenth Street — Richard is known for his happy-go-lucky personality. His closest friends include Bob Dral, Tom Caloia, and Ron Garon. Richard is usually practicing his music in his spare time. His favorite musician is Paul Desmond, an alto sax player with Dave Brubeck's band; his favorite teacher is Mr. Tobia. A member of the Bond, Rich also belongs to a private music group outside of school. After graduation, he hopes to obtain a job in the Post Office or to join the Armed Forces. His ultimate ambition is to become a professional musician.LEROY NASH — 332 Seymour Avenue — Leroy is a friendly, likeable person. His close friends are Tom Lambright, Harvey Knox, and Ronnie Hartsfield. His favorites include Latin American music, art, track, conservative clothing, Mr. Knobler and Mr. Morris. His hobby is collecting records. In his spare time, he can usually be found roller skating. Here of Arts, he has most enjoyed the lunch periods and the art classes. Leroy's ambition is to become a draftsman. He plans to continue his education at Central State University, Ohio. JOSEPH OMBALSKY - 25 Cedar Hill Avenue, Bellville. New Jersey — Joe, whose major ambition is to become wealthy, can usually be found with Tom Rizzo and Joe Borg. Some of Joe's particular pleasures include listening to popular music, being in Mr. Morris's history class, and flirting with the girls. He also likes to water ski and bowl. Because of his warm smile and friendly hello to anyone he meets in the corridors, Joe is known as a "good kid." He plans to prepare for a career in the field of photography. FRED NEUHAUS - 80 Alexander Street - Fred is on average person who would like to be ________ "smart". He has been on active member of the Band. Outside of school he usually occupies his time in reading good books or working on his coin collection. Occasionally he attends Youth Fellowship meetings or goes to the Youth Canteen. Some of Fred's favorites include rock 'n' roll, funny expressions, steak, chemistry, basketball, da Vinci, ond Benny Goodman. He dislikes unjust teachers and treatment. After graduation, Fred hopes to enlist in the United States Army. Later, he expects to enter Rutgers University to prepare for a career as a chemist. HAZEL NIXON — 105 South Eleventh Street — IhJ "Little B:ts" is a friendly, funloving, busy person. Aside from working as a waitress at Woolworth's and talking on the telephone, she enjoys singing, dancing, and playing the organ and piano. She has also been active in the Typing Club, the Library Guild, the Bowling Club, and the Girls' Glee Club. Most of all. Hazel will be remembered at Arts for her beautiful voice which won her a place in the All-State Chorus. A few of her favorites include singing, jazz, opera, rock 'n' roll, fish or chicken, and stylish fashions. After graduation, she plans to enter Rutgers University or Central State College to prepare for a position as a mortician. DENNIS O'BRIEN - 155 Bergen Street - Dennis is a quiet individual who hopes to find a challenging goal to strive for in the future. At Arts, he has always eagerly awaited his history classes with Mr. Shapiro. In his spare time, Dennis enjoys cards, bowling, football, and other indoor and outdoor sports. Dennis also enjoys adding to or displaying his foreign coin collection. Listening to records is another of his favorite pastimes. After graduation, he plans attendance at Drake's Business College. Following the completion of that training, he expects to seek a place in the Army Air Corps. JEANNE ANN OREFICE - 654 North Fifth Street f — Jeanne is a serious, efficient young Miss whose interests range from Count Basic records to horses. She can usually be found engaging in sport activities or talking with her friends JoAnne Minutoli, Richie Velardo, Michele Di Costanzi, and Richard Schneider. She has been an active member of the Craftsmen's Club, the Leaders' Club and the Varsity Cheering Squad. Outside of school, she volunteers her time as a Brownie Scout leader ond is acquiring business experience as a part-time employee in Ohrbach's. Jeanne has particularly enjoyed her high school days, but can do without getting up early to get to school on time. She plans to attend Montclair State College to major in physical education or art. LISETTA PANTANO - 407 South Fifteenth Street , J — Pert, pretty, easy going and friendly are only a few of Lisetta's qualities. Her interests are dancing, jazz, and bowling. In her spare time she enjoys listening to records and sewing. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Morris and Miss Keehner; and she has enjoyed everything about Arts except gym. She has been active in the Student Council and the Art Service Club. Her friends are Phyllis Cioffi, Karen Cicerale, Diane Chinni and Linda Zampino. After graduation, Lisetta plans to attend a professional art school. LARAINE PARMES — 5 Mapcs Torrace — Raye is a shy, friendly person. In her spare time, she can usually be observed talking on the phone or listening to records. Her close friends include Muriel Brown, Carlene Warren, ond Leroy Hutson. While at Arts she has been active in the Sewing Club, the Red Cross, the Christmas Fair committee work, and has been on the Vignette staff. Her other hobbies and interests include bowling, cooking, sewing, and reading. Raye's ambition is to become a medical technologist. She plans to continue her education at Rutgers University in Newark. 40JEANNE ANN OREFICE FRED NEUHAUS LISETTA PANTANOCHARLOTTE PATTERSON BERTHA PERRY ELAINE POLICASTRO 42 VIVIAN PROSK HAROLD POLK CATHY QUILBAN JAMES RACIOPPI□ CHARLOTTE PATTERSON - 69 South Tenth Street — Chorlotte is a witty person with a great many friends, of whom Sheila Carter, Carolyn Allen, and Charleen Green are just a few. She is a delightful singer, enjoys art work, and loves basketball. Charlotte has a deep admiration for Maives Staples of the Staples Singers. Here, at school, Mr. Knobler, the art teacher she likes best, has been a great inspiration to her. She is a member of the Library Guild, the Varsity Cheering Squad, the Orchestra, and the Typing Club. Although she is undecided as to what college she will attend, she plans to become an interior designer. ■ BERTHA PERRY - 127 Goodwin Avenue - Y % jk Bobby is a friendly, easy-going girl who some-times forgets what to say. She is a member of the Vignette staff, the Typing Club, the Red Cross and the Sewing Club. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to jazz, eating Chinese food, and reading plays. In school, she can usually be found with Joyce Bryant, Ethel DuHart and Carol Jenkins or enjoying her classes with Mrs. Ncuss and Miss Howard. After graduation, Bobby plans to attend a business school to become a stenographer or a private secretary. ELAINE POLICASTRO - 126 Stone Street - Elaine is a shy, social person as her friends Irene Hans and Mary Lou Simons will tell you. She enjoys reading a good book preferably with soft and low background music. Elaine enjoys school and has participated in the Student Council and the Senior Class Council activities. She is always an active worker at St. Lucy's Church where she belongs to the CYO and the C.C.D. and has helped to supervise the Knights of the Altar plays. In the future, Elaine plans to attend Montclair State College. She expects to become a high school teacher. HAROLD POLK - 48 Wilson Avenue - Hal is Y a considerate, helpful person usually found w' h Fred Neuhaus, Ed Eckert, and Charlie Me Mahon. At Arts, he has enjoyed his English classes, especially those taught by Miss Keehner but he also derived the same pleasure from his geometry classes. Hal spends his spare time reading stories written by Edgar Allan Poe and William Faulkner, watching television or listening to classical music. After graduation, he would like to attend Pratt Institute to continue his art education. □ MICHAEL PRIOLO - 166 North Eleventh Street — Mike is a friendly boy with a congenial personality and a pleasant word for everyone. After school, he works, does his homework, and then walks to the nearest bowling alley. He belongs to a league and hopes someday to become a professional bowler. In school, Mike has been a member of the Baseball Team and the Student Council. He thinks his history classes with Mr. Morris have been quite enjoyable, almost as pleasant as standing in the hall "watching all the girls go by". After graduation, Mike would like to join the United States Coast Guard. — , VIVIAN PROSK - 534 West Ninth Avenue, W % J Roselle — Viv spends her time trying to be well-adjusted, unselffish and helpful. Her friends Lorraine Sinkez, Betsy Isham, Ken Mazey, and Mike Galdi agree that she is all these things and more. She occupies much of her time painting, listening to semi-classical music, writing letters, and engaging in numerous school activities. Viv is a member of the Math Club, the Crafts Club, the Scope staff and the Red Cross. In her three years at Arts, she has won an Art Poster Award, been inducted into the National Honor Society, and achieved the National Merit Commendation. Vivian's future plans include attending Cooper Union or Massachusetts Institute of Technology to further her art training. □ CATHY QUILBAN - 318 West Runyon Street - Cathy is described as a shy, but fun-loving girl by her friends Maryanne Rogers, Sandi Cohen, Maxine Lipson and Barbara Salzano. In school, Cathy has enjoyed her classes with Mrs. Neuss and Miss Howard, and her study periods. During her stay at Arts, she has been a member of the Leaders' Club and the Vignette staff. When she isn't writing to Bob, she is usually found at Lyons Lanes. Cathy enjoys television, dancing, Italian food, and rink skating. Despite her heavy schedule, she still has time for church activities. In the future, she would like to attend Montclair State College to become a physical education teacher. JAMES RACIOPPI — 853 South Seventeenth Y Street — Jimmy is temperamental but neverthe- less quite friendly, and very popular. Among his many friends are Diane Cuidera, Mike Galdi, Sandi Cohen, and Barbara Bednor. In his spare time, he usually paints, makes noises or relaxes. He enjoys classical music or jazz, art, and math, bowling and green sweaters. Among his favorite teachers are Miss Howard, Mr. Gommoll and Mr. Thomas. Jimmy's principal extracurricular activities are the Drama Club, the Opera, the Senior Play, Scope and the Junior and Senior Class councils. At Arts, he hos onjoyed the atmosphere most and the homework least. After graduation, Jimmy hopes to attend Montclair State College where he plans to major in art or drama. 