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4 I-LJ Q a , 9 E I I -,QV I .. W N , , ! V . ,, K, C 1 J 1 i t X I E ' 1 ,A J ,1 0 I ,- 4 xi' iv' 1 1 '4 . F. 9 W L X .,, Ni-JI J ' M Y :Q ,M 4 - i A R . . '.-as'--.f A uf I. L I. nga mmm EEE olumezszmz moe moe "i-hte Y nv- we ON A 'n ,Q P R 1 f -S, A . W V26 1 L xwffxwx, vw s' Xiang EM. V . fN""Wx I x S M X5 SX-W1 'fx y . , A xX,X , LX , X,XX i X . wx if Sa-,XMIM 1 . x ,x XXNW111 'Y ' X ggffkigg K ' Q.,f.j':1 2-igs:m51x,i L ww. AQ ,Si'15ki'fSSN'v I MWNEQS ,f 5gvSmg1mzwv ' A Q S", :X M fmw A QA WM K -,xv . 'Q A3 Xxx XA. X X X X X N The individual . . . A complex system of values, standards, goals and dreams. Filled with fears of quests unknown, we go through each day trying to be our own best self. Specially designed and uniquely patternedfwe all have a special purpose as distinct and as personal as each of our names. . Explore and expand, grow, to your fullest being. Dare to be the difference among the crowd. Be yourself . . . No one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong. Who are you? Da you know? Are you just a picture in the crowd or are you free of faces that surround you? You may not realize it just yet, but you do play an im- t portant role. You see? Everyone is somebody no matter who he is. Be they Einstein or common man, all have an importance that none may ever take away. This -dis- tinct quality of life . .. being me. 4 Come alive to yourself, share with the world what you know, think and feel. How else may we know you from the crowd? Stand up, and Care enough to be what you are. Talking to a sincere friend, seeing a bird struggle with a worm, loving my parents, seeing nature be born, lying on a country side, appreciating sunshine, wearing blue jeans eating ice-cream sandwiches, reading the sports page, speech: opportunities making me me. In a series of tomorrows, I hope to touch the opportunities that follow as all that have passed. Making me an individual, yet part of an hourglass through which sands of eternity pass and pass. ri R, F-. .rl , HA ,J 5 1- 'is ' F P W Q ff Qv . A S Y V 5-Un X A A , 1 av , fr . ? 21 2 7 . ' ' ,5 L-4 , ' J' "' 2' 1 ' Y . P.. Q --.f 5-4 R Nag' T '4' Q- R 5,3 J4 1 ilk X A X QV? 4 A U" LA ' .gg 1244, A-5' 5 'Ev 4 'ti A .. "it'?w 1-..' 2 ' Q , Q 6 ,K if M, H sf my ' Q 1 2 1 " f ' " ,M , A ' h ' 1 I .CM Q . . 4 A , fir' "7-Qf.'5s ' , v -X 'V -bi 'um ,, Q Y ',,.. g-f- ' S fr 1. C V - . lit' 1 'ff J 3- - if GG ' a special why MRS. LINDA KASTNER sincere a pleasure to be with surprising a rare gem bubbling class advisor always eager to understand and lend a hand sewing made easy busy, busy, bee colorguard practice cheerleading advisor chairing our prom an irresistable smile Mrs. K. we are indebted to you. I A--.Am 99 if f thanks . . . , MR. DAVID CARL devoted . kind L a friend to all d MH. THOMAS 0312601212 GALiszEwsK1 a smile well-known exceptifmal humor organizer of assemblies, fundraiser I lively always with our best interest at heart 0 Ways G Story energetic a comfort endless time for all who need him d ' ' . Wzplircgnougxllrgc assistant wrestling coach y ' ' class advisor if our friend an oscar isn't nearly enough respected a treasure we honor T.G. true to himself "key" of key club 5555: ,gig x "wx vifflwmgk ggssfgilff N X A f2if g5giX if gX1f .,... ii ky X ' iaseffziw N1-ww 2 llqfwugzgzmgmz 5 '-g' 4f.4,A.ffsXwf.m:.fQmx ' w.-safes:-x-'f XKwrfi:f:--x1f:?i- fi-"'sTfii"-F A A xii' 5?-'f'IfEiik F Xs Q ,, L., 3-xgrgeff ' '75 175 ,vs I F I I l S F 12 ...-r fix, Dont look now-but I think we re being followed! colorguard riflemen Karen Mattlage finds that there's a lot of work and re- sponsibility being Colorguard captain, but there is an equal amount of enjoyment as well. The squad has a closeness that makes it unique, and therefore works well as a unit. "If someone tries out for Colorguard just to be able to say 'I'm on it,' she really doesn't have the right reason," in Robin Ficke's opinion. "It involves a lot of time, teamwork, and effort." t - The Rockettes visit A.L.I. l l t w li l w w Terry O'Neill, Bette lo Good, and Debbie Mattlage look on as the intensity of the game reaches a vibrant climax. , rt KNEELING fl. to LQ: Bette Io Good: Terry O'Neillg Lori Meyer: Karen Mattlage, Captaing Donna Arvanites: Ioy Wenrich: Ioan Schnitzerg Cheryl Severs. STANDING: Debbie Mattlage: Eve Munkelg Ian O'Shannyg Sherri Pyoning Kathy Kohlerg Robin Ficke: lane Schnitzerg Sandy Rozdilskyg QMISSINGJ Angela Carmela. 14 flag squad our flymg colors The A.L,I. Flag Squad has put a flair into the band. The Steuben Day Parade was a spirited event, "an experience none of us shall ever forget," as cap- tain Iane Dickey remarked. Since the Flag Squad is new, it had to work to keep up with the rest of the squads. The squad members felt that the Flag Squad had worked out to be the best possible addition to the Band and Colorguard. - .4 is g Captain, lane Dickey, leads Gail nch and Eileen Oates in "Mr. Regional" er another victorious touchdown. G fl. to r.J: Gail French: Kathy Nolan: Eileen Oates: Linda Blahut: Nelly Macys: Marianne Carhart. STANDING: Elaine Sbarro: DArchangelog Mary Madden: lane Dickey, captain: Nancy LeDucg Kathy Iasuickaic: Carol Brennan. banner guard carry on "We lead the way to victory," exclaim Debbie Petersen, senior, and Nancy Lorenzo, junior, banner guards of the 1974-75 colorguard. This year, spectators see the results of an outstanding team that is derived by efforts from advisers, captains, and strong individual members. 15 F twirleriy the sparkling scepters The twirlers of A.L.I. are outstandingly superb. "We are striving individuals, working our efforts together," said the twirlers' captain, Laurie Syvertsen. This fact is immensely displayed on the field. The girls are always in unison and are a truly great credit to our school. Caught in a gaze, Patty Geigrirzh reminisces Over H rewarding Season' "At ease' is a hard command to follow at a lively pep rally. 1 i 2 l CENTER FRONT fl. to r.J: Laurie Syvertseng Captain. SECOND ROW: Amy Davidson: Sally Moyle. THIRD ROW: Cathy Ventre: Patty 16 Lynch: Patty Giegrichg Ann Yersevichg Linda Saley. Arlene Nasto, an avid cheerleader, chants the Crusaders well-earned, "Right on!" Co-captain Io Anne Long, and mascot Iennifer Burns lead the crowd in a cheer. .J 'ii' ROW fl. to r.J: Margie Buoni, Captain: Io Anne Long, Co-captain. SECOND ROW: Carol Davern: Mary Ann Locher: Io Cantor: Arlene Nasto. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Muchmoreg Cindy Likinsg Carol Zu- :oskyg Elaine Ahle: Chris Krupowies. by the game. Bonnie Muchmore about to take off with all the enthusiasm in school spirit. cheer- leaders the spirit of '75 The '74-'75 cheerleading squad is spirited and enthusiastic. It takes a lot of vigor and pep to lift the spirits of athletes on the team, as the cheer- leaders know well. "A asmile can al- ways help," commented co-captain Io Anne Long. The squad expresses individual talent, and this year has experi- mented in using new cheers and chants-"Four!" One cheerleader re- marked, "If we show the spirit, then the crowd will be more willing to cheer for their team." 17 As captain of the cheerleaders. Margie Buoni leads the squad with perfection Mr. Iupina directs the Band with pride and inspiration, as he e ai I I does every year. iam S .bil I .1 .Q ,Janet K - 'rf ,, .K Q . 1' I iiss gg an .s 1. .. F' if ng 'Hr 0 Q Uh' l 1 1 at Try and find the area of Saturday's half-time show, in new plumes and all. this triangle. G. Amabile, M. Arbuthnot, Bartlebaugh, A. Bauer, M. Ber- ger, P. Biss, M. Bobbie, L. Bolinski, Butfiloski, A. Byer, M. Cerasa, C. Clifelli, B. Cunningham, C. Cutinello, K. Cut- inello, F. Czarnecki, K. Dousa, M. Epstein, D. Ferris, V. Fifield, F. Frakl, W. Frevert, I. Cale, G. Geiger, S. Gelfand, K. Genakos, I. Cillman, A. Cold, R. Corelick, A. Greshko, D. Gruytch, Hagmuller, R. Hanna, R. Hartstein, I. Hop- kins, D. Kage, Kamieniecki, H. Kastner, S. Kiray, E. Kro- paczek, W. Lambert, I. Lavroff, D. LeDuc, L. Levine, D. Lewis, M. Locher, I. Long, S. Lorenzo, L. Luise, G. Lystash W. Makoski, K. Marciano, R. Marciano, P. Martucci, T Martucci, M. Milkosky, W. Miller, I. Muskus, D. Neugold y W. Newman, C. O'Neill, D. Patalkis, R. Plymack, D. Puch- alski, D. Reilly, T. Rudnicki, L. Rutledge, C. Rybak, I. San- zone, M. Scher, T. Schneider, I. Schnitzer, R. Siessel, I Skiba, I. Skiba, S. Skryha, R. Stahnke, R. Standish, I Stuhr, D. Svihra, I. Wintek, L. Taylor, M. Tierney, R. Troy D. Walck, R. Walck. D. Wapner, L. Weakland, Weinshan- ker, L. Weissman, N. Weissman, P. Weinstock, Will- enbrock, G. Ziobro, also: I. Morton, R. Foley, D. Seng, P. Iaworski. 18 9 Is it true clarinet players have more fun?-Doug Wapner. A band member sends out some fluted notes. . .is 1 . V " "What kind of music is this?"-Dennis Reilly sits bewildered. The music goes round and round and it comes out here- Tom Schneider and his tuba. Bob Gorelickand Doug New- gold plan their next big musi- cal caper. Bob Cunningham finds pleasure and enjoyment in Marianne Bobbie fingers out a tune on her piccolo. playing his baritone. - U ,......-v .f x W . . f MKG out that old Brass lazz! his trombone. 5 X1 ' .1 Band President Doug Kage sets the tone with Fred Czarnecki placidly hums away on his saxophone. Trumpet section-uniform in style, every note comes out perfect. Debbie Piitalkis gives H Slide On the old trombone. Cosmetology I When both the junior and senior divisions of the cosmetology students get together, it's a crowded room 18. Cosmetology Class members, seniors: D. Dentico, C. Elms, B. . Green, L. Hoyer, M. Monaco, E. Oates, C. Schwartz, D. Seng, L. Suba, E. Tiller, D. Wojtowiczg juniors: D. Adomonis, S. An- . derson, C. Berlaco, I. Cash- mere, V. Drizga, D. Esposito, A. L Hamaydi, C. Kunze, L. Lotano, R. Melli, D. Park, D. Rizzie, N. - Rubay, D. Stango. t X One of the advantages of beauty culture is Senior Candy Elms practices her tech- having a free shampoo by Lori Amadeo! nique on the famous "head", .V. i cheerleaders 20 First Row tl. to r.l: Susan Rosenmeier. tCo-captainj, joy Spanjersberg, tCo-captainj, Maryann ' Smorol. Second Row: Lisa Sirkin, Patty Oberlies, Kerry Engelberger. Third Row: Elaine Czar- necki, Iackie Coelln. School spirit is contagious with these ladies screaming in your ear at a football game. President Toni Dorio leaves the l.M.C. This year's club is so large, the group had to be divided for its photo with advisor Mrs. Toth. Pep Club S. Allen, K. Amoruso, B. Arbeitel, C. Bertsch, C. Beshella, B. Blum, L. Brauss, L. Brown, L. Bunis, D. Cannillo, C. Chivalek, B. Coelln, B. Coleman, I. Cor- des ItreasI, D. O'Alessandro, C. Davey, L. de Berjeois, L. Dell'aguila, M. De- Luca fsecj, R. Dennison, S. Di Biagio, T. Dorio fPres.j, S. Fanelli, I. Fischer, M. Fulop, M. Garshelis, P. Grassle, L. Goldberg, E. Grande, E. Herman, S. Kellerman, K. Kessler, B. Lamindolo, S. Larkins, L. Lindlar, I. Lorias, M. Lynch, I. Lystash, I. Maloney, G. Martussi, M. Maydosz, N. Mazzei IV. Pres.j, C. Nasto, D. Petersen, R. Poggioli, L. Re- ina, A. Rinaldi, E. Rinaldi, I. Skiba, B. Tanzi, I. Tornambe, K. Treger, B. Val- entine, I. Vella, S. White, I. Yacabonis, K. Yuengel, D. Yurik, M. Yurik. The Iunior Historians Club is actively at work planning a calendar of activities for the Bicentennial. lv" 9,4 Club members are restoring a colonial Madison Hill Road home that will become a National Historian Site. junior historians club R. Adamo fV.Pres.I, R. Altman, M. Arbuth- not, A. Baum, A. Bauer, I. Bielk, Z. Blaschak, A. Carmella fPres.J, D. Carney, C. Castel- lano, D. Dabrowski, S. Damskyg I. Flood, S. Flynn, S. Force, A. Gaetano, G. Gannon fCorresp. Sec.I, R. Gelormini, I. Gold, E. Goldberg, I. Gross, R. Guerry, H. Hartstein, G. Kelly, C. Kierner, L. Klett, A. Kynch, N, Lorenzo IRec. Sec.I, I. Lystash, N. Macys, M. Maydosz, A. Pavelko, G. Perrotta, I. Police, D. Price, A. Przyborowski, A. Regeci, F. Ritt- weger, S. Russo, D. Scapati, D. Schror, T. Schror, I. Seciba, G. Smar, M. Susser, S. Tredeau fTreas.j, D. Weiss, B. Wetzler, L. Volpe, B. Vonah. 21 deca FRONT ROW fl. to r.I: I. Pinkham, S. Hoffman, D. Kobin, SECOND ROW: Mr. Ford, S. I-lock, D. Zim- merman, D. Redfern, P. Quiron, I. Keller, I. Reber, Kevin McArdle. BACK ROW: E. Lacko, D. Stry' kowski, W. Bradley. T. Mee, R. Mayer, R. Krause, R. Wiznewiski, N. Durrett, S. Showalter, C. Schroeder, M. Palmadeso, N. Iennings, K. Sheehan, D. Wood. W. Bradley, I. Bruno, M. D'Arpa, M. Decker, N. Durrett, T. Foglia, M. Hecht QV. Pres.I, S. Hock, S. Hoffman, N. Iennings, I. Keller, D. Kobin, R. Kraus, K. Kutyla, E. Lacko, R. Mau- rer, T. Mee, M. Palmadesso, I. Pinkham fTreas.I, P. Quirion, I. Reber, D. Redfern, C. Schroeder, K. Sheehan, S. Showalter, S. Starosciak, D. Strychowski fPres.j, R. Wis- niewski, D. Witscher fSec.j, D. Wood, D. Zimmerman. l A few DECA members selling the morning newspapers from the school store, the Grapevine. 4 22 I union count tech. 1 tj Union County Tech. students fl. to r.j: M. DiCellis, K. Larkin, F. Martino, D. Hecht, B. Wagner. ' Seniors: H. Arcinaco, D. Bo- renstein, I. Carvalho, R. Cas- tro, S. Erhardt, R. Foerst, D Hecht, P. Kopecky, I. Marrin M. Milus, D. Morris, D. Op- itz, K. Schock, I. Trader, E Walsh, S. Witkowski, R Yuengel. Iuniors: M. Arci- naco, I. Calenda, I. Conti, M DiCellis, K. Engel, K. Lar- kins, D. Lidon, F. Martino, L Misciewicz, P. Sexton, B Szczygiel, D. Thomas, R Wagner, R. Weber, T Whalen. over a problem is Senior Dave Borenstein. Tom Vtfhalen in action. 23 n 1 i 4 school david and 5 , Y Maureen introduces David to the predatory Kate. Lisa .......... ............... Mrs. Clelmens .,...... Porter ....... , ................ . Maureen Hart .... ......, Iosette .............. Carlos .......... Sandra ........ Simon ..... , .... Kate .............. Barbara ....... Robert ....,.... Ben .........,........ Iohn ......... .....,. .,.. Mr. Clemens ....,..... Girl ...................... Woman .......,... lst Boy ......... 24 Production staged by.., ............ ........ M r. Michael Vogel Stage Manager .....,..,................................. Karen Lavroff David Clemens .............................. ............. B rian Bass Mrs. Ferris .................,.. Dr. Alan Swinford ....... Weinstein 2nd Boy ....... .... ......... ,,.......... .............,...... M a r 1 o Orsuu Musicians ,... ........., Mike Perrota and Sue Trudeau Linda Mai as Lisa in a pensive mood. Cast ....,............Linda Mai .........Maryann Keenan ..............Mark Kalish ...........Marci Epstein ....................Doug Kage .........Ann Przyborowski ...........Ruth Grondin .....,.........Bruce Hyman .......Stephannie Russo ................Iay Lavroff .. ...,........... Beth Bach .........EiIeen Iohnson ..........Mark Regeci .........Bob Lewaine .......,Bi1lAltman ..................Mike Novak ..,.....,...,.......Ieanne Alves .........Melanie Arbuthnot Q 'Q 1 53. a ,. ""l I Play lisa Musicians Mike Perrota and Sue Trudeau set the mood with songs by stu- dents and popular music. An important member of the production is stage manager Karen Lavroff. , David and Lisa is the story of David Clemens, a boy who refuses to be touched, physically as well as emotionally, and the story of Lisa, or 'Muriel' as she sometimes calls herself, a girl who hides her easily-hurt emotional self behind a thin veil of rhymes. "Although this play focuses on teenagers with serious emotional problems, its message is for all of us. It asks us to touch others, and to allow ourselves to be tou- ched, without feeling threatened," commented Mr. Michael Vogel, director. "The play was beautifully sensitive and the cast worked as one big group of friends to put together a show for the enjoyment of others," said Brian Bass, who played the role of David Clemens. "The play taught you something if you were willing to listen and get into it," expressed Ann Przyborowski, who played the role of Maureen Hart. cast of David and Lisa in its entirety. rhymes with Da- "Tell me, john, tell me. What do you see?"-"I see d in the midst of his Lisa looking at me." ther's confusion. Mr. Vogel, director. Doug Kage in the role of the dedicated psychiatrist, Alan Swinford. Brian Bass successfully portrays and relates to the audience the sensitive role of David Clemens W. Altman, S. Anthony, L. Ar- beitel, D. Ar- vanties, B. Bach, B. Bass, L. Bellitti, B Blum, I. Cantor, B. Coelln, D Carney, D Nordstrom, M. Regici. A. Sal- vatore, V Stewart, L Volpe, D Weiss. 26 national thespian societ It's intense scene after intense scene for the hardworking, soberminded Thespians, under the able guidance of Mrs. Weiskopf and Mr. Sax-who are both under there somewhere. The Thespians display that sheer dramatic talent that won them the ten points in stage-related activities necessary for induc- tion. Here, they perfect the technique of tuna-sign making. f.b.l.a. F.B.L.A. was designed to help prepare interested students for the business world. Annually they hold such fund raisers as selling calen- dars and rings. The money goes towards their end-of-year National Convention in Atlantic City. I' Virginia Petersen ponders over what business role she should take. , ,ff as .rw Toni Dorio, President of F.B.L.A., brushes up on her business skills. C. Argenziano, A. Alvater, L. Belliti, P. Bischoff, N. Brodin, M. De- Luca, G. Ditzel, T. Dorio-Pres., S. Epstein, S. Fanelli, L. Hastings, K. Haluza, G. Hofschneider, L. Iakubowski-V. Pres., D. Ieney, I. Kane, K. Lanieri, C. Klemens, A. Krawec, S. Lawrence, B. Lewis, K. Lewis, D. Mancuso, C. May, N. Mazzei, M. Messina-Treas., I. Morton, M. Murin, C. Muringer, A. Olterzewski, L. Papp, L. Patrico, L. Peason, D. Peterson, G. Peterson, R. Puma-Corr. Sec., L. Saracino-Rec. Sec., L. Schiller, C. Schneider, N. Svriha, L. Soltis, I. Soriano, M. Ta- povci, I. Tornambe, L. Tracey., I. Vella, L. Vislocky, D. Wood, D. Yeats, D. Yurick. ohildren's theatre workshop Steven Dorfman listens intently to their next project. bfi-up-. sag ff ., JA '1 1 -vw ,fi , Li . . rf' 1-1 ...- -Q - Ng? i f 1,-If - 3 '- 'fail 1 .D ' ""' "-. . .v -1 A nv ,, ' .N .. la 254 -5. ,f l ,,34r,- -. ing , X12 :Zin Chris Larusso keeps the spirit with a smile. B. Altman, B. Bach, M. Bueh- ler, H. Church, S. Dorfman, L. Gottfried, C. Larusso, L. Luise, E. Mitnowsky, N. Mul- ligan, M. Perrotta, K. Phillips, S. Russo, C. Stan. X Vi . 28 Greg Stan rehearses for the Children's Theatre Workshop orchestra? Part of the workshop enjoying their tuna break. 5 rid Mr, Vogel, the advisor of the ChiIdren's Theatre Workshop, explains the use of ges- tures in dramatics. ,, lL XNYllIHIllNE1E4ULJ Reno Sweeney .......................... The Five Angels: Purity ........... Virtue ,......... Sue Mirto Donna Arvanites Karen Mattlage Chastity ...... Eve Munkel Charity ........ Eileen Iohnson Morality ...... Sue Elischberger Billy Crocker ...................,......... Elisha I. Whitney ........ ......... Hope Harcourt ............ ......... Mrs. Harcourt ........................... Sir Evelyn Oakleigh .............. Moonface Martin ..................... Bonnie ........................................ Bishop Henry T. Dobson ......... Ching ......................................... Ling ............................................ Reporter ................. ......... Cameraman .......... ......... Captain .............. ,........ Purser ................ ......... Steward ...............................,..... Social Director ......................... Ierry Fontenelli Bruce Hyman Linda Mai Bette Blum Tony lnacio Bob Kopil Sherri Pyonin Ken Illion lay Lavroff David Stebbins Mike Novak Mark Hochman Bob Standish Neil Hadden Tom McDevitt lan Serdan Sailors .................. Brian Bass, Mark Dilolla, Rob Maffei, Dave Kozatch, Scott Gelfand Waiters ................ Ed Kopil, Steve Peters, Mark Martin Drunk ................... Scott Gelfand Wealthy Widows ......... Malanie Aebuthnot, Kathy Kehl, Donna Nordstrum Police ................... Mitch Berger, Mark Robel, Ed Weber ' Glamour Girls ..... Sherri x GU S 5, 3 S ' f r , l If In is X, 4 n Hoehn Patty Kelly - Single Swingers, Young Playboys and Other Iudy Mueller I More Reputable Passengers: K NL Sue Tredeau joy Wenrich Ann McNulty Arminee Apelian Barbara Cole Kathy McNulty Ioya lules Nancy Lorenzo Karen Theiss Ed Kuspiel Dave Young Ioe Saracino Mario Orsini Statue of Liberty ........ .......... L isa Vislocky I W J 1 , 29 musmal ie -'1 J 51 3'5- fvzi 1.-, A. ' ' 1, .I ,J .,,, -,dw 0, ha, Zeal? . 'V 'I iff Wg I lol I? Ioy Wenrich, a reputable passenger, pa- tiently waiting while the finishing tous ches of her makeup are applied. an thing goes N Reno Sweeney and her five "angels?" fl. to LJ: Chastity, Virtue, Mo- rality, Purity, and Charity. While Sherri Pyonin sings from the upper deck, budding stars dance to "The Heaven Hop." Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and Reno Sweeney en- joyably sing "Let's Misbehave" Glamour girls judy Mueller and Patty Kelly strike a pose with the "charming", Mr. Whitney, Bruce Hyman. 30 Billy makes a confession during "Blow Gabriel," then protests about going to the brig. Sir Evelyn Oakleigh rambles on unaware of, Hope and Billy's play acting. Could Billy really be Mrs. George Bernard Shaw? This year's musical was a real treat with an extravagant trip back to the era of glamor, wine, dancing, and heaven knows. . .Anything Goes. Cole Porter's 1930's hit first appeard in 1934, when the country's spirits were suffering with the worst depression ever known. He provided a fresh, "pure entertainment" show to escape the tense times and he is suc- cessful today, giving us a "sit back and put your feet up and enjoy" mood. The story, in short, revolves around the rendezvous of Reno, a former evangelist and now night club singer, and Sir Evelyn, a British gentle- mang Billy, a young "man about town," and his love, the innocent, young Hope. All revolve in a maze of carefree passages of criminals, playboys, and swingers. All in all a smash hit! In Mr. Sax's opinion, t'Mr. Porter can teach us all a valuable lesson in the enjoyment of life." VY a la The entire cast proudly taking their bows at the conclusion of their performance. Bonnie and Moonface Martin public enemy no. 13. as they make their clear getaway. Bishop Henry T. Dob' son, Ken lllion, seems composed before the performance as he says a little prayer. ae -up Mr. Sax, the director, puts makeup on a star as the excite- ment of opening night builds. Billy Crocker and Hope Harcourt steal a glance as Mrs. Harcourt stimulates the audience with her charm and wit. 31 The quality of basses and tenors combine in con- Y' Carts to produce 3 Supenor blend of men S Vmces' The Bel Canto group consists of the most outstanding voices in A.L.I. Bel Canto: D. Arvanites, B. Bass, P. Bernstein, I Gale G. Gannon Genakos, S. Gerold M Hoch- . . I- . . man, A. Inacio, E. Iohnson, P. Kelly, C. Klemens, I Lorenzo, L. Mai, K. Mattlage, T. McDevitt, A. McNulty, D. Nordstrom, M. Novak, D. Osle, S. Pe- ters, S. Pyonin, M. Robel, I. Serden, B. Standish, C. Stevens, F. Villano, L. Walko, I. Wenrich, C Willenbrock. N. Lorenzo, K. McNulty. bel Canto Miss Novak's unending effort in class, lunch- time lessons, and night rehearsals has made the vocal dept. something to be proud of. The soprano section of Bel Canto adds the spicy touch to the "Seasoning" Singers Eileen johnson, Mike Novak, Linda Mai, Katy McNulty and Ann McNulty are to be congratulated for having the honor of being selected for All- 7- State Chorus. 