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1, fffii? 'W 4 xfxdgfa 53112. ng . aw , .. Q .gt 1 HH Published by the students of ,I K i :ix ff' A V, g-1.5 H 115 1 ' 3 ' f f .K 1 ,, . ' - 1 . 4 , ' xgv. 1 l W- , . - y . -.xi xi ,' K' I X ,xx k X, Q 5 X fi -'gx 464. H tg " X 'V f lx' l- wh 'v.., 1 ' ' ,'- I -- "'2'!Nj:,,,-al' 1 " l ff ' Sil nn kfi 1 .- l E . , " 'f YQ ,A ' li " 'I' f' . . ' , .4-: 1 f 1 f ' , ' , ' " , 'iw - ww.. on , . . 5- . n, -..E ' ' ,N V V K- 1 , .V I -4.1 M W Vi, -V wr fry: ' 'adj ': - -1 qi -P 1-.ri ., an .. b xl mmm- no vm :fl-LJW -Q J A ur ,at . I ..., -L , , , .- '--,v:f.,1,- ffm If ', . l- , "5 Q . ,A A f-.-4.1 .pf 'vw ... 1 4 I ,, 7.- - .2151 ""' 1Q, :,Q gjfq:am,.-f-M ' . 1 H ' Q - . ... Snf'.v'4-+-- -4---3 """"" " ' " . - ...-...W--,--A 1. . , ,-v ai' 3,tQ,pLw". f...' M,g,H. , , W, .,.. , -52.- 'f " r"'l ,A ty- 1" ',M'. . - - "53- 1 lb l ' 2-we- " ' 'I A ,-: Q Qf4'ff:!2"m'1'Ff"'.w,n-+.- -' -. .. ' L.-U ,X ,Gif , ,LI-vswmf-.xQ.--.,.ana 1 , Q 'f"'jj'Tff-VV5'l55Hi?1g'Av- ft: "Q-5, -I ' .1 -- , - A V -4 AV ,L -.,V- .ffg':-im. -'r -n ,.,1 'fm gig - 'A ., 5. SBPQQJP, - l-J. .. .5-im, 14 f 2 72, 5 '15 ,f""' -f E3 :1,w::lf'fW:1f -. - rf-'mf H'.+:.+::+3..2'2f5+-l5"'f,l , .,,,fjr-6-v 'l ff'?5g3.Z:'2f-1, , - h mm, .. l . fjf .n:-""5"-,-,-,gkfvzggsgs.ff114.sE,5,',g. f ' ,- :gf ..2,Q:,,,, f - ' --"':fu,gN1,g'n n Q H -fv..1a-yegwiiuli. W' ' . o-f 'f1+-2-. -' .S .'6'f2"'5.':.-, no n5s.:'..,U,vH51'l!a Mr.:-V QEQQI' Q 21' z5..L,,,pE,5.,,x:-. J-g,J ,554 -:MQ ,I T..-wQh tiki' '?3sQ.Yl'1 .,,,-s'-f'f ."VJr.nv',-,J:'L'?x:'ygn-'fff,js!.w,,w:E'f-,?'1'Q5zQfe-qg4,5'L,-' 'f'Y,'2Til1""'fl:w'iIu,,. Q f-T: " . A, ' f X Hg' Y- 5' . - . V, - I -f1T'wgf .u,f.e"5-,Q ,.i' w.s'- -' . . 3 I ' w,1':?.i,,L1,:" w,,ijfFZ-355' " gpg ' , s f -M-"':+' W -1 .4 W. ni f ilf. W.. Af .nlcffy-:Haifa 'Wofi'.-gym.. x 72,51-4, '5 , ' iii v . f, N m. .A,' f , .Q "' f--- .-of 1 -- M' " M ' , ,. W, ."- -. '5..A:..- . l , v. f' ' n,,.A3. V aw 1 412155. ,x,. 'f,iq' -U - 1 44:24-P?-N ' 'M o o ---',.:.5 , -..xgf' ,,- 'gif-. .. -' uvryf ,,, . L ., , ,'. .f ' -, cr' J: ,Q ,g,,,,,Jg15m"'.v: F -' , .V 1 -:Lg-Y -,.',..f.f- M' - LN J:'-- ', .. ' , + --W , . , , - ,,- .:'- ,.,.,-.-.,- , Uvbpm, 1,4 ' s , '- 4, J. ,!, ,.-,HI ' 1, . ", ,Jw-,v ., . -"u'v.,,- .tfmg '3,,, . , . - f -. 'se"'4zf-fififgislw . r mf . -M4-A .na -if f- do ,. ,. . -A... N,-1 5: 9. ,- . - .. - nf- ,vw .M u . -" 11.23 .. .ff---1 ' aidfg L ff? 1: 'iii' " . 116'.rz.:'-oet."i' -f"1ri '? ,- , " !??f"--ff? S-' "- - if-' it A. L. Johnson Regional High School, Clark., New Jersey Foreword Four years ago, we, the class of 1960, entered the newly completed Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School. Since then we have watched our school grow with the addition of a gymnasium, shops, and classrooms. As Regional has grown in size, we have grown in knowledge and understanding through initiative and the guidance of a conscientious faculty. Regional has been not only a place of learning, but also the center of our activities and interests. As the first class to complete four years at Johnson, we should like to call this Lance of 1960 our golden Lance. In it we shall recount the many phases of life at Regional which will hold fond memories for each of us. Contents Faculty . . . . page 7 Seniors . . . . . page 15 Q-1 p X -4 'A . cdr, 'Lx Y A , In 4 mf, 5' , 1 f 'ao , 1' its Underclassmen page 49 Activities .... page 67 F' I - E 1 A, Sports ....... page 99 Advertisers . . . page 116 '-AJ 1 ' R, 9 Q " Q' I 'T 1-L T,v,,,--f-"" 1 - 'H irffr H , . W1 'V X Q p -. , Yu ,I Wfnlfvw is :ff J' Dedication In appreciation for constant devotion to the golden Lance, to our principal, Mr. Robert E. Hough. Having begun his career as a principal four years ago, he has provided us with an excellent educational program and has helped to make each succeeding year more successful. our school, we dedicate this yearbook, N - ' '-111 if l IR it ,I,.-. DR. WARREN DAVIS Superintendent Administratior Superintendent Dr. Warren M. Davis, who works very closely with the Board of Education, is superintendent of the Union County Regional High School District. Concerned with the welfare of the school, he formulates the administrative policy and conducts research concerning school facilities, supplies, and advances in education. Board of Education Our Board of Education must approve all activities within the school system and the admini- strative policy set for the school. They also propose the annual budget to the voters of the towns represented in our district. Mr. Avery Ward, Mr. Thomas Nolan, Mr. William Broderick, Dr. Warren Davis, Superintendentg Mr. John Banyaz, Dr. Minor Jones, Mr. Bernard Steiner, Mr. John Conlin, Mr. Frank Kerr, Mr. William Melick, Mrs. Helen Smith. Missing: Mr. Everett Fay. NJ ,,.,..-f Directs Education Principal As Principal of A. L. Johnson Regional, Mr. Hough directs the operation of our school, super- vises the work of teachers and students, and sees that the education of the students is carried on smoothly and efficiently. Administrators In the absence of Mr. Hough, Dr. Fry cares for the operation of our school and is in charge of student discipline and welfare. The Director of the Guidance Department, Mr. Kolodinsky, supervises school guidance activities, registration, scheduling, college placements, and scholarships. He also directs orientation and testing programs. Mr. Merachnik, our school psychologist, aids students with social and emotional problems. He also 'directs the reading program, bedside instruction for those unable to attend school, and a program for slow-learning students. DR. ALVIN FRY MR. WILLIAM KOLODINSKY MR DONALD MERACHNIK Vice Principal Guzklance Director Psychologist iw- if Us . ' 'ta -v 41 'K --11-fv .1 ll ' f A a. Ir , ll. ., f an 5:-1 . 'l 'f' I . . .V 1, f 5 f. M: 'f A I, I 1 5 ',,, 4 , . A , . f, 2 . SA 'N' 'nil wr, , Q . , 5 -airy E 'Tl if 4 , ,,' QMV11, A , my ,, ,IQ-,z Fxf',ai,f'f -. 5' -ww 2 gl w A 4.4. 4 lx 4 5' ' '- Mx' y MJ M M. 4 4 M , - . rf , P" gy 0,51 F 'r 4-,, w in I, 'X' 2 ' s, p - .. J A QP' :W . . V , . ,, , 4-'?" 7f?,"f5'f V W .. 5 . ' ' Ay, W K - ' . ., , A x x ff' . FP- - if ' 'J 54.14-., ,- K . U r'J?.gs , L+, r' . A Q , . Q Facult i L.'-nlt..L1' ""g kIu 'Q ...U g.4.a.,., L -:'.. , . F 1 1 . . , . y...-,fa-ll' AUX English-Foreign Language Our English-Foreign Language Department is one of the very few to offer a course in the Russian language. Students at Regional are also offered Latin, French, Spanish, and German. Grammar, practice in creative writing, and studies in English and American literature form a basic part of each student's English course. Seated: Mrs. Bertha Monteith, Miss Rose Salesio, Miss Gladys Ransom, Mrs. Esther Burroughs, Mrs. Barbara Tibbets, Miss Lydia Skoblin, Miss Santina Tripodi, Miss Marion Kalbach, Mrs. Muriel Muller, Department Head. Standing: Mr. Edward Kursar, Mr. Robert Fulton, Mr. Leonard Greenfield, Mr. William San Giacomo, Mr. Albert Valenia, Mr. Robert Parkinson. Missing: Mr. Robert Nilan, Mrs. Linda Sills. Guidance Our Guidance Department pro- vides counseling to guide students as they plan their future education and careers. ' - Mr. Edward Burns, Mrs. Margaret Cants, al: Mr. Bernard Carr. Social Studies The Social Studies Staff teaches history and geography, giving students a better understanding of our country. This year the depart- ment has expanded by adding out- standing courses in philosophy, economics, and sociolgy. Mr. John Muller, Mrs. Helen June, Mr. Louis De Rosa, Mr. David Pavlin, Department Headg Mr. George Guzzalino, Mr. Horace Hollingsworth, Miss Clementine Burns. Missing: Mr. ,lack Guthrie. 5:80 Music The Christmas and spring concerts are , two highlights of the Music Department. This year we also held the twelfth annual Operatic Festival in our school, with Miss Midkiii as coordinator. 5 Mr. Andrew ,lupinag Miss Mildred Midkiff. Mathematics Our Mathematics Department is now in its second year of teaching the special University of Illinois program. Based on stu- dent discovery, this is the latest program of modern mathematics. A new first for the department has been the full-year Algebra III course. Mrs. Helen Shupe, Mr. Joseph Assante, Mr. Irving Taylor, Mr. Richard Fleischer, Mr. Gail Koplin, Department Headg Mr. William Hodge, Mr. George Makrin. Missing: Mr. Theodore Faraklas. 108 1 l c T vnrs , I, W LL., v , , 4 t fl , ,W Q fr L' :IN uv H9 Seated: Mrs. Helen Shupe, Mr. George Barclay, Department Head: Miss Selma Kaye. Standing: Mr. Donald Hudak, Mr. Russell Stanley, Mr. Robert Kleinhans, Mr. George Leber, Mr. Walter Winburn. Science The Science Department has a new biology laboratory, and much new laboratory equipment. This year, for the first time, the Regional Science Fair was held in our school, at which many of our students displayed projects demonstrating scientific or mathematic principles. Business Education The main objective of the Business Education Department is to train students vocationally. They receive training in business skills and social busi- ness subjects, as well as in their regular academic work. Upon graduation the students are prepared to enter the business world. Sealed: Miss Eleanore Murphy, Department Headg Miss Vivian Maggese. Standing: Mr. Robert McCusker, Mr. Louis Scrittorale. Missing: Mr. Edwin Kuffner. , aefgf V ... t- , gpm LQ t ,. a ll ' . an 5 X " If I U ull!! 17 l Mr. John Class, Mr. Lewis Fredericks, Department Headg Mr. ,lo Emm Fearing, Mr. Leon Kvedar, Mr. Benjamin Merrill, Mr. joseph Marzullo, Mr. Hubert Tunison. Industrial Arts This year the Industrial Arts Department has carried on an expanded program with the addition of an auto shop, a Cabinet shop, a machine shop, and a special mechanical drawing room. A center of interest is the auto shop, where boys learn by working on their own cars. Physical Education Besides a new boys' gymnasium and a corrective gymnasium. the Physical Education Department now has a trampoline and other new pieces of athletic equipment. Driver education is offered to juniors and seniors. Kneeling: Mr. Walter La Prarie, Mr. Frank Severage, Mr. Louis Peragallo. Standing: Mrs. Francine Walsh, Miss Barbara Bochis, Mr. ,lohn Broun, Department Headg Miss Mary Short, Miss lit-tty Linalierry. Missing: Mr. Christopher Wade. nm? I 'Ti--... .-.,.. : -lint on t ew , ' 1 sr-3.-. ...- ' Jv- Home Economics The aim of the Home Economics Department is to train girls to be better homemakers. This is done in three modern. fully-equipped rooms. Besides the Foods Room and the Clothing Room of past years, a new Home Management Room has been added this year which contains a living room and dining area. a kitchen-laundry. and a classroom. Mrs. Rose Polonsky, Fine Arts In- structor: Miss Vernie Rodes, Librariang Mrs. Joyce Canning, Reading Specialistg Mrs. Dorothy Orsini, Health Counselor. ii! Miss Margaret O'Donnell, Mrs. Lorraine Hills, Mrs. Arlene Church. Missing: Miss Mary Ann Ulbrich, Department Head. Specialists In arts and crafts classes students are instructed in the fine art of painting, ceramics, and other artistic crafts. Miss Rhodes supervises the library and assists students in selecting books. Accelerated reading courses taught by Mrs. Canning help students to improve their reading skills. The school nurse is available in the health office to treat students with injuries or sickness. As Health Counselor, she also directs school-sponsored health testing programs. . ., . ,.... V. K - 2 ' V 5-1,2 - . ,. I K '-vw: f avatar ,1:f,J.: .2g,5h, . , . V A 'C ' ' r v - ' . - -.....,, . J e , .. .,., ,...- Q. ,., . . , .,-V -- 5 SSSTQ . ' ,, .. .Q F'-55 u Cafeteria Staff Headed by Miss Maitland, the cafeteria stali has served the school for four years with many good meals cooked in our modern kitchen. Seated, First row: Mrs. Christine Scheff- lerp Mrs. Anna Kairisg Mrs. Robina Merrigang Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw. Seated, Frieda Sautterg Mrs. Frieda Jacquemin. Standing: Mrs. Ruth Daveyg Mrs. Helen Husthg Mrs. Helen Mabeeg Mrs. Betty Ashley: Mrs. Helen Mihalko: Mrs. Mary iannelli, Manager. Missing: Miss Margaret Maitland, Directorg Mrs. Margaret De Vito: Mrs. Elizabeth Tiedemann. ii e S' N ge I. ,. t A . il - VT. :ij Second row: Mrs. Caroline Wolff: Mrs. ' 37: A, ...if I ' V' ' ff sw . it 'Q' it Q ti f "ii 3. C A 'A Office Staif The Ofiice Staff handles the bookkeeping and clerical works for the main office and the guidance ofhce, and helps to strengthen the school's public relations. Seated: Mrs. Marie Carkhuff, Mrs. Joan Williams. Standing: Mrs. Olive Maier, Mrs. Stella Rieder. Mrs. Rita Burleigh. Missing: Mrs. Gladys Easton. N. I nl Custodial Staff Under the supervision of Mr. Warren Ruban, the Custodial Staff cleans the school, and maintains the building and grounds. Kneeling: Mr. William Jeney, Mr. Theodore Shylovsky, Mr. Ronald Loeser, Mr. Walter Seme. Standing: Mr. Warren Ruban, Head Custodiang Mr. Theodore Leber, Mr. William 0'R0uke, Mr. George Wirth. 1 I ,,.,Na Senior .Vfff . xg, 1 x X fl' .gf W. WX' ' .-n-V-...i.f,a........ my K N1 1 ,,,,.f . ss LV g X. ff 'H 1- - ' 'G' f x u rh'-1' K V- vr.. ky .Z- PHYLLIS ACOCELLA Clark Receptionist Phyl . . . Quiet, sincere, long dark tresses - that Phyl of ours really impresses. G.A.A. 1,2,4. JOYCE ANN AIREY Clark College Air . . . Friendly, quiet, and not too loud, Joyce's a girl of whom we are proud. Class Representative 4g Home Room Treasurer 2g Home Room Secretary 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 F.T.A. 23 Current lg Lance 3,4, Club Editor 43 Twirling Club 1,2,33 Twirler 4g Soccer 1,23 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 33 Archery 23 Glee Club 2,3. JOY BALASIC Clark Blue eyes, blonde hair, Joy is short, fun-loving, and fair. C.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Bowling 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Softball 2g Attendance Otlice Assistant 3. We walked amon the shadows of stran . JOSEPH BANYASZ Garwood Politics Joe . . . Our bright and snappy future politician. Student Council 4, Vice President 43 Spanish National Honor Society 43 Soccer 33 Fire Patrol 4. 16 DOLORES A. BARBARISE Garwood Dee . . . Nice things come in small packages. D.E. Club 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Baseball 13 Swimming lg Archery 1,2. JOYCE MARIE BARBARISE Garwoocl Dental Assistant Joy . . . This quiet miss with big brown eyes will go far because she': wise. C.A.A. 43 Typing Club 1. EILEEN MARY BERGSTEDT Clark College, Musical Comedy Berk . . . A blue-eyed blonde, a great majorette, here is a girl we won't forget. Twirling Club 1,2,3,4q Twirler 2,3,4g Majorette 43 German Club 3, President 3g Student Council 1,2,3,4g Secretary 3,45 F.T.A. 1,23 National Honor Society 3,43 C.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Bowling l,2,4g Baseball lg Attendance Office Assistant 34 Cuidance Office Assistant lg Bel Canto 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4. RALPH A. BIANCHI Carwood College Bianch . . . In all sports he ranks highg it's hard to and a nicer gay. Home Room President 3g Class Presi- dent 43 Key Club 2,3,4g Athletic Council 4g Soccer 2,3g Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Football 45 Boys State 35 Fire Patrol 4. RICHARD C. BOGART Clark College Bogie . . . A lot of power in a little package. Home Room Treasurer 43 Key Club 3,43 Football 2,3g Wrestling '1,2,3,4. Co- captain 43 Baseball lg Athletic Execu- tive Council 4g Choir 3,4. new walls -young fair freshmen were we. DOUGLAS BOIS Clark Navy, Trade School Doug . . . He never pretends, he never offends. D.E. Club 4. EMILY BONACCORSO Clark Teaching Em . . . A little gal with great accomplishments. Home Room Vice President 2g F.T.A. 1,2,3,4, President 49 Library Council 25 Current 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Hockey 2g Archery 23 Badminton 2. rx ALEX BOTULINSKI Clark Marines Butch . . . A real nice guy in every way, he stays the same from day to day. F.F.A. 17 DANIEL BOWATER Clark Engineering Dan . . . Not too short, in fact he's tall, here's a guy who's liked by all. Basketball 3. LUCY CAROLYN BOYD Clark Nursing Lu . . . Calm is she who sees her wayg Lucy knows how to work and play. Home Room Secretary 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Soccer li Hockey 13 Bowling 2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,4-3 Archery 2,3,4l-Q Softball 2,3,4-3 Badminton 3. MARJORIE RUTH BREWER Clark Christian Education Marge . . . A radiant personality, the drive of a leader, and a humble spirit will make life's goal a reality. Home Room President 33 Current 3,4, News Editor 43 German Club 3, Vice President 33 Bel Canto 2,3,4, President 43 Choir 2,3,43 Student Council 33 National Honor Society 43 C.