43__ MARIO REBELLO - 47 South Seventh Street - ■ 1 Mario, a carefree, light-hearted individual, is usually found with his close friends Vinnie Ceglia, Gus Kavouras, and Dennis O'Brien. He has been an energetic, enthusiastic member of the Track Team, the Baseball Team, and the Basketball Team. Through participation in these sports, Mario has grown to know and respect Mr. Lang and Mr. Voller, our coaches. He has also been a member of the Opera Chorus. After school hours, he enjoys working out in a gym or going skating. Upon graduation, Mario hopes to join the Armed Forces, preferably the Navy. ELSIE RINALDI — 545 Porker Street — Elsie with her versatile personality has participated in the Student Council and the Junior Class Council. In her junior year she was elected treasurer of her class. Because of her sincere interest in others, Elsie has won many friends — the closest of whom are Pat Gaffga and Tom Rizzo. Throughout her four years, she has been an enthusiastic member of the Cheering Squad. In the fall, Elsie hopes to enter Pennsylvania State University to major in history and prepare to become a teacher "just like Mi . Morris." THOMAS D. RIZZO — 364 Dayton Street — j Tommy is a soft spoken, subtle person. Among bis friends are Joe Borg, Joe Ombalski, Ben D'Alessio, Fred Foli, and Winn Salkins. His list of favorite pastimes includes studying history and English, eating ravioli, listening to all kinds of music, and wearing casual clothing. His favorite teacher is Mr. Gommoll; his favorite artist, Peter Paul Rubens; his favorite musician, Duke Ellington. Tom's future plans include attendance at Seton Hall University where he hopes to prepare for a career as a lawyer. JAMES ROBERTELLO - 93 Montainview Place - Jimmy, usually found harmonizing with his friends Ritchie Rudis, and Nunzie Amoresano, is one of the most likeable students of Arts. He is a member of the "Y" which helps him keep in shape for the baseball season. Jim has been awarded a Varsity Letter for his participation on the school team. While at Arts, he has also been a member of the Band and the Orchestra, through which he has developed a deep respect for Mr. Pepile. After school hours, Jim's time is spent rehearsing with his band and singing group. Jim plans attendance at Montclair State College in preparation for o career in music. □ DAISY RODRIGUEZ - 354 Washington Street - Daisy, friendly and quiet, can usually be found with her friends, Irene Hans and Elaine Poli-castro. She enjoys bowling, folk music, chop suey, art, swimming, and tennis. Her favorite teachers are Miss Howard and Mrs. Lazar. Her activities include the Red Cross, the Typing Club, and the Student Council, but, she has enjoyed the clubs and dances at Arts more than anything else. She also appreciates the works of Michaelangelo and Shakespeare. Daisy's future plans include training for a position as a fashion designer. CAROL ROELLKE - 327 North Thirteenth Street — Carol is a person with many different moods, a fact that her close friends Maureen Sweeney, Elaine Policastro and Befty-Lou Sweeny will In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, ice skating and collecting records. Her favorite artist is Rembrandt; her favorite teacher, Mr. Morris. While at Arts, she has been a member of the Art Service Club and the Orchestra. Carol plans to attend Rutgers University and eventually expects to become a nurse. verify. p ■ MARYANNE ROGERS - 350 Roseville Avenue M — Quiet and shy are the words used by Cathy Quilban, Sandi Cohen, and Maxine Lipson to describe their friend Maryanne. While at Arts she has been a member of the Vignette staff and has received several Steno awards. Although she has enjoyed her classes, especially those taught by Miss Keehner and Mrs. Lazar, she has a great dislike for tests. When she's not going out with Billy, she spends her time sewing, working, or enjoying the sights at Irvington Center. Maryanne's future plans include attendance at a business school in preparation for a career os a legal stenographer. ROBERT ROSSELOT - 49 North Ninth Street - , Jm Bob is an honest person, above average scho-lastically, and considered "sharp" by his friends Tony Splendora, Mike Priolo and Sal Ditto. Whenever possible. Bob tries to read some enjoyable plays, novels, or biographies. As an art student, he has developed a deep admiration for the works of Michaelangelo. During school. Bob has enjoyed his history periods with Mr. Morris and his homeroom periods with Mrs. Hiller. He has also been an active participant in our athletic program. After obtaining a degree from Upsala College, Bob hopes to become a top business executive. JOHN R. RUSSOMANNO - 44 High Street - f Rocco, as he is known to his friends Tommy Coppola, Jimmy Raccioppi, and Diane Cuidera, has a happy-go-lucky type of personality. During his years at Arts, he has enjoyed the teachers, the students, and the friendly atmosphere. Rocco has great respect and admiration for Miss Keehner. He enjoys art and spends most of his spare time indulging in it. After graduation, he will attend Wilfred Beauty School. Following completion of his beauty school training, he intends to enlist in the United States Navy. After he completes his tour of duty, he'll seek a position as a beautician.MARIO REBELLO MARYANNE ROGERS ROBERT ROSSEIOT JAMES ROBERTELLO THOMAS D. RIZZOBARBARA M. SALZANO JOHN SEPE LAVONNE SIFFORD 46 SEBASTIAN SIINO MARY LOU SIMONS LORRAINE SINKEZ WINN SAIKINS — 208 littloton Avenue — Winn is one of the most fun-loving boys at Arts. He is always out for a good time, and usually succeeds in making himself and everyone around- him laugh and have fun. Two of his closest friends are Joe Borg and Gary Zenga. He likes to dance or visit the Sip 'n' Sup for refreshments and lively conversation with his companions. His interests vary from girls to sports and cars. After graduation, Winn intends to secure an office position and later expects to enlist in the Air Force. BARBARA M. SALZANO — 47 Sunset Avenue — Bobbi is a very happy-go-lucky person. One never finds her without a smile, and she is always there to brighten up any day although she sometimes laughs at the wrong time. In school, she is very friendly with Sandi Cohen, Kathy Quilban, and Maxine Upson; out of school, she enjoys ice skating and dancing. Two of Barbara's favorite teachers are Mr. Morris and Mrs. Lazar. Her favorite musician is Frank Sinatra. After graduation, Barabra wants to work part-time as a typist for a lawyer's firm but she hopes to secure a college degree later. SEBASTIAN SIINO - 522 South Seventeenth Street — Sammy, who would someday like to become the manager of a supermarket chain store, is presently employed on a part-time basis by the Good Deal in Irvington. Among his close friends are Joe Giglio and Julio Benevento. His favorite pastimes include playing soccer with the Newark Italians, an athletic group, and cleaning and polishing his car. Although he has the "modern" look himself, he doesn't approve of girls' teasing their hair. While at Arts, he has enjoyed Miss Keehner's English classes and his work in the Band, for which he earned a letter. In his spare time, he loves to dance, bowl, or swim, usually with his girl friend, Chris Uccardi. RICHARD SCHNEIDER - 418 Woodside Avenue — Richie is one of the most unusual boys at Arts. His magnetic personality has made it possible for him to make many friends. He has chosen Gary Rynar and Jeanne Orefice as his favorite companions. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered to him as a music student, Richie has joined the Band, the Orchestra, and the Dance Band. Although everyone knows him as a friendly boy, his intellectual ability has not gone unnoticed and he earned membership in the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Richie enjoys listening to jazz and looking forward to summer when he spends his time water skiing. He plans to attend Stevens Institute of Technology to prepare for a career as a physicist. JOHN SEPE — 401 Roseville Avenuo — Our Johnny has all the qualities of a very kind and fun-loving person. Among his close friends are Paul Di Martino and Vinnie Corrado. Although he has been active in the Arts and Crafts Club, Johnny's first love is music. This is evident in his participation in the Orchestra, the Band, and the Dance Band. In his spare time, Johnny likes to read, listen to jazz or classical music, fool around with cars, date girls, or play a little football. His ambition, after graduation from Montclair State College, is to become a music teacher. LAVONNE SIFFORD - 375 Bergen Street - La Vonne, a very petite individual, loves to entertain people. She and her close friends Delores Oliver and Deborah Rollins like to spend some of their leisure hours window shopping. In her spare time she is usually found sewing, designing clothes, or bowling. She enjoys Brubeck and Stevenson. In school, she is a member of the Girls' Glee Club and the Bowling Club. Outside of school, she belongs to the church choir, the Drama Club at her church, and the M.Y.F. at her church. She hopes to attend Manhattan School of Music to prepare for a career in that field. r-v MARY LOU SIMONS - 579 South Nineteenth , A Street — "M.L.", a quiet person, is another of gA Arts' future teachers. Although she doesn't particularly care for the food in the school cafeteria, she does like the friendliness of the students. Besides her participation in the work of the Typing Club, the Drama Club, the Ceramics Club and the Student Council, Mary Lou is also very active outside school in her church, the "Y", and the Girl Scouts. Her interests include writing poems and stories, swimming, art, and football. Her close friends are Elaine Policastro and Donna Thomas. After graduation, Mary Lou plans to attend Newark State College. pp- ■ LORRAINE SINKEZ - 52 Houston Street - T ,A Lorraine can best be described as intellectual, eloquent, good-natured, and dreamy. She is a person of varied interests which include reading, writing, philosophy, hiking, and ice skating. Besides these, she enjoys Shakespearian drama, English, classical music, and progressive jazz. Lorraine is a member of the National Honor Society and has received an A-pin. She is also an active member of the Scope, the Spanish Club, the Leaders' Club, the Student Council, the Craft-men's Club and the Math Club. Her friends include Kenneth Mazey and Jo Anne Minutoli. After graduation, she plans to attend Rutgers-Newark and hopes to become an English teacher. ROBERT SLONIM - 441 Roseville Avenue - Bobby is a shy person whose first love is playing his tenor saxophone or clarinet. He also enjoys records, baseball, music, mad expressions, and sharkskin suits. His desire to become a music teacher is reflected in his participation in the Band, the Orchestra, and the Dance Band, and in his friendship with Mr. Pesile and his admiration for the work of the Music Deportment. His friends include Tom Caloio, John Sepe, and Paul Di Martino. After graduation, Bobby plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career as a music teacher. VERNITA SMITH - 793 Hunterdon Street - "Slim" is a person who loves to have a good time. She can usually be found with her close friends Cathy Me Coy, Gerri Cohens, and Sam Hardy. She spends her leisure hours playing baseball or basketball, sewing, painting, or dancing. She loves jazz, Chinese food, and economic geography. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Voller. While at Arts, she has participated in the Girls' Glee Club, the Leaders' Club, and the Fashion Illustration Club. She has been studying modeling at the Ophelia De Vore School of Charm and in the future she would like to become a professional model. DAVID SODEN — 64 Seventh Avenue — Dove, Y » 1 ° friendly, quiet fellow seeks the company of Nick Baulo, Bill Eisenman, and Harold Soden. He is fond of everything from model trains, bowling, and football to Miss Keehner's English classes. He's also an Elivis Presley fan. The only thing he particularly dislikes is doing long homework assignments. He has won an Art award in a poster contest while at Arts. Dave's post-graduation plan is to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. |ANTHONY SPLENDORA - 462 North Sixth Y Street — Tony, despite his languid appearance, is an extremely quick-witted boy whose preferences include turtle-neck sweaters, Cezanne, and Italian foods. Lance Casper and Mr. Gommoll, whom Tony admires greatly, are his closest friends. He enjoys being alone, playing his guitar, singing, and listening to the Ventures. While at Arts, he has been an active member of the Swimming Team, the Track Team, and the Craftsmen's Club. Outside of school, he enjoys hunting. Tony plans to seek employment upon graduating from Arts. CHERYL STEWART - 23 Nesbitt Street - Cheryl, an often moody, usually saucy person, always enjoys the company of her close friends Hazel Nixon and Sandy Stubbs. She loves going to parties and football games, likes pizza, and is fond of jazz music. Cheryl has been engaged in the activities of the Spanish Club, the Girls' Glee Club, the Scope, the Bowling League, the Modern Dance Club and the Vignette staff. Cheryl plans to attend Hampton Institute in preparation for her career as a teacher. BETTY-LOU SWEENEY - 237 Fourth Street - ■ 1 Betts is one of Arts' most talkative girls. She enjoys steno, casual clothes, swimming and rides to Iselin, New Jersey. Usually one can find Betty with Maureen Sweeney and Helen Costello at the "Bright Spot". In school, Betty is fond of all the teachers but Mr. Tobia and Mrs. Lazar are her favorites. She thinks lunch is the most enjoyable period in the school day. Her main dislike is homework. Betty-Lou plans to attend Delcor Beauty Academy in preparation for a career os a beautician. MAUREEN SWEENEY - 327 North Thirteenth Street — Maureen, a jovial, fun-loving girl, always has a good time with her friends Jerry Torricllo, Dorothy Von Ende, and Carol Roelike. She has been active in the Opera and Concert Orchestras and in the Art Service Club. Her interests include dancing, dating, horseback riding, listening to jazz, and swimming. Mr. Pesile, Dave Brubeck, and Michaelangelo are a few of her favorites. Because of her outstanding ability in gymnastics, Maureen plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career os a physical education teacher. y ■ | JULIUS TAYLOR - 108 South Sixth Street - | Julius can usually be found with Arthur Cov- ington or working out in the boys' gym. His many interests include Janice Howard, bodybuilding, and getting plenty of sleep. In his spare time he enjoys listening to Frank Sinatra, reading the works of William Faulkner, or going to the "Y". Julius has been greatly influenced in his art work by Mr. Spindler. He is certain that Maynard Feruson is tops in the music world. Although ho hasn't yet decided what field to onter, Julius plans to attend Rutgers University in the fall. 48ROBERT SLONIM VERNITA SMITH ANTHONY SPLENDORA BETTY-LOU SWEENEY MAUREEN SWEENEY CHERYL STEWART JULIUS TAYLOR DAVID SODENBARBARA TEKULA JOSEPH TOWE BARBARA ULRICH DONNA THOMAS KENNETH THOMAS GLORIA VILLARES BARBARA TRIANO JOYCE VAN DER GYZE□ BARBARA TEKULA - 73 Ferguson Street - Barbara, an amiable, talkative girl, can usually be found in the auditorium with Barbara Triano, and Michele Maziukiewicz. Her interests include bowling, archery, English, and tropical fish. While at Arts, Barbara has enjoyed Miss Keehner's English classes and the friendly atmosphere of the school. She likes Polish food, popular music, sport clothes, Mr. Morris, and Mrs. Assarsson. Upon graduating, Barbara plans to attend the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing. DONNA THOMAS — 598 South Nineteenth Street — Donna is a quiet, friendly girl whose ______ pleasant personality has won her many friends, among whom Dennis Bird, Joanne Minutoli, Michael Galdi, and Barbara Ulrich are the closest. She is active in the Girls Scouts, in her church choir, and in a church school training program. She enjoys camping out, concerts, classical music, Broadway shows, Mr. Morris, and math. Donna has been on active member of the Red Cross, the Library Guild, and the National Honor Society. She plans to further her education at Newark State College. KENNETH THOMAS - 455 Mount Prospect Avenue — Kenny is one of our most cheerful ______ and humorous individuals. He enjoys sports, especially football, baseball, and bowling. His favorites include Mr. Morris, Mr. Steisel, and Al Hirt. Kenny can usually be found with his friends Max Lipson, Sid Berzon, and Mike Galdi. He is an active member of the Dance Band. Kenny's future plans include attending Newark College of Engineering, and eventually becoming a technician in the United States Army. JOSEPH TOWE - 96 Bergen Street - Joe, a lighthearted, sportsminded individual, is a member of the Varsity Baseball Team and the Varsity Baseball Team and the Varsity Basketball Team. He has been awarded Vorsity letters for both of these and has also earned a letter for his work in the Band. His friends Cathy Me Coy, Tom Washington, and Janet Hill are constantly being surprised and confused by his wit. A few of his interests are girls, basketball, history, and sport clothes. Joe's leisure time is spent partying or practicing basketball. Outside of school, Joe participates in the activities of the Boys' Club and the Newark Youth Council. Joe's future plans include attending Howard University in preparation for a teaching career. y ■ BARBARA TRIANO - 133 South Street - Barb f ,4 is a friendly, understanding person who is well-liked by all who know her. Miss Keehner is her favorite teacher and English is the subject she most enjoys. Barbara can usually be found in the auditorium with Barbara Tekula, Diane Cuidera, and Barbara Bednar. She will always remember the friendly relationship between the students and the teachers, and the social events here at Arts. Upon graduating, Barbara plans to attend the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing. □ BARBARA ULRICH — 116 North Thirteenth Street — Barbara is a very busy person who con usually be seen rushing through the halls. She is often found with her friends Bill James, Donna Thomas, Mike Galdi, and Joanne Minutoli. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to records, or just relaxing. Barbara's favorites include semi-classical music, history, and Miss Howard's art classes. An active member of the Student Council, the Scope, the Vignette staff, and the National Honor Society, Barbara plans to continue her education at Rutgers University. JOYCE VAN DER GYZE - 259 North Sixth Street — Joyce is a very quiet person who hopes to become a success some day. Her close friends include Carole Koenig, Elizabeth Chraminska, Rochelle Borletta, and Elaine Ulozas. She has been active in the school Orchestra and has enjoyed the music programs most. She also enjoyed the personality and teaching skill of Mr. Pesile. Joyce's interests include boys, rock 'n' roll, English, slacks, football, television, and Italian food. Although, at present, she has no definite plans for the future, she would like to become a nurse. □ GLORIA VILLARES - 155 Lafayette Street - "Glor", os she is commonly known, is a quiet, petite girl. She can usually be found in the Bright Spot with some of her many friends. In her spare time, she is usually working or having gab sessions with Ruth Corbett or Carol Ellison. She loves dancing, bowling, eating steak, doing steno assignments and art work. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Lazar, Mr. Morris, and Mr. Landsman. She also belongs to the Typing Club and has won an award for typing and steno. She has most enjoyed the teacher-student friendships at Arts. Glor's ambition is to become a good secretary and she will secure additional training for this occupation at a business school.□ MARIO VITALIANO — 198 Fairmount Avenue — Known to his friends as "Speros," Mario, in his spare time, can usually be found on the corner of Sixth Street and South Orange Avenue or listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin records at home. His close friends are Dennis De Palma, Fred Foti, Joe Borg and Gary Zenga. Although homework assignments don't appeal to him, he does like Mr. Knobler and the girls. Mario's interests include Italian food, cars, football basketball, and silk suits. After graduation, he plans to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to prepare for a career as an automotive designer. ROBERT VOTTO - 717 South Fourteenth Street — Robert's personality is that of a friendly all-around fellow. Some of his friends are Robert Bella, Gary Rynar, and Dennis O'Brien. When not watching TV or reading. Bob enjoys swimming, basketball, pool, or dancing. Musical plays, spaghetti, Miss Keehner, history, and Dave Brubeck are on his list of favorites. While at Arts, he has been active in the Band and as a member of the Baseball Team. Outside of school, he is active in church affairs. Bob hopes to go to Montclair State College to prepare for a career as an industrial art teacher. CARLENE WARREN - 128 South Thirteenth Street — "Ca", one of our quiet intellectuals, _______ has a very warm personality. Among her friends are Inez James, Laraine Parmes, and Muriel Brown. She likes sewing, cooking, jazz, Mr. Morris, Mahalia Jackson, and Herbie Mann. She has participated in Student Council activities, serves on the Vignette staff, and is a member of the National Honor Society. She is a past president of the Sewing Club, and the Red Cross. Outside of school she is active in church affairs. After graduation Ca plans to further her education at Douglass College or Howard University. TOMMIE WASHINGTON - 243 Norfolk Street - "T.T." is a lighthearted, gay person who studies hard and listens to records in his spare time. His close friends include Joe Towe, Leroy Hutson, and Ray Bristol. His favorites are basketball, trigonometry, meatloaf, Mr. Morris, Mr. Gentile, and Ferrante and Tei’cher. His hobbies are sports and active participation in the Blessed Sacrament Drum and Bugle Corps. While at Arts, he has received a Band letter and Junior Varsity and Varsity letters. Tom's future plans include attendance at Rutgers University College of Pharmacy or attendance at one of the state colleges as a history major. DIANE WHITE — 8 Wright Street — Diane, a quiet, shy girl, has many friends at Arts. She is very fond of traveling. She can usually be found reading fiction or non-fiction. Her favorite subject is music; her favorite teacher is Mr. Pickett. Her closest friends are Bertha Perry and Veronica Wynn. Here at Arts, she has participated in the Girls' Glee Club and she has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in the building. After graduation, Diane plans to go to college to prepare for a career as a journalist. PHYLLIS WHITE - 370 New Street - Phyllis is W ajl a very friendly person with a warm smile. In her spare time, she enjoys attending the theatre with a few of her friends. Her constant companions include Bertha Perry, Joyce Bryant, and Barbara Ulrich. Her favorite teacher is Miss David; her favorite artist is Rembrandt. She also enjoys Chinese food and jazz. While at Arts, she has participated in the Library Guild and the Typing Club projects. After graduation, Phyllis plans to attend a business school to prepare for a career as a stenographer. y ■ LINDA ZAMPINO - 391 North Thirteenth f , 1 Street — Linda, a very frank, honest and sincere girl is known for her outstanding manner of dress. While at Arts, she has participated in the Arts Service Club and the Student Council activities. She has received an Honorable Mention in the two art contests she has entered. Her favorite subject is art; her favorite teachers are Mr. Knobler and Mr. Landsman. Among her closest friends are Lisetfa Pantano, Carol Ann Kretschmar, and Michele Petrole. After graduation, Linda plans to attend Pratt Institute to prepare for a career in shoe designing. BARRY WEISS — 145 Seth Boyden Terrace — Barry, a sincere, civic-minded person, is one ________ of the most ardent music lovers at Arts. Because of his interest, he has been an active member of the Chorus. Even after school he doesn't forget his music, for he can usually be observed practicing on the piano, listening to records, or walking with his friends Mike Kashinski and Gus Kavorus. Barry enjoys going bowling, playing pool, and watching movies with his favorite girl. After graduation, Barry plans to join the Armed Forces but will later attend college to prepare for a career as a music teacher. GARY ZENGA — 267 Fairmount Avenue — Gary is one of the nicest fellows in the school. ______ Among his closest friends are Joe Borg, Winn Salkins, and Tom Di Bello. In his spare time, he plays ping pong or writes poetry. His favorite teachers are Mr. Pesile and Mr. Tobia. His likes include Dave Brubeck, and the books 1984 by Orwell and Moby Dick by Melville. While at Arts, Gary has received awards from the United States Marine Corps and from Bamberger's for physical fitness. He plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career as a music teacher. 52. . that government of the people . . . shall not perish from the earth." — Abraham Lincoln"A house divided against itself cannot stand." — Abraham Lincoln "They came, they saw, they went home exhausted." "A funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum."Class HOMEROOM 206 - MISS GLADYS HOWARD firtt Row Susan March, Sandra Gilyard, Elaine Zenno, Miss Howard, Eleanor Copelond. Stephanie Grabowtki, Phyllis Koti, Anna lepore. Second Row; Reginold Jenkins, Robert Ruth, Aaron Moore, Gerald Turiello, Gary Seaman, Richard Mohr, Anthony Nardiello, Curt Blotco. Third Row: Joseph Di Carlo, Williom Rutto, Larry Pyott, Robert Embrey, Michael Pecoro, Anthony Canady, Arthur Wottmen. 58 firtt Row: Odoito Peixoto, Morionne Sentiwony, Rochelle Borletto, Phyllit De Groot, Jolyn Tortoglio, Janice Hall, Faye Kennedy, Coro Bigelow, France Macomber. Second Rowi Jomet Hinton, Anne lonergon, Veronica Wynn, Kenny Brown, Tomy Smith, Philip J. Bradbury, John Insobello, Berfho Poden, Imogene Whitaker. Third Row: Marilyn lewitter, Dolores Cough, Linda Pochmara. Jomet Metrocovage, Michael Rudis, Anthony Pugliete. George Forogi, loukia Mouttokoi, Carolyn Carter. HOMEROOM 218 - MR ALFRED GENTILE first Row: Dorothy lee, Eleanor Regitter, Lucille Giuliano, Bonnie Mitchell, Dennis Flogg, Jomet Soden, Ronold Geleo ten, Edward Beti, Isaiah Jordon, Valerie Price, Fern Noack, Jeanette Van der Gyze, Diane Walsh, Maureen Mr. Gentile Third Row: Michoel Confarello, Leonard Wesley, Frank Denning, Eileen Von Duyne. Second Row: Richard Grossman, Lewi Wilk, Morinello, Arthur Tort, Marvin Harris, Marvin Me Grow.HOMEROOM 307 - MRS. LORNA FURST Finl Row: Sown Trgolo, Marguerite Pijciotto, Kathleen Higgint, Mario LaRocca, Patricia Minni, Christine Smi»hkewych, Mary Litchfield. Poledi George, Donna Gough, Barbara Melino. Second Row: Morri Wyatt, Connie Brown, Barbara Bennett, Vincent Peluto, Do»id Hudson, Edward Kennedy, Charlet Gudoitit, George Smithkewych, Alex Schwec, Francine Thornton, Mary Ann Owen , Mr . Furtt. Third Row: Anela Sxkworko, James Kolentky, Herb F. McNeil, Curfit Wotkin , Chorle Ercolono, Tommy Finetti, Rojean Carroll, Ethel Doug la . HOMEROOM 310 - MRS. GERTRUDE SHAPIRO Firit Row.- Mr . Shapiro, Mary Anne Malte e, Anito Salley. Camille Mofiocchi, Phylit Johnton, Vivian King, Arlene Lo Morr, Alexi Smith. Second Rowt Vincent Holme . Bobby Gi endonner, Howard lutter. Oliver Newsome, Douglo Randolph, Jomes Joudrey, Ronold Elmore, Williom Groxiono, Guy Seaman, Ken Miller, Ronold Strother . Third Row: Louie Ogonowski, Joteph Denaro, John Matol, John Marchewko. Vincent Corrodo, Richard Velardo, Jerry Wichin ky, Bill Krovit, Richord Kelly. 