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LIBRIS'O ui Annual Publication of the SENIOR CLASSES, ARTS HIGH SCHOOL 550 High Street, Newark, N. J.aBetween the covers of an encyclopedia DR. FREDERICK C. SEAMSTER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Principal MRS. BEATRICE GELLER B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal is the treasure of human existence: knowledge. Without it, people would wander aimlessly about this sphere called earth. So also would we students if we didn’t know Dr. Seamster and Mrs. Gellcr. These two have always advised us wisely. Their offices are like open books—the sources of much knowledge and the answers to many of our problems. Their interest in the intellectual, social, and cultural development of the entire student body is second to none. They have proved this over and over again by their sincere participation in all phases of school life. 4Miss Fortunato anil Miss Hayes believe that two heads are better than one. Mrs. Celle rs friendly appearance invites confidence.So what? We can always ait another one. Mary . .. eh, Mary atul a ... eh, eh, — a little lamb! The crime isn’t worth the punishment (6 detentions), fellows. It isn’t the public address system; it’s the physical make-up of your ear, dear. 6 Somebody’s in for a shock!WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN EDUCATIONWHO'S WHO IN 8 FACULTY — ART SEYMOUR |. LANDSMAN B.S.. M.A. Art (Acting Chm.) RUTH ASSARSSON B.A.. B.S., M.A. Art HARRY COM MOLL B.S. Art GLADYS K. HOWARD B.S., M.A. Art MILTON KNOBLER B.S., M.A. Art MARYLIN SCHNEIDER B.A.. M.A. Art BETTE LAZAR B.S., M.A. Business LEONARD MORRIS B.A., M.A. History ALLAN J. SHAPIRO B.A.. M.A. History ALICE KEEIINER B.S., M.A. English DOROTHY NEUSS B.S., M.A. English JOSEPH REUTER B.A. Latin EMILY KRUCK B.A.. M.A. History FACULTY - ENGLISH AND LATIN RUFUS J. RICKENBACHER B.A.. M.A. English (Chm.) ANNE S. COZZEKS B.A.. M.A. English ALMA HAYES Head Clerk GLADYS B. LONGLEY B.A., M.A. Head Counselor FACULTY - BUSINESS AND HISTORY MILTON KAPPSTATTER B.S., M.B.A. Business (Chm.) DAVID JANOWITZ B.S., M.S. English LUCILLE B. HILLER B.S. Home EconomicsAMERICAN EDUCATION ANNA LEHLBACH B.A. Librarian LILLIAN A. MILLER ASCAF Pianist GEORGE II. STEISEL B.A. Mathematics SADIE YUKER B.S.. M.A. Librarian MARY RUTLEDGE R.N. Nurse DRUECILLA BOND B.S., M.A. Physical Ed. MARGARET L. CROSS B.S. Physical Ed. JOHN LANG B.S., M.A. Physical Ed. FACULTY - MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE ROCCO MISURELL B.S.. M.A. Science JOSEPH CARANCELO B.A. Science RUTH MEYERSON B.A. Mathematics JACK MILLER B.S. Science GEORGE VOLLER B.S.. M.A. Mathematics FACULTY — MUSIC ACHILLES D'AMICO B.S., M.A. Music ROCCO RESILE B.S.M.. M.A. Music WILLIAM L. PICKETT B.M.. M.M. Music GERTRUDE SHAPIRO B.S. Music 9So many smiling faces prove that Jane Goode’s solo, 7 Wait For My Johnny”, is of the finest quality. THE LOWLAND SEA Time, hard work, and patience! Those are the virtues the performers in 'The Lowland Sea" possessed. Not one performer will ever regret the gruelling months of rehearsals needed to present the folk-opera. Their reward for a job well done was the audience’s receptive and enthusiastic response to the performance. “Tire Lowland Sea" is written out of the sea and sea songs—of dunes, of harbors, of voyaging, and of waiting. The story- is about Johnny Dec. his sweetheart, Done Davis, and their misfortune. While at sea, Nathaniel Hazard asks Doric to be his wife. Dorie. deeply in love with Johnny, refuses him. After Johnny has been away for a long time, there are rumors that Johnny is lost at sea. The truth is that lie lias been ill anti has been moved from his ship. Believing Johnny dead, Dorie marries Nathaniel. To everyone's surprise, Johnny returns home. When he learns of his beloved s marriage. Johnny goes back to the sea never to return again. Sam Sorton, Ronald Seely, Kenneth Lancin and Ronald Winston harmonize to "leaving This Shore Tonight.” Ronald Seely, as Johnny, is comforted by Doc Leonard Rumhtnas atul Captain kdward Shelton. Mr. Pickett’s valuable statement, "Sow, let's get more feeling into this," gets results. Arts High's version of a wintl tunnel? So, just our chorus really giving what it takes to make a show go. 11Freshman year is like a mystery book, chuck-full of spine-tingling events. Each page contains the circumstantial evidence that mark freshmen as freshmen. The holding of a swimming pool membership card, a free cafeteria ticket, or a special slip excusing the holder from class that day are the undeniable facts. From this first entrance into the whirpool of high school mysteries, freshman inquisitiveness knows no bounds. Where is the cafeteria? What floor is the swimming pool on? How can I meet that handsome senior? Are teachers human? Do I have to take four years of English? What! You get a detention ever)- time you're late? Only three minutes between classes? These are the questions that innocent freshmen persist in asking. They’re happy wnen they know the answers! ! ! Freshmen are the most lovable, though puzzling creatures. Their unpredictable antics and exuberant spirits steal your heart. Would YOU want freshmen any other way?HOME ROOM 308 Mr. Harry Commoll First row, left to right: Richard Freda, Willie Stewart, Carolyn Henderson, Arlene Cardinule, Joseph Vcioso, William Derricks, Joann Carluecio, Frank Tota, Louis Sangiovanni, Nathaniel Frazer, Cyril Good. Second row: Mr. Commoll. Peter Zelonis, Frank Stance!, Matilda Oppido, Pat V’otto. Francine Vetollo. Linda Suarez. Theresa Spanos, Da line Collins. Janet Kudrak, Dennis Zielinski. Steven Regan, Carolyn Slade, Nancy Jackson. T hird row: Joseph Kisselman, Marie Tcnore, Pat Jagentowicz, Thomasiuu Skipper. Ralph Rcmondclli, Kathleen Hochart. Joann Richter, Barbara Hutson, Lucille Dctrolio, Nicholas Jacangclo, Edward Miller. Absent from the photograph are Diane Lee, Michael Hatolf, and Thomas llaria. CLASS OF JANUARY 1962 14HOME ROOM m Mr. Dock Janowitz First tow, Veil to right; Dennis Woloch, Dennis Lojzwin, Willie Warren, Bichard Maltby, Robert Grey, Patsy Viegari, Irvin Harris, Georgian Alexander, Sylvia Ausley, Marie Galasso. Second row: Mr. ianowltz, John Crosho, Christine Sidwa, Henry Sasiak, Raymond Krakowiak, Calvin McNair, Diana Stanko, Robert Torsiello, Raymond Torsicllo, Karen DcCastro, Alberta Kanwnel, Virginia Robertson, Janet Bjugftn. Third row: Eleanor Morgan, Vincent DiCerlando, Frank LaVista, Anna Raul, Angela Migliorini. Paul Ciordono, Donna Seymour, John Freda. Maldnia Edwards, Janet Thomasom. Absent Iron: the plrotograph are Nick D Amato and Stephen Burrows. HOME ROOM 213 Mr». Anne Cozzent Fust tow, left to right. Thcodoia Yacik, Marion Schaeffer, Joan llayducka, Charles Pittman, Edward Austin, Philip Del Buono, John Cddosch, Daniel Brcecc, Rudy Cti Jl. Second row: Klaus Paul. Dolores Tisdcll. Marie Tutela. Rita Kropdak, Patricia Mells. Patricia Corbley, Bcnyonnc Lee, Joan ManzL Third row; Ralph Giordano, Sara Napier. Eugenia Volz, lattice Dilorcnzo, Eileen Wcisbart, Linda Pomo, Barbara Stawicki, Carol Kaplon. Ernest Miloscia. Edward PrTemelewski. Absent front the photograph arc Leslie Butler. Thomas Sherman, Carol Opatkicwicz, ami Barbara Appling. 15HOME ROOM 304 Slut Alice Miner First row, left to right: Angelo Zaino, Bobi Dunlan, Carol Frankovsky, Marie Browning, Janet Milgatc, Carol Ann kindler. Carol Linfantc, Paula Gorski, Maxine Calanty, Hedwig Carvk, Nancy Kucinski, Nick Baulo, Miss Keehner. Second row: Harold Sodcn. Alex Sibirnyi, Stanley Plucienik, Vincent Priore, luhn Tyley, James Cunningham, Charles Dawson, David Kheu-bottom, C crald Martino. Third row: Anthony Cilday, Joseph N'cmeckay, Dorothy Hamilton, Patricia Hicks, Mary Ann Tinionc, Mary Ann Stepanski, Elaine Scpe, Ciovanna Pecora, Mildred Whitaker, Rose Marie Attanusio. CLASS OF JUNE 1961 16CLASS OF JUNE 196 1 HOME ROOM 319 Mr. Leonard Morris First row. left to right: Vladimir Pawtowlouski, Julius Fuzia. Dianne Cooper, Joseph Neigel, Carletta Hamilton. Neil D'Auria. Barbara Rudnicki. Henry Fink, Man Ann Prido, Paul Costanzo. Second row: Mr. Morris, Regina Lemaldi. Jo .Ann Dolinick. Anthony Marano. Joan Schilare. Joseph Rogers. Sophie Wadawsky. David Mitchell. Dorothy Pittman. Louise Krueger. Rosemarie Miceii, Leonard Ludivico. Third row: Gail Wetzel, Cerome Caron. Ann Bak . Robert Sulzer, Pamela Argiro, Linda Punchatz. James Slattery. Margaret Underwood. Ralph Ciacobbe, Viola-dry llaria. Absent from the photograph are Fret! O'Remus. Richard Cretice, Harlcne Brooks and Henry Curtis.The buys seem to be cnfoying this English lesson. Don’t tell any one. but you’re a measure delinquent. Wonder what the title of the picture is?A humorous lx ok is a tonic to lighten the spirits of one who is dejected. To a sophomore the humor comes at just the right moment Now lie is free from his fears and anxieties, the mystery of the freshman year is over. There is time to relax and enjoy every day. Looking at the incoming class with amusement, he recalls his own flounderings and learns to laugh at his own mistakes. Life is now taking a new turn in molding his personality. By looking at the happier side it is easier to accept the duties and responsibilities he must assume. Lighthearted and seemingly carefree, a sophomore is able to enjoy life to the fullest.o r HOME ROOM 206 Miss Gladys Howard First row, left to right: Saundra Rout, John Clark, Franklin Epps, Andrew Zawacki. Robert DeSalvo, John Scott. Gregory Van Buren, Kenneth Gregory. Second row: Miss Howard, r i brStiV photograph is Bruce Hymadc. HOME ROOM 207 Mrs. Dorothy Neuss First row, left to right: Edwin Kozinski, Manfred Bohmcr, John Malarik, Donald Sapara, Laurence Simmons. Second row: Mrs. Neuss, Diane Becker, Diane Ilagel, Dolores Velotis, Mary Kingsbury, Sylvia Robinson. Absent from the photograph are Val Guidetta and Lester Wilson. 20HOME ROOM 215 Mr. Allan Shapiro First row, left to litthl: Juar. Reed. Philip Rudlco. Otb MOtoo, Allan Howard, Jamet Stalk, Arthur Mym. Judy Orvvnka. Linda Green, Second row: Mr. Shapiro, Stanley DiMcowdi. Joseph Cenese, Mildred Bmitdicr. Anthony Alfano, Paulette Kane, Jean Bonavitu, Dermis Patrscoo. Karen Kulxirilo, Ruiwl Falitrom. Richard Oiwpie. Third row: Fred Johruon, Len-wood Jackson, Rosalie Culotta, Manning. Marqut-rito Aguilar. Joan Cianci, Johann? Serif fiano, Pat MeWnirr, Ronald Parham. Ahsent from the photograph are Gwen Meadows, Robert Catujno. Carol Bchler, Judy Costa bile, and Shirley Pollard. 79 61 HOME ROOM 306 Mr. Joseph Reuter First row, left to right: John DiXardo, Larry DePasqualc, Adam Ziobro, Donald Ciantoinasi, David Garrett, Charles Hall, Victor Scardilli, Sydney Kellogg. Second row: Mr. Reuter, Diane Guthrie, Patricia Nfacniski, Janice Brown, Barbara Fudge. Judy Chidella, Barbara Street, John Gonnella, Olga Tobie. Sandra Worsky, Patricia Viniks, Barbara Goznik, Patricia Splen-dora, Mr. Kulaga. Third row: Irene Ciccone, Mary Ann Mativier, Alice Korzenko, Jeannette Crouse, Shirley Criss, Alice Crohowski, Ronald Spall, Peter Rose, Charles Rodriquez, Randolph Griffin, Preston Barham. Absent from the photograph are Charles Carraro, Jerome Davis, John Ferriera, Josephine Graziano and Margaret Monahan. HOME BOON! .307 I Mr. Milton Kappstatter First row, left to right: Richard Chambers. Reginald Douglass, Pat Spino, William Thomas, Nick Hyczko, Stephen Zakamarok. Rob Evans, Jerome Sarapochiello, Carmine Bruno, Allan Konkus. Second row: Mr. Kappstatter, Bcmicc Petkavich. Anna Feranec, Patricia Karwacki, Bonnie Gner, Arnold Nash, Marion Deutsche, Robert Cainuso, I-ester Barnett, Dolores Davis, Richard Finaldi, Angela Mari, Joseph Nfarullo. Third row: Donald Harris, Linda Duncan, Helen Siubus, Mary Vend, Mary Ann Hood. Monica Warn quist, Wilene Carter. Gloria Jean Wallace. Dagmara Ku-bischkc, Linda Pickering. I-eRoy Williams. Absent from the photograph are Cary Quien and Bette Knox. 22 b 0 row: Victor Huljuck. Marie DiToinmaso. Joha no, Sylvia Cavaness. Bertha Taylor. Joyce Levin, Phyllis Kerrigno. Phyllis Macaluso, Jeannette Vivione. William Bailey, Charles Graham. Absent from the photograph are Maxine Nails and Thomas Carson. HOME ROOM 310 Miss Ruth M eye rum First row, left to right: Henry Bethea, Neil Travisano, Paul Homiacek, Joseph Dejohn. Elmira King, Nancy Kcbstock, Mary Ann Cancarz, Byrna Jones. Elizabeth Squiticri, Nancy Kaminski. Second row: Miss Meyerson, Rosetta Martin, Baiba Plekss, Carmen Merlucci, Laurence Martino, Joseph Ripianzi, Jeff Alas, Bruce Jones. Eugene Celdziler. Delores O’Lasky, Alice Petrick. Third O HOME ROOM 318 Miss Emily Kruck First row, left to right: Robert Brennan, Robert Salguioro, Lloyd Henry. Fred Brenner. Roy Risley, Robert Turnbull, Joseph Robert Erbs, Edward Kucinski, I amis Venturi. Second row: Mr. Valcarccl. Jr., Kathy White, Carolyn Bayrcdef, Veronica Walsh, Carole Wrubcl, Rolled Flcisclmian, Sheldon s.imlrn, lames Culms. Andrew Del Preore, Louise Yannuzzi. Binnir Adolph, Lois Brown. Camille Deo. Barry Zachar. Third row: Rlionda Patterson, Natalie Mokrynsky, Marion Rowe, Diana Fotnerleau, Lynn Uaria, Elaine Portee, Rosalie Varela, Stephanie Strelkauskas, Joan Lombardi, Carol Kupcr. Florence Lizcrman and I and a Oelgeschlagcr. Absent from the photograph, Ceorgianua Crist 23uh! Must not snitch. That’s for the guests. 'Say, can handsome fellows net in free?” 'Yes, if they have tickets!” “One of your eyelashes is curled the wrong way, dear." There is no discrimination at Arts High dances, even pigeon-toed jyeople are welcome. 24CLASS OF JANUARY 1960 HOME ROOM 220 Mr. George Voiler First row. left to right: Edward Shelton, Paul Michaud. Irving Ransomc, Arthur Bums, Diane Noack, Mayretta Bogart, Judy Bator, Lamont Padgett, John Nigro, Carolyn Simpson. Second row: Mr. Voller, Ray Stone, Cameron Horne, Joseph Gaulticri, Ina Hoffman, Phil Ceraulo, Louise Janavicious, Arlene Koval, Rosemarie Xardone, Isabelle Castcllucio. Third row; Carole Flick, Ira Kracmcr, NichoLis Mirabella, Joyce Knieper, Terr)' Elman, Nancy Shannon. Absent from the photograph are Barbara Moses, Carolyn Worrill, and Elaine Brandt. HOME ROOM 315 Mr. George Stelrel First row, left to right: James Boyle. Emidio Bastianclli. William Gwiazda, John Curtiss, Anthony Kropilak, Marilyn Hcnno, Claudette Catling, Carol Knight. Second row: Mr. Steiscl, Robert Scnubin, John Watts, Dominick Mannarato, Frank Beran, John Woodworth, Howard Rothrock, Neil Carangeln. Marilyn Zondlo. Third row: Stanley Friedman. Charles D'Erasmo, I'hillip Xicastro, Pearl Phillips, Dolores Rich, Carolyn Sabatino, Georgia Pilkington, Phvlene DeTaranto, Marie Franklin. Absent from the photograph arc James Perry, Raymond Wheeler, and Anthony Armenia.HOME ROOM 298 Mr. Milton K nobler First row, left to right: Isaiah Cooper, Ronald Przemelewsld, Charles Links, Charles Agrillo, Nick DiCuiseppe, William Caniso, Robert Spellman. Second row: Mr. Knobler, Kenneth Chonn, Gerald Miko. Thomas Fitzsimmons. I orraine Rogers, Bohdonna Rycar, Emma Williams, Stephanie Pflcn, Josephine Stroney. Third row: Carole Hawes, Mary Marhicci, Alice Zukowski, Jo Ann Mustachio, Beverly Reid. Marlene Ventolo. Absent from the photograph are Michael Ferrara, Samuel Rizzo, Nadia Waskiw, and Antonia Cilona. O F 27 CLASS JUNE 1 95 9CLASS OF JUNE 1959 HOME ROOM 209 Mr. Seymour lunulsman First row, left to right: Frank Votto, William Forlenza. Ronald Venturi, Mario Abate, William Lund, Cerald Nieaber. Robert Kane, Richard Eubanks, Janice Lovvorn. Second row: Mr. Landsman, Barbara Bonnet, Robert McCracken, Leonard Rumbinas, Kenneth Kuplowitz, Arthur Saliccti. Edward Green, George Piegari, Susan Lulic, Virginia Beazlie, Patricia Ruth. Third row: Adele Eisenberg, Marilyn Bove, Josephine Scardavillc, Carol LiPira, Gail Lund, Joanne Kicly, Barbara Richter, Marianne Miscrcndino, Janet Pasta rack, Alice Emails. HOME ROOM 313 Mrs. Bette Lazar First row, left to right: John Haynes, John Fudge, James Boyd. James Fagan, Edward Ener-lich, Kevin Marks, Harry Jones, Salvatore Candela. Second row: Mrs. !,a ar, Dean Ingram, Marie Agrillo, John Czerkowicz, Connie Spanos, Charles Casler, Nancy Griffin, Curtis Hamilton. Third row: John Marchione, Unice El, Marylou Alhano, Betty Kimbro, Theresa Maziu-kiewicz, Linda Ross, Eleanor Miller, Elizabeth Ciglio, Mary Ann Srjuillaro. 