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' -,.,..........-- WZ ffZLJig22uz.,LM :WOM ff Fw W ,z9jZ6imw,J24 ,X ffm fx 7 " Q5 TMJ Qiwfjwf M X? QSSS QMSZNKMMQEXQVZ? X 'mf ,J Qiivff 3525 Q .X 3 I JQN5 Mimgwm Q N Qxmwvkbxkxqu. CA-kg. avg i iwgiifa MMM' H-lo-we..Qu.v.-xQU.2, N EXW S X gxx- M Ns XS gx Q X HSS ivwxukgm gi -il-.l..n 1l : ' v Arthur Hill High School 3115 Mackinaw, Saginaw, Michigan Volume 46 Editors Co-Editors-In-Chief .,.,. Special Events ...,. Seniors ........... .H Underclassmen ., I Classes cmd Faculty ,....,. .. Honors ........i.i.....,.... ., Clubs .....,. ,. Sports .......... Photography ...... ......, Advertising Manager ....,...,.,..,...,.........,,,. Index ......,. Adviser .,.,.,,. Cover design and div Sketches by Jean Bell . ..,..,,,..4...... PAT DENT LETITIA ST. PIERRE BELL .HMCAROL VANDERLIP ,.,....4..CATHY BROWN PATRICIA BRAUN ...,,...,,,KAREN KRAUSE , I ,,r,,.. MARGARET WILLIAMS DYER ........,LEROY BAUER JOHN GOES ROBERT POSEY . ....r.... JOHN HANSEN JAMES HARTL JUDY ROSS MARY JO LANDERYOU RUTHANNE ZAHNOW SUE HOLCOMB ..,...,.MISS RUTH MURPHY ision pages by Letitia St. Pierre ,YW , , ,, ,Y , , Y, +WYvYWT,,.,.7.,..i.Ww.,...v Y 7.7 Wi- V--W - --Y .Y - - .--.Q-......-, We wish to extend to you AN INVITATION T0 experience the trials and triumphs ancl thrills of a wonderful year at ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOI so that you may recall and relive the events that have become memories. ,,,,,. M,.:p--.---M 9 Al 1 bu - A ii ' F -wr. ' "'-'-'Z'-PZTW A' iz' W M ' Q ?- f V sl V A " 3 ,Q-' R v., . V g1,. gQE'XL'5 X W 4k ' W is ea? gwxffgswg XWj,"'.g,,,f'Sf'xiy.,- A . 2 RYAN? I yn' '1 I' "- il ll li H3-1 i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 2',,L,.,QQ,5-QQ W W ,A ,'.f -v ,Qu -4 an H .. , V 'A Q"f':1c 2 if iwgwgw a' f?,Q-E15 199140-'w2?f1' fxfE94AIv1?""VfWH-'fbi fffff. 1. Eg. 1 .f'ft"5Q?cMx?'i5?'I'?' 'Qg5f! 'iglglu' 6 Trq?'!i': in-gt: ZAQTLE-.1 --Ll' -H V V I Kuna!-M I I4 Y :A 5 ,I vi f ' 'W""i"""" ., , A pg. +1 fn-. FI 4, I ' 4' - fr-F. -452. ' 1'2" ,-L""-'-"' " I ",,nvjl,,! 1 'f uf, ', , '-J. f ' ' f' -s v:xX -W 4 51 .4- Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ....... SPECIAL EVENTS ....... Homecoming ......... Bancl Bounce ............ First Semester Play ....... S. O. Campaign ........ Assemblies ............. Dances .......... gl- sENloRs ADMINISTRATION and CLASSES Administrators .................... Departments ...................... C C L Q HONORS .. ss--.0 Q Honor Alumnus ........ 25 Year Club ........ Scholarships ..... Hall of Fame ........ UNDERCLASSMEN ....... Juniors ............. Sophomores ....... CLUBS ....... SPORTS .......... ADVERTISING ....... SENIOR INDEX ...... CLOSING ..... QE? Q 2 NS 4 ? 'kg .f:r,C3?mN Wai ',' N ,... ......... GQ Q 2 Special Events Ask Public Every year Arthur Hill invites both Saginaw's citizens and its students to memorable presentations. School talent entertains in the annual Band Bounce. The true Christmas Spirit warms the Christmas Pageant audi- ence. Homecoming plants new mem- ories or brings back old memories. Many special events belong to the Hillites alone. The purchase ofa dance ticket means that some lucky girl will have a date to an after-game dance or even better yet-The Prom! The S.O. campaign invites each student to economically attend Arthur Hill's special events for 1960. f , M, hs fg, were s M I., A Diana Boyd Janet Arndt Judy Meier :L Letitia St. Pierre Jcme R0Ym0nd N dw- :mv f be I - ., ' Gayle Verhey Carol Ann Kempf ,X it ' ,Q ,s L RNS urs, f , 5 2 s fel Wi 5' sag W ' Q , ,, 4, ,, Wi , ,QS J J Marilyn Wazny, Bob Hill, Janet Arndt, ancl Ellen Anderson listen attentively as the band plays their salute to our queen. ZKA Ellen Anderson Marilyn Wazny 5 -EE, - . Diane Weber Jill Barber 4 4- l l A l -, A iii? U M ' ' .ul ' KK." :'+-, . ' KK"1 'ss' s . 5 Tff , - 4, ,,.v X Yr .,:,,V1.,' X 1-:Xe -K K' Ml- i 1,-...Q 'jar Tears . . . Excitement . . . Cheers ib Hill escorts Janet down the stadium walk as llites stand in respect to their queen and her iurt. Every year Hillites look forward to their home- oming game and to honoring their homecoming iueen. The excitement and the glamour never fade. ' begins with girls being nominated in advisory. Then we surprise passes from the office, the Interview issembly, the tears of ioy and surprise by the Queen and her court as the announcement is made J the student body of those chosen to represent weir school as its royalty. Next comes the beautiful Coronation Assembly making every student's heart ll with gladness and pride in his school. Last, but ot least, comes the big homecoming game and the oronation for our friends and alumni, followed by ie traditional homecoming dance after the game. es, homecoming is wonderful! Janet couldn't hide the emotion that rose up inside her fs fi'-F30 'T W 'Special' Shows Skill we me , ,Q gi V me 'A ancl Style f "'k gp, ' si y Jae Wright, Herbert f Z' Eldredge, David Allen M 5 Helpap, a nd Randy I J Peters are the forsaken R 1 tel- 7 souls singing, "I've Got R36 A A Wife At Home." f 5 Z' it H' S. i S ' , f- ,n at f "3-Egg l, 5 45 V X i rfy' V vi, .'. .-,- X yr 1 'M,y1t 'A X . ,, 'wk-I fr A - fu. .li I South American music with a Calypso beat, a .if .TV in X Swiss accordion number, a Russian dance, and an 'L 1 ' American modern dance lent excitement and variety 'I fa' ll Q ,. to the '59 Band Bounce. This colorful and entertain- " ing "special" was the result of the hard work of all ia' the students who took part and its directors Mr. Wilford Crawford -Instrumental Music, Miss Rachel ,Y McMillan-Vocal Music, Mr. Stanley Schubert-Stag- ,C ing and Continuity, and Mrs. Eleanor McCrea-Dances f and Maiorettes. 12 "Sacrifique," an Aztec Indian dance done by Brad Zittel and C a rol Grigsby, was the biggest hit of the evening. ,Ji 95,5 . ml: 'le' V J ' I 5 1 in g W fig? ff'--' ,f l . ,.xQ,',!w', gg.. - 1 I 3 X t I -c IN 1 J: sq. gg, w, s . -,k. Q '-if ,,,g!iff.Q Q, Q xx c fx, A. ,C xx 4395,-f' , x - ' ,J is ' ,lf , 59 A, 4 I f ' A :gulf .. it rfsl rf 15",E,L-V t, -we ww , , , ,xl Gay and delightful was the accent put on music when Dorothy Hubinger treated the audience to a Swiss ac- cordion solo. People of the stage are ordinarily superstitious but thirteen proved to be a lucky number for this triumphant cast of thirteen: Alex Landsburq, Riitta Suominen, Bill Sharffe, Marcia Millet, Peter Schilling, Lynn Howe, Phil Sturtz, Carol Catrain, Jim Heftel, Mary Senn, Tom DuCharme, SueDeford, and Loy Ruiz. Death Takes A Holiday November 19 and 20. A What would you do if Death spent a few days at your house? Oh, no, not in his usual role, but as a guest of the family and under an assumed name. The Baron, William Scharffe, and his wife, the Baroness, Riitta Suominen, did well to portray how normal people would react to such an experi- ence. The students of Arthur Hill High School and their guests were well entertained and mystified as Phil Sturtz carried out the role as Death in the well staged drama, Death Takes A Holiday. "I am Death!" came forth the reply from the most dreaded figure portrayed by Phil Sturtz. A A Could it be, that this is what wins? Direct from Endsville are cz few of the chicks who did their best to help all th ' I h ' ' e glrs get ep, Nancy Noble, Duane Davis, Sue Tarrant and Ann Laing. Were you in Endsville? Victory Goes to Girls in S. O. War Jill Barber, Girls' Chairmcm f Doug Peacock, Boys' Chairman Carol Catrcuin, Girls' Co-Chairman Interest and excitement is generated in students uring the few days of the S. O. Campaign. They earn loyalty to their own sex, what competition is, nd loyalty to their school, besides. Hard work is lways needed in this campaign, and it is usually one willingly. Students enioy the small campaign ssemblies put on by the committees in the morning efore school starts. Adding to the clever posters nd skits the committees originate are the clever and ometimes weird announcements made over the P.A. he girls were rewarded for their hard work as the nnouncement was made that they had triumphed lver the boys. Fun and hard work pay off. r i I .lright, you cats, what happened? Didn't this cool rod ppeal to you? Yes, fellow, you might have won it it ou had bought an S.O. Did your -kc-7' s-sw 252. f r t as t I E i l t Po l .Q H, I.. 1 S '-J tw sis Crude? Maybe so, but these posters pulled the chicks to victory. This was the threat made by "Digger Deeper", the morbid character who motivated the boys' campaign. M: - ,wa l ! U t--an "Hey, Man, this is what a Football game will be like in the future," narrated Q cool beatnik from Saginaw High for the hit of their exchange assembly. Bob Hill, the Wright Brothers, and the B0n90 Trio provide enioyable Bill Scharffe salutes the "queen and her court". entertainment at the Boys' SOq55embly, """iKL',, This is a future football game? Attentive Behavior Is Rewarded by Assemblies Nik Schulwitz, Mike Hill, Gary Hoewe, William Freid- inger, Bob Northway, ancl Chuck Bottke, the honor guard, stand before the many names of alumni from Arthur Hill who sacrificed their lives for their country. While the bugle sounded taps, the students in the auditorium stood in silent respect. Fourteen ofthe seventeen students going to Europe are Joe Johnson, Ruth Zahnow, Donice Chinery, Bob Posey, Donna Simpson, John Hansen, Ellen Timmons, Jane Princing, Brian Heffley, Gail Marquis, Sandy Armstrong, Carolyn Byron, Pat Braun, and Janice Szott. Missing from the picture are Dorthy Hubinger, Pat Manning, and Prudy Otto. 3 How would you like to spend your summer in Europe? These lucky seventeen stu- l dents through their scholastic efforts have been awarded the privilege of doing so by the Student Exchange Program sponsored in part by the Michigan Council of Churches. If it is possible they have their choice of the country they are to visit. They are not told of their acceptance until the last school hour on the day ot the tea. Attending this tea are all the surprised students, their parents, the exchange students of last summer, the foreign ex- change students, and the counselors. "Europe, here we come!" ongratulations were generously given by Senior Hos- -sses and foreign exchange students to the lucky girls nd boys finally chosen to represent our school and :untry - Honored exchange students, Senior Hostesses, mothers, and teachers listen attentively to their speaker, Mrs. Ruth Andreson. vm-fhf f km V -I 5 , fy v K fggwsgskffrf - WX QW wif Mia .,'L, R ,-v""'d J ' 6 L M' "1- ,, Xi f '41 if ig Qws ' ,.,...-vw .wr M, 4. , . 1 .,....vf A.,..a' 5? - Q 'Q -ii an WU,-Jinx' m i 'flmafnsnzvfwf fm 2 r 3 1? sk if it s S 3 x ru T - 1 3 I si XS M ky :Zffafzf 4 Invitations Recall Memories Calling cards, graduation invita- tions, prom tickets, the good old mor- tar board and gold tassle: these re- main lasting memories for each senior. A safe-kept invitation to the "ball' or a summons to the last supreme cere- mony at Arthur Hill will become sou- venirs of his alma mater. Upon gradu- ation, these Hillites of '60 will forever follow separate paths. Old times, how- ever, will never be forgotten. Each alumnus will relive old times through memories and mementos. ajakbfffdw, Nyla qlane Ku r'l'Q Bzffrl olfzfzn. Snydzm Cueozyab gmnfzcfaed 5- I I if ?. .Q iff., - :ff l I twtfig'i'k t S ik l-.fa t mn. , wwf. f H' "i' Emerg -is . :f - - .Ns ,-L....,.- 1 N H , QQJ - Qt . - I if I 1 Q km.-1" fe- ' li5...,ff. , .1 " ,fig 5 if PATRICIA DIANE ACKER 25 Elmview Ct. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., PTA Ch. Club Hill- ite Rep., Red Cross Ch., Pep and Spanish Clubs. JUDITH ANN ADAMS 1906 Stanley. Co-op Club. BONNIE ROSE AHLGRIM 2119 Beniamin. Adv. Vice- Pres., Co-op, German, Mir- acle Book and Y-Teens Clubs. THOMAS CHARLES AHRENS 522 Eleanor. Red Cross Ch., Club Hillite Rep., Hi-Y, Ski Clubs. Assem. Comm., Class Ch., Swimming Letterwinner. LOIS MAE AINSWORTH 6140 Melbourne Rd. Miracle Book Club, Band Bounce, Christmas Pug., Comm. Pag., Choir, Girls Chorus. CHARLES EDWARD ALBERTS 1420 Cypress. Interest: Cars. JUDITH ANN ALBRIGHT 4849 Henry Dr. Miracle Book Club, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pag., Girls Chorus. SHIRLEY MAE ALBRIGHT 2002 Holcomb. Adv. Sec., Treas., Red Cross Ch., Mira- cle Book, Pep, Spanish, Y- Teens Clubs. DAROLD GEORGE ALLEN 2453 Eddy. Interest: Collect- ing Books, Agriculture. CAROL KAY ANDERSON 25 Congress Ct. B. Adv. Vice- Pres., Pep and Y-Teens Clubs, grand, Band Bounce, Class ELLEN GAGE ANDERSON 3 Benton Rd. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Pep Club, Band Bounce, Cheerleader, Queen's Attendant. JAMES JACK ANDERSON 230 Goetz. Hi- Y, Spanish Clubs, Baseball Letterwinner. Mg, U. ,mee The Senior Year - The Greatest ,sf ,'?e' 1??5 1 ,I at fe R.. Q y 1 -'-v , gs .Q- M... fi , .f s .ss BARBARA JEAN JOANN ANDREWS JANET ANN ARNDT ROBERT GERALD SHARON ANN ASMUS ROBERT JAMES AULT MICHAEL MELVIN ANDREE 813 Maple. Vice-Pres. 1436 Marquette. Adv. ARNDT, JR. 1924 Vermont. Pep 1314 Cooper. Interest: AUSTIN 3411 Osler. Pep Club. Miracle Book Club, Pep Pres., Treas., Soph. 1517 Birney. Club Hill- Club, Class Ch. Sketching and Paint- 2748 Hardin. Bioloi Club, Choir, Christmas Party Comm., Band ite Rep., Band Bounce, ing. and Natural Scienc P09-1 CIOSS Ch- BOUNCE, Cl'1I'iSffl1US P09-2 Christmas Pug., Boys Rit1e, Chess, Ski Cluh Class C11-I l'l0meC0min9 Choir. Christmas Peg., Ne Queen. Froiection Service. JAMES KENDALL HELEN ELIZABETH KATHERINE ANN WILLIAM GARY WILLIAM HAROLD JOANN VERA BALLIEN NANCY CAROL BALZI BAIRD BAKER BADER BAKER BALLEY 4516 Hospital Rd. ln- 615 Elm. Future Nurs 1500 Weiss. Interest: 1175 N. Mlllel' RDUC1- 2701 N- Hemmeief- ln' 4980 Buckthorne. Bowl- 1207 Maple. Bowling terest: Painting. Club. Autgmobile Mgditigq- Miracle Book, Tri -M terest, Reading. ing Club, Club, tion. Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag., Comm Pug., Choir, Girls Chor us. N .4 vet "iii , ,.,. . A , . .,' fl' -5 il ' I , t gf- ,lft fm Q3 , "f- . F, ag A ,sir 5 A .,,I 5 tiiitts Aff- 'E '5 l,'. A . f 2 . il ,.,.. E VVVV I . z Ak 4 'A t . M ,K .7 f.-f . a we as f ' 1., , , ik A D-' M .. A 5- 'S' ,g E I I 4.5 gi' A ,K ,sys . i'llA'f2.figqw f ffsff Q. fb P S' xl 'Ai .1 I at Q if vs .. x,., 01' .,55...f-f' . Typ . -we lgvgilv 71' Y. 4"P"' 1 A he 1 B' 1 , . : W f N . . ,- .I may gl 1 Q MQ .. '- , s . 859- 7 ,.,,A - Rf , . , . 1- 1, 5522 ' 2+ 5- .4 ve- ..,4k. SUSAN JILL BARBER 718 Van Buren. Adv. Pres., Sophomore Forty Committee, Aqualites, French Clubs, Stu- dent Cabinet Treas., Queen's Court, Band Bounce. JOHN ARTHUR BARKO R No. 1. Track Letterwinner KENNETH EDWARD BARNARD 219 Superior. Football Team Manager. JAMES CONSTANTINE BARRIS 1015 Hancock. Adv. Pres., Band Bounce, Boys Choir, Choir, Exchange Assembly, Lost Chords Quartet, Swim- ming. SALLY ANN BATTEN 921 Post. Adv. Pres., Sec., FNA, Pep, Tri-M, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Christmas Pag- eant. PETER MORGAN BEACH 4931 Indian Trail. Adv. Vice- Fres., Crucibles, Hi-Y Clubs, Class Chairman, Orotory, Swimming Letterwinner, Ten- nis, National Honor Society. DONNA JOANNE BEADLE 6675 E. Freeland Rd. Co-op Club, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pageant. PATRICIA ANN BECKMANN 521 S. Webster. Co-op, Pep Clubs. ROBERT JOHN BEDORE 2404 N. Clinton. Biology and Natural Science, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. RAYMOND GRANT BEEBE 1812 Wood. Adv. Pres., Club Hillite Rep., Big Fourteen, Class Chairman, Football Let- tnrwinner, Track, Basketball. SHARON JO BEHM 2316 Durand. Aqualites, Co- op, Miracle Book, Y-Teens, German Clubs, Homemaking Hostess. JEAN ELAINE BELL 5358 Adrian. Junior Prom Committee, Co-op, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman, Le- genda, Quill and Scroll. RICHARD A. BELL Freeland. Radio Club. BONNIE JEAN BELLENBAUM 927 N. Porter. Co-op, Y. Teens Clubs. TAMARA BELOKONNY 406 Cronk., Adv. Pres., Mira- cle Book Pres., Tri-M Treas., Clubs, Choir, Declamation, Sophomore Girl. IRENE BARBARA BESE 3415 Court. Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Health Room Attend- ant, Basketball, Volleyball. WILLIAM FRANK BEUTHIN 2300 Anderson Rd. Bowling Club, Baseball, Football. JULIE CARLISLE BINGHAM 4160 Farmington. Adv. Pres., Aqualites, French, Ski Clubs, Band Bounce, Big Fourteen, Cheerleader. 1 2-V. 1 ..., 1'- is M 5 Q' F C x s- 53' A . , 5--. ' Y ll: . I "Oooo! How wonderful!" Diann Weber and Janet Glick sh cl tears of ioy wlzei. they hear Diann made the Queen's Court DAVID CONRAD BIRCH 422 S. Granger. JETS and Mathematics, Chess Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. PAUL SAMUEL BISHOP 4629 Wolverine. Hi-Y Sec., Basketball, Cross Country 5 . W 'F I A.. . ISV' . ,i"JF?3Iff .-.-4-:w f lou! Letterwlnner, Baseball. ggizggfll ef - 'A CAROL LEE BLAKEWAY 1659 Gilbert. Co-op, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs. PENELOPE ANN BLISS 403 Thurman. FNA, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Usher, Red Cross Volunteer Pres, and Treas., Basketball, Volley- ball. ,Ai f' aa: 3,46 , F fi. :mt K . . . 1' F Q.. E ROBERT CHARLES KENNETH MELVIN BLODGETT BLUEMLEIN 2745 Congress. Biology 3810 Mackinaw. Radio and Natural Science, Club, Semester Play. Bowling, Rifle Clubs, News, Cross Country. Comm. RICHARD RALPH MARY ELLEN BOSLEY BORCHARD 2904 Rosemary. 2215 Bay. Junior Prom SANDRA LEE BLUHM JEAN ANN BOEHLKE and Pep Clubs, Band, PTA Ch., French, Latin, Band Bounce, Com- Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, De- mencement Pageant. bate. DIANNE MAE BOTTKE JAMES HAMILTON 1417 Lathrup. Adv, BOUCHEY Treas., Red Cross Ch., 819 Post. Hi-Y Club, Arts - Dramatics, Pep, Basketball, Footba I 1, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Track Letterwinner. Bounce, News. sw E. 1 ie. ,A . J cn , M E Lili. 2. , ws aiaf' ,ez ...e -- I:m....:. ,,, , , . , ...mb i 2 -3? t If -Hem.. . 'tx Sensi MBQEG Q .' 1:-g....::C'i:EE:i I' ' H, --..-- . . f - -.Q 5? erre . A ff .1 em. K fi H9021 3 1 K Q3 ,b , . Q 1- .w I -. -, iie.k 3,:jQ9, My r . Q i . x A WILLIAM LESLIE BOICE JUDITH MARILYN -2 79' F2221 BARBARA RUTH 770 Frost Drive. Co-op 645 Alice. Adv. Sec., 1370 Sheffield. Bowl- BOLGER ing, Hi-Y, Pep, Ski 3410 Mackinaw. Red 740 Frost Dr. FNA, Pei CIUIDS: Track JV Let- Cross Ch., Co-op, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Ban terwinner, Band, Or- Y-Teens Clubs, ClassBounce Christmas Pug chestra. Ch., Swimming. CONNIE JO BOURCIER FREDERICK JOHN 2010 Kollen. Adv. Vice- BOWDEN French, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. Pres., Soph. Party 6445 Shattuck Rd. FFA Comm., Arts-Dramatics, Club, Class Ch. BOLING Spring Speech. BARBARA ANN BOWMAN 1110 N. Fayette. Ads Vice-Pres., Arts - Drc matics, Aqualites French Clubs, Ban Bounce, Debate, Sprin Speech Award. Exchange Students Joined Senior Class SW .. .. gd - ff DIANA MORLEY BOYD 27 Benton Rd. Adv. Pres., Club Hillite Rep., Red Cross Ch., Big 14, Queen's Court, Senior Hostess, Jr. Prom Comm. RICHARD JOHN BOYSE 1417 Bliss. Adv. Pres., Treas., Crucibles, Hi-Y, JETS Clubs, Legenda, Tennis Letterwin- ner. JAMES CALVIN BRADT 1705 Stone. News. RONALD SHELDON BRANCH 126 Goetz. Adv. Pres., Vice- Pres., Hi-Y Club, Class Ch., Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball Letterwinner. THOMAS JAMES BRANDEL 970 Orchard Ct. Hi-Y Club, Tennis. JUDITH LEE BRATRUD 29 W. Hannum Blvd. Adv. Secy., Class Ch., Red Cross Vol. CAROLE BETH BRAUN C5201 Hermansau. Co-op Vice- res. ROBERT RUSSELL BRETHAUER 5855 Swan Creek Rd. Biology and Natural Science Club. ROSS MAXWELL BRETHOUR 2265 Ethel. JUDITH ANN BRIESKE 922 N, Oakley. FHA Secy.. FTA, Latin Clubs: Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pag., Usher. DONALD LEROY BRINK 615 Meade. Adv. Treas., Secy.f Biology and Natural Science, Pep Clubs. NANCY ANN BROCK 1643 Avalon. Ms.: - , c . L 1' 2 ' ' .giqwfi-ff ' - -- . .. 'i if ge " 'fev- ' we an fs . 4' , -. li-E fm, lm.. JA ,.v .. .. E K I ,gg A . 1-I. . 1 SC 'Q x 'Qui 1 gf X ,Gu we 1 .. If 5 an GLORIA JEAN BROSSARD 137 Lockwood. LOIS JEANNE BROWN 607 N. Harrison. Co-op Club. RICHARD O. BRUCE 31 Shadyside Ct. Advisory President, Natural Science, Pep Clubs, Football. HAROLD JOSEPH BRUSKE, JR. 4675 Wolverine Dr. NANCY LYNN BRUSSOW 1126 N. Granger. Advisory Vice - Pres., Treas., S e c ., French Club Sec., Latin, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pageant. RALPH WILLIAM BUGGIA 307 Alice. Tri-M Club Vice- Pres., Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant, Orchestra. BERT MONTELL BULLINGTON, JR. 3 Davis Dr. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-Pres., Crucibles, JETS, Ski Clubs, Christmas Pageant. BONNIE LOU BURK 215 Jay St. Aqualites, Co-op, Spanish Clubs, Ca-op of the Month. REBECCA STALEY BURNELL 3326 Osler St. Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, News. JUDITH ANN BURZYCK 737 Post. Advisory Vice-Pres., Treas., Y-Teens Club, News, Senior Hostess. JEANNE MARLENE CAMMIN 4918 Brockway Road. Miracle Book and Pep Clubs. MARGARET ANN CAMPBELL 437 Hunter. Soph. Party Committee, Aqualites, Spon- ish Clubs. ROBERT DUANE CAMPBELL 609 N. Oakley. French, JETS and Math Clubs, Basketball, Track Letterwinner. ROLLAND VICTOR CAMPBELL 1853 Coolidge. JETS and Math Clubs. GORDON FYLE CANN 2277 N. Carolina. Advisory Vice-President, Hi-Y, Spanish Clubs, Football, Tennis JV Letterwinner, Basketball and Jr- Track Varsity Letterwinner. gifs. ?".' 5- . ROBERT JENNINGS CANOLE 1419 N. Clinton. Red Cross Chairman, Co-op Club, Red Cross Vol., Football. ANNE HELEN CARLSON 219 Cornell. Red Cross Chair- man, Aqualites, Pep, Span- ish, Y-Teens Clubs. DIANA MAE CARLTON 1309 F"acelli. Co-op, Y-Teens Clubs. -' i A t "Let's see, homework tonight?" Becky Burnell wonders. By 3 o'clock it's hard to remember. JOHN BRUCE CARR 1022 N. Granger. Track. JOHN FREDERICK CARTER 1836 Oxford. Adv. Red CrosS Chairman, Bowling, l'l"Yf Rifle Clubs, Red Cross Volun- teer, Football. MARLENE JOYCE CARYL 608 North Oakley. Miracle Book, Spanish Clubs. 'f' Dixie LEE CASE 904 Mackinaw. Arts-Dra- matics, Miracle Book, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, fi Choir. 5 . Q f -I 3 slim I iv 2.3 is ' I I f A w P 'N Seniors C LINDA JEAN CLUM 119 S. Granger. Adv. Treas., Sec., Natural Science, French, Pep, Tri'M, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Senior Hostess. ROBERT WOODROW COENIS 1706 Monroe St. Adv. Treas., Sec., Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y Club. FRED ALTON CORY E. RAYMOND COSBY KAREN LEE COTHRON 4 Ardmore Place. Ad- 1742 Birney. Advisory 831 Ash Street. Co-op visory Secretary, Hi-Y Vice-Pres., Treas., Sec., Program Chairman. Club. Hi-Y Club, Football Let- terwinner, Track Let- terwinner. .ff-uf ..f- Q. If . -1' 11"-' 'Paw .. . , .. li, ' ' 2551... H5417 f i -' I T.1f35siii-lqigiiq Mei! .2 . 1 ' CAROL JEAN CATRAIN 4241 Ann. Adv. Pres., Vice- Pres., Alchemists, Arts-Dra- matics, Latin, Y-Teens Pres. Clubs, Debate, Sem. Play. DOROTHY JEAN CHERRY 2300 Shattuck Rd. C0 - op Club. TIMOTHY J. CHERRY 622 S. Bond. ROLAND J. CHOOLJIAN 1406 Brockway. Chess Club, Football Letterwinner, Track Letterwinner. SANDRA LEE CHRISTIE 318 Westervelt. Advisory President, Treas., Co - op Club. BETTY LOU CLARK 4795 Thornehurst. Arts-Dra- matics, FHA, Pep Clubs. JUDITH RAE CLARK 633 Alice. Adv. Seals Sales and Red Cross Chairman, News, Red Cross Volunteer. VIRGINIA JEAN CLAUS 1621 Maine St. Band Bounce, Girls Chorus. THOMAS C. CLEMENS 3315 Kochville Rd. JAMES CHARLES CLEMENT 523 N. Oakley SI. Adv. Pres., Vice - Pres., Treas., Cabinet Officer, BasketbaII and Cross Country and Track Varsity Letterwinner. JACQUELINE ANNETTE CLINE 2909 Schemm St. Arts-Dra- matics, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher. JOHN LENWELL CLINE 2151 Linda. Adv. Pres., Vice- Pres. Soph. Party Comm., Crucibles, JETS Clubs, Cabi- net Oflicer, Golf Letterwin- ner. ampaigned For Their Choice ROSANN COMPAU RICHARD HAROLD WILLIAM RAYMOND WILLIAM RALPH ARDIS KATHLEEN 610 Kochville Rd. Bowl- COMSTOCK CONKLIN ing, Pe p , Y - Teens 416 S. Jefferson, Zil- 3270 Schust Rd. C I u b s , Declamation, waukee. Red Cross Volunteer, Usher. THOMAS ROY DAVID WALTER COY COUSINEAU 186 S. 5th, Freeland. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Bowling Club, B Q n d Co - OP Cll-'bf Cflbinef Bounce, Band, Com- Otficer, NGWS: BGSIKGI- mencement Pageant, ball Letterwinner, Soph Football, Track. Class Treas. f.-, ..Qg,3fs..5e,Q f . : ,ji W 4 . I . , .S 1' fa. Q ' ,F af' if Ii .. . :sets 15' 'stir' . 'B .. . i. ia 5 'lv S of CONLEE 11665 West Freeland. Band, Band Bounce CORWIN 903 N. Porter. Adx Sec., Alchemists Clul: r. Commencement P a g I I-ISIN? eant, Track. KATHERINE DARLENE CRADIT 906 N. Woodbridge. Co-op Club. BONNIE LOU CRAWFI5 1515 Hayes. sss. , .... A Q . ., , i ,- ...I . My ,lu . "'Wf:5 ' ., sg 1 -.gil I . .. .. ....,.,.,,..5E.. I - H 1. . sg ,jsggszezef -K . .I -M.. ... 2. , I f . 9. in 44 xg, it sud. 3 5 if 5' is . nc 4: , . ,JL I A ' . Q V: , I ,L gl. . 3 K :air . L 43 Q 3, Q it 5' S my-'-'nr E 1 I R. . f if 'X ,A fgggfilvilw 9 1, ,NW I' 73" 15- "" Ylfl 1 '51 sv , 'CZ' x- V A' 1 JOHN WILLIAM CREED 1833 N. Clinton. JAMES WILLIS CURNUTT 2405 Carrollton Rd. FFA Club. ROLALIE ANNE CUROTT 1920 N. River Rd. French Club. SHARON ANN DAGUE 1820 Allegan. FTA, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. FREDRIC CHARLES DALL 735 Malzahn. Bowling, Cruci- bles, JETS Clubs, Stage Crew. JAMES EDWARD DANA 1390 Sheffield Dr. Natural Science, Bowling C I u b sg Choir, Track Letterwinner. LAWRENCE EDWARD DANKERT 724 Malzahn. Natural Sci- ence Club Sec.-Treas. SHARON DOROTHY DANKERT 4200 W. Michigan. Co - op Club. PETER EDWARD DATEMA 2241 Marshall Ct. Hi-Y Club, Basketball Letterwinner, SARA DAVILA 9670 Midland Road. Miracle Book Club, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Commencement P a g e a n t , Volleyball. DIANE LEE DAVIS 1721 Ottawa. Advisory Pres- ident, PTA, Seals, Red Cross Chairman, FTA, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. JERRY PETER DAVIS 6275 N. Michigan. JOHN S. DAVIS 4825 Weiss Rd. PATRICK BOYD DAVY 609 Stephens. ROBERT EDWARD DAVY 1095 E. Washington, Free- land. THOMAS CAMERON DAWSON 2512 Witters. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Soph. P a r t y Comm., Basketball and Foot- ball Lelterwinner. ROBERT JAY DEAN 11375 Vasold Road, Freeland, FFA Club. RONALD LEE DEMAND 3075 S. Miller Rd. Swimming Letterwinner. 'Jimi' an W- Election time! Barbara Morgan campaigns for her choice for Treasurer. PATTI ANN DENBY I32V2 S. Oakley. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Co-op, Y-Teens, Aqualiles Clubs. RONALD GEORGE DENNER 3510 Mackinaw. PATRICIA LOUISE DENT 3345 Osler St. FTA, Latin, Quill and Scroll Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Legenda Co-Editor. WILLIAM HENRY DENZER 5509 Adams Avenue. Adv. Treas.-Sec., Hi-Y, JETS and Math, Pep Clubs, Baseball Letterwinner, Football. ,f,n 1628 lt Y 17? .,.,.. gi. is 515- SQRJ AST . J .,,. i .Ek K, Q' ,Um SAMUEL RUBEN BARBARA SUE JOHN HAROLD DEWALD DIAMOND DIEBOLD 1129 Thvfmvh. Bowling 1450 W. Delta Dr. Adv. 202 Jameson. A d v . Club, Tennis Letterwin- Pres., Vice-Pres., Treas., Vice-Pres., Arts - Dra- ner. Sec., A I c h e m I s t s , matics, Bowling Sec., French, Pep Clubs. Hi-Y Vice-Pres., JETS, Latin Clubs, Golf, Ten- nis Letterwinner. RICHARD DENNIS KATHLEEN MAY BOBBIE LOU DOWNER DRAGER DRINKERT 3207 scare sr. 7628 Gratiot Rd, Bond 2341 N. Mvson. Pep Bounce, Choir, Christ- Und Ski Clubs. mas Pageant, Com- mencement Pageant, Girls Chorus. Q.-as -frm pp, mem I 1 In K I 3, sc, 'F' Ihr. -125 1 .1 k , 4 .1 In 2. V . 1 ROBERT LANGE DITZ NANCY CAROL DIXON THOMAS DAVID 2135 N, Clinton, Adv, 1902 Marquette. Co-op DONAGHY Vice-Pres., PTA Chair- Club. man, Natural Science, Crucibles, Hi - Y, JETS President and M a t h Vice-Pres. Clubs. ROGER ALFRED DUBRULLE 2227 N. Woodbridge St. Advisory President, Baseball Letterwinner, Cross Country Letter- winner. PETER LOUIS DUNLAP JULIE ANN ADVORSEK 132 S. Alexander. Ad- 1916 Wood . Adv. 412 Vermont. Rifle and visory President, Sec: Treas.-Sec., Co-ap, Pep, Chess Clubs, Football Treas., Hi-Y Club. Base- Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Letterwinner, Track. ball. ball Letterwinner, Foot- Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. Prom Memories Will Linger For Yea VX Ti Q- I JOYCE MARIE EADS 1726 Schaefer. FNA, Spanish Clubs, Christmas Pageant. ARNIE CHARLES ECKDAHL 4795 N. Thomas Rd. Track. BARBARA JANE ECKSTORM 2385 McCarty Rd. Band Bounce, Choir, Commence- ment Pageant. SHARON LEE EDWARDS 130 N. Andre. RUSSELL ARTHUR EGGERS JR. 206 Braley. Bowling Club. HERBERT LELAND ELDREDGE 14 Mackinaw Ct. Club Hillite Rep., Hi-Y, JETS and Math Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. BARBARA RAE ELLIS 620 Cronk. Advisory, Sec., Treas., Rifle, Spanish Clubs. MARILYN SUZANNE ELLIS 1000 Ash Street. Adv. PTA Chairman, Club Hillite Rep., FNA Club, Bond Bounce, Drum Maiorette, Orchestra. JUDITH ANN ENDLINE 2180 Plainview Dr. Pep Club. JACOB ENDSTRASSER III 1180 Vincent. CAROLE M. ENGEL 3650 Shattuck Road. FTA, German, Pep, Spanish Clubs, News, Usher, Basketball Let- terwinner. JOAN FAY ENOS 4421 Mackinaw. Band Bounce, Choir, Girls Chorus. fc' .- . if F? 3 as 8 5 I- zfilf . ' - 2' 1,. . E' Q .5 , 'ii V NANCY LOU DOUGLASS 1810 Wilson. Frenm P e p , Y-Teens Clul Choir, Christmas Pa eant. PATRICIA SHANNOI DYER 3325 Court St. FN Latin, Quill and Scrt Clubs, Band Bounn Choir, Christmas Pa eant, Legenda, Jr. Joi nalism Award. YS SQ' F123-Q is 1 ,WP t S 3 gr 6, T if-5' e...'j It fr ,m fg 4 J i ig? L ,fs 1' file' his-B , V 5 gk 1.33401 .gg "' we 'lv . ,Engl 'ra Qp Q -, ev ,pe , mf-sz. I ROBERT MATTHEW ENSZER 1435 Delta Drive. Adv. Vice- Pres.: Natural Science Pres., Crucibles, JETS and Math Sec.-Treos. Clubs: News, Pro- jection Service: Sophomore Cup. KAREN KAY ERZEN 1802 Burnham. Co-op, Pep Clubs. JERRY ALLEN EURICH 1452 Maine. Service Club. KAREN LOUISE EURICH 4399 Elmonte Drive. Adv. PTA and Red Cross Chair- man: Co-op, FTA, I-Ulift Clubs: Band Bounce. ERNEST CHARLES EVANS 4295 Weiss Road. Adv. Vice- Pres., Soph. Party Comm.: Hi-Y Club: Christmas Pag- eant: Football Letterwinner, Track Letterwinner. ROBERT JEFFREY EYNON 1441 Acacia St. Biology and Natural Science Club. MICHAEL LOUIS FAERBER 2408 W. Genesee Ave. Ad- visory President: Biology Bi Natural Science Club. ELMER FREDRICK FAHNDRICH, JR. 1012 N. Bond Street. Advi- sory President, Vice-Pres. SHARON KAY FAHNDRICH 1816 Mershon Street. Co-op Club: Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Com- mencement Pageant, Girls Chorus. NANCY RUTH FEDDER 10495 East Rd., Burt. Band Bounce, C h o i r , Christmas P a g e a nt, Commencement Pageant, Girls Chorus. SUSAN JUDITH FEEHELEY B22 N. Harrison. FNA Club. BARBARA JEANNE FELDER 2011 Delaware. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: News, Usher, Declamation Chairman. Adv. PTA Ch. DOROTHY JARDINE FIDLIN 433 Hunter. Aqualites, Bowl- ing Clubs. JOHN FREDERICK FIELDER 818 State. Soph Party Com- mittee: Hi-Y Club: Band, Band Bounce: Football, Ten- ms. FREDERICK R. FILLMORE 2311 N. Clinton. Hi-Y Club: Football Letterwinner. JANET L. FINKBEINER 4101 Vera. Adv. Pres. Vice- Pres., Soph Party Comm.: Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs: Junior Prom Rep. CLYDE R. FISCHER 650 Westfield St. KENNETH GIBSON FISCHER 1014 S. Harrison. ,-M 'WU' , ,ear Y : f: .,.fr ' ' s iff' , '51 A. vw .. Yi : H 1. ..t. .R 'I Bob Geyer, Janie Raymond, Sharon Horvat, and Stu Kirchner take C1 dance break at the Junior Prom. MARILYN SUE FISHER 1116 Gratiot. NANCY CAROLE FISHER 1525 Brenner. Co-op, FHA, Spanish Clubs. SUSAN CAROL FISHER 1713 Barnard. Soph. Party Comm., Red Cross Chairman: Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs: De- bate, News, Usher. KATHLEEN M. FLASINSKI 3050 Adams Avenue. Arts- Dramutics Club, Christmas Pageant. J . 36- -NY .gi . all ee ..,, . ., . t f. MQ .if V' Hitt... H . ' 71-I .. .Q f3'w.. 