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VIGNETTE 1959 OF ARTS HIGH SCHOOL 550 High Street Newark, New JerseyMRS. ANNE S. COZZENS, B.A., M.A. English Mrs. Cozzens hos terminated her career as a teacher at Arts after 26 years of dedicated service in this school. To her students she was much more than a teacher; she was a wise friend who had faith in her students and asked only that they work to capacity. From Newark State Normal School Mrs. Cozzens received her teaching certificate. From New York University she received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree. After teaching of Waverly Avenue School and Cleveland Junior High School, she came to Arts in 1932 to teach English and drama. She was unexcelled as a dramatic coach and many of her students have gone on to careers on the stage. Now Mrs. Cozzens will be able to devote her time to attending the theater, playing golf and working in her garden. DEDICATION We humbly dedicate our Vignette to two former faculty members in grateful appreciation of the kindness, patience, and guidance which they so generously extended to the students of Arts High School during their many years of loyal service. MR. ROY PERRY, B.S. Scionco Now that 23 years of service in Arts High hove come to a close, Mr. Perry ended his teaching career. As a student he attended North Attleboro High School in Massachusetts and is a graduate of Rhode Island State College. Before becoming a member of the Arts High faculty, he taught at Market Street High School. As a science teacher Mr. Perry worked diligently to make his subject vital and important. His numerous scientific experiments and his amusing stories stimulated interest among his students. He impressed us with his easy-going manner. Although calm, he was always firm in his decisions. His many years of devoted service will not be forgotten. Always quiet and reticent, Mr. Perry will now retire to the peaceful comfort of his Ocean Grove home. Here he will spend his time furthering his scientific pursuits and enjoying the fine fishing grounds of the Jersey coast. 2 .v.v.v.v.v.v v.v.v.y v ! v.v.w. ;w.v. •V.V.'.V .v.w.v.v, AV.V.V.V.V, INTRODUCTION The book which you ore about to read is the culmination of a year's work—a year which has seen immeasurable advances in the scientific field. We have therefore chosen “outer space" as our central theme. It is our purpose to present an account of school life which will serve as a worthwhile tribute to Arts High School and its students.ADMINISTRATION ets revolve. Upon this sun so much depends. Its great gravitational pull holds the planets in their orbits. Its warmth and light sustain life in the entire universe. Dr. Seamster and Mrs. Geller are our guiding light, our sun. They stand to light our way with the powerful rays of education. BEATRICE G. GELLER, B.A., M.A. ________ Vice-PrincipalOr. Seamster is ready to begin a da s work. "This is Arts High calling 5Ar)i High School's faculty it botf tymbohiod by Iho North Stor which it historically known os lh guiding stor of tho lost or looking. In tho days of tho ondontt tho North Stor lod morinors through tho too of dor knots to o now world. Now, in just tho to mo woy, out toochort guido ut from tho dork too of ignor-onco into tho now world of knowlodgo. Thoy point tho way for tho inonporioncod aspirant to our world of tomorrow—o world whoro toochort, oducotion, and knowlodgo will bo of tho utmost in port an couy ftupnpui YW ' VJ INVO a SVWOHi 101 tOMpj 0 nXiyd 0 NA13A3 V9 W "S 9 MllViSddV NOmw YW 'S9 QBVMOH » SAOVlO vw "S 9 ■ V 9 ossmsv Hxnu VyBu3 VW ' V 9 S09V O Hinj»IOUIS SPINDER B.S.. M.A. JOSEPH REUTER ROCCO A. Ml SUSHI B S.. M A. MothtmaHet and Seianta (Chm.) LEONARD M. MORRIS B.A., M.A. Hitiory RUFUS J. RICKENBACHER B.A.. M.A. Cnglith (Chm ) A GERTRUDE C. MORRISON B.A. CUrk-Slanographar ,RY RUTLEDGE R.N., 8.S. Hurt DOROTHY NEUSS B S, M.A. Cnglith ROCCO PESILE B.S.M., M.A. Mvwc EONARD YABLICK B.A.. M.A. Stlanta ALLAN J. SHAPIRO 8.A.. M.A SADIE YUKER B.5., M.A Librarian GERTRUDE P. SHAPIRO"I'm sure you'll particularly like the friendliness of Arlt High't students," toys Mrs. longley. 'I wonder it I'll stutter when I get up there?" The first event of our school year is the Freshmen Orientation, sponsored by the Student Council to help the Freshmen to get acquainted with other students and with the activities of the school. During an assembly program a representative of each extracurricular organization tells something about the program of activities offered by his club. At the conclusion of the program the new students are escorted into the gym to chat, dance, and enjoy refreshments. The Arts High "Greenjackets" supply the music and Student Council representatives help the new students get acquainted. They also supply answers to the many questions asked by these enthusiastic new Arties who choose carefully the clubs best suited to their needs and interests. Students listen attentively to the announcement, 'Refreshments will be served in the gym." 'Robert, this is your thirdl" "t.2-3-4, J-2-3-4, whoops! SorryrFRESHMENHOME ROOM 219 Mitt Ruth Aboi FIRST ROW, l«ft to right: John Monttrotki, Caroline Thomoi, lee Kozot, Emmet Jonet, Fred Stotey, Mory Torregrotto, Williom Steinmocker, Eileen Phillip . Mi»t Abot. SECOND ROW: Anthony Zaletki, Caroline Dopf, Ruthe Evont, Andrew Fretco, Joteph Mauro. Eleto Caldwell, larry Coulton, Michael Poglioro. THIRD ROW: Victorio Rotenberg. Joteph Rodriquez. Alberto Gambo, Joan Wojtack. Brenda Dawton, Robert MarguliVi, Donna lomara, Ronald Merk, Wendy Bucharett, Frank Patcale. MISSING: Elizabeth Sinvnont, Loretta Perla. CLASS OF JANUARY 1963 Them bonei, them boner, them dry bone 12HOME ROOM 204 Miss Thereto Oovid FIRST ROW, left to right: Wifbert Smith, Thomos Kacedon, Rote Mori Ferraro, Gus Syvopovlot, Andrew Triondopofiloti, Pamela Scaio, Richord Budzinski. Rotlyn Hotpiel. SECOND ROW: Joyce Yablonieky. Su on Petra . Marianne Porliman, Nicholat Lombardi, Leslie Winttch, David Stalk, Edword Petros, Nick Cioffi, Joanne Mozepa, Miss David THIRD ROW: Margoret Jeffrey, Urtula Garcia, Carolyn Neividomski, Pot Timpanaro, Woher Rice, Tony Rota, Lizzie Barnet, Michele Di-Costanzi, Peter Kuhn, Kathy Doron, Chorlei Goines. MISSING: Beatrix Bote, James Perkins, ond Donna Mllito. CLASS OF JANUARY 1963 13 Artists o» work.HOME ROOM 314 Mr Philip Clomurro FIRST ROW, left to right: Jeannette Hill, Mory Roibich, Rob« ( Adomt, Goll Fontoine, Nicholot SciorriHo. Morilyn Worner, Robert Cloiborne. Lydia Ottrowka. SECOND ROW: Harriot Delk, Betty Event, Allio Jeffer-ton. John Piecuth, Ronold Brice, Aurelio Catalano. John Kemper, John Gower, Jarotlawo Shpyrko, Mr. Clomurro. THIRD ROW: Alan Goiter, Violette Matcone, Jotoph Malinowtki, Jotoph Golmonovieh, Peorl Werfel, Helene Worthing, Tomora Gol, Lawrence Del Preore, Corol Cretho, Raymond Metrocovage, Pomelo Ireland. MISSING: Totiono Popodopulot, Cecelia Vender Gyre. Sigmund Dickowtki, LeRoy Bell. Joyce Stovrot, David Toler. CLASS OF JUNE 1962 14 Do you hove ony drthet thof need wothingP"HOME ROOM 218 W , Leonard Yobliek FIRST ROW. left Jo right: Sloven Bower . Ronald Gonghen, Richard DeRoxtra. WiHiom Davison, Donald Fiorito, William Leighton, John Wilton. SECOND ROW: Joseph Volenia, William Rod eo. Bold torio, Abruzzo. Victoria Bonosik, Gwendolyn Gibbon , Mory Jean Kearney, William Verdereti, Mr. Yoblick. THIRD ROW: Jonico Stewort, Dolores Gould, Dorit Holloway, Deanna Cor»i, Victoria Grohowtki, Gayle Potterton, Horriet Jacob ion, Emily Siwbit, Bozenno Syhaliw, Judith Kuemmerle. MISSING: Edgar Borclifl, David Thomoi. Nieholot Cirullo, Michael luizzo, Michool McDaniel, Helen Kopindo CLASS OF JUNE 1962 15 fa , drink, and bo merry, for levenfh period you diolHOME ROOM 210 Mr . Ruth Assorsson FIRST ROW, left to rights John Miller, Robert Knight. Ronald Donny, John Stefon, Eugene Sweeney, Dennis DePolmo. Harry Webber, Albert birch, Robert Hoffman. SECOND ROW- Borbora Forror, Robert Greco. Grace Ann Dunphy, Raymond Balvoge, Vincent Pucciorelli, Morilyn Martin, Ronold Williams, Wanda lorenc, Mildred Vega, Irene Gancorz, Mary lavant, Mrs. Assarsson. THIRD ROW: O'Dell Simpson, Robert Burns, Jo Anno Velello, Ruth Corbett, Kathryn Krorowiok, Wilma Jock ion, Mary Ellen Terrezza, Margoret Giordano, Robert Posquali, Betty Kearney, Robert Cotanio. MISSING: Christine Russo-manno, Lana Goodman. CLASS OF JUNE 1962 16 "Girls, somedoy you'll appreciate what I'm tailing you.'HOME ROOM 207 Mm. Dorothy Neuss FIRST ROW, left to right: John Soroffo, Horold Fullilove, Horry Hines, Bryont Bergeron, Eric Wornquitl, Richard Taylor, Dennis Zielinski, Lucille Joudrey, John Trufoles, Peter Mongonello. SECOND ROW: Joanne Knokiewicz, Elsie Sanchez, Mary Ann Rondall, Joyce Brown, Paulo Calombrito, Jeon Lomax. Cynthio Braham, Rolph Catonio, Beverly Jackson, Margoret Kraemer, Mrs. Neuss. THIRD ROW: Ronald Benson, Bonita, DiMuro, Mario Mozzocchi, Lucille lotoro, Anthony Vossallo, Dolores Parosconlo, Richard Sheard, Mary Ann Dole, Morie Rivera, John Smith. MISSING: Reginold Willioms. CLASS OF JUNE 1962 17 There must be on easier way to got on A in Art.The chorus joint Aida, Amneris, and Rodamet in praising Rodome's return. The slave girlt brought bock from Cthio-pio donee to the pagan rhythm oI the orehestro. AIDA The high priettt ond prieiteitei ting praising their god, "Almighty Rtho" The ehorut thoutt "guerrol guerrot" to tell oI Rodome's victorious return. The chorus sings "Sul del Ni(o" in the great Triumphal scene. 18Early in the year the Music and Art Departments began their preparations for our annual opera. The production this year included "Trial By Jury" by Gilbert and Sullivan, and the Triumphal Scene from "Aida." To add to the color and pageantry, "Aida" was sung entirely in Italian. Those who participated have added many new stars to our galaxy. The opera, enthusiastically received, was also a successful social affair. "Order in fhe covrf Order in ft»e covrff J""Ring around tho row' , off fall down." 20 Somotlmot It it good to look of Ufa frooi o difforont slant.SOPHOMORES • i I • M • • In the eorly port of the nineteenth century, on Italian ostronomer discovered asteroids among the myriad heavenly bodies. Invisible to the naked eye, these minor planets revolve around the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Smaller than planets, larger than meteors, they live in starlike obscurity in the heavens. So it is with the Sophomores at Arts High School. These "asteroids", heads and shoulders above the Freshmen, but not as lofty as the Juniors, travel higher and higher, foster and faster to reach their goal.HOME ROOM 68 Miss Doris Hupp FIRST ROW, left lo right: Henry Curtis, Stanley Pluciennick. Elvon Knight, Milton Wottloy, Thomos Shermon, Bruce Roblox, Leslie Butler, lisondro Soto, Horlono Brook . Morold Scden, Nick Boulo. SECOND ROW: Thomos O'Connoll, Joseph D'Amico, Potricio Donnolly, Brondo Robinson, Eiti Gront, Barbara Bodanowicx, Edward Tracy, John Freda, Mis Hupp. THIRD ROW: Jacqueline Gerties, Joan Monxi, Mar-garet McDonald, Fronk LaVisto, Erminia Romano, David Mitchell, Kothleen Cooke, Sandra Newmon, Barbara Appling. MISSING: John Cresho, Jomes Cunningham, Robert Mitchell, Louisa Sondolo, Edward Prxemelewski, Anthony Morano. CLASS OF JANUARY 1962 HOME ROOM 308 Mr. Horry Gommo I FIRST ROW: Theresa Spa nos, Ralph Remondelii, Edward Miller, Carolyn Henderson, Michoel Hotoff, Joseph Kistelman, Cyril Good, James Grove , Willie Stewart, Alvon Harrison. SECONO ROW: Thomosino Skipper. Diane lee, Potricio Votto, Jonet Kudrak, Fronk Stancel. Nothaniel Froxier, Joseph Veloso, Francine Vitollo, Dahne Collins, Mr. Goetmall. THIRD ROW: Nicholas Jocangelo, JoAnn Richter, Louis SonGiovonni, Fronk Toto, Matilda Oppido, Stephan Regan, Arlene Cordinale, Gary Chekofsky, Undo Suorex, Nancy Jockson, Kothleen Hocharf, Barbara Hutson. MISSING: Richard Fredo, Carolyn Slode, Josephine Corlu«io, Potricio McWhirr. Alex Shmiskewych. 22HOME ROOM 213 Mr Thomas Gann on FIRST ROW, left fo right: Edward Austin, Chorles Pittman, John Clark, Marion Scheffer, Carol Opatkiewicz, Theodoro Ya ik. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cannon, Genova Boyd, Ba-boro Santoro, Potricio Corbloy. Benyonne Lee, Rita Kropilok, Jeon Ledbetter, Ralph Giordono. THIRD ROW: Elsie Riley, Eugenia Volz, Barbara Stowicki, Janice Dilarenzo, Potricio Melis, Linda Porzio, Soro Napier. MISSING: Daniel Breece, Rudy Grizil, Dolores Tisdell, Betty Ashe, Klaus Pout, Marie Tutela, Ernest Miloscio, Anthony Cece. CLASS OF JUNE 1961 HOME ROOM 113 Mr. Ootid Janowiti FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis Woloch, Dennis logwln, Willie Wor. ren, Patsy Piegori, Irving Horris, Robert Gray, Nicholas D'Amoto, Christine Sidwo. SECOND ROW: Mr, Janowitz, Stephen Burrows, Sylvio Ausley, Georgina Alexander, Vincent Di Gerlando, Ulano Stonko. Colvin McNoir, Brigitte Mueller, Madelyn Donaldson, Robert Torsiello, Raymond Torsiello, John Moloriek, Mary Benders. THIRD ROW: Virginia Robertson, Eleanor Morgan, Alberta Kammel, Marie Golotto. Mora Plekss, Anna Paul, Notolie Andranski, Oona Seymour, Angelo Migliorini, Mory Kingsbury, Malcinia Edwords, Potricio Nefchel. Jonet Thomason. MISSING. Mory lynch, Raymond Krokowiak, Paul Giordano, Henry Sasiok, John Scott.HOME ROOM 304 Mitt AMce Ktthn,, FIRST ROW, left to right: Ale« Stbirney, John Utley, Charlet Dow ton, Cofl Erlcton, letter Hilton, Dave Rhoubottom. Bobl Dunlop. Juonito loo, John Smith, Angolo Zoino. SECOND ROWi Dorothy Homilton, Mount Colonty, Eva Rothoottor, Corol Jronkowtky, Gerald Martino. Joo Nemeckoy. Anthony Gorlay, Hedwig. Caryk, Corol lin-font . Mitt Keehner. THIRD ROW: Nancy Kueintkl, Corol Kindlor, Paulo Gortki, Andrea Norvaez. Pot Hickt, Mary Ann Detimone, Mor-jorlo Burke. Mory Ann Stepontki, Mildred Whitaker, Elaine Sipe, Gio-vonno Picore, Rote Mor»e Attontuo. MISSING: Gwen Meodowt. CLASS OF JUNE 1961 HOME ROOM 319 Mr. teonord Morrii FIRST ROW. loft to right. Leonard Ludovico. Vincent lu Sone, Mory Ann Priolo. Corletta Hamilton, Joteph Neigel, lindo Gatling, Vlodi-mir Pawlowtki. Dionne Cooper, Juliut Fuzia. SECONO ROW: Lynn Mercer, Pot D'Amico, Robert Sulzer, Anthony Thompton, Barbara Rudnickl, Regina lemoldi. Fred O'Remut, Mr. Morrit. THIRD ROW: Cormenito Norvelt, Viola dey llaria, Linda Punchatz, Rolph Giocobbe. louito Krueger, Dorothy Pittman, Joan Schilore, Sophie Wadowtky. MISSING: Pomelo Argiro, Gerome Giron, Richard Cretico. Janice Robinton. Joteph Rogert, Joyce Ent, Martha Gardat. 24"Mitt Jon Adorn, 1224 C m f ry Ion , PototoNo, Idoho," dietotm Mr. Kopptiollor. I'm lorry, Jof»«, fh lop flttoivr it not long onoughl 25Olga Tobi tingi "Stupid Cupid." "I wont to bo lovod by you." Strong• things arc happoningl ' »' only moko boliovol" 26"Carol, gat oil my tida oI tha pianot" Judy cottt a tpall ot tha tingi. Jarry Nigro and Diana Bortot ting and donta to "Sthool Days." "Jutt aight mora bart to go. thonk gaodnau.' "Craam lor your toff , Swaaty’" "Thara goat my Haart." 77Dratted to kill, Mr. Long colls "Peek-a-boot' "Doj-o-Ooe and around you got' "At twelve I turn into a moth teacher." "Litton to the music; listen to the coll. All join hondt ond wolti the hall." "Hood and every other couple down the outtide and back."Still forther up the Kole of heovenly bodies ore the comets which circle the sun on o set course ot o very high speed. This high speed couses the toils of light which ore their most distinctive feature. The Juniors remind us of these speedy objects. Spilling over with exuberant energy they skim through the holls. Third year students possess a curious mixture of freshmon immaturity, sopho more foolishness and senior serenity. Days of being lowly underclassmen are almost over ond the burdens of graduation ore not as yet upon them. It is this time in the students' careers when school con really be o joy.HOME ROOM 204 Mm Clod,. Howard FIRST ROW to right: J f0m Dovis, £dwin KoiiniW, Gregory V°n Bum.:Sowndro Rout, Sylvio Robinson, Andrew Zowocki, Robert Do Salvo. SECOND ROWt Joy Stools. Dolores Velotis. Vincent Zonnelli, Morgery Dubrow, Kenneth toncin, Jomet C rooms, Dolores Evons, Mist Howord. THIRD ROW: John Gonnello, Richord Kafof, Dione Bortos, Judy Felipe, Gliceria Nigro, Joanne leune, Jewel Jenkins, Pomelo D'Alise, Dione Hogel, Dion Becker. MISSING: Robert Turnbull, Kenneth Gregory, Helen Chesek, Franklin Epps, John Ferriero, George Piegoro, Preston Barham, Phyllis Moretti Notolie Pugliese. CLASS OF JANUARY 1961 HOME ROOM 215 Mr Allan Shapiro FIRST ROW. left to right: Corol Behler, Fred Johnson, Shirley Pollord, Joan Ciarci, Mr. Shopiro, lenwood Jackson, Judy Costabile, Mildred Boutilier, Rosalie Culotto. SECOND ROW: Bob Cotugno, William Thomot. Donald Saparo, Jerome Saropochiello, Arthur Myers, Otis Milton, Richard Landosky. Russell Folstrom, Dennis Potricco. THIRD ROW: lindo Green, Richard Finoldi, Koran Eubanks, Poulette Kane. Philip Rudko, Joan Reed, Elitobeth Squitieri, Judy Cervenko, Jeffery Alas, Gus Monning. MISSING: Carmine Merlucci, John Nigro, Joe De John, Jo Anne Scriffiano, Richord Chambers, Jomet Stalk, Jeon Bonavita. 