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class of june 1960 •o oAll words and phrases attempting to express our feelings seem inadequate compared to our sense of indebtedness and gratitude for the privilege of having the guidance of our four advisors, Miss Abos, Miss Howard, Mr. Kappstatter, and Mr. Knobler. However, we hope that this dedication will be in small measure, a symbol of our thanks.strationDR. FREDERICK C. SEAMSTER, Ph.D. Principal The prevailing harmony among teachers and students at Arts High School creates the proper atmosphere for learning. This atmosphere could be achieved and maintained only through the efforts of our excellent administrative staff: Dr. Seamster and Mrs. Geller. They have performed their duties with sincerity and thoroughness. Each has provided the proper guidance that is necessary for the growing minds of today's youth. As a result, both Dr. Seamster and Mrs. Geller have gained the confidence and rospect of every student. Their high ideals of character and scholarship will always be cherished by us and by future graduates. 4 BEATRICE G. GELLER, B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal"Am High School. Miss Ko«o spooking. Mo I holp you7" OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Zonot oxploins tho roulino lor iho distribution oI tho ottondonco shoots. Mr i. Rutledge end Thornes lembright dittutt t ho stole of hi t heelth. Mrs. Ven Scoyok diuuttes the results of fn now jersey Stole Employment Service Generel Aptitude Tost Bjttery with Ine Hoffman.70 ris B. Hupp B.S. Aft Omd JjrcwiU B.S.. W.A. English (Acting Chm.) Alice U. Keelinor bs.m.a. English Stella lass Pianist Bette Lux B.S..MA. Business Jotin Ling B.S.. M.A. Physical Education Sejsicur M. landsman BS..M A Aft (Chen.) Milton Kappstalter B.S., W B A Business and Sccui Studies Miltot Kuobier B.S.. M A A tStylish Mist Meyerton taught the best dressed merman of tha season: Mr. Clamurro. Everyone enjoys a turn on the floor. THE NIGHT OF THE NEREIDSII 8 u n I 0961HOMEROOM TEACHER CO o CO CLASS ADVISOR MISS RUTH MYERSON, B A. MathamaH ci Miss Mycrson, although somewhat conservative and sedate at times, is a fun-loving, easygoing person. Throughout our high school years she has helped to guide us along the road to success. Her patience and understanding have aided us greatly in times of doubt. Although engaged in many activities. Miss Myorson has never been too busy to take time out for one of her pupils. Her classes have always presented a challenge to every student. During her leisure time, sho enjoys playing tennis, going skiing or ice skating and reading mathematics for pleasure. Miss Myerson's sincerity and congenial personality have won her the respect and admiration of the entire student body. MR. JOSEPH REUTER. B.A. Latin Mr. Reuter is one of the teachers most closely associated with Arts High School. He handles his classes with skill and firmness. Current events, history and politics are among the many different subjects which he discusses in his classes. When he is not teaching Latin, Mr. Reuter can be found reading a good book, watching television or out in the country tak-ing a long hike. A thoughtful, friendly person with a keen sense of humor and bag full of witty sayings, he has gained the respect of every student. U1 co HOMEROOM TEACHER MR. SPINDLER, B.A., M.A. Art One of the first teachers a student becomes acquainted with upon entering Arts High is Mr. Spindler. One does not have to be assigned to Mr. Spindler's art classes; one needs only to encounter him in the corridors in order to develop a warm friendship with this man. He is always eager to communicate his ideas and experiences to the people with whom he associates. He is full of gay stories about his life in Europe. He has something in common with both art and music majors for he deeply loves both subjects. Mr. Spindler is a favorite among the students because he has a sincere desire to see that they are all happy in school. He makes an honest effort to help them to do their best scholastically. HOMEROOM TEACHER MISS EMILY KRUCK, B.A., M.A. History Miss Kruck is well known for her pleasant disposition and her daily history lest. Her encouragement and her advice have won her the respect and admiration of many. As a history teacher. Miss Kruck possesses an extraordinary knowledge of her subject and is satisfied only with perfection from her students. She is a teacher who understands her students and is patient in her handling of their problems. "To know her is to love her" is a phrase which characterises Miss Kruck, not only as a teacher, but also as a close friend of all her students. 12LOUISE YANNUZ2I 230 Jtfforton Street louitc it • member of the Scope Staff, the Student Council, the Opera Club, the Glee Club, and the National Honor Society. She it the proud holder of an A-pin. She hat terved at pretident of the Junior Clatt. Among her many frieridt are Sandra Wortky, Olga Tobie, and Lynne Maria. She it utually found on a date or at home reading a good book. Louite't favorite tubject it math and her favorite teach-art are Mitt Myerton, Mr. Morrit, end Mr. Clamurro. The teaching profettion it her goal and the may attend Douglatt College in preparation for it. EUGENE BRIAN GELDZILER 606 South Twelfth Street Among our athletic-minded young men it Gene who enjoyt horteback riding, twimming. bate-ball, and weightlifting. Betidet tportt. he it interetted in art and hat been a member of the Art Service Club for tome time. He it alto active in the Library Guild and the T Square and Triangle Club. Some of Genc't companiont are Neil Travitano, Lou Venturi, and Sheldon Saudert. At one time. Gene worked at a countelor in La Tuna Canyon, California. He enjoyed this experience very much. Hit future plant include entering the Air Force and attending Montclair State College. CAMILLE DEO 166 fatt Kinney Street Candy, who it an introvert at heart, it utually found "deep in thought." She it active in the Art Service Club, the Scope and the library Guild. She utet leiture time for twimming, dating, and having fun. She hat enjoyed being a cheerleader and hat appreciated particularly the friendlinett of her teammatet. Even though vivid orange it her favorite color, the favort toft dreamy mutic. Upon graduation, Camille hopet to attend Orange Memorial Hotpital School of Nurting. ADAM JOHN ZIOBRO 705 fhrs Avenue Adam came to Artt from South Eighth Street School. He it a boy with a great tente of humor. Adam liket twimming. bateball, betket-ba II, littening to jazz, and having fun. Hit clote friendt are Eddie and Ira, with whom he can utually be found. Hit favorite tubject it math but hit favorite teacher it Mr. Pickett. Adam hat been a member of the Band for two yoart and hat taken part in the opera pretentationt. 13 LASS OFFICERSWILLIAM JOSEPH BAILEY 542 Springfield Avenue William, who attended South Tenth Street S hool, made many friend when he came to Art High. Among them are Larry Ro-merez, Pat Abline and Baiba Plekt . Bill enjoyt painting, twimming, and dancing. He it a member of the Explorer Scout and hold a part-time job at an attendant at a City Service Ga» Station. Hi future plan contitt of ttaying tingle and joining the United State Army. He ha enjoyed many thing at Art but, above all, he liked the friendly ditputet between the teacher and ttudent . ANTHONY ALFANO 269 fsirmount Avenue Tony, the trumpet player, came to u from Fourteenth Avenue School. He it a member of the Choru and the Band. Some of hit cloteit friend at Art are Vincent Zannelli, John De Nardo, Larry De Patquale and Natalie Pugliete. Tony like Italian »ilk tuitt, hunting, rock V roll mutic and mott of all, girltl Hit favorite tubjec! it hittory; hi favorite teacher it Mr . Neut . Tony' plant for the future include attending Seton Hall Univertity and later joining the Marine . LESTER ALLEN BARNETT US Schley Street let, the boy with the extraordinary talent for loafing, came to Art from Bragaw Avenue School. He it active in tchool affair »uch a the Art Service Club, the Dance Club, and the Math Club and i a member of the National Honor Society. In hit junior year, let repretented Art at Boy ' Stale. He enjoyt Ruttian dancer . Odd type of mutic have a tpecial appeal for him. Very interacted in art, he would like to make it hi career and will attend either Pratt In-ttitute or Cooper Union. NADINA AILES 368 Dtyton Street Nadine, in addition to being a good academic ttudent, ha participated in many extracurricular activitie tuch at the Girl ' Glee Club, the Special Choru , and the library Guild. Her beautiful voice hat enabled her to be a member of the All-Stale Choru , al o. Dinnie't favorite pattime are liiten-ing to progretsive jazz and playing a tune on the piano. Although Nadina will mitt her teacher and friend at Art , the it looking forward to attending the Jertey City Medical Center School of Nurting. CLASS JUNE 14CAROLYN REGINA BAYREDER 548 Be monf Avenue Carolyn, • former student of Bergen Street School, is the ambitious type. She it a member of the Student Council, the Drama Club and the Typing Club. She also acts as secretary of the Junior Red Cross and as a reporter for the Scope. During her stay at Arts she's enjoyed most the relationship between teachers and students. According to Carolyn, "The teachers made it a pleasure to learn and to study." She wants to enter New York University to prepare for a career as a psychiatrist. ROBERT BRENNAN 231 Seymour Avenue Bobby's main interests are art and athletics. Basketball is his avocation and he can usually be found practicing on a basketball court. His favorite attire is sport clothes. He has been a member of the Track Team, Baseball Team, and the Vignette staff. He has served as captain of the Basketball Team and as secretary of the Varsity Club. Bobby is a good student whose favorite subject is mathematics. He is considering a career as an architect, a draftsman, or a physical education teacher. He has no immediate plans for the future but you can be sure he will succeed at whatever he attempts. HENRY BETHEA 39 B«rg»n Street Pipes, who loves music and sports, has been a member of the Orchestra, the Band, the Baseball Team and the Basketball Team. In school we usually find Henry in the auditorium with Richard Cretke and Cyril Good. He loves to wear Ivy league clothing. He especially likes the color red. Skating and movies occupy most of his leisure hours. Henry has especially enjoyed the gaiety and warmth of students and faculty. During the summer Henry works in the Post Office. He manages to maintain a good average in his studies and plans to attend New York University to become a musk teacher. OF 1960 FRED BRENNER 489 South Sixteenth Street Fred's interests range from galvanometers and oscillating waves to tenpins and gutter-balls. Besides being a radio amateur and a bowler, he is a collector of foreign coins. Fred, who came to Arts from Fifteenth Avenue School, has been a member of the Chess Club and the Band. His favorite sub-is music appreciation but his favorite teacher is Mr. Voder. He likes the color blue. He is usually found with Ira Kraemer, his best friend. After graduation he plans to enter the Air Force. ISJAMES CARBOY 232 Rout Ton Hanover, Now Jortoy Jimmy, a former student of South Eighth Street School, once worked pert-time at e musician. His hobbiet ere playing the saxo-phone end the flute. Hit extracurricular activities have included the Band, the Orchestra, and Math Club. When time permits, Jimmy likes to relax and meditate while listening to jazz. He is a special fan of Jerry Mulligan and Jean Shepherd. Bob Fleischman, Andy DelPreore, and Larry Martino are among his closest friends. Mathematics it his favorite subject and he would like to become an engineer. He expects to enter Newark College of Engineering. JANICE BROWN 193 Eppirt Street "Jan" came to us from Avon Avenue School. She usually can be found with Shir-ley Criss, Helmar Cooper or Ricky Oa Silva. During her spare time she takes long walks or fittens to good jazz music. Her favorite subject is history. She thinks all Arts High teachers are personally interested in the students. Janice has served as vice-president of the Drama Club and as a memcbr of the Student Council. She has enjoyed everything at Arts execpt math. After graduation she plans to study art at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art. CLASS JUNE LOIS DIANE BROWN 40 Dayton Street This blonde-haired, blue-eyed violinist is usually found talking on the telephone with her friends Dee Velotis or Kathy White. Lois's favorite color is blue and her oft' used expression is "Jeepersl" She is a member of the Orchestra, the Junior Red Cross, and the Typing Club. Going on dates end swimming occupy any time she can spare from her busy schedule. Lois has always enjoyed Arts High's concerts and operas in which she has been an active participant. She hopes to be a court stenographer. CHARLES CARRARA, JR. 2 Crescent lane Chuck, quiet and serious at times, enjoys his record collection, all types of books, and pizza with anchioves. A graduate of Branch Brook School, his favorite subjects have been history and English. His hobbies include collecting stamps, records and playing a good game of chess. At the movies, he enjoys horror films most. His fondest memories of Arts will be the entertaining musical programs because he likes all music from rock 'n' roll to classical. With college in view. Chuck plans to return for post graduate work to take additional courses in Spanish and mathematics. 16OF 1960 JUDITH CERVENKA 676 Sovth Twentieth Street Judy has made many friends but she it particularly fond of Margio Dubrow and Diane Becker. She has very few dislikes, but a long list of likes including expensive clothes, Broadway shows, tall boys, fine restaurants and most of all—a good argument. She is constantly analyzing people and this has led her to believe she would like to become a psychologist. Judy enjoys student activities and it a valuable member of the Student Council and the Drama Club. After graduation she plans to go to college to prepare for great success in her chosen field. THOMAS CARSON 161 Sovth Tenth Street Tom, a graduate of Branch Brook School, is interested in art and girls. He can usually be found at Bruce Roblez't house. Also among hit closest friendt are Bertha Taylor and Henry Bethea. His preference in clothing is the Bohemian style. He likes to listen to jazz during his spare moments. Tom has enjoyed hit math classes most but Mr. Rickenbacher is his favorite teacher. His after-school activities included the Typing Club, the Junior Red Cross, and the Library Guild. After graduation, Thomas plans to attend Seton Hall University or join the United Stales Marine Corps. SYLVIA JEAN CAVANESS 108 Center Terrece Syl, as she's called by her closest friends, first attended Eighteenth Avenue School, and then Dayton Street School, from which she was graduated. She is usually engaged in conversation with her friends, especially Billy James, Danny Dawson, Nadina Ailes, Elmira King, and Thomasina Skipper. Her favorite pastimes are roller skating, dancing, eating french fries, and looking at the Dick Clark Show. Sylvia likes rock 'n' roll, jazz, and red Bermudas. She plans to go to a business school after graduation, and later may attend a professional skating school before settling down as a housewife. WILENE CARTER 179 Sovth Eleventh Street Wilene's favorite pastimes are sketching, watching television, and talking on the telephone. She is a member of the Girb' Glee Club and the Cheering Squad, for which she received a letter. Although Wil-ene it an art major, the also enjoys all types of musk. She expects to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to become an illustrator in the commercial art field. The things Wilene will remember best about Arts High are the lunch periods and the friendliness of the teachers and students. 