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I'-i-'i' us 4 I am your book, and it is my every Wish that I bring back to you friends, compan- ions, joys, sorrows, and inspirations in this -your carefree, happy part of your life. You Will look back at me and realize what you did or what you could have done, as the case may be, in these few short years of your youth. I hope that you will take me as part of you With fond remembrance through the years to come. Mamma Ola R. Fleming, a member of the Board of Education for twelve years, was a man whose sincere appreciation of the finer qualities in life, Won for him the admira- tion of all. Mr. Fleming was Village Clerk for thirty years, and had successfully oper- ated the Fleming Garage since l9l9. I-le was a man of great initiative, keen fore- sight, and possessor of a radiant person- ality. The school and community seem equally at a loss Without his presence, and as Emerson so aptly expressed it: "All things through thee take nobler form And look beyond the earth, The mill-round of our fate appears A sun-path in thy worth." lack Monts 4472 .felbifiom Pu ' '4 Gffwe I have no doubt that you have found me, on occasions, an obnoxious perfectionist. I do not believe in doing any performance unless it is well done. Precise organization and execution are vital to success. I have tried to instill this same idea of perfection in each and every one of you. I want you to be consistently dissatisfied with your high school, your administration, and yourself - ever keeping in mind that the elimination of weaknesses will contribute much toward love, beauty, self-reliance, courage, and a host of other attributes not measured in money alone. If this sounds like too disagreeable an idea, please remember that it is possible to remain relatively pleasant, even though constantly discon- tented. Sincerely, CWW W7f6!f CYHWZBW H 4487: Lelah Allison English. History Bild., Illinois State Nozmal Uni- versityg M.A., University ot Mrs- SOUH Mayor: English, Speech Minor: History Esther Diel Mathematics, Physical Education B Ed , Eastern State Teachers College Major. Mathematics Minor: Latin, Biology lack A. Monts Commerce Bffd., Eastern State 'I'eacher's College Major: Commerce Minor: Social Science Delores Ochs Home Economics B. S, Millikin University Major: Home Economics Minor: Science Willis E. Smith Band B.FId., Northern Illinois State Teacher's College BMus., Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity Manor: Musmc Minor' Mathematics Bertha Barker BA, Butler Univt--isity, M A, Uni versity ot Illinois Major: Social Science Iohn LaFief General Science, Biology. Chemistry B.I7fd, Southe ri Illinois Normal IlI:no1s State Normal Moior: Biology Minor: Chemistry, Illiysics Claude Neville Chemistry. Coach. Mathematics A. B,, Umversiiy ol Illinois lvl A, University ol Illinois: Major: Mathematics Minot: Science Mildred Skcxmenca English. Latin A Fl, Evansville College MA., Universitv of Illinois Maiori English, Latin Minor: Fiencli Lucien Wise Agriculture BS., University ot Illinois Mayor: Agriculture Minor: Science Bamcfafg ' C1Yde BGCIIS George EFHS1 Horrold Hendrickson Don Howell CAppointed to comp1ete 1945-1946 1945-1946 1941-1946 the unexpired term of , O10 Flemingl Perry Knobloch Gottfried Stock D. G, Wotkins, 1937-1946 Secretory President 1941-1946 1945-1946 OUR HELPERS Gront Binengor Burgess Holrden Mc1de1ine Smith Custodian Bus Driver Secretory Qlflx n f. M' . ,, I 5, V, ,V i 5 2? TH .M M, 5 di., Af, .1 Y 'k w rj' . ,lf iff Y. M x 23 I 6444434 ' wzfwml 11 A3 ff , ' f7f,'131'f" K' V - N211 gf 'AL AND ,M 7 VV- fjfgf W M,,+,,, 1 nv , Beachy, Perry Football 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Com. Club 45 Band l, 2, 35 Latin Club 1 Borders, Donald Football 2, 3, 45 F.A.A. 2, 35 Com Club 2, 3, 45 Arthurian Stall 4 Davenport, Fern lr. Class Play 3, Pep Club 15 D a- matic Club l, 2, 35 Com. Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Homecoming Queen 4, GAA. l, 2, 3, 4 Dukeman, Mary Ann Home EC 1, 25 Pep Club lg Com. Club 3, 45 C1.A A, l, 2, 3, 4 Ellison, Robert Basketball 3, 45 Football 25 Com. Club 2, 3, PFA, l, 2, 3, 4 enicwi Blaase, Ioan Ir. Class Play 35 Sr. Class Play 1 Dramatic Club Play 15 Dramati Club 1, 2, 35 Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 1 Pep Club 15 Com. Club 2, 3, 1 Vice-Pres. Class 35 Queen Candic ate 25 Arthurian Stall 45 Arthurit Staff 45 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 1 C1 NA. l, 2, 3, 4 Canfield, Mary Ellen Ir. Class Play 35 Sr. Class Play Z Dramatic Club 25 Home Ec, 1, 2 I 45 Pep Club lg Com. Club 2, S Band l, 2, 3, 45 Arthurian Stall 1 C1.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Dicks, Wallace Com. Club 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 4: Trac 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Footba' 3, 45 Arthurite 45 Arthurian 45 Clas Pres. 35 Transfer from Broadlancf Dukemcm, Maudine Home Rc. 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 15 Corr Club 3, 45 GAA. 1, 2, 3, 45 Ii Class Play 35 Sr. Class Play 4 Haney. Gene Ir. Class Play 35 Sr. Class Play 1 Dramatic Club Play lg Hornecomini Play 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Con' Club 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Lati Club 1, 25 Arthurian Ed. 45 A. 'l H. S. Squire Stall 2, 35 Arthuril Stall 4 Helm. K. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Com. Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Vice-President Class l, 2, Track l, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Hoke. Gene Basketball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Ir, Class Play 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Dramatic Club Play l: Homecom- ing Play l, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, Pep Club I, Com. Club 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Ar- thurian Spt, Ed. 4, Arthurite Asst. Ed 4, A.T.l-I.S, Squire l, 2, 3 Karr. Kenneth Basketball 4, Football 4, Ir Class Play 3, Dramatic Club 3, Com. Club 4, Band 3, 4, Class Pres., 4, Secy. 3, Transfer from Seymour bye, :Sie Dramatic Clsulbfl, 2, 3, Home Ec, l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Glub 1, Com. Club 2, 3, 4, Candidate tor Queen 1, G. A A. l, 2, 3, 4 Rich. Keith Com, Club 2, 3, PPA. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hendrickson. Edgar Football l, 3, 4, Ir. Class Play 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Dramatic Club Play l, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, Pep 5Ilgb3l,4Com. Club 2, 3, 4, F.F.A Honn, Phyllis Ir. Class Play 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Homecoming Play 3, Dramatic Club Play 2, Home Ec. Play 2, Pep Club I, Com. Club 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Arthurian Staff 4, Arthurite 4, C1.A.A. l, 2, 4 Kroll, Helen Com. Club 2, 3, Home EC, 1, 2, 3, 4, Arthurian 4, D.amatic Club 2, 3 Oye, William Football l, Homecoming Play 3: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, Pep Club l, Com, Club 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 4, Arthurite Stall 4 Rigg, Howard Ir. Class Play 3, Class Vice-Pres. 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secy, 3, Com. Club 2, 3, 4, Arthurian 4, Arthurite Ed 4 Ryan. Marjorie lr, Class Play 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Dramatic Club Play 1, Home EC Plav 2: Pep Club lg Com. Club 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Class Pres. 1: Spamsh Club 2, 3: Queen 3: Arthurtan 4: Arthurite 45 G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Somm, Norma Iean Sr, Class Play 4: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3: G.A,A. l, 2, 3, 4: Com. Club 3, 4: Pep Club lg Arthurlte 47 Arthurlan 4 Suhl, Iuanita Com, Club 3: Home Ec 2, 3, 4: Band l, il, 3, 4: Arthurian 4 Von Lanken, Duane Com, Club 3, 45 PPA. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officers and Advisers Left to Right: Mr. Warner, Ad- viser, Martin Stock, Treasur- er, Kenneth Karr, President, Eugene Hake, Secretary: Howard Rigg, Vice-Presi- dent, Mr. l..aFiet, Adviser. Seniau Shaw, Marjorie Sr. Class Play 4: Home Ec. 1, 3, 4 Pep Club l: Com. Club 3, 4: Bam 1, 2: Spanish 2, 3: Arthurian Stal 4: Arthurite Stall 4 Stock, Martin Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4 F.F.A. 1: Spanish Club 2, 3: Conf Club 3, 4, Class Pres. 2: Sec. Treas. ly Treas. 