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JQMIA WW'lL0 if V x . wg 41453-J Eff, . ' . 4 R423 s A ff? 15 , Q- m. ,i . Qgfw , F, Mmx L, MJ In 3 '90j3f3M9QfQL31L" mfxx P2ZL diff WSQQQ ?55WMM MW Nw' ww' -. WQCQLMW MQW ffifff ff f JDM uf- MAQA 7"'f'32geff gwibyiwfif Jwfipf 2635534 VM N . J, J Qyffwmjfff ., wjffw QR 4 :J Ou Eff M M0 ,eff I, ,. ,zap 330 ,lffiim 1, , Q5 MA MXH K ""ELsz.f'M UWA qfvffigfwf w2xa5,:,giffv5l .o9,p,f,7W,ff9', M W A?2,f,55 fwf wM M QM WWWW Piiiffikfff M MM M lf? sf A ffslf , iw fy ff' ,ff Maki L--L.- X 510001 fr., N wwmk M Tag QQSMW www 93334 W KE. vw!-I qbw LEGBS9 'JAX Fixcgo Ex XT X019 ff ,5 x v .W 1, Q11 N A .4 .. cg' . x , 'uni L , ,Q fwsf. .X SQA., F, -.. F-use ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOGL 3115 Mackinaw, Saginaw, Michigan Editors Co-Editors-In-Chief ....... KAREN KRAUSE MARGARET WILLIAMS Classes. ...... MARY BOULTON MARY SCHREUR Administration. . . ..... CATHY BROWN Special Events ........ SHIRLEY CANADAY Seniors Sports .... . . . .SUE HOLCOMB . . . .LEROY BAUER JOHN GOES ROBERT POSEY Underclassmen ...... MARY ANN HUYGHE Clubs ..... . . . . .PAT BRAUN Advertising ....... MARY Jo LANDERYOU RUTHANNE ZAHNOW MARY GEKELER Photography ..... ........... R AY BORG Adviser ..... JIM HARTL . . . . .MISS RUTH MURPHY Introduction --- Classes Administration Special Events-- Seniors Sports Underel assmen Clubs -M..-.- Advertising -- Table of Contents -Q, if +4 K w 9 PROGRESS IS evxdent rn many forms at Arthur H111 Expanded counsehng facxl meet the needs of every student A newly constructed language lab combmes skxlls and drxlls math classes ' ' ities Accelerated Englxsh and broaden students' knowledge. Proudly the LEGENDA of 1960-61 recalls past experiences, present accomplishments, and records PROGRESS at Arthur Hill High School 2 -il Q Classes . Students Create Usefu1'Objets D'Art' e 'ig yn "'L..,, , ,F-fm . x Tom Lambert puts painstaking effort into his model for the Christmas display. Tom jones and Jim Birnbaum check specifications for the wiseman model. Projects from the art classes often fill the showcases with objects to attract the attention of every Hillite and visitor. Although art stu- dents are given definite assignments, they use their imaginations to the greatest when fulfilling them. The students enter their posters in con- tests, with many of them winning awards. Clay work, jewelry, and many different de- signs made from clay are some of the con- structive, and more pleasant, tasks of the crafts classes. These classes produce many things the students themselves can use. Mechanical and architectural drawing are very serious courses. These are required for those who long to be engineers or architects. The curriculum calls for deep concentration and very strict attention to details. Industrial arts teaches boys to work with wood and metal safely. These students make things very useful for their daily lives. 1 John Herman works with clay in his crafts class ...MMM ,- , Kirk Kirkpatrick and Bob Dietlein ind welding useful in their shop work. 5 w "GK -S, W K New ff 7R01 - ku Q David Weber works to get every line exact in his drawing. . ,Jw . i re! N QQ- -...,,,, NS' MJ A is if W Miss Costa instructs seniors as to Sue Rhule uses the card catalogue. Ge'-HB9 Hurst begins his the use of the library. research theme Themes Are Emphasized At Arthur Hill Mrs. Dancer illustrates the dictionary's usefullness in theme work to Linda Brown. In line with administration policy to provide the best instruction for all students, the English Department offers classes on three levels: ac- celerated, academic, and basic. The six new accelerated classes move at a faster pace. Ad- mission to these special classes is based on teacher recommendation, and grammer and reading tests. Academic classes aim at a com- prehensive program in all phases of English, while basic concentrate on fundamental skills and practical application. Accepting the theory that students learn by doing, the program puts a premium on compo- sition, both oral and written. Impromptu, expo- sition, descriptive, and research themes are re- quired. Precis, paraphrases, character sketches, interpretations, and book reports allow students to organize and present their ideas. The cul- mination for seniors is the thousand word re- search theme. Chris Scorsone types her final copy. Correcting the themes is a big job Mrs. Hamlin answers questions Karen for Mrs. Harvie. Hillman has about her graded theme. W1 fl More individual help and theme work are part of the accelerated program. Miss Yates helps Ken Fisher. Mary Rappuhn and Sue Brethauer give their demonstration speech entitled "How to Bathea Dog." Bill Rohn seems confident as he gives his marking period speech. Do you plan to become a lawyer, an orator, or a businessman? If you do, public speaking or debate will give you the poise and self-confi- dence that is needed to speak in front of the public. Traveling to other schools is the Arthur Hill DebateTeam, coached by Mr. Birdsall. Debaters spend much time in research, and debating with members of the class. Spring speech activities, under the direction of Mr. Grueber, complete the school year in the speech department. Chris Link listens attentively as Fred Martin explains Ellen Timmons and Caroline BYT011 PYGPSY9 themselves his point. for the next debate. Speech Classes Offer Man Upportunities Mary Brown leaves for a debate. .5 Joe Scorsone argues a point with Mary Senn as Carol Munck and Dick Zircle look on. M e 1 . , i Larry Ross gets aid from Mr. Petzko with his world Mr. Wilson explains the first chapter of the sociology book to Bill Gunther and Don Schuler. history assignment. Juniors Commemorate the Civil War Mr. Senn explains a stock report to Jerry Blank and Diane Weishuhn. 5- if-M., uf' .44 7""""!?'faf. Fulfilling a required Civil War project in Miss Francis' American history class Brubaker, Bob Curtis, Mary Boulton, and Pat Panko. afe Janet One hundred years ago the great Civil War began. Commemorating this event, the Ameri- can history classes gave special attention to the study of the Civil War. Events and the results of the war gave American history students a better knowledge of today's social and economic pro- lems. Government, economics, sociology, geography, and world history help students gain new ideas plus a better understanding of today's world. Mr. Shalk checks a previous government assignment with Dave Dupree. Jerry Enszer plays the role of teacher while explaining a trig problem to the rest of the class. j22+jl3l24f 3 LfQf77+6Qf pp fgyx A '77 m m J'mx"20x 6m5+!7fn2'23m Geometry students work on their next day's assignment. Mr. Purdy is always willing to explain diflicult problems to his students Mathematics Aids Our Future Although most of us don't intend to become famous mathematicians, we should all have a good mathematical background to aid us in our everyday economical problems. This year something new has been added. A combination course of mathematics, physics, and chemistry is being taught. The practical application of each subject is emphasized with particular relationship to the other subject. For exampleg an atomic problem might be solved involving the knowledge of these sub- jects and their simultaneous application to the problem. Algebra, geometry and trigonometry prepare the student for advanced math. Business math, refresher math, and preparatory math make the student ready to carry out the everyday problems of the business world. Dale Martin works baffling algebra problem A. Inspecting a rock structure in natural science are Dennis Chemistry student, Faye Scott, adds some HCl to her Schaffer, Muriel Rice, Carol Thayer, and John Frehling. compound. Dawn Lu Fond and Ellen Ryder enjoy the food they prepared in cooking class. Mr. Hooper assists Mary Ann Huyghe and Ellen Thompson with a physics experiment. Demonstration slides open fascinating field to biology students. Experiments Lead Science Classes To Learning Sally Martin tests mental aptitude in psychology. Progress, discovery, learning-these are the aims of the Arthur Hill science department. This year, a step toward greater learning was taken, when the physics and science departments joined to present a two-year accelerated science pro- gram of combined chemistry and physics. This class, an experiment in learning, offers a greater area of discovery for science students. Alfa Micky Van Gulik, exchange student, seeks Miss Tumer's These Students have aid with her Latin vocabulary. laboratory' mf' " ..,f' 4 . K uf 11 I' '59 si Q . a I nf .rig v no trouble getting used to the language sf' Miss Kern's class begins work on the German exam. The new language laboratory proves very helpful in Mrs. O'Dell's Spanish class. New Laborator Aids Language Students Foreign language students are very enthusias- tic about the new laboratory added to Arthur Hill. This addition enables the student to hear the correct pronunciation of the foreign words. The student is then able to compare his own pronunciation with that of his teacher, and re- cord his personal progress. Latin, German, French, and Spanish are the foreign languages offered at Arthur Hill. College courses in these subjects prepare the student to pass entrance requirements. Conversational lan- guage classes teach students enough of the lan- guage that they are able to speak it, without learning many grammar rules. Mary Bush, Bob Lytle, and Ed Timm write their French lesson on the board. X FIRST ROW, Left to right: K. Sovia, C. George, J. Anger, A. Bartle, C. Mann, N. Martin, A. Hartle, C. Maturen, S. Jones. SECOND ROW B. Agricola, P. Albright, M. Zacharias, D. Zemanek, F. Cammin, B. Ballentyne, C. Hodges, B. Fritz, L. Myczka, D. Ryba. THIRD ROW: R. Nixon. W. Macomber, H. Rhode, W. Cline, C. Scorsone, J. Johnson, J. Rachow, V, Turrill, R. Salvner, B. Prim, R. Poulos. FOURTH ROW: G. Bauer, B. Baker, B. Ballard, B. Klopf, B. Macomber, L. Foerster, R. Dana, F. Roux, L. Yockey. H. Dvorsek, B. Nelson. Choirs Receive Citywide Praise Millan. J Band Bounce. Providing beautiful and entertaining vocal selections at school assemblies, other schools and community functions is the Arthur Hill A Capella Choir, under the direction of Miss Mc The Girls Choir combines with a A Capella Choir in presenting school assemblies, as Well as the Christmas Pageant, Spring Chorale and The Choraliers, a new vocal group are: left to right: Lois Myczka, accompanist, Nadene Sharrer, Gloria Albright, Connie Mann, Judy Johnson, Carolyn Olney. Mary Rapp, Sue Werth, Billie Pahl, Vickie Stevenson. FIRST ROW, Left to right: D. Galser, S. Wenzel, C. Metiva, B. Schauman, J. M. Miller, S Brethauer, E. Gonzales. SECOND ROW: N. Eikelberg, C. Hahn, C. Weich, D. DuPuis, C Love, D. Sackrider, S. Sieb, A. Taylor, K. Verhey, L. Schomaker, B. Pahl, C. Bell, R. Serecky S. Young, E. Ryder. THIRD ROW: M. Davis, P. Maynes, S. Miller, D. Dieb, M. Rappuhn K. Leuenberger, S. Knoerr, M. Hibbard, F. Metive, S. Metive, P. Talik, J. Beyer, L. King S. Loeblein, P. Kapka, K. Rae. FIRST ROW, Left to right: M. Snelling, B. Hale, N. Sharrer, M. Griffore, A. Wells, S. Smith, J. White, A. Kenny, K. Krenke, S. Lemmer, K. Hertz, S. LaFond. SECOND ROW: N. Dively, N. Balzer, C. Albrecht, M. Wilcox, M. Hussle, S. Johnston, V. Stevenson, M. Rapp, C. Clay- ton, S. Werth, K. Sugden, J. Cinder, M. Clark, D. Donaldson. THIRD ROW: M. Doyle, P Graham, H. Hurney, M. Thormeier, B. Richmond, M. Markey, B. Neuenfeldt, D. Shalk, C Barberee, D. Bruske, T. Taylor, D. Stockford, R. Morrison. FOURTH ROW: C. Cergnul, C Sheppard, K. Hubbard, D. Shattuck, R. Borg, N. Schmidt, C. McLeod, J. Butt, R. Kwaiser, K. Wendler, J. Baird, J. Tenney, R. Fritz. .v -. Our second quartet is composed of Denny Stockford, Ray Borg, John Butt and Dave Shattuck. and Larry Yockey. FIRST ROW, Left to right: B. Morgan, P. Lear, P. Fulco, T. Bushong, C. Dyer, S. Mathany, J. Chisholm, S. Brussow, C. Claiiin, C. Wendling, G. Marolf. SECOND ROW: K. Scott, K Johnston, K. Ames, S. Walsh, J. Austin, J. Miller, J. Kemerer, J. Bueker, J. Bauer, S. Hender- son. THIRD ROW: G. Blenden, B. Abramson, J. Gould, S. Veterle, J. Duffy, K. Compeau C. Pringle, S. Trier, L. Boelter, M. McDonald, J. Ault. i A... -43 5--X One of the quartets formed this year is com posed of Barry Prim, Les Forester, Dick Dana Responsible for the writing on the News are Sue Arft, News Editor, Nancy Pierson, Club Edi- tor, Sharon Canady, Assistant Editorial Editor, Bonnie Ludlum, Irene Mielke, Vicky Lanar, Irma Krause, Mary Gottschalk, Sharon Scott, porters. Sharon Wright, Advertising Manager, Nancy Burback, Busi- ness Manager, Dale Timm, Junior, and Sharon Burt and Ida Mead, Typists, comprise the business staff. Paula Kerreous, and Kathleen Urbancik, Re- Photographers Vernon Duloph, Richard Oltz, and Thomas Davis check over their work. Arthur Hill News Reports Activities Each edition of the Arthur Hill News is en- thusiastically received by eager Hillites. The paper is distributed during advisory and often furtively read before the next class is through. The News contains an accurate account of each activity at Arthur Hill, plus many articles of general interest to each student. Club notices, sports stories, Top of The Hill, and editorials are among the regular features. Reports on assemblies, special honors Hillites have received, and any other "news" make up the special fea- tures of the paper. Under the direction of Miss Crump, each stu- dent staff member has a specific job to do. These jobs include reporting, writing, taking pictures, typing, and selling ads, the most important job of the business staff. '15 4 Dick Curry and Dick Riefe report sports events for the News. .kg ,T -w-5.5, wilt 5 - . N . "ii-X,3fQf,'ff?Qrg:.k. A X N ' -.. i"f.., Kb' -V 'bb -v 1.,.,,0 0 ,mt .V 4. 9 A. , ,we .. f y R Ron McCrea, News Editor, checks copy before the paper can be printed. Pat Butterfield, Betty Brubaker, and Pat Taylor get their papers during lunch hour. Ray Borg, our photographer, seems to be trying hard to get a picture of somebody. Mary Huyghe, underclassman editor, and Sue Holcomb, senior editor, work dili- gently to get their pages completed. Nllwiauum Classroom editors, Mary Boulton and Mary Schreur, pat Braurhclub editgrv measures picturegi write copy and measure pictures for their deadlines. for her deadline' Under the supervision of the co-editors and Miss Murphy the Legenda staff labors to give complete coverage to all phases of school life at Arthur Hill. Eighteen students meet daily in room 120 sixth and seventh hours-sometimes both. Sec- tion editors determine the layouts, plan pictures, write copy and paste-up the finished pages. Three photographers armed with two cameras "shoot" at the request of staff members. Three advertising salesmen manage to sell a total of twenty-two hundred dollars in advertising, set up ads and paste up the twenty pages of their section. Frustration, worry and hard work are for- gotten as the staff proudly presides at traditional delivery on the stage of the auditorium on the last full day of school for seniors. "How many ads have we sold now?" Bob Posey, sports editor, takes time out LeRoy Bauer and John Goes, sports Mary Jo Landeryou asks Ruth Zahnow to help Shirley Canaday, special events editors, identify some pictures. and MQYY Gekelef- editor, identify pictures. 'C' Q fl Karen Krause checks copy Margaret Williams records pictures. Cathy Brown takes care of her copy and pictures to be sent in. Distribution of Legcnda Re-Wards Workers The Legenda staff: FIRST ROW: Karen Krause, Mary Schreur, Sue Holcomb, Margaret Wil- liams, Mary Huyghe, Cathy Brown. SECOND ROW: Mary jo Landeryou, LeRoy Bauer, Mary Gekeler, John Goes, Ruth Zahnow, Bob Posey, Shirley Canaday, and Mary Boulton. Missing is Ray Borg, photographer. BAND, Row I: G. Schmidt, C. Scott, J. Jolnison, IZ. janiescni, D. Wenzel, B. Cay, N. Schneider. B. Kamcner K. Green, K. Nlloolever. Row 2: BI. Gilmore, A. Iamlslnirg, IJ, Curtis, li. Delaney, D. Burlytk, R, Oswald, D Holliday, L. Railling, I". Bulger, D. Spaulding, P. Nlllllill50Il, R. Slagle, il. Bnller, P. Kowalski, KI. Adair, A Hales, ll. Mayday, D. Satsliell. Row il: K. I.exi, R, Roliarl, C. Ruliail, ll. jatkson, N. Maturen, R. Knocrr G. Jordon, P. Meier, B. Strocbel, H. Haskins, J. Douglas, B. Hales, N. Ki-inpf, B. Andrews, B. Trew, M. Leman C. Hall, G. Tilley. j. Hat'kt'nburg, KI, Reexcs, RI. Berlin, Nl. 'I nlker, S. l.vniei. Rim -1: R. Xl'int'liell, II, Shields R. XN'ierk, j. Biddle, P. Crexia, j. Maddox, A. Bair, xl. ll0llCIlgLl, B, Godwin, NI. Clialnberlin, j. Lanlz, R Moldcnliauer, G. Fox, R. lilllllll, R. lVoodinan, rl. Blank. Standing: j, Stursulie, B. Sadcnwater, 1, Tucker, D lVrigl1t, H, Houser, Mr. Clark, Instructor, Band, Orchestra Enliven Activities ORCHESTRA, Row l: P, Haas, G. Marquis, I.. Sensaliaugli, 1. lil'Il0I', IJ, Quick, j. Mark, j. jones. Row 2: E Cranclell, 5. Schmitk, B. Sclineider, R. tXl'1SLllLlt'lI, B. Nelson. C. Scott, G. Slicginidt, K. Woolmer, R. VVinchell R. ll'icck, M. Gilmore, D. Satclicll. Row fl: XI. Palin, li. Inman, B. CllIllIICl2llL', D. Holliday, L. Railing, F Bolgcr, IJ. Spaulding, G. jordan, B. Hales, R. Glanu, j. Blank, J. Lantz. Standing: Mr. Clark, Instructor, B Sadenwatcr, j. Scorsonc, H. Houscr. il l Row 1: L. Foerster, A. Landsburg, M. Berlin, A. Hales K Green M Reeves Row " J Green J Douglas G jordan, F. Bolger. D. Wright, D. Young, R. Woodman R Glancz B Moldenhauer Arthur Hill majorettes, all decked out in new ear muffs and gloves, capably led our marching band through their paces during half times at the football games last fall. The orchestra per- forms at many assemblies, and gives frequent concerts at other schools throughout the year. The band and orchestra combine to present the Spring Concert, the highlight of their many spring activities. The Dance Band consists of a group of ex- ceptional musical students who practice to- gether and provide harmonious music for many dances and assemblies. MAJORETTES: B. Kraft, L. Eldred, S. Jewell, C Clayton -I Pttherolf P Butterfield M Davis J Adair J. Bailey, S. Harris. V -.......-4' X How to keep the ball high in the air is shown by Maureen Davis, janet Gilson, Gail Matowski, Sharon Hoffman, Linda Bowcamp, Geneva Hughes, and Gloria Sloltow. Gym and Guidance Cl asses Reorganize Mr. Murphy's guidance class quickly becomes accustomed to taking tests at Arthur Hill. ie! l w N N N T 4 l rs-ri ,L 1 , K , J Q ., , ,-AMW 'g A--1 I gif: i 5 1,7 , wiQ24-aaagglsf W,frfTF?'sr?? E?g'QifiwWi3ikegini ' T ., '-in-is---45,211 if : if ,V X H M .In ix 4' i The correct turning procedure is learned in driver training. iiiiiijifgg 5103 Real driving aids are used by driver training students. Guidance classes, formerly art of living, are no longer segregated with all boys in some classes and all girls in the rest. The groups are mixed, and only sophomores take the course. Introduction to High School, standardized tests, and orientation to high school are all part of the guidance program. This year juniors can drop gym from their program for another class with the approval of the counsellors. Gym classes do a variety of things, ranging from badminton to drill work to calisthenics, with swimming a welcome break from the everyday routine. A special four week driver's training class is given to sophomores, and the students are now taken from their study halls instead of gym classes. Bob Jolin demonstrates one of the required exercises in his gym class. Students in bookkeeping work on their next days assignment. An employee assists Jackie Hartfelder in selecting an outfit. a-11 il Carol McPh1l1my makes change for a customer in business training 8, v- , i a ' , W Judy Rexius listens and types what she hears from the dictaphone. ,mf w .hx I N15 X 2 1 I Typing students work hard to get their assignment completed. Future Business Leaders Train at A. H. H. Tari Malone and Jerry Rogers demonstrate the proper way in which to sell merchandise. Are you interested in earning some money, on-the-job training, and getting out of school early, too? If you are see Mr. Hartman. He'll help you find a job through the cooperative training program. Students who have not qualified or are still training for future positions may take typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, business training, office training, and salesmanship. On the other hand, students take shorthand and typing to help them with note-taking and term papers at college. gf. W, ,LM 'N W Jfgnm f1'f"'1f5,S 5, ,P - wwf, W.- D, x W, ww x ,,,1..Ww,MWM., Vw EW 5 5k. !i i 3 ' Adrnmxstr anon MR' ROBINSON MR. MASON Miss BANGHAM Miss MILLER Miss UMSTATTD 3.5, M-A. Bs., M.A. Bs., M.A. B.M., A.B. Bs., MA, Vugational Education Health, Physical Education Aff EdUCHli0r1 Music Education Reading Sc Safety Counseling Key to College Student Increase MR. CHARLES C. COULTER B.S., M.S. Superintendent MISS FURBEE B.S., M. Ed. Speech Correction W DR. MILFORD 0. HOLT DR. HELEN M, TEW1-35 l B.S., M.A., Ed. D. B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Secondary Education Because of the excellent counseling program set up by Superintendent Coulter for the Sagi- naw schools-beginning with the eighth grade and extending through the twelfth-more stu- dents who should go to college will be going next fall. Luckily the opening of Delta college in the area provides a convenient place for them to go. Elementary Education MR. LEONARD T. SOPER B.S., M.A. Administration At the monthly meetings of the Board of Education are the following MR. GEORGE D. PROSS members: Joseph Heagany, Walter Averill Csecretaryj, Hiel Rockwell, Assistant SUPCTiUf9Fld9Ill Eugene Stansbury Cpresidentb, Robert Grant Cvice-presidentj, Charles finance .and Busmess Administration Coulter, Walter Leesch and Harold Karls Ctreasurerl. 39" w-. MR. GIESILCKE, HAROLD W, MRS. BAXTER, NANCY MISS DOIDGE, MARY B.S., Mlg, B,A, B.S., M.S. Coungclgf Counselor Counselor Mathematics Department Head MR. BROCK, I. M. B.S., M.A. Principal M - e " . je, MR. MORROYV, RAYMOND WN. MISS OLMSTED, HELEN B.A., M.A. Assistant Principal M.A. Dean Two Counselors Added to Aid Sophomores Mr. Brock's friendly voice heard daily on the P.A. during advisory sets the tone for the friend- ly, helpful administration that is responsible for the efficient, smooth-running operation of Arthur Hill High School. This year Miss Doidge and Mr. Herzler were added to the counseling staff to guide sophomore girls and boys respectively. Miss Doidge former- ly taught gym and Mr. Herzler taught geogra- phy at Arthur Hill and both were therefore well acquainted with the school. Since more and more Arthur Hill students are going to college and since college entrance requirements are becom- ing more rigid and complicated it is especially important that students be counseled on first entering high school. nm, HERZLER, OLIVER, JR. BA., B.s., M.A. l Counselor MR. SHACKELFORD, HUGH B.S., M.A. Counselor, Social Studies Business Manager Athletics MIKE YEAGER TOM PANKO President X ice President Students Elect Counc1l Rcprcscntauvcs Advisory presidents for both first and second semesters: FIRST ROW: K. List, C. Martin, S. Armstrong, B. Bear, P. Spadafore, K. Meadows, M. Williams, J. Shel- don, L. Heinz, K. Nowlin, S. Railling, J. Szott, P. Otto, B. Ferguson, S. Worthington, SECOND ROW: N. Schneider, M. Keiser, M. Cansfield, J. Leach, C. Harge- sheimer, M. Davis, E. Ricica, G. Cherry, D. Dzrojkoski, M. Gardner, T. Malone, B. Agricola, P. Ruby, P. Lund- berg, Mr. Brock. THIRD ROW: M. Rice, S. Scott, G. Solterman, J. Johnson, J. Becker, A. Miller, J. Hubble, J. Wright, J. Princing, P. Fobear, B. Humphrey, B. Walz. FOURTH ROW: C. Cox, A. Landsburg, H. Kun- dinger, F. Martin, J. Calkins, B. Gustafson, J. Curtin, M. Hart, T. Panko, R. Crannell, F. Pond, W. Gaus. FIFTH ROW: J. Ansevics, B. Jochen, J. Koski, D. Tro- gan, P. Panko, D. Dana, F. Whitmore, M. Yeager, T. Baker, J. Blank, B. Posey. SIXTH ROW: S. McDonald, R. Cottle, J. Spaulding, K. Rohdi, C. Gilbert, N. Schul- witz, J. Hansen, J. Enszer, G. Vogan, C. Morrow. BETTE BEAR CHRIS SCORSONE Sr-cretary Treasurer and School Officers X 4? HF ,., ,,k. '. , W E dv ,111- VVVV . Y Parents Displa Interest in Their Teenagers. Evidence of the interest parents take in their teenage sons and daughters is the large mem- bership in the Arthur Hill Parent Teacher Stu- dent Association. This year the open house meeting was especially successful as it was or- ganized so that each parent followed his child's daily program, spending approximately ten minutes in each class. The annual card party and spring picnics were enthusiastically attended as usual. L. Mr. Russell Princing, President of Arthur Hill P.T.S.A., is using P.A. on the night of homecoming. Attentive parents listen carefully as Johnny's teacher explains her objectives. Mrs. Herman Vogt, P.T.A. magazine subscription chair- man and Mrs. Ralph Whatley, City Council Representa- tive, examine the official P.T.A. magazine. Annual fund-raising event is the P.T.S.A. Card Party .L H Q ,. c, ,... . as f... ...ages .5 ff' S'-fa -f-gf -ww. .f 1 -fe-W M f A 55 five? A e E 'i I ff 55253: Qing mfiigflw ' WE mira? 1' ' 4 f M 65,25 Lawn , W Q 2322431 1 1 Qgggael. mv- M h FYI! -sy. I' 1 'I . ' .-1 . 5-J W ' M va .. W ' A . W 8 ' .wwai7Q.e', xl 2' W Wear get - :iff , gu. it l 1 -.A. as C C c - . . C. ,W . . -- C. i Wi Q Q N if Q A iii! aa -W ,, f 1. A11 feiiggigggif 1 w 5 -7 fm-'if,E3,i2:lfi'S:i1'Gg.''a 5 492 1 . - 1 gr. I . d4lslif'i'P 9' ii 5" . ' . 5?i:"'1?i zlifiiiz' I-I 9" - - Ii '- ., . H g Q2-.-a.4"1 ff ff- - . . ,nrzfsyfgz-'mv' M - -- . Y .1 ' :- '- f 4 Qs.. -. 7 i 1 .Wifi - 2 Q V L. n , X, - '- , S TF, . ,EN Q. K., TSE? ,I J k, , ,ii ,. V ,c , , . . A or 1 3 , ..'- it x 55 'f 5 Preparation of the nourishing food is done by our cafeteria staff. FIRST ROW: B. Johnson, E. Alexander, A. Minard, E. Barter, A. Zietz. SECOND ROW: E. Schreyer, V. Pohlmon, N. Schluckbier, A. Cholcher, E. Golden, J. Wagner. . - ' - sew... fi ' .. ,. I 5 M 3 5 . A T - a Xi 1? . X -.. .A . if ,l 9-4 rm , t. K or T fa f .t - . ' ' as 5 Q? if 4 , i ef f 5 5. W a gn Q . 'K . W5 1 xl. r F E' Y A f " ' , ' 4 .. Y . il' ' .- . 5 . - 1, u. V -. . - . , 2 Nix , W , I , it if I + -.C - 8 f crib: easi, , , t, N: es.-' I . ,I if 13 2 at 5 is ' fwfr K. - - Q s T. A . W' X if 'Q . ., li ff, C f C f . W W ,gi Q W V- nf .. - , , K Maintenance of the school and grounds is the job of A. Fent and C. Kinville on the morning shiftg right, R. Dashkovitz and T. Moon. They Cook, Clean and Collect. Maintenance: E. Weiss, head custodian, R. Odett, yardman, K. Stevens, yardman, A. Waier, head yardman. , in Miss Doris Frye Secretary ,K C., 1- : C., -ri. Mrs. Lorna Kraner Secretary Q '5- P Mrs. Marilyn Smith Secretary r, . A , 31.,, i f X P ' Mrs. Grace Fry Secretary Attendance Oflice , W qV,. 'ystt f-...wt 2 5,12 E -.1 Mrs. Arline Beeker Secretary Guidance Center 3,Q'si-.,- if g. .. . ...IA .3 if I ana U .M " 'qw ., Y -395,5 --- . wp.- ,M . . ...Q eg 1 2 5 NN A 1' . , i .J MR. ANDERSON B.S., M.A., Bookkeeping, Typing MR. ARCHER B.S., Mathematics. Coaching MISS BACON B.S., M.A., Biology, Science Department Head MISS BEESON B.A., M.A., English MRS. BEYER B.S., Homemaking, English MR. BIRDSALL A.B., M.A., Debate- Forensics, English MRS. BLACK A.B., M.A., English MR. BURNI-ITT M. Mus., Driver Education MR. CASE B.S., M.A,, Natural Science, Biology, Audio Visual Dir. MR. CLARKE B.A., M.A., Instrumental Music, Department Head MISS COSTA B.A., M.A., Librarian MRS. CRITTENDEN B.A., Shorthand, Typing. School Treasurer MISS CRUMP A.B., English, Journalism, Arthur Hill News MRS. DANCER B.A., English MR. DeMERS M.A., Mathematics MISS EARLE A.B., Librarian MRS. ENGLE B.S., Chemistry MR. FETTING A.B., Chemistry MR. C. D. STEWART Mr. Stewart is illustrating the division of a county into townships in government class to Gene Bauer and Jerilyn Pinney. A teacher's privilege-to ride the TWE TY-FIVE YEAR CLUB el evato' i ' Most recent recruit to the ranks of the elite Twenty-five Year Club is Mr. C. D. Stewart who has taught government and economics at Ar- thur Hill for twenty-five years. Club membership includes: Mr. Dersch, Mr. Wells, Mr. Shubert, Miss Wells, Miss Crump, Miss Francis, Miss Peterson, Miss Lewis, Mr. Brock, Mrs. Crittenden, Miss Bacon, Mrs. Har- vie, Miss Gatz, Mr. Day, Mr. Poulson, Mr. Mor- row, Miss Jensen, Miss Doidge, and Mrs. Giesel. In his spare time he enjoys reading. MR. FOWLER M.A., Driver Education, Basketball Coach MISS FRANCIS B.S., M.A., Social Studies MR. GAINEY B.A. , Physical Education, Swimming Coach MISS GATZ M.A., Mathematics MRS. GIESEL B.S., English MR. GLYNN B.S., Social Studies f.-sf. rjgsgskai ' I. I.,. 1 f Ja . , gg., V M? . I' A ' i ni ? , ., 'K Z1 Rn mul MR. GROSSMAN B.S., M.A., General Shop MR. GRUEBER B.A., Public Speaking MRS. GUNTHER B.S., Shorthand, Typing, Business Education Department Head MRS. HAMLIN M.A., English MR. HARTMAN B.S., M.A., Distri- butive Education, Coordinator MR. HARVEY M.A., Social Studies MRS. HARVIE A.B., M.A., English Department Head MR. HAWES M.A., Social Studies, Guidance MISS HILE B.S., Homemaking MR, HOOPER B.S., Physics, Biology, Mathematics MRS. JACOBSON A.B., M.A., Language Laboratory Director, Mathematics, French MISS JENSEN B.A., Biology Faculty Meetings Relaxing f vzlwisfsw ew . ek .ft . -I UH x h pr ere s ow. . . . relaxed faculty meet- ings start with refreshments. Mr. Brock and Mrs. Leeson watch Mr. Anderson pour. MRS. JEROME R I A.B., English if Miss JOHNSON , S B.A., Physical Education .