17GEORCIANNA CRIST 56 Rom Street This former graduate of Ann Street School is active in Junior Achievement and in the Photography Club. Georgianna it happiest during lunch periods, hittory daun. and vacation when the it utually found with Pat Splendora, Mary Verxi, and Barbara Gozynik. H r favorite tubject it hittory; her favorite teacher it Mitt Kruck. During dattet, the it often ditcovered with her thoet off. She frequently tayt, "I told you tol" At home the occupiet her time in reading, watching television, or taking care of her brother. Although undecided about her future, Georgianna hopet to travel around the world. SHIRLEY CRISS 99 Hunterdon Street Shirley, pertonable and petite, like to de-tign and tew her own dothei. Her favorite type of apparel it pleated tkitlt and thirl-waitt bloutet. Mott of her tpar moment are tpent in after tchool employment or in church choir performance . She hat alto managed to participate in the Typing Club, Junior Red Crot . and the Girl ' Glee Club activitiet. Her preference in mutic are the popular and claitical ttylei. She will al-way regard Mr. Petrie at her favorite teacner. Shirley' ambition it to attend Newark Slate College to become an elementary tchool teacher. JEANNETTE DORINE CROUSE 318 South Seventh Street Jeannette, our equeitrienne, came to Art from Robert Treat Junior High. Her favorite pattime it, of courte, hortet. Her conttan! companion are Judy Ghidella, Lillian Weit-man, Robert Cooney and Judy Bauer. In her tpare time Jeannette like collecting ttampi, taking picture , dating boy or going to the "little Corrale," a riding ttable. Her at Art her favorite tubject are art and math. She hat no definite career plant at pretent but what the decide on, w know the will do well. IRENE CICCONE 423 Kettigen Bouleverd Reani it a tweet, ambitious girl. She hat been a member of the Orchettra and lilt Mr. Petile at her favorite teacher. Irene came to Art High from Alexander Street School. After tchool the it employed at Mc-Crory't Five and Ten Cent Store. Her dreamt include a boy named Chichi . She' enjoyed just about everything at Art High. Sho intend to become a regittered nurte and will attend a nurting tchool but at yet hat not selected a specific tchool. CLASS JUNE 18JEROME DAVIS 178 Camden Sliool DELORES DAVIS 418 South Seventh Street Dte i» an active participant in the Junior Red Crow. Sewing Club. Girls' Glee Club, end Student Council activities. Among her favorite subjects ere Spanish end United States history; and Miss David was her 'le profesora favorila." Dee plays the pieno end likes to attend dances end parties, or spend « quiet evening et home listening to rocords. She hat made many friends et Arts. Among them ero Wilcne Carter, Barbara Street, end Linde Duncan. Her pet ambition is to become e nurse end she would like to attend oithor Howard University or Mart-land Medical Center School of Nursing. ANDREW JOSEPH DEL PREORE 133 Feirmount Avenue Andy, an outstanding student, represented Arts at Boys' State in his junior year. He has excelled in mathematics; hit favorite teacher is Miss Meyerson. A member of the National Honor Society, Andy has participated in many activities and has earned an A-pin. His leisure interests include stamp collecting, astronomy, and reading, not to mention baseball. His preference in drama it satire. Ambitious and hardworking, Andy wants to make a fortune and probably will. He plant to enter Lehigh University or Rutgers University. Jerry is one who wouldn't let a black cat cross his path because of hit superstitious-nest. He finds people vory interesting and likes all outdoor sports. Jerry is usually found at the Boys' Club. His favorite teacher at Arts it Mr. Potile, but hit favorite subject is biology. He likes the color green. Ivy league clothes, and listening to rock V roll records. Jerry hat enjoyed the many new friends he hat made here. He will join the United States Coast Guard and later hopes to become a postal clerk. OF 1960 LARRY DE PASQUALE 78 Certide Street Larry enjoys a wide variety of sports which include football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. One thing he absolutely detests is rock 'n' roll musk. Larry likes the color blue and prefers suits to slacks and sports jackets. He enjoys listening to progressive jazz or playing his saxophone. He is par-tkularly fond of his music courses. At Arts he has been a member of .the Spocial Chorus and has always enjoyed singing in Mr. Pickett's classes. He has also been a loyal member of the Band and the Orchestra. 19IINDA DUNCAN 57 £leventh Avenue "Little Bit " it • sincere person who hes won the admiration of many of her friend . She ■» usually found at home listening to the radio or reading a good book. Linda enjoys movies, parties, dancing, modern music, singing and the color brown. History and art are her favorite subjects and Mr. Morris is her favorite teacher. Before coming to Arts, she attended Robert Treat Junior High. Although she doesn't plan to obtain a college degree, Linda expect to enter a nurse training school. MARION DEUTSCHE 721 Sheriden Avenue Marion' hobbies include piano-playing, mathematics and writing. Her habit of combing her hair in geometry class has not hampered her mathematical abilities. She is president of the Math Club, Mr. Clammurro is her favorite teacher. Marion also participates in the activities of the Poetry Club, Art Service Club, and Chorus, and it a Scope reporter. She will attend college to major in math. The friendly attitude of the students and teacher will be among her fondest memories of Art High. CLASS JUNE ODIS REGINALD DOUGLASS 157 Thomas Street Reggie, an art major, likes playing basketball, watching television, and going to parties and dancing. His favorite subject is art but hi favorite teacher i Miss David. Reggie, a genuine Ivy Leaguer, can usually be found where there are girl . He enjoys listening to rock V roll or jazz. He is a great dancer and at parties he's always in demand as a dancing partner. Reggie plans to enter tho Air Force but beyond that hi plan are not certain. ROBERT JEFFREY ERBS 497 South Seventeenth Street Bob, although a city boy, enjoys the outdoor life—trees, fiieldt. and streams. Naturally. his favorite color are green and blue. He especially likes the sports of hunt-ing and fishing. However that does not mean that he' seeking girls to give them a line. Bob came to Art from Fifteenth Avenue School and i majoring in art. As yet, he i» undecided about his plans for the future. 20OF 1960 ROBERT FIEISCHMAN 5 Pomona Arenuc Fleisch's pot ambition it to travel. That'i why hit personal friendi, James Carboy, Andrew Del Prcore. and Barry Zacher call him "The Drifter." Bob lovet New York City and can often be found reading "The Village Voice." He engaget in many tportt, especially tennis. He it a member of the Math Club, the Varsity Club, and the Band. In hit spare moments. Bob likes to read or listen to jazz recordings. He is a special fan of John Coltrane, a jazz saxophonist. Bob says "Deep Purple" may not be hit favorite song but it's his favorite color. DOLORES EVANS 545 Bergen S reef Dolores came to Arts from Avon Avenue School. She can usually be found with Essie Grant, Jay Steals, and Saundra Rout. Dolores will always remember the fun she had in the music classes with Mr. Pickett and Mr. Pesile. Her hobbies are skating and music. She has shown her interest in music by being an active member of the choral groups Dolores has also been active in the Future Teachers of America and in the Student Council. Her ambition it to teach in the elementary school system after graduating from Seton Hall University. RICHARD FINALDI 308 South Seventh Street Richard is a quiet, sensible fellow with black curly hair and deep brown eyes. He came to Arts High from Saint Antoninus School. He has two hobbies: airplanes and girls. Richie also enjoys dancing and sports a great deal. Rock V roll and jazz are tops with him just as Mr. Spindler is. In the future Richard plans to join a branch of the Armed Forces, probably the Army. Upon leaving Arts High, ho will always remember the Arts High School dances. PHYLLIS FERRIGNO 224 Cemden Street Phyl's spare moments are devoted to dancing or art. She attends lippol School of Dancing and has displayed her talent in the variety shows. Her part-time job at Woolworth's has prevented her from par-ticipating in more extracurricular activities. Phyl has an opportunity to join the Junior Rockettes this year and will do so after graduation. To be a dancer at Radio City Music Hall has always been her pel ambition. In the future, she plans to study dramatics and perhaps become a dance instructor. The thing Phyl has enjoyed most at Arts has been the pleasant relationship between teachers and students. 21JUDITH ANN OHIDEUA 190 Ac ademy Street Judy it • lovable per ton, who likes to have fun with her friends. Her closest friends ere Josephine Graziano and Jeanette Croutt. She enjoys listening to rock V roll music and likes to dance. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. lazar, Mr. Pickett and Mr. Kapp-staffer. She likes skirts and blouses, the color blue, steno and her boyfriend Joe. She it usually at Elizabeth Squitieri's house. Her ambition it to get married and rear a fine family. MARY ANN CANCARZ 70 Kent Street Mary Ann it a tall and rather quiet girl. She enjoys experimenting with new hair do's. She is usually found in Helen's Candy Store with her friends Arlene Koval, Mary Raiback and Alice Patrick talking about her boy friend Tony. Her favorite periods are typing, art, and lunch. Upon leaving Arts, the will always remepiber her many friends in school and the wonderful relationship between the teachers and the students. DONALD GIANTOMASI 102 Garti'de Street Donald is the superstitious type and does things eighteen timet just for good luck. This leaves him very few spare moments to play cards or shoot a game of pool with his best pals, Larry De Pasquale and John De Nardo. Don enjoys swimming, horseback riding, collecting records, and playing the clarinet and saxophone. He it a member of the Rand and the Orchestra. The fine music here at Arts has inspired him with hopes of securing a position in that profession. Betides attending college, Don would like to see more of this country before settling down. CLASS BARBARA JEROME FUDGE 1971 McCirlir Highway Bab' it usually found with Cheryl Ford, Sylvia Robinson, Florian Jenkins, or Sydney Jackson. She is a very creative individual who enioyt dancing, painting, reading, and writing short stories with trick endings. She has been a member of the Girls' Glee Club and it on the staff of an independently published magazine. Barbara usually dresses in tailored clothes. For entertainment she enjoys plays, floor shows, movies, or poetry reading. She intends to go to Parson't School of Design or Pratt Institute and will probably become a fashion illustrator. JUNE 22BARBARA CLAIRE GOZYNIK 359 New York Avenue Barbara, our glamorous, long haired brown-ette, came to Arts from Ann Street School. Full of excitement, Barbara's pet ambition is to be an actress. She is an art major who loves to paint. Her outside activities include being a member of a neighborhood CYO, and serving as a vice-president of her Junior Achievement company. She can usually be found with her dose friends, Pat Splendora and Mary Verxi. Barbara's ambition is to be a success in the business world. BENNIE GRIER, JR. 97 Ludlow Street Bennie's best friends here at Arts High are Arnie Nash and Reggie Douglass. His favorite subjects are art, geometry, and gym. Of course lunch, too, always rates high on his list. He enjoys playing basketball. Whenever he has some leisure lime he goes to the gym or to the playground to practice shooting baskets. 8ennie works part-time painting signs. He also colors wedding pictures. Bennie likes the color brown. Ivy League clothings and rock 'n' roll music. His plans for the future are not certain yet. JOSEPHINE ANN GRAZIANO 81 Stone Street Josie, a good friend to have, can usually be teen with Olga Tobie, Carol Worrill or Pat Viniks. A prominent member of the Operetta Club and the Girls' Glee Club, she has also participated in Student Council affairs. Her special hobbies are piano playing, singing and reading. Everyone who saw our production of "Cavaleria Rusticana" will never forget Josie in the leading role. Her favorite class and teacher? Chorus with Mr. Pickett, neturelfyl Outstanding in her memories of Arts arc the rehearsals for the music programs. Josie would like to attend Jmilliard School of Music in preparation for an operatic career. OF 1960 ALEXANDRIA MARGARET GROKOWSKI 100 Colden Street Alexandria, a graduate of St. Philip's School, participates in the Typing Club, the Drama Club, and the Student Council activities. At home, she finds spare moments for dancing, tinging popular songs, and cooking. Her friends, Diane Guthrie and Helen Siubit, know her as "Alley Oop.'' Her pet ambition is to be a secretary. Naturally, typing and steno are the subjects she enjoys most. Mrs. lexer is her favorite teacher. Also among her plant for the future are marriage and a family. The dances and assembly programs will be some of her fondest memories of Arts. 23JOSEPH HEMBERGER 512 South Seventeenth St root Joe, although an art major, enjoys music and plays the accordion quite well. His favorito type of music is progressive jaw. He can usually be found wtih Nick Hyczko, although he spends some of his free time sketching. He also enjoys salt water fishing and rifle shooting. His favorite subject is history but he likes all the teachers. After graduation, he plans to attend an art college to that he can fulfill his life ambition of becoming a successful artist. Here at Arts, Joe has liked the friendly atmosphere and the art classes most. DIANE CAROL GUTHRIE 757 Broodwoy An aspiring writer, Diane also enjoys a good conversation. Her Scope contributions prove the former, while lunch times in the auditorium confirm the latter. A graduate of Broadway Junior High, she finds English a most stimulating subject. This versatile girl's hobbies are singing, dancing, reading, and drawing. Her close friends are Pat Mac-neski and Mickey Metivier. She's a rather quiet girl on the outside, but those who really know her have witnessed some of her wild pranks. A future writer or fashion designer, Diane hopes for a satisfying career. CHARLES N. HALL 16 Chester Avenue Charlie came to Arts from Eighteenth Avenue School. He belongs to the Newark Youth Council, the Junior Achievement and the Esquires Social Club Incorporated. He can usually be found at Betty's house. His best frionds arc Betty Harris and Sidney Lloyd. Mr. Lang is his favorite teacher. He likes to play ball with his friends or listen to weird, sounds of modern and progressive jazz. After graduation he will enter Newark School of Fine and Induitriel Art and hopes some day to become an art teacher. CLASS JUNE LLOYD MARTIN HENRY 43 Rose Street Lloyd, a well-rounded individual, attended Eighteenth Avenue School before coming to Arts. His hobby is exercising his mind and body. He has been a member of the Track and Basketball Teams, the T Square and Triangle Club, and has served as captain of the Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Although Robert Brennan, Reggie Douglass and Richard Chambers are among his closest friends, they constantly complain about his habit of tinging while walking. Lloyd enjoys doing portraits of his acquaintances. He would like to enter an art college, such as Cooper Union or Pratt Institute, after graduation. 24OF 1960 MIKOLAI HYCZKO 257 Sherman Avtnu Nick, a fallow who always trio to b« him-salf, it a membar of the Math Club, the Ceramics Club, the Swimming Team and the Track Team. He came to Art from Miller Street School. Nick' be»t friend are Ore»t Letkievi and Joe Hemberger. He enjoy loafing but he really work in science and art classes. He like popular music and Mr. Spindler's classes. His favorite sport is hunting. After graduation from college. Nick would like to go into the field of teaching. CAMERON HORNE 97 Bruce Street Cameron, a graduate of Wilson Avenue School, is a very wise fellow. His ambition is to get a good education and to prepare for a career as a social worker. A yet, he hasn't decided on a specific field. Camer-on's hobby is tape recording. He enjoys track and field activities and has worked earnestly toward a Varsity Letter. Besides completing his duties as a newsboy, Camer-on also spends his spare moments helping his father. Cameron and his best friend, Eddie Shelton, are planning to attend Howard University after graduation. VICTOR HUUACK 45 Fillmore Street Vic is a conscientious sort of follow who has been active in the Student Council and the Stage Crew. At present he is delivering papers to earn money to buy a gas station. Among his many friends are Neil Trevisano, Gene Geldciler and Louis Venturi. Hi favorite teacher is Mis Kruck. Most of all he has enjoyed the extracurricular activities here at Arts. He plans to attend Montclair State College. PAUL HORNIACEK 85 Mounternview P ace Paul came to Arts from Ivy Junior High School. Since he plans to become a singer, he enjoys listening to all kinds of music except modern jazz. During his leisure hour Paul also plays the organ. Much of his time has been devoted to the Operetta Club and the Special Chorus. He has demonstrated his ability to sing by playing a lead role in the opera, "Cavaleria Rusti-cane." Although fond of all the teachers, Paul rates Mr. Pickett as tops. Hit future plant include college. 