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2ARTS HIGH SCHOOL NEWARK • NEW JERSEYINTRODUCTION Excitement permeates the atmosphere s clamoring throngs await the stars. We arrive . . . Triumphant successes. Suddenly, in the moment of exaltation W’e recall the humble beginning . . . In retrospect, we see A troupe of faltering starlets Devoid of poise Joined by the bonds of fear and insecurity Memorizing meaningless lines And aimless gestures Finally to realize that success lies Not in the script. But in living the role with those around us. The curtain rises, and we see A theme developed by our unique cast With everyone a star ... In the spotlight, background, or the wings. To play the role and play it well Is the challenge of the artist. But now . . . the show must go on!RUTH ABOS B.A., M.A., £nglith THERESA DAVID B.A., M.A.. Spannh PHILLIP CLAMURRO RUTH EDDY B.A., M A., Mathemotut B.A.. H.Hory DEDICATION To our four class advisors, we humbly and gratefully dedicate this book. Throughout our years in Arts High's studio, they have directed all our activities with the efficiency for which all good directors are noted. They taught us the meaning of determination and guided us until we reached our goal. Because of their wisdom and understanding, even the hardest lines seemed easy to us. Now, at the completion of our production, we thank them for their devotion and service. We shall always have fond memories of Miss Abos, Miss David, Miss Eddy, and Mr. Clannurro. 8DR. FREDERICK C. SEAMSTER, B.A., M.A., PH D. Principal Our indispensible producer. Dr. Seamster, is recognized as the person whose assistance made our premiere successful. As a good producer he made the people around him work efficiently and effectively. In coordinating the production, his understanding was equalled only by his unselfishness and devotion of time to making our road to stardom as easy as possible. It is he who has made our studio one of which we can l c truly proud. MISS M. BERNICE HAMILTON, B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal M iss Hamilton, our all important associate producer, has been a conscientious executive and a sincere friend. She has taught us the importance of our roles; she has helped us to memorize our lines and, in our moments of stagefright, she has inspired us with her patience and wisdom. Many times, as she reviewed our scripts, she suggested revisions which were most beneficial. Now, as we are about to make our premiere, we wish to express our appreciation to Miss Hamilton for her great service to us. 910 DIRECTORS As each new show is premiered, the task of the directors is finished . . . but their influence will remain until the last performance. They have taught us to interpret our roles through word and action. They have emphasized the importance of make-up. cues, timing. The musical score and the very line and color of the set . . . To these who made our premiere possible, we give our lasting wishes for greater triumphs, — and gratitude for our success. MARGARET I. CROSS 8.S., Phyt. Id. ADAMS GARRETT B.A.. M.A., Arl B.S., Homo Economics ROSAMOND H. HOPPER 8.S., M.A., Ail (Chm.) ACHILLES D'AMICO 8.S., M.A., Mvtk LUCILLE B. HILLER SARAH E. HOWE 0.S., An GLADYS HOWARD B.S., M.A., AnWILLIAM L. PICKETT B.M.. MS., Musk EILEEN KNIPPING Coftltno Mur.. Di»tkion SEYMOUR LANDSMAN M.4., Art C.V I VERNA S. MEEK B.S.. Art GLADYS B. LONGLEY B.A., M.A., H od Counselor MILTON KAPPSTATTER B.S., M.A., Bvtinttt ALICE U. KEEHNER B.S., M.A., English MARIETTA MARCHESE 8 M ., M.A., Mvtk DOROTHY NEUSS B.S., M.A., tnglnh GEORGE STEISEL 6 4 ., Mothimolkt JAMES W. LOWRY B.S., M.A., $ci»n(» RUFUS ). RIO-ENBACHER 8.4., M.A., tnglnh IChm.) ETHEL McKIM Physical Ihtrapitl FRANCES G. RINDNER 8.S., Jtothti Clark ROCCO RESILE B.S.M., M.A., Musk B.S., M.4., 4rf LEONARD MORRIS B.4., M.4., History ROY PERRY B.S., StiMc RUTH K. WALSH CEORGE M. PETERSON B.S., M S., Indvilrtal ArtFuture Stars! A world of mixed emotions I u folding before us; Suspense ... in contemplating the experience before us Romance ... in this awesome new world of masterful artists Humor. . . in the other starlets bewildered as we are is of childhood On another set. And arc acquiring the maturity To portray young adults. We have paused this while To study our scripts And lend our native talent To the skilled hands of our directors,Mrs. Walsh lends a helping hand to Bob La Franco in the publicity department , as John Rowe, Joe Nicolata, Joel Kud -ler and John Kindler look on. Madge Friewald reaches for silver in the commissary. Mr. Balshan's typing class pays attention to the copy in the bus -iness department. Mary Larceri, Judy Bolden. Diane DaUanegro and Elaine De Lorenzo view rushes of the Variety Show. Mrs. Hopper's art class prepares scenery for the Christmas Fair. Mr. Pickett leads the chorus. Beverly Elman and Mary Ann Chutsonis observe the studio's ....... Mr. Garrett directs his art class. Mr. Janowits makes English interesting for his students. The boys’ shop class prepares props for the sets. The slide rule has its admirers.We have not yet taken our screen tests and therefore, don't know what positions we will hold in this studio. Susan Kirsch. Carole McCoy, Barbara Moldofsky. and Marlene Schulte arc hoping to be our future stars. Our script writer. Josephine Pantano, has informed Walter Koch, Fred McCoy, Marlene Mercuro, Anthony Milos-cia, Patsy Riccardi, Irene Smith, Jean Threadcroft, Carl Tonnnasone, Madeline Verdi, Richard Ward, and Joyce Worcester about our first production, and they have started working on the scenery. Our wardrobe department will lx headed by Estelle Parronc. Lawrence Kricger will be in charge of the filming of our pictures. Angela Larceri, Richard Barton, Judith Rosenberg, John Dolan, Rogers Bryant and Vivian Cook represent us at the Board of Directors meetings. Joyce Dorothy Knight, Priscilla Ryan. Patricia Eleanoi Anderson and Rochelle Zinn arc hoping to be our leading actresses. Our musicians Anna Cross. Esta Plagcr, Anthony Di Gregorio will do the filming of our first production. Ralph Einaldi will be our publicity agent. Our large staff of scenery artists consists of Bruce Dally, Russell Jenkins, John Carlin, Clement Bernard, Joseph Dorbin, Jesse El, Joe Cendransky, James Allen, Sandra Hudson, Ronald Bonadies, William Davis, Bert Dodge, David Appling. Ronald Handleman, Anthony Donofrio, Geraldine Johnson, and Jean Jones. Albert Kaplan is our studio propman. Oraleen Orr, Ronald Seeley, Sandra DcLucia, Ronald Shipley, Cecilia Knof and Brenda Westry have already been appointed. Our scenery will be done by Henry Kelly and Barbara Hughes. 14Anita Grande and Noreen McWhirr have completed the writing of our first script. Rosemarie Senators will make our costumes. Those who hope to become our stars are Joe Di Rago. Beverly Barlow, Kathy Karpinski and Vivian Bosley. Now that the screen tests have been completed, we find that Isadorc D’Amico and Jane Goode get top billing in our productions, which are highly publicized by Janice Janoski, Patricia Balvage, and Maxine Kepniss. Although they aren't our leading ladies, Delores Hcon and Addic Sprinkle are important to us as wardrobe mistresses. Philip Callahan and Carmine Saldutti are our technicians. Our newly-appointed scenery artists are: Tyrone Ingram, Kent Rheubottom, Garnet Tolen, Milton Hinton, Allen Harmon, Dorothy Lcavy, Lydia Gaetano, Carol Horsch, Wcstley Lee., and Alfred Volpe. The delightful music for our pictures is played by Lance Andersen, Samuel Cralt, Patricia Ellison, Catherine Biank, and Olin Gaines. As a result of their screen tests. Marietta Mayes, Richard Red inski, Robert Roinash, Patricia Gallegher, Nancy Hicks, Beverly Jetter, and Judith Williams have roles in our newest production. Hie filming ol our pictures is done by Andrew DiMar-tino and the scenery by Jane Ann Beatty, James Eagan, Astor Glasgow, Herbert Greenberg, Emily Hettinger, Rosemary Horniacek, Brue 1-ee, and Anthony Silva. Florence Viviani is our wardrobe mistress. Our agent, Winnifred Shannon, keeps all our names before the public. Our musicians are Estelle Alticre, Rol crt Bass, Phillip Kirby, and Carl Olchcski. Michael Reynolds is our studio prop man. 15As understudies of the sparkling stars Vic passed our first audition And took our places before the cameras, Unaware that the pigment of immaturity Still colored our performance. Massive illusions of stardom crumbled At the mocking reprovals of our directors Some yielded at the startling awakening, And turned to other fields. But others will pursue each new ideal Throughout the fateful script With increased maturity Conquering a more perplexing role Or intricate theme, in each production Preparing for the momentous climax, r own premiereLadies dance at a studio ball. Our business director, Mr. Kapp-statter. handles the studio funds. Producers give a tea for Mr. Ishibashi. Dr Seamster seem pleased with the latest rushes. Mrs. Hopper poses with Mayor Carlin. The latest and greatest addition to our lot. the machine stenograph in action!! Nothing is more rewarding than an audience's favorable response. Jim O'Bosky stars at the Free Lance Art Exhibit. "ON OUR LOT"There arc many actors on the set at this studio. Our top comedian is William Kaufman. Neutie Fudge. Charles Kruc ek, Patrick Loitus, and Leo Smith also have important roles. Ann Caroll Slum, Joan De Rosa. Irene Stcckicw and Daniel Chambers attend the Board of Directors meetings. Cameraman Thomas George who is an cx| cri on stereophonic sound, combines his skill with music department members Mary Ann Kanyock, Lucille MacDougall, Ernestine Bakick, Arlene McGraw, Roberta Holder, and Janet Carvaness. Our studio prop men are Ed Wydareny, Vincent Liaguno, Henry Huber, Sonya Kuzminski, David McDonald, Alphonse Paolello, Henry Jackson, Michael Brown, Ronald Hodes and Louis Fallonc. Ray Alberti, Bill Mayes. Janet Shreiber, Eddie Robinson, Andrew Giacobbe, Keif Adkins, Lonnie Gilchrist, Kathy Delaney, Margo Hocss, Bill Downing. Benjamin Cross, Peter Greco, Marion Guiliano, Jean Roberts, Billy August, Earl Caldwell, Charles Waller, Andrew Knight. Raymond Geiser, Rosalie Bertoldi, Robert Homlish, Michael Melchianno, Fred Roberts, Kipling Pittman, Claude Kirkpatrick, Robert Foley, Robert Vale, John Bravaca and Sula Demos make our impressive scenery for us. Our costumes are supplied by Ludmyla Rempter, Carol Walters, Cleotha Maple, Susan Spivack, Sisto Caponera, Harriet Pepe, Marie Calcllo, Elaine Scheff, Joan Rocklyn, and Joan Robcrtello, Marjorie Richards and Maria King. The top actress of our studio lot is Louise Jones. In charge of our many props, we have Salvatore Sorce, Peter Hayes, Louis Croms, and Chester Kolton. Making our scenery arc: Marjorie Hyde, Robert Chase, Vincent Thomas, Winifred Hearns, Jesse Williams, Olivia Thomas, Dolores McNeill, Elaine Bruno, Margaret Johnson. Jean Miksovic, Ann Radin, Harold Holland, 18Earl Crouse, John Annun iato, Joseph Posella, and Anthony Parrone. The musical background for our pictures is provided by Brenda Ghee, Robert Dombrowski, Elanc Berry, Eugene Black and Louis Plcsnik. The cast of this studio lot consists of Ann Jordan, Josephine