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Badminton 2,3,43 Archery 2,33 Health Office Assistant 2,4. Confused and bewildered, old friends and neu w BRUCE S. BURR Clark Mechanical Engineer Bra . . . Knowledge and laughter will be his forever. Class Representative 33 Home Room Vice President 1,23 Student Council 4, President 43 Key Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Debate and Forum 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Football 3,43 Boys State 3. ROSALIE CALDERONE Garwood College Rosie . . . She's a willing worker, full of fun. Her friends are many, her enemies none. Home Room President 23 N.F.L. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 1, Vice President 2, President 3,43 Debate and Forum 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent 3,43 F.T.A. 2,3,4, Historian 4g Current 2,3,4, Assistant Business Man- ager 3, Managing Editor 43 Library Council 2,43 Latin Club 33 National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 4- ANNETTE ARLENE CARDIA Clark Beautician A master at the art of conversation. D.E. Club 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Soccer 13 Hockey lg Softball 1,23 Bowling 3,43 Badminton 2,3,43 Archery 2,3,43 Gui- dance Oflice Assistant 1. DENNIS CARROLL Clark Medical Doctor A bit shy in school, but good work is his rule. Junior Classical League 2,3, President 33 Current 2,3,4, Co-sports Editor 4g N.F.L. 3.43 Bowling. blended into a THOMAS COOPER Carwood Army "The army is a good book in which Io study human life." D.E. Club 4. NICHOLAS B. CARUSO Clark College Nicky . . . The cares of the world can't weigh him downg it's very seldom we see him frown. Home Room Treasurer 1,35 Wrestlingg Fire Patrol. WALTER THOMAS COLLINS Clark Engineering Torn . . . Smart and tall, he's really on the ball. new pattern o life. GEORGE RAYMOND CRANDEN Clark Army G . . . ln school work ever steady, for fun ever ready. Wrestling 2,3,4. Q. ARLENE CLAIR CRESCENZI Clark English and Foreign Language Teacher R . . . No need for her to follow anyone's footstepsg she will leave her own. F.T.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 43 Lance 4, Literary Editor 43 Writing Club 3a National Honor Society 43 Spanish National Honor Society 3,4. PATRICIA ANN CURRAN Clark College Curran . . . A pert little cheerleader, cute as can be, mischief personified, good natured naturally. Cheerleading Club l,2,3g Cheerleader 4-g Student Council 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2g Class Representative 3g Home Room President 1,4g Hall Guide 2g Lance 13 Current 29 Bowling 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2,3,4g Archery 1,2g Modern Dance 33 Basketball 1,4. BARBARA ANN DE CILLIS Garwood Receptionist Barb . . . A mild manner is her way, good at work, and loves to play. Home Room Secretary 43 Current 2,3,4, Advertising Manager 45 G.A.A. 1,3,4-3 Golf 43 Archery 45 Badminton 45 Guidance Oliice Assistant. E. BEVERLY DE CUTIS Carwood Beve . . . Quiet but well-liked by allg Beve's not bothered by being small. G.A.A. 1,2,3g Guidance Oliice Assistant 4. Christened Crusaders, we adopteo J IM DEN BLEYKER Clark Air Force Hot rods with him aren't just a fadg when he's working on them he's really glad. Baseball lg Track 24 Fire Patrol. 20 MARIANNE DE STEPHEN Clark Secretary She finds confidence in quietness. Twirling Clubg Soccerg Archeryg Bowl- mg. ELAINE M. DILLBERCER Clark Nursing A friendly smile, not a care, beautiful eyes and sparkling hair. .lunior Classical League 1,2,3, Secretary- treasurer 35 F.N.C. 1,2,3,4, President 33 Vice President 43 G.A.A. 1,3,4g Library Council 1,2,3,4g Lance 4, Girls Sports Editor 4g Guidance Oflice Assistant 4. LEONARD J. DOBIS Garwood Navy Lenny . . . To see the world is Lenny's destreg the sailor's life he does admire. ELAINE JOY DOLAN Clark College Elaine . . . A ready smile, a happy laugh make sunshine follow in her path. Cheerleader 2,3,4g Cheerleading Club 1,2,3,4g Library Council lg Lance 4g C.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Bowling 1,2,3,4g Archery 25 Badminton 1,2g Guidance Oflice Assistant 4. KAY DONOVAN Clark Marriage Kay . . . Very quiet and demure, of that you may be sure. Badminton 5 Soccer. a kni ht and acquired a Lance. ELAINE ANN DOWNEY Clark College Downie . . . She is always bright and snappy and keeps the rest all feeling happy- Student Council Treasurer: Student Council Representative 43 Class Vice President lg Student Council Record- ing Secretaryg Lance 4, Sales Manager 4g C.A.A. l,2,3,4g Main Oliice Assis- tant 1,2g Attendance Ofiice Assistant 3,4. CAROLE ANN DUBAS Garwood College Courtesy, patience, and a ready smile - perfect virtues for a future teacher. F.T,A. 3,4-, Vice President 43 Lance 43 Current 3,43 Twirling Club 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Baseball 2g Guidance Oliice Assistant 4. SHARON DUGAN Gnrwood Secretary Sherri . . . Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. Forum 1, Secretary lg N.F.L. 23 C.A.A. 12,35 Clee Club 2g Choir 35 Bel Canto 21 RICHARD JOHN DURIS Garwood Service Richie . . . Tall and dark, good looking, too, there isn't a thing Richie can't do. Football g Baseball. HAROLD B. ENGEL Clark Dental Technician Hank . . . He's sure to succeed at every featg Hank strikes his drums to his own special beat. Fire Patrol 3,4-. 22 CLAIRE E. DZIEDZIC Clark Beautician You'll always find Claire neat as a pin, with a pleasant smile that will always win. G.A.A.g Bowling 2,3,4g Badminton 35 Modern Dance 3a Library Council 1. GEORGE H. EMME, JR. Garwood Marines Em . . . Liked by everyone, we'll tell you why - his ways are nice and so's the guy. In an un inished auditoriun MARION ESPOSITO Garwood Marriage Mar . . . Sincere and helpful but full of fun, always on hand when work's begun. Home Room President 2,33 Current 3, Business Manager 3g D.E. Club 4, Treasurer 4-g Student Council 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Cheerleading Club 1,23 Atten- dance Ollice Assistant 3. ARLENE FAIRCHILD Garwood Dental Hygienist Lee . . . Whatever there is of sorrow, she'll put 0,0 until tomorrow. D.E. Club 4, Secretary 4-g Library Council 1,2,3g Library Typist 1,2,3g G.A.A. 1,2. MICHAEL J. FALZONE Garwood Commercial Artist Mike . . . A man with few worries. Art Clubg Bowling 1,3,43 Fire Patrol 4. HENRY B. F ERA Clark Commercial Artist Henry paints portraits that are really hue, but it's not just his pictures that are refined. Art Club 1,2,3,4, President 43 Creative Writing 43 Current 2,3Q Lance 4, Art Editor 4. WALTER J. FLESHER Garwood Walt . . . He may be slow and easy going, yet he always seems to get there. we raised a chorus to her name. SHIRLEY M. FONTENELLI Clark College Shirl . . . Personality plus with friends galore, pretty, popular, all this and more. Home Room President 13 Class Secre- tary 2,32 Class Treasurer 43 Cheer- leading Club 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 2,3,43 C.A.A. 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 43 Hockey 1g Soccer 13 Guidance Ofiice Assistant 2,3. ARLENE FOX Clark Teacher Foxie . . . lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 1,2,33 Home Room Vice President 43 F.T.A. 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Vice President 4g Badminton 13 Swimming 13 Softball l,2,3,43 Bowling 2,3343 Archery 3,4Q Cheerleading Club 13 Guidance OEice Assistant 2,3,43 Main Ollice Assistant 3. wen RICHARD FRENCH Clark Richie . . . Happy-go-lucky, cheerful and gay, he doesn't let trouble stand in his way. Track 23 Wrestling 33 Bowling 3. 23 ELIZABETH GALATI Clark Receptionist Betty . . . A very sweet girl and lots of fung Betty is a true friend of everyone. G.A.A. 1,2,3g Baseball 1,23 Modern Dance 33 Guidance Ollice Assistant 4. 1 KATHARINE M. GARDINER Clark Merchandising Kathy . . . A winning smile, a helping hand, keep our Kathy in great demand. Home Room President 2: G.A.A. 3,4-, Secretary 3, President 43 Baseball 1,23 Bowling 1,3g Archery 25 Main Ollice Assistant 3g Guidance Office Assistant 4. 24 RAYMOND C. GALIARDO Garwood Ray . . . You've seen him often with the bandg he's a guy who's really grand. Band 1,2,3. THOMAS GALISZEWSKI Garwood College Tom . . . School spirit and loyalty combined, a truer friend is hard to find. Home Room Vice President 25 Home Room Treasurer 25 Athletic Executive Council 4, Secretary 43 Track 2,3,4g Soccer 3,4-g Wrestling 3,4-3 Hall Guide 4. ne year made us all the wiser STEPHEN GINDEL Garwood Navy Steve . . . It's not haw much he does, but the way he does it. Track 2,4-. GEORGE M. GREENBERG Clark Architect Quietness is not always shyness. Bowling 2,3g Band 2,3. ANNE MARIE GRIFFIN Clark Nurse Anne Marie is quiet and shyg she carries our flag with honor and pride. Color Guard 3,43 Library Council 2,3,4g F.N.C. 1,2,3,4g Junior Classical League 2,3,4g Science Club 2,33 Lance 4: Twirling Club 2g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Soccer 1,25 Bowling I,2,3,4g Softball lg Archery 2,3,4g Badminton 1,2,3,4g Health Office Assistant 3. we returned to ROSE MARIE GRMEK Clark Secretary Rosie . . . A cheerleader with lots of pepg you'll never ind her out of step. Class President 1,25 Home Room Presi- dent 3, 4g Cheerleading 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3g National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 43 Student Council 1,2,3,4g Bowling 2: Archery 1,2g Basketball 15 Baseball 1,23 Badminton 13 Athletic Department Assistant 4. DOROTHY ANN GRIFFIN Garwood Dottie . . . Our Junior Prom queen - the royalty of beauty's rnien. Home Room Secretary 43 C.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2g Modern Dance 43 Swim- ming 4g Main Office Assistant 2,33 Guidance Office Assistant 4. IDA GRIPPO Carwood Cripps . . . Have your fun where you find it. Home Room Secretary 23 Home Room Vice President 35 C.A.A. 2,3,43 Health Oilice Assistant 1,2. meet new challenges. CLIFFORD W. GUERIN Clark Navy Clif . . . A swell fellow, Clif has a great present and a better future. Home Room Vice President 23 D.E. Club 4, President 4. i RONALD E. CULIS Clark Mechanical Engineering Ron . . . Of our Ron not much is heard, but Honor Society's the latest word. Key Club 2,3,4g National Honor Society 4. 25 MERRILL JOHN HART Clark College Maverick . . . He wants to have a ranch out westg he'll reach his goal if he does his best. Home Room President 33 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 13 Audio-Visual Aids lj Sound Studio3 Sports Manager 1. SUSAN MARIE HARTIG Clark Nurse Sue . . . Blonde, peppy, and sweet, Sue is a gal who cun't be beat. G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Swimming 1,2,33 Soft- ball 1,2,3,4-3 Basketball 132,33 Guidance Office Assistant. CAROL ANN HARTONG Clark Merchandising F ull of fan and always willing to try something diferent. F.N.C. 1,2,3, Secretary 33 Cheerleading Club 23 Twirling Club 13 Hockey 1,2,3,43 Archery 2,3,43 Sofetball 2,3,43 Modern Dance 33 Health Office Assis- tant 3. We remember the gay evening spen GAIL HENDRICKSEN Clark Airline Hostess A charming manner and dependableness will help her attain success. Cheerleading Club 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-Q Bowling 2,3,4-3 Soccer 1,2,3,43 Badmin- ton 1,2Q Hockey l,2,33 Archery 3,43 Basketball 23 Golf 43 F.B.L.A. 4-3 Lance 3,41 Current 33 Attendance Oilice Assis- tant 23 Guidance Oflice Assistant 3,4-. JOHN HENNESSY Clark Navy A real nice guy with time for fun, John gets along with everyone. i FRANK HIDI, JR. Garwood Signal Corps His ambition is the Signal Corpsg this, to him, is opportunity's door. Radio Club 2,33 Fire Patrol 3,4-. DONALD HIMPEL Clark Navy Don . . . He plays not for gain but for sporty he's a great guy by all report. Home Room Treasurer 2,35 D.E. Club 4, Vice President 4, Baseball lg Track 2,3,4g Football 4. if l ". xii-"9 ARLENE HOCHSTRASSER Clark Medical Secretary R . . . "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!" Library Council 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 23 Riding 1,2,3, Manager 3g Hockey 1,4-g Archery 1,2,3,4g Badminton 1,2,3,4g Bowling 1,2,3,4g Modern Dance 3. EILEEN A. HOY Carwood Merchandising I . . . Her charming wit, her love of fun make her a friend of everyone. Home Room Secretary 33 Home Room Vice President 43 Lance 4g F.N.C. 1,2,3g C.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2,3,4: Swimming 2,3,4g Bowling 2,3,4g Basket- ball l,2,3,4g Badminton 1,2,3,4g Main Office Assistant 33 Guidance Office Assistant 4. zt our sophomore '6Turlcey Trot. " JOHN HREHA Clark .lohn is pleasant, without a careg every- one likes this boy with red hair. MARCO ILARDI Clark Art School In wielding a paint brush he does excellg in all fields of art, Marco does well. Art Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4g Football Manager 2,3,43 Baseball Man- ager 2g Wrestling 4. G MICHAEL F. IOZZI Clark College Monk . . . ln football and baseball he's our man. Home Room President 1,23 Class Vice President 4g Home Room Vice Presi- dent 35 Spanish Club l,2g Student Council 3,43 Football 1,2,3,4g Wrest- ling 1,23 Basketball 33 Baseball 1,2,3,4: Athletic Executive Council 43 Hall Guide 4g Fire Patrol 4. LINDA ANNE IVANS Clark Hair Stylist Lynn . . . A keen sense of humor adds a special touch to life. Junior Classical League 2g F.N.C. 1,2,3, Treasurerg Lance 4-Q G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Badminton 1,2,4g Bowling 3, 4-g Golf 43 Archery lg Hockey 2,39 Soccer 1,25 Health Oihce Assistant 35 Guidance Office Assistant 4. CONSTANCE ELAINE KAWKO Clark Medical Technologist Connie . . .,A merry heart brightens her way. G.A.A. l,2,3,4-3 Badminton 13 Basket- ball 1: Guidance Oilice Assistant 43 F.B.L.A. 4. 28 GEORGE .IAKOVIC Garwood Navy-Electrician Jackson . . . Why worry? It shortens life. GLORIA CAROL .IENEY Clark Nurse Quiet in appearance with motives un- known. F.N.C. 1,2,3g G.A.A. I,2,3g Hockeyg Baseballg Library Council. 0 an ever-widening fielo SANDRA KELLY Clark Teacher Sandy . . . Pert and peppy, a friendly hellog when she smiles, we see her glow. Cheerleading Club lg F.T.A. 4-g Current 45 Lance 4g Bowling 2,3,4g Hockey 1,3g Badminton lg Archery 13 Riding 35 Modern Dance 3g Choir 3,4g Glee Club 2g Library Council 1,2. MARTIN F. KNUDSEN Clark Marty . . . Happy, jolly come what may, full of pranks most every day. Art Club 2,3,4g Biology Club 25 Auto Club 45 Bowling 43 Track 1. CAROL A. KORCZYNSKI Garwood Business College Full of spirit, pleasant smile, that's Carol's winning style. Home Room Treasurer 2,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Current 33 Lance 4, Typing Editor 43 Cheerleading Club 1,23 F.B.L.A. 4, Corresponding Secretary 43 Soccer 2,43 Hockey 33 Bowling 3,42 Softball 2,3,43 Health Otlice Assistant 3,43 Guidance Oilice Assistant 2. Z1 we carried the KAROL JEAN KROEBEL Clark Secretary Talkative, chatty, come what may, she is always pleasant and gay. G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Current 33 F.B.L.A. 43 Bowling 1,2,3,43 Basketball 4g Bad- minton 43 Attendance Office Assistant 3,4. MICHAEL W. KOSTELNIK Clark College Mike . . . A sportsman unequaled, a gentleman completeg a good one to follow, a hard one to beat. Class President 33 Class Representa- tive 4g Home Room Vice President 33 National Honor Society 3,4, Vice Presi- dent 43 Key Club 2,3,43 Athletic Executive Council 4, Chairman 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Soccer 2,3,43 Hall Guide 3,43 Lance 4, Sports Editor 4. name Crusader. JOHN H. KUMPF Clark College Johnny . . . A good worker, neither bold nor shy, everyone knows he's a regular guy. Key Club 3,43 Football 2g Wrestling 33 Library Council 3,41 Stage Crew 2. CAROL KOVAL Clark Always happy, always gay, a true friend in every way. G.A.A. 1,2,43 Softball 13 Archery 1,23 Badminton 23 Guidance Ollice Assis- tant 4. DIANE KUSTER Garwood Kus . . . A lot of laughter with a mischievous smile gives our Kus her own special style. Home Room Vice President 13 G.A.A. 1,2,43 Basketball 13 Softball 1,23 Health Oflice Assistant 1,23 D.E. Club 4. 