60HOMEROOM 314 - MISS RUTH MEYERSON First Row: Curli» Holowchok, Delorei Oliver, Goil Briere, Judy Povolick, Gwendolyn Beol. Eloine Uloxo», Corolee Koenig, Anno Dziubon. Margo lancin, Jeanette Fenney. Second Row: John D Almeida, Leonard Troian©, George Woihokiw»ky, John Ooku . John Milton, Tyrone Howell, Angelo leva, Rolph Porzilli, Stonley Korczewtki. Mill Meyerton. Third Row: Joteph Grohowtki, Michael Sfepontki, Denni Giron, Alan Balabonow, Jomei Wallace, Kenneth Garry, Spencer Robinton Jr., Henry Schroeck. 61HOME ROOM 315 - MRS. UlllAN RITTER Firs Row.- Sheryl Miller, Alberto Ulmer, Karen Coito, Nodine Knight, Marie Grotto, Penelope Powe, Cheryl Spellman, Oonno Revello, Mary Ann Rafoncllo- Second Row; Martin Golanty, Shelia Carter, Joon Lear, Jeanne Cambourit, Barbara Terrey, Pamela McGroth, Vernelle Bottt, Annunziolo Amoretano, Mrt. Ritter. Third Row. Stanley lynnik, Ronnie W. Reddick, Walorij Kyrcjko, Normon Jockton, John Walter , Henry Gibki, Pool Volz, Robert Oral, Pool Holick. HOMEROOM 318 - MR. ALAN SHAPIRO First Row: Jill Coruto, Undo Broodnox, Debbie Kovneliot, Carol Heyman, Elizabeth Cleveland, Juanita Coleman, Tilola May, Annette Rutto, Nancy Kartmortki. Second Row; Elaine Corpoutit, Dottie VonEnde, Rocco Sico, Robert Fuller, Matt Swojkowtki, Thomot Coppola, Margaret Quigley, Connie Cornivole, Mr. Shapiro. Third Row: Steve Kehoyet, Joe Ortini, Jothuo Dancy, Joe Jockton, Andrew Dutko, Steve Gibbo.HOMEROOM 113 - MR DAVID JANOWITZ First Row: Stewort Lynwood. Patrick Triono. Pot Aroce. Chorlet Murrin. Gregory Guenther, Morio Volenxo, Lillian Melvin, Jettio Coleman, Poulo Catena. Second Row: Edmund De Noio. Dorothy Jocobson. Joyce Davit, Michele Sinker. Vernon Edwards, Michoet Schilore. Susan Kleket, Carol Polistino, Mr. David Janowitx, Third Row. John Coprio, Alexander Riddick, Verone Jenkins, Woldemar Monteiro, Leo Brown. HOMEROOM 209 - MR JEROME MARCUS first Rot: Richord Korn, Richard Rotmutten, John McLean, Steven Skorok, Anthony Lepre, Vivian Netchel, Carmella Johnson. Gwendolyn Thomas, Nicoletta Soroppo. Anito Etheridge. Second Row: Brenda Buchner, Mary Bromberg. Kenneth Motely, Winston Jones. Peter Cru . James Politan, Mary Wilson. Jocqueline Turner, Mr. Marcus. Third Row: Janet Jogentowicz, Corol Ann Celia, Brian Madden, Richard Coldwell, Morion Hardy, Nicholas Mencor, Ihor Wynorczuk, Rose Ann Romano. L »HOMEROOM 304 - MISS ALICE KEEHNER First Row: Henry Ditto, Cloudo Wolloce, Richord Bailey, Stan Jofle, Arthur Corbley, Ann Ulmer, Madeline Foiello, Loretta De Mom, Joan Kaminski, Arlene Mongino. Second Row: Paul Kennedy, John Hill, Andrew Jogodxin-ski, Karl Kovach Jr., Richard Thomas, Willette lowther, Elva Johnson, Addrion Russomonno, Phyllis Cuyler, Betty Broogos, Miss Keehner. Third Row: Ronald Norvell, lorroine O'Brien, Richard Show, Rolph Mortellito, George Meyer, Margaret Green, Rayford Young, Carolyn Miele, Timothy Winstead. 64HOMEROOM 306 - MISS JOAN NOVAK Uni Row: Bobby Dixon, Thomas Coles. Alvin Fudge, Richard Ascoli, Michael Ingrossio. Jo Ann Armstead, Beverly Dunn, Carole Minervino, Borbaro Sapp. Marian Torr. Second Row: Stuart Schultx, Michoel Coppola, Clifton Darby, Mortin Cirksey, Marilyn Nemerowicx, Condoce Clerico, Potricio White. Pauline Menth. Third Row: Tomoro Burylo, Chorles Toylor, Orover Willcox, James Freeman, Juon Remus, Belton Brevard, Diane Reed. HOMEROOM 3OB - MR. HARRY GOMMOU tint Row: Joseph Koxak, Antonio Ribeiro, Philip Gelormine, Robert Hayet, Mr. Gommoll, Evelyn Sheldon, Marilyn Rodice, lindo Feinerman, Patricia Kapinus. Janet Cioffi. Second Row; Chos. Demorat, Anita Brown, Eloine Patricco, Clarence Drayton, Fred Bryd, Michael Martino, Lucille Johnson, Phyllis Wood, Mortho Cybyk, Rocco Zorrillo. Third Row: Richard Ferroro, lindo Torregrotso, William Zablocki, John Banfield, Edna Bey Green, Clorence Warren, William Smith. 65HOME ROOM 309 - MR. LOUIS SPINDLER First Row: Norma Green, Juanita Howard, Judith Micholtki, Solly Friedlander, Joyce Tomotko, Beverly Montes . Eileen Tort, Margaret Daly, Doreen Adams. Second Row; Barbara Branch, Milton Battle, Michael Szkworko. William O'Donnell, Albert Armstrong, Terrence Glynn, John Wilckens, Olgo Dorothenko, Mr. Spindter. Third Row: Alma Cochran, Bruce Porting, Janice We»f, Daniel Cirminiello, Diane Davit, Michael lieberman, Gwenn Burwell, Stanley Chramintki. HOMEROOM 319 - MR. LEONARD MORRIS First Row: Patricia Dennis, Iris Peskin, Lorroine Rafonello, Carol De Silva, Victorice Salz, Antonette Utchak, Betty Kirtchenman, lynette Eddy, Coro Fenney, Louise Cabana. Second Row: Leroy Beaty, John Worth, Edward Crappse, Dennis Bird, Chorlet Scott, Williom Griffin, Robert Johnson, Mr. Leonard Morrit. Third Row; Fred Cody, George Gelpke, Arthur Soares, Beverly Reynolds, Margaret Mitchell, John Iwanechko, Joseph D'Addario. 66HOME ROOM 204 - MISS THERESA DAVID Uni Row: Kenneth Wright, Jomet Elom, Morgarifo Delgado, Priscilla Perry, Deborah Carlucci, Faye Witcher, Charles Cuidero, Edward Mikfut, Sol Di Bella, Charles Guilford, Patquale Forte. Setond Row: Kenneth Verderete, Lucille Bethea, Joyce Ann James, Paul Nisos, Jacqueline Herring, Howard Weidner, lorry la Polio, Crystol Jones, Maureen Brown, Tyrone Me Roe, Ronald Rogers. Third Row: Daniel Silva, Ernest Thomason, Georgianno Cioston, Bart Aloxio, Mary Me Connoughey, Joseph Murrin, Michael Goy. Alfred Ragins, James Starkey, Raymond Mongeau, Anthony Lombardi, James De Hort. HOME ROOM 207 - MRS. DOROTHY NEUSS firtt Row: Linda Peer, Jock Cantogollo, Doreen Gallo. Crystle May, Gregory Williams. lurene White, Stanley Terrell, Louis Mercado, Anthony liotti, lindo Schood, Nancy Kkchmoyer Second Row: Mrs. Neuss, Eugene Reynolds, Frank Fernicolo, Shorren Motes, Deboroh Stapleton, Anthony Hojnocki, Judith Ailes, Tonilea Pullum, Donna Bender, Ugis Nigols, Ross Coxton. Third Row: Anthony Di Bortolo, Victor Valosquez, Elwood Ellis, Clarence Jones, Anthony Cerruto, Chortes Mondolto, Gregory Di Filippo, Frank Rowa. 67HOMEROOM 210 - MRS. RUTH ASSARSSON First Row. Thelmo Evans, Angelo lo Rocco, Yvonne Doniley, lourel Goines, Suson Adorns, Charles Stewart, Robert Gwyn, Anthony Gomel, John Wood, Williom Blond. Second Row: Mrs. Atsorsson, Richard Spiotto, Wilbert Jones, Charles Clark, Morvin Reid, Lawrence Thompson, Oscar Williams, Rocco Andiloro, Anthony Cassora. Third Row: Ireno Hill, Linda Oemsyn, John Phillips, Howard Johnson, Kenneth Lutr, Williom Broron, Hermitt Word, Lois Ruffin, Linda Minkowski. 68HOMEROOM 215 - MR LEONARD YABLICK Firtl Row.- Rob«il Covollo, Gennoro Rtmo, Robert Spiotto. Cormine Tortor-ello, John Gold!, Kathleen Gritwold, Mocine Jomet, Erica Mohrlong, lindo Stewort, Marion Harri , Leonard Donofrio. Second Row Mr. leonord Yablick, Frank Souttruenik, Nancy Helmintki, Carolyn Cook, Pierre Deiron- leau, Leon Melnyczok, Lin wood Arrington, Carrie White, Kathleen Fazzari, Julia Pork . Audrey Decker. Third Row: Diane Agzigian, Stephanie Prytulo, Patrick Nelson, Marcelle Motcone, Linwood Wright, Chester lee. Sandra Caldwell. Beverly William . HOMEROOM 219 - MISS RUTH ABOS Firit Row: Carl Lewi . Joseph Piegari, Nick Boncer, George Schwarz, Victor Marrert, William Drennen, Beverly De Moio, Deborah Rollin , Diane Bu h, Linda Biglin, Florence Dennis. Second Row: Dori Wolloce, Robert Przychodniecz, Rita Matzuca, Deborah Richardson, Alan Struck, Geneva William , Bill Carnbouri . Either Willcox. Edward Tiftel, Valerie Mo von, Ann Marie Poeta, Albert Galvin, Mi Ruth Abo . Third Row: Thomo Giatullo, Elizobeth Argiro, Carol Ann Smartt, Chorlet Smith. Joanne Briggt, Robert Eortkowiok, Eileen Stickle, Charles Corrodo, Robert Corrado, Moryonn Ro»m. 69 70A-PIN HOLDERS A-pins are awarded to juniors and seniors who have given outstanding service to the school through participation in extracurricular activities. Credits may be compiled by regular attendance and active participation in clubs and other school-sponsored programs. loft lo right: Jomes Racioppi, Lorraine Sink , Joann Minotoli, Mieho l Gold), Roy Byrd. CRAFTSMEN'S GROUP Under the capable direction of Mr. Gommoll, art and music majors are given the opportunity to appreciate the artists' and artisans' cooperative efforts. The members work with silver, copper, enamel, and other related materials to create their own masterpieces. They often attend lectures on outstanding craftsmenship and occasionally take trips to New York museums. left to right: Alon 6a la bo now, Mott Swajkowski, John D'Alm»ido. Ston Karczewski, Mike Galdi, J ann Or f« . Wol ri Kyr jko, VJvlon Rrosk, Chariot Gvdoitis, Mr. Gommoll, JoAnn Minvtoli, Bill Groziano, Chritfin Cummings, Tony SpUndoro, Loot Catper, Carole Koenig. 