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Skov! Jean Boch - Jerry Barrenscheer AdelaidegBrown - . Louanne Schallhorn Shirley Sherman - . Eugene Budd ' - Mattie G. Crump - - Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Photographer Adviser 1 5115 Mackinaw Saginaw, Michigan -f2?1e14- Q:viisfii..1, nw aif a avg x 'K i N mm F B5 .K 2 .w a f ff Vw . . . ii. ,U Li?""'ax ' Y - I ,., , i M WMM Opus familiarly known as Hillites-On-Parade brings you a musical history of 546 seniors and 1263 undergraduates. This long-playing platter records for you a symphony in which you play featured parts because you are students of Arthur Hill High School, Saginaw, Michigan. Muted strains introduce your first appearance as timid but ambitious sophomores, colorful and bright passages record your academic progress as happy and inspired juniors, confident and determined marches tell of your success and ambition as graduating seniors. Underlying all is a secondary theme, rhythmic and melodious, reminiscent of your social life. May this recording, each time you hear it, bring back memories of fun, friendship, and achievement. Photo by W D Briegel 3 i Life is a melody- especially life at Arthur Hill! The harmony is the result of dreaming, planning, and working together. It is fitting and proper that this review, produced by the Class of '53, he brought to you in musical terms because of the adoption this year of a new alma mater, "The Gold and Bluew-gold for memories, blue for loyalty. V Thg lSf,E,l,ilAEllil1ief Arthu if nm rush Sf 'Hail Miss Rachel Mew lil Mode: -':5 5 ,ii VOXC9 Xp! 1 51: ' Yi -.:u f ' Pian0 l'.,m : L.? ZEY5' ' ig ii? ,g f-2-' 1 " ' ' for you For 12'-f we if J ' X out ' it U' HA 59 91 Aff ' i A - ?-1,, , ,151 . ev rfsi? K Z ff 5 Tw' 9 ' . -A - Y rizrff f - A- ts..-ft EE-Ei' ? . 1 'Y 5 , i ' ve Your WY . d true. We l M unch an gf? f ? 5ta 4 ? , , 4 211 .f ff' 5 I 4 ,,. 5352? -1" l W, W -rf Al 47 fg- sf Q iii? s -hs laugh- ter of your spa - cious halls. With loy - al hearts our voi - ces raise And in 5- . ' - Q y Z sf:- - ,sg vL,:-55ff,s'f-.5." -:,,,- 5 f F . - :fwf- ' 4 - f 1 "- f ll, b . 'P 'sic , f 2'-ff? 5 .gillf " 1 J, , fi , M' k ' ' : if - i i it 611362 fill! ,Y ,, 7 - ' Q u - 1? , .1 A with de - vo - tion sing your praise Oh, Al - ma Ma - ter, 0 i . ' , x V Q 1 YT I ' f.:11'li'iii ' i be in E - f' CTBIG. 1- 1 if 1 ,lf gf 5 2 'yffii ' -lf' , " if ,.- A ' -1 ' 1 ' i f ,, ' Z3f.:?Eif:s-,fz5E f -.3i- here's to you And mem - ories of the gold and blue. clwalls, The L' -pi if 1 - -4' """"" """ " """"u -5111 L 'il? I W. ' X rp-1-fn in I Y nr ' I4 at lg llff 'S ww V 5 . X I 'in-I f f "" l f Tk ' l A Q 7 , g k,q,, hh Nw H k in X if f Si gf " A33 ,.:' H' .,f, 5 J AR Q T3 f ix :,: W - EFX af 1 Q - , - .i 'Q ,M 3, X QL V . sg, ' QW , w if ,A is K Q- A W ' , r . - , Q L' N Q iw f W. E? p f I S WJ. i l 3. .. g-...., LL M P:-'fxf iii? 'Qi wg - 123 W.. 46 5-'W 1 J' Q95 .fl b Q W t ight! lr: 'fin-o '-'-ep..M 2 in School is a medley. An adagio selection introduces each school year as you gradually become adjusted: sections marked allegro express your confidence as you make friends and adjust to your classesg crescendo move- ments indicate your growing happiness and contentment. Largo indicates your successes and achievementsg staccato passages point up the parties and extra-curricular actitivities. The notations presto and fortissimo prepare you for the fine that announces, with a flourish, your graduation. Music brings back memories. This medley should make you think of best-friends and classmatesg white bucks and hair cut fads, fifth hour lunch and lecture notes, games and parties. The melody lingers on! The In piration Improving the appearance of the school grounds by planting Wednesday morning, fifteen times a year Arthur H111 News pine trees around the border was a prolect for the FFA Club this editors, Dee Galonska and Nancy Kneuss distribute papers to year Completmg the Job IS Gordon Roosa . advisory vice-presidents. Waiting for papers are Dorothy Thomp son, Lynn Siler, Tom Lampel, Kelly Hendrick, and Norman Sowatsky. The Board of Education, administration and teachers, the office staff, and the students make up a "four part harmony". Quartet singing requires a blending of voices. The first groups guide and inspire with encouraging words and helpful advice, they give us the "pitch". Under faculty direction, students work together on projects, explore fields of common interest, conduct campaigns for worthwhile organization, and train for chosen careers. Hillites have enjoyed singing together, have given a creditable performance, and now look forward to composing a satisfying future. The Instrumentation 10 Mr. I. M. Brock, principal, guides the general policy of the school. Through the Faculty Cabinet and Student Cabinet mem- bers he supervises life at Arthur Hill. 11 Mr. Raymond W. Morrow, assistant principal, in addition to his counselling, is in charge of the Service and Drivers Clubs, eligi- bility lists, keys, clocks, and lockers. Miss Ethel A. Peterson, dean of girls, advises students on personal problems pertaining to home and school. Heading the office staff is Miss Doris K. Frye, school secretary. Miss Carla Almquist and Miss Mary Louise Grundas Knot pic- turedl are the clerks, and Mrs. Lorraine A. Hudson is school stenographer. 12 Student Cabinet officers are elected by the student body. Victor Landeryou, first semester vice-president and second semes- ter treasurer, Donald Weichert, first semes- ter treasurer, Ruth Schultz, secretaryg and Richard Schluckbier, president, await the third hour meeting of the cabinet. James Woodrow, second semester vice-president, is missing from the picture. Advisory presidents are elected by approximately 35 sophomore, junior, and senior students in each advisory. These 58 presidents compose the stu- dent cabinet. The advisory presidents take charge of activities during ad- visory meetings the first fifteen min- utes of each day. Cabinet projects this year included s t u d e n t organization membership, supervising Noon Club, and planning for placing the school's name across the front of the building. Principal I. M. Brock is the Cabinet adviser. Advisory presidents for both semesters-Top Row: Patricia tshbaugh, Richard Ault, Joan Bell, Jack Berg, Ivars Berzins, Luth Blosser, Bill Booth, Margaret Bueker, Lloyd Cartwright, und Allen Cronk. Second Row: Bonnie DeLaVergne, Melvin levers, Norene