29 CHARLES LAUXMAN Clark Service Charlie . . . A likeable guy with time for fun, Charlie is known by everyone. Football 1,2. As juniors our DOREEN LAWSON Garwood Airline Hostess Reenie . . . Always cheerful, bright, and neat with a sense of humor that's hard to beat. Home Room Vice President lg Home Room Secretary 23 Home Room Treas- urer 33 G.A.A. 1,2,43 Basketball 1,23 Health Office Assistant 1,22 D.E. Club 4. PAT LEONARD Garwood Secretary Lenn . . . "Full of mischief, lots of fun, a good athlete," says everyone. Home Room Secretary 1,43 Home Room Vice President 3: C.A.A. 33 F.B.L.A. 4, President 43 Hockey 1,2,3,4g Soccer l,2,3,43 Softball 1,2,3,4-3 Badminton 1,2,3,43 Bowling 23 Archery 3,43 Golf 4g Tennis 43 Volleyball 4. fondest desire was fulfilled- WILLIAM LESIAK Clark Service Bill . . . Sparkling shirts and flashing eyes add to that personality. Football 4g Fire Patrol3 Stockroom Assistant. 30 FRANCES A. LEWANDOWSKI Clark Nurse Fran . . . Quiet and pleasant all the time, at nursing she will surely shine. F.N.C. 1,2,3, Vice President l,2,33 C.A.A. l,2,3,43 Current 43 Lance 43 Archery 13 Bandminton 1,2,4-3 Bowling 3,43 Golf 43 Guidance Oliice Assistant 3,4-. L PATRICIA A. LIENHARD Carwood Secretary Shrimps . . . Small in size, but that's 0.K.g she makes up for it in every way. Home Room President 13 Home Room Secretary 23 F.B.L.A. 4g C.A.A. l,2,3,43 Softball 13 Swimming 1,23 Archery lg Lance 4. BARBARA ANN LOUGHREY Clark Medical Secretary Bobbie . . . What wisdom can you hnd that is greater than kindness? Home Room President 3g Home Room Secretary 43 G.A.A. 3,43 Psychology 43 Modern Dancing 3,43 Bowling 43 Guidance Office Asistant3 Lance 4. U78 were .IOI-IN MICHAEL I. MADEY Clark College Stage crew, sound studio and photo- graphy, too - we'll never know how much he can do. Home Room Vice President 13 N.F.L. 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Corresponding Secre- tary 43 Chess Club 23 Math Club 33 Photography Club 43 Radio Club3 Science Club, Vice President3 Key Club, Vice President3 Current 3,43 Stage Crew 1,2,3,4-3 Sound Studio 3,4. ly fi CAROL ANN MACANKA Clark Secretary She loves the game beyond the prize. Home Room Treasurer 13 Home Room Vice President 2g G.A.A. l,2,3,43 F.B.L.A. 4, Recording Secretary 43 Hockey 1,23 Soccer 1,2,3,4-3 Basketball 13 Archery 23 Bowling 1,2,3,43 Bad- minton 2,3,43 Golf 43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Current 33 Lance 4g Guidance Office Assistant 2,3,4. upperclassmen PATRICIA D. MAGUIRE Clark Teacher Pat . . . A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of them. Home Room Treasurer 1,21 Home Room Vice President 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Softball l,2,3,43 Basket- ball I,2,3,43 Bowling 1,2,3,43 Badminton 2,3,43 Archery 3,43 Guidance Oflice Assistant l,2,3Q Glee Club 1. MARY ANN MACAULEY Clark Airline Hostess Mare . . . A girl with hair of flaming realli about her only good things can be sat . Home Room Vice President 13 Softball 2,35 Basketball 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Gui- dance Oflice Assistant 3,4. at last. FELIX WILLIAM MARCZAK Clark Navy Bill . . . Think of all the sights he'll see sailing an the broad high seas. 31 PEGGY LYNN MARINO Clark College Pege . . . Continual smile, wonderful gal, staunch defender, everyone's pal. Class Representative 23 Student Council 3,4-, Vice President 3, Treasurer 4-3 Bel Canto 3,45 Glee Club 23 Junior Classical League 29 National Honor Society 3,4-Q G.A.A. 1,2,3g Bowling 1,2,3g Baseball 1,29 Badminton 1,2g Guidance Office Assistant 2,3,4. JOSEPH MASSARI Garwood Joe . . . This boy is really slickg silence is what makes him tick. Soccer 4: Baseball 1,2,3,4. 52 PAULINE ANNE MASON Garwood Bookkeeper Paul . . . Pleasant, smart, more beside - business ability will always guide. Typing Club 1, Treasurer lg Current 3g Lance 4-5 F.B.L.A. 4-g Badminton 2,3,4-g Bowling 1,2,3,4-3 Archery 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA MASSA Clark Executive Secretary Pat . . . She has the patience of an angel and an eye for beauty. Archery 2, Basketball 1,25 Badminton 45 Softball 4-g Basketball 4, Audio- Visual Aids 3,4. We danced 'til twc FRANK MAZUR Garwood Navy Midge . . . Unspoken in manner, but merry in his ways. Bowling Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4. LAURA LEA McGOVERN Clark Marriage Lea . . . A sense of humor, a bit of wit, all these make our Lea a hit. Home Room Secretary 2g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Swimming 1,2,3g Bowling 23 Softball 1,2g Guidance Office Assistant 1,2,3. PATRICIA McNAMARA Garwood Secretary Pat . . . Not a worry or a careg she is happy everywhere. Typing Club 1, Secretary lg F.B.L.A. 45 G.A.A. lg Lance 43 Softball lg Athletic Oflice Assistant. FRANCES MERCOVICH Clark Business Machine Operator Fran . . . Always looking on the bright side of life, she'lI make someone a very good wife. Home Room Secretary lg G.A.A. 1,2g Archery 1,25 Softball 1,2g Badminton lg Guidance Ollice Assistant 1. at the Junior Prom. CHARLES W. METZ, JR. Clark Meteorologist Charlie . . . A sportsman he, a weather- man will be. Football 13 Basketball 25 Soccer 33 Baseball 1,2,3,4. Q ear. 1 el-s' gfsifslii DIANE MILLER Clark Secretary Di . . . I'm the happy-go-lucky kind. Home Room Secretary 15 Class Treas- urer lg Home Room Treasurer 4g Twirling Club 1,25 Flag Twirler 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3g Badminton: Basketballg Softball, Bowling. EVELYN MARY MILLER Garwood Merchandising Ev . . . The art of pleasing consists in being pleased. D.E. Club 45 G.A.A. 1,2. RALPH MILLER Clark Architect Skip . . . A good man to have on the job. Basketball lg Swimming 1,2g Lance 4. 33 VALERIE MILLER Clark Beautician Val . . . Where there's a lot of gaiety and laughter, we find Val. Home Room Secretary 25 Home Room Vice President 33 Cheerleading Club 13 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Hockey lg Soccer 15 Basketball 2,35 Swimming 13 Bowling 2,33 Bad- minton Ig Archery 23 Modern Dance 2g Main Office Assistant 1,2,3. JAMES MOORE Clark Pilot .lim . . . Find fun and the world is yours. Russian Language Clubg Bowling 3,4-g Baseball 4. 34 JOYCE TERESA MINCHIN Clark Airline Hostess Minch . . . A twinkling eye with a mischievous look. G.A.A. I,2,3,4-3 Current 4-3 Debate Club 33 Lance 4-5 Junior Classical League 2g Library Council 1,2,3,4-3 Investment Club 45 Archery 35 Riding 3g Bad- minton 1,2,3g Bowling 1,2,3. RICHARD JAMES MONTELLA Clark Babe . . . Easy going, care free - troubled times he'll never see. Hall Guide 4. We were encouraged to choos WILLIAM JOSEPH MORRISON Carwood College Bill . . . Bill is tall, handsome and smart - great things will surely come. Home Room President 2g Key Club 1,2,3,4g Russian Language Club 2,3g Junior Classical League 3. CAROL MOUSTED Garwood Secretary Bright eyes and a bubbling personality are a girl's best assets. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Health Office Assistant 2,3,4. IRENE ROSE MURIN Garwood Beautician I . . . Under her quiet manner, friendli- ness blossoms. Badminton 23 G.A.A. l,2,3,4-3 Guidance Ofiice Assistance 3. MARGARET MYTROWITZ Clark Secretary Marge . . . One good reason why gentle- men prefer blondes. Home Room Secretary 1,2,33 Home Room Treasurer 23 F.B.L.A. 43 Lance 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,33 Cheer- leading Club lg Basketball 43 Hockey 43 Soccer 23 Health Ollice Assistant 1,23 Main Oflice Assistant 33 Audio- Visual Aids 4. our colleges and careers. STEVE NAPOLITANO Garwood Armed Forces Red . . . "Silence is true wisdom's best reply." IRIS NICHOLAS Clark Comptometer Operator I . . . Singing a song is her delight, and this she does with all her might. G.A.A. 2,43 Bowling 2,43 Colf 4g Soft- ball 4g Archery 43 Health OHice Assis- tant 43 Choir 2,3,4. GARY NAPHOLZ Clark Marine Corps Not too bold, not too shy, altogether one swell guy. Soccer 3,43 Fire Patrol 4. its BARBARA M. PALMQUIST Clark Secretary Barb . . . Quiet and gentle. G.A.A. 3,41 Archery 3,43 Badminton 3,43 Bowling 4. 55 JOSEPH PALYA Clark Business .loe . . . Happy am I, from care I am free. W hy aren't they all contented like me? D.E. Club 4g Soccer 2,33 Wrestling 13 Bowling 1,2,33 Book Room Assistant 1.2.3. ANTOINETTE PRISCO Clark College Toni . . . Her virtues are many3 her faults are fewg she always does well what she starts out to do. Library Council 1,2,3,4, President 43 N.F.L. 3,43 Debate and Forum 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 French National Honor Society 2,3,43 Lance 4, Senior Editor 4g Swimming 13 Basketball 43 Hockey 1,2- PATRICIA M. PELLS Garwood Business School Pat . . . Full to the brim with mischief and vim. Home Room Treasurer 13 Lance 43 Current 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Swimming 1,2,33 Baseball 3,43 Archery 3,43 Bowling 4. We faced PATRICIA A. PRZYSTAWSKI Clark Airline Hostess Trish . . . Pleasanzly thoughtful, always sincere, kindness personified, bubbling with cheer. Home Room Vice President 23 Class Vice President 33 Class Secretary 43 Cheerleading Club 1,23 Cheerleader 33 F.T.A. 23 Junior Classical League 2, Vice President 23 G.A.A. 2,3,4Q Hockey 13 Soccer 13 Archery 2i Bowling 3,43 Basketball 23 Golf 41- DOROTHY C. PICKARSKI Garwood Psychologist Dottie- . . . Stately and tall as she walks through the hallg she guides the Current for us all. Home Room President 1,21 Current 3,4, News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4g National Honor Society 3,4, President 43 .lunior Classical League 1,2, Vice President 23 Debate and Forum 1,2,3,4, Vice President 1, Treasurer 2, Secretary 33 Bel Canto 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Base- ballball 13 Soccer 1,23 Hockey 1,2- our final yea ROY QUIST Clark Teacher Roy is a guy who's not often last, for on the track he surely is fast. Chess Club lg Library Council 1,2,3,43 Bowling 3,43 Track 3,43 Soccer 2,3,4. l KENNETH REILLY Clark College Rile . . . He came from a school not lar awayg he's it in so well, wouldn't you say? Science Club lg Biology Club 2,3g Advanced Science Club 3,4. with sorrow, yet EDWARD RILEY Garwood Sheet Metal Worker D. A .... Ed and his car - what a team. Fire Patrol 4. ELEANOR A. REIMER Clark Medical Secretary El . . . Her pleasant smile and her winning way brighten each and every day. Class Treasurer 23 G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Badminton Manager: Modern Danceg Twirling Club 2,33 Golf 43 Swimming 2g Bowling 2,3,4g Badminton 2,45 Baseball 2g Health Office Assistant 2,3,4g Choir 2,3,4. eagerness. CAROL ANN ROLLASON Clark College Rhal . . . Nothing is worth doing that is not done well. Home Room President 35 Class Repre- sentative 4g Book Club lg Current 33 Student Council 3,4g Lance 3.4, Busi- ness Manager 4g National Honor Society 4g Spanish National Honor Society 3,44 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Hockey 1,29 Base- ball 1,2,3g Bowling 1,2g Bandminton 3g Guidance Office Assistant 4. HERBERT RIETH Clark ' College Herb . . . He may look quiet, he may look shy, but isn't that mischief in his eye? Bowling 3: Chess Club: Advanced Biology 4g Baseball 3,45 Basketball 4. RONALD A. RUTH Clark Business Administration Ron . . . Earnest worker, but always a smile - we like Ron's casual style. Home Room Treasurer 3g .lunior Classi- cal League 2,3,4, Vice President 2,3,4: Current 2,4g N.F.L. 3,4g Debate and Forum Club 3,43 Hall Guide 4. 37 WILLIAM RUTKOWSKI Clark College Bill . . . Always smiling, with bright red hair, BiIl's a guy who hasn't a care. Home Room President 4g Bowling 33 Fire Patrol 4. TOM SANZALONE Garwood Navy Tom wants to be a sailor boyg he'll soon be shouting "Ship ahoyl" D.E. Club 4. 58 JOHN W. RYBICKI Clark Navy John . . . Isn't that Iohn's voice, spark- ling that way, bringing you messages over WALI? Junior Classical League 2,33 Football Manager 3,45 Sound Studio 3,43 Current 2,3,4. JAMES SALT Clark Conservation Salty . . . .lim plays his trumpet ulith lots of zest, he's in the band and one of the best. Chess Club Ig Baseball Ig Track 45 Band 1,2,3,4. At the Senior Ball we spent PATRICIA SCHENCK Clark Retailing Patsy . . . Green eyes, plenty of wit - these two make Pat a hit. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Current 1,2,3g Lance 35 Twirling lg D.E. Club 43 Basketballg Baseballq Archeryg Soccer, Main Office Assistant Ig Attendance Office Assis- tant 2.3. RICHARD SCHEVITZ Clark Engineering Rich . . . Keen mind and great ambition will bring him high position. Science Clubg Math Club 35 Photo- graphy Club 3,45 Current 4g Sound Studio 3,43 National Honor Society 4. RUTH E. SCHILLER Clark Secretary Ruthie . . . Fall of spirit, always gay - that's our Ruthie every day. Home Room Secretary 33 Home Room Vice President 23 Home Room Treas- urer 43 Color Guard 3,4, Captain 3,43 F.B.L.A. 43 C.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,23 Soccer 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Basketball 2,43 Archery 1,2,3,43 Bowling 43 Clee Club 2.3: Choir 4. a night in Kin PAULA SCIZAK Clark Medicine Brains and mischief she has complete, success will always be at her feet. F.T.A. 2,3,43 Junior Classical League 2,33 Library Council 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Lance 43 Current 43 National Honor Society 43 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,3,43 Bowling 1,2,3,43 Archery 1,2,3,43 Base- ball 1,2,3,43 Badminton l,2,3,43 Soccer 1,43 Basketball 43 Volleyball 4. BETH ANNE SCHULZ Clark College Knowledge, ability, loyalty - three characteristics to spell success. Library Council 1,2,3,43 .lunior Classical League 2,33 Lance 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Bowling 1,2,3,43- Badminton 1,2,43 Golf 4. LEO SCHULTZ Garwoocl Air Force McGraw . . . What, me worry? Fire Patrol. Mr 'li Richard 'S Court. STEPHEN BARRETT SECALL Clark Physisist Barry . . . One of our studious lads, he'll be top among the grads. Key Club 3,43 Math Club 1,23 Dance Band 4g Debate and Forum 3,43 N.F.L. 3,43 German Club 3. GARY SEVINSKY Clark Mathematician Skevinsk . . . Not a care, as a rule - Gary's also good in school. Track 3. 39 KATHLEEN MARY SHAW Clark College Showzy . . . Leader of mischief, head of fun, but always there when work's to be dune. Class Representative 23 Class Treasurer 3g Student Council P.T.A. Representa- tive 2g French Honor Society 2,3,4g National Honor Society 4g Current lg Hall Guide 23 Twirler 2,3,4-5 Captain 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Soccer 1,2. PATRICIA ANN SINCAVAGE Carwood Receptionist Pat . . . Words are few, thoughts are plenty. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-4 Lance lg Badminton 43 Swimming 15 Baseball 13 Bowling 43 Archery 4. 40 MADELINE G. SHYLOVSKY Clark Teacher Mad . . . Plays the piano with lots of zest - she wants to be considered among the best. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Current 33 Swimming 1,25 Badminton 1,23 Baseball 2,3,4g Archery 1,2,3,4-g Riding 3,4g Bowling 45 Glee Club 1,2g Choir 3,4-. EDWARD J. SILVER Garwood Trade School Red . . . You may think Ed is quiet in school g but, you know, he really is cool. Band 1,2,3g Fire Patrol 45 Football 3,45 Hall Guide 4. Dances, concerts, and sport: PETER ANTHONY SIRAGUSA Garwood Armed Forces Cuz . . . A star on the held, has his own band, Pete is a guy with lots of fans. Football 1,2,3,4g Choir 2, Bel Canto 43 Hall Guide 4g Fire Patrol 1,2,3,4. CAROLE BARBARA SMITH Clark Secretary Smitty . . . Behind those blond curls, there is a sweet senior girl. Arts and Crafts Club lg G.A.A. 1,4g Glee Club 2,35 Choir 4g Bowling 4-3 Badminton 4. CARL W. SOLTIS Garwood College Salty . . . Carl plays football and that's Zotlallg he's that handsome guide in the al . Home Room Vice President 1,33 Key Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4g Hall Guide 3,43 Football 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2. 