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'NI I Ii-I I--I rin E-I 3 E-4 ARTHUR HILL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHQCDL C ro .QI .S .Q 2 3 fC .E O1 ro U1 THE 1959 TECHNICIAN STAFF WISHES TO THANK THE ARTHUR HILL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL PRINT- ING DEPARTMENT WHERE OUR BOOK WAS PRINTED. THEIR WHOLEHEARTED COOPERATION, UNTIR- ING EFFORTS, AND INGENUITY IN DEVELOPING COLOR PRINTING GAVE ARTHUR HILL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL ANOTHER FIRST FOR THEIR YEAR- BOOK. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF .......... ......,... C HARLES TURNER SPORTS .......................... .........., L ARRY MILBRANDT ART ........... ...,.................. K ARL PAYK SECTIONS ................................ ........... N ICHOLAS HOLIHAN BUSINESS MANAGER ............. ............. D AVID GENSKE MISS ADELE BUSAID E GraTefuIIy dedicaTe The I959 TECHNICIAN To Miss Adele Busaid. We sincerely appreciaTe her inTeresT in, and enThusiasm for our school and our sTudenTs. She has been our English Teacher, librarian, dancing insTrucTor, yearbook advisor and our Tourrh cheerleader. Our mosT sincere Thanks Miss Busaid. , X 1-'INQZQ 1041 E Grim St ' Puudono Coll! -- E 91 Q, if csv' Va! ' B 'ti'-egg as r bran was .1 o ry 1957 195 11 bn who watt, 1 'YW I lf I A991506 J Ir Chu-les C Coulter, acting Superiutandqnc M, 5,90 J Slginnw Public Schools Worx 6,595 Soginlw, Iichigon .w.x.o::,,w"" 5511 B 1 " wow G, oggooxv h 'Wet m"'Y:'9oxv." vw: X 'Siva-as VM, s 91,5 Q4 Swxv 'veg was 1350, oss. ,ig w , Q09 A , 1:5 viva, Oleg 9 f nm- lu- Coulter, wafw ,,o'v.g,i,l" 0 Uh -garb pq xy 951 as 1 chant 5533 ,ap 5 wi Think you for your latter ol' Februnry which told about the qui in 'J mb V up 10" gf Pfbpowod changs of name of tho Arthur B111 T1-ods School to 'Lrth v on of W ox fv S 'I' XX ,toyesmegns be, xdma vivo, mu :T 893.61 H111 Technical High Schoo1". Y: 1 TY Q0 kb W i X kfohiidgoboo A -oo ':.g,109 ,bo fo, had-6 o I, of com-oe, hows no ohjectloo to the ehuop or one md can no X .565 W0 i 9059 S0104 we x the odnntogel of an increned yur which will Plflit 1llIllll8I of 6 5133085130 fo 3.3668 iP vii A high school dipluo to the otuiwot. X5 ' e I YP 951' xp Kh,om0:o15'3,,:-3 you vxbgef! I note this change will cont about O 5,000.00 and porlonlly I X igsaoox 5- so 5 R' ,Q . gp would be ghd to donate this mount. lith that in Iilll, I :hall X 4 59 ,go::fvoo9' dpotgo ob' wx-its lr Seldnn B Duma, vice-ehalnoo of tho Detroit lurk ond fig...-X ..YY2--if-79-A--f Aviv---:A-'4i '-+ THIN Co to ilk! Up this lluor-'ith yqq, yu-gg' gg ,111 N I noceuu-y tor him to cheek into this in regudu to taxon, ww. Iourl truly r A . 'fe-hrmry lb, LV!! b X In Arthur H111 hrs. 'Lrthur H111 Dearborn Inn 1 Dearborn, 1i1Chi9'm uw an-5. mm 5 - . z ion' M' the inn mgulu. Henna of gm Borzrihof Fxlucrt 1 Slqlnnw. cm vm-4 new rwmnlr' '-f"'f1 W lndustrlrrl ccvmlttew to nhamr tzhf' nf A-., 'ur 4 to 'Im-ww H111 rcsxmxm rush f"f2ff"Y- - ' EEF' v ' v wg have acne this for uve:-nl reasons, chirflal 'HUM I 'lg W5 --- ..- me me uma the semoz if exgiqhigng-rd ffm' """' "',,"',,, lb., at Q-fe.-eq rw 'mu 'ami w ' ' ' 4 H 1 out h!9h N . by 545 ' . Aa know lt huhnn isooenuuc to o 11,1 1 7 gxtfzas tnrzhlo lohool ohplyllr-SBU' 1: mf' i Us ,Qt 1' ' 1-By more grade filing :Shi-my 'hmm' 'AV M' 'nah' Mft gif Graaff! mm, dum. endlta mme:-me. to mm. an up -nw 'N fb. I 5 R tnmt 1 gg gpgher school. We hill oontinv :tts tltlllll :glam ownmky 03004 S' 2-'Zi' :'i""u who auxin to 90 4183533 9' 'Wk 99" gnu' on oo. ,xpcmg ogg Q5 GJD to rcvhp , in orxfwdlgrs room t: u libttfy 'MUN if mu? vm wmn cmm umuum resvlv'-10" 10' ' go 1 f ll Q 'QV -'fu' off' DJ!" :f"":f"':'Z"-'w Q., in Jw ff we v. '11 , fo "lb Ing," ug' MQ' for? fo :NA 'Wh' 'Q- "11 ' Q, bf.-,, 'l1,,f e,.pf11,.f'v1,,"c, "'5k.,'5. ,iff 122' mf' 4q:"b bfw. ,' r 'Ov qi-.b"Ir 'E ,W X fe-I.: Q- :b ww..:w:Qo2':' ffr was 2. Lb . .- 1 - "u Q MM, for etmolho f-H' 'Y 'ztloniy I .wooing A:'e?,'Zi??:4::::'5?:lfE?"HZq '7 1 nag IIOM I Ib ll um un'Tmg:-g-Sfil-wezwggev 35'-uf: fr' ,jf qxjgigglwt. 0 w 1,,"Q 4x'1.f HQ' nfl 5131:-as mm me se. vm mv be me W' J-of or I'1q.,"fiyb" lg., "dv7,""fcf"':'4ig' 'mol 1' 5'9i""' win aqgo' bhzefln "fig, IQ' aeqifq my -n-um um 'technical H1 M' sgubwiz q,:,s5.,,Z4P 'bf' 'Na I ran anon lf. Chatter F. H1110 1 vu vrlthll YN 'WW Vw' 'wud M wcolwwyMlbtl9-!'lIlf4l9'YW' . 1 Mp. mu mm you In ow' V onthe mn dilwb HR' fy, V' MX ix 9501 :rl dz' fo In N H S411 my I hug.. N! X 43 C' Q . bb Sm? , at "dw X -" "- - J - i"l rfvrmlt ' i 3 We at'Arthur Hill Technical High School are proud is call attention to the following "firsts": Q E E ., A Y, . . V , U ' After fortyetwo years' -of service,.'Arthur'fHill Trade School became the first techrlical high school izn thisparea. Arthur Hill Technical High School came into being as a result of a study by the industrial Education Committee which was composed of ,outstanding leadersf in industry, members of the Board of Education, and Saginaw school administrators. xx ' .f 'z .S Q. f li . : The committee made a study of Saginaw industries to determine the mostdesirabletype of education to prepare young men to take their places in the Tri-City, industrial World' 1 . 3 fg 1 .' ' ' ' ' , . 5 Through discussions, visits tog schools and industriesfand -questionnaires, the conclusion was reached that Saginaw and the Tri-'City Area was very much' in need of a technical high school! Also, as a result of the questionnaires, a new course offstudy was preparedg :The-fcomzmittee realized thatit wouldjrake a period of tour or five years to make the change complete, but the change was started with the group of students who had enrolled for the trade school pro- gram. ' r - ' ' ' On July -l, -1956, weofficially became 'Arthur'Hi.ll-'Technical 'High School, and we took the wrinkles out of the old school and almost rounded the corners. . . -' , , . ...,...N-,,-,' .E i First 'ont the list' of changes 'was .the scienceroom' which was totally ref vamped: old work tables and hoods were pulled out, new gas' and water lines and new science laboratory .tables were installed, modern' chemistry and physics supplies were purchagsedu All of'these'revisions'were gui'deol1by'Mr.7EfC.vl-lensen from Stanton, Michigan, who had accepted the iob as head of the Science De- partment'-rs'rs A " Before coming here, Mr. Hensen had taught science and math,:'and for sixteen years, served 'as superintendent of schools' in several-Michigan citiesj his teaching career was interrupted by six years of U: S. 'Navy'service4World War il and Korea. 1 Asa .LtJ Commander, Mr. .Hensen received fivebattle stars from the Pacific Theater, a Unit Commendation and a Personal Commendation. " ' ' Ai Social Department' wastaddedto the curriculum and the Math and English Departments were doubled, ci school: lunchroom' and-two parking' lots were added. The Printing Department was moved 'from its second floor loca- tion to ground level, leaving rspacefor an additional English room and Library. The new location made deliveries of printed supplies and materials much easier. Later, space was alloted for paper storage and janitorial supply rooms. The closing of the school year of 1957-58 brought the retirement'of"Mi'. Allan' Bargarand the hiring ot Mr. Curtis' E. 