30HOME ROOM 318 Mi . Cmily Kiutk FIRST ROWi Roiolie Vorelo, Lloyd Henry, Stephonie Strelkouikoi, Roy Risley, Gcorgionn Crist. Woller Noorse, Carole Wrubel. Fred Brenrer, Diane Pomerleoo, Edward Kucinski. SECOND ROW- Linda Oelgeschlager, Barry Za Kor, Carol Roper. Sheldon Sauders, Elaine Portee, Robert Erbs. Lynne llorio, Joteph lonxaro, Joan lombordi, Robert Solgoeiro. Louise Yonnuxxi, Veronica Walsh THIRD ROW: Camille Deo, Andrew Del Preore, Florence lixermon, Robert Fleitch non, Kolhy White. James Carboy, Carolyn Boyreader. looit Ventori. I oil Brown, Robert Brennan, Rhonda Potterson CLASS OF JUNE 1960 HOME ROOM 310 Mitt Roth Meyenon FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Betheo. Ronnie Sommerhalter, Elmiro King, Byrno Jones, Neil Trovisono, Mory Ann Goncarx, Arlene Kovol. Barbara Moses. Roielta Martin. SECOND ROW: lorry Martino. Baiba Plektt, Gene Geldxiler, Doloret O'losky, Alice Patrick, Noncy Korpin-ski, Joe Ripionxi, Miss Meyerson. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Vivioni, Phyllis Mocoluso. William Boiley, Sylvia Covoness, Phyllis Ferrigno. Joonne Monno, Victor Huljack, Thomas Corson, Nadino Ailes. MISSING: Bertha Toylor, Pool Horniocck, Broce Jones. 31HOME ROOM 306 Mr Josoph K.ui., FIRST ROW. Wt to right: Anthony Armonto, Victor Scordilli, Chorlot Hall, Dovid Oorrott, Barboro Fudgo, Patricio Splondoro, Sidney Kel logg. Donold Ciontotnoti. SECOND ROW: Mr. Reuter, Morgorot Monahan, Rorboro Goznik, Rorboro Street, Olgo Tobio, Sondro Wor thy, Pot Vinikt, Adorn Ziobro. Howord Roth rock, John Di Nordo, lorry Do Potqvole THIRD ROW; Irene Ciccono, Alice Korzenko, Shirloy Critt, Alice Grohowtki. Jeonnette Croute, Pot Mocnetki, Ronold Spoil, Peter Roto, Dion no Guthrie, Jo nice Brown, Chorlot Rodriquez. MISSING: Chorlot Corroro, Sidnoy Jockton. Rondolph Griffin, Cothorino Kloinotlond. Jotophino Groziono, Mory Ann Metivier, Judy Ghidollo. CLASS OF JUNE 1960 HOME ROOM 309 louii Spindle FIRST ROW. left to right: Jotoph Homborgor, Pot Spino. Roginold Oouglott Bonny Grior, Anthony Alfono. SECOND ROW: Mr. Splndlor, Arnold Noth, Bo tty Knoz, Doloret Dovit. Angolo Mori, Potricio ICor. wocki. Dogmoro Kubitchke, Gloria Wo I loco THIRD ROW: Monica Wornquitt, Wilono Cortor. lindo Duncan, Helon Siubit, Mory Vorzi, Donold Horri . MISSINOi Nick Hyczko. lottor Bornott, Morion Douttche. Gory Quion. 32Mr. Thonoi'l tound want didn't rtoeh fat Votto. Covtion ... it tort brain it engaged . . . Befoto potting forgot in motion. Mr. flckett and hit dott prtport "Agnot Dei" for tht Cotter program. 33On pidurt it worth o thoutond words ... It mutt b Mr. Jonowdx't doit I 34oi ronom»f uses o very powerful telescope to too rch for iho start In outer i pec Af Am High School, however, that foot it much ootior. Wo only have to look about ut to find a covntlots number of “start," our athletes who serve as shining oxompfet of the spirit and ability poaetsod by our student body. Our t portsmon glow with the tense of fair ploy that hot won for them the admiration and respect of the entire city. The magnitude of talent and ability displayed by Arts in competition exceeds the brightness of the astral bodies. Our team members really moke Arts a “starring" school SPORTSBASEBALL "If• my »urn lor o homer.' The 1958 season proved success-ful, the Arties winning 9 out of 15 games. Highlighting the year was the double victory over powerful Newark Tech. On the mound hurling for Arts were veteran southpaws Roger Brown, Frank Votto, and John Delk. Power packed slugging by Lou Venturi and Arnold Nash led the Green and Gray out of many a tight situation. At the season's end Ron Venturi was chosen as short stop on the All-Newark second team. Behind the team all the way and largely responsible for its success is Mr. Morris. Besides building morale and coaching, he keeps the team in shape and is regarded by each player as a sincere friend. FRONT ROW. left lo fight: Mr. Morris, Vincent Zonelli, Andrew Del Preore, Arnold Noth, Robert Fleischmon, Benjamin Grier. SECOND ROW: Dennis Annibolli, John Delk. Roger Brown, Fronk Votto, Richard Eubanks, Ronald Venturi, Louis Venturi, Arthur Soliceti, James Gorrohon. 36 'look who I've Found." "Con'f I put my hands down nowT''tight in th» pock®' A.H.5. SCOREBOARD Oppi EDISON TECH 0 3 HARRISON .... 2 2 HARRISON 13 ST. CECILIA'S 3 ST. CECILIA'S 6 BLOOMFIELD TECH 1 BLOOMFIELD TECH 5 IRVINGTON TECH 3 3 ST. JAMES 5 ST PATRICK'S . 4 SACRED HEART 0 2 NEWARK TECH 2 8 BERGEN TECH ... 6 3738 High altitude actionBASKETBALL TEAM The basketball seoson starts officially in the latter part of October and ends in March. This year we had a rather successful season, the outstanding players being Frank Votto, Ronald Venturi, Robert Brennen, and Reginald Douglas. Arts High will suffer a great loss by the graduation of Edward Shelton, Bill Caruso, William Lund, Kenneth Ghorm, Ronald Venturi, and Frank Votto. However, tho coaches are looking forward to next season in anticipation of another successful year. 8of»'» going oll wgyl FIRST ROW. left to fight: Ken Ghorm. Arnold Noth, Fronlt Votto, Ronnie Venturi, Robert Brennan, Bonny Grior. SECOND ROW: Robert Spellman, Bill Caruto, Lou Venturi, John Delfc, Reginald Douglot. THIRD ROW; Jerome Dovit, Edward Shelton, Mr Voller. Bill Lund SCOREBOARD A.H.S. Oppt 46 _ ST. JAMES 50 37 EDISON TECH 50 57 NEWARK TECH 56 72 IRVINGTON TECH 46 58 .... BLOOMFIELD TECH 50 54 GOOD COUNSEL 55 46 ST. PATRICK'S 54 52 ST. MARY S 70 40 HARRISON 50 40 GLEN RIDGE 68 46 ST. JAMES 48 46 BERGEN TECH 22 49 BLOOMFIELD TECH 39 38 PATERSON TECH 47 63 . HARRISON 58 5B BERGEN TECH 22 48 IRVINGTON 63 49 NEWARK TECH 46 47 EDISON TECH 42 48 ST PATRICKS 46 I folly appreciate your giving me o hondPROMT ROW, loft to right: John Pool, Noil Trovi ono, Joy Sorco, Joo Ripionzi, Chariot Rodriquox, Allon Gollor, Cono Goldxilor, Proiton Barham. BACK ROW: Mr. Knoblor, Prank Vitollo, Adam Ziobro, Kevin Marks, Qennit logwin, Eddie Kueinski, Franklin Eppt. Klout Pool. Hoy, you're not supposed to drink HI SWIMMING TEAM The swimming season runs from December lo March 15, with practice meets three days per week. This year's practice resulted in a fairly good showing. Neil Travi-sano, John Paul, and Gene Geldziler were the outstanding competitors for Arts High. Kevin Marks and Mario Abate also made worthy contributions. SWIMMING TEAM SCORES A.H.S. Oppt 31 ... .. EAST SIDE 33 32 WEST SIDE 36 4? CENTRAL 26 43 SOUTH SIDE 20 . WEEQUAHIC 48 42 EAST SIDE 26 20 WEST SIDE 48 44 CENTRAL 24 40 SOUTH SIDE 28 10 WEEQUAHIC ... 58 40John Fudge it ready for attion. TRACK TEAM Early in the spring the Track Team organizes and begins an exhaustive training so that members arc ready for competition. Mr. John Lang unselfishly devotes his after school hours to coaching the track candidates. After long hours of running, pacing and throwing the javelin and shot-put, the team is ready for the scries of meets. With co-captains Nick Di Gui-seppe and John Fudge, and veteran William Lund in the running, the season looks bright. Major wins ore predicted. fIRST ROW, left to right: Corong lo. Chorl., Pi.ln-.n, Dorid Thomo, Chorl , Dowkx» Willi Hick , T rry Elmon. Jam , Crommt. Victor Moljock SECOND ROW f rt„ Kuhn John Ferriera. Willi Steward, K nn th Ghorm, Williom Thomot, B-uc Jon , Corr r0n Horn Horry Jon ,. THIRD ROW: Mr. long, Jo N ig l, Willi. Worr n. John Fudg. Otit Milton’ Iwioh Coop '. D nnis Woloch. Vlod.m.r Powlow»ki. Lomorn Podgott. L0ui, H nry, Nick Di Guiupp 41THE VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club meets once a month under the direction of the athletic coaches. Membership is limited to boys who have achieved Varsity letters through active participation in team sports. The club encourages the development of athletic ability and good sportsmanship. Once a year members sponsor a dance, the proceeds of which are used for a spring dinner for all the athletic teoms, the cheerleaders, and the advisors. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. leonord Morris, Mr. Milton Knobler. S6COND ROWi Mr. Go 9 Vollor, Mr. Goorgo Stoiiol, Mr. John long FIRST ROW. left to right: Bruce Jo«o», Robort Brennon, Eugene Gold zilor, Preston Borham. Roymond Stono, Mr. Knobltr, Mr. Steisel. SEC ONO ROW: Mr. Morris, Mr. long, Robort Spollman, Vldimir Powlow .ski, Fronk Votto, Edword Sholton, John Fudge. louis Venturi, Ronold Venturi. Mr. Vollor. THIRD ROW: loonard ludovico, Bill Thomos. Reginald Douglas, Arnold Nosh, Kenneth Ghorm, Richord Eubanks. Neil Trovisono, Robert Fleiman, Dennis logwin, Isaiah Cooper, Kevin Morks. 42NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The M. Bernice Homilton Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of members selected by a faculty council. To be eligible for a consideration a student must be in the upper one-fourth of his class, must be in his junior or senior year, must be active in extracurricular activities, and must possess admirable character traits. New members are inducted into the Mono Abofo, protidonf of fho Honor Society. roco vo« congratulation! from Dr. Soomttor. FIRST ROW, loft to right: Lynn llaria, Marion Douttch, And'ow 0 1 Prooro, Nancy Griffin. RACK ROW: Nick Di Guitoppo. louiio Yonuixxi, Jotophino Scardavillo, Rob Kano. Adolo Eitonborg, Morodith Edward . Ronald Vonturi, Mario Abato. society once every term in an impressive ceremony in the auditorium. Mr. Philip Clamurro is the society's faculty advisor. Fronk Votto, John Pool, lindo Rot . Jotophino Scorda-vill , Robort Kono, Adolo Eitonborg, Ronald Vonturi, ond Mario Abato. 44 FIRST ROW, loft to right: Androw Ool Prooro, Lynn llaria, Phyllit Macoluto, louite Yannuizzi, Mr Clamurro, Jotophino Scordovillo, John Poul, Adolo Eiioaborg, Linda Rott, Morodith Edward . David Zombolli. RACK ROW: Marion Douttch, Morio Abato, Ronald Vonturi, Fronk Votto, Robort KonoA-PIN The A-Pin is an award presented to those juniors and seniors who have given the most consistent and outstanding service in several extracurricular activities. All those holding the A-Pin serve on the committee to select new members. Their job is to compile cumulative records of the club accomplishments of all students to evaluate each record and to announce the winners of this coveted award. The pins are presented each term during an assembly program. MUST ROW: Sandro Wortky. Carol Wrubel. Adele E.tenberg. SECOND ROW: Jot phine Scordoville, Mary Ann Squllloro, Rkordina Da Sihro, Linda Ron. Rotetta Martin. THIRD ROW: Joan Lombardi. Lynn llario, Helmar Coop r. David Zambclli. ART SERVICE CLUB The Art Service Club handles school publicity. Members serve the school in many areas by planning the annual art exhibition, displaying decorative bulletin board material, and holding various social functions. Its contributions to the school are of mojor importance and under Mr. Landsman's direction it is one of our most active clubs. CoroJe Wrube oddretsingi John Momtroiki, Alice Korzenko, Sandra Worthy, Jowph Guolteri, Stnpbani Strolkautkot, Nick Hychko, $tonl y Friedman, John Wattt. Joan Lombardi, Diono Pomerleau. Donald Spall, Phillip Rudko. L tt r Bornett, Diano Corn', Motildo Oppido, Patricia Jog ntowicx, Jom » Boyd, Mr. Londtman. Members oI fh Band include; Anthony Al-fano, H nry B«th o, Bo'bora Bonnot, Ron aid Booker, John Bren n«r, Ni l Carangelo. James Carboy, Phil Ceraulo, Pot Corbley, Richard Cretice, Robert DeSalvo, lorry DePotquale, Sigmund Dickowtki, T rry El man, Donald Fiorito. Robert FleiKhmon, Harold Fullilov , Allan G tl r, Donald Gion-tomosi, Paul Giordono, Joseph Golmanavich, John Gonnello, Eddie Greene, Curtis Hamilton, Horry Hin s, Non cy Jackson, Wilmo Jackson, N il Jacan-g lo, Robert Kane, Joan lombordi, Nicholas Lombardi, Ray Metrocavage, Phil Nicastro, Voldmir Pawlowiki, George Piegori, Pot Piegori, George Piegaro, William Radic , Jo Ripianzi, Joseph Rodriquez, Peter Ros , Victor Scardilli, Nick Sciarrillo, John Scott, Pot Spino, Edward Trocy, Andrew Tri-ondofslou, John Utl«y, Joseph Volenxe, Williom Verderese. Raymond Wheeler, Dennis Zaliski, Vincent ZanneNi, Dennis Zielinski. BAND The Band, under the direction of Mr. Gerald Tobia, is one of the oldest organizations in the school. It has provided many types of musical programs for our assemblies and semi-annual concerts. Programs have consisted of classical, novelty and Broadway Show productions. In addition to the group performances, Mr. Tobia has given many talented musicians a chance to show their ability by encouraging solo performances. 45DRAMATICS CLUB FIRST ROW, l ft lo right: Bor boro Siowicki, Pom lo Ard co, Violo-O y llorio. H dy Corick, SECOND ROW: Undo Punchott, Moro Pt k », Donno Seymour, Boibo Plekv . THIRD ROW: Patricio Hick , Janie Brown, Joon Schilarc Mori Gotovvo. FOURTH ROW: Morgor t Aguilar, Judy Filip , Morgi Dubrow, Judy C rv nka. STANDING: Mr. Malt , Donold Harri , Carolyn Simp-von, Emmo Williom . 8«nyonn lee, Mortho Garda . TK odoro Yocik, G orgin Al ord«r. Barbara Sandora, H l n Ch t k, Bobbi Dunlop, Corlotto Hamilton, Stanley Friedman, Kenneth Koplowiti, Melmar Cooper, Maryann Priol , John Wott», Mario Abat . Although new to the faculty, Mr. Anthony Maltese immediately became active in our extracurricular program. Under his direction, the Dramatic Club meets every Tuesday afternoon. Its members include students who enjoy acting in plays and skits and who will profit from constructive criticism. If finances permit, club members plan to see a Broadwoy ploy before the school year ends. THE CHORUS M mb r» include: Morio Abo? , Nadino Ail , Notoli Andromky. Borboro Appling, Sylvia Au»l y. Diane Bortov, Carol B KI r, Mary Sender , Barbara Bonnet, Jomev Boyd, Geneva Boyd, Jam Boyle, Stephen Burrow , Phil C raulo, Iron Ciccon , Dahn Collin , Koth l n Cook . Dian Cooper, Carol Crevho, Shirley Cri»», Henry Curti . Chorl Dawvon, Harriet Dolk, Den-ni D Polma, lorry D Po»-quo! , Phylene De Taranto, Marion Deutvche, Bonita Di Muro, John Di Nardo, Kathleen Do'on, Margie Dubrow, Bob! Dunlap, Molcinia Edward . Adel Eiv nberg, Dolore Evan . Be'ty Evan . Richard Eu-bonkt, Karen Eubank . Judith Felipe, Mori Franklin, Borboro Fudge. Maxine Golonty, Martha Gordo . Dov Garret, Claudet Gatling, Linda Gotling, Jocquelin Gentle , Judith Ghidello, Gwendolyn Gibbon . Sal Girgenti, Tormorak Go I, John Gonnell , Victoria Grohow ki, Jotephine Graziono. Etti Grant, Randolph Griffin, Noncy Griffin, Morgaret Giordano, Dorothy Homifton, Carletto, Hamilton, Curti Hamilton, Irvin Harri , Paul Horniocek, Borboro Hutton, Dean Ingram. Noncy Jockton, Sidney Jockton, Alii Jeff r on, Morgaret Jeffrey, Jewel Jenkin , Bruce Jonei, Lucille Joudery, Poula Kane, Robert Kan , Kenneth Koplowiti, Carolann Kindler, Elmira King, Carol Knight, Bett Knox, Arlene Koval, Iro Kroomer, Kathryn Krakowiok, Edward Kucintki, P t r Kuhn, Kenneth loncin, Dion I , Corol Li Pira, Bud loegl y, Gail luttig. Joon Monii, lourenc Martino. Korn McGuinn , Gwen Meodowt, Carmine Merlucci, Colvin McNair, Angela Migfiorini, Violet MoKOrve, Arthur Myer , John Nigro, Linda Oelgetchloher, Rhonda Pott r on, Gayle Potterton, Shirley Pollord, Notolie Pugli , Borboro Richf r, Jo ph RiplonxS, Som Riiio, Archi Reed, Brenda Robinvon, Sylvio Robinton, Jo Rodrigu !, Jo ph Roger , Soundro Rout, Bohdonna Ryeor, Corolyn Sabatino. Arthur Solicetti, Jovephine Scordoville, Joan Schilar , Elaine Sep . Donna Seymour, Thomot Sherman, Thomotina Skipper, Corolyn Slade, Joy Stoat . Borboro Street, litondro Soto. Elizabeth Squitieri, Bozenna Syholiw, John Szutrel, Mary Ellen Terrezzo. David Thomo . Jonet Thomaton, Olga Tobie, David Tol r, Jo Ann Vellello, Dolore Velotil, Eugenio Volz, Patricio Votto, Sophie Wodowtky, Gloria Wollac , Milton W tl y. Raymond Wh l«r, Mildred Whitaker, Emmo Williom , Corol Worrill, Sandro Wor»ky, louit Yannuzxi, Morilyn Zondlo. 46FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Each week a group of future teachers meet under the guidance of Mr. Rocco Mi-surell. The members discuss various topics such as salary, teaching methods, curriculum, schools, etc. Several college visitation trips hove been planned to enrich this year's program. STANDING, left to right: Janice loworn, Joon Clone!, Emmo William , Virginia Beozlie. SECOND ROW; Joseph Gualtiori, Stanley Friedman, Andrew Del Prie e. Gone Geldxi-ler, Mr. Miturell. THIRD ROW: Sheldon Souders, Horry Jones. Philip Rudko, Carolyn Simpion. FOURTH ROW: Marion Deuttch, Jamet Boyle. Ronold Booker. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, headed by Miss Kruck consists of two representatives from each homeroom and other students who are interested in charitable activities. Members engage in seasonal projects, such as Christmas and Easter baskets for children LIBRARY GUILD STANDING: Jom« Smith. SEATED, left to right: Arlene Cardinal, Motildo Oppido, Moria Giotto, Jewal Jankim, Carolyn Bayradar, Moxina Golonty, Joon Read, Corolyn Simpion, lindo Olegetchlager. STANDING: Dalorai Dovii, Eitia Gront, Elmiro King, Thomot Conon, Mildred Vogo, Janet Kirdrok, Janice Stuorf, Allie Jefferson, Patricio Corbley, June Schilare, Morgio Dubrow, Carolyn Doef, Potricia Hick , Roilyn Hotpiel, Alice Korzenko, Kofhy Korkoloiak, Lucille Joudrey. The Library Guild functions continually every school day under the supervision of Miss Sadie Yuker. With the help of the librarian, members learn to run the library in an orderly manner. They check books, do shelf reading, assist other students in locating reference materials, and care for books, magazines, and clippings. During the term they also enjoy some social activities such as attending the librarians convention and viewing a Broadway show. SITTING AT TABLE, lalt to right: Shirlay Pollord, Sophia Wachowtky, lindo Ron, Pot Mala . Pot Corblay, Mildred Whifokar, Joon lombo'di, Rhonda Potferton, Pofricio Vofto, Morgoret Kroamar. STANDING: Comila Dao, Ulono Stonko, Josaphino Scordoville. Dolores Tisdall. Chri Sidwo. Ino Hoffraon, Donno Seymour. Philip Rudko. Jim Boyle, Mis Yuker, Sondro Root. 47MATHEMATICS CLUB The Mothematics Club with Miss Ruth Meyer-son os faculty advisor meets on Wednesday afternoons to inspire the "Einsteins of Tomorrow." Activities include special student reports, puzzles, recreational mathematics, and biographical sketches of famous mathematicians and scientists. Six months of secondary school mathematics is a requirement for membership. Included in the photograph oro: Henry Betheo, Borbora Bonnet, loi» Brown, Jomet Carboy, Aurelia Cotolono, Phillip Ceroulo, Irene Ciccone, Robert DeSolvo, Unice El. Maxine, Golonty, Allan Geller, Donald Giontomoii, John Gonnollo, Cynthia Grohom, Edward Green, Curtii Hamilton, Lucille Joudrey, Paulette Kane, Robert Kane, Ira Kroe mer, Joon Lombardi, Phyllii Mocoluso, Lawrence Mortin, Vladimir Pawlowiki, George Piegari, Pot Piegori, Dolorei Rich, Joteph Ripianii, Peter Rote, Lndo Rott, Donald Sopora, Nick Sciorillo, Dominie Spall, Patrick Spino, Joyce Stovroi, Janice Steward, Myrna Utley, Dolorei Velotl , Monica Warnqulit, Kathy White, Borry Zachar, Vincent Zanelli. CERAMICS CLUB The Ceramics Club meets every Friday in B8. Ceramic jewelry, ashtrays, lamps and various other interesting and useful articles are made. The work is fired and glazed in the clubs own kilns. Miss Hupp, the advisor, has found it necessary to limit the membership to twenty or twenty-five students. SEATED, loft to right: Min Hupp. Anthony Kropilok, AU« Smilhkowych, Dolorot Tiidoll, Dorothy Pittman, Morianno Stopan-iki. STANDING: Giovonna Pocoro, Albarto Kommol, Patricia Moli», John Forricro, Robert Schubin, David Zombolli, Michool Hotofl, Nicholai Hycxko, Wohor Nouri . 48 FIRST ROW. loft to right, Mated: Alice Korrenko, Phyllii Macaluio, Violo Itoria, Undo Pvnchctx. SECOND ROW: Morion Deuttcho, Elaine Portee. Marilyn Zondlo, Mary Anne Prioli, Benyonne Lee, Margie Dubrow. STANDING: Dom Mormorato, Letter Barnett, Barry Zochar, Robert Fleiichman, Andrew Del Priore, Sheldon Saudert. Neil Caron-gelo. Nick Hycxko, Pat Piegari, Morio Abate, Min Moytrton. ORCHESTRA The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Rocco Pesile, has provided many memorable performances. This group hos worked diligently to create a love not only for contemporary music, but for classical music. Mr. Pesile has explained interesting facts about many of the selections that have been performed. Besides the assembly programs, and community activities they have added much to our semiannual music concerts.VISUAL AIDS Members of the Visual Aids group ore trained by Miss Yuker to operate the visual aid equipment used by faculty members in various classroom activities. AT THE TAME, toft to right: Willi Hick , Som Rizzo. Sol Girgonte. STANDING: Noil Carongelo. John Wott . Jim Boyto, Roy Stone. Nick Mirobolla. Philip Ceroulo, Mi » Yuker. POETRY CLUB The Poetry Club was recently organized by Mr. David Janowitz. Its purposes are to help improve students' literary knowledge and oratorical abilities. Each Monday the members meet to study a different poet's works. They are required to read and criticize their own interpretations. STANDING: Morion DeuHche. FIRST ROW. toft to righfz Wilmo Jockton, VIctorio Ro en-borg, Maro Ptok , Stephanie StrclkauUro . SECOND ROW: Viola-dey llorio. STANDING: Baiba Pleks , lynn lloria, Florence lixermon. Mr. Janowitx. THE SCOPE The Scope, our school newspaper, is an impressive publication. Between its pages are many unusual and interesting articles. Besides the school news there ore cartoons, crossword puzzles, fashion tips, creative poetry and of course "Chatter." The staff and its advisor, Mr. Rickenbacher do a commendable job in publishing the news of a busy, successful school. 49 SEATED, toft to right: Morgery Dwbrow. Diano Becker, Patricio Hick . STANDING: Anthony Kropilok, JoAnn Carluccio, Helmor Cooper, Jonico Brown, Mr. Rickenbocher,SEWING CLUB The Sewing Club meets every Tuesday afternoon. Its membership is limited to fifteen. Mrs. Lucille Hiller offers expert advice on designing and making clothes. The girls make things for themselves, for destitute families, and for the Christmas Fair. Each year they take a trip to Radio City, New York, or to the home economics department of some college in the metropolitan area. FIRST ROW. left to right: Mr». Hiller, Joonn Monxi, Carol Kindler, Bohdanna Rycor. Louise Krueger, Borboro Wooten. SECOND ROW: Botty Kearney, Corot Cresho, Tommy Gol, Ricordina do Silva, Dolorei Davit, Victorio Bouosik, Jean Keorney, Evelyn Souto, Pot Mocneski. STAGE CREW The Stage Crew members and Mr. Rocco Misurell ore the "men behind the scenes" at Arts. They work hord setting up the microphones and arranging lights and props for assembly programs and other school functions. Each member receives on the job training and provides a useful service to the school. FIRST ROW, loft to right: Sholdon Sawders. Ira Kraemer, Kenneth loncin, Mr. Miturell, Victor Huljack. Sidney Kellogg. Phil Nicottro. SECOND ROW: Ray Stone, Richard Ko fof, Willit Hicks. Jomet Boyle, Neil Trovitono, Arthur Burnt. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the main organization in our cluster of clubs. It consists of two representatives from each homeroom and one from each club. Members meet to make suggestions for improvements in the government of the student body, or to prepare for the variety shows, dances and freshman orientation. The head of the Council is the Mayor, who along with the Deputy-Mayor, is elected once a year by the members of the student body. Mr. Rufus Richenbacher and Mrs. Glady Longley are the Council's co-advisors. 50 FIRST ROW, Seoted, left to right: Alice Emons, Lynn llario. Helmor Cooper, Dovid Zambelli. SECOND ROW: Millie Whitaker, Pomelo Argiro. Borboro S'ewicki, Chorleen linkston, Morgie Dubrow, Andrew Zalaski, Barbara Appling, Joseph Rodriguez. THIRD ROW; Alice Grahowtki, Helen Siubis, Joyce Yablonicky, lindo Oelgeschlager, Diane Becker. Diane Corte, Mara Plekit. Edward Petros, Barbara Wooten, 8orbora Street, Mr . Longley. FOURTH ROW: Andrew Del Preore, Joan Lombardi, Louise Yonnuzzi, Patricia Hicks, Arlene Cordinole, Baiba Plekss, Josephine Groziano, Odell Simpson, Jo Ann Knackiewicz. Solvotore Girgenti, Kenneth loncin. FIFTH ROW: Stephanie Strel-kauskos, Carletto Hamilton. Georgina Alexander, Bohdonna Rycor, Goil Fontaine, Joan Reed, Bobi Dunlap, Dolores Dovis, Rosetto Mortin, John Gower, Dovid Rheubottom. SIXTH ROW: Corole Wrubel, Sandro Worsky, Roy Stone, Robert Shubin, Dolores Tisdell, James Boyle. Horry Jones, lissandro Soto, Mr. Rickenbacher.CIOCKWISE, lot to fight: lorry Coulton, Robert Morgullki. Anthony ZoUlli. lotiio Wintsch, Albort Birch, Williotn S» inmoch r, Jom » Boyle. Chorloi Agrillo, Nick Hyciko, Chariot link . Emmet Jonet T-SQUARE AND TRIANGLE CLUB The T-Square and Triangle Club meets, under the direction of Mr. Gannon, on Wednesday afternoons. The purpose of the club is to enable members to become familiar with methods and materials used in drafting. Students are taught to read blueprints, to draw objects to scale, and to do architectural designing. For those interested in drafting as a career the club is extremely valuable. TYPING CLUB SEATED: Donno Seymour, Bob! Dunlop, Corol Opotkiewici. Hedy Coryk. FIRST ROW, itanding: Nadine Allot. Joan Schllore, Corolyn Beyreder, linda Olgcuhloger, Joan Cianci, Helen Siubit. Rotemorie Attono-lio, Jamet Boyle, Alice Grohowtki, Maxine Golonty. Monica Wornquitt, Po Corbly, Mildred Whitoker. Diane Cooper, Phyliu Ferrigono. THIRD ROW: Carlotto Homilfon, Rotetto Mortin, Gloria Wallace, Helen Chetek, Noncy Korpintky, Moyretto Bogar, Noncy Shannon. Florence liiermon, Rhonda Pottecton. The Typing Club meets every Wednesday oftcrnoon. Its purpose is to review and to practice typing. Students may type homework. Scope material or papers for teachers. Those who have had the typing course or who are presently taking it are eligible for membership. Members not only review typing but also learn to cut stencils, to do mimeograph work and to use electric typewriters. They visit typing departments in various business houses. The club's advisor is Mrs. Bette Lazar.The annual Christmas Fair it the event to which parents, olumni, and friends ore invited to tee and purchote the article the student hove leorned to make. Thit oflair give both tho mutk ond art department and proctically every club a chance to participate. A tignificont port of the progrom it the dramatic and colorful presentation of the religious tobleaux whote magnificence i increased by the chorus music. Certoinly thi is one tradition thot should continue as long os Arts High doe . Once the solemn tableaux have ended the colorful fair reopens. The spirit of the festive teoton fill the air. Through the hustle and buttle visitors quickly purchase home-mode cokes, iomt. and jellies. Jewelry, ceramic ond novelty item ond other student-mode articles ore ottroctively displayed throughout the gym. As the evening drowt to o close the Christmos spirit it a-glow and the bedecked fir tree twinkles brightly. "dory to God in tho highest.' "And tho Wise Men come from the fast ond worthippod Him." "to, the star shone round a boot thorn." Mrs. Auorston assists students with lost minuto tottumo adjustments.Nothing it to difficult but that it may bo found out by looking. —Toronto (Hoovton Timoroumonos; Act III, Scono ?, tin 7) No, door, porollol portpoctivo hot nothing to do with goomotry. 54 Yoi, Konny, I con play "ChoptticktCLASS OF JANUARY 1960 Y looking ot Mors through o teloscope we con obterve growth ond development in it ttructure. We Senior too, hove grown but ot a much foiter rote. The mytterie of life ore being unfolded ropid-ly before ut. Thi firtt half of our Senior year ho been iurrounded with on air of expectation and anticipation of wonderful thing . We are nearing the end of thi phate of our life. We hove come a long way in our journey through space and the knowledge we hove ocquired will alway be beneficial to ut. Since entering ot frethmen we hove had but one goal in mind and now it i« within our reoch. Class Advisor MR. GEORGE STEISEL, B.A. Mathematics Throughout our high school careers, Mr. Steisel has striven to teach us the rules of good sportsmanship. His enthusiasm for sports has helped make the athletic program at Arts very successful. As a math teacher possessing a thorough knowledge of his subject, he is satisfied only when students work to capacity. We'll never forget his most important lesson—"Everyone has some ability. Use every bit of yours." Mr. Steisel has effectively combined the qualities of patience and understanding, making him a valuable friend and teacher. MR. GEORGE VOUER, B.S., M.A. Mathematics Mr. Voller, although new to the faculty, has won many friends because of his amiable personality. He has taught in several sections of our country and is keenly aware of needs of students. By showing a sincere Interest in his students, he encourages them to do their very best. Mr. Voller devotes his after school hours to coaching the Varsity Basketball Team and the Junior Varsity Baseball Team. Expecting nothing less than the best, he has oarnod the respect of all the players. He asks no praise for his work, but with each team victory, he feels amply repaid for his efforts. 56 Home Room TeacherSENIOR "B" CLASS OFFICERS President PHILIP NICASTRO 528 South Thirteenth Street Phil is lull of fun and ambition. Since entering Arts High School, he hos gained many friends. His hobbies include ploying his sax, eating pizxo, going bowling, or dating girls. Phil hos participated in Arts High's concerts, operas, and muscal assemblies. Music classes and programs will olways be among Phil's memories of Arts. Dur. ing his term os president of the Junior Class he kept quite busy, but he enjoyed every minute. His ambition is to become a business odministrotoc so he plans to enroll in Rutgers University to prepore for this career. Vice-President ARTHUR F. BURNS, Jr. 68 Littleton Avenue Arthur, also colled "butch", come to Arts from South Eighth Street School. His close friends ore Richard Shonks ond Vin Priore. In his spare time he ploys baseball or watches television. Arthur likes comedies, popular music. Americon food, ond United States history. Butch's favorite teacher is Miss Howard. His pet peeve is rock V roll music. Arthur hos been active in the Chess, Gym, Photog rophy, and Pottery Clubs, ond the Stage Crew's activities. His ombilion is to seek a career in the Novy. Secretory INA H. M. HOFFMANN 264 Ferry Slreel Ina is o quiet, yet friendly girl who came to Arts from Newton Street School. She is usually of home reading or watching television progroms. Sho likes dancing, tennis and swimming. In her spore time Ina listens to classical music. She appreciates good German cooking. Ina likes the ort dosses, where she displays the tolent for which she has gained recognition. During her high school career she's olways been a loyal member of the library Guild. She plans to ottond Douglass College ofter graduation. Treasurer JAMES E. BOYLE 272 Ridge Street Jim. sincere ond ambitious, is alwoys engaged in school work. He enjoys ploying the piano ond the organ. He is on enthusiastic stamp and coin collector. In his spore time Jim hos a part-time job in on advertising office. He likes to see a Broadway show now and then, or watch a good television show. Jim's future plans include entering Mont dair State College, to fulfill his ambition to become o high school English teacher. 