4 4 EDWARD .l. SOMERS Clark Air Force Eddie . . . Ed is a guy who's sure to fly high. Baseball lg Football 2,3,4g Track 3,4g Fire Patrol 4g Choir 3g Bel Canto 4. filled our lives with cheer. ANTHONY A. SPAZIANI Clark Draftsman Sonny . . . "Some people think this world is made for fun and frolic, and so do l." Football l,4g Basketball lg Bowling 2,3. ISABEL ALICE SPITTEL Clark Receptionist Izzy . . . Although she is rather quiet and shy, she will go far because she will try. Typing Club lg Art Club lg G.A.A. 1,2,3. LARRY SOTNIKOFF Clark Certified Public Accountant There is no pleasure like the pleasure of doing things well. Class Representative 2,33 Chorus Presi- dentg Debate Club. fMiami, Floridal. Russian Club 4g German Club 43 Key Club 4. BARBARA SPIVAK Clark School Psychologist Spiv . . . Smiling eyes which are full to the brim with mischief, fun and plenty of vim. F.T.A. 1,2g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Psychology Club 13 Debate 3,4-, Secretary 4g Modern Dance 3,4-: Lance 4, Feature Editor 4: N.F.L. 45 Spanish National Honor Society 3,43 National Honor Society 4g Bowling l,2,3,4g Hockey lg Soccer 29 Archery 2,3- ROBERT A. STAHNKE Clark Draftsman Stank . . . A good sport - on or of the field. Track 13 Football 23 Bowling 23 Soccer 3. The WAYNE STEMMER Clark College In soccer, wrestling, Student Council too, his true character really shows through. Home Room Vice President 2g Class Representative 3,43 Key Club 2,3,43 Baseball 1,23 Wrestling 2,3,4, Captain 43 Soccer 2,3,4, Captain 3,43 Stock Room 33 Hall Guide 3,4, Captain 4. 4. LEO PATRICK STANDISH Clark Armed Forces Stan . . . Fellows may come, and fellows may go, but there's none as sharp as our Leo. Home Room President 3,43 Track 2,3,4: Football 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Stage Crew 3,43 Hall Patrol 43 Fire Patrol 4. first class to GEORGE CHARLES STEWART Carwood Accountant A man known by the silence he keeps. Home Room Vice President 2. FREDERICK R. STAUSS Garwood Auto Mechanic Freddie . . . The car's the thing for Fred we know, but we aren't sure if it will go. Home Room Vice President 13 Band 1,2,3,4. break the bonds X JANE EDITH STEWART Carwood She says little, but thinks and does much. Home Room Treasurer 2g G.A.A. l,2,3,43 An Club 3g Library Club 3a Twirling Club 1,23 Swimming 3g Typing 2. GEORGE STRYKER Clark Navy From gridiron to backstage George has what it takes. Bel Canto 43 Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Wrestling 43 Stage Crew 1,2,3,4g Sound Studio 3: Audio-Visual Aids 3,4. MARION PATRICIA SZABO Clark Secretary When she smiles, the whole world smiles with her. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Home Room Secretary 4-3 Hockey lg Bowling 2,3,4-5 Badminton 1,2,3,4-3 Archery 2,3,4. VINCENT SZARY, JR. Clark Chemist Vince . . . A very bright student, we all agreeg Vince is a guy who'll go down in history. Track 29 Golf 3. of friendship four years at Regional made. BARBARA TOMAIO Garwood Barb . . . A pleasing manner, a happy heart. G.A.A. 1. LYNNE CAROL TOMASOVIC Clark Receptionist Lynnie . . . The quiet type - often seen, seldom heard. Home Room Treasurer 15 Home Room Secretary 23 C.A.A. 1,3,4g Cheerleading Club 1,25 Glee Club 1g F.B.L.A. 4. ROBERT G. TORRES Clark Bob . . . Crazy about cars Fire Patrol. 45 HARRY TRENERY Clark Tren . . . A sense of humor in that drawing pencil. Art Club 1,2,3g Metal Club 1. FREDERICK DAVID TREXLER Clark Missionary Pilot Fred . . . Friendly, courteous, sincerely devout, when there's a job to be done, F red's always about. Chess Club lg National Honor Society 3,4g Stage Crew 1,2,3,4g Sound Studio 3,4-g Lance 4, Editor-in-Chief 4g Library Council 1. SUE TUCKER Clark Interpreter Susie . . . Su,e's got pep and vim galore. Who could want anything more? Home Room President 1,25 G.A.A. 1,23 Psychology Club 25 Student Council 1,25 Color Guard 2,3,4-g F'.T.A. 1,23 Lance 23 Current 3,4g Badminton lg Soccer 13 Hockey 1, Manager lg Baseball lg Golf 4. I The years go fast at Regional - DONALD VARNECKAS Clark College "A light heart lives long." Home Room Vice President 24 Home Room Treasurer 33 Home Room Vice President 4, Basketball 1,2g Bowling 13 Fire Patrol 4. 44 MARGARET VENEZIA Garwood Secretary A fun-loving spirit is really greatg it makes everyone know you rate. G.A.A. 1,2,3. EVARISTO VIEIRA, J R. Clark College .lunior . . . Baseball and basketball have had him a long time, he's new to football but does he shine. Home Room President 13 Home Room Vice President 23 Hall Guide: Football 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4-g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Bowlingf JEANNE MARIE WANAT Garwood Secretary Kindness is seen in her pretty eyesg her neatness is a trait one never denies. Home Room Secretary 13 Home Room Treasurer 2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Twirl- ing 13 F.B.L.A. 4g Guidance Ollice Assistant 33 Attendance Oilice Assis- tant 4. the golden years SHIRLEY ANN WENZEL Garwood Receptionist Shirl . . . A carefree nature, sparkling blue eyes, blond hair - what a prize.' G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Bowling 2,3,43 Bad- minton 1,2,3,43 Baseball 23 Archery 3,43 Guidance Oflice Assistant 3,4. JOSEPH T. WEBER Clark Electronics Engineer loe . . . Quiet, unassuming, and liked by all. Need a good man? He'll answer the call. Math Club 33 Debate 33 Science Club 13 Photography Club 43 Current 4, Sports Editor 43 National Honor Society 43 Bowling Club 3g Sound Studio 3,4. VICTORIA P. WEISE Clark Business School Vicki . . . Pretty eyes and light hair, a really nice girl, pleasant and fair. Home Room President 2g G.A.A. 12,43 Current 1,2,3,43 Lance 43 Twirling 1,21 F.B.L.A.3 Basketball 1,3Q Baseball 3,43 Archery 3,43 Attendance Ollice Assis- tant 4. and a memories. ARTHUR A. WESLEY Clark Art . . . Fun-loving and cheerful - he'll go ,larg we mean in life, not in his car. Baseball 12,4-Q Fire Patrol 4. ALVA WHITE Clark Beautician Al . . . A sweet disposition and pretty brown eyes, Alva will succeed because she tries. Color Guard 3,43 G.A.A. 1,23 Bad- minton 2. 45 WILLIAM WILLIAMS Clark Service Station Attendant Bill . . . Varied interests are his line. Football 1,33 Stage Crew 1,2,3,4: Sound Studio 3g Audio-Visual Aids 2,3,4. .IOHANNA YUENGEL Clark Oflice Worker .lo . . . Bubbling with laughter, good will, and cheer. F.B.L.A. 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4-3 Archery 2g Field Hockey 1,23 Soccer 1,21 Swim- ming lg Bowling 43 Health Ollice Assis- tant 1,22 Guidance Office Assistant 1. 46 WILLIAM WIRTH Clark Navy Bill . . . A naval reservist who will prove his worth. Fire Patrol 4. BARBARA J. WISKOWSKI Garwood Nurse Bobbi . . . Loves to have fun, serious too, for artistic ability praise is due. G.A.A.3 Currentg Lanceg Baseballg Swiming3 Modem Danceg Health 0Hice Assistant 2,3,4. As valiant Crusaders BARBARA ANNE ZAVODA Clark Nursing Barb . . . Great in soccer, baseball, and bowling, Barb is always the one who's cajoling. Home Room Secretary 1,2,3,4Q N.F.L. 13 Debate 13 Nursing 1,22 Current 2,43 Cheerleading Club 1,2,33 Lance 43 Hockey 1,2,3,43 Soccer 1,2,3,4-3 Bowling 1,2,3,43 Badminton 2,3,4-3 Archery 2,3,4g Baseball 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Senior Hockey Team 3,4-3 Tumbling 4g Health Oilice Assistant 1,2,3,43 Choir 2,4-. ANNE MICHELLE ZELIN SKI Garwood Nurse A head to contrive, a tongue to per- suade, and a hand to execute any mischief. F.N.C.3 Current 4g Lance 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 13 Archery 2,32 Bad- minton 23 Cheerleading Club 1,23 Health Oilice Assistant 2,3. JAMES W. ZILAI Clark College jimmy . . Jim's an athlete - football's his gameg in running the pigskin, he won great fame. Home Room President 3,43 Athletic Executive Council 4g Baseball 1,25 Football 2,3,4g Track 3g Fire Patrol 3.4, Chief 43 Bowling Club 3,43 Key Club 3.4. . . 1 , ' , . 1 .' fe. t- Q ,fg 4-1. ,1, g Q wifi, ,X-1 , V 1 f 4 -'-' ' L'- t V' ,- ft 'rc:Q1,: we now go forth. JAMES HARRISON Clark Not tall, but wise, he's ll corker for his size. Basketball 1,23 Football 1,2,3,4. What shall we, the class of 1960, remember when we look back on our high school years? We shall remember that we had the privilege of being the first class to receive our entire high school education at Johnson Regional. We shall remember the good times we had at dances and sports events. Our senior trip will always have a bright spot in our memory. We shall remember most of all the knowledge and friends we have gained in our years at Regional. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First row: P. Przyslawski, Secretaryg R. Bianchi, Presidentg M. Iozzi, Vice Presidentg S. Fontenelli, Treasurer. Second row: Mr. Shustack, adviserg Mr. McCusker, adviser. 47 5 Q , UH CFCIHSSHICII TRW nm ..f.::: ffm- " 1-'Yllix 323-Q55 J .. ..,,.. f 1 . 2- 2,1-vff.:-Lgili w- .. W. , . 5f,.l.:fZ'Q. ..,,-1-fiwif ' -im .-Km ---EEWWAQ: :1 1 . , 5Q1L:z.X W'-'mir-f 'R' gimlwg ,wg 'A' ALRWAWA ,- . f ., . . X577 .f wf..1:,1.... ga..igggf., Q . .. Q - ,1:fw..'x21 ., swfgvfiizvf sw. V Q .,.m.i., .5gfg,,Q.-f..1,wggh..,igff115Mf.-XQ.m,y.,.fam .V QW... ,MQQX ...,.Kk, M ef" ik + 225 in . 'f .1 -, , fir 'X JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated: C. Casale, Treasurerg N. Can- nariato, Presidentg V. Kostyal, Vice Presidentg M. Hayden, Secretary. Stand- ing: Mr. Cuzzolino, adviser. 1 .gr X-Qgjfffixi:-fxwgg M .I of ' M ,, M... Q .. .sw . Q W. ..g,Q,., Mg.. i n .s .f...w.W Q N 1 1 l 7 vi-' L Q 5 , 50 f gg J 54 , 'X M ' if gk 5 b gggg v, V fi... i 5 .1 ,. 51 9. o gk? E Q-Q7551'?2f'i? 9flW?l'?x?fYS?i5'1 Lf9?.f.Eu, L- W! 3-if QW? P 'di' '27 We :Q 523156 139- ZW. ff 'Qi i?bZ,'i.9-3:5 afiti' if 'Rf-df WSZQ"ri'5Q: iv" f yflfzfiii i . 9 . 1 R. jljif- ' lifvvgif W . ?ff N 2E5' 'ig h "4 ' i .S 362 .- . .-fl.. .,-.. .,.....,,, . i s X . fy X. , gf f 2. K 8' , K 15 .1993 if f ,:..1n:- ff Wi Q . . . , .. kx,,, ,b 7. Nw. W- "w1Naa:'v'.ffm.ze Smffi-'iw', ' Q x Q fy 1.13: .1 . .,,,,, ,..r ,, 5if.??'1Qi5Qs .4 X :sms ww A My L V H X. ALM:rm"fP:.i:vS"svfAw ..,--4..vpb9w.e-Nz:i?,i ' ff W W ,gg .iz 3 ,3 35 .f f agwig?,Q54.f..l.nw,3?p?Qg?v,g.m. E. -1? .. 3?4if5 . f .. , f ,ww wg. mgiw if va . 1 X K F 8 , . . Q .N an wan .,-- . f.-sl-fgfmx:,.2..,., ' m kig k i .sm - - -1 ' 25 :.5r ' 1 c' Aft' . 7 7 iv- , A V x . QQBQ QZ. '- - L 13 i' u Working hard or hardly working before school. 50 HOME ROOM 21 4 Firxt row.' N. Adolph, J Carre-a, J. lluzf-nski, N. Can nariato, C. Casale-, N. Hrvslin U. Andrvs, P. Bucknull, K Boytos. Svronrl row: E. Aircy P, Alvino, D. Dcrnauc-r, L Bishop, S. Bukum, P. Adams R. Dvylon, F. Darko, T. Capo Io:-1tu,J.Cun1puna. Third row W. llrodin, D. Huck, W. Antas B. Duvzynski, P. Englf-sv C. Fic-illvr, C. Bowers, L lira-srlu-r. I YY AQHA' f HOME ROOM 229 First row: M. Francisco, C. Cogi-r, L. Carthwaite, P. Foley, M. Froelich, D. Fra- casso, B, Gleason. Second row: J. Gibson, L. Fontenelli, R. Gambino, J. Engle, W. Durow, R. Calauski. 51 i T HOME ROOM 220 First row: D. Dc' Silnnnv, .l. DQ-rvtlitu G. Du Marzo. E. Clmlmrrla, V. Crown P. Costello, N. Cnule-y, D. Dunn, M. Enz Second row: E. Drisr-ull, Dulminu, 'I' Dowling, L. Fudde, J. Dietz, M. Conislia W. Castagno, R. DUFCIIIUS, S. Davis Third rout D. Chinvhar, A. Dvre-mvr B. Duhrosky, H. Duris, I.. Di Su-funn A. Chalenski, R. Conn:-ly, ,S 1 Q-.Qin HOME ROOM 204- First row: M. Cuerriero, J. Iwanowski, G, Hohl, P. Holuta, B. Hutton, N. .l. Humenik, F. C-uzzo, C. Grif- firhs, N. Horn. Second row: C. Hoffman, L. Hedenburg, M. Hayden, B. A. Hollander, A. l-larth, R. Hari, M. Haluko, L. Crenevicki, J. Garby. Third row: P. Gonder, B. Hudak, M. Gillespie, R. Himmel, F. Hahn, R. Honymar. , ..,. 'E R 2 ii? E A . 1 5 . f it ig 1 Z X HOME ROOM 21 7 First row: A. Kraus, B. Mantz, P Lehota, J. Kozlowski, P. Kraus, R Morton, 1. Liquore, D. Kosinski, K. ll Kutyla. Second row: L. Manz, V. Lange, V. Kostyal, D. Markiewicz, B. Kurlo wicz, L. Mangold, N. Kraxling, L Maragni, C. Maier, J. Lusardi, P McDonald, F. Kumpf. Third row: D Miragliotta, C. Metzler, G. Lesko, E Moore, J. Michiewicz, A. Miller, A Kru D. Mohr A. Krouk, F. Misura, PP, q J. Marz, E. Pierson. 52 Jw. .Q i i 5. , L, i . , ,-.. a- ' l HOME ROOM 230 First row: C. Izzo, C. Kamucla, B. Kapp, K. Koerner, A. Kappy, R. Keller, 1. Kasmir, R. Johnston, A. Kilburg. Second row: K. Kavalieros, .l. Kozlowski, L. Johnson, G. Hunsinger, D. Kronen, J. Horzepa, G. Howarth, B. Johnson. xo Q 2 5 fl . A ,lg 4 . HOME ROOM 206 First row: B. Trfxlvr, J. Zuchowski C. Turin, A. Sukovivll, J. Szomolnolcy ll. Vert, K. Walcoff, C. Swiatowicz, C. J. Vvrnvr. Svronri row: J. Wollwr C. Van Dzuru, S. Wepprvcht, J. Wilson C. Wirsig, E. Tvrpak, S. Wall, J. Taylor, P. Till:-r. Third row: K. Van Savage H. Wi-lu-r, R. Vvrcoski, L. Sonnenberg M. Vitale, R. Vilulv, J. Twf-rdak, A Wulslw. HOME ROOM 19 First row: M. May:-r, F. Nlcllnnalcl G. Mikus, N. Monahan, ll. Nupnlitunu D. Nunn, J. Mol:-Q-rx, A. Xliliunu. l Nievvlt. Sfffonfi row: l'. Nlylrowitz, B. Maurielln, D. Nlitcln-ll, ll. Novy, ll Robinson, P. Morton, l'. MvNurrvs, ll Nufcr. Third row: J. Nlvllovvrri, if Miduru, J. Nyilray, J. Ryan, J. Svalon D. Murray, T. Russm-ll, W. S1'lliiflt'I'. HOME ROOM 17 First row: J. Silvoy, C. Soboluk, J. Perks, B. Szary, E. Slwurvrafl, .l. Sanzalone, H. Varriano, K. Quinn. K. Sikora, Svrnnri row: A. Snvdvkvr, K. Skooglund, C. P4-terson, J. Stanton, R. Tomasik, C. Tmnhs, J. Shults, V. Varneckas, J. Tw:-rduk. ' 1 1 . if W 53 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Diane Reale, Treas urerg Fred Heine, President Janice Parker, Vice Presi- dentg Donna Kristiansen Secretary. Standing: Judy De Blossi, Representative-g Mr. George Lelver, advise-rg Eliza- beth Buchy, Representative. J fi' 1 . - . -x .. ' W "Q..x.1. . X- -X Q r r r i S I iam dweveml, that Vftrefiffship Sandi swf! mmm SQ- WHS - - S hfiem 'le ifememhff me e p r rr S rr Q r e S -S - i--ii gzffvf "ih -255 I n 1 ,QQi,'?1L 'vjipi-lf ' 1 ' I ' f . fi . ' X1 ir.--AA 'f y' lee, + K if ,:,-A... sw! , ,Q lf Sophomores pledging their Q allegiance to the flag. I HOME ROOM 9 First row: E. Boyd, E. Brodie, ,l. Casoni, B. Brood:-l, P. Campana, B. Broedel. S. Brazaitis, E. Burke, J. Boytos. Second row: R. Bradley, B. Buck, E. Buchy, M. Britton, M. Brown, A. Brenner, N. Curneliss, D. Bucviante-. Third row: J. Cox, W. Boright, W. Brown, T. Brumfif-ld, E. Colvx ell. - 11111110- HOME ROOM 27 First row: .l. Aloia, P. Biondi, .l. Airvy, M. Billings, A. Amalmilc-, M. Bird, .l. Ackerman, C. Bvhringvr, C. Bader. Svcnnd row: .l. Arthur, M. Birknvr, T. Amon, W. Bogoski, C. Blytllv, E. Andi-rson, F. Bihon. W. Bw-k. S. i 3 .K E ,F 2. or E x. HOME ROOM 201 First row: M. Cajka, M. Castaldo, C Clark, E. Castaldo, P. Christianson, E Coppola, L. Carapezzu, L. Certo, C Campbell. Second row: M. Conrad E. Sisia, C. Cook, S. Burg, M. Clark A. Caterino, V. Burbage, D. Evans Third row: J. De Nichals, C. Flagg N. Collins, J. Eilbacher, S. Depp. 55 6 HOME ROOM 21 First row: G. Horton, P Jones, A. Hunter, G. Karma zyn, M. Hildelrandt, S. Kutch D. Keller, G. Locke, C. Kaiseri Second row: I. Jones, S. Hill S. Kubinski, J. Kocska, K Huter, F. Klok, K. Kirk, .l Lienhard, J. Levy, M. Levy R. Leschinski. Third row: J Kelber, N. Lie-hn, H. John, A Lehnoff, R. Maksimovich, R Kutsop, T. Lewandowski, P Lejda, E. Lieb, E. Lubrano W. Lilley. 56 HOME ROOM 203 First row: J. Dillberger, J. De Blossi J. Czander, C. Cunningham, J. Daghita E. De Grav, G. Curran, J. Dean, .l Deremer. Second row.' E. Dietrich, T Gambino, J. De Hart, T. Ford, P De Gutis, E. Dietrich, T. Griffin, W Furze, P. Gillespie. Third row: E Getchis, W. Griffin, M. George, M Della Salla, W. Devlin, S. Gardiner, J. Grygutis, W. Gorski, P. Frowery. HOME ROOM 207 First row: J. Guerriero, M. Dolezal, E. Flanagan, J. Gawales, K. Fullen, G. Donahue, G. Grondin, L. Gersten, P. Ferriera. Second row: E. Fratini, L. Frankenfield, A. -Goodreds, I. Fried- feld, H. Fuerst, B. Grmek, K. Finnerty, L. Dobbs, B. Hart, B. Holohan. Third row: K. Hennessy, F. Greenhouse, G. Hiotis, R. Harrison, W. Haines, R. Himpele, J. Hilliard, R. Holzhauser, F. Heine, R. Husth. HOME ROOM 221 First row.' V. Harris, B. Heckman, C. Gurrieri, B. Hasselman, B. Haut, P. Kornicsak, C. Hidi, R. Kosik, C. Kreutzer. Second row: L. Heckeroth, C. Hesse, P. Heruska, D. Culliford, R. Kool, L. Hamhacher, K. Hartig, W. , Jeans, D. Klement, J. Kelly. Third ' row: B. Hildebrand, J. Kleser, C. Kelly, R. Johnson, R. Krbavac, A. Kennedy, H. Bayard. HOME ROOM 22. First row: K. Mango, D. Kristianson, D. Morrell, M. Kump, D. Kowalsky, R. McCuigan, R. Lewentowicz, C. Markie- wicz, L. Liskovec. Second row: C. Machine, H. Murphy, P. Koehler, C. Loffiu, J. Lemmerman, D. Kurtz, l. Limone, K. Kroyer, K. Meyers. Third row: W. Moskwa, J. Meade, J. Malko, J. Menafra. I V t ,, . 