25BRUCE JONES 775 Bargon Sfrttf Bruco it very artistically inclined. Although ho is an art major and his ambition is to enter the art field, he also enjoys music a great deal. We know this because he has sung in tho chorus and has played with a small instrumental group. Bruce has been a member of the Stage Crew, tho Varsity Club, and the Track Team. He holds a Letter for track. Bruce has had several part-timo jobs including one at Bamberger's Department Store and another at the Board of Education. During his spare lime he is usually found at home listening to his jazz records or tinkering with trains. Bruce plans to secure additional schooling and possibly enter the Air Force later. SIDNEY LEROY JACKSON 32 North Seventh Street "Duke-' camo to Arts from Sussex Avenue School. Ho loves to play tho role of the clown. Ho frequently wanders through the halls with Charles Hall, Ray Wheeler, Barbara Fudge and Dorothy Hamilton. His favorite color is groen; his favorite subject, chorus; his favorite teacher, Mr. Pickett. Sidney likes to sing and he plays the saxophone. He is fond of Ivy Lcaguo clothing, jazz and conversations with girls. He wants to join the Air Force and expects to take college courses during his government service. Sidney has enjoyed music classes most here at Arts. BYRNA JONES 276 Wovorly Avenue Byrna, who came to us from Dayton Street School, must have an executive air about her for everyone calls her 8.J. Swimming and playing the piano are included among her favorite hobbies. Byrna's many friends include Claudette Gatling, Linda Gatling, Barbara Street, and her boy friend, Charles Gatling. Byrna has been a very active mom-ber of the Junior Red Cross, the Typing Club, and the Opera Club. Her plans for the future include college and marriago. __________________________ CLASS LYNNE-GAY PATRICIA ILARIA 618 Clifton Avenue Lynne has the habit of talking in circles and is frequently heard declaring "You hafo mel" In her spare time, which is limited because of her membership in the Forum Club, the Art Service Club, and the Poetry Club, she often listens to tho recordings of Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis. She likes formal clothes and con-versefion with older people. In her sophomore year, Lynne was elected Deputy Mayor of the Student Council. She plans to attend Douglass College and hopes eventually to marry a wonderful, handsome, rich man. JUNE 26NANCY KARPINSKI 136 North Thirteenth Stroof Nancy it an art major who cam to us from Garfiold Grammar School. She enjoys the beach in tho summer and television in the winter. Her part-time job at Wool-worth's hasn't interfered with her extracurricular activities. She is a member of tho Pottery Club, the Art Service Club, the Scope and the Typing Club. After leaving Arts, Nancy plans to attend either an art school or Montclair State College. SYDNEY KELLOGG 90 Woodhrne Avenue Syd, as his friends call him, is an easygoing, amiable person. He came to Arts from Branch Brook School. His favorite subject is physics and his favorite teacher it Mr. Thomas. Roy Risley and Mike Mirabella are among his many friends. Sydney has been an active member of the Stage Crew and of the library Guild. He can usually be found in his own backyard “tinkering" with his car. Because of his keen interest in cars, Syd has decided to go into the automobile business. He plant to attend General Motors Institute in Detroit. PATRICIA KARWACKI 51 Chadwick Avenue Patty, though she is an art student, also enjoys singing. She baby-sits in her spare time to earn extra money. She enjoys watching television, eating potato chips, playing tennis, listening to the radio. Mr. Spindler ranks first with Pat. Her favorite subject is biology and her favorite color, blue. Pat enjoys tho friends she's made at Arts and will always remember the assemblies. Because her pet ambition is to be a laboratory technician, she'll attend Lyons Institute. OF 1960 ELMIRA JESSIE KING 95 Ridgewood Avenue “Cookie ' a tall girl with a ready smile, can be found most of the time with her friends, Rosetta Martin, Nadina Ailes, and Sylvia Cavencss. Elmira is an active member of the Girls' Glee Club, Special Chorus, tho Library Guild, and the Junior Leaguers Incorporated. In her spare time she baby sits or plays the piano. Although her future plans are not definite, Elmira will attend college. She will always remember her favorite teacher, Mr. Pickett and all the pleasurable moments she spent at Arts High. 27BETTE ANN KNOX 226 South Eighth Street Bette, one of Art» High's pretty cheerlead-ers, came to us from Fifteenth Avenue School. Among her closest friends ere Juanita Frank, Madelyn Donaldson, and Karen Eubanks. She can frequently be found at football or basketball games. She enjoys going to jazz concerts, hearing Latin American music, and talking on the phone Bette is fond of all the latest styles and invests almost all her money in clothes, particularly sportswear. It seems natural that she hopes someday to attend Barbizon School of Modeling to become a professional model. A CLASS JUNE DAGMARA KUBISCHKE 310 Brosdwey Dag lovos painting, skating, dancing, tennis and Greenwich Village. She hat many friends at Arts including Florence lizerman, Marion Deutsche, foggy Monahan, and Monica Warnquist. She is a member of the Ceramics Club, the Scope, and the Student Council. Dag works in the Diotary Department of Saint Michael's Hospital and finds her work very fascinating She has enjoyed the friendly relationships among Teachers and students and has been especially fond of Mr. Morris. Dagmara wants to become an art teacher. She will probably attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. ALICE KORZENKO 504 South Fifteenth Street "Al," as she is called by her friends, came to Arts High from Saint Stanislaus School. She hat been very active during her four years as a member of the Junior Red Cross, the Student Council, the Art Service Club, the Typing Club, the Math Club, and the Dance Club. Her favorite teachor hat been Mr. Reuter. She will always remember the interest the faculty took in the students' welfare and also the musical assembly programs. She hopes to accomplish something worth while after her graduation. Al plant to attend Scion Hall University or Cald-well College. EDWARD BERNARD KUCINSKI 473 South Thirteenth Street Eddie came to Arts from Fifteenth Avenue School. His favorite pastime is listening to his collection of jazz records; however, he also finds dating girls very entertaining. Once an accordionist, Eddie now plays the saxophone. Among his talents it singing which he particularly enjoys. Eddie can usually be found with hit pal, Adam Ziobra or surrounded by a flock of girls. During his stay at Arts, he has appreciated the music courses the most, especially his chorus classes. One of Eddie's ambitions it to attend Montclair State College where he plant to major in music. 28OF 1960 JOAN LOMBARDI 43 Warwick Street "Joani" our fruitrated oboitl, will alwayi be remembered (or her friendlineit. Pretty, intelligent and alwayi on the go, ii the bait description of this young lady. An A-pin holder and National Honor Society member, Joani alio finds time for the Library Guild, the Scope, Student Council and the Tri-Hi-Y, of which she it chaplain. She enjoyi biology, swimming, dancing, jazz and Mr. Pesile. After graduation, she will major in psychology at New York Uni-vanity. CAROL JOYCE KUPER 303 New York Avenue Carol's closest friends are Ronnie Walsh and Joseph Lanzara. Her hobbies are collecting records and attending movies. Miss Meyorson it Carol's favorite teacher. She enjoys moments of peace and does not like to worry about matters. Carol hat a wonderful sense of humor and a warm personality. She is found most often at home watching her baby sister. Her pet ambition is to own a brand-new Lincoln convertible. FLORENCE LIZERMAN 139 Nye Avenue Florence came to Arts High to further develop her talent in art. "Flo" can usually be found with Monica Warnquist, Dag-mara Kubitchke, and Peggy Monahan. She enjoys painting, photography, music, and Mr. Spindler, who is her favorite teacher. She has been a member of the Art Service Club, the Typing Club, and the Poetry Club. When not painting, Flo is usually absorbing atmosphere in Greenwich Village. She wears casual clothes. Her ambition is to become a successful artist. She would like to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. JOSEPH JOHN LANZARA 413 North Twelfth Street A graduate of Franklin Grammar School, "Shultzy" as he is known, is a quiet unassuming person. You can always hear Joe saying ' I hate people." He is an excellent student in art and in his spare timo can usually be found painting or absorbed in books. Joe enjoys movies, jazz, and sports clothes. His favorite color is black. Miss Meyerson is his favorite teacher. His close friends include Carol Kuper and Robert Brennan. Even though he has a busy schedule, Joe finds time for the Art Service Club and the Math Club. His ambition is to attend Pratt Institute to become a comnter-cial artist. 29PAT MACNESKI 300 Davit Avenue Harrison, New J»rt y Pet it a cheerful individual who enjoys ten-nit, chest, dancing and playing the piano. Sha lovat »o tew. Mrt. Hiller it her favorite teacher and blue her favorite color. Pat it a member of the Sawing Club and terved at tecretary of the Junior Claw. She can utually be found with Diane Guthrie, Alice Grokowtki or Victoria Banenk. Fond of clothet, Pat adoret pleated tkirtt and bulky knit tweatert. Her ambition it to become a fashion Illustrator to the'll attend Par-ton't School of Design in New York City. PHYLLIS MACULUSO 59 Hazelwood Avenue '’Mac," at her friends call her, enjoyt watching television and talking on the phone. Her favorite pastime is practicing the piano and her talent at a pianist has contributed much to Arts High't musical programs. Her favorite teacher it Mr. Petile. Mac loves math, so naturally her favorite subjects are algebra and geometry. Surprisingly enough, her ambition it to be a mathematician. She belongs to the National Honor Society and it a member of the Orchestra. Although she slaved over homework, she always found time for her friends. Upon leaving, she will remember the friendliness of the teachers at Arts. JOANNE MANNO 753 DoGi w Avenue Joanne, a former student of Broadway Junior High School, has been a member of the Junior Red Cross and the Typing Club. She considers doing homework a peculiar habit. She can utually be found at homo with her friends Jeanie Vivieni, Carolyn Bayreder, and Angela Mari. Joanne's favorite entertainment it listening to music, especially jazz. Among her favorite people it Mr. Spindler. The periods the likes best at Arts are lunch and art. Joanne enjoyt the operas and the other social gatherings. She plant to attend New York University. COLBY F. LONGLEY 27 Grace Center Brooklyn, New York "Bud,'' a handsome boy with a wonderful personality, came to Arts from Maplewood Junior High School. He It a boy who enjoyt taking life easy and likes anything that is new and different. Hit favorite hobbies are tinging and building. He hat displayed his musical talents to both the students and faculty at a member of the Special Chorut and of the All-Slate Chorut. In his spare time he can be found practicing his singing or dating girls. In the future Bud hopes to enter the theater where he can expect to make good use of hit musical and acting abilities. CLASS JUNE 30ANGELA MARI 70 Peck Aveni o Angi is a sweet. sparkling brown-eyed girl, who has a great variety of nicknames. They include Bunny, Fish, and Angel. She it usually found at Joanne's house with her best friends, Joanne Manno, Jeanette Viviani and Carolyn Bayreder, or at the shore, water skiing Angi has been a member of the Student Council, the Junior Red Cross, and the Scope, of which she is business manager. She enjoys music and has a particular liking for Frank Smatra, Johnny Mathis, and Van Cliburn. Her ambition is to become a nurse. Angi will attend either Upsala College or Clara Maas Hospital School of Nursing. LAWRENCE PAUL MARTINO 43 Webster Street This happy-go-lucky young man spends most of his time with his friends Pat Spino and Phyllis Macaluso. Larry is a faithful member of the Orchestra and has great admiration and respect for Mr. Pesile. Ho plays the clarinet, the saxophone and the piano. He thoroughly enjoys jazz, classical music, and playing at our school concerts. His favorite color is red. Ho loves to wear Ivy League clothes. Larry plans to attend Montclair State College to become a music teacher. Later he will join one of the Armed Forces. OF JOHN J. McEVOY 35 $ h»lk Street Although Johnny came to Arts in his senior year, his magnetic personality hat gained him many friends. His favorite subject it chorus. He hopes to sound a little like Frank Sinatra. Miss David and Mr. Pickett are two people ho greatly admires. When not with his girlfriond, Johnny can usually be found at the "Y" pool. He is well known for his swimming and diving ability. Constantly biting hit finger nails, he exclaims "I'm a nervous boyl" His favorite pastime is girls. He plant to join the Navy, to get rich quickly, and to date all the future Miss America winners. ROSETTA MARTIN 15 Pofnier Sfreef Rosetta, a quiet and unassuming girl, came to Arts from Miller Street School. In addition to serving with distinction at our Deputy Mayor, she has proven her vocal talent in the Operetta Club, the Girls' Glee Club and the All-State Chorus, of which she has been a member for two consecutive yeart. She also has found time for other extracurricular activities such as the Typing Club and the Cheering Squad and has earned an A-pin. Her ambition is to star in an opera at the Metropolitan. All of her friends here at Arts will be wishing her the very best success on opening night. 31MARY ANN METIVIER IS Grafton A venue Mackey, although a good liitener, hat a fondness (or talking. She it tmall in tleture but the hat a dynamic pertonality. Her many friendt include Alice Korzenko. Peggy Monahan, and Barbara lehlo. She St a graduato of Our lady of Good. Countel Grammar School. Mickey like! dating, jazz, and sporft clothet. Her favorite subject it hittory. She will remember the friendly, happy ttudents at Am alwayt. She works part-time in a cat and dog hospital to gain experience in her chosen career. She expects to become a veterinarian. CLASS JUNE ARNOLD WIUIAM NASH, JR. 332 Seymour Avenue Arnie, one of the most athletic boyt in school, plays basketball and baseball. He came to ut from South Eighth Street School. Here at Arts High, Arnie hat found hit Spanish classes most interesting. He likes to wear Ivy league clothing. In hit spare time he enjoys tinging with a group of hit friendt. Hit frequent companions are Reggie DougUti and Bennie Grier. Arnold's pet ambition it to grow another six inchet. He plans to go to college after service in the Armed Forces. MARGARET DOROTHY MONAHAN 399 Bergen Street Peggy's ambition it to attend St. Michael's Hospital School of Nursing to become another Florence Nightingale. Her patientt' hearts will beat as loud at the drum this Irish lass practices upon at St. Lucy's Drum and Bugle Corps. Peg, a graduate of Cleveland Junior High, also enjoys swimming, ice skating, dancing, and just plain daydreaming. She hat an unusual habit of putting ice cream in her coffee. One of Peggy's fondest memories of Arts High will alwayt be the assembly programs. WAITER HENRY NOURSE 145 Overlook Avenue Be evi e, New Jenny Walter came to Arts High in his junior year from Belleville High School. His hobbies include painting and raising tropical fish. He can usually be found with Gerald Martino, Julius Fuzia, Arthur Myers, Thomas Sherman or that certain, special girl. Walter's favorite pastime is relaxing. He is a member of the Ceramics Club. His favorite teachers include Miss Kruck and Miss Howard. His pet ambition is to become a biology teacher. He expects to enter tho Navy. 32OF 1960 RHONDA CHARIAINE PATTERSON 69 South Tenth Street Rhonda, who chimt the' the quiet typo, love to help people in almost any woy the can. She has been a member of a number of club including the Girl ' Glee Club, the Junior Red Crow, the Che»» Club, the Cheering Squad, the All-State Choru and the Student Council. Because of her service in the e group . Rhonda it the proud holder of an A-pin. Her favorite tubject it mutic and her favorite teacher it Mr, Pickett. After graduation the plant to attend Upsala College to ttudy ptychology. IINDA JO ANN OEIGESCHIAGER 537 Central Avenue Linda came to Art High from South Eighth Street School. She tpendt much of her tparo time practicing piano lettont. Thi account for the many award the ha received from the Griffith Mutic Foundation. She itill find time for the Junior Red Crott, tho Typing Club, and the Studont Council. Linda dote friend include Joan Lorn-bardi, Carole Wruble, and Pat Corbley. Her favorite teacher it Mr. Pickett. After graduation, the plan to attend Newark State College. ANNA OSBORNE 78 Perkhurtt Street Annie came to Art High School at a tenior. Thi explain her not being able to join in many of our extracurricular activities Ncverthelett we know he it an interetting personality. She enjoy dancing and like all kind of mutic. Chemiitry and thop were her favorite subject in the high school from which »hc came. Mr . Hiller ha been her favorite teacher here at Art . She enjoys eating, especially Italian and Chinese food . Annie ha high aspirations and would like to become either an X-ray technician or a nurse. Even though we've known her only a thorf time we know the will be successful in the career the select . DOLORES ANN O LASKEY dS Seventeenth Avenue Dee, Our dark-haired, dark-eyed little girl, can usually be teen wearing tlack or Jamaica , riding in hot rod or on motor-cycle . She alto like horteback riding. Dec it an art student. She hate profe ional jazz and sophisticated mutic but enjoy rock 'n' roll. She hat always looked forward to the lunch hours at Arts and she will mitt them greatly. Dolores work a a salesgirl in McCrory't to ihe's quite busy acquiring experience a well a financial return . She would like to attend Sami Michael' Hospital Nursing School, to prepare for a career at a registered nurse. 