57ANTHONY ARMENTO 333 South Seventh Street Tony com from Fourteenth Avenue Grommor School. He it o music major. Hit dotes? friend it Vic Scordillo. In hit tpore time Tony goet to bond reheortolt. He like symphonic musk, steoks three inchet thick ond weight lifting. Mr. Pesile it hit favorite teacher. Hit ombition it to be o mutic teocher. Hit plant for the future include enlisting in the Navy ond trying to get into the mutic profession. JUDITH ANN BATOR 214 South Street Judy came to Artt from Oliver Street School, ond it known for being very octive in school offoirt. She holds a Varsity Letter for cheerleoding and her many interests ore drawing, collecting records, tennis, dancing, and miniature golf. At Artt, Judy likes most the teachers' relationships with the students and the Arts High dances. Upon graduation, she plont to attend Montdoir State College. Her main ambition is to be on art teacher. MAYRETTA BOGAR 9 Farley Avenue Bunny come to Artt from Newton Street School. She con usually be found with her good friends Carilyn Worril or Zelia Singletory. While of Artt, Bunny hot been octive in the Typing Club. Her favorite teocher wot Mitt Keehner. Bunny's future plont include secretarial school training ond morrioge ELAINE BRANDT 21 Johnson Avenue Elaine is definitely on individualist in her thoughts, speech, ond mannerisms. Shyness it certainly not one of her virtues, yet, she it o person with whom it it easy to get along. Depending on the time ond season she will be found either at a swimming pool or ot on ice rink. When it comet to designing and choosing clothes, Elaine doet a wonderful job, so naturally the plant to prepare for o career ot o fashion designer. NEIL CARANGELO 448 Soulh Eighteenth Street Neil come to Arts bringing with him o wonderful sense of humor. He loves to hove o good time, so naturally he enjoys fishing, bowling, ond doting. Neil's main interests are eating ravioli ond listening to bollods or to classical music. Ho hot been a member of the Track Team, Science Club, ond Scope. Hit memories will always include hit friends ot Artt ond the concert! ond operas In which he participated. Neil looks forword to completing college ond entering the Air Force. 58PHILIP CERAULO 60-64 Hazelwood Avenue Phil like everyone ond likes his saxophone, too. He con usually be found at home ploying it. After proctice he enjoys eating a dish of his fovorite Italian food, ravioli. He ploys baseball ond basketball and is the proud owner of a Varsity Letter. He hos gained valuable experience ploying in the concerts ond operas, ond hopes to moke musk hit career. Phil plans to attend college. JOHN CURTISS, JR. 86 Columbia Avenue Jack came to Arts from Alexander Street School. His close friends ore Terry Elman ond Neil Carangelo. He can usually be found at the home of one of his friends. In his spare time he reads books on hot rods, builds radios, or helps oround the house. He likes dancing and progressive jaxx. Jack's favorite subject it ort ond his favorite teacher, Mitt Howard; but it it hit Potior whom he admires most. He plans to join the Navy after graduation. CHARLES D'ERASMO 228 Camden Street Chorlie hos mode mony friends here at Arts. He enjoys swimming or listening to rock 'n' roll music. He hot been an active member of the Swimming Team and the Basketball Team, and served on the Student Council during his frothmon yeor. He hos received a Junior Varsity Letter ond a Typing award. When Chorlie wos osked what he would remember most of Arts, he replied, "The many different activities available to the students." Charlie's ambition is to become an architectural designer. PHYLENE DE TARANTO 429 South Thirteenth Street "Chippy," os her friends coll her. enjoys doncing, listening to popular music, eating Italion food, and swimming. She is often found at Club Dominican at Soint Anthony's Church. She con usually be seen with her friends Carole Flick ond Diane Noack. She is extremely fond of Miss Keehner's English class. Phylene's talent os a pianist hos contributed much to Art High's musical programs. After leaving Arts, she will olways remember the assemblies. Phylene plans to enter Eostman School of Music. TERRY 0. ELMAN 230 Mount Vernon Ploce Terry is known to his friends os the class jester, and he has certainly lived up to that name. He likes progressive joxx, football, and more than anything else—Italion food. Terry has been a member of the Trock ond Field Teoms ond the Band. He is very interested in cutlomixing cars. Although usually found on the corner of Eighth Street ond Twelfth Avenue, he still finds time for history, his favorite subject. He plons to attend college to becomo an automotive engineer 59CAROL ANN FLICK 546 Sanford Avenue Carol, nicknamed Shorty for on obvious reason. com to Art from Ivy Junior High School. Her best friends ore Phylene De Toronto ond Diane Noock. Carol it always on the move and con be found anywhere. She has worked as o salesgirl. When she hot time, she goes shopping with friends. Her favorite types of music ore dotticol and progressive jars. She liked the art courses most ot Arts. Corol't plans include going to business college, gening married ond being a good mother STANLEY FRIEDMAN 233 Weequahic Avenue Ston it an individualist in the true sente of the word. He come to Arts from Maple Avenue School. Hit close friends ore Joe Gvoltieri, Jomet Boyle, and John WoHs. In hit spare time he paints or listens to music. His interests include Egyptology, ottronomy, ond coins. His favorite teocher is Miss Keehner. He hot been octive in the Art Service Club ond received honorable mention in the Columbian Foundation Art Exhibition. Stan's ambition is to be a good artist. College is included in hit plant for the future. CLAUDETTE ELLEN GATLING 235 Rose Street Claudette, better known ot Cookie, come to us from Waverly Avenue School. Her hobbies include reoding ond collecting jazz albums. Cookie has been heord to remork that the things she's enjoyed most about Arts ore John Fudge. Byrno Jones, the teachers, and the dances. She it also a skating fon. Eating hot dogs it her fovorite pastime. Hisory ond Mr, Shopiro ore in fop place on Cookie's lift of favorites- She plant to be a mortician. JOSEPH D. GUALTIERI 653 Mount Prospect Avenue Joseph come from Ridge Street Grammar School. He usuolly associates with Stonley Friedmon ond James Boyle. During hit leisure time he watches television, reads, or collects stomps. Joe likes classical ond popular music. He admires Mitt Keehner who is his favorite teocher. He hat olto found pleasure in his art classes. At on octive member of the Art Service Club, he won o prize. After graduation he plant to attend Pratt Institute. Joe's ambition it to become o fashion designer. CAMERON HORNE 97 Bruce Street Cameron is a very wise fellow. His ambition it to get a good education ond become some sort of tociol worker. He hasn't yet decided on a specific field. His hobby is tape recording. Not only does he enjoy track ond field activities but he also has worked hard for o Varsity Letter. In hit spare time he works with hit father, that is, after he has finished his duties as a newsboy. Along with his buddy Eddie Shelton he plans to go to Howard University 60LOUISE JANAVICIUS 1 Sussex Avenue Louise torn lo Arts High from McKinley Street School. She do in'! hove ony spore time now because »He work os o tales girl, and the won't hove ony spare time in the future because she plont to attend a nursing school. Among her friends ore Elaine Brandt, Marilyn Henno, and the members of the Sewing Club in whose activities she wos an active participant. Her favorite kind of entertainment is dancing, but she also enjoys listening to rock V roll and mombo music on the rodio. JOYCE J. KNEIPHER 516 Eighteenth Avenue Joyce came to Arts from South Seventeenth Street School. Sh is on individualist. During leisure hours she writes long letters to her boy friend or curls up with o good book. The Luther League and choir activities in her church toke much of her time. She odmires most her Pastor's wife. Her favorite teocher is Miss Abos; her favorite subject, ceramics. Joyce hopes t© offend Wagner College. Her future plans include morrioge and children. CAROLE KNIGHT 103 South Eighth Street Corole is a quiet girl who can usually be found at home listening to records, playing the piano, or dancing to good rhythm and blues music. After a hard day of work at school, she enjoys o big, thick, steok with plenty ol gravy ond potatoes. History is her favorite subject ond Mr. Shapiro, her favorite teocher. Corole's pet peeve is examinations. The friendliness ond helpfulness of the teochers has inspired her to become o teacher. She will attend Upsola College. IRA KRAEMER 899 Eighteenth Avenue After graduation Ira plons to join the Signal Corps ond wonts to become o communication technician. In his spore time he operotes a rodio stotion os an omaleur radio hobbist; he also collects coins. He has participated in the activities of the Rodio Club, the Slog Crew, ond the Orchestro. Ira has especially enjoyed the extracurricular activities here at Arts. His fovorite subjects are instrumental studies, and science. Ira hod great odmirotion for Mr. Lowry, a member of the Science Department until his illness ond death a short time ago. ANTHONY KROPILAK 188 Ferry Street Tony is o fellow with much artistic ability. In his spare time he likes to paint, do fashion designing, or work with his electric troins. He con usuolly be found with his girl friend. Rock V roll is Tony's favorite music and rock V roll shows ore his favorite entertainment. He has worked in o gos stotion ond in a ceramic studio. Tony served os o member of the Trock Team, the Ceramics Club ond the Art Service Club. He hopes to attend Traphogen School of Design 61DOMENICK MARMORATO 456 South Sixteenth Street Don it a polite, overage American fellow with one major interest: girls. He centers most of hit attention on hit favorite, Cino lemoldi. In hit tpore time Don goes to the movies or to o boll gome. Boteball, track. Student Council, and Scop hove kept him buty for mony howrt after school. His favorite music is the dismissal bell at 2:35. He hot been a very good moth student and would like to become on occountant. PAUL MICHAUD 26 West Runyon Street Raulie come to Arts High from Saint Columbus Grammar School. He it a well built, happy go lucky boy who loves to donee. His fovorite kind of music is rock V roll. He has been a member of the Donee Club, and has also participated in Boseboll, Leaders' Club, ond Student Council activities. A variety of jobs including waiter, butboy, ond carpenter have occupied his spare time. Roul it undecided about hit plant for the future although he hat thought obout a singing career. NICK MIRABELLA 5 Midland Place Nick came to us from Fifteenth Avenue Grammar School. He hot mony friends here at Arts but you ore most likely to see him with Al Kellogg ond Len Olander. You eon usually find Nick delivering newspapers on his route. His fovorite teocher it Mr. Voller ond olgebra it one of his favorites too. Best of oil Nick enjoyed his art courses. He doesn't hove ony plant for the future except to go on enjoying rock 'n' roll music, Italian food, fishing, and boseboll DIANE NOACK 216 Smith Street A shy ond unossuming person, she is known for getting things done. Dion come to Arts from Ivy Junior High. She con usually be found participating in some church activities. Her closest friends ore Corole Flick and Rhylene De Toronto. Dione enjoys playing the piano, painting, ond swimming. She is o member of the Cheering Squod. She alto likes going to the movies, eoting spaghetti, and ort dosses. Diane has still had time for the Student Council, the Typing Club, ond the Drama Club. After graduation she plans to prepare for an art career. LAMONT PADGETT 146 James Street Rierre, os his friends call him, come to Arts High from Central Avenue School. He enjoys dancing or listening to rock V roll music. He is often seen in homeroom doing his geometry assignments. Although math is his fovorite subject, Mr. Gommoll is his favorite teacher. He hod filled his leisure hours with boseboll, basketboll, YMCA group projects ond Boys' Club activities. He hoi received a Junior Vorsity letter for baseball as well os basketball. 62CAROLYN SABATINO 557 Central Avenue Carolyn, belter known as lynn. eome lo us from South Eighth Street School. She hot shown her exceptional interest in music by appearing in the majority of our musical productions. Next to music lynn loves singing and dancing. Among her many friends ore Morilyn Zondlo and Grace Britt. She has been active in Glee Club and in the Operetta Club. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Pickett, whose music dosses sho never failed to enjoy, lynn hopes to be a singer. She most admires Doris Doy. ROBERT GENE SCHUBIN 541 Eighteenth Avenue Quiet and studious Bob always teems to be the butt of proctical jokes He likes to work with his model railroad set ond enjoys a good football game when he it not busy with homework. Around school he is usually teen with David Zambelli or William Gwiozdo. Mitt Keehner't English classes gave him satisfaction plus knowledge. Bob has been a member of the Photography ond Art Service Clubs After graduation from Pratt Institute, he plons to seek employment as on advertising designer. NANCY SHANNON 230 Orange Street Noncy, o very cheerful and polite girl, come from McKinley School. Her close friends ore Moyretto, Corol, ond Diane. She it usually found in the Music Doporfment of the Nowark Public librory. In her spare time she reads, types, or collects stomps. Noncy likes populor ond classical music, Itolian ond Chinese food, people, ond ice skating. Her favorite toacher is Miss David. Her ambition it to become a court stenographer. After graduation Noncy plons to attend o business college. EDWARD SHELTON 573 High Street Eddie come from Bragaw Avenue School. Though he it friendly with everyone, he has only o few close friends—Curtis Hamilton, Comeron Horne, ond Bruce Jones. In hit spare time he participates in o voriety of sports but his fovorite is basketball. Ho hot been on active member of the Troek and Bosketboll teams ond wouldn't mitt those night gomes for anything. He it planning to attend Howard University where he will prepare for a coreer in the field of medicine. RAY STONE 712 South Twelfth Street Roy enjoys the outdoor life ond always anticipates the arrival of the hunting season. Taxidermy ond skin diving occupy much of his spare time. For entertainment, he chooses westerns or calypso music. He hot worked in a service station and hopes someday to roco at Indionopolis. He has participated in the activities of the Track Team, the Stoge Crew, and the Student Council. In school, his favorite subject has been history and his fovorite teacher, Mr. Voller. Roy"s goal is to own his own service stotion. 63JOHN WATTS 46 Komorn Street John, the friendly fellow with the English o«ent, tome from Ann Street School. He likes doncing. littening to records, or swimming. John's dose friends ore Bloiie Monzela ond Phil Picoro. In music. John prefers jozz or semi-classical works. As for food, he likes Itolian dishes. He enjoys Miss Keehner's English dosses and his typing classes. He hos been on octive member of the Art Service Club, ond, os you might guess, plons to enter the field of art offer graduation. JOHN WOODWORTH 126 Wickliffe Street John it o graduate of Robert Treat Junior High School. Most o his dose friends such os Dean Ingram, Rito Kropilak, ond John Haynes, call him Jock. He likes to drow or point in his spore time. His fovorite hobby is collecting populor records. He also enjoys typing, which is a good reason for Mrs. loxar't being hit fovorite teacher. He has been active in the Ceramics Club ond has served on the Student Council. Jock hopes to become a commercial artist. CAROLYN WORRIll 254 Thirteenth Avenue "Dutchess." as you will often hear Corolyn colled, is a graduote of Newton Street School. She con usually be found at home or seen with Mayretto ond Carolyn Simpson. While ot home she spends her leisure hours eating her fovorite food—shrimp ond rice, or reading a good book. She loves music, whether It it jozz or classical. Her fovorite subject is United Stotes history but her fovorite teacher it Mr. Pickett. She wants to continue school ot Boston Conservatory to become o teocher of music. MARILYN ZONDLO 177 Dickerson Street Since her orrivol ot Arts Morilyn, o girl devoted to music, hos shown her talent in mony woys. There is not o musicol program in which the hat not participated. She is extremely fond of dotsicol music ond enjoys music appreciation best of all her subjects. Morilyn olso has mony other interests. She enjoys fishing and devotes time to reading. She olso plays tennis. Morilyn will concentrate, in the future, on making o name in the world of musk. We oil wish her the best of luck. 64And now from tho Hoof of Dior wo hovo . . . 