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ARTS HIGH’S ADVENTURE A good yearbook should paint a picture of what school-life has been for the senior class during the preceding years. In an attempt to paint our picture vividly, we have created a character whom we shall call Artie. The purpose of this figment of our imagination is to give you, the reader, a better insight into what school has been like for us, the seniors. As we retrace Artie's high school career, it is interesting to watch the changes that come over him. His development, stage by stage, is so very familiar to all of us that we can’t help remembering ourselves in his sometimes awkward and sometimes pleasant positions. He changes from a painfully-shy freshman, who wouldn't dare dance with a girl, to a very self-confident senior who considers himself quite a Lothario. But that is getting ahead of the story. So let us now permit Artie to tell it in his own words. HI THERE! My name is Artie. After being comfortably planted in grammar school for eight years, this uprooting has caused an unexplainable turmoil in my brain. This huge building appears to me, as an overpowering giant, waiting to get me in its clutches. Oh no! I must think of going to high school as an adventure, a high adventure, Artie’s High Adventure. Surely the thought of new teachers, new friends, and a new school, should not affect me in this manner. I have chosen a school of the arts, where opportunities are limitless, and rewards endless. I must set my goal and outline a pattern for obtaining it, with Art, Music and Drama, as a foundation for the rich, full years ahead. Why then are there these constant fears and anxieties? Vm new. Vm a freshman!131 -A7 .1 iKTWfll C'Ttf'l 1 PP1 “PI III31 ■ 7.131H13 hH F=11:17.1 “7.1 FRONT ENTRANCE TO ARTS HIGH SCHOOLAnnual Publication of the SENIOR CLASSES ARTS HIGH SCHOOL 550 High Street Newark, New JerseyDR. FREDERICK C. SEAMSTER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Principal As 1 entered the Irani hall of this school for the first time. I teas rather frightened. My fears disappeared suddenly when a tall, pleasant man greeted me. He introduced himself as Dr. Seam-star. In time to come, 1 was to realize what a good friend 1 had made that day. MISS M. BERNICE HAMILTON B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal I shall always remember my impression of Miss Hamilton on that first day, as she welcomed our freshman class. Her gracious, soft-spoken words immediately made me feel at case. I have since found her to Ire a kind adviser who is sincerely interested in my life at Arts High. o These newcomers seem just as nervous as I am. It'll probably be easy to make friends. Even the photographer taking our picture has a pleasant smile. Just think—a picture of me, a mere freshman, with Dr. Seamster and Miss Hamilton.When I walked into the front entrance of Arts High . . . for the first time, I felt alone and uncomfortable. As I glanced around the lobby the beautiful marble steps seemed to be so big and towering, that 1 felt even more frightened—if that was possible. I turned around slowly, looking at the huge murals near the top of the walls. Boy, if only I could paint like that! Well, that's what I was here for. 1 gathered up my courage and began to follow some of the others into the auditorium when I saw the big display window. "Greetings Freshmen!" Those were the only words on the sign, but they were enough to make me feel a little more at ease. I walked into the auditorium feeling pretty good. Wow! 1 never saw such an attractive auditorium. The stage had a lot of music stands on it and I noticed the beautiful curtains. They still looked new! (After awhile, I found out that they were new.) There were so many chairs, I couldn't imagine their ever being all filled. At the moment not too many people were around so 1 decided to explore the building. As 1 walked down the corridor I spied a room with an open door. Mmm—Principal. That was Dr. Seamster. I’ll bet that’s the room where he wrote out the post card 1 received telling me that I was accepted to Arts High. I turned down the corridor wondering if 1 would ever get the opportunity to enter that office when Dr. Seamster carefully inspects one of the many papers on his desk. Our auditorium, where we gather together in the spirit of warmth and friendship, has been the scene of a variety of memorable programs.girls were in such a hurry getting their books that 1 thought I’d better be getting back to the auditorium, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to look around the comer. I took a hurried peek, and then looked again. Sure enough, the sign said guidance office. Now here was a big room! I thought, I’ll always be glad to be able to come here for help with my school problems—and I’m going to need guidance! Miss Hamilton smiles brightly as she begins her days work. saw a smaller room. "Vice-PrincipaF the icord on the wall near the double doors said. I looked into the room. Seeing the desk piled high with schedules to be checked made me realize the big decisions that are made in this "little room.” As I walked to the other end of the corridor thinking about this, 1 was shaken out of my thoughtful mood by the sound of feminine noises—silly giggles and high voices. You guessed it-the girls’ lockers! The There's always a traffic jam in the girls’ locker area. Mrs. Longlcy tells Tonia Harrison and Howard Shipley about the various methods of securing vocational information. The happy crowd exchange comments as they walk along the corridors between classes.Year of High Adventure. How did I feel that first morning? While J was at home getting dressed for my first day at Arts High, 1 thought I was a big wheel. Mom and Dad were looking at me with admiration and love. I thought I could conquer the world. When I arrived at school my heart beat faster and I felt lost in the midst of the hustle and bustle of school activities, a stranger in a new world! For a fleeting second I wished that I were back in grammar school tvith my old friends and teachers 1 had grown to respect and depend on. In ffassing a senior, while changing classes, I felt like a frisky pup that is shoved into a corner. The seniors were so grown up and dressed differently. They seemed burdened with the weight of the world. I don’t think I’ll ever get that serious. One upperclassman was quite nice and offered to sell me swimming pool tickets. After my happy bargaining with the sjniling fellow, a freshman approached me and said I was taken in, but good! He exclaimed, "The closest you’ll ever get to water will be at the fountain.” How I found my homeroom is still a mystery to me, but it surely felt good to look around and see other faces that were willing to smile and be friendly. I wondered about that box with the voice coming out, and found it to be the public address system. It really made me feel grown up. When my future chums calmed down I heard, “The following report to the main office with books and pencils, Ludwig Da Vinci, Leonardo Beethoven, and Artie Adventurer.” Little had 1 realized that the little slip of paper I got for being late meant an hour after school. That was the first and last time for me! One of the Juniors showed me his A-Pin and Honor Society Pin. I thought he would be a stuffed shirt. But on the contrary, he gave me his two words of success, "Be Yourself,” and he told me his sad experiences as a freshman. After listening to much advice, I decided to start paving the way to sophomore ship. I teas able to choose any subjects and join a variety of clubs. This was done carefully so that work and pleasure combined. The opening exercises for assembly were a pleasant surprise to me. Sot only was the conduct of the students good, but their attitude was truly patriotic and respectful. This was one more reason to be proud that Arts High was now my school. 8CLASS OF JANUARY 1959 HOME ROOM 220-IB—MISS ABOS. First row. left to right: Michael Lallone, Clyde Kuemmerle, Vinnie Santora, Anthony Soroe, Daniel La Motta, Eva Tyler, Ann Picillo, Miss Abos. Second row: Nonna Tenorc, Sofia Siguoris. Jocelyn Melillo, Carol Poranski, Jay Serco, Barbara McCarl, Judith Plcsnik, Carol Wilson, Virginia Delli Sante. Bock row: Joan Simeonc. Ruth Stubbs. Joseph Pal-mucci, Walter Slawuta, Nelson Martin, lames Robinson, Elizabeth Woodruff, Archie Russ, Richard Shanks, Ronald Sommerhalter. HOME ROOM 204-1B-MISS DAVID. First rotv. left to right: Richard Jenkins, loci Cannata, Robert Bell, Frank Jacoby, Edna Jones, Matilda Fletcher, Vivian Bristol, Phillip Emanuele, Miss David. Second row: Ann Himmelberger, Marion Delluria. John D Andrea, Judy Brown. Janice Croorns, William Delli Sante, Steven De Bock. Charles Caslcr. Back row: John Derek, Darlecn Golardi, Marie Cuarino, Peter Cimih, lames Boyd, Steven Bazarewsky, Lawrence Crawley, Samuel Robinson, Richard Hillman, Charles Herman, Robert Hill. 9CLASS OF HOME ROOM B 8-1A-MISS HOWE. First rou , left to riKht: Stuart Welch. Esther Zuckcr, Lillian Roberts. Dorit Silton, Kathleen Walsh. Betty Sommerhalter, Sondra Watson, Thomas Zimmerman. Miss Howe. Second row: Vincent Prockelo, Donald Richardson, Carol Wadsworth, Melissa Pierce, Virginia Zaleski, Rosalyn Wright. Patricia Reed, James Yachnik. Back row: Ann Peters. Muriel Snow, Lawrence White. Kathleen Rivers, Joseph Scaduto, Michael Prtrien, Florence Staats, Ihor Woronchuk, David Zaleski, Audree Cold, Sanford W’erfel. HOME ROOM 210—1A—MR. SHAINMARK. First row, left to right: Helen Goines, Geraldine Granger, Jean HesUn, Sandra Miller, Victoria Ensor, Rita Hermelin, Mr. Shainmark. Second row: Anna Dc Luca, Marilyn Delorenzo. Joe Vitale, Joe Fasliano, An- thony Fazio, Pearl Hunt, Sharon Dugan. Back row: Edward Drcn-nen, Joe Iourio, Eula Foster, Camilia Graham, Margo Jetter, Joe Grasso, Tommy Amos, David Beach, Robert James. 10JUNE 1958 HOME ROOM 218—1A-MRS. SWEENEY. First row. left to right: Stanley Steininark. Dolores Koval. Mary Ann Laulettc, Patricia Manning. Patricia McClimans, Diana Kcllehcr. Sylvia Mack. Mrs. Sweeney. Second row: James Carr .than, Douglas Jones, Mildred Ban, Henry' Michaud, Carol O'Donnell, Aretta Adendahl. George Zalan-Karossy, Robert Lewis, Benedetto Mongiovi. Back row: Gertrude krnpilak, Joseph Morrone. Jean Michalsd, Annette Kavsell, Joseph Mannion, Emily Na arus, Edward Ebert, Caroline knakicwica, Rosalie Klotz, Marie Macino, Larry McCoy. HOME ROOM 314—1A—MR. CLAMURRO. First row. left to right: Camille Cavaness, Paul Cidcrn, Ann Cimola, Albert Cana-relli, Eleanor Chase, Raymond Underwood, Angela Carracino, Dennis Anniballi, Laura Foster. Raymond Alban, Mr. Clamurro. Second row: Ernest Klepetz, Frank Cimirro, Ann Campanella, Carol Adams, Robert Camuso, Barbara Bienkowski, OUio Simmons. Richard Bates. Constance Atkins. Hack row: Gwendolyn Sims, Joseph Posclla, Stanley Cichowski, Mary Crews, Joan Michalski, Dallas Beach. Margaret D'Atno, Martin Alpert, Anna Stefaniuk, Salvatore Cerruto, Anthony Silva. 11The boys in Mr. Criswclfs Gym class limiter up with their free-hand warm-up exercises. Mary Ann Chutsanis, Mary Ann Scalercio and Joyce Cannata lead the Gym class in daily exercises. The office seems quite peaceful now but wait until Arts Wall's master clock Groans the hour. We may complain that our faithful custodians send up steam heat on hot days and no neat on cold days, but we love them fust the same.'ou could staree in a neu; school looking for the cafeteria! Upon exploring the ground floors I stumbled onto the main office where one of the busy clerks had a huge, glossy, juicy apple on her desk. Continuing on my way I heard deafening screams and knew this was the girls' gym. The mouth-watering aroma of the cafeteria seemed near, so I scurried to the basement. Here I found janitors, sweeping and munching crunchy peantit brittle! My hollow stomach gave with a hunger pain that shot me up the stairs. Entering the Occupations class to hear about the taste-teasing career of a Dietician onlu increased my hunger for food. I wandered weakly into the Algebra class where they were discussing food budgets. Then came the Science class with a talk on the number of proteins in a tender sirloin steak. 1 staggered to the first floor and used my last spurt of energy to carry me to my destination—the cafeteria. Here I anxiously gobbled a sandwich and milk in time to hear the next period bell ring. “At ease there. Buddy." says our famous math teacher. Mr. C tamurro. "General Science covers everything from the structure of a snowflake to the eruption of a volcano," says Mr. Perry. You either have your lunch and no scat or a scat and no lunch. “According to the last test, you re the most bashful group in the schoolsays Mr. Morris. Whenever topsy-turveu pic is served. Mrs. Flynn always has a caoacity crowd and a fine cash balance.The center of interest in Mrs. Cozzens' English I class tt focused on Donald Crews as he gives a reirori to his fellow classmates. You cant sec that time clock but rest assured it’s there since the worried expressions on the faces of members of Mr. Balshan’s Typing II class indicate that he is giving his famous 5 minute time writing test. Bees couldn't be any busier than the members of Mrs. Hiller's Sewing class. 14Mr. Cannon demonstrates cabinet making to an interested group. Eddie Ebert and Joe Dowling exercise diligently as George Zalan-Korossj looks on. My English teacher assigned some research work, so I climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and walked into the main room of the librarti where students, seated at long tables, were engrossed in reading. As I paused, unsure of myself, a member of the Librarti Guild asked if he could assist me. I thankfully agreed.. After we finished preparing my assignment, I asked the Guild member if it was hard to help in the library. He. explained that under the guidance of Miss. Lehlbach, the librarian, he and other members of the Guild learned to operate the library efficiently. Miss Lehlbach asked me to carry several overdue book slips to classrooms. Since that would give me a chance to sec what other students were learning, I was glad to do so. The first class I entered was Algebra I. There students were copying formulas and working them out. Next I entered the Typing class. Amid the mechanical efficiency of the typists, I felt small. They all seemed so sure of themselves. When I entered the Sewing class the sight of a room full of girls amazed me. They were harmless enough I guess. Mrs. Hiller was helping one girl with her sewing while the others were working alone. Leaving the room in a hurry, 1 headed to the next room. Miss Brokaw and Barbara Martin seem worried about Barbara's tcmjKraturc. Library Guild members arc always busy, even before classes begin.There is no dmtbt that Walter Guterl. Ann Bryezscki. Diana Margulies. Barbara McIntyre and Mr. Chinoy like pretzels and Coca Cola. At the Barn Dance the girls had fun using the boys laps as chairs during one of the action tracked games. Girls—girls—girls—but there’s one handsome Romeo in the crrAcd. Can you find the fortunate fellow? Whoops!