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 - Class of 1951

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J mug AJ Ill 'K Ull Illl nl lll I 1 llll --ii ::::. llll Illl llll Yin 5' X7 1 -5 '- x Q'- 'lu .5 5, H. ,Sf 'R - Il -I g! ii if! M ff, in if 'IFA A .Ml ii 54. 135. A kills fl!! 4-JI. ill! fill UH N .... ilu Alll Hill' eg, E: .ll 'EI AEE Z!! ,gl afi ill fill! ,up Ill I mf' ill! JIIII T ll HF' ful W fi: E55 U51 W!!! gun I ziI"l H!!! Hill! H!!! lllll 'inns 'IH wil!!! gnu Illll lllll pm lll Fin-I1 il: . I I H ll 'W ggm L .. nn 1 1 1 Zgiwx , - -fx! C LIBRIS Ab P12591- and .,,w"'- xi- X A..-:,,f,.,,:,i .ww e,,.w"".s ..f 1 ww 1 -N' ,,,.x " vv' 'lf' fam mg 'f' The 1 'YE PYXTH UI 51 UW gcvnoox s PNrTl'xuf Xfxkgk A 1H3n0'x5 A zf, V3 VTMM, presanfed by 'Uwe 5emior Chee MT 31,1451 Maj 25,1451 ,ws Al- fm. f :'?.2 I 0 ' i Y- -'fi ,H M. ... mffiifz - Ziaigs, .. , v. I if Q fidw ' 5225-, -H... 4 z,-2151- 21-H , E- r. Q ,, 4, , I1 :: ,. V y -J? , ' -.4 Wife . , , W -f:f,5,,., :- 5 , sz., - ' f , f ,, :xfy-,:f:,f 14 ' , if A V. 114, ,ag K ' . 5 M H if -S.. , J H W' ,' gif, .6 Z ,Q ' , 4 M 5 4 QM TW .. ,g 1,45is fans If-ffe'ff1'5fi' "gfmg'z,:1 TZELIM , ' ,M 1 f N2 A W - ,L L, "f m . , V, fgyi K - L,., ,iff-g' F,,, w,,vf ' val ,QI 'A , X . H+ f av ' gyll' w's3zgx'ggsy:.fwe1,g,effg,i,z',ffggfws 5 g , Xa, rf , M55 wq:.L,Qi,,svg5y W K 5 g 5, my fag Q , sf s 1 ff M 5265255-,Lssww f, in 1 ' awww S Sa 3 ffiisef -5, fa few? 6 4, mg fa QS' y QSYS91' a Q We, the class of 1951, dedicate our Arthurite to Grant Binegar. Grant, as he is called by all the students, will W never be forgottenbecause he has been our friend all through high school. He has been selected for all types of services, and has helped make the school a place we all love. Loyalty, patience, and cooperation have made him a true part of the spirit of Arthur High. We, the Arthurite staff, have worked very hard during our last year in order to make our year book a success. Selling of advertisements, selling candy at noons, and the money from the coke machine have made it possible for us to produce these glimpses of the school year. It was fun working on the Arthurite and we hope that it will offer as much enjoyment to the students as we have anticipated. Charlotte Phillips . . . .... Editor Richard Von Laken . . .... Assistant Editor Delores Watson .... .... T ypist Floella Phipps .... .... F eature Editor Buddy Dukeman .... .... B usiness Manager David Conlin .... .... S ports Editor Millie Rich . . . .... Subscriptions Manager Joyce Fly . . . .... Faculty Adviser We Work -- x6E-X' X QGRAPH 4 s P5 0, TEACHERS . Ae1..Q ., ,, , Mrs. O. H. McKnelly Secretary BOARD OF EDUCATION Horance Phillips, President ' Lennie Watkins, Secretary Everett Fitzgerald Harold Hendrickson Wilbur Seaman Clark Eads Francis Steck FROM OUR SUPERINTENDENT: Our purpose of ge ne r al education is to enable boys and girls to live rich and satisfying lives and to und e rtake the responsibilities of citizenship in a free society. Although general education s e eks to discover and nurture indi- vidual talent, we endeavor to emphasize prepa- ration for ac tiviti e s in which boys and girls engage in c o mm on as citizens, Workers, and members of family and community groups. o. H. McKnel1y Mr. Harrisen Brown Rural Elementary Supervisor Robert Keener Chorus Dwight Hollenbeik Eighth Grade Grade School Coach Madeline Smith Librarian Joyce Fly English II III IV Spanish Harold Eldridge General Science Biology Chemistry Drivers Training WILLIAM WYMAN TYPUIS Bookkeeping Commercial Law Consumer' s Economics ARLENE WOODS Seventh Grade 14 BARBARA SAMUELSON Algebra Plane Geometry Advanced Math English I WILLIS E. SMITH Band JEAN DOWNS Social Science I II Physical Education FRED WILSON Football Coach Industrial Arts RUSSELL LEWEY Agriculture 1, , . h.., .l.,,. H, ,.,,, JUNE MCWHORTERS Home Economics Ui C 1,-,,,...,.f-4- A ski, Sv gin, HERB MULKEY Basketball Coach Track Coach Social Science III IV Physical Education Athletic Director X BUD SEAMAN Custodian 55 lzninrs 3 r l Q 9 N W .3 A Left to Right: Mr. Lewey, Advisorg Jim Clark, President, Richard Von Lanken, Vice-President, Joan Dippo, Treasurerg Janice Phillips, Secretary, Hugh Stone, Reporterg Miss Fly, Advisor Senior History We, the Seniors, nearing the end of our years at A. T. H. S. , look back on some of our previous activities. As freshmen we were scared to death, because of the "Freshman Round-Up and Mixer" which turned out to be quite mild when compared to the tales which had been told to us by upper classmen ..... then our joy of participating in our first high school Homecoming and the fight which we put up in order not to be beaten by upperclassmen ..... the passing of the freshman and sophomore years like a dream because they passed so fast. The .Tunior year was one of great excitement ..... with our first class play "The Inner Willy" and the thrill of our prom--"April Showers. " Our Senior year began victoriously when we won first on our Homecoming float and our candidates were elected Homecoming King and Queen. As we look back on the last four years, we think of the pleasant memories which we have had at A. T. H. S. We are also looking forward to a future which we hope will be as pleasant and happy as the four years we spent at A. T. H. S. E SQffififhz'sfz,gp':.wl?f K f,l1,,sz4gzsfz,,,,'gf ' . ' l?f3Tgglgg3if'?5gy: fTii , of zwszmzf i 2 5,52 ff53S,ivx,p 5',-, V-11, ,,,,,,,,,. E A l. - , .ww fmt 3 , ,g,J,,,A,,, ,-if gg, ,U ., , s M, iii? . ", 7 kfgo S, ' t , H' ,mm Y Nxxfl U 53' I zgfggl ,, My , 5 ,MESH el 5, 1 5355253 gi V, U ' WI F f M ff gdfixw,-Qww 55?9?:' ligkwtafsv Mill' 4 WAS' 'MEL K A F 53 M313 ,Qld fl , 1,3 ,, flirt? gleam? gi ,QE 1 ,k As, W, si 15555155 it , r' fl ,E N333 W 'l wr lpn' 3 1 s l . 1 ll, Vg I ,x, .xl 55 5, lbw S 15 2512 Y Fifi, ' I 2 55 55 gill 1 J V 1 ,S 555115552 , lp. I i ii its ri? 551 My ,, ag f f l Elm! gli? Q4 Iliff: 5 ' A 5 15 4 5311-Eiffel gi . grgigll ,un igfg igwlgig i , ., I H1 lg M, 55l?l'i?3?M3i .. .- Vifiifififrfvi Mr T ,, ,, ,L . ,,.,,, ,sl 7 fi 1 2 " f-ave 5222- ffmwz '1 1, Q ffiliflllflfiizflf ,. F . ., , , ., .. gsm, ,, 7 , , . -K. I Y, . Vx '-:-- ,af fs swift 1 A f omg: w ,M 5, X Q7 f fn V3,,+-, Q 5217711 7' :ip 1. -f 141 ll ' fy 355 Ke ll w e " 5525 ,li M t " -V if E 5 .NE . 2 5 7 , l W1 , 'w t' f,.,,lf,,1 r Conlin, David Cundiff, Ralph Basketball 2 3, 4 Transfer Student from Football 3, -i Atwogd Track 3 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Varsity Club 3, 4 Candidate for King 3 Blaudow, Francis Jr. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Blucker, John F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 2 Blower, Jewel Class Play 3 Band 1,2, 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2 Commerce Club 3 Clark, James Class Vice-President 3 Class President 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Band 3, 4 Class Play 3 Dukeman, Buddy Class Play 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 Class Vice-President 2 Latin Club 2, 3 Chorus 3 Annual Staff Ass't. B.B. Coach 4 Dukeman, Johnny Latin Club 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Class President 3 Commercial Club 3 Chorus 3 Dippo, Joan Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 3 Class Treasurer 4 G.A.A. 1, 2 Class Play 3 Queen Candidate 3 Fiffer, Delores F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 2, 3 Class Play 3 Band 1 Pep Club 2, 3 Candidate for Queen Fults, Ronnie Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 Varsity Club 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Class Play 3 King Candidate 4 Chorus 3 Class President 2 Camera Club 4 Greene, Roger Commerce Club 3 Band 1, 2 Pep Club Hattabaugh, Betty F. H. A. 1, 4 Chorus 2, 3 Commerce Club 3 Latin Club 2 Pep Club 4 ,sn 1 3' 1. , ,,,,,,,, m x ,, ,. , -1'f.fl"i.,2"1-1' ' is 1 kg fs ,mm - .5?,3,,-,'.,,',-.4 , Situ y Q -.K-fa" f 1- ,Q 1 ,Kaz ' ' :Q . - H s:3nfg13Fli5gf,1f,Elgin - H , F ,Q,5gfggwffl,QFs'y11 my f . ztsf22faEs4Qg2u 1, 'fi ,.,wiA A is 'A e fff,?:i' ,,::LEf. ffgfifltffliiigtslamfffe, 1 . 1 ' ,i , ,Q-3,225nzfglzlmgfmifl- ,l:ii,vrl,g. .tl Y, , wa, ,, umlseyir is ,Fm .7 3,-ut iw V V wwf:-1 fgyzggiij5jl,fxl,ff?5,lreg,?l., ,agp - " '-'wfttffm ,M 1.1-gi ta - 1 - ' b':f,gQgg,s,,fg " A ' - , a,sfi52Qf5i52l 8 , ' , f AFJW' l, , Wfllmiliiaiiiis K ,elif 'vigil J1gg,,3'. eww-F , K iw K fi X 5 ,...11m i V1 e54il2g5i3?wl?i:.anib,.siiwD l Q' Honn, William Dale Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Varsity Club 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2 Football 1 King Candidate 2 Key, Donald F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Track Commercial Club 3 Kroll, Marjorie F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Mattox, Dean .Tack Football 1, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 Chorus 2 Varsity Club 3, 4 Molzen, Phyllis Band 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2 Commerce Club 3 Phillips, Charlotte Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Editor of Annual Class Vice-President 2 School'Paper Co-Editor F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Spanish Club 4 Phillips, .Tanice Phipps, Floella Band 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff Orchestra 4 Class Treasurer 1, 3 Class Play 3 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 4 Queen Candidate 1 Office Secretary 4 Commerce Club 3 Latin Club 2 Chorus 3 Price, Jean F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 Camera Club 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Rich, Mildred G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1,' 2, 3 Commerce Club 3 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Queen 4 Annual Staff Riggs, Myron Camera Club 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 Russell, Barbara F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 new f -RTI?" Russell, Doris Schultz, Arnold F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 A 4 XTX L w. ' , - , 1. J. '3'x'-if A , .,.. I-311 'f wm a 4. - 'X' " .1 1, 2 5, ,X ,, ,. . W, ' . in 1 fffi .. , , P H ' 7vlVlfi?f9gigfli5!55f3Tf'5 1 1 mal 11 5,4 K f ig'l?4g5ff-lifiwlii T ,,1ls5lfl,iff2ll,aWf, l m .. fsfh:ff3wlf'2r A , 2 ag 3551+ 1" . ,,e,vf . l?,5gf?l5?sgfig if Q ,. ia, 1 g , . Sflfflfvfllwig rexfs'a1l151e?Li2gSfg5i2u112, 5 - ,-- '17 wfxI5fg5x5yg5f,Qa gg. 2Q Y E- B?" I 3 5 1 : if l 5 ef.,'sf'f5.wWr .af :Wa ,ssfmifl,:- , .1 .mul 91 - ::as:.:l5,"!g, .w.f1,,!f,-ffiilffsx zgrilzasx .swf 5555511545455 ual-:U-gf g fgrwgwilgss Eiff2:rsf2i!::,, ls ,, t , , L:.seV H fir 5 F ffm-572351151 .1e':fs:22fsaa-., va: my -- :. ::..: "-a',':'.- E 5 ' A55 5 , ,. in EZ5EiGif'.vzT:z ki , , iff ,ff Efigzezlgx , , N f s ?Qa:Z:2lss1f5? 3fsl5lf,f'ffWif451,i?a,e..w: li iw fsilim isil eflafiflliill ffiff!f1,w?21?ig 1 53- . 52252 . 1, 3.-ssfagisiflagbgxggj :Beagle ,w ?- ,. "i':?T't'is,, ,,.f':,. I P? my 'Aw 'Sf -- 'H "" ' " ' Stone, Hugh Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Commercial Club 3 ' i ' 5, . . ,Sai rs. .ia in P .-,F-1,rf ,R , A Wife-4v7,,sif?r ffm - ' . if f5?3f5?5?Ef2:fffff?f5???51s2l1+g ::'f ,iifi- ',: .':fMSi5' 5 fiiftiilgfisifirf2ii,ffiE9i't -u l l iig ir i .Lia ,?1fi?'E.f'iii 552,5'5,if2 me Hifmmiillfiiflnss, fill hw -V f - f W, 4 ll 'lf 4455 a its Pl -r YV Y img ,. W , .:- 2- - , M, - .1 f ' ' Q gg, 'ifivgififiiifflsf'3, ll Qfllfwiafarfaiftiw H W' 3 o f wfiztfkifffi 4 is fifolitioiiiso f piiigfggsegtio Y its F l i te, fiiiififiiliofiilileiigii g gg ,13 2 S ,ze K . l?S3??3?52iTg,LSQ?g5,5' f -. f' ".f. , A 'W'lffi',' iii ' Y ..g:si .:'-.fg-:J . , - iw - --' 7- n-Mug ff Q, k 5z4,,5,,, s g,fw nf' , si, " w -' 'Elm . 5 M ' 4 l"ig:f a,. riffs , ,ifiigiiiig ifif P51433--' "' ,efaflozaz it 1.-,g K -15545413 5725 4 2 or 22 , if fr1g,.,h,,Z,,,,, A ti,--5 : ez it 2' a fl4i'fx,-,arse , 5,:l3:'f',fIfQ,.,fe 3: if" 2- 1, ., "" sf, .. , Kaffe-1'il-f'1:ft-sz.-Z ,A E , Q ,?5,,g ,,,o f i LaiV,ff:s'f1':gz2E!fsx5sE,:g , mst Von Lanken, Richard Football 1 Camera Club 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Secretary Annual Staff Class Play 3 How We Looked Then Watson, Delores F.H.A. 1, 2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Commerce Club 3 Annual Staff Latin Club 3, 4 Class Play 3 Hugh Stone .Tack Mattox Phillips twins Jim Clark Phyllis Molzen Floella Phipps Ronnie Fults Joan Dippo Russell sisters Delores Watson Delores Fifer Jean Price Francis Blaudow Don Key Betty Hattabaugh 'pp0PHECY Q - February 30, 1971 Dogpatch, U. S. A. Dear Jewel Blower: I was just reflecting the good old days at Arthur High and happened to think that you may have lost track of some of our class since you became a fur tr ap pe r in Alaska. I decided immediately to write you and tell you what I know of them. You may see Richard Von Lanken on his way through Alaska soon. He is going to the North Pole as chief photographer with Rear Admiral Donald Key who is going to explore the Arctic with a radioactive kaleidoscope. Francis Blaudow has recently returned from Florida where he went to acquire a dark sun tan at Joan Kippo's winter resort in Miami. His sun tan will enable him to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters of New York, the number one professional Negro basketball team. Charlotte Phillips and Floella Phipps have become the head of the English department and the head of the Home Economics department respectively at the University of Illinois. This was probably brought