66 It's anybody's ball."If Votto con do it, to con I" "BotkotbaU givei mo o Uftf Stop waltzing and play bo toyt Mr. Morris confidently. Ift mine, and yov can't hove it." '6ig Chief Wohoo, tittle pa pool 67"I suppose you're oil wondering why I asked you to meet me here ' Neil it ready to "enlighten" the audience Mr. Tobio ghret lott minute instructions. The mellow tones ore heard throughout the auditorium. Just a lew minutei until curtain time. 69Nadia, fronk, Jaonnatf and Marilyn. Aro you sura w go off at t ha right pi oca? i no ion nurrani V haro did tho guide go? All this it vary inf ratting but whora it the eoHaa thop? 7072CLASS OF JUNE 1959ADVISORS Class Advisor MRS. LUCILLE B. HILLER, B.S. Home Economics On of the moil popjlor teacher in the building, Mr . Hiller it well known for her tunny p r onolity. She it reipected for the firmnet and fhe efficiency with which the performs her duties. Her clattet ore brightened by her ready wit and quick tent of humor. At co-odvitor of our dot the hot been every ttudent't friend ord confidante. She it very contiderat of other and trie to inttill thit virtu in her ttudentt. Although fun-loving. Mrs. Hiller, who favorite color it red, give the impression of being conservative. However, tome of her leisure time activities include hiking, tewing, ice skoting, and reoding— etpeciolly poetry. Mr . Hiller feel thot "you con never learn too much" ond it now working for a master's degree ot Rutger Univertity. Class Advisor MR. MILTON KNOBLER, B.S., M.A. Art Mr Knobler joined the foculty ot Art ot the tom time at we entered ot frethmen. At our co-advitor he hot attitled in understanding ut throughout our high school careers. A broad-minded, understanding teocher, Mr. Knobler hat won the odmirotion of the entire ttudenf body. W admire him because he hot olwayt been willing to litfon to our probloms ond hot alwoyt respected our ideas. After school he devotes much of hit time to coaching the Swimming Team. Hit sente of humor, hit classroom informality, ond hit wordly knowledge will in future years bring bock fond memories. Home Room Teacher MR. SEYMOUR LANDSMAN, B.S., M.A. Art (Acting Chairman) Mr. landsman has worked tirelessly to help ut during our years of Artt. H hot prodded, counteled, ond struggled to ostist ut in reaching maturity. At octing chairman of the Art Deportment ond ot one of our fine ! art teochert, he hat alwoyt deployed superior ability. Drawing on his votf knowledge of ort, he imbues hit students with an earnest detire to develop their tolentt and abilities. Mr. londtman will probably be best remembered for hit keen tense of humor. Hit subtle ond sophisticated witticisms hove won him the odmirotion of many. We moy often disagree with Mr. londtmon but we hove come to respect him ot a true and sincere friend. Home Room Teacher MRS. BETTE LAZAR, B.S., M.A. Business Mrs. loxor it on easy-going person whose pleasant disposition ond even temper have earned her popularity among the students. She it on amiable teocher whose classroom alwoyt hot o happy atmosphere. While instructing her clottes in propy butiness procedures, Mrs. loxar also emphotixes the traits vitol to success in the business world. Although the enjoys bantering once in o while, she olwoyt demonds the pupils' respect. She is sympathetic, encouraging, ond fun to be with. She hat succeeded in making us feel that looming is o pleosont task ond not o tedious one. 74SENIOR "A" CLASS OFFICERS President NICHOLAS Dl GIUSEPPE 397 North Twelfth Street Nick, o swell person to know, com to Arts from First Avenue School. He hot earned a Vortity letter in track ond hot been elected to membership In the Notionol Honor Society. He hot olso worked on the Vignette staff ond the dost steering committee, ond hot been o member of the leaders Club. Among his hobbies ore weight lifting, wrestling, ond listening to Sinotro ting. Nick con usually be found with hit friends ot the Club Exclusive. Nick's plans for the future include college His ombition is to become o commercial ortist. Vice-President KATHLEEN FABRICATORE 77 Littleton Avenue Kothy. who good noturedly occeptt the kidding obout her being o "femme fotole", spends her tpore, time swimming, televiewing, or tripping the light fantotlic ot school dances. Many of her leisure moments ore spent on the telephone tolking with Moryonne Squillaro or Diane Tracy. Kothy likes rock 'n' roll, Latin Americon rhythms, grapefruit, ond history. Her favorite teocher it Mr. Morris She hot been active in the Student Council ond In the Pottery, Sewing ond Typing Clubs. Kothy't ombition it to become on airline hostess. Secretary MARY ANNE SQUILLARO 324 Roseville Avenue Mary Anne is o girl who easily mokes friends because of her genuine, sincere personality. She comet from Bloomfield Junior High ond it going to Julliord School of Music. During her spare time she studies ballet and phi-lotophy. Some of her other interests ore classical musk, basketball, baseball, ond swimming. Mr. Knobler and Mr. Rickenbacker are her favorite teochert. What Mary Anne most appreciates obout Arts is the fine student teacher relationship. Treasurer JOHN PAUL 30 West Runyon Street John has all the qualities which guorontee success. Among them ore determination, eagerness, and a winning personality. His speciol friends include Bill lund ond Dave Zombelli. John divides his spare time between working at a grocery clerk and dating Mary Cantella. Hit favorite pastime it driving. He likes rock 'n' roll music, homburgert, ond algebra. His athletic ability mode him o voluoble member of the Swimming Team. Betides winning several Varsity letters, John has distinguished himself by being inducted into Notionol Honor Society membership. 75MARIO ABATE 428 South Fifteenth Street Morio it one of our mott outttonding ttudontt. He hot been elected to the Notionol Honor Society, received o Junior Voriity Letter ond hot been o condidote for Boyt' Stole. Morio hot mony interest ranging from moviet to luxury (inert. Whon he't not in the kitchen noting, he con be found reading or littening to doiticol mutic- Morio't plan for the future it to further hit education. He plant to attend Yolo Univertily. CHARLES AGRILLO 205 Littleton Avenuo Chorlet. better known to hit friendt 01 Charlie, come to Artt from Fourteenth Avenue School. He it a likeable guy and hit mony friendt include four dote polt: Nick Di Guiteppe. Bill Caruto, Sam Rizzo, ond Mike Ferroro. Chorlie't interoitt (ond he hot mony) ore con, girlt, rock V roll, jozz, bateboll, ort, dancing, ond drog rocing. Charlie admiret hit parentt ond hit favorite tcoeher Mr. Knobler. Charlet plant to ottend Pork Beauty School. He hopet to become a beoutieion. MARIE AGRILLO 274 Woodside Avenue Marie Agrillo it one of our glamour girlt. She con utuolly be found ot home or on a date with hor boyfriend. She hot received both itenography and typing awardt. Mrt. lozor it her favorite teacher. Marie hot been octive in the Art Service Club ond in the Typing Club. Doncing, rock 'n' roll, ond twimming ore among her interettt. Marie hat alwoyt enjoyed the lunch period! ond ottembly progromt at Artt. Her ambition it to be o tecretary but her future plont include marriage. MARY LOU ALBANO 82 Columbia Avenue Mory Lou it the kind of o girl by whom one doet not mind being ditturbed. She ond Mrt. lozor ore two of o kind. Mory Lou hot been octive in the Student Council, the Library Guild, the Girlt' Glee Club, the Scope, ond the Typing Club. Her other interettt ore doncing, moviet, rock 'n' roll, ort, ond football. John Haynet ond Nadia Wotkew ore among her mony friendt. While ot Artt Mary Lou enjoyed the dancet ond ottembliet. Mory loi t ambition it to marry. VIRGINIA L. BEAZLIE 409 Stockton Avenuo, Roselle, New Jersey Gino hat many interettt ronging from tportt to traveling around the world. She liket conceited boyt ond obhort "tophittieoted junior ". Gina timply odoret clotticol ond jozz mutic, expentive food, hittory, ond art. An enter-prizing girl, the hot terved ot a member of the Future Teacher of America, the Vignette Staff, and the Student Council. She can utuolly be found ot home, with Janice or at a meeting of the Rainbow Girlt. After graduation Gino would like to further her education. 76BARBARA ANN BONNET 254 Mount Prospect Avenue "8obbie", a curly-headed blond , cam to Arts High from Ridge Street School. Sho is quiet, cooperative, and considerate. A music mojor, she hos served os o member of the Bond ond the Orchostro. Assemblies havo been the most enjoyable port of Borboro's high school coreer. Around school Barboro is usually seen with Janet Pasta-rack or Barboro Richter. In her spore time Bobbie enjoys watching television, swimming or skating. Her plans for the future include attending o junior college ond marriage RONALD ROLLIN BOOKER 84 Seventh Avenue "Booker," as he's tagged by all of us, come to Arts from Wilmington, Delaware. His close friends ore Harry Jones and Dave Appling. He enjoys jo x, steak, math, boseball, and bowling, loud tolking during homeroom periods is his pet peeve. He hos been odive in the T-Square and Triongle Club ond hos been a member of the Baseball ond Bosketball Teams, the Chorus, ond the Bond. Ronald intends to enlist in the Air Force, later he plons to ottend Newark College of Engineering for o degree in civil engineering. MARILYN CONSTANCE BOVE 50 New York Avenue "Mari Bono'' come to Arts High from lafoyotte Street School to study fashion designing. She can always be found with her close friends Mickey, Jeon, and Joon. Of all her subjects she has enjoyed the art courses most. Although "Mari Bone" hos worked os a salesgirl she hos hod time for mony school activities including the Art Service Club, the Modern Dance Club, the Scope, ond the Girls' Glee Club. To further her education in ort, she plons to attend Cooper Union. JAMES C. BOYD 16 South Twelflh Street "Sponky" is o neat, friendly, rather quiet person. He likes classic chorols, modern joxx, football, ond fashion designing, but his main interest lies in ploying the piano. His ambition is to become a musician. He hos worked os a choir director for seven months. Jim has great admiration for Henry A, Smith, a pianist ot a New York Opero Studio. The ovents thof Jomes likes best ot Arts are the musical productions. He is a member of tho New Jersey Youth Association. SAL CANDELA 227 Hunterdon Street Sal is a friendly, easy going person who it always fun to be with. He also enjoys rock 'n' roll, classieol music ond fishing Eating steak Sal maintains hit energy for hit athletic activities. He plays baseboll and basketball. Sal hot eorned a Junior Varsity letter ond a typing award. Mr. Steitel is his favorite teocher. He will always remember the friendly student-teacher relationships ot Arts, After attending Montcloir Stole College he plons to be a history teacher. 77MARY CANTELIA 138 South Seventh Street Mory it o homobody, !hot is, when she's not going out with John Pool. Mory Loo Albono ond Jody Kirchmoyr ore two of her closest friendt. She like mutic of ony kind, and hamburger with oniont. Her favorite subject it item ography and her favorite teachor it Mr, Koppstatter. Her pet peeve it Mr. Jonowitz Mary hot terved ot o member of the Scope, the library Guild, the Typing Club, the Pottery Club, ond the Student Council. At Arts the liked John Paul, the extracurricular program, ond the 2:35 bell. WILLIAM CARUSO 296 Littleton Avenue "Bill" come to Artt from Fourteenth Avenue School. He hot been octive in botketball, track, ond leodert' Club. He hat earned o Vortity Letter. Among hit mony friendt at Artt ore Mike Ferroro, Nick Oi Guiteppe, Charlie Agrillo. ond Som Rizro. Bill likot rock V roll, modern jazz. United Stotet hittory, botketball, and girlt. Hit pet peeve it teochert who won't litten to reoton (probobly hit reoton). In the future Bill plant to enter the Navy, or ottend college CHARLES CASLER 49 South Seventh Street "Chuck" come to ut from South Tenth Street School. Hit favorite tubject it United Stofot hittory; hit favorite teachers, Mr. Spindler and Mitt Kruck. Among hit major inferettt aro movies, mutic, ond twimming. During hit tpare time he wotchet felovition, read , or points. Wherever one teet Chorlet. one alto teet John Wottt ond Allen Howord. Charlie's ambition it to be a commercial ortiit ond with hit tolent he will undoubtedly succeed. ANTONIA CILONA 844 Summer Avenue "Toni," ot the it colled by moit of her friends, come to Artt from Elliott Street School. Although the hot mony friendt ot Artt, her dotett are Beverly Reid ond Alice Zukowtki. Toni doetn't utuolly hove much spare time, but manages to Find tome for dancing ond dates. She enjoyt oil kinds of mutic. She has been octive in the Student Council ond in the Art Service Club. Her ambition it to be o good dancer ond o good wife. HELMAR COOPER 105 Hedden Terrace Helmor is on amusing conversationalist. He lovet to read ond write thort stories. In pursuance of his journalistic ambition, he hot risen to the position of Editor-inChiof of the Scope. Hit never-ending energy ond his ability to work hove been recognized by hi Khoolmotet in their electing him noyor of the school ond junior doss preti-dent. He enjoyt greot writer , the theater, Gilbert ond Sullivon, ond silent movies. After groduotion he would like to enter college to ttudy journalism ond philosophy. 78ISAIAH GARY COOPER 178 Court Street "Tax" attended Morton Street School and Robert Treat Junior High before coming to Art . He like horteback riding and basketball. He can usually be found in the gym. Hi favorite postime ore reading United State hi -lory and writing for the Scope He look upon Admiral Richard E. Byrd with great admiration, and has chosen o career in the Navy as port of hi future plan , later he plan to become o top-notch journalist. JOHN CZERKOWICZ 146 Vermont Avenue John came to us from Alexander Street School He hot o very friendly personality which is the rooson for hi hoving to many close friends. He rank Arty Salicetfi, George Piegari, Prank Votto, Nick Di Guiteppc, and Mike Fcrroro at tho top of tho lilt. Hi fovorile subject it ort. He has been active on the Junior Varsity Boiketball Team. He con usually be found at home. John likes the assemblies of Arts. He hopes to attend college or join the Navy. JEANNETTE DANEl 1160 Broad Street Joonotfe hod been o member of the dost of 1959 until »ho returned to her native Moxieo at the beginning of her junior year. She returned from her "leave of obsence" to completo her senior year at Art . Her favorite teochers are Mitt Kcohner ond Mr. Koppstattor. Her be t friend ore Morio Abate, Alice Emant and Robert Kane. She is utuolly found listening to musk, playing the piano or reoding about Mexico. She prefer jazz ond Dixieland music. Mexican food, homburger . ond horse-bock riding. Jeanette wont to enter the Notional University of Mexico to »tudy medicine. RICARDINA DA SILVA 353 Elm Street Rickie is a girl who con talk her way info or out of olmost anything. Hor special friend ore Jeonette Donel ond Barbara lehto. with whom he'» shored many merry escapades. She is usuolly found at home tolking, reoding or sewing. Rickie, who monoges to be everywhere of once, hos received on A-pin for her participation in the Sewing ond Typing Clubs, Red Cross. Scope, ond Student Council activities. Her ambition is to be a career girl in the fashion field ADELE MIRIAM EISENBERG 137 Wilson Avenue Since entering Art , Adele hos boon o busy girl. Sho hos served os secretory to tho Student Council, and a a member of numerou clubs. Receiving the A-pin ond being inducted into the National Honor Society were her biggest thrills. Always laughing about something, Adele enjoy life to the fullest. For relaxation she sees Broadway shows or listen to mood music. She it a sincere person and odmire thi trait in other people. She plan to enter Rutgers University School of Pharmacy. 