28HOME ROOM 320 Mr . Lucille Hiller First row, left to right: John Paul, Edward Rostiac, llelmar Cooner, Ronald Booker, John Szumel. Second row: Mrs. Hiller, Judith Kirchinayr, Mary C.uitclla, Juanita Williams, Salvatore Cirgcnti, Elaine Stanton, Barbara Lehto, Katherine McGuinness. Third row: Cat Lustig Ricardina DaSilva, Geraldine Mitchell. Kathleen Fabricatore, Myrna Utley, David Zambclli. Janet Doremus, Barbara Wooten. Absent from the photograph are Willis Hicks, David Appling. Jeanette Danel, and Diane Tracy.ZD U In four short years these Seniors must he prepared to face the world. Their careers are in the planning stage. In the search for appropriate occupations, they've found biographies increasingly valuable. They have l egun to realize that trials and triumphs are a part of the climb up the ladder of success. They've learned that everyone has to work assiduously to gain his goal. These have been trying times, times of fun and times of hard work. All of the experiences they have had, and the ones yet to come will contribute to success in their roles as mature, responsible men and women— the hope of tomorrow. CLASS OF JANUARY 1959OUR SENIOR "B" CLASS ADVISORS RUTH ABOS, B.A., M.A. English As our counselor and adviser. Miss A bos has inspired and aided us in planning for our futures. As our friend and confidante she has supplied us with many laughs anti wise words of advice or warning. Frequently, she would mention some little thing at just the right time to set us hack on the road to success. She flies jet-propelled through the halls to keep four appointments in five minutes. At the basketball games she become so enthusiastic that she may well be counted as one of her cheerleading squad members. Her friendliness, consideration and perserverance have guided and helped us in becoming independent and respectable young citizens. THERESA DAVID, B.A., M.A. Spanish We’ve affectonatelv applied the name “The Eye” to Miss David for the stem, piercing expression which she employs to conceal a warm and happy heart. Her friendly advice and her understanding of our adolescent problems have gained our respect and admiration. She has taught us to respect the opinions of others and has encouraged us to develop self-reliance and a sense of maturity. We sincerely appreciate the concern she has shown in our social affairs and the industry with which she has worked with us to achieve our goals.CLASS OF JANUARY 1959 President JOANN MENZLER 764 South Eighteenth Street Jo has two familiar expressions, "Mmmmm" and “Oh, Lord!" . . . likes to collect articles and information about Mexico, rock ’n’ roll records, and theatre stubs . . . has worked at Prudential Insurance Company ... is usually dancing, reading, or listening to the radio . . . wants to find a job after making a hit with the Navy . . . most of all, she wants to get married . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Knob-ler . . . always enjoys art classes and lunch periods. Vice President ROBERT DAVID BELL 15S Fairinount Avenue Hobert, better known as "Bob", came to Arts from South Eighth Street School ... he is vice-president of his itomeroom and devotes his spare time to collecting stamps, and dancing . . . Bob has enjoyed his history classes and, above all, the iricndly atmosphere of the school . . . hopes to become a doctor . . . after graduation he plans to enlist in the Air rorce . . . in four years he has made many friends, and we know he will continue to do so in the future. Secretary T reastircr BARBARA McCARL 16 Goble Street Barbara is a sweet, nonchalant student . . . loves _ to listen to the radio, especially when rock n roll music is being played . . . Jus a part time job at Ohrbach's . . . loves the bar-gains the salesgirls get . . . weekends find her with Iony, Marion, and Judy . . . always coughs in Miss Kruck’s history class . . . wonder why? . . . talented at sewing ami designing clothes . . . ambition is to see as much of tlia world as possible before getting married. JOSELYN MELILLO 82 Littleton Avenue Jossie ... a swell gal with a merry smile for everyone . . . class treasurer . . . usually found at baseball games or lounging in slacks and her brother s shirt . . . favorite subject is mathematics . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Cla-murro . . . likes to dance while listening to the radio . . . ambition is to own a Thunder-hud . . . enjoys the teachers, the students, the building, the activities, the dances—just everything at Arts . . . plans to attend Upsala Col-lege upon graduation. 33DONALD BROWN 175 Pennington Court Don is quiet and shy . . . interested in art . . . likes to tell science fiction stories . . . enjoys painting portraits ... his favorite expression is “Nuff said” . . . enjoys parties, movies, dancing, and rock ’n’ roll . . . Mr. Spindler is his favorite teacher . . . graduates! from Oliver Street School . . . plans to attend Cooper Union or Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art ... his net ambition is to become an illustrator . . . most of all he will remember the art education nc received here at Arts. JUDITH BROWN 88 Avenue C “Babydoll”, with her talents and artistic ability, has found time to be active in extracurricular activities, including the Cheering Squad, Drama Club, Typing Club and Modem Dance Club . . . she is also able to maintain a position in Woolwortns . . . during her leisure time sire enjoys "rhythm and blues" music, dancing, and movies . . . Judy likes to eat lunch, go to study hall, mingle and converse with her many friends . . . we think her future will be very successful and happy. LAWRENCE A. CRAWLEY 157 Isalxdla Avenue Larry- came to Arts from Alexander Street School ... is very enthusiastic about art courses . . . likes to wear sport clothes . . . listens to jazz music . . . spends his snare time in his father's store . . . entertains himself watching television . . . enioys baseball . . . believes Mr. Spindler’s art class is particularly good . . . plans to enter the Navy . . . will study commercial art at the Rhode Island School of Design. STEPHEN BAZAREWSKY 130 West Runyon Street Steve came to Arts High from Bergen Street School ... a friendly fellow with a pleasant personality ... is quiet in school . . . going to school is one of his few peculiar habits . . . can usually be found on the comer of Feshine Avenue and West Runyon Street . . . enjoys talking with his friends . . . favorite subject is art . . . Miss Kruck is his favorite teacher . . . likes jazz music best of all . . . has no definite plans for the future . . . will enter the Air Force. VIVIAN MARIE BRISTOL 2S5 South Eleventh Street "Viv” has one very peculiar habit: watching boys . . . among her hobbies is doing the cha-cha . . . she came to Arts from Arlington Avenue School ... is a member of the Typing Club, Student Council, and the Scope . . . babysits in her spare time . . . during her four years at Arts, she’s enjoyed the friendliness of the teachers and students . . . after graduation, she plans to attend Traphagen School of Design . . . her ambition is to marry and have four children.JANICE MEREDITH GROOMS 39 Quitman Street Janice graduated from Monmouth Street School . . . possesses a peculiar habit of clrewing her fingers . . . appears to be quiet until you get to know her . . . spends her spare time reading, talking to bovs, baby sitting, or sewing ... is a member of the Student Council, the Sewing Club, and the Orchestra . . . history. Mr. Morris, operas, and concerts are her favorites at Arts . . . hopes to enter Montclair State Teachers’ College. JOHN PAT D'ANDREA 176 East Kinney Street Junior is a happy-go-lucky guy . . . can be found with Joe, Marion, and Darlene . . . favorite type of music is progressive jazz, of course . . . when not in school, he plays the clarinet in a hot dance band . . . relaxes with girls around . . . cools off with a swim . . . plans to serve Uncle Sam in the Air Force . . . ambition is to be a music teacher . . . enjoys the friendliness of the students here at Arts. JOHN ELLIOTT DELK S4 South Fifteenth Street John is a graduate of Roseville Avenue School ... a valuable member of the baseball and basketball teams and of a drum and bugle corps . . . “Later” is a favorite expression of his . . . in his spare time he works at a part-time job . . . enjoys listening to music especially progressive jazz and rock ’n’ roll . . . wishes to pursue his desire to become a draftsman at the Newark School of Engineering and to serve liis country in the Air Force. MARION ANN DELLARIA 304 East Kinney Street Marion possesses a personality that captures the hearts of all who know her . . . hobby is dancing . . . member of the Student Council. Modem Dance Club, Scope, and the Junior Red Cross . . . with her peppy nature, she goes for rock ’n’ roll . . . ambition is to ! ■ an airline hostess . . . came to Arts from Oliver Street School . . . especially enjoyed her friends and everything about Arts High . . . after graduation, she would like to enter the Grace Downs Air School. MEREDITH ELAINE EDWARDS 115 Miller Street Mert possesses a smooth personality ... is well liked by all her classmates . . . enjoys playing the piano or working crossword puzzles . . . member of the Girls’ Clee Club, the Typing Club, and the Future Teachers of America . . . served as vice-president of the 3B class . . . favorite subject Is Spanish . . . came to Arts from Central and Sussex Avenue Schools . . . after high school, plans to attend New Jersey State Teachers’ College . . . throughout her four years at Arts, she enjoyed the musical programs most. 3$OSBORNE FRAZIER 143 Belmont Avenue Osbomo graduated from McKinley Junior High School . . . sings with a choral group . . . delights in dancing the Mumho . . . the postman’s suit and red are favorites of his . . . likes to roam through the corridors . . . often uses the word “Man'' as a preface to his remarks . . . holds a part-time job and is a member of a youth organization . . . English, art. and Mr. Spindlcr's class arc a joy to him . . . plans to join the Marine Corps and later hopes to become a successful dancer . . .enjoyed the variety shows immensely. KATHLEEN M. CALASSO 341 North Eleventh Street "Chicken’’ came from First Avenue School . . . good art student . . . loses to fool around . . . very friendly ... is usually found with Ixuiis. Danny, Judy, Jossie, and Barbara ... enjoys dancing, sports, and cars equally well . . . has been an active member of the Student Council and the Pottery Club ... is often seen in shades of brown . . . hopes to become a teacher . . . will prepare for her profession at Newark State Teachers’ College . . . will always remember the teachers, the lunch periods, and the dances. DARLEF.N ANN GOLARDI 251 Fairmount Avenue “Why don’t you just” is Darleen’s favorite expression ... a sweet person to know and to he with . . . attended Fourteenth Avenue School . . . likes to wear slacks . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Spindler . . . pet ambition is to become a model . . . enjoys a good dramatic movie ... is usually found in front of a television or behind school books . . . has been a camp counselor . . . plans to attend an art school or take a course in modeling ... is always fun to be with . . . will always remember the opera rehearsals. Dino came to Arts in his junior year from Carteret Academy ... his world revolves around cars ... is a member of the National Hot Rod Association . . . hopes to become an auto designer . . . enjoys auto shows and races ... is usually found in his girl’s father's car or with his pals Joe Crasso and Colin Wendell . . . has been a life guard ... Mr. Landsman is his favorite teacher . . . has made many friends in the time he has been here . . . a very regular fellow. MARIE ANN GUARINO 86 Fourteenth Avenue Marie came to us from Fourteenth Avenue Sch«x l ... a polite, friendly, happy girl . . . leisure time is spent in dancing, singing, drawing, or enjoying sports . . . working part time as a salesgirl and file clerk didn’t leave much time for extracurricular activities . . . will always remember her art classes and the friendliness of the students . . . ambition is to l»e an artist . . . hopes to train for this profession at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. RONALD FREY 15 Birkendiene Road, Caldwell 36ROBERT B. HILL 11 Jay Street Robert is a struggling artist and a jazz lover . . . usually found at home or in Greenwich Village . . . has served as a Student Council representative and as treasurer of his class . . . has worked as a produce clerk and as a solicitor . . . enjoys art, horseback riding, and girls . . . likes ivy league clothing . . . prefers brown to any other color . . . lunch and art classes are Robert’s favorite periods . . . his nicknames include "El Greco ' and "Quo Vadis” . . . may attend New York University. PAULA LOUISE JACKSON 9 Seventeenth Avenue Paula came to Arts from Cleveland Junior High School ... her friends call her "Mickle” . . . they are accustomed to her favorite adjectives “cool ansi crazy” ... is popular with the boys . . . enjoys swimming . . . most of her leisure hours arc spent in dancing, eating or studying history . . . Miss David is her favorite teacher ... is a member of the T-Square and Triangle Club . . . plans to enlist hi the Waves. FRANK V. JACOBY 192 Littleton Avenue Frank was graduated from Fourteenth Avenue School . . . has a very peculiar habit of crying and laughing at the same time . . . after school, is found at work in a bakery or at homo . . . enjoys playing for school dances . . . likes girls and jazz music ... is a member of the Band . . . ambition is to be a private teacher of music . . . plans to enter the Navy ... wants to own a music store. NEIL HARRIS 38 Sheerer Avenue Mr. Ivy League, himself . . . likes to work with cars ... a good looking chap, whom everyone likes . . . enjoys dancing and fooling with friends . . . likes music, especially rock ’n’ roll . . . typical sports car enthusiast . . . ambition is to own a Corvette ... as to further education, would like to attend the University of Toronto . . . will study industrial art or medical art . . . thoroughly enjoyed the teachers and his fellow students during his stay at Arts. CHARLES ROBERT HERMAN 27 Academy Street Charles is a talented art student . . . has no peculiar habits, nicknames, or expressions . . . member of the Newark "Y" Barbell Club ... is vice-president of the Gun Club . . . like most teenagers of today, he likes rock ’n’ roll . . . favorite subject is art . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Spindler ... as a pastime lie enjoys weight lifting . . . graduated from Bergen Street School . . . will enter cither the Navy or the Air Force. 