about by their affiliations with the president of U. of I., Jack Mattox. Delores Fifer, head of Fif er Restaurants Inc. and Pud Honn, president of the Honn Bakery Corporation, have decided to combine, forming the Fifer-Honn Trust. They are trying to evade the anti-trust laws by employing the services of the Price, Kroll, and Hattabaugh Firm. This firm is comprised of the three fastest talking lawyers in the world, Jean Price, Marjorie Kroll, and Betty Hattabaugh. Ralph Cundiff,who made his fortune blowing up toy balloons at the Arthur Fair, has retired and now does nothing but ride his motorcycle around in his coimtry estate. Johnny Dukeman, always sports minded, has become manager of the Sports Department of Sears Roebuck Company. Myron Riggs, noted contracter, is in the process of building an imderground dairy barn for John Blucker. General Barbara Russell of the New Army advised this in the event of an atomic war so John's prize chocolate milk-giving cows wouldn't be injured. The nation was shocked with the news that color television star David Conlin, was striken with apoplexy. Mr. Conlin, known by millions as Dave, was famed as successor to Will Rogers because of his vaudeville acts. He was warned against going too fast by his doctor, the brilliant psychopathologist, Mildred Rich. Everyone seems to be doing quite well except poor Doris Russell, president of the Bell Telephone Company, who is having trouble with strikes of the Operators' Union. She is now dealing directly with President of the United States, Delores Watson. These strikes are almost as detrimental to the coimtry as the miners' walkout last year. That was called by Phyllis Molzen, head of the United Uranium Miners. Sportcaster Buddy Dukeman is taking a vacation at the gigantic Fults Dude Ranch, owned by Ronnie Fults, retired football player. Janice Phillips has become the head bookkeeper for Roger Greene, who made a fortune from his single track locomotives. By the way, I have become a fugitive from Justice. Private Detective Hugh Stone has been on my trail ever since I pulled that prophecy job on the CLASS OF '51 An Old Classmate, Jim Clark ,Q I, I msilgqfm 5 THE D . A. R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD CHARLOTTE PHILLIPS was c h o s e n by the s e n io r s and faculty as the school's good citizen on the basis of the following qualities: Dependability - Truthfulness - Honesty - Punctuality - Service - Cooperation - Helpfulness - Respon- sibility - Leadership - Personality - Self Control - Initiative - Patriotism - Unselfish Loyalty to American Ideals. 1 SENIORI RICHARD VON LANKEN Most Outstanding Boy fe QHMRS: Q" 6 , ,QV V I FLOELLA PHIPPS Most Outstanding Girl I KCLASS WILL! X 5 'S S We, the class of 1951 of the Arthur Community Unit High School, do leave this, our last will and testament: I, FRANCIS BLAUDOW---will my high scoring in basketball to Dick Yutzy I, JOHN BLUCKER---will my love for the farm to Charles Lowder I, JEWEL BLOW ER---will my "ya.kety yak" to Ruben Yutzy I, JAMES CLARK---will my love for Plymouths' to Myra Reeves I, DAVE CONLIN---will my graceful walk to Gene Parrott I, BUDDY DUKEMAN---will my "fast line" to Shirley Tyler I, RALPH CUNDIFF--will my "beautiful songs" to Barbara Molzen I, JOAN DIPPO---will my "steady" Ways to Evelyn Riggs I, DELORES FIFER---will my work in the office to Ann Beals I, RONNIE FULTS---will my football ability to Bobbie Trower I, ROGER GREENE---will my love for girls to Maynard Knight I, BETTY HATTABAUGH---will my country life to anyone who lives on a farm I, BILLY HONN---will my "pep session talks" to Ellen Riley I, DONALD KEY---will my great hunting ability to Dick Yutzy I, MARJORIE KROLL---will my quiet Ways to Charles Fleming I, JACK MATTOX---will my line to the girls to Raymond Blaase I, PHYLLIS MOLZEN---will my bookkeeping to anyone who get get it WE, CHARLOTTE AND JANICE PHILLIPS---will our love of being twins to Wayne and Duane Oye I, FLOELLA PHIPPS---will my smile to anyone who feels like smiling I, JEAN PRICE---will my shyness to Clara Mast I, MILLIE RICH---will my cheerleading ability to Kay Taylor I, MYRON RIGGS---will my shortness to Ruth Ann Odum I, BARBARA RUSSELL---will my height to Bobbie Lowder I, DORIS RUSSELL---will my male friends to Joyce Lowe I, ARNOLD SCHULTZ---will my "lucky 13 in football" to Dean Hendrickson I, HUGH STONE---will my Charleston Romance to anyone going that way I, JOHNNIE DUKEMAN---will my winning ways to Evelyn Russell I, RICHARD VON LANKEN---will my studious ways to John Pugsley I, DELORES WATSON---will my love of piano playing to J oan Dixon B r11n55m1:n Q O . - Q 'Ya' 0 E qv -2 A X X 1 ff -l X X lvl 'il " J X 'WXZ4 X fzfgyfx' 522' - X:?'n,g--- fiifffxf-F""'z f Lfigfzfffx F Row 1: Bob Lowder, Vice-Presidentg Ellen Riley, Presidentg Dean Hendrickson, Treasurer Row 2: Mr. Mulkey, Advisorg Shirley Tyler, Reporterg Kay Taylor, Secretary, Miss McWhorters, Advisor Ann Beals Raymond Blaase .Toan Dixon Charles Fleming Dean Hendrickson Sammy Huber 'FWF 'iw--' ww S94"!lu P. W"".'f f - V , --5 2: I if , l I 5 1, i 5 .al s K f ' A wr 1 1 I J u I ' ,J , l .-4-M--,ii-nl , l s 5 55 lm 2 x f if Q ,, ma, ,, g W Elf ' ' 5' Rik E as Q 4' 4 5 xiii-.l , 4 W vz,L, K ,, NPV In 05 lx WL N ,wx 4 J I fr Charles Lowder Bob Lowder Joyce Lowe Clara Mast Barbara Molzen Duane Oye Wayne Oye Ruth Ann Odum Gene Parrott John Pugsley Myra Reeves Evelyn Riggs Ellen Riley Evelyn Russell Wanda Scott Kay Taylor Bob Trower Shirley Tyler Dick Yutzy Ruben Yutzy fi' ,fir lle l fl 1 ff' " JM- raft' j j, A M Eff l fl Q, fifflfy l , a a W Y lf' U5 i' fi ,Q L ,Y f gina W' ,fem as 'LX 53 lg l'QN 5 ,M ff 5 if Cf.: M. Row 1: Kay Hall, vice-President, Wanda Field, President, Delores Green, Secretary Row 2: Mr. Eldridge, Advisorg Mrs. Downs, Advisor, Craig Watkins, Treasurer Dick Baker Edwin Beachy , Jacob Beachy Ig I U Henry Binder ff , ix .. fl -fi'E 1 --K , ,. .... 3. gfijiii g , :gi n 5 Q: -- . .. i.,,:!5l M 45 E! , .. .. QW, ' i s ifzizfaesfiie S V 2935 1 H ,m , X mv' gfwl -5, ,XL E Q .ir :..., , i'Q'1f 'y., da, f:'?'.5I:Tf' 59, lxrfwii N-'T 'H -E557 Egg 5:13-l-, 2. aka:-, ' 4,,z,,,xf!gm:y:vSv ,. N , .k,,2g9gg"f' 5 V ig,-E 32,15 :Ek Qiggl, mg -111: 'jw g w ' -fs .H vH,a,e5ig'1i'e' rig 'QI Q H1 -.Qi A lg, ,ap ill? fm M95 ,Ar S ' -5521 rf' K , .- .. :rf I :-. X -fkl at .:,,. EW' I nz n -,xziffgfikk if . fill , :rg . ZXX aw wr-:Xxx-, 2352522 X - X5 f ii-3 QE' X?iSEw5?2,--'1'Xmx- KZ, ,ylx na? ' f, ,.,L 5 VL9Q f a in re N 6 i X E , fvi W X -1 f X fax 1 QQ gg xc 3. a11f,,,..,,, X, ,,., ,XXXXXZQQEE eilgglg, MTW D 5 Y is lim LX'ff"XM 'ff 9 '1H:'iX,,fs if EQjg,zXgXgigg:g,.XEE??5gXEgQ,lN2:lW?gzXXx,,1XT,XXf 'QXMX rg, ,X,1X!1g,X-f,1Xga1yX wilwfi lisaXfFf:fi?22X?sf:51291sf2iv?ifff?f,155 if 1 Z f .L ::,..,. ,,.X.s:-,'., , gc'- x v 'Q 'llzlr' 'C XX :fx ,rX SEA S sa, X ,Xl X X .. hw- W . .:. XM- :H P fa as iw ,sX 5 ggX ' K XX! 