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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1978 volume:

USS Artfatur W. Radlbra ' ummy M, ' ■V ; h " " ■ ' . " ■ , •• ... ' ■ ' ■ ' !■ », . U 1 V :i .r :;«««: ■ ' ' . : . ' . . . ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' i ' 1 - ' if- ' i ' .:-, ' ■■■J ' l I ■ t ' ' ' ■ t •■■ ' 1 ■ ' :■ ' ■■■ ' ■•. ■•Jl:: . ' . t Fii-iNit Year lit ' «i»iiiiiti Nioii wP ' t ,-y - ■■;!:■ I ' : In Henioriam ENGINEMAN THIRD CLASS DANIEL ROBERT AIGHTMAN, ISN BORN 19 FEBRl ' ARY 1958 . . . DIED 2 FEBRl ARY 1978 " ALMIGHTY GOD, FATHER OF MERCIES AND GIVER OF ALL COM- FORT, DEAL GRACIOUSLY, VVEPRAY, WITH ALL THOSE WHO MOURN THE DEATH OF THIS 01 R FRIEND, THAT, CASTING EVERY CARE ON THEE, THEY MAY KNOW THE CONSOLATION OF THY LOVE; THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. " ADMIRAL ARTHIR W. RADFORD I NITED STATES NAVV RETIRED Admiral Radford served in three wars. He was on board the USS SOUTH CAROLINA, a battleship of the Atlantic Fleet, and was Aide and First Lieutenant to Commander Battleship Division ONF:: during World War I. He served in the Navy Department ' s Bureaus of Aeronautics and Naval Personnel and in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations early in World War H, and as Commander Carrier Division ELEVEN and SIX, and on the Staff of Commander Aircraft, Pacific, during the latter part of that war. At the outbreak of Korean Hostilities he was serving as Commander in Chief, I . S. Pacific Fleet, later being given the responsibility of the Marianas-Bonin Area and the Philippines-Formosa Area. Born in Chicago, Illinois, on February 27, 1896, he entered the Naval Academy from Iowa in 1912, after attending ' high school in Grinnell, Iowa. He was graduated and commissioned Ensign in 1916 and a-ssigned to the SOFTH CAROLINA. After the Armistice which ended World War I, he had staff duty until April 1920, then had flight training and was designated Naval Aviator n2S96 in Noveitiber of that year. Assigned next to the newly established Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, he subsequently served with aviation units of the tender AROOSTOCK, and the battleships COLORADO and PENNSYL- VANIA. From .July 1927 until March 1929 he was attached to the Naval Air .Station, San Diego, after which he headed the Alaskan Survey Detachment, investigating forest and mineral resources in Alaska. He joined the SARATOGA in November 1929, and commanded that carrier ' s Flighting Squadron ONE from July 1930 to May 1931, then served on the Staff of Commander Aircraft Battle Force, still attached to the SARATOGA. Another tour of duty in the Bureau of Aeronautics preceded sea duty as Navigator of the tender WRIGHT, and further duty on the Staff of Commander Aircraft, Battle Force. He commanded the Naval Air Station, Seattle, from June 1937 until May 1940, and for a year thereafter was Executive Officer of the carrier VORKTOWN. Following World War II, he was ordered to the Navy Department to assist in planning the post-war Navy. In December 194.5 he became Deputy CNO (Air) and after a year in command of the SF ' COND lask Fleet, returned to the Navy Department as Vice Chief of Naval Operations. He served as Commander in Chief, Pacific F ' leet and High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, prior to and during the Korean Conflict, and in addition was given increased responsibilities concerning Military Assistance Programs in Southeast Asia. In June 19. ' j3 he was appouited Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, by the President, and on August 1.5, 1955, was reappointed for a second term. He was retired August 1. 