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F-- 1 i W : i E 2 b A 1 3 u I E 5 5 ! ! E E L L I P E IL E ,. Nl ,, S L r i E i a E I E L n 5 f L I i s i E xl H 'i I n F E E I P lx E 5 I .E 2 I i F E H 15 F I ! legenda nlneteen flfty frve arthur hlll hlgh school saglnuw, mlchlgan edltors PAUL CHAMBERLIN csszstant ed1tor WYN R151-:R art 9d1fOI CAROL DUDEK busmess ed1tor Miss RUTH M MURPHY CIdV1SeI I O O O Q I O O I DONALD SCHURR-editor in chief 'P It ,, Ns 54"- f-"1 ,4- .pd - 'hd rl Jw NJ' u I 1 .p... I -.. a. ' '11, E41-ff-' ' -an v 1 1 5 "QL: 6 I , school spirit' at arthur hill School spirit . . . a magic phrase, one that cannot and will not be defined. lt is impossible to express in a few words all that composes "school spirit", because it is a million and one "things" and a hun- dred "feelings". School spirit is the lump in your throat when you hear your Alma Mater, "The Gold and Blue": it is the cheering of a hundred people at a game: it is the hard work done in a classroom: the determination with which students back school projects: and it is the co-oper- ation between faculty and students. Pride, laughter, good Will, ideas, and dreams: all are in the spirit of the school. The 1955 Legenda staff believes that Arthur Hill High School reflects all types of school spirit and has tried to capture a little of it in this book. T ll! HIE EEE! UE IIMIFI HIE pb 1 Q,-av -agus li f . it ' . 'ff' f , -. 2 ., X, ,4:L ' . A , x Q , ' Q 5 ,A , , H,- in :!.f1': zLi.A H . dedication "We were alive in '55l" 'l'his cry still echoes through the spacious halls of Arthur Hill. It can be felt by all in recalling the successes, triumphs, and spirit of the past year. Echoes of "Go I-Iillites, WE can do it" will ring always in the ears of loyal Hillites. Therefore it is with great pride and pleasure that we dedicate the 1955 Legenda to the greatest display of sportsmanship, cooperation, and spirit ever seen within the ivy covered walls of Arthur Hill, and to the Arthur Hill student body and faculty. CWI f6llfS udmmrstratron semors actrvmes rumors A sophomores honors sports T advertrsmg V l I I 7 ' 27 I O O O I s ,Q o 5 95 4-i'361g.w. l09 H5 W' 2',L s . . udmuustrahon 4,1 C C C T M. XE Presxdent Hyatt Carter heads the student cabinet He was elected by popular vote of the student body both semesters .q i psf This is a typical scene in the advisories between 8:30 and 8:45 each morning. Tom Hester, presi- dent of Mr. Kampe's group, reads the daily notices to the members ot his advisory. the student cabinet Thxs year the cablnets projects included stu dent organxzatxon membershxp havmg charge of the annual Noon Club student superv1s1on 1n the cafetena and orgamzatlon of a fund for the swunmmg pool I M Brock, pnncipal 1S the cabmet adviser The student cab1net IS made up of the pres1 dents of the adv1sones Each pres1dent IS elected by the members of h1S GdV1SOI'Y to con duct datly advisory busmess and to represent 1'us adv1sory on the student councll Cabinet officers ot both semesters include, left to right: Hyatt Carter. president: Ron Zeilinger and Dale Mikolaiczik, vice-president: Emie Richman and Henry Snyder, treasurer: and Tom Jones, secretary. vgf? ,T 79' fl X Q ,N if , "uf '4' Q' S r 'za' ' if J if T ,-,N .f ur f U I Q? A K 4 . y 5, .1 ' . I: ' Ruth Allen Connie Kremer Shxrley Kelley Bob Krogman Pe wake Geetmg Ronald 1 2 Q E l 5 ' J M 'J , Noon Club Committee provides the music for dancing during fourth and lunch hours. Members appointed by student cabinet are, left to right: Schurr. Hyatt Carter, George Dice, Ronnie Zeilinger and Tom Iones. fifth Don service clubs "Go. go, go, girls!" is the slogan for the S. O. campaign. Ann Gossel. Ianice Wallgren, chairman, and Sheila Campbell. campaign managers, announce the girls' victory over the boys in the 1954 drive. I Pep club officers elected by the student body are Onalee Klemach, CUP!C1iH of the cheerleaders: Iim Geeting, secretary: Bob McDonald. president: and George Dice, vice-president. Miss Mary M. Doidge is the club sponsor. 'IO -,o . I ' . ' 4 u , , , . .', v ' a - ' ., n u 1 rl c 1, Discussing the results of the boys S.O. campaign are faculty adviser, Mr. Harold Giesecke, Frank Hosengren. Bob McDonald, Hyatt Carter. Dick Morford, and Henry Snyder. Signiiyinq 1007 advisories in the P-TA member- ship drive are Iohn Senn and Kay Spousta, stu- dent chairmen, and Mrs. Mary Stewart, faculty adviser. -.-Q The leaders of the annual Red Cross Dnve, Karen Lytle. Onalee Klemach, Hallie Watson, and Ruth Allen, review the results ol the campaign. Fifty-five advisories reported IOOQ membership. Service club members. under the direction of Mr. Raymond Morrow, are on duty in the halls from 7:30 i0 8:00 each morning. From left to right they are: Back row: Darlene Vincent, Carol Marcoux, Penny LaFlair. Beverly Rupple, Bonnie Brett, lieutenant. Front row: Carolyn Miller, Pearl Bixby, Nancy Wise, Don Handlovits, and Sue Kraner. Senior hostesses are receptionist: to visitors and guests of Arthur Hill. Standing left to right are: Linda Coulter. Constance Barry, and Cinda Coul.erg seated: Arlee Ann Rosen- berg, Iolyn Ovictt. Phyllis Bussey. Ruth Allen, and Ioan Mark. ll Assembly Committee members meet with Mrs. Baxter once a year to select the assembly programs tor the coming year. Standing: Mr. Canute. Paul Chamberlin. Eddie Schuler, Iames Boyse. Seated: Arlee Ann Rosenberg, Mr. Burnett, Miss McWethy, Sally Werner, and Mrs. Baxter. The curtain goes up and we see tive boys who play an important roll Whene there is a stage production. 'l'he stage crew members deserve as much cre as the periormers themselves. Back, left to right: Richard Antle. Ross Seymo Ormond Schade: Front: Timothy Kreuger and Donald Persons. Student nurses who take their turns in the health room taking care of the sick are: Back row-Sally Thomas, Ianice Zedwick, Mrs. Ziegler, Kathleen Shaver, and Ida Mae Thompson. Second row-Treva Cooper, Carol Dudek, Marilyn Harris, Mary Iones, Barbara Anderson, Barbara Geiser. Front row-- Catherine Smith, Helen Passon, Ianet Eunch, Sally Parks and Sandy Langschwager. service clubs N7 Cafeteria Assistants are: Ernest Piehl, j john Young, Deanna Proux. Proiection Club advisor, Mr. Seymour Murphy, i -I ames Pinnell, Alan Grigsby, james Wood, demonsttaies the principles of one of Arthur Hill's new movie projectors to club members Ron Petra, Dick Anile. lim Parker. David Reed. lorry Rlsoly. and Benjamin Everoti. assemblies. Rosenberg. Foulds, Pat "Your ticket, please?" Ushers Club members take tickets, give out programs, and show guesis to their seats at plays. concerts, and Miss Helen Beeson is club spon- sors. Members-Front row: lanet Eurich, Nancy Maier, Iolyn Oviatt. Deanna Boltz. Iudy Winters, Ianice Koski. Sharon Gerow. Dixie Coughrcm, Marlene Lescilius. Arlee Mary Burmeisler. and Bonnie Barry. Back row: Glenan Hayes, Sharon Tupes, Io Ann Fink, Eileen Siokus, Beverly Boyle, Barbara Nash, Iune Schuette, Lois Farrell, Mary Ann Steadman. and lane Collier. 13 The Club Hillite banner reminds students, dates or stag, to come and enjoy themselves for four wonderful hours to the music of the Arthur Hill dance band. There are also games to be played and refreshments are served. The Big Fourteen makes plans and prepar- ations for the Club Hillite which is held on Friday night when no other school activity is scheduled. Cr-J Chaperones tor Club Hillite are Miss Bernice Gibbs and Miss Mary M. Doidge. The are conversing with Iackie Silkstone, Nancy Crinzi, David Leddy, Ianet Mitchell and Iim Kobeck. "Big 14" plans the fun enjoyed by Arthur Hill students at Club Hillite dances under the direction of Mr. Harve C. Light and Miss Ethel Peterson. Steering committee members around the table leit to right are: Ianice Wallqren, Karen Krogman, Hyatt Carter, chairman, George Dice, Henry Snyder, Mr. Light, Ron Martin, Sue Strecker, Linda Coulter, Tom Iones, Bob McDonald, Barbara Russel, Sharon Tessman, and Ioe Mortimore. Missing from the picture is Barbara Wells. mlm.- ...wild club hillite Card sharks? No. Hillites Celia Gritfore, Ann Bauer, lack Adams Ka Pace Bob Burnett and Martin Weissvjust , y . having a iriendly game. A fast game of ping-pong offers excitement to Karen Krcqman and Ronald Martin. The Arthur Hill Dance Band is under the direction of Paul Schultz. The band furnishes the music for all Club Hillite dances and also entertains at assemblies and the Band Bounce. Members of the band are: Top row: Iohn Hall, Don Ducharme, Tom Mitchell, Dave Hensler. Bottom row: Jamie Mark, Dick Gross. Iim Harper, leader Paul Schultz, and Ed Curtindale. Phil Fultz and Arnold Mohn are absent from the picture. 16 FY.. i . ,J x m ir W1 I 'Y X. I ms- w 5 .L , ' fa K ,f-rf Board oi Education members serve the citizens oi Saginaw who elect them to manage the public schools. Regular meetings of the board are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the offices oi the Board of Education in the Admin- istration Building. Members-Standing: Hiel M. Rockwell, treas- urer: Dr. Raymond A. Hart, president: Charles C. Coulter, assist ant superintendent: I. Robert Grube, secretary: Chester F. Miller, superintendent oi schools. Sitting: Dorothy Senkpiel, George D Pross. business manager, Roswell Burrows, Walter A. Leesch Robert Grant. Ir., Edward C. MacRae, vice-president. 'flb , f T Il!!! 3? . is , V V. , il-.ttf i . ,,.,, . . r sv x 111 ,, A . . . 4 if X X I i MB. A. B. Hmsr. As., AM. Director ot Secondary Education s 4 -xi 7 Assistant Superintendent MR. CHESTER F. MILLER. A.B.. A.M., Litt D., LLD. Superintendent oi Schools 1 MR. CHARLES C. COULTER. B.S., MS ff lf' MISS ETHEL A. PETERSON, B.A.. M.A. Dean of Girls , 1' N MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW, B.A., M.A Assistant Principal MR. I. M. BROCK, B.S., M.A. Principal The Faculty Cabinet represents the teachers of Arthur Hill. Members consult with Mr. I. M. Brock, principal, on all school plans, honors, and awards. The Cabinet consists of Miss Christine Webb, Miss Bemice Francis, Miss Eloise Bacon, Miss Constance McWethy, Mr. I. M. Brock, chairman: Miss Rachel McMillan, Miss Una Robertson, Miss Mary Margaret Doidge. Mr. Raymond Morrow, secretary. Missing the from the picture are Mr. Raymond Hartman, Miss Peterson and Mr. Stanley Schubert. WA gn The annual P TA Card Party was held agaxn th1s year 1n the school cafetena The evenmg planned wxth lunch and games served as an opportunxly for parents and teachers to get acquamted The card party IS the only money raxsmg pro1ect whxch the PTA holds durmg the school year parent teacher USSOCIUTIOII A chart was placed m the hall showcase so that everyone could tell just who had reached the goal of 35 membersh1ps m the annual PTA Membershlp Dnve ,WMS- K4 WBW5 lung. .po Talkmg over the annual PTA campmqn are Mrs Gossel and Mrs Spadafore Mxss Bgqons adwsory wlth lxty elght membersh1ps and M155 Doxdqes advxsory w1th s1xty memberslups led the carnpalgrl H1 !OiG1 sales R V 4 , 1 I ..- .l A 0 0 e b --. '- -s ff ' .. -i 1. H . In In I 1 , l l I l 5 s , 1 L , 3 7 l 1 ' A N- X , A l 2 ,rv 1 ' - P" L j f ' , Q' 13 l. ' f P Cabinet members of the Parent Teacher Association gather at a regular meeting to plan the years activities Back row left to right Mr Brock Mrs Gossel Mrs Stewart Mxss Peterson and Mrs C Kleit Front row leit to right Mrs E E Iohnson F Willard Smith Mr Starkweather and Mrs A Kincaid Hows he doing? Parents and teachers get acqucnnted twice a year at Open House Talking to Miss Olmsted about the work of their children are Mrs Richard Murphy and Mr and Mrs Bernard Draves At Christmastime members oi the class of 1894 gathered for a luncheon. Talking over old times are Agnes E. Wells Edith Brown Miss Meinson and Lena Fee. mm GOOd' Mrs Pufiord Mrs Kraner Miss Yates Miss Rosso and Mrs Siehr enyoy some golden brown fish as they take a brief break from the many tasks that accompany the semesters closing faculty 'X The students at Arthur H111 look on their teach ers as friendly advisers interested 1n them as age and motivate them to hlgher achievement and realization of their potentialities New Faces' Iommg the faculty this year are Mr Iahns Mr lVlcCargar Mr Grossman Miss Murphy and Mr Feusse we-49' --:uv ,,,.-nv Come out of the kitchen' Mr Pentz Chairman of the Socxal Commit ee and Mr Poulson ffl' fish for the teachers fish try K X , sy.. 5 f . l ' 1 N . f ' L M . - - fl "' " individuals, ready to help and guide, encour- lg , l f it V x . L- n S ELOISE BACON BS MA Blology NANCY BAXTER BA Pubhc Speakmg Debate HELEN BEESON B A M A Enghsh HELEN M BEYER BS Homemakmg Enqhsh EARL BURNETT MM Band Orchestra Dept Head RUSSELL CANUTE MA Socmal Studles FRED W CASE II BS Natural Sclence and Outdoor L1ie M MARIE CRITTENDEN BA Busmess Educa-ton School Treasurer MATTIE G CRUMP BA Enghsh Iournahsm Pubhcxty IOHN E DAY BA Socxal Studnes ALBERT G DERSCH MS Scnence Dept Head. Chem1stry MARY MARGARET DOIDGE BS MS Physxcal Educatxon FLOYD A FEUSSE BS Busmess Educatxon CHARLES FOWLER MS Socxal Studmes Coachmg BURNICE M FRANCIS BS MA Socxal Studnes DAVID A GAINEY Coachmg Art of Lwmg AMY A GATZ BA MA Enghsh Mathematxcs BURNICE R GIBBS MA Socxal Studxes 99- i? K' 211254 W 4-R' 1, li ayfx 6' ft A-ga 1 by 9- bn 'imqix N.,- 'ls cs. , M 'K-F faculty Z' IL.- ran4"I 7 'P' IFS CY hh an-f Ui QP- WZ" IA . 'GW' fi m 2 4 me HAROLD W GIESECKE BS Mathematics Dept Head EMERSON GROSSMAN MA Industrial Ars Coaching HAZEL GUNTHER BS Business Education Dept Head FRANCIS M HAMLIN MA Enqhsh RAYMOND E HARTMAN BS MA Retailing Coordlnator IRMA L HARVIE BA MA English Dept Head NORMA HILE B S Homemakmq MARIORY IACOBSON BA Mathematics French EDWIN IAHNS BS EDITH R IENSEN BA Biology RACHEL JEROME B A English KURT KAMPE MA Coaching Social Science MARY F LEWIS BA Art of Living HARVE C LIGHT MA Psychology RUTH W LONG MA Library HOWARD H LYTLE BS Agriculture IOY V MANN BA English GLENN H MASON BS Physrcal Ed Coaching Dept Head ' . . I , , . . ., .P V' :fb 1d"'?V. L. . ' 1, I' '- f VV 'r :V U .F A-J . x'. . I l I 1 A I .K " . , . ., , . Qt. ' -- Vg Q Nw I I - - AN- , 5" ' ' ' 7 A I1 Driver Training A A HI gi A " M , Regt' , . . 1 VVQ' 4 A K 1 V- , . - ,x ,f if U . l Y" VT, ' ' 'E f ' Qi il Q . ' '- : -X 5 ' V' 'I 'V , ,T ' ' ' ' ,ir I V .Ls XR S, Make? ! 'Q I x NIA " 1 U I ,, 47 I T ,, .x- ' 1' Zi ' -1 4 - , , , I f .. , fl ' ' ,, X f " x- :LAI f I I 'x IOHN W MCCARGAR BS Social Studies Coaching RACHEL MCMILLAN MA Vocal Music CONSTANCE MCWETHY BA Art of Living EARL L MITCHELL Ir MA Crafts CORA HELEN MORGAN BA MA Spanish RUTH M MURPHY BS MA English Leqenda SEYMOUR MURPHY B S M S Art oi Living Director Audio Visual Coaching IUNE ODELL MA English Spanish HELEN OLMSTE1-XD, MA English RUTH E PATOW BA MA English Latin A A PIERITZ BS Drafting Dept Head KENNETH C POULSON BS Physics R. GEORGE PURDY, B.A. Coaching Mathematics, Science UNA ROBERTSON M.A. Mathematics IOAN ROSSO B.A. English Social Studies EDWIN SCHALK, A.M. Social Studies Dept. Head STANLEY D. SCHUBERT B.A. M,A. English Dramatics ERIC E. SENN. M.A. Social Studies Business Education xx! "" 1. 'uq-P' PM ,. nn'- we '- 'CU' 19 -, U- 'ZE7' ll.. H, -Q.. fs, , es T S - 2 'Y""' 23 Q 91 a.'?s. Us Mba g... an-lr faculty if W, """ if HUGH SHACKELFORD BS MA Socxal Studzes Busmess Mgr AthIet1cs VIRGINIA I-I SIEI-IR BA MA Art Dept Head IOSEPH SLOBODA BS Mathemahcs PATRICIA STEIGELY BA German Spamsh C D STEWART BA Socxal Studxes MARY STEWART BA Socxal Studxes GERTRUDE E TURNER BA MA Latm Language Dept Head WILLIAM VONDETTE BA Coachmg Soclal Sudxes CHRISTINE WEBB BA Engllsh B G WELLS BA Busmess Educatlon A qv-. MILDRED L WILLIAMS BA MA if Ofhce Traxnmg Co ordmator BEVERLEY ANN YATES BA Englmsh Ai? LORNA L ZIEGLER BS ' Homemakmg Co ordmator Dept Head 'YH 10 1. it 45' if IOAN BELL School Clerk DORIS K FRYE School Reglstrar LOMA D KRANER Secretary ELAINE PUF FORD Secretary I I, ,I W , I' -left-5 . I ' .. ' lx Q I.. I I ' K fig I ' 1 . . , . . 122 A I I A . . . XXV X r 1 '.-, '-T3 "' ' ,7 I ' , . A-' L A - A I .U Ivy' Tag, , .. 25 '-. .A . l . 1 1 u f' ,M-Z ,- .,.. , A gi, . J i we ' . .. I . ii, --r. if Qjvf NORINE SCHLUCKBIER Caietena Manager ELEANOR BARTER Cook NELLIE BRENNEMAN Iamtress ESTHER GOLDEN D1shwasher and Iamtress MINA MCCARTY Salads LENA RATHBURN Cook MATILDA SCI-IMIDT Head Cook ELLA SCHREYER Cook IAY SHOEBRIDGE Head Custodxan WILLIAM WESTCOAT Engmeer BERT BRACKLEY Iamtor CLAUDE BURGESS Iamtor FLORENCE CAMPANELLI Iamtress WILLIAM CRELLER Iamtor STEPHEN GAS'I' Iamtor GEORGE W GRAHAM Iamtor FRANK I NYE Iamtor LEON THOMPSON Flreman ALEXANDER WAIER Yardman MARGARET WALLACE Iamtress if 'Va f dug jo--we cufeterlu stu I UllI'l0l'S an LCM iff! ig., sim. O 'v ,M--A L. s 9 .. R f .ESI . - J V A ' Lal' .WL I L c ' I ' A QU I ff-:wg f MK Y I , , ,I Q 3 I. s J""' K H MA , ' ff 0 Q ' A I A 'S PQ , 5- ' I f , . ' X 5 ' - ki kkh: I Q K , F . E - Sai 4. I As I . X 7 J . X 1. g g gboikeoa 5:7 I I W AA ? - W ,Y 3 h . v , ,1 ' RQ: ' ' 'ti' I . , In. I . . Lf B A 4 , El f I ' as A. X ,Y-1""' iw I 5 I R 'f 4 L ' 1 ,X ' if !i , I IN seniars semors A The best year of our hves back ln fGITl1l1G1' surroundmgs senlor rmgs at last marvel mg at the enthustasttc sophomores semester exams for the last tlme strugglmg w1th one thousand word themes Valley Champs agam and agam and agam and aga1n our last Club H1ll1te the flnal walk around MQW? the square lookmg to the future order1ng M 1nv1tat1ons and callmg cards plans for the Senlor Dmner the last bxg llmg the Sen1or Prom rehearsals rehearsals and more re hearsals the Senxor Assembly the long walk to the stad1um Pomp and C1rcum stance and the semors say so long to Arthur H111 and go on about thelr hves Ruth Allen Paula Storrnont Bob Wolfgram and Larry Wzlls were chosen by the 1954 senxor class and faculty members to be commencement speakers They chose Our Four Great I-'mths as the theme for thelr speeches .I-'Q "1 an The long and the short of xt' It seems hkely that Ronme Tarrant wxll recetve the larger of the caps and gowns for whxch he and Ernxe Rxchman are bemg measured Bob Bruton has a long reach to get Ronnle's hetght, whtle Bob Otto has no dxitxculty m getting Em1e'B pl f l V ' "A S34 3? I , f y t ' N-, to . ' s - . . . 1,71 ,X A 1 . . . - I, ' f A 1 . . . I . E Q' ' K, ku V 1 f I - . - l '4', . . 'M 'NX I U u I . . . l N . . . 1 J E 43 y A my af to by , A A , I 1, N. Q -sf ALICE ANN ABLER, 1716 Sycamore, Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Noon Club: Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Declama- tion, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Choraliers. DONNA MAE ACKER. 702 Granger, Advisory Treasurer. Co-op, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Basketball, Volleyball. RICHARD ADAMS, 3110 Mackinaw, Basketball f-Dothan Track Letterwinner. SANDRA ANN AHLRICH, 2318 Farmer. Ad- visory Vice President, Club Hillite: Arts- Dramatics. FNA, FTA, Pep Clubs: Le- genda. GAIL MARIAN ALBRECHT, 318 Iohnson. Pep Club. IUDITH ANN ALDRICH, 4126 Emerick, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commence- ment Pageants. RONALD E. ALEX, 3322 Church. RUTH MARIE ALLEN, 2711 Adams Blvd. Ad- visory President, P-TA Chairman: Red Cross Secretary: Latin, Alchemists. Y- Teens, Bowlinq Clubs: Declamation, Girls' Chorus, Senior Hostess. BEATRICE ALLINGTON, 5860 Center Rd. Ad- visory Vice President: Co-op, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants. IOHN ALLMAN, 508 S. Iefferson. Pep Club, Drivers Club. BARBARA ANN ANDERSON, 2103 Emerick. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Culb Hillite: Co-op, Pep Clubs: Choir, Christmas Pageant, Clinic attendant. BEVERLY JEAN ANDREWS, 4038 Webber. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants NORMAN ARCHAMBAULT, 2312 N. Fayette. IANE H. ASMUS, 1703 N. Charles. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite: Latin. FNA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. THOMAS ROBERTSON BAIRD, 4555 Brockway Rd. Advisory P-TA, Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Pep, Drivers Clubs. Football. GARY THOMAS BAKER, 1902 Wheeler. BARBARA FAY BALL, 5925 Mackinaw. Ad- visory Vice-President: Latin, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants. CHARLES IAMES BAILEY, 1207 Maple. CAROLYN ROSE BALZER, 213 S. Andre. Bowl- ing, Pep Clubs: Choir. RAE ANN BARBER, 1103 Chestnut. Advisory Club Hillite Representative: Co-op, Bowl- ing. Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus. BARBARA IEAN ANN BARCHAK, 3243 Elm. Advisory P-TA Chainnan: Biology, Y- Teens, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Librarian: Art and Commercial Awards. SHIRLEY A. BARNETT 4209 Center, Carrollton. Basketball, Volleyball. ROBERT A. BAROWSKI, 1651 Holmes. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs: Cross Country, Track Letter- winner. CONNIE L. BARRY, 1522 Gratiot. Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA Chainnan: Latin President: Biology President, Y- Teens Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics, French, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Iunior Play Director, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Senior Hostess, Sophomore Cup, Latin Award. ALVIN IACK BASNER, 1700 Phelon. BARBARA IEAN BAUER, 1210 Cronk. Pep Club: Orchestra, Band Bounce, Drum Maiorette. PETER A. BAYBECK, 2845 Schaeffer. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative: Pep Club: Swimming Letterwinner. IOHN HENRY BECKERT, 3823 Mackinaw. Track Letterwinner. MARIANNE G. BEIN, 1918 N. Madison. Bowl- ing Club: Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce. Chrislmas Pageant. RICHARD L. BELL, 1259 Midland Rd. Advisory President: Mathematics, Hi-Y, Rifle, Driv- ers, Iets Clubs: Cross Country, Track Let- terwinner. WILLIAM R. BELL. 7216 Gratiot Rd. Co-op. Pep Clubs. HELEN IEAN BELLINGER, 302 Lee. Pep Club: Noon Club Committee. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants: Art Award. SANDRA MAE BENKERT, 8820 Swan Creek. Rt. 5. Clinic Atlendant. SANDRA IEAN BERKOMPAS, 1123 N. Fayette. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee: Y-Teens Club. CARL LOUIS BEUTEL. 1634 Brenner. Pep Club: Basketball, Football. BERNI-IARD R. BEYER, 1620 Mackinaw. Pep Club. CARL O. BEYTHAN, 7576 Hillcrest. FFA, Pep Club: Choir. ROSALIA JANE BIERD, 6246 Holland Rd. Ad- visory P-TA Chairman: Latin, Spanish. Y-Teens, FTA. Pep Clubs: Girls Sports Letterwinner. MARILYN BIERLEIN, 1945 Harry. Pep Club. Baseball Letterwinner, Basketball, Volley- ball. NORMA ROSE BIGGER. 2830 Hermansau. Co- op, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, S.udent Store Ass't. ALBERT BIRNBAUM, 2850 N. Michigan. Pro- jector Operator, Football and Track Letter- winner. DONNA MAE BOCKER, 1915 N. Ames. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary: BOC. FTA, Miracle Book Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. MARILYN BOHNHOFF, 171216 Mackinaw. Choir. MARY CAROLYN BOHNHOFF, 7320 Garfield, Freeland. Advisory Treasurer: Arts-Dra- matics, Latin, FTA, Drivers Clubs. JANET MARIE BOLGER, 262 Graham. Bowling. Pep Clubs: Girls Sports Letterwinner. DEANNA BOLSTER. 824 S. Weadock. Pep, Drivers Clubs. DEANNA PAULINE BOLTZ, 1817 Marquette. Advisory Vice-President, Club I-Iillite Representative: Latin, Biology, FNA, Y- Teens, Pep Clubs: Usher, Red Cross Vol- unteer. RICHARD E. BONKOWSKI, 2035 N. Miller Rd. Riile, Drivers Clubs. EVELYN LOUISE BOOTH, 1785 Liberty Rd. Advisory Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee: French: Band, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. NANCY MARIE BORNHEIMER, Freeland, Rt, 3. FHA, Miracle Book. Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce: Girls Sports Letterwinner. THOMAS EDWARD BORUSZEWSKI, 1601 Maple. Football. IOHN BOYER III, 623 S. Webster. Advisory Club Hillite Representative. GERALD P. BRADLEY, 1722 Mershon. LAWRENCE A. BREFKA, 3135 N. Michigan. DORIS ELLEN BREMER, Freeland, Rt. 1. Pep Club: Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. BONNIE LOU BRINKER, 104 S. Franklin. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. EILBEN A, BRINKMAN, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. CARMEN IOAN BROWN, 1 Davis Drive. Ad- visory Secretary, Club Hillite Representa- tive. French Vice-President, Spanish Clubs: Band Bounce, Queen's Court. DELBERT ALLEN BROWN, 2269 Tait. IOHN M. BROWN, 2128 Kochville Rd. IOYCE ELAINE BROWN, 607 N. Harrison. Co-op. Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. MARY SUE BROWN, 1820 Delaware. Bowling. Pep Clubs. ROBERT T. BRUTON, 2207 Adams Blvd, Ad- visory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite, Red Cross Chairman: Hi-Y Treas- urer, Pep Clubs: Cross Country, Swim- ming, Track. SHARON LYNN BUCKLEY, 2306 S. Fayette. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman: Y- Teens, Quill-Scroll, Pep Clubs: Legenda. 1 rf 1 We: 5 6' is. 'O l 2 .s 1 , 'si ,K ' ir 6 - sn' AV EDNA M. BUETOW, 3016 Hermansau. Advis- ory Treasurer, Secretary: FHA Y-Teens. Bowling Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas Paqeant. Clinic Attendant. BARBARA ANN BURK, 215 Iay. Advisory Treasurer: Latin, FTA, Pep Clubs. HAROLD FREDERICK BURK IR., 355 S. River Rd. FFA. Pep Clubs. EDITH V. BURR, 1720 Stark. FHA Y-Teens. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Baseball PHYLLIS I. BUSSEY, 2286 N. Ames. Advisory President, Treasurer, Secretary: Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Choir, Christmas Pageant. Usher, Senior Hostess. Volleyball. DONNA M. BUXMAN, 1750 Green. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Com- mittee: Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Biology Clubs: News. MARIE ELISE BUYSSENS, 900 Sutton. Co-op. FHA, Y-Teens Clubs. THOMAS M. BYRON, 2203 Hill. Latin, Hi-Y. Pep Clubs. Debate, Football Letterwinner, GAYLE ELAINE CALKINS, 2010 N. Bond. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chair. man: FHA Treasurer, Bowling. Pep Clubs: PATRICIA ANN CALLAS, 291 S. Fayette. Bowl- ing Club: Girls' Chorus. Christmas MARY ANN CAMMIN. 4810 Brockway Rd. Advisory Vice-President. Red Cross Chair- man: Spanish, Biology, Pep. SI-IEILA R. CAMPBELL, 1014 Madison. Advisory President, Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Seals Sales Chairman: Noon Club, Arts-Dramatics. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Bnnrl Rnnnrn Ledendd. MARY L. CARD, 715 Williams. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Band Orchestra, Band Bounce. LARRY CLARENCE CAREY, 210 Tittabawassee Rd. Pep Club. DONNA MARIE CARLTON, 820 S. Mason. Co-op. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Legenda. SALLY KAY CARROLL, 1 Roethke Ct. Advis- ory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite: Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Biology Clubs: Band Bounce, Queen's Court, Red Cross RAYMOND HYATT CARTER, 2215 Delaware Blvd. Advisory President, Secretary, Club Hillite: Noon Club, Assembly Chairman Band Bounce, Cabinet President, Basket ball, Football and Track Letterwinners IOANNE MARIE CHADWICK. 1823 N. Bond Pep Clubs. Choir. Band Bounce. PAUL DAVIS CHAMBERLIN, 1810 Vermont Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Latin, Mathematics, lets Clubs: Assembly Committee Chairman, Declama- tion, Debate, Orchestra, Legenda, IAMES H. CHAMBERS, 12556 W. Freeland Rd. , N - it fl C2 L Sv . -VAR' , elxdx 6. I I , rv 4' 6-Q' Y s 38' CE cg it Q is :CAPS s Q- ," -s . 'S xii, 4 . f. is-ff U5 Y ,E . f Ah I 5 as Ui 6 Ag 61 Qu' 3 N X 370 sw- 'fr X es,- X A AQ 7 Q Q' MARILYN RUTH Cl-IENEY, 226 Elm. Advisory President: Noon Club: Alchemists, Miracle Book, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Basketball. ROGER DON CHENOWETH, 4823 Henry Dr. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative: Pep Club: Band, Tennis. ALFRED P. CHRITZ, 314 Maple, Carrollton. WILLIAM CLARK, 523 Eleanor. Advisory Vice- president, P-TA Chairman: Hi-Y Club: Boys Choir, Projector Operator, Cross Country. CAROLINE KAY CLEVELAND, 207 N. Har- rison. Advisory Sophomore Party Commit- tee: Latin, FNA, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer. ESTER BELLE CLINE, 2403 Deindorter. Co-op Club: Declamation, Baseball. Basketball and Volleyball Letterwinners. IOANNE I. COENIS, 2234 Bay. Advisory Red Cross Chairman: French, Quill-Scroll, Pep. Drivers Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. News. IAMES K. COLBECK, 5710 Bay Rd. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite. Latin. Pep Clubs: Track Letterwinner. SARAH IANE COLLIER, 1186 Coolidge. Span- ish, Y-Teens, FTA, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Band Bounce, Usher. DUANE COMPAU. 2508 Mackinaw. IANICE ELIZABETH COMPAU, 610 Kochville Rd. Club Hillite Representative: Arts-Dra- matics, Latin, FTA. Pep Clubs: Debate, Oratory, Christmas Pageant, Speech. BARBARA LOUIS COMPAU, 1919 Hanchett. Sophomore Party Committee: Bowling, Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. LYLE L. CONZELMAN, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. TREVA ANN COOPER, 422 N. Webster. FNA, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Clinic Attendant. RICHARD LAWRENCE CORIPPO, 1838 Otta- wa. Co-op. Pep Clubs. NANCY MAE CORNACK, 904 Shattuck Rd. Co-op Club. GLADYS CAROL CORNISH, 2428 Durand. Baseball, Volleyball. DIXIE ANN COUGHRAN, 723 N. Harrison. Advisory Vice-President: Arts-Dramatics, Latin, FNA, Bowling Vice-President, Pep Clubs: Usher. LUCINDA COULTER, 1714 Avalon. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Big Fourteen: Arts- Dramatics, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Senior Hostess, Oueen's Attendant. MELINDA COULTER, 1714 Avalon. Advisory Vice-President, Big Fourteen: Arts-Dra- Dramatics, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Senior Hostess, Queen's Attendant. it 6 Ha., 1 1 G. .Y if V, DARLENE MAE CRAMPTON, 1611 N. Fayette. Advisory P-TA Chairman. Noon Club: Spanish, Y-Teens, Bowling, Drivers Clubs: Usher. SALLY ANN CRAMPTON, 2625 N. Center Rd. Spanish. Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs. FREDERICK CROSBY, 1841 Gratiot. French, Pep Clubs. RAY I. CURRAN, 205 N. Carolina. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite, Seals Sales Chairman: BOC, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Football, Baseball Letterwinrxer. CAROL ANN CURTIN, 1692 Glendale. Advis- ory Treasurer, Secretary, Red Cross Chair- man: Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. News. IO ANN DALTON, Carrollton. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. IANET CAROL DAMMANN, 608 Shepard. Co-op, Pep Clubs. IANET L. DANKERT, 4595 W. Michigan. FHA, Pep Clubs. WILLIAM IOHN DANKERT, 3275 Bay Rd. Pep Club: Cross Country and Track Let- terwinner. RONALD D. DANKS. 1651 Holmes. Pep Club: Red Cross Volunteer: Swimming. HELEN IRENE DAVIS, 7400 McCliggott Rd. Service Club. IAN ROCKWELL DAVIS, 1715 Brockway. Ad- visory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Ans- Dramatics. French, Latin, Biology, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Band Bounce, Red Cross KAY ELIZABETH DAVIS, 1675 Coolidge. Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. ANNA CATHERINE DEE, 420 Clark. Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas and Commence- ment Pageants. HARRY ARLEN DEMPSEY, 2502 State. Miracle Bock, Rifle Clubs: Swimming, Track. DOROTHY ANN DENZER, 266 Goetz. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Co-op, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Christmas Pageant. IANICE RAE DEZELSKY, 821 Ames. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Latin, Biology, Y- Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Usher. GEORGE AVERY DICE, 3733 State. Advisory President, Club Hillite: Big Fourteen: Pep Club Vice-President: Baseball Letterwin- ner, Basketball, Cross Country. ALBERT WAYNE DICKS, IR., 4205 Hemmeter Rd. Dance Band: Football. BARBARA L. DIECHMAN, 2580 N. Michigan Rd. Pep Club: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. IOANNE MARIE DIECKMAN, 1719 Lewis. Y- Teens, Bowling Clubs: Volleyball. CECILIA L. DIERICH, 2225 Shattuck. Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. ERNEST IOHN DIIAK, 7597 Gratiot Rd. Advis- ory Vice-President: Basketball, Football Letterwinner, Baseball. IAMES E. DILL, 6165 Lawndale. IUDITI-I A. DINGMAN, 56 Davis Drive. Ad- visory Sophomore Party Committee: Arts- Dramatics, French, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Semester Play, Legenda. DIANE LYNN DINSE. 1109 S. Michigan. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary: Co-op, Y- Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Usher. ROGER DUANE DITTENBER, 2268 S. Hamilton. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Band, Team Manager Letterwinner. ALLEN ROSS DONNENWERTH, 314 Welling- ton, Zilwaukee. Co-op Club. IERRY RAE DONNENWERTH, 2725 N. Mich- igan. Latin, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Chrislmas and Commencement Pageants. PATRICIA SHIRLEY DOSS, 27 E. Hannum. Ad- visory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, French. Biology. Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant: Red Cross Volunteer. SALLY ANN DOUGLAS, 1627 Mershon. Ad- visory P-TA Chairman: Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Volleyball. DONALD DALE DOWNEY, 822 W. Bristol. NANCY A. DOYLE, 5200 Stroebel Rd. Advis- ory Red Cross Chairman: FHA, Pep Clubs. IOYCE MARY DUBAY, 4158 Louise. Biology. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Queen's Court. DONALD WALTER DuCHARME, 5685 N. River Rd., Freeland. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Band. Band Bounce. KATHLEEN ANN DUDEK, 3276 Elm. Y-Teens, Bowling. Pep Clubs: Legenda, Red Cross Volunteer. ' 11 as Q . x Ki . 51 'Q 'X Q ,X ll 1 k??.5f,f' I f 4' it i 'ki'-2 Q We iff 'xl 6 5 E if V if M seniors 4 'F' 1 ni- I' fr ' 1 JZ im 4 . .-r.-ni. .is iv- br SHIRLEY MAE DUDOCK, Rt. 1, Bridgeport. Advisory Red Cross Chairman: BOC Club: Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- eant. News, Red Cross Volunteer, Li- brarian. MARY ELLEN DUKARSKI, 729 Bush, Zil- waukee. PNA. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. MYRON LUDWIG DUNBAR. 4590 Sherman Rd., Zilwaukee. Band, Cross Country, Track. THOMAS FREDERICK DUNNING, Freeland Rt. 3. Advisory President. Pep, Drivers Clubs. PAUL EUGENE DURANSO. 7365 Swan Creek Rd. BOC, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: Band. Choir. Band Bounce, Commencement Pag- eant. DAROLD DYE, 1169 Midland Rd. DUANE A. EBACH, 200 N. Andre. Football, Track. IOAN CATHERINE EDERER, 8275 Ederer Rd. Co-op, Pep Clubs. ANNA ELIZABETH EHRHARDT. 6980 Alma Ct. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. RICHARD G. ELVIN, 744 Maple. Carrollton. Arts-Dramatics Club: Band Bounce, Stage Crew, Projector Operator, Art Award. EILEEN I. EMERY, Rt. 2. Pep Club: Choir. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Baseball. Volleyball, Basketball Letterwinner. RAYMOND G. ENGEL, 1075 S. Main, Franken- muth. Mathematics, IETS. Pep Clubs. NANCY ANN ENGELS, 3423 Osler. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Choir, Christmas Pageant. GERALD IOHN EURICH. 1202 Ames. IANET LEONETTE EURICH. 1015 Brockway Ct. Advisory P-TA Chairman. Red Cross Chairman FHA Biolo Yteens Bowlin , - I QY- ' - 9 Pep, PNA Clubs: Usher, Red Cross Volun- teer, Clinic Attendant. GERALD D. EVANS. 4295 Weiss Rd. Advisory President: Rifle. Drivers Clubs: Football Letterwinner. BARBARA ANN FARMER, 1928 Gratiot. Ad- visory Red Cross Chairman: Latin, Biol- ogy, Pep Clubs: Librarian. IAMES FEIT, 2449 N. Bond. Pep Club. RONALD BARRY FELDMAN, 1607 N. Bond. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee. WILLIAM FREDRICK FELDT. 3727 State. Ad- visory President, Vice-President, Treasur- er. P-TA Chairman: Noon Club: Pep Club. Band Bounce, Basketball, Football, Golf Letterwinner. NANCY LOU FELKER, 1819 Grout. Co-op Club: Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. IOANNE MARIE PINK, 1910 Vermont. Advi- sory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary. Club Hillite Representative: Y-Teens. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. Usher. CONNIE RAE FISHER. 3339 Congress. Advi- sory Treasurer: PNA. Bowling Club. CATHERINE ANNTISHER, 2212 W. Genesee. Biology. Pep Clubs. ROSE MARIE FISHER. 2212 W. Genesee. Pep Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. MARY LOU FITCH, 803 S. Andre. Latin. Pep Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. ROBERT A. FLATHAU, 500 Clark. MARY ANN PLORA, 2268 N. Ames. Arts- Dramatics. Latin, Miracle Book President. Pep Clubs: Debate. Christmas Pageant. DAVID N. FOBEAR, 2326 Stone. Pep Clu.b. IOHN E. FONTAINE, 2405 Cooper. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative: Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Tennis Letter- winner. HARRY ARTHUR FORBES, 1821 Mershon. Ad- visory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee: Coop, Pep Clubs: Baseball. Football Manager Letterwinner. RALPH ANDREW FOULDS. IR., Rt. 2. GERALD D. FREDE, 6660 Dutch Rd. FFA Club. DOLORES M. FREDERICK, 3139 Elm. Pep Club. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. MARY IEAN FRICK, 1727 Joslin. Co-op, Bowl- ing. Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Christmas and Commencement Pageants, Music Honors. IAMES M. FROST, 2139 N. Court. ROSEMARIE FURLO, 1452 Acacia. Latin, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. ROBERT CARSON FUSS, 6250 State Rd. IETS Club: Debate. IAMES M. GALLAGHER, 1110 Cleveland. Advisory President, Vice-President, Soph- omore Party Committee: Pep Club: Bas- ketball, Tennis Letterwinners, Football. VIRGINIA IO GALLAGHER, 1022 Chestnut. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, Latin, FTA, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Vol- unteer. IAMES A. GALLERY, 4071 Burrows. GERRY R. GARCIA, 1632 Stanley. Pep Club: Baseball Letterwinner. IOI-IN I. GARDNER, 135 S. River Rd. Track Letterwinner. Football. KATHLEEN M. GARNER, Rt. 3, Freeland. Arts- Dramatics, BOC, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Choir. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant, News, Service Club, Base- ball IAMES LESTER GEETING, 407 Sherman. Ad- visory President, Vice-President: BOC, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Choir President, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Track Letter- winner. BARBARA GEISER, Freeland. Clinic Attendant. KATHERINE EDNA GEROW. 1105 W. Genesee. P-TA Chairman: Pep Club: Declamation, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. SHARON LEE GEROW, 1730 Ottawa. Advisory President, Vice-President, Sophomore Par- ty Committee. Latin, Biology Treasurer, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Usher. NORMA R. GEYER, Frankenmuth. Advisory Vice-President: Latin, FNA, Pep Clubs. EUGENE E. GILGINAS, 3184 N. Michigan. RICHARD G. GILMAN, 1823 Kendrick. Pep Club. PATRICIA ANN GILMOUR, 2220 Midland Rd. Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Co-op, Pep Clubs: Basketball. Volleyball. LOIS V. GOLDEN, 1103 Wright. Co-op, Mir- acle Book Clubs: Choir, News. DORA GONZALES. Rt. 1, Freeland. Co-op. FHA Vice-President Clubs: Librarian, Ser- vice Club, Library Award. PAUL I. GOODROW, 1024 Wright. Advisory Secretary: Football. MARYLIN FAY GOOLD, 485 S. Center Road. Mathematics, Pep Clubs. 6 I -'X fu- "f J, Al if .1 f fx C 1 ah 'un '4 Q 6 I in K 'V ' 1 ' 1 .5 f X 'yi-W av. ,f Q - Q -v ' I A 9 t- Any, 7" i KVI Q 'A' 5035 If ' , Q B3 ST, y 299 "' x W - IT ' 0' "' X in .L K A ., I' .' 'Q' as S A , ' pg E' it s I ,t I fi ,sr In 3 fi- , 'O V52- K I I . 1 is 'E' ir S .xx B ' -c-t 3 T.-I .si 6 - A . 5 4' . I lx X Q 'f ' ' . il f ' B 'f Q fs O 1 sf . 5 ,A X I we 4 A XR 9 ,1 'vga lg . f 4 . Ir 'S fi-if X yi K' ' 'sf -I 'Q' ,Z -ff, I SEIIIOTS yi 4,7 an g' f. ,- is N. 59 I 6' f if 45-23' Yi en", U PAUL CARLOS- GORTEN, 6990 State. Club Hillite Representative: BOC President, Hi- Y. Pep Clubs: Choir Student Director. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play. Track Letterwinner, Foot- ball. ANN GOSSEL. 1614 Stark. Advisory President. Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Seals Sales Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Homecoming Queen. EARL CHARLES GOTTSCHALK, 2734 State. Seals Sales Chairman: Quill-Scroll Presi- dent, Hi-Y, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Declama- tion, News, City Gov't. OH., Football. Track Letterwinners. News Editor. NANCY IANE GRANT, 1412 N. Madison. MARGARET ANN GRAUER, Frankenmuth. Secretary: Latin, Alchemists, FTA. Pep Clubs. RICHARD L. GRAY, 3521 Lincoln. Carrollton. ALAN G. GREENBERG, 513 N. Wheeler. Driv- ers Club. KAREN ESTHER GREMEL, 1842 Avalon. Vice- President. Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative: Arts-Dramatics. Latin, Spanish, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pag- eant. WILLIAM IAMES GRENNEY, 414 S. Morson. Mathematics, Hi-Y President: Cross Coun- try, Track. ARTHUR HAROLD GRIEBEL, IR., 3205 Her- mansau Rd. FFA, Pep Clubs: Track Let- terwinner. FRED GROSS, 2455 S. Center Rd. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Band Bounce. RUTH MARIE GROVER, 2223 N. Oakley. Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Chairman: Co-op. Latin, FTA, Pep Clubs: Usher. WILLIAM JAMES HABECK, 2239 N. Ames. Rifle, Pep Clubs. THEODORE M. HACKENBERG, 1941 Fairfield. Band, Band Bounce. IOHN V. HACKETT, 4785 Midland Rd. Arts- Dramatics, Drivers, Math, Iets, I-Ii-Y, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Semester Plays. News, Photographer, Football. IRIS IOAN HAGAMAN, 420 Lutzke Rd. Ad- visory President: FI-IA, Miracle Book, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus. IOHN WILLIAM HALL, 2216 Mershon. Advi- sory Vice-President, Secretary: Latin Club: Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce. H. IAMES HAMATHER, 2021 State. Drivers Club. ' CAROL HAMILTON, 810 Ames. Bowling Club. Girls' Chorus. IAMES RAYMOND HAMMAN, 717 Gallagher. GERALD EDWARD I-IAMMERSCHMIDT, 2430 Hemmeter Rd. German, Pep Clubs: Golf, ROBERT A. HARDT, 4 Congress Ct. D. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Team Manager. IAMES ALLEN HARPER, 1812 Irving. Advi- sory President, Vice-President, Sophomore Par- ty Committee, Red Cross Chairman: Pep Club: Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce, ARLENE HARRIS, 4585 N. Michigan. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Y-Teens, Bowling PGP Clubs: News: Girls Sports Letterwin- ner. GAIL ANN HARRIS, 248 Snow. Advisory President, Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman: Bowling President, Vice-Presi- dent, Pep Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer. MARILYN HARRIS. 404 Wellington, Zilwaukee. Pep Club: Clinic Attendant, Librarian: IOHN MICHEAL HART, 2614 Adams Blvd. Advisory President: Pep, Drivers Clubs. Swimming Letterwinner. WU-I-MM I. HARTLE. 261 Graham. Treasurer: Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. DENNIS LAWRENCE HARTNER, 1740 S. West- wood Dr. Biology, Pep Clubs: Choir, Bas- ketball, Football Letterwinner. MARTHA HARVIE, 2445 Midland Rd. Coop, FHA Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pag- ECIII. DUANE D. HASSE, 1807 Grout. Pep Club: Football Letlerwinner, Baseball. CAROL B. HAUMAN, 1170 Midland Rd. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant, Volleyball Let- terwinner, Baseball, Basketball. LARRY LEE HAYNER, 2237 Wilson. Rifle, Pep Clubs. NANCY HAZEN. 1918 N. Bond. Treasurer: Y-Teens. Bowling, Pep Clubs. ELAINE GERALDINE HEMMETER, 4050 Lawn- dale Rd., Rt. 6. Sophomore Party Com- mittee: Pep Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. HERMAN I. HENDRICKS, 6101 Garfield Rd.. Freeland. IAMES STEWART 1-IENSLER, 4150 Vera. Hi-Y, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Cross Country, Foot- ball, Track. WARREN S. HERRING, 5950 Bay Rd. Football. THOMAS P. I-IERVEY, 428 N. Webster. Pep Club. THOMAS EUGENE HESTER. 2525 N. Court. Advisory President: Clubs. IETS, Pep, Drivers GERALD M. HICKS, Freeland. Pep Club. RONALD D. HILBORN, 2720 Pine. ELIZABETH VICTORIA Schaeffer. Pep Club: HILBRANDT, 3019 Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Spring Con- cert. IUDITH LEE HILDINGER, 829 Nylon. Choir. Band Bounce. MARY LOUISE HINDS. 122 S. Andre. Sopho- more Party Committee. Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Latin, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant. Spring Concert, Chor- olier. IOYCE A. I-IODGINS, 1915 N. Fayette St. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Baseball, Basketball. Award. IULIE ANNE HOFFMAN, Secretary. Y-Teens. Clubs: Declamation. Christmas Pageant. Legenda, News. Pageants, Librarian. Volleyball: Library 1818 Handley. BOC, Miracle Book, Pep Choir. Band Bounce. lst Semester Play. SALLIE ANN HOFFMAN. 913 N. Webster. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Co-op Club. IAMES WAYNE I-IOLEMAN, 516 N. Charles. Advisory Vice-President: Pep, Drivers Clubs. WILLIAM STEPHEN HUEBLER, 1707 N. Fay- ette. Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Pep Clubs: Declamalion, Debate, Oratory, Stage Crew: Awards. HERBERT R. HUEGEL. IR., 2632 Hermansau. Rifle Club. IERRY I-I. HUNT, 2107 Ring. Pep, Drivers Clubs. ELIZABETH ANN I-IURNEY, 1733 N. Oakley. Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Pageant. ALGER IACOUES, 2522 N. Bond. Advisory President, Vice-President: Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. BARBARA I. IAKES, 6 Congress Ct. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman: Co-op, Bowling Clubs. NANCY E. IAMESON, 1802 Avalon. Advisory Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Chairman: Y-Teens. Bowling Clubs. it Q i, X y, N 3 I .L ., fiffltvrlr 0 N M 9 I' I Q1 3- .1 h I' 6 VMI BB Y 5 ij., Y, 30" Ei- lit 3 M' I .4 . ' xl K1 '- 5 'Q . L 9- gl Nl T ""5 is ,xl N 5 ' ,Q if 4' 'S s :- Ax ' .L f . 'Hu ' ff 'Q 5, 1 71... G Z 3 ' Wx IEANNE TI-IERESE IARABECK, 6850 Wegner Rd. Co-op, Pep, Service Clubs. NANCY E. IAREMA, 217 S. Adams. LORETTA LOUISE IEAN, 966 Schust Rd. Pep Club. SHARON MARIE IEWE'I'I', 3026 Adams. Ad- visory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Com- mittee: Pep Club. GAIL ANN IOCI-IEN, 1712 Lathrup. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Seals Sales Chaimian: Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Bowling Clubs: Art Award. BARBARA ANN IOHNSTON, 2254 N. Wood- bridge. Advisory Red Cross Chairman. Spanish, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Volleyball. DAVID LEE IOHNSTON, 1936 Kollen. Con- servation Club. MARY FRANCES IONES, 1702 Monroe. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce: Clinic Attendant. RUTH ANN IONES. 1516 Greenwich. Advisory P-TA Chairman: BOC Club: Band, Band Bounce: Librarian. THOMAS FREDERICK IONES. 483 Ann. Advi- sory President, Club Hillite Representa- tive: Pep, Drivers Clubs: Track, Basket- ball, Football Letterwinner. EDWARD EARL IORDAN, Rt. 3. Freeland. IOSEPHINE ANN KABAT, 3640 Barnard Rd. Advisory Vice-President. P-TA Chainnan. Red Cross Chairman: French, FTA. RONALD FREDERICK KABOBEL, 1557 Maine. Gemian, Pep. Drivers Clubs: Basketball. Team Manager. SARALIE KASPER, 2444 N. Oakley. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary. P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee. Club Hillite Representative. Seals Sales ANTON TOHN KAUFMANN, 121 N. Porter. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Swimming Letterwin- ner, Team Manager, Tennis. GERALDINE MAE KAUFMANN, 6550 Swan Creek. Clinic Attendant. IAMES ALAN KAYLOR, 4470 Brockway. Ad- visory Vice-President: Spanish, Pep, Driv- ers Clubs. CAROL LYNN KELLER, 2316 S. Fayette. Ad- visory Club Hillite Representative. Y- Teens, Pep Clubs. SHIRLEY M. KELLY, 205 Maple, Carrollton. Advisory President, Vice-President. Soph- omore Party Committee: Pep Club. BETTY LOU KENDALL, 2391 Shattuck Rd. Y- Teens, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce: Art Award. GENE R. KERN, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. KAREN RUTH KERNS, 515 Peace. French. Latin, Y-Teens Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant: Choraliers. SUZANNE LAURA KESSEL, 15 Benton. Advi- sory President: Arts-Dramatics Secretary, Latin, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. MARY LOU KIEFT, 240 Lockwood. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representa- tive: Arts-Dramatics, Latin, PNA, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Queen's Court. Choraliers. SHARON LEE KINCAID, 2841 Congress. Span- ish, Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Choraliers. ROBERT RALPH KLAUSS, 103 Vemiont. Band. Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant. CHARLES D. KLEINBRIEL, 1307 Cleveland. WILLIAM T. KLEINFELDER, 1624 Stanley. IUDITH ANN KLEINSCI-IMIDT, 2307 Mackinaw Advisory Club Hillite Representative: Arts Dramatics, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. ONALEE B. KLEMACH, 1920 Lathrup. Advi sory Vice-President: Arts-Dramatics. Latin Pep Clubs. Band Bounce, Christmas Pag eant. Red Cross Vice-President, Cheer Leader. IANICE ELAINE KLOHA, Freeland. Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. CAROL ANN KLOPF, 516 N. Porter. Bowling. Pep Clubs: Basketball, Volleyball. DONALD E. KNAPP, 1403 Division. FFA. RONALD GEORGE KNOLL. Frankenmuth. IAMES W. KNOWLTON. 