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1956 4 Annual Publication of the Senior Classes Arts High School, 550 High Street, Newark 2, New Jersey This is Channel 25. AHS-TV. For twenty-five years AHS has offered educational, cultural and social programs designed to provide a good general background for students interested in developing artistic talents and appreciation for the arts. Even more important. It provides students with valuable opportunities, through classes, clubs, sports and student council, to learn to work cooperatively with others, to get along with them and to develop real leadership. In our studio many interesting programs are born. Some of these are dramatic, others ortistic, and still others are musical in nature, but all are educational. There are no closed doors here at AHS-TV. The opportunities for success are many and the degree of success attained is solely dependent upon one's ambition and desire to learn. There is much activity at our station now, for two shows which have been televised for a long time are preparing to leave and move to larger studios. We sincerely hope that this book will always recreate for the cast and technicians in words and pictures memorable scenes of their life here on Channel 25 during their high school years.fll ' .................................... ::: ■ .-: 'Kw;«w Z y y.y. ■■■■ IvXv.vX;Miss Ruth Eddy A IN MEMORIAM B.A. degree from Goucher College Treated students as mature individuals Took a personal interest in them Her character was of the highest Was intensely devoted to teaching Took care of aging parents 1954 Class Advisor Expected more of a brighter student One had to work to full capacity Knew her job thoroughly Didn't let her students know she was ill Took education and teaching very seriously Was respected by students and faculty Made sure students did work Wanted to help everyone pass Was liked by students Knew her subject so well she didn't have to use a book while teaching Dignified, yet friendly Excellent example of devotion to job Was interested in the International Forum Made history interesting Showed absolute fairness Very unselfish Wonderful co-worker Had keen understanding of young people Loved flowers, books, music, and the piano Didn't travel much Insisted on accuracy in work Had high standards Had students’ interest at heart Was willing to help them before and after school Worked to the last moment Skillful, hardworking, friendly, and just Was a charter member of the faculty Advocated a formal classroom atmosphere Miss Eddy’s life was one of dedicated and devoted service to others. As long as there is an Arts High School. Miss Eddy's spirit will never be forgotten.DR. FREDERICK C. SEAMSTER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Principal AHS-TV is privileged to celebrate another big event, the arrival of our new associate director. Mrs. Beatrice G. Geller. Mrs. Geller's background is both exciting and colorful. She has attended many different educational institutions including Montclair State Teachers College. Columbia University, Seton Hall University and the University of Zurich in Switzerland. She taught social studies, before becoming a hoad counselor, a position which she held for twelve years at South Side High. She has become adept at handling young people. Wo are sure that our studios, which are unique in this section of the country, will bring to her desk many different situations. She will listen to the problems of the stars, the technicians, the camera men, the audio men, the announcers and even the stage hands. We ore confident that Mrs. Geller will prove to bo a considerate and patient listener, and an even more sincere friend. DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE For many years Dr. Seamster has seen the students of Arts High rise from shy freshmen to proud seniors. As director of our studios, he has not only seen these individuals change but he has assisted in their development. He knows of the work each individual does to make the school's daily production a success, and even when we leave, he follows our careers in the armed forces, at college, or in the world of work. He is devoted to us. the people whom he directs, and we want him to know how much we appreciate this. The greatest directors are known by their productions, and in our achievements and those of the other graduates of Arts, the master touch of Dr. Seamster can be seen. MRS. BEATRICE G. GELLER B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal 5 WHAT'S Does your occupation require brains or brawn ... is your job interesting ... do you manufacture a product ... is this product a necessity or a luxury ... do you work with human beings . . . are you your own boss . . . do you work a regular number of hours daily ... is your job hazardous ... do you work with young people . . . does this job require patience ... do you go to work betoro sunrise and or leave after sunset ... do you need any special preparation, i.e., a college degree or degrees . . . does this job require any special talents or characteristics ... do you ever lose your temper while working . . . are you a salesman of any sort ... do the people you work with all speak the same language . . . does your job have anything to do with entertainment ... do you travel in your work ... is your job difficult ... do you help people . . . ore there any recreational facilities where you work ... is there a chance for self-expression . . . are any of the special senses particulary involved . . . does your job require special maneuvers . . . does your work require tact ... do you work with intricate machinery ... do you work with famous people . . . are you a talent scout . . . can you act ... is your work in the field of costume design ... set construction ... do you enjoy the spotlight . . . YOU ARE A TV DIRECTOR! MY .V.V. LINE 7FACULTY ......... English ......... Pianist ........... Nurse ... Mathematics ... Mathematics ......... English ..... Physical Ed. ..... Physical Ed. ........... Music ......... Spanish ........... Clerk .... Industrial Art Home Economics ...... Art (Chm.) ............. Art ............. Art ............. Art ....... English Cafeteria Dietitian Mgr. ..................... Art M.A.................. Art ................ Business .............. Librarian ......... Head Counselor ................ Science A.................. Music k................ History ................ English ................ Science 1. Ruth G. Abos, B.A., M.A.......... 2. Jeanette G. Barnett, N.J.S.T.C. 3. Mary Brokaw, R.N................. 4. Norman Chinoy. B.A.. M.A......... 5. Philip Clamurro. B.A., M.A....... 6. Anne S. Cozzens, B.S.. M.A....... 7. R. Lenox Criswell, B.A.. M. Ed... 8. Marqaret L. Cross. B.S........... 9. Achilles M. D'Amico, B.A., M.A, 10. Theresa S. David, B.A., M.A....... 11. Ann Fortunato .................... 12. Thomas Gannon. B.A.. M.A......... 13. Lucille B. Hiller. B.S........... 14. Rosamond H. Hopper. B.S.. M.A. 15. Gladys K. Howard. B.S.. M.A. 16. Sarah E. Howe. B.S............ 17. M. Grace Johnston. B.S........ 18 Alice U. Keehner. B.S., M.A. 19. Eileen Knipping .............1 20. Milton Knobler, B.S., M.A..... 21. Seymour M. Landsman. B.S., t 22. Bette Lazar, B.S., M.A........ 23. Anna T. Lehlbach. A.B......... 24. Gladys B. Longley, B.A., M.A. 25. James W. Lowry. B.S., M.A. .. 26. Marietta Marchese, B.M., M. 27. Leonard M. Morris. B.A.. M.A 28. Dorothy Neuss, B.S.. M.A...... 29. Roy Perry. B.S................ 30. Rocco Pesile. B.S.M.. M.A..... 31. William L. Pickett. B.M.. M.h 32. Joseph Reuter. B.A............ 33. Rufus Rickenbacher. B.A.. M.A 34. Gertrude Shapiro. B.S......... 35. Marjorie P. Sheldon, B.S.. M.A. 36. Louis Spindler, B.S.. M.A..... 37. Catherine S. Sweeney. B.S., R. 38. Thomas Testa. B.A............. 39. Ruth K. Walsh. B.S.. M.A. ... Alma Hayes .................... Music ............... Music ...... English, Latin ..... English (Chm.) ............... Music Orthopedic Phy. Ed. ..............t.. Art .... Health Education ............. Science ................. Art ......... Head Clerk 89A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE "Your halls and your classes hold the memories Dr- Soomittr is complimenting tho four Boys' Stoic representatives on their of great deeds." fine achievements. Our cafeteria staff!—Eileen Knipping, Anne King. Wilheimina Hodges. Agnes Hansen. Anna Flynn. Rose Fisher and Rose Vara. (Above) 'Hello, Arts High’s Guidance Department— Mrs. Longley speaking.” (Below) Here we find our head cleric so absorbed in work, she doesn't even notice the photographer."Now, did this sudden headache appear before or after the Spanish test?", asks Miss Brokaw, our school nurse. Hmmm. Think a can opener might holp? Mrs. Hopper . . . and friend. Seems our little friend up in the corner is being ostracised! "Your portals of Art and Song will forever keep you strong.” 11Did you know that fhere are old fossils in Art High?" asked Mr. Lowry."Mr. Clamurro. the nearest interpolation I can possibly got is 1.0000l,4," triumphantly calculates Richard Hilsor. Mr. Shapiro is put to the test—trying to make history appear at its best. These students find out that there is a lot more to art than a few well calculated scribbles on a piece of paper. "Avoid polysyllabic verbosity and ventriloquial propensity on commencino a prodigious promulgation." advises Miss Abos.THE FRESHMEN'S DAY OF WORK AND PLAY M«ri Agrillo g ti info Hi swing of things fh Fr shm«n Ori nt«tion. Freshmen take time out to add som "punch" to their fun. Mrs. Sweeney tries desperately to convince her Health students that the heart is only a muscle that pumps blood. One of the most unusual programs offered by Channel 25 this past year was the Freshman Orientation. It was ably produced by a committee appointed by the Student Council. The show was designed to acquaint newcomers with the opportunities which exist in our studios. The program consisted of short extemporaneous speeches made by various representatives of the extracurricular sports and clubs. These forty-odd speeches cited the activities, accomplishments and and desirability of each group. Although this program might have had a monotonous format, the various speakers changed that. For instance, the ceramics speaker displayed some work done by the ceramist. Those blessed with the gift for informality made the audience feel right at home. But it was the activities which the speakers represented that gave the program its personality and it is these organizations and groups which give the studios a real flavor. At the close of the program, all joined in the singing of the Alma Mater. Later, the audience, speakors and production staff got a chance to socialize at a party given by the Student Council. This party, with tho music, dancing, refreshments and friendly conversation was the high spot of the occasion. The newcomers interested in obtaining additional information were urged to chat with the various speakers. The freshmen learn that for an interesting AHS career, they must become engrossed in at least one of these additional activities. The time spent viewing the program was. then, an educational forty minutes, for both the novices and the old-timers.Welcome to Arts High — our school end now yours. You heve left the amateur stage and now are about to become a professional. Your pay will be the awards you receive and the knowledge you gain. The camera will catch your every move. There will be no mistakes now, for there will not be a chance for a retake. Everything you do will be a live performance. The boom will catch your every word. So be certain everything you do is a compliment to your school. You will have to study hard for your final part in our spectacular—graduation. So welcome, travelers: you havo reached your studio now. Make your stay fine and memorable.HOME ROOM 315 MR. NORMAN CHINOY First row: James Boyle. Anthony Kropilak. Louis Gasparinetti. Carole Knight. Marilyn Zondlo. Marilyn Henno, Dominick Mermarato. John Watt , Robert Schubin. Second row: Barbara Olencki, Neil Carangelo, Carolyn Sabatino, Delore Rich, Peter Petriccionne. Frank Beran, Stanley Friedman. Third row: Howard Rothrock. Bruce Jones. Philip Nicastro. Howard Wrigley. Elvera Barycki, Stanley Jack-son, Jeffrey Alas. Phylene DoTaranto. Missing from the photograph are Gerald Sperduto and Joyce Richards. HOME ROOM 209 MR. THOMAS D. GANNON First row: Edward Shelton. Leon Thomas. Philip Ceraulo, Russel Gibson, Arlene Koval, Helene Saltiman, Lamont Padgett, Cameron Horne. Second row: Barbara D'Atrio. Mayretta Bogar. Helen Wehrle, Emma Clark, Raymond Stone, Joyce Kneipher, Louise Jenavicius, Joseph Gualtieri, Carolyn Worrill. Third row: Elaine Brandt. Leroy Williams, Ina Hoffman, Richard Finaldi, Isabel Castellucio, John Nigro, Terry Elman. Rosemarie Nardone, Louire Macchieverna.First row: Colvin Smith. John Curtin. John Katye, Chariot Agrillo. Jamet Parry. Nicholat DiGiutappa, William Caruto. Second row: Donald Davit. Jeffrey Duclot. Lorraina Rogart. Bohdanna Rycar, Gerel-dine GrippaIdi, Gerald Milto, Kenneth Ghorm. Stephanie Pilch. Jotephine Stronay. Third row: Nadia Watkiw. Thomat Fitxtimmont. Rebecca Barqat. Carole Hawet, Arthur Burnt. Jo Ann Muttechio. Alice Zukowtki, Antonia Cilona. Beverly Reid. Mining from the photograph are Charlat Links and Georgia Mae Wite. 17HOME ROOM 219 MR. ROY PERRY First row: Barbara Wooton. Helmar Coopor, John Paul, Barnica Petkawich. Katherine McGuiness, Juanita Williams, Ronald Booker, Mary Cantolla. Gail Lustig. Second row: Barbara Lehto. Janet Doremut. Alma Esposito. Myrna Yvonne Utley, Phyllis Purnell, Carol Hagai, Edward Rostaic, David Zambelli. Third row; Charles D'Erasmo, Anthony Armonto, Judith Kirchmayr. Salvatore Gargenti, Ann Oppido. Jeanette Danel, Joan Friewald, Geraldine Mitchell. Evolyn Sousa. Missing from the photograph are Anthony Shilstone, Elaino Stanton, Barbara Moses. Lavinia Salamanchuk. and Willis Hicks. HOME ROOM 307 MRS. BETTE LAZAR First row: James Boyd. Marie Agrillo. Unice El. Calvin Sydnor, William Gwiezda. John Haynes, Constance Spanos. John Woodworth. Second row: Robert Perry, Salvatore Candele, Richard Morris. Robert Barnes. Linda Ross. Mary Lou Albano. Ida Mae Sozendorf, Elizabeth Giglio. Raymond Wheeler. Third row: John Eugene Dombrowski. Mary Anne Squillaro. Theresa Mazu-kiewicz, Marie Franklin. Eleanor Miller. Harry Jones. Mary Loatman. Elizabeth Kimbro. Missing from the photograph are Mazine Nails. Donald Cleveland, Andrea Resutek, and Stephen Podracky. 18HOME ROOM 309 MR. SEYMOUR LANDSMAN Fir row: Susan Lulic, Arthur Salicetti, Joseph Cetrambone, Gerald Nieneber, Leonard Rumbinas, Ronald Venturi, William' Lund, Frank Votto, Mario Abate. Second row: Kenneth Kaplowitz, Richard Hoffman, Marilyn Bove, Gail Lund, Patricia Ruth, Edward Green, Robert Kane, Richard Eubanks, Janice Lovvorn. Dahlia Krouk. Third row: Alice Emans. Barbara Richter. Robert McCracken, George Piegari, Gilde Koltenuk, Janet Pastarack. Virginia Boaxlie, Josephine Scardiville, Carole UPire, Marianna Miserindino, Joanne Kiely, Adele Eisenberg. Missing from the photograph is Donald Stridacchio. HOME ROOM 320 MRS. LUCILLE HILLER First row: Robert Warsager, Robert Schwab, Vito Catania, Thomas Streich, Ronald Prxemelewtki, John Fudge, Emma Williams. Second row: Robert Spellman, Kevin Marks, 8ernard Murphy, Paul Michaud, Samuel Rino, Clarence Adams. Delores Dreyer. Erwin DeVito. Third row; Margaret Covington, Ricardina DaSilva, George Bellman, Kathleen Fabricatore, Dolly Ann Ryans, Gloria Lewis, Pearl Phillips, Curtis Hamilton, Mary Merlucci, Carolyn Simpson. Missing from the photograph are Irving Rensome, Nancy Griffin, Robert Monaghan, and Georgianne Holland. 19 iWiOflAL UOlNOK Society I pledge myself to uphold lh( high jtindtrdi of the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society to which I have been elected, and to make its goals the goals of my life and my school. Could Mitt Fortunato be intpecting the plant for the outdoor swimming pool on the roof?? Mrt. Walth directs Ann Jordan and Marjorie Hyde in their preparation of a Christmas mural for the Board of Education display.The political, social, religious and educational problems of history make an indeliable impression on the minds of theso students. Suggest a tuno—original,—classical,—popular, —and Mrs. Barnott will play it during the girls gym classes. Mr. Clamurro teaches Anthony Oonofrio to ‘'play'' the slide rule. Studonts undertake special research projects and compile bibliographies on various subjects with the assistance of Miss Lehlbach. our AHS-TV librarian. 