4 Suhl. Phyllis Com Club 3: Home EC. 2, 3, 1 Band l, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 1 Arthurian 4 Watson, Doris Home EC. Club ls G,A.A-1, 2, 2 Com. Club Z, 3: Band l, 2, 3 i-ww amz af ,cz payee: swf' Our four years as members of A. T. H. S. seem like one long day. How- ever, like any day, night and the inevitable end must come. Shall we glimpse into the past? As Freshmen, the officers to guide our "wayward steps" were Marjorie Ryan, president, K. Helm, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer, Martin Stock. Gur advisers were Miss Snow and Miss Wildi. Ioan Blaase was chosen as freshman cheerleader and Margie Oye was nominated as a candidate for homecoming queen. Our' athletes, Gordon Galbreath and Robert Hendrick- son, won letters in basketball. We certainly proved to the student body that our class was not "green" Strengthened by transfers of Wallace Dicks and Donald Borders, our second year was studded with the narrow defeat of Ioan Blaase for queen, scholastic achievements, participation in every field of athletics, and activity in dramatics. Martin Stock, president, K Helm, vice-president, and David Wise, secretary-treasurer, were our able leaders along with the assistance of Mr. Glascock and Mr. Monts. Last year we were "jolly juniors," and what a year! Homecoming found Marjorie Ryan ascending the throne as queen. Our' play netted that needed cash for the "big event"-the Prom. After weeks of planning and hard work, the seniors wer'e feted to a royal feast and a dance fnuff said about thatl. However, "The Chinese Temple Garden" was very attractive. Wallace Dicks, president, and his corps of officers floan Blaase, Vice-president, and Martin Stock, secretary-treasurer! falso Miss Palmer and Mr. LaFief, advisersl marked the end of a very success- ful school year. This year, our last, has quickly disappeared before us. Kenneth Karr, presidentp Howard Rigg, vice-president, Gene Hoke, secretary, and Martin Stock, treasurer, fwho says men are scarce?J were our choice for class officersp Mr. Warner and Mr. La Fief, our advisers. Such events as the election of Fern Davenport as homecoming queen which, incidentally, was the first time a class succeeded inglpglacing two queens in office in successiong the capturing of first place forrupur superb float "Senior Sweetheart," and our laugh-fest, the senior class play, "Brother Goose" has added brilliance to our history. The completion foffitthe l-946 Arthurite, our final and greatest gesture, is our outstanding achievement of our four years, Yes, it has been a perfect day . . . lasting friendship . . . semester exams . . . faithful trekslto the games . . . planning campaigns for our queen candid- . 1-1 ates . . . erecting that "weeping willow" for the prom . . . slaving over the yearbook . . . class members chosen as winners in popularity contest . . . that article for the Arthurian . . . X152 o - - UCB SCENE: Heaven. TIME: the year 2000. CHARACTERS: Class of 1946 fHeaven comfortably furnished with soft, downy clouds and myriads of twinkling stars gleaming through their fleecy folds. Reclining on the crest of each cloud lie ethereal spirits strumming lazily on their golden harps. At the farthest end of the largest and most elegant cloud sits St. Peter, while attendant angels softly wave palm branches in the dewy air. Near at hand other attendants clash cymbals to announce the arrival of each new spirit.J Curtain Rises fOn one cloud twenty-three spirits sit anxiously watching the Pearly Gates as they slowly swing to and fro. Suddenly their countenances brighten as the Pearly Gates once more swing open and a light, graceful spirit floats noiselessly in. The twenty-three beckon to the new spiritl St. Peter-"Who art thou?" Spirit-"The spirit of Kenneth Karr." St. Peter-"Welcome, Karr. Take thy place among the twenty-three." fKarr drifts idly over to the twenty-three. They move aside and he takes his place in the midst of the chosen.l Vice-President Stock-"Where hast thou been these long years, President Karr?" Karr-"I have been struggling upward to gain this sublime peace." Stock-"Favor us, Karr, with a narrative of your adventures on earth." Karr-"After Ioan fpointing to Ioan Blaasel and I were married, we moved to Ceylon and took up one of the largest tea plantations. We were happy-but without even so much as a warning our native slaves rose up in rebellion-we had threatened to replace them with robots-de- stroyed our crops, burned our lovely home and ate our dear comrades, leaving m'e to spend the remaining years of my life in diligent search of my beloved bride, whom they carried off. But alas-'Twas of no avail. This is our first meet- ing since the fateful hour. But-tis well-come, Ioan." CHolds out his arms to her.l iVice-President Stock sees that President Karr is too agitated to take the chair, and continues to of- ficiate.J Stock-"Helm, as thou wert an apostle of yon St, Peter, bless this reunited couple and wish them God Speed." fTwenty-three angelic voices rise in congratula- lion, but one spirit alone remains unmoved by the ioyous greeting. Vice-President Stock addresses the delinquent memberl Stock-"Much as I hate to say this, yet it's quite true-yon Karr is guilty of-of-of breach of promisel In Heaven's name, reveal your mys- terious past, womanl" 116: Mary Ellen Canfield-"Alas, too soon after H .S. days were ended Karr came weekly to woo me, I was happy in my new-found love. But alack, alackl I was doomed to a lonely womanhood, as I never could love another but Kenneth. Imagine my horror when I read in the papers one morning- 'Popular Young Couple Elopes' upon reading further, I discovered that my sup- posedly true love had deserted me-yon Iezebel fpointing to Ioanl enticed him! See, Stock, he did not tell it alll fAll this time Karr is holding the fainted Ioan in his arms. Stock takes advantage now of the time and tells the class that while on earth he spent his time in writing beautiful poems, always being called the People's Poet.l fPresident Karr finally revives Ioan and informs Vice-President Stock that he is ready to take over. After calling the meeting to order, he suggests that the motion be made for each. member of the class to tell what had been his lot on earth. Themotion being carried, the class comedian, Eddie Hendrickson, opens the discussion thusgl Hendrickson-"Well, when I was attending Poly Tech., preparatory to my trip to China, I jazzed around quite a lot, and one evening, in my aimless wanderings, I chanced to meet a chic, an entrancing little Frenchyu girl. She told me how she had been anxiously waiting and search- ing for her big American sweetheart who had told her to come to America after the War and he would join her. But when I saw her-Oh! Brother! I did my best and the best was that I succeeded in making her forget that big bronzed boob who had made love to her in France. After I finished at Poly Tech., we went immediately to Hong Kong where my little Frenchbride and I spent the rest of our lives." Karr-"Excellent, excellent. I remember reading about that. Now, another one." fLapse of time. No one speaks.l Karr-"Now, Fern Davenport, let's hear of your career below." Fern-"Well, it's a long story. I went to the Uni- versity of Illinois, majoring in Spanish, and at the close of my four years-fwas so proficient that the Dean offered me cllrposition on the facul- ty as instructor of Spanish. Later I was Dean of Girls." fWith a disgusted sigh she sits down.l Karr-"That's too bad, Fern. We never thought your life would be like that when you were in school with us. But such is life. Quick, an- other one. Duane Von Lanken-fdrawlingl "Ah, Ah rawther hate to tell you of mah careeh on earth, for feah you may consider me conceitedf' fsmiling languidlyl "Ah suppose you remember Mar- garet O'Brien-after she grew up I was her 54 leading man with Parafox Pictures-Ah was considered very good, especially by the fairer sex. Mah promising career was cut short one day. While making a Western serial, I was walking across Grand Canyon on a tight rope-a feat which Ah could do most easily. But as Ah was about to gain the other side, Ah saw Margaret-God rest her sweet soul in peace- fall from a precipice. Ah hurried, lost mah balance, and fsighs from the girlsl was smashed to atoms on the rocks below." Karr-"Gosh, that was awful. I-Iow about a gayer one " Norma lean Somm-"All right. My life was con- nected with the movies, but in a different way from Duane's. After Gypsy Rose Lee died, Holly- wood went wild looking for a fan-dancer. I spent the rest of my life in the movies, after making good first as a fan-dancer. I was most noted for my portrayal of Mati I-Iari in a his- torical picture about World War I. Karr-"Fine, fine. Next?" Phyllis Suhl-"Iuanita and I went to Chicago and started a millinery shop. We married two French brothers, who suggested we open branch shops in New York, San Francisco, Lon- don, and Paris. All went well, which gave us time to develop our ambition-the standardizing of women's clothes. We accomplished this am- bition in 1992. This was our most prized deed." Karr-"I don't think that was such a smart move. Variety is the spice of life, you know-Hah, hah." INo one laughs, and Karr's joke falls flat.J Karr-"All right, every dog has his day. Who's next?" Eugene Hoke-"As you all know, I started out to the Seminary, studying to be a missionary. The church I went to had exceedingly radical mem- bers, and frequently raided taverns and other palaces of sin. It was during one of these raids that I discovered I had some pugilistic talent. So I at once embarked on a boxing ca- reer. Wanna make sump'n of it?" fHoke ruf- fles up like a turkey gobbler, and Karr shrinks back in fear.i Karr-"Take it easy, Bruiser, I didn't mean