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r -t I r r i tt i r -f-i— i— r t - t t r ' - ( Hi . ,- - .V • [ A R DEL lflPfWJc ' r iLi ' tIMlUl rs yuUHt ILymmi, tun Z tm Jit ajkuur i mtltrrti. ■Ktlff :tfi 11 MARE " " m Y : ioxos pro M y.i ' McTTTi c u M.qSi pJa ,1 " f m, ■. i«» t il m Ax . ;. J I I I I fT-r r r I r I .1 c r , ' UNITAS XXVIII USCOMSOLANT HSL-32 UNITAS Ol COAT OF ARMS The Coat of Arms of USS ARTHUR W. RAD- FORD (DD 968) is highly symbolic of the ship ' s namesake. Admiral Arthur W. Radford, and his uncompromised devotion to this country ' s national defense. The gold wings allude to Admiral Radford, a pioneer in aviation, who won his wings in 1920 and subsequently served two tours in the Navy Depart- ment ' s Bureau of Aeronautics. The wings and ship ' s bow together refer to his command of Carri- er Divisions II and 6, Pacific, in World War II. The four five-point stars crosswise on the blue of the ship ' s bow indicate his promotion to the rank of Admiral and his appointment as Commander in Chief Pacific, and United States Pacific Fleet pri- or to and during Korean hostilities. The red torii symbolizes both World War II and the Korean War. The three divisions of shield, itself a symbol of protection, refer to air, land, and sea armed forces, and allude to the fundamental and guiding princi- ples of Admiral Radford ' s beliefs and constant concern — the defense of freedom through nation- al strength, and national security through pre- paredness. This dominant dedication to country is reflected in Admiral Radford ' s appointment in 1953 as the first naval officer to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his reappointment for a second term. This is symbolized by the canton of defense blue bearing the four gold unsheathed swords, and is displayed on the shield as an " aug- mentation of honor " . Admiral Radford ' s naval career may be summa- rized by three words: " Patriotism, Perservcrance, and Preparedness. " These traits, which he both lived and taught, are shown by the Navy blue motto scroll lined with white located beneath the shield. UNITAS 02 RADFORD ' S HISTORY USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD (DD 96S). the second Spruancc Class destroyer to join the Atlantic Fleet, is assigned to Destroyer Squadron TUM and was designed and built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries in Pascagoula, Mississippi. USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD is a versatile, multi-mission ship de- signed to operate with equal effectiveness either alone or with carrier battle groups. She is also an outstanding platform for shore bombardment, am- phibious assault support, or any other traditional destroyer role. .ARTHUR W. RADFORD was designed primarily for anti-submarine warfare and has one of the most advanced underwater detection and fire control systems yet developed. She is a large ship (more than twice as large as WWII destroyers) and can carry a formidable array of weapons and electronic equipment long distances at high speeds. USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD is a member of the first class of major combatant ships in the U.S. Navy to be powered with marine gas turbine engines. Four gas turbines produce more than 20.000 horsepower each to drive the ship at speeds in excess of 30 knots. The twin controllable, revers- ible pitch propellers give the ship an exceptional degree of maneuverability. The main ASW sensor of USS ARTHUR W RADFORD — her subma- rine surveillance and detection sonar — is located in the large dome at the bow of the ship. With its higher power and improved signal processing equipment the sonar is the first in the Navy to be linked directly to digital computers, thus ensuring swift, accurate processing of target information. The armament aboard USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD consists of two 5 " guns. Anti-submarine Rocket Launcher (ASROC). torpedo tubes, and heli- copters for ASW detection and long range weapons delivery. .Additionally. N.A TO Seasparrow missiles give protection against anti-ship missiles and aircraft. The Harpoon Weapons System is a long range anti-ship missile svstem capable of over the horizon strikes. ' In September 1979. USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD completed her first Mediterranean deployment. While deployed, she participated in the lleet exercises Dawn Patrol. Trident, and Nation Week A ' .VV . During the latter exercise, she fired a Harpoon missile in the Mediterranean, scoring a direct hit on a target over sixty miles away, she also made port visits to France. Spain. Ilalv. Egvpl. and Yugoslavia. In June 1980. ' USS ARTHUR W RADFORD deployed toSouth Ameri- ca as flagship for USCOMSOLANT during UNITAS XXI conducting joint exercises with South American Navies followed by v s fx to four countries in West .Africa. In October I9SI. the ship entered Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula. Missis- sippi for her regular overhaul. It was here she received additional armament and survivabiltiy modifications. The ship completed overhaul in February I9S2. two months ahead of schedule. The ship deployed to the Mediterranean in .April of 1983. and subsequent- Iv fired over 125 rounds of 5 " ordinance during actual Naval GunFire Support Operations. USS ARHTUR W. RADFORD was awarded the Navy i ' nit Commendation for support of the .Multi-national Force stationed ashore in Beirut. Lebanon. In Februarv 1985. USS ARHTUR W RADFORD deployed to the Persian Gulf and acted as flagship for COMIDEASTFOR While deployed, the ship was witness to the so called " Tanker Wars " where in aircraft from Iran and Iraq routinely attacked merchant ships in the Gulf The ship returned to Norfolk, Virginia in August 1985. Subsequent to the 1985 deployment. USS ARTHUR W RADFORD participated in numerous tactical exercises, and under went an extensive upgrade of ship ' s systems during an SRA period in early 1986. From July to September 1986. she went through an intensive REFTRA at Guantanamo Bav. Cuba with a follow-up visit to Fort Lauderdale. Florida. During October of 1986. USS ARTHUR W RADFORD was assigned to Commander Caribbean Squadron. U.S. Coast Guard as flagship for the anti-drug operation " Checkmate 7 " . This ship was subsequently awarded the U.S. Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation. Just prior to UNIT.AS XXVIII. she participated in a major FLEETEX. .ASW Schoolship training, and Supporting .Arms Coordination Exercises, all of which took place in the Caribbean during early 1987. UNITAS 03 r ' ADMIRAL ARTHUR WILLIAM RADFORD UNlTAS 04 Admiral Arthur W. Radford ' s career lasted for a total of 45 years. From pioneer aviator to Chair- man, Joint Chiefs of Staff, he believed in a strong Navy as integral to the defense of the nation. Born to John and Agnes Radford on February 27, 1896 in Chicago, Illinois, he was the first of four children. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Grinnel, Iowa where Arthur William graduated high school in 1912. When he was passed over for an appointment to West Point, he entered the U.S. Naval Academy and was commis- sioned Ensign in 1916. When World War I broke out in 191 7, " Raddy ' as his classmates called him stood duty on the battleship USS SOUTH CARO- LINA. After the War in 1920, Radford saw a childhood fantasy come true when he completed his aviation training in Pensacola, Florida and was stationed on board the carrier USS SARATOGA. Here he worked his way up to commanding his own fighter squadron, and during the 1930 ' s was assigned to the Bureau of Aeronautics and commanded the Naval Air Station In Seattle, Washington. In 1941, just prior to the attack on Pearl Har- bor, Radford was chosen to centralize and expand the Navy ' s Flight Training Program. As head of the Aviation Training Division in Washington, D.C., he would materialize a long time dream into reality by inaugurating and encouraging a program in which America ' s young pilots could not only learn to fly but would become ' ' Commandos of the Air " . He was commissioned a Rear Admiral and com- manded a carrier division in the western Pacific during World War II. His skill in naval tactics, as well as air, was proven by successfully maneuver- ing the Task Force from the Flag Bridge of his carrier USS ENTERPRISE during what was termed as " The greatest night torpedo plane attack ever launched against an American Task Force In the Pacific " . Not one ship was damaged or lost and he was decorated with the Distinguished Service Medal for his command of this Task Force. Radford served as Commander, Second Task Force, Atlantic Fleet until after the war, but also successively served as Deputy Chief of Naval Op- erations. As a Vice Admiral, he served In the Navy ' s number two spot, as Vice Chief of Naval Operations, before being appointed Admiral In 1949. In the Post World War II air euphoria. It was he, the consumate flier, who became the most outspoken critic of the proposals to scrap the fleet in favor of strategic land-based bombers. In the so called " Revolt of Admirals " , Radford and three others refused to remain silent in the face of per- sonal and professional criticism, nor did they back down to President Truman. It was rumored that because of this, Radford received his next duty as Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, a post he maintained throughout the Korean conflict. At age 54, he had been a red- hot airman, a resourceful administrator, a crack staff man, and a fight carrier Admiral. Above all, he had been a tireless crusader for naval air power. He received his second Distinguished Service Medal while in this command. In 1953 by appointment of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Admiral Radford became the first na- val officer to hold the position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff He was also appointed to a second term In 1955, but retired in 1957 just prior to it ' s completion. In I960, acting as an advisor to Vice President Nixon on military matters, Radford spoke out on foreign issues being installed by Senator John F. Kennedy. He also helped conduct government studies on military aid and the future of the mer- chant marine. When Arthur W. Radford died on August 14, 1974 at the age of 77, he was burled with full military honors at the Arlington National Ceme- tery. He had taken part in three wars, flown, sailed, and commanded the Navy. He appeared twice on the cover of TIME and on the cover of U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT. He was a re- spected political naval officer, and a legacy to those who knew and loved him. ' UNITAS 05 COMMANDING OFFICER Commander William G. Pruett, US, Navy Commander Pruett was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on 21 February 1946. He entered the United States Navy in 1967 and was commissioned an Ensign through the Reserve Officer Candidate Program in December 1968. His education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Management from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Science Degree in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. After commissioning. Commander Pruett was assigned to USS DEHAVEN (DD727) where he served as the Main Propulsion Assistant and the Chief Engineer. He then attended the Naval Postgraduate School receiving the Master of Science Degree in March 1975. Following Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island, he was assigned as Weapons Officer on board USS BADGER (FF 1071) and then The CO ' s favorite sport served as the Surface Systems Analyst on the Staff of Commander, Third Fleet in Ha waii. Commander Pruett subsequently was assigned in August 1981 as the Executive Officer on board USS PHARRIS (FF 1091). In December 1982, he began a two year tour as Flag Secretary for Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Commander Pruett assumed command of USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD (DD 968) on 19 October 1985. Commander Pruett has been awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, three Navy Achievement Medals, and various service awards. Commander Pruett is married to the former Diana Marie Sandretzky of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have