's HOME ROOM 20 First row: A. Milstein, F. Miele, K. Moran, K. Miller, J. Mele, S. Nied, C. Nanz, V. Moran, B. Kundrat. Second row: C. Matthews, C. Mash, J. Miskowitz, J. Miller, D. Matthews, R. Murphy, J. Mele, B. Minarchenko, A. Marczak, J. Mason. Third row: R. Parella, T. Pryll, M. Parker, R. Norris, J. Penyak, J. Papandrea, M. O'Brien, R. Nolan, E. Pierry, J. Nahonechny. 57 llOME ROOM 15 Firsl row: A. Schultz. K. Patty, D. Rvulc. B. Paige. J. Finder, J. Pollack NI. Raymond, D. Risko, L. Riccardo. Seronri row: J. Parker, C. Pappas, K. U'liricn, M. 0st, D. Picpcr, D. Rucf NI. Rusnak, C. Rt-trig. J. Rowe, W. Sawyer. Third row: J. Ragonese, E Sc-hncider. l.. Ragonesc, J. Russo, A Re-nduno. R. Schindler, M. Rose, R Sclmflvr. - : A A s Q e H : 5 E a HOME ROOM 205 First row: P. Sotak. C. Swiatek, B. Siglcr, K. Telek, S. Staiger, E. Sisia, J. Slleperis. S. Sinuk, C. Somers. Second row: C. Simonelli, S. Thomas, M. Stevens, P. Stout, G. Soltysik. E. Shultz, L. Sharp, W. Thomas, G. Toth. Third row: R. Trupp, A. Vitale, E. Smith. R. Szetela, K. Trukowski. 58 ij iffsp X. if J.lis5 .5 , . 2, J . sl HOME ROOM 215 First row: L. Alt, A. Rizzo, E. Schultz L. Schmidt, M. Schulenburg, C Scavuzzo, R. Senior, B. Rodgers, J Rowley. Second row: H. Sevret, W Silverman, C. Rumpf, J. Reilly, K Scurek, C. Sattler, R. Sulzer, R. Stinson , 3 K ' i HOME RUUM 2 Firxl ruw: ll. Wf'l'k4, Nl. Vipi-rinu, F Will, ll. Vill, l,. Villa, We-rlliwvin, H. Wlivlun, li. Vvntrv. S. Van Arr-clailr-. Svmrzrl rnuf: ll. Vullis. ll, White-, 'lirx-lm-uw. N. 'l'lnmipsnri, Nl. Tyne-, T llrlmn, ll. llkunis. A. Wishnu. R Wli1'1-l4'r'. Thin! muh' C. W1'l1e'r, R Vlii-I, S. Wzilingky, A. Willianw. l l Follows learn gymnastic skills. 1 ' i i l HOME ROUM 24 First row: ll. We-In-l, .l. Wilmn. F Volinski, ll. Wriglil. .l. wllllllllk, l Yanulzi. .l. Zgurzynski, L. Wuidi Svwrzd mw: W. Wri-rlvn, R. fuppulla S. Yvnzvr, T. Wyckoff. ll. Wuskow, l Wvlwr, li. Wi-In-l, ll. Witsvln-r, ,l Wilsnn. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated: D. Shallcross, Treas- urerg J. Soltis, Vice Presi- dentg W. Stallander, Presi- dent: J. Finnerty, Secretary. Standing: Mr. Scrittorule adviserg A. Reed, Representa- tiveg L. Dublm, Representa- tiveg Mr. Hodge. adviser. 1 A . , 7' ,,.. K 9 A seq ., I 1- K2-ng., ff --,5g'-.gV,.k.1L,'g5f 5. wg.. Q33-125' ,3,g,:gu., - si? . . 3 Y Q. .,. ff . - 7... fr-- Q '.: .g.,fze. . "vim K::jf1...-Nfl' I l':i21's .335 .LV fn-w 'sem -1 -:ws J --1 .filw-., -5 ..z.-,--.uf , S511-L! ' S-gf!-.Qi--: rf .,f..-:.-1 i Hg -evils 25.15151 f T''iw'-.,"Hi'1zn,5':1,f'.f4-7 l7i'1i'Y: 1 ij. E' gl as '29,-xi" 'llbffy-:.22gi1.gfffggi, ' ,.,, ,,.., - .,.. . ,,,. . ,-.,-..- -,.. 1 . fi.. r .1,--- .., ,..,,.,.. . --,. ...,. . . ....,. . ..,-. - ,-.,.. ..--,-.-.-,. A fp --, 'e'2 2 -.- gig f essem ess ssrs A 1 7 - 1.1 ssse r-r.. 1 srr ssrr Peef sssses Nsesse' f A ef1e eeer -.. -"f ',"1. Q ' 1, 1' is " f-' L' f f ,, ,f.,-. ...- , ..f-----,- 7-x. s- ..S,..Q ez., .kk. , . Q., f.,f .gg --'f -7.'. ',.,'.2 J --IL X-2--. L x7f1.f2'1 fm :4f 'fY..1 hhhh"l hL h'ma ' A L 'X sg-L 55+ Cf. 7.535 29 4-T3y.Qf S31 ' ' ' K 1343 .. :af .- , 9 ,, ., . 1 -H, . - W 'K' ' X W Q i HOME ROOM 208 Firsl row: N. Andriola, R. Ammon, B. Bamberger, S. Barclay, K. Andrews, R. Angelo, L. Aklonis. S. Alusik, P. Bellingrath. Second row: M. Armstrong, C. Baniewicz, S. Benz, E. Ben-Ari, C. Basile, B. Anger, L. Agresta, D. Alvine, M. Bondurick, D. Adler. Third row: J. Backus, R. Bertolette, L. Bar- stow, S. Borden, L. Baker, K. Acker. HOME ROOM 225 First row: B. Cilentc-, M. Castaldo, D. Cordls, C. Corcione, J. Curtis, J. Cris cola, ,l. Cc-nci, J. Cusmano, R. Crown Second row: A. Corbett, S. Cittadino G. Collins, L. Cleaveland, G. Cospito .l. Connelly, C. Cyphers, W. Comer? 2' Third row: T. Dc-l Rosso, K. Crompton S. Coleman, K. Cottrell, R. Curry, E De Silva, l. De Pol, D. Crist, K Compton. iiflfg HOME ROOM 210 First row: N. Caruso, E. Caruso, C. Bozenski, M. Blanks-nhorn, J. Bovrl- mann, A. Brazaitis, L. Campbf-ll, M. Burns, L. Boyd. Second row: I. Bishop, M. Buchy, K. Bodnar, .l. Blahut, J. Boise, .l. Campbell, S. Carroll, B. Branin, .l. Brokaw, P. Brodsky. Third row: D. Chinchar, E. Calvano, A. Boyle-, kg. Clark, D. Carreu, C. Boylan, T. renner, A. Chalenski. HOME ROOM CAFE. 1 First row.' J. Donovan, S. Debbie, J. DiPaolo, N. Dowling, K. Dowd, L. DeKick, P. DeNichols, C. Daniels, L. Davies. Second row: E. Doll, C. Della Serra, K. DeC-rau, C. DenBleyker, L. Dabb, S. Davenport, A. Dieterle. Third row: W. Dougherty, R. Donato, J. DiMario, A. Diana. 61 . .. i 7 lo, ...ahh 553. r.. ng l ' A... A S :S HOME ROOM 218 First row: D. Cigl, P. Crif fiths, L. Gershon, C. Ciallom bardo, L. Gibson, N. Gonna L. Curczyski, E. Joyce, A Guariglia. Seronrl row: J Guerin. D. Hartz-r, P. Cold be-rg, S. Harris. J. Cauer, E Curczyski, C. Creonbaum, E Hari. L. Crven. Third row B. Killy, R. Kaiser. R. Jan kowski, T. Kierner, W. Hui-hn W. Kc-rshaw. R. Cusckowski HOME ROOM CAFE. 2 First row: J. Farrell, S Federico, S. Fairchild, M Feinman, A. Eichler, J. Duyck nick. E. Fakla, S. Dugan, A Fadde. Second raw: J. Oayvw ski, M. Holland, D. Fuchs R. Dowling, R. Einziger. F Ernest, B. Dutkvvicz. R. Egger Third row: D. Dollmivr, S Dwyer, M. Durow, N. Fair child, C. Downey, T. Ferrarc J. Falduti, W. Cerhart, D Fischer. HOME ROOM 223 First row: E. Harper, R Could, M. Fogel, J. Finnerty, R. Fogel, B. Frowery, L Cage, E. Fonseca. S. Foulke Second row: K. Frandano, A. Caliarclo, R. Iozzi, M. Free- man, F. Heidorn. C. Heruska. K. Hauswald, W. Hnot, L. Habing, T. Haydn. . n 1 i aw HOME ROOM 216 First row: M. Karle, V. Kund- rat, K. Kump, F. McCnrric:k, F. Martin, J. Kc-'lly, J. l.f'wic'l-ci, M. Jones, K. Kent Swolifl ro'1': I.. Johnson. B Kosinski, J. Knvaks, P. Kukla D. I.:-ikoukas. C. Mcrrigan M. Kaisvn, V. Massari, E Mvnafra, R. Nlarhuld, D Maxe-mows. a w . 0 1 in 4 - HOME ROOM 16 First row: R. I.:-skn, S. Hil- liard, D. Lusardi, ll. Hutchin- son, C. Huny, C. Je-nsen, E. Jadviis, J. lmwanmlowski, l'. Hartmann. Sl'l'UlH1 row: D. Ivana, ll, Hurst. C. Hasewl- man, B. Hvlfrivh, F. Kruv. K. Heian, J. Lalmta-, l', Jarvais, ll. Kurpinski. Third row: R. Maguirv, I". Kuste-r. L. Hofrm'ilc'r, H. iimigv. liiii fi i A if f i 5 5 ' ' i . .qm- v 11 ' if -1 1 v I 5 n'f Q u ' ' 5 2 5 2 1 I ' s L . w gmt' 1-LN HOME ROOM 228 Firxt row: B. Nagy, N. Machin, A. Mutturrs, J. Mathiasen, B. Barini. J. Mar- risc, D. Marino. Sworzd row: D. Mads:-n, C. Munlcy, C. Lospinosa, J. MacNic-I, K. Mankowski, J. Murecrufl, E. Miskowitz. HOME ROOM CAFE. 4 First row: M. Weeks, L. Witscher, C. Tyvela, K. Wil liams, F. Wolff, R. Van Vliet, D. Woodruff, .l. Weber, J Walano. Second row: M. Zeissig, K. Vonderaa, P. Zehn der, G. Tramer, J. Zienkie wicz, M. Weslock, R. Xifo, W. Walshe, E. Zukosky. HOME ROOM 32 First row: R. Symono, A Schiller, L. Sapenza, E. Scru dato, M. Sekerak, C. Streko K. Swiatek, J. Szeklick, M Sikerak., Second row: D Schlund, T. SzarY1 .l. Szper V. Schaar, V. Sachse, M Schefller, C. Schwenck, J Stecky. HOME ROOM CAFE. 3 First row: M. Shanahan, E. Vetter, W. Trenery, G. Singer 1. sm, J. Tomko, D. Shall: cross, L. Svitak, N. Semon- chick. Second row: K. Starkey, R. Urquhart, R. Tripodi, J. Stiles, T. Tummi- nello, R. Wakefield, P. Taran- tin, L. Smalley, C. Thomas. Third row: T. Van Pelt, M. Siefken, C. Thomas, R. Tuder, R. Van Voorhies, B. Terpak. HOME ROOM 226 First row: M. McLaughlin, N. McNair, R. Molinaro, E. Mendenhall, C. Menufru. .l. Popadek, L. Mays, C. Pal- canis, T. Mayhum. Second row: L. Mazur, C. McKinnie, M. Platt, M. Mc Kellin, S. Mulford, .l. Rae, C. Morton, P. Mueller, C. Messina. Third row: M. Mc Carroll, P. McGovern, S. Metke. W. Pear- son, E. Puchalik, B. Prish, A. Peters, H. Psememeki. HOME ROOM 21 1 First row: J. Schmidt, C. Roessle, N. O'Regan, H. Parket, C. Peterson, C. Ora- vetz, A. Pezzulich, R. Shohh. C. Rich. Second row: F. Sehmidhauer, C. Reicler, E. Occimio, R. Pender, J. Nolte. L. Pate-man, D. Preuss. l. Paulkawitz, D. Rock. Thirzl row: L. Peterson, M. Pap- roeki. T. Reed, P. Reimer, C. Sahio. - l I 1 H 5 5 i , . . 1 l HOME ROOM 224 First row: C. Rowe, B Rambo, N. Ratcliffe. B. Rohr haugh, J. Reider. C. Rappu M. Rothery, H. Riehl. R Segall. Second ro'1': S. Rose R. Rappa. M. Rego. R. Ru! kowski, M. Reidy, M. Proven zano, B. Rendano. R. Staeger Third row: R. Shead. W Stadtlander. D. Scott. .l. Soltis J' f? I X, Q x A Q if Fw WN, ,. Qgggfw i f E 3 vi , if a fc ' V' X I 'f K , 5 Q 1' :ss 22 ' - , f ' h QQ- " ,. 5 J ' lr ' " 1 3 5 ' , x ,. , V .ig f E 75 g , ." x ' X . Q ' , 4: ' 5, a.-lawif-:QF IQ, - A - 1.3 -f v Q 'S M.: ' f nm V. Wi? 615.1 E- A , .Y rf .1 g g ' 'A ' Z ' ' ' . M .-'.-, V f 0 Ai . A 'L 33 if? . " kfix' ' 3 , . ,SBA 1 " 'V ' I ,fr -1 5 I " -Q. Y 1 I g gg - .2 I fn 5 'W 13 b b ums N 3 A W., 3 M! 1 inc 'lf' 1' ,agr- Qng If .V . N F an 1 g 1 ' Biff! x , M ' 5 "N, , 1, bw Q f N H Q .f' ' . w. b ,, " wwf 1- 1 ,. A: '14 1 1:33 .1 , If gh, 'S if I S Q Y 'WW W' 4 . A. Mak. ,M Us -Q -.5:,g3' Q6 4 ' 'B' 'Q mfg M "f.f+f :Q , 5. , 'W' ,fbw 5 -, J, w al X , M 5 W I,,-sqm ,,5..ifQ gn.. x E H f -.Q Q x 5 -1 vw 'Tv-.M ' arf' W5 -fn MP' KH' 'N -JHIK5'-9' X' . an ,, M415 mf' m.,, "rt- '-'13 -. W I . ff -e 1 I P 4 4 3 , Acti ities ,mum --nn-4 1 I ,L 19" A I LATIN CLUB First row: .l. Boertman, P. Alvino, W. Comer, Cv. Scharr, C. Blankenhorn, C. Oraretz. Second row: Miss Ransom, adviserg K. Fullen, G. Dona- hue, I. Stori, E. Jadelis, P. I Goldberg. Third row: S. Dugan, J. Mason, J. Lewicki, J. Kelly, K. Frandano. Fourth row: S. Borden, T. Ferrare, L. Habig. The language clubs are among the largest and most active clubs at Regional. A new mem- ber of this group is the Creative Writing Clubg others are the French, Latin, Spanish, and German Clubs. Members of these clubs further their knowledge of the respective languages and gain a better understanding of the Countries and their people. FRENCH CLUB First row: C. Ciullmnluirclo, C. Singer, J. Pollack, C Cunningham, P. Ferriera, C. Bmienski, L. Svitak, P. Dt-Nielwlas. C. Pappas. P. Bucknell. Second row: E. Bergste-dt, ,I. Airey, D. Alvine, D. lpreuss. V. Vandeman, CREATIVE WRITING Seated: D. Harter, E. Ben-Ari, L. Sonnenberg, De Angelis, D. Nufer, J. Backus, A. Pezzulieh. Stanrling: J. Walano, M. Schefller, Mr. San Giacomo, adviser, M. Leissig, B. Rohrbaugh. T L. Mc Carroll, H. Varriano, C. Levy, E. Choborda, A. M. Miliano, Mr. Kursar, adviser. Third row: T. Priseo, B. Kurliwitz, M. Hayden, E. Terpak, K. Van Savage, R. Tropp, B. Terpak, B. Werle, W. Corski, R. Bertolette. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY First row: F. Nyitray, C. Van Dzura. .l. Banyasz. ,I. Ryan. Svwrzii row: K. Kavalivrus, A. lfrr-sci-mi. M. DeAnge'lis, Miss Salvsiu, udvisvrg C. Rol- lusun, H. Spivuk. Third rorr: H. Nnvy, F. Barto, T. Russell. 3, G.. ,. t I Language clubs study culture SPANISH CLUB Seiltwi: A. Svhillffr. Miss Tripmii, udvisvrq I Bc in ruth. Standing: P. Kraus. li. Mantz. J. xldi 4 Cuuriglia. N. Muchin. GERMAN CLUB advise-rg H. W.-in-f. J. um.. S. Burg, cz. L. Maur Smtvfl: K. Kvnt, H. Fucrst, S. N1-id. C. Hesse. M. Dietz, M. Schmidiwuue-r. Third row: U. Sm-gall I I"e'inniun. Sfumiing. First row: F. Gambino, A. Wishna, Sotnikoff, W. Corski. L. Rllggl. If. Ili:-lrivh, H. Rif-hl, R. S1-gall, W. Dierks, W. Brahm, J. WH-in-r, II. Rnhrbuugh. Seronri row: Miss Kaibach, E' P' if vit . y, E tv . .- '. ,. . 3 V A 3 DRAMATICS CLUB Firxl row: N. Caruso. E. Caruso, S. Foulke, T. Heine, .l. Winzllis. M. Tvne, Mr. Parkinson. adviser. Third row: l.. Riccardo, E. liergstedt. M. Weeks. S. Carroll. Second A. Eivhlc-r, D. Hamer. L. Johnson, C. Creenbaum, W. role: Mr. Fleischer, advisor: P. Hellingrath, R. Van Vleet, R. Stark:-y. E. Sisia. A. Hunter. D. Kristiansen. D. Wright. Gorski. M. Toto. .l. Meade, J. Levy, J. Boic, C. Soltysik. Opportunities to displa talents Students who display a natural talent in dramatics or art especially enjoy these clubs. In the Dramatics Club students learn about acting. staging, lighting and make-up. As an Art Club member- one may ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB Serltedf M. Selle-fllvr. L. Aklonis. J. Walano, B. Vliet, H Fm-ru. M. llardi. l.. Sonnenlwrg. Slcnzding, First row: W llorski. R. He-rtolette-, N. Horn. E. Ben-Ari. M. Armstrong further his ability in the field of art he likes best. The Art Club fills all requests for posters and every year furnishes the school with outstanding Christmas decorations. S. Tripka, D. Wright, D. Keller. S. Carroll, C. Swiatowicz. Strznrling. Second row.' A. Hunter. N. Ratcliffe, G. Blanken- horn. K. Boytos, R. Hari, R. Honymar. fs lux -.-,,. L-I LIBRARY COUNCIL Srulvrl. First row: E. Svliultz. Miss Rhode-s, advisor W HilNSt'iIIltIIl. li. M. I5-mln-r. A. Eit'ilil'I', .l. Avke-i'imiii, ll. Swrllvrf, SI'!'UlHl row: i'. Sviluk. ii. A. Sviiuilz. ,i. tin-nvi. tlulivfortl, if, Ti-rpak. ii. 'iir4'xl1'r, R. iivrtollvttm-, 'lf IH-ist-U, I .I, Szoinolnoky. Nl. Ile-.-Mig-lis, .l. wiSliilHtl. I.. Aklonis. i. Kraus. I". lluzzo, .sltllllflllgf ii. hrlfiin. R. Quist. N. Laruso. E. Laruso, t., Volunteer groups aid school Tin- me-inlwrs of the Library Counvil aid the lilmrarian ivy r-iwf-king books in and out. keeping tht- imookshclvvs in ordc-r. and genvrally assisting in the operation of the liiwrary. GUIDANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS Firxl row: li. ilvlilllis. ll. llvllillis, 11. Hartong, G. Gur- rin-ri. ll. i"ram-aso. Nl. Harpvr. Svfonzl row: C. Kawko, Nl. Ili-S11-pliuno. F. lillllo, ii. Napolitano, J. Um-rvdita, E. Airvy, S. Wt-im-I, I". I.:-wamlowski, L. Frankt-nfic-ld. Third The Cuitiumwl Oiiivc- assistants ilvill the staff of the guidance department by typing. filing. ami other tasks suvh as vollating orie-ntation manuals and aciclrc-ssing envelopes. row: ,l. l'1-rks, 41. He-iidrivksm-ii, ,l. iulliiliLlN'll. ti. Hollason. P. Marino, S. liakuni. .l. Ilif-lx. Fourlli row: M. Hzlytivxi, S. Urazailis. ii. l.4YllQilfQ'y, l'. Till:-r. M. Ust, i,. ivzlns, A. Fox. li. Ulltiyllwki. Fillilli row: T. 'livrrarn-s, D. Frifiin, M. Mvliarroll, Nl. Nlavalllvy, ll. Mavanka, E. Hoy, S. Harlig. Jr Q A 'T' I HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANTS First row: M. Coldberg, P. Costello, C. Mousted, M. Brewer, B. Wiskowski, C. Somers. Second row: Mrs. Orsini, school nurse, C. Matthews, T. Guzzo, C. Hesse, L. Mangold, P. Morton, E. Reimer. Third row: C. Korczynski, P. Semonchick, P. Gonder, I. Nicholas, J. McGovern, B. Buczynski. WH- ATHLETIC OFFICE ASSISTANTS Seated: N. Collins. Standing: S. Wa,ll, C. Wirsig, M. Shylovsky, D. Mitchell, K. Sikora. ATTENDANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS Seated: P. Prystawski, A. Kappy, C. Cunningham, AR. Senior. E. Downey. Standing, First row: K. Skooglund, Mr. Muller, attendance oflicerg V. Weiss, M. Dolezal C. Kroebal. Standing. Second row: E. Buchy, J. Bozen ski, ,l. Perks, P. Jarvis. J. Wanat. 72 ff? to X . " x Students who act as assistants in the Health Ulhce, the Athletic Office, or the Attendance Office willingly give their time and effort to perform Varied duties which lessen the burden of faculty mem- bers. Their duties include typing, filing, and running errands. Girls assist facult .,-qv -pi url S Q I 4 I Q0 if 1 1-Z DQ -E- I'L SOI F ND STUDIO STAFF S4'nIv'4l.' ,l. Niuilwy, Ii. Frlin-vitz. If. Hvtlig, I". 'lin-xlvr. Slllllill-IIIJJI .I. Iiylrivki, Nlr. l'urkinwn. aflviwrg ,I, Wi-ln-r. The- slugs crm-w is rc-slnmsihle at each assembly fur li-r-lniir-al prnclur-timm. surh as lighting and snunil. Mc-inlwrs of the Audio-Visual Aids assist in supplying te-uvln-1's with projectors, plnnmgruplis. anrl tape- iw,-nrilcrs used as eduva- lien mul uiils. Thr- Snunfl Sluclio Stall is respon- Qililv for lhi- ziiiimuriveiiwiils lu he made. They also priwiflv lnusif' e-avli niorning during home- I,'ll'lilllN1lll. ilivvitz, l', l.n1nlv'i', rmnn In-riml mm' lhc- SISIPIII. whivh is called STAFE CREW WMAJ- sfffffnlf ry 'im-Xi.-I-. W. xv'1iiu.,.,. iz. xii-I-aw.. Mr. aulviwr. Slflllfllllyf Nl. IgI'l'VN'l'I'. I.. Ilill. II. 5' ' li. Slrylu-r. .l. W1-lwr. .l. Nlailf-y. tudents emplo their technical skills AUDIO-VISIYAI, AIDS CENTER ASSISTANTS Firxl rum: lf. 'IllI4'lU'I', 5. Kuhinwki. NI. l'luII. il. filvrrguii. ,l, Wvln-r. lf. Hr-Ilig. Nlr. Vurkinsun Liilii-vr, Svfrnfirl muy' N. ll-full-v, ll, Alxiiin. VV. Iiilxlilgllllb, II. llurvniiin. Wh WIIIILIIIIS, I'. 