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E,1'-a-f:s'm,f,X - . :Q 'Si--fff2',Si - Vffifiggk, pw A iff' Fifi' -XIX , W 5523 1359535 MW' 5552,-I "'iiM' ft J XHSM S3925 ,wfhiifiw w :XXX-X:-XX,:3EXXX,E,. gtmis ,,XXX,.X M- XM. 5 X M, X fr X25'f,f XX W -agifvi ' - 'Qi-i ' - ' W X - 5932-95 ,. Y " ' afi1yX ,.n r 'W H S 4 Swv ' rr ggi: fi 'x53:I'5?:5'. 95554 f , f ff X11 X X - 1' 11, -' , . 'il:a"f'gamj:.a!'gX: X X31 a gg , ' fX,m!i?i?i8?? , all 1' iftffisiflf , M541 X:1 N 2: i. , i sbiii gaggiiigggggg X- X XQZXX F fi X Xi K T X5 4 ,fi if at , t l wa 1 f Xv' 3' 5 :if X ,limi Xg ' gaiflgfzl X55 ,1 i BXX X Wi XM X XXX? X X -X. XX, af. is X X 7 s l -X. 4, 5 5 Qi if if ' XX X 5 2 4' 3 STX ww HN : I K6 lift I F111 1 rf Xwgsiiw Q Q - .SSW ...Il H L 1 'lhlvifg gi? Ef'f155' if' X253 ma X 5 Q a'X.X1,:12uf: Xiwfiiy L gag .QQ N ggi IEEY v'gE5K'1i53l sg 1.5 i 12: X ox lik is wus, 1 at 5 ' Q2 5 s 1 x Y mil 5 -'il Xfsw- :Xi Xwsqffiiiii ll X , X QQ 1 ' u -. ' S W S 5 LXWEW A A- sf ,X 1' Eli' "J: .Toan Burch Mary Frances Burgess Bill Clemons Phyllis Compton Bill Cookson Dorothy Dean Evelyn Dean Norman Dearnbarger Wanda Field Harriet Fleming Everett Grant Loretta Grant Delores Green Norris Green Kay Hall Bob Haney Roger Hoffman Charles Kroll Nancy Lacey Daniel Mast Roberta Miller Larry McKnelly Herbert Rigg Robert Riggs Jimmy Russell Rodney Ryan Harold Sapp Shirley Shaw Charles Stone Barbara VonLanken Craig Watkins Nettie Webb Charles Wilhelm Shirley Woods Viola Yutzy W 15 l 'yP'. 'M Row 1: Neil McDonald, Vice-Presidentg Carol Combs, Presidentg Peter Conlin, Secretary Row 2: Miss Samuelson, Advisory Merle Wilhelm, Reporterg Kenneth Watkins, Treasurerg Mr. Wilson, Advisor. , i f": 1 Ruth Ann Arganbrighr jf o r Lawrence Aschermann T N 5 ,:.., 3.522 155' Carol Combs 2 Jackie C0n1in neili . ra wig- ilQf5Lf4i31FFlzli2X233 ii, ' ' If- Kenneth Conlin . fqggiffg iieiaggsligifg Y rln, 1 s 1 N 2 sink? K 'ii il . , .... , 4:39 ffxxm' . 1: fi '- i w M ' My i A F -it , 4' 'aw 2. T' in 5 -Q iga ih y W f l'v255iif ' i 'il 'Kiwis enlists, zirfg l 25 :z3', f I " P 6' . 5 ,. if I 1255 ravi' i s, HJ it Q1 if 2 i , , er l gin K RW 'yi ll l .fir gl -ww 5 5035.2-'Qif5'iE:"Q'?:5ZZ'ii'iifiiifiiififii i ii? ax" :!.Qf 'V i ??iif12 5 S i vm' -fsfii' iw K ,, h l.i,, z,, ,r ,i pg ,xil,la", mir X ,5lgg'.1,g6' Jimi , Q' N K . . A' . Sas ,fifiafaakl . ml ill-1 XMI!!! u 'hx W Ui? I' J x fl if 9 f Q i 'f li. 1935455552 5 ff i V C fe Q f 14 'zjif'Hm,:,'x-11:1 ff if ,D eff,-ff,-if-H Vasa T Lqilffilis-il,I. sag. if ,,g:gs:e'f 1' hlligsfiwzlf Wit-f E - l i an . Z. ,ig A gi' 'Q fi it Q Q fzdfsfgfi X ?mi'5"i .iiain 2 wr ii 2, ariiv K 5 'E its W ' 2:ififiiglsfiifiiliiigii K H i ' wits ' ull? l ,,,. . . all sm 'L ffxwgi if s if-1 if W ' E! flaw-M., ,, 'fl 52 m mrii. M 35 in i eiiifiiliifiifii' ii171l351Sif5i2ii lil-vz siiixiiiixiiii QW, W,l,S . , f all M 2s,,5g,isifgi LEW: gwfiwiygtig. slgfiiiisfwf M -5 1 gg is, ,,,,,1Wf , , 2- ll . wif :li sf K 5 f5iZLl41zhi'iifiit sy Si' 1 ', M I I' Nui' 'id' vi' "' ' 'Q f .,., ge . 5 , 535 Vind sa 5, lg :Ui --.2 , ni ,. -' . ,,q, ,1,, V V i:Z,,..- A A w i ll K , , I , S ,gf in . is lg 1 if E2 fififa ia V qiqfsff 51' jew. "W 5',,f5121""' EST-'lit Qi if ll 4'! I, Pm-aff 'Ig E55 18153 A fl Puig . rig? .i -fl: ,H , " , x 5- fy , -Q Nw' K Q' I ' 2.5 x K -, ,NM ak' PM 53 , 2 .ll M e yi, 5 g 5 t 9 si N , ,nf 1 . K :A' A"AA i 51,9554 'I' i s'l 5 4,2114 wif , H' i, 3' 1'3" ' . .. 1 ,W I 55 9 ,, ig "VV . .Q.fa.: :-,, -- W 111112 145-,eff ag is K 5 ' ,li T R 4. ai eggs 1 f S lgi ' - ag.: :ZK A ,i,,.,!5k,:,E,,. ., , U '43 I , ellis 4 lt., X Q 1, W' S ,iii Q , f x gxmf g :yt El, y .Q ., 3 I 3: Q.: In 4 'ig ' if' +I ':'3:f:,Ix' 'Z iii. 15? ,EE:Q,Q.5i2f?. - T-Iii" Mafia'-::.Z!i5:.: ' ' 1 jan 4 5 ' al, L, will 14 485 , X an 'qu , all lil X 1' fl i UH' :',': 22: 14 25 13, .Hx ui is K iii Magnum s j - 5 , H .al in ai! 5 wi V liiiiffi 'si sl 2-by iff? if Af" E :. . 1-: , if Q1 .,, 5, 337' 'If' Tw 3 gs In-gigzxx-I . KL: VK ,jimi an if 15,52 - xffzslglssggi iiiiggiv qiawig 25155 15 ' :bidi aff ' M ag i igiilgif - M 2 iiiiff? -Q, wi ,"" 'f I sliligii i C Q ' iii- , ,,,A . M- glafgg fiwiilwww J lai- wwylsaf rt- 5 . 4, ,. if Peter Conlin Sue Craig Rodney Day Willie B. Dyer Elizabeth Edwards Eddie Fair Duane Gaffney J' im Gaffney Jo Ellen Gibson Fred Gray Mary Harlin Murl Harlin Gerald' Helton Harold Helton Virginia J ent Alice Jane Krummel Virginia Lowe Neil McDonald Clara Plank Clarence Plank Geretta Phillips George Romine Leroy Schlabach Levi Schrock Eddie Smith Bobby Turner Betty Von Lanken Kenneth Watkins Merle Wilhelm Freda Williamson Row Row Row Row Row Row Row ROW Row Row 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 R Lois Grant, Bud Naugle, Donnie Fair, Charlene Jocelyn, James Wilhelm, Clarellen Riggs, Mr. Hollenbeck Esther Dean, Elizabeth McHose, Robert Helmuth, Richard Conlin, Kenneth Lowder, Donnie Tyler. D enny Haney, Marilyn Harden, J oy c e Kroll, Charlotte Stone, J an i c e Maycroft, Warren Robinson, Harold Rich Joan Ryan, J oyc e Cundiff, Phyllis Catlin, Janet Jurgens, Nancy Compton, David Clark, Daraleen Ryan Hugh Dowell, Charles Seaman, Ralph Blaudow, Owen Sanders, Carol Sexton, Bob Clemons, Rose Young. Eart Gent, Keith Ohlsen, Rosamund Ashwill, Mary Jane Fleming, Mary Lou Watkins, Stanley Schultz, Mrs. Woods Ke nn et h Mentzer, J e an Binnion, Juanita Boyd, Marie Wilhelm, Beverly Watson, Geraldine Binegar, Vivian Grant Roger Hale, Ervin Crist, Grace Burch, Ernest Fleming, Charles Steck, Eugene Webb, Charles Eads, Kenneth Cookson Connie Seaman, Louise Sparks, Wayne Mayfield, Lena Russell, Carol Stone, Edmund Hogan, Richard Pankey Warren Taylor, Shirley Wallace, Mary Ann Mattox, June Greenwood, Willard Stutz- man, Eddie Mason, Ronald Jocelyn, Mary Mast cox 6' gii rfinifirs 3 Q, . nw 0 9 A I V1-K llr Jggfyi L J I X v Q V I :' f f If 5 ? E5 X O wa-,M lffffqj QX w F1 ,A " 4,0 ,wifi NJHA , 5' .J 1-11.411 ,f K1 'ik 3 3 'Y' ,Q ,ff 5 M ww, 4 f v ,,, ,J Xx Ayx Wg1,- , I A x A J qxnkjiffx' AEE N F MR,-M' ff' 'V ff " f K A I' ,.,.. .1 5, A 'XX ff' 5 xnfff! HMA, p Row 1: Elizabeth McHose, Carol Combs, Myra Reeves, Alice Krummel Row 2: Joan Dippo, Don Tyler, Charles Eads, Gary Krummel, Mr. Smith, Warren Robinson, Betty Field, Kenneth Mentzer, Johnny Harrer Row 3: Rodney Day, Joan Dixon, Delores Watson, James Clark, David Clark, Charlotte Phillips, Eddie Smith, Dick Pankey, Nancy Lacy. Row 4: Evelyn Riggs, Kay Hall, Marjorie Kroll, Bob Haney, Freda Williamson, Shirley Tyler, Shirley Wood, Jo Ellen Gibson, Janice Phillips. Row Mary Burgess, Wanda Field, Phyllis Molzen, Neil