32 The vocal music department would be lost without such piano accompanists as Marlene Milkosky, Ian Serden, Linda Mai, and Carol Willenbrock. Vocal Workshop: I. Alves, A. Apelian, A. Armstrong, N. Asal, K. Baily, M. Berger, I. Bihler, E. Biss, I. Bolanowski, I. Bowes, C. Bruck. N. Bunor, L. Calenda, D. Cardinale, D. Cardinale, S. Clemenko, I. Coelln, B. Cole, K. Dainey, R. Dennison, D. Dickey, E. Dynda, D. Dziak, K. Dziak, L. Eis- enberg, K. Engleberger, D. Fernandez, S. Flynn, P. Hannis, R. Inacio, M. Kearney, M. Klett, L. Krause, K. Kulp, L. Lisk, C. Lorenz, S. Lorenzo, B. Manasse, I. Marsiglia, D. Mattlage, P. Mulligan. I. Nanstiel, C. Nasto, M. Orsini, I. Ozack, H. Pantos, M. Pintaurro, L. Rea, D. Rebrey, P. Riechess, S. Sara, I. Saracino, I. Sbarro, K. Semansky, W. Sikorsky, S. Sonenthal, K. Theiss, M. Tredeau, G. Walko, E. Weber, D. Wuenn, K. Yackymetz. Concert Choir: A. Alvater, K. Brown, L. Bunis, T. Christel, R. DeBlossi, C. DeSimone, K. Gamble, L. Grosso, C. Haefner, K. Iasiukaic, R. Keller, A. Knych, D. Mancuso, C. Marcinak, M. Martin, C. Miller, L. Nadler, I. O'Shanny, L. Patricco, N. Riccio, K. Treger, M. Villa, I. White, G. Yeats. ocal Workshop and concert choir combine together to form the largest singing group in the l'lCGl'lS. e Sophomore Barbershop Ensemble shiver in their winter dress as they sing out the great snow-storm of '75. belle tones e Winter Concert was a huge success with a featured work from the Belle Tones by the Ital- composer Antonio Vivaldi, entitled "Gloria." i - Vocal Workshop and concert choir Besides a major Winter Concert, the department also has a Fall Pops Concert and a Spring Concert. The soprano section adds the flavoring overtones to the Belle Tones. L. Arbeitel, B. Arneson, I. Barako, C. Bertsch, B. Blum, D. Car- ney, B. Coelln, C. Davern, L. DeBerjeois, L. Estersohn, M. Es- tersohn, D. Fanurik, R. Feola, D. Ferris. I. Fischer, S. Gerold, S. Gill, S. Ginesi, B. Godfrey, I. Gross, I. Hanna, G. Hnat, D. Ieney, K. Ieney, S. Iosell, I. Iules, K. Kehl, M. Klett. C. Krumm, V. LaBella, K. Lavroff, B. Lawrence, M. Locher, I. Maloney, A. Marrone, S. Mateyak, N. Mazzei, M. Milkosky, I. Mueller, A. Nasto, N. Nicholson, K. Nolan, T. O'Neill, S. Pancurak, C. . Papp, D. Pelusio, I. Polise, D. Price. A. Przyborowski, D. Roz- dilsky, S. Ryan, K. Semansky, D. Simone, G. Smar, I. Spanjers- berg, T. Springer, N. Susko, L. Syvertsen, M. Taback, I. Tam- kel, S. Tredeau, S. White, A. Yersevich. The Ecology Club, under the guidance of Mr. Karpinski, has been busily at work cleaning up the Rahway River and collecting R. Abramowitz. K. Amouruso, S. Amster, M. Arciniaco, A. Baum, C. Berstch, B. Blount, C. Bo- cykus, C. Bodner, M. Bokoske, L. Bolinski, C. Bradley, C. Cam- bushini, S. Damsky, R. DeBlossi QV. Pres.l, D. DiFu1vio, L. Eisen- berg, L. Erhard, G. Farawell, P. Farrell, C. Flaxman, P. Flynn, M. Fulop, S. Gerold, L. Gottfried, H. Hartstein, T. Higgins, K. Ieney, K. Kehl, I. Kent, K. Kessler, L. Klett, D. Kudlak, M. Leonard, S. Litt, I. Lovas, D. Lystash, D. Madden, C. Marcinak. F. Mar- tino, R. Mroczek, E. Munkel fPres.J, C. McCrea, 1. Naulty, C. Philipone, I. Pinkham, M. Qua- rtararo, A. Regici, N. Riccio, D. Rozdilsky, S. Ryan, P. Schifano, D. Schneider, C. Schroeden QTreas.j, G. Stars, I. Sullivan, I. Tankel, A. Tierney, G. Tombs, B. Volvat, D. Walker, T. Walsh, S. Weakland, B. Weiss, C. Will- enbrock, D. Wilson, C. Wolf. publicit club A. Carmella, A. Gaetano, W. Ia- sinski, C. Kierner, N. Macys, F. McGovern, A. Regeci, G. Viggiano. 34 ecolog club aluminum cans for recycling. Mrs. Monteith and her Publicity Club release news of important A.L.l. events to the news media. d ep right up and get your pink slips! ,. ll! new , - .. -is - 1-,X -.v,. is , ' 1. come on. Mrs. A! You can't fire us in the middle of the semester! attendance office assistants Diane Arends, Donna Arvanites, Lisa Colenda, Karen Cozzi, Gloria Dezic, Roxanne Feola, Linda Ginesi, Sue Gi- nesi, Karen Marciano, Eve Munkel, Sherri Pyonin, Elaine Sbarro, Carol Schwartz, Patty Shest, Nancy Svirha, Denise Wojtowicz. girls' gy office assistants e Girls' Gym Office Assistants enjoy their work. Leslie Arbeitel, Bette Blum, Toni Dorio, Carol Horner, Donna Mancuso. Diane Schneider, Sha- ron Smith, Sue Tredeau. 35 i.m.c. aides A. Alvater, R. Chiarella, G. DeGeso, I. Dieize, D. Dombrowski. K. Gamble, L. Iakubowski, M. Opitz, A. Saracino, D. Yeats. guidance office assistants A. Alvater, I. Alves, M. Bauer, Z. Blas- chak, N. Castro, C. Davey, G. Ditzel, K. Engleberger, L. Garibaldi, I. Gigantino, B. Greenberg, T. Guterl, I. loffee, C. Kuhn, B. Lewis, L. Lindlar, I. Lovas, P. Lynch, M. Madden, P. Pearl, L. Reina, I. Schnitzer. 36 The I.M.C. Aides and Ms. Friedman haunt the inner recesses of the library shelves. KVM-Lg.: K. ' 4 The girls of the Guidance Office are more than ready to thumb lhrough catalogs for college-bound juniors and seniors. N health office assistants kit, The is lean Alves, MaryBeth Curran, Pat Fallon, Beth Hnat, Leanne Rea, Betsy Shain, Kim Tola, Mary Alice Venezio. Health Office Assistants give freely of their spare time to help out Mrs. Brown. Boys' Gym Office Assistants . . . bo s' g m office assistants Marianne Carhart, Patti Giegrich, Debbie Hansen, Elaine Herman, Iill -M Kane, Lynn Klett, Patty Larusso, Patti Oberlies, Laura Lee Roberti, Laurie Syvertsen, Sue Tredeau. Bar- bara Weiss. 37 . . . make life a bit pleasanter and a lot easier for the coaches. to 9 Q HY, .- 51... 1 iff, U., x.. ix, . Kiinf.-W ri .,. di E 1. vp , re Q vm' Y. I Imfrr' ii, 'wuz X L ?i'3 V. If '-2 A Lfr.'1".E: Iwi KIQLXJ:-. Pfiliif 10.41. PIT: 'U xr.. .11 5 UMR . me Jonnsou nomu HI-TGN Cnool Nonmner ll 1971 , LThe.QrusadQxf.slaff.ag1d advgsor5Mm4Lqvett breathe a Slglil of rehef as another lssue IS completed. ggi -rw, ' .xb,- 5 3-f'vegPi W'- . g.., , ,. pl .f1..f- .,.....f.r H .2 . I - . Ui... . Cr.usad9r Staff: .B.Q AL tmari, MQ Buehler, C. Boc- zkusy B. Brown, W. Cass, '- M. Etstersohn, I. Fremont, S- A. Kspkuwska. Cm."KfeThtfr, S. Luxenberg, K. Mack- . nowski, Sp Medweld, B. ' J .Needle Qeditor-in-chiefj, . .D4f 0S16s G9.iQSterWie1, LS-.1 --RLXSSW f Ryfiilf SGIIWHHZT-. A: sling-we Sr- ..SHi1my4 lhf A..mQShornstein,.,Q.gJ. I rStarx, K wSirgiuss, Lnfvifs-Q-.J .f wfgm Q H X "A - gqrdfuflyxqheblgioifgiirrfglgrgst-issue before? vvhite, F- V-f1"f ffffli- ic ? r,k, Fx :S'?3,2i'zg ' Q? QQ," ,, k P .W .- .QW-r.,4 - 533 LlS?,Z1i.'w? T 1 , Y X 'W x X 2' -Iumiibl Q - k::f?:3f5?- g ,qw f - V f ' - ri .. .. . gg xml- M V3 xr , YC' rg. L.. :K nggni- gf fa- 2 H' -'R-'fir si! .figfzf ffl' r. W ' A gb gl , wiv . wgg' vi X '- V ' ,A, . ,1, . . -. K.. .. , -. " 'I' , . , H A . ?v- r - B411tq17T3xr17cj7n1afTBgy Needleqhandles awstaff meeting to decide upon the format of an up- V' f 'j'C0mmgY155UE.h F 's '?E1-My nr . -r 3: 7 2' - V - A 1. iff rfiffiif ISM.-wi rf f , 5 as ram wwrm2f:.,z..1 X ,wx von. mn x K e The Quest staff waits patiently for the submissions of original student writing to come pouring in. Advisor Mr. Borai searches for that hidden cache of Milky Ways at thc bot- tom of the Quest filing cabinet. I, ,,,,.- Editor-in-chief Betsy Shain, Business Editor Barb Coelln, and staff member Debbie Peterson ex- change comments about a short story. Two underclass staff members puzzle over an expecially difficult poem. the quest Quest members: B. An- man, B. Beeber, I. Bielk M. Bobbie, B. Borrus, M Buehler, B. Coelln, K. Cu- tinello, I. Fontenelli, G Gannon, E. Goldsmith, L Gottfried, N. Hoff, E. Mit- nowsky, B. Needle, P Pearl, D. Petersen, A Przyborowski, A. Regici A. Saracino, K. Siegel, S Sims, A. Stacy, M. Susser L. Vislocky, E. Wilkenson M. Yack. A copy of Warriner's Grammar is an invaluable aid in those hectic weeks before publication. 1 Mr. Gerry Treacy-Advisor. -swirl 'EY Barb Coelln-Literary Editor. Cheryl Severs-Photography Editor: Robin Ficke-Photography Staff. Barbara Greenberg-Art Editor: Robin Manasse-Art Staff. Dean Constantine-Business Staff: Andy Schwartz-Assistant Layout Editor. Amy Singer-Layout Editor. Alan Shur-Business Staff: Mark Kovar- Business Editor. w Kathy Nolan-Typist. Mrs. Susan Wolf-Business Marianne Carhart-Photography Editor. Corrine Beshella-Lit Manager HIE-ll'y Editor. Editors-in-chief: Scott Chanin, Sandy Rozdilsky. Art Editor: Barbara Greenberg. Literary Editors: Barbara Coelln, Corrine Beshella. Business Editors: Mark Kovar, Debbie Perersen. Layout Edotor: Amy Singer. Layout Assistant Editor: Andy Schwartz. Photography Editors: Cheryl Severs, Marianne Carhart. Staff Members-Art: Lori Kaufman, Robin Manasse, Maureen Kostyak. Business: jane Schwartz, Alan Shur, Glenn Rosivack, Chris Klemans, Dean Constantine, Lyle Sara, Sue Bartolett. Layout: Grace Gannon, Ioanne Lystash, Alan Gold. Photography: Sally Moyle, Robin Fiske, Laurie Syvertsen, Elaine Sbarro, Anne Yersevich, Lori Bunis. Literary: Sharon Allen, Renay Guerry, Barb Nanstiel, Ioy Wenrich, Bette Blum, Kathy Nolan, Andrea Regici. Advisor: Mr. Gerry Treacy. Business Manager: Mrs. Susan Wolf. Hott Chanin-Editor-in-Chief. 4 -tit Debbie Petersen-Business Editor. 1' Sandy Rozdilsky-Editor-in-Chief. 41 student Council f',. "Buy a tootsie roll? We can use your money!" ,4-fig, tl. to rj Sherri Pyonin, Secretary: Susan Tredeau, representative: Mr. Iohn Aragona, Advisor: Ierry Fontenelli, President, Angela Carmella, Vice president: and Nancy Lorenzo, treasurer: hold meetings in the new student council room. The Donkey Basketball Game against the Lance members started with Fontenelli on his knees looking for an open student council member. .sl -ifrqig The Student Council Calendar of the school's ac- tivities is a welcome addition this year to the 42 downstairs. hallway. I cf T' 2 Wayne Iasinki shows his basketball ability at the Donkey fiasco by winning 1 "The Most Valuable Player Trophy." i gy- ,wma ' Q3 nesiiie -as -Uri F' ,- ' X -14 1 K ' 2, J rx' fi K gem., U4 -.....,..-J' I 'A-K. f 1- Mary rx., ws' Q lr QQ, dwelser 3? wma' "' X utmlrn wo' m Jaw YV lllfivin One of Halloween s most creative Dress up Day costumes is modelled by fl to r.j Maria Mirizio Gale Hofschneider Donna Kobin Sharon Zebro Angela Mirizio and Cindy Rygiel' the Budweiser girls! ,. Y.-,,, ,, - . his ' N . e , as. zf-:wl'jf'Ph- K V W U ' . 3- -:,s:i., , 4 ' . A i . n.a.1,am.,.,sw 43, g Q B 54. A ' ,, , A ET H tr f ' s ,gat LK.x fx Q , I' .. -i 13 . g l V Z A. KL tr ,.,' fl - l we W 'S 5 4 Y 'sql ' 'fr ' X ' ' W WA..-YA'-1 ' T- -v f 'A fe... " - ,Q S f "' f- -tu . V 0- J: ,fe ig ' CQ s s . eff ' 1, W- 2' S! ' f "5 si 1 I D .sts fl , ts i . .- .XM . A - s t e .Q -fs F? 'Q-ff e-we-4' 5' B 'I . it is I if Q . .5 ,L tt ' - -4 " S ,f " ' ,.Y?,t1.'.yqV A. - .,m,' Vf "1 gf' . legit Q I " . ' . - ff QM, fs Q " 2 Q: it 5 , 2 . t 1 , pf ith M' , giv, 2 v Mx- f 4 1 JF' 51... - 'W' - 'M . ' 'i - - I ... .:, , .. .. , . , V . . "A smoking lounge for students? That's a good joke!" Taking notes in her Halloween bridal out- "The Colgate 13" singing group wowed our audiences fit and jewels, Donna Nordstnrm. with their nostalgic '50's songs. Student Council sponsors the "History of Rock", the presentation of slides, music and special effects. , 2 1N, 1Tfs,g.,,3Qisf'S4QjQ t.,. t X. W " '- J I' - 'ff f t., e.t . N' Ierry Fontenelli, president, is deep in a pensive moment after hearing that the open ended study halls have been tentatively approved by the Board of Education. A.L.I.'s lobby is transformed at Christmas time as Student Council members and friends put up a green tree with all the trimmings. R. Altman, A. Carmella QV. Presj, C. Castellano, W. Cass, M. Edleman, M. Ester- sohn, I. Fontenelli fPres.J, B. Grygiel, M. Hochman, D. Hoer, C. Iones, D. Kage, C. Kierner, M. Kostyack, N. Lo- renzo fTreas.j, I. Lystash, D. Mattlage, D. Nordstorm, S. Pyonin fSec.j, L. Sara, K. Sie- gel, G. Stan, S. Tredeau fP.T.A. Rep.l, L. Volpe, M. Weinerman, L. Weissman. 43 l chemistry l Club C Bierch D Burkhoff,W. Z 7 Cass S Cherensky- B' Mr. Galiszewski and the Chemistry Club prove conclusively that candles burn even when placed inside large glasses photograph club W. Brown, S. Cherensky, C. Hagmueller, W. Irvine, M. Kaplin, F. Kreige, T. Krupnik, I. Lebowitz. S. Luxenberg, D. Madden, G. Osterweil, G Storms, G. Viggian, D. Weiss, A. Weisholtz. The Photography Club-where nobody says "cheese R. Bennett, M. Bokoske, D Burkhoff QV. Pres.J, T Czarnatowicz, S. Dorfman D. Hersh, M. Hymanson, E Iohnson fSec.J, S. Karmiller I. Lebowitz, T. Pientak, S Posnock, K. Raskin fPres.j, A Saracino, M. Scher, A Schornstein fSec.J, A Schwartz, M. Susser, M. Tenl dler, R. Zuckerman. rocketr club B Brown, K. Butfilowski, M. Hal per M. Hampp, I. Itzkowitz, P. Ko smskl, B. Lampert, B. Manasse, E O Malley, M. Rosenbach, E. Weber. 45 --- french club FRENCH CLUB: A. Bauer, M. Bauer, M. Berger, R. Bollmer, B. Be- ber, B. Borrus, M. Castel- lano, H. Church, C. Ci- felli, K. Cautinello, S. Damsky, P. Farrell, I. Fi- scher, I. Gale, L. Gottfried, M. Hymanson, A. Singer fPres.I, L. Vislocky, C. Ya- rusavage, C. Wu, K. Zimmerman circolo italiano ITALIAN CLUB: E. Burns, D. Cannilo, P. Castellano, C. Catalono IV. Pres.I, I. Catalano, M. Cerasa, S. Di- Biaggio, S. Di Giorgio, M. Di Marco, L. Gannett, I. Guido, W. Irvine, C. Keena, M. Keehan, L. Luise, Isec.I, R. Maffei, I. Marsiglia, I. Massarelli, M. Orsini, R. Poggioli, R. Punna, L. Reina, R. Riccio, A. Rinaldi, E. Rinaldi, L. Roglieri, M. Romano, M. Ruggieri, A. Saracino fPres.I, I. Saracino, L. Saracino fTreas.I, T. Tattoli, M. Turriello, B. Valentine, I. Vella, C. Vincenti. 46 Cultural activities seem to occupy the time of French Club members under the advisorship of Mrs. Lydia Rosenfeld and Senior president Amy Singer. The group holds a holiday party, visits a museum and French restaurant to sample the traditional French Cuisine. Mustached Mr. Giovanni Gaglione heads the Italian Club. His philosophy of the organi- zation not only to allow members to understand and study the culture of the country, but also, "To let the students get together and know each other." The 33.00 dues each member pays goes toward a buffet held in the spring. latin club M1s.Elm, a new teacher to A.L.I. this year advises S.P.Q.R.. Found raising activities are limited to a successful cake sale. Members look forward to a trip to the Museum of Natural History. Meeting monthly members of the Spanish Club are involved in tutoring fourth graders in the language. Children are taught Spanish numbers, members of the family, food, ani- mals, greetings and common expression. SPANISH CLUB: L. Brauss, F. Czarneki, D. Fernandes, K. Friedman, S. Greenberg, B. Herman, M. Keenan QV. pres.l, I. Kosiarski, B. Lamendola, I. LaRegina ftreasj, S. Luxenberg, I. Lystash, fpresj, N. Nichalson, G. Osterwell, M. Reife, K. Rodrigues, P. Rosivak, P. Sulek fsecj, M. Susser, B. Tanzi, M. Wiernerman. E LATIN CLUB: R. Adamo, Arbuth- not, A. Baum, Z. Biaschak, M. Bo- koske ftreasj, P. Castellano, I. Coelln, I. Conway, K. Daney, R. Ha- ber, A. Kropaczek, B. Kopil, B. Lam- pert, T. Makoski, D. Masters, B. Nan- stiel QV. Pres.l, K. Paffenberger, K. Phillips, D. Rhodes, G. Stan, M. Stan, A. Schomstein, D. Venditto, L. Volpe fsecj, P. Weinstock CPres.l. spanish club fl. to r.j Advisor Mrs. Shirley Vogel, treasurer Iohn LaRegina, vice president Maryann Kennan, president Ioanne Lystash and secretary Pam Sulek gather 'round a map of far away Scotch Plains. 47 german club R. Adamo, I. Beck, R. Bennett, C Bertsch, M. Bobbie, C. Bradley, R Bradley, B. Brown, M. Buehler, L Cutt, S. Elischberger, T. Elliot, T Gaetano, G. Gannon, P. Grassle, I. Gross, C. Hagmueller, H. Hartstein R. Hartstein, L. Heintz, D. Hoer fV. Pres.J, H. Kojik, C. Krupoweis, A Kuhn, L. Lindlar, N. Macys, E. Mun- J - kel, D. Nordstrom, M. Novak, E O'Malley, D. Price, F. Ritteger, M. Rosenban, S. Russo, M. Steinert, 1. Skiba, E. Soine, B. Standish, C. Ste vens fPres.l, I. Susko, S. Ting, C. ' Willenbrock, W. Wojcicki, C.M. Wu, fSec.-Treas.j. Advisor Mrs. Zigmont and the German Club members enjoy a distinctively deutscher Christmas. debate and forensics society elm F' ' l fl. to r.j: I. Bielk, D. Scapatti, F. Rittweger, B. Brown, B. Herman, C. Willenbrock. A. Przyborowski, C. Wolf, D. Schneider, I. Cordes, A. , Carmella, R. Adamo, and Mr. Skobo, advisor. Q l Members of the Debate and Forensics Society sharpen their wits, their words, and their minds to en- i gage in verbal duels with opponents from neighboring schools. The debators have built their society vir- tually from scratch to two successive years as district champions. A tribute to the melodramatic Robert W. Service readings of Bill Altman, the cool, collected debate presences of Ron Adamo and Iim Bielk, the enthusiastic Lewis Carroll interpretations of Angela Car- mella, the elegant debate strategy of Fred Rittweger, and the conscientious hard work of the other mem- bers of the society is its election to the New Iersey Forensics League and its recently-granted Associate 48 Status in the National Forensics League. xf' "gnu S, l LZ: 5 "'v'x 1 1 ' Y Q I VIA 4 .. FN. .' - in , Vg 1 gt fi f J sw, 'z 2 . X - X "" WRX 'f H If h .S vom unzn ,R , ,s uni fi, , Q A N ' sgfsi 5' AQ A . ' Rwgx .K 8 Q-"5 , , X V 1 ' L W 'D' s 1 ' Q. Q , Q, wa. -, A f' . .'A , f- 23 'ff -its jf' ' gn , - I . W at X Q "A ' 1, if 3, fr, 55 x 'g' c1xd mf 'K 4 , li 'mf 1 KI? . Y Q ' ' X ,fin ...... ' . v- uf- f 1 ' ,af -nfunpc.-ug ' - A A ' A A . " I ...J xl A 1 J 4 rlvx 1 ' N, 1 A F " M 1 Feng 50 ir it' i H, . . I Q ff U ' , ' 1 f ski club B. Borrus, C. Bradley, R. ,Q Bradley, B. Coelln fPres.j, I. Collen, E. Czarnecki, L. De- Berjeois, E. Drummond, S. Ells- berger, R. Gelfand, I. Gross, I. Hoffman fTreas.j, M. Ioffee, C. Klemens, A. Kynch, K. Krall, M. Krause, L. Kroebel QSec.J, M. Lynch, I. Marsyila, M. May- dosz, W. Newman, C. Papp, D. Petersen QV. Presj, K. Phillips, Kim Phillips, C. Rybat, I. Stein, L. Taylor, G. Trzaskowski, D. Wechsler, R. Wolgin. Ski Club members reminisce over such fond memories as the bus breakdown, arriving home at three a.m. the Killington weekend, "the race," and, of course, selling pretzels. .i l I chess club i R. Adamo, D. Berg, I. Bielk, C. Cherensky IV. Pres.J, S. Che- l rensky, C. Iones, H. Kastner, I. Knapp, K. Raskin, G. Rosivack, T. Schror, A. Schwartz fPres.j, I. Schwartz, M. Schwartz, K. Shalit. Chess Club members gather regularly, with the hope of challenging Mr. Simmeth and winning. . x l x N N 4 I 50 A.V.A. members must be alert to maneuver equipment up and down stairways, without causing any damage. C.O.E. Students leave school half-day to enter the world of work, and practice skills they have acquired. fl. to r.l A. Krawec, L. Hastings, S. Lawrence, I. Soriano, G. Hofschneider, 3 C. Argenziano, K. Lewis, I. valier fteacherjg sitting fl. L. Schiller. Iudy Artz shows Marlene Spielmann the trick of the trade on the stencil machine. Artz, P. Switek, Mrs. Che- to r.J N. Brodin, M. Spiel- mann, D. Stetson, C. May, C.O.G aides K. Anthony, C. Hoase, I Kroryko, I. Lynch, B Oberman, I. Pratt, I Sorricino. id Ann Krawec shows her secretary ability by adding figures dur- ing C.O.E. class. 51 ke club Seniors: D. Berg, W. Brown. W. Cass, D. Constantine, I. Fontinelli, S. Furiness QV. l'i'vs.l. S. Cianti, B. Grygiel, B. Killian, M, Kover. D. Kage, A. Krov, R. Markiewitz, W. Miller, I. Ravirzli. M. Reiner, lil. Ridenour fPresi- dentl. C. Rosenvack, L. Sara, B. Seauzzo fTreas.j, D. Wapner, P. Weinstock, C. Wesner, j. Wysocki. juniors: R. Adamo, I. Bielk, I. Burns. E. Fitzpatrick, B. Fred- ericks, I. Crygiel, L. Cualteri. M. Iasinski, C. Iones, D. Lewis, B. Makoski, B. MacNaughton, P. McGuire fSec.l, B. Oberman, C. Osterweil, L. Regan, F. Rittweger, P. Scocca, M. Schwartz, M. Swintek, M. Susser. Key Club members look on amazedly at plans fora terrific courtyard which is sure to bring about commotion. Ill 1111! mi nd! li 1D BQ! - , as ' u 'L s X Q E . , nn . 'I .5 ' ' I lr K Q S JS 'gg F yy 3. f xx . 314 " um N 5 is X X.. Yi Q Q66 gem. f ' ' :.SZ . . xgiy. st f ...qw :5115.s-,yeas w s B. Scuazzo, treasurer, S. Furiness, vice president: P. McGuire, secretary: D. Ridenour, president. X - Key Club president, Dave Ridenour, expresses the fact that we must rise nice and early to begin work. vwen-an 5. 0 rc. we ' :S - . . fnyiifmv 'P iii? TT f ... , ., ,M .1 -Vu. if -K.. t will A A ' ri' A 1 I: , as x. -1335 Q- r' Q y . ' at gevi' - TC.. H vital part of the "Welcome to the courtyard." Key Club, counts the amount of blocks pur- chased by students and faculty. 52 Mark Kovar and Wyllys Cass supervise the sand castle building. lim Grygiel and Wayne lasinski pay close atten- tion to the meeting. health careers club The Health Careers' fundraisers include selling Easter eanrly and making Thanksgiving baskets. Health Careers: N. Brennan, M. Carhart, C. Cherensky, I. Hoffman, B. Krause fTreas.j, L. Kroebel, C. Klemens lSec.j, D. Nelson, A. Saracino fV. Pres.j, B. Shain, N. Sverha fPres.J, K. Tola, R, Troy, L. Weakland, S. Weakland. The members of Community Service are contemplating going to Willowbrook again this year. Community Service: R. Bradley, C. Cherenski, M. Damiano, D. DeFazio tSec.J, E. Dicker, C. Hanley QV. Presj, E. Heintz, P. Ko- stiack fPres.l, S. Laire, P. Morgenson, C. Nasto fTreas.l, L. Tay- lor, S. Ting, R. Troy. Communit s club ervice g.a.a. The Girls' Athletic Association gives girls the chance to participate in after-school inter- mural sports. During the year, the girls may choose from the following: soccer, hockey, modern dance, archery, badminton, volleyball, bowling, basketball, gymnastics, swimming fat the Westfield YWCAJ, softball, tennis, and golf. One girl demonstrates how easy it is to do a walkover on the low beam. 54 A G.A.A. member kicks off the top bar of the unevens. The modern dance troupe steps out. "Now that I've got it, what do I do with it? . Dekogatis momentarily reflects on A handsnmd on the low bgam is :isely where to shuffle her disc. executed. l l urry up and take the picture!" Mrs. Spera demonstrates the importance of using the fingertips in a volley- ball return. g.a.a. Basketball teaches these girls to work together. 0 56 a W Who thought soccer could be that graceful?" I'm ready with my backhand, but where's the ball? Chi Mei Wu lPres.J, Arbeitel QV. Pres.J, Marciano, fSec.J, Donna Nordstrom QTreas.l, Debbie Carr fRep.J. 0 Two girls competing for the Basket- Hockey is one of the more popular ball. Who will get it? sports in G.A.A. The winning team goes on to play a team from another school. 1 Let's play Will I make it? Could it be that we have an- badminmll! other William Tell? H Leslie Karen l I The fine guarding that the girls learn is displayed here. The girls get time to discuss what they will do that night. I I V Ez, Q: 1 M, m., 'L ,v, x 'f ' I li 'N x W 23,4 Lxx I Q- ,QU 5- ,A , nfs f 'ff-'rf s -'Q ff' ' E- 1 ,- 8 ,Y N 3 K ,., 4 .. r .isnsygif !fx,c 2 ' 1 ,Q 3 f-+-fa. 1 Q5 f AZ'5'g' F"W1.!:" A fra" A , J f, M ' j. J. X vas J, , 2 x?,,T E4,t Q. 'Q-'Qi5"Q,'i"',t,X'5.h s L 32 J, 'Y ff 7 ' " Tig , Q 4 s A' ' X s .M 1 wi a ,V 1 be f e. if ww N5 , A .,,4 '. 91 .f Jlnw- 'L - fu ..3 , 1 i Nd' " Q ' " ' 'I -if QV .v N , 9 . 3 , Q f -'f 'f L QS'-"' W I N 'aff I X 1 'M lik' EQ las " sb l' ,r,., Q 4 -K Kjl. 745' u il . '- 5 ggt-Jr" A yin: :Q I. 7,4 '1l..1....-fs' ' "-v-r 2' - . .. li, , ' a- .64 dl , I fx x Q 'L' , K X. -. , V n V f-E 'Da :I Q 'K 2 X Q A A 'J Q 'X .lx '1'FT:'11- Nm K sw -a Q W x 1.-wg 5 N. x Q X f' 7 QS' E X 2 R , X :ws an tx x ' '.2.z1?Qj5gSx' fy fa' 'sfv Oxw -Q2-W, 6 j ,, v' me C W! qa JIS s , g'f ff x -, xx xx . A. . 'Y 1. fx is -A 5 , i D im' E L ,....Gf , ,, r 5' emmmaww . ,gf 1 ki 4 ' - X I 'V M. I .'4. ls-1 .ra N y, K , if v 3 f I 1' " 5? 'S ',' xv: w .fu 33' 1. If - 5 'l 5 .E .AE V 1. T I ,V wk' . M I .xx . 