54-niun ihuk Ix Ixmiini I Ilblllll Nlixlxi ll I Il l Nldlw Ix I Hill II ill I lik .l. Mudn-y. " . C. .' 'c". 'iirr rn I. . ' wwwy, .. ' . .SMU , N , Kuslvll HALL GUIDES J. Schultz. R. Ruth, Miss Burns, adviser. Third row: E. First mic: ll. ixlLlI'lill'Wll'Z. .l. Sn-atom. C. Silva, P. Siragusu. Somers. R. Connelly, R. Seve-ll, M. Knstelnik. S. Standish. YV. Stmnim-r. M. luzli. E. Vivra. R. lliunrhi. Serond row: T. Caliszewski. C. Soltis. 'l'. Russell. .l. Lusurdi. C. Tomlms, R. Tmnusik. V. Varnvckas, Bo s promote safety The Fire Patrol and Hall Cuicles are two impor- tant service groups. It is the duty of the hall guides to see that the c-orriclors ancl stairways remain UI'tlf'l'lf' at all times. Members of the Fire Patrol FIRE PATROL First row: li. Rilvy, J. Pulya. P. Sirugusa, N. Caruso, J. Zilui. E. Vim-im. 'l'. Cooper. H. lluris, Mr. Huduk, adviser. Svvonrl row: F. Stauss, W. llrmlin, E. Silver, B. Stahnke, M. I-ini. W. Sic-ninivr. R. liiunvlii. J. Harrison. Third row: F. Crisvola. 'l'. Silva, A. liutulinski, J. llen Blyenker, B. are trained for emergencies: during fire drills each member has a specified post and must inspect for unsafe conflitions in the school. Wirth. H. Muntvlla, ll. Hiinplv, C. Kreutzcr, G. Cranden. Fourth row: L. Schultz, C. Naples, B. Toinasik, C. Jackovic. C. Cuerin, J. lianyasz, M. Fulzone, ll. Lesiak. H. Engel, W. Williams. Fifth roy: D. Bnwuter, R. Tnres. A. Wesley, F. Hidi, B. Ritkowski, D. Varneckes. B. Connelly, L. Standish, E. Lulirano, M. Sicu, E. Some-rs. C. Stryker. First row: A. Creseenzi. R. llrniek. R. Calderone, D. Rollason, li. Spivak, P. Marino, Miss Midkiff, adviser. Piearski. Nl. Kostelnik, S. Fontenelli, K. Shaw. SPFOII HONOR SOCIETY row: F. Trexler, M. Brewer, E. Bergsledt, J. Vveber, C. ri Third row: l'. Seizuk, T. Priseo, R. Sehevitz. R. Culis. utstanding students elected ln order for a student to be elected to the National Honor Soeiety he must be in the upper quarter of the junior class or the top third of the senior elass. He is elected on the basis of Character, seholurship. leadership. and service. This yearis ollieers are Dorothy Piekarski. President: Mike Kostelnik. Vive President: Rose Cremek. Secretary: Rosalie tfulderone. Treasurer. KEY CLUB Seulerl: ll. Andres, l". Kunipf, J. Seaton. W. Stemmer, R. liianelii, T. tlupotosta. R. lieylon. Stumling, First row: The Key Club. sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. promotes eomrnunity service. Boys maintaining grades of C and showing leadership ability are eligible for elec-tion. The oliieers are Carl Soltis. President: john Nludey. Vice President: Steve Comberg. Serretziryz Bruee Burr, Treasurer. B. Connelly. .l. Marley. C. Sulzis, A. Krupp, R. Gulis. Second raw: li. St-gall. M. Kostelnik. B. Sevill, B. Morrison. . v 11 ji Fl"I'liRE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Fin! muy' lf. Nlullv. K. xllilllll. E. lwlillliigllll, R. Caldvrnne. -X, lfn-ww-iifi. lf. lLni.n-u-iso. Q.. llulus, S. llaiis. C. Crncvo. l'. l,e'l1u!.l, SWVUIIYI l'UIl'f lf, Svliultf. l'. Fvurru. P. Kraus. l.. liii-im-11+-. ll. 'lii'e'xlvr. Y. Kurniairyn. K. Milli-r. C, Kaiser, Preparation for Ili-iiilwrs uf lliv lfuturc- rlIPiI1'l'lf'I'S of America anfl nl lln' I'IllIlll'l' Nurse-S Iflulv plan for the professions ilu-3 will pursuf- aft:-r Qilllilllillitill. The F.T.A. ine-inlw-rs lmw wlisz-iwsimis. films. and speakers on 1-ulli-ggv anal ilu' It'iIl'lIllIQ1 prnfr-ssimi. They have I-'l'TliRE NURSES OF AMERICA lfirxl nur: II. Simi. II. Uixiu-i'lz. K. Fnllvrn. J. A. Boer!- nmnn. lx. Ixuiip. lu. 5lNl.l. IL. llilllwrgvr. .l. Kc-lly, Seronfl r'uli': I". lvmiiiilmxxlxi. lf. lin-il. ll. llrm-mlm-l. II. Nunn. E. S. K--lly. Nl. llurpvr. I. l"1'imlli4'l1l. Tlnrrl row: J. Zl1Cl'itIW- ski. l'. liiivlmvll. li. llunn. E. Ilia-Iriull. S. Tlmnias, I. Lininnv. V. Xliwtuii. I". fluzm. .l. Pairkvr. Fnurllz row: R. Spin-r. 7 I D. l ipvr. V. Yamlm-mark. I . Scixak. C. lhnlvr. P. Makowsky E. 'I'z-rpuk. l', Nlagiiirv. A. Fox. I.. Sunncnln-rg. future careers also set up a tf'arlwrs aicl program. Thr- Ifulurc' Nurs:-S Clulm discuss opportunities in a nursing c'arcim'. Nnnwrous trips to institutes and hospitals are also taken. Airvy. S. lirurilix. Y. Sl'll.lI'l'. K. Kruym-r, Miss Kaye acliiwr, Tfnrrl mir: E. llrifwill. li. llrirk. M. Britton. C Ruinpf. A. Nl. llrillin. N. Horn. .l. AILISHII. K. Van Salvage' ilifl v l Q:-9 Fl"l'l'lfF IHISINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA ll, ,Il'llI'llNlP. N. Illlllllllfllllil. Thin! muy' Il. .lulinQtun, .I FII!-l rnux' lf. lun. l'. llurxuun. Nl. Nluwr, K. Km-rm-r. P. lll'e-lm-y. N. II1illll'IlIIx. I.. Nlnnn. tf. Snlmlllle. V. Kristal. If I.t'UlltIl'lI. ll. llumlztlx. lf, xIillillIllxtl. If. K4il'4'NLNkI. II. Hilllllil. Ne-iwll. .I. llilxwn. I.. Ilungulil. II. Nlilvllvll. lfrzurlll row: tl. K.1u1uI.1. Sf-l'fif1flm1i.- tl. Ill- Xl.irm. ll. llutlnn.4I.Ilarr1'al, ll. IIt'l'lIlllIt'l'. .l. Silwi. ll. Nztpulilairm. NI. Ifnz, S. Wvpp- tl. llaill. .I. xXlIIxlillllIl'l'. .I, Sltilllllllltllxf. lf. lhluvr. .I. Mnlf-4-n, re-vlit. ll. Wursig. l'. 'l'iIlvr. Cl b U 'd b kgr d f b ' As at me-mln-r uf thv I7. Il. I.. .-N.. a nvw 1-luh at . I Rf-gimml. lmsim-ss sturli-nts wvutinuf- their training .3 F' :mtl liziw an HlDINlI'Illlllly In cl:-vw-lop leadership. , 4 ,flux Init,-stmm-nl vlulw is opt-rl tu Students flisplay- li 1 .X ing za siiim-11' intvrf-st in f-murimiiivs. The main "LMI A tilljf-1-tiw tif thf- 4-lull is In tm-avli the- members ahout tht' Sm-k lfxvlizillgie-. I V Tlmsf- stumle-nts with an intvrvst in collecting 'Ll 7 ' Y , stamps uml 4-wins enjuy this 4-luh. Members not . It I V .l U . . 4 ' , np ' uni clifplay the-ir wllw-twiis hut also exchange U N itmns with unc' ammtlwr. . ll' STAMP AND COIN CLUB A . ks , 1. .gI'Ilfl'Il'.' Nlr-, .Ium-. mlxiwr: II. II:-rtollvttv, J. Cox. Smurf- .. Q . ul' ing: K. Stn-lui, W. flnrgki. Il, Ftlliluli. 1 4 . Y -, , Y H ' '- 1 SI a INVESTMENT CLUB P. I..-lima. ls. s.-mil. ii. Ruth. A. cilml.-nska. li. Clif-full. .Smlwf: lf. llulmx. 5. 'l'uvke-r. li. jullnwn. ,I. WPlir'r, R. NI. Ilurtli. II. A. 51-llulz, A. Nlillvr. A. Sillu-r. .I. lllmlf-y, If. Sl-In-tin. A, Nl. Nlilizuxu, Slrlriflfrig: Nlr. lfuzznlinru, uflviserg Kamp. .I. Rylvivki. Mr. lllillingwvurlli, zulxise-r. 'C' ,.... f xiiii-,yu 9 i EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First raw: K. Shaw, E. ll:-rgstedt, P. Marino, B. Burr. J. llanyusz, A. Nl. Nliliuno, W. Slcnnner. Second row: Miss Burns. udviscrg J. ll:-Blossi. N. Cunnariute, E. Airey. J. C Airey. C. Rolluson, P. Alvino, Mrs. Sills. adviser. Third row: T. He-inc, W. Stadtlundcr, E. Buchy. A. Rccd. M. Kostelnik, R. Bianchi. tudent government benefits school The Student Council is an elected group of students made up of two sections, the executive council and the general council. The purpose of the Student Council is to provide opportunity for student participation in a democratic government. GENERAL STUDENT COUNCIL First row: W. Stcnnncr, A. Miliuno. J. Banyasz, B. Burr, E. llcrgste-tlt, l'. Nlurino. K. Shaw. Second row: M. L. Kurlc. Miss C. Burns. adviser: P. Curran. R. Crmek. J. Nlclc. J. lh-Blossi, M. Mayer. C. Torio, A. Kappy, B. Trcxlcr. J. liortnian, Mrs. Sills. udviscr. Third row: B. Rolvuck. N. fliillllilfiilltl, P. lfolcy, E. Sisia. F. Lewandowski. ll. W'I'lHlll, C. Rolluson. .l. Connelly. A. Pezzulich, D. Harlcr. As a group they try to solve student problems and further school spirit and cooperation. The Council works for the good of the student hody and the betterment of our school. Fourtli ruin: N. Wt-rthwcin, l'. Alvino. V. Schurr. G. Loflil S. Dwycr. A. Rc-cd. Nl. Zizic. J. Aircy, E. Airey, V. Kostyul E. Duchy, J. Parker. Fifllz rozv: P. Sirugusa. B. Huduk. L Augusta. l". Kulnph. R. Bn-ylon. l". Hcinc. J. Cox. R. Bianchi ll. Vurncckus. N, Collins. W. Studtlzindcr. Sixth row: E Luhrano, 5. Stundisll. J. Spaziani. J. Russo, R. Himple H. llrish. M. Kostclnik, R. Uunoto. li. Duhrowsky. C? we Yvnlwl: ll. Ilulmus, ll. Spivak, B. ' I Xlgmlf, Svmrirl row: C. Pupur, J. IN-rlv. .l. Nlinvhin, li. A. Svhultz, P, Xlukowski. ll. l.1vug1I1re-y, Mr. Cuz- ltllillll. aulwisvr. Tllirrl rox: T. Rus- i-sYcuol.0cY CLUB l 1-I, K. liulh, R. johnson. Groups promote varied interests Sluflvnts muy lmruarlen their fic-lcls of interest in any uf one of those- 1-luhs. Through surveys, field trips, anrl ilisvussimls the Psychology Club studies the workings of the mind. Vlemhers of the Philoso- phy Club tlworize and clism-uss their views on sub- jm-vls suvh as lime. spare. and reality. The Ex- plorers are an HflYZlIlI't'll section of the Boy Scouts of Arm-riru mul are sponsored hy the Parent 'lll'Hl'lll'I'S Assmwiulioil. EXPLORERS First row: K. flrmnplon, H. Iierlollnrtm Suomi ron R PHILOSOPHY CLUB ,lUllllSUIl, lfuslugxnu. R. llnrvmu W slllllllllllll Tllflf First four: l.. Sllll1ll'Illll'TQl, ll. Pivkurski. ,I. Banyaz, J. H1105 li- Sfililll- Al- Wlufl-'vw Wi-ln-r. Srvoncl row: ll. 'l're'xlz-r, K. Shaw, J. Airey, Mr. Klvinhuns, umlvism-r. Tllirrl row: R. Ruth, R. Schevitz, B. S4-gall. J. Mad:-y. Xbyi 4 .ak K I 'D ...............i' Reimer, L. lvans, S. Kelly. l. Crippo, P. Pells. lVl. Mytrowitz H. Louglirey, J. Nlinchin, H. M. Criflin, B. Zzlvoda, V Wt-iss, A. Z1-linski, P. Mason, G. l'lendriL'ksr'n, Mr. Fulton adviser. Sfllllllllllg, Serorid row: ll. Macunka, P. Leonard A. Fox, P. Maguire. ll. llulvas, B. Wiskowski, P. Lienhurd S. Hartig, E. Hoy, H. Miller. Golden Lance a trzbute to Class of '60 As a special tribute to the Class of 1960. the staff has proclaimed this yearbook to be the ffolden Lance The editorial and business stalls have worked to present a vivid picture of thus past school year with the hopes that these scenes will live long in the memories of the students of Johnson Regional. 1'--I ! v a THF CURRENT R, '1'.-,-pak. lf. le.-wQ.m1..wNki. s. '1'u.-km-, I.. lu.-.-uffin. ,re .Sl'1lIl'll.' ,I. Nlxule-y. H, lla-lfilli-. K. Ilalmlvrune, D. Pivalrski. Rylvivki. H. Ruth. SVHPIIII fUll'f H. YLlI'I'iilllU. .-X. Hunlvr, li. 'lxI'l'Xl1'I'. Xl. lin-we-1. .l. We-ln-r. Il. f:Lll'I'HIl. Stnmling. I,. Franka-l1fivld.,l. Nlinvhin, H. W'i-kfwwki. Nl. Xlylmwiu, l"i1'.xl ml: Nlrx. Xlunlf-itll. aulxiw-r: I". Ullllll, fl. llulrus, P. l'n'lls. Y. W:-iw. li. fuxmlal. K. fvlinxki. Current published each month Sports. avtivilivs. fvzllun-S. and a gmwral wcllv roumlefl picture' of Svhmml events arc' IlI'l'St'Illt'tl . . . Y, . w . H i I ,LURRIZNT 1UINt' WAFF V vacll month nn thv Current. lhf- from page .5Illll!llII,!lf A. lxuppy, N. filllllllfllllll, .l. hmuwlmrky, L. lhshnp, ,Q I , , Y 1 4 , , Hr. SvritIur'ul4-. aulxisr-r. Sl1lfI'll. Firxl ruux' L. Mangold, D. acqullcd 3 'ww "Uk HHS ,vm wlllfh 'Hf'lUdf'f1 a 5lr'z1m'z1s-4? U' Stlzngack. 17.1 NQIVIWII. Seronrl row? G' Dc Pallnllllllil' I3if'lUl't' uf Ill? Svhmbl. .L4',,i.iL.IS,Z.:'Ll",,..'iQI'. f , . . nm rl I MAH JH nl Hu Current rjxplng Club was fUIAIIlt'd Spwlf- HITCH voun 'rvPlNc TC A wallv fm 3 7 FL Currenf. rl:-mnv. Nlunugixmg linlitmg H. ll:-Cillis, ,Mlm-rlisill Edilnr. CURRENT EDITORS ' typing thf- z1l'tir'lc'S primed in thi- gf'!lfI'Il.' IJ, llzxrrnll. Sports lfflilurz ll, l'i4-karski. liditur- Y lI1fllIl'fl NI. Iira-vu-r, Nvww Fclilnr: ,l. Maulvy, Hunt I'Llllhl'l'1 J. We-lwr. Slmrw Ifdilur. Nu! pi1'I11r4'rl: l Ug- Dllllili. l':':xt1m- fzflllurz In fvllllll, Art ltmlnlnrg R. Lul- QW, ar r- ' A If A! X "ii X N, in . N, DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB First row: D. Bois, T. Cuupn-r, W. Williixiiis. ,l. Palya, ll. Crccnhcrg, W. Wirtli. Second row: P. Schenk. J, llalusir, M. Espusitn. C. Cui-rin, D. Himpele, A. Fairchild. D. Barharise. Third row: D. Varricckus. M. Venezia. E. Miller. A. Cardin. D. Lawson. D, Kustcr, l. Murin. J. Stewart, Mr. Kastncr, adviser. .via Special groups stud business and mechanics The purpose of the Distriliutive Education Club is to discuss and plan the various business projects to be undertaken by those students in the Distributive Education course. This course is designed to prepare students for careers in sales and merchandising. Learning the safety aspects of driving and the maintenance of a car are the main ohjectives of thelAutom0hile Safety Driving Club. AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY CLUB Mr. Marzullo, adviser: P. Siraeusa. W. Schaffer, R. French, F. Strauss, R. Torres, E. Viera IT. Tlullivlii i it ..' .... ...,,.,.,, a,,,,......- 1-nm,ul ss u 1 .. 'lf f awpnmw-'Sw-W--W., cw... .5 .. ....,.c,-,. ,,..--. ws" H . . ar . x ,. -A 'Y "H-Q., -41" DEBATE CLUB S1'1If!'fl.' K. Hutb. I.. Sunm-nln-rg. T. ilupolusta, ll. SlliVilk. .l. Nlzldvy. Sfllflllillg. Firxl row: R. lfulxie-mime-, 11. iimwrivri. J. MlIl'llliM'Nki. .l. Ili:-iz, ,l. l'n-rki. ll. Hui:-r. 'lf l,I'i41'lh, S, Davis. S!'l'0Hff raw: IJ. llurrull, Nl. l,l1l'lxL'I'. .l. ifux. li. Svgall. I.. Sntniknif. Orators exhibit their skills Mvmbvrs nf lhv Us-balv Club arf- af-tiw in inlv1'sf'l1uluslic- dvbulc-s, cxtvmporaneous spa-uking. pam-l rlisc-lzssiams. iIlU'I'IDl't'lLlliIlIlS. uncl urutury. Wbvn a mc-mber of thc- llm-bulv Club. has 4-arm-cl lwm-nip-iivv points. bc- is e-ligiblv for lnvnllwrship in the Natimml I"ol'1'l1si1' IA'HQIllP. Dt'Ql'l'l'S in lbs' N. l".L. arc 111-lvlwnillml by thv numbvr of points uvquirml by s-avll mcmlwr. NATHYNAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Firsi ruzvf T. I,I'iNI'li. H. Klllll. H. SlliVllk. ll. l'i1'k.lrNki. I.. Snllln-:mln-l'g1. ,l. Nlamivy, li. S1-gall. Swrmnl r:1ur: S. lluxix. 'lf llupnlmlu. M. Lfwy. .I. flux, 'Nliss Magn-sw, zulvisvr: M. Uulvlal. C. Muivr. ll. fluvrrvri. l rw 5 A 1 I 1 ,mu , J5 l . 6' ,ply 'Q' i HOME YVIANACEMENT lflrixl wuz' lf Si-lim-iirlx. Y. Sa--Ii-1-. l.. Sliurp, L. Weller. M. l,lllll'Hl'l'xl. 'lf 'l'4-:num-. Swronfl roux' .l. Walnut. E. Reimer. lx. llaiiilini-r. lf Im.-flm-. l. liiippo. Y. Vliviss. L. Boyd. P its-A row: .l. flonnvlly. .l. llluliut. H. Yan Yli:-I. ll. Kundrat. B liroe-nl:-l. Nl. llolm-xul. l, lfrivillin-lil. .l. Miller, l'. Foley, C Swialowitx. ll. lluvk. Filth mi: S. Tripkgl. P. Clark. S. xlrlglllfv, X, lfox. lf. lloy. X. llrillin. Tliinl row: C. Rowe, 'l'lionia-. E. llt'll-l'I'I1lilI1. if. ixl1ll'lliIl. llarluara Kosinslci, D Nl. XM-1-lv. Nl. X. llaurris. li. Hwkinun. .l. Aloia, li. 1Inpl,..I.n. K. lfnllvn. ll. Nunn. .l. lliwrtinan. L. Franken- lii-Iml. ll. llivn. ll. Sir-glvr. Xliss U'llunnn-ll. ailxiscr. Fourth Null-r. fi. Hunipf. 5. Hill. li. Nash. l.. Fadde. Sixth row: L. Iiinionv. H. lfuvrsl. ll, l"ln'lc'ln-r. l.. Liskovee. M. Bird. ul. Hllll, Mary l'rm-illiin-ii. l. Brolski. ome groups specialize M1-nilwrs of the Home Management Club siipplviiiviit their knowledge of liomemaking in lln- ar:-as wllivli 1-anno! lie covered in Class. Yarions sp:-aka-rs clisvuss sueh topics as hair styling. wlollws. and how to be a good hostess. lil:-im-iilary Xlatli Clulw members broaden their knonlmlge of the fundamentals of mathematics and mlisvnss topir-s such as logic and imagination in inullu'nialim's. Nl:-nilwrs of the Photography Club learn the proper use of a l'RlTl6'I'2l and the skills of develop- ing anal printing pin-tures. gs, 3. ,ah ,Y :bf ,aM.,s..G... ELEMENTARY MATH CLUB Swzteflr U. Hnlvliinson. .l. llovrlmnnn. L. De Rick. Sl'IIlfll'Ilgf ,l. Szper, W. Corski, A. Macaluso, Mr, Hodge. adviser. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB i Seaterf: C.Streko. Standing Mr. Merrill. adviserg D Evans, C. Rettia, W. Cos tagno, L. Hill, R, Doremus up fi vii, fs? R Y . ., A BIOLOGY CLUB mm-rl: NI. .-X, klllllll, lm. Nglvr. lr. lrvxlr-r. X, IJ:-rm-mvr. I., llnll. ,l. Ilurfwpgl. 5, 5IiIlQLl'I'. N lx:1rm.nmn. ll. luvr-I. l., H.llIlIl.ll'Il4'l', .Nr-fum! muy' l'. ,llr.1r1. K., K1-ltlgg. I. Kxun. N. l,u-lm. I lluwlinu. NI. U'liri:-n. 'lf lluyvfwlfvml. NIV, I,e-In-r. xulxi-1-r, Thin! rout' li. lllllmwwky. H. Krlmx VN, Murskl. l,. 51YIlIll'IllN'I,Ll. ,I. Mlygllllx VK. QALINIJQIIU. R, lhm-num. Scienti ic abilities developed The Biulngy Club siurlivs in cle-tail various phases nf lminlogy. lfuvh mm-mln-r of thc- vlulm sulmlitte-11 Ll pmjm-l tu thc- Rf-giunal Svimwc' Fair. 