McDonald, Bobby Turner, Gerald Helton, Roger Hoffman, Phyllis Compton, Eddie Mason. Row 6: Barbara Molzen, Larry McKnelly, Carol Sexton, Arnold Schultz, Dick Baker, Bill Clemons, Willie Dyer, Bill Cookson, Hugh Dowell, Doris Russell. BAND The instrumental music program of our school offers fundamental training in music for students who plan on music as a vocation or avocation. Participation in this program leads to a better understanding anda greater appreciation of music. The high school band is a fine musical organization comparing favorably in excellence with other similar organizations. It has an outstanding record in con- test work and makes numerous public appearances during the school year. The band made appearances at all home football and basketball games, at- tended Illinois State Normal University's Homecoming, participated in the Douglas County Music Festival, was host to the Shelby-Moultrie County Music Festival, gave its annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, and participated in the contests spon- sored by the Illinois High School Association. ORCHESTRA V l The dance orchestra was organized this year at the request of the students. It has proved tobe a very popular and successful organization. The orchestra played for weekly noon hour dances and provided incidental music for the Junior Play. Row 1: Phyllis Molzen, Myra Reeves, Janice Phillips, Larry McKnelly, Roger Hoffman ' Row 2: Bob Haney, James Clark, Neil McDonald, Jane Krummel, Delores Watson. Row 3: Mr. Smith, Dick Baker, Bill Clemons. . S ' M 2 wx ,F fate S 2 - 46" y N . Q3 ' , A L A S ft, , M Q FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Last year we were very proud that our Vice-President, Joan Dippo, won third place in the D. A. R. District Dress Contest. In October, Dorothy Dean was elected secretary of Illinois Section 16. This year we have had many good times. We have enjoyed many parties with the F. F. A. They entertained us in Mattoon at a skating party. In November, we celebrated Sadie Hawkins Day with a dance, inviting the F. F. A. Then, We had a joint Christmas Party. On March 5, some of our mem- bers were heard over the university station, WILL, in Champaign, their topic was "Dating Problems". Row 1: Row 2: Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Kay Hall, Reporter, Joan Dippo, Vice-President, Doris Russell, Pres- identg Dorothy Dean, Treasurer, Floella Phipps, Secretary, Wanda Field, Degree Chairman Miss McWhorter, Advisory Ruth Ann Arganbright, Jean Price, Loretta Grant .Ioan Birch, Jo Ellen Gibson, Nancy Lacy, Marjorie Kroll Delores Green, Mary Harlin, Betty Hattabaugh, Jewel Blower Geretta Phillips, Phyllis Molzen, Phyllis Compton, Barbara Russell, Harriet Fleming, Barbara Molzen, Shirley Shaw . O O I Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: W Rodney Ryan, Reporter, Arnold Schultz, Treasurerg John Blucker, Sec- retary, David Conlin, President, Dean Hendrickson, Vice-President, Craig Watkins, Sentinel, Mr. Lewey, Advisor Herbert Rigg, Kenneth Watkins, Lawrence Ascherman, Raymond Blaase, Henry Binder, Merle Wilhelm, Jack Conlin, Charles Stone. Bill Cookson, Norris Green, Kenneth Conlin, Jacob Beachey, Francis Blaudow, Peter Conlin, Charles Lowder, Charles Fleming, Edwin Beachey. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F. F. A. is an organization of farm boys taking vocational agricul- ture. This year we have 23 members. Our activities are varied and range from watermelon eating to visiting the International Live st o c k Exposition. C3 . A ,ffl . f b lm ff wr..-4"", -Jn in Row Row Row Row Row Row 12 2 3 1 2 3 Mr. Keener W f Elizabeth Edwards, Wanda Field, Dorothy Dean, Jane Krummel, Joan Dixon, Delores Watson, Clara Mast, Shirley Tyler, Shirley Wood, Floella Phipps Jim Clark, Jim Gaffney, Edwin Beachy, Harold Helton, Willie B. Dyer, Eddie Smith, Rodney Day Jewel Blower, Millie Rich, Buddy Dukeman, Joan Dippo, Mr. Wyman, Kay Hall, Charlotte Phillips, Co-Editor, Floella Phipps, Delores Watson, Co-Editor. Phyllis Catlin, Connie Seaman, Merle Wilhelm, Phyllis Molzen, Hugh Stone, Doris Russell, Rodney Ryan, Dorothy Dean Betty Hattabaugh, Shirley Tyler, Bill Honn, Ralph Cundiff, John Blucker, Johnny Dukeman, Shirley Wood, Janice Phillips Row 1: Mrs. Downs, Charlotte Phillips, Reporter, Ruth Ann Odum, Secretary and Treasurer, Dorothy Dean, President, Ann Beals, Recording Secre- tary, Myra Reeves, Vice President Row 2: Ruth Ann Arganbright, Millie Rich, Carol Combs, Virginia Lowe, Delores Green, Virginia Gent Row 3: Geretta Phillips, Wanda Scott, Harriet Fleming, Ellen Riley, Shirley Shaw, Shirley Wood, Evelyn Dean GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Arthur G. A. A. is a member of the Illinois League of High School Girls' Athletic Association and functions under its regulations. Each year the girls who receive enough points by participating in organized activities and keeping a health record win an award. There are four awards. Two are local and two are state awards. Last year 29 girls won awards. The G. A. A. sponsored a winter play day the first semester and invited four schools from this district. The planning and decorations were based on a Christmas theme. H- uma 'O I D f , fl ,O -M fi . 1,82 I I fi if it X X51 'X T Ji.. i tg' - .... .-.A-H, .a.a...W, I.. -,M...,..,-n ,...., M- Elizabeth McHose, Carol Ann Combs, Jane Krummel, Myra Reeves, Connie Hall The Varsity C1ub's major accomplishmentfor the year was the purchase of a new score board for the gymnasium. Plans are underway for a banquet for all alumni lettermen and former varsity club members. Row 1: Coach Mulkey, Coach Wilson Row 2: Johnny Dukeman, Ronnie Fults, Charles Lowder Row 3: Bill Honn, David Conlin, Francis Blaudow, Jack Mattox Row 4: Dick Yutzy, Maynard Knight, Bob Trower, Arnold Schultz, Hugh Stone Row 5: Bob Haney, Raymond Blaase, Dean Hendrickson, Gene Parrott, Ruben Yutzy, Everett Grant Row 6: Peter Conlin, Craig Watkins, Bill Clemons, Dick Baker, Harold Helton, .Tim Gaffney, Neil McDonald iw ri" 1-N, Row 1 Row 2: Row 3: Dick Baker, Richard Von Lanken, Jim Clark, Ronnie Fults Jim Russell, Phyllis Compton, Mr. Eldridge, Miss Samuelson, Bob Haney, Wanda Field Evelyn Dean, Larry McKnelly, Bill Clemons, Roger Hoffman, Norman Dearnbarger, Daniel Mast 0-4cgE,g53ri4 Row 1: Shirley Wood, Nancy Lacy, Clara Mast, Dorothy Dean, Wanda Field Row 2: Barbara Von Lanken, Charlotte Phillips, Miss Fly, Phyllis Compton Row 3: Larry McKnelly, Ellen Riley, Dick Baker, Joan Dixon, .Tim Clark CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club is the newest organization in the school. It was formed the first semester in 19505 since that time it has built and equipped a