'N' ,I -'I' if W I Li me fic. i. JOSEPH P. FLIEGEL, JR. 1310 Union. Adv. Pres., Vice- Pres., Hi-Y Club, Band, Band Bounce, Soph. PCIYYY Comm-: Drum Maior. DAVID H. FLUCKE Brockway. Adv. Treas., Hi-Y, JETS. Math Clubs, Play, Assembly Comm. 1616 Sec., Sem. BETTE LOU FOALE 3303 Adams. Adv. Treas., Sec., FNA, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. RONALD JOHN FOBEAR 5230 Bay Rd. Interest: Water Sports. PENNY LEE FORBES 2220 N. Oakley. Co-op, Pep, Rifie Clubs. OWEN PAUL FOWLER 7835 S. Mielke Rd. Interest: Fishing. The "Beatniks" D GLENDA KAY GALOVICS 715 Post. Adv. Pres., Treas., Spanish Pres., Y - T e e n s , Aqualites Clubs, Debate, Oratory. JAMES DALE GLAVE 1420 N. Carolina. ln- terests: Hunting and Fishing. U9 ROBERT LEE FRANK 4228 Green. Interest: Cars. WILLIAM H. FREIDINGER 1936 Handley. Bowling, Hl'Y Treas., JETS Treas., Math, LU- tin Clubs. PAMELA SUE FRICK 1636 Sullivan Dr. Red Cross Ch., Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Class Ch. CAROL ANN FROMM 1734 Ottawa. Adv. Sec., FTA, Pep, Tri-M Sec., Y- Teens, German Vice-Pres. Clubs, Choir. BARBARA KATHRYN GAGE 1821 N. Michigan. Adv. PTA Ch., Club Hillite Rep., Red Cross Ch., Pep, Spanish C lu b s, Homecoming Co- Chairman, Usher. JOYCE ANN GAISER 817 Maple. Interest: Oil Painting. "Digger Deeper' RANDOLPH GARBER JoEL J. GARINGER SANDRA KAY GARNER ROBERT JOHN GARVIN ROBERT N. GEYER JAMES EDWARD 84 Corral Dr. Adv. 1833 Kendrick. C I u b 8920 Webster Rd. Co- 901 5- FCIYSTYG- C1055 2135 MCEWUH- Adv . GIESSEI- Pres., Vice-Pres., Hi-Y Hillite Rep., Hi-Y Club, op Club. Ch. Red Cross Volun- PRES-7 Baseball Letter-2421 Linda. Civil Club, Cross Country Class Ch., Football Let- teer. winner, Football Letter- fense worker. Letterwinner, Golf. terwinner, Track Letter- Winner- winner. JANET N, GLICK cARoLYN SUE GOBBLE JERRILYNN MAE ROBERT JACK CHESTER ROY GORDEN REED S- GRAHAM 1218 Union. Adv. Sec., PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Pep, Tri - M, Y - Teens Clubs, News. i 1520 Cooper. Adv. Vice-Pres., Alchemists, GOLDEN 1103 Wright. Tri - M 1833 Wggd, B q n d GOODENOW JETS Vice-Pres., Math, Club, B a n d Bounce, Band Bgungel Christmas Tri-M Pres. Clubs, Band Choir, Christmas Comm. Pageant, Chorus, Health Attendant. Bounce, Orchestra. PCISA, Pag., Dance Orchestra Glfl5 Orchestra, Jr. P r o m ROOM Comm. A 'ret 'ee . QU me U F 5 5 . , iff .E Q. . . 'stt E R' zkaeiiielf il -. , I 1 .V , "gf kf22i?v+!l.jk fi ' QFEHSXQJEIS-'f?:1W' -. . 1606 N. Center Rd I Adv. Treas., Biology Natural Science Club, I Track Letterwinner. 620 Church St. Bowlir gif Ski Clubs, Clc I 4, W .5 nr' ' 27 .: ful . affvf' A Q I, Nl 251. g. h gift' ff - ' RW E Y" ,Qe.i1,. ' wi 6 ttf. h g K g,,g Qi 43. A .lslsll ' ' I, if y -on - -2. tiff? l 35,-Q1 ,S -s ' 35: . EM E. it ii" it af' - -N F as nr lv IX R 32- . I K 41 ' VA , :Elia iiiffi DUANE ALLEN GREENWALD 2126 State. Biology and Na- tural Science, Radio Clubs. LORETTA MARSHA GREMEL 1060 Sherbrooke Place. FHA Club, Health Room Attend- ant. AMY KATHLEEN GROSS 259 Snow. Adv. Vice-Pres., PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Big Fourteen, Christmas Pag. ELAINE ALICE GROSS 2435 S. Center Rd. Adv. Vice- Pres., Seals Sales Ch., FNA, German Vice- Pres., Treas. Clubs, Class Ch., Usher, Sen- ior Hostess. SALLY ANN GROSS 2326 Stobbe St. FTA Reporter, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch., Debate, News. EDWARD GEORGE GRZESIAK 611 Throop. Hi-Y Club, Ten- nis Letterwinner. DAVID JOHN GUDRITZ 2559 Haenlein Dr. Hi-Y Club, Football, Track. JUDY ELLEN GUNN 1116 Thurman. Biology and Natural Science, FTA, Latin, German Reporter Clubs, Class Ch., Biology Lab As- sistant. JAMES BROCK GUSTIN 1906 Avon. Bowling, Hi-Y, Rif1e Clubs. MICHAEL THOMAS HACKETT 1119 Court. Hi-Y Club, Foot- ball, Swimming, Track. SUSAN EVELEEN HACKETT 1690 N. Center Rd. Seals Sales Ch., Red Cross Ch., Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Cancer Drive Volunteer. CHARLENE KAY HAGER 5500 Stroebel Rd. Adv. Vice- Pres., PTA Ch., Alchemists, FTA Clubs, Spanish Award. ROBERT ALLEN HAHN 4838 Ironwood. Miracle Book Club, Chair, Christmas Pag. BONNIE JEAN HALE 2912 Court. French Club, Christmas Pag. CAROL MAE HALL 1800 Brenner. Adv. PTA Ch., Club Hillite Rep., Co -op, FTA, Pep, Y - teens Clubs, News. KENNETH LEE HAMLIN 2334 Durand. Adv. Red Cross Ch., Pep Club, Class Ch. MICHAEL JOHN HAMLING 4190 Alvin. Band Bounce, C h o i r , Christmas Pageant, Comm. Pag. PATRICIA ANN HARRINGTON 5265 Sherman Road. FHA Treas., Pep, Spanish Clubs, Basketball, Swimming. 1. I ,. ' S72 K K J? M 51.5553-.3 9 - jing. .- :Q 2 ' '-wg, .i?! - " " ,545 .Q M 6 lie if 1 - N -.7 I 'ff' I Y I! ia. wa' fs, Ir Ae "Hey! That hall is closed," familiar words from Larry Jones, hall moniter. RICHARD D. HARRISON, IV 1135 Washburn PI. E. Adv. Pres., Treas., Sec., Hi -Y, JETS, Math Clubs, Class Ch. Track Letterwinner. DUANE WALTER HARTMAN 2901 Cooper. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Hi-Y Club, Class Ch., Soph. Party Comm., Baseball Letterwinner, Foot- ball Letterwinner. LAURIE LEE HASSBERGER 302 S. Granger. Club Hillite Rep., French, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pag., Soph. Pa rty Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. IRWIN F. HAUFFE, II 5048 Weiss. Adv. Vice-Pres., Assembly Ch., Class Ch., Swimming Letterwinner. .45 as fc. ,,.... G: pe gauge h - A is N , ,,.v 5,5 Q as I-em.. Q. .,,, ,, A get QTQA- , ef" Q' I g5zQffi. :i ff. ey., Y- 1 V' . I . . 151115 , 'E I A... 1. C I ff ' if A ef4,,'f:i3fSQ,'3, -Q 5 9 ' f- , ' it 'I I JAMES ASHLEY HAYES JERRY THOMAS HEBL JUDITH ANN HEEEEL ROGER EDWARD HEIN RICHARD ROY ROBERT JOHN RONALD WAYNE 2545 Cheyenne PI. Co- 714 Perry. 5565 State. Christmas 6 Chippewa Ct. HENSI-ER HENSI-ER ,HERLICK OP Club: CHOIY, Red Pag., Comm. Pageant 4150 Vera. BadmEntonR No. 1, Freeland, FFA Afllf- Vlce' Pfesy CI' Cross Volunteer. Girls Chorus. Club, Proiection Serv- Pres., Sec. Club. Hllllle RSP-I Rudi? Se' ice, sguge Crew, Ski Clubs, Swimma Aid, Swimming, Ten Letterwinner. MAN HN RICHARD LYNNE EDITH ROBERT JOHN HERZOG MARILYN ANN STERN BARRY HIGGINS MARCELYN SUE HIL 11l'aR?A'dim'lxEPLl:RClub. Jo HERRIG HERSEM 426 N. Bond. Adv. Red HETZNER 1116 Washburn Pl. W. 3405 Kipling Dr. A5 221 Borland. Hi-Y, Jets, 1545 Coolidge. A d v . Cross Ch., Pep Club 2631 C e c e I i a . FNA Bowling' Ski CIUIDS- Tfeus-I FTA Club: Ben Math Clubs- Baseball ec' FHA FTA Rep., Biology and Na-Club. Band BOUNCE- , fTreas., S , 1 f Football Letterwinner, Pep, Spanish, Y - Teens Track etterwinner. Clubs. tural Science, Bowling, Pep, Badminton Clubs. Seniors Maintained High Academic Standards BERNARD JEROME HILL 335 S. First. Adv. Vice-Pres., Red Cross Ch., JETS, Math, German Treas. Clubs, Band Bounce, Proiection Service. MICHEL PHILIP HILL 149 S. Charles. Radio Sec. Club. PAMELA ANN HILL 19 Mackinaw Ct. Adv. Sec., Aqualites, Y - Teens Clubs, Christmas Pag., Class Ch., Red Cross Volunteer, Soph. Party Comm. ROBERT PAUL HILL 2020 Durand. Adv. Pres., Mir- acle Book Club, Gov't Day Official, Pres. of Student Council, Cross Country Let' terwinner, Track Letterwin- ner. SHARON KAY HILL 714 Cronk. Arts - Dramatics, Aqualites, FTA, Y - T e e n s Clubs, Soph. Party Comm., Christmas Pag., Sem. Play. SUSAN E. HILLMAN 2344 Mayfield Rd. Adv. Red Cross Ch., Co-op, Pep Clubs, Class Ch., Red Cross Volun- teer, Volleyball. HAROLD ALLEN HINDS 1623 N. Carolina. Interests: Cars and Hunting. JACQUELYN LEE HINDS 1623 N. Carolina. Adv. PTA Ch., FHA Pres., FTA, Rifle Clubs, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pag., Usher. LARRY CHARLES HODGES 1712 Newberry. I n t e r e st: Sports. GARY EDWARD HOEWE 8400 Orr Rd. Co-op, FFA Clubs, Football. CLARENCE FRANK HOFF 2595 Bradford Dr. FFA Club. JUDY ANN HOFFMAN Co-op, FTA, Spanish Clubs, Student Store Assistant, Co- op of the Month. - J ,Q Q f-. ll vin Rf ' R3-RR J -. -f,..:', S' 4 i:f1?.::rf ' VX ,Z if Ieiizkf : 2' X K Je 1 "J-'TT who I R vig, J 5.-.1 'if ws? M, f W, 9' . cl 1 ,pf - ' I .FAT ' 45. QL, ,f 3 1 if a x ,, I . st , L , .J I SWPG' few fini-ff. -.S we'-' 'Y' ,li JOAN HELENE HOFFMANN 1808 Durand. FTA, Spanish Clubs, Class Chairman. SUSAN CLARK HOGG 1202 Cass. Adv. Vice-Pres., Sec., French Vice-Pres., Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pag., Class Ch. GRAHAM F. HOLLIS 2605 Deindorfer. JETS, Math, Radio, Chess Pres. Clubs. HERMAN CHARLES HUEBNER 2259 Blackmore. Biology and Natural Science Club. BRIAN PHILLIP HUMMEL 709 S. Fayette. Adv. Vice- Pres., Bowling, Rifle, Chess Clubs, Band, Baseball Let- terwinner. FLORENCE E. HUNDSHAMER T650 Holmes. Adv. Treas., Sec., Co-op, Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. JUDY ANN HURST 217 N. Alexander. Adv. Pres., Treas., PTA Ch., Y - Teens Treas. Club, Christmas Pag., Class Ch., Sem. Play. WILLIAM ALAN HYSLOP 603 Westfield. Bowling Hi-Y, Badminton Clubs, Swimming Letterwinner. JAMES E. IGNATOWSKI 9658 U.S. 10. Bowling Club, Band, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra. MARA ILINS 816 S. Mason. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., German Club. JUDY SUE IMERMAN 5 Davis Dr. Adv, Treas., Aqualites, Pep, French, Ski Clubs, Band Bounce, Cheer- leader, Christmas Pag. JOHN J. IZZO, JR. 704 Vermont. Bowling, Geog- raphy, Hi-Y, JETS, Math, Rifle Clubs, Soph. Party Comm. THOMAS ROBERT IZZO 1755 W. Michigan. Biology, Natural Science, Geography, Pep, Radio Clubs, Soph. Party Comm. GARY RALPH JACOB 2702 Adams Blvd. Badmin- ton Club, Band, Track Let- terwinner. JAMES J. JACOB T019 N. Harrison. GEORGIA ANN JACQUES 4215 Louise. Aquolites, Bowl- ing, FTA. Pep, Y-Teens, Ski Pres. Clubs, Christmas Pag. L. DOUGLAS JARRARD 512 S. Bond. Bowling, Latin, Radio, Ritle Clubs, Soph Party Comm. s. ,V vnu , CAROL JEAN JARVIS 4605 Bay Rd. Girls Chorus. ' JQOV Bm. 3 HK .tv I it if F g ,.....f- . C 'x WE!! lg 2 'I ' II' ,ae 'I' -- 1 .C I., 'N . :S L A typical study hall but Floyd Lepczyk, and Billie Lindfors are trying to study. MARY ANN JARVIS 2210 N. Oakley. Decah, Lat- in, Rifle Clubs. 13--G ,- 1 ,mr " 1 VICKI CAROL JEWELL 1202 Van Buren. is hr 1 if -ix Bo rba ra Lic htenwold Usa., lv, xr" R. , -' -- .. v. . V wt 4 Q if fl 4 - . ARTHUR FRANK JOCHEN s 1712 Lathrup. Bowling, Ski ff' Clubs, Soph. Party Comm., . Q., ,pf Golf. 3 fm ,S RSF' " P 'Viv 'V' GARY ROBERT JoHNsoN 2521 Blake. f-11-ffm A f KT? 33 m ax 'Mt' "ine il f ' fe- F i,: fi I K li GARY T. JOHNSON 3260 Schust Rd. JUDY M. JOHNSON 215 N. Oakley. Adv. Vice- Pres., Co-op Club. LEE ANN JOHNSON 2502 Adams Blvd. Y-Teens Miracle Book, Pep, Corop Clubs. Band Bounce. SHARON KAY JOHNSTONE 2610 Kuhlman Dr. Arts-Dra- matics, Miracle Book, Span- ish, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Usher. WAYNE E. JOLIN 4319 S. Westervelt. Rif1e Club. JOANN KAY JONES 1731 Stark St. Arts-Dramatics, German Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. LAWRENCE K. JONES 1717 S. Hamilton. Co-op Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Service Club, Football. SANDRA ANN KAMENAR 2219 S. Michigan. FNA, Y- Teens Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. JOHN S. KARLS 20 Hammond Rd. Adv. Pres., Hi-Y, JETS and Mathematics Clubs, Band Bounce, Boys Choir, Class Chairman, De- bate, Football. JUDITH ANN KEELER 100 Frost Dr. Co-op Club, Class Chairman, S e r v i c e Club, CONSTANCE KELLEY 1310 Trout Dr. PATRICIA ANN KELLY 1736 Ring. Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Usher. ,H -,np C . . teena I The Boys Gave a Good S. . Assembly CAROL ANN KEMPF WILLIAM L. KEMPF, JR, 1617 Cass St. Adv. 10605 Swan Creek Rd. Treas., Sec., Pep Club, Hi-Y Club, Sec., Cross Band Bounce, Queen'S Country and Track Lete JUDITH ANN KENEL SHARON MAUREEN 4800 Swarthout Drive. KENNEDY ARIANE KESSEL 3855 N. River Rd. Adv. Treas. Sec., FNA, 1315 Glendale. Aclv. Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Pres., Treas., Sec., FNA, JOHN F. KESSLER 105 Post St. Sophomore Party Comm., Biology and Natural Science, ROGER RAY KlBl 821 S. Oakley. Court, Senizrd Hostess, terwinner. Declamation, Usher. Y-Teens Clubs. Crucibles, Latin Clubs, Swimmers' i . Proiection Service. CARL G. KING, JR. DONELDA ANN KING JACQUELENE KAY STEWART w. BARBARA E. KLANN MARION KU'-U5 JOYCE ANN KLEEKAI 1 Benton Road. Adv. 290 second gl., Hee. KINGHAM KIRCHNER 2684 valley Dr. FNA,9783 Hvfkelf Rd-1F'ee'723 Maple Sl- Spanif Pres., Vice-Pres., Hi-Y land, FTA, M i y Q C l 93405 Mackinaw St. Red 1750 Hemmeter Road. Usher, -IUHIOI' P V0 YT' landi PTA . Cha'rmaniY'Tee"'5 Clubs- Club, Swimmers' Aid, Book, Pep Clubs. Cross Chairman, Co-op Adv. Vice-Pres., Hi-Y Committee. BOWIIUQI MIVUCIE Book Swimming Letterwin- Club, Red Cross Volun- C l u b, Baseball and Clubs- ner, Football. teer. Football Letterwinner, Basketball. F...-ff .. ' I A . ' -4 .1 . ,Ki ' A D A 3 Q 3, KN A Y , syo. V.h, ff. I 'f""'.., K dj " -' I - I V A VV V , k.., . f 9' .K ' . ' I ,,., I.. f . , " if , A Q ---' f., nj ' .. 'di f f Q Jw W fi I, a,,f,.4,:. 1 ,. In . Mgr.. Q ' + 53. 1 'fa he .A W. ans.: U fam H R E ,pi I . W 1 f' I 4, we 1...--v-ic, I Q59 Tn' ,I 5- is W- 3' ff . vl- n-v""' me .5 I .. I 9 Q, 'fm-X ' - ,.'P Q .. ,fd CAROL ANNE KLEIN 1155 Avalon. Adv. Vice-Pres., Soph. Party Comm., Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag., Choir. CAROL JEAN KLEINFELDER 1625 Stanley. Pep and Y- Teens Clubs. LOIS ANN KLOHA 7320 West Sarle Rd. Adv. Treas., Sec., Co-op Club, Class Chairman. MARY ANN KNIPPEL 1602 Mackinaw. French Club. ELIZABETH MAE KNOERR 7260 N. Center Rd. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Comm. Pag., Health Room Attendant, Choir. BEVERLY JAYNE KNOTTS 627 N. Harrison. Choir. ALLISON KAY KNOX 22 E. Hannum Blvd. Pep Club Rep., Spanish Club, Junior Prom Comm., Swimmer's Aid. CAROL JEAN KOCKS 1917 Adams Blvd. Adv. Treas., Co-op, Pep, Y-TEENS Clubs, Usher. MARKKU ESKO KULLERVO KOMULAINEN 1706 N. Carolina. Natural Science and Biology, Ski Clubs. JUDY KATHERINE KONESKO 301 N. Bates. Adv. Treas., Sec., Co-op and Pep Clubs, Class Ch. MARTHA ANN KORTING 1703 Braley. Interest: Read- ing. RICHARD NORMAN KRAENZLEIN 5531 Pierce, Rt. No. 2. In- terest: Designing Cars. JACQUELINE KAY KRAUSE 1625 N. oqkley- Soph- Puffy Comm., Pep Club Rep.: Red Cross Vol.: Aqualifes, Usher Club, Swimmer's Aid. PATRICK ROBERT KRAUSS 402 Michigan. Interest, Mu- sic and Books. CAROL MAE KRETZ 9300 Swan Creek Rd. Co-op Club. JUDITH LYNN KREUCHAUF 227 Reynick. Quill and Scroll, German Clubs, News, Co- Ediior-ln-Chief, Class Ch. CAROLE LEE KROHN 1415 King. Co-op Club. GARY LEE KRUEGER 2635 Cracericlge Place. Rifle Club. J .J se Y Q iff? fe..w tr Su 2 f"'f f A M, ,.,. . Y 1 , . , . ,,., K 7- I' , . M .X . iiliii .Rini it "l wanna be a cheerleade Scharffee at pep assembly. JACQUELINE JILL KRUEGER 10950 Tittabawasse, Freee land. Choir, Christmas Pag. JOYCE DOROTHY KRUEGER 7315 McCarty Rd. Co-op, F.H.A., Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Vol. JUDITH KAY KRUEGER 115 Elm. Ca-op, Lafin, Y- Teens Clubs, Legenda. KAY ANN KRUEGER 1939 Brockway. FTA, Pep, Usher, Y-Teens Clubs. r," Terrie Poitras informs Bill M mv A is S. I I I E X 1 9 5 e is i f 'I-'4 eg, s -gif 35 7295 Swan Creek Rd, 1008 Thurman. Pep, Y- Pres., D.A.R. Award, . f P' Sl., 1 wp . 'Ti Q". w l d? if 'K , . f lx y . S .ff . .TW 9. .iiisf i. 3.25 DON ROBERT KUBIK 1923 Vernon. Pep, Rifle, Ski Clubs, Football Let' terwinner. ANN HARRIET LAING 3467 Mackinaw. Adv. Pres., Sec., Club Hillite Rep., Aqualites, Big Fourteen, News, Ora- k. --: , i .- . ff v- 9.2, -as 15... ' - yn.. .f . , aeri KENNETH ALBERT JUDITH KAY KUELSKE KULIGOSKI ? ft ez- . ... .. 4 me ' NYLA JANE KURTZ 1954 Harry. Adv. Vice- Adv. Pres. Teens C lu b S I Band FTA Vice - Pres., Pep Bounce, Class Ch., Red Club Treasurer, Student Cross Volunteer. Cabinet Secretary, De- bate, Semester Play. - ' 1 +4 L. .... ir fi' . - 1 L, .M - . ... A ' .iff .iillff ' . JEAN KAREN KURZHALS 1714 Vermont. FHA Pep Y-Teens Clubs DALE GERALD LAFLEUR 2011 Mershon. Bowling , Club: Football, Track , Letterwinner. Homemaking Hostess, Baseball. JOHN EDWARD BARBARA JEAN THOMAS LEWIS LANGE JAMES STUART DALE EMERSON I-ANTZ CLEMENT AUGUST LAGALO 3003 Congress. Fo: ball, Track Letterwi- ner. I l DONNA RAE LARSOP LANDMAN LANDSKROENER 1403 Glendale. Hi -Y, LANGER 4495 Midland Rd. Adv. 1727 Lathrup. Adv 1425 Greenwich. 5370 W. Michigan. Mir- Pep Clubs, Assembly 2230 Passolt. Biology 8. Pres-I AHS - DFOIYTIGNCS, Vice - PYGS-, Treasure acle Book, Pep Clubs. Committee. Natural Science, Rifle Mif'-Mile BOOK Clubs: AICl1emiS'S, AHS- Drc Clubs, Football, Debate, Declamation, matics, Pep, T r i -I tory, Quill and Scroll, Oratory, Semester Play. Clubs, Band Bounce. Seniors Attended Government Day Events A e WILLIAM CHARLES is ,ig m.:,...4 .. .. . ,V ,Hi " 1. L .fuse . -. 5- LAUDERBACH 2422 Mershon. Adv. Pres., Hi- Y Club, Big Fourteen, Class Chairman, Debate. RONALD IRWIN LAZARUS 5483 Lessandro. Hi-Y, Ski, Badminton Clubs. JANICE JOANN LEAMAN 902 Ash. Co-op, Y-Te9rlS Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pug., Swimming, Volleyball. CAROL ARLENE LEGGITT 2040 Maine. Health Room At- tendant. JOYCE KAY LEHNER 2114 Hanchett. Band, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. WILLIAM NORMAN LENT 1820 Zauel. Adv. Treasurer, Co-op Club, Band, Band Bounce. MARILYN ELAINE LENTNER 3520 Adams Avenue. Adv. Treas., FNA Club, Choir, Vol- Ieyball. FLOYD RALPH LEPCZYK B15 Forest. KATHIE JOANNE LEWIS 2606 Valley Drive. Co-op Club. BARBARA JEAN LICHTENWALD 1718 Joslin. FNA, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. HERM HENRY LICHTENWALD 1545 Vermont. Biology and Natural Science, JETS, Ger- man Clubsg Christmas Pag., Proiection Service, T r a c k , Football Letterwinner. KENNETH DWIGHT LIEBROCK 720 Hayes. Adv. Treas., Rifle Club. Wg' . . I . if n Lt W5-. 'W 'E': 9 Q ..... s, 2 Rr .. sf I . Ie . emi: - ".r if. it ' ,..-. W... ...... 1 ...- . .f.-...f....5....w . . W.. at f s il 5 - :ei . g f . Q Q? . .FJ ws. W.. iv? L 35 35. ili filfiiifi '.Z55Z:fZ'51 z a jxflrflll: 4- ':.Q .5 sv1 gsf in iff ' ig 75 ' ' .. if ?' Ki! Mr f : Q 5 , 'av 'wi Q?- ,, JF i 1.....Q K L: r.. L I in t . 9. X ig .6 , ,, I , ..y S fd gi I sf-fi gf? 2. 3 .Q-is I . IS, '.. EQ 1 HARVE CLIFTON LIGHT, III II26 Lindsay Dr. Adv. Vice- Pres., Hi-Y, Ski Clubs, Se- mester Play, Golf, Swimming Letterwinner. BILLIE ANNE LINDFORS 2155 Bock Rd. FTA, Pep. Ski Clubs, Swimmer's Aid. GLENNA ANN LINEBAUGH 396 N. Porter. Soph. Party Comm., FNA, Pep Clubs, Class Ch. PERRY LARUE LINVILLE 1807 Burnham. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec., Club Hillite Rep., Hi-Y Club, Baseball, Football Letterwinner. EARL ROCK LISEE 600 Wheeler. Adv. Pres., Team Manager. GLORIA JEAN LITTLE 909 S. Harrison. Adv. Vice- Pres-. Sec-. Red Cross Ch., FNA Pres., Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Health Room Attend. ant. ALLAN EDWARD LOEFFLER 5730 Bay Rd. Baseball Let- terwinner, Class Ch. JOHN WESLEY LUCAS 4485 Dirker Rd. Adv. Pres., Hi-Y Club, Tennis, Cross Country Letterwinner. JUANITA VICTORIA LUCKHARD 'I8l7 Joslin. Pep Club, Bas- ketball Letterwinner. DIANNE BARBARA LUTZ 2301 Warwick. Co-op Club. JAMES ERVIN LYNCH 11375 W. Freeland Rd., Free- land. Adv. Vice-Pres., Ski Club, Baseball and Football Letterwinner. RAY CARL MAAS T428 N. Carolina. Track Let- terwinner. ARTHUR JAMES MACARTHUR 7l5 W. Genesee. Hi-Y Club. FRANKLIN ARTHUR MACKENZIE 4541 Gratiot. Adv. Treas., PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Bowling, Pep Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. JAMES WELLS MAHAR 131 Graham. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Club Hillite Rep., Hi-Y Club: Swimming Let- terwinner. PATRICIA FAIR MANNING 6 Center Woods. SODI1. Party Comm., European Exchange Student. SUZANNE CLARA MANNING 721 Waller. PTA Ch., Co-op Club, Red Cross Vol. SANDRA NORA MANWELL 709 Waller. PTA Ch., Co-op Club, Red Cross Vol. ,. .- mn 'D .. I' for "Hey this is a secret eIection.' Duane Hartman votes his choice. EDMUND LAWRENCE MARKEY, JR. 505 Superior. Adv. Vice-Pres., Sec., Soph. Party Comm., Red Cross Ch., Hi-Y, JETS and Math Club. PETER ALLEN MARKS T750 Kingston Dr. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., JETS, Math, Cruci- bles Clubs, Big Fourteen, Tennis, Cross Country Letter- winner. LAWRENCE ARTHUR MARTIN 1741 Kollen. Baseball, Bas- ketball, Football Letterwin- ner. MARY RUTH MARTIN 2127 Mackinaw. Red Cross Ch., Aqualites, Usher, Y- Teens Clubs, Band Bounce. , 5 s w is , .r gg, Av N' .4 'xl-is -rs. 4 sup.: it A Q , wk . V .. 6-if RAWLIN GEORGE MARTIN 1913 Rea. Red Cross Ch., Pep Club Rep., Bowling Club. JOSEPH GLENN MASON 35 Congress Court A. Adv. Pres., Soph. Party Comm., Vice - Pres. of Council, Hi- Y Club, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner. JAMES JOHN MATHIS 1928 Marquette. Adv. Sec., Baseball, Football Letterwin- ner, Class Ch. BRUCE DENNIS MATTERN 1813 Kendrick. Adv. Vice- Pres., Hi-Y, Math, Rifle Pres., C I u b s , Baseball, Football, Track Letterwinner. MARYANN MATTHEWS 1621 Lathrup. Biology and Natural Science, FNA, Y- Teens Clubs, Swimmer's Aid, Swimming Letterwinner. BARTOLOMEO MAURO, JR. 1915 Trout. Adv. Pres., Foot- ball, Track, Letterwinner. CONSTANCE KAY MAYER 2320 Stobbe. Adv. Treas., Sec., Aqualites, FNA, Y-Teens Clubs. MICHAEL KENNETH McALLISTER 2031 Holcomb. JETS, Math Club, Proiection Service. RONALD JAMES MCALLISTER 2880 Shattuck Rd. Biology 81 Natural Science Club, Pro- iection Service. JAMES WILLIAM McCARTHY 4367 EIMonte Dr. Hi-Y, Pep, Ski Clubs. JAN ICE ANN McCOMB 4021 Ann. FTA, Miracle Book, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. BONNIE JEAN McDERMlD 1711 N. Center. Arts-Dramat- ics, FTA, JETS, Math, latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Swim- mer's Aid. Thousand Word Themes Due MARY LOU MCGREGOR LESTER LEE CAROL ANN MCMANUS JUDIE MAE MEIER BRADLEY MONROE KAYE JEAN MELLBERG DANNY AUSTIN 319 Wheeler. A d v . McMAHON 1220 Hancock. Biology 2205 N. Michigan. Adv. MELCHER 1885 N. Westwood Dr. MEREDITH Pres., Treas., Sec., PTA 2126 A v o n . Interest: and Natural Science, PWS-f VICE - PYGS-I PTA 1830 D i v i S i 0 n . Red Adv- 5eC.: FTA, PSP Ch., Red Cross Ch., Collecting A n ti q u e C0-op Clubs, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs: Guns. Band Bounce. GERALD RAY MEREDITH ROBERT NIVEN MERTZ CAROLE LYNN MEYER 4811 Wall. Adv. Vice- B27 Ash. I n t e r e s t: Pres., Club Hillite Rep., Swimming, Hi-Y, Miracle Book, Pep Club, Football, Track Letterwinner. K fi.: B ' ' Til, 115' silt Ch., Soph . P a r t y Cross Ch., Swimmer's Tri-M Clubs, Harmon- C0ft1l'Tl-i AVIS-DYCMGIICS, Aid, Declamation, Foot- ettes, B a n d Bounce, Ski C I u b s, Queen's ball, Track Letterwin- Christmas Pag., Choir. Court. ner. FREDERICK JAMES JOANN MEYER THOMAS OLIVER 722 South Bates. Adv. MEYER 1902 Ottawa. Adv. MEYER Pres., Vice - Pres., PTA 918 Maple. Interest: TYGGS-i SPUHISI1, Y-TGGHS 2730 Hermansau. Boy's Ch., Spanish, Y - Teens Writing. Clubs, A s s e m b I y Choir, Choir: Christmas Clubs, Big Fourteen, As- Comm., Class Ch. Fog, sembly Ch. - I ff it as 2 . W ' new 95 "' 1 'Fe' ' 49 sg, M. A, . .J ,f"" .ff 3 si. ki .. ,, I X.- M-it HY? . ' Mgt- ,, I .ia " .42 101. fff'f 5' " 36:3 f f 'fizfi S ,2575 S. Center Root Biology and Naturt Science Club. DAVID KEITH MICHAI 2325 N. Clinton. Bio ogy and Natural Sc ence, Bowling, Hi- Clubs, Swimmers' Ain Track Letterwinner. I 'V it 2? . . .tr fi It , m ,h .Q A ' wP-A ' f s H . K 7 .5 ...,- 'E I 5 I MARY L. MIER 210 Braley. Club Hillite Rep., Arts-Dramatics, Pep, Y-Teens C I u b s, Assembly Comm.: Band Bounce. PATRICIA DIANNE MILES 814 Maple. Adv. Vice-Pres., Club Hillite Rep., Seals Sales Ch., Red Cross Ch. Pep Club Rep., Pep Club, Band Bounce. DANIEL FREDERICK MILLER 3102 State. Football. JOHN AUSTIN MILLER 2021 Beniomin. Club Hillite Rep., Pep Club Rep., Pep Club. HENRY CHARLES MILLER 2249 King. Football. JOANN KAY MILLER 1300 Midland Rd. Adv. Vice- Pres., PTA Ch., Pep, Quill and Scroll, Rifle, German Clubs, News. JUDY ANN MILLER 1534 Division. Girls' Chorus. KAREN SUE MILLER 2016 N. Mason. French, Pep, Spanish Clubs: Class Ch. MARILYN KAY MILLER 607 N. Bates. Pep Club. NANCY LEE MILLER 4375 Weiss. Red Cross Ch., Aqualites, Spanish Clubs. ROBERT RONALD MILLER 1155 Sherbrooke Place. Adv. Vice-Pres., Debate, Baseball, Football Letterwinner,Track Letterwinner. ROSE MARY MILLER 2054 Sunset Lane. Seals Sales Ch., Red Cross Ch., Co-op, ri-M Clubs, Usher, Home- making Hostess. WILLIAM JAMES MILLER 2209 N. Oakley. Pep Club, Football Letterwinner. rack Letterwinner. MARCIA CAROLYN MILLET 4 Chippewa Ct. Adv. Treas., Arts-Dramatics, Latin Sec., Y- Teens Ski Clubs, Class Ch. Sem. Play, Usher. BONNIE JEAN MILNE 508 Bristol. sd JAMES ALLEN MILNE wk. 1901 stale. Hi-Y, Miracle f Book Clubs, Swimmer's Aid, Tw Football. ROBERT HAROLD MINARD I 247 Trier. Adv. Sec., Hi-Y Club, Basketball, Cross Coun- try, Golf Letterwinner. RICHARD ALAN MISKA 902 Davenport. Oh those 1000 word themes! Tim Wiltse, Ken Trask, Ernie Evens, and Dana Perry seek references in the library. WILLIAM JOHN THOMAS MITCHELL 1811 Allegan. Adv. Pres., Bowling, JETS, Math, Clubs, Big Fourteen, Boy's State, Football Letterwinner, Track Letterwinner. HAROLD T. MOFFAT 419 Holland. Adv. Sec., Bowling, Hi-Y, Rifle Clubs. JACQUELINE LOUISE MOHNK 2001 Barnard. Co-op Vice- Pres. Club, Class Ch. MARILYN ANN MONTGOMERY 2249 Mershon. Adv. PTA Ch., Pep, Tri-M Treas. Clubs. 4- .. , H n.. ., -. 1 s. '4'., 'I I7 . i M M . K -I .L . W I fe 1 iw. .. - I ' Q - 7'-'Fw Pin , W 9 V 'P' fa A 1 'ff-7-.if V I 'ii ff .,L.L, f . 'N Q 1.1, ' I LL,L t - Q Q , .aa an 5-Q' Y' 'G S .f X .mi . We Q L . . ' ,A . I X I 1 fir? BARBARA JEAN ROSALIE MARIE MADELINE MARIE KAREN LEE MORRISON MORTIMORE MOSCA MUEHI-ENBECK 623 Throop. Aqualites 32 24 Court Aqualites, 208 Court. Soph. Party 1411 B 9 EC l'l - French, Pres., Tri- M Clubs, Pep, Y - Teens Clubs, Comm., Pep, Spanish, FTA. Y - Teens Clubs: B a n d Bounce, Choir, Band Bounce, C I a s s Christ mas Pag., Har- Ch., News, Usher. monettes, Jr. P r o m Comm. KEITH GEORGE MARIA JANE MURPHY MULHOLLAND 3327 Osler. French, FTA 3655 Midland Rd. Pres., Latin Pt. Ch., Y- Teens, Ushers Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Le- genda. Y-Teens Clubs, Ba n d Class Ch-, USIISF, Vol Bounce, Junior P r o m ISYIDGII- Comm., Christmas Pag. .I ,, . si 'ii-if tu -Edt . J Q, 5 1 . . ' . ...- , ,Z . WX51 , ,,,., ff W-4 X y f + , " of T5 5 QW s -k -K -ftfvglk f .. Q. " Q f WILLIAM H. cARoL ANN Mueusn DONALD crm Muenimaecx 1504 Maple. FNA club. Mucusrz 1434 Joseph. 4307 EI Monte Dr. Pl Club Rep., Hi-Y Clu Swimming. ROY EUGENE NAB JAMES R. NAGEL 1820 Marquette. Band, 1807 Brenner. Band Bounce. HERBERT JOSEPH NELSON 922 Davenport. JUDITH ANN NELSON KAREN ANN NELSOP 1654 Lathrup. Adv. PTA 5700 Brockway. Ad Ch., Arts - DramaticS,Treas., Sec., Ca - Ol Aqualites, JETS, Math, Pep, Rifle Clubs. Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch. Seniors Enioyecl Many Social Events W .-K .3 5, rg '6- - AA" W , . ' if ik r 14 I I 1 Cllr- J Nj x .. xy -sf , up R MARY ANN NEUENDORF 711 Bond. Adv. Vice-Pres., Aqualites, Co-op, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Ch., Drum Maiorette. RITA JEAN NEWTON 1120 Pacelli. Co-op Club. GAYE NICHOLS 1208 N. Fayette. Pep, Tri-M Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pag., Comm. Pag., Girls' Chorus. JUDITH ANN NIEDERSTADT 11 Roselawn Ct. Arts-Dra- matics, French, FTA Clubs, Christmas Pag., Declamafion, Sec. Play, Usher. CARL CLARENCE NIEMAN 1628 Gilbert. Adv. Vice- Pres., Golf, Swimming Let- terwinner, Track. LAWRENCE H. NITZ 1070 Glendale. Hi-Y. JETS Clubs, Debate, Oratory, Foot- ball Letterwinner. NANCY SUE NOBLE 4046 Vera. FTA, Latin, Pep, Tri-M, Y-Teens Clubs, Bond, Band Bounce. JUDY BETH NOLISH 1890 Seminole Lane. Red Cross Ch., Pep Club Rep., Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Ch., Red Cross Volunteer, Jr. Prom Comm. JAMES MAHLO4 NORRIS 2502 Witters. Baseball, Foot- ball Letterwinner. ROBERT O. NORTHWAY 12 Edgewood. Adv. Pres., Hi- Y, Ski Clubs, Class Ch., Golf, Swimming. JOHN WILLIAM O"CONNER 1902 Allegan. Club Hillite Rep. LINDA K. O'KEEFE 1620 VanBuren. Aqualites, FTA, Pep, Y-Teens, German Clubs. A ...awp N, 5 5524, ..', 1 1, .. I. .A ff- ai -. , is Him sf We . .. 4'-f. 9174 J vi? 's R? 2 I'-':" .EAN 3 ao' I op A 'TJ' ..,":,-. I TJ , f a . 'X I . ,lk 1 . x f I ,,..: W I It I' , 1-eff, .-. 'ff5Z.e-- M, 15111 r,Q 4 ir' it Ie- w.. KENNETH EDWIN OLDENBURG 7l30 Swan Creek Rd. Pro- iection Service. RALPH FREDRICK OMNESS 115 N. Bond. JETS, Math, Pep, Radio Pres., Vice-Pres. Clubs. WARREN GERBER OTTO 4183 EI Monte Dr. Adv. Vice- Pres., Bowling, Hi-Y Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Golf. JANE E. PACKARD l9l4 Deindorfer. Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Volleyball. LAWRENCE VANE PATTERSON 'I675 Sullivan Dr. Red Cross Ch., Band Bounce, Christmas Pag., Dance Orchestra, Or- chestra. DOUGLAS ARTHUR PEACOCK 503 N. Granger. Adv. Pres., Hi-Y. JETS, Math Clubs, Big Fourteen, Boys' S. O. Comm. Ch., Football Letterwinner, Tennis Letterwinner. DAVID WALTER PEITSCH 2639 Schaeffer. Pep Club, Eecll Cross Volunteer, Foot- al. WILLIAM ALVIN PELOQUIN 1921 State. Legenda, Junior Journalism Award. MARCIA ANN PENDELL 40 Benton Rd. Adv. Treas., Sec., French, Latin, Y-Teens, Ski Clubs, Christmas Pag. SANDRA SUE PERRIN T721 North Oakley. Band Bounce, Class Ch. DANA ELIZABETH PERRY 'l9l4 Stark. Arts-Dramatics, Spanish C I u b s, Christmas Pag., Class Ch. BARRY DUANE PETERS 'I6'I8 Cornelia. JAMES SPENCER PETERS 3227 Osler Ct. Adv. Vice- Pres., Club Hillite Rep., Biol- o9Yf Natural Science, Hi-Y, Latin, Pep Clubs. RUTH ANNE PETTIS 2275 Taft. Adv. Sec., Aqua- Iiles FNA, Rifle, Tri-M, Y- Teens Clubs, Christmas Pag. ROGER F. PFEUFFER 4415 Weiss Rd. Adv. Treas., Crucibles, Math Clubs, AS- sembly Ch., Band Bounce, Swimming Letterwinner, Nat. Merit Letter of Commenda- tion. VALERIE PICHLER l23 Jay. Latin, Pep Clubs. RICHARD F. PINCOMBE 4854 Weiss. Hi-Y Club, Base- ball Letterwinner, Football Letterwinner. JOHN RICHARD PINNELL 2315 N. Carolina. Adv. Sec., Crucibles, JETS, Math Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Swim- ming Letterwinner. F35 . leur- Lx A ja, ,,, I fi . N ,M Qt ,I ,,' "Did you go to Chinatown?" That is, the Club Hillite dance. CAROL LYNN PITSCH 4575 Deerfield Dr. Arts-Dra- matics Club, Band, Drum Maiorette, News, S e r v i c e Club. TERRY LEE PITTMAN 1407 Birney. FFA Club. ONALEE MARIE PLACE 1410 Brockway. BONNIE LOU POCKRANDT ll53 Glendale. Adv. Vice- Fres., Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens, Ski Clubs, Volleyball. , au.. qt.. .., , , ., .X . . S 33- .QA- lf F . X 5' 4, ff is if 3? . AG- MICHAEL DAVID POHLMAN 7652 Hillcrest Court. Adv. Pres., Hi-Y, Pep Moth Clubs, Junior Prom Comm., Tennis Letterwinner, Class Ch. TERRIE JILL POITRAS 939 West Stoker Dr. Aqua- Iites, Pep Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Assembly Comm., Swimming Letterwinner. BEVERLY DANA PORTER 6910 Garfield Rd., Freeland. Spanish Club. DONALD BRUCE POULOS 1712 N. Oakley. Adv. Treas., Soph. Party Comm., Red Cross Ch., Biology and Na- tural Science, Pep Clubs, Class Ch. CLEA M. PRETZER 423 N. Oakley. Interest, Swimming. JAMES EDWARD PRICE 3351 Court. Red Crass Ch., JANE ANN PRICE 3351 Court. Pep and Y-Teens Clubs. EDWARD FRANK PRIEM Breckenridge Rt. No. 1, Mid- land. Interest: Hunting. RICHARD ANDREW PRIEST, JR. 163 S. Second, Freeland. JERRILYNN PUDSCHUN 2122 Avon. Adv. Vice-Pres. Alchemists, Treas. Arts-Dra- matics, Math Clubs, Debate, Usher, Christmas Pag. GARY JAMES PURMAN 1629 N. Oakley. Adv. Pres. Biology and Natural Science, Hi-Y Clubs, Track Letterwin- ner. IRENE MILDRED RAINES 120 Roeser Freeland. Adv. Vice-Pres., Girls' Chrous, Li ,-'., Bowling Club. bmrian' O O I Seniors Took Their Last Final Exams KATHLEEN ANN RANKE RONALD DAVID HERBERT BOYCE JANET KAY RAYMOND WILLIAM DONALD GALEN CHARLES CHARLES EDWARD 1727 Burnhcm. Co-op, RAPPUHN RATLIFF, JR. 1114 Pclssolt. Ad v . RAYMOND REDINBO REED ' Pep, Y - Teens Clubs, 3020 Winston Dr. In.923 N. Webster. Biol- Pres., Vice-Pres., Club 2520 Hemmeter Rd. Red 1620 Avalon, Hi-Y, Ski 908 Congress. Interest Volleyball Letterwinner. teresa: Camping. OQY and Natural Sci- Hillite Rep.: FTA. Pep,C ross Ch., Bowling Clubs, Football, Tennis Fishing- ence, F r e n c h , Hi-Y Y - Teens, Ski Clubs, Club, Basketball Let- Lette,-winner, Clubs, Assembly Ch., Queen's Court. terwinner, B o w I i n g Class Ch., Tennis Let- terwinner. Trophy Winner. BARBARA ANN REID CHARLES ROBERT SUSAN JOYCE REITLER SALLY JO REMER ROGER ROY VglooIdbrgdge.1795 HREINKE Ad 11121356 Michigan. Co- E417 N- CI'1Cll'IeS. Aqua- 78?,gRofii:,-EQN Iggqlgp RIFFELMACHER -I eas aes t . .0 . 