1957. Keel Laying; ' JANUARY 31. 1974 Outfitting: JULY 23, 1975 AUGUST 28, 1975 JUNK 24, 1976 ifh. Al ' GlST 30, 1976 PASCAGOLLA THE TOWN INGALLS THE NAME IN SOUTH MISSISSIPPI SHIPBUILDING THE GAME JANl ARY THE MONTH THE TWENTY FOURTH DAY FOG WAS Ql ITE HEAVY THE RADFORD UNDERWAY TRIALS THE PURPOSE MANY TEST TO RUN HOPES RUNNING HIGH THE JOB CAN BE DONE SOME PROBLEMS EXPECTED AND HOPES FOR GOOD WEATHER WE CAN ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION IF CRAFTS WORK TOGETHER WHEN THE WATER GETS ROUGH PEOPLE START TO MOAN SEA SICKNESS IS NEAR THEY WISHED THEY STAYED HOME TWENTY FIFTH HAS ARRIVED ALL HAD SOME REST BACK TO THE SCHEDULE AND ON WITH THE TEST SOME TEST UNSATISFACTORY I GUESS MANAGEMENT ' S MAD PROBLEMS WILL BE CORRECTED MAKING NAVY QUITE GLAD OUR SCHEDULES BEHIND Bl T WERE ALL WORKING HARD TO COMPLETE ALL OUR TEST AND GET BACK TO THE YARD THE TWENTY SIXTH IS HERE TEST LOOKING BETTER SOMEONE SAID A PRAYER WE ' VE HAD SOME GOOD WEATHER IF ALL GOES AS PLANNED AND WE DON ' T WATCH THE CLOCK A.M. OF THE TWENTY SEVENTH WE WILL BE .AT THE DOCK WHEN THE RADFORD ' S COMPLETED AND NAVY ' S ON DECK ON TO THE NEXT ONE MORE BOATS TO CHECK BE PROUD OF YOUR CRAFT TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK DO THE BEST THAT IS POSSIBLE YOUR DUTIES DON ' T SHIRK WHEN YOU LOOK BACK ON LIFE YOU CAN BLOW YOUR HORN SAY 1 HAD A SMALL PART TO HELP THE RADFORD BE BORN ■:i3:i»lr »- jihip ' History ISS ARTHl R VV. RADFORD (DD-968) is the sixth SPRUANCE class destroyer and the second to join the Atlantic Fleet. RADFORD will be homeported in Norfolk. Virginia. Designed and built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, RADFORD is a member of the first class of major combatant surface ships in the l . s. NAVY to be powered by gas turbine engines. Four General Electric LM-2.500 engines, marine versions of those used on DC-10 and C-.5A aircraft, drive the ship at speeds in excess of 30 knots. Twin controllable-reversible pitch propellers provide RADFORD with a degree of maneuverability unique among war- ships her size. A highly versatile multi-mission destroyer, RADFORD is capable of operating independently or in company with amphibi- ous or carrier task forces. Her overall length is 563 feet, her beam is 55 feet, and she displaces 7,800 tons. RADFORD ' S sonar, the most advanced underwater detection and fire control system yet developed, is fully integrated into a third generation, digital Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS), providing the ship with faster and more accurate processing of target information. Integration of the ship ' s digital gun fire control system into the NTDS provides faster gun reaction time in the performance of the ship ' s other mission areas of shore bombardment, surface warfare actions, and anti-aircraft warfare. Ship ' s weapons include two Mark 45 lightweight 5 " guns, two triple-barrelled Mark 32 torpedo tubes, an anti-submarine rocket (ASROC) launcher, and facilities for embarkation of anti- submarine helicopters. Space, weight, and electrical power reservations have been allocated in the design of the ship to provide for the addition of future