to annoy you. Now sit down and listen to Bill Oye." Bill Oye-":Well, right after graduation I began experimenting around with rocket planes. After sending several radar-controlled rockets to the moon, I tried it myself. However, just as we were coming within the magnetic field of the moon, the man in the moon, in a fit of hic- coughs from eating too much green cheese, jolted the moon just a fraction out of line, and I sailed right by, clear on up here to heaven. I'm now noted as being one of the only three men to ever enter Heaven without dying. See my medal?" Karr-"That sure is a pretty medal, Bill." tI..apse of time. Nobody speaks! "Aw, come on kids. We ain't got all day." Maudine Dukeman-"After graduation Mary Ann and I became nutrition experts. Becoming em- ployed by the Mayo Cousins to supervise food preparation in their hospital, started by their grandfathers, the original Mayo Brothers, we soon found them fascinating and Mary Ann married Kenny Mayo, and I married Benny. Our sons, Duke and Luke, today manage the Mayo Second Cousin's Hospital in the same Iocation." Karr-"Now, that wasn't bad at all. Why don't the rest of you speak up like that?" Bob Ellison-"Well, I was just trying to figure out where to start. I started out as a clerk in a dry goods store, then as teller in a bank, and then followed two weeks in a filling station. All my life I was bounced from pillar to post, and back again. It was on my deathbed that the doctor told me what had been the matter. It seems that I'd been near-sighted all my life: so much so that every time I'd gotten a job and tried to keep books, I had put the debits in the credits column, and the credits in the debits column. I ask you, how was I to know?" Karr-"Ruff, Bob. But buck up. That little blonde two rows over is reward enough for all your suffering on earth, I should think. She's been making eyes at you for a long time now. Why don't you do something about it? Next casel" Wally Dicks-"After graduating from the U. of I. I got a whale of a swell job coaching basketball at the University of Iowa. Boy, those cornfed boys make good material. My teams were un- beaten for my last forty years on earth." Karr-"Wonderful record, Dicks. Now, who's next?" Margie Oye-"I suppose you all know I was always inclined to athletics. I became an expert in lifesaving, and during one of my most famous impromptu rescues, I rescued Marshall Field VIII. He immediately fell madly in love with me, and we were married. I then retired from lifesaving and became not only a socialite in the "400", but also a faithful, loving housewife." Karr-"Sounds wonderful. What happened to you, Keith Rich? You have sat there all afternoon without saying a word," Keith Rich-"Guess I got that naturally. You see, I was disappointed in love, and became a her- mit. I never saw another human being as long as I lived. Mighty lonely. But I did invent an important machine during my hermitage, to control radio controls on cars, boats, airplanes, etc." Karr-"Wonderful, Keith. Too bad no one will be able to find your hideaway and utilize your invention. Guess no one would understand it fContinued on page 71l c 17 9 Kenneth Artis Richard Bilbrey Richard Bradford Noel Dicks Dolores Emst Robert Fleming Harold Hendrickson Iames Hendrickson Carol Howell 118s Hoyle Carman Lindsey Daugherty Jesse Davis Myron Haney Bettyiane Hansen Ellen Hendrickson Doris Lacy Evelyn Moody Iohn D. Randolph Ralph Rigg Marianna Ritchey Ralph Seaman Phyllis Von Lanken Margie Williams Mary Williams KIQD Iames Shay Charles Trower Irene Vaughan Class Officers and Advisers Left to Right: Mr, Wise, Ad- viser, Mary Williams, Vice- President, Lindsey Daugh- erty, President, Doris Lacy, Secretary - Treasurer, Miss Diel, Adviser 7a7fzefJwLl'--7a7fze4u,Z'Wze August 28, 1943, was an exciting and busy day for the class of 1947, because on that day they were a group of bewildered freshmen, thirty in number, in the Arthur Township High School . Everything was new and strange to them at first, but, despite this fact and with the help of the upperclassmen, they soon became attached to their surroundings. To cheer the boys of their class, as well as others, on to victory in the athletic events, Bettyjane Hansen was chosen. Ellen Hendrickson was nominated queen of the homecoming event to represent this class. Several of the members of the class joined the various clubs and organiza- tions of the school. They selected from their class, Kenneth Artis, president, Lindsey Daugher- ty, vice-president, and Evelyn Moody as secretary and treasurer, to run the business affairs of their class. To lead and advise them in these affairs, they had Miss Diel and Mr. Wise. Again in l944 they entered the doors of "dear old A.T.H.S.", not as "freshies" but as unrestricted sophomores. There were twenty-eight of them. This year they chose as their class officers, Lindsey Daugherty, president, Hoyle Carman, vice-president, and Noel Dicks, secretary and treasurer. Their advisers were the same. Their class was well represented on the honor roll. Marianna and Carol won second and third in the vocal music contest which was held at Charles- ton. Bettyjane was nominated as queen of their class. The theme of their homecoming float was "Harvest Moon and the Horn of Plenty". Ellen entertained the class with a Weiner roast at her home in the fall. During the second semester -the class enjoyed a party in the oldgym. K Nearly all the members of the class belonged to one or more of the school organizations. With two years of high school experience behind them, the junior Class Class of l945-1946 successfully concluded their activities. They promoted an assembly program, and the junior-Senior' Banquet and Prom. The junior Play, "That Crazy Smith Family", was presented with much acclaim on October 10. During the year, junior class members participated in sports, music contests, and were present in all student organizations. Every member did his part in helping to raise money for the junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. To raise the money, the juniors sold hot dogs and cokes at the ball games. On january 26, their hopes had come true. Their class rings had arrived, at last. The second semester found them with twenty-seven members instead of the twenty-six that they started with in the fall. Irene Vaughn was their new member. Class officers for the year were: President, Lindsey Daugherty, vice- president, Mary Williams, and secretary and treasurer, Doris Lacy. Their advisers were the same. 41209 Anne Beckman Vicann Binegar lanece Blaase Iecm Daugherty Byron Davenport Edward Davis Robert Harden Robert Higginson Sarah Mast GZIDD lane Craig lean Craig Harold Crist LaVon Ends Paul Fleming Lerue Galbreuth Lois Pcmkey Keith Phillips Margaret Pyle Marjorie Rich Olin Riggs Iohrx Schroclr Lee Upstone Norma Vaughn Alberta Watson 1229 Russell Seitz Rose Stock Ella Belle Trower Class Officers and Advisers Left to Right: Ella Belle Trow- er, Presidentg Robert Hard- en, Secretary-Trecsurerg Rose Stock, Vice-President Miss Ochs, Adviser Emp We Sophomores, when "Green" freshmen, a year ago, started out with the greater percentage of girls composing our class number. Although We have had several losses and gains, the girls are still more numerous. Last year we chose as our officers: Lerae Galbreath, president, Byron Davenport, vice-president, and lean Daugherty, secretary and treasurer. Miss Ochs was chosen as our class adviser. During our "Green" year, such things happened as: our float winning first prize, LaVon Eads being candidate for Homecoming Queen, Rose Stock and Lois Pankey playing roles in "Mumba Iumbo"g being Well represented on the Honor Roll and in the Music Contest, and all of us participating in various clubs and athletics. This year, our "yellow" one, we have as our class officers: Ella Belle Trow- er, presidentg Rose Stock, vice-president, and Bobby Harden, secretary and treasurer. As our class adviser, we have again chosen Miss Ochs. Lerae Galbreath was our candidate for Queen this year, and our float won second prize. We are again represented on the Honor Roll, but not as highly as last year. As you continue through this book we hope that you Will also notice that the Sophomores are honored by having two young ladies in the popularity contest. We have had many good times and hope to have many more here at A. T. H. S. c2355 Arveta Albin Mary Rita Ashley Louise Blower Marjorie Coburn Alfred Conlin Donald Dean lean Dippo Wayne Fleming Percy Grant Wilma Korte Billy Kroll Veme Lacey Waahmm Barbara Bradford Leo Carman Mariorie Carman William Dean Vernon Dearnbarger Darrell Dicks Betty Green Lyle Huffman Wayne King Merril Lacy Charles Logan Norman Lowe Bobbie Rhoades Loretta Riggs Leland Schlabach Elaine Vaughn Lucille Williamson Betty White Class Officers and Adviser Left to Right: Darrell Dicks, Secretary-Treasurerg Iuanita Schultz, Vice-Presidentg Billy Deon, Presidentg Mr. Monts, Adviser gfzedfz Q3--aff FG- "Q" ff? l.:,3. Q1 0 its 2" -in NFS' Edna Mast Kenneth Pankey Madonna Parrott Iuanita Schultz Mac Sexton Doyle Turner Marie Yutzy Phyllis Wise Zzadq-XV' ' The freshman class is a large one this year having twenty-one boys and sixteen girls. The girls belong to the home economics club and G. A. A. Some of the boys of the class belong to F. F. A. There are quite a few fresh- men who play in the band, and some are planning to take part in the music contest this spring. A lot of boys turned out for football and basketball alike and seemed to enjoy it, Barbara Bradford was chosen as the cheerleader to represent the freshmen. The freshmen met early in the year and elected the class officers which are: President, Billy Deang Vice-President, Iuanita Shultzg and Secretary- Treasurer, Darrell Dicks. During the year one freshman dropped out of school. They all seem to enjoy high school and are looking forward to the other three years at A. T. H. S. 44262 5 3. -sr .A -1 'YS 'S Q..