74 BANKING Banking gives each Arts High student the opportunity to develop the habit of systematically saving during his high school career. The banking group is composed of homeroom representatives who, under the supervision of Mr. Thomas, collect and prepare deposits for the Howard Savings Institution. S at d, l ft to right: Morgr t Doly, Mour n Sw n y, CSorlvt Stuart Standing: Phyllis Kotz, Joonn Briggs. B tty low Sw n y, Mr. Thomas.BAND Fir row. Ml to fight: Kathleen Higgint, Robert Gwjn, William Drennen, Richard Korn, Edmond DoNoia, Chariot Morrin, Ihor Wynorctuk, John Phillips, Alfred Rogint, Marvin McGrow, Carmine Tortorello, Bruce Porting. Ronald Guorino, Michoel Cantorella. Steve Gibbo. Karen Cotta. Second row: Mr. Tobia, Betty loo Sweeney. Muriel Brown. Elaine Policottro, Deborah Stapleton, Diane Dovit, Sidney Berxon, Maxine llpton, Phyllit Kali, Beverly Dunn, Solly Friedlonder, Lynn Hondtome, Patricia White, John Morchewka, John Milton, John Motol, George Farogi. Third row: Joteph Morrin, John Iwanechko, Rayford Young, Rojeon Carroll, leroy Hutton, Chariot Mondolto, Hermit! Ward, Richard Minetti. Arthur Wottmer, Richard Grottmon, Joteph Di-Carlo. Robert Drol, Thomat Coloia. Alon Struck. Fourth row: Mike Kothintki, lorry Pyott, Curtit Wotkint, Reggie Jenkint, Vincent Holmet. Robert Slonim, Eugene Gibbo. Thomat lowton, Chorlet Brown, Roy Britlol, O Donnell Williomt. Ben John-ton, Vincent Peluto. Fifth row: John Sepe. Rocco Sica, Ronald Gar on. George Meyer, Seboirion Siino, Robert Votto. Anthony Fernicoki, Jimmy Robertello. Gary Zengo, Joe Borg, Eddie Beti, Jothuo Dancey. Sixth row: Grover Willcox, Michoel Cuoxxo, Kenneth Thomat, Gory Ryaor, Wayne la-Rutto, Michoel Szkwarko, Fred Neohout, John Wolfert, Tyrone Howell, Mike Coppolo. DANCE The Bond is composed of the many students who have the ability to play a brass or a woodwind instrument. These students play for the assembly programs, concerts, or operas, under the capable direction of Mr. Tobia. Some of the very good students are chosen either for membership in the Marching Band which marches in all the community parades, or in the Dance Band which plays for all of our school dances. Firtt row, seated, left to right: Edmund DeNoia, Wayne laRutto, Tommy Coloio. Robert Slonim, Bruco Porting. Second row: Kenneth Thomat. John Sepe, Rocco Sico. Chorlet Morrin. Back row: Elaine Policottro and Steve Gibba Standing: Karen Cotta and Mr. Tobio. BAND BOWLING LEAGUE The Bowling league is one of this year's additions to our many extracurricular programs. There are no specific qualifications for membership; any girl with an interest in this sport is welcome. Under the guidance of Mrs. Donovan, the girls' gym teacher, energetic, enthusiastic female bowlers meet every Thursday afternoon for a few hours of wholesome recreation and relaxation at a nearby sports center. Kneeling. left to right: Shoilo Cortor, Undo Broadnax. Cheryl Stewort. Standing Gwen Stapleton, Poledi Georg . Ruby Hutton, Jolyn Tartoglia. Donno Bender, Vivian King. Charleen Green. Juonita Coleman, Mr Donovan 75FASHION CLUB Model — Candy Clerico Advisor — Miss Howard Members present. Diane Agzigion. Gwen Beal. Elizabeth Ctwominska. Christine Camming , Angelo lo Ro«o, Nicholas Mentor, Morilyn Badce. Eileen Tort, leonord Wesley, Phyllis White. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, under the supervision and direction of Mr. Del Visco, was formed so that French students can become more accustomed to the French customs and culture. Members learn the history of France, the background of many famous French people, their habits, customs and foods. In order to understand and appreciate the language, the students visit many of the museums and French restaurants New York. First row, Wft lo right: Anno lepore. Elvo Johnson. Michael lieberman, StanUy Chrominski, Mono Voleruo. Phyllis Kali Second row: Iris Peskin, Corolyn Or SiUo, Margaret Mitchell, Vicki Soli, Janet Jogentowici, Janet CiofR, Tommy Burylo. Third row: Morion Torr, Olgo Doroihenko, Betty Broogos, PhylKs Wood. Janice West, Beverly Williams, Marilyn lewitter. The Fashion Club, under the direction of Miss Howard, was formed this year for students interested in the field of fashion illustration and design. Each session begins with criticisms of work done by the pupils at home. At some of the meetings, members receive special assignments involving the creation of original designs; at other times, students sketch from a posed model. Because of the experience and knowledge acquired, some students moy wish to major in fashion illustration and eventually seek careers in this field. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB This club gives art students as well as the music students a chance to develop their talents. Under the direction of Mrs. Shapiro, these girls have added gaiety to our winter and spring concerts and to our assembly programs. Meeting every Tues day and Friday afternoon, they sing three and four part harmony. The members receive report card rather than extracurricular credit for their participation. Stated, Uft to right: Arlene Mongino, Fay Witcher, Diane Bush, laurel Gaines, Nicoletta Saropf Jeiiio Colemon, Tilolo Moy, Crystle May. Eleanor Register, laVonne Siffotd Second row, standii Mm. Shopiro, Irene Hill, Delores Oliver, lillion Melvin, Janice Howord, Joyce Bryant, Thelmo Eve Jonet Cioffi, Betty Broogot, Brenda Buchner. Carol Ann Celia, Mory McConnaughey, Joonne Brij Lucille Betheo. Third row; Dione White, Camille Manocchi, linda Pochmoro, Deboroh Richord Vernelle Bolts, Joyce Jomes, Cheryl Stewart, Valerie Price, Willette lowther, Geneva Willioms. Cr E. Jones, Morgoret Quigley, Julia Parks, Arlene la Morr,The Librory Guild is one of our most outstanding service groups. The members who willingly give up study periods and after school hours to assist others, gain valuable experience in the performance of a variety 'of tasks. They work at the charge-desk, read shelves, mend books and magazines, type cards and letters and do some filing. On occasion they go on field trips to colleges and museums and, of course, they always look forward to their annual picnic. For their services they have the durable satisfaction of rendering service to others and the opportunity to obtain A-pin credit. Seated. left to right: Deborah Stapleton. Poledi George — Student Council, Richard Kelley — Secretory, Kothy McCoy — President, Miss Yuker, Anthony Cerruto, Donna Bender, Horold Polk, Rebecco Reed, first row, standing: Melvin Hinton, Stanley Terrell, Louis Ogonowski, Marion Harris, Marion Tarr, Nancy Kirchmayr, Anthony liotti, Fronk Soustruenek, Marvin Harris, Bertha Poden, George Gelpke, Fred Byrd, Eugene Reynolds, Gregory di Filippo — Public library representative, Phylis White. Second row, standing: Joyce Bryant, Alberto Ulmer, Charlotte Patterson, Gail Brier , Solly Friedlonder, Carolyn Cook, Diane Davis, Arlene La Marr, Tonara Burylo. Third row, standing: Beverly Willioms, Faye Kennedy, Montes Beverly, Anna Driuban, Christine Smishkewych. Not present when picture was token: John Wood. Etta Hermelin, John Milton — Public library Representative, Juanita Howard, Ronnie Reddick, Leonard Troiono. Dennis Capice, Olga Doroshenko, Dorothy Von Ende, Stephanie Prytulo, lorroine O'Brien, Carol Roelke, Sheryl Spellman, Daniel loehrs. LIBRARY GUILD MATH CLUB The Math Club meets every Tuesday under the capable leadership of Miss Meyerson. Six months of high school math is the only membership requirement. Activities of the club include puzzles, recreational mathematics, special student reports, and biographical sketches of famous mathematicians and scientists. The members go on field trips to offices, museums, etc., to stress the importance of math in the post, present, and future. The club also sponsors the Math Medal. The reputation and the achievements of the club add much to the stature of Arts High. Firet row, left to right Goil Briere, Ann Ulmer, Roy Byrd, Alberto Ulmer, Maureen Denning. Second row: Arlene Mongino, linda Feinermon, Leslie Fried, Marilyn lewitter, Richard Boiley, Miss Meyerson. Third row: Joseph Mantlemacher, Richard Thomas, Motthew Swojkowski, William James. OPERA GROUP This group consists of art and music students who, each year work together in the production of an opera. The Art Department supervises the design and construction of the sets and is responsible for the costumes. The Music Department selects the cast, arranges the scores, does the choreography, ond directs the opera production. Last year they presented the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan, which was a highly successful venture and this year they presented "Down in the Valley" by Kurt Weill, and a selection of folk music. The entire group is known as the Opera Club. First row, left to right: Penelope Powe. Anito Brown. Willett lowther, Arlene Mongino, Hotel Nixon, Cathy Me Coy, Chorlet Stewart, Marvin Me Grow, lo Vonne Sifford, Linda Feinermon, Janet Cioffl, lorene White, Foye Kennedy, Vernito Smith, Volerie Price. Vivion King. Second row: Nadine Knight, Nicoletta Sorappo. Eileen Van Duyne. Deborah Rollint, Janice Howard. Curtis Watkins, Willie Brown. Dolores Oliver, Foy Witcher, Margaret Manco. Jeannette Fenney, Mory Bromberg. Third row: Deborah Richardson, linda Broadnax. Ethel DuHort, Marilyn lewitter, Mortin Golonty. Fourth row: Richard Thomas. Barry Weiss, Roy Byrd. Michael Stkwarko, Robert Embrey, John Caprio, Andy Dutko. Phyllis Cuyler.ORCHESTRA Under the capable leadership of Mr. Pesile, members of the Orchestra have played at the assembly programs, school concerts, and operas. They have also performed at many community functions. A number of the students have successfully competed for membership in the All-State Orchestra. The recognition and praise which the Orchestra always receives is a fine tribute to all at Arts High. Seated, left to right: Anelo Szkworko, Joteph Mantelmacher, Michael Coppola. Pauline Menth, Maureen Sweeney, Kathleen Rare lift, Audrey Decker, Gail Briere, Chorlerte Green, Carol Roellke. Barbara Bennett, Beverly Dunn, Lynn Handsome, Edna Green Bey. Vincent Holmes. Susan Trgolo, Karen Cicerale. Phyllis CioflFi, Antonette Uschak, Charles Smith. Second row: George Woshokiwsky, Donna Thomas, Joyce Yonder Gyxe, Jo Anne Minutoli, Elaine Policastro. Terry Glynn, Jerry Turiello, Charles Ercolano, Gary Zenga, Edmund De Noio, Maxine lipson. Steve Gibba, Kathleen Higgins, Woyne La Russo, Edward Betz, Gary Rynar, Raymond Bristol, O'Donnell Williams. Third row: Martha Cybyk. Karen Cotta, Thomas Flnettl, John Matol, Rocco Slco, George Meyer, John Sepe, lorry Pyatf, Kenneth Thomas, James Robertello, Charles Mvrrin, Anthony Fernicolo, Robert Slonim, Tommy Caloia, Vincent Peluto. PERICLEAN SOCIETY Under the able direction of Mr. Jano-witz and Miss Novak, the Periclean Society has been organized for