—There goes Nancy McColl. She must have missed her partner’s lap while playing Musical Chairs at the Bam Dance. Nina Squiticri finds it difficult to cross over the bridge as her friends do a successful job of blocking her way. Having heaps of fun at the Barn Dance are Sally Strychnewicz. Mr. Cla-murro, A dele Amil, Joyce Cannata, Bob Lowom. and Marylyn Farrell. IT'S TEEN TIME AND TIIE"Money please." says George Danas to Pat Shields and Jack McGrath, as Walter Cutcrl and Katina Pilavakis assist in serving refreshments. There was social dancing at the Bam Dance, too. Here a feu: Arties fump to a fast fitterbug. A bright group of Arties and their friends happily bounce to the bunny hop. Su ing and sway with the Arts High Grecniackets. Anthony Basilc, Mike Ester. John Mar gotta, Louis Tobic, Henry Fcnichel, Lawrence Yannuzzi, Ira llalpcrin and Carl Olchcski. They're a good group with plenty of spirit—Sally Strychnewicz. Mr. Morris. Mr Stcisel. Marylyn Farrell. Mrs. Langley, Robert BrunnqueU and Adele Diana yjargulies and her { artncr display some fancy footwork. CCENT IS ON SOCIAL SECURITYMr. Lowry and his Biology class seem more interested in the camera than in the lesson. My sophomore year . . . was certainly made more interesting bit the new and different courses for which I was scheduled. These subjects were really difficult and I knew that I’d have to do some serious studying both in school and at home. Mu first new major was Biology. Everyday some new phase of life was unfolded before me and my class mates. At first, I thought we were going to learn only about small animals but I soon found that biology meant the study of all forms of life from the smallest, the protozoa, to the largest, the whale. I suddenly began to realize how vastly populated our earth is. In every way Biology was enlightening. Spanish ooened up another avenue of knowledge to me. It not only involved the study of the language but of the people in Spanish speaking countries. The most important and interesting thing about learning Spanish was that after I knew a few words and short sentences, I could converse with my fellow students despite my limited vocabulary. This exchange often took place at the Spanish Club which teas open to every student. Here, we enjoyed planning such activities as the Posada and learned many of the native dances which brought out our Spanish blood. Using what I had learned gave me a feeling of pride and accomplishment. The subject which really made me aware of the world we live in was Economic Geography. The word economic made me think we were going to study the products produced by various countries. Well, we did that—and more. We studied the people and their industries, and the effect they had on the world. I realize note that not all countries are as rich as the United States and I am conscious of the big responsibility ice have in trying to help those less fortunate than we are. i Hay que pronunciarlo as!! Es importante porter el acenlo donde esta escrito. Ah or a bicn! Traten uls. Todos juntos—close. The map on the wall has been here longer than Mr. Kappstatter has, but it's easier to hang around than it is to get a point across in Economic Geography clast. 18Gym leaders uho demonstrate gymnastic stunts and lead the boys during class periods STUDENT RECITALS Observing all the traditions of the American Concert Hall, the Music Appreciation II class sponsored the first season of .After-school Student Recitals during the year 1954-1955. The Recitals, free to students, faculty and guests, lasted about thirty minutes and consisted of vocal, piano and instrumental music. Programs, ranging from Bach’s ‘Toccata in D Minor” to “Lullaby of Biraland,” were very well executed and received. The concluding recital was a joint faculty-student program which played to a full house. Our pretty page turner, Mary Ann Chutsanis, smiles as she listens to the heavenly music played by her classmates. ORGAN CLASS The fifteen members of this class have their schedules arranged so as to provide each one with a full period lesson once a week, together with opportunities for practice sessions during study periods. Numerous assembly programs and frequent concerts enable them to develop confidence in themselves and to gain experience in playing before audiences. Besides learning to execute the difficult Bach Preludes and Fugues, they also study popular music. A few even prepare to take positions as cnurch organists. One of our most talented pianists. Wilhelm Goetz, gives a terrific rendition of the Grieg Concerto in A Minor at a Student Recital. 19World Enough, and Time. My being, a sophomore in Arts High made me feel that I had really become important. Imagine me, once a young insignificant freshman climbing to the position of “second year man." My wanderings on the heavenly clouds of High School Paradise soon ceased when I began to feel the pressure of homework and extracurricular activities. My teachers gave what seemed to me so much work that I suddenly felt sick and completely rundown. Mom and Dad didn’t appreciate my suffering. Instead, they made doubly sure that 1 did every bit of my homework each night. This year was even more delightful because I felt relaxed and the once strange surroundings and faces were tir w familiar to me. I found it much easier to socialize with many of my classmates and to enjoy the same experiences that they did. We attended sports events and parties together, where everyone joined in the fun to instire a happu time for all. 1 began to realize sometime in February that the genuine importance of my relationship with my classmates was that I was beginning to understand people better and to have more regard for others’ feelings. In school, my classmates and I began to participate in school activities, even to the extent of being orchestra and band members and contributors to art exhibits. Many of my colleagues became active members in clubs and some even became club officials. At the end of my sophomore year, my class advisor called a meeting in order to organize our class into a working body. For a few weeks we all worked diligently and enthusiastically. When all the work had been finished, we elected class officers and formed standing committees. My class was truly a well organized and well conducted group of which I was proud to be a member. As the last days of the term drew near, I realized that the year had passed too quickly and that those precious days had been exceptionally gratifying and might well have been one of the best years of my life. HOME ROOM 206—2B-MRS. CROSS. First row. left to right: Jacqueline Surdi, Joseph Dorbin, Vera Jannolowich. Beverly Barlow. Jean Jones. Anthony Di Gregorio. Ronald Bona dies, Robert Bass. Second row: Ceraldinc Johnson. Anthony Donofrio, Joseph An- dransky. Sandra Hudson. Vivian Baslcy. Jesse El. Richard Barton. Third row: Ralph Finaldi. Joseph Di Rago. James Allen. Bernard Clements. Claudas El. Kathy Karpinski, Dennis Skolski. 20HOME ROOM 306-2B—MR. PESILE. First row, left to right: Sandra Dc Lucia, Rebecca Barnes, Rachel Zinn, Andrew Yscamp, Cecilia Knof, Sylvia Smith, Oralecn Orr, Mr. Pesile. Second row: Grace Stanley, Patricia Anderson. Rosemarie Scnatorc, Albert Da Cruz, Cuy Tedesco, Yvonne Perry, Ronald Shipley, Barbara Hughes, Henry Kelly, Betty Nichols. Third row: Valentine Gordon, Ronald Seeley. Daisy Nolan. Esta Plagcr, Sam Norton. Olivia Crisp, Andrew Widcman Bey. Priscilla Ryan, Robert Callman, Arnold Schaaf, Joyce Knight, Edward Kleinsorgen. HOME ROOM 215—2B-MR. LOWRY. First row, left to right: Josephine Pantano, Madeline Verdi, Carol McCoy, Nina Davenport, Angela Larcieri, Estelle Parone, Mr. Lowrv. Second row: Irene Smith, Susan Kirscli, Marlene Mercuro, Barbara Moldofsky, Marie Strother, Joyce Worcester. Marlcna Schulte. Rosalie Mess-mer. Back row: Walter Koch, Fred McCoy. Larry Krieger, Carnet Tolen, Phillip Callahan. Richard Hdsner, George Sedares, Jack Buckley, Carl Tommasone, Patsy Riccardi. 21CLASS OF Sycamores Spread Their Boughs Over Howard Plaza HOME ROOM 313-2A-MRS. COZZENS. First row, left to right: Richard Magill. Anthony Dc Luca, Maryann Rhumm, Michelle Nadeau, Sally Moye. Annette Minncfor, Cail Knob lock, Annette Merendmo, Beatrice Pallitto, Mrs. Cozzens. Second row: Henrietta Watts, Elsie Alston, Helen Mosier, Carole Suesscr, Trina Guardi, Beverly Jetter, Constance Bennett. Barbara Ely, Nancy Hicks. Herbert Greenberg, Blaine Chambers, Mr. Grant. Back row: Elizabeth Ncssler, Dottie Evers. Joel Melillo, Joseph Manzi, George Lasky, William Fleishman. Astor Clasgow. Marietta Mayes, Andrew Di Martino, Donald Sitek, Michael Slivchak, Paul Pellicano, Arthur Goetze. 22JUNE 1957 HOME ROOM 304—2A—MISS KEEHNER. First row. left to right: Catherine Biank, Vivian Cook, Emmeline Booker, Carolyn Mar-rone, Addie Sprinkle, Francino Caruso, Maxine Kepness, Judith Rosenberg, Patricia Balvage, Rogers Bryant. Miss Kcenner. Second row: Dolores Heon, Jane Goode, Lydia Caetano, Jacqueline Cooke, Janice Janoski, Eileen Wascavaee, Tyrone Ingram, Samuel Craft, Lance Anderson, Donald Golden, Joseph Dowling. Third row: Kent Rheubottom, Louis Di Bella. Bryant Lewis, Alfred Volpe, John Dolan, Dominick Anastasia, Olin Gaines. HOME ROOM 209—2A—MR. MORRIS. First row, left to right: Cloria Bonge, Theresa Hooper, Betty Hutson, Winifred Shannon. Ann Pitts, Jeanne Lackey. Judy Williams, Vera Brown. Elaine Baunhubcr. Mr. Morris. Second row: Leonard Volnc, Roseann Menza, Barbara Francioli, Barbara Ccvaias, Richard Rcdziuski. Mary Nlaver, Pat Dunn, James Richards. Anthony Troiano. Rocco Collura, William Smith. Bock row: Gordon Reed, Kenneth Schnall, Bill Hebert. Carol Wooten, Robert Romash, Carl Olcheski, Tom Sims, Charles Detore, Peter Mancuso, John Brenner.Extracurricular Activities In some schools the buildings are no longer settings for bustling activity when the last bell rings. Rut that is not so here at Arts. The students are always scurrying through the halls to attend various club activities. There are clubs for the future teachers, for fashion designers, journalists, modern dancers, scientists, radio operators, and craftsmen. The Library Guild always welcomes book enthusiasts and the Spanish Club gives the students a broad knowledge of foreign customs. Students who wish to contribute their time and effort take part in the School Service Club or in the Junior Red Cross projects. The Art Service Club enables us to display our art ability in arranging bulletin board displays, and the Stage Crete plays an important part in student productions. I have discovered that we have a rich program of extra curricular offerings to provide relaxation from the 44work“ of the school, as well as important learning experiences. In the planning and direction of activities many of us have developed qualities of leadership and followership for later responsibilities as citizens. There are clubs to suit the needs, interests, and abilities of us all. Most members satisfy their individual interests and still receive the advantages of group activity. The Art Service Club has three outstanding aims: 1-To serve Arts High School through Art in its many areas. 2—lo provide an opportunity to have more art experiences in the type of work most interesting to members. 3—To enrich social contacts by means of get-togethers, dances and trips. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 2:35 p.m. . Membership requirements: Sample of art work approved bv the club committee and 5.25 dues each term. Mrs. Rosamond H. Hopper is the faculty advisor. The aim of the Drama Club is to acquaint students with a knowledge of acting, and help them to enjoy and appreciate good plays. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Cozzens.Vita,, i«r capable leadership of Mayor Robert Brtamquell. the Council presented social affairs, supervised student oriental ions, continued support of our uar orphan and completed Arts High's revised Handbook and first boohcoters. The Student Council (above) is the student elected governing body of the school. It consists of two representatives from each homeroom and one from each club who voice student suggestions at the Student Council meetings. Under the guidance of Mrs. Longley, Mr. Chinoy, the administration and the faculty, the Student Council has worked most diligently. The Orchestra (below) under the direction of Mr. Pesile has grown from a few stringed instruments into one of the largest and most active groups in the school. Classes are provided for those pupils who arc interested in learning to play instruments. The members perform at assembly programs, concerts, graduation exercises, and on some special occasions.The Radio Club is new to Arts High this year. It was formed at the request of several of the boys, and meets each Tuesday at 3:50 in room 215. At the club meetings, most of the time is given to code practice and the study of radio theory. The purpose of the club is to leam the fundamentals of radio operation in order to prepare for the F. C. C. examination and eventually to have a short-wave station at Arts High with our own call letters. In order to be a licensed operator, one has to know the radio laws, operating procedure, certain electronic fundamentals and be able to send and receive code at five words per minute. This entitles one to have a beginner or "Novice” license. There are several advance grades of license privileges. The club is sponsored by Mr. Lowry whose radio call W2NXF is heard regularly on the short wave band. Mr. Lowry displays his talent in art while the members of the Radio Club illustrate some of their electrifying accomplishments. These smiling faces belong to the members of the Junior Red Cross Council, a group who do their best in helping others. The Arts High Junior Red Cross has many activities. At Christmas, Easter and other holidays we make favors and gifts for Day Nurseries, Hospitals, veterans and the aged. The Art and Sewing Departments have made many valuable contributions to the junior Red Cross. The Music students play for some of the aged people and other Shut-Ins. The regular meetings are held every’ other Monday in 318 under the supervision of Miss Kruek. Special meetings are called for the executive board and committees to organize and complete the projects. 26These courageous souls are the silent sentinels of our school hallways, the diligent curators of peace, quiet, and the teachers’ blood pressures! Members of the School Service Club (above) under the supervision of Mr. Misurcll, assist the office staff and faculty members whenever student assistance is needed. Under the supervision of Miss David, (right) this organization gives students the choice of getting a background of the language by learning the dances, songs and customs of Latin America and Spain. There's a method to this castanet-clicking madness, only it's hard to master without castanets. Some Arts High students, who are interested in clay work are able to arrange their schedules so they have a Ceramics class during school hours; others cannot do tin's. Our Potter)- Club is organized for this latter group. This Club enables the members to work, after school, on any suitable Ceramic problem they may choose. The Club meets every Friday afternoon in B8. The dues are paid weekly, five cents per week. The money collected is used to buy glazes and materials for the group use. The members may try their hand at ceramic modeling and sculpturing of figures of animals or people or they may try any of the various processes used in making ceramic pieces. These processes are pinched bowls, coil building, plate or slab building, press mold pieces, slip casting (in plaster molds), and if any member is willing, and eager to practice sufficiently, he may leam to throw on the potter’s wheel. Decorating and glaze application is part of the course too. When the pieces arc finished they are taken home by the student. 