two sons, Matt and Andy. CO 07 EXECUTIVE OFFICER ' V XO 08 I Lieutenant Commander Alberto E. Vasquez Jr. I LCDR Vasquez attended the University of New Mexico, and the University of Texas where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. He has also attended the Naval Postgraduate School attaining a Master of Science Degree in Systems Technology. He was commissioned through ROTC in 1975 at the University of Texas. His first duty was on board USS CHARLESTON (LKA 113) as the Assistant Communications Officer until 1977. He then attended Basic Surface Warfare Officers School for a year before returning to USS CHARLESTON as the Auxiliaries Officer until 1979. He spent a year on board USS DONALD B. BEARY (FF 1085) as Assistant Auxiliaries Officer, and then attended Department Head School until 1981. After graduation from Department Head School, he was stationed on board USS GARCIA (FF 1040) as Chief Engineer until 1982, and then on board USS RICHARD K. TURNER (CG 20) until 1983. From 1983 to 1985, he was Flag Secretary and Flag Lieutenant for Commander, South Atlantic Force. Afterwards he attended the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School until 1987 where he as later assigned as Executive Officer on board USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD (DD 968). He is married to Yolanda Vasquez, a Medical Technologist from Corpus Christi, Texas. They reside in Virgina Beach, Virginia with their two children, Lena Allyson and Alberto III. The CO and XO pause for a picture XO 09 ARTHUR W. RADFORD DEPARTMENT Lieutenant Commander David C. Taylor graduated from Barrington College in 1971 with a B.A. Degree in Biology. He entered the Navy through the Recruit Training Center. Great Lakes. Illinois in 1971 and was subsequently ordered to Pharmacy School, Enlisted Training Service, Portsmouth. Virginia where he served as an instructor oC Inorganic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Mathematics. Selected for the Aviation Officer Candidate Program in April 1974. he was commissioned an Ensign in August of the same year and designated a Naval .Aviator in 1975. He was then ordered to Helicopter Mine Countermeasure Squadron TWEL VE serving as .Aircraft Commander and squadron Legal Officer. Lieutenant Commander Taylor ' s first shore tour was as an Aviation .Assignment Officer at Naval Military Personnel Command and intern Action Officer in the organization of the .hint Chiefs of Staff He then served as LAMPS OINC in HSL-32 which was embarked on USS KNOX (FF 1052) and USS FRANCIS HAMMAND (1067). Lieutenant Commander Taylor is a graduate of the Naval War College, College of Command and Staff and the Naval Staff College. During this assignment he aho attended Salve Regina College and was awarded a Master of Science (International Relations Degree). Lieutenant Command Stulb is a 1977 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has attend the Navy ' s Nuclear Power School in Orlando. Florida and Idaho Falls, Idaho. After completion of Basic Surface Warfare Officers School, he was stationed on board USS NIMITZ (CVN 6S) where he served as the ship ' s Electrical Officer and became qualiFicd as a Nuclear Engineering Officer His ncM duly was on board USS TEXAS (CGN J9) for two years .■icrving as CIC officer until he reported to Fleet Combat Training Center. Atlantic as a TAO Instructor. It was after his completion of Department Head School in March I9S6 that he reported on board USS ARTHUR W RADFORD (DD 96S) as the Operations Officer. He is married to the former Ms. Marilyn Hincs of Suffolk, Virginia. They have one child, Eleanor .-Xnne. who was born August 2li, I9S7. DEPT HEADS I Lieutennnl Bell is a 1978 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a major in Operations Research. His first duty station was as Aviation Stores Officer on board the prc-commissioned unit USS N. ' SSAU (LH.A 4) until I9SI. From I9SI until 1983. he served as .■ DP Customer Service Director for the Navy Finance Center in Cleveland. Ohio and then as Force ADP Officer for COMSVBPAC in Pearl Harbor. Hawaii until 1985. He reported on board USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD on November 15. 1985. as Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Holley enlisted in the United States Navy in 1970. He served as a Gunner ' s Mate on board USS FLOYD B PARKS (DD 884) until 1973. and USS BUCHANAN (DDG 41) until 1976. He attended Purdue University in 1979. earning a commission and Bachelor ' s Degree through the aval Enlisted Science Education Program. His First duty as an officer was on board USS SPARTANBURG COUNTY (LST 1192) in 1980. and then as an instructor for the NROTC Unit in Miami University of Ohio in 1983. During this time. Lieutenant Holley earned a Masters Degree in Management and Decision Sciences. Lieutenant Holley reported on board USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD on February 13. 1987. as Combat Systems Officer Lieutenant Holley is married to the former Ms. Marcella Christian of Huntington, West Virginia. The Holley ' s reside in Norfolk. Virginia. Lieutenant Lord was commissioned through the Officer Candidate School in March of 1980. .After earning a Bachelor ' s Degree in Management from Penn State University, his first duty was on board USS SPRUANCE (DD 963) as the Main Propulsion Assistant until 1983. and then as an Engineering Instructor at the Surface Warfare Ofllcers School until 1 986. He attended Department Head School for the first six months of 1986. and then reported on board USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD on September 17. 