- MR. KAMPE -QF!! B.S., M.A., Director ' -- of Athletics and . 5- Physical Education, ,X Football Coach MRS. KERNS " f M.A., German :L .,-s 1 MR. KLEEKAMP it 5 4 'F M.A., Shorthand, Typing, ' S7 B Business Mathematics I MRS. L121asoN . F ze ., . ... f . fe raning oor inator BG Q 'W 'Q ' A . 52 fil 52?-Qs. ..., ' MRS. LEWIS A.B., English, Spanish MISS LEXVIS A.B., Guidance MR. LEWIS B.A., English MR. LIGHT j M.A., Psychology MR. LYTLE , B.S., Agriculture, Mathematics I 'V MRS. MANN A.B., English French Mrs Harvie explams senior English requirements. Mr. Warren outlines the chemistry program Teachers Instruct Parents at Open House sg A c . i 2. if IE? Xi, K 3 x' ' I M . in arf r E' . - L. .. fi :s i a ,E 43545-QA' 'eq""Kg QA , if fih 3. '75 g,fA". f . .fini . . s A is fi? E521 ' - ,M W 3 5' 'if eeeis - . - 'W I - I f sg 5 'f"7' 7 'sg' 'if' 'i fm aff' -we sw -ik Af" . 'Y I ,l:f5r:"'22 . W R. -.,E. ,, . MR. MCCARGER B.S., Social Studies, MRS. McCREA BA., M.A., Physical Education MRS. MCEWEN B.A., English, Dramatics MISS MCMILLAN M.A., Vocal Music MR. MESKER B.S., Mathematics. MR. MITCHELL M.A., Arts, Crafts MISS MORGAN A.B., M.A., Spanish MISS MURPHY B,S., M,A., English Yearbook MR. MURPHY B.S., M.S., Guidance Golf Coach Miss PATOW B.A., M.A., Latin MR. PETZKO B.Ed., M.A., Social Studies, Cross Country Coach MR. Pmurz MR- POULSON B.S., Drafting B.S., Physics Department Head MR. SCHALK M.A., Social Studies Department Head MR. SENN M.A., Social Studies MRS. SIEHR B.A., M.A., Art, Department Head NIR. STEWART A,B., Social Studies MRS. STEWART A.B., Social Studies MISS STRUTHERS M.A., English MISS TURNER A.B., M.A., Latin, Language Department Head MRS. VanDERSTEIN A.B., Social Studies MR. VONDETTE A.B., Social Studies, Baseball Coach MR. WARREN M.S., Chemistry MISS WEBB A.B., English MR. WELLS A.B., Bookkeeping MR. WILSON M.A., Social Studies MISS YATES A.B., English, French MRS. ZIEGLER B.S., Homemaking Department Head, Supervisor, Home- making Education MR. PURDY MISS ROBERTSON MR. SCHAIRER A-B., Mathematics, M.A., Social Studies B,.A., M.A., Social Golf Coach Studies K ,., V Special E VCYKS ,,,,.,,, , -. , 54 s "There lies your date, boys. Did you buy an S. O.?" ask Jerry Calkins, Barry Prim, and Ed Beyer. So, Booster Campaigns Sell Entertainment The S. O. Campaign was advertised by posters in the halls. 4.4.-.l,.,,,. Excitement and spirits run high as the S. 0. Campaign gets under way. Competition is steep and everyone wonders whether Super- woman will lead the girls to another victory, or whether the boys will break the long-standing record and win this year's campaign. P. A. an- nouncements, morning concerts, posters, and student parades urge every student to support his school and buy an S. O. As the campaign nears its end, it becomes clear that the girls will triumph again. Next year, perhaps the boys will win the campaign, but this year the honors go to the girls. Pat Fobear, Chuck Glass, and Prudy Otto lead Hillites SO Campaign. tp? i ,ya K if P 1 if At: s P r e e s 'E These boys attract a large crowd as they march through the halls. Superwoman and posters lead the girls to another victory. Congratulations, girls! . V- at To MV , et A V , x,5g,l5? Hogg' 4-S Booster Sale surpasses all previous records. Hyatt Carter purchases a book of tickets from Donna Hughes. I Despite this musical entertainment, the -boys again were defeated. 5 l f The 1960 Homecoming royalty are janet Adair, Pat Butterfield, Bette Bear, Prudy Otto, Pat Fobear, Queen Cathy Brown, Bonnie Humphrey, Shirley Branch, Chris Scorsone, Sharon Worthington, Nancy Clements. Mike Yeager escorts Queen Cathy to the stage. Queen Cathy accepts the gold football from Tom Panko At Interview Assembly, Mr. Grueber talks with the queen. Queen Cathy and her court preside over the Coronation Assembly. uccn Cathy Upholds Hillitc Dignity Tom Panko pays tribute to Cathy with a kiss. 1960 Homecoming-a royal reign by Queen Cathy Brown and her court-will be a time long remembered at Arthur Hill. Perhaps, as the years pass, students will forget the balloting in advisories for their choice, the assembly where the twenty-two nominees are interviewed, or the election day when the eleven winners are announced, but they can never forget the solemn and beautiful coronation assembly, where the students, teachers, and parents honor the queen and her court. Nor can they forget the big game and the dance later. At the game the queen is presented with a gold football as a tribute to the respect each Hillite holds for her. Later at the dance Hillites, the court, and their escorts, dance to the music of the Arthur Hill Dance Band. These girls, and every Hillite, will never forget Homecoming. The queen and her court sing to the Hillites at the Homecoming Game. 1.11-- - E I --WJ Cuba's "beauty queen", Tom Burkard, is interviewed in the S. O. Assembly. The hard life of a bum is displayed in the exchange assembly. t W, . . U M , iijfffT 'fi'7 'i. , Tom Peters, Nick Oppermann, Jerry Wright, and Ron Grigsby sing "Little Darlin'." Howard Kraenzlein presents a dramatic reading from Mike Hammer. i I l I so be m Honoring the dead on Veterans' Day are Bill Cook, Ken Bublitz, Kent France, Tom Wolfgram Tom Hill, Alex Young. Assemblies Gffer Comedy, Music, Drama The a capella choir provided music for the solemn Veterans' Day Assembly. Assemblies at Arthur Hill vary from music and comedy, to talks from businessmen. The S. O. and exchange assemblies provide the lighter side, while the Veterans Day, Christmas, and honor assemblies exhibit the solemn and dignified aspect of Arthur Hill. Every two weeks an assembly is presented under the direction of Mr. Ralph Grueber. ,V ds w 1 in P 3' 53" 1 'QQ I 4. xg. ii Bob Curtis, Marty Steinbecker, Beth Agricola, and Peter Schilling take the lead roles in the semester play. Hillites Receive Performances With Applause Again this year, Arthur Hil1's annual Christ- mas Pageant and semester play receive well- earned praise and applause. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary McEwen, the Christmas program and the one act mellerdramer, "No, No, A Mil- lion Times No," were presented to the public. F The N. is - , 4. it t ff Christmas Pageant is presented A fn n X 2 t annually for the public Students Become Goodwill Ambassadors This year Arthur Hill is sending twelve ex- change students as goodwill ambassadors to Europe. There they will live with an adopted family and learn the customs and habits of the Europeans. In exchange, Europe sent to Ar- thur Hill Hve students, who stay with an Ameri- can family and attend school as Arthur Hill students. This exchange promotes goodwill and a common understanding between Europe and America. Mary Gottschalk and Ellen Timmons discuss German life with Sabine Schwartz. Exchange students are Jackie Martin, Judy White, Karen Bohnhoff, Nancy Schneider, Sandra Sumption, Brenda Shear, Sally Schmick, Judy Wilson, Mary Gottschalk, Mike Klein, Art Barr, and Dave Sare. Exchange students from Europe are Sabine Schwartz, Klaus Wendler, Monika Heitkotter, Joost Blom, Morijka Van Gulik. Missing from the picture is Yasuko Moriya. ', 1 :ft '4 Ui ' A In Q! 1 K' nf. I X n if if .Q A., .pa-4' x, . Q-gf' f if .. if W Seniors an JAMES K. ABBE 1039 Washburn Pl., West. Biology and Natural Sci- ence, Bowling, Ski, Pep Clubsg Class Ch.,Swiinming Letterwinner. BARBARA ABRAMSON 2213 Mershon. Biology and Natural Science, Tri-M Clubs, Choir, Girls Chorus. JUDITH ANN ACCETTA 120 N. Oakley St. Latin, Pep Clubs. JANET KAY ADAIR 930 Ash St. Adv. Treasurer, Attendance Helper, Band, Band Bounce, Class Ch., Drum Majorette, Queen's Court. ROBERT ADABIS 2715 Witters. BETH ELLEN AGRICOLA 2925 Congress. Adv. 1'res.g Arts-Drainalics Pres., Aqua- lites, 'lhespians Clubs, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra Vocalistg Drum Majoretle. DIANE ALBURG 1820 N. Charles. SHARON ALEX 1303 Chestnut. Co-op, Lat- in, Y-'lieens Clubs. JACK B. ANDERSON 4930 Nletlarty Rd. Soph. Party clU111ll1.1 Ili-Y, Ski Clubsg Cabinet Oiliter, Class Ch.g Football Letterwinncr, Track Lclterwinner. RAY ANDERSON 410 John St. Adv. PTA Ch., lfootball, Baseball Let- terwinner. SALLY IRENE ANDERSON 230 Goetz. Adv. Red Cross Ch.g Pep, Ski, Spanish, Y- Teens Clubs, Band. MARY MARGARET ANDR1-ZZEJEWSK1 1308 West Genesee. Y- Teens Clubg Homemaking Hostess. SUSAN ARFT 4879 Mackinaw. Adv, Red Cross Ch,g Aqualites, Quill- Scroll Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Program, News, Senior Play. ROBERT ARMSTRONG 3706 Weiss. SANDRA JOYCE ARMSTRONG 2834 State St. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Arts-Dramatics, French, Pep Clubs, News, SW11111llCI"S Aid. TONY ARNSHEK 3608 VVeiss. CAROLE AVERILL 3157 YV. Genesee. Lab. Assistant. GARY BAASE 4019 Emcrick St. Swim meets and all athletic events draw large crowds of school spirited seniors. JUDIE BAILEY 3060 Sherwood. Aqualites, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Drum Majoreltc, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. THOMAS C. BAKER 410 Tittabawassee. Adv. Pres., Treasurer, Crucibles, Hi-Y. Ski Clubs: Baseball, I-'ootball Letterwinner. BETHANY K. BALLANTYNE 1203 Chestnut St. Adv. Tri-as., Sec.g Aqualites, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Class Ch. BERNARD BALLARD 1914 Kendrick, Choir. CAROL BALLARD 209 N. Hamilton St. Class --sf' W Chairman. JEAN BALZER 5083 Brockway. Choir. CARMAN LEE BARBERREE 26 South Seventh treet. Christmas Pro- ram, Band Bounce, hoir, Girls Chorus, S immerls Aid. 2 S g C w JANICE BAUER 743 Westervelt. Band unce, Choir, Christ- 0 gras program, Class flhairman. MARIE IRENE MARIANNE BARKO BARRETT 6485 Midland Road 1920 Ufflliwlifc- Adl- C0-op Club, '1reas., Sec., I-AIA, Spanish, Y - 'IC e e n s Clubs. LEROY BAUER RICHARD 4 Southlawn Court. CHARLES BAUER Biology and Natural 402 Shepard Street. Science, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Legenda. ALICE MARIE BARTLIL 2612 S. Outer Drive, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program. ROBERT V. BAU MCARTNER 717 N. Webster. Sophomore Party Committee. DALE BAR'I'LE'I"I' 1939 Harry Street Adv. Vice-Pres., Sec. Bowling, C e rm a 1 Clubs, Band Bounce Christmas Program Baseball, Football. HENRY G. BEAN 1521 Chestnut Street LINDA LOU I BAR'I'LE'1"1' 5 1224 Maple Street 1 Hobby Cooking. HOWARD BEAN .2159 Heather Lane. Adv. Vice-Pres., Cer- Adv. Vice-Pres., Jets man Club. and Mathemalice, Ri- fle Clubs, Golf. " -as ,E K rf , . R Q. ,, P. Q ,WE N Q, , .1 fi' 'X 5 x ' E9 . .., -. -, dd 2' as I 'ia 2. f 1 X , , 924 .. a I E 4. ' sf -- . 5-f, rf- . -, s -5 ff s is M , A . . A, L I ss .E vnln Z ,.... . , GENE CARL BAUER 1210 Cronk. Sopho- more Party Commit- tee, Choir, Class Chair- man. BETTE BEAR 4620 Henry Drive. Adv. Pres., FTA, Ski Clubs, Band Bounce, Student Cabinet Sec., Queens Court, Senior Hostess. Largest Class in Schools Histor Graduates Q L...-it Bags 'gg 'QQASIE 53. 1' 2 3 my? 5 P H 2 . H --.. --Q CAROLINE BECK DONALD GARY aaa E5 9' 3, .1 , -'rfii 2 ' I ' -. ' . ffl? 4 Q ' -Q I .' x - . - , . A .. 35 - V.. ..,,.. 5 ..... 1752 Stanley Street. Co-op, D.E.C.A.H. Treas., Clubs, Volleyball. JOHN BECKER 1558 Beech Street. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Badmin- ton, Bowling, Crucibles Vice-Pres. Clubs, Golf Let- terwinner. JAMES BEDICLL 109 S. Woodbridge. Swim- ming Letterwinner. JAMES BELKNAP 2118 Emerick. RICHARD BENJAMIN 2604 Whitemore Pl. Adv. Vice-Pres., Sophomore Par- ty Committee, Hi-Y, Ski Clubs, Basketball, Track, Football Letterwinner. HERBERT BERLIN 1702 Mershon Co o , . ' , p C,A.H. Clubs. 96 . t L 'ra li: gnu- 'Q BE'I'I-IUNE 1450 Liberty Road. Co-op Club, Football. WILLIAM A. BEUCHE 2600 Grace Court. Adv. Pres., PTA C h a i rm a n, Sophomore Party Commit- tee, Hi-Y Club, Class Chair- man, Football, Golf. EDWARD K. BEYER 1020 Mackinaw. Adv. Vice- 1'res., Hi-Y Vice-Pres. CAROLYN BICKEL 1115 N. Center. Class Chair- man, Health Room Assist- Lilll. ARDAIH BIRNBAUM 1639 Avon. Adv. Sec., FTA Vice-Pres., Y-Teens Clubs. IVARREN R. BLACKNEY 2684 Ruhlman Dr. Hobby Model Airplanes. 65 JEROME BLANK 122 N. Mason. Audio-Visu- al, Band, Band Bounce, Class Ch., Drum Major, Orchestra. Stage Crew. HERBIAN W. BLEHM 2120 Schust Rd. JOOST BLOM 4227 Brockway. Bowling, French, Pep Clubsg Christ- mas Program, Basketball, Foreign Exchange Student from Holland. SUZANNE E. BLYNN 7225 Shattuck. Arts-Dra- matics Treas., Spanish Vice- l'res,, Thcspians, Usher Pres.: Christmas Program Director, Newx, Semester Play Director. DAVID C. BOCKER 1915 Avon. Co-op, D.E.C.- A,ll., Hi-Y, Ski Clubs, Cross Country Letterwinner, I1 o o t b a l I Letterwinner, 'l'rack Letterwinner. KAREN MARIE BOHNIIOI-'F 417 Wheeler. German, Pep Clubs, Debate, Librarian. 'Wi-' 'NQQ5 f 5? K si, . 4 . . ..., ...wt .. . , ,,,. , .. 5. ,. , f X ii l ff ,Z Q FREDERICK BOLGER IUIU Green St. Biology and N a t u r al Science Club, Band, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra, Orchestra, Base- ball. LO ANNA J. BONNER 5710 btroebcl Rd. Spanish Club, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Program, Girls Chorus. ALICE BOSLEY 2904 Rosemary. PAUL EDWARD BOSLEY ISIZ Oxford St. Co-op, D.E.C.A.H., Pep Clubs. WILLIAM GERALD BOSLEY 2828 Cooper. Adv. PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Chess, I-Ii-Y, Rifle Clubs. is GRACE W. BOURDOW 1528 lh'otkway. Pep, Span- ish, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Ch. a if V x .irish . sa Stud Hall - Place of Pranks and Preparation JOAN L. Boro MARGARET LOUISE ELANA M. LORR-NINE SHIRLEY BRANCH SANDRA' GALE 5l7 s. oakiey. Adv. BRADLN BRADLEY BRAGMAN ,x 1602 Marquette. Adv. BRARC1-1 Red Cross Ch., Pep 277 Wylie. Aqualites, 190 N. 3rd St. Bowl-902 PHSSOII- Adv-VNC' Seng Latin, Pep, Ski, l26 Goetz A St. Club. Co op, Latin, P e p ing, Co-op, Pep, Y- PWS-v Rfd Cross Ch-I Y-Teens Clubs: Class 506-3 AQHIHIIICS, P IA, Clubs, Christmas Pro- 'I'eens Clubs. Ski, Y-Teens 'Clubs Chairman, Queen's Pep, 5141, Y - TCCIIS gram, Class Ch., bwunmer s Court' Clubg, Aid. PATRICIA BRAUN WILLIAM Al MARGIE CONSTANCE ROSE LYNNEV K. PATRICIA LEE is lm-is Drive. Adv. BRAUN II BRAUNINGER BRIQNER BROOM . BRINK Vice , Pres.. Pep, Y- 2211 N- Cha,-165. Adv, 2529 N. Bond. Adv I945 Coolidge. Adv. l9l8 Ottawa Blvd.6lo Meade St. Adv. '1-tcm Clubs: Legenda p res-5 C 1 3 55 Ch.: T,-ms.: pep, Spanish'Sec.g French, Pep, Y- Adv. P'1'A Ch., Soph. Trcas., Sec.: Co-op, Y- Swimmcrfs Aid. ' Track' C,-O55 Country yifeens Clubs: NewsfTeens, Latin Clubsg Party Comm., Red Teens Clubs, Basket- Lcucrwinnerg C0 . op Band Bounce. Cross Cn., bki, Y- ball, S w i m m i n g, Club. Teens Clubs, Attend- Trampoline. ance Helper, Band Bounce. "' - er - .. ' ' I .5 ,I If V, I ' 5 .flff iig A 5 as ., ,.,p if fr vi 66 Z A I , L. VV . A p A . .A Q l Z 'li' Q P f 'ff .... I . 3 5 . A e"lE"s ' I A BITHIA NI. BRANDYBERRY 719 N. Woodridge. CATHLYN LOUISI: BROYVX 3775 Eton Pl. Art: Draniatits, Pep Clubi I-fgerztltz, Honiecon, ing Queen, Seniestd Play Ch. 'env .5 . . 151 . :foils if . . J 2 it .s ft, 4 ,-if !z1f:s2s.f.r'fsaa ff. 2 ...,. . - 4. , .,.. .:.. N , . .1- . 4- .. 1 1 1 . I V- ,gar.,..',,?i y .:,x ,,1: , .::1:::i,.5,,:,. . , 1 .'A"':', ' 'i'h gg Q j Q, ' ' ' 'IQELPIIPIE Q 1'-1 , I MARY A. BROWN 2848 Schemm St. Christmas Program, Debate, Extem- pore, News, Orchestra, Se- Rliter Play, Swimmer's i . BETTE JO BRUBAKER 4091 Weiss. Arts-Dramatics, PTA Clubs, Girls Chorus. DALE BRUSKE 4675 VVolvcrine Dr. Co-op Sec., D.E.C.A.H., Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Choir. JOYCE KAREN BUEKER 4315 Kochville. Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Girls Chorus, Librarian. NANCY JEAN BURBACH 327 Storch. Adv. PTA Ch., French, FTA, Quill-Scroll, Usher, Y-Teens Clubs, News. H ' -I-gg xg ROBERT GEORGE BURBANK l6l0 Wheeler. B 0 W I i n g Club. sv.-. Qs yr. -.1 S-do Kay Whitney takes roll in study hall, the duty of many senior girls. M - gs as :g 1 g ., A ' 'VY I ' N Q. " 4 glfviiiii ' 3 I ,fskf .. , .5 . J. THOMAS BURKARD l I2 N. Yvoodbridge. Adv. P r e s., Crucibles C I u b, A s s e m b I y Ch., Semester Play: Cross Country Letter- winner. FRED W'. BURMEISTER l014 W'. Genesee. PATRICIA LEE BURNETT 2l20 Hill. Bowling, PNA, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. SHARON KAY BURTCH 254 Goetz. Aqualites, FTA, Latin, Pep, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs. JAINIES NORMAN BUSCH 17211 N. Clinton. Rille Club. MARY ELAINE Busi-i 720 State St. Bowling, I"NA, Pep, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs. RODNEY BUTLER 590 Frost Dr. Ski Club, f Ifootball, Track. JOHN C. BUTT 4703 Ironwood Dr. Choir, Iootball Letterwinner. PATRICIA KAY BUTTERIIELD 908 Oak. Adv. Vice-Pres., Miratle Book, S p a n i sh Clubs, Band Bounce, Drum Majorette, Queen's Court, Swirumer's Aid. JUDY BUTTS 4,343 Seidel Pl. Adv. Sec., INA, Latin Clubs, Class Chairman. CAROLINE ANNE BYRON l7l5 S. Michigan. Arts- Dramatics Sec. Club, Band Bounce, Class Ch., Debate, Exchange Student, Semester Play Director, Spring Speeth finals. REBECCA SIQE BYRON 4575 Henry Dr. Adv. Trezis., Sec., Band Bounce, SWIIIIIIICIJS Aid. DENNIS PATRICK CALAIIAN 2615 Blake St. Biology and N a t u r al Science, Radio Vice-Pres. Clubs, Debate. JERRY CALKINS 929 N. Mason. Adv. Pres., Soph. Party Comm., Class Ch., Basketball Lettcrwin- ner, Cross Country Letter- winner, Track Letterwina ner, Saginaw Youth Council. FERN E. CAMMIN 4810 Brockway. Adv. PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Miracle Book, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir. SHARON CARLTON 1402 Hancock. Volleyball. KENNETH A. CARPENTER 712 Malzahn. JETS and Math, Radio, Ski, Clubs. LYNDA CARPENTER 4915 N. River Rd. Qliw 11-9 si., Z ago, YEA. ' v" f ::f -QQWLEQ3 1- -1 5 2:25 'fl . - s s i f.lS,wz1.mws, lv- - I W, ' 0 IQBHI A - X? . :Missiles - -f-' - ' 11.16 ' xi' -ifksfw. .. I 's . - ,L 3 - ' ss - . , x . . Vk r X . f , 1 ,v -f ,,. A - ' ' '1'?" g1f 'F Y' . . ff is L -f ...Ni x . ff? , Pi , Q '-'25 , sf s.l.s if 'S' I nga. Q v , gi if iiwx ,tugs 2 .. ' .3 .Q Wig' if f S 'Trish S Nq r f : TV vi . :ima I Y 4 A ' ' P ' Ask, i 1 -1 1:-..,, H :Q me , A. .I ..,. .,, . .,,.. , . A. 1z.s,w affei. 67 M . H Q,' 5 lik, ii. 'L ew' .ie 1 ' .' -5 1 " .S '35, 115 1, .. M ..-. ..,. If f, . - "" ' 1. f it W L? ,M 1 'ka 'W 3 'A 1 'J' -4 W5-s WY - f - .1 'W-S1 . 1 ., 1 rigor 9 is mx T 1 me f 'Qs 5 if .Q f.i.f.,f .f " ' - ,. -wa. WW? ' G1 2' M 5,1 ,.. at f W 5 1 1 Nr 'J N 1 1 M5 , ,-Q, Jqsgff.-s21s.,, - 2 .. .. ,, W,,,, ,Vee Ze , Pftfwriefzw 'f i-'ia MAXINE JO CATES 110 Braley. Latin, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs, Class Ch., Librarian. GAIL ANN CHERRY 1401 Lathrup. Adv. Pres., PTA Ch,, Red Cross Ch., Co-op Club, Band Bounce, Class Ch., Red Cross Vol- unteer. DANICE LOUISE CHINERY 1185 Avalon. Adv. Treas., See., Co-op, D.E.C.A.H., Pep, Spanish, Usher Clubs. DOROTHY CIBULKA 7475 N. Orr. Co-op Club. MARY ANN CIBULKA 7475 N. Orr, MICHAEL J. CLAIRMONT 7265 Trinklein Rd. FFA Club. JA M ES CLAR K 705 Wayne. MARILYN CLARK 3355 Kettering Dr. Co-op, D.E.C.A.H. Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program. SANDRA J. CLARK 2111 N. Bond. Alchemists Pres., Arts-Uramatics, Aq- ualites, Latin, Pep Clubs, Christmas Program, Class Ch. RONALD CLEMENT 523 N. Oakley. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Red Cross Ch., Cross Coun- try Letterwinner, Team Manager, Track Letterwin- Def. NANCY JO CLEMENTS 1510 Delta Dr. Adv. Vice- Pres., Latin, Pep Clubs, At- tendance Helper, B a n d Bounce, Cheerleader, Queen's Court. WILLO MAXINE CLINE 2403 Deindorfer St. Adv. Red Cross Ch., Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. CAROL LYNN COHEN 2216 N. Woodridge. Aqua- lites, Pep, Ski Clubs, Band Bounce, Swimmer's Aid. SANDRA JEAN COLE 250 Reynick St. Adv. Treas., Alchemists, Aqualites, Lat- in, S p a n i s h Vice-Pres. Clubs, Band Bounce, Sen- ior Hostess. SALLY ANN COLLISON 1749 Burnham. Adv. Red Cross Ch. Spanish, Y- T e e n s Clubs, Baseball, Swimming, Volleyball. SUSAN CONSTANTINE 4859 Swarthout. Adv. Treas., Sec., PTA Ch., Lat- in, Y-Teens Clubs. BETH ELAINE CORWIN 903 N. Porter St. FTA, L a t i n, Usher, Y-Teens Clubs. RONALD COTTLE 2950 Dutton Pl. Aclv. Pres., Rifle Club, Track. CLARK WVILLIAM COX 1509 Hayes St. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Co-op, D.E.C.- A.H., FFA Clubs, Class Ch. MAURICE CRADIT 812 N. Mason. Ml , ,,,. . will Q in -B144 iight! sta. . ef as as - 7 My rn. 3-a.g..1 .- 1 ......... ..,5i.x ,I rw 4 '31 . 22,1 3.54 s .S auf fit! . E . S . fx 'irf ' . - :- J- . .W ..... ?vsa1 l1e.ef,q1-,. Q, ,fins .3. 37 ,-me s , if gg if . L - V -.-:.-wa... . ' . ' if 5. fs is asv 1 g, L 1 -A :. -' P-5' , if.:.iq5i .5'EfE: Q 451 5 3 K x 21 ' 55, S L it v if , fs? M Q 4 i 3 5 1 Dave Shattuck enters the booth to vote for his in the schoo1's mock political election. RICHARD H. CRANNELL 1906 Ring. Adv. Pres., Hi- Y Treas., Baseball Letter- winner, Football Letter- winner. JOHN PAUL CROZIER 1707 Congress. JEAN ANN CRUMMER 227 Trier. Adv. PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Spanish, Y- Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Student Store Assistant. RICHARD CURRY 1375 Lathrup. Adv. Red Cross Ch., Quill - Scroll, Bowling Clubs, News, Cross Countly, Golf, Track. iii. : ' ." if sfiflxi is A xv if f .V ,,.. . if i .. . .. .m g X r 9 wiki' fi JOHN D. CURTIN 1692 Glendale. Adv. Pres., Seals Sales Ch., Red Cross Ch.: Bowling, Crucibles, Hi-Y Clubs NANCY LEE CUTHBERTSON 1618 Birncv. FTA, Pep, Spanish, Usher, Y-Teens Clubs, Debate, Usher. RONALD K. DANKERT 2732 W'ittcrs. Basketball. Football. HARRY IV. DAVIDSON 1402 Cooper. Swimmer's Aidg Swimming. DWIGHT HARVEY DAVIS 12 W. Hannum Blvd. Swim- mer's Aid, Golf. MARY LOUISE DAVIS 2-154 Benjamin. Adv. Pres., Trcas., Pl'A Ch.3 Aldicni- ists, Bowling, Latin, Pep Clubs. PAUL THOMAS DAVIS News. DENNIS M. DAY Swimming Lcttcrwinner. SUE ANN DEFORD 902- N. Mason. Arts-Dra- matics, Business Leaders 1 rcas.g Choir, Christmas Program, Semester Play. sw- - . BYRON DELAVAN 605 Bush. Chess, Pep, Ra- dio, Rifle Clubs. :aww , - JUDITH A. DENNO as , 1 2281 Avon, Co-oi, P , Y- 'liccns Clubs. j ep JOSEPH DENOXIME Q, . 237 Graham. 4 1 X L.. -1-f ilk lo Seniors Exercise Their ights of Citizenship ROBERT DONALD JOHN DETLOFF SUE M. DEVERS JAMES DIECKMAN ROBERT DIETLEIN JAMES UIETRICH LARRY DIETZEL DENTON 2425 Benjamin. FFA 3446 Mackinaw. Aqua- 1719 N. Mason. Class 7220 Lawndalc. PFA, 3310 5. '1'h0lI1uS Rd-1717 Aron. Bowlin H1 Cass. Club. liles, Co-op, P cp. Ch., Swimmers Aid, Class Chairman. If If A Treas. Clubgfglubg Class Crairman Usher Clubs, Usher. Swimming. Class Ch. JAMES WM. VIRGINIA ANN DAVID DILLON JOHN DINSE VERNON YV. JOHN DENNIS AIARGARET ELLEN DIFFELL DILL 3145 Cllrnay Dr. Bowl- l l 0 El S. Michigan. DOLLHOPF DOYLE DRAKE 1716 Cooper. Swim- 5390 Mackinaw. Aqua- ing, Spanish Clubs. Adv. ViCC-PICS-S Bad' 3531 Adams. Quill- 9091 Stone- B 3 U d 632 S- Woodbridgf er's Aid, Football, litcs, F N A, P e p minion, B 0 w ll n g Scroll, Radio Clubs, Bounce. C1l0il', Chfi9l' PCP Club. Ellraek, Clubs. Clubs, Tennis Letter-News, mas Program, Foot- winner. ball, Track Letterwin- ner. li r hu-1,1 'H is K.. sf. 'X ,. ..,.. X l fix '.'l 1 1 .' A jf is . ., V i'21.. F. 203 Dearborn. Adv. Vice- Prcs.g German, Rille Vice- Prcs. Clubs, Class Ch., 4231 El Monte Dr. Adv. Vice-Prcs.g Swimmcr's Aid, 9 - . . sei ' 1.35.5 y 1. s K , x ., .. fi., . Z Us E . 1 I 5 M If . war , 1 .11 .Mello 1 ' :',: - . ' " ef f" i , ' :. . 1 ,. -f-- ,,.. 1 P., f DENIECE L. DAVID JOHN DIANE CATHERINE M. WILLIAM H. jAlC3lEIIElE1lINE DUNBAR DUPREE A DZROJKOSKI EDERER . EICHLER DROWN 4590 Sherman Rd. 2516 McEwan. 4169 Marlyn Ave. Adv. 8275 Ederer Rd. Busi- 2021 W. Genesee. 1508 Brockway. Pep Business Leaders, Co- Pres., P.TA Ch., Pep, ness Leaders, C0-OP Club op, Pep, Y - T e e n s S p a n 1 s h, Y-Teens Clubs. ' Clubs, C l u b sg Attendance Helper, Class Ch. OSEPH HERBERT ENGELS FREDERICK ENGLE GERALD L. ENSZER KENNETH EURICH 28l1:fFEl5121mEIS:JEAldv. ENIESTRASSER 1230 Maple. A dv. 3537 Adams. Adv. 1435 Delta Dr. Adv. 3151 Edward Pl. Pep, , ' , ' , Treas., Biolo and Vice-Pres., Ski Club, Pres., Biology and Rifle Clubs. Trees- Baseball Let 1180 Vincent St Natural Scienig, Hi- Swimmer's Aid, Golf, Natural Science Clubs, terwmner' Y, Pep Clubs, Assem- Swimming. Band BOUNCE, Chl'iSl- bly Comm., Class Ch., mas Program, Orches- Basketball. tra- HAROLD W. FAUST 2020 Division. Biology and Natural Science, Bowling, Spanish Clubs, Golf Letter- winner. DIANNE LYNN FELDOTTE 2610 Deindorfer. Ar1s-Dra- matics, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Program, Red Cross Volunteer. JAMES A. FELTON 6805 Midland Rd. BONNIE JAN FERGUSON 1376 Coolidge Ave. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Red Cross Ch., Art-Dramatics, French Clubs. JANET C. FETHEROLF 14920 N. Morson. Aqualites, PT A, Spanish, Usher Clubs, Band Bounce, Drum Ma- Jorette, Swimmer's Aid. GAIL ANN FIEBIG 2201 Deindorfer. Arts-Dra- matics, French, FNA, Y- Teens Clubs, Christmas Program, Class Ch., Swim- mer's Aid. 70 NANCY RUTH EIKELBERG 2424 Schaefer St. Banc Bounce, Choir, Christ mas Program. CARL J. EWALD 1930 Passolt. Arts- Dramatics, Pep Clubs, Audio-Visual Christ- mas Program, Debate, Stage Crew. Many Seniors Plan to Attend College D . me W, of .rf . 1,2 -wrt, " sd "' .r 12 5 . .3 442 K1 I x j 3? 2 .5 ' ,pg 351 52 5, wmffag , i1s':.f:-H.-1-wlfvffulwsff ...,, M.. ., ii t .issggirpgzggy f, ,rxfi.szs1.: . 45 ' s svsfs1f,1w.fs'sfsz: ' ':- Sf 2 ,fm -:tix ' FOSTER FINDLAY 7242 Kochville. FFA Pres. Club. MARY KATHERINE FINNER 1217 Stephens. Aqualites, Badminton Clubs, Health Room Attendant. KENT M. FISHEL 1822 Wood. Badminton, Bowling Sec., Latin, Pep Clubs, Class Ch., Lab As- sistant. JAMES FITCH 803 S. Andre. Pep Club, Track. MICHAEL ROBERT FLORES 921 Fayette. Pep Club, Football. RICHARD FLUCKE 1616 Brockway. Hi-Y, JETS and Math, ,Pep Clubs. , . f - e.1.,..q,,.... . .-QQ.: 4:sf1a24'r: 77 1.75 2 Q 2 , X. his s is f f' 3. . ,gg , ,S E 'Y . K5 2 vfs-is. rf 'Q 1, , 1 , A, 5221 '1 5 -1 K .. 1. .. lv i:s'1" 55 " 'TNQ .. . ,,,V .ks 2 . -.r . S 'iii . FQ, K5 ' 5 is iffwzig ' .. I .. -' 7 .-gg,,. i.. -- . -J E' ' - it TNQQIAQ 5. PATRICIA ELLEN FOBEAR 1706 Lyon. Adv. President, Vice-Pres., Sophomore Par- ty Committeeg FTA Pres., Pep, Latin Clubsg Queen's Court. CAROL MARIE FOEHL 1913 N. Oakley. Co-op, FTA, Y-Teens Clubs. .'. Q . if LES CHARLES FOERSTER 244 Graham. Adv. Presi- dent, PTA Chairman, Arts- Dramaties, Bowling Clubs: Dance Orchestra, Baseball. KENT FRANCE 2021 Thorne Pl. Adv. Vice- President., PTA Chairman, Sophomore Party Commit- tee, Seals Sales Chairman, Pep Club, Class Chairman, Golf. Kent Fishel and Carl Hubinger offer Steve Bean a sandwich .f' W at lunch. s 5'-2 ,J .rd JOHN JOEL FREHLINC 1601 Chestnut. C0-op, DECAH Clubs. JERRY FREID 1186 Coolidge. Class Chair- man. RONALD HENRY FRIES 1309 Timothy. Hobby: Cars. BERTHA E. FRITZ 709 Clark. Choir, Girls' Chorus, Librarian. SUSAN LEE FRITZLER 1638 Avalon. Adv. Sec., Aqualites, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Swim- mer's Aid. NANCY LEE FUHRHOP 1574 Glendale. Adv. Vice- Pres., Sec.: Aqualites, Mir- acle Book Clubs: Band, Class Chairman, Band Bounce. GARRY FULLER 711 Vermont. Adv. Presi- dent: Football. JAMES M. FULLER 923 S. Washington. Usher. LARRY J. FULLER 711 Vermont. Adv. Presi- dent, Vice-Pres., Red Cross Chairman: News, Semester Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. BARBARA LEE GAISER 1004 Maple. Adv. Sopho- more Party Committee, Li- brarian. CAROLE SUE GARDNER 1919 Grant. FNA, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Usher. BERNARD GARDYZEWSKI 203 Elm. Biology and Natu- ral Science, Hi-Y Clubs, Football. MARY SUE GARNER 2510 Barnard. Adv. Presi- dent. Vice-Pres.: Latin, Arts- Drainatics, Pep, Thespians Clubs, Class Chairman. HELENE ANN GARSKE 1609 Stone. Adv. Sophomore Party Committee: Bowling, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. MARTY GASS 1706 Burnham. Hobby: Au- to Mechanic. CAROL LYNN GAWLAK 4435 Brockway Rd. Adv. Vice-Pres., Aqualites, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce. CHARLOTTE A. GEIGER 1730 N. Bond. French. FTA, Pep, Ski Clubs. ROBERT GERSKIN 1508 Congress. Rifle Club. BONNIE GEWENIGER 2455 N. Oakley. Co-op, DECAH Clubs: Attendance Helper, Health Room At- tendant, Volleyball. JAMES GIBSON 1908 W. Michigan. FFA Sec., Treas. H? Q, r 1- f , F-Q My Eid 474- 1. ' 1 , ,, ' " ' ' 'ifiii 2 if . W . .. ff . .,-: We , at ,.k, W- was , if . ,,h, ...Z 1".. T :tiff - I - , fm Li .153 , :M 3 5. 91. . . ...f 5 , if if ' a, wg 5' fe-2 Qy tt, si .2 if . if 'Lia . '4:.f'. .., 'Q K- -gy? tm -,gift W.,-,,.-.f . ,QW 2 11 R. -1 '1 -t 5 .ff ' ,Y ' , 1 Q -, .1 ,, ' i ii. . M rm , zzw 'Q ' i '15, f 5 , ,.M..s:.i sag, -,ff .. PAULA MARIE GIESECKE 3207 Court St. Pep and Y- Teens Clubs. CARLYLE ROY GILBERT 10145 Dice Road. Advisory President, Vice - Presidentg Football. BECKY GILLES 4162 Green St. Hobby: Bowling, Archery. MARY ELLEN GILMORE 1519 Brockway. Tri - M Club, Band, Band Bounce, Christmas Program, Orches- tra, Semester Play, Swim- mers' Aid. DONALD GILSON 702 Tittabawassee. Hobby: Sports. RONALD GLANCZ 48 Victory Court. Seals Sales Chairman, Band, Dance Orchestra, Orches- tra. CHARLES GLASS 312 S. Granger. Advisory President K2 yearsjg Ski Club Vice-President, Boys' SO Chairmang Football Let- terwinuer, Track. JAMES GLESSNER 11855 Pierce Road, Free- land. Interest: Farming, TV Repair. JOHN GOES ill Benton Road. Advisory Secretary, Red Cross Chair- mang Badminton Trcas., Bowling, Latin Clubs, Le- genda, Golf. LAWRENCE GOHM 55 Victory Court. Swim- ming Lettcrwinner. JOHN GOLZ 2400 Shattuck Rd. JOE GONZALES 9485 Midland Road. Ad- visory Vice-Pres., Sec.g Base- ball, Football. JUANA GONZALEZ 5730 Stout Rd. Interest: Reading. SHARLENE K. GORTE 812 N. Woodbridge. Sopho- more Party Committee, Co- op, Pep Clubs. JUDITH ANN GOULD 143 S. Fifth St., Freeland. Girls Chorus. PATRICIA A. CRAFT 1806 Mackinaw. AdviS0l'Y Treasurer-Sec., Red Cross Chairman, Aqualites, PNA Sec.