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 - Class of 1956

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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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K 4 : 15 ifw K v 1 '- " 5 ' W 1 ' ,I ,"' A ' Y ' " up-V 1' ' flgi HA 1 :'I Q , HE' IP!! E .rl P fs 5 is 'P ft fi? 5 if A X a 5 1 AM AL Z4 .dv :s fra ' ,no .. 1 . 4' . 5-A 2.'.lg I nr nhl. Q 7 its iffy , .3 'V 1 V 5 , . uf A,-fv?,',v,k:Rt fq -5 J 2: ,Q l. v fn 3 is ,fig X ,- in I 1,415 35, S Q. 2, Q, . Jag I 'D 'IM 73,5 ' ' 'Wg' ft snr - A -1 Qc 1 ' 'vi I' -A 1' 1, , H -,,, ,. .ff .' .Sky- ' ' Wfisf' ." G, Tv . , , j.' lY.,'v?F-wif., ' A fi - ' nk- . I, K A-. a ftp. , Vw l I'P"lu . 5, F 3f,'..-24,1 ,,m5 2gf ' .. 1- ,af-rf ' .Q ww N.,-, ,, .- fx ar XA Ti, , X, 1 4. .ei w:'e..,!'v', , A ' All I H u 1 2-. , ' ' I, V.. an A . 5.5, 5 f 'M .lv T- . kph I' I4-if., I- 1, thqqvgwffjxl -N. . A .limi ,Tw " .F , 1 ' .' .' 0 AJC' . ny R vigfHF9y g"'E?w 33- -13.1 f. -fb .fb 1 M K I . fu H ,Q 4 - - I A x - , .X ' Y Sv. J' 4 L4 " -fa." M A 3 ff-' 4 1 K . L 5, Liam ". ,W ' , 4 Wfsljn' ,Q mm -- Q ff- 41- ,. f N -Q, EE, V - . . .4 gn, ', li .NN uv. "' f' . ' Q ,' ' ' if ' , "C ' , ""Nvs:5+w1"ff'55'f 'f?"2 , 'J ' A, gm - in 11,-wzsf - Q fff- 3- -11' '. A . " , V' ,bv W '5'3' " f 'V 1 ,1 1' ' ' , 1- ,, 74 , 1.5 '- .. ' , ,, A 1 5 -..-,-, 1 L , f x . l ' 5 I A, A ,' gf f.: W' 3 -,, Q -.bfi - lyh4'l',"' +5 .ffffigk it , 1, ' ., ,YQ K f.,,. '1 .. I 'V' , 2.5, .X W, Q ,l :I J, . I - 1, fp' 5 13 any .44 ,F ymfgg f+e1z, -f -A 1 --, H '. 't A ' f"". ' 1 my K',,,.,., .Jgk ' ski?-of 'x . 'Q ' . ' .- f ,, f Q-f,,qQ4.ff ,mf..-3154" an A259 Qi f' 14" i Q , ' A 4. R, w V z ., .tt ' 1 ,A 1 is - ... ', ' 'w"1'..- 1 , . v . . , - . .- .,. 'KT 'ff' . ' .. A ,. " - - . - V' ' F' .fx A, if' ' TN, g N-A34 -1 4 an 4: 1 Vg- L 'x .,Y I if 1. A t ,U MQ!" 'ns ..' H' Q' 'nf' a 1 , , ' v' ,-fciiiq-5 . sn- S 'QE 47" "wh" . i-X 5 lvow' 'A 1' 1 4 1 .A ,525 I ,' v,,.ctx if W0-"C, . 7534" -.1-' K" fwfr af TN 4 ff ,y v. 'vi i'15 .v . . f-. ,Y -4' 1 "VN, ' ' - Q42 . S C L rigs. i.. ' - f. ' X QOL ,, , . ,. 0 ,, .S-.,eg '- 5 I tu . h a ' ' .E 0 f g X,,. if o ' kyn . x A 'I K 'J , ' . 5 'l K Q A ' - 4- 4 A Q - f'i'w'w X. " 'K . Q..- . - 41,5 ,Q - - A . . ,. 5 Y if ' " ' fb' V' ' 1 ' , IH' ' E 45' Pimp A 'Q "' 'Za' ' ' "' P- -' ' ' xy xr ' 'A , .W.f 5 'F , G I " ' - " . d?,.SMn,1,, 4,1 XQQIJ 't-4- is ,5 43" n fri- f- 1.3 S 1 f w - 'Z-PQ af Y.. Jfcz, 'f 1 f-, -V ' f --ff Q f 3'f,g','Qj'..,413rmi.4' .: g' ,An ' , M' '. 5 - " . I , .Q , Q Q lr dj f:?",v , ,J sf. f .. ., X . . 1 Q.. V J Z, . 5- 1.-5, -A I ,u-,v Atv . . . 5'i-?g.?5:,vg.iv4' -.' ,. A A 'u' 5 li. ' - ' ' Qufv r JA Q 4 xx I A wg.. W- . un- J' ' f sy , . .3-k,S kwa' I : ,, , I - ' ,f I fr .. ' v Q .3 I X I ' gf. rt is Q .f ., Q ' ' . .A n L . , f , I1 a s ..... 1--I 4 .zu 'I 2: L-41 1 Q- . ' Ld. mfs A ffqouaaeafnqclaqdllife ......... Wzwuwzwzmi aff:-mcfecf cfaddaifzegufafzlq, jo4l4wJcluJ4, ...... .. wd Zadwuwwuafzywgwuf Baum, , , Jfmfzii, ani pa41m.fet'4awze,waJZt!wA44p,14, Z anemia when We ..................... used the beautxful organ that was gxven the school? tried to study during exam week in the desks for the new addition which were placed out in the halls? sang our alma mater at the football games to the accompamment of the Arthur H111 band made fnends and had lots of fun fmally graduated as seniors? 7aUeof Uanienii Zmtt. 8 ,dotwztm 2.2 g64'I40fZfi W 6 Jlamvm 3710451 - ' 6 8 9 1.13 - 130 x ,q,g,,e,,g,,,,,,, , 53 , ,M 'Qs -f i' 2 sl A 1 if 'lla an 5,5 X ' f I 4 .3 1 'i , I ' I 1 J f I I Perhaps the Student Cabinet started a new tradition at Arthur Hill when it sponsored a dance atter the Saginaw High. Arthur Hill football game for students of both high schools. It also conducted the daily lunch hour dance session known as Noon Club. The Student Cabinet is made up of the president of each advisory and is sponsored by Principal I. M. Brock. Szfmludf I 5. i' 'hu' Ptonald Martin-President W, lg . , nf, '?'f8'2fcjf,c?'Q1,1 Wifi , W., , k I Q lt' 6,5 OV HELEN OLMSTEAD, M.A. "How should I choose a college?" Girls, Miss Olmsted will be glad to help you with this or any of your other problems. In her new position as counselor she co-ordinates the guidance services at Arthur Hill. In addition she teaches two English classes in the aitemoon. , 0 Y ELOISE BACON B.S., M.A., Northwestern University Biology HELEN BEESON B.A., M.A., Columbia University English HELEN M. BEYER B.S., Michigan State University Homemaking, English FREDERICK BLOCK A.B., M.A.. Columbia University Mathematics EARL BURNETT M.M., University of Michigan Instrumental Music, Department RUSSELL CANUTE M.A.. University of Michigan Social Studies FREDERICK W. CASE II B,S., University of Michigan Biology, Natural Science CAROLE ANN COWLES B.A., Michigan State University Office Training M. MARIE CRITTENDEN B.A., Central Michigan College Business Education, School Treasurer MATTIE CRUMP B.A., Illinois Wesleyan Journalism, English IOHN E. DAY B.A., Central Michigan College Social Studies ALBERT G. DERSCI-I M.S., University ol Michigan Head Science Department Head, Chemistry MARY MARGARET DOIDGE B.S., MS., University of Michigan Physical Education MARGUERITE ENGEL B.S., New Iersey State Teachers College Chemistry FLOYD FEUSSE B.S., Central Michigan College Business Education HAROLD W GIESECKE BS A program change" Boys see Mr Greseclre for thrs and other counselmg servlces He also teaches solld geom etry and rs head of the math depart ment CHARLES FOWLER MS Umversrty of Illmols Socral Studres Coachrng BERNICE M FRANCES BS MA Umversrty of Mrchrgan Socxal Studres DAVID GAINEY BA Alma College Coachmg Art of Lrvmg AMY GATZ B A MA Umverszty of M1ChlgGn Enghsh MUIh9mGl1CS BURNICE R GIBBS M A Umversrty of Mrchrgan Soclal Studres EMERSON GROSSMAN MA Western Mrchrgan College Industnal Arts Coachmcl RALPH L GRUEBER BA Mrchrgan State Unrversxty Public Speakmg Debate HAZEL GUNTHER BS Central Mrchrgan College Busrness Education Department Head FRANCIS HAMLIN MA Umversxty of Mrchxgan Enqlrsl' RAYMOND HARTMAN B S M A Western Mrchrgan College Retarlxng Coorclmator IRMA L I-IARVIE BA MA Umversrty of Nebraska Englrsh Department Head NORMA HILE BS Mrchrgan State Umversxty Homemakrng MARIORY IACOBSON BA Umversrty ol Mxchrgan Mcthematrcs French EDWIN IAHNS BS Umversrty ol Ilhnols Dnver Trammg EDITH R IENSEN BA Sl Olaf College Broloqy tm rl!- 'T 'I i Ne., sms. 'Uv- 5 OA 'S Party RACHEL JEROME BA Umverslty of Mlchxgan Enqllsh KURT KAMPE MA Umversxty ol Mxchxgan Coachxng Socxal Studxes MARY F LEWIS BA Hamlme Umversxty Art of Lxvmg HARVE LIGHT MA Umversxty of Mxchxgan Psychology RUTH W LONG M A UIIIVBISIYY of Mxchxgan L1brary HOWARD H LYTLE BS Mxchxgan State Umverslty Agnculture IOY V MANN BA Alma College Enghsh GLENN H MASON B S Mlchxgan State Normal MARILYN MCBRIDE B A Mrchlgan State Un1vers1ty Art of Lwxng Phys Educ Soclal Studles IOHN MCCARGAR B S Westem Mlchxgan College Socml Studies Coachmg RACHEL MCMILLAN MA Colorado State Vocal Musxc CONSTANCE M VAN DERSTEIN BA Mxchxgan Sate Normal Art of Lxvmg EARL L MITCHELL IR MA Mxchxgan State Umversxty Crafts CORA HELEN MORGAN BA MA Unxversxty of Illmoxs Spamsh RUTH M MURPHY BS MA Columbla Umversxty Enalxsh Legenda Phys. Educ., Dept. Head, Coaching 7 9 Mr. Grossman handles a wxcked knxle as he carves one of the turkeys for the annual Faculty Famxly Chnstmqs ext MMA A teacher s work is never done seems to describe Mrs Stewart as she corrects papers during her free hour SEYMOUR MURPHY BS MS University of Michigan Art of Living Audio Visual Coaching IUNE ODELL 1... 14 MA Wayne University English Spanish RUTH E PATOW B S MA University of Michigan English Latin A A PIERITZ BS Stout State College oi Wisconsin Drafting Department Head KENNETH C POULSON BS Michigan State University Physics R GEORGE PUHDY BA Alma College Coaching Mathematics Science UNA ROBERTSON MA Greeley Colorado St Tchrs Col Mathematics IOAN ROSSO BA Adnan College English Social Studies EDWIN SCI-IALK A M Unrversity of Michigan Social Studies Department Head STANLEY SCHUBERT BA MA Columbia University English Dramatics ERIC E SENN MA Iowa University Social Studies Business Education HUGH SI-IACKELFORD B S M A Colorado State Social Stuaies Business Mgr Athletics VIRGINIA SIEHR B A MA Mtchigari State University Art Department Head IOSEPH SLOBODA BS Western Illinois Mathematics PATRICIA STEIGLEY B.A., University ot Michigan German, Spanish -ry. 'Uh Faculty Family Party MARY STEWART B A Michigan State Normal Social Studies C D STEWART B A Michigan State Normal Social Studies IOHN TIBBETT PhD Columbia University Social Studies COGCIUUQ GERTRUDE E TURNER B A M A University of Michigan Latin Language Department Head WILLIAM VONDETTE BA Michigan State University CHRISTINE WEBB B A Hope College English B G WELLS BA Grinnell Business Education BRYANT S WILSON B A M A University of Michigan Social Studies BEVERLY ANN YATES BA Central Michigan College English SALLY ZAHNOW B A Capitol Univers ty English LORNA L ZIEGLER BS Michigan State University Homemaking Coordinator Dept I-I CATHERINE FURBEE B S M Ed Speech Correction DORIS FRYE Secretary LOMA D KRANER Secretary MARILYN SMITH Secretary I I O Coaching, Social Studies K. Dig that lolly Santa IIIS really Mr Grueberl handing Marty Shackeliord a stocking full ot goodies at the annual Here are the people who are responsrble for Arthur Hzlls favonte Hot Roast Beef Sandwxch Frrst row Esther Golden Florence Campcmelh Arlene Barter and Matrlda Schmxdt eqezwa szqgg aware, me ww What a load' says lamtor Bert Brack ley as he performs one of hrs many dutxes Arthur H111 Hngh School students realxze the unportance of the work of Iay Shoebndge Head Custodran, and hrs fellow workers at Arthur H111 Mindard, Lydia Berg. and Ella Schreyer: second row, Selma Dann, Eleanor 0 a 0 ,J Miss Bacons advisory Qome out on top rn the PTA drive again this year Dave Ballantyne Mlss Bacon and Shel ly Abler look over the membership roll from their advisory Marcia Rosenberg Tony Bamard and Norma Spaith urge fellow Hillites to get into the swing of the P T A dnve ae fdufhm AQ!! 19 '-1 The officers of Arthur Hill's P.T.A. are. standing - Mrs. Stewart, Teacher Vice President, Mrs. Amberger, Corres- ponding Secretary, Mr. R. C. Boyse, Treasurer. Mr. Earl Gronda. Vice Presi' dent, seatede- Mrs, Bear, Recording Sec- retary, and Mr. K. T. Starkweather President. az, ,P wf ana., Q..- QS., The rooms are almost hnrshed Soon the students and desks w1l1 take the place of workmen and thelr tools 5 f ' 'vw -., , More rooms for AHHS The new addxtlon on Arthur H111 s northwest wmg will gxve the students four addxtxonal rooms 14JlJl S !4Z4,pwJm9 7-nf if At last Hxlhtes can see the actual begmnmg of AHHS Swimming P001 The imxshed addluon to AI-IHS 7. 21 . , I 42, a . l I A M, ., e- -. . -- . , , 0 O I O ""', .L A U-'Sl B - ,. K. .. -,xxx .-- . . . .,-,Q . m.,,,l', A I xl VV" we F' '..' ' . , A A ' ' 'V 3 . ,' A,..g..-l . - , Q. -.. . rx fl ""' , A. : X ,r lm :-- .-S' ' Y s K 1 7 X . 'P . . , , V L., A ' ,-5 'L lv 4 1 f-f -,- - f ay ' , V' 'J' ,I , . I , ' . ' .,.., -1. - -, Y 4, v 4 V ' ' I , K . ' x 3 ef W X qV"""2f1 X 'Q Q..-'f QP' " ' 'JM 16"-, - Q s' as is ff f g ,. , W .9 Q '. 1 gi- X N . ,V fn, 'G N K A, 'JKA X 'N - ': I X .I xg L4 4 .'g""- . ya.. QT EA 1' !,. A L Parles vous France? fDo you speak French'U Hecervmg help from Mrs Iacobson on a vocabulary lesson are Bobbre Stormont Nancy Cox and Iudy Moeller Como esta usted lHow are you7, Dxscussmg thexr last rnghts homework rs Mrss Morgan s Spamsh class ef 141 .E The far reach1ng value ofa knowledge of another language 1n travehng read mg and understandmg other people 1S mcreastngly apparent Our language department headed by Mrss Tumer glves everyone an opportumty to learn a foreign language Lat1n German French and Spanlsh are the courses offered at Arthur H111 Vent Vrdr Vecl KI came Isaw Iconqueredl Mtss Patow pomts out to Margaret Whalen and Iohn Wolf the many words denved from Latm , f xx Wxe groonen so zerronner tEasy come easy gol Workxng on the next translatxon IS one ot Mlss Stergleys second year German classes l I . I I f , ' I I 1 . . , . . I f XJ' x 'R ' 1 , f N .. , . -, ,. , , .. . ..,. y ,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,, .... . .. ,, .. , , X Each marking period one book report is required. In Miss Yates' sophomore class, Iim Green gives his report while the class listens. 152355555 3:5gfg5f55255555s5v 125553 555sgg5g5g5g555552s55 We feafm, 1460411 Um Each hour of the day there are members of the library stafl to assist you in finding a book standing M McLean I Elhthorpe I Hackenberg S Gardner M Vogt S McCray E Langley M Gonzales N Hodgms I Freiers D Dunn M Langley P Maru S Weiss A Leesch I Parker N Radma R Fuck B Porter D Kelly T Yarger and I Koehler Members Of this ywfs swf! ure. left 10 right. H. Busaid, E. Hobinenep strung are D. Van Buren. The aim of the English Department, headed by Mrs Harv1e is to g1Ve stu dents an apprec1at1on of the pract1cal importance of a knowledge of English grammar and the aesthetic value of an appreciation of good literature Spelhng lists grammar exercises themes liter ature collections modern novels and classics all go to make up an English course at Arthur H111 Miss Olmstead checks on the progress of the Junior students M 1 they take a test ku The senior English classes once each month read the Atlantic Monthly. a magazine containing short stories. poetry and vocabulary study. -on ii Mrss Grbbs looks on as cx movxe lS bemg made ready for her Amenccm Hxstory class The socrcrl sc1ence department sdpbrf sed by Mr Schcrlk offers the e1ect1ves of World Hrstory and geography plus the reqmred subjects of Arnerrcgn Hrstory government cmd economrcs Socrul SCISHCG prepcrres the student for an crctrve pmt mn hrs comrnunrty by lettrng hrm pctrucrpqte ln county cmd c1ty government days Nr L.. 4... Mr Trbbett s dxscussmg 28 wnh hrs government class how to frle lncome tux ,l W .1 rt YV Y 0 , gi t f - ' if b in -Qi 0 A X flgfliiiiiiiiiiii V, d ' z5555555:gi1515:ffgfgz5fr,225sis5422'sisififi2?2i212itfi5252:2iff252i525225EfiiiQziiiiz52525552552225535225555?55522E155fgE2:5:,'Zf:?i53gE:iJEQIQ' L X nd Ei5iEEEiiiE5is5iEE55iiii2535?E555gif?Ziiffigig2Eif5fi3E5i1itii552525ziieaizfiiaiiesfiziiffix 1.: A . ' i "" ' ' . Hanan! 7!ze Wada! We Qu r P A From the beqmmng of crvtlrzatzon to World War Il' Mr McCargars world hxstory class has plenty ol materral to keep rt busy lk 5' Ls, Future world travelers? At the maps m geography are Sylvla Weber Carol Sova and Charles Lrght class ll -if- In Mr Schalk s economrcs class a few days were spent on drscussmg the stock market J M A ' M. 6 ,lst x. 4 h . Ns . X' s, V S A .xst 4, , ' 4 ? ,, '7"M" l W A ' t l ff rltr H t 4' ' L! A ' f i X ' x 9 N ld t Mr Dersch watches as Bert Dyqert Tom Prmcmg Sandra Seaman and Ann Wallace demonstrate what they have learned m chemistry Attemptxng to lmd the specxfxc gravlty ot an unknown substance are Ray I-'xscher and Rxchard Antle III Both are members ol Mr Poulsons physlcs class Sc1ence IS ever becommg a more 1mportant mtluence 1n our l1ves The 1ncreased enrollments ln our sclence H111 are well aware of th1s fact Our sclence department headed by Mr Dersch offers cr var1ety of subjects to further our sc1ent1f1c knowledge Members of Mr Cases natural scxence class carefully examme the unxdentlhed rocks on the desk These future scxentrsts are left to nght Dan Stahl Buzz Mxshka Barb Gunther Sue Green, and Ron O'Martm 30 ' 3 ' n . ' if ,Q - 3" . L . 9- A 51 . . . ,, classes indicate that students at Arthur 14WwZcl0jS' 1..J Mxss Hxle explcnns to Lora Krapohl and Zemth Yeager that The way to Q mans heart IS through hxs stomach Mr Lytle carefully explams some xmportant factors of good crop growmg to the attentwe ears of Dale Seeley Henry Proux Wllham Mead Fred Nehmer and B111 Serrm Agrxculture teaches the boys better methods of iarmmg Ever wonder what the msxde of a frog looks hke' Ask any student ot Mlss Bacons bxology class they ll tell you Rx Mwiha v 'R Ross Wagner explcms cx tr goncmetry problem as the class watches Our Math department headed by Mr G1eSeCke grves cm opportunlty for everyone to take some type of math Th1s 1S one of the subyects that should be more emphcmsxzed for future profes s1ons Algebra one through four plane and solxd geometry and tngonometry are the courses tcmught at Arthur H111 sfgxyf .-' Mr Block pomts out to Tom Bear Ray Graham cmd Kathy McCo1loch a geometnc hgure used 1n Sohd Geometry 32 9 0 K X . ... I I ' 1 O 4 f r W 5 5 ' 5 I . 1 Q 1 Q 1 ' A. LN ' . , . f . i y - . 1 K Y' , I It X r .fx . . -:-z-: -'':':-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:4:-QV:V:-:V:-g-g.g.g.g.g.g.3.g.g.g.-.g.g.c-. I X , F I by ln! YN-v 4,4 N-v rkxng on cr future as tqnment are Ioyce Campbell Loretta Dxckey and Bonme Golden Mxss Gcrtz cnecks on the progress made by Don Bartlett ,,-- Bob Amot Ruth Perry cmd Decmncx Scrlvt work out some Algebra problems as Mlss Robmson watches Vx x -i Mr Purdy explczms to Mxke Setdel Dons Wxlkms cmd Howard Wnqht the iormal proof of cz new theorem rn Plane Geometry 33 I , 1. I ax ' A x . 1 v,' s L ' - Q ' I ' l ' ' 1'55EfiQ151iE5.2255553552325 5E5E55iiE?1fl'1fE:2?ErEEfE'Ei25E5E,f51:f553 I x ' j fr . . r 1, I , 4 1 Fsirgaieiziigzizi' V' 4.f f Q- 1 , e 1 . - ' l l I ' 2 i - r . 3 Le g, . . ,' . f :5If35fig5Qi'51if 'l e .55 3525555252225 "' Q - f, : A' Jar? ff ' ff! I - N. N Ixm Schadt tells the audrence Ive got another pau of socks at home Just x e these Ilm emceed the Boys S O Assembly Oo la la was the cry from the audrence as Dave Bxngham Ron Martrn hm Arthur L Crampton ahas Ioe Hanneford Rrfkm Bob Warner Matt Spence Iohn Wecxdock Dave Blanche!! and Ross amused Hrllttes wrth an unusual assem Wrllrams step rn style bly of crrcus hte and tradrtlons 404 01448 A vanety of entertaxnmg assembl1es were presented to the students of Arthur H111 thls year Both profess1onal and student talent were enjoyed by H1ll1te audlences Drck Bowden takes rt easy as he emcees the Future Farmers Assembly SD Day was observed at Arthur H111 on December lst by an assembly featunng a trlm on safe drrvmg and a lecture by Sergeant Ianner of the Bay Crty State Polrce Other speakers prctured wrth the Sergeant are Mr Iahns and Mr Scotty Wallace Executxve Secretary of Sagmaw Safety Councxl l 1 ' zwfiggz ',.A4' A' Q7 The erqht sophomore declamatron fmal sts thrs years were standmg Susan Trew Charles Barr Murray Hendrlck and Lana Rrsely Srttmg Mary Lu Town ley Charmame Standas Rosahe Kmq and Martha Munck The Speech Department 1S headed by Mr Grue ber Students may take part 1n the debate team pubhc speakrng and sprmg speech actrvmes JA GZJW14 Mr Grueber explams the rmportance at gesture m speakmg to Ann Southworth as the rest of the speech class lrstens 5 'Z N .t Si' the members of the debate team placed thrrd m valley competrtton Members of the atirrrnauve and negatrve teams are B111 Brown Ioyce Metrvra Sandra Seaman Iohn Weadock Bob Tanner Charles Surtor and Pat Loeblem 30 ...- Z .4 , t K , X 1 gigifffr5if"5':5E5?i5EQ?i52?5 l t 2555555555:53:3555335Q35-fg51535,:5'3:35,.5v3Q':1'5:5::35,:5:5I:3.-'-'3:3:.:3:5:3:5.5, ,.5:5,3::5':: cg15:-1-13.-rag:-:-'-1-1::-:-:::-.:':"-: - . ' 2 - , Ei ' 5 5 55552253151 - - - - - - I 25253552125 - - " 1 f o o 25225252 2255555552 2555553535 3555525253 551212533 lf:-12:35 525355553 225252525 s5::5:5:3- YEIEEIEIE 5533535555 Tom Temple and Mary Wxlcox converse from then bedroom wrndows on the second floor as Ray I-'xscher lecds the cholr prucnce at the Congregatxon Church xn the background xs another scene from Our Town ., ,.,,, .' ...,.. ......,..,. r ,........,.. . . . ' -'fr '-' . 2, ' :f ' :-f:-' -': :-cg:::::-:-:5:,:3:::::-:3:g:5:3:, ,',:g:g.3.:.:.:.:.:.g.:.5.3.144.g. 'P' Ac X jxijffj ,f if fy fa f :-:-1-:-:f-9:4341-z-,4.-1-.-. '-:-25-If-' ' 1 -:-'-:-:-5:-:-:-:11-:-9:-:-:A:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:.:-:':-:-v'-:-: .-:-"1-1-1-:-:-'-'-:-:':"-:-:-:-:':-'-:-:v:-' .-:-:-:-I-:-:-.-:-24+ -:-t-:-:-:- - '-1 -' f ' I -.-1-.-.-,-.-.-.-: .',-.-.-.4.v.-.4.'.'.- .'.'.-.-.t-.'.g.g.,.-5.3.-f:M-.'.'."g.3.-.-.'.4-.g.g.-.-..-..-.--4.-.--gr.-.:.g.'-.g.g."'C.g., ' " 9:1515'7:I:75:7152513:7:5522,521:733i:R?j5:1:1:1525:-:-:-:E-1-5:3FF5'1f4f.i:1:1:1:f:':4'-+51-'7 :i:3:41"' 'E-54:-:fggfz-'-.5 :f',4":" -.1.1,-:-.5...j.3.-.g.y.-.:.,g.-.g.,..:.,,,g.g.:.545.5.:.5.5.5,,,3?-,. H - .5 .a . - - 1-25-:gr,-.--:-.-.4-:-.-,-.-:-.-.- -..- .-5.--.-,-.4.-4.f, --:f,f. - 1 sc-12-12522525522125921256:sss5sz1:1:In:I:V1-.-:-:-1-1-1-:1:-12:-:r:1:1s:r:2:.s:5w 2-:fd-. . . ,-". . - -A All dramatic productions are under the direction of Mr. Stanley D. Schubert. Presented on our stage are the first and second semester plays, the play tournament, and the Christmas Pageant. The "Ghost of Christmas Past" is portrayed by Iudy Lambert in the Christmas Pageant, "The Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. - :-' xl: 9 5 1 , ,, - -,,,,,,,,, of the second semester play, Our Town, by Thornton Wilder. .feqenfaancffvecufi The mysteries of type-setting were explained to members of the News staff when they visited The Frankenmuth News. I The News staff spends a large amount of time to get the school paper on the stand every two weeks The news of the school 15 acqurred by the reporters special interest stones by the edrtonal staff The photographers add their touch to stories with action and formal pictures The busmess staff handles advertrsmg and other money mat ters Iunxor members of the News staff are checking their mailboxes for assignments Left to right Iucly Ploetz Sandra Stingel Don Purzgroski Ray Fischer Iudy Shannon and Pat Kirchner u ow Senxor members of the News staff who work hard to put out the school newspaper are left to right sitting Ann Wallace Business Manager Terry Gronda Sue Barr Editor in Chref Carolyn Crawford Barbara Nash Standing Sharon Brown Rose Fahrenbruck Phil Munck Pat Loeblein Darlene Nolan Iudy Toft David Grainger Margaret Booker Luvella Nehmer Ioann Klemm and lim Boyse Managing Editor Ll I ll ll 5. . . V Q t I a . lg , - . ,Q . ' K '77 Q' T 1 s r i , ...,.........,.... . .....,..........,,...4-.., -.-..,,.-,. ,.,., .,.,., .4.,. , . , ' - I- , , Q J . 'F J oc, Xa - A' 4 2213122212Zilfifififlflli-:fi-JZ3t5Z7:5:1i1Z531Z123:5:5:5:315Z5Z3:3:3l3I313:3Z5:323232127Z32325l3173515Z5Z3:1:3:3Z3Z5Z73333I7Z7Z5L3E2:5I5:ZiI:ZgZ5:5lf2g::::3:2212232:31f2g:5I1:f:5:'Z3I-1-I-23 . .