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VIGNETTE Annual Publication of the Senior Class of Arts High School Newark, New JerseyIn general it has been assumed that the great arts have these functions: They give form and meaning to life, which might otherwise seem shapeless and without sense. They give us deeper understanding of our own lives and the lives of others. They express the spirit of an age or people. They provide diversion from the cares of the day and satisfy desires unfulfilled in our common life. Gilbert Seldes, "The People and the Arts", Mass Culture (Illinois: The Free Press, 1957)ADMINISTRATIONAdmired by all who know him as an interested, capable, and extremely dedicated administrator. Dr. Seamster performs the many and varied duties of a high school principal with sincerity and thoroughness. Unselfishly, he devotes many of his leisure hours to the furtherance of education not only in our own school, but also in our community, our state, and our nation. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time for the individuals who wish to discuss their problems and plans for the future. It is men like Dr. Seamster who nurture the ombitious and purposeful teen-agers who will build our country's future. Frederick C. Seamster, Ph. D. Principal fcx ADMINISTRATION Mrs. Geller, our competent vice-principal, is a gracious and understanding person. Through the years we have learned to depend on her integrity and guidance. She has always been there when we needed her and has displayed patience and understanding in helping us cope with our problems. Planning our schedules, checking our attendance, handling correspondence, and evaluating our records are but a fow of the tasks she has cheerfully and efficiently executed for our benefit. Interested not only in our academic progress but also in our cultural and social development, she has participated in all phases of our school life. Our association with her has been an education in itself. Beatrice G. Geller, B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal 6Dr. Seamtter and Mrt. Geller dhcuu the College Entrance Board Examination reiultt. Around The Office _e_ Around The Office its Joyco Mellilo and Mrt. Shirley Zones, members of our office staff, perform their duties efficiently and effectively.10 Industrial Arts lndu !riol Arts Hom« Economic RUFUS J. RICKENBACHER B ., M.A. E nghsh (Chairman) English English LAWRENCE DEL VISCO B.A., M.A. f ranch JOAN NOVAK B.A. Spanish JOSEPH REUTER B.A. Latin Language LEONARD MORRIS LORNA FURST BA, M.A. B.A.. M.A. History History ALLAN J. SHAPIRO B.A., M.A. History English Foreign longuoges Social StudiesGEORGE H. STEISEL B.A. ALFRED GENTILE B.S. Mathematics Mathematics WILLIAM PICKETT B.M., MM. GERTRUDE P. SHAPIRO B.S. GERARD C. TOBIA Mut.B , B S . M.A. Music Music Music 12STEllA IASS Pianist JOHN LANG B.S.. M.A. Physical Education EVELYN D. DONOVAN B.S. Physical Education CONSTANCE MULDROW B.S. Hoalth Education BETTE LAZAR B.S., M.A. Stono-Typing LILLIAN RITTER B.C.E. Typing SADIE YUKER MARY RUTLEDGE DELPHINE PERUGINE B.S., M.A. R.N. B.S., M.A. Librarian Nurto Hoad Guidance Counselor LIBRARY 13THE CLASS OF JUNE 1961 pr «n»t John Cower (Davenport) o crif c from the New York Times, exposes Ralph Porzilli, o "phony" orf dealer, to Toe Neigel. Michael Goldi (Tollont), who olio wonfs o pointing of tho lote Christopher Bean, offers Joe Neigel iDr. Hoggett! o check tor hit trouble. Rolph Porrilli (Rosen) emphasizes a point.Joan Schiloro (Mrs. Hoggett) brings Michael Goldi o pointing of Chris Boon's which she hod kept in tho chicken coop to prevent a look. Aftor reading tho telegram from on old "friend" of Chris Boon, Benyonne lee (Abby) is convinced thot it is o fake, for she does not know of ony such mon. 15UNDERCLASSMENMR. DAVID JANOWITZ-HOMEROOM 113 FIRST ROW, left to righf; Woldemor Monfeiro, Alexander Riddick, Leo Brown, Veronc Jenkins, Dorothy Jocobson, Kenneth Wright, Tyrone McRae, Carmel a Cino, Lillian Melvin. SECOND ROW: John Caprio, Vernon Edward , Kenneth Streete, Michael Schilore, Lucius Kee, Joyce Davit, Edward Bowler, Althea Jonet, Foye Jones, Charles Murrin, Katherine Leonard, Suson Klekot. THIRD ROW: Corol Polis-tino, Olga Ficulo, Jessio Coleman, Norwood Roiney, Alan Crescenzi, Pasquale Arace, Mona Valenxa, Camille Gionnone, Patrick Triano, Michele Sinkex, Gregory Guenther, Edmund Denoio. MR. JEROME MARCUS-HOMEROOM 209 FIRST ROW, left to right: Rose Ann Romano, Frank Soustruenik, Carol Ann Celia, John McLean, Unknown, Brian Modden, William Asewicz, Gwendolyn Thomas, Jacqueline Turner. SECOND ROW: Peter Cruz, Winston Jones, Jomes Polifan, Kenneth Mosely, Anthony Lepres, Nelson Vega, Nicholas Mencor, Brenda Buchner, Mary Bromberg, Mr. Marcus. THIRD ROW: Jomes De Hart, Thor Wynarcxuk, Vivion Netchel, Anifo Etheridge, Jonet Jagentowicz, Richard Korn, Richord Rasmussen, Groce De Persio, Edward Kelly, Cormello Johnson, Nicoletta Sorappo, Alex Hladylowych.MISS ALICE KEEHNER-HOMEROOM 304 TOP ROW, Ml to right: Pool Kennedy, Timothy Winstead, loretto De Mosi, Arlene Mongino, Claude Wolloce, Louis Fuentes, Henry Ditto, Coroline Miele, Joon Kaminski, lenord Pnemelewski. SECOND ROW: Karl Kovach, Richard Thomot, Elvo Johnson, John Staton, Robert Hill, Margoret Green, Richard Show, Rolph Mortellito, Tyrone Butler, Anthony Jogodzintki, John Nalewkki. FIRST ROW: RoyJord Young, Betty Broo os, Ann Ulmer, Lorraine O'Brien, Phyllis Cuyler, Madeline Faiello, Richard Boiley, Ronald Norvell, Arthur Corbley. Miss Keehner.MR. HARRY GOMMOLL-HOMEROOM 308 FIRST ROW, left to right: Philip Gelormine, Edno Green Bey, Anito Brown, Morris Umomky, Francine Miller, Mortho Cybyk, Donald Schesny, William Zoblocki, Clarence Warren. SECOND ROW: Clarence Drayton, John Banfield, Charles Demorot, Lucille Johnson, Phyllis Wood, Eloine Potricco, Michoel Jaworski, Rocco Zorrillo, Michael Martino, Frederick Byrd. THIRD ROW: Stanley Kidd, Joseph Kozak, Marilyn Rodice, Linda Torregrossa, Deborah Cropps, Jeffrey Lubetkin, Williom Smith, Janet Cioffi, Linda Feinerman, Evelyn Sheldon. MR LEONARD MORRIS-HOMEROOM 319 FIRST ROW, left to right: Patricia Ailes, Betty Kirschenmon, Vicki Salt, Antonette Uschok, Carolyn Da Silva, Lorroine Rofanello, George Gelpke, Williom Zydycryn, Betty Ann Townsend. SECOND ROW: Mr. Morris, Chorles Scott, Robert Johnson, Charles Brown, Arthur Soares, Frond Rowa, Beverly Reynolds, Alvin Welton, John Worth, Edward Crappse, Margoref Mitchell, Victor Kaplij, Leroy Beaty. THIRD ROW: JoAnn Mullen, Cora Fenney, Eloine Skiliono, Eddie Lassiter, Louise Cabono, Fred Cody, Patricia Dennis, lynette Eddy, Iris Peskin, Jerry Melnyk, John Iwonochko. 20Michoel PecorO. Myro Henry, Killy Russo, Gwendolyn Stapleton. Curl BIoko. lorry Pyoft, Robert Embrey. Gory Stonon. THIRO ROW: Arthur Wo»im»r, Eleanor Copeland, Phyllis Kofi, Gail Dubinetf, Anno lepore. Susan March, Sandro Gilyord, Stephanie Grobowskt, Joseph Oi Carlo. MISS GIAOYS HOWARD-HOMEROOM 206 FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Howard, Aaron Moore, Gerald Tori-ello, Rob Rothenberg, Edword Hahn, Reginald Jenkins, Anthony Nordiello, Robert Rush. SECOND ROW; Dovid Shanks, Richord Mohr, choel Rudis, Tomy Smith, James McQjilkin, Annette Kvjat. Phyllis Do Groot, Jo lyn Tartaglio, Imogen Whifoker, Jomes Metrocavage, Bertha Poden, Kenneth Brown, John Insobella. FIRST ROW: Richord Dougloss, Ann lonergon, Veronica Wynn, Corolyn Carter, loukio Moustokos, Undo Pochmaro, Rochelle tforleffe, Carol Grum. MR. JOSEPH REUTER-MOMEROOM 213 TOP ROW. left to right: Faye Kennedy, Gloria Thurmond, Odaisa Peixoto. James Hinton, Mary Ann Sentiwony, Cora Bigelow, George Forogi, Frances Macomber, Frances Gionnone. SECOND ROW: Mi- 21MISS CONTANCE MUIDROW—HOMEROOM 218 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mox Solowej, Ronald Gelailen, Edward Betx, Isaiah Jordan, Joe Event. SECOND ROW: Volerie Price, Myron Donielt, Richard Grovtmon, Marion Hardy, Dion Wolth, Lewis Anthony Wilk, Fern Noack. THIRD ROW: Michael Contarello, Lucille Giuliono, Moureen Denning, Marvin McGrow, Dorothy Leo, Eleanor Register, Frank Marinella. MISS JOANANN NOVAK-HOMEROOM 306 FIRST ROW, left to right: Vivian King, Joshua Dancy, Williom Krovit, Marvin Harris, Elaine Corpoutit, Jill Caruso. SECOND ROW: James Joudrey, James Saden, Henry Gibki, John Chadwick, John Walters, Robert Fuller. THIRD ROW: Camille Moxrocchi, Donno Revello, Stanley Andruchowitr, Lewis Ogonowski, Richard Kelley, Steve Gibba, Mary Ann Rofonello, Eileen Van Duyne. 22MRS. LORNA FURST-MOMEROOM 307 FIRST ROW, Ml »o fight: Anelo Szkwarko, Christine Smishkewych, Constance Brown, Alex Schwcc, Morris Wyott, Ethel Douglass, Rojeon Carroll, Mary Litchfield. SECOND ROW: Edward Kennedy, George Smishkewych, David Hudson, Charles Ercolono, Mary Ann Owens, Barbara Bennett, Thomas Finetti, Richard D'Amato, Froncine Thornton, Charles Gudaitis. THIRD ROW: Potricia Minni, Jacqueline Price, Susan Trgala, Donna Gough, Marguerite Pisciotto, Barbara Melino, Poledi George, Kathleen Higgins, James Kolensky, Maria la Rocco. 23MRS. LILLIAN RITTER—HOMEROOM 309 FIRST ROW, left to fight: Pomelo McGrath, Annunziota Amoffto" . Frank Pallitto, Robert Hayet, Henry Gibki, Irene Ziemlintki, Sheilo Corter, Nadine Knight, Marie Grano. SECOND ROW: Mr». Ritter, Norman Jockton, Jeanne CambourU, Walery Kyrejko, Joan Lear, Vernelle Bom, Penelope Powe, Jo Ann Foy, Martin Golanty, Joe Biondo, Barbara Terrey, Paul Volz. THIRD ROW: Elaine Karen White, Richard Ferrero, Karen Coito. Sheryl Miller, Alberto Ulmer, Stanley lynnik, Pool Holick, Cheryl Spellman, Robert Drol, Anthony Ribeiro. MRS GERTRUDE SHAPIRO-HOMEROOM 310 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr . Shapiro, Guy Seaman, Vincent Holmet, Vincent Corrodo. Richard Velordo, Gail Morozow, Jerome Wichintky, Ronald Strother . SECOND ROW: Jomet Condit, Samuel Hordy, Ronald Elmore. Douglot Randolph, Howard lutter, William Groziono, Phyli Johnvon, Oliver Newtome, John Contillo, Frank D'Angiolella. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Miller, Arlene la Morr, Geraldine Cohent, Anito Salley, John Marchewka, Joseph Denoro, John Matol, Saundro Powell, Bobby Geuendanner, Alexi Smith. 34Class of '64 MISS RUTH MEYERSON-HOMEROOM 314 FIRST ROW, left fo right: MlU Meyerson, Gwendolyn Beol, Leonard Troiono, John D'Almeido, Alon Balobanow, Corolee Koenig, Mkhael Stepanski, Joseph Grohowski. SECOND ROW: Theodore Morrison, Angelo Leva, George Woshokiwsky, John Milton, Elaine Ulozos, Judeth Pavolkk. Stanley Korezewski, Kathleen Bordiff, Rolph Por. z 11 i, John Dokus, Arkody Filuk, Tyrone Howell. THIRD ROW: Gail Briere, Dennis Giron, Margo loncin, Henry Schroeck, Elaina lorim. Spencer Robinson, Delores Oliver, Jeannette Fenney, Kenneth Gorry, Anna Dziuban, James Wolloce. MR. ALLAN SHAPIRO-HOMEROOM 318 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Shopiro. Margaret Quigley, Joseph Orsini, Steve Kehayes, Dorothy Von Ende, Chorles Johnson, Ruby Hudson, Connie Cornevole. SECOND ROW: Matthew Swajkowski, Andrew Dutko, Rocco Ska, Elizabeth Cleveland, Nancy Karsmorski. Thomas Coppola, Robert Sierminski, Anthony Giacalone. THIRD ROW: Tilola May, Rocco Aquilino, Debbie Kovnelias, Joe Lombardi, Lavonia lorim. Annette Russo, Carol Heymon, Lesley Fried. 25Class of '63 MRS. ELIZABETH STILLER—HOMEROOM B8 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr . Stiller, Dolore Hunt, lorry Heller, Minnie Kreps, Leroy Hudson, Janet Hill, Cothleen McCoy, Beverly Johnson, Maxine lipson. SECONO ROW: Kenneth Thomas, Robert MocFayden. Benjamin Johnson, Beatrice Guidera, John Rustoinanno, Verneto Smith, Tommie Washington, Joseph Towe, lee Clork. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Fudge, Sarah Lynn Shafer, Mary Ann Rogers, Mario Vitoliano, Cathy Quilbon, Margaret Jane Manco, Janice Howard, Lovonne Sifford, Julius Toylor. MR MILTON KNOBLER -HOMEROOM 208 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Knobler, William Bernstein, Joyce Vender Gyze, William Eisenmon, Sebastian Siino, Michael Kashinski, Ronold Garon, Anthony Fernicola. SECOND ROW: Robert Falstrom, Michael Cuozzo, David Soden, Richard Koras, Daniel loehrs, James Meggiton, Robert Votto, James Robertello, Leroy Nosh, Raymond Bristol, Motthew Horton THIRD ROW: Ethel Du Hart, Dione White, Carol Ann Kretschmar, Sidney Berzon, Betty Lou Sweeney, Helen Costello, Undo Zompino, Irene Hons, Hazel Nixon, Kenneth Mozey. 26MR. VICTOR THOMAS-HOMEROOM 220 FIRST ROW, left to right: Williom Blondo, Carol Ann Ellison, lisetta Pantano, Rob«rt Balia, Barbara Triano, Douglas Andonon, Carol Jenkins, Joseph Ombolsky, James Rocioppi, Charleen Green. SECOND ROW: Fred Neuhous, Charles McMohon, Michael Goldi, Harold Polk, Richard MineMi, Pool DiMortino, Cheryl Stewart, John Sepe, Joseph Cioffi, Stephen Field, Dennis Copece, Mr. Thomas. THIRD ROW: Elaine Policostro, Moriel Brown, Barbara Tekolo, Faye Drayton, Gloria Villares, Sandi Cohen, Borbora Solzano, Edward Eckert, Arthur Covington, Mory Lou Simons, Carol Roelike. 27MRS BETTE LA LA R-HOME ROOM 313 FIRST ROW, left »© right: Robert Sionim, Thomos Coloio, loot Cos-P r Phylli Whit , Elizobeth I thorn, Poul Diobrniul, Andr w Fresco, Borboro Ulrich. SECOND ROW: Joteph Hosker, Gut Kovouro . Thomot Di Bello, Jot«ph Kotsock, Mario R b llo, Gory Z ngo. Jot ph Groy, Winn Solkint, Mkhoel Priolo. THIRD ROW: Annemori Kreybig. Vincent Ceglio, Joyce Bryont, Doreen Nonnemocher, Paulette Casol-ete, Patricia Goff go, John Colemon, Barbara Bed nor, Michele Mo ziukiewkz. MRS LUCIllE HIllER—HOMEROOM 320 FIRST ROW, left to right: Richord Hortnett, Mrs. Hiller, Corlene Warren, Horvey Knox, Eugene Gibba, So I voter Ditto. Christine Cummings, Diane Chinni, Keren Ckerole, Lorraine Sinkex. SECOND ROW: Roy Byrd, Arlindo De Oliveira, Patrick Klotz, Vivion Prosk, William James, Ben D'Alessio, Joanne Minutoli, Joseph Borg, Donna Thomos, Thomas Lambright, Anthony Splendora, Robert Rottelo . THIRD ROW: laroine Pormes, Joann Di Giuseppe, Carolyn Coroggio. Phyllis Cioffi, Charlotte Patterson, Diane Cukfero, Jeanne Orefice, Etto Hermelin, Christine Coraggio, Elsie Rinoldi, Moureen Sweeney.BARN DANCE 'Two littlo maidt from school or wtl" "Moy I tut in?" Do ii-do your cornor girll’ Our Born Dance, sponsored by the Student Council, is one of the first social events on the fall calendar. Since this is a very popular activity which receives the enthusiastic support of the entire student body, the committee was fortunate in receiving permission to hold the affair in the Broadway Junior High School gymnasium. Everyone dressed in appropriate costume and the decorations were in keeping with the fall season. Music was furnished by the Arts High Dance Band under the direction of Mr. Tobia. Mr. Lang, our conscientious, congenial physical education teacher, and expert square dance caller, made everyone feel that "he was down on the form." "Hoi , hail. Iht gong's oil haral" 29"Ouchl You're hurting my handl" FAUST Each year the music and art departments cooperate in presenting an opera or an operetta. Last year's production was Gounod's Faust, the story of a young man who, for the love of a beautiful maiden, sold his soul to the devil. The co-operation and hard work of the soloists and the members of the chorus, directed by Mr. Pickett, together with the skillfully rendered background music of the orchestra, under the baton of Mr. Pesile, resulted in a polished performance. The art department produced brilliant costumes, expert lighting effects and beautiful stage sets, all of which enhanced the splendid production. Members of the chorus blond their harmonious voices during o colorful scone in tho opera. 30 Irvin Harris, Corolyn Slade ond Raymond Torsiello share the spotlight in the opera's opening oct.A conniving deni induces foutt to tell hit soul in order to become young again and court the lovely Marguerite. Marguerite (Allie Jellerton) proys lor lorgivenets lor her tint in the linol act oI fault. Men back from the war give their rendition oI the “Soldiers' Chorus.