0 , X L QE.. NY 4' W I K A 'K QL ' - N3 Q - 1 ,-nu-"""' l'-In Stephen M. Adamski "You bet!" Remembers 4th and 5th period Auto Shop Enjoys girl chasing . . . Track and Golf Future ship mechanic . . . Steve William Steven Altman N.H,S., S.H.S., Debate and Fo- rensics Society, Crusader, Quest, R.E.S., School Play Future lawyer B.S. Altman Alan Amster Sharon Allen "Do not walk behind me, I will not lead: do not walk ahead of me, I will not followg just walk beside me and be my friend." . . . Shar Loraine Forsee Amadeo "'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." Future beautician Lori I Susan Anthony Remembers the backroom and the stage kids . . . Enjoys hiking and swimming Future nurse . . . Susan Deborah Ann Alper "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled b and that has made all the dif- Y, ference" . . . College bound . .. "Zep" ... Lance . .. Deb Christine A. Ambrose "Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence." . . . College bound . . . Chris ,gf Alex Antonelii "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain si- lent." . . . Future architect . . . En- joys music . . . Track . . . Lex Leslie Ann Arbeitel Remembers "The Buckwheats" Varsity Softball Statistician . . . Values friendship . . . Future nurse . . . Les Harold Arciniaco Cynthia Argenziano "If you love someone set him free. If he comes back he's yours: if he doesn't he never was." . . , Remembers Crest Apartments 74 . . . Cindy Iudith A, Artz Future in Business . . . judy Robert Axelson College bound . . . Remembers football double sessions , . . Var- sity Football . . . Rob Pep Club Donna Lee Arvanites Alan L. ALlg11liS "One of the most beautiful qual- Future pharmacist . . . Augie ities of friendship is to under- stand and to be understood." . . . Future in dramatics . . . Color Guard . . . Nellie Elizabeth Ann Bach "A true friend is one who knows your' faults but loves you any- way." Future elementary school teacher Children's Theater, S.H.S., N.H.S. Beth Catherine Bailey "Sharing the best part of my life with you because I love you so knowing it will always be, because you make it so." . . . Iimmy ... Cathy Raymond Bailey "Life is what you make it, so do all you can." Future carpen- ter . . . Enjoys hunting and fish- ing . . . Remembers "The Wheel" . . . Bail james I. Barbarich "We going out to lunch today?" Enjoys working on cars Remembers going out to lunch . . . College bound . . . jim Brian George Bass SUSHII Baszak "You got it, Sweetheart." Remembers the backroom and grid kids . .. Thespians, Bel Canto Enjoys bicy- cling, Watchung . . . Bri Charles A. Beam Remembers football practice: the State Drill with L.B's . .. Enjoys watching the girls on the beach, 1973-1974 . . . Chuck Douglas Beck V . "Let's go parkingff . . . Future en- gineer . . . Remembers P.l., '38 Chevy Enjoiysrestoring old cars . . . Doug 64 Yolanda Bellitti Loni Susan lean Bartolett "What a moron!": "Oh my God!"g "What a boring day." . . . Future in home economics Remembers geometry with Ig- natz, Sassy . .. Sue David Berg Q j , N.H.S., S.H1S.,jQ-gfennis Team, Key Club .. bound Dovid X It ,ff Paul S. Bernstein "Maf1ana means tomorrow, but pajama means tonight." Fu- ture radio disc jockey . . . Sound Studio, Bel Canto .. . Pimpstein Matthew Blejwas "WAAA-HOOOO!" . . . Remem- bers his tenth period teachers for letting him sleep in peace . . . En- joys eating . . . Pumpkin-head Charles Bertsch III "This is true!" Future in chemistry German Club, Corinne Mary Beshella "Nobody ever had a rainbow un- til he had the rain." College bound . .. "Zep"- . .. Summer of '74 G.D. Lance Corinne Chem. Club, Biology Club C.B.lll Karen Marie Besosa "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." . . . Remembers Wood Ave . . . . C.A.A. .... BoBo Patricia Lin Bischoff "There is a silence born in love which expresses everything." . . . Remembers all-nighters and Co- lonia . . . Potty Linda A. Blahut Remembers "The C.B.H.'s' and Point Pleasant Col- W lege bound Color Guard N.H.S., C.A.A. Lin Marianne Ioyce Bobbie Bette Blum "Time is filled with promises and only time can make them come true." .. . Remembers Fo- rum, Anything Goes Thes- pians, Belle Tones, Lance Bette "Put your mind into flight and live." Remembers Bananas Enjoys writing poetry, play- ing guitar College bound Band . . . Mor Tracey Bobkier Remembers junior lunch and good times . . . Tracey David Borenstein Da ve Pea ny Nancy Ellen Bostock "How beautiful the friendship that turns to love, but how sad the love that turns to friend- ship." College bound Nance Wayne Bradley "What's the scoop?" Future in business .. . Ski club En- joys surfing, partying, concerts, the shore . . . Wayne Nancy A. Brodin "Love one another." . . . Remem- bers Crest Apartment '74. . . "Me and You" , . . F.B.L.A., C.O.E. . .. Nano Carol Brennan "And all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be." . .. Color Guard . .. Carol Warren William Brown Enjoys fishing and being with friends Remembers Fresh- man Football . . .-Football, Wres- tling College bound Warren , ' a Doreen Brescia "Love like the autumn sun should be dying but it's only just begun." Future fashion mer- chandising . . . Remembers Wood Ave. . . . Kenny . . . Brush jean Bruno "The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay: love isn't love till you give it away." Re- members Friday nights D.E. . . . jean Greg Buccarelli Buck Michael T. Budrock "You can't hide what you're feelin' inside." Varsity Foot- ball Wants to travel En- joys living . .. Mic Kathleen 1. Bukowiec "I get by with a little help from my friends." . . . Remembers Surf City and GAW's . . . Enjoys swimming and sunning R.P. . . . Kathi Margaret A. Buoni "Be yourself." . . . Cheerleader "I wish there was a party." . . . Enjoys being with friends . . . Future in forestry . . . Margie Louis Phillip Caporaso College bound Will remem- ber "The Torker", The Pit, Freshman Football . . . Enjoys partying with friends . . . Varsity Football . . . Louie Hal Byer College bound . . . Key Club. Baseball . . . Enjoys playing cards . . . Hal A Marianne V. Carhart "Live for today, for tomorrow is another day." . . . Future in Spe- cial Ed .... Twirler . . . Lance... Remembers Forum . . . Enjoys working at Burger King . . . Meme Io Mindy Cantor "A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same." . . . Cheerleader . . . Col- lege bound . . . jo Donna Alexis Carney Y "Happy are those who dream dreams and will pay the price to make them come true." Re- members Forum Health Ca- reers ... Donna Deborah Ann Carr "Smile-let the world wonder what you've been up to." . . . Fu- ture in airlines Remembers "The Buckwheats" Deb Rosario Castro "Capasa" ... Union County Technical Institute . . . Future electronics technician . . . Enjoys listening to music . . . Fidel Heidi Ericka Church "Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars." . . . College bound . . . Remembers "C.H.S." . . . Heidi Mark Christopher Casey Varsity Football Enjoys lis- tening to records College bound . . . Casey i i r i C. Wyllys Cass "Knowledge is power." Col- lege bound . . . Key Club, N.H.S., S.H.S., Student Council, Crusa- der Editor . . . Bill Scott jay Chanin "Hard work and dedication will result in success." Remem- bers Algebra li class Lance . . . Scott Carolyn M. Cifelli Enjoys sports, music and being outdoors Future nurse G.A.A., Varsity Tennis, Health Careers, French Club . . . Carolyn Frank I. Cimato College bound . . . Wrestling . . . Frank Barbara lean Coelln "Bloom in His love to the music you hear." . . . Remembers God- spell, "Tackle!" Enjoys ski- ing, creating poetry . . . Lance . . . Barb Eileen Condit "Now is the time when all I see is you, and all l feel is ours." . . . Future marriage counselor . . . Enjoys partying with friends . . . Eye Nancee Gail Conway "Always keep your face towards the sunshine, and the shadows will always fall behind you." . . . Remembers friends and partying . . . Leire, Dean Constantine N.l-LS., I.A., Key Club, Lance . . . Future engineer Remembers Lee Terrace, Cindy Lane and Friend1y's Dino joseph Conti Brian I. Crawford "lust one more and we'll leave." Future plans: Tech Re- members Saturday night par- tying . . . Football . . . Enjoys cut- tingout...B Robert Cunningham "Hey Hacker!" . . .Enjoys crusin' . . . Future in Air Traffic Control Band... Beef Karen lean Cutinello Michael Cuzzo "Existence wolgld be intolerable COHSE9 b0Und Soccer and if we were nsyQi 40 dream." Golf - -' Mike College boundjfif. Enjoys camp' ing .. . Band, G.A.A. . .. Karen ri W Iohn M. Cyran "Shoot the load." Otto "' u F Q Y N R' I I"' ..l I 1 U3 -1 uit 4 -1- 1 a,u -gg no v V iii' :- ll' I Fred Czarnecki Career in music Remembers band and the JFlyin' Hawaiians Spanish Club Enjoys camping and sports ... Fred Paul Dango "To err is human."g "You moo- cher." Remembers Mr. Kve- dar's Aviation Class Future Air Force pilot Enjoys crui- Marie D'Arpa "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly." . . . Bowling, D,E.C.A .... Loves ani- Carol Lynn Davern "The most precious thing in this life for happiness is the gift of friendship." . .. Cheerleader . . , Remember "The C.B.H.'s" ,. sin' .. . Paul mals . . . Marie Carol Amy Anne Davidson 'Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow." .. . Remembers "The C.B.H.'s and Twirling College bound . . . Amy David Dawson Mary Anne Decker "You don't know what you have until it's gone." Remembers camping and Girl's Football Blue Camaro . . . Deck Ralph P. DeFalco "You wanna hold it down." Future in technology Enjoys going to the park Fonce Abe Gary DeGeso College bound , . . Remembers Spanish classes . . . Gary Ks Peter Deladvitch Donald Andrew Dennison Future engineer . . . Wrestling. . . Soooor , , , College bound , , Enjoys skiing .. . Peter Stgrl-gy Dina Dentico "Yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is but today's dream." . . . Remembers Vic and Beauty Culture . . . Enjoys going camping . .. Dino Gloria Dezic "Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." College bound Remem- bers Neibs . .. Glor lane Susan Dickey College bound Color Guard Captain... june wwe Mark DiLollo Enjoys sculpting . . . Thespians . . . College bound . . . Mark Rachel Donahue "I can only find myself through you and shake my dreams with you, for you are the second part of me." Alice Lane, Colonia '74g All-nighters .. . Rae Ray Donahue "Tomorrow may rain so I'll fol- low the sun." Future farmer . . . Remembers chicklets . . . Huy Toni Ann Lucy Dorio "I know not whether our names will be immortalg I am sure our friendship will." . . . Remembers Pep Club and Ernie Toni David Einhorn "It's a bum rap!" Future in tire business Candy Elms Donald G. Engwall Cross Country, Track . . . Future tool and dye maker Enjoys fishing and hunting . . . Donald Sheryl Lynn Epstein "Yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is but today's dream." G.A.A., F.B.L.A., B.B.Y.O. .. . Enjoys cruisin' . .. Sherri Mark Stephen Fallon College bound . . . Mark Gary Faede "Never a sober day." . .. Future forest ranger . . . Gary Carol Fakla "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Future in business G.A.A., R.S .... Carol Susan Elizabeth Fanelli "Our lives are not ours to live: but they're ours to share and give." . , . Remembers prom and summer '74 . . . Pep Club, F.B.L.A., G.A.A .... Sue Michael Farmar Remembers Rosa, Dickey, Ma- hon, and Ubby Enjoys par- tying with friends "Friends are all you need." Future in engineering . . . Farms Roxanne Feola "To love someone is nothing, to be loved is something, but to love and to be loved is every- thing." . .. College . . . Rox Robin Ann Ficke "That love is all there is, is all we know of Iove." College bound . Color Guard . . . Fick . . . Hob Anthony C Foglia Union County Technical Insti- tute . . . Enjoys walking the halls . . . Tony Steven Ferrara "Oh God!" . . . Future in printing Remembers Mr. Iupina Enjoys playing pool. . . Chunker Charles Fifield "Today I gave everything I have. What I kept I lost forever." Remembers the training room . . . Enjoys being around friends . . . Chipper jerry P. Fontenelli "Once a Eunuch, always a Eu- nuch." . . . College bound . . . Re- members Forum and Gloria Student Council Pres., Thes- pians . . . Font, Geraldo Donna Ferris "What a long, strange trip it's been." Future in music Remembers the backroom kids ... Enjoys Concerts . . . Don Robert Foerst Donald Frederick Remembers mechanical pencils and Mr. johnson College bound . . . Don Gail Ann French "Remember yesterday, live . . today, and dream of tomorrow." Lisa Fnedman Future in modeling and col- ., . . , lege Flag Squad GIA-Au In a.mystical land with its Art Club . . . Short Stuff sweet incense I run, holdlng the hand of my own dream." . . . Pie Suzanne Fulop Samuel A' Fm-mess Mark Galasso "Love has no other desire but Soccer' . , . Wl-eslllng l l . Key Enjoys weekends at the shore . . . to fulfill llself-N - - - Remem- Club . . . National Honor Society Surfing Club l - - College bound bers the rez and the class of , , , College bound , , , Sam . . . Remembers oneeway halls '73...Sue ...Mark lanice L. Gale "No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence," College bound . . . Remembers Disney World '74 . . . Enjoys mu- sic . . . lan Arthur Gallagher "Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor." . . . Ca- reer in dentistry Enjoys ski- ing . . . Art Sander Friedman George G. Geiger "What you get out of life is what you put into it." . .. Remembers Sophomore English . . . Band . . . College bound . . . Peach Craig Geldhauser Enjoys concerts that really hoplg also enjoys the outdoors . .. Fu- ture computer programmer . . . Going to Union County Tech . . . Craig lack Gigantino College bound . . . Remembers Metal 3, 7-8 . . . Giovanni l but your dreams may not." Randy Geldfand "You will still be here tomorrow "Whose car are we taking to the Rock shore this week?" . . . Remem- bers making friends and rowdy times . . . Track and Cross Coun- try . . . Gelf Kenneth George Sandra Gerold Samuel I. Gianti "Played to the gills." Wres- "And in the end the love you Future in dentistry Key tling Tote take is equal to the love you Club Enjoys baseball make." Rembers C.L.10 Sam Sandy Y Q A Robert Iames Gillespie Sheryl Annette Gill "Take it easy." Football and Basketball . . . Enjoys sports . . . "No love, no friendship can College bound Cues cross the path of our destiny 77 without leaving some mark." . . . Remembers the C.B.H.'s . . . Col- lege bound . . . Fish Andrea Godek "Only the strong survive."g "Whoa!" Remembers Patry- low's: The rez . . . Massachusetts . . . Mouse Karen Lynn Gordon "I don't know where I'm going, but l'm on my way!" Enjoys travel, partying and having a good time . . . Karen Barbara Greenberg "You can't be poor if you've got a friend." Lance Enjoys art . . . Barb William Godfrey Elisa Grande "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Future secre- tary Remembers Mrs. Kill- ian's Steno l class . .. Pep Club, G.A.A. . .. Lisa Ieffrey Greenberg "Get the most out of life." College bound Q. .. Enjoys base- ball and basketball . . . Green Alan Fred Gold N.H.S., S.H.S., Cross Country, Golf, Band, Lance Future in the sciences . . . Al Beryl Green "Don't look back at the past- keep your dreams in the future." . . . Future beautician G.A.A. , . . Beryl Fred Gries College bound Italian Club Enjoys basketball and base- ball . . . Fred XQG. Ruth Ann Grodin "A smiling face is an earth: like a star." Enjoys loving and laughing "Hello, Love!" "Let's get rowdy." College bound .. . Ruthie Robert A. Grygiel "The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work." . . , Future doctor . . . Key Club, Student Council . . . Grygs Iohn Gugliotta College bound Bowling Goog Neil Hadden College bound . . . Dietrich Karen S. Haluza "People reachin' people touchin', a real celebration." "Neibs" . . . Remembers the Gorge . . . Kar Randy Haisch "Quick as the wind." Future professional hunter Remem- bers the educated toe . . . Soccer . . . "Remember the dirt bird?" . . . Odey Robert Hamulak Enjoys motorcycling, camping and hunting , .. Will travel around the country Remem- bers the fun I had in lunch Hummy Kenneth Halloran ". . . and it's only the taking that makes you what you are." Remembers the Pit Band Porky Robin Hanna ". . . Heaven is not a place, and it is not the time. Heaven is being perfect." . . . Phture nurse . .. Class V.P., Pres. S.H.S., Band , .. Robin 91 r g.."I4f 80 Qx Q' ww Q . I I I , I I I p 'x HR. x 4. .i.: pun' I v in 1-u 5 F W- S o 342 I . 1-li I s l' I I L I 11 -. BE May I learn to give without re- membering and take without forgetting Neibsn . . . "The Richard Hassler "Raider goal"g "TuIi"3 "Stairway to Heaven" . .. Future in sports administration Remembers "Berine Parent" . . . Hacker Linda David Hecht Remembers Friday nights . . . En- joys camping and would like to travel around the country . . . Dave Martin Hecht Would like to travel across the country Enjoys judo D.E.C.A .... Remembers the D.E. trips . . . Marty Randy Hering Eileen Hersh Linda Susan Hastings "Friendship often ends in love but love in friendship never Future secretary . . . C O E Loves cooking and sewing Robert Herblg "There's not really a dark side of the moon, as a matter of fact it's all dark." ... Enjoys going to Rocky's Captain Quaalude "Bummer" . . . Future electrician . . . Enjoys music and cruisin' . . . Randy "A friend is someone who lives in your heart." Remembers january, 1973 and getting rowdy .. . Enjoys laughing . . . College bound . . . Hershy Mark S. Hochman "Every life is precious and must be lived to its fullest." Stu- dent Council and Track En- joys music . .. Mark Susan Hook "I can feel the sunshine even on a cold rainy day, as I can feel your warmth even when you are far away." . . . Summer of '73 . . . Sue Susan Gail Hoffman "Well, here we are . . . and we're having fun." . . . Remembers At- lantic City and Timmy , . . Sue Denise Ann I-loer "The pine is ever-green: may our friendship be ever-lasting." Remembers I.M. Future ac- countant N.H.S. Sec., G.H.S. ... Heidi Iudith Ellen Hoffman "Do not follow where the path may lead: go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." ... Remembers T.O.B. . .. Judy Gale L. Hofschneider "Always wear a smile." , .. Fu- ture in business F.B.L.A., G.A.A .... Enjoys K.M. . . . Gale "It's times like these when we "We know what we are, but L must say goodbye." . . . Remem- know not what we may be." . . . awrence lane' bers the C.B.H.fs R.R. College bound G.A.A., 83 Dee-Dee F.B.L.A. Enjoys sewing Lorraine Dolores Suzanne jeney "You have now left the shire and are on the edge of the Old Forest. Where the path goes only the Hobbit will know." . . . "Neigh- bors" . .. Sooz Richard Iesionka Eileen johnson "Oh, by lingo." Remembers the backroom and grid kids Enjoys partying and singing Thespian Society College Douglas Kage "What the ply?" Band, Track, and Kg ,Glub .. . Enjoys sports C lege bound Doug bound . . . Ei Brenda Kassel Kim Elena Kassel Remembers the summer of '73, New Hope. . . Enjoys the woods, the Gorge and camping Fu- ture plans to travel . . , Kim Lori A. Kaufman "A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same." Tennis, Basketball, and Softball . ., I.D., w.w., EB., "Dick", 1.1. Lori B4 Baseball I-E -- s-1 l and N.H.S. . . . Reme ,im ' reshman and sophomore ye s and Miss V .... College bound . .. Kell Paul i an l Ianis Keller "Love makes all things new again, Pat." Enjoys cruising around and listening to sounds plans to travel D.E. Keller Brian Kelly Remembers the rez Enjoys partying College bound Pup Patricia A. Kelly "Fourteen or forty, no one is im- mune. We all feel the same sense of desperation when love is withdrawn." . . . Future dental assistant Patty William Kennedy Ritamarie Kernan Gail C. Ketting "It's a long road ahead and you can make it in the end. I'm gonna make it with my friend and I'm tryin'." . . . U.C .... Neibs . . . En- joys concerts Rita "An oak tree was once a little nut who held its ground." . . . Re- members Seaside Heights and Bowcraft Business College . . . Gow ll Larry Kiel Brian P. Killian Football Future in Air Force .. . Enjoys skiing .. . Kill Robert Kenneth Kimm Wrestling . . . Plans to live on na- ture ... Kimmer Kevin Klehm "Wait a minute." . . . Enjoys me- chanics, camping and hunting . . . wants to travel . . . Klehm 85 Christine Marie Klemens "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." . . . Future in physi- cal therapy . . . Remembers God- spell. . .Enjoys sewing. . .Chris Donna Marie Kobin "Remember your friends, re- member your first love, for they are what memories are made of." Remembers August 24, 1973 and partying with friends . . . Kobin Peter Kopecky Marc Steven Koplin "Vinebus Emptum" College bound Lance photogra- phy . . . Hard rock music . . . surfing . . . Marc Paul I Kosmski Forglve your enemies if you can't get back at them any other way." Enjoys riding horses, fishing, and camping . . . Paul Kristine Mary Kosenski "I find as I grow older that I love those most whom I loved first." . . . Remembers T.L. . . . G.A.A., Girls Varsity Basketball . . . Col- lege bound . . . Kris Mark Steven Kovar Remembers Algebra II class Enjoys sports . 1. Lance , . . Ten- nis . . . Key Club . . . Future den- tist . . . Kov lohn Kosiarski Edward Koza College bound Remembers football . . . Enjoys camping . . . Ed Thomas Kraus Barbara Krause "Hope ever urges us on and tells us tomorrow will be better." . . . Future physical therapist . . . Barb Leslie A. Kroebel "You can say I want to be freeg I can say someday I will be." College bound . . . Enjoys skiing, swimming . . . Les Gerard Kuenze "Do not be wasteful with your life, for time is irreversible." . . . College bound . . . jerry Alan Krov "You can be what you want to be." Enjoys riding motor- cycles Key Club Future engineer . . . Meat Andrew Kuhn "To the gills." Soccer, Base- ball Enjoys ice hockey and bicycling . . . College bound . . . Bowie Ann Michelle Krawec "It's times like these when we must say goodbye." . . . D.E.C.A., F.B.L.A., G.A.A .... Future secre- tary . . . Ann Christine Krupowies "Precious andvfew are the mo- ments we two can share." G.A.A., Cheerleading Re- members Buckwheats and Fo- rum . . . Chris Carol Ann Kuhn "A friend is r someone who knows all about you, and still loves you." . . . College bound . . . Remembers C.B.H.'s . . . Carol Soccer, Basketball, Track . . . Fu- ture in psychology . . . Ed - Karen Kutyla Karen A. Lanieri C.0.E.. G.A.A., F.B.L.A. En- joys waterskiing College bound . . . Karen Known for her little red Camaro .. . Future dental lab technician . . . D.E.C.A .... Kar Philip Laskowski Remembers gym class with Mrs. DeRogatis Enjoys collecting comic art . . . Future artist . . . Phil Karen Lavroff "Is not life a hundred times too short to bore ourselves?" . . . Re- members backstage kids . . . Thespians Belle Tones Karen Susan Lawrence Remembers October 18, 1973 . . . 88 Sue 1-l. Ernest Edward Lacko Ir. Future X-ray Technician . . . D.E.C.A. Ernie Nancy Elizabeth LeDuc "Ask and you will receiveg seek and you will find." Remem- bers close friends and C.H.S .... Color guard . .. Nunc Donna E. Leess "What are ya, depressed?" . . . Remembers "The Path", C.L,-10 '74 . . . College bound. . . Donna Elyse Litt "Love possesses not, nor would it be possessed: for love is suf- ficient unto love." .. Remem- bers Room 36, the Colonia Piz- zeria . . . Elyse 1 Theodore Leissing S ...C ll b Nenetta Leo "Winter, spring, summer or fall all you have to do is call you ve got a friend" Future fashion Omer 0 egg Zund ' ' ' Fu' designer . . :Remembers class of 74 ture architect . . . Te ' Nu-Nook Kathleen E. Lewis Cynthia A. Likins Anne-Marie Lmzer Enjoys the shore and partying Remembers C.B.H.'s and sum- "Hey Wacker Remembers Future dental assistant mer of '74 Cheerleadiing the Path .. College bound Remembers junior lunch . . . College bound Cindy Annie Kathy Ioseph E. Lorenzo Ir. "Double sessions." Football, Track . . . College bound . , . joe Iulia Ann Lubars Future Nurse . .. julia sv , N- :xm- Y.. .Q " 5. 1,3 Y I N . l ,J I X .al L E .. .,m,... M- 1? H ,rf .... 1 0 ji' Na ' A ' ff- xv Q "' i , V: ,W .1 ..., ,. .W , ,....-v, , 1 1,,,,,,..z ,.,. -S 1 RN -5' 12. ks!!! e 'Q 3 1 aw? . A 1 Y 1 Y V .. 