27 Clay in the hands of Miss Howe's creative artists sometimes results in small wonders.The Herald Angels” The Shepherds' “Feliz b’avidad.” says Miss David cheerfully to a Christ- "The Three mas shopper. Diane Dallanrgra and Hochelle Hersh help Richard Tortoriello and Bob Brunnquell decorate our traditional Christmas tree. OUR CHRISTMAS FAIR AND PAGEANT } ' _ 1 Mr. landsman's Pilgrim stones tell exceptionally well with the assistance of pretty salesgirls. Phyllis Ciuliano and Florence Milgazo. Very little salesmanship was required in this transaction. Ray Underwood eagerly waits for one of those festive cakes.'The Nativity” 'The Adoration’ . .. Miss llowe and her committee display the ceramic pieces ,n®5 made by members of her classes for prospective customers. O Miss Johnston, Mr. Misurell and members of the Stage Crew, arrange the angels' wings for the Christmas Pageant. Hazel Reid and Cathy Blank admire the earring display being shown to them by Miss Howard. Mrs. Hopper completes a sale as Marvin Flower attempts to make another. PROVIDE HOLIDAY SPIRIT FOR EVERYONE.Moments Make the Year. My Junior year was full of many new experiences. thought had learned all there was to learn but I hadn't reckoned with United States History. My Muzzey became my dearest friend and my worst enemy. Many is the time I sat up late, burning the midnite oil, preparing for a test or getting a weekly assignment ready with him by my side. In spite of Muzzey s trying to pin me down, I found time to participate in my class activities. In May when our class decided to sponsor a dance to help raise funds for the Vignette, none of us realized the amount of work it would require. We decided to call our dance the French Soiree and our biggest problem was obtaining French Decorations. Members of the committee went down to travel agencies to get pictures of can-can dancers and the Eiffel Tower. Dimmed lights, symbolic j ostars and good music, combined to make our dance a tremendous financial success. Working together called for cooperation and many new friendships developed as we worked side by side. Nearly every member of my class became my friend during that period of close association. I thought that was one of my great accomplishments but I soon felt differently about it when the names of the nominees for mayor of the Student Council were announced. 1 found that they were all my companions. I couldn’t decide which candidate to support because I knew that they would all make good leaders. When 1 finally made my choice, I wore my candidate's badge and campaigned in the homerooms, lunchrooms and classrooms. The assembly program, before the election, in which the cam-jwign managers introduced their candidates enabled the students to hear the nominees state their platforms. I was pleased to see many students shaking their heads in agreement as my favorite aired his views. Once the votes were cast and tallied. 1 found that my candidate had won the election by a huge majority. After such an eventful year, I looked eagerly to a fruitful senior year. HOME ROOM 113—3B—MR. J A NO WITZ. First rote, Ujt to richt: Keif Adkins, Lucille MacOougall, Janet Schreibcr, Ernestine Bak-ich. Roberta Holder. Charles Kruczek. Mary Ann Kanyack. Mr. Janowitz. Second row: Janet Cavaness. Vmnie Liaguno, Joan Dc Rosa, Arlene McCraw, Sonya Kuzminski, Ludmyla Hemptcr, Lil- lie Coleman, Henry Jackson. Ann Carol Sturn. Back rote: David McDonald. William Kaufman. Philip Smith. Charles Newton. Thomas George, Edward Wydamey. Neutie Fudge, Michael Brown, Ray Alberti, Henry Huber, Bill Mayes. 30CLASS OF JANUARY 1957 HOME ROOM 207—SB—MR. CANNON. First row, left to right: Sara Jean Liebman, Dolores McNeill, Louise Jones. SalSorcc, Winifred Hearn, Robert Chase. Margaret Johnson, Mr. Gannon. Second row: June Ruimnel, Alfred Schmidt, Daniel Chambers, Olivia Thomas, John Nash. Marjorie Hyde. Lois Tenore, Brenda Ghee. Back row: Hubert Hutchins. Peter Hayes, Eugene Black, Nlariah King, Harold Holland. Chester Kolton. HOME ROOM 319—3B-MISS EDDY. First row. left to right: Timothy Granger. Cecilc Mallack, Earlene Dailey. Anne Jordan, Bertha Spinuzza. Josephine Elliott. Bradshaw Jefferson. Miss Eddy. Second row. Leona Cherch, Joan Robertello, Elaine Schcff, Gloria Priore, Arlene Bazarewski, Sylvia Marcus, Donald Pearson. Earl Caldwell, Ronald Hodes. Back row: Charles Johnson, Henry Fcni-chel, Joyce Stumpf, William Smith, Patricia Thompson. Clarence Butler, Bernard Class. 31CLASS OF HOME ROOM 213—3A—MR. KAPPSTATTER. First row. left to right: George Demas, Beverly Bayredcr, Doris Zimmerman, Marie Rizzo, Nancy McColl, Betty Then, Nina Squitieri, Mr. Kappstatter. Second rote: Marie Anicito. Carole Lambert. Peggy Ballanger, Joan Sul er. Ann Brzezicki, Alberta Wozniakowski, Lucille Watts. Alfonso Ragin, Prrstly Wood. Hack row: Robert Cillard. Chris Shanley, Arthur Scluocck. Donald Crews, Richard Karp. Joe Nac-lon, Doris Piechna. Russell Oberst, Robert Raffa. Dale Vetter, Ray Sicrminski. HOME ROOM 310—3A-MR. STEISEL. First row. left to right. Judy Bolton. Elaine Dilorenzo. Rnsann Insabella. Louise Bailey, Louise Fleming, Eugene Wichowski. Mr. Steisel. Second row: Ellen Briden, Carol Lewis, Florence Reed, Mae Hughes, Daniel Carluccio, Ernest Davis, Richard Adams. Hack rote: Walter Frazier, Allen Crenshaw, Anthony Mercantoane, Frank Leloia, Floyd Walker, Frank Slowinski, Fred Robinson. Lester Miller. 32HOME ROOM 318—3A—MISS KRUCK. First row. left to right: Irene Steckiw, Adrienne DaUanegra, Joan Murray, Margo Hoess, Ave Vaccaro, Diuna Mar guiles, Clara Papatrietro. Second row: Alan Dc Lucia, Kathleen Delaney, Marion Cuiliano, Grace Cotugno, Nancy Andrews. Cleotha Maple. Beverly Butler, Edward Cbddcn. Back row: Edward Johnson, Benjamin Cross. Jack McGrath. Ralph Casale, Louis Fallonc. Lonnie Gilchriest, Sisto Caponera, Louie Tobie, Anthony Ciallelb, Clarence White. HOME ROOM 320—3A-MRS. HILLER. First row. left to right: Geraldine Weiner. Mary Johnson. Kipling Pittman. Josephine Whitico, Annette Green. Penelope McManus. Second row: Charles Romash. Michael lovino, Rosemary Schofield, Rosalie Bertoldi, Joyce Matthews, Mary Larceri, John Bravaco, Michael Melchionno. Back row: Karen Newman. Sub Demos, Michael Friel. Robert Vale, Hugh Carrity, Donald Stcfanic, Frederick Roberts. Joseph Davis, Raymond Gciser, Robert Kennedy. 33A peek behind the scenes reveals the Stage Crew, under Mr. Mlsurelfs and Miss Johnston’s direction, hanging angel wings for 'he Christmas pageant. Ronald Hodes, Thomas George, and their assistants are kept busy as members of the Stage Crew. Under the direction of Mr. Misurell, they set up scenery, operate visual aids equipment, run the public address system, and do various minor repairs and services as needed. The Sewing Club was organized in February, 1954. at the request of a group of girls who were interested in sewing for themselves as well as for others. Club membership is limited to fifteen members and meetings are held even- Friday after school in 320. The present offi- These scientists explore different phases of plant life during a club meeting. The Science Club, under the direction of Mr. Misurell, has participated in the Greater Newark Science Fair. The club members have gone on trips to the New York Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium. During the term films on chemistry, physics and biology are shown and students prepare reports on other scientific topics. cers are Elsie Alston, president; Betty Hutson, vice-president; Vera Brown, secretary, and Addie Sprinkle, treasurer. The Sewing Club sponsor is Mrs. Lucille B. Hiller. Fridays are fun for the girls in the Sewing Club who learn the tricks of the trade from Mrs. Hiller.Mrs. Walsh directs the members of her Modem Dance Croup in the performance of some side extension exercises. The Modem Dance Group meets twice a week on Tuesday, and Friday. From ten to twelve girls devote this time to discovering possibilities of dance movement after having mastered a measure of muscular control. The girls learn to improvise their own dances involving problems in rhythm and organization and movement through space. Though the girls attend this class for their own enjoyment and enrichment it is hoped that they may perform for one of our school assemblies. Mrs. Ruth K. Walsh is the faculty advisor. The Scope is the monthly newspaper. It gives students a complete record of the school activities, and enables them to practice reporting, editing, advertising, and art. The advisors this year: Mrs. Neuss, Mr. Rickenbacher, editorial; Mrs. Hopper, art; Mr. Kappstatter, business. While Meredith Luhrs and Phyllis Cuiliano do some proof reading Ronald Dc Vito trims copy for the Scope dummy sheets.Arts Athletics The varsity sports program at Arts High is on a smaller scale than it is at other Newark high schools. However, it is still adequate for our school with its limited facilities. Baseball, basketball, swimming, and track provide enough variety to satisfy the needs of all students who are interested in sports. We do enjoy one advantage that larger schools do not have. On the average, thirty boys turn out for each of the sports offered and in most cases all boys play on either the varsity or junior varsity teams. This doesn’t happen with larger squads. We do have setbacks resulting from sports needs. First, we don’t have as many boys to develop into superior athletes as do larger schools. Secondly, the absence of large gymnasiums and athletic fields does not give sufficient opportunity to practice for games. Although Arts’ Swimming Team generally faces keen competition, our swimmers always make a good showing at the city meets. Two years ago our lx y$ won the city swimming championship. In victory or in defeat, our boys always demonstrate the fine qualities of true sportsmen. Mr. Criswell’s dependable tankmen, Richard Bates, John Kindlcr, Bill Kaufman, Henry Huber, Bob Gillard, Ray Alberti and Manager Mike Brown take time out to pose. lionise Fleming and Anastasia Cross leap for the ball as Jean Liebman anti Arlene McCraw nervously await the outcome. It takes real skill and vigor to win a dynamic game of captoinball. Considering both advantages and disadvantages, it seems that the student body in general, and the participating students in particular, do remarkably well in displaying a most optimistic and hopeful attitude. The faculty and the individual sports advisors are responsible for the fine work that is accomplished by our young men.TRACK TEAM. First row, left to right: Arthur Bernard, Kip Pittman, Nentie Fudge, Edward Gladden. Richard Barton. Second row: Mr. Criswell. John Kindler. Ray Alberti. Malachi Rountree, Don Crews, Boh Kennedy, James Berube. Back row: Edward Johnson, John Brenner, Charles Johnson, Bob Gillard. Although ours is n small school, our Track Team makes a creditable showing in many of the individual events of the city-wide track meets. Those interested in apiraratus work practice once a week and demonstrate their newly acquired skills in a spring assembly program. Prospects of this year’s Baseball Team improving on last season’s mediocre record were bright when the nine started practicing this March. Returning veterans at every position bolstered hopes of marked improvement. Coach Morris expected to rely on senior co-captains Bob Cisco and Tom Carr as the season began. Carr, usually a fixture at third base, might be shifted behind the plate. Cisco has been used as pitcher and first baseman. Both men have played for four years.Arts High lively cheerleaders smile for the cameraman. T-E-A-M YEA TEAM! Despite an indifferent record. Coach George Voller’s Basketball Team could point to some high caliber individual performances by seniors Bob Cisco and Jim Jones and speedy junior Mike Melchionno. Handicapped by lack of size and an inexperienced group of reserves, the varsity dropped several hard fought games to schools it has defeated in past years. Other key players on the varsity were Kenny Moore until mid-term graduation, Howard Shipley, Lou Fallone, Joe Nae-lon, Frank Leloia, Eugene Black, Neutie Fudge, Don Crews and Edward Johnson. All the above but Moore will return next year with Melchionno. Coach Voiler gives the team a final few words as they await the whistle for the last quarter. 38 Hob Cisco arul Mike Melchionno get set to grab a rebound. Under the watchful cues of ]ami's Jones and Mike Melchionno, Frank Leloia dribbles in for two points.James Jones goes up for two points as Mike Melchionno and Howard Shipley keep a sharp look-out. Lou FaUone. Frank Leloia, and James Jones watch the ball. as Bob Cisco wrestles fora Barbara Francioli, Grace Werner, Cecilia Knopf, Thomas Carr, Rosemary Schofield. Lucille Watts, Nancy Andrews and Maryann Scalercio tensely ou ait their cues to go on stage. O Our cowboy. Keif Adkins, sings while strumming his guitar. The entire cast joins in singing “Heart of My Heart" for the grand finale. Frances Winskus gives her interpretation .. . 