-' " -- 1, ' .s" ..7' .'. w' '. ' -1 fgX.7g'."' I1 , R, Q ii x'x"."1 'HXXQ' L .'x..'s .KX X ,Qu .. Best Student Most Likely to Succeed Howard Riga Best Looking Girl l,aVan Eads Best Dressed Girl Mariorie Ryan Wittiest Boy Kenneth Karr School !VaZaJJe4 44 282 Best Looking Boy Best Boy Athlete Wallace Dicks Best Dressed Boy K. Helm Best Girl Athlete loan Blaase Wittiest Girl lean Daugherty Seats? Left to Right: Mariorie Ryan, Mrs Skameiica, Fugene Hake, Howard Riqg Phyllis Honn loan aase Standing. Lei! to Right: Maiiorie ' aw, Wallace Dicks, William Oy-, Gi-ne Haney, Noziiiii li-mi our Mr Monts Editor . .llovvard lfligg Assistant Editor, . Eugene Hake Sports Editor .. Wallace Dicks Feature Editor .. Gene Haney Business Manager ,,.,. ..,... , .... N orrna Soiiini Advertising Managers. .. . loan Blaase, Phyllis Honn Photography . . . . . , , , . , , iMarjorie Ryan Typists. . , . .Howard Rigg, Norma Sornni, Margie Shaw, loan Blaase The Staff of the H346 Arthurite, under the direction of Mrs. Skainenca and Mr. Monts, take pride in presenting this book which we feel is the finest and best yet produced. lt has been the airn of the staff to present the more important and more lasting events of the school year from the students point of view. Work was begun on the book in the early winter, and by persistent e11ort and a continued spirit of co-operation, the 72 page book was coinpleted in March, The Staff wishes to express its appreciation for the advertisements from the merchants, and for the articles Contributed by underclassnien, Q29 X7 .2aeen'd. Gaudi' LADY LOUISE LADY LERAE LADY EVELYN LORD K Alam ' The sixth annual homecoming for the Arthur l-ligh School was observed November 9. Participating in the election for the Queen of all the events were: Fern Davenport, Senior, Evelyn Moody, luniorg Lerae Galbreath, Sophomoreg and Louise Blower, Freshman. By popular vote of the students and the community, Fern Davenport was selected. K. Helm, acting football captain, crowned Fern in an impressive ceremony during the Homecoming Prom. The escorts for the Queen and her attendants were Kenneth Karr, Lindsey Daugherty, Olin Riggs, and William Dean. The schedule of events was: 3:30 p. rn. Parade of floats, followed by the award of prizes 6:30 p. m. Football game with Oakland 9:00-l2:UU Homecoming prom with music by Paul Douglas' band lO:3U p. in. Coronation z3UnJ FERN DAVENPORT 04 ' 14 31 nb 266641 1q'lj!!4fWiGIL First Row, Left to Right: Miss Allison, Eugene Hoke, Delores Ernst, Marianna Ritchey, Gene Haney, Howazd Rigg, Marjorie Shaw, Norma lean Somm Second Row, Lett to Right: Mary Fllen Canfield, Wallace Dicks, LaVon Eads, lean Daugherty, Anne Beckman, Sarah Mast, Rose Stock, Verne Lacey, Paul Fleming, Marjorie Ryan, Ioan Blaase Third Row, Left to Right: Doris Lacy, Mary Vlilliarns, Phyllis Suhl, luanita Suhl, Phyllis Honn, Helen Kioll, Donald Borders The Arthurian, first student publication of A. T. H. S., was organized this fall and the first issue published in October, l945. lt has been published monthly throughout the year. The paper is sponsored by the fourth year English class, however material from all students is used. The faculty sponsor is Miss Allison who is responsi- ble for its organization. The editorial staff is composed of: Gene Haney, editor-inechief, Delores Ernstg Marianna Ritchey, Howard Rigg, and Eugene Hake. The purpose of the Arthurian is to bring a vivid description of all phases of school life to the reader. A paper of this kind also helps to develop value able journalistic ability in the reporters. Such items as the Knights' Observa- tions and the Round Table make each issue doubly interesting to the reader. On October l3 several Arthurian staff members, accompanied by Miss Allison, attended an interesting program at the lllinois State High School Press Associations annual meeting in Champaign. This is a state conference attended by all Illinois high school journalists. By use of lectures and movies, students learned many new valuable methods of journalism. The Arthurian is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association which annually sponsors an all-American National Critic Contest. The paper has been entered in this contest, however results of the rating will not be received until April. Q4 32 bb Bam! Front Row, Left to Right: Phyllis Si.hl Phyllis Marie Randolph, Barbara Bradford. fanice Phillips, Betty Mattox, Hebert Graham, Phyllis Vllise, Nancy Piiqslvy, Phyllis lloriri Wrillaci Dicks, Mari-iiiiia Ritchey Second How, Left to Right: Hobart Harden, Rose Stock, Lf-rae Galhrr-riilr l'lii-ii lfmidvif'lc:.ori lfirflmwi Bradford, William Oye, Mariorie Flyan, Carol Howell, Mary lfllen Canfield, llriaone lloke, Mr Smith Third How, Left to Right: fohn D. Handolrli, fanet Vlfatlciris, Mary lirta Aslilw- liivlrriil fifrlririwiri err, Charlotte Phillips, Iohn Haney, fuanita Suhl, K Helm, Noel Dicks Clone llarioy, fissfi lirivis Fourth Row. Left to Right: Kenneth Artis, Lee Upstone, Betty White lflairii- Vaiifihn Olin iii-'ms latin Krummel, fohn Schrock, Keith Phillips Kenneth Karr, Dale Mr-ritytf-i, Leland Sclilabacli Cf the fortyffour members of the A. T. H. S. Band, eleven are seniors and twelve are grade school students, Three freshmen, Max Sexton, Loretta Riggs, and Charles Logan, are working to finish their beginning exercises so that they may participate in the District Band Contest to be held on April ti, probably at Charleston. Besides the District Band Contest, we were present at a Festival at the E. l. S. T. C, at Charleston on October 2l, and were hosts to the Lovington, Windsor, Mt. Zion, Sullivan, and Atwood bands on February l3 at the Band Clinic, Other activities were our Christmas Vesper Concert December lti, the Annual lnternational Harvesters Program fanuary 3l, and a Spring concert in April. On February 24, there was a recital for the soloists, quartets, and ensembles. The District Solo-Ensemble Contest will be held March 2 at Charleston, This year the soloists were as follows: Gene Haney, Rose Stock, tlnstrumentall, Anne Beckman fpianolg Eugene Holce, and Carol Howell CVocall. A mixed clarinet quartet, 'lBfFlat" clarinet quartet, two brass quartets, one sax sextette, and one French Horn quartet also participated. The Arthur Womens Club is sponsoring a scholarship for three members of the band for the summer camp at the Egyptian School of Music. These three will be chosen sometime this spring. 44332 .4.. Front Row, Left to Right: Robert Higginson, Edward Davis, Robert Ellison, Edgar Hendrickson, Charles Trower, Richard Seaman, Iames Hendrickson, Mr. Vllsc Second How, Left to Right: Wayne Fleming, Kenneth Artis, Keith Phillips, feszse Davis, Myron llaney, Lindsey Dauaherty, Keith Rich Third Row. Left to Right: Eugene Kershner, Howard Riga, Mac Sexton, Duane VonLanken, Harold Crist, Lyle Hullman, Hobert Fleming Fourth How, Left to Right: Leland Schlabach, William Kroll, Allred Conlin, Ralph Riga, Vernon DQGIFH- oaiaer, Kenneth Pankey The Arthur Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is an organization of nigh school boys who plan to be farmers in the future. For tne past three years Mr. Lucien Wise has been our instructor' and those years have been very successful. The officers for this year are: Eddie Hendrickson, President, Eddie Davis, Vicefpresident, Bob Ellison, Secretary, Charles Trower, Treasurer, Bud Seaf man, Reporter, and fames Hendrickson, Sentinel. On the night of September 26, l945, we initiated the fGreenhandsD Fresh- man boys. The upper classmen had their fun this time, the Freshmen will have theirs next year. The annual pest contest started September 26, l945, and closed April l5, 1946, A large number of pests were destroyed and the Winning side was treated by the losers. The Father and Son banquet is an annual affair and was held this spring. The Home Economics girls served the food. A program followed. The FFA. had a float which brought considerable attention in the hornee coming parade. The boys carried signs telling about the game and made a line going straight to the game. The F.F.A. has helped keep the school yard clean which has improved its appearance. When school is out the FFA. boys will receive more knowledge by going to work on the farms of our community. 