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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1995 volume:

X , : It CJrjV Admiral Arthur W. Radford United States Navy Retired Admiral Radford served in three wars. He was on board the USS SOUTH CAROLINA, a battleship of the Atlantic Fleet, and was Aide and First Lieutenant to Commander Battleship Division ONE during World War I. He served in the Navy Department ' s Bureaus of Aeronautics and Naval Personnel and in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations early in World War II. and as Commander Carrier Division ELEVEN and SIX. and on the Staff of Commander Aircraft. Pacific, during the latter part of that war. At the outbreak of Korean hostilities he was serving as Commander in Chief. U. S. Pacific Fleet, later being given the responsibility of the Marianas- Bonin area and the Philippines-Formosa area. Born in Chicago. Illinois, on February 27. 1896. he entered the Naval Academy from Iowa in 1912. after attending high school in Grinnell. Iowa. He was graduated and commissioned Ensign in 1916 and assigned to the SOUTH CAROLINA. After the Armistice which ended World War I. he had staff duty until April 1920. then had flight training and was designated Naval Aviator 2896 in November of that year. Assigned next to the newly established Bureau of Aeronautics. Navy Department, he subsequently served with aviation units of the tender AROOSTOOK, and the battleships COLORADO and PENNSYLVANIA . From July 1927 until March 1929 he was attached to the Naval Air Station. San Diego, after which he headed the Alaskan Survey Detachment, investigating forest and mineral resources in Alaska. He joined the SARATOGA in November 1929, and commanded that carriers Fighting Squadron ONE from July 1930 to May 193 1 . then served on the Staff of Commander Aircraft Battle Force, still attached to the SARATOGA. Another tour of duty in the Bureau of Aeronautics preceded sea duty as Navigator of the tender WRIGHT, and further duty on the Staff of Commander Aircraft, Battle Force. He commanded the Naval Air Station, Seattle, from June 1937 until May 1940. and for a year thereafter was Executive Officer of the carrier YORKTOWN. Following World War II. he was ordered to the Navy Department to assist in planning the post-war Navy. In December 1945 he became Deputy CNO (Air) and after a year in command of the SECOND Task Fleet, re- turned to the Navy Department as Vice Chief of Naval Operations. He served as Commander in Chief. Pacific- Fleet and High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, prior to and during the Korean Conflict, and in addition was given increased responsibilities concerning Military Assistance Programs in Southeast Asia. In June 1953 he was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, by the President, and on August 15. 1955, was re-appointed for a second term. He was retired August 1 , 1 957. USS RADFORD 1 Commanding Officer Richard T. Holdcroft Commander, USN Commander Richard T. Holdcroft was bom in San Di- ego, California. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1 976 and was commissioned an Ensign through the NROTC program upon graduation. ( ' ommander I loldcroft ' s initial assignment was onboard USS LANG (FF-1060) as Antisubmarine Warfare Officer and then Combat Information Center Officer. Upon completion of his tour, he attended the Na al Postgraduate Sc1kx 1 in Monterey, California and was awarded a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Upon graduation from the postgraduate program. Com- mander I loldcroft attended Department I lead School in Newport, Rhode Island and subsequently sen ed as the commissioning Engineering Officer on USS THACH (FFG-43 ). I le then as- sumed duties as the Executive Officer on USS ALBERT DAVID (FF-1Q50). After completing his Executive Officer toux, Commander I loldcroft attended the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. He was then assigned joint duty tours as a Computer Systems Officer at the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff and then United States Strategic Command, both located at Offutt Air Force Base. Nebraska. Commander Holdcroft has been desig- nated a Joint Specialty Officer. 