darkroom. Our work has not been of a uniformly high standard. In the last semester all the members have gained a lot of experience, now we are certain that we can do much better work. Some repairs and improvements are being made on the darkroom, and our future plan is to buy a por- trait camera. Our main accomplishments this year were the taking of the underclassmen's pic- tures. We have done some work in the preparation of black and white slides. These slides are used quite frequently in visual education. We have taken pictures of the foot- ball squad, basketball squad, Home Ec. Officers, and many others. SPANISH CLUB "Los Char1adores" was organized in September to stimulate interest in Spanish and to offer social entertainmentfor Spanish studentsL The first meeting was held in the home of Charlotte Phillips and the club was organized for the year. The first project was the homecoming float. Even though the judges didn't award us a prize, we had fun and were satisfied to have added a Spanish touch of color to the traditional parade. Christmas was observed by a chili supper party, with the traditional C hr is tmas "pinata". The Lovington Spanish Club was our guest and joined us in singing Spanish carols. Money for this event was earned at a bakery sale in November. To show the other classes that we truly had the joyful Yuletide spirit, our class serenaded all the other classes on the day before Christmas. The Valentine Party was held during the Spanish class period, and bingo and Span- ish music provided the entertainment. Hostesses were Wanda Field and Barbara Von Lanken. Since Spanish is a new subject, publicity has been one of our main interests. We feel that we have interested several in the Spanish language a.nd will have an even larger and more active club in future years. 1 X Row Row Row Row Row Row 1: 3 4 5 6 2. Cheerleaders, Jane Krummel, Kay Taylor, Phyllis Compton, Millie Rich Coach Mulkey, Joan Dippo, Myra Reeves, Evelyn Dean, Mrs. Downs, Murl Harlin, Jean Price, Floella Phipps, Ruth Ann Arganbright, Coach Wilson Levi Schrock, Nancy Lacy, Virginia Lowe, Eddie Smith, Leroy Schlabach, Jewel Blower, Carol Ann Combs, Rodney Day, Delores Green Robert Riggs, Betty Hattabaugh, Myron Riggs, Barbara Von Lanken, Geretta Phillips, Bob Turner, Wanda Scott, Jimmie Russell Kay Hall, Betty Von Lanken, Sue Craig, Wanda Field, Ruth Ann Odum, Phyllis Molzen, Merle Wilhelm, Shirley Shaw, Ann Beals Doris Russell, Ellen Riley, Everett Grant, Charles Lowder, Bob Trower, Barbara Russell, Maynard Knight, Arnold Schultz, Dorothy Dean, Dean Hendrickson .Mya f N I '92, g, ,, a W, 'if LX, E ,INA sri! W vgffff FCP S Z, 77 Nu- I w--. W 9 562 Q3 King Ronnie Queen Millie "lqe,. nj Cf n,,'e ef' CP gf e,Je f ' ,f e 'ef I cf Attendents: Kenny Conlin, Gerefra Phi11iPS , U ,,,, W, , L, Fre Y Y Y Deir King Wet FRE SHMAN ---- 2nd place Geretta Phillips Kenneth Conlin SOPHOMORE Delores Green Roger Hoffman ATS SENIOR ---- lst place Queen Millie Rich King Ronnie Fults JUNIOR Ann Beals Gene Parrott flillzfirff i Q . fi 1 L. K s Row 1: Coach Mulkey, Bob Haney, Neil McDonald, Ruben Yutzy, Dean Hend- rickson, Ronnie Fults, Coach Wilson Row 2: Bob Lowder, Charles Lowder, Everett Grant, Jim Gaffney, Dick Yutzy, Arnold Schultz Row 3: Craig Watkins, Bill Clemons, Dick Baker, Peter Conlin, Harold Helton, Gene Parrott, Maynard Knight, Duane Gaffney Row 4: Rodney Day, Gerald Helton, Bob Trower, Francis Blaudow, David Con- lin, Norman Dearnbarger, George Romine Row 5: Roger Hoffman, Charles Kroll, Raymond Blaase, Bill Cookson, Kenneth Conlin, Kenneth Watkins, Jack Conlin, Rodney Ryan Z tv' -11 xx I 1950 again saw the Knights in a disastrous football campaign, tying only one game and losing eight. The game that was tied was by a conference foe, the Oakland Oaks, by a 7-7 count. Coach Wilson has high hopes for his boys next year if the tide will change and give us a few breaks at the right time. Despite the unfortunate number of defeats during the season, Coach Wilson considers this group a true championship team, for, from the beginning to the end of the season, the boys cooperated and put up a game fight in each new en- counter. Injuries plagued the Knights, but they proved by their fine spirit that they were of the stuff of which champions are made. A S Review of the Games Bethany 25 Arthur 12 The Knights opened their campaign with the veteran Bethany eleven, but the lack of experience and weight were too much of a handicap and the boys went down after a gallant fight. Charleston 25 Arthur 6 Showing effects of the gruelling game the week before, the locals played adull and listless game and were defeated by the big Charleston team. Sullivan 27 Arthur 2 Hard running Sullivan was too much for the smaller Knights and the Knights lost their third straight game. Villa Grove 40 Arthur 13 The Wilsonmen, showing their worst form of the season and muffing several scoring opportunities lost to a very good Villa Grove team for their second conference lost. Atwood 33 Arthur 0 Failing to score in their first game of the 1950 campaign our neighbors to the North were wanting to play football just a little more than our Knights. Craig Watkins played his last game as he injured his knee on a clip by Murray. Oakland 7 Arthur '7 With the Knights all fired up and wanting to play f o otb all they had little trouble in gaining a tie with Oakland, one of the football powerhouses of the Okaw. Monticello 39 Arthur 12 Arthur got rolling with 16 first downs to 9 for the Sages, but first downs don't count as the Knights lost their homecoming game and also the services of little Abe Grant who cracked a bone in the side of his head. Arcola 50 Arthur 7 Cold weather and red hot Arcola were too much for the Knights as they poured it on to a tune that is distasteful to neighbors. Lovington 60 Arthur 0 The pour on fever seemed to be catching as Jean Mason and his Bulldogs handed the Knights their worst defeat of the season to end the campaign. The Season' s Record Bethany 25 Knights 1 2 u ' Charleston 25 Knights 6 6-N. ' Sullivan 27 Knights 2 Villa Grove 40 Knights 13 4 Atwood 33 Knights o 1 1 - Cakland '7 Knights . 7 V . V Monticello 39 Knights 13 Arcola 50 Knights '7 Lovington 60 Knights 0 -X 15,1 4 "W Q Dick Baker A iii. F1 :veil ... Q - Wm! nm ,A , , :sw Lk,, .7 ii n i 5.2! is " 2' r sg N K S is K 7 55 M vga., ' kg ' Sy, 3 V fini f 2' ,wfQ,,- , '4 I ' .WW My 5,-1' vm. "W Francis Blaudow x 55 , Dean Hendrickson Peter C onlin if 1? i 31 2' a ' i HLA. Neil McDonald Arnold Schultz ene Parrott Bob Trower Co-Captain, 1951, 52 5253 Bob Haney 4 A 1 '31 M 1 WI x R ff fd' m e 53 Ju' gf I P' ik in Q 531351 W 3? fi VL "1 i 1 5 Bill Clemons Co-C aptain, 1951, 52 fsf-if V g l A .. ,.5. E it i s if J , :E ," H Y? 