Cherry, Lois Congrove, Ivor Dungey, Marcia '1ucke, Jack Gallagher, Orrin Geeting, Richard Hausler, Gordon Praham, and Mary Louise Grundas. Third Row: James Hemp- zead, Hans Hennecke, Sally Herm, Richard Hummel, Jerry Eoffman, Charles Kleekamp, Marilyn Heath, Nancy Jakes, Allen eyser, Pat Knox, Marwood Frank, Richard Kruse, and Victor Vanderyou, Fourth Row: Marilyn Little, Shirley Little, Russell luplow, Roy McEwen, Janet Lord, Alice Mannion, Herbert Neuwirth, Dale Mertz, Marilyn Miller, James Munger, Charles Murdoch, Allan Orr, and Edwin Person. Fifth Row: Lynn Phair, George Prine, Judy Richards, James Righter, Kenneth Booker, Richard Schluckbier, Ruth Schultz, Phillip Serrin. Edith Sparks, Allen Spousta, Jerry St. Clair, and Jack Stroebel. Bottom Row: Richard Timmons, John Van Blois, Sandra Van Derstein, Donald Wade, Donald Weichert, Thomas Whitney, Allen White, and Bradley Zuver. Missing from the picture-John Barsch, Richard Garner, Barbara Gierow, Richard Gremel, John Kemp, Marvin McIntosh, Bob Neumann, John Steverman, Michael Sverid, Don Styn, and James Woodrow. 'TH 4. ,W , 4 .- Senior Hostesses greet visitors, show them around the school, and help the office staff. Girls selected from letters of application and an interview are Carla Almquist, Carol McMacken, Judy Princing, Gail Gossel, Norene Cherry, Sandra VanDerstein, and Marilyn Little, Miss Ethel A. Peterson is their sponsor. Early arrival, between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. 4 qualifies Service Club members. These , Hillites control halls before the 8:05 bell. Serving this year are Merriel Holloway, lieutenantg Dora Gonzales, Rosemary Sei- . bert, Marilyn Vasold, and Meredith Hol- loway. Cafeteria assistants help Miss Ellen Green, s up e r v is Q r , with hostess duties through the noon hour. Staff members this year are Don Turner, John Stever- man, Florence Schmidt, Dick Steele, Lydia Tolfree, David Lantz, and Bill Colpean. Katherine Stark is missing from S the picture. 'wma hm. At the desk in library 163 are the student librarians. These kamp, Marilyn Stinson, Pat Leyrer, Mae Maier, Nancy Schnei- girls check books in and out and keep the library neat and der, Shirley Chema, Lila Basner, Shirley Pagenkopf, and in order to assist Miss Ruth Long, librarian. Student librari- seated: Janet Weir, Mary Yarger, and Joan Moreau. ans-Beverly Miller, Nancy Worthington, Mary Jane Heit- Clinic Attendants take charge of the health room to assist anyone who is tem- porarily ill during school hours. Eleanor Bull, a member of the home nursing class, starts her shift of duty, which is really her library period. Attendants register pa- tients, help make them comfortable, or report to the oilice those who do not im- prove immediately. All licensed drivers are eligible to mem- bership in the Student Drivers Club. Offi- cers and council members meet once a month to discuss traffic problems in and around the campus. Marilyn Little is sec- retaryg Mike Sverid, vice-presidentg and Bill Booth, president. Noon Club Committee members plan for lunch-time entertainment in the gyms during the winter days. Dancing to plat- ter music or sitting on the bleachers chat- ting are favorite pastimes. The committee Bill Booth, Dick Schluckbier, and Orrin Geeting. Pep Club members represent their ad- visory groups to organize school pep. Barbara Armstrong is secretaryg Jim Woodrow, presidentg and Art Keith, vice- president, with Miss Mary Margaret Doidge, faculty adviser. appointed from the Student Cabinet to supervise the two noon periods includes Student and teacher members of the assembly committee select and supervise assembly programs for the entire school year. This year's members include Larry Wills, Miss Mary Lewis, Miss Contance McWethy, Arlee Ann Rosenberg, Judy Moretti, Mrs. Nancy Baxter, Richard Hausler, Paul Chamberlin, Mrs. Frances Hamlin, Miss Burnice Gibbs, and Susan Haft. Projection Club members assist with the audio-visual pro- grams. They are 'trained to operate film projectors and have headquarters in the projection booth on the second floor at the top of the auditorium. Eugene Budd, right, reviews different ad- justments with other operators Jim McCormick, Lloyd Cart- wright, Dick Elvin, Leonard Frank, and John VanDerstein. Ushers Club members are hostesses to all auditorium groups. For assemblies, plays, and concerts these girls take tickets, give out programs and show guests to their seats. Ushers-Top Row: Joyce LaVere, Barbara Steinke, Marilyn Stein, Jeanne Sovey, Carla Almquist, Kay Batton, Marcia Flucke, Nancy J akes, Matil- da Spindler, Joy Smith, Joyce Harnois, Evelyn Finger, Karen Beatty, and Miss Helen Beeson, adviser. Stage Crew members run the show backstage. They set lights, props, sound effects, and pull curtains for each stage performance. Leonard Zorn, Lloyd Cartwright, and Herbert McCullagh adjust the curtains for a coming performance under the direction of Mr. Stanley Schubert, dramatic director. ,, i- ,,f""N 'wx . "Sorry, boys, better luck next year," was a com- mon phrase heard from the girls after the 1952 Student Organization Drive was over. Mr. Charles Fowler, faculty adviser for the boys, and the student leaders Don Weichert and Allen Keyser showed determination. Mrs. Nancy Baxter, facul- ty adviser for the girls, Marilyn Heath, and Nancy Jakes led the girls to victory. The girls defeated the boys in the campaign by a 5 per cent margin- 92 per cent to 87 per cent. The boys paid the loser penalty by giving their annual assembly. The school percentage dropped from 93 per cent to 89 per cent of the student body. The P-TA Membership Drive reached an all-time high of 1,846 memberships. Mrs. Mary Stewart, teacher sponsorg Dr. Norman Westlund, presidentg Marcia Flucke and Janet O'Brien, student co-chairmen, combined their efforts to promote this campaign. Thirty-five of the fifty-eight advisories attained 100 percent membership with the help of student and parent chairmen. Junior Red Cross membership drive ef- forts brought in a contribution of S212 as Arthur I-Iill's part in the public school fund. Pat Ashbaugh is JRC treasurerg Barbara Whitmer, presidentg and Ruth Brownrigg, vice-president. Miss Christine Webb, faculty adviser, and Jan Davis, sec- retary, are missing from the picture. Student Cabinet officers, Richard Schluckbier, presidentg Ruth Schultz, sec- retaryg Victor Landeryou, vice-presidentg and Donald Weichert, treasurer had the task of counting