't , B I' , L ' . ' 2515N.M . Ch., . Red Cross Ch.: Sec.: Bgznsme Erh O i :rl P U ellis. ow ing atm Club, Class Ch. ason B0WIlf19, Co - op, Y- Choir, Band Bounce, Teens Clubs, B a n d Christmas Pag. Bounce. Q seg, W 5. :.- figs, --...W X JZ Q . A, ..,5 ,.w,, if if 'si az 42 .IUDITH GAIL ROBERTSON 2216 S. Hamilton. Adv. Vice- Pres., PTA Ch., FNA, Miracle B o o k , Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Jr. Prom Comm. f , 2 I Aiken. is .Ve' i fu' 1 .ng . pg ' Ek. "" Q? Q: in . 42. -- is 4 .W N 3- 5- :' ' . I at y .s ,.,, E I .ft in fi as Sir: W ' Vr., if if-. ' et I THERON PAUL ROBINSON 804 Sutton. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. EDGAR L. ROESCH 1534 Bay. Adv. Pres., JETS and Math Clubs. KAY EILEEN ROGERS 3285 S. River Rd. Co-op Club. TIMOTHY FREDERICK ROGERS 1939 Ottawa. Interest: Cars. JAMES ROBERT ROHN 5105 Brockway. EDWARD PHILLIP ROSE 7830 Mielke Rd., Freeland. Biology and Natural Science, FFA Clubs. JAMES A. ROSE 1002 Wheeler. Adv. Pres., Sec.-Treas. Biology and Na- tural Science Club. LOXIE ELIZABETH ROSE 1002 Wheeler. Co-op, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Service Club. JUDITH ANN ROSS 1046 P a s s o I t . Aqualites, Treas. FTA, Latin, Quill and Scroll, Ski Clubs, Legendc. KATHLEEN ANN ROSS 713 State. FTA, Sec. German, Pep Clubs, Class Ch. GEORGE L. ROUSSEAU, JR. 2329 Blake. PTA Ch., Red Cross Ch., Seals Sales Ch., Biology and Natural Science, Chess Clubs. JEAN ANN RUFFINI 2571 Midland Rd. Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer. ANN RUHL 2121 Blackmore. Pep Club Rep., Miracle Book, Y-Teens, Vice-Pres. Pep Clubs, Usher, Band Bounce, Senior Hostess. RAE Z. RUSKIN 246 Lockwood. Alchemists, Treas., Vice - Pres. Y-Teens Clubs, Band, Orchestra, De- bate, Girls' State, Saginaw Youth Symphony. JEAN ELIZABETH RUSSELL 709 Mackinaw. Adv. Treas., Alchemists Aqualites, French, Usher Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag. JANET MARIE RUTHIG 1619 Coolidge. Pep Club Rep., FTA, Pep, Y - Teens Clubs, A s s e m b I y Comm., Band Bounce, Choir. JUDITH ANN RYBA 1417 Vermont. Pres. Alchem- ists, JETS, Math, Tri-M, Vice- Pres. German Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce. LARRY A. RYDER 2411 Buy. Interest: Cars. ,X ,. .,. at -6 Y ' T QI I 1 , . .. V fi ' 'We 'I WY l :uv an A it 1, my ,Q 1 ,NA Y .2 -. Viv ' .,., . i l. I 'x Sharon Hill and Ken Fischer are really studying in study hall. DUANE E. SACKRIDER 5315 Glenfield. Co-op, FFA Clubs. CHARLES EDWARD SADENWATER 2203 Oakley. FFA Club, Class Ch., Football. LETITIA IRENE ST. PIERRE 1820 N. Bond. Adv. Pres., Sec. Alchemists, Co-Editor Legenda, Queen's C o u rt, Honor Alumnus Tribute, Girls' State, Quill 8. Scroll. EDWIN J. SALESKY 1901 Green. Adv. Pres., Soph. Party Comm., Hi-Y, Badmin- ton, Chess Clubs, Tennis Let- terwinner. ,llfwm 5' M jg gg L .,f 4 I1 Q i.4F"kifQc'fx l 1 43 JUDITH ANN S HMIDT DON SCHOENMEYER I 1. ::' M Wi V, it H W MADONNA MARY SAMPLE 1924 Deindorfer. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Choir, Com- mencement Pag. WILLIAM GRANVILLE SCHARFFE 2006 Mackinaw. Adv. Vice-Pres., Ar1s-Dra- matics, Bowling Vice- Pres. Clubs, Assembly Ch., Christmas Pag., Sem. Play. fm 2 X, I f W W F 'Af' FW -15:3 4 3 5 HW" Ii .Q P ef sf-5. sv ahve 31 ffh 3 FRANCES T. SARGENT ROBERT DAVID SAROWCANDACE LEE SAYLES ii.. iff R .. M 'I . 1 ' i . I.. 512'-..: - 'f - M ' . Lttifiiii-0l7fi?5.' 5- 'A ' kim . .11 . ,m:.e,,fs.f:f. . ' 'Q 7 if I 3Y2fs,i?fQ?:ff'f 'wif ' egiissezaif' 524 MARJORIE KAY KAREN JO' SCHAFFER JOHN JAY SCHALK 2118 Woodbridge. Arts-18 Ardmore Place. De- 1714 S. Michigan. Band, SCHADE 1723 Slark, Adv, Pres,,2533 Grqce Cf, JET Dramalics, F r e n c h , bale. B a n d Bounce, Com- 2022 B r e n n e r . Adv. Sec., Arts - Drama1ics,Rqdig, Rifle Clubs, 5PUl'1lSfIf Ski Clubs- mencemeni PUQSUHI- Vice - Pres., F r e n c h Co - op Sec., FTA, Y- Treas., L ali n Pres., Teens, Band Bounce. Clubs. B a n d Bounce, News, Junior Journal- ism Award. BILLIE MAY PHYLLIS BELLE ROBERT F. SCHERZER THEODORE RONALD JOHN SCHERPING SCHERPING 9100 Garfield, F ree - SCHIESSWOHL SCHLICKER 609 S. Jefferson. Red 814 Almira. Co - op, land. German C I u b, 1518 N. Mason. Freeland, R.R. 1. Cross Ch., Y -T e e n s Pep, Tri-M Clubs, Band Cross Couniry, Foot- Club, Band Bounce, Bounce, Choir, Christ- ball, Track. Choir, Christmas Pag., mas Pag., Comm. Pag. Comm. Pag., Librarian. GAIL MARILYN SCHLUCKBIER 1415 Lyon. Arts -Drl matics, Co -op Club Chrislmas Pag. Cla Chairman, Declamatio Sem. Play. College Is The Goal of Many Seniors if .x W ...E I 44 ,, 1 ., is ,sl ..- ,.,..e. W... , Y -f M I eye.-we fl Wei i-. .rf - .de if C 1523 Coolidge. Adv. Treas., Bowling, Co-op, Tri-M Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Comm. Pag. WAYNE R. SCHMIDT 1385 W. Delta Dr. Band, Comm. Pag. ELIZABETH ANN SCHMITTGEN 315 Souih Oakley. Pep Club, ghoir, Christmas Pag., Comm. ag. BARBARA SUE SCHNEIDER 706 N. Webster. Co-op, Mir- acle Book, Pep Clubs. FREDERICK WALLACE SCHNELL 1613 N. Woodbridge. Red Cross Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. BARBARA JEAN SCHOBERT 2118 Durand. 1341 Palelli. Co -op, Rifle Clubs, Baseball Leilerwinner, Football. KAREN ANN SCHOMAKER 1521 Stanley. Miracle Book Club, Band Bounce, Choir. DAVID H. SCHREMS 809 Van Buren. Co-op Pres., Pep, Rifle Clubs, Track. BETH MARIE SCHUETTE 323 N. Andre. Adv. PTA Chairman, Christmas Pag., Swimming, Arts - Dramatics, Aqualites, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. BONNIE JEAN SCHULTZ 1827 Stanley. Co-op, Y-Teens Clubs. JUDY ANN SCHULTZ 714 Dearborn. FTA, Lalin Clubs, Librarian, Lib r a r y Service Award. Q . Q -we l.ii mf -3.13 K EV legs' 1 ff l EDWARD MAJOR SCHUTT I8 Benton Rd. Adv. Pres., Club Hillite Rep.: Bowling, Hi-Y, Spanish, Ski Clubs, Golf Letterwinner. JOHN BALL SCHWANBECK T595 W. Delta Dr. Adv. Pres., Soph. Party Committee, Club Hillite Rep., Bowling, Hi-Y, Ski Clubs, Class Chairman. STEWART DONAVAN SCOTT 'I709 Stark. JAMES RALPH SEAVER 285 So. Ist, Freeland. Bowl- ing, Ski Clubs. SHARON SUE SEDERLUND 4675 Henry Dr. Arts-Dramat- ics, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. ART V. SEIFERLEIN 'I82I Lessur. Bowling, Hi-Y, Pep, Badminton Clubs. RONALD CARL SEIFERLEIN 2805 M i d I a n d. Football, Track Letterwinner. JAMES WILLIAM SEVERIN 2720 Adams Blvd. Band, Track Letterwinner. WAYNE T. SEYMOUR T606 Sweet. Adv. Treas., Baseball, Basketball, Football Letterwinner, Track. SHARON LEE SHABLUK 2790 Hospital. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Arts - Dramatics, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. PENNY L. SHADDEAU 1833 N. Michigan. FTA, Mira- cle Book, Pep Spanish, Y- Teens Clubs, Usher. GERALD M. SHANKEL IB25 State. Swimming Let- terwinner. JOHN WESLEY SHARAR, JR. 616 S. Oakley. Bowling Club. NANCY KAY SHATTUCK 307 N. Granger. Red Cross Chairman, Christmas Pag., Class Chairman. BARBARA ANN SHEEDY 227 Lockwood. Adv. Sec., Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman, Stu d e nt Store Assistant. MADGE H. SHELTRAW T839 N. Michigan. Aqualites, Bowling, FNA, FTA, Pep, Ski Clubs. GLORIA JEAN SHERMAN 1217 Cleveland. FNA, FTA, Latin, Pep, Tri-M Clubs. ANN CAROLYN SHIMMIN I30 Snow. Arts- Dramatics, Aqualites, FTA, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Semes- ter Play. i j ? 'Ie sv' U4 rw ,, fir R? . . si '16 1 -. , 1 L. w ' S 1. ,H xi' a is ' fi.,ggs?3gi5i5f, Sharon Kennedy, Sue Manning and Kaye Mellberg don their caps and gowns for a practice session for graduation. JEAN KATHLEEN SHIMMIN T30 Snow. Soph. Party Com- mittee, Arts-Dramatics, Aqua- lites, FNA, FTA, Spanish, Y- Teens Clubs, Semester Play. ALEXIS ELLEN SILKSTONE 2320 Hill. Geography, Span- ish, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. JAMES F. SIMMONS 523 S. Oakley. Biology and Natural Science Club, Track. VIRGINIA LOUISE SIMS 64 Davis Dr. Aolv. Treas., Sec., P'TA Chairman, Jr. Prom Committee, Aqualites, French, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs. fm! 45 GENE BROWN SLACHTA 2610 Van Wormer. Advisory Pres., Hi-Y, Spanish Clubs, Basketball Letterwinner, Track Letterwinner. SANDRA KAY SLATON 1616 King St. Co-op Club, Choir. BURRIS R. SMITH 1124 Washburn Place W. Ad- visory Pres., Vice-Pres., Arts- Dramatics, Crucibles, Hi -Y, Math Club Pres., Big Four- teen. CAROL LEE SMITH 2502 N. Michigan Ave. Co-op Club, Christmas Pag., Red Cross Volunteer. CAROLYN F. SMITH 2143 N. Clinton St. Co-op, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. LONNIE G. SMITH 5860 11 Mile Road, Freeland. FFA Club. BETH HELEN SNYDER 1106 Passolt. Adv. Treas., Sec., Aqualites, FTA, Pep, Y- Teens, Ski Club Treas. Clubs, Band Bounce. KAREN ANN SOLAK 1926 Wood. Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. MARILYN KAY SOMMERS 160 1st St., Freeland. Home- making Hostess. SAMUEL WESLY SORITEU 4045 Ring St. Band, Band Bounce, Dance Orchestra, Or- chestra. MICHELE F. SPARKS 511 Congress. Band, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. PATRICIA LOU SPENCER 816 Forest St. Christmas Pug., Basketball, Swimming, Vol- Ieyball. Q fa,-+4 - I . 9 V .SW -' fe?- ' 51 '..' ,..:. . , '.,'-, I 512152, " " If-ij" ' A. ,ffgf A I . - i----- A . .I51T'Q.m sW'3l' . ffl i'i' - YE1gTiiLf'.. ' ft' em A .I - 5 f r Ji I ',:' ' Emotions Graduation - A Time of Mixed MARY M. SPERRY 2230 Anderson Road. Adv. Vice-Pres., Aqua lites, French, FTA, Lat- in, Pep Y-Teens Clubs, Usher. MARY RUTH STEINER 4811 Thornehurst Place. Miracle Book Club. 'I . 1 J gil 1 , 13154. .3-1 .x 1 ,R .. e v 1 e 216' DIANNE M. SPITZ KENNETH LEE DAVID PHILIP srAIIIE AARON CARL JEROME R. STANTON DONNA JEAN 4755 w. Michigan. co- SPURBECK 1903 Jordon si. Bowl- STANDER, JR- 7 Benton Road- NV- STECKERT op Club, Band, Band4425 Midland Rd. Co- ing, Co-op Clubs. Bounce, Orchestra, Red op Club. Cross Volunteer, Christ- mas Pageant. BEVERLY JOYCE CAROLINE MARIE DANIEL MclNTYRE STEINPRES STEVENS STEVENS 1119 Adfms St. Co-op,2091 Cgolidge, CQ.Qp, 505 Yale, Mqfh Club: FHA Clubs, News, Bas- 2345 N o r t h Oakley. 303 Cleveland. Soph Y-Teens Clubs, Student FHA Clubs. NMSC Finalist. Office Assistant. 2 - Q 1411 , Ad , V' .V' .P .5 B wlIng722 Throop. Adv. PTA Pres., Cgellcl: Hi-Y, JEFS PFEE., rig?-Y Clzbs, GoIfChairman, Red Cros: and Math, Pep, Span- Letterwinner. Ch-Q SPUHISII C l U IB. ish Clubs, Declamation, Semester Play. LINDA LEE STIEHR 2512 Blake. Bowling, k e t b a I I, Vollyball, Swimming. iii- its f I ' SF2Z?2.,g Chnstmas Pageant, Rec Crass Volunteer. FREDERICK LEE FREDERICK JOHN STIMPSON STINGEL Hobby: Archery, Hunt- PUYTY C0l11ml7fee, Bowl ing, ing, Hi-Y, Ski Clubs. 3 fr ,'hA 5 I , -Vw Q if 9' ie- 6 as 2- ,lisa fr- 1- X V -v we -fe 5 8 ,S to l ,Af .N l l ww at ' 'Y l 1' . Q ,Q 'll' -.. I V l 4 .Z BRUCE D. STODDARD 1103 S. Harrison. Class Ch. ELLEN MARIE STODDARD 1103 S. Fayette. Co-op, Pep. Spanish Clubs: Basketball, Volleyball. EKKART FRITZ WILHELM STODTE 1070 Glendale. Orchestra, Red Cross Volunteer. BARBARA KAREN STORK Route No. 2. Adv. Vice-Pres., Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club: Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. TONI ANN STRAYER 187 S. Third St., Freeland. Soph. Party Committee: Mir- acle Book, Pep Clubs: Class Chairman, Debate. JOHN E. STRICKER 1553 Vermont St. Adv. Vice- Pres., Treas.: Hi - Y Club: Baseball and Football Let- terwinner: Football Most Val- uable Player. RICHARD N. STURM 2420 Vean. Adv. Pres.: Hi-Y Club: Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer: Football Let- terwinner: Junior Prom Com- mittee. PHILIP RONALD STURTZ 227 Heyn. Adv. Vice-Pres.: Arts-Dramatics Pres.: Bowl- ing, Hi-Y Clubs: Band Bounce, Debate, Semester Play. DONALD W. SUMPTION 3915 N, Thomas Rd., Free- land. RIITTA SUOMINEN 16 E. Hannum. Arts-Dramat- ics, German Clubs: Semester Play: Foreign Exchange Stu- dent. BONNIE LOU SUPPES 1705 Bro-Mor. Adv. Vice- Pres.: Co-op, Y-Teens, Ger- man Clubs: Class Chairman. CAROL ANN SURAL 22 Mary Jane Ct. Co-op, FHA, Miracle Book, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs. CHARLES E. SYMONS 1409 Vermont. PETER TALLON, III 1536 Greenwich. Hi-Y Club. MARILYN JEAN TAYLOR 307 N. Charles St. Adv. Vice- Pres.: Miracle Book. Spanish Sec.: Class Chairman. SALLY JEAN TEBOE 3460 Lawndale Rd. Adv. Sec.: Sophomore Party Committee: Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs: Band Bounce, Usher. JAMES E. TEN EYCK 1824 Glendale. Bowling, Hi- Y, Radio Clubs: Band: Cross Country, Golf, Swimming. X Vs Af, r 4? 3 ff.-f , ,,.,. ,V t , . . -. , iq 5"f ,, , MERRILY ANN TENNEY I A I - ,. 1417 N. Charles. PTA Chair- rf, man: Arts-Dramatics: Christ- . V1 :,: -V' mas Pageant, Semester Play. ssts is Families and friends of seniors assemble in the auditorium for the Baccalaureate service. WILLIAM JAMES TARACHAS 4901 Henry Drive. Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Rep.: Hi-Y Club: Class Ch. SUSAN JOY TARRANT 3459 Mackinaw. Adv. Pres., Red Cross Chairman: Co-op, Pep, Y-Teens, Ski Clubs: Class Chairman. DIANE LYNNE TATE 3505 Barnard Rd. Y-Teens, Junior Prom Comm.: News: Basketball, Volleyball. CHARLES JERRY TAUB 1320 Brewster. awk I6 X Spar xx' ,. SWK 131-if 1 xii I g'A5 .. CHARLES RICHARD KERMlT W. THIEDE TERRIAN 1909 Schaefer. Co - op 814 Cooper. Club. ROY WILLIAM THUMME DAVID LEE TINGLER 317 S. Alexander. Adv. 1600 Wilson. Baseball Pres., Club Hillite Rep., Football, Track. Assembly Comm., Big Fourteen: Baseball Let- ferwinner, Football Let- terwinner, Track Letter- winner. 'i ff' if iw. 2. 3 . X LARRY ALLEN THoMAs LowELL MILTON TERRY M. THOMPSON PATRICIA A ROBERT JAMIE 217 S. Carolina. FFA THOMAS, JR. 9440 Dice Road. Adv THORNTONIN THORSEN S l Club, Christmas Pag., 219 Gratiot Ct. Rifle Pres.: Bowling Club, 1119 Maple. 4733 N. Thomas. Tracld Proiection Serv., Stage Club. Baseball Letterwinner, I Crew, Track. Track Letterwinner. N KENNETH N. TRASR GERALD A. TRAUB DAN LEE TUCKER GAIL EILEEN TUCKER JANET ELIZABETH ' ,1041 Elmdale. Dr. HI-Y 1275 Pacelli. 3740 N. River Rd. 9550 Midland Rd, Mir- TULLIS , Club: Swlmmlng- ode Bogk Club, 1510 Houghton. ArtsI Dramatics, Co-op Clubs I Seniors Look to the Future DELORES E. TURNBULL Freeland. FTA, Pep Clubs. CHRISTA U. ULRICH 1418 Wheeler. German En- tertainment Ch. Club. DUANE T. VAN BENSCHOTEN 4235 Dirker Rd. Hi-Y, Pep, Ski Clubs, News. LARRY G. VANCE 4460 Ann. CAROL LYNN VANDERLIP 1375 Hemmeter Road. Adv. Vice-Pres., Club Hillite Rep., French, FTA Sec., Quill and Scroll Clubs, Junior Prom Comm., Sem. Play, Legenda Senior Ed., Senior Hostess. LOIS ANN VEITENGRUBER 1449 Passolt. Spanish, Y- Teens Clubs. CAROLINE MARTHA VELLANCE B21 Superior. Pep, Spanish Clubs. GAYLE DIANNE VERHEY 2515 Delaware Blvd. Adv. Vice-Pres., Aqualites, Bowl- ing, Pep Clubs, Class Ch., Queen's Court. JUDY ANN VETENGLE 5765 N. River Rd., Freeland. JUANITA ROSE VINCENT 3270 Northwood Pl. Band Bounce, C h o i r , Christmas Pag., Comm. Pag., Girls' Chorus. CAROLE MARIE VOELKER 307 Wellington. PTA Ch., Brush and Palette, Co-op, Y- Teens Clubs, Class Ch. JERRY BRUCE VOLLMER 40 Ardmore Place. Bowling Treas., Rifle Vice-Pres. Clubs, Class Ch., Basketball. ,,,, . .V m I .I I 3 ' 1. ' Lifafi f A -Saw L . ,.A , ,V I . M. ev, 1,1 H 11,33-" W yfqias ..-- he 'I "' J it-nr' y- 'Eff 'N'-.. . Q-3--v Q3 3 aff'- , sr' ' -if v 6 . it -.Nt A it v 'sr ...J 1? he .1 'F 'F' 2 We lim? Y . J- -1- S fi'ef'x an 6- Q HERBERT E. VOLZ 716 South Bates. FFA Club, C h o i r , Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. JOHN THOMAS VONDETTE 519 S. Alexander. Hi-Y Club, Baseball Letterwinner, Bas- ketball Letterwinner, Football Letterwinner, Track Letter- winner. WILLIAM ROY VONDETTE 519 S. Alexander. Advisory President, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Swimmers Aid Head, Swimming Letter- winner. RODNEY N. WADE 3414 Binscarth. Adv. Vice- Pres.. Treas., Sec., Baseball and Football. CURT C. WAGNER 1431 Bliss. Advisory Pres., Vice-Pres., Tennis Letterwin- ner. ELRAE M. WAHL 3195 Winston Dr. Aqualites, Co-op Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Comm. Pageant, Girls' Chor- us. GARY C. WAHL 1801 Burnham. Adv. Treas., Sec., Hi-Y Club, Football Letterwinner, Track Letter- winner. SHARON L. WAHL 3571 Manistee. Adv. PTA Ch., FTA and Spanish Clubs. CAROL JEAN WALKER 9820 W. Freeland Rd., Free- land. Advisory Pres., Treas., Sec., Club Hillite Rep., Span- ish Club, Big Fourteen. FREDERICK L. WALKER 119 Jay St. Bowling, Rifle Clubs. JUNE ELLEN WALKER 4561 W. Kochville Rd. Hobby: Bowling. MELVIN S. WALLACE 1344 Bay St. Miracle Book, Rifle Clubs, Band, Stage Crew, Cross Country, Track. JAMES C. WALZ 2031 Carman Drive. Adv. Vice-Pres., Bowling JETS and Math, Radio, Ski Clubs, Golf. JERRY BUD WARNER 4445 Brockway Road. Hall Monitor. WAYNE PAUL WASCAVAGE 2106 Maine St. Advisory Vice-Pres., Red Cross Volun- teer. ROBERT W. WATERS 2595 Linda. GARY B. WATTERS 604 Superior. Biology and Natural Science, Co-op Clubs. MARILYN ANN WAZNY 1614 N. Oakley. Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres., Class Ch., Band Bounce, Cheerleader, Queen's Attendant, Senior Hostess. S X. I .5 ? f K rf , .1 , .::. is X ,. 31,1 agile- 0- 1 is au.. . em The long walk down the football field is iust the beginning of a lOFl9 walk through life. DIANN MARIE WEBER 1710 Barnard St. Adv. Sec., Red Cross Rep., Soph. Party Comm., Band Bounce, Class Ch., Queen's Court. SHIRLEY E. WEDDING 2956 Harrison. Co-op, FHA President Clubs. CARL JOHN WEHNER 2040 Maple. PENNY P. WEIGHT 1617 Mackinaw. Basketball. Hobby: Hunting. 17. .Q 'B A ff , -., , -" 4 Q VN.. A V Q,- gk 'Huff 1 - .,., 5551. L . .. K 3 if T Gi 'E DENNIS V. WEISENBAUGH Box 174, Riverside Stables, Freeland. Service Club. MARLENE RUTH WEISS 2221 Gaylord. Bowling, Co- op, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. PAUL O. WENDLER 3104 Mackinaw. Pep Club, Basketball, Track Letterwin- ner. DOROTHY A. WENZEL 1430 Division Street. Hobby: Reading, Roller Skating, JUDITH LEE WERNER 1714 Barnard. Bowling, Co- op Treas., Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, C h o i r , Christmas Pag., Comm. Pag. RONALD JOHN WHALEN 2303 State St. Hobby: Cars. Memories Will Be JO ANN WHALIN 2000 Kollen. Adv. Treas., Sec., Biology and Nat. Sci- ence, Pep, Y-Teens Sec. Clubs. ROBERT E. WHEELER 1675 Fromm Dr. Red Crass Chairman and Volunteer, Football, Track. SUSAN LOUISE WHITE 1835 Hemmeter Rd. Advisory Pres., FTA, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Big Fourteen, Biology Lab Asst. JANET P. WHITTING 2724 Court St. Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer. JANICE ANN WICHMAN 9980 W. Tittabawossee Rd. Biology and Nat. Science, Pep, Y-Teens, Ski Clubs. SUSAN JEAN WICHMAN 9980 Tittabawassee Rd. Biol- ogy ond Nat. Science, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens, Ski Clubs, Red Cross Vol., Basketball Letterwinner. g at :Sl I it 5 'W X ,Z if A , 4, as JUL! , f .af f 4 MW- PX' 5. J K are 'fm -fifth' , .vu iii Cherished For Years SUZANNE E. WICKMAN JAMES D, WIESE SUSAN KAYE WIGGINS CONSTANCE L. JANE CAROL TIM COLE WILTSE DAVID ALLEN 118 N. Carolina St. 1023 Cass St.'ClasS Ch,2601 Lochmoar Place. WILLIAMS WILLIAMS 1305 Brockway. Adv. WINDOVER Arts-Dromatrcs, Pep 81 Hobby: Bowling. Adv. Tneas., Sec., Arts- 3062 Brockton Pl. Pep, 8945 Webster Rd., Free- Club Hillite Rep., Bowl- 2879 Cass Ave., Fr sk. Clubs. P""""f'fSf Pep, ASpan- Y-Teens, ska clubs, land. Advisory vice-ing. Hi-Y Clubs, roof-land. FFA President. gh Clubs, Christmas Band Bounce, Class Ch. Pres., Miracle B oo k ball. .c'g., News. Club, MARILYNN JOYCE CAROL V. WIZOREK MARY R. WOHLFEIL CAROL JEAN MAX RANDALL JERRY ALLAN MARJORIE RUTH WITTIN 1370 Wilson Road FHA, 2271 Bay Street. FNA, WOLGAST WOLPERT WOODCOCK WOODKE G . 1931 Holcomb. Co- opC0-OP, Rifle Clubs- Club. iz ,wwft ,W -at -1- ,-,, fi'--ii i : ' I... f 5 Jjllf: i , ' Z. , V. WL 1 . SV K 3 A is i 50 Pep, Y-Teens Clubs' ming and Volleyball , 11435 W. Freeland Rd. 2842 Hardin St. Hi-Y, 8530 N, River Road, Basketball and Swim- Advisory Treasurer, Co- Rifle Clubs, Baseball op Club, W r i t i n g Letterwinner l3l. Letterwinner. Award. . ' Y A.. V H Vk., Q ii.. i , irri We ests . V4 ' 55, 4 rf t A .1 Hg! if W ' is 2-I F f f-or QP W FY .,,' VR if Freeland. Hobby: Sell- ing. 1 , N A, S :nr it 9' 1610 N. Woodbridg Adv. Vice-Pres., Sen Soph. Party Comn Red Cross Ch., Aqut lites, Pep Clubs, Swir mer's Aid. PETER WOODMAN 9805 Midland Rd. Hi-Y Club: Band, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pag., Dance Orchestra, Orchestra, Red Cross Volun- teer. JUDY ANN WOOLEVER 915 Nylon. Advisory Treasur- er, Secretory, Saph. Party Comm., Club Hillite Rep., Red Cross Chairman. MARCY LEE WOOLGAR 413 W. Fisher. PTA Chair- man, Y-Teens, Band Bounce, Choir. BARBARA SUE WORKS 2341 Midland Road. Aqua- lites, Christmas Pageant. CAROL ANN WYSONG 126 Garden Lane. FHA, Latin, Pep and Y-Teens Clubs. GLYNN 1. YAKE 145V2 E. Washington. FFA Club. JEAN I. YOCKEY 1902 N. Clinton. B a n d Bounce, C h o i r , Christmas Pag., Girls' Chorus. KATHRYN J. ZAHN 1645 Brenner. Adv. Sec., Quill 8. Scroll Sec., Aqualites, Latin, Tri-M Clubs, Choir, News Editor-in-chief. R. ROGER ZAUEL 4093 W. Michigan. Crucibles, Hi-Y, JETS and Math Clubs. JANET N. ZEHNDER 1614 Hanchett. Adv. Treas., Sec., Soph. Party Comm., Arts-Dramatics, French Pres. Clubs, Band Bounce, News. WALT N. ZEIGLER 665 Wilson. Advisory Pres., Hi-Y, Pep, Ski Club, Vice- Pres. NANCY LEE ZINCK 1629 Arthur St. Adv. Sec., Treas., Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens, Class Chairman, Le- genda, Art Award. BRADLEY D. ZITTEL 2032 Kollen. Adv. Vice-Pres., Arts-Dramatics, Co-op, Pep Club Pres., Band Bounce. Semester Play, Vice - Pres. of Student Council' RALPH F. ZWINGMAN 1611 N. Bond. Biology and Natural Science, JETS and Math, Pep Clubs, Cross Country, Track. RUSSELL W. ZWINGMAN 1611 N .Bond. JETS and Math Club, Cross Country Letter- winner, Football Letterwin- ner, Track Letterwinner. I is .tg I , .Q .f it 'kqfigr 5 ' RH. 'fi -if 5 GARY HOLVEY Died July 22, 1959 Requiescaf in pace. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES: TERRY LEE AMEs EDWARD E. ANKLAM DENNIS HENRY CANDA PAUL EUGENE DEARINGER FREDERICK JOHN MILLER RICHARD WAYNE REDER ROGER DOUGLAS SHARAR SUSAN KAY THOMPSON PAMELA .Io wREssELI. DENNIS HowE Carol Vanderlip knows heels are a must with cap and gown, FB, , 1 m.,....4Ama.,.,..- .fN., "' Y nf: numw vu-uc scnoou , lirclv CAID FOI Almul MILL HUGH SCHOOL Q l W. Nw. 9934!-. G-rolvn M. 12 iw.. ie, zz. Glynn em I M1959-QQ WHL' KL.,,.,,.,,., M. M, W5 ,.,1,.i ,N w myigel-Qi. e 1 ,Q J W Q W ly? mfr.-f':f:.,L.:' :srl ,mm V, ,,.,, G1-me H, 4 W4 A lil H4 L: 'sr' Veheminry ivan..-V W lp, rx V lg, 4 l A12 V Y WLWAV-V 3. :1,.':h:..,I".l. i01efn'remem,srmn,,,, , di le, El L-L .,, ,, 1,,,,,,,, 3 ' l ' uw. M.. ...I i ' e ee he l 1 e ee- 4 e, ee ee ..,....,.,M W 7 lv iii Wi, iw E 1 ,W ,,,,, ,,,, - Q vm N.. .vim l Y em .. M, 1 . :arg jjfmljg' '1 .. . . . sum-uv as umu or men : glial, fm. .fl-:yr-74 1 f W z::'....,,. , I H Q W. .M 3. .1 . ,M 1 Lygvzqfmiw.-4. NW1 -' V K PM ' " 'H 5 f:z':":.:.::.:W' 'H T C J 1 ,3 ,mlm , , W. W., 1 M L- V-1 , , C...,.,,... W . -1 :rm M.. ,.,.., WW.. 17 an :::r'1::.,ff, M- '-'M .90 7- , ,. ,, , , I: :1::L":h,..,. ' f f A,,. 7' ' A Nqr, C A q q ea bm narwwou vo rulings ,,,, ' W Name ,-+1 Mr. Warren is responsible for all use made of this card which MUST BE PRESENTED whenever materials are borrowed. If card is lou: there will be A charge for replacement. Arthur Hill High School Library Adviuer - Saginaw, Michigan V. , M, ...,, .,. A 1 Classes Entreat Workers ............,. gg-, Behind each class room door each day new knowledge, presented by trained teachers, beckons each stu- dent to utilize his ability. If a student takes full advantage of this invitation extended at Arthur Hill, he can begin the road to success. Each teacher is- sues a standing offer of aid to his pupils. ln 163, library shelves upon shelves await the curious mind. Report cards feven though they are a hin- drance at timesl record the tests of one's talents. All this plus the friendly atmosphere provided by friends and instructors make the student feel at home. Each Hillite may enter into this bargain with iust one contribution- w-o-r-k! N In t' Num viaer .4 Aavim Mrs J co is,le for all use ma. of rm. wa i. rerpmabie for all ..,. ma, of ri. d ch Musr ms r-uEsnN1'E.u whenever material: which MUST BE WESENVI-ED whencve borrowed. ard is lon there will be a charge for replacement. are rrowe . Arthur Hill High School Library Saginaw, Michigan bo d Il card in lou there ll h n charge for replacemenr Arthur Hill High School Library Saginaw, Michigan N9 3475 Adviner Hrs r. ,,.au, fer .u ...C ma. of rm. md which MUST BE PRIEENTED whenever material: are borrowed. li card is lon there will be n charge for replacemem. Arthur Hill High School Library Saginaw, Michigan Nm in rupomible for all me made of this ard which MUST BE PRESENTISD whenever materials are borrowed. lf urcl in los! there will he a charge for replacement, Arthur Hill High School Library Saginaw, Michigan e.. , the second Tuesday of each month the Board of Education meet and discuss all school matters. First row: E. Stansbury, President, C. Coulter, W. Leesch. Second row: H. Rockwell, Treasurer, H. Karls, Secretary, W. Averill. Missing from the picture: R. Grant, V. President. A 4- xt Mr. Earle E. Robinson Mr. Glenn H. Mason B.S., M.A. B.S., M-A. Vocational Education Health, Physical Education B- Safety 'Ns In developing a comprehensive program which will allow every person to obtain an education which will enable him to realize his optimum potential, Mr. Charles C. Coulter and his group of administra- tive assistants have placed the accent on enlarging the counseling program in iunior and senior high school. With the ultimate goal of making all students contributing members of society, better guidance will put more round pegs in round holes-will help more students to get oft to a better start earlier in life. Administration Extend Miss Eleanor D. Bangham Miss Rhea E' Miller 35,1 M.A. B.M., A.B. An Educaiion Music Education l l ggtlriseiifit l 5 can-mann 1 me mad E.,- Miss Cmhenne Fwbee Miss Diana Umstattd Mr. Leonard T. Soper s.s., M.Ed. B-S-I MA- B.S-. M.A. Speech Correction Readlflg Administration 1'3" Counseling R Mr. Charles C. Coulter B.S., M.S. , Superintendent P l ,F 141' 'f2f::r ' fs, f 5 Q . ,y " 'Elia ,. vA,:f ,W at C... Mr. George D. Pross DI- Helen M. Tewes Dr. Milford 0. Holt Assistant Superintendent B-5-, M-A-, Ed.D- B-5-1 M-A-1 ECLD. Finqnge and Bugingss Elementary Education Secondary Education Administration 55 .ill ' ff., , .2 ,,., an 1' fr , f, , 56 X ' . .. ' if 15" , . .fi -7 . T.: ,Z'?'-t 1- . is f 1-ALF 7 aifsgimir , -Q.- ill , - . -' L: -If? ',WA QA',x i ' A, Q . 1 ve "' " .. . -fi .-sz.e,-M kk MR. HUGH SHACKELFORD B.S., M.A., Attendance Counselor Faculty Manager, Athletics With the encouragement of our principal Mr. Brock, who is continually striving for the best to accommodate all the students, the counseling pro- gram was extended at Arthur Hill. New this year is the addition of the attendance room, also used for counseling, which is under the supervision of Mr. Hugh Shackelford, Attendance Counselor. Besides being in charge of all attendance records, Mr. Shackelford acts as Sophomore Class Adviser. He puts a very strong emphasis on counsel- ing all new sophomores. Working on the counseling program with Mr. Giesecke, Senior Class Adviser, is Mrs. Baxter. Being new on the counseling stalt, Mrs. Baxter finds herself very busy. ln addition to being Junior Class Adviser, she works with Mr. Giesecke on preparing seniors for college, enrolling new students, adiusting sched- ules, and arranging testing programs. Assuming her new position of Dean with respect and hard work, Miss Olmsted has charge of all student scholarships and special awards. Along with being chairman of the Honor Alumnus Tea and Dinner, she also selects Senior Hostesses and Wolverine Girls' State representatives. Working co- ordinately with Mr. Morrow, the assistant principal who supervises the interior and exterior of the build- ing, Miss Olmsted directs girls' citizenship while Mr. Morrow handles boys' discipline. I Extensive Counseling Program Olfere fi Ka: g in Q iii. iii, r f ' if W1 'ks Q il - . ax- - Y who N gig aj, 5 af? 'ff W V. . 4 I I I ,gil I ',4 I ...J MR. HAROLD W. GIESECKE MRS. NANCY BAXTER B.S., M.S., Counselor B.A., Counseling Mathematics Department Head f ff' . MR. I, M. BROCK B.S., M.A., Pr' ' ul This Year 'J v""" MISS HELEN OLMSTED MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW M.A., Dean B.A., M.A., Assistant Principal i ' ME N Representing the various departments of Arthur Hill, the Faculty Cabinet discusses school plans, awards, and honors. First row: I. M. Brock, R. Morrow, H. Olmsted, J. Mann, G. Turner, B. Francis, N. Baxter, H. Beyer. Second Row: R. Grueber, F. Case, G. DeMers, H. Giesecke, J. Kleekamp. Faculty, Parents, and Students Work Together Mr. Case, whose advisory boasted the "Gee, that food looks good! What MF- Arthur Dunlop, P.T.S.A. Presiden most people at the spring picnic, slices shall I take?" is heard on all sides conducts the election of next year' a piece of meat to complete his plate. at the annual spring picnic. officers. f' y F'-sr - .enzyte 'HH ' ,-. N. X 3951. A fc J 'e v. 1, 5, Q .Lf Doris K. Frye Secreta ry Q! W 5 ' A qf z"'i'i'EiY .I T , A '7 -v: , SF 'E .',. . if X I I is Ei 3 , , I - '4' Prepurafion of the nourishing food which Hilliies gulp down each day is done by our cafeteria siaff. FIRST ROW: E. Schreyer, E. Alexander, A. Minard, B. Johnson, E. Barier. BACK ROW: V. Pohlmun, N. Schluckbier, A. Cholcher, A. Zeiiz, D. Meyers, E. Golden. Loma D. Kraner Marilyn A, Smiih Grace D. Fry Secretary Secreiary Secretary Staffs Give Indispensable Service indispensable io the iob of keeping Arthur Hill operaring smoothly is ihe maintenance sfaff. On Ihe day shif! are: FlRST ROW: E. Weiss, C. Simmons. E. Fem. BACK ROW: A. Waier, K. Sievens, R. Odetf, C. Kinville. Working The night shift are D. Dashkoviiz and T. Koriing. Missing from the the picture is C. Wagner. , m, 1s,s . ,, A ,. 3 9. wave--.-.5 Bob Hin Joe Mason President Vice President Advisory presidents for both first and second semester are: FIRST ROW: B, Northway, R. Garber, J. Pace, J. Washburn, M. Zahner, A. Hartel, N. Kurtz, C. Walker, J. Hurst, C. Meyer, C. Catrain, M. McGregor. SECOND ROW: K. Hamlin, T. Thompson, B. Diamond, S. Worthington, M. Illins, L, St. Pierre, D. Davis, A. Laing, S. Tarrant, K. Schafer, A. Gross. Mr. I. M. Brock. THIRD ROW: E. Lisee, R. Thumme, J. Schwanbeck, M. Faerbner, E. Fahndrich, J. Bingham, J. Mohar, M. Wazny, J. Becker, P. Taylor, B. Hill. FOURTH ROW: D. Schuler, J. Kcxrls, P. Marks, C. Wagner, B. Vondette, B. Braun, C. Glass, D. Jochen, D. Peacock, R. Clement. FIFTH ROW: C. Scorsone, W. Ziegler, B. Lauderbach, D. Sargent, K. Rohde, S. Shabfuck, J. Finkbe'ner, D. Lance, F'. Acker, G. Pur- man, D. Boyd, J. Barber. SIXTH ROW: T. Panko, B. Beuche, H. Lenick, G. Fuller, D. Rose, D. Hartman, E. Ander- son, E. Solesky, J. Burris, R. Boyse, E. Roesch. SEVENTH ROW: J. Clement, D. Sturm, F. Dunlap, R. Harrison, J. Mason, T. Cousineau, T. Dawson, B. Posey, R. Beebe, P. Linville, G. Slachta, R. Branch. , ., , .. . gl ,rw Many of the dances which Hillites attend are planned and supervised by the Big l4 members, FIRST ROW: A Gross, D. Boyd, A. Laing, J. Bingham, C. Meyer. SECOND ROW: D. Peacock, P. Marks, T. Mitchell, B. Smith B. Lauderbach, R. Thumme, R. Beebe. Missing from the picture are S. White and C. Walker. Heads Arthur Hill 1 Nyla Kurtz l Secretary Climax of a week that was filled with campaign pins, parades, and posters, was the campaign assem- bly where Hillites heard each candidate give his final speech before the actual voting began. After the preliminaries were over and each office was lim- ited to three candidates, anxious voters went to the polls and cast their ballots for the persons whom they wished to head school affairs: Bob Hill, president, Joe Mason, vice president, Nyla Kurtz, secretary, and Jill Barber, treasurer. ,-Q., -f .P i we rr , .f . X as Y f-W c Jill Barber Treasurer -..