44342 4. Jl. 14. Front How, Left to Right: Miss Ochs. Evelyn Moody, lean Daugherty, Lerae Galbreath, Phyllis Von- Lanken, Bettyiarie Hansen, Ioan Blaase, Carol Howell, Lucille Williamson, Elaine Vaughn Second Row, Left to Right: Maryorie Shaw, Mary Ellen Cantield, Norma Vaughn, luanita Suhl, Phyllis Suhl, Louise Blower, lane Craig, lean Craig, Lee Upstone, Barbara Bradford Third Row, Left to Right: Margie Oye, Mildred Dorinals, Mary Wrlliams, Doris Lacy, LaVon Eads, Lois Fankey, Margaret Pyle, Iuanita Schultz, Mary Rita Ashley, Phyllis Wise, Madonna Parrott, lc-an 5111520 Fourth Row, Left to Right: Marlorie Carman, Helen Krall, Betty White, Alberta Watson, Ella Bellir gowrir, Loretta Higgs, Margie Vfilliams, Maudine Dukeman, Wilma Korte, Marjorie Coburn, Betty icon This year the Home Economics club changed its name to the Future Homemakers of America. The F. H, A. is an organization for girls interested in the study of first aid, health, nutrition, interior decorating, and clothing. There are 41 girls in the club who have studied Home Economics in the past or are now enrolled in a course of homemaking. We enjoyed a successful year under the guidance of Miss Ochs, who has been our adviser for two years. The officers of the club are: Ioan Blaase, president, Bettyjane Hansen, vicevpresidentg Phyllis Von Lanken, secretary, and Lerae Galbreath, treasurer, The club has been very active this year. One of the first things was the initiation of the freshmen girls. One of the several pot luck suppers that we had was the Christmas party, Where we played games, exchanged gifts, and afterwards went to the ball game. The club earned some extra money by serving at the band clinic. The F. F. A. boys and the F. H, A. girls had lots of fun and work putting on a play. The club has adopted the official F. H. A. pin. Some of the girls have already received their pins. One can readily see that the F. H. A. is one of the busiest organizations and some day these Future Homemakers will discard the future and become the Hornemalcers of America. 44352 0.14. . Front Row, Left to Right: Lee Upstone, Iean Daugherty, Anne Beckman, Marjorie Ryan, Margie Oye, Ioan Blaase, Bettyjane Hansen, Evelyn Moody, Hose Stock, Lerae Galbreath Second Row. Left to Right: Mary Williams, Phyllis Honn, Mary Ellen Cantield, Mary Ann Duks-man, Maudinevl Diikeman, Maraie Vlfilliams, Norma lean Somm, lean Craig, Phyllis VonLankcn, Betty White, iss Diel Third Row, Leit to Right: Do is Lacy, LaVon Earls, Lois Panlcey, Margaret Pyle, Ianece Blaase, Marianna Ritchey Llla Belle Hrowei, Fern Davenport, Alberta Watson, Fllen ldlendiclcson, Carol Howell "l promise to uphold the ideals of the Girls' Athletic Association, By promoting interest in athletics and the out of doors, By living so that l may be healthy and strong, By making good sportsmanship a constant factor in my conduct." The preceding statement which is the pledge of the G.A.A,, is something worth living up to Whether one is a member of that organization or not. GAA, members do their best to keep this pledge and improve the spirit of the whole school accordingly. After the school session had started, the GAA., resumed its activities early in September. The officers for the year were Margie Oye, president, Marjorie Ryan, vice-president, and loan Blaase, secretary-treasurer. Miss Diel was our adviser. During the year we had such sports as basketball, softball, volley ball, deck-tennis, soccer, pingfpong, and darts, Skating, horse back riding, bicycling, hiking and bowling were activities for which points could be earned outside of school. On March 26, the following girls took part in the State Telegraphic Basket Shooting Tournament: Margie Oye, Mary Ann Dukeman, Fern Davenport, Phyllis Honn, Marjorie Ryan, Norma lean Somm, loan Blaase, Maudine Duke- man, Marianna Ritchey, and lanece Blaase. These three girls-eRose Stock, Marjorie Ryan, and Ioan Blaasei- fhave expressed their desire to attend the GAA. Camp at East Bay Camp on Lake Bloomington on june 2-9. We hope you have a good time, girls. This spring the GMIXA, sponsored an intrafclass basketball tournament, All classes took part. 44362 QJMGZM Front Row fLefl to Rigl-ntl: Ellen Hendrickson, Dons Lacy, Marianna Ritchey, Marv Williams, Mrs Skamenca Second Row KI-ef! to Rightj: Carol llowell, Marcin- Williams, Anne Beckmann, Delores lixnst Third Row fLeft to Rightl: Noel Utclcs lalzn lr Handolyih Wallace llicks, lf'-ssr' llavis, lticliard Bvailloiil Some think l3 is an unlucky numloerl But the Romans, who were very superstitious, sometimes found this a very favorable omen, Our club has 13 members, each ol whom is taking second year Latin and is delving into the mysteries of ancient Warfare as directed by lulius Caesar. Early in the season we chose Marianna Ritchey, President, Doris Lacy, Vicefpresident, Mary Williams, Secretary-Treasurer, and Ellen Hendrickson, lsteporter. At Christmas time the club drew names for a gift exchange and an informal party was held in the old gymnasium. Because the club is so small, we thought it inadvisalole to hold the annual banquet. A pot luck supper was held instead, ct 37 52 THE CAST "7fzwl' eaagq Snulifz emily" On October lU, the lunior Class, under the direction of Miss Allison, presented a three-act comedy, "That Crazy Smith Family", in the high school gym. This is a delightfully humorous play of that great institution, The American Family. Pa thinks he is boss, but ma knows differently. Tony lives sensa- tional football, and Sally, the artistic daughter, wants pa to remodel the attic for her studio. Young Betty and Buddy cleverly deceive their parents into believing them to be "little angels". Aunt Bella warbles her way into the life of the professor, and sensible Barbara turns the tables on Tony, after he "falls" for a blond vamp. Pa, editor of town paper. Ma, who is the boss .....,. Tony, football player son.. Betty, l4 year old daughter Buddy, young son ......... Sally, artistic daughter ..,. Aunt Bella, Ma's sister ,... Barbara, hometown girl .... Professor Slattery ......... Stewart Brandon, play boy ,,.. Dick Tones, southern boy. .. fulie Weston, vamp ....... e382 . . . , , . .Kenny Artis .Marianna Ritchey Lindsey Daugherty . . . . . . . .Carol Howell . , . . .Dick Bradford ..Margie Williams . . . . .Delores Ernst . . . .Mary Williams lames Hendrickson . . . .Iohn Bandolph . . .Charles Trower . . . . .Doris Lacy Gam Glad C l H ell Marianna Ritchey Margie Oye loan Blaase, Mary Ann Front Row fLeh to Rightl: aro ow , V ., Dulcernan, lrene Vaughan, Norma lean Somm, Maudine Dukeman, Phyllis Honn. Wll' s Ianecs Blaaso, Doris Second How lLe!t to Rightl: Delores Prnst, Bettyjane Hansen, Margie i iam , 2 , Lacy, Ellen Hendrickson, Mary Williams, Marjorie Shaw, Fern Davenport, Vicann Binegar Third Row lLeh to Rightb: Phyllis Von Lanlren, Gene Holce, K. Holm, Edgar Hendrickson, Gene Haney, lohn Schrock, Donald Borders, Edward Davis, Marjorie Ryan Fourth Row lLeit to Rightl: Robert Higginson, Wallace Dicks, Kenneth Karr, Duane VonLanlcen, Martin Stock, Hoyle Carman, Billie Oye, Howard Rigg, Mr. Monts R' htl Richard Bradford Ralph Rigg Robert Fllison, Richard Seaman, Lindsey Fifth Row lLeit to ig : ' , , Daugherty, Iames Hendrickson, Kenneth Artis, Perry Beachy The club was organized so that students taking commercial subjects may have an organization in which they may enjoy s ' ' functions. The club is one of the oldest and largest of the school organizations. This year was no exception for there were forty-three paid members and one honorary member. The membership was not quite as large as last year but all of the members resolved to w ' in the years to come. The following students were elected to conduct our affairs for this year: Howard Rigg, Presidentg Kenneth Karr, Vice-Presidentg and Martin Stock, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Monts was the sponsor. ocial as well as business ork hard to make this year's club stand out Each year the club tries to sponsor different activities such as theatre parties, school dances, and picnics, The theatre party was held on Saturday night, january l2. We travelled in one of the school buses to Mattoon where we saw And Then There Were h k t' rink None" starring Barry Fitzgerald. We then journeyed out to t e s a ing which We had rented from ten to twelve o'clock. Everyone had fun. Plans are already under way for the annual dance sponsored by the club in the spring. We hope to make it even more of a success than in past years. cc 39 D7 E40-lfzwz Qaeda The Seniors presented in the fall the very interesting play, "Brother Goose", the scene of which is the Adams home in the midwestern town of Ashton. The time is the present day and the season is early fall. feff CGene Haneyl, an architect, who is the older brother, tries to keep body, soul, and his younger brother and sisters together. Hy ffoan Blaasef, the youngest of the brood is interested in anything that resembles football. Carol Clvlarjorie Ryanf, who is slightly older, writes limericks and wins a whole carton of "Wheat Puffiesu as a prize. Wes, Clfugene Hokel who at the present is going through the stage of getting what Hy calls that "girl look" for every girl he sees. Peggy fphyllis Honnb the True-Silk Hosiery representative comes to the rescue as Helen fphyllis Suhll walks out with a very definite Nl quits". Eve flvlaudine Dukemanf, the girl next door, who is a new neighbor of the Adams' does a complete fob of charming Wes, and Sara fMary Ellen Canfieldl, Eve's negro maid comes over to help Peggy. Lenore, Clvlarjorie Shawf who has plans for everyone ends b havin , Y Q hers and everyone elses plans changed. Mrs, Trimmer CNorma Sommf has definitely a mind of her own and doesn't intend to be influenced by any one or anything. The truck driver, fEdgar Hendricksonl who runs the diggin en ine th t 9 Q U is about to dig up Hy's football lot to start Lenore's new house comes storm ing in after Hy has succeeded in dumping a box of "Wheat Puffiesn into his carburetor. The play is ended very happily by Lenore giving up feff and his family and, feff and Peggy falling in love. cc 402 ' W 70 is N S 1 W, 73 'g T-ii-Lv 4 N HW LP ,-,,. ni' if' 'Y ' x -fx 1-x ,- ' 1 .,--ix YV 5 fpjc! t X wil ASM lg X Ll-N - V "'1 5' ilrr 'K , x ' ' 1 ,fr -fr-'Qi Y sr... 