- f... ta 3 I I 2255E3532555355553555555555555353525253EE555555552555535552525553355ifE5E355555535553525552525555523E3E52255253535255ifE555253555555555E5E55525535555E5E55fiflflflffflfiifififfff .fri R6C07LCZgU64'bLf-Of? member of the staff as they work together meet deadlines. Planning layouts, selling a vertising, pasting pictures, writing and typi tried to record the events of the year as co pletely as possible for you. Getting the names with the right pictures isn't an easy job. lust ask any one of the following who work on the album section, left to right: Pat Baybeck, Dawn Iones, Charles Suitor. Lois I-'oulds, editor, and e h o Producing a yearbook is hard work but w have fun. Responsibility is placed on eac 1 d. Q copy take up most of the time. Our staff ha I1 S i ,gn rn- Q "The advertising section tells you where to buy." Soliciting ads and setting up the pages are left to right: Gail Wolfe, Co-editors Kay Beeman and Ann Westlund, and Mike Smith. Missing from the picture is Iohn Boyse, L ' 5 he The editors of this years Legenda are: and Culver: Editor-in-chieffBev Boyle: Art--Ann Rabideau: Sportswlim Schadt: Administration-Ann Davis: Honors-Etta Campbell. 39 The craft department has a variety of courses offered. Mr. Mitchell teaches different types of handiwork. Mr. Grossman supervises wood and machine shops for students planning careers along that line, Mr. Pieritz teaches mechanical drawing for future draftsmen and architects. All of these subjects are electives in the three years at Arthur Hill. Charles Barr discusses his drawing with Ed Gwiazdowski and Dave Wolford. These boys are members of Mr. Piertz's mechanical drawing class. GMMP S ' .NS Yi- ,fe fu. Under the supervision of Mr. Grossman, these boys leam to use special tools for better work in the shop, 'ff-'+' :PW:2:5:2:2.'5:3:2:2:325:5i5'175f5555352555f3:'43ff35f57f3t'2'f'f55iff5f5:"':i:5:" LZ-r1'Z1E12'1fE2f5 . .-.-ErE1ErErZfi5"2 -' :4-,7:'f' "' ' f"-5' ' AQ!!-"f:'.3:-:-fag:va:-:afziif X 2' 4144-21 ?f52:2:22, KN-2:1 .-'-' 1.- f .-' :I :-6:2 iff: ' X44 ifbr: 525513 250552455 2525122 PPI" c-:-'-: :k::: :c-:-1 .g4.3.:.:. :+:-:-:-: 522513522 5423252 2:-z-:2:-2 1-:2:2:2:2 :::E:gt2:g: v:,:g:,::: 225222522 5255252525 42:5-: ' tick 523525 f:-:-:-:yr 552252525 7:3:2:5:2: ., . . 2:2:2:f::. me 335522: :2!-'-:f:- 1:53921 icg:g:5:3! 2:2t2:1: 5555525 gg:-:g:,., 5:3:2:2:1. -Lf'z2fA:.-sswfiriziriiriiriiosnrfW "Horses, horses, crazy over horses." says ludi Smith as she draws her favorite subject in Mrs. Siehr's general art class. Auf 5104 C' ' Slmlefuii In the art department headed by Mrs. Siehr, commercial and general art are offered to those with an artistic touch. The posters, clothing de- signs and general paintings are the products of the art classes. L Mrs. Siehr looks on as Iohn Mortord and Ierry Alexander express their artistic talents by making colortul posters. 51 Gam N! 3- P' The student store ts open in the moming from 8 00 to 8 25 and dunng frfth hour lunch period The clerks are left to right Manager Donna Wruck Ianice Reeves Beverly Fahndnck and Iudy Felder The girls are given a paid up SO for thexr work A A 3' 42 ,311 4 The Commercial Department offers varied subjects to students in preparatlon for the business world Many students may graduate from high school and go directly to a good yob in an office or department store Mrs Hazel Gunther 15 head of the department Mr Wells Bookkeeping students leam the funda mentals of keeping balance books for business During part of the tlme in the semester they have a practice set rn which they take care of all the books of a business Dig those stream-'lined colors. Carol Wiltse and Allan Layrer put the finishing touches to a paint display. The displays are donated to the retailing department by various Saginaw merchants. At the left Helen Bese waits o 'customer", Cynthia Tussey. 4:1413 ' WMM "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party," Marcia Mayne and Janice Reeves pound away while Mrs. Gunther checks for mistakes. Outstanding students type 60 to 70 words per minute. Shorthand students scribble in their own special language It may be Greek to most people but its shorthand to them It is possible to take one year of shorthand and the next year transcription may be elected In Office Training students are taught how to operate machines like calculators and mimeo- graphers They also leam business forms and office procedure in general N'-gag 1 2 110421420 Zxceffenifale fn, 0 Whether it be a lusty ballad or a sweet lullaby, vocal music is enjoyed by all. The Vocal Music department sings at functions both in and out of school. Miss Rachel McMillan directs the choirs Front Row, left to right: I. Shabluck, A. Gleghom, I. Farrington B. Brett. S. Parrish, B. Patterson, I. Holmes. Second How: I. Hart wick S. Krzyaniak B. Harris B. Hamilton S. Comstock L. Bigger I. Dankert, P. Boner, K. Golz. Third Row: S. Wolcott, P. Gilginas C. Behrens. N. Haenlein, E. Fritz, I. Turrill, N. Bruaning, S Tanner, L. Hagerty, L. Karls, N. Herbert. Fourth Row: G. Colby I. Cavanaugh, W. Macomber. D. Dork, B. Berg, E. Giviazdowski R. Beyersdori, R. Wrobleski, L- Metiva, C. Kemerer Man' What hamiony The Harmony Teenettes composed of Pam Kline Ianet McDonald Marilyn Thomas and Anne Mc Donald sing at church groups PTA s and many other special functions D' '.f7?f"?f9, 51 T' vet Q' inf' Front Row left to nqht H Buscrxd I Dcrvm D Wnght E Pcxsson S Skentzos M LoFren1er I LeMd1re K Kerkpotrlck S Nelson M Thomcts P Klem M Hunter M Rmethmerrer D Clayton R Iohnson S Hausler Second Row M McLean R Allen R Gwxogdowskx I Engel B Brclcel D tw M Hachthcxrmer N Huegel I Powers I Holmes M Sollner I Keeves K Dczrlcnd N Kcrclrmerster A Hackman I Felder B Lcrverty W Yeomons Th1rd Row I Ahrens B Cope P Rutherford M Howard D Parker C Clark I Bock M Stncker G Hams M Wrlcox M Kmgs berry I Grmnell T Hales I Maul P Streussmq Fourth Row R Clctrk D Schultz W Reld D G Furck I Dezelsky D Reed G Robson T McCullock M Robson G Enger H Iccob H Wnght R Downey D Proux B Thomas H Benycmm B Thompson Front Row left to nqht R Sloton N Schurk V Mmms S Sutton F Phrlltps L A Proux Second Row B Welsh B Youmons D Thxede C Ralph M Secrd S Wederhold Thxrd Row E Vudures I Idrrad I Foulmcrn W Hartwrck M Becxch N Thxedcx K Fuss Fourth Row S Iohnson M Tyner P Thlede I Tumer S Robmson P Doud L Hams Mxss McM1llan ' isr Q: 1--r lol sn , 1 , . U un, , lg 5 Front Row, left to right: B. Morrison. I, Enos, C. Manchester. 1, Marino, B. Golzl C. Larson' I. Lmuenz' In Clark, F. Noel' B- Ofrnsby. B. Henning. I. Stockle. P. Aldrich. N. Schumacher. Fourth Row: E. Brethauer. D. Hunt. M. Pence, I. Muirhead. I. Second ROWZ I. Pvrker. R. FriCk. B. Todd, I. Mcquet, N. Hodgins, Siedel. B. Hcumon, C. Metivct, P. Collier. S. Guttowsky, E. Allen, I. Holes, C. Dietrick, B. Stevens, B. Bain. L. Bimbcum. Third P, Griffen, Miss McMillan, Row: S. Woekensdorfer, D. Kline, U. Weiss, R. Burrill, A. Lintting. 45 gancfbi Ragged Zum K v The Arthur Hill Band participates in many school functions. In the tall there is a band concert which features together Arthur Hill and Saginaw High Bands. Ln the spring there is a Spring Music Festival which has band and vocal numbers. The band is directed by Mr. Earl Burnett. llup two, hup two. The bona marches oft the field alter forming the traditional Arthur Hill monogram. 46 Left to right, front row: M. Rosenberg, N, Sarow, S. Kramer, M Kingsbury, K Iohnson, N. Beyer. C. Overton. Second row: D. Thomp son, K. Krause, R. Tripple, C. Burbank, G. Murphy, B. Cline, I McDonald, D. Boccia, I. Smith, B. Ehlow, Fi. Cope, M. Riethmeier I. Buqqia, N. Radina, S. Black, N. Iochen. Third row: I. Mark, E. Clayton, V Mosca, D. Frank, C. Treib, B. De La Vergne, I. Lemmer, C. Iacobson, I. Sorenson, I. Dcllhopi I, Bcyse, P. Kline M. Vogt. Fourth row: C. Lelgemann, I. Fondrea, K. Christy, I. Douglas, L. Dubay, I.. Douglas I. Green, R. Koehler, A Vogel, D. Garn, D. Swanson, B. Hales, I. Hutchinson, I. Neymeiyer, S. Hartsell. Fifth row: S. Trew, T. Mitchell I. Ellars. P. Fultz, A. Pschollca D. Brown, I. Smith, B. Rupprechi C. Raymond, B. Parker. B. Reid, R. Faust, H. Zimmerman, T Moyer I, Zednick, D. Reid, I. Grashaw. Sixth row: A. Mahn, G. Bowden D. Hensler, D. Farrar, G, Carey, L. Vacik, O. Schade, B. VVallace C. Burt, B Crane S. Demo, I. Day, D. Elbert, I. Adair. Everett, M. Nehls, B. Vacik, S. McCray, O. v Plug your ears. Here comes the pep band. The group is mace up oi volunteers from the reaular band 4, fa I . zlfzlaigfzow Thlnk they re not Strolhng Thru the Park 'P Domg cr soft shoe dcxnce are lst row left to rxght V Anderson S Kouts E Kuzuk A Westlund 2nd row I Glrck B Stearns B Hertz cmd K Tefft Whxch twms are the phomes? Denme LuFren1er and Dxck Merer are the boys who are pullmg the strmgs Dug these crcrzy chmbers Left to nght I Geet mg G Robson L Gerkm and G Westendorf Nymphs rn the woods? No rts the Arthur Hxll waltz lme K Wordkc S Iersevrc M Kertt C Barry, B Wells I Lett to rmqht D Whrte P Dmse N Mcrkey D Popp lones A Kessel R Merlone S Symons I Snellmg and I Schutt o o I I . 2,1 ,. . . .. - . IEQQEI' V-11, ' 4 A - . '7a,!w1fwBamZB ,a And here they are' Don Proux and Iane Asmus askmq M Sandman to bnng them a dream What a spectacular that was the 1955 Band Bounce' W1th the faculty superv1s1on of Mr Earl Burnett MISS Rachel McM1llan Mr Stanley Schubert and student cooperatlon the show was 1ts usual success Comedy song and dance added to the vanety of thzs 20th No thxs 1snt the xsle of Bah xt s Ahce Abler and annual affcur Pat Day expressmg themselves Callpso style Puttmg a kxck mto the Band Bounce are the A Gossel I Doertner I Rapp O Klemach, C chorus gxrls left to nght I Kersheske K Cum Roush I Fmk I Maul I Shannon and A mmgs S Martm C Hundshamer L Nehmer Guttndge 0 - , 1 4 Q K 5 o H . . . . , l. ,5:' 1 . .. I ,, . . . , - 1 X . I . , , 1 J . E253545351555555555535E3S525E5E5E5E5S5E5E3EZE25252555QE25SEQEZEZEi5232EQ32E22EEE5E555555555532535E5525E5E5E3EgE3E3E535E5EgE5Egfg555552E2E252E5E5552555E5Eg?QE5255QE2EQE5EEEQEQEQijEQE262525QEQEEEEEEEEEQEQESEQEQEQ f: , .-......." .. ........ v .... .... Q.5555:52:5':,:-':4:gag:-',:::g:115:,rg:gg5:ri:Ex21:1:Ezg:1:::E:E:E:E:gg:gg1:1:1:5:::,:::,:5:3:1:5:5:1:::,:,:1:Q:Q:g:::gg:3:I:-:::::::-:4:::::::f::zfzizpzlz.-:.:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:+:4:v: :4 In the tenth and eleventh grades, Art of Living is a required subject. We study person- ality, good grooming and drivers' training in our junior year. In our sophomore year we learn the correct etiquette and how to dance. ::fg:2's:s:5.:s:s:5 a:r5s2:5:5:s:2:z:2 Terry Carey listens attentively to the advice of Mr. Murphy on the "Art ot Living", as lack O'Brien and Roger McIntosh patiently wait their turn. iiiitiilitt ' Maker Gam! fwdm :E!:2:2:3,E5E2E1E2EF :-'X 5 gg-'S'-5 5 4 249- + ff Under the careful instruction of Mr Iahns the drivers training instruc or Joseph Eicknolt learns good driving tactics and policies .ex f C2 4 if xc U 4- S, X The girls of Mrs Van Dersteins junior Art of Living class study different ways to improve their personalities Mr Light explains tc Iohn Adams Ioyce Ackerley and Ioyce Hubinger how a person may be rated on His IQ ,Wen I 1 Assisting behind the scenes are the able stage crew of, left to right: R. Antle. C. Liqht, T. Kreuger, I, Comstock, G, Wieck, I. Albrecht, M, Beyersdort. , Y - M9111 Helping out in the cafeteria during ' their free hour are Bill Boehm and Iim Noon Club Committee provides the music for dancinq during lunch Bloomstroml hours. Members are, left to right: lames Riikin, Ron Martin, Mqm Spence, Tom Princing, Tim Schadt, Gnd lim Alexander USHERS Left to right, front row: K. LaVere, R. Perry, S. Gilbert, D. Nolan. N. Herbert, I. Schuette---PRESIDENT, G. Wolfe, C. Overton, B. Porter. Second row: I. Marsh. L. Siedel, H. Busaid, C. Wolfe, P. Farrell. M. Iohnson. Third row: B. Nash, L. Hanne- A 1.553 l - man. D, Williams I. Rapp. M. Steadman, A. Westlund Fourth row: I. Iones. P. Day, N. Vondette, C. Schult M, Spadaiore M. Fluke, D. White, G. Dankert, M Parker z I Frers eithmeier. 51 X The members of the Servrce Club come to school at 14 Sea 7 30 AM to keep order 1n the halls These students are back row left to rlqht Charles Lxght loyce Parker Vlnme Thomas Lola Blgqer front row Ianrce Clements Nancy Schallhorn Connne Mey and Bonme Brett lreutenant Ofircers oi the Iumor Red Cross presrdmg over the 1007 dnve and any other actrvxtres are ludy Doerfner treasurer Beverly Stearns vrce presldent Ianrce Sreland secretary and Irm Boyse presrdent llfll -Ex: 1-q-fu Get your S O today were the famlhar words oi the student organrzatron commrttees Leadtng the gtrls on to vrctory were left to r1ght Sue Barr Mary Wrlcox charrman Luvella Nehmer The members of the Assembly Comrmttee plan the M155 McBride and Sharon Brown assembhes that they thmk wxll be enyoyed by the students Thls years members are Mrss Gxbbs Mrs Van Dersteln Dr Grueber and Beverly Stearns standmg are Sally Werner and hm Boyse 0 Q ' ' . 'J ' I 1 . 1' C f-r5 A , L' . ' ,LW , ' if 471' af' V, C . I I , , 'S i - 'xr .5f,i 7a Um School Always ready wxth a cheerful smxle are the Semor Hostesses Left to rrqht Sue Granvllle Sandra Seaman Iamce Dahmer Ianet Steverman Nancy Edmondsor gmmg Beverly Stearns and Ann Wallace I gig- The members ol Pro1ect1on Club sponsored by Mr Murphy assxst the teachers wrth prolec ors and fnlm 54 Standmq are Davrd Henne Gerald Rrsley Thomas Sharpe .llg sxttmg are Ierry Comstock Ronald Petre and Ben Everett The boys headed by hm Schadt drd thetr best but were defeated Hrs commrttee members were lelt to Hgh' Msn Silence hm Einar? ilmrloe Bmcslo are srttmg C Bourdow B Mohnk R Boruff stanchng E Robmett S Hartman srttmg om rrncmg cm oe o GCI F Wamer Each hour of the day there IS a student nurse rn the health room They 5 T W 'Q I gf: ,I "AH , WI ' ? I h X , :ri Q s L '- I . mx ' Y S of 1 T F A j . rl V ' i Q A f B r f T A' a ' X .N in :l f b n I ., ,.,,. ii,-, YV . 3 .Lu l:E,'?4 ,f 2, 1 . . . : , l , U N - , 3 I , Q, , K I h 2 if r y i 'f y N 1 Y , 2 gf 1 if - 2 - ii ' . :te f X , 5 ' , T I Q 4 l L I ' -..-U l ' C N ' 1 k TEZT' . 3 Qc? 915 CRUCIBLES eit to nght front row R Brettrcger I Pcnge E Plcxter lr-,ma p Manck W Vaal F Slarkwealher IRESIDENT D Mertz I Boyse Second row M Schnexder W ew ezwzzew Y I 5 C7 g' ALCHEMISTS Left to nght from row I Stevermcm S Grcmvmlle VICE 5 gan A Kessel Second ,aw 5 Sumo l Klemm M Ba, PRESIDENT S Seaman PRESIDENT B Gxlbret SECRETARY melsle, G l-laaen A Wesllund B Nash L Hallara 54 GEOGRAPHY Left 10 nqhm front row R Sldton C Rclph N Wxse S B Dem C Kcrneror I Caronough F Bneqel I Ackerly Webber 1 Eunch M Cgrbg-ng P Mgleskl M Pnce P Ferrel Thlrd row S Denzer Mr Tlbbett SPONSOR B Kroyzomdk Um Km Q KJ C2 I MATH AND IETS Left to nght font row D Stock PRESIDENT I Iones P holland C Bourdow Thu row D Homer F Whelen H Storkweother PRESIDENT H Grunt I Boyse VICE PRESI Rutmon E Hoffman C Bar' K Bcxlhen Bock row R Schaeffer DENT S Sumo SECRETARY Second row G S1eqqreen N Lockwood M Shock D Proux K Tait Absent B Irvmg TREASURER G Armstrong K Mlchcels S Bubhtz S Mul D Thompson 55 I .v K I. U 15- I -A 'W 7 L .. Y 4' y tg ' ' ff v- - ' Y ', l . l 4 x V 1 . . T 5 - f ' I 5 1 , f W X 3 .L : , . X s. K. V V QL , 7 7 ' I ' T 'QL ii , l l 5 ' 3 - -.--. --- , Q Q """f '. . ' 4-"r f - f V . -An-1 " I P. Strellsslno. Seocnd row: G.. Cooper, R. Herlxer, W. Arndt, C. Llqht. D. HUHGEYVIYZ, W. Harris, A. DurhGTT1, I. FYUZIGY' " Q v' XJ 4 ' KQV, l 1 , ' ' l QI- 4 K' f -'ii - I X 1, . ' 4 J .' 1 l . ' A fi I 0 if .- ' r ' ' -0 , I -. P424 4 -K, , r Q ' '47'Zr, , N Q- ,A , . '-Q' . . l K V s 'S Q X . A 1 , Q - Y X 5 ' 1 f 'YI s s. 'N 1- 'J ' fn ' . if lm D I MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Left to right, front row: M. Thomas, M. Hall, I. Rapp. C. Mc- Donald, I. Grinnell-TREASURER, I, Klemm-SECRETARY, M Reithmeier-PRESIDENT, I. Reeves-VICE PRESIDENT, M. Hunt- er-HISTORIAN, I. Metzger, I. Didler, G. Murphy, I. McDonald, S. Sutton. S. Nelson. Second row: M. Meade. M. Nehls. M. Calkins, B. Bickel, I. Engel, P. Kirchner, V. Anderson, M. K. Spadalore, C. Kleinert, C. Roush, P. Culver, C. Grifiore, R. Hicks, R. Iohnson. S. Parrish. Third row: Miss McMillian- SPONSOR, I. Koeler, I. Schuette, C. Treib, M. Tyner, P. Doud M. Howard, M. Kingsbury, S. Tanner, C. Larson, O. Lelgemann M, Wilcox, K. Kirkpatrick, W. Yeomans. Fourth row: S. Trew N. Herbert, I. Clark, I. Mark, R. Wallace, I. Sorenson, D. Farrer, H. Wright, D. Proux, H, Benjaman, I. Turrell, A. Hackmqnn I. Clayton. ,g. in it .,I Q is .-w i ,- n f-,A 3 JA.. ' HM W .Mlmwm If ARTS AND DRAMATICS Left to right, front row: L. Hicks, R. Bloomingfield. M. Kings- bury. K. Michaels, M. Hart. S. Nelson, I. Teabone, M. Fluke- RECEIVING SECRETARY, R. Schultz--VICE PRESIDENT, I. Win- ters--PRESIDENT, H. Wolfe--TREASURER, S. Brown, I. Ker- sheske, I. Lambert, C. Clabuesch, I. Fitzgerald, I. Frost. Second row: U. Seifert, N. Herbert, S. Keck, L. Taylor, M. Hatch, M. Hatch. S. Abler, D. Friedli, K. Miller, A. Southworth, A. Kessel. M. Marden, D. Bublitz, L. Davidson, I. Moeller, K. McCulloch. S. Shaeberg, N. Sarrow. Third row: I, Enzer, N. Boyd, P. Bedore I, Toit, S. Bell, N. Schumacher, S. Schreiner, S. Beatty, M Townley. D. Butterfield, M. Wilcox, C. Rousch, N. Cox, I Freiling, R. Schultz, M. Zacharias, H. Dittel, E. Kazuk, M. Rosen berg, P. Day. I. Boyse, C. Barr. Fourth row: C. Tussy, B. Tullis M. Parker, S. Mulholland, K. Te-Ht, I. Hubbel, S. Warner. I. Smith P. Haas, R. Fischer, T. Princing, I. O'Brien, T. Temple, T. Prim H. Machette, B. Mack, M. Iames, K. Iannsens, N. Rooney, G Weilcer. QUILL AND SCROLL I-ef' to Yiqhff IYOUI YOW3 D- Nolan. 5- BGYY- I- Klemm-VICE Thumme, R. Fahrenbruck, K. Beeman, I. Toft, A. Westlund, P PRESIDENT. I- B0Y59mPRE5IDENT- B- B0Y1e'SECRETARY- B- Loeblein, A. Wallace. Third row: M. Rocker, K. Woidka. T Nash, S. Brown, Miss CrumpYSPONSOR. Second row: R. G,-ondcl 1. Schuettel D, Grqngeyl R- Fischer. 2. lllgu. 'll' A ml RIFLE Left to right, from row: D. Gullifor, M. Morden, A. Rcbideoun PRESIDENT, C. Manchester, R, Hicks, I. Didier. Second row: G. Berkompas, R. Streusniq, K. Steckert, F. Briegel, P. Lemke, B. Dork, I. Schclk. Third row: Mr. Scholk-SPONSOR, T. Klein, I. Walker. C. Maul. R. Brown, B. Boehm. Fourth row: L. Rupp, O. Oltz, D. Fcrrrcrr-SECRETARY-TREASURER. I. Votrubci. C. Bolger, G. Robson. 8 ! 4 I 0 G g 5 Q7 it Q2 J b I B, GIRLS BOWLING Lef to rxght front row M Plehl C Nestell I Fners I Ahlemcm S Rxqg B Hcxumcxn A Westluncl I Dcmkert M K Fnelmq PRESIDENT D Colemcm TREASURER K Chamber Spcxdafore lmn R Stormont SECRETARY Second row M Stemer B 404 fleczzeajmn J Left to nght front row 5-1., 4955 X., fa' RX -ig . BOYS BOWLING W Boehm W Olson I Schnexder I Stoll R Berlm L Lntle Second row W Schmxdt G Helm lccmp I Gosset D Seeley R Rosa , I . I I I ' l ' 'lm' ' t ' , : .'.. , . ' I I ,4'.. . . , . . 6 o o 0 ls Q " h in Q.. ,D ,I ' 4. I l F' " I 'f I' . " '. gi! 3 A . j Z' III Iijg I: , , -4.121-,-F 5 4 . f nl M - it i OFFICE CO OP Left to Hgh' from row S Spmks S Arms mug E 5 Aldnch I Adolf I Iewett 5Wm1eckx B Sooner Fedder P Aldrich K Wuckert 5 MGYUU REPORTER D Bluem Rachow D Mexnmger B Waskovxak Lvenen K HalesV1CE PRESIDENT D Gerger PRESIDENT 1 Qwbef M Armstrong Th1rd row B Long C Vasold R Behhnq M POVI05 Second row S Wagner R K1mme1 Rudy Icngorlevs Rccmer Almsmer MMeYer C Vowaczyk LDaenzer BCooper '74me 404 TAIL CO OP I-21110 flflhf from YCW B RUPPUUU cf Meflvfl N Wlse oesler I Sing Thxrd row Mr Hartman SPONSOR R Pepm TREASURER G Ga chau PRESIDENT 1 Amer REPORTER B M Bum I Simpson E Ulmh R Cmcmmm C Mes E Iean SECRETARY IN Schumacher Second row R Luenberger Allen I Cm, H Base M Mey B Pnce 60 I Marino M Mueler S Ott I Rathfi K Schultz F Noel S .3 I , ,A Q, R I ' Q 9 ' fff " N V A H-4, I I A, Zi R ' C O Z' I 3 w I li 'U' ,F n X. A . ' W 5 5 . . - - Nea' . - . I Ly . 3 41- " E 'HA H 9 ., I I W 3 4 dc- I '- Q - .qu I ,V ,, I. ., , I . A. K , I , X RE - - :nv , . 3 . , '. , . ' - R A Y 'A H - i 4 Y A h , 5 Q. Q: i H ECONOMICS AND GOVERNMENT .Ii 4-'bgih ff IJQ . O A Q ff li o Eflfli I 4? :Ct "' Left to right, front row: M. Hinkel, K, Krogman -PRESIDENT, Andrews. Third row: R, Graham, D. Handlovits, Mr. Tibbets S. Eimers, A. Davis, Kay Cummings. Second row: T. Spaulding, SPONSOR, I. Sebele, R. Martin, D. Beutel' VICE PRESIDENT, S. McFarland, A. Wallace, M. Kingsbury'--SECRETARY, A. C. Iacobson. am! BIOLOGY AND CONSERVATION Left to right, front row: I. Felder, SECRETARY, A. Wallace-TREASURER. D. Elack PRESIDENT, Sewnd row: K. Poellet, D. Beutel. B. Burnett, it Qi A v.. . , Iv' ' RADIO Left to right, front row: I. Devers, D. Dinse, P. Lemke. F. Frye PRESIDENT, S. Matthews. R. VVierauch, G. Schulwitz Zietz. Second row: C. Burt-SECRETARY, R- Burnett, I. Eisen- TREASURER. hauer, D. Scott VICE-PRESIDENT. Third row: M. Bluhm, R. 223 1 e I h 41?-0 ' gd I 9: FUTURE NURSES Left to right. front row: N. Honcxiin---VICE PRESIDENT, C. C. English. K. Spoustcz, P. Cciy, S. Schmidt, M. Burrneister C Bourdow-PRESIDENT, I. Klemm-SECRETARY, I. Minis. C. Howey. Fourth row: S. Tupes. D. White. N. Mcrkey, R. Fcxhren Horb, Mrs. Beyer. Second row: M. Hatch, S. Granville, I. bruck, C, Roush. Trinklein, S. Hartsel, M. Hatch, R. Perry. Third row: M. McMu1ler, GOA!-fl? 70-tlhfidtd FUTURE HO Lefl QU H from row L Dickev S Maier B Pxechotte I Ar!! TREASURER P Gross K Schultz E Robmette MIS Zelq er Second ,ow L Henley V Thomu D Kme C Nest il F Noel C Roth IKonesko A Poeliet I Brenner Third YOW D MYGYS 02 MEMAKERS Gremel D Gremel M Denrich L TC1y1Or P Alden Buck row N Hclenlein I Dollhopf D jones P Bay DECK 1 Muirhead MKonkol H Gwiozdo vski I Heck cthorn o I , - Us , ' ,I , ' I . A , K Beemcin, S VcmMidd1esworth.'I Meqerle, S Hose i g. X. .UH M ' S. ri I' . , il ., x. , .X FUTURE TEACHERS Left to right, front row: P. Boyd, M. Rosenberg, M. IGHHUIQS' L. Taylor, S. Gaspeny, S. Nelson, P. Gross. I. Langdon. V. Anderson, P. Kirchner, C. Wolf, SPONSOR--Mrs. Hamlin. Second row: N. Herbert, C. Black, I. Tolt, R. Stormont, I. Marsh, K. Miller, A Kessel D Frtedh N Sarow K McCulloch S Durham Thxrd 7644 row: N. Markey, M. Parker, M. Howard, M. Coleman, M. Tyner, I. Laurenz, K. Schmittqen, D. Butterfield, M. Reithmeier-HIS TORIAN, C. Overton. Back row: I. Beckman, S. Kraner. R. Wrobleski, R. Knippel, R. Burnett, R. Prindle, S, Bell-VICE PRESIDENT C McMullen S Schultz S Spence FUTURE FARMERS Lett to rlght hrst row W Mead D Nestell F Nehmer L Swarthouth G Buckholt Thxrd row D Newvme W G Kabobel TREASURER K Sacknder R Runyan H Wrlson G Wxnchell L Graham M Beyersdort VICE Roux T Mxller Second row R Beyersdori I Parker L PRESIDENT E Matzke R W1lson and L Wolfgram Sample D Bowden D Dxetrmch PRESIDENT W Demand V -.