79UNICE EL 15 Belmont Terrace Unit i» on of our most popular girls. Som of her interests or skating, doncing, and modern joxz. Among h r many friend are Eleanor Miller and Carol How ». Unit hat been octiv in the Orchestra and in the Junior Red Cross. Whot Unite hot liked obout Arts or th assembly programs, gym classes, operas, ond contorts. H r favorite subject is stenography; her favorit teachers or Mr. Janowitz ond Mr. Pesil . She plons to attend Berkeley Secretarial School ond hopes to become a Civil Service employe . ALICE EMANS 417 South Seventh Street Alice it pretty, pert, ond popular. She hos been o member of the Drama Club, the T-Square ond Triangle Club, and the Girls' Glee Club She it usually found ot dancing school and hopes to continue her troining ot a ballet acodemy. In her spore time Alice enjoys dancing, swimming, tennis, or reoding Her favorite subject is English, especially Miss Keehner's doss. On of Alice's pet peeves is nicknames Alice enjoyed most th friends she made while ot Arts. EDWARD P. ENERLICH 903 Lake Street Eddie, on easy-going, typical teenager, came to Arts from Ridge Street School. He enjoys parties, swimming, rock 'n' roll, music, mushrooms, anything but school work. He also likes good basketball gomes. Around school he con usually be seen with Collin Wendell and Fronk Votto. He's going to seek employment immediately after graduation but expects to enter th armed forces within th next year His ambition It to become a top-notch salesman. RICHARD EUBANKS 145 Hillside Avenue Richard has always been friendly and sociable. His quiet ways hove won him admiration. Going to parties ond listening to jozz music moke life interesting for him. At home Richard con usually be found in the kitchen gathering food to toke bock to the television room for an evening tnock. Hit ploying on the Bosketboll ond Boseball Teams hove won him severol letters. He it uncertain obout hit future but hopes to enter college. JAMES FAGAN 16 Lyons Avenue Jim come to us from Doyton Street School. Hit favorite subject it Physics but Mr. Sfeitel is hit favorite teacher. Jim has been on active member of the Moth Club. Among his closest friends ore Clyde Kuemmerle ond Neil Harris. His interests include tennis, dancing, and popular music. Jim may join the Marines. He will olways remember the way th teachers ot Arts have helped him. He plons to attend Seton Holl University. His ambition is to be a chemist. 80MICHAEL FERRARA 240 Sherman Avenue Mike cam lo Art» from Miller Street School. When he isn't studying, he con usually be found clowning with a few of his tlose friends Nick Di Guiteppe, Sill Coruso, and Chorlie Agrillo. His pet peeve is being called Michael Mike's favorite subjects are golf, politics, operas, girls and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. He also approves of sleeping. Mike enjoys his school work at Arts and the friends he has made. He has no immediate plons but he would like to become a music conductor. THOMAS FITZSIMMONS 23% Merchant Street Thomas, o hoppy-go-lucky guy, is better known os "Fitxie" to his friends. He came to Arts from Wilson Avenue School. Tommy hos been active in the Band. Orchestration is hit favorite subject. He con usually be found with hit friends Preston Barham, ond Bob Catugno. Tommy's fovorite interests are dancing, baseball, rock 'n' roll music, and girls. He plons for o career in the United States Morin Corps WILLIAM FORLENZA 17 Summit Street Bill, a quiet, friendly person, con usually be found enjoying general conversation with his friends. He likes his teochers best at Arts, but dislikes those few who picked favorites. Bowling on a team and attending CYO meetings occupy most of Bill's spar time. Part-time employment hat kept him from participating in extracurricular activities. After he finishes college Bill plons to become o business executive ond own hit own business. MARIE FRANKLIN 113 Summit Street Marie come to Arts from Saint Phillip's Grommor School. Since then the has mod many friends. Baby sitting, reading, or playing the piano toke up most of her spore lime, but the still hos some for her studies. Marie never thinks of wotching her weight because she it much too fond of macoroni Algebra bothers her more than anything else. She can utuolly be found in Homeroom 315 participating in lengthy discussions on o variety of subjects. Her future plons ore still undecided, but success will crown her activities. JOHN FUDGE 1971 McCarter Highway Johnny will always be remembered for hit wonderful sent of humor and his talent in art. Sine coming to Arts from Webster Junior High, he hos acquired mony friends Including Claudette Gotling ond David Appling. In his spar time Johnny points or writes poetry. He hot been an osset to our Track Team ond received a Varsity Letter for his participation in athletics. Hit ombition it to be o success in life. If John decidet to enlist in the Armed Forces, he will serve in the Marin Corps. 81KENNETH GHORM 163 South Eleventh Street Kenneth devotes himself wholeheartedly to whatever he i$ doing. Thi» spirit of determination hat resulted in hit winning several letters in basketball ond baseball. He enjoys television comedy programs ond jazz concerts. He admires Dove Brubeck and Winston Churchill. "I'll finish my term of military service first ' says Kenneth. After thot if will be clear tailing for him on the rood to becoming a top-notch electrical engineer. ELIZABETH GlGLIO 435 Fifteenth Avenue Betty come to us from Fourteenth Avenue School. Among her closest friends ore Morie Agrillo ond Alma Esposito. Same of her interests ore sewing, dancing, swimming, rock 'n' roll music, ond typing, for which the has won on oward. Her fovorile teocher it Mrs. laror. Betty hat worked at a salesgirl. During her spore time she likes to walk. Betty porticulorly enjoyed the lunch periods ond the assembly programs at Arts. Her ambition it to be o secretory, but morriage is also included in her plons. SALVATORE J. GIRGENTI 154 Vorona Avenue Sol it quiet but for from shy or retiring. His lively wit ond personality hot mode him a fovorite of David Zambolli, John Paul ond Mory Cantella. Sal is utuolly found in school or at work. Hit fovorite entertolnment it watching television. He enjoys chile con carne, history, and boseboll. Hit favorite teocher it Mr. Morris. He hot displayed boundless energy In the Pottery and Photography Clubs ond in the Student Council. Sal dreamt of wealth and he will probably succeed in moking hit dreams come true. EDWARD GREEN 2 Nichols Street Eddie come to Arts from Avon Avenue School. During hit four years here he hot been o member of the Bond ond the Orchestra. He enjoys modern jazz ond girls. Eddie's pet peeve it people who dislike joxx. Although he hot very little spare time, he enjoys listening to records when the opportunity presents itself. He has enjoyed the music programs, the students, ond the faculty here at Art . After graduation Eddie would like to attend Montclair Stofe College to become o mutic teocher. NANCY E. GRIFFIN 266 Eleventh Avenue Nancy come from South Eighth Street School. During her stay here the hot been active in the Junior Red Cross, the Vignette staff activities ond in the Sewing Club, the Typing Club, ond the Girls' Glee Club. Nancy likes reading, television, tennis, English, ond oil kinds of music. Her favorite teocher it Miss Meyerson. The friendly attitude of the student body at Arts has most impressed Noncy. Her ambition is to be a missionary nurse and teocher. She plons to ottend the Jersey City Medlcol Center Nurses Training School. 82WILLIAM GWIAZDA 31 Hobson Street Bill i definitely the quiet ond shy type. In Khool he is usuolly seen with Gerold Milo and Bob Shubin. To keep busy outside of Khool, Bill takes on active interest in breeding ond raising tropical fish. He olio enjoys fishing, photography ond boating. As for at food goes. Bill is not particular at long at it's home cooked. When he graduates. he plans to attend the Nework School of Fine and Industrial Arts. After that Bill plont to go into the advertising field. CURTIS HAMILTON 111 Miller Street Curtis is justly nicknamed lover." He is the "original" Don Juan. He always keeps Mrs. loxor smiling with his complimentary remarks. Among his dose friends are Horry Jones, John Fudge, ond Eleanor Miller. Curtis practices on the drums or on the piono during his spare time. His favorite entertoinment is music. Curtis will alwoys remember the friendliness of Arts High's students ond teachers. He intends to be a musk teocher ond plans to attend Montdoir State College or the New England Conservatory of Musk. CAROLE HAWES 95 South Fourteenth Street Corole's quolities of friendliness ond determination will assist her in achieving success. Eleanor Miller and Juonito Willioms will give her chorocter references onytime she needs them. Her hobbies include collecting jozz albums, doncing, ond eating shrimp with French fries. She spends much of her time reoding, studying history, or ploying baseboll. Carole plans a career in the business world and hopes to receive training in the use of business mochines. Those who know Carole are confident thot she will reach her goal. JOHN HAYNES 237 South Sixth Street Gina lollabridgida is John's idol. No wonder he hot joined the Photogrophy ond Drama Clubs. John puts his spore time to good use in learning to drive and in attending tocial events. He seems to have mostered the art of Sociability for he it well-known ond well-liked by hit clottmatet. The thing that John likes best about Arts is the close relationship between the teochert ond the students. Hit ambition is to become a teocher. WILLIS LEE HICKS 63 Prince Street Billy groduoted from Charlton Street School. He is a fellow whose interests lie in baseball, singing, ond dorse-ing. His close friends ore Helmor Cooper ond Robert Jones. He enjoys rock 'n' roll, music, history, and blueberries. Mrs. Hiller is his favorite teocher. Bill's pet peeve is the school's diminishing regord for the junior vorsity teams. He has lent his services to the Baseball Team, to the Basketboll Team, ond has been octive in the Stoge Crew, Junior Red Cross, Scope, and the Radio Club. He hot been oworded the Varsity letter. 83LESLIE ILLY 14 Sheffield Drive letlie enrolled in Am High to complete hit senior year. He come to lhi» country from Hungary ond hat proven to be an attef fa the dost. He enjoyt ploying ping-pong ond it very hondy with a bow and arrow. He otfendt the YMCA quite regularly, letlie enjoyt good jazz ond operot. Algebra it hit favorite tubject ond Mitt Meyerton, hit favorite teocher. letlie onjoyt tho boys ond girlt horo ot Artt more than anything elte. DEAN INGRAM 88 North Munn Avenue Deon it one of our quiet, friendly boyt. Some of hit dote friendt ore Sol Condelo, Kenny Markt ond Ronnie Prxemelewtki. Mr. Knobler it hit fovorite teacher. Moviet. rock 'n' roll music, ort, history, ond boteboll ore just o few of his interests. He hot especially enjoyed the operot that we have produced here ot Arts. During hit spore time he works on hit cor. He it usually found ot home. Hit ambition is to be happily married and to hove o home of hit own, HARRY J. JONES 84 Boyd Street Horry, or Mr. J ot he it known to hit friendt, it on amiable, even-tompered fellow who it olwoyt ready to help hit neighbor. He likes reading, Spanish, botketball, ond progressive jozz. He it an octive member of the YMCA't Imperiol Coeds ond the Boyt' Club. Who Horry likes belt about Artt High it thot our student body it one big hoppy family. Horry plans to be on eledrical engineer and to join the Army. ROBERT KANE 568 South Eleventh Street 'Bob'' it one of the outttonding members of the clott. At o mutic mojor, he hot been a foilhful member of the Band, the Chorus, and the Orchestra. In the little tpore time thot Bob hot, he enjoyt going to Broodwoy Showi, eating ot the Stockholm, or playing baseball. An honor student, he wot inducted info membership in the Nationol Honor Society. He placed tixth in the Rutger't University Chemiitry Contest. He hot been on octive member of the Pottery, Chess ond Moth Clubs. In the foil Bob will enter Moitachutettet Inttitute of Technology. KENNETH KAPLOWITZ 492 Springfield Avenue 'Kap' come to Artt High to develop hit tolent in mutic and in art. He hot goined many friendt through hit willingness to work with others. Oil painting occupies most of hit tpore time. After school Kap works at a clerk in the Newark Public library. Hit plans are to attend college and later to fulfill hit ambition to be a college professor. With hit perterverarsce ond hit willingnest to work, Kap will do well in hit college yeors 84BETTIE N. KIMBRO 218 Sherman Avenue Bettie Kimbro it another of our friendly, busy girls. So mo of her interests or jo , art, basketball, dancing, and piano. Sbo hat boon active in the Opera Club, the Junior Red Crott. the Student Council, the Library Guild, the Modern Dance Club, and the Cheering Squad for which the received two letter owordt. Her fovorite teachers are Mitt Howord, Mrt. longley, and Mitt David. Bettie hot alwoyt enjoyed the lunch periods and friendly student-teacher relationships ot Arts. To be a nurse it Bettie's ombition. JUDITH ELEANOR KIRCHMAYR 725 South Nineteenth Street Invincible Judy, the girl who invented optimism, it a devotee of the populor "arts"—television, rock V roll, pizco, hamburgers, basketball, and coin and stomp collections. Judy's best friends ore Mary Cantello and Josephine Scordaville. Her pet peeve it "dot ole debbil" homework. Judy hot lent her talents to the Pottery, Droma, ond Typing Clubs, the Scope, ond the Student Council. She hot received on A-pin ond a stenography award. Judy plans to attend Proft Institute to become on art teacher. BARBARA LEHTO 566 Broadway Bobs it o combination book worm, noture lover ond madcop. She is olwoys seen in triplicate, thot it, with her friends Mickey Metivier ond Rickie Da Silvo. She reads, collects stomps, or listens to rock 'n' roll music. Bobs olso enjoys horseracing ond basketball. Somehow the finds time for studying people, toking long walks, ond working ot Kretge Newark Deportment Store. Borboro plant to attend Montclair State College to prepore for o career in ort education. CHARLES LINKS 34 Stuyvesont Avenue Charlie, easy-going ond friendly, come to Arts from Sacred Heart School. He con utuolly be found with hit friends in the auditorium "talking up a storm." In his spare time Charlie likes to paint, fish or listen to music. Me hos devoted much of hit time to learning the fundomentols of drafting. After he groduofet Charlie plant to take courses In drafting ot Essex County Vocational ond Technical High School Above everything ot Arts he will remember Mr, Go mmol ond the shop classes taught by Mr. Gannon. CAROL A. LI PIRA 33 Kipp Street Carol loves to laugh and show her sunny teeth, but the also has her serious moments. "Bunny", as she is often colled, come to Arts from South Tenth Street School. In her spare time she con be found with her boy friend or playing the piano. She hos won awards from the Griffith Music Foundation for displaying fine qualities in her piano ploying. Carol has participated in the Band, the Student Council, ond Junior Red Cross activities. She hos received awards in stenography ond typing. 