'Meeks. During' the summer of l958, under 'the guidance of Mr. Meeks, a complete revamping of the Electric Shop took place,,enabling us to branch out in the field of electronics. Mr. Nieeks was an instructor of electronicsrfor'threeiof his 'four 'years in the U.'SL"Air Force and came to Arthur Hill Technical High School from Webber Junior High. Another "first" for Arthur Hill Technical High Schoolzwas the'additio'ns:'of a' school' library! ,T Theglibrary was: necegarygin order to comply with the North Central Association regulations for a high school. Mrs. Louise G. Hill, widow of Arthur Hill, personally donated 55,000 to help meet the expense of revamping the school cmd establishing a library. Mrs. Hill, now living in Pasadena, California, has evidenced a continued interest in the City of Saginaw and in Arthur Hill Technical High School. During the summer months of 1958, there were many activities as the dream of a library took shape, cupboards, counters, and shelves were built, and many books were delivered. ln the fall of 1958, Miss Adele Busaid ioined the faculty as an English teacher and librarian. Under her guidance the library is being developed into a complete school library. This year we had our first full schedule of basketball since 1932, and we are looking forward to inaugurating track events during the 1959-60 school year. We hope to keep adding sports each year until Arthur Hill Technical High School has a complete athletic program. New also, to Arthur Hill Technical High School are the following student activities, Co-op program, Student Council, Car Club, Gun Club, swimming par- ties, and a yearbook and newspaper staff. Completing our list of students ac- tivities is the Parent-Teacher-Student-Organization which differs from the regular P.T.A.'s in that our students are included as regular members and officers. City leaders in the Parent Teacher Association movement in Saginaw had long desired to have a Parent Teacher Organization in the Arthur Hill Trade School. The Trade School was the only secondary school in the city which did not have a Parent Teacher Organization. ln the fall of 1957 state and local officials approached Mr. Chapman, principal of the new Technical High School, with the request that they be given the opportunity to attempt to organize a P. T. A. in the school. Mr. Chapman was very eager for this opportunity to have created within the school an organization that would help to bring parents, teachers, and students together in a cooperative program whose main obiective would be the betterment of the school and its student body. ' ln January 1958 Mrs. Elmer Schuette, Director of District 11 of the Mich- igan Congress of Parents and Teachers and Mrs. Arnold A. Smith, past president of the Saginaw High School Parent Teacher Student Association helped organize and prepare the framework for the A. H. T. H. S. - P. T. S. A. lt's foundation had a two-fold purpose, the first to uphold and promote the obiectives of the Parent-Teacher Association, the second to promote growth and improvement of the Arthur Hill Technical High School. ln one and one-half years the P. T. S. A. membership has grown from 51 to 131 members. Mr. Harold Ruthig president of the P. T. S. A. and his committees have promoted and executed many successful firsts. "Old Grad Nite" was held November 1958, on May, 28 we held our second annual Honor Banquet at which time we honored our outstanding scholastic students, basketball players, cheerleaders, yearbook, newspaper people, and teachers whose efforts had made the 1958-59 school year an outstanding one. The Honor Banquet will be carried on as ci yearly event at A. H. T. H. S. Two P. T. S. A. sponsored Open House events were held during the past year. All junior high school boys, their parents, and the public were invited to visit our school in order to become acquainted with the curriculum offered here and to better understand the program at A. H. T. H. S. geared to meet the varied needs of the boys in the Saginaw area. On June 2, 1959, at 8:00 p. m. we reached our "first" goal! The first class-of twenty-eight seniors-was graduated from Arthur Hill Technical High School, and for the first time students will have planned and presented their own commencement program. PAGE I-'OITV sunoav, DECEMBER a, 1951 NI 3 Local: . '3 0. New The Tracle.School's Oui Hill Technical High 9 o 09 J ,. 0 -15 64, o -at-are X 6.9.0 , . Ko L 6 iz? gbgggxg s577 o W .P-so is 645. .694- . N '5' AV' 099.9 9 a0"'l-icaQei,vi9"ef?.ee'9 . Q . Q k416,e.a'?, I X ,ST ogseos -1 ,sv ,a yo" Sees The Girls ff to .3-fic orc' voice?-s 6:9 od obfheey 6,6y:9.4b's Q 1 H F 1 Q V' .ai , ff-iff? .9- n S U e ' Q X Gosapvaeof-godigggf-d2c" , Q viyyfffiuy 45? 5 ART GRoss. 1 W CM' it 0 , 9 L 9' BY STU .X o'foc.'iSojEb0?w9Q,4-Je ive? ' - 535909 92305 . jk h chan 'n att n of education ha - 6? 0 0 '15 to 0 W' " 4 cp 1? 0 594' Te earner , ,ei-. c,,,coe4e.c' .sxsv Trade School, and in its place has em , Q Q oapvlbdlu, kiovfbvzz so-9 Q0 QQEP5 ,Q Q99099- CP' on I-iigh, with scholastic standards, Q Q 9399, so Q 06:21.99 01941509960 4,4'il-43,3 Ggiggonec ' -' V Hd ' Qi . 'Z' 4 ' N cv, 904 The old Trade School went 1 ,X it zcgoaxobh 90 as at ya 1,0 cog- Y-'gb D 0 x9 higher than demanded at either ,so id 0 4 ag, ,So gg QQKPX, gave .5 459. t Q6 - di is c - 'vb vat- 'So uates, if they desired, cout' O .Q 19 boost' KF oi' ,yd . 42" Q10 'casa 4' P regular high schools, h' 0 A ,gsoigcobdlod-S35 9 ?0m9.9x94'o' is ,oo QF? Q9 b'ga4'1.:E399,0 of -o' Oo ' windstrial ' -" "NX ' ' X' X"oQ'i-to ".- 0 0 4 S' of o Sagma U G- .1 Y WNQN 095 0.999-x9,yx on The school w O G FBQWGXSSQ2-z9'z N97 ' Xe :Pho-xmxvigff 4 y561'7i,,i9i'Lo",.5 51.920955 v --" t x9 4, , 0 ii"-5 ' gin, 3 . Q ,cg-Queen Zac-If - I Qs'-2,5 Qkiedlggvlecvsv 'th . 6' 4" ee 0 " - 99 'Q' 0' W1 w 6 9s9""'ibv"K' bw-S Nzgbygw ' x -as o -v Q" 0. X 0434- Nas yy, I0 0 4 ' 2- X' o fo 6 4' Ibraf-9.f i Q0 -dow 'vb M 'it X K fb 45? ef' 4, do -58 QW fi 9 0 f 6356 9400 90 9 U 5 Q 6, lctsstci spat tie'-rife, ' f 4 12 QW 0 G e-'gi' 6' '90 Q95 "Ge 00025765 8 051' O U X Q A095 ot' 9' on A -so Riga AVN YQ CP- x CP y 'PM foo A5 5' 9 x 9509 0' KY' Qyyx af, 94' rr' as ,G-96 c y O B , , 0 6 LQ' -9.5 - 8 1 r. " get as xo YQ 5.490094 S., D fa 1-00, cceptdof at f , V ' y 0 .oo ,Gs-Guo" tba gs? xo 9004. Z lg an-yooqpe -41,-Q ada 1? ues. I fy ' 5 9 so -as-Q st -s'5'e94""c a U50 001' fb 'll' .4 r coo Segal' 5,,s.xf6'ZN we Wowozobay hyofedrllel- ol Info 6 QU! this :G eb J, A QW QFQPA co ,855 SQ994'5'f bs Q-5 P1516-11-tb Chee ar I y ,.,, ..-.N 0 If . 'X 0 Q' 0 05' -if . ,f . , ' . P ' ' -V ec' se 0 Y' 'K' K 0? ci' 0 , QQ '0 ble afgqbflr .5-if 'br 0 s-T310 to-03:-for -. 'lt 'CW 5-o 1 'Q , Q ' ' . ' so S '9' 2893 ' ies L 0 6 'fvfbo 5 I ,,oWl?g'b-S' 476 tba' ge 'cb 0' d cost 0?6'froI?'1ez-bb' of we 0- A j . fs F er? btis"0"f- .retest-:',, so 0 'webs-1" "1 'N fs aio-1 4f'i'3'z-ff-f "'f' U eu message oo- Q9-'ov ee is ' 'VII faire, . 01 'iv 'Shia Pe, 174- lah, eg- pos Q 908-5 -9vf1'4'v5+ 'do of Qwpba 4 07 3010 0 Se., Q, fix 'fa 0 X xii? ' a"eQa'beJ"r.v"lae 64? new 5 ,U if PQ' dead- ?l5-57 W 0 P 8 u 'tooqceeo 0-cfm Q ""'aa"e fboqfb a 'Pc 91 -Zi-to 3 as so adv: u gm 'tc' -it ct'-PV'-rf? 'elif-P '-' 'H 4 'fe 3.-1"' -1 'fs rs-'sa rv these X uN.fv'9yn..,es tg as 5 gi o 8, old I .if 1 g bg tree year 19535939 Qscgexbst 1 0-'fc-40 l,i"1o,': 4' '01,-0 s 4, egg: no '01 E nj, '91, '5:"'0 1. 'fm 1 years oh it g 9923 605299 ,ve lat lg, 0 Gr, I-P Wiaer 0 41,6 up 'tai I' H0 '69 47e,:'lxec JI +0 5 Q, N o o 6 Q 9 at lj o p ane geomer 'c 0 qw 419 c- .9 ll 4' 5 I 9 9046? oh of solid geomet xszikrgsoawewmtv f re fedamaa 8 'lilies 0 Gr 0805035 471' 9275 fe .0415 fff fy!! Q us adv, wwfeagsa f 1 010 'I d 9 Q63 vvgflac id 7 Q10 ba 'eo I 0420 at O W0 8056 h V.: -s Y, o 'gigs' ed Z ia bah' buy-,Wh S fb F I ' ahh. iii X" ' 4!'1i' I Q 6 sa' 0 504-bil' I 4:40 'Z I T '0'-'-1. , . K 'V 5 . lj 9 0' curb 13 lop LAHT TO BE CONVERTED, REPLACED JWQ L .School Conversion of Afrthur Hill Trade School into a technical high school was approved last night by the Board of Educa- tion. ' Oeming 8: Waters, archi- tects,' were asked to report on the cost cladding laboratory facilities to begin the special- ized program on a small scale iext fall in the present build- ing. They also are to give estimates for enlarging the building in progressive steps Xwaagg 4-,,,5s' Board CK Technical I to care for a 12th grade with- in three years. A new coeducational techni- cal high school is to be built when funds are available. There probably won't be enough money before 1959, when the school board plans to ask voters to extend the bond tax for an- other nine years. In planning a technical high school the board followed recommendations of a 39-mem- ber Trade and Industrial Edu- -V01 . cation Committee, which metf over a six-month period with AHT Principal Floyd L. Allen. Allen submitted their recom- mendations to the board last night. - - ' ' , I-Ie also submitted a letter from the Saginaw.Manufac-' turers' Association unanimous- ly favoring the Trade and In- dustrial Education Commit- tec's recommendations. Twen- ly-five association members voted to support the recom- mendations at a meeting yes- lerday noon. opinion-given in answer -to a question from them-that-state subsidy for trade education would be less. ' 1 The industrialists want tx-ade instruction completely divorced from the new technical high school. Students without techni- cal ability and aptitude- could be taught special courses in the present building or in the general high schools, they said. But they will 'settle for both trade and technical students in the present school until a new one is built. Allen has estimated 30176 of the resent AHT enroll i " 1- ide, ecefvejl School board members ap . X . . proved reorganization of the Trade School into a technical high school despite Allen's P I . ment would meet requirements of a technical high school. A technical high school would differ from a trade school or 89112: WCW The vised men enter Thes fall. Q f'Ai tyre I that Q and, i tor able , persd and l plan,' bers . mini Lin ,fn Q, 3 ' ' 1 :iff M :ff : xx . Yrs L? X Y-1' 1 Q 1 Q ,Q if ,Q , , .1 54 k F v .H vl-4 K as .N N 1 1 U s 1 ' 3 r 3 X , ,.. 