- - n T P xx - ' 'Y . 5, Brown E, Kazuk S. Ward fi- Snider T. Temple A. Guttrid je V K. Krcaman The Dance Band presented their assembly and played at all the dances presented in the gyms, This year's members are H. Schoonover, P. Whaley, I. Douglas. R. Koehler, I, Marks, L, Dubay, T. Lentner, A. Pacholka. P. Fultz. D. Hensler, T. Mitchell, T. Pense, D. Elbert, A. Chooljran. The band is accom- panied by E. Curtlndale. wefzz Mafia we New . Pep club officers elected by the student body are I, Win- ters PRESIDENT. L. Hawk, SECRETARY, M, Spence. "Big 14" plans the fun enjoyed by Arthur Hill students at Club Hillite dances VICE PRESIDENT, T Temple, TREASURER, under the direction oi Mr. Harve C. Light and Miss Ethel Peterson. Members Of this year's CCmm1tteeO!9, left to right,51qndmqg H, Grant.lVlr, Liqht N Bauer. F, Sggrkweguyev G Sieqqreen. D. White, sitting are B Leser. A. Kessel, I. Al exander. K. Kroqman A. GuttrrdQ9' D. Bingham. lvl. Hunter B Stearns. Leaders. , Starkweather Wallace 67 in , as ' fi 52 31M,,,, uid: 'Af- 1 . ? f ' Y, Q WK . QQ. ,, , 1 ' . hllfnf 2'1g:,d"' . WZ T 1 1 ,. 1 "if 'Lael' -A ' - ' 4 :Zi K' Z gif- v K , -'fb 1, ,X K K, . 4 ,' ,, "ey, Y .. ' 1, yr -,Q I ,. gm-.,!k , V in , N Y. X , , ,, -5 .Ain 35 B4 Q, 11 f 5.4 ivkvfrlr, .V QV' :AWB Q Tis lf f g , 5354 x' gi ' if f '- ' -' .jf M, 'gg Q gl, "'+ 12,3512 ' 'Wif 1 ff 2 . 'ez A ' K 1 ffvia A L 1 -,aj gg . A 7g,f,4!iL Lrgw 7 59: f 21.23 J w - .' ' Q Q' ga ' " " 'TL' 'Q' W f ,J Q ,gif j 51,4 7' 2-'-Q" -' 4, T.. 15 .6??"'?3 f Y 51 12-gd.. '- ' ' Q.. 1 'L ,sf-. 1,4 . H ff If . an -I if, T I f L Qi is :L K1 is A., ,V ',.. m I A' ' " Ry ' -- ' P- 1 1555 if 511' ef - xv., gg, . f. we W, , .S A iw f , , , WY? f??75+",W??' ' rr-W , ji ,, P V. ,.,.ff :ff :gf ,Z ,T c .flier ?: -ft1.w:?" ff 3 ,ai f f LDg,Q:,",a 4 Zyf 'W 1 f -I., ' gf-Q Egg ' gg - fs-pk l,g,izf'f ' 47 E. ,gem g , .' W xg? r 1- Mfr .14 ' f"' y:' V'-', afwf 'A "X ,Q ' gy.: , V Q , '45, N, , - x, N, t5'.fwgA',. - , 1 Z, "IV , f 'Q iiifdv ifffgz , ' f: JLL5 14" - ., . .1 , , .: . '-gg, V, 7 1 Q- .4 4 :I , ,if a. . - rye I 4, . 1 " ,W xy a V --wa":1g-,mf I VJ? . , ff. - 35 1' LH' 5 -K. 5 x 5, T, x ,,, xx ' R256 . ,LV- wi "' . ri! 'r a. 1 sa v, M: .Vx O .4 gr. 'sn ,A . 5 14- Kwik, "1 ,, ya . 0 .li W Iv Q ba, 1 Q 5, df Q ,A D ' ii ,mg rw, ,, fa If. -new- ,- ,,--1 .- , u.-, -, ,n .Q ' K .4 'Q -1 .gf-1 .Q H' .--.. 0- '- i Q , 5 ' S " Q - . 5' a- 9 1- , 1 , '- . - , ' '. ' - V . 'in -1 -0 ' , q IL Q , -I o 0 Au , 'Q . . . 5 . ,, , - , . . - - ', - tr 'Y r - fn- ' .,- -' A ' Q - .0 ag v Q as up ' M ,,.. , vig 'Y'- A sa. .9 9 N , 7 fn, Q-,Q J, gg I -Q sf W .I , ,? fa -"1 Aff M ' Ag. nw M' , as "! ,gr 2, , s, EE my -. M7 f f' :fig Wg gw' ' . 1-gy 3, -13:1 '41 z ,rs H 1 loyce E. Abler, 519 S. Harrison. Co-op, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. lohn Quincy Adams, 444 Ann. Pep Club: Track, Robert Roy Adams. 3110 Mackinaw. Hi-Y Club: Band, Band Bounce: Basketball and Track Letterwinner. lane Emma Adolf, 1622 Maine. Co-op, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. Iohn Frederick Ahrens, 12 Gratiot Village Ct. Advisory Vice-President: Latin, Bowling Sec- retary Clubs. Patricia Ann Ahrens, 522 Eleanor. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Biology, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Class Chairman. Ioyce Ruth Akerley, 129 Iohn. Sophomore Party Committee: Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Peggy Lou Aldrich. 4126 Emerich. Co-op Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Com- mencement Program: Volleyball. Sylvia Iean Aldrich. 7660 Maple Coop Club. Iames I. Alexander, 2134 N. Charles. Advisory President, Club Hillite CBig 141, Noon Club Committee: Student Cabinet Vice President: Basketball and Track Letterwinner. Eleanor I. Allen. 711 N. Bond. P-TA Chairman: Coop, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant. Willard Lee Allen, 1605 Schust Road. Carl Iames Alles, 803 Elm. Marjorie Lois Almquist, 2526 State. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Class Chairman. Todd Raymond Amberger, 1950 Henry. Hi-Y Club: Track. Mary Lou Anderson, 230 Goetz. French. FHA, FTA, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, Volley- ball. Sharon Kay Anderson. 2479 Vean. Advisory Sec- retary, Sophomore Party Committee: Bowling, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, and Volley- ball Letterwinner. Alfred A. Andrews, 6711 N. Michigan. Gerald Allen Andrews, 1620 S. Michigan. Bowling. Rille, Pep Clubs: Track. Iudith Ann Arlt, 4879 Mackinaw Road. Latin. FHA Treasurer, Pep Clubs: Baseball. Basket- ball, Volleyball. Gary Charles Armstrong, 21 Ardmore Place. Ad- visory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative: IETS, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Marilyn E. Armstrong. 900 Day Road. Co-op. Pep Clubs. Sharon Lucille Armstrong, 3706 Weiss. Co-op Club: Class Chairman. Shirley Ann Austin, 4670 Hospital Road. Pep Club: Class Chairman. Kenneth Michael Baker, 1404 Beech. Advisory President: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. Gordon David Ballantyne. Ir., 1203 Chestnut. P-TA Chairman: Pep Club: Band Bounce: Swimming Letterwinner, Kenneth William Ballien, 1837 N. Ames. Advisory President, Secretary: Latin, IETS Clubs: Cross Country, Football and Track Letterwinners. Howard M. Bank, 2710 Kochville Road. S li is 5: X 1' t,.i ol 4 P un T 2 K F x l E- G? Q 6' , V4.1 yr 'i 1 'X' 5 X , 4 3 t 5 l 1E l , N 6 . 'K 4 1 fi? 'M I I Susan Maja Barr, 1215 Greenwich. Advisory President, Treasurer: French Vice-President. Quill-Scroll Vice-President, Alchemists Secre- taryATreasurer Clubs: Editor News: Band Letter. Donald Earl Bartlett, 1939 Harry. Henry R. Bartlett, 645 Main. Frankenmuth. Marlene May Basner. 722 Wright. Advisory Pres' ident. Vice-President: Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. Ann Lynn Bauer, 17 Congress Ct. C. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. Nathan M. Bauer, 2014 W. Genesee. Advisory President, Club Hillite lBig 143: Baseball, Football Letterwinner, Track. Gerald Eugene Bauknecht, 4089 Ann. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary. Marvin Alvin Bauknecht. 4078 Ann. Football. Gerald Raymond Beadle, 3555 Shattuck. FFA Club: Track Letterwinner. Geraldine Beth Beatenhead, 4095 N. Michigan Road. Iudith Kay Beckler, 2463 Benjamin. Arts-Dramatics. FTA, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Iudith Mary Beckmann, 521 S. Webster. Advisory P-TA Chairman. S'eals Sales Chairman: Latin, FTA, Miracle Book, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Patricia Ann Bedore, 2404 N. Clinton. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts- Dramatics, Spanish. Y-Teens Club: Christmas Pageant, Usher. C5101 Ann Beeker, 2880 Kochville Road. Advisory President, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dra- matics, FTA, Miracle Book Secretary, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Iudith Mae Behling, 2401 Stobbe. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Co-op, Spanish, Y-Teens, Miracle Book. Pep Clubs. Lois Ann Behrens. 925 Commonwealth Road. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. Rudolph George Beieler, 2200 State. William Henry Beird, 1535 Hemmeter. Advisory Vice-President: Biology Club: Football and Baseball Letterwinner. Sharon Lee Bell, 1736 Brockway. Advisory Vice- President, P-TA Chairman: Arts'Dramtics. Y-Teens. FTA Vice-President, Miracle Book Clubs: Declamation. Leonard S. Berent, 265 Lynn. Pep Club: Track Letterwinner. Robert A. Berg, 1314 Division. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Glen E. Berkobien. Advisory Vice-President. Helen Susan Bese, 3451 Court. Coop. Pep Clubs. Richard Charles Beutel, 1634 Brenner. Advisory Vice-President. Mervin R. Beyersdort, 1755 Green. FFA President, Vice-President Club: Stage Crew. Carl Bickel, Ir., 411 Bullock. Ioseph Binasio. 819 Reed. Advisory President: Football, Tennis Letterwinner. David Harkness Bingham, 4160 Farmington Drive. Advisory Red Cross Chairman. Club Hillite tBig 141: Basketball. Football Letterwinner. Track. Rita lean Birnbaum, 1639 N. Ames. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Bowling Club. David Whitney Blanchet, 18 E. Hannum Boulevard. Advisory President, Secretary: Crucibles Club: Basketball, Football Letterwinner. Victor Karl Blomstrom, 407 S. Harrison. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Donna Marie Bluem, 807 S. Bates. Alvisory Pres- ident, Vice-President, Treasurer: Co-op, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Sandra Lee Bluer, 1737 Ioslin. Pep, FNA Clubs: Declamation. Ioan Bock, 2110 Bock Road. Advisory Vice- President, Secretary: Tri-M, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, lst Semester Play. H. Walter Boehringer, 1105 Glendale. Advisory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee: Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Marie Maryline Boll, 303 Clark. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball. Volleyball. Harold Iames Boquette, Ir., 3060 S. Graham Road. Roma Ianice Borufi, 8105 Gratiot. Miracle Book Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Clinic Attendant. Carol Ann Bourdow, 523 S. Porter. Advisory Secretary: Spanish, Math, IETS, Bowling. FNA President, Vice-President Clubs. Richard Allan Bowden, 1770 Midland Road. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary. P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: FFA Club: Assembly Chairman: Track Letterwinner. Beverly Iean Boyle, 1734 N. Michigan. Advisory President, Vice-President: Quill-Scroll Secre- tary, Biology, IETS Clubs: Band Bounce. Legenda Editor-in-chief. Iames Alan Boyse, 1417 Bliss. Quill-Scroll Pres- ident, Crucibles Clubs: Red Cross Council President: Assembly Committee, News, Soph- omore Handbook Committee: Writing Award. Nancy Sharon Braun, 1100 Weiss. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dra- matics, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Richard Ioseph Brettrager, 2145 Houlihan Road. Clucibles, Pep Clubs. Frederick M. Briegel, 1863 Coolidge. Rifle Club: News. Edwin Harry Brown, 390 Bacon Road. Pep Club. Russell Bemard Brown, 1733 Wood. Advisory Club Hillite Representative: Football Letter- winner, Track. Sharon G. Brown, 3103 State. Advisory President: Quill-Scroll Club: Oratory, Band Bounce. News. Queen's Court, Cheer Leader. Tom Arthur Brown, 156 Trier. Hi-Y Club Secretary: Football Letterwinner. William Allen Brown, 2807 Court. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Seals Sales Chairman: Pep Club: Debate. Alan Lee Bryant, 2126 McEwan. Advisory Pres- ident, Treasurer, P-TA Chairman. Club Hillite Representative: Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Richard A. Budden, 1816 Union. Spanish, Miracle Book, Bowling Clubs: Track Letterwinner. Mary Ellen Burk, 355 S. River Road. Co-op, Driv- ers, FHA, Pep Clubs. Mary Frances Burmeister, 1014 W. Genesee. Ad- visory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman: Alchemists, Bowling, Pep, FNA Clubs: Usher. Robert K. Bumett, 231 Lockwood. Advisory Pres- ident, Sophomore Party Committee: Natural Science, Hi-Y, FTA Clubs: Christmas Pageant: Tennis Letterwinner. G: Al. 6 .I ,. UN , sn. fe, 'Q 'u H1 X 1 ffiz fs 4? Inf 'x Bernice B. Burzyclr, 124 Lynn. Iames Daniel Cameron, 2302 Deindorter. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman. loyce Constance Campbell, 1832 N. Bond, Bowl- ing, Pep Clubs. Mary Etta Campbell, 1014 Madison. Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative. Red Cross Chairman, Iunior Prom Committee: Bowling, Quill-Scroll Clubs: Legenda. Mary Io Campbell, 2020 Maple. Advisory Vice- President, PTA Chairman, Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Latin, Alchemists, Bowling Clubs: Basketball Letterwinner. Lawrence M. Campeau, 2565 Benjamin. Advisory Secretary: Football Letterwinner. Gail Elizabeth Canole, 1419 N. Clinton. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman: FNA, Pep Clubs: Usher. Ruth M. Canter, 2114 Maine. Co-op, Spanish, Pep Clubs: Volleyball. Iames Card, 3635 Lawndale Road. FFA Club: Class Chairman. Robert M. Card, 3635 Lawndale Road. FFA Club: Class Chairman. Iohn Lorenz Carr, Ir., 6065 State, Co-op Club. Patricia O. Cay, 820 Lyon. Advisory Vice Pres- ident: Latin, Pep, FNA Clubs: Band Bounce: Basketball. Karen Ruth Chamberlin, 1603 Court. Latin, Span- ish, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Class Chairman. Elizabeth M. Chambers, 810 S. Bond. Pep Club: Clinic Attendant. Kenneth R. Chapman, 1920 Stark, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Lois Chinevere, 5255 W. Michigan. Co-op, FHA Clubs: Class Chairman. Rosemary Ciaramitaro, 908 W. Genesee. Coop Club. Roger T. Clark, 709 Union. Advisory Vice-Pres- ident: Tri-M, Biology Vice-President, Pep Clubs: Student Director Choir: Football Let- terwinner. Thomas Melvin Clark, 1225 Stephens. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer: Track Letterwinner. Della R. Clayton, 817 N. Oakley. Advisory Pres- ident: Tri-M, Latin, Miracle Book, Bowling Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Patricia lean Clemens, 3315 Kochville Road. Mir- acle Book, Pep Clubs. Mary Kay Coleman, 1521 Benjamin. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Spanish, FTA, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Bob D. Cope, 3157 Tatham, Advisory Vice-Pres- ident: Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. Gary Allen Cornack, 404 Yale. Advisory Vice- President: Drivers Club: Declamation, Class Chairman. Dorothy L. Cornish, 423 Lynn. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: French, Math, Y-Teens, FTA President, Pep Clubs. Larry Lee Cramer, 5285 Sherman Road, Zilwaukee. Class Chairman. Carolyn Marie Crawford, 806 S. Bates. French. Quill-Scroll Clubs: News. Nancy Lou Crinzi, 3043 State. Seals Sales Chair- man, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Biology, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Edward George Curtindale 3872 Bay Advisory Vice President Sophomore Party Committee Choir Dance Band Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Commencement Pageant Kay Ann Cummings 723 S Bond Advisory Club Hillite Representative Red Cross Chairman Spanish Pep Clubs Band Bounce Elizabeth K Daenzer Frankenmuth Coop Pep Clubs Ianice Ann Dahmer 2418 David Advisory Pres ldent Latin Biology FNA Pep Clubs Senior Hostess Shirley Ann Dammann 608 Shepard Miracle Book Pep Clubs Ann Lucille Davls 2748 Cooper Spanish Quill Scroll FTA Pep Clubs Band Bounce Legen Fred Brockway Davis III 2935 Hermansau Patricia Ann Davis 2776 Eddy Advisory Pres ident Arlene I Dean Freeland RFD 3 Iohn R Decker 1605 Passolt Biology Club Laurence A Dennie 1939 W Michigan William L Denno 2281 N Ames Pep Club Declamation Class Chairman Ioseph Edward Denslow 2611 Cronk Pep Club Iames A DeShone 1813 loslm Biology Pep Clubs Declamcition Iohn Robert Devers 3446 Mackinaw Club Hillite Representative Biology H1Y President Sec retary and Treasurer Pep Clubs Declama tion Red Cross Volunteer Iames E Dezelsky 35 Riverside Drive Pep Club Declamatron Choir Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Commencement Pageant Loretta L M Dickey 1317 Miller Sophomore Party Committee FHA Club Baseball Bas ketball Volleyball Daniel Hyle Dickinson 1781 McArthur Advisory President Pep Club aseball and Football Letterwinner Marilyn F Diehl 2845 Egerer Road Carol lean Dietrich 9490 Swan Creek Rd Choir Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Commence ment Pageant Patrieva Gail Dinse 2114 N Ames Advisory Treasurer, Secretary. Arts-Dramatics, French. Latin, FTA Clubs: Band Bounce. Thomas Doepker, 2026 Bay. ludith Lynn Doerfner, 1923 Lathrup. Sophomore Party Committee. Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Council Treasurer: Spanish. Pep Clubs: Declamation, Band Bounce. Ronald Downey, 822 W. Bristol. Advisory Pres- ident, Vice-President: Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. Betty Lou Dubac. 621 Cleveland. Seals Sales Chairman: Latin, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Leon A. Dubay. 4280 No. Michigan. Rifle Club: Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce: Track Letterwinner. Carol Marie Dudek. Advisory Vice-President. Treasurer: Co-op, Quill-Scroll Clubs: Legenda Clinic Attendant: Iunior Iournalism Award. Ierold William Dusek, 1424 Bay. Swimming Let- terwinner. KY ,mf .qhsczmz K' 1 x ' L N A final check with Mr. Brock to make sure those college applications are made out O.K. is made by Tom Princing and Dave Thompson. -t 'N ' Eli A H A .l 4: D g Q f . 4, 1 r E 2 9. ,, in X. t.. sir is 4 fu- Q I 3 an 1 V . 1, 1. Ai c 'lf .9 V M? 7 J "' ' .43 . N , Z J V 6 J ,pu ,W W.,-ty xy' ,444 'S . , .X f' L I Ngbk f ' , L Berton Edward Dygert, 4644 Midway. Club Hillite Representative: Basketball and Football and Track Letterwinner. Barbara lean Dymond, 12460 W. Freeland Road. Pep Club. Richard L. Dymond, 12460 W. Freeland Road. Nancy Diane Edmondson, 1102 Cass. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative: FTA Club: Sophomore Handbook Committee, Sen- ior Hostess. Iulia Beverly Edwards, 1912 Adams Blvd. Ad- visory P-TA Chairman: Biology, Y-Teens, FTA, Pep Clubs: News. Donald R. Egerer, 3076 N. Michigan. Beverly lane Ehlow, 1931 Ioslin. Red Cross Chair- man: Band, Class Chairman, Band Letter. Susan Ruth Eimers, 1625 Delaware. Spanish, FTA, Pep Clubs. David George Elack, 1015 Monroe. Biology Club President: Choir. Ianice Fay Enser, Freeland RFD 1. Arts-Dramatics Club: Christmas Pageant, Usher. Gerald Robert Enszer, 1209 Cooper. Choir: Swim- ming. David D. Eurich, 2331 Cronk. Sally A. Evert, 1928 Bay. Sophomore Party Com- mittee: Spanish, Pep Clubs: Declamation. Duane H. Faerber, 131 W. Ieflerson, Frankenmuth. Baseball, Iohn G. Fahrenbruch, 416 S. Webster. Advisory Vice-President: Co-op Club. Paul William Fahrenbruch, 1724 Maine. Rosellia Fahrenbruck, 4010 Green. Quill-Scroll, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep, FNA Clubs: News. Iudith E. Faulman, 1718 N. Fayette. Spanish, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Ellen Elaine Fedder, 6180 Shattuck Road. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative: Co-op, Latin, Spanish, Pep Clubs. Patricia Jean Ferrell, 2434 Durand. Advisory P-TA Chairman. Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club: Band, Band Bounce, Usher. Roger Neumann Fmkbemer 4101 Vera Advrsory V1cePres1dent Red Cross Charrman Frances Mane Frscher 6660 Swan Creek Road Pep Club Iudxth Ann Frscher Frankenmuth Advrsory Vxce Pres1dent Spamsh FTA Pep Clubs Nathan Allen Flsher 1612 Umon Advrsory Pres :dent Noon Club Commxttee Coop Vlce Presldent FFA Clubs Cho1r Band Bounce Chrxstmas Pageant Steven Mansheld Frsher 6 W Hannum Blvd Math JETS Rule Clubs Ioseph Russell Fobear 1706 Lyon Advxsory Pres xdent Math IETS HxY Pep Clubs Basketball and Golf Letterwmner Robert L Forbes 2220 N Oakley Coop Pep Clubs Swrmmmg Baseball Letterwmner Iamce Mxldred Foulds 5660 Ttttabawassee Road Advrsory Treasurer Tr1M Pep Clubs Decla matlon Chou Band Bounce Lots Elame Foulds 608 N Granger Advrsory Pres1dent Sophomore Party Commlttee Latm Spamsh Secretary Quill Scroll Clubs Usher Legenda Gladys Iane Frank Frankenmuth Advrsory Pres 1dent Pep Club Iohn H Frank Frankenmuth Dxxte Frxedh 7 Hammond Rd Advxsory PTA Charrman Club Hrllrte Representatxve Red Cross Chaxrman Arts Dramtxcs FTA Clubs Band Bounce Chnstmas Pageant Iames Rxchard Fntzler 518Vz Gratxot Baseball Katherme Ethel Frost Freeland RFD 3 French Pep Clubs Sharon Mane Frost 4024 Vera YTeens Bowhng Clubs Chorr Chrrstmas Pageant Fred E Fultz 2317 Mackmaw Pep Club Band Band Bounce Phrlhp Fredrrck Fultz 2221 Stone Bowlmg Club Band Dance Band Band Bounce Baseball Letterwmner Robert R Futrell 2769 Egerer Rd Chorr Band Bounce Chnstmas Pageant Commencement Pageant lst Semester Play Football Track Karl M Gaertner 821 Malzahn Advlsory Pres xdent H1Y Pep Clubs Class Chatrman Sandra Sue Gamey 1815 Davenport Advtsory PTA Chanrman Iohn E Gallant 1729 Delaware Greta Mary Garchow 1003 Court Coop Club Presrdent Red Cross Volunteer Student Store Assrstant Charles Rrchard Garmger 4585 Gratxot Road Bowhng Club Presldent Secretary Baseball Letterwmner Sandra Gaspeny 105 Reymck Sophomore Party Comm1ttee Arts Dramatxcs French Latm Bxology FTA Pep Clubs Wanda Ann Gates 3603 McK1nley Pep Club Donna Jean Gerger 1639 Arthur Sophomore Party Commxttee Red Cross Chaxrman Coop Presxdent Pep Clubs Volleyball Leonard Carl Gerkm 2316 Benlamrn Tr1M Pep Clubs Chou Band Bounce Chnstmas Pag eant Commencement Pageant 2nd Semester Play Barbara Gay Grlbert 2213 Mershon Advxsory Treasurer Club Hrlhte Representatrve Iumor Prom Commxttee Latm Alchemxsts Bxology Pep Clubs 501 1 .1 lim 1 17' E 1 Q-1 N U 3 24 I . l lt Iudith Irene Gilbert, 722 S. Porter. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Club 1-lillite Representative: Biology, Economics Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. Patricia Ann Gilginas, 3184 N. Michigan, Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant. lean Ann Glick, 617 N. Andre. Latin, Y-Teens. Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, lst Semester Play. Dale lohn Gnatkowski, 490 Shattuck Road. Bonnie Golden, 1103 Wright. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: Clinic Attendant. Barbara Ann Golz, 2400 Shattuck Road. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Richard Wayne Goodman. 2824 Rappuhn Drive. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary: Bowling Club: Class Chairman: Basketball Letterwinner. Robert L. Graham, 2415 Schaeffer. Spanish, Eco- nomics Clubs. David E. Grainger, Frankenmuth. Quill-Scroll, Pep Clubs: News: Baseball Letterwinner. Holly Grant, 7370 Shattuck. Advisory Treasurer: Latin President and Secretary, Math Secre- tary, IETS Secretary Clubs: Sophomore Hand- book Committee. Queen's Court. Big 14 Susan Granville, 233 Goetz. Advisory P-TA chair- man: Latin, Alchemists, Biology, PNA Clubs: Declamation, Senior Hostess. Helen Sarah Graverette, 4176 Burrows. Edwin Gerald Gray, 3521 Lincoln. Diana Kay Green, 525 Catherine. French, Latin. FTA. Pep Clubs: Band. Franklin Roy Green, 1722 Iordan. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Track. Kay Lu Gregor, 2125 Bay. Biology, FNA, Y-Teens. Pep Clubs: Volleyball. Annette Kaye Gremel, 1060 Sherbrooke Place. FHA President, Bowling Clubs: Clinic At- tendant. Adrienne L. Griffin, 2217 S. Fayette. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts- Dramatics, Spanish, FTA, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. Celia Ellen Grifiore, 317 Ann. Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Tri-M, French, Y-Teens. FTA, Pep Clubs: Orchestra. Irene Grigorjevs, 912 N, Oakley. Co-op, Y-Teens. Pep Clubs. Iames R. Grinnell, 616 Fraser. Advisory Pres- ident, Vice-President: Tri-M Treasurer: Choir, Band Bounce: Basketball and Track Letter Otto Richard Gross, Ir., 1523 Coolidge. Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce: Track: Music Phyllis Gail Gross, 3090 Bay. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: FHA, FTA, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball. Gloria Ann Groulx, 2255 N. Ames. Latin, Biology, Pep, FNA Clubs: Usher. Sharon L. Guttowsky, 2981 Hanchett. Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- eant, Commencement Pageant. Patricia Ann Haase, 908 Court. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee: Arts- Dramatics, Latin Clubs: 2nd Semester Play, News, Minute Reporter. Polly Bertha Hackett, 4785 Midland Road. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary: Latin, Biology, Y-Teens Clubs: Usher, News. Ann Elizabeth Hackmann, 1362 Glendale. Tri-M, Club: Choir, Christmas Pageant. Gerald Allen Haeger, 3326 Binscarth. Pep Club. Georgia C. Hagen, 1205 Malzahn. Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Alchemists, PTA, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Thomas l. Hagerty, 2233 Bay. Karen Elizabeth Hales, 406 N. Andre. Advisory Secretary: Co-op, PNA, Bowling Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Librarian. Lois A. Haller, 903 Mackinaw. Advisory Secre- tary: French, Latin, PNA Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer. Donald R. Handlovits, 1018 Hancock. Drivers, Hi-Y. Pep Clubs: Declarnation, Basketball, Football Letterwinner, Service Club. Sheldon Clark Harmon, lr., 1622 Mershon. Swim- ming, Robert L. Harmon, 2512 N. Oakley. Advisory Pres- ident, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representa- tive: Crucibles Club, Football, Tennis Letter Gwendolyn Lee Harris, 915 Madison. Club Hillite Representative: Bowling, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant. Sandra Lee Hartman, 1727 N. Madison. Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman: Latin, FHA, Pep Clubs: Clinic Attendant. Susan E. Hausler, 1512 Durand. Tri-M, Latin Clubs: Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Music Honor. Glenan E. Hayes, 1635 Arthur. Advisory Pres- ident: Arts-Dramatics, Pep, PNA Clubs: Declamation. Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play. Guy Amold Hayes, 1520 Durand. Advisory Vice- President: Latin, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer: Track Letterwinner. Ieanne Ann Heckathorn, 1319 Reed. FHA. Pep Clubs: Volleyball Letterwinner. Robert I. Heilbronn. Pep Club. Marcia Putnam Heineman, 68 Davis Drive. Ad- visory President, Sophomore Party Committee. Iunior Prom Committee: French, Pep Clubs. William T. Heney, 1906 Brockway. Pep Club. Mary Margaret Henkel, 1026 Gratiot. Pep. Eco- nomics Club. Nancy lean Herbert, 613 Williams. Advisory President: Arts-Dramtics, Tri-M, Latin, FTA Clubs: Choir, Usher. Warren Sylvester Herring. Hilda Angeline Herzog, Frankenmuth. Pep Club: Art Award. George W. Hildebrandt, 3019 Schaefer. Pete A. Hillman, 2250 N. Madison. Advisory Pres- ident, Vice-President: Baseball and Basket- ball and Football Letterwinner. Ianet Elizabeth Hilton, 275 N. Fourth, Freland. Latin, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Terry Gordon Hogg, 2957 Harrison. Martha lean Hochthanner. 1237 Avalon. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Commence- ment Pageant, Class Chairman. Marilyn Kay Hodgins, 413 N. Fayette. Miracle Book, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commence- ment Pageant, Constance Ann Hoewe, Freeland. Latin, FNA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Conv- f 4 RQ "n s 1 Cr Q- 44. 'I , 4' 2? sv Qfzh t ttnn fp! . -. .. 9 r 9 Q- iii ' " '- I -av 2 'ix F 1' -t QQ if Sys . Q., C' i X . 4 . -es. ...-4 .9- Mary Iane Hoffman 2212 N Fayette Basketball Volleyball Nancy Rosalie 1-iofiman 4568 Wall Coop Bowl mg Pep Clubs Shirley lane 1-loggard 9170 Swan Creek Road Latin Bowling Pep Clubs Curtis Elwood Holliday 1626 N Bond Miracle Book Bowling Pep Clubs Larry F Hollis 1208 Brewster FFA Bowling Rifle Pep Clubs Track Christine Marie Horb 4159 Bumham French FNA Pep Clubs Choir Christmas Pageant Donald E Horner 3904 Mackinaw Math IETS Clubs Christmas Pageant Robert W Howie 7430 Dutch Road Bowling Rifle Pep Drivers Clubs Ioyce Elaine Hubmger 2012 Harry Advisory Treasurer Secretary Arts Dramtics Pep Clubs Declamation Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Nancy Lee Huegel 2632 Hermansau Pep Club Chior Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Commencement Pageant Robert T Humpert 2264 N Ames Carol Ellen Hundshamer 1929 W Michigan Ad visory Treasurer Secretary Latin PNA Pep Clubs Band Bounce Alan Joseph Hunter Birch Run RFD 1 Baseball Mary May Hunter 2220 Lone Road Freeland Advisory Vice President Arts Dramatics Tri M Historian French President Secretary Latin Clubs Choir Queens Court Ioanne Margaret Hurry 1902 Mackinaw Choir Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Commence ment Pageant Susan Anne lkner 1301 Glendale Math Pep Clubs lst Semester Play William Henry Irving 301 Garden Lane Advisory Vice President Treasurer Crucibles Math IETS Clubs Swimming Tennis Creighton Iames Izzo 1755 W Michigan Pep Jacqueline Izzo, 704 Vermont. Christmas Pageant. Harry Otto Iacob, 1019 N. Harrison. Advisory Vice-President' Tri-M, Pep Clubs' Choir Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. Carl Matthew Iacobson, 120 Trier. Advisory Pres- ident, Vice-President: French Club' Sopho- more Handbook Committee. Baseball Letter- winner, Basketball. Sandra Kay Iacoby, 929 Wright. Pep Club: Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant: Vol- leyball Letterwinner: Music Honor. Raymond A. Iacques 6515 Pierce Road. Club Hillite Representative: Football Letterwinner. Elizabeth Mary Iarema, 4196 N. Michigan. Latin, Pep Clubs. ' Barbara Ellen Iean, 966 Schust Road. Co-op Secretary, Pep Clubs. Sharon Ierservic, 9046 Geddes Road. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Sophomore Party Y-Teens, Pep Clubs' Choir, Band Bounce. Iean Anne Iewett, 3029 Malden Place. Advisory Secretary. Red Cross Chairman: Coop Pep Clubs: Iunior Prom Committee. Neil Walter Iochen, 4227 Brockway. Advisory Vice-President: FFA Club: Band, Band BOunCe. Drum Major: Swimming Letterwinner. Rosalie Loueen Iohnson, 2515 N. Michigan. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commence- ment Pageant. Shirley Ann Iohnson, 215 N. Oakley. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commence- ment Pageant. Iudy Lorene Iones. 1803 Lathrup. Advisory Secre- tary, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Red Cross Chairman: FTA Secretary: Band Bounce, Sophomore Handbook Com- mittee. Robert L. Iones, 3835 N. River Rd. Allan Iones Iurek, 1780 Schust Rd. Iohn David Kabat. 3640 Barnard Rd. Football' Art Award. Iames Charles Kanary, 1608 Bimey. Advisory President: Pep Club: Basketball Letterwinner. Earl I. Kastorf, 2900 Hospital Rd. it 1' Lf ' I Za manage Iulius Iames Kaufman IIII, 7150 Hart Hd, Donna Louise Kelly, 1315 S. Hamilton. Advisory Treasurer: Class Chairman: Librarian. Mae Naomi Kelley, 913 N. Granger. Spanish Club: Language Award. Iimmie loe Kelsey, 1010 Ash. Barbara lean Kemerer, 903 N. Harrison. FTA, Miracle Book Clubs: Baseball. Daniel Allan Kempf, 2262 McEwan. Ieanett M. Kern, Frankenmuth. FTA, Pep Clubs. Ruth Ellen Kerr, 4300 Midland Rd. Co-op Treas- urer, Spanish, Biology, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant: Volleyball. Elaine Ioy Kersheske, 2025 Greenwich. Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, P-TA Chairman: Arts-Dramtics, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce: Volleyball. Arleen Ioy Kessel, 2252 Mershon. Advisory Vice- president. Secretary, Club Hillite CBig 141: Arts-Dramtics, Spanish, Alchemists, FTA Clubs. Iames L. Keyser, 119 Tremont. Advisory Treas- urer: Club Hillite Representative: Hi-Y, Rifle, Pep Clubs: Swimming. Rose Mary Kimmel, 1833 Burnham. Co-op, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Com- mencement Pageant. Marlene P. Kingsbury, 1821 Barnard. Advisory President: Arts-Dramatics, Miracle Book Clubs: Declamation, Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant. Audrey Ann Kirby, 1812 King. Kay Frances Kirkpatrick, 1312 Pleasant. Tri-M. Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Commencement Pageant. loann Rae Klemm, 1832 Malzahn. Tri-M Secretary. Quill-Scroll Vice-President, Alchemists, PNA Secretary, Y-Teens Secretary Clubs: News: Writing Awards. lean Ann Klenoski, 3054 Jackson. Co-op, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant. Pamela Gaye Kline, 506 S. Wheeler. Tri-M Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Commencement Pageant: Basketball. Iohn Knezek. 300 N. Thomas Rd. Rifle Club: Cross Country: Track Manager. Russell C. Knippel, 1602 Mackinaw. French. Hi-Y, PTA Clubs: Class Chairman: Basketball and Tennis Letterwinner. , .f . J X 5491. 'Z 1 I l I 9 l S The living dolls in this picture are Coleen Overton and Sharon Brown. Ianet Kay Koehler, 212 S. Morson. Tri-M, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Librarian. Richard T. Korbein, 1604 Homes. Advisory Pres- ident: Pep Club: Swimming and Track Let- terwinner. Iudith A. Kowalski, 1912 Mershon. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary. P-TA Chairman, Sopho- more Party Committee: Latin. Pep Clubs. George Wayne Kramer, 2023 Adams Blvd. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary: Math, IETS, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs: Basketball Lctterwinner. Ruth Ann Kramer, 3649 Carrollton. Sue Marie Kraner, 1329 Glendale, Advisory Pres- ident, Chairman Iunior Prom: FTA Club: Declamation, Sophomore Handbook Commit- tee, Service Club: Volleyball Letterwinner. Carolyn A. Krapohl, 1268 Glendale. Pep Club. Thomas A. Krawczak, 575 Pioneer Trail. Pep Club. Iames H. Kretz, 9300 Swan Creek Rd. Advisory Vice-President. Sue Elaine Kreuchauf, 227 Reynick. PNA Club: Clinic Attendant. Timothy Iames Kreuger, 143 S. Mason. Arts-Dra- matics Club: Choir, Band Bounce: Stage Crew, Projector Operator. Thomas R. Kriegish, 7343 Gratiot Hd. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Track. Charles Kristinek, 2669 Wigan Rd. Karen Ann Krogrnan, 1314 Lyon. Advisory Vice- president, P-TA Chaimian, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite tBig 141: Economics Club President: Queen's Attendant: Cheer Leader. Mary Anne Krueger, Frankenmuth. Advisory Sec- retary: FHA Secretary, Pep Clubs. Nancy Ann Kruske, 1907 Brenner. Shirley Ann Krzyaniak, 3065 Schaeffer. Co-op, FHA, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Com- mencement Pageant. Robert Krzyaniak, 3255 N. Michigan. Iohn William Kuelske, 7295 Swan Creek Rd. Richard H. Kutch. 1930 Lathrup. Hi-Y Treasurer, Pep Clubs. AnnMargaret LaBelle, 1908 Benjamin. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Pep Club: Declarnation. Mary Ellen LaFlair. 626 N. Porter. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Latin. Bowling, Pep Clubs. Dennis H. LaFreniere, 5925 Bay Rd. Band Bounce. Kay Ellen Laing 3467 Mackinaw. Advisory Pres- ident, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Com- mittee: Latin, Y-Teens Clubs: Orchestra, lst Semester Play. Marlene B. Lamrouex, 3636 Monroe. Advisory Treasurer: Pep Club. Marion Elaine Lamont, 110 Swanson Rd. Pep Club: Class Chairman, Clinic Attendant: Volleyball. Shirley Ann LaMountain, 525 Main. Pep Club. Barbara Elizabeth Lang. 5725 Bay Rd. Y-Teens, Miracle Book, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Iuclith May Langdon, 3720 Barnard Rd. P-TA Chairman: Latin, Pep Clubs: Baseball. Bas- ketball Letterwinner, Volleyball. Mary Catherine Ann Langley, Freeland RFD 1. Pep Club: Librarian. Iudith Rae Langschwager, RFD 2, Pep Club. Fred Delos Larkin, 709 S. Granger. Robert Laubhan, 1529 Vermont. Carole Patricia Lauria, 1443 N. Clinton. Coop, Pep Clubs. Ioanne Laux, Frankenmuth. Co-op, FHA, Pep Clubs. Barbara Ann Laverty, 1842 Stanley. Miracle Book. Pep Clubs. David G. Leddy, 1551 Greenwich. Advisory Vice- president: Biology. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs: Choir, Christmas Pageant. Fredrick E. Lee, 1018 N. Porter. Sophomore Party Committee, Noon Club Committee: Pep. Driv- ers Clubs: Band, Band Bounce: Team Man- ager. Gary L. Lee, 1018 N. Porter, Drivers Club: Foot- ball and Basketball Letterwinner. Iames Norman Lehman, 2016 Ottawa. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Arloa Leistner, 1658 Arthur. Advisory Vice-Pres ident, Treasurer, Secretary: Coop Club: Base- ball, Basketball and Volleyball Letterwinner. Stanley I. Leland, 321 S. Granger. Noon Club Committee: Red Cross Chairman: Basketball and Cross Country and Track Letterwinner. Ioan E. Lemmer, 803 S. Mason. Advisory Treas- urer. Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Band, Band Bounce. Band Letter: Volleyball Letterwinner. William R. Lesser. 1683 Glendale. Advisory Pres- ident, Treasurer, Secretary: Club Hillite lBig 141: Football and Track Letterwinner. Adele Louise Leslie, Frankenmuth. Spanish, Pep Clubs. Rosalie Leuenberger, 2395 Liberty Rd. Co-op, Pep Clubs. Ronald E. Lickly, 1219 Midland Rd. Latin, Hi-Y, Riile Clubs: Cross Country Letterwinner. Track. Bruce Edward Livingston, 240 Wylie. Hi-Y, Rifle, Pep Clubs. H . . ff rr. 5, Q' A 4 X S' 1 . 5 1 . ,mf 5 f nip 1' gr' Q Q, fe '3 af, .. .h ,.. iiiv .w' 'H 3: fi. nl. .I K1 1- bi 'N 5'Zflee!2 5' 5 0 54 , X AP ,f, dr '. s . wan 464.3 mir, A. if 16 it g. ' 'Pls i 9' r Patricia Ann Loeblein, 3541 State. Arts-Dramatics, Quill-Scroll, Pep Clubs: Debate, Oratory News. Donald Franklin Loiselle, 2321 Deindorter. Norma Iean Lolmaugh, 7297 Gratiot Road. Pep Club: Clinic Attendant. Barbara Long, 1405 Cypress. FHA, Pep Clubs: Clinic Attendant. Gary Luplow, 618 N. Mason. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant: Football Letterwinner. Karen lean Lytle, 3471 Mackinaw. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, lun- ior Red Cross Council Treasurer: Biology, Pep, Usher Clubs. Marcia Kay MacArthur, 2435 Midland Road. Ad- visory Treasurer: French, Pep Clubs. Howard E. Machette, 2608 Court. Advisory Pres- ident: Arts-Dramatics Club: Declamation, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play, Track: Art Award. Sharon Kay MacMillan, 1320 Hancock. Latin, Economics, Biology Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Usher, Sophomore Handbook Committee: Art Award. Arthur Ralph Mariwell, 709 Waller. Pep Club: Swimming Letterwinner. Michael Warren Marks, 716 N. Michigan. Drivers, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs: Band, Band Bounce: Swim- ming Letterwinner. Robert LaVeme Marsh, 115 Lockwood. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Patricia Ann Marti, 4875 Bay Rd. Club Hillite Representative: Latin, FHA Clubs: Librarian. Barbara Ann Martin, 2295 N. Madison. Co-op Club. Ronald A. Martin, 1803 Jordan. Advisory Pres- ident, Noon Club Committee: Student Cabinet President, Club Hillite lBig 141: Basketball and Football and Track Letterwinner. Sharon Lee Martin, 1417 Division. Advisory Vice- president, P-TA Chairman: Coop, Latin, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Iohn Allen Maul, 1718 Vermont. Advisor Treas- urer, Secretary: Biology. Pep Clubs: Choir. Christmas Pageant. Karen Colleen McComb, 4021 Ann. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Latin, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Owen P. McCullen, 2060 S. Thomas Rd. Advisory Vice-President. Robert H. McDowell, 702 Wright. Advisory Vice- President, Sarah Elizabeth McFarland, 129 S. Woodbridge. French, Economics, Pep Clubs. Richard A. McGregor, 1206 S. Hamilton. Advisory Vice-President: Pep Club. Maureen Elaine McMahill, 750 S. Main. Franken- muth. French, Y-Teens, Bowling Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer. IoAnn Megerle, 2510 Stobbe. FHA, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, and Volleyball. Peter Meier, Birch Run RFD 1. Advisory Pres- ident: Math, IETS, Pep Clubs. Donna Marie Meininger, 2024 Cooper. Co-op, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- eant, Commencement Pageant. Iames Stephens Mendel, 3434 Madison, Carroll- ton. Rose Marie Merlone, 314 Ann. Advisory Presi- dent, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Donald lames Mertz, 2210 Mershon. Advisory , Vice-President. Club Hillite French. MGlh, A IETS Clubs: Swimming and Tennis Letter S Joyce Margaret Metevia, 4097 Green. Advisory 5 Treasurer, Secretary: French, Y-Teens, Pep M 'Q Clubs: Declamation, Debate. i Charlotte lean Metiva. 635 W. Bush, Zilwaukee. Cqop, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. Margaret Rosalie Meyer, 2129 S. Washington. Sophomore Party Committee: Coeop, German, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Darrell Mielke, RFD 2. Carolyn Suzanne Miller, 120 S. Carolina. Spanish. Service Clubs. ' Dennis Lee Miller, 2209 N. Oakley. Football, -' j Track. h ' I Frances lane Miller, 1414 Malzahn. Iunior Prom Committee: Latin, Alchemists, Biology, Math, -S VV A IETS Clubs: Band Bounce. W Ianet Miller, 2233 S. Niagara. Pep Club. Ierry A. Miller. 303 Saginaw. Swimming. Ai KUY Miller, 5695 Gratiot Advisory Tyeqsurerl Secretary: Arts-Dramatics, French, Latin, FTA Clubs: Band Bounce. Le ROY Wayne Miller, 1514 Houghton. Choir, "9 Christmas Pageant. Commencement Pag- eant. Swimming. Robert T. Miller, 1350 Rainbow Drive. Pep Club. Ruth Ann Minnis, 1321 Van Buren. Co-op, Pep Clubs. Ianet Lynn Mitchel, 1870 N. Oakley. Biology, Pep 7 Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant. lanet Kay Mitchell, 5725 Gratiot.Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman: FTA, Pep Clubs. - Myra Lee Mleczek, 3163 Church. FHA, Pep Clubs: Librarian. Arnold Gene Mohn, 1515 S. Fayette. Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce: Cross Country Letter- winner. Barbara E. Mohnk, 2001 Bamard. Advisory P-TA 5 Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Red x Cross Chairman: Latin Club: Usher: Red Cross Volunteer. Iudith R. Moore, 3431 Binscarth. French Club: Band Bounce. David D. Morford, 2121 W. Genesee. Bowling. Pep Clubs: Football. Golf, Swimming: Art Award. Beverly I. Morrison. 2216 Stark. Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Commencement Pageant, 2nd Semester Play. Marlene F. Moser, 3345 Shattuck Rd. Latin, Pep Clubs: Librarian: Basketball, Volleyball. Philip Munck, 2328 N. Bond. Latin, Crucibles, Math, IETS Clubs: Christmas Pageant, News, Minute Reporter. Lucius Munger, Ir., 4675 N. River Rd.. Freeland. Football Letterwinner. Doris M. Myers, 1408 Mackinaw. Red Cross Chair- man: FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Edmund R. Nagel, 1807 Brenner. Biology. Pep Clubs: Swimming. ' Barbara Glaize Nash, 3 Center Woods. Advisory ' : President, Vice-President, Red Cross Chair- man: Quill-Scroll, Alchemists: Usher, News. 'Q 5' Qs s. , g 3 . fs 'y o U , L t' ,lik .. A ,, r an 6' ar' -'Il ,Nm ,X .. . 'ws i-.fl Q -4 ai?" F V' Ag P .4 Q i v Eg, 1 Y Y 1 Luvella May Nehmer, RFD 5. Advisory President. Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee: Latin Club: Band Bounce. News, Queen's Court. Charles Michael Neumann, 2268 N. Ames. Ad- visory Vice-President, Curtis A. Newkirk, 3072 Jackson. Robert G. Niederstadt. 1021 Congress. Bowling, Rifle Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Stephen Ioseph Nizinski, 6853 Gratiot. Darlene Kathryn Nolan, 1813 Ottawa. Latin, Quill- Scroll, FTA, Pep Clubs: Usher, News. Carol Ann Nowaczyk, 501 Pioneer Trail. Red Cross Chairman: Co-op, FHA Vice-President Clubs: Declamation. Mary Ann Olsen, 2207 Mershon. Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative: French Secretary, Pep Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. 7 1 , ur t .. ',,, . A, .' J '. in ' 1 1 ' -Q 1 3 M 1 f. l -1 MT .I 0, . xy i ifaalifae Nancy lane Ordiway, 156 Water, Freeland. Latin Club: Choir, News. Elmer L. Ostrander, 912 S. Woodbridge. Drivers. FFA Clubs. Colleen Kay Overton, 2330 N. Charles. Advisory President: Arts-Dramatics, French, FTA, Mir- acle Book Vice-President and Treasurer Clubs: Queen's Court, Drum Majorette. Iohn W. Paige, 2619 Mackinaw. Crucibles. Rifle, Pep Clubs. Mary Sue Parker, 2307 N. Oakley, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, FTA Clubs: Band, Band Bounce, Usher, News. Barbara Iean Patterson, 523 S. Mason. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants. Robert Harvey Pechtel, 3070 Mannion Rd. FFA Club: Baseball. Thomas Keith Pence. 2690 Shattuck Rd. FFA. Rille Clubs: Band, Dance Band, and Bounce: Football and Track Letterwinner. Rose Marie Pepin, 4192 Green. Class Chairman. Thomas Iames Perry, 2272 N. Ames. Ronald Marvin Petre, 606 S. Porter. Advisory President: Biology Club: Orchestra, Projector Club President. Donald Rea Pettenger, 1122 Miller. Sophomore Party Committee: Drivers, Hi-Y Clubs: News, Service Club: Basketball. Ioyce Ann Pettenger, 1122 Miller. Advisory Pres- ident, Treasurer: Pep Club. Edward M. V. Plater, 1015 Union. Advisory Secre- tary: Latin, Crucibles President, Pep Clubs. Kenny L. Poellet. Frankenmuth. Donna Lou Popp, 2244 Blackmore. Arts-Dramatics, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Marie L. Porlas, 2360 Shattuck Rd. Pep Club: Baseball, Basketball Letterwinner, Volleyball. Iacqueline Ieanne Powers, 1618 N. Bond. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pagtants: Basketball, Volley- ball Letterwinner. Carol F. Pressler, 78 Elmview Ct. Advisory Vice- president, Treasurer, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Club Hillite Representative: Latin, FHA, Pep Clubs. Terry Frederick Prim, 813 N. Harrison. Arts-Dra- matics, French, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Christmas Pageant, lst and 2nd Semester Plays. lhomas lrm Prmcrng 51 Ardmore Place Advrsory Prestdent Treasurer Noon Club Commrttee Math Club Assembly Commtttee Chrrstmas Pageant Swrmmrng Letterwmner Ronald Eugene Prtndle 602 N Oakley French FTA Bowlmg Pep Clubs Chrrstmas Pageant Protector Club Track Alton Pscholka 2615 Blackmore Red Cross Charr man French Pep Clubs Band Band Bounce Dance Band Red Cross Volunteer Thomas R Pugh 2281 S Mrchrgan Football and Track Letterwmner Donald S Purlgroskt 825 Orchard Ct News Football Swlmmmg IoAnn Helen Rachow 2226 Wtlson Coop Y Teens Pep Clubs Phrlltp N Radenbaugh 2695 S Center Rd Seals Sales Chatrman Pep Club Football Track W1ll1am Radke 4675 Lawndale Rd Advrsory Treasurer Charles B Ranke 1727 Burnham Advrsory Pres xdent V1cePres1dent Sophomore Party Com mlttee Club Hrlltte Representatmve Football Letterwmner Rrchard I Rankm 4267 El Monte Dr Advrsory Treasurer Secretary Math IETS Pep Clubs Swrmmmg Tennrs Letterwrnner Ernest Lours Rant 6095 Melke Rd Freeland Beverly Jean Rappuhn 6885 Dutch Rd Coop FHA Pep Clubs JoAnn Ratlrif 923 N Webster Co op FHA Clubs Orchestra Wxllram Rau Frankenmuth I-ltY Pep Clubs Red Stanley Iohn Raymond 542 S 24th Tr1M Club Choxr Chnstmas Pageant Commencement Pageant Cross Country Swxmmmg Track Davrd Lawrence Reed 717 S Bates Chotr Band Bounce Chrrstmas Pageant Alfred Charles Rexd 132 N Woodbndge H1Y Club Wallls Iames Rerd 1026 Gratrot Natural Scrence Club Choxr Band Bounce Chnstmas and Commencement Paqeants Football and Track Letterwmner lohn W Remholm 10076 Drce Rd Freeland PTA Chatrman Club Hrllrte Representatrve Pep Club Walter Coyle Renshaw 1340 Wrllxam Cross Country and Track Letterwrnner Evelyn Loutse Reuhland 1620 Iackson Fredenck E Rredel 1923 Iordan lst Semester Play Baseball Basketball and Football Let terwtnner Margaret Ann Rrethmerer 428 Ann Advrsory V1cePres1dent TnM Presrdent Latm Treas urer YTeens FTA Clubs Band Chou Iames Martm Rrlkrn 2021 Handley Advrsory Presrclent Sophomore Party Commrttee Noon Club Commxttee Spanlsh Pep Clubs Basket ball Football Eddrs Lee Rrkley 500 Meadowlawn Advrsory Prestdent Pep Club Gerald Duane Rtley 202 Sherman Red Cross Chaxrman Bowlrng Pep Clubs lantce Mane Rlvette 301 S Iefterson Ztlwaukee Chorr Band Bounce Commencement Pageant Sally Io Robertson 2216 S Harmlton Advrsory Treasurer Secretary Mtracle Book Club M' Cross Volunteer: Baseball. nrt 'P'- Happy reminiscence? Iudy Becker, Pat Ahrens, and Karen Krogman have one last chat. Keith M. Rodgers. 7425 Shattuck Rd. Sophomore Party Committee: Pep Club. Carolyn Sue Roesler, B885 Shields Dr. C0-OP Peo Clubs: Iudith Dianne Rogers. 2608 Witters. Co-op, FHA Clubs. Sally Virginia Roggmann, 16 Chestnut, Brattle- boro, Vermont. Advisory Secretary: Arts-Dra- matics, Spanish, FTA, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Alvin W. Rohn, 405 Swanson Rd. FFA Club. Margaret Ellen Hooker, 6015 Stroebel Rd. Advis- ory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, ulnior Prom Committee: FTA Club Secretary: Declamation, News, Sophomore Handbook Committee. Sharon Lee Rose, 1611 William. FHA, Bowling Clubs: Clinic Attendant. Ruth Ann Rudy, 603 S. Woodbridge. Co-op, FHA, Bowling. Pep Clubs. Sandra Ioan Rukowicz, 2505 Deindorfer. Co-op Club. Robert R. Rupp, 131 Wylie Ct. Latin, Pep Clubs. Patricia Mae Rutherford, 2205 W. Freeland. FHA, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. Betty Lou Sample 6875 Stroebel Rd. Pep Club: Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants.. Douglas Allen Sare, 2849 State. Pep Club: Swim- ming. Iames Phillip Schadt, 1802 Lessur. Advisory Pres- ident, Noon Club Committee: Quill-Scroll Club Treasurer: Assembly Chairman, 'Legen- da, News: Swimming Letterwinner. Louis G. Schaeding, 2870 Shattuck. Advisory Secretary: Pep Club: Track. Grant Arthur Schaefer, 2267 N. Madison. French, Latin, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. Betty lane Schafer. 225 Center, Sebewaing. Span- ish, Drivers, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Elizabeth Ruth Schallhorn, 2408 Stobbe. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative: Tri-M, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Marilyn Lou Schark, 1417 Maple. Pep Club. Nancy Lynne Schartow, 1186 Avalon. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman, Biology. Pep Clubs: Usher. Eugene Scherzer, Freeland. Carol Lynn Schiesswohl, 142 Fourth, Freeland. Co-op, Latin, Pep Clubs, Donald Fredrick Schimpf, 1719 Maine. Drivers, Pep Club: Commencement Pageant. Martha Schluckebier, Frankenmuth. Advisory Vice-President: FHA, Pep Clubs. Margie Ann Schmidt. 2660 S. Millet Rd. Pep Club. Susanne Elizabeth Schmitz, 138 Trier, Club Hillife Representative: FNA, Pep, Economics Treas- urer Clubs. Donna Schneider, 723 N. Mason. Michael loseph Scneider, 2529 N. Woodbridge. Advisory Vice-President, Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Latin, Drivers, Crucibles, Pep Clubs: Sophomore Handbook Committee. Fredrick Henry Schneidmiller, 1909 Tuasend. Mary Algele Schott, 2009 N. Clinton. French, Biology, Economics, Y-Teens Clubs. Lorine 1. Schreiner. Frankenmuth. Pep Club: Clinic Attendant. Sharon Lynn Schreyer, 123 Snow. Arts'Dramatics, Latin, Bowling Clubs: Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play: Baseball and Basketball Let- terwinner. Gary A. Schroeder, 3735 Carrollton Rd. June Beverly Schuette, 3311 Court. Sophomore Party Committee: Arts-Dramatics, Tri-M, Quill- Scroll Clubs: Orchestra, Usher, News. Carol Kathryn Schultz, 3088 N. Michigan. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman: Tri-M, Pep Clubs, Ronald Carl Schultz, 275 N. Second, Freeland. Advisory Vice-President: Arts,Dramatics Vice- President, Latin, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Christmas Pageant. Sharon Lynne Schultz, 3710 Barnard Rd. FTA, Pep Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Nancy Lue Schumacher, 1321 Adams. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants: Baseball, Basketball. Iohn Robert Schwartje. 1509 State. Advisory Secretary: Pep Club: Swimming. Bruce Scorsone, 1717 Brockway. Sandra Lee Seaman, 1708 Brockway. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative: Arts-Dramatics, Alchemists President Clubs: Debate, Senior Hostess, Spanish Award. Iames F. Sebele, 1905 Gilbert. Iudith Ann Seidel, 1014 S. Fayette. Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Paqeants: Volleyball. Douglas Setty, 1705 W. Michigan. Ruth M. Shannon, 816 N. Michigan. Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Chairman: Arts- Dramatics, Spanish, Biology: Christmas Pag- eant, Declamation. Mary Kathleen Shaver, Freeland. Tri-M Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants, Iunior Prom Committee, Clinic Attendant. Frederick Ioel Siegel, 502 Eleanor, Advisory Vice-President: Spanish, Math, Rifle, Pep Clubs. Gerald Allan, Sieggreen, 3058 Schaeffer. Club Hillite iBig 1-11: Math, IETS Treasurer, Pep Clubs: Swimming Letterwinner. 1 S 4 G-M Q Vi, 6 iff- f G- i 4 ,. 9' 5 7 I f Q I 6 ' Q Qi' F , 1 ,sL W... Z 1 Q x , K1 I 0 T 4. - -'nf - Q an if A V gf, L W 4 r f, ' 1 ' Q ffm-A -bf' iff,- UQ- . Af' to - 'Q Q l T WW. 4 gi, A -'Q fa. . G' jg if .9 .2 af- 0 if 1' 4 , ..,V 5 B. I' A lm'- Y W! A Antoinette Sieverman, 2207 Adams Blvd. P-TA Chairman: French, Biology Clubs. Henry Richard Sikora, 2018 Gallagher. Iacqueline Helena Silkstone, 1445 William. Ad- visory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Club Hillite Representative: Arts- Dramatics, French, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. loanne Simpson, 209 S. Bond. Co-op, Pep Clubs. Sophia D. Skentzos, 2220 N. Bond. Red Cross Chairman: Tri-M, French, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Carol Io Skivington, 1823 Wood. FHA, Pep Clubs. Barbara lean Smith, 1914 Wood. Bowling. Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. Edward Smith, 2681 S. Center. Pep Club: Foot- ball, Gall. Roman M. Smoder, 1305 S. Michigan. Pep Club. Nancy lean Snider, B590 Stroebel Rd. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative: Arts- Dramatics Club: Oratory, lst and 2nd Sem- ester Plays, Queen's Court. Donald Kenneth Snyder, 715 S. Michigan. Ad- visory Vice-President: Cross Country Letter- winner: Bowling Club. Betty lane Sollner, 3715 Shattuck. Co-op Club. Sharon Kaye Sommers, 4211 Ann. Biology, FHA. Y-Teen, Pep Clubs. Ann Brabyn Southworth, 19 E. Hannum Blvd. Advisory Treasurer: ArtsADramatics, French, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Queen's Court. Vincent Anthony Sova, 7180 Dutch Rd. Cross Country and Track Letterwinner. Sally Lou Sparks, 2539 Hermansau. Pep Club: Baseball. Basketball, Volleyball. Thomas Edward Spaulding, 6065 Lawndale Rd. Rille, Pep Clubs: Track. Matthew Iohnstone Spence III, 7 Edgewood Rd. Advisory President, Noon Club Committee: Pep Club Vice-President: Swimming, Tennis, Lucy Evelyn Sperry, 7035 Dutch Rd. Tri-M Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Kay Anne Spousta, 2006 Brenner. Advisory Pres- ident, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Latin, FNA Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. Ojars Spule, 1934 Passolt. Daniel R. Stahl. 2081 Anderson Rd. Pep Club. Nancy Kay Stanton. 7 Benton Rd. Pep Club. Frank E. Starkweather III, 411 N. Webster. Club Hillite fBig 1411 Latin Treasurer, Secretary, Crucibles, Math, IETS President Club: Sopha more Party Committee, Cheer Leader. Mary Anne Steadman. 2200 Weiss. Sophomore Party Committee: Spanish, Y-Teens, FTA Clubs: Usher. Beverly M. Stearns, 2 Berger Rd. Advisory Pres- ident, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Council Vice-President: Assembly Committee, Band Bounce, Senior Hostess. lohn H. Steinpres. 1119 Adams. Robert George Stern, Frankenmuth. Bonnie lean Stevens, 3297 Elm. Girls' Ch01'uS. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageants. lanet E. Steverman, 602 Wright. Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary: Latin, Alchemists, Biology Clubs: Senior Hostess. Ieanette F. Sting, 365 S. Center Rd. Co-op, Span- ishClubs:Gir1s' Chorus, Band Bounce.Usher. Daniel Albert Stock, 5475 State. Math, Hi-Y. Miracle Book Clubs: Football and Track Letter leannette Mae Stoeckle, 1308 Houghton. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageants. Susanne Irene Strecker, 8190 Geddes Rd. Advis- ory Vice-President, Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite fBig 141 News Martha Lou Stricker, 1906 Vermont. Tri-M Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Sandra Elizabeth Suino, 1116 Brewster. Advisory Treasurer: Latin Vice-President, Alchemists, Math Secretary Clubs: Band, News, Sopho- more Cup. Charles O. Suitor, 3307 Elm, Carrollton. Pep Club: Declamation, Debate, Legenda, News. Dorothy Agnes Swanson, 2280 S. Thomas Rd. Latin, Pep Clubs. Robert F. Tanner, 1306 State. French Clubs, De- bate, French Award. Lois Mae Taylor, 4087 Louise. Arts-Dramatics, FHA, FTA, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. Thomas David Temple, 1009 Greenwich. Advisory Vice-President: Arts-Dramatics, Pep Treasurer Clubs: Christmas Pageant, lst Semester, Cheerleader, Swimming Manager Letterwin- ner. Nadara Ann Thiede, 1909 N. Fayette. Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. Naomi Darlene Thiede, 1909 N. Fayette. Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant. Marlene K. Thomas, 1826 Vermont. Latin, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. Rodney L. Thomas, 1513 S. Niagara. David Bryan Thompson, 4113 Mackinaw. French. Math Treasurer, IETS Clubs: Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce, Drum Major. Ida Mae Thomson, 1720 Allegan. Sophomore Par- ty Committee, Club Hillite Representative: Spanish, Bowling Vice-President, FHA Clubs: Clinic Attendant: Volleyball. Iudith Rae Tott, 2303 N. Bond. Advisory Vice- President, Arts-Dramatics, Quill-Scroll, FTA, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, News. Ioyce Marie Towns, 8835 Midland Rd., Freeland. Advisory President, Vice-President: Spanish President, Arts-Dramatics, Pep Clubs: Christ- mas Pageant, Queen's Court. Marvin Wayne Towns, 409 S. Charles. Ronald David Tremaine, 1810 State. Pep Club. Erma Linda Trinklein, Frankenmuth. Spanish, FTA, Pep Clubs. loan Kay Trinklein, 115 N. Bates. FNA, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. Sharon Lee Tupes, 1265 Avalon. Advisory Pres- ident, Vice-President. Club Hillite Represent- ative: Latin, Biology, FNA Clubs: Usher. Gary Anthony Turek, 716 S. Mason. Choir, Band Bounce: Cross Country and Track Letter- winner, Football, Swimming. Gala Kathryn Turner, 5805 Swan Creek Rd. Co-op Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. '5 V ...v v 4 98 'ffl 6 .7 .NUT is :I T 4 if 1 Q. N QQ If-v-I William Ervin Ulrich, Frankenmuth. Karen Lee Vance, 4460 Ann. Seals Sales Chair- man: Tri-M, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Basketball, Volleyball. Glenna Ann Van Hautte, 1860 Schust Rd. Pep Club. Susan lane VanMidd1esworth, 1882 Avalon. FHA Club. Collene Mary Vasold, 2450 Midland Rd. Co-op. Pep Clubs. Duane A. Vasold, Freeland RFD 3. FFA Club. Lois Ann Veitengruber, 8950 Curtis Rd. Franken' muth. Co-op Club. Darlene Iudith Vincent, 2824 Deindorfer. Tri-M. Latin, FHA President, FNA, Bowling. Pep Clubs: Choir. 1' ,-. Ubi 'v 1 9 yu Q ja. ' .irgsfi .. F 1 J 1 A 'J 1 A nv-0 '59 Edwin P. Vincent, 1120 Brewster. Club Hillite Representative, Seals Sales Chairman, Pep Club. Ioan Vinson, Freeland RFD 1. Harry Ray Vitek, 4629 Midway. Natural Science. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Baseball and Football Letterwinner. William Frederick Vogt, Ir. 1121 Glendale. Ad- visory President: Crucibles, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Sophomore Handbook Committee: Tennis Letterwinner: Sophomore Cup. Milan Michael Wagner, 3126 State. Ross lack Wagner, 114 Starch, Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary: Math, IETS, Hi-Y, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Sandra Diane Wagner, 3059 State. Seals Sales Chairman: Pep, Drivers Clubs. Robert Arthur Wahl, 1608 N. Clinton. Math, Hi-Y, Pep, IETS Clubs: Swimming, Track. Ann Wallace, 313 S. Granger. Advisory President. Sophomore Party Committee: Biology Treas- urer, Latin Clubs: Band, News, Senior Hostess. Dianne Wallace, 813 N. Porter. Advisory Prese ident, Secretary: Pep Club: Student Store Ass't, Cheer Leader. Ioan Marie Wandzel, 3304 Church. Nancy Carol Warian, 4130 Morgan Place. Red Cross Chairman: Spanish, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Robert Anderson Warner, 1906 Gratiot. Advisory Vice-President: Spanish, Pep Clubs: Tennis Letterwinner. lanet M. Warnick, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. Bonnie Iean Waskoviak, 5820 Lawndale Rd. Advisory Treasurer: Co-op, Pep Clubs, Roy Martin'Waskoviak, Ir., 1710 Benjamin. FFA, Rifle, Pep Clubs: Baseball and Cross Country Manager Letterwinner. Iohn S. Weadock, 826 Simoneau. Advisory Vice- President, Treasurer, Secretary: French Club: Debate: Football, Track. Arthur Hobson Webster, Ir., 4252 El Monte Dr. Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite 'Big 141: French, Quill-Scroll Clubs: Declamation, News. William H. Wedding, 312 Bush, Zilwaukee. Co-op. Pep Clubs. Clarence Larry Wehner, 515 N. River Rd. Ad- visory Vice-President: Pep Club. Denice Ieanette Welker 710 Thurman Red Cross Chairman Arts Dramatics PNA Bowling Pep Clubs Red Cross Volunteer onstance Byrl Weir 521 N Granger YTeens Bowling Pep Clubs Girls Chorus Band Bounce Christmas Pageant Bobertl Weir 7382 Gratiot Orchestra Paul Michael Weisenberger 437 Wright Advisory Treasurer Secretary Drivers HiYClubs Martin Iohn Weiss Frankenmuth Advisory Pres ident Crucibles H1Y Pep Clubs lst Sem ester Play Baseball Nancy Lee Wendling 1006 Pleasant Arts Dra matics Pep Clubs Christmas Pageant Carol Anne Westlund 131 S Charles Advisory Treasurer Sophomore Party Committee Quill Scroll Alchemists Bowling Clubs Band Bounce Legenda Francis Daniel Whelan Ir 2003 Handley Ad visory Vice President Secretary Math IETS ml9 66 Diana White 4875 Indian Trail Advisory Treas urer Club Hillite CBig 141 Pep PNA Clubs Band Bounce Usher Larry C White 2249 Taft Dortha B Whitney 1223 Greenwich PTA Chair man Arts Dramatics French Pep Clubs Choir Christmas Pageant Volleyball Gerald Wieck N Center Rd FFA Club Stage Crew Gerald F Wiesenmaier 1919 W Michigan Pep Club Galen E Wightman 2730 McCarty Rd Latin Club Track Mary Mildred Wilcox 2340 Barnard Advisory President, Arts-Dramatics, French Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant Student Cabinet Secretary, Queen's Attendant. Ivan C. Wilder, Ir., 575 Adams Rd. Pep Club. Marcia Lou Williams, 4839 Indian Trail. Spanish, Natural Science, Pep Clubs. Ross Allan Williams, 2314 Adams Blvd. Advisory President, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club: Swimming and Golf Letterwinner. Robert Willson, 500 Adam Rd. Keith R. Winchell, Freeland RFD 2. Rifle Club. Shirley Winiecki, 3163 N. Michigan. Thelvius Winieckie, 4735 N. Michigan. FFA, Pep Clubs: Class Chairman: Track and Football Letterwinner. lulia Anne Winston, 221 Trier. Advisory Secre- tary: Spanish, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. ludith A. Winters, 1696 Avalon. Advisory Vice- President: Arts-Dramatics President, French President and Secretary. Pep President Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Homecom- ing Queen. Nancy K. Wise, 412 N. Carolina. Co-op Treasurer, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: Service Club. Sharon M. Wolcott, 1813 Mackinaw. Gail H. Wolfe, 1808 Barnard, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dra- matics, Spanish Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Usher, Legenda. Hilton I. Wolfe, 31 No. Porter. Advisory Vice- President. Club Hillite Representative: Arts- Dramatics Treasurer, Crucibles Clubs: Decla- mation, lst Semester Play: Track Letter- winner. 1 1 Q 6 . X :Q V... ...A 1 1 38. wiv 'Fa 1 4- V' fvx 733- 9 v' .9 6. 6. i 1' r 7 I 1 A C'Za44af'6 .by ,mf I S. fs 'Lf .' -q 4 , ,fir Harold Alroy Worden, B920 Iunction Rd. Nancy Lou Wreggelsworth, 819 Wheeler. Advisory President, Treasurer, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club. Dolores Ann Wright, 843 Sherman. Advisory Secretary: Red Cross Chairman: Declamation, Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas Paaeants. Floyd Alan Wright, 1755 Coolidge. Advisory President, Vice-President: Basketball. Track. Football Letterwinner. Howard Millard Wright, 337 Ann. Tri-M, Hi-Y Vice-President Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Cross Country and Track Letterwinner. Gertrude A. Wrobleski, Freeland RFD 2. Pep Club. Richard E. Wrobleski, Freeland RFD 2. German. FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Choir. Kathleen S. Wuckert, 1917 Greenwich. P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dra- matics, Tri-M, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. M6 . 'I'helma M. Yarger, 4135 Ring. Clinic Attendant. Librarian:.Art Award. Winnie lone Yeomans, 2302 N. Oakley. Tri-M. Miracle Book Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas and Commencement Pageants. Doothy W. Yeska, 2917 N. Michigan. FHA, Pep Clubs. Ralph Nelson Young, 2430 Midland Rd. Assembly Chairman, Band, Band Bounce. Ianice Ann Zednick, 4680 Wall. Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman: Band, Band Bounce, Clinic Attendant. Kenneth Iohn Zeilinger, Frankenmuth. Sandra Lee Zimmerman, 1614 Division. Ieanine Ann Zittel, 4025 Mackinaw. Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative: Spanish, Al- chemists, Biology Clubs. "Think we ain't got ..... ?" ask Iim Schadt and Torn Temple as they pass on review at the Victory Dance. 'Sys' 4 W3 K 3 pf f'B1 1 'K SCM ju ti' Zig , :J Q ,4 fi fi 3, fi R 1 3' . E, S, f , K wx I Ll L' ,ir ' 1 , P x RQ we 11895, E , ,Q Ita I' . la " w Q fl Y " A 1 1 ' ' ' Qs, .413 X , l . 5 1, 1 V 6' ' 5 K f ' , 4 .E wif' ' . ' A 1 ' I .VA Q4 h X -1 5 .. . fg1f:'1?lz1?f V. ,ff 1' " 5 . ,.g. ,' kgfw' Pd -1 i-.A J ,. I :gg . ' ' - f ' - 4 10" R V13 Q Y: Jr ,pq 9 ' w ,Q The Jumor class shared underclassmen pnvrleges wrih the sophomores They siudxed and played hard Many were able to obtarn dr1vers hvenses by partrcrpatrng 111 the Dnvers Tra1n1ng Program They took apt1tude tests to dxscover therr Gb111t1eS They attended the jumor prom one of therr last events as jumors In the spnng the junxors proudly drsplayed therr new seruor class nngs W1th the thnll of weanng class nngs came the reahzatron that the year was nearly over Soon they would be steppmg There's fun ai the game tonight for Ruth Ann Hicks and Dick Fuller. ai14J!A1S Nancy Sarow Marcra Rosenberg lack OBr1en and Karen Go ahead hgh! over me says Bob Ruppel t Teit show thexr actrng abrlriy m Lxttle Women Sally Allore and Sandy Chmunder pf' . . . 4 . xlc ' 1 . J . 1 . . K ' I into the spotlight as the Class of '57, 'T' Abler Shelley Ackerman Russell Ahlbom Iames Ahleman Bonnze Albrecht Gerald Albrrght Kathleen Alcock Fredertck Alden Patncxa Alhson Robert Allore Sally Anderson Vrrgrma Antell Rtchard Appold Iames Archangelx Dale Argyle Lynn Arndt Rrchard Amold Sandra Amst lohn Austrn Marlene Avery lohn Babler Lots Barley Ierald Bam Bonme Baud Donna Balzer Kay Bank Otto Bare Daniel Barnard Fredenck Barnard Tony Barowskl Lawrence Bauder Robert Baybeck Patrlcra Bear Thomas Beeker Ieanette Beeman Kay Bell Gary Bellrnger Charles Benjamrn Herbert Bennett Robert Berger Gary Berkompas Sharon Besey Elsre Beyersdori Ralph Bxckel Betty Black Carole Blohm Iudlth Blue Grace Boelter Robert Bolger Chns Booth Bxll Brochard Ronald Borrs Rrchard Bouchard Elame Bowden Charles Bowen Ianet Bowles Carol Bowlsby Barbara Boyd Noda Bradt Davrd Brady Dale Braun Barry Brechtelsbauer Paul Brethauer Evelyn Brett Bonme Brrqgs Io Ann Bnguqlto Rose Marte Brown Don Brown Patr1c1a Brush Darrell dm ey 71 22 9,62 I A G I ' . 4? D' . 5 A .I -.x , ' , y ' ' . ' f ,' l ' Qi' n At' , fi , f'.,' A I, D in Q A A C cl " N- 4 Iv 01 ' ' Y Y ' I I C .' x' G I I Q 'r " 3 1- i. - ,I ' A ' , I I - .,., V it dv, , 'ti ' ' xy D 'I QA up i 1 tw 6.53 ' 9. ' 1 . ' A 1 'Y' ' I . . I. - ,L , ' v Y-T ' I sp x , I " I sr Beck, Nancy I ' X . :S ' U ' 1 x -L I . J ' A l . ' 3 ' 0- Q 3 'Q A ff ll IIC? D L 1 y A . I I 1- t . .A G- S 'N I' ' 9 C 9' A 5 . 