Elliott, Clarence Butler, David Frazier, Gccilc Mullock, Jeanette Robertson, Arlene Bazarcwski, Richard Karl, Flank Williams, and Earlene Dailey. Bertha Spinuzza, Dominick Anastasio, Sylvia Marcus, Diana Marguilies and Joan Murray make up the publicity department. The background music for our pictures is played by Louis Di Bella and Patricia Thompson, Carolyn Marrone, Donald Pearson, Leona Church, Gloria Priorc, Thomas Andriano, Barbara Gcissler, Joyce Stumpf, Jean Roxby, and Leon Davis. Co-starring in our current picture arc Jack McGrath and Nancy Edwards. Our cast of characters includes Grace Cotugno, Clara Papapietro, Marion Juliano and Benjamin Cross. Elfects of lighting and costuming arc important to cameraman John Polarci. On the sound stage Ronald Maver, Louis Fallone, Elizabeth Martin. Harriet Kirschenbauin, Sabina lanu zi, Louis Tobey, Edward Gladden, Adrienne Dallanegra, Diana Margu-lies, Elizabeth Martin, Edward Gladden, Josephine Whitico, Mary Johnson, Hugh Garrity, Michael Iorino and Charles Colello practice the background music for our pictures. Joseph Davis and Annette Green study the movie script written by Marie Larecri and Karen Newman. Penny McManus takes the photographs for the publicity department which is headed by Geraldine Weiner and Rosemary Schofield. Lois Thomas is the leading lady of our cast. 19In our hands, the retiring stars Leave plans for a better tomorrow. Although we know we are prepared, The proximity of our goal is frightening For. as vet. we lack the confidence To make our dehut before the cameras, onder is the stimulus Which spurs us on to greater aims, Our directors observe us carefully For the leads will soon he chosenJames Jones can't decide which way to pass the ball. Catch the ball,, somebody! ! Mr. Morris chats with the ladies, as usual. •vy Johnny Mars and his band entrance the crowd with their superb music. Mr. Voller and Louis Faltone share a laugh while the other members of the team watch the game seriously. Bob Cisco takes a practice shot while Frank Romano, with a smile on his face, eagerly watches. arvin Goldman beats out rhythm on the drums. boys listen to Mr. fioller's instructions. After rehearsals all day, our cast enjoys a short period of recreation.At the Board of Directors meetings our studio lot is represented by Rose Ann Fazio. Barbara Martin, Katina Pilavakis, Barbara McCorkcndalc. Carol Anderson, tuna Ellington, Bob Cisco, Meredith Luhrs, Cathy Blank, Virginia Holmes, Hazel Reid, and Larry Yannuzzi presides. Choreographers are Helen Ruggiero and Delores Tobia. Wardrobe mistresses Grace Stcinman, Madge Freiwald, and Patricia Shields discuss lighting effects on costumes with cameramen Jack Heins, Raymond Palazzo, Robert Valladrcs, Harvey Buchsbaum, Morris Gross-man, George Klipphahn. Lester Miller, William Mills, Malachi Rountree, Richard Trimarco. and Peter Woj- tach. Musical accompaniment which gives emphasis to our dramatic scenes is supplied by Rochelle Hirsh, Norma Lawson, Louis I .cone, Delores Miller, Ernest Sickler, Marguerite Smith, Yvonne Tenore, Frances Winskus, Howard Shipley, Shelia Eisscnberg. Michael Ester, Virginia May, Arlene Moldofsky, Marjorie Raines, Ralph Zeitlin, Salvatore Page, Paul Bush, Charles Buchanan, Carolyn Berryan, Carmcla Echo, Alice Butler, Phyllis Guiliano. Barbara Clark, Blanch Adams, Arthur Bernard, Margaret Collucci. Bernie Glass, Richard Gega and Robert Judd. In the spotlight of John Kurdyla’s camera, Diane 22Dallanegra, Charles Mellon, and Donald Trousdell rehearse their roles. Scenery and costumes are designed and made by William Biebel, Marie Cantrclla, Frank Chesak, Marilyn Farrell, Renee Feucrherm, Thomas Kimball, Robert 1 .aFranco, Jane Malley, Joseph Nico-lato, Roxanne Sisto, Dennis S cjman, and Marian Zgola. James Jones, Grace Werner, Bob Brunnquell, Adclc Amil, Dave Distel, and Arthur Knoblach are our publicity writers. Our wardrobe mistresses are Blanch Van Dean, Eleanor Mesmer and Linda Freedman. Our scenery is made by Ronald Colbourne, Barbara Lavcrty, John Stefaniuk, Roksolana Pawlyshyn, Rin- aldo Cantone, Tom Carr and Tonia Harrison. Getting enough publicity for our set is no problem with Ronald De Vito on the job. Walter Dancy, Henrietta Koch, Robert Dennis. Florence Milgazo, Meredith Gordon, Dolores Paul, Ruby Rogers and Amelia Castellano arc in charge of our scenery. Costumes must be appropriate and Frances Montino and Felicia Mendez, as well as Mozell Patterson, see that they are. Sally Stry-chncwicz, Joyce Canatta, and Marie Castelucio are experimenting with stereophonic sound. Waiting their chance for stardom are Herbert Baker, Ronald La Duca, Marvin Flower, Joel Kudler and Guy Morgan as understudies to the stars. 23We approach the final dress rehearsal And find ourselves absorbed in reminiscing. The years, that in casting seemed eternity Seem hours, as we enact our final scene. Our troupe is a closely knit unit Drawn nearer by impending separation To which we have long aspired Only to realize That innumerahl Is still beckon We replace our childish optimism With a maturer outlook On the serious aspects Of imminent adulthoodPRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT IRA HALPERIN 162 New York Avenue Newark. New Jersey Ira (alias stringbean) is one of our l cst musicians and plays saxophone in the Orchestra and Band. Music. Music. Music, is his favorite pastime. He is also very good in athletics and became the manager of the Basketball Team, and pitcher on the Baseball Team. He is an active member of the Scope and plays for our operas. After graduation he plans to enlist in the Navy. S S O MARVIN G. GOI.DMAN 72 Wolcott Terr. Newark, New Jersey Marv is quite a boy! Weight-lifting is his hobby and basketball, his favorite sport. He was elected president of his 2A class and is a member of the Band. Orchestra, and the Opera Group. In his leisure hours he likes to dance or listen to sweet music. For a career Marv would like to work as a studio drummer. But, of course, college first. ROCHELLE DUBERSTEIN 112 Pamona Avenue Newark, New Jersey Shelly is an art student with plenty of ability. She likes horesback riding and bowling, at which she is very good. Because she is musically inclined also, she took up the saxophone as a hobby. Shelly, just keep the sweet disposition you have now and you'll go far! Keep up the good work. R S DOROTHY KAFAF 352 West Market Street Newark. New Jersey "Dot” likes to pass the time away reading, dancing or playing tennis. She is an active girl ami plays a major part in the school's extra curricular program. She is a member of the Junior Red Cross, Pottery Club, Student Council, Vignette and Scope. Dorothy is very industrious and is bound to succeed in college. 25JOAN ANDERSON 386 Princeton Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey If you’ve ever seen "Junior" in a bathing suit you couldn’t contradict the old saying, "Nice things come in small packages.” She came to Arts in her senior year and we were all glad she did, because a nicer girl you've never met. Collecting miniature animals is her hobby while swimming, as you can well guess, is her favorite sj ort. Arts is rooting for you in your held of illustration, Joanic. ANTHONY BASILE 186 Jefferson Street Newark, New Jersey “Bas" is a tall, dark and handsome fellow with the girls in towl He plays baseball and likes to watch it too. As a member of the Art Service Club he served well and long. When it is lime for the dances, he sings as vocalist with John Mars' Band. Bas is uncertain about his future but we are sure he’ll succeed in whatever he endeavors 26 MARYANN G. CHUTSANIS 651 So. 14 Street Newark, New Jersey With eyes that just twinkle with happiness, MaryAnn is as lovely as she is pleasant. She was vice-president of the class in 2A-3B, and secretary of the class in 2B-2A. She is a member of the band, chorus, and oj era group. She spends her leisure time sketching or playing the piano. MaryAnn’s plans for the future include going to Newark State Teacher’s college to prepare for the career of a Kindergarten teacher. YVETTE MARIE COPPOCK 24 Chester Avenue Newark, New Jersey The little girl with the great big voice, that’s our Yvette! Everyone is enchanted by her singing. Her main interests arc in music and dancing. She is an active member of the Dramatic Club, Chorus and of the Opera Guild. Her pleasing personality wins her many friends. Yvette plans to enter Westminister Choir College after graduation.STEWART DENNIS 62 Hawkins Avenue Newark, New Jersey "Slew" is one of the strong, silent type. He hasn’t much to say, but we like him just the way he is. He is an art student and to show his interest he also does it as a hobby! Baseball is another thing he enjoys doing. During school and in after school activities he works on ceramics. Stew is uncertain about his future, but we arc certain he'll be liked wherever he goes. ELIAS DOMINGUEZ 144 Union Street Newark, New Jersey Elias is the dark-haired, Latin artist we’ve all heard so much about. He gives his services to the Student Council. Art is a natural thing with Elias, and he wins many awards for his stage sets! In the future he would like to become a commercial artist. BEVERLY ELMAN 230 Mt. Vernon Place Newark. New Jersey Bev plays the accordion and clarinet as a hobby and plays them quite well too. She plays the clarinet in the School Band. Bowling is also a sport in which she indulges. Beverly has a jolly, laughing personality that causes everyone to like her immediately. Her ambition is to get married and the fellow who marries her will consider himself lucky. ROBERT FLACH 104 14th Avenue Among our artists is Robert whose temperament is as artistic as his work. He is a member of our Stage Crew which he served long and diligently. We will always remember Robert’s uuiet. mischievous manner in class. Robert plans to be an automobile mechanic. With his enthusiastic interest in cars he will probably do well. 27MARILYN FLAKES 75 West Kinney Street Newark. New Jersey Marilyn is a quiet girl with pleasant ways. She serves in the Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Chorus and Dance Club. She sang in the operas Rigoletto. Hansel and Gretel, and La Boheme. Marilyn is hoping to enter Julliard or Tuskegce to increase her knowledge of music. With a voice as beautiful as hers, she is bound to succeed in her plans to be a concert artist. CAROLYN JOYCE FLANAGAN 188 Badger Avenue Newark. New Jersey "Tootsie" likes to do good for others and proves this by her missionary work. She is a member of the Youth Council and Junior Missionary Board at her church. In school she plays her violin in the orchestra, and sings in the operas. She is also a member of the All State Chorus. Tootsie plans to enter Newark State Teachers College alter graduation. TRUDEE MARIE GASPARINETTI 19 East Sylavan Avenue Newark. New Jersey Trudee is talented in many things. She played in “Kind Lady” and "Fun After Supper” on our stage. She will always be remembered for her outstanding ballet ] crformances. Pert and petite Trudee will surely excel in all her endeavors. with all the happy-go-lucky personality that she has shown us here at Arts. WILLIAM H. GILLARD •158 South 8 Street Newark, New Jersey Here is a quiet, serious-minded boy. He believes that the less you talk, the more you can accomplish. There must lie something in that philosophy because he is the president of the National Honor Society and was a member of the Swimming Team when it won the city championship! Bill is planning to enter the field of mathematics. 