- 'Vis Wm 2-v .N -, -1 M- Q1 'il , , ,,s,,w,e' Betty Yates and Bonnie Suppes listen attentively to their instructions given by Mr. Black. MRS. HAZEL GUNTHER B.S., Business Education Department Head I ig, A Q! MR. RAY E. HARTMAN B.S., M.A., Retailing Coordinator 'f i W1 'z I sg. E -use-no-5' V 'W' n.J Li. 9,44 Filing is one of the many iobs assigned to Kathleen St. Luke's Hospital. Miss Bradley, her supervisor, is Creclit And Currency Classes Ranke at assisting. .. -m -V 5? N Keeping up with Mrs. Gunther's dictation is the Barbara Andree, with the help of Mr. Wells MR- B, G' WELLS goal of every one of her shorthand students. finally located the missing S5 for her bookkeep B,A., Business Education ing Gsslgnment. M MR. JOHN G. KLEEKAMP, JR. L ,. ., . B.S., M.A., Business Education 6 w' K ill? , . 1 ' 'gat . sw mittee MRS. MARIE M. CRITTENDEN B.A., Business Education School Treasurer im . s""'iM'Z1 .iam-Q 'WJ After receiving their instructions from Mr. Gibbons, Carol The posting machine adds variety to Gal Schluckbier's iob Rleck and Barbara Ellis will begin working at the Second at Wickes Corporation. Mrs. Elvira Biss looks on. National Bank. nge l uq a K+-.4 tne of Judy Schmidt's tasks at St. Luke's Hospi- xl is filling patients' records. Here she is aided y Mr Laesch. MR. FLOYD A. FEUSSE M.A., Business Education i T A MISS ELIZABETH R. REDSTONE wif! B.S., Office Training Coordinator ' 7 't TQ? Early dismisal from school and receiving money for it, is a situation any of us would envy. Students enrolling in Office Training, Salesmanship, or Busi- ness Training will agree. Students interested in sales- manship are placed by Mr. Hartman, Retailing Co-ordinator. Girls wishing iobs dealing in office training and secretarial procedure are placed by Miss Redstone. Having the incentive of capital and credit, many continue with these placements even after graduation. Unique displays help tremendously in retailing. Mr. Hart- man is showing a display to Dave Figueroa and Mrs. Yockey. Just a little but more right there Carol Krohn thinks as she com A craft Pfoleci Calls for the Utmost Concenlfcllon Uccofdmg to pletes the final details for her art assignment Ted Schiesswohl' Watch the Steady Hands' Steady hands are vital in art, craft, industrial arts and mechanical drawing classes. Future engineers will be particularly interested in mechanical drawing un- der the supervision of Mr. Pieritz.Carpenters-to-be will want to enroll in shop under Mr. Grossman or crafts under Mr. Mitchell. If making posters or table decorations or the fine art of painting appeal to you, Mrs. Siehr's art classes will afford you opportunities to express creative ability. Thgrgughly engrossed ln his work for mechanical drawing IS Wang Q new house?" Bill Gustafson has completed plans Bob Dnz utilizing his mechanical drawing techniques. ' ,4 ' ' L. r at 1 sewyfzw- - V if . 'L ,J ,si V -,mf T ml I' l-'gig'-:PRI-ff! y Q2 111 I 1 ,- MRS VIRGINIA SIEHR 0 Department Head I . 1 I M , Wk Iwi A lg ' -1 f . 1 . I 'fel' 51- -we Q, k.7, 7, 553535359 MR. A. A. PIERITZ B.S., Drafiing ' s ts' x MR. EMERSON J. GROSSMAN -W M A., lndusfrial ArIs '39 5 Carol Voelker enloys sahsfymg her creahve urge IH Mrs Slehrs One sllp a cl Dennis Canda, unlike Denms The menu , works wnthout mushap. Industrial ar class shmulates Ron Senferleun s mechanical mlnd Sue Hoag and Rosalie Curott combine eftorts to get their homework done before class begins. Miss Turner is happy to explain a difficult part in the Latin assign- ment. i wsmg- Lim' 4 X K owl A if 'C-M' 7 MISS GERTRUDE E. TURNER B.A., M.A., Latin Language Department Head 2 fats MISS RUTH E. PATOW B.A., M.A., Latin Foreign : ,ku , , MISS CORA HELEN MORGAN T B.A., M.A., Spanish Q 3. 5' 1 t. K MRS. JUNE O'DELl. M-A-f Spanish sip. MRS. MARJORY JACOBSON A.B., M. ., h ' A Frenc M A G Mathematics ' " erman English MR JOHN H. ROUNDHOUSE Planning to go to Europe this summer? Are you starting preparations for a cruise around the world ?lf you are the language department cer- tainly has definite advantages. But if your plans for the immediate future don't include either of these, a knowledge of a foreign language will also help you. If you are planning to go to college a language is required for admittance. The four languages taught at Arthur Hill-French, German, Latin, and Spanish-can also provide variety to your schedule. .anguages and Travelers Go Together his German Class listens attentively to what Mr. Roundhouse is Larry Rifkin is pleased to learn how Mrs.O'Dell translates the passage. swf: 5 Mm it-f -of-wwfilf 'fr Cheryl Elmer, Jim Fuller, Michele Landers, JOYCE 50lSf9f, and Jim Bird give a panel discussion in English class. Bertha Fritz receives help in finding a book from Miss Earle and Mrs. Costa, librarians. MRS. FLORENCE ALICE MISS HELEN BEESON BLACK MRS. GERALDINE BLACKN EY B.A., M.A., English A.B., M.A., English B.A., English ,figglw ' I V y -vf-' ., .T : it g J . 'll i .' , f ' f '-" ' , A .. ...le Jean Boehlke and Maior Schutt check their exam grades with Mrs. Hamlin. MISS MILDRED COSTA MISS MATTIE CRUMP MRS. BARBARA DANCEI B.A., M.A., librarian B.A., English, Journalism B.S., English All 'N' is ...arf ' K. Ai KFQELEX . qs ii" Q .,,- ' A W .,, if 1: yy H., , VV , -1 , i , Q g Fi -1 ' L . s A '.. h' if X i AA if . i :litany in K I ISS EVA EARLE MRS. DOROTHY S. GIESEL MRS. FRANCES HAMLIN MRS. IRMA L. HARVIE MB., Libmrian B,S,, English M,A., English A.B., M.A., English 'Mathematics Department Head English Students Master Their Remember when, as sophomore, you had to mem- orize Mark Anthony's speech in Julius Caesar? Re- member when we read Poe, Silas Marner, A Tale of Two Cities, and House of Seven Gables, as required reading? Who could forget the Pribble-McCrory tests, the themes, the spelling tests, and the vocabu- laries? Although English sometimes seems to be a 'hard and tedious subiect, most of the students realize 'the important influence that English will have in their future. Under Mrs. Harvie's direction, the English teachers strive to fulfill their task of drumming the essentials of English into the students' heads. Miss Costa and Miss Earle, librarians, always willingly give assistance to those students who are seeking material for themes or a book for a book re-port. ,px 4,1 Ji , WW Q as MRS. RACHEL JEROME B.A., English Latin L 5' A. MR. WILLIAM LEWIS B.A., English Own Language Lorranine Bragman, a student in Mr. Lewis' English class, shows how a simple sentence is diagramed. MRS. MARY McEWEN MISS RUTH M. MURPHY MISS ISABEL STRUTHERS MISS BEVERLY YATES ins. Jov v. MANN s.A., English Bs., M.A., English M.A., English M'55 CHR'5T'NE Ar WEBB B-A-, English -A-1 English Dramatics Yearbook Art of Living B-A-I English French W - 75: 7.3 A is -.N 1 V , iw - .. 5-' ,,, N Bill Gustafson illustrates an algebra problem, Mathematics presents a challenge to the inquiring mind of today's teenager. Plane and solid geometry, algebra, trigonometry, business and refresher math are the math courses oHered at Arthur Hill. Mr. Giesecke, head of the math department, sees to it that there is a math course to fit every student's need whether he wants a general mathematical back- ground or the advanced technical knowledge. Accel- erated math courses are offered for sophomores, iun- iors, and seniors. These courses have a common goal: to promote clear and logical thinking through reasoning and practical application. The slide rule, compass, pro- tractor, and the plain old pencil and eraser are the working tools of an advanced math student. Math Advances In Importance Carl King, Douglas Peacock, and Tom Dawson seem to be con Mrs. Jacobson's class works in groups. Cenffcllng On U lfi90n0mel"Y Pfoblem- ' xl .l , ' , 'Q . V L I , at I -, sd! 5 , fur' 9 'Q Q .,h. f t . L? i f. is MR. JAMES D. ARCHER MR. GEORGE H. DeMERS MISS AMY A. GATZ B.S., Mathematics M,A,, Mqfhemmics A.B., M.A., Mathematics Coaching Qi Mr. DeMers explains a trigonometry problem to Herbert Eldredge. Mr. Mesker's ciass reviews their homework assignment. ,XL . MR. HAROLD W. GIESECKE B.S., M,S., Counselor Mathematics Department Head f fa. 'wc E. 51 ng W -. at - i :az2"' up .za we 4 e MR. ARMIN H. MESKER B.S., Mathematics ii '5- . . .3 x A 3 ix MR. GEORGE R. PURDY B.A., Mathematics Coaching . ff v. rv , Q if 1 .. f , Q5 Q, K! Q MISS UNA M. ROBERTSON M,A,, Mathematics C. gs ky ...... ex MRS. CAROLINE RUSSELL B.A., Mathematics 7 1 ., 4Iq"i'f - aff? 122.5 .R 1. U .J A dp' !......... MR. ROBERT R. CLARK M.A., Orchesira Band DANCE BAND MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: J. Ignafowski, P. Woodman, M. Berlin A. Hales, M. Reeves. SECOND ROW: D. Stinson, F. Bolger, S. Sorifeu, B. Goode now, G. Glantcz, R. Woodman, B. Boice. Missing from picture: L. Forrester. . . . They Play Everything! FIRST ROW: C. Gobble, G. White, R. Buggia, P. Haas, S. Schmick, E. Crandall, J. Solomon, G. Enszer. SECOND ROW: G. Marquis, L, Sensabaugh, J. Mark, B. Nelson, R. Ruskin, K. Woolever, E. Siodfe, M. Ellis, C. McF'hilimy, D. Quick, B. Grousse. THIRD ROW: L, Paterson, D. Siinson, D. Holliday, I.. Railling, R. Glanfz, D. Larson, R. Goodenow, R. Woodman, D. LeBean, Mr. Clark, INSTRUCTOR, P. Hadcock. Q 5 his Hillites have many opportunities to listen to the music of the Arthur Hill Band and Orchestra. Wheth- er they are playing a lively march or a soothing melody their music is sure to please everyone. Football games and parades give the band a chance to exhibit their talents. Led by the able and ener- getic drum maiorettes and maiors, they can be found marching their way through wind, rain, sleet, and snow. The orchestra displays their ability in the spring concert, plays, and other school activities. Arthur Hill's Dance Band plays lively and swinging music at some of the school dances and throughout our city at various functions. DRUM MAJORETTES: J. Forester, J. Fetherolf, M. Ellis, J. Bailey, J. Adair, Head Maiorette, P. Butterfield, B. Agricola, S. Harris, M. Neuendorf. FIRST ROW: B. Kamenar, D. Wenzel, B. Steininger, E. Jameson G. Schmidt, J. Johnson, R. Ruskin, K. Woolever, R. Winchell, P. Robart, K. Levi, S. Lemmer. SECOND ROW: J. lgnatowski, P. Kowalski, S. Kamenar, J. Adair, D. Madday, G. Rousseau, L. Railing, D. Holliday, J. Wheeler, F. Bolger, D. Curtis, E. Bryant, J. Schmidt, J. Maddox, J. Butler, C. Slagle. THIRD ROW: B. Stroebel, T. Ames, S. Soriteu, D. Larson, B. Gaodenou, J. Meredith, M. Reeres, M. Docham, A. Barr, R. Wieck, E. Suppes, C. Robart, C. Hartfelder, C. Stroebel, M. Tucker, D. Soritey, C. Sayles, M. Berlin. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Clark, INSTRUCTOR, R. Schmidt, J. Gerrard, B. Young, R. Knerr, B. Clark, A. Hales, J. Lantz, B. Boice, D. LeBeau, J. Blank, R. Giantz, R. Woodman, D. Brader, G. Fox, B. Pence. SECOND HOUR GIRLS' CHOIR: FIRST ROW: S. Smifh, J. Fooie, G. Ginder, J. Balzer, D. Burrill, J. Klemish, A. Kenny, J. While, L. Musquiz, B. Comstock. SECOND ROW: J. Warner, M. Proux, M. Davis, D, Davis, C. Claflin, D. HQIT, C. Weich, E. Hale, G. Roll, N. Diveley, E. Kennedy. THIRD ROW: R. Campau, S. Kemeres, M. Markey, B. Neueulildt, V. Turrill, S. Werih, D. Simpson, S. Johnston, J. Hinds, J. Ausiin, S. LaFond, R. Miller. L 'C , Harmoneftes: Accompanist, Barbara Walz, Kay Mellburg, Ruth Zahnow, Barbara Morrison, Scorsone, Pat Spadafore, and Carol Kempf. THIRD HOUR A CAPPELLA CHOIR: FIRST ROW: A. Gross, S. Vincent, P. Albrighf, C. George, K. Draquer, J Anger, K. Melberg, J. Rybu, D. Ryba, C. Kempf, P. Dyer. SECOND ROW: A. Fuller, C. Maiuren, M. Zacharias, F. Cammin, S. Williams, A. Slmimmin, A. Wells, N. Douglas S. Harris, J. Johnson, C. Quinn, R. Poulis. THIRD ROW: B. Nelson, B. Agricola, F. Keller, K. Zahn, P. Wight, M. Hebber, M. Lentner, P. Dent, R. Peftis, P. Calyson. FOURTH ROW: W. Maconber, B. Baker, L. Yockey, R. Borg, F. Roux, L. Foersler, K. Mell, H. Dvorsek, D. Shadduck B Prim G. Poulis, B. Hahn. Y l' u lTH Houn cms' CHOIR: FIRST Row. s. Hevinen, G. Marolf, L. Meconoch, Kingsmen: Mike Hamling, Barry Prim, Dave Shattuck, and Pringle, C. Jarvis, J. DutTy, B. Eckstrom, G. Hoffman. SECOND ROW2 H- larry Yockey' cius, M. Houser, A. Young, M. GriHore, K. Johnston, S. Miller, E. Schmittken, Sieb. THIRD ROW: S. Young, J. Bauer, C. Klein, J. Miller, C. Barberree, L. Boel- 3, Kngtts, J. Krueger, M. Woobar, B. Abramson, B. Morgan. ' -x I 'A Assemblies. the Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, A and Spring Corale give the Hillites and members of the community opportunities to hear the Arthur lf Hill A Cappella Choir and the other musical talents A Pr under the direction of Miss Rachel McMillan. Along A 't'i with the a cappella choir, the Harmonettes, Kings- Atllf ' men, and the Girls' Choir have pleased all those MRS, RACHEL MCMIU-AN who have been fortunate enough to listen to their M.A., Vocal Music harmonizing. Masters Make Melodies FOURTH HOUR A CAPPELLA CHOIR: FIRST ROW: D. Beadle, S. Davila, D. Zamanek S. Lemmer, J. Andrews, N. Martin, S. Fahndrich, J. Werner, T. Belokonny, B. Zitter, W. Cline. SECOND ROW: C. Scoresone, J. Rachow, A. Hartle, l. Myczka, L. Ainsworth, K. Krause, K. Sovia, H. Rhode, C. Fromm, J. Ruthig, V. Stevenson, J. Enos. THIRD ROW: S. Batten, J. Weiker, P. Scherping, E. Knoerr, H. Baker, R.Zahnow, J. Yockey, B. Ballantyne, B. Morrison, N. Fedder, L. Clum, C. Hodges, B. Scherping. FOURTH ROW: Golden, A. Bartle, B. Nixon, G. Bauer, H. Volz, B. Arndt, M. Hamling, B. Macamber, T. Meyer, R. Griigsby, J. Barris, J. Dana. ' 'rw' Wg. buena-s'r1mcfm:'s-'MM'-'-----H17feszreywfx-M'V' ..-- ..-M .......,.. fr ...........,,..........M. M-,-I,-M.-......-,......,..e..w..... 2 Ml L,,,.s. Q. . .. As port of her iob os co-editor, Letitio St. Pierre checks the size Pm, Dem' Coediior' Checks through me Copy to See 'hm it i of the pictures that ore sent in. on 'n before the deqdhne' Legenda Records All I t i i i i Q Q Photographers John Hansen und Jim Hcirtl cover school activities Cathy Brown, s0Ph0m0f9 ediT0f: PGY BFGUHI iUni0" editor? Un' for Legendo. Corol Vonderlip, senior editog paste the pictures of the student: for the albums. 76 N Checking the advertising contracts are Ruth Zahnow, Judy Ross, advertising editor, and Mary Jo Landeryou. 4.45 Lie- M Karen Krause, classroom editor, helps Pat Dyer, MUVQOFST Williams, l10f10l'S 9dlT0f, Seeks advice for her layout from Jean Bell, special events editor. club editor, identify some of the pictures. The Events Of The Past Year Creating a distinctive, informative, and, we hope, um 'X accurate record of a year's activities at a large high school keeps the seventeen members of the Legenda stat? busy from September to June. Each staff member is responsible for his quota of pages- assigning pictures, writing idents, narratives, and headlines, planning layouts, meeting deadlines. The reward comes when he sees the completed book 'Who is number 'lO?" Bob Posey, LeRoy Bauer, and John Goes take :are of all sports work. treasured by his fellow students. 77 Looking for assignments at the file cupboard ore Dale Timm The business de and Robert Enszer. Mariorie Schade, and Sharron Wright. l partment of the News includes Ann Winslow, i School Paper informs Students Members of the writing staff are: Richard Curry, Ann Laing, Gretchen Hargesheimer, Dale Lantz, Sandra Armstrong, Jo Ann Miller, Sharon Canaday, and Carole Engel. Missing is Robert Enszer. i we i Checking over the copy of a recent edition of the News are the Co-Editors, Judy Kreu- chauf and Kathryn Zahn. 2 3- 3 If-v Q., . ...' ' K- . hs :f'fg7',a.E xi' fi ,ff Members of the Arthur Hill News are required to take Journalism I before joining the staff. ln iournal- ism the student learns the duties and functions of a newspaper. These may range all the way from operating a camera to writing copy. Newspapermen must be skillful as well as versatile. Each student has a certain job for each issue and is always striv- ing to do the best possible work. The staff records all school activities in each and every issue of the Arthur Hill News. Photographers and typists of the Arthur Hill News are SEATED: Robert Blod- Nancy Clements and Nancy Miller enloy gett, Sue Blynn, and Ronald McCrea. STANDING: Nancy Burbach, Tom the many interesting articles featured in the Kinney, and Kathleen Nowlin. paper. y 79 1? 2 T 4-as Q5 . --wig, " vmvzn .... . 'fiziitiislis , , ,E ,gf 0 sr' - A WT te ' , ff f Q W' 3.. , ' T ,ff I N -2,4 4- MR. EDWIN JAHNS MR. CHARLES L. FOWLER M.A., Driver Training M,A., Driver Education Department Head Coughing Gym, with activities from basketball to modern dancing, breaks the routine of regular classes. Alter- nating with art of living, gym is required for sopho- mores and iuniors. Learning to study, driver training, budgeting, and preparing for the modern world of today are included in the art of living classes. The bookwork of driver training is completed during the second semester art of living classes in the sophomore year. The ten hours of behind the wheel experience that is needed to com- plete the course are taken during a study hall or a student may be excused from gym. v K . s t','- Yi' - st .N V' A ww UMW W- "lt's a homer" . . . or so Beth Hale hopes Basketball, Budgets, and Brakes "Going to drive home?" The sophomores who are taking driver training certainly hope that they will be some day soon. t , l 'V' -ev '1' rr ,.....--- ,,.,....--- -nf L 3'k'!Q I I wr ,, hir' gl' 'fav 4 , as 4 :LA K. n .V I - ffsag., . gsizwfg for art t L i ...uw Il. .fv- .sf N Ux nf AE? 'x A - .. MR. DAVID A. GAINEY A.B., Swimming Coaching MISS JEAN ROBERTSON A.B., Art of Living MISS MARY MARGARET DOIDGE B.S., M.S., Physical Educafion MR. EARL D. BURNETT M.M., Arf of Living MRS. ELEANOR L. McCREA B,A,, M.A., Physical Educaiion MR. SEYMOUR MURPHY B.S., M.S., Ar? of Living Coaching MR. KURT KAMPE M.A., Afhleiic Direcfor Physical Education Coaching MISS MARY F. LEWIS B.A., Art of Living NE. : A I r all -A . 3 E. ...JI i -. , . vn!Q'jf'y. .Aa .W 55: IQ 1, I v I FV' Q ,,,...,.,.....--- ilmwf ' M...-Y 1? '93, .zJ.:ailf5'1'ilt2'i' :kr .. si . - 5 .. nj -Y YW 5 ,... Z3 Displaying their demonstrative talents are: Mary Gott- schalk, showing what effect soap and water will have, Dave Flucke diving, Mike Hill explaining diagram, and Gail Cherry displaying painting. If anyone wants to learn how to dive, paint, or scrub, all he has to do is take public speaking. Be- sides demonstration speeches the classes learn to speak before any audience with poise and self- confidence. Spring speech activities and debate offer more opportunities to those who have the desire to further their abilities in speaking in public. . "4 A"k"f . 9. 5 g xk1.Ltt,ff , vw,-rg, 5 .1 ' .5 El , ' -if fl? 3. f 11 ,J 'ill l xl 1 V" ttri 1, 55,2 A ' r .tzt sewef 5.11 I V ae 3 I1 "5 K N I f r "MN-... wt' we at K l L .3 www? DEBATE TEAM, FIRST ROW: S. Gross, R. Ruskin, M. Brown, K. BohnhoiT, B. Bowman, C. Catrain, J. Boelke, J. Zehnder. SECOND ROW: M. Senn, C. Byron, P. Sturtz, D. Lantz, L. Nitz, B. Lauder- bach, J. Karls, B. Sarow. THIRD ROW: J. Pudschun, C. Ewald, F. Martin. Missing from the pic- ture is G. Gaiovics. Speech Betters Communications ., MR. RALPH l.. GRUEBER . s.A., Public Speaking , 1 Y 5 ,- . 'se a . . " MR. KEITH H. BIRDSALL A.B., English Debate Jan Zehnder enioys Dale Lantz's arguments for their side of the debate A . "M s 4,55-1 A as A f -64, MRS. MARGUERITE ENGLE B.S., Physics Chemisfry 'QED'- E . ' ' MR. KENNETH c. PouLsoN B.S., Physics fl! MR. wiLuAM H. PHILLIPS B.S., Chemisiry Biology if it I Q i 10, M,.4-, w A. 'w-Q""' E 'W' Q, Sf "Something has to happen soon . . . doesn't it?" wonders John Fielder in chemistry lab. Science Classes Satisfy Future eecls MRS. HELEN BEYER B.S.. Homemaking English MR. FREDERICK W. CASE, Jr. B.S., M.A., Biology Natural Science r-vi ,-.An M- Q ' MR. WILLIAM WARREN M.A., Chemisiry "I'm sure 1hat's a flukeworm's description," Karen Bohnhoff ex PlUlnS To Carol Foehl as they go over their biology assignmen Dave Jochen appears engrossed in a physics xperiment. A ig ii g ' I i'- . . if " ' I ZL' ' N ' .. , . s it i gs ssss i s it . I V rf 'iyh ' -.- W -fig I ' s- - , M 1 Q 'il -Y " it - . . , 3. , 1 1 1 . .1 1 . my I V .323 ' Qin A . g 3 ' , ..,. ' I I .L fswwgk Em r i- . A -',, 11' ' I ssp i MISS EDITH R. JENSEN MR- JAMES E. HOOPER MISS ELOISE BACON MR. HOWARD l.YTl.E MISS NORMA Hll.E MRS- LORNA L- ZIEGI-ER BA Bmlogy B,S,, Physics B.S., M.A., Biology B.S., Agriculture B.S., Homemaking B-5., Hbmemuking, Supervis Science Dept. Head Did you ever wonder how the Russians got their rockets and dogs into outer space? Did you ever wonder what would happen if you mixed CafOHJ2 and HCI? Hillites learn these and many other inter- esting facts about our world in physics, chemistry, and natural science. These classes otter many ad- vantages for the student who wishes to learn more about the world of today-whether it's for a college maior, minor or iust to increase their knowledge. Who tits wooden blocks together? The psychology department at Arthur Hill does. Of course, they don't play all the time. They learn about the mind, personalities, and what makes one tick. Some students at Arthur Hill think that food is the most important substance in this modern world. There are certain undebatable points pertaining to food, its preparation, and usefulness. Classes such as cooking and sewing play a very important part in preparing the student to meet the present world today confidently and well-prepared. Homemaking Education Caroline Beck prepares an appetising lunch in cooking. 1. Barry Plonta, Sue Hackett, and Bill Conklin test mental abilities in psychology. ' 0 XXV - -.5 visa? 1 Of 85 if 1 "" QL ' :,L , .1 ' 7 K , gs- ' 3 7 JQ iV 4,,,f' I D A ' A .: MR. EDWIN SCHALK M.A., Social S!UdiBS Department Head MR. C. D. STEWART B.A., Social Siudies MR. VERNE A. HAWES B.S., Social Studies Coaching MR. EDWARD F. PETZKO B.Ed., M.A., Social Sludies Coaching MRS. CONSTANCE VanDERSTEIN B.A., Social Siudies MR. OLIVER HERZLER, JR. B.A., B.S., M.A., Social Studies Ar? of Living 1 '-:.'f'i 5 ,. fm Qie: MR. WILLIAM VONDETTE B.A., Social Studies Coaching I if 1 3 M.. .. .-if . .QV . MR. GARALD E. SCHAIRER B.A., M.A., Social Studies F Q .Q MR. NELSON L. H M.A., Social Sludii Hillites Enter Politics MR. WESLEY W. HARDING, JR. B.S., Social Studies MISS BERNICE M. FRANCIS B.S., M.A., Social Science M l 'Pit f "" 4 lf s l P A Qs: mf i3f'fii9"u ' , ,. - rf in " MR BRYANT S. WILSON MR. JOHN W. MCCARGAR MR. ERIC E. SENN MR. RICHARD LEE GLYNN MRS- MARY STEWART MR- HARVE UGHT S MA Social Studies B.S., Social Studies M.A., Social Studies B.S., Social Science B-A-I Social Studies M-A-I Social Science Coaching Government Day and the MOCK National Politi- cal Convention have given Hillites an opportunity to enter and receive a better understanding of the local and national system of government. The knowledge gained through these practical experi- ences will help prepare Arthur Hill students to be- come better voting and well informed citizens. American and World History, Economics, and Sociology also give Hillites opportunities to better understand the workings of our government and enables them to take an active part in the society in which we live. Q ""'J Mrs. Stewart is trying to find how much information Pat Manning and the other students have retained from a section's work by giving a little "Quiz". Looking over the applications for student Government day are: Doug Peacock, Letitia St. Pierre, Ellen Anderson, Bill Scharffe, Dinny Boyd, and Pete Hauffe. Yr'-?' -'sf "-I 6+f1zx1fwxxfi152ff1 .w:e,fieE.'x1' 1 I 3' NIA Klllliff ?iY2i!!fWi5iS!3I!' 61iU,H"tHii TEST 1935845 Q, . - , .. . Service Requests Honor "Arthur Hill is proud to name-", Through various school activities many Hillites are named recipients of top honors. Over one hundred conscien- tious students earn scholarships. The Honor Assembly program gives recog- nition to outstanding workers in classes and in social or service clubs. While the administration selects those who will receive leadership trophies, the senior class elects to the Hall of Fame those fifteen seniors whom it considers the outstanding upperclassmen. The Honor Alumnus ceremony and the Twenty-Five Year Club confer great distinction upon former students and present instructors. Letitia St. Pierre, who gave the tribute to Mr. Brown, congratulates him for receiving the honor. Mr. Brown greets Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson during the reception in the North Hall. Honor Alumnus NINTH HONOR ALUMNUS On May 14, 1959, Arthur Hill High School paid tribute to one of its former students. Maurice Ever- ett Brown was selected as the ninth Honor Alumnus. Gaining recognition as a businessman and a former mayor, he presently works toward the Tri-County Col- lege. Mr. Brown, because of his untiring work for our community, ranks as one of Saginaw's leading citizens. Teachers Honored Twenty-five Year Club Mrs. Giesel taught at Arthur Hill for twenty-four years and then left to devote all her time to her home and family. Last year she returned to Arthur Hill. lnadvertantly her name was not included in the 1959 yearbook, but she was honored at the spring dinner of the Twenty-five Year Club along with Miss Doidge and Miss Jensen. Mrs. Giesel teaches English and mathematics and in her spare time she enioys golf and bridge. They Served Ninety-two Years Ninety-two years of service to Arthur Hill High School is the record of these three Twenty-five Year Club members who retired last spring. Miss Ethel Peterson as dean was patient, under- standing, and capable of handling many different situations. She started her career at Arthur Hill as head of the English department. Travel abroad and club activities now occupy her time. Mr. Stanley Schubert directed dramatics and taught English for thirty-four years. Besides being enthusiastic about everything he did, he strove for perfection. He started what has proved to be one of Arthur Hill's most beautiful traditions, the Christ- mas pageant. He keeps busy with world travel, community interest, and an affectionate interest in Arthur Hill. Mr. John Day taught social studies, presided over study halls and the eighth hour which was a disci- plinary period. After twenty-seven years he decided to devote all of his time to his real estate business. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO ARTHUR Alma Gail Hammel Margot Phelps American Legion Carol Eurich American Society of Metals Robert Ruhl Bay City Junior College George Bush Roselynn Ederer Nancy Foulds Kay Maxwell Capital University Janice Berg Bonnie Thompson Central Michigan University Della Akehurst Ruth Eckert Margaret Groulx lone Kapka Janet Spaulding Ferris Institute Tom Thompson First Presbyterian Church Women's Association Margot Phelps John and Florence Goll Memorial Scholarship David Jackson Herbert Klemko James Lent Gail Staudacher H'll SENIORS- ..... cLAss or 1959 Hafvufd Northwood Roger Olney Madeleine Schaumann lnterlochen Sharon Irish Kiwanis ilee Bennettl Ruth Eckert Lutheran Award Bonnie Thompson Michigan College of Mining and Technology Samuel Ochnodnicky Bruce Whitten Michigan State University Adolf Armbruster Nanette Bourdon Jacqueline Burgoyne Kay DuCharme Martha Hagen Tilda Norberg Joela Powers Mary Sheedy Muskingum College Doris Hoffmann National Merit Scholarship James Gustafson National Secretary iSaginaw Chapterl Roselynn Ederer Northwestern Thomas Abler Rewards For Hard Work Pan Hellenic Diane Orr PTA Carol Haefele Thomas Kackmeister Gail Staudacher JoAnn VanSteenkiste University of Michigan Patricia Burkard Rosalind Campbell Louis Feldman Diane Orr Janice Rock Alice Schmittgen Diane Vetengle Lina Western Valparaiso Martha Asman Ruth Laesch Alton Riethmeier Veteran's Administration Janice Klemm Western Michigan .luleanne Dezelsky Nyla Kurtz, because of her dependability loyalit Mr. Brock congratulates Bob Ruhl, winner of the Arthur Hill Scholarship, leadership, service, and interest in extra curricul and Roger Olney, winner of the lppel Cup. activities, was selected this year's DAR Good Citize ,1 STN ry i I He. ob Hart, president of Hi-Y, presents the Outstanding Sopho- iore Boy award to Bill Gustafson. lartha Asman awards the Junior Journalism plaque to at Dyer, as club editor on the Legenda, for her hard work nd patience. Dale Lantz and Mariorie Schade of the News lso received this award. With tears in her eyes, Ellen Timmons happily receives the Outstanding Sophomore Girl award from Bonnie Thompson, president ot Y-Teens. Janice Rock congratulates Kathy Zahn for being named the 1959-60 editor-in-chief of the Arthur Hill News. Mr. Brock extends his congratulations to Pete Cox, winner of the Michigan Plaque, Diane Orr, winner of the Tredrlor Award, and Jim Gustafson, winner of the Civitan Award. mmeew.smwwmm nwmves1tfmw.-e,M. ww ? 93 Leadership - 95 " 4 a 1'-Hall of Fame um- AQ 5 ln order to honor the outstanding members of their class, the seniors elevate these Hillites to a great rank-election to the Hall of Fame. The leaders in each field of endeavor thus represent their class of 1960. ELLEN ANDERSON BILL SCHARFFE Student Government School 5 ervife as lss tlte as X, ' L at Rl iii 7 i -r " Asillm. -'-uf ff? 7 Y' l BOB HILL NYLA KURTZ JILL BARBER BRAD ZWTEL Personality JANET ARNDT DOUG PEACOCK Acting , Speech , Debate Scholarship ,1"'m1 Q 1.,.1 2 5 CAROL CATRAIN DALE LANTZ 303 ENSZER CAROLYN GOBBLE Sports 5, ag, fl R E 6 iq -an E at fa , 4 F gp , QI? I RKCTT' 1 7 JOE MASON PETE HAUFFE DAVE TINGLER All Around Hillites A I af MARILYN wAzNY I I' R ?""' Q Q 45 bg s RW , .. i -1, g. RAY BEEBE TISH ST. PIERRE Introduction To High School 5' . Y M .S -, Q AITMUI HILL HIGH SCHOOL idnmv. mu... I I0 Underclassmen Support Spirit Wherever one chances to find Hillites-whooping up school spirit at games, influencing school politics, plot- ting club programs, or earnestly cram- ming for semester exams--one will also find The Underclassmen. The iun- iors and sophomores have supple- mented the school spirit through their own plays, parties, and athletic events. On their first school day they accepted the invitation to study their school with the "Introduction to High School" handbook. Since they constitute two- thirds of the enrollment, these Grads of '61 and '62 should and have learned the secret of making Arthur Hill tops. Anticipating the pace they would lead as a senior, the iuniors participated in all school activities, from club membership to sport events. After Home- coming came the more serious event, the Scholarship Qualifying Test, of which many iuniors took advan- tage. Musically speaking, the iuniors apparently have talent too, tor they were well represented in both the annual Christmas Pageant and Bance Bounce. Without a doubt, as in other years, receiving the class rings and attending the Junior Prom proved to be the high points of the year. Juniors class officers: Les Forester, vice president, Mike Yeager, president and Jack Anderson, secretary-treasurer. Juniors Ready To Assume Responsibilities ig' we -' I li pn , , .. fe, an , K. . , I t . 'fi' A . .3 ,Q , Q 0 ex . we ir: .Ji Q E- 3. 5 F 5 if , i ts J 2 E F , ' ff ff 4 as ,f I , W , 1141- 'g f sf .' q 39 V ' -A .-,, A . 4' -- ....