'I'h4- ASIIWFIIUITIY Clulm uffvrs uppm'l1lnily lu students to IIIYDHIIPII thc-ir krluwlm-dg,1 uf QIFITUIIUIYIY as vw-ll as nf ulhvr physival svif-l1f'f'S. ASTRONOMY CLUB ,,f,,,,f14- M,-t W'i,ll,um. miyiq-rg ,l, Maul:-y, J. IIlDI'll'INl. SIIHIIII-llllff R. Svhvxilz, S, lla-pp, ,l. Clank .1 . , k FRESHMAN CHORUS AND CLEE CLUB luncl. ,l. wYLllLlll4P. l. liuyrl, ,l. Sllt'lN'l'lS. C, JUIISVII, B. First ruzr: A. Svllillm-r. V. Harris. J. Cuvrin, S. Hilliard, Frowa-ry, ll. Hilllfllklllglll. C. Uraw-lx. l.. Clugv. A. Nlarsak. C. lNll'KlllIll'Q', C. lllLlIllit'IlllHI'Il, C. Kalisa-r, C. Clark. A. l'llIIIl'f!I rout S. lluxis. K, Kump. l.. llulslr. l. Spittvl. C. Nuknwicll. lf, Sl'llllllZ. .l. Tomko. Fx. Angirlu. .l. IJ:-Blussi. H:-ssl-. ll, Sullysik. Nl. Kairwn. l.. Urol-n. l.. Hufrvitn-s, ,I. vforzrl row: E. Dcllrarm, J. lJllI'Zi'lillll'li, N. Adulph, D. I.:-mnwrmun. ll. liullis. l'. Nlc-Norris, ll. Tm-rpuk. K. Cutl- llarlvr. 5. llillaulino. ll. llarlim-ls, N. Hutvliffe, U. Curdts, rvll. A. llumlrmls, F. Kluk. W. lim-vlin. l"il'!f1 row: S. .l. NVl'lll'l'. A. l,1'LlllllL'll., .l. Finllvrty. A. Ell'lllk'l', K. Slurky, Sliliyvf. M- .lUIN'F. l. liislmp. ll. Dvllu St'l'l'Ll. ll. Pin-por. N. lirvslin. ll. KTlSllLlllSk'll. Tlzirrl row: l. Stnri, M.H11rper, K. l'urry. K. xVUllllt'I'ilLl. .l. Lvwirlxi, ll, Vclt, l.. .lUllIlSUl1, l. l1n'Ri4'k. N. Dowling. C. He-vny, J. lluchy, I.. Clcuvv- ll. l"i1llSl, fl. UNI lllvylivr. oral groups pro :dc Ch v ' CHOIR Mylruwitz, li. Hnllanulm-r. lf. Pappas. V. BllTlJLlg0, D. Culli- Firsl rour: .l. Winurlfv, P. Przystuwski, E. Br-rgsledt, E. ford. Nl. llrs-vvvr. l'. lfs-rril-ra, Fourllz muf: A. lllusln-tt, Rl'iI1N'l'. E. l7l'lilII. N. .l. Humvnik, E. Shin. F. Guzzfw, B. R. Misknwi4'l1..l. Sf'llllllS. F. ll:-lion. l'. l"ruwm-ry. G. Huwdrth, llarllxa. .l. Nlulvvrl. ll. Glvllitlll, M. A. Kump, S. Kelly, J. Nlurm-vnlft. W. 'l'illn-y. L. ,lm-qw-S. P. She-ad, S. Burden, li. Kurlnwivz. li. Znvmla. .l. Der:-dim. SVVUIIII row: P. F.Kumg1f. Fl. l.ulrrunn, ll. Strykr-r. Fl'fIl1r0wJ'A. WlSlll1Ll, Nlarinn. l'. Su-izuk. V. Kuslyul, P. Nlulwwsky, S. Dugan. P. R. Norris, Nl. Toto, R. Him-s, R. lllurhuld. .l. Kumpf, B. llvinu. .l. Silwy. K. Kuvulie-rms, ll, Trl-xl:-r, l'. Costello, Kwik. l'. Sll'LlflllSl1, E. Slum-rs. .l. RLlQill11'!41'., .l. Nl4'Uill'1'. . S4-hillvr. .l. KllI'IllLlly'Il. l.. Riu'ur1lu. J. 'Xlif-If-. Third row: T. lin wling. E. Muorv. ll. Krona-n, R. Hullllullsvr. C. Engle. ll. l,ll'liLlI4hlxl. Nl. Sllylmslxy. .l. l'1-rks, A. Z1-linski, C. Vun R. Uilllllllllll, H. Murphy, R. llrmgurt, T. Urilfln, P. Dil-lx. Ill P xura. I. Nix-lmlus. E. lllll'lly, C. Smith. E. lllmlmorda - 4 E -,ll First row: D. Pickarskl E Bergstedt S Du an B Trexler V Karmazyn M A Kump Second row: P. Marino P Makowsky P Przystawskl E Dolan 'VI Brtwcr D lulllford V Burlia e Third row: J Ragonese J Meade T Downey E Lubrano W Born ht Fourth row R Kosis J. Schults, E. Somers P Slragusa R Gambino C Stryker us with entertainment Students of Johnson Regional High School who are interested in vocal music join one of our choral groups. The Freshman Chorus and Glee Club consist of girls who helped to entertain us with their singing at the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. The members of the choir are chosen from the student body for their excep- tional singing ability. Their sparkling voices also entertained us at the concerts. The Bel Canto is the shining light of our vocal groups. They not only per- form for the student body, but they have earned an excellent reputation among outside groups. All of our vocal groups are under the direction of Miss Midkiff. 21... . Y ,,.4 3 y fs xv 6 - 11. '. s.. Q, ,gs .151 -X The members of the marching .W i Nffrtsi .. , if 3' if -6- 1 , M nw ft Lf- ,..',.,- f s-.N I ,,f" . -xp .- f v.-g .3 . band in alplmbetiml order ure: J. Ackerman, L. Aklonis, G. Andres, C. Behringer, R. Bianchi, R. Bradlet, B. Brazaitis, V. Burllage, E. Cal- vano, J. Campbell, T. Capo- tosta, W. Castagnu, P. Clark, T. Criscola, B. Crosby, T. Dowling, B. Dubrosky, P. Englese, P. Frowery, M. George, D. Graham. F. Green- house, J. Grycutis, F, Hahn, E. Harper, W. Hnot, R. John- son, R. Johnson, K. Kirk, F. Kumpf, N. Liehn, J. Lusardi, H. Murphy, J. Mytelka, A. Nacaluso, M. 0'Brien, C. Peterson, B. Pickarski, M. Platt, R. Quist, C. Reider, VC. Rettig, D. Robinson, R. Rodgers, J. Ryan, J. Salt, W. H. Weber. Mr. Jupina and his marching hand in full uniform. BANDS Our four-year-old marching band has brought much honor to Johnson Regional High in the past years. This year they were seen during half times at the football games and at their first Annual Spring Band Concert, which everyone received with delight. Another new development in the music department is the Dance Band. Their music has been enjoyed many times throughout the year, and their popularity is growing rapidly. Mr. Jupina is in charge of both bands. DANCE BAND At drums: B. Segall, H. Weber, P, Engles. Standing: Mr. Jupina. First row: R. Segall, B. Dubrosky, C. Tombs, T. Capotosta, R. Quist. Second row: J. Grygutis, R. Rodgers, N. Liehn, F. Hahn. Staeger, G. Tappe, E. Vetter, , fig? - M Emgflf :jf A '3 5 1 51.1 ', Y' 5' 1-f2f'f 1-rf ' 'r -. 'z 555,-, 1 :M 'Q V. 'ff' . ...Q ,',.1 5,553.4 , " v f-if Egg: .. QM W. V f.-- .1,. X 'x X-15' ' 3 f WW N '?1V"1,H. wid I X ...ft , W , A "' 2 1 ' f M- fb W f - . A ,Q mm ,eg y.nSl'iW. .f i " vifiwn N , I A Q- 1 : ' I ' R z I . , 1 .3 . .2 ' wa' . . 1 '- W6 , 7 2 f -We it I' V ig ii- if , Make sure everyone gets his New York Times. We enter hesitantly. Surprise! Varied assembly programs held our Scenes arounc Honor Society lnductions Our football lettermen A South American explorer shares his experiences with us. lunch time linallv arrives. Checking out books in our rapidly growing library. lt - first pmrlod le he sleeping 0l' Mechanical skills are developed ln tlulHng" our various shops ,T.,,, .f . 31 , 41. Je But you can'l go home unless you you have a fever. Students convene in the library. Lookin around the school r. in .Q i ,, f , 1.4 Q w """5 v f if 5,29 if - 1 -5 , ""' f -4 ., -R 4 - v Fifteen seconds seem like an hour . L' if -K Q H-: s QW ,x 'T Some of us leave at 3:00 promptly. Dr. Karney administers the Mantoux lesl. Attend a wrestling match. Decorate for a dance. And some linger on . . . Watch a soccer game or an afternoon football game Y 1 1 6 6 'Harvey ' ' Q 1? 35, RJ ,. ,554 i i r 3 i THE CAST if--f-"' i A Myrtle Mae Simmons Vern Louise Simmons Elwood P. Down' Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Ruth Kelly, R.lV. ..,... . Joyce Airey . Sharon Dugan .loe Banyasz Sandy Kelly Dunne Wilson ..,.........,........... .,.,.. D. .... ,,.,...... E d Somers William R. Clzumley, M. Lyman Szzrzflerson, M. Betty' CIIIIUIIBYV .,..,..... . Judge Omar Gaffney . E. J. Loulgren .....,,,,,,,,,, Eileen Bergstedt D. ..... ...........,.... J ohn Madey George Stryker Barbara Zavoda Ken Reilly John Kumpf Student directors were Dorothy Pickarski and Carol Rollason. The cast of this year's Senior Play, Harvey, did an outstanding job in presenting the comedy by Mary Chase. The people behind the scenes were also important but less heard about. The pubilicity committee, the make-up committee, and the stage crew all helped to make this year's Senior Play the most popular and best attended in the history of Johnson Regional High School. You've heard the expression, 'His face can stop a clock ,ZX-I Relaxation between scenes. Changing the scene. The make-up committee is hard at work. ,L . ., li "Vida, isn'l this wunflvrful. H 5 . gi? W- 'W 2 ,fl P 1 M sc .. I S 21 1 5 ' W if - .I-S .1' A ,A iff s ...- Bul Dowd scvllwd l'f'1lS0ll1lbll'.N COMPLETE CAST- MINUS HARVEY B. Zalwda. .l. Iiunyusz. A. fm-limki, H. Scllzwfa-r. R. Dorm-lluls, ffm, ww: ll- jJi,l,im,.. ll' Hujm.,. A. Wulghq W. Fairbanks, L. Ivuns, IJ. I'i1'ku1'ski. R. Hum-ymur. ff. Hnllzlsml. M ly' MHZ. R. Mu,.l,,,ld. qi- KVH5. lg- Njangvrtw B. Kwan-lnik, P. Clnmivr. il.'Slrykvr. li. M1-rrigun. ll. llrvvn F vlxl'Vl"v'., 5 Kulvinfki, l.. Hill. Svronfl row: M. Mytrowitz, IWVFQ- !g"flfSl"'h- E- 5"""'fN -1- W"l"'r- J- M4llif'Y- J K. Duris K Hvilly, S. Kvlly. J. Airvy, S. Dugan, J. Kumpf, Rybwkl- P4 IWXIVV- 1 J' f - 1.-.N - . l ' f A Night in King Richard's Court W w5,,d'wu,,,, .""'d, Nvho will be the King and Queen? WX!! K , s Joe Rose and his orchestra provided the music, as we danced until 2 at our Senior Ball. The girls' gym served as King RiChard's hallronm and the main dining hall was in the Cafeteria. Bob Slahnke and ,lean Wanat were crowned king and queen, highlighting the evening. The Royal Pair. The Coopers entertained at dinner. STARLIGHT E CHANT E T Queen Arlene and her two attendants l l T . I -. Y . nw., T. it The Grand March The Junior Prom this year was again held at Martinsville lnn. We danced to the music- of Dun Cihsonis orchestra and enjoyed a delicious steak dinner. The lnn was decorated with guld and silver stars. Arlene Kappy was crowned queen: janet Perks and Eileen Chohorda were chosen as her attendants. The Coronation was the highlight of the evening. Arlene Kappy reigned as queen of the prom M R1 U a""' .4"" ,aff U l Sports ---' Charging into battle! Crusaders Johnson Regional's football fortunes in 1959 suffered from a coachis two biggest problems: inexperienced players, and injuries. Coach Lou De Rosa fielded a young hustling team that would have made its mark had it not been for crippling injuries. When the team was at full strength, it was very impressive. This full strength was in evidence at our one-touchdown loss to the state champion, Highland Park, and at victories over Piscataway, 25-14, and Roselle Park, 13-O. Outstanding ball carriers were ,lim Zilai and Ralph Bianchi, Mike lozzi, Leo Standish, Bruce Burr, and Pete Siragusa were bulwarks in the line. show spirit THE COACHES Mr. E. Kursar, Mr. W. La Prarie, Mr. L. De Rosa, Head Coachg Mr. C. Wade, Mr. R. Mc Cusker. First row: C. Soltis, G. Stryker, E. Silver, D. Himple, R. Bianchi, J. Zilai, M. lozzi, P. Siragusa, L. Standish, E. Somers, E. Vieira. Second row: R. Burke, R. Castagno, H. Weber, R. Sew-ll, V. Varneckas, R. Duris, W. Lesiak, A. Spaziani, J. Scarpone, R. Conolley, E. Anderson. Third row: I.. Rugonese, W. Thomas, R. Himple, E. Lubrano, R. Zapula, J. Russo, A. Anger, J. Spaziani, M. Sica, E. Cetchis, Fourth row: H. Se-anion, C. Markiewicz, E. Will, F. Bihon, S. Gardiner, R. Wheeler, M. Prill, C. Swiatocha, J. Evans. Fifth rox: ,I. Rybicki, Mr. Wade, Mr. Kursar, Mr. La Prairie, Mr. De Rosa, Mr. Mc Cusker, Mr. Stanley, Dr. Fischer, Marco Ilardi. i ' ,lj -V, , , 1 1 ...HHN I I Q. , ' . ggff-fiff g , Q-,U-1 K Mm ' " 4"f'r-IH Q' 3 -F--' A ' 4, 5 ' i 'IQ . -ff' V53 ' I .x 0 ' ,V , - V m -V H ,. .ff 4. - iw fh 2 ,' +5354 0 ' X ' f 'L . 4 ' f-0 A u f ,J Sc, K ., 1 B' . .flvil f - fa"f"'w Sf: .L 'r '- ' 1 fu., am- if I ,1 f" , Q, My W W x I V '31, so Ya 1 P rx 1 'K 1 w eww -L2 -wc 1' M WK f . - A I ' x -.-Ty 1 fl . 5 Y ' ., If .P S 4 -Q3 9 ' + A 45 I N Qt' ff ' P l i i 1a4Z'94 5 it 7,4 ,AT 'A A, Chinchar at the free throw line. First row: A. Krupp, R. Beylon M. Kostelnik. R. Bianchi, E Vieira. J. Campana. Second row R. Sosidka, A. Silber. M. Sica R. Hunymar, U. Chinrhar, J Hartz. Mr. L. Perugallo, coach. 102 Hoopsters Enc After a slow start Coach Peragallds squad finished with an 8-12 record. The team, led by its eo-captains and high scorers. Mike Kostelnik and Ralph Bianchi. looked very impressive in winning six out of its last eight games. Bianchi and Kostel- nik were also all-conference picks. Since only three of the team members are seniors, things look promising for next year. BASKETBALL SCORES A. L, J, .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 3 3 Roselle .............. ...... 5 0 A. L. J, ,,,,,, .,,.., 3 7 Carteret .........,.. ...... 5 0 A. L. J. ...... ...... 4 0 New Providence ...... 56 A. L. J, .i..... ...... 3 3 Rallway .............. ...... 4 2 A. L, J. ,,,,,,. ,.,,., 4 3 Scotch Plains ..,... ...... 3 6 A. L. J, ,,,,,,, ,.,,,, 4 6 Highland Park ....... ...... 4 7 A. L. J. ..,.... ,,,... 1 38 Carteret ................ ...... 4 4 A, L, J. ,,,,,,, ,,.,,, A 19 Cranford .......... ...... 6 7 A. L. J. ,,,,,,, ....,. 4 2 Roselle ....... ...... 4 8 A, L. J, ..,.... .,.... 3 8 Cranford ......... ...... 5 5 A, L. J, .,,,.., ,..... 4 7 Hillside .............. ...... 4 4 A. L. J. .,.,,,. ,..,,, 6 1 Roselle Park ...... ...... 4 2 A. L. J. ....... ...... 2 3 West Side ..... ...... 3 4 A, I.. J. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 4 3 Scott-li Plains . ..... . 52 A. L. J, ...,.., .,..., 5 2 Hillside .,,,.,.,.......... .... . . 50 A. L. J. .,.,,., ,,.,., 6 1 Roselle Park ........ ...... 4 2 A. L. J. ....... ..,....... 4 9 Raliway ....... .... ...... 4 7 A, L,J. ,,,,,,.. .,,,, 5 5 New l'i'ovitlei1ce 41 Union County Tournament . L. .l. ..,................. 59 llniun ..,,..... .. ........ .... . . 50 . L. J. ....... ......... 2 3 St. Mary's . .... 48 I Season Successfu ll Ralph fires a jumper. Mike scorvs und:-rnealh. ..L.,, A Qfl Mn., L-M5 5 p ff A p ' -f ' , 4, V 2 ' 55- . H ' 1- K 'Z I ' 32 I' QA A, 4 A ' " LE Q I . A, A ,. h-f g ' 6' , ... v- , . The opening tap. Tha! elusive ball! 105 First ruw: R. Shofi. E. Will. R. Bogart, D. Markiewicz, R. Mefformick. W. Stmnnwr. Second row: Mr. D. Pavelin, coachg F. Parc-nti, E. Anderson, V. Varneckas, F. Rica, T. Caliszewski, W. Thomas. WRESTLING SCORES A. L. .L .... 39 Perth Amboy ............ 15 A. L. J. .... 31 Scotch Plains .....,.... 14 A. L. J. .... 13 St. Bene-dict's .......... 34 A. L. J. .... 49 Jefferson ........,. ....... 3 A. L. .l. 21 Rahway ,.,...,.... ..... . 24 A. L. .L .... 28 Roselle Park ............ 16 A. L. .l. .... 9 Westfield ..............,.,. 31 A. L. J. .... 19 Cranford .................... 26 A. L. .L .... 16 North Plainfield .... 27 A. L. J. .... 19 Hillside ,..................... 24 Grapplers Post 4-6 Record Coach Dave Pavlin's forces posted a record of four wins and six losses this year. The team was led by the co-captains and individual standouts, Dick Bogart and Wayne Stemmer. Stemmer had a record of nine wins and one loss. while Bogart had a clean slate of ten wins and no losses with a victory in the District 5 champion- ships. R. Bogart in a predicament. E. Ratcliffe with a half nelson. Arm trouble for R. Shofi. 1 .... M Q5 - Wi ' -. .s Firx! row: R. Nolan, M. George, U. Fuchs, S. Borden, Mr. Napholz. ,I. Lusardi. Nl. Kostvlnik, W. Stemmer, W. Sawyer, lf- 51'Vl'l'iILIl'. f"'211'll: R. Be-ylon, W. SI1iClIlHfNlf'F, C. Pi1I1C3l1iS- N. Werthwcin, R. Honymur, C. Marshall. Fourlh row: S. Svronzl row: F. He-inc. W. Slam-,ue-r, K. Crompton, F. Spring, Cmulwrg, manager: P, Englese, J. Massuri, T. Clgilisewszki, H. Thwailes, ,I, I.:-vy, B. Killy. T. Szary. Third row: C. R. Caswell, A. Silber, R. Quist, C. Andros. SCORES A. L.,I. .,,,. ...... 1 Edison Tech .,... ....,. 0 H 1 , h 1 A,L,J, ..... ,,.,,, 4 Hillside ..,.,....,,..... ,.., . . 1 lhls year s hooters compiled a record of five wins, A. L- J. H A AHAYVA 0 Nw, pmvidt,m.,. 2 two losses, and four tics en route to our first A, LMI, ,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 Way-dlnw ,,,,..,,,,, .,.,,. 0 Walchung Conference Championship. The team, A.L..I. ..... ....,. 1 Scotch Plains . .... .. 1 coached hy first year mentor. Frank Severage, de- ""' """ 3 ljmv'd'inCe """ ff featc-rl Scotch Plains 2-0 in a championship play-off. A:Li 0 "" 0 All-Qounly and All-Slate honors were garnered by AIL.-I. A Vllb ,..A-- 2 Cranford A AA.-. "A4A l 1 Mike Koslelnik and flick Beylon. A,L,J, ,,,,, ,,,,,, 0 Lindt-n H .,.,,, ,... , , 0 A.L.J. ..... ..,.... 2 Scotch Plains ,..... 0 After that ball! Presentation of trophy by Mr. R. Arminio to Mr. F Severage and Mr. J. Brown. 