and tabulating the all- school election for President of the United States last November. Incidentally, "Ike" came out on top. 17 '7' ' ' The "Big 14" of Club Hillite are the season chairmen for each standing committee. They are chosen from the girl and boy ad- visory representatives. This year's members under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Harve C. Light are: Pauline Nichols, Phyllis Ward, as at J Allen White, Barbara Armstrong, Margaret Bueker, Marily Little, Mike Sverid, Adelaide Brown, Dee Ette Galonska, Howar Schmidt, Jerry Miller, and Arthur Keith. John Barsch and Fre Ahlborn are missing from the picture. Phyllis Bussey and Willard Wallgren enjoy one of the Club Hillite parties this year. Games, dancing, and refreshments are as Hillites want them. Seven advisories supply committeemen and sponsor the dance each time, rotating alphabetically. The Dance Band plays jazz, swing, and mellow music for Hillite dancers besides appearing at assemblies and on Band Bounce programs. Band members: Allen Spousta, Claude Lemmer, Arnold Ruskin, trumpetg John Leaman, Ray Voelker, trombone, Dick Hausler, Bob Radina, saxophoneg Earl Somerville, John Barsch, clarinetg Jerry Timmons, saxophoneg Hugh Halaby, drums, Fred Reinig, bass violg Mr. Earl D. Burnett, faculty adviserg and Allen Cronk, piano. N X V , v,,,,w 3 fi if f R 9 ' Saga me f.,, 3 E xx S J 7, ' Lb QS? .1 Q mf -' , g is fr - J K Ns ,--l -Y---- -1 - 1- - About 175 persons gathered at Rolling Green on May 31, 1952 for the silver anniversary reunion of the Arthur Hill class of 1927. There were about 70 of the graduates present, and several teachers and guests. Each graduate wore a badge containing his picture cut from the 1927 Legenda. "The Cruise of the Good Ship A. H. H. S. '27" was the theme for this reunion, which was the same theme used at their senior class banquet. Class president, Rev. Fred Schimmer, was again captain of the ship while fulfilling Planning committee members for the reunion met for the first time at the home of Mrs. Helen Cartwright Boch, June 4, 1951 to make plans. Mr. Elmer Schemm was named chairman, Miss Doris Frye, secretaryg Mrs. Boch, publicityg and Mr. Martin T. Jacques, banquet chairman. toastmaster's duties. Mr. Elmer Schemm was the chair- man. At the banquet, classmates, wives and husbands, and faculty of their day found that Rev. Fred Schimmer traveled the greatest distance for the top prize, Mr. Walter Ducharme had the most children, Mr. Roy Reid was the first grandparent, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith were the most recently married, Margaret Frim- berger was the first married, and Mr. Howard Mannion received the door prize. Happy to be together for the 1927 re- union-Top Row: Mr. Charles Fernette, Mr. Elmer Schemm, Mrs. Adeline Smith, Mrs. Audrey Nelson, Mrs. Irene Turner, Rev. Fred Schimmer, Mrs. Matilda Jacques, Mrs. Doris Pendell, Mr. Fred- erick Gensiver, and class adviser, Mrs. O. N. Hilborn, the former Miss Janice Taylor. Seated: Mrs. Ruth Byron, Mrs. Helen Boch, Mrs. Charlotte Montgomery, and Mrs. Virginia Bluem Boyse. Arrangement Chairman, Mr. Elmer Schemm had the honor of introducing speakers for the evening. Mrs. Schemm and Mr. Martin Jacques along with many other guests and former classmates are enjoying the evening. In the background former principal of Arthur Hill Mr. George A. Manning and Mrs. Manning from Muskegon and Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Brock visit with banqueteers. Cabinet Members of the Parent-Teacher Association plan the year's activities. At a regular meeting arefMr. I. M. Brock, prin- cipalg Mrs. Clarence Stewart, teacher vice-presidentg Dr. G. E. Tiedke, father vice-presidentg Dr. Norman Westlund, presidentg Mrs. W. K. Anderson, mother vice-presidentg Mrs. William B. Keyser, corresponding secretary and historiang Miss Ethel A. Peterson, adviserg and Mrs. F. M. Aunger, membership chairman. Mr. C. M. Fischer, treasurer and Miss Mattie Crump, publicity were absent. Open House meetings twice a year give parents a chance to visit the teachers of their children. They carry the students' pro- gram for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Burrows Morley stop in to talk with Miss Ruth Patow, Buzz's English teacher. Dr. Arnold Gardey, general chairman, assists Mrs. Claude Kieft who is busy distributing potted plants for table prizes at the card party. Potluck dinners for advisory families are so popular that two must be planned. Each advisory plans a menu, decorates their own table. A student program and an election of oHicers for the next year completes the informal evening. Mrs. Elmer Schluck- bier, Dick's mother, pours coffee for Mr. Stanley Schubert's advisory group. The annual card party is the only money-making project that the P-TA has during the year. An evening at games offers an- other opportunity for parents and teachers to get together. Here Dr. and Mrs. Norman Westlund and Dr. and Mrs. Delbert Siler enjoy a game of cards. 1 l A fr-LM., Board of Education members serve the citizens of Saginaw who elect them to manage the public schools. Their regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at the Administration Building. Members: Mr. Heil M. Rockwell, treasurerg Mr. George D. Pross, business managerg Mr. Edward C. MacRae, Vice-presi- dentg Mr. Roswell Burrows, board member, and Mr. J. Robert Grube, secretary. Seated: Mr. Charles C. Coulter, assistant super intendent of schoolsg Dr. Raymond A. Hart, presidentg and Mr Chester F. Miller, superintendent. Business and Education Day sponsored by the Board of Education, County Superintend- ents, and Teachers' Club in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, found about 900 teachers as guests of 37 Saginaw places of business for a tour and luncheon guests. Institute Week calls teachers back to school for five days of meetings and planning before students arrive. The program of the week is planned and directed by the heads of county and city schools with a teacher planning com- mittee, A keynote speaker who is a leader in his field is brought in. Pictured are Mr. How- ard W. Cordford, County Superintendentg Mr. C. C. Coulter, Assistant Superintendent of Schoolsg speakers, Dr. J. Martin -Klotsche, President, Wisconsin State Teachers' Collegeg Dr. C. J. Rehage, Assistant Department of Psy- chology, University of Chicagog and Mr. Ches- ter F. Miller, Superintendent of During opening week student hostesses assist visiting teachers and guests. Senior girls assisting were Adelaide Brown, Joan Bell, Nancy Case, and Marilyn Downer. Seated: Dee Ette Galonska and Barbara Schools. Whitmer. . 