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3 vw 4 U 4 yy , 11 3 J Am-4' A my 4 . ,. E. 5 N , sp ix wrap Q1 99 Nu ff"-' Rx ,W fuwwbxfgyqbzfwsy, Mfife Ht Hrthurjy Q1 E V31 if HS presented By ARTHUR COMMUNITY UNIT HIGH Arthur SCHOOL Illinois The 1950 fl tlm ite Staff We. the members of the 1950 Arthurite staff. present this representative account of our school year. to you, the student body of A. H. S. and to you, alumni and other friends. At this half century mark we look back at our marvelous heritage and we pay tribute to those who have presented it to us. We also look forward to the future and to all the wonderful experiences it holds for us. Nancy Pugsley ,.......,.,, Co-Editor Iohn Krummel ...., ...,.. C o-Editor Betty Mattox .... .... F eature Editor Don Yutzy ............. Sports Editor Harlin Tumer ...,. Business Manager We, the Class of 1950, dedicate this. our Arthurite. to Mr. Smith as he has ded- icated his talents to building a music de- partment of which we have every right to be proud. Not only has our band as a unit improved but also our individual musicianship has climbed. Mr. Smith's wise guidance and patience have built a unit known throughout Central Illinois as one of the finest. Qevlicatiom ffWW f, ,J ,, ,,.. If 4 ,,--, 2-:::,::g,,g Y Q 1,25 iid? 1 iff if gf! -Z... -,,-1' Clark Eads Glenn Iurgens Everett Fitzgerald Harold Hendrickson President Board of Education The Board of Education has been doing a marvelous job this year. Many changes in our school have taken place. The progressive liberal attitude of these men has helped to make our school what it is today and Will keep it growing With the times. Horace Phillips Wilbur Seaman Lonnie Watkins Secretary GSB? SUPERINTENDENT O. H. MCKNELLY This school is yours-given to you by kind and considerate parents, a capable board of education and a com- munity of fine citizens. From the time you enter school your instructors en- deavor to instill into your minds the germs of practical thought and learning that they find necessary to fit you for contact with the outside world. How well We have succeeded only the fu- ture can determine. But as your super- intendent, l am confident you will meet life bravely and become men and Women who will demonstrate the Worth of the training we have strived to give you. ll. PRINCIPAL IOHN L. NASH Many crucial issues confront the people of America. None is prob- ably more important to our .Well- being than the development of our public schools in future years. l feel confident that each graduate of Ar- thur High School Will do his full share to keep democracy on the of- fensive by continuing to Work with and for the schools in future years. We must all strive continually to prove that democracy Works. Lwqfalv, Willis Smith Band Fern Kias Eighth Grade Latin Arlene Woods Seventh Grade Harrold Eldridg Science Ioyce Fly English S Marion Menk Chorus Speech Herb Mulkey Coaching Industrial Arts Lois Schlechter Speech Correction Dorothy McKnelly Office Secretory Delores Ernst Office Secretory Gran! Binegar Merle Moses Iclnitors Bus Drivers-Iim Ends, Bud Binegctr. Merle Moses. Bucky Dyer, Charles Scott He was our friend. When we first en- tered grade school he was there, a wise and understanding teacher and principal. He left the grade school to become pres- ident of our high school board. We knew - his tazmiliar face in our high school days. "D. G." is gone but his love of youth will always live in our hearts. lm memo iam 0 QYAX Q S5-,NIQQ Twig? QW I xg! 155 X2 1. OD CN 1 x FLRESI-!lE KQKV Px QM Ig k ' . , ii: 4 l If , " 2 ! , C if 'Z g:-J! ff! K fN x x 'E-fx, f, 3 Q R ' O Q , 2 5 AA Q 5 s 'A" BDA Q- - 'lf .. :.i:3:: ': " ' 1 i'1' ' , A L ., ,.,,.. Q , j K x X ff ek , X A N- A 1 ww S X ' :-' cn: .,,..,- Jr . ' I OFFICERS President .......,...,.. Roberta Hendrickson Vice-President .. . ...,.... Dick Robinson Secretary ..... ..,.. B etty Mattox Treasurer .. ,...,,,. ..... S tuart Traxler Advisers Miss Fly, Mr. Thom as Knot picturedl Senior History As our minds wander back through our high school days a crown of happy memories greets us. The thrill and excitement of our first weeks in high school . . . the good times we had at our Freshman round-up and mixer in spite of our half-belief in the tales told us by upper classmen of the horrors of initiation . . . our first high school Homecoming . . . our ambitious attempts not to be outdone on our float by the upperclassmen . . . our surprise that time could pass so quickly as did our Freshman and Sophomore years . . , a fun- packed funior year . . . the riotous enjoyment of "Hillbilly Courtship", our class play . . . our Wonderful prom, "The Top Hat Club" . . . Homecoming again . . . our float "King and Queen of Hearts' '... our Senior year and its achieve- ments . . . our hard work on the Arthurite . . . and our victorious Homecoming . . . the joy of winning first on our float and having our candidates win honors as king and queen. Yes, we enjoy our pleasant memories of Arthur High but We are also looking forward to the future with the Wish that our next four years may be spent as happily as were those in high school. 4414s Senior Class Officers SE IORS Robert Conlin Class Play 4, l7.l".A. 1, 4, FOOT- ball 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 2, 4, Commerce Club 3. Roberta Hendrickson F.1-l.A, 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Commerce Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President l, 2, President 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4. Patricia Conlin Chorus 4, Commerce Club Pep Club 4, F.H.A. 4. Doris Ann Hzmsen Band 2, 3, 4, Commerce Club 4, G.A.A, 1, 2, 3, 4, I-'.l-I.A. 1, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Class Play Pep Club 2, 3, Camera Club Class Play 4. 