- 1 5 if 'ix t as C. L . Qt f...:.f w i l .. A V' fiifif ,sftl 1 ye t 3 . fe t ,sgffi gi My J Abbe, James , W.ii ' Q I. Abler, William it ' J 'sn-M f is Abramson, Barba ra Accetta, Judith 5, Adair, Janet ,A A Agricola, Beth fr ' Adams, Robert A A fl' , 3 at Alburg, Diane Alden, Lee - Alex, Sharon ' ' Alexander, Lorna Anderson, Jack Anderson, Ray Anderson, Sally f- , A 'Qi . f K , 2... L l su .L .. Q -use r 1 Andrezeiewski, Mary Ansevics, Indulis V Q. Q.. 9 5 7 Artt, Susan t In , A I Armstrong, Robert .', ' E f Armstrong, Sandra ' Arnshek, Tony . , lt,, ' Averill, Carole Baase, Gary Bailey, Judie -- -- we Baker, Thomas K? A V Baldwin, Carole H X X Ball, Gordon ' . ' - I Ballantyne, Beth Ballard, Bernard A. Ballard, Carol Balzer, Norma Q Barberree, Carmen ' t - n A Vp. Barko, Marie T I fi Barrett, Marianne S fig Ba rtels, Joseph ' A Q Bartle, Alice j Bartlett, Dale Bartlett, Linda ' ' Bauer, Gene J f Bauer, LeRoy K ' ,,,. ,, "" ' Bauer, Richard . A Baumgartner, Robert . - Bauer, Janice A f if SEI? 1 .. Bean, Henry , Bean, Howard Bear, Bette Beatenhead, William A t if Beck, Caroline r Becker, John Bedell, James 3- ' f Q J sg- if J 4 ,mv ,. , es, ,V ' I ' z ... , .wg v x , L 2 Aga, rf., iggxg r an-A. +L 35? Q f gr ,L v::v T N V, 'i' X' 1. li! ' ' gk,L V L I New Farr, ' 1 Y A ' th A y ' X7 til . ,Q i n M , inf he e?iii'ig gf 'U ',.' , 5 lik ,EEG a' 'Wt .fic 2 i J 1 s J a -: PM iw ' ef R J L E nt ' A it R R fl sew Q Qi! eW""l is it , ll C 2 " ' ' E . 'l Q- ,gr . , frail - tt. 3 'X , -,lt nr, , ,.c Q , I f .-tc Q M3fg xii ,?g!,,a ,J W apVnfWNHmW WMWMMQ E ESL. , 'ge-. gas, 7 W, 'f ,. 4 -5. A-ff 1 iw , to Eggs. ,. . 'f521 '::, -'-:fr 'nr vw .. 2 ., are .tra J tr W, - f Yay' ' if-, . N +3 I' Behler, Janice Belknap, James Beniamin, Richard Berlin, Herbert Bethune, Donald Beuche, William Beyer, Edward Bickel, Carolyn Bird, Gary Birnbaum, Ardath Blackney, Warren Blank, Jerome Blehm, Herman Blynn, Suzanne Bocker, David Bohnhoft, Karen Bolger, Fred Bonner, LoAnna Booth, Judith Bosley, Alice Bosley, Gerald Bosley, Paul Boulis, Carolyn Bourdow, Grace Boyd, Joan Braden, Margaret Bradley, Elana Bragman, Lorraine Branch, Sandra Branch, Shirley Brandyberry, Bithia Bratrud, Ted Braun, Patricia Braun, William Brauninger, Margie Brayman, Duane Brenner, Constance Briggs, Betty Briguglo, Elizabeth Brink, Patricia Brooks, Rose Lynne Brown, Cathlyn Brown, Cynthia Brown, Mary A. Bruske, Dale Bueker, Joyce Burbach, Nancy Burback, Frederick Burbank, Robert Burkard, Thomas Burmeister, Fred Burnett, Patricia Burtch, Sharon Busch, James Bush, Mary Butler, Rodney Butt, John Butterfield, Patricia Butts, Judy Byron, Caroline Byron, Rebecca Calkins, Jerry Cammin, Fern Carlton, Herbert Carlton, Sharon Carpenter, Kenneth Carpenter, Lynda Cates, Maxine Cherry, Gail Chinery, Danice Christensen, Larry Cibulka, Dorothy Cibulka, Mary Ann Clairmont, Michael Clark, LaVern Clark, Marilynn Clark, Sandra .1 ggi! are r wii AL wr . , Qc Qs fix Q, Mi if -I ,QQ 1 3 5: A E25 gms 'ww 5 Q' K 3' 5 t 'Jaw We '25' I Q 'L , id? ,. .-1. .W-f -.sieve ,Y f- ' nf- 275 1 Alina 1 ,51 ,, J 2 43- .v ,.. 2 , ..L. F' 'v I , A 5 . I 4 gh ,, L ' s '- f k',AS ' -.2, E -f ' K 7' 3 ,fz i J , . ea J 3' 1 ' -A 2 C: 'gl Z as, ' 1 5,12 Eh " '- B J, 1 ,": ,Qs i ia - as ... new f ' I ' if slil , , if e V , LV3. A , A ' ,, fy V' I I r A 1 4-,' lhk- 1 A , , 5 'ek Q' V Q . ge. 7 V ,X 6 --' ,. 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Enszer, Gerald Q V , Ehlenbeck, Vern , 7' W' - ,il ' zl, Eurich, Kenneth ii Nj ' - sword, Carl F .:1', F iff' y Faust, Harold .,.,, R ' f Feldottee, Dianne 4 FV! , -, Felmlee, Ned Felton, James Q . i " Ferguson, Bonnie 2. I-W. '- 'A Fetherolf, Janet , Q, C A Fleblg, Gail 7 Fieger, Robert Vdgytgyivysi . ,,,, . , . . my Finner, Mary '-fi Q Y uf L, at gig 4' 1 'W s is . :F . 5 is is L. 3 ,.. , ,xi ff 'D ff , "' cs L , -xiiistixef " s L. 5'5" ,V I 7-T32 r ,ite 1 F avi 2- f 4 W, ,,-- ze.-:tv 3 f 1 ,av 4.-A is' : vga fx W X Q v 6 i-'. 'mr' Q' V K' we Q1 if i t eff?- iiffg' 'liv- 4 L . hx Z ef, Y 4- . sg? I Q H A Fischer, Walter Q- 'sr Fischer, William , It ,J , Fishel, Kent V Fitch, James ii .. Flores, Michael z,R1si? 3' Flores, Ray I make, Richard Fobear, Patricia Foehl, Carol " Foerster, Lester 5? Ai Forster, Judith LL'i"' Frader, Sharon f "" France, Kent - Frehling, John . Freid, Jerry rf Freier, Carl Frick, Deborah W Fries, Ronald V ' "-: Fritz, Bertha Fritzler, Sue ,.,-,r,- Q Frost, Raymond A . ,, as of -. .al : Q P5 'FP' 2 I dig? M JRE gk . Q 'f i' ef Q "M -L ," I V or gh -rwe+r :sas I in we if i' ' ' 5 .11 '- A B s-.fy ., gm sift -5,3755 E sl,"- i ,J sv. T i ef at aff ,1,Q5, Q ,I if A 'lvl Q' s fig sl lf ' at Z. :Mm 2 'f' 'P refill ,, 5 N 5 iv gd s if waawwwf ,wwf :W S f mo:-1 X X s ' Ahead For Class Cf Bright Future F L ff ?Ef Q? Qi ffl a 1. ,,, . r f . -R 17 eel, I R- S 1 ya, 5 r ,N gs be ,+G ie, xifl .,a if F55 ,ggi nie, 'gyff tel V E , E Ibm 1 -, ,,,. 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Hales, Ruth Hales, William Hamlin, William Hansen, John Hansen, Thomas Hanthorn, Sharon Hard, Charles Ha rdt, Richard Hargesheimer, Gretchen Harris, Susan Hart, Michael Harttelder, Jacqueline Hartl, James Hartle, Ann Harvey, Barbara Hayner, Danny Hazen, Larry Heavenrich, Elinor Hebl, Kathy Heins, Sharon Heinz, Lisa Hemmer, William Henderson, Phronsie Henne, Barbara Henry, Mary Katherine Herrick, Robert Hertz, Glen Herzberg, Sharon Hess, Norman Hibbard, Marilyn Hilbrandt, Ronald Hildebrandt, Nancy Hillman, Karen Hitsman, Ann Hodges, Carol Hoeppner, Dale Hoffman, Virginia Hoffman, William Hofmeister, Jerry Holcomb, Susan Hallman, Bonnie nf' ' Y JV ' , U Q I 'i ' t i as 1 K if R "1 +5 an f i .955 1 9' L - 1 A? "A, p - , , .- ,W ' 'x f-sf J Prom Serves s Memory L 102 2. T , 9: YJ Q '-. 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Krenke, Kathryn 'A Krzywosinski, Ronald A Kuch, Robert Kundinger, Howard Kurzhals, Carol Kwaiser, Bruce 3 . J - La Beau, David - i LaBelle, Daniel V LaBrake, Nancy LaBrash, Darcy LaDouce, Robert ' LaFond, Dennis Lamb, Lynn Landeryou, Ithemer Landeryou, Mary Jo Landsburg, Alexander " Landskroener, Marwood 2 , Lantz, John if 16 Latkovic, Nicholas xx, L Lauer, Sharon Laury, Nancy 6' Laverty, Thomas 'W 1 Lawrence Gary Leach, Janice Leaman, Catherine 5 ii 3 Leaman, Donna 51 at Lear, Marvin Leesch, Walter Leigler, Roxanne -. 'A 6 L? Leistner, Margaret Q Lemmer, Sue :-' Lenick, Henry Leonard, Robert Leppien, Joe ' 'J Levi, Karen , . ,. " y Lewless, Bonnie V. W Licavoli, Catherine -JZ Liebl, Barbara t VEZI , I -W Link, Christine ' Linville, Carol .. A 'F Q' rg 'ie if 1 A . K .. -. ,mms J Jochen, David Johnson, Joseph Johnston, Kathleen Johnston, Sandra Jones, Richard Jones, Sharon Jonker, JoAnn Jordan, Beverly Juras, John Kacer, James Kackmeister, Gary Kalpinski, Patsy Kamptert, Judy Karls, Karen . Qs J , . it na -. A 74 '-Qfislifiiigi SllZ7i , ki is 9 l' ,F X, K. .. .k k us Ii W5 i iq 'tra' Y v , U - J- J urea: Q W as W? .Q Q55 J,-c as ?-.h ,ag ff S- cf v A J . . 'sv qt., 3, ,,,, 5, it Q. 4. Li C e t c L st e ' , ' s , 1 , '13 .- 'VV ' D Iyyv if ,F " ' I ovzl b .. , 'J titl ls El 2' L' V ,sir - J 1 : -.: ,Q , gn . 'ar -as E Locke, Delores Lockwood, Sharon Lundberg, Patricia MacConnel, Judy MacDonald, Bruce Macomber, Robert Maday, Dennis Maddox, Judith Maeder, Carol A. Maier, Jean Malicoat, Vern Malmgren, Sandra Malone, Terry Mangulis, Valdo Mangus, Joyce Mannion, Thomas Manwell, John Marceills, David Marcoux, Gerald Morden, Harold Mark, Jenifer Y Y New X ,' i f is .gi I. 1 Q C i s S3 1 2 ak as 'S 'ff S 9 'D L Jolly Juniors Join, Jaw and Jest 5 L. 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V ff I , Z 'Q Morrow, Charles Q Moskal, Richard Mueller, Susan Munger, Robert Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, William Murray, Shannon Murray, Susan Myczka, Lois Myers, Thomas Nagel, Harry Nehmer, Lauraine Neiderquill, Sandra ,s.'1 if Nelson, Barry Nelson, Bruce ' Neuenfeldt, Bonnie Neymeiyer, Evelyn 2: 'P if Nichols, Darlene J Nichols, Kenneth Nicklyn, Richard .- ' Nieman, Jerry Notter, Alan 5 as u.,,,,. Novak, Carol Nover, Elliot Nowlin, Kathleen ,Q Oblander, Lana .X , :,g, O'Brien, Patricia L, M Ochodnicky, Thomas S Q Q A O'Connor, Michael all i ' Oppermann, Nick Ordiway, Barbara , . Ortman, Karen 2... Osborne, William M m g Ostermann, Margaret , HL, - Ostrander, John A - 2 I ffggv R J Otto, Prudence - Paccione, Nick Pace, Judith . Packard, Larry Paddsky, Joanne - Paine, Margaret 'Q' Palin, John -' 'Q it Ti 1.3 'tif 1 54 X 1 f ii fi-- Qi 'T' 'X' 1 ' use T, E , I .Q Q i! Y, --J., ic T ' 1 li Gi qv . 4 'R XX , Palin, Marcia " I V , M Panko, Thomas ,. y Pankonin, Richard ,, T sg - g- in K 3 G Parrette, Cynthia ' :.: -1 my if 1 ' Parrish, Wallace 'VT iff? 4 Paulus, Kav J J V , ' ,,. s . Paxson, Ma ry Sarah 'J , J as Peckoveff Nancy Perry, Dorothy J A V. L ' ,M Peters, Thomas s A 5 - M .fi Petrick, James A 41. ? '59 0 ' A Phelps, Cynthia . ,L 5,5 - I As A Picard, Fione "' G ' H , T' . Picard, l-OUFS if-. 9 7 le? 3:1 ' f , Paechone, Robert I , I C ' gsgffggijgg' 5 y, 5 Pierce, Karynl 4 Pinney, Jeri yn - - Q A fat, Plaga, Harold , , faux' .,' tw? 1 6' Plaskewicz, Ronald X, X f, ,, ' J ,eg 'Z Ploetz, Jean T7 ,Q ' W J . lf' 1 . uuz, Plugs, Diane V , 5- . ' I 1 Portner, Jenny t :',," J A s Vi :SY NW aff it :Si ' , mg.. 1 vt.. , gf-W 'I' til f-5 gig? LWQ 4. 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Rossow, Sally ' ti p ' f . '-- Rouech, Ross A Roux, Frederick 6145, Royal. Larry Rubio, Henry " RUBY, Patricia L Ruffini, Joyce 'ii K R g Qi y agyg J , siiii ' Q.Q E5i' fffi 't., g y ggyz ii i P ,Ah rrres S W it iE1?Ti 7 . SY iii. J .Q 5 ' si. Q .. f if 5- is ,s 3 "' fy , My K i x L 'Q 1 Junior W Q' . QM I s,, t l Schafer, Robert Scherzer Robert Schluckbier Janet "1 -. Schmidt Gail 3 if.: if -,.-T - F 5 .. sg 1 i 4 - r W., .v 5 . .".'.r: ' , , , -S Sc h n ei d e r, J oa n n e i . , . . . X If X X , S 45.195 . fa it 5 h 'd , L . . ,. c mi t arrY . 4 X r A 1 Schneider, Nancy X .Ji Schomaker, Sharon J Anrq . .W M y Schrade, Pamela L gif . ' ' . Schrank, Edward S g ,X . , 5' Schrader, Joanne it Q K ' 2 Schrank, Richard Vllb: L schreqder, Clarence J L.: Schrems, Bonnie q.j5,,.,' 2-ff ,"? I ..,', Schrems, Lynne 5 ,,, 5 A Schreur, Mary f f-r Schroeder, Courtney .5 yri V . Q fi J 'R "" TTR lag. Schroeder, Herman ' if IIAI I iiylf ' . J Schroeder, Russell ' if ii' J Schultz, Kurt -- A H . H ,," P Schultz, Ruben 'gi' M ' ' ' t Class Has Successful Year ? s J 5. .fx K E 11 1 I ? .,x- A tx!! l . i I ,fi kizl . t V. 4 'sf X , -"' A 0 1 if V 1 ev s iw. 9 qi xl :fp x 2 ' 'Qfilw ww if? 3 . In LT 6 ' J If we it ' Y X Q. J. . , Schulwitz, Nik schluz, Nancy Schulz, Phyllis Schwinck, Grant Scorsone, Christine Scott, Fay Seaver, Robert Senn, Mary Shaftner, Jan Sharpe, Sandra Shattuck, David Shaver, Carol Sheldon, Judy Shields, John Shook, Mikael Short, Mary Shrontz, Ernest Shuler, Donald Shuler, Donna Shuster, Sue Sieb, Donna Siler, Dell Simmons, Evelyn Simon, Marilyn Simpson, Donna Skentzos, Constantine Smith, Carol Smith, Susan Sommers, Judith Sovia, Kay Spadafore, Patricia Spangler, Laetta Spaulding, Jack Sprott, Sandra Stafford, Sharon Standish, Elizabeth Staples, Steve Stevens, Archie Stevens, Frederick Stevens, Robert Stevenson, Vickie Stimpson, Don Stuller, James Stumpfig, Barbara Sumera, Suzanne Sunderman, Edward Suppes, Emily Swanson, Judy Swanson, Ruth E il :AQ t ia.. f Vt Q.. i SGQSA '.r fw- S ,, Sa 'nv 3 'vs-vs 54,51 fe-f ' Q 5 5 A f . -. L F 35: Q. is s w t sg, J J ,IV Symons, William Szarenski, June Szott, Janice Tallon, John Taylor, Mary Taylor, Patricia Temke, Walter Terrian, Judith Thayer, Carol Thayer, Nancy Thom, David Thomas, Sharon Thompson, Pamela Thompson, Robert Timmons, Ellen Tompa, Janice Torres, Josephine Triant, Constance Trim, Edward Trombley, Elizabeth Tucker, Martha v Q VZV N C fi ., ,ina ,,,, Q sstyi .. T . ef fv. 2 4 ' 1? J, e 1 Studies Occupy Time Of Juniors f is usa ' if 'N rg Wtfiz , if y 2 , Q 3 27' Q - 1' T - si' . W n iv f 5 i ,Lift 1 e 'Eh ' J ' . . 1, , . ,f JJ. 3 T , 1 ,IH .4 I . S' 5 f at Z' '.-of, A s 1 A N 324 R fm- -, I W - Os ,fi W' ,.f?'!V if S' ,G s r- 6 , M , tg iff ,f 1 t x 'f ' Q. 2 'k" iii , - ,. 'J' T is "' I 5 T' L, h .K cj , 1 ext, xt,, Turnbull, Jerry Turnbull, Larry Turrill, Victoria Uphoff, Terry Vadovich, Gloria Van Wormer, James Vasold, Karen Vibert, Rodger Vinson, Paul Voelker, Richard Vogan, Eugene Wacker, Carol Wagner, John Walker, William Walz, Barbara Ward, Terry Warmbier, James Washburn, Judy Wazny, Andrea Weber, David Weber, Gerry Weber, Sally Wegener, Gary Weiker, Janet Weishuhn, Diane Wells, Mary Ellen Wells, Willis Wenzel, Dixie Wenzel, Jerry Wenzel, Joyce Wenzel, Sharon Wenzel, Terry Westwood, Robert Whalen, Eileen Whatley, Robert White, Dennis White, Eugene Whitmore, Fred Whitney, Kay Whitten, Sharon Whitting, Sandra Wickman, Robert Wieck, Janet Wieck, Ronald Wierman, Mary Wight, Phyllis Wilcox, Martha Wilhelm, Randall Williams, Charles ,. ,, r , it c l 5. , IV -f s aff 1 l I I rr , ,':,:' T J, fi 1 N Vkrr J. .f T J 4. t. .,,-, E J Ki 95,5 5 A 1315 It if 'X 9' 'ik ,se ,X N" Q ,N 2 'M is ' xii 1.2 Q- -ffm' we , , V ist. 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C L l hi . as gs.- 6 ,..... ls studying the thing that makes Margie Braden tired? Sophomores Bewilderment and confusion marked the new Hillites. They fought their way down the wrong halls to discover their mistakes and make them- selves late for classes. They timidly began to take part in classes, joined clubs, plays, games and dances. As the year went by the sophomores gained more confidence. They showed their pride in being Hillites by living up to the high standards of Arthur Hill High School. Bearinger, President Carol Diamond and Secretary Dave Troaan. Capable Class Officers Represent Sophs gg: ai' -Q ' Q1 . Q2 at MQ if 4 ,fha Ackermann Barbara Adams, Edna Mae -J Q- .A Aflbamz Harold as A M ia, FA. ' A rig t, Patricia , , 1 X " ,X Alfano, Nicholas A . 5 W ,g Allen, Richard ,icy 7 . ,ja Alles, Ronald V t A 'X 5 - Ames, Kathy ' K Anderson, James E. 9 ,, kgii t Andrezeiewski, Shirley .1 S V H f Ia ' Q I . T. Anger, Janet , .1 Q' ' :,. 'S if Ansevics, Juris 5 , ,'- 5- Antle, William -'T ' V t,,, , i f n - Ardern, Clark ' , Arnot, Sandra Arnst, Gary 2 , Austin, Gary R. lv. g 3 g A 4:9-Q Austin, Joan - 1 '-,. -J ka Averill, Ruth 1 . I 2 V Badour, Ronald A if ' . Baird, James l.. ,gill ' as L5 .ix ik., Baker, William E. Balcom, Don Balley, Thomas Bank, Wayne Barr, Arthur Basner, Alixis Basner, Karen Bauer, Peter Baumann, Ladd Baumler, Sandra Beach, Judy Bean, Gordon Bearinger, Trudy Beem, Cheryl C . I v 1' , ,A ff- n it V ,fv 'Y sv-A 1. .f I .av X 14' A Behm, Fred Beird, Trudy Ann Belill, Edward Belill, Linda Bellinger, Tom Belokonny, Paul Bennett, Andrew Bennett, Judy Mae Benton, John Benton, Linda Mae Berkompas, Lora Berlin, Mitchell Bird, James Bishop, Terry Black, Donald Blake, Lana Blanchet, Tim Boelter, Lynn Boergert, Judith Boesenecker, Gerald Bolster, Joyce Q, , g y 1, af-C , t f- ff .,VV , rf V1 Q. 1 ,ii, 1 sv B 1 " f' A T A. 2 4 ' 4 so 'l 'I' nr we, -so sf .. Q, YS t J 15 '-9 y 5 i W., fig :cr y as ff? sa. :rr i B. X- 'fiix ' 'iv v-v i rms J as ah i i 1 4 :.j' so 'B it fe I XA . i 4 'Age- swf' Bi 6 if ,fait A M x- N lk.-- .sri X il l . 1 . ii' Brossard, Richard Brown, Chester Brown, Linda Brown, Michael Brubaker, Janet Brussow, Sharon Bryant, Eric Bublitz, Kenneth Bueker, Ruth Burgess, Sharann Burk, Conrad Burk, J CITIES Burk, Wayne Burrill, Darlean Busaid, Freida Bushey, Kay Bussinger, Karen Butler, Butzin, Byron, Byron, Campau, Campau Janice Matthew Barbara Ann Barbara Jean Jackson J. Rae-Lynne Campean, Richard Canaday, Sharon Canaday, Shirley Canole, Edward Cansfield, Margaret Carney, Sandra Cesere, Marianne Chambers, Bill Chinery, Clarence Claflin, Carol A. Clark, Barbara Clark, William Clason, Phyllis Clayton, Carol Close, Bob Coats, William Compau, Karen Converse, James Corrad, Patricia Coy, Richard Cradit, Kenneth Crandell, Ruth Cross, Patricia Curran, Gail Curtindale, William Curtis, Deloris Curtis, Robert Dague, Judy Dana, Richard Danhoff, Gerald Dater, Stewart Davila, Joel Davis, Dinah Davis, Edna Marie Davis, Maureen Davis, Thomas Davis, Yvonne Day, John Dean, James Defrees, Georgia Bondell, Fred Borg, Raymond Bottke, Charles 4. X Q ,M ar v 4, -we Boukamp, Linda ti' Boulis, Arthur ,, B Boulton, Mary V Q Bourdon, Tim ,, Bourdow, Betty Ann ., Brader, David W Brandel, Janice N 'Q a h Y' Brayman, Janet 'L ,li L' Brayman, Merdene . Asik Breidenbach, Rose A H ,figs Brinker, William ,.L, It 'fi W' ' NBA . f -. ' K rr 'lli N "il f- 'K Q ' g , Q '.,:. lm F ' B , I 15 -ss-K 91,7 I Mi M if x B T J 'is 343 J 5, if 'f C E v 5 i D if C .' H F ff A kg' tx ' YM ' I I RA ,L .Ax Sf" - . ' A is? W 1 i W P ff r T-'NL ' 3 1 ' A if J rf A I' C wg 1 is si , A :.., as J as 37? ,, 'C' ' - , f-:il it J ' 1 ' - 52" B H, Hg.. . b A . 'A X A-V is -, -,.. Er e , gi ' T 'if 4 'J is tv- M . X 1 A ,... A ' it ,VA 4. W. av v. Q ii in 332+ BQ- M, 'I Q Q rj l if fi D k rr D ' I f . . e e , anne , 3. , i - 5 Demand, Connie I i 1 , H it A , 'ei Denison Mary 5' . Qi i Denton, Galen ,pr t - Denton, William ' i 1 Dewell, John X - -4 V, f Diamond, Carol i .i Q '-5 , zz ,V e, r Diebold, William , ,X ,V 47 V it V . V, V Dietzel, Judy Ann 'V V If M MIN Vigil V5 X15--if' r Dlll, .l0At'tf1 5 .. L J J .y N DiVe'eYr Nome Docklwm. Milo if ioii 3 J it e if ? .r-.. ' '1 Dodge Ronald Q r I I VV 1 i K r V x 7 Doerr, Janet V -N . -4, 'V ph Donnelly, Barbara V' e : rm , NV-" M. V"' Doran, Harvey ,,, VV-fp , ,,-, ' QVVVY 5 . Vigil, 5' ' .. V Douglass, David i 1 r-we 1 -:': Q ' Dowis, Connie J' V 1 i ' 5 ' Ducharme, Thomas ' - l D Duffy, Judith ' V5 - ' Dungey, Clayton 5, V V 4. V er- 0 GV f Dvorsek, Henry '- T ' Dyer, Carolyn at - - ,,,.e T If 'ge 'V,,gg Earley, Jo Ellen 25 A , ' ' l ig-1",.y t Fe 1- f r- -, r ,L r 9' V ,Vg -,, EC1l'0r1, James 1 ef ' A A zl' si li r V Eckhardt, Henry ii E l A r 'ii' if Ederer, Ruth jf I VV ' V Edewards, Vaughn 1 .MV V A N .-. ,Z-. V 1 , e , ' Edwards, Russell l 1ft"f ' in T gi. V ' .V f, rl Efu, Margaret .IVA . , -, 1 r Y F4 . 'l v ' Ehrhardt, Dennis V ,. ' .V ee f i Vi z. Eickholt, James wi ' 5? E ,r ' ilir ,V Eldredge, Joyce A f r Elmer, Cheryl V Emerson, Connie I , - ,Q ' Endline, Karen .. s 'ir -, ,. ' el' 1, V - . 1 V, W, , Engel, James V my V er ', 7"'VV. QQ, Y Engel, Terry l ,,, 'ifa Enser, Dennis i W Esiepr Mary ii5i""r , ! Eyers, Patricia ' l X l Falkenberg, Susan i V V ' V V, Falkenberg, William l 'W' 'E , Q- 4. V we ' Felker, Jud 5' 'i " , ,. 1. y U . '-"if - .. Y -- . , wer EV Q, eq Fllxatraut, Sally 9' - "ii -ar Y my n' 1'fw E L "i Finger, David Y ',"' - ff ii Q W ' . ' ' . e Finner, Donna i i E if N7 'ii 3- Fischer R l d ' .-,,.. - , VVL -V A , 0 an . V V r Fisher, Robert N A i W V Fox, Grant V is FV ? K ,r V ,LW es ,R qi Fraser, Gregory ,V ' ' .V JV V .M -'Q Vi Freier, Sallie Ver-'A req, , " Y ":' 352, ..V.' Friesorger, Dana L. ' SL , ' 'i ,. I Fritz, Jean T . VVVV .e..r-VV V, .IVI VV Fritz, Rolly '43, 'I Fruk Thomas i r 1 3 . - F I , Ph ll' , J nf Eg' E2 fi , e y , 'N , Faris, MGiiylsJcme . y . l 'A f 'Z V 5: 54V ' JV, Gaiser, Edward "' , l . ee fe, ,rf re- . Gallery, Beverly r ' E ,.- , GC1fHef,J0hn VV VV .wfffi -Q f gg J .,.,. r V, Ga us, William NE , "f' ' kt, If ..:- 44,5 ll, V V Gekeler, Mary V ' ' ' i 4 , 3- Q W George, Carol - , .. , Q gg ' r Vi ' A Geweninger, Robert i""kV" Ve Lg mf, P. -r,V f r ' ees Geyer, Margo -ee ' fi 11 . 1 V ' Gilbreath, Peggy r- E LI ' 'fi Gillespie, Roland 'ti' ' ' V 'D Gilleylen, James XX V V Gilson, Janet e ,r :rn N .- ' tm r V Ginder, Joan e rs V-si L ,, E V f V ' Goclina, Julia fit" 1 'JV 'Q' V . 'J ' V Goff, Sheryl ' VV. W , riee V - ' r- VL, .V. Golz, Lawrence f -'Vi 921515 VV,.,VV - :.,.,, -' r i Gerreelee, Jeeee .R ' YW e ir- Goodell, Ellen Ye V , Vr 112 ff ,rel v-. 'f 1? Q J. QA , I Wm' 3 , QL 3 1 5 gk 'vs x F I C C as -ri' 3 no . W 4-5 -N gt, , LK , ni Ei i . 5354 1 ful, ,gg .. ..,.. ,Lb . , A 1 M 4, , get so Goodenow, Vaughn Goodwin, Wayne Goold, Janice Gosen, Thomas Goslin, Carolyn Gottschalk, Mary Graham, James Grant, Duncan Grant, James Gray, Rosalyn Greif, Ray Gremel, Elaine Gremel, Susan Griffor, Jean Gril'Tor, Judith Grigsby, Connie Groening, Thomas Gross, Mary Gross, Sonia Grunow, Roy W ii , Gunn, Roy 'rs Y .ss 6 l Q. 1 s 7" A f -.:. V K. - . Ls ' 5, u .i i --wld f. , A I V 6 I . WSJ -Q k " Q N 4 J- gg SQ , as s A 'FM l I . K H KJV ' AL, iv X 1, Vi J YK -xl M1 X, we f ,ja V 5 R itil? fp I 1. a ta.: -. 1 Q., . 'ln' ' " 1- r. ,, -f 4 i T f qc, ,W Q ff: 2 I , , .-q I la A L. 'N it ga, , J ,Q """' ,- "' by ' . 2, -Q' 'L if 'IS E , , use-r I ' 1"fe,gw Gunther, Barbara Gushen, Carolyn Gust, Sharon Gustin, John Haenlein, Diana Haenlein, Mary Jo Hager, Constance Hahn Carol Hale Elizabeth Holes Alan Hales Alan Hammond Donna Hanson Gerald Cn L N 5 ' 1735 z ' 2 J 5 I -t 5.. ,Mg J J- fiig B I A X gaaf' S S 4, A ZS? E. . tt V: Z7 Hammerbacher, Kathleen I '- Harris, Robert Harrison, Lee Hartfelder, Carol Hartwig, Nettie Harvey, David Harvey, John Hassberger, Lindsay Haude, Valerie Hauman, Janet Hausser, Marla Hayner, Carol Hebbener, Vada Heffel, James Heffel, Sandra Hegler, James Helpap, Daniel Henderson, Sharon R 1 .f' " A ,- 1- s ,,, rf r.. Y v f S' ' 4. Q Henderson, Thomas , - Henry, Mary Kathryn E E O " g Henry, William ,,.V1 ' ' A ,W ffilf' Herman, John i' , Herryman, Arthur if A Sophs Study 'Introduction to High School' ,sg ,V Q-fu, . fever 2' "gh W, 'W 435' J, , Q . - p e,,,, , ig. lghhv ogg!! M pf Herzberg, Ronald Herzog, Leo Hill, Gary Hill, Margaret Hill, Thomas Hinz, Judith Hoeppner, Diane HofT, Donna Hottman, Nancy Hoffman, Ronald C. Hoffman, Ronald W. Hoffman, Sharon Holland, Sharon Holliday, David N ,li Q alfa W, T 1 to , ,. ? 'ye , ara 1: A ' 'AA in 'N A 1 . rt, .ffm E J so if f if , N, RN v iii ig? M. ,W ar Q.. J .4 keg . ss -ff 33 S, sw we ge., W I lic in Honsinger, Do , Houlihan, Stephen , 2 - V Howe, James to rf 1 .., ,ut , -.. -W Hrcka, Robert -. Q T M3 r- Q Huffman, Wayne , V ,W V uglas Hughes, Donna 1' ah- " Hughes, Geneva fx Hunn, Kay 1 , Hussle, Mary Jane , 'X 1 A Huyghe, Mary Ann Lx 3. N, WH if if 5 f may Hyslop, Jack H Q, -vi' Ignatowski, Stephen ' . lkner, Carol ' "" Ingram, Jan A A v Sophomores are Proud to be Hillites 6' ' T ft - rw. ,- rea. K ' r Y?- .iw X . up , FJ If ,, , F i Inman, Evelyn Ison, Marilyn Jacklin, Richard Jackson, William Jacob, John Jacob, Tom Jameson, Elna Jaroma, Thomas M. Jarzabkowski, Fay Jelifords, Beverly Jenkins, Diane Jewell, Donald Jewell, Joy Jochen, Bruce Johnson, Judith A. Johnson, William Johnston, David Jolin, Robert Jordan, Gary Joseph, David Kacer, Sandra Kaiser, Karen Kamenar, Barbara Kapka, Patricia Karow, Bruce Kasper, Sandra Kaufmann, Judith Keidel, Janet Keiser, Mary Jane Kelly, Dennis Kemerer, Dennis Kemerer, Joan Kemerer, Susan Kendall, Judith Kenny, Anne , , 6- - X 'ij ' "' 6-C uv- . 5, 2 . H ' r' ,. iii' w-A 2 Qi' , , M , V . .af at iyliy s i : In ,,.s , f E T Www sa. T ,- 'fr' J gs. '-' ' fl S 1 it P T '- T if ,, T W S2 . is ,rri J 4 W va- , 4: rr M M M is - , 1 ff VL , 9- Q51 A P Q E ,.. 1 sq.- ,N . fl, r T T lf- . i, iw I' 7V ,, K Kenny, Michael Kibby, Roland Kietzman, Shirley Kinney, Thomas Kitzman, Connie Klaus, Janet Kleekamp, Mary Jo Klein, Michael Klopf, William Knief, Susan Koch, Mary Kocks, Edward Koehler, Thomas Kostzewski, James Kowalski, Peggy Kraenzlein, Howard Krause, Susan Krauss, lrma Krell, Stephen Kruscke, Helen Kuch, Richard rs' ll' .WI gifs . zjfkxfffyg f 'Q I 'H5m'2G - 3 ,f 1, .Ma . -,-W, W , 4?-H X ' N.. H s 'Q' it is 1 fra- .1 -Q Wd- Q W M ptr! SQ-ix .1 . '-f an ,f , 'JF 4 rf! 'Sz . A Lx ' 'HY gh x -f-W' .- fo- -kv F1 assi Er, i vrf' 'S E ,I as T' i QE? . mv, A. K' 1, 1' is ef HQ rv- - 1. :X af Q .f- as .c ie.. L . 4: SW vi fr 1? I' 5 , fs my ,-4. 5- S. Ag. , , K , . I ,f git- ' ,.. L . ,wk ' ssr g r A Larson, Linda Latty, Richard Leaman, Richard Lear, Patsy Ledtke, James Leeman, Diane Leishman, James Leintz, Janet Lenick, Larry Leser, Marilyn Leslie, Dennis Letzkus, Walter Lewis, Michael Licavoli, Rosemary Linville, Larry List, Kathleen Longworth, Tim Loveioy, Karen Ludlum, Bonnie Luplow, Donald Lurie, Susan MacKenzie, Michael Macomber, Wallace Maddox, James Mann, Constance Manning, Sharon Markwood, Monte Martin, Jacqueline Martin, Jerry Martin, Kathleen Mathany, Sharon Matowski, Gail Matteis, Edward Matthews, David Matusenske, Ralph McCabe, Carolyn McCarger, John McClymont, Richard McCormick, Jeff McCulloch, Thomas McDonald, Gary McDonnell, Carol McFarland, Patricia McGregor, Gail Mclntyre, Louise McMullen, Jeanne Meegleder, Nancy Mehltretter, Frank Metiva, Carol J. Metiva, Jeannette Meyer, Dennis fz 1 Kuebler, Larry Kuhn, Thomas Kurth, Edward Q :X fi iff , Kuznicki, Elizabeth A 2 ,T Kwaiser, Rodney sf ' ids. A , LaDouce, Jerry tl, I LLIIA... , LaFond, Sue LaFore, Jimmy ' W i Lancour, Marsha S Q .R X ,N ' K Landers, Michele i ' AQ' Landeryou, David 'W ' Landskroener, Nancy 2 Larson, Richard - " ' I R ' . 1 3 f 54-T 3 'S ii S' L Y N. 'V f :K J 1 J' Va., si S 'T Q " K Q , . gf Xt ,A ' ' 5 ' f 'C Lili ' A 1 2 -fri f- H' L , . fs. A 1 f ' ' i ' U ' Us r , 9 ,jg :A .P r 6.4, U Lk XL tl 'if es A fix ' 9" ix' I A L e 5 ,Sl . jk-F: r C' 'N' X U 0 f sw' x .1 Q: , 1 au ffg., , , r kr, I he I nuff - L? .4 X. 4 xi- Sk A T J l fi 1 r is sfo-'H , 1 N s- ". X A if -M Carol Raymond and Jim Triant review their notes for their speeches on Sophomore Day. x' its I K J Xkif Mex J 1 G C E s' C- " QS, f I J :A 351' J it fi ,414 vs Y J.. M. . , we it rr fm., 3 4. . , -st., AI 4' 77 .rg QA ,, I WP,- A , iii A t 'J 'J J - , JAX Q , 4. M., H gi in Page f at JF ., i eg, rv .V , ., it i We - 2. A if5:'.:s-. - My fvta' 1 M F :Y-ff ' A .. -"' t 'mi ' . A 'wf , f . W? ,. im' f Q K , at U if 3. ' A . Q " 4' 3 Q Q5 y 1' U' - I K , - Y g, , K yr' - J N f 7 ? ' ' gy! Q li " A al 1 --'ls J -if ' s, s ' ' ' K if Qi ri rr' 'V sl "' ti' 6 -at Q 'P ' Ff + ,gs sg ,ix i t are Q , Q ,x ir, i ,A y K, ' ,gt -, - Pryer, Barbara O , 5 Pudschun, Virginia - Q ' 3 ff? 'X Puravs, Jonis . E ', Pyscher, Gerald W is M Railling, Donna Railling, Mary . - Ramirez, Noemi A Q Rankin, Lesley ' x i W t Rappuhn, Mary '57 7- Q i '9' ' . if Raymond, Carol S, 1 - 3' Reid, Rowena ' i JV Reinke, Robert .X Remensnvder, Robert " . ' A Rexius, Donald 116 Meyer, Roger Michaels, Richard Midcalf, Dale Mikolaiski, Patricia Miller, Mildred Miller, Myra Miller, Sue Minard, Sharon Modolo, Todd Moessner, Janet Mogford, Robert Mohrhardt, Jan Moraine, Patricia Morris, John Mueller, Michael Munck, Carol Murray, Karolyn Musquiz, Lydia Myczka, Andrew Myers, Sally Nancarron, Judith Nance, Penny Needham, Kathleen Nentwig, Gary Neorr, Mike Newvine, Ronald Nickle, Penny Nicklyn, James Noack, Holger Noey, Arthur Norberg, Evelyn Notter, Barbara Nowlin, Myrl Nuerminger, Paul Oberschmidt, Dav Oblander, James O'Connor, Richard Oldenburg, William Olmsted, Janet Olney, Carolyn Otto, Shirley Overton, Boyd Panko, Patrick Pape, Jim Parker, Philip Partlow, Janet Patton, Judith Passariello, Andy Pence, Robert Perry, Marianne Peterson, Joel Pettenger, Richard id ,AL Q " is 15 - Kir- - n , 4- 1' 'i ,sc mv-f Fw., . nwmv uf ., ti ,. ,-in 'V RL., ,Q tlt, -- J.. V ,r 9, ,LT l i if .WA r ,r . 1-sg, , r ,A 'ws .i. . sz ,J '-. 1 ,. J ' 'I P Phillips, Ronald Ai. l if 'W' Pierson, Nancy ' ' Pike, Malcolm V Pildner, Karolyn Pittenger, James Podolsky, JoAnn W ' Pohlman, Susan 1' ',., 6- Pond, Fred ly ag. V. Poulos, Richard Y ,, " Provencher, Harwood to Prueter, Nancy . . I . gf' " S' Jai' sg ,, , I P Y .,r,, l is if J 5' A T f""M .. f . A 2. y - - J 'T' 1jZIjg':"g-'zz ft. vp. ,, - r K 5 . F ,J 1555 2 'f.- - 'fr h X ia .' 'if f E 1 f as 1.-gm -. f iv V. K. 7 'Sv 4 , it A -K ,A Q ' +1 org, K -H 1 ,rg fkgnt - 'Y ' ,. 'S s V .V,. A t5kk,,,.W ., ' F vm 1 S. 'Q QQ, ,IJ is 'L s W 4 ESQ' 5... 'fi t W Q , c.,.,, 'N a . Sz M -..,f,. ' . wat' in-fe X . ew, 3 .. VN, .. ,S , -A-,,wf, ?',"' -11,511 ' My , ,. . we KW Q sw 1 .,, v 1 fi.. Fw' nc W gf., i c s. TT: - W A li is J wi sh, 1 5 xl Rice, Muriel Richard, Shirley Riffelmacher, Gary Rivette, Frank Robart, Carol Robart, Patricia Roberson, Wanda Robinson, Sally Robishaw, Joann Rockey, William Roe, Robert Rogers, Joyce Road, Ralph Rose, Loyd Ross, John Roth, Grace Rousseau, Gary Royal, Jerry Ruffini, Janet Rumley, Joyce Ruthig, Carol I Q. F - , ,, Ah -, k Q ff- ' S f lx 3. fr 1 !f'.-,fit -C. "' 1 V7 3 -mg it A -J-' WA, ,sss f I x D K . fg""w-vw L Q! S ,1.. 1? I-5 .1 ,sh ,. Q- f . Ls..- C as ev- , . fgis sa . g E' Ruthig, Thomas Ryba, Donna St. John, Sperry Salvner, Ronald Samson, Joseph Safe, David Sauve, James Sauvie, Paul Sayers, Gloria Schade, Carolyn Schafer, Donna Schaffer, Dennis Schaper, James Schilling, Peter W. Schilz, Charles E. Schlicker, Kathleen Schmick, Sally Schmidt, Gary Schmidt, Jerry Schmidt, Joanne Schmidt, Katherine Schmidt, Roger Schmidt, Susan Schneider, Nancy L. Schoenmeyer, Robert Schradel, Diane Schradel, James Schraeder, Judy Schrank, Robert Schrank, William Schrems, Virginia Schultz, Walter Schumacher, Dennis Schwolm, Willard Schwan, Marlene 682 Members Comprise Class E LHS? I Scorsone, Joseph my , Scott, Karen ,-i s r ' Scott, Kathryn , , A -I ' Scott, Sharon -Ab, ' . ' 2 Sedlik, Maryann SV' V Q, Seidel, Barbara Xl Seidel, David L. ,'-:. YI V . . Seiferlein, Robert 9 i Sensabaugh, Leo , A , 1 - V. Shaddeau, Billie 5'-Q M' - Shafer, Shirley fig ' ' l X Shankel, Norman , M4 -'73 x f Sharar, Jeanine ' Q L XJ sheer, Brenda ,Q Q'v?'1"W 'xi fe I 1 K t ,pn s - 'ca H ' -we 1, 5 Ix Ji-Is Qi its if ..,,,.,, . ,. ,, L. A Aw , sw, sw, , 4, 'i it ,si-R - 9 .53 V get -Q. M L Q. B s.. o f . . '1- . Q- 1 S of .Xt 4 I. A -5 , in A T: :V 1 Q ' x elf tv L he - P' be . ff of '62 ' r 1. ,, w ' A b- L, ' at G.. if 2 Sieb, Suzanne . V 1 Siegreen, Sharon V -ig 'W' hula! Sierocki, Ronald S4 A +5 .liz ,kg . Sieverman, Mary V V V 'J R f Slagle, Karen T' '42 V N' Slancik, Diane 5 , Smith, Donna M JTVVTVWV ' Smith, Glen VV 1 V A Smith, Jackalyn 'tt' F' Q 3 . V 5 1 t -V ,wa Smith, Jerry 'V A Q V A V ' XV Smith, Nancy , ik ' 1 1' we 4 V Smith, Uran -I -V . Smith, Phillip ' 1, X Smith, Susanne VV Sophomore Party Features Popular DJ - 1. I.. pm.. 1 Q Smoder, Herbert Snelling, Marsha if V Sny, Beniamin 'ez J 2' 5 ,mg ,L Q - ' Sohn, MarY Jo , 7 " .ir il law?" , g Q 'Jw Solomon, John it V V,-1 gsm -A l Q -,',--, VV Solterman, Eugenie A A J ' Sommers, Gary A ' ' ' I V Sommers, Jack S ,- Sonnenberg, Lloyd ' ' ' Soriteu, Donna at V .7 , ' ' , -rg - Southworth, Marcia ,QL "V ' gig, gg, r 1 M4 VV . Spalding, David ' 51, ' if it J SPSUCS, George 'J K' A +15 'S ' J' Vkf Spence, Barbara J l t l ,ky V - Spindler, Florence V, J - Spyker, Sandra -- J - , , Stammers, John 'SC K V., 5,7-V gf " , , 4' AV t Stebner, Kenneth iq. X .4 ' -5 4, ' .F y X Rx Steiner, James ' V X, i ,L .. ta Vg Steininger, Beth V 'J ' W' Stemter, Kim Stemple, Ronald is Stinson, Donald F -1 ,, ' Stock, Ronald V Vt U 1 ,F V r 'P R VV is ! Ts Stoltow, Gloria if ,, J Il 'M ' f A Stork, Michael ' SV, """ JV 'S i B ' Stroebel, Barbara fig ' J i f I Stroebel, Cynthia f V ,A 5- " ' Sudheimer, Dennis l V V Sugden, Kathryn . - f J- '- Sumption, Sandra - .. .. A ,,,, V, , Q - ,V my Talik, Frank :V A' i 'X : if'-M' 7: J , '15 ' Taylor, LaDonna VV: ' W?" - - - - Q Taylor, Suzanne ' fm it V Teboe, Barbara VF r' , S Z V Teenier, Charles , V V Avyu A .M Thomas, William J i f ' ,V H -V, Thompson, Ellen his ,MIQV e 59" J Thomson, Karen V ,V of VZ, ij . V .A Thorson, Jerry gf' 1 ' V '-V,' Thurlow, Kathlene s"' MV EQ: V fe Tim, Lee 3: W an Tilley, Dianne V ' - Timm, Dale W VV f S V , ,Qfi - L- V V LVVV VV Triant, James VV. , 5 .V -' V Q13 S' ,N JL A ' VVi,V Trier, Susan 5 VAVVV VVV' ' ' E' Trogan, David V S J I , Turbin, Terry i 'l1lQX, -J Turnbull, Carolyn VV VVV V V Ilyqnez FMCLaneyt VV ,H V V rlc , ary 5 . A M", Ulery, Donna ' V ' 9 '-' , Q G" V 'fi Upholt, Dayle .- - 5:3 Urbancik, Kathleen s cw S iiill Ue'heY' Km" ..,i T T , H - Vetengle, James "" fg5W'L Jtii 1 ""' f' f' ' V 118 f f Q' t s f W ,", . VVKA l 7 I C .1 5 V, U ,I ya 5 ,,L, V.,V yy Y -'MA 1 eils Y 1 , ff- A- ,, Q f.,g9-ie ies xc, , J l l 2 X 112 1r"2,'r 5 X, 1 N 45 i'v. f .sf s-.V mf L- M.. ' .V -., .u,.., V -Xiu. .- 1 f z' TW-9210 , ,f xi wk Waskoviak, Dineen Wasney, Joseph Waters, Mona Watkins, Judy ,ge Weaver, Sharon J A Weber, Marietta 1 Wells, Alys Ann Welzel, Janice H Wenzel, Richard i Wenzel, Rudina ' Werth, Susan U' Wheeler, James Whelan, Ellen - White, Judy Whitman, Ellen Wieck, Carol Wiederhold, Walla . 