5 5 1 M., X , . . , Qin' , , . -Q 'F fu N, , -v Q. , 4 pg, -V my k 5 'P Q, hw f' 2 f me A.-.Ilan ,, kr! ll f. :L ff. , , M ,.., W.. , . ji- ,if ' 'Y 4 ,f - . , M5 , , gr. s 4 N91 ' it . , sw ' fu XQQQ a W. . f. f . KIM: K I . va.. V . Q .K Q '1-Wx ii j 4 bwixh rl' - ,X A, ' .Aw -L I . ff -r ! IH v XV . 0 1 as ' - ' .E'fi'wf?fi Q if Q"iAi, ,ffl ,jffn an f vo' .fl ' if A ' I , 1 ' ' 5 , I . 5 ta. ,gl -fm, X4 'EBC 1-1914 . QQ Lay' V V ,' L if -ff-alfa!-f1',i 12 QQ: ' Q . ' A L1 IM N" ' Q .-- fu ' 5,355 'M - g V X J ,, x.. I " V' Q' iv.. -M x "fx 1 gp A . ,K , L jg pg F Q X av 3 D ' . N . J.. -,Q Q 8 ' ' 5 I' 3? " f -f '. ' ii 'W X pg: I f , x 4 x lx, ,t I 7 r A , X P 5. f ' K if! 0 -9 2 xi i Q J , X as w '-I Michael Lynch "All we need is some peace of mind." Remembers the Tor- ker and music rooms . . . Enjoys being with friends and playing piano , .. Football . .. Mike Mary Madden "Reach for the heavens and hope for the future: be all that you can be, not what you are." Col- lege bound Color Guard Mary Lou Karen Diane Magers "You got a case!!" Remem- bers Wood Ave .... Enjoys cruis- ing Future beautician Smilie john Magyar "If it has to be done, do it." Future engineer. . . Varsity Foot- ball . . . Mag Marianne Mahoney "Friendship often ends in love, but love in friendship never." . . . College bound . . . Remembers summer of '74 and the 3 B's Mahon Richard Mair "Anything, just get me out of practice." . . . Remembers Coach Foster Future engineer Moirowitz Robin Manasse "I understand I must reach out to people if I am to be touched." . . . Future in art . . . Varsity Ten- nis, Lance Munoss Linda Mai "I'm more like I am now than I was then." "Be gentle with me for I love you as I love the sun." ... Lindo Donna Leigh Mancuso "For all we know it's better. Yes- terday has passed, so 1et's all start the living for the one that's going to last." Future X-ray technician . . . Donna Douglas Mantie Enjoys sports . . . Basketball, Football, and Baseball Doug Matthew E. Marcinak Enjoys sneaking a butt in school . . . College bound . . . "Baby!" . . . Remembers the Hot Spot and the Pit Tao Richard D. Markiewicz "Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light . .. Key Club and German Club Enjoys fossil collecting Future geologist Richard Ioel Marrin john Marrin ,..-Q Lorraine Mastrianni Remembers summer of '74 and the 3 B's . . . Enjoys partying and being with friends . . . College bound . . . Lori Susan Mateyak "Don't rush things in lifeg it takes time for things you really want." . . . Belle tones, Pep Club, G.A.A. . .. College bound . . . Sue Thomas R. Massarelli Future business administrator College bound Remem- bers 9th period shop Enjoys bowling and baseball . . . Mazz Robert Matthews Karen Sue Mattlage "To be what we are, and to be- come what we are capable of be- coming is the only end of life." . . . Remembers Color Guard and musical . .. Karen Kevin McArdle Carol May "Happiness is good times shared with friends." . .. F.B.L.A., G.A.A .... Future in business . , . Carol Enjoys listening to music . . . Re- members Mr. Ford's class . . . "Where we going?" . . . Kevin Natalie Mazzei "The better part of one's life consists of his friendships." Future interior decorator . . , Re- members all the business teach- ers . . . Nat Frank Michael McGovern "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." . . . Future in busi- ness administration Remem- bers volleyball games . . . Poco "Why do today what you can "This is hump." College . put off till tomorrow?" . .. Col- bound . .. Football .. . Remem- Wayne Miner gage .. Remembers the lxggythe championship trial un takes a lime more to make a champion." Key Club and Football College bound Mills Martin Milus "Keep on truckin' . . .. . Band . . . Marty Angela Mirizio G.A.A., Pep Club . . . Remembers summers of '72 and '74 Will attend Nancy Taylor . . . Miriz alfiiz? Maria Mirizio "Right on!" "Love one an- other." Remembers summer of '74 Enjoys partying G.A.A. Miriz 5. R 1 1 Mary Monaco Daniel Monek "It is better to have loved and "Live while you got the chance," lost than never to have loved at , . . College bound . . . Enjoys go- all." Remembers Wood Ave. ing out every night Dandy . . . Enjoys cruisin' . . . Blueberry Dan . College bound Ef1l0YS arts "Learn from yesterday, live for Charles M0515 and sports . . . Don today, hope for tomorrow." . . . "I didn't know that!" . . . Future it 221122 Bguxglllfzf Sflzclsvllggli' electrical engineer Baseball Enjoys ice hockey Herman Q - Eve Clair Munkel "It is the responsibility of each generation to pass on the beauty of nature." . . . Enjoys swimming . . . The C.B.H.'s, Color Guard Evie Henry Charles Munzing College bound . . . Enjoys the shore, pinball, music, and guitar . . . Henry Mary Ann Murin "Beautiful things come natu- rally." Enjoys creating new and different ideas Future advertising artist C.O.E., F.B.L.A., G.A.A. . .. Micky . l , Christine Muringer Future secretary or fashion mer- chandiser G.A.A. and F.B.L.A .... Chris Timothy I. Murphy Future machinist and fireman . . . Remembers the rush between classes . . . Enjoys sports . . . Murph judith Lynn Muskus is "lt's so boring!"g "What a queer!" . . . Future nurse . . . Col- lege bound . . . G.A.A. and Band ... Enjoys eating ... Iudi joseph A. Nalepa Remembers Friday night football meetings . . . Varsity Football . .. College bound . . . Nopela Barbara Ellen Nanstiel "Truth lies in a well. We look in and see our own images-our own truths." . . , Latin Honor So- ciety, S.P.Q.R., and Lance . . . College bound . . . Barb Arlene N. Nasto "Be yourself-an original is al- ways better than a copy." . . . Re- members the C.B.l-I.'s Cheer- leader . . . Are Learn fro ge day, live for today, and V-5 I 1, tomorrow." Beverly D e . . . Editor-i - 1 F- , Crusader . . . Career in the health fields Bev Donna Marie Nelson about tomorrow." "Live for today and don't worry music . .. California Dreamin' .. "Hey Spastic!" Donna Ronald R. N eugold . . . Enjoys 6'6" .. . Neug "As time goes on, I grow older." .. .Enjoys working on his car.. . College bound f . . Plans on being Wendy Newman "Yet life is timeless, and know that yesterday is you but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." College bound .. . Wendy Kathleen Ann Nolan "Remember yesterday, live for today, and dream of tomorrow." Secretarial career Re- members Mr. Epps' class . . . Color Guard . . . Kathy Donna M. Nordstrom "It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice." College bound .. . Enjoys music . . . Remembers London and Siamese twins . . . Donna Michael E. Novak Frank Nucera Eileen Marie Oates "Let he who has not sinned Cast College bound . . . Enjoys La- "Love slowly won is forever the fi,-st Stone." Rjdjculosis crosse Frank held." . . . Color Guard . . . Future Est Mike Geometry beautician . . . Eileen Donna Marie O'Hare "Love within and you'll begin to smile." College bound Donna 97 Terry Lee O'Neill "ln this life. the most valuable possession for happiness is the gift of friendship." Color Guard . . . The C.B.H.'s . . . Terry David Opitz Mark Opitz College bound . . . Mark Raymond Palmer Richard M. Pasqua Carolyn Helen Papp "Head Chicken Choker." . . . "Be all you can be without being Track . .. Arnie "The world inrall its finery and somegne else," , , , Remembers filth is what has m0lded me HS the Pit, Elevators. the clan well as nature soft, wild and Mansfield wonderfully beautiful." Carol Daniel Paterson Remembers Chief's class . . . Col- lege bound Chris Payne Remembers the Rangers and Yankees losing, the Beatles Enjoys sports Future sports administrator Linda G. Peason "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." G.A.A., F.B.L.A. .. . Future secretary Linda Debra Ann Petersen The art of pleasing is the art of rising in the world." . . . Remem- Penny Pggrl bers D.B., nT8Cl'Kl9l" . . . Future nurse ... Color Guard, N.H.S.. "A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same." Future fashion mer- chandising or advertising . . . Penny Lance . . . Debbie Michael Petersen Karen Phillips Iudith Pinkham "There is lmflllllg that makes "That's life." . . . Enjoys partying men rich and strong but that and bein8 with friends - which they R carry inside of members Atlantic City conven- themj' S'P.Q.R.' G-A.A,' tion Future nursery school Quest . . . College bound . . . lei-lChel' - - - lUdY Karen all Gail M. Procek "You don't know what you got till it's gone." Remembers Bowcraft and Seaside . . . G.A.A.. Twirling Club Busi- ness college .. . Gaw l Martin Prohammer "Keep on smilin'." auto mechanic. T.O. 1091. . joys weekends Marty .. Re- Future . . En- Ioseph A. Preziosi Remembers math teachers College bound Prez Sherrie Ellen Pyonin Remembers the C.B.H.'s Color Guard .. . Enjoys making people laugh College bound . . . Sherri Pye g-1 ,x. ff! Q , k f l " I I ' 'Y , ' ' ' I r 4 M "2 WW lg ff wb :iw Q:- . 'V fm 5 aP?+ - - ., IQ? V ' ' "' X ' 'mx C wi W QQ' -. L 'I Li at FZ E K 0 .XF 5, kk .As :px X: X V y e wig 96632 M Q-I saw .S I-4 be 'QQ , wfuf I n 'LY " W' 'fqvw ' ' - .. ' ,:?4g,1f 1: 1 T Q4 -f YVQ, of :Q ' " 5 ' , YV xx Q Q X b ' g' 4- M31 ' ,, '1 vs - . .I " " " , "1 fed' ' 1' Sflff. XZ, ""2S . ',,, , Away sa F5 Mf S JNA, ., WX'T: .A ' 'fm - - Af NJN. A X? 551' I , .," 4...m.g,4' WWW ' M ' b 3 ' E :ff 47, 'f Mig fjkgf nw., ' 5 SEFQL , :QQ A W-.M-wif I g.W gXWf'P4A5vQE-.BILLY ,g1,,,,,,W iw x. - QL L. , fz.,,,vimi. . .1 100 E' J "BL-3 i I l I I I I .. r . a? gx 5 I 4 Loves to hunt . . .Q Penny Quirion Distributive Education . . . En- joys horseback riding . . . Penny less M. Ravich Albert I. Rawdow Kenneth C. Rea Key Club, Spanish Honor So- "You goat!" Baseball, Wres- Interested in aviation . .. Butch ciety, National Honor Society fling' Ffwlball - -3 College bmlnd Enjoys playing 7-card stud, Enyoys playing records high-low spit Future lawyer The R011 . . . Rav Ieanne Patrice Reber "The ability you have now is God's gift to you. what you do with that ability is your gift to God." . . . Future in medical field . . . Joanne Deborah Redfern "The most l can do for my friend is simply to be his friend." Remembers the one-way halls . . . Fern Keith Raskin Future Physician's Club Presi- dent, Chess Club, Golf, Re- members our class of '75 . . . En- joys basketball, driving, piano . . , Hosko Mark Regeci Enjoys partying Remembers the backroom kids "Get this thing torkin'." . . . Stage crew . . . Mark Dennis Reilly College bound . . . Remembers the flying Hawaiians Band . . . Enjoys photography . . . Reil Mark Robel "Beauty is in the eyes of the be- holder." Chorus, Bel Canto . . . Enjoys playing the organ and piano . . . College bound . . . Robe I x t Mark Reiner College bound . . . Enjoys fishing "What are we going to do tomor- row?" . . . Future lawyer . . . Re- members Sehora de Menenclez . . . Loves basketball . . . Mark and hunting . . Reit Kevin C. Reynolds Kirk Richardson David Ridenour "Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man." "Floor it!" . . . College bound . . . Enjoys the outdoors . . . Kev "A smile can never be kept it can only be given away." College bound Key Club President, Senior Class Presi dent .. . Spunky, Pud, Dave R. Glenn Rosivack "I've got to beimef' Future dentist ReQembers Algebra II class Club, Spanish Honor Societyi Q . . Lance . . . Garc l 103 Patrick Ruby "What can I tell ya?" . . . Future in wildlife management Re- members Mr. Borai . . . Enjoys hunting and fishing . . . Rube Sandra Lee Rozdilsky "Now is the time to live tomor- row's memories." . , . College bound . . . Color Guard . . . Lance . . . Sandy Cindy Rygiel "Live the life that you believe!" .. . "Squeeze it easy!" Re- members partying on the park- way and down the river . . . En- joys making people happy and rowdy . . . Hygiel College bound Lance, Stu- W W "Many dreams come true and dent Council . .. Enjoys fishing Antonia SHT'-Wino some have silver linings. I live and listening to music. . . Talbot K l for my dreams and a pocketful 'What is beautiful is a joy for all of gojdj- , , A Mike eternity." . . . College bound . . . Antonia Elaine M. Sbarro "I made a bet that I could love you forever. I lost. It was longer than that." . . . Remembers C.L.- 10 '74 . . . Lance, Color Guard. . . Elaine Bennet R. Scauzzo "How crude!" . . . Key Club, Stu- dent Council, Football . . . Re- members T.G. . . . Scuuz Edward Schaefer Gary Schaefer Varsity Football Remembers the tree in Winfield Park. . . Col- lege bound . . . Enjoys driving. . . Schuef Tom Schneider College bound . . . Schneids Robert Schardien lane Schnitzer "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows." . , . College bound Color Guard Re- members trip to Europe Schnitz Lynn Schiller Remembers my star . . . Girls Varsity Softball . . . Loves laugh- ing, music, friends, sports, and nature Future farmer Lynn Ioan Schnitzer "When you have friends you have everything." Color Guard College bound Schnitz W Kenneth Schock 'R -fu Cheryl Ann Severs "Without honesty, there is no truth: without truth, there is no love: without love, there is noth- ing." . . . Remembers Summer of '74 Lance: Color Guard College bound . . . Cher Carol A. Schwartz "It's over your head." Re- members Wood Ave. and Bob . . . Enjoys cruising .. . Wurtz Donna Seng "Love is worth the time it takes to find." . . . Future beautician Enjoys sewing and cooking . . . Cosmetology Club . . . Donna dy Betsy Gale Shain Future in nursing . . . Health Ca- reers Club Quest editor Betsy Kevin Shalit Peter Sheridan "Keeper," . . . Varsity Soccer . . . College bound -. . . Kevin Patti Shest "In finding you. l have found what I only thought l had before. In finding you, I found you. Who could ever want more?" Re- members eleven great months . . . Pica Allan Ira Shur Lance, Chess Glub, Tennis team . . . College bound . .. Big Al Chester Sieka College bound . . . Enjoys having a little milk with the boys Chet Wayne Sikorsky Ioseph A. Skimmons Amy Io Singer "joy is in the little things-in flowers, kind words and chil- dren's eyes." . . . Lance .. . Amy College bound . . . Future in engi- neering . . . Football and baseball team ... Bud A . ' KKK Suzanne Skryha "Faith, hope, and love abide, these three, but the greatest of these is love." . . . College bound . .. Enjoys music . .. Sue Sharon Smith "Now is the time I must say good-bye to all of you who mean so much to me." . . . Remembers Prom '74 G.A.A., Pep Club . . . Shar Iames Snarski Future in law "Take a hike, son." . . . Ski Club, Surf Club . . . Enjoys golf and sleeping . . . lim Linda A. Soltis "Every true friend is a glimpse of God." . . . Remembers try-outs and senior year. . . Enjoys listen' ing to music and going to the movies . . . Lindo Ioan Soriano "Love is hard to understand, don't let it lead you on." . . . En- joys being with E.S. and good friends . . . Remembers '74, 'jB.B.B." R. Sister Roberta Sparrow "I have dreams enough for one and I have love enough for three." . .. Remembers White- face '73 and the Uriah Heep Con- cert, Aug. 9, 1974 Bobbie Marlene Spielmann Future in business . . . Enjoys tennis and sewing . . . Loves ani- mals . . . Marlene Susan Lee Starosciak "And the truth is gently falling with the rain." . . . "Zep." . . . Sue Richard Steeger Rich Gerald W. Stein bound . . . jerry Enjoys skiing . . . Ski Club . . . Future in engineering . . . College Diane Marie Stetson "You'll lose it, if you turn away." . . . Future secretary .. . Remembers the bridge , . . DeDe Carolyn Louise Stevens "Never admit defeat." . . . Will remember Siamese twins, jim . . . Steve 108 Vikki Lynn Stewart dh. -gs. gf is -Y. Ka i - "Happiness is something that each of us must construct for ourselves." Enjoys partying and good music Tor Stanley Stephen Stives College bound . . . Stash "Life is what you make it Enjoys fishing and music Deborah Strychowski "Friendship often ends in love but love in friendship never." . . . Stry Christopher Styler "Get it while you can!" Re- members "very little!" . . . Future chef . . . Sty Laurie Anne Suba Nancy Anne Svihra Patricia Ann Switek "Friendship begins when two hearts meet and understand." . . . Remembers Vikki's parties . . . Enjoys camping and "beautiful people" . . , Laurie "You can hardly make a friend in a year, but you can lose one in an hour." Remembers senior year . .. Enjoys reading and sleeping . . . Nancy Future in the business world , . . Pep Club Potty Laura Syvertsen Martha Marie Tapovci "Love consists in desiring to give "Faith, hope- and love-Of thesewhat is our own to another, and three, the most important of allfeeling his delight as our own." is love." . . . Remembers summer. ' I Remembers the yea, 1974 U A I of '74 Twirling Captain ...Martha Laurie Ellen lane Tiller "Live eac' 'lay to the fullestg you can't liv it over again." . .. Re- memb . beauty culture and weelf -ds College bound Elin Leslie Ellen Tokar "Now is the time tn liw- tomor- rov"' , ure in the a....nes . . . G.A.A. . . . Leslie 109 Kim Tola "With all its shame, drudgery, and broken dreams, its still a beautiful world. Be careful, strive to be happy?" Future nurse . . . Kim Iudith A. Tornambe "I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Where I'll end up I think only God really knows." Future dental assistant Remembers junior year . . . judie Regina Marie Troy Gary Tyrrell "Keep on trucking' " Remem- "Life is short and we have little . ' ' ' ' . time for gladdening the hearts of Beilgatuggglgiglfgts ' ' ' ggloys others. Oh, be swift to love! H ng g ' ' ' y Make haste to be kind!" Regina jeffrey Trader "Catch a buzz" ... U C V C Trad. Michael E. Vaccaro Future baker . . . Enjoys working on cars and going fishing . . . Mike Edward j. Veltre College bound . . . "You air head." ... Eddie 110 Otto I. Vernacchio College bound Remembers Mr. DeRosa Enjoys fishing and hunting . . . Ottie Robert Verrastro Remembers nights with ocean . . . Enjoys playing the guitar . . . Bob Gordon Viggiapo Future BCG0liilBHl Enjoys photographyl and music . . . Voltage David Walck "Whatever moves ya." Re- members Miss Prissy Band German Honor Society, I.V. Basketball . . . College bound . . . Lurch Ann S. Weinshanker "Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Iust walk beside me and be my friend." . . . College bound . . . Ann Francis Villano "Leave me alone, will ya!" Future sportscaster Remem- bers choir and junior gym class ... Bel Canto ... Frank Edward Walsh Remembers "the night I flipped my V.W." Enjoys partying before Mr. Treacy's class .. . Ed Perry lay Weinstock Future doctor Key Club, Latin Honor f-Society, Band Perry Lisa M. Vislocky "Without honesty, there is no truth: without truth, there is no love: without love, there is noth- ing." French Honor Society Pres. .. . Hey Babe! Lisa Douglas Michael Wapner Wrestling, Track and Field, Band, Key Club College bound . . . Wap Lee M. Wenner "Be true to one, be true to all." . . "Hoop" . . . Wennerbear 111 Ioy Allison Wenrich "Hi, cutie!" . . . "All special gifts from God will someday end, but love goes on forever." . . . Col- lege bound . . . Remembers Nug- gie . . . Color Guard . . , Ioy to the World Clyde Wesner Enjoys playing in Albatross Key Club . . . Remembers the Pit . . . College bound . . . C.W. Moss Peter C. Westerlund Remembers the Pit and friends . . . Enjoys being together with friends . . . "Right now!" . . . Pete, Perl: Ioanne White Steven Witkowski Loves talking on the phone Future in clinical psychology . . . Ioonne Kim D. Wray "There's so much left to learn and I'm on the road to find out." . . . Remembers partying with friends . . . Kim Debra C. Witscher Denice Woitwoicz .Even thought we aimit got "All the good times we've shared mane rm so in love with you are gone, but our memories lin- honesxli Vinnie Remem- ger on" . . . Remembers the shore bers ML Susko-S Camping mp 73 . . . Future beautician . . . Wo o . . . Debbie Iames W. Wysocki "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." . . . College Chi Mei Wu bound . . . Key Club . . . james "To find true-friendship is to find true happiness." . . . Varsity Tennis, Basketball, and Softball . . . Future doctor . . . Chi Iames Yacahonis College bound Enjoys Base- ball . . . Yuc Michele Yack "Memories light the corners of my mind." . . . College bound . . . Remembers many friends . . . Michele Anne Elizabeth Yersevich "Turkey!" Remembers four- minute quickies Future in medical technology .. . Bob Twirling Candy Captain, Thes- pians . . . Anne Iohn Young Richard D. Yuengel Debra Karen Yurick Gary Yurick Future in law enforcement "How ya doing?" Future "lt is better to have one friend of "Slow down and live." . Remembers Mr. A1'Bg0llH'S 5th T.V.-Radio repairman Re- great value, than many friends of fupg dgntal technician . and 6th Chemistry class En- members the halls of A.L.I. little value." F.B.L.A., Pep mombol-5 the one-way halls joys fishing .. . College bound Enjoys listening to music .. . Club Future secretary . . . Football team . ., Duck john Rich Debbie Sharon A. Zebro "lf you love someone and really love him, you want the best for him-even if the best doesn't in- clude you." . . . Future dental as- sistant . . . Enjoys having a good time . . . Zeb Debra Zimmerman "The smile that is worth the pra-ises of earth is the smile that shines through tears." Crui- sin' Future secretary Re- members room 29 . . . Deb Murray Zisholz fm...- x 'A - X J Y . W 1 A' ' ' X E ,nfl fl "- 3 l it, rj '- f H ESEMQ II1 2 F"o fi ff' iw ' 3 4, P". :Qi ' L ' , 1 W W L. mf 41-- .1 N -fwzffw E' if 5 -L p.'Q1'QQ.'..,'."'f i, ?7m Sass . -- ,,,.X ,, ..,Y V MAA . M,-.1a.2,EEsQ:m"'iL,x 'sl LJ? ' T ,, u7.,', W 1-A I lr , pf' l 1:11 ann- ii 1 1-1 pi in l M . 1 7 k . fbi 5 1 X N ' f 4 - x Q L . v Sf - E M g' , ff . 5 5 Qwison w 5 IL, wx XX k 1- 'S gs s 1 S , X AM X .. Q x if Xi Q 3' 4 X 1 f mf 1. .Z ,. jl"- jg LA M 5--4 1 gg 2 1 f, ' " 5' ""' g,,,, ,V , X ' N . I' I ff-lx ' 1 ' X' ff 9 .Th ,SQ ' ,' X x, . 5.5 , ls. Q" p' -1, , 1 i... , ,, .""-L Y I-kv 5 - -5, .s by in K' Ve 44 3'N"v-f-nn-an A- ',.,Y.,. ' 3' Hr- . - ,-o A W 5 Y- .sq 5 . -Q.-K , X ,ff U Q' d f li k . K W3-I Q .SQ -8 1 A . X . V w 5 , 5 ' N 75 F, b fy M . ' X ' Q X x X, i KQV . J rll. - ' ,mg t U ., ,..,x N X 5 tr:-.. , A d f- Q ,rv A .1 'Q A ' if F 'S K - sl-E3 .JA , - A K V X w 'XY s xxx? A + ,... X 54 ll 61' .-m N 'ii mf 3 EQ .-X . , wr ' ,A fxw f I fs., Monica Beck "The blacksheep of the family." " h C - fortllgrllenlzglgs Soul em om Cathy Catalano Anthony james Gaetano "The key to success is first to follow and then to lead." College,bound Remembers janet M. Hamulak ". . . and I think about all of you who mean so much to me." Future secretary . . . The C.B.H.'s the years at A.L.I. . . . Enjoys .. . Janet traveling .and swimming . . . Tony Sheryl Hoehn . . in such a childlike way. you continue being a loving person , which is so much more impor- I-'mda Hoogsteden tant than being a perfect one." . . . Sheri third ea Gregory Clemenko "Experience is the best teacher." . . . College .hound Greg Nancy Iennings. "Yesterday is dead-forget it, tomorrow has not come-don't wor1'y, today is here-use it." . . . Remembers Friday nights .. Loves horses . . . Nancy aduates Linda Kucharski Ianina Serden Future in' music Remembers the C.B.H.'s . . . Bel Canto . 7 .Ian lf it comes back to you it's yours. if it doesn't then it never was yours." Remembers all the people .. . Debi Rhonda Leipzig "Did ya hear the one about . . ." . . . Remembers Mr. Aragona and Budweiser . . . Likes animals . . . College .bound . . . Rhonda ,rr i Iill Marrone William Metz "Why should we work when we can borrow? Let's only think of today, and not worry about to- "Hey Ernie!" Enjoys tennis . . . Future disc jockey . . . Re- members E.Z. Reiter . . . F.B.L.A. -- A lm morrow." . , . Remembers Man- hattan . . . Billy Ianice Wilday "You only live once." Par- tying Remembers Ship Bot- Defy' Tokar tom . . . Georgia . . . Ionis llIEl'9TIlII1'e5 u1da'g1rlmes- I 175 75 '75 class of 1976 120 .