4: K152 Ioan Gaffney Class Play 4, F.H,A. 1, 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Dramatic Club 1: Pep Club 2. 3, G.A.A. l, 2, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Class Play 3, Speech Club 4. Iohn Haney F.F'.A. l, Dramatics Club 1, La- tin Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Class Play 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Cho- rus 3, 4: Commerce Club 3, 4, Speech Club 4, Robert Graham Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Class Play 3, Pep Club 2, Com- merce Club 3, 4. Iohn Krummel Chorus 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Co-Editor Annual, Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2, Dramaiic Club 1, Pep Club 2, 4: Com- merce Club 4, Track 2: Class Play 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Speech Club 4. we ,S IORS Francis Lacey Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l Speech Club 4. Delores Naugle F.H.A, 2, 3, Commerce Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Chorus 3: Cam- era Club 4. Peggy Leaiherman F.H.A. 2, Pep Club 2, Com- merce Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Camera Club 4. Nancy Pugsley Drarnatics Club 1, Pep Club 2, Latin Club 1, 2, G.A,A. 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4: Queen Candidate 2, Class Sec- reiary and Treasurer 2, Com- merce Club 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, CofEditor Annual, Speech Club 4. Marilyn Lowe F.l'l,A. 1, 2, 3: G.A,A, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Pep Club 2, Com- merce Club 2, 3. Richard Robinson Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Fooiball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Class President 1. 2, Class Vice-Pres- idenl 4, Latin Club l, 2, Com- merce Club 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, gin? Candidate 3, Class Play C169 Betty Maiiox C1.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, P.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Chorus 3: Secretary and Treasurer l, Secretary 4, Class Play 3, 4, Year Book Staff, Com- merce Club 3, 4 Queen Candi- date 1. Horace Romine Football 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Homecoming King 4: Track 3, 4, Commerce Club 3, 4, Class Play 3. SE IOR Stewart Traxler Class President 3: Football 2, 4, Class Treasurer 4. Marvin Shaw .F,A, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4, 'ootball 27 Basketball 2, Class 'lay 3, 4. Harlin Turner Band l, 2, 3, 4, Commerce Club 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club lg Year Book Staff, F.F.A. 1, Latin Club 3: Class Play 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Speech Club 4, Leonard Wilhelm Football 3, 4, Track 3, 45 Com- merce Club 3, Class Play 4. al7x Lydia Schlabach Chorus 3, 4, Secretary 35 Latin Club 3, 4, speech 4. Don Yutzy Fooiloall 4, Basketball 2, 3, 47 Track 2, 3, 4, King Candidate Z, Speech Club 4. Melvin Anglin Francis Blaudow I olm Blucker Iim Clark Iewell Blower David Conlin Buddy Dukeman Ichn Dukemcm Juniors Junior Class Officers OFFICERS President ..,......... Iohrmy Dukemcm Vice-President . . . ...,..... Iim Clcxrk Secreiary ...,, ..,.. F loellcr Phipps Treasurer . . . .......... Ioan Dippo Advisers Mr. Moms, Mrs. Thomas Juniors Ioan Dippo Delores Fifer Ronald Fults Roger Green Betty Hattabaugh Bill Honn Donald Keye Marjorie Krall lack Muttox Phyllis Molzen Charlotte Phillips lcmice Phillips Floellq Phipps lean Price Mildred Rich Myron Higgs Barbara Russell Doris Russell Ruth Shull Amold Shultz Wilma Snyder Hugh Stone Richard Von Lcmken Delores Watson Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers OFFICERS President .........,... Ruth Ann Odum Vice-President . . . , .... Clara Must Secretory ...,, ...,.. I oyce Lowe Treasurer . . ,.....,... . .Shirley Tyler Advisers Miss Smith, Mr. Mulkey Virginia Anglin Ann Beals Raymond Blasse Sophomores Sylvia Cox Ioan Dixon Dean Hendrickson Sammy Huber Maynard Knight Charles Lowder Bobby Lowder Ioyce Lowe Clara Mast Barbara Molzen Duane Oye ' Ruth Ann Odum Wayne Oye Eugene Parrott Iohn Pugsley Myra Rose Reeves Evelyn Riggs Evelyn Russell Wanda Scott Kay Taylor Bob Trower Shirley Tyler Dick Yulzy Ruben Yuizy Bussy Anglin Dick Baker Edwin Beachey lacob Becrchey Charles Bidding Ioan Burch Mary Burgess Murlean Campbell Freshmen Freshman Class Officers OFFICERS President .... ......,. Vice-President .... . . Secretory ..... Treasurer . . . . . Advisers Mr. Eldridge, Mr. . Phyllis Compton . .Delores Green Shirley Woods ..Herbie Rigg Lukoichik Freshmen Billy Clemmons Phyllis Compton Billy Cookson Dorothy Dean Evelyn Dean Norman Dearnbargez Iohn Fansler Wanda Field Everett Grant Lorena Grant Delores Green Norris Green' Kay Hall Bob Haney Roger Hoffman Charles Kroll Nancy Lacey Daniel Mast Larry Mcllnelly Roberta Miller Herbert Rigg Robert Riggs lames Russell Rodney Ryan Harold Sapp Shirley Shaw Charles Stone Barbara VonLanken Craig Watkins Neltie Webb Charles Wilhelm Shirley Wood Viola Yutzy Eighth Grade Lawrence Aschen-nann Bob Clemons Carol Combs Jackie Conlin Peier Conlin Kenneth Conlin Sue Craig Rodney Day Willie B. Dyer Eddie Fair Duane Gaffney lim Gaffney Io-Ellen Gibson Fred Gray Merril Harlin Mary Harlin Harold Helton Gerald Helton Virginia Gent Alice Iane Krummel Virginia Lowe Neil McDonald Geretla Phillips Harold Rich George Romine Charles Seaman Levi Schroclr Leroy Schalbach Eddie Srniih Bobby Tun-ner Betty VonLanken Kenneth Watkins Merle Wilhelm Freda Williamson Seventh Grade Bobby Baker Betty Binion Ralph Blaudow Wanda Bray Phyllis Collin Donnie Tyler Nancy Compion Richard Conlin Ioyce Cundiff Esther Dean Hugh Dowell Donnie Fair Connie Hall Denny Haney Marilyn Harden Wilbur Hatiabaugh Robert Helmuth Charlene Iocelyn Ianet Iurgens loyce Kroll Ralph Leaihermunn Kenneth Lowder lcmice Maycrof! Elizabeth McHose Wayne Naugle Fred Quick Clairellen Riggs Warren Robinson Ioan Ryan Da-raleen Ryan Carol Sexton Carol Stone David Clark lames Wilhelm Rose Young me iffi X j '55 '43 WW '5 xiii xx?