0 .... . _ 40 of -The Dream of Olwen" Ronnie De VUo ° on Mr$- WaUh- The Choralcttcs. Nancy Andrews, Lorraine George and Lucille Watts happily harmonize the "Muskrat Ramble” to the audience’s delight. The cast takes OUR SPOTLIGHT SHINES ON SOMEc Andrew Widcman Bey sines "Crccn Years" for Carl Ole he ski, Larry Yannuzzi, Paul Pellicano, Louis Tobic and Michael Ester. O A petite toe tapper. Cecilia Knopf dances to the music of “Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Mike Ester. Larry Yannuzzi. Guy Vinopal. Arthur Schroek and The performances of Barbara Francioli, Mary .Ann Scalercio and Rosemary Louis Tobie play some terrific iazz while Carmine De Palma Schofield are pleasing to everyone’s cars, eagerly listens. • The jokes and witty sayings of emcees Robert Virginia Holmes plays an unusual ar- 41 curtain call. Brunnquell and Ronald De Vito stop the show. rangement of “Blue Moon." OF ARTS HIGH’S DYNAMIC TALENT.WONDERFUL YEAR We have finally made it! Now we are full-fledged Seniors and it feels iust wonderful. After three years of struggling, there is a satisfaction of genuine accomplishment that only Seniors can know. Many are busy submitting their applications to various colleges, while others are beginning to search for positions. Even though to freshmen a Seniors life appears to be all "peaches and cream ,” it isn't entirely so. Yes, we do have certain privileges, but we are never given a moment to forget our responsibilities, in particular that of setting a good example for the lower classmen. There is also that most-important-for-grad-uation Senior Thesis, which requires much time, trouble, toil, and tears. We have so very much to look forward to and to plan for during this last year. We are up in the air with the great expectations of an exciting Prom, which we hope to make one of the most memorable occasions in our lives. Another happy experience will be the preparation and presentation of our Class Day Program, for which we are now gathering ideas. In spite of the work and wonder of this last year, we arc sorry the time for graduation is drawing so near. For this reason we are determined to make the most of our last days with the members of the faculty and our fellow students. Home Room Teacher NORMAN CHINOY B.A., M.A., Mathematics Mr. Chinoy has always been ready to help smooth the many rough spots which we have encountered during our school days. We often felt his influence in our daily lives as he worked to help us prej arc for the future. When Mr. Chinoy stopped to talk ta us. his friendly smile and congenial manner made us realize how very much he too was interested in our character and personality development. Class Advisor RUTH K. WALSH B.S., MA, Art Mrs. Walsh has been a wonderful friend and a fine class advisor. Her sheer good nature and her magnetic personality have made our relationship with her an interesting, worthwhile experience. We appreciate her generous contributions of time and energy in helping us gain from our schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Her t aticnce. and her youthful approach to our problems have helped us to understaml ourselves so that we may confidently take our places as mature individuals.SENIOR “B” CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President ROBERT JUDD, President 41 Elizabeth Avenue I came to Aits High because I had heard of the excellent opportunities offered. Being a music major, 1 participated in numerous auditorium programs, which I shall never forget. Neither shall I forget the splendid times 1 had taking part in the All-State Chorus and Orchestra. I enjoyed the privilege of serving as president of the Senior Class, bpt the highest honor 1 received was induction into the National Honor Society. Secretary BARBARA MARTIN, Secretary 219 Sixth Avenue My schedule here included participation in the Student Council, Modern Dance and Science Clubs as well as service on the Scope and Vignette Staffs. I’ve devoted a great deal of time to activities and haven’t regretted it at all. To me, induction into the National Honor Society ranks first as the most memorable event of my high school years. I plan to attend college and hope to be successful there. RAYMOND PALAZZO, Vice-President 552 South 13th Street My favorite subjects arc art and Spanish. I am a member of the Photography Club and served as president of the club for one term. I’ve also belonged to the Art Service Club and to the Science Club. I am a student photographer on the Vignette staff. My favorite pastimes include fishing and model railroading. I intend to enter either the field of cartooning or that of commercial art. Treasurer FRANCES W1NSKUS, Treasurer 331 New York Avenue I came to Arts High for music and haven’t been disappointed. I've tried to participate in all musical activities and have been a member of the All-City Chorus, the Band and the Girls' Glee Club. I’ve also given my services to the Student Council and the Junior Red Cross Council. In my spare time I enjoy listening to classical records. After graduation, I plan to attend the New England Conservatory of Music. 43JANUARY BLANCHE ADAMS 25 Rose Street My four years at Arts High have been extremely worth-while and exciting. In addition to my academic studies. I acquired a knowledge of Latin American customs while I was a member of the Spanish Club. I have gained valuable experience while singing with the Chorus and Cirls’ Glee Club. Playing the violin in the orchestra has added to my pleasure. My goal is to attend Newark State Teachers' College. CAROL ANDERSON 211 Peshine Avenue As a member of the Chorus and the Girls’ Glee Club, my happiest moments have been spent singing with these groups. In my junior year I was elected vice-president of the class. I have also been active on the Scope staff. Outside of school I have taken part in the church choir programs and am a member of the Junior Leaguers. I now plan to attend Montclair State Teachers' College. THOMAS ACUILAR 62 Hawkins Street Before coming to Arts High, I had always thought of school simply as a building full of books and teachers. The friendliness of both teachers and students quickly changed my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed those wonderful art classes where I learned to appreciate good art and to applv various media with different techniques. I’m not sure of my plans for the future, but I would like to prepare for a career in art. FRED ARICO 730 North Sixth Street I came to Arts High in my junior year to further my varied musical interests. I have enjoyed playing the French horn and the cello in the Band and Orchestra here. When I won the position of solo cellist with All-State Orchestra in Atlantic City, I was greatly honored. Since becoming a professional musician is my intimate goal, my plans are to study at the Juilliard School of Music after graduation. 44956 CLASS ARTHUR BERNARD 23 Covcmor Street When one comes from a grammar school where he is accustomed to playing with ten or fifteen other people, it is an altogether different experience to be a member of a sixty piece band. One thing I will never forget is the valuable experience I've gained while playing in the Arts High Band. Although I hope to continue with my music, I plan to attend Scton Hall University to study law. ANGELO BEFUMO M2 Fairmont Avenue My most vivid memories of my years at Arts High will probably be of the music and the girls. I have been a member of the Band, the Opera Orchestra and the Stage Crew. My activities outside of school include playing the trombone in St. Rocco's Band and watching or playing a good game of football or basketball. After graduation. I expect eventually to become the manager of a grocery store. ESTELLE BOLDEN 32 Hillside Place The excellent assembly programs presented by the students will always be my most vivid memories. I have been a member of the Library Guild, the Junior Red Cross and am now Art Photo Editor for the Vignette. Singing in my church choir, dancing, reading, and playing captainball are mv chief hobbies. I am hoping to attend New Jersey State Teachers’ College to become a grammar school or a junior high school teacher. MATTIE BOLDING 18 Coldcn Street During my four vears at Arts High. I have enjoyed the assembly programs most of all. I’ve served on the Student Council and on tne Vignette Stuff, have been a number of the Library Cuild and have acted as a class representative to the Junior Bed Cross Council. My hobbies include painting and playing captainball. I hope to attend the Newark State Teachers' College where I plan to major in elementary education. 45JANUARY HARVEY BUCHSBAUM 205 Vassar Avenue As I think of the good times I've had at Arts High, the Art and Shop classes will always stand out in my mind as having been both pleasing and profitable. When I have some spare time, you can usually find me playing basketball with my friends. I would like to enter one of the Armed Forces. Following that, if I’m still ambitious enough, I want to go to college. BEVERLY BUTLER 71 Magnolia Street Besides my academic work at Arts High, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Chorus and in the Spanish Club. My favorite subject has been Art. My out-of-school activities have included singing in my church choir, dancing and skating. I have no definite plans for the future but I know that the training which I have received here will benefit me in whatever I attempt to do later. LEONARD CLARKE 112 Clinton Place A worthwhile education, a better knowledge of art, and 3 little fun have been my achievements while at Arts High. As a member of the Swimming and Baseball Teams. I have learned the necessity of team work and good sportsmanship. Though 1 enjoy sports, art occupies most of my time. I have tried to learn as much as possible so that, with additional training, I may become a commercial artist. A CEORGE CABOY 42 16th Avenue Those good times during lunch period will always be a happy memory in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed any other school more than Arts High. As a member of the Photography Club and the Vignette Staff, I’ve had an opportunity to put knowledge gained in school to use. This training will also be valuable to me when I decide between commercial art and cartooning as my life work. 461956 CLASS MARGARET FRANCES COLUCCI 100 Pacific Street The most memorable experiences I have had in the past four years were singing at school functions with the Chorus. My interest in music carries over into my extracurricular activities. Dancing is my favorite pastime. As secretary of my junior class, I developed an interest in the secretarial field. After graduation. I plan to take secretarial courses at a good business school and eventually to become a private secretary. LEAH EVANGELIS 43 Norwood Street I have not participated in too many activities at school but I enjoy music and piano playing in particular. Dancing is my favorite social activity. Collecting trinkets and various items for my scrapbook keeps me busy in my spare time. I’ve been a member of the Lippcl School of Dancing for nine years and 1 am now an assistant teacher there. My highest ambition is to be a dance instructor. CARMINE DE PALMA 99 Seventh Avenue What impressed me most during my entire high school career was the cooperation between the teachers and the majority of the students. The true friends I've made at Arts High have gi cn me my greatest thrill. I have enjoyed working with everyone. I think that what I’ve learned at Arts High, both socially and academically, will help me to a great extent when I start my college career at L’psala. ROSEANN FAZIO 225 Elm Street I'll never forget our sports events. My most thrilling experience came when Arts High won the 1953 City Swimming Championship. My other interests are indicated by my active participation in the numerous activities of the Vignette staff. Student Council, Drumu Club and Art Service Club. Art is my main interest and to be a commercial artist is my goal. I hope to attend Syracuse University. 47JANUARY LOIS FINKLESTEIN 149 Clifton Avenue Arts High has developed in me an appreciation of vocal and instrumental music. I’ve been a member of the Orchestra and have participated in the All-City Chorus. Singing in the school operas gave me a chance to get acquainted with the stage and the audience. I’ve enjoyed practically every minute at this school and will never forget the pleasant atmosphere and the friendly students. If possible, I will continue my music career. MARVIN FLOWER 45 North Clinton Street, East Orange, N. J. As an art student, I have acquired the foundation necessary to become a commercial artist. During my four years, I have been a member of the Art Service Club, and manager of the Basketball Team. I’ve always had a good time at the bam dances because of the friendly atmosphere, delicious refreshments and hillbilly music. In order to secure additional training, I will attend Pratt Institute. CAROL FLOCKEN 12 Honiss Place The biggest, most interesting school assignment has been that of Make-up Editor for the Vignette. I've also been a member of the Pottery Club and the Art Sen-ice Club. I’ll always remember the good times I had during art periods. My hobbies are roller skating and swimming. After graduation I plan to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art to prepare for a career in the art field. MADCE FRE1WALD 293 Hunterdon Street The making of so many wonderful friends is what stands out most in my mind when I think about my entire high school career. I have been an active member of the Science Club, Art Service Club, Vignette Staff and just recently I made the Cheering Squad. After graduation, my foremost ambition is to take a course in fashion designing and then marry, making my home on the West Coast. 481956 CLASS JEANNE CREENARD 30 Somerset Street I’ll never forget the friendly attitude displayed by the upper classmen when I came to this school. Instead of treating us inhospitably as is done in many schools, wc were given a great deal of help and encouragement. As a senior I've tried to continue this friendly, helpful atmosphere by doing all I could for the new pupils in the school. I hope for a career in the nursing profession. EDWARD CALANDAK 86 Pulaski Street Most of my time is spent in working in a drugstore and, because of this. I have become interested in the field of science, mainly the pharmaceutical occupations. Though my job has occupied most of my after school hours, I managed to develop leadership qualities and proudly Served as president of my 3A homeroom. After graduating from Rutgers University School of Pharmacy, I hope to establish my own drug business. ADELAIDE HALL 37 Boston Street While at Robert Treat Junior High School, I attended Saturday morning art classes at Arts High. This was my first and most important contact with the school, for it was the deciding factor in my choosing Arts for further education. Soon after I arrived. I became active in the Chorus, the Girls' Clec Club, the Cheering Squad, and the variety shows. I plan a career in the fashion design field. EUGENE HARDMAN 124 Somerset Street My ambition is to become a successful advertising artist. Because of this I came to Arts High School four years ago. During the time I have been here, I have come to like many things about the school, one of the features being the excellent art training. The teachers have given me a definite start toward my goal. I will probably attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. My favorite singer is Nat Cole. My liohhy is painting. 49JANUARY JACK HEINS 492 Orange Street Now when I com to think of it, I didn’t mind breaking the four minute mile up to study from Gym class, or carting the ever-lovin' Muzzcy around with me. School’s been lots of fun, even if I didn’t think so when I had to stay awake long enough to finish a history thesis. I’ve always liked photography and mechanics, and chances are that I’ll probably take a course in one of those fields in the Navy. NORMA LAWSON 28 Barclay Street I have been a music maior and most of my time has been devoted to activities sponsored by the Music Department. I’m a member of the Orchestra in which I play the violin. I sing with the Cirls’ Glee Club. I’m also a delegate to the Newark Youth Council and a member of the Vignette Staff. Spanish is my favorite subject and after graduation I may continue my music education. ROCHELLE HERSH 58 Hobson Street I love music and will always be grateful for the excellent foundation I’ve received in all phases of music here at Arts. During my spare time I sing with two choirs. The experience I’ve gained from the school's Chorus has enabled me to do this successfully. I’ve been an active member of the Library Guild and the Art Service Club. After graduation 1 would like to become a professional singer. LOUIS LEONE 693 South 20th Street The most important course in Arts High for me has been music. I have played the clarinet in the Band. Orchestra, and Opera Orchestra during my school career. I like very much to sing and have been a member of the Chorus each year. My favorite pastimes arc dancing and watching football games. My foremost ambition is to continue my education in college and then to become a professional musician. 