21"I have a feeling we're not alone," whitpert Sally Strychnewitx to Anthony Marcantuono. OUR OPERATIC SPECTACULAR 22 Janet Cavanett. Oreleen Orr, and Ronald Seely are relating "Down in the Valley". The presentation lost sprinq of "Down in the Valley" was an entirely different production for Channel 25. A folk operetta which has a single plot depends on its cast and directors to make it a genuine success. So it was with "Down in the Valley." The staging, vocal and instrumental direction were excellently done. The scenery was of modern design and. together with the lighting, formed beautiful backgrounds for the music. "Oh, it I had th wingt of an angel," wailt Anthony Marcantuono. The plot of the operetta is quite simple. Brack Weaver, condemned to die, escapes from prison to see his love, Jennie Parsons. When he does speak with her. they relive with their memories the time they first met at Prayer Meeting and Brack took Jennie home. He asks her to the Shadow Creek dance on Saturday night, but her father forbids it. because he wants her to go with Thomas Bouche to whom he is in debt. At the dance Bouche gets drunk and picks a fight with Brack. Bouche is killed by Brack in the struggle. After this vision of the past. Brack is recaptured and put back into jail and so the story ends in tragedy. Throughout the presentation thero were times when one was inclined to laugh in glee, or to sing right out and still other times, when, if it weren’t that we were wellbred. we would have been dancing in the aisles. The charming solos, the first scene and the Prayer Meeting—the singing, shouting and clapping entranced us. It was. all in all a truly worth-while evening that wo spent with the cast of Down in the Valley.' ’Funny, but it teemed to have a different tone quality when I heard it in Carnegie Hall," mutfert Mr. Petile.TOMORROW'S CAREERS (Left) Miu Johnston. Morio Anicito. Rosann lns«bell«. Madge Freiwald. and Barbara Martin prepare the Christinas murals for tho Board of Education display. (Above) "The Occult equilibrium of dynamic tensions result in iconoclastic expressionistic monocular perspective." explains Mr. Landsman. "But dear, must the boy in the portrait have a qreen shirt with yellow stripes and purple polka dots?" Life it not still in Mist Howards art clast when itill life's being discussed. AHS-TV studios recently sponsored a guided tour tor visitors. We wore lucky enough to receive an invitation for a special one. along with other television and radio critics. When we arrived the guide greeted us and explained that wo were to see the staff in action. The first place we visited was the art workshop. A group of scenic designers were discussing the plan and design of a house to be featured in a coming play. The script called for a special set design. And the artists were in the process of putting their ideas on paper. From there we went to one of the studios from which a few of the important programs are broadcast. The artists were painting the back drop right on the spot. In another room, we found some girls designing costumes for an operatic production. While some were sketching, others were piecing together muslin miniatures. Farther down the hall we discovered a few artists preparing oil paintings for rooms that are televised; others were modeling lamp bases, ash trays, and knick knacks which were to be used as props. These artists are particularly talented and ingenious. Of course they have to be. for producing a television program requires many different forms of art put to use in many ways. 2 Sophomores, you hove now completed your first yeor of troining ot our studios. You have graduated from mere wallc-on roles and are now experienced enough to begin playing larger parts in our productions here on Channel 25. The basic knowledge which you acquired in the past year will be of great value now that your first real chanco to prove your ability has arrived. From now on your efforts will be observed more closely and it will be up to you to prove that you have the makings of a star. It's a Great Life, being a sophomore, for now you will make yourself known as an individual performer.HOME ROOM 204 MISS THERESA DAVID First row: Robert Hill. Charles Herman, Edward Enerlick, Michael Halmsteadtar, Richard Hillman. Stephen Bezarewsky, Peter Girruh. John D'Andree. Lawrence Crawley. Joel Cannata, Edna Jones. Second row: Vivian Bristol. Matilda Fletcher, Frank Jacoby. Robert Bell, Philip Emanuele. John Jones. Charles Casier. Stephen DeBock. William Heavner. Leo Smith. Third row: Paula Jackson. Ann Himmelberger, Anthony Lordi. Judith Brown. Marion Dellaria, Janice Crooms, Zolia Singletary, Marie Guanno. Darleen Galardi, Mary McGuiness. William Delli Santa, John Delk. Missing from the photograph is Patricia Ellison. HOME ROOM 220 MISS RUTH ABOS First row: Ronald Sommerhalter, Richard Shanks. Neil Harris, Nelson Martin, Roy Herriger, Archie Russ. Norman Gilliams, Joseph Palmucci, Walter Slawuta. Second row: Elizabeth Woodruff. Jay Serco. James Robinson, Anthony Rosati, Ruth Stubbs. Judith Plesnik, Carol Poranski, Norma Tenore, Sophie Sigouris. Rhode Schainman. Third row: Virginia Delli Santa, Meredith Edwards, Eva Tyler, Joselyn Melillo. Edna Rainey. Barbara McCarl, Ann Picillo, Kathleen Galasso, Clyde Kuemmerle, Anthony Sorce, Vincent Sentora, Michael Lallone. 26HOME ROOM B8 MISS SARAH HOWE First row: Carol Wadsworth. Florence Staats, Sanford Werfel, Michael Petrien, Joseph Scaduto, Roger Brown, Edward Robinson, Ihor Woronchuk, Kathleen Rivers, Rosalyn Wright. Second row: Virginia Zaleski, Patricia Reed, Elisabeth Sommerhalter, Frederick Trevisano, Donald Richardson, Cary Pittman, Ann Peters, Barbara Hughes, Elisabeth Nichols, Melissa Pierce. Third row: Sondra Watson, Esther Zucker, Grace Stanley, Vincent Prockelo, Stuart Welch. David Zeleski, Thomas Zimmerman, James Yachnik. Kathleen Walsh, Barbara Green, Hasel Bullard. Missing from the photograph is Lawrence White. HOME ROOM 210 MR. LOUIS SPINDLER First row; Pearl Hunt, Melba Smith, Margo Jetter, Joseph Grasso, Ronald Winston, Robert James, Lawronce Adams, Martha Halamaj. Second row: Marilyn Dilorenso, Camelia Graham, Lee Parratt, Edward Dronnan, Joseph lurio, Carole Pascale, Dagmar Maslivec, Anthony Fasio, Alma O'Loughlin. Third row: Ruth Lcskowski, Ann DeLuca. Kita Hermelm. Jean Heslin, Geraldine Granger, Victoria Ensor, Helen Goinos, Osborne Frasier, Joseph Fashano. Missing from the photograph are David Beach and Georgo Sedares. 27HOME ROOM 218 MRS. CATHERINE SWEENEY Fiut row: Stanley Steinmark, Edward Ebert, Joseph Mannion, Lawranca McCoy, Fradarick Warner. Douglas Jones. Bradley Najmowski. Henry Michaud. Caroline Knakiewici. Barbara Kracmer. Second row: Mildred Ban, Rosalie Kloti Annette Kassell, George Zalan-Korossy, Loremo Gilliam, Jean Michaltki, Carol 8rookt, Gertrude Kropilak, Patricia McClimans. Third row: Marian Feingro. Dolores Koval, Aretta Odendahl, Diane Delleher, Carol O Donnell, Patricia Manning, Emily Naierus. M'ttmg from the photograph are James Garrahan. Benedict Mongiovi. Marie Macino. Sylvia Mack, and Mary Ann Lauletto and Joseph Morrono. HOME ROOM 314 MR. PHILIP CLAMURRO First row: Dennis Anniballi, Joan Michalski, Stanley Cichowski, Salvatore Ceruto, Donald Brown, James Berube. Constance Atkins, Richard Bates. Second row: Herbert Middleton, Barbara Bienkowtki. Gwendolyn Sims. Guy Tedesco. Charles Roan. Albert Canarelli. Mary Crews. Carol Adams. Third row: Raymond Underwood. Paul Cidern. Ann Campanelle, Camille Cavaness. Angela Carraeino. Ann Cimolo, Eleanor Chase. Missing from the photograph are June Andrian, David Appling, Margaret D'Atrio. Laura Foster, Ernest Klepctz, Ollie Simmons. Anthony Viilanova.MUSIC CHARMS (Above) Mr. D'Amico's giving his students a few sharp notes" on music. (Left) Arthur Schroeck (a la Liberece] performs for Mr. Pickett. Linda Ross and Carol LiPira in his organ class. (Below) Mrs. Shapiro's chorus class wait for the signal to bogin.(Above) The entire cost of the Variety Show has at it finale our school song—"O Artt High. we ting to you ..." (Left) Carol Lewis gives a modern dance interpretation of "Sistcen Tons." Million Dollar Matinee (Below, left) The sensitive strains of Edward Orennen's violin sing out "Penthouse Serenade." (Below, right) On stage Tiny Liaguno pantomimes Frankie Laine't "Jealousy." (Below, canter) "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Jane Goode will find her bluebird of happiness.(Left) An impressed audience looks on as Andrew Wideman-Bey sings and plays "How High the Moon." (Below, left) Fred Right With Me." if Stay." Robinson feels "It's All "Our Love it Here to (Below, center) Lois Finkelstein inspires her fellow students with "Suddenly there's a valley . . . where friendship never ends..." (Below, right) Anthony Marcantuono is convinced that "True Love is a Many Splendored Thing."Don't think that Mr. Pesile it paying tribute to h's orchestra; he's just leading them on. Mr. Pickett directs the Boys' Glee Club in their "Rhapsody." A MUSIC FESTIVAL The band does all the hard work, but note who takes the bows. The Chorus, directed by Mrs. Shapiro, sing "You’ll Never Walk Alone.' 32 When one tales the AHS television station tour, he it shown many different phases of producing, directing end publicizing a proaram. One of the mo'e interesting it the use of music in the studio. As our guide showed us about, he eiplained that because sound and tho picture are equally important, music is essential. The first thing we noticed as we ontorod the auditorium was the orchestra rehearsing on stage. Their ropertoire ranges from opera overtures to modern novolties. Wo were told that later on we might hear the band play, when tho instrumentalists who woro in both organizations wore through with orchestra rehearsal. In a sound-proof (?) room on tho ne«t floor we came across a strinq quartet practicing for a program to be held that night. In one of the music workshops we came across a group of composers who wero orchestrating incidental music for a variety show. Others wero composing wholo program scores to bo used as dramatic backgrounds. Farther down tho hall we entered the room where the AHS chorus was singing. They wero running through a few compositions which were being preporod for the following week s spectacular. The boy's chorus performed especially for us. We also met the studio organists who play much of the background music for the shorter daytime programs. There were a fow pianists rehearsing with the dancers and singers for various shows. In another room, nearby, wo watched the vocal director demonstrating how to play the part of he Mikado to tho star of the forthcoming show.As Juniors you ore now ready to assume feature roles in our Channel 25 productions. This is the time when your hard work will begin to pay dividends. Make the most of every opportunity offered you. When you are given a key part to play, do it to the best of your ability, for your time as a feature player Is short and you must be fully prepared to step into a starring role. You will get more important assignments than ever now and each one will bring you closer to the future stardom for which you are searching. 33HOME ROOM 215 34 HOME ROOM 306 MR. JAMES LOWRY MRS. DOROTHY NEUSSHOME ROOM 206 First row: Claudas El, Jesse El. James Allen. Katheryn Kerpinski, Dennis Skolski. Second row: Beverly Barlow, Geraldine Johnson. Anthony Donofrio. Robert Bass. Joseph Andransky, Joseph DiRago. Third row: Vera Jermolowich, Jean Jones, Anthony DiGregorio, Ronald Bonadies. Joseph Dorbin. Missing from photograph are Dominick Anastasia, Astor Glasgow, and Richard Magill. HOME ROOM 215 First row: Richard Hilser. Walter Koch. Larry Kreiger, John Buckley. Barbara Moldofsky. Second row: Carl Tommasone. Marlene Mercuro. Joyce Worchester. Nina Davenport. Marie Strothers. Irene Smith. Third row: Rosalie Mesmer, Josephine Pantano. Carol McCoy. Angela Larceri, Estelle Parrone. Jean Threadcraft. Patsy Riccardi. Missing from the photograph are Frederick McCoy and James Richards. HOME ROOM 306 First row: Edward Kleinsorgen, Joyce Knight. Andrew Wideman. Priscilla Ryan. Samuel Norton. Ronald Seeley. Second row: Olivia Crisp. Ronald Shipley. Albert DaCruz. Patricia Anderson. Anita Grande, Orrleen Orr. Third row: Rebecca Barnes, Daisy Nolan, Andrew Yskamp, Sylvia Smith. Cecelia Knof, Rosemarie Senetore. Rachel Zinn, Sandra DeLucia. Missing from the photograph is Valentine Gordon. HOME ROOM 304 MISS ALICE KEEHNER First row: Joseph Dowling, 8ryant Lewis. Janice Jenoski, Jane Goode, Alfred Volpe, Isadore D'Amico. Jacqueline Cooke, Kent Rheubottom. Second row: Dolores Heoh, John Dolan, Samuol Craft, Lance Anderson. Rogers Bryant. Gloria Fudge, Lydia Caetano. Catherine Bienk. Third row; Addie Sprinkle, Francine Caruso. Judith Rosenberg. Patricia Balvago, Tyrone Ingram, Emaline Booker, Vivian Cook. Missing from the photograph are Carmine Saldutti, Eileen Wascavage, David Frasier, John Nash. Louis DiBella, Paul Braun, and Andrew Giacobbo.HOME ROOM 313 MR. JOSEPH REUTER First row: Paul Pellicano. Arthur Geotze. Andrew DiMertino. Joseph Mansi. Eugene Black. Marietta Mayes, Louis Inzeo. Second row; Blaine Chambers. Joel Melillo, Dorothy Evers. Herbert Greenberg, Nancy Hicks. Elizabeth Nessler. Beverly Jetter. Carole Suesser, Barbara Ely. Trine Guardi. Third row: Annette Merendino. Elsie Alston, Helen Mosier. Anthony DeLuca, Maria Osinska, Michelle Nadeau. Gail Knobloch. Sally Moye. Maryann Rhumm. Missing from the photograph are Michael Slivchak, Donald Sitek. and Henrietta Watts. HOME ROOM 319 MR. LEONARD MORRIS First row: Peter Mancuso, Robert Romesh, Carl Olcheski. Michael Melillo, Donald Pierson. Carol Wooten. Barbara Francioli, Roseann Menza. Second row: Ann Pitts. Robert Calabrese. Gordon Reed. Kenneth Schnall, George Lasky. Rocco Collura. Vera Brown. Third row; Winifred Shannon. Anthony Troiano, Judith Williams, Leonard Volpc. Florian Jenkins. Elaine Baunhuber. Gloria Bonge, Elizabeth Hutson, Theresa Hooper. Missing from the photograph are John Brenner and Janet Ceveness.BUSY AS BEES (Above) In Kit Fundamentals class we find Dr. Seamster considering how a participle dangles. (Left) Mr. Morris tries to explain the difference between a teacher and a taxidermist to an incredulous student in his occupation class. (Below) Mrs. Hiller teaching her couturieres about the warp and woof during sew-in j period.And suddenly there wet with the angel a multitude of the heavenly hoit praiting God." —Luke 2:13 "And lo. the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them:" —Luke 2:9 Mrt. Hopper. Ave Vaccaro. Ann Brxeiicki, and Ann Carol Sturn ere having a gay time telling calendert at the Chrittmat Fair."And sbe brought forth her first-born son. and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger." —Luke 2:7 "And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in the manager." —Luke 2:16 The Birthday of a King Here's a picture that depends a lot on your "point of view"! In the midst of scurrying, hurrying, noise, peace, laughter, tears, secrecy and joy, the holiday season is ushered in. Channel 25's studio Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner with a holiday fair and a semi-religious musical show. For weolts before the great day arrives, the staff is busy constructing, creating, purchasing, planning and rehearsing. The net result is a festive evening at which the Christmas spirit permeates the air. We heard of the fair by word of mouth and decided to see for ourselves all the wonderful things we had heard about this occasion. When we arrived at AHS, we were greeted by the sight of a gaily bedecked fir tree standing near the studio entrance. We heard sounds of laughter and many voices coming from the recreation rooms and headed that way. There, we parted with some hard-earned money, for who could resist the mouth watering cakes and cookies, the original greeting cards, the handmade copper jewelry, the ceramic ware or the handsewn collars and aprons? When we tired of scrutinizing the wares, wo headed for the refreshment booth which was strategically placed. Because the musical show was about to begin, we entered the main auditorium to enjoy the performance. Five tableaux were presented during which the chorus and soloists sang various carols and Christmos music. The colorful tableaux which were announced by the narrator. Fred Robinson, depicted various scenes of the Nativity. The program ended with the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah by the AHS choir. The entire evening left us with a-glad-Christmas-is-here feeling. Gad! Just look at all thoso delicious calories! 39MR. ROCCO MISURELL B.S.. M.A. SCIENCE AHS has been doubly blessed. Not only were you our class advisor, but. for a term you served as Acting Vice-Principal. During that time you were always there when we needed your advice. Your friendly, encouraging manner inspired us to travel a little farther on the road to success. In class, you demonstrated your talent as a teacher by holding the interest of all. But. it was your concern for our welfare which highlighted our high school years. MR. DAVID JANOWITZ B.S.. M.S. ENGLISH Through our years hero at AHS-TV. we have learned to depend on your integrity and guidance. You have an unbelievable knack of handling every kind of adolescent problem. In your teaching role, you made good use of the tools of understanding, acceptance and humor. You were there when we needod you and were always willing to listen to our problems and give words of advice. You gave us a chance to become independent, mature adults. MR. ALLAN J. SHAPIRO B.A.. M.A. HISTORY Although you have been one of our teachers for a comparatively short time, we have been truly impressed by you. Your manner of teaching and your untiring efforts in our behalf helped us all to do our best. Without your wealth of ready knowledge and the efficient way you presented it to us our senior year would not have been complete. 40» At last, after three years of study and hard work, you have finally become co-stars at our studio. The next stop for you will be stardom. You have progressed from walk-ons, bit parts, and feature roles to the point where you are about to begin the lost phase of your career here. You will have to work hard this term because you will be a very important part of our productions here on Channel 25. Everything you do now will have an influence upon your futuro plans, whatever they may be. Soon this term will be over and you will no longer be in suspense, wondering whether or not you made the grade as a star. »•••••• •! »•••••••• ••••• •••• »••••••••••• •.......... , • ••••••••••••••«•» ••••••••• •••••••• 9J •••••••• ••••••« •••••• • j •••••• »•••••• •! ••»••••••• )•••••••••••••) »••••••••••el ••••••••••• • •••••••••• !•••••••••• • J .••••••••• «| »•••••••• • ••••••••' »•••••••• •••••••••• e ••••teeter L e •••••• • • ••••• »•••••••• k • e ••••••• e e e e e e e « •MMMlI i • • • • • e e t iMeieeteeiMj 41 RICHARD GANOCZY RICHARD GANOCZY Rr nd nf WINIFRED HEARNS Vic Pf nd of 124 Third Avenue Rich, your nickname has proven to be a fitting one. You aro truly rich in friendship s ways. When you came to AHS you made everyone feel as if you were his friend, and soon you really were. You proved yourself to be a leader and so your classmates voted you president of your class in your Junior year. You worked for the appointment of makeup editor on the Vignette. After graduation you will attend Seton Hall University. WINIFRED HEARNS 45 Tichenor Street As a diligent and conscientious worker you have succeeded in all you set out to do. In class you were attentive, and in your extracurricular activities you were a faithful member. Making friends always came easy to you. Yes. Winnie, you were outstanding, as shown by your National Honor Society induction. In the future you plan to attend college and major in fashion designing. At present you are preparing for this by taking a sewing course at Edwards School of Design. SONYA KUZMINSKI 33 Beverly Street Your friendly manner and warm personality have helped you make many friends. The assembly programs will be among your fond memories of Arts High. You received an award for your excellence in typing, which will be a valuable asset to you in your future plans for employment. As you are interested in business courses you plan to become a court stenographer. To obtain the necessary training you will enter either Drake Business College or Berkeley School. HENRY JACKSON 76 Monmouth Street You say that the memories most dear to you are those of the soothing music during the lunch poriod. the art work which you have accomplished here, and the assemblies. Henry, the photography and ceramics club members were glad to have such a fun-loving momber among them. The school will lose some of its sparkle when you leave. Your post-graduote aim is to attend college. You plan to enroll in Pratt Institute. 