-233, AV' x,! x"?4f 4759 XX Front row Cleft to rightl: Pugsley, Wilhelm, Trower, Muttox, Yutzy, Fults, Blaudow, Conlin, Romine, Watkins, Lowder. Second row: Coach Lukachik, Yutzy, Grant, Schultze, Traxler, Blaase, Robinson, Haney, Parrott, Turner, Coach Mulkey. Back row: Lowder, Clemons, Yutzy, Oye, Kroll, Ryan, Oye, Cookson, Conlin, Hendrickson, Knight. Football For the last few years Arthur's football team has not been too successful. This year We won a game, squeezing by Bethany in the first game of the season with a score of 13-12. Next year we should have a very good team. We lose a great deal in the line, such as Robinson, a fine offensive center and a better defensive line- backer. Wilhelm, at the right tackle position, was a very rough man for any opposition. Turner, for one year experience, turned out a very good year as left tackle. Traxler was laid out early in the year because of brain concussion, but did very Well the part he played. Romine, one of the all-around men on the team, played as guard and fullback and proved to be equally good at both positions. Don Yutzy is the only backfield man We will lose this year. He did a very fine job for his first year. Bob Conlin will be leaving a spot hard to fill. Arthur will have the familiar face of Fults, hard driving and hard hitting halfback. Mattox, Knight, Schultz will make up the rest of the backfield. Some of the returning linemen are Dick Yutzy at end, and a glue fingered pass receiver, and Blaudow, who did the punting, The rest of the line be made up of frosh and sophs. The boys who sit on the bench have to be remembered, also. Coach Lukachik is looking forward to a very good year and years to come. He says the boys have it if they will just put it out. e282 Q1 ""'-X E g xl 395 -. .avi sim 1 1 A :WY - 4 Front row, left to right: Davy Conlin, Dick Baker, Bill Honn, Don Yutzy, Francis Blaudow, Maynard Knight, lack Mattox, Dick Robinson, Dick Yutzy, Iohn Dukeman. Second row: Coach Lukachik, Manager Rueben Yutzy, Wayne Oye, Gene Parrott, Charles Lowder, Craig Watkins, Managers Bob Lowder, Iohn Pugsley, Coach Mulkey. Back row: Bob Haney, Iohn Blucker, Abe Grant, Roger Hallman, Rodney Ryan, Dean Hendrickson, Duane Basketball The basketball team got off to a slow start but after the third straight loss they opened the conference play with Newman. Going into the game with all odds against them the Knights proved themselves real champions by defeating the big Newman team 47 to 42 to take control of the Okaw Conference. After defeating Atwood they met Villa Grove, this ball game would decide who would be the leader of the conference. lt so happened that Villa Grove proved to have the edge by a narrow margin of two points and came out victorious 39 to 37. This game will long be remembered by local fans as one of the best games played on the home floor for several years. Oye, Bussy Anglin. Handicapped in height against Sullivan we received our worst defeat of the season, 42 to 27. As this goes to press we have five games remaining on our schedule. Even though our record stands at 6 wins and ll losses, that is no indication of the ball team we have. We have suffered all season by the lack of height but with speed we have it. Two hard driving guards such as Don Yutzy and Iohnny Dukeman added much to our team. We also benefitted from the center play of Francis Blaudow and Maynard Knight. Such sharp- shooters as Billy I-lonn and Dick Yutzy contributed to a fine showing. The return of lack Mattox who, suffering a broken arm wasn't with the team until after holidays, and the exceptional floor play of Dick Robinson were also factors which made for a very successful season. Weremember how Young America H. S. beat us 44 to 22 on our home floor and how we came back later in the season to defeat them 59 to 55 in an overtime period. Most of our games were close and exciting games. The boys displayed wonderful basketball, the type of basketball Coach Mulkey and all the followers were proud of. We were proud they wore the colors of our school. The squad will lose two seniors this year, Don Yutzy and Dick Robinson. They will be missed, but with a little height added we are looking forward to green pastures and a bright future for boys who love to play and who never say quit. Mx s I as K 5 N u :.'al QH79' , i n Wk? Q .ig , , 5 , . A, ,VU ,,Q,--- - ui? J ws .i ..... . VVVV We , 433 ' Q rar 3-, f " , ' 4' 1, ,31- sss' n , t s if .Q mf E f WM' 'Q M,-f ha N . ,... . 1 . in Q. , ,f W 3 if i Z- ,4- F mm Basketball Schedule Lost Won Town Score Opponent Score l ,. Arthur ... 30 Argenta . . ... . 39 l . . Arthur . , , 33 Lovington ....., 46 l .. Arthur Z2 Hume . .. 44 .. l Arthur ... 47 'Newman .., .. 42 . . l Arthur . . . 38 'Atwood . , . . . . . 32 l . . Arthur ,,. 37 'Villa Grove .. . . 39 l Arthur . .. 27 'Sullivan . . . . . 42 l Arthur 55 Bethany .,.... , 56 NIANTIC INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT l Arthur . . 40 Altamont , .... 44 l . . Arthur ,, . 48 'Monticello . . . . . 57 l . Arthur ,. . 39 'Arcola . ., . . , 56 , . l Arthur ,. . 59 Hume ...... . . 55lovertimeJ l Arthur ,. . 39 'Oakland . . , ,. 42 l Arthur . . . 53 Findlay ..., . . 48 l Arthur . . . 49 "Atwood .... ,, 48CovertimeJ OKAW TOURNAMENT l , Arthur 30 Sullivan ....., . 43 , l Arthur . . . 34 Lovington . , . . . 33 l 1 . . Arthur ... 27 'Sullivan M. .. 49 l Arthur ., . 55 Bethany .. , . . 54 . . 1 Arthur .. . 62 Arcola .. . .. 52 l . . Arthur .., 43 'Tuscola .,,. .. 