'Jiffy haf' .w .ai 1' 5 gf X il? if :reef- 1 1 , f 1 1 W 1' E ., F 3 1 -10771 rm: F-E821 Q-3 700-E 0 E 257' liz :I-P -o-'30 O-of-'L 3,0 ,Z 1'-3, BZ' 05'-4 -o-3.Q To: '4-3 C2352 U ID aim N 755. CD' 8 2? -cTI" Q 0.3: 3754 cn -425 QFE VI N mm: 00.0. U' C' 'DI 31-EQ X32 OD-4 EJ :g-Z SNS CQCD 'DDF' QQ. 3-Jug 00 932 QU GQS is-.9. Q.-on -039 5-Q : 3 Q 3 CL E D :- Q 'I Q. 4 0 1? C U' Q PU DLS 26ug EI Ao 'sogqol Pawd CD 3 -4' HSIH 'IVDINHDBL TIIH UDHLUV HDS LS 100 I1 ECI 'IIDNHOD .l.N OLDEST CO-ED!- Mrs. Margaret Wilson, our oldest grad, is shown receiving a cor- sage from Mrs. Ruthig at the be- ginning of "Old Grad" Night fes- tivities. Mrs. Wilson graduated in 1917 when the school was co- educational. WADING IN!- Mr. Kluck, Mrs. Milbrandt, Mr. Godi and one unidentified hand are shown sewing cider and doughnuts to the crowd that gath- ered at Saginaw High School for "Old Grads" Night. lf: Fig V-2, - i DISHING IT OUT!- Mrs. Helen Boch, Mrs. Jerome Godi, Mrs. Andrew Vortuba, and Mr. Jerom Godi "assist" at tables during "Old Grade" Night fes- tivities. WHAT'STHIS????? AGIRL????? SURE ENOUGH--!!!!! SHE S THE JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESENATIVE FROM SAGINAW HIGH SCHOOL C f 50" 1'-Hex! Qgflfz mg SIM Ml Gary Cunplaell and Bill Berry Selling Tickets for "Old Gmd's" Night Wlllmm 0 Deay, Paluck and Fred sale of S.0.'s Phnl Mull, Fred Karow promote x f JV X1 f X , . fnff ' , 1. '4' , av. W., My u i 1 4 1 ,Arla 3 "J r M . QQ W 1,agf?li?2gi?g 14,2 sw-,wg 'yggggglajgl gfsfiiig 2 'gig fi f-ia W. r rr uw,-'LQ-41. 1- V N fav. r wow W .Q ww, ,., .. -.., , .W I H-an ,-WW? 5 .- 3 ,i 'ggi 53,5 x MQ-Q2 Kg,-'-' f 5 w 5? 9 .K 'NIJ K E .XS Judge Bill O'Doay sentences Mr. Papenguth to had a cheer in a .,,-l ,N , was W: -Q1f?fgg,wf- .,w:zw . isiwwzsiiw, A . R ,K jxssw-ff. -- l,.,.f::' . K . 1-fzff ' gL'l g s 5? Mr. Hanson proaonts prln from tho Sclonco Fair lor Mr. Hanson prosonts tho socond, third, lourth and tho Vandogaff Gonomtor to Nick Makl, Tod Mcluuj- llfth prlxos from tho school folr to David Gonslxo, Larry lin and lorry Hull. Tho boys woro first prlio winners Mllbrundt and BIII Simons, lobort Godl, and Dovld In tho school lair and won u Bluo Ribbon In the Sag- Poplowslrl, rvnpoctlvoly. Inaw Sclonco Falr. .mf , fl x ' K Mr. Henson congratulates all the boys that ontorod Nm 9, 5, ,,,,,g,,k,d an gh, ,,,,g,,, who mn gnu. P"""' "' M' 55" hi" tolnod by the class will and prophecy. leaning 'Me SGCCHKQBQCZJ Dancing classes were started this year for anyone who wanted to team to acquire more proficiency in the art of the dance, since dancing forms such a large part of present-day social activity. I XN SO YY if. 096 X912 . . P530 -VNC ' 099' WAIT TILL ARTHUR MURRAY SEES THISI RECREATION TIME ESE - Swimming ond Dancing IQ? S LUNCH HOUR FINDS A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES -BUT NO TIME FOR FOOD SENIORS GET FITTED FOR GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWNS Mlss Busald gets asslsl' for height from up ended paper basket as she measures Fred Paluck for gown sm Mr. Chapman gets Gary Tompa's height as Mrs. Persons looks on Joe Wisniewski measures Walt Szczepunik for a cap while Mrs. Persons takes the measurements Tom Inman, Ari' Soio and Jim Gehringer keep muscles in shape by scrubbing . . . ,A '09 ..- und scrubbing and scrubbing BUT THINK OF THE MONETARY REWARD! vxusc pf v-4 ..., ML 'M'x A, , I wi Q . 5 . I 55, x +-':'- fia - u v-a fm? -' -' 1... B xwxe L.,Lll. f 3 F J X SCHO0l'S OUT!! ' nr ,,,. ravttvi eve' A GP' Q M1155 jf- aff !15 !,pQa 1 ,Fw U iq. flfiwii iw-2'f:fzm2Q I" . my N ,wgawfx 'T'f5f,X4,+,,J 7' Sas 1, .. ff' -5 QM gf I 'ISN .- . I IM1fV'v LfsP'G!Lb:,f I X wav' vi g .L ge?-1'P35:N.,I. Laji,..q3FXeQf1g-QV, I ,L .4 ,, - . 4. .x 4, K. V. . 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Thu 1 'VY in an nncournimi 'P-wah' 'D' hd' ' bo" ' ' " M' when mm wmv. -1 dev" 'N ""' ,. 1 nqulcr mason In 20 V' ' 'WNV , thunk ws have o F' vd 'N f support ol ww- 'dv' .1 5 x.. body w-I' ""' "U , M, - . , I agen-' N P' QI, Wh lx, au ' Blqold ' Q 1 "ff ,ov"'r1,Jf'd ,Vi Xrnwrl Sh. ."9., fm- 'f ... . '5 0' 9 69 ' 9 L E C Ro 3 Anhuf 91 ' Q. ,- - ,, ,,, -,- If gg, plbwwyv ,959 Lvlbmfry Open to Students my X19 "' ,sd 096,96 5040 J 0 an W6 ,o' 4,0 99 , .An x IULES GOVIINING US! Ol F , - 1 nw ' ' : - up ' , -, " FACILITIES rlzszmzo IV my -4. . 4- ...T-, , , PII' " akeg MISS IUSAID 'rg' . un. ',qr.1. The library .5 umm, uf: ' 1 , ' " QVC, xr ob' 'Iss Buxaud has worked vnca 7 N3 .Hn ew sg of the xchool yecv vo ge' be M G'-QA5 H bg U"wcmn9 har u gpg. 'ae And w-vh vhe help o' a omg " awww' car'-era or 'hose 'x xhe has been luv" . Q Q0 ke.y,c1uq'dGy. Nnbns- '5 Mme hex come. 19, pf.,-v.M I ini SC' M. r-1' on "wth W ,,. 'W' wmem mn x 0-- on to V' Ov' 4, qyqii,--xc' L ,,,,p0"N,,-xffdry oth, so lay HY RCP V vmcv-lo cm ,, af' F., HD LU blchocx Mus comb your Fo me 'Mmx ob 7g X Q ww' ' pox'-an A my V .2660 'X wappeor m rho , qici 0 w0' h 'O In-1"'. ,,.-" " -M CL" -cf' C ,N 9 Choo S xN 695. . P795 bg: 3 'N yen" mx! P F. K+ ,,..r ' V ,,1.U"' whom K, mb! ' N N" .,ho,og,cphe, E ,QQ qu.:-W wx, gpwfgoxwwi to, -v:H,..n"2 ji .W-Zh ,. -vimvonfflq, .--H ,Mun and Mm P no X, rfb- ,MSF oy KN 'Md OU 5 nv' V' 1.0 'Cya ' A Vnx,," om, Wad, 14 'nllm un-lorm. 1 . W o' 96,6 1 N ,elm . ,w"' me-' ff' Qu' 5 we 9 EW' ch' -em un rf.. Q8 Ad 'P No after tv A" 210' 'N fn 4w'W'w""" no' "' Tr df' svn" wwqhv-e dont. 99 on 0 G1 A ' o 0 X20 o" .o' ' ,A ' rx' " ' of' ,nO 5 Y gon gs 9 JZ.. .- ':.f1Z2z."Lf"",.f. 1-":.IJl'S"i,2.' if M' H-525212 imfimh "2-3v','2a'v"3'w5fTl27'p Q. 00'-.we ON - A ,JP we-1' xo Q' -on ba' .mmol vw X 06" W "'xQ0'+ ix-U9 gl' Sagem w,.,v 'gpg D' 'fegg dxf? ghh dnfggozv' 'Xin xR13v"GfY'3' gil-e "'.:f':"'d V 1 - ev' n 'N v so her' I W- ,h ' W ov' wi, 'aff' cow- gggla wq,g'1.fq 1,5-5,90-Xe" ggi qQw51.w'o?.iHQjj,Ix Q TO ,F Wixfodui :fe mmm bo"'3:,,Le ffnrflh Vo' Nm dw' xy GO' X - N wh' 'mu ' of' ye X- 3 o 50 oN,m9o 1 q,Wve'X'o Q ffm- " . ' Glu Y my Anim-on W X Y 5 N fo B . Q0 X6 xo O09 9 .f,,"" 5, xox 6 Jo ox xx J ,- " 9 Qxox xi X X 1' f-" eq sd Q0 Q0 I Q,-Fl 9 s , Je' 'G' if-'ref P J 9' s +0 A gc X I eb ,X U 6,-Sag. M ox s 'tix '4'ZN'i'4 QQ' z , M . ,Q Kid- 6 R96 W' V X 4 X wow QW o,.vx,o 0 Q0 wizd X, T box O Q: 9.- ,op -vry mul pu! on b Mn. Boch x :luuu J 4 Wpxwd 'O H' K "' 06 N045 77 'XNQM f 5, Y . vdgo -m ro lead u char dunng rm Pap Anrmbly L,--mv, rm nn nm-mm mv., rm. G1 ml N zght A Success 400 Afhnd Fin! Reunion ol Clauu Fwluf ummg, Haambaf 21,y, ,,o, 0 Img .n mn unnql. QI W, .0-,001 on 400 Olfl Cwyg, omg ,y,,,,,,,,' O' vow, gumngff 10, 0 ug,y,,a,,o,, mo' v '- 'luv of vu hm m n., y..,, .11ss,U,- ul mhmwl In ll., I, 410 -.,,,, 9 m Mfj' "w.'7"'h 11 N W "uf," 'f',,, ""'1..,"'Hf,, M, " 11, "'f 7' 'Q ""1r,,, 4,' L, 'fn "'- I "I , UW, 'Wal """l,, ull, "Wu, " 1, Q, 1 V 1 . ff,,, fflf, 'r,,,, 1o,, -, "0 o,,,,,Vl fl, ,M nw, Lf, ,,Uvf,,,0af, rm. Oulu. ,Mg uma hoo, S,,l.'Iw H. fv.,h f,, F w,f,,, ,U fm, o ' M 'Q' r- ul ' vw, -on 'o '90 0 ond Klenke Harold Zolinski, Richard Holihcm, To ri Richard Vofrubci, Roberf Gooli, Nicholas COUVXTGI' AT suogspep 1 dean' o 4 D- G Ni 0 Q 1 U- O O 7? 