28GORDON CALEB GLADDON 670 Hinsdale Place Newark, New Jersey Gordon is truly a gifted musician. While playing the piano he seems to leave us lor another world. He has accompanied many of the acts in our variety shows. He enjoys acting and would like to combine the two talents in his career. He was also a member of our chorus. His ambition? Gordon would like to attend a Conservatory of Music in Paris, France. LEONARD GOI.DENBERG 137 Goodwin Street Newark. New Jersey Lenny is a handsome fellow with a personality that is not too shy and not too aggressive. He is just right! During free time he goes fishing or plays football. As a memfrer of the Stage Crew and Track Team he serves them well. With that certain way he has of making people like him, he is sure to do a fine job in any field he chooses.. MARIE GRECO 31 Smith Street Newark. New Jetsey A little lady was Marie. She is an active member of the Scope, Photography Club and Chorus. She was elected president of her Hi class and vice-president of her 1A class. When not in school, she enjoys basketball and baseball. She is a favorite among the boys, with a personality that pleases everyone. Marie’s plans for her career include teaching music. WALTER B. GUTERL Jr. 85 Niagara Street Newark. New Jersey A jovial guy who is nice to know is our Walter. He is a member of the Band, Orchestra, Library Guild, Student Council, All-City Chorus, and All-State Chorus. Walter is undecided about the future but even though he appears to be the happy-go-lucky young fellow about school, he is really a serious, hard working young man. In whatever career Walter chooses, he will be successful. 29SAMUEL KARPEL •102 Belmont Avenue Newark, New Jersey Sam was the president of our class for two terms. He is an active member of the Stage Crew. Scoj e. and Photography Club, and he serves! as Photography Editor of the Vignette. Weight-lifting is a hobby of his. Although Sam is an outstanding photographer, his real ambition is to be a pharmacist. DOROTHY KOVACH 64 Wilson Avenue Newark, New Jersey Dottie is a devoted member of the {unior Red Cross, Photography Club, .ibrary Guild, Vignette, Scope and Future Teachers of America. She devotes her leisure time to reading, dancing, and the arts. A good baseball game is her idea of a great lime. Friendly and helpful to all, Dottie will undoubtedly make some college a more enjoyable place to be. LILLIAN ANN LA MORTE 2 Broad Street Newark, New Jersey Few can match her beautiful dark eyes and hair! She will always be remembered for her glorious singing in our auditorium and in the variety shows. She is a valuable member of the Opera Guild, Library Guild, and Chorus. Lillian is planning to make singing a career after graduation. PATSY LANDOLFI 47 North 5th Street Newark, New Jersey Here is the fellow who plays the "call to the colors" in our assemblies. In recognition of his trumpet playing ability he is a member of the All-City Band. Patsy is a former president of his homeroom. He is well liked by everyone. Patsy’s plans for the future include college and he will most probably major in music. 30ANNETTE MANGANELLA 253 Highland Avenue Newark. New Jersey Neui devotes most of her time to music. During this time she accomplishes many things on her piano. When she isn't practicing, she goes horseback riding. Often she and Pat Selby would sit down and work out many key notes, but not concerning music. Nctti will at tend New York University to study to become a concert pianist. RICHARD McOREA 70 South Orange Avenue Newark, New Jersey Our Richard is a musician who plays the piano like a dream. When he tickles those ivories, everyone sto| s to listen to his lively music. Arts has always appreciated good grooming, and Richard is one of our best dressed lx ys. He also participates in school activities, and is a meml cr of the Track Team. As yet, Richard is undecided about a career, but with talent like his, we’re sure he’ll do well. MELVIN METZKER 618 So. 12th Street Newark, New Jersey A song bird is Melvin and a top all around music student. Melvin performs in the All-City and All-State choruses. In his free time he sings or plays piano. His favorite sports are: swimming, tennis and ping-pong. He helps the school by serving in the Library Guild and the School Service Club. Melvin plans to enter the Marines after graduation. KENNETH REID MOORE 139 So. 11th Street Newark, New Jersey "Long Man" is a good-looking, well-dressed. all-around fellow. He is a devoted member of the basketball Team, baseball Team, and All-City Chorus. A music student. Kenny plays the clarinet with skill that comes only with long hours of practice. He plans to help our country by entering the United States Air Force after graduation. 31 I MARVIN MOSCHEL 139 Seth Boydcn Terrace Newark. New Jersey Marvin is a boy who enjoys learning anything at all, as long as he learns. With his outstanding ability and the will to learn, he will undoubtedly reach great heights. He will always be remembered for his piano accompaniment at the variety shows and various musical programs. His future includes college where he will study music. IVY MYERS 385 New Street Newark. New Jersey "Pops" is one of our top saxophone players in the Band and Orchestra and good enough to be chosen to play in the Oj era Band. Ivy enjoys baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers. He is quiet and shy. but well-liked by everyone. Ivy plans to join the Navy, and after his naval career, he will attend New York University. 32 JUANITA PITTS 59 Frelinghuysen Avenue Newark, New Jersey “Nita” is one of the excellent musicians in our class. She sang in two of our operas, "Hansel and Grctcl” and “La Bohcmc". She is also a member of the All-City Chorus and All-State Chorus. An outstanding student, she received the A-Pin Award, and is vice president of the National Honor Society. She plans to attend college to study music teaching. RONALD RAUTO 580 Broadway Newark. New Jersey "Rod” is a very polite member of our class. He always met you with a smile and somewhere in the conversations he would have said "Pardon”. He participated in the Gym Team. Spanish Club. Junior Red Cross, Photography Club, and Art Service Club. Rod likes to play baseball and swim too. Because of his lovable personality, he is sure to have a lot of luck in the Navy. Later he plans to be a commercial artist.DOROTHY RAYMOND 49 Union Street Newark, New Jersey Brown-haired Dottie likes to lend a helping hand whenever possible. She contributes her services to the Drama Club, Pottery Club, Junior Red Cross, and the Craft Club. She picks baseball as her favorite sport and the Brooklyn Dodgers to play it. She plans to enter nurses training after graduation. With her winning smile and warm disposition, she’ll make a grand nurse. LAWRENCE ROBERTS 42 Boyd Street Newark, New Jersey Larry has an honorable hobby that we are all very proud of — "helping others who can't help themselves”. — When he isn’t doing this he played basketball or football for his own pleasure. Although he is undecided about his future career, he will most likely have the best of luck in any field he enters, because of his very genial personality. 35 BARBARA ANN ROGERS 261 Chadwick Avenue Newark, New Jersey Quiet little "Bobbie" is one of the most industrious of our classmates. Algebra is her favorite subject; stamp collecting her favorite hobby. Bobbie is terrific on a typewriter or a stenograph machine. We know with her burning ambition and knack for doing this type of work she’ll make good as a private secretary. IRENE ROGOWSKI 795 Hunterdon Street Newark, New Jersey We all enjoy watching "Reni" cheer our basketball team at all the games. She is probably the reason why they lost a few games (couldn’t keep their minds on the game). Reni is a member of the Student Council, Photography Club, School Service Club, and Scope. She likes to dance and to paint in her spare time. We wish her much success as she enters college.DONELLA JO WESTLEY ROSS 55 Parivicw Avenue Newark, New Jersey "Dodo” worked faithfully in all phases of school life. She is a member of the Spanish Club, Science Club, Library Guild, Art Service Club, and Student Council. In her leisure time, Dodo likes to hike or watch a good baseball game. She is an ambitious girl with a sparkling personality, and will do well in whatever she endeavors. DONALD ROSS •1 Hawkins Court Newark, New Jersey Don is one member of our band who plays many instruments. He likes to compose music and study foreign languages. He is an excellent Spanish student and devotes hours to it. We all enjoy Don’s sense of humor and hope he will continue with his music, for he is truly gifted. He plans to attend the Salvation Army Training College to become a Salvation Army Officer. MARY ANN SCALERCIO 147 Sylvan Avenue Newark, N. J. An outstanding music student, Mary Ann plays the piano, flute, bass and guitar equally well. She is a member of the Orchestra, All-City Chorus. Dramatic ami Photography clubs. In addition, she has also served on the Student Council and as a member of the Scojjc staff During her 3A term she was class treasurer. She plans to major in music at Montclair State Teachers College. PATRICIA SELBY 33 Romaine Place Newark. New Jersey Our tall, dark haired, dark eyed "B.J.” is treasurer of her home room and a member of the Art Service Club. Art and dancing are her favorite hobbies. Baseball is her favorite sport, but when she goes to a game the lx ys stop playing to look at her. In the future Pat plans to become an interior decorator, at which she will undoubtedly do very well. 34AUGUST TE1XE1RA, Jr. 320 Lafavette Street Newark, New Jersey What would we do without him? The Stage Crew always needs someone to pull down the curtain or switch on the lights, and there he is. We’ll never forget him for his unselfish help wherever needed. Gus also serves the Art Service Club. It's only natural for a stage crew member to be interested in radio and television. In college, we know he will make good! ROBERT T. THOMPSON 256 13th Avenue Newark. New Jersey Bobby is an excellent rollerskater. His skating rival is his best friend, Herbert Baker. Bobby likes to play football when he isn’t skating. He does them both equally well. He is a reliable and hardworking member of the Pottery Club and Art Service Club. Bobby’s plans for the future are not certain. RICHARD CARL TORTORIELLO 315 Peshine Avenue Newark, New Jersey "Dick” is president of his junior class, member of Student Council, and our Editor-in-chief of the Scope and does a terrific job in typing our school news. Need we say more? Yes! He liked skating as a pastime and baseball is his favorite sport. We know Dick will hold up the fine standards he has shown here at Arts High. HAZEL JOYCE VAN HORN 155 West Kinney Street