“ Mephistophelet (Hoy Byrd) decreet the late ol fault.A C T I 4 32LEFT TO RIGHT: 8r«ndo Dowton, Lorraine Sinkez, Joonnc Minutoli, Gail Fontoine, Rotlyn Hospiel, Lucille Joodrey, Wilma Jockton, Roy Byrd. The A-pin is an exclusive award given to those students whose participation in various clubs and other school activities is deserving of special recognition. Credits for this award may be compiled by regularly attending the club meetings and by participating wholeheartedly in their programs as well as by leadership and service to the school in a variety of other activities. Only those juniors and seniors who have earned a large number of credits are eligible to receive this award and may become proud owners of the coveted green A-pin. Mr. Rickenbacker and Mr. Morris supervise the student committee which compiles the records of the accomplishments of all students, evaluates these records, and announces the names of new A-pin award winners. The Craftsmen's Group is a unique, albeit small, organization of art and music majors whose primary purpose is to appreciate the cooperative efforts of the artist and the artisan. This group is affiliated with the American Craftsmen's Council, New York City. The members work with copper, silver, enamel, and other related materials. Mr. Gom-moll, their capable advisor, often accompanies the boys on trips to New York museums and to hear lectures on outstanding craftsmanship. ---------7 C RAFTS 34 LEFT TO RIGHT! Anthony Splendoro. Joonne Minutoli, Jome» Rocioppi. Lorroin Sinkoz, Paul 0 Morflno. Jeonn Or fi «, John Sepe, Mr. Gommoll. Chmtin Cummings, William Bornttoin, Vivian Pro»k. Mithool Goldi, lonto Casper.STANDING, Ml to right: Edword Eckert, Morrit Umamki, Dorothy Von End , Dion Corsi. Juonito Col mon, Jo Grohowiki, Joonn V l llo, Stanley lynnik. SEATED: lr n Modi, Jan t Jogentowitz. Morgor ! Monco. At Arts, the students are given the opportunity to continue adding to their school savings account. The banking staff is composed of representatives from every homeroom. Each week, under the expert supervision of Mr. Thomos, the staff members collect the deposits and prepare them for the Howard Savings Institution. FIRST ROW, l ft to right. Stanley Paul Hollkk. louil lydiord, Jenio Berry. Goil Potterioa. Hoz l Ni on, Alii JeHerion, Yvonn SiHord, linda Broadna . Mary Ellen T r-r ZZO, Morgor ! Kroemer, Margu rit Piiciotta, Arl n Man-gino, Angelo Romano. SECOND ROW: Vincent C glio, Jo-teph Grohowiki, Jok F nn y. John Mohofko, Carl Boccora, Violett D'Allorio, P n lop Pow , Mortha Cybyk. Victoria Grohowiki, Judith Povolkk, Jacqueline Price, Olga Ficvla. THIRD ROW: Mortin Galonty, Richord Thomoi, Leroy Hudion. Roy Byrd, Richord Groiunon, Corolyn Holmet. Vivian King. Lorroine Parmei. Eileen Von Dwyn . Cheryl Stewort, Caroline Thomoi. Cothleen McCoy. Iren Ziemliniki. FOURTH ROW: Erminio Romono, Rojeon Carroll, Gory Seomon, Thorton, Jeanette Hill, Patricio Groy. Roilyn Hoipiel, Sheila Carter, Phyllit Johnton, Vernell Batti. The exceptional work done by the chorus has won state-wide occlaim. During the year, the group performs on many different occasions such os the Christmas Fair, the Winter and Spring Concerts and for the Thanksgiving and Easter assemblies. They also prepare programs for presentation before various community schools, clubs, and other organizations and play a major part in our opera productions. Chorus is a subject enjoyed by all who take it because of the pleasant, congenial class atmosphere and the dynamic personality of Mr. Pickett, their inspiring director. 35SEATED, left to right: Maria Valenio, Joan Kamimki, Evelyn Sheldon, frit Petkin, Janet Jagentovritt, Corol Miele, Loretta De Moti. STANDING: Potqoole Aroce, Allan Cretccnzi, John Morchewko, Mi»» Wright, Janet Cioffi. Deborah Kouneliot, Victoria Sail, Joyce Yob-lonicky, Margaret Quigley, Elvo Johnton, Phy111 Wood, Betty Kirichrnmon. Corol Ann Cello, Phyllit Katz, Joe-queline Turner. The French Club, which is now under the capable direction of Mr. Del Visco, was started by our former French teacher, Miss Wright who is now on the Central High School Faculty. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the students with the culture, customs, and history of France so that the students may develop better understanding and appreciation of the language and people of France. In keeping with the true French tradition, the club's future plans include dining at a French restaurant and viewing French paintings at one of New York's famous museums. FRENCH CLUB w FIRST ROW, loft to right: Janice Howord, Bcvorly Jackion, Victoria Grohowcki, Diane Corw, Eleanor Register, Tilolo May, Janet Cioffi, Jeuio Coleman, Nicoletto Saroppa, Arlene Mangino, Hazel Nixon, Carolyn Dopf, Cheryl Stewart, Ver nito Smith. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Philcox, Diane Wol»h Irene Ziemliniki, Joyce Bryant, Brenda Dawton, Takoko Inouc Betty Evant, Harriet Delk. Anna Marie Kreybig, Lucille Jou drey, Phyli Johnvon, Roilyn Hatpiel. THIRD ROW: Vernel Bath, Anita Brown, Margaret Quigley, Camille Mozzocchi Gwen Stapleton, Marilyn Martin, Ernestine Tripplett, Mor goret Manco. The Girls' Glee Club meets every Tuesday and Friday afternoon as a ninth period class in room 310. The members receive report cord credit rather than extracurricular credit for their participation. These girls, under the capable direction of Mrs. Shapiro, have added much gaiety and charm to our winter and spring concerts and to our assembly programs. The girls study three and four part harmony. This club enables the art students, os well as the music students, to enrich their musical'background.LEADERS' ""pai B The leaders' Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Donovan, is composed of girls who possess mature minds and leadership ability. The club meets on Mondays after school, at which time new games and exercises are formulated and gym routines are pre-tested. The girls learn not only how to lead a group but also how important it is for them to keep themselves physically fit. The goal of this activity is to build mature women who will be better equipped mentally and physically to compete successfully in the future. FIRST ROW, left to fight: Iron Hons, Cathy Quilbon, Rochelle BorJetto, Phyllis Fudge, Jonke Holl, Etto Hermelin, Camille Moiiocchi, Nancy Karsmarksi. SECOND ROW: Odell Simpson, Jeanette Hill, Judy Povolkfc, Christine Cummings, Carolyn Henderson, Kathleen Borcliffe, Coil Fontaine, Chris Smishkewych, Tokoka Inoue, Geraldine Cohens. Connie Cornevole. The Library Guild is made up of conscientious young men and women who are willing to spend their study periods and after-school hours assisting others in finding materials and selecting books. This experience is of real value to those interested in becoming professional librarians. But it is not all work and no play. During the school year, the guild members often take trips to college conventions and to New York City, and of course, they always have an annual picnic. Our capable staff and their advisor. Miss Yuker, make the library Guild one of the best and most efficient school organizations rendering service to both students and faculty. FIRST ROW, left to right: Joyce Ann Yoblonkky, Christine Smishkewych, Arlene La Morr, Miss Yuker, Jennifer Philcox, Muriel Brown, Caroline Thomas, Anclo Sikworko. SECOND ROW, standing; Janet Jogentowiex, Karen Costo, Arthur Cor-bley, Wilma Jockson, Allie Jefferson, Erminio Romano, Anito Salley, Jo Anna Velello, George Gelpke, Kathy Higgins. THIRD ROW: Carlene Warren, Christine Russomonno, Irene Ziemlinski, Volerie Prke, Andrew Jagodimski, Frederick Byrd, Harold Polk, Donno Thomas. Guy Seomon, Jeon Sov eriono. 37SEATED, left to right: Elaine White, Gail Briere, Leslie Fried, Secretory; Koren Costa, Debbie Kouneliot, Vivion Prosk, Mitt Mcyerson (standing). STANDING: Stanley lynnik, Morris Wyatt, Kenneth Garry, Walerij Kyrejko, Donald Fiorito, Joseph Golmanovkh, Preiidont. Leslie Wintsch, Motthew Swaskowski, John Gower, Vice-President; Richard Meyer. ORCHESTRA The pleasant, melodious, harmonious sounds reverberating through the halls after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays belong to the Arts High Orchestra. Mr. Pesile the conductor, has led this group of fine musicians in performing for concerts, assembly programs, school operas, and other special events. Performing for the Kiwanis Club is an annual event for the orchestra. Many participants are also members of the All-State Orchestra. The many assiduous rehearsals always result in "music for happy listening." The members of the Math Club meet every Monday afternoon during the school year to discuss unusual or fascinating math problems and theories. Ordinarily, time does not permit such discussions to be carried on during regular class periods. Miss Meyerson, the club's advisor, takes the members on field trips to offices, museums, etc. to stress the importance of math in the past, present, and future. The Math Club also sponsors the Math Medal. The members enter three annual mathematical contests; National, State, and City-wide. The fine reputation ond the achievements of the Math Club have added much to the stature of Arts High. CLARINET: Edward Befi, Ann Hilier, Moxine lipton, Nick Lombardi, Nick Sciarrillo. TRUMPET: Fronk Giotullo, Lawrence Pyott, John Sepe, Rocco Ska, Kenneth Thomas, Joe Volenxo. FLUTE Sidney Berron, Edmund Do-Noio, Richard Schneider, Frances Vitucci. TROMBONE: Wolter Scheikardt, Roy Street, Arthur Wossmer CELLO: Rkhord Meyer, Lynn Ruts, Elaine White. DRUMS; Roy Bristol, Gory Rynor, Robort Votto. TENOR SAX: Anthony Fernieolo, Thomas Slonim. ALTO SAX: Thomas Caloio, Vincent Per-lurd. VIOLIN: Gail Briere, Karen Cicerole, Phyllis Cioffi, Sondi Cohen, Linda Feinerman, Charlotte Green, Marie Harding, Joseph Mantlemocher, Joonn Minutoli, Charlotte Patterson. Carol Roelike, Jonice Stewart, Maureen Sweeney, Anelo Szkworko, Donna Thomos, Suson Trgola, Antoinette Utchak, Joyce Vander Gyre, George Washakiwtky. VIOLA: Vincent Holmes. BASS: Charles Ercolono, Eloino Policottro. OBOE: Andrew Fresco. PIANO: Martha Cybyk, Wilma Jackson. BASSOON: Steve Gibbo. TUBA: Fronk Patcalo.FIRST ROW, left to right: lorolne Pormet, Morgorel Kroemer, Annemarie Kreybig, Alberto Ulmer, Ann Ulmer, Mri. Hiller, So-ton March, Stephonie Grobowtki, Mory Wilton, Mildred Vega, Mooreen Denning, Vernelle Boflt. SECOND ROW: Brenda Dow-ton, Mory Ann Owent, Elvo Johnton, Lucille Joudrey, Goil Du-binett, Jettio Colemon, Lorraine Rofonello, Donno Revello, Fron-cine Miller, Mory Ann Molteie, Vivian Protk, Rotlyn Hotpiel, Corlene Worren, Willette lowther, Bor boro Melino. THIRD ROW-Annette Rutto, Tilolo May, Foye Droyton, Juonito Colemon, Thomot lombright, Jomet Joudrey, Marvin Horrit. LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Coni, Mr. Rkkenbacher, Ralph Porzilli, Anne Hilter, Jo Anne Minutoli, Lorraine Sinkez. STANDING, left to right: Mrt. Hiller, Olga Ficulo. Phyllit Cuyler, Juonito Coleman, JoAnno Valella, Mary Ann Owent, Imogene Whitaker, Michele Sinker, Francine Thornton. FIRST TABLE. Corlene Worren, Muriel Brown, laroine Pormet. SECOND TABLE: Patricio Ailet, Kathy Bordiffe, Willette Lowther. THIRD TABLE: Bertha Poden, Penelope Powe, Eloine Potriccio. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Crott, which hat been in existence tince the tchool wot founded, it on octive organization in and out of tchool. The member moke favort, picture olbumt, ond gift for thote in nurteriet. hot-pitalt. veteran ' inttitutiont ond hornet for the aged. Many of the member volunteer to terve in neighboring hotpitolt ond nurteriet during the tummer. The Art High Group, under the expert tupervition of Mrt. Hiller, hat been choten the tecond motf octive teen group in our city. SCOPE The Scope, our tchool newtpaper, contoint every bit of newt from the date of important tocial event to the lotett gottip circling the tchool. The paper comet out opproximotely every tix weekt with the help of the harried ttoff ond their contcientiout ad-vitor, Mr. Rickenbocker. Reporting, typing, moke up, and art work ore but a few of the dutiet of our newtpaper ttoff. Hord work ond long hour , tprinkled with the totitfoction of a job well done, are key ingredient to the tuccett of thi group of journalitH. SEWING CLUB The Sewing Club, under the direction of Mrt. Hiller, meet every Tuetdoy afternoon to "threod" their way through fun ond fothion. Although the girl tew mottly for themtelvet, they alto complete numeroul project for other . Everyone look forward to pur-choting tome of the lovely thing they contribute to our onnuol Chrittmat Foir. An annual event of fhit club it a trip to New York City, where the member enjoy a fothion thow or a delightful ploy. Mony of the fothion plate " of Art High are product of Mr . Hiller' tewing group.FIRST ROW, loft lo right: Mr. Morcu , Jomci Caputo, Jamet Metrocavage, John Hill, Stonlcy Korzzewtki. SECOND ROW: William DcHort, George Bailey, Arthur Corbley, Anthony Pugliete. B STAGE The Stage Crew consists of the young men behind the scenes who moke possible all the colorful lighting and the beautiful settings for school operas, concerts, shows, and assembly programs. The faculty advisor, Mr. Marcus, is certain that each member has a thorough knowledge of sound effects, stage lighting, curtain operation, scenery, motion picture machines, record players and other visual aids employed in the presentation of assembly programs, plays, and operas. The boys unselfishly, devote many of their after school hours to handling specific assignments during rehearsals for Arts High performances. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, headed by a mayor and a deputy mayor, is the student governing body. Mr. Morris and Mr. Rickenbacher are the faculty advisors. The members, who are chosen to represent the homerooms and clubs, have the opportunity to voice their opinions on school problems and improvements. They enjoy learning parliamentary procedure and being a part of a democratic system. Each year the Student Council sponsors the Barn Dance, the New Student Orientation Program, The Christmas Fair and the Variety Show. FIRST ROW, luff lo right: Goyle Pottcrion, Mory Ann Ragonello, Vivian Netchel, Suton Trgoto, Doity Rodriguez, Barbara Melino, Coro Bigelow, Mario Volonzo. Debbie Kounelios, Evelyn Sheldon, Carolyn Do Silva. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Register, Irene Ham, Nancy Kortmorlki, Janice How. ord, Eltic Rinaldi, Corot Ann Krettchmar, Ronald Merk, Jo Anno Velello, Elaine Policottro, leroy Hutton. THIRD ROW: Jeon Saveriano, Goil Moro- zow, Joyce Yoblonicky, Stephanie Grabowski, Alyce To Hey, Judy Povolick, Irene Ziemlintki, Andy Dutkewych, Jennifer Philcox, Vernelle Batti, Joyce Davit. FOURTH ROW. Roy Byrd, Michael Goldi. Robert Knight, John Gower, Clarence Droyton, Froncine Thorton, Ronold Douglott, Phylit Johnson, Rich, ord Thomot, Rolph Porzilli, Rotlyn Hatpiel. 40STANDING. Ml to fight: J on fte F nn y, Odoiio P ixotO, Phyllit D Groot, Mofionn Sontiwony, 8«v rly Johnion, lor-etto P rlo, Chorlotto Potterton, Corol Ann Kr tt hmar, lf n Mon», Fay Drayton, Jacki Pn «, Jolyn Tartoglio, Mori Grotto, J on tt Hill, Jo Anno V l lla, Minni Krepi, Wal rij Kyrojko, K nny Garry, Stanloy lynnik, Benny D'AUttio. SEATED: Anna Dliubon, Dany Rodrigu t, Rochelle Borletta, Eloinc Corpouiil. SECOND ROW: Chrit Smithkewych, Mari onn Parlimon, Pouletto Covoleve, Joanne Knakiewkz. The "wizards of the keyboard" hold their meetings every Tuesday afternoon. Besides doing their own homework, they also type for teachers, and frequently do assignments for members of the SCOPE staff. Typing mystery pictures is a pleasant pastime for the entire group. Among the special activities that the members enjoy are the visits to different business offices here in our city. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Lazar, students have increased their speed and accuracy to such a level that they are constantly winning awards. ti . TYPING ClUB w Under the capable supervision of Miss Yuker, these students have learned how to operate moving picture, slide, and opaque projectors, as well as the tape recorders. They assist teachers during school hours and are available when needed for after school assignments. 41 SEATED, l lt to right: Jot ph Vol«nzo, Eug n Sw n y, Ri hord D Roxtro, Richard N blolo. STANDING-Elvon Knight, Stonl y Lynnik, Ronold M rk, Ewg n Gibbo, John Morch wko, Rob rt Poiqvoli.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor that can be attained by high school students and the gold pin, o sign of outstanding achievement, is proudly worn by students all over the world. A junior or senior with a high scholastic average, good character, leadership ability, and a record of service to the school may be a candidate for election to this society. This year a major project of the National Honor Society has been the Honor Society Book which, when completed, will include the name of every member since the first induction. Miss Theresa David is the advisor of the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society. Richard Schnaidar prcionts o citation to Dr. Saamstar. Mrs. Collar congrotulatat a happy Roy byrd. Nawly inducted mamban taka tha pledge oI honor. 42SEATED, left to right: Annette Groef, Ann King, Carm llo Dragon , Ruby Evan . STANDING: Agnet Honten, Mildred Fuuhctti. B CAFETERIA and CUSTODIAL STAFFS w 43 Counter tlocfcwije- Nunzio Stofoni, Manuel Vol, Frank Mancuio, Anno Farley, Georg Knott (Head Cuttodian)."And opening their ireatutet they offered him giftt, ol gold, fronkimente and myrrh." "I wonder what the detigner wot thinking of?" "Glory to God in the highett, and on earth peace omong men of good will." (St. Luke 2:14) "And they found Mary and Joteph. and the babe." (St. Luke 2 16)Mill Abot uses her persuosive to ent on o prospective customer. Pam Ireland and Wanda loronc mate their safes pitch for on Arts High cfecaf.CLASS OF JUNE 1962Senior Advisors and Homeroom Teachers Class Advisor-Homeroom Teacher RUTH G. ABOS, B.A., M.A. English Miss Abos is truly on "all-around teacher" for she serves as Vignette literary advisor, acts as a guidance counselor, coaches the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheering squads, and is our conscientious class advisor. She has annoyed us, goaded us, threatened us, encouraged us, understood us, and defended us. We admire and respect her for her teaching ability, her high standards of achievement, her fairness, her enthusiasm, and her sense of humor. We appreciate her interest in and support of all our activities, and sincerely thonk her for her untiring efforts in our behalf. She is, indeed, a "most unforgettable character". Energetic, witty and dedicated are the adjectives most often used to describe Miss David. She has an exceptional method of teaching and is always enthusiastic about our scholastic and social activities. The students look forward to her reading of the Bible at our assembly programs because, as in her classes, she always selects the appropriate passage to stimulate our thinking. Miss David has been the faculty advisor of the Spanish Club and is now the sponsor of the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the Notional Honor Society. Known and loved for her warm, sparkling personality, she has earned the respect and gratitude of all her students. Homeroom Teachers Homeroom Teacher GEORGE VOUER. B.