4 ' 'J . , -1 , I' L, u gg an ' A 'X A -t A ' . If U 'g F' C . ' 1 ' 1' I D Q' I i ' '. I . F' - G 4- x 1 -D f -nl ' hAr el x L KI LJ! Ya 1 Q Y I' C" Q7 145 T' Bublitz Donna Buchholz Gerald Buckey Robert Buell Rodney Burk Robert Burmelster Sharon Bu.nrs Patrick Busard Ha1ar Byers David Callrson Don Campbell Wxlham Canell Marrlyn Cantu Ierry Card Sally Carey Gall Carey Terry Carlson Robert Carlton Ierry Carr Davxd Carter Donald Cherry Suzanne Chmander Sandra Chmery Dellena Chrlsty Kay Clabuesch Carla Clark Conme Clement Derold Cole Iames Congrove Rossanna Cooper Lmda Corrrgan Floyd Cothron Comue Coughran Ted Cox Nancy Cnbbms Dale Culver Patrrcra Cunmngham Larry Dankert Gall Darland Kay Darland Patrrcza Davrdson Letha Davxs Bonmlynn Davrs Duane Day Patncra Demo Brent Demo Sharon Demsky Susanne Dewell Ernest Dxckey Evelyn Drdrer Judy Dretnch Marlene Dletrrch Mary Etta Dxetnch Rrchard Dxflell Helen Dxllon Donald Doepker Ioseph Dollhoph Io!-Xnne Donahue Iohn Donner Donald Donoghue Mary Douglas lames Douglas Larry Dovm Ianrce Draves Iames Drew Stuart Dunbar Norene Dunham Art Dunn Deanna Ederer Ralph , G ,II - ' .vi ' I . 5 ! A , I, I K I fl' V .' ' V Q.. g 'W ,,,- 5- .' I D , - -V 3, A x I . . ' t, 1 . - , - I g 4 0 O Q - I R L, 1 Q M j I' .0 A f A V bf I' V A I . . g 'Q y f ,Q L - ' D f A. 2 X 6-J ,G 'ml' ' 'I . Q - ' .Q ' . -4 ,Q ' of ' , K L R ' I H 3' T' I sf- . 'll g , R M li elt,l D ' ' T I ' ffm: 'l" ,yr - 'Q t I X i 'V Cox, Patty ,. 'W Ds' 1 'u qi fi ' I .1 5 . 3 ' , Y, oi L Sf' , ,RZ ' A x I Q I I H xf I I vlllr r I-I X , K 4:1 L 5' ' J 'Lax A ' G- g A 4 7 Q- 5 . . . Y ll fl rl f . n A . ' A 67 A Q -. z. J 5, n,, , 1 ig? ' A A x N 'J 1 I 'VV' .hw M E I X ' 1 57' 1 ,SW fl P ' . -'7 t ' , ' , D . cl 3 1 . I ' -5 v f ,? - ' D R ' . . 4 K7 n ' ' Erclcholt Ioseph Elbert Dale Elhthorpe Ianet Ellxthorpe Trm Engel Ianrce Engle Marguente Engllsh Carol Enos Iudy Epple Herbert Erlenbeck Lars Esttll Sandra Eurrch Iames Evens Charlotte Everett Benyamxn Fahnanstrel Henry Fahndrlch Beverly Falkenberg Ianet Farrar Donald Faust Sandra Felder Iudy Fldlm Irll Frscher Ray Ftsher Rlchard Frsher Rrchard S FllZqSIGld Iudrth Flora Donna Flucke Mary Fobear Carolyn Fobear Chet Franz Wrllram Frerer Helen French Deanne Frrck Ruth Frrelmg Iulra Fners Io Ann Frttz Elame Fuller Rrchard Gaertner Ioseph Gallery Mary Ann Garcra Dudley Gardner Shtrley Gam Davrd Gales Mary Gay Alfred Geese Kenneth Gerard Luel Gerow Dons Gtlbert Susan Gnatkowskr Clarence Gochnaur Iane Gonzales Mary Goodspeed Phyllrs Goold Delores Gosen Nancy Goslrn Edna Gossett Iudlth Graham Ray Graves Robert Green Gerald Green Ioyce Green Susan Gremel Carolyn Gremel Donna Grteble Phyllxs Gngg Ted Grrgsby Allan Gronda Terry Grundas Ioseph Grunow Ronald Gullrlor Deanna 57 1 bl E' A -lfh s-, 22 1' 22 :lx in Q 11 1 j . y 1. Q. ' Q 5. A K .- . ' Q K , ' . A, y , , - , lr Q x A E E I J A 1 ,fa " f fl, - , ' ' 4 1 it .. . Q 1 'I A N" all 1 ' ' , , ra. fini L U O I I I I C 1 ' - I V 5' 1 , ss .N F' ' M . , 1: N , 1 , if I '. I I Y ' -3 f . A 7 , . ling: V ' I of 4' . VL V u ,' ' ' 4 ' 4- . 6 4- ' . ' 'U ' A 5 X J 5 A I - y 4 K :ay I 4 7 . 'l . .' ly ' x g D' q I ' 'Q G gx - . ' 5 A 3. G L ' 1 I - f X vo' 1 . M we x , -G -I , , - A I XM' 1,,,,. 'F ' K I ' , f r x . ' b ' Q- s I vv- 5- 5 . . ' P .N l . I Q bu 4 A ' JL A I l x hh YQ. - N, l .ll S . .X I -Q 5- :E x -, ', ' , If A , I ' A Q 1 Q' ' I . I 2 u. S- -' t J Q ' .I X N xi B Q' X' . ' .1 A ' Q I- ab. 1 4 ' A ad 6 QI bv- Gunther Barbara Guttrldge Ann Gwtazdowskr Ruth Habel Rebecca Hackenberg Ianet Haenlem Norma Hagar Raymond Hagerty Lora Lee Hahn Patncxa Halser Robert Hales Thomas Hammond Carol Hanafm Nancy Hanysak Duane Zafuaf 57 allwzf i AN 29 S52 1' l ji 5 Q hw Hams Hams Hams Harrrs Albert Barbara Joann Wayne Hartley Wrllram Hartmen Ierald Hartman Iudy Hartsell Sharon Hartwrck Ianet Harvey Gary Hatch Marllyn Hatch Manlynn Hatch Marlene Hawkms Nancy Heavenrrch Iudrth Hegenauer Iack Hemtz Iohn Hendnck Patnck Henne Davrd Henmng Betty Hensler Davrd Hertz Barbara Herzpg Theodore Htcks Ruthann Hoerner Mary Hoffman Edward Holland Barbara Holmes Iudxlh Honsmger Mary Houston Wrlltam Hogg Kenneth Howard Mary Beth Hubble Iudy Huebner Ronald Huegel Ianrce Hughes Iames Hunt Delores Hurst Don Husack Rrchard Hutch1nson Ierome Ignastak Ioan Ingram Iames Iacques Sharon Iahn Gerald Iarabeck Margaret Iarembo Sharon Iennmgs Mary lerome Iames Iewell Ronald Iohnson Chauncey Johnson Karen Iohnson Mary Iane Ionak Donald Iones Bettte Iones Daun Iordan Alton Ann Q A ' A N, if . ' I I ', I L Maxam! J AI ' KL- 2,23 f -O V 'I I - I 6 ' r. Q R . - 1' Q' 4 xr, I . ' . . .S 'Er X '13, ,B .1 lv ii, . I U . .N Q V .l V .' I I t F 1 .xl Q ' v . 'F A D :R 4 ' 4 I B ' I I 8 L si I e H gf I. I Q L 'I' 1 I, 1 'I , , , . A . A 47' ' 7 59- nv: ' if 2' . V 'l rlggf . . 1 I 5 I4 'I Kabat Barbara Kabobel Gerald Kackmexster Ierry Kackmexster Nancy Kazul-c Elynor Kearer Don Kelsey Mxlton Kendall Kenneth Kersten Thomas Kxngham Darlene Krrby Carol Krrchner Patncxa Klem Gary Klemert Carol Klernschmrdt Douglas Klempnow Mary Io Knrght Wrllxam Knoerr Lester Koboldt Fred Koehler Ronald Kohlhoff Iudy Kolch Iames Konkol Mary Ann Konsdorf Dellred Kosht lon Kramer Sandra Krause Gerald 2 il 9 'LO-Wt 29.9. , ' 1 R 1' A 5 'L 5' iv ' ' - I 5 ' , , - ' , J - M' I O . A f . ' ' I F tg , 6 ' 5 x A I 1.1 S 1 1 R 45 yr , it y I 1 J, W' I V l . I K I ' Kr' Y . V , f ' ' 'J A l . -. ' KZ if Krueger, Shelby . I' in , Ja is r qi . V hi Nh' , x' M r 1 'B ' . n ' , ', -Q KA! D V : I 6 8 ' , I ' . C 4 sg f' 11 H I. L -elr lfrh. J L H l I' I v ' 9' f g- 1. ng I' ' V 5 . la. A . M ' ,N Q 2 yr. A ' 1 A ' ,, ' :L rf A- ' , A t' f .A I In Q l. l X 5 -2 z 3- 6 T.. ' 3- 1 'L L Q ' - - V' 'N , i T n- , 'l , 1 Krenz Mananne Kruscke Howard Kubrak Robert Kulak Ianxce Lal-'laxr Frank LaFren1ere Mary Lambert Iudxth Lambert Robert Lambkm Robert Langley Elame Laumer Vernetta LaVere Karen Laverty Betty Lawton Gary Lazzaro ohn LeBoeuf Suzanne LeDerer Marqxe Leland Edward Lemarre Iune Lemch Mary Io Lennox Iames Leyrer Allan Lxcavolt Lawrence Lxebrecht Nancy L1naen Emma Lmk Walter Lxst Peter Lobsxger Wxlllam Lockwood Robert Lorenza Rodney Lundberg lames Luplow Coral Lune luaxth Lutzke Mary Lynch Joseph Maleske Kaye Malzahn Ca l Mann Sue Mann ng Iua th Mantle W llxam Maquet Ianet Marcoux Marrlyn 'X SWB .112 0 I I iv Q 'Q 'C' RQ xi A? as A, 6' sk: 4- N it ,FO I Q-3 flu -so 5 M Q7 r fr - 1 I Marden, Marilyn Marino, Ioyce Mark. Iames Markey, Nancy Marsh. IoAnn Martin, Gary Marlin, Ronald O. Malthras Darrell Matzke Ewm McCorm1ck Wrllxam McCray Sharry McCulloch Kathxe McCulloch Txm McDonald Carol Anne McDonnell Iames McFarland Mxchael McGu1re Pat McGu1re Shxrley McIntosh Roger McLean Manlyn McManus Lynn McMullen Mary McNrsh Mary Megerle Mary Memll Ray Metzgar Rodger Metzger Iune Mey Manlyn Meyer Iohn Meyer Kenneth Mrlbrandt Cllfford Mxllar Mlller Mxller Mrller Mxller Mzller Mlller Mrller Mxlne Donna Duane Evelyn Iamce oe Phyllxs Robert Theodore Carol Mitchell Tom Mockrxdge Glenda Modrall Nelson Moeller Iudy Morford lack Morrow Iudy Muehlenbeck Melvm Mueller Mary Muxrhead Ianet Mulholland Sadxe Murphy Gary Murray Dennls Myers Ronald Myers Von Nab Iamce Nagel Robert Nelson Sally Nestell Dale Neumann Denms Neumann Nancy Newvme Donald Neymexyer Iudy Noel Frances Noel Sharon Neurmmger Alan OBrxen Iack OBnen Nancy OConnor Iohn OConnor Robert I 1 I - ., i I ' . I1 l' I , ' 1 ' ll' E. N- . ' . I O O 0 O Q A.: ' ' 4' V .11 N- 5 . Z ' A Y I , , 4 R 7 . Q ' I . I , ' .1 ' li. - I . , 5- Q O F 'F , ' ' 1 L 1 'll .y ' V x " I I 'J K gi H Q ! V I f 7,4 R R f . ' ' . X . A by W V .5 . 1 2. in . ' . ,f A L, YQ A i v . ' 1 ' I T lr Y rv 3 n . A - I - 1 'I . ...V W u , p t 6 ... 4- n. i ,gf M ii e e - 5 I' ,V ,L 1 I Mlska, Darwin xg ,' 1 4 1 ' ? 4. ' ' 6 del ' M 19' R if If X I 1+ 3 4- ' 4, . ' ST - I ' ' .D r. , ' N 1 R 1 nn wr' . ' ' . .ie ' I I F . -- 2 - - M 1 4. L- r AN 5 R I . V N , Q' 'L A s.. , .S 5 , I 'I ' . , H , . . Z . , ' 155,11 ' ,D g 1 1 Olson Helen Ormsby Barbara Ormsby Ianxce Osmond Margaret Ott Sharene Otto Tom Pace Kay Ann Plamer Lucy Ann Pankonm Karen Papas lack Parker Donna Parks Barbara Passon Ethel Pearl Lynne Pence Manlyn Perry Ruth Peterson Edward Peterson Sue Plulhps Dlane Phtllxps Karen Pmnell Iames Plummer Robert Porter Barbara Powlus Iames Pnce Barbara Pnes Charlene Prme Prudence Proux Donald Purrgroskr Ianet Rabxdeau Ann Radma Nathalxe Rae Rosalle Ralph Maxme Rapp Ianxce Rathbun Douglas Raysrs Paul Reeder Iacqurhne Reeves Iamce Reid Wrllzam Rell Shlrley Rexnhardt Sharon Rappuhn Dale Rrchter Sandra Rredel Edxth Rxedlmger Iudy Rxepe Marrlyn Rxfenburg Ierry Rrseley Gerald Rrttman Howard Robmett Elsle Robson George Rosenberg Marcla Roush Conme Rowe Donna Rueger Elxzabeth Ruxz Alvmo Rumley Loxs Ruppel Robert Rutherford Iaclc Sadenwater Elsxe Sample Larry Sanders Carolyn Sanders Corrmne Sapp Davrd Sarow Nancy Schaberg Sue Schade Ormond Schaefer Rxchard Schallhorn Nancy 2 ,RM 3 Us Q1 it Z ' 1' in . - I I I 5 -'A " . e . Q - I. ' e 6- W, V -!' Q. r ef ls . b l . , A Ilan I' 7' . ' O Q ' 4 V , 'P '5- . I . , if A .E ' , .J . . I R 'Q' R W I . L b .am , ,Q M rr A f , 4 . 1 ' '- , - sr 3' fy VL Z ' , ij. . V, VA , y ' y ' U 'P f 1' . " I lj V . ' . . F. 7 ,av .. 6' R A ' ' 5 ll Q' 'V' -2' E Rappuhn, Elaine A I af' V W NW on 1 ' . 4' Fig- X 4' 2 I 5, 1 - I ' - ' L. I W. x . V ai W, f' ' ' ' ' V ff ' ' 4. ' 55" . I' . :I-4 1 av' 1 6' y ' 1 X ' JE . L P '. - ' ' 9 L. 5 ,I h rc' 5 X ? - 6 2' i' 3 J . V - 5 Q X V. , I I ' vu ,L S ' 5 1 8 V. if k ' 9: x I I . .v X . X Q, I , R K' wr' 3 1 Schaumann Nancy Schempp Ioe Scherzer Iudrth Schoch Mxchael Schoenmyer Donna Schott Sharon Schram Iames Schrtener Nancy Schremer Sandra Schuler udy Schuler R Eddte Schultz Donald Schultz Kay Schultz Rosemary lainie Schulz Carol Schutt Iane Schwark Charles B Schwartzkopi Ron Scratch Sharon Seaman Bonme Seidel Lee Ann Serrm Wtlham Seymore Ross Shannon Iudxth Sharpe Tom Shrontz Emma Slegreen Rxchard Sreland Iamce Slmon Roy Srmpson Audrey Srmpson Leonard Skutt Carol Slater Slavm Smxth Smtth Smtth Smzth Smrth Smrth Smxth 3 Carlton Rrchard Barbara Hugh Iudtth Mana Patncta Roger Shetla 1'7 x I C 2 1 1 Snellmg Iudtth Snyder Iohn Sollner Mary Ann Sonefeld Iohn Sova Carol Spadafore Mary Spaeth Norma Specht Wrlltam Spence Douglas Spence Io Anne Spencer Dolores Spencer Donna Spxtz Constance Stark Donna Mae Stemer Marcta Stlerhexrn Zoey Stxngel Sandra Stork Ronald Sormont Roberta Stzehl Don Streussmg Iudy Strxcker Barry Stroebel Kenneth Struble Bruce Sturgts Tom Summertxeld Vemon Swanson Dons Swanson Patncta Swrdorskt Tom 4- 1 , C 'I I R . I F . I w ' A ' 3' ' , I .X I X4 'av II , " . V f' 1- "' . - R 'S - ,ze 24 . I I I T. t,1 ' f' 5, . 5. I , . N QI , it .IN I . . Ix I I Q, I I SI, I I L Leaf 1 1 f I t w 'YN7 I ' If I Us Ss Ig I QI' G- - f g- , -A . t :II Q1 , lv I ' I A .Is - I 15 ? I , ' ' ': c 1 ' 1' V 1 R I XI I I Av F . I . . -,x 4 H I Vfn . ' . , A G .I I I . , es it It tn .' " wtf Q , N l X' I I -, N ' , ff I, , 'I o S" FQATQ.. , ' 1 ' t A , - - I I. ' .I S- -' I . 3 up I. 'AXIIAI L I K I 1 1 X, X.. , il, I V ' I l ., , , R .4 I' , x I I Il" Y! I , I 1. ' I .I I M. A , X he 54' . 1 Symons Sue Szabo Rxchard Tarte Robert Taylor lack Taylor Ioan Tedhams Rlchard Tefft Karen Ternan Howard Thayer Gorden Thomas Charles Thomas Marxlyn Thompson Robert Thumme Ruthann Towne Rlchard Trautner Carolyn Tner Iames Tnpple Rosalxe Tucker Susan Tullxs Bertha Turner Bonn1e Turnll Janet Tussey Cynth1a Tuttle Nell Tyrer Sharon Tyson Barbara Urban Susanne Urbancxk Lawrence Vac1k Clarence Vacxk Lawrence Varner Thomas Vent1m1gl1a Peter Vxnson Elxzabeth Vxsnaw Robert Vlassls Vera Vogt Marllyn Vondette Nancy Votruba Iohn Wacker Suzanne Wade Iohn Waxer Harold Walk Emrl Ward Shxrley Warner Fanme Warner Iudxth Wasney Nancy Watson Robert Wexss Dons Wexss Sue Wells Robert Wemer Sally Westendorf Gerald Whaley Ph1llxp Whlte John Wxecha lean Wl9ClC Robert Wxlkm Doras Wlllxams Basll WllllGmS Deborah Wxlllams Thomas Wxllmar Sandra Wxlson Elenore Wrlson Gayle Wrlson Ralph Wrltse Carol Wrnslow Nancy Wmterle Davxd Wxttmq Arlene Wo1dkc Karen Wolf Carolyn 'v' ff' at Q ' ' . 6- Q as. - , N I , V , ' ' U L I ' in P -' V Q , ' ' , 'fi' A I , ' .Threw W 'W' Q I - 1 X m I fn O O . I . V "N ' -. .. ' A f 5 .. , y 's , A 1 .lf , ' I ,. Miig il? X ' ' 4' , .X A ' W V Z gg' 1 A? -sv 1' , , V . 1 . 71 ' L N f ' , . li . VanBl'oiSl David - ' A , I , 1 1 1 9 ' , f ',. 4 vp ly A fl Q 6' tl . A is ' 'X , Y X ,' ' ff mr A 1 , A 5 fs- Q y I K . D x r l - 'rf of . l ' Q- 2 I 1 4 - ,h A 9 . U V L W, sl E Q ,L - I K R .. . 'X .rl xx i Q T Z Ji L XJ, Af, ,, 3'-,C T N xv . " r l "- 1 ' . f ' 1 ' 4.1 T , ' . 9 ' W ' ' . . ' J ' f - ' - N - , , ' 1 gl 1' , , C' A429 . WWW Lawton and Drck Fuller Chuck Bowden prck up her books Wolfgram luck Wolfgram Larry Wolford Davrd Wolkensderier Sue Wood Ronald Wrrght Frances Wrrght Wyman Wruck Donna Yearsley Laurel Young Pamela Zastrow Thomas Zrmmerman Harold How to srgn up for erghth hours rs demonstrated by Gary Was rt really an GCCICLGHL7 Darlene Kmgham watches T-' K. as .' V A Iv -V' Q, -A 1 A . Q- r gr . bt J-l I ' 29 N ' ' I V Zeilinger. Dick ' 0 A 'locker conference ' .f"lr,3" -,1--Q A. s. 1 rv!! Z -J I N: 5 ,C D xv- 1.' 'ig fb . -' ex. vi 4 iiriil :Nil ' .,bs- Q ?- n 'hi-" ,,,, 5 cf ,R '29 - N in , 15' f K ,fl -4 !,,'od 1 f P e Necmess of You A g x. ih1 F Y Arthur Hill High School was a giant maze to the Sophomores those first few days in September. They fought their way down the wrong halls only to discover their mistakes and make themselves late for classes. The Sophomores learned they had to study to earn those good grades which they longed for They took their semester and frnal exams As the year passed on the sophomores gained more confidence 1n themselves and crossed over many bndges They proved they were true Hillites by l1v1ng up to the standards set by prev1ous Sophomore classes lb 54' Bewildered sophomores wander through the halls on Sophomore Dgy George Colby emcees at tradltional Sophomore Party They go wrld simply wild over me' SGYS NGHCY Needham to schoolboy Marcia Pteufter FHS' at school and lust to Class Its three oclock exclaim clockwatchers Iac ITS Ff1d0Y Can' YOU See 110 is Larry Leddy quelme Wcmbcugh and hm Roe by the smile on Marilyn Hart s face? T 1 l ? U ' I , 7 ' lf' I . , X 4 . A" , 'I , 3 'O . . .' 1 fl W. ,ng l Abbe Ieanette Abbenante Nancy Acker Larry Adaxr Iudy Adams Sandra Ahleman Iames Ahrens Robert Albrzqht Ronald Alexander Gerald Alexandra Saundra Allman Lorrarne Anderson Karen Anderson Larry Andree IoAnn Ankovlak Davrd Arndt Wllllam Arnot Robert Barley Albert Baker Howard Baker Rosemary Baker Carol Ballren Elion Balley Francms Balzer Iamce Banaszek Davxd Barr Charles Bartle Iohn Barilett Rxchard Bartlett Sue Bander Sandra Bauer DIXIE Lee Bauer Lanny Bauer Mary Bauer Vonmta Baybeck Patrrck Beach Maureen Beadle Carol Beadle Helen Beatenhead Rrchard Beaty Susan Beck Robert Beckmann Sandra Behrens Charlotte Bemamrn Darlene Berg Gordon Berg Iames Berkobxen Edward Berkompas Gary Berlm Ronald Bernecker lane Beyer Nancy Bxgqer Lula Bmder ludy Birnbaum Lxla Brshop Gary Black Sharon Black Wlllxarn Blrss Barbara Blomstrom Iarnes Bloomfxeld Roxanne Bluhm Marnn Boccxa Donald Boehm Wrllram Boegert lol-Illen Bohnhoff Elmer Bolvm Ioan Bommarlto Iohn Bonkowskx Lorra ne Bonner Paula Borm Beverly Y? 744 .Jldlubr O T 'Vx 5 S 9 I ' l ' , 'v Snr- g- E. ,' 7 y vu V ' 1 - . .J I . ' ' 6, ,y 'V ' 5. I 1 " 1 0 0 1 ' A 1 ' 1 'I . 5 , , . 'A - ' lsr ' . . ' 'fig' I Q : I L I ,H K Q 9 . '3 5 2 A 1 ' 581, X. "'v,Qv J ,f 1 '- 421 or I R B all . .gf W l' . . 3. 1. Q A ' ' Af f, 7 BR! A gri ' , ' '." 1, ' . I ' A A :vw ia H-A I A l i ax. .1 . I 6 C 11 . 1 , Y I I if 4 I ' I I2 x '. Q h f A' :Q L V O M 4 . ' I . A 1 . M V A I A' I 'V -5. , 'K X 'l 1 . A Q - .f . L , - ' 'A L ' 4 l A L 1 ' ' Y L A I X ff . . 'I' s , ' 1 , L' v-A 2 A 5:1 tr 7 wwvfb ht firm Boruszewski, Ioan Bowden Glen Bowman Walter Boyd Patrrcxa Boyd Thomas Boyse Bragg Braun Braun Brefka Breler ohn Elorse Davrd Rrchard Lorramc Donald Brenner Iudlth Brethauer Ruthann Brerske Wxlllam Pwifffogefa Brrguglro Kathenne Brockless Lourse Brown Alverda Brown Ronald Bruenmg Nancy Bublxtz Susan Buggra Dom1n1c Buggra Ioyce Burbank Conme Burns Betty Burns Carolyn Burnll Ruth Burt Calv1n Busch Gerald Butterfleld Dlane Calkms Marrlyn Campbell Peggy Campeau Ianrce Cann Susan Canole Suzanne Carbeno Marlene Carpenter Davrd Case Iames Cavanaugh james Chalhs Ioyce Cha mberlm Carol Chambers Kenneth Cheney Paul Cherry Iames Choolnan Aram Clatlm Kay Clark Iudy C ark Roger A Claus Marlene Clayton Ethyl Clements Iamce Clements Paulxne Clrne Beatrrce Cochran Carol Colby George Coleman Delores Colher Henry Colher Phyllls Collver Leota Comstock Ianxne Comstock Gerald Comstock Shrrley Cooper Cooper Barbara Gerald Cormsh ean Cornrsh Sandra Corwm Douglas Cory Iacqueltne Cattle Darrel Coven Kay Cradrt Sharon Crane Wrllram Crummer Robert Crymes Dewrtt Danhoff Ianet Dankert Ianet Darby Rrchatd Datema Lmda Davrs Davrs Davrs Davrs Davrs Dav1s Gary Ianet ohn Margaret Marsha Roger Day Joseph Day Wlllram Dean Margaret DeLaVerqne Barbara Demand Wllllam Denn Barbara Denzer Sharon Devers Iames DeW1tt Gordon Drckrnson Phll Drechman Selma Dretzel Audrey Dmse Duane Drrker Wallace Dxxon Alrce Drxon Darrell Doersam Paul Dollhoff Sally Dork Donald Dork Robert Doty Susan Doud Peggy Downer Kurtz Doyle Carolyn Dukarskr Wrllram Durham Sharon Dutton Iudy Dymond Constance Dzuba Raymond Dzuba Robert Eastwell Nancy Ebe Robert Eckstorm Clarence Eckstom Marjone Ederer Mary Lou Eclerer Rrchard Ersenhauer Iames Ellars Iamce Ellxs Denms Ellrthorpe Peter Elmer Rrchard Engels Harry Enszer Orra Erskme Mary Ellen Ervm Sally Eurlch Ioan Eurrch Ronald Evans Thomas Fahrenbruch Iames Fanger Betty Farrxngton Irene Fass Kathenne Faust Ronald Fedder Robert Felmlee Ieffrey Ferguson Bradley EEE 3 2 A 5 'i 1-1 Q 11 A9 C I , A , .Q . G. li: I - ' t . ' sg!! 'I ci X 21 ' H JA ' A. j f I I 5' R 2 ' h '53 . , ' ' ' N . A Q , , A tri--ff L L - . 0 O 1 l -I l . -KE i 6 , i V w. ,3 ' V' I in M? Q N l I , . 5 X ,Q . 'I ip , V I , ' R E .X y f V . ' . ' : ., - lv- ' . ' ' 'M 1 ' I 1 , .V L R Q ,km V. L Q - 0 U X Q Dockrnan. Iack ,V V , , '83 4-if Q 6' . J I , f 1 213' . 5 , R ' t t 1 X , C' off 2 - 4? .L f A I ' X 1 gs v 'F' M A L- ' .I . . , . J y , - p . fp 1 t Q- 'l W I I 3 S 1 , Z' Q 3 ' 7 ' R ' R- N . ' J ' 5 I I l Q J I .I xx , .2 Af- . , Lt s 1 .a f ' 2 ., , - . -F- i T R' 1 1 ' Z ' , " D ' J, I I f A ' . 1' - 0 -- Q2 - I I I 5 A t r A if mx Q- X r S322 S Q 11 QO- Ovid gf-v Feuerstein Ruth Fmazzn Gerolanne Fxnch May Frnke Anne Fmley Ianet Frscher Robert Floeter Iacquehne Foarea Ioan Foote lucly Fox loanne Frank Douglas Franklm Kenyon Freaertclcs John Frey Sandra Frrtzler Kay Frost lane Frye Robert Fuller Sally Fuss Elrzabeth Fuss Margaret Gage Ianet Gage Ronald Gallardo Eleanor Gamoa Estella Garrett lean Gates Wlllxam Gerstman Iudxth George Thomas Gerow Barbara Grese Martha G1l'hn Patrrcxa Glave Charles Glave Sharon Golz Cathren Gorsuch Iudy Gosen Larry Gossett Iames Graft Ioyce Graham Dave Graham LeRoy Grant Robert Grashaw Iames Graves Nancy Green Iacquelme Green Iames Grenell Robert Gromek Glorra Grout Kenneth Grunclas ohn Gunther Gary Gwxazdowslu Edw Hale Susan Hales Betty Hales Ianet Hall Evelyn Hall Iames Hall Marqorre Hall Mary Hanneman Lynn Hanson Mxchael Hardmq Gerald Hardt Mary Ann Harrell Lours Harrrs Lucrlle Hams Rrchard Hart Marrlyn Hartwxck Wanda Harvey Thomas Hasse Davxd ard 4 A Q ' 6 ' ' N - t I . A I L' ' , . r N' 1 r A I I Q1 A ' fr 1 N F K g gd .ix 1' 4 I Q 5 , 5 ' , l H 1 1+ -',Q ' . . -' 1 W as I rlt fx M ' Q M R ef R W 5 -- 9 x ,p ' 'F , , ir HX' xiii Gorashko. Robert - ' L' - ' ' .ev t., ' X fx l XX A ' . Q H I it-I l 7' O ' . as R I' R . 'fe' N , ft' 1 A - t ' F A - f - .'E . 1 ' X 51 I 3 I 'J . - Y In ' f I . ' . " L I ' I 1 7 i ' 'Q ' k Gr- 'ty ' . v ' u T A . 1 'lg' I ' I ' A ' Hauman Bonnre Hazen Patncra Head Dolores Hebl Rrchard Hegenauer Irll Helmkamp Gary Helpap Iohn Hendrrck Murray Hendrrcks Gerald Henmng Sandra Herrtrer Roy Hess IoAnn Hester Wxlham Hrckey Iean Hrcks Lrnda Hrggms Marlon Hrlbrandt Lawrence Hrll Martrn Hmds Herbert Hodgms Nancy Hoffman Dorothy Hohn Connre Hollrday Sharon Holubrlc Ronald Hook Elrzabeth Hover Donald Howland Kay Hubbard Donald Humphrey Iacquelrne Hunt Lawrence Hunter Wanda Husen Agnes Husen Lawrence Hutchinson Marcta Hyslop Robert Inman Ianet Izzo Iamce lacques Davrd Iames Mary Beth Ianssens Kathleen Iarrard Iudrth Iewell Sandra lewett Gordon Iohnston Mary Iordan Gale Karser Terrence Kamenar Charlene Karls Lots Karow Frederrck Kaufman Kenneth Kaufman Lawrence Keck Suzanne Keeler Crvrlle Kemerer Charles Kendall Wayne Kennedy Paul Kems Nancy Kerr Elxzabeth Kerreos Iohn Krng Rosalre Krnq Wallace Kmqham Sally Krngsbury Vesta Ktrkey Barbara Krrkey Wrllram Kxrkpatrrck Ann Klem Terry Klexnfelder Iudy Klenk Lorrarne Klrne Deanna .AB ,- Aa.-Abi im, 1-641 4' f Q- 'Us 2 Q4 'U I V W E V2 P 'I 'rl' ' L 7'- . I V , - ' ' Age f 4 1 L ' Q If L I A of Q O L ' H r 7 2 L - -h ' - ve 3 I fa V V . A 2 If ' L' if li 1 f .I I' .L-,rj O g H V if , 1 ' K l f ' f - .T ei Y 7 Q ' f ef' ff' Y ' 1 ' he , L 7 K rrlt' I 1 I "5 J X . I I 5 vw , l .D g, ' , ' -Eff 4. 9 l rams K' V 1 N A ' as .1 -Q. .. 9 -P- ' ' . ff! x VX, ' ' . I . AQ F W ' A . I I T: Q2 uc , 1 7 :- f 4 . M . 1 r 1 ' I 1 , Q' 1 . ' . - -A ,. : v nv A ' 43 Q4 2' A A ' A 1 A I 13- Q - Qs: 2 .. . ' .1 ' rx il K y I -1. C' ,,. 4. 1: Z. .- u, -A I I f EFA y , as Vjx , 1 .Ali 1 Swirl 4, Q-. 5 f fx T7 x ml Kwai, 3- if .9922 TW Q., S 2 , Knowlton, Donald Kochalka, Robert Koester, Carol Kolleth. William Konesko. Ioann Kornexl, Mary Kowalski. Barbara Krapohl Lora Krause Gerald Krause Karen Krauss Carol Kretz Russell Krueger Rose Mane Kuelske Norma Kuhlman Bruce Kundmger Gary Kundmger Wrllxam Kutsch Rrchard LaBeau Kay LaBrake Srdney LaDouce lack LaDouce Sally LaFayette Wayne LaFleur Iudy LaFranbo1se Charles LaGrow Iames LaGrow Ronald Laxl Davrd Lamrouex Ioan Lang Robert Langley Ioann Larkm Harold Larson Carol Lauiman Lawrence Laur Nancy Laurenz lull Laurra Nancy Lavxolette Iackle Leaman James Leesch Ann Leland Charlene Lelgemann Olga Lemke Paul Lentner Tlm Leser Iohn Leser Robert Leuenberger lack Lewxs Barbara Lxchtenwald Ioan Lrght Charles Lrst Geoffrey Lxttle Iohx L1ttle LeRoy Lodge Patncla Loeblem Penny Long Patrlcra Lord. Don Louchart Geraldrne Holsted Carl Mack Barbara Macomber Wayne MacRae Pamela Mahar Mary Ellen Maler Shxrley Main Lmda Mayeskx Patncxa Manchester Carmen Marcellls Sue Marshall Gordon I fx , 4 Q I-' 1 " S., 1 4 '13, ' 2 X . ' 1 91 ' X5 1 i , 1, Q, . D y M Q V U . -I . . -V v - , , ' . x ' K, if l , 4' ,sz y ' f u ,. , , ' K fl Q ws . 