5 - 5 ii E..-mf? it ,,,,..,,A .. ..... -..fx ii it iiiiiti an Faculty cabinet members represent teachers of Arthur Hill. e cabinet consults with Mr. I. M. Brock, chairman, on all school ans. The members are shown at a regular meeting. Members .e Mrs. Mary Stewartg Mr. James Ulrich, Mr. I, M. Brock, prin- palg Miss Norma Hileg Mr. Raymond Morrow, assistant prin- Representatives to the Saginaw ,Teach- ers' Club from Arthur Hill are-Standing: Mr. A. G. Dersch, Mr. James Ulrich, Mr. Robert Shorney, and Miss Bernice Fran- cis. Seated: Miss Cora Morgan, Miss Con- stance McWethy, and Miss Burnice Gibbs, chairman. These teachers attend city Teachers' Club meetings representing Ar- thur Hill. Eillicers of the Saginaw Teachers Club helped with the opening cipalg Mrs. Sallie Brown, junior adviser, Miss Ethel Peterson, dean of girls, Miss Irma Stockdale, senior adviser, Miss Mary Lewis, sophomore adviserg Mr. Clarence Stewart, Miss Helen Beesong and Mrs. Frances Hamlin. Missing from the picture is Mr. Kenneth Poulson. Hillites welcomed three new teachers to the 'faculty last semes- ek institute and represent approximately 800 teachers. Mrs. ter. New members are Mr. Prentice Ryan, Miss Susan Blitz, and rlia Jakes is secretary, Mr. G. M. Richards, president, and Miss Mr. Earl Mitchell. Mr. Duane Maas, not pictured, replaced Mr. nrraine Gay, vice-president. Miss Gladys Levi, treasurer, is Bryant Wilson at the beginning of the second semester. sent from the picture. From sophomores at an all-school pep session to seniors seeing their dream become a reality as they complete their high school career, Arthur Hill students come through with flying colors. Graduates leave behind them a permanent record of their achievements and the honors which they have earned . . . a record ttf be repeated and improved as Arthur Hill students become a umm. l HY ET? Xl A111-1s-n I2 I s.esw., Various artists and specialists appear on the program of the "Arthur Hill Symphony". Journalists concentrate on I deadlinesg dramatic stars appear in grease paintg apprentice scientists expound weighty theories. Some talk in Spanish, others in German or French. Some shout loudly in praise of football and basketball teamsg others talk enthusiastically to advertise parties and programs. All the Voices, however, blend into one great symphony. Many students have occupied 'cfirst chairv in organizations. The various organizations at Arthur Hill give countless students a chance to play "solo" parts and allow others to gain prominence in "en- semble" work. Any students who have special ability and are willing to work can find a group with similar interests here. The Score B 54 S ii gy E Choralier members are sophomores. Winning a superior 2a'fi0HS- Members are Barbara Russell, Karen Kama, Nancy rating in the state vocal music contest, these girls have enter- SteV.Ft, Sally Ward, Mary LOU Kleff, Sharon Klllcald, Mary tained for assemblies, church groups, and many civic organi- L01-1159 Hinds, and Hallie WatS011- Three instrumental ensembles and soloists won first division or highest honors in the state instrumental contest. Eight other Hillite groups won second division. A first division rating was given to the baritone duet. Playing a tricky melody on their baritones are Lois Tilley and Jim Greening. Saxophone sextet members won a first division rating. The group is composed of Joe Thompson, Dick Hummel, Bob Radina, W Donna Grashaw, Dick Hausler, and Dick Wenzel. i In drum solo, Walter Kemerer won state honor. Beating out a catchy rhythm Walt shows how he won the first place award, W l N e by l Dance chorus goes "bugs!" This statement is meant to be taken literally. The lady bug chorus line consisted of. Dee Galonska, Barbara Roche, Ann Wells, Marilyn Downer, Adelaide Brown, Janice Tech, Pauline Catrain, Carolyn Gilbert, Moonlight waltz line of the Band Bounce pre- sented color and dignity. Dancers are Edwina Blue, Nancy Rupp, Janet O'Brien, and Carole Scherpmg. Girls for the chorus lines are selected through all-school tryouts. Elfrieda Beyer's piano solo, "Va1se, Opus 42" by Chopin, was enjoyed by the jazz fans as well as the "long hairs" of the audience. Accordion duet in costumes of old "Italia", Mike Parisi and Yvonne Purigroski, might very well have stepped from the pages of a story book. Sally Hoag, Rachael Tiedke, Ann Metzger, and Nancy Ure. Portraying the parts of Tommy Tum- ble Bug and Lulu Lady Bug are Mary Middle- brook and Marcia Hehnkamp. Nancy Ellis depicts the part of a villainous looking spider. 27 ' ' Self appointed Pep Band, one of the most energetic organizations at Arthur Hill, lifts the school spirit on any occa- sion. John Kemp leads Terry Packard, John Leaman, Claude Lemmer, Jim Daly, Eugene Martin, and Bob Radina through the halls and around the gyms. Dixieland Band members give out with those hot notes of "St, Louis Blues". Hugh Halaby on the drums, David Mc- Dermid with his licorice stick, Charles Murdock beating the ivories, John Lea- man pumping his slide trombone, and Claude Lemmer giving out like Gabriel. Ukulele Trio singing and strumming their way into the hearts of students and faculty are Rod McIntosh, Don Tunney, and Jim Tucker. BOC Club offers its members a chance to solo and tour the community. Officers study a song for one of the club programs. Chuck Schultz is vice-presidentg Dick Schluckbier, presidentg Nan Cronin, treasurerg and Ruth Schultz, secretary. Reserve band, always ready to replace band members if the occasion arises are junior and sophomore musicians. Top Row: Bob Simpson, Zo Ann Wenzel, Gerald Wolfgram, Joyce Slater, Myron Dunbar, Ted Hackenberg, Ronald Mohn, Larry Lebsch, and Jerry Hunt. Second Row: Ronald Rea, James Vogt, Ralph Sommers, Larry Schrock, Donald Du- Charme, Victor Suppes, Mary Lou Fitch, Shirley Bailey, Dorothy Bowles, and Barbara Burk. Bottom Row: Roger Dit- tenber, Arreta Fritz, John Brown, Dave Mikula, Dick Porterfield, Ronald Von- dette, Jim Tucker, and Evelyn Booth. Harmonious barbershop melodies by Tom Lampel, Dick Schluckbier, Chuck Schultz, and Ernie Richman have entertained at school and civic affairs. Known as the Lost Chords, these boys hold rehearsals on, their own and perform for all Saginaw. Because of the size of the vocal music department, it has many student helpers to keep it in tip-top shape. Student director Bob Radina, president Chuck Schultz, and vice-president Jim Woodrow are in charge during rehearsals and in Miss Rachel Mc- Millan's absence. Inga Milkereit and Marie Pietsch are the music librarians. Band class officers for both semesters act as the behind-the-scene workers. Taking attendance, keeping the instruments in or- der, student direction, and seeing that in- struments are at the scene of a parade are the varied duties of Jim Ahlrich, first se- mester band manager, Dick Hausler, presi- dent, Al Spousta, first semester vice- president, Bob Radina, assistant band manager, Denny Princing, second semester vice-president, Judy Princing, second se- mester secretaryg Bonnie De La Vergne, first semester secretary, and Eugene Mar- tin, second semester band manager. 