weapons systems, enabling RADFORD to keep abreast of future technology. Crew comfort and habitability are an integral part of RAD- FORD ' S design. Berthing compartments are spacious and the ship is equipped with amenities not found aboard other destroyers, including a crew ' s library, lounge, hobby shop, and gymnasium. Automated weapons and engineering systems allow this ship, the size of a World War II light cruiser, to be manned by a crew of 18 officers, 17 chief petty officers, and 244 enlisted person- nel. Commanding Officer COMMANDER DAVID E. WOODBURY L ' . S. NAVY Commander Voodbur was bom in Boston, Massachusetts and spent his youth in the towns of Win- chester and Stoneham prior to moving with his family to Findlay, Ohio, in 1954. He was graduated from Colby College, Waterville, Maine in 1958 and was commissioned in the grade of Ensign upon graduation from Officer Candidate School in February, 1960. Following commissioning, Commander Woodbury was assigned to I ' SS EMBATTLE (MSO-434), as Oper- ations Officer. He was reassigned, in 1962, to USS KING (DLG-10) and reported for duty therein after seven months training at the Naval Air Technical Center, Glynco, Georgia. While attached to KING, he served successively as Assistant Operations Officer, Navigator and Operations Officer. Commander Woodbur reported to tne Bureau of Naval Personnel as a grade assigment officer in April, 1965, and in August, 1966 was extended at the Bureau to serve as the Assistant to the Assistant Director for Captain Detail (Surface and Submarine). In July, 1968 Commander Woodbury reported for duty as the Executive Officer, I ' SS HANSON (nU-H.ii) and, two years later, to the Naval War College as a student in the Coin- iiiiuid and Staff course. While at the War College, he completed academic requirements for, and was a- warded, his Master of Science degree in International Affairs from (ieorge Washington Iniversity. Follow- ing graduation from the Naval War College, Commander Woodbury assumed command of I ' SS CHARLES BERRY {DE-10:J5). He was reassigned in 1972 as the Personal Aide to the Chief of Naval Operations. On 23 May 1975, following a tour as a student at the National War College, Washington, D. C, Commander Woodbury received his orders as the Prospective Commanding Officer, ARTHIR W. RADFORD ( DI)-968). Commander Woodbury is married to the former Martha Ann Davis of Madison, Wisconsin. Together, they and their three sons, David, Scott and Jeffrey, currently reside in Springfield, Virginia. •I ' I I I If Executive Officer LIEUTENANT COMMANDER PATRICK M. SHEPHERD U. S. NAVY Lieutenant Commander Shepherd completed his recruit training at the Recruit Training Command, San Diego, California, and was assigned to !• leet Antisubmarine Warfare School, San Diego, to attend Sonar Technician class " A " school. I ' pon completion of this technical training, he was ordered to ISS GYATT (DDG-1) and ultimately to IJSS MEDREGAL (SS-480) and I SS BAY A (AGSS-318) where he was the leading Sonar Technician. Lieutenant Commander Shepherd was commissioned an Ensign, I ' SN, in December 1965, following his Selection for the Integration Program and completion of Officer Candidate School at Newport, Rhode island. His first sea duty as a commissioned officer was aboard ISS K. D.BAILEY (DD-713) where he filled successive billets as Antisubmarine Warfare Officer, First Lieutenant, and Gunnery