2018 Reo. Rifle Club. GERALD F. KOBOLDT, 2965 Eddy. Track Let- terwinner. ERNA MARIE KOBS, 3166 Winter. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee: Coop Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Volleyball Letterwinner, Base- ball, Basketball. RONALD KOCIS, 1756 Burnham. Advisory Vice-President, Pep Club: Declamation. GERALD O. KOEPLIN, 1527 Wilson Rd. IANICE LEE KOS'KI, 2129 N. Court. BOC, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Usher, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. SHARON KAY KOUTS, 2121 Blackmore. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chair- man, Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chainnan: French President, Latin. Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. PHYLLIS MARIE KRAUSS, Freeland. NANCY ANN KRISTINEK, 2669 Wigen. Al- chemists Club. ROBERT I. KROGMAN, 1314 Lyon. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative: Pep Club: Noon Club Committee, Baseball Letterwinner, Swim- ming Captain Letterwinner. CAROLE RUTH KRUEGER, 7260 Shattuck Rd. Spanish, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs. DOROTHY A. KRUEGER, 316 S. Granger. GERALD I. KUCH. 8735 Swan Creek Rd. Advisory Vice-President: Baseball. RICHARD KUELSKE, 7295 Swan Creek Rd. Biology, Rifle Clubs: Track. IOAN MAUREEN KUI-IN, 606 Alice. Co-op, FHA, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Girls Sports Letterwinner. CHARLES FREDRICK LaCLA1R, 1803 State. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee: Biology, Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Basket- ball, Football, Swimming, Track Letter- winner. IAMES LaDOUCE, 514 Huber, Pep Club: Golf. Swimming Letterwinner. MAEDELLA LaFLAIR, 1821 N. Woodbridge. Advisory President. Sophomore Party Committee: S.O. Committee: Spanish, Y- Teens Club: Band Bounce: Service Club: Drum Majorette. GRACE I. LAMIA. 509 Ash. Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants: Senior Hostess. RONALD LARRY LANGE. 617 Wright. Noon Club Committee: Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Band, Band Bounce, Commence- ment Pageant: Music Honors. SANDRA LEE LANGSCHWAGER, 2327 N. Clinton. BOC, PNA. Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. TERRENCE ARTHUR LANTZ. 4495 Midland Rd. Advisory Vice-President: FFA Treas. urer, Hi-Y, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. 'S' 'I . A lr 11 in ' 2 Q Y . lm ll G ' is 9 1 , sf .A 2. 1: i r 1 ft I Q I 4, 1 s 11 -is-Y A, . ,, 1 LA In ff! Q' Q 6 V v l l- 'i . h as v, F .1 Q L it qt Q. F' . . . '42 ,r . ,' 5 T mn., I 'lj' Q' S . "' 1 J' lv Q SBIIIOYS ll y J .' .41 1 A D . O. 'Sis 1 x T 36 G2 , sp 9 lil Q' .1 - I' I I L,.V , K 2 2 1 '-Q- . H i 4' K 5 ,fl '25- Q Q DAVID I. LEACH, 2125 Linda. FHA Club. LAWRENCE L, LEBSCH, IR. Pep Club: Band, Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants, Football, Swimming Team Manager. DONALD E. LEHMAN, 1528 Bay. Hi-Y, Pep. Drivers Clubs. Track. RONALD BRUCE LEITZ, 5390 Swan Creek Rd. FFA, Biology Clubs. BRUCE KENNETH LENNOX, 1115 Cleveland. Declamation: Oratory: lst Semester Play: Swimming, Track: Art Award. ALAN FLETCHER LEONHARDT, 4680 Sherman. Pep Club: Cross Country Letterwinner. MARLENE I. LESCELIUS, 136 Reynick. Advi- sory Treasurer. Secretary, Club Hillite Representative: Arts-Dramatics Treasurer. Boc. Biology, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Declamation: Debate: Christmas Pageant: Usher: Girls Sporls, Basketball, Volleyball. CAROL IOAN LESENEY, 1007 Congress. Pep Club: Christmas Pageant: Red Cross Vol- unteer. Drum Majorette. ARNOLD LETZKUS. Frankenmuth. ELLEN M. LEUENBERGER, 6884 Shields Dr. Club Hillite Representative: Arts-Dramat- ics, BOC Clubs: Choir. Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant: lst Semester Play: Red Cross Volunteer: Service Club: Music Honors. IAMES ERVIN LEUENBERGER. 1153 Passolt. Hi-Y Club: Baseball Letterwinner. WINNIFRED CATHERINE LEWIS, 114 Lynn. Orchestra, Band Bounce. PATRICIA ANN LEYRER. 2021 S. Washington. Spanish, Pep Clubs: Librarian. ARTHUR A. LICKLY, 1219 Midland Rd. Advi- sory Club Hillite Representative: FFA. Biology. Hi-Y. Rifle, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce. LAWRENCE LIEBRECHT, 1428 Maine. PATRICIA ANN LILIA, 3334 Binscarth. Advi- sory Vice-President. Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Christmas Pageant. KARL R. LINDFORS. 2155 Bock Rd. Pep Club. MARIANNE LONDON. 2045 Marquette. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. IUDITH ANN LOVEIOY, 1011 N. Fayette. Ad- visory Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Bowling Secretary. Arts-Dra- matics, French, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Usher: Basketball. Volleyball: Commercial Award. NANCY E. LUGER, 1970 N. River Rd. Arts- Dramatics, Y-Teens, FTA Clubs: Christmas Pageant. DAVID KEITH LUNDBERG, 822 N. Hamilton. I-Ii-Y Club. GERALD I. LUNT. 1814 Bamard. Bowling, Rifle. Pep Clubs. RICHARD IOHN LUPLOW, 1014 Madison. IETS President, BOC, Crucibles. Mathe- matics, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant: 2nd Semester Play: Track Letterwinner. Football. MARY LOU LUTZ, 9545 Buck Rd. FHA Pres- ident, Co-op, Pep Clubs. PATRICIA LEE MacALARY, 320 N. 3rd. Co-op, FHA, Pep Clubs: Declamation. IOAN MacARTHUR, 1926 Harry. BOC, French. Spanish, Y-Teens, Bowling Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. RODERICK I. MacINTOSH, 1939 Wilkins. French, German, Hi-Y Clubs. NANCY IOAN MAIER, B25 N. Woodbridge. Sophomore Party Committee: Club Hillite Representative: Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Quill 6 Scroll, Usher, Legenda. RICHARD A. MALTHY, 8860 Midland. Free- land. IMOGENE MANN, 1629 Mershon. FHA, Biol- ogy, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Debate, Christ- mas Paqeant, lst and 2nd Semester Plays, IACK B. MANN, 114 N. Carolina. Advisory President, Vice-President: Hi-Y, Pep, Driv- ers Clubs: News, Track and Cross Coun- try Letterwinners. MARY GAIL MANNION, 5260 Shattuck. BOC. Y-Teens, FTA, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs: Choir. Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce. RUTH MAE MANNION, 520 Monroe. Advisory President. P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman. Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. KAREN LOUISE MARCEILLS, 1003 Ash. Biol- ogy, Pep Clubs: Basketball, Commercial. IOAN ELIZABETH MARK, 614 Cleveland. Ad- visory President, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Representative: Arts-Dramat- ics. Senior Hostess. Oueen's Court. ELAINE IOYCE MARTI, 4875 Bay. FHA, Pep Clubs. LeROY THOMAS MARTIN, 1741 Kollen. Rifle, Pep Clubs. P. D. MARTINDALE, 1016 Brockway. Baseball. CARLA LOUISE MARTZOWKA, 2330 Delaware Blvd. Latin, Alchemists President Biolo , QYI Y-Teens. Bowling, Pep Clubs. SALLY ANN MARTZOWKA, 1104 Weiss. Pep Club. KENNETH W. MCCLUNG, 181092 Court. Rifle Club. THEODORE LeROY MCCORMICK, 2520 N. Clin- ton. EILEEN AGNES McCULLEN, 2060 S. Thomas Rd. P-TA Chairman: Co-op Club. ROBERT THOMAS MCDONALD, 2252 King. Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative: Pep President: Golf, Tennis, Big Fourteen. MICHAEL T. MCFARLAND, 129 S. Woodbridge. Vice-President: Biology, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Culbs: Tennis Letterwinner. MARIALYCE MCGINNIS, 1608 S. Harrison. Co-op Club. MARILYNN IOY MCGUIRE, 2319 State. Club Hillite Representative: Biology. Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs. WILLIAM BRAMWELL MCMAHON. 613 S. Andre. Pep Club: Basketball and Football Letterwinners Baseball. MARY DEY MCMATH. 1759 Ring. Sophomore Party Committee: Choir, Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas and Commence- ment Pageants. GERALD P. MEAD, 3320 Schust Rd. Club Hillite Representative: FFA Club. Bean Award. IAMES M. MEEHLEDER, 714 Stoker Drive. RICHARD A. MEI-IL, 702 N. Porter. Vice-Pres- ident. Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative: Swimming Letter- winner. RICHARD A. MEIER, 1418 Wheeler. BOC. Miracle Bock, Pep Clubs: Band. Choir. Band Bounce. Cheer Leader, Track Letter- winner. RONALD IOSEPH MEISCH, 1525 Beech. Hi-Y Club. IANICE ELAINE MEREDITH, 4811 Wall. Treas- urer: Pep Club: Librarian. IOAN LOUISE MESACK, 516 Waller. Co-op Club. 42? I . 6 A A1 'Wt cm X 1- . ,I A YQ 3 if I Q J 'B .4 36 ' .7 ffl-rt.. ' '82, 1 ,I 'gan S. f Gif Y , G 4 . 1' is 36 lx F - wr. 5 Y get ' , 'L 116 1 ? "N 5 sf 1 9,9 5-6 X MARY KATHLEEN MEYER. 1221 Cleveland. Co-op, Latin Clubs. IUDITH ANN MIDCALF, 1628 Brenner. BOC. FHA Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce. Com- mencement Pageant. DALE T. MIKOLAICZIK, 5245 Pierce. Vice- President: BOC, FFA Treasurer, Pep Clubs: Choir, Christmas Pageant. DAVID H. MIKULA, 2839 Schemm. Pep Club: Band. Football Letterwinner. BEVERLY IANE MILLER, 1612 Chestnut. Co- op, Spanish, Pep Clubs: Librarian. FREDERICK EDWARD MINSTER, 1955 Fair- tield. GARY H. MOE. 718 W. Bristol. Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Represent- ative: Football and Basketball Letterwin- ners. IOAN LOUISE MOREAU, 116 Stone. BOC. FHA, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play, Clinic Attendant. Librarian. RICHARD WRUCK MORFORD, 1201 Glendale. Advisory President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative: Pep, Drivers Clubs. Football and Track Letterwinner. SHIRLEY IEAN MORGAN, 2019 Union. Secre- tary: Miracle Book Club. CAROL MAE MORNINGSTAR, 6815 Stroebel Rd. Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary. Club Hillite Representative: Bowling, Pep Clubs. IOSEPH DELBERT MORTIMORE, 3224 Court. Club Hillite Representative: Football and Track Letterwinner, Big Fourteen. MARIORIE ANN MUEHLENBECK, 1434 Ioseph. Advisory President, Vice-President, Soph- omore Party Committee: Co-op, Pep Clubs. YVONNE G. MURRAY, 1500 N. Charles. IANICE LOUISE NACHTWEIH, 311 S. Iefier- son, Zilauwkee. Latin, FNA, Pep Clubs. GERALD IOSEPH NELLETT, 1938 Glendale. Rr-md. Dance Band. Band Bounce. FREDERICK FRANK NEUENFELDT, Freeland. FFA Club. ARCHIE FLOYD NEWCOMB, 550 Lutzke. Ad- visory Vice-President: Pep Club. IEROME NIZINSKI, 3970 N. Michigan. IOSEPH RICHARD NOWACZYK, Freeland. W. GERALD NUERMINGER, 5772 Mackinaw Rd. Advisory Vice-President. P-TA Chair- man, Club Hillite, Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Pep. Drivers Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer: Football. GRACE OLIN, 1314 Houghton. Y-Teens Club. ANTONIO S. OLVERA, 3011 Carrollton Rd. Football Letterwinner. SHIRLEY ANN OLZEWSKI, 1026 N. Hamilton. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Latin, Pep Clubs: Choir, Librarian, FRANCES ANN OSMOND, 3271 Elm. Advisory P-TA Chairman Pep Club Choir, Girls' Chorus Band Bounce, Leqenda. I ROBERT BRADY OTTO. 1102 Hancock. Advi- sory President, Vice-President. Sophomore pany comming, Football Letterwinner. IOLYN RAE OVIATT, 1511 Barnard. Advisory President, Vice-President: Latin, Biology. Y-Teens, FTA, Pep Clubs: Senior HOSIGS MARILYN ANN OYSTER, 4313 S. Westervelt. Latin, Pep Clubs. 5 SUSAN PABST, 303 Alice. Advisory Red Cross Chairman: Latin, Bowling Clubs. MARVIN ARNOLD PALMER. 2010 Eymer. Pep Club: Art Award. IACK HENRY PAPE, 1928 Iordan. BOC Club: Orchestra. RUTH HELEN PAPST, 699426 Gratiot Rd. Co- op Club: Baseball, Volleyball. ARDITH LEE PARKS, 922 Monroe. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Bowling, Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Christ- mas and Commencement Pageants. SALLY IEANNE PARKS, 1743 Wilson. Pep Club, Clinic Attendant. ROBERT M. PATERSON, 413 S. Granger. Soph- omore Party Committee: Drivers Club. Band, Band Bounce, Track. DONALD R. PERSONS, 305 Adam Rd. Pep Club: Stage Crew, Baseball. CLARENCE RICHARD PETERSON, 1882 Ava- lon. Advisory Vice-President: French Vice- President. Mathematics, Pep Clubs. ERNEST IUNIOR PIEHL, 1552 Osborn. Pep Club: Cross Country. KAROLYN KAY PIERSALL, 1846 Arthur. Ad- visory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative: BOC, Y-Teens Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant. ALLAN RUSSELL PIKE, 2257 N. Madison. Ad- visory Treasurer: Drivers Club. EDWINA STAIR POHLMAN, 1813 Van Buren. Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Co-op, Latin, Y-Teens, Bowling. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Christmas Pageant. GAIL BARBARA POLHMAN, 1420 Acacia. P-TA Chraiman: Pep Club: Christmas Pageant: News. GRACE ANN POMERVILLE. 203 N. Alexander. Treasurer: Co-op, Latin, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Christmas Pageant. WILLIAM I. PRENTICE, 2160 Bock. Treasurer. Club Hillite Representative. MARY IANE PRESSPRICH, 2332 N. Bond. Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman: Latin, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Band, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. EILEEN EDITH PRIEBE, 810 N. Granger. Ger- man Club. DEANNA IUNE PROUX, 2209 N. Madison. P-TA Chainnan. Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Seals Sales Chairman. Red Cross Chainnan: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst and Znd Semester Plays. RONALD LEE RAE. 4180 Louise. Advisory President: Baseball. Basketball: Art Award. PETER MICHAEL RANKIN, 809 Cass. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee: Mathematics President, Hi-Y, IETS Clubs: Band, Band Bounce. IAMES I. RAPPUHN, 1019 Maple. Football Letterwinner. NANCY RUTH RATHBURN, 1716 Mackinaw. FNA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. ROBERT LOUIS RAUPP, 134 Goetz, Pep Club: Football. FRANCIS EDWARD RAY, 7111 McCliggott Rd. Pep Club: Baseball, Football, Track. SHARON KATHRYN REIMUS. 2349 N. Court. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Declamation, FRED I. REINKE, 5275 Tittabawassee. LEONA MAY RETHMAN, S18 State. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. wm- W' l if Q " K1 3' 1 M I ' 3 gX' N2 X I ill "G" ' iv Y' A P lhx if.. e I? as ff f seniors A gi e 6-1' 'WR 0. 1 Q . x f " L 1 ' LEON I. REUHLAND. 1620 Iackson. RICHARD EDWARD REYNOLDS. 516 S. Bond. LOUISE RHULE. 2328 Reed. Pep Club: Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Christmas and Commencement Pageants. ERNEST R. RICHMAN, 1320 Cooper. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite. BOC Club, Noon Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Semester Plays, Football Letter- winner. Music Honor. DORIS B. RIECK, Freeland. Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary: Co-op Club: Baseball. FRED E. RIEDEL, 1923 Iordan. Semester Play, Baseball Letterwinner. MARION IANE RISER, 4280 Brockway. BOC, Pep Clubs: Choir. Band Bounce, Christ- mas and Commencement Pageants, Usher, Librarian. WYN FRANCES RISER, 321 N. Jefferson. French, Pep Clubs: Orchestra, Legenda, Art Award. WILLIAM ROY ROBERTSON. 1623 S. Mich- igan. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite: Mathematics, Pep Clubs: Golf, Track Letterwinner. ANNE C. ROBINSON, 2114 Gratiot. BOC, French, Y-Teens, FTA President, Bowling Clubs. DIXIE LOU RODEITCHER, 203 Elm. WILLIAM LINCOLN ROENICKE, 5145 Swan Creek Rd. MARIE IRENE HOGNER Frankenmuth- C0'0P- Pep Clubs. RUTH A. ROSE, Freeland. Co-op Club: Decla- mation, Art Award. ARLEE ANN ROSENBERG, 1017 N. Mason. Advisory President, Club Hillite: Alchem- ists and FTA Vice-President, Biology Sec- retary, Y-Teens President: Assembly Com- mittee, Usher, Senior Hostess, Basketball, Volleyball. CAROLE IEAN ROSENFIELD, 2202 S. Har- rison. Club Hillite, Arts-Dramatics, FTA. Pep, Drivers Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. FRANKLIN HARRIS ROSENGREN, 2500 Salt. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club I-Iillite, Baseball Letterwinner. Football Co- Captain and Letterwinner. MARGARET ANN ROSS, 1605 Stone. Latin. Spanish, Pep Clubs: Red Cross Chairman. HAROLD E. ROSSOW. 4730 N. Graham, Free- land. IANE MARIE RUMMEL, Frankenmuth. Advi- sory President, Treasurer: FTA, Pep Clubs: Baseball. Basketball. volleyball. PATRICIA ANN RUMMEL. 1815 Lessur. Ad- visory Vice-President, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Choir, Commencement Pageant, Legenda, ROMA IEAN RUNNING, 306 N. Oakley. Latin. PNA Clubs. MARLENE ELAINE RUSC1-I, 313 Elm. Spanish, Bowling, Pep Clubs. BARBARA ANN RUSSELL. 2020 Harry. Advi- sory President, Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite. Arts-Dramatics, Band Bounce, Big Fourteen. DAVID B. RUSSELL, 139 S. Bond. Advisory Vice-President: Pep Club: Team Manager Letterwinner. KAREN LEE RUSSELL. 405 Iackson. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite: BOC, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band, Choir CAROLYN SACKRIDER, 10350 Tittabawassee. P-TA Chairman: Coop, Pep Clubs: Stu- dent Store Ass't., Basketball, Baseball DONALD R. SALWASSER, 1210 Maple. Pep. Drivers Clubs: Band, Band Bounce DONALD H. SARKOZY, 1804 Bay. Drivers Club. EUGENE L. SAUER, 407 S. 14th. Swimming Letterwinner. IANET CAROL SAVAGE. 1503 Clinton. Bowl- ing Club: Orchestra, Band Bounce, Bas- ketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. DONALD A. SCHADE, 412 Sherman. RICHARD D. SCHAFER, 1834 Kendrick. Drivers Club. WARREN R. SCI-IALLHORN, 1445 Coolidge. Pep Club L. RANDALL SCHEIB, 1842 Glendale. Pep Club: Track Team Manager. MARVIN A. SCHIEFER, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. RONALD M. SCI-IMIDT, 1728 Monroe. ROBERT I. SCHMITZER, R. 3, Saginaw. NANCY MAE SCHNARR, 1016 Brockway Ct. FHA Club: Cheer Leader. ROBERT A. SCHNEIDER, 713 S. Mason. IOANNE MILDRED SCHOBERT, 2118 Durand Co-op, Pep Clubs. MARLENE W. SCHREINER, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. NANCY IEAN SCHREUR, 2990 Midland Rd. P-TA Chairman: Bowling. Pep Clubs: Librarian. IANICE SCHROEDER, 517 Adams, Zilwaukee. Pep Club. DAVID RICHARD SCHULTZ, 3088 N. Michigan. Pep Club. Swimming, Team Manager, Track. PAUL M. SCHULTZ, 130 S. Bates. Advisory President, Vice-President: BOC, Latin. Mathematics, IETS Clubs: Band, Choir, Oance Band, Band Bounce. Baseball. DONALD KAROW SCHURR, 3412 Osler. Ad- visory President, Treasurer, Club Hillite: Noon Club Committee: Biology, Mathe- matics, Pep, JETS. Crucibles Clubs: Le- genda Editor. Tennis Letterwinner. LA VERNE MARTIN SCULLY. 120 N. Alex- ander. Pep Club. NANCY KAY SEDERLUND, 2828 Cooper. Treasurer, Secretary: Y-Teens, Bowling Clubs. JOHN ERIC SENN. R. 1. Freeland. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Hi-Y Club: Debate, Choir, Band Bounce. Christmas Pageant, Track, Basketball. BARBARA-IEAN SEYMORE, 836 Pioneer Trail. Advisory P-TA Chairman. Club Hillite, Red Cross Chaimian: FHA, Pep Clubs: Declamation. NORMAN S. SHAFER, 1617 N. Oakley. Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs. MADELINE RUTH SHANKS, 2969 Schaeffer. Club Hillite: Declarnation. MARY DAREENE S1-IEA, 132 Storch. Red Cross Chainnan: Arts-Dramatics, Y-Teens, FTA. Pep Clubs: Choir. Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant, Semester Plays. Red Cross Volunteer. RUTH ANN SHELTRAW, 1839 N. Michigan. P-TA Chairman: Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Latin, Pep Clubs: Choir, Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Sem- ester Play. SHARON LEE SHOOK, 727 N. Bond. Red Cross Chairman: FHA Club: Red Cross Volunteer. I t G -A .N r 7'- ' fir L A G- 1 s ? 3' Q' A 3 4 .. A cs Q, K 5 3 "iff I -4 .X g -3 . Q' 'V 1-I W I 63 "-459 - -elk 3 'x K, y p S Y 5- 'Q Ma ,. LAWRENCE E. SHROCK, 2221 Stone. Bowling Pep Clubs, Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce, Track. LYNN ELLEN SILER, 47 Ardmore. Advisory President, Treasurer, P-TA Chaimian French, Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. IEANNE SIMMET, 1823 Grout. Bowling, Pep Clubs: Declamation, Debate. HOWARD C. SIMON, 426 Liberty. Basketball Football. IOYCE MARILYN SLATER, 2208 N. Ames Red Cross Chairman: Co-op, Y-Teens Bowling Clubs: Band, Red Cross Volun: teer. CATHERINE MAE SMITH, 311 Braley. Bowling Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant, Clinic Attendant, Librarian. DOUGLAS SMITH, 1007 Burt. FFA, Pep Clubs: Baseball. IANET LORRAINE SMITH, 1003 State. P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite: Spanish, Y-Teens. FIA, Bowling Clubs: Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer, Student Store Ass't. LAWRENCE R. SMITH, 1914 Wood. Football. NORITA SMITH, 1800 Coolidge. SANDRA IILL SMI'1'H, 1949 Harry. BOC Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants. HENRY DUANE SNYDER, IR., 715 S. Michigan. Advisory President. Vice-President, Club Hillite: Pep, Drivers Clubs: Semester Play, Basketball and Cross Country Letterwin- ner, Track: Big Fourteen. ROSEMARIE SOHN, 406 S. Woodbridge. Ad- visory Treasurer, Pep Club. FEDERICO S. SOLIZ, 3011 Carrollton Rd. Spanish Club. RALPH WARREN SOMMERS, 1908 N. Clinton. Red Cross Chairman: Drivers Club: Band. RICHARD ALAN SONEFELD, 2217 Tait. Vice- president Advisory, Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce, Drum Major, Basketball and Track Letterwinner. RICHARD SONNENBERG, 2621 Hermansau. Vice-President Advisory, Club Hillite: Co- op Bowlina Clubs: News. KENNETH ARTHUR SOVA. 7180 W. Dutch Rd. KENNETH A. SPECHT, 413 N. Charles. Advi- sory President, Vice-President. Co-op Pres- ident, Pep Clubs: Football Letterwinner. FRANK EDMUND SPINDLER, R. 3, Freeland. FFA, Pen Clubs. LINTON B. SPROULL, 924 Thurman. Hi-Y Club: Track. IOANNE ROSE STARK, 9100 Frost. Pep Club. SAUNDRA STEWART, 4343 State. Arts-Dra- matics, Spanish, Bowling, Drivers Clubs: Christmas Pageant, Volleyball. NANCY LEE STODDARD, 1103 S. Harrison. Bowling Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Christmas and Commencement Pageants, Librarian. EILEEN IOAN STOFFEL, 607 S. Carolina. Club Hillite, French, Latin, Pep Clubs: Christ- mas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. EILEEN MAY STOKUS, 1603 Vine. Spanish. Biology, Pep Clubs: Usher, Spanish Award. DONALD C. STOLZ, 2119 N. Ames. Advisory President, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite: Pep Club. MARCELLA ELAINE STORCH, 4016 Kendrick. Bowling Club: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. Christmas and Commencement FRED W. STORK III, R. 2, Saginaw. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite, Arts-Dramatics. Mathematics, Pep Clubs. BONITA LOU STREETER, 855 S. River. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs: Student Office Ass't. RUTH ANN STRINGER, 3334 Kochville Rd. Y-Teens, Pep Club: Volleyball. GERALD WILLIAM STROEBEL, 2300 S. Center. Advisory Vice-President. FFA President, Pep Clubs. META R. STROMER. Frankenmuth. Co-op, Pep Clubs. NANCY INEZ STUART, 2322 S. Hamilton. Latin. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. VICTOR SUPPES, 1015 Thumicm. Hi-Y, Pep Club. MAURICE DEAN SWARTHOUT, 805 N. Har- rison. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. En-5 8 'Q f 6 CAROL HELENE SZABO, 1878 Wilson. Y- Teens Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Librar- ian. RONALD WILLIAM TARRANT, 2306 N. Wood- bridge. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: Drivers Club: Ora- tory. Red Cross Volunteer, Track. MARGARET LUCILLE TASCHNER, 2600 Black- More. Co-op Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant: Basketball, Vol- leyball. JEAN KATHERINE TEMPLE, 1915 Marquette. Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Y-Teens, Bowling. Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Semester Play, Usher. KAYE SHARON TERRIAN, 2014 Kollen. Ad- visory Vice-President, Club Hillite, Red Cross Chairman: French, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Choir. Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, News, Queen's Court. SHARON ANN TESSMAN, 1718 Delaware. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary. P-TA Chair- man, Club Hillite: Spanish, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Big Fourteen, Band Bounce, Queen's Court, Cheer Leader. ROY IAMES THOMAS. 922 Oak. Club Hillite: Projector Operator: Swimming. SALLY MARLENE THOMAS, 1117 Hancock. BOC, Co-op. Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Christmas and Commencement Pageants, Clinic Attendant. Volleyball. GEORGE I. THOMPSON, 532 Rustic Drive. Ad- visory Vice-President. Arts-Dramatics, Hi- Y, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band, Choir. Dance Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants, Semester Plays, Red Cross Volunteer. Drum Major. RICHARD N. THOMPSON, 9440 Dice Rd. Pep Club. DUANE GARY THON, 923 N. Granger. Ad- visory Vice-President: BOC Club: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Base- ball, Football. Music Honors. GERALD A. TRAHAN, 2081 Linda. MARIAN E. TREPKOWSKI, 269 Lynn. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Choir. Band Bounce, Legenda. DONALD ROY TRIM, 1404 Malzahn. Advi- sory President, P-TA Chairman: Latin, Mathematics. IETS Clubs: Debate. Golf. SANDRA LEE TRINKLEIN, 3894 N. Michigan. Co-op Club: Choir, Band Bounce. GERALD A. TRUDEAU, 2614 Cronk. GARY I. TRUSKOSKI, 4135 Midland. Hi-Y Club: News, Iunior Ioumalism Award. WILLIAM B. TURNER, 124 Gratiot Ct. Advi- sory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite, Pep Club: Basketball, Gold Letterwinner, Big Fourteen. LILLIAN M. ULRICH, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. DAVID VALDISERRI, 1504 Bimey. Pep Club. tl 5 G- fs- .- 6 X X l ,. 3,1 ' .,.. 'I 4, Q 1 he . Q N - u If fwfr 1 . 6 -AI ' - 5. ask?" A7 N' f eps, s.. X 6 :fs QP' , x , ,N s V If 131, . 1 , 447 X 'r . Ay , g' i ,A 21.5 . 5 A O lb ff. Q 'E' 'EZ' It 'f--VI -A Q uv. A 6 Q 6 ' 'ig . I L 5 I X V qs. ., as r , I' - A Q Q HH Q is A , ,,p . ,X .V , L :,-: -ls- ii L3 F wr... Q-9' x f 4 l 'W' - seniors i -sue 6... yn, , N l x vu! if r if . hs 3 6' L 6' 5' ' . J r + 5' i N Ji X fx 1 Si? 4 '?' ki IENNY MAY VAN BUREN, 1812 Mershon. Librarian, Basketball, Volleyball. . ROBERT LEE VARNER, 1916 Passolt. Football. MARILYN MAE VASOLD, Freeland. Pep Club, Service Club. IAMES R. VOGT, 2120 McEwan. Club Hillite: Arts-Dramatics. Mathematics, Hi-Y, JETS Clubs: Oratory. Christmas Pageant. IANICE ELAINE VOLLMER, 40 Ardmore Place. Advisory Treasurer: Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: News. RONALD WILLIAM VONDETTE, 519 S. Alex- ander. Advisory Vice-President. Basket- ball. Football, Track. BARBARA ANN VON SENNET, 3415 Osler. Co-op, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer, Drum Majorette. Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. KENNETH RAYMOND WADE, 3414 Binscarth. Advisory President: Pep Club: Baseball Letlerwinner, Football. MARY WAKEMAN, Frankenmuth. Advisory President, Vice-President: French. Pep Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer. ROSEMARY WALDERSAK, 220 Alice. Pep Club. SAMUEL CAWOOD WALKER. 46 Ardmore Pl. Advisory P-TA Chairman: Mathematics, IETS Clubs: Cross Country, Track. IANICE WALLGREN, 115 Reynick. Advisory President, Club Hillite: Big Fourteen, Spanish Secretary, Arts-Dramatics, FNA Clubs: Red Cross Volunteer, Queen's Court. LOUIS RALPH WALTER, 1671 Holmes. Pep Club: Baseball Letterwinner. SALLY WARD, 4015 Iames. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chairman: French, Latin, Pep Clubs: Declamation: Oratory. Choraliers: Band Bounce: Legenda: Red Cross Volunteer: Music Honors. DALE JAMES WARIAN, 4232 Ann. Pep, Driv- ers Clubs: Football, Track Letterwinner. HALLIE LOUISE WATSON, 1930 Handley. Club Hillite, Red Cross Chairman: Arts- Dramatics, Latin, FNA, Pep Clubs: Decla- mation: Choraliers, Band Bounce, Semester Play: Music Honors. DOROTHY IEANETTE WAZNY, 1614 N. Oak- ley. Co-op, Latin, Bowling, Pep Clubs. MARIE DORRIS ANN WEBER, 205 Main, Free- land. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Com- mencement Pageants. FREDERICK I. WEISS, R. 3. Pep Club. BARBARA IANE WELLS, 10 Berger Rd. Club I-lillite: Arts-Dramatics President, Secre- tary, Latin, Spanish, FNA, Y-Teens, Bowl- ing, Drivers Clubs. Band Bounce, Big Fourteen, Christmas Pageant: Usher: Legenda. IAMES E. WENZEL, 7665 Hart Rd. FFA Club. ZO ANN WENZEL, 813 S. Bond. P-TA Chair- man: BOC, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs: Band, Band Bounce, Usher. GARTH R. WESTENDORF, 1220 Mackinaw. BOC, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs: Choir. Band Bounce: Baseball, Football Track. KENNETH FREDERICK WHELTON, R. 3, Free- land. FFA, Pep Clubs. SUSAN ANN WHITE, 2529 N. Michigan. WILLIAM IAMES WIESE, 714 Monroe. Advi- sory Treasurer, Secretary: Pep Club. DAVID ARNOLD WIGHTMAN, 2730 McCarty Rd. Pep Club: Band, Band Bounce: Cross Country Letterwinner. WILLIAM D. WILBER, 903 Waller. Pep Club: Track. THOMAS DANIEL WILHELM. 1121 Passolt. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee DAVID MICHAEL WILLSIE, 11285 Freeland Rd. FFA Club. BERNARD E. WINTERSTEIN, 8980 Geddes Rd. German Club. IANICE KAY WINTERSTEIN, 218 Lockwood. Co-op, Y-Teens, Miracle Book, Pep Clubs Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. RICHARD LEE WIRTZ, 3860 Williamson Rd. Advisory Vice-President. Arts-Dramatics. German Clubs: Oratory: Christmas Pag- eant: Student Store Ass't. IUDITH ANN WOLKENSDORFER, 1847 Ring. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite: Co-op, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Commencement Pag- eant. CAROLYN MARGARET WOOD, 109 Vermont. Advisory President, Club Hillite: Latin, Bowlin Pe Clubs' Band Q- P - - KAY DAWN WOOLGAR, 413 Fisher. BOC. Pep Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. KAREN ILEAN WOOLL, 1520 Barnard. Co-op Club. IOAN MARIE WORKMAN, 1913 Hudson. Co- op Club. ALOIS IANET WRUCK, 706 N. Harrison. Co- op, Pep Club: Student Store Ass't. SUZANNE L. WYNNE, 2612 Reed. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Club Hillite: Arts-Dramatics, Co-op, Spanish, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs: Band Bounce: Cheer Leader. THOMAS SAMUEL YEARSLEY, 3555 Church. Advisory Treasurer: Rifle Club. BERNARD CARL YELCHO, 3830 Hermansau. Hi-Y, Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs. IACK A. YOUNG, IR.. 1730 Hemmeter Rd. Advisory Vice-President. Bowling, Pep Clubs: News, Football Letterwinner, Golf Letterwinner, Art Award. IUDITH IEAN YOUNG, 329 S. 12th. Spanish. Bowling. Pep Clubs: Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas and Commencement Pageants. BETTY LOU ZARISKI, 199 S. Woodbridge. Co-op Club: Basketball, Volleyball. MARY ANN ZARNICK, 3275 Church. Co-op. FHA, Pep Clubs. IOYCE E. ZEGELIEN, 2256 S. Niagara. BOC. FHA Clubs: Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. MARIAN E. ZEHNDER, Birch Run. Coop, Pep Clubs. MARTIN H. ZEHNDER, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. DONALD LOUIS ZEILINGER, Freeland. Biology Club. RONALD F. ZEILINGER, 3215 Shattuck Rd. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite: Biology, Pep Clubs: Noon Club Committee, Big Fourteen, Student Cabinet Vice-President, Football Letterwinner, Bas- ketball. Track, Sophomore Cup. GERALD CARSTEN ZIEMER, 1320 Cass. Pep Club: Art Award. SUZANNE KAY ZITTER, 3277 Mannion Rd. Christmas Pageant, Usher, Clinic Attend- ant. ROSE ANN BROWN 917 Congress. X .,,, ft A x f 9- . is ,i X up , 'il .gc . 5- .9 X vu. .H cf, V . 5' ,,, , Xl, .I It 'X F uc u V In A l 36. oi . gn- A 43 G' r G ' -'Er "en 'W Gs., Q A fi' 'RR' 3 -t W.- me--' f Jaw: 'Ti , f P ,'7f . . ' N.. -' Jlwklgri . B, 5 sg. Q ' 1 . .-- 3 K .n, . Q 'UL it JA Q fit' Tv N J Q if 1 ' 7 ,"A-XY" fvu U Q 'v N n' iss' ,s- giku 'R Hi V 913 ik ' I Q Q., 8 hw I i ,.. 'Q ' 'Kiwi , ,,..'. i 3 ' Kal 'il--M f 2 5' 'N t lg I-Q, ,Nxqx J . f'Hw.x 5 , ' iff- -,. A y V my -k W , . - ., Q ' 1 r- 54 V - N A 5 5 , . 4 f - ' f In a mock courtroom trial students in Miss Gibbs government class leamed the elements of a criminal tnal Pictured are the jury Iudy Lovejoy foreman Mary Bohnofi court stenographer Frank Rosenqren prosecuting attorney Iudy Dingman court clrelc Dick Soneiield iudge Bill Turner defense attorney and Dick Fobear delendent 11 " 'ffl 5 if A93 fn? social studies Mr Edwin Schalk heads the social science de partment It includes world history and geog raphy which are electives and American his tory government government and economics Wh1Ch are required of all seniors and juniors In preparing for their future active role in the community the students in these classes take part 1n county government day city govern ment day and engage guest speakers And here we are. Class chairman Karl Gaertner explains a period of American history with the aid of the wall map. American history classmates lim Lehman and Karen Mc- Comb caretully follow Karls explanation. Gail Forgrave, Iim Rappuhn and Deanna Holland measure the disiance from Siberia to the north pole in geography class. They also learn about the customs of people in other countries. F il "Got cr problem!" Even high school students struggle with income tax forms 1040-A and W-4 not as tax payers but as economics students. Here Donna Buxman and Terry Nellet work on their tax retums. :gm- - Mayor Hyatt Carter reviews the plans for City Government Day with Justice of the Peace, Pete Baybeck, and council- men Ernie Dijak, Henry Snyder, Dale Mikolaiczik, and Iixn Geeting. These boys were chosen to represent Arthur Hill by the seniors in govemment and economic classes. - 1 ' , X W Ky Jew- .'7f S The rise and fall of the Roman Empire! Iudy Holmes and Marlene Hatch review the outstanding historical events of Home during a world history class period. Q. X ' A+' e Seniors Barbara Wells, Kay Fisher and Bob Bruton compare their notes from County Government Day. Meetings were held in the Court House, the Moose auditorium, and in neighborhood churches. R The sophomore boys and girls art of living classes leqm the fine points of dancing under direction of Mr. Seymour Murphy. Here Mr. Murphy and Karen Toit demonstrate the proper dancing position as the rest of the classes watches with interest. i YTeens is a girls' service club supervised by the Young Women's Christian Association. Among their activities are presenting the all school dances after home games and a tea in honor of new members. Miss Beverly Yates is club sponsor. Checking on committees tor a dance are Connie Barry, secretary: Io Anne Fink, program chairman: Arlee Rosenberg. president and Ioan Mark, vice-president. art of living All sophomores and juniors take Art of Living as an orientation course. They study personality traits, social customs, health habits, and vocational ability. The boys and girls are in separate classes but they work together on many projects. Art of Living instructors are: Miss Constance McWethy and Miss Mary Lewis, girls, and Mr. David Gainey and Mr. Seymour Murphy, boys. Association. This club sponsors s e k lohn Hackett, program chairman: Earl Gotts district meeting. I, Q.'s as their instructor Mr. Harve Light looks on. Hi-Y Club membership is open to all Arthur Hill boys It is under the direction of the Young Meng Chnguqn p a ers, recreation per iods. and dances in co-operation with the Y-Teens Club chalk. vice pres ident: Bob Devers, secretary Bill Greney, president and Bob Bruton, treasurer: plan the program for the annual Psychology class students Warren Schallhom, Sharon Kouts, Arlene Harris, and Bill Kleinielder compare their driver training Driver Training is a completely new course at Arthur Hill this year. The cars are being fur- nished by local automobile dealers. Students at Arthur Hill welcome the opportunity to learn how to drive safely and are confident this course will help to decrease the number of traffic accidents in the city of Saginaw. The art of living teachers are cooperating with Mr. Iahns by teaching the facts that can be learned from books while Mr. Iahns takes over on the new driving area. Mary Wilcox and Betty Schafer illustrate the perplexing prob lems of driving. Mr. Edwin Iahns explains the driving course to Don Handlovits and 1-1 Dan Dickinson. mf' Come rain. come snow. come hail! our new cars will be protected by the garage which has been completed this year. J-:LQ is pan... 1.411.512 I - , '-1 L fum .Ln 1..1fs - es -. . Driver training students inspect one of the six new cars donated to Arthur Hill by Saginaw auto dealers. In the background a behind-the-wheel lesson is being conducted by Mr. Iahns. 5 5 Three years of French, Latin, Ger- man and Spanish are offered in the Language Department. Even a fourth year of Latin may be elected. These may be used as college majors and minors. The language instructors are Miss Patricia Steig- ely, German and Spanish: Miss Ruth Patow, Latin: Miss Gertrude Turner, Latin: Miss Cora Morgan, Spanish: and Mrs. Marjory Iacob- son, French. language study Nichts halb zu thun Cto do nothing by halves? Bob Nagel, Sue Fritzler, and Frank Starkweather, who are first year German students, check their transla- tions. The class is under the direction ot Miss Patricia Steigely. Miss Patow explains second year Latin class projecls to one of her classes. Projects are supposed to indicate a phase oi Roman life and include reports, murals, displays, or models. yu.-w 1 t "Les Nouvelles Letteraires" Mrs. Iacobson's third year French class 1'eC!dS U French paper published monthly in Paris, France. From left to right are Io Anne Coenis, Iudy Dingman and Iosephine Kabat. X r!',,, The members of Le Cxrcle Francans went by bus to Ann Arbor to vxsnt the Modem Language Laboratory as guests ot the language professors of the Umversrty of Mxchmgan Antxcrpatmg the trxp by payrng thexr fee are B111 Campbell Mary May Hunter Lons Haller and Grant Schaefer 'C' ba t d th rits t the Spanish club officers 'each into the grub g 0 mw eu g ha Tempus tugrt when the Latm Club gets together Standrng annual Spanxsh club party Left to nght are Ioyce Towns Iudy S annon ls Frank smrkwemher ueasmer Ioan Mark vlce presldem Lots Foulds and Elynor Kazuk The party was under the dlrectlon oi Mxss Holly Gram secretary and Semed me Sandra Sumo point Cora Morgan Spanmsh rnstructor charrman and Conrue Barry presxdent f mt . , . . V. A . K x x7 x -. V f .f 47' .. ..f . ' ' 1 , . - I . ' . - , , . Sue Mann cmd Tony Barnard discuss oral themes with Miss Christine Webb. english classes Writing, reading and appreciation are among the primary aims of the English department under the leadership of Mrs. Irma Harvie. Dur- ing three years of required English a student has an opportunity to write letters, paragraphs, simple themes, one thousand word themes, re- search themes and even poetry and short stories. ln acquiring a taste for good literature the sophomore reads Silas Mamer, Idylls ot the King and Iulius Caesar: the junior concen- trates on American literature and such masters as Poe and Hawthome: whereas the senior studies Hamlet and English literature. Mrs. Mann discusses the qualities of a good theme with juniors, Iudy Fischer and Dale Kempi. I Minute Reporter for Arthur H111 is Pat Haase. Pat reports on Hilhte activities each Saturday morning over radio station WSAM. 1 ki , w -in.: '13 Senior students enjoy reading the Atlantic Monthly Magazine. Pictured in Mrs. Hamlin's class are Dick Mortord, Alger lacques, Tonv Kaufman, Arlen Dempsey and Kav Fisher. Iunior nonecollege English students of Miss Olmsted write various types ol business letters alter completion ol grammar study in their workbooks. 1 There are twenty-two librarians assisting Miss Long in the library Oviatt, Marilyn Harris, Ioan Moreau, Donna Kelley, Dora Gonzales. every day. They work before, after, and during school hours, check- Ianice Meredith, Barbara Farmer, Io Ann Briggs, Karen Hales, and ing and sorting books, and keeping the library in good order. They Thelma Yarger. Missing from picture are Shirley Dudock, Shirley are: Ruth Iones, Ianet Koehler, Marion Riser, Carol Szabo, Pat Olzewski, Barbara Barchak and Catherine Smith. Leyrer, Beverly Rupple, jenny Van Buren, Carolyn Farrington, Iolyn E IIBWS The Arthur Hill News is published once every two weeks under the direction of editor, Earl Gottschalk, and the supervision of advisor, Miss Mattie Crump. The business stai! oi the newsis comprised oi lane Schuett, Darlene Knowland, and standing, Pat Haase, Ann Wallace, Rosellia Fahrenbruck and Karen Vance. Pat Haase is busi- ness manager. A 'lin sm . Typists ior the Arthur Hill News are Mary Monsees, Sue Strecker and Donna Buxman. mill!!! 5 ,ff NW-'1?'i The editorial staff of the Arthur Hill News consists of Sue Barr, news editor: Ray Fisher, sports editor: Philip Munck, assignments editor: Io Ann Klemm and lim Boyse, editorial page editors: and Barbara Nash, feature editor. Reporters with a nose for news are Sharon Brown. Iudy Toft, lanice Vollmer, Frances Miller, David Granger, Polly Hackett and Art Webster. Quill :mtl Scroll Officers oi Quill and Scroll are loAnn Coenis. secretary: Gary Truskowski, treasurer. Earl Gottscliallc, president: and Sue Barr, vice-president. Admittance to this honorary club is open to high school joumalists by special invitation. Iegendu Meet1ng deadl1nes and wr1t1ng copy occupres the trme of Legenda staff members Much tune IS also spent outs1de of school workrng on the book Th1s year the Legenda contams more pages than ever before also for the fxrst tune rn many years colored pages are seen throughout the book Desrgnmg the Legenda cover planning the artwork throughout the book and addmg fmal touches to the Legenda are the dutxes of art edrtor Wyn Rxser Assocrate edxtor Paul Chamberlm shares the responsrbrlrtres ol edrtmg copy choosmg the theme and draftmg layouts wrth edrtor Don Schurr Typmg of the copy trme of Nancy Marer Shexla Campbell and Frances Osmond who compose the Legenda secretanal staff Semor members of the staff Donna Carlton Kay Dudek Marxon Trepkowskx Sandra Ahlnch Barbara Wells and Iudy Dmgman wnte copy draw layouts and are responsrble for varxous sectrons of the book Advertisrng solxcrtors lor the 1955 Legenda are Beverly Boyle Carol Dudek Pat Hummel and Sharon Buckley Carol Dudek was advertrsmg manager These gxrls sold over S2200 rn advertrsmg dunng therr campargn Photographers for both Arthur H111 News and the Legenda are Irm Schadt Terry Gronda and Iohn Hackett Pxcture edrtor rs Gary Truskowsla second from the left 61 fl 6 5. 2' ' ' h' . f ,e f it l xslt ia X y - 7 k 5 P X . Q llc-Amir if , ' W editor of legendu I Versatile editor of the Arthur Hill Legenda is Don Schurr. Supplying members of the staff with ideas and encouragement is only one of the many responsibilities of being editor. Don also is responsible for the theme of the Legenda, plans layouts, and writes and edits copy. Be- sides two regular class hours each day Don also spends much time after school on the year book. How do you find time for tennis, Don? O .. J 5 1 21 7 'Wi 1, 'H w -' ,, . L, , 1 i f L Ei . ff' L .,,.,,,,xs,x - ,gf V' 5 9 4 ' N I N xxxvf .-of 5 Hi In editor of the news To run a high school newspaper smoothly and efficiently much of the work falls upon the editor. Here at Arthur Hill that editor is Earl Gottschalk, who is frequently seen spending many hours after school working on new ideas, editing copy, presiding at staff meetings, con- ferring with Miss Crump, faculty adviser, and above all seeing that deadilnes are met. Earl also has made some memorable P.A. announce- ments for the Space Cadets. The Student Organization campaign always develops rivalry between the boys and girls, The boys never seem to give up hoping and trying for a victory and this year was no exception. However, girls AGAIN produced a win, and the boys AGAIN produced an assembly. BEFORE AFTE Pictured here are the types of assemblies given at Arthur Hill throughout the year. Professional, student, and pep assemblies were featured this year. "Homer and Iethro?" Leonard Gerkin and Iirn Geeting. presented their interpretation of the famous comedy team at the Boys' S. O. Assembly. Mr. Philip Cartwright bass baritone entertained students with various classical and popular sel- ections at an assembly. 63 "Ballerinas?" Playing the role oi a graceful ballet trio are li Y comical antics, to the delight of the audience. stole the show. X . m Hempstead, Bill Stoner and lim Harmonv. These bo s, with their "Crazy!" Ventriloquist Dick Meier and friend, Charlie. displayed their comedy act before the crowd at Band Bounce. .f y, i".' NX 0 . 1954 band bounce "How about that?" The Zouaves. a group of senior boys, become a tradition at Arthur Hill, Here they do a precision ri comedy routine with a sergeant. Bob Wolfgram, in command. The Ocarina Polka brought back the spirit of old Scandinavia with dancers dressed in colorful costumes. Four of the lively dancers were Marcia Helmkamp. Delores Durham,Ann Davis, Bommarito. Don Donahue. Ierry Young. Dick Ault. Keith Wing. Weinberg, Ron Wright and lack Young are the members of years Zouaves. The Choraliers are a group oi Senior girls who have been sin concerts in and around Saginaw. They are Alice Abler, Barbara Kerns, Nancy Rathburn, Hallie Watson, and Sally Ward Accom is Sheila Campbell. Russell. Marv Lou Kieft. Sharon Kincaid, Marv Louise Hinds, Kar CJ together since the ninth grade. Thev oerform in various shows and pt The Nativity Scene is the finale of the Christmas Pageant each year. Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child, the shepherds and the wisemen are pictured as the curtain rises. Then the beauty ol the scene increases as the worshippers appear and kneel. The memory of this scene is cherished in the hearts of I-Iillites throughout the year. drumutics All plays, musicals, and the Band Bounce at Arthur Hill are ably directed by Mr. Stanley Schubert. The play tournament has student di- rectors and is supervised by Mr. Schubert who is always willing to draw on his vast store of experience to aid students. "Charm School", the lirst semester play featured Henry Snyder as the heir to a girls' school of which he becomes principal with hilarious results. Adoring girls surrounding him are Sandy Suino. Sharon Shreyer, Iean Glick, Colleen Overton. Ioan Boch, Glennan Hayes, Mary May Hunier, Holly Grant. Nancy Snider. Mary Wilcox and Iudy Thompson. "charm school" 65 speech A great oratorical aid to Arthur Hill students is the speech department. Hillites may take part in public speaking, debate, or extemporaneous speaking. "Free trade?" Paul Chamberlin and Marlene Lecelius com- pare notes on this year's debate topic. WGiChiU'-J Them Ure other members of the Arthur Hill Debate Team: loyce Metivia. Iohn Senn, and loan Mark. The six finalists of the sophomores declamation contest were lack O'Brien, Elynor Kazuk, Nancy Cox, Doug Spence, Don Proux, and Ed Hoffman. X -se t - -2 F h " t - 1. One sophomore represents each advisory in the sophomore degli? ermori' If Um eleitef-'H Iohn Weqdock rs ' ' Declamation. Preparing their speeches are Rosemary Q mnimlc-Speec In public speckmg Schultz Ed Hoffman and Deanna Dunn class. Students in this class under the direction of Mrs. Baxter study panel discussions, debates, and speech formation. 66 "Girls Must Talk", the senior play. directed by student Ioan Mark, won first place in the Play Tournament. The all girl cast featured Dixie Coughran, Mary Lou Kielt, Ann Gossel, Marlene Lecelius, and Barbara Wells. P drumutics Vs Arts-Drarntic club president. Barbara Wells points out cast members of the second semester play to other club officers: Marlene Lecelius, treasurer: lim Boyse, vice president: and "No Greater Love", the junior play, placed second in the Play Toumament. Pictured here are Ianice Enser, Mary May Hunter, and Mary Wilcox. Sue Kessel, secretary. Meet "Ginger" as played by Nancy Snider. This year the second semester play was "Time Out for Ginger", directed by Mr. Schubert, Other Cast members were Dale Miko- laiczik, Sally Ward, Ioan Mark, Paul Chamberlin, Ian Davis, Pat Haase, Bill Turner, Henry Snyder, and Roger Cheniwith. instrumental music Concert Band has a prominent part in the Band Bounce, Spring Concert, football and basketball games. Members are: Sue Barr, Evelyn Booth, Don Brown, Gail Carey, Bob Cope. Sharon Demo, Ioanne Dollhopl, Iim Douglas. Leon Dubay, Don Ducharme, Paul Duranso, Beverly Ehlow, Benje Everett, Don Farrar, Mary Lou Fitch, Fred Fultz, David Gam, lane Gochnauer. Ioyce Green, Dick Gross. Ted Hackenberg, Iohn Hall, lim Harper. Sharon Hartsell, Dave I-lensler, Ed Hoffman, Ierry Hutchinson, Carl Iacobson, Sandra Iacoby, Neil Iochen, Ruth Iones, Sandra Kramer, Ron Lange, Fred Lee. Ioan Lemmer, Iames Mark, Torn Mitchell, Arnold Mohri, Ierry Nellet, Tom Pence, Karen Phillips, Mary Pressprich, Alton Pscholka, Ianet Purigroski. Nathalie Radina, Peter Rankin, Margaret Riethmeir, Don Salwasser, Ormond Schade, Paul Schultz, Larry Schrock. Dick Sonefeld. Zoey Stierheim, Doris Swanscn, David Thompson, Ioe Thompson, Rosalie Tripple, Iim Tucker. Marilyn Vogt, Ann Wallace, Zol-inn Wensel, Ralph Young. Ianice Zednick, Donna Backer. W llfli ,ggi , . aff-e-1 -M,..., lg v, Qwgn - III 2173 School spirit really swells up in the students when the Boys' Pep Band goes through the halls before school on the morning of a home Qllme- The Band shows a great display of the school's monogram out on the field. fri- ff. - , -,vi The house is one ot the new formations that was used this year. Drum majors and majorettes take pride rn leading the band in 5: and football half tlmes. Starrdlnqz Isseph Thompson, Penny 1 Dick Sonefeld. Kneeling: Carcl Leseney, Barbara Bauer, Barba K Sennet, Karen Iohnson, Marlene Kingsbury, Marsha Rosenber And who can measure the affect the Girls' Pep Band had on our success in this year's sports? 