501956 CLASS CHARLES MAYES 145K Summit Street Four years in Arts High have given me an opportunity to how my talents. As an amateur magician, I entertained in variety shows and the students seemed to enjoy my performances. Other activities in which I have participated include the Pottery, Photography, Craft and Art Service Clubs. In addition to these, I spent long hours in Track and Gym Team practice. To be a professional magician is my ambition. KAREN NEWMAN 663 North Sixth Street My years here have been very profitable. My participation in the activities sponsored by the Junior Red Cross, Library Cuild, Spanish Club and Drama Club has given me a variety of worthwhile experiences. Singing in the Chorus and in my own church choir has given me excellent voice training. I plan to major in science at b'psala College and after obtaining my degree will apply for admission to medical school. DELORES MILLER 169 West Kinney Street I’ll always remcmbcT the wonderful musical productions here at Arts High. I have been a member of the Chorus and enjoy music in any form. My outside activities include belonging to my church choir and other singing groups. Watching a baseball, football, or kickball game is my way of spending leisure time. Collecting shells is only one of my hobbies. My ambition is to become a grade school teacher. FRANK NICRO 442 Fifteenth Avenue As the captain of the Cym Team and as a member of the Track Team I have learned self-control, sportsmanship, and fair play. I have always enjoyed the school dances and the inspiring musical programs. In my spare time, I practice with the Jersey City Gym Team and play with the Centurian Band at St. Roccos Church. I am interested in continuing my art training and eventually entering the commercial art-field. SIJANUARY ANTHONY POUT AN 152 South Eighth Street Probably the thing which I’ve liked best is the music. I Particularly enjoy singing, and I have been a member of the All-City Chorus as well as the regular Chorus. Outside of school, my social life has been quite full. Dances and parties are my favorite indoor sports. After graduation, I intend to go to the Newark College of Engineering to major in electrical engineering. HELEN RUGGIERO 5 Drift Street I think tliat the thing which I will remember as giving me the most happy hours during my years at Arts High, was helping out in the school office. 1 recall too. serving on the Student Council and working in the School Service Club. Dancing gives me the greatest amount of enjoyment and relaxation outside of school. My future plans include marriage and the use of my art background in decorating my home. JOHN HOWARD POLLARD 67 South 15th Street I never thought much about school until I entered Arts High. As a freshman. I was a Scope reporter, and a member of the Photography Club. Playing on the Baseball loam and being manager of the Basketball Team taught me the true meaning of teamwork and, best of all. the importance of sportsmanship. Before beginning a career in the art field, I plan to enlist in the Air Force. PATRICIA SHIELDS 335 Woodside Avenue My high school career has been supplemented by my participation in the Art Service and Science Clubs. I’ve been a Red Cross representative and have given a great deal of my time to the Scope. My favorite pastimes outside of school include swimming and ice skating. In the future, I plan to become a registered nurse. Upon graduation, I hope to go into training at St. Mary’s Hospital in East Orange. $2956 CLASS HOWARD SHIPLEY 103 South Sixth Street My favorite after school activity is sports. I think I'll always remember the fun I had playing on the Varsity Basketball Team and being a member of the Track Team. I enjoy music very much. Playing tne drums is my specialty. I also sing in the All-City Chorus as well as in our own Chorus. After graduation, I hope to follow in my father's footsteps and study business administration. MARION STEVENS 204 Orange Street Being a member of the Orchestra has helped me to appreciate the beauty of classical and popular music. Though most of my time has been spent in learning as much as possible about good music, 1 also participate in sports activities. I particularly like skating and I am a member of the Skating Club at the Newark Y.W.C.A. For a career as a music teacher I will attend Juilliard School of Music. ERNEST SICKLEH 151 South 10th Street When I started taking music lessons I was filled with the desire to become a big time band leader. While I have been in Arts High, I’ve had courses in theory, harmony, and orchestration which showed me new fields of music, notably arranging. My major instrument is the clarinet. I have been a member of tlic Band since my freshman year. I plan to continue my music studies at New York University. LOIS THOMAS 12 Scott Street Of all the affairs held at school. I appreciated the annual variety shows most. I participated in the Spanish Club activities and served as the vice president of the I rama Club. I always looked forward to my Chorus and Theory classes and was an active member of the All-City Chorus and the Cirls' Clee Club. To further my career in music. I plan to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. S3DOLORES TOBIA 22 Hudson Street At Arts High one of the first activities in which I participated was that of the Junior Red Cross. Later on, I gave some of my time to the School Service Club and still later, became a memoer of the Vignette staff. I've enjoyed my four years of art vary much. In my .spare time, I like dancing and bowling above all else. After graduation, I plan to attend a business school. DONALD TROUSDELL 100 Carrison Street Without a doubt, the most outstanding activity in my high school years was baseball. I not only enjoyed playing for three years but also received a letter award. My favorite pastimes include football, swimming and reading about hidden treasure. When I finish high school. I plan to join the Coast Guard because I like the sea very much. After that I hope to be an art major in college. RICHARD TRIMARCO 107 Church Terrace Attending Arts High was never difficult because the days were filled with fun and great times for me. My happiest time was spent in homeroom period. After school my interest turns to bowling. Upon completion of mv high school education my plans are not too definite. I would like to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts where I should like to study the drafting trade. ROBERT VALLADARES 140 Sherman Avenue My fond memories of Arts High will always include the history and chemistry classes, which have long oeen my favorites. I’ve learned good sportsmanship as a member of the Baseball Team. I’ve also been a member of the Photography Club and the Potterv Club. I’ve made many friends here and I will remember them always. JANUARY 1956 CLASSGrace Werner Mr . Longley and Bob Brunnquell Luncheon Gossip Fred Arico and Ralph Zeitlin Bobbie McCorkendale, Arlene Moldofsky, and Grace Steinnumn George iMsky, Jackie Cooke, and Mr. Shainmark A PAGE FROM ARTIE’S SCRAP BOOKARTS HIGH’S TOP REPRESENTATIVES Best Artist Barbara Martin Raymond Palazzo Best Athlete Carol Flocken Howard Shipley Best Scholar Norma Lawson Robert Judd Best Figure Helen Ruggiero Frank Nigro All-Around Student Barbara Martin Robert Judd Best Looking Dolores Tobia Lenny Clark Best Dressed Roseann Fazio Richard Trimarco Best Musician Frances Winskus Fred Arico Best Personality Roseann Fazio Carmine De Palma Best Dancer Helen Ruggiero Louis LeoneACCLAIMED BY POPULAR VOTE. Most Popular Adelaide Hall Angelo Befumo Most Likely to Succeed Carol Anderson Edward Galandak Quietest Mattie Bolding Eugene Hardman Noisiest Dolores Tobia Jack Heins Tallest Roseann Fazio Charles Mayes Smallest Betty Greenard Arthur Bernard Bookworm Lois Finkelstein Marvin Flower Biggest Flirt Dolores Tobia Angelo Befumo Class Clown Marian Stevens Jack Heins Dreamers Carol Flocken Eugene Hardman58 After much anxiety and prcjkiration, the dance came off as one of the most successful social events of the term. The crowds filled both gymnasiums as two bands played continuously. Waltzes, mambos and jitterbugs kept students of all sizes and ages dancing for hours. Freshmen had their first big dose of Senior hospitality while Sophomores and Juniors, who had already had their appetites whetted, enjoyed themselves again. But the most fun of course, was had by the Seniors! The girls received little silver-sprinkled stars to show that they were the belles of the ball. Comments about the lovely decorations and the good music made many a seniors heart swell with pride. Joel Kudler hypnotizes Hazel Held while Sheila Etsenberg and Croce Sfc nmarm, who aren’t even auarc oj Billy Kaufman, scan the crowd for likely dance partners. Pert Penny McManus and John McKnight, an Arts High alumnus sway along on a path of moonbeams SENIOR STARS DANCEJitterbug enthusiasts have a fabulous time (lancing to the rhythm of the Green Jackets. That stylish teacher, Mrs. Walsh, brought fashion and gaiety to the dance. Tina and Diane assure everyone that this is one dance at which you can have your cake and eat it, too. .A combination of work and play is the theme of the hard working members of the Decorations Committee. Mixed emotions register on the faces of Adclc Amil, Elaine Litwitz, Ronald De Vito, and Thomas Carr. Henry Huber and his t artner concentrate on their dancing. 59A STENOGRAPH KKSSAGK TO MR. KAPPSTATTER TK E R P H R K A P ST A T K R P P I. T F P L T W E W 0 HP. EU B G T 0 E BOS 0 UP P R E R B T 0 I! TP OR F G T5CPW KUP PB U S T T U PB T T 0 HR E P.PB T H T P H P H E T 0 D P S H 0 R T HA PB n F P L T S U R S T ST E PB 0 TK EU DS Such composure—such perfect complacency as these Stcno students nonchalantly tap away ISO words a minute. If I had been able to fit Steno into my College Prep program I would have taken it but my schedule was crowded as it was. Solid Geometry was my mathematical subject that year. This course was really a challenge. Imagine, Plane Geometry in three dimensions! We had a small class and each of us received much individual attention. Physics went hand in hand with my Math. Problems of weights and balance occupied much of our class discussion. When we began to study the difference between sound and music, the Music students sat up and became more interested than ever. I think I finally began to appreciate United States History in my last year. Studying about the causes and effects of the World Wars made me realize just how valuable peace is. Slide rules, square roots, blood, sweat, and tears bring a solution to this geometry problem during Mr. Clamurro's class. It will take more than learning about centrifugal force 60 to keep these students in their seats when that bell rings. Anticijyation. realization, concentration, bewilderment, foy and sorrow arc only a few of the emotional reactions to a History test.Mr. Landsmans Senior students express themselves in a variety of art techniques. Adele Amil's comments about a phase of United States History amuse the class-and Mr. Morris. Mrs. Sweeney’s Seniors study the problems of child care during a Health class. Seniors listen attentively to a lecture on inorganic chemistry. Bob Brunnquell answers a question in Dr. Seamster's English Fundamentals class.In Memoriam GEORGE M. Mr. Peterson, one of our most beloved teachers, passed away on June 14, 1954, at the age of fifty-six. He began teaching manual training in the Newark School System in 1919 and in 1934 was assigned to the first faculty organized at Arts High. His educational background included graduation from Valparaiso University in Indiana, and Rutgers and Columbia Universities, where he obtained his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. • • 0 Mr. Peterson was a quiet and sincere person whom everyone respected. During the course of his teaching career all who came under his remarkable influence in shop, mechanical drawing and home room classes were treated as mature individuals and were taught to place character first as the chief requisite in the development of a well rounded personality. The boys acquired skills PETERSON in the industrial arts area, together with good work habits and an understanding of the pleasures to be derived from classroom activities and hobbies. Everyone will remember the numerous articles made and so generously contributed by his students to our Christinas Fair booths each year. The welfare of Arts High School was Mr. Peterson’s main objective and he served on the committee which formulated a consistent and unified philosophy for the guidance of administration, curriculum making, methods and evaluation for the entire school. Mr. Peterson also served as a member of the citv-wide committee which completed and published the Industrial Arts and Technical Course of Study Outlines. His years of devoted service and good will have made Mr. Peterson a person to be remembered with pride by the faculty and the student body. 62ON SENIOR “A” ABECEDARIANS Class Advisor Home Room Teacher DAVID JANONVITZ B.S.. M.S.. English Mr. Janowitz. as our class atlvisor, has always taken an intense personal interest in each member of our class. His provocative questions made us look deejtcr into our own problems. Uiulcr his guidance and thoughtful planning our class was organized into an efficient working body. Through stimulating group protects, wc students have become much closer friends, brougfit together by our mutual desire for the success of our class. Home Room Teacher SEYMOUR LANDSMAN B.S., M.S.. Art Mr. Landsman has worked tirelessly to help us. When we were freshmen, he taught us how to be good high satool citizens. However, in the following years we often heard him calling for dignity as we engaged in student pranks. When we finally became dignified seniors. Mr. landsman referred to us as charming people. But even when he scolded problem seniors, the twinkle in his eye and the grin on his face never vanished. M. GRACE JOHNSTON B.S., Art Miss Johnston, our gracious home room teacher, was always there to set an example for us in the way of true courtesy. She constantly stressed the fact that good manners must be learned through practice. Under her guidance we never faltered in the carrying out of home room activities in a mature business-like way. Imitating her pleasant manner and following her numerous suggestions. wc were destined to become refined ladies and gentlemen. Home Room Teacher ROY PERRY B.S., Science Mr. Perry, a quiet gentleman with a pleasing personality, has always been ready with a helping hand whenever we needed it. We could always depend on him to do what was best for us. Although he was firm, he enfoyed teasing us and his casual manner was often broken by an unexpected chuckle which never failed to amuse us. We teamed to respect him as a wonderful teacher and a sincere friend.JUNE 1955 President Vice-President LAWRENCE YANNUZZI, President 230 Jefferson Street Because of the support of my classmates and the encouragement of my teachers, I became leader of the Greenjackets, business manager of tin.