'al' ,,Y Xu. H ' ' "J17' 5' -. -. - v' 15:5- uuwf Vx Q' is It M 'Qu Gffwf-4' It l 5 1 1 1 1 1 x Carman, Perry Beachy, Charles Front Row, Left to Right: lames Hendrickson, Donald Borders, Hoyle Trower, K. Helm, Wallace Dicks Second Row. Lett to Right: Edgar Hendrickso 'vi tin Stock, Richard Seaman, Harold Hendrickson, Iohn D. Randolph, Donald Dean F' N ll K Third Row. Lett to Right: aoach 'evi e, enn Coach Warner WALLACE DICKS-Wally played right half- back and did a good job of calling signals until he was sidelined with an injury. He is a senior, weighs 150 pounds, and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. K. HELM-K. was our captain and crowned the queen at Homecoming, He started the season as an end but was shifted to quarter- back. He is a senior, weighs 130 pounds, and is 5 feet 7 inches tall. KENNETH KARR-Kenny used his power at left halfback and at end. He is one of our bigger boys. He is a senior, weighs 172 pounds, and is 6 feet tall. DONALD BORDERS-Don plowed the line from the fullback position. He is a senior, weighs 150 pounds and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. IAMES HENDRICKSON-lirn played right half- back and tackle. He will be in there fighting next year. He is a junior, weighs 158 pounds, and is 5 feet 9 inches tall. ROBERT FLEMING-Bob played the quarter' back position and guard. Bob is a junior, weighs 123 pounds, and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. MARTIN STOCK-"Bud" was our other big boy. He played end and tackle and really filled those holes. He is a senior, weighs 170 pounds, and is 0 feet three inches tall. RICHARD SEAMAN-"Bud" played end and will be there next year to stop those end runs. n, 1 ar eth Karr Darrell Dicks, Iohn Schrock, Robert Fleming, He is a junior, weighs 155 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. IOHN D. RANDOLPH-john D. was our center and backed the line. He ought to "go to town" next year. He is a junior, weighs 160 pounds, and is E5 feet tall. HAROLD HENDRICKSON-"Archie" pl a y e d left halfback. He was small but fast. He is a junior, weighs 120 pounds, and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. PERRY BEACHY-Perry was the smallest mai on the team, but nevertheless he played c' bang-up garne at guard. He is a senior, weighs 110 pounds and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. EDGAR HENDRICKSON-"Eddie" was our left guard and proved a valuable rnan. He is Ci senior, weighs 140 pounds and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. HOYLE CARMAN-Hoyle played tackle and made some fine tackles. He is a junior, weighs 140 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. IOHN SCHROCK--john played in the line. Ho is short and stocky. He is a sophomore, weighs 150 pounds, and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. DARRELL DICKS-"Toughy" was the only freshman on the team and did a good job re- trieving the ends. He weighs 135 pounds and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. qaaldall .-S'-gmac! Front Row. Left to Right: Darrell Dicks, Iames Hendrickson, Donald Borders, Hoyle Carman, Perry Beachy, Charles Trower, K. Helm, Wallace Dicks, John Schrock Second Row. Left to Right: Edgar Hendrickson, Kenneth Karr, Martin Stock, Richard Seaman, Harold I D R d l h D ld D R b Fl ' Hendrickson, loin . an op , ona ean, o ert eming Third Row, Lett to Right: Coach Warner, Olin Riggs, Norman Lowe, Leo Carman, Harold Crist, Keith Phillips, Doyle Turner, Byron Davenport, Lyle Huffman, Richard Bilbrey, Vernon Dearnbarger, Paul Fleming, Coach Neville Coach Warner began football practice in the first week of school with the hot sun beating down. Calisthenics came first, passing and blocking drill, signal practice and then scrimmage. Night football was introduced into Arthur during the past season which proved to be very successful. We have one of the best lighted fields in the Okaw. Although the Knights record was not very impressing, you can note that they were one of the best defensive teams in the conference. They were beaten several times by a few points, but three touchdowns was the most scored upon them during one game. They also have two ties to their credit. One of these, the Nokomis game, will undoubtedly stand out in our mind. The score was 7-7. Mr. Neville came during mid-season and gave Mr. Warner ample aid. Under the direction of Mr. Warner, and Mr. Neville, the football squad played fine games throughout the season. Next year the prospects look .aiu good and we are sure they will do their best. SCHEDULE Sept. 14-Arthur 27 vs. Maroa O. Here Thats starting the season with a bangl Sept. 21-Arthur 6 vs. Arcola 14. Here Too many purple riders. Oct. 5-Arthur 7 vs Nokomis 7. Here By comparative scores that makes us better than Decatur and Mattoon. Oct. 11-Arthur 9 vs. Atwood l8. There At least we were ahead at the half. Oct. 19-Arthur U vs. Tuscola 21. Here Those Miller boys are tough. Oct. 26-Arthur 6 vs. Sullivan 7. There That one lucky play. Nov. 2-Arthur U vs. Newman l8. There That's keeping the Redskins below their average. ' Nov. 9-Arthur 6 vs. Oakland 6. Here Homecoming under the lights. Bafrfzezfdall First Row 1Left to Hightfz Robert Ellison, Wallace Dicks, lohn D. Randolph, Martin Stock, Kenneth Karr, K Helm, Coach Neville Second Row to Rightlz Ha old lrfendwckson, Pairs-ll Dicks, Patil Fleming, K+-ith Phillips, Hichavfl Sf-aman, Noel Dicks, Liao Carman Hob--it Flfiming, Olin Higgs The Knights enjoyed a prosperous season this year. They proved to be a better team than a lot of people thought at this time last year. They got second place in the Moultrie County and Okaw Valley Tournaments. They also took the Okaw Valley Conference. This is the first undisputed title the Knights have obtained. They advanced to the semi-finals of the Mattoon Regional Tournament by defeating Arcola but were nipped by lvtattoon, the regional champs. This season the Knights had something they haven't had for a while and that was height. They made good use of it and were very seldom out rebounded. Another interesting note is that at one time during the season each of the first six men was high scorer of the game. Arthur did very well against their two strongest rivals-uAtwood and Sullivan. They won two out of three with Atwood and captured three of three from Sullivan. We hope that it continues in this manner, The Pages showed also that they could play good ball. They turned in some fine games this year. Next year, when they are Knights, they will be ready to meet the enemy with confidence if they improve as they did this year. The squad worked hard under the leadership of Coach Neville and the fans are happy over the outcoine of the season and indeed appreciate the work of both the squad and coach. 44 47 PD 7... Qaauyz fail' n Front How fLeft to Rightl: Wallace Dicks, fohn D Randolph, Martin Stock, Kenneth Kari, K llulin Second How lLeft to Riqhtl: Darrell Dicks, Robert Ellison, Hichard Seaman, Noel Dicks, llairwlrl I lwmtricksoru, Coach Neville Martin Stock-"Bud" was the tallest center in the Okaw who is six feet four inches tall. He proved himself a splendid rebounder and it was his delight to knock balls away from the basket. He is a senior. Kenneth Karr-Kenny played forward and is a senior. He is a tricky passer and also a constant threat at the basket. He was in top form in the conference game at Atwood. Iohn D. Randolph-fohn operated at for- ward position and being a junior he is set for a big year next season. He is a good ref bounder and has some good shooting aver- ages. K. Helm-K. was a guard and did some good defensive work throughout the season. He is short but more than made up for it in speed. He is a senior. Wallace Dicks-Wally played guard and was our captain. He is a fine ball handler and floorrnan and showed up both on offense and defense. He is a senior. 