42 SONYA KUZMINSKI S r fory HENRY JACKSON Trtotvrtr KEFFIER ADKINS 495 South 18th Street Your life at AHS has been pleasant and filled with many fond memories. Winning third place in a city-wide poster contest, and appearing in the Variety Show have been among them. Hank Williams recordings have occupied most of your free time. The excellent instruction which you received at AHS has added to added to your desire to become a draftsman. You plan to attend Cooper Union or some other art college to study drafting. RAYMOND ALBERTI 453 South 12th Street Athletics have always occupied your extracurricular time here at Arts High. Your school hours have been spent in the thorough study of your selected subjects. You have been fortunate enough to win two track letters fdr your athletic activities. You plan to attend Georgia Toch. where you will continue your athletic and educational interests. Afterwards, you plan to enter the U.S. Air Force. ERNESTINE BAKICH 105 Central Avenue Ernie, you smiled your way through school and charmed all those you met. Many of your classmates became your close friends because of your understanding manner. You rendered service to your school by working as head typist on the Vignette Staff. Because you enjoy helping people, you plan to enter Nurses Training at Martland Medical Center. With your friendly personality and quiet ways you will bocomo an accomplished nurse.ARLENE BAZAREWSKI CLARENCE BUTLER ARLENE BAZAREWSKI 130 West Runyon Street Although you were a quiet girl, you made yourself known in many ways, such as doing your classroom work well and by making friends among your classmates. Although you worked after school, you found leisure time to go horseback riding. You plan to attend Drake's Business College after you graduate, where you will major in secretarial training. With your quiet and friendly manner, we’re sure you will make good in the field of your choice. CLARENCE BUTLER 147 James Street Spike . you will always remember your teachers, classmates, and the boys' locker room. Sports took up most of your time while you were away from school. You were a great supporter of all the Arts High teams. Your friends will always remember the quiet and calm way with which you handled every situation. After graduation you plan to join the Air Force, where you hope to excel as an airman and protector of our country. DANIEL CHAMBERS 203 Prince Street Daniel, you came from Charlton Stroot School, and since that time you have developed an interest in dentistry. You have found the pupils and teachers friendly, but you especially like the various activities. Here at Arts you have been a member of the Student Council, Photography Club and the Basketball Team. After graduation you plan to enter Seton Hall University, where, upon receiving a degree, you plan to enter one of the dental schools in New Jersey. LILLIE COLEMAN 285 Norfolk Stroet The numerous opportunities offerod you to express yourself through music in singing have left a deep impression on your memory. Your teachers have been a steadying factor in your school life. Helping in the Guidance Office and being a member of the Spanish Club have been included among your extracurricular activities. Singing in your church choir has occupied much of your time spent away from AHS. You plan to attend college to study music. ERNEST DAVIS 31 Schley Street You entered Arts High to pursue your studies in art. Being a very quiet and reserved person, you are content with only a few close friends. You would go about your studies without any foolishness. When it came to art. you were quick to respond to the instruction. You proved this by winning many art awards in our free lance art exhibitions. After you leave Arts High, you plan to enter a branch of our armed forces. DANIEL CHAMBERS LILLIE COLEMAN ERNEST DAVIS 44I ■ JOAN De ROSA LAWRENCE FALLON HENRY FENICHEL JOAN DeROSA 59 Ninth Avenue Your friendly smile and winning way with people will always remain in the memories of your classmates. You loved the one-big-family feeling in the school. Playing the viola in the orchestra was one of the thrills of your high school years. You always worked hard and made the Honor Roll a number or times. Your leisure time is spent in working for the CYO. You plan to study music at Montclair State Teachers College or Juilliard School of Music and then go into the teaching field. LAWRENCE FALLON 75 North Seventh Street You entered Arts High in yopr Senior year, and you found that it was easy to belong, because of the friendliness of the students ond the informal atmosphere. You will always be remembered for your dancing and your winning personality. Your out-of-school interests include the CYO and Grunings. Art is your main interest. After graduation you plan to continue with your art work, and will attend either Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts or Parsons School of Design. WALTER FRAZIER HENRY FENICHEL 72 Ninth Avenue A more than able player of many band" instruments. Hank, you served your school well by playing in the Orchestra. Band, and Dance Band. But these weren t the only ones you were a member of. and many Saturday nights would find you playing sweet dreams for dancers. As a friendly and outgoing person, or just a plain swell guy. you’re sure to be a really great music teacher, after attending Montclair State Teachers College here in New Jersey. WALTER FRAZIER 49 Peshine Avenue Your very fine art work was recognized when you won an art award in the Free Lance Exhibition. Your out-of-school interests are dancing, baseball, and cars. You are very pleasant and always smiling. We will hate to see you go but we wish you success in your future plans. You plan to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, then go on to another art col ege to realize your ambition of becoming a commercial artist. NEUTIE FUDGE. Jr. 1971 McCarter Highway The well organized and reverent way in which the assembly programs are conducted has impressed you. as have the friends you ve made in school You wore an active participant in many extracurricular activities including baseball, track and Boys’ Glee Club. You have received many awards tor your outstanding athletic performance. Among these honors was that of becoming captain of the Track Team. Your greatest ambition is to win a scholarship to Penn State College. 4STHOMAS GEORGE 198 Third Street Being co-chief of the State Crew will always be a fond memory for you. You have used the experience gained here in outside activities such as Junior Achievement and Little Theater productions. Winning three prizes in one of the freelance art exhibitions was a tremendous thrill for you. While you were in this school, you enjoyed the small classes where each student was given a great deal of attention. Upon graduation, you plan to enter college where you will study mechanical engineering. TIMOTHY GRANGER 139 Seymour Avenue With your vivid personality and quick wit. you found it easy to make many friends. Art and gym classes were your favorites, although they shared equally with homeroom and lunch period. We will always remember how you tried to play the piano during lunch periods, but somehow you were never too successful. Because you worked, you were unable to be active in school affairs. As of now you have no plans for the future. PETER HAYES 272 South Sixth Street Pharaoh", you first enriched Arts High with your wonderful personality in September of 1953. You came to us from Cleveland Junior High, where you had already distinguished yourself. Being an active member of the Photography Club, and being with all of your fxiends during lunch period have given you pleasure. Working with the Ringling Brothers Circus has made your out-of-school life very exciting. After graduation you would like to find employment with the circus as a wild animal trainer. RONALD HODES 144 Keer Avenue Being co-chief of our ever-ready Stago Crew, you were always busy, but you did find time to take photographs for your Vignette. You made use of your art talents in the Pottery Club and the Art Service Club. To everything you participated in. you added a touch of humor. After attending Pratt Institute or Cooper Union, you plan to become a commercial artist, and. as you would always say. That's it. pal." ROBERTA HOLDER 171 Weequahic Avenue Because you possessed a striking and admirable personality, you have acquired many friends. As a student, you have achieved an honor few accomplish, membership in the National Honor Society. You participated in many school activities. among them the Vignette, the Math Club and the Band, but found time for an active social life as well. Your most important after-school interest was your piano. In the future you plan to prepare for a music education career by attending Oberlin College. THOMAS GEORGE TIMOTHY GRANGER 46 PETER HAYES RONALD HODES ROBERTA HOLDERHAROLD KENNETH HOLLAND HUBERT HUTCHINS HAROLD KENNETH HOLLAND 29 Branch Brook Drive. Belleville Ken. you had no trouble in securing the friendship of your classmates, since you possess a very intriguing and magnetic personality. You were awarded second prize in a poster contest and also received honorable mention in the Kresge Art Show. You were also active on the Baseball Team. In the future you hope to attend Rutgers University. Because you are a diligent worker, we know you will have a successful career in whatever field you decide to enter. HUBERT HUTCHINS 267 Livingston Street You were a very fine member of our Music Department. You were one of the original members of the Boys' Glee Club, and your voice echoed through our auditorium during three of our operas and many of our concerts. As part of the Vignetto literary staff, you worked very hard. You plan to make a career of the organ, which you learned to play here at Arts High. After graduation you would like to attend Curtis Institute of Music. MARJORIE WANESA HYDE 50 Unity Avenue Marge, you came to Arts from Lincoln School. Here at Arts you have enjoyed being a member of the Art Service Club and art editor of the Scope. You also earned the coveted A Pin as well as membership in the National Honor Society. Your ambition is to illustrate medical books. You will always remember Arts for its faculty and student body. After graduation you plan to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. CHARLES JOHNSON 172 Bleekor Street As a member of the Student Council, you showed your interest in bettering your school. You devoted yourself to serving your school and classmates. You enjoyed the way the teachers wore able to give each student individual attention, a practico whicn could not be carried on in a larger school. Your post-school ambition is to join the Air Force, where you will serve your country with the same great spirit with which you served your school. MARY ELLEN JOHNSON 234 Sherman Avenue Participation in the Sewing Club, the Spanish Club, the Drama Club, and the Girls' Glee Club gave you much pleasure and satisfaction. You were also an avid worker for the Junior Leaguers. Inc. Attending school dances, listening to music and reading the Scope were the things you liked best about Arts High. Typing, for which you achieved an award, was one of your favorite subjects. Singing songs and playing the piano are your hobbies. Furthering your musical education is your aim. 47 MARJORIE WANESA HYDE CHARLES JOHNSON MARY ELLEN JOHNSONMARY ANN KANYOCK ANNE JORDAN 518 South 17th Street You came to Arts High to learn more about your chosen field of art. You did a very good job in your art classes which you enjoyed, perhaps, more than any other subject. Outside of school you spent your time reading numerous books, and in the wintor you lovod to go ice skating. Because you want to further your study of art, you plan to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. MARY ANN KANYOCK 186 Highland Avenue Throughout your four years at AHS you ave made many friends. You served your school by being an active member of the Art Service Club and by typing for the Vignette. How can we ever forget your effervescent personality and your understanding of everyone! Your ambition after graduation is to attend Seton Hall Night School. There you plan to study comptometer operation. Upon receiving your degree you hope to secure a position as a private secretary. WILLIAM KAUFMANN 824 South 16th Street As a holder of two athletic letters you will be missed at Arts High. You had two years' training on our swimming team and became Co-Captain. You were also a valued member of the baseball team. Because of your outside interest in the YMCA. you won a special award for service. The friendships you have made here will always be a pleasant memory of your school years. The future holds a term in one o? the Armed Forces and then a college education. CHARLES KRUCZEK 86 Elm Road You came to Arts High from Branch Brook School in January. ‘53. Swiftly and easily you made many friends. You were an active member of the Library Guild. We will always remember your gay smile and your sense of humor. You have many out-of-school interests, but the one you find most enjoyable is listening to all kinds of music. The classes that you will always remember are the chorus and history classes. Your post-high school ambition is to work. VINCENT LIAGUNO 261 South Orange Avenue You are now leaving much bohind you and going on to your life-time ambition of being a baseball player. Here you have laid the foundations. You received your letter in baseball for your playing on the Varsity Team. You were treasurer of the 3A class, too. Tiny, and a faithful member of the School Service Club. You have really been a good friend to the many teachers and students with whom you came in contact in the past four years. 48 WILLIAM KAUFMANNSARA JEAN LIEBMAN LUCILLE MieDOUGALL CAROLYN MARRONE SARA JEAN LIEBMAN 615 Clifton Avenue Small and pretty, you came to this school as a Junior to further your music studies. Immediately you became a member of our school band and orchestra. Your flute has echoed in many of our assemblies. Jeanie. you gained many friends among both the students and teachers. Your out-of-school interests are music (listening and playing) and geography. After graduation you expect to attend Montclair State Teachers College or Juilliard Conservatory, to become a music teacher. LUCILLE MacDOUGALL 64 North Hawthorne Lano Known to us all as Lucy, you always wore a big smile for everyone. Your interesting hobby of autograph collecting reflects your desire to know about people in general. The faculty members and the assemblies will be among your pleasant memories of Arts High School. You plan to attend a school for switchboard operators, where you will also learn to be a typist. With this training you will be qualified for a position as clerk-telephone operator. CAROLYN MARRONE 549 Bergen Street A handy g:rl with a typewriter. ''Carr", you were an excellent student in typing and stenography dasses. Since you have this ability, you plan to attend a secretarial school. Your friends are many and you lead a full life outside of school and like dancing, skating and fun in any form. Because you worked after school, you didn’t take part in many extracurricular activities: but still you were one of the most charming girls in your class. DAVID McDonald 142 Howard Stroot You have participated in many activities here at Arts High, and done well in all of them. You made many friends here. When you were away from school, you read a qreat deal. Having your Columbus Day essay chosen as the best in the school was a tremendous thrill for you. Being literary editor of the Vignette was also an honor which you will always remember. After graduation, you hope to attend college where you will study law. ARLINE McGRAW 449 West Market Street "R'1. you came to us from South Eighth Street School. You have made many friends among your teachers and classmates during your four years here. In your freshman year you participated in the annual Variety Show. Out of school your membership in the CYO and your two-season career as an active member of the Cheering Squad kept you quite busy and happy. At Arts you developed new interests and you now think of becoming a dancor or a private secretary. david McDonald ARLINE McGRAW 491 DOLORES McNEHL CHARLES NEWTON DOLORES McNEILL 39 Quitman Street Your sincere manner, Dolores, will make you a long-lasting friend of many. The musical assembly programs will be among your fondest high school memories. The Mathematics Club and the Junior Red Cross have been your favorite clubs here at Arts High. Your fine personality and vibrant spirit have enriched your chosen clubs and they will help you in your chosen field. You plan to attend New Jersey State Teachers College, where you will major in elemontary education. CHARLES NEWTON 277 Prince Street Arts High has been enriched through your sincere efforts to better your school and yourself. Sports have occupied a great deal of your time and among those you like are ping-pong, baseball, football, and basketball. You were a member of the Boys' Glee Club and the Photography Club. You would like to enter a military academy because of the interest that the Cadets’ Civil Air Patrol has aroused in you in the past years. GLORIA PRIORE 97 South Seventh Street We'll always remember you, "Sparkles", as the girl with the great big smile. Wherever you went, the sunshine went with you. (Maybe it was your shiny blond hair.) The places you went were varied because you love to dance, bowl and skate. Your favorite classes were typing and stenography and for your excellence in typing you received an award. With this background we know you'll make an able secretary. We wish you well in your career. LUDMYLA REMPTER 570 South 18th Street Judy, you have particularly liked the family feeling and friendliness here at Arts High. You have also enjoyed being a member of the Spanish Club. When you were away from your studies, your greatest pleasures, were trying out and experimenting with new rocipos. and enjoying the company of your boy friend. A real love for people and especially for small children has led to your finding employment as a baby sitter. After graduation you plan to be married and to become a homemaker. JUNE RUMMEL 248 Ferry Street Sweet, smiling June, you came from Wilson Avenue School to enter Arts as an art major. You made friends very easily among the students and the teachers. Your friendly good humor was well liked and enjoyed by us ail. Your out-of-school interests include roller skating, your most ploasing pastime. Although you do not plan to attend a college to further the art work which you began here at Arts High, you have a post-school ambition to visit Germany. h SO GLORIA PRIORE LUDMYLA REMPTER JUNE RUMMELBERNICE SCHOCKLEY 71 Treacy Avenue "Shock" you come to Arts In January. 