$, M.A. Mathematics Homeroom Teacher DOROTHY B NEUSS, B.S., M.A. English Homeroom Teacher Co-Advisor-Homeroom Teacher THERESA S. DAVID, B.A., M.A. Spanish LEONARD J. YABLICK, B.A., M.A. Science Mr. Voller it not only a devoted teacher, bvt alto a sincere friend and counselor. He hot hod o great deal of experience in many photet of education; however, presently, cooch-ing is one of his main endeavors. In working with the Varsity Basketboll Team and J.V. Bose-boll Team he it interested in developing character and sportsmanship, as well os coordination ond skill in hit othletes. He lakes a personal interest in hit students and realizes their need for encouragement ond understanding, which he administers wisely. His warm personality ond kindness win him the admiration ond respect of all who come in contact with him. 48 Since Mrs. Neuss is such on odmiroble person, she is oble to conduct her dosses well, keeping the interest of every student. She hot on ovid interest in eoch student and is willing to he o any student seeking advice. One of her favorite types of recreation is reoding, a habit which she formed in childhood. This habit has made her an interesting teacher ond hos given her a storehouse of information. Her quick sense of humor mokes her an interesting conversationalist. Not only hos Mrs. Neuss mastered the English language, but she has also mastered French. Mrs. Neuss' fine counselling hos been voluoble to scores of students. As o person she is worm hearted and cordial; os o teacher, she will long be remembered by the departing Seniors. Mr. Yablick will always be remembered by the "Yoblick Yakkers" os he calls his students. He is a patient ond conscientious person who is ready and willing to help any student to-word better understanding of the world of science. A capable science instructor, he sparks his chemistry and biology classes with humor and constantly challenges his students to use their powers of deduction. Mr. Yablick hot been an inspiration to many. Hit encouraging advice and wise guidance hove brought him wide-tpreod respect ond admiration. His tin cerity ond his willingness to help others hove made him well-liked ond appreciated by both students ond teachers.CLASS OFFICERS WILMA JACKSON T70 South Tenth Street “Bunny", on enthutiottic ond omiable lou, it our Senior Clott president ond the secretory of the Notionol Honor Society. Although her friends or numerous, utuolly the con be found with Eleto Caldwell, Rotlyn Motpiel. Coyle Pofterton, ond Allie Jefferton. Bunny hot been octive in the Moth Club, the Bond, the Orchettro, ond the librory Guild. Mr. Jonowitr, baiketboll, popticlet, Sinclair lewit, jazz ond ckmkol mutic ore among her favorites. Her tpore time it tpent tVoting, bowling, reoding, tketching, or dating. Her pott graduation plant include attending Temple Univertity. ROBERT PASQUAll Vice Pretidenf WILMA JACKSON Protidont ROBERT PASQUAll 26 Third Street Bob, o groduote of Suttex Avenue School, hot participated in the Biology Club programt, terved ot vice pretidenf of hit Senior Clott and hat received a Junior Vanity letter for hit work on the Bate ball Team. Among hit lilt of favoritet are rock ond roll, french friet, girlt, bowling, and lunch periodt. Bob con utuolly be found roaming the hollowed halli of Ant with hit dote friendt, Eugene Sweeney, Robert Burnt and Richard De Roxtro. Ho hot o habit of reading Mad Mogaxine in tome of hit dottet. After graduation Bob will join the Air Force. JOYCE YABLONICKY 647 South Twentieth Street Joyce, a friendly, fun-loving girl, it our Senior Clott tecrefory. Her many friendt include Tommy Gol, Roz Hotpiel, Michele Oi-” cottonzi, ond Fred Bohmer. She't been a member of the Cheering Squad, the Sponith Club, the Modern Dance Club, the Sewing Club, the Typing Club, the Student Council, ond the Vignette photography ttoff. Mitt Abot and Mitt David ore her favorite teochert. Her interettt include dancing, ballroom mutic. gymnottict, ond Englith. She hat won on ort cer-tificote for one of her potter detignt. Joyce plant to attend Newark State College to prepare for an elementary teoching career. JOHN GOWER Treasurer JOYCE YABLONICKY Secretory JOHN GOWER 331’ $ Broadway John, our witty Senior Clou treaturer, hot been a member of the Moth Club ond hat terved on the Scope ttoff. He con utuolly be found riding around in a little Renault, littening to populor mutic or eating a homburger with hit friendt Joe Golmonovich ond Rich-ord Meyer. John's love for moth ond the comfont oppearance of hit name on the Honor Roll will undoubtedly aid him in realizing hit dreom of becoming an engineer.□ BAIDESARIO ABRUZZO 207 Socond Strut Benny, o true sportsmen, hot received three Versify letters for his work on the Baseball Team ond has been o member of the Varsity Club. Me enjoys listening to jazz and being with his dose friends Rkhard De Roxtra, Dennis De Polma, and Eugene Sweeney. His favorite teachers ore Mr. Voller, Mr. long, Mr. Gommoll, and Mr. Giordano. Benny olso likes history, sport clothes and ravioli. He has enjoyed just about everything at Arts except the fact fhot there ore no showers after gyml Benny plans to join the Marines after groduotion. ANGELA AIBANO 82 Co umbio Avenue "Angel", o graduate of Alexander Street School, is an ambitious girl who is friendly ond full of fun. She enjoys being with her friends Gail Fontaine, Wendy Bucharest, ond Irene Hans. Angela's interests include playing the piano, swimming, shopping, and studying science. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Thomas She has been a member of the Art Service Club, the Junior Red Cross, and the Biology Club. Angelo has thoroughly enjoyed the operos and the art courses here. Following graduation she will seek o secretarial career. JUANITA ANDERSON 84 Holland Street "Nita" is a sweet, cheerful girl whose close friends ore Marie Harding ond lizzie Barnes. Her interests include drawing, reoding, gospel music, ond steno. Her favorite ortist is Do Vinci ond her pet peeve is insincerity. She has been a member of the Scope stoff and the Junior Red Cross Club ond has olso served as a New York Times representative. She has been awarded a certificate and an honor pin for volunteer service ot the Veterans' Hospital. Nito's ambition is to become a good secretory. PHYlllS AVAIONE 263 Borkloy Avenue Phyl, who come to Arts from Good Counsel High School, can usually be found with her dose friends Ruth Corbett ond Glorio Villares in the Bright Spot. Her interests include dating, bowling, tennis, card playing, ond fast music. She has been active in her church CYO ond in a bowling league. Phyl's favorite teacher is Mr. Shapiro. She is fos-cinoted by science, loves weird or beautiful clothes ond likes to eat shrimp. Phyllis hopes to attend Clara Maoss School of Nursing after graduation. CARL BACCARO 89 Grand Avenue Corl loves all types of music. While in Arts High he has performed in the Special Chorus, the Orchestro, the Band, and the Opera Chorus. His outside activities include being orgonist ond choir master in his church. When he is not rehearsing with his favorite teacher, Mr. Pickett, Corl con usually be found doing lost night's homework during homeroom period or tolking with his friends Ann Hilser, Allie Jefferson, louis lydiord, and Roz Haspiel. Carl's ombition is to attend Manhattan School of Musk ond to sing eventuolly in the Metropolitan Opera House. BAIDESARIO ABRUZZO JUANITA ANDERSON ANGELA AIBANO PHYlllS AVAIONE CARL BACCAROu RAYMOND BALVAGE 196 Vermont Avenue ,--- Roy, on olumnus of South Eighth Street School, h hondled mony important Stage Crew ossignments. I hit tpore time he enjoys working on hit cor. In coi of o drought, Roy should be colled upon to wosh hit cor. H guorontees roin within seconds of the task's completion. His fc write teocher it Mr. Knobler. He enjoyt art, jozz, roost bee ond girls. He hot hod experience os o checker in o Sofewo Store ond ofter groduotion he will seek employment os o foot clerk. Roy it olso plonning to continue hit ort troining ot thi Nework School of Fine ond Induttriol Art. MARTIN BARNA 200 Hobson Street Morty, a friendly and likable person, it a graduale of Brogow Avenue School His main interest it girls, but much of hit tpore time it devoted to bowling, painting, reading, tennis, or quiet jazz. He it a member of the YMHA. where he enjoyt both social ond athletic octivitiet. His fovorite teachers are Mr. Spindltr and Mr. Gommoll. He hot particularly enjoyed the operot ot Arts. He plant to ottend Cooper Union and later fulfill hit gool of becoming a dental technician. LIZZIE BARNES 247M High Street Liz, our happy-go-lucky personality, come to us from Burnet Street School. Her dote friends are Juanita Anderson, Mode Hording, ond Chorleen Green. Although o talented pionist ond organist, the enjoyt reading, creative writing ond listening to jozz. Liz likes thot tailored look. Miss Muldrow, Mr. Voller, and Mrs. Lazar are inspirations to her. She also odmiret Juanita Anderson. Either Hompton Institute or Drake's Business College will be induded in her future school plans in preparation for her stenographic career. KAREN BERFET 262 Academy Street Koren, who likes parties, jozz, and rock V roll, is vivociout ond amiable. She enjoyt ploying the piono, reoding, watching television, and writing letters. Her best friends are Gwen Gibbons, Marilyn Mortin, Odell Simpson, ond Goyle Patterson. She con olwayt be found where there is o crowd. Her favorite teocher it Mr. Voller. Economic geography is her favorite subject. While she will olwayt remember the assemblies, she will cheerfully forget final examinations. Her voco-tionol plans include a business career at on IBM operator. BRYANT BERGERON 70 Orchard Street Bryant, o friendly ond understanding fellow, may well be called Arts High's top ranking roller skoter. In I960 he ploced third in the men's figure skating championship of the United States ond in 1961 he ploced second in on intermediate four-roller championship. Besides skating, Bryant's interests include Chinese food, sports clothes, movies. Student Council, Junior Red Cross Club ond the Craftsman's Group. Ros Hospiel, Carolyn Dopf ond Steve Bowers ore Bryant's closest friends. After graduation he will attend Newark School of Fine ond Induttriol Art. LIZZIE BARNES KAREN BERFET BRYANT BERGERONJESSIE BERRY 47 Fairview Avenue Since her groduation from Robert Treot, Jetsio hot modo many friendt. Among them ore Jonice Horrit, Corolyn Allen, Joyce Chapman Rutvcll ond Aotrella Allen. Bccauto Jettie it talented in ort ond tewing, the hat tecured employment ot o dresimoker't atsittant. She hot been active in the YM-YWCA, the Wontan't Day Club, the Red Circle, the Choir, the Sewing Club, and the Student Council. She tfill findt time to liitcn to joxx recordt ond dance to rock 'n' roll. Gottipert, liort, ond tnobt ore her pet pcevet. Attending Prott Inititute of Technology it included in her plant for the future. . -BL, ALBERT BIRCH 133 Jomet Street I i Albert came to ut from Morton Street School. He it a pertonoble fellow, tell tufficient, ombitious, ond con-icientioui. In hit tpore time he it found ot o twim-ming pool or detigning hornet. He it o proud owner of a Vor-tity twimming letter, ond hot won two tecond ond one firit prixe in architectural dotign confetti tpontored by Prott Intti-tute of Technology. He enjoyi liitening to dotiical mutic ond cofing meot bollt and ipaghetti. Mitt David ond Mrt. Attortton arc hit fovorite teochen. Attending Cooper Union ot o mojor In architectural detign it hit immediate goal. STEVEN L. BOWERS 645 Summer Avenue Steve come to ut from South Eighth Street School. He eon utuolly be found in the auditorium with Rox Hat-piel, Carolyn Dopf, Bryont Bergeron or John Stephen. Steve enjoyt ploying golf ond working on hit cor. Hit fovorite enlertainmentt are littoning to the rodio, hittory, ond Mr. Gom-moll't ort clottet. Steven hot enjoyed the relaxed atmotphere here ot Artt. Hit ambition it to be o commercial ortitt but, im-mediately offer graduation Steve plant to enlitt in the United Statei Novy. LAMONT BRISTOL 1925 M Carter Highway ' Shodowt", at he it known around Artt, came to ut from Broadway Junior High, lomont it noted for hit continental drett. Although hit favorite tubject it joxx, hit favorite teacher it Mitt Kcehncr. Carol Epperton, Judith Kuemmerlc, ond Renee Hitchman ore hit doseit friendt. During hit spore time he can be found reading o good book, painting a picture or listening to joxx. Although he liket oil hit school work, lomont especially enjoyt hit art classes. After graduation he plant to join the United States Novy. RONALD M. BRICE 68 East Park Street V-—J Ron came to ut from lafoyette Street School. He en-■ ?» joyt sports ond. os a member of the baiketboll team, earned a Junior Vanity letter. Ron con utuolly be found in the auditorium with Bob Fisher ond John Kemper. During hit leisure hours he enjoyt reading, pointing or ploying football. Mr. Voller it hit fovorite teacher; hittory, his fovorite tubject. After graduation Ronald plont to offend Seton Hall University where he expects to mojor in business administration. JESSIE BERRY ALBERT BIRCH STEVEN I. BOWERS LAMONT BRISTOL 52JOYCE BROWN WENDY ALISON BUCHAREST GEORGE BROWNLEE ROBERT BURNS JOYCE BROWN 177 Pennington Street Joy, o quiet, cheerful girl, com to u» from Soint Ann' Catholic School. Sh con utually b« found with Iren Goncorx, Helen Kokinda or Bill. During her ipore time he » w», cook or wofche telovition. A lit! of her favorite include movie , rock ond roll, tkoting, Ricky Nelton ond iteno clone with Mr , loror. Joyce ho e»peciolly enjoyed Art High onembly program . Her pet peeve or roiny day ond cold weother. After graduation he will ottend bu ine » ■rKnnl in nrMuiiii tor a lerretarial career. GEORGE BROWNLEE 806 South Seventeenth Street Peppie, a quiet per on, come to Art from Moditon Junior High. He enjoy bo eboll, continental uit», rock and roll mu ic, drawing, ond teok. He ho won recognition in boteboll by receiving o Vor»ity letter for hi effort and abilitie . Hi favorite teocher i Mr. long, Peppie con frequently be found with Bob Contonio, Donald Ferguton, or Albert Birch. He ho hod ome work experience, hoving rved at a copy-boy at Bamberger' . Peppie i undecided obout what profettionol chool he will enter, but hi ambition it to become o commercial ortitl. H WENDY ALISON BUCHAREST 86 North Seventh Street Wendy it known for her friendly pertonolify. Sh con utually be found in the Scope office with Marilyn Warner and Angelo Albano. Wendy hot been a member of the National Honor Society, the Junior Red Crott, the Biology Club, ond the Scope ond Vignette toff». In her tpare time Wendy rood , wim», thopt for clothe , wotche bo kef-ball gome , goe to the theatre, or ice- kote . She ho particularly enjoyed moth dattei taught by Mi Meyerton and Mr. Steitel. After graduation Wendy hope to ottend Dickinton ROBERT BURNS 68 Littleton Avenue Bob. a per on with a heort of gold, come to Art from South Eighth Street School. He tpendt iro»t of hi leiture time with two of hi clove friend , Gene Sweeney and Richard D Roxtro. Bob enjoy football, jozz. Chine food, ceramic , ond parti . Al o on hi li t of favorite it hittory do with hi favorite teacher Mr . Fur»t. He hoi been very active in the Stage Crew octivitie . After graduation, Bob hope for a career in the Navy. RUTHIE MAE BURR 114 South fifteenth Street Shortie i a quiet, unattuming individual who came to u» from Robert Treat Junior High. Walking with tall people ond weoring »port clothe ore her trad mark . littening to the rodio and to dattical mutic are her fo-vorite paitime - Shortie utually find time for chatting with her clove friend Morie Harding, Shelia Riley, ond lizzie Borne . Ruthio' favorite teocher i Mr. Voller. Church affoir and choru head her li»t of ociol octivitie . Her po t-groduotion plan in-dude entering o butinct hool to prepare for a career at a tecretory. College. RUTHIE MAE 8URRI ElETA CAIOWEU 288 Seymour Avenue Eleto it a quiet, determined student who enjoys the ‘ii movies, modern jazz, ond bicycle riding Her favorite teachers ore Miss Dovid ond Mrs. Furst. When in school she can be found with Wilmo Jackson, Brenda Dawson, ond Caroline Thomos. Her community activities include belonging to Junior Achievement ond serving on the Newark Youth Council. Eleto is a constant day-dreamer. Between daydreams Eleto finds time to work on Scope and Junior Red Cross projects. After graduation she intends to enter a school that will assist her in reaching her goal of becoming a juvenile foshion illustrator. AURELIO CATALANO T472 South Fifteenth Street Al will always be remembered for his wonderful personality and versatile nature. His friends ore Nick Sciorrillo, Andrew Dutkewych, Rolph Cotonio, Richard De Roxtro, Boldesorio Abruzzo, ond John Kemper. He ploys the drums in our 8and, Orchestra ond Dance Band. He has received Varsity letters in Bond, Orchestra and Donee Bond. He hos received Varsity letters in Bond, Baseball, and Basketball. He hos the peculiar habit of ducking whenever he walks post Mr. Voller. Al likes jazz, Italian food, history ond girls. His foremost desire is to attain the status of musk teacher par excellence in the manner of Mr. Resile. Hell mojor in music ot Montclair Stole College. P .