'Q 2:2 wx W 4 H' A Q Q f ! ' ' Q A, ff vga tg News gf ,W M A - ma, xL,, max. Q: f- Mzykgmgi innigg 2, K RN KH ,A we 'MQ 1 Mm? 1 QW. W ax M Ag ,J ,.- mi MM - t- A"f1:f1.v5Q,fJq,,- "' 'wfkfi 7-gg- I ,gf YL V ,M 'WML 3 VY: . W'-eff? x 'wk'- ., br yn sw f wwf? Rini W M L V 7-ats?L?YS2'f-f,:z1ff f 4 V .zififfq Nw ,- .L K I 2 - , .igariffsjgif ' " K A, K ' FQ-'iiifzf ' wi, K ss in X 'L x ,V , 1-..g-.Q -L4 ' ii 1 '-n f f ALJ, "w my ww. w ww . pw , , . gi, f-.. J' A N J ...... ' ' ' W ,L K A In xr'i+M,,?3?,L Yggw gxgwfi RRi,fll:S?LLu.f,,LJfh , dill' M I . . 5, . . 1 Aw Yjjl if-,B 14. L n 1 ' 4 51114 V M , LLYVV . .. , Wim A: M ' ws: ' ' V Mn-, W ,L My-1-y. .-,MW M W WA .- -.A,,..,....4,,,,..M,-...,.,,..L,..,...AMW..Q ,..f NW. . , , .V new ffa,m.i.,G if wf.fsgws-,??iirfe4iQYil5iM,i:mf , , , , .,.. fa, , . if H fs iz 'mrs .Plar:.f, 5:5 s' . V, 1 ggw.z5:zW:.ff4m,1aszg1sz.fw - A V. ag 5 , 1 , .... ' Q Wi! .1 it I ' 3-ze: . . ,. ' - N ,,,. FH : lY1:'E2Z1 1 3 4 ' - I V sz. fiifi' Q, 5 ' ,pi ' meer Qw- iff y:.amww '.fe,'f-rw .- .. .Vg gg: V- -vi ' W,,.,My rw. :rf mf .ff j ,,.,:rw,i?j3?ffTQf'5l?4lf1'l?'fi Qi g 1 . mama-0 mv... 'wigs-:. f5f's',512ss3i5g5 7 7 .... . Q 1' Qm' f,1 Q g.AV K. ,ss " 35:29 5. ,. ,L.. Nw, . . wa,-Q.fw1a::ffe :sf f A ' .. M, .V f2Egif,g?S . .. T ,' Qggwz if Cf",-, :i?WEtSil A 'yiillfilfiiigf lfiQ5f7f2f5f?k ff' Xi--lf :fr??FWf" ' A .. M . t .. ag Q ff.: -fc . - .1.x,,' . i gs. .i.v14.,e,g:-,r filsfwff rf ' , 1 ' 1 . - .f - 32? , ' 2 V it in H .- . A, :+L ' 5- - ZA- . '- ,wr . ' rw gzrs.f.f1vawfzr7m:fa . F . ' - 'E? .5,a . -'a.J'f 57374 ' ' QV. 1 1:x.:5'Y', .19 if ffT'Q:JM271'x55-di i n if V , W Q ' . f ' - 4' Nfl.-,re7.lQ.,.1,.-vzgxwiff ' ifram e? f' J 4 T W 5-,St V 3. Mgfyfi iff 155 f . ia M ':'5?y:"fx s'iw.'a.'gif' :-.' ..' " Lyfqlw ' t" ' YET' if K. 'L 'jfww + , ,. 1, V .ef 'F' - --1 ',,i-CL. '1AT5.f,,':' ,' J. 'iilijflg ., T ef L T i' 4, -.,- Phyllis Ward, majorette leader, assumed full responsibility for training the other six girls for the precision twirling routines seen at football games and parades. Drxun majors all the way-leading the marching band are seniors, Allen Spousta and Bob Radina. Batons and whistles talk directions for all band formations. Drum majorettes in military uniforms add snap and color to any parade or foot- ball half time. Barbara Bauer, Mary Ann Kingsbury, Jerry Barrenscheer, Phyllis Ward, Joan Niebel, Elaine Inman, and Penny La Flair represented the school this year. Jerry, Phyllis, Elaine, and Mary Ann received band letters for two years of strutting. Concert Band members portray a dual role. Each fall they march at football games, but in the spring they become the dignified concert band taking part in the Spring Music Festival and Band Bounce. A cappella choir members represent Arthur Hill in public appearances such as assemblies, civic pr , b meetings, concerts, and church services. Top Row: Edwin Fabricius, Maurice Swarthout, Claude Lemmer, Peter Keyser, Roy Beyerlein, James Reimer, John Kemp, Lawrence Passon, Larry Cantu, Charles Schultz, Don Bruns, Marwood Frank, Willard Wallgren, Clifford Klein, James Geetlng, James Daly, Jim Perry, Paul Smith, John Hilbrandt, Garth Westendorf. Third Row: Duane Thon, Dale Downey, Jerry Hoffman, Herbert Neuwirth, Joan Payne, Audrey Hull, Gay Gage, Barbara Cherry, Phyllis Schaberg, Dick Schluckbier, Bob Radina, Dennis Waters, Leonard Gerkin, George Clayton, Paul Reserve girls' choir combines with the girls' choir for concerts given at Arthur Hill. These girls are always ready and willing to fill in wher- ever they are needed. Top Row: Carol Hauman, Cecilia Dierich, Barbara Campeau, Mary Ann Pahssen, Doris Bremer, Ann Fulco, Julia Brinkman, Barbara Deichman, Pat Garske, Eileen Emery, Mary McMath, Janice Kloha, Judy Young, Carla Reinke. Third Row: Elaine Hemmeter, Jerry Donnenwerth, Margaret Taschner. Ruth Sheltraw, Leona Rithman, Bonnie Gidley, Dale Chiaravano, Pauline Trea, Emma Jean Collison, Marianne London, Martha Harvie, Donna Giuliani, Elaine Grossman, Girls' choir members sing in six part harmony in the annual Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert, and Band Bounce. Top Row: Ruth Davies, Margaret Metina, Francis Doran, Ardith Parks, Sally Thomas. Kay Geiger, Mary Frick, Rochele Smoder, Doris Fanger, Kay Woolgar, Nancy Stoddard, Sigrid Epple, Joan MacArthur, and Pearline Callas. Third Row: Susie White, Ruth A11en,- Erna Kobs, Joan Moreau, Joyce Zegelein, Lois Golden, Barbara Krauss, Shirley Gullifor, Kathleen Dungey, Sue Guy, Joan Gorney, Rosemarie LeFevre, Janet Bailey, Anna Dee, and Grace Gorton. Second Row: Donna Parker, Merle Holland, Joanne Habeck, Bonnie Mier, Inge Milkereit, Barbara Munger, Marlene McMillan, Arlene Miller, Andria Hartner, Kay Batten, Darlene Clark, Nancy Sorgatz, Joann Elliott, Beverly De Shone, Sandra Davis, Beverly Lieffers. Patricia Maeder, Marion Reynolds, Shirley Little. First Row: Barbara Wazny, Marge LeCronier, Ruth Schultz, Betty Raymond, Sandra Van Derstein, Sally Dezelsky, Judy Richards, Joanne Hibbard, Ann La Londe, Dorothy Reed, Marie Pietsch, Judy Qualman, Mary Stricker, Bernice Geyer, Doris Engerer, Nancy Yarmuth, Lila Basner, and Barbara Leaman. Laurie Ann Berg. Second Row: Angelina Hurney, Mary Jones, Nancy Felker, Barbara Binsinger, Norma Bigger, Treva Cooper, Dorothy Vasey, Corrine Schultz, Betty Scherzer, Joyce Hodgins, Audrey Stevens, Helen Oatten, Judy Aldrich, Joyce Hunter. First Row: Louise Rhule, Janice O"Donnell, Shirley Garno, Jan Perry, Dee Pflueger, Edith Burr, Marianne Speace, Noreen Cottrell, Ruth Buckner, Ruth Wiess, Pat