1954 from Cleveland Junior High. During the time you have been here you have come to like many things about the school one of the features being the excellent music training. You are a member of the All-State Chorus, and have received an award for typing. Your outside activities Include being a member of the YWCA. You p’en to major In music at Upsala Collogo in East Orange. JANET SCHREIBER 39 Seymour Avenue As long as you have been here. Jan. you have liked the unity and friendship found here. You have made many friends and you've had a number of never-to-be forgotten experiences that you will sincerely miss upon graduation. In you we have discovered the qualities of a wonderful student. Included in your outside pastimes is roller skating, which is the most fun for you. For your future you have chosen the field of dress designing. ARTHUR SCHROECK 17 Olympic Terrace, Irvington, New Jersey You were one of Arts' most popular and talented musicians. Among your friends you were known as "Gumps". You have participated in activities such as the Band. Orchestra. Opera Group, and the Dance Band. P'aying the piano and listening to jazz were your favorite pastimes. After graduation, you plan to attend Montclair State Teachers College and later travel to Japan. PHILLIP SMITH 211 Camden Street Phil, your gay smile and friendly personality won you many friends. You have many fields of interests but you particularly enjoy sports. You spend mos of your leisure hours swimming, playing basketball, or engaging in a game of ping-pong. Your ambition is to become a cartoonist. A certificate for art and a scholastic art award are indications of your talent and ability. Upon graduation you plan to enter the United States Marines. WILLIAM SMITH 61 Hayes Street Arriving at Arts in September '52 from Newton Street. B II, you found many new friends here. You were a member of the T-Square and Tr ange Club, which you enjoyed. You had a lively interest in activities outside o school such as the Boys’ Club and the Youth Council. Besides all these things, you held a job at Bernstein Furniture Company. Your post-high ambit on is to enlist in one of the Armed Forces. BERNICE SCHOCKLEY JANET SCHREIBER ARTHUR SCHROECK PHILUP SMITH WILLIAM SMITHSALVATORE SORCE BERTHA SPINNUZZA SALVATORE SORCE 895 De Graw Avenue You always added a bit of fun to all your classes. But. in art you settled down to business and displayed your talents. You received Honorable Montion in the Kresge Art Show. Developing an interest in ceramics, you joined the Pottery Club. When you weren't working after school, you were playing baseball or football. Aftor graduation, it is your ambition to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts to prepare for a commercial art career. BERTHA SPINNUZZA 435 South Twelfth Street Bert, besides being one of our able Scope reporters, you have found time for other Arts High activities, including an active membership in the Art Service Club. You have artistic talents which have earned you a certificate of merit. Although you are majoring in art. you have developed an avid interest in journalism and plan to attend Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, after graduation. In line with your journalistic ambitions you've also served on the Vignette staff. VINCENT THOMAS VINCENT THOMAS 124 Somerset Street Vincent—Vinny to your friends—you've taken an active role in the Junior Red Cross and the Student Council. At AHS you have found the friendly atmosphere among the students and teachers very pleasing.. But even though you were busy in school, you still found time to be employed at Klein's department store. You are seriously intending to enroll in medical school after graduation, although you have not decided upon any one school at present. PATRICIA A. THOMPSON 107 South Eighth Street Pat, your delightful sense of humor has gained you and your classmates many happy moments while at Arts. You have not. as yet. chosen the college which you plan to attend, but you are very determined to become a pediatrician. As a step toward your goal, you have beon working in a doctor's office. You have participated in the Spanish Club and the Junior Red Cross. We also know that you have taken quite an interest in playing the piano, singing and bowling. Patricia a. ThompsonLOUIS TOBIE ROBERT VALE EDWARD WYDARENY ANTIONETTE YANNACONE LOUIS TOBIE 124 South Seventh Street Wherever there was music, there you were. Tobie. Since you belonged to practically every musical organization in the school, you were truly a great asset to the Music Department. You received»an award for your performances at the United Appeals dinners. Your outside interests were also musical, and you played in many outstanding dance bands. Most of your friends were .glso talented musicians, and. as expected, you have chosen to continue your instrumental studies, and then, to become a professional musician. ROBERT VALE 786 Hunterdon Street You came to join us in September. 1953. from Webster Junior High School, a place where you had made your mark. Art has been your main interest in school. You are a faithful member of Junior Achievement and you enjoy exploring. Here at Arts, the Stage Crew has benefited from your constant effort to lend a helping hand. After graduation you plan to continue your study of art, and ultimately you hope to become a commercial artist. EDWARD WYDARENY 526 South 18th Street You spent your out-of-school time bowling, skating, fishing and playing baseball. Here at Arts you were a faithful member of the baseball and basketball teams and also of the Stage Crew. You'll remember the friendly relationship that united us all, here in a small school, and the easy-going school life. You would like to attend Rutgers University or Pratt Institute. After college you would like to join the Navy, and hope you will be assigned to a specialists school. ANTIONETTE YANNACONE 100 Norwood Street You Toni, were a girl who seemed to be completely unruffled by the trials and tribulations of life. Your charming smile and flashing eyes will long b« remembered by your classmates. Your appreciation for music was expressed by your participation in the band and in many other musical functions of the school. Your part-time job in a bridal shop took up most of your leisure time, but this work helped you decide to enter the field of fashion design. S34B POPULARITY POLL BEST SCHOLAR Winifred Hearns Richard Ganociy MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Roberta Holder David McDonald MOST AMBITIOUS Roberta Holder David McDonald BEST MUSICIAN Roberta Holder Arthur Shroeclc BEST DANCER Joan De Rosa Vincent Liaguno BIGGEST FLIRTS Ernestine Bakich Neutie Fudge BEST FIGURE AND BUILD Arline McGraw Bill Kaufmann CLASS CLOWN Bernice Schockley Bill Kaufmann QUIETEST Ann Jordan Clarence ButlerMOST STUDIOUS Marjorie Hyde David McDonald BEST ALL AROUND STUDENT Roberta Holder Richard Ganoczy MOST POPULAR Vincent Liaguno Joan De Rosa BEST LOOKING Arline McGraw Ronald Hodes BEST DRESSED Sonya Kuzminski Harold Holland BEST ARTIST Ann Jordan Ronald Hodes BEST ATHLETE Arline McGraw Noutio Fudge DREAMER Ludmyla Remptor Richard Ganoczy NOISIEST Bernice Schockley Bill KaufmannYou will find many spring chickens at the Autumn leaves dance! THE AUTUMN LEAVES DANCE These hep cats are strictly in the qroove the real gone jitterbug. as they dig Romantic couples sway to the haunting strains of "Autumn Leaves."Theie eager customers prove our cake is not archaic. Before a pleased audience. Arthur Schroeck hammers out a tune on his vibraphone. "Bet 2-3-4 you didn't know 2-3-4 this is my first 2-3-4 try at the 2-3-4 Membo!" One of the most outstanding events of the past year was the 4B-4A Autumn Leaves Dance. The decor of flowers, and seasonal leaves, together with the soft lights produced a wonderful autumnal effect-in the otherwise dismal gym. The hip shaking mambos, the floor rocking jitterbugs, and the swaying waltzes lent their rhythms to the high spirited dancers. During the course of the evening several of our studio personalities took the spotlight on the floor and demonstrated some of the more intricate dance steps. After watching the performers, the onlookers joined in the swing. As a break from the energy consuming fun, the dancers went to the refreshment booth where they consumed cookies, cakes, and cokes. The conscientious and enthusiastic efforts of the technical advisors and their assistants resulted in a program that was unique in presentation and highly acclaimed by the critics. 57MR. MILTON KAPPSTATTER B.S., M.B.A. BUSINESS Your sincere and constant assistance have helped us to develop our ability to think for ourselves and to cope with our problems in a businesslike mannor. Throughout our development we have felt the influence of your continuing efforts to make us well rounded individuals. Your dry humor has shown through on many occasions especially in your typing class when you have said with sly smile. Okay, class; this time, try using the machine when you type." In your own inimitable way you have succeeded in making our four years here a very enjoyable time in our lives. MISS EMILY KRUCK B.S.. M.A.. HISTORY With sincerity and earnestness you have worked with your students, and tried to impress upon thorn the importance of becoming good citizens and of preserving the principles and ideals of our great country. But you bolieved that learning to get along with others was the most important lesson. Your pationce and understanding encouraged the students to do their very best work. If we put these fine ideals into practice, then we have acquired much. MR. GEORGE STEISEL B.A. MATHEMATICS With patience and understanding you have instructed us well, not only in facts and figures, but also in the development of clear thinking. Working together harmoniously toward bettering ourselves and our school has been a goal you have stimulated us into attaining. Your outburst of "That's the way!"— when we have performed beyond expectations has helped us to do our very best. In your position as athletic director of AHS-TV, you have made the most of every opportunity to convey the lessons of sportsmanship to our boys, our cheerleaders and the spectators. Of all wo have learned we cannot help remembering one of your most important lessons—"Do all you do the best of your ability, and never slight the ability of someono else." 58You have finally achieved stardom and are now ready to embark upon a new stage. You are on your way to some unknown port; therefore, the horizon looks dark and forboding. Here is your Passport to Danger. You will no longer be sheltered in the friendly atmosphere of our studios. But although the future holds awe and mystery, the knowledge and experience which you have acquired here at AHS-TV will be of invaluable assistance to you. JOHN McGRATH Piendvnl JOHN McGRATH 22 Irving Street Jack, you came to Arts High in September of 1953 from Queen of Peace High School. You were honored by being elected president of your graduation class. Although you were kept busy with the responsibilities of this office, you still found time to participate in the Boys'Glee Club programs. Outside of school you were an active member of Junior Achievement. After graduation you plan to attend a school of business management and eventually hope to supervise your own restaurant. DIANA MARGULIES 108 Center Terrace You came to Arts High as a freshman and with your outstanding personality and your ability you attained the vice presidency of the Senior class and the position of personal editor of the Vignette. Red", you will always be remembered for your very charming ways and your many achievements. Upon graduation you would like to study public accounting at Upsala College. Dancing, sewing, and friendly get-to-gethers have always been your outside interests. DIANA MARGUIIS Vic Pr»t,d»nt PATRICIA KONARSKI 725 South 17th Street You were a girl with a cheerful smile and a winning personality. You acquired numerous friends here at Arts High. You were a music major, and enjoyed participating in the Music Department's programs. Outside of the classroom, you excelled in sports. Your membership on the Cheering Squad, which won you a letter; and your friendly association with the faculty, which made your school life pleasant, will be among your most cherished memories. Your post-high school ambition is to attend night school for secretarial training. ROSANN INSABELLA 241 Oliver Street The smallness of Arts High School appealed to you because it gave you a chance to become acquainted with many people. Serving as a representative in the Student Council and holding the office of class treasurer have been among your extracurricular activities. Social dancing is one of your out-ofschool activities. You received art awards from the Latham Foundation and the United Appeals poster contest. You have chosen to become a beautician and plan to attend the Wilfred Academy. 60 PATRICIA KONARSKI S«cr«tary ROSANN INSA6EUA T rtawrtrNANCY ANDREWS 39 North Munn Avenue Nancy, you were a girl well lilted bv your fellow classmates, and wherever you went you carried with you a bright and exuberant spirit. You were a faithful member of the Library Guild, Drama Club, and the Scope. Appearing in the Variety Shows as part of a girls’ trio was a big thrill for you. Outside of school you were a member of the "Y". After graduation you are not sure what you will do. MARIE ANICITO 319 Littleton Avenue Marie, you were a charming, intelligent, sincere person, who was a friend to all. You served as secretary of your class during your 38 and 3A terms. To quote you. "I like the assemblies, and the students, but most of all the teachers. We have heard that your out-of-school interest is dancing. Your plans do not include attending a college or a professional school. Your ambition is to be married after graduation and to become a successful homemaker. LOUISE BAILEY 112 South 12th Street Look for a quiet, sincere girl, and there you are. Louise. You will long be remembered for your bright smile and flashing eyes. You made many friends here at Arts High. You liked the quiet atmosphere of the school and the rough, riotous games of captainball. You were an art major, and, as expected, you have chosen to attend the Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Arts, to further your knowledge of fashion design. PEGGY ANN BALLANGER 33Vi South 12th Street You were a very active girl who loved to make herself useful. You were a member of the Art Service Club. Outsido of AHS you were a busy particioant in church activities and also had a part-time job. The thing that impressed you most here at Arts was the patience and understanding of the faculty. After you leave Arts, you plan to study nursing or enter the secretarial field. Whatever you do. Taffy, we re sure you'll do it well. BEVERLY JOAN BAYREDER 485 Belmont Avenue As a hard worker. Bev, you have a full time schedule of extracurricular activities which include the Arts Service Club, the Scope, and last but far from least, the Student Council. You have informed us that the things you've enjoyed best at Arts High have been our delightful assemblies, and our very understanding faculty. Among your after-school interests is the job which you hold at Sears. Roebuck. After graduation your ambition is to attend college. NANCY ANDREWS MARIE ANICITO 61 LOUISE BAILEY PEGGY ANN BALLANGER BEVERLY JOAN BAYREDERROSALIE BERTOLDI JUDY BOLTON JOHN BRAVACO ROSALIE BERTOLDI 122 Columbia Avenue You, Rosalie have been busy during your seemingly short stay at Arts. You have served as a member of the Student Council and the Art Service Club. You have received two certificates of merit in art. We have been told you are a sports enthusiast indulging in bowling, tennis, golfing, and dancing. It's a well known fact among your friends that your ambition is to study dress designing and later to get married. JUDY BOLTON 717 High Street “Squirt", your cute face, sweet disposition, and silly giggle made you many friends. You were an active member of the Student Council, the Art Service Club, the Junior Red Cross, and the Vignette. The membors of the Basketball Team and everyone else who attended the basketball games will remember the little cheerleader with the big blue eyes and naturally curly hair. Your post high school ambition is to enter Parsons School of Design to study fashion illustration. JOHN BRAVACO 40 North Hawthorne Lane The Art Service Club. Scope Staff and the Baseball Team have been your fields of operation during your four years. When you are away from school, you turn your attention to football, baseball, and girls. Your many friends include both students and teachers. After graduation you plan to join the Navy and. while traveling, hope to gather art material for future re erence. Upon receiving your service discharge, you plan to continue your art training. ELLENE KATHRYN BRIDEN 42 Isabella Avenue Ellene, you will be missed at Arts High School. Because of your pleasing personality, you made many friends during your stay here. You were an active member of the Scope staff, the Student Council, the Library Guild, and the Art Service Club. In your senior year you served as art editor of the Vignette. You were a very ambitious girl. The friendly relationship between the students and teachers and the fine music assemblies impressed you immensely. Upon graduation you plan to attend Seton Hall University. MICHAEL BROWN 249 16th Avenue The Track. Swimming and Gym Teams have all benefited by your great competitive spirit. For these activities you have received many awards for outstanding work. You have made numerous friends among your classmates and the faculty members. Because you were a good student, you were able to make the Honor Roll during most of your four years here. You plan to a tend the Newark College of Engineering or Stevens Institute of Technology to study chemical engineering. MICHAEL BROWNANN BRZEZlCKI CHARLES CALELLO SlSTO CAPONERA DANIEL CARLUCCIO ANTHONY J. CIALLELLO ANN BRZEZlCKI 590 South 13th Street Although you entered Arts High in your junior year, you will always be remembered especially for your speed on the stenograph machine. In your senior year you became an active member of the Junior Red Cross, and the Art Service Club. You were made business manager of the Vignette. You. the girl with the laughing eyes, were Inown to your friends as Chiclcie. After graduation you plan to attend a stenograph school to prepare for a position as a court stenographer. CHARLES CALELLO 350 New York Avenue "Charlie ", you were a very popular boy here at Arts High. You played in the band at many school dances and we will never forget those beautiful sounds that came from your bass and from your accordion. You were a fine musician and played in many of Newark's top clubs. After graduation you plan to become a music teacher. SlSTO CAPONERA 352 North Seventh Street You came to us from Garfield School in September of 1952. After school hours, sports occupied a great deal of your time. You made the Baseball Team and promptly distinguished yourself as a player. For your activities on the Baseball Team you were presented with two letters. Winning an award from the Latham Foundation showed that you were also artistically talented. Upon graduation you plan to attend a good college or to join the United States Marines. DANIEL CARLUCCIO 316 Morris Avenue During your four years here at Arts you were active in the Photography Club and in the Art Service Club. You enjoyed your art classes because you did so well in them. Outside of school you spent your time swimming, weight lifting, or taking cars apart and putting them together. You plan to further your education by studying drafting during your service in the Navy. After your discharge you will be prepared to enter the world of work. ANTHONY J. CIALLELLO 278 Verona Avenue Tony, you were a sports loving boy who created a happy-go-lucky atmosphere wherever you went. The hour of the day you enjoyed most was lunch except on those days when you had a gym class. Among your