those students who are interested in creative writing, literature, and dramatics. The group is named after Pericles, ruler of Athens during the fifth century when Greece was enjoying its highest literary period. At each meeting the Society's students are free to read, discuss, or interpret the works of great dramatic or literary writers as well as to read, discuss, or display their own literary or dramatic skills. Fir » row, seated, loft lo right: Muriel Brown, Annomarie Kroybig, Ralph Porzilli, Nancy Kanmariki, Christine Cummingi, Marilyn Lewittor, Socond row: Guy Socman, Mi » Novak, Brenda Buchner, William Bernstein, Gory Seoman, Mr. Janowitx. Third row: Corol Ann Celia, Annette Russo, le»lie Fried, Janice Howard.RED CROSS The High School Red Cross, under the capoble supervision of Mrs. Hiller, is one of the most active organizations in the school. These students not only help hospitals, nurseries, veterans institutions, and nursing homes for the aged during the school year, but also volunteer their services to these institutions during the summer months. The group has been selected as one of the 200 organizations in the United States and Canada to receive an award for outstanding service to the community. First row, knooltng, left to right: Bor boro Melino, Daity Rodriqucx, Nicoletta Sarappa, Jolyn Tortoglio, Robort Dixon, Foyo Konnody, Anita Etheridge, Anno Marie Poeto, Phyllis Kotx. Setond row: Jeanette Penney, Martha Cybyk, Suran March, Linda Broad- nax, Michoel Ingrottio, Bobby Dixon, Judith Ailei, Crystal Moy, Tiloki Moy, Donno Rovello. Third row: Mrs. Hiller, Joanne Armstead, Jean Sovcriono, Judy Povolkk, Carlene Worren, Eileen Van Duyne, Penelope Powe, Joan Lear, Gwen Beal. Vivian King, SEWING CLUB The Sewing Club, under the able leadership of Mrs. Hiller, meets once a week. The members sew for enjoyment and for fashion. The club is mode up of talented girls who sew mostly for themselves, but also for others. One of their main projects is to contribute items to our annual Christmas Fair. These items are skillfully made and beautifully stitched. Every year the members go to New York City to see a fashion show or a ploy. The girls, who work in a friendly atmosphere, consider their sewing task a pleasure rather than a duty. Sootod, loft »o right: Penelop Powo, Mary Wilton, Phyllis Cuyl«r. Anito Brown, Francino Thornton. Standing: Mri. Hiller, Jolyn Tortoglio, Bertho Padcn, Judith Ailct, Linda Broadnax, Anito Etheridge. Joyce Dovit, Gwendolyn Thomat. SCOPE Scope is a bi-monthly publication written by A.H. students for whom Mr. Rickenbacher serves os advisor. The newspaper highlights all phases of school life ranging from sports and clubs to classes and academic subjects. This range of subject matter is one of the main reasons for the publication's popularity. Aside from satisfying the demands of fellow students, the staff members gain valuable knowledge and experience in journalism. LoFt to right: JoAnno Minutoli, Connio Carnovalo, torroino Sinkox, Barbara Ulrich. Mr. Rickonbochor, D bbi Kounolloi 79STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, the governing body of the school, consists of two representatives from each homeroom and one from each club. The council gives each representative the opportunity to voice his opinion on school problems and improvements. A Mayor and Deputy Mayor preside at the meetings. Each year the Student Council sponsors the Variety Show, the Barn Dance, the New Student Orientation, and the Christmas Fair. Mr. Rickenbachcr and Mrs. Bohannon ore the council's co-advisors. 4rv«loo First row: Muriel Brown, Karon Cicerale, Etta Hormolin, Phylii Johnson, Michael Goldi, Leroy Hutson, Bar bora Bennett, Janice Howard, Irene Hons, Sondi Cohen. Second row: Arlene Mangino, Anno lepore, Nicoletto Sarrapo, laurel Gaines, Coro Bigek, w, Oebby Kounelias, Donna Robello, Susan March, Anita Etheridge, Barbara Melina, lindo Stewart. Third row: Richard Thomas, Ethel Du Hart, Barbara Branch, John Coprio, Steve Kehoyes, Gory Zenga, Ross Coxton, Francine Thornton, Donny Silva, Janet Hill, Anthony Fernicola. Fourth row: Barbara Ulrich, Eileen Van Duyne, Carolyn Da Silvo, Arlene lo Morr, Deborah Stapleton, Anna Morit Poeto. Nancy Karsmorski, Rita Matzucco, Imogene Whitoker, Antonetfe Uschak, Barbara Sapp, Polcdi, George, Fred Byrd. TYPING CLUB The Typing Club meets every week to review and practice typing. Students may type their homework, Scope material, or papers for teachers. Those who have had the typing course or who are presently taking it are eligible for membership. Students learn to cut stencils, to do mimeograph work and to use electric typewriters. The club is under the supervision of Mrs. Lazar. First row, loft to right: Anna Dziuban, Cheryl Stewort, Phyllis White, Mary Lou Simont, Ruby Hutson. Socond row: Iris Petkin. Deborah Stopleton, Betty Kirschenman, Poledi George, Christine Smishkewych. Third row: Joyce Davis, Margaret Mitchell, Phyllis Wood. VISUAL AIDS CLUB The members of the Visual Aids staff are chosen on a basis of teacher recommendation. At the beginning of the year they are trained by a representative from the Board of Education in the use of machines for the showing of films, filmstrips, and slides. The boys' services are sometimes required during assembly programs, occasionally requested for extracurricular activities, ond often utilized during class periods. Michoel Cuozzo ond Joseph Mantelmocher. (John Marchewko and John Wolters were not present when the picture was token).A doy to be remembered. Fir»» row: Mu. GelUr, Donna Thomas. Williom James, Jo Anne Minutoli, Lorraine Sinker, Mai in Lipson, Roy Byrd, Barbara Ulri h. Vivian Proik. Second row: Miss Dovid, Richard Schneider, Janice Mall, Patricia Gaflga. Diane Cuidero, James Racioppi, Barbara Melino, George Smishkewych. Corlerte Warren. Michael Galdi. Dr. Seamster. Third row: Rochelle Borletto. Barbara Bennett, Sydney Berxon, George Woshakiwsky, Sandi Cohen, Lesley Pried, Ethel Do Mart, Eugene Gibbo. Christine Camming, Kenneth Morey, Julios Benevento, Doren Cotta, Janet Hill. «| pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of this Society . • •" Lorraine Sinkez congratulates George Smishkewych. Character, leadership, scholarship, and service arc the National Honor Society criteria. On October 19, 1962, twenty students selected for admission by faculty vote were inducted into the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the Society. The twelve Juniors and eight Seniors received their pins and certificates from Mrs. Geller during an impressive candlelighting ceremony. Under the guidance of their advisor Miss David, the members, this year, have rewritten their constitution, and are presently conducting a survey of the honor societies in other Essex County high schools to learn more about their programs and activities. «Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 82 "Abstraction, attraction, reaction, subtraction." "No, Madam, we don't give refunds." "If you don't see what you want, wish for it." " Twas the night before the Christmas Fair when all through the school not a creature was stirring except . .The members of the Baseball Team under the direction of Coach Lang closed the season with a record of 7 wins, 9 losses and 1 tie. The highlight of the season came on May 9, 1962 at Vails-burg High. At that game. Arts was victorious over Irvington Tech, with a score of 6-0. This was the first no-hitter thrown by the star pitcher, Ritchie Nebioli. Despite the fact that this was not one of its best seasons. Arts had some memorable moments. During the early weeks of spring prdctice, it was so cold that the boys were forced to wear two pairs of gloves to protect their hands from frostbite. At the close of the season they had the wonderful experience of being in the finals of the Tech League Tournament. SCOREBOARD - 1962 3-14 toil 11 15 lost 6-6 lie 3-4 lost 11.2 won 3-4 lost 3-4 lost 6-0 won 6-11 lost 6-11 lost 9-7 won 1-5 lost 5-9 lost 7 4 won 5-12 lost 7-4 won Bloomfield Tech 101 won "Why is it taking so long to get here?" Front: Chorles Gaines, Benny Abruuo, James Robertello, Frank Pasquole, Nick lombordi, Billy Russo, Bob Cotonio. Standing: Mr. long. Georgs Brownlee, Jim Politon, Richord Nebiolo, Joe Cioffi, Joe Even , Al Cotolono, John Injobello. Mining: Tommy Wo»hington, Joe Towo.This year our basketball team has enjoyed its most successful season since 1957 os it compiled a record of 12 wins and eight losses during the regular season. The team entered the State Tournament and was successful in defeating Belvidere High 51-35, but then lost to Mountain High School (last year's state champions in Group II) at Seton Hall University 64-42. Captain Ken Miller was named to the Newark Star Ledger" All-City Team and emerged as the leading scorer for the team. Although the loss of seniors Tom Washington and Joe Towe from the starting five will be a blow to the team for next year. Coach Voller is optimistic. Ken Miller, Ron Strothers, Douglas Randolph will be returning and together with such capable reserves as Joe Evans, Ed Kennedy, and Tyrone Howell next year's team should be a good group. Coach Voller was particularly pleased with the hustle, determination, and team spirit that prevailed throughout the 1962-1963 season. He was quoted as saying, "This is the scrappiest group of boys I have coached since I have been at Arts High". We got the ball so-o-o let's go! Did it or didn't it, that is the question! ! Front row: William Zablocki, Patrick Triano, Joseph Piegari, Rayford Young, lorry Thompson, Rolph Mortellito, Juan Remus, 88 Jock Contogollo. Back row: Mr. long, James Politan, Michael Martino, Milton Battle, John Worth, John Milton, Verone Jenkins, Pool Kennedy, Alvin Fudge."I know of o good party after the game!" Mr. V! Mr. V! He's picking on me! Art 60 49 54 52 58 50 46 45 43 45 53 48 49 55 59 63 46 67 39 52 SCOREBOARD . St Patrick's ............. St. Mo 'y'l Bloomfield Tech ...