'lk A 'G . fm ,W W th i s r Q -1 - K W fl 5 M Qi . ii? Jim Gaffney Fults Captain, 1950, 51 C raig Watkins Abe Grant Maynard Knight Dave C onlin ' Dick Yutzy vw Y' K 'iff , M3 'IK it t. y xl ffaflff- X U Our cheerleaders have done an excellent job of leading cheers during this season and in urging the Knights on through victory and defeat. There has been an alteration in the electing of our cheerleaders. After this year our cheerleaders will be chosen each year instead of serving from their election as freshmen for four years. Kay Taylor and Phyllis Compton will continue cheer- leading because they were chosen before this change was made. Alice Jane Kay Phyllis Millie E s X Row 1: Jim Gaffney, Dick Yutzy, Bill Honn, Jack Mattox, Francis Blaudow, Johnny Dukeman, Dave Conlin, Dick Baker, Gene Parrott, Neil McDonald. Row 2: Buddy Dukeman, Assistant Coach, Bob Lowder, Manager, Bob Haney, Rodney Ryan, Kenneth Conlin, Harold Helton, Bill Clemons, Peter Conlin, Roger Hoffman, Duane Gaffney, Johnny Pugsley, manager: Coach Mulkey. Row 1: Dick Yutzy, Jack Mattox, Francis Blaudow, Bill Honn, J Row 2: Jim Gaffney, Gene Parrott, Dick Baker, Dave Conlin, Coach Mulkey. . l L L ohnny Dukeman. Neil McD onald, N 'BASKETBALL Opening the season with five lettermen back from last year's squad, Coach Herb Mulkey's basketball men finished the regular season with 14 victories and 6 defeats. 4 wins and 4 losses in tournament play gave the speedy Knights a total of 18 victories and 10 defeats for the season's competition. One of the best centers ever to play for the red and white, Francis Blaudow, all Okaw conference center, was the teams top scorer for the year with a total of 469 points. He was the scoring champion of the conference with 261 points for an average of 21. 8 points per game. His ability to fake his opponents out of position and score was his greatest asset, followed by his rebounding power. Follow- ing in scoring was Jack Mattox, the versatile forward who collected 318 points. Not only was he a scoring threat but his ability to rebound played a large part in the teams victories along with his keen eye for the basket. Hard driving, sharp shooting, speedy Johnny Dukeman proved to be a spark plug in the local aggregation with his speed, ball handling and pas se s enabling other team mates to sc ore . Having an amazing- .703 shooting average from the free throw line was very valuable to the team especially in the close games. He also tallied 218 points. At the other guard position was the veteran Billy Honn, whose ball handling sent the crowd in an uproar on several occasions. "Pud" was a floor player, always an excellent ball handler and passer, his deceptive passes enabled the team to pull through many tight places. The ever dependable Dick Yutzy, who played forward or guard with the starting five, was a mainstay on the club. Fast, a good shot, and an excellent team man, he was always a threat. Dick, a friend to all, is a Junior and will be back with us next year. Great things are expected of him and, needless to say, we' re sure he will live up to our expectations. Getting off to a slow start due to an ankle injury, likeable Dave Conlin played better ball as the season progressed. Dave was always ready regardless of what situa- tion might occur. He was a great team man and an excellent rebounder. In the finals of the district tournament, Dave played his best game of the season, going high in the air and getting the rebounds and passing off for the fast break down the floor. A sophomore newcomer to the squad was Dick Baker who started the season on the second team and worked his way up to the first by the Christmas vacation. Dick has a sharp eye, is a good passer and will be aroimd for a long time in the red and white uni- form. He, along with Dick Yutzy, will be a main cog in the wheel next year. Our own little, speedy, fast breaking Knights gave plenty 'of entertainment for every one this year. They won the hearts of everyone who saw them play. Such thrills as playing before the largest crowd ever to congregate in the local gym, winning against the mighty Sullivan 52-47, defeating Tuscola, coming from behind to defeat Monticello in the closing minutes of the game 59-57, and winning their way into the finals of the Okaw conference tournament, are only a few of the many highlights of such a successful season. We'll miss seeing Fran Blaudow fake and shoot, Jack Mattox going high in thetair for a rebound , Johnny Dukeman driving around his man for a layup shot, "Pud" Horm taking c ontr ol of the game and dribbling the ball for 45 secondsain a stall to protect a two point lead, and Dave Conlin coming off the boards and making the fast pass out for a quick break. These boys are gone, have played their last game on the hardwood, and carried their school colors for the last time, but their names will always be remembered as giving Arthur one of the best teams ever to trod on the hardwood. AUTCGRAPHS .-as fq, "'. A 1, -f"- I jj f - .HEX ,W Q, cm' K . ,ur .1 M A? 4 fl H. , . I 5 A FJ J U 61 fry ! EW? ,f ag if ,a ,, :f's.," V , e . 2 1 X J ' Ef,:s,f3,m W K N 1 531 ggi , .155 " W fff' Dick Yutzy 'F U ,ACM Q9-W N '+- Dave C onlin ,a 1? 3 A 'gi 5 Q We X Francis Blaudow 'Tuff- . wr Q55 " ww, nv- M y e " ' V 5, 'V w' ' ,fn , la id -E Q' T851 W 'lg .. : vga 'W' gud. , X Q i It . .ISL 'ww if Q 51, Jw K nr 4 4 . , x as , Egg ' mm" sig 355551 gk 123151, Qgifxgzif, 'a f M 11-,ff 423' '- Q gig' . 4 . -154 Q '92 55 VM. 73' A WJ Billy Honn Co-C apt , 1, H z: , ' .A Lx , 1: . A , Haag ,,, ,, 4"' ,X E:E.!i ,V wi ."'?""', 1 "J 1 -' . , 1 'lil BJ M I-,M . - 5.51 ai -.ff I - . ,',, g 55511 -9 " ' QQ 123253 wx. lgw ,gs "' 35.5, Q' ...hw Johnny Dukeman Co-Capt. .T ack Mattox .J 'WM Gene Parrott . Z Y V Everett Grant, Rodney Ryan, Hugh Dowell, Manager. V ' C ' Row 2: Coach Lukachik, Don Yutzy, Stuart Traxler, Ronnie Fults, .Tack Mattox, Arnold Schultz, Johnny Dukeman, Hugh Stone, Coach Mulkey. Row 3: Ruben Yutzy, Dick Yutzy, Horace Romine, Dick Baker, Francis Blaudow, Leonard Wilhelm, Bob Conlin, Bill Clemons 'N Q "'j,,' l il ,eg g K Q i 2 I W. xg , 62142 -- M, ,pm 1' 'cn-ll ww. 'iw nn f 1 ,gf gm ' " 91, 553 ,, . 