33BAIBA PLEKSS 575 High It nd A renut Baiba ■ a quiet likeable person. She has gained many friends through her willingness to work with others. Her interests vary from Bob Fleischman to painting. Active in extracurricular activities, Baiba is a member of the Scope staff, the Math Club, and the Poetry Club. She served as vice-president of her Junior Class. Her pet ambition is to be a philosopher. Baiba's plans include traveling and studying in Franco. A lover of the theatre, Greenwich Village, and English, she also enjoys Italian opera, and modern jazz. ALICE PETRICK 245 Rosevi fe Avenue Alice came to Arts High from Saint Stanislaus School. She made friends quickly and is especially fond of Dolores O'Laskey and Marie Franklin. This green eyed redhead has been nicknamed Al by her friends. She loves dancing to rock V roll music and riding in hot rods or on motorcycles. Her favorite type of clothing is slacks or Bermuda shorts. She is partial to geography as far as subject matter goes. After school Al finds time to work at a salesgirl at MeCrory't. While at Arts, the has enjoyed the lunch periods and the assemblies. Because the plans to become a beautician, Alice will attend Park Beauty School. SHIRLEY ANN POLLARD 67 South FHtoonth Street Shirley, a graduate of South Eighth Street School, can usually be found at home listening to records or doing tome sewing. She also plays the piano and makes dolls. Her friends, Wilene Carter and Karen Eubanks, know her as a congenial and co-operative person. Besides being an office worker and baby sitter, Shirley finds time to participate in the Glee Club, the Opera Club, and the Library Guild. Her plans for the future include attending UpsaU College and becoming a legal secretary. Shirley, who is deeply interested in music, enjoyed the concerts and operas most during her stay •t Arts. RUTH ELIZABETH PETERVARY 1355 H» mi lion Street Cliioboth, New Jersey Wofie, "an import," (as she calls herself) from Benedictine Academy is an adorable Ettle pixie who enjoys drawing portraits and playing the piano. Al home you usually find her walking the dog or napping. Her favorite subject is art but her favorite teacher is Mr. Steisel. She enjoys playing badminton, boating in a 50 horse power outboard, and listening to jazz. She loves history classes with Miss Kruck most at Arts High. Ruth plans to attend Montclair or Newark State College. CLASS JUNE 34DIANA POMERLEAU 108 Peck Avenue Di n , with her long, shiny pony-tail, likes to date, to be with her friends Lynne llaria and Stephanie Strelkauskas, or to deep. She is active in the Art Service Club, the Student Council, the Forum Club, and serves on the staffs of the Scope and the Vignette. She is the possessor of a coveted A-pin. This five foot four inch cheerleader is most comfortable in sports clothes, preferably green. Diane's favorite subjects are Spanish and geometry. Miss A bos and Miss David rate high on her list of favorito teachers. OF 1960 GARY DONALD QUIEN 20 Lexington Street Gary can usually be found with his best friends, Kenny Gregory, Joseph Rogers, and Larry De Patquale. He is a member of the Red Shield Boys' Club, where he enjoys playing baskatball and shooting pool. His favorite pastimes are fishing and attending sports events. While at Arts, Gary has enjoyed art most and considers Mr. Morris his favorite teacher. The assembly programs will always be among his fondest memories of this school. Gary's pel ambition is to travel and see the world, but he really wants to continue his education by attending Howard University. JOSEPH RIPIANZI 35 Manor Drive Besides spending a great deal of time with his girl, Joseph does some weightlifting and plays the trumpet. He enjoys listening to his record collection of modern jazz and instrumental music. Joe appreciates the classics too. He has served as a member of the Band and the Orchestra. Because he has decided to become a music teacher, Joseph would like to attend Montclair State College. He also plans to serve in the Navy after graduation. Joseph says he will always remember the many entertaining moments he spent with the girls during his stay at Arts. ELAINE PORTEE 563 Hunterdon Street This seemingly quiet girl often surprises the people who don't know her very well. As a result of her sparkling personality, she has many friends. Among them are Barbara Street, Delores Davies, Wilene Carter, Elsie Sanchez and Rosetta Martin. Being an art student, she did a great deal of work for the Christmas Fair. Elaine has also served as an usherette at many of our evening performances. She has been a faithful member of the Math Club, the Art Service Club, the Girls' Glee Club, the Scope and the Student Council. Her plans for the future include college and a career in teaching. 35ROY EDWARD RISLEY 450 Spring fold Avenue Roy it a well-liked perton. He it preti-dent of the T Square and Triangle Club and a member of the Junior Vartity 8ateball and Basketball Teami. Ho alwayi hat time for hit special girl and can usually be found at Linda's house. A member of an Explorer Pott, he liket the out-of-door life. He alto enjoyi working on can and eating good food. Roy't favorite teacher it Mist David. Hit pet ambition it to be a dancer. He hopes to attend Pratt Institute or to join the Air force. CLASS JUNE PETER ROSE 362 South Eighth Street Peter Rote came to Artt High from Fourteenth Avenue School. He usually can be found with Larry Martino, Barry Zachar, and Jimmy Carboy. Quiet but ambitious, Peter't great interett it music. The saxophone and the clarinet are two of the in-struments he plays. Peter it a member of both the Orchestra and the Band During hit leisure hours, he listens to proqretsivo jazz. Pete's favorite color it green. He enjoys being an individualist. Hit plans for the future include going to college to prepare for a career at a music teacher. CARLOS RODRIGUEZ 402 Wetf Market Street A graduate of South Eighth Street School, lito can frequently be found with Klaus Paul, litandro Soto, and Paul Horniacek. Born in Spain, he enjoyed the bull fightt there. He it a member of the Swimming Team, the Band, and the Chorus, lito't favorite teacher it Mr. Miturell. Hit musical choket are Latin American and Flamenco compositions. Swimming, records, and playing the guitar are hit hobbies. He gets a kick out of speaking Spanish to a non Spanish speaking person. Carlos plans to enter the Navy. Later he plans to study photography. HOWARD OWEN ROTH ROCK 54 North Munn Avenue Howie it a well-liked person who loves to work on cart. He can usually be found with Joyce Yablonicky, John Gonnello. Joe Ripianzi, and Kenny Nhom. Howie liket to listen to rock V roll and enjoys Mr. Maltese's English clattes. He it most comfortable in chinos and a lport thirt. Hit favorite color it light blue. He enjoys applying his artistic ability to its highest degree and would like to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. 36OF 1960 VICTOR SCAROIUI 377 South Seventh Street In hit spare moment!, Victor engages in such tporlt at fishing, hunting, and bowling. Ha especially enjoys basketball and hat baan a member of both tha Vanity and Junior Vanity batkatball Taarat. Vic alto findt time to work at a produce dark at King's Foodtown Supermarket. The good humor of Artt High's faculty (specifically Mr. landsman) will leave a mark not easily eradicated from hit memory. Alto among hit fond recollections will be tha enjoyable evenings ha tpent at the clast dances. Victor's plant for tha future are attending Parson's School of Design and serving in the Navy. ROBERT LAWRENCE SALGUEIRO 353 Lafayette Street "Bob," a friendly and happy-go lucky type of fellow, is always ready to put you in a cheery mood His clote friendt include Roy Ritley, Gene Geldxiler, lou Venturi, and a certain Joann. He enjoys collecting stamps and coins as well as dancing, reading, and listening to rock V roll. Bob has been a faithful member of the Junior Red Crost, the Math Club and the Typing Club. History is hit favorite subject; Mist David and Mr. Morris are his favorite teachers. He hopes to attend Montclair State College in the fell. SHELDON SAUDERS 100 Goodwin Avenue Sheldon came to Arts from Bergen Street School. He hat a wondorful tense of humor and alwayt enjoys a good joke. His afterschool activities include the Baseball and Swimming Teams, the Math Club, the Stage Crew, and the Vignette. Sheldon collects stamps, coins, and sea shells but enjoys girls best. His three closest friendt at Artt are Gene Geldxiler, Lou Venturi and Andy Del Preore. His favorite subject it mathematics. After obtaining a college degree, he plans to enter the field of engineering. JEROME SARAPOCHIELLO 365 Cleveland Avenue Hetbroucfc Heights, New Jersey Jerry it a good looking, happy-go-lucky fellow who likes the girls. Jerry enjoys harassing teachers, especially Mr. Voller. He hat developed a taste for modern Dixieland jaxx. His hobbies include swimming in the summer, retting in the winter, and painting all year round. He likes to watch television or listen to records. Jerry came to Arts from Franklin Junior High School. His ambition is to be a commercial artist. He will attend either Parsons School of Design or Pratt Institute and hopes to have a successful career. 37PATRICIA ANN SPLENDORA 261 fair mount Avenue Pel, who com to Art» High from Fourteenth Avonoo School, i» • friendly, quiet, and ambitious girl. $h likes to rood hittoricol novels, collect jozi records end donee. She con usually be found with her boy friend Richie or ot Joe's Condy Store where she often goes ofter school. Pot olso enjoys bowling on Fridoy or Saturday nights with her friends Dolores O'latkey, Mery Verzi, end Alice Patrick. Pot's favorite teachers Ot Arts ore the members of the Art Deportment. After graduation Pot would like to attend Montclair State College to become on art teacher. PASOUAIE J. SPINO 143 South Street "Thedcus," ot he is colled by most of his friends, come fo Arts from St. Columbus School. Although he has many friends, his closest ore lorry Martino end James Carboy. Pot doesn't find much spore time because of his membership in the Bond, the Orchestra, and the Opera Orchestra. He enjoys listening to jazz and particularly likes the classes of Mr, Posile and Mr. Tobia. His ambition it to be a music arranger. Thod's plans include attending either Montclair State College or the Manhattan School of Music. JAY MONTEITH STAATS. JR 135 Bank Street Jay, shy and intelligent, come to Arts High from Central Avenue School. He likes jazz, dancing, and history. His favorite color is blue. He enjoys playing golf and tennis; he also likes to wear sports clothes. Robert Mitchell, Dolores Evans, Reggie Clark and Albert Bush are his closest friends. His favorite teacher is Miss Howard. Although he does his school work, Joy especially likes his lunch hour. During hit leisure hours he con usually be found ot hit cousin's house. After graduation Jay hopes to attend New York University. He is also working on plant for hit own business. RONALD SPALL 381 South Orange Avenue Ronnie belongs to the Art Service Club, the Math Club, the Orchestra, and the Swimming Team. He does a great deal of work for his church serving in many of its organizations. Ronnie gets a kick out of drawing and building cart of the future. He enjoys classical music and good jazz and spends many enjoyable hours working in the Orchestra. He plant to be a commercial artist and will attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. CLASS JUNE 38BARBARA ANNE STREET 50 Seymour Avenue Bobbi love to ting and prove it by being a member of the Girl ' Glee Club, the Special Choru , and the Operetta Club, at well a the All-State Choru . You can utually Find her with Gene Black, Elaine Portoe, or Wileno Carter. During her tpare time, Bobbi enjoy tinging in her church choir or eating hot dog and drinking root boor. Arnold Nath and Reginald Douglatt find her quite a pe t during sixth period lunch. What Bobbi ha liked mo t about Art it the friendly relationihip between the teacher and the itudent . She plant to become a beautician and will attend Scott' School of Beauty Culture. HELEN SIUBUS 72 Seventeenth Avenue Helen, a friendly girl, i found every homeroom period in the office of Mr. Kappstat-ter where the performt many tervicet for the tchool. She it a graduate of St. Slanit-laut Grammar School. Helen hat participated in many extracurricular activitie including the Sewing Club, the Typing Club. Ceramic Club, Swimming Club and Glee Club. She hat alto taken part in the Student Council activitie . Helen hat enjoyed Mr. Kappttal-ter't clattet and alto Mr , larar' but moit of all »he'» always looked forward to her lunch period . Her pet ambition ha always been to become a member of the WAVES, but Rutger's School of Business it her main objective. OF BERTHA MAE TAYLOR 43 Tellinghett Street Bertha, known as Nkkie, i a tweet girl who admire Mr. Rickenbecher. You'll often find Bertha with Charlet Newton and Rotet-ta Martin or buying her utuel dough nut and milk every morning. She enjoy gum chewing, painting, singing, and dancing. Bertha belong to the Drama Club and to the Bowling Club. She love the color yellow and enjoy art tremendously. She it fond of everything but algebra at Arts High. Her future plant are not definite. She'd like a career in the art world or in the theater. STEPHANIE STRELKAUSKAS 35 Houston Street Steve, our hazel-eyed cheerleader, it a true individualist. She keep herself busy as vice-president of the Art Service Club, and at member of the Student Council, the Scope, tho Typing Club, the Forum Club and the Tri-Hi-Y. In her tpare time the like to write, to play fennit or to twim. Progret-tive jazz at well at the melodic tones of Frank Sinatra are indication of Stephanie' musical lattes. Her ambition it to work for the government. 39WILLIAM THOMAS 210 Thirteenth Avenue Billy can vtually be found talking on the telephone. One of his pastime , beside basketball, is dancing, especially with his girl Peggy. He also enjoys singing and is a member of a group known as the "Van Dykes.'' His preference in clothing is the continental style and light blue is his favorite color. Bill it captain of the Track Team and participates in the Varsity Club activities. Naturally, gym is hit favorite subject. Mr. Lang and Mr. Thomas are his favorite teachers. Bill will always remember the sports activities here at Arts. His plant for the future include becoming an automobile designer. CLASS JUNE NEIL TRAVISANO 4 Sheffield Drive Neil, our clean-cut American boy, came to Arts from Webster Junior High School. He has great faith in people, but considers anything romantic a lot of mush. He can usually be found with Gene Geldziler or Mr. Gom-moll. Nell has served as captain of the Swimming Team for the past two years and also is a member of the Stage Crew. In hit spare time, Neil works as a caddie. He will give anyone an argument who dares to say rag-time isn't the best music ever created. Neil has one great ambition: to become a successful artist. OLGA FRANCES TOBIE 342 Park Avenue Olga, cute and vivacious, loves to meet new people. She came to Arts from South Eighth Street School. Playing the piano, singing, and swimming are her hobbies. Olga hat been a member of the Student Council, the Girls' Glee Club and the Typing Club. In her tpare time she enjoys pizza, miniature golf, movies and television. Mr. Petile and Mr. Pickett are her favorite teachers. Olga plant to attend Berkeley Secretarial School upon graduation. The musical activities will always stand out in her memories of Arts. ROSALIE VARELA 94 Congress Street Rosalie, an alumna of Lafayette Street School, hat a delightful personality. She spreads sunshine even on cloudy days. Betides working for a publicity and advertising firm after school, Rosalie still finds time to participate in such activities as the Sewing Club and the Scope. Her favorite pastime it listening to her record collection of jazz and classical music. She plans to attend the latin-American Institute and would like a career in government service preferably in an American Embassy. 40LOUIS VENTURI 685 South Nineteenth Street The “Romeo" of the Senior Class has demonstrated hit athletic ability a a member of the Basketball Team and the Bate-ball Team. "Lou," at ho it called by hit friendt, hat served at vice president of the Varsity Club and hat received many Varsity Letters. Although hit interest lies in sports, he usually can be found watching television, listening to jazx, or sometimes painting pictures. Since his favorite subject it art, Mr. Gommoll is his favorite teacher, and Lou enjoys this class immensely. After graduation he plant to attend Montclair State College. JEANNETTE VIVIANI 469 North Seventh Street "Jeenie" has a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality. She belongs to the Typing Club and the Photography Club. Jeannette can usually be found with her closest friends, Joann Manno, Carole Bay-reder, and Angie Mari. She likes jazz and enjoys wearing crazy clothes. Her favorite pastimes are sketching, going to parties and talking. She frequently engages in discussions with the boys from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. Hor favorite color is powder blue. She enjoys the classes of Mr. Maltese and Mr. Gommoll. Her ambition is to attend the Wilfred Academy to become a beautician. Marriage will come later. PATRICIA ANN VINIKS 83 Brookdele Avenue Happy-go-lucky Pat can be serious when she's quiet but she'd rather talk. She is a member of the Art Service Club, and the Student Council, and it president of the Future Teachers of America. She loves to go walking through Greenwich Village. Pat it usually found with Richie or at home listening to show music or jazz. She enjoys wearing Bermuda shorts and sweaters. This outdoor girl's favorite sports are swimming and horseback riding. Pat would like to be a top notch industrial designer. Eventually she hopes to be married. 284 South Sixth Street “Marylou," one of the Mooleys and alto one of the shorties, is usually with her favorite companions, Pat Splendora, Georgi-anna Crist, or Irene Ciccone. She hat a unique habit of chewing on her pocket book straps. Mary likes bowling, skating, and dancing to her rock 'n' roll records. She belongs to several church clubs, too. Her secret ambition it to own a 1960 Impel a convertible, (powder blue). Mary plans to attend Berkeley's School to continue her secretarial studies. MARY VERZI 41MONICA WARNQUIST 380 Bloomfield Avene Monica it a gradual of First Avenue Street School. Although the it an art major, the enjoyt clattical mutic and rock V roll. She tpendt her leiture hourt twimming, watching television or littening to the radio. Her favorito color it blue; Mr. Pesile and Mr. Morrit arc her favorite teacher . Monica it an active member of the Orcheitra. She can often be found with Florence Lizerman and Marion Deuttch . She will attend Montclair State College to prepare for a teaching career. VERONICA MAUREEN WALSH 23 Komorn Street Ronnie came to Art High from Ann Street Grammar School. She it a member of the Typing Club, tho Student Council, and the Cheering Squad. When the it not talking or eating, you can find her with Carol Kuper, Jean Viviani, and lou Vonturi. Ronnie likes bowling and enjoyt woaring tportt clothes and collecting rock V roll and jazz records. She frequently goet to "Birdland." Her favorite subjects are history and art; her favorite teacher , Mr. Thomas and Mr. Gom-moll. Her dc ire are to go to Montclair or Newark State College and to own a Lincoln Continental convertible. KATHY WHITE 232 Alextndor Street Kathy, a graduate of Ivy Junior High, it a studious person. She it very congenial and hat mado many friends during her ttay at Artt. Among them are loit Brown and Dolores Vclotis. Kathy's leisure time it spent littening to her collection of classical records, reading, and sketching. She alto plays the cello in the Orcheitra. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Pesile and Mr. Landsman. Her future plan it to attend colloge to prepare for a career as a doctor. The thingt Kathy hat enjoyed mott are the friendly teachers and tho variety of aftcr-school activities. GLORIA JEAN WALLACE 105 Summer Avenue Gloria, a sincere end thoughtful person, came to Arts High from Webster Junior High. She is usually found with Rosetta Martin, Linda Gatling, or Arnold Nash. Her lovely singing voice has been heard at the variety shows. She it a member of the Girls' Glee Club, the Typing Club and the Student Council. Gloria enjoyt long phone conversations, T.V. and music. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Reuter. She will always fondly recall the concerts, oporas, and various places where the chorus has sung. She plans to attend Drake College. CLASS JUNE 42SANDRA WORSKY 188 Peer fit Street Sandy, always busy at something, has been a very industrious girl at Arts. Her Apin and National Honor Society membership prove this. Her extracurricular activities have included the Art Service Club, the Girls' Glee Club, and the Drama Club. Sandy has also rooted tho team on in her role as a cheerleader. Her hobbies include swimming, dancing, and playing the accordion. A homebody at heart, she still enjoys Broadway shows, ballads, and history. She has worked summers at the Hall of Records. She plans to attend college to become an elementary school teacher. Sandy is still undecided about her choice of school. BARRY ELLIOT ZACHAR I Me pet Avenue Barry, known as "Zach" for obvious reasons, came to Arts High from Peshine Avenue School. When he's not weighing studies, he's balancing trays in his role as a waiter during the summer months. Barry is concertmaster of the Orchestra, a member of the Math Club, the All-Stale Orchestra and the National Honor Society. He enjoys listening to the classics, jazz and Latin American music. He enjoys playing the violin or engaging in a game of chest. He plans to enter medical school to prepare for a career as a dentist. CAROL WRUBEL 91 Houston Street Ever since she entered Am, Carol has been a very busy student, busy with her studies and with extracurricular activities as well. She has served as president of the Art Service Club, has been a member of the Scope staff and the Student Council. She hat been awarded the A-pin for service rendered to the school. Carol makes friends easily because of her sincere personality and her warm, friendly smile. Some of her interests are listening to scores from Broadway shows, studying the French language, history and philosophy. Miss Kruck and Mr. Janowitz are two of her favorite teachers. Success is Carol's goal in life, and college is definitely included in her plans. OF 1960 VINCENT ZANNELLI 526 North filth Street Vinny is a graduate of South Eighth Street School. He likes listening to quiet rock 'n' roll, watching sports or studying history, his favorite subject. He likes to work with children and during the summer he devotes his time to the Brady Camp where he is employed as a counselor. He is a member of the Boys' Club. Vinny likes the friendly students and teachers in our tchool. He plans to join the Marines, but his main ambition is to own his own business. 43Home Room AROUND THE SCHOOL Class Room Corridor Study Hall CafeteriaMr. long and that musical farmers helped make lha tarn Donca a lively affair. "Patty caka, patty caka . . Promenade home. The smiling faces of Joanna laona, Mr. Morris and Dr. Saamstar graat ticket buyers. BARN DANCE "All join hands and circle ’round."Do pretty girls got in half price? John Forfeits, Judy Felipe, snd Gerry Nigro, members of the refreshment committee provide prompt service tor Natalie Pugliete end Ed Kolinski, Diene Bert os end Helen Che sek model the letest feshions lor evening. EVENING IN VENICE O-le-o-le-e-o-le-o-e-le-e-ol Judy Felipe sings "My Funny Valentine Paul Michaud commends the attention of the guests with a rendition of "My Teen Age Sweetheart That mutt be the boy with the convertible. 46IHOMEROOM TEACHER MISS GLADYS HOWARD, B.A., M.A. Art Miss Howard it on of the most cheerful and energetic teachers at Arts High. Her homeroom pupils and art students have come to know her as a sort of philosopher. She understands the problems of the younger generation and often passes on bits of wisdom to them. Through her encouragement, many have learned to employ their talents to the highest degree. Besides being dedicated to the subject she teaches. Miss Howard is alto advisor to the Photography staff of the Vignette. Working as a Nurses Aid for the Rod Cross and alto for the Essex County Blood Bank gives her great pleasure. ADVISORS HOMEROOM TEACHER - CLASS ADVISOR MR. ALLAN SHAPIRO, B.A., M.A. Hiitory As both homeroom teacher and class advisor, Mr. Shapiro has taken a deep interest in his students' progress. He has never been hesitant in aiding them to reach the apex of their present ambitions. A graduate of Seton Hall and New York University, Mr. Shapiro is well-versed in the subject he teaches and serves at an inspiration to his pupils to apply them-selves to their studies. The few spare moments that he has are spent in studying tropical fish and photography. 4BJUAQUINA C. FELIPE 71 Elm Roacf Flip came to Art via Ann Street School. Wjrm and easy-going, she hat many friends including Natalia Pugliata, Diana Bartos, Garry Nigro, Phyllit Moretti, and Joanna leone Mutkal and athlatic. Flip anjoyt television, radio, Sinatra, swimming, and bataball. Sha hat served at pratidant of the Junior Clan, hat been a loyal mambar of tha Chaaring Squad, and hat received a Latter Award. Sha likes tha color graan and tailored clothes. GEORGE PAUL PIEGARO 231 Sixth Avenue Pinky, dark and handtome, certainly hat a way with tha girlt. Ha came to Artt High from South Eighth Street School. An active member of the Band, he tpecialiiat in playing the drums. Hit part-time employment hat been at a window washer. Pinky'i many friends include Vinnia Zknnelli, Kenny Lancin and John Gonnello. Ha liket sports, clothes, girlt, movies, and jau. Hit favorite teacher it Mr. Clamurro. CLASS OFFICERS HELEN CHESEK 124 Wilton Avenue Tall, friendly, and intelligent aro wordt that bett describe Helen. "Oh, oh. I'm late againl" it her favorite expression. She it kept quite busy at home with one titter, eight brothers, and four turtles She liket crew-neck sweaters, Bermuda ihortt, and knee socks. Her hobbies include sketching, painting, and records—both jail and classical. She will always remember the wonderful sente of humor of most teachers at Arts. DIANE BARTOS 254 South Tonth Street "Dee" came to Ant from South Eighth Street School. She enjoys dances, club meetings, picnics, and swimming. She is a member of the Dramatics Club, the Vignette staff, the Girls' Glee Club, and the Opera Group. Dee's favorite costume includes Bermuda shorts and knee socks. She likes to make her own dresses. Friendly and fun-loving, her blue eyes light up when-ever she sees Butch. 49CAROL ANN BEHIER 155 South Eleventh Street Carol, a graduate of South Eighth Street School, it a hundred and one poundt of joy. She hat a habit of laughing too much, etpecially when the't with her friendt Artie Myers, Polly Kane, and Tommy Sherman. A participant in Junior Red Crott, and Drama and Craft Club activities. the ttill findt time to play tennit and to attend Broadway thowt. Englith it her favorite subject and becoming an Englith teacher it her pet ambition. The college of Carol's choice it Newark State College in Union. Among the thingt the enjoyt mot! at Artt are the variety thowt, operat, and other mutkal programt. DIANE BECKER 41 Mount Pletunt Avenue Becky" came to Artt from Broadway Junior High. A good all-around ttudent, the like! tailored clothet, hittorical novelt, Broadway muticalt. geometry, and Mr. Knobler. A great talker, the't usually teen chatting with Margie Dubrow, Judy Cervenka. and Judy Felipe. Among her many extracurricular activities are the Student Council and the Scope. Diane was vice-president of the Junior Class. Peppy and vivacious, the puts her energy to good use in dancing school. She will always remember the friendly students at Artt. Her future plant include college and marriage. JEAN BONAVITA 515 Seventh Avenue Jeannie, a girl with reddish hair, came to Artt from Sussex Avenue School. She admires people who drett well and liket to keep up with the latest ttyles. She plant to become a fashion illustrator. Her favorite teacher it Mr. Spindler; her favorite subject, art. Jean enjoyt listening to radio, watching T.V., going to the movies, bowling, and driving to the shore. Some of Jean's close friends are Millie Boutilier, Phyllis Moretti and Joseph De John. Upon graduation, she would like to attend an art school. MANFRED BOHMER 144 Broedwty Freddy, alias Maverick, it a friendly individual. His main interest it Brigitte Maier who lives In Germany. He came to the United States in 1951, but returned to hit native land for the 1958-59 school year. He hopes to return again some day to marry Brigitte. His other interests include listening to jazz, collecting records, playing the bongo drums, and working part-time at a gas station. He says he will always remember the pleasant relationship between the teachers and the students. He would like to attend the New York School of Mechanical Dentistry to become a dental technician. CLASS OF ■ 50MILDRED BOUTIUER 124 Third Street Mill! , a graduate of Sussex Avenue School, hat a tparkling pertonality. She can utually be found talking and joking with a group of people. Jean Bonavita and Phyllis Moretfi are among her closest friends. The expression she uses most often is “Good morning, everybody!" Millie's spare moments are occupied with dancing and listening to records. She likes her clothing styled in a simple manner, and prefers the shades of black and white. Millie, who is an art student, enjoyed that subject most during her stay at Arts. At yet, the is uncertain about her plant for the future. JOAN CIANCI 453 South Seventh Street JANUARY 1961 Joan it a quiet unassuming girl who enjoys being with her friends Jo Anne Manii, Dagmera Kubitche and Monica Warnquist. Joan came to Arts High from Fifteenth Avenue School. Her favorite expression is "One of these daysl" and you never can tell—she may be rightl She likes reading, auto rides, and Mr. Spindler. She hat been a member of the Typing Club and the Future Teachers of America. She has always enjoyed the friendly, helpful attitude of the teachers and students. Her ambitions are to become a teacher, to marry and rear a family—in that order. JUDITH ANN COSTABILE 131 Adsmt Street Judy, a graduate of Lafayette Street School, has a pleating personality. Sho is always ready to aid others and is a volunteer worker at a children's hospital. Judy alto does tome sketching and painting during her spare time. She prefers casual clothing and her favorite pastime it horseback riding. Judy has revealed that her pet ambition is to be a rancher. While at Arts, she has enjoyed United States history best of all. Mr. Shapiro is her favorite teacher. Judy will alto remember the concerts and other excellent assembly programs. Her plant for the future include taking a special course to prepare for a position as a medical secretary. PAMELA JOSEPHINE D'ALISE 75 fsabef a Avenue Pamela, an art major, came to Arts from Alexander Street School. She is a short, brown-haired girl with big. blue eyes. Pam enjoys reading, painting, high fashion, rock 'o' roll and the company of the opposite sex. In her spare time, she is a baby-sitter. Her favorite subject in school is United States history; her favorite teacher is Mr. Giordano. Her plan for tho future it to become an interior decorator. Later she hopes to marry. 51PAT DEUI SANTE 68 Dayfon Street Pat came to Arts in hi junior year from South Sid High School. Although a little quiet at first, ho hat now become an active member of hit clan. Naturally, like the rest of the male population he enjoys all form of tporf, especially bowling and fenni . Hi favorite subject are geometry and phytic . A member of the Band, he pleyt the trumpet and dig jazz. A truly ambitious person, Pat ha high hope of becoming a medical doctor but first he intend to serve in the Air Force. JOSEPH DE JOHN 546 South Twentieth Stroet "Do Jo" came to u» from South Eighth Street School. He i a friendly fellow whote dose friend include John Nigro, George Picgari, and Vincent Zannalli. Some of hit interest are car , rock V roll, baseball and basketball. Joe belong to a tinging group who call themselves the "Pageants." Hit favorite teacher S» Mr. Vo Her; his favorite subject is art. Upon graduation, Joe plans a career at a member of the Armed Force . CLASS OF MARGERY BETH DUBROW 270 Clinton P ece Margie, versatile and vivacious, ha more friend than you can count. Always buty and in much demand, the still finds time to join many dubs and is the proud owner of an A-pin. One of the greatest moments of her life came when the was elected Mayor of the student body. Possessing a beautiful voice, the hat taken part in several of our operas and it a member of the All-Stale Chorus. Mr. Pickett i her favorite teacher. Her ambition it to become a lawyer. ROBERT DE SALVO 299 South Sixth Street Bobby i a boy who is hardly ever seen in homeroom. You can usually find him in the cast room where he spends most of hit free time. He belongs to a band and plays with the group every week. They are known as the "Citations" and have played at some of our school dances. Bob it an able member of the Band and the Orchestra. He thinks lunch period is the best time of the day. Although he claims that his favorite pastime is girls, he does spend time with his boyfriends, too. Logically, with his musical ability, he hopes for a career as a drummer. 52FRANKLIN HENRY EPPS 210 Orange Strict Frankie it a fellow who possesses a dynamic person alityl He it always amusing friends and classmates with hit antict. Few of them ever tee hit serious tide, although we know he hat onel Frank attondt church almost every night. Hit favorite pattimet are tinging, eating and collecting recordings of spirituals. Art hat always been hit favorite subject. Frankie tayt the lunch periods and assembly programt will always be among hit fondest memories of Arts High School. After graduation he would like to attend an art school and perhaps become a cartoonist. KAREN ANN EUBANKS US Hillside Avenue JANUARY 1961 "Caty," a music student, always keeps in tunc with the latest fashions. She likes sheath dresses and has a habit of Ruffing her hair. Karen can usually be found at home practicing Latin.American dances with her boyfriend, Roy Crawford, or teaching part-time at a day nursery. While at Arts, she hat been a membor of the Cheering Squad, the Glee Club, and the Student Council. The thing Karen enjoyed most was getting to know everyone, especially Carol Ann Howard, Juanita Frank, and Bette Knox. In the future, she plans to attend Howard University. Her pet ambition is to become an airline hostess. RUSSELL FALSTROM 8 Summit Street "Russ" is the quiet, shy, good-looking type. He has participated in the Typing Club and the Radio Club activities. Russell is usually found at home reading, watching television, listening to music of all kinds or studying his favorite subject, history. Russell likes most of the teachers and has enjoyed their classes immensely. His fine art work will usually contain the color red, which is his favorite. "Russ" is a former graduate of Burnet Street School. His plans for the future include college. As to what one, he is at yet undecided. JOHN M. FERRIERA 100 Nepo eon Street John's pet ambition is to make a million friends. With his sunny disposition, he's apt to do just that. He is employed part-time at Port Newark but has participated in the Ceramics Club and Typing Club activities. A graduate of Wilson Avenue School, John is a member of the Ironbound Red Shield Boy ‘ Club. His hobbies are sculpturing, attending ttage plays and collecting antique silverware. He also has an album collection of musicals presented on Broadway. During his stay at Arts, he has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere the most. John's plans for the future include attending Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to become an interior decorator. S3JOHN CONNEUO 73 He er Parkway ' Speedy," as he i called by hi friend , i a musician at heart. John' favorite taying i "It iwing ." He i a member of the Band, the Orchetlre, and the Choru . When he i» not working in the gat ttetion, he it playing the trumpet or lifting weight . He love a good jazx tettion or a good musical. Hit favorite teachert are Mr. Petile and Mr. Tobia. Although hit immediate plan it to join the Marine Corpt, hit ambition it to be a profettional trumpet player. DAVID IAMONT GARRETT 342 Wetf Kinney Street Tall, dark, and handsome, Dave it alwayt smiling. Hi time it divided between hit girl friend Rebecca and hit tinging group of five boy . A graduate of Avon Avenue School and a mutk major, Dave has been chosen for membership in the All-State Chorus. In Ivy League clothes he favor the color brown and olive green. Hit idea of a good time it a really rockin' party. Dave also enjoy movie and television. He will remember homeroom period fondly. He want to become a profettional singer. RANDOLPH GRIFFIN. JR. 122 South Thirt—nth Street Thit talented piano-player, with a grin at wide at Liberace't, it known to hit friend at the Champ. Those special friend include Cameron Horne, Dave Garrett, Claudette Gatling and Bruce Jones. Hit favorite subject it music; Mr. Pickett and Mr. Petile are the teachert he like best. Champ can usually be found at home listening to jaxx or working part-time at the Good Deal Food Market. Although he enjoyed the girl most at Art , he declare he it a confirmed bachelor. After hit two year ttint in the Army, he would like to enter Florida Agricultural and Technical College. Hit pet ambition it to become a successful businessman. KENNETH R. GREGORY 480 Clifton Avenue Thit unusually handsome, quiet lad it a graduate of Hawkins Street School. Art it Kenny' favorite tub-ject. Hit hobbies include sketching and painting. He finds dancing enjoyable entertainment and alto spends tome spare moments at the Red Shield Boys' Club or just watching television at home. Robert Barra and John Edwards are among Kenny's best pals. Some of the things he' enjoyed most here are the art and lunch periods. Becoming a millionaire it hit pet ambition. Upon hit graduation from Arts, Kenneth plant to join the Navy. CLASS OF 54DIANA A. HAGEl 299 Summer Avenue "Di," a former student of Summer Avenue School, cen usually be found wherever there is fun. And where there's fun, there are a ho her belt friends: Diane Becker, Phyllis Moretti, and Joanne Leone. Thii easygoing lass loves to be outdoors and prefers the suburbs to the city. Her hobbies are ke skating and playing the piano. She has been a member of the Drama Club and the Studont Council. Diana's future plans include attending Montclair State College where she hopes to be an English major. DONALD HARRIS 59 Newark Street JANUARY 1961 Donald is a boy with great capabilities. Even though he is known as Shorty. Donald still made the Basketball Team. Playing ball is one of his favorite pastimes. Besides sports, working part-time at the lurkis Fur Company occupies some of his spare hours. Donald is also a talented art student and dancer. He finds art a most entertaining subject and admires Mr. Spind-ler both as a teacher and as an artist. He plans to prepare for a career in merchandising and retail trade. Don't pet ambition is to have a store of his own some day. LENWOOD JACKSON. JR. 233 South Eleventh Street Lenny is a boy who is liked by everyone who knows him. He has devoted much of his after-school time to such activities as Scope, the Radio Club, the Crafts Club, the Nuclear Physics Club, and the T Square and Triangle Club. Some of his hobbies are model air planet, painting and drawing. You will usually tee him with Otis Milton or Fred Johnson, With hit classical comment "Nothing to it," he simply whizzet through mechanical drawing and geometry which are hit favorite tubjects. After graduation he may enter Newark College of Engineering, but he hasn't made a final decision yet. JEWEL ELEASE JENKINS 79 Feirmount Avenue Jewel, a well-liked ltudent, is always ready with a helping hand when someone it in need of it- Here at Arts, she has been a member of the Typing Club, the Girls' Glee Club, and the Junior Red Cross of whkh she was the treasurer. Jewel is fond of taking part in panel discussions. During her spare tim she can be found either playing the piano or with a crowd of fun-loving people Since Jewel's ambition is to become a pharmacist, she plant to attend Rutgers School of Pharmacy. 