1986. as Supply Officer Lieutenant Lord is married to the former Ms. Cindy Bunn of Telford, Pennsylvania. They have two children. Stephanie and Jeffrey. The Lord ' s reside in Virginia Beach. Virginia. DEPT HEADS 11 MASTER CHIEF OF THE COMMAND YNCM (SW) Marvin Ely Mason Master Chief Mason ' s first duty was on board USS HAMUL (AD 20) as a member ofCOMDESFLOT THREE Staff and then as a member ofCOMCRU- DESFLOT THREE Staff After completion of his YN " B " School in San Diego. California, he was assigned to DEPCOMOPTEVFORPAC Staff USS LU- ZERNE COUNTY (LST 902), and COMNAVSUPPACT Saigon Det in Nha Be, Vietnam. Upon completion of his tour he attended Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island and was stationed with the Shore Patrol Apprehension Team in Phoenix, Arizona. Again going overseas. Master Chief Mason was part of the Naval Advisory Group Delta, Naval Advisory Unit in Binh Thuy, Vietnam, and Joint Casualty Resolution Center Nkhon in Pinhom, Thailand. Returning home, Master Chief Mason was stationed at VT-9 Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi until he attended Flag Writer YN " C " School. A few of his more recent duty stations were COMNAVFOR Korea, COMCARGRU FIVE, COM- NAVBASEin Charleston, S.C, COMSUBGRU SIX, DCNO (Submarine War- fare), COMSUBLA NT, and lastly his present position as Master Chief of the Command on board USS ARTHUR W. RADFORD. Master Chief Mason is married to Diana Jane of Pasadena, Texas. They have five children. Timothy, Tonja, Barbara, Russell, and Dean. The Mason ' s reside in Norfolk, Virginia. CMC 12 SOUTH AMERICA V A--V - - ' S V f- v ,i. SOUTH i AMERICA MAT10NA1 CiOCkAfHiC MACAZmi S.A. J Origins Of The UISITAS Deployment II UNITAS is an annual training deployment in which maritime nations of South America operate with the United States Navy either bilaterally or in multi-national exercises. The deployment transits the Caribbean Sea and areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and reinforces the strategic impor- tance of these vital sea lanes. The idea for a training deployment to South America was first conceived in 1959 and was de- veloped under the direction of the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Arleigh A. Burke. UNITAS has been conducted annually ever since. Original- ly, UNITAS was oriented toward anti-surface warfare. Successive years have added exercises in anti-air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, electron- ic warfare, communications, seamanship, and " Freeplays " which employ all facets of naval war- fare. Most recently, amphibious operations, naval gunfire support, helicopter crossdecking, mine warfare, and Coast Guard operations have also been incorporated into the deployment. The operational exercises conducted under the aegis of UNITAS are unique in that no formal governmental agreements govern their execution. For the entire history of the deployment, from the conduct of planning to the actual operations at sea, UNITAS has been a joint effort. Because it is formulated and implemented with an emphasis on cooperative efforts, UNITAS has historically been of mutual benefit to the respec- tive participating Navies. Senior South American naval officers who have been involved in UNITAS during its lengthy history consistently give strong support to continuing these operations. While exercises at-sea are the primary focus of the deployment, inport activities support UNITAS objectives as well. These activities center on train- ing symposiums as well as humanitarian and com- munity relations projects undertaken by the U.S. sailors working in concert with South American Naval personnel. A positive atmosphere results from these close Navy-to-Navy relationships. A primary objective of this year ' s UNITAS is to continue building upon these solid traditions hemispheric naval coop- eration. UNITAS 1 4 Commander, South Atlantic Force United States Atlantic Fleet The Commander of the United States Navy ' s South Atlantic Force (USCOMSOLANT) serves as the main link between the U.S. Navy and the Navies of South America. USCOMSOLANT was established on 1 June 1958. The headquarters were first in Trinidad, West Indies- then in San Juan, Puerto Rico: and since December 1973 have been located at U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads. USCOMSOLANT has participated in annual " UNITAS " deployments since 1959 and in addi- tion has deployed to Africa for " Operation Ami- ty " , and the West African Training Cruise. As a naval sub-area commander, USCOMSO- LANT is responsible to the Commander in chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet for the Atlantic Command Area in the South Atlantic between the Tropic of Cancer and the Antarctic Circle. He exercises mil- itary command and operational control of all as- signed ships and units, and represents CIN- CLANTFLT with respect to naval matters in the countries in South America and Africa which fall within the Atlantic Command Area. USCOMSOLANT ' s mission with respect to UNITAS deployments is to conduct operations in South American waters with the combined forces of the U.S. Navy and participating South Ameri- can Navies. The navies take part in exercises in the areas of anti-submarine warfare, naval control of shipping, surface and air gunnery, and other naval operations, promoting the continued capability of those forces to ensure the security of vital sea lanes of communications in the Western Hemisphere. The concept of UNITAS was started in 1959 when Rear Admiral Edward C. Stephan, the first USCOMSOLANT, embarked on combined exer- cises which were held on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America. Plans for the concept and continuation of UNITAS were made at the Second Inter-American Naval Conference, held in June 1960. Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, then the Chief of Naval Operations, headed the U.S. delegation and nine Latin American countries were represented by their senior naval leaders. UNITAS exercises have been held every year since then. REAR ADMIRAL WILLIAM C FRANCIS Commander, South Atlantic Force, U.S. ATLANTIC FLEET COMSOL ANT 16 Rear Admiral William Charles Francis was born at Pauls Valley, Oklahoma on 28 June 1938. He grew up in Gainesville, Texas, and was commis- sioned an Ensign on 13 April 1962, following his graduation from Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He is a graduate of North Texas State University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Government. Rear Admiral Francis ' recent assignments in- clude duty on the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations as the Director, Program Resource Appraisal Division; Director, Command and Con- trol, Planning and Programming Division: and Ex- ecutive Assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Oper- ations. Previous staff assignments include: duty on the staff of Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet where he served as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Studies and Analysis: duty on the staff of the Sec- retary of Defense as a senior military analyst as- signed to the Asia Division within the Directorate for Planning and Evaluation: duty on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations as Systems Analyst assigned to the Systems Analysis Division of OP- NA V: duty on the personal staff of the Chief of Naval Operations as Assistant Secretary to the CNO for JCS matters and duty on the personal staff of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Administrative Assistant. Rear Admiral Francis ' previous sea duty assign- ments include: tours on board USS BL UE RIDGE (LCC 19) as Commanding Officer, USS WHIP- PLE (FF 1062) as Commanding Officer, USS JOHNS. MCCAIN (DDG 36) as Executive Offi- cer, USS ST FRANCIS RIVER (LFR 525) as Commanding Officer, USS FRANK E. EVANS (DD 745) as Engineering Officer, and USS HEN- LEY (DD 762) as Engineering Officer and Dam- age Control Assistant. Rear Admiral Francis ' personal awards include the Legion of Merit (fourth award). Bronze Star Medal with Combat V, Meritorious Service Medal (fifth award). Navy Commendation with Combat V, Navy Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ri- bon, and Vietnamese Distinguished Service Order Second Class. Rear Admiral Francis is married to the former Judith Louse Brown of Rossmoor, California. They have two children, Carrie and Scott. COMSOLANT 17 Td I tfit Captain F. X. Vazquez Chief Of Staff UNITAS I8 What a great guy! Captain Frank X. Vazquez was born in San Diego, California on 12 April 1940. He enlisted in the United States Navy in 1961. During his enlistment he attended San Diego State University and earned a degree in Business Management Marketing. He was commissioned an Ensign on 23 September and following Flight School was designated a Naval Aviator in April 1968. Captain Vazquez assumed his duties as COMSOLANT Chief of Staff in May 1987. His recent assignments include tours as Commanding Officer of HSL-40 and Commanding Officer and Executive Officer of HSL-36. He has also served as Maintenance Officer for HSL-37. Detachment Officer in Charge of HSL-33, and Assignment Officer at Naval Military Personnel Command. Captain Vazquez is married to the former Ms. Angela L. Elliot of Fairfax, Virginia. The Vazquez ' s and their children, Leslie and Bradley, reside in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida. UN IT AS 19 COMMANDER SOUTH ATLANTIC FORCE STAFF LCDR Ligon and CDR Chat tin STAFF 20 LCDR Tennison and CDR McCuddin YNC McLeod, RMC Mickey, YNC Ramsey, and OSC Monje m AG I Beck, SH3 Harper, SH2 Torres, PNI Koester, SKI Agul- lar, OS2 Arce, OS3 Alvarez, RM3 Allemang, RM2 Bouchard, OS I Vela, IS! Wilson, AG 2 Morris. YN3 Shinkle, DK2 Yoder, OS3 McCourqadale, IS2 Caraway 7 OP rwa ' ST yap " LTEftsowcc mEto pe? The unknown staff member? K i STAFF 22 fV- We thought they didn ' t get along? STAFF Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to . . . Hey, wal(e up! MU3 Crenshaw, MU3 Cooper, MU3 Scott, MU2 Cox, MU3 Chilton, MU3 Fox, MU3 Smith. MUC Mclntyre, LT Wensing, MUI Strawley, MU2 Schas, Ml) 3 Homzak, and MUZ Hyatt STAFF 23 DEPARTURE NORFOLK I I ' J iM — ' - - - - -»- -S S x -:- ' • , i r je raising of the brow FC3 Creameans gets one last look at home 1-.. The tug prepares to come alongside The Creameans family get in one last look We ' ll miss you! Although Hf are underway today, you kno» uc ' ll come back another day. For no» your heart and soul may burn, but we ' ll love you more when we return. Goodbye city life! 1ST DA Y 24 JULY 20th 1987 f i m Chief MAC and Master Chief man the rail The fantail linehandlers A final look upon departure Many crewmember ' s thoughts were distant this day 1ST DA Y 25 UNITAS U.S. TASK GROUP USS John King (DDG 3) USS JOHS KISG is a guided missile destroyer of the Chnrlcs F Adams Class of ships. The ship was commissioned in February 1961 and since that time has had 12 periods of extended operations in the Mcditerrean Sea with US SIXTH Fleet. USS JOHN KIF G participated in the Cuban blockade operations in October 1962. and has represented the United States i avy in Germany ' s " Kiel Festival " in 198}. and in bilateral operations with the Canadian Navy in I9S4. The ship h.s operated extensively in the Northern Atlantic, having made seven deployments there in support of S. TO commitments and has also operated in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans as part of the AS SFVFNTH Fleet. The ship is commanded by Commander Thomas H. Smith. USS De Wert (FFG 45) USS DE WFRT is a guided missile frigate of the Oliver Hazard Perry Class of ships. The ship has a wartime mission as a multi-purpose c. ' icorl vciscl for the protection of amphibious groups, convoys, and underway replenishment forces. In peacetime, ships of this arc emplo ed as escorts in deploying battle groups. The ship operates within the reduced manning concept and is fully prepared to conduct anti-air. anti- surface, and anti-submarine operations. L ' SS DF WERT was commissioned in November 198} and is named in honor of Hospital Corpsman Richard De Wert. The ship has operated in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and has deployed to the Mediterranean Sea. The ship is commanded by Commander Waller F. Doran. i USS Barnstable County (LST 1197) USS BARNSTABLE COUNTY is a tank landing ship of the Newport Class of ships. The ship is named for Harnslabic Country. Massachu.