37JOHN WESLEY JONES 27 Boston Street John came to Arts from Robert Treat Junior High School . . . wins a smile from many with his quiet manner and lus pleasing personality . . . takes pleasure in sports and oil painting . . . likes the mambo. sports, clothes, and television . . . spends his spare time with girls . . has a part-time job . . likes Miss Kruck's class and his mathematics class . . . "Jonesy” may be found at the Boys' Club . . . plans to enter the Air Force upon graduation and then become an engineer. CLYDE KUEMMERLE 119 South 9th Street Santa Claus in school boy clothing with Eddie, Ann, Dennis, anti Marlene office of co-chief of the Stage Crew . . this is "Porky . participates in man has been treasurer . always has a good time ny school activities . . . held of the .Art Service Club and ge president of the Pottery Club . . . loves dogs, horses, and people . . . dreams of owning a hunting lodge some day . . . hopes to attend William and Mary College to tific studies. pursue scicn- MICHAEL LALLONE 301 South Sixth Street Ho may be small . . . but watch out. he's packet! with dynamite . . . plays the trumpet . . . may be another Gabriel . . . likes the color of fire-engine red . . . when it comes to dancing, he has a crazy step for rock 'n' roll . . . loves to have a good time with his friends Jay. Phil, and Walter . . . anything with comedy in it suits him . . . with his personality and talent, he will go far as a musician. ANN PICILLO 379 North Seventh Street Ann was graduated from Central Avenue School ... a happy girl . . . always singing in the halls . . . spends her leisure time with Ric, at the movies, listening to the radio, playing baseball, dancing or playing the violin ... is a member of the Orchestra . . . thinks music and instrumental classes are wonderful . . . has always wanted to take a trip to Italy . . . plans are to attend Montclair State Teachers’ College . . . wants to be a music teacher. MARY X. McGUINNESS 1971 McCarter Highway Mary is a delightful happy-go-lucky person . . . attended Ridge Street School . . . favorite subjects arc history and harmony ... for entertainment Mary likes movies, music, and fellows best . . . participates in many extracurricular activities . . . has worked at Elliott Street School Community Center . . . likes to wear sport clothes . . . prefers the color blue . . . Miss Knick is her favorite teacher . . . has no definite plans for the future ... is always eager and ready for fun.JUDITH SUSAN PLESNIK 110 South Tenth Street Judith w.u graduated from South Eighth Street School ... is often caught peeking out of windows . . . her many friends are accustomed to her saying, "He’s cute" or "Let’s go!” . . . spends her leisure time with her dog, Skippy . . . eating, dancing, dating, horse-back riding and swimming are her favorite sports ... has many friends . . . likes to watch television . . . has always wanted to work at the Bell Telephone Company . . . here at Arts she enjoys the teachers and the student body. JAMES ROBINSON 463 Hunterdon Street Jimmy was graduates! from McKinley Junior High School . . . "Lucky” is friendly with everyone . . . chewing toothpicks is a favorite habit of his . . . has a talent for drawing and painting ... is a member of the Boys’ Club of Newark ... is usually found talking with his friends or in the movies . . . particularly enjoys art periods and Miss Ahos's class . . . also enjoys tlic dances and sliows . . . plans to marry and settle down—some day. JOHN SERCO 145 Isabella Avenue Jay . . . graduated from Alexander Street School . . . many friends include Michael I dlone and Walter Slawuta . . . plays in the Band . . . practices with the Swimming Team ... is a member of Varsity Club ... has a part-time job . . . frequently the source of witty remarks during homeroom periods . . . plans to join one of the Armed Forces . . . would like to be an auto mechanic. VINNIE SANTORA 164 Oliver Street Vinnic . . . short, dark, cute, and sweet . . . very considerate of others . . . truthful and courteous . . . secretary of class . . . has held part-time jobs at the City Hall and at the American Vitamin Corporation . . . usually found at a cousin’s house . . . favorite subject is Spanish . . . likes to dream while listening to all kinds of music ... pet ambition is to become an author . . . enjoys most of all tne early morning gab-fests in .Miss Abos’s homeroom . . . plans to attend Berkeley School for secretarial training. RHODA SANDRA SCHAINMAN 79 Bragaw Avenue Rhoda camo to Arts from Bergen Street School ... is usually observed having fun . . . enjoys singing and swimming . . . works in McCrory's . . . Sophie and Ginger arc her close friends . . . spends spare time watching television . . . likes steno and Mr. Kappstatter best . . . ambition is to become a secretary . . . will attend Berkeley School . . . thinks the friendly atmosphero at Arts is truly wonderful . . . prefers casual clothing ... is a member of the B'nai Brith Girls. 39RICHARD ROBERT SHANKS 244 Sixth Avenue ZELIA SINGLETARY 59J Hayes Street Zclia . . . graduated from Robert Treat Junior High School . . . often observed biting her nails ... friends will remember her expression, "Later ’gater" . . . usually is in a happy, friendly mood . . . makes extra money by baby sitting . . . enjoys designing clothes, talking to box’s, drawing, or dancing . . . prefers Bermuda shorts, anything pink and the cha-cha ... has plans to become a designer . . . will attend a New York school . . . enjoys her art classes and gym classes. Richard . . . one of the busy Arts High boys . . . participates in extracurricular activities . . . past president of the Photography Club, vice-president of the Future Teachers of America, member of the Student Council and the Stage Crew . . . with his long legs and wide grin he goes far . . . outside of school Dick works in gardens, walks, reads or experiments with chemicals . . . has a job on a camp staff in the summer months . . . hopes to attend Princeton . . . will undoubtedly be very active there too. SOPHIE HELEN SIGOURIS 1S1 South Tenth Street Sophie . . . friendly, lovable, anil mischievous . . . loves to have a good time, especially with boys . . . rarely serious ... is always found talking . . . thrilled when she visits foreign restaurants . . . has l elonged to the Student Council, the Scope, the Math Club, the Art Sen-ice Club, the Opera, and the Orchestra . . . relaxes reading Russian novels . . . watching cowboy motion pictures or listening to jazz or classical music will always satisfy her . . . upon graduation she would like to he a world traveler . . . will always remember Student Council activities. WALTER P. SLAWUTA 344 Dayton Street Walt ... a friendly fellow . . . serves! as secretary of his class . . . often says “actually" . . . has a habit of neglecting to do his homework . . . works part-time as an usher and as an assistant mechanic . . . usually found at his cousin’s house . . . likes blue sport clothes . . . favorite subject is history . . . watches rock V roll music and sport events on television ... the periods he liked best at Arts were the lunch periods . . . ambition is to go into business. ANTHONY RICHARD SORCE 895 DeGraw Avenue Sorco . . . came to Arts High from Ridge Street Scltooi . . . usually seen playing baseball . . . “Come on" is his favorite expression . . . lover of history ... is a doodler . . . quiet, shy of girls . . . always with a pencil . . . enjoyed lunch period best . . . close friend of Bob Bell, Steve Bazarcwsky, and Walter Slawuta ... is an ardent sports fan ... a swell fellow to know . . . likes rock 'n' roll . . . college? . . . “Seton Hull, of course!” . . . law is Iris goal. 40MARY NORMA TENORE 479 South Seventeenth Street Norma came to Arts in 1955 after graduating from Fourteenth Avenue School ... a very quiet girl ... a joy to know and fun to be with in spite cf her habit of daydreaming . often heard saying "Oh. dam it!" . . . usually found home enjoying jxipular music . . . hop to become a court stenogranlier or enter a branch of the Women’s Armed Services . . . thinks our teacliers are very kind and considerate. EVA TYLER 147 West Bigelow Street Eva ... a quiet, likable, cheerful student . . . came to Arts from Chariton Street School . . . enjoys reading books pertaining to science and adventure . . . has a hobby of collecting stamps . . . favorite subject is art . . . to pass time, she listens to her records . . . like most students nowadays, she enjoys rock 'n' roll . . . wants to become an actress . . . plans to attend a dramatic school in New York City . . . will always remember the excellent assembly programs presented here. COLIN J. WENDELL 63 Forest Hill Parkway Colin . . . changeable . . . has a Pepsodent smile . . . lives for today with no plans for tomorrow . . . has a habit of forgetting appointments . . . usually found driving a car lie’s very proud of . . . favorite subject is algebra . . . likes to watch a good foothal! game . . . wears casual clothes . . . African bongo drums furnish most of the music to which he listens . . . has made no definite plans for ’the future . . . wants to attend college. ELIZABETH JEAN WOODRUFF 1161 Sherman Avenue Betty . . . will alw-ays be remembered as being studious . . . gets a kick out of saying, "Wait a minute” or "On. my goodness!’’ . . . hobbies are sketching, writing poetry, and composing music ... is a member of the Curls’ Glee Club, the Typing Club, and the Scope . . . favorite subjects are music and Spanish . . . favorite teacher is Miss David . . . plans to attend Montclair State Teachers’ College . . . wants to be a concert pianist . . . Betty’s friendliness and eagerness to assist will be an asset in every walk of life. ROSALYN MARIE WRIGHT 164 Sherman Avenue Rozy . . . came to Arts from Miller StTeet School . . . known througliout the school for her fine sense of humor . . . has an easy laugh . . . loves to oat . . . at home, Uk-s usually found on the phone or looking at television ... in school, she s always laughing w ith Edna Jones. Oreleen Orr and scores of other friends . . . feels that four years of high school is enough . . . main ambitions include marriage and possible voice training. 41JUNE DEANA ANDRIAN 8 Sidney Place The Dancer . . . very moody . . . called “The Moody One- . . . sometimes happy . . . sometimes sad . . . always wondering . . . June’s favorite subject is stenography . . . her favorite teacher is Mr. Kappstatter . . . her friends are used to her familiar expressions, "You're a pill”, and "He’s weird!” . . . among her pastimes, talents, and entertainments arc dancing, acting, and music, particularly rock V roll and modem Jazz . . . obviously June’s ambition is to enter show business as cither a dancer or an actress. RICHARD JENKINS 571 Grove Street Richie is a quiet, friendly person . . . came to Arts High from Branch Brook School . . . his spare time he enjoys working on radios and stamps or watching television . . . the geometry classes have been a special treat for him . . . Iras particularly enjoyed the sincere help of all his teachers . . . ambition is to attend college and prepare for his career in the sciences . . . wo hope that he finds success in his newly chosen career. THOMAS ZIMMERMAN 584 Bergen Street Tommy ... a very happy individual . . . enjoys a good joke . . . has made many friends at Arts . . . likes to build things . . . a member of the Track Team . . . usually found at home . . . enjoys movies and rock 'n' roll when not dreaming . . . likes assembly programs . . . recently was Arts’ version of Yul Brynner . . . ambition is to become an extremely wealthy man . . . has made plans to become a lieutenant in the United States Air Force. 42 A peek into the world of fashion design reveals Mrs. Assarsson and her talented students creating the “Artie” look.Looks as though everybody wants to net into the act. 43 Down comes the net, up goes the score!Robert Hill, the class treasurer, claims that money speaks sense in a language all nations understand. 44 What concentration!Hubert Hill, a student art critic, discusses the merits of these neighborhood sketches. The battle between the Late-Late Show and the history assignment was a decisive one. Can you determine the victor?" wonder if we look that way to themY' "It shows what a headache and some jtaint can do.” That's the uirl I've dreamed of all my life.” 46Mr. Knottier interprets "Tuilcries” as played by the Itand under the direction of Mr. D'Amico. The voices of our girls blend in sweet harmony. The chorus members arc ready to lift their voices in praise of King David. 47This cant he a test; it must he a discussion. Try noinn from B-S to -115 in three minutes! Watch the wheels as they no round, round, round with happy sounds. "Come here, young man. or you'll no with the thread through the needle" warns Mr. Commel.Tlx? wonders and beauties of the majestic earth are spread out in an inviting panorama before these graduates. Although it will not be possible for ail of them to travel to distant lands, neither will it Ik- excusable for them to be ignorant of other people ansi other places. Many thrilling books have neen written for the benefit of tlie armchair traveler. These books are set aside in a special section of the library within easy reach of everyone. A new dimension of contrast and understanding, that is so necessary today, will lie brought to them. On the road of life tliey will come in contact with a variety of people, all seeking distant goals. Those who follow the way with an open mind will lx rewarded with a rich and full life. Tire world is theirs, waiting for the results of new earnest work. If these graduates travel by l«ook alone they will gain an abundance of knowledge. It will be up to them to apply it to benefit all mankind. CHIN UM »r»n ion stOUR SENIOR "A" ABECEDARIANS PHILIP CLAMURRO, B.A.. M.A. Mathematics Mr. Clamurro is a modest man with a dynamic personality and an unlimited knowledge of mathematics. His introduction of a humorous touch in the midst of a complicates! math’ problem provided motivation, stimulation, and often a welcome diversion. His spontaneous enthusiasm shows through his teaching. The regular classroom activities were often broken by his spontaneous lectures on timely subjects. Mathematics is only one of the many lessons we learn in his classes. MISS DORIS HUPP B.S. Art Although our acquaintance with Miss Hupp came in our senior year, she is no stranger to Arts High, having previously taught here from 19-11 to 1943. We will always recall her ready smile and untiring efforts to help us. She handled us as carefully as her extensive antique doll collection and quickly adapted herself to the lively, interesting and sometimes noisy discussions in our congenial homeroom. Her comments often helped us to settle our arguments. We shall always be grateful to her for her sincere interest in our welfare. CATHERINE S. SWEENEY. R.N, B.S. Health Education Mrs. Sweeney has always tried very' hard to help our class when we needed assistance. She has nurtured us since our freshman year. "Without a healthy body and mind,” Mrs. Sweeney explains, "you cannot achieve success in your chosen profession.” Her wide range of knowledge in the field of health has enabled her to answer our questions with understanding and sympathy. We appreciate her sincere and friendly attitude and the help she has unselfishly given us. LOUIS SPINDLER, B.S., M.A. Art Mr. Spindlcr luis a very affable nature. His speech is frequently punctuated with pantomime. In his classes, this teacher-philosopher, has made many shrewd comments on teenage behavior and attitudes. He often satirized them; the strength in his humor has been the wisdom behind it. He has been patient and understanding when we have gone to him with our numerous difficulties. As our class adviser, he has always been particularly interested in our constant practice of democratic principles in all our activities. SOCLASS OF JUNE 1958 President DENNIS ANNIBALLI 135 South Ninth Street “Denny" Is a brilliant scholar with a magnetic personality and a quick sense of humor . . . jovial . . . coyly shy . . . optimistic, especially about the Yankees . . . conservative and always ready and willing to help . . . president of junior and senior classes . . . member of the National Honor Society. Baseball Team, Student Council, and Chorus . . . friends are used Ip hevfngj "Well. I don't know” . . . his favorite subject is math . . . ambition is to be a medical doctor. Secretary CONSTANCE B. ATKINS 171 Ivy Street Connie ... a lot of fun . . . always laughing and joking . . . crazy mixed-up kid . . . happy . . . friendly . . . she is often heard remarking “Scrooge" or “Oh. dam!" . . . usually seen biting her nails, doodling, drawing, bowling, skating, swimming, or in a candy store . . . working in Ohrbach’s and in the Prudential prevent her from joining clubs . . . Connie is planning to enter East Orange General Hospital School of Nursing. Vice President ANTHONY F. FAZIO 241 Bergen Street Tony is stentorian, adamant, but when not involved in an acrimonious altercation he is quite affable . . . likes loud music, especially modem jazz at full volume . . . member of Gym Team, the Student Council, the Forum Club . . . favorite color is