69 TOP ROW: Iohn Ahrens, Maurice Swarthouth, Rodger Bacon, Larry Lebsch, Richard Luplow, Dale Miko- laiczik, George Robson, Gary Luplow, Dale Downey, Marvin Beyersdorf, Richard Meier, Ron Downey, Iames Geiting, Harry Iacob, Don Proux, Garth Westendorf. Edward Curtindale. SECOND ROW: Emie Richman. Nath- an Fisher, Wally Reid, Rodger Clark, Duane Thon, Richard Malmgren, Paul Duranso, LeRoy Miller, Nancy Lee Huegel, Iacqueline Powers, Martha Stricker, Mary McMath, Mary Wilcox. lulie Hoffman. Paul Gorten, Leonard Gerkin, Stanley Raymond. THIRD ROW: Nancy Rathburn. Ellen Leuenberger, Marlene Basner, Marie Weber, Barbara Compeau, Ruth Sheltraw. Marion Riser, Karen Hales, Sandra Smith. Ioan MacArthur. Gwyne Harris, Phyllis Bussey, Pam BOC Club offers its members to do solo work for the school and other places in the community Officers standing Irm Geetxng Paul Schultz Paul Gorten sitting Margaret Rrethmrer Rosalie Kline, IoAnn Dalton, Ianice Kloha. Ioan Moreau. Ianice Koski. FRONT ROW: Deanna Proux, Iane Asmus, Barbara Ball. Lucy Sperry. Betty Ehrhardt, Kathleen Shaver, Donna Meininger, Dareene Shea. Kaye Terrian, Mary May Hunter, Sally Crampton, Edna Buetow, Karen Russell, Rosalie Iohnson, Nancy Schumacher, Susan Hausler, Della Clayton, Margaret Riethmeier. One of the features of the Band Bounce was a ballad by Ierry Hoffman accompanied by the Arthur H111 Girls Ensemble They also enter tamed for outside activities Iames Geetmg Paul Gorten Emie Richman and Iohn Ahrens members of the Arthur Hill quar et perform for school actxvttxes and outside organizations The quartet practices on its own time during free periods A 5 I N' I Y ,, l I , D, vocal muslc gurls cholrs Vocal musrc 1S enloyed by everyone who par t1c1pates 1n 1t The choral groups smg for the Chrrstmas Pageant Band Bounce Spr1ng Con cert commencement exerctses assembhes ClV1C clubs and church servtces under the dl rectron of MISS Rachel McM1llan ind TOP ROW Betty Sample Helen Bellmg er Wmme Yeomans Sally Thomas Ehzabeth Schallhorn Iudy Bender Manlyn Pence Mananne Bem Patncra Rutherford Mary Breth Howard Carol Hauman Anna Dee Barbara Ander son SECOND ROW Beverly Andrews TOP ROW: Ruth Ann Gwiazdowski, Evelyn Brethauer, Phyllis Griebel, Iudy Seidel. Ian Muirhead, Sharon Guttowsky, Shirley Iohnson, Iudy Faulman, Nancy Bomheimer. SECOND ROW: Martha Hochthanner, Lois lean Rumley, Iune Lemaire, 'NP 1 Ioyce Hodqms Ioan Chadwxck Carol lean Dtetnch Darlene Thxede Marx anne London Elame Hemmeter Dar lene Vmcent Kay Krrkpatrrck Bonnie Brett Nadara Threde THIRD ROW Bonme Bam Leona Rethman Judy Young Kay Woolgar Margaret Osmond Grace Lamra Ian Nancy O'Brien, Arlene Witiing, San- dra Willmar, Barbara Smith, Harlene Provencher. Beverly Greenwood. THIRD ROW: Nancy Engels, Sue Walkensdorfer, Ianet Maquet, Bar- bara Patterson, Glenda Mockridqe, .4 K'L....D- xce Engel Marrlyn Hodgms Helen Passon Iudy Enos FRONT ROW Carol Ann McDonald Frances Noel Mary Iones Ardxth Parks Erna Kobs Bonme Stevens Mar1ly't Thomas Ruth Frtck Conme Wexr Rosahe Rae Ian ce Mrller Ianice Reeves, Ioyce Zegelien, Ethel Passon. FRONT ROW: Beverly Morrison, Carol Skutt, Judy Morrow, Peggy Aldrich, Lora Lee Hagerty, Elizabeth Hilbrandt, Doris Gerow, Barbara Ormsby. Mr. B. G. Wells checks general joumal entries for Iohn Adams and Ann Pettenger. commercial Through the co-ordination program at Arthur Hill many Hillites are offered unusual employ- ment opportunities both while attending high school and after graduation. The commercial course offers the foundation in typing, shorthand and bookkeeping which is SO essenttial. .-at ,,.,....-- A ' 1 .1 "Fill 'er up!" Beatrice Allington, Barbara Diechman and Marie Rogner till the mimeograph machine. In office-training students learn the many responsibilities in an office: including tiling, business math, business letters and telephone usage. "Click, clickety, click, clack, ding" this is a familiar sound to Mr. Feosse, a new teacher this year at Arthur Hill. Mrs. Crittenden and Mrs. Gunther also have typing classes in which sludents aim to reach 80 and 70 words per minute. 72 Dear Sir, f in reply"'L,9 to your letter, fNJ " Mrs. Hazel Gunther, department head, dictates a speed test to Glenan Hayes, Mary Anne Steadman, Margaret Meyer, Barbara Gotz as they compete for speed and accuracy. The teachers who are responsible for the excellent job opportunities offered to Arthur Hill students are the employment coordinators, Mrs Mildred Williams, and Mr. Raymond E. Hartman. S "How much?" is a very common question to Carolyn Sackrider, who is one of the clerks in the student store. Mary Wakeman, Margaret Grauer, and losephine Kabat buy pencils and lead. First semester co-op club oflicers are Carolyn Sackrider, treasurer: Sue Wynne, secretary: Ken Specht, president: and Harry Forbes, vice-president. Second semester co-op club officers are Betty Zariski, vice- president: Erna Kobs, secretary: Carolyn Sackrider, treas- urer: and Saralie Kasper, president. Mr. Raymond Hartman explains the fine points of good advertising displays. The displays are donated by various Saginaw firms for use by the commercial department. 73 ' 6 . f ,,, 51316 'oi S 'gf xl if :MQ M eal gt 3 mural for the art room wall?" Howard Machette, Gail Iochen, Carole Krueger, and David Kabat talk over ideas and plans for just such a project. Their designs for the mural are reproduced in the same order below. The Art department offers students unlimited opportunities for actual experience in various related fields. In art, Mrs. V. H. Siehr encour- ages originality of design and new methods of presentation. Students may choose to do work in general art, commercial art, or costume design. Crafts students, taught by Mr. Mitchell, leam many types of handiwork. Students in crafts classes work for better design and better craftsmanship in their projects. Machine shop trains students for future careers as carpenters, architects, and home repairmen, and is taught by Mr. Grossman. Mechanical drawing, taught by Mr. A. A. Piertz, prepares students for possi- ble careers as draftsmen or pattern makers in industry and architectural work. Mrs. Beyer teaches students interested in interior decorat- ing many things that will be of use in their future homes. fine arts x. , t' y X . '- ,A VVVLV ,X .is ff N-.. " ,GQ .N , l s .Howard , X A it 1 t 5 'mmf ., f 5 I f x W X ? V e - - v f X g tv xv f I'-" Carole n David Busy at the loom in crafts class is Noda Boyd. Baubles. bangles, and bright shining rings. Craft students Paul Goodrotw, Rosemarie Fisher, and Helen Bellinger are pictured here making sterling silver rings and enameled necklaces. 74 The Art department serves the school well. General and commercial art students decorate for the Senior banquet, make posters for school activities, trim the Christmas tree, and fill the cases in the corridors with exhibits of their work. Decorations for the Senior Prom are made by students in crafts. In shop general repair work is done for the school. Arthur Hill is also proud of the work submitted to many different local, state, and national contests. In Mr A A. Piertz's mechanical drawing class, Alger Iacques, Victor Suppes and Bernard Yelcho work on blueprint designs. Bzzz-z-z" sawing away on a piece of wood is Ronald Leitz in machine shop. v-""'-' qv"' I "What are you doing for the Inter- national Red Cross Competition?" asks Mrs. Siehr as she looks over the work of Gail Wolfe. Carol Luplow, and Bon- nie Bain. At lett: The Christmas tree is a school tradition. lack Young happily puts the finishing touches on this years beau titul tree decorated by the art students At right: Sharon McMillan is hard at work on a poster ior the Combined Band Concert, while Iim Meehleder looks on critically crafts 'I The math department headed by Mr Harold Glesecke offers the tollowmg courses 1n mathe matrcs algebra plane and solrd geometry tngonometry and refresher math Two clubs of-fer outstde act1v1t1es rn the freld of mathematrcs to mterested students IETS Iumor Engrneenng Tra1n1ng for Schools rs affrlrated w1th M1ChlgGH State College Th1s aff111at1on enables students des1r1ng an engrneerrng career to see educatronal frlms read appropr1ate l1ter ature hear guest speakers and obtam honor scholarshrps to Mrchrgan State College Math club known as Pythagoreans 1S pr1mar1ly for those students who wrsh to broaden thezr knowl edge of mathematrcs Students form the corn mrttees that plan the club programs on varrous phases of advanced mathematrcs 41"- Mrss Robertson dxscusses the propertres of crrcles parabolas ellrpses and hyperbolas wxth the students rn one ot her solrd geometry classes mathematics E Gee these problems are really hard' Irm Gallagher and Ioe Mommore request the help oi Mr Harold Gresecke on some trlgon ometry problems 1 most complrcated Thrs as he consults wxth Don Tum and Sandra Sumo at a math club says meetrng Math club officers studying a perplexing geometrical figure during one of their meetings are Dick Bell secretary B111 Robertson v1ce president Don Tnm president and Pete Rankin treasurer 1-4w'i."' classes are made up semors only and are taught by several teachers Here students are busy working on an assignment assisted by Miss Gatz Frank Starkweather explains the functions of the slide rule math club members IFPS club officers Dick Luplow president Hollv Grant Secfeff-UV and Bob Otto vice president are studying applied probability rn an advanced book ot mathematics durmg one of their club meetings 77 'X I x , R A I. If ,, X 1 Q by x , v, ' l J .-. 1, I 7 x X l 1 - ' , n , rx . 1-may 3 t gd P ' , 7 . 'fs d 4 Our science department includes nine course and is headed by Mr. A. G. Dersch. The courses offer the students the opportunity 1 touching all phases of science. Through the activities of the six science clubs, students take part in experiences that broade their knowledge and increase their interest The students participate in field trips, engage guest speakers and make projects. Gas Engines! Diesel Engines! How do you tell them apart? Iudy Gilbert. Nancy Grant. and Sue Granville ponder the answer in Mr. Paulson's physics class. science Arlene Kessel and Bill Grenney are busy dissecting a frog in biology class. Dee Hunt demonstrates the correct way oi handling a bedridden Reviewing the qualifications for the George Schemm Bean Award patient, with Yvonne Murr . Th 'l ' nursinq class. ay ese girs are students of the home and the Farm Bureau Corps Award is Mr. Lytle. Gerry Stroebel Frank Spindler, and Dale Mikolaiczik examine the inscriptions on the plaques which honor the top agricultural projects of Hillites. P Davxd Russell and Phylhs Bussey examme a large pxece of sulfur durmg study of the elements m Mr Dersch s chemxstry class Sandra Wagner Drck Savage and Elame Martx study the complxcated mechamsm of a camera m natural scxence class What dorlmgs' The homemaktng classes have a chxld care program durmg the year where they actually have real chlldren to take care of Here Shxrley Dudock Mary Flora Elalne LaMont and Norma Lamaugh show thexr skxll mn handlmg cluldren Herbert Huegel Ilm Kanary Ralph Sommers and Tom Dunmng mspect mtrrcate pxeces ol machmery rn natural scxence class wh1le mstructor Mr George Purdy looks on The PNA president Nancy Rathbum vice presi dent Carol Bourdow and secretary Ianet Eunch are discussing future nursing plans with Lt Gettle of the United States Navy Nurse Corps Future Homemakers of America Club members are busy looking over plans for their next meet- ing. They are Gayle Calkins. treasurer: Sharon Rose. reporter: Debbie Williams, secretary. Ianet Dankert. historian: Judy Rogers, song leader: and Annette Gremel, president. Sharon Gerow. Treasurer: Connie Barry. Pr9Sid9mf flfld Marlene Lescelius, Secretary: discuss plans and activities for the biology club meeting. Mr Lytle points out interesting features of the white owl to Gerry Stroebel president of FFA and Mr Lyson guest speaker during an FFA meeting s clence clubs xii 3 Alchemists. Arlee Ann Rosenburg, Vice Carla Martzowka, President: and Ruth Allen. Secretary, are going over their latest experiment as members of the girls hon- orary chemistry club. Dick Luplow, secretary-treasurer: Tom Iones, president: and Hon Zielinger, vice-president, of Crucibles, the honorary chemistry club ior boys, are demonstrating an important experiment. lumars unlurs The 1un1ors of 1955 the seniors of 1956 After 25 years' Here we go with plans and preparation for the hrst Iunlor Prom smce the 1920 s In charge of the dance to be held in the combined gyms on Apnl 22 are Iudy Iones and 11m Boyse publicity chainnan 491 A are recognlzed as the leaders of this year s underclassmen Through their fine school spirit and outstanding partmclpation in school act1v1t1es they have played an important part in making the 1954 55 school year a highly successful and enloyable one Honor students athletlc team stars club officers student cabinet members these are just a few of the pos1t1ons of honor held by Juniors this year A J 5 f"-we Hey there you with the stars m your eyes' says Ioanne Klernm as she helps Frank Starkweather wxth his make up for the Iumor Play fp 1453 '55, avg-A t' el Abler Ioyce Adams Iohn Quincy Adams Robert Adams Ronald Ad ol! I ane Ahrens I ohn Ahrens Patncxa Akerley Ioyce Alcock Sharon Aldrich Peggy Aldrich Sylvia Alexander Iames Allen Eleanor Alles Carl Almquxst Margle Amberger Todd Anderson Mary Lou Anderson Sharon Andrews Gerald Arlt Iudith Arms ronq Gary . Q n I l I I . . , I , ' , 1 I I 1 1 1 y A ,, f A - rl YN 1, 11 I, by 5 ssyn as sf' tt rj 3 ' -f' ff, . ' -if 1 - 1 . -il , A H1 'ml , . ticket chairman: Sue Kremer, general chairman: " f g '- I: D wg 4 ' l 1' C A, , 5' 1-X I 1A 5. A ' .,. . N xg. Vx YK -I f 1 I , 1 1- v g 1 , l if 1 'Y z 7 hr , , , I 5 W- ' -, , ' ' 4 J , , Q ,fa 1 r 4, 4- 1' 9 - 1 ' 1 , -" ' 5- X 1 A. ' , f 1 K , 1 we I f A U :Ln 1 A ' - .2 -' Q Q 1' 'A Z 1? 1,1 . 'fl i 'bj A' " 3 A Q V -- ' .J gpg Amxstrong Manlyn Austm Shxrley Bacon Roger Baxley Iudy Ballantyne Davxd Balhen Denneth Bank Carl Bank Howard Barnett Barbara Barr Susan Bartlett Don Bartlett Henry Basner Marlene Batlcoskr Frank Bauder Robert Bauer Ann Bauer Nathan Bauknecht Gerald Bauknecht Marvm Beadle Gerald Beatenhead Geraldme Beckler Iudy Beckmann Iudxth Beckmann Holland Bedore Patncna Beeker Carol Behrens Lo1s Behlmg Iudy Berrd Wxllram Bell Sharon Berent Leonard Berg Robert Berkobxen blen Bese Helen Beutel Rxchard Beyersdorf Mervxn Bxckel Carl Bmasxo Ioseph Bmgham Davrd Bnrnbaum Rxta Brxby Pearl Blanchet Davxd Blomstrom Vxctor Blower Carol Bluem Donna Bluer Sandra Bock Ioan Boehrmqer Walter Boquette Iames Boruft Roma Bourdow Carol Bowden Rxchard Boll Mane Bowles George Boyle Beverly Boyse lames Braun Nancy Brettrager Rrchard 3 fx-rv GG' in 1' 1 f 'x 4' good momrng 4VL A-A N.: erm 3 6 1 is AA YS S! A'L QF? E gy"-b I ,- 5 I I i V' x ll 1 A f - ,. , A ' ff"-: , ff , C ' , N . ' l S' ' l 2 l ' , ' ', K?" -lat ' nv , . Q if . fy ' , Q ' 7' " ' f . f 5' 3 s it I l ' 1 1- s. t , ' t 1- , . N I B - lf P- .' ' ' -I V l K I 'f'-- 0 ' ,T V . ' J , , 1 1 ' 1 ' 4 f ' - 1114, ' ' f' A1 . . . ' vw , ' 'T ' ,K . . g. . N A K, if I A .1 . y 5, . W e .-g I W, - X7 fr" ' I I ' I V J ,, , ' ff A f Ar f , . V ' I A ' ., 1, ' ' . .- .' .- af' ' " g ' 4 ' n , . f . f ,Q f fe B - ref f . l ' . . ', Q ' up ' ff L!! fi ' ' , ' Q K Q. 1,5 h ,N .V , 2' '-Q, V lg s. v , -Q F R. . 5-.H , . be , Y H, . .Q . 1 ' I A 'II 'A 1 T l lr' 4 . 'I . 'E Q . 3. 1 g wb" 6 . ' 44. ' H- 4' V ,. ,Q ,- ' A B B QTY v V B ' l , ff ,, X. f ' gl V Xu In - ' ' W . s 7 - 2 3-ff , X , , .ti I I Q' ,I ' " ' ' I R. r 'v .' "' ,' ,7 s- I - ' s---' Es I ' ,Z L' f ' Y v ,A , - ' rw , I, , A , Nr, C I g inf gy " A . t I . Q z' a, 1 -T t C - ,, 5 . N J v l -- X ,ga viii, S '-- . XX V fr . W - ' 1 Y X' w -Nu hi - I A ' - . '- 1' f' . - fu vs 1 4 Q iv f-7 2.5 f 'V' lumors .l Am- l F9 6 5' '? ,- if v- ,Q I Bnnkman Frederxc Brooks Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Robert Edwrn Sara Sharon Tom Wxllxam Brlegel Frederrck Brush Darrell Bryant Alan Budd Ronald Budden Rrchard Burk Mary Ellen Burmelster Mary Burne t Bob Burrxll Rxchard Cameron Damel Cammm Iames Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campeau Delores Ioyce Mary Etta Mary Lawrence Canole Garl Canter Ruth Card Iames Card Robert Carlton lerry Carr Iohn Cay Patncxa Chapman Kenneth Chamberlrn Karen Chambers Bett Chrnevere Lors Cnaramxtaro Rosemary Clark Roger Clark Tom Claus Thomas Clayton Della Clemens Patncxa Coleman Mary Kay Cope Bob Cornack Gary Comrsh Dorothy Crawford Carolyn Cnnzr Nancy Culver Donald Cummmgs Kay Ann Cummmgs Shxrley Curtrndale Dorothea Cur rndale Edward Cuttrng Carolyn Daenzer Elrzabeth Dahmer Iamce Dammann Shrrley Davrs Ann Davxs Fred Davxs Patrxcla Dean Arlene Decker Iohn Dennxe Lawrence Denno Pa'r1c1a l A ' , 2 I Q f ,Q 8 - A Q yt . - T' 7 ' - " . ' r , '5' lf C' ' ' fl A ,ffl l' I ' ' -- .1 N T- , ml, , ' ' 5 .9 1 65 I, Q y' f L. ' 1 s- , 5 , y B . , 4. Y , ,W 1 . ' A 5 Tj, 7 Q ' X 1 M 1, " f , r 1? yf ' . 1 f as 35 ,1 A " ,' Irv f ' ' K ., 7,7 W ' gr 'K . l . ' x 5, .13 - ' - 1 M A , . l , , r' ,Q X . ' B 11 M 7 , r . f V f' ry 1. ' . I0 ' ' 'i 17 X fs. ,, , 1 Q . - , , ' - ' --x Q. 1 ,.'-f . , f . tfo-' fn' V4 5 r . I A J A N ' .1-if Q I Sl s' ' . ' X , I ' f- -73 t V ' gi I v or T r, . ' Fr if f , r V -:K . z ' 4' Cheney, Carol 5 x " A I M I ' ' he 'ff Lg-me f me - A :ir l ' . ve 'f' , if" ei ' ,ly 'fl 4 Q- 4, ,I 'I Q 0 C, C Y C , 1 f, k 1 . Q, 'I 3' - . go E' Q4 - ' f - . ' ,J 1 "W - ,A ' - D U Ji 1.8 I rg " -is, .. f -1 ' '- . ' . . . V M :X I .V in ' ' - ' . lb, I , X' W . te- ' LL. B 3. f j - V 12 1' ' Q, , Y -' ' ' f ' , " I I art . Y - ' 1 K . . Denno, William DeShone. Iames Devers Robert Dezelsky Iames Drckey Loretta Drckmson Damel Dlehl Manlyn D1elr1ch Carol Iean Dxllon Donald Dmse Patrxcxa Dlttmar Ieanette Doepker Thomas Doerfner Iudzth Doran Donald Dorr Walter Downey Ronald Druelle Marlene Dubac Bet y Lou Dubay Leon Dudek Carol Dunnmg Iohn Dusek Ierold Dygert Berton Dymond Barbara Dymond Rzchard Edmondson Nancy Edwards Beverly Ehlow Beverly Elmers Susan Enser Iamce Enszer Gerald Eunch Davxd Evert Sally Faerber Duane Fahrenbruch john 4. Q9 'E- ,,,f an ere YU f' T , A 9 YT 'Qyl Fahrenbruck Roselha 4 A Faulman Iudxth Faust Sandra Farnngton Carolyn QA 1 Fedder Ellen Ferrell Pat Fmkbemer Roger Flscher Frances Flscher Iuchth Fxsher Nathan Flsher Steven Fobear Ioseph Forbes Bob Forgrave Gaxl Fculds Iamce Foulds Loxs Frank Gladys Frank Iohn Franke Marxlyn Fnedh Drxxe Fntzler Iames Frost Katherme V V LAI ,4 'll-'15 nhl x fx " V' 75- -5 t. V .-., 4. Q f , ' T 1 1 ' Q D ' 'T "T, 'V' i . ' . ' V, - 6- g 7- . I I ,- 9 Ar "3 . .I 1 Q A ' I 3 S -A VI' Y i xx ' "duh ..I..a . I Q A ' . , . ff- "' '1 '..i 1 Ag' 'J cv- 'V V 1 ' . L , ' ' '57 ..-, ' . , rv' , r. :- 1-: A ' f E 1 ' kr I , . 6 5 V ,6. 5 " C ' 6 ' L Q . 1 YQ v f f Q:-, 'I . R, , V ' F dr I f X F - e Y lf' lb I k " ' . fx , ' s. r ' 0: V C ' - ' 1 ' 1' ' in ' ' ni. Q: " SL xg. ZW ' . I l , e Ni gg Black, Dave A A . ' I ' , Q-'E 1 s- 6 'Q Y , , R121 " I' , S- Il ' - , , 1- fur--x ' A N: k A , 't 4, K L, I ' sf ' - .- fx- 'Yi - . f J, , I 1 .V 1 24- , 1 I C Qlc p . ue. 'v , X - . gl Ri, . A , ', ' -x ' U ' A A ' 1 a C f 3 40" fs., ,ll " .' 1:3 o, . ,te " L: ibn "xy ' A-ffl' ' I , ,G .," i- .. I ' , , I I - wsu I - ' W . k vs. ' - ' ' 7 'V ' . -' , ' ' -' 'l x , " D' h -5- 'f ' X, fs -sae" -f or , . Y h 4 ski: l, M. 1 2' .' si 5, NJA 3 'R 'ilnnnh lunlors 1 0 1 ,4-A ? S , AL A T Q- Z' HL. 9 -of 'il' N I Frost Sharon Fultz Fred Fultz Phrlllp Fu rell Robert Gaertner Karl Garney Sandra Garchow Greta Gannger Charles Gaspeny Sandra Gates Wanda Gerger Donna Gerxm Leonard Grlbert Barbara Gxlbert Iudy Grlgmas Patncxa Ghck Iean Gnatkowskl Dale Golden Bonme Golz Babara Goodman Rxchard Gorsuch Nancy Gorte Carole Graham Robert Gramger Davld Grant Holly Granvrlle busan Graverette Helen Green Dxana Green Franklrn Greenwood Beverly Gregor Ka Gremel Annette Grrflm Adrxenne Grxlfore Celra Gngorjevs Irene Grmnell Iames Gross Phylhs Gross Rrchard Groulx Glona Guttowsky Sharon Haase Patncla Hacket Polly Hagen Georgla Hagerty Thomas Hales Karen Haller Lars Handlovxts Donald Harmon Robert Harmon Clark Hams Gwyne Hartman Sandra Hausler Susan Hayes Glenan Hayes Guy Heckathorn Ieanne Heckman Merlme Hememann Marcra Heney Wxllram Henkel Mary Herbert Nancy Herzog Hxlda Hrlbrandt Georae Hrllman Peter , .- F.. - Q 8 3 - A A, N A A xl, U N wr J' 'V 1 , C? f Q.: 5 ' '- , l , .X . 'rg l ' . , Q If , A' 7 , :f S- , r LW ' x A .. L I , A , ' V 5 ' K . : 2: IX A' ' E 3: 4 ' ll ' YH I Z f vt X 1 Q .L,,,.,, tk jr , , y 'L K H WHA , I ' 'E' ' 1. C A -lv " ' . x f N x 1 5 ,g nf-V ' L' 2-is 1 , VA H 1, ff Nl 1 1 f . V ' v A' Q at F- 5 ". .T ' " ' 1 'N V ..-5 2, lvl. 1- 4 ' 'V ' ,N-ff ' , to A 5 L , , '. if 1 'A is VN I A - 4 .. - , -1 ' df- J' 1' .. e H, "' " 5 , .. " A ' Y 7 I , V - - ' 9. f v I Z' " , Y' - 7 1 if' u G .-QQ, 5: - ., H ' 2- V j , f ' T f lf f ' ef Q? - ' ,. y r O 0 . .L 5- 1 ,,. -. Gigs' V . .3 1. . f G I, ' V . f ,A " , s-X I ' . 'V 1 X 1 -ff - ' ,, f " ' i f' 1 L, I 2 Z-f' L , 1 H Jlsflx ' 3 rf-5 H ' . I , 'X I A " ' t l K I " M ' G 'W 4 r HL- X ' 2 " f . W f ' X' ' ffl I ' I , i7 ' I Q U 'Q 1 - 7? A, .I 2. I M? ,. h I, ' 2 " -' f, - Y U L.. I N, r C' ' -- 1- . X "5 ' H C I ff ' lf 3 1 ' ' . --- -- T ' - fl ' Hxlton Ianet Hoag Terry Hochthanner Martha Hodgms Manlyn Hoeraul Glona Hoewe Conme Hoflman Mary Hoffman Nancy Haggard Shxrley Holland Deanna Holhday Cums Holhs Larry Horb Chnstme Horner Donald Howre Robert Hubmqer Ioyce Huegel Nancy Lee Hundshamer Carol Hunter Alan Hunter Mary Hurry Joanne Hussey Ion Ikner Iames lkner Susan Irvmg Wzlham Izzo Crexgh on Izzo Iacquelme Iacob Harry Iacobson Carl Iacoby Sandra Iacques Raymond Iareckx Gene larema Elxzabeth Iean Barbara IGISEVIC Sharon Iewett lean Iex Barbara Iochen Gaxl Iohnson ROSGIIS Iohnson Shxrley Jones Iudy lones Robert Iurek Allan Kabat Davxd Kaczmarck Raymond Kcmary Iames Kastorf Earl Kaufman Iulxus Kexnath Ianet Kelb Lols Kelley Mae Kellogg Sandra Kelly Donna Kelsey Iames Kemeror Barbara Kempi Dan el Kern Ieanette Kerr Ruth fs ng.. 5- A Z7 A L txcket please QV 1 sc 'S o '24- A an ? 'S' 3 ,B in AVI AA ' 401' 2 b- x Aa Q- ian ' A 1 f I , 'f ' C' y I " at if V 7 Q ,, .V-... 1 A 'T' . 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I ll I 8 'bv f' f 1, -L ffl Kersheske loy Kessel Arleen Keyser Iames Kimmel Rose Kingsbury Marlene Kirby Audrey Kirkpatrick Kay Klemm Ioann Klenoski lean Kline Pamela Knezek Iohn Knight William Knippel Russell Koehler Ianet Korbem Richard Kcwalcki Iudy Kramer George Kramer Ruth Kraner Sue Krapohl Carolyn Krawczak Thomas Kretz Iames Kreuchaul Sue Kreuger Timothy Kriegish Thomas Krrs enek Charles Krogman Karen Krueger Mary Anne Kruske Nancy Krzyamak Shirley Kuelske Iohn Kundinger Robert Kutch Rrchard Kwxatkowski Gail LaBelle Ann LaFla1r Mary LaFleur Sally LaFren1ere Dennis Laing Kay Lamont Elaine LaMowniam Shirley Lamrouex Marlene Lang, Barbara Langdon Iudith Langley, Mary Langschwaqer, Iudith Larkin, Fred Larson, Frederick Laubhan, Robert Laur, Robert Lauria, Carole Laux, Ioanne Laverly, Barbara Lawrence, Faye Lawrence, Ioseph Leddy, David Lee, Frederick Lee, Gary Leistner, Arloa Lehman, James Leland, Stanley Lemmer, Ioan Leser, William Metevia. Ioyce Leslie Adele Letzkus Amold Leuenberger Rosalie Lickly Ronald Livingston Bruce Llewellyn Thomas D Loeblem Patricia Loescher Albrecht Loiselle Donald Lolmaugh Norma Long Barbara Luna Iulia Luplow Gar Lytle Karen MacAr hur Marcia Machette Howard MacMillan Sharon Malmgren Richard Manwell Arthur Marks Michael Marsh Robert Marti Patsy Martin Barbara Martin Ioseph Martin Ronald Martin Sharon Maul Iohn McComb Karen McCullen Owen McCurry Thomas McDowell Robert McFarland Sarah McGinnis Donald McGregor Dick McMahil1 Maureen McManus, Iames McManus Richard Megerle, Ioann Meier, Peter Meininger Donna Mendel, Iames Merlone, Rose Marie Mertz, Don Mesack Norman Metiva, Meyer. Meyer, Mielke Miller Miller. Miller Miller. Miller. Miller, Miller. Miller. Minnis. Charlotte ohn Margaret Darrell Carolyn Dennis Frances Ianet Jerry oan Kay LeRo Ruth Ann vb, -LX L in-of ga! 'wo go man go' ,un ba .151 6' Q 3 'Q- Avh A 4. '- kv "5 7.