Newark, New Jersey "Vanie” is the quiet one among us. She majors in art and shows her interest by collecting paintings done by great artists of that field. She’s so sweet, we can’t help but like her. After graduation, she plans to further her education by attending the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. where we know she will do well. 35JEROME WEINER 583 Springfield Avenue Newark, New Jersey A good-natured fellow who’s nice to know is our Jerry. His pleasing personality makes it hard for anyone not to like him. Jerry spends most of his spare time bowling and we understand he’s very good at it. He is the president of the Art Service Club and enjoys being an amateur photographer. He's undecided about whether he will become a teacher or a lawyer, however, we know he’ll do well at either. CYNTHIA MARSH WF.TMORE 90 North 9th Street Newark, New Jersey Cynthia has a very unusual hobby-collecting matches! She adds quite a bit of spark to her classes too. She helps on the Art Service Club, Library Guild, and the Vignette Staff. Incidentally, tennis is her favorite sport. Cynthia's plans for the future? Why, college of course, and with her ability and charm we know she'll go places. EVERETT WINROW 145 Norfolk Street Newark, New Jersey Everett is the magician in the class. He practices hypnotism, and magic on us during the variety shows. He belongs to the Art Service Club, Swimming Team, Baseball Team, Photography Club, Gym Team, and the Spanish Club. After graduation. Everett plans to join the Marines. We hope that he will continue his magic because he truly proves that the hand is quicker than the eye! 36Rox Sodano, Mary FoUrno and Gloria Shaw decorate the set just before the scene is shot Anthony Basile. Michael Ester Darry Yanuzzi, Ira Halperin and Patsy Landolfi entertain the studio extras. Dolores Piccirilli gaily poses with a corn stalk as a publicity stunt to promote her latest movie Sharon White deserves and get star billing as May Queen. Russell Oberst won this skirt autographed by the stars. )ur dire. t..r . •lr» Neus , dies David, •t r Ci.imur ri , •1 n ■- J "hn»tin. dr» Lnngley r.«l Mis Abos ' not , .tmera hy. Other starlets engaged in the same task are Marge Konar-ski. Johanna Ca talfamo, Elisabeth Knakiewicz. Dolores Piccirilli and Diane Com-pitelli.MfHARD TORIOfHILO v DOROTHY K At AE . IR» » ROCOWSKI KINMTII MOORE A C A AWA MARIE «.RM O IVY MYERS MARI I ORICO KENNETH MOOR I uum » mran CHARLES HAYES DORIS M DONALD MOO uaH 0 mom WILLIAM CILLARD If ANITA PITTS, 38MARY ANN V AI AIM K) i, IRA HALMRIN TORTORIIUO, Mt Aim CYNTHIA WI I MOW ELIAS DOMINGl IS otMtnt WILLIAM (.HEARD IXJROniY KOVALM MV M fcOAX MARY ANN ORTTSAMS V. DONALD RO"_ LEONARD OOLDINIMRI. , f ATRK.IA SILRV MARY ANN SCAUARLIO IKA IIAtrtJtlN E R M Y D S 39Prop man Angelo Br urao help trim the Christmas tree. Roscann Mens . Gloria Shaw, Prnn McManus, Elaine Litwicz, Miss Hiller, Yvonne Counts, Callie Hill and Esther Elias find the felt pins ver attractive. The Herald Angels appear Joyce Cannaia ana Richard Tortoriello play Mary and Joseph. Mary Larceri views the Christmas Fair Marquee. Anxious performers in the Chorus await their cue."My! What a bargain," aay Marc Klein and Anthony Dasile to Ron-lind Sodano and Lucia Maaucci. Vito Laceri, stage hand, makes prep arationa for the Christmas Program. m vs arj SHOW Mary Ann Chutsanis and Annette Mang anella pose for a publicity shot. Marc Klein, Glenn ut»er, Eleanor Coaklcy Anthony Basile, Ell Aschner and John Margotta set the stage for the Christmas Dance. Bearing gifts are Wtsemen Ronald DeVito. Henry Kan-eps and Elias Dominguez. Our two Christmas angels. Miss Hamilton and a paper sculptured angel, mad by Diane and Gloria Competclli. Richard Tortoriello practices the role of Santa's Helper. Everybody wants to get into Be careful Mr. Lowry, that's not Mr. Peterson. stage money, " says Mr. Landsman plays the role of salesman successfully.1. Mayor Carlin brcomfi an art critic. 2. “A roar for milady." Myi Sam Karpel. i. Even money play ita role. 4. Our Miaa Eddy in our Fibber McCee'a Cloaet. 5. Mr. Pickett givea Fran Winakuaan organ Icaaoa. 6. Food for thought I ■ » We are the stars About to conquer the silver screen road to success Let us not lose sight of the real objective. For as every cast must have a lead So each star must have support. Thus to play a role and play it well Is the real test of talent An even on attaining stardom We must remember that somewhere On another set. There is always a better show With a greater star. 43PRESIDENT SECRETARY JOHN ROBERT MARGOTTA 286 Van Buren Street Newark, New Jersey "Johnny Mars" is so capable and so well liked by the fellows and girls that they elected him president of the senior class. He has a band of his own, and often plays at school dances. Besides being one of our most handsome boys, he has a personality that makes you like him immediately. Johnny plans to go to Rutgers, New Brunswick, and major in engineering. We know that he will shine as brightly in college TREASURER MARGARET E. KONARSKI 481 Bergen Street Newark, New Jersey "Bunny” is always a lively, quickwitted girl and Arts has been glad to have her around for four years. She is always busy with some sjxjrt or another, but iter evenings are reserved for parties. Bunny is treasurer of the senior class and has also hel| ed on the Vignette. Being a good housewife is her greatest ambition and any man can consider himself lucky if she fulfills her desire! C L A S S 0 F F 1 C E R S 44 GLORIA SHAW 318 Bergen Street Newark, New Jersey A very active and busy girl is "Glo”. She is secretary of the senior class. With her blond hair and wonderful personality it is no wonder she is a favorite among the opposite sex. Glo is always attending parties and dances. She has cheered our basketball team for two years and undoubtedly, they’re sorry she’s leaving. After graduation, Gloria plans to become a fashion illustrator. VICE-PRESIDENT LOUISE AUGSDORFF.R 750 South 19th Street Newark, New Jersey "Lulu” is a lively gal whose laughter is always a welcome sound. She is a holder of an A-Pin. In her senior year she became the class vice-president. She participates in the Spanish Club, Student Council activities and Vignette Staff meetings. Her ambition? Why, to be a housewife of course! think it will take her long to fulfill it.ELI ASCHNER 1477 Center Street Hillside, New Jersey One of our top cameramen is Eli. He is always giving up a chance to dance with a pretty girl to take pictures at our social functions. He earned the distinction of being Co-Photography Editor of this book. Another outstanding achievement of his is the fact that he has been a member of the stage crew for four years. Eli plans to attend the Rutgers Clollege of Pharmacy. PHILIP JOHN BEFUMO 142 Fairmount Avenue Newark, New Jersey A mass of red hair and freckles is our Phil. He serves in the Student Council and plays on the basketball team. Although girls, girls, girls are what he likes best, he found lime to prepare himself for college. He always had a nice word for everyone, including the girls. We hope you will always be the happy-go-lucky fellow that you are here at Arts. JOSEPH BIANK 358 South 7th Street Newark, New Jersey-Alias the "Pennsylvania Kid", Joe is a comic. Taking trips to Pennsylvania is his excuse for being called the "Pa. Kid." Naturally, he likes football, and was on the gym team. When duty calls, Joe will enter the Navy and serve his country as well as he did his school. Joe, we of Arts wish you luck in the Armed Forces and we know that you will always do well. RAYMOND BROWN 85 Sherman Place Irvington. New Jersey Ray is a cheerful fellow with a sense of humor that is seldom equalled. His hobbies include music, tropical fish, and "my girl” (We hope not necessarily in that order). An ardent fan of outside sports he cs| ccially likes football. He was elected treasurer of the Student Council. Ray plans to attend a business college and do sales work. 45 JAMES BRYANT 63 Slate Street Newark. New Jersey James is a jolly, good-natured fellow who is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mis ready smile and friendly personality make him a favorite among us. He is soft spoken and gentle but can be really rough when it comes to a game of football, basketball or baseball. Jim plans to join the Air Force after graduation. JOHANNA CATALFAMO 76 Kearney Street Newark, New Jersey Our ‘'Jo" gave her time to the Art Service Club School Service Club. Spanish Club and Scope, and it may be added that she did a good job in each group. All this work exhausts her so she goes to a bowling alley and relaxes with a game or two. With Jo’s quiet reserved manner she should become quite efficient in the business held. ELEANOR COAKLEY 177 Broad Street Newark. New Jersey An excellent scholar and outstanding person is our Elbe. She is a member of the National Honor Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Vignette. In her 3A term she was chosen to go to Girl’s State at New Jersey College for Women. Eleanor will go to college preferably somewhere in New England and will take them b storm with her personality, scholarship and good looks! DIANE COMPETELLI 993 18 Avenue Newark, New Jersey Here's a girl who has really devoted much of her free time to school activities such as Art Service Club, Scope, Photography Club, Spanish Club, and the Vignette. When she’s at home she plays the guitar and the piano just for fun. Tennis and horse back riding arc her favorite outdoor sports. Diane plans to attend college in the fall. 46RONALD CULLIS 7-13 South 18th Street Newark, New Jersey Ron is an outstanding student if there ever was one! He holds the A-Pin. was a member of the National Honor Society Editor of the Scojre, president of the Spanish Club, Business Manager of the Vignette, a member of the Student Council and the Art Service Club. Golly, with all these attainments he could stop and relax for the rest of his life but that’s not our Ron. He plans to attend college and add to this long list of achievements. RICHARD DE FEO 206 12th Avenue Newark, New Jersey Quiet, shy, intelligent, handsome could all Ik used to describe “Shane.” He is strictly the outdoor type, liking football, baseball and playing on our team in the latter sport. He is a boy who always does his homework (But wouldn’t admit it to the other fellows and wouldn't cheat on a test if his life depended upon it.) Our Shane intends to join the Marines after graduation ami we know he will serve his country well. 47 TALDA DI BELLA 440 15th Avenue Newark, New Jersey Toby is a quiet girl but she has her say when she so desires. She listens to classical records during leisure time. She is a member of the Student Council, Spanish Club. Chorus, Orchestra and The Future Teachers of America. She will attend Montclair State Teachers College after graduation to further her music career. MARY ELLEN ESSINGER 513 Broadway Newark. New Jersey Mary Ellen is an artist and in her spare time she helps on the Art Service Club. A popular girl, with blond hair and blue eyes to be envied by all, she intends to be married after graduation. She will always be remembered