6ugHo,1 uog1,::npoJd O :r C n F -1 c 3 I ru J l'l'l Q. rc o 'K L. : O I G -H o 'N -O' If cn .. No U1 No -4 cu O :T 2. Q. Q 3 :- 2 U G Q. aqxl axgouu SJSU SS Am N 1 :HVLS DIOOGHVEIA 3H.l S'llV.l.ElCI U10 SNOZII wi. f 2 565' fy K 7' we? A f l-1,-wks: ,- ,M H ' Fliqfzik. wh. ,. q.,,,,,, ' - V- ' 7 5251's K 5 ' ff-We i . Q 2-igge sfi pfipcw A , Wm. ,,,, 1, ,.L, , -w-qg,L,L ,M f 1: S-ww V- .4111 wfwf-,zA1.,,,g, ,. A 'K new fs, uh?-X.' f4wZa 77Zec4cm6ca The auTo shop began in 1923. There have been many Teachers, The TirsT was Mr. Jesse Eddy. LaTer came Mr. KenneTh Willoughby, who is now auTo mechanics Teacher aT Bay CiTy CenTral High School. His posiTion was Taken by Mr. William Jahn, a former sTudenT of The Trade School. Mr. George Morris, The presenT Teacher, came in 1941. V Ir. The classes in The shop are broken inTo Two groups: The sTudenTs work in pairs, and These parTners work and sTudy in pairs. While one group sTudies The oTher works. Some of The insTrucTional maTerial was wriTTen by The Teacher. EquipmenT in The shop ranges from a IaThe To The smallesT sockeT seT. Some of The Tools are: a hydraulic bench press, hydraulic Tloor press, walker iacks, Tool crib wiTh sockeT seTs, box wrench seTs, open wrench seTs, an assorT- menT oT chisels, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers, crescenT wrenches, an F-8 volT- meTer, elecTrical TachomeTer, compression TesTer, baTTery charger, and ammeTer. MaTerial on which boys work in The shop COnSiSTS of new and used parts which are assembled and disassembled by The sTudenTs. Six mockups show all The parTs of Tuel pumps, sTeering gears, Transmissions, sTarTers, generaTors, and carbureTors, each is supplied wiTh a Tool board. The sTudenTs haxe six engines on which To work. Two oTher engines are in working order and are used Tor Tune-up insTrucTion. Occasionally sTudenTs may bring auTomobiles or oTher acTual jobs inTo The shop. IT The sTudenT graduaTes from The shop wiTh a "C" average or beTTer, he usually has no diTTiculTy in finding a good paying iob. The purpose of The shop is To Teach The Tundamemals of auTo mechanics, To give sTudenTs an insighT inTo auTo mechanics, and To help Them geT good iobs. Dangling The drafting class was formed the year the school opened its doors and the first students were graduated in 1915. The present instructor is Mr. Myron Papenguth. The drafting department is organized in a manner similar to the drafting departments in various shops in industry. All work is outlined in a course of study which lists the various jobs. T Drafting is described as the universal language of industry. This langu- age of lines is recorded and expressed by ideas from which come information needed to build machines and buildings. Blueprints are used also for marine drafting and aeronautical drafting and by the baker industry. A thorough knowledge of blueprint reading is necessary for contractors and electricians as well as machinists and pattern makers. Inspectors and foremen use their knowledge of blueprint reading on their iobs. The standard and special tools boys use in school are as modern and up-to-date as those used by the men in any well-organized drafting department in industry. Special iobs are brought into the drafting department and are done by the boys who have developed a better-than-average knowledge of drafting. The practices taught in the drafting department are intended to help a boy who is willing, to learn the particular trade and earn himself a place in industryy therefore, the skills and habits which he develops during his two years in school prepare him for college and become useful in his future fob. effing dr design In machine ' ing Po pengufh Mr. supervls Zectzdcdtg The ElecTric Shop was organized in 1917 shorTly aTTer The school was opened. ElecTriciTy is a subiecT ThaT includes a greaT varieTy of allied subiecTs, iT is practically impossible To Think of any line of work in any indusTry or pro- fession ThaT is noT associaTed in some manner wirh This Tield. Our elecTric shop does noT aTTempT To Teach all The counTless applicaTions oT elecTriciTy, buT raTher resTricTs iTs insTrucTion To The TundarnenTals in Tields mosf apT To be proTiTable Tor The apprenTice workman. 'The TenTh grade sTudenTs work on armaTures and'moTor re-winding. They have worked one-half The year on radio-elecTronics. l?lThe iuniors have been working on radio electronics all year. Half The year was spenT in lecTures on The subiecT and The oTher half in acTually building oscillators, square wave generaTors, phase inverTers and Things ThaT perTain To Radio-ElecTronics. They also repair old radios, Televisions, record players and irons. The iunior boys sTudy house wiring and moTor and armaTure winding in Their sophomore year. The shop has quiTe a number of elecTric moTors and generaTors, boTh A.C. and D.C., which are of diTferenT H.P. and size. The school owns a coil winding machine which can be seT Tor diTTerenT sized coils and can be used wiTh all sizes of wire. Some moTors can be wound wiTh These coils direcfly from The winding head. For oTher Types of windings, These coils are Tormed on anorher machine called a "Coil Former", which forms The coils inTo The desired shape. Since 1917, There has been only Three insTrucTors in The deparTmenT. Mr. George Willoughby TaughT from 1917 To 1927. He has wriTTen a number of books perTaining To elecTrical subiecfs. He is now head of The lndusTrial ArTs DeparTmenT of YpsilanTi Teacher's College, YpsilanTi, Michigan. Mr. Allan Bargar TaughT here from 1927 unTil lasT year when he reTired, and Mr. CurTis Meeks is The presenT insTrucTor. f 1 aavwhq The foundry wos opened when The school wds builT in 1913, buT iT wos closed in 1920 becduse of CI choinge in The fclculTy, iT reopened in 1925 when The presenT Tedcher, Mr. Williom Olson wos engoged. Foundry is ToiughT ds d reldTed subiecf which mosT boys ore required To Tdke becduse iT hos ci close reldTionship To Their Trcides. Foundry Ties in wiTh drdffing, poTTernmdking, ond mochine shop very closely dnd The problems con- sidered There illusTrdTe compleTe indusTriol cycles. The pldns dre mode ond checked by The drdffsmen dnd Then blueprinTed, The pdrfernmdkers moke The pdTTern, which, when Thoroughly checked, is Turned over To The foundry. The poTTern is molded ond drown from The sdnd. The mold is Then poured. AfTer The meTcil hos cooled, The cdsfing is shoken ouf. When cledned ond inspecfed, iT is passed on To The mdchine shop. Here iT is mochined To The exocf specifi- colrions on The blueprinT. The prepc1rciTory work for d ccisTing dnd The follow-up show The sTudenT C1 compleTe producfion problem ond give him on new respecf for The work of edch shop. lnsTrucTion in foundry is divided inTo The following uniTs: scind conTrol, bench molding, floor molding, melTing, cind meTollurgy. Work is done wiTh ferrous lgrey ironl ond non-ferrous lbrciss cind dluminuml meTo1ls. A boy is re- quired To spend d sufficienT lengTh of Time on edch uniT To insure ci working knowledge of foundry procedure, cmd Then he is ossigned To more complicdTed work on The uniT for which he shows gredTer c1pTiTude. The machine shop has been in operation ever since the school was built. Louis Haenlein, the present teacher, replaced Anson Spooner who retired in 1950. The shop teacher instructs the students in the working knowledge of common machine shop tools. The students learn how to run these machines rather than make proiects that are done in an industrial arts class. ln operating these ma- chines the boys perform a certain amount of production work such as machining the castings that are produced by the foundry. It is here that a knowledge of blueprint reading and layout work becomes usable as the parts are machined to specifications. To be specific, some of the following operations are included in the instruction: lathe work, gear cutting, taper boring, knurling, shaping, millwork, cutter grinding, internal and external grinding, and thread cutting, In fact, a student works on all common machines and performs the operations for which they are intended. Some of the advanced students make tools for their own machinist's tool boxes. After leaving Arthur Hill Tech a student enters college or a iob shop where he practices the fundamentals he has learned. z 1 When the school opened in