-ietts and is the second U.S. Navy ship to bear the name. The ship was commissioned in May 1972. Since that time. USS BARNSTABLE COUNTY has made eight major deployments and has participated in numerous exercises and operations including six Mediterranean dcplo ments and three North .Atlantic depknments. USS BARNSTABLE COUNTY has the familiary " bow ramp " comfiguration which enables the ship to rapidi} off-load her troops and equipment in support of naval operations ashore. The ship is commanded by Commander l)(i Owen TASK GROUP 26 I USS DACE (SSN 607) anchored out in Roosy Roads A WR plays sub-tender to USS SCULPIN (SSN 590) P-3 ( VP 56) during one of many exercises I TASK GROUP 27 The big send off Guess who ' s coming to dinner? The band strikes up a tune to welcome Admiral Francis and his staff r r« The reception DEPARTURE ROOSY RDS. ROOSY RDS 28 rtctp I The new Whaleboat Crew: BMI Guill, STG3 Laughery. STG3 Randolph, STG3 Belton. and GMSN Gibeau The only monument in town _ £ -, TU16 f EpE i cuTTAl (£ Aif7 Pnts iyfXalU BRIDGETOWN 29 RECIFE BRAZIL The inner city The sights One of many friends on the beach STG3 Houck and STG3 Roney enjoy the sights RECIFE 30 Recife was one of the few hot ports i iacfi Rodeo ' s turned out be just about everyone ' s favorite place to eat A part of the old prison wall YN3 Mize and GMG2 Church prove they ' re stonecold for the woman of Recife ETC Calhoun and DS2 Dozier say no problems yet! Ilia ' RECIFE 31 GMG2 Church. FC2 Nelson. FC2 Wallace, and FC3 Brooks visit a friend at the local mall m: i No Vitamin D deficiency here! SK2 Smith. GSM3 Kinnunen. and RMSN Wright have their own party Honest Kathy, they wanted everyone ' s autograph! The industrial section of loun SALVADOR BRAZIL SALVADOR 32 OLINDA 33 CROSSING THE LINE Madonna Wog makes a guest appearance for the beauty contest Davey Jones (OS2 Gary) asks God where all the slimey wogs came from Right — ET2 Priest, alias " Daisy ' awaits her " sailor to return from sea The Staff wog attempts to sway the judges WOGS 34 041 " 23.5 W The Wog Queens (L-R): ET2 Priest, FN Hudson. YN3 Mize, OSJ Wilder- mulh. AW3 Martin, FC3 Sponholtz, USCOMSOLANT ' s Dog Wog MSSN Roddy, and STG3 Waters. CSA Wog, STG3 Waters, struts his stuff King Neptune (STGC Wilson), Davey Jones, and the Beauty Queens The winning Wog Queen promises Davey Jones many thanks! ■ :t ;i. P H 6l% ' t • ■n 1 i ' Kk i» iw i Im m m T M iLi f . li. WOGS 35 ' CLEANSING THE WOGS The evening began with the Beauty Contest, but during the actual crossing the line, every slimey pollywog had to be cleansed, wacked, embarrassed, and judged before finally being named an Honorable Shellback BMI Guill, the Royal Baby. Someone ' s idea of funny! Remember the smell and taste of French dressing. Dink Wog! butterscotch pudding, and peanut butter? Doc made certain everyone was sick before going on to see King Neptune SHELLBACKS 36 ET3 Furbee enjoys a late break faS I The only time you ' ll ever see SN Ryals on his knees " Wogs On Parade " i The final Shellback baptizing i KM Davey Jones and King Neptune debate whether these wogs are too clean Master Chief, MSC Cabanez, and BMCS Nichols say a short prayer before attempting to feed the new crew of Shellbacks The UNITAS Band plays on the steel beach as Trusty Shellbacks rejoice . SHELLBACKS 37 RIO 38 He ' s got the whole world in his hands A view from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain The sun also rises in Rio ENS Novak with the Arch Bishop of Rio RIO 39 Suganoa ' Mountain RIO 40 RIO 41 ENS Arucano navigates past a less fortunate ship A " surprise " attack by 3 Chilean patrol boats Left — Some spectacular scenery inspired many crewmembers to take pictures like this Below Left — A quick response by our helo proved to be lifesaving when a man from USS JOHN KING fell overboard into 40 " water. Below — Boatswain ' s Mates at work, even in the cold 1. CHILEAN INLAND WATERWAY ET3 Vahey, ET3 Furbee, DSC Perez, and ETCS Fox enjoy some coffee and the morning breeze X A shot from the air thanks to FC2 Nelson and the SH3 Below — The Pacific m - Wf - 3 5 s 1 an 1 :■ • 1 ' m ■ " - B ■BH ii ■0 ■1 ■Km -■ — m s pm " - ' ' — = - .— - — - - — 1 1 1 1 Bb : , , " ' •• X -- ' " B WATERWAY 43 PUNTA 44 p u E R M T N T T TALCHUANO CHILE What ' s this? An E-6 and above working party? Nah, must be donuts. Above and below — The Ski Lodge The sights and sounds of Chile TALCHO 46 A view from the top LT Bell and SKI Schmitz take to the slopes Even though a few people didn ' t get to ski, FC2 Pinneo, HT2 Lee, ET3 Vahey, STG3 Randolph, STG2 Ambio, PN2 Green, FN Thomas, and STGI Duff made the very best of it. Help was always close by TALCHO 47 TALC HO 48 VALPARISO CHILE " A Pig Out! " STG2 Ambio, STG3 Roney, STG3 Randolph, and STG3 Houck endulge in a new drinlcing game OSI Chapman and OSSN Tufts stop for a drink with some friends. LT Holley, LT Cochella, and LT Bell take time out to enjoy the good life The Easy Part SKIING THE ANDES The Beast ■ 1 ■ I ■ n H ' 1 4 _7 = !. - 4- 1. kj 1 jj J B - ' 1 " — «rK B M Ie ' - ' - ' ' - ijp sSBE R II P M " »g IpS J j__ " ly r- ffi B ■9 IW ■i r - m The Solitude CINCLANTFLT Admiral Kelso Visits , ( CINCLANT 52 c A T, T- P E R U - 1 The Alert Watch Team of FCSN Badlam, GMG3 Yeo, FC2 Clarke, STGl Duff, YN3 Mize, and STG3 Laughery pose for a group shot One of the many beautiful sunrises encountered in South America CALLAO 53 MANTA ECUADOR SHIP ' S PARTY The life of the party, our CO FC2 Copeland, AX2 James, HT2 Lee, DS2 Grauberger, and DS3 Harner prepare to cook for the crew Even the Chief of Staff had a good time FCSN Badlam always enjoys a party and LT Holley is never far behind ET3 " Wog Crusher " Vahey attempts to launch a golfball from one side of the equator to the other MANTA 54 AX2 James and STG2 Moore ponder over the meal STGl Duff, ENS Owen, and STG2 Lee partake in some Pilsen SN Ryals, FN Moleda, FN Hudson, and DC2 Nigro play a little Volleyball while the Radford sits anchored in the background M ANT A 55 CROSSING THE LINE II LINE 11 56 What ' s this? A Wog Wedding? RODMAN PANAMA The Naval Base in Rodman with a great view of the Enlistedmen ' s Club Aft linehandlers in one of their many " gala " evolutions RODMAN 57 w 0 41 MIRAFLORETnLOCKS PANAMA CANAL 1913 TRANSITING THE PANAMA CANAL The Radford enters one of the many locks found while transiting the Panama Canal HSL-32 and the SH-60 fly " recon ' CANAL 58 An oiler passes portside in the Canal