- BRIS' 'Q' lumors E 'V xV' E E1 92? All .an A-I ff AL 5 'Irv W7 A1 xi 1. V G 3 Mrtchel Ian Mrtchell Ianet Mleczek Myra Mohn Amold Mohnk Barbara Monsees Mary Moore Iudrth Morford Davrd Morrzson Beverly Moser Marlene Munck Phzlxp Munger Lucrus Myers Dons Nab Edwln Nagel Edmund Nash Barbara Naum Eleanor Nehmer Luvella Neumann Charles Newkrrk Curtrs Nrederstadt Robert Nlzmskr Stephen Nolan Darlene Nowaczyk Carol Olson Mary Ann Ordxway Nancy Ostrander Elmer Overton Colleen Paxge Iohn Palmreuter Arhne Parker Mary Sue Pasheek Melvm Passon Helen Patterson Barbara Pechtel Robert Pence Thomas Pepzn Rose Mane Perry Thomas Peterson Betty Peterson Edward Petre Ronald Pettenger Ann Pettenger Don Prechotte Ronald Plater Edward Poellet Kenny Popp Donna Porlas Mane Powers Iacquelme Pressler Carol Prrm Terry Prmcrng Thomas Prmdle Ronald Provencher Harlean Pscholka Alton Pugh Thomas Pungroskr Donald Rachow Io Anne Radenbaugh Phrllrp Radke Wrllram Ranke Charles Rankrn Rrchard Rant Ernest ' fr ' ,M ve ' 'rf as f P fe ' 2, . X q .4 5 , ' - Q r. A , ,. , f G .' 5 i. 5 " V jc' . ' '- A , al ' y I . ,T , f ,Q 'R - A - 'A Lvl' A J 'I il MAA' Z " .L ' I ' I ' ' . ' "7 I , N., ' ' I ,. 5 A L r 6? F Q. . - ' I my L, ' , ,, V, 45 ., L. or lf , U I ' I ,.... - -1- 1 , I 5 ' J is if ' 1 , will q k iv! . I .P " sri 'Z Q . . y F K fel- " rf' , , , I ,B V A , ' .1 -, - , rr, T ' ' :N . " - W v .. ,- T. , 5 ' at L- 1 .A. - 1 I ' i t I ' ' ' nk ,gi B ' ' 0 o . , . , fl f f- . ' .- 2 -W' 1 . P -,r 5 vw , 3 not Yin at y .- , ,I H t t K .Mylan-Q" HV , 7 ' ' Q," , , V , y Q . in , A 1 T I A 1. ' A -E. v I Q- es 0 ' ' , f , 1 - ' y 'Z' k .Q-Q, Y' I ll l l in , r ,, I . A T m -2 1 y , gr Q ' . , 3 xl vi . r S I ' I , ' A 'A' . f ,zz s - :L u f ' ' T P R ' ' 7' X ' r , , A P " I A I N-' WB ' I ' -C J X K 1 ' .1 ' Rappuhn Beverly Ra hff IoAnn Rau Wllham Raymond Stanley Reed Davzd Herd Charles Rexd Wallxs Renshaw Ken Renshaw Walter Reuhland Evelyn Rhule Fay ethmeler Margaret 'tlfkm hm Rxkley Eddxs Rxley Ierry Rxley Ioyce Rlvette Iamce Robertson Sally Rodgers Kexth Roesler Sue Rogers Iudy Roggman Sally Rohn Alvm Booker Margaret Rose Sharon Rudy Ruth Rupp Robert Rupple Beverly Rusch Barbara Rutherford Patncla Sample Betty Sore Douglas Savage Rxchard Schaedxng Louxs Schaeier Grant Schaefer Helmut Schafer Betty Schadt James Schallhom Ehzabeth Schardt Ioan Schark Manlyn Schartow Nancy Schell Ray Scherpmg Gretchen Scherzer Eugene Schlesswohl Carol Schluckebxer Mane Schxmdt Margxe Schmxtz Susanne Schnexder Mxchael Schneldmxller Fred Schott Mary Schremer Lonne Schreyer Sharon Schuette Iune Schuette Rxchard Schultz Carol -vu' J 12 Y ga ,. tr 1 alt 4.-ek 'Cf 1, S- we I what a blast' S. I L V E I U f Q ul ' U. Q A 1 e t f p T. ' " , I , C. -- 5 My L C ci 4:13 ' We ' , .e ' i r J, K, 'yay r- .ae H . ' "kj 8 gin", f Y 'F' 1 '. ' , '7' A Q ' '- ,- ' - - ' Q' 'Pr A X251 S If . I t x, A, ' . - Z. N , , H I I cb g-Aj x It sv Roethlisberger, Donna V ' V. H ' ' Y ' A A S R. I ,JS VN it vg a 1 A ic ,1 a 4' " 7: . , J - f ' t I E' f 1 . X' I I ll. A ' ' L' ' ' L Lt " 5- 9 1. . I . 'X T' , "' I . ,tk I - 2 t t he 'fl' V 5 fob f R I . Q , , . . 1 4 - ' , C J A Q , v 4 y - I - 4 , -, - A V Q- - Q . A .3 y , 5- Q -A . ' . 5 ' N 4 Y . ' '.4 1 I Ax .' I . A I is A R Z: :vi n , L. f S R X, - H. sy I N . . X X Y? R Q, ' ' ' kr 'f ' ' .. A - , Q 7 x K.: ,Q -vt' 'uf Ackfmf D 'W' lumors -34- C7 dm nw Vx Q T.- Y 1' di .A W we-2 '69 :- A ADA 'Q S' I .. L X Schultz Donald Schulz Ronald Schultz Sharon Schumacher Nancy Schwartje Iohn Scorsone Bruce Seaman Sandra Sebele Iames Setdel Iudy Setty Douglas Shannon Ruth Shayer Kathleen Short Ierry Sregel Frederxck Sregqreen Gerald Srlkstone Iacquelme Stmpson Ioanne Skentzos Sophra Skxvmgton Carol Smlth Barbara Smrth Edward Smoder Roman Snrder Nancy Sny Lawrence Snyder Donald Sooner Betty Sommers Sharon Southworth Ann Sova Anthon Sparks Sally Spauldrng Thomas Spence Mathew Sperry Lucy Spule O1ars Stahl Damel Stanton Nancy Starkweather Frank Steadman Mary Ann Stearns Beverly Stempres Iohn Stem Robert Stevens Bonme Steverrnan Ianet Sung Ieanette Sock Dan Stoeckle Ieannette Strecker Sue Stncker Martha Sumo Sandra Sultor Charles Summerfield Vemon Swanson Dorothy Tanner Robert Taylor Lots Temple Thomas Thxede Darlene Thxede Nadara Thomas Marlene Thomas Rodney Thompson Davrd Thompson Iudrth Thomson Ida Mae .. -L V, 1 1. 4, ' S-4' t 'V' . A . "V" ' I 5 . ,,, . fe F T on S 'fd . , w Nw 's f' -4 B.. ' f 1 Q At X - 1 1 T - ,: 'T - 'S' - A fl g z Q- V, f.. Q L.. V, I sl " K' - 4 'QS - .-. e , ar- T, - I ff..-f Z 11,4 1 If! 1' t ' A g , If 0 ...f I im . 1 ' - T- T A - Q Q Q 1 "' L 'r f . 'C 5 " ,' 4, I' " W ., I . . W . , .j. J' 1: X . . I I ' J 6 - me ' 1 I Nix U I vs ,- Q: 4- r Z '21 S f ,S ' 'T 5+ 1 f TQ fi- T, f T of if I ' 3 S , , -Q ' I ,-.l fr' A T.. ' ell . A ,, I Y 1 l 4 ,, , - cf , . . , V ,T , . I - 1 ., 3, .1 S f 1 l. if - 1 1 ' all 7 X? 7 ' S X 'C ry' ' Y ' at ,. 5' 'x Spousta. Kay Anne , 4.3 A I ' N. ' 9 'ff' . ' l N ' R T , , ' , 'VH ,R gg V 5 I A ., Jn fre. 3 gn-xc-,,. A -4- V, I , ' -0 , y' N ' rr 7 y ' ,J N 1 t f H ni l' , ' o o - 2- A , 4 f- S: ' . I Y 4 ' G' - J V , fy f- 1 t ' . . 1, ' ' XA f A L., " ff ' 9 - "' 2 4- a' ' ' aw A ' , ' f 'A G ,.. f - Q ' Kr I 1 5 I .f Zi ,e 'E law 1 ,, ' - S Y, 2 'r Lg' sl ' , , lv . ,, , 'QL L' L -wx! ' xf 'vb , ' fl ff V fl I . 'A ff ' f ff, 1 1 I' '1 t ,AI - . Tott Iudxth Tolan Sonya Towns Ioyce Towns Marvm Tremame Ronald Tnnklem Erma Trmklem Ioan Tucker Iames Tupes Sharon Turek Gary Turner Gala Tumer Marvm Ulnch Erwxn Vance Karen VanHautte Glenna VanM1dd1esworth Sue Vasold Collene Vasold Duane Vertengrober Loxs Vette Carol Vmcent Darlene Vmson Ioann Vxtek Harry Vogt Wrllxam Vudures Mary Wagner Ross Wagner Sandra Wahl Robert Wallace Ann Wallace Dxanne Wandzel Ioan Wanan Nancy Warmbxer Donna Wamer Fanme Sue Warner Robert Wamxck Ianet Waskovxak Bonme Waskovxak Roy Wasney Mary Lou Weadock Iohn Weddmg Wrlham Wehner Larry Welker Demce Wexr Connxe Wear Robert Welsenberger Paul Wexss Martxn Wendhng Nancy Westlund Anne Whelan Frank Whrte Dxana Whrte Larry Whxtney Dortha Wlech Gerald Wxesenmcuer Gerald Wrghtman Galen Wrlcox Mary Wilder Ivan r 'sf .fv- 6 L f QD Y fd PQ -of Y fl 'tc' Qt X -...1 31 fr dh f fl V151 the facts only the facts 'V' Q IME if ,- 1 1... T ' ' I .I X A 1 Q - 357 ,mr I ' I Q. Q , ,, ' '. nf-I ,, . ' f - I 'f."". ' :a L' ' 'e N - W " x f ' 1' f 4 -' 1 R- yr ' " , lp I . I p -- M, -Jr . W 1 N75 2 W tile 4 ' -f 5 ,rl, .V 1 , lg 1 .sissy A" .f S" - I - .2 f C3 7- l ,N g -, v ' . ' 'A I ' JL " 4' l " 6 . ' ix l tt: ff t X I V : ,vig . A it Q in F? ug !,- ggi- '.-NL F f V .1 S f X V 5 . M I W M ' , ' : I Q gl hp, A 3' Vs V.: -, L ,'. , ' G- JL J' Sl ' - f . -- ' x Q " lk' ' ' ' P X 1 . ' l . I V f fi , . , .G at ,ff 1 Q 1 M 9 D ' . 7 ' - ,C L ' 1 ' . X 0 ' ' , 'fy v - J -, - A- - Y A - W ,L V '. . av 1' . 'ri' 3 'iifffv ' w 1 ' - 'ee V - ff, 1 Y-. I ' f 1: A l . "' . . , X t K h ' Y 1 " e -I A ' f AA 1 4 A . ' . l Q is ,l,:. ,N -I. ML. kk ,...- Z , K h ' Qvblq QA 184-5 K, 125, h I , Y 1' v Ev ,A I 4' 1 ? N' 'bc W- C' L EQE An 5 IAV A3 J you gotta go go go' 4 fr 1 'T ' thmk I don t7 7 A Wrllrams Wrllxams Wmchell Wrrueckr Wrmeckx Wmston Wmters Marcxa Ross Kel h Shrrley e Thelvrus Iulxa Iudy Wrse Nancy Wolcott Sharon Wolfe Gall Wolfe Hxlton Worden Harold Wreqgelsworth Na wngm Floyd Wright Howard Wrobleskr Gertrude Wrobleskr Rrchard Wuckert Kathleen Yancer Marvm Yarger Thelma Yelcho Gerald Yeomans Wmnre Yeska Dorothy Young Ralph Zedmck Iamce Zegelren Ioyce Zxmmerman Sandy Zrttel Ieanrne ncy u--A N. sophamares s - ' . -,ln 4. , - A , I MA. ' ' , , r - vb 'W ', 5 N 1 6 x ' ' 2 A . , L. l sq x :Q . Q L - The sophomores have come a long way s1nce they took the1r frrst stroll around the square They no longer view the school wrth looks of awe Therr looks now express a feel ing of prrde A lot has happened dunng the past year Sports socral activities the Sophomore Party the Sophomore Play and final exams have all 4... and d wn tl is hall been a part of sophomore school hte The sophomores have come through the year Wllh flying colors and now look forward to next year Sophcmore Emcee Donald Carter talks over the sophomore swmg with chairmen of the committees that made the sophs first party possible Karen lohnson Ruth Perry Mary Kay Spadafore and Patricia Day headed the commit ees which supervised t1ckets publicrty food entertainment and decorations Missing from picture Nancy Hanalm and Ginny Anderson sue Ano- ,.., nw A' N , ' ' ' Q . jk, , , 'D 4. u ,N A - ' . 5 Q' if P f' sophomores Abler Shelley Ackerman Russell Ahlborn Iames Ahlemen Bonnie Albrecht Gerald Albrecht Roger Albrrqht Kathleen Alcock Frederick Alden Patricia Allen, Twila Allison Robert Allore, Sally Sue Anderson, Virginia Antle, Richard Appold, Iames Archangeli, Dale Argyle, Lynn Arndt, Richard Arnold Sandra Arnst, John Austin. Marlene Avery Iohn Babler Lois Ann Bailey Ierald Bam Bonnie Baird Donna Balzer Kay Bank Otto Bare Daniel Bamard Anthony Bamard Fred Barowski Lawrence Bartels Nancy Baybeck Patricia Bear Thomas Beck Nancy Beeker Ieanette Beeman Kay Bell Gary Belhnger Charles Bender Iudith Benlamm Herb Bennett Robert Berger Gary Berkompas Sharon Besey Elsie Beyersdort Ralph Bickel Betty Ann Bxerd William Black Carole Blohm Iudith Blue Grace Bluemel Reinhardt Bolger Chris Boelter Robert Booth Wllham Bouchard Elaine Borchard Ronald Boris Richard Bowden Charles Bowen Ianet Bowles Carol Bowlsby, Barbara Boyd Noda Bradley Pat Brad! David Braun Barry Brawley. Lowell Brechtelsbauer Paul Brethouer Evelyn Brett Bonnie Briggs Ioann Briguglio. Rosemarie Brown, Donald Brown Patricia Brown Robert Bublitz Donna Buckey Robert Buchkolz, Gerald ,Q 'Y "-1 Q7 Wm' W ""' we re -forever blowing balloons Ao. 'asp tq.,a 5 .L -.J sn. 'Ri CK Q' .-X , CPN -4: ' 1: A B. AJ lb" c.J 'FA' 4.-.e Q Us-' jf int -2. 91,2 49 sophomores 1 wi 5- 1 1? ,J "Y 3 . -1 a. 5 Q H V 2. , fr. I ' . . - -L-t o Y ' ,gg S. . ' . I ,, u :L E . I . ."'.Z.'i2 V '. KD A '1 ' ' 3- - . -1. 3 , A 1 . I ' t ty A I I ' A' , 1 111 rye A Y ,, , . , J ' I ,V f, "milf, 1 ' I ' . 3 . A N f . Q if -' - Jw '- . ' ' 'P on 1 C wff I' - ' ' gl : - f wg .. o 2 , ' - H is Q' ff mfg' , ' 51 42 if I .F ,,: it I. f 't ,"' 1 Y . ' D . J. ,lt " 4 , M' ' I A A K ff 2 J ' ' J 1 Q X 1' ,k A' a I ' acl, xx , Q 'iv' I I " In I , V , N ' gp --' e ' M ,L fb-1 Vt 4 i ,, -v yi, Qf ' 1 ,v , 1 X 4 "1f'Z:H f L , ' ' ,Q . 'N' Q ' Z ' jf, . 4" V3 th ,ht Nia n : ' 1 : H V, .fa , ' ' or wi-7 4 ff' Mit 3 35 , S W , - I D 1 if AL- i ' ,I r . 63 Q, A 1' ,Em Q n , 'jf FR 1' K 1 tv K, f 1 ' I I V", J - T - v ' ' l e . 4. Q A L ' -r - V ' 4. -1- , Q ' 'fr 7 My I ' I I , F - I A, 3 I' -' . C f ll - - 1 f . ' "' 1' 1 A 1 Q' 1. 1: , ' , . " f Q 'ry - . 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Buell Rodney Burk Robert Burrnexster Sharon Burns Patnck Busamd Ha1ar Bussmger Bonme Butcher Manlyn Callxson Don Campbell Wxlham Canell Manlyn Cantu Gerald Card Sally Carey Gaxl Carey Terry Carlson Robert Carr Davxd Carroll Delons Carter Donald Cherry Suzanne Chmander Sandra Clunery Dellena Clabuesch Carla Clark Conme Clement Derold Cole Iames Congrove Rossanna Cooper Lmda Corngan Floyd Coughran Theodore Coven Donna Cox Clyde Cox Nancy Cox Patty Cnbbms Dale Culver Patncxa Dankert Gaxl Darland Patty Daubert Adam Davzdson Letha Davxs Bonmlynn Davxs Duane Day Patrxcla Demo Brent Demo Sharon Demsky Susanne Dewell Emest DICLKEY Evelyn D1d1er Iudy Dxetnch Marlene Deztnch Mary Etta Dretnch Rlchard Dxftell Helen Doepker Joseph Dollhopl JoAnn Donahue Iohn Donner Donald Douglas Charoletto Douglas Iames Douglas Larry Dovxn Ianxce Draves Iames Drew Stuart Dnscoll Dorothv Dnscoll Kathleen Dunbar Norene Dunham Arthur Dunn Deanna Dupurs Patncra Ederer Ralph Exckholt Ioseph Elbert Dale Elhthorpe Ianet Ellxthorpe Trmothy Engel lamce Engle Marguerxto Englxsh Carol Enos Iudy Epple Herb Erlenbeck Lots Estrll Sandra Eurrch Iames Everett Benyamrn Fahnanstxel Henry Fahndrxch Beverly Falkenberg Ianet Farrar Donald Felder Iudy Frdlm Ixll Frscher Raymond Fisher Rrchard G Fxtzgerald Iudrth Flora Donna Flucke Mary Fobear Carolyn Fobear Chester Franz Wxllxam Frazrer Glona Freler Helen Fnck Ruth Fnelmg Iulxa F-ners IoAnn Fntz Elame Fntzler Suzanne Fuller Hrchard Gaertner Ioseph Gallery Mary Ann Garcra Dudley Gardner Shrrley Gam Davxd Garno Dwayne T"' gil' 1'5- if T' lv- gx ,Mx dlq those crazy cups 4:- Ama AJ Ae ,BR 0 AN AV Ga es Mary t' Gay Alfred Geese Kenneth Gerard Luel Gerow Dons Grlbert Sue Gnatkowskt Clarence Gochnaur Jane 4 v Gonzales Mary N, X Goodspeed Phylhs Ir'-at T . 1 b 1 - -C 2 , 1 1-, ' 'Q .1 1' 7 I I ' -r npr- 'V ll' 1 h -A V, 1, ' 5 7 ,ffl ft ff " I 'rf - GA , vt: il s. . 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E3-' S fw 6' Q' wr nm ,LZ Goold Delores Gosen Nancy Goslm Edna Gossett ludlth Goulder Beverly Graham Ray Graves Robert Green Gerald Green Ioanne Green Ioyce Green Susan Gremel Carolyn Gremel Donna Gnebel Phyllls Gngq Ted Gngsby Allan Gronda Terry Grundas Ioseph Grunow Ronald Gulllfor Deanna Gunther Barbara Guttrxdge Ann GW1CZdOWSkl Ruth Habel Mary Hackenberg Ianet Haenlem Norma Hager Raymond Hagerty Laura Hahn Patrlcla Haxser Robert Hakenen Carl Hales Thomas Hammond Carol Hanysak Duane Hams Albert Harns Barbara Harns Ioann Hams Wayne Hartley W11l1am Hartman Ierald Hartman Iudxth Hartsell Sharon Hartwxck Ianet Harvey Gary Hatch Marxlyn Hatch Manlynn Hatch Marlene Hawkms Nancy Heavenrlch Iudxth Hegenauer lack Hemtz Iohn Hendnck Patnck Henne Davxd Hennmg Betty Hensler Davld Hertz Barbara Herzog Theodore Hxcks Ruthann Hxll Iames Holiman Edward Hogg Kenneth Holland Barbara Ann . A' ' 5' K 5 I -1. 5 . I ' J - l ff. Q sys' K l ' ' . ' A , 2' V y ' z, f A Q 1 ' . 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A FV R . , R xx by 1 , n , , , L y f - 'rx ., Holloway Barbara Holmes Iudrth Honsmger Mary Hous on Wrllram Howard Mary Beth Huebner Ronald Huegel Iamce Hughes Iames Hunt Delores Hurst Don Husack Rrchard Hutchmson Ierome lgnasrak loan Ingram Iames Iacques Sharon Iahn Gerald Iarabeck Margaret Iaremba Sharon Ienmngs Mary Ierome lames Iewell Ronald Iohnson Karen Iohnson Mary Iones Betty Iones Daun lordon Alton Kabat Barbara Kabobel Gerald Kackmexster Jerry Kackmerster Nancy Kazuk Elynor Kecmer Don Kelsey Mrlton Kendall Kenneth Karsten Thomas Kxckland Arthur Kmgham Darlene Kxrby Carol Krrchner Patncxa Klem Gary Klernert Carol Kletnschmrdt Doug Klempnaw Mary Io Knoerr Lester Knuth Robert Koehler Ronald Kohlhoff Iudy Kolch Iarnes Konkol Mary Ann Konsdorf Dellred Kosht Ion Kramer Sandra Krenz Mananne Krueger Shelby Kruscke Howard Kulak Ianrce LaF1a1r Franklm we--1 Q 'f' locker dates i -115' 'Y' 'R ld ll ll 'lf A-A . " QVAYA al 'x A 436- ,J . V ,. '34 ' . as ,, . 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Q- n-of !S LaFren1er Mary Lambert Iudxth Lambert Robert Lambkrn Robert Lamrouex Kerth Langley Lautner LaVere Laverty Lawton Lazzazo LeBoeuf Lederer Leland Elaine Vemetta Karen Betty Gary ohn Suzanne Margre Edward LeMa1re Tune Lenrch Mary Io Lennox James Leyrer Allan Lrcavoh Lawrence Lmden Emma Lxnk Walter LISI Peter Lobsrger Wrllram Loudenslager Dons Lundberg Iames Luplow Carol Lune Iudy Lutzke Mary Mapeskx Kaye Malzahn Carl Mann Sue Manmng Iudrth Mantle Wrllxam Marcoux Carol Marden Marrlyn Marrno Ioyce Mark James Markey Nancy Marsh IoAnn Martm Gary Martm Ronald Matthras Darrell Matzke Edwm Maul Ioy McCormick Wrllxam McCray Sharon McCulloch Trmothy McCulloch Kathryn McDonald Carol Anne McFarland Mxchael McGu1re Patrrck McGu1re Shrrley Mclntosh Roger McKe1th Larry McLean Marxlyn McManus Lynn McMullen Mary McN1sh Mary Megerle Mary Mernll Ray Metrva Alton Metzger Roger - s. 1. , 4. V I :Q 'K 1 6' I L -t " is L. ' , ' 12' 'A , - 'A T 7 1 1 A vs W i-.42 ' 'F' L , t , G .' - .' 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X lub ,wr 'rc B E4-Sw .R 6 4-.S sophomores t- 'V -1 Us 1'- 159-s Q :qc Parker Donna Parker Iames Parks Barbara Passon Ethel Pearl Lynne Pearson Iames Pence Manlyn Perry Ruth Peters Joe Peterson Sue Phrllxps Drane Phrllrps Karen Prehl Edward Pmnell Iames Pool Wayne Porter Barbara Powlus Iames Pnce Barbara Prres Charles Pnne Prudnece Proux Donald Purrgroskr Ianet Rabxdeau Ann Radrna Nathalre Rae Rosalle Ralph Maxme Rapp Iamce Rappuhn Elarne Rathbum Douglas Raysrs Paul Reeder Iacquelme Reeves Iamce Rerd Wrllram Rell Shrrley Remhardt Sharon Reppuhn Dale Rxchter Sandra Rredel Edxth Rredhnger Iudy Rrepe Manlyn Rrlenburg Jerry Rrseley Gerald Rrttman Howard Robertson Kenneth Robmett Elsxe Robson George Rosenberg Marcra Roush Constance Rowe Donna Rueger Elrzabeth Rumley Lots Ruppel Bob Sadenwater Elsre Sample Larr Sanders Carolyn Sanders Connne Sapp Dave Sarow Nancy Savage Norman Schaberg Susan Schade Ormond Schaefer Rxchard Schafer Kathleen 8 . 1 ' 1' Q ' l 2 1' '- vs 'F' -Q' .' 1 s. 6- 1 . L- , 0 - Ev 3 f fj , RO , f ,es ' ' . K Ab "x 1 V . ' ' A ffl- ' of l X7, ' ' f " f f ' 4 - ' . ' A . 1 L' I LQ. Q' 'Y X AA : I 2 I , X Y S X 3 1 . X v' L F l ' , x X f ' I f ' Y " . Fm Is. . .I ,U . 5, z. 'V' ' as Q. X vi lun -5. ' . A ' T' V .. ' 3' R il ' . ,w 3 N V, -.,,- I," ,V 1 r g wifi' . ' f ' 3 Q . G L..:- fs., Ll 3' :Ei-'I' .x T I I I Vx ' 'if' "' X r-L. 557 FX , I fm: I , ' 'ws 4,-N'X,i , Y A . I L K I A Vw 1 . I I I 4 hvfq -Q4 fy K Y -, ,, y A 1 ,. Z' I I . 'J' Q, 'c-' Q- l . I '. 57 J to .".' 4 H 5 , Zee . I A 4 y ' 7, . I . we L f JK , BV ey e- . - 1 f 1 7' or R 'M ' ,SA 5 , Ls: Y L.: V l' I, :Q 1 I Aw 55- , Q QI J F YE , ly ' K 5 k.i -X , ' . ff X 'A -E i' I fl , l .. ' 4 i. - ...fu v- . L 5 , ' r 'P' - T . ,I ' 11- A ' ,ef'- ' ' , I I t 1 f , , ' ff 1 Schallhom Nancy Schaumann Nancy Schempp Ioseph Scherzer Iudith Scherzer Ray Schoch Mrchael Schoenmeyer Donna Schott Sharon Schram Irm Schreiner Sandra Schreiner Nancy Schuler Edward Schuler Iudxth Schultz Kay Schultz Rosemary Schulz Carol Schumacher Richard Schutt lane Schwartzkopi Ron Scratch Sharon Seaman Bonnie Seidel Lee Ann Serr Patricia Serrxn William Seymore Ross Shannon Iudxth Sharpe Thomas Shrontz Emma Sleggreen Rrchard Sxeland Ianxce Simon Maqone Simon Hoy Simpson Audrey Simpson Leonard Skutt Carol Slater Slavm Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Carlton Richard Barbara Hugh Iudxth Mana Patncxa Roger Sheila Io Snelling Iudy Snyder Iohn Soneield Iohn Sova Carol Spadafore Mary Kay Spaeth Norma Specht William Spence Douglas Spence Io Anne Spitz Constance Spooner Thomas Stark Donna Mae Steiner. Marcia Stierheim Zoey 'C' iv iff in in ,,... gn. Xp' A '01 qdf X I need some help? .Jw-f 2 s., fr- li' ALL Jfflff Q-Q' in Mm' 44 2 QC sophomores .Mfg LAL 4-9' 5 36' wr- 435- T-' Smgel Sandra Stork Ronald Stormont Roberta Strehl Donald Streussnxg Iudlth Stncker Harve Stroeble Kenneih Strubl e Bruce Sturgxs Thomas Sulxck Thomas Suppes Ronald Swanson Dons Symons Sue Szabo Rxchard Tarte Robert Taylor Dale Taylor lack Taylor Ioan Tedhams Rxchard Teflt Karen Ternan Howard Thayer Gordon Thomas Charles Thomas Manlyn Thompson Charles Thompson Robert Thumme Ruthann Towne Rxchard Trautner Carolyn Tner Iames Tnpple Rosalxe Tulhs Bertha Tunney Bemard Tumer Bonnxe Turnll Ianet Tussey Cynthxa Tuttle Nell Tyrer Sharon Tyson Barbara Urban Suzanne Urbancrk Lawrence Vacxk Clarence Vacxk Lawrence VanBlo1s Davrd Varner Thomas Venumxgha Peter Vmson Ellen Vrsnaw Robert Vlassxs Vera Vogt Iudy Vogt Manlyn Vondette Nancy Votruba Iohn Wacker Suzanne Wade Iohn Waxer Harold Walk Emxl Ward Shxrley Wamer Iudnh Wasney Nancy Watson Robert Werss Dons 1 ,ul x I' . - 2 . 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' R ': A C' - X J T F' I x Nt , ' Y ' . - X v I S' . . . . 1, , ff, . ' Werss Susan Wells Robert Wemer Sally Westendorf Gerald Whaley Phxllxp Whxte Iohn Wreck Robert Wrezyckx Raymond W11k1n Dons Wrlhams Basrl Wrllxams Deborah Wxllxams Sheldon Wxllrams Thomas Wrllmar Sandro Wrlson Elenore Wrlson Gayle Wrlson Ralph Wrltse Carol Wmslow Nancy Wlnterle David Wxttrng Arlene Woxdka Karen Wolf Carolyn Wolfaram Iack Wolfgram Larry Wolford Davxd Wolkensdorier Sue Wood Iames Wood Roandl Wnght Wyman Wruck Donna Yearsley Laurel Young Pamela Zastrow Thomas Zezlxnger Richard Zrmmerman Harold 6 E' g, "' '67 I uri H , 'ir 5 ,Rf 1-5 cha ter chatter 44. 4 dig If HIGH' between classes ' 1 ,v ' S 1 , Y? , tzfvj A ' ' I. 1 V y D I 4 , C I L., xy y! I b I. lr 5 I I A i . V' . 4' ,- L 'Q 42 z f . L . , 1 J 3 A U' ,n, H 1 , H g 1 rj gr l C .Q l ' -w E- A W. I VK sl , ' ,' ' V ff AW ' f of is 1 f ' X 'XT ' ' 1 Y W ' ct gf w K ' 1:5 ' I ' ' - an . ,, . 2 .. 'I -- . L. " F vo r X W, v 4, ' ' I Y fc., ' -'4 -. 'x A 5 I ' . I 1 .W ,M Q A, K 1 X 1, ' ' A- A 7 V QE.. V . ' , I' L ! rf ' A' 6 A . 1' e . A .I czzwss M4 ' -Y .' K Q. .5 ' ' , ' 'T' to C' , r " . I 1 ,, f- 1. I , I A T I f . L Q lt s great to be ullve In nlneteen flfty flve Nmeteen hfty f1ve really a great year the slogan on everyone s lxps The pro- ceeds go to the pool fund Other new devel opments around school new dnveway and parkmg lot dnver trammg Junxors got the1r semor nngs Arthur H111 has a brg chance for a swrmmmg pool once more a 1un1or prom We were valley champs m football basketball and swxmmxng regronal cham prons 1n basketball second 1n the state swun meet had a state d1v1ng champ made new record for 100 yd free style w wore D A. haucuts V neck sweaters charcoals bucks loafers cat sox saddles rope beads boy coats bermudas blazers knee sox and Pool Pms. W6 WE fe Qu we were flrst 9 get a Jtmror prom semor nngs as Junrors use new dr1veway and parkmg lot valley champs m swnnmmg we WOYE second 111 the state swun meet work for a sw1mm1ng pool campalgn for a swrmmmg pool Wln a sw1mm1ng pool take dnver traunng valley champs m basketball valley champs m football D A haucuts saddles cat sox loafers regronal champrons m basketball boy coats rope beads 108 . I O 0 O . . I O to . . . I I ll ' ll - I I ' I , . 0 . ' . ' 'fl - ' A . . . . . . . . 4 ,A ' X, . . . . e A v l I ' I I ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 X ' ' ' I I I I l ' ' ' g t . . . . was o xt 1 'rf gggpr. 31' if gm. f',f'4- "hae . K T, V L 44 X honors Honors are received by those who have shovs outstanding ability m leadership, c1t1zensh1 sportsmanship, and scholarship. They hav through determination and effort, helped mal Arthur Hill outstanding in the community. A permanent roster is kept in the community room of the Honor Alumni. Mr. Henry P. Baker '91, Mr. John Orton Goodsell '15, Mr. William Doertner '17, and Dr. Carl Frederick Schreidber '04 have previously been honored as outstanding citizens. Fourth Honor Alumnus Dr. Carl Frederick Schreiber was eulogized by Sally Ward, representing the Treanor Chapter of Quill and Scroll Society at the Honor Assembly, May 20 1954. Seated on the stage were honor seniors recognized for outstanding leadership, service, and scholastic achieve- ment N Dr. Schreiber chatted with friends and former classmates at a reception in his honor held in the community room following the Honor Assembly. American Legion S200 a year Rrchard Ault Arthur H111 S1000 tumon Arnold Ruskm Bay Cxty Ir College Tuxtton Helen Nusz Tu1t1on Beverly Mrller Blue Cross Nursmg Sagmaw General S300 Myra Zerlmger Capxtal Unrversrty S50 a year Larry Cantu S200 a year Norma Powers Central Mrchtgan College Hosprtal Turtxon Tuttron Tuttxon Turtton Tu1t1on Turtxon Tuxtxon Tuxtxon Tuxtxon Tuxtxon Tumon Tuxtron Rxchard Ault Ioyce Brreske Sally Herm Ioanne Hrbbard Iohn Leaman Mary Ann Muehlenbeck Ed Person Dorothy Reed Lorrame Schwartzkopf Susan Stamm Dtck Wenzel Lourse Vasold General Motors Tuxtlon Stanley Anderson Interlochen Nancy Herbert Margaret Rrethmexer Paul Schultz Memll Lynch Prerce Fenner G Beane S500 a year Merle Holland Northwestern Umverstty S510 a year Ianet Vogel Panhellenxc S100 Mary Ann Muehlenbeck Mtchlgan College oi Mmmg 6 Technology Tuxtton Bruce Davis Turtron Ion Mrller Mrchxgan State Turtxon Turtlon Tuxtron Tuxtron Turtxon Turtlon Turtron Turtxon Tu1t1on Turtron Unrversxty ot Tuxtron Honor Tu1t1on Honor Honor Honor Honor Tuxtxon Honor TUIUOH Marrlyn Cherry Thomas Day Sue Howe Ianet Kwaxser Tom Lampel Davxd Lantz Iamce Mortord Ioan Rrce Susan Schrxefer Ianet Vogel Mrchxgan Donald Daenzer Marcza Flucke Davrd McDerm1d Ianet O Brxen Amold Ruskm Paula Stormont Angela Sumo Dale Thxel Rachel Tredke Ruth Wexss Cash S1000 Ruth M Wetss Valparaxso Tumon Robert Garlo S200 a year Marjone Sowatsky .. j. 1 .. . l QQ j y' - ei fQ e . lt 1 .. ' . 