59 l . , Arthur . .. Sl 'Oakland ..... . , 53 13 9 918 1,043 I ohnny Dukemcm Don Yutzy 13399 Track Arthur will miss the scoring of Dicks in the pole vault, McKnel- ly in the shotput and Lacey in the high jump. We look forward to seeing Captain Don Yutzy continue his stellar perform- ances in the dashes, pole vault and broad jump. Don was the leading scorer with 92-9f2U. His record of Z2 points in the triangular meet against New- man and Atwood. l-le won three firsts in the lUU, 220, 440 yard dashes and second in broad jump and a tie for first in the pole vault. We are indeed hap- py to have two fine distance men return to our track team, Wilhelm a.nd Dukeman. Romine will be a great threat in the broad jump as he showed steady improvement all season. Mattox and Knight will be back to add to their height in the high jump. We are expecting great hurdling from Blaudow, Stone, Yutzy, and Knight. Fults will be an improved dash man. With the increased interest in track we are looking forward to greater years in track at A.C.H.S. Frou! row, left to right: R, Yutzy, Fults, Oye, Parrott, Oye, Grant, Honn. Second row: D. Yutzy, Dukeman, Stone, Lacey, Shaw, R. Yutzy, Mattox, Mulkey. Back row: Blaudow, Knight, Bathe, McKnelly, Wilhelm, Dean, Dicks. 145 if ,xsmsss I iii Q34 , Q TA ' 1 wx 4 S Ei ' f'X 4 Second row. left to right: Myra Reeves, Barbara Molzen, Ioan Gaffney, Phyllis Compton, Doris Russell, Phyllis Molzen, lanice Phillips, Larry McNelly, Roberta Hendrickson, Io-Ellen Gibson, Doris Ann Hansen, Charlotte Phil- lips, Nancy Lacy. Front row, left to right: Ioan Dippo, Iewell Blower, Carol Sexton, Rog- er Hoftman, Kay Hall, Robert Graham, Marjorie Kroll, Nancy Pugsley, Betty Mattox, Shirley Woods, Evelyn Riggs, Shirley Ty- ler. In front: Carol Combs, Alice Iane Krummel, Connie Hall. We have a fifty-piece concert organ- ization With an enviable record of three consecutive state championships in Class D Competition. lt includes in its membership many soloists and ensem- ble groups as well as a fine marching unit. The organization is very active. This year: home football games, home basketball games, Villa Grove Pancake Festival, Charleston Band Day, Concert at Macon, exchange concert with Ar- cola, Christmas concert with chorus, Douglas County Music Festival, Moul- trie-Shelby Music Festival Spring Con- cert, Contest Activities. Concert Band Majorettes The maioreites are: Carol Combs. lane Krummel, and Connie Hull. Marching Band Top row, left lo right: Eddie Ma- son, Delores Watson, lohn Krum- mel, Arnold Schuliz, Bill Clemons, Dick Baker, Francis Lacey, Harlin Turner, Neil McDonald, Bobby Turner, Charles Eads, Third row, leh to right: Rodney Day, Hugh Dowell, Frieda Wil- liamson, lim Clark, Willie B, Dy- er, Billy Honn, Dick Robinson, Bobby Haney, Iobn Haney, Wan- da Field, Mary Frances Burgess, Don Tyler, Warren Robinson, Mr. Smith. Chorus Front row, left to right: Peggy Leatherman, Lydia Schlabach, Betty Hattcrbaugh, Evelyn Russell, Clara Mast, Wanda Scott, Shirley Shaw, Second row: Miss Menk, Shirley Tyler, Ioan Gaffney, Phillips, lean Price, Delores Watson, Ioan Dixon. Doris Ann Hansen, Phyllis Molzen. Ioan Dippo, Floella Phipps, Ianice Back row: Shirley Woods, Wanda Fields, Phyllis Compton, Barbara Molzen, Ruth Ann Odum, Sylvia Cox, Ann Beals, Roberta Hendrickson. Left to right: lohn Haney, lim Clark, Iohn Krummel, Dick Baker, Harlin Turner. The Chorus has had a very successful year under the instruc- tion of Miss Menk. lt cooperated with the band on or Christmas pro- gram. It also attended a music clinic at Charleston, participated in the Douglas County Music Fes- tival and in contest activities. The boys' group has taken part in all these activities. rthurite Staff The staff has worked hard this year to put out an annual. This is really the class year book. lt was produced almost entirely by the students themselves. Their advisers let them take the initiative in almost every instance. The revenue has come from noon concessions, a pop machine in the rec. room, as Well as a very successful circus. Of course the annual Senior Class Play was a great hit. They spent many days buzzing around town collecting advertising and selling subscriptions. Oh, those teachers that loved them when classes were interrupted for picture taking. lt was great fun. The staff hopes you think it has been worth their time and effort. The Staff and Helpers in Action YEARBOOK STAFF Left to right: Betty Mattox, feature editorg Don Yutzy, sports editor, Hczrlin Turner, business manager: Miss Fly, adviser, Iohn Krumrnel, co-eclitorg Mr. Nash, Year- book sponsorg Nancy Pugsley, co-editor. Front row. left to right: Doris Hansen, Doris Russell, Wilma Snyder, Floella Phipps, Mildred Rich, Ioyce Lowe, Shirley Shaw, Betty Mattox Roberia rlenarickson, Cnarlotte Phillips. Second row: Mrs Thomas, Ioan Dippo, Nettie Webb, Evelyn Dean, Delores Green, Iewell Blower, Barbara Russell, Evelyn Russell, Shirley Woods, Ann Beals, Myra Reeves, Marjorie Kroll Duck row: Viola Yutzy, Ianice Phillips, Roberta Miller, Mary Burgess, Phyllis Compton, Dorothy Dean. Ruth Ann Odom, Barbara Molzen, Phyllis Molzen, Virginia Anglin. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Arthur Chapter of the Future Home- makers of America is composed of students who are or have been enrolled in home eco- nomics classes, The chapter is affiliated with the state organization and last year was rep- resented at the state camp by Ruth Ann Odurn, Constructive programs and parties are planned and carried on throughout the year. The offi- cers for the year are: Mildred Rich, President, Floella Phipps, Vice-President, Ioyce Lowe, Treasurer, and Ioan Dippo, Secretary. Mrs. Thomas was the adviser. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Our officers are: fohn Blucker, President, David Conlin, Vice-President, Marvin Shaw Secretary, Charles Lowder, Treasurer, Dean Hendrickson, Representative, Francis Blauclow, Sentinel. The organization is very active, thanks to its active members. Last summer we went on a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, We attended the International Livestock Show in Chicago, and visited points of interest to farm boys. We had a fifteen-minute radio program on WLBH of Mattoon. We had boys' show at the sectional fair and at the Arthur Fair. Our popcorn machine at the ball games helped us make money, as Well as our minstrel show. As community service activities we test soils and seeds for local farmers. We are planning a big father and son banquet, We have also participated in the sectional and state judging contests. 1 Don Keye. Herbie Rigg. Front row. lelt to right Mr Thomas, Rodney Ryan Charles Lowder, David Con lin, fohn Blucker, Marvin Shaw, Dean Hendrickson Second row: lohn Fansler Norriss Greene, Craig Wat kins, Bob Conhn, Francis Blaudow, Arnold Schultze Front row, left to right: loan Dixon, Ioyce Lowe, Myra Reeves, Mildred Rich, Roberta Hendrickson, Char- lotte Phillips, Ann Beals, Kay Taylor, Betty Mattox, Miss Smith. Second row: Marilyn Lowe, Evelyn Russell, Shirley Woods, Evelyn Riggs, Delores Watson, lanice Phillips, Delores Greene, loan Gallney, Dons Ann Hansen, Back row: Nettie Webb, Esther Dean, Phylliss Compton, Dorothy Dean, Ruth Ann Odurn, Barbara Molzen, Sylvia Cox, Wanda Scott, Nancy Pugsley, Virginia Anglin. THE GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The GAA has had a very active program this year under the guidance of Miss Smith. The noon hour tournaments have meant much to their health. The girls have become quite skillful in their athletic pursuits. Their officers were: Ioan Gaffney, presidentg Roberta Hen- drickson, vice-presidentg Kay Taylor, secretary, Delores Watson, treasurer, Ann Beals, record- ing secretary. COMMERCE CLUB One of the largest and more active clubs in our school this year was the Commerce Club. Composed of commerce students, its purpose was the promotion of interest in commercial studies. Among its activities were a theater party and a dance. Officers for the year were: fohn Krummel, presidentg Delores Watson, vice- president, Betty Mattox, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Monts was the sponsor of the group. Front raw, lelt to right: Mildred Rich, Doris Hansen, Delores Naugle, Peggy Leatherman, lewell Blower, lean Prices, Floella Phipps, Phyllis Mulson, Ioan Dippo. Second row: Robert Graham, Delores Watson, Ioan Gattney, Ianice Phillips, Pat Conlin, Nancy Pugsley, Charlotte Phillips, Betty Mattox, Bert Hendrickson, Mr. Monts. Buck raw: John Haney, Roger Greene, Melvin Anglin, Harlm Turner, Dick VonI.anken, Hugh Stone, Stuart - Traxler, Dick Robinson, Iohn Krummel, Myron Riggs. E CLUB L A T I N CLUB Fxon row, leh to right: Ioan Dixon, Kay Taylor, Ann Beals, Charlotte Phillips, Delores Watson, Shirley Tyler. Baclilixowi Lydia Schlahach, lohn Haney, Ronnie Fults, David Conlin, Buddy Dukeman, Evelyn Rigg, rs, ias. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club has furthered the study of the Romance lauguages. They had a Christ- mas party at Iohn Honeys and went caroling. Mrs. Kias was adviser. Officers were: presi- dent, Ioan Dixon, secretary-treasurer, Shirley Tyler. CAMERA CLUB A new organization in our school life is the Camera Club. lts purpose is to promote inter- est in photography as a hobby. The members have been busy building a darkroom. They have had snapshot contests. Richard Von Lan- lfen is president, Iohn Krummel, vice-president, Ioan Gaffney, secretary, and Iim Clark, treas- urer. Mr, Eldridge is group adviser. C .A AA E R .A CLUB Front row, leh to right: Delores Naugle, Ioan Gaiiney, Peggy Leatherman, Doris Hansen, Iean Price. Second row: Mr. Eldridge, Dick VonLanken, Melvin Anglin, Raymond Blasse, Iohn Krummel. Back row: Charles Kroll, Iim Clark, Roger Greene, Myron Riggs, Robert Lowder. x421b Front row, left to right: Leonard Wilhelm, Pat Conlin, Ioan Gaffney, Miss Menk, Nancy Pugsley, Lydia Schlabach, John Krummel. Back row: Iohn Haney, Harlin Turner, Francis Lacey, Dick Robinson, Stuart Traxler, Don Yutzy. CLUB SPEECH CLUB THE VARSITY CLUB A new organization in our school-the Another new club is the Varsity Club. Or- Speech Club-endeavored to promote interest ganized with Mr. Mulkey and Mr. Lukachik as in speech through debating, round table dis- advisers. lt is for lettermen. Leonard Wilhelm cussions, and oral papers. is president. CLUB Front row, left to right: Francis Blaudow, Don Yutzy, lack Mattox, Maynard Knight, Ronnie Fults, Bob Trower, Hugh Stone, Dick Yutzy, Dick Robinson. Second row: Coach Mulkey, Charles Lowder, Gene Parrott, Bch Conlin, Leonard Wilhelm, Raymond Blasse, Iohn Dukeman, Coach Lukachik. Back row: Abe Grant, Dean Hendrickson, Arnold Schultz, Davy Conlin, Craig Watkins, Billy Clemons, Horace Romine, Stuart Traxler, Bob Conlin. Q 43 5 CLUB Front row, left to right: Ruth Shull, Nancy Lacey, Red Filer, Ioyce Lowe, Evelyn Russell, Myra Reeves, Ann Beals, Ioan Dixon, loan Galtney. Second row: Floella Phipps, Wanda Fields, Dorothy Dean, ,Evelyn Riggs, Barbara Russell, Ruth Ann Odum, Peggy Leatherman, Shirley Wood, Doris Hansen, Third row: Marilyn Lowe, Delores Naugle, Lydia Schlabach, Pat Conlin, Betty Maitox, Nancy Pugsley, Bert.l-Iendrickson, Kay Taylor, Phyllis Compton, Millv Rich, Mr, Mulkey. Back row: Virginia Anglin, Iohn Krummel, Iim Clark, Dick VonLanken, Leonard Wilhelm, Harlin Turner, Stuart Traxler, Miss Smith. THE PEP CLUB V The Pep Club was organized to help im- prove school spirit. Guided by