„...... ... Jewish Educational Center ... Edison Tech ............... ... Sacred Heort .............. Pir»9fy ... Harrison ....... ... Oratory ........ ... Irvington Tech ... Edison Tech .... ... Newark Tech .. ... Irvington Tech ... Bloomfield Tech ...... Harrison .... ___ Nework Tech ... St. Patrick's .... ... Holy Trinity ... ___ Oratory .... Opp. 64 .. 47 .. 17 .. 44 .. 49 .. 33 .. 49 .. 48 35 51 48 53 38 40 V 68 44 52 47 44 Up in the air! Over the rim! Come on Tommie, get it in! Kneeling: Harvey Knox, Ronald Strothers, Tommie Washington, Robert Fuller, Joe Evans. Standing: Bill James, Joe Towe, Arthur Coles, Randy Douglass, Tyrone Howell, Edward Konnedy, Kenny Miller, Kenny Brown. 89All eyes on the boll. The Faculty-Varsity Gome and Dance is held annually at Broadway Jr. High under the sponsorship of the Varsity Club. The event officially begins with the traditional "antics" of the faculty. This year Mr. Thomas's script for the evening's proceedings accounted for most of the laughs. As usual, the teachers sported their shorts, sweatshirts, sneakers and drooping socks. But once they got down to the business at hand, their skill on the floor was evident. They made their usual number of "Fouls" and some of us thought the referee could have been a bit more objective! In spite of the dauntless efforts of the Varsity team and both Cheering Squads, the faculty added another victory to their undefeated record. After three valiant attempts, Mr. Piegari stood on a chair and sank the winning basket. This wasn't exactly cricket, but the boys conceded the victory rather than have the faculty unfavorably inclined next marking period. All in all, this night will be remembered by all who attended. That man has added spring to his step. I wonder where the ball went?I think it's in orbit. If I tag you, you'll be it. Faculty-Varsity Basketball 91 We're from Arts HighSWIMMING TEAM SCORES Arf» ... ...... 36 V . Voiltburg ._ 50 46 36 42 44 Art 60 VI. South Side 24 Art 65 V . South Side 20 60 24 54 29 35 50 Art ... 17 V . Weequahic 69 49 35 50 Art 44 V . West Side 41 Art 48 V . We»t Side 37 "Would you cor© for a life saver?" Arlindo De Oliviero makes a direct hit. Fif»t row: Richard Mohr, Terry Glynn. Vernon Edward , Michael Jowortki, Reggie Jenkin (Captain), Arlindo Oe Oliveira, George Smithkewych, Alex Schwee, Alan Balabanow, lance Ca per. Second row: Mr. Knobler, Richard Korn (Manager), John Matol, Vincent Corrodo, Gory Seaman, Andrew Jagodzintki, lorry Pyott, Rojeon Carroll, Ed lo» iter, Ihor Wynarc--zwk, Charlet Cuidera. 92IlltWl Hff I If If I (I I Iff Ilf f mi•iiiwiii tin iijijnumi y lil. ■'»» Hi ■III I III 1(11 ■I!1 » ■ Bin mi nil Terry Glynn dives in — "to win"! Reggie Jenkins, Vinnie Corcado, Terry Glynn and Vernon Edwards are all set for a freestyle relay. The Swimming Team, under the direction of Mr. Knobler, is composed of boys who spend many hours in training at Morris Avenue pool. This season, the team had a seven-six record. They placed fifth in the City Championship Meet and won the State Voc-Tech Conference Championship. The team loses only one graduating senior, Lance Casper; the remaining sophomores and juniors will be back next year. Mr. Knobler gives some last minute instructions. The butterfly stroke is demonstrated by Vernon Edwards. 93Our Track Team has become a recognized and respected port of the City League. The team has not only defeated six far larger city schools during the season, but has also been a power in the State Tech League where the boys finished second. The total dual meet record was seven and two. Among the Senior lettermen are Harvey Knox, a top scorer in the high jump, hurdles and broad jump, who will captain this year's team; Charles McMahan, a high jumper who has been a medal winner; Ray Bristol, Tom Lambright, Ben Johnson, who are middle distance men; Arlindo DeOlivero, who specialized in the mile run; Ken Mazey, who excels in pole vaulting. Our underclassmen include Robert Fuller, a fast man in the dashes; Spencer Robinson, a competent hurdler; John Iwanechko, an excellent pole vaulter; and Gary Seamen, the only Arts High track man ever to hold a Newark City record. He accomplished this last year when he pole vaulted 103H", to erase a record that was 16 years old. Among other faithful participants are Randolph Douglas, Tyrone Howell, Vincent Holmes, William Griffin, Leroy Nash, and Julius Taylor. With hard work, determination, and courage the boys look forward to this year's track season with a great deal of optimism. Now how do I get down?" "Why didn't they tell me I was a pole vaulter?"Fir»t row: Penelope Powe, Lorraine Rofonello, Anita Etheridge. Vicki Soli. Second row: Donna Gough. Maryann Rofonello, Barbara Bednar. Back row: Sheryl Miller, Joon leor, Maria Volenxo. Not present: Marguerite Pisciotta Applicants for a position on the Arts High Cheering Squad must have well-rounded personalities as well as gymnastic abilities. Teacher recommendations and average scholastic ability are mandatory for all applicants. Each spring, from the 50 or 60 girls who try-out approximately 10 are chosen to replace graduating seniors. Under the direction of Miss Abos, the squads' advisor, the girls start practicing in early fall. At these practices, every member does her part to make the team cheers as effective as possible. At the basketball games, the cheerleaders, following the example of their Co-captains Christine Cummings and Patricia Gaffga, boosted the morale of the players and spectators. However the cheerleaders' job does not end with the fourth quarter of a game, it goes on throughout the year as they Iry to instill a feeling of school pride among all the students. VARSITY SQUAD % , . „ rumming . Undo Pochmoro. Second row: Morio lo Ro«o, F.r.t row: Com,II. Mo»o ch,. t pe,| f,on Jo quelin Twrn„. B k fOW: Elti. Rinotdi. Corogglo, Pofr.c.O Goffgo, Cho Georg. Not pr.i.nt: jeonne Combouri,. Jeanne Dione Cuidcro. Cothy McCoy, V.v.on, Oref.CO.VARSITY Mr Knobler. Swimming Ttom cooch; Mr. Thomos, Trock Ttom; Mr. Voller, Basketball Ttom; Mr. Steisel. Director of Vorsity Club; Mr. long. Boseboll loom. Membership in the Varsity Club is open to all boys who have earned their Varsity letters through participation in the sports program which includes basketball, baseball, swimming, and track. Each of these teams has specific requirements which the boys must fulfill in order to receive their letters. Under the direction of Mr. Steisel, the Club sponsors two fund-raising activities during the year. The first is a Volleyball Game and Dance held after school. The second is the Faculty-Varsity Game and Dance, one of the most popular events on the social calendar at Arts. Later in the year, a Varsity Dinner is held for all members. The coaches, the cheerleaders. Dr. Seamster, Mrs. Geller, and various other members of the faculty are usually invited to attend. With Mr. Voller as toastmaster, the dinner has always been a tremendous success. Mr. Steisel presents Or. Sromiltr with Vorsity Club plaque First row. seated: Reggio Jenkins, Joe Towe, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Knobler, Dr. Seamster, Mr. Stoitol, Mr. long, Mr. Voller, Roy Byrd, Tommy Washington. Second row, standing; Kenny Miller, Thomas lombright, Harvey Knox, lorry Ryott, Vinnie Corrodo, Benny Abruzzo, Billy Russo, Johnny Iwanechko, John Motol, Thrid row, left to right:. Terry Glynn. Andrew Jogodzinski, Alon Bolobonow, Joe Evans, Joshuo Doncy, Robert Fuller, Roy Bristol, Bill Jomes, lance Cosper, Ihor Wynorchok Fourth row: Arthur Coles, Oouglos Randolph, Tyrone Howell, Vernon Edwards, Gary Seamon. 97FACULTY VARSITY VOLLEYBALL "You get a penalty! Penalty for varsity!" "Allah be praised; we finally made a point." 98 Demonstrating the volley ball cha cha. Sleep walking on game time.Senior Art: Commercial Barbara Bednar Diane Cuidera Paul DiMartino Paul DiMartino Mike Priolo Arlindo De OliveiraSenior Art: Fine James Racioppi Anthony Splendora Vivian Prosk Annemarie Kreybig Douglas Anderson 100 Linda ZampinoCathy Me Coy Geraldine Cohens Senior Art: Fashion Christine Cummings 101 Daisy RodriguezArt Staff — Sitting: Barbara Bednar, Koran Ciccralc. Standing: Pawl Di Martino. JoAnna 0 Giutcppe. Diana Cvidcro, Phyllit Cioffi, Mr. Knoblar. Photography Staff: Swian March, Anna Laporo, Barbara Ulrich, Mitt Howord. 102 Litarary Stoff — Sitting: Salvotora Ditto, Irana Ham, loroine Charmintko, Barbara Malino, Powlatta Catalata, Eltia Rinaldi, Pormat, Corlana Worran, Poladi Gaorga, Cathy Quilban. Stand- Carol Cartar, JoAnno Da Givtappa. Jaonna Orafica, Jaana ing: loukio Mouttakat, Sharry Millar, Mitt Abot, Elixobeth Cambourit, Vinnia Caglia.Standing: Anna Forley, Katherine Kerwan, Fronk Mortcuso. Seated, left to right: Georg Knott, Manuel Val, Nunzio Serofoni. George Caswell was not present when this picture was taken. left to right: Florence Cross, Carmella Orogone, Florence Nosso, Annette Graef, Helen Smith, Agnes Honsen. 103 THIS IS YOUR PROUDEST HOUR ........Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. As your official photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived • the very thoughts you spread • the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. LORSTA i THOMAS STIDIOS FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST

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