-Treas., Ski, SpaIliSh Clubsg Swimmers' Aid. DONNA M. GRAHAM 4135 Ring Street. Co-op, D.E.C.A.H. Clubs. ROBERT GRAHAM 1924 Division. Advisory 3 it .u , .. 6 S 1 ,Et - tw . 1 Treasurer, Badminton Sec- retary, Bowling Clubs, Bas- ketball. Senior girls wear many types of footwear. SHIRLEY GRAVERETTE 4175 Burrows Street. Inter- est: Art. JUDY MAE GRAVES 1120 YVashington. Advisory Vice-President, PTA Chair- man, Rr-d Cross Chairman: Pep Club. GLENN GRAY 6823 Bay Road. FFA Secre- tary. MELBOURNE GRICAR 4843 Sheridan, R. No. 1. lnterestsz Hunting, FiSllil1g, Music. MARILYN GRIFFOR15 6155 N. Michigan. Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus, Usher. RONALD G. GRIFIORE 6155 N. Michigan. FFA Club. fig it ix? jx , .5 I L 2. . 1325, K 2 '- -' 4-f.','S' 'Q- pw , Mazza ii ,Q .. ff v H. an ea .- '.L1U:.iJ M 'Ms 4 4 1, e,f.'?ggt- ..t,gfrY P Q , 1 'S- t fs,-. ,. 1-fl if if wir 'B ,S ex ,Hg RONALD 1351 Coolidge Avenue. Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas P rog ram, E x c ha n g e Assembly, Boys SO, Semester Play: Cross Country Letterwinner. GRIGSBY BRIAN J. HAEFELE 1808 Zauel. German, Jets, Math Clubs: Ex- change Student 239. DALE GROSS 2255 S. Center Rd. lflfA President, Senti- nel. ROBERT JOSEPH HAGERTY 2223 N. Charles. Red Cross Volunteer. -iii -i if A 1' f. X Q5 3 .. .t , , g a LOUISE M. MARSHA KAY GLTETTLER GLLDENZOPH GUS'l'AF2iON WILLIAM ROBERT LINDA IQAYI5 IIAAs PATRICIA LEE 2-149 Benjamin St. HAAS 1lIl2.i Hospital Road. 1711 Avalon. 50Ph9' 501 Alice Street. Ad- Afr5.D1-almigics, Cer- 1027 Wright St, Arts. AUVISOTY Treas., Sec., more Pilrly CUIIUIIIK- visory Pres., V i c e- yuan, Pep and Yffegng Dramatics, FFA Hon- Co-op Club. tt-eg Aqualites, Pep, P r C 5,3 Badminton, Clubs' 0,-My, J E T S Pep Ski, Spanish 'l'reas.,How1ing Treas., Cru- ' Y'TCCllS Clllbil 152111471 cibles Clubs, Basket- Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Program, Bounce. ball and Tennis Let- Orchestra, terwinner. lfinalist NMSQT. EDVVARD HAR RUTH LIARIE v WILLIAM A JOHN HANSEN THOMAS JOHN 7355 Swan C,-,Suk Rd. HALES RANDALL HAMLIN Z4-10 N. Bond. Ad- HANSEN In terests: Hunting, 2-HS Benjamin. Arts- lfishing. Dramatics. F r e n c h, Pep Clubsg Christmas l'i'ogram, Homemak- ing Hostess. 23254 Durand. Band Kisory President: Arts-1934 Carman. Advis- llonneq, Choir, Chri,t. Dramatics, Chess, Ger-ory Vice-Pres., Treas., mas 1'r0g1-gm, R C d man Clubs, Assembly S 0 p h om o r e Party Cross Volunteer, Lost Committee, Legcndafloiiimitteeg Latin, Ski C ho r d s Q u :I r t e tg Semester Play. Clubs, Tennis JV Let- Track. Seniors Follow Current Fashion Trends -- 3 Q 3 5 W ' 4 O 'G ... . . , gs, 'gf' F ' if s gg ,R .E 9... JE zz - N115 ' Ye. ' 4 I SHAREN HANTHORN 18-ll Brenner. Adxisory PTA Cliairinang Arts-Dra- matics, IAA, Latin, I'- 'l eens Clubs, Christmas Prograrn, Health Room At- tendant. CHARLES HARD 1825 Ottawa. Football Let- terwinner, Track. RICHARD DAVID HARDT -1 Congress Ct. D. GRETCHEN HARL.-ESHEIMER -10 Bretton Place. Advisory President, Arts-Dramaties, lfrench, Latin, Pep Clubs, Aewx, Semester Play SUSAN K. HARRIS 2641 Eddy. Advisory Vice- President, Treas., Sec., Y- Teens Club, Band Bounce, Choir, Drum Majorette. MICHAEL JAMES HART 1485 Lathrup. Advisory President, Swimmers' Aid, Swimming Letterwinner. P,?""' in t J- A grae. . , my ,.,, 1 'P. ir . 7 , ,:1.. ,- Lx 7 '-Q, I ' - 4 ,iiviefg xv .ivgkffny . , kkvr j,,?g:4,rf.1.:Q2,,2 1 43"-5 - Q 357 11 it M., - I x , sf . i i ' I+. Q F-T fff LZ if it-E 1 ' .tif terwinncr. JACQUELINE HARTPELDER -1191 Enierick St. Co-op, Y- Teens Clubs, News. JIM HARTL Axon. Arts-Dramatics, Hi-Y, Pep, Ski Clubs, Stage Crew, Lenvmla, News. Red Cross 0004 Volunteer. AN N IIARTLE 2671 Bruce. Advixory Presi- dent, Viee-Pres., French, Y - T e e1I s Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Swimmers' Aid. BARBARA HARVEY 1737 Green Street. D.E.C.- A.H. Club. DANNY HAYNER N. Oakley. Interest.: Draw- ing Posters. LAWRENCE C. HAZEN 4655 Century Drive. Swim- mers' Aid, Swimming Let- terwinner. 73 FREDERICK ELINOR HEAVENRICH 1475 W. Delta Drive. French, Latin, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Swimmers' Aid. KATHLEEN JEAN HEBL 714 Perry Street. Red Cross Chairmang Co-op, D.E.C.- A.H., Pep, Y-Teens Clubsg Red Cross Volunteer. SHARON KAY HEINS 4436 Alvin Coop, D.E.C.- A.H., Rifle Clubs. LISA BETH HEINZ 6245 State. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-President, Aqua- lites, French Clubsg Student Store Assistant. MONIKA HEITKOTTER 2009 Handley. Advisory Vice-President, Arts - Dra- matics German Pe Clubsg - , ' , 'D Christmas Program. Ex- change Student from many. .. .W ,.,. . V- .. 2 5 f 1. 2 SQA w M Q., ba' Q S wit gi f Q-.. K WILLIAM K. HEMMER 131 S. Porter. Ski Clung 1 Red Cross Volunteer. ,. 6'-' inet- . g. is M -gius?-tif' "Rv, " 3 4, . ' ... ,gf ffef : ' fffffisi Hifi' Boys Succumb GLEN WESLEY HERTZ, JR. 1530 Coolidge. Bowl- ing, Chess, Crucibles Pres., Hi-Y, JETS Treas. Clubsg Football Letterwinnerg Letter of Commendation NMSQT. CAROL ANN HODGES 1308 Monroe Street. Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Swimmers' Aidg Vol- leyball. Y... ,, gif t ? 1 74 1 SHARON KAY HERZBERG 3224 Patricia Place. Sophomore Party Committee, Aqualites, Co-op, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Swimmers' Aid. DALE HOEPPNER 3100 Mannion Road. Interest: Sailboats. 4 . PHRONSIE HENDERSON 909 Pleasant Street. Arts- Dramatics, Pep, Y-Teens Clubsg Basketball, Volley- ball. HOWARD HENDRICKS 235 S. 2nd St., Freeland. Interest: Fishing. BARBARA MARIE HENNE 1743 Birney St. Advisory Messenger, Band Bounce. MARY KATHERINE HENRY 4580 Ashland Drive. Ad- visory Treas., Sec., Aqua- lites, Pep, Ski and Y-Teens Clubsg Swimmers' Aid. HERNANDEZ 4009 Green Street. Interest Building Hotrods. ROBERT C. HERRICK 914 Court St. Ski Clubg Swimmers' Aid. to Superwoman in MARILYN HIBBARD 311 Weiss Street. Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. VIRGINIA HOFFMAN 913 N. Webster. Ad- visory Treasurer, Aqualites Pres., Co- OP, Pep Clubsg Choir, Band Bounce, Swim- mers' Aid. . ef' i f it f 2 2 .ei 4. .. 1, gg. 1 + itz., 4 it A Zi ,Qs , .L ,.,. .. A5 . 3 . satin 4 :gina ' 'K my A IM: 51-231 Je 5' ff V+' K .. .., ,..., . ii ffl if Hi. , di me Q.. My . V 1, . .ix N W1-, if 5' i V..... i K f 3-.. ' ' ,fit X ..,g X 7. fs.. X 7 .. W .., . Campaign RONALD NANCY KAREN JANE HILBRANDT HILDEBRANDT HILLMAN 2647 Schaefer. Biology 1914 Carmen Drive. 2147 Clover Lane. and Natural Science FRA, Pep, Y-Teens Bowling. FNA, FTA Club. Clubsg Volleyball. Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. NVILLIAM C. JERRY ROLAND SUSAN LYNNE HOFFMAN Hormusrnk HOLCOMB 4165 Koehville Road.9l2 Oak- AClViS0fY FFA Treasurer, Vice-ViCC - P1'CSidCIll: Bowl- Presidentp Mock Na-mg Clubi 13215952111- tional Convention. ls N - .ri .. If .1 . W., ,Q i 3 a..,4g:...-0,5-. a Q4 it W f if . . N ftp' 8 L -s r Pew ft in fs' 5' at 2 YE . fi 's W We + 25 its ,E itil-. . X we 1 -'lie K 5 4- A wp fa' 'gr K fi' 5960 Mackinaw. Ad visory Vice P resident, Secretary, FTA Sec, Latin Pt. Chairman Y-Teens Clubsg Le: genda Senior Editor Senior Hostess. 1 ANN A. HITSMAN 3419 Osler St. Ad- visory Secretary, Co- , op, Latin, Pep Clubs. BONNIE. J. HOLLMAN 2455 N. Bond St. Ad- visory Secretaryg Pep, Y-Teens Clubsg Red Cross Volunteer. e iiif: V iff' N'-2.1 T. -- - T- HVY5 ..f..T' wllesw 'i s e i' 1 . - ' , ...,, - , ,V - if --i fw ill I fsiigseigrggs it ., . - P as J 1 gg.. :E . s Q ,Z S . Q X EX" ef 1 sir i ss- Wg' it gag? 7 t .itt PATRICIA LYNNE HOOKER 7463 Hospital Rd., Free- la n d. Arts-Dramatics, French, Pep, Ski Clubs. JAMES HOOPER 88 W. Corral Drive. Advis- ory President, Soph. Party Committee, Swimmers' Aid, Basketball, Football, and Lctterwinner in Golf, Soph. Class President. LYNN DEE HOWE 115 N. XVheeler. Arts-Dra- matics, French, Latin, Pep and Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Semester Play. LARRY HUBBARD 1917 Mackinaw. Hi-Y Club: Football, Swimming, and Letterwinner in Track. JAMES HUBBLE 1621 Avalon. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-Pres., Treas., Sec., Hi-Y Club. CARL D. HUBINGER 4 Benton Rd. Advisory Vice- President, Secretary, Rifle, Latin, B o w 1 i n g Clubs, Swimming Lctterwinner. From the way they're smiling something wonderful must have happened to Pat Butterfield or Ann Hartle. DOROTHY HUBINGER 2012 Harry St. Sophomore Party Committee, F T A, Pep, Ski Clubs, B a n d Bounce, Exchange Student. JAMES HUDSON 1201 Maple Street. JETS Club, Band. Band Bounce. Christmas Program, Foot- bal. BONNIE JEAN HUMPHREY 50 Ardmore Place. Advisory Pres., Soph. Party Commit- tee, Ski Club President, Band Bounce, Cheerleader Captain, Queens Court At- tendant, Swinnners' Aid. KAREN MAY HUNTER 1314 S. Hamilton. Bowling Club. HARVEY HURNEY 1124 M a 1 L a lt n. Choir, Christmas Program. GEORGE D. HURST 4087 Vera St. Advisory Vice- President, Golf Letterwin- ner. MICHAEL HUTCHINSON 2725 N. Center. Pep Club, Golf. PRISCILLA R. INMAN 1521 Ames St. Y-Teens Club. JAMES JACOB 1019 A. Harrison. THOMAS JOHN JACOBY 1747 Ring St. Co-op Club, Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball. ELLEN JAHN 4685 Wall Street, FNA, 1-"1'A, Latin, Pep and Y- Teens Clubs. EILEEN ALICE JANSSENS 2009 Handley. Advisory Vice-Pres., Treas, Sec., Aqualites, Pep, Ski Clubs, Swinimers' Aid. JOE JERUSKI 1412 Maine St. Interest: Commercial Decorating. SHERRY LOU JEWELL 1826 Barnard. Aqualites, Miracle Book, Pep, Rifle and Spanish Clubs, Band Bounce, Drum Majorette. DAVID G. JOCHEN 4227 Brockway. Advison' Pres., Treas., B o w 1 i n g, JETS, Pep Clubs, Choir, Team Manager. JOSEPH T. JOHNSON 25117 Wynes Street. Advisory P r e si d e n t, Vice-Pres., Treas., Latin Club, Band, Band Bounce, European Exchange Student. KATHLEEN LEE JOHNSTON 7395 Swan Creek Road. Red Cross Chairman, FNA, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs, Girls Chorus. SANDRA JEAN JOHNSTON 2930 Hospital Rd. Pep Club, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus, Homemaking Hostess. Q f , 2 f .. an J . 1 , 51,-Q E ..-. ,s-Mg, , 15?fi:Q'1f:2 3fi5!? 1 -e 1-M fees , . -V s -52- ---- si 1 .i 2 - fs, 1 4 Q ff I M 'SZ 'i 1 Gi 'S ' , .. - .., 5 fkrwyf , - li-555122 ..-s,. . 'af s f - ,,?,m.f Y W, -uf my WM 3' Q' 'ff sr rrooli o is ,,'i f .1 Ein. -... 95 2 -a i -t tt ,. it - -: 5 is t . as fi 3 Q e fi it 5' my t 6? 1 tt X RICHARD r. JONES, JR. 1027 N. Harrison. Bowling, Math Clubs. SHARON ANN JONES 1702 Monroe St. Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas P r 0 g r a m, Hometnaking Hostess. JO ANN JONKER 2313 Stone. Advisory Treas., Sec., French, Pep Clubs, JOHN M. JURAS 3022 lVildwoorl Drive. Bi- nlogy and Natural Science Club, Football. GARY IV. KACKNIEISTER 1737 Newberry. Football Letterwinner, Track. JUDY KAMPFERT 2601 Court Street. Advisory Sec., PTA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club. KAREN HELEN KARLS 1825 N. Bond. Arts-Dra- matics, FTA Clubs: Band, Band Bounce, Librarian, Semester Play, Mock Politi- cal Con. DONALD KASPER 74515 Davis Rd. Interest: Sports. BETTY KAZUK 5206 Shattuck Road. Ad- v i S o r y Vice - President, 'l'reas., See.1 Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Pep Clubsg Semester Plztv. SANDRA KAY KELLY -1013 Wood Street. Arts- Dramatics, FTA,'l'hespians, Usher Clubs, Christmas Program, Semester Play, Speech Award. NANCY A. KEMERER 903 N. Harrison Band, Band Bounce. JACK M. KING 1410 N. Charles. Biology and Natural Science, Hi-Y Clubs, Football. JUDITH ANN KING 4218 Wayside Dr., N. Arts- Dratuaties, Business Lead- ers Clubs. RODGER KINGSBURY 1615 Durand. Red Cross Volunteer, Letter of Com- mendation NMSQT. PATRICIA KINVILLE 31542 Graebncr Lane. In- terest: Records. KIRK KIRKPATRICK 423 John Street. JUDY LORRAINE KLEMENT 2604 Deindorfer St. Bowl- ing, Y-Teens Clubs. ROBERT KNEZEK 1713 Hanchett. Football. RUTH ANN KNOERR 4303 Pierce Rd. Y-Teens Club, Band, Band Bounce, News Sec. JOHN CHARLES KOSKI 2016 Sharp. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-1'res.g Baseball Letterwinner, Basketball Letterwinner, Football Let- terwinner. .fa 1, w.. A . 'Q f...4 K A .- it , , Pam Thompson and Cindy Phelps go through the routine of looking up information for their 1000 word themes. MCI-IAEL CHARLES KOVALESKI 823 Sheridan. Bowling, Ger- man, Ski Clubs: Dance Or- rhestrag Basketball, Golf, Tennis JV Letterwinner. BETTY JEAN KRAFFT 1540 Glendale. FTA, Y- Teens Clubs, Drum Major- CHC. KAREN KAY KRAUSE 1417 S. Harrison. Alchem- ists, FNA, Latin, Pep Clubsg A Cappella Choir, Christmas Program, Legen- rla Co-Editor-in Chief. KATHRYN KRENKE 4557 Jameson. Alchemists, FTA, Pep, Tri-M Clubsg Choirs 1-,mm-N.-...-f-1' f ff ,, ef 9' s ---Q R- .. ROBERT KUCH 8735 Swan Creek Road. Bowling, FFA Vice-Prcsi- dent, Pep Clubs. HOWVARD KUN DINGER 3116 Congress. Advisory President. CAROL D. KURZHALS 270 S. First St., Freeland. Advisory Secretaryg Pep Club. BRUCE KWAISER 51333 Adams Ave. Advisory Vice-Presidentg Basketball, Track, Letterwinner in Football. DANIEL D. LABELLE 325 john St. Sophomore Party Committee: Bowling Clubg Baseball Letterwin- ner, Football Letterwinner. DARCY LABRASH 501 Shepard St. Interest: ROBERT EDWARD LADOUCE 514 Huber. Arts-Dramatics, FFA Clubs. WILLIAM A. LADOUCE 870 Commonwealth, Zil- waukee. Interest: Electrical Engineering. LYNN WILLIAM LAMB 1820 Stanley Street. Interest: Engineering. ITHEMER LAN DERYOU 512 Mackinaw. Football Letterwinner. MARY JO LANDERYOU 512 Mackinaw. Business Leaders, FHA, Pep, Y- Teens Clubsg Legendu. ALEXANDER LANDSBURG 32 Sandra Court. Advisory Pres., Treas., Sec., Bowling Pres., Crucibles, Latin, Rifle Sec. Clubsg Dance Orchestra, Semester Play, Golf Letter- winner, Scholastic Mag. Guns and Hunting. Award. 2 ' 1. M, If li S fg ' Y . F . 1 1000 Word Themes - the Doom of Seniors MARWOOD JOHN LANTZ NICHOLAS JON LANDSKRONER 4495 Midland Road. Lf'-TKOVIC 3314 Patricia Place.Band, Band B0unCe,l0Sl Wilson Road. dvisory Vice-Presi-Orchestra. Jets and Math Club, entg jets and Math Football Letterwinner, lubg Baseball, Bas- Tradi. etball. JANICE KAYE CATHERINE ANN DONNA JEAN LEACH LEAMAN LEAMAN 2125 Linda Street. Ad- 1015 Mackinaw. Ad- 9500 Dice R 0 a d, visory Presidcntg Lat- VISOFY Treasurer, PTA Freeland. Advisory in, Y-Teens Clubs. Clllllfmani PCP Clubg Secretary. S.O. Committee. SHARON K. LAUER 10095 Dice Road, Freeland. Pep Club, Librarian. MARVIN LEAR 154 Snow Street. Ad- visory Vice-President, Sec.: Badminton, Hi- Y, Math Clubsg Cross Country, Trackg Let- ter of Commendation NMSQT. NANCY LOUISE LAURY 321 N. Bates. Arts- Dramatics, FNA, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Health Room Attend- ant, Semester Play. SHARON LEE 6930 Melbourne. In- terest: Omce IVork. 5' 4 .. .. THOMAS LAVERTY 1842 Stanley. WALTER A. LEESCH Garden Lane. Ad- VISOTY Vire-Presidentg Bowling Club: Swim- mersl' Aid: Golf Let- terwinner, Swimming Letterwinner. GARY LAWRENCE 4541 Hepburn Place. Advisory Vice - Presi- dent: Hi-Y Club, As- s c m b ly Chairman: Football Letterwinner and Co-Captain, Track. MARGARET LEISTNER 1658 Arthur St. Busi ness Leaders, Co-op Y-Teens Clubs, Bas kctball, Swimming Volleyball. i s' : l i: -E1 ' Nm ., .. ' Q. 7 7 ..Z. . A. w W - aaatj is ,B .VVK ,,, -tx. .. .. . a, - .. Y... .. WALTER M. LEMKE 1516 N. Oakley. Co-op SUE E. LEMMER 803 S. Mason. Red 1600 Coolidge. Advis- 5910 N. Center. Cross Chairman, Tri- ory Presidentg Hi-Y, Sec., Treas., C Club. M Clubg Band, Band Ski Clubsg Baseball Clubs. Bounce, Choir, Christ- Letterwinner, Football mas Program. Letterwiner, Track, KATY LICAVOLI BARBARA LIEBL CRISTINE LINK CAROL AN 722 S. Woodbridge. In- 1839 Stanley Street. 613 S. Carolina. Ad- LINVILLE terest: Dancing. Swimming, Volleyball. chemists, Aqualites Club. C 1 u b sg Cheerleader, Debate, Swimmers Aid, Forensics. HARRY E. LENICK ROBERT LEONARD Co-op Club, Y'Tecnsg visoty Treasurer, Al- 515 Unign, FN A HAROLD JOSEPH F I A LEPPIEN CIIDJD 4380 Jameson. Bowl- ing Clubg Swimmers' Aidg Football Letter- winner, Basebal WKI. , .....,. 91.-fafiasei. - E lf 4. KAREN LEVI 2253 Salt Street. Ad- visory Secretaryg Ger- man, Tri-M Treas. Clubs: Band, Band 1 Bounce. Team Manager Letter- winner. DOLORES ANN LOCKE 11755 Tittabawasse Road. Pep Club. N SHARON ANN LOCKWOOD e 4484 Seidel Place. FNA, Health Room Assistant. Nl 4 4' J ' . R. ' i s 191 f .a . BONNIE LEWLESS 615 Fisher St. FNA Pep Clubs. PATRICIA LUNDBERG 2945 Midland Road Advisory President Arts - Dramatics French, Pep, Y-Teen Clubsg Band Bounce Christmas Program. Seniors Stud to Maintain Scholastic Average BRUCE B. MACDONALD 1924 Handley St. Advisory Vice - President: Bowling, Rifle Clubs, Choir, Christ- mas Program, Dance Or- chestra, News. DENNIS A. MADAY 2780 Liberty Road. Band, Band Bounce and Dance Orchestra. JUDITH ANN MADDOX 1410 Greenwich. Co - op Clubg Band, Band Bounce. CAROL MAEDER 16 Congress Ct. C. FTA, Pep, Spanish and Y-Teens Clubs. VERN MALICOAT . 1610 Sweet Street. Co-PP, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Vol- unteer. SANDRA MALMGREN 4810 Indian Trail. Advisory Treasurer, Sec., PTA Chair- man, Latin, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. ' 78 VALDA MANGULIS 1219 Mackinaw. Interest: Sketching. JOYCE ANN MANGUS 4226 Burnham Street. In terest: Reading. THOMAS MANNION 3240 N. Center Road. In terest: Bowling. JOHN MANWELL 709 Waller. Swimming Let- terwinner. DAVID ALAN MARCEILLS 3782 C h u r c h. Interest: Skindiving. GERALD MARCOUX 1806 N. Mason. Pep, Rifle Clubsg Swimmers' Aid. . . ... . ,. , , . .J 2 "Wei -HE V EMA . Wh' sk? HAROLD C. MARDEN 615 Adams. Class Chairman: Hi-Y Club. JENNIFER EDITH MARK 703 Post Street. PTA Chair- man: Alchemists, Tri-M Secretary Clubs: Orchestra. MARY L. MARKEY 6632 Radewahn Dr. Choir, Christmas Program, Swim- mer's Aid. GLADYS MAROLF 9870 Midland Rd. Y-Teens Club: Band Bounce, Christ- mas Program, Girls Chorus, Health Room Attendant. c" s I in Judy Potts, Larry Hazen, Ellen Timmons, and John Koski know that studying brings the reward of good grades. sf- aa sexi -ai'-,asf 1 - in L . . 1 . A 5 f sz' Q 1 ttstt I , GAIL H. MARQUIS 1688 Sulivan Dr. PTA Chairman: Latin. Pep Club, Tri-M President, Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Program, Orchestra. CHERYL D. MARTIN 1486 Avalon Ave. Adv. President, Treasurer: Span- ish Club: Swimmer's Aid. DALE F. MARTIN 1803 Jordan. Advisory Presi- dent: Baseball, Track, Foot- ball Letterwinner. FREDERICK H. MARTIN 2832 Hardin. A d vi s o rv President. Vice-President, PTA Chairman: Badminton Secretaw, Bowling, Hi-Y Clubs: Debate, Derlamation, Class Chairman, Oratory. NANCY MARTIN 1130 Passolt St. 1-'HA Club: Band Bounce, Choir, Christ- mas Program. RONALD ANTHONY MARTIN 325 Willington Street. In- terests: Sports and Hunting. SALLY ANN MARTIN 2809 Midland Road. Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club, Arts- Dramatics, l"NA, Miracle Book Clubs: Semester Play. SUE JEAN MARTIN 1703 N. Woodbridge. Arts- Dramatics, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs: Band Bounce, Christ- mas Program, Girls Chor- us, Semester Play. JAMES THOMAS MARX ll Chippewa Ct. Hi-Y, Jets Club. CAROLE SUE MATUREN 1518 Houghton. Pep Club, Y-Teens C 1 u b s, B a n d Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. RON MATUREN 125 S. Andre. Ski Club: Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball Letterwimier, Track Lettcrwinner. RONALD ALAN MCCREA 3550 Lawndale Road. Advis- ory Treasuer: FFA, Quill- Scroll President: Band Bounce, News Editor-In- Chief: Honor Alumnus Committee. KAREN ANN MCCULLEN 2060 So. Thomas Rd. Busi- ness Leaders, D.E.C.A.H. Clubs: Class Chairman. LAURIE JEAN MeCLjLLOCH 319 S. Charles. Advisory President, Secretary: Aqua- lites, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Program. VINCENT STEPHEN MCDONALD JR. 2531 Schaeffer. Advisory President: Bowling Club. GEORGE HENRY McDONNELL 10106 Midland Rd. Base- ball, Football Letterwinner. FRANCIS M. MCDOUGAL 2129 N. Clinton. JETS Club: Cross Country Letter- winncr, Track Letterwinner. KATHLEEN ANN McGILL 1881 Passolt. PTA Chair- man: FTA, Pep Club, Y- Teens Club. PAMELA ANN MCKEE 2211 North Woodbridge. Arts-Dramatics, FTA, Pep Club, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs: Attendance Helpers. PAMELA LYNN McKEE 1724 Mershon. Pep Club, Aqualites Clubs: Attendance Helpers, Band B 0 u n c e, Swimmer's Aid. ' 'i"' .ai i gp, , - ., . 'i,jgQ:'yi'i.' ' X- J I . . si F - ,Q t R -may 'E ' 1 id P L . if Mi' I 79 .1 f f 4-3 5 V if ,. 'W mi flwil f ' 311 . , .. A K' In -at ,E S :. RY Q' V f fe f . Riff ' ,. ws X' ,,'1?l5Sf' Y Y ,K I 1 Srf5w5zg:x , 1 1 .. . .Ky 4' s.. - Is 1,f ig ' -A 72.53 'f,,iA ,4'k Q, JAMES L. MCNAIR 507 N. Michigan. Rifle Club, Audio-Visual, Stage Crew. ROY If. MCNISH 1833 Barnard. Rifle Club. CAROL SUE MCPHILIMY 2111 Bock Rd. Adv. Ireas., Sec., D. E. C. A. H., Pep Clubs, Student Store Assist- ant. KAREN MARIAM MEADOXVS 239 Heyn. Adv. Pres., Aqualites Pres., FTA, Latin '1'reas., Pep Clubs, Swim- mers Aid. JEANNE ANN MEEHLEDER 221 N. Woodbridge. PTA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman, Librariang Y- Teens, Pep Club. JOSEPH 'I'. MEININGER 2024 Cooper. Interest: Cars. KENNETH MELL D.E.C.A.H., Rifle, Choir, Class Chairman. JO ANNE MERLONE 21132 Clover Lane. Latin, Usher, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Usher, Red Cross Chairman. IQDIVIN IV. BIE'I'IVA 217 S. Franklin. Interest: Bowling. SHARON CATHERINE METIVA 216 Wellington. B a n d Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program. CLARENCE W. MEYER JR. 130 N. Alexander. Bowling Cluhg Golf. CONNIE K. MEYER 1042 Sutton, Co-op Club. DAVID MEYER 1616 Maine Street. FFA Club. GERALD ARTHUR INIEYER 2719 Congress Street. Bowl- ing Cluhg Red Cross Volun- teer. GERALD A. MEYER 1902 Ottawa. Red Cross Volunteer. JOYCE MEYER h 1821 N. Mason. Adv. Vice- Pres., Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. GERALD MEYERS 2006 Thorp Street. Bowling, I-ii - Y Clubsg Basketball, Baseball Letterwinncr. CURT L. MIELKE R. No. 2, Freeland. D.E.C.- A.I1. A .. . " xi , X QE! Jae Wright is measured for his cap and gown for graduati ALAN H. MILLER 2233 S. Niagara. Adv. Pres.: Bowling, Pep Clubsg Sopho- more Party Committee, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. DALE BENJAMIN MILLER 5175 Kofhville Rd. Red Cross Chairman, FFA Vice- Pres. Club. GARY LEE MILLER 410 E. Washington Street. Interest: Models. JUDITH ANN MILLER 4569 E. River Rd. Band Bounce, Girls Chorus, Christmas Program. JUDY ANNE MILLER 120 South Carolina. Chess, Spainsh, Y-Teens Clubs. MARILYN A. MILLER 7 1 4 Davenport. German Club. f 1 Q 'R ai.. S ::eiI'.:Q-. t if IIA V ,Y E' Ab- as--. - F , . g.,l,,,.,t,..,,2s 4 2,4 ,Q W, , LQ '3 . ,... , 3 1. s as it 1 N H : ' f" ,, . 1 N as Ofl MILLER Co-op, Clubs, Pro- Vol PAT M. MILSTEAD Usher Club, Choir, Ch ri s t m a s Program, Spanish Clubs, Class Chairman, Red Cross Vol., Usher. In -..lege -. .isw.hf--,gfzfszzssgzai -- .. - 0 t l . W-Sai ' I 7. NANCY MOE Ez.. Ri . TRACY ANN MOELLER 3 0 3 1 Brockton Pl. 1122 N. Michigan. Adv. PTA Ch., Pep,l'f30 Wilson. Bowling, tendance Helper. 52 Sai Jeff , , Q L RICHARD D. MOSKAL 11 0 021 S. Harrison. 79 ROBERT MUNGER KATHLEEN ANN MURPHY 4209 Vera St. Adv. Vice-Pres.: Arts-Dra- matics, French, Latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Program. Al-PNA, PCD. Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch. YVILLIABI MURPHY 207 S. Andre. Cruc- ibles Club. Finalist NMSQT. 1. l f : f l . .. 1 . Z PRISCILLA YASUK0 NIORIYA CHARLES D. NIOON EY 119 .1f1Y Street. III- NIORROYV 1321 Lyon. Pep Club. ICISSISZ HHHdiCl'11flS, 2505 Barnard. Adv. SUSAN MURRAY 1925 Coolidge. Pep, Riiie, S k i, Spanish Treas. Clubs, Swim- mer's Aid. Rcildiflg- FOTUEH EX- Pres., Football, Swim- change Student from mingg C1355 Ch, japan. LOIS GRACE THOMAS C. MYERS MYCZKA 1-108 Mackinaw. Bowl- 1434 Gratiot. Adv. ing,, Spanish Clubs. Red Cross Ch., Mira- cle Book, Pep, Tri-M Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pro- gram. Seniors Are Measured for Caps and Gowns K7 swf New .sf I LOURAINE ANITA NEHMER 10720 Swan Creek Rd. Adv. Treas., Alchemists, French, FTA, Latin Clubs, Attend- ance Helper, Class Ch. SANDRA KAY NEIDERQUILL 4180 Green St. Co-op Club. BARRY NELSON 922 Davenport. Band, Band Bounce, Orchestra. BONNIE 1. NEUENFELDT 11815 Dice Rd. Choir, Christmas Program. EVELYN MARIE NEYMEIYER 1442 Marquette. Adv. PTA Ch., FNA Clubs, Health Room Attendant. KENNETH NICHOLS 3022 Revere Dr. Football Letterwinner. RICHARD NICKLYN 2580 Hemmeter. Adv. Vice- Pres., Biology and Natural Science, Bowling Clubs, Golf. ROBERT J. NIXON, JR. 2810 Wynes St. Biology and N a t u r a 1 Science Club, Choir. :f ,.. V A Y V,,. ALAN L. NOTTER .. ' 2108 Bancroft. B o w 1 i n g Club, Audio-Visual, Stage - Crew. 91-r - CAROL ANN NOVAK 1950 Seminole Lane. Adv. ' Red Cross Ch., Soph. Party A Comm., Arts-Dramatics, Y- T-YW 11 Teens Clubs, Christmas Pro- V I fi gram, Class Ch., Declama- 1. .V ' . - - aa- lion' Q. .. ELLIOTT NOVER 2212 Delaware. KATHLEEN JANIE NOWLIN 2675 Hospital Rd. Adv. -1 -s. .1 'fe f..f-"if I . Pres., Sec.-Treas., Latin, f Pep Clubs, Assembly Com- mittee, Class Ch., News. 81 LANA MARIE OBLANDER 1433 Vermont. PTA Chair- man, Bowling, German, Pep Clubs. PATRICIA GAIL O'BRIEN 307 Clark. Coaop, D.E.C.- A.H., Y-Teens Clubs. THOMAS OCHODNICKY 4305 Sherman Rd. Art Award: Honorable Mention. MICHAEL O'CONNIiR 4625. Bay Rd. Track Let- ICIWIIIIICF. NICHOLAS CRAIG OPPERMANN 5 Center Woods. Ski Club. KAREN j. ORTMAN 1200 Wheeler 51535551 sfffjil :aw 'aa . - 1 5 Q, . s w . , a. .,. ., A ..hh. , , : J .- .Q S if 5 52 are ' at 1 X " x 'Da K- 4 . . " 4 74 . ra .a:.g,,f. 2- ' , 'YXQ' f' . B u s i n e s s Leaders, Sec., Pep Club, BILL OSBORNE 2295 Anderson Rd. Foot- ball Letterwinner. MARGARET OSTERMANN 821 Pleasant. Adv. Treas., Sec., Business L e a d e r s, News. JOHN OSTRANDER 4597 State St. Advisory Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling Club, Class Chairman, Basketball, Football, Golf. PRUDENCE OTTO 1922 Avalon. Adv. Pres., See., French Club Pres., German, Latin Clubs, Band Bounce, Queen's Court. NICHOLAS PACCIONE 803 N. Bond. IUDITH PACE 4355 Brockway. Adv. Pres., French, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch. Ji?-E.. f bi ,va 5 .. W . l A 3 at s Q Q 1 ' s 1 e is S a In Caps and Gowns Seniors Look Back at Past LARRY PACKARD 1723 Maine. Spanish Club, Band Bounce, Orchestra. KAY PAULUS 8645 Summerfeldt Rd. FNA, Spanish Clubs. MARGARET B. PAINE. 1 9 3 4 N. Carolina. Adv. Treas., Secv., PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Latin, Pep Clubs, Attendance Helper. SALLY PAXSON 2720 N. River Rd. Red Cross Ch., Pep Club, Band Bounce, Class Ch. 1 . W MARCIA A. PALIN THOMAS RALPH RICHARD lg?-LYQACCEI klIARR!1Ksi1 1633 Durand. French PANKO REYNIOLD ' , 1 ' 3 CY- V Club, orchestra. sms Kinisliff rug. Agv. PANRONIN IEEIOWRYQOKDDY- 521111 'K-., '., FH- . ., rs- ra- -I oldgy and Natural Scl- M58 Barnard 111atics, Co-op Clubs, Club: Football Letter ence, FTA, L a t i n Student Store Assista fl' 1 fl H U F, Swlmming Clubs. A S S C m b 1 Y am. I'rack Letterwinner. Comm., Cabinet Offi- cer. NANCY PECKOYER SHIRLEY LOUISE DOROTHY J. THOMAS M. JAMES PETRICK 230 Lockwood- Soph- PERKINS PERRY PETERS 1711 s. Niagara. soph. Faflv ,Comm-I Bowl-1376 Coolidge- Band.1175 Patent. FNA3227 Osler. Adv.Pm.,Pany Comm., Foot- IIIE. FIA, PCP, SPZHI' Club, Class Ch. Treas., Secy., Latin ball. Ish, Usher, Y-Teens Club' Basketball, Ten- Clubs' nis Letterwinner. Vaal- '- A .- ' , igsggf, .va . I , is. .ss 3 2 r E .ew gg, , . . ,,, . E 11 a N R l 1 55 CYNTHIA PHELPS 2207 Court. Adv. Secy.g Arts-Dramatics, FTA, Y- Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Student Store Assistant. FIONE PICARD 5335 Gratiot. Spanish Club, Class Ch. LOUIS A. PICARD 2744 Witters. Bowling, Lat- in Clubs: Football. ROBERT PIECHOTTE 321 S. Alexander. KARYL PIERCE 1708 Brockway. Adv. V Pres.g French, Latin, Pep Ski Clubsg Class Ch. JERILYN PINNEY 2203 Delaware Blvd. Al- chemists, Aqualites, Latin Pep, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs. listen attentively with feelmgs of Joy and regret WALDIS PIZIKS 613 S. Granger. HAROLD CHARLES PLAGA 1703 Marquette. RONALD W. PLASKEWICZ 814 Mackinaw. JEAN MARIE PLOETZ 5075 Ifaiitrest Lane. Ads. ' l V-l'res,, Soph. Party Comm., Co-op, Pep, Span- ish Clubsg Christmas Pro- wtflg gram, Declaination. DIANE PLUSS 511 Alice. Business Leaders, PHA, PNA, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch. JENNY ANN PORTNER 819 Grove. lfrench, 1-'HA Clubs, Volleyball. ROBERT CHARLES POSEY, II 040 Sutton. Adv. Pres., V- Pres.g JETS, lfuture Dr.'s Clubs, Exchange Studentg Lljglfllllflj Y1'l'21Cli. JU1J1'l'H EVELYN PO'1"1'S 1918 Ainhersl. Adv. '1'reas.g Spanish Club Pres., Band Bounce, S t u d e n t Store Assistant. GARY POULOS 1712 N. Oakley. Red Cross Ch.: Co-op, Spanish Clubsg Band Bounce, Choir, Christ- mas Program, SWl1IlI11Cl"S Aid. J CDY PRAAY 308 Ifraser. Basketball and Volleyball. BARRY F. PRIM 8liW2 N. Harrison. Bowl- ing, lli-Y Clubs, Band Bounce: Choir, Christmas 1'rogiain: Baseball Letter- ssinner, Football. JANE l.OL'ISli PRINCING 31 .-Xrdmore Pl. Adv. Pres., PT.-X Ch.. Red Cross Ch., Fremli Club l'res.,Ski Club Treasg Exchange Studentg Senior Ilostess. CAROLE PRINGLE 814 W. Genesee. Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. DAWN MARIE PROITX 2220 N. Carolina. Alchem- ists Y-Pres., Jlil'S, 1.atin, Miracle Book, Spanish, Y- Teens Pres. Clubs, Saginaw Youth Council. JAMES MARTIN PUMFORD 305 Reynick. Bowling, Hi Y V-Pres., Pep Clubs: Class Ch., Baseball. Track, Swim- ming Letterwinner. DALE PURCHASE 1924 Wenonah Lane. Pep, Rille Pres., Chess Pres. Clubs. JUDY PURDY 714 Thurman. Adv. Treasg Alchemists, Arts-Dramaties, Aqualites Secy. Clubs, Finalist NMSQT. DUNCAN PYSCHER 221 S. Andre. Adv. V-I'res.3 Bowling Club: Cross Coun- try Letterwinncr, Track Letterwinner. , Q 4 . ., ..-,, - r ,-8' rl -fi N ui 3 F gt i -3 . s. A 'U if . ff ll 2-Q if 'M Ar i .,,.,5?'5 'Qt' ' -v - . ,, 1.-Ds- -it a is .Q . QS' J . an fe Uh we , . ft. f .sf ' ' . ,f x tg' " -1 In H I i kk A ' F ,f . fr na.. K an-s. H ,,-k, . 2 .Q A 210. lg' 1 af 5 . . ' 3 f i '+ i"r 'Z ' 'tv' 'L , . A ,. W,Ah 2 . E , all H'-1 DIANE FRANCES QUICK 1733 N. Xllootlbridge. Arts- Dramatics, French, Thes- pians, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Debate, Semester Play. GARY F. RABIDEAU 1512 Gilbert. Pep Club Vice-Pres., Cross Country, Track. JUDY RACHOW 2226 Gaylord. Pep Club, Band B 0 u n C e, Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. LORNA JEAN RAILLING 5011 N. Oakley. FTA, Span- ish, Y-Teens Cluhsg Banrl, Band Bounce: Basketball, Volleyball Lcttorwinner. SUE ANN RAILLING 1824 Jordan. Adv. Pres.: Red Cross Chairman, FHA Club Pres. JOSEPH RALEIGH 821 N. Hamilton. Interest: Arcliiteetural Drawing. MARY KAY RAMBO 2545 S. River Rd. Home- making Hostess. LINDA RANDALL 2249 Marshall Court. Co-op,, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. ROBERT RAN KIN 809 Cass. Atlv. Vice-Pres., Bowling, Chess, Rifle Clubs. MARY E. RAPP 206 N. Alexander. Ads. Treas., Sec., Bowling, FTA, Usher, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir. SUSAN K. RAPPLHN 23112 Axon Street. Aqualites, Co-op, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Basketball, Swimming, Vol- leyball. JUDITH ANN KATHBUN 1110 Lindsay Dr. Aqualites Vice-Pres., French, Latin, Miracle Book, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. JANICE RAYSIS 1717 King Street. Pep Club, Swimmers Aid, Basketball Letterwinner, Volleyball Letterwinner. ARTHUR READING 2320 Linda Ave. Interest: Bowling. SHARON REEVE 1620 Glendale. PTA Chair- man, Class Chairman, Lat- in, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Volleyball. MARTIN REEVES 295 North Third Street. Band, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra, Orchestra, Foot- ball. JERRIE LEE REIL 1746 jordan Street. Y-Teens Club, Health Room At- t e n d a n t, Hornemaking Hostess. HENRIETTA H. REXIUS 14405 South Miller Road. Choir, Christmas Prograin, Class Chairman, Girls' Cho- ius, Red Cross Volunteer. AIUDITH ANN REXIUS A1940 Basswootl Drive. Busi- ness Leaders, Co-op, Pep. Y-Teens Clubs. BARBARA K. REYNOLDS 2615 Witters. Aqualites, Business Leaders, Co-op. Y- Teens Clubs, Swimmers Aid. iii ? S a X Bob Thompson and Dave Jochen look like modern day Caesars in the halls of Arthur Hill. BETTY REYNOLDS 2615 Witters. COLESTIC SUE RHULE 2896 Reppuhn Drive. Red Cross Chairman, Librarian, 1'HA Club. SUE RICE 1621 Schaefer. Bowling, Y- Teens Sec. Clubs, Band Bounce, Swimrner's Aid. SUE RICHTER 1020 Van Buren. Aqualites, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Assem- bly Committee, Band Bounce. W . 1. . at - sinks! ...M . . . L .,.. , ' ' 5 '3f'.. r . ,. .ff I ,,', M sf: 2- -sf r .. . f .J- gl . , V uiisbw. .2 5 I 5- nilf sf' s i - Q- .fn .'i: gs' Ji"- .I-,45 ... L K 5 . ia.: .. f gi f ' .3 ,- ELIZABETH ANN RICICA 2015 Haenlein Drive. Ad- visory President, P T A Chairmang F N A , Spanish Clubs, Attendance Helpers, Band Bounee. RICHARD K, RIEFE 3444 Adams Avenue. Cruci- bles, JETS and Math, Lat- in Vice-Pres., Pep Clubs, News, Boys State. LARRY STEVEN RIFKIN 2021 Handley. Chess, Hi-Y, Ski Clubs, Football, Track. KENNETH E. ROBERTSON 7 Chippewa Ct. JETS Club. LAWRENCE ROBINSON 4240 Dirker Drive. Pep, Ski Clubs. NANCY ANN ROBINSON 4885 Henry Drive. 1-'TA Club. KAREN LEE ROCHE 160 North 4th St., Free- land. Arts-Dramatics, Math Clubs, Semester Play, Swim- mers' Aid. MARY ANN ROENICKE 5145 Swan Creek Road. Ad- visory 'I'reas., Sec., FNA Publicity Ch., Latin, Y- Teens Clubs, Health Room Attendant. MARY ELLEN ROETHKE 1759 Gratiot Avenue. Arts- Dramatics, Pep Clubs. JERRY ROGERS 3285 S. River Road. Ad- visory Vice-Presidentg Co- op President, D.E.C.A.H. Vice-Pres. of State. VIRGINIA L. ROGERS 2608 Witters. Aqualites, Co- op, D.E.C.A.H. Clubs. HELEN ANN ROHDE 703 S. Charles. B a n d Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Girls Chorus. .. 'nw .. mas. -1 .fs- 5 '1 .. Q' Mig: -., . .- ci G' eral? at ee , .tus - ,..' .1-si J . ..,... ,pg A 'L' X . ' Seniors Cherish Memories of Homecoming KENNETH ROHDE 5415 Hospital Road. Advisory President, Vice-President, PTA nhairman, Red Cross hairmang FFA, Hi-Y Iubs. YVILLIAM ROHN 4885 Centennial Drive. Advisory Secretaryg Baseball Letterwinner, Football. t JOYCE KAY ANISETA C. RUIZ RUFFINI 1905 Gilbert Street. 2571 Midland RoadFNA, PCP, Spanish, Xdvisory Secretary. Y-Teens Clubs, Bas- ketball, Volleyball. JOSEPH ROOD LAWRENCE F. ROSS 1421 Reisig Road. In- 1605 Stone. Ski Club, terest: Coins. EULOJIO RUIZ 1905 Gilbert Street. Arts-Dramatics Vice- Pres., Hi-Y, P e p, Spanish Clubs, Christ- mas Program, Librari an, Semester Play. . ' ' , ff i"' 1 Football, Track. RODNEY A. RISPPEL 715 Vermont Street. Red Cross Chairman in Advisory, Basket- b a l l Letterwinner, Cross Country, Foot- ball, Track Letter- winner. SALLY ANN ROSS ROUECH ROSSOW 7290 Davis Road. In- l553 Marquette. Pep terest: Air Force. Club. TARI JUNE RUSS 4878 Hanover Drive. Advisory Presidentg Arts-Dramatics, Aqua- lites, D. E. C. A. H. Vice-Pres., F r e n c h Treas., Clubs, Band B o u n c e, Christmas Program. LYNNE R. RYLL 1308 Houghton, Arts- Dramaties, Bowling French, Pep, Usher, Y-Teens Clubs, Christ- mas Program. l 'rrsi tst. E -3 I itt. 1 PATRICIA GAIL RUBY 1240 Joseph Street. A d v i so ry President, PTA Chairman, French, FTA, Pep Clubs. DONNA JEAN SAGER 1806 Ottawa. Pep, Ski, Spanish Clubs. ieuzi , 85 it A1 . 4 4 i ,.a,...h' . . ,, AIAA gf .3 Xe YE aff? s 2, rf .K ,. sf fair 1 Q -EE if ff . t. ., .. . .. ..,. .,.L. , ..,, . . . ,-.ff-zarltsszswi.-, . 1 an ' f u as-15:-,zo ?53faayci1H,,?zp. fs , Zi H 'Y . .L, -,'i..L"L .,,. , , . JOYCE C. SAMSON 1812 Ring Street. Ad- visory Vice-President. GAIL V. SCHMIDT KATHERINE SUE SANDERS 1490 Wilson Avenue. Band, Band Bounce Christmas Program Girls Chorus. DONALD 1921 Holcomb. Ad- SCHNEIDER yisory Red C rg 552710 S. Center Road. Chairman: Arts-Dra-BIPIOZY find Natural matics, Bowling Pep5Cll'HCC Club- Clubsg Band. Bond B o u n c e, Christmas Program. I .,-' L 3 .. if kgs- i.. 1 , ia B A R B A R A R A E S A N D O W 2841 Kochville Road. Aquadims, Swimmers' Aid. JOANNE PHYLLIS SCHNEIDER 1902 N. Bond Street. Advisory Treas.g Al- chemists. Arts - Dra- maties Sec., Aqualites, French, Latin Clubs, Christmas Program. , ,554 ig?- 11.5-gseqg-1 -J, - - -' IQ X 1- s .Z S3 3 DUNCAN SARGENT 1302 S. Michigan. Ad- visory President, Red Cross Chairman: Bowl- ing, Latin Clubs. NANCY SCHNEIDER 1622 Greenwich. C0- 41 -.---,. ,, ' . ag V F it-QW ' 1' f Z1 grfwflizli' E ...ev +1 -. ,- . X ,,.. JQN SAQVYER SUSAN SCAIFE 2324 N. XVoodbridge.24:'0 H 2 r gn a n s a u. Interest: Engineeringgvlgy Latin, P e p u s. SHARON ANN PAMELA SCHRADE SCHOMAKER 159 Reynick. Pep, Ski, op, D.E.C.A.H. Cluosgl0350 Swan Creek Usher, Y-Teens Clubs' Band. Road. Advisory Vice-Semester Play, Studeni President. Oiliee Assistant. JANET MARSHA SCHLUCKBIER 1415 Lyon. Advisory Vice-President, Treas.g Arts-Dramatics, Co-op, Pep, Usher Clubs: Christmas Program. ,IOANNE SCHRADER 3255 Meyer Place. Co- op Club, Pep Club. Graduation Involves Practice and Rehearsal RICHARD W. SCHRANK 1716 Stark Street. Interest: Architecture. CLARENCE SCHREADER 1508 Cass. Baseball Letter- winner, Football. BONNIE E. SCHREMS 1629 Schaefer. Advisory Vice- President, Arts-Dra- matics, FTA, Pep, Ski Clubsg Swimmers' Aid. LYNNE KAREN SCHREMS 809 Van Buren. Advisory Treas., Sec.g Arts-Dramatics, Co-op, Pep Club Sec., Assembly Chairman, Christ- mas Program, Semester Play. MARY ANN SCHREUR 2990 Midland. Advisory Sec- retary, FTA, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Program, Legenda, Letter of Commendation NMSQT COURTNEY SCHROEDER 2529 Eddy. Bowling, Co-op, D.E.C.A.H.g Boys SO As- sembly. , as .. ,,., .2-, ,L-.twig -no-4 , 2 ,-I 551 5 5 ...I iii, Q Hit' HERMAN R. SCHROEDER 3220 Congress. Interest: Hunting-Fishing. RUSSELL G. SCHROEDER 11 Southlawn Court. Chess Treas., jets and Math, Ra- dio Treas.-Pres. Clubs. KURT SCHULTZ 1431 Division. Basketball Letterwinner, Cross Country. RUBEN C. SCHULTZ II 2291 McEwan. Advisory Vice-Pres., Biology and Natural Science, Bowling, Pep, Rifle Clubsg Boys SO Assembly. NIK CARL SCHULWITZ 52 Benton Road. Advisory President: Bowling, Ger- man, Jets and Math, Riiie Clubs. NANCY ANN SCHULZ 3024 Mackinaw. Aqualites, French, FTA, Bowling, Y- Teens Clubsg Band Bounce, Senior Hostess. gi , 1 we 2 . PI-IYLLIS ELAINE SCI-IULZ 64 Mackinaw Ct. Bowling, Latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. SABINE SCHWARTZ 1688 Sulixan Dr. Aqualites, German Clubs, Christmas Program, Foreign Exchange Student from Germany. GRANT F. SCHYVINCK 2202 N. Ivoodbridge. Bowl- ing Club. CHRISTINE SCORSONE 1717 Brockway. Pep, Ski, Y- Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Cabinet Officer, Choir, Queen's Court. Seniors line up for their final as Hillites. -2 , -1 .... is , . Q 1 , ,.,w4f"'w-'ag . WSL? 5 FAY ANNE SCOTT 46 Mackinaw Ct, Adv. Treas., Soph. Party Comm., Aqualites, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Program, Swimmer's Aid. ROBERT SEAVER 285 S. lst St., Freeland. Bowling Club. MARY CLAIRE SENN Route 1, Freeland. Arts- llramatics, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Program, Debate, Semester Play. JAN ALLISON SIIAFFNER 270 N. llrd St., Freeland. Soph. Party Comm., Bowl- ing, Pep, Y-'leens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Program, Class Ch. SANDRA KAY SIIARPE 505 Shepard St. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Christmas Program. DAVE SHATTUCK 2540 Haenlein Dr. Adv. See., Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program. CAROL LYNN SHAVER 1017 N. Fayette. Bowling, Co-op, D.E.C.A.H., Y-Teens Clubs, Swimmer's Aid, Ush- er. JUDITH ANN SHELDON 1147 Pacelli Ave. Adv. Pres., Treas.. Sec., Aqualites, Pep, X-5 eens Clubs, Swimmer's 1 1 . A JOHN SHIELDS 102 S. Porter IIAROLD SHIELDS 465 S. Center. Band, Band Bounce, Football Letter- winner. Mute suooic 1516 King sr. ERNIE SHRONTZ 170 Smith, Freeland DONALD I.. SHITLER 4640. Gratiot. Baseball Let- terwinner, Basketball Let- terwiner, Football Letter- winner. DONNA SHULER 4640 Gratiot. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Red Cross Ch., Aqualites, Usher Clubs, Usher. SUE SHUSTER 401 Post. Co-op, D.E.C.A.H. Pep, Usher Clubs, Usher. DONNA SIEB 1020 Cleveland St. Choir, Girls Chorus. DELL SILER 47 Ardmore Pl. EVELYN LOUISE SINUVIONS 407 Clark. MARILYN jIiAN SIMON 426 jameson. Co-op, D.E. C.A.H., Latin Clubs. DONNA LYNNE SIMPSON 2902 Hardin St, Adv. PTA Ch., Arts-Dramatics, Y- Teens Clubs. ,A 3.23355 ---,.s,,:.,'..-..3'- , . 3 r ,QE-S .. A Y at -I fu--1 if. . . f':i1fi!5L., vii . is 5 Sv K New .. -m f X -. Q3 25' ., ' P F ff ,, M, A ew ., 1, sa . as is-W .. . ,, 7'fIffz17.:1i'le.'LEX' 53 - 'll ,H .af . .. .,f,k.,Ql53.,. ,kee K me . . h s.-:Q Kaffe' . Q-S. a. W. 9 an 2 f -.. fu F :fe WL "N S f ,V - .-,ite-lm . 'fm .L -,. . ' s .sswieea ll- L ' . .' . ,.- gg. ,S- , . :L - if 'Q' .3-9, Z .. ,EF 5 H , l ,. , , gif? Q W S ff' ...Q , H.,,Ei:-141 :rl-F-if .s ki-. aj: " .owl-W fi , - ff .2-,, fr , .,,,. Ek 'gf' 'F flex-Sm 0 Z0 w ' . ' Q. VE . .,. ..,,, ,, ,,,..,-... ' .fit-.iisvsi-12. -. ' 1 , ., F Q l if a tif J mi , ,.... 0 ff Ta t a 43' 'is 3 5 iii t sww- -me .- f, -. s 'z -- z , fgtgiga 3,5515 Y ,,,,. vb , r -at-gn., 1 7ff'f.-law 1' .., Q?,wi1 ,. . , CONSTANTINE SKENTZOS 2220 N. Bond. BRIAN JAY SMITH 1314 Adams. Biology and Natural Science, Pep Clubs. CAROL SMITH 8096 Geddes. Pcp Club, Class Ch. DENNIS LEE SMITH 1314 Adams. Biology and Natural Science, Pep Clubs. SUSAN R. SMITH 20 W. Hannum Blvd. lfrench, Pep, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch., Swim- mer's Aid. JUDY SOMMERS 4211 Ann St. Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch. KAY SOVIA 1924 Stone St. Red Cross Ch., Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christ- mas Program. PATRICIA SPADAFORE 3310- Adams. Adv. Pres., Sec.-Trcas., F T A, P e p Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Senior Hostess. LAETTA SPANGLER 2514 Deindorfer. Pep, Y- Teens Clubs. JACK S. SPAULDING 6065 Lawndale. Adv. Pres., Hi-Y Club, Assembly Com- mittee, Class Ch. SANDRA E. SPROTT 514 Hunter. Adv. Vice- Pres., Pep, Spanish Clubs, Class Ch. SHARON LEE STAFFORD 1912 Adams. Adv. Treas., Aqualites, Latin, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Band Bounce. ELIZABETH ANN STANDISH 1810 McArthur. Adv. Red Cross Ch., Latin, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. STEPHEN J. STAPLES 1630 Brockway. Adv. Vice- Pres., Ski Club, Swim- mer's Aid, Tennis. ARCHIE STEVENS, JR. 1180 N. River Rd. Adv. Vice-Pres., Ski Club. ROBERT WILLIAM STEVENS 2091 Coolidge. Rifle, Co- op Clubs. DONALD STIMPSON 7300 N. Gleaner. German Club, Swimmer's Aid, Cross Country. VICKIE LEE STEVENSON 521 Congress. Adv. PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Arts Dramatics, Pep, Y-Teens, Band Bounce, Choir, was-.. 1 ffyf"'g' S 1 la fi55-3sH- ,, . , ..,,., ,M ,-,iipx . f. V'i-' Ie. . "VVow, those heels!" exclaims Karen Meadows as she leaves school after rehearsal. BARBARA RUTH STUMPFIG 4865 Lawndale. SUZANNE LYNNE SUMERA 1714 Cooper. Adv. PTA Ch.: FNA, FTA, Latin, Pep, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs. EDWARD D. SUNDERMAN 2350 Shattuck. EMILY SUPPES 1829 Jordan. Band, Band Bounce, Class Ch., Orches- tra. ROBERT suppg 302 S. Bates. S JUDITH ANN SWANSON 4160 W FNA - Teens Celsius. ' Pep' Y g .... -is-S f 1 ga, 'Ki ai VA Y' I it :sig 3 r . Q-I y 'K . ii T we I K - - S A r I I Q fs .- K,'-- A 1 . . Aww.. 9 S.. , Q f fl . . Ri i A... 3 A I I 1 RUTH ANN YVILLIAM JUNE FRIEDA SWANSON YVALLACE SYMONS SZARENSKI 2280 S. Thomas Rd. H IR- 712 YVllllllIIlS. Home- Business Leaders Club. 402 5Ul'J9f101'- making Hostess. CAROL ANN NANCY ELLEN DAVID CHARLES THAYER 'ILHAYEK 'ILHUNI 1106 Lathrup Ave. Arts-Draiuatics, Biolo- gy and Natural Sci- ence, Business Lead- ers, Co-op, IHA, Y- 'I'eens Clubs, Class Ch. 245 Roeser, I- reeland. Latin, Pep Clubs. 6 .fw- I JV.. , 'R I :uw W .4-me ,,'m -IANICE SZOTT 1137 Glendale Ave. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres.. Treas.: French Vice- Pres., German Vice- Prcs., Ski Clubs, Band Bounce. SIIARON THOMAS 1021 Jackson. Bowl 526 Hunter. lfrench ing, Business Leaders OHN K TAI I ON ,I ' . . . 212 N. Alexander. Cross Countrv, Swim ming Letterwinncr. JOHN THOMPSON as? - 3 DIARY LOU T A Y L O R 124 Gratiot. Business .eaders, Co-op Clubs. PAMELA ANN PATRICIA TAYLOR 2222 Stone. Adv. Pres.. See., Aqualites, Mir- acle Book Clubs: Band Bounce, Class Ch. ROBERT THOMPSON 2901 Rosemary. Bad- THOMPSON Illimonf B 0 W l I U 5 2144 Ottawa. Aqua- fl2l0 State St. Adv. Club! -YCUJS, Semester Co-op, D. E. C. A. H. Clubs. mes, Pep, Ski, Y- Pi r e s . , Vice - Pres., Play. Pep Clubs, Basketball, Teens Clubs- swim. TTCSISJ B0WliHg, Cru- Volleyball. mbps Aid. ' ClblCS, Hi-Y, JETS and Hlath Clubs. ELLI-'Y TININIONS in V323 Avalon. Azidhl SCC: A BIARTHA ANN TUCKFR Treas' German Pres.. PCP fa G' i -. 2309 Blackmore' Aquahles Pres. i,See., Y5I'eens Clubs: K A4 J i i ' A bB:md'. Band. Bounce: Assembly Ch., Band Bounce. .- ""'f " H au' mvlmmmgf Vol' Debate. Senior Hostess. i Ex U A ' . . , . JERRY TURNBULL ,1,eg1gFgg1geCgg,v13,6, , . ...U R.. FF.. U... E.C.A.H., Pep clubs. , ,"j' .- , ,JZBQ i-VSPEQQ . . if ' H iffflfl fill' JOSEPHINE ANN TORRES 2121 Burrows. CONSTANCE TRIANTAFILLOU 4935 Centennial Dr. Soph. Party Comm., French, La- tin, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Senior Hostess. EDWARD TRIM 2711 Loehmoor. Adv. PTA Ch.3 Bowling Clubg Swim- mer's Aid. ELIZABETH TROMBLEY 6425 Mackinaw. ,Q , 'uv 153:15 ff , .. V .ax iw ,f LARRY TURNBULL 7390 Mielke Rd. FFA Club. VICTORIA ELLEN TURRILL 20 Victory Ct. Pep, Tri-M Cluhsg Choir. TERRY MARIE UPHOI-'F 1839 Bro-Mor. Pep. Usher, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch. GLORIA VADOVICH 1229 Midland Rd. Bowling. Co-op, Pep Clubs. 89 Y .ii-,, . , f .. rig., 1,, -,, - 4 , S' airs, ss K1 if ifkiig, K ffN2i4,2,.gf2fmr , Y 7 f- M51 sr rigs 4 af H .0 f -.-.- f- V . - --mr 552 523 xr N W S S 1 t si .. .. -S .Q if-in 5 . a Q ga.. , ages 's is.. - 2... .- MARIJKE VAN GULIK 51 Ardmore Pl. French, German, Pep, Ski Clubs, Christmas Program. Ex- change Student from Hol- land. JAMES WILLIAM VAN WORMER 1014 Congress. Biology and Nat. Sci. Pres. Chess, Pep, Riiie Clubs. KAREN M. VASOLD 10925 Vasold. Co-op, Pep, Ski Clubs. RODGER B. VIBERT 4116 Mackinaw. Arts-Dra- matics, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Football, Track. PAUL VINSON 10311 N. Gleaner. ROBERT VITITO 4635 Henry Drive. EUGENE VOGAN 2627 Kuhlman Dr. Adv. Pres. CAROL ELLEN WACKER 207 S. jefferson. Adv. Sec.- Treas., Red Cross Ch., Business Leaders Pres., Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Band B o u n c e, Christmas Pro- gram. WILLIAM WALKER 2255 Gaylord. Tennis Let- terwinner, Ski Club. BARBARA WALZ 16 E. Hannum Blvd. Adv. Pres., Sec.-Treas., PTA Ch., Soph Party Comm., French Vice-Pres., Ski Clubs., Sen- ior Hostess. JAMES WARMBIER Route l, Freeland. JUDITH ALICE WASHBURN 45 Benton. Adv. Pres., French, Latin, Pep, Ski Clubs, Class Ch.. Swim- mer's Aid. Y .. v fx ' . :Qf,g i . , ,',- i Ei ,AV,- g.A,A . . 7 ..,. 22' 'SQ-i , La , 1. 45 ',L s V , raa 4 is t , '. W : 1 if 1 "" f A ears, m1 es, an ernones ark Graduauon T S '1 d M ' M ' ANDREA KAY DAVID WEBER SALLY ANNE GARY R. IVEGENER JANET MAY DIANE MARIE KLAUS GUNTER WAZNY 2761 Weigh Rd Rifle WEBER 840 Roeser St. FFA XVEIKLR WEISHUHN WENDLER 1614 N. Oakley. Adv.Club. 3049 Adafns, FTA, Club, Football Letter- 1437 P as so l t. Red 1121 Cleveland. Bad- French, German, Pep ViCe.Pfes,, pTA C115 pep, Ski, 5 p 3 n i 5 h winner, Track Letter- Cross Ch., C ok- o p m i n t o n, Basketball, CIUT-PS3 Choir, Christ-- lfrench, FTA, Pep, Y- C 1 U b 53 C1355 Chg winner. Club, Choir, G 1 r 1 s Swimming. mas Program, Class, Teens Clubs, Cheer- Swimmer's Aid. Chorus, Ch. Exchange Studenti leader. from Germany. , DIXIE ANN JERRY WENZEL JOYCE LORRAINE SHARON LEE TERRY WENZEL ROBERT EILEEN MARIE WENZEL 7350 Swan Creek. Adv. WENZEL WENZEL 7665 Hart Rd. WESTWOOD WHALEN i 1404 Cypress. Business 1-mas., Sem pep Club, 1430 Division. Aqua. 470 Baton Rd, 1410 Cypress. P e p 2303 State. Business: Leaders Club, Band, Class Ch. Band Bounce. lites, C o - 0 p, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christ- mas Program. .few . ' . sf arp-:sassy 5,3 se, .. M., . .. ws., ,..,,,.,,A ,cm 1, 90 ,.,. . .. ... .. K .ISF . E ,a f 9 t xr We EW 5. 'T 5- 31 if ,r -1.4-.A-,. Q Q- Sr 5 4, 3? . ff 1 1- aa 1 M 1 Club. Leaders Club, Band Bounce, Choir, Christ- mas Program. E il 2 - f f, . .. r.. Kansa.. I K 7 Wir ' 'L V wlgfirif'-J in ' : iii.: Vp.V,pk ,A ...,. if ei ei iwfw if Ziyi ' W, 1 E .. f t . E k K f.-Li.. my 'J .A Q K Hg. . J xx' ROBERT YVHATLEY 2210 N. Charles. D.E.C.- A.41-I. Club, Baseball, Swim- ming. DENNIS WHITE 2249 Taft. Cross Country .IV Letlerwinner, Tennis 'lk-am Manager Letterwin- ner. FRED XYHITMORE 722 Union. Advisory Presi- rlentg Bowling: Class Chair- man: Baseball Letterwinner. KAY IRENE XVI-IITNEY IH-17 Joslin. Advisory Vire- Pres., 'lrt-as.. PTA Chair- inan, Red Cross Chairman, French, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. SANDRA WHITTING 1933 Newberry. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. ROBERT H. XYICKMAN 118 N. Carolina. Arts-Dra- matics, Pep, Ski, Spanish Clubs: Art Award. Karen Bohnhoff and Steve McDonald find their names on the list of graduating seniors. . . Jw . 1 N 'K' ga-1-5 I . ,., ' 5 ,..M'1f7 P 'fha fs? hw ... 2. f K f fs- Q -cs . . .f is ' IANET D. YVIECK 6485 N. Center Road. Band, visorv Vice-President: Band, Band Bounce. RONALD NVIECK ti-135 N. Center Road. Band, Band Bounce, Christnlas Program, Urtliestrag Music llonors. MARY WIERMAN 1421 Cass Street. IANA, Lat- in, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. PHYLLIS ANN WIGHT 5065 Winston Drive. IVNA, Pep, Ski, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christ- mas Program. MART! IA WVILCOX 1843 Michigan. l"'I'A, Pup, Y-Ieens Clubs, Choir. RANDALL WILHIQLM I 121 Passolt. Biology and Nat. Sci. Club: lfootball l.t'tterwinner, Team Man. agar, 'frank Letterwinner. CHARLES YYILLIAMS 771 Frost Drive. Interest: Ice Skating. GERALD JAMES XYILLIAMS 15 Congress Ct. C. Adv. PTA Ch., Basketball. MARGARET WILLIAMS 1370 Delta Drive. Advisory President, Arts-Dramatics, L a t i n S e c., Thespians Clubs, Legcnda Co-Editor, S e in e s t e r Play, Senior Hostess. JOHN DANIEL YVILLSIE 11265 WV. Freeland Road. ALICE XVILTSE 2715 Midland Road. Adxis- ory.PTA Cliairinang Co-op Latin, Pep Clubsg Attend- ance Helper, Class Chair- man. 1 ANN WINSLOW 15175 Short Road. News. DOLORICS XVIRBEL 222S Tait Street. PTA Chairman, Seals Sales, Red Cross Clllllflllllflj Business I.t-adrrs, Chess Clubs, Li- brarian, .'Ycw.v. MIMI WITHEY 1170 Farmbrook. Interests: Ceramics-Painting. CARL E. WITTING, II 1931 Holcomb. CAROL ANN WOLFE 2113 Stone Street. Advisory Red Cross Chairmang PNA, Latin, Miracle Book, Pep Clubsg Band Bounce, As- sembly Comm. THOMAS HOWARD WOLPGRAM 60-15 State Street. Pep Club. KATHERINE ANN WOOLEVER 1924 Burnham St. Adv. Treas., Red Cross Ch.: Tri- M-Cluby Band, Band Bounce, Orchestra. ' . .-mf v ig sz if E Qi Stiff ' E -Y as ff -- - ,ffl ,st-. iq? Q , o Nxt 'X ll' ,V W? as fm-L, fs , If -iii! 5, -M -ff. Q29 'XZ ,Qi 1 .N H ' yew' ,wi in 'itll - ' ,Q , L. - .... ' A ty, R 1 ' li- -1 i f T' '-9 We , 'l5,sh,lH.. 4 t e , as Q 51 SHARON MARIE WORTHINGTON 41403 Mackinaw. Adv. Pres., German, Latin Pres., and Treas., Pep Clubs, Christ- mas P r o g r a m, Queen's Court, Senior Hostess. PATRICIA MAE WRESSELL 207 N. Granger. Sopho- more Party Committee, French. Pep Clubs. CAROLE ANN WREGE 1015 Adams. JAE WRIGHT 337 Hunter. Adv. PTC5-Z Hi-Y, Ski Clubs: Band Bounce, PTA Chairman, Football Letterwinner, Track Letterwinner. JERRY XVRIGHT 2015 Division. Adv, Vice- Pres., Sec., Ski Club, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra, Basketball Letterwinner,Ten- nis Letterwinner. SHARON LESLIE XVRIGHT 5435 Gratiot. Adv. Vice- Pres.1 Quill-Scroll Club, News. HAROLD E. WURTZEL 595 N. Center Road. Base- ball. PAUL WYSONG 126 Garden Lane. Pep Club, Assembly Committee, Choir, Track. RON YAEKEL 8221 Geddes. Pep, Rille Clubs, MICHAEL R. YEAGER 4345 Louise. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Hi-Y C 1 u b Pres., Student Cabinet Pres- ident, Baseball Lettcrwin- ner, Basketball Letterwin- ner, Football Most Valuable Player, Co-Capt., Letter- winner. ALICE ELIZABETH YEAKLE 10285 Scott Road. Adv. Vice-Pres., Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Christ- mas Program, Senior Host- ess. GARY R. YELSIK 1914 Benjamin. Bowling, Chess, Rifle, Pep Clubs. STEYVART A. YOCKEY 1902 N. Clinton, D.E.C.- A.H., Pep Clubs, Football Letterwinner, Tennis Let- terwinner, Track Letterwin- ner. DALE D. YOUNG 1619 Gilbert. Chess, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra, Baseball Letter- winner. ELIZABETH ANN YOUNG 2120 Mershon. Pep, Spanish Clubs, Swimmers Aid. JAMES H. YOUNG 821 Perry. ROBERT LEE YOUNG 2544 Hospital Road. Pep Club, Band, Band Bounce, Semester Play. MOLLY ZACHARIAS 124 Larch. Chess, FHA, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Swimmers Aid. CAROL ANN ZAGATA 1803 Ring. Adv. Vice-Pres., Sec., Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman, S e n i or Hostess. PATRICIA LEE ZAGGY 3325 Adams. Latin, Pep, Y-Teens, Clubs, Attend- ance Helpers, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. , m l .s -iw-.a.-"' 1 - it 5 1" ' P - f- "ff . ,Tssagff at 1, . , . . 'Y' .,, i' si . 9 ,, .. Rss . r QW wage, k I , ' I , Hillites. RUTH ANN ZAHNOW 115 Graham. Spanish Club' Attendance Helpers, Band Bounce, Choir, Legenda, Harmonettes, Exchange Stu- dent. MARY ANN ZANNER W Crowded halls and stairs will always be remembered by 1 its 5, , ,ae Q A '- 1403 Adams. Adv. Pres., Treas., Sophomore Party Committee. Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Swimmers Aid GEORGE H. ZEILINGER 6765 Kothville. Adv. Vice- Pres., Hi-Y Club Vice- Pres., Track Letterwinner. ALICE KATHERINE ZEMAN 7355 Midland Road, Free- land. Pep, Usher, Y-Teens Vice-Pres. Clubs, Attend- ance Helpers, Art Awards. 1-Qi an ., is Q- ,- f. - --,.,.,1,,,fs..i,w.sf 'QQ' . 'a 'lt me--f . DOROTHY ZEMANEK 1720 Brockwav. Pep. Tri-M. Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program, Michigan Chor- ale to South America. MARLENE ZILL 709 Cass. MARY ZIMMERMAN Freeland, Michigan. Inter- est: Record Collecting. BETTIE JANE ZITTER 3277 Mannion Road. Advis- ory Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, German, Tri-M Clubsg Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Program. GERALD W. ZOLINSKI 2755 W. Dexter Drive. Ski Club, Football Letterwfn- ner, Tennis Letterwinucr. EDWINA E. ZUMER 1834 Ottawa. Bowling, Co- op, FHA Program Ch., Pep, Ski Clubsg Homcmaking Hostess. Seniors Without Pictures FRED H. STEVENS . l, f l 'Q x 1 That last walk up to the school brings Commencement - the Beginning of A e W Seniors file into place to receive their diplomas. 1 SPORTS KURT SCHULTZ JACK ANDERSON GARY LAWRENCE Hall LEADERSHIP ACTING, TOM PANKO ELLEN TIMMONS FRED MARTIN ALL-AROUND HILLITES MARGARET WILLIAMS PAT FOBEAR CHRIS SCORSONE Of Fame DEBATE, SPEECH MARY BROWN STUDENT GOVERNMENT 1 1 MIKE YEAGER BETTE BEAR PERSONALITY CATHY BROWN JAE WRIGHT I l -V, I X , SCHOOL SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP LES FOERSTER BONNIE HUMPHREY BILL GUSTAFSQN JUDY PURDY ji - ? Sports ,iiivi-.i , F ullback Jack Anderson h x Q 1 , K " 1 ,wi ,PV .. i Q wigs si - V t ,4 . I ' - ,Ly :L in I W yiii 4, i , z ,. 5 - 5 Me a,s,.ar,,5e,, -. - ,. . . -, - f. 1,iw5 f'wjf,,gm',L J A: K mi. " fig' iq ' f A, If , 53' i 7 ,V A 31 ff' .Yi . M, . V - ,-, 1 , N q .. is L ..., f Center Jae Wright Quarterback Dick Crannell Lumbcrjacks Retain City Championship -8 .H v t v ,Q if x ,A 1' ' A i A YQQK,--I li , ,.ir6M. !aF . U , 4' , Q xi gif - ,fin 1 ' ' n fi i i 3 -V ' V ' '2 ff, iii 4 il Tackle Glen Hertz Halfback Wally Parrish V i if we Qu ,. , , , 1.3, V HK Egg 9 ,y ' fx . V Q . iw . .gn , .,,. , i Jack Anderson, the rampaging fullback, Wally Parrish, Co-captain Mike Yeager, and Ron Maturen gained yardage on the ground while quarterback Dick Crannell gained yardage via the air lanes to his ends Dick Dana and John Koski. After this crew scored the touch- downs Ron Maturen drop-kicked the extra points. Protecting this backfield were linemen Jae Wright, Chuck Glass, Co-captain Gary Lawrence, Glen Hertz, Gary Kackmeister, and George McDonnell. End John Koski Halfback, dropkicker, Ron Maturen Led by the "Red Raiders" and an inspired offense, the Lumberjacks rolled to an impres- sive 26-13 victory over the Trojans of Saginaw High. This game climaxed a season which saw the Hills post a record of 3-5-1. However this record is not a true measure of the team's abil- ity as the majority of the teams played were among the top ten in the state. W L T Flint Northern 5 0 0 Bay City Central 4 1 0 Flint Central 3 2 0 Arthur Hill 1 3 1 Pontiac 1 3 1 Saginaw High 0 5 0 FIRST ROW: J. Leppien, D. Martin, G. McDonnell, J. Anderson, M. Yeager fCo-Capt.J, G. Lawrence CCQ-Capt.J, C. Glass, J. Wright, J. Koski, G. Hertz. SECOND ROW: K. Kampe, coach, T. Hill, N. Latkovic, J. Ostrander, C. Hard, I. Landeryou, D. Crannell, G. Kackmeister, W. Parrish, R. Maturn, V. Hawes, coach. THIRD ROW: J. McCargar, coach, T. Engel, R. Borg, Co-captains Mike Yeager and Gary Lawrence receive instructions from head coach Kurt Kampe and his assist- ants Mrs. Hawes, Mr. McCargar, and Mr. Archer. J. Hegler, G. Anevics, H. Lenick, K. Bublitz, T. Blanchett, R Stock, J. Cilleylen, J. Yates, J. Archer, coach. FOURTH ROW: P. Bauer, G. Warren, J. Grant, D. Trogan, M. Neorr, J. Bird, D. Landeryou, J. Steiner, J. Ledtke. FIFTH ROW: L. Lenick manager, D. Seidel, M. McKenzie, D. Dana, L. Linville, B. Schoenmeyer, S. Dater, B. Gaus, manager, S. Yackey, manager. l-'IRSI' ROW: li. Krilz, j. lflum, D. lhxrzyck, 'l'. Brennan, D. Bloom, 'I. Taylor, B. Trcw, Coach 12. Fowler. THIRD ROW Birch, J. llill, li. Andrews, U. Brandt. SECOND ROXV: D. Lillllkll ,-X. Nlcskcr, li. llurlmnn, IS. Cook. B. Nldlullcn, J. Ru Vl3SSiS- P- BOYSC- T. HOUNIIHH- B- Fil'Ch2ll1, 'rx NIillCl'illi, U. K. Fisher, 15. lfillmore, M, Booth, S. Sanruw. J.V.'s Place Second in .V.L. Competition. Halfback Ron Maturn receives a kickoff while his interference, Wally Parrish 1425, Mike Yeager 1122, and jack Anderson 1341, begins to fomm. eff.. ,, ' . I, my as FIRST ROW: E. Kelly, W. Sxiundt-rson, J. Birnbaum, T. Shoskey, Spaulding, W. Cherry, lf. Yclsik, J. Furlo, Coach W. Vondettc. F. Lange, j. Wiltse, K. Dicucl, R. Simerson. SECOND ROW: R. THIRD ROW: R. Rzibideau, T. Spears, D. White, J. Kropohl, D. Moser, D. Stockfotd, R. Henning, R. Hermann, T. Weber, D. Larsen, D, Dice, R. Morford, R. Sommersh Sophomores Complete High1ySucc:essfu1 Season Coach Jim Archer talks over strategy with the Lumber- jacks during halftime of the Bay City Handy game. l9l30 RECORD Arthur Hill 12 Grand Rapids 41 Arthur Hill 6 Midland 20 Arthur Hill 21 Lansing Eastern 20 Arthur Hill 21 Pontiac ill .Xrthur Hill 12 Bay City Central 4l Arthur Hill 34 Bay City Handy 20 Arthur Hill 6 Flint Central 27 Arthur Hill 0 Flint Northern 26 Arthur Hill 26 Saginaw High I3 Pile-driving fullback Jack Anderson is tripped up after making another first down. ,TT. W- W7 Coach Gainey and Captain Mike Hart discuss Denny Day broke pool records in the butterfly event their lineup before an important meet. Tanks-rs Twice Trounce Trojans Head co-managers are Del Siler and Carl Hubinger. ,.,-W" Henry Dvorsek proved to be a very capable breaststroker. Jim Wilhelm always comes through for Arthur Hill in the individual medley event. FIRST ROW: D. Siler, B. Denton, J. Manwell, D. Day, J. Wilhelm, B. Jochen, T. Koehler, N. Shankel, T. Kempf, J. Tallon, and D. Beckman. SECOND ROW: Coach David Gainey, P. Mesack, T. King, B. Kietzman, B. Stewart, J. Hyslop, H. Dvorsek, Captain Mike Hart, J. Campau, J. Bob Fisher displays perfect diving form. Koerner, and C. Hubinger. THIRD ROW: M. Doyle, J. Dvorsek, J. Leish man, R. Fisher, J. Gustin, D. Akright, D. Larsen, J. Krogman, F. Mason D. Sare, and L. Gohm. .,, gn w. is gzlwlliiisii ai Mike Hart awaits tag from Bob Stewart. Q5 4. . A 'illifflf' 3 7 K SEMI ff' Tiff? F47 , , ...