for her dancing ability at the social events during the school year. Sometimes on beautiful Sunday afternoons, she goes horseback riding to relax.MARILYN FLAKES 75 West Kinney Street Newark. New Jersey She is a quiet girl with pleasant ways. Marilyn serves in the Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Chorus and Dance Club. She sang in the operas Rigoletto, Hansel and Gretel, and La Boheme. Marilyn is hoping to enter Julliard or Tuskegee to increase her knowledge of music. With a voice as beautiful as hers, she is bound to succeed in her plans MARY FAI.ARNO 41 Monroe Street Newark, New Jersey Our little one is Mary who engages in many activities. She is the president of the Spanish Club, and an A-Pin holder. Mary is also one of our | erky cheerleaders, a member of the student council, she served on almost every Council set up. At Newark State Teachers College Mary will major in art. WILLIAM GOLD 28 Bedford Street Newark, New Jersey Personality plus is our “Willie” wherever he happens to be. He is the assistant Art Editor of the Scoj e, a member of the Student Council, Pottery Club and the Dance Club. He is interested in tropical fish, bowling and his art work. Willie would like to further his education in college. VIRGINIA BLOSSOM GULICK 22 South 6th Street Newark, New Jersey Ginger had a unique hobby, "Catching boys and collecting souvenirs." Her long hair adds to her charm and we don't think she has to run to catch the boys. It may Ik the other way around! As a member of the School Service Club, she helps patrol the halls. Ginger is going to do secretarial work after graduation, and what a pretty typist she'll make. 48CHARLES HAYES 172 Seymour Avenue Newark, New Jersey Charles Hayes was very interested in photography and thus he joiner! the Photography Club. He must enjoy it very much because it is also a hobby of his outside of school. With his masculine physique, it's no wonder he likes football. Charles is undecided about his future. BERNARD HORNE ■12 Kearney Street Newark. New Jersey Our own cowboy with western swing is Barney! He does wonders with his guitar as we sit and listen at the variety shows. Guess what his favorite sport was —horseback riding! He played his guitar in his spare time too! But. besides this. Barney can draw, and he does that well also. Barney is still uncertain about his future. 49 RONALD S. HUTCHINS 282 Verona Avenue Newark, New Jersey An outstanding member of the Swimming Team is our human fish. Ron! We quote him as saying. "Girls are my favorite pastime." With his blond hair and masculine apj earance. we don’t think the girls mind a bit. He was also a member of the Baseball Team. In the future Ron will go to college. RICHARD MICHAEL JANI 92 Houston Street Newark. New Jersey "Richie” is one of our quiet but talented boys. His art work has always been recognized and we’re sure he’ll be very successful in the Art school he plans to attend after graduation. An outdoor type of fellow, he likes to go hunting. He is a member of the Art .Service Club and has been a great asset to that activity.THOMAS JOHNSON 179 Broadway Newark, New Jersey A nice quiet kind of fellow who makes you want to know him better is our Tom. He collects stamps and coins and plays basketball too! Someday we’d all like to see that collection of stamps, Tommy. LOIS JOLLY 95 Delevan Avenue Newark, New Jersey Lois is a girl who uses her ready laugh to enliven the dullest moment. When she wasn’t laughing, she was playing the piano or organ for the chorus. l-ois added something — a little bit of fun, maybe — to the School Service Club. Scope, and Vignette. She was an active member of all. She plans to be a music teacher. Go to it, Lois. LEROY JONES 55i 2 Pcshine Avenue Newark. New Jersey Leroy is one of the most quiet, sincere, and shy fellows in the class. He has a winning personality that cannot be overlooked. I.eroy will always be remembered in biology class for his brilliant conclusions and deductions. His plans for the future are not yet definite. THOMAS JONES 321 Chadwick Avenue Newark, New Jersey Now here's a musician for you! He can play his trumpet and make the sweetest sounds come forth. In school he is a member of the Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. He also belongs to the All-City Band. All-City Orchestra and the All-City Chorus. Tommy isn't always playing music though; he often plays a good game of football. Tommy plans to major in music at college. 50HENRY KAN EPS 71 Prospect Street Nutley 10, New Jersey Among Henry's many achievements in Arts High are: Editor of the Scope, Art Editor of the Vignette, member of the National Honor Society, and holder of the A-Pin. His diction, which is tinted with an accent, not only adds charm to his manner, but makes him more pleasing to hear. After graduation Henry f lans to be an architect and judging rom his past achievements, he should do well. ARNOLD KAPLAN 196 Ridgewood Avc. Newark, New Jersey "Kap,” who possesses one of the nicest physiques in the school is also a great clown. Full of humor. Kap has added much to the National Honor Society, Stage Crew, and the Art Service Club. He has been an excellent student all through his stay at Arts. Here's luck to you. Arnold, at Rutgers University. 51 MARC KLEIN 29 Stratford Place Newark, New Jersey Marc is a boy with outstanding abilities. He is studious, and an excellent writer. He has won many essay awards and always makes the most of everything and that assures tis that he will do well in whatever field he chooses. His work on the Vignette proved him to be an able person, and a diligent worker. His future plans include college where he will study to be an engineer. ELIZABETH ANN KNAKIEYVIEZ 35 Jackson Street Newark, New Jersey Tall, slender, and good looking was our Lizzie and she has been one of our more active girls. She is a member of the Art .Service Club, Spanish Club, Student Council. Assistant Make-up Editor of the Vignette and many others, and does a good job on all of them. She will attend college in the fall. Keep up the good work Liz.GLENN KARL KUBER 22 Earl Street Newark, New Jersey Glenn has found the way right into all of our hearts. He is a member of the National Honor Society and Assistant Art Editor of the Vignette. Sometimes when Glenn isn’t busy being an honor student he can be quite a comedian. He plans to attend Rutgers University where he will major in English. PRUDENCE D. LA TORRACA 39 North 10th Street Newark, New Jersey Prudy has a quiet sincere quality that caused her to be well liked by everyone. Always wanting to help others, she joined the Junior Red Cross and served on the Vignette. For a quiet person she enjoys loud hobbies — the piano and those hard-hitting baseball players. Prudy's ambition is to attend Montclair State Teachers College. WYNNE KURAK 410 Broadway Newark, New Jersey Blond haired, green-eyed "Winnie” is truly one of Arts' most attractive girls. An all-around outdoor gal, she enjoys swimming, bowling and horse back riding. Besides this, she sings in our Chorus, is a member of the Art Service Club and President of the Photography Club. After graduation, Winnie hopes to become a make-up artist. 52 RICHARD MICHAEL LAPSLEY 263 No. 6th Street Newark, New Jersey Meet one of our nicest boys. He’s kind and always polite. He spends his free time coaching grammar school basketball teams and the C.Y.O. Who else could be so nice? In school he was manager of the Baseball team for four years, and worked on the Scope for two years. Richard is employed at the Newark Evening News on a part-time basis, and is thinking of making it a career. VITO LARCERI 298 Hunterdon Street Newark, New Jersey Vito will always be remembered for his humorous ready wit. All his talents do not lie in comedy however, for he is very interested in cars and plans to make them his career. He is a valued member of the Stage Crew, also the swimming team, Spanish Club, Art Service Club and the Student Council. He plans to attend General Motors School to study automotive design. CAROLE JEAN LEACH 68 Elliott Street Newark, New Jersey “Sandi” is always there to cheer the basketball team to victory. Besides a full-time job as captain of the cheering squad she finds time to help on the Junior Red Cross, to write for the Scope, and to sing in the All-City Chorus. In her chosen field of nursing, perky, bright-eyed Sandi will surely cheer all her patients back to health. ROBERT LOVVORN 813 Lake Street Newark, New Jersey Bob is a typical American boy. Truly the outdoor type, he likes fishing and swimming. As the co-captain of our Swimming team he helped win the 1953 City Championship. Another sport that he participates in is baseball we understand he’s very good. He was also a member of the Science Club. Bob is planning to attend Scion Hall where he will major in business administration. SIMON MAN DEL 119 Walnut Street Newark, New Jersey Simon, a fine boy with high marks, is always fooling around and making jxrople laugh. Cars and mechanical things always seem to interest him. When he isn’t joking he writes for the Scope or plays baseball. Simon’s plans include college. 53LUCIA MARIE MASUCCI 580 North 9 Street Newark, New Jersey Our little, dark-eyed Lucia is really a wonderful person to know. She has a sweet disposition that can't be matched. She writes for the Scope and served on the different dance committees. She also was a member of the annual Christmas Fair committee. Lucia plans to attend an art college in the fall of 1951. She will undoubtedly do well in this field. doris McDonald 199 Sussex Avenue Newark, New Jersey Pint-si cd "Mickey" may be the smallest in si e, but not in personality; Arts high has always liked her for her friendly manner. Of all the outdoor sports, she likes swimming and baseball best. Mickey is quite an athlete, nevertheless, if there’s a party around, that’s where you'll find our Doris. Being a housewife is one of the things Mickey wants to do after graduation. It’s easy to sec that Doris will have a successful, happy life. 54 lois McDonald 137 South 9th Street Newark, New Jersey Pert, blond "Jackie" is an ardent fan of the rough and tough game of football. She likes animals and her art work. Can you imagine being ill and having this girl hold your hand while telling you that you’re going to be all right. You would? Well, you may get that chance because that’s what the future holds for Jackie — a nursing career. F. DUANE McGUINESS McCarter Highway Newark, New Jersey Duane is our future airline hostess. Tall and dark with a sweet personality, Duane will undoubtedly make her passengers feel comfortable and at ease. She holds the honored A-Pin award and is a member of the Student Council. In her SB-SA class she was elected president of the class. Her hobby is, of course, airplanes. We at Arts, arc sure that Duane will do well as an airline hostess.GLADYS MOORE 38 Hillside Place Newark, New Jersey In such sports as captainball ,vMoe" doesn't have an equal. Moe would like to become a physical education teacher and if she does, you can bet your bottom dollar she'll do a good job. She shows her capabilities on the Vignette, and Scope staffs, in