1 lis last assignment was in the Strategy and Concepts Division of the newly formed Naval Doctrine Command where he concentrated in the area of Theater Ballistic Missile Defense. Commander Holdcroft ' s personal awards include the I )efense Meritorious Sen ice Medal, the Meritorious Sen ice Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal, the Na Achiex ement Medal, the Humanitarian Sen ice Medal and the National Defense Medal. He is married to the former Man Jo Heinen of Humphrey, Nebraska. They reside in Virginia Beach with then Bve children: Michael. KimheiK. Valerie. Rick and Ann. ; Gr 2 USS RADFORD Executive Officer Alfred Pope Lieutenant Commander, USN it Ik ity. Lieutenant Commander Alfred Pope was born in Mobile. Alabama on 20 Jul 1950. He graduated from Alabama State University in Montgomery. Alabama in 1976. Lieutenant Commander Pope ' s initial assignment in the United States Armed Forces was in the U.S. Army, where he was assigned to the Army Security Agency. He completed 3 1 2 years where he was discharged as a SP5. From there he entered the Navy under the OCS program and was commis- sioned on 02 April 1982. His initial assignment was Post Graduate School where he departed on 13 October 1987. From there he was assigned to USS FAHRION (FFG 22) and departed on 22 July 1 99 1 . He was then assigned to COMCMGRU Two on 06 May 1993 where he transferred to COMGMGRU Three on 08 February 1994. He reported aboard USS ARTHUR W RADFORD on 06 May 1995. Lieutenant Commander Pope ' s awards include the Meritorious Service Medal. Naval Commendation Medal. Navy Achievement Medal. National Defense Medal. Armed Forces Service Medal, NATO Service Medal. Lieutenant Commander Pope is married to the former Valerie L. Wells of Mobile. Alabama. They reside in Virginia Beach Va. USS RADFORD 3 Command Master Chief EWCM(SW) Ron Esteppe Electronics Warfare Technician Master Chief Ron Esteppe was born in Baltimore, Maryland where he graduated from Dundalk Senior High School in 1975. He then enlisted in the United States Navy shortly thereafter. Upon graduation from Recruit Training he attended EW " A " school. He was subsquently assigned to USS NASHVILLE (LPD-13). Upon his tour completion aboard USS NASH- VILLE he was transferred to the USS STEINAKER (DD 863). Alter two consecutive sea lours he accepted orders to NTTC Coney Station in Pensacola, Florida. He was then assigned to USS ARTHUR W RADEORD (DD 968) and after successfully completing another four year sea tour, he was assigned to staff duty forCOMPHIBGRU Two. He once again accepted orders to shore dut at Elect Training Center. Norfolk Va. and after obtaining his current rank of master chief he was selected for the Command Master Chief pro- gram where he accepted orders for a second tour of duty aboard USS ARTHUR W RADFORD (DD-968). He currently resides in Virginia Beach w ilh his wife Patricia. 