+ve 5 or 215511 04. f ' .ang 3 33... 5' I ...Ja W an AH Valley Champions Arthur Hill's swimming team splashed to nine victories, but dropped two meets to Bay City Central. Although the team was hampered sev- eral times by injuries, Coach Gainey's tankers enjoyed another good season. On March 4, Arthur Hill was host to the val- ley meet. For the sixth consecutive year, our tankers captured the Valley Championship by edging Bay City Central 52 to 51. Jim Wilhelm and Dennis Day provided Arthur Hill with first places. Day also established a new Valley record in the butterily event, John Tallon, freestyler ii, .gi 49 9 . .... ' w if jim Wilhelm, undefeated swimmer of the individual medley event, was elected captain of the 1962 swim team. Jim Leishman, diver .. Q A Am .. S J . 'vfkrffif Varsity Swim Team. First Row: J. Koerner, M. Hart, J. Second Row: J. Krogman, D. Larsen, J. Leishman, B. Stew- Manwell, D. Day, J. Wilhelm, J. Tallon, and J. Koehler. art, H. Dvorsek, J. Gustin, B. Fisher, and L. Gohm. h i e E J fg ." ' 3 3 5 A. -1-""" John Manwell, freestyler Walt Leesch, backstroker 33" 4 t y All eyes are on the ball during Arthur Hill's opening game victory over Ann Arbor High. With only five returning lettermen-Jerry Calkins, Kurt Schultz, John Koski, Jerry Wright, and Tom Hill-the 1961 Arthur Hill basketball squad was expected to suffer from a lack of ex- perience. Sophomores Craig Dill and Kieth Kundinger gained skill and consistently showed potential in the practice sessions, but still hopes were low. Coach Charles Fowler predicted that the team would take at least eight games to form itself . . . When Hillite cagers opened the sea- son, however, they shocked the Valley with strong victories over highly-touted Ann Arbor, Bay City Handy, and Pontiac. By having the underclassmen taking charge next year, there are now visions of another title- contending club at Arthur Hill. In all respects the season was successful and the outlook bright for the Hillite hoopsters. Sophomore sensation Craig Dill tangles with three Pioneer cagers for an important rebound. Y- Keith Kundinger, Dennis Schumaker, Tim Wilson, Jerry Schultz, Bill Denton, Tom Hill, Gary Schmidt, Coach Calkins, Ladd Baumann,Craig Dill, Joost Blom, Kurt Charles Fowler, Step aside! Guard Dennis Schumaker Jerry Calkins desperately tries a jump shot from the corner during the weaves by a Viking defender on route to waning minutes of the Saginaw High encounter. another basket. hz f 4' B. Firchau, J. Williams, B. Lytle, K. Birch, B. McMul- Rohn, D. Vlassis, D. Shosky, J. Pohlman, D. Dice. len, B. Fischer, J. Janssens, T. Houlihan, L. Tietz, J. Kneeling: Coach R. Murphy and Mgr. R. Buddy. Little Jim Ladd Bauman will be back next year lora, brought up from junior varsity, proved to be a real ball handler. to terrorize Valley foes. if . if ' A . rli. l gi A LQfi.3MIff.:k ,,'::,'A -- .if f f .M-wgb fm, . .,,?,fx2,, Senior forward jerry Calkins set an all-school scoring record in his sophomore year. Kurt Schultz and Craig Dill tangle for possession of the ball with Saginaw High's Ernie Thompson. Sophomores Craig Dill and Keith Kundinger demonstrate that both ability and height are im- portant in basketball. . 'Z ,Q . .1 if Q . fa. ,ij FIRST R0W T BHIICY V Goodenow D PYSCIICT F 'VICD0ugel Chamberlain, G. Black, K. Hubbard, B. Helverston, G. Helm T jacob K Kundinger SECOIND ROW G Avnst mgr M kamp, G, Havcke, j, Karlg, j, Anderr, Cross Countr men Fimsh Second in S.V.L. 1960 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Arthur Hill 19 Saginaw High 37 Arthur Hill 49 Saginaw High 66 Ctriangle meetb Flint Central 15 Arthur Hill 27 Flint Northern 29 Arthur Hill 17 Bay City Central 40 Arthur Hill 26 Saginaw High 29 Fourth in Saginaw Valley Meet Arthur Hill 42 Flint Southwestern 18 Eighth in Regional Meet Cross Country team members climaxed a suc- cessful 1960 campaign by Iinishing fourth in the Saginaw Valley League Cross Country Cham- pionship and eighth in the regional meet. During the regular season competition Coach Edward Petzko's charges lost only one meet. That one defeat was at the hands of the valley cross country champions, Flint Southwestern. After this fine record 14 boys received letters. The Arthur Hill Hi-Y team was embarrassingly edged by the faculty all-stars, 30-2 7. This, the only paid assembly of the year, is staged annually on the day before exams. ET... JH' 4+ Each year at Arthur Hill there is an intramural basketball tournament. Advisories from both the North and South halves of the school compete in a series of elimination contests. The final game pits the champions of both halves of the school against each other before the entire student body. This year, Miss Beverly Yates' North half advisory swept to their second intramural crown by edging Mrs. joy Mann's players, 30-26. Yanks Sq ucak Past Rcbcls. The Hi-Y versus faculty game begins. Z S X K? Q 2 2 37: 1 is A 3 me f QE ,, g , r 'MQ W NV' wa V f P sf' 1 if, X M 'J +1 1- 5' Qui? ,Zi 'f2z:w4. ,M ,,f,. E: ' ii 'ig 'ii RG 5424, 5 ' 5 If-nfff. ,- ggfzifh ff ww kg 1.1 if8:lfffQ.f1Q .3 N 151 QM 4 3+ if V. ,,,f wg AS 5 Underclassmen , ,gn , School Spirit Rises Rapidilv Aaron, John D. H l Ackermann, Barbara Q, , i s , :Hf f ,fi Adams, Edna if , ,V V l E, Y 5 , J Q 5 Adams, Harold f B 3 'rig ' V I x r 'YP' ' ' Albright, Patricia . W . Alfano, Nicholas W7 2 to m Allenf Richafd 4. I Alles, Ronald 1 , " V Andefsonf Jim E- l-,. 2 f . A .V ,,,. - A Andrezejewski, Shirley ., 'U A A 1 if f 4185-53 ,Y Gi Anger, Janet f ' .r 'Q , kj' E- T T ,afgm Ansevics, Indulis - -Q i' " ' M y 53" " ' ' Ansevics, Juris 1, V ' 7 ., , Amie, William be J Ai-dem, Clark I A 7 f . Arnot, Sandra 2 ,I il ' ,- as f -72' Arnst Gary 'Q ' 'ef c . 9 ' . , I ,Q .. rg , R' , ' 4, Austin Joan Q V il' l.,4..4f?' A 'old Badour, Ronald Z 1 . Baird, James L. NYQF5' , , Baker, Bill E. V x .V is 1 C Balley, Thomas Bank, Wayne H. Q- , Barr, Arthur ' Q .6 '- .if , ' Basner, Alexis I E. E - Basner, Karen . H o li Bauer, Peter S. ' ' Baumann, Ladd 0' Bean, Gordon . Bearinger, Trudy V n .. , , Becker, Jack ' ' 1 I , Beem, Cheryl I ' .ff 3 Behm, Fred I ' l V ,fi Beird, Trudy Ann 4 ' ' " , o is Belill, Edward J A 2 E L is , . , Y A Bellinger, Thomas Y A Belokonny, Paul i M, 1 e .M Bennett, Andrew - I D Bennett, Judy i K, M Benton, John ' ' ji ,. ,Vi - N Bent0l'l, Llnda Q: ,L Berlin, Mitchell fi 1 . Bhirda, Charles . Bird, Jim ' Bird, Gloria ry 3 A Black, Donald Berkompas, Lora .7 f f 2 rw N, . ' 6' ' fi' Blake, Lanna if if - a fi Blanchet, Harold ' Boelter, Lynn A Q ' A 3 iii"'i. - it A - J Boergert, Judy Ann gl! 1, 5 ' S ,J Boesenecker, Gerald ' 5 . N . . , M 7 ii Bolster, Joyce i::-- V' :':' ' V V . A ' ' Bondell, Fred fr- W l J "W i A ' Booth, wiuiam L v , Borg, Raymond A Xf:?'3.f?f3 V x l V 1 Bottke, Charles ii H W Boukamp, Linda "-: , 7 ' : , Boulis, Arthur ,llb T, , , in Vw - ' .. . B0l11'd0U, Tim I M , -,.. , "'." 1' -1 Bourdow, Betty Ann Q J J 1, " T s ' I Brandel, Janice i ' QQ mi? Brayman, Merdene 'iiy A ii , , Breidenbach, Rose .i' u Briguglio, Elizabeth '., S' V . Brinker, Bill :': Hz., 'iz' My 1 A , :fi l Brockless, William 3 ' A A Brossard, Richard A Brown, Chester ff '- Within the New Junior Ranks ff' ' L Brown, Linda ,Q V' K l , ,1,j,, ,. ' Brown, Michael " -5 if g Q ,af - -. qi ' Brubaker, Janet ' G' . , QV-' M - I BYUSSOW, Sharm' -7' Taz- I. iii V , ' Bryant, Eric ' 39 A A Bublitz, Lyle Ken fs- 3 , 1, Bueker, Ruth ' 5' W A Burback, Fred I Burgess, Sharann ' ii- - , V 2' 9' Burk, Conrad ' 4' V Q' , li , , j gg, Burk, James 55 E' 'J L G Z, iV:.W,,f Burk, Wayne . gf l, s .-:- f - r ' Busaid, Freida V , A , O Salk Bushey, Kay A :L F B 54 X V Butler, Janice z " , , N - Butzin, Matthew ,a - , . ' A f J' Q Byron, Barbara Ann . I: V f ,, J ' " J ,V in X Q Byron, Barbara Jean . jf' 1 6 ff Campau, jackson F 'f fS:.1f'f'!3La l l "N "' Campau Karen f A so V , 3 4,,HVV ,,V Campau, Rae-lynne 55, V A l Campbell, Richard Q ' l V 4-' ' 6 Campeau, Richard ' " , ' Q if , V, Canaday, Sharon WQV.. -M Q A Canaday, Shirley J ,,,, 1 M 5 A ,Q Canole, Edward ff 'J ii ' Cansiield, Margaret V 1 V Carney, Sandra Q V . 1 1 Cesere, Marianne 'S J" -a A- ,Vw i W, Chambers, Bill 5- V J ' J V- I Chinery, Clarence r A.. G J' if, A I e"' N hllb I X' Christensen, Jerry '34 A 9 , ' '- Cipriani, Chris ' is Clark, Barbara ps V V -' V s Clason, Phyllis K ' ' .' ,V A -Q ' Q Clayton, Carol ws: 4 ' , T ' ffl 5 , 3 Close, Bob G. JL. X Y , is 5' coats, William 3, . ly ., ' Corbett, Thomas A ' A Corrad, Patricia M Cradit, Kenneth A V , i Crandell, Ruth im J' " ' az' M -' ' ' Cross, Patricia , ff ' . ' o Curran, Gail 2- V A ' V H22 'gi Curtindale, William 2,5 lv Y 1 A 'ui Curtis, Delores ,V , . Q 1 Curtis, Robert V V V V V Dague, Judy v I A N j, V Dana, Richard Q' 3' f I-3 Q F is Danhoff, Gerald ' i ' 1 'ff-ff ,,, f ' Dater, Stewart ' J W Y , s"' -. Davila, Joel X ' - , Davis, Dinah V . ' Davis, Edna j Davis, Maureen Q- - - f . , , We I J e Davis, Thomas ,V S, I l 5 H iii' - "' Davis, Yvonne M 4- e ft its if V 3 -' Day, John V ,. H Dean, 4- - " "H ,H A Dean, Kathleen ax X f Defrees, Georgia wa.. m Li W , V EV. J ,V ., , J ' I Z VV ,' ,, 1 A , ' z .ft-' :.,V,- Dekett, Daniel Demand, Connie Denton, Galen Denton, William J Desander, Marilyn DeShazo, Diane Dewell, John f'Q-- - Dewell, john Juniors Take Great Pride Diamond, Carol V Q L- , Dill, Jo Ann V .Q V " V V , I . V V V Diveley, Norma Q Vf , , z L-Q V5 L : V -e VA Dockham, Milo VV, rLe. ,-Q, V1 ' ,- 'V ' 5- ,V Q V LL '- V Dodge, Ronald f V, V, V .V L 2" .FL N-V -L' Doerr, janet VV lqf, ,,,:,Lj ,V P 4 fl' Q ,-.'. g f ' Donnelly, Barbara Doran, Harvey Y 1 VV , Douglass, Dave A ,. Q H 2 1 L-1 .V ,--, V V V ' , r . Dowis, Connie QQ- Q' L KV A ,. ' 4 'G . Duby, Beverly V LLAL v,LfVf "' -, Q DuCharme, Thomas L' 'V L V -V 'I ,. is -' Duffy, Judith Anne K . ' i .iyh V Q -- . - Dungeyz Clayton F F 2 rei rr i Dvorsek, Henry , f ' Q , , V P 1 V V V Dyer, Carolyn V .V V? 1 X 93, V V L V ' Eaton, Jimmie ' X '- , ' 'H' Eckhardt, Henry " 'JU ,r-. L ' V ' V , Ederer, Ruth X V it A 1 V F Edwards, Russ as K V .., .V,. gg, 1 Ehrhardt, Dennis ' ' 7 , , Eickholt, jim V 'mi .1741 is VV RV. ,Lf , L Emerson, Connie v , ,, . , 1 L . L V if B ,Q ',, i Endline, Karen , f VV , K' ' ,' 'V Engel, James if VVV A 2 VV Engel, Terry V P EVf,g.fVVi VV W gf i Enser, Dennis Q W fL 1 Ehlenbeck, Vern V Estep, Mary .gs 5. W Eyers, Pat , Q, Falkenberg, William Felker, Judy Felmlee, Ned Filiatraut, Sally , 'V Finger, David Finner, Donna V Fischer, Roland Fischer, William va!! . Fisher, Robert 1' , 4 9"'n4 7 , vs- .:-. 7a Zi' 4 2 ,,,,. A I , .. M - 'fi' V ' " -J -,. ,, Vvr, . ev iii' iz? V V- gn '. V :Z V x..4 -VV L, ,,,,V VVV, l .. . r if ,V W V . ,. Fox, Grant Fraser Greg ., , we f fs . ffsfflkfl' .r,,. -isis -sum. I , I Friesorger, Dana Fritz, Jean Fritz, Rolly Frost, Ray Fruk, Thomas Fulco, Phyllis 1 fr L L, f v , 'f ,L , ,, VV . M - ix ,, , 1 W" F, f Q Q- , VV 'Q' 'V AMEVVV. WJ V , LV Q' -IV, . eil.-A ' Q fri Furlo, Mary Jane V 4 Gaertner, james V G 1 , , Gaiser, Edward . , VV L """' 1 Gallery, Beverly V W ' , ax W1 K Garner, john .t 43 V Gaus, William i V , f f ' V Gekeler, Mary jayne V 2 George, Carol , ,, I if N ' V Geweniger, Robert ' Q 'V Geyer, Margo V ' A BV VV 1 ' Gilbreath, Peggy It QV V""VV A Gillespie, Roland V VV V Gilleylen, james ll V Gillig, Judy r 1 B W , i Gilson, janet s.. V f,,, ul sms Ginder, Joan Godina, julia Goff, Sheryl Golz Lawrence Gonzales, Jesse r tee '91 14 1 'T-5 Y L 1,l,, ii . , ,Q Goodenow, Vaughn I D f Goodwin, Wayne inTheir New Representatives s ar ,, s eee 'O Rl s is V ,Mis x M, -is i V at ,J Y xx . .' '. Hrs., - a-5, . , f. . . ff a., -I Y 3 . Q . I , fs , Q 4, is - 'lf . 5 3 Goold, Janice Gosen, Thomas Goslin, Carolyn f Gottler, Wayne Gottschalk, Mary Graham, James I Grant, Duncan fs? .. if ' Grant, James Gray, Rosalyn Greif, Ray Gremel, Elaine Gremel, Susan Griffor, Judith Grigsby, Connie x E S Groening, Tom - e V .C Gross, Mary 'Sei A .r S . ff - , Gross, Sonia W ' ll if A .. . S ' Grunow, Roy A.": 1 5 A ,A Gunther, Barbara at F - S V Gunther, William 'f 1 . Gushen, Carolyn Gust, Sharon ,W A L at :t X ' Gustin, John ' kb e""W V ,fy 'F' 3 - M, Hackett, James E. ' ' ' F ff .Tix ' , tr' Haenlein, Diana , "' ,c ' Haenlein, Mary Jo E, Mt VN, A , L,4u. A Hager, Constance A Hahn, Carol x Q ff- Hale, Elizabeth A 1. .Q ,h Hales, Alan , 1 , V, x gg Hammerbacher, Kathy -1 N W - , Hammond, Donna fl ' X M - QQ J Hannon, Richard ki 1 N5 Hanson, Gerald I ,Q i A -f.r 'sk fi Harris, Robert Hartwig, Nettie .qi t Harvey, David A 5 Q F L R Q Harvey, John if X " 'C Hassberger, Lindsay L 129' -if . no , -V . -- in , z f Haude, Valerie L it fs 1 Hauman, Janet A Hayner, Carol ' Hebbener, Vada ., , ' i -at 4, " 5 te - Heffel, james 4 -' L , . gf. Heffel, Sandra A' , ,, ' Hegler, James ' . 1 '-: Helpap, Daniel J Q Henderson, Sharon ff 3 Y Secretary Richard Dana, Vice-President Kathy List .- ' . , Henderson' Thomas and President Pat Panko represent the junior class in ' . Hendrickson, Janice Y 1 , Henry, Mary Kathryn , , A Henry, Bill 'kg Q M I iv Herman, john . " ,,- ' 7' Herryman, Arthur -IA 1 g fl ,, ,,,, , i I 1 if 'F-f' Y-'iv' V A , Si. ,, ' ff? Herzberg, Ronald fb " Herzog, Leo Hicks, Fred I Hill Gary k ' ' Hill Margaret Juniors Score High ix Z ',Kk. X .. g t' 1 Hoeppner, Diane Hoff, Donna Hoffman, Nancy Hoffman, Ron Hill, Thomas Hinz, Judith 'fff mL, , C. t- 5,53 1 - Hoffman, Ron W. ' V V ' Hoffman, Sharon J x ,er X 5 Holland, Sharon K if L1 Holliday, David V .5 K "It's sort of crowded in here," say the occupants of the phone t f booth, Brenda Shear, Monte Markwood, Judy Dague, and Pat Moraine. o a' A ' Honsinger, Douglas H ,V-A- H - I Houlihan, Stephen I V 'A 7 X rg V12 , Houser, Harriet K '33-l f ui ' 5' ' K " 1' Howe, James A. 'F x, . M - H if " - I Hrcka, Bob 3 f 'Sf all , ' . .,.,'.' f ' ' V ' il 4' Huffman, Waime if I2 A Hughes, Donna ' V ,- i ,' L - il i Azu S ,,: fix - ' --,,,, Hughes, Geneva Q . ' V 4. Hunn, Kay Q ' A , Hussle, Mary - ' Hutchison, Mike ' 1 ,,-,,u,,. Huyghe, Mary Ann Hyslop, Jack ' V yfigib Q Ignatowski, Steve Iknef, Carol I Ingram, Jan , 4 N W f , Q G , . - "fm 1 ffl. V Inman, Evelyn 5, i fi i ISDH, Marilyn L, g g f 3 yiry J ., v Jacklin, Dick . 2? "'i Jackson, William f gy S ' JJ? Jacob, John Q- 9 xi ig Jacob, Thomas r", i , , ,, 8 a t if if . .fi I 4 Jameson, Elna ,.-- A - fm J JL Jafemai Thomas ' Jeffords Beverly V : .L ,,V- ,:" ' J enkins: Diane -A f ', J' 1 air ,g . Jewell, Don 5 Jewell, Joy ami ,. ,N Yi -at N K- ff in H, 3 in College Board Preliminar Tests . 1 2 ,V sf Jochen, Bruce Johnson, Judith V Johnston, David . V ' Q . Q, cl, Jolin, Robert A qv- -uf tj .3 Z" w 1505? Y -J , Jones, Sharon Q 5 3 .. .N" - , Jordan, Beverly fi' J yy J J -,' ' SW fs if J, Jordan, Gerrard 'f-::f 3 A X ' ,wi A Joseph, David ' , Kacer, Sandra J Kaiser, Karen ' lst ' 4, A ,Q 4" Kamenar, Barbara M 5 J, M V qv' - T fs A ' ri.-W Kapka, Patricia ' V , ' JJ, ' L. a Karow, Bruce it ,J QJJJ-'ff - a . ' Kasper, Sandra J ' J '- JJ V ff Q Kaufmann, Judy , Keidel, Janet 1 fb V. , -V A Y' i Keiser, Mary Jane M' V f. 75, A . J 5 Kelley, Dennis f"'l'f'i E .fe is 9 V, Kemerer, Dennis - - W 'J , f . E: Kemefefl Joan - V. , ' . 1. s' JJ Sue l ' 1 r 1, J a s V Kendall, Judith J . Kenny, Anne J A V . J , ,V Q Kenny, Mike 'W' 'Q' 'F f 5' 5, T f- ' "' ' .ef Kibby, Roland -. L J 3 Q f 3,35 a Kietzman, Shirley M ff , H J is . JA Kilts, John M, f l . 'J J Kinney, Thomas 'X ,. Q 255 525, ' Kitzman, Connie ' ' -1' Klaus, Janet ,V e h , l:. , Klein, Mike in V2 "ra . e 4' L' N , -,A S J Klopf, Bill , jf. VV , C. 1-, l -- 'H IJ Knief, Susan ' 5 ' ,f Koch, Mary X Q Q Kocks, Edward Koehler, Thomas K ' Kowalski, Peggy , A - ,S , J Kraenzlein, How j 4. ,L 'IT f . 'gif J 4 ' Krause, Susan K ' ,,,f 'J rv Krauss, Irma if 1 - J " . H , Krell, Stephen Jkiu ' Y, fill' -- - Kruscke, Helen ' Q, V- V . Kuch, Richard ,J ' , - J J Jljraf gf ' 'f s... . Kuhn, Tom G. :J ZJ' 5' 1 VWN ' Kurth, Edward ' ,A ' L ' ' ' KKJ, at Kuznicki, Eliz. - V 'Q ' J t J . JJ I Kwaiser, Rodney 1 1 I -5 fi f LaDouce, Jerry X LaFond, Dennis LaFond, Sue .V - fr , l - LaF0fe, Jimmy , it 5 ,JJJ ? ' .f F Lancour, Marsha -f N " ,Keg Landers, Michele LJ ' ' ' Y ' 1 .JJ,JZjJ X , Landeryou, Dave , . ff fi . ffl Landskroenerl Nancy i i i if -f if , .vi Q' ' In L K ,Q ,left 'M ,se :f,'.,ge f 5 , J , ., , as , 5 J W 'f' W sl ff H if 1 l . '.fIf4' 4 !r Q. a Larsen, Richard Larson, Linda Lee Latty, Richard Leaman, Dick Lear, Patsy Ledtke, James Leeman, Diane Leishman, James Lenick, Larry Leser, Marilyn Leslie, Dennis Letzkus, Walter Lewis, Mike Licavolt, Rose H mary " 1 - ek.. s. , 'ws 3 Q, J, W! 4, YM? ig . S 1, vw 3 Hillitc Juniors Assume Linville, Larry List, Kathleen Longworth, Tim Lovejoy, Karen Ludlum, Bonnie Lurie, Suzi McKenzie, Mike Macomber, Robert Macomber, Wallace -4-.KA M' mt s . , Maddox, James .- - Mann, Constance Manning, Sharon ' Markwood, Monte 4 -.. . of 2 I Martin, Jacqueline ' so ,fe '7": 2, Martin, Jerry Martin, Kathleen 55' 'lfgh u i' 1.1 N., b 5' Mathany, Sharon H QT, Y K ' , X ,,. A "' ' Matowski, Gail A i ' it We ' 5 V Matoy, Robert Y fi: if A. 3 Mattheis, Edward , . it . Matthews, Dave - h K I ' a , Matusenske, Ralph "f, , Maul, Robert V ,R-. K Q- 9 McCabe, Carolyn L, 2 Q , K K' -H ,. Qi McCargar, john A Yr' ' s m if V McClymont, Richard ' V , McCormick, jetlery W 5 Y McCulloch, Tom I I McDonald, Gary I M ,L V I McDonnell, Carol ,L , a A W :L McFarland, Patrick ,' Q " L , L3 ' YT , L McGregor, Gail X, , 7' n . f :L 'CL McIntyre, Louise M ' - q V 4 ' l McMagn, Kenneth 3 ' , f ' McMu en, Jeanne , Q x I ea . , GU Meehleder, Nancy Mehltretter, Frank i iq C, -0- ' . .. Metiva, Jeannette ' W H 5 " U' 2 W - 'K Meyer, Dennis V 5 f Ai, Q . J ,R R' J Meyer, Roger " 5 Michaels, Richard ' C l , 'Y S Midcalf, Dale Q The patrons of a very familiar mode of transportation, the car pool, begin another day. ,rw H I M. . M Mikolajski, Patricia Miller, Mildred 5 xf nn1-rs. y L xx, Y Miller, Myra 'w- Miller, Susan - " 1 S A ve- Wide v. Minard, Sharon Misekow, Gerald f I Misekow, Kenneth Modolo, Tod Contagious Collegiate Fashion Disease .ii Moessner, janet Mogford, Robert Mohrhardt, Jan Moraine, Patricia Morris, John Morrison, Ralph Mueller, Michael S ar, wi '- 'T' fa, N K lk 'S-f , Q., Q . 1 . V V Munck, Carol i . , V ' ,1 Q V , i s Murray, Karolyn T S A fx " ,U 5 ff Myczka, Andrew 'Q' 'N . , e., e A F A. 'E' . , P ' ,V Ri. Myers, Sally .. . Regt ' N- ,V Nancarrow, Judith J Q RE' ' Needham, Kathleen --sei ' ea 1 . , rt . ... .gi e P lx 1 . Nelson, Bruce 7' Nentwig, Gary V Neorr, Michael Q , ' 3 My V , 1 Nickle, Penny l ' 3- 3 V, gi, V, it in ., 'T Vf , ' Q1 ' Nicklyn, James Q-5,' Vi, g V i at , X -Q F ' Q ' Niederstadt, james - ' f '-if P' V " Noack, Holger ,X ivygi Noey, Arthur .ti V Norberg, Evelyn ,f 5 VA , Q V Nordstrom, Gayle l I . V P " Nothelfer, Thos. " "H, . . l 5 ii P Notter, Barbara gf, QQ. li 13' " . , PEZ' ,,,,.,9EkV Nowlin, Myrl 1 ? , 9 e ' ,ft Nuerminger, Paul 'W XV" Q V w ' V V, V , -5 Oberschmidt, David Oblander, james V ii . V zu Q Oldenburg, William V M V ii Olmsted, janet T3 4: 93 4: f QC 4 " Q . o gm Olney, Carolyn V . X: ,lm oi gr -, A V,,i EV ""f'V, Overton, Boyd 'M V V . if S Panko, Patrick f ' so V Kai Pape, Jim I I Parker, Phil , . i Partlow, Janet 4' a ,Q VV L Payton, Pamela V 4 in e VX, .J ,F -V s ,ni Q . i L ,V Pence, Robert B. ef fi V. -' '- lil' - V Perry, Marianne L" A M ' ---Q Peterson, joe , Pettenger, Richard P j I. Pierson, Nancy Pietrzak, Ronald L ' V , Pike, Malcolm V W .K , VV ef. , 'F 9 V Q Pildner, Karolyn V ' 1 N, . fr ,jig ' sr f Pittenger, James W' , KV ' g, Q fl Podolsky, JoAnn "df e ei? e ' , Pohlman, Sue A 1 'P A gf' Polzin, David ,,. Pond, Fred ' A i 'i We V e 3 Poulos, Richard ' if' 4 f , ' K 'I :K i A Poyer, Thomas jg, gi ' Q, ii ., i , i ,ga ,ig ,V V W V, -e, K ' Prueter, Nancy ia H , ,fare Pryer, Barbara Q , .. . - Pudschun, Virginia V , ,Vg . aa Puravs, John 8 V - ' ' ' ,, Q, Pyscher, Gerald Q V gf! VVS, u Jia' Railling, Donna V .4 K, . V V fi is, A l AV 7. , 1 Railling, Mary Sec. "' fgf' ' n o Rankin, Lesley ii uk ' il ,LV ' V,j A Rappuhn, Mary ev? . V, f ' Y' Raymond, Carol 5 J' i'. V , Vx ' Q NJ Reid, Rowena Reinke Robert Remensnyder, Robert Rexius Donald Rice Muriel R' 1 ' R i f i ii if X IDD 9' Oger i ' i -H - V ---- i , ,j Richard, Shirley 1 y M V ,,, f i g", ,V x x f MM.-.. , Tw' ' ,YY Q , Richards Jon J -,.' Rivette Frank y ' Robart Carol '- Robart, Patricia L - , Roberson, Wanda A ra- -- Q' Robinson, Sally pf K Q Robishaw, Joanne ,.,- .4 Juniors Driven b Ambition :MQ 1 .is on W' 3 K L- ie.-vfi . If and High Goals l- ' .- Rockey, William , .,,: J - J . " ' Roe, Bob Y I Vf ' 3 Q s i 2 'Q N" Rogers, Joyce - S 0' 3 SQEN ' 4 i K . Roody Ralph , ,fi 'L vi LJ . H nlyo s if A Rose! Loyd J - l kk H - is , S "" ' ' Rosebrock, Donald if u f S 5 5 ' K Q -- Ross, John 3 W R in Q W , 5 Roth, Grace , 'V ,,,. ' ., J Rousseau, Gary , 6. Q ", V Roux, Frederick 4 I ' V 1' 1 ' f Royal, Jerry .QV ,Lx 4 X ,. Saw, ,- 'V, : v:EI-,. A, Rubier, Ruth , - I K 'wi 'ff ls, 2 Ruftini, Janet ' N' I gifff i , no if fr 4. Runley, Joyce J ,J Ruthig, Carol A 1 I Ruthig, Tom J 1 S! 5 Lf. Ryba, Donna , Q ...5 Q' "if - J . ' V E7 Salvner, Ronald - ' EQ, o - 'i,, Samson, Joe ' K- A Sare, David J ,Q , Sauve, James L 1 , Sauvie, Paul i ' Schade, Carolyn V ,, S 5 0 'sg Schafer, Donna " W 9 ' 5 . ai i jf 'ii' ' ' S .rf Schaffer, Dennis K1 , ' iizw ,"- M Schaper, James VT- . , ' Schilling, Peter ' Wfe?'5' g' L , if f Schilz, Charles ' j Schlicker, Kathleen Schmick, Sally Q' f e ' Schmidt, Gary 4' if-3 'iv :. I . Schmidt, Jerry xi ,W 3 Q W ww Schmidt Joanne " Y 'fr' Q f' Schmidt Katherine Q of" Schmidt Larry t ' ' . . if ,i ,i,.ff.- , gay Scott, Kathryn Scott, Sharon Sedlik, Maryann Seidel, Barbara Seidel, Dave Seiferlein, Robert Sensabaugh, Leo Shaddeau, Billie Shankel, Norman Sharar, Jeanine Shear, Brenda Short, Mary Sieb, Suzanne Sieggreen, Sharon Schmidt, Roger Schneider, Nancy Schoenmeyer, Robert Schradel, Diane Schradel, Jim Schrank, Bob Schrank, William Schrems, Virginia Schultz, Walter Schumacher, Dennis Schwalm, Willard Schwan, Marlene Scorsone, Joseph Scott, Karen of 'cw , ",..."' , 2 if in s ' of , , , ,f , Er: , iw an - -. A . .. :if the I rv- Gw ,S ' 'I ,J A . ii I I1 ., Q we X4 - wr-,,.. S S , ' -. "' sf - 14 . Q' " M H, s. , X ,J Achieve Success T i ' s ,: ' . -.. ,cc.1. ,QV , - w R, r 1 "2 ig . 1 7- ... . Q 5 , - ' . - X sb.. .., 4 , n., v, fi K. , .Ty - xx x, 2 . ii. Y . Q r' :H L if , 5 S c M, ,ff ' .fe ,, A a ,,, if ,Q in I, c Q gg 2 , , l U' Slagle, Karen Slancik, Diane Smith, Donna Smith, Jackalyn Smith, Jerry Smith, Nancy Smith, Susanne Smoder, Herb Snelling, Marsha Sny, Benjamin Sohn, Mary Jo Solterman, Genie Sommers, Gary Sommers, jack Sonnenberg, Lloyd Soriteu, Donna Southworth, Marcia Spalding, David Speace, George Spence, Barbara Spindler, Florence Spyker, Sandra Stammers, John Stebner, Kenneth Steiner, Jim Steininger, Beth Stemler, Kim Stemple, Donald Stock, Ronald Stoltow, Gloria '35, A college brochure holds the attention of Connie Grigsby Waiting to see a counselor? Lora Berkompas, Brenda Shear, and Carolyn Olney wait in the counciling office. 5 rsyis S asoi f ii Hillite Juniors Finally Receive M Stork, Michael Stroebel, Barbara Storebel, Cynthia 3. . A ,L Sudheimer, Dennis s i? ' a Sugden, Kathryn ' uq ---7 , Sullivan, Sheri Ann 3 I Sumption, Sandra i Talik, Frank . Taylor, LaDonna ' r Taylor, Sue , 0- 4" ' V at Teboe, Barbara Q R Q , ' Teenier, Charles - i'r7',1' , 2 -I f Thomas, William ' Thompson, Ellen V Y- Thomson, Karen I Thorsen, Jerry ' -i n C T, Thurlow, Kathlene l ,if , Tietz, Lee . ' Q Tilley, Diane A ' I W Sir' F Timm, Dale V ' I Triantahllou, Jas. Trier, Susan , M , Trogan, David . ,Q Turbin, Terry , , 'Wy , ,L Turnbull, Carolyn ' J' Tyner, Laney Uhrich, Mary . Uphoff, Dayle Q I is Urbancik, Kathleen ., Verhey, Karen -, Vetengle, James '- A 4- J ,ik virgin, William jg 'Lf Visnaw, James " l Wagner, Allan K , ' 5 2, Wahl, janet fm V Walgren, Carol gf? Walls, Dale 3. 'V Walsh, Karen - w Walsh, shmn S c, , Q' Ward, Terry T7 T 1 F ' Warner, Judith ' Warner, Larry Warren, George , . Wascavage, Deanna M 'f A' g , , Waskoviak, Dineen fl Wasney, Joseph ' ,Q o,,,. ...N Waters, Mona E S Q Watkins, Judy ex 1 ',,,,' ' Waugh. Peter Richard Zirkle, Sharon Scott, and Nancy Pierson compare class rings. xi, OE? we gl! X2 'x . M . K 5, - S P ai. 'Y v.. 'hr , gc we 3 'QD ww. ' '- K "' like o fn., 134- , 335 N L- can ,eg sz. . . L, of Weaver, Sharon Weber, Marietta Wells, Alys Wells, Mary Ellen Welzel, Janice Wenzel, Richard W sh nt, 4, .X ,- . iv P LM., I F' E -iv ,v Se, - saw, ff T T , 'Fife Yf ww in F 55 c Aa. ,fi wx if I 1 img if K Y I In V W ," ,,.- :+A iff, ,wg ,,, - w. '-, , E 52 A Long Awaitcd Cl ass Rin gs AA A A Werth, Susan A 5 A K Wheeler, James if gg I, " A 'Q 61 -'A A 5, 3, A A Whelan, Ellen 3' W 5,435 ' '-, gl veg. ' ' White, Judy A ,,., 5 , l Whitman, Ellen 1 "J 5 . . AJ Wieck, Carol l Wilhelm, James ,, yd A A Will, Joseph , ,M ru , -- Q Williams, James ' f , A ' W l e " of L , , A' - Williams, Judith do W e J ing Wilson, Cynthia AA W-f Wilson, Gary gg Q : . A - Wilson, George W , h gg '," ' vi Wilson, Judy ,A A A Wilson, Tim Q f Q A -:K 5, V Winchell, Ralph if in -T-' 7 F 1 ' Windover, Mary 9 are . , la ' gg A' if Q Ai' Wolfe James T" ' Wolpert, Daniel R A V s W AA J ll A ' Woodman Rockwell 1 8 1 6 ' R Wressell, Gene T l A - Wright, Jacqueline A W M f W 4- , . Wuckert, Henry E, . ' at 'fl l' , ' , 1' f ' ' Wurtzel, Barbara 'ar -4 5. o ' ' 'l Wysong, Sharon Qa- of A ' l ' W- 5 V Yager, Howard AA ,Hr 1 Yarmuth, Duane 7 ' ' 5 ' Yeager, Rebecca Yingling, Royale ' M - Yockey, Larry , , . A - 'M . f-,'T-- , , Young, Alexander , ,gl f '22 . , L" , :I 'il' Young, Clayton W. 761, Q . f A , , 'rf Young, Janice 'M' f J ' R L Zahn, Richard X AA H 7 A :hi , 'Q ..j,A, Zeitler, Gerald 1 t f . . JUNloRs NOT SHOWN Z ve' ' A 4 V A t Y Zirlgle Richard Meyer, NSUCY Yates, James w J, 3 ' ' Y Zolinsid John Redefl Wfflyne Zisumbo, Lupe 1 A J ,, ' Seaver, Richard v r ff"'5:'r'iv-SA Carolyn Olney, Jan Mohrhardt, and Virginia Pudschun talk Students are willing to explain difficult questions to another over their next day's assignment. Hllhte' , dx.. x, . . b .. , .M fi , gs 'fur' vs. E V "3i1"' ff. Q s 'ff f 3 S- is 5' Q", C' .yyk V c v? :::, K K Evv 7 3 1,v- V , ., it I . , t . -,..1,- , i ,V , V, ,::-2 I .,.: . . J " "-- ,,,,. - - V. ,V , ffliwfw Class Officers Head 725 Sophomorcs Ball, Laverne , " Ballard, Gary .V . ' V, Balzer, Donna ' J ' ' Bartlett, Sherry M. Rf ' 'dv - Q f :i Bauman, William .:, ' - ,Q ' Bearinger, Bonnie I ,L as ' Beckley, JoAnn ,. Beckman, Richard Beebe, Vernon A V ' K-5. Beechler, Frances ,ff i H " x i : v Beeker, Gary 'E Behling, Anderson - Beisel, Kathleen K, t-, s fl, 7 V Bell, Carol A . Bell, Connie . . . ' Bellenbaum, JoAnne - Benford, Toni W' 7 A V Benish, Beverly x 'Sy Benjamin, James 1. V 'K lf f ' ' 4' veil? . ,sw .I 2 , Benson, Karol ,M y, y Berkompas, Sue Ellen Berlin, jeffrey - H-4 , . 'E Beyer, Janet K. f 2 Bickerl, Frances ' Birch, Kenneth - Birnbaum, James V 4 ' Bishop, Eugene Bismark, Bonnie Black, Gerald V X Blehm, Joan Blenden, Gloria . ' - ' Bloomfield, Janice :V , V V 3? Blower, Gary l Bluem, David M. -5 Y 'H-5 I2 i H iw Bluhm, Beverly " ' Boatman, Alan 'l-.' , ' i Boehlke, Susan . s Boelter, Ruthanne - V Q' 5 . - fi, 'f 51 s 1 Boelter, Sue , ' , ' H 7 I Boice Caroline 'i - Ji I A ., ,,.V ' -3 Sf Va - W --G' Booth, Michael D. .,,,. ,,, .,,-,, Booth, Roy Borchard, Sharon Borm, Beckie J "'-'- ' Bovee, Sandra ,, D' Bowden, Marilyn Bowles, James Boyse, Peter fa W in ig ' 1 if-'V 353' V- . , 73 Abbott, Debra Ackerman, Darlene Adams, Carol Akright, Richard Albertson, Edward Albrecht, Gloria Albrecht, Jean Allen, Jean Allen, Willis Amble, Linda Anderson, John Anderson, Judith Anderson, Scott Andree, John Jr. Andrews, Robert Anschuetz, Reynold Archambault, Leah Ault, Jacqueline Baker, Donald Baldauf, Herbert Ball, Dennis J' 5. ,v Q' f as figs 5. , . . -. ,N V .VN A t K3 .t,.,,. 7 fs W 'iff .f-22-Ta if, 251' I gk -, as E ., President William Firchau, Vice-President X Jane Mason, and Secretary Nancy Staples '. sophomore clas s. K' . 3 I v l. 'S f IW53' . 