55RICHARD E. KAFAF 352 Wai Mifl ! Sift Richie, humorous and easy-going, can often be teen with Kenny lencin, Andrew Zawacki, Gui Manning, and George Piegaro. He is an alumnus of South Eighth Street School. A member of the Baseball Team and the Stage Crew, Richie also enjoys tennis and basketball. He likes painting, eating, and attending movies. Hit musical tastes range from rock V roll to classical. Mr. Spindler is his favorite teacher; art and algebra, his favorite subjects. Richie will always remember the student-teacher relationship here at Arts. He plans to matriculate at Rutgers School of Pharmacy. FREDERICK JOHNSON 184 Orange Street Fred, a very likeable boy, has many friends including Ronald Parham, Lenny Butler end R. F. Wheeler. He loves to travel and enjoys reading about far off places which he plans to visit some day. This accounts for geography's being hi favorite subject. He believes in being active at all times. Usually Fred can be found at the Burnett Street School gym. He has a great interest in all athletics. He likes listening to progressive jazz while doing homework. With a promising talent in art, he plans a career in that field. But first, because of his desire to see the world, he is going to join the United States Marine Corps. EDWIN RONALD KOZINSKI 16 Spine r Strut Eddie, a tall, good looking boy, came to Arts from Alexander Street School. He enjoys bowling and was once a captain of a bowling league. In the afternoons, Eddie helps his father in the family bakery shop. His favorite subjects are mechanical drawing and art; his favorite entertainments are bowling and rock V roll music. Eddie's closest friends are Andy Zawacki and Kenneth Gregory. Eddie isn't sure whether he'll go to Pratt Institute or join the Navy, but we are certain he will succeed in whichever field he chooses. ■ PAULETTE KANE S66 South Eleventh Street Polly, because of a marvelous sense of humor, is liked by most everyone. Her close friends are Donald Sa-para, Carol Behler, and Joanne Scrifliano. When in one of her deep moods, Polly likes to listen to opera. Her favorite is "la ftoheme." Although not strictly the athletic type, she enjoys tennis, football, baseball, and submarine races. Her favorite color is yellow, because she feels it's very gay and happy. Among her favorite expressions is "You lie," which isn't to be taken literally. Even though marriage enters into her plans for the future, she would like to attend college and later to teach high school for a few years. CLASS OF 56KENNETH DAVID LANCIN 27 South Magnolie Street Kenny, one of tho most popular members of the claw, is a gradual© of Ablngloo Avenue School. He !» full of fun and humor and usually brightens homeroom periods. He has served as a member of the Stage Crew, the Operetta Club, the Junior Class Cabinet and also as treasurer of the Student Council. Kenny likes geometry and Ivy league clothes Among his many friends are Richard Kafaf, Gus Manning, and George Piegaro. His favorite teacher is Mr. Pickett. Kenny plans to attend Juilliard School of Music. His good looks and wonderful voice are sure to win him success in the musical field. JANUARY 1961 JOANNE LEONE 297 South Ninth Street A definite extrovert, Joanne enjoys being with people and discovering what makes them "tick." Her school activities include the Drama Club, the Student Council, and the Vignette. She has served as secretary of the Junior Class. Outside of school, Joanne belongs to a water ballet team and is president of the Tri-Hi-Y Club. "C'est la vie" sums up her philosophy. Summer usually finds her employed as a Y counselor for she loves children. She likes sports clothes, literature, dancing, camping, and all kinds of music. Joanne plant to attend one of the state colleges. GUS FRANK MANNING 16 Ludlow Street Gus is the quiet type. He came to Arts High from Dayton Street School. He has the exasperating habit of forgetting things. Usually he can be found with Richard Kafaf, Kenny Gregory, Andy Zawacki, Joe Rodriguer. Although the girls consider Gus cute, he would rather be with the fellows. He likes wild sport shirts and smart clothes and enjoys listening to music and records or watching T.V. He's particularly fond of the art courses here. His hobby is collecting guns. Gus has no immediate plans for a career but expects to enter the Navy soon. GWEN MEADOWS 122 South Fifteenth Street Gwen came to Arts from South Eighth Street School. She is a member of the Girls' Glee Club, the Junior Red Cross, the Opera Group, and the Typing Club. Gwen, who loves to make her own clothes, is a very fine seamstress. She never likes to be in crowds and is considered shy and quiet. She is a great jazz fan and particularly enjoys Amahal Jamahl, the jazz pianist. History is her favorite subject but she alto liked the gym classes here at Arts. Gwen wants to be either a beautician or a dress designer but hasn't reached a decision yet. 57PHYUIS R. MOREni 323 South Orange Avenue Dolly (tine to ut from Fourteenth Avenue School. She ha enjoyed her ert cowrie very much end het many friend with similar interetH. Bccaute he he a job •t Woohworth' , the het not participated in many extracurricular activitiei, but the it a loyal member of the library Guild. Outtide of tchool, you will probably find her littening to Frank Sinatra recording with her boyfriend Irv. After graduation the plant to ttudy commercial art, but hatn't decided on a tpacific tchool. OTIS MILTON 118 South Eleventh Street Otis it an amiable perton with real artittic ability. He came to Art from South Eighth Street School. He hat been an active member of the Nuclear Phytict Club, the Radio Club, the Ceramic Club, the Art and Craft Club, the Typing Club and the Scope. In hit leiture hour , he enjoy littening to the melodic toundt of dattkal mutic, modern and progrettive jazz. Oti want to continue hi education, but at yet he i undecided at to what tchool he will attend. GERRY NIGRO 442 Fifteenth Avenue Gerry, a graduate of Fourteenth Avenue School, it utually teen with her friend Natalie Pugliete, Judy Felipe, and Diane Bartot or with her boyfriend Richie. Alwayt on the go, the Tike to try new and different thing . In tchool the' a member of the Vignette ttaff and the Student Council; outtide of tchool the it active in the CYO, a bowling league, and in her church todality. In her leiture hour , Gerry enjoy twimming, driving, thopping, dating, or movie . The friendly relation between tludentt and teacher have im-pretted her moil during her four year here. Her future plant include a tecretarial career and marriage. m 'A i ss ARTHUR MYERS 475 South Tonth Street Porky, a regular fellow with a wonderful pertonality, make friend eatily. He it crazy about white buckt. iport clothe and the color red. He like operat and concerft. Art can utually be found to me where on Eleventh Street. He think Mr. Maltete it the greatest. Hit friend include Carol Bchler, Paulette Kane. T ho mat Sherman and Pat Corbley. He it ture he hat a terrible temper. Because hit ambition it to be a grammar tchool teacher or a math teacher, he plant to enter one of the ttate college . 58DENNIS WILLIAM PATRICCO 85 Pacific Sift Danny cine to Arts front Oliver Street School. This brown-eyed, not to quiet young men enjoys going to dencet. He likes rock V roll musk most because he finds it easy to dance to. Brown is Denny's favorite rotor end vou freauentlv He found his art classes with Mr. Spindler very inspiring. He would like to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to prepare for a career as a commercial artist. NATALIE PUGLIESE 336 Thirteenth Avenue JANUARY 1961 Pudgy arrived at Arts from Fourteenth Avenue School. She is usually found with Gerry and Nina Nigro and Judy Felipe. She has been a member of the Vignette staff, the Junior Class Cabinet, the YM YWCA, and her church sodality. Short and dark, Natalie enjoys the opposite sex and has a heavy date schedule. Frenk Sinatra. Johnny Mathis, movies, and souvenirs are her main interests. She has enjoyed everything at Arts but will especially remember Mr. Pickett's classes. She plans to attend Berkeley School to prepare for a secretarial career. JOAN L REED 30 Eckirt Avenue Joan is a happy, amiable girl with many interests among which is her record collection. When she's not home, she can usually be found at the nearest party. Joan enjoys rock 'n' roll and uncomplicated jazz music. An active member of the Student Council and Girls' Glee Club, she has been vice-president of the Junior Red Cross. She will remember Mr. Steisel fondly as the teacher most likely to catch her chewing gum. Joan is undecided about the future but as for the past, she feels that her years at Arts have been her happiest. SAUNDRA LESLIE ROUT 109 liftl ion Avenue Saundre, better known as Cookie to her friends, is a member of the Sewing Club, the Typing Club and the library Guild. She is a graduate of South Eighth Street School. Cookie has an unusual habit of twisting her hair around her finger. Her favorite type of music it jazz and the particularly enjoys Mr. Pesile's classes. She it usually found at home listening to records or talking on the phone. After graduation she would like to enter a nurses training school. 59PHILLIP RUDKO 742 Bergen Street Phillip is a quiet, serious-minded person who enjoys the finer things in life such as classical music, painting, and the best of literature. He has particularly enjoyed studying under Mr. Spindler. Phil is a member of the Library Guild and the Art Service Club. He may usually be found at home enjoying his hobbies which include classical music and his collection of old Edison records. His good friends are Stanley Friedman and Ira Kraemer. DONALD SAPARA 477 Eighteenth Avenue Donald is a friendly, dependable, likable chap who enjoys life and all its pleasures. He is usually found with Polly Kane, Carol Behler, Roy Risley, Arthur Myers and Dolores Velofis. Donald has participated in the Orchestra, the Chorus and class activities. He enjoys tennis, fishing, playing the violin and listening to classical music. He has enjoyed his fellow students, most of all in his years at Arts. JO ANNE SCRIFFIANO 363 South Eleventh Street Jo is a pretty, light-hearted girl who is fond of talking. She usually can be found at the YM-YWCA after school hours. Jo came from Fourteenth Avenue School. She loves to talk, draw, paint pictures at midnight and swim. Jo roams the halls with Barbara Stawicki and has the distinction of actually liking geometry. She is wild about anything in the color blue and thinks boys are really greatl Archery is another of her pursuits of which she has many. DELORES LOUISE VELOTIS 621 Sanford Avenue This happy wanderer can be found strolling through the halls of Arts with Lois Brown and Kathy White. When at home. Dee is usually on the phone talking to Bob. her steady beau. Her spare moments are occupied with dancing, swimming, roller skating, or collecting stamps. Her after-school activities include the Glee Club, the Vignette, and playing the violin in the Orchestra. Instrumental music is Dee's favorite subject and Mr. Pesile, her favorite teacher. ANDY D. ZAWACKI 107 Churth Terrace Andy cam to us from Dayton Street School. He has many friends here at Arts but you are most likely to see him with Mort Werner, Clair Carfl and Robert Turnbull. A smart dresser, he has to admit that clothes are his weakness. His favorite colors are red and black. Andy is often found practicing some sport, usually baseball or basketball. Mr. Spindler is his favorite teacher and as far as music goes, he thinks that jazz is tops. 60CHRISTMAS The Dead. "Be wise—Weeve yourself protection end disguise." The Unborn: "I'll wring the pleasure of the whole eerth dry, rule, not be ruled, givo burdens end not beer. And ell the world shell know thst I em II" 62Mr. Spindtor «ngjgct In conversation prospective customers. FAIR The Christmas Fair, a school-wide event, is presented annually at Arts High. It • always a memorable occasion for parantt, students, friends, and alumni. Besides being ona of th« largest fund raising projects. the fair gives members of the Art Department, the Music Department, and club groups an opportunity to work for a common cause. Their combined efforts produce such articles as paintings, aprons, jewelry, dolls, beanies, and other novelties. All these things, plus contributions from students, such as cakes and cookies, provide an interesting selection for purchasers. However, the most colorful and meaningful part of the entire affair is the presentation of the religious tableaux, with choral accompaniment under the direction of Mr. Pickett. For the first time this year, there was also a Christmas Sketch. "The Cloak," a morality play by Clifford Bax, was performed under the guidance of Mr. Maltese. The purpose of these vivid presentations is to depict the real meaning of Christmas. with a few f were only ikhl One two three. I choose thee!DANCE65HOMEROOM 113 Mr. Janowifz First row, left to right: Denim Woloch, Irvin Harris, Henry Satiak, Willie Warren, Robert Gray, Nick D'Amato, Pat Piegari, Pawl Giordano. Second row: Vincent Di Gerlando, Christine Sidwa, Georgina Alexander, Calvin McNair, Ulana Stanko, Anna Pawl, Madelyn Donaldson, Mary Benders, Brigette Mueller, Marion Herchner, Donna Seymour, Mr. Janowitz. Third row: Virginia Robertson, Alberta Kammel, Natalie Andransky, Leslie Blackman, Angela Migliorini, Marie Galasso, Mara Plekss, Patricia Netchel, Mai-cinia Edwards, Janet Thomason. JUNIORS HOMEROOM 304 Miss Duryea, Miss Kechner First row, left to right: Mist Duryea, Joseph Ncmeckay, Carl Erickson, Charles Dawson, David Rheubottom, Letter Wilson, John Utley. Second row: Bob! Dunlap, Junita Brodsky, Eva Rastaetter, John Smith, Gerard Martino, Anthony Gilday, Paula Gortki, Carol Frankovsky, Carol Linfante, Carol Kindler. Third row: Rosemarie Attanatio, Elaine Sepe, Mary Anne Desimone, Dorothy Hamilton, Mildred Whitaker, Patricia Hicks, Maxine Galanty, Mari-anne Stepanski, Giovanna Pecora.HOMEROOM 306 Mr. Gannon Finf row. left to fight: Linda Green. Theodora Yacik. Marion Schaeffer, Carol Opatkiewicx, Patricia Corbley, Dolores Tisdell, Edward Austin. Richard Chambers, Charles Pittman. Second row: Mr. Gannon, Marie Tutcle, Eugenia Volx, Rita Kropilak, Barbara Santoro, Benyonne lee. Ralph Giordano, lemar Whigham. Third row: Sara Napier, Rosalie Culotta, Patricia Melis, Janice Dilorenxo. JUNIORS ■fOMEROOM 319 Mr. A4orri First row, left to right: Mary Ann Priolo. Diane Cooper, Barbara Rudnicki, Linda Gatling, Carlotte Hamilton, Matilda Oppido, Arlene Cardinal , Martha Gardas. Second row: Vladimir Pawlowski, Vincent lusane, Joseph Neigel, Robert Cotugno, John Nigro, Leonard Ludovico, Patrick D'Amico. Robert Sulxer. Third row: Lynn Mercer, Regina lemaldi, Joan Schilere, Dorothy Pittman, Louise Krueger, Sophie Waclawsky, Linda Joy Punchatx. Viola dey llaria, Pamela Argiro, Ralph Giacobbe. Fmt row, left to right - Nathaniel Frazier. Edward Millar, Ralph Remondelli, Donald Ferguton; Stephan Regan, Alex Smithkewych, Alvah Harriton, Janet Michael Hatoff. Cyril Good. Richard Freda, John Kittelman, William Stewart, Kudrak, Francine Vitollo. Third row: Nancy Jackton, Joanne Richter. Linda John Veloto, Frank Stancel. Second row: Dahne Collint, Robert Votfo, Suarez, Frank Tola, Louit San Giovanni, Thomatina Skipper, Carolyn Slade, Patricia Jagentowiez, Thereta Spanoi, Joanne Carlucdo, Carolyn Henderton, Kathy Mochart, Rotalyn la Rue, Barbara Hutton.sophom 69HOMEROOM 207 Mn. Nwm Fir ! row, loft fo right: Mr . Nuett, George Brownlee, Eric Warnqui t, Harry Hinet, Lucille Joudrey, Sylvia Auilay, Harlene Brook , Joann Knaekiewici, Roy Str t, Tyron Wa hington. Second row: Richard Taylor, Jean Lomax, Cynthia Graham, Ralph Catanio, Anthony Vattallo, John Sarappa, Dolore Paratcando. Richrd Sheard, Margaret Kraemer. Third row France Vitucci, Joyce Brown, Mary Ann Dalo, Bonita Di Muro, John Teufel© , Beverly Jackton, Je ie Berry, Ronald Benton. SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 209 Mr. Ma feto Firtt row, left to right: Alphont Sierchio, Rona Greenfield, Vivian Sancher, Marilyn Manderville, Elijabeth Yancy, Waller Ray, Eric Stoke , Richard Nebiolo. Second row: Carolyn Holm , Mari Harding, Katie Wynn, Richard Bretnan, Andrew Outkewych, Gary Philhower, Roy Armellino, Arthur Cole . Mr. Maltete. Third row: Ruthie Burr. Judy Mingucci, Lamont Brittol, Joyce Chapman, Karen Berfet, Mar garotte Harriton, Alice Toffey.HOMEROOM 210 Mr. Giordtno First row, l«ft lo right: Margaret Giordano, Roth Corbett, Jo Anna Valalla, Sheila Rilay, Odell Simpton, Kathy Krakowtki, Wilma Jackson, Mary Elian Torrezza, Mr. Giordano. Second row: Christina Ruttomanno, Marilyn Martin, Eugena Sweeney, Robert Knight, Walter Schweikartt, John Stefan, Woody Shaw, Shirley Roney, Albert Birch. Third row: Mary Levant, Mildred Vega, Irene Gancerz. Grace Ann Oonphy, Dennis Da Palma, Wanda Lorenc, Lynn Rust, Robert Patquale. SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 215 Mr. Yabficfc First row, left to right: Edgar BarclifF, David Thomas, Joseph Valenza, Donald Fiorito, William Leighton, John Wilton, James Murray, Ronald Gaughan, Richard DcRoxtra. Second row: Judith Kuemmerle, Helen Kokinda, Gayle Patterson, Victoria Banatik, Michael McDaniel, Frank Giasullo, Michael luizza, Baldesario Abruzzo, William Radica, Leon Levant, Carolyn Jonas. Mr. Yablick. Third row: Emily Siubit, Harriet Jacobson, Deanna Corsi, Victoria Grohowtki, Dolores Gould, Doris Holloway, Mary Jean Kearney, Janice Stewart, Gwendolyn Gibbons.i mi 6 O oi--z !