All-City Chorus. Library Guild, junior Red Cross, and the Photography Club. Gladys plans to join the Waves after graduation. FRANCES H. PALUCH 479 Bergen Street Newark, New |crscy "Fran" is a petite, friendly little Miss who is always ready to help. When school is out, Fran is off to the skating rink, or the swimming pool, or even some nice dance floor. She has helped in many of the activities such as Art Service Club, Pottery Club, Christmas Decorating Committee, and also assisted in putting this book in order. After graduation, she plans to attend art school. JAMES OBOSKY 62 Arlington Avenue Newark, New Jersey James O’Bosky will long be remembered for his scenic road and house paintings. He is forever winning awards. VVc thank him for his help on the Swimming team, Scoj e, and of course, the Vignette. As a result of his efforts, he received membership in the National Honor Society. He plans to attend college ami hoj es to have a career in medicine. CLAIRE NARUCKI 869 Broadway Newark, New Jersey Tall and sweet and nice to know is Claire. A sweet girl likes a sweet hobby — collecting dolls. Roller skating and fishing arc her favorite sports. She participates in the Scope and School Service Club activities. She serves them faithfullv and long. What are her plans for the future? "I plan to get married." We don’t think she'll have to wait long. 55 NEAL PATTERSON 210 Waverly Avenue Newark. New Jersey Tall and handsome are adjectives that describe our Neal. A true sportsman, he plays football, baseball, and basketball. He has been a member of the Chorus for four years. Neal has a pleasing personality and wouldn't refuse help to anyone. His plans for the future are still indefinite. DELORES PICCIRILLI 356 North 6 Street Newark, New Jersey "Dec” is a bright, cheerful girl who is almost always smiling. She cheers our school at many of the basketball games. If she isn't doing this, you may find her at the Junior Red Cross Club, Student Council, or even singing in the chorus. She plans to go to college and wants to be a medical secretary. 56 EDNA YVONNE REID 539 High Street Newark, New Jersey Among us there is a quiet, even tempered. scholarly girl named Edna! She is a member of the National Honor Society and is well liked by her classmates. She will go far in whatever field she chooses. For relaxation, she swims and like to read. To be sure, we'll see Edna in college next fall! DONALD ROCHE L I E 232 Second Street Newark, New Jersey Ring Crosby has no'hiug on our Don! We are always lx ing serenaded at the dances and variety shows, not that we minded a bit. He is an active member of the Drama Club, and his jxjrtrayal of father in "Let Me Kiss You Goodnight." will always lx remembered. With a voice like his, it is only natural that he should sing in our chorus. Don plans to attend college.FRANK ROMANO 383 South 6 Street Newark, New Jersey, Our Frank is a quiet, sincere lad who is a star player on the Basketball Team. He has been pursued by the girls during his entire nigh school career but we don’t think he has minded too much. Frank is the kind of fellow you like the moment you meet him. His plans for the future include a career in industry. PAMELA SAVERS 9 Warren Street Newark, New Jersey We have a bit of England with us in the form of Pain and if you don’t believe us, listen carefully for a touch of accent in her voice. She is an excellent .ut student and cntcis many of the con tests that aie given aiound the school. Horseback-riding is the thing she likes to do most in her spare time. Pam is undecided about her future. 57 BARBARA ANN SOENTGERATH 576 Broadway Newark, New Jersey "Bobby” likes skating, any kind of skating, and fishing too! We'll always remember her fashion column in the Scope. She collects dolls as a hobby. We’ll bet they’re dressed in the latest fashion. As a member of the School Service Club, she patrols the halls. Bobby plans to work for two years as a fashion illustrator and then . . . marriage. ROSALIND SODANO 152—40th Street Irvington, New Jcrsc "Roz" is a sweet girl, a nice girl, a girl we arc all glad to know. Her favorite way of sending money is adding records to her collection. To amuse herself, she swims or plays tennis. She never has time to waste with her schedule. She is a member of the Scope, School Service Club, and Dramatics Club. She will attend Parson’s School of Design next September. Good Luck!ANN TIRONDOLA 372 Mi. Prospect Avenue Newark, New Jersey In her senior year Ann tame to Arts High to the great pleasure of all. Although she hasn’t been with us long enough to gain special recognition, Ann has contributed much to our school activities. With her infectious gaiety it is no wonder that everyone liked her immediately. Ann plans to attend Upsala College in the fall. C HRIS I RIANDAF1LOU 163 William Street Newark, New Jersey’ Chris is a music major and a good one too! He plays in our orchestra at every assembly. He is a member of the Gym Team, Swimming Team, Sco| c, and Student Council. His hobby is, of all things, playing with locks! We wondered what his future plans were besides going to college but now we know. He wants to t e a medical doctor. ANITA TUR 28 Elm Street Newark, New Jersey Anita has been a top scholar during her four years, and is one of the most well-liked girls in the class too. We will always rememlrer her antics in U.S. History class where she was noted for her quick wit. An excellent writer Anita has participated in the Scope and Vignette activities. Anita plans to attend college in the fall. JOCELYN WALKER 693-5 Summer Avenue Newark, New Jersc "Jos” is always depended upon to keep our service boys’ morale up. She writes letters by the score and receives just as many. Reading has long been a favorite pastime of hers. She writes for our school newspaper, the Scope, and attends all our basketball games. Jos is undecided about her future. She says she may enter nurses’ training school. 58SHARON KAV WHITE 160 Second Avenue Newark. New Jersey Sharon is one ol Ails’ prettiest girls, atul was chosen our May Queen of 1953. Resides winning titles, she is a member of the Student Council, writes for the Scoj e. and is Personal Editor of the Vignette. She collects antique clocks as a hobby and in her spare time bakes a cake or two. tJmm good! Sharon will go to secretarial school in September and after that . . . marriage. EILEEN ZAWORAN 5 Gotthirt Street Newark, New Jersey One of the nicest girls in the class is Eileenl Although a fine student, she always has time for the lighter side of life and we’ll always remember her unique laughter with pleasure. Eileen likes all kinds of music, and her record collection is something to see. After graduation she plans to be a medical secretary. ALAN Z1NN 69 South 10th Street Newark, New Jersey "Bud” is a quiet kind of guy who is always ready to help. Although a little bit shy. he Has proven his athletic ability on the Track Team and the Gym Team. He was elected to Student Council also. Swimming and photography are his pastimes. Bud isn’t sure about his future yet, but whatever it is, we know he’ll do a good job. 59•mi antni GLADYS MOOR I ONALD lll-TCIIlVS SHARON 11111. RICHARD DC IIO 1A l.l)A OiREUA JOHN MARGOTTA i C A A W iftmn GLADYS MOORF ARNOLD KARLAS LLIANOR COAKLEY . RONALD CLUJS . m umt PAMELA SAVIJLS JAMIS O'BOSKY MARY ELLEN 1SMNG1R JOHN MARGOT! A . 60E mii min K INN mi MOOR! HIM ROGOV ikl UIA NOR COAKUY RONALD Ml TCHINS IUANOR COAKUY JOHN MARIAM I A Mil DIM.t LA IORRAI A v RICHARD Dt TH) GLADYS MIlORr ARNIHD K AM AN IUANOR COAKUY RONALD CL'LUS M Y D S 61Jamie Castle leads the Bunny Hop. Mr. Axelrod and hie date sample refreshments at the Barn Dance. Arts High dancers work out a new routine. Henry Kaneps swings his partner. Margaret Hyde. Dorothy Kafaf and Bill Kaufman promenade.t Brunnqucll greet the aud ice with a friendly wave. Our Hawaiian tar, Henrietta Watt , takes a curtain call. ace Werner is giving the girl sir last minute instruction . Diane Compitelii caution Bob as they run through a skit. Bob does one of his famous pantomimes.Mary Ann Chutsanis, Beverly Elman, and Carmelo Echo poac for a publicity ahot. Everett Winrow, Juanita Pitta, Yvette Coppock. and Melvin Metz-ker ride a train in Spain. Mary Larceri, Diane Dallanegra, Elaine DeLoremo, and Judy Bond review a new production. The combo "takes five" at rehearsal. Jerome Weiner, Richard Tortoriello, Cynthia Wetmore, and William Cillard do a Spanish drama tization. Our top camcrmen, Sam Karpel and Eli Ashner, search for good •till shots. 64VIGNETTE STAFF Through cooperation and unselfish donation ot muc. me members of the Arts High Studios under the supervision of three of their directors, have produced a yearbook which in years to follow will be a reminder of the many happy days spent in preparing for the long-awaited premiere. Editor-in-chief s __________________________________________________________ELEANOR COAKLEY Associate Editor------------------------------------------------------------DUANE McGUINNESS Literary Editor...............-.........-........ —------------------------...JUANITA PITTS Associate Literary Editor...................................................A DELE AMIL Personal Editor_____________________________________________________________SHARON WHITE Art Editor.....-............... -............. -------------------------JAMES OBOSKY Assistant Art Editors..............—.....................-..................GLENN KUBER HENRY KANEPS, EVERETT W1NROW Make-Up Editor..------------------------------------------------------------DIANE COMPITELLI Assistant Make-Up Editors---------------------------------------------------GLADYS MOORE Photography Editors --------------------------------------------------------SAMUEL KARPEL ELI ASCHNER Art Photo Editor........................ -.................................MARC KLEIN Assistant Art Photo Editor......... ....-...................................WILLIAM GOLD Typists ..................... -.........-...................................LOIS JOLLY ANNETTE MANGANELLA. LUCIA MASUCCI. DOLORES PICCIRII.I.I General Assistants........................................ ...............DORO THY KAFAF DORO THY KOVACH. MARY ANN CHUISANIS. WILLIAM GILLARD. MARILYN FLAKES Business Manager............. —................