5 f bzffl-:L,, vp- y A K 'Slew H S -A im:-lik ,, , ..,,. KW if ms AUTOGRAPHS AUTQGRAPHS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OIL EQUIPMENT DIVISION Truck Tanks Tank Trailers Storage Tanks Milk Bodies Bread Bodies Grain Elevators Fire Trucks FUNERAL DIVISION Complete Line of Caskets Air-Seal Burial Vaults PROGRESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY. INC. Arthur, Illinois M c C 0 RM I C K SALES AND SERVICE HOME FREEZERS - REFRIGERATION INTERNIKTIONAL TRUCKS H. L. PHILLIPS Phone 5 Arthur, Illinois May you each and everyone enjoy a lifetime of peace and prosperity in the years ahead. Thanks for everything SWEET SHOP Arthur, I11. Home Made Candy Ice Cream "Where you meet your friends. " CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 DELBERT'S CAFE Phone 26 Arthur, Illinois O. L. Wetherell ARTHUR IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Quality Farm Equipment ARTHUR GRAIN CO. Grain, Feed, Seed, and Custom Grinding C. I. Aschermann S. L. Wetherell- Arthur, Illinois J. E. Pate HOKE AND HARRER 1 G A FOOD MARKET QUALITY Foons Low PRICES EVERYDAY A Thrifty Store For Thrifty People We Wish To Extend The Compliments Of Our Entire Organization Good Luck '51 THE BEN FRANKLIN STORE G. H. stock M. E. Dippo Arthur, Illinois Our Sincerest Good Wishes To The CLASS OF 1951 FLEMING AUTO COMPANY Phone 92 Arthur, Illinois Your Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer Serving You Since 1919 THE ATWOOD STATE BANK A GOOD LITTLE BANK ATWOOD, ILLINOIS Compliments of Congratulations M. 8: J. Stock to the Shoe Store Class of '51 Phone 230 Recreation Parlor Compliments of Call Us For Results Of All Sports RILEY'S CLOTHING STORE Service With A Smile Men's and Boys' Clothing Phone 27 Phone 6 Arthur, Ill CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 ARTHUR LUMBER CO. Phone 32 Arthur, Ill. "EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING." LET YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE BE YOUR GREATEST ASSET "If your clothes are not becoming to you they should be coming to us. " DAYS' CLEANERS Member National Institute of Cleaning and Dyeing Phone 2231 Atwood, Ill. REX E. HADDEN PIERSON GRAIN 8: SUPPLY CO. Watch Repairing 81 Jewelry Carl H. Sutter, Mgr. Atwood, Ill. Atwood 2651 Arthur 89-11 DAVIS MOTOR SALES KNOB LOCH SERVICE STATION Sales ........ Service Opposite Grade School Phone 56 Plymouth 81 DeSoto Atwood, Illinois Goodyear Batteries, Tires 8: Tubes Sinclair Gas 8: Oil THE ARTHUR GRAPHIC - CLARION YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER W. C. HAYS, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER CONSUMER'S COAL CO. Coal-Paint Congratulations To The Class Of 1951 Phone 221 Arthur, Ill. DAWSON' S APPAREL SHOPPE Arthur, Illinois The Answer To Every Girl's Wardrobe Problem Congratulations To The Class Of '51 HUMMY'S BARBER SHOP SINCLAIR SHOE REPAIR Best Wishes To The Class Of '51 ARTHUR COAL 81 FEED CO. Dealers In Eastern Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia Coal Arthur Illinois F. H. Huckleberry, Owner C. H. Hoffman, Mgr. Best Wishes To The Class of '51 BUILT-RITE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phone 57 Arthur, Illinois EADS Your Happy Hour Store DRY GOODS - GROCERIES - MEATS Phones: 24 and 25 FOOD LOCKERS Arthur, Illinois Congratulations to the Class of '51 Clark J. Eads Charles S. Keeney Charles E. Oye Congratulations to the Class of Congratulations to the Graduates 1 9 5 1 GRANTHAM'S DRUG STORE "We service everything we sell. " VA UGHN RADIO 8: ELECTRIC SHOP Phone 353 Arthur, Ill. HEERDT'S BARBER SHOP Congratulations To The Graduates Mullikin, M. W. Nation Wide Service Groceries, Vegetables, Meats Ice Cream ' Frozen Foods Ice Jewelry - Notions Arthur, Illinois Phone 68 FACTORY SALES, INC. The Store of Bigger Values Hardware Furniture Lumber Building Supplies Appliances Radios Arthur, Illinois ATWOOD GRAIN 81 SUPPLY CO. Grain, Coal, Feed, 8: Seed Atwood, Illinois Phone 2341 R. M. THOMAS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING See Norge Before You Buy CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of '51 HONN'S DE LICATESSEN PFILES' CAMERA SHOP A 100 East Prarie Street Decatur, Illinois "Everything Photographic" G O R D O N S Clothing Cleaning Furnishings Laundry Phone 18 Arcola, DAWSON'S APPAREL SHOPPE CONGRATULATIONS Arthur, Illinois To The The Answer Class Of '51 To Every Girl's Wardrobe Problem. K E L L Y ' S Recreation Parlor CONGRATULATIONS Call Us For Results Of A11 Sports To The Class Of '51 Service With A Smile HUMMY'S BARBER SHOP Phone 27 W. C. Best Wishes To The Class Of '51 THE ARTHUR BUILT-RITE MANUFACTURING ' COMPANY S 'Phone 57 Arthw, xuinois YOUR HOME TOWN , SINCLALR SHOE REPAIR NEWSPAPER Best Wishes HAYS, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER To The Class Of Fifty-one ARTHUR COAL gl FEED CO. Dealers in Eastern Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia Coal OHNE SOR GE SERVICE STATION Your One Stop Station COMPLETE SERVICE We Make Service Calls Arthur Illinois Congratulations F. H. Huckleberry, Owner Arthur 43 C. H. Hoffman, Mgr. CONSUMER'S COAL CO. BRADS Coal-Paint Congratulations to the Class of '51 Phone 221 Arthur, Ill. Jewelry, Gifts, Appliances Radios, Oil Burners, Stokers and Records Established 1915 Phone 33 Arthur, Ill. SUNSHINE STORE AND HATCHERY ' WAYNE FEEDS FIELD SEEDSi .AN Seed Processor -- Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances Congratulations to the Class of '51 Carter Odum, Manager Best Wishes, Class of '51 SULLIVAN DAIRY Manufacturers of Pasteurized Milk Products LEO KRUMIVIEL Phone 253 Arthur, Ill. MouL1'mE . oouGl.As FARM EQUIPMENT co. YOUR CASE DEALER Case Tractors and Implements Farmer's Friend Corn Dump Jacobsen Lawn Mowers D. Moses, Mgr. Phone 216 Arthur, Ill. SCHROCK'S CABINET SHOP Manufacturer of kitchen cabinets standard sizes or built to your specifications FORMICA SINK TOPS Call For Free Estimate Phone 48 Arthur, Ill. HOLL-CRAFTS Designers and Builders Phone 395 Arthur, Ill. ASCHERMANN MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford Dealer Phone 214 Arthur Illinois ARMOUR'S BEAUTY SALON New - Modern Hair Styling and Permanents Phone 3251 Arthur, Ill K. L. TAYLOR' A - Supplier of Sinclair Products Phone 163 Arthur, Ill Congratulations Class of 1951 STATE BANK OF ARTHUR Arthur, Illinois Member of Federal Reserve System and F.D.l.C. "We Encourage Systematic Thrift" START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN OUR BANK TODAY COMBS SERVICE STATION slNcLAm PRODUCTS SAM BORNE Congratulations To The Class Of '51 Compliments of S. R. Borne Funeral Home HIGHWAY MARKET Phono 2431 I Amod, Illinois GRQCERIES ... MEA-rg Open Evenings Phono 65 9 0 oanmv OUR YEARBOOK WAS SU PPI.I ED BY THE INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY DIPLOMAS M 5WWW YEAREOOKS ANNOUNCEMENTS gcgwg ,Z ,qmww PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND COWNS 0WL474fW'm TREASURY OFWISDOM STATION ERY fi li 1 W E! H H an H 'z ,lg nh iT :' nf mx un Iv H fa? nn Il ll ll ll ll ll I! u n n Il Il E! !!1 I!! !!!1 .H fill I!!! llll EH? ll!! iii? EI!! ml' EEE? 5555 ll. !.!!' :mg

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