favorite memories of AHS will be the school sponsored dances. In your spare time you played football or basketball. After graduation you plan either to attend Seton Hall University or to enlist in the Marine Corps.GRACE COTUGNO 678 North Seventh Street Grade you will always be remembered for your sunny smile and pleasing personality. You will never forget the good times you had in your fascinating art classes. You were known for your beautiful face and your fellow art students enjoyed painting your portrait. Among your out of school interests were the YM-YWCA and the CYO. You will always remember the close relationship between the teachers and the students, and all the fun you have had hero. DONALD CREWS 406 South 12th Street Donald, your post-high school ambition is to attend college to study architecture. Here at Arts you have become an ardent photography and sports fan. In sports you received a letter for track, and also won the third prize in the United Appeals poster contest. Since coming here in September. '52. you have appreciated the friendly attitude of both students and teachers. For you the assembly programs, too. were an attractive feature of our school. BENJAMIN CROSS 90 Littleton Avenue You entered Arts as a sophomore and shortly found that both our student body and faculty were most friendly. An art award won at the Kresge's art show was indicative of your outstanding artistic ability. Because you enjoyed outdoor sports, baseball, football, swimming and fishing were your favorite pastimes. Your interest in zoology developed as a result of your work in science class. Upon graduation, you wish to study engineering at Rutgers University or the Newark College of Engineering. ADRIENNE DALLANEGRA 161 Sylvan Avenue You were a quie girl who went about your tasks in an easy manner. The Junior Red Cross was privileged to have you as a member and your service to this group will always bo among your fond memories of extracurricular activities. Although you accelerated in your senior year, and were forced to part from your old friends: you soon acquired many new ones. Your college preparation will aid you in your career in the business world. JOSEPH DAVIS 178 Camden Street You were a fellow with many friends and your sense of humor has helped to brighten their school days. History and mathematics were your favorite subjects, and you worked hard in both. Our auditorium programs will be among your pleasantest memories. As an athlete you excelled in many sports activities. By showing fine sportsmanship you have carried with you the true spirit of AHS. You hope to receive a scholarship so that you will be able to continue your education. GRACE COTUGNO DONALD CREWS BENJAMIN CROSS ADRIENNE DALLANEGRA JOSEPH DAVIS 64KATHLEEN J. DELANEY ALAN D» LUCIA GEORGE DEMAS KATHLEEN J. DELANEY 12 Beaumont Place As determined a person as you is hard to find. When you put your mind to something, you worked until you attained your goal. Many sports fill your out-ofschool time. The ones you like best are ice-skating, horseback riding, and tennis. Art High's faculty, which you found always ready to give you that extra bit of help you needed, will be among your most treasured memories. After graduation you would like to become a draftsman. ALAN De LUCIA 61 South 12th Street Your interests have been many, and you have done well in all of them. The Student Council, the Mathematics Club, the Baseball Team, and the National Honor Society, of which you were president, have benefited from your constant effort to better yourself and your school. You were given the honor of being elected to Jersey Boys State where you continued to distinguish yourself. After graduation you plan to attend a university, where you will study electrical engineering. GEORGE DEMAS 551 High Street Your service as Mayor of Arts High has been among your outstanding achievements. Truly a credit to Arts you will always be remembered by the entire student body for the accomplishments you have made during your administration. You are a member of the National Honor Society, an A-Pin holder, and make-up editor of the Scope. Your post-high school ambition lies in the field of electrical engineering. You will attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology. SULA DEMOS 12 Vanderpool Street Kitty, you were a very quiet girl who befriended many of your classmates. You havo deeply appreciated the friendship of the teachers and have enjoyed the beautiful assembly programs. You found your art courses of inestimable value to you. Your time away from school was spent playing baseball, dancing or swimming. The high standards of sportsmanship which you learned in your out-ofschool activities, have been carried over into your school life. After graduation you plan to prepare for a career as a fashion designer. ELAINE DILORENZO 24 Nichols Street You came to Arts High as a freshman and made many friends. Among your extracurricular activities were the Art Service Club and the Pottery Club. You received a letter for your service as a member of the Cheering Squad. The things you liked best about Arts High were the friendly atmosphere and the well-organized assembly programs. Skating and dancing were among your out-of-school interests. You plan to attend Martland Medical Center where you will secure training for a nursing career. SULA DEMOS ELAINE DILORENZO WJOSEPHINE ELLIOTT LOUISE FLEMING MICHAEL JAMES FRIEL LOUIS FALLONE JOSEPHINE ELLIOTT 106 South 12th Street You were one of our very able cheerleaders. Your other extracurricular activities were Modern Dancing Club. Art Service Club and the Variety Show. In your spare time you made use of your skating and dancing abilities. Maybe you don't remember, but you were one of our more talented seamstresses. After attending Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts you plan to become a fashion illustrator. We wish you great success in your chosen field. LOUIS FALLONE 411 South 15th Street You were an outstanding member of the Basketball Team. Lou. Although quiet, you have won your way into all our hearts. You will always remember our wonderful faculty who were olways ready to help you with your problems. The coaches, who have always stuck by the team, taught you good sportsmanship and how to ploy. Lou. you are not sure of your post-high school ambition, but whatever it may be. we know you will be successful. WILLIAM FLEISCHMAN 5 Pomona Avenue Since you have been in Arts High, you have been an active member of the Math Club and the Student Council. You were chosen to attend Boys' State and received an award for this. Your outside interest is music. Because of your all around good record, you were elected to the National Honor Society. Your friends recognized your ability to lead others for they nominated you as a candidate for Mayor. Your ambition is to be a nuclear physicist. LOUISE FLEMING 87 South 14th Street To all your friends you were known as Mickey. Pleasantness, sociability, wittiness and consideration are some of the fine traits that you possess. As a music maior, you were a member of the Chorus. The music programs and the operas will always be among your fond memories of Arts High. Your favorite pastimes out of school were skating, bowling, and other sports. You are still undecided about your plans for the future. MICHAEL JAMES FRIEL 215 South IOth Street When you came to us from St. Rose of Lima School, you brouaht with you warmth and friendliness. You have particularly enjoyed the sincere friendship of all of your teachers. You'll always remember with pleasure the fine assembly programs. When you were away from school, you enjoyed participating in various sports. After graduation you plan to attend evening classes at Seton Hall University. where you will probably major in business administration. We know that you will continue to show your deep devotion to your work. 66 WILLIAM FLEISCHMANHUGH GARRITY RAYMOND JOHN GEISER LORRAINE GEORGE HUGH GARRITY 403 South 8th Street Hugh, you were one of our better known classmates. Your good sense of humor and pleasant smile won you many friends. Your fame spread through the music you created on the piano. You were nicknamed Irish' by many of your friends. Although music was your main interest, you also enjoyed sports. Aftor school hours, most of your time was taken up by your job in a dance bard. A career as a professional musician is your ambition. RAYMOND JOHN GEISER 91 Johnson Avonue Sports have occupied most of your extra time here at Arts High. You were a member of the Varsity Baseball Team for four years and won four letters for that sport. But you found time for some other activity as well, and joined the Boys' Glee Club. After graduation you want to become either a draftsman or a professional baseball player. If you decide to continue your education, you'd like to attend Upsala College. LORRAINE GEORGE 68 Boylan Street Lorraine, your practical jokes and silly giggle have won you many friends. Here at Arts High you have received an excellent background for music. Dramatic Club, singing with the Trio, and in the Girls' Glee Club are among your extracurricular activities. Music is also your out-of-school interest. What you liked most about Arts High was the teachers. Attending business school, working with the Trio, and marrying are included in your future plans. LORENZO GILCHRIEST 568 High Street You. Lonnie are a good-natured fellow who is pleasant to know. Because of your outstanding ability in art. you won. among numerous other awards, place in one of the free lance art exhibitions. You were a member of the Pottery Club and the Photography Club. The music which was played during the lunch hour, and our fine dances which you always attended were the things you liked most hero at Arts. Your future plans include service in the Marine Signal Corps. ROBERT GILLARD 358 South 8th Street Since your freshman year, Bob. you have received two Scholastic art awards, four athletic letters, an honorable mention in a safety poster contest, and have represented Arts at New Jersey Boys' State. You woro a member of the track and swimming teams and served as secretary of the Photography Club. It is certainly evident to us that you have swept along in AHS s swift current of activity. LORENZO GILCHRIEST ROBERT GILLARD 67MARION GIULIANO MARION GIULIANO JACQUELINE GORSKI 804 So. 13th Street You came to Art$ High School from Madison Junior High as a sophomore Amonq the things which you will always remember about Arts High were the many friends you made and the fine faculty under whom you studied. Outside of school your job at the Industrial Building placed a limit on your extracurricular activities. After you finish hiqh school, you hope to attend a business school and establish a successful career for yourself in that field. JACQUELINE GORSKI 1083 Reeves Terrace, Union It seems Arts High has produced many little busy bees" and you, Jackie, are among the busiest. You nave been a member of the Junior Red Cross and the Vignette staff. Your work as an art student has bestowed upon you an honorable mention and a Latham Foundation award. You plan a careor as a psychiatric technician or a fashion illustrator and will study either at Greystone Park, or at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. ANNETTE GREEN 156 Chestnut Street You're a girl who has really devoted much of her free time to school activities such as the Student Council, the Red Cross, the Vignette Staff, and the Scope. Your outstanding personality and cheerful ways have helped you acquire many friends. You like Arts because of the friendly atmosphere and the many opportunities for awards offered tc inspire our students. To become a teacher is your ambition. You would like to further your education at Montclair State Teachers College. MARGO HOESS 1814 Long Terrace, Union A sunny smile and a pleasant personality assisted you in making many friends. During your high school years, you participated in many extracurricular activities. You were a member of the Art Service Club, the Junior Red Cross, the Student Council, and the Vignette Staff. In your senior year you woro chosen to serve as a Color Guard. You won several awards for your art work. After graduation you plan to attend Syracuse University and prepare there to become an art teacher. MAE HUGHES 181 Pennington Court Your gay. sweet, and friendly way have won you many friends. Your four years at Arts High have proven very beneficial to you especially because of your appreciation of good music. After school hours you enjoyed engaging in ministerial work, reading good books or listening to music. You were a member of tho Student Council and the Art Service Club and you won awards in typing and art. After graduation you plan to attend Gilead College, where you will prepare for a career in the ministry. 88 ANNETTE GREEN MARGO HOESS MAE HUGHESMICHAEL IOVINO 290 South 9th Street Most of your life at Arts High was centered around the band and the or-chesra. You p ayed in the All-City Orchestra. You received a typing award during your career here. Your out-of-school interests included sports of all types as well as playing with a dance band. After your graduation you hope to major in business administration at Seton Hall University. The thing which impressed you most about Arts High was the assembly programs. EDWARD JOHNSON 27 Nesbit Street During your four years at Arts High you participated in various extracurricular activities, including the Photography Club, the Boys' Glee Club, and the All-City Chorus. Sports also occupied a major part of your time and you were a member of the basketball, baseball, and track teams. The thir.g that you will probably remember the most about AHS is the wonderful assembly programs that you enjoyed so much. When you have completed high school, you plan to attend college. RICHARD KARP 625 Eighteenth Avenue Rich, although your main ambition after graduation is to join the Navy or the Air Force, there are many things that you will remember about Arts. You have enjoyed the fine assembly programs and the general way of doing things in the school. You are interested in hunting, fishing and many other outdoor sports. You will never forget the many friends you've acquired and the fine teachers you've had during your four years at Arts High. ROBERT L. KENNEDY 298 Morris Avenue You have been an active member of our student body and have valued the art training you have acquired here. You have distinguished yourself as an athlete by winning a track letter, and a track medal, and by setting a record in a track event. Your fellow club members of the Photography Club showed confidence in you by electing you treasurer for two consecutive years. After grad uating you plan to attond a technical school, and study to become an X-ray technician. CHESTER KOLTON 367 Clinton Place Chet, you were a quiet, conscientious lad who was extremely active in Arts High's sports. Playing on both tho baseball and basketball teams occupied much of your leisure time. You received two athletic letters in baseball. The things which you enjoyed most about Arts High were the assembly programs, playing on the Baseball Team, and the athletic program in general. Your post-high scnool ambition is to join the United States Air Force. MICHAEL IOVINO EDWARD JOHNSON L 69 RICHARD KARP ROBERT L KENNEDY CHESTER KOLTONMARY LARCERI FRANK LELOIA HAZEL LEE MARY LARCERI 298 Hunterdon Street Mary, you loved every minute of your years spent at AH$. You made many friends among the students and the faculty. Your classmates will always remember your laughter ringing through the classrooms as you went about your day’s work. Your hobby was collecting and listening to records which too up much of your leisure time. You plan to further your education by attending Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School where you will prepare for a business career. FRANK LELOIA 57 Hudson Street With a physique like Adonis, and a brain to match you were a whiz in sports and a Casanova with the ladies. You were the envy of many a classmate. The basketball and the gym teams occupied most of your after-school hours, but you still found time for scholastic achievement as well as fun. Although you are still undecided about which college you will attend, we know that you will reach the height of success in whatever profession you choose. HAZEL LEE 34 Waverly Avenue When you entered Arts High as a sophomore, you began making lastinq friendships among your classmates. You’ll always remember AHS as the high spot of your educational years. Because of your talent in dancing, you were an active member of the Modern Dance Club. Although you are sorry to leave Arts High, you are eager to embark upon a ballet dancing career. You hope to attend the Metropolitan Ballet School to prepare yourself for your future. CAROL M. LEWIS 52 Kent Street Even though you entered Arts High as a junior, you. Carol, have been one of our most active girls. Your cheering at basketball games has been duly appreciated. by both the team and the audience. You were a member of the Student Council, the Junior Red Cross, the Modern Dance Club, and the Art Service Club. Your major interest here has been in the field of fashion design and illustration. and you plan to specialize in this field at Syracuso Univorsity after graduation. CECILE MALLACK 180 Pomona Avenue You were a friendly girl who loved informality. You enjoyed everything about your school, particularly your many friends and classmates. But school and friends weren't your only interests. There was your after school work as a salesgirl, and of course, dancing. Sometimes you were found engaged in one of your favorite sports, either horseback riding or roller skoting. After high school you plan to be married. CAROL M. LEWIS CECILE MALLACK 70CLEOTHA MAPLE ANTHONY MARCANTUONO JOYCE MATTHEWS NANCY McCOLL BARBARA ANN MclNTYRE CLEOTHA MAPLE 181 Fairmount Avenue You came to Arts High School from Robert Treat Junior High. The Sewinq Club appealed to you and you immediately became a member. The things which you will remember most about high school are the variety shows, the free lance art exhibitions, and the basketball games. Outside of school your interests included singing and dancing. Your post-high school ambition is to become an executive secretary and you plan to enter Drake Business College to prepare for this vocation. ANTHONY MARCANTUONO 104 Garside Street Starring in the operetta. "Down In the Valley" has made your talent known to all Arts High students. You were a member of the Boys" Glee Club. You're known to everyone as "Tony", and music in all forms is your great interest. However. music does not hold all your attention, for you are also an avid swimmer. After graduation you plan to attend Juilliard School of Music, and everyone knows that you'll be a success in the entertainment world. JOYCE MATTHEWS 725 South 17th Street The Art Service Club will certainly miss you after you leave because you have been instrumental in planninq many of the beautiful hall and bulletin board displays. As o key member of the decorating committees for all of the dances that the June. 1956 class has sponsored, you always offered ideas that helped to make the affairs successful. The special courses which you intend to take in night school will give you the training necessary for a career in the business world. NANCY Me COLL I Roseville Avenue Interior decoration is your goal. Nance, you have received an honorable mention award for art. We hear that you are planning to attend Parsons School of Design, in New York. While here at Arts you have been o member of the Art Service Club, and the Vignette staff. You served as co-captain of the Cheering Squad too. Nancy, we also know that you are active in your church activities and hold a position at the Garden State Machinery Corporation. BARBARA ANN MclNTYRE 412 Badger Avenue "Bobbie", you were as bright and vivacious as your name sounds and made many firm friendships here at Arts. In gym classes you showed athletic ability and good sportsmanship. You were a member of the Art Service Club for two and a half years and were of valuable assistance. Becoming a medical secretary or a dental assistant is your ambition. After attending Essex County Adult Technical School you will certainly meet with success in your chosen field. 