blue . . . most interesting pastime, subject, or entertainment is people . . . completely unconcerned about problems . . . indifferent, frank, changeable . . . popular with faculty as well as students . . . plans to join the Unites! States Army Reserve Corns and to enter Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Treasurer VIRGINIA AGNES ZALESKI 711 South Seventeenth Street Cinny ... a religious, studious, ambitious girl . . . thinks she talks too much . . . plavs the clarinet and the piano . . . true friend. sincere, and devoted . . . A-pin holder, member of the Orchestra, the Bond, the Chorus, the Math Club, and the Vi£iu tUr . . . usually found in a quiet place . . . favorite subject is English . . . enjoys listening to her record collection . . . enjoys performing in the concerts and operas . . . after graduation, she plans to enter nursing.CAROL LENORE ADAMS 69 South Orange Avenue Carol came to Arts as a freshman after graduating from Newton Street School . . . friendlv, sweet, slow easy smile, cute . . . likes to sew and to dance ... as a part-time job she babysits . . . favorite clothing Is a pink dress of some sort . . . usually found at home listening to jazz or rock ’n' roll . . . likes to see a good show . . . stenography is her favorite subject . . . her main ambition is to be a telephone operator. LAURENCE ADAMS 80 Broad Street Larry is an industrious fellow . . . enjoys painting and gardening . . . member of the Pottery Club. Operetta Club, ami Boys’ Clee Club . . . favorite subjects are art and biology . . . Ivy League clothing suits him best . . . has worked as a stock boy . . . Andrew Bey, Ronald Seeley, and Bob James are his close friends . . . likes jazz and cha chas . . . graduated from Webster Junior High . . . plans to enter college after sendee in the Navy . . . enjoys the operas, concerts, and lunch above all. JOSEPH ANDRANSKY 107 Seth Bovden Terrace loves to take life easy ... is usually found in bed, Joe is a good-natured fellow sleeping . . . here’s a fellow who watch television . . . has worked in an Acme favorite subjects . . . graduated from Dayton Street School ... pet ambition is to be an architect . . . may enter the Navy ... for the immediate future he plans to get more sleep. rerjuires much sleep and plenty of foot! . . . likes to Super Market . . . lunch and girls were his ■ MILDRED BAN- 189 Hillside Avenue Millie is a tegular teenager . . . "It swings” is her favorite expression . . . she graduated from Arlington Avenue School . . . has worked as a salesgirl at Berkley’s ... is usually found at a l owlinc alley or in a candy store . . . likes to wear slacks, sweaters, and skirts . . . was secretary of the class . . . howling, skating, and swimming are her favorite pastimes . . . Millie plans to go into a nurses training school after graduation. GEORGE R. BATES 48 Norman Road Rod is a true athlete . . . has a solid, muscular build . . . is an outstanding member of the Swimming Team . . . belongs to the Newark Athletic Club and to the Boy Scouts . . . has worked as a lifeguard and as a cook . . . loves to fish in his spare time . . . often seen around school with his favorite girl friend, Ann . . . graduated fn m Ivy Street School . . . may enter the Navy or continue his education at Pratt Institute or the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art.DAVID BEACH 110 Orchard Street plays on the Basketball Team Ml Dave came to Arts High from Oliver Street School . . . enjoys listening to rock V roll music, watching professional sports, playing basketball. an l whistling at the girls . . . anticipates (?) going to his United States History class with Mr. Shapiro . . . “Mickey Mouse” or “Stretch”, as his friends often call him. knows that he must go into one of the Armed Services, therefore he has chosen the Navy . . . later he hopes to secure a college education. JAMES RAYMOND BERUBE 84 Grand Avenue Jimmy ... the muscular athletic typo . . . hobbies include playing the piano, getting detentions, weight lifting, drafting, stamp collecting, architecture ... is easy to get to know . . . has a friendly personality . . . has a part-time job making wooden pool tables . . . favorite subject is biology . . . enjoys dancing to his favorite rock ’n’ roll . . . enjoys leasing at 2:35, holidays and lunch . . . plans to serve in the United States Air Force . . . wants to be an aeronautical photographer. BARBARA BIENKOWSKI 337 Littleton Avenue Babs is gleeful, grouchy, cynical, shy . . . has a quick friendly smile . . . easily flustered in class . . . her face becomes a beautiful shade of pink . . . part time employment presents her from joining in many extracurricular activities . . . was a Junior Red Cross representative during her freshman year . . . plans for the future include attending Orange Memorial Hospital School of Nursing . . . plans marriage in the not too distant future. CAROL ANN BROOKS 149 Ridgewood Avenue Happy and content . . . helpful to all . . . loves to sing in a chorus . . . prefers to spend spare moments by herself . . . excels in sewing and cooking . . . enjoys reading books . . . has a habit of talking in her sleep . . . shops whenever she can . . . plans to attend the Beth Israel School of Technology . . . hopes to be successful as an X-ray technician . . . plans also include marriage. , ROGER BROWN 445 South Fifteenth Street "Stix” . . . tall. lanky, friendly athlete . . . member of the Varsity baseball and basketball teams . . . tx-longs to the Varsity Club . . . usually near a gym . . . most everyone is his friend . . . buddies are his fellow team mates . . . often remarks “Oh. yeah!” . . . favorite pastime is you guessed it_ watching a snorts event . . . subjects he likes liest are art and history . . . enjoys rock n roll and ballads . . . ambition is to score a game winning basket for Arts . . . will enter Montclair State Teachers College. 53HAZEL BULLARD 203 Pennington Street Hazel came to Art from Robert Treat . . . firmly established herself as a friendly person who loves to talk and eat . . . plays piano . . . loves music, especially progressive jazz . . . spends much time in New York . . . sews her own clothes . . . works at St. Michaels Hospital . . . friends call her 'Tiny” or "Little Bit” . . . after receiving her diploma, site hopes to go to Drake's Business College to become a secretary. ANNE FELICE CAMPANELLA 258 South Sixth Street Ann graduated from St. Ann’s and is well on her way to being a saint . . . she’s friendly, happy-go-lucky, smiling, and affectionate . . . her hobbies include giving piano lessons, playing the phnn and reading . . . her favorite tvpe of music is classical . . . when she isn’t with her Arts High boyfriend, she’s studying English, her favorite subject ... has enjoyed music courses and operas at .Arts best . . . Ann plans to do secretarial work after graduation. ALBERT CANARELLI 250 South Sixth Street Albert came to Arts from Fourteenth Avenue School ... is a regular fellow with an interest in everything . . . his special ability is building and flying model airplanes . . . has worked as a stock boy . . . likes to wear casual clothes . . . favorite entertainments are television and rock ’n’ roll music . . . he’s a fellow who enjoys sleeping . . . science, physics, and lunch were his favorites at Arts ... his pet ambition is to become a millionaire . . . he may join the Army after graduation. ANGELA MILDRED CARRACINO 51 Ellery Avenue Angela graduates! from Fourteenth Avenue School . . . has been very active in the Future Teachers of America, the National Honor Society and the Student Council . . . served on the Cheering Squad . . . hobbies include painting, sewing, and reading . . . constantly remarking “Oh. for goodness sakes”. while putting her glasses on or taking them off . . . usually enjoys dancing . . . likes swimming equally well . . . very sweet and friendly . . . her favorite subject is English . . . Angie hopes to enter Douglass College as a psychology major. SAL CERRITO 386 North Sixth Street Plainly an individualist . . . very happy . . . optimist . . . friendly . . . has many friends ’. . . constantly combing his hair ... is a member of Boys’ State . . . played on baseball and basketball teams ... at basketball games affectionately nicknamed "Sally Babe” . . . enjoys girls, friends, faculty, cheerleaders, and basketball . . . Sal’s pet ambitions are to go to college (Pratt or Syracuse) and to marry a rich girl and be a successful family man. 54■ ELEANOR CHASE 93 Sixteenth Avenue Ellie is pretty, perky, pesty . . . cute smile and dynamic personality . . . nice to have for a friend . . . vice-president of the Red Cross Council, vice-president of the Typing Club, vice-president of the Sewing Club and Student Council representative . . . peals the polish off her nails . . . wears sport clothes . . . often found reading or dancing to cha cha, mambo or jazz records . . . favorite subject is art . . . enjoys Arts’ dances and assemblies . . . plans to lx a beautician. STANLEY G. CICHOWSKI 127 South Seventh Street “Chic” ... as studious as he is fun-loving . . . likes to argue . . . this attribute is an important factor in his interest in politics . . . nas a talent for composing music . . . active member of the Student Council . . . football and haseball spectator sportsman . . . enjoys both on television but prefers to see them live . . . relaxes watching a good comedy or listening to music (but not opera) . . . memories of Arts will always include the music courses . . . plans for the future are uncertain. ANN MARIE CIMOI.O 85 Beaumont Place Ann Marie is a petite, loud, appealing, moody, mixed-up teenager . . . her hobbies include art work, dancing and singing . . . favorite subject is art . . . likes Ivy League clothing ... is usually found at home or sitting alone meditating . . . often remarks “Oh. my gosh. I goofed!” . . . enjoys spirituals and folk tunes . . . likes homeroom, lunch and the students at Arts High . . . would like to attend an art school to become a fashion illustrator or a fashion designer. MARY JANE CREWS 406 South Twelfth Street Mary « a wonderful girl ... a lot of fun ... has an enormous sense of humor . . . likes all boys ... is a lively cheerleader . . . belongs to the Junior Red Cross, tlic Student Council, the Typing Club and the Pottery Club . . . enjoys miniature golf, bowling, skating, and doing the cha-cha ... is usually found on the telephone or at parties . . . her favorite entertainments are riding in cars and attending drive-in movies . . . plans to attend a secretarial school. . ANNA MARIE DcLUCA 178 Littleton Avenue A jolly, happy-go-lucky gal, who expects to get the most from life . . . likes to participate in school activities . . . Junior Red Cross representative, business manager of the Scope and Student Council representative . . . witty . . . favorite subjects are stenography and typing . . . enjovs dancing to rock ’n’ roll . . . likes to wear pink dresses . . . often friends hear her pert remark "How about that?” . . . plans to attend Berkeley School to become a private secretary. 5SEDWARD DRENNEN 396 Fifth Street Eddie loves music and girls . . . known for his “singing" fiddle . . . A-pin holder . . . member of the All State Orchestra . . . "Cool it. Dad" is his favorite expression . . . music is his life . . . Mr. Pesile, his favorite teacher . . . pet ambition, to be a great musician . . . usually found on a bus . . . enjoys concerts . . . attended Garfield grammar school . . . has worked as a violin player and as a gardener . . . plans to enter the Navy. T MARIAN ANN FERRICNO 224 Camden Street Marian loves being a teen-ager . . . always ha» a happy greeting for everyone . • . some have materia] hobbies but Marion loves to talk . . . can usually be found on the telephone talking with Nonna, Theresa, or Hank . . . often called "Marion-who-bcats-thc-bantl” . . . could Eddie have anything to do with it? . . . after school Marion has a part-time job at Woolworth’s . . . future plans are to become a secretary and to attend the Ilockettes School of Dancing in New York. MARILYN ANN D1 LORENZO 127 Congress Street Marilyn came to Arts as a freshman from Lafayette Street . . . since then she has made many new friends among both the students and faculty . . . everyone will miss Lynn's favorite expressions, “How cute!" and "What a doll!” for everything that struck her fancy . . . most of all she enjoyed the teachers and the people with whom she associated . . . upon graduation Lynn plans to attend Berkeley School . . . then on to a business career before marriage. VICTORIA ENSOR 31 North Seventh Street Vicky came to Arts High School as a graduate of Sussex Avenue School . . . has participated in tiro Band and Cheering Squad activities . . . enjoys music, dancing, and entertaining a special l oy in her spare time . . . greatly enjoyed tire friendly atmosphere at Arts . . . does not plan to enter college but will seek employment in the business world as a stenographer ... we are sure she will succeed in rcacliing her goals. JOSEPH FASHANO 61 Brookdalc Avenue Joe is a friendly fellow . . . graduated from Alexander Street School ... is usually found in school ... is sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy . . . has worked in a super market , . . enjoys bull fights and rock V roll ... pet ambition is to receive a high school diploma . . . likes to scare pedestrians with his car . . . Mr. Spindler is his favorite teacher . . . science, his favorite subject . . . spends his spare time napping with his hat on . . . for the future be has no definite plans.JAMES LEO GARRAHAN 1-2 Sheffield Drive James, or Elvis as his friends call him. enjoys Rood things . . . can usually he found at athletic games . . . enjoys being with his friends Eddie, Joe, and Dude . . . always responds to rock ’n’ roll music ... is treasurer of the Christopher Columbus Teen-age Council and is chairman of their entertainment committee ... of all Jim’s subjects, history and music are his favorites . . . loves to relax to Bach. Brahms, or Beethoven . . . plans arc to finish school. LORENZO D. GILLIAM ■K dfll 44 Mercer Street Cil is friendly and fun-loving . . . familiar expression, "If I don't, I will" . . . attended Morton Street Grammar School and Robert Treat Junior High before entering Arts in his sophomore year . . . member of the Chess Club and the Band . . . attends Arts’ sports games . . . usually found sleeping—at home and in school . . . enjoys all forms of music from Bach to Presley . . . future is hazy, but certain to be in the field of music . . . here at Arts, enjoyed all musical programs. CAMELIA FRANCES GRAHAM 165 Camden Street Camcliu seems to be very quiet and shy—until you get to know her better . . . enjoys dancing, sports and elating . . . favorite form of dancing is the mambo . . . graduated from Newton Street School . . . hopes to become a stenographer . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Pickett ... is partial to the color red . . . plays the piano quite well . . . Chorus appeals to Camclia more than anything else at Arts . . . doesn’t plan to attend college. JOSEPH GRASSO 3581s South Nineteenth Street Joe came to Arts High School from St. Antoninus ... is often busy working on a part-time job in an auto body shop ... in his spare time, enjoys dating girls or repairing cars ... pet ambition is to go to California . . . when asked what he enjoys most at Arts High he’ll always reply, "Lunch” . . . looks forward to owning an auto body shop ... has made many friends in his four years . . . will eventually be a successful business man. BARBARA ANN GREEN 173 Richelieu Terrace Bobbi possesses a dynamic personality . . . makes friends easily . . . enjoys reading, cooking, and ceramics . . . member of the Art Service Club, the Student Council, the Vignette, the Pottery Club ... is a cheerleader . . . came to Arts as a sophomore from Ivy Junior High . . . plans to attend Newark State Teachers College . . . "Asi es la vida’’ is her favorito expression . . . has a habit of talking constantly . . . disposition is always pleasant . . . wherever Bobbi goes she will always luive both friends and fun. 57MARTHA HALAMAJ 29 Norwood Street Martha ... a quiet Ukrainian girl . . . usually found with Maria, Olga, and Tatiana after school hours . . . enjoys writing music ... an avid reader of good books . . . window shops once a week . . . very active in s]x rts . . . holds the office of president of the Girls' Ukrainian Youth Organization in Newark . . . hasn't made up her mind whether to attend Rutgers University or Seton Hall University. RITA ROSALIND HERMELIN 538 South Thirteenth Street "Hi came to Arts from South Seventeenth Street School . . . always pleasant and agreeable . . . enjoys playing piano ... is fond of semi-classical music . . . plans to attend Newark State Teachers College . . . favorite color is red . . . likes wearing sport clothes . . . member of the Future Teachers of America, the Student Council, tire Library Guild, and the Typing Club . . . is sincere and honest . . . likes l»er friends to be the same . . . has been impressed by the friendliness between teachers and students at Arts. JEAN HESLIN 62 Eleventh Avenue Quiet but friendly . . . ambitious . . . loves to walk . . . favorite expression, "That’s beside the point" . . . pals with Mary Ann, Phyllis, Annette, and Aretta . . . member of the Chorus for four years . . . participates in homeroom activities . . . usually found at home with friends . . . likes music appreciation . . . enjoys television . . . goes out for baseball . . . dreams of becoming a writer . . . will always remember Arts’ assembly programs and the friendly atmosphere in classes. JOSEPH IUORIO 100 Eleventh Avenue Joe. “The Rio Kid", graduated from Saint Antoninus School ... is tall, dark, and sturdy . . . friends are Ixmis Inzco, Joseph Crasso, and Edward Enerlich . . . has a part time job selling Good Humor ice cream . . . prefers to listen to the music of tin- great composer Bach . . . wants to be a circus performer . . . favorite subject is sewing . . . his favorite preceptor is Mrs. Lazar . . . enjoys wearing suits . . . future plans include a home and family. ROBERT JAMES 204 South Tenth Street Robert is tall. dark, handsome ... a wonderful athlete ... is admired by his coaches for his ability; by his teammates, for his co-operation; and by the spectators, for his sportsmanship . . . favorite subject is biology . . . has a habit of scratching the comer of his mouth . . . works part time as a gardener ... is fond of the color grey . . . enjoys the assemblies, operas, concerts, and lunch . . . after graduation plans to attend college.DOUGLAS JONES 143 Johnson Avenue Doug graduated from Bergen Street School . . . enjoys playing basketball . . . may be found with the girls, at a part time )ob, ami at the YM-YWCA . . . likes black and green, rhythm and blues, and sports clothes . . . “Deadly Doug" enjoyed Miss Howe's art class and Mr. Shapiro’s history class . . . entertains himself with records . . . desires to enter the Air Forco . . . plans to become a draftsman . . . appreciates gym classes, lunch period, and the girls. EDNA PEARL JONES 111 South Eighth Street Edna is a swell kid . . . collects boyfriends as other students collect stamps ... is very popular with the opposite sex . . . usually exclaims “That’s the breaks" . . . possesses a fine voice . . . spends her leisure time In the Girls’ Glee Club, the Sewing Club, and the Youth Council . . . enjoys reading and dancing . .. . favorite teacher is Miss David . . . future plans include becoming an interpreter or a language teacher. ARIS ANNETTE KASSEL 435 Avon Avenue Annette’s outstanding character lias gained her many friends . . . congratulations to you and your fiance Jack McDonald . . . usually found burning the midnight oil by the kitchen table . . . fashion-minded Annette loves very full skirts . . . especially when tliey are in the shade of blue . . . thinks rock V roll the absolute most . . . will miss her lunch periods after graduation . . . ambition is to be a good housewife and mother. ERNEST A. KLEPETZ 144 Hillside Avenue Emie is a very friendly fellow . . . likes to bother people . . . graduated from Avon Avenue School ... is interested in cars . . . likes to read car magazines ... is usually found with his friends . . . liked history and Mr. Misurell ... pet ambition is to be rich and successful ... is a close friend of Joe Grasso and Richard Bates . . . enjoyed his art classes above all others here at Arts . . . has no definite plans for the future. ROSALIE JOAN KLOTZ 30 Evergreen Avenue Rosalie is quiet, shy, studious, happy, fun to be with, and an excellent student . . . keeps a scrapbook . . . member of the National Honor Society, the Student Council, the Future Teachers of America . . . secretary of the Art Service Club, secretary of the Junior Red Cross . . . favorite subject is mathematics . . . enjoys swimming, traveling and popular and semi-classical music . . . thinks faculty's understanding of students is wonderful ... to fulfill her ambition to be a successful teacher she wants to attend Douglass College or New Jersey State Teachers College.CAROLINE B. KNAKIEWICZ 35 Jackson Street Carol came to Arts from Saint Casimir’s . . . usually with Rosalie Klotz, Pat Manning, and Virginia Zaleski . . . always in a happy mood ... is secretary of tlie Art Service Club, an A-pin holder and a member of the Junior Red Cross . . . likes to meet people, read or talk on the telephone . . . since math and art are her favorite subjects. Miss Mcycrson and Mr. Spindler are her favorite teachers . . . ambition is to secure a college education and then to enroll in a medical school. DOLORES KOVAL 49 Brookdalc Avenue Dolly is a friendly girl who’s lots of fun . . . has a very likable personality . . . graduated from Alexander Street School . . . member of the Junior Red Cross, the Orchestra . . . secretary of the Art Service Club . . . favorite subject is art . . . likes color green and collegiate clothing . . . works part time in Lorstan Studio . . . hobbies include oil painting and practicing the violin . . . has made many friends at Arts . . . ambition is to be a professional artist. BARBARA KRAEMER 6S Valley Street Babs, as she is often called, is a friendly gal . . . has a smile for almost everything and everyone . . . came to Arts from Branch Brook School . . . likes to collect records . . . listens to music in her spare time . . . Barbara Green and Connie Atkins are two of her close friends . . . her favorite part of the day is lunch period . . . enjoys the friend- liness of the students and teachers . . . plans to take a secretarial course after graduation. V ----------------------- GERTRUDE JOSEPHINE KROPILAK 188 Ferry Street Gertie is a girl who is a pleasure to have as a friend . . . enjoys a good time with her friends Annette, Aretta, and Carol . . . often is seen in the company of her boyfriend Fred K limit . . . loves to wear her long brown hair loose ... she goes crazy over anything pink . . . quite tricky when it comes to sketching which she enjoys very much . . . Gertie’s future plans arc to get married and to rear a happy family. MARY ANN LAULETTE 135 Fourth Street Mary Ann is one of the sweet quiet girls . . . lows to listen to her record collection . . . can usually be found with her friends Gertie, Annette. Aretta. and Carol . . . loves to relax in a pair of slacks and a shirt . . . thinks the color pink is heavenly . . . that's why she is often seen wearing it . . . when not listening to her record collection, thinks the radio is a swell invention . . . Mary's future plans are still undecided. 60JOSEPH A. MANNION 30 Oxford Street Red is tall, handsome . . . loads of fun . . . has a habit of biting his nails ... is always pulling up his socks . . . has a part time job as an office boy . . . hobbies include art and pictography . . . favorite subject is science, particularly chemistry or biology . . . likes to watch television, go to the movies, or listen to rock n’ roll . . . wears ivy- league clothing . . . partial to color blue . . . after graduation, Joe plans to enlist in the United States Navy. JEAN M1CHALSK1 94 Magazine Street Jean came to Arts from Wilson Avenue School . . . “Va-va-voom” and Jean are synonymous . . . always full of pep and energy . . . Lynn Diloren o and Fred Warner are close friends of hers . . . likes casual clothing best . . . enjoys bowling anti darning ... has been a member of Student Council . . . finds art anti stenograph classes most interesting . . . plans to become a secretary ... is popular with everyone . . . has a good sense of humor and a pleasant personality. RUTH MARY LESKOWSKI 332 Sandford Avenue An ambitious girl with a star in her eyes ... for whom? . . . well, for Dick. Bob. Steve, and Walt ... is in charge of the “Stagedusters". a group of teen-agers who design props for the shows at the Sacred Heart Church . . . speaks English and German . . . enjoys acting out German satires ... art. science, and German arc her favorite subjects . . . hopes to see “Grand Ole Opry” . . . would like to become a teacher or a nurse. PATRICIA MANNING 16 Ludlow Street Pat is a friendly, fun-loving girl . . . enjoys roller skating, swimming, and art ... is usually found with a group of friends including Rosalie Klotz and Virginia Zaleski ... is president of the Junior Red Cross and vice-president of the Art Service Club ... is a member of the National Honor Society and an A-pin holder . . . Miss Howard is her favorite teacher . . . has worked as a layout artist for the Newark News . . . plans to become a top commercial artist. JOAN MICHALSKI 94 Magazine Street Joni works as a part time clerk at the Prudential Life Insurance Company . . . enjoys all subjects . . . hobby is bowling . . . possesses a talent for ice skating ... is a graduate of Wilson Avenue School . . . prefers sport clothes . . . favorite color is pink . . . entertains herself dancing or dating . . . plans to attend the Berkeley School or the Katharine Gibbs School to prepare for a secretarial position . . . enjoys the harmonious relationship between tire students and the teachers. 61HERBERT MIDDLETON. JR. 476 South Twelfth Street "Chubby" . . . pals arc OlUc, Ellie. Mary, and all other girls . . . loves to tease girls . . . is a member of the Twentieth Century Drum and Bugle Corps . . . leisure time is spent at the skating rink . . . has a talent for art . . . daydreams in class—especially in Uniter! States llistorv ... an authority on the Cha-Cha, Mambo. and Latin rhythms . . . ambition is to become wealthy . . . future plans arc to be a happy and successful commercial artist. EMILY NAZARUS 30 Jackson Street j - a ,rl Vi,h a P,casant Personality ... is a member of the Glee Club and the Operetta dub . . . has an attraction for red, racy convertibles . . . Mr. Janowitz, English, and lunch were her favorites here at Arts ... has worked at Lorstan Studios . . . likes to collect records, especially cha chas . . . graduated from Wilson Avenue School . . . plans to become a secretary .. will enter the Berkeley School... is sure to lx- successful. ANASTASIA PETERS 146 Seth Boyden Terrace Ann is quiet and reserved . . . lias quite a sense of humor . . . talent in both art and music . . . loves to do oil paintings and likes to play the piano . . . nice combination . . . extracurricular activities include the Junior Red Cross and the Dramatic Club ... is an excellent cook . . . enjoys household tasks . . . favorite subjects are typing and United States history . . . adores going to nightclubs to dance . . . enjoys the variety siiovvs here at Arts . . . ambition is to attend Katharine Gibbs School. CAROL ANN O'DONNELL 208 South Street Carols favorite sport is relaxing . . . when she knows she can squeeze a few relaxing minutes into her schedule, the vvork disappears . . . usually found doing lier home assignments . . . but . . . when friends Aretta, Annette, and Certic arc around, work must stop . . . though she likes to clown, she maintains good grades ... in her free time, she enjoys drawing . . . this is her specialty . . . listens to rock V roll . . . plans to become a good secretary. ARETTA ODENDAHL 719 High Street When there is laughter and fun. there also is Aretta . . . loves to have a good time at anytime . . . her friends Annette, Carol, Mary, and Ann know this ... so do teachers . . . loves to dabble in art . . . loves to roam for hours in the hills of Thompson, Pennsylvania . . . here are all the pleasures of nature . . . upon graduation she is looking forward to an office position in Binghamton. New York . . . will always remember everything that Arts offered. 62MICHAEL RICHARD PETRIEN 26 Belmont Avenue Mike is a lean, lanky fellow ... the Don Juan of the Arts High School senior set . . . very popular with the girls . . . friend to one and all . . . always ready to lend anyone a helping hand . . . member of the "T” Square and Triangle Club . . . will always remember the inspiring music assemblies . . . enjoys dancing, especially to the latest rock V roll recordings . . . plans to enter college upon graduation from Arts . . . usually found with Sanford. David, and Frances. CARY PITTMAN 139 South Ninth Street "Pitt” . . . quieter than a church mouse . . . loves to work but loves to rest, too . . . gaduated from South Eighth Street School . . . pals around with Tom Zimmerman and b James . . . during freshman year was a member of the Track Team . . . trumpet plaver in the band for three years . . . after school is found at his girl's house . . . one of the lew students who enjoys United States history . . . modem jazz is tops . . . hopes to own Ins own business and will probably achieve this goal. II n VINCENT J. PROCHELO 37 Stone Street "Pops” . . . short, blond, and friendly . . . good sense of humor . . . pleasant smile for everyone . . . always willing to lend a hand . . . school activities centered around the Band, the Orchestra, and the Chorus . . . oboe player with the All-State Orchestra . . . performed for four years with the West Hudson Symphony Orchestra . . . likes honky-tonk ' music . . . hopes to attend a conservatory upon graduation . . . would like to become a first class musician . . . will never forget the opportunities Arts High offers to everyone. JANET VICTORIA REBOLI 182 Montclair Avenue “Baby”, as l»er friends call her. loves to ride in new foreign sports cars . . . usually in the company of Joe, David, and Marty . . . while riding on the bus to school, she likes to analyze people ... a future psycliologist in the class? . pet hobby is talking all dav . . adores Mr. Clamurro . . . wishes summer was all year ‘round . . . will enter the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. PATRICIA KAY REED •13-1 South Twelfth Street Pat ... a person with a smile for everyone . . . usually found with Kathy, Cwen. and Alex . . . has sung with the Chorus in the operas . . . has been a member of the Student Council, the Junior Red Cross, and the Operetta Club . . . "Tease" is also an A-pin holder . . . loves working out jig-saw puzzles . . . fuvorite subject is history . . . spends her time reading or attending the movies . . . undecided about future plans . . . will always remember the Christmas fairs and the student-teacher relationships.DONALD RICHARDSON 207 Bruce Street Donald ... an ambitious student . . . modestly denounces his talents . quiet courteous, hardworking ... "I hope you mean it" is one of his familiar expressions . . . usually found at home . . . president of chorus at church, member of Cosmopolitan Chorus . . . favorite color is olive green . . . enjoys listening to classical music or going to parties . . . an avid English student . . . admires Miss Kcehncr . . . likes Arts' dances In-st of all . . . plans to attend a business school after graduation. GEORGE SEDARES 115 Rose Terrace George attended Avon Avenue School ... his favorite subject is art . . . works at the Bell Telephone Company after school . . . is usually found at home, at school, or at his friends' house . . . close friends are Ernest Klepctz, Walter Koch, and Patrick Kiccardi . . . enjoys wearing sport clothes . . . favorite color is black . . . likes to listen to jazz and rock V roll . . . George's future plans arc to work for a few years and eventually to have his own business. JOSEPH SCADUTO 117 North Eleventh Street Tall, dark, ami handsome . . . unusual curiosity . . . favorite topic of conversation is music . . . plays tlie accordion, the clarinet, the trombone, and the piano . . . works in a dance band most evenings . . . crazy about modem jazz ... A Stan Kenton man ... a perfect ladies' man . . . usually found with Johnnie and Anthony . . . thinks Mr. Pickett is the most . . . gets into trouble in classes . . . foot-tapper of the Orchestra and the Band . . . plans to attend Montclair State Teachers College. RONALD SHIPLEY 42 Tichenor Street “Champ” has black hair, brown eyes and a friendly disposition . . . likes all kinds of music and sports . . . plays a saxophone . . . member of Newark Boys' Club . . . often exclaims, “Oh, Lzwd!” . . . liked music best at Arts . . . usually found at home . . . favorite subjects are music and gym . . . wears colors blue and gray whenever be can . . . ambition is to get a good job and then to get ahead in life. Kathleen gene rivers 42 Camp Street Kathy ... one of our tabnted music students . . . likes to sing, play the piano, or dance . . . alwavs well dressed . . . Kathy likes sweaters and skirts l est . . . graduated from Oliver Street School . . . plans to enter New York School of Beauty Culture . . . hopes to become a model and a beautician ... is usually found at home writing to Charles Waller . . . is a member of the Operetta Club . . . favorite teacher is Mr. l ickctt ... a friend to all, Kathy is sure to succeed anywhere. 