85JANICE 1. LOVVORN 843 Lake Street Janico, carefree and (unloving, com lo Art» Iron Ridg Street School. While ot Arl» High »ho hoi b«en o member of the Studont Council, the Futuro Teachon o( America, and the Vignette »to(f. Outiidc o( school, her octivitiei include Roinbow Girls ond Westminster Fellowship. Janice is usually found in school, in church, or ot home. At home, she likes to listen lo music, sew or watch television. Her present ambition is to continue her education in preparation for a teoching career. SUSAN LULIC 32 West Runyon Street Sweet-Sue is toll, cute, ond very considerate of others. She hos served Arts as president of the Future Teachers of America ond as literary editor of the Vignette. Friendly and talkative, she con usually be found outdoors either ice skating or collecting insects. Sue stoys busy outside of school by working at Sears ond Roebuck ond by dating o certain fellow. Susan's ambition is to ottend Nowork State College offer which she'll seek a position in a foreign country. GAIL LUND 33 North Sixth Street Goil is one of tho nicest girls in the closs—quiet, full of fun, but not noivo. She finds pleasure in sewing, cooking, ond doling. With her sincere monner ond likable personality Goil hos made friends both at school and in her community. As o morker ot Bamberger's, o singer in her church choir ond ot on active member of the Luther League, Goil finds little spore time. Her plans for the future or to "moke some man (Jock Brenner) o good wife." H. WILLIAM LUND 33 North Sixth Street Bill is o lazy, easy-going boy. He is usually found ot home lounging in front of his television sot. German food appeals to him the most. Hit interests are in electronics and automobiles. Bill hos been on the Basketboll ond Track Teams. At Arts High he likes the ort courses best. His favorite teacher is Mr. Knobler. Bill's ombition is to be on architect but he plans to join the Navy and tee the world first. GAIL LUSTIG 1 Sussex Avenue Goil is o cheerful individual whose hobbies are photog-rophy, swimming, ond doncing. In her spore time she reads, visits Adel Eisenberg or Kom McGuinnett. Her favorite subjects or English ond music. Goil received o letter for cheerleading and hos worked on the Student Council ond in the Junior Red Cross. Whot did she like best at Arts? "The friendliness of the teachers and students." She plons to become a medical secretary ond will attend Lyons Medical School. 86 KEVIN MARKS 17 Longworth Street Kevin com to ut from Soint Columbus School. Among hit mony interests or pointing, rock V roll music. biology, botoboll. ond swimming Mr Knobler it hit favorite teacher. Kevin hot been octive in Student Council. Scope. Vignette octivitiet and wot on the Swimming Team. Kevin will alwayt remember the friendly teochen ond tfudentt of Artt. During hit Junior year at Artt, Kevin worked at a utility and tlock clerk at the Prudential Inturance Company. Hit ambition it to be a tuccett at whotever he doet. THERESA A. MAZIUKIEWICZ 16 Milton Street "Terry" it a very quiet, tweet, friendly girl. She come to ut from Soint Stonitlaut Grammar School She it utually found in tomeone elte't homeroom or ot the Bright Spot. Among her friendt ore Stephonie Pilch ond Josephine Stroney. Some of her interettt ore dancing, twimming, rock 'n' roll mutic, ond Englith. She hot olwayt enjoyed the attembly programt ond dances ot Artt. Mr. Miturell it her favorite teocher. She hot been octive In the Typing Club. Terry't ambition it to be o tecrotary. MARY MERIUCCI 206 Hunterdon Street Mary came to Artt from Arlington Avenue School She enjoyt listening to records, tewing, ond cooking. Her favorite food it Itolion macaroni. In the future the would like to be a cosmetic demon-ttrotor, or a secretary. She may even find a way of combining the two Mary hat been in tuch extracurricular octivitiet ot the Scope, Typing Club ond the Student Council. At the leaves, the will take with her the memory of the friendly ttudenlt ot Artt High. ROBERT W. McCRACKEN 74 Second Street Bobby come to Artt from Sussex Avenue School. He't o very regulor fellow. He hot been on octive member of the Trock Teom, ond wot also on the Swimming Team. He received two letters for track. In hit spore time Bobby jutt lovet to sleep, ond doesn't core to be awokened even for hit favorite hobbies, hunting and boating. He itn't hord to get along with but he doet hove two pet peeves exomt and conceited girls. Upon graduation Bob plant to attend Rutgers Univertrty KATHERINE A McGUINNESS 1971 McCarter Highway Kom came to Artt from Webtter Junior High. She hat mode mony friends becouse of her friendly ond sincere noture. When not in school, the enjoyt reading, watching television or dating. Kom hot worked ot a toletgirl but devotes most of her time to Civil Air Patrol ond Junior Red Cross activities. Wherever the goes, the'll olwayt cherish the memories of the friendt she hot mode ot Artt. Although the it not definite about the future, Kom hopes to become an airline hottest. 87GERALD E. MIKO 164 Howthorne Avenue Gerry tome to Arts from Peshine Avonue School. Me enjoys working with the Boy Stouts ond in tho Zion Club. He hoi held jobs os o stock boy ond o potker in o tlo k shop. His best friends ot Arts ore Corol Koplon, Ken Ghorm ond Williom Gwiozdo. His fovorite entertoinmont is wotehing television or listening to tlossitol music. Gorry enjoyed porticipating in such evlrocurriculor activities os the Drama Club, the Swimming Team, ond Baseball Team. He also acted os o cafeteria oido. In the future Gerry plons to enlist In tho Armed Forces. After that he'll continue his art training. ELEANOR MILLER 538 South Eleventh Street Ellie is o popular girl. Among her many friends are Carol Hawes, Jonito Williams, and Unice El. She is usually found "around the holls." During her spore time she either sews or reads. Some of her other interests ore dancing, modern jou, English, baseball, ond Johnny Mathis. Ellie onjoyed the assembly programs ot Arts. Sho hos boon octivo in the Junior Red Cross ond the Student Council. Mr. Knobler is her favorite teacher Ellie would olso like to be o teacher. MARIANNA MISERENDINO 222 Leslie Street Sweet, cute and perky, Marti hos tho gift of gab especially when the subject is baseball. Mornings usually find her buzzing around tolking to everyone obout anything. She is quite talented when it comes to sewing and designing. Her sweetness probably comes from the ice cream and coke which she is alwoys eating. Her pet peeves ore the ''sophisticated" junior girls. She is able to work at tho Prudential Insurance Company ond still devote time to the yearbook of which she is make-up editor. JOANN B M. MUSTACHIO 9 Charlton Street Travel around the world is one of Joonn's mojor objectives. Watch out people, sho loves to study you and with her charms she does if smoothly without alarming you. She frequently indulges in lengthy conversations with her friends Geraldine Mitchell, Nadia Woskiw, Lorraine Rogers, and Bodonna Rycor. Reading, music, science, horseback riding, ond swimming ore but o few of Joann's leisure time pleasures. She will attend modeling school in the immediate future but hopes evontually to obtain a collogo degree. GERALD O. NIENABER 5 South Seventh Street Jerry appears very quiet ond unossuming until you get to know him better. Hidden behind his studious ond serious exterior is a delightful sense of humor. Science, reod-ing, and bowling tako up oil of his leisure time. Jerry has o touch of wanderlust in his soul and o job which requires trovel will suit him fine. He hos been on active member of the Photography ond Chess Clubs. Jerry is o smort fellow and hos a bright future before him. 88JANET V. PASTARACK 14 Belmont Terrace Jonet it o tweet, kind, thy girl. She often goes horte bock riding and on the way home frequently ttopi for o hamburger, her favorite food. She lovet to donee or litten to music, etpeciolly lotin-Americon ond thow tunes. Here at Artt the hot been on active member of the Photography Club and of the Sewing Club. She hot alto received o tteno aword. She plant to attend Nework Stote College GEORGE PIEGARI 9 Wheeler Point Road George It thort, dork, ond handtome (the Romeo of the Senior Clou). He hot demonstrated hit muticol talenti to both the ttudenlt ond foculty at o member of the Sand, the Orchettra, ond the Chorut. George hot another greot tolent for which he it known ond thof it hit ©ulttonding work in mathematics. In hit tpore time he con be found practicing on hit saxophone. ploying boteball or doting girlt. In the foil, George will enter college to ttudy mutic and hopet one doy to return to Artt High ot a foculty member STEPHANIE PILCH 347 Camden Street Although the it tomewhot retiring, Stephanie hot made her charming perionality known to mott of us. Her bett friendt ore Josephine Stroney and Doloret O'lotkey. Steffie tpendt her leiture moment eoting, dancing, or twimming. Her favorite! include rock V roll mutic. ort, corn on-the-cob, hamburgert, ond Mr. Reuter. Her pet peeve it oral book report!. She hot received a typing certificate becoute of her typing ability. Her plant include tecretoriol work ond morrioge. She will offend Drake Butinett College RONALD PRZEMELEWSKI 34 Hawkins Street Ronold't worm pertonolity hot won him many friendt. He con utually be found chattering with Bill lund, ond Dean Ingrom. or tinkering with hit car. In hit free time he enjoyt flying, watching outo racet, or, of courte. girlt. While in tchool he't participated in the Photogrophy and leaders' Clubt. Hit fovorite subject it ort ond Mr. Knobler it hit favorite teocher. After graduation he moy go to Newark College of Engineering to prepare for a career in the engineering or architectural field. BEVERLY ANN REID 91 Eleventh Avonue Bev findt it eoty to get along with people becoute the hot hod plenty of proctice with her nine brotheri and titters Since coming to Art from Arlington Avenue School, the hot mode many friendt. Although Bev it utually found at home, in her tpore time she enjoys going to dances. Mary Merlucci and Alice Zukowtki ore her constant companions. Beverly't plant for the future include a position in the butinett world ond, later, a career at a home-moker. 89 DOLORES RICH 65 First Street Dolores. offectionotely known ot Schoopie, it o girl of irony activities. She con be found ot home, ot Carole's, or ot the tennis courts. She is also on enthusiastic roller skater and volley boll player. Among her mony friends ore Corole Knight, Betty Sample, and Patricio Ruth, Though Schoopie is goy ond amusing, the con alto be serious. She plons to be a teacher and expects to enter Montclair State College in the foil. wmmm BARBARA RICHTER 584 Fifteenth Avenue Bobbie come to Arts High School from South Eighth Street School, and hot never regretted her choice. She has established her reputation at o good moth student ond as o fine stenographer. While studying music, Bobbie hot been o faithful member of the Bond. At school she has been greatly impressed by the teachers, especially Mr. D'Amico. Barbara will never forget the good times she's had ot Arts High donees. Despite her many tolents, including those which earned for her a pin for occurate and speedy stenogrophy, Barbara's ambition is to be o model. She hopes to be both o model ond o model wife. SAMUEL A. RIZZO 159 Schley Street Sam came to Arts from Bragow Avenue -School. In hit spore time he can be found sleeping or eating or listening to the music that fits hit mood. Sam's interests ore animolt. cooking, guns, ond girls. He has been octive in the leaders' Club ond on the Vignette Staff. Besides ioining dubs, ond making friends ot Arts, Som hot also earned o Typing Award. His plans include college ond o nauticol career. He expects to become on officer in the Navy. MARINA ROGERS 600 South Eighteenth Street Besides being a girl with on infectious smile, Morino it an eager reader. Her tastes run from philosophic literature to romantic stories. She enjoys donees, concerts, jail, English, and bowling Mr. Janowirz it her favorite teoeher. Her closest friends ore Bohdonno Rycar, June Andrian, Joann Mustoehio. ond Robert lee. Marina's ombition it to achieve success ot o social worker, wife, ond mother, in thot order. LINDA ROSS 21 Roseville Avenue During her high school days, lindo hos greatly distinguished herself, receiving an A-pin, being elected to membership In the Notionol Honor Society, ond representing Arts High in community programs. She hos been octive in the library Guild, in the Typing Club ond in the Moth Club, lindo enjoyed the assembly progroms most ot Arts. Her favorite subject is moth; her fovorite teacher. Mr. Clomurro. Among her mony interests ore reading ond ploying the piono. lindo plons to ottend Douglos College where she will be o math major. 90EDWARD E. ROSTIAC 19 South Seventh Street Edward tom to Art via Arlington Avenue School Among hi clo» friend or John Pool, Jerry Nienober, and Bill Lund. Much of hi tpar tim I »p nt ploying tenni or botketboll. Edward enjoy televition, light dot-»icol mu tic. pizzo, ond ch mi«try. Hi int r t alto include model plan ond troin . He ha terved at pr »id nt of th Photography Club and ho don tom interfiling photographic work. Edword't pet peeve it lozy teacher H plant to ott nd o ttot college LEONARD RUMBINAS 126 Jackson Street Leonard it o good oll-oround ttudent. Hi induction into th Nationol Honor Society it an indication of hit tcholattic ability. Hi A pin Award it vid nc of hi participation in num rout extracurricular octivifiet. He it on excellent ortitt ond ha won the odmiration of hit fellow ttudent for hit ort work. He hot been octiv in th Art Service Club. Junior Red Crow. Stage Crew. Scope, ond Student Council. Leonard' plan for the future it to ottend college to prepare for a career ot on art teacher. PATRICIA RUTH 136 South Eleventh Street Pot i on of th quieten ond tweeteit girl we've ever known. Her thyneti thow through -pecially when th hot to give an orol book report. Mott of th tim th con be found ot home ploying th piano, or littening to Johnny Mothi or progrettiv jozz. In her tpar time. Pot enjoy roller tkoting, doncet. or chocolate nut tundoet. She hot been a member of the Donee Club ond the Sewing Club. Becaute her ombition it to be o fathion detigner Pot expect to attend Trophogen School of Detign BOHDANNA RYCAR 493 South Fifteenth Street Bohdono, a ttudiout girl by nature, ronkt high in her clatt. She it alto o lover of mutic. During her tpar time th con be found at th piano. Bohdono, however, find tim to done and to twim. Among her many friendt ore Jonet Potterock, Marino Rogert, ond Jeanette Danel. Bohdono it on admirer of her parent ond her favorite teacher Mr. Petile, Mr. Pickett, ond Mr. Knobler. We are ture tuccett owoitt her at th Eattmon School of Mutic. IAVINIA SALAMANCHUK 517 South Eighteenth Street "lovie" olwayt enjoy wotching the boyt. Among her other po timei are dancing to tlow wolfzet, bowling, playing miniature golf, ond eating French friet. Lovie enjoy oil painting, cartooning, ond fathion lllultrotion but her major objective it "jutt to be married." Becaute th hat held two office jobt, the hot been unable to join in extracurricular activitiei. lovie, a friendly girl hertelf, will olwayt remember th friendlinett of th teocher ond pupil ot Art . 