-ra' 5' l ii VY' ' 1 ,I s ' f I V 5' Ir I P is S 'gag H Q 5 I' S . , s - , fr I a S , X f fn, 'Q-an Q x K 4 . K 'x N I, K X F V as ,- a Ka ' ' f 'Y 'Krabi Yi Q :Y s' ' XL 21 Q 0 N , n R F X s H 'lm -ax an ' 'Q -a , E Q .J QI: ,. L Class Qvisors. s ,au -if , 4 wikis H-Ham! ev is - . AI .xi E-: Q N- re .' B - Lopil V.P.: Andrea Regici Treks.: Miss Ries per? ,x , M ""' Y f WL! Q fl Q! ,Q X ex Q K 5 . Q 1 W YJ I . NT' ' Q x ma ' N if R R ki, Q x N., J HRW wg. - Iunior Class Officers, Back Row QI. to r. : rlcne 'fCny'ch, Sec.: Ron + ' . S V Ou , . , K N X . S 'I 6 W2 ', ,vw lfs L, -' , Q' - if Sf a M S ILE X is ' M Q aim. R Q. X A ,M K i X - . I f Q V L x 5 1 1 ' :nvglfp k 3 n 5 ,No k Q. N' - V ,J M ' f ,ag i X . ,N x if Q ,x.5,y.-ww? r"?"' . I K fx sail 'X A ., ' xg iw A g If A Mag, - Y SITTING fl. to nj: Valerie Suszko, Barb Schmidt, Sue Elishber- ger, Rae Ann Sanderson, Sue Tucker. STANDING tl. to rj: Kathy Krall, lo Ann Bukowiec, Iody Lobosco, Sherry Rose, Ia- net Barako, Karen Nardo, Sue Cliento, Kathy Kernan. - 0, 345 K "1" - ' A-f Yiftam qy if I y 0 Q ,fr 4 su , ' x rl,-s h .5 1 2 v.. Q. S' L. y . K I - A9 M Q , 7 , ,Ns w,g?Va ,f - ' - h 1... - , A . G ,V . 7 ,V f s ri !4,. K I y :Q -.t'. 5 f W , in , .Q E . T' -, , X h A L k . STANDING fl. to r.J: Mary Ann Keenan, Gina Erichsen, Terry Mee, Karen Guralchuk, Nancy Cisneros, Sue Frank, Sue Miskovich, Ellen Goldsmith, Doreen Adamo, Darryl Tokar, Robin Brenner, Nancy Durett, Veronica Labella, Sheri Hoehn, Maureen Kostyack. el . .nur te. w- ' I'25?i', "v ' , ,, 7- , 'Q I Lu? Wig 'Z 1 fs it , ,, xnwwms QQ, . ' s 'Q ' S 113.31 ,M ,1,1yQl -191-1551 tl? I if - f Dig' -., r ffl ..' 4 V if Mr , I ' if ff? if , T,.:,,Cz,V -, in 1 UZ, L72 , X -5 ' "iZ,'1 ag I W' ,mb M,,,,,,?,,.rr,. gfw A 13 V ,gg V iii., fu' 4 Q L .11 1 , g- " N fre W" wwf ,,, A l Adi ,f - STANDING tl. to rj: Amy Olterzewski, Carol Kuenze, Nancy Rubay, Ann Hamaydi, Marv:-inn Palm:-xrlnsn. Gail I.nn. Marcv Messina, If-an Cashmere Dinnn Rumen Tipp I sinh SITTING fl. to rj: joe Bihler, Ieff Kremenich, Paul Burns, Peter Scocca. STANDING fl. to r.j: Larry Reagen, Wayne Iasinski, Harvey Villa, Ken Walton. A vm, Qnivgg, . X H' rl ax. ,I X "' It-5 LN-Q. , ll ' ft I-in f I-w"'H I FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Debbie Price, Mary Kosinski, Cathy Scraggs, Kim Brown, Mona Haveis, Lori Bunis, Linda Grosso. class of 1976 STANDING fl. to rj: Iohn Amalfe, Carl Bradley, Ieff Cass. SITTING: Monica Beck, Debbie Ada- monis, Carol Butler. 1 tl ri ,. SITTING fl. to r.j: Danny Burkoff, Sheryl' Medwied, Paul Robbins, Sheri Kohen, Bar-I bara Kaufman, Steve Cherensky, Michele Estersohn, Ioanne Fremont KNEELING fl. to LJ: Alan Geissel, Ieff Plage, Ron I-Iawryluk, Iohn Gillespie, Dean Yack, Rich Abramowit STANDING: Mark Schwartz, Kevin Roberts, Scott Winter, Tony Mondi, Bob Mac Naughton, Ioe Villa, Bo Fredericks. SEVEN fl. to Ll: Cindy Schaefer, Lori Patricco, Lisa Evanko, Marlene Milkosky, Iill Kane. SIX: Sue Sie- cinski, joyce Morton, Gail Farawell, Sue Ginesi, Bar- bara Arnesen, Marci Kahn, Karen Marciano. Graham, Bob Wagner. 122 FRONT ROW ll. to r.l: Lynn Vo pe, in 1 as ings Gelfand, lean Hanna, Cathy Hanley, Debbie DeFazio, Susan Damsky Krumm. BACK ROW: Kevin White, Darryl Lesko, Rich Halloran, Tom Hadde 1 Conway, Tom Schror, Bob Krauss, Ioe Figurelli, Rich Tutela, Wayne Freuert, 1 1 C' d' H t' . SECOND ROW: G. Colletti, l n i FRONT ROW fl. to rj: Steve Mochtak, Scott DeSimone, Russ Ge- lormini, leff Opperman. SECOND ROW: Chuck Castellano, Bob Fitzpatrick, Iohn Bodner, Tom Genna. THIRD ROW: Mark Kalish, Stu Weinstein, Andy Pavelko, Ed Fitzpatrick. BACK ROW: Bill Wetzler, Perry Cipriano, Steve Howes, Ioe Medrigano, lim Guido. "ff.",".'l 'NZ','y'j!,xf Q J 2 a FRONT ROW fl.r.J: Connie Lesko, Barb Kurtz, Linda Tonnessen, Belinda Quagliato, BACK ROW: Rose- Ann Chiarella, Kim Yackymetz, Karen Plank, Ginny Perersen. K.: 115 E SITTING: ll. to r.l: David Kozatch, Dan Rego, Ieff Heir E Kreg Terhune, Tom Pastore, Craig Hyman, Iohn Stetson. i f .4 "1 FRONT ROW fl. to r.j: Sharyl Weakland, Charles Philipone, Edward Ross, Barry Pyonin, Chris Raba. SECOND ROW: Ronna Schwartz, Lucie Paiva, David Rhodes, Bill Wetzler, THIRD ROW: Larry Walko, George Pagoulatos, Bill Tombs. BACK ROW: Bill Makosi. Brett Oberman. KNEELING fl. to r.j: Dave Neuhows, lack Ioffe, Bob Lewaine, Walt Zehako, Bill Horner. STANDING: Greg Stan, Ed Soine, Neil Eriksen, Herb Kozik, Dom Scapati, 123 Frank Frakl, Ierry Troy, Bob Standish, Bob Kopil. l class of 1976 KNEELING ll. to r.l: Andrew Godek, B. Stanislowski, Ken Meehan, Greg Paschenko, Bob Shackleton, Gary Wolf. STANDING: Rich Zuckerman, Scott Weber, Bill Waidelich, Brian Paterek, Kevin Scott, Mark Pierce, Mike SITTING fl. to rj: lan Stancki, Linda Cutt, Sandy Ross, Robin De Blass, Nina Susko, Chris Marcinak, Cindy Budner. STANDING: Rich Iakubowski, Bill Huff, B. Wogniak, john Vacca, Iim Larkin, I. Masterson, lim Farmer. - l FRONT ROW fl. to rj: Mike Kershaw, Art Engleburger. SECOND ROW: Frank Martino, Rodney Cimbalista, Mary Boone, Donna Cardinale, Marc Cutinello. BACK ROW: Kevin Larkins, Tom Catalano, Rich Anderson, Dave Lidon, Mike Green. Ricky Huff, Tony Pre- ziosi, Paul Sieiski, Daria Wood. FRONT ROW fl. to r.j: Iohn Cymansky, Iohn Meistrell, Rick Hardison. BACK ROW: Iim Grygiel, Ralph Marciano, Lisa Misciewicz, Bob Blount. O'Neil, Donald Howe. 'N N . , K 'Lk K X A : RNA liz, A A X ixf f,,,,f" V X ' Q X: 'X' ,, ' A ' X u 'lf' . Jmfrfff WN 2 N, ,ff""fN'f.fvxX'w NX ' f ,,,f' FRONT ROW fl. to r.j: Tom Whalen, Ken Horin, limmj Toma, Kevin Blatt, Rich Duffy, Bill Meise. SECOND ROVN Ken Illion, Eric Drummond, Kevin Czarniewy, Bill Andei son, Paul Sexton, Tom Molesky. ON STAGE: Bill Oppei man, Michael Brophy, Tom McDevitt, Bob Blount, Kenn Owens, Bob Bruno, Art Zuckerman, Bruce Szczygiel. it Xi, x FRONT ROW ll. to r.J: Bill Brown, Walt Wojcicki, Rich Sinoradzki, lim Bielk, Ron FRONT ROW fl. to LJ: Starr Gomola, Clare Berloco. Linda Veeck, Adamo. BACK ROW: Iohn Crawford. Bill Lampert, Fred Rittweger, Paul McGuire, Carol Leissing. BACK ROW: Gail Popovich, Gail Yeats. Cathy Andy Schwartz. Ventre. STANDING fl. to r.l: Ardis Baum, Gary Perrota, Nellie Macys chael Perrotta, Cindy Kiener, Sally Force. P. fl. to nj: lane O'Donnell, Bev Smolyn, Kathy Bencivenga, Carol Scneider, Mary Daley, Peggy Weber, Annette Stec, Lisa Prince, Iudy Tomakis. I.: Lucy Garibaldi, Sheri Showalter, Beth Sil- verman, Nancy Petronella, Louise Tracey, T.: Lisa Rothstein, Clarice Maggio, Patti Larusso, Carol Zucosky, Cindy Schroeder, Debbi Lystash. FRONT ROW fl. to r.J: Cathy Catalano. Pat Farrel, Micki Warech, Fred Beter. BACK ROW: Dave Iohn- son. Doug Neugold, Ellen Mitnowsky, Lou Gualtieri. David Weiss, Andrea Regeci, Ieff Morton, Chris Lorusso, Mi- Class of 1976 l V FRONT ROW fl. to rj: lane Gold, Annette Bauer, Lori Levine, Beth Walk, Ellen Goldberg. BACK ROW: IoAnn Polise, Michelle De Luca, Elaine Herman, Pat Grassle. Carol Yarusavage. I , FRONT ROW fl. to r.J: Robert Maurer, David Masters, Steve Kiray, Mark Granrath, I. 5 Massarelli, Ted McKeown, Matt McDonald. V I V l E r i I FRONT ROW tl. to r.J: Karen Strauss, Heidi Hartstein, Bev Vonah, Lynn Kosinski. BACK ROW: Grace Gannon, Angella Carmella, Clare Davey, Mary Curran, Ioanne Lystash. P i 5 126 I J.... ,,, , X, i,-n FJ, i " as .' 1 X-,N FRONT ROW fl. to LJ: Veronica Drizga, Anne Przyborowski, Barb Lewis, Kathy McCutcheon, Lorraine Lotano, Bruce Schafhauser. BACK ROW: Debbie Park, Karen Gamble, Mary Dennison, Anne De Luca, Ralph Burnett, joe DiMarco, Annette Altvater. FRONT ROW fl. to r.jz Linda D'Arcanglo, IoAnne Long, Lynn Klett, Ginger Smar, Sue Tredea. SECOND ROW: Lori Meyer, Ellen Kenny, Renee Guerry, Katy Mc Nulty, Nancy Lorenzo, Bob Weiner. THIRD ROW: Arlene Kynch, Iudi Gross. BACK ROW: Keith Ruggeri, Iimmy Pflug, Paul Malicky. iidiiirlskx FRONT ROW fl. to r.J: Scott Weber, Ken Trimarco, Barry Pyonin, Tom Guterl, Bob Siessel, Ioe Zyra, Fred Heindel. BACK ROW: Katy Ieney, Kit Holland, Iohn Lynch. Bob Gruytch. class of 1977 l x mi Q., It '- ml ,A .X . gas. bh . X R 3 J , class of 1977 FIRST ROW fl. to rj: Veronica Agugliaro. SECOND ROW fl. to r.l: Ieff Berke, Richard Altman. THIRD ROW fl. to r.l: Beth Beeber, Diane Arends, Kim Agneta. FOURTH ROW ll. to r.J: Beth Arbeitel, Karen Anthony, Carolyn Bertsch, MaryLynn Berloco, Bill Bauerband. FIFTH ROW fl. to r.J: Ian Blakesberg, Ran Arciniaco, Elaine Ahle, Iill Bihler, Camille Astalos, Iolo Beyer. lane Boone, Frank Bora. SIXTH ROW fl. to rj: Andy Ambrose, Steve Burger, Paul Biss, George Amabile, Ronnie Axelson, Ted Biniaris, Karen Amoruso, Steven Amster. A L. -- 3,53 - ur., . . Q. - --ff f Nw- A M:11:awv:2f'ni .J, "- 1:1 FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Gary Chessen, Tim Christel, Archie Curran. Gary Carlson, Ioe Ca- lenda, Charley Ciambrusch, Iohn Castoro, Nick Caterino, Karl Cobbs. SECOND ROW fl. to nl: Donna Cannillo, Roxanne Conisha, Carolyn Che- rensky, Carol Chwalek, Carol Catalano. Alicia Callahan, Fran Caroselli, Gloria lean Burns, Donna Cilento. FIRST ROW l. to r ' Brenda Lee Bolome ack Bradle Y' 7 7 Q -7- y- I y- Mary Ann Bokoske, Lynn Brauss, Sue Burkhoff, Ruth Bugg, Kenneth Butfiloski. SECOND ROW fl. to nj: Karen Boyle, Rana Bumett, Andy Byer, Bill Bujalski, Dan Cahill, Lenny Bolinski. 128 FIRST ROW ll. to r.l: Lisa Dell'Aquila, Angela DeMarzo, Debbi Dziak. Eileen Dynda, Sue Di- Biagio, Maria Castellano, IoAnne Cordes. SECOND ROW Il. to r.l: Maria DiMarco, Dave DiFulvio, Chris DeSimone, Iohn DeMarzo, Brian Daly, Vincent Dell'Aquila, Gil D'Arcangelo. THIRD ROW fl. to r.l: Cindy DePuma, Linda de Berjeois, Wayne Dzuroska, Bill Dillon, Tom Elliott, Michael Dzema, Ioe Dudek. FIRST ROW fl. to r.l: Kathy Klett, Rosanne Frieco, Ruth Fordham, Elli Higgins, Toni Er- colano. SECOND ROW ll. to r.l: Melissa Edel- man, Karen Kage, Mary Chalmers, loyce Ien- nings, Donna Faede, Rose Esposito. THIRD ROW ll. to r.j: Mary Ellen Frescki, Mary Ellen Flood, Carol Fallon. FOURTH ROW ll. to r.j: Debbie Fanurik, Dawn Fontenelli, Ian Fischer, Lance Erhard. FIFTH ROW fl. to rj: Dave Engwall, Ioe Flammia, Ken Flemm, Frank Fennesz, Paul Flynn. FIRST ROW Il. to r.l: Elizabeth Heintz, Gloria Hnat, Bill Hoepfel, Carol Horner, lim Conway. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: Beth Hnat, Len Hock, Benny Grysko, Robert How- esy, Tom Higgins. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J: Bruce Hyman, Eugene Hering, Frank Hanley, Eric Holzapfel, Nadine Hoff. FIRST ROW ll. to r.l: Barbara Ga- bel, Sharon Gerold, Betsy Godfrey. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: David Goldy, Kathy Genakos, Missy Gar- sehlis. Mary Fulop, Linda Gordon. THIRD ROW ll. to r.j: Lisa Iamie Gannett, Patti Giegrich, lanis Gal- man, Bette Io Good, Kathy Gianti, Leslie Gottfried. FOURTH ROW ll. to r.J: Bob Gorelick, joel Gillman, Colleen Gallagher, Maria Giacobbe. FIFTH ROW fl. to' r.j: Dave Furi- ness, Rich Garbinski, Stevi Full- erton, Kim Gamble, Greg Granrath. FIRST ROW ll. to Ll: Caroline Keena, Ioya Iules. Sue Kellerman, Kathy Iasiu- kaic. Karen Kelly, Kathy Kessler, Bill Katsanis. SECOND ROW ll. to r.j: Dan Kamieniecki, Andrew Kalucki, Howard Kastner, Carl Iones, lim Kent, Kathy Kehl, Greg Kelly. THIRD ROW ll. to r.J: Bill lntrocaso, Mike Iasman, Iohn Iaria, Ron Iackey, Tony Inacio, Marc laffe, Rich Keller. FIRST ROW fl. to r.l: Barbara Lynne Lamendola, Irene Kosiarski, Karen Kosenski, Maryann Leonard, Beth Lawrence, Lisa Lindlar, Patti Ko- stick, Kathy Kohler, Douglas Lewis, Steve Likins, Iohn Lipka, Bill Koch, Ron Kohen, Paul Liddy, Chris Lam- bert, Ray Kostyack, Marc Levine, Valerie Kopp. 130 Qsa FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Anne Mar- rone, Cathy Metzinger, Matt Mer- curio, Kevin Meise, Henry McGaha, Iohn Marsiglia, Ed McCusker, Rob Marker. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Liz Magers, Marietta Mezallick, Debbie Mattlage, Kathy Miklas, Gail Mar- tuoci, Michelle Maydosz. Claire Miller, Iohn Moroli. Mark Martin. 'I'HIRD ROW fl. to r.J: joe Monaco, Tom Martucci, Craig Mockwood, Pat Mastrianni, Brian Messina, Mike Mehalick, Iohn Molson, Don Massarelli. FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Pat Lynch. Cindy Lorenz. Mary Anne Locher. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: lea- nette Lovas, ludy Maloney, Mary Lynch. THIRD ROW ll. to r.l: Keith Lovejoy, Robert Maffei, Scott Luxenberg. FOURTH ROW fl. to r.J: Mark Mai, Eric Loenser, Tommy Makoski. W FIRST ROW U. to rJ: George Nucera, Ioe Nardo, Kevin Oates, Linda Montagna. Debbie Nandor, Nancyann Nicholson, Patty Oberlies, Caren Cozzi. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: Mike Muzychko. Glenn Moro, lohn Moroli, Iudy Mueller, Anne Kapkowski, Bonnie Muchmore, Lee Nad- ler, Ricky Mroczek, Seth Greenberg. R 5 I 131 FIRST ROW ll. to r.J: Andrea Schornstein, Diane Schnei- der, Lina Saracino, Sharon Larkins, Geri Segotta, Nancy Kraus, Lauren Eisenberg, Ke- vin Sarama, Ieff Schnarr. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: lane Schwartz, Diane Schror, Sue Ryan, Donna Schwankert, Iill Schulz, Kathy Semansky, Linda Saley, Carol Bruck, Bob Sarnecki, Steve Rose. THIRD ROW fl. to r.j: Mike Caparaso, Paul Schifano, john Sanzone, Frances Schock, Cheryl Flaxman, Tony Scardaville, Evan Sel' tzer, Steve Roszkowski, Nick Riccio, Lenny Roglieri. 132 FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Tom Pien- tak, Anne Pantos, Donna Pe- lusio, Steve Peters, Lee Anne Or- shak. SECOND ROW ll. to LJ: Brian Paul, Rich Preziosi, Ronda Plymack, Glenn Osterweil, Deb- bie Patalkis. THIRD ROW tl. to r.J: Ianet Pinkham, Renee Puma, Ian O'Shanny, Lee Opperman, Bill Prygrocki. FOURTH ROW fl. to r.J: Sue Pancurak, john Re- gan, Carl Palulino, Ioe Pratt, Pe- ter Quinn, Lambros Riaissis. FIRST ROW tl. to r.J: Sue Rosenmeier, Daria Rozdilsky, Estelle Rinaldi. SEC- OND ROW fl. to Ll: Pat Rosivack Donna Russamano, Mary Romano Linda Reina. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J Paul Ritchings, Glenn Rufalo. Shest. FIRST ROW fl. to r.1: Kathy Tre- ger, Karen Theiss, Andrew Wag- ner, Susan Ting, Chuck Vincenti. SECOND ROW ll. to r.J: Tony Tattoli, Greg Tombs, Dom Vend- itto. Barb Tanzi, Ianice Tankel, Mary lane Villa, Ioyce Vella, Barb Valentine, Lori Thomson. LJUSS OI lU77 FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Denise Sim- one, Ioy Spanjersberg, Arlene Stacy, Mindy Taback, Ken Siegel, lim Susko, Michael Susser, Mary Stei- nert. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Vic Tamburr, Rich Stahnke, George Shaver, Bob Smorol, Debby Stec, Patti Suchorsky, Terrie Springer. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J: lim Sullivan, Linda Sheridan, Ioan Skiba, Ray Swope, Donna Shapiro, Karen FIRST ROW fl. to rj: Mike Waton, Ricky Wray, Roy Wolgin, Peggy Yersevich, lim Reber. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: Mark Weindrman, Tim Walsh, Robbi Weisholtz, Ieff Wojnowski, Terry Zavatsky, Sue Yuengel, Amy Weisholtz, Ellen Wnek, Lauren Weissman. THIRD ROW U. to r.j: Ruth Ann Walck, Sandy White, Cheryl Wolf, Carol Willenbrock, Debbie Wuenn. Mar- ian Walko, Kris Young, Diane Wilson. 133 Class 01 1978 1 1 f Q, ' QS, Q 1' :SQQ 'W QQi ,fn ,j K 1 ff 1 A2 .'1.- ' ij' Q if AK x -- f I A X 1 in 'x F ,- Xp K 9 , .T wwe V , W A , - W 134 nett Mitchell Berger Gene Auersa Row 2 Q l to r Barrett Michelle Bauer Nancy Asal Donna Ben Nicholas Biose jeffrey Bartkus Bob Anthes ean s, Elizabeth Boar. Row 3 fl. to rj Arminee Apelion, Armstrong, Carol Bartlebough, Melanie Arbuthnot, y Bailey, Chris Adomski, Ioni Albanese v 1 fl to r.J Iohn Beck, Bill Bach, Bill Arnold, Russell , ' , . . .J U . . . I e 1 h Row 1 fl. to r.l Renee Bradley. Ioanne Chiarella, Marlene Buehler, Phyllis Castellano, Lisa Ca- londa, Dianne Cardinale, Nancy Castro, Nancy Bunor. Row 2 tl. to r.j Lance Butchko, Neil Bogli, Michael Cantor, Ed Burns, Margie Bradley, Nancy Brennan, Ioyce Bukowiec, Lynn Buccacelli Row 1 fl. to rj Iudy Bolanowski, Eileen Biss, Karla Blood, An- drey Boan, Beth Borrus, Zoya Blaschak. Row 2 ll. to r.j Chris Boczkus, Tom Bora, lack Bostock, Pat DeFalco, Billy Buoni, Bob Chatlos, Billy Bockenek, Row 3 fl. to r.j Iohn Bowes, Dan Brocuto, Ronald Calhoun, Scott Blakely, Peter Boettke. Row 1 fl. to r.j Sue Clemenko, Ann D'Arcangelo, Ruth Dennison, Elaine Czar- necki, Chris Cutinello, Mary Ann Cimato, Diane Cordes, Mark Davey. Row 2 ll. to r.j Tim Daley, Domenico Colletti, Iackie Coelln, Regina Cunningham, Denise D'Alessandro, Nancy Davidson, Kim Daney, Lori Cisneros. Row 3 fl. to r.J Barbara Cole, Paul Czerosko, Mary DeLuca. Row 4 fl. to r.j Donna Dabr- owski, Dave Corsello, lim Coyle 135 class of 1978 FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Patti Fallon, Kim Drake, Kelli Donahue, Kathy Donahue. SECOND ROW fl. to r.l: Mike Ehrenberg, Pete Dziedzk, Steve Dorfman. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J: Iune Dietze, Marci Epstein, Kathy Dousa, Kerry Engelberger, Marjorie Dufek. FOURTH ROW fl. to r.J: Karen Dziak, Michele Di Giorgio, Ellen Dicker. FIRST ROW ll. to r.l: Bill Force, Iohn Geiger, Olga Foglia, Karen Figurelli, Carl Fremont. SECOND ROW tl. to r.j: Donna Frezza, Denise Fernandes, Lori Goldberg, Lauona Fitzsimmons, Francee Freedman. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J: Rusty Fritz, Ray Fasullo, Ed Feins, Bob Foley, Ginger Fifield, Ginny Feith, Dave George, Sharon Flynn, Ieff Friedman. FIRST ROW fl. to r.l: Matt Hampp, Mindy Goldstein, Mike Halper, David Hersh, Car Hagmueller, Tom Harrison, Scott Gregory. SECOND ROW fl. to nl: Robin Hartstein john Grygiel, Debbie Hart, Dave Gruytch, Marcia Goldstein, Gretchen Ham, Andrev Creshko. uno Q FIRST ROW fl. to r.J: Patty Higgins, Rose In- y I ' ' F'P,m,,,, '- acio, Mary lean Kaczmarek, Allison Kahn, . i X- ' 1 - wig 'W l R .X x Mary Beth Kearney, Patti Iaworski. SECOND 3 86159 1- fain fit flvf' ROW fl. to r.j: Iohn Hopkins, Tom Iennings, ' F1 A' I I A ' , W "' , fx Ieff Ioffe, Ieff Itzkowitz, Steven Karmiller. '-Y' -- if ' v iv ' fvs . .. 1. .94 . .- 4, I .1151 ., M, A 'E' qi " I in ,. .f,-.Q wid J J FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Don Kosiarski, Ed Kropaczek, Peter Laganga. Ken Kulp, Ieff Knapp, Iames La Regina. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Fred Kiegel, Marilyn Lacko, Melly Klett, Lorraine Kraus, Debbie Kudlak, Pam Kostick, Valerie Krov, Michelle Krause. V 1.. , , 'IRST ROW fl. to rj: Theresa Kennelly, Marianne Dzema, Shari Lubin, Mary Dam- no, Barbara Leder. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Diane Dickey, Peggy Hannis. Lorra Lisk, aren Lovejoy. Sue Lorenzo. Iay Lauroff, David Le Duc. Ken Mac Farlane, Micola glisa, Anthony Locktrecker. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J: Susan Lesniewski, Laura Luise, rian Lewis, Tim Licharclvz, joe Lebowitz, lim Lidon. FIRST ROW ll. to r.j: Arlene Lionetti. Renee Mast, Dan Madden, Louis Melillo, Gary Ma- son, Michael Hymanson, Mitchell Katchen, Tom Macaluso. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Patty Meigs, Pauline Matthews, Norm Marcocci, lim Mahoney, Richard Howarth, lim Man- ning, Bart Metz. THIRD ROW fl. to rj: Birgit Maiev. Tom McGuire, Ron McGovern, Barry Manasse, Pat Martucci, Ierry Mair. 137 class of 1978 FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Da- vid Quinn, Domenic Prede, Diane Rebrey, Kim Phillips, Katy Peirce, julia Prodziewicz, Iohn Petro- nella, Michael Rapp, Ro- man Montes, Frank Pay- nter. SECOND ROW fl. to r.1: Linda Petronella, Mary lean Pinkham, Leanne Rea, Kathy Poffenberger, Bev Puzio, Mary Ann Pin- tauro, Tracy Pierro, Nancy Pflug, Debbie Raw- dow, Ellen Peterson, Donna Puchalski, Bob Reagan, Ioel Plotkin, jimmy Peterson. 138 tr 'K' FIRST ROW ll. to nj: Ron- ald Pasanda, john Paiva, Ioanne Ozack, Carol O'Neill, Iulie Nanstiel, Cami Nasto, Mary Beth Nollstadt. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: Mario Orsini, Wendy Miller, Vreen Mul- ligan, Ioan Oscilowski, Helen Pantos, Maryanne Mollica, Lois Papp. 0 A I 6 FIRST ROW fl. to nj: Paul Sandoval, Beth Schmidt, Lisa Russo, Tom Scalea, Iim Sbarro, Daniel Song, Tom Ru! ledge, Larry Sehnal. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Ioe Saracino, Mike Scher, Mindy Reife, Karen Rodrigues, Karen Semansky, Amy Ryan, Pat Riechers, Laurie Rutledge, Corinne Rybak. THIRD ROW fl. to r.l: Mike Sasala, Dan Sexton, Mike Riccio, Howard Scalzo, L. Rygiel, Terri Rosivack, Susan Sara, Ruthmarie Riccio. ROW fl. to rj: Maryellen Tredeau, Bob Volpe. SECOND ROW fl, to r.J: Brad Patty Toma, Lynn Taylor, Mary Alice Venezio. THIRD ROW fl. to Ll: Ke- al, Loretta Tavares, Melanie Villa, Phyliss Vaccaro, Mary Io Turiello. ROW fl. to r.j: Glenn Voynick, Gerard Ziobro, Dan Sexton, Gary Walko, Telesco, Kevin Walsh. FIFTH ROW fl. to rj: Bob Bolomey, Gary Trzas- Ed Switek, Ioe Vesey, Gary Storms, Mike Ricco, Michael Tendler. FIRST ROW fl. to r.l: joe Catalano, Chris Monahan, Wayne Irvine, Iim Ross, Kevin King, Ellen Fred- ericks, Bonnie Martucci. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: Mark Larkin, lim Moran, Tom Roszkowski, Iim Buoni, Ioe Fontan, Karen Rosenmeier, Maria Rug- gieri. THIRD ROW fl. to rj: Dave Rosen, Ken Royko, Tom Kuenze, Steve Robel, Iohn Erca- lano, Steve Katchen, Lisa Regici. FIRST ROW ll. to r.l: Mark Stives, Glenn Slater, Shari Sonenthal, Dave Stebbins. Steve Sino- radski, Cheryl Subliskey, Lisa Sirkin. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Iohn Shel- don, Sharon Sims, Patty Stefanick, Maryann Smo- rol, Bill Sparrow, Art Sli- nger, Bob Sutter. THIRD ROW fl. to r.j: Ianet Skiba, loan Sturchio, Ann Marie Sheehan, Clare Steinert, Salma Shamy. FOURTH ROW fl. to r.l: Abbe Shur, Mary Kathryn Streisel, Donna Svihra, Maureen Sheridan. 1 FIRST ROW fl. to r.j: Stuart Weinshanker, Mark Weissman. SECOND ROW fl. to r.j: Gary Zyra, Richard Zawacki. THIRD ROW fl. to r.j: Harry Goett, David Young. FOURTH ROW fl. to nl: Keith Zimmerman, Neil Weisman. FII"l'H ROW ll. to r.l: Allen Wilson, Ed Kopil, Scott Heiss, Elaine Wilkinson, Linda Weakland, Karen Yueggel. SIXTH ROW fl. to nj: Doug Rhodes, Marlene Yurick. SEVENTH ROW fl. to r.j: Bart Zu- cosky, Ianet Yacabonis. EIGHTH ROW fl. to r.j: Mary Ann Wozniak, Rita Yarusavage. NINTH ROW ll. to r.l: Michael Wolansky, Richard Zavali. 140 r 3,5 ,E ,713 E 141 The members of this year's varsity football team were optimistic over their very rewarding season. They were grateful for the support their fans gave them, and valued highly the closeness of the team. One member expressed, "The way the players get along can make or break a team. Fortunately, with excellent coaching, we were able to keep it all together." They enjoyed psyching themselves up for a game by smashing their heads together to the beat of blaring music in the locker room. But most of all they excelled in the sheer excitement and determination of the game itself. Bill Mellott awaits Coach Foster's instructions while the coach talks to the press box. The Crusaders get face to face with the opposition A happy moment-the team together after a good play. 142 Tony Mandi tries to break away football the varsity experience 9 V A ax A A' N ,D 'R' B0 Q 'x oach Ciccotelli hears a decision as co-captain War- "I've got it!"-Two players go for the ball. n Brown scowls at the field. - TEAM-FRONT ROW fl. to r.j: joe Lorenzo: Al Rawdow: Wayne Miller: Bob Gillespie, co-captain: Mike Lynch. co-captain: War- Brown, co-captain: Lou Caparaso: Bob Axelson: jim Quatararo: Brian Killian. SECOND ROW: joe Roskowskig joe Skimmons: Brian Bill Mellott: Gary Schaefer: Clyde Wesner: Chuck Beam: Mark Casey: john Magyar: Ed Koza: Mike Budrock. THIRD ROW: lejwasg john Gillespie: Rich Mair: Dean Yack: Gary Yurick: Bob Ma'..Naughton, Tony Mondi: Bennett Scauzzo: joe Nalepa: Chipper manager. FOURTH ROW: Ron Hawryluk: Rich Abromowitz: jim Grygiel: Richard jakubowski: jim Larkin: joe Villa: Dave Woz- Gary Wolf: Rich Muskus: Tom Mclesky: Rich Seimering. FIFTH ROW: joe Flamiag Mike Deema: Eugene Herring: joe Dudek: jeff Perry Cipriano: Ed Soine. BACK ROW: Richard Foster: Bob Nadasky. Steve Ciccotelli, Tom Lambrinides, coaches. fx ,,,....1 . 