6 if u L rm. rv ' I Y- ,' Z. A l. I i ' s V' . ,- f ' y I , f A I . JE- ' l ff X L - 1 I 5 f Vg I ' l W A ri ,.. ,Q K V L. L y , ' Q All K T I I ,rel .AV f M as ls f.r riff I , Y W v .2 ' L I EL I I ' I , IH , J X -,,, VN Leddy. Lawrence ' ' A - H h haff . ' ge A if ' X' -' 1 1 ,X 2 ' 'gif ' - as .- 4 ar 44 ' 'W I, ' f l x . . I 4 A 'I I 3 . n 7 A I I I ?v , L ' 3 ,f A V 'K 4: ' . ' - ' X . ' L- s, jg ' ,' . ' ' Al 1 - 1. -V 21 . , , N i -1 sl .l sl ,' L 4 J :T C. H . I' . ey - y 1. , gl . , . . Martm Ioan Masker Lawrence Matthews Scott Maul Charles Mavrs Donald Mavrs Shrrley Mayne Marcra Mazzola Sam McAllrster Margaret McClellan Becky McComb Sharon vv McCorm1ck Charles McFarland Catherme McDonald Ianet Mclnerney Rrchard McKenz1e Thomas McLeod Iamce McMahon Sherman McMahon Wayne McMath Davrd McMullen Colleen McN1coll Iudrth Mead Wrllram Meade Marllynn Mehltretter Gerda Merlone Francrs Metrva Lawrence Meyer Iohn A Mrchaels Kathryn Mlckey Sally M11-:an Manlyn Mrklosovrc Prank Mrlbranclt Robert Mrller Barbara Mrller Rachel Mxller Wlllxam Mmard Ronald Mmnrck Roger Mrnms Velma Mohn Loren Mommer Jamce Monson Bruce Moore Conme Moreau Iohn MOIETYI Guy Mosca Vmcent Moyer Ted Muehlenbeck Brent Muehlenbeck Wrllram Mueller Ronald Murrhead Dennrs Munck Martha Munoz Rebecca Murphy Gall Needham Nancy Nehls Margaret Nehmer Fred Nelson Sandra Nelson Sue Ann Nestell Charlene Newton Patrxcxa Neymeryer Rrchard Nrederquell Carol Nxederstadt Charles Nreman Paul Nowak Iames Nusz Sylvra OBrien Txmothy Oglestone Iudrth K Y' tbl :LI E22 if .I 'T I ' 7' lg ' gl 1- +1 .' X ' tu 1 1: , sf -, ri A N f M. 1 V Q - ' 5. 1 X ' C32 A , rx . ' .- 'PV I ATR. - w 5- L .' ' .a , 1 C g l Q . I l an . A : . is 5 , 3 I fi y 2 ' ' , xv. 4 X I 1 ' , ' . 6 , . ' ' ffl 'Qfff . I 1 1 1. l I' , 6 ' 0 I tl. ai . . t .gi I 1. .R 5 - . xf S' - Mlles, Robert ' .X M, L, - 4,8 . ' I 3 1 ff S l f l h a. -' 2 " V in i - "' ' ' I . ', fr. I -I - I FQZFLK, '- ...r ' lt f 4 at Jr V A' - .Q l I I ,, - 6' 5, X y 'I Q ' gf lo L QL y X , , 1 I, ' 'Q' M . it 5 I 5 as A W hi a 'rs' Q ' 1 . ' 5 . 4 4 4' . 5, f L! fs ' ll S 4. x 1 5 5- 5 . -J A ' 'l P i I 4- 'E ' I B a Lx . n -'- V ' -' I -A , 'll 'I . ' A . x I at 1 sq, P 45'-if Nt!" S 9 Q l sr 'E' -'A Et 92 Olson Warren Oltz Donald Omness Munel Osterbeck Paul Otto Sue Owen Kay Pame Susan Parker Ioyce Parks Carol Ann Parks Dorothy Parnsh Sharon Pate Iuclxth Pawllck Sandra Pepm Maryone Persons Patncxa Peterson Dale Peterson Patncxa Pleufler Marcla Ph1ll1ps Frances Prechotte Barbara Pxehl Margaret Plersall Marllyn Ploetz Iudtth Plonta Mane Poellet Arloa Pohlman lean Pohlman Thomas Polske Noreen Pool Iohn Poplewskl Lmda Lou Posey Sharon Powers Constance Powlus Bonme Pretzer Carroll Pnce Marxlyn Pnes Maqone Proux Louanne Pugh Iames Pulaskl Barry Radley Bonney Radley Howard Rae Iames Ralph Carol Rappuhn Iud1th Rappuhn Mary Ellen Raymond Colleen Reed Iames Reld Davrd Rexmus Susan Remke Carol Reltler Carol Renshaw Catherme Rexxus Geraldine R1chards Pamela Rxck Patrxcxa Rlgq Sandra Rxseley Lana Roberts Mary Roberson Sue Robmson Sandra Robson Mxchael Roe Lawrence Rogers Rxchard Rork Theodore Rosa Raymond Rosales Natl Rosenlxeld Iudy Rossman Carol Rossow Manon Roth Clance . V VV V i , A V , V . r H - E, . V xl ' P T X ,, - 4 , ' V 4 I . . ' O A, V ,L I 4 W 1" ' - ' is .I gil 6 A I P ll 1 N 'V 5- - - P, '. ' 41 ' I . ' I , V E 1 E. fr' V I' 'l , ' :' 7 2 " ff V it Y P I I 4 , " V ' VVx V ' . , A g 'Nix V - I - V V 5- 1 4 ' 3 I, ' P V -,V 4 . . ol V V Vxf -V VV ' V v 'xx 1 1 ' .bl V r V P I ' V l I ' 2' ' 1 f ' 1 A' P 'V ' v V , I A 'le 2 ev 4 ' ' . , r u 'J f gf Q 5 ' , 1 LV ' mvfi' ' . ' . . .1, ff' V "N ' ', ts eg 1' 4- ' RV A . .I A QV' 1 1 Q P A V ' ff P ' P 5 R '9 I - l ' 'Iv . Roth, lay Rousseau, Barry Roux, Henry Ruiz, Connie Rulapaugh Willard Rumples Wayne Rummel Theodore Bunyan Fred Rupp Lary Ruppel Patricia Rupprecht William Rutherford Roger Sacxrider Kenneth Sadenwater Susan Sadler Robert Salir Deanna Samson Fay Sandoval Conception Sands Kay Scharich Barbara Schark Nancy Schell Geraldine Schemm Carole Schibelhut Mary Schirmer Lucie Schmidt Ianice Schmidt Lloyd Schmidt Wallis Schmittgen Kay Schneider Iohn Schoonover Robert Schulwitz Gustav Schumacher Iohn Schwan Elaine Scott Darrell Seeley Dale Seibert Maryorie Seide Richard Seidel Michael Seidel Philip Selden Sandra Sexiest Ute Setty Patricia Seymore Karen Shabluk Iudrth Sharar Ioyce Shelswell Lloyd Sheilds Dennis Shuster Marlene Simon Iohn Simpson Io :ce Slaton Charleen Slaton Roberta Sm1th Gale Smith Iean Smith Ioe Sohn Carla Solqate Ieanie Sommers Robert Sonnenberg James Sorenson Iames Southworth. Bruce Sova, Sandra Spears. Elaine Spence, Rodney Spence Sue Spencer. Bette Sperry, Sandra Spicer, Carolyn Sf E J dr fjr X Q- -1. ,, -v . '- ...7 i i V x ' . f of . llf y A 1444 58 Ee 999 'C 1 E M A ues, 71 E721 9 S? Stander, Charmaine Stark. Margaret Steckert, Kenneth Stewart, Dennis Stingel, Ralph Stingel, Ianet Stoll. lames Streussnig Paul Stncker Kathleen Srrckland Ann Stroebel Carol Stuart Carol Sturgrs Sandra Sutton Shrrley Swarthout Larry Talrk Marlene Tanner Susan Taylor Barbara Taylor Gary Taylor Robert Teboe Joanne Tenney Ierry Terrran Sandra Thlck Iudy Threde Patncra Thomas Donald Thomas Robert Thomas Roy Thomas Vrnnre ee Thompson Thomas Thumme Carol Todd Bonme Tolloft John Townley Mary Lu Trelb Carol Trew Susan Trommer Susan Tunney Bernard Turner Iudxth A Turner Iudy Tyner Mlchaele VanBlo1s Mary VanBuren Delores Vasey Iulre Vellance Donna Verbrugge Iames Vlahon Theodore Vogel Alxce Volz Ruth Vudures Elame Walker Allen Walker Benjamm Walker Carolyn Wallace Robert Wanbaugh Iacquelrne Wandzel Iamce Washburn Carmen Weaver Larry Webber Mary Weber Sylvra Wegner Mary Lou Welker Garron Wemstern lack Wexr Rxchard Werr Roger Wexrauch Ronald Wexse Ursula Wexshexm Donald Wells Iames .- 1 . ' 25 l . ' r - 1' ' . ' N p 1 . L I , Y I . ' ,ix V l ' . 2' .' 7 3- 'll 1 e' l I . A YQ: KI L- 1 W Q r , . 1' Q' l 1 I U 'I ,tr ' 1 ' V - ! lx ' . i ,L E, " y . f ,. F7 ' ffeiiilxr f ' y 5 J, 5 -K iv' 1 l I . ' ' L . "W, , 'I I- 12' t I I 'r-rv' ' Y - L T " ' f 1 A I.. .w A .V A j f n 'I h - 1' .A Nil W I Ufbmicikf terry I' i i V 67 1: ,f 6 A ' f 9.1 I ' . ' I ' 1- , 1 'A 1 f If' ' H h - ! , ' 'T' 'Q 'A 'T A I ' 'I I ,xy Ee " K Z . . Q'-5 A I I T. 132 I' , - ' 2, y S I ' I ' ,V -4- A- . J 'Q Q ' I , 1 A ' ln 'K' 1 f y ' wma tw . ., A1 " 1: x 1. - . gl , , 1 1 V .1 -:.' px 4 1 h ' 1 , 6,1 V t" GI: 1 my ft Af -- rx X , ' Wells Iohn Wells Wrlham Welsh Barbara Welsh Thelma Wendlmg Gerald Wesmer Henry Westphal Duane Whalln Margaret Whrtney Sharon Wrederhold Sandra Wxegand Iohn Wrght Roger Wrghtman Ioanne i dr 44 Wrlber Iohn --dz 4 A Wrlder Sally Wrlhelm Gerald W1ll1GmS James Wrllrams Lors W1ll1ams Nadme Wrllzams Nancy Wrl se Shrrley Wmchell Grant Wmslow ue Wrnterstem Norman Woldka Greg Wolf Iohn Wolfgang Ruth Wressell Rrchard Wruck Charles Wynes James Yeager Zemih Yeomans Barbara Young Edward Young Lawrence Young Wayne Zacharras Marcxa Zanner Frank Zehnder Barbara Zretz Frederick Zolrnskr Dranne Parker Wrllram Q-v 'Q i 'womenl 519115 Greg Woldku Us he wmts not so pcmemly Is that so' says Rod Spence as he chats wrth Pam for Ianet Fmley to fmrsh wrth the phone Rlchfffds - W Y V' , 4 ..,. ga , . , . , . - 4 . ---- L Y .f - ' ' - Q , 2 "'-' - ' I . - X - . , . - - M 3 W N - - . , . 0' 5 . - - ' 4, ' 5 , E J .' Fig . , Q x X V, ziffyi- N . r - '- Y QE' ' l an Y 'R Q ,.,, K U- . fl f , 4 I ,EE L I dF,,,m,. 4 V J! ,gl wx. . i X N I V "1'. 2 ,. xc V 1 -.. or 1'l-L i' f ily X Q 0 N , U Y xi: . 1 fa . xx- '13 if QT , VZ IW s '91 I 'l 'M ' ll '7 fs F . 5 ' " r '- 'f AKD ' l U T1 ,,ss I' 'V e Y N .f . . 7' ,Ely 3,4 'yygg . 75" 2 W W Q ,JL n ,X , , 74 I .. 'W A A :f43ff1g x. ,1f'Q'f'+"'x ' " , , ty A ,., We ' A 32? Y. .Q ' W'E'11tQ ' V 2 ' Q,QfQ2cWk,f235!"'1'A Vs? ' '2- 32 ev eff 1 E 4 9 fs, A 2 4 e 4 1 K .25 gm em of 2 New M C. 9 'Zine 'I f If The Twenty-live Year Club welcomes Miss Amy Gatz as its most recent member. She teaches English and mathematics and is completing her twenty-iiith year at Arthur Hill this year. Mrs. M. Marie Crittenden, Miss Eloise Bacon, Mr. Eric Senn, and Mrs. lrma Harvie were honored last year at a luncheon as new members of the Twenty-live Year Club. f 's 'Sf' Sr: 'tw-1 1' g,'1 'V 'rx i x Elynor Kczzuk ond Icick O'Brien were chosen to receive the Sophomore Trophy and Sophomore Cup us the outstanding sophomores for 1955. 125 Proudly holding the lunior Journalism Plaque ore l955 winners Ioonn Klemm ond Carol Dudek honored for their outstanding work on the News cmd Leqendcr stofts re- spectively. Mary Wzlccx wos selected by the faculty and senior clcss to recewe the l936 DAR 'GCCd Cztzzenm Awczrci for her cutstondzng ieciership, scholarship and porticipotxon in extrc-curriculczr cftivitzes, V ri QT' ff? --+3 ii hi For his inspirational leadership as a recognized educational publisher- For his great enthusiasm and influ- ence in helping our schools to serve child and community more effectively- For his creative thinking and con- structive guidance and vision in a work of conflicting philosophies - Dr. Arthur Henry Rice '18 was chosen Fifth Honor Alumnus of Arthur Hill High School in 1955. Ea. Robe Namecf Jfonofz. 14 Chester F. Miller, superintendent of Saginaw Public Schools. extends his con9m'ulGli0ns lo Dr. Rice as Fifth Honor Alumnus. Before the dinner at the Bancroft honoring Dr. Rice, Arthur R. Treanor, editor and manager of the Saginaw News Courier during the time the Honor Alumnus was school reporter, looks over the guest list with him as Principal Irl M. Brock and Ralph Young, student assembly chainnan. look on. Mary Wilcox read the tribute at the Honor Assembly. ALMA COLLEGE S75 on t uition-Marilyn Cheney AMERICAN LEGION S200-Paul Schultz BAY CITY IUNIOR COLLEGE Tuition-Iosephine Kabat Tuition-Nancy Kristinek Tuition-Donald Persons CENTRAL MICHIGAN Teaching- Rosalia Bierd Teaching-Tom Byron Teaching -Ianice Compau Academic-Karen Kerns Academic-Iudith Lovejoy Teaching Teaching Teaching Teaching CONCORDIA -Iolyn Oviatt -Susan Pabst -Ruth Mannion -Arlee Ann Rosenberg . RIVER FORREST Freshman Scholarship-Margaret Grauer DELTA KAPPA GAMMA Grant in aid for prospective teaching-lane Marie Rummell DUTCH MILL ER AWARD S300 Cash Award-Ioan Mark FERRIS INSTITUTE Tuition- Nancy Schreur FRANKENMUTH ROTARY S250 Cash Award-lane Marie Rummell MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF MINING General Tuition- Motors-Karl Lindlors Peter Rankin MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Tuition- Tuition- Lucinda Coulter Melinda Coulter Honor Award-Gail Iochen Tuition-Terence Lantz Tuition-Ioan Mark Honor Award-Carla Martzowka Tuition-Sharon Tessmen PANHELLENI C S100 Cash Award-Rosemarie Sohn IST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH WOMEN'S ASSN. S200 Cash Award-Marilyn Cheney UNIVERSITY Tuition- Tuition- Tuition- Tuition- Tuition- Tuition- OF MICHIGAN Karl Lindlors-Regent Alumni David Lundberg-Regent Alumni Richard Luplow-Regent Alumni Paul Schultz-Regent Alumni Don Schurr-Saginaw Alumni Rosemarie Sohn-Regent Alumni N.R.O.T.C.-Ronald Zeilinger VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY S100 on S100 on tuition-Janice Koski tuition-Marlene Lescelius Also receiving honors at the Honor Assembly were Earl Gottschalk, Tom Icnes. and Hyatt Carter who received the Treanor Iournalism Award Good Citizenship AWGl'd, Gnd the 1VllCl1lgC1rl Plaque, respectively, WEST POINT Tuition-Kenneth Whelton The two big commencement honors at Arthur Hill, the Ippel Cup and the Arthur H111 WILLIAM IEWELL COLLEGE Tuition- Donna Bocker '55 Q Scholarship were awarded to Connie Barry and Karl Lindlors respectively j I E HM SCHADT RON MARTIN BEV BOYLE COLLEEN OVERTON vwmzf, We 5 s I GARY LEE NANCY SNIDER STAN LELAND I mfr MARY MAY HUNTER JIM KANAR BII.L VOGT HM ALEXANDER SUE BARR KAREN K A RCGM N ROPE WINIECKIE MARY WILCOX SANDY SUINQ IUDY WINTERS IIM BOYSE BOB HARMON ezmmgmffazzfqaf-am 3 y TOM PRINCING MAHTY WEISS HOLLY GRANT FLOYD WRIGHT SHARON BROWN v x T 2 35 V R: Y --fbi' ,-Ejiiiiia' 7 133: - - L- ' ' ".'-fig? :gf--j!'. , yi " --:-, . f' 5 1"-21-Z1-2 129 5710203 x.. F 1 5 L 'N-. .A tsl' mn f 1 may yl 5:35 I W f g e e ty? Floyd Wnght, pxle dnver-hke fullback smashed through for steady gains, Floyd won ihe outstcmdmg player award for this 'rf' Hag!-'f9.. ' 53...-,. .. ,. ,..,r p-1, Afftling phd! S 'Z-f 4 ,f" 11 .-.IE -ll AY if ,-X L Ga Murh, " lfthlfb k.' ry p Y U lumor e G GC ls Stanley Leland, two-year senior letterman. considered the sparkplug of the Hill's back- field. Gary, who will be the 1956 captain. received all-valley and all-state honorable received all-state and all-valley awards as offensive and defensive end. f e v--.19 mentions. , , Iames Draves, a lumor at quarterback pos- Bill Leser, fleetfooted halfback scooted ition, rolled out many passes for needed around left end many times for needed yard gainage. SEPTEMBER 17, BAY CITY HANDY: 19-2. Husky tackle Pugh, with a key block from Martin, romped a 96-yard TD on a recovered tumble. A 60 yd. Draves-Leland pass score and Wright-Murphy ground gains secured the victory. SEPTEMBER 23, MIDLAND: 13-16. Grid jinx again! Murphy plunged for both of Hills TD's in the second quarter. Hills defense faltered as Chemics romped to second half win. SEPTEMBER 30, FLINT CENTRAL: 26-14. Murphy ran two TD's around each end on "belly-play" Wright's line plunge over middle. A Draves-Leland pass play ac- counted tor the other two touchdowns. OCTOBER 7, ALPENA: 28-6. Surprising Draves connected twice with Leland for TD's while Murphy and Leser each scored once. Officials didn't improvement! even see Hill fake. OCTOBER 14, GRAND RAPIDS CATHOLIC CENTRAL: 7-29. Too many mistakes. Wright, Leser, and Murphy forced the Cougars downfield and a 14 yd. Draves-Leland pass was the Hills only score. OCTOBER 21, PONTIAC: 24-13. Halftime tongue lashing from Coach Kampe helped Hills score tour times in last hall. Draves scored twice: Wright and B. Bailey each crossed the Chiefs goal for TD's. OCTOBER 29. BAY CITY CENTRAL. 7-13. Murphy got handoff and romped B9 yds. on a kick-off return for Hills only score. Lumberjacks seriously threatened the top-ranked wolves in last hall. NOVEMBER 4, FLINT NORTHERN: 7-7. Wright plunged over for Hills' only tally in game. Hills were within Viking 20 yd. line twice, but penalties and loss of downs stopped them. Championship hopes gone. NOVEMBER Il, SAGINAW HIGH: I9-7. Hills running sur- prised Trojans. Saginaw's defense faltered as Wright went through center and Leser streaked around ends Mm Wwztq gains. 'ip p '7ea-M21 ' Thelvius Winieckie, mighty senior tackle of the Lumberjack line was unanimously elected all-state and all-valley. IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL - Front Row: Coach C. Fowler. G. Moretti, G. Weiker, D. Sieggreen, B. Ahrens, H. Hines, P. Dickinson, L. Leddy, R. Sey- mour, Coach I. Tibbetts. Eecond Row: G. Robson, D. Kutch. I. Wolf, R. Martin, W. Dirker. T. Evans, B. Demand, A. Gaertner. D. Darby. Mgr. Third Row: R. Clark, M. Siedel. D. Frank. V. Mosca. B. Kolleth, B. Arndt, O. Neymeiyer, G Westendorf, I. Pugh. D. Thomas, Mr Fourth Row: B. Grant, C. Bowden, L Schmidt, S. LaBrake, D. Fisher, I Grashaw. P. Osterbeck, A. Harris, G Bishop. Top Row: B. Lang. D. Carpenter I. Schneider, I. Little, R. Fisher, B. Ama! I. Wells, I. Day. ,ll - 3- 212 :line 7,-,g.g'fB -41. BSEBP oi 537135-171 e E Pvf' Q- '1 gg 7eam Game!! HILLITE VARSITY Chet Fobear Ray Grahrn Second Row Tom Vamard berq Russell KUIPPIG Ch'-'Ck Thomas lim APP0ld Bert hm Kanary Bob Allxson Ted Greggs Bob Wells Dick DY9eYl and hm Alexander REGIONAL CHAMPS Coach Charles Fowler came through thls year Wllh another great team Desp1te lack of herght the team captured the reg1ona1 champ1onsh1p and lost a thr111er 1n the state quarter hnals A snappy pa1r of guards called Kanary and Lee burned up the floor as they led the team m sconng The hot contest between the Tlgers of Muskegon Hexghts was a great game to end up a great season Captam Gary Lee explosxve httle package of basketball was the other half oi the backlme Lee thnlled the fans wtth hxs ball stealmg Bottom Row, left to right: Manager Ken Meyer. Gary Lee, G00dmUI1f Couch Chflfles FUWIBY- TOP Row: le1'fY Rlfefl CU Lumberlack players whoop rt up after Kanary recerves the regronal trophy Varsrty Coach Fowler and Iumor Var srty Coach Seymour Murphy team up to produce top teams every year IUNIOR VARSITY Bottom Row left to nqht Manager GeofL1st Ted Hummel Iohn Lxttle Ilm Hynes PC1111 DOGISGFH l1111 19101116 llm Gary Bxshop Tom Harvey Herb Hems Hoqer Clark Larry Grashaw Irrn Berg Rod Spence Bob Ahrens Paul Oster Leddy Irm Rae Coach Seymour Murphy Second Row beck and mxssmg from prcture are Duck Serde and Ken Grout G O 0 0 W , 1 r I I' X ,. W J 5 It ' ,l"f3?df 8 W ' ' a l x v l Safran! gd-Gal 7eam4 ZULUL DICK G00d-man a senior showed his all around ability throughout the season and into the state tournament lim Kanary. red headed senior. was one half of a potent back line. lim was a dead shot from mid-court. lim Alexander senior, played this cen- ter position on the starting team. Iims specialty was a fading back push shot. Bert Dyqert. a senior forward, used h height to much advanta e. Bert s ecial- ized on defense. Russ Knipple, a senior reserve forward,1 had trouble with a broken nose bu helped the Hills out considerably. yunior forward, was a consistent scorer Ierry is an excellent Sportsman never getting mad, always Ice Fobear. a senior action because of Ioe's accuracy mad substitute. ANN ARBOR'-59-545 Despite important free throws. last quarter rally, and lim Kanary's 18 points, the Hills dropped the Pioneers 59-54 in cr thrilling season opener. LANSING SEXTON-57-595 Hills bounced back in final quarter, isparked by lim Kanary's 18 points! only to fall short of the victory 59-57. Hills major problem was height, as three of the Big Reds players cleared 6' S". PONTIAC- 44-53: Hills faltered and fell far behind in staging a last quarter rally. Free throws were the only think that kept the Hills in the game making 20 out of 33. FLINT NORTHERN 41-48: Hills flashed a strong de- fense in the first halt, leading the Vikings 25-20. but the spark wilted in second hall as Hills bowed to Vikings. BAY CITY HANDY- 56-54, Hills snap three game losing streak. Sparked by guard Iim Kanary, Rifenberg, and the rebounding of center Iim Alexander, the Hills gave coach Fowler a swell Christmas present. SAGINAW HIGH-A-Bl-47: Hills trailing 42-40 going into the final period, burst the game wide open with the sharp shooting of Kanary, Rifenberg. and Goodman. BAY CITY CENTRAL ---60-405 From a 12-10 first quarter lead, the Hills rolled on untouched by the Wolves- Riienberg and Lee sparked the Hills attack with 15 and 14 points respectively. FLINT CENTRAL-64-59: Hills boost valley hopes. leading 33-20 at half, but the Indians took away the Hills lead with only minutes remaining, only to have the Hills, sparked by Kanary's and Rifenberg's 21 points apiece, go on to take the victory. MIDLAND-90-69: Really hot, Hills put on an all-time scoring attack, led by Iim Kanary's 32 points. and Rifenberg's I8 points, the Hills rolled on to one of their most impressive victories. PONTIAC-71-61: Valley hopes remain high, sparked by the accurate shooting of Kanary and Lee. which produced 40 points between the two of them, the sizzling Hills won a key victory before 2,400 fans. FLINT NORTHERN-54-58: Hills getting oft to a poor start, trailing 36-I2 at halftime, made a spectacular second half comeback only to tall short of the victory 54-58. SAGINAW HIGH-76-675 Sparked by Iim Kanary's 26 points. and Gary Lee's timely stealing the ball. the Hills were able to keep their pace, as they tumed down the Trojans 76-87. MIDLANDS73-63: Midland proved stubborn in the first half, as Hills led 38-36, but Hills soon cooled Chemics off, as they scored nine consecutive points, and the Chemics were unable to come back. BAY CITY CENTRAL--65-63: 'I'he Wolves proved to be a tough team, but Hills had to win to keep their second place hopes alive, and to help mat- ters Alexander and Lee scored 17 points apiece with Rilenberg having 15. REGIONAL FINALS STATE QUARTER FINALS BAY CITY CENTRAL- 78-66: Muskegon 470,61 44 spam ,aw swam H X U VALLEY CHAMPS This year, as in all other years, Coach Dave Gainey turned out a swimming power house. The Hillite team broke several pool records and a State record during the season. Highlight of the season was the valley championships where Arthur Hill more than doubled the score of Saginaw High, the next closest team.Through the season the Hills won nine meets and lost a close one to Dearborn Fordson 41-46. The out- standing dual meet ot the season was a 50-37 win over Battle Creek, the defending State Champions. Art Manwell, Captain lim Schadt, Ernie Dewell, and Tom Princing accounted for the several records the Hills broke during the season. Manwell broke pool records at Flint. Pontiac, and Saginaw High and established a new State mark of l:00.9 in the 100 yard breast stroke. Schadt established 150 yard Individual Medley records in Flint, and at Saginaw High. His valley record is l:39.2. Dewell set a 200- yard free style record of 2:03.7 in the Saginaw High pool while Princing holds a l00 yard back- stroke record at Flint of I:03.4. The Hill's medley relay of Princing, Manwell, Mertz, and Myers holds the Saginaw pool record of l:52.2 while the freestyle relay of Dave Ballantyne, Tom Bear, Emie Dewell, and Ron Myers holds a I:4l.0 record in the same pool. VALLEY CHAMPS-Bottom row: Art Manwell, Tom Princing, Don Mertz, lim Schadt, Dave Ballantyne, Dick Korbien, Gerry Seigreen, Neil Iochen. Second row: Ron Gage, Iohn Wells. Paul Nieman, Ron Myers, Tom Bear, Chauncy Iohnson, Ernie Dewell. Top row: Chuck Niederstadt, Jim Williams, Ioe Day. lim Leaman, Tom George, coach David Gainey. SEASON RECORD ARTHUR HILL 59 Bay City Central 28 ARTHUR HILL 41 Dearborn Fordson 46 ARTHUR HILL 59 Flint Central 28 ARTHUR HILL 57 Pontiac 30 ARTHUR HILL 55 Saginaw High 32 ARTHUR HILL 50 Battle Creek 37 ARTHUR HILL 56 Bay City Central 31 ARTHUR HILL 55 Flint Central 23 ARTHUR HILL 51 Pontiac 36 ARTHUR HILL 62 Saginaw High 25 0 Wayan vauwezmwi ARTHUR HILL it L ,L VALLEY STANDINGS 107 I K. I X 'x 4 - 9 X li A-lililfi G -Lg Saginaw High 52 Pontiac 43 Bay City ,L 40 Flint Central 18 Dick Korbien exhibits perfect form in the 112 forward somersault as he wins the valley diving crown. Captain and coach walk back to their team after winning the Valley Cup. Art Manwell accepts his medal after breaking the State record in the 100 yd. breaststroke in the State Meet. Art's time was 1:00.9. Mike Marks, Neil Iochen. and Tom Bear. ready for the start of the 50 ydt free- style. Champion and runner up in the valley championships 400 yd. freestyle, Ernie Dewell and Chauncy lohnson rest after the qruellinq event. 