'inn-rvfifiii First row: A. Silber, R. Beylon, M. Iozzi, E. Vieira, R. Bianchi, M. Kostelnik. Second Row: Mr. W. La Prarie, coach, J. Massari, C. Metz, R. Caswell, J. Zqurzynski, B. Burr, H. Witcher, S. Comberg. Crusaders Sparkle on Diamond The 1960 baseball team, coached by Mr. Walter La Prarie, played an eighteen-game schedule. With last year's senior-dominated team gone, Coach La Prarie had to work with a nucleus of only five veterans. These were Mike Kostelnik, Ralph Bianchi, Bruce Burr, Mike Iozzi, and Junior Vieira. With these veterans at key positions and with help from last year's jayvees - Charlie Metz, Joe Massari, and Rich Beylon - the outlook was promising. Get 'em, Charlie! Date April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May .June 8 12 14 19 22 26 29 3 4 6 10 13 17 20 24 27 31 3 BASEBALL SCHEDULE School Carteret Clifford Scott Roselle Park New Providence Roselle Hillside Carteret Cranford Westfield New Providence Clifford Scott Roselle Park Scotch Plains Roselle Rahway Cranford Scotch Plains Hillside 8 TRACK SCHEDULE Inches to spare. Seniors Man Key Track Posts Well done, Joel This year lVlr. Frank Severage succeeded Mr, John Brown as our traek coach. With our school in its fourth year of track competition we were finally alile to field a veteran team. The sprinters were paved hy Don Himple and ,lim Zilai. The top hurdlers were Rich Himple and Terry Amon. Our distance runners were Roy Quist, Joe Martz and Steve Cindel. Our pole vaulter was Bob Sevell and the top weightmen were Leo Standish and George Stryker. First row: R. Kiefler. E. Luhrano, R. Hiniple, 1. Zilai, R. Xifo, K. Crompton, R, Ammon, R Einziger, ll. Furhs, E. Will, T, Cumliinu. Second row! A. Spuziuni, J. Salt, A. l.ejtlu, I.. Breseher R. Norris, B. Dulirosky, R, Wheeler, D. Young, R. Cote, W. ,ls-uns. T. Anion, ,l. luusurdi, W. llrodin. Third row: Mr. C. Wade, couchg R. Honymur, R. Stinson, ll Mitchell, S. Gindel, T. Caliszewski J. Murtz, R. Sevell, ll Himple, R. Nolan, C. Stryker. C. ,laekovitg Mr. l". Severage, coach. Dale School April 14 .,.,... , , .. ,,.... Roselle April 20 ......, . Westfield April 22 .,,,. ,, ,,.,.,...... Hillside April 25 ....... .....,.. N orth Plainfield April 29 ....... ., Roselle Park May 5 ....... ., ,. , Scotch Plains May 10 ,,,,,, ...,............, ..,. . . . ,.,. Edison May l8 ..,.,,. ,.,,,, , .. ., . . , Carteret May lf? ,,,,,,, . Watehung Conferenee May 24 ....... ..,. . , .. ,, , Cranford May 26 ,. ,... .. . New Providence June 4 ....,,. ..... S tate Meet juv- -Q- , -ml' ks. ,..-ff . M- F, . ,-w.:5, . g . t Nice form for Joe Weber. John Ryblckl loolnng for a strike Student Pinners Post High Scores Once again this year our boys participated in a howling league at Clark Lanes. The thirteen-week league was under the direction of Mr. Nilan and Mr. Severage. The seasonis high game of 232 was posted by Frank Mazur. The highest full season average was 166, rolled by Dave Murray. High three-game series of 552 was rolled by Russ Marhold. These and other awards were presented at the league's annual banquet attended by the bowlers and their parents. Adding up the scores 108 vm Fight team fight' CHEERLE DERS This year's cheerleaders have been a great inspiration to the sc-llool and to the boys who parlic-ipalud in sclmol sports. They cheered at all fwtball games. basketball games, and wrestling matches, ami participated in the Cllt'l'I'lf'Eifllllg Clinic: which was held in Ile:-4-nilwr. Other girls who were interested in lrez-wining cliewleaclers were taught by the present 1'llt'l'I'lt'Hllt'I'S on Friday afternoons. R. fil'Illf'l'i, S. Funtm-nelli. E. Nievc-lt, P. Alvinn, S Ba um E. llnlan, P. Curran. Center: V. Miller. What happened to "Mn Dillon?" D. Graham, C. Maier, K. Shaw, E. Bergstedt, J. Airey, V. Kostayl, K. Skoogland. T IRLER The twirlers, led by our majorette, Eileen Bergstedt, performed at all football games and pep rallies to the music of our school band. They also entertained us at the Kick-off Dance and spring Concert and marched in the Memorial Day Parade. A twirling club was held on Fridays, and girls who wanted to try out for twirling were instructed in the new routines and skills our girls had perfected. Posing during practice Eileen Bergsted! M a jorette Q K 4. Twirlers practice routines after school. r ' ili . ..V VVKV QW, ,s --vt R. ,,. , ...v 59 zz F G.A.A. Offers Wide Variety 0 Activities More girls participated in G.A.A. activities this year than ever before. A record number of girls received credit for badminton, volleyball, and softball. Both the hockey and soccer teams were organized to compete with other schools, our senior soccer team boasts an un- defeated season. Tumbling, tennis, and class basketball teams were offered for the hrst time this year to complete our well-rounded sports program. FIELD HOCKEY First row: C. Hartong, B. Zavoda, P. Leonard, A. Hockstrasser, P. Kraus. Second row: M. Raymond, K. Telek, W. Devlin, J. Mason, D. Keller, L. Frankenlicld. .KM ..., , , ' "' ' 1 3. w,g,,... . - xr C. A. A. OFFICERS P. Maguire, Treasurerg E. Sisia, Secretary, K. Gardiner, Presidentg A. Fox, Vice-President. SOCCER Firsfmw: B. Zqvoda, P. Kraus, A. Cannuritno, P. Holuta, J. Zuchuwski, L. Nlunz. Second row: B. Hutton, C. Hohl, E. Choborda, R. Hari, P. Mytro- witz, P. Costello. Third row: R. Schiller, ll. H1-ndricksen, P. Morton, A. Killnurg. IX. Hollander, C. Kamichoff. Sflllltiillgf l'. Leonard, C. Macanka, C. Midura, C. Korczynski. 111 Golf and Riding This year the girls enjoyed golf- ing on Thursdays at the Calloping Hill driving range and 'gpitch-'n- put." They received instructions from Miss Short on the funda- mentals of the sport. The riding group was taken to Green Acres Stables, where they were given ten lessons, including the fundamentals, and enjoyed rid- ing on the trails along the park- way. 4 W- . .,.....,.,.. .... ., , .l. SWIMMING First row: J. Miller, N. Thompson, E. Brodie, P. Kraus, K. Fullen, C. Cun- ningham. Second row: M. Billings, C. Schwenck, M. Della Salla. Third row: M. Jones. .l. Noltz, I. Bishop, M. Sief- kin, L. Mays. Standing: W. Devlin. Swimming G.A.A. swimming was held at the Y. W. C. A. in Westfield during the months of October, November, and December. The girls enjoyed free recreational swimming under the supervision of Miss Linaberry, Miss Short, and Mrs. Walsh. i 38 v- '?' 'i GOLF' ' First row: B. De Cillis, P. Holuta, L. Manz, A. Sukovitch, R. Calderone. Second row: B, Napolitano, K. Kara- liero, M. Eng, L. Ivans. Third row: J. Mitray, P. Maguire, A. Fox, D. Pickarski. RIDING First row: N. 0'Regan, G. Singer, L. Bishop, J. Nolte. Second row: L. Cage, P. Harman, J. Miller. Third row: T. Mayham, J. Boise. .t Bowling This year over 200 girls partici- pated in our bowling program, which was held at the Clark Lanes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednes- day, and Thursday. The girls with the top individual game scores were: L. Manz - 224, C. Kamuda - 206, P. Mason - 187, J. Mason - 187, L. Schmidt - 184, L. Fontenelli - 180, E. Choborda - 176. The winning team was Team G which played on Wednesdays, and its members were: C. Kamuda. P. Holuta, E. Choborda, and B. A. Rodgers. BOWLING Bowling at Clark Lanes: J. Perks and L. Dalmh lmowlingg F. Miele selecting ball. Class Basketball Teams SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM C. Hartong, M. Brewer, P. Scizak, Downey, C. Korczynski, P. Leonard, Airey, E. Bergstedt. E. J. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM B. Manlz, B. Hutton, L. Manz, Kurlowicz, E. Terpak, C. Kamichoff, Sikora, B. Trexler, D. Fracasso. B. K. Basketball This year. for the first time. class basketball teams were organ- ized to play in competition with other schools. Tryouts were held, and the girls were selected on the basis of their skills. The junior and senior teams played several games. including those with Roselle Park, Scotch Plains, and Union. The freshmen and sopho- mores had a very successful season in their first year of competition. 7 ...... E- 'iln 'W' dr- ARCHERY First row: li. Kurlovxicz. .l. Minchin. K. Kocrncr. C. Hohl. Second row: C. Lofiio. B. Crmek, E. Buchy. V. Kostyal. Tliirrl row: P. Mason, A. Hockstrusscr, R. Hari. E X ., F L- Y First row: L. Sonnenberg. J. Daghita, C. Cunningham, B. Spivak. Second row: L. Riccardo, J. DeBlossi, C. Soltysik, E. Schultz. Members of Advanced Modern Dance Club, B. Spivak, C. Cunning- ham, and J. Daghito, practice routines under supervision of Miss Bochis. qu. Archery From the many girls who par- ticipated in our archery program, the high scorers were selected to enter a state mail-o-gram tourna- ment. These girls recorded their scores from a special game and sent them to a central place where they were compared in competi- tion'. Although our girls received no honors, the fun was in the doing. Modern Dance Our Modern Dance Club met during the beginning of the year. Under the direction of Miss Bochis, the girls practiced expressive movements and exercises which taught them grace and coordina- tion. From this club, five or six girls continued to meet throughout the winter in an advanced Modern Dance Club, which was held on Wednesday afternoons. This club made its debut- in an assembly for our upper classmen. Wfi w . A Q ii i'iv Ei: 7 v Miss Short instructs j. Boise in trampoline skills during gym class. Popular G m Activities .trac We V.: 5 FJ ,. A Y Q. 1 . . ' ,- W i . ' ' .99 1--. an 1'..SxV s, ' Mfr' Fat Now where did that little ball go? These girls find ping pong isn't as easy as it looks. This year the Girls' Athletic Department intro- duced several new activities into the gym program. The girls learned to play ping pong and shufiie- board and practiced their bowling skills with the plastic bowling sets. However, the most popular of these activities centered around the trampoline. Some learned the basic skills of jumping, knees drops, and the seat drop, while other progressed to more advanced tricks, such as, the "Flying Dutch- man", back drop, and somersault. These sports sparked the girls, enthusiasm and provided real variety in the gym program. .M l ii Look at that puck go! C. Karmazyn and F. Miele are surprised by their own ability at shufileboard. Split! L. Riccardo, pin girl, roots for a strike as J. De Blossi bowls in gym class. 115 3,9 'A 0936336939636 Congrafufafiond cmd Ea! ?fMaAea from Your Friends at Hyatt HYATT BEARINGS DIVlSION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION fCr01C16i139ii'fbir2Cf0 -117- 30-t::0::0::Q:1::0::i1::0:2Q:61::Q::Q:66 CONGRATULATIONS FROM CLARK LANES INC. CLARK LANES I40 CENTRAL AVENUE CLARK. NEW JERSEY FUlfon I-4700 I i 34 Brmlszrielf Lanes Shoe Rental Automatic Pin Setters Snack Bar Complete Air Conditioning Instruction Cocktail Lounge Lockers coooooeooeooaaoosoo -118- 31G660CiCi666136611C Congrafufafiond fo ine gracluafing Cfada FROM THE STUDENT COUNCIL FUlton 8-2448 FU1ton 8-4652 Ifiuy Villa 8 Suns, Inc. Contracting - Engineering 1230 RARITAN ROAD CLARK. NEW IERSEY iritii 5316630369318-4 -119- Ciliiiiiiifiiiiiiiiliililli SEATED: R. Sevell, L. Garthwaite, S. Nied, B. Burr, D. Gulliford, G. Soltysik,-K. Finnerty, I. Seaton, G. Donahue, S. Brazaitis, I. Parker. STANDING: R. Parkinson, I. Rybicki, W. Silverman, L. Woidt, P. Enqlese, E. Hoy, I. Kozlowski, F. Trexler, E. Schultz, F. Miele, K. Miller. Congratulations to the Class of 1960 STONEWALL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Current Dividend 3Wfk Main Office Branch Oiiice 225 N. Wood Avenue 1083 Raritan Road Linden, N. I. Clark. N. I. - Linden's Oldest and Clark's First Financial Institution - THE BOOSTERS CLUB of Arthur L. Iohnson Regional High School would like to extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '60 Best Wishes from MERIT SUPER MARKET 52 Westfield Avenue Clark. New Iersey Qlilfiifiiiftiiiifliiiiififl -120- iifiliiglilfiiiffliilli 2222525222522 D summsn scHooL izzi ZZZZ June, July, Aug. R TYPING A STENOGRAPHY ACCOUNTING K FALL TERM Sept. 19, 1960 E Day 8. Evening s celdweu Place Elizabeth. N. 1. Phone ELizcxbeth 2-5509 zzizlizilz: R. I. HALL, B.C.S., Director Fuuen 1-3908 ELECTA RICH W1I.LOW BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in Up-to-date Hair Styles 24 BRANT AVENUE cumx, N. 1. COMPLIMENTS OF WADELL EQUIPMENT CO., INC. CLARK. NEW IERSEY GARWOOD QUALITY MARKET 110 CENTER STREET GARWOOD, NEW IERSEY - Open Sundays - BORGE'S BAKERY Fancy Cakes Q Tasty Pastries 897 MOUNTAIN AVENUE MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW IERSEY ADcxms 2-9278 Congratulations . . . from FIBRO CORPORATION Clark. New Iersey CCOCQGQCCOOCCQQCCO 1133333111333 116066121-C BERNIE'S ESSO SERVICE Complete Repair Work Towing Service - Lubrication WESTFIELD and BRANT AVENUES CLARK. NEW IERSEY FUlton 8-9756 LIND'S PHARMACY Your Host to Value . . Your Guide to Health 1210 RARITAN ROAD CRANTORD. N. I. SINCEREST WISI-IES TO THE Class of '60 SUPPLEX COMPANY Gzmwoon, NEW JERSEY Your Esso Dealer BILL WI1.LIAMS' ESSO SERVICENTER RARITAN ROAD and MADISON HILL ROAD CLARK. NEW IERSEY FU1ton 1-6440 3 6 0 6 0 Q C 6 C 9 FU11on B-0932 AMERIGO NETTA CLARK VIEW FLORIST Complete Floral Service 1445 RARITAN ROAD CLARK. N. I. BEST WISHES for Happy Futures from the KIWANIS CLUB OF CLARK IOYCE SCHOOL OF DANCE "THE UTMOST IN DANCE TECHNIQUE" Tap - Ballroom - Toe Ballet - Acrobat - Adagio SUnset 9-1440 347 SOUTH AVENUE GARWOOD. N. I. STEIVIIVIER AGENCY. INC. RARITAN ROAD G WESTFIELD AVENUE CLARK. NEW IERSEY FU1ton 1-9099 Complete Insurance Coverage For Your HOME, your FAMILY or your BUSINESS 1316131111383 -122- ii -592311303 961366 6311 ii PREMIER LIGHTING 6. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Distributors of Artistic Lighting Fixtures cmd Distinctive Crystal Chandeliers SUnseI 9-O666 236 NORTH AVENUE GBRWOOD. N. I. 0 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class 0 f 1960 BECKLEY PERF ORATING COMPANY GARWOOD. NEW IERSEY FU1ton 1-2897 WENZEL DOUSA COMPTON REALTY WENDELL A. COMPTON Realtor - Insuror THE CLARK PRINTING CO. Creative Printing 36 BRANT AVENUE CLARK. N. I. puhon 8.0433 59 BRANT AVENUE CLARK. N. I. ptlfflbfld, MR. 81 MRS. H. KORCZYNSKI MR. 81 MRS. JOHN DURIS MR. 81 MRS. M. V. TREXLER DR. 8. MRS. CARL KUMPF MR. 84 MRS. RUSSELL A. STRYKER MR. 81 MRS. HAROLD A. BOGART MR. 81 MRS. W. J. SILVER MR. 81 MRS. FERA AL 'N JACK'S TEXACO SERVICE MR. 81 MRS. GILBERT L. HOY MR. 8. MRS. A. SOTNIKOFF MR. 8. MRS. RALPH MILLER MR. 81 MRS JOSEPH T. WEBER MR. 81 MRS. NAPOLITANO MR. 8. MRS IOZZI MR. 81 MRS. H. HENRICKSEN MR. 81 MRS JOHN B. SMITH, III DR. 81 MRS. D. INTRACASO COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR. 81 MRS. JAMES STEWART, SR. MR. 81 MRS. W. G. ROLLASON MR. 81 MRS. A. J. MARINO MR. 81 MRS. JOHN WANAT 'MR. 81 MRS. STEPHEN J. BANYASZ MRS. CONSTANCE QUIST SCHMIDT L. BARTELL MR. 8. MRS JOHN MYTROWITZ MR. 81 MRS. H. MINCHIN MR. 81 MRS RICHARD HARTIG MR. 8. MRS. E. RUSSEL FOX MR. 81 MRS NICHOLAS MURIN DR. 81 MRS. M. J. SPIVAK MR. 81 MRS ANTHONY BARBARISE 81 DAUGHTER POWDER PUFF HAIRDRESSER MR. 81 MRS F. LEWANDOWSKI MR. 81 MRS. R. SPITTEL MR. 8. MRS. E. MASON MR. 81 MRS. AIREY MR. 81 MRS JOHN RYBICKI MR. 81 MRS. A. K. BURR MR. 81 MRS WALTER SCHEVITZ MR. 81 MRS. EDWARD J. SOMERS 333961366666-36661099 -123- tooooooooooocooooo Bnnaiaxm, People's Barber Shop Horatio, Audrey, 81 Dale Jones Pete's Barber Shop Carol 8. Harry Peggy Sr Judy Buabmaa, Pnbwm, GARWOOD BAKERY Delicious Coffee Cakes 81 Pastry Cakes For All Occasions 340 North Avenue, Garwood, N. J. SUnset 9-0151 GARWOOO PAINT 8. HARDWARE CO. Plumbing 81 Electrical Sump Pumps Water Softeners 340 North Avenue, Garwood, N. J. SUnset 9-1530 ENZ BROS. MARKET Meats - Poultry 340 North Avenue Garwood, N. J. SUnset 9-0260 THE SUGAR BOWL Agent For Whitman Candy Dolly Madison Ice Cream 117 Centre Street Garwood, N. J. TILLIE'S RESTAURANT Just Good Food! 99 Centre Street Garwood, N. J. BAUMEL'S Delicatessen Clark, N. J. FUlton 8-1905 CLARKTOWN BARBER SHOP Raritan Road Clarktown, N. J. Lou Scavuzzo, Prop. O'JOHNNIE'S VARIETY 170 Westfield Avenue Clark, N. J. FUlton 8-9656 GROSSMAN'S BARBER SHOP 106 Center Street CLARK ESSO SERVICENTER Walnut 8r Raritan 'Avenues Clark, N. J. FUlton 1-2088 Jerry Ormsby The REGINA SHOPPE Infants 81 Children's Wear 1208 Raritan Road Cranford, N. J. CRanford 6-0833 LINDEN PORK MARKET Raritan Road Clark, N. J. FUlton 8-7864 Carl Armann DRUMMOND'S PHARMACY 1075 Raritan Road Clark, N. J. FUlton 8-8456 SGHOLL ELECTRONICS High Fidelity - Stereophonic Sound Custom Installations 1113 Raritan Road, Clark, N J FUlton 8-6301 HAIRSTYLING BY RICCI Expert Hairstyling, Coloring 8. Waving 42 Brant Avenue Clark, N. J. FUlton 1-2266 TOWN HARDWARE 26 Westfield Avenue CIark,, N. J. FUlton 8-3128 Mr. Louis R. Rizzo RAY'S BARBER SHOP Specializing in- Ladies' 8. Children's Haircuttlng 350 Worth Avenue Garwood, N. J. SCHER'S DRUG STORE Serving The Needs of Garwood 35 Years g3mg?dQ-3g4g' 107 Center Street Garwood, N. J. A FRIEND SUnset 9-1117 osoooooooooooooeoo -124- up 4 -3, . ' : Q4-w - -- . - . 1, f r--rn Y +-- -- L 5 " ' , 4,1 1 ' .- H 4'6" f f' lf- A 2 l '5 , ,fide ., ' ' - . .Lg -ff . f -s..'f,3g2w'-., ' "'4yf1fi'Vls1l23fLi. ., 31. ' Q , 1 v lt- 'fy-f' I-, f ' 75'f fS?fl ' 1 , K4 Q. f .lm . K I ' . ' 1 f - -v 1 ' ,J '31, Risen ',+- . -24 Y' ,is ,J

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