Mr. Mulkey and Miss Smith, the group did much to improve our cheering section at the games. SENIOR PLAY Miss Fly Was the director of this play. She did an exceptionally fine job, The play was a rollicking farce in three acts. Its characters included: Dick Heatherby-a young college professor .............. '. . ,lohn Krurnrnel Susan, his Wife ......,.......,.. loan Gaffney Buddy Chalmers, a football player .....,....,...... . ,Harlin Turner Babs Boswell, Buddy's girl-friend .....,..... Roberta Hendrickson l-lillington Ross, an old admirer of Susan's ......,.......... Dick Robinson Diana Mayfield, an old sweetheart of Dick's .................... Betty Mattox Violet, the cook ..,,,....,.. Doris Ann Hansen Cyclone, Violets "little" brother. . .fohn Haney Aunt Cordelia Quackenbush, Dick's wealthy aunt ,...,......... Nancy Pugsley lim Donovan, Susan's quick-tempered father .........,,..,.......... Bob Conlin Mike, a hospital attendant. . .Leonard Wilhelm lke, another one ...,...,..,,... Marvin Shaw Stage Crew Horace Romine, Stuart Traxler Front row. left to right: Iohn Krummel, Doris Hansen, Betty Mattox, Nancy Pugsley, Ioan Gallney, Bert Hendrickson, Harlin Turner. Back row: Marvin Shaw, Horace Romine, Leonard Wilhelm, Bob Conlin, Stuart Traxler, Dick Robinson, Iohn Haney. PLAY AND QUEEN OUR KING The happy expressions on "Bert" ond "l-Iort" reflect the joyous spirits of their senior clorssmotes when they sow their condidotes crowned Homecoming King ond Queen, Football cdptoin Ronnie Fults presided at the coronortion of Roberto ce Romine. Hendrickson ond Hora The Attendants 6462 Ioan Dippo Davey Conlin Dick Yutzy I can Dixon Dorothy Dean Bill Clemons What a Day The sun was shining. lt was a grand day for Homecoming. The floats were all very beautiful and showed much hard Work on the part of the students. Senior float won first, then came the Iunior, Sophomore, and Freshman, second, third, and fourth. The game, though lost, was an example of the true fighting spirit of our boys. The dance Was really smooth. Then came that crowning event, the Coronation. e472 These students were chosen b Student THE D.A.R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD Betty Mattqx was chosen by the seniors and faculty as the school's good citizen on the basis of the following qualities: Dependability - Truthfulness - Honesty - Punctuality - Serv- ice - Cooperation - Helpfulness - Responsibility - Leadership - Personality - Self Control - Ini- tiative - Patriotism - Unselfish Loyalty to American ldeals. y the student body and teachers because of their outstanding abilities. Throughout the entire school year they have been active in rnany phases of school lite and are indeed representative of the progressive spirit of the youth of our school. Iohn Krummel Q 48 2 Leaders OUTSTANDING STUDENT, MOST POPULAR GIRL . . . Roberta Hendrickson FOOTBALL CAPTAIN. MOST POPULAR BOY . . . Ronnie Fulis YEAR BOOK CO-EDITOR . . Nancy Pugsley YEAR BOOK CO-EDITOR, OUTSTANDING MUSICIAN . Iohn Krummel Roberta Hendrickson Nancy Pugsley 1 x49v Ronnie Fulis Senior Prophecy I am the "Spirit of the Class of 1950" I have watched over this group now for many years. just yesterday, December 3, l97O, one of the class members joined me in my celestial palace and now we are preparing for a trip around the world to revisit his old classmates. Yes, Marvin Shaw has come to his reward. The Pest Exterminator Company finally got him. Won't you climb on a cloud and join us in our journey? Down we drift toward earth. Look down there at that fertile farm land. Why, that's Bob Conlins farm and theres Dr. Robert Graham, veterinarian, working on some of Bobs sick sows. Going on we see a snappy looking trailer whizzing along the highway. Thats the home of Ioan Gaffney. Shes happily married to a traveling account- ant. Walking along the same road we see a ragged, dirty, ill-dressed but happy bum, Leonard Wilhelm. Hes enjoying a life of ease. Our cloud carries us over that little city of Arthur. As we drift over one backyard we see a clothesline sagging under the weight of sixteen children's clothes. Roberta Hendrickson's abode, no doubt. We revisit our old alma mater. In the Social Science department we find Doris Hansen teaching. She's well liked by all her inmates. A new section is being added to the city, Lacey Acres. Francis Lacey has laid out and is building the beautiful section. Dick Robinsons funeral home is doing a thriving business here with the able assist- ance of Dr. Lydia Schlabach, who is practicing in Arthur. Our cloud flies away and soon we're in the nation's capital. Floating by a hotel window we see Nancy Pugsley. Shes here to accept nomination to become our first woman President. Interviewing her is that ace-on-the-spot reporter, Pat "Brenda Starr" Conlin. The largest church in the world is being dedicated here tomorrow. We park our cloud on the high spire and look down to see john Krummel who serves as janitor in this high ecclesiastical structure. john seems very happy in his church work. As our cloud drifts away from Washington, D. C., out over the Atlantic we see a gigantic ocean steamer returning from Europe. Theres Peggy Leathermann, well-known Met opera star. She's been singing the lead in the opera of that well-known composer, john Haney. The opera is "Salome and Bye." Also on the ship is Horace "Roamin' " Romine. Hes returning from a lion hunt in Africa. He captures wild animals and brings them back for Delores Naugle's big wild animal show. Shes a very proficient animal trainer. Our cloud is drifting into "Gay Paree." We pass over the world famous beauty salon of Mademoiselle Marilyn Lowe. Paris has simply gone mad over her American hair styles. Theres Betty Mattox, famous actress, getting a beauty treatment. Our cloud leaves the earth and we are heaven bound. OOPS! What's that thing that just whizzed by? Its a rocket. Don Yutzy, wealthy playboy, is financing rocket trips to the moon. Stewart Traxler is chief engineer. There among the passengers is Harlin "jack Benny" Turner, well-known comedian. The people here on earth don't respond to his humor so he thought he would try the ones on the moon. With that we leave my charges behind. I hope you have enjoyed the trip. Q SO 2 X 4 14, 'fn -K lgvgfwr mm 1, 'Fm 5 1 , 'fa "5 z", A .AM :P if 'JQM7 5' s ' ' 51 N-.K , ' s K.. 