-............................RONALD CULLIS Faculty Advisors------------------------------------------------------------MRS. ROSAMOND H. HOPPER MISS RUTH ABOS. MR. MILTON KAPl S'TATTF.R66 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The highest position of esteem which one can attain is membership in the National Honor Society. Those personalities who excel in Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service are chosen to represent our studio in this nationwide organization. Our Chapter, the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society, is presided over by William Gillard. president; Juanita Pitts, vice-president, Glenn Ruber, secretary, and James O'Bosky, treasurer. A-PIN The A-pin, or Arts High’s Ambition Award is presented to those personalities who have completed outstanding work in extra curricular activities and arc in the up|)er third of their class scholastically. A-pin candidates are selected by those already holding the award and these nominees arc then ratified by a majority vote of the Student Council. These stars are quite aware of the fact that they have attained the highest honor that their studio can give them and they are always ready to maintain the dignity of their positions.67 ART SERVICE CLUB With the proper publicity, such as the Art Service Club gives our studio, premieres will go far. Posters, bulletin displays, and artwork in the Scope are only a small portion of the advertising we receive. During the September term the department rose to new heights under the able leadership of president Jerome Weiner, vice-president Cathy Blank, secret ary-treasurer Ellen Briden. Proof of this was shown in a successful unsupervised dance which the Art Service Club sponsored. It is thought that during the February term, under the leadership of Cathy Blank, James O’Bosky, and Louise Bailey, the group will continue to make great strides. Much of the success of the department can be attributed to the club adviser, Mrs. R. H. Hopper. CHORUS To provide the studio with music and give our talented cast occasion to display their special abilities, the Arts High Studio Chorus was instituted under the expert direction of Mrs. Marietta Marchese and Mr. William Pickett. They have given our studio and audiences many hours of pleasure. especially at such elaborate productions as the Winter Concert and the Christmas Fair, our 1951 Biblical epic. Their academy award winner was the production of the second act of "La Boheme" starring Yvette Coppock, Marilyn Flakes, Melvin Met ker, Lawrence Roberts, Andrew Wide-man, Donald Rochette, Donald Ross and a select group of choristers.68 CRAFT CLUB A leisure lime activity that attracted many stars, young hopefuls, and extras was Mr. Landsman's Craft Club. After long, trying hours on hot sets, the performers were delighted to find such enjoyment from creating craft items of wire, sheet metal and leather, ilere, in the pleasant companionship of friends, relaxation was a must. The president of this club is John Dolan and the vice-president is David McDonald. Gail Knobloch is the secretary. DRAMATIC CLUB Young hopefuls, as well as stars, find their way once a week to Mrs. Co zens to improve their speech difficulties and their stage presence. During these instructional periods, the stars also find relaxation listening to records and performing monologues for their own enjoyment. Often, members of this group present small productions for the pleasure of the Arts High Studios.G9 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA On the Future Teachers of America set, Mr. Misurell is trying to arouse the interest of those who will be the directors of tomorrow. The club functions for the purpose of cultivating those character traits which are essential to a good director. 'These are unlimited op| ortunitics in the held of leaching and as the stars participate in club activities, they decide whether they wish to further their interest in this direction. On a set such as this, the acting cxjxrricnce acquired may prove useful in later roles. Hazel Reid is president and Diane Dallencgra, vice-president. The secretary is Dorothy Kafaf and the treasurer, Virginia Holmes. DANCE BAND For large musical productions the Green Jackets are always in demand. The talent they display has been well recognized on our lot. Under the direction of Mr. I)’ Ainico, Mike Ester, Marvin Goldman, Ira Halperin, Tommy Jones, John Margotta, Pat Landolphi, Arthur Schrock, I.ouis Tobic, and Larry Yannu zi have made our May Dance, Harvest Dance and Alumni Game events to l c remembered as gay and successful.70 JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL The work of the Junior Red Cross Council is to help entertain others not as fortunate as themselves. At Halloween, Christmas, taster and other times, they have played the roles of sympathetic well wishers as they | erformed their duties of making articles for the blind, collecting cards for children and making favors in nurseries and hospitals. Arts High’s council has often been in the spotlight in Newark events, as they | erformed with other members of this city-wide organization. Many members of our cast have attended national conventions. With the aid of their technical adviser, Miss Kruck, our performers have played their roles very successfully. The officers arc: President, Margo Hess; Vice-president, Louise Augsdofer; Secretary, Cathy Blank; Treasurer, Delores Piccirilli. LIBRARY GUILD In our well-equipped studio Library, Miss Lehlbach is the dramatic coach of a small cast which enact the roles of junior librarians. Directors, producers, and technical advisors could always rely upon the guild niemlxMs to assist them in their scar h for background material, fashion design or teihuical information. Through the efforts of thoughtful guild members, many stars found books which were relaxing after a hard grind on the lot. Cathy Blank, a the star of this set, had Katina Pilvakis and Melvin Met ker in supporting roles.71 OPERA ORCHESTRA Opera Night is the biggest production of Arts Movie Studio. Here the outstanding singers combine their talents with the famed instrumentalists and produce a famous act of a memorable opera. This year, under the direction of Mr. D’Amico, the second act of La Bohemc is being given. In the past, the group has presented Cavaleria Kusticanna, Rigolctto, Hansel and Cretel, and now, La Boheme. Those who participated in the Opera orchestra are: Sheila Kiscnl erg, Robert Judd, Arlene Moldofsky, John Margotta, Patsy Landolfi, Tom Jones. Walter Gutcrl, Ix uis Tobic, Marvin Goldman, Arthur Schoek, Ira Halperin, Mike Ester, Francis Winiskus, Theresa Hooper, Mary Ann Chutsanis, Mary Ann Scalercio, Louie Leone, Ix uis DcBclla, Ivy Myers, Sabina Ianuz i, Fred Arico, Bob Brunn-quell, Richard Karl, Edna Reid. Robert Dombrowski, Larry Yannuzzi, Talda Di-Bella, Camiella Echo, Ralph Zeitlan, and Bill Flcischman. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB T hose who are interested in the technical side of films meet weekly with Mr. Lowry to discuss the latest news in photographv. Their latest activities have included rc-searth in 3-1). Cineniasco| c and color photography. All the social events which take place at our studio are recorded in picture form by this fine group. In the position of chief cameraman is Samuel Karj el.72 POTTERY CLUB On Miss Howe's set in the basement lot, many stars find relaxation while discovering their own creative talents. Here the rising starlets forget their troubles of the busy day. Young actors garbed in the costumes of their latest roles retire to this set for the enjoyment which they derive from making ceramic and plastic pieces. After firing ami gla ing their work, our players get even more enjoyment from showing their handicraft to their friends on other lots. Jerry Weiner is the president of this club and Vincent Liaguno. vice-president. Jesse El and Marietta Mayes alternate as treasurer and secretary. SCHOOL SERVICE CLUB In all large buildings, order must be maintained if business is to be run efficiently. In our studio the School Service Club, under Mr. Misurcll’s supervision, has done this job most effectively. Even stars are often in need of reprimands and these studio ushers take care of each situation with much authority. This group had been extremely helpful at public affairs where our studio dignity must be upheld, and they do so with much success.73 SCIENCE CLUB On the science lot, Mr. Misurell counsels a group of aspiring stars who arc also interested in the mysteries of nature. While learning these facts, the cast have a pleasant time experimenting and proving their theories. Many players arc as well acquainted with what goes on lichind the scenes as they are with their own important work in front of the cameras. Grace Stcinman has been an able director and her assistants Madge Fricwald, Rend Feucrhcrm, Ronald Hutchins, have helped her to make their set a thriving one. SCOPE The Scope, our regular studio publication, prints only the truth about our stars and publicizes the events that take place on the sets. Up to date pictures and interviews of important personalities appear in each issue, as well as the latest in costuming and s| ort$. Through the pages of our newspaper, many rising young starlets and actors have become acquainted with out lot. With Mrs. Nucss as their technical adviser, script editor Richard Tortoricllo and his staff of re-write men, Rosalind Sodano. Meredith Luhrs, Henry Kaneps, Robert Cisco and Joseph Petoia have done a commendable job with the paper. Sally Strych-newicz and Katina Pilavakis tyfied copy, Ronald Devito, Robert I ivvom, Joe Mcl-illo and Jim O’Bosky did the illustrations, and Marc Klein, Ellen Briden, and Diane Dallanegra of the make up staff added their touches. By deadline, we always had a fit publication for a successful, thriving studio.74 SEWING CLUB The wardrobe department under the supervision of Mrs. Hiller has been a great success. Their main purpose is to help others and not gain profit for themselves. Right now they are engaged in making children's overalls for the Junior Red Cross. Next on the agenda will be miniature opera dolls for the Hoard of Education. Speaking of opera, the wardrobe department plans to assist Miss Johnson and her class in any way they can by helping with the fitting and sewing of costumes. The twenty-five members meet each Friday on set 320. The president is Betty Hutson; vice president, Elsie Alston; secretary, Ruby Rogers; treasurer, Rogers Bryant. SPANISH CLUB Under the direction of Senorita David, a cast of rising young stars and starlets find themselves singing old Spanish folk songs and dancing to the strains of exciting Latin music, with the adeptness that one would find in any Spanish-speaking country. The domestic art of the Spanish people has also excited considerable interest among our young performers and, in order to understand this art better, the troupe has made its way to New York City to enjoy the spell that the Spanish Theater casts, as well as to sample tantalizing foods prepared in the South American style, Mary Folarno is president and Ruby Rogers, vice-president. The secretary is Katina Pil-avakis and the treasurer, Robert Holder.75 STAGE CREW The stage crew members with the aid of Mr. Misurell and Miss Hamilton, are in charge of the technical work behind the cameras. Before any production is put into rehearsal, the stage crew is consulted about the scenery, lighting and use of the microphones. Films which are shown on different sets for educational purposes arc operated by members of this helpful group. The chief of this crew is Eli Aschner. He is assisted by Sam Karpel as assistant chief, and Ro! ert Flach, Glenn Kuber, I onard Golden berg, Arnold Kaplan, Marc Klein, Vito Larrcri, Angelo Befumo, Ed Wvder-any, George Demas, Ronald Hodes, George I'homas, and Edward Kleinsorgen. STUDENT COUNCIL Our board of directors is the Student Council. Each set sends two representatives who arrange social affairs for the enjoyment of the cast. The Barn Dance, Variety-Show and the Snow Ball Dance were extremely successful events. More serious accomplishments were the renewal of the sponsorship of our young protege, Joseph Kopec, and the revision of the actors guide —the Arts High Handbook. Our board of directors meetings help our stars to obtain experience in democratic citizenship and to promote co-operation between the actors and the directors. The chief executives of the council are: Lawrence Yannuzzi, president: James O'Bosky, vice-president; Hazel Reid, secretary, and Marc Kline, treasurer. 