l9l3, pattern making was one of the five courses open to boys. At that time four years were required to complete the course, later, four semesters in two years. Today we have three semesters neces- sary for graduation from the Tech course and four semesters required for the Trade course. y The purpose of the course is to train the students in the proper use of the machinery and tools that they will use when they become pattern makers, and to develop their ability to visualize the design of a moldable pattern from a print. Before one becomes a iourneyman pattern maker, he must serve three or more years ldepending on the shop enteredl as an apprentice after his schooling. The apprentice pattern maker, with an Arthur Hill Tech background, is far ahead of the regular high school graduate. He has the background necessary for building toward successful iourneymanship. Cur pattern shop is well equipped with the same machines as found in a commercial pattern shop. Besides equipment for wood pattern making, metal work is carried on to the extent that we need the patterns for our school pro- duction. Success of our pattern graduates is evidenced by the fact that every iob shop in Saginaw is owned in whole or part by Trade boys. Corporation shops, too, are well served by former students as iourneymen, lead-off men, checkers, layout men, foremen, and supervisors. Here is a trade that is as old as the casting of metal and we know the Chinese were doing this three thousand years ago. Here also is a trade that will not die because of automation nor the atomic age. This kind of custom building is the very beginning of all mechanical experimentation and the even- tual production of the standard part. For the Tech student it is the one subiect that teaches the inter-relationship and dependency of one to another among the metal trades. The present teacher is Mr. Paul E. Jaquish. For one five year period, Mr. George H. Fern, who was later the Director of the State Board of Control for Vocational Education, was the instructor. fzi 'ag Printing was added to the curriculum in 1918 under Mr. Clyde E. Willard. He was with the faculty until 1949 when his son, Belmont G. Willard, became the instructor. Printing--an art, a science, cmd an absolute necessity in today's modern living, offers unlimited opportunities for young rnen with adequate training. Today, printing ranks as one of the nation's maior industries and helps main- tain the records of efficiency and production built up by other industries. Today, as in the past, printing is largely responsible for the advancement of education all over the world. The Arthur Hill Tech printing department is well-equipped to give thor- ough training in most phases of the trade and mastery of shop fundamentals. Knowledge of related subiects, such as design, printer's science, and math, to- gether with an understanding of the theory, places the student in the preferred group of those seeking employment in this field. The shop has four presses: one handfed press, a Kluge automatic press, a Craftsman automatic press, and an offset press, besides numerous type faces, a power papercutter, lntertype machine, saw, folder, stitcher, collator, and per- forator. The addition to the department several years of a process camera for offset photography and a platemaking unit have aided greatly in the produc- tion of this book. The Technician is a student production of the printing department and is an example of the training and instruction received. Units of learning in- volved in the production of this book are essential in the trade and include: Layout and designing, hand composition, linotype operation, make-up, proof- reading, lock-up, platen press work, operation of the process camera, masking, opaquing, offset platemaking, offset press operating, bindery work and figuring stock and material cost. This year's Technician, for the first time, includes three-color process printing, giving students fundamental experience in a field of printing that is highly technical, and requires the ultimate in accuracy, from basic offset color photography through platemaking, and offset presswork. 4 1 Wefding The welding shop was started in 1941 as a part of the war training pro- gram, it was not a regular school subiect until 1944. The first class of twelve students was graduated in 1945. Nlr. George Davidson has been the only in- structor in this shop. No phase of industry has grown so extensively and rapidly as welding. Today, tanks, ships, and planes are being welded, as well as automobiles, ma- chinery, and household equipment. Considering the present rate of expansion, the future will call for a greater number of capable men in this field. The Arthur Hill Tech welding course consists of one semester of acetylene welding and three semesters of arc welding. Arc welding in the last decade, has made such great strides that more than ninety percent of all the welding is done by arc, therefore, three semesters of the four are spent on arc welding. The student spends three hours a day, fifteen hours a week, or three hundred hours per semester in shop. This time is divided so that the student has two hundred hours of actual practice on various types of welds. The re- maining one hundred hours are spent in the study of welding theory, shop dis- cussion, group anol individual instruction, and general repair work. The course has several aims: 1. To acquaint the students with all common metals and the correct means of identifying them. 2. To familiarize the student with the various units of the welding ap- paratus. 3. To teach the welding processes and their possibilities. 4. To explain the principles of physics and metallurgy used in making a weld. 5. To develop skill and confidence. 6. To teach the correct procedure in making repairs and adjustments. 7. To stress the importance of economy of time and materials. The training welders get will qualify them for the work in many indus- tries-ship building, airplane construction, coal and metal mines, oil refineries, pipeline construction, power plants, and automobile plants. Some of the students who have graduated are pipe welders, others are welders in other fields. The school hopes to interest more boys in the welding field because there is a need for pipe, sheet metal, and structural welders. QQ 'Qs . iw, 2 Q Q P45 1 . . 1 mr ,N ' Q5 'J 1. LqeIY"K"'Bfk1a " V --Q I'N'f" 'Q A - 4m,N,,,. I ,K "?pw"5,-I' 1. w "-Q- 1 gm.. ,, wi UV x QS ,Jauuol 'sxw IVS D13 o1qa6 UI U! X qi .fgg ??,V -m.w..1.,,wf,-g,.,,. I M Js.m.,,., wwkiggg I' -N-wx mmasfw 4 ' 'A' 'pf mwvwifmiliiwtirz 1, 4 it S: L., " 351 ' W Q , r-gg 1ix:zu:1iim:' H mi va, My K, - ll 4 :H+ ..::. ....:::::: :e + ..n '-::::::::::::"" ll lillllllllllllllan 1 is 5 Ei , :J I 'P' ff' X -v pmmw-.W-..K., ,kevin ufkkx ., X..-w g ,fxlgunanl g, ffgfmvuhsw .JW doqg Isepig SSDID LHDVV ., 4 Q -ig, 3 Q If + si Fr X Q K is r like h N., . 2 Q., K 'Y . if -- 5 v. Lx' 4 , Q 51 it R Ex X 5 f 1:12 isixfs L, 1:'z!'f1 ,. gf' am .. in if I" 5 ek W 353 v , 21 all 1 Q f. 31 Y .x Q Q nh, Wh-1 B , Q Q, 'w ,Y 3? P M 5 155 , 3 f 1 H H. J. Q A ,sz :. Sv 1. r '- rx 'K A: A ' x W iq, I 31 T 'YK x x : A ,su 4 Q X vm X , 1 E . 9 51 W A " V, , "Q f Q g , 1 'Q N S .Y Q J' QR vi ,R f Y x 41 4 1 5 5 6 1 Si I 4 2 Q x 4 " + K Q P, 7' 4 5- E . A 5 X -- 33231 - gfyf k is 5' i -J Y ,525 1' f 4 f... ff g '- 1 ii: -1 Q: ' 151 L , Q M 2 W- hx 2 my 14 www W W mx f U MM LM ::- 2 1, ' W ,sZQ3?1:gT:Fie:?", , 74a Dmmw Win Svwewiae Om Zdumtdm M' 'Q M CHARLES. C. COULTER Superintendent of Schools ' HERBERT E. CHAPMAN, B.Sp M.A. Mr. Chapman became principal of ArThur Hill Technical High School on July 1, 1956. Before he became principal, he was The secreTary of The Trade and lndusTrial EducaTion CommiTTee which was organized To change The Trade school To a Technical one, and his appoinTmenT as principal has enabled him To fulfill his dream of offering a Technical curriculum in educaTion To boys in The Saginaw Valley. We hope To iusTiTy his TaiTh by becoming one of The ouTsTanding Technical high schools in The sTaTe of Michigan. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION 1: o I ff A. Leesch cmd Raymond Grcmf J S. il' U 3 E 3 Ad 3 1 E .92 I I EZ 2 4 3 o M AC U U no 3 O nc Charles Coulfer, Supf. 