6 - P' w 5' uf 14 .faafz Zzafzew 'T rin. At last Hillites can see the actual beginning of A.H.H.S. swimming pool. 2 1 ,-f' u v X '57 CODTUW Tom Bear. cl junior sprinter. was on the regular freestyle relay and he also contributed points in the 50 yard event. - M -. 44-ff V521 241 JA -QL'-ffl Fedlt Fred Ierry Ham- loe Fobear. Gulf vm an we, The Arthur Hill Golf Team completed a successful season of five wins and two losses, second in the valley and fifth in the regional meet. The Hill Iun- ior Varsity also had a good season. Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur 1955 GOLF RECORD ea! Arthur Arthur Arthur Hill ............,, ll li Pontiac ........... ...... 3 V2 Hill .,,........... 8 V2 Midland ......,....r...... 6 V2 Hill ,..,..A,,..,, 11 Flint Central ...,...... 4 Hill ..,,........ 5 Owosso ..................., 10 Hill ....,, ,.... , 14 Bay City Central .... 1 Hill .,.,,,,,,,,... 7Vz Flint Northern ..,.,... 8Vz Hill .....,...,,.,. ll Bay City Handy .... 4 1955 VALLEY STANDINGS Flint Northem ......r....................,............r............... First ARTHUR HILL ...., ................. S econd Pontiac ........,....,, ,........ Se cond mel Flint Central ,,,.,,,,....,,,... .........,.... Th ird Bay City Central ,,....,..r,r. .........Fourth I. V. GOLF TEAM- Top Row, left to right: Tony Bamard. lack Hegenauer, Ierry Hutchinson, Bob MacDonald, and Paul Brechtelsbauer. 1955 TENNIS RECORD REGIONAL CHAMPS M. McFarland I. Fontaine W Vogt H Burnett D Schurr Coach Purdy Harmon Wamer Gnggs Bmasro Mertz e9wnal8!wm7uZl4e'7!1ewZ Coach George Purdys tenn1s champs successfully defended the1r valley crown w1th a perfect season of twelve wms and no losses On therr way to the state meet the tnm lookrng squad won the stlff reg1ona1 meet The team eager ly looked for ward to the 1956 season because they lost only three senrors Don Schurr Iack Fontame and M1ke McFarland Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 H1 Bay Crty Handy Flmt Central Pontrac Flmt Northern Bay Crty Central Mtdland B y Cxty Handy Bay Crty Central Pont1ac M1dland Flmt Central Flrnt Northern Btll Vogt Iun1or pace setter played number one pos1t1on for the 1955 season Bob Warner peppy 1un1or bumed up the court 1n hrs number two pos1t1on Ted Gnggs steady sophomore won con stantly rn the number three brrth of the squad .QM 'tu 1-10 ,ses ,,, as ' rn I lv K4 Bob Bcrowskil ,op sprinter, was G leading Ken Ballien, top notch miler provided bal SCOYGY for the Lllmbeflflcks- Bill Leser. fleetfooted 440 yd. sprinter ance for the 1955 'fuck Squad ,S , V , b 4 S. 4 Tony Sova, a good half miler. developed during the season to a top man on the team and looks forward to his best year. 7 '7aAez'a1f!w6' A big rebuilding job confronted Coach Glen Mason at the start of the 1955 season. Potential was excellent and in- experience proved the only handicap as the team picked up speed to finish the season as a strong squad. The rebuilding job was completed and, unhampered by graduation, the team looked forward to the 1956 season. 'l'helvius "Bope" Winieckie, powerful shot- putter, placed sixth in the state meet. Dan Stock, a strong miler, gained experience while scoring steadily for the Hills. Bill Hartle, a half miler during the season, developed a good sprint to win the Saginaw Valley quarter mile event. Stock wms the mile 191 st FW: +- .fa-4 'avi .mi CROSS COUNTRY Speak Maaee The cross country team completed 1ts season Wllh 11S expected strength Because of lnexpenence the H111s fal tered rn the state meet but st111 came out very well Wlth 9th place Arthur Arthur Arthur H1 H1 H1 1955 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Sagmaw Sagmaw Flmt Central Flmt Northem -,4 Q- -gr-up pas.- 2 8 Lett to nght F11-st Row Lorne Munn Leonard S1mpson Iohn S1mon Franc1s Merlone Herb Ben1am1n Natx Rosales Larry BGIOWSk1 second row Tom W1ll1ams Bob Burt Buddy Clement Bob Graves D1ck F1sher Ken Ballnen B111 Mc Corm1ck Pat Hendnck thxrd row Coach Glenn Mason Drck Brown Tony Sova Chuck Thomas Howard Wnght Don Brown and Ioe Mrller Speedy Don Brown 1un1or led the Hrlhte hamers throughout the season as he broke the Arthur H111 course record twlce H15 new record LS 10 43 S Arthur Arthur H1 H1 Bay C1ty Central Saqmaw Valley Arthur H111 Second Place State Arthur H111 9th Place Three Way Meet v f Q 11: - , ' .4 ' - '. , , ' ,. 1 'SL - 3 at 15 all A 1 5? ' - "V, ' :iii .A , ig mf - , - -,fn ,.- In Q - ' ,If B . xj N, ' 1 gwg . 'll. c 11,19 ' .e,, .,..e e , ..,,,...44 I ' 'll, zo ' .... , ,,ct 1 .... c,..t. A .57 A ccrl..r, cc..,.,,,... 6 0 'll e 18 ' ..., ,,..40 '11 to 1B ' cl.c M43 X ' 'll V. 19 A ........,. r,.t,..., . ,143 1 A Q ., n 2 V Je -5 .I . QW . ,.,,gff'C1i' ' L - 1. -gp t - If r .r 'V W . t AA'-W la . if ' e S 4 i Above: Lumberjack infield, G. Dice, E. Dijak, G. Garcia, F. Rosengren. R. Krogman. and Coach Vondette. '7 ,4 Bob Krogman in close play at home plate. Gary Garcia hits the dust to score. 'lnuu.... George Dice after a pop-up. Excellent potential failed to click as Coach William Von- dette's Hill baseball squad won two and lost twelve games. One bright spot was the three to one victory over Saginaw High School. Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Hill Hill Hill... Hill... Hill. Hill Hill Hill. Hill . Hill . Hill .. Hill Hill Hill 1955 BASEBALL RECORD . . ..... . ....3 Midland ..,............ Bay City Handy.. Bay City Central Bay City Central Pontiac ........ . ..... .. Pontiac ...... Saginaw ........ Saginaw ...... ....... Flint Central ......, Flint Central ...... Midland ....... . .,..... Bay City Handy Flint Northern .... Flint Northern .... gyms QM wwf M '1 Students are requ1red to take gym 1n therr sophomore and 1un1or years They alternate each day wxth Art of L1v1ng The guls gym IS mstructed by M1ss Bnde wh11e the boys gym IS mstructed by Mr Glenn Mason o g . I Q ' D P ,Ln Margaret Doidge and Miss Marilyn Mc- , . . , . . a q 7 5 W Q Q cl ' Q M 5 E074 I Wan gy Scalia Boys Intramural basketball 15 played by a team from each advxsory All the north teams play to elxmmate each other and the same IS done Wllh the south As a f1I1G1 game the wm ner of the north plays the wmner of the south The game was played to a thnllmg hmsh nn whlch M1ss Morgans Rebels pulled ahead at the end to wm over Mr Masons Yanks by a score of 45 to 42 Miss Cora Morgans advxsory took first place ln the boys Intramural basketball Sxttmg left to nght D Murray R Martm, I Mark G Martin Standing left to nght D Matthias B Mantle Mlss Morgan R Martm and D Lord Runners up for the Boys Intramural basketball was Mr Glenn Mason s advxsory Snttmg left to nght R Koeler R Ltkley H. Kruske Stand mg left to nght S Leland Mr Mason B Leser and B Lxvmgstorn 150 1 . x 1 11' ' ' In 1 . , . 1 Y xx 1 . . . 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1 1 . , I 1 1 1 1 I - 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 JZIQMLL Nw I One g1rl Ioyce Green won her athletlc letter 1n mtramural volleyball second semester Other gzrls letter wrnners are fall S Anderson I Heckathorn N Barnhe1mer S Kramer E C11ne I Lemmer C Hauman I Dowers Wmter M Campbell F Mrller S Iacoby M Porlas I Langdon D Vlncent A Lelstner Spnng I Ab- ler S Schreyer I Hummel S Schults Speclal M B1erle1n ob od Iumors who won glrls gym class volleyball champxonshxp are front row left to nght A Guttndge I Pungroskx M Honsmger K Phxlhps Standmg left to nght B Tulhs I Nab N Dunbar P Goodspeed S Held I Lambert D French 151 feiimwi O Sophomores who won grrls gym class volleyball champronshxp are front row left to nght K Pass S Bublxtz S Mc Comb M Whalen R Wolfgang N Schark I Pate L Craporl Standxng left to nght I Rosenfreld M Pnce C Nexd erquxll P Gxffen L Rlsely I Rappuhn S Hale C Trerb andl LaFleur Q' O fdciwufmnq F. I, I I Y I l f x 1 ,.......,..,,,. uf If f . ' , h ,I II 1 9 ,f f -a X 1' I ' I -A E ,f, ff A ,' Ig ff, W f N ' , ' , 5 .W A 1 rl f f, T f ,f A ,' ,, 'J H' - . - MM . 'MMW,,w"" .31 ,ut I Q 1' P- ' ,. -1 .:..0f fn- ' El ,I , L53 "Y!I!..'0i. " H "' ' 'nf f , 'f.' ' . f,n li nfuf: M b h Q 'J If 4 . Sh. IA Q Q,v..A-A f--3 K ,. r- rl Hug H ' 5 'V .Q ' ' ' i 7 ., N! .Im Q - as -. 1 . I :L u I 5 ""l"J ,hm-. 'X . F P' 1- - :- Y v K 1 l -'fsgfg '5, I 'Q . F 55 L9 ..4f,.,k A x gi 'A M - 'v' A fm-fm-Af Jfvx-M., Q . . ., " '-fa M X X Q ' Anderson Dry Goods EVANS and THOMAS 2600 State Street 316 North Muchugan Avenue OPE EVENIN PHONE 4 5839 HEATING AND PLUMBING Men Women and Chfldrens Furmshmgs Dual 2 9682 BAUER 84 BAUER CLEANERS DYERS 311 North Hamxlton Dxal 58101 DEFORES Rucs FURNITURE PICTURES 605 Lapeer Phone 2 3453 ROSA S FOOD MARKET PARTY supruns and GROCERIES 3505 Maclunaw We Kator to tho Kds PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Wholesale and Renal Drugs 420 22 W Ge esee Ph 3 3062 Sag naw N S Mch TRUNK C0 415 E Genesee Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes Store for Men 113 North Washington Avenue THE WICKES CORPORATION 6 DIVISIONS Wlckes Brothers The Wlckes Boller Co United States Graphlt Charles Wolohan, Inc Sagmaw Gram Co FOREIGN eC Compama Mmera De San Jose, S A N F R I D A Y G S Wm. A. Schmeck Z ' BQNDELUS Th ' ' o. n u 1 on the west side slnce I888 X li i 1: 3 1, .I.I l Ii I7 l 22.5 YOUR FAMILY KNOWS US AND WE WANT TO MEET YOU HOME FINANCING Saginaw Suvlngs Michigan at Cass BOCK FOOD MARKET State at Center Phone 2-6256 DRISCOLL MARKET Lapeer at Warren ITTNER FURNITURE Fun Irrman CLASS or 14 416-418 Hancock Street CLARK S onus AND SURGICAL srons Prexcnphon Expert: 518 West Genesee Phone 2-6666 DR M PIKE DENTIST IPhone 2 1483 204 Goff Buxldmg 404 RAY GAUDREAU The Florist W Genese A Ph 38777 SAGINAW MICHIGAN Sagmaw s Popular Guft Center Gufts for all Occasions CHINA-GLASSWARE SILVERWARE LUGGAGE LEATHER GOODS SPORTING GOODS-SPORTSWEAR KODAKS MORLEY BROTHERS Gnfts for Every Member of the Famnly I I5 N Washmgton Ave -:Ii - i . 4 L. 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I O , 99 l I I O SECOND NATIONAL BANK 8.T SAGINAW MICHIGAN ZZ' Ex 39. E ::- in H12 'U 7:5- 5:1 Z an fm g'E! F2 Em Gi CH GAN Q WW STATE STREET OFFICE 3446 STATE STREET STATE g 49 II wEsT sms omce COURT AT NORTH HAMILTON STREET AUTO BANK UST C0 1 I .:1!11 III! 1111 11 EAST GENESEE AND WASHINGTON AVENUES ,oO 06 600 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE i R III! IITI II P SOUTH SIDE OFFICE I M SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE AT CENTER STREET FA IRGROUNDS OFFICE 2815 EAST GENESEE AVENUE EIGHTY FI "A" MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION - 4' I 'iI"II Q -F lu?? '- sas I..L :P :II I 5 ' I 2 SI- E .ry I AH - -:-,LA - 02 fr '7 1 A '51, Q0 EAI I - 'fp X' 1,0 I I V , . 'I' EI I gg! " I .i, - gm f III- I S0026 0 I A ' M1 I SIS' AVC I I . Til rON L d ELI- l - A A :: If I f 10,0 ' i,L 'II ' , Q, :rn I- i 2-A I-- -43 76:9 I I 'T ' XS ,LQ I O . avg 1 '5 EFFI X49 3 ---- --2, 'lf L- 3 FTE - TAI 2 2 ,if g 3 -Y -1111 SAGINAW GENERAL MGTORS ' Central Foundry Division . Saginaw Steering Gear Division Chevrolet Saginaw Transmission Chevrolet Saginaw Service Parts Manufacturing Chevrolet Saginaw Grey Iron Foundry GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION . Q' ' if E 553.2155Qgzgggjli'' Q I, '.'- , 3, .'.. , - 5 ,.g V,,. QF '-..". 255521,:' g2g'ff2VQ225EsQf1ffQSEQQfjiififiiffff255:Q15gg51'Q2gf?-'125.5E?FgE'2,Q.Z-'jf,Eff:iFf GENERAL M 0 T 0 R S CAREFUI. . . . IHOVHHS By Insured Vans Anywhere, Anytime SAFE and SURE . . . 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J min I 3 3:f"I.II I I I I Qf:'i'l T A Q- -:QQ 2.22 " -Q., , "if ' f NOW IN OUR 56TH YEAR' Is 11 a sale? asks Dot Comxsh of Bev Boyle as they admxre the beautiful suns at Semtners Congratulatuons Graduates' HAMILTON HOME BAKERY N E W M A N S Home MADE BAKED Goons MACDONALD and STINGEL Office Supplies andd Equlpment Phone 3 5483 408 410 W Genesee Ave Sagmaw PARKIN OF SAGINAW Custom Cabnnet Work by Master Craftsmen 1408 Wheeler Street ,llmewr Saglnaw Oll Company 300-310 JANES AVENUE THE FRANKENMUTH NEWS wmner of 'I7 natnonal and state awards nn the past four years us happy and proud that nt has been the printer of your own prnze wmmng TEXACO PRODUCTS HELFRECHT ARTHUR Hlll NEWS THE FRANKENMUTH News Machine Company 414 South Hamllton Jigs - Fixtures - Gears PIIZEWIWEI 4' 1 5" l News Building Q Frankenmuth, Much Y V 320 E Ge I . 191"":' H ost nesee 118 North Hamilton Phone 2-3586 S H 0 O Q 0 O ' x I 1 X v qv? 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Sogmaws Frrendllesf Store CURB SERVICE Storesnde Customer Porkung Corner of State ond Bay SAGINAW MICHIGAN Federal ot Gen esee Phone 3 8411 Wmterstem s Hardware Punts Wmdow Shades Sporhng Goods 3516 State St Phone 37767 TATE 2621 Stote Street ENRIGHT TOPHAM CO YELLOW CAB A tbmkmg fellow calls a Yellow 218 240 North Baum Phone 2 3117 MAC MILUKN DRUGS GREETING CARDS PHOTO SUPPLIES Hancock at Mxchxgan Phone 77851 MINETTE SHOP Woddlng Gowns Formals 109 East Genesee Avenue PHONE 38211 Duamonds Watches Sllverware Nuechterlem Jewelry 114 North Washmgton PHONE 5 3951 WW X H L4 7J70mU1.f Q 'L Sam Seal llalrles Sam Seal mrlx takes the number one spot rn beverage at Arthur Hill To prove :ts popularity rs this scene of a place semng taken before the Semor Dmner last June 1743 Eost Genesee Avenue Il ' I ' ' ll I o . - I ' ' . l . V I I 1 ' ' 3 Hg et, H :I 'ff .,,,.t 1 m "kg ff 7,7 ncnonuullll fr 3 1 X' ' 'v 4 IU-'An ID llll ' A13 ' or 'ss -'P' 1 I 16:14 x 7' ' . PP - 1 ' ' ' , A , ...,. . - , , - ff' I A 145. , , - -Z7 ,- , ,, , -I K ,, 4 1 5? , F ., DO YOUR BANKING AT MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK Banking that is Building Michigan MEMBER Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlon Id hke to deposxt this money says Iudy Flscher as Iohn Weadock waxts his tum at Mlchlgan National Bank Open hl 4 30 every weekday including Saturday McGEE FINLAY THE SPORT SHOP 615 East Genesee Avenue Phone 3 3781 FISHER QUALITY FOODS 511 North Bond Schwahn VonAuken Graebner Inc 1856 Insurance 1956 I00 Years of Service 202 Graebner Bldg Ph 2 2161 ANDERSON S Charcoal Broiled Steaks Broiled in the Cook N Kettle 516 W. Genesee Phone 3-8172 BIERLEIN DRUGS Prescriptions Our Specialty Jewelry-Ceramics 1301 Court Street GLENN E BARTON D D S 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 SAGINAW TRANSFER CO,Inc 303 wEsT BRISTOL STREET PHONE 3-8463 lil what Its a pretty lmportant declslon young lady chooslna the rlght job You ll want to work ln pleasant surround lngs ln llght and alry ofhces wlth modern equlpment And now that you re out of school you ll expect to meet new frlends where you work young people you ll hke and w1th whom you can enjoy your lersure time lAnd how about a xacatlon wrth pay9J Then there s the matter of a paycheck lt ll be moe to count on a steady lncome a salary thats good from the start and keeps gettma better vnth regular lncreases There s a job llke thrs waltmg for you at the telephone company' You mxght want to be a telephone operator or a teller a cashler or a clerk those are just some of the many mterestmg jobs Mlchlgan Bell has for bright younc hlgh school graduates lrke yourself And there s a chance to advance ln all of them You don t need experlence to get a telephone Job and you ll earn a Good salary es en vthlle you re learnlnc What next? Why not usrt Nhchlgan Bells Employ ment Office? We ll be loonmg for you MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY A Friendly Place to Work 309 S WASHINGTON SAGINAW .yi 4 Q I hun- ' J' rf if ' i' ' . .y . ,X V , -I t , a't af nex . 3' Z V ' .Y. . 1 . .V , 1' O BOY! 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Grand Rapids Michigan Offlcsal Class Rmg and Pm Dealer and Manufacturer for Arthur Hull Hugh School B e o pea 'P ondes Ian Sleland as she looks at the la ge a ety of class nngs and pms at Hage ls Mr Hagerl a s sts her as Tom Bear watche BEHLING STUDIO Portrait and Commerc al Photography 2401 Stobbe Phone 5 4484 npr cz 5ANfns Sarow Sales Company CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 1019 East Genesee Avenue Lapeer Phone 49793 HIIAVENRICH S 78 Years of Servmgs the Graduates of Sagmaw Schools GENESEE at FRANKLIN I Ike ths one' excla ms Sopha Skentzos to D 1e Ba er cz they ad 19 one of Heavennchs f e s ts THE SEAL 0 C0 STATIONS 1418 STATE 1304 GRATIOT 1519 MACKINAW 2114 SO MICHIGAN 777 NORTH WASHINGTON I " lu r rI." w r ' r v ri ' ' r' . . s i s. ' f O E 700 . 7 9 J 4 4 IQ J I " 1 i 1 i ' ix' u s m'r ' ' in kir . - , A CHOOL N0 7 Watch your step' calls the bus drtver to the Frankenmuth students as they approach the awattmg bus S FRANKENMUTH MERCHANTS Pupprecht s Frankenmuth Sausage Nuechterlem Supply Company Kercsmar Jew eler 8. Vlatchmaker Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Co Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Hummel s Stud1o Zehnder S Hotel Fechter Hardware IGA Super Market Frankenmuth State Bank T WERKEMA STUDIO Official Legenda Photographer 315W East Genesee Ave Phone 2-7031 o . L. . Y f. , , 5 I ' 3 A ' .. ' . ! I I. ' . W I ...Y . I - . , V' A , i A ,N P , . ,, . , I ' ' 'M-..,....., ,- 3 I I A cappella cholr Agnculture Alchem1sts Algebra Amencan Hzstory class Art of lrvmg Arts Dramatlcs Club Assemblxes Assembly Commxttee Assxstant pnnclpal Band Band Bounce Band lormatrons Baseball Basketball Bxg Fourteen Bxology Class Bxology Club Board oi Educatxon Bookkeepmg Bowlmg Clubs Boys Gym Class Catetena assxstarxts Chem1stry class Clxmc attendants Club Hxlhte Cornmercxal art Commercxal department Co op Club Counselmg Co ordmators Crafts Crucxbles Cross Country Dance Band DAR Good Crtxzen Dean of Grrls Debate Dr1ver Traxmng Drum mayors Economxcs Club Economxcs class Englrsh Department Faculty Cabmet Faculty sectxon FF FNA Football French class French Club FTA General art Geometry class Geography class Geography club German class Grrls Choxr Gxrls Gym class Golf Government class Hall oi Fame H1Y Homecommg Homemakmg class Honor Alumnus Intramural sports IETS Club Iumor Album Latm class Latm Club Legenda Staff Lxbrary assrstants Malorettes Math Club Mechanxcal drawmg Memorzes Mlracle Book Club Modem Musrc Masters Natural Scxence New addttton News Staff Noon Club Ofhce Trarnmg Pep Club Physrcs Plays Prmcxpal of AHHS Prolectron Club Psychology PTA Quartet Qurll Scroll Red Cross Refresher Math Hrlle Club Scholarsh1p wmners Semor Album Semor hostesses Servxce Club Shop Shorthand class S O Campargn managers Sophomore Album Sophomore Declamatxon Sophomore Cup Wmners Spanxsh Class Spamsh Club Stage crew Student Cabmet Student Cabmet ofhcers Swtmmmg Swrmmmg pool Tenms Track Tngonometry Class Twenty hve Year Club Typmg Class Ushers Club World Hxstory YTeens ' ,..t.....,............,....,.... 44 '- ....................................l .1 ' ,.,,,,r,,....,...,....l.......l..,........ 31 ' --ee-----'-------------- A ' .........,...........,.,.......,...l...... 54 ' ------e--'f -- - - .,.,,,,,,,.,.,.,.... za ----,--e--eW -A ' ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,r............... 50 -----A-e-'-------------'e--- - ' ,,,,,,,,,,............,. 56 ' ---4e-----------e---- - ' '...I'.U.I-U..'-..I......-----Y-.-.---.---.' 34 ' , ...............,,,, , W ' t......,.......,...,,... 52 ' ,l--,e..----e ' ' ' ,,4,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,l..... ll ve-W 1e-----.-ee A as 47 ' ' 48 ' f - ' -..'.-'.v-.A,',-."...'4..,,-.'w 45 ...., , ..., ' - ,,,,,AA,,,4,,,,,4.,,rr,,,,.,,,rl.,...... 67 ' ----e A ' ,,,,,,,,.,,4,,,,,,,l,...,,........,... 31 ' - .4ll..A-A--I--'-----.,.v...'A.i-.A..iA 61 ' ,,,,,.,,, ,, ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,...A......, 10 ' ' -----e-e--s---'-- ' .,,.,,,,...l,.,.............,,.....,...l 43 ---------------------"--- - 'I'V---'--v-...'---------A,- A-...-. 5 9 A,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. 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' ' ' ............,..,........ .... 1. 45 -' Q - ' ..,,.l .,.......ll....,....... 1 48 ' --"-----'4----4.444 A K- ' 3: 54-:-r-:,':-:-:fy-,:5.--3ffn-',: A - ' 2342-. :gb : FSI: si'-S: 14 NF? -.f xv -.f ff .1535 . b I . ...I- IN APPRECIATION Many thanks to all the people who cooperated rn producmg thrs Legenda To Pnncrpal I M Brock, who helped w1th problems and offered encour agement along the way, a vote of thanks To M1ss Peterson Dean of G1r1s and keeper of the school calendar gratxas To the faculty and the student body real apprecmahon for therr coopera hon on plcture schedules and 1nformat1on To M1ss Frye and the offrce staff spec1al thanks for keepmg senlor hsts strarght 1ssu1ng allschool hsts, and pubhshmg endless bulletms To Mr Werkema, off1c1al Legenda photographer and hrs staff boundless gratrtude such fme cooperauon' To EDWARDS BROTHERS pubhshers, and espec1ally M1ss Houck endless apprec1at1on for cooperauon, gurdance and servrce To the S K SMITH Company and parucularly Mr Rover who were so helpful m cazrymq out our cover desxgn much obhged To our adverhsers, thank you and lt wrll be a pnvrlege to conunue to do busmess w1th you To the Legenda Staff, a grand bunch of loyal hardworkmg wrlhng re- sourceful fwho else would cut cake wrth a palate kn1fe'?l to cut 1t short you re the most! Fmally thanks a lot to MISS Murphy our advrser whose hard work and never endmg patlence kept us on the ball and movmg BEVERLY BOYLE The Ed1tor .f.ffff,w.fMwf mefqfff 679V -W Nw-ass? ,sfzff za .of 1 ff , Ar! I Mirza-'f IW max!!! ,jd M 'WW M' 'ffffffk DC DS ROUTE GOWAROG B sw-q.xxQqqQ:-xxw,-wg.-.t-.gqst -4,-A -.-.-.-.g.-sg.-.-.--qssww,-qt,-s1q.t-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-f.'-QQ-.-.-r.-.pn1.xg.-55.1.1::sp:-Y-gs-1-1-51-2-:iii5+2:-:5-2-zgigraff . --A- Q 4. ..... . W ......... ..... A ---- , . , , , , .g.g.g.g.-.L.:.,.:.:- t.:.:.3.:., .I:.....:.,.5.x.-.:.5.5.-.:.1.:.1.:.:.:.g.,,:.g.3.g.g.,.g...:.I.: 03.,,q.g.,.,. ....o5p-x, .-qcg.,.,.,.3-g-ez..--:g .,,-,,.,-- ...g:-.q:g.g.g.c.x.:.---'-z-.-tgggtl -.-2.5.5 ---- 1. 0232- X:- - '-2. N .H-. "-'-1w:"-. .9 M.: . .............,.,,...,............ ...........,.... . .......,,.,.., . . ..........,,. A ...... . ...-. .... . .. 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