45? Wilhelm, James Henry 7 Will, Joseph V f Williams, James Williams, Judy g Wilson, Cynthia J Wilson, George xi M -L Wilson, Judy , Q. Wilson, Tim Winchell, Ralph Windover, Mary Wolfe, James X Wolpert, Daniel A1 i Woodman, Rockwell T ' -11' Wuckert, Henry Wurtzel, Barbara -' N Wysong, Sharon W, f M fi ey vw - Yager, Howa rd Yeager, Rebecca Yingling, Royale Yockey, Larry Young, Alexander Young, Clayton Young, Janice Zahn, Richard Zeitler, Gerald Ziegler, Marilyn Zietz, Judy ,,.V:. Zill, Sue ,, Zirkle, Richard - '!'.."'f' . fl' . 4, ' 'A is , gl! 3 s.. k Q-QQ, 42, K 1 Q? l Zolinski, John Zuzula, Judy Ann Virgin, William Visnow, James Vogt, Kathleen Waack, John Wagner, Alon Wahl, Janet Wallgren, Carol Walls, Dale Walsh, Karen Walsh, Sharon Warner, Judith Warner, Larry Warner, George Wascavage, Deanna sec x mi msc it x f . A Q W eggs . sr fa 'H -5 , - ' , . ss V - as A S Q J T' S , Q i' " as ge A , ,J me it K K j ,Q . ,..c - 4 .gp,- I Sb- Wd W D l s Rx!! 5 1 Ai , 4 ' L wg 35' 2 - -- 1 .Q 'W' 62-I 1 we s s, Y ns 1 1- , ' F935 . , sf gk M Y 1: .Qs , , - wi, ,. , 12- ,f gg,- ls- K If f f 2 if , at S 57 ex ref ' Y, .. 1 K HHRV ' 1 ,f , lk - W ,,," in 1 n f , 9 y an ' , .. - Y , J af- " 1 5 yen -'A. h , H' 1 . :, ' it Y it - fr it 1 Ag 1 Phyllis Clayson and Janet Anger ask Dick Ryan to play their favorite "Teen Beat". 'L 3: -'g"'g' LgLLLgL z A ,,.. I L.L,... A .. if -v--- ' M- ., W .Km i 140 fnaxllfalianf zazzw ' an-Q e 4 Clubs Attract Hlllltes Early in the school year, bulletin announcements may read: "If you are interested in our activities, we in- vite you to join our club". The solemn ceremonies and zany initiations open a year of constructive, enjoyable get- togethers for both old and new re- cruits. A student can find ways to serve Arthur Hill through various club projects, to have iust plain fun, and to satisfy an appetite Qrefreshments are usually servedlj. Each pin that a Hillite club member boasts extends a welcome for his respective group. wa , s QYXR ,V , fiii .' 5-il, k,Q . A X , rl im' J lag Y-TEENS, FRONT ROW: M. Hill, R. Ruskin, J. Whalen, C. Catrain, Whalen, P. Otto, C. Phelps, J. Rathbun, F PRESIDENT, J. HURST, S. Hill, S. Fisher, S. White, S. Taylor. SEC- Yeakle, G. Solterman, S. Cole. FOURTH R OND ROW: M. Huyghe, H. Gould, B. Corwin, K. McGill, P. McKee, stone, B. Teboe, E. Thompson, E. Timmons S. Armstrong, J. Pace, C. Thayer, G. Bourdow. THIRD ROW: E. C. Vanderlip. Y-Teens "Deck the halls with boughs of holly!" Our Y-Teens do exactly this during the holiday season by assisting with hanging greens in the interior of the Y.W.C.A. As service is the purpose of the club, members aid both community and school by enter- taining orphans, sewing for the Junior Needlework Guild, and co-sponsoring dances with the Hi-Y. Climaxing the year's functions is an award to the outstanding sophomore girl. "Don't those cookies look delicious?" ex Teens during the initiation tea. Y-TEENS, FRONT ROW: N. Burback, A. Zeeman, M. Brauninger, D. Proux, A. Birnbaum. SECOND ROW: C. Robart, P. Smith, M. Gillmore, S. Seib, K. McGill, P. McKee, M. Barrett. THIRD ROW: L. Bercompas, N. Prueter, K. Pildner, R. Reid, G. Marof, V. Stevenson. FOURTH ROW: D. Curtis, L. Railling, D. Railling, K. Johnson, M. Andezewski. aww 'fs' i vw tg: ' ' -A I 1 ' N . ig. ,Je f . ,,i .. S . x k R . l . f Q K f fffx.-A ALPHA CHAPTER, BOTTOM ROW: R. Harrison, J. Garinger, D. Hartman, B. Freidinger, TREASURER: J. Mason PRESIDENT, J. Diebold, VICE-PRESIDENT: R. Cosby, J. Carter, B. Northway, T. Ahrens. SECOND ROW: M Pohlman, K. Trask, B. Louderbach, B. Boice, D. Sturm, E. Salesky, G. Meredith, R. Lazarus, P. Sturtz, J. Stricker THIRD ROW: J. Schwanbeck, F. Fillmore, M. Wolpert, G. Wahl, P. Dunlap, J. Bouchey, A. Jochen, T. Wiltse D. Mueller. FOURTH ROW: M. Schutt, D. Michaels, J. MacArthur, T. Robinson, J. Herrig, B. Smith, J. Karls, P. Marks, J. Lucas, H. Street, G. Otto, A. Seiferlein. FIFTH ROW: D. VanBenschoten, J. McCarthy, W. Zeigler, D. Flucke, H. Eldridge, C. Stonder, E. Markey, F. Dall, D. Michaels, B. Ditz, Mr. Archer, SPONSOR. Hi-Y "Boy, that last swimming party sure was cooI!" exclaims an enthusiastic member of our Hi-Y Club. This event along with co-sponsoring after-basketball game dances with the Y-Teens, participating in basketball competition, attending legislative meet- ings and state conventions, and presenting an annual award to the outstanding sophomore boy highlight the year's activities. Any boy interested in promoting Christian living may ioin. "Man, what's pulling of? next!" Hi-Y boys are kept in sus- pense during initiation. BETA CHAPTER, BOTOM ROW: R. Flucke, B. Thompson, J. Anderson. G. Lawrence, G. Zeilinger, VICE-PRESIDENT: E. Beyer, TREASURER: R. Dana, T. Hanson, T. Corbett. SECOND ROW: J. Diebold, R. Vibert, L. Bauer, J. Curtin, R. Sturm, E. Markey, D. Bruske, H. Engels, B. Beuche. THIRD ROW: G. Hertz, A. Seiferlein, G. Otto, J. Mason, J. Karls P. Marks, J. Lucas, B. Ansevics, J. Wagner. FOURTH ROW: C. Stonder, K. Trask, J. Stricker, J. Garinger, R. Cosby, C. Meyer, J. Marx, J. Bosley, J. Pumford. 1 f - X 4 S 'ku .Ad- I. W a .4 QC: LATlN, FRONT ROW: Miss Patow, SPONSOR: G. Marquis, G. Corwin, S. Cole, S, Arft, J. Rathbun, D. Jenkins, S. Mann, A. Yeakel, J, Szott, S. Worthington, SECRETARY, J. Pinney, K. Meadows, M. Williams. SECOND ROW: S. Holcomb, S. Clark, J. Schneider, S. Hawthorne, E. Davis, G. McGregor, M. lson, J. Johnson, P. Panko, K. Fishel, B. Thompson, R. Riete. THIRD ROW: J. Fodolsky, E. Thompson, S. Kasper, S. Puhlman, J. Martin, B. Gallery, J. Johnson, J. Ginder, J. Dague, D. Ryba, S. Schmick, E. Crandall. FOURTH ROW: C. Olney, M. Hughye, C. Schiltz, T. Kinney, R. Zirkle, D. Jochen, VlCE-F'RESlDENT, C. Hubinger, J. Goes, N. Schulwitz, A. Landsburg. Latin Club "Adsum," meaning "present," is the password of all Latin Club members during the meeting's roll- call. Entered as slaves, members gain freedom at a rank raising ceremony in the spring by participating in club activities and maintaining good report cards. Members may also attend state and national con "Buenos Dias," a friendly greeting meaning "Good Afternoon", begins Spanish Club meetings. Activities include a Christmas party for Mexican children, a celebration of Pan American Day by sponsoring a Pan American Tea for teachers, and "Excellency in Spanish" awards which are presented during the awards assembly. Los Amigos promotes interest in Spanish culture and gives a social outlet for all members. ventions in the spring. - NLOS LATIN, FRONT ROW: M. Gottschalk, M. Boulton, M. Murphy, M. Millet, Secretary: L. Nehmer, D. Proux, N. Thayer, M. Hill. SECOND ROW: J. Mossner, J. Mohrhardt, B. Feckler, J. Warner, B. Notter, C. Clayton, S. Scafe, S. Smear. THIRD ROW: C. Wysong, K. Nowlin, M. Gekeler, L. Berlcompas, K. Krause, C. Byron, M. Garner, B. Kazuk. FOURTH ROW: K. Snyder, B. Schear, S. Canaday, B. Ludlum, S. Kutsman, S. Krause, P. Pane, E. Hahn, H. Brubaker. FRENCH, FRONT ROW: L. Howe, J. Schneider, R. Michaels, Treasurer, B. Walz, Vicee President, J. Szott, N. Brussow, Secretary, J. Princing, J. Zehnder, President, T, Malone, K. List, N. Burback, B. Abramson. SECOND ROW: J. Immerman, P. Otto, J. Russell, M. Pendell, B. Diamond, J. Rathbun, S. Armstrong, C, Brenner, D. Quick, B. Ferguson, M. Gillmore, P. Smith, Miss Yates, SPONSOR. FOURTH ROW: N. Prueder, S. Brussow 1 M. Geyer, P. Clayton, M. Knippel, S. Kacer, D. Thom, K. Murphy, N. Schultz, L. Mclntyre, T. Thompson, P, Ruby. SPANISH, FRONT ROW: Miss Morgan, SPONSOR, S. Murray, TREAS- URER, M. Taylor, G. Galovics, PRESIDENT, R. Zahnow, VlCE-PRESI- DENT, B. Young. SECOND ROW. J. Potts, R. Ederer, D. Dzroikaski, P. Butterfield, S. LaFond, P. Graft. THIRD ROW: S. Sprott, J. Shatner, M. Zanner, D. Sager, S. Cole, P. Campbell, P, McKee, S. Blynn, S. Weber. French Club New members to the French Club are introduced at a combination potluck and initiation. French costumes provide a colorful and exotic atmosphere. Later in the year, members raise money by selling personalized stationery. Promotion of the French language, customs, and people are the main goals of the club. Looking for a better understanding of the Ger- man Ianguage and culture? Then the German Club should be of interest to you. Meetings consist of discussions, speaker, and other forms of entertain- ment. Christmas caroling during the holiday season and a trip to a German restaurant are events anti- cipated by all members. GERMAN, FRONT ROW: K. Ross, SECRETARY, E. Gross, PRESIDENT, B. Hill, TREASURER, J. Ryba, VICE-PRESIDENT. SECOND ROW: L. Oblander, J. Duffy, C. Engel, B. Zitter. THIRD ROW: B. Sherzer, J. Hanson, Mr. Roundhouse, SPONSOR, N. Schulwitz, H. Lichtenwald. German Club l 1 . l 2 I 'S 1 NATURAL SCIENCE, FRONT ROW: M. Komulainen. M. Faeber, B. Enszer, B. Brethauer, K. Fishel. SECOND ROW: I.. Alden, H. Dvorsek, B. Herzog, B. Ditz, B. Raymond. THIRD ROW: R. Finger, R. McAllister, G. Rosseau, R. Mccfea. rounm ROW: J. Abbe, J. Langer, D, Jochen, 1, pqnko, Do you like to explore the wonder world of astronomy, biology, or natural science? If so then the Natural Science Club should suit you fine, To acquire more knowledge in the different phases of science is the aim of members. Field trips to various regions in and around Saginaw County are the club's main activities. H-I-L-L-I-T-E-S-Hillitesl Yes, that's what the Pep Club is composed of-loyal hillites. Arousing school spirit is the main purpose of members. Making and selling pom-poms and bows in school colors is the club's yearly project. Whether introducing new cheers or decorating the school, Pep Club members are school boosters. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: B. Zittel, PRESIDENT, A. Ruhl, VICE-PRESIDENT, W. Ziegler, SERGEANT AT ARMS, E. Timmons, SECRETARY. Natural Science Club Pep Club FIGHT! Members of the Pep Club cheer the Lumberlacks on to victory. . S 1 N , G' X ,- ARTS-DRAMATICS, FRONT ROW: M. Millet, L. Howe, K. Short, S. DuCharm, P. Schilling, C, Byron, S. Deford, L. Ryll, L. Schrems, D Cole, J. Schneider, SECRETARY: P. Sturtz, PRESIDENT: J. Pudschun, Larson, K. Clasinski. FOURTH ROW: J. Hanson, A. Landsburg TREASURER: D. Case, S. Johnstone, L. Johnson. SECOND ROW: J. B. Thompson, B. Smith, D. Flucke, D. Quick, M. Brown, E. Kune Nelson, M. Garner, L. Haas S. Hanthorne, D. Feldott, G. Feibig, K. P. Clayson, R. Vibert. Fishel, V. Pudschun, A. Hitsman, C. Vanderlip. THRIRD ROW: T. Is your secret ambition to become a famous stage or screen artist? Then the Arts-Dramatics Club ' b is iust the organization in which to gain experience. U Arts-Dramatics sponsors the annual Play Tournament held during the spring. The club creates an appre- ciation for drama and also provides an opportunity to work on any phase of drama that may interest the members. Performing the duty of assisting visitors to their seats and taking tickets are members of the Usher Club. Ushering at plays, concerts, and Band Bounce, these girls perform their hospitable duties with a smile. USHER, FRONT ROW: P. Shaddeau, K. Krueger, A. Ruhl, VICE-PRESIDENT, S. Teboe, PRESIDENT: M. Mosca SECOND ROW: P. Albright, M. Wolfeil, J. Russell, J. Niederstadt, C. Kempf, M. Murphy. THIRD ROW: B. Gage A. Zeaman, B. Teboe, F. Busaid, C. Engel. FOURTH ROW: J. Kenel, E. Gross, C. Cox, B. Klann, R. Compeau. han. I 1 TRI-M, FRONT ROW: J. Mark, K. Woolever, C. Gobble, PRESIDENT, MYCZKUI D- Z9m0H1?k, B- Zilief- -THIRD ROW: K- Levi, K- ZUllf1, R. suggaa, VICE-PRESIDENT, c. mmm, SECRETARY, J. Ryiw. sec- J. Ginder, S. Sch-wk, Q. Mcrqu-s, S- Batten- FOURTH ROW: L- OND ROW: T. Belekonny, K. Mellberg, E. Crandel, G. Sherman, L. ClUfT1, D- RYlDC. B- MOTYISOFM C- Oll'1eY, G- 50l19l'mUn, Rf Zvhnow- More enjoyment for music students can be ob- tained through membership in the Tri-M, "Modern Music Masters," Club. Sponsoring an annual Christ- mas Tea, hayrides, and rollerskating parties high- light the yeor's functions. Interested students obtain membership by taking an examination and perform- ing before club members. Miracle Book Club Tri-M Club Spiritual guidance, leadership, and understand- ing are available for those students interested in becoming members of the Miracle Book Club. De- otional meetings are held, and attendance is re- warding. To interest young people in the Christian way of life and promoting fellowship are the goals of Miracle Book Club. MIRACLE BOOK, FRONT ROW: B. Shaddeau, T. Belelronny, PRESI- S. Johnstone, M. Gates. THIRD ROW: C. Clayton, P. Albright, P. DENTQ J.AndrtewsM. Hausser, L. Johnson, M. Hill. SECOND ROW: Butterfield, N. Fuhrhop, P. Taylor, S. Whitten, S. Jewel, M. Caryl. J. Warner, J. Albright, P. Shaddeau, M. Taylor, L. Myczka, D. Case, FOURTH ROW: B. Hahn, L. Sensabough. 5 wx. ALCHEMISTS, FRONT ROW: A. Laing, C. Hager, G. Pudschun, C. Gobble, B. Ahlgrim, J. Nelson, R. Ruskin L. St. Pierre, B. Diamond, C. Catrain, J. Ryba, J. Russell, D. Larson. 11 V Q. Q T' I' -f it dr il gl Alchemists Towards the beginning of the second semester those students who have maintained an "A" in chemistry and a strong "B" in other courses are re- warded tor their academic standing by membership in the Alchemists and Crucibles Clubs. The former chapter is for girls and the latter for boys. These selected students enioy furthering their interest in chemistry, discussing problems relating to this phase of science, and performing additional lab experi- ments. Crucibles CRUCIBLES, SEATED: B. Enzer, J. Cline, P. Marks, B. Bullington, B. Ditz, R. Zauel. STANDING: J. Kessler R. Pfeulier, B. Smith, R. Bovse, P- Beach, R- Pirmell- J.E.T.S., FRONT ROW: B. Hauble, B. Thompson, J. Karls, D. Flucke, SECRETARY, B. Ditz, PRESIDENT, C. Gobble, VICE-PRESIDENT, J. Pudschun, J. Ryba, D. Birch. SECOND ROW: H. Eldridge, J. Marx, B. Hill, R. Hein, T. Mitchell, B. P'ohlman, B. Enszer, B. Friedinger, J. . T. S. Club In this day and age all interests in technical fields have grown more important. To be able to design and help create new equipment for our nation's needs is the goal of our J.E.T.S. Club mem- bers. Meetings provide more information and guid- ance to students interested in the numerous fields of engineering. MATH, FRONT ROW: D. Flucke, B. Enszer, SECRETARY-TREASURER, B. Ditz, VICE-PRESIDENT, B. Smith, PRESIDENT, J, Cline, T. Mitchell, D. Birch. SECOND ROW: P. Marks, B. Haeflae, N. Schulwitz, B. Hlli R. Hern, M. Pohlman, B. Friedinger, H. Lichtenwald. THIRD RCW: 1 TREASURER, R. Boyse, C. Stander. THIRD ROW: K. Fishel, J. Goes, N. Schulwitz, F. Dall, G. Hollis, J. Schalk, M. Schutt. FOURTH ROW G. Jacob, T. Cousineau, B. Smith, R. Harrison, E. Mattheis, R. Omness E. Roesch, J. Schwanbeck. Mash Club Anything from figuring income tax to solving difficult equations takes place during meetings of the Math Club. Members interested in careers in the field of mathematics look toward the Math Club for a greater knowledge of mathematics and its importance. For nine years the club has been striv- ing to assist all interested students. H. Eldridge, D. Riefe, J. Goes, K. Fishel, J. Karls, M. Schutt, C. Stander, R. Boyse, A. Landsburg. FOURTH ROW: G. Jacob, T. Kinney, B. Mattern, T. Cousineau, R. Harrison, B. Thompson, E. Mattheis, R. Omness, E. Roesch. -fs-. s, .- X.- 1 1.. Q-n-s.1mmunf I i....,..f.m.-.q....w..-.1ff.fs-f , . .Lf f -K D.E.C.A.H., FRONT ROW: K. Shaeffer D Schrems J Mohnk J Werner SECOND ROW P Spencer S. Fahndrich, L. Schrems, P. Travis J Yocky B Burk J Johnson D Bocher THIRD ROW S Muller K. Spurbeck, C. Byron, C. Krohn C Wizorek J Shrader Mr Hartman SPONSOR S Shuster D. E. C. A. H. Club D.E.C.A.H., Distributive Educational Club of Arthur Hill, and the Hillite Business Leaders are designed for Co-op students who work after school. These clubs hold evening meetings. Affiliated with Co-op clubs of Michigan, D.E.C.A.H. Club and Business Leaders strive to further the student's interest in business and retailing, provide social activities, and encourage leadership and improved scholarship in all subjects. Hillite Business Leaders BUSINESS LEADERS, FRONT ROW G Schlucklaier SECRETARY J Bell B Schultz PRESIDENT K Nelson, TREASURER. SECOND ROW S Wedding S Manning E Stoddard N Dixon B Schmeder, B. Reid, D. Tate. THIRD ROW: J Adams K Ranke C Blakeway M Weiss J Leaman C Smith D. Beadle. L. Rose. Chess Club CHESS CLUB, FRONT ROW: R. Pettis, M. P0l1lmCIFl, L- Alden, TREASURER. G. Hollis. PRESIDENT, J. Schalk, T. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: G. Bosley, J. Boushey, E. Salesky, R. Dubrulle, R. Choolllan, D. Birch, H. Lichtenwald. THIRD ROW: Mr. Lewis, SPONSOR5 R. Hein, G. Rousseau, G. Yelsik, J. Delavan, J. DeForge, J. Hauman. FOURTH ROW: J. Hansen, R. Herzler. "Bring your little men!" in an A.H.H.S. bulletin refers not to a Lillipution army but chessmen, of course. At student request a Chess Club was formed this year to provide an opportunity to indulge in a game of pure skill, subtle scheming and cautious Q5 manipulations. Tournaments are held in this art of WI, W king-corperipg among members and with clubs from vu ot er sc oo s. 44fZ ul 43 iiimtl K 3 i1Ze. 3 W- 1 f f- ,f - A - 295 This year Arthur Hill's Future Farmers chapter is 'i 14:7 I proud to have among its midst-a Future Farmer Sweetheart. Pat Haas received this honor and was presented with a sweetheart iacket. Main proiects of the club include cooperative activities in investment and community leadership. FUTURE FARMERS, SEATED: R. Henster, C. Cox, R. Dean. SECOND ROW: B. Beatenhead, M. Clairmont, C.Sadenwater, P. Haas, C. Hoff, D. Gross, M. Kum. STANDING: K. Rohde, R. Kuch J. Souve, R. Griffore, K. Oldenburg, G. Gray, B. Pence, R. Kwaiser. I Future Farmers ,C W,-vm. , aw.. New ' , KVAV1 . . crr cr if 1' 2 t RIFLE, FRONT ROW: J. Hanson, R. Pettis, B. Mattern, S. Jewell, Schulwitz, D. Michaels, J. Schalk. THIRD ROW: B. Seiferlein, R. A. Landsburg, J. Vollmer, D. Purchase, P. Davis. SECOND ROW: Gunn, C. Dungey, K. Mell, L. Thomas, D. Kubik, J. Garner. J. Bosley, B. Thompson, R. DuBrulle, C. Hubinger, .l. Goes, N. Rifle Club "Darn! Will I ever hit that target!" exclaims a frustrated member of the Rifle Club. When the year's activities are concluded this member will probably be one of the best shots in the club. Activities in- clude participation in rifle matches and marksman- ship. Rifle Club provides recreation for the student as well as instruction in sportsmanship, marksman- ship, and the handling of tire arms. Radio Club Didn't you ever wonder iust how messages from round the world could be sent and received by amateur radios? If so, you should attend one of the meetings of the Arthur Hill Amateur Radio Club. Members operate K8JJQ, Arthur Hill's amateur radio station. Formed to assist members in the study of radio theory and code practice, Radio Club does just that. RADIO: FRONT ROW: Mr. Burnett, SPONSOR, R. Schroeder, V. Dollhopf, R. Omness. SECOND ROW: J. La Fore K. Carpenter, J. Schalk, P. Davis. THIRD ROW: C. Dungee, A. Myczka, G. Hollis, D. Brader. SKI, FRONT ROW: R. Suominen, B. Byron, J. Raymond, J. lmerman, G. Jacques, PRESIDENT: B. Boice, B. Snyder, J. Ross, S. White, S. lkner, C. Munck. SECOND ROW: E. Whalen, M. Ziegler, P. Thomp- son, J. Szott, B. Humphrey, B. Walz, C. Wallgren, B. Ackerman, Mr. Hawes, SPONSOR. THIRD ROW: M. Sheltraw, B. Schuette, P. Otto, J. Purdy, J. F'rincing, C. Raymond, M. Gross, P. Cross, M- Millet, N. Kurtz, J. McComb, P. Hooker, K. Vasold. FOURTH ROW: "lt takes a while to reach the top of the hill but you sure come down fast!" exclaims a new mem- ber of the Ski Club. Trips to various ski resorts are anticipated by all members. These trips take place during the winter season and provide members with a chance to improve their skill. ln no time at all one can become a real "pro". Providing entertainment during swim meets is the Aqualites Club. These girls spend many hours perfecting their strokes and composing routines. Gliding serenly through the water, our Aqualites present various formations and water ballets. Dur- ing the spring season, Aqualites Club presents their annual assembly. J. Zehnder, M. Pendell, V. Sims, J. Diebold, R. Lazarus, P. Bauer, T. Baker, E. Tirnmons, B. Schrems, E. Janssens, J. Washburn, S. Smith, B. Northway, G. Redenbo. FIFTH ROW: P, Wendler, M. Komulainen, M. Schutt, A. Jocken, B. Friedinger, B. Bullington, B. Smith, L. Rifkin, H. Nagel, R. Herlick, T. Lange, D. VanBenschoten, D. Kubik. Ski Club AQUALITES, FRONT ROW: B. Snyder, G. Galovics. G. Jacques, B. Agricola, B. Morrison, G. Hoffman, K. Meadows, P. Graft, S. Whitten. SECOND ROW: S. Fritzler, M. Braden, M. Williams, J. Nelson, P. McKee, T. Malone, N. Fuhrhop, J. Rathbun, J. Bingham. THIRD ROW: B. Schuette, S. Cole, J. Purdy, Mrs. McCrea, SPONSOR, S. Arft, J. Imerman. 'HN REQ Nan Aqualites Club 4' J lg' Tl.. .4 U. lt 'X :HW 5 ljphgi Q .,,, li l A f -fi , K if-M "-as . r- E I BOWLING, FRONT ROW: J. Goes, A. Landsburg, N. Schulwitz, J. Diebold, G. Stanton, J. Vollmer, L. Stiehr, M. Robart. SECOND ROW: R. Shulz, E. Whitman, J. Hofmeister, C. Hubinger, R. Hein, J. Garinger, F. Dall, M. Schutt, J. Schwanbeck. THIRD ROW: K. Fishel, R. Harrison, J. Mason, J. Stricker, R. Cosby, C. Meyer, Bowling Club Becoming more and more popular at Arthur Hill is the Badminton Club, which was newly organized last year. Activities on the agenda for members include club practice games and tournaments. Club events begin during the basketball season and are held in the gym. The main aim of Badminton Club is to provide recreation for those interested in bad- minton. BADMINTON, FRONT ROW: J. Garinger, J. Bouchey, E. Salesky J. Lucas, P. Marks, J. Diebold, R. Cosby, B. Hyslop. SECOND ROW R. Boyse, G. Otto, M. Schutt, J. Mason. B. Raymond, M. Lear, G. 1 A. Jochen, J. Curtins. FOURTH ROW: R, Jones, D. Michaels, D. LaFleur, G. Otto, T. Thompson, P. Sturtz, K. Trask, J. Lichtenwald, T. Mitchell. FIFTH ROW: B. Thompson, B. Ditz, A. Sieferlein, O. Fowler, R. Dana, D. Pyscher, J. Dana, B. Boice, D. Dillon, D. Kubik. Imagine scoring a perfect 300 game of bowling! That is the goal of all Bowling Club members. Be- ginning or advanced, anyone interested may become a member. A bowling banquet is held toward the end of the school year. Top teams are honored and trophies presented to the high scorers. The main social event of the club is a dance held during the year. Badminton Club Jacob, Mr. Purdy, SPONSOR. THIRD ROW: R. Lazarus, P. Beach P. Sturtz, A. Sieferlein, A. Jochen, D. Kubik. FOURTH ROW: R Hensler, B. Herzog, R. Hein, D. Jochen, K. Fishel, A, Landsburg. . gf! f. J 1 A 3 t F.T.A., FRONT ROW: Mr. Roundhouse, SPONSOR, K. Malburg, K. Krueger, N. Kurtz, VICE-PRESIDENT, M. Murphy, PRESIDENT, J. Ross, C. Vanderlip, SECRETARY, J. Fetherolf, B. Sndyer, C. Fromm, J. Szott. SECOND ROW: J. Potts, 5. Armstrong, C. Phelps, T. Malone, G. Jacques, B. Bear, M. Williams, G. Sherman, S. White, P. Shad- By planning a well-rounded program, which in- cludes cadet teaching at other schools, welcoming guests for special meetings and conventions, arrang- ing displays, sponsoring speakers, and partaking in civic and school activities, the Future Teachers Club strives to provide increased knowledge in the field of education. After membership in the Club, students have a pretty good idea as to which phase of teach- ing they wish to pursue. ln order to assist its members to form a greater appreciation for adventures in homemaking, the Future Homemakers Club strives to present well- planned programs. Among the club activities are an initiation candlelighting ceremony and dinner, a Mother-Daughter Tea, and a community service project. deau, P. McKee. THIRD ROW: Schrieve, N. Noble, C, Hager, J. Schultz, M. Sieverman, G. Solter- man, K. McGill, J. Brubaker. FOURTH ROW: N. Burbeck, E. Davis, E..Jahn, B. Foele, M. Sheltraw, K. Muehlenbeck, L. Hersam, C. Engel, K. Rross, S. Holcomb, J. Eldridge. K. Krenke, L. Railling, S. Foele, M. Future Teachers f l .' :"' A Q ,lf - 4 'l 9 jfixx V l Future Homemakers FUTURE HOMEMAKERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Murray, J. Brieske, l.. Hersam, B. Clark, J. Henny, C. Thayer. Quill and Scroll QUILL and SCROLL, FRONT ROW: G. Hargesheimer, K. Zahn, J. Miller, C. Vanderlip. SECOND ROW: B. Enszer, J. Bell, R. McCrea, J. Kreuchauf, D. Lantz, P. Dent. THIRD ROW: L. St. Pierre, S. Wright, J. Ross, M. Schade, S. Armstrong, P. Dyer. Missing from the picture: A. Laing, C. Engle. A special honor treasured by iournalism students is membership in the Treanor Chaptor of Quill and Scroll. One must excell in iournalism while on the Legenda or News staff and maintain an academic record of "B" or better to be pledged into the club. Formed to encourage good iournalism, Quill and Scroll sponsors the Honor Alumnus Tribute and also presents the Treanor Journalism Award to the out- standing senior iournalist. Future Nurses Of interest to all girls seeking a career in nursing are guest speakers who preside over meetings of the Future Nurses Club. These speakers discuss the future and rewards ot, and problems concerning the differ- ent phases of nursing. Delegates to the Local League Delegate Council and state rally are selected each year. Any iunior or senior girls may become a mem- ber and acquire much information about the nursing vocation. 4 5? . .,,. "Gee! nursing school really best curriculum?" Glenna Linebau Little, and Connie Mayer ponder important question. offers the 9 I ' h, Goria over this FUTURE NURSES, FRONT ROW: G. Linebaugh, C. Mayer, SECRETARY-TREASURER, G. Little, PRESIDENT, M. Busch, VICE-PRESIDENT, P, Graft, C. Quinn. SECOND ROW: V. Dill, M. Wolfeil M. Matthews, K. Krause, R. Zahnow, G. Sherman. THIRD ROW: S. Miller, S. Kennedy, M. Cibulka, P. Wight, S. Kamenar, S. Skate. FOURTH ROW: B. Klann. J, Kenel, E. Gross, R. Pettis, S. Hantharne. Homemaking Hostesses ment, and aiding students are duties of the Home- making Hostesses. These chosen girls assist the homemaking department for one hour each day. HOMEMAKING HOSTESSES: M. Sommers, J. Kurzhals, J. Lehner, S. "Above all, do not drop the acid bottle," a Lab Behm. Assistant warns a frustrated chemistry student. These assistants aid science instructors one hour each day. Duties include cleaning instruments, assembling equipment, and helping the students. Lab Assistants Swimmers' Aids LAB ASSISTANTS: J. Arndt, J. Schalk, J. Nelson, D. Hartman, J. Gunn, S. White. Becoming a swimmer's aid is no easy task. One must be an exceptionally good swimmer and pass a series of tests. These chosen students assist our swimming instructors one hour per clay. SWIMMERS' AIDS, FRONT ROW: D. Kemerer, T. Gosen, G. Shankel, F. Engle, B. Melchur, J. TenEyck, R. Herlick. SECOND ROW: N. Shankel, J. Marcoux, J. Campau, B. Vondette, D. Michael, B. Smith, T. Lange, H. Light. THIRD ROW: S. Staples, J. Diftel, W. Leesch, J, Tullan, M. Hart, B. Fisher, T. Kohler, P. Wendler. FOURTH ROW: L. Hazen, J. Rose, P. Hauffe, D. Finqer, D. Safe, J. Hegler, J. Wilhelm. Doing clerical work, caring for special equip- 138l 1 UQ' SENIOR HOSTESSES: Carol Kempf, Marilyn Wazny, Linda Clum, Elaine Gross, Ann Ruhl, Judy Burzyck, Dinny Boyd. Missing from the picture: Carol Vanderlip. Senior Hostesses A coveted honor desired by many senior girls is to be a Senior Hostess. However, only eight girls are chosen from many written applications. Wel- coming visitors to the school, assisting teachers, and giving tests are among the varied duties of a Senior Hostess. l I X94 SWIMMER'S AIDS, FRONT ROW: S. Cole, J. Princing, B. Snyder, B. lindfors, M. Matthews, B. Schuette, A. Carlson, G. HoHman, S. Fritzler. SECOND. ROW: B. Byron, D. Quick, J. Purdy, B. Agricola, M. Williams, K. Meadows, B. Bear, B. Schrems, S. Weber, Mrs. McCrea, SPONSOR. THIRD ROW: C. Barber, N. Fuhrhop, P. Braun, J. Fetherolf, P. Graft, E. Janssens, J. Washburn, S. Smith, P. McKee, C. Cohen. n', V ,U ..r, , 5 ffl va .tc -. ,Q X P- ' we 'fr 'VVS 19 CHEERLEADERS: Bonnie Humphrey, Marilyn Wazny, Ellen Ander- son, CAPTAlNy Nancy Clements. Cheerleaders "Yea team. Fight-fight-tight!" Our cheerlead- ers whoop up the school spirit of enthusiastic stu- dents during a pep rally. After participating in a summer training session, tour girls are selected to lead the yells in cheering our team to victory. f My 'O 1 X s., a I ff - 5 As 'F A ,ba r 55-gs of 114.-u-:em.iMLwf.f.M.,,.'::ff.,s.ff1wcm.: 1. f, . . - . , ,. ,.. -aces M, ...f :fMWwg1:efew---HM V -M-W RED CROSS OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: L Standish, D. DeShazo, P. Bliss, PRESIDENT. HEALTH ASSISTANTS, SEATED: E. Knoerr. STANDING: P. Smith, C. Leggitt, G. Little, J. Houlibeck, I. Bese. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS, FRONT ROW: S. Rhule, J. Olmsted, B. Goiser, S. Frader, M. Cates, J. Meehleder. SECOND ROW: D. Werbal, E. Norberg, K. Bohnoff, B. Fritz, I. Raines, E. Davis. THIRD ROW: J. McCargar, J. Schulz, K. Slagle. Red Cross Were you a member of a TOOK advisory during this year's Junior Red Cross Membership Drive? If so give due credit to the Red Cross Officers and representatives who work strenuously to make the campaign a success. Health Assistants Whenever aches or pains annoy you, report to the health room and let the Health Assistants help you. Each hour of the day a Health Assistant is on duty ready to aid you. Library Assistants Are you a Hillite who profited from this year's Book Week display? If so, give due credit to the Library Assistants who helped in arranging this array of books. Besides assisting during Book Week, these students spend one hour each day keeping the library in order. Special recognition is given these people during an awards' assembly in May. Audio-Visual Assembling and dismantling projection equip- ment, preparing for the presentation of films- the Audio Visual Crew works diligently in order that students may view films during classs. STAGE CREW: M. Wallace, L. Thomas, D. Hensler, F. Dall, J. Mc- Nair, P. Davis. Hall Monitors Maintaining order in the halls during lunch hours keeps the Hall Monitors on their toes. These boys spend their lunch period performing this service to the school. AUDIO-VISUAL CREW, BOTTOM ROW: B. Davis, C. Wehner, M. McAllister, B. Hill. SECOND ROW: B. Enszer, L. Thomas, J. McNair. THIRD ROW: R. McAllister, H. Lichtenwald, D. Hensler. Stage Crew Hustling and bustling between scenes ot the schools dramatic events, concerts, and assemblies Crew. All Arthur Hill productions in their capable hands. labors our Stage operate smoothly HALL MONITORS, BOTTOM ROW: J. Eurich, J. Webber, B. Boice, J. Dana, B. Geyer. SECONR ROW: J. Warner, J. Wenzel, D. Hartman, B. Minard. THIRD ROW: E. Lisee, D. Tingler, C. Nieman, P. Hauffe. FOURTH ROW: L. Jones, S. Kirchner, B. Miller, J. Striclter. Wauagxf , mil 5, ff? NZJZZWZXW M Sm N 2 S3 X l w l l P D. Sports lncite Enthusiasm The ol' S.O. really gets a workout when football, swimming, and basket- ball are in season. On a memorable cold, rainy night last fall Arthur Hill's touchdown heroes downed the Tro- ians. Basketball supporters also saw the SaginawHigh'basketmen defeated on the home court. Fans always could expect an exciting swimming meet plus a decisive victory. Cross-country and the spring sports completed the year of Hillite victories. Enthusiasm has always run high when the fans are invited to see their Lumberiack sportsmen meet the test. H gh Schoo Q E 2498 KD E S Z S Vi U, tudent Organization Membershi 56.50 Forfeited if presented by other than purchaser llrth Hill i l emberahip Card 1959-1960 0 D ... 535 XS .5 X5 " E vi U5 2 :S O 3 F' .e 3 er a Qs E .e 7 .ge-.. N wg E Q B 3 if 5 fog 'E 2 Oo H Q z 5 5 Em 2 E - ri ft Sig: N? vi Q of-our "' . I . ss: ss Joz ' Y' 2 'S'H'H'V - P :Nt P . ov-assi fe: SF 2 S voz S G 5' "' 5- R515 's'H'H'v 1 v- ' ? 3535: Ne: -N? ui se. . 3 I . 3 'Mi' 'Wil 5925 59? 