Assistant. Following this tour of duty. Lieutenant Commander Shepherd attended the Naval Destroyer School, New- port Rhode Island, following this course he received orders as Chief Engineer on board ISS H.AMMER (DD-718). Lieutenant Commander Shepherd left the HAMMER in December 1969 to become the Squadron Material Officer for Destroyer Squadron Seven, where he was screened and qualified to command de- stroyer type ships. Prior to attending the Naval Postgraduate School in May 1972. Lieutenant Commander Shepherd was assigned to the Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam where he served as a shipboard advisor from April 1971, until April 1972. At the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, he was ad- vanced to lieutenant commander in .August 1972 and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations, and a Master of Science Degree in Administrative Science in December 1974. Lieutenant Commander Shepherd then attended the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, beginning in Jan- uary 1975, following which he received orders as the Prospective Executive Officer, ARTHUR W. RAD- FORD (DD-968). Lieutenant Commander Shepherd is authorized to wear the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star, Navy Good Conduct Medal, Meritorius Init Citation with gold star. Bronze Star with Combat " V " , Viet- nam Service Medal, Amied Forces Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Medal, Cross of Gallantry with palm, the Civic Action Ribbon with palm, and the Vietnamese Honor Medal. Lieutenant Commander Shepherd is married to the former Janice Henry of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Together, they and their three sons, Gregory, Stephen and Michael currently reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia. MCPOC ENCM HENRY EDWARD FARRIOR U. S. NAVY Master Chief Farrior was born in Marianna, Florida to Edward and Mayo Farrior. He spent his early years in and around Tampa, Florida, and enlisted in Jacksonville, Florida in February 1963, at the age of 17. Following recruit and ' A ' school training at Great Lakes, Illinois, Master Chief Farrior was assigned to V. S. Naval Station at Long Beach, California, where he remained until August 1964. From then until August 196.5 he served aboard I SS FORSTER (DER-334). where he was advanced to Engineman Third Class in July 1964. From August 196.5 until June 1969 he was assigned to various commands including Antarctic Support Activities and schools, including Engineman ' C School in June 1967. He was advanced to Engineman Second Class in December 1965, and to Engineman First Class in April 1968 at ANTSUPPACTS, Davisville, Rhode Island. In June 1969 Master Chief Farrior commenced a tour in Vietnam with COMRIVPATFLOT FIVE. After being injured, he returned and eventually began duty as a recruiter in Minneapolis, Minnesota in March 1971. He was advanced there to Chief Engineman in July of 1971. and remained there until November 1975. During this period he advanced to Senior Chief Engineman, in August 1974. He returned to Engineman ' C ' School, and eventually joined I ' SS ARTHl R W. RADFORD Precommissioning Unit in April 1976, and was advanced to Master Chief Engineman in July 1977. Master Chief Farrior is authorized to wear the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, Purple Heart with two Gold Stars, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Navy