49 vi Robert Ellison-Bob was our "jack of all trades". He played equally well at forward or guard. He was a good scrapper and is a senior. Richard Seaman-Bud played center on the Pages and did some fine work. This was his first year out, but he is only a junior. Noel Dicks-e-Noel was a forward on the Pages. He is a good rebounder and will be back next year to scrap against the opponents. Harold Hendrickson---Archie is a junior and played guard for the Pages, He is fast and was the only l'lefty" on the team. Darrell Dicks-Toughy played guard on the Pages and was the only underclassman on the team. He shows great promise for the future seasons. NOV. 15 21 23 27 DEC. 112 C T Q13 U4 H8 19 't21 IAN. t4 "'8 tll 17 t18 22 75126 C30 OVTC31 FEB. 1 1 X5 t7 t8 t12 t15 23 RT26 RT28 B Arthur .. Kansas .. Arthur .... ..,,, Arthur ..., ..... Arthur . . Arthur . . Lovington Arthur ..,. , . . . . Arthur .... ...,. Arthur .... ...,. Arthur . . Arthur .,.. ,.., Arthur .... ...,, Hindsboro Arthur . . Tuscola Arthur .. Arthur .. Arthur .,.. .,,.. Atwood Arthur .... . . . , . Monticello Arthur . . Arthur . . Arthur , . Arthur . . Arthur . . Mattoon ttfwConterence Games CT-County Tournament OVT-Okaw Valley Tournament RT-Regional Tournament ai Sofzecfufe Humboldt . . Arthur . . . Cowden .,.. Windsor . . . Bethany .... Sullivan .,.. Arthur . . . Arcola . . . Tuscola ......... Oakland . . . Sullivan . , . Villa Grove . Cerro Gordo Arthur ..... Arcola . . . Arthur . . . Atwood .... Oakland . . . Newman . . . Arthur . . . Sullivan .... Arthur . . . Bement . . Atwood ..,. Oakland . . . Neoga . . . Arcola . . . Arthur . . . Here There Here There There Bethany Bethany Here There Here Here Here There Here There Here There Atwood Atwood Atwood There There Here Here There Here Mattoon Mattoon 8 5 E o 3 5 .I .2 n ci H ul U .nu Q Z Se an R .El' n . Kan' K dolph Ran I. Stock M. Helm ks K. . Die W ponents Op an 61 D- FI 9 2 n. u.. E U u.. 2 n. rl. EI U u. 2 D. l'-I-1 E L5 u. 2 sl. u. EZ E rn E I-H EI L5 LL. 52 D- I-L. EZ E VJ Ei In EI U L-. 2 D- I- FI L5 Lu E n.. E: U LL. Q CJ G G N U9 ,-1 C0 .-4 Q' CO I-0 -1 N v-4 Q CD Q' 2 C9 C9 C0 .-4 .-e IN Q' 07 N i O ,Q E :1 IE N CV! N O .-4 LD .-u G N -1 N Q Q' N N -1 Q' .- N -1 Q -4 00 Q' O9 va U rn C O 54 D .-4 Q C! th v-I .-1 N Q' -1 N LD Q' T -4 N 09 N N CD -4 CD LD D C0 N -4 OO .-1 CD 4: 'D -c 3 0 O Q G Q C I-0 LD -4 N LX N -4 U3 LD N N N LD L0 Q CU LD G -4 N sq O U7 'U E 3 N N G -4 D Q G C' O9 Q' -4 1-1 N N Q Q' N .-4 G -1 CD .-4 -1 Q' CVJ U7 CU O0 C9 -1 .-4 .-4 LD C0 :- 1: U -E GJ an E E D CJ Z E Q D ,-4 Q .-4 D C0 ,- Q' C0 LD 07 CJ .-a .-' C7 Q' CO C0 U7 Q' I-fl D Q' --4 E N cz O ,Z '5 no CD G G G Z Q C! G G E C3 Q LN .-u 09 N IN N CU N LO O0 C0 ,- N L17 G --4 CD .-1 CJ FJ cs 2 uw .E :- o ..1 Q' Q' N .-4 .-o LD .-4 Q -4 E .-4 3 Q' -e C3 Of' N -1 1-4 C! CD -1 N -4 G N E .-4 GT N G Q Q' Q' N N - LX G -1 C0 2 O U 4- 'ffl .-1 Q -4 O Q' G 2 N wr Q CJ N C: Q .-. nn IN G 09 N lx C .-4 cv: E O U rn D E-1 G Q' D Z CJ Z Q E N N C 1- Q' D CJ CNT E -4 U3 G ID L0 .-1 N CVD LD G -4 N N Q' C0 C0 -4 .-4 I-fi f-e .-u N Q' -4 O0 D IX -cs c 2 .M o O Q Q E Z G D E E D Q Q C Z 3 S C, G 1-4 Z E ID N -4 N no N N N I Ln 09 Q' Q' -1 N - U7 -1 N U3 U7 1: cs .Z E' U2 N Q Q D G Q E Q Q E Z Q G Q CJ C E D Q Q 07 Q' -4 Q' LIT OO .- N Q' -4 N N LD N fr ca ,-. I1 N co fr an :Q o S- O U .-1 ,-1 .- Z E Q G Q Q G E C3 D Z Q Z CJ CJ K2 09 N -4 I-4 .-1 LO -4 C CD C9 N N C0 .-4 C0 Z N CV! Q -s Z -4 C0 N Q' O 'U sq O U O s- L.. GJ O Z C! Q Z G G G G LO Q' C0 .-4 Q' Q' Q N CD Q' Q' N N L0 Q ,-4 L0 LD -4 Ol O L.. O .-Q V1 'U C E 13 D Z Z Z C7 C Q 2 Q G Q Z Q D CW E LD S Q N Q' Q' N 2 CVD 09 CD LD Q' N N CD Q' N U3 LD v-u .-1 LN Q' ,Q O U L-4 '41 E CD Q D E G D G D Q Q Z G Z G CT .-4 .-c .-4 CJ Q' 00 N ,.f LN -e ,- C9 LD .-e .-4 N C13 1-1 99 Q' LN 2 O U VJ :1 E- Q E D Z E Q E S Q Q E Q N Q Z C3 N N N U5 -1 N ,- CY N Q Q -4 Lf! .-4 -1 N C0 .-o .-4 09 LD 'U o o E '43 Q .-4 G KD N Q 3 .-1 G N C7 Q Lf! -1 -1 N G Q G Q I-0 1-1 U7 -4 N - C0 Q' Q' FJ .-4 09 .-4 LD N CVD G .-4 N -4 N E KD -o C 2 ,M U O G G D E Q Q Q E Q Q G G Q G Z G Z S Q CP .-4 f-4 U3 Lf! C0 LO C0 N N L0 N -Q N IN N 09 N CD Q' -4 fr' C U E 3 CD Z CD G Q E C G E E 2 Q Q G Z Z Z C N N Q r-4 N I-D N Q N N Z .- N .-4 Q' N U9 3 .-e Q' Q' C0 LX Q' U3 -o 'U o o E -11 .-4 -4 -4 E IN C0 -4 VJ I-D C -4 N .-4 S .-1 Q Q' N G N C3 C0 .-4 Q' n cs .E :z :s va G G D G LX S .-1 C9 N K3 Q -J N Q -4 09 Q' Q N -n E G Q' N o : ID O az' xc: O E D .-4 Q Q U7 S .-e .- E -1 Z Q Z Q G C3 C9 N '-4 .-1 O7 Q' CVD CO N Q D .-1 LN N FJ N N .-4 LD Q LD CD E N C0 .- C as E cv U3 Q Q CD G D E Q 3 E E 2 E CJ E Q 3 Q G CD CD Q 1-1 1-u N LD C7 09 -1 Q' I-D C0 -1 N 00 Q' OO G O7 CO -1 Q' 'U o 0 E -41 C7 E G Q Q G Q D G Q G Q Z C G CD Q Q Q 2 IN Q' CVJ N Q' E E N I-D .-4 N .-4 IN I N N G9 N .-1 .-o Q L0 fo 1: 2 .aa U O CJ S Q Q Q' -e Q N C! CD CD G KD D S Q G D Q CD N 1-1 1-1 Q' Q' Q' N Q N Q' .-e 1-1 Q' U5 LO U0 v-1 N Q f-1 Q G C U7 o cv 'Z C0 E -4 -4 Q' C0 Q N N 00 CT -4 Q' Q N .-e N G G v-1 .-4 -4 CO -1 U3 N -1 S Q CD U7 -4 -c Q' LD CVD v-1 N Q Q Q Q 2 O U L4 42 C! Q E G E Q Q S D .-4 CJ m3 C3 G Q 2 CD Q' Q C9 C7 1-1 I-4 Q' Q' G N .- Q' O0 CD N IN N C0 N r: o 2 '5 2 0 4 Left to Right: Barbara Biadloid, Bvttyiane llansen, Leiae Galbieatli Ioan Blaase The success of the cheering section is attributable to four attractive young ladies, who were on the job at every football and basketball ganie. They are: Barbara Bradford, the Freshman cheerleader, is very active cind vivacious regardless of her srriall stature. She is active in school work as well. Lerae Galbreath was the Freshrnens' choice last year, and she is a Sophomore this year. Lerae is an attractive brunette. She is also active in school work and in various organizations. Bettyiane Hansen is the Hjoiiyl' funiors' cheerleader. This makes her third year and she really knows those yells, She is popular and Well-liked at school and out of school, The Seniors' cheerleader is a very beautiful young lady, named loan Eilaase. loan is active in all types of school workg she is the D. A. R. choice this year, and she inakes the honor roll. Need more be said? These girls deserve a lot of praise, because their job is a difficult one. They work under strain and excitement, and they still have to carry on with the cheers, They are always behind the team, winning or losing, so let's not forget the fob they dol xf 522 Band Vesper Concert. The band gave 6 aj emu AUGUST NOVEMBER 1 Football practice began 27 Opening of school. l22 students en- rolled in school '3..PTEMBER Labor Day-And how we laboredl Boys' Roundup. Weiners Weren't ra- tioned this year Girls' Mixer Maroa blackened out 27-0 Officers of F. F. A. went to Leadership School at Cerro Gordo Arcola defeated Knights l4-6 Initiation of F. F. A. boys-Tough Luckl Home Economics Club Organized OCTOBER Home Economics pot luck supper Knights tied with Nokornis 7-7. Latin Club organized First publication of "Arthurian" Iunior class play "That Crazy Smith Family" 12. No school-Teachers Institute Several "Arthurian" staff members at- tended State Press Conference at Cham- paign Organization of classes Knights held Tuscola Warriors scoreless -but just for one quarter-Final score 21-O for the Warriors Sophomore class enjoyed a hayride. More funl The Home Economics girls served an- nual board dinner. 6539 5. Mr. Spieth from Olney took pictures for the year book. 9. Sgt. Kelly from the State Police force gave a talk on "Safety" before the stu- dent body 9. Homecoming-which included a par- ade, football game and a dance 13 Senior class play "Brother Goose" 15 15 20 21 First basketball game here. We played Humboldt Rev. Procter, Rev. Atkinson, and Rev. Pyle were here in the interest of the revival being held at the Baptist church Mr. Robinson of Pekin gave an interest- ing talk on "Tobacco" before the assem- bly Kansas "Bulldogs" ripped the Knights to shreds with score 44-22 22-23. Thanksgiving holiday 27. Knights defeated Windsor in a thrilling overtime game 29-24 28. Regular meeting of F. F. A. DECEMBER 5. The faculty attended an all school social of Douglas County at Tuscola 12-l4. Moultrie County Basketball Tourna- 16 ment. Arthur came out second a splendid program 18. Conference game with Arcola. We came out the victor 40-18 20. Faculty Board dinner served by the Home Economics girls 21. Latin Club Christmas party 21. School Christmas Party. An exchange of gifts was made 21-22. And then Vacation 21. Oakland was plowed under 83-25 C' IANUARY Opening of school after the holidays We won lopsided game with Sullivan 39-23 Regular meeting of F. F. A. Villa Grove and Arthur played here. Another win for us 41-31 Knights took a trip to Cerro Gordo and defeated them 25-23. Close game! 12. Semester exams-Oh woe! More grief! Grade cards came out Commerce students had a theater and skating party at Mattoon Tuscola and Arthur game here-a de- feat for us 37-35. Pretty close game! Seniors took l. Q. tests. Heard they were inf!" Okaw Valley Tournament at Atwood. We took second place FEBRUARY Adult Evening class Sullivan and Arthur played here. We won easily 27-20 Senior class put on skit before student body Atwood played here and was defeated 36-34 Arthur was host to an all day Band Clinic Arthur Knights clinched Oakland 46-33 Mr. Spieth completed the pictures for us End of first six weeks in second semester Washington's Birthday-A holiday Neoga and Arthurg another victory 39-34 Music recital of solos and ensembles of emu 154: 25. Adult evening school served by the Home Economics girls 26. Regional tournament at Mattoon 28. The basketball schedule ended MARCH 2. District Solo and Ensemble Music con- test at Charleston 8. Iuniors presented skit before assembly 9. Speech contest 15. This yearbook went to press 29. Annual Spring Dance sponsored by the Commercial Club APRIL 5. End of second six weeks in second semester 6. District band contest at Charleston 12. Sophomores presented skit before as- sembly 26. Moultrie County Track Meet MAY 3. Freshmen presented skit before assem- bly 3. Sectional Music contest 10. Iunior-Senior banquet 12. Baccalaureate 16. Award night 17. Commencement -, fi Q! 