-, RALPH CATANIO 414 South Filtoonth Street 1,__, Rolph, a friendly, athletic boy, came to Arts from Fifteenth Avenue School. He enjoys participating in sports ond hos received a Vorsity letter in baseball. A list of Ralph's favorites includes Mr. long, ort classes, rock and roll, ond fixing cars. Ralph values the friendships he has made ot Arts ond con usually be seen with Bob Cotonio, Al Catalano and Nkk Sciorrillo. Ralph plans to pursue a teaching career ond will ottend Nework State College after graduation. ROBERT CATANIO 404 South Filtoonlh Street Bob, an energetic, personable young man, has been an enthusiastic member of the Student Council. He has also achieved recognition in boseball ond basketball. Bob olways finds time for Scope ond Stoge Crew activities. His interests are gym, baseball ond Bon-lon shirts. Hit favorite teachers include Mr. long and Mr. Voller; his favorite ortisf it Al Capp. Bob can usually be found in West Side playground or on Fourteenth Avenue with hit close friends Aurelio Catalano, Nkk Sciorrillo, ond Boldesorio Abruzzo. After graduation, 8ob will attend Bloomfield College to prepare for a teaching career. SONYA COHEN T141 Lincoln Avenue Son!, as she it affectionately called by her close friends Mary Torregrotto, Albert Correole ond Pot-trkio Smith, will always be remembered for her Howaiian type hair styles and her impish nature. She con usually be found in the Bright Spot or ot home reading or listening to records. Her favorite teocher is Mr. Thomas. Her other favorites ore history ond skating. Sonya hos been on octive member of the leodert' Club ond the Dramatic Club. Her ambition it to become a teacher. □ ElETA CALDWELL AURELIO CATALANO RALPH CATANIO ROBERT CATANIO SONYA COHENARTHUR COLES 320 Mount Prospect Avenue Art, o carefree person with the strong belief that good ultimately triumphs, come to Arts from Wotchgng School. His diversions ore pointing, reading, eating steak or conversing with Anthony Zoleski and Leslie Wintsch in the auditorium or in Room 204. Although he dislikes the small gyms and our cafeteria facilities, ho hot thoroughly enjoyed everything else. His foremost ambition it to become a teocher. Ho hot greot admiration for Mist Meyerton and Mr. Gommoll. Arthur, who received all A's in summer school, hopes to attend Nework or Montclair State College. WOODROW COOPER 24 Netbrff Street Woodrow, an ambitious, sincere fellow, came to Arts from Robert Treot Junior High. He has since demonstrated his love of mutic by his participation in our opera presentations. He enjoys skoting, listening to records, ond arranging his Hi-Fi tpeokert. His favorite companions ore Carolyn Thomos, and lizzie Barnes. He has great admiration for Miss Keehner, Mr. Pesile, ond Albert Schweitzer. We're certain thot this ambitious young man will succeed in his career os an organist. RUTH CORBETT 102 Pulotki Street Ruthie, o friendly, easy going girl, come to Arts from Ann Street School. She can be found listening to records, bowl-ing, or just relaxing with her dose friends. Dolores Parascondo, Carol Elleson and Gloria Villores. Itolion food, sport clothing, mystery books ond Mrs. Lazar rote "tops" with Ruthie. She hos excelled in steno and typing and hos been on active participant in the Typing Club activities. After graduation she will attend a business school to further her secretarial studies. □ ALBERT CORREALE 41 Unity Avenue Al, who come to Arts from Fourteenth Avenue School, enjoys reading, collecting records, ond writing mys-tery stories. Ho con usuolly be found with Pat Smith, Luke Picone ond Soni Cohen in the Bright Spot during lunch periods. Al hos participated in the Ceramics Club and the Stu dent Council and has served os president of his junior home room class. Al's ombition is to become on art teacher ond he especially admires Mist Howord. After graduation he will ottend Montclair Stato College. U. DIANE E. CORSI 287 Fourteenth Avenue Diane has many interests including art, tewing, and « Vladimir Powlowtki. She hos been active on the Scope and Vignette staffs and In tho Student Council and Girls' Glee Club activities. Diane hos become well known for her feminine dresses. She will olwoys remember the wonderful guidance given to her by Mr. Voller. Her interest in excellent teaching it reflected in her admirotion for Miss Abos and Mr. Janowitz. Dione plons to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a teaching career. She'll major in home economics ond art. ALBERT CORREALE DIANE E. CORSILINDA CRAWLEY 41 Seventeenth Avenue "UftI com to Am from West Kinney Junior High. Her delightful, loquacious ability is put to good use on the Cheering Sguod of which sh® is on active member. Linda con usually be found ot the YM-YWCA or at the home of one of her close friends, Jonet Hill or Rot Gray. Her likes ore typing and steno, for which she hoi won many awords. She intends to further her education at Drakes' Business School in preparation for becoming a court stenographer. t RONALD JAMES DANNY 62 Hawkint Street L----. £ onny Boy come to Arts from Hawkins Street School. He is usuolly found with John Gower and Albert Birch. Ronald hos been on octive member of the Student Council, the Science Club, and the Chest Club. Drawing and pointing ore his main interests, but he also enjoys baseball, long walks, movies, classical music, historic novels, and United Stotes history. Mrs. Aisoriton and Mr. Voller oro his favorite teachers. After graduation Ron plans to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. BRENDA JACQUETTA DAWSON 93 Rose Terrace Brenda is an ambitious, jovial individual who it on active member of the Student Council, the Special Chorus, ond the Girls' Glee Club. Sh also serves on the Vignette stoff Her fovorite subjects ore English ond music; her favorite teachers. Miss Abos and Mr. Resile. Brenda enjoys ploying the piono, singing, or talking to Borbaro Street, Morgo loncin, ond Gwen Gibbons. She hopes to ottend the University of Illinois in preparation for a career as on elementary school teocher. HARRIET DELK 84 South Fifteenth Street Harriet, o quiet student who come to us from South Eighth Street School, it olwoys ready with o helping bond for someone in need. She has won many awards for being an octive member of the leaders' Club and the Typ-ing Club. In addition she hos won a Varsity letter for the fin work she has done at a cheerleader. Horriet enjoys listening to records, roller skating and bowling. She will attend business school ofter graduation to prepare for her career os a secretary. Q DENNIS DE PALMA 64 Ferry Street Dippy", a graduate of lofoyette Street School, likes girls, bowling, ond working on cars. Although he is employed as on office boy, Dennis hos found time for the Stage Crew duties ond for baseboll practices. He hes especially enjoyed th dances here. Among hit friends or Richard De Roxtra, Bob Burns, ond Eugene Sweeney. Dippy's favorite subject is art and his fovorite teacher is Mr. Giordano. Because his ambition is to enter the commercial advertising field, he will ottend the Nework School of Fine and Industrial Art in preparation for this career. LINDA CRAWLEY RONALD JAMES DANNY 56 BRENDA JACQUETTA DAWSON HARRIET DELK DENNIS DE PALMA: RICHARD DE ROXTRA 322 Pork Avtnv "Ricky Rock" groduot«d from South Eighth Street 'W School. Hi» moin Intorcttt ore bowling, contemporary joz . ond girl». Hi many friend include Dennit De Polma ond Nick Sciorillo. Betide having o port time job, Richie ho been active on the Stoge Crew, and on the bate ball ond botkefboll team . He ho won a Junior Vor»ity letter and on award for a tafety potter. Richie ho enjoyed the friendly at-motphere here ot Art . After graduation he will ottend Pratt Inititute and he hope eventually to become an induttrial de-tigner. t MICHELE Dl COSTANZI 391 North Twolfth St root "Shell ", a former ttudent of First Avenue School, con utually be found ot the Bright Spot with her friend Jeanne Kokindo, Ruthin Corbett, ond Joyce Yoblo-nicky. She it a friendly perton ond like dancing, movie , ond record . Michele ha etpeciolly enjoyed the assembly program here of Art . Her favorite lubjcct it tfeno, ond her fovorite teocher are Mr . Lozar ond Mi » David. In preparation for her corcer at a tecretary, Michele hope to ottend the Kathorine Gibb School. SIGMUND DICKOWSKI T404 Walnut Street Sigmund, who graduated from South Tenth Street School, it etpeciolly fond of eofing thrimp, listening to rock and roll record and woiting for the deer hunting teoton to open. ‘ Siggie't" favorite pottime i just loafing with hit dote friend Gary Ryner ond Andy Fresco. He enjoy ploying a toxophone with a tmoll band or listening to hi favorite musician Duke Ellington. Mr. Voder it hi favorite teacher and gym it one of hi fovorite course . He plan to enter the Army ofter graduation. CAROLYN DOPF T80 Vormont Avenue "Stutch" ha a wonderful tente of humor and her cheerful pretence con chase onyone' bluet away. Her dote friend Roz Haspiel, Harriet Jackson and Bryont Bergeron especially appreciate her joviol personality. Carolyn will always remember the Art High dance ond her favorite teacher Mr. Voder. Shp ho participated in Junior Red Crots activities, ho been a member of the Girl ' Glee Club, and hot served o treasurer of her homeroom dot . Her plant for the future include additional training of Katharine Gibb School ond employment o a secretory. 0 ANDREW DUTKEWYCH 816 Four It «r,th St root "Duck" is a real ladies' man and it often found in -XJ the company of one or more pretty girl . While at Art he ha shown his capabilities in athletic by winning awards in both swimming ond wrestling. Outside of school he is a member of the Ukrainian Soccer Team. Andy is a tolented artist and ho been aworded o gold medal for hit work, lunch period will be among hit fond memories of Art . Andy plan to further hit education in art but hat not yet chosen a school. CAROLYN DOPF ANDREW DUTKEWYCHCAROLYN EPPERSON 1925 McCorfor Highway "Bianco" (01 she like to be colled) is one of the most cheerful and vivacious girls in the doss. Although she loves to clown, Carolyn has her serious side too. She enjoys the poetry of Edno St. Vincent Millay, classicol ond jazz music, ond reading ploys. Carolyn hot demonstrated her great love for music by participating in the Girls' Glee Club, the Operetta Club, the All-Stote Chorus, and the North Jersey Choral Society. Although Carolyn has made no definite plans for a career, she will attend college. BETTYE EVANS TI69 Ridgewood Avenue Bottyo is a very energetic girl who has been on active member of the Cheering Squad, the leaders' Club, the Girls' Glee Club, the Scope, ond the Library Guild. She olso finds time to sing in her church choir, and to attond parties ond jazz concerts. Mr. Pickett's chorus doss, ond Miss David's Spanish class will always be a port of Bettyc's memories of Arts High. Bettye't keen interest in biology has spurred her to seek a coreer os a biology teacher. She expects to attend Rutgers University. BARBARA FARRAR 39 Montgomery Street Bobbi, a sweet, shy girl, came to us from Branch Brook School. She enjoys being with her close friends Llindo Crawley and Harriet Delk. Mr. Kappstotter is her favorite teocher ond history is her favorite subject. Barbara's preferences also include basketball, spaghetti, slacks, sleeping, and Art Blakeley. Bobbi shows real ability in styling hair ond after groduotion plans to enter the field of beauty culture. JAKE P. FENNEY El, JR. 90 Bergen Street Jake is o happy-go-lucky fellow with on amiable personality. Usually he is found with his friends Albert Birch, Carolyn Thomas, ond Roy Byrd. After school hours he works in his father's barber shop. He likes rock 'n' roll, Chinese food, moth, boating, fishing, basketball, track, and conservative clothing. He admires Not King Cole the most. He has been active in the Spanish Club, and in the T-Square Tri-angle Club. Jake will further his education in pursuit of a position in the dental profession. DONALD FERGUSON 810 Broadway Donnie is a colm, cool, personable fellow. Usually ho con be found with his friends Albert Birch, Bob Greco, Marie Harding, ond Dolores Gough. In his leisure hours he goes roller skoting or bowling of "Dreamland" Miss DeFronzo and Mr. Gommoll hove been inspirations to him. Jazz, steak, ort, girls, ond Ivy leoguo clothing ore also among his fovorites. After high school he plans to ottend the Nework School of Fine and Industrial Art to prepare for a career as a draftsman. BARBARA FARRAR JAKE P. FENNEY El, JR. 58 DONALD FERGUSONDONALD FIORITO . ROBERT FISHER DONALD FIORITO 438 South Seventh Street Don it o tensitive. conscientious individual. He it well known for Kit outitonding scholastic ochievemonts which hove led lo hit induction into the Notionol Honor Society. Betidot maintaining a high ocademic rating, Don hot been an active member of the Spanish Club, the Typing Club, the Bond and the Moth Club. In hit tpore time he playt the piano, goet to the YM-YWCA, or talkt with hit dote friendt, Frank Giatullo, Roz Hospiel and Joe Golmonovich. He plant to commence hit pre-med ttudiet at Princeton Univertity. tt ROBERT FISHER 904 De Grow Avenue 1 ___, "Fith", one of our mot! dependable ttudentt, come to ut from Ridge Street School. He it a member of the Botkefboll Team and of the leodert' Club. Hit out-tide octivitiet include memberthip in the Wetlminitler Fellowthip, playing batketball, pointing and reoding. Bob can usually be found with hit good friendt Lynn Rutt and Ronold Brice. A list of hit favorites includes continental clothes, popular music, steak, Spanish ond geometry. Although he it undecided about hit future career, college it definitely induded in hit plant. CGAIl FONTAINE 31 Coder Avenue Goy, who come ta Arts from Greylock School, served at treasurer of our junior dots ond at a member of tho Student Council. Gail hat particularly enjoyed her art dattes with Mitt Howard. TV and semi classical malic are her favorite entertainments. She alto enjoys Italian food, English, drawing, baseball, ond winter dothing. She it usually found with her closest friendt Angela Albano, Dotty ond lorry loMouro. Working Saturdays it her pet peeve. After graduation the plant to enter college in preparation for a career in art teaching. CHARLES GAINES 269 Academy Street Charlie come to ut from Central Avenue School. Among hit many friendt ore Lee Kozat. Walter Roy, Reggie Williams. Tyrone Washington, and Roy Street. At manager of the Batketboll Team ond member of the Boteball Team, Typing Club ond Leaders’ Club he hat been kept very buty. Hit effortt have been rewarded through hit receiving a Junior Voriity letter and a physical fitnett award. Charlie's pott graduation plant include joining the Navy and then continuing hit art ttudiet. IRENE GANCARZ 70 Kont Street Renie, a groduate of Woverly Avenue School, it a hard worker. Her favorite intereitt are drowing, pointing, ond reoding. She alto enjoys watching television ond dancing. Renie hot valued the friendships the hat mode ot Arti and con usually be teen with her dote friendt Lucille Danielle ond Joyce Brown. Mr. Voller it Renie't favorite teacher. After graduation the plant to teek employment. 59 GAIL FONTAINE CHARLES GAINES IRENE GANCARZURSUAl GARCIA 48 Warwick Street "Betty", a quiet, attractive girl, who ii a groduate ol "if Oliver Street School, enjoys painting, populor musk. cheeseburgers, Spanish, swimming, and horseback riding. Her closest friends are Donna Milito, Loretta Perlo, and Joyce Yoblonieky. Betty hos enjoyed Arts High's friendly atmosphere and has been greatly inspired by Miss David's understanding guidance. After graduation Betty intends to enter Prott Institute to fulfill her ambition of becoming a fashion illustrator. FRANK GlASUltO JR. 47 Richelieu Pfoee Frank, who came to Arts from Lincoln Elementary School, hos been a very octive member of the Orchestra and the Bond. While here at Arts he hos won mony awards for his fine trumpet playing and for hit participation in musical programs. When not in school, he con be found listening to records or playing tennis with hit friends Walter Schweikardt, Lynn Russ, and Robert Pitcher. After graduation he plans to attend New York University to fulfill his ambition to be a music teacher. GWENDOLYN GIBBONS 47 Conklin Avenue Gwenie is an all-around student and o very ombitious young lady. She is usually found chatting with Koren Barfet, Roy Street, ond Tyrone Washington. Gwenie hos been on octive member of the Girls' Glee Club, the Vignette staff, ond the Spanish Club, ond hos served os captain of the Cheering Squad. She enjoys reoding good books, listening to Gloria Lynn, ond going to jozz concerts ond dances. She will always remember Miss Abot, Miss David, ond Mr. Pickett. Gwenie plans to enter the Foshion Institute of Technology. MARGARET GIORDANO 88 Fourth Avenue Margie, who come to Arts from St. Michael's School, always hos a smile for everyone. She hos been an active member of the Girls' Glee Club ond tho Typ-ing Club. When she isn't with Carol Dopf, Tommy Gol, Harriet Jackson or Elizabeth Charminsko, she con be found at home playing the piano, painting, or watching television. Morgie hos olways enjoyed the lunch periods. She will never forget Mrs. Lazar and Mr. Pickett. She plans to attend Drake Business College to become a secretary. TAMARA GOL 84 Cedar Avenue Tommy, who come to Arts from St. John's School is a versatile young lody. She is a wonderful person to know and is a delightful companion. She is usuolly with Joyce Yoblonieky, Mildred Vego, or Morgoret Giordano. When not in school, she listens to records, reads books or ploys volleyball. She is a member of the Ukrainian Youth Organization ond the Women's Volley Boll Association. Tommy's fo-vorite subject is history, her favorite teachers are Mr. Clamurro and Mr. Morris. She plans to enter Marywood College where she will prepare for a career as a librarian. URSUAl GARCIA GWENDOLYN GIBBONS FRANK GIASULLO JR. MARGARET GIORDANORICHARD GOLDBERG C197 Schtirtr