Commendation Medal, the Navy Unit Commendation, and the third Good Conduct Award. Master Chief Farrior now resides in Hampton, Virginia, with his wife Gertrude and their son, Henry Edward, Jr. IfWeapoii Department WEAPONS DEPARTMENT MAINTAINS AND OPERATES THE SHIPS WEAPONS AND WEAPON CONTROL SYSTEMS, AND THE SHIP ' S DECK AND BOAT EQl IPMENT. IT CONSISTS OF FIRST DIVISION. MADE UP OF BOATSWAINSMATES, AS ' DIVISION, CONSISTING OF TORPEDOMEN, ASROC Gl NNERSMATES, AND SONAR TECHNICIANS, FOX ' DIVISION, MADE LP OF FIRE CONTROL TECHNICIANS FOR MISSILES AND GUNS, AND G ' DIVISION, MADE UP OF GUNNERSMATES FOR MISSILES AND GUNS. l t DiTl ion • --vj ' Row 1, left to right: BMl Bogarella, BMl Markum Row 2. left to right: SA Hozey, SA Linscombe, SN Whitfield, SR Simpson, SN Priaulx, BMSN Heck, SN Deiiiaio, SA Fdgar. Row :j, left to right: SA Mocere, SA Euratte, SN Powell, SI Berndt. SA Carpenter, SA Bunker, SA Hannigan, SA Visser. Row 4, left to right: SN Gamer, BMSN Northcut, SN McGuinness, SN Rolland, SA McDonald, SA Straub, SA Harris. SN Garner, SN Morgan % BAGS ' SN Straub A H Diviiiioii Row 1, left to right: SHiV Kirkpatrick, STGl Wymatalek, TM3 Kirkey, STGl Krajewski, STG3 Reese, STG2 Hanse, STG2 Maez, TMSN Bunker, STG2 Alexander, GMTC Kemano, GMTl Pergerson. Row 2. left to right: STGl Berrien, STGl Hoar, GV1T3 Kattel. STG3 Lucas, STGSA Koval, STGS Kiser, GMT3 Brenneman, STG3 Price. Hell, A subfnarine is always halfway sunk... we just finish the job. B MM (••••»»i» . ' - ' GMTl Pergerson. GMT3 Gribble ■■■■ — C|J V Fox Diyiiiioii ' " H 9 A Row 1, left to right: F TMSN Hicks, FTM3 Holley, FTM3 McComb, FTM lliiiojosa Row 2, left to right: FTGl Svendsgaard, FTMSN Scott, FTG2 Toms, FTG2 Schmidgail, FTG2 Penzak. LTJG Parsks. t U JL .-,.1 ,9 » ' I » ' - •■ " • - " ■ " ' ' Cm DlTi lon m Row 1. left to right: GMGC Hecht, GMG3 Gilmore. GMG2 Taylor. GMG2 Quallman. Row 2, left to right: GMGSN Derosa, GMG3 Walls, GMGSN Miller, GMGC Dixon, ENS Grochowski. ( " , j hr ■ i I I I Operations Department OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT IS RE- SPONSIBLE FOR OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE SOPHISTI- CATED COMMUNICATION AND SENS- ING SYSTEMS ABOARD SHIP. OPS ' CONSISTS OF OPERATIONS SPECIAL- ISTS, DATA SYSTEMS SPECIALISTS, ELECTRONIC WARFARE SPECIAL- ISTS, ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS, RADIOMEN. AND SIGNALMEN. THESE ARE ALL DIVIDED INTO THREE DIVISIONS, OE. OC. AND OI. OC Division Row 1, isms right: RMCS Daniels, RMI Becker, RMSN Sanchez, RM:3 Maines, RM3 Banks. Row 2. left to right: RMSN Toth, RM2 Britton. RMI Ogrodnik. RM2 Fritz, RM3 Cain. Faccon Do not feed animals! SMSN Holloway Standby mode ( I Row 1, left to right SMSN Ticer. SMSN Miller, SM2 Donaldson. SMSN Gagnon, SM2 Teller, SMSN Holloway. Standing: SMI McConnaiighey. 81 i n Betcha think I ' m stuck! SMSN Gagnon Mip! Mip! RM3 Wyllie OI Diviiiioii Row 1. left to right: OS2 Coughun, OSSN Bell, OSS Stroud, OS2 Birmingham, OSSN Flintom. Row 2. left to right: OSC Smith, OSSN Webster, OSS Burger, OSSN Perrotta, OSSN Ray, OS2 Leonard, OSl Holt, OSI lladaway. 