1- 1 f fr f 1 W f l - , X, Leadi gg f: Qu'-:'.1 in scoring, yardag . oints I was n our own Warren B on l the firs Q, 1 -Union ence, w - in: s I W 13:3 rown rushedy g f ' QQ. elmx i- 'YI fry sxbreakillz the old marko 2 is Subqessfull Rpt 'n theas ring title of the -f'i'- '-QA nference Rio isi , he lead with 66 a y do one W' Xorgetx t . long re- peated, I, ' !, arren Bro A- l P X .X xy f --fr' ' 1'-"of 'K .0 N x football -f W tiff ' Iliasl y... 5 T ' .. , gif ,i y ,C V f ..x M-'emu ,..,v B n. I.V. Team-FIRST ROWU. to r.l: Iohn White, Ron Axelson, Frank Hanley, Mike Di- Cosmo, Gene Hering, Mike Dzema, Iohn Massarelli, Ioe Flammia. BACK ROW: Bill Intraceso, Ioe Urbanovich, Bob Regan, Iohn Castoro, Glenn Moro, Marc Iaffe, Coach Ciccatelli. ". W k'il - 'ff!AQ'l.., 'x ' .,... . " V 7 " am-if ,, , ,. , - ... or VN ' -.1 4'- -uv ' , ex Q 6 ' E. V , i . ",f'.3, t s. if Q A , aaa, at af S . , t Q T can 9 iiii , .N na- , ' su yi 4. ' , 3 B f 'if ' , , ,. rp, 'A . K K, t QQ V A 'Y ,I r - A 0 in 'A' 2-.. ... 'P . .. ... M KA - 1 g J K Q.. .1 3, rg ', L, A b- - E' X A : . . 3 zirtlf - .-4 4595- .RQ51 ' nl T, Freshmen Team-FRONT ROW fl. to rj: Coach Redfern, Rich Zavali, Tom Roszkowski, Iohn Metz, Sal Bonocorso, Iohn Ercolano, Scott Heiss. Rocco Labella, Coach Nazario. SECOND ROW: Ken Kulp, Robert Foley, Brad Tombs, Tony Carvahlo, Bart Metz, Tom Iennings, Bob Bartkus, Tom Bora, THIRD ROW: Glenn Slater, Dave Quinn, Craig Barrett, Dave George, Tom McGuire. Pete Boettke, Iohn Grygiel, Dan Sexton. FOURTH ROW: Bart Zu- cosky, Lance Butchko, Steve Robel, Glen Voynik, Ioe Cataleno, Iim Coyle. Gary Walko, Dan Blount, Pat DeFalco. MISSING: Tom Rutledge, Steve Sinoradzki. 144 1 1 2 Seniors Bennet Scauzzo and Brian Killian running strong with that "winning force." l'.... - - I' l mighty Crusaders psyching themselves up for another winning "go! go! go . . .!" K 'Y Senior Wayne Miller pushes in and springs for the tackle, recovering the Crusader balance again. XM.. 'NR my quarter brings on the chant "four!" from spectators and team- ates alike, urging them to give it all they've got. Highly regarded by all the Crusaders, "Chipper" has continuously served the team through the po- sition of manager and this year's trainer. egg, , . t r sh. 1, Senior Co-Captain Bob Gillespie and junior Ieff Plage size up the field for their next play. Hard-hitting defense linebacker Mike Lynch receives spon- taneous last-minute blocking in- structions from the tireless Coach Foster. OPP. HOME Hanover Park 0 12 Cranford 7 21 Roselle 33 21 Hillside 16 0 Gov. Livingston 26 30 North Plainfield 7 7 Bridgewater East 0 34 Rahway 32 6 Scotch Plains 13 16 145 SOCCBI' our fabulous feet 635, , ,Q pg . V "1 'J' ' 5- Paul Malicky. Larry Reagan and Ted Leissing rest and watch the team's progress. 'Blaz' Ruggeri and Art Engelburger keep their eyes on the ball K. FIRST ROW fl. to LJ: lim Farmerg Bob Bruno: Art Englebergerg Andy Kuhn: Kevin Shalit: Ioe Zyrag Bill Tombs. SECOND ROW fl. to r.J: Ed Kuspiel: Randy Haisch: Billy Makoskig Dave Ridenourg Keith Ruggeri, Iohn Bodner. THIRD ROW ll. to rj: john Cymansky: Paul Burns: Larry Reagan: Wayne Iasinski: Mike Cuzzo: co-captain: Sam Furiness. FOURTH ROW U. to r.J: Paul Malickyg Don Dennisong co-captain, Ted Leissing: Bob Gruytchg Bill Godfrey. FIFTH ROW ll. to r.J: Coach Ed Shustack. T . bv 'ed Leissing rushes for the ball, with Sam Furiness close behind. This year's soccer team was outstanding in all it did, HS the record shows. The team worked hard together and their efforts made them a challenge to all schools which opposed them. Coach Shustack saw his team as young and aggressive, with much competition for positions. "The Big Shoe", held a high opinion of his squad as all the players re- spected him. The '74-'75 soccer team was really some- thing to take pride in! That's using your head! tr players as spectators. Coach Shustack encourages the team at a pep rally 147 SOCCGI' Co-captain Sam Furiness, an outstanding defen- sive player, received the honor of being selected for the All-Union County and All-State Soccer Teams and was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates. KNEELING tl. to r.j: Tom Makoskig Gary Procekg Bob Sarneckig Carl Iones. STANDING: Mr. George Hills, coachg Paul Liddyg George Shaver: Tony Inaciog Mike Mehalickg Ted Biniarisg Greg Tombsg Henry McGaha. Home Roselle Catholic 2 Union Catholic 3 Kenilworth 1 Edison Tech. 3 Rahway 2 Hillside 5 Berkley Heights 1 Cranford 4 Westfield 1 Scotch Plains 4 S. Plainfield 2 T. Iefferson 4 Roselle 5 148 Opp. 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 "'-' IQ l When the pressure is on, Kevin Shalit delivers. 5 1 X : Q A 5 ' ' I 1 a x FRONT ROW fl. to r.j: Dave Stebbins, jim Sbarro, Ioel Plotkin, lim Lichardus. Nick Biase, Bob Regan, Iim Lidon, Dominick Priete. BACK ROW: Iohn Hop- kins, Brian Lewis, Rusty Fritz, Mike Iunio, Mike Sasala, Dave Corsello, Mike Wolansky, Pete Dziedzic, Pete Fanelli, Norman Marcosi. A keen eye and precise movement helps Billy Makoski capture the ball from the opponent. a .5 Home Brearley Reg. 29 CI' O SS COUI1 I' Swfchrlff-ins HH Cranford 39 Union 33 Hillside 34 , , , Roselle Park 34 1 d run a mile Pmgfy 39 ' ' ' Gov. Livingstone 38 Dayton Reg. 46 Rahway 32 Edison Tech. 16 Roselle 32 St. Thomas Aquinas 39 KNEELING il. to nj: Ron Haber: Ron Iackey: Roy Wolging Ed Walsh: Andy Pavelko: Randy Gelfand. STANDING: Mr. lim Dougherty, coach: Bob Guerry: Dave Wechsler: Dave Iohnsong Fred Beyerg Ioe Figurellig Tom Weitroczskig Rich Keller: Iohn Marsiglia: Don Engwall: Ioe Vesey. Opp. 27 25 16 28 26 24 22 24 18 22 29 24 16 Randy Gelfand and Ron Iackey pull ahead of the opposition. Ioe Figurelli out in front. Tom Weitroczski pauses-for an Fred Bgyer has his eyes on the finish instant. line, Cross Country demands. Each participant must run many hours a week to prepare himself. Randy Gelfand, Ioe Figurelli, and Ron Iackey are a few of the important runners. They are mainly concerned with finishing with a good position. Gelfand and Iackey said, "We like running-it helps us to keep in good shape." The team placed second in the National Division of the Watching Conference. Coach Dougherty helps to build the team and inspire the boys before a meet. In his opinion, "Cross Country is the loneliness of a long distance runner." K Q.. A-V Coach Dougherty at a tense moment. 5 ' .'-VIII.-'-P' " 'I I I Shaping up-Ron Iackey in practice. girls' varsit Clark 4 - 1 New Providence Clark 0 - 5 Madison Clark 3 - 2 Kearny Clark 5 - 0 Brearley Clark 5 - 0 Watchung Hills Clark 5 - 0 Brearley Clark 0 - 5 Dayton racketeers ' .1 . Schaeffer Cindy warms up for ths shot. Chi Mei Wu defiantly returns the ball. tennis Robin Manasse confidently waits for the serve. Maureen Kostyack in an attitude of concentration. FRONT ROW fl. to r.j: Maureen Kostyak, Cindy Schaefer, Robin Ma- nasse, Chi Mei Wu, Lauren Weisman, Carol Horner. BACK: Coach Ia- nelli, Carolyn Cifelli, Mindy Taback, Karen Marciano, Ianet Skiba, Lori Kaufman, Marlene Milkosky. Her eye on the ball. Carol Cifelli steps into a forehand. A victorious team congratulate one another and their coach. 150 i ln a reflective mood, Coach Ianelli stands on the empty tennis court. Lori Kaufman calmly sizes up the opposition. Tongue in cheek, Mar- lene Milkosky goes af- ter the ball. Zi. 3 .Q Wrestling .ff 'Q Q f if ' ,. -. O .- Al Rawdow gets face to face with an opponent. ROW 11. to r.1: Al Rawdow 11291, Tommy Makoski 11221, Zuckerman 11151. Bob Sarneoki 11081. SECOND ROW: Billy 11351, Bob Kimm 11481, Rich Muskus 11411. BACK ROW: Wapner 1HWT1, co-captains Sam Furiness 11581 and Kenny 11881, Warren Brown 11701. MISSING: Paul Burns 11011, Viggiano 11411, lerry Troy 11701, Henry McGaha 11011. grapplers Warren Brown grapples with another wrestler. lK Sam Furiness moving in for a pin. Tl"7'1"ll 'Cl Coach Redfern cheers his on. team .e....."'.3.5 L . Getting a grip on the other man Artie Zuckerman. Wrestling becomes gymnastics-Bob Sarneckig the opponent over. I . .,. -..- . ,, .,u , Kenny George struggles to bring the other man to the mats. O " 3 151 Z1 'Sf I--an W fl' A . .L . ' .1 f' .Q M s f lv. L 5 " 3 X J' An. wrestling t Q i Bob Kimm is getting a firm leg hold on his opponent. Bringing down his opponent, Bill Horner gets the upper hand. Gordon Viggiano shows the first steps in pinning an opponent. Opp. Home South Plainfield 27 23 Rahway 12 40 Linden 20 35 Dayton Regional 43 12 Irvington 18 27 Roselle Park 26 23 T. Iefferson 27 36 Cranford 42 12 North Plainfield 26 20 Gov. Livingston 32 22 Westfield 42 11 Scotch Plains 37 9 Hillside 15 41 152 Freshman Wrestling Team. FIRST ROW: fl. to LI: Coach Foster, I. Volpe, I. Ioffy. B. Bock- enec, R. Guerry, I. Gigen. SECOND ROW: D. George, I. Catalano, T. McGuire, B. Telesco, M. Tendler. THIRD ROW: K. Toal, B. Zucosky, I. Moran, S. Heiss, C. Barrett. MISSING: T. Bora. S. Robel, R. Zaval. P. Sandoval, B. Bartkus, R. Bennett, D. Puchalski, T. Rosivack. I I.V. Wrestling Team. BOTTOM ROW: B. Intracaso, I. Troy. R. Zavoli, I. Reagan. TOP ROW: I. Lynch, D. Engwall, I. Iaffe, D. DiFulvio, L. Cisneros. 4 As he gets a firm grip, Doug Wapner hopes for I the pin. Tom Makoski trying to overpower his man. I JOWl1I1g the alley kats Although often overlooked, the A.L. Iohnson Bowling Team has had a strong sea- son this year. Coach Mattson has led his team to a series of striking victories-over Governor Livingstone, Scotch Plains, Cranford, Roselle, and Rahway. While this year's graduating se- niors will be sorely missed, the strong core of under- classmen will ensure a suc- cessful season next year. Guarmo following through on his Mike Iasman closes in for the strike Mike O'Neill displays perfect form. Linden T. Iefferson Gov. Livingston Gov. Livingston Scotch Plains Linden Rahway Cranford Hillside Rahway Union Roselle Rahway the alley is the Senior Hal Byer almmg to knock Coach Iohn Mattson has led the lumor Tom em all down team through a successful season. basketball the happy hoopers Number 22 sets his own styles for the starting lineup. Larry Reagan deftly steals that ball away. Senior co-captain Lee Wenner dribbles down- field solo. On his knees. Coach Ierry Allocco bellows instructions from the sidelines. we """ jeff Kremenich searches past the arms of the enemy for a receiver. lunior Paul Malicky is airborne as the opposition looks on in awe. "Off the sidelines, everyone's his own individual, but on that court, we grow together as one in high spirits and teamwork." This is the sentiment of Senior Co-Captains Lee Wenner and Paul Kelleman. The team is respected as a talented and a tough one by spectators and oppos- ing teams alike. The season has been ONT ROW fl. to nj Fred Heindelg Bob Salvesen: co-captins Paul Kelleman and Lee Wennerg Dave alck. SECOND ROW: Coach jerry Alloeco: Bob Grygiel: Iim Grygiel: Pete Scocuag jeff Kremeniehg ul Malicky. LAST ROW: lim Pflug: Larry Reagan: Wayne Iasinski. head and shoulders opponents is "Big Heindel. :X ' ty Paul Kelleman flings a beautiful shot at the basket. rough, but we have that desire to vvin-and that's what really makes the winning team. The "jumping jack" strategy of Bob Crygiel dazzles the other team. 155 Wayne Iasinski is deep into the game, even though he is on the sideline. basketball Springfield New Providence Rahway Cranford N. Edison Union Roselle Union Catholic Cranford Berkley Heights Roselle Hillside Pinsry Westfield Scotch Plains Holy Trinity Rahway Roselle Berkley Heights Freshman Basketball. FIRST ROW Il. to r.J: Coach Mahon: P. De- Falco: I. Petersen: I. Sheldong P. Boettke. SECOND ROW: B. Lewis: M. Wolanskyg B. Tombs: M. Sasalag I. Ross. THIRD ROW: I. I-Iobbie: D. Corsellog N. Boyle: I. Metzg D. LeDuc. 156 Three members from A.L.I.'s Varsity Basketball Team warms up before a game. Opp. Home 58 64 45 43 51 34 70 56 74 54 55 48 63 52 65 69 40 65 53 56 70 52 63 52 62 80 56 53 54 48 54 75 70 41 ig Paul Malicky doing a layup during the game. I.V. Basketball Team. FIRST ROW: fl. to LI: Coach Maikosg T. Tatollig R. Iackey, co-cap taing B. Smorol, co-captaing D. Lewis, co-captain. SECOND ROW: S. Likins: I. Molson: K Lovejoy: G. Shaver: C. Ciambruschini. THIRD ROW: V. Murphy: I. Grygiel: B. Reagan: G Procek: D. Furiness. irls' arsit basketball RST ROW tl. to r.J: Coach Shortg Kris Kosinski, co-captaing Lori Kaufman, co-cap- in: Iill Kane: Carol Catalano. SECOND ROW: Chi Mei Wu: Dawn Fontenellig Lisa ankog lane O'Donnellg Marlene Milkosky. THIRD ROW: Patti Higginsg Patti Ia- orskig Ioyce Bukowiec: Sue Lorenzo: Iolene Zavali. MISSING: Nancy Davidson: nn Taylor. twn Fontinelli trying to get out a tight spot. sure shot shooters Ioyce Bukowiec on her way to make a basket. x t .,.N 1 ' U ' :Q AMT' it L' ,,,siv,li. A I 5 7ms.gQ.. wf ' .:' .Qs -N11 K Nxayrl C 'N Q gf' 2,5 , Lisa Evanko is doing a good job of guarding 11 W y her opponent. Chi Mei Wu contemplating where to throw the ball. 15 and 4. Such a stunning record could only belong to Iohnson's own Girls' Varsity Basketball Team. The contin- uous streak of win after win is attributed to the mastered spe- cial techniques and plays learned in hours of afterschool practices and superb coaching from Coach Betty Short with the added leadership of Senior Co-Captains Lori Kaufman and Kris Kosinski. Mostly, the girls feel that their generous helping of wins was maintained by the spirit of the game, enthusiasm, and unity. IS7 Glued to the action of the game, Captain Lori Kaufman takes a Opp. Home Dayton 17 35 Plainfield 34 44 0 , 0 15 41 11' s ars1t as et a Benedictine Academy 53 43 St.Mary's 38 44 Westfield 43 55 Brearley 34 50 W Gov. Livingston 52 53 Summit 2B 40 Cranford 37 49 Baffin 4B 46 Holy Trinity 38 58 Colonia 47 34 , Roselle 19 59 Gov. Livingston 51 64 Hillside 43 60 Linden 32 59 Coach Short surveys her team's progress with intensity. refreshing time out. l 4, .g Before the game, Co-captains Kris Ko- senski and Lori Kaufman meet their opposition. 158 "lake" O'Donnell moves in under the "boards" for a rebound. Kris Kosenski bolts down court on a fast break The Big "M" goes all out for the save. lump it-Higher . . . Higher! mter track ONT ROW U to rj Mr Borai joe Figurelli, Doug Kage, jim Quartararo, Tony Gaetano, ll Mellott Mr Dougherty SECOND ROW: john Marsiglia, Dean Constantine, Chuck Cas- no Bill Makoski Ken Walton Gary Wolf, Ron McGovern, jim Massarelli. THIRD ROW: Keller Tom Weitroczski john Lipka, Paul McGuire. Bob Lewaine, Andy Godek, Greg joe Nardo BACK ROW joe Vesey, Colleen Gallagher, Carolyn Cherensky, Ruth Den- Mrke M Arch Curran Dan Kamieniecki. n ALj first female members dash for the finish line. Mr. Borai, Assistant Coach, in one of his sol- emn moments, after a long track meet. "dashing through the snow ..." Gary Wolf gives his all with the shot put. Team members suiting up for a daily jog around town. Devoted to his sport, Coach jim "Dynamite" Dougherty not only takes on one track team a year, but all three-Cross country, Winter, and Spring. 159 bo s' Varsit baseball the Sluggers The boys gather around Coach Shustack as he tells stories about how baseball was in the good old days. "You're out!" i ! 5 if 3 ! 5 Bob Grygiel practices pitching for those tough games ahead. A lim Grygiel tries to find a way to steal second base. n lim Toma unexpectedly throws a clever spike ball. M .M 'fi m.,,L, V - A .-.. A . , 0, nm. t-ff .NN f V .... 4..,. gM4:'kgt: ,tk K .. , K. x 'H ,, - f, r Q , - up 5 . at' - 0112-o fn. . , 4 ',..,,..y, . we 'A .. M W. w 1 ': - L we M. As... "Well, we're waiting: where's the ball?"-Bob Salveson and Bob Baseman Paul Liddy tags his man. MacNaughton. Coach Shustack encourages the guys to stick with rules of good sportsmanship and to play their position to the best advantage of the team. Catcher A1 Rawdow waits to see the outcome of Bob Fredricks hunt girl's varsit softball batter up! Coach Short tries her hand at a line drive. out. Second basewoman, Chi Mei Wu, power packs the ball to tag 'em out at home plate. Shortstop, Marlene Milkosky plays her position with perfection. Nancy Davidson throws into home plate for an Outfielder Robin Manasse's keen eye and quick moves make it impos- sible for any ball to get by. 1 First basewoman, Lori Kaufman, takes time out for a breather while at third base Pat Shest sig- nals another out. 162 Q E Sue Siencinski practices her throwing. Lisa Evanko hurls the ba straight over to Nolan Field, v A, , ,, 7,, , Spflllg iI'HCk the sprinters Front Row fl. to rj: Coach Lummer, I. Guido, E. Soine, M. Reiner, R. Palmer, I. Lorenzo, M. Blejwas, R. Gelfand, I. Qua- tararo, Coach Dougherty, R. Iakubowski, R. Hawryluk, B. Schaghauser, K. Walton, S. Mochtak, T. Makoski, C. Castellano, G. Wolf, S. DeSimone, C. Gallagher, A. Wagner, I. Massarelli, I. Bielk, A Godek, P. McGuire, 1. Figurelli, T. Fitzpatrick, D. Scapati, K. White, Coach Lambrinides, C. Cherensky, B. Introcasso, W.O. Malley, D. Kamienicki, R. Keller, I. Lipka, R. Wolgin, R. Loenser. Back Row: Harrison, D. Madden, G. Storms, Fasullo, T. Wictrokoski, I. Vesey, K. Larkins. E- in Mark Hochman puts his best foot forward as he polishes his pole vaulting techniques. l "On your mark, get set, go!" Coach Lummer tallies up those split-second times! QAbovej: Hurdler Doug Kage is determined to finish off in a good position for the seaswn. fLeftl: Three members, working out in that spring air and sunshine, mark another mile. Senior Ioe Lorenzo pushes off with every muscle in action to break the record time. 163 golf Bob Bruno calls "four!" Row 1 fl. to Ll B. Bruno, R. Huff, D. Masters, M. Lynch, M. Cuzzo-capt.. R. Sinoradzki, P. Higgins, I. Korytki, I. Kane. Second Row: W. Cass, 1. Plage, I. Snarski, A. Gold, K. Raskin, G. Rosivak, B. Reitemeyer, Coach Maikos, T. Hadden. Iill Kane proves she's a match for any male opponent. ',4 the clubbe. Seven team members to one bag of irons-go get 'em! Chopping through the grass is nior Mike Cuzzo. to meet the ball is Zisholtz. Co-captain Alan Shur, a return- ing senior letterman, executes a perfect serve. l l 4 Returning letterman, Brett Ober- man, is shown here in first singles. st Row fl. to nj: K. Siegel, G. Osterwell, D, Goldy, B. Oberman, M. Wienerman. Second Row: Coach Nadasky, ll-Kovar, E. Seltzer, A. Shur, M. Zisholtz, D. Berg, D. Burkhoff. tennis what a racket! Senior Dave Berg positions his serve just right. Senior letterman Mark Kovar, co-captain bats back a serve making the score 15-love. 165 X1 foreign language native tongues -I SI'I'I'ING1l. to r.j: Miss Frances Elm: Mr. August Caprio Coordinator Mrs Marie Meltzer STANDING fl to rj Mrs Lydia Rosenfeld Mr Victor Nazariog Mrs. Shirley Vogel: Mrs. Ieanette Albano Mr Giovanni Gaghone Mrs Kathryn Zlgmont Mrs Gloria Menendez "Every person is different and should have the opportunity to learn as much as he can in the way he learns best"-thislis the sentiment of the For- eign Language Department. Some teachers are using an individualized program to meet each student's par- ticular needs. Learning a foreign lan- guage, with its accompanying study of peoples and cultures, is itself based on a belief in the worth of the individual. 168 english "to be or not to be In focusing on each student as an indi- vidual, the English Department strives to meet interests as well as needs. The pro- gram offers a wide variety of courses that span from, "Language Skills," to one of the newest, "Literature of War." In stimulating the student to express himself verbally and creatively in writ- ing, the teacher contributes a vital part in helping the student retain his individual identity. I I K Nw 1 ONT ROW tl to r Mrs lane Littrell Mrs Lenore Born Mrs Sharon Weiskopf Miss Ioan Tullmang Mrs. Lynn Margolis: Mrs. Anne vett Miss Mary Fogarty Mrs Susan Wolf SECOND ROW Mr Robert Whelan Coordinator: Mrs. Phyllis Carlinsky: Mrs. Bertha Mon- th Miss Ilene Zelkin Mr Gerald Treacy BACK ROW Mr Richard Sax Mr Dennis Borai Mr. Michael Vogel: Mr. Kurt Epps: Mr. Iames 169 mathematics countless equations SITTING fl. to rj: Mr. George Hillag Mr. Richard Fleischer. STANDING: Mr. loseph Assanteg Mr. Herman Simmeth: Mr. Irving Taylor Mr joseph Soil, Goordinatorg Mrs, Shirley Seeligg Miss Iudiih Klebaurg Mr. Charles Mahong Miss Iudith Zack: Miss Dorothy Ries: Mr. Richard Esandrio. In exploring the Mathematics De- partment this year, we found teach- ers enthusiastic about building indi- vidualism through thinking. They feel that in learning the techniques of math, the student begins to think logically. This, in turn, starts the wheels spinning into thinking for himself. Achieving such comprehension in their students requires long hours of lpatience, understanding, and time- often well after three o'clock. .I I 3 'E is IQ tis. 'b science discover Experiment, enrich, and expand are the three essentials in the area of Science. Teachers, find it an enjoyable task to implant curiosity to discover through the freedom of individual exploration. This is demonstrated through various field study trips and related projects as in oceanography, bi- ology, and chemistry labs. There is a grave importance put on the value of the material but even more so, on the way that the learning is achieved. RONT BEHIND TABLE tl. to rj: Mr. Carmine Vitolog Mr. George Karpinski. BACK ROW: Mr. Ioseph Martino: Mr. john Redferng Mrs. nes Eggimann: Mr. Iohn Aragona: Mr. Iohn Maikos: Mr. George Barclay. Coordinator: Mr. Thomas Galiszewskig Mr. Ioseph Marky Mr. illiam Blakely: Mr. Harry Cardinaleg Mr. john Mattson. histor our heritage Q01 pf SEATED tl. to rj: Miss Ioyce Fahrenholtz: Miss Barbara Sutherland: Miss Barbara Hooper: Miss Barbara Doane. STANDING: Mr. Iohn Muller Mr. Stephen Signag Mr. Thomas Faulks: Miss Pauline Keith, Coordinator: Mr, james Dougherty: Mr. Donald Lloyd: Mr. Richard Briechle Mr. Thomas Lambrinides. The Social Studies Department's program this year was a varied one. The student had the chance to select the course which best suited his in- terests. The programs ranged from "U.S. History Survey" to "The Cold War". The three additions to the So- cial Studies Department are Miss Barbara Hooper: Mr. Richard Briechleg and Mr. Thomas Lambri- nides. The department aids the stu- dent in understanding and discov- ering the importance of human relationships in the history of our country. "--..- N-.M ----.....,..,, 'Q-L..,,,,, M-Q... .fxra , ,f ,-'y..,,,d vocational education practical trades 4 . its 4 The students taught by the Voca- I tional Education Department are en- couraged to be themselves. The de- partment lets the students perform f Z and helps to develop their talent and personality. By combining educa- . p tion of the mind with manual skills, t lx a student is taught a trade which he H may use for the rest of his life. ,f,h , Vkxkk, Q xiv, lxzkk V 'STM K Q: Q3 'lv WT LONT ROW fl. to rj: Mr. Ioseph Marzullog Mr. Leon Kvedarg Mr. Chester Kropinicki. BACK ROW: Miss Linda Voros: Mr. rnard Thomassen: Mrs. Maureen Toth: Mrs. Linda Kastnerg Mr. Douglas Iohnsong Mrs. Ada Vastag Mr. Henry Hassel: Mr. ibert Tunison: Mr. George Gergulasg Mr. Stanley Grossman, Coordinator. 173 business financiers STANDING fl. to r.J: Mr. Robert McCusker Mrs Vivian Caniano Mr Robert Kastner Mr Iohn Ford Mrs Maria Nesgood Mrs Anna Killian: Mrs. Eleanore Murphy, Coordinator Mrs Iosephine Chevalier Mr Edward Shustack The Business Education Department en- courages its students to use good judgement and common sense. In developing individ- ualism, the Business Department feels it is important to build creativity. The depart- ment also provides a special work program which allows students to obtain valuable on-the-job training while still attending high school. 