64OLLIE M. SIMMONS 17 South Thirteenth Street Ollie . . . nicknamed Tippie . . . best friends are Edna, Florence, and Hazel ... a familiar expression is “That’s the breaks’ . . . likes tennis and roller skating ... is a member of the Girls' Glee Chib . . . favorite subject is study . . . enjoys modem jazz . . . she wants to attend Poro School of Beauty Culture . . . plans to become a beautician . . . plays the piano . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Pesile . . . always enjoyed lunch period. GWENDOLYN E. SIMS 10S Brunswick Street Gwen . . . special interests are music, voice, tennis, swimming, bowling, and horseback riding . . . lias served as Mayor of Arts, member of the Student Council, furls’ Glee Club, Scope, All-State Chorus and tlve YM-YWCA . . . favorite subjects are history and English . . . best liked teachers arc Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Pickett . . . wants to major in music therapy or education . . . plans to attend Obcrlin College or Howard University . . . most enjoyed the close relationship among students and among teachers and students. BETTY LOU SOMMERHALTER •195 Seventh Avenue Betty . . . quiet in manner . . . very shv . . . keeps thoughts to herself ... is polite, dependable, and studious . . . enjoys attending basketball games . . . favorite subject is typing . . . graduates! from Sussex Avenue School . . . usually found bowling or at home listening to rock ’n’ roll . . . likes to wear skirts and blouses . . . color blue has most appeal . . . lunch ami assembly programs are favorites . . . has made no definite plans but will surely succeed in whatever she undertakes. DENNIS SKOLSKI 6 South Pine Lane “Dennis the Menace” ... a lad with a bright future . . to mention . . . had one of the lead parts in the “Mikado” . when not in school can be found with Arthur or Caroline reading, listening to classical to attend Newark School of art teacher. an talents are too numerous . . outdoes Walt Disney . . favorite pastimes are or just being comfortable . . . upon graduation plans Industrial Art . . . ambition is to lie an excellent B. MELBA SMITH _______ 283 Hose Street Melba . . . best friend Is Ann Pitts . . . most familiar expression is "What’s your madness?” . . . likes to sing, dance, or play piano ... is a member of the Orchestra and the Girls’ Glee Club . . . favorite color is red . . . likes to sleep, listen to progressive jazz, and eat . . . plans to attend Montclair State Teachers College, wants to be a musician . . . best liked teachers are Mr. Pickett and Mr. Spindler . . . has made many friends ... is sure to succeed in the future.FLORENCE JOAN STAATS 135 Bank Street Florence ... a friendly individual . . . enjoys going out with her friends Corporal I-eroy Smith, Jr., Hazel, Ollie. and Corkie . . . favorite words are “no-stuff” and “tough” . . . lias a peculiar habit of biting her nails while watching television . . . enjoys painting, golf, and swimming . . . can usually be found in Greenwich Village or Central Park . . . most enjovable pastimes are listening to jazz on the radio or going to a stage show . . . aspires to becoming an advertising artist. STANLEY STEINMARK 19 Schlcv Street Stanley . . . came to Arts as a freshman from Branch Brook School . . . never expected to find such congenial classmates . . . but he did . . . “Stan the Man”, as his classmates nicknamed him, is one of the gang . . . loves to try out new pinlsall machines . . . (everything legal, of course) . . . his collection of model kites is really something to see . . . also interested in modem music . . . hopes to become a certified public accountant. MATTIE RUTH STUBBS 201 Fairmount Avenue “Pumpkin" or “Angel" as she is affectionately called, came to Arts from Fourteenth Avenue School . . . often heard remarking "Sho is tough” . . . well liked by all her classmates . . . usually found with Eugene, Edna, or Elizabeth . . . lots of fun . . . knows what she wants out of life . . . likes to sing . . . has participated in the Chorus anti the Operetta Club program . . . favorite subjects arc English and history . . . hopes to attend Montclair State Teachers’ College or Maryland State College. GRACE JUANITA STANLEY 15 Baldwin Avenue Grace . . . quiet, shy, reserved . . . when you get to know her, she’s just wonderful . . . enjoys teaching songs ami ballet routines to her cousins . . . sings, sews, and kerns a scrapbook . . . often quins, “Oh yeah”, or “Confound it!” . . . member of Y.M-YWCA, Columbia Record Club ami the Junior Red Cross . . . favorite subject is music appreciation , . . spare time is spent in reading, listening to records or the radio, watching television, or going to the movies . . . plans to enter a nursing school after graduation. ■P | FRED TRAV1SANO 4 Sheffield Drive Freddy . . . shy, quiet, loads of fun, co-operative . . . always slaves over his homework . . . has a good time during liomerooin periods . . . possesses a contagious, mischievous grin . . . has a habit of talking with his hands . . . likes to swim, fish, and go on camping trips . . . caddies week-ends . . . member of the Forum Club and the Swimming Team . . . two ambitions are to get a car and to obtain a college degree . . . plans a career in the art field.RAYMOND UNDERWOOD 261 South Eighteenth Street Ray came to Arts from Saint Antoninus . . . has no nicknames, peculiar habits, or expressions ... is busy working as a salesman after school . . . likes to travel and to hunt . . . a happy-go-lucky fellow with a friendly personality . . . likes Ivy Ix-aguc clothes and rock V roll music . . . Mr. Spindler is his favorite teacher . . . pet ambition is to become a Rood pilot . . . plans to enter the Air Force ... art is his favorite subject. ANTHONY P. V1LLANOVA 130 Norman Road ‘Tony Vill” ... a really talented music student . . . music takes up most of his time . . . plays the drums and vibraphone ... is a member of the Band and the Orchestra . . . works on week-ends with a combo called "The Hi-Lites" ... is found anywhere but home . . . enjoys sleeping through history classes ... pet ambition is to become a good musician . . . will enter the Julliard School of Music . . . with all of his ambition Tony is sure to succeed. KATHLEEN JANE W ALSH 366 Seymour Avenue Kathy ... a gal with a fiery temper . . . friends call her “Red” . . . why? . . . see her hair and you’ll understand ... in her spare time she can be seen riding with her boyfriend in his white convertible or dancing to soft music under the stars . . . can’t do without modern jar . . . . ambition is to lx- a pop singer with a combo . . . familiar expressions are “crazy cool” and "Apple Baby” . . . enjoyed her art and chorus classes most. FRED W ARNER 137A Rose Street Fred . . . one of the finest fellows at Arts . . . came here from Eighteenth Avenue School ... a real outdoorman . . . enjoys fishing, target shooting, and ice skating . . . has worked on the Stage Crew and the Vignette staff . . . likes modern jazz. Mr. Spindler, and a particular girl . . . has a good sense of humor . . . always fun to be with . . . favorite expression is "I hate Elvis” . . . plans to enter the United States Air Force upon graduation . . . undecided about the future. STUART WELCH 201 North Fifth Street Stu . . . the boy to see for fun . . . red hair and freckles are his trademarks . . . interests and activities almost always include art . . . very free with green in his masterpieces . . . pastime is reading: reads the Sew York Times from cover to cover every day . . . during free moments enjoys movies both on television and in the local theaters . . . will always remember unusual experiences in his art classes . . . will enter the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. 67SANFORD WERFEL 173 Sixteenth Avenue Sandy . . . loaded with pcrscvercncc . . . has a dynamic personality . . . very active in matters that concern the welfare of the school . . . always supports the school activities . . . is an active member of the Student Council, the Chess Club, president of the Forum Club, and member of his class executive board ■ . . likes everyone . . . most of all he enjoys the Forum Club ... pet ambition is to be a leader of men ... he plans to attend Pratt Institute or Cooper Union. IHOR WORONCZUK •198 South Eleventh Street 'Thor” . . . easy come, easy go fellow . . . never in a hurry . . . pals around with Jimmy, Ed, Joe, and Johnny . . . plays clarinet in the Band ansi the Orchestra . . . after school works in a grocery store . . . enjoys a mystery . . . interested in history and English . . . polkas and jazz please him most . . . will enter Newark College of Engineering . . . yearns to sail around the world . . . with Iris ambition, he may do it one day. JAMES YACHMK 355 Walnut Street Jimmy ... a lovable character, especially when playing his trumpet . . . possesses complete poise and is relaxed even when placing difficult arrangements ... his favorite type of music i modem jazz . . . when he isn’t playing, he can be found at home listening to music . ._. likes sport clothes and the color'black . . . friends often hear him remark “Keep quiet” . . . popular nicknames are Jay and Snake ... of course the things he enjoyed most at Arts were the band, the orchestra, the concerts, and the operas. RONALD ALBERTO WINSTON 691 Hunterdon Street Bon . . . mature young man ... a joy to have around . . . usually serious but not so with his friends ... a jazz musician of the first class . . . belongs to the YM-YWCA, the Masonic Ixxlge. and the Opera Club . . . has a part-time job at Doctors' Hospital . . . loves brown sportswear . . . can be found doing his homework (most of the time) . . . very good sax and clarinet player . . . favorite pastime is playing with a combo . . . after tire Air Force, he 1 ropes to attend Juilliard School of Music. GEORGE ZALAN KOROSSY 30 West Runycn Street Ccorgc ... a bright, pleasant fellow . . . .ame to Arts from Branch Brook School . . . doesn't participate in any extracurricular activities . . . spends much time at home collecting stamps or working on radios . . . enjoys mathematics and Mr. Clamurro . . . plans to attend La Salle College in Philadelphia . . . Ivopes to become a weather man . . . likes to take it easy watching television . . . his friendliness has made him many friends ... he was impressed most by tire sincerity of students and teachers at Arts.DAVID ZALESKI 150 North Thirteenth Street Dave ... a friendly, happy-go-lucky guy . . . sometimes worries a little too much about the correctness of his homework . . . ''Dizzy” provided much laughter and entertainment in his homeroom ... no one will ever forget his crazy antics . . . particularly likes Arts’ friendly teachers and their interesting classes ... is often called an ace salesman for Murray State College in Kentucky because he tries to convince his friends to go there with him. ESTHER ZUCKER 361 Lyons Avenue Esther . . . came to Arts from Bragaw Avenue School ... a beautiful dreamer . . . her imagination transplants her wherever she desires . . . loves to window shop . . . likes the exclusive stores . . . can usually be found with her boyfriend, Harvey Fclzenberg and her girlfriend, Rita Hermelin . . . collects Hi-Fi records that are slow and dreamy . . . ambition is to be a fashion designer . . . but ... if marriage should interrupt she won’t complain . . . will always remember the music assembly programs. PEARL PEGGY HUNT Pearl came to Arts from Franklin School ... a real gem ... is a good mamho and cha-cha dancer . . . favorite subjects are Spanish and steno . . . hopes to become a court stenographer . . . wants to visit Canada . . . plans to enter the Latin American Institute . . . spends most of her time listening to records or dancing . . . mambos. progressive jazz, and rock V roll are Pearl’s favorite music . . . has enjoyed our class day programs best. EDWARD ROBINSON 463 Hunterdon Street Ed . . . a fine fellow . . . makes friends easily . . . uuiet. refined, shy, studious . . . builds model boats . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . affable . . . girls complain of his disinterest . . . enjoys the fun in homeroom BS' . . . member of track and basketball teams . . . usually found at YM-YWCA . . . works for father after school . . . favorite subject is English . . . enjoys swimming, movies, and classical music . . . undecided about career . . . will enter the United States Marine Corps. 69At this point they threw all the history teachers off Mount Holyhead into St. Georne’s Cliannel. Answers unlimited. Are you sure Rembrandt started this way? Marlecn and Ernie can certainly put on an act. You should have seen them in the hall last period. "It says here, 'In order to be a success-full stenonraohcr you must have a roo I memory and an unmarried boss.’ ’ remarks Mr. Kappstatter.Who has cast the manic spell? Dr. Blackburn of Howard University and Mrs. Langley discuss college scholarship opportunities with Ronald Winston, C'wen Simms, and Edward 71Sammy and Ronnie play “Send for Me.” CURTAIN My Funny Valentine. . 72 Linda is waiting for the "Autumn Leaves" to siart falling.Ronny Winston make the “Flamingo” fly. CALLS 73Take fast hold of instruction; let her not Ko; keep her; for she is thy life." —Proverbs 4:13 I he Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another." —Genesis 32:49 Our assembly triumvirate. "Beat! I eat! drums!—blow! bunlesl blow"- Walt Whitman "O'er the lanti of the free and the home of the brave." 