Anni t Rich, o carefree follow, como to Art from Brogow Avenue School. Tolling jokot, coting tpogotti, sleeping, '' listening to rock and roll, and swimming are among his favorite activities. Rich hos been a valuable member of the Swimming Team and hos received a Varsity letter for the one hundred yard butterfly stroke. Mr. Voller is Rich's favorite teacher; art is his favorite subject. After graduation, he will attend college to prepare for a carter as on art teacher. JOSEPH GOLMANAVICH 122 Houston Street Jo 6 is ambitious, conscientious and persistent. Hit four years at Arts hove included octive membership in the Orchestra, the Band, and the Moth Club. He has been on the Trock Team and hat served at the president of both the Junior Clot and the National Honor Society. Joe' belt friends ore John Gower and Richard Meyer. His fovorite teacher it Mr. Clamurro. Upon graduation he will enter Stevens Institute in preparation for a coreer at a mathematical engineer. CYNTHIA GRAHAM 165 Camden Street Cynthia, who come to Arts from Newton Street School, is a quiet, shy type of person. She con usually be found of home talking with Odell Simpson, Janice Stewart, and Betty Evans or listening to music, particularly joxz. Cynthia has been active in the Orchestra, the Typing Club, the Girls' Glee Club and on the Scope staff. She thoroughly enjoyed chorus and instrumental dosses at Arts. Mr. Pesile is Cynthia's favorite teocher. She plans to attend on I B M school offer graduation. PATRICIA GRAY 431 Eighteenth Avenue "Elihu", our quiet, foshion-conscious little mis , come to us from West Kinney Junior High. Pot enjoys bowling, sewing, and softball. She is the president of a YM-YWCA club. Janet Hill, Linda Crawley, Dorothy Cheoteboro, Muriel Miller, ond Anno Smith ore o few of her dote friends. Mr. Shapiro's history dosses ond the friendliness of the students of Arts will olways be vivid in her memories. Pot's future plons include attending Howard University to prepare for a teoching career. ROBERT GRECO 2 Sheffield Drive I,__, Bobby it very popular with hit classmates. He con usually be found in the hollt with Richard De Roxtro or Jo Ann Velello. Dating Jo Ann, ploying the guitar, roller skoting, eating pixzo ond listening to country or western music are among his fovorite leisure time activities. Things thot really upset him ore short skirts, freshmen, ond small lockers. Robert has two ambitions: to be o quarter master in the Navy, ond to be a draftsman in civilian life. ROBERT GRECOVICTORIA GROHOWSKI 147 Summit St ft Vicki, who i a per von of sincerity and warmth, come to Arts from Soint Philip Neri School. Quiet ond unassuming, she is o true friend and a terrific sport, but very, very shy. Her closest friends ore Beverly Jackson, Harriet Jacobson, Lucille Joudrey, and Violet Moscone. Victoria's favorite teacher is Mr. Resile. She has been active in the Girls' Glee Club ond has won a typing award ond a steno award. After graduation, Vicki plans to become a secretory or to go into show business. MARIE HARDING 84 Boyd Street "Rickey ", a versatile and friendly individual, is o strict believer in the "Golden Rule". She loves people ond enjoys associating with them. She can usually be found talking to her friends Ruthie Moe Burr, lizzie Barnes, Marguerite Horrison, Luke Picone, Gertie Cohens or Donald Ferguson. Marie has been octive in the Orchestra, in the Leaders' Club, and on the Scope ond Vignette staffs. The friendly atmosphere at Arts will olwoys be remembered by her. Her ambition is to become a lawyer. ROSLYN HASPIEL 133 Soth Boy don Terrace Roz has o fun loving and completely unrestrained personality which her friends Carolyn Dopf, Wilma Jackson, and Joyce Yablonkk very much appreciate. She con usually be encountered in the auditorium. Her interests are dancing, socializing, and tolking on the phone in the oddest positions imaginable. Roz hos enjoyed the friendliness ond humor of the teochers, especially Miss David ond Mrs. Furst. She hos been very active in extracurricular activities such as the Junior Red Cross, the Scope, the Student Council, and the Girls' Glee Club. Roslyn hopes to attend a teachers' college after graduation. MICHAEL HATOFF 67 Parkview Terrace Mike's interest ond activities cover a wide oreo. He enjoys everything from rock and roll ond dotsical musical to spaghetti ond girls. Sweaters ond snookers ore his trademark. It is easy to tell when he it preoccupied. He is a member of the Ceramics Club ond the YM-YWCA, where he spends most of his timo. Mike plant to attond Rhode Island School of Design in preparation for a career in advertising. tx CAROLYN HENDERSON 817 South Eighteenth Street ,------ Carol it a graduate of the Garfield School. She is good notured and sociable. Her dose friends are Jenny Philcox ond Lynne Ottrowko. She loves horseback riding. In her spare time she reads, plays tennis, or listens to hillbilly music. She enjoys the works of Norman Rockwell. Her pet peeve is her boyfriend's cor. Carol has enjoyed participating in the Art Service Club ond the Typing Club activities. She will alwoyt remember Mr. Voller and Mist David and all the friends she hos of Arts. She plans to seek employment at a file derk. VICTORIA GROHOWSKI MARIE HARDING ROSLYN HASPIEL MICHAEL HATOFF CAROLYN HENDERSONJEANETTE Hill HARRY HINES ANN VIRGINIA HIISER RENtE BREDIUS HITSCHMANN L JEANETTE Hill 523 South Twelfth Street loon, who's always laughing, come to Arts from Fourteenth Avenue School. She can usually be found ' in the auditorium with her friends Jackie Price, Marie Harding, and Doris Holloway. Jeanette hos been active in the Leaders' Club ond in the Typing Club. Her interests include reading, sewing, drawing, ond cooking. She enjoys movies, TV, skating, and listening to jorr. Her favorite teacher it Mr. Goes-moll. Jeanette hopes to attend Paine to become an elementary school teacher. ANN VIRGINIA HIISER 875 South Twentieth Street ' little One's" main ambition is to be remembered os "toll". She con usually be found either of on orchestra or bond rehearsal, or writing letters to her close friend Pat Corbley. Ann has served at vice-president of both the Notional Honor Society and the Junior Class. She is olto on A-pin holder. In her spare time, Ann is busy with the Senior Girl Scouts, WBGO Rodio-workshop, Scope assignments, ond swimming. Her future plans include attending Bucknell University as o psychology major. HARRY HINES 32 Barclay Streoi Horry is quiet, conservative, ond congenial. His main interests are ploying the trumpet and listening to jozz. He is usually seen with Tyrone Washington, Roy Street, and Woody Show. Harry hos thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and gym periods here at Arts. He hos earned several Vorsity track letters ond medals. His name is seen frequently in the sports column of the Scope during track season. He plans to attend Juilliard School of Music ond eventually hopes to become a musk teacher. c RENEE BREDIUS HITSCHMANN 846 South Thirteenth Street Renee, who came to Arts from Madision Avenue Junior High School, is on extremely sensitive individual. She hos particularly enjoyed her art closses with Mr. Spindler. Judy Kuemmerle ond Carolyn Epperson are her closest friends Her interests include psychology, knitting, ond listening to the F M. radio stotion. Renee likes to go to New York to ploys, museums, and art galleries. She enjoys visiting friends or sitting in Washington Park studying people. Renee intends to further L.. At nrnk Inwranr C ollrnr DORIS HOLLOWAY 826 South Sixteenth Street Dot is always filled with mischief and vitality. Her closest friends are Odell Simpson, Marilyn Mortin, Elizabeth Simmons, ond Jeanette Hill. She enjoys Girls' Glee Club, rcoding, records, dancing, and singing; she also likes Picasso's works. Mr. Vollor ond Miss Keehner ore her favorite teochers. Through participating in the church choir, she hos become interested in spirituals. At the present. Dot is undecided about plans for future education; however, she is thinking of becoming a nurse. DORIS HOUOWAYCAROLYN HOLMES 15 Neirn Plot "Corl" tome to Art from Brogow Avenue School. A» on ort mojor. the hot shown reol ability in her work. Although the ton frequently be found ot home reod-ing o book, the does get plenty of exercise by playing tennis ond basketball. In tthool, the can be found with her friend Helena Wolker in Room 204. Carl plons to continue her education in a nurting school so that the con realize her dreom of becoming a registered nurse. SANFORD HORWITZ 40 Nye Avenue Sandy, on omiobl© person, come to Arts from Poshinc Avenue School. He is utuolly found with two of his many friends Marty Borno and Robert Torr, drinking cokes in the Bright Spot. His favorite teachers ore Miss Keehner and Miss Abot. He enjoys history, movies, jazz, football, ond Ceramics Club. He is on ort major and plans to ottend Cooper Union where he'll major in commercial ort. After finishing college, he plans to join the Army Air Force. TAKAKO INOUE 24 Brenner Street ''Tok'', our Japanese beouty, likes everything from dancing to Cezanne. In her short stay at Arts, she has become active in the Moth Club and in the Modern Dance Club. While in East Orange High, Tok was a member of the Girls' Athletic Association. In her spare time, sho listens to the radio, sews, tolks on the phone, eats pizza or paints. After graduation, Tok hopes to attend Montclair State Teochers College in preporotion for a career ot on art teacher. PAMELA IRELAND 27B littUton Avenue Pixie, the petite mis who loves the beoch ot Atlantic City, is one of the most vigorous members of the class. Swimming, water skiing, tennis ond horseback riding keep her quite busy when she isn't at school working on her latest pointing. Pam it on active member of the Cheering Squad, the Leodert' Club ond the Modern Dance Club. She hot enjoyed all her art classes but especially those with Mr. Knobler. Pom's ambition is to become on oir line hostess. BEVERLY JACKSON 140 South Tenth Street Bev, a friendly girl, likes to donee, to dote and to swim. She con usually be found in the auditorium with Loretta Perlo, Vicki Grohowski ond Violette Motcone. Bev hot been a member of the Girls' Glee Club, the Student Council, the Typing Club ond the Junior Red Cross. She hot en-joyed the student-teacher relationship most at Arts ond it especially fond of Mr. Gommoll ond Mrs. Neutt. Her ambition is to become a secretory and ofter graduation Bov will ottend secretarial school. CAROLYN HOLMES SANFORD HORWITZ TAKAKO INOUE PAMELA IRELAND BEVERLY JACKSONHARRIET JACOBSON AILIE JOAN JEFFERSON HARRIET JACOBSON 38 Custer Avenue Harriet, affectionotoly known at "Horry", came to Arts High from Pcshine Avonue School. While here, her clow friends hove been Carol Dopf, Morilyn Worner ond Lucille Joudrey. Horry enjoys the Girls' Glee Club, lunch periods, Rembrandt, ice creom, and traveling. Her spore time is spent in talking on the phone to Lucille Joudrey, drowing, watching television or reading advonturo books Undecided about her future plons, Horriet intends to soek employment upon graduation. AILIE JOAN JEFFERSON 148 Stymour Avenue Allie, possessing a beautiful voice, hos storred in music productions here ot Arts, including the opera "Foust". She has been active in the Dromo Club, the Opera Club, the Biology Club, the Girls' Glee Club ond the Librory Guild and is the proud holder of on A-pin. Another of her leisure time interests is tinging in a youth choir. Her close friends arc Carolyn Thomos ond Roy Byrd. Allie enjoys doncing, swimming, pizza, music appreciation, Mr. Pickett ond Cezanne. Her ambition is to become a registered nurse. LUCILLE JOUDREY T83 North E evcnfh Street Lucy is o most copable and helpful girl. She is o volunteer captain ot the Babies Hospital ond is president of the Junior Red Cross, lost summer she won o trip to the Junior Red Cross Center ot Trenton State College. Lucy, active in the Girls' Glee Club, the Student Council, ond tho Typing Club, hos recently been elected to membership in the National Honor Society. She enjoys being with her friends Harriet Jacobson, Vicki Grohowski, ond Irene Hons. Her ambition is to attend a nursing school to spociolizo in pediatrics. BETTY KEARNEY 471 South E evenfh Street Betty, plea son! and vivocious, con be found with her clow friends Wanda lorenc, Carol Kindler, ond Joan Monxi. She hos been active in the Student Council, the Sewing Club, the Typing Club, ond the Spanish Club. Her interests are in doncing, swimming, basketball, water color painting, history, ond sewing. Her fovorito teachers arc Mr. Morris and Mr. Yablick. Betty is a membor of YM-YWCA. Al-though she has held a job os a waitress, she is undecided os to whot type of employment she will seek after graduation. She definitely wonts to be a career girl. JEAN KEARNEY 471 South Eleventh Street Jeon, o graduate of St. Ann's School, is o goy ond helpful person. She hos been o member of the Spanish Club, the Student Council, and the Sewing Club. Her interests include movies, swimming, Italian food, casual clothing, ond steno. She hos always admired Mr. Kappstotter, her steno teacher, ond the friendly people here at Arts. Jean's close friends ore her sister Betty, Corol Kindler, and Wanda lorenc. An outside activity of Jean's is her membership in the YM-YWCA. Joan will wek a secretarial position after graduation. LUCILLE JOUDREY BETTY KEARNEY JEAN KEARNEYJOHN KEMPER 529 Eighteenth Avenue UJohn, our future "Mr. America", come to Arts from Fifteenth Avenue School. Interested in body building, he con usually be found at the YMCA lifting weights. John also enjoys movies, progressive jazz, football, Mr. Morris' history dosses, and health foods. Mott Horton, Arthur Covington, and Ken Mozey ore his closest friends. John would like to help the future generations of our country to become physically fit. His ombition is to become o commercial artist and he will attend Montclair Stotc College. JOANNE KNAKIEWICZ 35 Jaehton Street Jo, o quiet, cheerful girl, con frequently be found in the lunch room with her friends Ann Hilser, Dione Corsi, and Mary Ellen Terrezzo. Her interests include bowl-ing, pointing, ice skating, percussion, cooking, and math. Jo hos been active in the Drama Club, the leaders' Club, and the Student Council. She is a member of the National Honor Society. She hos received a Varsity letter for two years of cheerleading. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Yoblick and Miss Dovid. She expects to major in mothemoties ot Montclair State College. ELVAN KNIGHT 17 Custer P oce El come to Arts from Peshine Avenue School. Although he is not the most conscientious student, his ombition is to become a commercial artist. Elvan enjoys rock n' roll and hillbilly music. He can be found in the compony of Joe Malinowski, Violet Moscone, and Tom O'Connell. He devotes his spare time to working on his car. El's fovorite subject is geometry; his favorite tcocher is Miss Meyerson. He expects to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. ROBERT KNIGHT 158 Spruce Street Bob came to Arts from Newton Street School. He can 'djj usually be found wandering through the halls with Michael McDaniel, William Jenkins and John Stephen. Bob hos been a member of the library Guild and the Cofoterio Patrol. His favorite subject is ceramics; his fovorite teacher is Miss Howard. Robert, fond of painting, jazz, and conversations with girls, hos always enjoyed the music programs here. He wonts to join the Army ond lofer plans to attend the Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Art to become a commercial artist. HEIEN KOKINDA 350 Morris Avenue Happy-go-lucky "Jeanne" come to Arts from Saint Stonislous School. The "Bright Spot" is her favorite after-school haunt. Michele Di Costonzi, Ruth Corbett, and Richard DcRoxfro ore her closest friends. Helen enjoys English, gymnostics, football, ond sports clothes. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. lazar ond Mr. Koppstotter. Helen is o member of the Scope, the Junior Red Cross, the library Guild, and the Typing Club. She wos awarded a steno pin lost term. Becouse she is interested In continuing her secretarial training, she will attend Kothorine Gibbs School. JOHN KEMPER ElVAN KNIGHT JOANNE KNAKIEWICZ ROBERT KNIGHTMARGARET RUTH KRAEMER LEE KOZAS 138 Summit Street Lee. who tome to us from Central Avenue Sthool, con usually be heard saying, "What' happening?" His warm, friendly personality has earned him mony friends including Joseph Mouro, John Kemper, ond Andy Triando-filou. lee odmires Steve Reeves ond has become known for his interest in body building. A few of his other fovorites are Mr. Voiler, Greek food, ond the Art and Music deportments here at Arts, lee has won a Junior-Vorsify letter for basketball, and has served as captain of the team. He has olso been on the Honor Roll. His future plans include attending Cooper Union to further his ort training. MARGARET RUTH KRAEMER —p 68 VoJ ey Street "Meg", os her friends coll her, enjoys reading, tolk-ysL ing, ond playing piono. Ann Hilser, Wendy Bucharest, ■ ond Lucille Joudrey ore among her close friends. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Janowitz; her favorite subjects ore chorus ond English. Meg belongs to the Notional Honor Society, ond is a member of the library Guild, the Drama Club and the Junior Red Cross. She hos olso served on the Scope ond Vignette staffs. She expects to offend Douglass College to prepare for a coreer in journalism. JUDITH KUEMMERIE 555 Sand ford Avenue Judy is a highly sensitive individual with an unusual, yet amiable, personality. Reading is constont in her life. Her desire to learn makes her an ideol student. She is on ardent admirer of Mr. Yablick ond Mr. Janowitx. A great deal of her time is spent in theotres in New York, listening to classical, folk, and jazz music or in conversing with her closest friends—Renee Hitchmonn and Carolyn Epperson. Judy's interests are in politics, dramatics, and India. She plans to attend Antioch Collego and then to fulfill her ambition to trovel. PETER KUHN T 598 South Nineteenth Street Peter, a hord working person with plenty of determination, came to Arts from South Seventeenth Street School. His dose friends ore John Stefan, Harry Hines ond Vic Koplij. In his spore time Pete erjoys reading o book or doing his homeworkl His hobbies include swimming, fishing, horseback riding and tree climbing. He hos been active on the Track Teom ond the Swimming Team os well os in the Junior Red Cross. Outside of school Pete is engaged in the affairs of the YM-YWCA. Pete's ambition is to become a scientist. NICHOLAS LOMBARDI T43 Warwick Street Nkkie, a highly personoble lad, come to Arts from Oliver Stroet School. Because of his participation in Bond and Orchestra, he hos ochieved Band letters. His fovorite entertainments arc jazz, girls, and choss playing. His after-school activities include the CYO ond the YMCA. He is still undecided about future education; however, he is determined to follow in the footsteps of his favorite teocher, Mr. Pesile. He olso expects to serve for a time in the Marine Corps. JUDITH KUEMMERLE PETER KUHN NICHOLAS LOMBARDIWANDA LORENC 57 Jones Sift "Wandolocks", on art major, iomr fo Arts from Saint Stonislaus School. Her moin interests are booting, swimming, ond dancing, but she olso enjoys sketching. Wondo con often be found in the Bright Spot1' with Al Correole, Betty Kearney ond Mike Hatoff. Wondo hot won o steno oword for a speed of 80 words per minute. Her ambition is fo become o draftsman but she bos not yet decided on the school she will attend. I MICHAEL LUIZZA 473 South Fifteenth Sift I, Miko came to Arts from Fifteenth Avonue School. He can usually be found in the auditorium with Anthony Vattallo, John Wilson ond Steve Bowers. In his spore time Mike enjoys playing the accordion or listening fo records. He wears cotuol clothes, goes fo football gomes, ond eots pizza. After graduation Mike intends fo enlist in one of the armed services. Upon the completion of his tour of duty, he expects to secure O clcricol position in the business world. LOUIS LYDIARD 424 Woodside Avenue Louis come to us from Broadway Junior High School. Corl Baccaro ond Lynn Russ ore among his close friends. He likes concerts, operas, chomber music, ravioli, sports clothes, Shakespeore, ond Arthur Rubinstein. He hos been octive In the Opera Club, the Concert Choir, the Special Chorus, ond his church choir. After graduation he will ottend Manhattan School of Music with aspirolions of becoming a professional musician. JOSEPH MALINOWSKI 48 Darcy Sift "Mol", o quiet, good notured person, come to Arts from St. Benedict's. John Gower and Elvon Knight ore his closest friends. His moin interest is radio, which is reflected in his membership in the Irvington Radio Amofeur Club. His other interests include his stamp and coin collections, art, musicol comedies, ond tho Track Team. Mol hos enjoyed the concerts ond assemblies of Arts. His ambition is to become a commercial artist after preparation at the Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Art. MARILYN MANDERVIHE 7II South Orange Avenue Morilyn, better known os "Monde", is o groduote of Alexander Street School. She spends much of her time with Irono Hans ond Marianne Parliman. Mande's fovocite subjects ore art and biology; her favorite teachers are Mr. Spindler ond Mr. Voller. Active in the Dramo Club, Morilyn also likes to paint, read, bowl, or listen to rock and roll or jazz music. She will attend a drafting school after graduation in preparation for a career in the commercial ort field. LOUIS LYDIARD JOSEPH MALINOWSKI MARILYN MANDERVIllE 68ANTHONY MARANO 622 North Eighth Strut Tony, on coty going boy, com to Art from Bronch Brook School. Ho con utuolly bo found on Bloomfield Avenue with hi friond Nick Boulo and Bob Do Roto. Tony ho worked a o drummer in a bond colled the Stereo ''. Tony ho particularly liked the teacher hero ot Art . Ho enjoy bateball, rock and roll mu ic, continental clothe , Itolion food, driving, ond Van Gogh. Hi favorite teacher it Mr. Voller, ond hi favorite ubjo t it United Stote hltfory. Tony' ambition it to become a drafttmon. n ROBERT MARGUISKI L2I Darcy Street Bob come to Art from Wilton Avenue School. Don Fiorito, Rotlyn Hatplel, ond Edward Eckert ore among hi friend . He hot been octive on the Scope ttaff and on the Trock Team. He alto enjoy hi Student Council, Junior Red Cro », ond Moth Club ottignment . He ho received a Junior Vanity trock letter ond on A-pin. Bob hot been elected to Boy ' Stote ond to the Notionol Honor Society. Hi favorite teacher ore Mit Meyerton ond Mr. Clamurro. After graduation Bob will attend Steven Inttitute of Technology where he'll major in electrical engineering. ANTHONY MARANO MARILYN MARTIN JOSEPH MAURO ROBERT MARGUISKI MARILYN MARTIN 555 Ferry Street "Jeonie", on fmpiih, vivociou pertonolity, come to u "Lj from Hawkin Street School. She ha been active ” in the Girl ' Glee Club, ond the Junior Red Cro here, ond in the Art Club ot the Newark Mu eum. Mr. Voller ond Mr. Pickett ore fop with Jeonie. Her fovorite subject ore ort ond choru . Pico o'» pointing , myjtery novel , tinging, ort galleries, pointing, ond mu ic ore among her many interest . Jeonie' ambition it to become on abstract pointer. After groduotion. the expect to continue her ort »tudie in a profettionol school. D JOSEPH MAURO 143 Mount Proipecf Avenue Joe ho o vivociou pertonolity. He enjoy clowning ■_ - - with hi friend lee Kozoi ond Richard Nebiolo. ir Sports, Itolion food, »port clothe , ond bollod ore imong hi favorite . He ho o greot love for ort, e peciolly the •rork of Vincent Von Gogh. Joe will olway remember Art High' friendly atmosphere ond Mr. londtmon's wit. Hi future plan ncludn attending Cooper Union in preparation for o career in michaei McDaniel CIOI Ludlow Street Mike come to Arfi from Boylan Street School. He spend hi leiture time in the company of George ” Thomos, Robert Knight, ond Reggie Williomt. After tchool hour . Mike like to indulge in pool, joix, mechonkol drawing, ond bo ketboll. Hi litt of fovorite include Von Gogh, Mork Twoin, lunch period, ond Mr. Voller, While in Art , Mike hot become known a an octive person who rarely tit still. Mike' future plan include o career at on architect. michael McDaniel 69RONALD MERK 79 North Ninth Street Ronnie, o versotile, energetic young man, come to Arts from Gorfield School. He's made many friends in his four years at Arts including Donno Milito, Mike Nick Lombardi, ond Rot Timpanoro. Ronnie is a member of the Student Council and has worked on numerous Chnstmos Fair assignments. Two great honors hove been owarded to him of Arts: membership in the Notional Honor Society ond election to the office of mayor of our school. Ronnie hopes to attend the University of Miami after graduation. His ultimate goal is to be a television producer. RICHARD MEYER 79 Mount Prospect Avenue Richard, on usuolly quiet ond unossuming lod, come to Arts from Elliott Street School. Since then, he has been active in the Band, the Orchestra, the Math Club, ond the Notional Honor Society. His close friends ore John Gower, Lynn Russ, ond Joe Golmanovich. He can usually be found at home trying to forget onother day's gym by reading o good science fiction story or by practicing hit .cello lessons. Richard hopes to continue hit education in preparation for on engineering career. DONNA MILITO 23 Kont Street Donna can be found in many plocet including the leaders' Club, the Student Council, the Spanish Club, the skating rink or ot the nearest rodio. Her close friends ore Ronnie Merk, Judy Mingucci, Pam Ireland, Pot Timpanoro ond Alyce Tofley. In her after-schoal-hours, Donna con be observed talking on the phone or eating some Italian dish. Her pet peeve is her brother who hot a habit of doing Matisse type paintings on the covers of her favorite books. After graduation she will enter the business world. Pagliaro, JUDITH MINGUCCI 81 Lindi'oy Avenue I,---- Judy, who is a lovable, petite individual, came to Arts from Alexander Street School. She is most likely to be found galavonting with Donno Milito, Pom Ireland, Rona Greenfield, and Alice Toffey. Water skiing and horsebock riding are her favorite sports. Cheering Squad practice. Leaders' Club activities, reading Edgar Allen Poe and doting Fronk Armanante toke up most of her time. Her post graduation plans include attending Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Art where shell prepare for a career in the art world. CJOHN MONSTROSKI 23 Tillinghoft Street John come to Arts from Wilson Avenue School. He is a serious art student who spends much of his spore time pointing or studying the great masters. John is also active in such school activities as the Art Service Club, the Swimming Team and the Track Team. Miss Howard's and Mr. Spindler't ort instruction has proved inspirational to John. After graduation, he will continue his art educotion at Cooper Union to prepare for o career as on illustrator. RICHARD MEYER RONALD MERK DONNA MILITO JUDITH MINGUCCI JOHN MONSTROSKIVIOIET MOSCONE 87 Ninth Str»nt VIOIET MOSCONE RICHARD NEBIOIO TV! it a quiet, friendly girl who tpendt most of her time in the auditorium with Harriet Jacobson, Vicki Grohowtki, and Beverly Joel von Vi't fovorite pattimet are bowling, opera, or dancing to rock ond roll. She hot participated in Chorus and in Girls' Glee Club productions. Mr. Clamurro's algebra classes ond Mrs. Donovan's gym dottos have given Violet much enjoyment. She hos also excelled in steno and typing, and will attend business school after graduation in preparation for a secretarial career. RICHARD NEBIOIO 383' South Twentieth Street "Nebbie", a shy, but friendly fellow, come to Arts from Summer Avenue School. A four letter Varsity man, he hat been active on the Baseball Team and Basketball Team. He is also the president of the Vortity Club. Nebbie con be found either working or loofing with some of his mony friends. His interests include joxx. sports, ond girls. Mr. Voller is his fovorite teacher. He plons to ottend Newark State College ond loter will enter the commercial art field. 0 IYDIA OSTROWKA 527 South Eighteenth Street Lynn can usually be found chatting with her friends Carol Henderson and Jennifer Philcox in homeroom. Her leisure hours ore spent dating her boyfriend Dove During her stay at Arts, tynn hos busied herself os a member of the Library Guild, the Student Council, ond the Executive Council of her Junior Class. Among her favorites ore history, potato chips, baseball, dating, ond Phil Buck. Lynn's future plans include a secretarial career. : MICHAEL PAGLIARO 191 North Seventh Street Mike can usually be found with Ronnie Merk. Anthony Zaleski, ond Nick Lombardi. He is fond of everything from rock n' roll ond girls to ravioli and boseboll. While in Arts High, Mike has kept busy by being on octive member of the boseboll. swimming and frock teams ond doing his homeworkl Mike admires Mr. Clamurro ond A! Capp. In his leisure hours away from school, Mike likes to read mysteries. His future plans include a career at on architectural engineer. MARIANNE PARLIMAN 1-1 804 South Seventeenth Street Sis, a warm and friendly girl, came to Arts from South Tenth Street School. She enjoys reoding, bowling, sewing, playing tennis ond going to the movies. Jo music and steok rank "tops" in her book. Sis't fovonte teacher is Mr. Shapiro although her favorite subject is biology. She con usually be found with Irene Hans, Marilyn Monderville ond her mony other friends in Miss Dovid't room. Marianne plons to ottend a business school to complete her secretarial studies. LYDIA OSTROWKA MICHAEL PAGLIARO MARIANNE PARLIMANFRANK PASCAIE T7S8 North Seventh Strut Fronk tome to Arts from $uh» Avenue School. He il active in many activities including the Bond ond the Orchestra. Fronk hos received Vorsity letters ond awards for his work in the Bond ond for his services os o member of the Junior Vorsity Base boll Team. He enjoys listening to his records or watching television with his friends Nick Lombardi and Ronnie Merk. Fronk intends to go to Montclair State College. Sometime lofer he plans to join the Air Force. GAYLE PATTERSON 69 South Tenth Street "Bugs", who come to Arts from South Eighth Street School, is a vivacious girl with great enthusiasm for life. She is frequently seen with her steody boyfriend Willie or with her girlfriends Janice Stewart, Wilma Jackson and Shiela Carter. Gayle's happiest moment occurred when she was elected Deputy Moyor of Arts High. Very busy in Student Council activities, she also finds time to participate in the Girls' Glee Club, the Operetta Club and the librory Guild. After graduation, Gayle will attend college. LORETTE PERLA 462 North Twelfth Street "lore!", a graduate of First Avenue School, is o sincere young lady who enjoys bowling, reading, musk, pixxa, ort and Typing Club. She is usually found in Room 207 with Beverly Jackson and Violet Moscone, her closest friends. Because she odmires tolented people, Mr. Rickenbacher and Miss Howard are her favorite teochers. Loretta herself hos ortistic tolent for whkh she hos won on art poster certificate. Her favorite ortist is Michelangelo. After graduation she will attend secretarial school; her ambition is to become a good secretory. □ JENNIFER PHILCOX 27 Academy Street Jenny, who come to Arts in her senior year, hos mode many friends because of her sweetness and her sincerity. Rox Haspiel, Joyce Yoblonicky, Tamara Gol ond Ann Hilser ore omong them. Jenny enjoys painting, badminton, Engish and musicol comedies. She participates in the Library Guild and the Leaders Club here of Arts. When she attended Hillside High she was a member of the Thespian Dromotk Society ond served os feoture editor of the school newspaper. Jenny's ombtion is to become on illustrator ond she will attend Cooper Union after graduation. G LUKE PICONE 310 South Seventeenth Street Luke, a friendly and active young man, came to Arts ,,om Ann‘ Catholic School. Since he hos been here, he hos participated in the Moth Club, the Spanish Club, the Biology Club, the Typing Club, ond the Art Service Club. He hos also served os president of his CYO. Among Luke's mony friends, closest ore Albert Coreale, Wanda Lorence, Elix-abeth Cleveland, and Pot Smith. He enjoys doncing, bowling, pointing, Cexonne, and Picosso paintings, rock n' roll, and math. Luke plans to attend Newark College of Engineering. FRANK PASCALS LORETTE PERLA GAYLE PATTERSON JENNIFER PHILCOX LUKE PICONEWILLIAM RADICE WAITER RAY WILLIAM RADICE T3I2 North Seventh St ft Bill, who describes himself o» a "part-time intellectual", come to Arts ffbm Garfield School. Hit main inform is in electronics. Ho hos worked o» o radio-TV repairman, operates o ham radio station, ond is active in a radio dob. Here at Arts, Bill hos been a member of the Orchestra and the Bond, ond has participated in the opera "Faust". After graduation, Bill hopes to attend the RCA Institute in New York to prepare for a coreer os on electronics engineer. WAITER RAY 60 Arlington Avenue "Sandy" is usually found wandering about school with his friends Eric Stokes, Charles Gaines, ond Roy Street. Walter, who is active in school othletict, is a letter-winning member of the Bosketball team and the Trock Team. He hos been city champion in his event for the lost two years. Wolter is a modern jaxz enthusiast. He especially likes the work of Nina Simone. After graduation he will enter Montclair Stote College to prepare for o career in teaching. SHEILA RILEY TI43 Prirxo St root Sheila is a quiet, intelligent girl who came to Arts High from Morton Street School. She spends much of her time reading, particularly the poems of Wordsworth, ond is often found in the librory. Sheila ploys piano, and enjoys music ond dancing. Sheila, was elected to membership in the Notional Honor Society, is proud of her scholastic achievement. After graduation the plans to attend Newark Stote College in preparation for a career at a music teacher. ERMINIO ROMANO TI70 Warren Street "Mike", a fellow who is perpetually happy, can be be found with Lynn Rust or Karen Costa. He enjoys pizza, olgebro, Spanish, reading ond boseboll. Mike plays the clarinet and the saxophone ond is a member of the Orchestra and the Band for which he hos received letters ond other owards. He hos olso participated in the Moth Club ond the library Guild projects. Miss Meyerson ond Miss Dovid ore hit favorite teachers. Mike's ambition is to become a teocher and he will attend Rutgers University in Newark to prepare for this goal. LYNN RUSS T74 Highland Avenue Lynn it o popular young man who came here from Broodwoy Junior High School. He is a serious musk student-o member of the Bond, the Orchestra and the All-Stote Orchestra. A scholarly boy, he is proud of his membership in the National Honor Society. He enjoys the company of his friends Walter Schweikordt ond Robert Fisher. In his spare time Lynn spends his hours improving hit cello ploying or listening to musk of Leopold Stokowski. After graduation he would like to continue his education in college. SHEILA RILEY ERMINIO ROMANO LYNN RUSSCHRISTINA RUSSOMANNO 349 South Eleventh Street Christina, a friendly, conscientious girl, con frequently jk be ound with her close friends Mary Ellen Terrezza, Mildred Vega and