174 Cdl., cultural arts sights and S sounds L., ...Ka I Cultural Arts brings out in the student his in- dividual talent. Whether in song, in drama, or on canvas, the student is encouraged to "do his own thing." Teachers carry out this ideal and foster desire through performance on stage, in concert, and in the art show. I.M.C., STANDING fl. to Ll: Mr. Stephen Stobinski, Mrs. Evelyn Isaac, Mrs Hildur Carroll, Mrs. Faye Friedman. STANDING fl. to rj: Mr. Andrew Iupina, Mr. Walter Both, Mrs. Tatiana Thompson, Mr. Iohn Vida. SEATED: Miss 175 Polly Novak: fMissingJ Mr. Edward Brown, Coordinator. physical education body building The Physical Education Department has shown tremendous effort with impressive suc- cess in planning a true student interest program. The program is divided into two, four-week periods of a semester. During this time, stu- dents may choose any sport or activity offered, regardless of whether it's a "Girls" or "Boys" sport, that pertains to his own interest. Teachers feel that in giving students the op- portunity to choose, they are largely fulfilling the students need to demonstrate his own individuality. FRONT ROW fl. to r.J: Miss Betty Linaberry, Mrs. Saundra Spera Miss Mary Short Mrs Sheryl DeRogat1s Mr Robert Foster BACK ROW: Mr. Robert Nadasky, Mr. Steven Ciccotelli, Mr. Michael Ianelh Mr Robert Lummer Mr jerry Allocco KMISSINGJ Mr Louis Peragallo. 176 health hyglenically speaking s Q Q Q n 4, it A P' 4 t ROW ll to rj Mr Robert Cardwell Mr Iohn Brown Coordinator Mrs Marie Ratel BACK ROW: Miss Arlene Blaumeiserg Mrs. Dalton The Health Department adds the es- sential finishing touches to the individ- ual. The staff provides a working knowledge of emergency first aid, and features a complete course in drivers education. More importantly, it helps the student to come face to face with more urgent problems through its sex education and drug education programs. Q adminstration J 5 9 4 ' a . V i Q . 1 vt f 4 2 i E I f Mr. Robert E, Hough governs from the principal's office. making sure the day runs smoothly. After many years of service in our school, Mr. DeRosa has not lost his eternal en- thusiasm, vitality, generosity, or the love and admiration of every student. 'Q-rwniiutv -as -W sw .,,.wu. Continually devoting all his time and energy to the caring and shaping of ons student body, Mr. David Carl without a doubt has captured the deserved r spect of us all. I oard of education lr. Donald Merachnik. Superintendent of Union County Regional ichools. Members: SITTING fl. to r.j: Mr. Stephen A. Marcinakg Mr. Iohn E, Conlin, Vice President: Mrs. R. Waldt: Mr. Charles E. Vitale, Ir., Presidentg Mr. Lewis Fredericks, Secretary: Mrs. Virginia Mus- Mrs. Sonya G. Dorsky. STANDING: Mr. Theodore A. Whiteg Mr. Peter I. Yannottag Mr. Roland F. Mr. Charles Bauman, Assistant Superintendent of Union County Regional Schools. guidance At some time during his high school years, every student needs someone to listen and advise. Coun- selors help each student in realizing his individual goals, and retaining his identity, a thing which can be so easily lost among grades and crowds in this large school. This year the Iohnson Regional Guidance Department, under the di- rection of Mr. john Simpson, wel- comed a new member, Mr. Edward San Fillipo, and warmly rewel- comed Mrs. Susan Honrath after a year's absence. These and the other guidance counselors are the people who have the closest relationships with the students, and know most about their needs. They truly listen. pupil personnel 005 Mrs. Germaine Trabert-Speech Therapist Mrs. Krimsky-Teacher Aide, Learning Resource Center 180 department SITTING fl. to LJ: Mrs. Gertrude Falking Mrs. Susan Honrath. STANDING: Mr. Edward San Fillipo, Mr. Edward Ammann: Mr. Iohn Simpson, directory Mr. Irwin Pearsong Mr. Ioseph Streit. services ,'?l.,v' 5,- ., -E . vw r L V K 15 fg 1 A .. JW ,,,,..,.......,. i Mrs. Peg Adubato-Attendance Officer Mrs. Patricia Arber-Teacher, Learning A Resource Center Y.. , Yigfgs t r it . .M VK EY " , in 5 17, ' - sm . Mrs. Karen Vinacour-Social Worker ,-.....-an X 'si Mr. Robert Ashworth-Psychologist M. Kenneth Moritko-Computer Services Frank Pagano-School Dentist A Mrs. Barb Ullom-Iob Coordinator Mrs. Elaine Sacks-Learning Disabilities Specialist ealth services .5 Dr. Alex Kowalenko-School Physician Nearly a third of the people who as- sist in running Iohnson Regional every day provide special services, ranging from medical care to learning dis- ability therapy. Many of these people are highly visible. What student has never been the recipient of Dr. Pa- gano's care, Mrs. Adubato's judgment, or urgent summonses from the Health Office? Others are not so visible, but their presence is evident everywhere- the mountains of paperwork that are done, the never-ending need for Mrs. Ullom's job placement program, help- ing students to cope, are all an integral part of school life. M by -3 s-g .--.. A 9 i - W I i-isfuwg 'i A if ,vi 7 , f I l . 9 2 63 x- . .Ns V. s. ,Y gr W N A ' 1 ' Y' .A I 1 , 4 Q ' ' ' A E . I . ., . X, Nvrg . Q . n , ' 'wma , . '.. M Q . 1: ,xr 4 ' A' t ' ' 1 1 Mrs. Margaret Ryan-Teacher Aide Mrs. Henrietta Brown-School Nurse 181 spanish honor sooiet Spanish Honor Society: W. Altman, E. Bach, D. Ber Treas. W. Cass, S. Chanin, S. Cherensky, I si D, - Crawford, L. D'Arcangelo, C. Davern, M. Ester- sohn, B. Fredericks, R. Gelormini, S. Gill, A. Gold E. Goldberg, R. Guerry, R. Hanna fPres.j, B. Kauf- man, C. Kierner QAsst. Secj, C. Klemens, L. Ko- sinski, M. Kovar, C. Kuhn, V. LaBella fAsst. Sec.j I. Lystash, P. McGuire, K. McNulty, B. Makoski, K. Mattlage, S. Medwied, E. Mitnowsky, B. Needle B. Oberman, P. Pearl, G. Perrota, I. Ravich, L. Re- gan, M. Reiner, G. Rosivack QV. Pres.j, A Schwartz, M. Schwartz, S. Skryna, G. Smar QSec.j V. Susko, G. Yeats. The officers of the Spanish Honor Society are: President, Robin Hannag Vice President. Glenn Rosivack, Secretaries, Ginger Smar and Cindy Kiernerg Treasurers, David Berg and Veronica LaBclla. Members are inducted after two years of Spanish. Senior members of the Spanish Honor Society who were involved in a candy sale to raise money. 182 Some members of the Spanish Honor Society at one of their monthly meetings. italian honor sooiet Italian Honor Society: E. Amabile, A. Carmella, P. Cipriano, M. DeLuca IV. Presj, S. Ginesi ISec.l, I. Guido, L. Luise ITreas.J, S. Mirto, K. Ruggieri fPres.j, A. Saracino, I. Villa. The Italian Honor Society holds discussions concerning Italy. 'Ru of the French Honor Society participate in an annual perfume sale, plus other activities d by the French Club. french honor sooiet French Honor Society: A. Bauer, H. Church, K. Cutinello, I. Gale, C. Papp IV. Presj, A. Saracino, B. Shain, S. Tredeau ISec.-Treas.J, L. Vislocky tPres.j. 183 ....,.., ......, custodians cafeteria staff 186 Custodians fl. to rj: Mr. Wirth, Mr. Soos, Mr. McHale, Mr. Mateyak Mr. Scudari. Missing: Mr. Burkhardt, Mr. DeL0renzo, Mr. Fuda, Mr O'R0urke, Mr. Plungis. ' 4'x"v- some-'sl 'N -...Q This year's hardworking cafeteria staff consists of Mrs. B. Ashley, Mrs. A. Claus, Mrs. M. DeVito, Mrs. E Harrington, Mrs. F. lacquemin, Mrs. I. Laskowski, Mrs. M. Marrin, Mrs. R. Mateyak, Mis. R. Merrigan, Mrs. E Shaw, and Mrs. E. Switek. secretaries I "WH X ' 4' 'Q M s. Irma Best-Mr. Carl's Secretary. ..,,..,......,.a....... 5113433 7 Mrs. Barbara Searles-Mr. DeRosa's Secretary. Mrs. Lucille Makoski-Mr. Hough's Secretary. Secretaries fl. to Ll: Mrs. Margaret Halsey, Mrs. Iosephine Noiyes, Mrs. Inez Wagner, Mrs. Florence An erson, Mrs. Marie Ko- bin, Mrs. Dorothy Czarnecki, Mrs. Hildur Carroll, Mrs. Stella Rieder. Mrs. Dorothy Rakita-Mr. Moritko's Secretary. 187 . I jj. ian .xi 53 .V af, , .. r f .Q I ! 3 'Q 1 9,2-,?g?,g',, t gmt' A I '-'-1 ... Whfgw :QQ 4' 1 2 Ah M ., N S . gf I we 'K f I -Azz.. - ,ut il 5'A' x x 1 -im x A - F . ,f 1. 'N' KI" -v. Kev FM' ,L Q as Q X, 'Q Q ff et 188 va Q 1, Q N 5 - -X' Q fig Q. , X ff :f ,mx-4 I - Q H .W . A 0 f , ,x I f KY K i nf? 4 fi if-QiEf'7 m Q V 5 2 A - YNY ,V4'M . K- . Lk . 4 , M, Y- , Q W I 'C .ia l X X N 5. K ! X. f I 'ff 'E' N kL41x nm 15 s ' ,I f- 'L'i 0 "HK lg M X P5 I Us A oe 5 K 44' ..L " A ' f 'Q -HF 'nfl' V, Qt.. ' . , H' '32 JH' - Q' . w ' ,.-.. al' - -Q- - --Y" ' 1' A+..-fab Y 'QISW' vf, Rfxh' va' tv I N S ,,. 5-J .ws It l. . I R. t VS P 9 ' .-.,.-... ff' . ,nf ' QQ , X .wa "f YI v .f., , q . , A , as m M .' "" . 1 5 ' X - -. r C 'R E . xsf ' . 4 5 Q N 11' wk ., A Q' , Q A 0 J N ,L -sf L ,. x Li. , ffm 5' S OX f 189 uwfut yesterday morning! fhey felf 707010 f you wer? gone , X Sugavme, the plays they made pai an and fo you. J wafkecf fhii morning ale! J X wro ta dawn Mis Jong! J Jllfi 6871? remember who io .Send if fa. JH? 46677 fire and Jvc sem ,fain Java gem .mnny day: that!! ihoujhf would never mc! x 8 X Ms UQ 2 -9 Qc seen fone? times when J awk! noi X .Rnd aXfQcnd Qui 9 slings fhaugfzl ifhaf .92 see you again U6 ,Diff ffm: mhr: kfrry 'frezia , 75m Zffafo and 7211 g Zigpkgfy X065 of 'B' Janice fiorrfano 025.1 of '77 66131 f79nnn-ttf lildrr he If 1 1 An individual striving fnr something new. ' ' Vw' v-.5 An. . . Seeking out pathways and patterns to live my life as much as I can. Trying'to view everyone's side and giving a hand where I can-even if I stand firm on one side of that fence. 92 I ke on many roads whose ends I cannot see. But I love what I do see, and try not to be blind. many bridges to cross, but now I know the way. I know someday I'll answer question "Who Am I?" We have journeyed these halls of fohnson together for four years, having been guided by opportunities to ex- plore, reach out and touch. Seeking our way through many experiences, formulated dreams, hopes and ideals- at long last we stand on the essence of our being. A person totally evolved in his own mind, thought and animation. Ready to stand on our own two feet and declare "I am me"-full of ambi- tion to freely exist in a time of con- formity, a bit afraid, but dedicated in the cause. We are ready to emerge, to face opposing forces and be firm, for whatever else may follow-believe in yourself. u Q ,if I gn 5' , . 33, N Q' I' i - i as ,, RQ: - K' dnl' if sw ig',fnU 34f"k?Q . 5 Ridge Road COELLN. BARBARA 183 Gibson Boulevard G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: Ski Club 2.3.4. Treasurer 2. President 4: Statistician 4: Choir 2: Belle Tones 3.4: Thespians 4: Play Committees 2.3.4: Health Office Assistants 2: l.A. 2: Lance Co- editor 4: Quest editor 3.4: Cheerleader Club 2.3: Candy Capt. 4: Pep Club 2.3.4: Football fteachers v.s. senior girlsj. CONDIT, EILEEN 461 Westfield Avenue Ski Club 1: Surf Club, president 3: Student Council 1: Freshman Class Secretary. CONSTANTINE, DEAN 47 Liberty Street fWinterj-Track 4: Spanish Club 2.3: National Honor Society 3.4: Key Club 3.4: I.A. 2: Lance 4: Chess Club 3. CONTI. IOE 52 Doris Way Wrestling 3: A.V.A. 3. T.O. 4. CONWAY. NANCEE 89 Acorn Drive G.A.A. 1.2.3. CRAWFORD. BRIAN 27 St. Germain Drive Football 1.2,3.4: Track 1.4. CUNNINGHAM. ROBERT 45 Lupine Way Band. CUTINELLO.. KAREN . 74 Emerald Place G.A.A. French Honor Society 3.4: French Club 1,2.3.4: National Honor society 3.4: Band Committees 3.4: Quest 4: Prom Committee 3. CUZZO. MIKE 50-Rose Terrace Basketball. 1: Soccer 2.3.4: Golf CYRAN. IOHN 57 Colonial Drive Football 1: Wrestling 1: Spanish Club 1: 2.3. - r . CZARNECKI. FREDERICK f DI LOLLO. MARK 131 lupitor Street Latin Club 2: Italian Club 3: Musical 4: School Play 3: Stage Crew 3: Thespians 4. DONAHUE. RACHEL 43 Alice Lane DONAHUE. RAYMOND 20 Skyline Drive DORIO. TONI ANN 70 Lincoln Boulevard G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: Thespians 3.4: Props Com- mittee 1.2.3: Chairman of Publicity 4: Health Office Assistant 1.2: Girls Gym Office Assis- tant 4: F.B.L.A. 2.3.4, president 4: l.A. 2.3.4. Award Trip to Belgium. Safety Director 2, As- sistant Treasurer 3. President 4: Lance 4: Color Guard Club 3: Prom Committee 3: Pep Club 1.Z.3.4. President 3.4. EINHORN. DAVE 137 Walnut Avenue ELMS. CANDY 48 Ivy Street Ski Club 3: Surf Club 2: Cosmetology 3.4. ENGWALL. DON 53 Nassau Street fWinterj-Track 1.2.3: fSpringl-Track 1.2.3: Cross Country 1.2.33 T.O. 3.4. EPSTEIN. SHERRI-M . 126 Iupitor Street af ffl G.A.A. 1.2.4: Stage Crew 4: :IMC aide 1.2: F.B.L.A. 4. . I p ERHARD. SCOTT A 18 Whitley Terrance FAEDE. GARY 40 Coldevin Road FAKLA. CAROL 55 Cornell Drive G.A.A. Office Assistant 2.3.45 Twirler Club 1: Prom Committee 3. FALLON. MARK 149 Dorset Drive Drama Workshop 2. 5 AZRANELLI, SUSAN 903 Raritan Road X A .G.A.A. 3. F.B.laA. 2.3.4. Pei, crass s. 42 Bradley Baseball 2.3: FEOLA. ROXANNE 1 Emerald Court '5iFl-YRMAR. MICHAEL Spanish Club 3.4: National Honor Society 4: Band Dance Band 1g2.4: Orchestra 3.4. DANGO. PAUL 15 lanie Lane Biology Club 1. D'ARPA. MARIE 62 Conger Way G.A.A. 1.2: D.E.C.A. 3,4 DAVERN. CAROL 261 Valley Road. ' Q G.A.A. Spanish Honor '-Society 3.4: Spanish Club 1.2: National Honor Society 3.4: Vocal Workshop 3: Belle Tones 4: Cheerleader 4: Cheerleader Club Prom Committee 3. DAVIDSON. AMY 44 Shetland Drive G.A.A. Ski Club 4: National Ilonor So- ciety 3.4: Guidance Office Assistant 3: Twirl- ing Club Twirler 3.4: Prom Committee 3: Pep Club 1: Ecology Club 4. DAWSON. DAVID ' 14 Bartell Place Freshman Football 1. DECKBR. MARY 39 Skyline Drive DE FALCO. RALPH 54 Iames Avenue DE GESO, GARY 33 Dawn Drive DELADVITCH. PETER 27 Richard Street wrestling 3.4. . DENNISON. DON , 17 Kathryn Street ' Soccer 3: Drama Workshop 2. DENTICO. DINA 19 Crestwood Lane Cosmetology 3.4. DEZIC. GLORIA 3 Conger Way G.A.A. 1.2.33 Stage Crew 2.3: Office Assistant 2.3.4. DICKEY. IANE ' 75 Union County Parkway i G.A.A. Stage Crew 2.3: Committees 2.3.4: Color Guard Captain 4: Color Guard Club 2.3.4: Health Careers Club 1.2. X 34 Roberts Road . G.A.A. Italian Honor Society 4: Italian Club 2.3: Belle Tones 4. X K FERRARA. STEVE - i rr V 53 Sweet Briar Drive Baseball 1.2: Band 1. FERRIS. DONNA 48 Ross Street . G.A.A. 1.23.44 Ski Club 12.35, Secretary: Spanish Club 1.2: Belle Tones. 3.4: Band 3.4: Dance Band 4: Musical 3.4: School Play 4: Stage Crew 3.4: Thespians 3.4: Committees 3.4: Student Council 3. FICKE. ROBIN 4 Coldevin Road G.A.A. 'Spanish -Honor Society 3.4: Spanish C1t.ilgr1.2: National Honor Society 3.4: 4: Color Guard 4: Color Gut1rdQCl1li!f?lQ3i3.4: Prom Committee 3: Candy CafJIafn?4fPep Club 1.2: Senior Dinner'Com- niitt.egg4. FTEYEZSD' CHARLES Dfivtifl. Basehtiiffffrainer Foot- ballfkvaiher 4. P' FORT BOB 5 Park FOOGQII 1.2: Wrestling 1: Union County Voca' tiongil Center 3.4: Fishing 2. POQSA. TONY 1147 .Lake Avenue D.E.C.A. 4. F'ON"l'ENEl..l.I. IERRY 35 Sandalwood Drive Basketball 1.2: Winter Track 3: Spring Track 1.2.3: Musical 3.4: School Play 3.4: Stage Crew 3.4: 'Ihespians 3.4: Drama Workshop 3.4: Committees 3.4: Key Club 3.4: Quest 4: Stu- dent Council 1.2.3,4. President 4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Candy Captain. 4 FREDERICK. DON '1131 Lake Avenue FRENCHQGAIL G.A.A. 1,2.3.4: Color Guard Club 2.3.4: Color Guard 4: Art Club 1. .-.- - 4 ... . FRIEDMAN, LISA 31 Hillcrest Drive FRIEDMAN. SANDER 15 Westfield Avenue FULOP. SUSAN 1.,Hillside Avenue FURINESS, SAM 63 Stemmer Drive Soccer Captain 4: Baseball 1.2.3: Wres- tling 1,2.3.4. Captain 4: Spanish Honor Society 3.4: National Honor Society 3.4. President 4: Key Club, Vice President 4. GAETANO. ANTHONY 24 Hillcrest Drive Winter Track 3.4: Cross Country 3.4: Ski Club 3.4: German Club 1.2: National Honor Society 3.4: Band 1: Stage Crew 1: Committees 1: Prom Committee 3: Publicity Crew 3.4: Ir. Historian Club 3.4: Future Physicians Club 3.4. GALASSO. MARK 17 Meadow Road Wrestling 1: Ski Club 2: Surf Club Secretary 2: Spanish Club 2. GALE. IANICE 70 Thomas Drive G.A.A. 1.2.3,4: French Honor Society 4: French Club 2.3.4: National Honor Society 3.4: Belle Tones 2.3: Bel Canto 4: Band 2.3.4. GALLAGHER. ART sffmfbllashington Street Sldfgllub 3.4: Drama Workshop 2. GEIGER, GEORGE 180 Acorn Drive Soccer 1.2: fSpringJ Track 1: f-.. Band 1.2.3,4: Dance Band 2. GELDHAUSER, CRAIG i 58 Gertrude Street GELFAND. RANDY 56 Devon Lane Football 1: fWinterJ-Track 2: tSpringJ-Track Cross Country 2.3.43 Ski Club 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3.4. GQNAISQS. IAMES -gyrcegsfwliltlir 1: Bel Canto 2.3.4. 5 . one .. KENNETH 515 BIairg:Dr4ve Footballi2:'Wrdstling 4: Soccer 4. . . Q5 f3ER0l-SU.fSAl5lDRA 5 11 Blake'U1'We I 1 Concert Choir 1: Belle Tones 2.3: Bel Canto-4: Drarpryworkshop 4: Committees 1.2.3. be i IGIANTIQSAMUEL 291 Willow Way Q ' - Soccer 1.23 Baseball 1.2.-fl: :Spanish Honor So- ciety 3.4: National Irlonor.Society 3.4: Key Club 3.4: Crusader 3: Student Council 4: Chemistry Club 4. GIGANTINO. IACK 89 Hutchinson Place GILL, SHERYL 37? Valley Road . G.A.A. 2.3.41 Spanish Honor Society 3.4. Sec- retary 3: National Honor Society 3.4: Concert Clgpiria: Belle Tones 4: Attendance 0fficeiAs- sistant 3:5 Student Council 3.4: Prom Com- mitteearcandy Captain 4. GIL.l.,ESPI'E. ROBERT' 533Meadow Road Baske-.tball::1.2.3: Football 1.2.3.-4. Captain 4: Baseball 1.2. GLEASON, JANET 4 Rose Terratie . G.A.A.: F.B.I..A. 2. GODBK. ANDREA 134 Lexington Boulevard . G.A.A.'11 Ski Club 3: Office Assistant 3: Prom. Committee 3. GODFREY. BILL 34 Mildred Terrace Soccerwlgni COLD. .ALAN 113 Mildred Terrace Gross Country 2: Golf 3.4: Spanish Honor So- Clely 31.43 National Honor Society 3.4: Band 3.4: Lance 4: Dance Band 4. GRANDE. ELISA 100 Richard Street G.A.A.f1.2.3: F.B.L.A. 1.2.31 Pep Club GREENA BERYL 186 Liberty Street G.A.A.Qg3.4. Cosmetology 3.4. .:::::ft ' 1 . GREENBERG, BARBARA 27 Chestnut Street G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: National Honor Society 3.4, Treasurer 4: Band 1,23 Committees 2.3: Guid- ance Office Assistant 3,43 Lance Co-editor 4. GREENBERG, IEFF 71 Prospect Street GRIES, FRED 1 Lincoln Boulevard Soccer 1.23 Baseball 1: Spanish Club 1,2. GRONDIN, RUTH 150 Thomas Drive G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Italian Club 2.3: School Play 3,43 Thospians 4: Drama Workshop 43 Com- mittees 2,3,41 Pop Club 1. CRYCIEL, ROBERT 320 Oak Ridge Road Basketball '1,2,3,4: Football 13 Baseball 3.4: Tennis 2: Stage Crew 2,3,4: Committees 243,43 Key Club 3,41 A.V.A. 1: Sound Studio 13,41 Student Council 4. . HADDEN, NEIL 14 King Street ' Golf 3: Musical 4: School Play 3: Walk-a-thon 3: Bike-a-thon 3. HAISCH, RANDY 88 Willow Way Basketball 2: Soccer 1,2.3.4: Baseball 1.2. HALLORAN. KEN 45 Lexington Boulevard Band 1,2. HALUZA. KAREN Emerald Court G.A.A. 13 Surf Club 1: Concert Choir 1: Belle Tones 1,2g Office Assistant 1: F,B.L.A. 3.4. HAMULAK, BOB 52 Whittier Road Football 1.2. HAMULAK. IANET 52 Whittier Road HANNA, ROBIN 101 Lincoln Boulevard G.A.A. 1.2.3,4: Spanish Honor Society 3,4, President 4: German Club 1: National Honor Soceity 3.4: Band 1,2,3.4: Health Office Assis- tant 3: Girl's Service Club 2,3, Vice-President 3: Lance 3: Color Guard Club 2.3: Prom Com- mittee 3: Candy Captain 4: Health Careers Club 1,2,3. Treasurer 2: Girls' State Delegate 3. HANSEN. DEBORAH 42 Skyline Drive GAA. 3,43 National Honor Society 3.4: Play Committee 3: Boy's Gym Office Assistant 4. HASSLER. RICHARD 76 Cornell Drive Golf 3,4. HASTINGS. LINDA 154 Lexington Boulevard National Honor Society 4: IMC Aide 3.4: F.B.L.A. 3: l.A. 3: C.O.E.P. 3. HECHT, DAVE 127 Stonehenge Terrace Ecology Club 1. HECHT. MARTY 127 Stonehe?e Terrace Distributive ducation Club. Vice-President 4. 25 Blake Drive HERING, RANDY 22 Stanton Street HERSH, EILEEN 19 Surrey Road G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club 1: Make-up Com- mittee 2,3,4: Attendance Office Assistant 3.4: Twirler Club 3: Prom Committee 33 Pop Club 3,4. HOCKMAN, AMRK 56 Stonehenge Terrace , Winter Track 2: Spring Track 1,2.3.4: Ski 4: Spanish Club 1,2: National Honor Societyl4: Concert Choir 2: BelCanto 3.4: Musical 1,2,3,4: Stage Crew 3.4: Thespians 2,3,4: Student Council 4. - ffl' HOCK, SUE 143 Walnut Avenue D.E.C.A. 3,4. HOEHN, SHERYL ' f ' 57 Prescott Turn Q National Honor Society 3: School Play 3. - HOER. DENISE 21 Thomas Drive W H A A G.A.A. 2,3,4: German Honor Society 314: Trea- surer 4: German Club 2,3,4:. YicePresident 4: National Honor Sammy 3A:lSwe1W HERBIG, BOB Q. A fice Assistants 3,4: Student Council 2,3,4g Prom Committee 3: Chief Candy Captain 4. HOFFMAN, IUDY 21 Willow Way G.A.A. 1,2.3,4: Ski Club 2.3.4, Treasurer 43 Health Careers Club 4. HOFFMAN, SUE 23 Charles Street HOFSCHNEIDER. GALE 48 Fan Street G.A.A. 1,4: F.B.L.A. 3,43 C.O.E.P. 4. HOOGSTEDEN, LINDA 37 Ridge Road HOYER, LAURIE 36 Bradley Road GAA. 1,2,3,4: Italian Club 2,33 National Honor Society 43 Band 1,23 Play Committees 3,1-1: Cosmetology 3.4: HYDUKB. DIANE ' 262 Valley Road - G.A.A. 2.3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2.3. Trea- surer 3: National Honor Society 3,43 Concert Choir 3: Attendance Office Assistant 4: Color Guard Club 2.3: Prom Committee 3. IAKUBOWSKI, LORRAINE 928 Madison Hill Road G.A.A. :1.2,3,4: I.M.C. Aide 3.4: F.B.L.A. 4. IANET, LARRY 5:4 - 1 541 Oak Ridge Road C X IENEIY, DOLORES SUZY 439l'Westfield Avenue' G.A.A. 13 Surf Club 1: Concert Choir 1: Belle TOIIBS 2,3.4g F.B.L.A. 1,2,3,4. V IESIONKA. RICH 24 Canterbury Road IOHNSON, EILEEN 26 Ross Street G.A.A. 1,2,33 Spanish Club 1: National Honor Society 3,43 Belle 'Tones 3: Bel Canto 4: Musi- cal 3,43 School Play 4: Stage Crew 23,45 Thes- piana -3.4, President 4: fhramaeworkshop, 44, 1 ,Q Committees 23.41, lrlealthl 'Qfflnzdl 241-wistsgt 11:22 .gg g 91 Thomas Drive Basketball 13 Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 33 Ski Club 2,3: Key Club 4. KIMM, ROBERT 24 Woodland Road Football 1,2: Spring Track 1: Wrestling 1,2,3,4. KLEHM, KEVIN 181 Victoria Drive Wrestling 1,2: Ski Club 2. KLEMENS, CHRIS 31 Ayers Lane G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 43 Spanish Club 1.23 Spanish Honor Society 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Choir 13 Belle Tones 2,35 Bel Canto 4: Costume Committee 43 Health Office Assis- tant 33 Girls Service Club 3: F.B.L.A. 43 Lance 4: Health Careers Club 3.4: Secretary 4. KOQXN. DONNA 63 Malvern Drive y , G.A.A. 1,2g3: Ski Cllib,2: D.E1J.A. 3.4:WProm Committee 3. Football lteachers vs, Senior girlsj. KOPECKY. PETER 32 Alice Lane KOPLIN, MARC 14 Stonehenge Terrace Ski Club 23 Surf Club President 2:1Spanish Club 1,231 Lance 3,45 Photography Club 2.3.4. KOSRNSKI. KRISTINE ' 56 Hillcrest Drive G.A.A. 1.2.3,4: Basketball 2.3.4. Co-captain 4: Color Guard Club 1.2.3. KOSIARSKI. IOHN 22 Charles Street KOSINSKI, PAUL 266 Valley Road Rocketry Club 4. KOVAR, MARK , 172 Meadow Road Tennis f1,2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 3,4: Spaniehlillub 1: National Honor Society 3.4: 2: Lanoooo-editor 4: Quest 3: Flite an sfcianstcsxuugsgfra-ree:1 rrir H - ff, r. 1 DglglGLAS '--i 3. 1. EE? .5 69Meadow'Roadl CQ if itiii iffff Tilgz Soccer 2: Winter 'Prank 2Q3,4Q Spring Track 1,2,3,4: Spanisl1g:Club 1: National Honor :So- ciety 3,4g Band 1,2,3.4, President 4: Dance Band 1.2,-1: Musical 1.2J3,4: School Play 4: Committees 4: Key Club13,4g Student Council 4. 1 C Football 1,2,3,4: Spring 1,2Q3.1l. J W KRAUS, THOMASX L X- 23 Picton Street Biology Club 1. A KRAUSE. BARBARA C 19 Florence Drive ji KARAMUS- BOB L 1 . Nation!!! Honor Society SA: 20 Molmfmview 13084 1 1 fEB:L,A.:Hea11hLCarwiS C1u1xa.wr:eas11wr4f KASSELBRENDA- errra Yiflfggfs.. o 12 Emerald Cvurtw' C olofiialflliivizo o if rire 1 Belle Tones 1,2. I A KASSEL, KIM 12 Emerald Court G.A.A. 13 Concert Choir 1. KAUFMAN. LORI B4 Mae Bello Drive G.A.A. 3,4: Basketball 2.3.4: Tennis 43 Softball 3.43 National Honor Society 3.4: Office Assis- tant 1: Lance 4. KEl.LEMAN,PAUL 18 Clauss Road Basketball, Co-Captain 4: Baseball 1.Z,3,4: Spanish Club 1: National Honor So- neity 3.4. in KELLERf IANIS ' 36 Fulton Street D.E.C:A. 354. e KBLLISGLENN W si Q 285 Laurel Lane X T.O, BA. KELLY. BRIAN 19 Mountainview Road , 1 KELLY. PATTY if C it '7 Blake Drive 1 1 1 1 G.A.A.: 1.2: Concert:Choi1f 1: Belle Tones 2,3: Bel :Csmto V45 Musical 4: School Play 4: Prom Gommittee 3. - - V BILL , , , . . 