74activities With the closing of the eighth period comes the time to put away hooks of study and take out magazines for recreation and relaxation. From these periodicals we acquire a wealth of infoma-tion which we put into practice in the organization of a variety of clubs and social functions. Through participation in these activities, students are able to have fun, to exchange ideas, and to make profitable use of their leisure time. Always eager to get the most knowledge out of all undertakings, they are constantly strengthening character, advancing scholastically, absorbing knowledge of good organization, and developing leadership. Every well-rounded student includes some club activity in his schedule.THE ART SERVICE CLUB Tlie Art Service Club consists of 16 enthusiastic members dedicated to providing sen-ice through Art to the school and the community. In addition, the club renders service to its members by offering opportunities for social and artistic development. Members plan several excursions during the year. Field trips are made to places of art interest l oth in Newark and New York. Mr. Seymour Landsman is the current advisor to the club. Seated, left to right: Fat Viniks, Diane Poinorleau, Lynn Ilaria. Judy Bator, Florence Lizerman. First row, standing: Carol Wrubel, Viola Ilaria Stephine Strelkauskus, Joseph Cuflltieri, Stanley Friedman. Third row: James Boyle, John Watts. I-evtrr Barnett. Hubert Erbs. Mr. Landsman. Edward Autin. THE POTTERY CLUB This club gives students an opportunity to express their creativeness in the meoiums of clay and glazes. The expert guidance of Miss Hupp enables the members to produce articles that are decorative as well as worthwhile. The methods of making objects and the acquiring of knowledge of the terminology of a potter make this a profitable activity for all art students. Left to right: Paulette Kane, Lonwood Jackson, Otis Milton, Arthur Mvcrs, Carol Behler, Alan Howard. Left to right: Hazel Bullard. Florence Statts, Patricia Mclis, Rita Kropilak, Anthony Kropilak, David Zambelli, Salvatore Cirgonti, Linda Punchatz, Nick Hyczko, Viola Ilaria, Mary Ann Desimorc. THE CRAFT CLUB The students who enjoy making things join the Craft Club. Each session is full of fun and learning. From the base materials, with the help of Mr. Gommoll, the club advisor, students design and make beautiful jewelry of copper, enamel fashioned cuff-links, and scatter pins. Some of their creations are sold at the Christmas Fair each year. Meetings are held every 76 Tuesday afternoon.WEEK MATH CLUB This enthusiastic group of budding “Einsteins" meets every Wednesday, under the direction of Miss Myerson, to solve the more elusive problems of the universe. The students give biographical sketches of famous mathematicians, solve puzzles and present programs such as “Music and Mathematics”, “Art and Mathematics", "Soap Bubbles’, and “Fallacies”. The Math Club will present an award each term to the senior in the Math Club with the highest average in mathematics. First row, left to right: Rosetta Martin, Linda Ross, Ben-yonne Lee, Phyllis Macaluso. Second row: Elmira King, Dolores Tisdell. Virginia Robertson, Nancy Karpiuski, Georgina Alexander. Marianne Deutch. Third row, standing: Barbara Stawicki. Theodora Yacik, Patricia Corblcy, James Kagen, Angela Carracino, Rosalie Klotz, Miss Meyer-son. Included in the picture are, left to right: Stanley Cickowski, Bernier Pctka-vich. Clyde Kuemmerle, Lynn Uaria, Josephine Scardaville, Ann Cimola, loan Leone, Anna De Luca. Grace Stanley, Edna Jones. Connie Atkins. Carol Wrubel, John Delk, Anthony Fazio, Allan Howard. Judy Bator. Diana Pomrr-leau, Sheldon Sanders. Hazel Bullard, Sandra Worsky. Pat Viniks, Mary Crews. Robert Bell, Rolx-rt Hill. Rax Wheeler, Eva Tyler. Carol Adams. Richard Eubanks. Rosalyn Wright, Emma Williams, Ronald Booker. Mr. Clamtirro,. Lawrence Adams, Andy Zawacki. John Bencs, Kenneth Lancin, Ray Underwood, Mildred Ban, Paul Michaud. DRAMATICS CLUB DANCE CLUB Mr. Clamurro has organized the newest, liveliest, and most popular club at Arts. Membership in this group provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn all of the latest dance steps. The instructors are students who know how to dance and who are willing to assist those who do not. This is an enthusiastic group which provides much after-school entertainment and helps students to acquire ease and poise in dancing. First row, seated, left to right: Gerald Miko, Josephine Scardaville, Theodora Yacik. Rose Marie Attnnaxio. Second row: Benyonnc Lee. Barium Stawicki. E t! er Zuckcr, Judy Brown. Third row: Carol Kaplan, Eugenia Volz, Diane Becker, Margie Dubrow. Fourth row: Joan Lombardi, Virginia Robertson. Janet Bjugan, Carol Frankovxky. Standing: (Georgina Alexander. Viota-dcy Ilaria. Diane Xoack, Evelyn Buhl, Marguerite Aguilar. Helen Chexek, Alice Grohowski, Dolores Tisdell, Lynne Ilaria, Mrs. Cozzens. Those students interested in acting find the dramatics club suited to their tastes. After school the members meet with Mrs. Cozzens to act out skits. The emphasis is on technique, stage terminology, personal growth, good sportsmanship, punctuality in attending rehearsals and ingenuity in working out productions with limited equipment. Many of the meml ers are selected to participate in the Christmas Tableaux. Each term the group attends a stage play in New York. The club, filled with interest and enjoyment, is a fine experience for anyone considering acting as a profession. 77Drueke’s CHESS PRIMER On Friday afternoon when all the halls of Arts are silent one can hear the dull swish of chessmen at war in 113. Their many minds, under the direction of Miss Ruth Meycrson. are open in battle challenging the wits of teacher and student in the ancient game of war. Ever since the dawn of time man has been a war-like creature, but here, for the purpose of developing quick minds and cool patience, students match their mental abilities in the manipulation of strategics. CHESS CLUB First row, seated, left to right: Sandy Werfel, Clyde Kuemmcrle, Andrew Yscamp. Second row, seated: Barbara Green, Dennis Skolski, Lorenzo Gilliam. Third row, standing: Miss Myerson, David Zambelli, joe Dorbin, Angela Carracino, Caroline Knaldewicz, Dennis Auniballi. STUDENT COUNCIL SUMPTUOUS SOUFFLES Viewers ere changing TV Fir t row, sealed, left to right: Angela Carracino, Barbara Green, Gwendolyn Sims, Clyde Kuem-merle. Second row: Eugenia Volz, Barry Zachar, Louise Yannuzzi, Carolyn Bayrcder, Judy Felipe. Viofa-dcy III ...—-Jaria, Paula Gorski, Marie Galasso, Sophie Sigouris, Sandy Werfel. Third row: Carletta Hamilton, Dagmara Kubinschkc. Barbara Stawicki Rosalie Klotz, Janice Crooms, Vivian Bristol, Marilyn Zondlo, Barbara Moldofsky, Joselvn Mclillo. Rosetta Martin, Edward Klcinsorgen. Tony Fazio Dennis Auniballi, Cirard Marino. Fourth row, standing: Mr. Rickenbachcr, Gliccra N'igro. Boh-donna Rycar, Diana Pomerleau. Patricia Vinikv Judy Bator, Anna DeLuca. Adclc Eisenberg, Call Lustig, Virginia Beazlie, David Zambelli. Emma Williams, Joe Dorbin. The Student Council consists of a legislative and an executive IkkIv. It is comprised of two representatives from each homeroom and one from each club sponsored by the Student Council. The members meet once a week to discuss improvements in student government, school problems, etc. The freshman orientations, variety shows, dances, and other social events are some of the many activities supervised by this group. Designated committee members are responsible for the sale of the handbooks, Ixxik-covers, and pennants. As part of this year’s work the council has been revising the student handbook. ! t to do? boom ¥ MUSIC REVIEW Left to right: George Plegaro, Vinnie Zannelli. Terry Elman, Anthony Villanova, Curtis Hamilton, Lawrence Mortieno, Neil Carangelo, James Carboy, Sam Norton, John D’Andrea, Virginia Zaleski, Cary Pittman, Pat Corbley, John Conncllo. John Dinardo. Barbara Richter. Barbara Bonnet. John Clark, Pat Spino, Frank Jacoby, Mr. D'Amico, James Vuchnik. Bill Span, Tony Armento, Boh Kane. Anthony Alfano. Adam Ziobra, Ceorge Piegari, Vincent Prockelo, Peter Hose, John Scott. Ed Green, Bon Kleischman, Tom Fitzsimmons, Vinnie Nicastro, Phil Ceraulo. THE BAND The Arts High School Band is one of the oldest clubs in existence. It can be called together within a minute's notice and has been put to the test on a few occasions. The band plays for semi-annual concerts and for weekly assemblies. It has provided a great deal of entertainment for students here at Arts. THE ORCHESTRA The Arts High School Orchestra is under the direction of Mr. Pesile. Never is there a dull moment at his rehearsals. Timely jokes interrupt Beethoven at every third measure. Whenever the orchestra is asked to perform, the members always give a finished performance. One of this season’s outstanding selections was "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” which delighted the audience at the January Concert. Left to right: Irene Cicconc, Ronald Spall, Dolores Rich, Dolores Koval, Ann Picillo, Eunice El. Pat Piegari, Edward Drcnncn. Barry Zachar, Ann Campanula, Mr. Pesile, Mike Lallone, Janice Crooins, Tony Armento, Edward Green. Pat Spino, James Yachnik. Joe Scaduto, Bob Kane. Barbara Bonnet. Vincent Prockelo. Virginia Zaleski, John D’Andrea, Ihor YVoronchuk, James Carboy, John Thomasi, George Piegari, Anthony Y’illanova:T-SQUARE AND TRIANGLE CLUB Left to right: Charles Pittman, John Utley, Letter Barnett, Mr. Cannon, Joe Nemeckav. Carmen Bruno, Leslie Butler, Joseph Cenesc, Nick Hyczko, Barbara Wooten. Mr. Gannon supervises the T-Square and Triangle Club, which meets each Wednesday in the shop. This activity is primarily for those interested in drafting, because it gives them an opportunity to learn how to read blue-prints, to make architectural drawings to scale, and to recognize and use the proper tools. JOURNAL JUNIOR RED CROSS HICH SCHOOL MAOAIINI The chief function of the junior Red Cross Council is to help those who cannot help themselves. Each year this group undertakes seasonal projects, such as Christmas favors for nurseries, articles for veterans' institutions, and Easter baskets for children in hospitals. Other projects also turn up during the year. All students are members of the Junior Red Cross. They are invited to come to the council meetings supervised by Miss Kruck every Monday after school in room 318. Left to right: Jewel Jenkins, Pat Manning, Rosalie Klotz, Delores Davis, Pamela Agriro, Maxine Galanty. Anna Do Luca. Lois Brown, Maryann Priolo, Linda Oolgeschlager, Pat Corbley, Judy Kirchmayr, Shirley Criss. FORUM CLUB Left to right: Leonard Rumbinas, Diana Pomerleau, Anthony Fazio. Lynne Ilaria, Richard Hilser, Stephanie Strelkauskas. Carol Wnibel, Mr. Janowitz. Viola-dey Ilaria, Georgiann Alexander, Paula Gorsky, Lorraine Rogers, Ccorgiann Crist. The purpose of the Forum Club is to promote participation and leadership in group actions. Through debates, round-table discussions, and informational lectures, members present diversified programs which build individual confidence, give experience in parliamentary procedure, train capable speakers, develop clear, analytical thinking, and give practice in presenting facts, ideals, ami arguments to a group. It has been said that in this current age of democracy, the people have a greater voice in the governing of affairs than ever before. The Forum Club believes that practice can make that voice articulate, persuasive. and logical. 80MANUAL for FT A CLUBS FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA in Highschools The main objective of the Future Teach- __ ers of America is to give a clear picture of the teaching profession. All of the requirements. scholarships, wages and other as-pects of careers in teaching are discussed. Field trips to various colleges in the vicinity of Newark are among the many interesting activities of this group. 4 u md following them. you mil trxli you Aolaiyr. Standing: Susan Lulic. First row, seated: Meredith Edwards. Janice Lowom, Virginia Bc.udie. Second row: Mr. Misurell, Judy Bator, Pat Viniks, Carolyn Bay-reder. Third row: Theodora Yacik, Barbara Stawicki, Benyonne Lee, Pat Corbely. Fourth row: Patricia Hicks, Dorothy Hamilton, Dolores Evans. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB SPECIAL The Photography Club is one of the most interesting of the extracurricular activities. Mr. Misurell is the advisor this term. All of the aspects of photography are discussed. Students learn to use proper lighting, to take better pictures. and to develop them properly. They usually go on field trips to observe professional studios in operation. Members watch all of the photographic processes: developing, enlarging, coloring, special effects, etc. Seated: Carol NVrubel. Standing, left to right; Georgian.i Crist, Joan Lombardi. Eugenie Volz. iatiohal couurmr. nnruiR tiachias or ami i «, D. C. £ POPULAR ViECHANIC MAG AZIN STAGE CREW Arts High stage crew members under Mr. Misurell's direction are always arranging lights, supplying proper sound, or helping the art department, in a small way, to design settings for all school functions. They also have the job of showing movies and slides 10 individual classes at the request of subject teachers. One of their less favored duties is cleaning up after a show or performance. The stage crew members willingly give their after-school hours during variety shows, Christmas programs, and opera rehearsals. t Owned Soy About th EDSEL First row. left to right: Lenwood Jackson. Clyde Kuemmerle, Joe Cenese, Richard Bates, Mr. Misurell. Second row: Allen Howard. Otis Milton, Hiclurd Shanks, Edward Kleinsorgen, Fred Warner. includ Perry C Favorite and selects at Kin{ Latest St. Louii - ■ Under the expert direction of Mr. Pickett and Mrs. Shapiro, the Chorus and the Girls’ Glee Club enjoy both their classes and their after school rehearsals. Sessions are always lively and melodious. These groups give command performances for community organizations in addition to performing in concerts and assembly programs. Whatever the occasion, the students always serve with distinction. Many of them have become members of the All-State Chorus of New Jersey. New Con Win at Record and valuab W iim, ivu iu iikiii. jimii ixmiuarui, tuncma von , L.mua uuncan, r.iame : epc, lamia Punchatz, Linda Ross, Diane Bartos, Jewel Jenkins, Bosalyn Wright. Second row: Josephine Craziano, Rosetta Martin, Malcinia Etlwards Maxine Cafanty. Third row: Marilyti Zondlo, Barbara Street, Rhonda Patterson, Marion Schaeffer. Elmira King, -Mary Ann Priolo, Maxine Galanty. Adele Eiscnberg, Sandra Worsky, Olga Tobe, Marilyn Bove, Linda Green. Sheet A Band of ILIBRARY GUILD First row, left to right, seated: Stanley Steinmark, Rosetta Martin, Kathy Kaqnnski, Sid Kellogg. Second row, standing: Rosemarie Attanasio, Linda Joy Punchatz, Eugenia Volz, Linda Ross, Maxine Calanty. Rita Hermelin, Paillette Kane, Nancy Karpinski, Joanne Leone, Phyllis Moretti, Joan Lombardi, Arthur Myers, Joanne Scrnfiano, Ina Hoffman, Jim Boyle, Nadina Ailes, Judy Kirchinayr. The Library Guild members help Miss Yuker to run the library efficiently. These boys and girls give up their free periods, as well as time lsefore or after school, to assist students in finding the information they are seeking. There are also social good times. The training provides cultural background and is particularly valuable to those interested in becoming librarians. and NUCLEAR PHYSICS CLUB The Nuclear Physics Club is composed of students who are eager to explore the scientific fields and are particularly interested in atoms and their nuclear structure. At the meetings the members have an opportunity to test their own theories through laboratory experiments. There are also round-table discussions of timely newspaper articles related to the progress of our country’s nuclear physics program. The club recently organized by Mr. Carangelo is in the procescs of formulating problems for future research. RADIO CLUB I-eft to right: Neil Carangelo, Otis Milton, Mr. Carangelo, Ia nwr Jackson. Joe Cenese, Clyde Kuemmerlc, Ruth Leskowski. Although Mr. Yablick came to Arts High in February, he immediately assumed a role in our extracurricular program. Under his enthusiastic leadership the Radio Club has continued in existence. Meml ers enjoy working with the equipment and learning the fundamentals of radio operation. An interesting program, including a trip to one of Newark’s broadcasting stations some time in the spring, has been set up to enliven the interest of the group. Meml ers are encouraged to work on “ham” sets in their spare time at home. Left to right: Cus Manning, Otis Milton. Philip Rudko. tra Kracincr, Lcnwood Jackson, Mr. Miller. Sava ! luild Y . famil 83Mutk and Art Dalijkt Crowd iw f •••• I •«•• •• •• %w '•••• I The main purpose of the Scope is to record the events which happen in the school. The paper is published once a month and is edited by the students. The staff meetings are held in room 317, under the guidance of Mr. Hicken-hacker. Students gather, write and ii.’r;: edit news of literature, music, art, Hi; :.: sports, features, school events, etc. 43- Commencement Next Wednesday • a M|t fin •!