'C C U LI 3 'C as Rob fy, Sfonsbu ol an C as U7 3 u.: E O +- il +- C O L.. Ll. 'K 5 -T1 -1 O 3 '+ 73 CD Q se? 3 70 O LGE ..-f-, -P 3-f -.o U7 wz. CD SUQJSLHOD :- T U 7 I 219. im Q3 fbi nog Lpaedg 913 'S Mel LU S .LU Am 3 M CD CD 0 21 O 2 53 gc SLIM fuogma SIE! 9S!W 'uo Q !"" 5 6' EQ 3 59, Hp U3 Q 3 CQ D" Q ITI O. C Pl Q I O 3 5 E fuogmanpg Sslvv 0!Cl DU WO 'pumsd Q 'Y CD 0, '1- o 'S o -In 'U D' N4 2. O Q I'l'1 Q. c 0 Q :n o F I CD Q I T Q 3 Q. U7 Q -h CD -I- Q 1 ET' SLHQOH OA IOUOHDD npv pun 3093 ll Q I O 3 U :.1. CD O -0- O 7 T' Q O 77 xx o E H IP -P o 21 LQ oe'l-,Lq DU edog p1 :'- IP Q. 3. 3 5. -P '1 Q :h o E? P ID 3 U F 5 O I o F cn CD O o 3 Q. Q "C N4 ITI Q. C n Q Z1 O 2 W O K L.. 3 F1 3 S 3 5 Q co 5 3 Q 3 CD I O rn Ch 'U l'I'l Q P I- U l'I'1 'u P su -I 3 l'l'l Z -4 E zz ffl Q -4 O as U3 ga 2. . sq, 1? Sf A :-, QP' 251, Z f , vi: ,. , 0.5: V . 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JAQUISH PATTERN MAKING .I 1 ' 1 ' " , twig. - n- .... ,5,1: k: ' . , - I ' - 1:-za C ami f it 'iiifyw 5124 I 2 ,- f A I 1 W 1 V :w fg.Q'Sei-.L km 7, . 1" I-Iiizifiiw I 32 it ' 'I' 5' - f- gg A 1q,f31rg23,g , 1 . V 'Jw 'Ui-Jzfffg , , ' E. C. HENSEN A.B., M.A., Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan CHEMISTRY 8g PHYSICS Senior Advisor CURTIS E. MEEKS B.S., Southern Illinois University ELECTRICITY -JS-1 :ia 1 'E '. E l Y m,,, ,,: Z ,ml t L-,.1, , I. 5, k,,k . 7 ,1 . 95. 2 :bij ., ,f.ww.z,.. ,. , af , W 1 GEORGE H. Monms , .,:532 5 Q i g L 5,g y e Auro MEcHAN1cs Y , , Q 1 ,, S WW ,L , Q ,, , ffm ., f,gwif?1 XEA r -' l ffffff g , ' V , VK, , WILLIAM O. OLSON B.E., Platteville Teachers College FOUNDRY 8: RELATEDQ SHOP MYRON E. PAPENGUTH DRAFTING "'53.l'.,."""" A y, 7 0,7 F I NN gsgif f , 'I' if f , If if W N, -if ' f., M I f A g ,,,'irL- f XM! ii f 3 Q AMA ,V 1 ' uf' - 5 .Q I N Im I .W I is - 1 L I ,I A V . ,A . it in ,L f.4fm.3-xr '-A a - 'i , H .Q ' K Q -7 I I MILDRED TANNER BELMONT G. WILLARD A.B., Western Michigan University PRINTING MATHEMATICS Newspaper ond Yearbook Advisor Student Council EDWARD ITedI FOLEY Cenfrcl Michigan College EXTERN IN DRAFTING QU! FRANCES I.. PERSONS SHARON K, GERGER SECRETARY AssisTANT SECRHARY i3 Qfs-fyfh ' K. J Q 5 f f. 4 k ,A e I5 +. 5, if J 1' 4. X 1 Aw X 'I fi wi wr .. 8, 1. gg eff'- iffa ff.. Q fig .- ,wi , gk ., N1 we ' .265 E - Z . .. ,.i, .- - 1f.4,, 2 uf S5912 9- IQTQL ' a 5:22 ,Q ff 'S' YS. Q wh x' " if , Q . x .F 5 'W rug 11. ey - 7-A E ., ,f if , 5 XX a 61 1 -Sf.. sw: 1:-3 - " ,- Xazg. II I A :, 51, J . S 's ,un 4 X f f H + 15. ' . Q bv If if Q K 1 2 4 Y 35- ' 1.. Haas., 'N ,, . X . 1, 72 L.-1, M 5 , f . , Xa h 1 . K I ' 5 '15, , xx I- ,W 1 so , Q Q , A . ,, 5 24- fx " ,-. ,. ,, '. .1-f!'2g45i:f: 2'S2?'?1'3f we sm --urn - f ,J X Y1' ,-iw ? 4 7 7 " 5 fi'5-'ffgi kii iawf '?5T5TWfsf5Nj?fZl'75131f 31 . .. ,A ..., .V,,,Q,A .5,,, A A , Seniors, our very first who have reached the top of the ladder at Arthur Hill Technical High School. Seniors, Who can rememher when they were Hohviously freshmenf, Seniors, Who are to leave their Alma Mater and take their place in a lousy World. ACTIVITIES-President of Cor Club ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program KEITH STEVEN DOREY 2508 N. Oakley ELECTRIC SHOP ACTIVITIES-Baseball, Cor Club, Asse Program Wm 2 is if' . tri 2... K . 5 ll L is NIT- X Q 'M K ROBERT EARL GARDNER JAMES COURTNEY GEHRINGER 1919 Grout ST. 125 So. Porter MACHINE SHOP PRINTING . ACTIVITIES-Red Cross, Assembly Program, ACTIVITIES-Basketball Manager--l2,,yearsl, I2l, Student Vice-President for P.T.S.A,, Unit- Student Council, Newspaper, Assembly Pro- ed Fund Drive, Co-op, Student Council Sec- gram, Car Club. retary, Student Council Pres., Basketball lil, Car Club, Discussion Leader for Govt. Day, Science Fair. DONALD GARY GROSS JAMES A. GREGUS' 3247 PFGSCOTT 1206 Division DRAFTING y DRAFTING ,ACTIVITIES-Government Day Representative ACTIVITIES-Basketball Ill, M. 'C., P.T.S.A. l Assembly Program, Basketball, Science Fair Program, Co-op Program. ' tif THOMAS MARK INMAN 1521 Ames Sf. ELECTRIC SHOP ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program , vvz. I I' I f IL- 'LV . qw' '.v9' ,A ez , s, . FREDERICK A. KAROW 2011 Srark Sf. AUTO SHOP ACTIVITIES-Car Club, Assembly Progrc P.T.S.A. ALLEN PAUL KLUCK LYLE M. KNOERR 618 Norfh Porter Machine Shop PRINTING SHOP 7165 N. Cenier Rd. ACTIVITIES-Student Council, Year Book, ACTIVITIES- Assembly Program, Baseball, Basketball, Assembly Program, Car Club Basketball Science Fair, Baseball ICaptainl -' I . MM em, ,. gf... -, W Q -I I' M. ' ! ' - , ,.4 ,1,L,i,,v. , wh, . we 3? :sf aff' . , A iffff . fla elififv 1 ' A 'JS'-r1.' 5: xg 4 fi .-Us v L, ., ai X Q L , 1 :g'25Nff',:fQ , , , 1 1 f ' -. ,:E's ' 96' f ' " -w vs f ,I 'fi if .' 1" 1 1 1 1 ii' '- "" -' A, 3 H Q5 Y, , J mi 7. ,fi .,.. . -f fi f 1 lf DAVID B. KOTULIONUS GERALD, J. LANGLEY A 1122 Hiland Sf. Route 1 Freeland MACHQINE SHOP V AUTO SHOP . ACTIVITIES-lndusrrial"Conference Co-op ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program, Baseball V . GERALD E. MEYERS ROBERT A, LIER 5310 Kerby Drive 1913 Prescott St. ' PATTERN SHOP A DRAFTING. ACTIVITIES-Student Council, Basketball, In ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program g ,dusfrial Conference, Science Fair 1: -n, Sz ,, ,"g., ,E wg, Ga Q... S Pm'-L"' PEO Mull JAMES E. NOWOSATKA 51' Buch Sf' 814 s. 12th sr. ELECTRIC SHOP DRAFTING ACTIVITIES-Red Cross, Basketball, Car Club, ACTIVITIES-science Fair, Assembly Assembly Program, Science Fair, Student bouncrl Vue. Presndenr, Baseball WILLIAM ROGER O DEAY FREDERICK JOHN PALUCK 1842 Green Sf. 2409 Hiland Sf. AUTO 5HGl" DRAFTING ACTlVlTlE51 A55eml9lY Pfograms ACTIVITIES--lndusrrual corvrerence, Assembly Programs li an , , K, 5. -, F5 l Q - I' k5 ,"N., ,, ' is . V V , ... i l lai v, V - A .:"v-' Y Q X . V, LL K r A Q r l f GERALD LEON' ROGALSKI FRED SCHMERLING , .1 33-34 RL1flQl5,Sl.m N 3003 S. Jefferson l5lifrxiT1liG'sioP MACHINE SHOP AQTIVITIES--Basketball, Assembly Progrqms, ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program, Co-op Proi ' PQT.SlAQ Progromlond Boseliull Team' V gram, Industrial Conference . . BARRY W. SCHWIER , M585 'Pioneer Trail, Corrolton ' DRAFTING ACTIVITIES-Senior Clossn Presiden Boskefliell ' L' ' ARTHUR SOTO I 1ll24 N. Qrh sf. - 7 'WELDlNG fSHO'P' 'A ACTlVlTIESQReEl cross Represemfmve, sw 1 and dent CouncilQ'Bc1Eke1bE1'll, Baseball lCopfclinl ' 1 Assembly Progrcarns 'V 4' l li gy? I Pix ,X I: ir Iifffw' ef. , ,,!'f:',' ,W f 1 ul-.fl Keg' in I iw A f I ,fe M M, Tr- 4 . Q 5 ,Q f . Tsirmi , ,d ,f,?g V A R XZ A ,,-- 1 " ff1i5'f.- 5' I ry " I Q' 'K I' i WIA I 326, ff? X 4- - I f NICKOLAS T. TRAUB WALTER ALFRED SZCZEPANIK 1709 S. Jefferson DRAFTING 1275 Pacelli PATTERN SHOP ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program, Science Fczir ACTIVlTIES"sIUdem Council' Ca' C GARY .IOESPH TOMPA 5875 N. Center Rd. ELECTRIC SHOP ACTIVITIES-Student Council INO PICTU REI Assembly Program JOSEPH FRANK WISNIEWSKI 2020 Walnut ST. DRAFTING ACTIVITIES-Assembly Program df 'WM . ' H 1. V All -M -, i5'ir:?? A ,wi if 112 'X v I r'?e2zQfh5ri ,l,,r , . , F s :HTS M " 52' " Z 1 gg 1 M y 5 My . 4,,o, Sr, Q , ,dxxgf 5' I X , 7k 1957 Seaman 3 Mr. and Mn. I. C. Hillllll and Mr. and Mrs. u. E. Fhqpmon ampmma eh. su-:ok lanqupi of Nafunlflfs PMI Mull, Jlm Grogan and Nlclr Tuul: and friends onloyod dinner and dcnbingl ax. ,i .Q .xg qi... ,f Q. ,- Qi 1 4: . :,, 214, .Vi f f if , V 9. X v 5 i 1 Q S ? ' u -e .. 4 xg . ' e' 5 . ,ai - A i gf? M -. 5 34 5' J E y 5 as fl 1 1 a ,Z sl X. if ., vm.-: iv QPF' ,ir .yi Q. my sw fx 3 ga? K if 'P , R Q 1 T if - ,gm ., .U ,. Ji m k 4355 f Q- 1 3553.1 1 ' lk Lek. , 1 1:-'Q' Meet the not-to-be-ignored UNDER classmenf Jimieie 6 sophmores who hope someday to be dignified, sophisti- cated UPPER classmen. . W A 5 T 1 A 'SSTQ T ff 'T 1, 1 K A' 'EPP F . ,-,, ,Wfw ,L I , Qffwfi ,.', ' , ' 2 ' ' aiziiliq-, --1 . DAROLD ALLEN ROY ANDREWS PATTERN SHOP WELDING SHOP .Ju-at 'M' ROBERT BAASE RODDY BARRIGAR AUTO SHOP MACHINE SHOP SP NSW' W M524 fx RONALD BAUER THOMAS BERNAU PATTERN SHOP AUTO SHOP I lyz A' , V,-i'I: V P Q T Tn. 7' .