Callas, Marlene Seigreen, and Rosemary Seibert. Lamia. Second Row: Lila Parks, Gayle Reinold, Pat Scherping, Francis Osmond, Lilah Powlus, Audrey Mingus, Ann Galaster, Joanne Dieke, Kay Saukey, Iris Hanaman, Catherine Smith, Kay Davis, Rae Ann Barber, and Barbara Ball. First Row: Phyllis DeShone, Sally Cherry, Lorraine Parks, Delores Fredrick, Kay Gerow, Elizabeth Hilbrandt, Sandra Langschwager, Eliza- beth Hurney, Ruth Mannion, Barbara Anderson, Janice Rosien, Myrna Wolfe, Janice Winterstein, Mary Schwartz, and Deanna Proux. is i E E X S Ea 5 X 5' ? ?' l 5 SWR The reserve a cappella choir under the direction of Miss Rachel McMillan is used to augment the other choirs of Arthur Hill. Harmonizing in the annual Sring Concert are-Top Row: Calvin Caster, Alfred LaFreniere, Hugo Karp, Bob Berg, Roy Beyerlein, Bob Reed, Ernest Wiel, John Kemp, Andy Austin, Tom Reinke, Tom Lampel, Bob Bowden, Harry Brooks, and Dennis Hartner. Third Row: Joann Dalton, Ruth Brownrigg, Mary Ann Cutting, Yvonne Ballard, Joy Riselay, Carole Parker, Gretta Westin, Beatrice Allington, Lois Lincoln, Ellen Luenberger, and Evelyn Vocal music under the direction of Miss Rachel McMillan entertains at assemblies, Christmas Pageants, graduation ceremonies, and concerts besides singing for civic clubs and church services. The a cappella choir and boys' choir have made recordings for national con- tests. They augmented the presentations of Bach's "St. Boys' choir members, winner of a state vocal music award, is an extracurricular activity with practices held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school. Singing at the spring concert are-Top Row: Earl Somerville, Eugene Martin, Charles Mur- doch, Hugo Karp, Bob Berg, Peter Keyser, Roy Beyerlein, Don Bruns, Charles Schultz, Marwood Frank, Willard Wallgren, Tom Lampel, James Geeting, James Daly, James Perry, Paul Smith, John Senn, Garth Westendorf. Third Row: Claude Lemmer, Allen Spousta, Paul Schultz, Lear. Second Row: Sally O'Brien, Judy Medcalf, Barbara Fink, Carol Garcia, Elaine Wagner, Edna Beutow, Carol Benway, Judy Wal- kenesdorfer, Marie Weber, Joan Niederstadt, Kathleen Hansen, Rosemary Veitengruber, and Catherine Morrello. First Row: Esther Alberts, Pat Boivin, Bernice Geyer, Susan Hess, Kay Garner, Margaret Frost, Karen Russell, Mary Lou Sager, Pat Kabat, Eva Jean Railling, Shirley Hartsell, Shirley Goslin, and Joan Niebel. Matthew's Passion," by the University of Michigan choir and Handel's "Messiah," by the Saginaw ,Civic Chorus. The members of the choir are chosen by Miss Rachel McMillan for their voice strength, pitch, and musical abilities. "Balance and coordination are neces- sary for a good choir," says Miss McMillan. Ernest Wiel, Lawrence Passon, Dick Hummel, Charles Denton, Dick Hausler, Dick Schluckbier, Bob Bowden, Dennis Waters, Leonard Gerkin, Andy Austin, and Tom Reinke. Second Row: Maurice Swarthout, Brad Zuver, Melvin Devers, Jerry Hoffman, Ray Curran, Dale Downey, Bob Radina, George Clayton, John Leaman, Paul Gorton, Harry Brooks, and Dennis Hartner. First Row: Dick Wenzel, Alfred LaFreniere, Calvin Caster, Duane Thon, John Kemp, Bob Reed, and Larry Cantu. 777 , N English Study consists of college or non-college courses. Among the many projects during a student's three years are: the illustration of a selected short story by sophomores, the reading of The House of the Seven Gables by juniors, the writing of a one thousand word theme by seniors, and required spelling in each grade. 1Vliss Irma Stockdale is English Department chairman. Representative of all seniors the night before the thousand word theme deadline is Beverly Dillon, seen here putting on the finishing touches. Seniors always regret the last minute rush when they find how interesting their subject matter really is. In senior English, Mrs. Frances Hamlin assists seniors Dick Gremel, Nan Cronin, Glenn Knoll, Carol Gushen, and Marvin McIntosh in the selection of plays from a varied assortment on her desk. In sophomore English, Dixie Coughran diagrams a sentence for Ernest Dijak. Second semester literature gives a taste of form and vocabulary study. 34 Reading short stories for vocabulary and style occupies a good deal of the time in junior English. Mrs. June O'Dell explains the technique of short story writing to Judy Constantine, Lou Ann Heck, John Schallhorn, Bill Anderson, and Yvonne Purigroski. While preparing for this year's debate question, "Resolved, that the Atlantic Pact nations should form a federal union," Ed Richter, Darlene Moreland, Joyce Marti, Beverly DeShone, Helen Nusz, Barbara Armstrong, Barbara Whitrner, Marlene Ga- lonska, Dick Wenzel, and Nan Joy Cronin compare their notes on the negative and af- firmative sides. Mrs. Nancy Baxter, instruc- tor, coached this group to fifth place in the Valley Tournament. Finalists in the Saginaw Valley Foren- sic League's tournament are Karen Wooll, Helen Nusz, Delores Arriaga, Joyce Marti, Ruth Allen, Polly Stormont, and Paul Chamberlin. Joyce placed second in the Valley and competed in the regional contest at Lansing. In speech class, Beverly DeShone makes a point in a practice speech with poise and confidence. Classmates look- ing on are Darlene Moreland, Barbara Whitmer, and Marlene Galonska. "Variety" is the slogan of the Arthur Hill assembly series. On the more humorous side are found the Boys' Student Organization Assembly and the all-school tal- ent show. Serious entertainment is provided by Arthur Hill's Christmas gift to the community, the Christmas Pageant, and the annual Award and Honor Assemblies in the spring. In addition to student programs are a number of carefully selected professional artists. All programs are open to the public, the balcony being re- served for the guests. Programs Offered During 1952-53 "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" was presented for the Student Organization Assembly by the following group: Mike Sverid, Bob Schlaefke, Don Brady, Ed Blue, Jerry Doyle, Jim Woodrow, Bob Pumford, John Greene, Jim Markle, Bob Becker, Howard Schmidt, and Al Keyser. January .................. Debate-Saginaw High vs. Arthur Hill Hedley Hepworth-Impersonations February .... .................... S tudent Program March ..... ..,..................... T alent Show George Campbell-Song Leader April .... ...................,.......... S tudent Program Awards Assembly May .............. National Honor and Honor Alumnus Program Senior Day Assembly