4 • USSR, ni ; ()RI) Department Heads LCDR B. Symmers LT W. McKinlev LT H. Islam iM LT J Melone LT R. Quigley USS RADFORD 5 Wardroom Lt T. Strickland LT B. Borden LT R. Villareal LT J. Barrett °J LT J Mangels LT T. Gourdine LTJG J. Leskovkh LTJG T. I)elant 6 USS RADFORD Officers am " Super George! Promising Rock Star, NOT! LTJG Munion LTJG D. Dye ENS G. Santiago ENS R. Smith ENS S. Heath ENS Harris USS RADFORD 7 Chief ' s Mess EWCM(SW) Ron Esteppe GSCS(SVV) " T.C. " Graham DSCS(SW) Tim Russell OSCS(SW) Mark Rajotte ink (SWi Leon " Blockbuster " Stokes ! USS RADFORD It l( (S i Jirr Erickson llMCi.sw i Rlcard " Doc " Long QMC(SW) Dana Kominski Doc acquires a Rent-A-Buddy ' In Cognito! " ENC(SW) Brian Walters EWClSWl Barry Long MSC(SW) Scott Bickwell ETC(SW) Gary Joplin BMC(SW) Charlie High DCC(SW) John Ullery USS RADFORD 9 9 ' 91 rw GSMC Hollis Nelson GSEC Ed Anderson CTRC Ken Jackson PNC S Y A V) Adolfo Demontalvo RMClSWll ' ern Cronej GMC(SW) Kerry Fuller IO USSRADH)KD f[ 1 1 »! USS RADFORD 1 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT Able to simultaneously conduc Surface, Subsurface and S Warfare, RADFORD is truly multi- mission destroyer. Through the Command and Decision System (CDS), RADFORD ' s well trained and dedicated Combat Systems Team is able to detect, evaluate, and engage threats in all warfare areas. Anti-Submarine Warfare WTfh the world ' s most advanced underwater wiwtf system- RADFORD is able to detect and target the most modem submarines. The SQQ-89 tactical sonar suite is composed of a hull-mounted sonar (SQS-53B) and al Tow ed Ana) Sonar (TACTAS), and is full) ted with the ship ' s Light Airborne Multi-Pur- pose System (LAMPS MK III) Helicopter. t Strike fdrf are: Able to cany 61 Tomahawk Missiles in her vertical launcher on the foc ' sle. RADFORD can attack a wide variety of land tar- gets. Her capability to deliver standoff, highly ace - ate surgical strikes makes ARTHl ' R W. ADFO rfll|plnatifinal aiset. Anti-Air Warfare: RADFORD ' s upgrade NATO aspwowsystem. along with two 5754 LightWcight Gun Mount ' s and two Close-in Weap- ons Systems (CTWS) provide her with the ability to defend herself from planes and anti-ship missiles. Amphibious Warfare: With the MK 86 Gun- fire Control System in the Naval Gunfire Support mode, RADFORD is able to provide deadly accu- rate shore bombardment with her two five-inch gun mounts. Ml ■■HI 12 USS RADFORD -9 CSA Division DSCS(SW) T. Russell STGKSW) B. McGhee STG1 K. Lane STG1 G. Ellsworth STG1 D. Goert zen STG2 C. Parker STG2(SW) W. Fuller STG2 D. Newman USS RADFORD 13 CSA Division STG3 J. Gold STG3 M. Hillard STG3 K. Kraczkowski STG3 J. Perlman STGSN N. Brown STGSN J. Gagnon TMSN M. Hutchins MSI STGSN K. Schneider Na . . . Thai ' s not a sub, II issi; nioK|) CSE Division ETKSW) J. Rowland ETC(SW) G. Joplin Ti I |he Data Systems Technicians and Electronic Technicians that make up CSE Division are RADFORD ' s main pool of technical expertise. From radios to radars, satellite communications, inertia! navigation to the Combat Direction System that integrates the weapons into a single warfare entity; these men are the elite spe- cialists who work behind the scenes to " make it all happen " . DS2 J. Banfield IXS2 R. Vega ET2 C. Sapp USS RADFORD 15 l6 USSRAl)lokl CSG Division y Co: GMC(SVV) R. Smith FCKSVV) R. Bequette GMG1 M. Lindsev FCl(SW) C. Wright USS RADFORD 17 Tripping the night fantastu IX I ' SSRADhORD 1 CSM Division FCl R. Knestrick FCC J. Keipe FCl B Rehnert USS RADFORD 19 t s liudch U I SSK l)l( l ' l c s IV GMC K. Fuller GMM1 I). Smith GMM1 J. Rauch GMM1 R. Beck D i v i s I o N FCl A. Parsons FC1 C. Decker GMG1 Datsko FCl 2 G. Meara USS RADFORD 21 Strike ci Pose I CI! 22 rsSKAI)H)RI) Navigation ${ °w 8 QMC I). Kominski rafebi QMl L. Howard QM3 J. Crowe QM3 J. Burch QM3 R. Brown USS RADFORD 23 T " YNl C. Ohara y ■ Admin HMC R. Long BTC G. Erickson PNC A. Demontalvo At .