« 4 U w t C 2 = w " . "5 E .S -5 o I o3 Is I s | 5i om;i 1i it u « 2 5 :ij i i i' t V a E -g -' S s «:• .Si? t'iii »o f-is £« = J i i c Si 1 I-:.i'j| i c : i :s j ex cs nun a a. w £ i c 5L •i s -s o i .5 5 .5 9 •1 il| I0:S o 2 -f ° £ 11=] i fl| C , o ss “ 5.3 2 , e £ • S 0 - -O c ■ill13 e £ • w 5 ??rw ? Sls S i: x“ - 1-1 = •5 i 11 f JML %-U 5. “ jc » c » » t3= 5 s f ri ij s ,8»i JS ? O U « • j J 5 O ' U I 5-1 £ ? s a ! ?1S 351 = 5 5 o U a. c3|;» ifl ° a o o i s5. ! 1 1 |l|° •j 1 E •£ 2 “ 3 "c _ 1 «s5: j E -3 5J ?S — fl w 1 C iS? | f3J}3 • silt t nu si n Sl 1 | 2 S . 3 SO £is f-3 •I Accept your challenge!" says Turridv to Alfio (Paul Hornitcck L Santuxia plaads for help from Mamma Lvtia (Bohdanna Rycar). "May the Lord give you blessing. I must be going." says Lola (Carolina Thomas) to Turridu. OPERETTA CLUB The Operetta Club forms the nucleus for the vocal productions of the school. Membership in the club is limited to those who pass an audition given by Mr. Pickett, its director. All students, regardless of their major sequence are eligible for membership. However, members must show a real willingness to work since rehearsals are held twice weekly and more frequently before performances. Training and experience in singing leads, supporting chorus work, acting, costuming and stage techniques are integral parts of the club activities. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA In a Sicilian village, on Easier morning. Turridu i heard tinging a serenade to Lola, whom he wooed before serving in the Army, and returned to find married to Alfio. He turnt to San-tuna who loves him desperately, only to experience great jealousy as Turridu's love for Lola has not died. Santuzza, excommunicated, enters seeking Turridu at Mamma Lucia's dwelling, Alfio enters singing praises of his life at a carriage-maker. The peatants gather to sing, left alone, Santuiza confesses to Mamma Lucia her love for Turridu. Lucia, stunned, goes into church to pray. Turridu enters and it annoyed immediately by Santuzza's pleat to be faithful to her. Hit inclinations are obvious upon Lola's flirtatious entrance and exit. Turridu's striking of Santuzza causes her to reveal all to vengeful Alfio. Following the "Intermezzo," the peasants leave the church and join in a drinking song. Alfio't remarks to Turridu give cause for a duel. Soon a desperate cry is heard, "They've killed Turridu." Santuzza and Mamma Lucia succumb to grief. "May Hall s curse fall upon youl" says Santuzza (Jotaphina Grasiano) to Turridu (Kannalh lanrin). 73HOMEROOM 208 Mr. Knobfer Fir»l row, left to fight: Betty lou Sweeney, Margaret Jeffrey, Linda Zam-pino, Carolyn Alien, Peggy Robinton, Irene Hans, Carol Kretschmer, Mary Davit. Second row: Sebastian Siino, LeRoy Nath, Prudence Hall, Aaron Thomas, Robert Falttrom, David Soden, Ethel Duhart, Daniel Loehrt, James Robertello. Third row: Henry Antonelli, Genna Donnarumma, Julius 8cne bento, James Mcggiton, William Eitenman, Michael Kashinsky, Ronald Gtron. FRESHMEN HOMEROOM 220 Mf Hon F'Mt row loft to right: Wi||iAm Blende, Douglas Anderson, Joseph Katsoc Ralph Hoffman. Joseph Cioffi. Earl Wood, Charles McMahon. Geld Dav.d Minntch. Second row: Bob Si.rminski, Carol Jenkins, Carol Elliso Mary leskiw, Charlene Green, Carol Trinca. Kathleen Smith. Barbara Tekula, Card Roelke, Mr. Thomas. Third row: Diane Belewiex. David Shankt, Gloria Villares, Fay Drayton, Andrew Bella, Paul Di Martino, Ronald Petras, Muriel Brown.HOMEROOM 313 Mr , luir First row, left to right! Barbara Sierminski, Mkele Maziukiewkz, Bertha Parry, Anna Kraybig, Jaan Morollo, Rebecca Berlinrut, Barbara Ulrkh, Barnadina Spino, Patricia Murray. Joan Wotach. Second row: Gary Zenga, Toddy Glbfci. Mario Reballo, Phyllis Whita, David Bananowitz, Maxine Alston, Winn Solkint, Mika Priolo. Thoma Di Balia, Joa Gray. Third rowi Olga Rodriguez, Frad Foti, Robert Stanim, Doreen Nonnemecher, Ann Avilat, Paul Drabenuk, Joa Hoikar, Norman Hartsfield, Anna Janulit, Pat Gaffga, Lance Catpar, John Bortnyer. FRESHMEN HOMEROOM 330 Mr . HilUr First row, left to right: Roy Byrd, Robert Rosselot, Thoma lambright, Donna Thomas, JoAnn Minutoli, Patrick Klott, Ban D'Alessio, Arlindo Da Oliviara, laraine Parma , Christina Cummings, Karan Cicerale, Maurcan Sweeney, Carlana Warren, Richard Hartnett. Second row: Joseph Borg, Joseph Om- balsky, Anthony Splendora, Thomas Rizzo, Lorraine Sinkez, Diane Chinni, Joanna DiGiuseppe, Dolores Marmorate, Christine Corragio, Phyllis CiofFi. Mr . Hiller. Third row: Carolyn Corragio, Elsie Rinaldi, David Schusterman, Charlotte Patterson, Harvey Knox, Yvonne Speed, Eugene G bba, Etta Hermelin, Ronald Reddick, Grace Pinho.HOMEROOM 310 Mrs. Shapiro First row, loft to right: John Most, Cheryl© Stewart, Steve Rich, Harold Polk, Allan Pohlman, John S«pe, Oliver Newsome. James Condit. Second row: Barbara Triana, Carol Jackson, Margaret Hunter, Dennis O'Brien, Salvatore Ditta, Robert Votto, William Russo, William James, Merylou Siminos, Cathy Haschec, Mrs. Shapiro. Third row: John Coleman, Paulette Caselese, Elaina Loritts, Diane Cuider©, Sharon Jeffery, Vinnie Ceglia, Joyce Vender Gyze, Jeanne Orefice, Barbara Salzano, Barbara Bodnar, Joyce Bryant, Hazel Nixon. FRESHMENV -I'M 4 activiti 79Sotted, left »o right: Sendra Woraky, Carol Wrubel, Olga Tobie, Margery Dubrow. Standing: Rovetta Martin, Rhonda Patterton, Joan Lombardi, Lynne llaria, Louiie Yan-nuzxi, Diana Pomerleau. "A" PIN GROUP The "A" pin is a highly coveted award in Arts High. It is presented to deserving students by the Student Council. Candidates are selected for outstanding service over a number of terms in several activities or clubs. Those considered must be in their Junior year and have passed a minimum three major subjects the preceding term. Repeated offenses against school rules, such as cutting, during the current term, shall disbar the member. Sitting, loft to right: Pat Jagentowicz. Barbara Ulrich, Diana Pomerloau, Margoorito McDonald, Victoria Sana-lik, Dahno Collins, JoAnn Carloccio, Etta Harmolin, JoAnno Minutoli. Standing: Stephanie Strelkauskas, Usetta Pantano, Michael Galdi, Karen Ckerale, Michael Priolo. Dolores Marmorato, Jerry Sarapochiel-lo, Angela Albano, John Monstroski, Maureen Sweeney. Paul DiMartino. Linda Zampino, James Racioppi, Rebecca Bcrlinrut. ART SERVICE CLUB The main purpose of the Art Service Club is the service which the members render to the school and to the community during the year. Under the capable direction of Mr. Landsman, the club offers to the students opportunities for artistic advancement in the areas in which they are interested. Among other things, this group handles the bulletin board displays and posters for special events. Meetings are held at 8:00 A.M. in room 209 as the need arises.BAND The activities of our Band include parades, concerts, assembly programs and appearances at civic functions. Their conductor, Mr. Tobia is very proud of the students who give their time to make the Band's work inspiring. Letters are awarded to members at the end of the term. Many, too, have been accepted into the All-State Band. Anthony Alfa no, Henry Antonclli, Joe Borg, Fred Brenner, Roy Byrd, James Carboy, Aureilo Catalano, Pat Corbley, linda Crawley, Ben D'Alessio, Pat Dell! Santc, Larry De Pasquale, Robert De Salvo, Thomas Di Bella, Sigmund Dickouski, Salvatore Oitta, Donald Fiorito, Robert Fleischman, Andrew FreKO, Robert Garon, Donald Giantomati, Frank Giatullo, Eugene Gibba, Paul Giordano, Joseph Golmanavich, Etta Hermelin, Ann Hiiser, Harry Hines, Nick Jacangelo, Nancy Jackson, Wilma Jackson, Carolyn Jones, Joan Lombardi, Nick Lombardi, Larry Martino, Oliver Newsome, Frank Pascal , Vladamir Pawlowski, George Piegaro, Joe Ripianii, Erminio Romano, Peter Rose, Lynn Russ, Gary Rynar, Nick Sciarrillo, Richard Schneider, Walter Schweikardt, Robert Seirminski, Sebastian Siino, John Sepe, Robert SJonim, Pat Spino, Roy Street, Betty Lou Sweeney, Andrew Triandofilou, John Utley, Joe Valenxa, Frances Vitucci, Robert Votto. Michael Wright, Anthony Zaleski, Vincent Zannelli, Gary Zenga. left to right: Patricia Miles, Maxine Galanty, Dolores Tisdale, Carletta Hamilton, Angela Albano, Victoria Banasik, Marilyn Warner, Walter Nourse, BIOLOGY CLUB Wendy Bucharest, Mr. Thomas. The Biology Club recently organized, meets every Friday in room 220 under the direction of Mr. Thomas. It is valuable in helping students toward a better understanding of science. Interesting experiments provide added interest. The members of this club are preparing a museum for the benefit of the entire student body. •1CERAMICS CLUB Creativity is the key word in the Ceramics Club. Here, each student learns all the aspects of clay work. Those already familiar with work in clay have an opportunity to experiment with color glazes. Unselfishly they make many valuable contributions to the Christmas Fair. Under the supervision of Miss Hupp during the fall term and now under the direction of Mrs. Stiller, the club has produced many beautiful and decorative articles for their own and others enjoyment. The club membership is limited and weekly dues are used mainly for buying materials. Seated, left to right: Carol Jenkins, Dorothy hittmann, Anna Janulis, Giovanna Retort. Standing: John Mon-ttroski, Patrick Klotx. Michael Priolo, Victoria Banatik, Eugene Cibba, Gwen Wilton, Mitt Hupp, Jerome Sarapochiello, Alex Smithkewych, Vivian Sanchez. DRAMATIC WORKSHOP Under the capable direction of Mr. Maltese the Dramatic Workshop has been busy training budding actors and actresses. Members learn stage terminology, covements, and voice production. A professional actor has spoken to the group on the many different phases of the professional theatre. A thrilling rendition of "The Cloak" presented for the Christmas Pageant, demonstrated to the appreciative audience that our dramatists take their work seriously and can do a remarkably fine job when called upon to perform. first row, seatea on Moor, loft to right: Holon Chesek, Christina Runomenno Standing: Ruth Poforvary, Joanno loono, Etta Herme-lin, Lorraine Sinkoz. Second row: Betty Jean Evant, Pamela Ireland, Bertha Taylor, Anna Aviles, Christine Cummings, Christine Corraggio, Carolyn Corraggio, Joanne Knakiewicz, Mr. Maltese. Third row: Carol Jenkins, Elsie Rinaldi, Pat Geffga, Diane Bartos, Angela Albano, Dorothy Pittman, Richard Sheard.Fir»t row, left to right: Mery Ellen Terrene, Belly Kearney, Diene Corii, Anne Hiller, Mr. Miiurell. Second row: Kenneth lencin, Siephenie Strolkauikai, Joen Cianel, Jody Betor, Pet Vinikt. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Tho F.T.A. is composed of students who intend to enter the teaching profession. They study activities related to education, take trips to teachers colleges and listen to lectures by outstanding teachers. High scholarship is the prime requisite for membership and the club enjoys national recognition in that it is sponsored by the National Education Association. Mr. Misurell is tho faculty advisor for the group. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Membership in the Girls' Glee Club is open to all girls who enjoy singing and who can assume all the responsibilities of performing artists. With Mrs. Shapiro as director rehearsals are always lively and melodious. The members perform at concerts and for assembly programs. Many of the girls are members of tho All-State Chorus. Seated, left to fight: Dorothy Hamilton, Janico Stewart, Gwen Gibbom, Mr». Shapiro. Second row: Donna Seymour, Angela Migliorini, Thomaiina Skipper, Victoria Grohowjky, Harriet Jacobion, Beverly Jackton, Sophie Waclowiky, Shirley Pollard, Linda Duncan, Elaine Sepe, Jewel Jenkins, Wilenc Carter, Allio Jefforson, Francine Vitfolla, Shirley Criss. Third row: Bobi Dunlap, Elmira King, Gcnina Boyd, Mildred Whitaker, Mariol Brown, Cynthia Graham, Delorei Davit, Brenda Dawson, Carol Frankovtky.Seated, loft to fight: Janice Stewart, Marion Herckner, Linda Oelgctchlager, Grace Pinho, Maxine Galanty, Carolyn Dopf, Wendy Bucharett. Standing: Patricia Netchol, Phyllit Cioffi, Gloria Wallace, Doloret Davit, Mildred Vega, Thomatina Skipper, Lucille Joudrey, Robert Margul-vka, Natalie Andrantky, Rotaiyn Hatpiel, Kathy Krakowiak. Alice Patrick, Shirley Critt, Angela Albano, Sophie Wac-low»ky. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross has been in existence since the school was founded. Its purpose is to serve those less fortunate and to help those who cannot help themselves. The club members make Easter baskets for children in hospitals, holiday party favors for nurseries, and articles for veterans' institutions. All students are members of the Junior Red Cross. They are invited to attend the meetings on Monday after-noons in room 318. LIBRARY GUILD The members of the Library Guild spend their study, free periods, or after school hours working in the library. Tho training provides cultural background and is of real value to those interested1 in becoming librarians. Supervised by Miss Yuker they care for tho books and receive and charge material to pupils. Pins are presented to the best workers. Sealed, left to right: Mil Yuder, Ina Hoffman, Eugenia Voir, Sophie Wawclowtky, Donna Seymour, Camille Deo, Elmira King. Mildred Whitaker. Standing: Edward Eckert, Ettie Grant, Ulana Stanko, Vivian Sanchor, Lydia Oltrow ka. Grace Dunphy, Philip Rudko, Caroline Jonet, Pat Corb-ley, Janet Kudrak, Ann HiUer, Tamara Gol, Mary Lotkiw. 84MATH CLUB The Math Club meets every Wednesday with Miss Ruth Meyerson as faculty advisor. Six months of high school math is the only membership requirement. Activities include special student reports, puzzles, recreational mathematics, and biographical sketches of famous mathematicians and scientists. Once a year the club takes a trip to Montclair State College for their Math Visitation Day. First row, left to right: Mitt Meyerton, Marion Deutsche, Linda Punchatz, Andy Del Preoro. Second row: Neil Cerangelo. Sheldon Saunders, Maxine Ga-lenfy, Roy Byrd, Margery Dujirow, Joseph lanzara, Robert Mergultki, Lester Barnett, Elaine Portee. ORCHESTRA Under the supervision of Mr. Pesile the Arts High School Orchestra has distinguished itself as an unusually fine group with a city-wide reputation. Thoso students have performed in many assembly programs, concerts and operas. A high percentage of its members are invited to participate in the All-City and the All-State Orchestras. Henry Bethea, Lois Brown, James Carboy, Auroilo Catalano, Karen Cicarala, Irene Ciccone, Phyllis CiofK, Pat Dell! Santa, Larry De Patquale, Robert De Salvo, Andrew Fresco, Maxine Galanfy, Donald Giantomati, Joe Golmanavich, John Gonnello. Cynthia Graham, Charlecn Green, Marie Harding, Ann Hilser, Wilma Jackson, Lucille Jourdrey. Joan Lombardi, Phyllis Macaluso, Larry Martino, Richard Meyer, Jo Ann Minuloli, Frank Pascale, Charlotte Patterson, Vladamir Pawlowski, Pat Piegari, Joe Ripien-zi, Carol Roelike, Peter Rose, Lynn Rust. Donald Sapara. Richard Schneider, Walter Schweikardt, Nick Sciarillo, Robert Slonim. Ronald Spall, Pat Spino, Janice Stewart, Maureen Sweeney, Donna Thomas, Joe Valenza, Joyce Vender Gyze, Dolores Velotis, Frances Vitucci, Eugenia Volz, Monica Warnquist, Kathy White, Joyce Yablonicky. Berry Zacher, Vincent Zannelll. BSleft to right: Vivian Sanchez, Joann Manzi, Joanne Vel-lela, Diane Cooper, Pat Macneski, Carolyn Jonet, Carolyn Holme , Mm. Hiller, Carol Kindler, Jean Kearney, Kathy Krakowiak, Betty Kearney. SEWING CLUB This enthusiastic group of would-be-fashion designers meets every Tuesday afternoon from 2:40 to 3:30 in Room 320 with their advisor Mrs. Hiller. They learn how to design as woll as sow clothing. The girls make valuable contributions to the Christmas Fair and enjoy making things for those less fortunate. One of the highlights of the club was a shopping trip to Now York's Greon-wich Village and a tour of the Christmas exhibitions. 