1. FIRST ROW: B. Minard, Captain B. Hart, J. Becker, J. Cline, J. Stanton, B. Martin. SECOND ROW: Coach Seymour Murphy, W. Leesch, M. leFIair, W. Huebner, L. Wright, M. Schutt, J. Jarecki. Hillite golfers led by Captain Bob Hart were victorious in eight out of ten meets. With eight re- turning Iettermen, the Iinksmen utilized their valuable experience. Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur KSecond in Owosso Invitational! Hill 75 fPonfiac Hill 'I5 Hill 6 Hill 'I 2 Hill 8 Hill 8 Hill 9M Hill 'I4 Hill 14M Hill 8 7M 0 9 3 7 7 5M 1 W 7 Spring Sports Highlight Starting slowly, the Arthur Hill baseball team finished with a flourish. The Hills had a balanced powerhouse that finished high in the valley stand- ings. A resounding 8-4 victory over arch rival Saginaw High climaxed the season for Coach Von- dette's battlers. Baseball FIRST ROW: R. Ziemba, A. Armbruster, K. Grube, K. Wenzel, D. D. Hartman, J. Stricker, J. Mathis, B. Geyer. MUNSSYI B- SIVOSIKBYI 5- YOUNG, G- 50llf19I', B. Brussow. THIRD ROW: J. Lynch, J. Norris, R. Wade, S. Kirchner, L. lehner, SECOND ROW: P. Dunlap, B. Hummel, P. Linville, M. Wolpert, Coach W. Vondette, J. Harbonth, B. Mattern, B. Denzer. l l l c al.-L WWW 555. 1 ii- in W WY ? ' . -.s,..,. ' FIRST ROW. Coach Perzko, K. Ziegler, H. Jones, B. Kelley, J. Mauro, THIRD ROW: R- Kumischke. J- Guringer. B- Kempf. R- Beebe, J- Bvshey. J. Bublitz, l.. Burman, J. Bauer, l.. Sproull, J. Kulak, Coach McCarger. L- Hubbard J- Calkins, F- MCDOUQGJ- J- DOHC- FOURTH ROWS R- ZWln9mUnf SECOND ROW: Coach Archer, J. McCarthy, S. Hyvonen, B. Stevens, F. B. Miller, F. Burback, W. Parish, J. Clement, J. Gwiazdowski, B. Hill, Mgr. MacKenzie, T. Mitchell, B. Mauro, J. Mason, R. Crosby, G. Slachta, G. Cann. J- Leib- Track Athletic Activities Lumberiack cindermen won two out of three dual meets, losing only to a powerful Flint Central squad. The Hillites came in fifth in the Invitational Relays, fourth in the valley, and third in the Arthur Hill Relays. Highlighting the season was a first place finish in the Regionals. Tennis FIRST ROW: J. Hale, T. Peters, J. Wright, E. Salesky, B. Gustafson, J. Lucas. SECOND ROW: Mgr. S. Yockey, J. Dewald, R. Spence, J. Gustafson, D. Smith, C. Wagner, P. Marks, D. Peacock, Pete Marks performs. E. Grzesiak, Coach Purdy. T V i -a f. - ' x - . ' ----...-..... M..." 1 .. .... N K' - f i sf 5 "" M-ne-sveygw Q' lx- 'i 'M' 1."j': H "'P-', .:"-wig-in 6:2 1 . . ...Q S 1 'JS J . ' - -le. -ss. . J- sf' H-",1fm:--:..'--:,. ve. ' , " - Ze' E' Q K k ,. X - 23,4 ' Q V 'ia ' V if ' T I .- ' .. i -,I I W R ' LX, .V -. 23' H- i 5 I T ,. fri? .l 'J Qi 'Z K,?,,,, ,fW,, .N., ,V L, I. m A gf 5 l ti' sf Q gmt '14 1 'rl Coach Kurt Kampe over strategy with lk A Co-captains Joe Mason and Ray Beebe. Q fx yn V'-"' " .r F iff! i s qi Ar - 'xr me , -4' M wma A - N A X t 2 Quarterback John Stricker, most valuable play- er. c jg 2 x 1 911' N' M --- mi "WifH' "" . 7 A - ' 5 ,. :Y-'y-'-Queeg if j .T ww, LSA - , fy a .ag vw 45,1 QV , .f-ze. if . ,K Q' ' 11 ZH f, X' W 'fm 1: ' , M Lumberiacks Trounce vt nfl. f' it F41 mv. 'A 2- M41 1 wg. 4, ,Q Q ' W c , fu .W ,wx ,,, re if , 9 f ezzwiiiwf - 4 K he ' e ro ' ,-32 Veg .mea - 1 . A , K " - V- ,l'2ivi..+lLi23-urea ,X .I ii" N? Duane Hartman. All-Vallev second team end. il Y T' s MK 7 I K , lv , f QV ' ' ,K .g- , 24, , ,. . T J ' A X V I V W W.. ,WL I :1 iir tr t imie X Q Af. 5,3 ,I , in 11 if ,gk .l figwfxaglll f ' Fred Fillmore, All-Valley second team tackle. Tom Dawson, All-Valley honorable mention. Guard Ron Branch, 146 i'5Ei335'i'fg lWi.m"W'W' . ,1. ' .ts ,ff -.1 ff 5 - f .fr fvgeggzzf -- W-. ,.e.:.,L:5.,, K L ., if. -wry ff . J . ' .. J G 5 . f M iii ...B-vf3ijf4ff1i' be xi A x ul '14 eff. 1' Q J f if sf f Sh Wsx -5 in S .,A -I ,.i,,.: .2 is ?'wlT"e ...S .il cf: C sc.:-if 'W' "VK , Q V lAl , y 444, ZX as H C ' he n Q 3 . K, ...L I E Q ff f..X lf -.,. T ,fr -ga '1 V 1 4 fx JSR .. 3. 5 all J it 5.2 jdq 5.1 ,Wfml Q y ijql T 3- Lumberiacks i 'lst Row: J. Stricker, E. Evans, B. Mauro, J. Garinger, R. Beebe, J. Mason, R. Cosby, T. Dawson, T. Mitchell, D. Hartman. 2nd Row: Coach John McCargar, B. Geyer, S. Kirchner, F. Fillmore, R. Branch, M. Hackett, R. Chooliian, G. Wahl, H. lichtenwald, D. Birch, Coach Kurt Kampe. 3rd Row: Coach Vern Hawes, B. Miller, R. Thumme, J. JX fl ,inx Herrig, J. Anderson, J. Wright, J. Norris, F. Mackenzie, J. Mathis, R. Dubrulle, Coach Jim Archer. 4th Row: Mgr. S. Yoclcey, R. Butler, D. Martin, W. Parrish, I. Landeryou, J. Leppien, J. Lynch, C. Glass, D. Sturm, Mgr. R. Wilhelm. 5th Row: G. Hertz, G. McDonnell, G. Lawrence, C. Lagalo, M. Yeager, T. Hill, G. Schmidt, R. Stock, J. Gilleylen, J. Yates, D. Dana. 'A 1, J is ..,:. .4 gr . ,, . , gf! N ' , .-3.7 - K 3 ... 9- '..L--. 49 1 , Y 4 X f, gg? K rc fs' Q ' 57 " 1 U "' map rn-v .-" 'A J' flfe V J N ' 'L , y, .. 1... , ffwqf ,, Y" 1 ' x. . f- 'Z H " 2 M84 gf-' M f 45 Jfsf Fullback Joel Garinger. Guard Dave Birch. End Bart MCIUFO- Ha d runnin haltback Joe Mason allo s r 9 9 p Never say die. Lumberiacks never lacked spirit. into open. Coach Kampe paces sidelines during an anxious moment. Al'il1Ul' l"1nll-f-nv.-IQ.. ..u .... J , 1. . 148 Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill 1959 Record Grand Rapids 3' Midland 'IA Jackson 2i Pontiac 1 Bay City Central 21 Bay City Handy li Flint Central 'lf Flint Northern 21 Saginaw High i Lucky it wasn't serious. Co-captain Ray Beebe iniured durirl rough loop encounter. Despite a season record of 2-6-'l, the Lumberjacks redeemed themselves by out-swamping Saginaw High, on a rain soaked gridiron, by the score of 12-0. ln hard-fought contests, Coach Kurt Kampes' crew bounced Pontiac 19-6, and tied Bay City Handy 14- 14. Three games were dropped by one or two points and a fourth game by a touchdown. Led by halfbacks Joe Mason and Ray Cosby and fullbacks Joel Garinger and Jack Anderson, the running game of the Lumberiacks rated among the best. Not only did the Hillites possess a good run- ning game but a fine passing attack that was led by Quarterback John Stricker. His favorite receivers were ends Tom Dawson, Duane Hartman, and half- back Mike Yeager. The defensive line unit which weighed in at an average of 200 pounds per man, was anchored by Jay Wright, Fred Fillmore, Ernie Evens, Ray Beebe, and Duane Hartman. This unit proved hard to pene- trate. Juniors who gained experience at the end of the season will prove useful to next year's Lumber- jack cause. Is.: , .8 we 'im tgwgli' ei fag, gg Q9-4 N91 .. . Af so Ray Cosby drops enemy ball-carrier. STANDINGS Flint Northern 4-'l Flint Central 4-'l Bay City Central 3-2 Arthur Hill 2-3 Pontiac 2-3 Saginaw High 0-5 JV Team Enioys Fine Season First Row: Coach Charles Fowler, J. Bublitz, T. Hill, J. Schafpert, D. Crannell, J. Higgler, R. Maturn, G. Smith, Coach Wes Harding. Second Row: R. Butler, N. Latkovic, D. Schuler, B. Schoenmeyer, C. Hard, G. Kackmeister, R. Stock, G. Schmidt. Third Row: G. Wilson, J. Gilleylen, T. Baker, H. Lenick, J. Bird, J. Yates, L. Lenick. Fourth Row: W. Hoffman, L. Linville, D. Labelle, D. Trogan, B. Osborne, D. Landeryow, K. Stemler, J. Warren. 41 EEA VARSITY BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW: J. Williams, R. Rup- BACK ROW: Coach C. Fowler, T. Hill, J. Clement, B. pel, D. Tingler, P. Datema, K. Schultz, J. Calkins, J. Wright. Gustafson, T. Cousineau, T. Koski, Mgr. B. Raymond. Fans Favor Climatic Moments of Close Contests Dave Tingler, a senior, led the Arthur Hill team he crowd watches with awe as Dave Tingler drives around a Chemic defender. in point production. ction was fast and furious throughout the Saginaw igh and Arthur Hill battle, Coach Fowler pinpoints errors and adds constructive criticism during a halftime intermission. i, ig, The season was very exciting for fans and spectators alike. Several of the games were both won and lost in the closing moments of the contests, but this only added to the enioyment of the crowd. Highpoint of the season was a victory over Saginaw High on the Hillite hardwood by a narrow two-point margin. The highly-touted Troians had come onto our court in championship contention, but all their hopes were in vain as the Lumberiack marksmen consistently found the range. Dave Tingler, a senior, led our team to most of its victories and always came through at the right time. He was one of the highest scorers in the Valley and led the Lumberiacks in point production. When our team traveled to Saginaw High on a cold evening in February, Dave came through with twenty-nine points to further prove his value to the team. X Pete Datema, Tom Cousineau, Jim Clements, i Jerry Calkins, and Kurt Schultz also played important parts in many of the Hillite victories. Because of them the hoopsters were able to upset Pontiac Central, the Valley champions. The season included wins over Bay City Central and Flint Central on foreign floors. Cagey Quintet Conquers Foes Pete Datema is surrounded by Viking cagers as he tries to get the ball during the Flint Northern encounter. 'L ' 53 It ,T it tiii 3 T r ,ls W ,. " 1- 1 L . I ', ' . 2 y f V - , l E ' , V I V I J f "1-gum, 9 ' Q - l' 1 1 'UW' i .cu 1 ' .L if .. 5 J' 'I -il' .4 'ik Q, Q. 33 X QC' if Xie. 'S in Kurt Schultz, a iunior, scores unmolested in on away game at the One of the better ball-handling guards on the beautiful Midland gymnasium. Lumberiack squad was senior Jim Clements. Basketball District Champs JUNIOR VARSITY: FRONT ROW: D. .Schumacher, L. S. lgnotowski. THIRD ROW: Coach S. Murphy, V. Ed- Baumen, J. Yates, D. Dana, T. Wilson. SECOND ROW: wards, J. Maddox, G. Schmidt, Managers D. Seidel and L. Tietz, B, Remensnyder, J. Denton, B. Bierlin, B. Graham, M. McCormick. G. JJ. ' 44 1 E' .... u r AX Ev gy... V 7 Captain Peter Hauffe William Vondette-Undefeated in the 200-yd. individual medl Hillite Swimmers Edge Wildcats Fo Graduating Seniors are: P. Haufie, G. Shankel, W. Hyslop, P. Beach, W. N Vondette, and R. Pf.eufTer. Divers: John Gustin and Jim Leishman. I 5 ,gg 5 Again this year, the Arthur Hill swimmers rounded out the season with only one defeat. Under the expert coaching of Mr. David Gainey, the Hillites won firsts in the Valley and Invitational meets which were held at our own pool. At Ann Arbor, the tank- ers placed tenth in the state Class A meet. Individual Lumberjack team honors go to Seniors William Vondette who holds the Valley record in the 200-yard individual medley and William Hyslop in the 200- and 400-yard freestyle. Both were un- defeated in all the dual meets of the season. At the annual awards program held March 21, Captain Peter Hauffe awarded captain elect Mike Hart the traditional captain's ring which he will wear for the 1960-61 season. SVL Swim Title Swimming managers are: Del Siler, Carl Hubinger, John McCargar, and head manager Richard Pinnell. fl Qs . J fig G ltlllil W sw M Backstrokers await starting gun. '31 9 'V A I. ,ig It f it U' 4' Pete Hauffe congratulates Bill Vondette. fs: , ,, e A xi 'vs if f 1 H 4, 9 bg it -F' lumberiack freestyles finish first and second. Jim Leishman exhibits precision. 155 9 All C' ""f 'J' ., Q- . if-1 .2 V .1 ' V lg I Jw ff: V Q 'ign- AJ' .5 . .xii - 5 if ze' Q: .5 J 41 K . J. , as J. - ww X2 3 9 im. qu Jag, '45 W f L-hk 5' 'H' WW' J FIRST ROW: R- Finnell. F- Engle. R- FlSCl19", H- DVU"5Ekf J- CGUTPUU. G. Shanliel, W. Hyslop, P. Beach, J. Wilhelm, Coach David Gainey. J. Gosen. D. Finger. C. Hubinger- SECOND ROW: J- McCQf9cr. Founm Row. T. Koehler, J. oewen, J. Abbe, N. Shankel, J. aedeu, J. Leishman, L. Gohm, M. Huff, J. Guslin, Captain lrwin Hauffe, J. Hyslop, R. Fheuffer, W. Vondehe. C. Morrow, D. Siler. THIRD ROW: J. Manwell, J. Tallan, W. Leesch, x Hillite Tankers Capture First In Invitationals Bill Hyslop-Freestyler John Tallon-Freesfyler Ja' W ...ff-pf' ' J ?""" M. M., ' V4 ...ff ,rf A .. f'pf- A . f . . .'. J .. . ' ','.1:u'f -- I' 4' . Zvi.. -' Y 3, .. Walter Leesch-Freestyler 8. Backstroker 'Q .JV J J.. ., .if .2 -J ,G ,F X' , M X Q 1 ,K W Q A iw a 1 a if f .1 A Q kr 4, L aa 5, , .ww-,,Jv.,A ,. Q . , -,-252--fa , -Hx: Wfyasiimfgsfs , 3 1 Kwwmw jr is , "' QYW. T 4 s i f J I' X if Na, w2Qi35""giQ,4a N-4 YQ' N 'V 11, Larry Gohm Freesiyler Mnke Hurt Freestyler Pete Beach-Breuststroker Jerry Shankel Bcckstroker 8K Freestyler ge, Pfeuffef Freesfyler John Mcnwell Freestyler Jlm Wulhelm-Butterflyer ,1 w 'Qt' M 3 ff f fe , am 5 , F' J nwrxiiii H1 1. 'Q 'U g im-Hui l 'ARTH L mm. 2 HILL. sl FIRST ROW: D. Backer, J. Calkins, J. Clement, P. Marks, B. Hill, F. McDougal, R. Clement. SECOND ROW: M. Lear, T. Balley, J. Koski, D. Pyscher, T. Jacobs, T. Burhord, R, Curry, B. Scherzer. THIRD ROW: Mgrs. J. Wiese 81 R. Zwingman, D. Black, G. Rabideau, C. Schelz, G. Arnst, Coach Edward Petzko. Cross Countrymen Score Four Wins With seven varsity letter winners and the excel- lent coaching of Edward Petzko, Arthur Hill's cross country team had their usual good season this year. A new school record of 10:21 was set by Peter .xv Marks in the two mile event. 1959 Arthur Hill 37 Ctriangle meet! Arthur Hill 26 Arthur Hill 40 ltriangle meetl Arthur Hill 24 Arthur Hill 24 Arthur Hill 25 Third in Sagina Cross Country Record Flint Northern Saginaw High Flint Southwestern Flint Central Saginaw High Flint Northern Bay City Central Saginaw High w Valley Meet Looks as though Peter Marks Hllllte harners line up for another event is heading for another top place. 158 ltwo points for the faculty A favored Hi-Y club battled from behind for three periods, before downing a determined faculty squad by the score of 30-29. Leading the Hi-Y club to victory was Jon Diebold with seven points, Art Sieferlein with six points, and Roy Beebe with four points. High scorers for the faculty were Mr. James Alexander with eight points, Mr. Ralph Grueber, six points, and Mr. Vern Hawes, four points. Despite losing both games of the annual contest the facult war cr is "wait until next ear." Y Y Y Coach Seymour Murphy shocks the boys by dropping in two points. Hi-Y Squeaks Past Faculty 4' he At- Mi- 'millet One that got away. Mr. Roundhouse and Mr. McCargar gaze in amazement as Ray Beebe drives in for a lay-up. Mr. Kampw demonstrates his fClm0US hook shot. Greens Win Volleyball Championship As a result of hard playing and excellent team work, the Green Volleyball team, led by Captain Lorna Railling, won an exciting and tense volleyball game that gave the team the Intramural Champion- 1. Nickle, D. Finner. i l f M . A ship. 1 l gg p q., t, a I ' 11 ll li s ss e 3'ifii's ,3izf, ffi' " ,.ggg,g, . Portner, C. Ketsman, D. Railling, Capt. L. Railling, M. Leistner, M. Tucker, 159 Aovsnrusme GOAL 2200 .. -2000 -l600 ' -uzoo sooo- l800.. l400 .f--Q ,Q-V .. 800 600- .. 400 200 an if 'atm fam ' ' 6' A5U3EE5TfSP?5?P7 . w ife . W gd ima 3 .,., QF? ,,,, ,, , L34' Nw a - f ff ww 1' Q ' '1'5A,,f' ,Q an-L3-M, - W fff, :M . , . , f,mfw,,k, q :noruun and srmen Offuce Supplres ond Equrpment Phone Pl 35483 408-410 W. Genesee Ave., Saginaw SAGINAW ICE AND COAL Distributors of SPEEDWAY FUEL OIL Advertising Solicits Buyers Only when the red crayoned ther- mometer reaches the 52,200.00 goal can the advertising staff consider their iob finished. Arthur Hill also considers the iob done-very well. These three girls fthe advertisers will recognize themj have solicited enough ads to account for one-third of the total cost of the book. Arthur Hill also wishes to thank every concern which accepted an invitation to advertise in the 1960 LEGENDA. On the following pages, the subscribers who have helped to make this volume possible now, in turn, entreat the reader to consider their invitations. MCG!! - FINLAY THE SPORT SHOP 615 East Genesee Avenue Phone PL 38781 BART 8K NORM TEXACO SERVICE PL A 4022 904 Gratiot Saginaw Michigan ELDON C. LUTHER Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada 607 Eddy Bldg. PL 4-'I254 VOLKSWAGEN AUTOHAUS SAGINAW, INC. 5645. smfe Road swiff 2-961 1 E. W. Graft Construction Company PHONE: PL 3-8223 2870 Harrison Saginaw, Mich. C. RADEWAHN For Your Real Estate and Insurance Needs Clarence Radewahn, Realtor 7261 Gratiot Rd. SW 2-8787 USED CARS COURT AT WOODBRIDGE HART SALES BEST WISHES TO GRADUATES! FOODS I I Learn Hair Styling Under the Fabulous Hands of MR. DAVID Formerly of Antione's Beauty Salon SAK'S FIFTH AVENUE Enroll Now and Become Outstanding in the Field of Beauty Culture MODERN I NEW I ADVANCED I O MR. DAVID TRI-cirv BEAUTY scHooL 212 FEDERAL PL 5-4704 BASIC CLASSES ADVANCED CLASSES 4 I 2' A ,Eg tg fa .. wr' I ve- Pankonin-Rexall Drugs MICHIGAN AT COURT Where Only The Best is Sold Janet Ruthig and Barbara Boling follow in their father's footsteps by having their prescriptions filled at Pankonins. Soginaw's Little Shop 2710 State Street Insurance and Bonds State and Bay SAGINAW ICE AND COAL COMPANY PH OEN I X Intsalovitf oigczxninc INSURANCE co, I m N...I. Niagara sm., 102 E. Genesee Street SAGINAW' MICHIGAN Distributors for 'IL 54459 DALL'S SHOE srone WM- C- JOHNSON- srssowmr FUEL oIL I'We fit the feet" Hen, rumutcss 416 Court GAS - on - COAL The Chesaning Argus SMART WOMEN SHOP AT "The Newspaper That's A Neighbor" 80th Year ot continuous weekly publication. Published Every Thursday. Merchants of Saginaw can reach the market County completely of southwestern Saginaw through Argus advertising. Tell your merchan- dising story thoroughly and cheaply to rural Saginaw County folks with an ad in The Argus. Information cheerfully furnished on circulation, display and classified rates. Chesaning, Michigan Phone Victor 5-3201 N' EXVNI! N'S DOWNTOWN SAGINAW Fashion Without Extravagance BEAUTY BUNGALCIW tate I:I:IuRT STREET I v K . f 4 RAY GAUDREAU THE FLORIST PI. 2-6121 Pl. 2-6122 404 West Genesee Ave. PL 2-2924 ALBERTA BENHAM it -f' Owner - Operator " THE BOOTERY Pere Marquette Center RED GOOSE Grace Walker - Gems J. C. Roberts GugeI's Funeral Home pENGLER'5 DRUGS BOWL O MAT 419 NORTH MICHIGAN 1423 SOUTH MICHIGAN JUNSELESQTERSI PL 2-8531 PHONE: PL 4-5742 no sm, F Mygrs Mg SPENCER I.. WATERS Waters, Mikoliczeok 81 Koepke Agency Complete Insurance Service 403 Beoringer Building Saginaw Publishing Co. CPubIishers of The Saginaw Pressl Printers Since 1912 OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES MiIIer's Home Bakery Home-Made Potato Bread Pies - Cakes - Cookies BART G' NORM TEXACO SERVICE PL 4-4022 904 Gratiot Saginaw, Michigan ROAD SERVICE MOTOR TUNE-UP TIRES AND BATTERIES SERVICES OUR SPECIALTY 2602 State Phone: Pl. 2-2353 410 Hancock St. PL 2-5179 Y WM- A- 8' Pianos Organs IINCJ 315 Court 82 Years of Se ' th 708 south Hamihon oAvls Music HOUSE Grad B, ,S fvmgs he I Air Conditioning-Heating-Cooling PL 2,98-I-I PL 2.9563 U es 0 agmaw C O05 Sheet Metal Contractor Baldwin Wurmze, GENESEE at FRANKLIN DR. M. PIKE, oenfisf SAGINAW PRINCING Cr BRENNAN 205 GOFF BUILDING Phone: PL 2-1483 PHOTO SUPPLY 515 EAST GENESEE PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY State at Court - SW 2-6441 Janes at 14th - PL 2-9606 W. l. CASE 81 COMPANY Funeral Directors I Al P ABM PHONE rl. 3-5441 409 ADAMS STREET "Be Carefulg t ways ays Saginaw Oil Company WS ' I I ' 7 Granville s 'I28 N. WASHINGTON AVENUE 300-310 VE E for good shoes for the entire family JANES A NU Phone PL 2-4653 Established I882 TEXACO PRODUCTS CLARK'S "Flowers For Every Occasion" co- DRUG AND SURGICAL STORE cA:nrN:n's nowsn sHoP "RE5CR""T'0N DRUGGWS , P mI,,.IQn Exp 1958 Bmw fiszzziizf ZESIITJZX fl 'L Phone PL 2-8363 LEWIS C. PINNEY D.D.S., M.S. Orthodontics Exclusively 29I 9 Cour Phone t St. at CongreSS TRASK SERVICE Better Gas . .. Less Money 2211 HOLLAND V2 Block off Genesee BRADY, SCHIRMER 5 COMPANY INSURANCE 708 Second National Bank Bldg. Phone PL 5-8105 SW 2-6I6I THE WICKES CORPORATION Divisions WICKES BOILER CO. WICKES EXPORT-IMPORT DIVISION WICKES LUMBER CO. WICKES MACHINE TOOL DIVISION MICHIGAN BEAN COMPANY SAGINAW GRAIN CO. THE UNITED STATES GRAPHITE COMPANY O O 9 Girl Friend Graduation time often means the parting of high school friends but it doesn't have to be, because now there may be an opportunity to go on working together-at Michigan Bell. Because of the teIephone's importance in the modern world, Michigan Bell girls find a real thrill in their jobs. And they have such advantages as excellent pay right from the start . . . opportunities to advance . . . vacations with pay . . . congenial companions . . . and many other desirable features that make an occupation attractive. If you're interested in a good job and a steady income of your own, why not drop in for an inter- view at our employment office at 309 S. Washington -and bring your girl friends with you. 5 Neednt Part MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY "A Friendly Place fo Work" Born in Saginaw and now serving most of Michigan SAGINAW FINANCING CORPORATION fAutomobile and General Financingj Parent of FAMILY LOAN COMPANY Personal Loans Offices in AI-MA ALPEN A BAY CITY CADILLAC MANISTEE SAGINAW and CHEBOYGAN FINANCE COMPANY SPARTA FINANCE COMPANY GRANDVILLE FINANCE COMPANY o I I npr cz fmvfns 700 Lapeer Phone Pl 4-9793 Wm. C. Roney 8: Co. Member New York Stock Exchange 'I05 SECOND NATIONAL BANK BUILDING PL 5-3424 - Phones - PL 5-3425 Scharfife shop Weichmann's. IBCIIIIIEIIIIIIS' I I6 SOUTH JEFFERSON Bill Wiechmann helps Duane VanBenschoIen and Bill for a iacket from the Cool collection CII GATEl.Y'S 120-130 South Franklin BAUER 81 BAUER CLEANERS - DYERS 311 North Hamilton Phone PL 5-8101 VAN AUKEN-GRAEBNER MASON, INC. 1956 -INSURANCE - 1959 103 Years of Service 202 Graebner Bldg. Phone PL 2-2161 Quality Shoes for the Entire Family JOCHEN SHOES 420 East Genesee Avenue KECICS STANDARD SERVICE Bay aI' Weiss Saginaw, Michigan Fashions For All Sizes Amy '4 112 North Michigan Phone: PL 3-7830 AUTO PARTS CARBURETOR dz IGNITION HDQTRS. RUSSELL ELECTRIC 1915 N. Michigan at Genesee HART BROTHERS COMPANY SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Winterstein's Hardware Paints, Window Shades Sporting Goods Phone Pl 3-7767 3516 State St. NUECHTERLEIN NURMI BUILDERS MQCMILLAN DRUGS Greeting Cards-Photo Supplies Qffiesgwzflffjf HANCOCK at MICHIGAN II4 N. Machagsn SAGWAW MICHIGAN Phone: PL 7-0831 Phone PL 5-3951 Saginaw's Popular Gift Center Gifts for all Occasions CH I NA-GLASSWARE-SILVERWARE-LUGGAGE-LEATH ER GOODS SPORTING GOODS-SPORTSWEAR-C AM E R AS MORLEY BROTHERS Gifts for Every Member of the Family 1 I5 N. Washington Ave. Second National Bank oi Saginaw SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Six 0IIices in Saginaw WITH COMPLETE PARKING FACILITIES S V . C909 -,,,.,.. - ve A . -llginl gl ' ff HI, QA is .X.. A 1. , .I I gl I 1 Q50 1 .In . E,,.J,LYY : HM ' O ' I I Y,,,T,,,. E 9 :hmm STATE STREET OFFICE O I..-3, I .Qing-. 3446 STATE STREET T3 l:::ql1 1 IIIHIII STATE ' 5 I "I r -dxf" 'Ei 5 I-Ill! YIJIIIII CO Z 1 1 11 1 1 lIllLl!' L ., Qu MAIN OFFICE ,E l .. -- ,1 , 3 Y. TX ,Q EAST GENESEE AND T O A WASHINGTON AVENUES ,J I 2 Xf- S 4 I S H I F IEE ' IIIII in .AHXAXX QS!! W , ' I '-V ' V 50? SQ Ip Ii QQ? WEST SIDE OFFICE SS 99 COURT AT NORTH QT HAMILTON STREET 53 AUTO BANK ,OO Qb ooo SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE HL NTER I ml: ' in - .l l . lQ,-,Q,3i - 'q.',T'rT L 4 , . JSIJII. A SOUTH SIDE OFFICE ILS-, g 1 V, If' ' SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE AT CENTER STREET THIS IS ouR Eighty - Ninth MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPDRATION FAIRGROUNDS OFFICE 28I5 EAST GENESEE AVENUE YEAR IN SAGINAW 0 1 1a 1 .C cg 5, "WVU 1. rye- 1 ,, M. . Zyomfelzj' A 4 31,54 A-fir Lakai MILK and ICE CREAM the scene of a last June. Borden's milk and ice cream takes the number one spot with students at Arthur Hill. To prove its popularity is place setting taken before the Senior Dinner Kathleen Mary Quinlan Cosmetics Pompadour Hair Shop AGNES LARSEN 9 Jefferson Baum Ct . PL 3-9633 ITTNER FURNITURE Fred Ittner, Class of '14 416-418 HANCOCK STREET 0 o AGENCY INC. Complete Hub Appliance Stores of Saginaw Saginaw's "Only Authorized" Kingston Dealer" 207 N. Hamilton Phone PL 3-B426 ROBERT'S TUX SHOPS Men's formal wear is our business, not a sideline Tuxedo Rentals 8. Men's Furnishings 2114 Marshall Ct., Saginaw SW 2-7421 INSURANCE Service G. J. LEIDLEIN G. T. ROBINSON Bearing Building Phone: PI. 2-6106 SAGINAW VALLEY BANK coMPLsts BANK ssnvlcss MEMBER of F. D. l. C. EDDY BECKER STUDIOS specialists in TAP AND BALLET DANCING 4550 suns Phone: sw 2-s7s4 WALZ-ACE Lu-Art Beauty Academy MacDonald and Stingel Lucille Krueger Office Supplies and Equipment 1"1Gl'dWGl'e CO. 514 E. Genesee Ave., Saginaw "Where Profitable Careers In PHONE: Pl' 3-5483 "ACE SETS THE PACEH Cosmetology Begin" 408-410 W. Genesee Ave., Saginaw Rupprechfs Market High Quality Foods Moy Be Secured From Our Abundant Supply 2618 State Street SW 2-1597 1910 50TH ANNIVERSARY 1960 301 North Water I Pl 2-2165 A 39' VALLEY CITY OIL CC. 310 Meredith Woodbridge G Houghton St. Bay Gasoline E. J. Timmons, Owner li0ESIili FLIIWER llliP zoo s. Michigan y d Herb Ratliff select corsages f or th FABRIC SHOPPE 2718 So. Wash. Saginaw, Mich. "Fashion By The Yard" SZOTT and BALLARD FARM SUPPLIES 211 South Park Saginaw, Michigan Phono: PL 3-6637 GOES SEED 8. EQUIPMENT COMPANY EASTERLING Sterling-China Crystal-Stainless Bridal Service, Patricia Kaczor Phone: SW 2-1273 HOLCOMB GARDENS QUALITY PRODUCE Five minutes north of Saginaw on Bay Road MANNION BROS. HDWE. 4989 State Ph. SW 2-4021 Open Evenings 'til 9:00 ESTHER SHOP 132 N. Washington Ave. 413-423 S. Franklin St. PLeasant 3-8432, 2-8433 'Sig iiliage Staff KJ an ss rr: TRMANGHQI' su: I8 I thtvll -lgnw 109 S kff 5Uf1d0YS 9-1 Saginaw, Michigan I HARTMANN BROTHERS LARK - STUDEBAKER -- HAWK SALES AND SERVICE ill? 1322 East Genesee Avenue ij W 'rf ,-X --is i . 1 Us ' 05 'efee . ml' i Of . . ersoa 1 j TU 4-1180 I Pl. 2-5191 F i ,.x,-X xc S g .. L 2,.x.f 0 Jill Barber, Gayle Verhey, Pam Hill, and Nancy Brock enioy modeling fashions from the Village Store. FIRST . . in gaad taste! M Donald -ualizjf Cbekd DAIRY FOOD - ICE CREAM I.00K for Ihe dairy food packages with the BIG RED CHECK MARK NIcDONAlD'S DRIVE-IN 5008 SIaIe Road SAGINAW, MICH. VALLEY SWEETS CO. 312 S. Hamilton BOCK PHARMACY 4995 STATE STREET Phone sw 2-2621 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN THE ANACKER SHOP I Morley Arcade Books Cards GIH Wrappings MIIIJSE BARTLEY'S BAKERY 1030 Grofiot Phone: PI 2-1484 BYRON 8: GERGER PHARMACY Gra+IO+ and Um SI. Phone PL 2-0233 Saginaw Strand Barbecue BIIWLING ALLEYS CURB SERVICE 220 N- HAMILTON Corner of Sfcne ond Boy Phone PL 3-4044 SAGINAW MICHIGAN A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE 9 U ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR FDR FINE Art Sample Furniture 200 North Woshlngton GENESEE AT WASHINGTON Granger and Nitz C. A. Raymond Agency PHARMACY Complete Insurance Service Cosmetics and Prescriptions Phone 2'798I 2620 Sme Shea' iooo Brockway Telephone PL 5-8145 Banking that IS building Michigan ASSURED COLLEGE EDUCATION PLAN Now Available Through . . IBHIGAN NAHUNAL ANK SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Assets over 500 miIIion doIIars Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation INFORMATION UPON REQUEST BONDELL'S STOREFORMEN 113 No. Washington Ave. FASHION FOR THE YOUNG MAN FROM YOUR STYLE LEADER ! KESSl.ER'S MARKET 1507 South Michigan for a gives 7 F1529 ' Q Zdxvub 273406. GENESEE AND WARREN Wow! As Judy Nelson and Janice McComb shop winter coat at Ferris Brothers, Mr. Ferris them an opportunity to dream a little. MO0NEY'S Rona Brand ICE CREAM 812 William St. - Ph. PL 2-8633 Saginaw, Michigan R. BATTEN 3505 State Street Builder of Fine Homes Free Estimates, Planning Assistance 921 Post St. Ph. PL 3-9174 FABERGE LANVIN DENGLER'S PHARMACY 1001 Gratiot Phone: REV LON Ave., Saginaw, Mich. PL 2-1620 D'ORSAY Travel On To THE AVALON Curb Service-Inside Service TYl.ER'S DONUT SHOP 1 1 15 W. Genesee Special HOMEMADE Sausage NusnERsrAD1's ALEX KRAUSE SERWCE um-loisrenlne 723 Gratiot Avenue Phone: PL 4-6962 1505 South Michigan ,ff f' 7, Active Boys Need The Energy Supplied From THE GASE BAKING COMPANY Saginaw Business Institute "Michigan's Most Modern Business College" 310-314 S. Washington PL 5-3444 COURT STREET HARDWARE IZO6 Court Street Saginaw, Michigan FRIMBERGER COMPANY 2801 North Michigan Saginaw Michigan The R. P. LEWIS CO. SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES 125 South Jefferson PLecsont 3-4425 DONALD JOHNSON lwdiw Real Estate 6' lnsuri ncc 1625 N. Michigan Phone: PL 5-5389 K Saqama Em Emu Smeee g RFMTOR5 Frieda Posey - Realtor .FTHLQ5 Slew? SW 2-8931 H E R S E M ' S Phillips 66 Service Bond ond W. Genesee Phone: PL 4-2311 Compliments O. E. Beird Insurance Agcy. 1709 N. Michigan "Save as you insure GOTTSCHALK BROS. COAL WALLACE DRUG STORE 1123 State St., Cor. Bond Saginaw, Michigan Telephone: PL 4-7711 THE J. W. IPPEL C0 DRY GOODS Since 1891 COURT STREET AT MICHIGAN AVENUE J B ll A Jean shimman look for birthday gms ct lpP I Ti-IE UFKIN RULE co. f I I ' ' I wa: -1 .-.. XF, M,r.,.,5,,-1y:k-wpi:-'W,, ...I , . '..,. . ,, . A S a FU I e IIS a Lu I I4 I n 5 -"A Q 51.3 Grads: Besi Place To Work in Saginaw- MOVING ' LocaI or Long Disfance . Coasf Io Coasf ' Low I. C. C. Rafes STORAGE . Sprinklered Warehouse ' Low Insurance Rafes ' Largesf in Saginaw STEVE n S 7 " 1 fl? 'on Ine drive since 'O5" PHONE PL 2-6I76 If 5 N J Wi 6, K AA be f f' I A I I-.7451 51, .fri O92 uf 1' ' llmmmv I .KV f 1 GET HAPPY kv! WITH CHAPY GENERAL MOTORS extend their BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS to the SENIORS OF ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL FOUNDRY DIVISION ' CHEVROLET -SAGINAW GREY IRON FOUNDRY CHEVROLET - SAGINAW SERVICE MANUFACTURING 6 E N E RAL CHEVROLET - SAGINAW TRANSMISSION M O T O R S SAGINAW STEERING GEAR DIVISION 0 K,-I ., HAGERl'S JEWELRY 112 S. Michigan THE H. R. TERRYBERRY CO. Grand Rapids, Michigan S Official Class Ring and Pin Dealer and Manufacturer for Q Arthur Hill High School . :,. if f ,,,,.,...,, , . X A 'lt's a hard choice," says Nancy Schneider to Rulhanne 1 KAI i Y Zahnow as lhey select class rings al Hagerl's Jewelry 'S N!! zg, A -I' S SZ' 'F' , I T 32 23 ? l 'l'Lf'A:liE E' il . . n 6 . SAGINAW SAVINGS ' ss ie ' !!l!!!!!!l!E' Ann umunsgociinou X J II y y iiiaailiigil, rar- W "Your Community Minded Association" CURRENT RATE Two Offices To Serve You NM, ON SAVINGS MICHIGAN AT CASS INSURED UP TO 510,000 4815 STATE ROAD Our camera's eye catches Belh Snyder and Judy Nieder- stadt modeling separates at Seitner's of Saginaw. i- 1 es? Avi 1 N' W . I, f .514 gr it-5 s 4 Two Cunvenient Locations! 0 DOWNTOWN JEFFERSON at FEDERAL ' o BRANCH omcs K x STATE ul' MACKINAW DON'T SETTLE I l FOR LESS THAN 00 Per Annum Current Rate Illllllllll SAGINAW'S OLDEST AND LARGEST SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION ANDERSON'S BOOK AND PARTY SUPPLIES and Gnoclsnuas CARD SHOP 3505 Mackinaw HoIImork Cords I I9 S. Jefferson PL 2-6303 MUELLER BROTHERS Hickey-Freeman Cuxtomized Clothex Hotel Bancroft Building I SMITH HARDWARE . SHEA 5 The best in equipment for SPORTING GOODS TRUNK CO. All SPORTS 600 Grcfioi Avenue phone PL 4-6593 415 E. Genesee 524 E. Genesee Phone PL 5-4677 The Seal-O-Co Stations Located At 1418 STATE 'I304 GRATIOT T519 MACKINAW 2114 S. MICHIGAN 777 NORTH WASHINGTON M5Ef'lgQ 5 -'M' 1. H-1+-me-v,',. ,7 v' R. H. BARBER BROCKWAY REALTOR Roller. 408 Court Street Phone PL 2-8285 Anytime Complete Real Estate Service ELDON C. LUTHER S . HOME DAIRY COMPANY un Life Assurance 403 E f G A Company as enesee venue of cmd., PARK AND SHOP SUPER MARKETS 607 Eddy Bldg. Pl- 4-1254 Near Genesee Street Bridge on Niagara 315 S. Michigan MARTIN a. MARTIN BES E'S SERVICE ENRIGHT-TOPHAM CO. Attorneys-at-Low YE'-I-ow CAB Walter Martin, Fred Martin, Jr. A thinking fellow call: a Yellow i 218-240 N It B 803 CoullaS'Eld W. Man nSoginow Court a State phone pCr2,31aI-1:1 Phone SW 2-9054 I Is TATE ELGESZRFIIRLEQL DUDEWICZ-EPTING 615 East Genesee Avenue 5o4?E1l:,?3reet Phvne Pl 3-373' SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Free Delivery SW 2-7021 2621 S1919 Streef THERE'S NO MOBILE HOME LIKE A TRAVEL0 Machine Company 414 South Hamilton E 1 iff T, , W i Fi ' li 55- E i il - - R 'lg Special Machinery -+41-or E R Fe. E Jigs - Fixtur8S - Gears F66 Dune 7a "Where All Good Friends Meet" Four Models . . . A Floor Plan For Every Family Mfgd. in Saginaw by Stale at CORN FOUNTAIN - SHORT ORDERS Raymond Products Co. DINNERS 1212 RUST STREET Curb and Dining Room Service IT IS AN HONOR AND A PLEASURE TO BE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! 