A lasting memorial to those who built the Panama Canal A natural waterfall Another beautiful sunset in South America CANAL 59 CARTAGENA COLOMBIA I J CARTEGENA 60 CARTEGENA 61 No, this isn ' t CSA Division! It ' s a coconut tree MARACAIBO VENEZUELA One of the many beautiful churches in Maracaibo Venezuelan girls dance for the troops i ff i-vi ' MARACAlBO 62 m And thank goodness some were single gorgeous Some were married Outdoor shopping centers m9 S Vrnkm i d F IWl nDF J Sm " hUSSl ' • , 1 MARACAIBO 63 C. BELLO 64 CABELLO 65 S.A.T. STGI Duff instructs Chief Neese in the art of fan fire STG3 Houck prepares the 50 cal. for the exercise Chief Calhoun receives instruction from one of the ; ing Seals. B.A.F. SSDF 66 II " It ' s not my fault! ' R.F. AND S.S.D.F. TRAINING Chief Moorman qualifies for Reserve Force Don ' t you feel really safe now? GMMSN Wilton asks. " Where did they go? " SSDF 67 HANDCLASP 68 The Baseball Team signs autographs HANDCLASP 69 SCHOOL 70 AMH3 Vonderhoe tells a story Could you resist those eyes? The school visits us KIDS 71 The kids play Volleyball? SCHOOL 72 ' ENS Owen listens as the instructor tells the children about the Navy OS2 Dinsmore and SMI Randall explain what ship life is like KIDS 73 CANDIDS! GENERAL 74 " You said there weren ' t pigeons up there? ' V ' ou thought the seven dwarfs had vanished? If three of them enlisted in the Navy, can Snow White be far behind? GENERAL 75 ROOSY 76 An escape boat perhaps? Even though not all of us were good boys this year (CSA Division), Santa still dropped in Eager family members already! ROOSY 77 RETURN TO PORT it ' s almost time ' No liberty in Norfolk? You ' re kidding right? " DEC IOTH 78 NORVA! 10 DECEMBER 87 DEC lOTH 79 HOW WE SPENT OUR MONEY Supply Eggs — ] 71,696 eggs Milk — Fresh White Chocolate Pot Roast Oven Roast Rice 14,308 dozen 1200 gallons 12,680 cartons 13,942 cartons 2,918 pounds 3,624 pounds 2,974 pounds Hot Dogs Potatoes Bread — White Wheat Chicken Ham Turkey 19,920 hot dogs 2,490 pounds 15,872 pounds 9, 748 pounds 2,118 pounds 4,045 pounds 5,056 pounds 2,269 pounds flte Moo hi Veto Fefef TRlPSHEET 80 Water (Potable) Pilots Mooring and Unmooring Tugs Trash Removal Vehicles Telephone Engineering $15,603.81 $8,487.39 $540. 77 $4,951.95 $20,937.49 $27,715.32 $1,797.47 Water Taxis $19,995.00 Supplies Misc Charges $9,609.83 Oil 2390 $459.34 Voyage Repairs $95.490. 70 Fuel F- 76 (2.487, 1 74 gals) $1,923,518. 78 JP5 (27, 715 gals) $1 7,072.53 TRIPSHEET 81 An expert shows them how it ' s done SOCCER TEAM a i .;: . ' ■■k-H: The pregame warm up i YNSN Simon attempts a goal LTJG Bond, STG3 King, EW2 Jenshak, DS2 Haines, STG3 Mitchell, YNSN Simon. SN Ad- cox, EN3 Reynolds, FC2 Pinneo, STG3 Waters, FC3 Jester, FC2 Creameans, SKSN Rump, ET3 Frasco, HN Burns SOCCER 82 BASEBALL TEAM LT Bell, FC3 Soest, and FC2 Pinneo provide some moral support LT Bell serves up more than just supplies I STG2 Moore prepares to call ' em out OS2 Dinsmore plays catcher QMSN Coulter, RMSN Wright, SM2 Ran- dall. NCI Sloan, GSE2 Mondeau, OS2 Dins- more, ENS Owen, STG2 Moore, SA Thomp- son, and SK2 Smith BASEBALL 83 USCOMSOLANT One of the band is interviewed by S.A. TV BAND 84 I The crowd goes wild! Almost like the Love Boat, huh? NAVY SHOW BAND ■ : ' A. ■ ' A , ' »«• ' •- ■■r:yri,. ' ■ ' ■J. ' »-.ii " « ■ i SLl- - N. .y. ' ■ ' ■ ' ■■ ' ■4 " ■ ' . ,- f BAND 85 YNSN Simon QMSA Coulter LT DeCaro PNC (SW) Even YNI (SW) Anniballi QM2 Bollin YN3 Mize YNSN Griffin PNSN Jackson Doc " Johnson checks out YNCM Mason EX. DEPT. EXEC DEPT 86 YNCM (SW) Mason EMCS Reyes MAC (SW) Smith NCI Sloan EXEC DEPT 87 OSSN Weatherly OSSA Hightower OI DIVISION LTJG Bond ENS Stevens OSC (SW) Rogers OSl Poole OS2 Gary OS2 Dinsmore OS2 Baker OSS Ford OSl Chapman and his friend OI DlV 88 OS2 Johnson. OSSN Tufts. OSl Chapman. OSSN Wildermuth, OS2 Ford, OS2 Gary, and OSI (SW) Lester OI DIV 89 jgj. ' ISC McPheron, EWSN " Psycho " . EW3 Stanbridge. EW3 " Hags " , and EW2 Seus- ing give a thumbs up to UNITAS XXVIII EWC(SW) Esteppe EW2(SW) Seusing EW2(SW) Jenshak EW3 Haggerty OW OC DIVISIONS OW DIV 90 RMCS(SW) Bjorgaard RMl Jones RM2 Covil RMSN Jackson RADIOMEN i J SMl(SW) Gorman SMSN Kifer SM2 Randall SMSN Ceribelli SM3 Kieffer SMSN Stanley SM2 Randall on the job I SIGNALMEN OC DIV 91 L T Faina BMCS(SW) Nichols BMl Guill BMl White BM2(SW) Brady BM2 Burton BM3 Phelps BM3 Tyree FIRST BM2 Robinson. BM3 Broom, SA Williams. BM3 Sams. BM2 Sta- ples, and SN Stevens s i . -4 OD DIV 92 ' tstt? : - SN Shorb SN Tollison SN Zdarko SN Clark SA Rios SA Thompson SR Ad cox SR Mackey Who says Navy life isn ' t fulfilling? DIVISION OD DIV 93 LTJG Saunders DKI(AW) Flores DK3 O ' Brien li I I SKl(SW) Schmitz SK3 Collins SKSN Cabellero SKSN Grove ENS Johnson and LTJG Saunders " Look out South America, here we come! " i The Supply Support Team — SKC Jones. SKI Thomas. SK2 Smith, and SKSN Rump SUPPLY DEPT. SUPPLY DEPT 94 SUPPL Y DEPT 95 L T Duncan LT Wright GSMC(SW) Fry GSMC(SW) Gray GSEC(SW) Gordon GSMI(SW) Aukeman GSEl(SW) Hart GSE2 Hebert GSE2 Figert GSE2 Mondeau GSM2 Myers GSM2(SW) Ward GSE2 Welsh GSM2 VanEmburgh GSM3 Albrecht GSM3 Anderson MP DIVISION MP DIV 96 GSM3 Choi GSM3 Johnson GSM 3 Meadows GSE3 Overby GSM3 Ridlon GSM3 Schiltz GSE2 Sylvia FN Lee GSMFN Marsh GSMFN Slaughter FN Tidwell FN Reed The Nasty Nine do their deed during wog retaliation MP DIV 97 Electrical Division — EMS Ban, IC2 White, FN McDonald. IC3 Jones. EM3 Martin. EM2 Krctschmer. EMI(SW) Casbeer, GSEC(SW) Gordon. FN Thomas. ICI(SW) Farmer, and ICFA Pyburn " E " DIVISION LTJG King ICl(SW) Farmer IC2 White IC2 Jones FN McDonald FN Thomas ICFA Pyburn slays wogs during the return crossing the line ceremony E DIV 98 ENS Johnson ENl(SW) DiAngelo EN2(SW) Carten EN2(SW) Flota u A3 ENS Kinnenun ENFN Hudson EN FN Rampersaud ENFN Sapna GANG " ' m supposed to be where? Aux 2? A manual anchor lift? WOW! A DIV 99 LTJG Novak DCC(SW) Ddp HTl(SW) Gilfert DC2(SW) Fountain f HTFN Cox r f F ? R " DIVISION I R DIV W O The DC Olympic Team REPAIR DIVISION " Why do I always get to splash water around? " SN Ryals at the Seamanship Olympics DAMAGE CONTROL OLYMPICS R DIV 101 FC2 Copdand, FCl Martin, FC3(SW) Jester, FCl