86 SCOPE Symbol of student achievement, the Scope has faithfully reported the news through the years. The busy group of students who devote their after school hours to its publication are rewarded by the journalistic experience they acquire. Guided by Mr. Janowitz and Mr. Maltese, the newspapermen-to-be learn how to run a newspaper and have a lot of fun doing it. left to right: letter Barnett, Pat Corbley, Janice Brown, Pat Hick , Carletta Hamilton, Mr. Janowitz, Diane Cor»i, Etta Hermelin, Maxine Galanty.SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was reorganized with the name of "Adele." The name "Adele" originates from Association of the Study of Foreign Languages (Asociacidn dc Estudio dc Lenguas Extran-jeras). The purpose of the club is to learn to converse and to enjoy songs, dances and folk ways of the Romantic countries. No language background is necessary for membership. Last year the club had a Pinata Party for Christmas, visited a few museums, saw the Jose Greco dance troupe, and learned Spanish songs and participated in Spanish dances. The club meets once a week on Mondays under the guidance of Miss David in room 204. First row, loft to right; Wendy Bucharest, Cary Zenga, Diane Coni, Rotalic Varela, Paula Gorski, Ed Austin, Pat Timpanaro, Pat Hicks. Second row: Betty Kearney, Janice Stewart, Eugene Gibba, Barbara Bogdanowicz, Barbara Street, Joyce Yablon-icky, Charles Rodriguez, Gwen Gibbons, Beatrix Bote. Third row: Richard Kafaf, Carletta Hamilton, Charles Dawson, Charles Pittman, lemar Whigham, Gail Fontaine. Fourth row: Joann Manzi, Ursala Garcia, Elita Caldwell, Jean Kearney, Carol Kindler, Brenda Dawson, Judy Cervenka. First row, lett to right: Robert Pasqualo, James Recioppi. Second row: Michael Priolo, Konneth Lancin, Robert Burns. Third row: Dennis Dc Palma, Philip Rudko, Ray Salvage. Standing: Mr. Misurell. STAGE CREW The Stage Crew members, under Mr. Misurell's direction, help during most assembly programs, many club activities and occasionally during class periods. Besides having charge of stage lighting, scenery, sound effects and other equipment, members handle all motion picture machines, record players and other visual aids. Freshmen serve an apprenticeship and become members if they meet character and efficiency requirements. The Stage Crew members willingly give their after-school hours during variety shows, Christmas programs, opera rehearsals and performances. 87Fir»t row, left to right: Mr. Morri . Kenneth lancin, Rotelfa Martin, Margery Dubrow, Carletta Hamilton, Mr , longley. S . ond row: Mary Davi . Pat Gaflga, Dolor Marmorefo, Elaine Sepe, Viola-dey Maria, Joanne Leone, liietta Pantana, Janice Brown, Barbara Appling. Third row. Pat Vinik , Jo epbine Grazi-ano, Judy Bator, Diane 8erto . Joyce Yablonicky. Ronald Merk, Donna Seymour, Pat Hick , Richard Sheard. Fourth row: Patricia Corbiey, Francln Vitollo, Victoria Banitik, Barbara Bogdanowitz, Diane Beckor, Judy Corvenka, Richard Kafaf, Joyce Chapman, Peggy Robinton. Fifth row: le ter Barnett, Donna Milito, John Bower, David Rheubottom, Robert Moore, Ronald Danny. Joan Reed, Dolotot Davit, Barbara Street, Gail Fontaine. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the governing body of the school. If promotes co operation among students and enables them to obtain experience in democratic citizenship. Members are chosen to represent the homerooms and clubs. Each has the opportunity to voice his opinion on school problems and improvements in student government. The council supervises after-school activities and plans the variety shows, dances, and the semi-annual New Student Orientation. The Student Council is headed by a mayor and deputy mayor who are elected once a year by the entire student.body. This year, Mrs. Gladys Longley and Mr. Leonard Morris are co-advisors. GIRLS' SWIMMING CLUB The Girls' Swimming Club was organized this year under the supervision of Mrs. Lazar. It is limited to a membership of 20 girls who meet once a week from March until June at the Morris Avenue Pool. Its main purpose is to cooperate in advancing girls sports in all the high schools of our city. Firtt row. Ml to right: Judy Kummerly, Bonita DiMuro, Victoria Banatik, Matilda Oppido, Arlene Cardinal, Maryanne Priolo, Pamela Argiro, Patricia Corbiey, Patricia Donnelly, Patricia Jagen-towicz. Seated: Barbara Stawicki. 88T-SQUARE AND TRIANGLE CLUB Under the supervision of Mr. Gannon, the T-Square and Triangle Club meets every Wednesday afternoon in the shop. The members' learn, among other things, how to read blueprints and how to make architectural drawings to scale. New methods in architecture are studied and models of houses and bridges are made. The club affords its members the opportunity to broaden their architectural experiences as well as to work with a group of students with serious architectural goals. Standing, left to right: Robert Rottelot, Mr. Gannon, Ronald Reddick. Fir»t row, acrott: David Schuctorman, Ralph Hoffman, Eugene Gibba, Joe Katiock. Second row: Mario Robello, Carl Hotkint, Sebastian Siino. Third row: James McQuilkin, James Racioppi. First row, seated, left to right: Linda Duncan, Alice Grohowski, Doris Holloway, Violette Moscone. Thomasina Skipper, Sophie Wadawsky, Betty Kearney, Rat Corbley. Second row: Gayle Patterson, Dolores Davis, Odell Simpton, Dahne Collins, Gwen Gibbons, Barbara Street, Barbara Stawicki, Diane Cooper, Carolyn Slade. Carolyn Henderson, Pamela Argiro, Gail Fontaine, Joan Cianci, Marion Shaffer, Ruth Corbett, Rosetta Martin, Pearl Werfel. Nadina Ailes. Dolores Parascando. Third row: Kathy Hochart, Sandra Newman, Joan Manxi, Patricia Donnelly. Jeannette Hill, Joanne Velella, Kathy Krakowiak, Me’y Ellen Terrezze, Barbara Hutson. TYPING CLUB The Typing Club was founded by Mrs. Lazar. Members meet every Wednesday in room 315 to practice drills so necessary to increasing their technical skill. They also enjoy typing mystery games and pictures as well as papers, letters, etc. The membership is limited because of the number of machines available, but all students with at least one term of typing may apply for membership. 89Phil Nicadro holdt Ihe American flog at Mr. Patila eon duett tha o parting oxercises. one or the highest positions of esteem that a student can attain is membership in the National Honor Society. Students are chosen by a faculty committee to represent our school in this organization. They must be members of the junior or senior class and possess the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. They are in- Linda Joy Punehatz it turpritad at Louiie Yannuzzi laadt har down tha aitla of honor. ducted semi-annually in a candlelight ceremony. The pin which they receive is recognized throughout the nation as a symbol of achievement. Our chapter of the National Honor Society, named in honor of our former viceprincipal, M. Bernice Hamilton, is under the direction of Mr. Clamurro. Dr. Seamstar, our principal, proudly inlroducat tha program of tha National Honor Soeiaty. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sandra Wonky and Marion Deutsche pin madalt of honor on two happy now member , Viola llaria and Linda Punehatz. left to right: Viol lleria, Linde Joy Puixhatx, bob Fleixhmen. Berry Zachar, Stanley Friedman and Rojctte Martin. Tha old and tha new members ttand together to taka tha pledge of tha National Honor Sooefy. 90LITERARY STATE Paul Hornicaek, Natalia PuflBaaa. Joann Leon . Halan Che»ek, Margi Dubrow. Linda OelgelKhlager, Miu Abo». Diana Barto . Phylli Matalwio, Barbara Bogdanawic . Joan Lombardi, Wilana Cartar, Diana Becker. Garry Nigro, Johanna ScrifRano. VIGNETTE STAFF BUSINESS STAFF F5r»t row, loll lo right: Millia Boutilair, Bud longlay, Diana Barto , Mr. Kappitatter. Second row: Diana Pomarlaau, Louita Yannuxzi, Carol Wrubal, Gaorgianna CrUt, lynna llaria, Sheldon Saudart. Angola Mari, Andraw Dal Praora. Third row: Robert Brannon, Lloyd Henry, Adam Ziobro. Art A JMmp Editor ............- -........ JOANNE LEONE lifarary Editor ____________________ NATALIE PUGlIESE Photography Editor ................... STEPHANIE SIREUCAUSKAS Buxneti Editor______________________________________________COLBY LONGLEY Bunneji Editor_________________________________O'ANE BARTOS Art A Metre up Ad»i or________________ — ----—■ MR. KNOBIER literary Adntor —...........—----- MISS A BOS Photography Ad.nor............................. MISS HOWARD Buunatt Advltcr ..... _ —-------------------- MR. KAPPSTATTERTfc exterior angle 'quilt the sum of the two remote interior angles. What history test? Miss Mold row demonstrates the proper method of handling a baby. Oh Miss Abos, reallyl m KTbc boy arc doing Ihc Hula Rhumba. FACULTY VARSITY GAME The "Smith Brothers" check with Victor on the score. Mr. Lang's graceful leap, bow s the boys over. V ill Henry catch the ball?— June in next week . . .First row, left to right: Mr. Knobler, Arlindo Do Oliver , Victor Huljack, Benny Grier, Louit Venturi, Arnold Nash, Robert Brennen, William Thomai, Gene Geldtiler, Mr. Steiiel. Second row: Mr. Lang, David THomat, Bruce Jones, Neil Trevisano, Regie Douglass, Sheldon Sauders, Patrick Klotz, James McQukkin. Third row: Ralph Romondelli, Willi Stewart, Adam Ziobro, Vincent Zannelli, Lloyd Henry, John Utley, Mr. Thomas. Fourth row: Pat Piegari, Jerome Davis, Vladimir Pawlowski, Henry Bethea, Dennis Woloch, Mr. Vol-ler, Leonard Ludivico. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club, sponsored by Mr. Steisel, stresses social and athletic activities during the school year. To be selected for membership, a student must earn a letter for participation and achievement in one of the fields of athletics. Through perseverance, the membors improve upon their skills and learn the meaning of sportsmanship. The club also gives the boys an opportunity to gain new friendships. Late in the season, the group sponsors a Faculty-Varsity Game and Dance, and in tho spring holds a Varsity Dinner. COACHES Fin! row, lelt fo right: Mr. Knobler (Swimming), Mr. Lang (Bait-ball). Second row: Mr. Thomai (Track), Mr. Steiiel (Manager of the Vanity Club), Mr. Voller (Basketball). 9495Haro bill, will throw. Shtldon Saudcrt ii waiting lor ponnioI Iron heaten. HIGHLIGHTS Last season. Arts won eleven games and lost only six. Five of the last six games were won by our team. The development of Ronald Venturi and Pat Piegari as pitchers and the hitting of Frank Votto and Robert Fleischman were outstanding. Ronald Venturi pitched a no-hit, no-run game against Bloomfield Tech which proved to be very exciting. r0 I I'll got you yotl BASEBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: Ri hard Eubankt, Ronald Venturi, Arthur Salicetti, Robert Fleischman, Arnold Na»h, Ralph Remondelli, Patsy Piegari. SECOND ROW; Mr. Morris, Louis Venturi, Frank Votto, Vincent Zannelli, Gene Geldziler, Sheldon Saoders. 96 Gene's ready to hit onolhor homorun."And mighty Morris did striko ovt." Tho tooeh suggests o homorun ss o euro lor this ditosso. TEAM Vineo Zonnolli is rood to bunt. SCOREBOARD Oppi. A H.S. 2 ... SACRED HEART 8 5 ST. CECELIA 6 6 HARRISON 5 0 ... BLOOMFIELD TECH . 6 5 GOOD COUNSEL 2 4 ... IRVINGTON TECH 9 8 GOOD COUNSEL 6 4 NEWARK TECH 5 ... HARRISON 6 3 SACRED HEART 2 5 IRVINGTON TECH 6 1 BERGEN TECH 2 4 NEWARK TECH 9 1 BLOOMFIELD TECH ...... 6 1 ST. CECELIA o 3 EDISON TECH 8 2 ... ST. PATRICK 10 Arnold Nosh coneonlrotos on tho gomo. 97BAS HIGHLIGHTS Although the 1959-1960 team started out with very little experience, the boys soon acquired the necessary skills to complete a 10-10 season. This is the fifth consecutive season that the team has had a winning record. The most exciting games were with Paterson Tech, which we lost, and with St. Mary's of Rutherford. That game, which was the last of the season, was won by our team. Mr. Voller, the coach, felt that the boys were the victims of "hard luck" in losing two overtime games. The first was a double overtime loss to Glen Ridge and the second an overtime loss to Pingry. KETBALL From row. left to right: John Utley. lou Venturi, Bobby Brennen. Arnold, Bennie Second row: Willi.m Thom.., Lloyd Henry. Reginald Bougies,. Jerome Devi.. Th„d row: Mr. Voller. Dennis Wolloch, Henry Betbee. Vledimir Pewlowiki, Rich.rd Nebiole, Vidor Huljeck. 98 Whst goes up must come down."Four tcore and H m years ago—" On floor, loft to right: Jody Felipe, Francine Vittollo, Wilene Carter. Second row: Betty Evans, Veroniea Walih, Pat Jagentowicz, Wilma Jackson. Third row: Marion Horknor, Maryanne Priola, Linda Suarez. They (aid if couldn't be done. They (aid nobody could it. but, we added leap Irog to it. SCOREBOARD A r f f 40 ... Opp. 57 35 .... 50 44 Harrison 60 78 72 64 68 48 Bergen Teeh Newark Teeh 43 27 .. 44 51 38 46 48 38 Harrison . 42 A r 11 Opp. 49 ...... Bergen Teeh ..... 34 69 ...... Irvington Teeh ....... 66 56 ...... St. Michael's ........ 54 52 ...... Edi(on Teeh „... 54 56 ...... Pater(on Teeh ........ 44 36 ...... Newark Teeh .......... 42 59 ...... Irvington Teeh ....... 34 56 .... Bloomfield ............ 23 46 ...... St. Patrick's ........ 49 59 ......... St. Mary's ........ 4lMi. Knob er discusses the outcome ol the meet with Neil end Gen . Our swimming team did quite well this season with a record of six wins and four losses. Despite the fact that there were a great many freshmen on the squad, they still ranked fourth in the city. Neil Trevisano and Gene Geldziler were this season's outstanding team members. Besides Neil and Gene the squad will also lose two other seniors, Sheldon Sauders and Adam Ziobro all of whom are among this year's graduates. Because of the brilliant showing of the freshmen members, next year will, in all probability, be bigger and better. "Left see now, who c b swim the 100 in 30 seconds flat?" SWIMMING TEAM Art Opp. 46 23 23 50 46 Central 26 38 37 22 Wccquahic ....... 54 45 19 28 West Sid 48 56 Central ... 16 42 ...... South S d 32 23 Weequahie 53 On floor, left to right; lance Casper, Andy Dutkwych, James McQuilkin, P ul DIM«rtino. Se ond row: Adam Ziobro. Gen Geldiiler (cocaptain), Neil Travisano (captain), Patrick Klotz, John Monslroski. Third row: Michael Pag-liaro, Sheldon Sauders, Roy Byrd, Arlindo De-Oliveira, Mr. Knobler. 100Pint row, left to right: Dennis Woloch, Charles Pittman, Edgar Bardiff. Willie Stewart, William James, Willie Warren, Ensmett Jones, tester Wilson, Harry Hines. Second row: Mr. Thomas, Larry Caulton, Ralph Hoffman, Robert Brennen, Vladimir Pawlowski, Wil- liam Thomas, Charles Dawson, lemar Whigham, Albert Birch. Third row; John Monstroski. Leslie WintKh, Mike Pagliaro. Leonard Ludovico, Tony Zaleski, Paul Di Martino, Walter Rice, Joe Golmanovich. TRACK TEAM Willi m Thomas hurt the ditcut. High hopes of a successful season are entertained by all members of the track team. For the first time in the history of Arts High the track team won the city championship. Under the able coaching of Mr. Lang the juniors captured the city crown. We hope that these outstanding team members Vladamir Pawlowski, David Thomas, Leonard Ludovico and Harry Hines will join our established veterans William Thomas, Robert Brennan, Dennis Woloch, and Lcnwood Jackson to form a well-balanced and successful group. The team is now under the expert supervision of Mr. Thomas. :• 101 Bobby Bronnon gofj ltt l0r hit "on mi nut o milo."CAFETERIA STAFF Seated, left to right; Rose Fischer, Anne King, Mae Cooper. Second row: Carmela Dragone, Marion Mazareta, Sophie Parelli, Agnes Hansen. Absent from picture: Frances Dilulio, manager. CUSTODIAL STAFF Seated, left to right: Anna Farley, Elizabeth Williams, Katherine Kirwan. Second row: Frank Kraus, acting chief custodian; Frank Mancuso. James Mc-Cuinn, former chief custodian. "Are you going Io eat all eight pieces of cake by yourself?"As with all good things in life, we tend to take them for granted. The sudden announcement of your retirement only served to remind us more forcefully than ever of your kindness and consideration for everyone with whom you came in contact. We remember fondly your morning Bible readings; the announcement of birthdays, the Junior Red Cross projects, the listing of college acceptances and even your motherly reprimands attempting to perfect everyone in homeroom. It was through you that an air of friendly congeniality prevailed in 318 every morning and it became a pleasant meeting place for the class and their friends. It is impossible for us to fully express our thanks for your guidance and friendship during our four years at Arts High. We can only wish you all the happiness possible in the future. Affectionately, ear J v S Jo C}a±. «y ft AJ,Ul k jCrn J(am.0(m4 K 7(otAA j£. XjUpJARTISTS SUPPLY SERVICE William Haucke 130 BRANFORD PLACE NEWARK 2, N. J. MArket 2 62 19__________ CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST Of LUCK TO OUR DAUGHTER Gerry LOVE MOM and DAD TOBIE'S PARKSIDE SERVICE STATION Best Wishes . . . Phone HUmboldt 3-9005 HU 3-8996 264 PARK AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. OMtje’s A to 2 LUBRICATION ICE CREAM :: CANDY LUNCHEONETTE CARS CALLED FOR DELIVERED 100% SERVICE PRODUCTS 537 CENTRAL AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. ABC HEALTH FOODS 1191 RAYMOND BOULEVARD NEWARK, N. J. Ml 2-0378 PATRONS Best Wishes . . . Best Wishes from HOMEROOM 318 BOB and MARY'S CONFECTIONERY STORE 458 So. 17th Street Newark 3, New Jersey ESsex 2-9316 JOSEPH D. ANGELO 104WYman 1-4688 CARS and TRUCKS BOUGHT and SOLD JERRY and NORMAN LACKAWANNA AUTO WRECKERS, INC. BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE AT LACKAWANNA R.R. NO. ARLINGTON, N. J. TO GERRY- CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR GRADUATION MR. and MRS. JOHN R. TAMBURROZlililU lliilli Congratulations and the best of luck! We at lorstan are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Lorstan Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Lorstan portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORSTAN 0 STUDIOS Foremost School Photographers in the East 106 Autograph: Autographs litfcoer pti«d Crj RAE PUBLISHING COVIGNETTEclass of june 1960 Q • 0 O

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