• NCI M. Flynn will explain it once more. 3M reports are due on Monthly ' s. 24 I ' SS RADIX )RI) QMC Kominski dreaming I ft HM2 B. Harris YN2 B. Benson YN2 C. Costley rkay. I give up. What are you dressed up for l.lltnn V YNSN Bobzien trying to catch chicken pox from 18 month old Alexis. It ' s Miller time! PN3 J. Moultrie PNSN E Medei FN J. Carlson USS RADFORD 25 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT What the ship does when si there: Operations Departme responsible for the plannin execution of every major shipboard e tion. Responsible for tactical operati! the threat environment: tracking con (friend or foe) from a thousand mj and determining courses of action from tcction to engagement. Operationj di vi sions navigate and drive the ship a Thenffrfell boats, counter hpstjjL? fSrcl jjK electro- magnetic spectrum, ensure constan nications connecti battlcgroup. colic nau informati id tire ma ship " s outstanding appearance. an( onic warfare Spectrum, RADFORD both the AN SLQ-32(V)2 Elec- sensor and OUTBOARD II Signals m. which provide tactical detec- f enemy emissions. RADFORD ' s eTve ' tiiclfoal operational and J.wetfty-fouf ' Iiours r tinuous w orldwide eon- copy, voice and data capability, jjfo hverse enlisted ratings within Operations Department include Boatswain ' s Mates (B 1). Crypt Qlaai c Technicians (CI). Flectronic Warfare EW). Operations Specialists (OS). R l). Signalmen (S T) and one Intelli- cialist (IS). ' ers make up tne core " riors who will intimately ■:■ .. . , ik md pr I ■ isLaut exercises and I see- WRJW% 4 their war fisrhtiny sk ills lionet 2h i ssk Diokh OC Division RMl M. Lancaster RM2 H. Martin RM2 G. Mordan Photo Not available SMI VV. Keyes USS RADFORD 27 Could it be? SMJ Taylor working? 28 USSRAI)l()kD OD Division USS RADFORD 29 Above: Training Time! Below: Another safe Small Boat Operation. Above: Drop him in the drink Boats! Below: Turn to. continue ships work! M) : I ' SSRADlokl) Brinlev I SN A. Chow SN B. Dufoe SN J. Groth SN D. Hodge ftajpier SN J. Peppera SN D. Rants SN T. Reikow SN B. Reisdorf ' £ S. v? Division manning the rails. Look at those Boastwain Mates do their thing. USS RADFORD 31 OSC M. Rajotte OS1 K. Sturm OS1 K. Little OS1 J. Phillips 32 1 SSk DI()kl) OI Division OS3 M. Gonzales OS3 J. Hargrett OS3 S. Hinkle OS3 R. Hughes OS3 Merzier OS3 R. Johnson OS3 G. Sinniger OS3 C. Van OSSN S. Rowland OSSN J. Priddv OSSN A. Gillespie OSSA D. Lee OI Personnel, So happy to be here! OSSA D. Atkinson OSSR G. Davis OSSN K. Yost USS RADFORD 33 OT Division iAiA EWC B. Long CTRC K. Jackson CTM1 S. Otoole EW1 M. Rosencrantz IS1 R. Gibns CTR1 K. Nichols CTOl J. Terry CTA2M. Lawless CTR2 S. Jones M f 11 f 1 rp? - " Aftuv?: Kr ma e me feel like dancing! Right: Making friends everywhere! EW3 S. Beavers CTM3B. Fox CTM3 W. Guthrie EW3 K. Lyles CTR3 VV. Phinney Above: Looki)ii sharp! Left: What a natch. ' X X USS RADFORD 35 ( ISSKADIORI) View of a Carrier cFop left: Plane guard duties. Top right: Touch and goes. Above ; eft: Time for fuel. Above right: Plane guard duties again. Below eft: Getting into position. Below right: Leapfrogs. USS RADFORD 37 Hump •jjj. j .- BMC shoots for two A S ' W M 3 Q ' •? 41 j can shoot yes. but con RM2 Hall goes for it. he chink it? Bomb ' s Away! Ptf ■ { ■ ' Ifr few -v s NF. m v : «— Even the captain can ' t escape the wrath of the pie toss! i ■ - ' 18 i ss R VDFORD LT Quigley providing some fret entertainment w Real entertainment at its best v » Above Left: One Helluva cold day for a barbeque! Above Right: The Chiefs set the standard for Steel Beach ml • Picnics! ¥ Sj? , ■ v fl 1 f. _ - " What? No seats What arc yon talking about? I ' ve been grilling for 25 years! Steel Beach Picnic Below: It figures where there ' s food, there ' s a RM not to far away! ] The grill gets the best of BM1 Long ,i Whoa! That there ' s some good vittles! USS