'sw 2 -of -35, -rf? W 4 ., Cipriani, Christine Clark, Sandra Lee Clement, Mary Clunie, Thomas Collier, Janet Cook, Bill Cooper, David Cooper, Mary Lou Cooper, Ronald Cowdry, William Cox, Virginia Cradit, Sandra Crawford, Cheryl Crawford, jill Crevia, Phil-anne Croff, Allen Crouse, William Culp, Pamela Curran, jim Curry, Peggy Dankert, Brian Darby, Larinds Dater, Barbara Davis, Martha Davis, Sarah Davy, Don Day, Marilyn Day, Ralph I T . .4- is 1, K I f Q 1 .W in N' -2' if -Era nj awp: '- " sf ,V ff - Q, , yas if 'L' '9 T ...L 535 ' -Q-ligk is siso A 4- I tis", it -in? 55 X A fm. Q v -ll' R 'H' lan -as vi. A Sign, 1: 11 T Bradley, Shirley Brady, Marie Brandt, Gary Brandt, Karen Brayman, Joyce Brennan, Timothy Brethauer, Suzanne Brewer, Shirley Briguglio, Narda Brodowski, joseph Brown, Christine Brown, Neil Brown, Roger Brussow, Carol Buddy, Randy Buggia, Vincent Bullington, Anne Burback, Terry Burbank, Dennis Burditt, Christopher Burgess, George Burman, Thomas P. Burt, Sharon Burzyck, David Buse, Kenneth Bush, james Bushong, Trudy Butzin, Gary Byron, Roger L. Cameron, Glenna Campbell, Colin Campbell, Sharyon Card, Charles Cay, Barbara Cergnul, Frank Cesere, Peter Chamberlin, Marshall Charrey, David Cherry, Wallace Chisholm, Janice 35 ,, V. 4. S M Y . " s-mf, .Jr "., V ,,,,,, wp F f Y " , , . Q-gy V . We W K A 'Sf . A ,, . F4 . 'L N 2 Q T , asf sf ', Q. Jig, .. is ptwwgwm 5- . ' 5' , , we Q.. r - -55 x 'V . ll ii 3 I ', 5- m ' ,ar if S -- 'lg W sw, .4 f " b W if 'K A. 4. if A- nf' uf ' rr ' F 'nv ,- Q 4 A 8 fr Decker, Susan Deegan, George V V , ' V Delaney, Karen 52 Q i " Vt ' VV ' A-.i A 6+ Demand, Gary , , A UA? in iff i , :. 45-52" - Danby, .lane U J' 5 ' v,,e s if ,, W Dentel, Gerald K S . Lrfl 'l, Pnne ' Q ' ' S-A, Denton, Brady ,ff J 2 ' :Vw Devers, Richard L VV Dew, Donald ' V V H ,J V Dey, Connie K ,f 9' " "vs" - fig , Dice, Richard , J 1 i,' d J- , fl, - ,-f, Dietzel, Kenneth I zi- r ' . V, V Dill, Craig .V ii ' ' if Nil, yvk Dinse, Barbara ' I Docket, Diane ., ",d. . I V Doehring, Caren 1 ' , 5 W , ,, 1... ' Doering, Ronald 'A' - i '- 'f,, 7 gi V ,W VV . , 'K Doll, Eulenna s - , W ' ZL is , DOHVSOH, A, V. 'Vf , l-' if 2. V - .,, Q- . V, .EVVtVV:,V i r M , Nr Donaldson, Dixie , -M so fx ,J V Donoghue, Eleanor Q gl J fig Sophomores Rate Own Counselors - -V5 N, sorry 3 A C rs 5 g I ' 1? 'I 1.-. 4:-,JM '7 2, A. if il ' Q l- N s-. B "fi " ' 1, Q f 4 9 N . 5 I ' Y'iA N' in J a ea J as iff 'off . V .. V . VVVVVVVVVVAV ,V '.'L,, ' V .. - J f ' J i 1,2 ' 1 I1 3 rl. Y , D K ,fa V o c r if t c Donovan, Michael Doran, Deanna Dork, Michael Douglas, John Doyle, Michael Duby, Sally Dunbar, Donna DuPuis, Diana Durek, Edward Dvorsek, John Dvorsek, Marilynn Eastman, Wayne Eastwell, Gary Eckdahl, Jeanette Eckert, Lois Eckhardt, Roger Eldred, Laurel Elliott, Robert Engel, Margaret Eno, Maud Erford, Phyllis Erlenbeck, Richard Eudis, James Evon, Thomas Eyers, Jean Falk, John Falkenberg, Mary Farnum, Gordon Faughman, Jerome Feldman, Ann Fetting, James Fielder, Shiela Fillmore, Robert Firchau, William Fischer, Beverly Fischer, Geree Fisher, Ken Flathau, Freddy Flora, James Foale, Janice Forbes, William Fraker, Sue Frank, James Fredericks, Robert Fredericksen, Gary Freidinger, Reed French, Michael Fritzler, Janet Frost, Judy Furlo, John Gage, Robert Garcia, Lupe Gay, Sandra Geddes, Stuart Gieseke, Mary Gilbert, John Gilbert, Velda Glaser, Diane Glave, Judith Gleason, Gail Gobble, Jeanne Godwin, Barry Golz, Marlene Gonzales, Esther Gonzales, Evangelina Gonzales, Linda Goodell, Thomas Goodlander, Larry Goodman, Susan Gorrow, Christy Goschke, Terry Graham, Margaret Graham, Philip Graves, Jack Gray, Elaine Green, James Green, Krekel Grondzik, Esther Grumbley, Lynn Gunther, Gail Gusie, Kathleen Hackenberg, John Hackett, Gary Hackett, James W. Haenke, David Hager, JoAnn Hak, William Hales, Barbara Hall, Connie Hall, LaVern Hamlin, Karen Hammel, Susan K. Hammis, Elizabeth Hansen, Ann A. Hansen, Timothy Hanson, Mary Harmon, William N. Harrison, William p- M. Q f 5 1 '- ,-.. Q 'gsg 2? N- Qi - r J 'Y' 5 ft V' -f fs . Y r 19: if -511: X. v- V pf . l. for ' Ji has , l ' ' H 5 fl 5 A . 2 . 1. P I L4 : 5 if, x .vg. wk, -if f' " so Q ' 7' L' " .K '2' 8 . 'J i f . , 1 C JM if K A ,K ' l il ' w f .k-- i J , . " i . , :K 1, Y,-lv - rj ' I .:, of E 3 v J X L rfifrrfff Vg Q in ' 1'-L -. .. ., E- s J iz, Q, V, N Hart, Carolyn ' -' Hartfelder, Jeannette t. 5 ' Hartle, Loydell . A K-A i N. . ng' xr Q Q 4? 1 Q, 'xg . all if ,, W 3 fn Q x ,X , I 4, Fbekina ,., f , if I , -fx , 'Q A s. I I Q TY f i " 1? Q fa 1 Y , . C ' 'Q l 5- AH Af . - , ,.vmf.wvnn-qw ww Q M i z W w if " ' , . , .., If ,TE , is I ,ak Q K Wav r 5 - 'fa 'UQ Q . ' s , il .. -1- Hartley, Eileen Hartman, Dale Haskin, Hans F. Hasse, Ernest Haucke, Gunter Haynes, Patricia Hebl, Lois Helmkamp, Glenn Helveston, Robert Henderson, Forrest Henderson, John Henderson, Maxine Hendrickson, Lois Henke, Joyce Henning, Constance Henning, Ronald Heritier, Donald Herman, Ricky Herring, Ivan Hertz, Kathleen Herzog, Cindy Herzog, Richard Hester, George Heyse, Janet Hicks, Sally Hiles, Roger Hill, Janice Hill, John Hill, Judy Hoefling, Barbara Hoff, Duane F. Hoitenga, James Hollman, Gary Holzhofer, Martin Hoover, Frank A. Hornbacher, Joyce Horne, Sally Houlihan, Timothy Hovis, Carolyn Hovis, Sharon Hubbard, Kenneth Hubbard, Matt Humpert, Janet Ignatowski, Wm. Inman, Charles Irving, Melissa Jackson, Donald Jacques, Richard Janssens, John Johann, Catherine Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson, William C. Johnston, Barbara Jolin, Dick Jones, James Jones, Margaret Jones, Margery Ann Jones, Tom Karam, Kay M. Karl, David Karls, James Karow, Thomas Karpicke, John Kastorf, Shirley Kaufmann, Alvada Kaufmann, Karen Kazuk, Deanna Keaner, Janice Keller, Gary Kelly, Eugene Kempf, James Kempf, Nancy Kempf, Timothy eff, .. -P ' G , I '- ws:-5 Q Q ' X yi i I Q :fir H i':- r , 1 fx ,.. , V X V r 5 I ' fr' f 'X ' xr i in Q LV I ,,.. f' , ',-. , Y - .,,,, , . ' ' ' 1 A' 5 T ,- A az .i'3 If A.. 9 . .sg 'Aw h 3. S, '4'i' . -A 5. " X ,-if ' 1 K W ,V if '73 r ' l a A 321 at "W x, 'if G A 1 gf K' iiiii l -1 L, AZ. Q. LQ1 A B Lu gtk' Y. " A Q f -rw W X eff l al I X' if 't - J, 5 A J or 5 if M K ,, . ,,., . . 4 ,- f , 4 .X Sophomore Testing Program Is 1 , , E 3 Q 9 i, g V. WFS' I ,,,,. 1' M '- r i! Q ,., f is z...,r 'K A4 iz Efffw 4 s J. , Q tif- I Q l l y . ,,,,, , f ' 2 T Elaborate Kerr, Karen Kerreos, Paula Kettelhol n, Michael Ketner, Daniel Keyser, Sandra Kietzman, Robert Kimball, Ronald Kindel, Albert King, Jean King, Leona King, Thomas Kingham, Beverly Klein, Karen Klemm, Michael Klouse, Karen Knoerr, Gilbert Knoerr, Shirley Knowlton, Martin Koboldt, William Koerner, John Kolhoff, Jon ! Korting, Sandra Kostrzewski, Mary , rc A - Krapohl, james M M 4" n of c as v Kreuger, Connie ,.,. y -13' Q ' . 6' X lm, Krictzs, Edward , ,E W y A, ' , ,- Krogman, James f , , A Krohn, Wayne H Krueger, Jerald 'I N X Krupnek, Gerald ' G Y . My Kruse, Andrea i L S , in R A. Kuelske, Darlene F 'W 'Z " A - ,QL ' Kuhn, Betty X if ' L, A' V ,fl Kundinger, Keith ,W A MV 'A 'Q Lach, Sandra f- A f A LaFleur, Karen ' LaFond, Dawn A X LaGrow, Gary .- Y 1 3 y - 9, by Lambel, Patricia ' W , 5 ,V . Lambert, Thomas I '- ' - ' -2-w ' - Lange, Frederick ,f '-1. N 7 ,V Langer, Marcia ' ' I A " ' Larson, Daniel , ' Lauer, Sandra ' W Lauman, Barbara it ' ' M M n X 3 1, , Lauer, Joyce A - ... g , - Y, . . . aa., gc - ,, .. Laverty, Lilian ' ' '-,, 275' Lazorchak, Ruth , , I ' ' H a Lee, Carol I 1 I I X ' Leedke, Gary M. X ' 1 Leman, Miriam . Q X .. 5. - Q K' Leuenberger, Kay xl:-' v '59, , . V , , Q Leuenberger, Sallie ' . 'lf ' M 5 Lindner, Carole LL 1 Lochner, Linda X Locke, Jack Lockwood, Carlton r ix Lockwood, James gp-"' . P Q 'Iv by my Loeblein, Pamela W .v 4 fr 1 Loeblem, Suzanne ' - - Loessel, Catherine f Love, Carol I WD t Luplow, Donald iurie, Michael G , I P ,I .5 6 utz, Lartry t 4-J Lynar, Vicki 33: ' ' .A Lytle, Robert i Y ' J Macilalrgy, David . ac rt ur, Mar r MacArthur, Ton? ea MacConnel, Timothy .0 ,X .+V l ' :Hia Macek, Theodore 1 "' 1 "1 'f ' '- Mahan Gerald F - Y ' A .' Main, ,Helen "' , -"' 2, K , I V ' Malicoat, James ,L ' G ' '- ' Mallak, Thomas 1 rg A L K x Mannion, May , Manwell, Beverly , sv i ' Z Y ' ' Marker, Erwin 'h 3 if f 5 - Markovs, Robert ' --J, Marshall, Barry ', A Martens, Dave 5 5 3 i Martindale, Ray , Mason, Frank ' Y Mason, Jane ? .3 A Mathies, Danny if , ,W 6, c ' , G 5 my , Matula, Dorothy Q " X Q-E11 ai Maturen, Nola X , xx ' Mayer, Michael ' - W McCarthy, Margaret L -:il T McCrea, Robert A McCrossen, Robert , 'PFI' A ' H L 1 McCullen, Linda A - , Rf' . - ,' Q McDonald, Joan ""' , , . 3:3 k 9 McFadden, Laura ' ' ' ' McGuire, jean O McGuire, Joan Mclnerney, Cheryl ' - his i ra, .., i ,,-I A N ft 1 -A McKenna, Frank -11 McKenna, Thomas i ,' If McKnight, Mary McLeod, Charles McMillan, Joan s i .... McLean, Elaine ng, 4: T it r ix 'E uv ie' 1 A wi McMullin, William if , ' . McPhail, Blanche V M, A VV' - Q ' F i Mead, Ida - JW 'L ,L wif ', ,gl V .zfj i V w' Meier, Paul l if is i e l . 1,3 ' ,X A ' .- ' lvlell, Clifford 'X i jg ', ,'. A Melteseni Jack ffl I ,V l 3 fi, Merrill, Jock i ,11. " ' V Mesack, Paul V . V in V i Metiva, Carol rr 'L , - ' 4 .J . f--+ r Michalsen, Paul MV 2 ' Q V i 2 f' 5 1 Michiirlra, John lii ' , if Vi L ,. Mielke, Irene Q, - i , ' -zu 13, V Miller, Dean x V A Q fi Miller, Delbert z i ' Miller, Donald Miller Kathryn V Miller, Larry V ff Miller Marilyn Jean V Q, i 1 ' rag, Miller Ronald " -if 1 x 3' :, I ,tml Miller, Sharon Kay 'L' ' :1 'jf H' J ' lvlillericlr, Tom -' K 'J A V Miluns, Maruta ' . ' . PU I Minor, Myrna E4 K in A Moldenhaurer, Robert Morford, Robert y 'A ' - V . Morris, John A. i EL , , W' Q if H . ' Morrison, Rosalie . A ,V A it , Moser, Ronald ' V' ,T 'VV, Murphy, Carol ' ' ,S ,NV . an -. S5 K. i Murray, Gretchen Murray, Kathleen ' Q V . Myrtle, Lucerne 4, , , 5- V' i 4 ' , ' 'Ig Neff, Christine 3: V I, 4' .45 i t l Neidhardt, Beverly 'if " v " J' ' ' 'rt Nelson, Catherine V -, V 5 k J' Neumann, Donna i Nickle, Lynne V V V iV ,, Niven, Judith "' , i 2 I infix Nolish, Harold f ' U if V, W, V M' '-' Y H ' N North, Kenneth 'ir 'fm so , fri , ,jg-5 5 1. f Northway, William ' V ' ii' .. :hw Norton, Gary A I . , ..:x ' Oglestone, Bonnie , V "' ' ' VVV V V Oltz, Richard A ' l i l i i" , Ormsby, Robert is ' 1? . V 'fi "5 - " , Q Orr, Richard 44 -' Q ,,V , ,KJ ' gl, Ostermann, Mary kr, H ' Y if . ' B Oswald, Glen .l,- , i ' i Otto, Nancy ii iwiff Q Q Q . it Paccione, Thomas P V , V Pacholke, Judy 1, i A -. ' Q . , Pahl, Billie Kay - :T ' if-1 ff' L 1 VVVR f .. Palasty, Mary Jo i i 7 A . AQ, ' Palin, Lawrence f ' -M V-,A l A Peelle, Diane i fx? ' ,V , - - fV . Perreault, Paul Q53 i " 35 H Peters, Amber - , Pickelman, John , ,1 3 -H , H 2' - 4 V Piechotte, Sandra , V.: V' fs M., il ' , '. "7 B M . Pinnell, Barbara f Q l ,. Pipno, Sharon i l - 'll- ' ,,, in Pittengef, Karen i 1 .,.i fi: ix .,,.,, 4 ,-'R if Platko, Diane j i XT My lm c ' all 'fi , - s f- .Zig ' s La f 'S if -J ff , EL J i' - rmif' . ' ' AQ, -1 M R., i it wg. s, .P . . u ik V '- ,F V . .gk 'ze 1' -s ' .. Q., A ,.' A, I i 1 iff - I e 1 fi " ' 1 SK S 1 x S ,RT i 7' r 1' 17 qv, ., -:', A QW ' J . P , J nw ., K -is is ' I t 'Mai 5 -vvyw 'brig' 6. .- 45' ff' 3. M S af as-' A ., f L,,. ,,suA.,,. A -4- Q 1. H Q: Q ' ' , K . ' L M J 5 '-T 1 -. -f YIYCV , V-Qs I 4. my N V " J be E l f if x 5: Y -..hi Qi' .5 1 " " if 77 L r t I. 3 aa 1 1 ,. , as , if l if Salvner, Gordon k Sanderson, J. Wm. : ' Sandow, Gerald v --M r. ...I K A Sapp, Luann JL z ' at Sarle, Stephen ' ' ' ' Satchell, David , ,1 H 1, Sayers, Ed J Q P - ' v I Sayles, Ve-Ann J. Schaeding, Linda s Schalk, Donna is ' V P,- Schallhorn, Connie 1 ' 1 ' 4' . I , ' Schaper, Lynne 'C Q' ' Q3-' H Schark, Carol H ' W " Schartow, James .J , 'X , ,I-sf' i f- F12 57 Schaumann, Bonnie , , Schell, Michael ,. N ,Ja v 7 Scherzer, Kay , K' , - A , J, Schluckbier, Joyce H on 1 4? Q, ,,,A Schmidt, Gertrude - iz 15 Ge , "V V Schmidt, Nelson lx I Schneider, Robert gi, f V Schomaker, Linda W Schreiner, Janice ,X V f- x I Schuette, Dean l 'Mg' V g "" ' . , Schuler, Randall I ' -' Y, -fv ff' -lla Schultz, Sharon " ' Schulz, Doris A " 'R' f h ' Schust, Robert X' 1 A 4 Plettenberg, Cheryl Plumley, Janet Pohlman, Robert Pohlmann, Ronold Porlas, Dwight Posey, Roger Potts, Daniel Praay, Richard Praschan, Eve L. Pratt, Joseph Preston, Joyce Provencher, Gail Purcell, Judy Purcell, Patricia Quinsey, Nancy Rabideau, Richard Radke, Clara Rae, Karen Railling, Jerry Raleigh, Susan Rappuhn, David Reed, Phyllis Reed, Sharon Reeder, Dianne Reeve, Connie Reeve, Onalee Renner, William Richard, Rhea A. Richards, Robert Richmond, Barbara Riddle, Janet Riddle, Joan Rieck, Lynne Roche, Roberta Roesler, Janet Roethlisberger, Sue Rohn, Gerald Rosin, Frederick Rubier, Patricia Ruble, Valarie Rummel, Thomas Rupp, Judy Rupp, Robert Ryder, Ellen Sackrider, Donna Sadenwater, William Sager, Thomas St. Pierre, Rene Salesky, James ,.. . , 1 x 4 N xi. s fs.. , -fe-e 1 an 'D if W, 1 Scott, Carol Serecky, Rose 7 L. V A V V ' 1- - Serrin, Catherine A ' 'L' "1' W, Sharp, Martin 1 4-1 i -M Sharrer, Nadene VV , ? , Shay, Mary Ann ' V Sheppard, Charles J Shoskey, Ronald ' V Shoskey, Sidney l . Y t si, ' Shrontz, Raymond 'R 7' V is V 75 M, p K,,1 Sieggreen, Dwight I A ri im J ' ,if Sieggreen, William - ' I ' ' M' fix siemcki, David X Silkstone, William X Simerson, Richard V i I Simon, Karen V Q., H: CT? Sizick, George A 5? LV wid, , V "' Skafin, Richard Ffa ,,.. , g.. Smith, Lynn L ,L 1"' Smith, Nancy K -"" 3 Smith, sandra it m ' ' ' L' Sopho ores Receive Dr1 vers icenscs tix," A if A VV VV L., I AV Q '4.1'2- 3 if 'ii ' , M ' I ' " .fr 1-': - t as f X if , r - i i ii A wi' -,. me B SV EV . 11, V - Fi V. -,f Q., 3 -xi X-Q, fi l ' ae it .,.a o if -i V , V- V V l -VVV VVV Ai +1 ' it 6" 1 ? I . Q 1- -Sl, if i t gn W l sf' If F I S Wx gn w, Juv' M 5 , .gf , fin - i., 1 Q... ig: - if Y 1 i .,,. ,A I 'T' Y' QL if V A 4 f,. .K ' .ff 'F 1 V ..."iiii 5 V Smith, Sharon Smith, Thomas Smokoska, Sally Sobel, Dorothy Sommers, Richard Sonnenberg, Jerry Spaulding, Daniel Spears, Thomas Spencer, Lee Spracklin, Mike Sproull, Neil Stafford, Robert Staples, Nancy Stark, Larry Stark, Richard Steinbicker, Martha Stevens, Richard Stewart, Robert Stockford, Danny Storck, William Stout, Philis Stuckmann, Linda Sturm, Susan Sugden, Robert Sumera, Robert Suppes, Sharon Szabo, Elaine Sztorc, Patricia Talik, Patri Taylor, Ann Taylor, Beverly Taylor, Thomas Taylor, William Teboe, Robert Tenney, jon Terrian, Dennis Teter, Patricia Thompson, Donald Thormeier, Mack Tilley, Gary Timm, Edward Tomforde, Susan Towne, Darlene Trew, Robert Triantafillou, Bess Triantafillou, Geo. Trier, james Tucker, John Truskoski, Janet Trombley, Mary Tunison, Helen Tunney, Patrick VanBuskirk, Diane VanMartin, Charles VanSickle, Wayne Vetterle, Sharon Vitito, Karen Vlassis, Donald Vogel, Susan Vogt, Herman Votruba, Patricia Vucich, Patricia Wagner, James Walker, Robert Walls, Bernard Washburn, Janet Watkins, Derinda Waugh, Stewart Weber, Douglas Weber, Judy Weber, Thomas Weiler, Lyle Weiner, Victor Weisheim, Shari Weiss, Linda Wendling, Sienna Wenzel, Sharon Kay Wenzel, Sharon Kaye Wenzel, Thomas Werner, Edna White, David L, White, Louis White, Marcia VVhitehead, Linda Whitting, Raymond Whitting, Robert Wickman, Ann Wickman, William Wiggins, Richard Wilcox, David Wilhelm, Carol Wilkins, Dorothy Will, Gary Willett, Julie Williams, Gerald E. Williams, Jean Anne Williams, Roberta Williams, Sally 1 f' ' s ' Qs, s. 53 T ,if 5? . V t I A- .fx flfel , ,M - ,- S if 4 ' " f ' ,A V by 'g K .. V. I .. Ak7XL71L ,Lf , . l, , in 5 . E V L, - is bl, .L l . it, S 3' ,"Z . Q 1 V ' . A , 3. V " YP-ff' A I , U v , 3-f at t , W V, iii' 'S S 3 Q iw, Q - tlle 'J' '51 x 1 'K 1 3' if of -A .. 4 , f . , , . ii A ,. i,.i 5. Q, 1 if s an If if! ,, by I ,J 9.3, , '- Q , :V i T igiiyiktgi ,iv , ' - S. , K f vb N , ll X A iii? " at iii' ii 'fir . 'H . h It Ku-A N ,. 3, er- at , , s ,gag J 2 , ' as K "fy L .1-'H' S' t",? VK.,-if X v l we -1 1 , . 5 , g. - R A s ,fs M . , .Q D Q l X4 Q 9 , YL -A J A-if vie I ::v,,g if 1' AJ: i Wilson, Kay M A Wilson, Patricia ' f- f A in Witlse, Jon - A i Ag. ' f Y 1 5 , Wisniewski, Nancy 'B' 1? -3 Withey, Roberta 'Q' Witte, James l 1 Wohlfeil, Raymond ,V A W , Wohlfeill, Kay A - , M, Wolfe, William I ' l 1 '57 " j -gag Woodman, Dennis bf' is " Worden, Beverly A. gg, f-J ' if , Wright, David 1 if Wuckefr, David Q i'x"'f I , , V7 A Wysong, Stephen ,E ff Yake, Gary - ' , -5 l ' A Yarrnuth, Walter , , , ' Eg Yeager, Joanne J J so Q .,-Q A Yelcho, Nicholas I V V gh, ,,,xkk H w h ' Yelsik, Paul ' "f - V -l,' W V ' Younk, Arnold ., .f me-A 1 - Zaggy, Kenneth V .t t 5175 .lli Q ' W A it 3,2 w e J' W. , ,, iliifl N ' , :Q kj ff? 1, , Q ag ,, sez Q-Afzsfi' Zariski, Joyce Zeman, William Zemanek, John Ziegler, Timothy lv' 'IU w CXUXDS Y-TEENS, FIRST ROW: J. Ilcysc, M. Huyghc, TREAS3 A Zeman, V. PRES3 D. Proux, PRI-QS, S. Rite, SEC, C. Shaver, E V1-IIOIIIIJSOH, P. Volulm, H. Tunis. SECOND ROXV: K. Slagle, L. Schaper, S. Marlin, D. Quick, l'. McKee, L. Tyner, G. Bourdow, J. Kinncry. The Y-Teens speakers THIRD ROW: K. Klein, M. Andrezcjcwski, P. Bur- cnjoy listening to one of their many interesting In-RX nelt, T. Moeller, L. N'ciss, S. Knicf, S. Blynn, B. Brubaker. kOUR'IiH ROXY: S. Sclnnick, C. SOIICTIUAIH, C. Olney, C. Herzog, J. Crawford, '11 Baird, M. Gekeler, S. lfilinlraint. I-'l1f'l'H ROW: C. Scott, J. lieinke, K. Sugdcn, M. Ison, P. Otto, J. Pace, V. Schrums, A. Kinny. Y-Teens Co-sponsoring dances with the Hi-Y, hanging the greens at the Y. W. C. A. during Christmas, and presenting an award to the outstanding sophomore girl are among the many activities of the Y-Teens. Y-Teen members are also in- terested in service to their school and communi- ty. A tea is held at the beginning of the school year for all girls interested in joining Y-Teens. In mid-October all new members are initiated into the club. HI-Y, FIRST ROXV: D. Dcwrs, If. Bolgcr, I.. Bauer, D. Bockcr, L. l'luhburd, gl. Pumford, I.. Rifkin, j. Hubble. SECOND ROW' B. Thompson, R. Iflukc, G. Zcilingcr, K. Beyer, K. Rhode, J Hi-Y Have you ever wondered who the boys are that sell refreshments at the games? Most of the credit for this goes to the members of the Hi-Y. Any boy who is interested in serving his school and community is welcomed to join the Hi-Y. Among the activities of the Hi-Y are enter- taining the children at the local orphanage, and presenting an award to the outstanding sopho- more boy. vm! Spaulding, j. Morris. 'IHIRD ROXY: J. Marx, gl. Hyslop, K. Stumlcr, F. Baihm, R. Grishy, S. Kern-I. Gary Lawrence tries desperately to get out of :1 hold put on him by jack Anderson. I..'X'I'IN, IVRONI ROXV: Miss lhitow, SPONSOR, S. Clark, I.. Nell- Rccxcs, I-Q. klllllli. NI. jones. j. Ill-ist-, j. Ifrilllcr, II. Rrusrliku, S. Cim- llIL'I', IJ. Riclu, V. PRES., K. Nluzicluws, 'lRIi.-XS., NI. Williinns, SEC., girly. IfII"'l'lI ROXY: I.. Nichols, 5. Stlnniml., IJ. Curtis, xl. julinslon, ,I K. Ifislicl, S. Holroinli, S. Wmlliinglon. PRES., P. Spziclulorc, I., johnson, ll. joclu-n, P. Crcxis, II, Corixin, ll. Hoi'iilJvc'kcr, M. Goll- IAIIICRIIIJIC. J. Niwn, C. Ilillicln. II. Wilinx, IJ. Iluw. SECOND ROXV: srllzllk, li. Iliompson, NI, Iiuullon. S. Carlin-3. 5IX'IlI ROW: Pr. Gul- Ii. jznncson, R. Kanuin, I.. Wliiiliczid, J. Ilzigue, IJ. AIAIIUIH, P. Lam- Icry, P. Ilill, RI. Ggiiwicr, BI. Iknis, E. Kulnifki, LI. xIOIl1'IIl'LlI, C bel, N. Quinny, j. Ku-iii-s, j. Purely, IJ. Proux, I". Pond, Ii. Crandqll, llmwn, 5. Ilctkcr, G. Cznncmn, .L IllIllIlIfJ,'l0I'l, NI. hIIlC.'hI'IlIlII', B ll. Gould, j. Cinder, R. Iitlurcr. 'IIIIRIJ ROIYZ S. Horne, A. Pulcrs, Koller, Ii. I.lI4IIlJIIl. SICVIQNIII ROIY: I.. Howv, I.. IIZIURIIIIIID, B 5. Slioskcy, I". Binki-l, I.. Iifklnnill, j. llc-nkc, C. Gorow, C. Murphy, l'lYNl'3- 'lf Klllllflv W- Billlkv ll- l7l"'lliI'N H4 Hllaklm- G- Ivilllilnlh 5. B0fLIILII'll. S. Iluulkc, NI. Iron, I.. Slnlpcr. H. Tunison, S. Cllllllily, ll- 5Ilk5l0lIl'- 'li' Hlllbllll- I K-HIM 0- l'H'K'l'i1'1i- 1'-NFUTH RUIVI .l I.. Iicrkmnpiis, Kliss ILll'lICli, si-oxsokg I-'OL'R'I'H ROW: s, Ifrckcr, 51011, S. fivlvv S- -U-ff, fi. Ohm. B- Sllwlf. ll- Sl11'11dL'l. Nl- lilwglw I.. McI"zilrlL-n, K. I.1u-sscl, Il. Ilinisli, I.. Iidercd, j. Anderson, O. N. Scllm-iclvr, B. Nurlliwuy, R. Ifrio.-clingi-r, j. Snmluw. Latin Club jerry Williams is punished for disubcying his master. "Going 50, 150, Sold for Qoosnthis is the I familiar call as all new members of Latin Club are auctioned off as slaves to old members. These slaves must accumulate 100 points before they can become a freeman which then entitles T them to own slaves. These points are accumu- lated by maintaining good marks, by bringing refreshments to the meetings, by working on I committees, and by attending meetings. Only students presently enrolled in a Latin - class and maintaining an A or B average are considered eligible for membership. The pur- pose of the club is to strengthen an understand- ing in Latin and to give the students the chance i to enjoy and investigate the Roman ways and e customs. i i f. 'l1N UIQRMAN, FRONT ROW: J. l"l'llllCl', R, Rcid, B. Stroebcl, S. Worrliiiiglon. 5. .Xrnist1'0ng, E, Timmons. PRESQ H. Hziskin. SRC: J. Moll, Y. l'Rl-A, hlCCOlNll ROXY: L. Wciss. 5. Knit-f, I.. Klllllfklv V. l'llLlNLllllll, l'. Otto. M. Yan Culik, Mrs. Kcrns, SPONSOR. 'l HIRD ROW: J. Czilliy. 5. SCllW.1l'll, M. Hilclkullcr, J. lirapolil, R. Ga-isiiiig,ci'. J. llcllel, H. Wutkcrl. German Club The purpose of the French Club is to promote more interest in the people of France and their customs and language. In order to become a member one must be enrolled in a French class. Members of French Club sell personalized sta- tionary in order to raise money for the club. l German Club benefited greatly from the two exchange students this year. These exchange students were able to supply information to the German Club members concerning the culture and language of Germany. French Club FRENCH, FROX I' ROXY: M. Zia-glcr. J. Parc. J. SIOII, J. Nliirtin, I.. H1l5hlJL'l'gk'l', 5, .Xrmslrong. J. Printing, R, Yingling, J, Bloom. P. Otto. SECOND ROXY: Miss Ygllcs, SPONSORQ KI. BlllllllS, Goold, li. Crzmdcll, li. Tliompson, 'll Malone, N, Schultz, C. Clay- ton, M. Gottstlmlk. THIRD ROW: ll. Quitk, J. Gobhlc, S. Dznis, D. Hughes, D. Jenkins, C, Bl'l'llllCf, B.. bllC2lI, J. Dugue. FOURTH ROW: M. Von Gulik. li, lvllll, S. Pippo, I'. Nlornn, S. Guy, B. Notter, J. Hinz, C. Wvndlcr, ll. Potts. Fll"l'H ROXV: B. Acker- mann, K. Pitlcnger, M. Shay, ll. Towne, P, SIIOYC. O. Remus, 5. Blynn, L. Howe. ARTS - DRAMATICS: FIRST ROW: J. Olmsted, C. Plattenberg, C. Brown, B. Agricola, PRES, C. Blynn, M. Brown, P. Loblein, C. Murphy, M. Garner, IJ. Ceutcs. SECOND RONV: B. Curtis, V. Pudscllun, Kuznicki, ll. Quitk, S. Martin, P. McKee, T. Mu- lone, S. Arfl, K. Nelson, j. Schreinek. THIRD ROW: F. Hoover, Arts-Dramatics Club Have you ever wondered what goes into the production of a show? If you are of the Arts- Dramatics Club, you know. The members help in putting on semester plays, the play tourna- ment, and the Christmas Pageant. Usher Club Helping bewildered ticket holders find their seats is the job of the Usher Club. Under the direction of Mr. Schairer, these girls assist at Band Bounce, semester plays, Christmas Pag- eant, and the play tournament. USHER, FRONT ROW: C. Gardner, S. Kelly, S. Blynn, F. Busaid, M. Senn, B. Byron, M. Williams, j. Purdy, j. Cobble, N. Maturen, M. Slcinbecker, L. Howe, B. Brubacker. FOURTH ROW: B. Gcwingcr, L. Ruiz, H. Haskins, P. Schilling, K. Karls, L. Ryll, E. Donogue, J. Heifcll, B. Gowing. x x L... THESPIANS. FRONT ROW: Beth Agricola: Diane Quick: Mary Brown: Caroline Byron. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Blynn: Margaret Williams: Peter Schilling: jim Haffel. T. Malone, N. Burbach, j. Malone. SECOND ROW: C. Reeve, M. Rapp, C, Henning, N. Cuthbcrlson, N. Pcekovcr, B. Corwin. RADIO CLUB: Mike Donawan, jim LaFore, Clayton Dungey, Rus- sell Schroeder, PRES. Aqualites Club AQUALITES, FIRST ROW: B. Agritola, S. Arlt, j. Ruthbun, G. Hoffman, K. Meadows, C. Link, M. Williams, S. lfritzler, P. McKee. SLCOND ROW: T. Malone, J. Moessncr, 5. kictunan, K. Need- lian, S. Gremmcl, G. Murray, D. Pcele, N. Smith, E. Adams. THIRD ROW: Mrs. McCrea, SPONSORQ M. Gottshalk, B. Byron 5. Cole, S. Sullixan, P. Graft, S. Harnmel, S. Schwartz. Radio Club The Radio Club was formed to assist mem- bers in the study of radio theory and code prac- tice. Members operate KSJJQ, Arthur Hill's amateur radio station. During the spring season the Aqualites Club present their annual assembly. Under the direc- tion of Mrs. M c Crea, the girls spend many hours perfecting their strokes. 'X HEALTH ASSISTANTS, FRONT ROVV: Evelyn Neymciycr, Jerri Rcil. SECOND ROXV: Carolyn Bickcl, Gladys Mzlrolf, Sharon Ilan- lhorn, Sharon Lotkwootl, Mary Rocnickc. Rl-ID CROSS OlfIflC1iRS: Diane DuSlmzo, Barry Godwin, janet Gilson. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS, FRONT ROW: Karen Slaglc, Janet Olmstead, Diane Tilley. SECOND ROW: Maxine Catcs, Edna Davis, Martini Dzuis, Kaircn Bohnllof, Vicki Lynzlr, Sally Schmick. Health Assistants Each hour of the day a Health Assistant is on duty in the Health Room. Students who are ill may report to the Health Room and one of the assistants will aid them. Red Cross The Red Cross Officers worked very hard to make the Red Cross campaign a success. It is their responsibility to conduct a successful cam- paign. Librar Assistants Library Assistants spend one hour each day keeping the library in order. These students also help in arranging the displays for Book Week. Audio Visual Stage Crew Audio Visual and Stage Crew are a vital part of our school. Audio Visual assembles projection equipment and prepares for presentation of films. The Stage Crew works behind scenes of the school's dramatic events, concerts and assemblies. Rifle Club Activities of the Rifle Club include participa- tion in rifle matches and marksmanship, Rifle Club provides instruction in sportsmanship, marksmanship, and the handling of fire arms. RIFLE CLIQB, I-'ROXT ROW: jzunc-s Van Wormcr, Dale Purchase, Donna Sclmlk, john Garner, Jerold Hansen. SECOND ROW: Roy Gunn, Clayton Dungcy, Mr. Schalk, SPONSOR: Bill Antlc, Gary Yclsik. AUDIO VISUAL and STAGE CREW, FRONT ROW: Vern Bcebe jerry Blank. SECOND ROW: Alun Nottcr, Tom Davis, Pete Boysc TIIIRIJ ROW: jim McNair, Carl Edwzxld, Ron Docring, ,ii-. PUTURE TEACHERS, FIRST ROW: S. Kelly, M. Rapp, K. Krenke, P. Fubear, l'Rli5IDliNTj S. lloltolnb, SICCRETARYQ Ii. Davis, N. Staples, A. llzxnson, N. Hilderbrzindt. SIQCOND ROXY: K. Kzirls, J. Keenes, C. Murphy, K. Laessel, L. lXICl'killlllCl1, K. Klein, li. Donogue, S. Fraker, C. Geiger. THIRD ROW': li. Schreins, M. Dznis, T. Sclunidt, C. Hall, li. Crandell, Canzuly, S. Knief, L. Weiss, M. Boulton. FOURTH ROXV: A. lx-HIIIY, ll. Hubinger, l'. Spadaore, B. Bear, N. Schulz, N. Peckover, L. Rnilling, L. Neh- lner. l"1F'lH ROW: l'. McKee, B. Krnlll, J. Felherolf, M. Gott- scliulk, M. Cekeler, l'. Corrad, S. Carney, B. Brubaker, S. Blynn, Future Nurses Club Girls interested in nursing as a profession are encouraged to join the Future Nurses Club. Girls are given the means to investigate nursing as a career and to give service to their school and community. Future Teachers is one of the most popular clubs at Arthur Hill. Members arrange displays, sponsor speakers, do cadet teaching, and are ac- tive in civic and school activities. The only re- quirement for membership is an interest in teaching. Future Te aehers Club IflITlfRl2 NURSES, FIRST RONV: Mrs. Beyer, SPONSOR, S. Lockwood, S. Hanlliorne, P. Craft, Slitlg C. Gardner, R. liderer, C. Mznowski. SECOND ROW: j. Cinder, j. Bulls, C. Xvolfc, K. johnson, ll. Railling, G. Slullnw, D. l'airry. THIRD RONV: E. jllllll, M. Roenicke, I'. Burnett. T. Moeller, Neymeiyer, B. Lewless, S. Seib, R. Reid. ,Q-sues!! Encouraging our teams on to victory are the Cheerleaders, who whoop up the school spirit of enthusiastic students. A cheerleading training session is held during the summer and when fall arrives, the cheerleaders for the coming school year are selected. Future Homemakers In order to assist its members to form a great- er appreciation for adventures in homemaking, the Future Homemakers Club strives to present well-planned programs. New members are in- troducted to the club during a combination din- ner and initiation. CHEERLEADERS: Carol Raymond, Nancy Clements, Kathy List, Margaret Cansfield, Bonnie Humphrey, CAPTAIN, Margo Geyer. Cheerleaders FUTURE HOMEMAKERS. FIRST ROW: Diane Hoeppner, Sue Railing, Sue Ruhl. SECOND RONV: Connie DeMand, Mary Rail- ing, Molly Zacharias, Edwina Zummcr. Pl-Il' CLUB OFFICIQRS: lillcn Timmons, I'RESg Gary Rabideau, V. PRESQ Lynne Schrmns, SIQCQ Lynne Nirhol, TREAS, Pep Club Assisting cheerleaders in arousing school spirit is the Pep Club. Pep Club has adopted a constitution by which all members must abide. Whether introducing a new cheer or decorating the school, Pep Club members are real school boosters. 1 'gc' fi '. .-wwf I 9 .kwwrxg Ellen Timmons discusses plans with members of the Pep Club. atural Science Club The aims of the Natural Science Club are to acquire a better knowledge in Science and pro- vide enjoyment to its members. Field trips to various regions in and around Saginaw County are the main activities of the Natural Science Club. f ,..4 NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB, FRONT ROW: LeRoy Bauer, Fred Bolger, Phil-Annc Crevia, Barry Godwin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Abrzxsnm, Carol Thayer, Stewart Dater, Henry Dvnrsck. BOWLING, FRONT ROM: K. Rui-, T. Moeller, M. Bush, N. Schultz, P. Schultz, li. Gustafson, TRICASQ K. Fisllel, SIQCQ N. Petkoxer, M. Eno, ll. Hoc-fline. SECOND ROXY: BI. Miluns, P. Burnt-lt, K. llillinan, I., Oblzindcr, D. Reeder, BI, Dan, C. Murphy, P. Snort, ll. 