- Vignette, president of the Senior Class, president of the National Honor Society, and president of the Student Council. Without the constant assistance of my classmates, I could not have successfully performed my duties in any of my elected positions or become a scholar of the first rank. THOMAS CARR, Vice-President 219 Fcny Street Among my memorable recollections, the most outstanding is my active participation in the sports program. I've been on the Baseball Team for four years and as a result have made many friends. My understanding of group organization has been improved by participation in student government activities. I’ve found the most pleasure in my history and art clusscs. I expect to continue my education in Rutgers as a liberal arts student. Secretary FLORENCE MILCAZO, Secretary 2339 Allen Street I’ll never forget the bountiful opportunities that Arts High offers to everyone. The knowledge 1 gained will be of the greatest importance in later years. The sincerity and cooperation of the teachers has been shown convincingly by their generous spending of time for our benefit. The results speak for themselves. To the Art Department I owe a debt of gratitude which 1 shall try to repay in my chosen profession. I reasurer RONALD DEVITO, Treasurer 184 North 10th Street When anyone mentions Arts High many tlioughts run through my head, especially the memory of being Art Editor of the Scope. I learned true fellowship on the Swimming Team und have served as Treasurer of the Student Council. It was a real honor and privilege to represent my school at Boys’ State anti to merit membership in the National Honor Society. I will continue my art education in California. 64GRADUATES ADELE AMIL 185 Bank Street My friends tell me that I have a good sense of humor. Nevertheless, I found it possible to mix business with pleasure. Membership in the Sewing Club, Library Cuikl and Student Council enabled me to acquaint myself with the other students. I'll always appreciate the confidence of those who thought me capable of beinff Editor-in-Chicf of the year book. I hope to enter the field of journalism. WILLIAM BALVACE 114 Seth Boyden Terrace I entered Arts High as an art major because I was especially interested in oil painting and ceramics. After studying for a short time, I became more interested in the Armed Forces, so I joined the National Guard. This has been my leisure time occupation. Because I work after school. I haven’t engaged in any extracurricular activities. Upon graduation I plan to enter the United States Air Force. CAROLYN BERRYAN 24 Governor Street One might consider me an all-around student, because during my four years I have participated in activities such as the Student Council, School Orchestra, Modern Dance Club, and All-City Chorus. My most thrilling experience was being chosen for two successive years as a member of the All-State Chorus. Gym was my favorite class and I hope to continue my education at Panzer College to prepare for a career in physical education. WILLIAM BIEBEL 51 Holland Street I came to Arts High with the idea that this was just another school with four more years of drudgery. I have learned through my own errors that paying attention in classes and taking advantage of school activities are worth the effort put into them. A little work never hurts anyone, and often brings out the best in people. I can honestly say that these years liave been interesting and rewarding.1955 JUNE CATHERINE BLANK 38 Crand Avenue Here at Arts I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Cheering Squad, Scope Staff and Drama Club. I was elected president of the Art Service Club and the Library Cuild and served as secretary of the Junior Red Cross. For my extracurricular interests. I received the ”A" Fin which 1 wear proudly. Being elected Deputy Mayor was a great honor bestowed on me. I plan to enroll in a beauty culture school. ROBERT BRUNNQUELL 482 Avon Avenue To me. Arts High has been a guiding light. My teachers took an interest in me, first as a person and then as a student. I was honored when my classmates elected me president of the Junior Class and the Student Council. I can say that I have received the education and training that is necessary for a career. I will attend college and hope to be a mathematics teacher. MARY BOLGER 581 Hawthorne Avenue With the background I have received in art, I hope to make a success in some career in this field. Although Arts High has a reputation for excellence in the field of art. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the basketball games too. Though the team sometimes lost, they fought courageously. Besides the basketball games, I enjoyed the school dances, the assemblies presented by the Music Department, and the friendliness of the students. CHARLES BUCHANAN 58 Mt. Pleasant Ave., W. Orange, N. J. Upon entering Arts in my sophomore year, I was pleased to find everything as I had hoped it would be. The annual Christmas Fair and the variety of assembly programs always won my admiration. Organ class proved to rank first among my favorites. In addition to organ practice I also enjoy collecting stamps, and listening to classical records. I am hoping to continue my studies to become a professional organist. 66GRADUATES PAUL BUSH 410 Badger Avenue Since Newark seemed strange when I moved here from Pennsylvania, Tin glad that I entered Arts High. The warm reception given me by my teachers and classmates made me feel at home here. Being a music student, I took pleasure in the wonderful concerts and assembly programs given so often by the Music Department. Most of all, I will remember the friendly attitude of my classmates und our good times together. R1NALDO CANTONE 901 Clifton Avenue What I believe to be my most memorable experience was the 1954 Varsity-Faculty Basketball Came. I learned the true meaning of team work by playing on the baseball and basketball teams. It nad always been my desire to take part in an assembly program. As a member of the Baseball Team 1 had that opportunity. After graduating from Arts, I plan to major in business administration, at Upsala College. JOYCE CANNATA 712 Lake Street My high school memories will always be of the extracurricular activities in which I took part. As a member of the Library Guild 1 became a real book enthusiast. Pleasant thoughts linger of the many times I sang at the auditorium programs and the Christmas hairs with the Chorus. 1 was thrilled when I became secretary of the Student Council, but not quite as much as when I received the "A” Pin. ALFRED CARREA 329 South Seventh Street Although I am a quiet fellow, I am not easily overlooked. My main activities in my career us a music major have been singing in the Chorus and playing the accordion. In my sophomore year 1 had some tense moments in playing on the school s Junior Varsity Basketball Team. I've been working at a filling station and after graduation I expect to take courses in automotive repair and service. 671955 v AMELIA CASTELLANO 432 Ridge Street Arts High has been to me a guiding light and. I'm sure, a path to success. Within its artistic walls 1 have acquired much knowledge and many enriching friendships. In future years I will often remember the place where I gamed so much and whisper a "Thank you!" to all those who helped me so generously. When my scliool days end. I hope to secure a position in the secretarial field. FRANK CHESEk 124 Wilson Avenue Although I have worked after school during my stay at Arts High, I have still been able to develop many hobbies stemming from my interest in art. One may find me doing a little sketching, painting, or model building. By constantly practicing and gaining experience I was able to win second prize for oils in the Free Lance Art Exhibition. I hope to attend an art college after I am graduated. JUNE MARIE CASTELLUCIO 324 Littleton Avenue Aside from being a school dedicated to art and music. Arts High has provided me with an adequate foundation in secretarial work, including stenography and typing. Receiving an award for doing eighty' words a minute on the stenograph machine will always lx one of my most outstanding memories. After graduation I hope to attend the Drake Business College where I'll concentrate on additional training in the secretarial field. ROBERT CISCO 44 Mott Street Sports build sound bodies and minds as well as character. Since I have always been sports-minded, baseball and basketball attracted me and proved worthwhile. As a member of tlx team, I was taught the true meaning of fair play, team work, and the importance of being a good loser as well as a winner. Sports have had a distinctive place in teaching me cooperation, so necessary to become a good citizen. 68RICHARD COOPER 326 18th Avenue In years to come when I recall my high school Hays, 1 11 remember the warm welcome extended to me by the faculty and the students when I entered here as a senior. My leisure hours are spent in playing the drums or in taking part in a good basketball or baseball game. 1 expect to prepare for a career in music so my goal now is to secure a college education. WALTER DANCY 88 Avon Avenue Arts High events that will always have a place in my memory are the variety shows and the annual Christmas Fairs. I was never disappointed in the qualitv of the performances. Because I work part-time at the Newark News Office, I haven't been able to participate in many activities although I did attend some of the school dances which I enjoyed tremendously. I hope to major in business education at Scton Hall University. GRADUATES RONALD COLBOURNE 39 Lincoln Park I am an art student hoping to further my career by attending the Art Center in California where I expect to prepare for work in the fashion design field. Although I work after school. 1 am a trui sportsman and manage to find time for basketball playing and for hunting. I am also an avid fencing fan and I have recently begun a series of lessons in this sport. DIANE DELLANECRA 101 Sylvan Avenue As a freshman. I was told to weigh the possibilities and the advantages within the realm of education, not only in formal training but also in the service of our school. This I did, and derived much satisfaction and benefit from extracurricular life. I realized then that I not only attended school but belonged there. My most memorable experience was when I was inducted into the National Honor Society.1955 JUNE ROBERT DENNIS 62 Hawkins Street Although I am an art major, I do not plan to prepare for a career in this field. During my stay here. I've been a member of the Art Service Club and a typist on the Scope and Vignette staffs. Immediately after graduation I expect to spend four years in the United States Navy. After my tour of duty I’d like to obtain employment in a newspaper office. DAVE DISTEL 71 Fairmount Ave., N. .Arlington, N. J. In my junior year of high school I transferred to Arts High and in spite of not beginning with all the Arties 1 was accepted as their friend. A smile was the welcome given bv everyone I met in the corridors. This warm, friendly spirit will be one of my fondest memories in years to come. I would like to continue my art studies in one of the California universities. DOROTHY’ DOF.HNER Myersville Road, Chatham Township The impressive assembly programs presented by the students prove that in Arts, cooperation and talent go hand in hand. My daily commutation from Chatham to Newark was worth-while because I have received excellent training in the use of the stenograph machine, and received an 80 word pin. I have acquired an adequate foundation in art. which I will keep as a hobby. I expect to continue my study of stenography. CARMELLA ECHO 3 1 Lanark Avenue I entered Arts High mainly for music, but I also took part in the Art Service Club. My music schedule included playing the bassoon in the Orchestra and Band, and singing in the Chorus. I've gained much experience playing in the operas and assemblies in Arts High. Montclair College is my choice for furthering my musical education and I have hopes of becoming a professional bassoonist or a music teacher. 70SHEILA EISENBERG 137 Wilson Avenue For a girl who is deeply interested in music, Arts High has been the perfect school. Besides receiving the necessary instruction in music, I have had a wonderful liberal arts education. I was especially fond of playing the violin in the assemblies because tnc rehearsals were fun. Since I believe that I’m well suited to become an elementary school teacher, I plan to attend Jersey City State Teachers’ College after graduation. MARYLYN JOYCE FARRELL 177 Woodside Avenue Among my many interests in school, art has always been most important. 1 bad always been fascinated by fashion illustration and found in this school an invaluable course in fashion design. My activities out of school include swimming, tennis, horseback riding, dancing, and playing basketball. I find much pleasure in collecting miniature animal statues and in taking pictures. My ambition is to become a fashion designer or an airline hostess. GRADUATES MICHAEL ESTER 65 Pacific Street Throughout my four years, I’ve concentrated on increasing my knowledge of classical and contemporary music. I became an active mcmbCT of the Orchestra and the Band by playing the bass fiddle. I have rendered service to my school by playing the guitar at school dances, at variety shows, and on radio and television with the Arts High Creenjackets. 1 plan to enhance my musical ability and hope to become a music teacher. RENEE FEUERHERM 30 Wainwright Street My years at Arts High have been full of pleasure and happiness because I belonged to such clubs as the Science Club, Arts Sen-ice Club and the Junior Red Cross. I am also a member of the Vignette staff. After I graduate I hope to enter the Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing. For sentimental reasons I know that I shall often look back on my days at Arts High. 71LINDA FREEDMAN 115 Rose Street The friendly, helpful attitude displayed by the teachers makes Arts High a student's delight. I have not had too much time for extracurricular activities and therefore 1 have been a member of the Art Service Club only. Typing and shorthand have always held my fane)’ and in this school I have received a good foundation in both. After graduation I would like to further my studies in art. JUNE 1955 WILHELM A. GOETZE 730 High Street When I entered Arts High as a senior I not only had to become acquainted with the academic studies but also with the faculty and students. I don't regret coming here because my combined interests of art and music have been improved and encouraged. In the near future I hope to attend a liberal arts college where I’ll continue my study of the arts and then select a suitable career. MEREDITH CORDON 39 South Seventh Street Here at Arts I have begun to realize my lifelong ambition to become a singer. With my father and my two brothers. I have appeared on numerous television and radio programs. The making of several recordings has brought us a contract with Okch Studios. In future years I will always remember those marvelous assemblies that inspired me to love music and to prepare for a singing career. PHYLLIS CIULIANO 535 North Sixth Street I’ve spent four very satisfactory years at Arts High. I’ve tasted activities in the Music, Drama, and Art Departments but found my true meal in Scope work. My mast impressive experience was at the 1954 National Honor Induction when I. during the course of the ceremony, had to disclose the carefully guarded names of the new inductees. 