76 ORCHESTRA A vide selection of music lias been | er-forincd by this studio. Mr. Pcsile, the general director has given every one a treat by expanding the repertoire from jazzy to the very classical music. We will always remember Jazz Pizzicato, Carmen Suite, and the Prelude to La Traviata. These memorable performances were performed by the following musicians; Shelia Eisenberg, Robert Judd. Arlene Moldofsky, Richard Karl. I.ois Finklestcin, Blanche Adams, Norma Lawson, Salvatore Page. Robert Brunn-quel, Mike Ester, Charles Calello, Fred Arico, Talda DiBella, John Margotta. Louis Leone, Edna Reid, Louie DiBella, Carmel la Echo, Larry Yannuzi, Ralph Zeit-lan. Bill Flcischman, Palsy Landolfi, Marvin Goldman, Arthur Schoek, Theresa Hoojrer, Mary Ann Scalercio, Mary Ann Chutsanis, Caroline Berryan, Caroline Flanagan, Tommy Jones. Walter Guterl. and Robert Dombrowski. BASEBALL TEAM Every spring, the athletic department of our studio, recruits young stars, extras and other studio employees to play on our baseball team. Under Mr. Morris’ supervision, the players face some of the toughest competition in Newark. Although we don't win all the time, our sportsmanship is well known and we lose with a smile. The nine boys gracing the baseball diamond this year are Everett Winrow, Thomas Carr, Ronald Hutchins, Kenneth Moore, Ray Geiser, Robert Cisco, Donald Trous-dell, Joseph Nicolato, and Michael Mel-chionno.77 BAND In the instrumental studio, Mr. D'Amico directed a group of accomplished musicians who played for our large auditorium gatherings. Those who entertained us with their fine musical renditions were: Louis Bafumo. Walter Buterl, Charlie Calello, Mary Anne Chutsanis, Louis De Bella, Robert Dom-browski. Shelly Duberstcin, Carmel la Echo, Beverly Elman. Mike Ester, William Fleischman, Phyliss Giuliano, Marvin Goldman, Ira Halperin, Roberta Holder, Ter-easa Hooper, Sabina Iannuzzi, Tommy Jones, John Margotta, Elizabeth Martin, Joe Manzi, Ronald Mavcr, Ivy Myers, Louis I one, Patsy Landolfi, Edna Reid. Donald Ross, Mary Anne Scalercio, Arthur Schroek, Louis Tobie, Francis Winskus, Lawrence Yannuzzi, Ralph Zeitlan. BASKETBALL TEAM After hours and hours of movie-making on hot sets, our cast looks forward to relaxing and watching a good game of basketball played by some of our male actors. The members of our team enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoy watching it. Our boys have received much praise for their sportsmanship, and are well-liked wherever they play. The team members include: Donald West. Julius Niccolai, Herbert Marshall, Robert Cisco, Donald Wilson, Calvin Martin, Joseph Guarino, Michael DiGise.78 CAPTAINBALL TEAM The leading ladies on the sport "set" are our 1951 stars. You wouldn’t know our screen beauties when they play this rugged game! They battled their way from the ranks of starlets to the champions of this year’s close competition to prove themselves real all-around stars. The featured players are: Gloria Shaw, Doris McDonald, Gladys Moore, Lois Jolly, Mary Ellen Es-singer. Marge Konarski. Edna Reid, Diane Com| ctelli, Louise Augsdorfer, Jo Catal-famo, Dolores Picirelli, Roz Sodano, Carole Leach, Jocelyn Walker, Duane McGuiness, Virginia Gulick, Wynne Kurak and Sharon White, with Mrs. Cross as adviser. CHEERING SQUAD The Studio provides sports activities for its actors, and its starlets get into the act by cheering the team on to victory. On the many different sets, Co-captains Carole Leach and Gloria Shaw lead their peppy team mates in enthusiastic studio yells. After any game, winning or losing, our girls, Mary Folarno, Jamie Casalle, Pat Konarski, Irene Rogowski, Kalina Pilavak-is and Nancy McCall have been good s|M its, always cheerful and always looking forward to the next game.79 SWIMMING TEAM In the large aquatic productions that Mr. Criswell has produced, Ronald Hutchins has been the star with Robert Loworn as his understudy. Supporting actors Robert Gillard, William Gillard, and Ronald DeVito have gained in these roles, invaluable cxj crience which will be necessary when they ascend the staircase to stardom. Extras who are showing great promise under Mr. Criswell's fine coaching are: Robert Kaufman, Jack Brenner, David Mills, Robert Dombrowski, Leonard Clark and John Kindler. GYM TEAM The stunt men on Arts High's studio lot have been well instructed by Mr. Criswell. They perform their feats of strength with j crfect co-ordination. Anyone with a pair of sneaks and a willingness to learn a few gymnastics is welcomed. No dues arc required and the acrobats perform at their own convenience. The sportsmen who arc always seeking new techniques to present include: Frank Nigro, Richard Tortoriello, Richard Ccga, Alan Zinn, Charles Mayes, John Brenner, Phil Sferlazzo and Charles Dctore.80 CUSTODIAN STAFF If you ever walk into our studio and sec someone sweeping the Iloor, washing windows, or doing other chores to promote cleanliness, it will probably be one of the members of our custodial staff. Realizing that cleanliness plays an important part in any studio, Frank Glennon, head custodian makes sure that our studio is clean. Florence Dougherty, Fannie Kelley, and Catherine O’Brien are our matrons. The two firemen that keep our studio warm during cold weather are Philip Bollaro. who | erforms his duties in the daytime, and Charles Clark who does his work at night. Other custodial workers arc Lorenzo Cuarino, Frank Kraus, Giuseppe Lepore. and Casmo Sciarillo. 4 u CAFETERIA STAFF When the director calls “cut" the cast always heads for the commissary where their friendly dietician, Mrs. Eileen Knip-ping and her staff always has delicious hot food prepared for them. They devote their time to planning and preparing the excellent menus that arc posted daily. Mrs. Eileen Knipping is assisted by Anna King. Margaret Garland, Rose Fischer, Mary Kar-cheski, Anna Flynn. Camilla Dragone and Agnes Hanson.The climax comes as Michael DiGise, Herbert Marshall and Leroy Jones make their last try for the all important two points. Ronald Hutchins is on his way to another victory. LIGHTS I CAMERA ! ! ACTION ! ! ! An exciting moment for both performers and viewers.The arrival of the flag signifies the opening of another production. For Mr. Pesilc's orchestra, the big day has finally arrived. A rare performance by our composer and conductor, Mr. D'Amico. Mr. Pickett, accompanied by Marvin Moschcl. directs the chorus in Mozart's "Gloria". 82 Carmello Echo and Fred Arico share star billing. All eyes arc on Mrs. Marchese as she directs the "Hallelujah Chorus". I Arts High's Donald Rochctte, Yvette Coppock, Marilyn Flakes, and Melvin Metzkcr succeed in holding the audience spellbound. CONCLUSION As the curtain descends, we reach the summit Which had loomed before us Only to view a greater one beyond. Behind are memories; Ahead are dreams. Memories of choosing our role And rehearsing. We arc craftsmen Learning movement. The very spirit of acting Words and timing. The perfecting elements to make us artists. We dream of challenging new films With greater successes. So shall we end ... To begin. 7v- 3m(A -■ wst 4? w j i ”' f':'v- 7 , i Hcd a - «■e r p , ti vr 7 (7 o-’+l -' S d$Y M f- " °w r ' 0 ■ " ’« ? jLiVmA- xv » 0 S 6-jr -yrt -- €? IUNITED SUPER MARKETS Groceries — Vegetables — Frozen Foods "Save Your Pennies at Hennies and Bennies' 134 WILSON AVENUE ARTISTS SUPPLY SERVICE 556 HIGH STREET NEWARK 2, N. J. MA 2-6219 Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. MICHAEL MASUCCI and JO ANN Congratulations to IRENE ROGOWSKI AND THE CLASSES OF 1955 MOTHER AND DAD Confidentially . . . For The Best In Floral Arrangements RUPP FLORIST 506 ORANGE STREET HU 2-7954 MA 3-0768 Treatment By Appointment WALTER B. GUTERL, Sr. . . . Masseur . . . Massage and Medical Gymnastics 52 DARCY STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. GRUNING'S CONFECTIONERY Home Made Candy and Ice Cream 496 ORANGE STREET NEWARK 7, N. J. TO THE ARTS HIGH SCHOOL STAFF WITH MANY FOND MEMORIES MR. CLAMURRO (H R. 314) Good Luck To All Future Graduates Telephone MA 2-4223 DORN AND KIRSCHNER BAND INSTRUMENT CO. All Types of Musical Instruments Sold and Repaired 77 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. Thorough Training for Careers in Business • MEOICAl SECRETAPIAl COURSE • JUNIOR ACCOUNTANCY COURSE • COUEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Admission To leading College DAY OR EVENING Successful Rlocement Service — Pounded 1912 The School is Air Conditioned for Health ond Comfort NEWARK PREPARATORY SCHOOL 1019 Broad Street Newark 2, N. J. CONGRATULATIONS BRIGHT SPOT LUNCHEONETTE 86VIGNETTE BOOSTERS Arlene and Joan Trudee Ballerina Orlando Bani Mr. Morgan Batton Mr. Anthony Buccino, Jr. Amelia Castellano Mr. and Mrs. J. Chulsanis John M. Coppock, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Costello Louie D'Amico Dotty, Maryann, Dot Mr. and Mrs. S. Duberstein Mr. and Mrs. M. Elman James V. Evans Evelyn and Dorothea Mr. and Mrs. A. Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. D. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. J. Frederick Fritzies Luncheonette Mr. and Mrs. W. Gillard Mr. and Mrs. L. Goldman Guidance Department Mr. and Mrs. 1. Halperin Mr. and Mrs. L. Halperin Johnson Family Mr. and Mrs. E. Kafaf Mr. Len Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. L. Kovach Library Guild Mrs. M. Marchese Mr. Luther Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. H. Moore Mrs. Willie Myers Mr. and Mrs. R. R. J. Obcrst Pottery Club The “Bunnie” Rabbit Reni and Jerry Mary Scalercio Donna Scalercio Ann and Jim Scalercio Science Club Mr. and Mrs. J. Selby Sewing Club Mr. and Mrs. T. Shields Buena Suerta Tony and Mary Ann Mr. and Mrs. E. Tortoriello Mr. James Trimiew Mr. Oliver Trimiew Mr. and Mrs. D. Wells Mr. and Mrs. W. Wetmore Mr. and Mrs. A. Zinn Mr. and Mrs. P. King FRANK'S MARKET Prime Meats and Poultry 174 WILSON AVENUE Corner Gotthort Street C lronie and ? I hod d£)inctle Specialists J3ed fdoom and oCii'iny Iduom Suites PARISO BROS., INC STORES 16 WASHINGTON AVE. BELLEVILLE. N. J. PL 9-2273 719 MAIN AVENUE PASSAIC PR 9-4513 272 N. BROAD STREET ELIZABETH EL 3-3000 87llil -illiil illlllll illi-.Hl mini llllll:i Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Lorstan are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Lorstan Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Lorstan portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORSTAN 0 STUDIOS Foremost School Photographers in the EastrMIK KtCl 

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