Joanno Vellela. In her spore time, Christina enjoys golf, pingpong. horseback riding, baseball ond sinking. Mr. Clomurro ond Mr Janowitz are her favorite teachers. She has been a participant in the Dromo Club ond Moth Club activities and was inducted into the National Honor Society during her junior year here. Christina's ambition it to enter the nursing field and she will prepare tor her chosen coreer at Rutgers University. ‘ MARILYN SANCHEZ 96 Orofon Street "Smiley" come to Arts from Pembroke Junior High. She can usually be found with Elizabeth Yoncy, Carolyn Epperson ond Judy Kuemmerlo in the librory or in the museum. Marilyn particularly enjoys jozz, classical music, and mangoes. Her favorite postimes are playing tennis, reading books on criminology and psychology, visiting museums, and going to plays. Her favorite teacher is Mr. McFodyen. Marilyn hosn'l decided whot the will do after graduation; but her fondest ambition is to lead a happy, useful, interesting life. VIVIAN SANCHEZ 96 Orofon Street Vivian come to Arts from Broodwoy Junior High. Although she has held two jobs, Viv has found the time to be octive in the library Guild, in the Sewing Club, and in the Ceramics Club. Her interests vary from eating Chinete food, reoding plays, knitting, watching TV, ploying tennis, ond swimming, to riding scooters ond motorbikes. Viv's favorite teocher is Mrs. Furst. She particularly enjoys the people she hos met here ot Arts. Vivion hopes to become on artist or model. PAMELA SCAIA 452 North Seventh Street Pamie come to Arts from First Avenue School. Although she hos mode many friends ot Arts, her closest are Jeon Kokindo, Michele Di Costonzi, ond Betty Kearney. Chemistry is her favorite subject; Mr. Yoblick ond Mr. Reuter ore her favorite teochers. Pamie has monoged to squeeze in enough time between studying and working to be octive in the Dromo Club, to swim and to skote. Pamela will ottend Lyons Institute after graduation in preparation for a career as a laboratory technician. RICHARD SCHNEIDER 418 Wood side Avenue Rich, a studious person, came to us from Elliott Street yL School. He ronks Lynn Russ ond Robert Fisher ot the ' I top of his list of friends Rich hos particularly enjoyed the musicol activities here at Arts. He's a member of the Orchestra, the Bond, the Opera Orchestro, ond the Dance Band. He also belongs to the National Honor Society. His favorite subject is math, but his favorite teacher is Mr. Pesile. Richard hopes to become a physicist ond will ottend Massachusetts Institute of Technology. CHRISTINA RUSSOMANNO MARILYN SANCHEZ PAMELA SCAIA RICHARD SCHNEIDER VIVIAN SANCHEZWALTER SCHWEIKARDT 169 Vermont Avenue WAITER SCHWEIKARDT RICHARD SHEARD NICK SCIARRIllO TWolt com to Art from Alexander Street School. During hit four yeort here ho hot boon o member of th Bond, the Done Bond, ond th Orchottro. Woltor hot corned four Bond lottort ond hot boon elected to th All-State Orchetfro ond to the Notional Honor Society. He on joy t mutic (etpeciolly jo ), cart, working on hit Hi-fi, fithing, ond reoding bookt by Chariot Dickent. Walt hot particularly liked the mutic program here. He will attend Montclair Stole College where he'll major in mutic. NICK SCIARRILLO 429 South fourteenth Street "Nicky" it o friendly, caty-going lod who enjoyt having a good time. He con alwayt be found where there it a party, jozz, ond girls. Aurelio Cotalono, Andy Dutkewych, Robert Cotanio, ond Richard De Roxtro ore only o few of hit many friendt. Nicky ployt th toxophon with hit own bond. In tchool he hot been a member of th bate boll ond batketboll teomt, the Band, and the Orchottro. He will alwayt remember Mr. Petile't dottet. Nick t pott graduation plant include attending Montclair Stote College. □ RICHARD SHEARD 67 Newton Street Richie it well known for hit fashion illuttrationt which hove oppeored in ort ditplayt ond in th Scop . In ',fN hit tpore time Richie liket to litten to recordt, experiment with woter color or talk with hit friendt Herbert McNeil, Spencer Robinton ond George Thomot. Richie it fond of every-thing from Mitt Howard ond Mitt Keehner, to dancet ond Pic-cotto Outtid of tchool, Richie tpendt mott of hit time at church organization meetingt, dancet, ond jazz concerts Richie hopet that th future holdt o career ot o fothion illuttrator in tfore for him. e, ALPHONSE SIERCHIO 339 Clifton Avenue ... Al come to Arft from Broodwoy Junior High. He greatly odmiret Mr. Voller ond Dr. Seomtfer. Reoding " newtpapert or bookt, wofehing TV, llttening to the rodio, pointing, ond drawing ore hit favorite pottimet. He hotet going to gym on hot doyz. He hat been active in th Engineering Space Club ond in ort debt. While ot Am he hot received many ort awordt. He hot olwayt enjoyed hit teochert and hit friendt her ot Arts After groduotion Al will attend Cooper Union to become on architect. ODELL SIMPSON 275 Jolliff Avenue "Sitty", o very lively perton who it alwoyt full of fun ond laughter, com to Artt from Pethine Avenue School. She hot been an active member of th leaden' Club ond of th Typing Club. Odell enjoyt bowling and playing conotto with her friendt Morilyn Martin and Jacqueline Grier. In her leitur time, the olto littent to jazz ond reads Odell't favorite teochert hove been Mrs Donovan ond Mitt Howard. She will attend Ohio State Univenity to become o gym teacher. ALPHONSE SIERCHIO ODELL SIMPSONPATRICIA SMITH 103 Church Terroce "Trith", who is a graduate of Maple Avenue School, hat particularly enjoyed the friendly otmotphere of Art High. Potrkio olwoys hot o good time with her friendt Sonyo Cohen, Al Correole, Luke Picone, ond Mary Tor-regrotto. In her tporo time the enjoyt mutic, doneing, roller ikoting, or twimming. Patricio't fovorito teochert ore Mr. Thomot Opd Mr. Gommoll. Her ambition it to become o norte but 01 yet the it undecided ot to who.t tchool the will attend. CARROLL SPEARMAN 158 Wover y Avenue ««. : Carroll, quiet, friendly, ond unaffected, came to Ant from Eighteenth Avenue School. Dorothy Pittman, Marie Hording, and Albert Birch hove found her to be o truly loyol friend. Art and mutic ore Carroll't tpeciol loves, but the alto enjoyt bowling, weaving, tkating, dancing, tewing, eating, and reading Aetop't Foblet. She hot particularly enjoyed the concertt here at Artt. Carroll't favorite tubject it English and her favorite teochert arc Mrt. McAfic and Mr. Spindler. After graduation Carroll hopes to attend Howard Univortity. JOHN STEFAN 411 South Eighth Street Johnny came to Artt from Newton Street School. A very quiet perton, he can usually be found with Robert Knight ond John Wilton. He enjoyt reading, weight lifting, ond just plain loofing. Johnny will remember the people thot he came in contact with during hit itoy ot Artt. Although he it an enthusiastic member of the Trock Teom, he alto enjoyt ploying basketball. He it ttill undecided about what he will do in the future. JANICE STEWART 23 Netbrff Avenue Jon come to Artt from Central Avenue School. Her mojor interests include the Dromo Club, the Typing Club, the Girlt' Glee Club, the Junior Red Crott, the Orchctlro ond the Student Council. She it usually found with Harriet Delk ond Bcttye Evons. In her tpore time, the Finds on interesting movie very reloxing. Active in church groups, the particularly enjoyt teaching Sunday School. Her ambition it to be on English teacher or pediatrician. She plont to enter Rutgert University. ERIC STOKES 88 Boyd Street Eric came to ut from Morton Street School. He it a fun loving fellow who particularly enjoys the companionship of hit dote friendt Walter Roy, Roy Street and Ben Johnton. In hit tpore time Eric plays basketball. He olvo likes to collect jozx albumt. Erie't tchool interettt included the Vortity Club ond the Trock Team. He hot won a Vanity trock letter and two medolt in trock competition. Eric will always remember the girlt in Artt. He intends to join the Novy after graduation. PATRICIA SMITH JOHN STEFAN CARROLL SPEARMAN JANICE STEWART ERIC STOKESROY ELLIOTT STREET EUGENE SWEENEY ROY ELLIOTT STREET 227 Wover y Avenue "Murph" «om« to Arti from Writ Kinney Junior High. He it the vice pretident of the Vanity Club and the captain of the Trock Team. He hot rocoivod four Verity lottert and two gold medolt in then) tports Roy alto playt in the Orchettra and the Bond. Hit ouhidc octivitiot include ploying the trombone, littening to modern jazz, ond tinging in hit church choir. Roy't ambition it to become a mutk teacher and he plont to ottend the Monhatton School of Motic. EUGENE SWEENEY 327 North Thirteenth Street Gene it on eotygoing, friendly fellow. He it utually found with Richie DoRoxfro, Bob Potquoli, Dennit Dc-Polma, and Robert Burnt. Eugene hot been octive in the Student Council, hat terved on the Stage Crew, and hot been a modal-winning trock itar. He hat enjoyed thete four yeort at Artt otpecially Mr. Gommoll't art dattet ond wiMiciimt. In addition to hit exfrocurriculor octiviriet Eugene hot held o port-time potition at the Newark Evening Newt butinett office. Ho will ottend Montclair State College where he expeclt to mojor in ort. ROBERT TARR 53 Hometfeod Pork ' Rob" cone to Arti from Howthorne Avenue School. A couple of hit dote friendt ore Marty Borno ond Sanford Horwitz. Robert, o bate boll ond twimming itar, hot achieved more than one Vanity letter. He enjoyt weight lifting, twimming and bowling. Hit favorite teacher! ore Mr. Lang. Mr. Voller, ond Mr. Knobler. A friendly, carefree penon, Rob it loti of fun olthough he con alto be very teriout. He plant to attend the Newark School of Fine ond Induttriol Art or to enlitt in the Novy. MARY ELLEN TERREZZA 547 North Ninth Street Terry it a very octive, fun-loving girl who it alwoyt on the move. She hot been a member of the Sewing Club, the Moth Club, the leaden' Club, the National Honor Society, ond the Glee Club. For tervicet rendered in thete activities Mary Ellen hot received the coveted A-pin. In her tpore time the liket to be with her friendt, Ann Hitter, Jo Ann Vellela, ond Tokoko Inoue. Upon graduation, Mary hopet to attend Douglatt College to continue her tfudy of mathematics CAROLINE THOMAS 53 Wright Street Before coming to Artt, Caroline attended Miller Street School. Her friendt ore Allie Jefferton. Roy Byrd and Albert Birch with whom the frequently engogei in convertation before homeroom periodt ond between clones Caroline hat enjoyed the operoi and the tchool chorut and hot played mojor rolet in numerout mutieal preienfationt. After graduation the plont to attend Manhattan School of Mutic. Her ombition it to become on opera linger. 77 ROBERT TARR • MARY ELLEN TERREZZA CAROLINE THOMASGEORGE THOMAS T340 Dayton Street George came to Am from Boylon Street School. He teems to like everything from dancing ond Mr. Voller to Itolion dishes and mothemofict. In hit tporo time he liket to bawl, lounge around the house or chat with hit clot friendt Michael McDaniel, Douglos Wilton, Joan leor, ond Pot-ricio Ailet. George it alto a great odmirer of continental clothing. While in Artt he hot enjoyed the tociol octivitiei mott of all. Hit pott graduation plont include attending a tecretoriol tchooi. PATRICIA TIMPANARO Q413 South Ninth Street Pot, pert ond friendly, hat been extremely octive in the Artt High extracurricular program ond hot been awarded on A-pin for her effortt. She hot participated in Sponith Club and Leodert' Club octivitiei ond hot terved on the Scope ttaff. Her dote friendt are Ronald Merk, Ann Hilter ond Betty Kearney. Pot enjoyt drawing, jo , bowling, Italian food, tennit ond dating "him". Her favorite teachert ore Mitt David ond Mr. londtmon; her favorite author it Hemingway. Pot will attend Lyons Inititutc of Technology to prepare for a career ot o laboratory technician. e ALICE TOFFEY 767 Ridge St root "Fonny", a cute cheerleader, liket to dote, to ploy the piano, or to drow. Her dote friendt ore Judy Mingucci. Pomelo Ireland, ond Donna Milito. A lilt of Fonny't interettt indudet horseback riding, twimming, Italian food, tport clothes, art, dancing, and slock car races. She hot been active in the Leodert' Club, the Modern Dance Club, and the Dramo Club in school, ond it on attittant Sunday School teacher and a member of the Forest Hill Youth Fellowthip out-tide of school. Her favorite teachert ore Mr. Londtmon, Mitt David, ond Mitt Meyerton. Fonny plont to ottend the Philadelphia Museum School and later fulfill her ombition to become on art teocher. MARY TORREGROSSA 560 South Tenth Street Mary, a quiet girl, con be found with her friendt Sonya Cohen, Patricia Smith ond Al Correole. She enjoyt rooding, skating, movies, rock 'n' roll, Itolion food, and general math. Mr. Reuter, Mr. Voller and Mr. Shapiro rote high on her list of fovorite teachers Mory admire! her parents most of all. Her favorite author it Robert Louit Steventon ond her fovorite ortist is Michelangelo. Mary't ombition is to become a nurte but she hot not yet selected the hospital in which the'd like to secure the necetsory training. ---y ANDREW TRIANDAFILOU TI63 William Street Andy, a graduate of Morton Street School, likes to hunt ond fish. He also enjoyt pizza, girlt, continental clothing, sleeping, lunch periods, and Mr. Tobio't music dosses. Andy hot won a letter for hit participation in the Band. He is otto a member of the Police Athletic league. He likes to be with hit friends Lee Koias, Nick Lombardi, ond Richie Dedonit. He hot worked as a locksmith ond after grodu-otion, will continue thit part-time employment while he it at-tending college. 0 GEORGE THOMAS PATRICIA TIMPANARO ALICE TOFFEY MARY TORREGROSSA ANDREW TRIANDAFILOUJOHN TRUFEIOS CECIllA VANDERGYZE JOSEPH VAIENZA JOHN TRUFEIOS 296 South Sixth Strutt Johnny spends hi leisure time ploying football or bale bail, weight-lifting, reading, or wotching television. He hat been a life guard ot the Bay Club ond hat alto won o Vortity letter for swimming. He it a member of the Drum ond Bugle Corpt. A-lilt of hit fovorites includes jazz, ravioli, then. United Statet hitlory, Mr. Voller, Da Vinci, and Mr. long. He con utuolly be found with hit dote friendt Nick Soorilto and Bob Cotanio. John hot enjoyed the mutical pre-tentafiont mott ot Art High. After graduation he hopet to attend college JOSEPH VAIENZA - 393 Eleventh Street Joe, a groduote of Fourteenth Avenue School, it a JL highly pertonoble, eoty-going individual. George 1 Faragi ond Gary Rynor ore two of hit dote ftiendt. Hit mony intereitt include the trumpet, jazz, baseball, ond hit girl Marie Tutelo. He hat received a bond letter ond a Junior Vanity bate boll letter. Joe will always remember Arts because of the lunch periods and Mr. Pesile's dosses After graduation, he plans to attend Seton Hall Univenity to prepare for a career at a medical doctor. CECILIA VANDERGYZE 259 North Sixth Street "Ceil", a vivocious. omioble pertonolity, come to us « . from Garfield School. She hot fully enjoyed socioliz-ing during ort dottet with Joyce Yablonicky ond Michele Di Cottonzo, two of her many friendt. Becoute of her outstanding ability in ort, she hot received o certificate. Much of her time it spent with her boyfriend, Billy. Itolion food, baseball, ond tlockt are omong her favorite . She will alwoys remember Mrs. Stiller and Mr. Voller. Ceil plans to enter business after graduation. ANTHONY VASSAllO i 305 Fourteenth Avenue "Nino", a friendly, likeoble lad, it a graduate of iVj. 1 Fifteenth Avenue School. Two of his mony friends ore Mike luizza, ond George Brownlee. Mott of hi time it devoted to a coin collection, sports, art, music, ond his girlfriend, Rotemory Auquero. He hot great odmirotion for the works of Shakespeare and Michaelangelo. Mr. Voller hat been on inspiration to hirfi. Nino will remember Arts for it friendly atmosphere, which naturally invite tociol eote. After graduation, Nino plant to enter the business world. „ MILDRED VEGA 2 74 South Sixth Street Millie, who it full of charm, come to Arts from Four-feenth Avenue School. She enjoys Flamenco doncing, foreign languages, and being with her friendt Christine Ruttomanno, Beatriz Bote and Ursula Garcia. Millie is o member of the Student Council, the Drama Club and the National Honor Society. In her junior year, she was chosen at an International Red Cross Repretenfotive ond spent the tummer in South America. Because Millie's ambition is to become a tociol worker, the will attend Seton Hall University after graduation. ANTHONY VASSAllO MILDRED VEGAJO ANNA VE1EIIA 294 South Eleventh Street "Jo", o thy, tweet girl, tome to Arts from South Eighth Street School. Although the hot mony friend , her closest ore Mory Ellen Terrezzo, Kathy Krokowiak, and Tokako Inoue. Moth of her time is spent roller-skating, ice. skating, or doting Bob Greco. Baseball, pizza, and mothemotict ore olio among her fovoritet. She ii active in the Sewing Club, the Typing Club, a golf club, and the Student Council. Jo it on admirer of Min Dovid ond Mr. Petile. After graduation the plant to enter the butinett world. MARIO VITAIIANO 198 Foirmount Avenue Mario come to Artj from Fourteenth Avenue School. He con utuolly be found in Joe's Condy Store with John Trufelot, Richard Goldberg, ond Joe Volenzo. Mario particularly odmiret Mr. Voller and Mr. long. He hot been octive on hit church botketboll and footboll teomi ond in the Boys' Club. He will always remember the student-teacher relationship at Arts. After graduation Morio hopes to attend Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Art to prepare for o career as on industrial designer. FRANCES VITUCCI 232 North Seventh Street Fran, a friendly, sincere young lody, come to Arts from Broadway Junior High. Margaret Giordano ond Vincent Ceglia ore omong her closest