- ,,., L 5,,.,T -ffm, S-gm 1? ,YH . , T 51 ww WWI . if 'Ive'-ff' WILLIAM BRADY PATTERN SHOP , , Sf My I XE :J I " 'E V 'nf' F --"""""" . I . A f ii I -X , f fly , ,ng-. .RFE ,.,, ECXQMZXYHS-I mag' 5, PM W: 1 . lj ,AI-Y':v"T'T -0 ' " ZX1. . .vm nu- 15- A ,1, 3 -5-W ERNEST BRAYMAN WELDING SHOP 1 I I 5 -"A, 0 " :ew ,Q .TKXS '- - mf, mv-'-P A' lx . ,W ,,,3"'f"1 , I 1 r A K I N""Ql' VN .... nj' BRUCE BRIESKE DRAFTING DUANE BRAYMAN AUTO SHOP f ah' . f' ' . ff 1, , 1, v-,Q -X i, RI f f RAYMOND BREFKA ELECTRIC SHOP lxj-w:,,."N. Q. I " H' EQ .f-""" h P WILLIAM BRYAN AUTO SHOP gi' -my-QIQQ V5 f, img P- , , .AEM 'U 4 1 NX , , , A ' ' I 1 I I -- f I ,I DONALD CALL GARY CAMPBELL PATTERN SHOP DRAFTING "LL 1 I R uf' f . 'I C A' I . , I p LTL A diva' f'vgT?f I Aw In-. ' -ISV! : g1"f? 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Q, ,aff S P- 'H ni-Xs,i'L51j,qf57x?f?f-'vgfc 5 X 'ir VIRGIL DUVE ELECTRIC SHOP ry If .F JOHN FISHER AUTO SHOP - 1, ,JMX I ' W ' L pt: OA.V Nm 1 ,kd E, xx I 1 A K' xl, 59 GARY ELLIS ELECTRIC SHOP RAYMOND ERSKINE PRINTING SHOP W r f L 'Hx , L ' ,L LIL .I gl,- I I ,ILILNLI LELAND FONTAINE AUTO SHOP "1 , if 4. f, I ki ,., A , 4? 2 K r ,QI - Z V ' A I' S DAVID GENSKE ELECTRIC SHOP 2,5 '-.1911 ,. J. ' ,, I-.fg.,'I.:g1 -Egg.. yQ34fQ4I21g, 'f .f- ,giggzf HEMI g ggi sga 1,-I ,. ag E., , . . zgqjiv -' I M21 . ., ME, EI EI 2+ ' Ie ,5,LV:',V , .tag I I 52: I ,ww- 9' 'L A E ' ,wfgil " ' . A 1 1 f ' 3 , PQI- , I mi '13, -J, .I AI V I M., I A' "" I E' I K' -A I f "iq U-,',,,'w'?f. - A .,,:,, .,.,,.,,, , . I. V53 F mwac S16 M 1, is I 5' 5 gi I zffi 'fig' wk? A y rx L I 1 3 iff, I , Q A W 1, f A 3 A" gm 5 Z 1,-rf wif Q ' Q 5325 A A rw ,,: A -.f W - ,- CHARLES GILMAN FRANK GODI PRINTING SHOP MACHINE SHOP HZ, J M. - . , EI I' ' VP ff 3 1 -' 15:1 if 1 ik ,Q .SE ,,,, . , I..,h ,E , WE in I A 'a few QE If 1? 'fi Q - .,qin'feh1-gym , ,. .N 1 4 ' , -, , , , , ., V 7 -lx K , WW I . I A I ROBERT GODI HAROLD GOODBOO MACHINE SHOP WELDING SHOP Sh A E K A 'S A 3 f 'X ,' 'f LGQQ7 1' iv ,. OIIO IIOI I VI. ,ff ,I... sV, Mh ff? , I IAQ, JOHN GOIQZ EDWIN HATCH AUTO SHOP WELDING SHOP W I I df . A 5. ,f f ff? , x Y X K 'X ' A x"' 'Xi NQY , , x fy! ' 3 11? W 1 I Q -""'ii9w - V. rf" 53" ' 4,,. K7 Q -.1 ' -w..,x:fr ' f t ,I I fX K 415' ,, NORMAN HESS HAROLD HINDS DRAFTING PRINTING SHOP , Rf-gk A ,Q EJ ,wx fm A 1 , A 4 Q 'QM - 5 'L . A Z7 ,1 J imgwqf '11-uni .4 g .ar A if X 'qvftc-Q., 5 9' A O . NICHOLAS HOLIHAN JERRY HULL DRAFTING ELECTRIC SHOP 1 A"" M I 1 2- 'Q V A fu r N A 6, " A V I 1 f 5 13 I L. V. JACKSON FRED .IARVIS AUTO sHoP WELDING sHoP GARY JOHNSON MICHAEL KELSEY 4 PATTERN SHOP AUTO SHOP If ' AT O A SQ TIMOTHY KINNEY GERALD A KI Q I 'sg if 5 KRAUSE ELECTRIC SHOP PRINTING SHOP . ,f : T. JT - me K QF. 'f F: f'f"f"7'f-'a-Fhfri y ' , I . 53 1 ' 4 . I Hz? 'i " ' ' jig' wi' -2, iji ' 3 ya- he I M,.,,WW.mza. f rm-W' ,ff - 1 J -ff f 'ff W, . , , , L, k I X.-. EDWARD LOKINSKI DRAFTiNG my Q' - Jeni LUTZVKE ELECTRIC SHOP, 'WRC ff W CIE l I '- LLQL W1 gif: -f ELECTRIC SHOP dfrll ? f -. E fd - -,ITV gr" M MII wr 1 an-'fi I ICE E GEORGE MARTINEZ MACHINE SHOP 'I2,3z4,,I"LQI! ' Img. ,ff ,,,:p f- I5 , I . Q pid- GARY MAYER PRINTING SHOP W, , " 'li N I . M I, M211 iK"'b 'X AVAW IIII f jf IIE, I I E I IIINN xx IMI STANLEY MARR ELECTRIC SHOP f'I-- . . ,gh , K , 24 ff- .Y I ' ' D46 1-has-C 5 sf- K vu-I I- . 74' .. 4 , ,-if 52 'H S' K I I I' gfefe ,fix Y an ,.'Dfy Vx 'Il' 27 , , . , EQ, 5 I If . A32 " I, 51: gf I M I 7: an I, .II gn .. Eff' Mgr , NH. E: ROBERT MAY DRAFTING ,,a."':g'x:? , .I 16:50-' C 'f ,Qi- YF I , i E,-' I ' C I .. - V5 EMI 5 T' 'Ei X TED MCLAUGH LIN ELECTRIC SHOP I . " ,,',,.'-af' -gy ,,, - IX N' , M . 'IK' '- JA TILT-'fl H . lg.--. f ,,. K 7 Qs, f II f gf Q S' , Q? I, mf -' , , I ' If ' n - ii ,V nf . . 'wxkf MQ- if fs A L...aui"" x V if kr N.-ff LARRY MILBRANDT WILLIAM MILLER MACHINE SHOP AUTO SHOP PM DOYLE MORRISON THOMAS NOWAK ELECTRIC SHOP MACHINE SHOP ' lj -' r' I 6 52:22, 1,55 5 'W .If Z. .W . 45 aff!! -.,, t'f5U"'l4- f' fi ' X 4, 2. ., W , . '-Ig:-qi, 'F ,ww I ,fi I? 31 frffi 'f ,I Q -vi fi w X- 5 , A, , yi V lg' I 'I -. 3 'az ,.i W , - V, 'af ' 4, ' I ,, M fg --,i x 4: V, ESA: 5.451 I ' I TU, ' . ik I . i?'2v2'f1fiiiifalh '-'4L.,'. " F ix" a, 'Z ff-- ' f " , I ' , eff :If .":Af'?TIxf. fp . .-g5x3yk,'.', N ' --' f, :, .1 'mgWffg.f,f4:Ig , nz f 'A ' A ' A ' ' , . fz:,',5I7Wiw'i,rf -1Z,e55hwfvigwm5 E','r- '54-?iI . - - -' ' ' f lW5y:"I'VJi15 'EH' xzwb-xS'x - I A V y , fi ' ',s,wsfrQ, mm I ' N? 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T,:wE-vf'i.L'Ps, T N . .3 ,1- E- -1 ' fm .,vE ' , K b ,A . - , K pr ,Zigi E L Ls L 1 Qi ALBERT RUEDA WELDING SHOP -'VN 0-.J PETER SANCHEZ AUTO SHOP I I Y A 'why if I ,, A if TERRY SCHEIDLER DRAFTING QMQG4 wi '54 I -'R? MQ, O I ,J xw....f I A EUGENE SANTHANY DRAFTING . ,S .1-,Iv , ff 'pi A I I, A p H! It ' . .-f , I 'lf 'X H--...,av" Lf I 47 I Ziyi 9 THOMAS SCHNOPLE MACHINE SHOP -I PIX. 'AL' A ,if PI H+ .A fl' , fi Ai WI I If 5 ' 'sniff' I'W My j P-'lf-:"iiIL:"1 A, gwiyggi. 7 I 1 ,Ig 11' S I q'.r?f4 1 . I KEITH SCHRAMM RICHARD SCHRANK WELDING SHOP MACHINE SHOP ,Ig 'I IIIIIQIIIXW I , , ' fp- ,ws lz, 'I' Y 'ua sh' ' "-atv WWI NORMAN SCHAEDING MACHINE SHOP gy , , P-,, . ..AM P' vi.. 'II '.. H,,Jf'9, ' 1 fa P . Pam, 3 Avg- ff ny! JOHN SCHOMAKER WELDING SHOP ,f . , 1' .Mfg K I - V 1 T I--.,.,,..A"" xii' ,I M am, f 'Si!'FH3Q, X' 2 si MICHAEL SCHULER PRINTING SHOP FRANK TYBURSKI DRAFTING I ff' :gf .K,f. ' L QCII , 3 55 51 , j ' ,W igni - l DONALD WARE PATTERN SHOP Q X 'uf ABEL VEGA ELECTRIC SHOP VIS DONALD WALTERS MACHINE SHOP DALE WATERMAN WAYNE WATSON MACHINE SHOP ELECTRIC SHOP fffqiff 525 New 2 raw' if fldx 1f""'?Y WILLIAM WENNER JAMES WESTPHAL ROBERT WHITMAN MACHINE SHOP PRINTING SHOP MACHINE SHOP H-. I I' f' Q 4 44 ,I AR .A I' 'S -' RICHARD SEAVER RONALD SIEGGREEN DONALD SPANGLER PRINTING SHOP AUTO SHOP ELECTRIC SHOP I- III" , 6, - ,P Ce-,I s aria: 1 , . NI 4-' I gf' x.,, If IIH f I I .,.iV If,jf I- ,ff , 11 - 5, ir .V b.ZO I I I 5 OAOO 1 -,tg-gn ' jf ' ff ,Q IA I TERRY STAHL GARY STERLING WILLIAM SZCZEPANIK ELECTRIC SHOP AUTO SHOP DRAFTING ' iff-. I I - , - f,Q.'.1IZfrK if, IV-IIIf'j,5fr ' 'iii' ' . . - V. ,I V ' . fi ' , U T 4 'H' f , M I --an-I ,2 4 """"""p ji Q ,L Ig Q1 3 I- N W I- -2 , K, A I ug- If -9 Z "1 P A I ffQ"f-im I EN . K W -.rv I , A 2 ,Iii K I , . A GERALD THEAKER WILLIAM THEAKER DALE TUCK PRINTING SHOP PRINTING SHOP WELDING SHOP I I I I I ,I sz 4 II SK II I ., Ia. I I-OIIII. . .W-I ,- :'I,,III7gxg- ' " I I A gf? .swf A :IS - lggjggify I., f' V ' ,Qfiwx I fi' f DONALD WILSON ROBERT WILSON I MACHINE SHOP PRINTING SHOP ,- IX I -1 I1fsI2iI5s'Iif E , I I I Z I II I- ,I--If -, . I - , ,, MIIIIIMIQ A 'PIII ' In.. , -, . . .. . I I lf". ,Jil ' 'Wi 'I - " , A772 ' V. '1 ".I,?fY5sfLgf ,QI L, '.I -IIIQIHQ I - 35' 1751 '5' ', Zfi-',f'fi?xFis352 I 1 , ' E l O I T . , I J I-1 f I, 6 I ,, I I Aa 4 X I WI ,, I I I3 XII? , I 1 ,I 5 ,mf I 9 im , HQ , LII :II I I5 I III I K 5,11 I 5 ,I ' FIIIWQ III If QI wi 'im k I 'I .- . I I I . . -we IfgZf1ii3i'f'I.'J".f,. P' A I- 7'1" ,ff -I I QQQ X Im ,L gk 6,5 WI Qmmwb , M I' I5 II I IQ. ' 'I I, , 4- -I I +, I sf :,i:4'1Q2':.f'-I I IIIII- ,LII DANIEL YEAGER GARY YACKEL MACHINE SHOP DRAFTING I I X 'I13I'II'IHi 2 If'IElzI3" J?2?E'IkI: EIO IIIQ QIIIL I I I I I I I I ISS Z Q Z M x I K .I I I I I I 3 5 PI, Y I I is :I ak V X, K I 5' T I 1 iff! QI YI I ey I E E II S I ai I I .I IIIIWII II III IA5 If II MII II III II I If M II? I ,I II.II II? .I .II ,.I,.I.I, II I W IZ IQIQHIILIIIIIIII 1-1IIIII,II:I5 III:,I, IIJZSIEYIPQBPQQISITEQIIIP- I if- if I I " I' ' HIV- Iii? Im I ,II ILIIIIIIAII IMA-Ig I-.IA I.II1?L,C, II .I ,gg me ' I II. I T S- '- I, , . 1 C ASQ? E , ' SHS" E .: .I F11 . I,Ie1.iI3wgiIQL:Q .I I,-..j ,-.:, . ' ' I- i"1S"?1d-' Ni. , ,sg-t',,fQI Im: ,, , I ,,,,III. ...I . .,.. I ,, W . IMIV - III I I. I-, IIE., II -HL, ,' ,I - THOMAS WOLFGRAM MACHINE SHOP FRANK ZELAHI AUTO SHOP I MEIVIQRY Tn God s Classroom on Ma 2-4 1959 of Wllllam WCHHCF VVIIO Cfllf'OHCd 375. fa' M Q. '. 'i r 5, 55+ ' ' 535' i . ww H. I , K g , K ik fi 3 5 2' W 5 it 5 5 f A, Gs , x 1 , . U, Q.: 1, -xg 1 .m Aw g-, is X 1 Q53 wx v ff D' fo 4 ss of Y 1 fi . 91. if af 11.5-P ..: sg " K 'wx N 1 fr 3 sr L f s K 1 1 :EE -3, 4 Q 1 Aa pr 1 W 513 Q A 11 -+ M .k ,K ff . 12- ,, , .4 . Wx . ,, 7 my -5 ,Vg Q., ,. 