71PENELOPE McMANUS 230 Montclair Avenuo Although you worked after school Penny, you still found time to be a member of the Student Council and the Library Guild. Much of your time, out of school, was devoted to your Church Theater Guild. The one thing you will probably remember most about Arts High in later years is the many friends you made there. After you leave high school you would like to continue your education at Fairleigh Dickinson Colloge and go on to a caroor in nursing. MICHAEL MELCHIONNO 389 South Eighth Street You came to Arts High from Cleveland Junior High as a sophomore. Sports dominated your extracurricular activities, and you distinguished yourself as a member of the Basketball Team and also as a member of the Baseball Team. You enjoyed weight lifting as an out-of-school interest. The friendliness of the students. the faculty, and the coaches is the part of school life which you will remember most about Arts High in later years. LESTER MILLER 127 Oraton Street Lester, you were a lad with many interests in school. Winning an award for your typing skill and a place on our Basketball Team were among your accomplishments. Art has taken up much of your time, both in school and out. Your art training has been of great value to you in your work in the PAL. and you plan to continue the study of art at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. JOAN MURRAY 109 Hillside Avenue You came to Arts High as a freshman in September of 1952. Joan, you found that the friendliness of the faculty and the students was the thing you liked best about the school. Your out of-school interests include cooking, painting. and knitting. After you graduate from Arts High your ambition is to become a house wife. Preparation for this is shown by your out-of-school interests. In addition to getting married, you want to rear a family JOSEPH T. NAELON 504 Belmont Avenue Joe. you joined us in September of 54 after having attended Seton Hall Preparatory School. In the time you have been here, you have liked the friendliness that everyone has shown you. and the way in which the cheerleaders supported you ot the basketball games. You were an active participant in school activities, and were awarded letters in basketball and baseball. You were also elected to the National Honor Society. You hope to attend Princeton University in the fall. PENELOPE McMANUS MICHAEL MELCHIONNO LESTER MILLER JOAN MURRAY JOSEPH T. NAELONRUSSELL OBERST CLARA PAPAPIETRO RUSSELL OBERST 737 South 14th Street Russ, you were a lad with a winning personality. It's been said your greatest ambition is to enter the United States Navy. You were kept busy in the school's activities, where you found many friends. You were elected vice president of your 3B-3A class and also served as a Student Council Representative. Your outside interests include hot-rods, custom automobiles, and hunting. We hear that you have already begun a career by working after school in the Lincoln National Bank. CLARA PAPAPIETRO SH6 South 13th Street Sparkling eyes, black hair, a pleasant smile and a sweot personality are the o.ualities that made you a friend of all here at AHS. Your out-of-school interests include such things as housework, sewing, and painting, an indication of your art ability. You won on honorable mention in the United Nations poster contest. You have no definite plans for furthering your art career, but you eventually expect to marry and rear a family. DORIS PIECHNA 124 Columbia Avenue "Dagmar," your reward for diligent attention to your studies and participation in extracurricular activities, has been membership in the National Honor Society. For your service on the Cheering Squad for three years, you received three letters, one for each consecutive year, and the title of captain. You've decided to channel your energies in the field of interior design. Although you haven't decided on the colleqe of your choice, we know that you will be an asset to whatever one you attend. KIPLING PITTMAN 80 South 13th Street Your extracurricular activities have been concentrated in the field of sports. You were a member of the Gym Team and the Track Team. The sports trend also dominated your leisure time interests, which included bowling, hunting, ice skating, and football. Durina your four years in school you won a letter in track and an award in typing. After you receive your diploma, you hope to attend Panzer College where you plan to study to become a physical education instructor. ALFONSO RAGIN l06Va Ninth Avenue A very talented artist you. Al. received several honorable mentions in art contests and were awarded the first prize in the 1955 Safety Poster Contest. Though you've majored in art. you've also been a member of tho Chorus, the Boys' Glee Club and the Track and Baseball Teams. The varied facets of your personality have brought you many friends here at Arts High. You plan either to attend Pratt Institute or to enlist in the United States Air Force. 73 DORIS PIECHNA KIPLING PITTMAN ALFONSO RAGIN MM FLORENCE M. REED FREDERICK ROBERTS FREDERICK A. ROBINSON MARIE RIZZO JOAN ROBERTELLO FLORENCE M. REED 434 South 12th Street As Deputy Mayor of the school you helpod the student body to enjoy many happy activities. You received the coveted A-Pin award in your junior year, and in the same year you were given the honor of attending Girls' State, the Junior Red Cross will not forget the many hours you gave up to help them in the making, packing and distributing of holiday gifts. W'th your pleasant personality, you are bound to be a success as an art teacher. FREDERICK ROBERTS 19 Seabury Street In the time you spent at Arts High School you wero active in the Pottery Club and in the Photography Club. You particularly enjoyed the assembly pro- ?|rams. the sports events, and the variety shows. Dancing was one of your avorite out-of-school activities. For your accuracy and speed in typing you won a coveted award. In the future you plan to take a post-graduate course and then will enter one of the armed services. FREDERICK A. ROBINSON 178 Camden Street You. Fred, never missed participating in Arts High's variety shows, student recitals, or any other musical events. Besides an outstanding voice, the warmth of your smile made your performances a complete success. Music wasn't your only interest. You really enjoyed Spanish class, didn't you? Many times you had to act as el profesor to students who just could not understand their homework. After graduation you intend to enter show business. Best of luck to a future star! MARIE RIZZO 451 North Seventh Street Marie, you have been an asset to Arts High in many ways. As an art major you developed your interest not only during class periods but also by joining the Art Service Club. When you weren't working, you devoted your spare time to the CYO. We re sure you will be successful in whatever you may do. Your friendly, warm personality will certainly help you in your chosen career in the business world. JOAN ROBERTELLO 37 South Seventh Street Joanie, you were one of the most active members of the Art Service Club, and have given your services to the Student Council. It's known that you are very interested in painting and modern music and plan to make your career in the field of art. After graduation, you plan to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. You loved the friendly atmosphere among the students and teachers because you were a friendly person, yourself. 74k CHARLES ROMASH ELAINE SCHEFF ROSEMARY SCHOFIELD CHARLES ROMASH 37 Riverview Court Charlie, you were liked by everyone for your quiet, fun-loving ways. In the memories of your classmates, you will linger as the boy with the witty sayings. You were an attentive student and did your work well. Because you were a good artist, you won a second place award in the Humane Society poster contest. Outside of school, you enjoy fishing, hunting and other sports. You plan to enter the business world. ELAINE SCHEFF 503 South 13th Street Although a working girl, you still found time to be a member of the Art Service Club for two years, and to serve on the Vignette Staff. To your many friends you are known as "Cookie". Because you're very much interested in the dance and in art. you plan to be a dancing teacher or a fashion designer. You tell us that, most of all. you enjoyed the helpfulness of the teachers and friends you met at Arts High. ROSEMARY SCHOFIELD 389 Clifton Avenue Coming to us from Clifton High School in September of 1953. you immediately became an active member of the Arts High family. You joined the Chorus, the Student Council, and the Scope Staff. Music played a major role in your academic career. Outside of school you enjoyed skating, swimming, bowling, dancing, and playing the accordion. After graduation your ambition is to attend a music school and one day to become a teacher of the accordion. JOSEPH SEALS 553 18th Avenue Silence, but not shyness, was one of your virtues. Perhaps this was because your favorite pastime was fishing. You were a boy with a witty and pleasing personality who never let anything ruffle your good humor. You expressed creative imagination in your art work and no exhibit was complete without a Seals' creation. The desire for adventure and the ambition to travel will take you far in your chosen field, the United States Air Force. CHRISTOPHER SHANLEY 48B North Third Street One of the aspects of Arts High School which you liked was its small size. You enjoyed knowing the students and having many of them as personal friends. A highlight in your art career occurred when you received an award for a poster which you designed. You secured much pleasure and satisfaction from your service as a member of the Gym Team. As for your out-of-school interests, you enjoyed fishing. Though you are undecided about your career, you hope to secure a college education JOSEPH SEALS CHRISTOPHER SHANLEY 75RAY SIERMINSKI 378 West Market Streot During your stay at Arts, you became a fine musician, and the nickname "Maestro" became firmly attached to you. This talent and your winning personality have won you many friends here. You have shown leadership as a member of the Gym Team. After receiving your diploma, we are sure you will put the knowledge you have gained here, to good use. in your life's endeavors. But, to date you have made no definite plans for your future. =RANK SLAWINSKI 211 Sherman Avenue You were a follow who possessed a facility for making people feel at home. While you were in school you showed a sincere interest in the welfare of your classmates. Your friends, who nicknamed you Cole Slaw-inski." know that you have a wonderful sense of humor. The Boys' Club of Newark was among your many leisure time activities. You were a definite asset to your school and one who will certainly be missed. After graduation you plan to join the Navy. IRENE STECKIW 12 Van Buren Street Smiling, petite. Irene, you were always on the go. You wore very active in the Chorus, the Library Guild, the Drama Club, and the Junior Red Cross. For outstanding service to these organizations, as well as to your school, you were awarded the A Pin. Singing played a major role in out-of-school activities. Your ambition is to attend college to preparo for a career in your chosen field. NINA SQUITIERI 137 Roseville Avenue Known to all your friends as Neen." your quiet naturo end pleasing personality are great assets. Cute and sweet, you were a favorite among the boys. An art major, you've been a member of the Art Service Club and have received an honorable mention for excellent work. Interior decoration is your areatest interest at Arts High and you plan to continue your studies in this field at Parsons School of Design in New York. DONALD STEFANIC 805 Broadway Hardly a friendlier student than you can be found. Most of your spare time was taken up bv the Swimming Team and the Ceramics Club, but your main interest seemed to be in salesmanship. During your lunch period, you were always trying to sell something to someone. You majored in art and won many awards in that field. Although you are undecided about the future, we know you will do well in whatever occupation you choose to follow. IRENE STECKIW NINA SQUITIERI DONALD STEFANIC RAY SIERMINSKI FRANK SLAWINSKIANN CAROL STURN 643 South 17th Street Ann Carol, you've been an outstanding student in the past four years. You were not only elected President of the Art Service Club, and won first prize in the oils division and Popular Choice at the Arts High Free Lance Exhibition, but you are also a proud possessor of an A '-Pin. We re sure that someday you II become a famous fashion designer. We know that you will always remember the inspiration you received from your teachers and friends at Arts. LOIS TENORE 368 15th Avenue Lois, we wish you weren't graduating after three and ore half years because we feel we are being deprived of a lovely girl, too soon. But you had to work hard to attain your goal and we understand that it was what you wanted. You spend most of your free time participating in the sport of dancing. You also enjoy music, which accounts for your calling the musical assemblies one of your closest memories of AHS. In addition to your extra school work you had an after-school job. ELIZABETH THEN 232 Jefferson Stroet Betty, you came to Arts from Madison Junior High School, in your sophomore year and since that time you've developed an interest in nursing. Your job at the Health Center takes up most of your time, but you still are able to participate in school activities such as the Art Service Club. After graduation you will enter the School of Nursing at St. Michael s Hospital. Upon receiving your nursing degree, you plan to take the state examination to qualify as a Registered Nurse. AVE MARIA VACCARO 620 Clifton Avenue Ave. you came to us from Clifford Scott High School. East Orange. Your one ambition was to become an artist. In your two years at Arts, you have received a certificate of merit in an art exhibition sponsored by Kresge's. an honorable mention in the United Appeals poster contest, and second prize in the Seventh Annual Free Lance Exhibition. You plan to attend Newark School ot Fine and Industrial Arts, and go on to a successful career. ANTHONY VERSON 62 Madison Avenue You wer« a friendly boy. Tony, who accomplished much while at Arts High. You were a good artist and proved it when you won third prize in the Newark Youth Council emblem contest. Your speed and accuracy gained you a typing certificate. Outside of school, you were particularly interested in automobiles. In the future you plan to combine your two major interests by preparing for a career in automotive design at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. ANN CAROL STURN LOIS TENORE ELIZABETH THEN AVE MARIA VACCARO ANTHONY VERSON 77DALE VETTER RICHARD GUY VINOPAL DALE VETTER 695 Clifton Avenue Commercial illustration is your chosen field, and you plan to enter Cooper Union to attain this goal. You were rewarded with a Latham Foundation award for your outstanding art work. For your service as photo-layout editor of the Vignette, your membership in the Boys' Glee Club and Stage Crew, you gained the reputation of a hard and efficient worker. In your free time we know you enjoyed photography, sketching, and civil defense work. RICHARD GUY VINOPAL 785 Roessnier Drive. Union, N. J. Although you did not enter Arts High School until your junior year, your great talent on the saxophone helped you to become one of the most valued members of tho Orchestra. Band and Combo. Your closest friends were your fellow band members and your activities included sports, a |ob with a dance band on weekends, and playing the clarinet in the Irvington Symphony Orchestra. After graduation you plan to attend Montclair State Teachers College to become a music teacher. LUCILLE WATTS 636 High Street You were a girl with a personality as sweet as your singing voice. You have participated .n many extracurricular activities including the Red Cross. Spanish Club. Art Service Club and the Modern Dance Club. When you are awey from school, you enjoy singing in a trio and —baby sitting. You are undecided about your plans, but we are sure you will carry the fine training you nave received here into your future life. GERALDINE B. WEINER 101 Ludlow Street Geri, you playfulness and good sense of humor has made you many friends. You were a member of the Pottery Club, the Arts Service Club. ant. the Future Teachers of America, in which you served as President for two years. You have often said. "I consider it an honor just to be able to say that I'm a student at Arts High." After graduation you plan to attend a teachers college. LUCILLE WATTS GERALDINE B. WEINER 78EUGENE WICHOWSKI PRESTLY WOOD ALBERTA D. WOZNIAKOWSKI EUGENE WICHOWSKI 108 Fleming Avenue You wore one of our mo.e ambitious artists. Naturally, you enjoyed your art classes because you did such fine work. You also used your talents on the Baseball Team, and there won two athletic letters. After graduation, you plan to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts to prepare for a career as a commercial artist. You are sure to succeed in this particular field. PRESTLY WOOD 86 South 14th Street You came to Arts from South Eighth Street School. You were a member of the Track Team and won a certificate for your tyoing ability. Your out-ofschool interests included art exhibits, the mambo. and beseba'i. The thing you liked best during your four years at Arts, you said, was the quiet and orderly assembly programs. Your pleasing personality and friendly manner won you. many friends in high school and we know you will be successful in the ture. DORIS INA ZIMMERMAN ALBERTA D. WOZNIAKOWSKI 344 Chestnut Street Albe. you tell us that your most exciting adventure at Arts High was serving os oditor-in-chief of this book. You were greatly surprised and honored when you were elected secretary-treasurer of the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society. You were also a member of the Scope, the Student Council, and the Library Guild. Your major interest was in costume design, and your future includes attendance at either Pratt Institute or the Fashion Academy. DORIS INA ZIMMERMAN 203 Maple Avenue. Irvington. N. J. All know you as one of the most active students at Arts High. You hold the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Scope and have been a valued member of the Student Council and the Modern Dance Club. You've been honored by faculty and students by receiving both A-Pin and membersehip in the National Honor Society. You hope to attend Douglass College in New Brunswick, where you will major in home economics. 