'I'ownc, L, Wliiteliczul, Kurum, A. Lanslsburg, PRES. THIRD ROXY: j. Klaus, Bl. Rupp, G. Yodoxifli, S. Rossow, K. Martin. l'. Loblcin, j. lleysu, C. Boite, I.. Aniblc, E. Werner, j. Becker. lfOUR'l'll RONV: TY. Robertson, D. Jochen, J. Abbe. J. Schmidt, R. Curtis. J. Sail:-sky, D. Baker, B. Stafford, J. Pum- ford, D. linger. l-'llflH ROW: KI. Tllompson, C. liubingcr, j. Goes, F. Marlin, R. Scliulll, N. Sclxulwitz, B. Rankin, j. Bloom, E. Trim, B. Graham. Badminton Club Badminton is a sport that is becoming very popular with some pupils at Arthur Hill. This club was formed two years ago. The purpose of the Badminton Club is to provide relaxing recre- ation for those interested in the sport. Activities of the Badminton Club include practice games followed by tournaments. These events begin in late November and are held in the gym. Anyone that is interested in playing badminton is encouraged to join. It's heading straight down the center . . . it's a strike! This is the goal of all Bowling Club members. The Bowling Club was founded in order for students to receive more skill in bowling. At the end of the year, the winning teams are honored at a banquet. Trophies are also presented to the winning teams. The aim of the club is to teach bowling to new members and to help others im- prove their game. Bowling Club BADMINTON, FRONT ROXV: J. Thompson, j. Becker, K. Fishel SECOND RONV: j. Goes, 'l'REASg F. Martin, PRESQ B. Graham SECQ D. Jochen, V. PRES. 'l'RI- M, FRONT ROW: D. Zi-niunck, 5. Sclimick, K. Levi, G Marquis, PRI-L55 K. Woolcvcr, j. Mark, li. Hale. SECOND ROW: G. Sollclmam, L, hlyczkzi, R. Ru-nkc, S. Lemmer, D. Curtis, C Stroebcl, K, Sluglc. THIRD ROXY: R. bugden, M. Gilruori-, R. Winclicll, M. Bullin, C. Olney, B. Abrzimson. Miracle Book Club MIRACLIC BOOK, FRON 1' ROW: S. Wenzel, l'. Albright, li llznis, 5. XYliilli1ig, XXI. xvltllllilll, I.. Kliilkzi. SECOND ROYV: KI llzivis, C. llzill, S. Marlin, ll. l'x'uux, j. Clliisliom, Miss Turner, 5l'ONSOR. THIRD ROW: W. Virgin, 1'. llill, J. Hcnke, B. Cary C. Scott, D. Holliday. The activities of the Tri-M Club include hay- rides, roller skating parties, and a Christmas tea. To raise money for the club, members have a candy sale. Tri-M Club The purpose of the Miracle Book Club is to promote fellowship among Christian young people and to interest other students in the Christian way of life. Meetings are held weekly R Ut. .st,.s3rLAE2.idW. . ,, ,WJ ,M .- E+.. V- H M. ., .. ,.,a,....Wmi.i.. N. CRUCIBLES. FRONT ROW: Bill Murphyg'Alex Landsburgg Glen Hertz, PRESIDENTg John Becker, VICE-PRESIDENTQ Bob Thompson. SECOND ROW: Fred Pondg Tom Bakerg John Curting Bill Gustafsong Tom Kinney. Missing form the picture: Tom Burk- hard. Furthering interests in chemistry and its re- ' lated subjects at Arthur Hill are two honorary clubs--Alchemists for girls and Crucibles for boys. To gain membership these students must maintain an "A" average in chemistry and a "B" average in other academic classes. These clubs keep their members well informed on new ad- 1 ' vances in chemistry and other branches of sci- A' ence through lectures and special experiments performed during regular meetings. ALCHEMISTS. FRONT ROW: Jennifer Marky Kay Krenkeg Jo- anne Schnider, SECRETARYQ Sandra Clark, PRESIDENTQ Dawn Proux, VICE-PRESIDENTg Virginia Pudschung Elizabeth Kuznicki. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Nehmerg Jerilyn Pinneyg Sandra Coleg Karen Krauseg Elna Jameson. Missing from the pictureg Judy Purdy: Mary Davis, TREASURER. jli'l'S, FIRS I' ROW': V. Pudsclicn, D. Ricfc, B. Posey, E. KULIllCkl, M. lson, N. Scliulwiu, j. Mary, D. Dcniurs, K. Carpenter. SECOND RUNV: j. Cobble, E. JJIIICSOII, K. Robertson, M. lSutLin, B. Bau- man, F. Mcllougul, 'l'. jan-obs, I". Pond, L. bhapper. THIRD ROW: D. Proux, j. Triant, D. Spaulding, S. li0Ullll2lIl, M. Dockhanl, R. lfluke, B. Thompson, J. Hcysc. Spanish Club SPANISH, FRONT ROW: S. Martin, P. Butterfield, S. Cole, Illrojkoski, M. fiUlLlL'IIlOIJll, j. Potts, PRICSQ S. Vogel B. Pinnell. SECOND ROW: Miss Morgan, SPONSOR, P. l'rKcv, G. Bourdow, j. lfoale, B. Dinse, li. Beziringcr, M. Day, j. Williams. THIRD RONV: M. Boulton, K. Ncedlizun, M. Gross, C. Diamond, N. Peck- ovcr, J. Fcthcrolf, N. Cuthbcrtson, A. llcirynlan. FOURTH ROW: j. Muhrhardt, C. Krueger, K. List, 11. Szpliradel, N. Maturcn, S. Goodman, L. Railling, F. Becchler. If a person is interested in being an engineer, he is encouraged to join the j.E.T.S. Club. Dur- ing meetings members further their knowledge in the scientific field of engineering. J.E.T. "Somo los amigos" - The purpose of the Spanish Club is to create fellowship among the Spanish students and increase their interest in the life and cultural values of Spanish people. The activities of the Spanish Club include a celebration of Pan American Day and "Excel- lency in Spanish" award. 7 "" H " Zig , 1 .ew-ws:a.ww,'gmWm X... as .....a.... sa... Hillite Business Leaders D.E.C.A.H., Distributive Educational Club of Arthur Hill, and the Hillite Business Leaders are designed for Co-op students who work after school. Members of the Hillite Business Leaders are students enrolled in office training classes and who perform office work. D.E.C.A.H. Club consists of students concerned with retail busi- ness. HILLITE BUSINESS LEADERS, FRONT ROW: R. Ederer, R. Swanson, D. Xvenzel, K. Orlman, C. Wacker, S. Deford, D. Dun- bar, M. Taylor. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lecson, M. Oslerman, J. Rcxius, B. Reynolds, D. Wirbcl, S. Thomas, S. Sharppe, E. WVhalin. THIRD ROW: M. Bzirko. C. Foehl. j. YVcikcr, S. Rappuhn, J. Dcnno, S. Dcvers, J. Schluckbicr, S. Gorty. D.E.C.A.H., FRONT ROWV: D. Finner, D. Graham, T. Malone, D Bruske, H. Houser, S. Andrezcjewski. SECOND ROW: J. Bru- backer, E. Zummer, N. Landskoner, P. O'Brien, S. Neiderquill, L. Randall, P. Bosley. THIRD ROW: C. Cox, S. Yockey, D. Backer, ,I. Ifrchling, j. Samson, S. Miller, Mr. Hartman. FOURTH ROIN: C. Schroeder, H. Berlin. D.E.C.A.H. Club Ski Club Trips to various ski resorts are enjoyed by the members of the vide members with skill. Anybody who has a love for the join. Ski Club. These trips pro- a chance to improve their is interested in skiing and outdoors is encouraged to SKI CLIJB, FRONT ROW: J, Pinncy, S. Cole, K. Johnson, J Washburn, B. Beziringer, J. Wright, J. Princing, B. Humphrey PRIQSQ C. Glass, J. Grunt, NI. Czinslielrl, B. Ackerman, B. Byron M. Ziegler, N. Brown, SECOND ROW: J. Washburn, B. Schrcms S. Smith. ll. Scorsone, K. Pierce, P. Ootto, J. Pace, J. Slot , v , t, M. Vain Gulik, S. Jones, J. Wilson. B. Byron, J. Wlinters, ll. Schuslte B. Morforcl, R. lfrietlinger. 'l'HIRD ROW: C. Geiger, E. Jzinssens D. Hubingvr, M. Bush, K. Smith, J. Crawford, S. Horne, J. v i llessey, li. Zuniiner, D. Sager. lf. lloier. Xl. Hutchison, J. Ander- son, B. Reniensniiler. I"OL'R'l'Il ROW: B. Spence, WVhclan, I.. Elilreil, J. Anilerson, J. Hill, K. Nelson, C. Plzittenburg, N. Mzituren, Ni. Iixzins, I.. Rifkin. li. Hennner, F. Engle, T. Baker, I., Lenick. I-Il4lH ROW: K. Yerliey, M. Geyer, C. Diamond, A, Bullington. C. Broun, NI. Din. N. Sinith, K. Serrin, B. Oglcslone, U. Mixrrzly. li. Kliuen, D, Spaulding, P. Banner, M. Klein. FIFTH ROXV: Mr. llxiwes, SPONSOR: S, Snlliuin, J. Purdy, L. McCulloch, P, Schrade, Nl. Gross, C. Rziiinontl, K. List, L. Robinson, S. YN'hitc, B. Morford, K. Carpenter. - - - v V .fs .. ri W wYf5"5w CHESS CLITB, FRONT ROW: John Garner, Dale Purchase, A. J. Herryinain, Gary Yelsik. SECOND ROW: Russell Schroeder, Glenn 1 I t u Ilertz, James Van Wormcr. The Arthur Hill Chess Club was formed last year at the re- quest of students. The Chess Club provides a chance to indulge in a game of pure skill. 1. .I , mf Members of Future Farmers participate in a national convention and leadership training course, and take trips to various lakes. The only requirement for membership is enrollment in an agriculture class. FUTURE FARMERS, FIRST ROW: Bob Kuch, V. PRESQ Jim Gibson, SECg Don Rexius. SECOND ROW': Rod Kwaiser, Foster Findlcy, Bill Oldenburg, Glen Gray. THIRD ROW: Dan Helpap. Mike Clairmont, PRliSg Dale Gross, Frank Talik, Bob Pence. Future Farmers N3- SWIMMERS' AIDS, FRONT ROW: D. Sarc, B. Stewart, J. J. Campau, T. King, J. Hcglcr, J. Manwcll, J. Krogman, J. Kocrner. SECOND ROW: B. Demon, D. Cooper, D. Wright, P. Mcsack, D. Larson, D. Trinnn, C. Huhingcr, D. Finger. THIRD ROW: F. Mason, B. Harrison, B. Northway, N. Shankcl, D. Kcmmercr. Lab Assistants A newly formed organization, the Lab Assist- ants, assist the science department for an hour each day in place of their study hall. Duties in- clude cleaning instruments, assembling equip- ment, and helping students. HOMEMAKING HOSTESSES, FRONT ROW: June Szarenski, Jerri Rcil, Sharon Jones. SECOND ROW: 1-ldwina Zummcr, San- dra Johnston. Swimmers' Aids To become a swimmer's aid one must be able to swim exceptionally well and also pass a series of tests. Each hour of the school day, our swim- ming instructors are assisted by a swimmer's aid. LAB ASSISTANTS: Nancy Burback, Carole Averill, Bob Posey, John Becker. 3.1. Homcmaking Hostcsscs Assisting in the homemaking department one hour each day are the Homemaking Hostesses. These girls do clerical work, care for special equipment, and aid students. ATTENDANCE HOSTESSES, FRONT ROW: Terry Malone, Ruth Zalinow, Put Zaggy. SECOND ROW: Lauruinc Nchmer, Pam McKee, Margaret Paine. Attendance Hostesses Being a Senior Hostess or Attendance Hostess is an honor obtained by only a few senior girls. The hostesses are chosen from a letter of ap- i plication submitted to the Dean. Swimmers Aids SWVIINI AIDS, FRONT RONVZ G. lficbig, B. bzlndow, INI. hlarkey 5. Rice, M. Gilmore, B. Young, M. Garner, M. Brown, J. Raysis. SECOND ROW: j. Young, j. Wilson, S. Young, j. Schmidt, K Needham, M. Gotlschalk, M. Gekclcr, M. Zacharias, j. Mocssnur THIRD ROW: C. Srhude, G. McGregor, M. Weber, R. Yingling ' N. Pruclcr, J. Brubaker, 5. GIOSS, K. Kaiser, C. Strouicl, E. Adams i N. Pierson. FOURTH ROW: P. Cross, B. Byron, Mrs. McCrea. 1 SPONSOR: M. Ziegler, B. Byron. i SENIOR HOSTESSI-LS, I-'IRST ROW: S. Cole, J. Princing, M. Williams, P. Fobcur, S. Holcomb, A. Yuakle, B. Wall. SECOND ROW: C. Zagata, N. Schulz, P. Spadafore, E. Tinimons, B. Bear, 5. Worthington, C. Trianl. Senior Hostesses To become a swimmers' aid one must be able to swim exceptionally well and also pass a series of tests. Each hour of the day the girls' swimmers aids assist Mrs. McCrea. to iv'..J Advertising READY - O? LET'S GO! Rupprechtis Market HELFRECHT Machine Company High Quality Foods May Be Secured From Our Abundant Supply 414 South Hamilton Special Machinery 2618 State Street SW 2-1597 Jigs - Fixtures - GGOTS "YOUR COMMUNITY MINDED ASSOCIATION" NOW WITH TI-IREE LOCATIONS T0 SERVE You MICHIGAN AT cAss 48:5 STATE ROAD VIG AND CENTER AT PROSPECT-ALMA LOAN' ASSOCIATION MacMILLAN DRUGS Greeting Cords-Photo Suppl HANCOCK ot MICHIGAN ies Compliments NURMI BUILDERS O. E. Beird Insurance Agcy. U09 N' Michigan 4055 State Street Phone SW 2-I53l Phone: PL 7-0831 S you ins " SAGINAW MICHIGAN MANNION BROS. HDWE. M DONAI-DIS DRIVE IN 1 C ' BARNEY 5 BAKERY 4989 store Ph. sw 2-4021 T030 GIGIIOI 5008 State Street Phone: PI 2-111811 Open Evenings 'til 9:00 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Sundays 9-I H-I H-I H-I-L-L L-L L-L SEBALD'S BAKERY Phone: SW 5-4931 4880 STATE STREET Phone: PL 2-6582 1924 COURT STREET L-L-I-T I-T I-T I-T-E- NUECHTERLEIN JEWELRY II4 N. Michigan Phone PL 5-3951 S H-I-L-L-I-T-E-S, Hillites! BOCK PHARMACY 4993-4995 State Street Phone: SW 2-2621 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN F h' F All S' 0335 0' ,mes BARN Nom sMnTH HARDWARE 4' TEXACO SERVICE SSJELTQZQSZDS 112 North Michigan PL 4-4022 904 orange 60Pohoi2milil4fis?37f5Ue Phone: PL 3-7830 Pianos Organs 315 Court DAVIS MUSIC HOUSE PL 2-9811 PL 2-9563 Baldwin Chimes Saginaw, Michigan ROAD SERVICE MOTOR TUNE-UP TIRES AND BATTERIES SERVICES OUR SPECIALTY VALLEY SWEETS CO. 312 S. Hamilton Van Auken-Graebner Mason, Inc. 1956-INSURANCE-1959 104 Years of Service 202 Graebner Bldg. Phone: PL 2-2161 Saginaw Publishing Co. IPubIishers of The Saginaw Press, Printers Since 1912 OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 410 Hancock St. PL 2-5179 I'I'I'NER FURNITURE Fred Irtner, Class of '14 416-418 HANCOCK STREET W. l. CASE 8. COMPANY Funeral Directors It Always Pays ..a9B'88'6im PHONE PL 3-5441 409 ADAMS STREET c6Be Carefulg t ,. .7 Y.. .. B O N D E L L ' S STORE FOR MEN 113 N. Washington Ave. GREEN ACRES PLAZA FASHION FOR THE YOUNG MAN FROM YOUR STYLE LEADER I do it! Go Hillites - We can do it! PAT 0'BRTEN INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service I o Hillites - We can NlEoERsrAo1's senvics 723 Gratiot Avenue 6400 State Sf. Phone: SW 2-6651 Phone: PL 4-6962 "Your Protection Is Our Business" MOONEY'S DENGLER'S DRUGS ICE CREAM 1423 SOUTH MICHIGAN Rona Brand PHONE: PL 4-5742 8I2 William St. - Ph. PL 2-8633 1- - ..... THE J. W. IPPEL CO. DRY GOODS Since T891 COURT STREET AT MICHIGAN AVENUE Larry Robinson admires the tie Bill Rohn has picked out while they shop at Ippels. "There's a girl l'd like to know" "She has so much poise and conhdencc-Till bet she works for the tclcphonc company. Those girls are so attractive and have such friendly, pleasant mann:-rs.'7 They're talking about Lucy, who started working for Michigan Bell right out of high school. She was trained by friendly, understanding supervisors and today she's proud of her workg enjoys a fine salary, regular wage increases, and many new friends. Lucy was delighted from the very first by the clean, pleasant surroundings, by the regularly scheduled mid- morning and midafternoon "brcaks'7 for relaxing in comfortable lounge rooms, and by the opportunities for advancement. lsnit that kind of job worth going after? Then why not get in touch with us-perhaps thcrcis a telephone job for you. Weill be happy to talk with you about the interesting work at Michigan Bell. A Good Place to Work MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY L t th lftl t th ght t d p- 'td fiht fight fight GENERAL MOTORS extend their BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS to the SENIORS OF ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL EOUNDRY DIVISION CHEVROLET -SAGINAW GREY IRON FOUNDRY CHEVROLET - SAGINAW SERVICE MANUFACTURING G E N E RAL CHEVROLET - SAGINAW TRANSMISSION M O T O R S SAGINAW STEERING GEAR DIVISION I 163 4 E131-and ten - Do it again! First and ten - Do it :ggginj af it ix E IIIIE ER FLIIWER SIIIIP 200 S. Michigan "It's a difficult choice. but we'll take this one," decide Larry Gohm and David Finger, as they admire Christmas wreaths at Roeser Flower Shop. I DR. M. PIKE, Dentist co. Insurance and Bonds 205 GOFF BUILDING 415 E. Genesee PHOENIX Phone: PL 2-l483 INSURANCE CO. 'IO2 E. Genesee Street SAGINAW, MICHIGAN PL 5-4459 nosA's roon Munn WM- C- JOHNSON 1-HE BQQTERY PARTY SUPPLIES and GROCERIES Pere Marquette Center RED GOOSE 3505 Mackinaw Grace Walker - Gems J. C. Roberts GRANGER and NITZ PHARMACY COSMETICS and PRESCRIPTIONS Phone: SW 2-8261 2620 State Street Saginaw Oil Company 300-3 I0 JAN ES AVEN UE TEXACO PRODUCTS HAGERl'S .IEWEIRY 112 S. Michigan THE H. R. TERRYBERRY CO. Grand Rapids, Michigan Official Class Ring and Pin Dealer and Manufacturer for Arthur Hill High School Janet Schluckbier and Glenn Hertz make their choice for class rings at Hagerl's Jewelry. I W want a touchdow t uchdown! We want a touchdown. e nl We want a o TRADE OD PLACE TO Ilites Shop At A GO Smart I-Ii IGHBOR downtown Saginaw ERS Ari' Sample ASK YOUR NE Furniture W hington 200 North as PIK NIK DRIVE-IN Y MUELLER BROTH d Cloth es BRADY, SCHIRMER fr COMPAN INSURANCE . . -F C 708 Second National Bank Bldg. Hickey reeman unomue Ph PI. - 1 one 5 8 O5 Hotel Bancroft Building "Where All Good Friends Meet" STATE AT COURT ENRICH'S H E A V 83 Years of Serving the Ocraxiorf' GATELY'S "Flowerx For Every South Franklin GAERTNER'S FLOWER SHOP 120-150 1958 Brockway f Saginaw Schools Graduates o Genesee at Franklin Gifts for all Occasions ft Center ' Popular Gi E-LEATHER Saginaw s RE-LUGGAG RE SILVERWA CHINA-GLASSWA -- S-SPORTSWEAR-C AM E RAS Gifts SPORTING GOOD M0 for Every Member of the Family ATERS GOODS RLEY BROTHERS ' nAve. 115 N. Washingto SAGINAW SPENCER l. W Koepke Agency Water , Service Iefe Insurance Comp 403 Bearinger Building s Mikoliczeak 84 . WALZ-ACE E tire Family Quality Shoes for the n ' EN SHOES Hardware Co. JOCH GRUB E PACE" 420 East Genesee Av "ACE SETS TH PHOTO SUPPLY 515 EAST GENESEE R P LEWIS CO The . . SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIE h Jefferson 125 Sout PLeasant 3-442 5 Y7Y .A'l'.A'fA'fA'f9'f .ff AZI' .A'f'.Af'.f..7'.f' N ENROLL NOW AND BECOME OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD OF BEAUTY CULTURE Part Time and Evening Classes For Those Still Attending High School. Modern' New' Advanced' TRI-COUNTY BEAUTY SCHOOL BASIC CLASSES - ADVANCED CLASSES 212 Federal Telephone: PL 3-7749 . otta F-I-G-H-T-You otta F-I-G-H-T -You gotta F-I-G-H-T --You gotta F-I-G-H-T, Fight Jr ,................:L k., 3 i Q sb' "4 . . - ls , yi GENESEE AND WARREN Lynn Schrems and Donna Hammond try on summer out fits from the wide selection at Ferris Brothers. ROBERTSTUXEDOSHOP5 HOME DAIRY COMPANY Men's formal wear is our business, not ci sidesine. 403 East Genesee Avenue PARK AND SHOP SUPER MARKET Tuxedo Rentals and Men's Furnishings GREEN ACRES PLAZA 2024 N. Niagara 315 S. Mich. 2114 Marshall Ct., Sc1gir1OW SW 2,7421 NEUENDORF-BAUMGARTEN AGENCY B O W L - 0 - M A T COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Welcome Junior Bowlers! W 2-6465 PL 4-6500 6220 State S F. Myers, Mgr. HARRY BOULTON .ALBERT BAUMGARTEN 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar - everyone for Arthur Hill stand up and hollar! MOVING Local or Long Distance World Wide Low I.C.C. Rates Premium t H fN STORAGE 'ei ,-, O ,J K I fi f tl I 105,23 dvi O9 WDW I i i , I GET HAPPY WITH CHAPY Y EIEVEIIIIGES Pankonin-Rexall Drugs MICHIGAN AT COURT Where Only The Best is Pat Lambel and Mary Gekeler decide upon a gift from I, ', the wide selection of cosmetics at Pankonin Drug Store. ,f Sprinkled Warehouse Private Vaults Low Insurance Rates Largest in Saginaw L. VE V it - N -Q STEVENS VAN LINES "ON THE DRIVE SINCE '05" 121 S. Niagara PL 2-6176 Sold DUDEWICZ-EPTING DRUGS HUTFILZ 5043 State Street SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Free Delivery SW 2-7021 2850 Buy Rd' I eakaf, Frimberger Com an - Real Estate 5' Insurance P Y sagmaw 2801 North Michigan 1625 N. Michigan PL 7-0377 Sw 2-9659 Phone: PL 5-5389 Saginaw Michigan Hey, Hey, What do you say? Hey, Hey, What do you say? It's - - - 0 9 Q , Granville s I28 N. WASHINGTON AVENUE vb, F U R F l N E - J E W E L R Y for good shoes for the entire family GENESEE AT WASHINGTON Phone PL 24653 ES'Qb'IShed 1887 Kathleen Mary Quinlan Cosmeiics McGEE - FINLAY Pompodour Hair Shop THE SPORT SHOP AGNES I-ARSEN 615 East Genesee Avenue 9 Jefferson Baum cr . PL 3-9633 P5006 Pl 3-378' COURT STREET PRINCING ef BRENNAN RAY GAUDREAU l5:3'2R3::!:RSEree+ PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY PL Mm THE FLORIST Pl M122 , . , .I I 14th - Pl 2-6163 404 Wes, Ge A SGQIPGWI M'CI"'Q5VI se I I com - sw 2-6441 THE WICKES CORPORATION -Divisions- Domestic WICKES BOILER COMPANY WICKES LUMBER COMPANY WICKES MACHINE TOOL DIVISION WICKES MARINE TERMINAL COMPANY MICHIGAN BEAN COMPANY SAGINAW GRAIN COMPANY THE UNITED STATES GRAPHITE COMPANY Foreign Wickes Internotionol N.V. Compania Minero De Son Jose S.A. De C.V. Hey, Hey, What do you say? Come on team, Fight! M00 E BIIWLING ALLEY ' 220 N. HAMILTON Phone Pl. 3-4044 301 North Water PL 2-2165 , ROBERT T. NEER. D.D.S., M.S. . . S lEWIS C. PINNEY, D.D.5., NLS. DRUG AND SURGICAL STORE Practice Limited to Orthodontics p,eSc,5p,5on Ewen, 2919 Court at at Congress AGENCY mc' H 5-0473 Pl 1,6666 Saginaw, Michigan 518 West Genesee Phone: SW 2-6161 Complete INSURANCE sewic' Foberge Lonvin G-I-LE'DLE'N DENcsLER's PHARMACY G. T. ROBINSON Bearing Building Phone: Pl. 2-6106 Revlon IOOI Gratiot Ave., Soginow, Mich. Phone: PL 2-1620 "Fine JeweIry" THERE'S NO MOBILE HOME LIKE A T R A V E L O Bom in gaginacu and now aszvirzg moat of Jlfficgigan FAMILY CREDIT . M E - .E,,,. coRPoRArloN 7 5 Gqufomogifs and cflffszcgancliia: ,ze-L-A 7 ' ' ' 'LZMPTI P J W Qinanaing Parent of Four Models . . . A Floor Plczn For Every Fomily Mfgd. in Soginow by Raymond Products Co. 1212 RUST STREET Q35 uonal .17 oana -Offices in- Al-MA ALPENA BAY CITY CADILLAC MANISTEE SAGINAW CHEBOYGAN SPARTA GRAND RAPIDS You gotta o team, you gotta go, go, 20 -- You gotta 6 ht team, you gotta fight, fight, iight - Banicing that is building Michigan COLLEGE EDUCATION PLAN Now Available Through . . ICHIGAN ATIUNAL ANK SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Assets over 500 million dollars Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit insurance Corporation INFORMATION UPON REQUEST ENRIGHT-TOPHAM CO. I FABRIC SHQPPE ,mow CA, KECK s STANDARD 2718 so Wash A thinking fellow calls 4 Yellow I i 218-240 North Baum Bay 3+ Weiss Saginaw' Mich' Phone Saginaw' Michigan HFCSIIIOII By The Yllfdu Mmef, Home Baku, SAGINAW VALLEY BANK Home-Made Pofapo Bread Complete Convenient Banking Service Pies - Cakes - Cookies Parking For 2,000 Cars 2602 S I'I n : - ' M P 0 ' PL 22353 4550 sme Member FDIC sw 2-8754 GOOD OLDER USED CARS C- A- RUYm0'1Cl ASGHCY under S500 Complete Insurance Service HART SALES COMPANY Court Ot Woodbridge 'I000 Brockway Telephone PL 5-8145 l You gotta win team, you gotta win, win, win - You gotta go team, fight team, win, win, WIN I 0 I I npr 1:1 Emvfns PL 5-3424 Wm. C. Roney St Co. Member New York Stock Exchange 105 SECOND NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phones - PL 5-3425 700 Lapeer Pllcne Pl 4-9793 Mqebqnqld gud 51-il-,gel Winterstein's Hardware SHEA.S Office Supplies and Equipment Paints, Gifts, Hardware The best in equipment for PHONE: pl, 3.5433 Phone: Sw 2-6001 ALL SPORTS 408-410 W. Genesee Ave., Saginaw 3514 STATE STREET 524 E. Genesee Phone PL 5-4677 AUTO PARTS CARBURETOR lr IGNITION HDQTRS. RUSSEU. ELECTRIC 1915 N. Michigan at Genesee Lu-Ari' Beauty Academy Lucille Krueger 514 E. Genesee Ave., Saginaw "Where Prolihblo Careers In Cosmetology Begin" Gugel's Funeral Home 419 NORTH MICHIGAN PL 2-8531 FIRST . . in gaad taste! M. Donald urzliry laek DAIRY FO0D - ICE CREAM ll T: I! 0 'M eil 'M'1"'-i E T' ,I fegl BULLDOZING - Get that jump ball, Hillite, HI1Iire- Get that jump ball, Hillite, Hillite qv-H I RUBEN C. SCHULTZ TRUCKING H39 South Woter Street EXCAVATING - MMWMM ' GRADING Tfi in a i I I .-It ,li THE STRAND Good Food Anytime Curb or Inside Service STATE 01' BAY Bill Eickler finds the food and Dort's service excellent - as he eats at the Strand. AMERICAN KIYIIC CU. DALL'S SHOE STORE SHERIDAN A'r HoY'r AND CHERRY REAL ESTATE as INSURANCE "We tit the feet" 4870 Sioie 416 Court HOLCOMB GARDENS GOES SEED 81 EQUIPMENT QUALITY PRODUCE COMPANY can Norm gladex X Five minutes north of 413-423 S. Fronklin St. I - -AJ. ei 5Ogif1C1W OFT BOY Road PLeC1SC1nT 3-8432, 2-8433 . . . more than iusi o printer HAM GRUSSE PTE g,:gM:NG 5 SIG MW M ,M , mo Ioo s un TU I mo 1 5797 ,B niIIIj11I2F,S!III I I A E i Pat Butterfield, Sandy Sprott, Bette Bear, and Sue Fritzler enjoy modeling fashions from Village Store. I Let's Go. Let's go, Let's really go! f 5 1- . C ' . SUNG: 510,000 9 44 5 T INSURED r . Ev I0 xl QW! mtv' RIDE THE WAVES WORRY-FREE Save for your trip beforehand! ' O 4 4, current annual rate FFERSUN at FEDERAL STATE at MACKINAW VACATION DAYS are so much more pleasant when you know you won't have to pay later. A few dollars weekly in an account here starts you off on a paid- in-advance vacation. Add to it regularly, and you'll have the trip of your dreams. Stop in soon. Save pro- fitably and safely here. ,f4"', downtown branch ottice My CULVER-DEISLER CO. PRESCRIPTION Dkucolsrs KESSLER'S MARKET ISO7 South Michigan MARTIN 8. MARTIN Attorneys-ot-Low Walter Martin, Fred Martin, J G 81 S ' . JZPKZA M'?f'rl?gj'tff, Haro'-1 W- Mum" phone PL 2-8363 Special HOMEMADE Sausage 803 Court St. Sogino ANDERSON'S BOOK AND ALEX KRAUSE wM. A. LANGE cf soN CARD SHOP UNC., Hallmark CUFCIS 708 South Hamilton Green Acres PIQZQ Air Conditioning-Heating-Cooling Sheet Metal Contractor ISOS South Michigan H9 Jefferson 116 Michigan The Seal-O-Co Stations A Q44 ' ' IQ5lT.flrLj"f,1, '-' ' ' o It W gif' If Loccted A1 co lx ,!,VLViTyam,,f.e, ,,.r, ,,,1k gill V W 4 T" ' A -A rrr, ' 1' r --, A P211 'niwet ILE, 'E if - it 4 'I4I8 STATE 'I304 GRATIOT 4 5 I Ip. A A 'Q L mm, .W M . iv it A , A, ..,. ISI9 MACKINAW 2114 S. MICHIGAN i" I 1-'L 777 NORTH WASHINGTON ...., -,......-- .iku-lffzesam -1, -rf,Lgf5Q5n1f,,4z,Hf?r . The Junior Prom. . . The ski trip to Boyne Mountain. Who Can Forget . . fi +9 ,..-v-ff' ,- up . . . . Homecoming Nominations Assembly - - - Those groups in the halls, 3 ' X. 9 YZ 5 11 L Q is 3 fin.. , . A11 the chemistry experiments. . . . Getting measured for caps and gowns. The new Language Lab- . . Campaign Assembly 175 ' s Thats our team, that's our team, that's our team - Saginaw Business Institute "Michigan's Most Modern Business College" 310-314 S. Washington PL 5-3444 Tel.: PL 5-3694 RUHLIG LANDSCAPING CO. Power Rolling Roto Tilling Byron 6' Gerger Seeding Garden Service Pharmacy Inc , . EVERGREENS soganow, Michigan 3785 Jones Road GRATioT at ELM Phone: PL 2-0233 MICHIGAN at CLARK SZOTT G' BALLARD FARM SUPPLIES phone: PL 4-7113 Phone: PL 3-6637 Two locations to serve you! Zi I South Park Saginaw, Michigan if 's ai' as AN, in . , d , , K - 1 X - fr Q' " 4. " 2 Q , 13: 0 .f cf. . as 411 R we .,,. me MILK and rcs CREAM so yfki if X K' i s 5 2 Borden's milk and ice cream takes the number one spot S3 , 2 ' with students at Arthur Hill. To prove its popularity is the scene of a place setting taken before the Senior Dinner MW r, lust June. Y, Extra Energy and Goodness Too Y Sq "" .,.' , if -vI- ..,.. v ME ' 2: . f 114' Holsum Sol-Spun Bread THE GASE BAKING CO. 1 Fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting team - Yea Lumberjacks -- Let's go! "As a rule its a Lutlcin' THE UFKIN RULE co. Grads: Best Place To Worlc in Saginaw- The Chesaning Argus "The Newspaper That's A Neighbor" 80th Year of continuous weekly publication. Published Every Thursday. Merchants of Saginaw can reach the market of southwestern Saginaw County completely through Argus advertising. Tell your merchan- dising story thoroughly and cheaply to rural Saginaw County folks with an ad in The Argus. Information cheerfully furnished on circulation, display and classified rates. Chesaning, Michigan Phone Vlctor 5-3201 E. W. Graft Construction Company, Inc. General Contractor PHONE: PL 4-6539 2870 Harrison Saginaw, Mich. iCClIIIl2lI1II6' 116 SOUTH JEFFERSON Shorts and suits have pretty well caught the attention of Connie Kitzman, Jeanne Mehleader and Carol Foehl as they shop at Weichmanns. Gonna' win by golly, gonna' win - Gonna' win by golly, gonna' win - Gonna' win by golly, gonna' win! Second National Bank oi Saginaw SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Six Offices in Saginaw .Z J OTR, ll ' - WSC? XI i,,- .. 'SSX 1 -1 I-T T T N TIT ,J A 1 Os gmii IIIIIII . , E -, -A, E 'ik !.Ug1:,I.l.lI: STATE STREET OFFICE O Q..