Wil- son. FCSN Haney, FCl Nelson. FCl Ekiins, FC3 Bed- dows, and FC2 Needham FC3 Lehman. FCSN Badlam. FC3 Kinsey. FC3 Spon- holtz, FC2 Long, FC2 Pinneo, FCl Slacey CSM DIV 102 FC2 Pinneo and FCSN Badlam prepared to load a shot FCSN Badlam and FC3 Sponholtz do a few last minute checks ... it dies! FC3 Kinsey and FC3 Lehman attempt to " manual- ly " train the director If it flys ... FCl Martin and FC2 Brooks work " a little " Sf» r CSM DIV 103 ENS Owen STG2 Lee STG2(SW) Moore STG3 King STG3 Roney STG3 Allen STG3 Laughery STG3 Houck STG3 Belton STG3 DeWalt STG3 Randolph STG3 Mitchell CSA - DIVISION CSA DIV 104 Bottom Left — An over-t he- side shot GMM2 Taylor GMMSN Wilton GMMSN Gibeau Left — An ASROC shot SN Fenwick and GMMl(SW) Prevette standing stoutly before the launcher CSA Division — LTJG Mills, STGI Duff STG2 Ambio, STGC Nottage, STG2 Scianna, STG2 Egolf and STGC(SW) Wilson CSA DIV 105 CSE DIVISION L T Jones ETCS(SW) Fox DSC(SW) Perez DS2 Dozier DS2 Grauberger DS3(SW) Gilmor DS3 Harner DS3(SW) Thomas • « • •• ••1 » • » i ■ ■ k m » ir o«6 r (QR DSl Eblacas and DS2 Haines CSE DIV 106 Is this the real E.T.? No, it ' s ET3 Vahey . -. • .JLk Jei ET3 Poindexter, ET2 Muirhead, ET2 Temple, ET2 Alexander, ETC(SW) Calhoun, and ET3 Baker ETI Metcalf ET2 Era SCO ET2 Priest ©rtS7 PHoMC t» • © O N 1 U ET3 Furbee ET3 O ' Hara ET3 Poindexter CSE DIV 107 ENS Bledsoe FCl(SW) Campbell FC2 Wallace FC2(SW) Creameans CSG DIVISION ' The Blaster ' Gelling blasted are FC2 Creameans, FC2(SW) Clarke, and FC2 Wallace. CSG DIV 108 FC3 Callaway. FC2(SW) Clarke. FC3 Soest. FC2(SW) Creameans. FC2 Wallace. FC3 Buckholtz. and FC3 Gregoire GMG3 Helton. GMG2(SW) Church. GMG2(SW) Grant. GMG3 Yeo. GMG2(SW) McCaa. FCI Campbell, and ENS Bledsoe GMC(SW) iSieese and FCl(SW) Campbell talk over divisional matters CMC2(SW) Grant and GMG2(SW) Church troubleshoot Mount 51 CSG DIV 109 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light THIRTY TWO (HSL-32) was established on 17 August 1973 to meet a fleet requirement for Light Airborne Multi- purpose System (LAMPS) helicopter detachments. HSL- 32 currently employs the Kaman SH-2F " Seasprite " helicopter as a quick reaction vehicle to enhance the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Ship Surveillance and Targeting (ASST) capability of small combatants. HSL-32 detachments function as the Aviation Department onboard destroyers, frigates, and cruises and deploy to the Atlantic. Pacific, and Indian Oceans as well as the Norr j, Mediterranean, Black, and Caribbean Seas. Detachments consist of four pilots, two aircrewmen, and eleven maintenance personnel who operate and maintain an all weather helicopter. Since its commissioning in 1973, HSL-32 has received the Chief of Naval Operations Aviation Safety Award for 1976: seven Battle Efficiency " E " Awards (1974. 1975. 1976. 1977. 1980. 1983, and 1986): four Isbell Awards for ASW Excellence (1974. 1975, 1976, and 1981): two Navy Unit Commendations for operations from 1971-1973 and 1986: and five Silver Anchor Awards for personnel retention. HSL-32 is currently located in Hangar LP-13. Naval Air Station. Norfolk. Virginia and is part of Helicopter Sea Control Wing ONE. ■ . " jt- ' jw r AW3 Scott " Splash " Martin. LT Duanc " Sledge Hammer " Nciter. AX2 (AW) Roger " Sparky " James. ADI Randy " RB " Bctcbcr. AMS2 William " Tidewater " Phifcr. AD3 Michael " Poodle " Marck. AEI Gregory " Stick " Hauslcr. AEC William " Hawk " Nixon. LCDR Dave " Big Guy " Taylor. AXI(AW) William " Old Man " Peery. AZ2 Christopher " Big Bird " Vonderhoe. AEI Eric " Bam Bam " Mattice, LTJG Thomas " Top Gun " Davis, AN Derek " Willie " Wilson. AMH2 David " Frankic " Franks. AWC Michael " Mad Dog " Black, and LTJG Greaorv " Mr. J " .lohnson HSL-32 HSL-32 110 r " Christine " in action One of FC2 Nelson ' s trips into the sky AX2 James attempts to fix his bird A W3 Martin working? Now what do you think of STG ' s? HSL-32 in HSL-32 AND CHRISTINE IN ACTION! CRASH CREW 112 Preparing the bird for flight Helicopter Inflight Refueling CRASH CREW 113 HONOR GUARD HONORS AND CEREMONIES Honor Guard FC2 Creameans. OS2 Dinsmore, OS2 Jones. DS3 Harner, QM3 Hooks. FC3 Jester. BMJ Mitchell. STG3 Roney. FC3 Sponholtz. STG3 Waters. SN Miller. SN Ryals. and FN McLaughlin HONOR GUARD 1 14 M 9L. — HONOR GUARD 115 CANDIDS II6 COMMANDING CANDIDS CANDIDS 117 SURPRISE!! Eleanor Anne Stulb Born to LCDR and Mrs. William Stulb on August 28, 1987 Michael Spencer Barr Born to EM3 and Mrs. Michael Barr on Julv 4. 1987 i " - y V David Andrew Haines Born to DS2 and Mrs. David Haines on August , 1987 Joshua Allen Smith Jonathon Patrick Muirhead Born to MU3 and Mrs. John Smith on Born to ET2 and Mrs. Patrick Muir- Octobcr 24. 1987 head on Julv 9. 1987 BABIES 11 8 Chara Louise Agnes Hausler Born to AEl and Mrs. Gregory Hausler on Sep- tember 8. 1987 CONGRATULATIONS!! r wl r «.. y -- mm if " mS . L Pfe ' " ' ' fttlHI ' ■ k. BTv William Stanley Copeland, Jr. Born to FC2 and Mrs. Billy Copeland on November 28, 1987 BABIES 119 Advisor STG2 Andy Moore Editor STG2 Chris Laughery Co-Editor YN2 Rd Mize Cruise Book Staff Photo Dedications: AX 2 James ET3 Frasco RM2 Bouchard LT Bell STG2 Laughery SN Clark LTJG Novak STG2 Moore JOS Newberry LT Wensing FCl Wilson YN2 Mize RMS Covil FC2 Brooks OSI Chapman STGS DeWalt STG3 Waters CDR Chat tin HM3 Beam FCl Nelson STGSN Mills GMG2 Church Thank you ' s go out to FC2 Nelson for the many photos; FC2 Brooks and SN Mallory for developing the pictures: BMI Guill for sales; the Welfare and Rec Committee; YN2 Mize for the long nights of typing; and everyone who dedicated pictures. A special thank you to Mr. Tom Crockett of Jostens. If I managed to leave anyone out, and I probably did, thanks guys. I think we did a hell of a job. Editor Senior Advisor LTJG Bond This book is dedicated to the Brazilian pilot who lost his lire during training on 28 August 1987. G Bond Artwork MSI Chaney Layout Design EW2 Toi Seusing_ THE END 120 rikmiDv ma ™ EU ' . ' Ton U tv» . Vt A R DEL - " V L INIA w Jr c -,i I K»mip MARE ' ' P Av C I M! PS " - • r I ? ' 1 ntoio y} r i«

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