794A POPULARITY POLL BEST SCHOLAR William Fleischman Doris Zimmerman MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Alan DeLucia Doris Zimmerman MOST AMBITIOUS John McGrath Florence Reed BEST MUSICIAN Guy Vinopal Louise Fleming BEST DANCER Nancy McColl Hugh Garrity FLIRT Irene Steckiw Alfonso Ragin BEST FIGURE Frank Leloia Irene Steckiw CLASS CLOWN John Bravaco Cleotha Maple QUIETEST Eugene Wichowski Avo VaccaroMOST STUDIOUS Alan DeLucia Beverly Bayreder BEST ALL AROUND STUDENT Joe Naelon Annette Green MOST POPULAR Nancy McColl John McGrath BEST LOOKING Rimell Oberst N’na Squitieri BEST DRESSED Carol Lewis Guy Vinopal BEST ARTIST Margo Hoe»s Eugone Wichowslci BEST ATHLETE Mike Melchionno Barbara McIntyre DREAMER Ben Cross Cleotha Maple NOSIEST Michael lovino Marian Giuliano 81"Ye . I s«id fen cent !' FOOT LOOSE ANE Vivien Coolt end Letter Miller compete in the Membo Contett et the Student Council dence. "Shell we dence?" Cherlet Celello e kt Nine Squitieri. Barbara Bienkowtki, Ed Wydereny, Merie Mecino, Bill Keufmen end Anthony end Mery Anne Mercentuono teem to be enjoying the Fenteiie dence. Artie even eicel in the terptichoreen ert. "Th ki"9 in counting-house, counting out hit money!'FANCY-FREE The Green Jackets dig out with a coo! mambo at Joan De Rosa, Hugh Garrity, and Nina Squitieri dance. Everyone lovet a dreamy waltz. Ellene Briden. Albie Woxniakowski and Robert Kelso find a coke is a pause that truly refreshes. Bobby Calabreso finds chatting and dancing can be fun. Nina Squitieri, Judy Bolton, and Roteann Faiio show us some fancy stepping.84You Asked For If is a very popular production here at AHS-TV. This program presents the extracurricular activities of the students. All the performances occur outside regular school hours, usually once a week. The students taking advantage of these many opportunities are able to learn new and interesting skills or practice and perfect old skills which may help make their future jobs easier. Several of the clubs perform services which aid our school and the community. Tho main purpose of the activities is to get young people together to exchange ideas, to create ways for making practical use of leisure hours, and to have fun. Yet, while they are enjoying themselves thoy are strengthening character, advancing scholastically, acquiring a knowledge of good organization and developing leadership which will equip them for the United States of the future. The superb direction, production and supervision by teachers sponsoring such activities aid the students in presenting unique productions. 8SCRAFT CLUB SiHing, left to right: Adele Eisenberg. Joanne Ellman, Barbara Wooten. Geraldine Weiner. Standing: Mr. Landsmen, Susan lulic, Gerald Nienaber. Joe Di Rago. Ronald Sommerhalter, Mario Abate, Peter Girruh. David Zalesli, Gail Lund. This set has become one of the favorites of our studio personnel. Here relaxation is a must. While doing something constructive the stars still find time to exchange the newi of the day. The items of wire, metal, leather or wood produced by these wizards will be used as props in future presentations. Mr. Seymour Landsman and his workers take pride in the professional way in which they go about their jobs, but they continue to maintain an atmosphere of informality which has long been a trademark on this set. This studio proudly presents the Rocco Misurell Chapter of the Future Teachers of America Organization. The group adopted the name of its respected advisor. The objective is to light a spark in students eager to educate the minds of our young men and women. It is their aim to teach everyone from kindergarten to university classes: to instruct everyone from the clean-up men to the directors— the entire channel. The group meets weekly to discuss schools, salary, teaching methods and other aspects of the teaching profession. SiHing: Adele Eisonborg. Barbara Wooltn. Standing: Pater GirruH, Mr. Landsman. Roberta Holder. Mr. Misurell, Geraldine Weiner. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sitting, left to right: Geraldine Weiner. Roberta Holder. Jane Goode. Standing: Mr. Misurell. Elaine Baunhuber. Marie Strather, Rosalie Kloti, Carol Poranslti. Rita Hermelin. 66SCOPE STAFF The SCOPE is the official organ of Channel 25. Besides publicizing shows, the SCOPE informs us of coming events: furnishes information regarding the activities of the music, costume, and scenery departments: and all other developments at AH$-TV. One of the very important features of the newspaper is the column written by the President of the Student Council. The staff members learn to write articles, to type and trim copy, to proofread, to letter headlines, to draw cartoons, to secure advertisements, and to take photographs. The SCOPE is published monthly and sold in the home studios. Standing. left to right: Barbara McCarl. Marian Dallaria. Alberta Wozniakowski. Carole McCoy. Barbara Moldoftky, Rachel Zinn. Helen Mosier. Sophia Sigouris! Emma Williams. Lance Anderson. Sitting: Elizabeth Nessler, Doris Zimmerman, George Domes, Mr. Rickenbacher. POTTERY CLUB Ceramic jewelry, ashtrays, lamps, and various other interesting and useful articles are produced by the Pottery Club. Those props for our shows are all fired in our own kilns. The materials are supplied, but weekly dues of five cents are required. This is an excellent wav to further your knowledge of ceramics and to express original ideas through clay and glazes. Miss Howe, the advisor, has found it necessary to limit the membership to twenty or twenty-five students. Georgo Demas, Mr. Rickenbacher, Doris Zimmerman. Potter's Wheel— Joseph De Rego’s hands Front row. left to right: Geraldine Weiner. William Gwaizda, Either Zucher, Joseph De Rago. Clyde Kummerle, Eleanor Chase, Geraldine Grauger. Back row: Miss Howe. Kathleen Febricetore. Barbara Green, Joselyn Melillo, Carol Ann Wilson. Marie Strather, Henry Jackson, Estelle Bolden. Harry Jones, Barbara Wooten. David Zambelli, Mary Crews. 07PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First row, left to right: Barbara Ely. Michelle Nadeau, Suesser . Standing: Mr. Lowry. Richard Shanks, Susan Da 8och. Joanna Kialy, Walter Slawuta. Last Peter Hayes, John Fudga. This is certainly an important group, for theirs is the job of photographing the stars in their many activities. Because of their excellent work, our cameramen have become known for their fine photographic effects. Mr. James Lowry, their technical director, helps the photographers to use their talents in taking, developing, and printing beautiful color and black and white photographs. The members of the camera crew also learn the fundamentals of photographic chemistry. The experience that these lensmen gain will prove useful to all those who intend to enter the field. Edward Rostiac. Jo Ann Mustaeh'o, Carol lulic. Lorain Rogers. John Paul. Stephen Mario Abate, John Haynes. Isadora D'Amico, Clyde Kuamm rlo. Thomas George. Don Sitek. STAGE CREW One of the most important groups at Channel 25 is the stage crew—the technicians, cameramen, and boom operators, who work behind the scenes and contribute exceptionally fine work. They maintain the beautiful scenery which is essential to our big productions. They spend long hours making the small repairs and minor adjustments which are necessary to keep our studios functioning. These boys are under the able supervision of Mr. Rocco Misurell. Firtt row. lift to right: G«org« Damai. Ronald Hodes. Clyde Kuemmerle. Thoma George. Calvin Sydnor. Back row; Edward Kleinsorgen. Edward Wydareny. Ham.Hon. Don Sitek. Mr. Misurell. 88First row. loft to right: Arthur Solicit!. David McDonald. Dennis Annebelli. William Floischman. Floronce Rood. George Demes. Barbara Martin. John Haynes. Second row: Roseann Intabella, Clyde Kuemmerle. Sara Jean Liabman, Geraldine Granger, Eleanor Chase. Elaine Baunhuber, Patricia Reed. Third row: Mrs. Longley. Margo Hoess, Rachel Z nn, Beverley Bayreder, Rita Hermelin. Elisabeth Nessler, Carol Lo Pira. Alberta Woiniakowski. Fourth row: Olivia Crisp, Rosalie Kiotx. Caroline Knakiawicz. Barbara Moldofsky, Jane Goode. Kent Rheubottom. Charles Johnson. Helmar Cooper, Robert Judd. Mr. Rickanbachar. Last row: Bohdanna Rycar, Josephine Pantano, Marion Dellaria, Theresa Hooper, Patricia Anderson. Betty Hutson, Doris Zimmerman. Helen Mosier. Sophie Sigouris, Lance Anderson. Annette Green. STUDENT COUNCIL This organization demands the highest respect of all of the stars, for on this stage all of the rules are adopted and decisions made. Each set is required to send two representatives, and each program must send one to the Council. The representatives voice their fellow actors’ complaints about the running of the network, and submit suggestions for improvements. SEWING CLUB Barbara Martin. Florence Read. William Flaischman. Gaorga Damas. To become a member of this cast, a girl must be sincerely interested in sewing. Whenever the studios plan a spectacular, the members design the costumes and assist in set decoration. The participants have sewn many garments for the Junior Red Cross. The members not only sew to benefit themselves and to advance themselves in this field, but to help others unselfishly. Membership is limited to fifteen. 89 Nancy Griffin. Addia Sprinkla. Eltia Alston. First row. laft to right: Mr . Hillar. Vara Brown. Carola McCoy. Sacond row: Nancy Griffin. Addia Sprinkla. Gloria Fudga. Elsia Alston. Maria Osinska, Ricardina Da Silva.Front row, loft to right: Marin Noils. Kathy Karpinsli, Marietta Mayes. Standing: Melba Smith. Carolyn Simpson, 8etty Hutson, Dagmar Maslivac. Barbara Martin. Marilyn Bov . Mrs. Walsh. MODERN DANCE GROUP Front row: Marilyn Bova and Carolyn Simpson. Back row: Marietta Mayas and Kathy Kar- piiuki. The Ruth Walsh Dancers, a group of aspiring young ladies, are our studio’s most popular dancers. They rehearse two afternoons a week regardless of whether they are preparing for a performance or not. Constantly trying to improve their muscular control, they spend much of their time exercising. They develop new and unusual dances and use them for various programs which are presented by our studio. Sometimes they contribute their talents to the commercials and at other times, to the dramatic presentations. T SQUARE AND TRIANGLE CLUB Here our future engineers and architects get their basic training. They gain valuable experience by constructing miniature railroads, planes, bridges and buildings which are sometimes used in our spectaculars. At the present time they are busily engaged in architectural design. Their future plans include field trips to different studios and exhibitions to gain a well-rounded background for their work. Mr. Gannon, David Zaletki Richard Hilter. and Standing, left to right: David Zaleiki. Frad Traviiano. William Smith. Edward Wydarany. Ihor Woronchuk, Michael Retro n . Salvator Cerruto. Richard Hil r. Andrew Di Martino. Michael Brown. Seated: Mr. Gannon.Annette Kassell Standing. left to right: Mary Crew . Judy William . Eleanor Chase. Camille Cevaness. Dagmar Maslivec, Mary Merlucci, Kent Rheubottom, Rosalie Kloti. Carol O'Donnell, Oretta Oden-dahl, Annette Kassell. Sitting, first row: Kathy Kerpinski. Marion Ferrigno, Vera Brcwn. Second row: Benjamin Cross, Elsie Alston. Jesse El. Third row: Rogers Bryant. Carol Adams. TYPING CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB This Is one of tho newer productions in our studios. When this set was constructed, all of the best tenors, baritones, and basse: were anxious to try out for a part. From all advance ratings we can expect great things from them. In our big Winter Concert Presentation and in assembly programs since, they have indicated their future greatness. With the help of Mr. William Pickett, their choral director, they are preparing new musical selections for our future presentations. A channel cannot function well without the able assistance of a fine business staff. The staff members with the aid of their co-ordinator. Mrs. Bette Lazar, type and mimeograph our scripts, speeches and commercials. Accuracy is essential in order that the entire group may be able to read their parts effectively. Therefore, only highly skilled typists can be employed. With the hope of introducing new efficiency methods to our organization, the staff is planning trips to various business firms to study their procedures. Front row. loft to riqht: Denns Anmballi. Arthur Gootio. Anthony Mercantuono. Ronald Ship-loy, Somuol Norton, Edward Drcnnon, Dale Vetter. Mr. Pickett. Second row: Lawrence Adams. Richard Shanks. Ronald Seely. David Appling, Edward Johnson, Andrew Widomon Bey. Dennis Skolsky. At the piano: Walter Slawuta and Ronald Hutchins. Left to right: Anthony Politan, Waiter Slawuta. Gwendolyn Sims. Charles Johnson, Dennis Skoltki. 91ART SERVICE CLUB Publicity is a very important asset to any channel and AHS TV is privileged to have an exceptionally fine staff handling this job. All of the sponsors' spectaculars. commercials and general advertisements are processed by this group. With the help of Mrs. Rosamond H. Hopper, an advertising specialist, this staff plans and sponsors the AHS-TV Calendar and the Annual Free Lance Art Exhibition. The general arrangement of displays in our studio is a job which the staff supervises with a professional flavor. Studio meetings are held after school to plan each week's advertising campaign. L«ft to right: Joyco Motthow , Carol Lowit. Leonard Rum-binai, Prciflty Wood, Ann Carol Sturn, Don Stafanic, Avo Vaccaro. First row. teafad. left to riqht: Lavina Salamanchuk. Joyce MaHhawt. Ann Carol Sturn. Don Stefanic. Leonard Rumb nat. Kenneth Kaolowitt. Robert Sakubin. Second row: Awe Vaccaro. Carol Lewij. Lance Andcrton. Stanley Friedman. Tlwd row: Patrxia Mann:ng. Rn»a|:e Kloh Barbara Wooten. Back row: Carol Wil»on and Jotelyn Mclillo. Standinq: Kathy Karpiniki. Janice Janotki. Eva Tyler. Carolyn Knakiewiez. Anthony Kropilek. Gertrude Kropilak. Preztly Wood. Marilyn Bove. Gilda Koltenuk. Judith Kirchmayr. Kathleen Galasto. Mrs. Hopper. First row. seated, left to right: Grace Stanley. Trina Guardi. Patricia Mannrng. Betty Kimbro, Marie Strother. Gail Lustig. Daisy Nolan. Ricardino Da Silva. Jean Jones. Second row; Mary Crews. Mare Strother. Gail Lustig. Daisy Nolan. Anna De Luca. Standing: Robert Boll. Edna Jones. Carol Wilson. Addie Sprinkle. Gloria Fudge. Lillie Coleman Patricia Thompson. Lorraine Rogers Carol La Pira. Fanney Griffin, Vera Brown, Leonard Rumbinas, Charles Kruczek. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross Chapter has been in existence since the studios were organized. The present chapter, headed by Miss Kruck, consists of two representatives from each homeroom, but others wishing to attend are always welcome. Its activities consist of mostly seasonal spectaculars, such as Christmas and Easter baskets for children in hospitals, party favors for nurseries, and gift boxes for overseas. Food, games, and other supplies are also sent to children of migrant families. Other projects that are not expected continually arise, but they are taken care of adequately. ' Left to right: Rotalie Kloti, Beverly Bayreder. Nancy Hickt, Sophie Sigour't Barbara Moldof-»ky. Roberta Holder, Calvin Sydnor, John Paul. Alan Delucia, Mr. Chinoy, William Fleitchman. MATHEMATICS CLUB The application of mathematics in our daily lives is the main objective of this program. This group demonstrates the operation of delicate instruments used in mathematical computations. provides the solutions to ancient puzzles, sponsors field trips, and presents lectures on such related subjects as navigation. In addition, many puzzles and mathematical phenomena are thoroughly discussed and explained on these weekly telecasts. Mr. Norman Chinoy. a technical specialist, handles these programs. LIBRARY GUILD Library Guild members are indlspensible to the smooth and efficient service afforded us by our studio's library. They generously devote their time, during and after business hours, to assisting our librarian. Miss Lehlbach, by helping students to locate the references they need, and by receiving or charging materials to studio workers and caring for magazines, books, and clippings. The Guild training provides a good background for those interested in becoming studio librarians. It not only provides valuable experience but also enjoyable social activities. Seated around desk: Betty Kimbro, Michelle Nodeeu, Trine Guerdi, Virginia Zaletki, Charles Krucxek. Standing, front row: Joan Frei-wald. Rochelle Herth, Judith Kirchmayr, Andrew Giacobbe, Judith Williami, Mary Cantella, Winifred Shannon, Beverly Barlow, Vera Jermolowich, Rachel Zinn. Theresa Hooper. Standing, back row: Jotephine Scerdaville, Carol Suesser, Estelle Bolden, Kathy Karpin-ski, Alberta Woxniakowiki, Elixabeth Nastier. Ellene Briden, Karen Newman.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The highest honor awarded to performers on AHS-TV is not an Emmy, but membership in the National Honor Society. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are the four prime characteristics on which membership is based. Every six months recipients of this honor are chosen by a committee of the technical directors from the rostrum of experienced technicians, players and performers. They aro inducted into the society in a candlelight spectacular. Our chapter is named in honor of Miss M. Bernice Hamilton, our beloved former assistant director, and is under the supervision of Mr. Philip Clamurro. First row, left to right: Mr. Clamurro. Mi Hamilton. Dori Zimmarman, Roberta Holder, George Dema . Elaine Baunhuber, Lance Anderson. Alberta Woiniakowtki, Joel Melillo. Alan DeLucia. Second row: Winifred Hearns, Joseph Mansi, Barbara Martin, Joseph Naelon, Marjorie Hyde, Robert Judd, Doris Piechna. Mrs. Shapiro (playing the piano). Lillie Coleman. Emily Naiarus. Rita Hermelin, Patricia Reed, Florence Reed, Georgianna Holland, Theresa Hooper. OPERETTA CLUB Although this club has only recently been formed, it has proved to be a valuable addition to the extra curricular activities of musically inclined stars. Their study of the works of the old masters has increased and broadened their interest in this highly specialized field. Recently they visited the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, where they viewed the opera Rigolet-to. Their newly acquird knowledge of opera production was first utilized in their performance at Dayton Regional High School and later in one of our assembly programs. With the able assistance of the Art. Home Economics, and Practical Arts Departments, they are preparing a fabulously beautiful opera. The Mikado, as this seasons gigantic spectacular. Since the club meets every Monday after business hours, everyone who is interested in music has a chance to participate. GIRLS7 GLEE CLUB Perhaps the newest set to be constructed in our studios is this one. The girls in the studios rebelled at the idea of the boys having the only choral group. So. naturally, they organized one of their own. All ambitious young ladies with fine voices are asked to try out for parts. Mrs. Gertrude Shapiro's choral group will be constantly engaged in preparing numbers which they are resolved will outshine anything the boys do. We ore sure that out of this choos of friendly competition will come some beautiful music. We will not be surprised if some day the girls join the boys in a real festival of music. 