2 Q .. - . , .3 ' .. A . , Q ' ' K Commencement honors went to Amold Ruskxn and Eugene Budd Amold recexved the 1954 Arthur Hxll Scholarshlp and Gene the Iuhus W Ippel Ment Cup Pnnczpal 1 M Brock congratulates Amold and Gene 1954 Scho1arsh1p Awards The Treanor Ioumalxsrn Award presented for the fxrst tune last year went to Gene Budd Gene shows the mscnbed watch he recexved to Mr Brock and thanks Mr Treanor lll An Arthur Hill tradition for twenty-nine years, the Hall of Fame was chosen by vote of seniors and faculty. Basis for selection was scholarship, participation in extra curricular activities, contribution to the school, personality and leadershi p. V NAL 'B EILING 'Z'-3 -493 4:-V-H' HYATT CARTER 'Q ARLEE RQSENBEHG CONNIE BARRY "Z","'7' ev' 5 'WP TER TOM IONES 7.x 'UT 4 I 2211:- ffiv 'Sf' Lf! ANN GOSSEL ERNIE RICHMAN HENRY SNYDER Q 5'-, "' - A 6+ I4 , LV I I -w CINDA COULTER JOAN MARK fx- N PAUL SCHULTZ hull of fume Y x V771 .mauyu 11-1--Q h 33,7 , -1 r :lu f 13.94 . . Q1 . I '-1 1 ' L! r' xl W Jw , 1 ww I S. - -'Jin 'i l H if ,Z i sports 1 queen ann and her court HAIL QUEEN ANN AND COURT! Queen Ann Gossel: her attendants, the Coulter twins, Linda and Cinda: and her lovely court Arthur Hill's twenty-fifth annual homecoming, Octo- ber 22, 1954. attraction. 'H J After the game which Arthur Hill won 267 Queen Ann and her court yomed Hilute rooters in the school gym for the traditional homeccrrmg dance Dancing to the music of the Arthur Hill Dance Band are Janice Wallgren and Bill Feldt Queen Ann Gossel and Tom Iones and Carmon Brown and Iohn Hart reigned over Crowned at an all-school assembly dined regale before the game, honors during halftime ceremon- ies, Arthur Hi11's royalty became the center ot i Q VA ll be lxff ' ""hP,. 55" I i4 Lag w ' ,f Li Queen Ann's homecoming court consists of Sharon Ioyce Terrian Ioan valley football champions We salute coach Kurt Kampe and his Saginaw Valley Championship football team of 1954. The Lumberjacks, running out of a T formation for the first time, charged to the championship with an un- beaten valley record. Rornping through the season with cr star studded lineup, the Hills showed a, Bm record marred only by an upset defeat at the hands of Midland. A fleet of fast, hard-hitting backs scored 171 points while a rock-ribbed defense held the opposition to only 77 points. This was the first Valley Championship for Arthur Hill since 1938. The 8-1 record posted by this year's team is the best record in history for an Arthur Hill football team. Against the background ot Arthur Hill Memorial Stadium are the 1954 Saginaw Valley Champions. the Arthur Hill Lumberjacks. Tcp row: Duane Haase, Bob Varner, Bert Dygert, Dan Stock. Charles Hanks, Gary Luplow, Tom Varner, Ron Martin. Tom lones. and Stan Leland. Fourth row: Manager Nathan Fischer. Ioe Mottimore, Kon Hinshaw, Jerry Hammerschmidt, Ken Ballien, Bill Lesser, Paul Garten, Bob Otto, John Hackett, Iohn Gardner, and Manager Harold Forbes. Third row: Gary Lee, Francis Ray, Nathan Bauer, Dave Blanchett, Dave Bingham, Larry Compeau. 1 l Co-Captain and quarterback. Frank Rosengren directed the Lumberjacks to the Saginaw Valley Championship. A fine ball handler and a good passer, Frank also scored two touchdowns and held for points after touchdown. Co-Captain Ilm Rappuhn was selected as a second team member ot lovltal all-state teams. Iim, better known as Rapp or Puhn, also rocelved a tirst team All-Valley rating. Gerald Evans, Howard Simon, lim Gallagher, and End Coach Mr. Iohn McCargar. Second row: Line Coach Mr. Emerson Gross- man, Manager Donald Carter, Bill McMahon, Thelvius Weinecke, Dick Harford, Tom Pugh, Dennis Miller, Hyatt Carter, Tony Olvera. Gerry Nurminger, and Head Coach Mr. Kurt Kampe. Bottom row: Ernie Dijack, Dick Adams, Floyd Wright, Al Birnbaum, Ernie Richman, Co-Captain Frank Rosengren, Co-Captain lim Rappuhn, Ken Specht, Ron Zeilinger, and Bill Feldt. In the clear! Outstanding fullback, Ernie Richman, breaks loose for a long gain, as another Hillite touchdown march is in full swing. Get out of my way! Dick Adams flashes around the right side of the line to pick up another big chunk of yardage. Teammate AI Birnbaum gives Adams plenty 01 protection. I' M ,, ,QMQQQHM ov", . ,A fi .-. 5 .. I-.1 Whozzat? All State tackle, Ernie Dijack, picked up a fumble in the Lumberjack backfield and rambled for a first down against a very surprised Saginaw High defense. 118 VALLEY STANDHWGS Won Lost ARTHUR HILL ,.,.,,i., , ,,,..i,i.,,,,, .i,,,,... 5 0 FLINT CENTRAL .,.. , , ,. 4 1 BAY CITY CENTRAL .... ., ,....... 2 3 FLINT NORTHERN ..,, . .... 2 3 SAGINAW HIGH . . . 1 4 PONTIAC ,,.....,.... . ....,.. 1 4 SEPTEMBER 17, OWOSSO: 33-7. Adams slashed for two first half TD's, and passed to Leland for one. Richman blasted for two last period TD's. Carter added three extra points. OCTOBER l, MIDLAND: 7-12. Richman scored, Car- ter added extra point. Costly mistakes and a dazzling run by a Midland halfback spelled upset defeat for the Lumberjacks. OCTOBER 8, ALPENA: 27-O. Adams ran for two TD's. Martin and Richman each added one. Strong defense held Alpena to 37 yards. Hill offense rolled up 225 yards. OCTOBER 15, G.R. CATHOLIC CENTRAL: 19-13. Richman and Adams scored first half TD's. Wright ran 96 yards for the clincher. Powerful defense led by Dijak throttled the Grand Rapids offense. OCTOBER 22, PONTIAC: 26-7. Adams scored three TD's. Rosengren added one. A strong, de- termined line manhandled the Pontiac team and proved to be the real difference. OCTOBER 29, FLINT CENTRAL: 13-6. A rock ribbed defense held the Indians on the Hills' one yard line as the game ended. Tackle Rappuhn ran 72 yards with recovered fumble for TD, and the Lumberjacks won their most impres- sive game of the year. NOVEMBER 5, BAY CITY CENTRAL: 20-13. Adams scored two TD's. McMahon added one. The Lumberjacks looked and played like cham- pions even without the services of the injured Wright and Rosengren. NOVEMBER 12, FLINT NORTHERN: 19-13. Scoring in all but the last quarter, the Lumberjacks clinched at least a tie for the Valley Cham- pionship. NOVEMBER 25, SAGINAW: 7-6. Richman blasted two yards for the TD. Hyatt, the toe, Carter kicked the extra point, and Arthur Hill became the Saginaw Valley Champions for 1954. Ernie Dijack was everybody's choice for an all-state tackle position. He received a first team berth on the Detroit Times. Detroit Free Press, Associated Press, and United Press allvstate teams. Ernie was also named as a first team tackle on the All-Valley eleven. IUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Sept. Arthur Hill Unionville Sept. Arthur Hill Bay City Handy Sept, Arthur Hill Owosso Oct. Arthur Hill Midland Oct, Arthur Hill Pontiac Oct. Arthur Hill Flint Central Nov. Arthur Hill Bay City Central Nov, Arthur Hill Flint Northern Nov. Arthur Hill Saginaw High Seated in Arlhur Hill Memorial Stadium are the members of the last junior varsity football team, TOP ROW: Managers Lynn LaFair, Ierry Neuminger, Ken Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Alton Iordan, Dick Antle, Dick Fisher, Darwin Miska, Pete List, Jerry Albrecht, Richard Sieggreen, Peter Ventimiglia, Howard Rittman, Ierry Westendorf, Ray Graham, foe Gaertner, Ronald Borchard, THIRD ROW: Ray Wiezycki, Iohn Morlord, Richard Dietrich, Chet Fobear, Ted Grigg, v Dick Adams developed into one of Arthur Hill's finest runners as he led the Lumberjacks by scoring ten touch- downs which were good for sixty points. Dick was named to several second team all-state teams and to the All-Valley second team. Runner up for team scoring honors was Ernie Richman, the Hills' little pile driving fullback, Ernie smashed for nine touchdowns and fifty-four points. He was named to the All-Valley second team and received honorable mention for all-state. Ralph Ederer, Tom Hales, Wayne Harris, Bob Ruppel, Lucius Munger, Iim Ingram, Arlhur Kickland. SECOND ROW: Tom Brown, Dick Savage, Dave Winterle, Don Proux, lack Wolfgram, Floyd Corrigan, Barry Braun, William Serrin, Dave Bradt, lim lerome, Stuart Drew. FIRST ROW: Coach Mr. Charles Fowler, Daniel Dickinson, Terry Cary, Iim McManus, Ierry Hartman, Roger Mclntosh, Luel Gerard, Jim Draves, Ierry Bailey, Ierry Rifenberg, Coach Mr. Wm. Vondette, .wi I " . ' ' ' ' , - 4-14, LJ Arthur Hill continued to sweep the Saginaw Valley sport laurels by grabbing the basketball championship after a string of eight straight victories. Despite a late season slump, the Lumberjacks came back to win the Regional Championship before being defeated by Flint Central in the State Toumament quarter finals. The 1955 Arthur Hill basketball team produced fifteen letterwinners including five seniors and ten juniors. Two for Iones! Guard Tom Iones leaps and tires a push shot with his usual deadly accuracy. l20 Varsity Basketball Team-Top row: Coach Charles Fowler, Gary Lee, Iim Alexander, Tom lonel, Rullell Knippel, Marvin Turner, Bert Dygert, Ernie Diiak, Ioe Fobeax. Front row: Manager Ken Meyer, lim Kanary, Ron Vondette, Dick Goodman, Stan Leland, Bill McMahon, Bill Peldt, Ron Martin, and Manager Fred Lee. DECEMBER 7, Lansing Sexton: 42-47. After being in command all of the way, the Hills faltered in the fourth period and then lost in overtime. DECEMBER 10, Ann Arbor: 40-57. A second loss to a 6-A League foe as the Lumberjacks failed to click. Lack of speed and rebounding was a big factor in the loss. DECEMBER 14, Saginaw High: 69-50. Staging a whirl- wind finish and sparked by Feldt's 26 points, the Lumberjacks express began to roll. DECEMBER 21, Bay City Handy: 73-57. A fast start, deadly shooting, and balanced scoring featured the easy victory as 16 players got into the act. IANUARY 7, Bay City Central: 71-43. A sparkling de- fense led by Lee and a dazzling offense moved the Hillites into first place as the Lumberjack ex- press gained momentum. IANUARY ll, Flint Central: 53-52. With 17 seconds re- maining, Iones calmly dropped in a free throw to break a 52-52 tie and gave the Hills a well deserved win. . I w It . I , V 4 A' 'iv . Q 1eW A SF- Forward Bill Feldt won the top scoring honors lor the Lumberjacks by scoring consistently on fast break plays and drive in shots. Bill. a senior. was named to the All Valley second team. Center lim Alexander alternated with Ernie Dijak and provided many thrills ior Hillite rooters with his spectacular tall-a-way shots. lim, a junior, played his second year of varsity basketball. t 'B' Center Emie Dijak after lending muscle to the football team's championship drive, became a fine rebounder for the basketball team and led it to several key victories. 'F l.. x--er Guard Hon Vondette stood ready as an able replacement for either Lee or lones. Ron. a senior, had ability as both a ball handler and a play- maker. Y, i,., 5 2 l..l T... Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. lan. Ian. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Who has the ball? All attention is locused on six players and twelve arms as they reach for the elusive ball. VARSITY RECORD Arthur Hill 42 Arthur Hill 40 Arthur Hill 69 Arthur Hill 73 Arthur Hill 71 Arthur Hill 53 Arthur Hill 58 Arthur Hill 46 Arthur Hill 48 Arthur Hill 83 Arthur Hill 84 Arthur Hill 61 Arthur Hill 72 Arthur Hill 71 Arthur Hill 54 Lansing Sexton Ann Arbor Saginaw High Bay City Handy Bay City Central Flint Central Flint Northern Pontiac Midland Saginaw High Bay City Central Flint Central Flint Northern Midland Pontiac REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Arthur Hill 85 Arthur Hill 84 Arthur Hill 76 Traverse City Bay City Handy Saginaw High STATE TOURNAMENT Quarter Finals Arthur Hill 62 Flint Central ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL 1 955-56 Ann Arbor .......... Lansing Sexton .. Pontiac ................ Flint Northern Bay City Handy Saginaw ................. Bay City Central Flint Central ..,.., Midland .......... Pontiac ............... Flint Northem ....... Saginaw ......,........ Midland ...................... Bay City Central Flmt Central ............ .......,.Away ..,......Away .....,..,Away ..,.......Home ..........Home ..........Home .........Away .........Away ...,.....Away ..........Home ,....,...Away ..,......Away ........,.Home ..........Home ..........Home Bill Feldt drives in for one of his well known lay up shots. This is the form that made Bill the season's high scorer for the Hills. o 0 0 IUIIIOI' VUl'Sl1'y There is no stopping little Gary Lee as he "climbs" for another sensational basket. The junior varsity teams under the coaching of Seymour Murphy started slowly but came on to score impressive victories in the second half of the season. Outstanding players for the little Hills included for- wards Ierry Rifenberg and Barry Braun, center Russ Knipple, and guards Bob Wells and Hay Graham. Iunior Varsity Basketball Team-Top row: Coach Seymore Murphy, Bob Wells. Stuart Drew, Iim Cole, Iim Appold, Carl Iacobson. Front row: Gary Murphy, Don Proux, Tom Vamer. Ray Grahm, and Bob Allison. valley swimming champs gain pions from left to right in the back row: Ross Williams, Dave Moriord. Dave Ballantyne. Ron Myers. Dick Korbein: 2nd row: Bill Vogt, Ernie Dewell, Don Merts, Tom Princing, Mike Marks, Chauncey Iohnson, Iim Schadt, Art Manwell, Tom Temple, Coach David Gainey: 3rd row: Iack O'Brien, Dick Mehl, Gene Sauer, Captain Bob Krog- man, Tony Kaufman, Iohn Hart, and Iack Mortord. The 1955 Arthur Hill swimming team again churned their way to the Valley swimming championship. Led by a nucleus of powerful swimmers and excellent divers. the Hillites had no trouble in their quest for the llth Valley Championship in 12 yecns. After the valley title was assured, the swim team took the runner-up berth in the state meet, losing to Battle Creek by only 3 points. Arthur Hill took 3 first places and set a new state record in the 100 yd. freestyle. The orphan Hills adopted the spaci us new Saginaw High Pool this year, thus pu ting the days ofthe crowded Y.M.c.A. pool in lhe past. A campaign to raise money for a pool slit Arthur Hill was started this year. In the near future the valley champs will have a pool they can call their own. Coach Gainey didn't mind being tossed in the pool this time. It was his 100 victory aaginet only 16 defeats! The swim team forms the number 100 to commemorate their 100th victory under Coach David Gainey's guidance. A , ' it , '.!rHeQ+!fi,f 'fi'-, F5 1 Lv-C Q IM. L. V, Here are the varsity swimming cham- 1 DECEMBER ll, The Cereal Bowl Relays was the Hillites first taste of swimming competition this year. They took 5th place in a field of 14 by scoring 23 points. DECEMBER 13. Flint Central: 56-25. '1'he Hillites opened the swimming season by winning 8 oi 9 first places to defeat Flint Central Dltlmft 17, Iackson: 39-45. It was the final event which decided the outcome of this battle. Manwell. Sauer. and Mehl starred. IANUARY 7, Pontiac: 50-34. Arthur Hill defeated Pontiac by taking 6 first places. The 180 yd. medley relay team of Princing. Krogman, and Mehl broke Pon- W A .tiac's pool record. IANUARY 11, Bay City Central: 58-26. Arthur Hill trouncedastrongBayCityteambywinninga1l nine events. IANUARY 18. Saginaw High: 64-20. Gainey's experi- enced swimmers splashed to an expected victory over an inexperienced Saginaw High team. IANUARY 21. Dearborn Fordson: 49-35. They threw Gainey into the pool again! Led by Manwell with two wins. the Hillites chalked up their fifth win against the defending state champs. IANUABY 28, Bay City Central: 61-23. Hill submerged Bay City for the second time this season. Sauer compiled 251 points, a season high, and both Mehl and Manwell took two first places. IANUARY 31. Lansing Sexton: 64-20. The Hills swamped a 68 League opponent by tying for first in one race and winning all others. lim Schadt and Tom Princ- lng made especially good showings. FEBRUARY 3. Flint Central: 64-20. Arthur Hill beat Flint Central for the 25th consecutive time. The Hillites Intake two pool records in the process: the 150 yd. medley relay team of Tom Princing, Bob Krogman. and Tony Kaufman bettered the pool record. and Art Manwell bettered the ICD yd. breaststroke record. FEBRUARY 11, Pontiac: 55-29. Hail to the Champs! Winning 8 ot 9 first places. the Hills badly out- classed a highly rated Pontiac team. FEBRUARY 18. Battle Creek: 3756-46Vz. Arthur Hill lost their second meet of the season to an excellent Battle Creek squad. Nevertheless Mehl and Sauer were the stars of the meet. both turning in superb performances. FEBRUARY 25. Saginaw High: 68-16. Chalk up victory No. 100 for Coach Gainey! The Hills swamped a weak Saginaw High team to end the season. MARCH 11-12, State Meet. For the seventh time in ten yea!! the Arthur Hill swim team took second place in the state meet, losing to Battle Creek by only 3 points. Arthur Hill took 3 first places and set a new state record in the 100 yd. freestyle race. . .flag . .. ,, J 4 I A 1 .. . Y. Dickllehlhasbeenanimmenseassettothe Hillsiorthreeyeors.Swtmminginthe50and 100 yd. freestyle races. he couldatwaysbe de- pendedontowinoneortwoiirstplaces. Bob Krogman was captain ot the 1955 team. He was an outstanding llqure in the breaststroke competition. Gene Sauer. state diving champion, was out standing thtottqlwut the IOCIOB. His performance on the diving board thrilled many audiences in valley and state meets. Tony Kaufman. an underrated swimmer. was in- valuable to the team. Besides being a star diver. he was also a fleet treeetyler in the relay races. 1 Gene Sauer shows his excellent form as he practices at the Saginaw High POOL Dick Mehl and Iohn Hart take oft in the lirst lap of the 50 yd. freestyle. A fast start, as shown here, helped Arthur Hill win another first place. EI. Art Manwell, a junior, had an excellent season as 0- he swam the breaststrol-re and individual medley. Art will be a great asset to the team next year. lim Schadt, an up and coming junior. will be an outstanding swimmer next season. He contributed vital points to the Hill scores. fx Hxllxles presenled then case on TV ,' Z 0 K .pt -75 A 32 ff' ' tx x V, l fig? 33 n ,g n i:7 , W, ' 'A p me Nh They elected Holly Grant swim queen. Diane Wallace and Karen Krogman were her attendants. l 32 AW .. Ye my rv sea f 1,9 -s H41 R, J its -sa. Q '- rt' Vi 1 4 '4 . ' P N, . , ! A -, 'P ' ji My I A : , , 3, y ' f ,,, ,- g, itil. V 41 57 Qs ef H0 Q9 'i . TOP ROW: lim Gallagher. lack Fontaine. Bob Bumett. Matt Spence, vu S S Dick Leslie, Don Schurr, Bob Harmon, Ioe Binasio. p FRONT ROW: Mike McFarland, Gerry Herbert, Bill Vogt, Coach Mr, George Purdy, and Bob Warner. The 1954 tennis team captured the Saginaw Valley Cham- pionship for the first time in Lumberjack history. Undeleated in valley competition. and defeated only once all year, 5-2 by Midland, the Hills established several new records for Coach Mr. George Purdy. Arthur Arthur 1954 TENNIS RECORD TENNIS VALEY STANDINGS ARTHUR HILL , ,..,, .. ,..,.......... .10 Bay City Central ,,...,... 8 Flint Central , .... 5 Flint Northern ,..,, .,...... 5 Pontiac ,.,,.,,,.,...,,,.......,...... ........ 2 Saginaw High .,,.,.....,...,..,. .,,..... 0 Bill Vogt, outstanding sophomore, played lirst and second man for the Hills. Bill is steady, reliable, and a placement master. in thirteen matches. is a three year letierwinner. Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Hill .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,...,, 6 Pontiac ,..,....... .. . 1 Hill ....,,. ........ 6 Flint Central .,.., ..t,,, l Hill ........ ,.,t, . ,6 Flint Northem ...... ..., , .l Hill ........ ...,.... S Midland ,.,.......,.,,., ....,.,,, 2 Hill ,,,,,,,, ,....,.t 7 Saginaw High ..... .t.-....., 0 Hill ........ .,...... 6 Flint Central .......,,.........,. I Hill ..,.., . ..,. W4 Bay City Central ......... , 3 Hill ..,,.... ,..,., 7 Pontiac ..., ,.,...., ...., ,.,,,.... O Hill ........ .,.,.... 7 Flint Northem ..,.. ,.....,.. O Hill ,,...,,, ...,,,., 2 Midland ................. ,....,-... 5 Hill ..,.,... .,...... 6 Saginaw High ........i.,,...... l Hill ..,,,,.. .. , .,,4 Bay City Central ,,.....t Hill ...,.....,... . ,...,,., 6 Bay City Handy ..,.....,..... 1 Mike McFarland. a three year letterwinner. who played filth position lor the Hills, was undeteated Bob Warner, even though small, is a powerful shot maker Bobby also was a standout so h . P O. Iohn Fontaine, third man lor the Hills, was one more! playing either mst or Second man ot the m ' t t h ' ' ains ays o t e championship team. Iohn 128 April April April April May May May May May May May May May Iune baseball team of l954 The Arthur Hill baseball team of 1954 tied for the second place in the Saginaw Valley Conference with a record of four games won, nine lost. Varsity letterwinners: Bob Rosa Ken Neiderquill Dick Hummel Art Shields Herb Neuwirth Duane Thon Bob Satou Ward Shannels Bob Landeryou Tom Wallace Kirt Schmitzer Pete Trinklein Bob Krogman Frank Hosengram Ken Wade Tr- "Batter Up!" Showing how he gets ready for the big pitch is Dick Hummel, a two year letterwinner at shortstop. Kirt Schmitzer. first baseman, watches. 1954 BASEBALL TEAM RECORD Arthur Hill Y..............,........ 3 Bay City Handy .......,...... 0 Arthur Hill ......... ........ 1 Midland ,.....,,.................... 9 Arthur Hill ......... .....,.. 1 O Bay City Central ..........., 1 Arthur Hill ,........ ....... 0 Pontiac .......,...,.,................ 2 Arthur Hill ......... ....... 1 Saginaw ...4........... ,..,,. 3 Arthur Hill ......,... ....... 1 Flint Central .....,,., ...... 3 Arthur Hill .......,.. ....... 4 Flint Northern ,...,... ..,... 3 Arthur Hill ....,..... ....... 3 Midland ........i.................,. 6 Arthur Hill ......... ....... 3 Bay City Central .i,......... ll Arthur Hill .,......,. ,...... 4 Pontiac .,..........,................. 5 Arthur Hill .,........ ....... 1 Saginaw .............,.... ...... 2 Arthur Hill ........., ,....,. 5 Flint Central ...,..,,. .......... l 0 Arthur Hill ...............,......., 6 Flint Northern ..,....... ....,. 2 "The Wind Up and the Pitchl" Ken V1 Neiderquill. pitcher for the Lumberjacks, proved to be an outstanding player and 2 valuable asset for coach Vondette. 1 h . X3-f BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1955 gl-a,,Ul-gg. is-Midland,, L aaa....i ....ii...........i.r u way l 1 ' 21-Bay City Handy ..,.... .......,.. h ome N X Q 25-Bay Cily Central ...,... ......,... h ome A g X if Q Q. Xgvi i Q if K 0 28-Bay City Central ........ .,....... a way 3 i g I lt 6? fr 2-Pontiac .,......,...,.,...,. .....,.... h ome ' giant: 5vPontiac ...,... ....,.... a way ef- 1 L S KQ: -0, ' g L i 9-Saginaw ...,.i.. .....,... a way X l - N x 12-Saginaw .............. ......,... h ome ,X if X- 5' 16-Flint Central .,.,,.... ,......,. a way V' in 19-Flint Central ......,. ....r.,... h ome ,. y--- 23-Midland ..r............... ..,..,.... h ome i V Q' -if 26-Bay City Handy ........ .,..,.... a way C . L 31-Flint Northern .......... ........, a way is L. i' - 2-Flint Northern ....,,.r., .,.,,...., h ome 'V ' ll: xl , t 7 x, - 1, - We "Conlerence!" Talking over strategy with catcher Pete Trinklein are shortstop, Dick Hummel and pitcher, Bob Rosa. Trinklein and Rosa are both two year letterwinners 129 TOP ROW Coach Mr Glenn Mason Izm Colbeck Stan Leland THIRD ROW Coach Mr Seymour Murphy Tom Lampel Dxck Detmar Fmke Bob Adams Dtqk Morford Hyatt Cqr er Dlck Sommers Chuck Nlchols Ted Luzenske Dale Hanson Drck Adams Manager Don McGlaughlm Coach Mr Curt Kampe Sonefelt MUHGQGI John Beckert SECOND ROW Coach Mr Prentxce Ryan Dtck Meter Ken FOURTH ROW l0l'lI1 SlGChlG Tom Al'1d9YS0l'1 Ron Herman Ballten Ron Vondette Ron Martm Irm Geetmg Manager P1111 BCIHIGD Bob PICMG! Harvey Wolfe Dtck Porterfleld MISSING FROM PICTURE Manager Randy Schetb truck team for 1954 H, 1954 PACK Invltatxonal Meet Mt Pleasant Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Central Mrchxgan Relays Valley Meet Regxonal State Meet State Meet Ann Arbor Qt' RECORD Flmt Northern Ylmt Central Sagmaw Hrgh Bay Cxty Y Il I 72 V2 Place Place Place Place A long shot' Tom Anderson Arthur Htlls ou standmg Shot Putter for the 1954 track squad was one of the Lumberlacks top scorers Tom placed thxrd m the state meet at Ann Arbor UP cmd '-Wei' John Slcchffl Clears the flfsf ht-Udle neck Und neck wxth Sagmnaw Hlghs Tom Hall lohn ftnrshed strong to capture frrst place and establxsh htmself as one cf the sates 'I tmest hurdlers 'll ....,.,............. 36 ' ..........-,-, 64 'll .....,......,....... 74f ' ............... .34 'll ....,....,...,,.,... , ' ' .......... U f 'll .....,,......,,,.... 53 ' ......,.....,...,.,... 