1 will always remember Arts for its great faculty and unmatched student body. 72GRADUATES TO IA MARIE HARRISON 53 South 15th Street Among my most delightful memories of Arts High School, the hectic days I spent preparing my Lamp for Kresge s Art Exhibition are outstanding. Of course receiving a gold key for the finished product was more than thrilling. Then, as if that weren’t enough, my lamp was shown in the nationwide exhibit in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. Although I hope to enter the business field, ceramics will always be my hobby. jAMES JONES 404 Badger Avenue I was honored when I made the Basketball Team during my freshman year. Since I am also a member of the Baseball Team, my activities in sports have taken up much of my time. I have, however, spent many leisure hours on art work. This year I won first place in the Free Lance Art Exhibition water color section. I hope to further my art studies at a professional school. VIRCINIA HOLMES 41 Shanley Avenue Arts High is like one big closely united family in which I have experienced many activities of daily living. I ve grown up with my fellow-students and shared with them memories of tests, classes, assemblies, concerts ami those exciting captainball games. During this time I have received discipline as weft as praise. I'm very proud of my m«snl»ership in the National Honor Society and will always strive to uphold its ideals. ANNETTE JOSLOFF 111 CentCT Terrace Education is a wonderful thing and Arts High sets an outstanding example in offering not only knowledge from books but also knowledge from personal experiences. Of all the things 1 enjoyed in our school, the intellectual atmosphere that surrounded us will be one of my most happy memories. The music and fine arts have given me an appreciation of life’s finest offerings. I hope to explore these offerings more very soon. 73JUNE 1955 THOMAS KIMBALL 444 Orange Street It's the httle thing about my old alma mater I'm going to miss, joking around during lunch period, and playing handball with the fellows out in the court afterwards. I'll never forget the auditorium program where Mr. D'Amico handed over the baton to some of the students in the audience. Outside of school. I have two interests: my art and my girl. I hope, after graduation, to continue my art studies. ARTHUR KNOBLOCK 326 Peshine Avenue The past four years have, in many ways, been most rewarding. Aside frftm the prizes I've won in art contests both in and out of school, I’ve spent many pleasant and profitable hours in the Art Service Club activities. I'll always recall the long conversations with my classmates in the cafeteria during lunch periods My ambition is tkat of many of my classmates, to be a commer cial artist. JOHN KINDLER 474 South 12th Street The years I've spent here seem to have just flown by for they were full of many happy ami interesting experiences including classwork, homework, assembly programs, and girls. Inside school art was my main thought; outside school the Swimming Team's my favorite activity. During leisure moments. I enjoy collecting stamps or working at the Boys' Club. I want to continue my study of design and illustration in a school of art. HENRIETTA KOCH 150 Norman Road Arts High has given its students endless opportunities to display their talents. Wo have gained experience not only during the daily classes but also in the variety of community activities as well as in radio and television programs. Since our school is small, possibly that explains the “helping liand" extended to the students. A school such as ours can not help having alumni who are proud of their alma mater. 74GRADUATES JOEL KUDLER 315 Peshine Avenue The socials given by the student body of Arts High have rlayed a large part in my school life. The dances were fun, but will especially recall the Christmas Fairs because they were always so exciting. I enjoyed taking part in the Library Cuild. the Spanish Club, the Photography Club and the Scope activities. I hope to continue my study of fashion designing in preparation for a career. RONALD LA DUCA 40 Pine Lane South The years at Arts High School have passed too quickly to suit me. 1 have had such a good time here that I really don't want to leave. This school has given me the opportunity to get a wonderful education. It has iastilled in me a real ambition for obtaining more knowledge in the fields of art and science. Upon entering college, I plan to major in one of these two subjects. JOHN KURDYLA 441 South 21st Street, Irvington. N. J. I came from Poland in September, 1952 and began my high school career here in one of the best American high schools. The regular academic studies weren't quite as difficult as I'd expected. Art has been my favorite subject and has given me much satisfaction and pleasure. My favorite leisure time activities include drawing, photography, baseball, and ice skating. After Army service, I plan to prepare for a career as a cartoonist. JOSEPH LA MARCA 74 Tremont Street During my stay here I have enjoyed membership in the great Art Service Club and the Science Club. 1 have served as a decorator on the Christmas Fair Committee. Even though I am an art student I can't help remembering those wonderful assemblies given by the Music Department. After graduation my plans will lead me to Europe. Upon completing my trip I hope to take a course in drafting. 75195 5 BARBARA LAVERTY Cypress Road, Chatham, N. J. Display work has always held my interest and here I have had wonderful background courses in preparation for this career. My receiving of art awards, together with two ribbons in the Free Lance Art Exhibits, shows that I've profited from class instruction. Before traveling home to Chatham, I always found time for the Pottery and Art Service Clubs’ nrojccts. I will go to La Salle Junior College to study merchandising. JANE MALLEY 23 Alyea Street The feeling of family unity is a special characteristic of Arts High Schol that I shall always remember. 1 realized this upon being presented with a beautiful birthday cake at our Junior Class Dance. During and after school hours I enjoyed sewing my own clothes, and perhaps I will turn my avocation into a vocation, but while my career is developing I will frequently recall my days at Arts High. VIRGINIA MAY 413 South 18th Street Since my freshman year I have participated in the chorus, operas, and concerts as well as the Cirls’ Clec Club. You might say my favorite subject was gym for I will always remember the captainball games and tournaments, biology and history I liked a great deal and also the organ classes. Outside school 1 enjoyed going to recreational centers or doing craft work. I hope to become a music teacher. MEREDITH LUHRS 11 Weldon Road, Matawan, N. J. Commuting between Matawan and Newark to Arts High was no effort when I consider how much I have gained during my three years here. I am a member of the National Honor Society and I hold the “A" Pin. I represented my school at New Jersey Girls’ State and have held executive positions in both my class and the Student Council. However, my most vuluablc experience was as News Editor of the SCOPE. :v::e 78GRADUATES BARBARA MCCORKENDALE 107 Willoughby Street My two years at Arts have been pleasant because 1 participated in the Art Service Club, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, and the Free Lance Art Exhibit. I have represented Arts as president of the Science Club in the Creator Newark Science Fair. 1 was assistant art editor of the Vignette and took part in the New Jersey International Relations Forum. I plan to enter Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing. CHARLES MELTON 412 South Seventh Street I have spent four wonderful years here and the various Arts’ activities have made them so. The art and history classes were my favorites, altliough my other studies were just as important. In my freshman year 1 played on the Junior Varsity Basketball Team, but I got a part-time job and well. . . . After graduation I plan to enter the service but I mean to continue with my art education later. ELEANOR MESMER 473 South Tenth Street While studying art here, 1 developed a keen interest in oil painting and turned it into a favorite pastime of mine. At Arts High 1 have found that a likely future career for me would be interior decorating. Besides being active in art work, I participated in the Junior Red Cross and the School Service Club. Although I eventually hope to marry. I am planning to take a course in interior decoration soon after graduation. FELICIA MENDEZ 50 Baldwin Street 'Hie courses I liave enjoyed most have been those offered by the Art Department, especially the one in fashion illustration. Making most of my own clothes has given me a goal to work for —a career as fashion designer. Aside from school activities, I am an avid mam bo fan and enjoy swimming and dramatics. I plan to major in fashion design at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. 77JUNE 1955 CHARLES MYERS 67 Lincoln Avenue My experiences on the Stage Crew will leave an indelible mark in my memory. It was a thrilling opportunity to be back-stage participant in the operatic productions performed so beautifully by the students. Although I work after school, I occasionally find time for deer hunting. I also was a member of the Track Team for a year. My future plans include seeking employment as a stenograph operator in a business firm. FRANCES MONTINO 342 Littleton Avenue Here at Arts High I have experienced four very enjoyable years. Utilizing some of the time in attending most of the school’s extracurricular activities, I have made many friends. Ttuough my art training, I have won two awards which will always bring back memories of past high school days. With this excellent art foundation I have acquired. I hope to further my studies in the broad field of fashion design. ARLENE MOLDOFSKY 24-6 Shaw Avenue In my years at Arts High I have developed an interest in music and in stenography. Having been an active music major, I especially enjoyed taking part in the All-City and All-State Orchestras. Because I enjoyed the typing classes, I decided to take machine stenography. I have liked this so very much that when I enter college, I sliall prepare for a position as a business or commercial teacher. JOSEPH NICOLAIO 242 Verona Avenue I believe that my appreciation of the Arts High School assembly programs is a sentiment shared by many. The sports events have always given n e great pleasure and being a member of the Swimming Team and the Baseball Team will be among many memorable school experiences. Recently I’ve acquired a part time office position, and I hope to attend the evening classes at Scton Hall as a business administration major. 78GRADUATES SALVATORE PACE 538 South 16th Street Taking part in the musical functions at Arts High during my high school career has brought me innumerable experiences for which I offer thanks to the Music Department. The enduring memories of the Orchestra and Opera Orchestra rehearsals, along with the concerts and various musical programs will remain with me always. My favorite subject is history, in which I hope to major at the New Jersey State Teachers' College. DOLORES PAUL 23 Kent Street I will always remember the pleasing personality and good humor of the faculty members and the student body of Arts High. Troubles which arose wi re concealed beneath a smile and the pleasant atmosphere reflected the degree of satisfaction in the quality of work produced. Constant cooperation and a unified family spirit were also evident. I hope that I’ll be able to follow the example set by those here at Arts. ROKSOLANA PAWLYSHYN 672 Hunterdon Street Throughout my four years at Arts High I particularly enjoyed the auditorium programs. As a member of the Art Service Club I served both as secretary and as treasurer, and represented my homeroom in Student Council. My art interest grew and my skill developed through the advice and encouragement of various instructors. Their guidance helped me to decide on art as a career, and I’ll always be very grateful to them. MOZELL PATERSON 100 Prince Street Looking back on my career ut Arts High I recall many events with pleasure. Among these arc the girls’ captainball games. I’ll never forget the excitement that filled the gym when the girls played solely for the team. There is another kind of excitement, the kind I felt when I won second place in the Red Cross Poster Contest. I hope to attend Scott's School of Beauty Culture after graduation. 79JUNE 1955 KATINA XENOPHON PILAVAKIS 83 Wilscy Street Recently, I took to cleaning out my untidy desk to prepare for the hard grind of another four years of schooling. It was one chaotic mess, homework papers, S. C. cards, ana a carefully pressed rose along with one forgotten Jetter which informed my unsuspecting parents that their daughter was given the honor of membership in the National Honor Society. Daddy was as proud as punch and I was really worried because now I had tc work harder to deserve the honor. BARBARA ROCERS 261 Chadwick Avenue Arts High to me has always symbolized tire will to learn. 1 will, for years, recall the fun I had while absorbing doses of American history. I'll reminisce about Arts High's barn dances which were so colorful. On these occasions, students and teachers had fun together and learned more about each other. After graduation 1 hope to secure a position as a secretary in a business HAZEL REID 734 South 19th Street Many things have happened to me at Arts High to make me proud and happy. My interest in clubs was stimulated when I served as secretary of the Student Council and president of the Future Teachers of America. As a member of the Newark Youth Council and the Cheering Snuad, I came to know students from other schools. The most thrilling experience I’ve had was being presented with the "A" Pin. MALACHI ROUNTREE 61 Hillside Place My main interest at school has been art. I liked creating things as I saw them and because of this I've enjoyed being a member of the Art Service Club. 1 11 always remember the great times I vc had on the Track and Basketball Teams and the honor of winning several awards. I will never forget the friendliness of the students. I plan to study business administration at Scton Hall University.GRADUATES JOHN SCARPA 327 Littleton Avenue My job after school kept me from participating in most extracurricular activities. 1 did, however, play the part of a king in one of the Christinas Fair Pageants, and was in a play for an assembly program. During my four years English and art have been my favorite subjects. 1 hope to major in the latter. After graduation 1 intend to take a commercial ait course at Pratt Institute. MARGUERITE IDA SMITH 388 Peshine Avenue In my four years I have found many stimulating hours. The captainbnll games in gym were most exciting and the Spanish class seemed to be the shortest period of all. The students made all my classes and extracurricular activities more pleasant. I like ' ing people and I intend to make this my life work. After luation I plan to attend Barnett Memorial Nursing School to a registered nurse. ROXANNE SISTO 30 South Magnolia Lane Nly most memorable experience of school has been the stenograph class. 1 learned a great deal and enjoyed it at the same time. Besides stenograph, I think gym was my favorite period. It is always invigorating to nlay captainball or to do exercises. My main ambition after graduation is to become a court stenographer. If I aui unable to do this, I would like to take a beauty culture course. JOHN STEFANIUK 4 Livingston Street Attending Arts High has brought into focus the differences between American and Ukrainian schools. My education here has provided me with knowledge of the arts, as well as a good foundation in subjects which are necessary for college entrance. I have met many goodhearted people who’ve helped me to understand my new home and to feel a part of it. Through continued study, I hope to become an engineer. 