RADFORD 39 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT t t aintaining the ship and It ' s not easy to provide basic comforts to 400 sea- supporting her mission: ers around the clock; especially when the ship is . this is the demanding task underwa y and far fl0m home - These men and their lead " „ , _ ers, however, demonstrate the initiative and resource- that Supply Department accom- , , .. , , , , Ar -™,, c i rv j r fulness it takes to makaJfyVDFORD s Supply plishes every day. From maintenance mentj 1 on the waterfront . materials to critical repair parts; from the food we eat -to the clean clothes . £ ' we wear; from our haircuts and pay- checks to the ship ' s store, carrtty and soda machines. H. a : X -J ' J USS.MLr W.K Jf J(2 2 -968) K) I SSK |)|()k|) X Supply Support and Ship ' s Services SKI I). Blue SK2 L. Clark SH2 S. Griffin SK2 J. Hinkle PC2 A. Wright ft I 1 1 t USS RADFORD 41 oil SH3 D. Bonner SK3 T. Douglas SK3 D. Ornelas SK3 M. Sandholm DKSN J. Shelton SHSN R. Morales SHSN I). Hill SN Derov DKSN Shelton ' s other job. 42 USS RADFORD SHSA R. Addison SHSR Lopez How can I Help Yon. ' Food Service MSC S. Bickwell MSI D. Thompson MSI W. Clark MM lA Aim A II Am Am MS2 M. New MS2 M. Henry l t iAiA MS2 J. lams MSSN K. McCusker MSSA M. Gregg MSSN V. Prajapati 02 USS RADFORD 43 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ELECTRICTY 3 - Allison 501 K17 Gas Turbine Generators (2 Million watts each) DD - 968 Charactistics ii I ssr Dioki) Length 563 Beam 55 Feet Speed 30+ Knots Draft (keel) 22.5 Feet Draft (navigation) 32.6 Feet Displacement 9600 Tons O A Division o ENC B. Walters EM R. Crocker EN1 M. Saffran EM P. Mutta EM Sain EN1 Marsh EN I Mutta getting involved in the Comrel Project. USS RADFORD 45 iAtiPk EN3 D. Adams EN3 R. Marquez EN3 I). Olson EN3 M Robinson EN3 J. Treaster EN3 R. Weston ENFN A. Sanney FN S. Jackson ENFA S. Nail EN.l Marque: ensuring the RHIB is good to go! ENJ Robinson relaxing. K, I SSK I)I()KI) id E Division EMC L. Stokes EMI S. Godbout EM2 R. tapirs EM2 R. Hall Look Ma, one hand and I ' m not afraid of heights anymore either. USS RADFORD 47 i if I. Div putting up the pretty lights. A E Divisions (Arts And Entertainment) What, I have to be up here again? IO . Kovcc FN S. Callahan 48 USS RADIX )kl) Naples, Italy , Close up of the castle USS RADFORD 49 Rome 50 I SS KADI-OKI) Corfu Bargain hunting in Corfu Here she comes USS RADFORD 51 Unbelievable artwork Spanish cigarette ad SPAIN 52 USS RADFORD Valencia Festival parade participa Conquistador extrordinaire Is it real or is it memorex? USS RADFORD 53 Villefranche Take ' em to the dungeon M I SS RADFORD Soda box on a surfboard. What a concept! Monaco mm ■ Changing ot the guard IJPiLJI Statue of Saint Nicolas Monte-Carlo, home of the High Rollers We all live in a Yellow Submarine! View from the hill USS RADFORD 55 Bulgarian officers clowning around 56 » L ' SS RADFORD Constanta, ROMANIA Wreath laying to honor those fallen comrades. USS RADFORD 57 rt One more tragedy of Pediatric Aids Boat ' s new painting buddy W Hand Salute, Ready. Too! How can you say no to these faces? f )f( 58 USSRADK)Rn { Vould you look at all those steps! pCC Ullery and ESMC Nelson do a little sight seeing USS RADFORD 59 Istanbul, TURKEY The Blue Mosque 60 USS RADFORD Come on Mister they ' re only JO dollars Beautiful Tunisian river Mosaic tiles depicting Northern Africa campaign during WWII Ancient Roman marble column Roman carving H USS RADFORD 61 Livorno, ITALY A game of basketball ensues Gorgeous architechture The leaning tower of Pisa SMI Keyes goes for the block (.: ; i ssk DH)i n I Swim Call! Swim call spectators ' ill fa s What does one hand sticking our of the water mean ' . ' BM3 Brin