-11, T II1:.,g:, 3446 STATE STREET E 311:11 1 IIHQHTE - :HHH AA - :HH H - A- - I . TT. STATE 2 r 'V I 3 S' at I IIN: AWIIIIIH y CO A42 TIT 111111 'IISULULL lr' L' ly at 040 T 3 MAIN OFFICE ' Hx XX NO SX EAST GENESEE AND J. 1 I gg xg WASHINGTON AVENLJES T xx. x mf' T-I . ,N 1 -HEL 1- A .xx Q' Fillgl In IIVPII ig? W ' QR I T xv T ' 'If - f If Og. is VA Q O 'I 'N I 1 WEST SIDE OFFICE vxr QQ XX COURT AT NORTH N HAMILTON STREET QS AUTO BANK X coo QCN ooo SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE ,, T Inn-27IlIzia ER - 4 if T. . X 1 sua-.E --TT0-'-V" -i N - I I -i I T E rr-FT., A ,, .IJIl. IJ SOUTH SIDE OFFICE T' A T SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE f AT CENTER STREET FAIRGROUNDS OFFICE QSIS EAST GENESEE AVENUE IS aun 90TH 'ff' SAGINAW MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 178 -- -.. . . ....4.11u 1:-1.1 WERKEMA STUDIO 315 East Genesee Telephone: PL 2-7031 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN S Abbe, James 64,149 Abramson, Barbara 64, 148, 150 Accetta, Judy 64 Adair, Janet 30,31,56, 64 Adams, Robert 64 Agricola, Beth 24,42, 60,64, 142, 143 Alburg, Diane 64 Alex, Sharon 64 Anderson, Jack 64,94,100,101,139,155 Anderson, Ray K. 64 Anderson, Sally 64 Andrezejewski, Mary 64 Arft, Susan 64,142,143 Armstrong, Bob 64 Armstrong, Sandra 64,141 Arnshek, Tony 64 Averill, Carole 64,156 Basse, Gary 64 Bailey, Judie 31,64, 170 Baker, Thomas C. 42,64,152,155 Ballantyne, Beth 24,64 Ballard, Bernard 64 Ballard, Carol 64 Balzer, Norma Jean 64 Barberree, Carmen 65 Barko, Marie 65 Barrett, Marianne 65 Bartle, Alice 24,65 Bartlett, Dale 65 Bartlett, Linda 65 Bauer, Gene 24,47,65 Bauer, Janis 65 Bauer, LeRoy 28,65,139, 148 Bauer, Richard 65 Baumgartner, Robert 65 Bean, Henry 65 Bean, Howard 65 Bear, Bette 43,56,65,95,146,157,170, 172 Beck, Caroline 65 Becker, John 42,65,137,147, 149,152, 156 Bedell, James 65 Belknap, James 65 Benjamin, Dick 65 Berlin, Herbert 65 Bethune, Donald 65 Beuche, William 65 Beyer, Edward K. 54,65,141 Bickel, Carolyn 65,144 Birnbaum, Ardath 65 Blackney, Warren 65 Blank, Jerome W. 16,3O,42,66 Blehm, Herman W. 66 Blom, Joost 61,66, 107, 141 Blynn, Suzanne 66, 138, 141, 142, 146 Bocker, David 66,139 Bohnhoff, Karen M. 61,66,91,144 Bolger, Fred 30,66,139,148 Bonner, LoAnna 66 Bosley, Alice 66 NIOR I DEX Bosley, Paul 66 Bosley, William 66 Bourdow, Grace 66,138, 152 Boyd, Joan 66 Braden, Margaret 66 Bradley, Elana 66 Bragman, Lorraine 66 Branch, Sandra 66 Branch, Shirley 56,66 Brandyberry, Bithia 66 Braun, Patricia 28,66 Braun, William 66 Brauninger, Margie 66 Brenner, Constance 66,141,170 Brink, Patricia 66 Brooks, RoseLynne 66 Brown, Cathlyn 29, 56, 57,66,95 Brown, Mary A. 15,6'7,95,142,l57 Brubaker, Bette 67 Bruske, Dale T. 67 Bueker, Joyce 67 Burbach, Nancy 26,67,142,156 Burbank, Robert 67 Burkard, Thomas 58,67 Burmeister, Fred 67 Burnett, Patricia 67,146 Burtch, Sharon 67 Busch, James 67 Bush, Mary 67,154 Butler, Rodney 67 Butt, John 67 Butterfield, Patricia 31,56,67,152, 17 1, 172 Butts, Judy 67,146 Byron, Caroline 15,67,142 Byron, Rebecca 67 Calahan, Dennis 67 Calkins, Jerry 42,54,67, 107,109 Cammin, Fern 67 Carlton, Sharon 67 Carpenter, Kenneth 67, 152,155 Carpenter, Lynda 67 Cates, Maxine 68,144 Cherry, Gail 68 Chinery, Danice 68 Cibulka, Dorothy 68 Cibulka, Mary Ann 68 Clairmont, Michael 68,155 Clark, James 68 Clark, Marilyn Ann 68 Clark, Sandra J. 68,140,152 Clement, Ronald 68 Clements, Nancy J. 56,68 Cline, Willo 24,68 Cohen, Carol 68 Cole, Sandra 68,l51, 152,155, 157 Collison, Sally 68 Constantine, Susan 68 Corwin, Beth Elaine 68,142 Cottle, Ron 68 Cox, Clark 42,68 Cradit, Maurice 68 Crannell, Richard 42,68,170 Crozier, John 68 Crummer, Jean 68 Curry, Richard 27,68 Curtin, John 69,152 Cuthbertson, Nancy 69,142, 152 Dankert, Ron 69 Davidson, Harry 69 Davis, Harvey 69 Davis, Mary L. 42,69,14O Davis, Paul 69 Day, Dennis 69,102 Deford, Sue 69 Delavan, Byron 69 Denno, Judith 69 Denomme, Joseph 69 Denton, Robert D. 69,156 Detloff, John C. 69 Devers, Sue 69 Dieckman, James 69 Dietlein, Robert 11,69 Dietrich, James 69 Dietzel, Larry 69 Diifell, James 69 Dill, Virginia 69 Dillon, David 69 Dinse, John 69 Dollhopf, Vernon 26,69 Doyle, Jolm 69 Drake, Margaret 69 Drown, Doreen 70 Dunbar, Deniece L. 70 Dupree, David 17,70 Dzrojkoski, Diane 70,152 Ederer, Catherine 70, 146 Eichler, William 70,172 Eikelberg, Nancy 24,70 Eller, Ernest 70 Endstrasser, Joe 70 Engels, Herbert 70 Engle, Frederick 70,155 Enszer, Gerald 30,70 Eurich, Ken 70 Ewald, Carl 70 Faust, Harold 70 Feldotte, Dianne 70 Felton, James 70 Ferguson, Bonne 42,70 Fetherolf, Janet 31,70, 146, 152 Fiebig, Gail 70,157 Findlay, Foster 70,155 Finner, Mary Kay 70 Fishel, Kent M. 49,70,l40 Fitch, James 70 Flores, Michael 70 Flucke, Richard 70, 139, 152 Fobear, Pat 42,55,56,7l,94, 146,157 Foehl, Carol Marie 71 Foerster, Lester 24,31,62,71,95 France, Kent 59,71 Frehling, John 20,71 Freid, Jerry 71 Fries, Ronald 71 Fritz, Bertha 24,71 Fritzler, Sue 71,172 Furhop, Nancy 71 Fuller, Garry 71 Fuller, James 71 Fuller, Larry 71 Gaiser, Barbara 71 Gardner, Carole 71, 142, 146 Gardyszewski, Bernard 71 Garner, Mary Sue 42,71,l40,157 Garske, Helene 71 Gass, Martin 71 Gawlak, Carol 71 Geiger, Charlotte 71,146,155 Gerskin, Robert 71 Geweniger, Bonnie 71,142 Gibson, James A. 71,155 Giesecke, Paula 72 Gilbert, Carlyle 72 Gilles, Becky 72 Gilmore, Mary Ellen 30,72,150,157 Gilson, Donald 72 Glancz, Ronald 3O,31,72 Glass, Charles 55,72,155 Glessner, James 72 Goes, John 28,29,72,149 Gohm, Lawrence 72,103 Golz, John 72 Gonzales, Jane 72 Gonzales, Joe 72 Gorte, Sharlene 72 Gould, Judith 72 Graft, Patricia 72,146 Graham, Donna 72 Graham, Robert 72,149 Graverette, Shirley 72 Graves, Judith 72 Gray, Glenn 72,155 Gricar, Melbourne 72 Griffore, Marilyn 72 Griffore, Ronald 72 Grigsby, Ronald 58,72,139 Gross, Dale 73,155 Guettler, Louise 73 Guldenzoph, Marsha 73, 152 Gustafson, William 42,73,95,149,152 Haas, Linda 73 Haas, Patricia 30,73 Haefele, Brian 73 Hagerty, Bob 73 Ha.k, Edward 73 Hales, Ruth 73 Hamlin, William 73 Hansen, John 42,73 Hansen, Tom 73 Hanthorn, Sharon 73, 144, 146 Hard, Charles 73 Hardt, Richard 73 Hargesheimer, G. 42,73 Harris, Susan 31,73 Hart, Michael 42,73,103 Hartfelder, Jacq 34,73 Hartl, Jim 73 Hartle, Ann 24,73,171 Harvey, Barbara 73 Hayner, Danny 73 Hazen, C. Lawrence 73 Heavenrich, Elinor 74 Hebl, Jean Kathleen 74 Heins, Sharon Kay 74 Heinz, Lisa B. 42,74 Heitkotter, Monika 61,74 Hemmer, Bill 74, 155 Henderson, Phronsie 74 Hendricks, Howard 74 Henne, Barbara 74 Henry, Mary Katherine 74 Hernandez, Fred 74 Herrick, Robert C. 74 Hertz, Glen W. 74,152,154 Herzberg, Sharon 74 Hibbard, Marilyn 74 Hilbrandt, Ronald 74 Hildebrandt, Nancy 74 Hillman, Karen 13,74 Hitsman, Ann 74 Hodges, Carol 24,74 Hoeppner, Dale W. 74 Hoffman, Virginia 74 Hoffman, William C. 74 Hofmeister, Jerry R. 74 Holcomb, Susan 28,29,74,1 Holhnan, Bonnie 74 Hooker, Patricia 75 A Hooper, James S. 75 Howe, Lynn D. 75,141,142 Hubbard, Larry A. 75,139 Hubble, Jim 42,75,139 Hubinger, Carl 75, 103,156 40,146,157 Hubinger, Dorothy 75,146, 154 Hudson, James 75 Humphrey, Bonnie 42,56,75,95,l55 Hunter, Karen M. 75 Hurney, Harvey 75 Hurst, George 75 Hutchinson, Michael 75 Inman, Priscilla 30,75 Jacob, James 75 Jacoby, Thomas 75 Jahn, Ellen 75,146 Janssens, Eileen 75, 155,170 Jeruski, Joe 75 Jewell, Sherry 31,75 Jochen, David 42,75,14O,149 Johnson, Joseph 30,42,75,140 Johnston, Kathleen 7 5, 1 55 Johnston, Sandra 7 5,156 Jones, Richard 7 6 Jones, Sharon Kay 24,76,155,156 Jonker, JoAnn 76 Juras, John 76 Kackmeister, Gary 76 Kampfert, Judy 76 Karls, Karen 76 Kasper, Donald 76 Kazuk, Betty 76 Kelly, Sandra 76, 142, 146 Kemerer, Nancy 76 King, Jack 76 King, Judy 76 Kingsbury, Rodger 76 Kinville, Patricia 76 Kirkpatrick, Kirk 11,76 Klement, Judy 76 Knezek, Robert 76 Knoerr, Ruth 76 Koski, John 42,76 Kovaleski, Michael 76 Krafft, Betty 31,76,146 Krause, Karen 29,76,151, 178,184 Krenke, Kathryn 76, 137, 146,150, 152 Kuch, Robert 77,155 Kundinger, Howard 77 Kurzhals, Carol D. 77 Kwaiser, Bruce 77 LaBelle, Dan 77 LaBrash, Darcy 77 LaDouce, Robert E. 77 LaDouce, Bill 77 Lamb, Lynn 77 Landeryou, Ithemer 77,170 1 Landeryou, Mary Jo 29,77 Landsburg, Alexander 30,31,42,77, , 149,152 Landskroner, Marwood 77 Lantz, John 77 Latkovic, Nicholas 77 Lauer, Sharon Kay 77 Laury, Nancy 77 Laverty, Tom 77 Lawrence, Gary 77,94,139 Leach, Janice 77 Leaman, Catherine 77,171 Leaman, Donna 77 Lear, Marvin 77 Lee, Sharon 77 Leesch, Walter 77 Leistner, Margaret 77 Lemke, Walter 78 Lemmer, Sue E. 78,150 Lenick, Harry 78 Leonard, Robert 78 , Leppien, Joe 78 Levi, Karen 78,150 n Lewless, Bonnie 78,146 Licavoli, Katy 78 Liebl, Barbara 78 Link, Christine 78,143 Linville, Carol 78 Locke, Dolores 78 Lockwood, Sharon 78, 144, 146 Lundberg, Patricia 42,78 MacDonald, Bruce 78 Maday, Dennis 30,78 Maddox, Judith 78 Maeder, Carol Ann 78 Malicoat, Vern 78 Malmgren, Sandra 78 Malone, Terry 36,42,78,l41,142, 143,157 Mangulis, Valda 78 Mangus, Joyce 78 Mannion, Tom 78 Manwell, John 78,102,156 Marceills, David 78 Marcoux, Gerald 78 Marden, Harold 79 Mark, Jennifer 30,79,150,152,171 Markey, Mary Louise 79,157 Marolf, Gladys 79,144 Marquis, Gail 30,79,150 Martin, Cheryl 79 Martin, Dale 79 Martin, Fred 16,42,79,94, 149 Martin, Nancy 24,79 Martin, Ronald 79 Martin, Sally 21,79,150,152 Martin, Sue 79,138 Nelson, Barry 24,30,8l Neuenfeldt, Bonnie 81 Neymeiyer, Evelyn 81,144, 146 Nichols, Kenneth 81 Nicklyn, Richard 81 Nixon, Robert J. 24,81 Notter, Alan 81,145 Novak, Carol 81 Nover, Elliott 81,171 Nowlin, Kathleen 42,81 Oblander, Lana 82 O'Brien, Patricia 82 Ochodnicky, Thos. 82 Marx, James 79,139,152 Maturen, Carol 24,79 Maturen, Ronald 79,100 McCrea, Ronald 27,79 McCullen, Karen 79 McCulloch, Laurie 79,155 McDonald, Steve 79,91 McDonnell, George 79 McDougal, Francis 79, 110, 152 McGill, Kathleen 79 McKee, Pamela Ann 79,138,l43,146 McKee, Pamela Lynn 79,152,157 McNair, James 80 NcNish, Roy 80 McPhi1imy, Carol S. 34,80 Meadows, Karen 42,80,140,143, 171 Meehleder, Jeanne 80 Meininger, Joseph 80 Mell, Kenneth 80 Merlone, JoAnne 80 O'Connor, Michael 82 Oppermann, Nick 58,82 Ortman, Karen 82 Osborne, Billy 82 Ostermann, Margaret 82 Ostrander, John 82 Otto, Prudence 19,55,56,82,138,141, 155 Paccione, Nicholas 82 Pace, Judith 82,138,14l,155 Packard, Larry 82 Paine, Margaret 82 Palin, Marcia 30,82 Panko, Thos. 19,56,57,82,94 Pankonin, Richard 82 Parrette, Cynthia 82 Parrish, Wallace 82,100 Paulus, Kay 82 Pa.xon, Mary QSallyJ 82 Peckover, Nancy 82, 142, 146, 149, Metiva, Edwin 80 Metiva, Sharon 80 Meyer, Clarence 80 Meyer, Connie 80 Meyer, David 80 Meyer, Gerald A. 80 Meyer, Jerry A. 80 Meyer, Joyce 80 Meyers, Gerald 80 Mielke, Curtis 80 Miller, Alan 42,80 Miller, Dale 80 Miller, Gary 80 Miller, Judy Ann 80 Miller, Judy Anne 80 Miller, Marilyn A. 80 Miller, Sharon L. 81 152,171 Perkins, Shirley 82 Perry, Dorothy 82 Peters, Thomas 58,82 Petrick, James 82 Phelps, Cynthia 83,170 Picard, Fione 83 Picard, Louis 83 Piechotte, Robert 83 Pierce, Karyl 83,155 Pinney, Jerilyn 47,83,152,155 Piziks, Waldis 83 Plaga, Harold 83 Plaskewicz, Ron. 83 Ploetz, Jean 83 Pluss, Diane 83 Portner, Jenny 83 Milstead, Pat M. 81 Moe, Nancy 81 Moeller, Tracy 81,138, 146,149 Mooney, Priscilla 81 Moriya, Yasuka 81 Morrow, Charles 81 Moskal, Richard 81 Munger, Robert 81 Murphy, Kathleen 81 Murphy, William 81,152 Murray, Susan 81 Myczka, Lois 24,81,150 Myers, Thomas 81 Nehmer, Lauraine 81,140, 146, 151, 157 Neiderquill, Sandra 81 Posey, Robert C. 28,29,43,83,140, 152,156 Potts, Judith 83,152 Poulos, Gary 83 Praay, Judy 83 Prim, Barry 24,54,83 Princing, Jane 42,83,141,155,157, 171 Pringle, Carole 83 Proux, Dawn 83,137,138,140,151,152 Pumford, James 83,139,149 Purchase, Dale 83, 145, 154 Purdy, Judith Anne 83,95,l40,142, 143,155 Pyscher, Duncan 83,110 Quick, Diane 30,84,138,141,142 Rabideau, Gary 84,148 Rachow, Judy 24,84 Railling, Lorna 30,84,146 Railling, Sue Ann 42,84 Raleigh, Joseph 84 Rambo, Mary 84 Randall, Linda 84 Rankin, Robert 84 Rapp, Mary 84, 142, 146,149 Rappuhn, Sue 84 Rathbun, Judith Ann 84, 143, 170 Raysis, Janice 84,157 Reading, Arthur 84 Reeve, Sharon 84,142 Reeves, Martin 31,84 Reil, Jerrie Lee 84,144,156 Rexius, Henrietta 84 Rexius, Judy 34,84 Reynolds, Barbara 84 Reynolds, Betty 84 Rhule, Colestic 12,84 Rice, Sue 84,138,157 Richter, Sue 84 Ricica, Elizabeth 42,85 Riefe, Richard 27,85,140,152 Rifkin, Larry 85, 139, 155 Robertson, Kenneth 85,152 Robinson, Lawrence 85,155 Robinson, Nancy 85 Roche, Karen 85 Roenicke, Mary Ann 85,144,146 Roethke, Mary Ellen 85 Rogers, Gerald 35,85 Rogers, Virginia 85 Rohde, Helen 85 Rohde, Kemmeth 85,139 Rohn, William 14,85 Rood, Joseph 85 Ross, Larry 16,85 Rossow, Sally Ann 85,149 Rouech, Ross 85 Ruby, Patricia 42,85 Ruffini, Joyce 85 Ruiz, Aniseta 85 Ruiz, Loy 85,142 Ruppel, Rodney 85 Russ, Tari 36,42,7s,141,142,143 157 Ryll, Lynne 85,142 Sager, Donna 85,155 Samson, Joyce 86 Sanders, Kathy 86 Sandow, Barbara 86,157 Sargent, Duncan 86 Sawyer, Jon 86 Scaife, Susan 86 Schluckbier, Janet 86 Schmidt, Gail 30,86 Schneider, Donald 86 Schneider, Joanne 86,152 Schneider, Nancy K. 30,86 Schomaker, Sharon 86 Schrade, Pamela 86,155,170 Schrader, Joanne 86 Schrank, Richard 86 Schreader, Clarence 86 Schrems, Bonnie 86, 146, 155 Schrems, Lynne 86,148 Schreur, Mary 28,86 Schroeder, Courtney 86 Schroeder, Russell 86,143, 154 Schroeder, Herman 86 Schultz, Kurt 86,94, 107, 109 Schultz, Ruben 86 Schulwitz, Nik 86,152 Schulz, Nancy 86, 141, 146, 149, 157 Schulz, Phyllis 87 Schwartz, Sabine 61,87 Schwinck, Grant 87 Scorsone, Christine 13,24,43,56,87, 94,155 Scott, Fay 20,87 Seaver, Robert 87 Senn, Mary 87 Shaffner, Jan 87,171 Sharp, Sandra 87 Shattuck, David 87 Shaver, Carol 87,138 Sheldon, Judith 42,87 Shields, Harold 30,87 Shields, John 87 Shook, Mike 87 Shrontz, Ernie 87 Shuler, Donald 16,87 Shuler, Donna 87,170 Shuster, Sue 87 Sieb, Donna 87 Siler, QDell 87, 102 Simmons, Evelyn 87 Simon, Marilyn 87 Simpson, Donna 87 Skentzos, Constantine 88 Smith, Brian 88 Smith, Carol 88 Smith, Dennis 88 Smith, Susan 88,155 Sommers, Judith 88 Sovia, Kay 24,88 Spadafore, Patricia 42,62,88,140, 146,157 Spangler, Laetta 88 Spaulding, Jack 88, 139 Sprott, Sandra 88,171,172 Stafford, Sharon 88 Standish, Elizabeth 88 Staples, Steve 88 Stevens, Archie 88 Stevens, Frederick 88 Stevens, Robert 88 Stevenson, Vickie 88 Stimpson, Don 88 Stumpfig, Barbara 88 Sumera, Suzanne 88 Sunderman, Edward 88 Suppes, Emily 88 Suppes, Robert 88 Swanson, Judith 88 Swanson, Ruth 88 Symons, William 89 Szarenski, June 89,156 Szott, Janice 42,89,141,155 Tallon, John 89,103,104 Taylor, Mary Lou 89 Taylor, Patricia 89,170 Thayer, Carol 89,148 Thayer, Nancy 89 Thom, David 89 Thomas, Sharon 89 Thompson, John 89 Thompson, Pam 89 Thompson, Robert 89, 137, 141, 149, 152 Timmons, Ellen 15,61,89,141,148, 157, 17 1 Tompa, Janice 89 Torres, Josephine 89 Triantafillou, Constance 89, 157, 17 Trim, Edward 89 Trombley, Elizabeth 89 Tucker, Martha 89 Turnbull, Jerry 89 Turnbull, Larry 89 Turrill, Victoria 24,89 Uphoff, Terry 89 Vadovich, Gloria 89 vancunk, Maryke 22,61,89,141,155 VanWormer, James 90, 145, 154 Vasold, Karen 90 Vibert, Rodger 90 Vinson, Paul 90 Vitito, Robert 90 Vogan, Eugene 42,90 Wacker, Carol 90 Walker, William 90 Walz, Barbara 42, 90, 141, 157 Warmbier, James 90 Washburn, Judy 90,155 Wazny, Andrea 90 Weber, David 11,90 Weber, Sally 90 Wegener, Gary 90 Weiker, Janet 90 Weishuhn, Diane 16,90 Wendler, Klaus 61,90,141 Wenzel, Dixie 30,90 Wenzel, Jerry 90 Wenzel, Joyce 90 Wenzel, Sharon L. 24,90 Wenzel, Terry 90 Westwood, Robert 90 Whalen, Eileen 90 Whatley, Robert 91 White, Dennis 91 Whitmore, Fred 42,91, 170 Whitney, Kay 91 Whitting, Sandra 91,150 Wickman, Bob 91 Wieck, Janet 91 Wieck, Ronald 91 Wierman, Mary 91,150 Wight, Phyllis 91 Wilcox, Martha 91 Wilhelm, Randall 91 Williams, Charles 91 Williams, Gerald J. 91 Williams, Margaret 42,91,94, 140, 142,143,157,178, 184 Willsie, Dan 91 Wiltse, Alice 91 Winslow, Ann 91 Wirbel, Dolores 91 Withey, Marilyn 91 Witting, Carl 91 Wolfe, Carol 91,146 Wolfgram, Thomas 59,91 Woolever, Katherine 30,92,150 Worthington, Sharon 42, 56,92, 140, 141,157 Wrege, Carole 92 Wressell, Patricia 92 Wright, Jae 42,92,95,155 Wright, Jerry 58,92 Wright, Sharon 26,92 Wurtzel, Harold 92 Wysong, Paul 92 Yaekel, Ron 92 Yeager, Michael 42, 56,92, 95, 100, 111 Yeakle, Alice 92,157,171 Yelsik, Gary 92,154 Yockey, Stewart 92 Young, Betsy 92 Young, Dale 31,92,111 Young, James 92 Young, Robert 92 Zacharias, Molly 24,92 Zagata, Carol 92,157 Zaggy, Patricia 92,157,170 Zahnow, Ruth 29,92,157 Zanner, Mary 92 Zeilinger, George 92, 111, 139 Zeman, Alice 92,138 Zemanek, Dorothy 24,93, 150 Zill, Marlene 93 Zimmerman, Mary 93 Zitter, Bettie 93 Zolinski, Jerry 93 Zumer, Edwina 93,156 l The LEGENDA has endeavored to present all the activities and progress at Arthur Hill of the 1960-61 school year. Through the co-operation and hard work of the faculty, LEGENDA staff, and Werkema Studio, this year's book is presented to the stu- dents of Arthur Hill. Thank you, yawn Pljfmwau 5 UJQLQQLDJYYXQJ Co-Editors-In-Chief 'Annan iv' 'Kl,..f N55 R -., XX, K r '33-tg 4' X, wa, 4 ll...r..4 s,.,..4..l. XX R178 liROl'lll.l I L nfxmmxlif nu LEGENDA 6 The Arthur Hill Dance Band provides lively music at the The Boys' Choir agree "There is nothing like a dame." annual Instrumental Concert. Concerts Capture Crowds 4- The concerts of the music department cap- ture their audiences. The vocal concert Spring Chorale was under the direction of Miss Rachel McMillan. It provided a great variety of music from spirituals to light-hearted vocal skits. The Instrumental Concert under the very able di- rection of Mr. Robert R. Clark also was a great success. The award winning Arthur Hill Con- cert Band, the Dance Band, solos and group numbers combined to give the audience spice, variety and enjoyment. Judy johnson, Miss McMillan and Vicki Stevenson dis- cuss some Iinal details before curtain time of the Spring Chorale. The award winning Arthur Hill Concert Band delights audiences. Pat Lundberg, with the "Re1ax'l rhumba. Band Bounce Presents An international Havor was introduced into the 1961 Band Bounce, when all the acts de- picted the general theme, "Around the World in Eighty Minutes." With an added emphasis on music, the band, orchestra, dance band, and A Capella choir performed expertly. The Band Bounce was under the direction of Mr. R. Clark, Mrs. R. McMillan, Mrs. M. McEwen, Mrs, E. McCrea, Mr. F. Case. Vocalist Dorothy Zemanak. Vocalist Beth Agricola. Royal Yingling and Barbara Byron in a space girl skit. B0yS' quartet John Butt, Dave Shattuck, Ray Borg, and Danny Stockford. 1 Twirlers Pat Butterfield and Sue Harris. Cornet soloist Barbara Hales Juniors Climb 'Stairway To The Stars' . satis A, Clark Arden gives Sherry Sullivan a twirl as they keep in time with the music of Jim Russell's orchestra. J., , I A Dave Spaulding checks tickets with Carol Diamond, co- chairman of the Junior Prom. Looks as though Jim Triant, co-chairman of the Junior Prom, and Karen Verhey are enjoying the refreshments. -1.s,-- - - Dick Dana and Mary Gross seem to be half way to heaven dancing under the false ceiling of blue and silver streamers and stars. f YM .1 Q 5 3 3 an is so Cast: Dave Thom, Bob Gage, Phil-Anne Crevia, Pete George tries to stop Emily from crying by Schilling, Karen Roche, Mary Anne Huyghe, George buying her a soda at Mr. Morgan's drug store, Hester, Barb Byron, Dave Charrey, Marg Williams, Bob Curtis, Jeanne Gobble, Tom DuCharm, Mary Brown, Frank Hoover, Barry Godwin, Larry Fuller, Pam Loeb- lein, Betty Brubaker, Loy Ruiz, Carl Ewald. "our T0Wn"ReViS1fed April 13 And 14 Mr. Webb gives Emily to George, who promises that he will protect her. - - In the first act the stage manager sets the stage for the audience. Mrs. Webb tells the audience all the problems a young girl has on her wedding day. Mrs. Gibbs shows Dr. Gibbs her gar- den in the moonlight. .W 4, X 189 Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins take time out after greeting guests at the reception. Mr. Hawkins is applauded after being named this year's Honor Alumnus by Nancy Schneider. National Honor Society members, parents, and guests attended the reception in the library. ,W HARRY HAWKINS '22 Eleventh Honor Alumnus On May 10, 1961, Harry Hawkins, Director of Sales and Engineering at Saginaw Steering Gear, was named Arthur Hill High School's eleventh Honor Alumnus. Mr. Hawkins has also received a citation from the Society of Auto- motive Engineers, was named a distinguished alumnus by the University of Michigan, and was Saginaw's first All-American. While at Arthur Hill Mr. Hawkins was an outstanding athlete, student leader, editor of the 1922 Legenda, and an honor student-the first to receive the Julius W. Ippel Merit Cup. In the community Mr. Hawkins has served as co-chairman of the United Fund Campaign, is President of the Board of the YMCA, and is chairman of the Delta College building com- mittee. C l s Karen Krause and Margaret Williams name Ron MacCrae presents Dale Timm Mary Geleker accepts the Mary Huyghe 1962 Legenda editor. with the News Junior Journalism Legenda Junior Journalism Award. Award from Margaret Wil- liams. 1961 Honors Asscmbl Jim McNair receives the Audio Visual award for the second consecutive year. For their achievement in scholarship, leadership, and extra curricular activities, Jeanne Gobble and Tim ' Houlihan are named Out- standing Sophomore Girl and Boy. 4 Kathy Woolever accepts the Tri-M- Ruben Schultz receives the Pep Club Club Award from the club's president, Mr. Hartman hands Janet Wieck the award from Ellen Timmons. Gail Marquis. Co-op Award. N5 ,A Lcft to Right: Mike Hutchinson, Bill Beuche, Walt Leesch, John Becker, Dick Nicklyn. Tom Webber, and Couch Seymour Murphy. Hillitc Linksmcn Lead in 6 Matches Linksmen ace John Becker demon- strates his style. . 'N a Linksmen stroked their way to victory in six out of eight Valley matches in the 1961 season. john Becker and Mike Hutchinson paced the squad throughout the year with the help of Dick Nicklyn, Walt Leesch, Harold Foust, and Tom Webber. In the final match of the year, the Val- ley Regionals played at Warwick Hills in Flint, the Arthur Hill Lumberjacks placed sixth. Dick CTubeyb Nicklyn lines up for that all important last putt on the 18th hole. l .limit 2 s y , l ' if all 1s x K . W xx W gg i - fx N W V. N 1 ' FRONT ROW: B. Schneider, R. Schuler, T. Houlihan. B. Jochen, Walker- J- Wfighli B- GUSl5lfS0Il, T- Peters, D- JOCIICII, 5- H0l1li- B. Rcmensnyder, and Couch George Purdy. BACK ROW: B. him- C- Wagner. Bild J- Gfillll- Netters Undefeatcd in Valley Competition "General" George Purdy's talented racket squad is again this year Valley Champion. The team enjoyed a near perfect record this season winning eight matches while dropping just one match to Owosso. At the regionals in Midland, Arthur Hill secured first place with first place victories from sophomore Bob Schneider in singles and the team of Bill Gustafson and Tom Peters in doubles competition. 1961 TENNIS RECORD Arthur Hill 7 Bay City Handy 0 Arthur Hill 7 Saginaw High 0 Arthur Hill 6 Flint Central 1 Arthur Hill 7 Flint Southwestern 0 Arthur Hill 6 Bay City Central 1 Arthur Hill 3 Owosso 4 Arthur Hill 5 Midland 2 Arthur Hill 7 Pontiac 0 Arthur Hill 6 Flint Northern 1 Through three years on varsity, Bill Gustafson won 40 matches. Paced by Seniors jerry Calkins, Wally Parish, Fran McDougal, and Rodney Ruppel, the Ar- thur Hill cindermen had a strong track squad. Weakness and inexperience in the field events, however, hampered the outcome of several meets. Coaches Hawes, McCarger, and Archer worked diligently throughout the season and procured a third place finish in the regionals. Fran McDougal was the Hillite 880 champion and standout in the mile relay. CD ,g,..,g,,"x-,v V A,,,..,,M 3,1 , ,A k Fran McDougal sets a new record in the half mile event. Hillitcs Third in Regionals FIRST ROXVZ G. Schmidt, R. Ruppcl, j. Calkins, L. Hubbard, XV. Palrish, 'll jacob, G. Zcilingcr, G. llurtz. SECOND RONV: Couchcs .lLAl1llL'l', j. Mcilzugcr, j. Xlilliums, G. Hauckc, 'l. linglc, B. Suudcrs, W. lluwirk, J. Mcljnrgcr, D. Ilunu, Coax Hawes. 'IHIRIJ RONY: li. Dr-nlon, L. bundcnburg, R. Slum Goullcnow, G. Arndt, K. Birch, j. Bird, T. Blanchctt. th X 'k, Y Tex is -.2 Ls , 'Qs 'Q' FIRST ROW: J. Thompson, D. Bartlett, D. LaBelle, D. Cranell, B. Prim, j. Koski, SECOND KOH: Bl. Yeager, J. Meyers, C. Schroeder, J. Maddox, L. Linxillc, B. Rohn, J. Will. THIRD ROW: Couch XV. Vondelte, J. Thorsone, lf. Whitmore, J. Hoff- meister, G. Will, J. Zciter, D. Lundcryou, J. Enzcr, J. Stiencr, J. Leppein. Hillite Sluggers Blast Opponents Valley baseball action saw the Lumberjacks of Arthur Hill, post a near .500 percentage. Nearly all of the team's decisions were close. Although not all of the games were won, the Hillites displayed spirit, determination, and ability. Regular players were Bill Rohn, first base, Dick Crannell, second base and Captain, Mike Yeager, shortstop, and rounding out the infield third baseman Barry Prim. Outfielders John Thompson, Dan LaBelle, and Dale Bartlett showed up outstandingly. Catcher Fred Whit- more, handled his pitchers Jerry Meyers, John Koski, and Jerry Hoffmeister ably. r- Fft . - X Q s First Baseman Bill Rohn Coach William Vondette stretches for a throw from shouts instructions to mem- one of his infielders. bers of the team. Captain Dick Crannell sparked many u Hiuite rallys with his timely hitting. Mlke Yeagefs fine fielding Saved Catcher Fred Whitmore impatiently I many a run for the Lumberjack waits his turn to bat during one of Pitchers. the exciting valley loop encounters. 1 Ale, Q ., William Gustafson and Sandra Clark, winners of the Otto Roeser Scholarships, and Margaret Williams, winner of the Ippel Cup, are congratulated by Mr. Brock. SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS FOR 1961 Arizona State University National Secretaries Association, Saginaw Chapter jack Anderson-full athletic scholarship Case Institute ot Technology Glen Hertz Central Michigan University Bonnie Hollman Delta Florence Goll Mills Scholarship, Newly created at Delta Thomas Panko, Andrea Wazny, Sharon Worthington, Carol Wrege Gerrity Broadcasting Company Nancy Burbach, Barbara Stumpfig Dow Chemical Kent Fishel Dan E. Kam Josephine Torres Delta Kappa Gamma Patricia Fobear Eastern Kentucky State Katherine Woolever--Music scholarship General Motors Cooperative Engineering Program William Braun-University of Michigan john Curtin-University of Michigan Gerald Enszer-General Motors Institute Jerry Hofmeister-General Motors Institute Richard Riefe-Purdue Dow Corning Cooperative Program at Delta Ronald Cottle john and Florence Goll Memorial Scholarship Margie Brauninger jennifer Mark Ronald McCrea Margaret Paine Patricia Fobear Diane Quick Cristine Link Margaret Williams Kalamazoo College Mary Brown Joseph Johnson-Honors Scholarship as well as 1 of 150 National Scholarships offered by the American Baptists Indiana University Shirley Perkins-Personal Faculty Scholarship Leonard Case Honors Scholarship William Murphy National Ottice Management Association-Saginaw Valley Chapter-First time awarded Robert Whatley-Going to U of M Lana Oblander-Third annual scholarship Panhellenic Scholarship Nancy Schulz Parent Teacher Student association, Arthur Hill Paul Davis Karen Krause Robert Whatley Sharon Worthington Michigan College ol Mining and Technology Kenneth Robertson-Michigan High School Saginaw Michigan State Alumni Club Terry Malone Michigan State University Sandra Armstrong Particia Fobear Patricia Fobear Susan Holcomb Karen Levi Pan-i Marilyn Withey-Music Scholarship University ol Michigan Thomas Baker Thomas Burkard Sandra Clark William Gustafson Veterans Administration Nancy Lee Cuthbertson-Eastern Michigan Howard Bean-MSU University oi Wyoming Gary Lawrence Michael Yeager National Merit Finalist Certificates Thomas Burkard William Murphy Judith Purdy Letters ot Commendation from National Merit Sandra Clark Glen Hertz Rodger Kingsbury Mary Schreuer Ellen Timmons Elks Leadership Contest Beth Agricola Alexander Landsburg Scholarship Terry Malone Christine Scorsone Christine Scorsone Fay Ann Scott cia Spadafore john Hansen Cristine Link Dawn Proux Judith Purdy University Mike Yeager is presented with the Michigan Plaque on the basis of athletics, leadership, and scholarship. The Treanor Award for his outstanding work in the field of journalism is presented to Ronald McCrea. Receiving the Civitan Award for outstanding citizenship is Bette Bear. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Judith Accetta Susan Arft Sandra Armstrong Thomas Baker Henry Bean Bette Bear John Becker Jerome Blank Constance Brenner Patricia Brink Mary Brown Bette Brubaker Thomas Burkard Judy Butts Sandra Clark Ronald Clement Sandra Cole John Curtin Mary L. Davis Paul Davis Sue Deford Bonnie Ferguson Kent F ishel Patricia Fobear Mary Sue Garner Ronald Glancz William Gustafson John Hansen Sharon Hanthorn Gretchen Hargesheimer Ann Hartle Glen Hertz Nancy Hildebrandt Karen Hillman Jerry Hofmeister Susan Holcomb Bonnie Hollman Carl Hubinger Bonnie Humphrey Thomas Jacoby Ellen Jahn David Jochen Karen Karls Betty Kazuk Robert Knezek Karen Krause Kathryn Krenke William LaDouce Alex Landsburg Janice Leach Donna Leaman Walter I:eesch Margaret Leistner Karen Levi Christine Link Terry Malone Valda Mangulis Jennifer Mark Gail Marquis Frederick Martin Ronald McCrea William Murphy Lauraine Nehmer Lana Oblander Prudence Otto Thomas Panko Nancy Peckover Shirley Perkins Karyl Pierce Jerilyn Pinney Robert Posey Dawn Proux Judith Purdy Richard Riefe Kenneth Robertson Mary Ann Roenicke Joanne Schneider Mary Schreur Nancy Schulz Christine Scorsone Fay Scott Patricia Spadafore Jack Spaulding Janice Szott Robert Thompson Ellen Timmons Connie Triantafillou Barbara Walz Janet Weiker Klaus Wendler Margaret Williams Sharon Worthington Carole Wrege Michael Yeager Alice Yeakle Carol Zagata Patricia Zaggy Ruth Zahnow Mary Zimmerman Bettie Zitter Soft music. dim lights, and lots to Gary Kackmeister adjusts Sharon Wrightls Seniors enjoy the last class dance of the eat at the Prom, corsage at the Senior Prom, year. Tari Malone and Brad Zittel appear to enjoy the music. Senior Prom will always be remembered. This year's Commencement speakers are Mar- garet Williams, Beth Agricola, Fred Martin, and Bill Beuche. Graduates Preserve Hillite Tradition T A thrill of achievement permeates the senior class as they await their diplomas. fl liillffil 5111 Seniors march proudly across the stage at Baccalaureate. 1961 Arthur Hill seniors relive the excite- ment each Arthur Hill graduate feels as gradua- tion week approaches. Senior Dinner affords the opportunity to reminisce over the past year and to anticipate graduation. At the Senior Assem- bly, the will and prophecy are read. The sol- emnity of Baccalaureate offers sharp contrast to the Senior Prom, the last dance of the school year. Completing the week's activities is gradua- tion. At this last formal gathering of the senior class, memories are created that will last for years. Ruben Schultz, Master of Ceremonies, Nick Opperman, Ron Grigsby, Tom recalls memories from Mr. Warren's Peters, and Jerry Wright entertain at Suki Morija, Japanese exchange student, class. Senior Dinner. carries out oriental theme. 199 1 ,1 1 . J T 1 Yu-bd Sunni EDWARDS BROTHERS, INC. Ann Arbor.,gan A Q , 1' XE .xl I UL Y

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