'TA E Qs MH 9 .,-""' -ig, i Q ug, X if rf Af' ' 3 , 2' , 1 , ' , 5 fl 1 ads: J f I ,-f K Q ,. , f R 1 ,is- ,, .:,'," Q -,2,.m- W ski K KP . 5 s CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF FIFTY 53 C523 l I all thy w y knowledge Him, and He shall direct thy p thsf'-Proverbs 3 :6. CIO THE ARTHUR IVIINISTERIAI. ASSOCIATION 6 Congratulations to the Class of '50 ARTHUR LUMBER COMPANY Phone 32 Arthur, Illinois Exclusive Sales Representatives for: 9 HOTPOINT ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 0 GENERAL ELECTRIC Radios and Record Players 0 PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS Paint and Glass 0 THOMAS MOULDING - ASPHALT FLOOR TILE 0 FLINTCOTE CO. Plastic Paint and Varnish 0 TYLAC WALL PRODUCTS ' UNITED STATES GYPSUM CO. Plaster-Sheetrock-Rocklath-Weatherwood .KEASBEY AND MATTISON Asbestos Siding-Asbestos Wallhoard 9 HUTTIG SASH AND DOOR-MILLWORK 3 BRUCE REFINISHED HARDWOOD FLOORING Literature on New Homes and Remodeling Is Yours for the Asking e57:v CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS 0 OIL EQUIPMENT DIVISION ' Truck Tanks 3 Tank Trailers 9 Storage Tanks U Milk Bodies 0 Bread Bodies FUNERAL DIVISION ' Complete Line of Caskets ' Air-Seal Burial Vaults . Prefabricated Houses O PROGRESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Arthur, Illinois oonooleeuoooooooe 58 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '50 May success and happiness be yours in accordance with the efort you put forth to attain them. . . The very best of wishes to each and every one of you and may the years that are before you be full of happiness and contentment. WHOOPY'S CAFE QSQX Ph CORNWELL TRUCKING SERVICE Congratul o the Class of '50 A. H. CORNWELL LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING C mpliments of "DICK" CORNWELL PHOSPHATE AND LIMESTONE SPREADING Phone 81 Arthur, Illino 6 one 349 Arthur, Illino Compliments of STATE BANK OF ARTHUR Arthur, Illinois Member of Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. C. "We Encourage Systematic Thriftv START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN OUR BANK TODAY AND ADD TO IT EACH WEEK OR MONTH SUGAR CREEK CREAMERY COMPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid For MILK AND CREAM Phone 28 Arthur, Illinois 61 BEALS OIL COMPANY PHONE 66 ARTHUR, ILLINOIS Best Wishes to the Class of '50 ARTHUR IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Quality Farm Equipment ARTHUR GRAIN COMPANY Grain, Feed, Seed, and Custom Grinding 0. L. Wetherell C. J. Aschermann S. L. Wetherell J. E. Pat Arthur, Illinois Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '50 DELBERT'S CAFE PHONE 26 ARTHUR, ILLINOIS E A D S Your Happy Hour Store DRY GOODS - GROCERIES - MEATS FOOD LOCKERS Phones: 24 and 25 Arthur, Illinois Congratulations to the Class of '50 Clark J. Eads Charles S. Keeney Charles E. Oye PHOTOGRAPHS by SPIETH STUDIO Olney, Illinois LET YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE BE YOUR GREATEST ASSET "If your clothes are not becoming to you they should be coming to us.', DAY? CLEANERS Member National Institute of Cleaning and Dyeing 1 Phone 2231 Atwood, lll CONGRATULATIONS TURNER'S to the CLASS OW, CAFE AND TAVERN S Best Wishes and Good Luck Call Us for Results of All Sports PHONE 17 Service With a Smile Phone 27 . 5 VAUGHN HOKE AND HARRER RADIO 8 ELECTRIC SHOP F000 STQRE ' uw., Sem Everything W., Sem E Buy With Confidence Meats and Groceries FRIGIDAIRE MAYTAG ' PH1Lco YOUNGSTOWN and GENEVA A G d Pl T d ' KITCHENS oo ace to ra e , E Phone 353 Arthur, Ill. 446557 DEAN BROS. NOFREY BROS. GARAGE TRUCKING SERVICE l S Dealers in 3 Q Q CONGRATULATIONS ' OLDSMOBILE CARS To The Class Of '50 S G.M.C. TRUCKS Arthur, Illinois g Bumper to B lmper Car Service il? 'lr if THE ARTHUR GRAPHIC-CLARION ASCHERMANN MOTOR COMPANY Your Home Town YOUR FORD DEALER Newspaper E , g Phone 214 S Arthur Illinois W. C. Hays, Editor and Publisher g : A A af OOOOOOOOOOOOOQIO 66 Our Sincerest Good Wishes to the CLASS OF '50 FLEMING AUTO COMPANY Phone 92 Arthur, Illinois Your Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer S Serving You Since 1919 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '50 We Wish You a Long, Happy Life 5 May God Bless You : FACTORY SALES, INC. E Greg Fitzj errald Clair Fitzjerrald . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Vernon Rohrer CC D R. M. THOMAS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING "See Norge Before You Buyv A Thrifty Store for Thrifty People We wish to extend the compliments of our entire organization GOOD LUCK, '50 The BEN FRANKLIN STORE G. H. Stock M. E. Dippo Arthur, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '50 HARRY S JO WARE ROSZELL'S ICE CREAM BENSON Distributing Company WHOLESALE CONFECTIONS FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES Congratulations to the Seniors 14-64 E. Cantrell Decatur, Ill. E 0 s 0 I c o 0 0 I 0 c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I I 0 0 0 0 o 4468: SUNSHINE STORE AND HATCHERY WAYNE FEEDS FIELD SEEDS Seed Processor - Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances Congratulations to the Class of '50 Carter Odum, Manager Mullikin M W Nation Wide Service Groceries, Vegetables, Meats ICE CREAM FROZEN FOODS ICE Jewelry - Notions Arthur, Illinois Phone 68 I.IIIOOCO......l.O.......OI.'