• u »miii i, Left to right: Mr. Rickenbacher, Judith Kirchmayr, Clyde Kuemmcrlc and Hdmar Cooper. SCOPE ■ducat: o x tfir KjRje UBtJi-Y SCHOOL LIFE The A-pin is the second highest honor that a student can attain at Arts High School. To lx considered for this award, one must lx? in his junior year, and have shown qualities of service, character, and leadership in extracurricular activities. A-pin candidates are selected by those already holding the award and these nominees are then ratified by a majority vote of the Student Council. The Student Council presents the A-pins at each Class Day Assembly. First row, left to right: Clyde Kuemmerle, Angela Carracino, Virginia Zaleski, Ricardina DaSilva, Linda Ross. Second row: Caroline Knakiewicr, Dennis Anniballi. 84NjKRS rw-A CLUfi THE SPORT SPECIAL COUSY, SHARMAN, RUSSELL CO. march LEADERS' CLUB The Leaders Club, formed this year, is under the guidance of Mr. Lang, of the Physical Education Department. Each gym class has four representatives. The club’s main purpose is to give the boys additional opportunities to develop skill in sports and gymnastic work. I A-h to right: Coach Ling, V ictor Sc.imlilli. Phillip Ccraulo, Arthur Burns, Rollert M Spellman, Vladmir Pawlowdci. Arnold Wish, Frank Votto, Ronald Ventura, Patrick ’ H Spino, Edward Green, Sam Norton, Nick DiCuLseppe. Robert James. Lament Padgett, Vincent Prochclo. John Utley. Ronald Przcradwdi Seated, left to right: Arthur Salicetti, Louis Inzeo, John Delk, Clyde Kuemmerlc. First row, standing: Mr. Stcisel, Mr. Knobler, Richard Bates, Sal Cerruto. Fred I ravisano, Louis Venturi, Arnold Nash, Ronald Albert, Mr. Morris. Mr. Voller. Second row: Frank Votto, Robert James. Roger Brown, Richard Hilser, Ronald Venturi, Dennis Anniballi. VARSITY CLUB A new organization at Arts High this year is the Varsity Club, composed of m letter winners from all varsity athletic ■ teams. The group’s purpose is to pro-mote good sportsmanship, increase in-K terest in athletics and conduct an an-H nual athletic dinner. Guests at this years HI annual dinner were the school's cheerleaders. Frank Votto and Richard Bates share the presidency of this club. Mr. Steisel acts as faculty adviser, with the A | school’s coaches serving on the advisory council. 8STHE TYPING CLUB The Typing Club, organized three years ago, is a favorite of many of the students. Members meet every Wednesday under Mrs. Lazars able and helpful direction. Many practice typing skills, striving to increase their speed and accuracy. Others find enjoyment in the use of the Typewriter Mystery Games. By following the directions for the use of letters and spaces, students are able to type interesting pictures. Meetings are always profitable and enjoyable. First row, seated, left to right: Nadia Waskiw, Marylou Albano. Second row: Franklin Epps, Russell Falstrom, Nancy K.irpinski, Elmira King. Third row: Natalie Mokryndky, Emidio Bastianclli, Mon Bonadies, Bertha Taylor. Marion Roc. Fourth row: Marie DiTommaso, Mayretta Boyar. Olya Toble. Bonnie Walsh. Fifth row: Adele Eisenbcrg, Darlecn Golardi, Alice Korzcnko, Eva Tyler. Standing: Mrs. Lazar. Fust row, seated, left to right: Joan Manzi, Sophie Waclawsky, Louise Krcuger. row; Carol Ann Kindler, Juanita Williams, Patricia Ruth. Third row: josclyn Melillo, Kathleen Calasso, Barbara McCarl. Hazel Bullard. Standing: Mrs. Hiller, Ricardina Da Silva, and Carlo Adams. THE SEWING CLUB FA group of energetic and enthusiastic girls, who enjoy sewing for themselves and others, participate in the activities of this club. Fach year they unselfishly devote much of their time to sewing articles for needy children and making items for sale at the Christmas Fair. Nr They also find time to design and make clothes for themselves. Meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon in room 320 under the direction of Mrs. Hiller. Front row: seated, left to right: Barbara Moldofsky, Esta Plagcr, Edward Klcinsorgen, Dennis Annibalii, Angela Carracino Andrew Yskamp. Middle row, standing: Josephine Pantano, Patricia Anderson, Gwendolyn Sims, Virginia Zalcski, Kathleen Karpinski, Hoodie Klutz. Patricia Manning. Linda Ross. Barbara Green. Carole McCoy, Mr. P. Clamurro. Rear row: Robert Kane, Mario Abate, Richard Hilscr. Ronald Venturi, John Paul, Joseph Dorbin. Mr. Clamurro, Sational Honor Society adviser, impresses the audience with the achievements of its members. Carole McCoy pins Arts High’s highest honor on excited Gwendolyn Sims. Mrs. Celler congratulates the 87 newly inducted members of the Honor Society. The National Honor Society is composed of high-ranking members of the junior and senior classes. Membership in the Society is granted to those students who, in the opinion of a faculty committee, have excelled in the qualities of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. It is the highest honor which can be awarded to a student in any high school, and it is recognized as an emblem of achievement throughout the nation. Our chapter of the National Honor Society which is named for our beloved former Vice-Principal, Miss M. Bernice Hamilton, is under the supervision of Mr. Philip C. Clamurro. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Barbara Moldofsky stands before the symbolic candles of the Honor Society."The Adoration ’ “The Nativity” The annual Christmas Tableaux can well be called one of the most memorable occasions of the school year because it is a time for visitation by friends and alumni. All of the students participate in preparing for it either by making costumes and scenery, or by supplying vocal and instrumental music. As the five tableaux are humbly, but dramatically presented, everyone realizes the magnificent significance of Christmas. Many of the visitors feel the tingle of awe at their initial viewing of this presentation. Christinas would never l e the same if the fair were omitted from •he year's schedule. 88CHRISTMAS FAIR "How about this one. Mom? It would look nice on the living room couch."— "So dear, I think it would look better under the couch." "Well, his money looks good to me. You can give him the tickets," says Miss Howard to Mr. Kappstatter. You see, all the teachers at Arts High trust their students. After leaving the solemn and colorful tableaux, parents, alumni, and friends head for the excitement and gaiety of the fair. Amidst laughter and joyful greetings guests purchase a variety of Christmas gifts. Supplies of cakes and cookies, handmade copper jewelry, ceram - "Cosh, and I wanted a Cadillac. Why don't we try again?" ics, handsewn articles, paper mache animals, novelty pillows, and even White Elephants are rapidly exhausted. Everyone participates in this annual gala affair making it truly a schoolwide activity. Earrings, earrings, and more earrings and no one can decide. I don’t see why they didn’t fust close their eyes and grab. 89? Mr. Heutcr caught the lunch hour Libcraccs? Ronnie worried about his lost geometry book?Our "Timely" newsboi didn't copy homework during homeroom? The fountain ran dry? There was no room in the house? They didn't have a baseball cap to fit Roger Browns head? ? ? ULn The Girl Scouts Convention? 91First row, left to right: Rose Fisher, Anna Flynn, Camella Oragone, Agnes Hansen. Rack row: Wilhelminu HodgOS, V’iolet Fus-chetti. Anno King, Mrs. Ditulio (Cafeteria Manager). Our culinary artists are ready for inspection. "You'll undoubtedly l e able to complete the gcometry course before the end comes." says Mrs. Rutledge soothingly. "Exercise is a vital principle of health." says Mrs. McKimm. I-eft to right: Henry Curtis, Valentine Cordon, Sydney Kellogg, Harold Soden. Angelo Zaino, Mrs. McKim. Left to right: Diane Cooper, Vinnie Santora, Mrs. Rutledge. Cleanliness is our most important product. Left to right, seated: Anna Farley, Elizabeth Williams, Katherine Kirwan. Standing. Tom Cawley, Frank Kraus, Prank Glcnnon (Head Custodian), Frank Mancuso, Manuel Val. 92Picking up the Sports' section of a we find reports and photos of athletic achievement indicating that boys not only have fun engaging in sports but enjoy the competitive atmosphere. Our qualified athletes. noted for good sportsmanship and fair play, have earned a fine record for our school. The attitude of the team has won the admiration and respect of the entire student body. Clinton an By ARTHUR DALEY Sports of alu'dimrs No More Jitters r ORT MYERS. Kla . March 31—It was H more than just a no-hitter that Bob k Friend of the Pirates was pitching gainst the Dodgers on one memorable ocea-:on last year. Protecting a 1-0 lead, he ame roaring into the eighth inning with a erfect game going for him. Tension was counting everywhere except on the mound, •'riend was calm and unperturbed. "You sense that you have something big.” e explained, “but you want so desperately o win that you exclude everything else from our mind. Then Gilliam singled and Snider rally hit one! That ball disappeared over he center-field fence, a shot of at least 450 cet. Yet It wasn't until I reachedBASEBALL TEAM SCORES Players Hope To Top Record This Season. Without the school’s athletic program, our years at Arts might have been less exciting. Our athletic stalwarts have given us victories to cheer for and memories of contests to cherish through the years. Losing a game never discouraged them; instead, they fought harder. Although only one letterman from the previous team was on the starting nine. Arts High’s 1957 baseball team won nine games in seventeen starts to record the third straight winning season for the diamond squad. Steady pitching from three inexperienced hurlers helped fill the gap caused by the loss of All-Stater Rav Cir t row, left to right: Irving Zeidner. Arnold Nash, Frank V'otto, Louis Inzfo, Louis Venturi. Dennis Anniballi, Mr. Morris (coach). Second row: Mr. Steisel (faculty manager), John Dclk, Ronald Venturi, Roger Brown, Robert Catugno, Mike Ferrara, Arthur Salicetti. Geiser. The mound staff was made up Yotto, all lefthanders. of John Delk, Roger Brown and Fran ! ih Lack of hitting hampered the team, with two victories being scored through the squeeze hunt. Captain Lou Inzeo was the sole loss this season via graduation, so hopes of repeating last year’s winning record are high. The fine coaching of Mr. Morris has been largely responsible for the success of the team. He builds up the boys' morale, keeps them on their toes and is regarded as a friend by each of his players. Left to right: Dennis Anniballi, Jolm Delk, Frank Votto, Ronald Venturi, Arnold Nash. SCORE BOARD Arts 6 May HARRISON Opp. 5 2 June ST. PATRICK'S 3 16 BLOOMFIELD TECH I 6 IRVINGTON TECH 5 7 IRVINGTON TECH 6 0 CLIFFORD SCOTT 9 16 GOOD COUNSEL 3 10 NEWARK TECH 2 0 ST. CECILIA’S 16 9 GOOD COUNSEL 6 0 BERGEN TECH 10 94NINE VICTORIES A good test for stretch socks That catcher never can get his signals straight. They cant all make home runs. 96 CINDERMEN TAKE MEETS AGAIN First row, left to right: Bruce Jones, Neil Carangelo. Nick DiCiuseppe, William Lund. Second row: Terry Elman, John Scott, Robert James, John Fudge, William Thomas, Mr. Lang. Arts High Takes 2nd Place In City Meet. 8-2 Dual It only looks easy. Kneeling, left to right: Terry Elman, Robert James, Mr. Lang. Standing: Neil Carangelo, William Thomas, Nick DiCiuscppc, John Fudge, John Scott. In the past few years Arts High’s track team has been hampered by the lack of manpower. Despite tin’s factor, last year’s team made quite a showing for themselves, with performers such as Ronnv Albert and John Brenner winning medals in the seven-team city meet. The nucleus for this year’s team will be formed by Cameron Horne, John Fudge, Bob McCracken, Isaiah Cooper. Neil Carangelo, and Bob James. 96 Wc’rc coming through.ARTS LEAVES THEM IN THE DUST Meet Record Second Best Among City Teams. This year’s tank team enjoyed one of the best seasons in Arts High's swimming history. With a nucleus of veterans and a contingent of promising newcomers. the squad sent to defeat all hut one of the city teams and proved themselves by earning second place in the city meet. Lx ss of senior swimmers Dick Bates and Fred Travisano will be sorely felt by the mermen but the drive of the remaining veterans will partially fill the gap in what is hoped will lx? a team to equal this one. On your mark! Get set! BANG!!! Tadpoles ready for their first swim. Arts SCOREBOARD Opp. 40 West Side 27 37 Central 30 51 South Side 15 12 Weequahic 56 45 East Eide 23 36 West Side 32 40 Central 27 55 South Side 10 13 Weequahic 55 35 East Side 33 First row. left to right: Fred Travisano. Gene Gcldzilcr, Ronald Albert, Preston Barham. Ronald Spall. John Geidosch. Second row: Mr. KnoMer (coach). Sheldon Sanders, Neil Travisano, John Paul, Mario Abate, Klaus Paul, Dennis Logwin, John Benes, Richard Bates (captain).BASKETBALL TEAM HAS RECORD YEAR 'Maybe if I look at the basket hard enough, the ball will go in. Going up, anyone? Our basketball team of ’57-’58 has done a fine job by finishing the season with the second best basketball record in the history of Arts High School: 12 wins and 7 losses. Even though the team started out very slowly, losing 5 games out of the first 7; they stuck together and kept “digging" to win the last 13 games. Since the team managed to "I’m the coach. We'll do the SPECIALTY!” Who put the glue on the ball? Front, center, left to right: Barbara Crccn, Cccilc Knof, (Jail Lustig. Others: Judith Felipe. Marguerite Aguilar, Judith Bator. Rosetta Martin, Betty Knox, Miss Abos, Mary Crews, Sandra Worski, Wilcne Carter, Betty Kimbro, Camille Deo.WINS FIRST TOURNAMENT GAME exceed the 500 mark, they entered the state tournament and won their initial game, the first basketball team ever to win a tournament game in our sports’ history. The great coaching by Mr. George Vol-ler and the co-operation of the boys on the team made it a most satisfying year for players and students. "You’re doinK fine boys, BUT. . .” We uant sonic A—C—T— —O—N! St. James may as well give up now. Jumping juveniles! Dave Beach stands in the comer watching all the Ifalls go by. 99First row. seated: Marianne Miserendino, Caroline Knakiewicz. Fred Travisano, Virginia Zaleski, Barbara Green, Miss Howard, Adele Eisenberg, Barbara McCarl, Meredith Edwards. Second row: Virginia Bouslic, Susan Lulic, Janice Lovvom, Mr. Knoblcr, Fred Warner, and Sandford Wcrfcl. ART, MAKE-UP AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFFS: Barham Mr-Carl. Caroline Knakiewicz, Marianne Miserendino, Fred Warner, Mr. Knobler, Fred Travisano, and Sandford Werfel. BUSINESS STAFF—I.cft to right: Mary Crews, Carol Brooks, Patricia Reed, Anna DeLuca, Darleen Colardi and Mr. Kano-statter. LITERARY SIAFF—Sitting: Virginia Beazlie, Janice Loworn, Standing: Meredith Edwards. Susan Lulic. Barbara Green, Virginia aleski, and Adele Eisenberg. 100OUR JEWELERS JOSTENS Whose friendly services are appreciated Crestcard Company 235 HALSEY STREET • NEWARK, N. J. Mitchell 2-1185 ★ “AMERICA’S FINEST GREETING CARDS H. A. Greene ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT OF ALL KINDS MArket 3-1790 28 HALSEY STREET NEWARK, N. J.Artists' Supply Service FULL LINE OF ARTISTS’ MATERIALS For Fine and Commercial Artists • Picture Framing ★ 556 HIGH STREET Tel. MArket 2-6219 NEWARK, N. J. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES To the 1958 Graduating Class of Arts High School Newark, New Jersey ★ NEWARK'S SCHOOL SAVINGS BANK The Howard Savings Institution 768 Broad Street Newark, N. J.I Congratulations and the best of luck! We at lorsten are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your dassbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Lorstan Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Lorstan portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! I Lithogrephe 104 RAE PUBLISHK 22 Frink St _____ Montclair, f.

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