September ............................. Pruth McFar1in-Tenor October ..... .... B oys' Student Organization Penalty Assembly Homecoming-Crowning of Queen November ..... ........... A rmistice Day Memorial Service Thanksgiving Pep Session December .... ........... i ....... L ewis Shannon-Speaker Christmas Pageant "A Christmas Carol" Bill Booth introduced Dr. Gerald Priestly, a well-known world lecturer and traveler. Dr. Priestly spoke on "The Challenge of the 20th Century". Barbara Whitmer assisted Mr, Louis Shannon in his program dealing with the history of Celluloid. The program was sponsored by the DuPont Company John Kemp and Jim Wagner drew many hearty laughs with their cycle act. The boys of the school entertained the girls as a genalty for losing the annual Student Organization Membership rive. 86 The grand finale of the Christmas Pageant depicts the peaceful Dickens' "Christmas Carol" was presented this yearg next year serenity of the nativity. Carol Curtain is shown as Mary, and "Emmanuel"g and the next, "Why the Chimes Fang". Hillites see Robert Wolfgram as Joseph. The Christmas pageant is the school's all three programs during their stay at Arthur Hill. The program gift to the community. For this program three plays are rotated. is always closed with the nativity scene. "Overtones", a one act play, was the senior group presentation in the Arts-Dramatics Club Play Tournament. Participants were Bonnie Niederstadt, Myrna Yancer, Joan Randall, and Dee Galonska. Arts-Dramatics Club calls all students interested in dramatics. The group sponsors the Christmas Pageant and the play tourna- ment and meets the first and third Monday for theater chatter. Marilyn Heath is vice-presidentg Carla Almquist, treasurerg and Ruth Schultz, president. Missing is Nan Cronin, secretary. In "A Christmas Carol", solicitors Gerry Herbert and Joe Thompson meet with the tyranical Ebenezer Scrooge, Dittmar Finke. Impoverished employee, Bob Cratchit, Robert Wolfgram, Works in fear. 1, "Cheaper by the Dozenv was this year's first semester play. l Here, Dick Schluckbier has a moment of indecision while Dick , Wenzel, Jack Galsterer, Gerry Herbert, Nancy Rupp, Marcia 1 Flucke, and Pat Ashbaugh wait apprehensively. Confident of their daughter's, Nancy Rupp, abilities, Father and Mother Gilbreth, Dick and Marcia, watch teacher Pat Harden correct her exam paper. Mrs. Gilbreth, Marcia, attempts vainly! to convince her belligerent husband, Dick, that dating isn't the wicked pastime he! thinks it is. Q Part of the Gilbreth dozen awaits Fa-1 ther's inspection. Standing at attention! are Jerry Hoffman, Don Daenzer, Pai Ashbaugh, Polly Stormont, Dick Wenzel, Jack Galsterer, and Deanna Proux. i "Quality Street", by Sir James M. Barrie, was this year's senior play. This old fash- ioned love story took place during the Na- poleonic wars. Members of the cast not shown are Valentine Brown, played by Dick Schluckbierg Patti, Barbara Whitmerg Har- riet, Judy Richards, Lieutenant Spicer, Al Glasbyg recruiting sergeant, Ed Richter, sol- diers: Jerry Hoffman, John Hackett, and Gerry Herbertg ladies, Pat Rennert and Joan Bohnhoff. Anything so gala as a ball is bound to create some excitement. Here discussing the event are Ensign Blades, Bruce Sanders, and Charlotte Parrat, Nan- J oy Cronin, Good posture, stomach in and chest out, is a fact which Ruth Schultz, Miss Phoebe, is trying to impress upon Jack Galsterer, Georgie. School children, Lou Ann Schallhorn and Bonnie Nie- derstadt are discussing this action while Dick Wenzel watches from under his dunce cap. Coniidem of her suitor's proposal, Ruth Schulz, as Miss Phoebe, tells her sister Joan Randall as Susan, the good news. Prying into other peoplels affairs occupies most of the time of these old maids. Shown here discussing a neighborhood scandal are Jean Irving as Miss Willoughby, Dixie Williams as Miss Hen- rietta, and Serena Gray as Miss Fanny. Joan Randall as Miss Susan, overhears their remarks. Conferences with the printer prove valuable in the editing of a yearbook. Jean Boch, editor of the 1953 Legenda, discusses layout with Mr. A1 Weath- erly, printer representative of this year's book. Senior members of the Legenda staif supervise all pictures and stories that make up the yearbook and share the responsibilities of yearbook editing with their adviser, Miss Mattie G. Crump. Staff members are-Back Row: Bill Morris, Ken Will- man, Adelaide Brown, Jerry Barrenscheer, Eugene Budd, and Barry MacRae. Center Row: Barbara Gierow, Gwen Brockless, Marilyn Downer, Serena Gray, Jean Trinklein, Lou Ann Schallhorn, Shirley Sherman, and Jean Boch. Front Row: Nancy Case, Phyllis Ward, and Pat Boyle. Quill-Scroll, international honor society for high school journalists, meets to honor publication students and promote journal- ism. The group co-sponsors the Honor Alumnus recognition, plans the fall and spring trips to state press meetings, and enters individual and group writing in na- tional competition. Miss Mattie Crump is the faculty sponsor. Treanor Chapter offi- cers are Margaret Bueker, first semester secretary, Sue Shorney, presidentg Dee Galonska, vice-presidentg Shirley Sherman, second semester secretary, Carol Rice, first semester pledge masterg and Adelaide Brown, second semester pledge master. For being the best high school newspaper in Michigan, the John S. Knight Trophy was awarded by the Michigan State College journalism department in behalf of the Detroit Free Press. Sue Shorney, 1953 Arthur Hill News Edi- tor and 1952 Junior Journalist Award win- ner, accepts the trophy for the school from Al Hansen, '51 Legenda editor who repre- sents Michigan State College school of journalism. For being the top advertising managers in the nation in Class A high schools, Jerry Barrenscheer and Kathleen Greer were awarded the Vincent Edwards Socrates Junior Award. Arthur Hill News is the first high school publication in Michigan to re- ceive this honor. Pat Ashbaugh and Julie Hoffman deliver the school news every Thursday over Radio Station WSGW. This weekly broadcast cov- ers school life for the community. Senior members of the Arthur Hill News staff direct the compiling of the news. Senior journalists-Standing: Dick Schluckbier, reporterg Jeanne Russell, associate editor, Margaret Bueker, business managerg Russ Luplow, sports page. Seated: Nancy Kneuss, managing editor: Sue Shorney, editor-in-chiefg Dee Galonska, editorial pageg and