1 OS2 Birmingham SECURED! OSSN Flintom, OSS Wilson Firsta we sweepa da deck OSSN Perotla, OSSN Ray OS3 James Delawder, Plank Owner, Departing Oli Division Row 1, left to right: DS2 Robertson, JVVl I aull, KVV3 Newman, I)S Stephan, ETR3 King, I Wi Newcombe. Row 2, left to right: ETC Parrish, KTl Baughman, ETN2 Logue, ETRSN Zeriito, ETRSN Bishop, ETNSN Scott. ETN3 Evans, DS2 Vendeiro, DSC Fisher. Row 3. left to right: ETl Hudson, DS2 Capps, EW2 Newtson, ETI 2 Dreps, ETN2 McCann, YN3 Ross. ] ETN2 l.oKiif Hey Boss! YN3 Ross ]¥aTig:ation Department £ NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT SERVES MANY DIVERSE AND IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS, INCLUDING ADMINIS- TRATION, MEDICAL SERVICES, POSTAL SERVICE, INDOCTRINATION OF NEW PERSONNEL, MAINTEN- ANCE OF GOOD ORDER. AND OF COURSE, NAVIGATION. " N " DIVISION IS MADE UP OF PERSONNELMEN, YEOMEN, POSTAL CLERK, QUARTERMASTERS, HOSPITALMEN, MASTERS-AT-ARMS, AND THE 3-M CO- ORDINATOR. ]V DiTision FVl- QM ' S, left to right: QMSN Gallagher, QMSN Little, QM2 Brinton, QM3 Sewell, QM3 Hurder. MAIL CALL . Front: PM Clouse Standing: left to right: YN3 Breslin, YlNl Corpiiz, MAC Carthen. LT Berg. HI! ll « PNl Clouse. MAC Carthen HMCS Grider ' ' Say ah and I ' ll give you a lollypop ' EN Aldana 3M Coordination OM3 Hurder A Big Catch!? QM3 Sewell, QM:i Brinton I Gng ineering: Department ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT MAINTAINS AND OPERATES THE MAIN PROPl LSION EQl IPMENT, ALL AUXILIARY EQIIPMENT. DAMAGE CONTROL AND HILL FITTINGS AND SHIPS ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. IT HAS THREE DIVISIONS; " E " , CONSISTING OF ELECTRICIANS MATES AND INTERIOR COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALISTS. " M " , CONSISTING OF ENGINEMEN AND MACHINIST MATES, AND " R " , CONSISTING OF HULL TECHNICIANS AND MACHINERY REPAIRMEN. H DiTiiiion Row 1, left to right: ENl Pearson, ENFN Hovde, ENFN Mills. Row 2, left to right: ENFN Vandeventer, ENFN Olsen, EN3 Moneymaker, ENl Cave Row 3, left to right: ENS Catterson, EN2 Bowman, EN3 O ' Neil, EN3 Hill. Row 1, left to right: FN Norris, EN3 Belz, FN Lavrado, FN Hefner. Row 2, left to right: FN I.achapelle, F 3 fiiewitz, EN3 Bart ., EN3 Munson. Row 3, left to right: FN Houston, KN3 Trach.sler, EN3 Lamclle. SI » ' 1 - i M m i m i[ ' .. I A €rang: Row 1, left to right; FN Booth, ENS Reese, EN3 Lyons, FN Blakeslee. Row 2, left to right: FN Wayner, FN Robertson, EN3 Aughtman, ENl Grady, FN London, FN Canton, EN2 Zachary. li Divisioii Row 1, left to right: EMI Curiazo, IC3 Bargas, EM2 Holder, EM3 Harter, IC3 Pavek. Row 2, left to right: EMC Ahern, EMFN Griinaldi, EM3 Mort, EM2 Heydinger, EM2 Estoesta, EMI McMillen. U i R Division Row 1, left to right: HT2 Calandros, HTFN Frankl. HT3 Whitney. Row 2, left to right: HT2 Wireman, HTFN Nickerson. HT3 Monroe, HTC Magill. Row 3. left to right: IR3 Puckett, HTFN Steele, HT2 Centric, HTFN Delano, MR2 Rickheim, HTFN Burkhard. iiupply Department Mess Gear SUPPLY DEPARTMENT HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY BOTH EOR PROVIDING NEEDED PARTS AND MATERI- AL FOR THE SHIP, AND FOR MAKING THE SHIP A HOME FOR 300 MEN. " S " DIVISION PERFORMS VARIOUS DUTIES, INCLUDING LAUNDRY AND FOOD SERVICE, SHIPS STORE, AND PARTS AQUISITION AND CON- TROL. THE DIVISION IS MADE UP OF MESS SPECIALISTS, SHIP ' S SERVICEMEN, STORE KEEPERS, AND DISBURSING CLERKS. ]fle$is Specialists Row 1. left to right: MS3 Amey, MSSN Monaghan. MSSN Donahue. Row 2, left to right: MSSN Stanciv, MS3 Renaud, MSSN Williams, MSSN Booker. I J MSSN Anthony MSSN Stanciv MSSN Fain MSSN Williams MS3 ChatTon 3 1 Food Services HYDRO Sanitation Specialist MS2 Monroe MDMAA Chip ' s Servicemen A- Row 1. left to right: SH3 Honeysucker, SHSN Livingston. SH3 Becker, sue (Greenhouse. Row 2, left to right: SH2 Kirk, SH3 Boyd, SHSN Spillet, LT(JG) Rudd. LT(.I(i) Rudd Disbursing Officer SHC Greenhouse litore Keepers SK3 McCaul. SKSN McPartlan, SK3 Wells, LT Soule. SKI Williams. « a. •« o order too big, ■ No order too smal small, No 1250, No order at all! f SK3 Wells CoiiiiiiisNioiiiii: j ; ' ' ' EmRoTH CCDG 8 BY 968; 0: C« ,:™ " » " • MO.0 0 ,„„. ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' i f T „ « 0., , ,;;„ ' - «» «B o ' ' ' " ««-968; 2. IT u Cl£Nr SHIP . ,. IVE .«.....,. ; --- -r --- i::rr - " - - ' S- .. ...s. VZCZCLATTy3294 tV Ll " R 1 60102Z APR 77 ' ° ' m USS PAUL F. FOSTER }A TO USS ARTHUR W. R FORD BT ' UNCLAS N00000 nif rPICERS AND MEN OF PAUL F. FOSTER EKIEND BEST WISHES TO TOE COMMISSIONING CREW ON THIS MOST MEMORABLE DAY Tw TfO TER KNOW WELL THE REWARDING EXPERIENCES AHEAD FOR vniT THAT WTTL MORE THAN OFFSET THE LONG WAIT FOR THE OPPORTUNITY SopIStE THA?TANTrTIC SHIP. MAY YOU SEE FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS AS YOU JOIN THE ATLANTIC FLEET. BT 03294 1- KeeiiliNtiiieiitN and AdvaiiceiiieiitN REENLISTMENTS 0S3 Peters ENCM Farrior BMl Peluso 052 Birmingham FTM2 Pensak EN3 Barker EMI Ryder YN 1 Corpuz G l ll Foy MSI Isson HMCS Grider ADVANCEMENTS LTJG Herring LT ENS Mayo LTJG ENS McGee LTJG ENS Smart LTJG CVV02 Quijada CW03 MSSA Monaghan MSSN MSSA Eggiman MSSN RM3 Williams RM2 EN3 Hill EN2 053 Coughlin 0S2 GMTSA Brenneman GMTSN DS3 Vendeiro DS2 SMSA Gagnon SMSN SHSA Spillet SHSN SN Holloway SMSN SK3 Wagner SK2 RMSA Johnson RMSN MSSR Gonzalez MSSA MSSA Fain MSSN OS2 Hadaway OSl OSl Smith OSC BM3 Singer BM2 ETR3 King ETR2 FA Robertson FN SA Schommer SN DS2 Wasson DSl EN3 Zachary EN2 STG2 Wymctalek STGl HTFN Whitney HT3 SKSN wells SK3 YNSN Vicari YN3 FTG3 Toms FTG2 SM3 Teller SIV12 GMG3 Taylor GMG2 STG3 Stevens STG2 QMSN Sewel QM3 YNSN Schoonover YN3 FTG3 Schmidgall FTG2 MSSN Renaud MS3 OSSN Peters OS3 STGSN Monroe STG3 HTFN Monroe HT3 EM3 McQuiggan EM 2 SKSN Matthews SK3 RMSN Maines RM3 STG3 Maez STG2 QMSA Little QMSN YNSN Kyles YN3 STGSN Kiser STG3 QMSN Hurder QM3 BMSN Hickman BM3 GMG3 Gilmore GMG2 OSSN Flintom OSS FTG3 Coy FTG2 MSSN Charron MSS STGSN Capps STGS FN Barker ENS RMSN Banks RM3 MSSN Amey MSS STG3 Alexander STG2 RMS Cormier RM2 HT3 Centric HT2 RMSN Cain RMS EM3 Brown EM2 GMT3 Schwark GMT2 YNSN McCoIlum YNS YNSN Jenson YNS OS3 Leonard OS2 YNSN Ross YNS YNSN Breslin YNS STG3 Boling STG2 ENCS Farrior ENCM MSC Remade MSCS OS3 Stroud OS2 EM2 McMillan EMI ENS Rudd LTJG FTMSA Scott FTMSN BM2 Peluso BMl SN (iallagher QMSN EW2 Faull EWl OS3 Birmingham 0S2 IC2 Rm-sch ICl BM2 Dowluig BMl EM3 Clark EM2 ENl Kitts ENC GMGl Mecht GMGC ETl Parrish ETC FN Bartz EN3 ETN2 Baughman ETl E I2 Beard F n SHSN Becker SH3 FN Belz ENS SHSN Boyd SH3 GMTSN Brenneman GMT3 QM3 Britton QM2 OSSN Burger OS3 SKSN Casteel SK3 ENFN Catterson EN3 HTFN Cherry HT3 DKSN Coleman DK3 SKSN McCaul SK3 ENFN Moneymaker ENS FN Mort 1C3 EWSN Newcomb EW3 EW3 Newtson EW2 MRFN Puckett MR3 PCSN Sharp PCS GMGSN Sluck GMGS GMGSN Thomas GMGS ENFN Trachsler ENS RMSN Wyllie RMS EN2 Jenkins ENl HT3 Wireman HT2 GMGl Hecht GMGC ETl Parrish ETC FTGl Puis FTGC [ . f A day at sea l i4 ' f my (t0 ' n Ship ' s Picnic 1 and so ends our first year TIFFANY PI BLISIIING COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia f ' i I ir.

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