51 ' ' , , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,..,,,,..,,,,,,.....,,, 4 th Place ' ' ' ,,., .,.,, ............,.., , , .... . U3 d ' .... ,, .....,.,..,.,. ...,.,,.,..... , , .,..,,,,. ...2 d ' , ....s ..,.,.....s ,,...t,,.........tttt.,,.,.,., 3 d ,. , Q13 'gl gs, . -,, I A , I I Y fd "Man, that's fast" Iohn Slachta, senior hurdler, set a new record for the Arthur Hill track of 14.7 seconds in the high hurdles. lohn placed second in the high hurdles and third in low hurdles in the state meet. Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur "Stretchl" Ron Herman and lim Luenberger were two of Arthur Hill's top relay men. Ron took the baton from Iim and ran the quarter mile leg to turn in a creditable performance for the Lumber- jacks. 1954 Cross Country Team 1954 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD ' 31 Hill ........,.....,......... Hill ,,,.,,... ....,.., 3 8 Flint Central ...... Saginaw High .. Hill .....,.,. ........ 3 2 Hill ,......,. .,,....,,.. 2 1 Bay City Central Hill ...............,........ 25 Valley: Arthur Hill--Second Place Regional: Arthur Hill-Seventh Place Flint Northem ........... ........ Saginaw High ...... ........ 1955 CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Sept. 15 Saginaw .................................,,............................. At Home Sept. 22 Flint Central .....,...., ........... A way Sept. 29 Flint Northem ................ ......,.. A t Home Oct. S Bay City Central .......... .,........, A way Oct. 13 Saginaw .......,......... ........ A way Oct. 20 Valley Meet Oct. 27 Regional Meet PNA x .5 D-"Q, rf. - ,fs 'X Ah px H J , 'F' ' eu A .. Cross-county squad members finished second in the valley and sixth in the regional. Runners finishing the season: Derold Clement, l'oe Miller. Robert Burk. Thomas Williams, David Wightman, Leonard Simpson. managers Ray Fischer and Ray Waskoviak, Coach Glenn Mason. Charles Thomas. Allan Leonhardt, Iames Hensler, Bob Burton. Howard Wright, Ron Lickly, Donald Brown, Richard Bell, Iames Leuenberger. William Dankert. Vince Sova, Bob Barowski, and William Hartle. 131 valley golf champs Arthur Hill's fine golf LCZIIH captured the Saginaw Valley Cliznupionsliip lor the second year in succes- sion. The Lunilncrjztcks alter losing their first two valley inccts czunc buck strong to win four meets in a row and won the Saginaw Yzillcy Meet at the Owosso Country Club to bctoinc thc l95-l Champions. 1954 ARTHUR HILL GOLF RECORD Arthur Hill .....,......,.,..... 7 Pontiac ...,.,..,........ ...,.. 8 Arthur Hill .....t.. .,,., 5 Flint Central ...... ..,.. 1 U Arthur Hill ......,. ...,..... 4 40 Midland ................ ......... 4 20 Arthur Hill ,.,..,.. ...,... 1 116: Owosso ............................ 3M Arthur Hill .....t,, ..... 1 3 Bay City Central ............ 2 Arthur Hill ........ ...,.,.., 4 19 Bay City Handy ...........i 445 Arthur Hill ........ .,.,... 1 4V2 Flint Northem ...... ..... 1 A 1954 VALLEY STANDINGS ARTHUR HILL .......,,...,........,.,......,............ .......Y.. F irst Flint Central ...... ........ S econd Flint Northern .,.... ,....... Th ird Pontiac .............,..,,... ........ T hird Bay City Central ...... ......... F iith 1955 GOLF SCHEDULE April 18 Pontiac .....................................,......,.,,...,,,,,.... Home April 26 Midland .....,....... ,..,,,,,, A way April 28 Flint Central ......,. ,,,,..,,,, H ome May 2 Owosso ....,..................... .,,,,,,,, A way May 6 Bay City Central ......,, ..,,,..., A way May 11 Bay City Handy ....., .......... H ome May 12 Flint Northern ...,... ......... A way -,JJ ls o Another three year man on the Hill's team is Iim LaDouce. He was tops in leading Arthur Hill to a State Cham- pionship this year. 9 Bill Feldt has been on the Arthur Hill VUTSHY for two years. Bill, along with lim LaDouce and Bill Tumer, form the nucleus oi the Hillite golf team. An outstanding player on the team is Bill Tumer, a three year man. Bill has helped the Arthur Hill golf team win three valley championships. boys' intramural dr Intramural basketball was supervised by Gary Truskow- ski, Dale Downey, Nathan Fisher, Tom Iones. George Dice. and Ken Wade. "Sho 'nuff' The South half advisory cf Miss Beverly Yates defeated Miss Norma Hile's North half advisory 44-35, to win the intramural basketball championship. Members of the team are Vic Bloomstrom, Larry Smith. Dick Bowden, George Bowles and Dick Zeilingerg back row-Henry Snyder, Dick Sonelield, Miss Yates, Ralph Sommers and Doug Smith. WA L K Referees for intramural games were lim Rappulm. Stan Leland, Ernie Dijak, George Dice, Howard Simon, Ron Vondette, Tom Iones, Dick Morford, Ron Tarrent, and Don Stolz. 'I 9Ym "Stretch." Sophomore and junior boys are required to take gym, Daily exercises are a part of their busy program. Theie boy! participate in one of the typical games of the class period. 4 1 '---- - Y f fr' ' W" """ Alleys. Hoping for a bowling trophy to add to our collection are the officers-Dick Goodman, president. Gerry Evans, vice-president: and Chuck Garinger, secretary. Champions in the girls' intramural basketball were: back row---Kitty Driscoll. Dee Hunt, Karen Phillips: front row- Evelyn Brethauer. Kay Majeski and Sharon Burrniester. fax... xi S. "' ijf . X I .0 5- y cv , Ui' U V I p 4 'QS Winners ol the girls' intramural basketball championship are Nathalie Madina. Iudy Hiedlinger, Suzanne LeBeoui. Pat Langdon, Sharon Demo. Arloa Leitner and Marie Parles. xi s W y X 5,4-t X , o, eq L ,rw v - 3-X: fi Y These junior girls led by captain Karen Krogman won the girls' gym class volleyball championship. Members oi the winning team are: Back row: Barbara Golz, Sue Granville, Shirley Haggard, Christine Horb, Wanda Gates, Gladys Frank. Donna Gerger. Second row. Nancy Huegel, Gwyne Harris, Lois Foulds, Sharon Guttowsky, Shirley Johnson. First row: Rosalie Johnson, Donna Kelley, Karen Krogman, and Ruth Kraner. It was cr tough struggle but we made rt say the thrrteen glrls who won letters by parhcxpatxng ln xntramural sports It takes 200 pornts to earn a letter Letterwmners are-Top row Nancy Bornhermer Mary Io Campbell Azloa Lretzner Sue Kraner and Fran Mrller Second row Iudy Langdon Mane Porlas Sandy Iacobm lean Heckathorn Front row Iackre Powers Kay Lemmer Darlene Vmcent and Sharon Anderson - gurls Intramural We could add another trophy says vrce presxdent Drxre Coughran to the other Grrls Bowlmq Club ofhcers presr dent Sharon Tessman secretary Sharon Gerow and Carolyn Cleveland Dead eye rs the trtle of Ann Rabxdeau secretary of the Rrfle Club Presrdent Arlen Dempsey and vzce presrdent Lours Gerard help Ann check the score for other club members advemsmg s',qN,Qf,:- 1 -xv ' 5 . 1' s :f N 4 -iv? C I O 'LAT Phone 2 7196 217 219 East Genesee Granger and Nltz PHARMACY llosmetrcs and Prescrrptrons Phone 2 7981 2620 State Street Mary Iones student nurse completes her dutres rn the health room by makmg Lp the beds Granger Nrtz Pharmacy supphes Arthur H111 s health department wrth necessary equrpment each year Hrlhtes Kay Cummmgs and Garl Albrecht adrmre costume Jewelry at Drebels Wm. C. Wlechmann Co. 112 118 JEFFERSON Celra Gnftore and Ann Pettenger look at some of the drttererxt types of shppers you can get at Wrechmann's u 1 - I it 1-, . . - - I I7 ith 1 2 .15 ' A ' nz. " I Q C' 1 ' I I ' f - 2 K -I I WILLIAMS ICE CREAM CO 2824 N Mlchlgun Ave Wrllram s Ice Cream Company provxdes Hxlhtes wrth the best rn rce creams Ron Vondette lane Collrer and Io Ann Fmk select thexr tavonte 1ce cream ttems from the ccrietena QUALITY sr-toes ron me smms FAMILY JOCHEN SHOES 420 East Genesee Avenue Gall Iochen s father helps Garl select a paxr of hrgh qualrty shoes from the fme assortment found at Iochen s Shoe Store -1 PQIIGQTZEZ there s no traller home J 5 like a TRAVELO Complete Lune of MUSICAL INSTRUMENT S fRecorcIsj I I 'tn' B ALL MUSIC and ACCESSORIES 3518 State Street phone 5 6255 Telephone 2 7643 roun Moons A FLOOR PLAN S H E A 9 S FOR EVERY FAMILY The best m equlpmenf for Manufactured In Sag naw ALL SPORT G S mwmoun PRODUC enesee Avenue TS C0 509 'ww Mfhlsvn 1212 Rust S1 524 East H I Ex W ima M I ZJQUIHQIZJ' Q 'L SamSeaI llalrles 1743 East Genesee Avenue po b t T p o tt gtak t lstJ , 9 I o F i as T . ge .rf I- 1 -lv',,,-.-TL31 V f JJ if . ' f I ' 0 f J- J I ' bE . . ' i by o i , i ' , ,vihmfwtw I Ah X K5 ,x Q . I I II A I ' va I' JK. I I , f N ,' 'iifrin' ' ' ' ll -AA 4 Jfxgf ' Que' : -: , ff' lj V Y If I II A Lx - ' 'P Q Sani-Seal rnilx takes the number one s t in everage a Arthur ill. o rove its popularity is this scene f a place se in en before he Senior Dinner a une. GENERAL MOTORS we finial .., Q G L, .53 B 19' CHEVROLET SAGINAW GREY IRON FOUNDRY CHEVROLET SAGINAW TRANSMISSION CHEVROLET SAGINAW SERVICE MFG SAGINAW STEERING GEAR DIVISION CENTRAL FOUNDRY DIVISION I Z . I 2" ' , ,Q , .. I ..-- 1 fg',.,f"'..w-www-V"f'1':'5Tf151111 3f1512liE5"23?f'1 531' , ...... x II E-zifgsggggf ef2Z'2aE2E2:212w 1 '2-1-223222212122522125122:21212a212a:e212a2iz12'211222212-221 11 2-if 1211? x5 ma-:':':12:-L-:gg-.1-:'5LL.,J-" QL., lll- 1 L5-iff UM' M W ' u . SECOND NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST C0 Z" x za oi' z F7-"-T" cn E if S 3 van cu :: -2 5 3 za 5 z E -4 I 0 O Z 1: I' m -4 m 'u If so 5 Z Q 'H If Q I' E m cn MEI-I GAN X we ' Il I O6 STATE STREET OFFICE 3446 STATE STREET STATE Q Oo .Q-E, H II WEST SIDE OFFICE X COURT AT NORTH HAMILTON STREET 'S AUTO BANK O X l gl 1... ll IUQIWT 1 1 Ill MAIN OFFICE EAST GENESEE AND WASHINGTON AVENUE5 600 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE Q IIIILI rin II f,"'-fi" X , q. ,,....-- SOUTH SIDE OFFICE H a SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE AT CENTER STREET FAIRGROUNDS OFFICE 2815 EAST GENESEE AVENUE E I 6 YEAR MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I - V Y AL I li itil! 2 a 55' ."'--: 'I I " "' ,T-H If ... I Ill 5 Wg! A 'I IQTQQ Af 1 I LEFT z 6,0 2:-.I-S-iffff' B 0 Ig fy 'J I I 6:74, gb II ' O ll . 04, I E V 1. IPI! - -4 : iv ' I SOO 0 gl. I I Tl '79 j L11 - 1 I 2 4'-WY Wei I I , ffl ON L -I Tr. I Q I 1 I 1.33, A vu. - T I A I R-90 NGN ' TO I Q1 ifff 129 'I'-I ----E--E, 4 3 :T .. 'qtrzhg - If :I " z - 4 -: 1 I-U , " T 7 T I ,-,r, 4 A 144.141 JDE I ' 5,':z2g.Et+Tf11f - :: 1.55251 SAGINAW ll l BE CAREFUL IT ALWAYS PAYS" W. L.8.CASE COMPANY Funeral Director Ambulance Service 413 Adams St. 3-5441 Virginia Anderson and Joe Binasio know that you should be especially careful on the highways. Saginaw's Popular Gift Center Gifts for all Occasions CHINA-GLASSWARE-SILVERWARE-LUGGAGE-LEATHER GOODS SPORTING GOODS-SPORTSWEAR-KODAKS MORLEY BROTHERS Gifts for Every Member of the Family l IS N. Washington Ave. ,! Draper Chevrolet For Twenty-seven Years Your CHEVROLET Dealer PHONE 8166 no -D l450 North Michigan CX REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE V I wfilb ffl! 1 ffilyil V I C T 0 R M E Y E R wo NORTH HAMILTON sr PHONE 3 5401 Ron Lange and Marianne Krenz discuss buying Insurance for their cars with ic or Meyers. i rivers' Training Lessons at A ur Hill students know ha e ' need Insurance. EDWARD MEYER AND SDN Insurer and Realtor 4-20 Hancock Street Phone 3-44-86 Plans for a new house xncludes study of many dlfferent thmgs Here Ron Lrckly and Dxck Thomp son nn mechamcal drawmg class draw out the plans for the from oi the house and wonder whether Edward Meyer and Son Insurer and Realtor wxll be SGU.Sfl6d Donald F Beach D D S 633 S Jefferson of Hoyt Sogmow Mlchugon MUELLER BROTHERS Hickey-Freeman Customized Clothes Hotel Bancroft Building W C Schmidt Barber Shop 2605 State Street Skycraff TOY and HOBBY All We Sell I: Happiness 412 Hancock Phone 3-5541 M00 E BDWLI G ALLEY 220 N. HAMILTON Phone 3-4044 Norm Mesack shows lim Hensler how to throw the bowling ball down the alley at M0069 Bowling Alleys. ,- Saginaufs Three Great Thrift Centers HOME DAIRY COMPANY 403 E. Genesee Avenue PARK AND SHOP SUPER ' MARKETS Near Genesee Street Bridge on Niagara 315 S. Michigan Buy with confidence and Save at our Stores flip. I TT 1 I Worth Asking , l I FOI Elmer G. Schaiberger, M.D. Puysxcmw and SURGEON UR- A- G- GARDEY HERVEY C. MERRILL, D.D.S. DENTIST 427 N h M' h' A 1520 North Michigan Avenue 610 Second National Bank Bldg on IC Igan6 venue Phone 4-5045 Dial 8015 Phone 2331 McGEE - FINLAY THE SPORT SHOP 615 East Genesee Avenue Phone 5-3781 BOCK FOOD MARKET State at Center Phone 2-6256 CLARK'S DRUG AND SURGICAL STORE Prescription Expertx 518 West Genesee Phone 2-6666 SAGINAW ICE AND COAL COMPANY Phone 2-6194 222 North Niagara AUTO PARTS CARBURETOR A IGNITION HDQTRS. RUSSELL ELECTRIC 1915 N. Michigan at Genesee ROSA'S FOOD MARKET PARTY SUPPLIES and GROCERIES 3505 Mackinaw "Flowers For Every Occasion" GAERTNER'S FLOWER SHOP 1958 Brockway BAUER 81 BAUER CLEANERS - DYERS 311 North Hamilton Dial 8101 ENRIGHT-TOPHAM CO. YELLOW CAB A thinking fellow call: a Yellow 218-240 North Baum Phone 2-3117 E5 -1 TAIIIIO Illk PANIIUNIN-REXAIL DRUGS 1 Served by friendly Arthur Hill students, Hill- ites find the NEW Pankonin's a convenient and favorite meeting place. 146 Stop! Wait! Go Buck! no po oI ---------- ye Inlelfl 5 flee I1 t 6L Graduation tlme often means the partm of lu h school fuends hut lt doesnt haw to he so hem ause now thc-re may be an opportunltw to go on workm to ether at xIlCl1l an Bell Bevause ofthe telephone s lmportanve 1n the modern w orld Unch: an Bell lrls find a real tl1r1ll ln Tll?ll' fl2lllS work And they haxe such advan assured opportunltles to pro ress wacatmns wlth pay con enlal companions a on wlth mans other lleslralrle features that o to make an attractne 0CCllp8Ll0l"l If sou re mterested ln a good Joh and steadv mcome of sour own drop m at our employ ment omce 309 Q W a hm ton and hrm Sour 1rl friends with you -in mtervlew er wlll be glad to ne Sou full details MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE CUMPIINY A fnena'4v Place to Wor l MBT 4820 Much Type No 8536 MT 1 'II 'IO 54 1 K I 0 ! 0 - 3 Q i "UH - f - ' ,4 I ,ti J ' . . . U .U L' F F . -. . . V - I x ' l U U ' 'U 1' l' A T' ' . , . ij v 1 .U U. I l E -I 7' PI F , r' ' . ' Y ' ' tagcs as excellent pay rlght from the start . . . I I " ' . . . gr ' ' . . . l g I V. 'Y . g V , . . . - M- ' S ' a' - A g .' g' ll ' ki! l :tiff 'V AT 'F may ENJOY 'E' ICE CREAM d ly IW I e C y M 29 Gratiot Avenue f the ' 0 Anderson Dry Goods Wm C Honey Sl Company 2600 State Street Member New York Stock Exchange EN EVENIN 5 3424 Telephones 5 3425 PHONE 4 5839 1208 SECOND NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Men, Women and Ch:Idren's Furnishings 1 w - HELFRECHT MACHINE COMPANY Jigs - Fixtures - Gears - Special Machinery 414 SOUTH HAMILTON PHONE 2-2129 2 n e ' I - - g E ' I ' ' J- O-. 9 o 0 T., Y X 1? A I Q - if L , Nr' H, . if , S , wg , f 'n - - - - - "' X- 5 f 9 I r:..Q ' D' ik II .- fl - A X 5252? I wATsoN r 542, I ' 9 " . if - f A H ff Y Ron Zeilinger and Dick A ams en'o their work a arson c ream Compan . Here the Jet Rocket achine makes on I 8 ' o Hilli es' fav rite ice cream desserts. l O O P F R I D A Y G S I account here SAVE AND YOU LL GO PLACES The II1dIVIdUCI or famlly wnth a savmgs reserve can CHOOSE the path of nfs future be It travel securnfy a home or a busmess Go places wnfh a savmgs Bankmg that IS Bufldmg Michigan Ixm LcxDcuce and Penny LaF1a1r thmk that deposxhn thelr money m the bank IS the best way to save money for the future MICHIGAN NATIIINI-Il BAN MEMBER OF FDIC DRIVE IN BANK PARKING LOT SPORTING GOODS 600 Grauot Axenue Phone 4 6593 CREETING CARDS PHOTO SUPPLIES Hancock at Mlchlgan Phone 7831 0 our: Street Phone Sagmaw Mxchngan 8117 TRUNK C0 415 E Genesee Schwahn VanAuken Graebner IIC Insurance Smce 1856 202 Graebner Bunldmg Phone 2 2161 BRUCE L HAYDEN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN 514 16 Graebner Buxldmg Phone 3 5151 RAI NBO IS good Bread I I . . . .. q X I SMITH HARDWARE MAC MILLAN DRUGS HOTEL FORDNEY I 4 I C 2' , ,vs ,,,, 2 I - I , - . .V , I O SAGINAW TRANSFER CO,lnc PHONE 3 8463 303 WEST BRISTOL STREET WM A LANGE 81 SON 219 South Hamnlto AIR CONDITIONING HEATING COOLING SHEET METAL CONTRACTOR RAY GAUDREAU The Florist 404 W G Ph 38777 SAGINAW MICHIGAN S W h Joe Rehmann Cleaners 5' Tailors PHONE 31763 Lillian Premo Shoppe 'II2 NORTH MICHIGAN 3 7830 Goldles Bridal Shop 223 s JEFFERSON Donald A Kelser D D S mon: 24561 SAVE FOR THE FUTURE' MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE' Generous sem: annual dlvldends help your savmgs grow and grow Accounts Insured to SIOOOO by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation START YOUR ACCOUNT NOW I ITSM Ju my JI IIIIJ JI ,, ,,,,,,Rs0 A Telephone 2 2156 ff segmew M-ch-san rw" ERE THOUSANDS SAVE M LLIO - - - U O I I 2I4 outh as ingion . n . . . enesee Ave.- . - g s ' I ' ' . , . . . "House of Smart Dresses" Bridal Attire--Formal: 206 Graabnlr Building Phone - I Jarvis Yawkey Court - o 0 I 0 I I IJ 9 Il ' E 'A 'A ' II . ' W H I N S CAREFUL Selling PERFECT DIAMONDS in Saginaw for Seventy Three Years' By Insured Vans Anywhere Anyhme J A and sAEEqnd SURE JEWELERS 214 GENESEE AVENUE FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE yrevens mr Saginaw O1I Company T'L'R'LFf"23E'2?23fS I 7 TE co Q-,if QIII, 'Qu soo 310 JANES AvENuE ASK FOR ARCH or HAZEN TEXACO PRODUCTS JUNIOR MISS SHOP a d Ap a g ed f Ile 12 S th Wah g Tal pha 0 33391 o THE AVALON I s e 3505 STATE STREET Polasky Insurance Agcy I7 N Mhgan Sgna ch TELEPHONE 4-1301 PETERSON STANDARD SERVICE MICHIGAN at GENESEE PHONE 9464 HEAVENRICH S Y o th Same Corner GENESEE I1 FRANKUN DRISCOLL MARKET Lapeer of Warren Wmterstem s Hardware P nfs Wndo Shades W Ilp pa Spa! g G ads 3516 State S1 Pho e 37767 HOTEL SAGINAW 401 NORTH GENESEE M ch gan Millers Home Bakery aM d P 9 to B e C s 2602 stare 5 6451 o d Nuechterleun Jewelry II4 Noth w 11 Q PHONE 53951 Macdonald G' Shngel Offce Supple 8. Equp ent PHONE 35483 408 W Ge esee A e Sag na Edwards Men Shop 423 EAST GENESEE PHONE 9051 I I . O O I t A K9 0 o --.- If n 1 N EZ' 3 S. H Qi -am Q1 Ee 1 ..E . ..-.. - ' 1' 1 if BED , C H V ' T I T Formals, Bridals n p rel rave n 0 . Desi n or the Sma- I Woman curb sank' - n id sonic. "Insurance Experience Since 1924" 5" """" ao.sEi ,a1w,Mi. a n - I 77 ears n e Saginaw, i i , ,WY ' i -1 'ii' . . , ' I li I 5 W Ham-aeoa rad , I ,I , in 9 Pios-Cakos- ookie I n . Phone - Diem n s, Watches, Silverware - I i i s i m r as ingt n I ' . n v ., i w Hub Apphance Stores of Sagtnaw Sag naw s O ly Author 1 Kngston Dealer 223 N Hamulton St Phono 3-8426 DR L R SCHIEB Denhst 522 WEST GENESEE DIAL 3 9821 MINETTE SHOP Waddmg Gowns Fo mals 109 West Genesee Avenue PHONE 38211 Ctty Property D al 39294 L A WARD Real Estate Insu ance Property Management Irv ng Street Sag naw Exclustve Ltstmgs 28 Years tn Bustnessl Wo Kater to the Kds Wm A Schmeck PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Wholesale and Retal D ugs 42022 W Genesee Ph 33062 Sag: aw N S M h Wal: Hardware Co Phone 27145 on EAST GENESEE 610 LAPEER 115123 soum WEADOCK Rupprecht s Market Hugh Oualty Foods May Bo Secu od F om Our Abu dant SUPPIY 2618 STATE STREET Byron Gerger Pharmacy Gratiot and EIm Street PHONE 20233 Sagmaw M ch gan Crass Typewnter Servtce Thomas Cross Mark J MCG llts 82 WEST GENESEE ST Sag naw Mtch gan SWARTHOUT S Peson nPesc ptons 217 Fede al Phone 27676 Sag na M chtgan Kundlnger Hardware 2614 STATE STREET PHONE 2 2505 Saginaw Lumber Company 319 McCosluy St oat PHONE 8111 THE FRANKENMUTH NEWS S3glH3W Hardware Co 200 210 So Hamtlton Smce 1863 wmner of 13 notuonal ond state awards Service Qualtty Value for 92 Years 'H The POST four YGOVS 'S IWOPPY Gnd proud that It has been the prmter of HOUSEWARES SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE APPLIANCES PAINTS TOOLS YOUI' OWF1 pl'IZe WIl'1t'1It'1Q ARTHUR HILL NEWS THE BIGGER AND BETTER SAGINAW EXCHANGE 4690 Gratiot at Center Since 1860 THE FRANKENMUTH NEWS TI A N PIIIZEIIIIIEII Sw- QUALITY FURNITURE APPLIANCES X F I N E R T H I N G 5 F 0 R I- E 5 5 News Butldtng I3 X I Frankenmuth, Much - - ! - i' "n ied I -r i U ' I- u i,, 7 r - . ir 711i i , . .- 'n,.., ic. . I I . i . . r r n ' - . i' ' ii a, 'i I ' . rcii I rrii r - - r sw, i' I , i - o I - ' 11- ll I .- . I. - ll ll E I MON v Tf PI OS . no 6' - I I 1 l - I O-BOY 1 GOOD ! Pies that melt in your mouth ' I Cakes that ask to be eaten Bread that will make good food I f taste better "J 'I' l.'k M ' " npr DL fmvfns Us ' e ""' S S P A T Z B A K E R Y 1120 State Street cons FUR5 Ferris Brothers Genesee at Warren onesses SUITS O Carol Curtin shows Mrs. Nancy Wil- lioms, torme Arthur Hill student, some of the coats you can buy at Ferris's. on the west side since 1888 . . . QQ S - ai i " '1"' :Aw SMW L ff Qi : Im LL Ill I ITIL ig- E, ll ' Tl WEE - :- 'E I l I, l lnii l . N is 2 7 . "YOUR FAMILY KNOWS US AND WE WANT TO MEET YOU" msunso SAVINGS 0 o and loan Hot.. Saginaw Savings ,,s,,ci,,i.,, Michigan at Cass l THE WICKES CORPORATION Dlvlslons Wlckes Brothers The Wuckes Boller Co e Unlted States Graphute Charles Wolohan, Inc Sagmaw Gram Co FOREIGN Compania Mmera De San .lose S A SINCE 1891 THEJ W IPPEL C0 DRY GOODS Court at Muchngan Phone 2 3101 so e ofthe bette bl e that can be p ch ed tlpple Sagmaws Fnendllest Store Free Storeslde Parkmg Sears, Roebuck and Co Federal ut Genesee Always Delzczous Ph'-We 3 8411 Phone 2975 Bay Road 2 4953 Sagmaw W S Muchugan I I l Th Co. . . , I , . . o 0 ' Mrs. Iames Booker shows Dorothy Yeska. and Faye Rhule m r ous s ur as a 's 66 ' 9 ' ' 99 ' O - . i .I . . flowers I RUE ER FLIIWER ll0P 200 S Michigan Jerry Hammerschmxdt gets an asstst from Mr Harold Brogcm when 11 comes to saying 11 with Brady Schlrmer 81 Company DR M PIKE INSURANCE HAMILTON Home BAKERY DENTIST 708 Second National Bank Bldg HOME MADE BAKED GOODS Phone 2 1485 204 Goff Bwldms nts North Hamilton Phone 2 3586 Phone 8105 x x X ' nusnow snot stone BEFORE 5 406 Court Street Phone 8562 GENESEE AT WASHINGTON RUGS FURNITURE PICTURES 605 Lapeer Phone 2 3453 EVANS and THOMAS THE SEAL 0 C0 STATIONS 1418 State 316 North Michigan Avenue 1304 Grahof HEATING AND PLUMBING '5'9 M""""W 2114 S. Michigan Dial 2 9682 F 1 Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes MANNION BROS. BONDELIJS I HARDWARE ' Store for Men 4989 state Phone 4 2122 113 North Washington Avenue 777 No. Washington H. HEGELI-IEIMER FLOOR COVERING DRAPERIES I 1100 Court Street 427 North Michigan Avenue phone 2 8516 112 South Jefferson ll 1 1 ll Wlll.-O-WYN'S Br-:dal and Formal Apparel 619 East Genesee Avenue o I A Q ' , e1S - S I 2 phd: Sante W s"' Phone 2-6741 Gl'Cl1ViEEe,S 206 Dearborn 128 N. WASHINGTON AVENUE DEVELOPING - PRINTING - ENGRAVING for good shoes for the entire family We Specialize in Oversize ALBUM Style Prints Quick service Telephone 2-4653 Established 1882 GLENN E. BARTON, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 MARTIN 81 MARTIN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 306-308 Graebner Building Phone 5-5491 FRUTCHEY BEAN CO. "We Aim To Please" 404 Congress Phone 2-3121 SOMERVILLE MUSIC SHOP 1815 N. Michigan Phone 8256 XMIIIIIM ff! G if JEVWL ER 504 EAST GENESEE PAUL KRAUSE CLOTHING CO. MBN'S CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS 404 Court Street Dial 8562 HAGERl'S JEWELRY 112 S. Michigan THE H. R. TERRYBERRY CO. Grand Rapids, Michigan "Official Ring and Pin Dealer and Manufacturef' Mrs. Arise Schulz assists Grace Rosemary Furla in choosing their pins at Hagerl's. SCHULTZ AND FULLER Hotpoint Appliances HARDWARE 626 Gratiot Avenue Pomerville and class rings and Hart Schaffner 8: Marx and Clipper Craft Clothing BAUER BROS. INC. 410 Court Street EDWARD ZITTEL REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE BUILDING 304 Graebner Bldg. Phone 4-4784 ITTNER FURNITURE FRED ITTNER, CLASS or '14 416-418 Hancock Street GATELY'S 120-130 South Franklin GUGEU5 FUNERAL HOMI AMBULANCE SERVICE 419 North Michigan Phone 2-8531 M Tcxelgbyb thefortee e oAth e e H eth stdet h rytogeto theb cite cool FRANKENMUTH MERCHANTS FECHTER HARDWARE OSCAR RAU ELECTRIC FRANKENMUTH STATE BANK RAU BROTHERS HUBINGER SUPER MARKET RUMMEL STUDIO KERCSMAR Jeweler Cv Watchmaker RUPPRECHTS SAUSAGE NEUCHTERLEIN SUPPLY CO. SATOW DRUGS WEISS FARM EQUIPMENT Paslmg album pxctures are Legenda staff members Nancy Maxer Sharon Buckley Pat Hummel Donna Carl on Kay Dudek Shexla Campbell Carol Dudek Ixm Schadt Paul Charnberlm Don Schurr Sandra Aldnch and Barbara Wells WERKEMA STUDIO Official Legenda Photographer 315W East Genesee Ave Phone 2 7031 l i 1 5 4 4' S , , .. .2 V ' ' I .L X 4 gm S4 . , . V, . . . . . . . . 1 . , , O C . . 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Suggestions in the Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) collection:

Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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