474:"Madi9?ifi"HiIl4ioad1a f ,L..V . J v 27 Aeken ss?s:::'.zz:,ef-x-y ,ggi 1 .. G.A.A. 1.2.3.-'15 Ski Club 4: National Honor So- ciety s:4f:Prnyfownmmees:z,a,4z a e 1 or KETlUt'GfCA1Lv C 113fLe:ungtqn:i3QIilMi5K511., 1mm.v I mLiA y G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Quest 2: Pep Club 1. LARRY 349l'03l6 'Riflglfi ikoiiiif' fff 7f i i KILIMN- BRIAN 1'z Q J ,, ,,,,, M G.A.A. 11: F.B.L.A. 3,41 'D.E:C.A.1, 4, vim President: C.O.E.P. 4. KROEBEL, LESLIE 61 Lefferts Lane G.A.A. 1,2.3,4: Ski Club 2.3,-t, Secretary 4: Spanish Club 1: Play Committees 2,41 Quest 2: Twirler Club 1,2,33 Health Careers Club 4. KROV. ALAN 51 Woodland Road Football 1.2: National Honor Society 3.4: Key Club 3,4. KRUPOWIES. CHRIS 39 james Avenue G.A.A. 1,2.S.4: German Honor Society 3.4: German Club 4: Natiorml Honor Society 4: :Sqhool Pl QS: 3.42 Cheerleader CIUIQQX4: gear-leader 14: JXUCHARSKI, LINDA 75 Lincoln Boulevard X KUENZE, GERARD if 51 Bqrtell Place KUHN, ANDY A' 1192 Madison Hill Road Soccer 4: Baseball 4: Germa4ztClub 4: Drama Workshop 4. y 1 KUHN. CAROL 1 34 Deerwood Drive V .- G.A.A. N251 Spanish Honor Society 3.4: Na- tional Honor Society 3.4: Office Ashistant 3.4: Prom Committee 3. my KUSPIEL, EDWARD r 7 E-lm Street Basketball 1: Soccer 1,,2,3,43 Spring Track 1.2.2141 Mulligan, KUTYLA, KAREN C C 31 Dawn Drive, I . I -- -G.AA.?-152.93-T 'Spanish Club 1,2: F.B.l-AA. 13: o.E.c.A.4. a fr r eseazfzfifi- iw Ni + QQQQ os M . 1, N now uw -fo M wb Ieiifilaesega' fssmszsfisiiiz'fffrx' - Sw 1, .lesevssss -2S1':c22122s2L v N. 'fs ' : 1-N.. -w o Wat:..m.- -113' 'Aw ' si M. , wa FY B' 21' n r X-fy . ,q - : -ff. f., ,fm-'Zi'L: fxrx-5 X wi -M-6 .5 X , X,--gf x Q , U ,. xi ' ' X 5 i. , IIC 2.1, f , K . IA hx ' ts, wal sl. rl , J vhs? ,,Q if 7 , -.5 M., .mx . 'K 1 , s r , 4 'V W JL, RY w Sk NRE' Q 'Q D a v K. 1, X 3wS X9 + 2 '31 fx K9 :. Eff K 5 Q-K 0 LQN X Y W MSX, xx A vw ki N Q Xxlx SX 5 xx Q 1 4 we R.. 'fflnlh Qfy: . fr pg ,S Q, S f rl. 3 - is T .,, A XM , Xsff5f'?M1 - .I 7.4 Q A X 5 - fiw?'S1p :ir 'XM' 'fi-if xxx 'C' 1 fo 4' X-lf" 'feX:,,af,Lf-g, S, Nw L , wwmwg.. f i, ' ,- Q. .sq .-l,f'Yx72'4 V Sl ,- ij.1,WiSiff iw, sQxaffQ- Ke a . mr .,,LY X. H 1 1 il P1 .L 'Q , x Q X X N lv' xg X 'p K Jnfzzfa ' ' 'xv Tian! A ,rw SY X ilggligikx ww Q Honor Society 3.4: Belle Tones 3: Bel Canto 4: Musical 4: Thespians 3.4: Committees 2,3.4: Girls Service Club 3: Student Council 4: Pmm Committee 3: Candy Captain 4: Pep Club 1: Health Careers Club 1. NOVAK. MIKE 39 Emerson Road Winter Track 1: German Honor Society 3.4: German Club 1.2.3,4: National Honor Society 3.4: Bel Canto 3.4: Musical 2.3,4: School Play 1.3,4: Thespians 2,3,4: Committees 2: Ridicu- losus Est Society 3.4. RF: NUCERA. FRANK 700 Raritan Road Football 1.2. OATES, EILEEN . t 51 Amelia Drive l 4 G.A.A. Belle Tones. 2? IQNLC. Aide 12 Sound Studinqzg Color lGirard 4: Color Guard scrub 1,2,3.4: citssme1aisgy':i,4. OHARE. DONNA - A 36 Cornell Drive G.A.A: 1,23 Makeup Committee 4: Attendance Office Assistant 2 3.-new 0 NEILL TERRY 38 Wendell Place t t it Arrxt i . G A A 1 2 3 4 ConcerGi3fltoir 3: Be1le?Tones'4: 1 1 Color C0161-gtgard Club 'l,2.3,4: Pep uh 1. Choir 2 Committees A V A 1 2 3 Track .t -. 2 Alice Lane PYONIN. SHERRI 27 Sandalwood Drive C.A,A. 1,2,3,4: French Club 1: Belle Tones 2: Bel Canto 3.4: Musical 2.4: Thespians 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4: Drama Workshop 4: Chil- drexfs Theatre Workshop President 3: Com- mittees 1.2: Attendance Office Assistant 2,3.4: Color Guard 4: Color Guard Club 1.2.35 Stu- dent Council 2,3.4: Sophomore Class Secre- junior Class President: Senior Class Sec- Prorn Committee 3: Candy Captain 4: Track 3.4: Spring Club 2: Future 3 Cornell Circle G.A.A. 1: Softball 3: Belle Tones 1.2.33 Band 1.2: Office Assistant 3: Prom Committee 3 Football tteachers vs. senior girlsl SALVATORE. ARLENE 56 Broadway G.A.A. 1.2,3: National Honor Society 3.4: The spians 4: Drama Workshop 4: Committees 2.3,4: Studnt Council 4: Prom Committees 3: Candy Captain 4: Health Careers Cluli 4. ' 30 Rtmnymatle Road V-.- A ' Baaeball 3,4:iS0ccer 2.3: Baseliiuziih at f SANZONE, FRANK U is tyty C 37 Paw Street A ' A ii ' A Soccer 1: TJ SARPMLYU Golf 2: Spanish Key Club 4: fire Committee 4. W SARAGINO2' ANTONIA 53 Hutchinson Street Society Club National Careers DANIEL Laurent Street 1 Chtlir Drive TO.2 Key Street Iunior senior PROCEK. 243 Laurel Lane Usher Band 2: Dance Tones 1: Bel Canto 2.3: Mu- National Honor 3.4: Boys Gym Officef gggm G.A.A. Statistician Russo. JEFF Twirler Club 1.2.31 Art Club Valley Road PROHAMMER, MARTIN CINDY Colorguard 'rl-S Club 1,2 a 4' Key Clubi2 34 f- Spanish Club 1 National 4 Chess Club 3 4 WAYNE 4 Band 2 Umon County Vocal Workshop 3 Aide 3 F B L A. 4 Zep 1 Z Cosmetology 8.4. 54Ivy G.A.A. 5 Rose G.A.A. 1.2 C. . . . O.EP 1 1 Club W4 School German Honor 1,2,3,4, President 4. : I.A. 'lg Student 4' Pep Club 1 EDWARD Drive V DOUGLAS Drive Pla 123 'T Road National Honor Society ANN DEBBIE Road 33 D.E.C.A. 4. PERRY R?5'Z'.i.,.3g A , RP' 4 tloii 4 I .4 -LL 4.-- 'Q' 1,2'I32.,li3el Canto 4. 4 2,3,4, President 4: Honor Society 3.43 4: 1fjB.L.A. 3,45 3.4, Belle Tones 24: German 'Q v , iety 4: Na- K Assistant 3.4. Society 3,4: 5 ' Q GWHIESOHIYB' 4 4 Spring Track 3. . Q, reetling 2,3,4g Society 3.4: - Ind Igg,3.4: Key Society 3,45 Latin Club 1,2,3,4, 3. President 43 National Honor . B Peter YU 88 St. F.B.L.A 88 Si Football C EZ ri C A V aptain 43 Pep Band 1: Key SQCIBTY RD e lub 4. 1.2,3,4: German Honor La H ty 3.4. Administration ......... Ads ........................... "Anything Goes" .... .. A.V.A ....................... Band ..................... Banner Guard ........ Baseball .............. Basketball ...,....... Bel Canto ..,................. Belle Tones ................... Board of Education ......... Bowling ..................... Cafeteria Staff ........... Chemistry Club ....................,..... Chess Club ....................................... Childrens Theater Workshop ......... Choir ................................................. C.O.E. ......................................... . Color Guard ................................. Community Service Club ........ Cosmetology Club ................. Cross Country .............. Crusader .................... Custodial Staff ......... "David and Lisa" ............ Debate and Forensics ......... Dedication ........................ Ecology ........... Faculty ........ F.B.L.A. .......... . Flag Squad ......... Football .................. Freshman ................... Future Physicians ....... G.A.A .......................... Girls Basketball ........ Girls Softball ......... Girls Tennis ....... Golf .................................. Guidance ............. , ............. Health Careers Club ....... luniors .........................,.......... Iunior Historian Club ......... l.V. Cheerleaders ............. Key Club ........................ Lance ..................................... Language Clubs ..................,.... Language Honor Societies ........ Memorial .................................. National Honor Society ......... Office Assistants ................. Pep Club ..................... Photography .......... Publicity .......,..... Quest .......................... Rocketry Club ......,... Secretaries .... , ........ Seniors ............ , ......... . Senior Directory .......... Ski Club .....,............... Soccer ..................... Sophomores .............. Special Services .......... Spring Track ............. Student Council ....... Tennis ..... ................ Thespians .... . ...... Twirlers .................. Winter Track ......... Work Programs ..,..... Wrestling ............... index ..........201 ....29-31 ....18-19 160-161 154-156 ..........179 ........153 ........186 ........28 ........50 ........149 ........186 ...........24-25 ...........8-9 168-177 142-145 134-139 ...........54-56 157-158 ..........150 ..........165 ..........180 120-126 ........20 ....40-41 ....46-48 182-184 190-191 ....35-37 ........21 ........44 ........34 ..........187 ..62-117 194-199 146-148 127-133 ..........163 ..........42-43 ........159 ..........22-23 151-152 3 em CVS 4 i H.. spanish honor society wishes best of luck to the class of '75 la sooiedad honoraria hispanioe les desea buena suerte a los graduadeas del 75. .J 4 K 55 1 D' l.!' C22 5. O l,I Q R Q. 'fl Y' 'Q- an YQ :A 4? vi-' ffl- f '- K J 'f' " Q . ' av ., Q I Q .W 9 ef iq, R Lg. and the boys , -.ffzll k "a"f' .X - i Q ilsmn Y tr fd 53.3 . , ' A Q ' 'E Kzsxrg D- 'wif-.. , Q, if Q "'ff"x,! , QT'-" .f".,. -'L "1 ' rv 1, ., N .L YA, M ,.?,,,,. .. W. 1 S 4-va' vas' f9f" 52 HJ V' VN? .1 5 " B" ' 9 lf?" 'lf' Q 3 B H v 1 Q5 X. Eg' x V s 5 9 ' if , 0 ,aw gb 15 ff. 4' R, , H vi Q x .H Q H . 13 ,xg Qxg ggi. V A v get L H A! 'ax f V ' 5 .4 B 2 Kffx' N is xkf - 'M L! A X M, bus l Q , 5 Q 3. 4 g 5 SQ: X x,fi s x n . f ,W ' x Sy X x 5 'X v CRV? W C' i 5 1 N g 5 " x g XV ,f f -- J ' A -, X. ,. . : i,. 4 , 4 . ,. , 4' . x ' . v x , Q I g I 5, .. IJ 2. -' x A rv x ' 2 4 Key Club id 519 11195 '?w7mQ 'We Build" S Q -X ?.a N , u..2-'-'T , f x X GREENBERG5 JEUELERS , 106 N. UOOD AVE- " HUB"4q0q 272.4 Eafzffafzfa. , Hound, My ww! aw aj f77f 205 FRIDAYS TILL 9 P.M. DAILY - 9 AM. TO 5 P.M. CLOSED MONDAYS C O I F F U R E S 1120 RARITAN ROAD l ll!-2770 CLARK, N. J. ome 1 1 I PIZZA 381-2300 0 I I , T1to s Restaurant . MHd1S0I1 H111 ChGV1'011 afazfm. 9004 can nf, But l MORRIS AND DOTTIE ALIPERTI l Complete Tune-up and brake service, towing service Corner of Raritan Rd. 8: Madison Hill Rd. 1189 RARITAN ROAD CLARK. N. 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The lI10St EXPEIISIVE IIBIYCOIOI' ill the world COSMAIR, INC,, 222 TERMINAL AVE., CLARK, N.J. 07066 .ar Y' RARITAN ESSO REPAIRED WE SPECIALIZE IN BRAKES 8: TUNE-UP GENERAL REPAIRS-ROAD SERVICE- TOWING 719 RARITAN ROAD VICTOR "MUZZY" CONTI CLARK, N.I. PROP. O AIR CONDITIONERS-SERVICED 81 PHONE 382-3558 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Gogd Food for Good Health Opposlte Amerlcan Lsglon Hall ' Parklng In Rear C A R RY O U T ligand FOOD SHOPPE :MCE EQQWL 381-2150 83 WESTFIELD AVENUE CLARK, N. J. 07066 Open 11:30 A.M.1o 10 PM. CLARKTOWN CLEANERS 1077 RARITAN ROAD CLARK. NEW JERSEY Bus.: 382-8888 Russel1's Log Cabin 675 Raritan Rd. Clark, N.J. 07066 I. Russell Yarnell I Manager 388-9745 A71 x x 3 We BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '75 From NORMANDY STUDIO 107 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N.I. PL-5-0431 R :nf NN-I K. fp, MARTIN'S FURNITURE 5 Floors of Fine Furniture 67 Westfield Avenue Clark, New Iersey 381-6886 743 WEST SIDE AVENUE I IERSEY CITY, N.I. Compliments of TEL: 434-6286 Campana Realty R E A LTO R Q Clarkton Shoes Buster Brown-Pedwins REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Hushpuppies-Miss America Peter M Campana Converse All Stars-Pro Keds 18 BRANT AVENUE CLARK, NJ. 1083 Raritan Rd., 382-9188, Clark, N.1 TEL: 388-4323 FREE PLANNING zz. DESIGNING BUILT IN APPLIANCES ' Qwd IQol:onclo 9 KITCHENS ' o 4 2 . Gal-1 Quclge LIQUOTS 23 WESTFIELD AVENUE CLARK, N. .I. 1040 Lal-Ie Avenue Featuring QUAKER MAID CABINETS Clark, New Jer-seq O7066 58?-2440 381-3333 Q-Q?,LK:3 WS:-. 1 OUR 26th YEAR IN CLARK BAUMEL'S LIQUOR 30 WESTFIELD AVE. CLARK, N.I. 388-1905 A MEAL WITHOUT WINE IS LIKE A DAY WITHOUT SUNSHINE Member of the Diners Club and Bankamericard BEER-ALWAYS COLD l 9 D 8: B Glass 8: Mirror 235 Westfield Ave. Clark, New Iersey Clarkton Hardware I POLY 160 T Hardware, Housewares, Paints 1 1 Electrical Supplies 3 1073 Clarkton Drive 381-6329 l Clark, New Iersey 582-7144 Eagan CLARKWAY ExxoN "IVbefe Your Dollarx Have More CMU" Westfield and Brant Avenues Bud Thomason Clark, N. J. X If A . xx if , N nf' A uf f I 1 .1 is ! Clark, GP1711,ting Company' 16 VALLEY ROAD CLARK, N. J. 07066 "The Place To Go For Brands You Know" ARGANDS Childrens World Clarkton Shopping Center C2011 381-2897 Clark. N.I. 381-0011 Open Fri. Till 9 p.m. U0 Buy oz . . Ales Q14 gizsfl REAL. ESTATE ,ff ' '51 IN S IJ RA N C E ...........-1. ffl il...-.- KNITTING MACHINESQ SUPPLY CCI., INC. SCMELLER - STOLL - C.v,P P V257 WESTFIEL E. CLARK, W JERSEY 07066 REALTOR FRANK KUBERSKI ROIIYY 626 RARITAN ROAD 12011388-7471 CLARK, N. J. 07066 Howard Iohnsons Central Ave. Good Luck To The Graduates From Glnuntrg Squire Clothiers To Men and Boys Clark, New Iersey 381-7555 Mon.-Sort. 9:30-8:30 388-7063 GARDEN OF PAPER Gift, Cards, Jewelry, Candles Graduation Party Goods 'lane l Nursery - Kindergarten 0 Grades I thur 6 1 Clcnkion Dnve Summer Day Comp Clark, New Iersey ROGER and VERA 801 FEATHERBED LANE HARTMULLER CLARK, N. J. 07066 fee. gmakukj M' ..,,,,, ,,,,,, M.. Jewelers 'I003 Rarlfan Rodd, Clark. N. J. 07066 380-0009 NEW JERSEY OFFICERS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 89 Brant Avenue, Clark, N.J.07066 20I-38820477 DON'S CLARKTON PHARMACY Member TABARD DRUGS l08l Rnrilnn Rd. Clark, NJ. 07066 Phone 388-8456 I 388-8795 D l b II R.P. J. Slownsky, R.P. J. Resnick R P Best Wishes From Clarkton Diner 291 Central Ave. I wx: DELIVER -Si' CLARK PIZZERIA f - H- -G-6 lull I :EK 4 gbizza - Types -20111 l1'1KI.IAN DINNERS - SANDWVICIIES Fon SERVICE CATJ. 381-6240 72 WVIESTFIELD AVE. CLARK, N. 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QQ W WM WMM 0' P wx W I Q1 'wif GX BML E ossf'?3,?UMx X ,3,xfxg,QCL: av21f,Af.7 ,MVJOM D 3 ' ZH., diff?-52W NW V MAE wa NNE W , E W . fwufmawfi g5?Qg1WpAjMLgf'I1fMwiQ'5D MJWQW QV we WP CLSQGQWQNJ v WW W 'M' mfg fs UF S W if wi sd mmm MAA MOAEDMLWQ MW! We WW C,2flQ,,,,ffL-.,.,,'f-"H , ag M S M Bfiilie mgwomng Dave may, QL 5 ZWULUW QMCW M,Q4M S wwfgk' V XTW 5 if 7 few bbyiw MX SM 1.wM,,, AWGWW Ag ongratulations Class of '75 New its 5---.M EJKON ygaxxg RARITAN EXON Auto Air Conditioners-Serviced 8: Repaired We Specialize In Brakes 8: Tune-Up General Repairs-Road Service-Towing 719 RARITAN ROAD VICTOR "MuZZy,' c0NT1 CLARK, N.I. Prop. NQWN 218 "A nice place where good friends meet!" Entertainment and dancing Open 7 days 10a.m. to 3 a.m. Darre1l's Gulf Service 24-Hour Towing and Road Service Clark, New Iersey e,i, . t t , tm f T wk" Linden Pork Shop 1073 Raritan Rd. Prime Meats 8: Delicatessen BARTELL FARM 8: GARDEN SUPPLIES, INC. Post 8: Rail 81 Stockade Fencing Power Mowers Leslie Bartell 277 Central Ave. Pres. Clark, N .I. 07066 PHONE 382-3558 Open 7 Days a Week 388-7864 388-3200 Town Hardware, Inc. Hardware, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies Cook and Dunn Paints House Furnishing Lawn and Garden Supplies 26 Westfield Ave., Clark, N.I. 07066 r7I r K H fa s.i"'QQ I fig 'Q Q. It ' ahh... . sv.-.N F'ff'Q' 'N . W xx- . df" .wh if i , 1' 0 'Ea f AAMJQ, 'X s Q Q x R .! ' 4- PQIP' Z4 If ,w- g-,ffxs e 1 as xv- .""f 4 ' .abs-E31 ' "Twelve years- I finally made it! best wishes to the class of '75 from the A.L.I. teachers association. "Best of Luck" lost a 5.',Qv scsti c Ra! F 0 Congratulations To The Class of '75 New Department-Hyatt Bearings Division GENERAL MOTURS CURPGRATION En LUBRANO FRAMEWORK PAINTING COLLISION - ' J' 6 E A U T 0 B 0 D Y Walcott Mcllusker Dance Studm DomesmFmigncamepm Telephones Classes for 574- 91s3-574- 9531 Tots' Teens, and 1183 Raritan Road Clark, Nj 07066 Adults Graded Classes in Ba1let-Toe-Tap- X FOR MPT CALL Modern Iazz 582 me Acrobatic-Slimnastics A , J, Register Now for Fall or Summer Classes 75 Bartell P. foff Westfield Ave.j Clark, N.I. 388-6088 222 x gravy .Of I 4 ,, ywgf-"Z 4VZf'ff rl S' 5' 19' 1193 RARITAN ROAD is 9 CLARK, NEW JERSEY Sevell's Auto Body King Neptune Tropical Aquarium Clarkton Shopping Center Raritan Rd. Clark 382-4866 Everything for the Aquarium, Hobbiest BTW JOE'S AUTOMOBILE SERVICE, INC. Generol Auto Repoiring Complete Beor Wheel Alignment Service Ignition ond Lubricotion Service 56 WESTFIElD AVE. 388-9694 CLARK. N. J. 07066 223 'Q - "Q ,Ref an acfluet I nm zfqbbea' 3, Q 0 0 ' 4 0 0 b:e05:':'.'O:0:o 1'- u v 0 0 0 ,..,'v.1g-lg-., 5. '-is: .44-I ,zzytzttftoztzofjznq :.p:1.qOO 0 . M. 09.00. 50, 'Og 'O' 0, Og 0, 00, 04, 00, ,O 5. 95. O.. Q. 0. -.:'.:-. '- ' X X ,.. Rl Q x I N. K X 317 J. 08 N. N' EDISO vE-I 2 90 WMAN A 755457 9 ' s tulfiflon Coflgfa Fr0m ffeG Premium CO SeI'ViCe 50-D 7 C2017 233-766 Wishes from the Grapevine The Iunior Distributive Edu- cation class manages the "Grapevine" School Store. These students are learning valuable information in re- tail store operations. Best Wishes From The Freshman Class A 3 Q :Sify K fggfkx X? Ek N .W ,Q 5- :aim-. 8' sri - A "5 , E, A L, 8 ki . fi-Q,-.. ,- rkxt' ' . 312 'irlggd L Qfxffrx' Qi' ' vm -x.,.gf , ' W wig 2 ,ab - r ig ' L PQ.: .5 ' uf. 9 ,f - . 9' Q . ' 1 K V 'K-"4 Q 8 . X ' ' 63, -.WW o ' Sfyfk 1'5,Qe1f', ' ,-f Q, ' ,Q 1: AN I , , xv .VY Ls. . .A ,V . .. ' X f' , -1 'cl 34 ,bg . -f 3 X-:Fm .ga A 'X 8, - Q Q m gf ,.-Q , , x .- . 5 ,f ,. - v .f M V .W .- - ' .'. QQ :xii 'J'-1' ,' C 02 ,,, fri r msvzwnf - .' mg vi .g., 4 'Y-,byg 'I' gf' Q, Agigx' 0' f 1 'vzffi T8 , X ' tvif'--Lx 1, x 5 41-' "-3 X" 1 .,Qy.,. ,gr -1 Ply.: if 'f Qi .sw J ffft, I - f'w'i'ff :T1x:,'1i. A Sig 'Q' -,,, ffl' xv ggi 'L 'F : ga-,5 5, ,i fl' X fx, .x fN"'., A ' 'f :L yt"-.153 32 85 ' id? 'YQ 'v , kr -2 ,Y Ag' is ,5 ,s'ffi:"'?i!i? ' ef An.-i. 70"-, M4 I +960 SPM: , 1 ,5 , . .. 4 nigh 'f-ab' , 41:5 '.,.NL ml? , l",',"f'i4? 'AE' 95' V ".'1f.' lx .4- -Qfa Q 9.94, A.: - .. mi 'P f '4' Q ig Q S623 ff: , , , 4 - . Q 2 , , sg :wi-xl' 4 , . .. .," 71,2 Pr' iw- 'az ' ' iff. 1' l " Qf'6:"4,f' X"- FQ if aw' 4'9" ' ,Fl t ai 34- ' c. K v Lg-gyfz. 35 ff Q A ' , 5 ',. gs .. ' ' V1 1" J 222+ HH! ,v ' ,-1 ,a ," l , 1. 1 -s 'hffivgif K - .. 1 1 2 'V 135 ' ' F ,. 5 ' ' N . Q x V 4 Qi' ' ' 3 ' , ' . X Eswx N55 rw ..,z'- N 1' ,. 85,5 'hx 4 t ,, ..,-ww" " O 1' W W ',,,,, ...- ,W- ilnterinm bg Star 1975- xx n 1 :X 5 : .8 ,wi -- 9 1' x A v ii, 'X , , ' M 245 Westfield Ave., Clark, N.I. 882-8884 lmcs 1925 Zu der Klasse 1975 Viel Glueck Immer Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 From P . 59 ' E von dem Deutschen Klub S'P'Q'R' Latin Club Compliments of . . . Arthur L- l0hUS0U Congratulations and Best of Luck From The Class Parent Teachers Association 1, Q? gy it 1977 85 Q, fb 8? -it lfieeiiii 8X?XXXiXXXXYXXXXiiX Best Wishes to akawkaeswkaesmk sacacsxssxsar The Class of 1975 from , The Fontenelli Family XiXXXiXXX?XXiXXXXi 381-2861 Free Delivery Al Schwankert's West Lake Food Center l 429 Lake Avenue, Colonia, N.I. 07067 Prime and Choice meats Westfleld Ave' Clark Fancy Poultry N I Congratulations Crusaders THE WORLD IS WAITING ....... The highest goal has yet to be achieved, The greatest idea has not been conceived, The loftiest honor has not been received, The laurels are yours for the winning! The sweetest melody hasn't been sung, The weiftest race has yet to be run, The noblest victory hasn't been won, Make this your bright beginning! 1 X 73185893 I . : IW Y? 'vff A.L. johnson High School Booster Club . , , V. .,,Y W R.-vw B 81 P Packing Co. Inc. 1 Meat Brokerage V Vvholesale Meat Distributors Meat Fabricators Representative 78 Empire Street Newark, NJ. 07114 C2011 242-0134 ll B C J V N , lttt ,- Best Wishes 1 X MW I A W S ,..f' - , W.- if . i , To the I Class of 1975 M Mayor and Municipal Council Township of Clark Council Pres. Iohn Bodnar, Councilman Ioseph Pozniak, Mayor Bernard Yarusavage, Council Members Mrs. Almamae Kumpf, Iohn Cullen, Donald Labella, Manuel Dios, Bernard Haden Best Wishes For A Successful Future "Best of Luck Senior Class" l Suburban Showcase 1069 Raritan Road qupqm Jssolb lllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll 57 Mi PATRCNS Congratulations Class of 1975 Compliments of Nat Container Corporation from Mrs. Doris M. Coelln North Bergen, New Iersey Gordon Viggiano Photographer Congratulations Class of '75 sports, etc. Write for any info. Mr. and Mrs. M. Beshella Congratulations to our daughter, Debra Petersen Love Mom 8: Dad O0000OOOOQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ LMU so many memories . . . walk' we Dear Mrs. Wolf, Where do we begin to thank an individual who has given fully of herself without expecting some- thing in return? Mrs. Wolf, you are truly a dedi- cated, warm, loving, understand- ing, helpful, and giving friend. Without you, it would have been impossible to present such memo- rable yearbooks. Thanks for the many school days, weekends, snow days, and holidays you have spent with us never leaving a deed undone. Mrs. Wolf, to sum everything up, words could never show the you we've grown to know. Thank You, The Lance 235 . , , V' -,f .. . .f..:. .. .. .. L -A ,.f2 . -. . 3 . H ... -, A ' .1 fr r .1 .. -JaL."1e , - 1 'i fl " 1 -'1fi'f:-'amz-z,' ,. . .:ffffg' 1-bf. . 1 ,V 11'fi'. fe'.,y4. 'V' '12 , ff . , f. 3-cfgxn-JH ' -".s,cf+9.Gf't': 3... fn : ' 4 ' xr 1 .a f - M.-...A , -'Y - -.--' w r, - .-' a, .B.,5, g .nf ,,- .Y ,.,:A.,:.'- .f- Q. fp -M , k- .1 ug, wws V:...V. gf ...LV . J . iiTVVVVQVVVV5VV V - , V,V,f.,,V .V V, T .V,. . VV fV.. V ,. .. ,M , . ,.-..1- ...Hr ' ' f ... - - N V - f i f.., V. vV!.V,xV: , Y , 4' .. ,, I 1 . 1. V., , 'nf . i' . . , - .7 ,.. in xy 4 .Q vsymi k M. w, gh, r f., -W-nu x- J ? fd' : f .1 ,. 2. iw M. 1? ,,v f,'"'- f 'E V: , , Q - - , ., V -1' ' ,g .rp hh . ,A 1' - -1 ...,w.,1, ,V H ,, , 1 -.QL V, VV- V , V V 51. .y,-,. lg .- V- 413, A f - , AV Q V f V 1 K 1 vi-QL, U iv "Tiff, f' Avi -1,, ,- - ea , ' V g rx ,Q - 1-:SIU gc 1,-1 . r v 4' F 1. labs- if N 1 ,,-- , 1. Q BI. '-V'---fx . vw. rf-V'-.1 Jw .J-, f , 4 " 4.1 - - --sv .- H-ff' . 'fr . "'- ' 7, -5-'A ,- Q 'Q W 1 --'--4 -r 'Mix' -1 f -- gs, . ,,..f --Q ,. f fx -2- . 1. ' -. ' c -:fr .L-f f - . 1-4-tk' . f as ..- ,gf A gi., x 7 . ll J ' ff:?i'ZCAE v , J k , .4 A , ,, , .1-.N . 2. 3, . ,.gf...,,, . I I ,4 :cf ,, V N 4 ' 4,5 1. fs ftp-way ,, -5 M1 , : rg 4,-Sy jf, ' X' Q if:-1'-.pZ"gf' t,?.S,.f"q1,'?" ' -W5 ff-fgimlh 1 .. .1 ff A 1..:.- 'ff-:1,ff4g. . - if 1: 4 wil- SAW" 1-4--far-rf.2:9 A' ' .D+-4 ?- HA' 1' , -1 'w'-rw mil: f ,fy - ,. VV- 'wh . W"S7'-? ' :'!' . '-- 1 f I 'J Iv ' f' 1- - ws"-pf' -' . 'V W"-f5vmi141' aff: .. u f , ,. ., ,A ., ,, . 3, . ,- ,., .. . .-W. f L .,.f- . vt , . ., ,Mm ,mg-, 1 - 4 9. , LF5'.u,..,,-.,:2g14g,' -fQ, f,,, 3 11 :-,.,f",g ' mg.. ,Jtvff '- -C fix: -' 3 .,Y, .ri -51:51, , ,11'.'. F. '- .5 3 4 ,n Q., g ,' Q51-,.,gs -Wig 1"f15,:,""f3b UM :I 5- 1' ,,w-'-,. .L ,Ag ,A ,-,,.,, ,f Mjwrt Q, ,. Y- ' W - , T . . , . ggi," -5.1 .- .Mg y.r- fy, 1qf.,f,,-5. -,gf-,!',.'4 - .g 5- I ' -Kg . - 1 ,g3,,vA-,Mi,- 5,117.24 -' 15:4 ' ..:,, A f , ,V-3 1 3, +-- :- v 4, f 1 , wary. 1 1 ff ' Q- - 4 ,A th . . 1 . . ' ' xi .-n Y A-2" ,x ,. wg N 2 111 . , "" W'-f 1 "'Rf0i?f -fi:2"l"t 15l'.,..f sl- -. . , .G-'P ,, 'J if- , rf' -'lrfiffv-f' . ' I '.e"'f , , . wx . -nl-V 1 1 J . 'fix K E ., y 1 'J K .,. mv' V 1 . W W I I . g . I . r - , nr A ... ,. 1 V J , .KH ., X K ,, W, I . a 1 . ' . - K. . X ' Q ,Z Y K' W4 , . ' K, 4 ' ffv ' , . , ' A , ' - .' '- .. f 5.21. A r- . . gf, in ,, '37 gf,---f ' V, , , .N , - :Q - ,- 'V u , . . -.:, Sk' - ., .'!f1"4'n--Jf' 1 'H' F-' ' ' 'iJ'f "" r',.1 L" '-Qi' :Fm ., X ',..iJ:,f' 4 -LS ' - -pg-. - w QQ-r ijffl'-e H -I L . Q. ,, , .f.g,,ew ,.f,rw1-,pm I ,JI ' 1,-.,.jff.. 14 - W",-4..ff1,"5w, -1,1-, - ' fir-. v' L, ' ' :W ,. ,, xr - 4' . W 1-f 31 ' A , -+ ., ' ' f 1- ' .A -' AL. C " -. Af-' 'iw . ' A 1 J I X I , Y X x 2 , 1 Q, 3 1. ' .rig H - V ' Y r nw- -ff , , , ,wuz U ,Q H , .A'ifH'hlhHE4L.m6.f1.1iQ..iAL., sii .. ra. 1 .. . ' W ' ' ' '- ' " 1 ' "2w,3.'xi7v. .r 1 .l Q I E aihsilidiw ' "- in . .L :.f.HiL'tm-rg-,gi -Qbk -lmmgmgk. . N N 4 Q

Suggestions in the Arthur L Johnson Regional High School - Lance Yearbook (Clark, NJ) collection:

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Arthur L Johnson Regional High School - Lance Yearbook (Clark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 35

1975, pg 35

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