81JUNE 1955 SALLY STRYCHNEWICZ 12 Columbia Avenue There aie many academic and extracurricular opportunities offered at Arts. I've enjoyed both. Singing with the Chorus and serving as Literary Editor of the Vignette have brought me durable satisfaction. My most memorable moment wus being inducted into the National Hpnor Society. Although music will always be my avocation, I expect to continue my study of the stenograph machine so that I may eventually qualify as a court stenographer. ANTOINETTE URBAN 326 Hunterdon Street Friendliness and cooperation are outstanding traits demonstrated by the students of Arts. I’m more aware of this because I entered as a senior and was immediately accepted as one of the crowd. Dancing is my hobby and I've found much pleasure in being a member of the Modern Dance Club. I've participated in the variety shows and in Photography Club activities. After graduation I plan to enter a nurses' training school. 82 GRACE STEINMANN 402 South Sixth Street My years here have developed my art talent as well as my ability to mix with my fellow students. My work as the president of the Science Club was instrumental in my receiving the Science award. Science isn't my only after-school activity. I have also served as treasurer of the Future Teachers of America and as representative to the Student Council. I hope to continue my studies at Pratt Institute. DENNIS SZEJMAN 18 Williams Street, Garfield, N. J. I believe the most pleasure I’ve had was belonging to the Swimming and Track Teams. I'll never forget the joy when we won the Swimming Championship. As an art student I enjoy oil painting as a hobby. In the future I plan to go to Europe with the Naval Reserves. After that tour ot duty I’ll apply for admission to Cooper Union, where I'd like to continue my art training.GRADUATES BLANCHE VAN DEAN 56 Court Street Through the various assemblies presented by the Music Department 1 have developed an appreciation of music. My interests outside of school center around dancing to Latin American rhythm and listening to blues records. During the last two years my stenograph course has made my school hours more pleasant and interesting. I hope to continue with my study of the stenograph machine and obtain a business position. GRACE WERNER 166 Park Place When I was elected to the Student Council in my freshman year, 1 became interested in the other student-governed clubs. As president of the Art Sen-ice Club for two terms. 1 combined leadership with my major interest, art. Joining the Pottery Club gave me a chance to draw and model horses, which is one of my hobbies. My ambition is to attend Pratt Institute and perhaps somo day to teach art. SHIRLEY WASHINGTON 147 James Street Here at Arts High I have enjoyed four unforgettable years. I think the students arc really wonderful and I have gained many friends. The thrilling assembly programs and exciting captain-ball games are among my fondest memories. Stenography is my favorite subject. My hobbies arc playing the piano, going to parties, and chatting with the boys. After my graduation, I hope to work for awhile and then I plan to attend college. RALPH ZE1TLIN 131 Seth Boydcn Terrace My memories of this school will be chiefly of the Music Department. Having used the music courses to the fullest extent. I've developed an intense interest in this field. I was a member of the All-State Orchestra and found much pleasure in playing the recorder for assembly programs. Outside of school, much of my time is spent studying languages. Because I'll need an excellent knowledge of music for a career as a choreographer, I plan to continue my studies at Juilliard. 83ARTS HIGH’S TOP PERSONALITIES All-Around Student Sally Strychnewicz Larry Yannuzzi Best Looking Marvlyn Farrell A1 Carrea Best Dressed Henrietta Koch James Jones Best Musician Sheila Eisenberg Ralph Zeitlin Best Artist Florence Milgazo Frank Chesek Best Athlete Mozell Patterson Bob Cisco Best Scholar Florence Milgazo Bob Brunnquell Best Figure Marvlyn Farrell Charles Myers Best Personality Sally Strychnewicz Bob Brunnquell Best Dancer Carolyn Berryan Joel KudlerACCLAIMED BY POPULAR VOTE. Most Popular Cathy Blank Bob Bnmnqucll Most Likely to Succeed Virginia Holmes Larry Yannuzzi Quietest Dorothy Doehner Ronald La Duca Noisiest Adele Amil Joe La Marca Tallest Meredith Luhrs Bob Cisco Smallest Diane Dallanegra Joel Kudlcr Bookworm Katina Pilavalds Larry Yannuzzi Biggest Flirt Annette Josloff Charles Melton Class ClownMrs. Marchese isn’t worried about a few ’’flats” now and then, since there are 60 more rehearsals before the concert. All across the wall pictures, staring pictures■ it’s a wonder those poor violin students don’t suffer nervous breakdowns! "Now, let's all sing like the birdies sing." Mr. Pickett exclaims hopefully. The Music major at Arts High School has the benefit of attending a school which provides curricular offerings found in no other high school in the city of cwark or in the state of New Jersey. The Music Department offers such courses as theory, harmony, orchestration and music apfnreciation to its students to help them attain a valuable musical foundation. Orchestra, Band, Chorus, and Student Recitals are provided for performances and to give the students the opportunity of playing and singing for audiences. Often the Chorus of one hundred and seventy, the Orchestra of fifty, and the Art Dcjjartmcnt combine their skills to produce and present operas. Among their elaborate productions have been "La Boheme" “Cavalleria Rusticanaand 'Hansel and Gretcl." The program is not only for the student who wishes to make music a career, but is also designed to enable the entire student body to develop an appreciation of music . . . the international language. 86 Mr. D’Amico’s scintillating smile indicates that the orchestra hasn’t hit a sour note . . . yet.Pen and ink, paint, pencils, and posters are all part of a days tcork for art majors. Students sparked with ambition and ability receive at Arts High an education comjxtrable to that of the finest professional school. The first years are spent learning the basic fundamentals which are a necessity for every artist. The study of the use of color, figure composition and perspective gives every Art major a chance to develop a well rounded background in art. In the final years work, seniors have the opportunity to specialize in one of the major art fields such as interior, costume or stage design, commercial or fine art. Besides receiving such excellent training, many Arties acquire valuable experience by competing in poster contests sponsored by civic and medical organizations throughout the state. The School Service Club and the Pottery Club provide extracurricular enjoyment for prospective artists. These opportunities to develop art ability and to fxirticijuitc in competitions enable Arts’ students to go confidently toward their goals in the art world. The committee does assembly-line production work to finish decorations in time for the Blue Moon Dance. These eager freshmen learn the fundamentals of sketching in Miss Howard's class.You made me what I am today; I hope you 're satisfied. Although I was nervous about meeting my teachers when 1 first came to Arts High, 1 knew that it was an important step. These people were going to help me to get a good high school education. As I sat in each of my classes ana listened to their individual introductions to the courses, I noticed that each teacher was friendly, jtatient and thoughtful. As the days rolled by, I realized that my instructors knew their jobs to the fullest and I was learning quickly. Through the months that followed I found that my teachers had become my sincerest friends and not fust “typical teachers." Their personal interest, their sense of humor, and their fine ability captured my complete respect and admiration. During my satisfying years at Arts High I have made rogress in my education but this progress couldn't have een made if my teachers hadn’t guided me intelligently, with personal regard for my own best interests. RUCH ABOS B.A., M.A.. English ARTHUR J. BALSHAN B.S., Business JEANETTE C. BARNETT N.J.S.T.C., Pianist MARY BROKAW R.N., Nurse ALBERT W. CALVIN B.A.. M.A., Mathematics PHILLIP CLAMURRO B.A., M.A.. Mathmctics ANNE S. COZZENS B.S.. M.A.. English R. LENOX CRISWELL B.A.. M.Ed.. Physical Ed. MARGARET L. CROSS B.S.. Physical Ed. ACHILLES D AMICO B.S., M.A.. Music THERESA S. DAVID RUTH EDDY B.A.. M.A.. Spanish B.A.. History ANN FORTUNATO Clerk THOMAS GANNON B.A., M.A., Industrial An LUCILLE B HILLER B.S., Home Economics ALMA HAYES Head ClerkROSAMOND H. HOPPER B.S.. M.A.. Art. (dun.) EILEEN SNIPPING Cilrlrru Dietitian Mgr. ETHEL McKIM Physical Therapist WILLIAM L. PICKETT B.M.. M.M., Music GLADYS K. HOWARD B.S.. M.A.. Ait SARAH E HOWE B.S.. Art MILTON KAPPSTATTER B.S.. M.B.A.. Business ANNA T. LEHI.BACH A.B.. Librarian GLADYS B. LONG LEY B.A.. M.A.. Head Counselor JAMES W. LOWRY B.S.. M.A.. Science ROCCO MISURELL B.S., M.A.. Science LEONARD MORRIS B.A.. M.A.. History DOROTHY NEUSS B.S.. M.A., English RUFUS RICKENBACHER AVRUM SHAINMARK B.A.. M.A.. English (Chm.) B.S.. Art GEORGE STEISEL B.A., Mathematics ALICE U. KEEHNER B.S.. M.A.. English MARIETTA MARCHESE B.M.. M.A.. Music ROCCO PESILE B.S.M.. M A.. Music CATHERINE S. SWEENEY B.S.. R.N.. Health Ed. EMILY KRUCK B.S.. M.A., HistoryThe future teachers discuss techniques of injecting grammar into a pessimistic English student. It takes back-bone—not wish-bone, to get into the National Honor Society. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Every term students in the junior and senior classes who have qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service are selected by a faculty committee for membership in the National Honor Society. At an impressive induction ceremony these students receive their membership pins from Miss M. Bernice Hamilton, for whom the chapter is named. Mr. Clammurro is the advisor. “A” PIN The “A” Pin, a student award is presented each term to members of the junior and senior classes, who not only have contributed to extracurricular activities but also have shown outstanding qualities of character, leadership, and service. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America, a comparatively new club named in honor of its advisor, Mr. Misurell, meets twice a month. Its members are students who aspire to careers in the teaching profession. It isn't whom you know-or even what you know-that helps you win an A-pin; it's honest-to-goodness time and effort. 90A gay day for us... Long looked forward to, and come at lastVIGNETTE STAFF The Vignette staff is composed of those ambitious and loyal Arties who devote their time to writing, typing, proofreading, photographing, and drawing. Their combined efforts have produced a finished publication, a memorable yearbook for the entire school. General Advisor—Miss Gladys K. Howard Business Advisor—Mr. Milton M. Kappstatter Literary Advisor— Miss Ruth G. Abos VIGNETTE STAFF Editor-in-Chief.................Adele Amil Associate Editor................Virginia Holmes Associate Editor in Charge of Photography Marylyn Farrell Literary Editor ............... Sally Strychnewicz Associate Literary Editor ..... Sheila Eiscnberg Assistants .............. Robert Cisco Renee Feuerherm Barbara McCorkendale Arlene Moldofsky Crace Steinmann Personal Editors Roseann Fazio Robert Judd Hazel Reid Photo-Literary Editors ........ Barbara Martin Katina Pilavakis Student Photographer .......... Ray Palazzo Contributing Artists .......... Ronald De Vito Florence Milgazo Layout......................... Carol Flocken Business Manager.......... Larry Yannuzzi Assistant Business Manager Joseph Naelon Advertising Manager .Diane Dallancgra Typists .......................Arlene Moldofsky Marguerite Smith 92Blanche Andre Adams Thomas J. Aguilar Adele T. Amil Carol Maxine Anderson Fred Arico Angelo J. Befumo Arthur Norman Bernard Carol Dolores Bcrryan William Biebel Cathy Blank Estelle Bolden Mattie Bolding Mary Bolger . Robert W. Brunnquell Charles R. Buchanan Harvey J. Buchsbaum Paul Bush George James Caboy Joyce Anne Cannata Rinaldo D. Cantone Thomas R. Carr Alfred Carrea Jr. Amelia Castellano Marie Castcluccio Frank Chesek Robert Cisco Lenny Clarke Margaret Frances Colucci Diane D. Dallanegra Walter Dancy Jr. Robert L. Dennis Carmine Joseph DcPalma Ronald DeVito Dave Distel Dorothy Doehner Carmela M. Echo Sheila Eiscnbcrg Mike Ester Leah J. Evangelis Marylyn J. Farrell Roseann Fazio Renee Alice Feuerherm Carol Ann Flocken Marvin Flower Linda Joan Freedman Madge Freiwald Edward Daniel Calandak Jeanne Greenard Adelaide Sophie Hall Eugene Hardman Tonia Marie Harrison Jack Heins Rochelle Maxine Hcrsh Virginia Lee Holmes James Edward Jones BOOSTERS from the Graduates of June 1955 and January 1956 Annette H. Josloff Robert Nathaniel Judd Thomas P. Kimball John Kindler Arthur L. Knobloch John Kurdyla Ronald LaDuca Barbara Laverty Norma Elaine Lawson Louis Leone Meredith Ann Luhrs Jane F. Malley Barbara Ann Martin Virginia Ida May Charles E. Mayes Barbara McCorkcndale Eleanor M. Mesmer Florence E. Milgazo Delores Almcta Miller Arlene Moldofsky Frances Montino Charles V. Myers Joseph L. Nicolato Frank A. Nigro Salvatore Page Raymond Louis Palazzo Delores I. Paul Roksolana Maria Pawlyshyn Katina Xenophon Pilavakis Anthony Paul Politano John H. Pollard Margie Raines Hazel M. Reid Malachi David Rountree Helen A. Ruggiero John Scarpa Ernest H. Sickler Patricia Ann Shields Howard Shipley Roxanne Sisto Marguerite Ida Smith Grace N. Stcinmann Marian Darlene Stevens Sally Strychnewicz Dennis Szejman Lois Marva Thomas Dolores A. Tobia Richard Trimarco Antoinette Urban Robert Valladares Blanche Diane VanDcan Shirley Anne Washington Crace Werner Frances Bernice Winskus Lawrence Anthony Yannuzzi Ralph William Zeitlin Charles Melton Felicia Mendez 93Best Wishes to the Class of JUNE 1955 Compliments of Woodruff Belleville Farms PL 9-2100 Congratulations from MARYLYN, DENNIS and ADEL ARTISTS’ SUPPLY SERVICE 5 5 6 HIGH STREET NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY Compliments of FOREST HILL FISHERY 146 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE NEWARK HU 2-0901 THINGS R. Rl'FF . . . DON’S SWEET SHOPPE 107 7TH AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. Compliments of JO ANN Compliments of IDEAL DAIRY Congratulations from CURB SERVICE CLEANERS Best Wishes to the Class of JUNE 1955 CHERIO INN COCKTAIL LOUNGE • RESTAURANT Formal Garden — Madison Avenue Route 24 Convent, N. J. TERRY TOGS FAMOUS FOR VALUE Infants' and Children's Wear 683 Broad Street Newark, N. J.BEST WISHES . . . De MARZI MARKET A FRIEND Compliments of ALDERNEY DAIRY CONGRATULATIONS TO VIRGINIA From Her Parent , Mr. ami Mr . Maurice A. Holme Proprietors of the HOLMES PRINTING SERVICE 155 West Kinney Street, Ncwurk, N. J. MA 2-04% Compliments of Newark’s Schuiil Savings Hank THE HOWARD SAVINGS INSTITUTION 768 BROAD STREET NEWARK 1 , NEW JERSEY — Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation —immimi Congratulations and the best of luck! Wo at Lorstan are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Lorstan Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Lorstan portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! Foremost School Photographers in the East Lithographed by RAE PUBLISHING CO 22 Frinlc Street Montclair. N. J.■mmi iassSiJisiijm

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