'Hmm ff,- Top Row fLeh to Rightl: hf 11 fr Pore'-47' Hmlliurmw Mmslcrmrn, Pom Mmgn- Second Row lI.eH1o Righlj: Imumlx- ll., HIM.,-'3, Liv 'Mx Jw- 5-vwlxl--: Am-A 11 VM-, Third Row to Rightl: '1mdy"' Um-wx. "urMm.1Iv:. Ihmm-mum 4-11 !l.,- 12:1-L-n Hwxl '-' dv- 5:1 Fourth Row CLEH to Righilz f1xr1filAif1I4- fmolvn lwtww-rl rzcwru-wx fm! I Pi. wi 11- AH'-nxm.-.1 Fifth How lleh to Highljs ilwrmvxfl iS.-.-"Nw V1 iw-' fl1fm1 -f' "r,xmlxJ", AH fxlfwx:-1 WMM- lly H11-1' Y' 7414 I4 Um 70010 61 55? ETL XXA, D A E ENUINE PARTS C..IIO.IlOO.II.CI.OlOll.OCOO.Ull.IllOl'OOOOOOCCIIIOCOUOOOOOIIUO CONGRATULATIONS tothe C L A S S O F 1 9 4 6 Best Wishes for Your Success PATE SERVICE STATION James E. Pate, Prop. MARATHON GASOLINE AND OILS A from Postoffice Arth Ill This 1946 Arthuriie Printed By Huston-Patterson Corporation -77zaa'eu- Decatur, Illinois 8 SCHNEIDER'S Arcola Bread Since I 87 7 Good as the Best Better Than the Rest H. A. MOORE ASCHERMANN MOTOR COMPANY O Your FORD Dealer Phone 2 I 4 Arthur. lll SULLIVAN DAIRY Manufacturers of Pasteurized Milk Products Leo Krummel-Distributor Phone 253 Arthur, lll. Compliments of M. AND J. STOCK SHOE STORE G. H. STOCK BEN FRANKLIN STORE Arthur, Illinois Phone 230 CCHWSRAITHAATIONS To The CLASS OF 1946 ARTHUR LUMBER CUMPANY ARTHUR, ILLINOIS PHONE 32 Exclusive Sales Representatives for: Edison General Electric Appliance Co. Hotpoint Electric Appliances Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Paints and Varnishes Wallpaper Thos. Moulding Floor Mfg. Co. Moultile floors and walls Reinforced-flexible Master Asphalt tile United States Gypsum Co. Asphalt roofing products Sheetrock, Weatherwood Building board and Weatherwood Sheathing Bruce Prefinished Hardwood Flooring, General Electric Radios, Record Players and Television Receivers, Tyled Wall Products New Home Ideas literature is yours for the asking. Q D m See rocessin , rin in , an MC CORMICK - DEERING Sales and Service International Trucks H. L. PHILLIPS Ph 5 Art Seeds - WAYNE - Feed Baby Chicks - Farm Supplies M dP gGdgcl g CD SUNSHINE FEED STORE AND HATCHERY Ph I 8 A h Ill i CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of "l946" We Wish You A Long, Happy Life May God Bless You FACTORY SALES, INC. C-reg Fitzjarralcl - Clair Fitzjarralcl Kelly's Recreation Parlor Call us for results of all sports Welcome to all returning Servicemen Service with a Smile! PHONE - 27 The ARTHUR GRAPHIC - CLARION YOUR HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER james L. lVIcI-lose, Publisher ARTHUR COAL 8: FEED COMPANY Dealers in Eastern Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana ancl West Virginia Coal E Phone 129 Arthur, Ill F. I-I. Huckleberry, Owner Chas. L. Del-Iart, Mgr. FARMERS CHEESE COMPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid for Milk and Cream Your Best Market Close to Home Division of Sugar Creek Creamery Company Arthur Illinois TURNER SEED 8: SUPPLY YOUR CASE DEALER CASE TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS Arthur Phone 216 Illinois 000000000 000000 000 63 Congratulations And Lots Of Success To The Class of '46 lxhiflgwx -wg m sifn n - ki if Y .I W 4 Wifi Progress manufacturing Cumpanu Knobloch Service Station Located at North End of Main St. Phone 43 Batteries - Good Year - Tires Sinclair Gas and Oil Insure With The H. E. Hood Insurance Agency 20th Year in Arthur Use Bonnie Belle Look Naturelle Naturella Beauty Shop Bernice Hovermale, Prop. Compliments of J. E. Mason Hardware and Paint Arthur, Illinois Phone 40 652 Kelvinators - RCA Appliances Electrical Appliances - Sentinel Radios Diamonds - Watches - jewelry Old Spice - Yardley's - Toiletries Fiesta - Fostoria - Candlewick Phone l "BRADS" Jewelry Gifts Dr. E. Bradford Optometrist 33 Arthur, We Give Permanent Satisfaction Edith Logan Beauty Shop Phone 42 Arthur, Ill Phone Hoke Bros. FOOD STORE Choice Meats Quality Groceries 2 4 I Arthur, Taylor-Harder Dairy Pasteurized Products C. O. Taylor, Distributor Phone 245 lll AGEE GRAIN COMPANY GRAIN, FEEDS, SEEDS and GRINDING Clyde E.. Robb, Mgr. EADS STORE Your Happy Hour Store Arthur, Ill DRY GOODS -:- GROCERIES Meats - Food Lockers Phones : Art 24 an hur, lllino B6 Coats Suits Blouses Dresses DAWSON'S Apparel Shop The answer to every girl's wardrobe problem Carole Marlo Kings juniors Skirts Sweaters Accessories Comb's Service Station C opposite High School I Car Lubrication and Washing Tires - Good Year - Tubes Sinclair Opaline - Pennsylvania Motor Oils Arthur, illinois Phone 76 W. T. SINCLAIR MODERN sHoE SHOP Wolverine Work Shop and Men's Apparel Compliments of Pribble 8: Cahill Men and Boys Clothing 0, 'L .' ,... an S.".'.g::.'s. ! .-' 3. :.,l'lluI'o, Arthur, lllinois Phone 6 Photographs and Miscellaneous Spiefh Studio VAUGHN Radio and Electric Shop Your Frigiclaire, Maytag Philco, Universal Dealer We Service Everything We Sell O Phone 353 Arthur, lllinois OSCAR STROUSE Distributor of Confections lce Cream and Fountain Supplies WHOLESALE ONLY IO93 N. Huron Decatur, lll For Rest and Relaxation Attend the LAMAR THEATRE Your Patronage is Appreciatecl Arthur, lllinois Granthams Drug Store Congratulations to the Graduates Consumer's Coal Thrift Shop Company Norman's Dry Cleaning ancl Coal Paint Laundry Arthur, Illinois Phone 22I E Roxa Ray, Mgr. Compliments Fleming Auto Company of - OLDSMOBILE - Road Supply Company 2 W. H. Howell Arthur Ill ARTHUR IMPLEMENT COMPANY Wetherell and Aschermann Arthur, Illinois JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Keg? Compliments of E. L. Jurgens Insurance Agency Phones I 72-3 78 Insurance - All Lines Surety Bonds Real Estate Agent Personal Service CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of "l946" f 1 W- F. F. FLEMING TAYLOR CLEANING SHOP Cleaning and Pressing We will give fastest service possible Arthur, illinois WILSON AND WARD Tavern and Cafe Steaks are our Specialty Anhui, Illinois E Arthur, Illinois Phone II3 e 0 44707 14 IContinuecl from page 179 but you, anyway. Now let's hear from Marg. Ryan." Marg Ryan-"After minor success as chorus girls, Phyllis Honn and I went to Broadway to look for work. Taking jobs as secretaries to two big New York producers, we finally got a chance, and made good. By the way, we married the producers. We can never thank lack Monts enough for our commercial courses in school. lust look where they got us!" Karr-"Say, where's Howard Rigg? I haven't seen him yet." Rigg-"Right here, Kenny. I was just over in the Chemistry Department, doping out a few new formulas for the next world. Guess it's just my earthly nature coming to the surface. Of course you know I was Professor of Chemistry at the U. of I. until my death." Karr-"Of course, I remember that." There is a sudden crashing, grinding, and the roar of a Pontiac engine, and over the shattered re- mains of the Pearly Gates comes a 1937 Pontiac, slightly the worse for wear.l St. Peter-"Who darest destroy the Pearly Gates of Heaven?" 4712 Don Borders-"Ah, button your lip, grandpa. Hello, kids. My wife, Marg Shaw, and I decided to take a trip up Pike's Peak the other day. We just got to the top when the engine fell out, the fenders fell off, and-well, the darned thing just fell apart, that's all. We were all deqd by that time, and it didn't seem much use walking, so we just rode up here." Karr-"Nothing like convenience, is there? Well, if this is all-" Doris Watson and Helen Kroll-"Hey, wait for us. We didn't want to miss out on hearing all this, but husbands are such fun, you know. We just cou1dn't bear to leave them." Karr-"Yes, I know just how it is. You were lucky, though. I had to say goodbye to two wives. Where's Perry Beachy?" Angel-"He was doing so well as a preacher down on earth the Lord decided to lengthen his life another fifty years." Karr-"Well, everyone else is present, I think. Any- body else absent?" Angel-"Yeah, Some louse named Haney and the faculty." fCurtainJ 14aJa7aa71!14

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