friends. Fran enjoys swimming, spaghetti. Dixieland jozz, and music dosses with Mr Petile ond Mr Tobio. She plays the flute in the Orchestra ond in the Band and has received a 8and letter for her octive participation. Fron will olwoys remember the concerts and the operatic productions. After graduation she will attend Katharine Gibbs School. MARILYN WARNER 140 North Twelfth Street Morilyn come to Arts from Central Avenue School. She has a wonderful tense of humor which she uses to odvonfage with her close friends, Peorl Werfel, Harriet Jocobson, ond Wendy Bucharest. Her mony school activities hove included the Scope, the Typing Club, ond the Junior Donee Committee. Pizzo, footboll, pointing, ond Peorl Buck ore among Marilyn's outside interests. Because she odmiret understanding teochers, Mrs. lozor ond Mist Dovid ore her favorites. After graduation the will teek employment os o typist. TYRONE WASHINGTON 73 Seventeenth Avenue "Ronnie" it on octive boy who hot o great love for jozz music, especially the work of John Coltrone ond Sonny Rollins. He likes to ploy botketboll with his friends Roy Street and Leslie Wolker. He hos won a Varsity letter as o member of the Basketball Team. When Tyrone fin-ithes high school, he will join the Novy to serve hit country. Afterwards, Tyrone will study music with hopes of becoming a jozz muticion. JO ANNA VELELIA MARIO VITAIIANO 80 FRANCES VITUCCI MARILYN WARNER TYRONE WASHINGTONHARRY WEBER II 3 Somerset Street HARRY WEBER LESLIE WINSCH PEARL WERFEl Horry, o likeoble chop, divides his time between osvocioting with his close friends Vernilo Smith, ond Edna Green Bey ond indulging in his favorite postime, doncing Outside of school, Harry seeks his pleasure in rocing cars. He belongs to o few associations that sponsor this octivity. His likes include Spanish foods, history, troek ond sweoters. Harry plons to attend the University of Pittsburgh to prepare for o career in the field of aerodynamics. PEARL WERFEL 578 South Thirteenth Street Peorl came to Arts from South Tenth Street School. She is on ort major who is usuolly found with her mony friends, Nancy Kocinski, Marilyn Warner, John Wilson ond Robert Greco. Her fovorite teachers ore Mr. Gom-moll ond Mr. Kappitatfer. Peorl, on active member of the $tu dent Council, Rod Cross, ond Typing Club, enjoys .bowling, sewing, rock ond roll, chocolate, ond lunch. After graduation, Peorl plans to attend o school for hostesses ond soon will be "flying high"'. LESLIE WINSCH 272 North EUrtnth Street Les came to Arts from First Avenue School. A very octive person in our physical education program, he is a member of the Track Team and the Swimming Team ond he has earned Varsity letters in both sports. He is also o member of the Math Club. Les con usuolly be found with a few of his friends, Anthony Zoleski. Arthur Coles, ond Ronnie Merk in Room 204 discussing the track meets He also enjoys listening to rock and roll, dancing, weoring sports clothes, ond eoting ham. Les plans to continue his education at New York University or Rutgers University. KATIE WYNN 55 Beacon Street Katie is a quiet girl who spends much of her time making her own clothes. She belongs to the Sewing Club and she olso participates in club activities at the YWCA. Her closest friends ore Jessie Berry and Carolyn Allen. The things thot Katie really enjoys ore reading adventure stories, doncing or listening to rock and roll, eoting corn, worthing football gomes ond attending English ond Spanish dosses. After graduation she will enter a professional school to train for a career as a fashion designer. ELIZABETH YANCY 17 Scheerer Avenue Lizzie", o cheerful fun loving girl, come to Arts from Elliott Street School. She especially likes the com pony of her good friends, Vivian Sanchez, Foye Dayton ond Richard Sheord. lizzie is o member of the leoders' Club, library Guild ond the Sewing Club. In her spare time she enjoys reading novels, wotching TV ond giving parties. After groduotion, lizzie will attend beauty culture school to prepare for o career os a beautician. ANTHONY ZAIESKI 127 North Eleventh Street Anthony, o good notured, conscientious student, come to Arts from Gorfield School. He spends most of his time with John Monstroski, Leslie Wintsch, and Nick lombordi. He enjoys dossical musk. Anthony is a faithful mem-ber of the Art Service Club ond the Track Teom. He is very fond of Arts High's foculty, especially Miss Howard. After graduation, he will ottend Rutgers University School of Phormocy. ROSEMARY VIRGINIA MICEll I Wokemon Avenue Rosy come to Arts from Arlington Avenue School She eon usually be found ot home or visiting Horleen Brooks or Sandro Wolf. Rosemary likes to donee, to read books by Pearl Buck, and to do oil paintings. She olso enjoys movies, fried shrimps, popular music, ond sports clothes. Rosy's favorite subject is olgebro. her favorite teachers are Mr. Steitel ond Miss Abot Rosemary is undecided os to whether she will attend nursing school or work ot a bonk clerk after graduation. 81 ELIZABETH YANCY ANTHONY ZAIESKICHARLESTON HOP Lovonno Sillord onchontt tho ovdionco at tho tingi "I'm Glod to Bo Sock Our Barborthop Balladiort, John Trulolot, Bobort Groco, Alvin Knight, Bichord Do Boxtro and Bobort Burnt, bring harmony (?) into Artt High. The Senior Class presented the Charleston Hop on Friday evening November 3, 1961. The highlights of the donee were the selections rendered by the barbershop quartet and the specialty dance executed by eight Varsity cheerleaders arrayed in gala costumes of the twenties. Mr. Tobia led the band in the ploying of the tunes from "the good old days." The refreshment room resembled a small cafe. There were candlestick centerpieces on all the fables. Later in the evening the crowd joined the quartet in a "sing along." Our charming choorloadon do I ho Chorloiton. 82Only their baibari know lor turel (Mr. Voller, Mr. Thomoi, Mr. Tobio, Mr. Scholler, Mr. Young, and Mr. Tog). The Faculty-Varsity Game and Dance, sponsored by the Varsity Club, is one of the most popular activities of the season. Held at Broadway Junior High School, tho game is an annual event enjoyed by all who attend. The Faculty, by some strange coincidence, always emerges victorious. This year's winning basket was tossed by that human dynamo, Mr. Tobia. After the game, the students dance to the music of our dance band. All in all, the evening is filled with fun and excitement. 86 Tho faculty wait for on opportunity. Evidently there's another boll in orbit.This is a bolt gomo, not a wrostling match. Mr. VoHorl Whot goal up MUST coma down! Bobby is hoping thot Allah will holp. Mr. Tobio gots onthosiostic "support" from his toammotos. Tho boys or giving Mr. Thomas a hard timo. 97SPORTSThe 1961 Baseball season proved to be quite successful since we won twelve of the seventeen games we played. We were rained out twice. Pat Pie-gari's pitching was at its best all season, and he was considered the most valuable man on the team. But it was the combined effort of all the team members that kept Arts out in front. Mr, Lang, our coach, was particularly pleased with the batting and with the fielding. One of the highlights of the season was the victory over Verona in the State Tournament, which was won by Richie Nebiolo's home run. We lost the state finals to Roselle. "Better walk this next man.' BASEBALL TEAM A grand tlamt STANDING, left to fight: Mr. long, David Boranowitz, Fronk Stored, Joe ChioHi, Joe Nemcckoy, Cyril Good, Richard Nebiolo, Rot»y Piegori. KNEELING: Baldetorio Abruzzo, Frank Patcale, Robert Contanio, loui SonGiovanni, Vincent DiGerlando, Aurelio Catalano, John Utley."Wo'r rtady, A you or !" "Don't grv up now, Btnnyf" SCOREBOARD A.H.S. Opp». 8 ST. CECELIA'S 3 5 BLOOMFIELD TECH 6 5 NEWARK TECH 1 7 EDISON TECH 0 4 IRVINGTON TECH 12 3 PINGRT 3 6 HARRISON 3 6 ST. MARY'S 4 6 EDISON TECH 5 10 NEWARK TECH 4 16 ST. PATRICK'S 0 5 BLOOMFIELD TECH 7 6 IRVINGTON TECH 1 11 BERGEN TECH 10 5 ST. PATRICK'S 3 o. , BASKETBALL TEAM STANDING. I ff »0 right: Jok Fonny. Roy Stroot. Konnofh Millor, A1 Cotoono R‘ch 'd Nebiolo, Robert Fith.r, Joe Tow . Ronold Strother . R.thord O Amoto. Mr. Voller. KNEELING. Tyrooo Woihington, captain. Arts High's basketball team ended its season sporting a record of 8 wins and 12 losses. This marked the third time in eleven seasons that Coach Voller's team has ended with less than a .500 soason. With only three veterans returning, it was expected that the Arts quintet would experience some difficulty. Inexperience and lack of real scoring punch were decisive factors in the campaign. In several games, however. Arts really looked well. Mr. Voller considered the second Harrison game that ended in a 55-50 victory for Arts as the 97 Will hie get the bell in rh bosket? Stay tuned 'till next week. "Thit it o botkefboll gome, not o wrestling match, Bobl"game the boys played best. Harrison had defeated Arts by 20 points in the first engagement. Determination, hustle, and good rebounding allowed Arts to beat a formidable opponent. Next season should also prove an interesting one as once again Arts must try to rebuild around lettermen Joe Towe and Ken Miller. All other men who earned letters this year, including Aurelio Catalano and Robert Fisher, will graduate in June. Tyrone Washington, Richie Nebiolo and Roy Street will leave a huge gap to be filled by a group of aspiring jayvees. Mr. V., Mr. V., thoy'ro picking on mol SCOREBOARD A.H.S. Opp. 57 ST. PATRICK'S 58 58 _ ST. MARY'S (J.C.) 73 46 GLEN RIDGE 5) 27 HARRISON 47 42 SACRED HEART 55 57 ORATORY PREP 29 66 EDISON TECH 47 64 BLOOMFIELD TECH 31 40 PINGRY 42 55 HARRISON 50 38 ... ST. MARY'S (Pal.) 57 64 IRVINGTON TECH 50 35 EDISON TECH 38 42 NEWARK TECH 68 44 IRVINGTON TECH 37 59 BLOOMFIELD TECH 40 43 ORATORY PREP 33 56 ST. PATRICK S (Eli .) 84 40 NEWARK TECH 68 40 PINGRY 70 Mr. Vollor administers a vorbol spanking to tomo of his "tool balls". 93SWIMMING TEAM Udie Winfich competes in o 200-yord freedyle ro ce. Georg Smuhlewych gelt excited over the race while Vinnie Corrodo and Andy Dulkewych tensely await the outcome. GRADUATING SENIORS. Left to right: Letlio Wintcch, Andrew Dulkewych Albert Birch, John Monitrotki, ond Robert Torr. FIRST ROW, left to right: John Motol, Gene Gibbo, Sol Ditto, George Smithkewych, John Monttroiki, Vernon Edwordt, Anthony Splendoro, Pot Klotx, Andy Dulkewych, (Co Captain), Paul Di Martino, Vincent Corrodo, Richard Korn. SECOND ROW Ihor Wynoreiuk. Robert Torr, Roieon Corroll, lonce Coper, Al 94 Birch (Co-Captoin), Gory Seamon, Guy Seomon, le»lie Winttch, Reginald Jenkint, Mr. Knobler.Albert Birch, Mr Knobler. and Andrew Dutkewych look at the record. Guy Seomon ttorlt o free ttyle relay. SWIMMING TEAM The Swimming Team, under the capable coaching of Mr. Knobler, is one of Art High's outstanding athletic teams. The boys spend many hours in training at Morris and Wilson Avenue Pools. The season, which runs from December to March, is full of practice sessions and school competitions. The climax of a season's hard work is the City Championship Meet in which all public high schools compete. 95 Albert Birch wotchei at Robert Torr execute! a turn.TRACK TEAM Wollmr Pay does hit version oI the "Iwitt". let he V intich. Horry Hines and Joke Fenney try fo beat the dock during o practice tettion ot Piverbank Park. Sir Lancelot it reody to chargeI FIRST ROW, sealed, left lo right: Quintord DeGenette, Donald Fio rito. Joke Fenney, Eric Stoket, Williom Jomes. Walter Roy, Spencer Robinton, Willie Stewort, and Mr. Victor Thomas, Coach. SECOND ROW: Mike Poglioro, Edward Eckert, Pool DiMortino, John Cole- man, Willie Worren. Charles McMonn, Anthony Vassalo, Robert Morgulski. THIRD ROW, seated: Leonard Lvdivic© FOURTH ROW, standing: Joseph Mouro, Rojean Carrol, Kenneth Mazey, Roy Street, Mathew Horton, Pot Splendoro, Leslie Wintsch, Horry Hines. TRACK TEAM 1962 will be a year of rebuilding for the Track Team. Last season we lost some of our top men, including Vladimir Pawlawski. However, six lettermen arc returning this year: Eric Stokes, hurdler; Roy Street, city chomp in pole vaulting; Walter Ray, city champ in high jump; Roy Byrd, javelin thrower; Harry Hines and Leslie Wintsch, middle distance runners. This year the Track Team has had the largest turnout in its history — 65 boys, of whom 30 are under 16 years of age. In a few years we hope that they will blossom into great track men. Upsy-doisyl Eric Sfofcti clears a hurdle. A mighty man is our Joe Mouro. 97VARSITY CLUB AND COACHES The Varsity Clut is composed of boys who have won Varsity letters in the school's athletic activities. Under the able direction of Mr. Steisel, the group sponsors the popular Faculty-Varsity Game and Dance and the after-school Volleyball Gome and Dance. One of the highlights of the club year is the Varsity Dinner attended by Dr. Seomster, Mrs. Geller, the coaches, the cheerleaders, and the athletes. The guest speaker, usually a college instructor or professor, speaks on the value of participation in an athletic program. Mr. Voller serves as toastmaster and keeps everyone smiling with his humorous jokes and his stories of the success of the teams. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Victor Thomas, Mr. Milton Knobler. Mr. John long. BACK ROW: Mr. George Steisel, Mr. George Voller. FIRST ROW, left to right- Tyrone Washington, Leslie Wintsch, Mr. long, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Voller, Mr. Steisel, Mr. Knobler, Reggie Jen-kins, Horry Hines. SECOND ROW: Gene Gibbo, Roy Street, Robert Torr. Ihor Wynorczuk, John Matol, Kenny Miller, Robert Cotonio. Charles Gaines, Rojton Carroll, lance Miller, Andy Dutkewych THIRD ROW; Gay Seaman, Vinnie Corrodo. Aurelio Catalano, Benny Abruzzo, Al Birch, Joe Towe, Vernon Edwords, Gory Seaman. FOURTH ROW: Richard Nebiolo, Eric Stokes, Walter Roy, Bob Fisher, Roy Byrd, Richard Goldberg. 98I CHEERING I SQUAD W Arts High's athletic teams have many times been cheered on to victory by the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheering squad members. Alert, happy, and full of charm, the girls sparkle with enthusiasm. Their colorful costumes and spirit-rousing cheers have been definite assets at our basketball games. Miss Ruth Abos is the squads' advisor. W 'r gonna Fight! Fight! FightI VARSITY SQUAD Gibbon , Linda CrowUy, Judy Mingucci. STANDING: Linda Poch- more, Kathy McCoy, Chorion Potterton, Elti Rinaldi, Pot Gaffga, SITTING, l ft to right: Joyc Yoblonkky, Jo Ann Knoki wkx, Gw«n Chrittine Cvmming . JUNIOR VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Aik To« y, Mory Ulintkl, Morgu rit PiKioMo, Mario la Rocco, Vivian King, Pol di G org , Jeanne Or (k , Pom. •la lr lond, Chri Coroggio, Mary Ann Rafon llo. J onn Com-bourn, Dion Cuidero, Carol Coroggio. 99a VIGNETTE l STAFF ART STAFF. SEATED, IcH to right: Won do lor«nc, Donno Mililo, Judy Min-gucci. STANDING: Mr. Knobler, Richi D Roxtro, Stev Bow r». Bobby Greco. LITERARY STAFF. SEATED, loft to right: Jeonnc Combourit, Gcroldinc Cohens, Mori Hording, Wendy Bucharest, loukia Moustakas, Margoret Kracmer. STANDING: Jo Ann Foy, Miss Abos, Diane Corel, Ann Hilser, Linda Crowley. To the Vignette Staff and its advisors the year book represents arduous work, serious thought, concentrated effort and many, many hours of time. The goal has been to compile a journal of the past four years at Arts — to seal within these pages those hours of study, achievement, satisfaction, and enjoyment for a lifetime of fond memories. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF. LEFT TO RIGHT Borbora Ulrich, Joyc Yobionicky, Miss Howard, Koli Wynn, Jessi B rry. 100C onxpli imem ARTISTS SUPPLY SERVICE 130 BRANFORD PLACE NEWARK 2, N. J. JOSTEN'S SCHOOL JEWELERS best wishes CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MR. MRS. G. L. BOWERS fELLOW CLASSMATES FAMILY HOMEROOM 219 BfST WISHES TO THE In Romtmbroneo lor SENIOR ClASS Of 1962 4 WONDERFUL YEARS MR. MRS. N. TIMPANARO HOMEROOM 207 BEST WISHES1 ANGELO SCIALFA, JR. FAMILY RALPH LUCY'S ITALIAN SAUSAGES and i il of luck to HOT DOGS Al. NICK. RICHIE Love - ANTONETTE 166 WARREN STREET NEWARK h( st of rjmlicl to the CL, of '62 SYLVA MAE STUDIOS 55 WILLIAM STREET NEWARK 7, N. J. FUND RAISING MERCHANDISE 102 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CONGRATULATIONS1 CLASS OF 1962 MR. MRS. A. TERREZZA ANTHONY GIORDANO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS Of JUNE '62 OUR FELLOW SENIORS DR. MRS. A. MERK HOMEROOM 204 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF HOMEROOM 215 JOHN C. JACKSON "Yablick's Yakkers" GROCERY • DELICATESSEN HOMEROOM 315 PETER TESSIE NOMOS SENDS BEST WISHES 551 HIGH ST., NEWARK, N. J. TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Ml 2-9054 Phone Mitchell 2 7396 EUGENE FURS KOHLER'S NICK COUGOUSIS TREASURE CHEST, INC. 547 HIGH STREET Opp. NEWARK Arto School NEWARK. N. J. cards - gifts BEST WISHES TO THE 489 ORANGE STREET GRADUATING CLASS NEWARK 7, N. J. HOMEROOM 213 HU 3-2718 Irma fithor, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS TO HOMEROOM 215 FENNEY'S LUNCHEONETTE HOMEROOM 320 BEST OF LUCKI BEST WISHES TO THE 92 12th AVENUE GRADUATING CLASS NEWARK, N. J. Complimtntt o 1 HOMEROOM 209 J. P. Penney, Jr. 103......Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. A your official photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era w ith photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread • the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. I his reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember • Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOT(XJI AI»HERS IN THE EAS'i 04

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