41, w wJ. L 1 v M V ,Ml ,,.., f r ,E,,:a', ,, V K W .lr L Timm if il ,T 1 SSE L Q T s ilriirs, 5 '55 Y 1 if -L 9- B Q W A! 5 1 Y Q ,sg 1,-fl -r--ref. ,, f - T -ig .7 fg if fwfmur 3? . if T r arg SQ-xy sl :TTT .Q Q g ,ZX 4' T r A-wh, Y., 2-QS... W gig ,Ly , . M, Nj Z'-lzlls ' 29 . Tig . V sf, f fm . . V :. .f'5.,' :THQ 5,151igglm1,:,i,frg,Li?lff.Q',':- , . , , A. , grerrn5W,g ,- - . .. ,, L., L , ,X YN 'S , 5 rr 'W' L K , ,. ,wi , rxfqgrg s A 9 ug 'T sr r lx S f . 'wilsrriw ' Lair Kf"i'fgl'T?r5fig?T' Q - , -,fwijg ,Eg 'fWfi'lWlETElSeT.r,x:. , 4' Y - Wales fl " . , Tyr? 25. 12435 . 1 ,Iu:.XJl,-w-,- My - my asm - -4- ' .Lv . .- Vitiiwxe :J '53, ll 1 1 ,S T .71 M Tv: Aff , ' ' -T'5.'-KZ" 321, 11-f'l7TT'l-l ' 5foLLiSQlQ5i---,57'.EA - .- f ' COACH PARSON Our baskeTloall Team was coached This year, Tor The TirsT Time, by Mr. Roloerr Parson. Mr. Parson is a naTive Saginawian, he grad- uaTed from Saginaw High School and Then conrinued his educarion aT CenTral Michigan College. While in college, he majored in geography, hisrory, and phys- ical educaTion, he was capTain oT The CenTral Michigan Track Team and was The sTaTe champion in Track in 1947 and 1948. ATTer graduaTion, Mr. Parson came back To Saginaw To be- come The AssisTanT Track Coach aT Saginaw High. Coach Parson worked hard This year To build up a good Team and form The nucleus of a greaT Team in The coming years. He will ioin our TaculTy nexT year as a Social Srudies insTrucTor. Um Gary Campbell, William McCarthy, Doyle Morrison THROUGHOUT THE BASKETBALL SEASON AND AT PEP ASSEMBLIES OUR STUDENTS HAVE BEEN VERY ENTHUSIASTIC. MUCH CREDIT GOES TO THE CHEER- LEADERS AND THEIR SPONSOR, MR. EYLES. QW' Sgucwl From Left To Righiz Froni Row - Coach Bob Parson, Frank Vargas, Chuck Turner, Herman McNair, Gary Mayer, Allen Kluck,anol Assisfani Coach Jerry Lazarro. Second Row - Barry Schwier, Earl Gissenolanner, Arihur Soto, LaVerne Emery and Ken Marr. Back Row - Jerry Rogalski anol Jim Gehringer, Managers. Tech-44 Tech-45 Tech-41 Tech-43 Tech-45 Tech-56 Tech--60" Tech-47" Tech-47" Tech-50 TECHNICIAN SEASON RECORD Sf. Andrews . ...,..... Old Grads-30 Holy Family-37 ..,.,.... Montrose-44 Holy Rosary- Charles-53 Sandusky Flint Tech St. Peter 81 Paul- 'klnolicates Tourncfmenf Game Madervi Ile-81 -62 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech -59 ......... -53 ....,,... -45 ,...,..... -58 .......... -49 ......... --56 .......... -63 .,..,.... -46 .,..,.... -45 ......... -27 "' ....., Ashley New Lofh rup- St. Mike s- St. James- .. Sf. Charles- ST. Mike's-- ST. Joseph's- New Lofhrup- Holy Family- .. Big Rapids A ,MIVTA 5xf?'1LL L , , X, -L ' LN , L Lf' LUX ' X N 5 5 , ,,ff, 'L L XM X, 41, ' , "' Q Q' f Lx " 'K x L sk? 45 xx fl L , ,L w. X N. 5 sv 2 N -L ff KJ I T' , 3 Q 5 I , , Af ,'. I vii. kv .Jxqg'viggvLl'f?? 4 J' gl X Af 3 ' h .LLJ ALLEN KLUCK ff , , EARL GISSENDANNER X gif? Ay Z .I ! jr Q Q7 V W. X is 1 , Ay . fl wxxierrfhip, 5 ', f iv LV., LV K si tj if 7 ff' 1' . W . C 1-, I J, A www L J If ' G X . , 1' Nag , f NJ ' L X . 'nk ' , LQVERN EMERY A .3 , L Q75 A , A , L yt, Ly J, X if Q: 7 1' f 5 HERMAN MCNAI R CHUCK TURNER fl-2 J Arthur Hill Technical High School this year saw the completion ofa full season of basketball. The first in almost thirty years. lt was a well coached and hard fighting team. Nice going, guys, and good luck, next year! 75a yfllfthfl Vanity Fronf row lL to Rl-David Genske, William Brady, Raymond Tobias, Douglas Mazany, and Coach Wessely 2nd row lL fo Rl-Larry Milbrandt, Jim Westphal, Rene de las Santos, and Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Harold Rufhig Back row lL to Rl--Manager Frank Graham, Fred Hernandez, Jerry Meyers, Bob Wilson, and Manager Jack Benway--Absent from picture: Ron Gardner WON-LOST RECORD 28-Tech 46 ........., ............ H oly rumily 9 2-Tech 28 ......... ................ M ontrose 17 4-Tech 31 ......... ............ S 1. Andrews 14 12-Tech 50 ............ .....,........ H oly ilosary 51 19-Tech 43 .............. ................... S T. Charles 45 6-Tech 44 ........... .............. S 1. Peter 81 Paul 45 9-Tech 47 .......... ........................... A shley 39 13-Tech 49 ........., ........... L othrop 50 Jan Jan. Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb 16-Tech 48 ............. ................... S f. Michael 23-Tc-ch 50 .................. Bay Cify St. James 27-Tech 38 .......... ...,.................. S t. Charles 6-Tech 53 ...,....................... .......... S t. Michael 1-3-Tech 47 .......... ,..4.... .............. , ..... St. Joseph 17-Tech 41 .......... 19-Tech 57 .............. .....,......New Lathrop .............HoIy Family ' ' git 'a f ,vpn K 'rw A .7 'X , :J Q if - -,X .g X,-ff , Q if ESQ X N Nw va, , j ,S 'y -,-" i 3 f,x' i iw I 3, f 'X X Y 'i ,X XX' t XXX, 3 ifim W fav! .H-15 Up in the air! Fight, Team, Fight! The J.V. s fight for the cause! Officer William Bain and Buck Private Herbert E. Chapman J, 4 , 1 ,X ' ,. Nfl it 2 fx XJ Y , , All eyes on the ball!! .gihi - if K ,:- .. 3 ZS' Y . F' FZ sf -31 ffi L. Q5 :gg gi-1 v. ig- K, .9 - N. :QQ f M3 X 'Y 1. 'r 1 1 5 , rv Q 4 9 1 4 f . ,TW MH w f 'eggs Ls ZH L . ,, se? -J A221 A :HLA- P X ii Q gr Egg M dy, ,, J .,.:g. kvfA.,"i K .QQXM5 5 Y Q S a 'fa- -wfzi 0- 5 ' .. KVA, .,, mfg ., K f-1 .a. , hge '. ff Q1 A x ' v- as 1 3 Q5 'fax 9 1 if 'Q D 2 J dv! 2 K ff ' 'gm .hi ' fliiaisr :.,:,-:a' -fm wg ',f::::i , . ,w,L 2:53 I ffm ,g A wif. iffy gfJ'1fi. WS? ' J. ,. ,M ,aw we- , Q' if ro ' . S' fir f -' Q21 i 1, ., W if? : J , - . +w3,, ,pyg:Q P 1 L Q' :W .6 , QP 1 'W W ,,: QfgL.s12Zf2fw1f1fa, '- -V - 2 iifaim gw , -ii vifi f-- w- 'fi ifl l .,,,,m,,W5i i THE ARTHUR HILL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING ISN'T THE ONLY THING THAT'S CHANGED .... FACULTY AND SENIOR CLASS MEMBERS HAVE CHANGED A LITTLE TOO!! IPicTures are ioIenTifieoI oh The Ioctck of The Iolsf page of This secfionl 1, 2. T7 5 ni 42221 ' " "W ' f? ,, x fb M a, T ps .Q ings " 4 Q L 4. 6. . s VP? WZ 'ws XM ' f , 7. Af Q v ,o ' ' , ...W 9. 'IO 1 ff' 12. 13. '9-QQ, I ,f . , N., V, . 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Mr. Eyles ,1-X V 5535? ,, , H' 5 my , I , W- 41- 1593? M Vw klazieszrifuu iw ' 3 J L Ts,.. ,W mr W CASE A GBRIEN 31 CQ, INSURANCE AGENCY Funeral Director - AMEULANCE slsnvics - GENERAL INSURANCE - FN Bseavncf PARTS ilton A Phone PL7 DEL RIO GRILL ' -oss A A . "A N502 Grdfabf N' A 'E HELFRECHT A MACHINE CCOMPANYA L.1NJNn,.. .- MACAAAND AVERY , - Wholesale e- A CANDY - CIGAR - TOBACCO - SUN VITA-BOY CHIPS THANK YOU PHONE PL 2-5363 cc ----- REITZ FUNERAL HOME 1026 E. Genesee SHEA'S Equipment For The Best In ALLSPORTS Phone Pl. 5-4677 524 E. Genesee Ave. OREM 81 SON 805 E. Genesee Best In Zenith Radio and Television :::::::::::::p4::::::::::::::::::: WEST SIDE COLLISION Service Complete Body Repairing and Painting Floyd Hubbard 311 S. Hamilton GEYERS Department Store 118 S. Michigan HAMILTON HOME BAKERY 118 N. Hamilton Street MELS FOOD Phone PL 2-0033 313 s. Michigan BARTLEY'S BAKERY 1030 Gratiot SID LIGHT JEWELER 125 S. Hamilton Street i.IEBERMANN'S 415 Genesee Avenue KINNEY SHOES 319 E. Genesee S I ' GRANVILLE'S Good Shoes for the Entire Family 128 N. Washington iohn EGLOFF realtor Phone: Office PL 5-1071 518 Gratiot Residence SW 2-3194 Saginaw PAUL KRAUSE CLOTHING CO. Clothcraft - Stein Bloch Clothes 404 Court Street Saginaw, W.S., Michigan SAGINAW ICE 81 COAL CO. 222 No. Niagara Street L Distributors For SPEEDWAY FUEL OIL 220 N. HAMILTON CALL PL 2-6194 FOR PL 3-4044 RADIO DISPATCH SERVICE A Compliments of HOLSUM BREAD AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Q,,,,Ww , Michigan Af CCISS Sffeef 'Amin f-It Ilmamo 1 'X ! WUI 311, 'L PER YEAR ON SAVINGS "Your Community-Minded Association" 404 W. Genesee "THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY" WERKEMA STUDIO 515 E. Genesee PL 2-7051 TEC NOLOGY . . . The pfzamiae Of '7amcvnaw THE GENERAL MOTORS FOLIIS IN SAGINAW 0 Saginaw Steering Gear Division O C al Foundry Divisio I Ch I 1--Saginaw G y lon Foundry Division C Ch I S g T Division I Ch I S g S M f 1' ' g D GEN ERA MCTORS .-.Q " Y. : 'al 3 4 I af gr . 'if Se, ji 73 73 Q .f Y ' w 11721 2-N 1 A 1 -Vx

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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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