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Dague, Sharon 27 Dall, Fredric 27, 123, 130, 135, 141 Dana, James 27, 135, 141, 145, 75 Dankert, Lawrence 27 Dankert, Sharon 27 Datema, Peter, 151, 152, 86 Davila, Sara 27, 75 Davis, Diane 16, 27, 60 Davis, Jerry 27 Davis, John 27 Davy, Patrick 27 Davy, Robert 27 Dawson, Thomas 27, 60, 70, 146, 147, 152 Dean, Robert 27, 132 Dearinger, Paul 27 Demand, Ronald 27 Denby, Patti 27 Denner, Ronald 27 Dent, Patricia 27, 76, 137. 74. 186 Denzer, William 27, 144 Dewald, Samuel 28 Diamond, Barbara 28, 60, 125, 129 Diebold, Jon 28, 123, 134, 135 Ditz, Robert 28, 64, 123, 126, 130, 135, 129 Dixon, Nancy 28, 131 Donaghy, Thomas 28 Douglass, Nancy 28, 74 Downer, Richard 28 Drager, Kathleen 28 Drinkert, Bobbie 28 Dubrulle, Roger 28, 132, 133, 147 Dunlap, Peter 28, 60, 123, 144 Dvorsek, Julie 28 Dyer, Patricia 28, 77, 93, 137, 74,, 186 1. E 1 Eads, Joyce 28 Eckddhl, Arnie 28 Faerber, Michael 29, 60, 126 Fahndrich, Elmer 29, 60 Fahndrich, Sharon 29, 131, 75 Fedder, Nancy 29, 75 Feeheley, Susan 29 Felder, Barbara 29 Fidlin, Dorothy 29 Fielder, John 29, 84 Fillmore, Frederick 29, 123, 146 Finkbeiner, Janet 29, 60 Fischer,Clyde 29, 43 Fischer, Kenneth 29 Fisher, Marilyn 29 Fisdher, Nancy 29 Fisher, Susan 29, 122 Flasinski, Kathleen 29 Fliegel, Joseph 30 Flucke, David 30, 82, 123, 127, 130 Foale, Bette 30 Fobear, Ronald 30 Forbes, Penny 30 Fowler, Owen 30, 135 Frank, Robert 30 Fredinger, William 16, 30, 123, 130, 134 Frick, Pamela 30 Fromm, Carol 30,G128, 136, 75 Gage, Barbara 20, 127 Gaiser, Joyce 30 Golovics, Glenda 30, 125, 134 Garber, Randy 30, 60 Garinger, Joel 30, 123, 135, 145, 146 Garner, Sandra 30 Garvin, Robert 30 . Geyer, Robert 30, 141, 144, 146, 29 Giesel, James 30 Glave, James 30 Glick, Janet 30, 23 Gobble, Carolyn 30, 72, 95, 128, 130, 129 Golden, Jerrilynn 30, 75 Goodenow, Robert 30, 72, 73 Gordon, Chester 30 Graham, Reed 30 Greenwald, Duane 31 Gremel, Loretta 31 Gross, Amy 19, 31, 60, 61, 74 Gross, Elaine 31, 125, 127, 137, 139 Gross, Sally 31, 83 Grzesiak, Edward 31, 145 Gudritz, David 31 Gunn, Judy 31, 138 Gustin, James 31 - H .. Hackett, Mike 31, 147 Hackett, Susan 31, 85 Haegr, Charlene 31, 136, 129 Hahn, Robert 31, 128, 74 Hale, Bonnie 31 Hall, Carol 31 Hamlin, Kenneth 31, 60 Hamling, Michael 31, 75 Harrington, Patricia 31 Harison, Richard 31, 60, 123, 130, 135 Hartman, Duane 31, 60, 123, 141, 144, 146, 147, 37, 138 Hassberger, Laurie 31 Hauffe, Irwin 31, 95, 141, 156, 138, 154, 155, 87 Hayes, James 32 Hebl, Jerry 32 Heffel, Judy 32 Hein, Roger 32, 130, 132, 135 Hensler, Richard 32, 135, 141 Hensler, Robert 32 Herlick, Ronald 32, 134, 138 Herman, Sharon 32 Herrig, John 32, 123, 146 Hersem, Lynne 32, 136 Herzog, Robert 32, 126, 135 Hetzner, Marilyn 32 Higgins, Barry 32 Hiles, Marcelyn 32 Hill, Bernard 32, 130, 141 Hill, Michel 16, 32, 82 Hill, Pamela 17, 32, 171 Hill, Robert 10, 11, 32, 60, 95, 125, 145, 158, 16 Hill, Sharon 32, 122, 43 Hillman, Susan 32 Hinds, Harold 32 Hinds, Jacquelyn 32 Hodges, Larry 32 Hoewe, Gary 32 Hoff, Clarence 32, 132 Hoffman, Judy 32 Hoffman, Joan 33 Hogg, Susan 33, 66 Hollis, Graham 33, 130, 132, 133 Huebner, Herman 33 Hummel, Brian 33, 144 Hundshamer, Florence 33 Hurst, Judy 33, 60, 122 Hyslop, William 33, 135, 156, 154 1 I ... lgnatowski, James 33, 72, 73 llins, Mara 33, 60 lmerman, Judy 33, 125, 134 Izzo, John 33 Izzo, Thomas 33 1. J 1 Jacob, Gary 33, 130, 135 Jacob, James 33 Jacques, Georgia 33, 134, 136 Jarnard, Douglas 33 Jarvis, Carol 33, 75 Jarvis, Mary Ann 33 Jewel, Vicki 33 Jochen, Arthur 33, 123, 134, 135 Johnson, Gary 33 Johnson, Gary 34 Johnson, Judith 34, 73, 124, 131 Johnson, LeeAnn 34, 127, 128 Johnstone, Sharon 34, 122, 127, 128 Jolin, Wayne 34 Jones, Joaan 34 Jones, Larry 31, 34, 141 - K - Kamenar, Sandra 34, 73, 137 Karls, John 34, 60, 83, 123, 130 Keeler, Judith 34 Kelley, Connie 34 Kelly, Patricia 34 Kempf, Carol 5, 10, 34, 127, 139, 74 Kempf, William 34, 145 Kenel, Judith, 34, 127, 137 Kennedy, Sharon 34, 45, 137 Kessel, Ariane 34 Kessler, John 34, 129 Kibby, Roger 34 King, Carl 34, 70 King, Doneflda 34 Kingham, Jacquelene 34 Kirchner, Stewart 29, 34, 141, 144, 146 Klann, Barbara 34, 127, 137 Klaus, Marion 34 Kleekamp, Joyce 34 Klein, Carol 35, 75 Kleinfelder, Carol 35 Kloha, Lois 35 Knippel, Mary Ann 35, 125 Knoerr, Elizabeth 35, 140, 75 Knotts, Beverly 35 Knox, Addison 35 Kocks, Carol 35 Komulainen, Mark 35, 126, 134 Konesko, Judy 35 Korting, Martha 35 Kostrzewski, Edward 35 Kraenzlein, Richard 35 Krause, Jacqueline 35 Krauss, Patrick 35 Kretz, Carol 35 Kreuchaut, Judy 35, 79, 137 Krohn, Carol 35, 64, 131 Krueger, Gary 35 Krueger, Jacqueline 35 Krueger, Joyce 35 Krueger, Judy 35 Krueger, Kay 35, 127, 136 Kubik, Don 36, 133, 134, 135 Kuelske, Kenneth 36 Kuligoski, Judith 36 Kurtz, Nyla 18, 36, 60, 61, 92, 95, 134, 136 Kurzhals, Jean 36, 138 1 L ... LaFleur, Dale 36, 135 Lagolo, Clem 36, 146 Laing, Ann 16, 36, 60, 61, 78, 129 Landman, John 36 Landskroener, Barbara 36 Laneg, Thomas 36, 134, 138 Langer, James 36, 126 Lantz, Dale 36, 60, 78, 83, 94, 137 Larson, Donna 36, 72, 73, 127, 129 Louderbach, William 36, 60, 61, 83, 123 Lazarus, Ronald 36, 123, 134, 135 Leaman, Janice 36, 131 Leggitt, Carol 36, 140 Lehner, Joyce 36 Lent, Killiam 36 Lentner, Marilyn 36, 74 Lepczyk, Floyd 33, 36 Lewis, Kathie 36 Lichtenwald, Barbara 33, 36 Lichtenwald, Herm 36, 125, 130, 132, 141, 147 Liebrock, Kenneth 36 Light, Harve 37, 138 Lindfors, Billie 33, 37, 139 Linebaugh, Glenna 37, 137 Linville, Perry 3, 60, 144 Lisee,7 Earl 37, 60, 141 Little, Gloria 37, 136, 140 Loeffler, Allan 37, 144 Lucas, John 37, 123, 135, 145 Luckhard, Juanita 37 Lutz, Dianne 37 Lynch, James 37, 144, 147 - M ... Maas, Ray 37 MacArthur, James 37, 123 MacKenzie, Franklin 37, 145 Mahar, James 37, 60 Manning, Patricia 17, 37 Manning, Suzanne 3, 37, 45, 131 Manwell, Sandra 37 Markey, Edmund 37, 123 Marks, Peter, 37, 60, 61, 123, 130, 135, 145, 158, 129 Martin, Larry 37 Martin, Mary 37 Martin, Rawlin 38 Mason, Joseph 38, 60, 94, 123, 135, 145, 146, 147, 148 Mathis, James 38, 144, 147 Mattern, Bruce 38, 130, 133, 144 Matthews, Mary Ann 38, 136, 139 Mauro, Bart, 38, 145, 146 Mayer, Constance 38, 137 McAllister, Michael 38, 141 McAllister, Ronald 38, 126, 141 McCarthy, James 38, 123, 145 McComb, Janice 38, 134, 174 McDermid, Bonnie 38 McGregor, Mary Lou 38, 60 McMahon, Lester 38 McManus, Carol 38 Meier, Judie 5, 10, 38 Melcher, Brad 38, 138 Mellberg, Kaye 20, 38, 45, 128, 74 Mered ith, Dan 38 Meredith, Gerald 38, 73, 123 Mertz, Robert 38 Meyer, Carole 38, 60, 61 Meyer, Fred 38 Meyer, JoAnn 38 Meyer, Tom 38, 75 Michael, David 38, 123, 125, 133, 135 Mier, Mary 39 Miles, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Milelr, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Patricia 39 Dan 39 Fred 39 Henry 39 JoAnn 39, 78, 137 John 39 Judy 39 Karen 39 Marilyn 39 Nancy 39, 79 Robert 39, 145, 146 Rose Mary 39 William 39 Millet, Marcia 13, 39, 124, 127, 134 Milne, Bonnie 39 Milne, James 39 Minard, Robert 39, 141, 144 Nliska, Richard 39 Mitchell, Thomas 39, 61, 130, 135, 145, 147, 132 Moffat, Harold 39 Mohnk, Jacqueline 39, 131 Montogmery, Marilyn 39 Morrison, Barbara 40, 128, 134, 74, 75 Mortimore, Rosalie 40 Mosca, Madeleine 40, 127 Muehlenbeck, Karen 40, 136 Muehlenbeck, William 40 Muelle Muelle r, Carol 40 r, Donald 40, 123 Mulholland, Keith 40 Murph y, Maria 40, 124, 127, 136 - N .. Nab, Roy 40 Nagel, James 40 Nelson, Herb 40 Nelson, Judith 40, 127, 134, 138, 129, 174 Nelson, Karen 40, 131 Neuendorf, Mary 40, 73 Newto n, Ritaiean 40 Nichols, Gaye 40 Niederstadt, Judy 40, 127 Niema n, Carl 40, 141 Nitz, Lawrence 40, 83 Noble, Nolish, Norris, Nancy 16, 40, 136 Judy 40 James 40, 144, 147 Northway, Robert 16, 40, 60, 123, 134 O'Con - Q .. nor, John 40 O'Keefe, Linda 40 Oldenburg, Kenneth 41 Omness, Ralph 41, 130, 133 Otto, Warren 41, 123, 135 Packar Potters ,P-. d, Jane 41 on, Larry 72, 41 Peacock, Douglas 16, 41, 60, 61, 70, 94, 145, 87 Peitsch, David 41 Peloqu Pendel Perrin, Perry, Peters, Peters, Pettis, in, William 41 I, Marcia 41, 125, 134 Sandy 41 Dana 39, 41 Barry 41 James 41 Ruth 41, 132, 133, 137, 74 Pfeufter, Roger 41, 156, 157, 129, 154 Pichler, Valeria 41 Pincom be, Richard 41 Pinnell, Ricard 41, 156, 129, 155 Pitsch, Carol 41 Pittman, Terry 41 Place, Onalee 41 'ockrandt, Bonnie 41 'ohlman, Michael 19, 42, 123, 130, 132 'oitras, Terrie 35, 42 'orte'r, Beverly 42 'oulos, Donald 42 'retzer, Clea 42 'rice, James 42 'rice, Jane 42 'riem, Edward 42 'riest, Richard 42 iudschun, Jerrilynn 42, 83, 127, 130, 129 'urman, Gary 42, 60 - R .- Raines, lrene 42 Ranke, Kathleen 42, 62, 131 Rappuhn, Ronald 42 latliff, Herbert 42, 175 Raymond, Janet 5, 10, 29, 42, 134 Raymond, William 42, 135 Reder, Richard 42 Redinbo, Galen 42, 134 Reed, Charles 42 Reid, Barbara 42, 131 Reinke, Charles 42 Reitler, Susan 42 Remer, Sally Jo 42 Rieck, Carol 6, 42, 63 Riffelmacher, Roger 42 Robertson, Judith 42 Robinson, Theron 43, 123 Roesch, Edgar 43, 60, 130 Rogers, Kay 43 Rogers, Tim 43 Rohn, James 43, 65 Rose, Edward 43 Rose, James 43 Rose, Loxie 43, 131 Ross, Judith 43, 77, 134, 136, 160, 137, 186, 162 Ross, Kathleen 43, 125, 136 Rousseau, George 43, 73, 126, 132 Ruffini, Jean 43 Ruhl, Ann 43, 126, 127, 139 izuskin, Rae 43, 72, 73, 83, 122, 129 Russell, Jean 43, 125, 129 kuihag, Janet 43, 164, 75 Ryba. Judy 43, 125, 128, 130, 129, ' 74 Ryder, Larry 43 i - 5 - Sachrider, Duane 43 Sadenwater, Charles 43, 132 Si. Pierre, Letitia 5, 10, 43, 60, 76, 90, 94, 137, 129, 87, 186 Salesky, Edwin 43, 60, 123, 132, 135, 145 Sample, Madonna 44 Sargent, Frances 44 Sarow, Robert 44, 83 Sayles, Candance 44, 73 Schade, Maiorie 44, 78, 137 Schaffer, Karen 44, 131 Schalk, John 44, 130, 132, 133, 138 Scharffe, William 13, 35, 44, 68, 95, 87, 16 Scherping, Billie May 44, 75 Scherping, Phyllis 44, 75 Scherzer, Robert 44 Schiesswohl, Theodore 44 Schlicker, Ronald 44 Schluckbier, Gail 44, 63, 131 Schmidt, Judith 44, 63, 73 Schmidt, Wayne 44 Schmittgen, Elizabeth 44, 75 Schneider, Barbara 44, 131 Schnell, Fred 44 Schobert, Barbara 44 Schoenmeyer, Donald 44 Schomaker, Karen 44 Schrems, Dave 44, 131 Schuette, Beth 44, 134, 139 Schultz, Bonnie 44, 131 Schultz, Judy 44, 136, 140 Schutt, Maior 45, 68, 123, 130, 134, , 135, 144 Schwfllatgeck, John 45, 60, 123, 130, Scott, Stuart 45 Seaver, James 45 Sederlund, Sharon 45 Seiferlein, Arthur 45, 123, 135 Seiferlein, Ronald 45, 65 Severin, James 45 Seymour, Wayne 45 Shabluk, Sharon 45, 60 Shaddeau, Penny 45, 127, 128, 136 Shankel, Gerald 45, 156, 157, 138, 154 Sharar, John 45 Sharar, Roger 45 Shattuck, Nancy 45 Sl-needy, Barbara 45 Sheltraw, Sherman Madge 45, 134, 136 Gloria 45, 128, 137 Shimmin, Ann 45, 74 Shimmin, Jean 45, 175 Silkstone Alexis 45 Simmons, James 45 Sims, Virginia 45, 134 Slachta, Gene 46,60, 145, 152 Slaton, Sandra 46 Smith, Burris 21, 46, 61, 123, 127, 130, 134, 138, 129 Smit, Carol L. 46 Smith, Carolyn 46, 131 Smith, Lonnie 46 Snyder, Beth 46, 134, 136, 139 Solak, Karen 46, 138 Sommers, Marilyn 46 Soritea, Sam 46, 72, 73 Sparks, Michele 46 Spencer, Patricia 46, 131 Sperry, Mary 46 Spitz, Dianne 46 Spurback, Kenneth 46 Stahle, David 46 Stander, Carl 46, 123, 130 Stanton, Jerome 46, 135, 144 Steckert, Donna 46 Steinerg, Mary 46 Steinpres, Beverly 46 Stevens, Caroline 46 Stevens, Daniel 46 Stiehr, Linda 46, 135 Stimpson, Fred 46 Stingel, Frederick 46 Stoddard, Bruce 47 Stoddard, Ellen 47, 131 Stodte, Ekkart 47, 72 Stork, Barbara 47 Strayer, Toni 47 Stricker, John 47, 123, 135, 141, 144, 146 Sturm, Richard 47, 60, 123, 147 Sturtz, Phil 13, 47, 83, 123, 127, 135 Sumption, Donald 47 Suominen, Riitta 13, 47, 134 Suppes, Bonnie 47, 62 Sural, Carol 47 Symons, Charles 47 -T- Tallon, Peter 47 Tarachas, Bill 47 Tarrant, Susan 16, 47, 60 Tate, Diane 47, 131 Taub, Charles 47 Taylor, Marilyn 47, 125 Teboe, Sally 47, 122, 127 Ten Eyck, James 47, 138 Tenney, Merrily 47 Terrian, Charles 48 Thiede, Kermit 48 Thomas, Larry 48, 141 Thomas, Lowell 48, 133 Tompson, Susan 48 Thompson, Terry 48, 60, 135 Thornton, Patricia 48 Thorsen, Robert 48 Thumme, Roy 48, 60, 61, 146 Tingler, Dave 48, 95, 141, 152 Trask, Kenneth 39, 48, 123, 135 Traub, Gerald 48 Tucker, Dan 48 Tucker, Gayle 48 Tullis, Janet 48 Turnbull, Delores 48 - U - Ulrich, Christa 48 - v - VanBenschoten, Duane 48, 123, 134, 168 Vance, Larry 48 Vanderlip, Carol 48, 51, 76, 122, 127, 125, 136, 137, 139 186, 162 Veitengruber, Lois 48 Vellance, Carolyn 48 Verhey, Gayle, 5, 10, 48, 171 Ventengle, Judy 48 Vincent, Juanita 48 Voelker, Carole 48, 65 Vollmer, Jerry 48, 135 Volz, Herbert 49, 75 Vondette, Tom 49 Vondette, William 49, 60, 156 138, 154, 155 - W ... Wade, Rodney 49,144 Wagner, Curt 49, 60, 145 Wahl, Elrae 49 Wahl, Gary 49, 123, 147 Wahl, Sharon 49 Walk, Alvin 49 Walker, Carol 49, 60 Walker, Frederick 49 Walker, June 49 Wallace, Melvin 49, 141 Walz, James 49 Warner, Jerry 49, 124, 128, 141 Wascavage, Wayne 49 Waters, Robert 49 Watters, Gary 49 Wazny, Marilyn 5, 10, 49,60, 94, 139 Weber, Diann 5, 10, 23, 49 Wedding, Shirley 49, 131 Wehner, Carl 49, 141 Weight, Penny 49 Weisenbaugh, Dennis 49 Weiss, Marlene 50, 131 Wendler, Paul 50, 134, 138 Wenzel, Doroty 50, 73 Werner, Judith 50, 131, 75 Whalen, Ron 50 Whalin, JoAnn 50, 122 Wheeler, Robert 50 White, Susan 50, 122, 134, 136, 138 Whitting, Janet 50 Wichman, Janice 50 Wichman, Susan J. 50 Wickman, Suzanne 50 Wiese, James 50, 158 Wiggins, Susan 50 Williams, Connie 50 Williams, Jane 50 Wiltse, Tim 39, 50, 123 Windover, David 50 Witting, Marilynn 50 Wizorek, Carol 50, 131 Wohlfeil, Mary 50, 127, 137 Wolgast, Carol 50 Wolpert, Max 50, 123, 144 Wooclcock, Jerry 50 Woodke, Mariorie 50 Woodmen, Peter 50, 72 Woolever, Judy 51 Woolgar, Marcy 51 Works, Barbara 51 Wressell, Pam 51 Wysong, Carol 51, 81, 124 .. Y .. Yoke, Glynn 51 Yockey, Jean 51, 131, 75 ... Z - Zahn, Kathryn 51, 79, 93, 128, 137 74 Zauel, Roger 51, 129 Zehnder, Jan 51, 83, 125, 134 Zeigler, Walter 51, 60, 123, 126 Zinck, Nancy 51 Zittel, Brad 12, 51, 95, 126 Zwingman, Ralph 51 Zwingman, Russell 51, 145, 158 Never before in the history of the Arthur Hill LEGENDA has any staff ever been so proud or so privileged. ln this vol- ume we are introducing two new features-a color page and a supplement! Every Hillite has longed for a color page in our year- book. As if in answer to our dreams, MR. WERKEMA, our school photographer, has contributed the color theme page. Beginning in 1960, the seniors can relive their own grad- uation activities as recorded in the supplement. Spring sports, plays, and the Band Bounce will also appear in this 16-page insert. Seniors will receive these additions to their book through the postal service at the end of the summer. Under- classmen will call for the remainder of their yearbook at the opening of school next year. Our statt wishes to thank all the other "behind-the-scenes assistants": the faculty, the students, the office staff, our ad- vertisers, our printers, Edwards Brothers of Ann Arbor, and our yearbook adviser, Miss Ruth Murphy. LEGENDA Eoitoizs u-'- '-- "Maur--A -1- -M - -'-fn - A-' M- --har- T . ,. ,I Al 4 PUU?yi3 4 71555 Y NRG ici XY X' K 4 jf' A . X fix' WX Lili dey Xi XY R N K 'Ji 4 lk: hr 3 C. Phelps, J. Bailey, P. Zaggy, J. Rath- bun, P. Taylor, C. Brenner, B. Bear, S. Richter, B. Snyder, are a novelty dance line from Dog Patch. "Souls of the Righteous" featuring the Rhythmic Choir, is an enjoyable high- light in the Spring Chorale. Spring Captures Spotlight S. St. John, T. Bearinger, C. Diamond, and K. List "think" for their candidate. Promoting voter enthusiasm are indians: Ellen Timmons, Jane Princing, Sandy W X Sprott, Jan Schaffner and Alice Yeakle, farmers: Jae and Jerry Wright: ' and "Man in the street" Terry Poitras who is interviewed by Dick Pinnell and Roger Pfeuffer. i L' ' ' tl V Ll ,,,, Q -. . 1 "If elected I promise to . . ." Spring is here and all Hillites are showing signs. Political campaigns, vocal and instrumental concerts all lend to the excitement of Spring, and the nearness of the end of school. Vocal solos, dance lines, novelty numbers, and an enchanted audience make up the 1960 Band Bounce, a long-awaited highlight of the school year. Terry Malone and Brad Zittel dance to the "Hawaiian War Chant." "AlI I have to do is dream," sing Ron Grigsby and Jim Barris as they confess their solution for loneliness at the Band Bounce. "Tammy -- Tammy -- Tammy's in love," sang Sara Davila in a floral setting. is Meeting the deadline on her 500 word theme Nancy i Brussow types away while awaiting her cue. Proof- W 5' ' reading is Connie Bourcier. W As...-Q V' Won't someone help poor Bill Boice and give him some "water! water!"? .,, .,......mW.MWM.WMMW.,.emW,,.,.wmw.,,WM .ww "Will we ever finish?" asks Pat Taylor. The committee worked frantically tc make the decorations this year the best ever. Juniors and their guests could have danced all night under .l,, Ll , ,-l- r ll , ,ll I ,-I . , W, nw.q ,- riff acsrfs-r "Let's make a wish," says Karen Meadows to Bob Herricl as they look at the flowers floating in the fountain. "Showers" Reign Have you ever seen a real pot of gold at the end of a rainbow of flowers? . . . Did you ever drink Hawaiian punch near a tiered fountain? . . . These created the theme, April Showers, at Junior Prom. The Gary Foerester Quintet set a misty mood for dancing. l Looks as if Bonnie Humphry and Jack Anderson and Con- nie Triant and Ron Grigsby are enioying the dance. THE LINEUP: Loy Ruiz, John Hanson, Kent Fishel, Bob Miller, Shilling, Burris Smith, Beth Agricola, Phil Sturtl, Nylu KUYTZ, Alex Landsburg, Janet Zender, Ron Lazarus, Sue Blynn, Fluke, Margaret Williams, Dale Lantz, Carol Catrain, Dave Jim Heftel and Mary Brown. Peter You Can't Take It with You You Can't Take It With You was successfully presented March 'I7 and 18 at Arthur Hill under the direction of Mrs. McEwen and student director Carl Stander. The success of this light-humored play was the result of hard work by the cast and crew. Even Grandpa's snakes and Mrs. Sycamore's kittens enjoyed this mixed up comedy. Backstage during the play Dale Lantz runs through his lines with gestures for the heroine, Margaret Williams. in Typical scenes after a play performance are Jackie Cline removing make-up from Jan Zehnder's face, and Phil Sturtz and Dale Lantz extending to each other the "handshake of success." Beth Agricola, Alex Landsburg and Dale Lantz review their lines before and during the play. Q , f V it FIRST ROW: I. Landeryou, P. Dunlap, T. Vondette, B, Hummell, M. Wolpert, D. Hartman, J. Mathis, J. Stricker, B. Miller, J. Meyers, D. Crannell, J. Curtin. SECOND ROW: J. leppien, T. Jacoby, F. Whitmore, B. Mattern, J. Koski, B. Denzer, P. Linville, S. Kirchner, Hillites Under the expert direction of William Vondette, head coach, Arthur Hill's baseball team showed extreme hustle and drive. Despite having a losing season, the team displayed good defense, good pitching and better than average hitting. Posses- sing these qualities, the Lumberiacks gave every opponent a difficult battle. Juniors who gained valuable experience are Tom Jacoby, John Koski, and Mike Yeager. FIRST ROW: T. Longworth. J. Maddox, T. Fruk, D. Wolpert, M. Kenny, J. Samson, D. Schumacher, L. Linville, J. Kohler, A. Noay, R. Zirkle, B. Vergin. SECOND ROW: Coach W. Hardfng, R. Herz- - 1 J. Anderson, J. Lynch, B. Rohn. THIRD ROW: Coach W. Vondette, D. Young, C. Schreader, J. Honzales, A. Seiferlein, D. Bartlett, R. Anderson, R. Maturn, J. Hofmeister, D. Labelle, M. Yeager, B. Prim, F. Bolger. Play Ball Batter Up! Hillite batter harasses pitcher berg, W. Schwolm, E. Kocks, J. Zeither, D. Landeryou, D. Trogan, J. Steiner, G. Fox, J. Engle, J. McCormick, J. Will, J. Peterson. 3i'i.Ei?....Q Linksmen Conquer Seventh ln State John Becker completes putt for another par hole. Below: Coach Murphy demonstrates the proper golf I swing to John Cline and Harold Faust. The Arthur Hill Golf Team completed a very successful season by being undefeated in Valley competition. The varsity starting five included John Becker, John Cline, Jim Hooper, Mike Hutchinson, and Major Schutt. Major Schutt was medalist for the season with a 76. This record shows that the linksmen and Coach Seymour Murphy had one of their finest seasons. H. Faust, J. Cline, J. Becker, M. Schutt, Coach Seymour Murphy, J. Hooper, M. Hutchinson, W. Leesch, and J. Stanton. 1 FIRST ROW: J. Wright, A. Wagner, R. Boyse, S. Houlihan, B. Gustafson, H. Nagle, J. Lucas, Senior Rick Boyse led the l'lllllleS in B. Walker, C. Wagner. SECOND ROW: Mgr. D. White, J. Grant, J. Dewell, H. Dvorsek, many of their victories. B. Remensnyder, B. Jochen, B. Dinse, A. Barr, D. Jochen, J. Leishmann, Coach G. Purdy. Tennis Team Retains Trophy Under the expert coaching of George Purdy, the Lumberiack racquet squad had another success- ful season. Although hampered with much inex- perience, the netters overwhelmed most of their competition. After 25 victories in a row, though, the team suffered defeat at the hands of Bay City Handy. Despite this, great tennis teams have now become a tradition at Arthur Hill and the school has a right to be proud of its boys. William Walker helped make the Lumberiacks Valley champions. 2 Q Every opposing runner in the Valley had o good view of Joe Mason's heels. Here Joe and Ray Cosby outdistance Saginaw High in the l0O-yard dash. Hillite cindermen, led by seniors Bob Hill, Joe Mason, and Frank MacKenzie, placed third in Valley competition. Bowing only to Flint Northern and Pontiac, the perennial powerhouses of the league, the Lumberiack speedmerchants enjoyed one of their better seasons. Good showings were also made at the Relays in the fieldhouses of Eastern and Central Michigan Universities. School Supports Successful Speeclmerchants FIRST ROW: Coach V. Hawes, M. LuFleur, F. MacKenzie, R. Cosby, Jacob, T- JUC0lJ, J- MCCUYQBY, T- l'llll, Coach Affihef- Tl'llRD ROW: R. Sieferlein, B. Hill, R. Chooliian, T. Mitchell, C. Lagalo, W. B- Zeilinser, V- Gooderww, G- Wilson, l-- Hvbbdrd, J- Bvslley, B- Parrish, Coach Pefzko. SECOND ROW: Coach McCarger, E. Evans, Kempf, T- Blvnchet, J- CUllKlflS, D- PSYCl1eI', J- Denton, Mgr- R- D. Birch, R. Beebe, H. Lichtenwald, J. Dana, F. McDougal, G. Wilhelm- Ml55lfl9 Were P- Marks and J- MUSOT1- 9 ' 5 1. "i' f f. 5 . --,ss , - W v , Tenth Honor Alumnus MR. THEODORE RO ETHKE For his outstanding ability as an educator, his rec- ognized genius in the field of creative poetry, and his deep dedication to the furthering of the arts in America, Professor Theodore Roethke was selected as Arthur Hill High School's 1960 Honor Alumnus. Mr. Roethke has won a Pulitzer Prize, A Ford Foun- dation, the Borestone Mountain Prize, the Guggen- heim Fellowship, the Tietiens Prize, and many more outstanding awards. At the present time, Mr. Roethke is a professor of English at the University of Washing- ton. Top to bottom: Margaret Williams gives tribute to Mr Roethke Mr Roethke gives the response, Margaret Williams congratulates Mr Roeth ke, Mr. Roethke greets former classmates, the reception for the tenth Honor Alumnus. e naming of the Outstanding Sophomore Boy and Girl highlights 1960 Honors Assembly. Because of their outstanding accomplish- nts through the year, James Grant and Virginia Pudshun are the ipients of this year's award. 960 HONORS ASSEMBLY .argaret Williams and Karen Krause are named 1961 Legenda co-editors y letitio St. Pierre, 1960 co-editor. ian Ruffini, Phyllis Scherping, and Jim Oblander receive art awards Mrs. Siehr. fs Miss Bacon gives Gloria Sherman a biology award for her help in the labs. Mrs. McEwan presents Helen Baker with a writing award from the Senior Scholastic Magazine. Sharon Wright receives the Junior Journalism award from News editor Kathy Zahn. Because of their outstanding ability in the field of busi- ness, Mr. Hartman presents Barbara Schneider and Bonnie Burk with the Co-op award. All ' I Q A' I ef, 'Q lx i tu The highlight of graduation night is the presentation of the Bob Hill is receiving the lppel Cup for his outstanding leader- Arthur Hill 5Ch0lU"5l"lP to Bob Dill. Mr- Brock Congmfulcles- ship, scholarship, character, and achievement. Mr. Brock extend his congratulations. Hillites Receive High Honors Alma Judith Ryba American Society of Metals Robert Ditz Bay City Junior College-Educational Grants Judith Brieske Janet Finkbeiner Carol Ann Kempf Phyllis Scherping Marilyn Taylor Roy Thumme Case Institute Bernard Hill-Tuition Central Michigan University Jean Russell-Consumers Power Judith Ross-Educational Grant Ray Cosby-Athletic Grant Co-op Engineering Program Saginaw Steering Gear Division William Denzer Dow Corning Co-op Program-Bay City Junior College David Michael Mariorie Schade Ferris Institute Carol Wysony-Tuition John and Florence Goll Memorial Scholarship Jean Boehlke Amy Gross Stewart Kirchner Barbara Schneider Susan Tarrant SCHOLARSHIPS Michigan College of Mining and Technology John Cline-Michigan High School Scholarship Peter Marks-Michigan High School Scholarship Michigan State University Club of Saginaw Thomas Mitchell-Memorial Scholarship General Motors Institute Fredric Dall Michigan State University Jon Diebold-Presidential Scholarship Judith Gunn-Trustees Scholarship Sharon Kennedy-Honors Scholarship Thomas Mitchell-Honors Scholarship Jane Williams-Honors Scholarship Citation National Merit Finalist Certificates John Cline Carolyn Gobble Bernard Hill Thomas Mitchell Daniel Stevens Roger Zauel National Merit Scholarship University of Michigan Bonnie Ahlgrim David Birch Carol Catrain Robert Ditz Robert Enszer Carolyn Gobble Charlene Hager Stewart Kirchner Ann Laing Maria Murphy Richard Pinnell Jerrilyn Pudschun Edward Roesch University of Michigan Alumni Joseph Mason University of Wyoming Ray Beebe-Athletic Valparaiso Regent Alumni Scholarship Club-Saginaw Ernest Evans-Athletic Grant Lawrence Nitz Vassar Ellen Anderson Roger Zauel-Case Institute-Dow Corning Scholarship Panhellenic Carol Catrain Parent Teachers' Association Elaine Gross Nyla Kurtz Letitia St. Pierre Barbara Schneider Scholarships Wilmington College Daniel Stevens-Kettering Scholarship 2 S Patricia Diane Acker Bonnie Rose Ahlgrim Ellen Gage Anderson Sharon Ann Asmus Susan Jill Barber Sally Ann Batten Peter Morgan Beach Tamara Belokanny David Conrad Birch Jean Ann Boehlke Diana Morley Boyd Richard John Boyse Bert Montell Bullington, Judith Ann Burzyck Carol Jean Catrain Judith Rae Clark John Lenwell Cline Ardis Kathleen Corwin Rosalie Anne Curott Fredric, Charles Dall Patricia Louise Dent William Henry Denzer Barbara Sue Diamond Jan Harold Diebold Robert Lange Ditz Peter Louis Dunlap Julie Ann Dvorsek Patricia Shannon Dyer Joyce Marie Eads NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Barbara Rae Ellis Robert Matthew Enszer Karen Kay Erzen Ernest Charles Evans David Harold Flucke William Herrmann Freidinger Glenda Kay Galovics Carolyn Sue Gobble Elaine Alice Gross Sally Ann Gross Judy Ellen Gunn Charlene Kay Hager Duane Walter Hartman Marilyn Ann Hetzner Marcelyn Sue Hiles Bernard Jerome Hill Judy Ann Hottman Joan Helene Hoffmann Susan Clark Hogg Judy Ann Hurst Mard Ilins Judy Sue lmerman John Spencer Karls Carol Ann Kempf Judith Ann Kenel Sharon Maureen Kennedy John Francis Kessler Stewart Williams Kirchner Carol Anne Klein Markku Esko Kullervo Komulainen Judith Kay Krueger Nyla Jane Kurtz Ann Harriet Laing Dale Emerson Lantz Donna Rae Larson William Charles Lauderbach Gloria Jean Little Peter Allen Marks Mary Ruth Martin Joseph Glenn Mason Constance Kay Mayer Michael Kenneth McAllister Bonnie Jean McDermid Mary Lou McGregor Marcia Carolyn Millet William John Thomas Mitchell Maria Jane Murphy Judith Ann Nelson Judith Ann Nieclerstadt Marcia Ann Pendell Roger Frederick Pfeulter Valerie Pichler John Richard Pinnell Clea Maxine Pretzer Jerrilynn Pudschun Edgar Ludwig Roesch Judith Ann Ross Kathleen Ann Ross Rae Zelda Ruskin Jean Elizabeth Russell Judith Ann Ryba Letitia Irene St. Pierre Madonna Mary Sample Mariorie Kay Schade Barbara Sue Schneider Judy Ann Schultz Gerald Marvin Shankel Gloria Jean Sherman Burris Robert Smith Jerome Ryland Stanton Daniel Mclntyre Stevens Ekkart Fritz Wilhelm Stodte Riitta Irma Kyllikki Suominen Susan Jay Tarrant Marilyn Jean Taylor Delores Esther Turnbull Carol Lynn Vanderlip Judith Ann Vetengle Sharon Louise Wahl Marilyn Ann Wazny Susan Jean Wichman Jane Carol Williams Carol Jean Wolgast Carol Ann Wysong Kathryn Jo Zahn Rudy Roger Zauel Janet Norma Zehnder :sen on the basis of leadership, athletics, and scholar- Judy Werner is receiving the outstanding co-op of the year 3 Tom Mitchell is presented the Michigan Plaque. award. elvlng the Treanor Award for her outstanding work in The Civitan Award for outstanding citizenship goes to field of iournalism is Letitia St. Pierre Nyla Kurtz em"-ifetllvefvfwlw ,flew 4""" XV' AT THE SENIOR DINNER: Bonnie McDermid, Carol Vand- Tingler, Ray Beebe, Perry Linville, Pete Marks, and Bart erlip, Carol Smith, Barbara Schobert, Judy Konesko, Joann Mauro. Ballien, Donna Beadle, Sharon Asmus, Bill Tarachas, Dave h' h W IC Event 1249 Pamela Wressell poses for .lerry Vollmer and Phil Sturtz Presents a Graduate's Eeenie, meenie . . . which is the greatest thrill tor a senior? ls it having senior pictures taken . . . attend- ing the senior banquet Cthat masquerade party theme was hilarious! . . . receiving a cap and gown Cwill it fit?l . . . listening to the baccalaureate address fthat Dr. Fisher sure makes you thinklj . . . laughing at the many prophecies in the senior will and prophecy at senior assembly . . . dancing at the senior prom . . . or clutching that ever-loving diploma come gradua- tion night? You make the choice! her senior picture. receive their caps and gowns. At the senior assembly the dead arose to give the will. Dick Bruce, mud SCief1fiSf, wakes Curl King Gnd Foreign exchange students, Mark Komulainen, Valerie Pichler, Ekkart Marilyn Wazny. Stodte, and Ritta Suominen, say farewell to us at the senior assembly Baccalaureate and Commencement are the serious senior events. h 'll Greatest T fl W x K is 1,5 -"'.'j-Ea. - .3 'v-.W , M ,,. ,,.:,.:.: , ., ..1'li,:i.xi'5irw5. W ' in AT THE SENIOR PROM: Judy Ross flirts with Russ Eggers, Terry Robinson feeds Sharon Kennedy, Gordon Cann and Ernie Evans assist John Herrig, Bill Scharffe .5 whispers to Jacquie Cline, Bill Vondette does a fling . . . after the prom! - .- .,. X -4 ,f 3 9 l 5: N., 'Teo mmo mMe1xLsg.,',.'.,,fsags. ?v,,.f-Y'-e 13 K' 'UQ' - X ,V Timqi 'fix' K , in-Lf?5W'l2.+n.m'n , ' 'fr "' . , ,X ,F k M ,, V ' , .2 -Q ik . "QQ, ,A . z , i W L 'uf' W J-I N ' ,M W, " aw W Wg A i Q ' 1 , ' . 4-QE F . ", ,Q '- ' 9' 'Wi W 'ww 4 K , ifvw X Q ' 13 f A Wk fm 1-gg M, 3 K , ,Lhk 4. in I K 8,1 ,vg ,., . , 2 in yg V fy K - f fi L5 W mf I .ILM .QL fag, .-.' v fp- f ff.,-. . 1 f - if ,' V , 1 A' 'T it NE ff K, 4 uv., ., a wan:-"'.-4,:..a::n VVAK K -N -.. YV W at Vu, M Q 2- 1 'H' 'H my. - 4 , 'f.'.:'.,,"f2L . ,-A-5 1- -rw-W-G L M 6 SK 4 lx.if,,K. A . Afn V t,.,,.V K MVZZV ,gt , . ,,,5,,5'. or 4. KAP '--' A 52 KV, ,xy 4, J . f " Am ,Q5'X., ' "' w Wig v ,,. 3, W' fj.-n-5 it y M , ,W 'k "",,v"rx:f,-fb . W' ' "' 'V """ N f . .f T ' K K L' 'ix L " 'Fw 1 r gal .,-. wr, A-'km Q- , K Qafwf, - H . -lu, ' F K N 1 .we N-nl VM' ' -M 3 wifes. M we if 5 -gp J V ' ' A ' golf Q lv-Wxw 41. r A- - xwb L bw-L - 4-du lf 1, , R 4-,. ,i ir, fr., v ff www: 1, mf", kk gt Q Q 1 ? , '- A af T ' 'fs !"sf -fp xv in Zhi? ff ,, veu,:1,,'1Mgg, "f"r""',,., Ai QM' "QW L ., V . 5 m h . El: ., 4 'Ei ' -, ,SY Q .aff SQ' .5 Tm I - 5. -f 7 if 'EL ' P' wg, N ., vi QL KU4 .W l . 1 -ff Q.-""'w .. . 2-5' . a - -' . . . 9 ,-. .4 Vlfigmbipw.-.n!L-I--"""' 1 Q51 X I v Xi

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