.......l.......llll Ohnesorge Service Station Your One Stop Station COMPLETE SERVICE We Make Service Calls Congratulations Arthur 4-3 Compliments of M. 5 J. STOCK SHOE STORE Phone 230 Arthur Coal 8 Feed Co. Dealers in Eastern Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia Coal ARTHUR ILLINOIS F. H. Huckleberry, Owner C. H. Hoffman, Mgr. O...U...O'.f.U..lll.Ol....'..'.. Best Wishes to the Class of '50 ARTHUR CLEANERS Quality Service Phone 55 CONSUMER'S COAL CO. COAL - PAINT Congratulations to the Class of '50 Phone 221 Arthur, Ill. HEERDT'S BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduates BRAD'S JEWELRY, GIFTS, APPLIANCES Radios, Oil Burners, Stokers and Records Established 1915 Phone 33 Arthur, Ill. HIGHWAY MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS Open Evenings Phone 65 Best Wfishes to the Class of 950 Built-Rite Manufacturing Company Phone 57 Arthur, Illinois e69w CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of 550 HUMMY'S BARBER SHOP J. E. MASON HARDWARE Distributors of Such Quality Products as Shaw Burners Sherwin-Williams Paints Crosley Refrigerators Magic Chef and Skelgas Stoves SINCLAIR SHOE REPAIR BEST WISHES To The Class of Fifty COMB SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Congratulations to the Class of '50 FOR THE BEST IN INSURANCE Visit the HOOD AGENCY HH. HJOEH ffBoB" CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of '50 HONN'S DELICATESSEN KNOBLOCH SERVICE STATION Opposite Grade School Phone 56 O S Goodyear Batteries, Tires and Tubes 0 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 702 Sinclair Gas and Oil CHARLES GIBSON 3 I want to thank you for your last 50 years of patronage Dawson's Apparel Shoppe Arthur, Illinois THE ANSWER To Every Girl's Wardrobe Problem Congratulations to the Graduates Grantham's Drug Store Compliments of Riley's Clothing Store Men's and Boys' Clothing Phone 6 Arthur, Ill. E SMOOTH TRAVELING ON THE ROAD AHEAD CLASS OF '50 LAMAR THEATER CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '50 ARTHUR STUDIOS 2 Your D-X Tank Wagon Dealer Owned and Operated by WILLARD K. YODER Phone 1042 Arthur, Illinois 44712 Best Wishes, Class of 350 SULLIVAN DAIRY Manufacturers of Pasteurized Milk Products LEO KRUMMEL I 0 0 0 Phone 253 Arthur, Illinois E Armour's Beauty Salon New - Modern Hair Styling and Permanents Phone 3251 Arthur, Ill SUNSHINE DAIRY Pasteurized Dairy Products Phone C. 0. Taylor 24-5 Compliments of Churchill Manufacturing Company GALESBURG ILLINOIS Makers of TRANS-I-LAC FLOOR SEALER SEALS The first step toward a PRESERVES practical, economical PROTECTS floor program FLOORS Penetrates deeply USE ON Seals permanently WOOD Protects from wear, CONCRETE from stains and moisture CORK Foundation for waxing MASTIC Will not darken Sales Representative R. M. CORBETT Arthur, Illinois Q7Zab M c C O R M I C K Sales and Service INTERNATICNAL TRUCKS H. L. PHILLIPS Phone 5 Arthur, Illinois Moultrie-Douglas Farm Equipment Co. YOUR CASE DEALER Case Tractors and Implements Farmer's Friend Corn Dump Jacobsen Lawn Mowers D. Moses, Mgr. Phone 216 Arthur, Illinois l Schrock's Cabinet Shop Compliments of E Manufacturer of Kitchen Cabine E Standard Sizes or Built to 3 Your Specifications M FORMICA SINK TOPS E Call for Free Estimate COCA-COLA BOTTUNG fm 'fffff ....................... if ff? ' co., INC. HAl.l.'S CRAFTS MHUOOUQ Illil10iS Designers and Builders 5 Phone 395 Arthur, Il BEST WISHES TO THE "NIFTY '50S" JOHNS-MANVILLE HOME INSULATIGN COMPANY B. D. OSBORN ll E Compliments of OUR SINCEREST BEST WISHES 5 FOR YOUR FUTURE E 5 THE RE-NU COMPANY 5 Arthur, Ill. Phone 2071 E BUILT-UP ROOF S COATINGS CAULKING : Personalized Service FUNERAL HOME J. R. WATKINS Engravings furnished by CAPITOL ENGRAVING CO. SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS e75v l l Qt W sf' 4? f G '5f371lI""m 1 Zta IF OUR PRIDE IS SHOWING! For 45 years Huston-Patterson Corporation has been pro- ducing fine high school and college yearbooks . . . bools which have won honors in competitive showings and many expressions of appreciation from gratified clients. But, since a 1949 annual produced in our plant took FIRST place in competition with entries from FORTY-ONE states, we think we may be pardoned if our pride begins to show. We're not too proud, however, to give a large share of credit to the school's staff and faculty advisors. Such suc- cess never would come without the long hours of pains- taking care they devoted to the preparation of copy and layout. Yes, in the final analysis, it's co-operation that counts. Teamwork spells achievement in printing as well as on the football field or basketball court. Co-operation, teamwork-they are words which through too frequent use may have lost some of their meaning. But here at Huston-Patterson we still strive to give them their full import and significance in our yearbook printing as well as in all other phases of our business. HUSTON - PATTERSON CORPORATION 365 North Main Street Decatur, Illinois AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS gi 4 if .gig A1,, . AHHQQ wg AQ J W f 'V aj g,f5gg - , - :MZ y...f.,..Q'p A J 1- ' Q 2 X f QV' :V ji, X Y J ar La... Q g S if ' W X K 'ig wf,K 2 X Q xg, w2 m 41 , 2 1 1 2 s P I 5 vivi 1 .f f,-4,1 -. Q , :1S.:1,., 5 A-wk' - . ,, , f- H .. 111 A k f - Q w1f,Qv1Nu--2 on .X-rwisixiiV1vww'1x4,xz+r'f1fS:c:11iKw4'fxg1a,..m

Suggestions in the Arthur Township High School - Arthurite Yearbook (Arthur, IL) collection:

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1950, pg 72

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