94 First row, loft to right: Mario Mocino. Carol Pascalo. Alice Zuckowski. Eleanor Chase. Carol Brooks. Vivian Bristol. Betty Hutson. Second row: Edna Jones. Patricia Reed. Mary Crews. Meredith Edwards. Florence Reed. Mary Johnson. Elsie Alston. Roslyn Wright, Janet Cavaness. Standing: Mary Loatman. Lillie Coleman. Emily Naiarus. Camelia Graham, Melba Smith. Lucille Watts, Vivian Cook. Patricia Anderson. Sally Moya, Linda Ross. Louise Fleming. Rebecca Barnes. Zelia Singletary. Janice Loworn. Eve Tyler, Mr . Shapiro.First row, l«ft to right: Janice Croomt. Ann Pitt . Dolorei Koval. Ann Picillo, Lane Anderson. Edward Drennan. Theresa Hooper. Sara Jean Liebmen, Vincent Prokelo, Virginia Zaleski, Mr. Pesile. Second row: Alva O'Lgughlin. Dahlia Krouk, Emma Clark. Unice El, Sophia Sigouris. Joseph Scaduto, Edward Kloinsorgen. Guy Vinopal. Henry Fonichel. Anthony Troiano. Anthony Do Luca. Third row: Dolores Rich. Ann Campanula, Phyllis Purnell, Myrna Utley. George Piegari, John D'Andrea. Edward Green, Peter Man-cuso, James Yachnik. Fourth row: Charles Calello, Ralph Casale, Paul Pellicano, Melba Smith, Carol Pascale, Joan DeRosa, Arthur Schroeck, Michael Melillo, Michael lovino, Carmine DePalma, Louis Tobi . ORCHESTRA BAND Our studio orchestra, conducted by Mr. Pesile. furnishes us with many delightful hours of entertainment. It plays music for the operas, variety shows, spectaculars, dramatic offerings and commercials. The orchestra has distinguished itself throughout the state os one of the best of its kind. Quito a few of its members showed themselves exceptional musicians by being accepted into the All-State Orchestra. Our channel is fortunate in having such a capable group. The halls of our studios echo with music, and the band takes a part in this jubilation. Under Mr. D Amico's capable direction, they render music for our shows and occasionally present a few of their own programs. The instrumentalists join in. the playing of classics as well as modern more familiar music. This year, for the first time, special awards were given to some of the older, more prominent members. With the help of our industrious band, we have all been inspired with an appreciation of music. Firtt row. left fo right: Edwerd Green. Berber Bonnet, Robert Kene, Sere Jeen Liebmen, Theresa Hooper, Vincent Prockelo. Stan-ley Jackson, Micheel Lellone, Elisabeth Nessler, Cerol LePire, Samuel Norton. Second row: Anthony Lordi. Roneld Shipley. Thomas Fitxsimmons. George Piegeri, Victoria Ensor, Lou DiBelle, Anthony Armento. Clerence Adams, Jay Serco, Peter Mencuso. Anthony LeDuca, Louise Fleming. Third row: Torry Elman. Henry Feni-chel, Guy Vinopal, Virginia Zaleski, Philip Emanuele, Robert Perry, Ronald Booker, Cary Pittman. Raymond Wheeler, Richard Eubanks. Niel Cerengelo, Louis Tobi . Fourth row: Joseph Manxi. Ihor Woronchuk, Edward Kliensorgen. Joseph Scaduto, Joyce Knight, Barbara Richter, Lorenxo Gilliam. Joseph Palmucci, Frank Jacoby. James Yachnick, Michael Melillo. Paul Braun, Anthony Troiano. Fifth row: Mr. D'Amico, Michael lovino, Charles Calello, John D'Andrea. Ronald Seely. Ronald Winston. Jeff Dudos. Philip Ceraulo, Archie Russ. Arthur Schroeck.Maryann Kanyock. Edward Ebert, Lucille MacDougeU. Kief Atkin . James Garrahan and Ckarlat Kruciak enjoy work and play in the physical therapy room. During an occupations class. Barbara McCarl and Joselyn Melillo are wondering whether they should become bricklayers or deputy sheriffs. YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW Wonder if there're any ••cut-ups" in Mrs. Hiller's sewing class? Mr . Hopper's pupils themselves in a vifi ty of artistic dai'Qns. "Buenos dies, seiior.iComo se llama?", says Miss David. % This is an easy • conversation. Miss Johnston seems amused as she watches the students mounting their figure compositions.Could Mr. Pesile be trying to give someone the slip? Mr. Perry looks es though he's trying to "en-light-en" his science class! THIS IS YOUR LIFE Mrs. Neust' group, deep in the middle of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," are wondering "What You Will" have to do to understand this intricate story! Miss Keehner watches contentedly over hor English students who seem to bo extremely zealous and industrious ... (?) Wonder if Mr. Gannon's boys are "shop-ping" for a do-it-yourself kit. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog in Mrs. Lazar s class. 97I LED THREE LIVES Latin—sometimes called the mother tongue of the civilized world—is new to the AHS curriculum. It became popular almost immediately. Students were quick to see how closely English and lotin are related. Their knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary is helping them to understand and use their own language bettor. Nor is this all. Their increasing knowledge of Roman times enables them to see how much our own civilization has borrowed from the past. In that light they are better able to understand present conditions and to think in terms of improving future ways of living. Any student of Latin will agree that although it is difficult, the net result is well worth the effort put into it. This too can be said of any one of the science classes. Electives include biology, chemistry, general science and physics. In these classes many new worlds are opened to the students—in biology, the microscopic world: in chemistry, the atomic world: in general science and physics, the every day world. New worlds are also open to the math students, especially in the fields of science and engineering. The world is pretty complicated and it's getting more complicated all the time. This means that we have to have more and more specially trained people. Wo need them not only to work out the really tough problems of science—we need them more and more for the ordinary things of everyday life. When we have a good grounding in math, we learn to be really sharp in analyzing our problems. Most important of all. we learn to think better and to get the most out of life. The sum-total of accessible knowledge and the opportunity to apply it is several times greater than the knowledge and opportunities of past times. We have big plans for tomorrow. We hope to tangle successfully with all problems—and then ask for more. Mr. Tetta keep hi biology student hopping with e lively di cu ion of frog . Bet Mr. Chinoy it looking for tome ''square " in hi geometry group. Letin mey be e deed lenguege—but not in Mr. Reuter' clatt!o « p • • • • »••• (••• The Cavalcade of Sports Is on the air. This V • • • program is designed to spotlight some of the K%v! • • • outstanding sports events in which Arts High School £ v! has participated. It features our basketball, base- K ball, swimming, and track teams and highlights out- £vK standing sports personalities. We have an excel- fv! ent athletic program and, even though it is on a -V.V. relatively small scale, we are extremely proud of it. Wherever any of our athletic team travel they {• • • « are a credit to Arts High School on and off the ;• • ! field of ploy. It is to the highly competitive yet Y always sportsmanlike spirit of our teams that we de- ■ • • vote this program. Cavalcade of Sports. 99 '»»!Mike Melchionno goes in for a layup. 100 C-H-E-E-R L-E-A-D-E-R-S Back row: Arline McGraw Cecilia Knof, Judy Brown. Josephine Elliott, Carol Lawit. Middle row: Judy Bolton. Irena Steckiw, Angela Carracino, Batty Kimbro. Front row: Captain Nancy McColl, Elaine Oiloramo. BASKETBALL PLAYBACK Arts High School’s basketball team enjoyed one of its finest seasons this year. Considering our limited facilities and the fact that all our games are away, the team turned in an amazing performance. Although we started the season off badly we finished up by winning five of our last six ball games. The outstanding games of the year were the thrilling upsets: Good Counsel High and Bloomfield Tech. Key players this season were Mike Melchionno, Joe Davis, Eugene Black, Lou Fallone, and Bob James, a sophomore. We were proud to have this team represent our school. ARTS OPP. 66 69 46 Barringer 50 57 Harrison 59 69 47 77 Glen Ridge 50 70 57 52 Newark Tech 44 51 73 55 41 56 .... Bloomfield Tech . 66 39 62 42 69 71 80 70 78 67 66 51 47 76 57 46 40 68 53 78 95 Won 10 Lost 10 Coach Voller maps strategy during a time-out.Milo Melchionno about to got off a shot. Lou Fallon battles for the ball as Howard Shipley looks on. Arts High's basketball loam. From loft to right: Mike Molehionno. Charles Now-ton. Frank Leloia, Donald Crows. Chostor Kolton, Lester Miller. Bob James, Lou Fallone. Joe Davis, Neutie Fudge, Eugene Black, Joe Naelon and Howard Ship-ley. Kneeling: Coach George Voller. Joe Naelon, Neutie Fudgo, and 8ob James in action. 101Rnf row. loft o right: Neutie Fudge. John Fudge, Archie Rut . Sendy Lonnie Gilchriest. Third row; Mr. Criswell, Nelson Martin, James Werfeit. Fred Trevisano. Cery Pittman, Florien Jenkint. Rey Stone, Berube, John Brenner, Bob Kennedy, Bob Jemet. Letter Miller. Rey Clyde Kummerle. Second row: Cemeron Horn. Mike Petrone. Bryant Alberti. Richerd Kerp, Edward Shelton. Roneld Przemelewtki. Lewit. Edward Robinson, Walter Frasier, Tony Kropilek, Bob Gillard. Rey Alberti TRACK TEAM Perhaps the least known of Arts High School's sports activities is track. Although this sport has been the least successful of all at Arts High in recent years, the track team deserves as much credit as any other team in the school. As in tho caso of our swimmers, lack of man-power kept the track men from being more successful. We did have some outstanding performers last season, however. They were Lonnie Gilchriest. Ray Alberti, Nelson Martin, and Bob James. Other important performers were Neutie Fudge, Don Crews, and Edward Johnson. (Picture at the left): Letter Miller. Mr. Criswell, Richard Kerp. Robert Gillard, Robert Kennedy. Kneeling: Ray Alberti, Neutie Fudge, Lonnie Gilchrist, Welter Frazier. Clyde Kuemmerle end John Brenner watch Nelson Martin during pole vault practice. Jemet BerubeArh High'j Swimming Team. From loft o righf: Coach Critwell. Richard Hilttr, Andrew DiMnrtino. Don Stefanic, Bob Gillard, Richard Bates, Richard Morris, Joe Dorbin, Robert Bell, Bob McCracken and Clyde Kuemmerle. Richard Bates demonstrates a dive at a practice session. Although our swimming team was painfully undermanned this season they gave a good account of themselves at every meet. Our competition was furnished by the city league schools which usually have twice as many swimmers as we do. However, this made a victory much more satisfying to us because we knew tnat we really worked hard to win. Outstanding performers this past season were Bob Gillard. a four year veteran, Richard Hilser, Richard Morris. Andrew DiMartino. Richard Bates. Robert Bell and Peter Girruh. With many of these veterans returning next season we are looking forward to a big improvement by our swimming team. 103Gene Wichowski about to pounco on o grounder. Milo Molchionno ready to com Ray Geiser's fast ball find plot a double play. another strikeout victim. Arts High's mainstays for the coming season include (bottom row) row) p«Hy R eJ.rd;, manager; Joe Naelon. outfielder; Chester Engene Wichowsli. third baseman; Vincent liaguno. second base- Kolton. first baseman; Lou Fallone. outfielder; Ray Geiser, pitcher, man; Mike Molchionno. shortstop; Sisto Caponero. outfielder; (top ARTS HIGH S BASEBALL SCOREBOARD ARTS OPP. 3 5 9 2 4 ... 1 4 St. Benedict's .. 3 5 2 2 5 9 3 4 8 3 . 4 4 St. Cecilia's 3 7 0 3 ... Irvington Tech 6 5 . Clifford Scott 6 2 ... Newark Tech 7 6 St. Michael's 3 Won 8 Lost 7 104Last season was a very successful one for Arts High's baseball team. With many veterans returning, this coming season could well be Arts High's greatest in baseball. Coach Morris will bo relying heavily upon his heavy hitting pitching star Ray Goisor, who has played for four years. Other important veterans who will return aro outfielders Joe Naelon and Sisto Caponero and infielders Chester Kolton, Eugene Wichowski and Mike Melchionno. Also expected to assume key roles this season are Lou Fallone. Eugene Black, and Vincent Liaguno. We are looking for great things from our baseball team this season. Abov . Sisto Coponero gets sot for the Abovo. contor. Lou Follone worms up on tho Right, obove. Tiny lioguno loops high to no»t pitch. firing lino. greb o throw. Lowor right. Tho Arts High bonch reloxes boforo qomo timo. Bolow. Joo Noolon. Sisto Coponoro, ond Potsy Ricciordi exhibit mixed emotions from tho bench.Oppoting forces wait for (ho boll (o descend. Dorit Piechna and Barbara McIntyre are up in the air about something. GYM TEAM, front row. loft to right: Ermin Da Vito. Samuel Norton. Roy Herriger, James Beruby. Timothy Granger, and Coach Criswell. Back row; Michael Brown. Charles Herman, William Mayes, Charles Mayes. Kennoth Schnall. STRONG BODIES AND - (?) MINDS Although our gymnasium facilities are limited, both boys and girls enjoy a well rounded physical education program. Most of the excitement in the girls gym classes comes from the spirited captain-ball games and their annual captainball tournament. The boys havo the opportunity to join the Gym Team and develop their skill on the apparatus to a high peak of efficiency. The Gym Team usually puts on an annual spring exhibition in our auditorium. Timothy Granger does a handstand on the parallel bars. Gym leaders. Front row, left to right: Mr. Criswell. Andrew Di Martino. Dale Vetter, William Mayes. Charles Mayes. Ray Sierminski, Samuel Norton. Second row: Michael Brown, Charles Johnson, Alfonso Ragin, Kenneth Schnall. Ronald Hodes. Third row: James Beruby. Benjamin Cross. Robert Gillard, Timothy Granger, Vincent Liaguno, Clyde Kuemmerle, John Delk, John Pollard.Hard work, ambition, and a slight touch of genius?? — these are the qualities needed for a VIGNETTE Staff. Merely to soy that they worked long seems trito. for there were moments when time seemed to stand still! Their only reword—a yeorbook to remember with pride. Counter-clockwise. {with no time on their handt): Marjorie Hyde, Miss Abot, Albe Woxniekoski, David McDonald. Alan Delu-cia, Roberta Holder. Winifred Hearns. Barbara Moldofiky, Elaine Baunhuber, and Annette Green. VIGNETTE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Literary Editor . Assistants ....... Personal Editor . Art Editor ...... Assistants ...... ........................... Alberta Wozniakowski ................................. Annette Green ................................ David McDonald ................................. Winifred Hearns Roberta Holder. Barbara Moldofsky .................................Diana Margulies ................................... Ellene Briden ............................... Jacqueline Gorski Doris Piechna, Kenneth Schnall Make-up Editor ...... Assistant ........... Photo Editor ........ Photo-Literary Editor Assistant ........... Sports Editor........ Business Manager .... Assistant ........... Typist .............. Assistant ........... .... Richard Ganoczy .........Anne Jordan ......... Dale Vetter Elaine M. Baunhuber ..... Marjorie Hyde ..... Alan DeLucia ..... Ann Brzezicki ..... Florence Reed ..... Ernestine Bakich ..... George Demas Mr. Kappstatter points out a pertinent fact to Florence Road and Ann Brezexicki. Ellen Bridan. Doris Piachna. Kan Schnall, and Mr. Knoblar inspect the layout for pages two and three. Dale Vetter. Miss Howard. Alba Wozniakowski, and Annette Green pause for a photo.A PIN In appreciation of exceptional service rendered to the channel by its workers, AHS-TV has instituted the A-Pin award. This honor is conferred, twice a year, on those who are active in extracurricular work and make a success of projects undertaken in the studios. Recipients are chosen by a committee comprised of A-Pin holders and council members, who roview the evaluations of the directors and specialists. The stars, co-stars, bit players, writers, camera men, technicians and scenic and costume designers are inspired to do their very best to become eligible for this award. Those of our staff, who have already attained this honor may be truly proud of their achievement. Firtt row. left to right: Annette Green. Irene Steckiw. Doris Zimmerman. Margo Hoess. Second row: Marjorie Hyde. Joel Malillo, Florence Reed. CUSTODIAL STAFF The hustle and bustle of television programming here at the studio subjects our building to a considerable amount of wear and tear. Our custodial staff members are the nemesis of litter on the floors, dust on the desks, streaks on the blackboards and wastepaper in the baskets. Always at work, they keep our halls and classrooms immaculate at all times. It is their conscientious efforts that maintain our building at its best. 108 Left to right: Cefeteria Manager Eileen Knipping and staff members Anne King. Wilhelmina Hodge. Agnes Hansen, Anna Flynn, Rose Fisher, Rose Vara. Members of our custodial staff, left to right: Frank Kraus. Catherine Turner, Vito Russomano, Fannie Kelly. Philip Bollero. Florence Dougherty, Thomas Fran-nicolo. Frank Glennon, head custodian, was not present when the picture was taken.COLEMAN'S Dress Suits to Hire 40 WEST MARKET STREET NEWARK, N. J. Class of June, 1956 Class of January, 1957 BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE Ken Wingrove, for JOSTEN'S, Your Jewelers THE SYLVIA MAE STUDIOS Wish You the Very Best of Luck ♦ We Are Glad We Were Able to Help You Finance Your VignetteBest of Luck CREST CARD CO., NEWARK We Are Happy to Have a Part in Making This Yearbook Possible ALDERNEY DAIRY NEW JERSEY BELL TELEPHONE CO. Wishes Good Luck 111lliiiii uUUii Tiiniiiii Congratulations and the best of luck! We at torstan are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Lorstan Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Lorstan portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! Foremost School Photographers in the East Lithograc RAE PUBLISH 22 Frink Montclai

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