91ARTHUR SAIICETI 149 Columbia Avenue Arti« came lo Arts from Fourteenth Avenue School. He hopes to become o millionaire by working o» o popvlor singer. Anywhere there it o piono or tome rock V roll music, Artie will be there too. He hot been octive in the Vortity Club ond the Student Council, ond hot received teveral lettert for hit bate boll ploying. Although fond of Mr. Morrit ond Mr. Pickett, he admiret Ted Williams more thon anyone elte. Hit pet peeve it on individual delib erotely trying to moke him nervout. Artie will ottend Montclair Stole College. JOSEPHINE SCARDAVILLE 131 Fairmount Avenue Jo, the effervescent extrovert, will olwoyt be remembered for her tunny ditpotition and loud loughter. After tchool the hat given much of her time to the Dromotie, Pottery, ond Donee Clubs, the Student Council ond the Scope. In the evening she workt ot o chiropodist's ottittont. She it a member of the Notional Honor Society ond it on A-pin holder. Along with her wit comet much witdom. Her favorite subject it chemistry and. after obtaining a degree from Rutgers University, the hopes to be a chemistry teacher CAROLYN SIMPSON 675 South Eleventh Street Corol come to Artt from Central Avenue School. She con utuoily be observed talking obout her boyfriend Dallas or looking for her friend Emma Williams. During her stoy ot Artt, Corpl hat been octive in the Library Guild and the Modern Dance Club. She hot olto served ot president of the Junior Red Cross. Her future plans include continuation of her ort studies ot Parsons School of Design ond, eventually, marriage. EVELYN SOUSA 180 West End Avenue Evelyn may be tiny but her personality and tent of humor are gigontic. Her friendt, Stephanie Pilch ond Tom Fitzsimmons, will ottest to thot. If it were possible, this energetic girl would cram every minute of her day with dancing, talking, sketching or day dreaming. She liket Africon drums, pizio pies, ond swimming. Tiny's ombition is to be happy ond successful in oil endeavors including morrioge. She will attend the Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Arts to prepare for a coreer in ort. CONSTANCE SPANOS 275 Fairmount Avenue "Tino" come to us from Fourteenth Avenue School. She con usually be found at the Bright Spot with Eloine Stanton and Marie Guorino. During her spare time the paints or wotches television. Her favorite subject it art ond her favorite teacher is Mr. Knobler. Musical comedies, drama, progressive jazz, boxing, ond baseball ore among Connie's interests. She plans to study interior decorating ot the Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Arts. Connie hot no complaints; the likes everything about Arts High. 97ROBERT SPELLMAN 46 South Seventh Street Bob come to Arts from South Eighth Street School. He enjoys swimming ond bosketboll for which h has won o letter. It seems that Bob hos lilced the girls ot Arts better than he's liked anything else Of his many friends, his fovorites ore Bettie Kimbro, Helmor Cooper, Richord Eu-bonks. ond Curtis Homilton. Bob enjoys eating chicken while listening to his favorite music, progressive joxx. After leaving Arts. Bob plans to attend Rutgers University to prepare for a career in the legal profession. ELAINE STANTON 398 South Tenth Street Elaine is a product of Fourteenth Avenue School. Her close friends include lino Sponos and Marie Cuarino. She is usually found at the Bright Spot indulging in her favorite pastimes talking and dancing. Eloine is also on ovid pointer. She likes nothing better than o good jozz bond. She enjoys ice cream, bowling, ond swimming. Mr. Morris ond Mr. Jonowitx are Elaine' favorite teochers; history is her favorite subject. Her ambition is to be a good secretory. JOSEPHINE ANN STRONEY 4] Seventeenth Avenue Josephine, known to her friends os "Cookie," offended Soint Stanislaus School before coming to Arts. Among her close friends are Marlene Ventolo, and Stephanie Pitch. Cookie spends her free hours working ot Grant's or baby sitting. Cookie olso enjoys eating fried chicken while listening to her favorite joxx or rock V roll music. Cookie will olwoys remember our assembly programs ond the fun she hod in Mrs. Neuss's doss. The future will find her working as a secretory for a big corporation. JOHN SZUMEl 44 Jacob Street Jack it a friendly fellow who enjoys the compony of the opposite sex, at well ot thot of hit pols Nick, Mike, ond Bill. Jock devotes much of his spore time to keeping hit cor in good thope. High on hit list of fovorites come parties, rock 'n' roll tunes, steok, algebra, baseball, ond swimming. Mr. Morris and Mr. Clamurro are hit idols. Jack plans to enlist in the Air Force ond, offer hit ditchorge, will continue his art studies DIANA DOROTHY TRACY 38 Jefferson Street Dee's vivacious personality hos attracted such friends os Kothy Fobricatore, Judy Kirchmayr, ond Gail Lustig. A rock 'n' roll fan, she goes to porties and dances during leisure hours. Her favorite food is pizza; her favorite sport, swimming. She rotes Mr. Morris and Mr. Knobler as tops. For exceptional typing ability the has won a Typing Award Dee will attend Holy Name Nurses' Train-ing School. 93MYRNA YVONNE UTLEY 604 Belmont Avenue Myrno com to Aft from Control Avenue School. She i quiet ond seriout. but occosionolly uptett o clots with o hiloriout romork. She tpend her out-of-school hour rehearsing with hor church group or boby-titting. Myrno it on oporo Ion. Her like include shrimp ond rice, bote-boll, ond English. She odmiret Mr. Jonowitz ond Mr. Petite. She hopes to become on English teocher ond on accomplished pionist—ambitions which will leod her to Montclair State College. MARLENE VENTOLO 229 Clifton Avenue Morlene, better known as "Cookie" to her friends, come to Arts from Franklin School. A cute little girl, the has many friends, among whom are Beverly Reid, Toni Cilono, ond Alice Zukowtki. In her leisure moments, Marlene likes to point. She olto likes rock 'n' roll music, geography, swimming, ond Italian food. Her fovorite teocher is Mr , lozor. She hot been on octive member of the Art Service Club. After graduation, the hopes to enter Prott Institute to prepore for a position as o commercial artist. RONALD VENTURI 685 South Nineteenth Street Ronnie, on all-around student, has mode his mork of distinction here ol Arts. He hot been elected to the Notional Honor Society, hot served at treasurer of the Varsity Club and hos received six lotters playing Varsity baseball ond basketball. Betides participating In sports ond ochieving ocademic recognition he maintains o busy social schedule. Ronnie will olwayt remomber the teochers, sports and the girls. He would like to further hit education ot the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he'll study engineering. FRANK VOTTO 477 Fifteenth Avenue Frank hat all the qualities of success—intelligence, good looks, ond athletic ability. Yet he never teems to have a pencil to call hit own. Ho hot boon on asset to our Baseball ond Basketball Teams Frank it o member of the Nationol Honor Society, the leaders' Club, and the Varsity Club. He is the proud possessor of seven Varsity letters. He would much rother be with "the boys” thon with a special girl. He will ottend either Rutgers University or Upsata College with teaching os his ultimote goal. NADIA WASKIW 147 South Orange Avenue Nodio come to Arts from Newton Street School. With her pleasing personality she hot mode many friends. Her close companions ore Morie Agrillo, John Hoynes, ond Marylou Albono. Though Nadia hos o very heavy work schedule, she olto finds time to drow, read, or dote. She enjoys all types of music from classical to rock 'n' roll. Nodio hos no definite plon for the future but she's considering the possibility of service in the Armed Forces 94EMMA C. WILLIAMS 506 Avon Avenue Emma it o girl who spends her spore moments reading or watching television. She alto likes writing stories ond day-dreaming. Her closest friends are Nancy Griffin, ond Helmor Cooper. Emma's fovorites include jazz ond symphonic music, sweet potato pie, history, ond English. Her favorite teocher is Mr. Picket! and her favorite entertainer is Sammy Davis Jr. She has participated in many of the musical programs. She has served on the Student Council, librory Guild, and the Scope. She's been a member of the Poetry and Dance Clubs. Emma's ambition is to be a missionary. JUANITA WILLIAMS 25 Sterling Street Nita is a girl who freely admits she likes to talk. In fact, it's one of her favorite hobbies, besides tewing, collecting records, ond dancing. She likes jozx, chicken, history, ond Mr. Morris. In school she it seldom seen without Eleonor Miller or Carole Howes. Nito is onnoyed by people who pop the perennlol question, "Do you hove o but ticket? ' In her opinion the foculty ot Arts it the school's best feature. She plont to enter Nework Stote College. BARBARA ANN WOOTEN 17 Rose Street Ba-Ba" it o girl whose own brand of humor hot saved many a grim tituotion. An eager tporttcor enthusiast, the spends hours reading automobile magazines. Her special friends include Eleonor Gray. Carolyn Dawson, ond Helmor Cooper. She enjoys basketball, mathematics, joxx, baseball, ond Southern and Italion foods. Bo-Bo hot been a useful member of the Pottery. T-Squore ond Triongle, Moth, ond Photogrophy Clubs. She plans to attend college to become a commercial ortist. DAVID ALLAN ZAMBELII 28 Kearny Street, Lyndhurst, New Jersey Dave it o likable person, a valuable friend, ond loyol classmate. In hit spare time he enjoys painting, reading, collecting coins, or taking photogrophs. Art is his favorite subject. After school. Dove hat devoted much of hit time to the Student Council, Scope, the Pottery, Photogrophy, and Chest Clubs. Membership in the Notional Honor Society hat been o jut reward for Dove's high scholastic obility. He it also the proud owner of an A-pin. With hit tolent ond ability he it certoin of success. ALICE M. ZUKOWSKI 20 Chadwick Avenue Alice came to Arts from Soint Stanislout School. She is a hoppy-go-lucky person with a warm personality. Alice likes to spend her spore time reoding, swimming, sewing, dancing, or dating. She can be found at Wool-worth's with her girl friends ordering o hamburger, french fries, ond o Coke. Alice likes rock 'n' roll ond soft, sentimental music. She hopes to enter Beth Israel Hospital Nurses' Training School.1. John Pool 2. Mory Jon Cantellc 3. Bob Kane 4. Alice £mon» 5. Janice loworn 6. Virginio Beozlie 7. So tan lulic 8. Gail Lund 9. Billy Lund 10. Carol Li Piro 11. Adele Eitenberg 12. Alice Zukowtki 13. Toni Cilona 14. Joann Mutfocchio 15. Morionne Miterendino 16. Nick OiGiuteppi 17. Ron Venturi 18. John Szumel 19. John Czerkowicz 20. Charlie Agrillo 21. Sam Rizzo 22. Tom Fitztimmont 23. Deon Ingram 24. Judy Kirchmoyr 25. Kam McGuinett 26. Borboro Lehto 27. Kothy Fabricator 28. Jeanette Danel 29. Unice El 30. Dove Zombelli 31. Gerald Miko 32. Jo Scordoville 33. Bene Kimbro 34. Pot Ruth 35. Ronald Booker 36. Sal Condello 37. Morio Abate 38. Doloret Rich 39. Gerald Neinober o T G A 96 14Editorio-Chiof Suson lulic Art and Molt e-up Editor Morionne Miserendino Assistonts Nick DiGuiseppe. Ken- neth Koplowiti, Stonley Friedman, Charles Agrillo Photography Editor Riccordino DoSlivo Assistant Stephanie Strelkouskos literary Editor Mario Abote Assistants Helmar Cooper, Adele Eitenberg, Goil Lund, Josephine Scordaville, Emmo Williams, Coro-lyn Simpson, Noncy Griffin Head Typists Janice loworn. Virginio Beoilie Assistants Mary Merlucci, Beverly Reid Business Manogor Phil Nicostro Assistants Diane Tracy, Unice El. Gail lustig, Beverly Reid, Eloine Brandt lltorory Advisor Miss Ruth Abos Art and Moke-up Advisor Mr. Milton Knobler Photography Advitor LITERARY STAFF SEATED, left to right: Beverly Reid. Mory Merlucci, Susan lulic, Emmo Willioms, Carolyn Simpson, Adele Eisenberg. Marianna Miserendinso. Miss Abos. STANDING: Virginio BeoiMe, Janice loworn, Barbara lehto, Mr. Knobler, Nick DiGuiseppe. Miss Gladys Howard Business Advisor Mr. Milton Koppstatter BUSINESS STAFF Mory Merlucci, Phil Nicostro, Mr. Koppstotter. Robert Schubin, Diane Tracy, Eloine Brondt, 'Corol Flick. Goil lustig, Beverly Reid. 983n jflemortam JAMES W. LOWRY B.S., M.A. Science In 1919, M . lowry rocorrod o Bocbolor ol Sdonco Dogro bom Bucknoll Un,vanity, and in 1931, o Mottor of Arts Dogroo from Columbia UnnonHy. Ho bocomo o mombor of lbo faculty in 1931, wtion Am High School oponod In 1956 Mr towr rolirod ond monod lo Florida. Death took from Arts High one of its most beloved faculty mombers but left in our hearts a warm and living memory. That educator and friends was James W. Lowry, teacher of biology, chemistry and science, and thot memory, intangible though it is, will always keep Mr. Lowry close to us. His consuming interest in his work inspired the some response in his students. He worked tirelessly to educate his classes and develop in all students a love for extracurricular activities, which he himself displayed throughout his teaching career. Under his guidance the Radio and Photography Clubs functioned successfully for several years. All those fortunate enough to have known Mr. Lowry will always remember him with affection and respect. He was a loyal friend and a conscientious teacher."I dub thee, 'Sir Cloisdodgcr" STANDING. left to right: Mrs. Lucy Wolondzinski (Substitute), Mrs. Anne King (Cook), Mrs. Rose Fischer, Mrs. Mildred Fuscetti, Mrs. Agnes Hansen, Mrs. Mae Cooker, Mrs. Frances Ditulio (Cafeteria Manager). Mrs. Cornelia Drogone and Mrs. Anne Flynn were not present when the picture wot taken. CUSTODIAL STAFF STANDING, left to right: Mrs. Kotherine Kirwon, Mr. Sal Rotoino, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Anno Farley. Mr. James McGuinn. Mr. Manuel Vol. THIRD ROW: Mr. Patrick Diorio. Mr. Frank Mancgso. 100 Mrs. MtKim. our phyticol therapist, works with tolph Giordono.FOR CARDS THAT PLEASE The CRESTCARD COMPANY BEST WISHES FROM YOUR JEWELERS JOSTEN'S SCHOOL JEWELERSFounded 1883 Ml 2-7585 Compliments of DRAKE BUSINESS SCHOOL Open All Year • Day Evening Courtet free Placement Service ■ Air Conditioned A FRIEND ELEMENTARY • ADVANCED • REFRESHER Secretarial • Stenographic ■ Typewriting Comptometer - Accounting 571 BROAD STREET, NEWARK Best Wishes Compliments of TILTON DAIRY FARMS BOROK FURNITURE CO. 110 MOUNT PLEASANT AVENUE 888 BROAD STREET Newark, New Jersey Newark, New Jersey HUmboldt 2-5100 Mitchell 2-5488 BOOSTERS Abrams, Cedie Abromtli. Helen Adel Marly Agrillo, C. (Mr. Mr,.) Agrillo. Linda Albono, Angela Albono. J. (Mr. Mrs.) Ambrose, Thomas Anderson, Thomas Arrudo, Delo'ei Auarsson, Rath K. Babirecki, Catherine (Mrs.) Babirecki, Micheol (Mr.) Botor, Judy "Becky" Bennett, Elio (Mr».) Bertsch, Carol Betti Richie Block, Eugene (Mr. Mr,.) Bob Alice Boutilier, Millie Boyle. Jim Brovette, Frankie Brace Eloin Burtchoell, Williom E (Mr. Mr, ) Cortwccio, Jo Ann Coney, Evirile Casole, Arlene Cebula, John Christiono, Fronk CiofFi, Nick Collins, Dohna Cooper, Helmor Cult of Re Donel, Jeanette Donel, Jules Donel, Laura Dawson, Charles Dee Ben DePosquole, lorry DiLorenzo. Jonice Don Gina Donovan, Evelyn D. Dubrow, Morgie Dunphy, Groce Fobulous Fabion Farina, Patricia Forino, Rose Ann Fascist Felipe, Judy Fronk Lorry Frankie RuthMORE BOOSTERS Franklin, Mari Friedman, Stanley Furnbuli, Robert Goudet, Leslie Georglanna, Bill (West Side) Ghidello, Judy Girls at Eivo Gloin, George Gommoll, Horry J. Gonnello, John Gower, John Grisham. Gloria Hagey, Soroh Haines (Mr. Mrs.) Hamilton, Carlette Hall, Margoret (Mr .) Honover, Emily Harriton, Alvah Henderson, Carolyn Henry, William Hiller, Lucille B. (Mr .) Hochart, Kathleen Ireland, Pamela Jogentowicz, Pot John Mary Ju Wolf Don Bar Bay John Kane, Poulette Kearney, Jean Kearney, Rose Keck, Horvey Kirchmoyr, Emil Kirchmayr, Hazel Kirchmoyr, Noncy Klaus, Paul Knob, Florence Krotinzer, Herbie Kruck, Emily Krueger, Louise Kucinski, Eddie LaBruto, Richord lobudzkli. Honk (Mr.) Lancin Londosky, Richard Lozor, Philip M. (Mrs.) Links. Alice Links, Mario (Mrs.) Longley, Glodyt (Mrs.) lordi. Joke Lovi Fronk Loworn, Janice Lucas, David 'lucky" Lueddeke, Helen lulic, Chris lulic, Susan Maltese, Anthony Marczyk, Richord (Mr. Mrs.) Marianne Nick Martulski, Robert Mott, Joan Moziukiewicz, Stanley (Mr. Mrs.) McComick. Margoret McGrath, Helen Mercer, Lynn Merk, Ronold Merlucci, Thomas Mertin, Bob Milito, Donno Mondolto, Rosalie Murphy, Skull (F.C.) Neff, Lois Nigro, Gerry Nonomous, A. Olenki, Barbora O'Neill, Tom OpitZ, Marjory Ostrowka, Lydia Patrice©, Dennis Paula Sal Petros, Susan Pugliese, Natalie Rechsteiner, Robert Reid, Archie Reid, D. (Mr. Mrs.) Resnick, Lillion Reuter, Joseph Rice, Wolter Rigaao, Benny Robin, Lynn Robinson, Sylvia Rocky's Rocket Routhac, Ernest Solomoni, Sal Schoub, Barbara Schoub, Jeon (Mrs.) Schweitzer, J. (Mrs.) Science Department Shannon, Noncy Shuhon, Michelle SicilKano, Connie Simo, Mary Smith, Donald H. (Mr. Mrs.) Sommerhalter, Ron Sponos, Helen Sponos, Thomas Sponos, Tino Spatoro, Jeon Spindler, Louis (Mr.) Spitzer, Maude Spitzer, Ursula Stoats, Jay Steisel, George Sweeney, (Mrs.) Sytholiw, Bozenna Thorpe, Marion Tobia, Gerond C. Torregrossa, May "Valerie" Vorela, Rosalie Vitallo, Froncin Vitollo, Fronk Voller, George Wornquist, Monica Watts. Edith Woodworth, Bert Wrubel, Carole Yoblonicky, Joyce Yuker, Sara Zondlo, Walter (Mr. Mrs.)lithographed by RAE PUBLISHING CO. 22 Frink Straot Montclair. N. J. 104

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