ley displays his job title for the day All clear! No sharks here! USS RADFORD 63 SUNDOW SUBMARINE 64 USS RADFORD I! £ R Division M DCC J. Ullery DC1 J. Zortman HT1 M. Fitchett MR1 P. Sawyer HT2 Edwards R Division displays their fire fighting skills to foreign dignitaries. USS RADFORD 65 DC3 M. East HT3 S. Housholder DC3 M. Meyn HT3 C. Pate DC3 C. Picknev DC3 A. Shileikis DCFN G. Nadeau HTFN Wolf MR I Sawyer sets Y.ehra on his eyelids 66 rSSk l)I()KI) MP Division GSCS " T " Graham GSMC H. Nelson GSEC E. Anderson GSE1 H. Pinzon GSM2 P. Antkowiak GSE2 G. Gentry GSM2 M. Reppert GSM2 S. Siplin GSM2 V. Zimmerman .a ■r pi m Above: GSMC Nelson running the ruins in Tunisia. Below: Off duty liberty conference II MB ' » AZ ove; GSEC Anderson thinking about the casino ' s while in Monte Carlo Below :GSM2 Reppert shares a smile with 3 year old Alexandria GSE3 R. Green GSE3 C. Keer GSE3 E. Rivera GSM3 J. Sabado GSMFN L. Pena FN V. Shada FR C. Collins GMS2 Reppert observes a topside evolution. GSM2 Johnson cooks sliders during the Comrel project. 6XH ' SSRAI)I()I I) HSL Four Six Det Seven Photo Not Available LCDRJ.Southerland LT H. Glass LT D. Schuessler LTA. Coburn LT L. Christman " sg " ■■;, »»■, : Above: LT Glass dreams of flying a Russian helo but reality sets back in. Above Right: HSL 46 Det 7 Poses with COMDESRON 26 and Bulgarian Admiral. Below: LT Coburn and LT Christman take a stroll through Valencia. Spain USS RADFORD 69 Wnlcr hours ' . ' What ' s that 70 USSRADFORD r f Daily Shipboard Routines m Lt Borden assuming Officer of the The Boarding Team conducts another Turkish frigate Deck. exercise. Emergency Egress Training EN FN Feeman and Sn Dufoe receive instructions. Repair 5 during GQ Safety brief before Unrep Heave Around! B «4SE :i ,«jit »» " fi ' - «£I33 7 ;e German oiler " Rhon " SN Chow standing thai ever Dilligent Bridge watch Another Unrep begins ■■k r . V ; Shot lines over Don ' t worn; I ' m ready. «GB The CO. and ENS Heath observe from : 72 USS RADFORD Above: LT.IG time to observ the Unrep as well. Below: Look, I ' ve told you a hundred times, look natural when they take the photo! a ;i i I 4 ' Ui COMDESRON Two Six and Arthur The color guard makes another W Radford honor the fallen. flawless performance. Mmm, Mnvn, Good! Reception in Varna One glass per person please Yea right! Commodore Morgan gets a lesson in wines. Jdu Just one more, please? Below: Look, I took this one when he wasn V looking. Below: Are you gonna drink that? Or just hold it? 1 Ui Various Architecture 1ILB lit ' f, t, 1 r iW 1 ■! USS RADFORD 75 ENS Santiago, where your respirator. ' 76 USS RADFORD fn BJJB ARRCZ 31 1 USS RADFORD 77 Shoppers go crazy in Istanbul SN Chow appears to have found a friend. w Traditional belly dancing LTJG Delanty and LT Borden have their curiousity arroused. Below: I ' m not just a client of the hair club for men fl Local entertainment in Turkey! 78 USSR l)l ORD Dining Out Top Left: Will you be my buddy? Top Right: What do you mean you don ' t have enough money? Upper Middle Left: OSSN Lindike is the leader in the " all the chili you can eat ' Contest ' " . ' Upper Middle Right: That ' s some dry wine if QMC ' s face is any idication. Lower Middle Right: Crew members trying some local cuisine. Bottom Left: Look, the Cheshire cat! USS RADFORD 79 The excitement continues to hitild The roses are delivered by the tug. Ensuring the ship gets lei ' d. As the ship pulls chiscr the croud increases Hold ' em steady. Finally the word is given to allow visitors aboard. Those last few steps on the brow and then . . . We ' re Hom SO I SS KADI-OKI) •Ai.wmrn r mi»in«n. roMMNt • mancelink mikxii n ' re Hom« !• ' ••• inn,,

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