Pat Humpal, business manager. News underclassmen are reporters and edit the junior issue of the News. Each stu- dent must have fifty inches of copy pub- lished before his name can appear in the masthead. Standing: Gale Kleinert, Rose- mary Veitengruber, Judy Holland, Bar- bara Bullock, Marcia Flucke, Dick Simpson, Janet, Kwaiser, Joyce Minns, Luanne Cooper, Charlene Campbell, Judy Constan- tine. Seated: Dick Wenzel, Mary Ann Muehlenbeck, Pat Ashbaugh, Carol Rice, Junior issue editorg Rachel Tiedke, and Dick Ault. 41 In world history class students are able to compare the prob- lems of the modern world with those of the old world. Joyce Dubay, Hyatt Carter, Beatrice Allington, Connie Barry, and Phyliss Bussey listen to an explanation of a chapter by Mr. Pren- tice Ryan. Barbara Anderson and Norm Meyer lo- cate some of the South American coun- tries on the map and globe in their study of different lands and peoples. The type of soil and climate of these countries are described by Mr. R. George Purdy. Norma Powers gives a report from the AMERICAN OBSERVER. These current events are the basis of class discussion. The class listens and then discusses the topic. Standing are Paul Smith and Ted Schmidtg seated are Inge Milkereit, Dave Johnson, Jo Ann Pockrandt, John Slachta, Louise Vasold, and Marie Ederer. Social Science at Arthur Hill includes world and American history, geography, government, economics, psychology, art of living and such extra curricular ac- tivities as Government Day, Y-Teens, Hi-Y Clubs. Through these courses of study students have a better understanding of city, state, national and world events. They obtain a deeper appreciation of the problems of all mankind and recognition of their part in these affairs. Social Science, American history, government, and economics, are required. For a major a student may add world history. Studying a unit in class are Marlene Glick, Joan Green, Pauline Nichols, Shirley Sager, Dale Wakeman, and Larry White. Mrs. Sallie M. Brown, Social Science Department Head, answers questions. Bonnie Niederstadt, city clerk, and Vic Landeryou, city councilman, confer with Saginaw News reporter Edward Miller on the various meetings and events of the Student Government. County Government Day, December 1 and Student Government Day, March 28 gave seniors a chance to participate in and to better understand the jobs of local and county officials. Mr. Lawrence Sav- age, administrative assistant, speaks to student ofiicials from Arthur Hill and Saginaw High Schools at the annual Stu- dent Government Day sponsored by Sag- inaw City govermnent and the local post of the American Legion. In the city and national wide Crusade for Freedom campaign the student body sent freedomgrams and contributions overseas. A film and talk were presented at an all-school assembly in December. Mr. Edward Littel explains to Hans Hen- necke and Marilyn Downer about the people who receive these messages. Mr. Ralph Andrews, '45 Arthur Hill alumnus, presented the film and gave a talk. 44 Y-Teens is a girls' service club under the supervision of the Young Women's Christian Association. Participation in planning service projects and combined social meetings with Hi-Y provides op- portunity for individual growth. Norma Powers is vice-presidentg Eunice Bowen, presidentg and Joyce Brieske, treasurer. Miss Susan Blitz is club sponsor. The Hi-Y Club introduces boys to the work of a service organization. With funds earned through social functions such as the sale of candy at basketball games and co-sponsoring student dances with the Y-Teens after games, the boys presented the school with a special type of film projector. Tom Lampel is vice- presidentg Mr. James Ulrich, club sponsorg Melvin Devers, presidentg and Allen Reeves, treasurer. The Miracle Book Club meets twice a week before school for a morning devo- tional period and also sponsors spiritual and social projects for church youth fel- lowship. Mary Jane Heitkemp is treasur- erg Ella Jo Robinson, secretaryg Miss Ger- trude Turner, adviserg and Lorraine Kruske, president. During the sophomore and junior years boys and girls alike study art of living which includes orientation, manners, budgeting, and vocational guidance. Mr. David Gainey demonstrates the proper way to tie a tie to John Becker. Larry Schrock and Ken Specht get a few tips, also. Vocational guidance is an important project undertaken in sophomore art of living. Arlee Ann Rosenberg and Hallie Watson check their references. Sue Wynne, Mary Bohnoff, Janice Vollmer, and Sharon Tessman write up their find- ings from their notes. Future Teachers of America Club offers tips on the profession. A trip to Central Michigan College to' visit the training school and a tea invitation from a local teachers' sorority encourage those looking to teaching. Jean Irving, Judith Holland, and Nancy Case signed up for the trip. Business trends, problems, and opera- tions are studied for one semester in economics class. Mr. Bryant Wilson ex- plains a theory to Edwina Blue, Joanne Elliott, Eugene J utzi, and Art Keith. Future Farmers of America Club members examine their honor award, the De Kalb Plaque. This award is given to the outstand- ing senior agriculture student each year in the awards assembly. Carl Rossman is club reporterg Tom Lampel, secretary, Jerry Halm, treasurerg Mr. Howard H. Lytle, adviserg Bob Bowden, reporterg Eugene Budd, vice-presidentg Don Turner, president, and Harry Brooks, vice-president. Biology includes the study of animal and plant life. Sue Kessel examines a dissected frog during a laboratory period . Alchemists is an honorary club for girls in chemistry classes. In home and school meetings, Barbara Gierow, vice-presidentg Lois Congrove, president, and Pat Boyle, secretary-treasurer, preside as officers. In physics Angelo Suino, Doreen Staley, and John Schwinck try an experiment with a resonating tube to better understand the principles of sound. Biology, physics, chemistry, agri- culture, and homemaking are the classes offered in the science cur- riculum. The clubs of this depart- ment provide many hours of after school enjoyment. Mr. A. G. Dersch is Science Department Head. K Biology Club officers review their study of the frog. The club work of- fers opportunity for nature hikes and special study reports. Dee Galonska is secretaryg Nancy Bailey, presidentg Marilyn Heath, treasurerg and Ar- nold Ruskin, vice-president. In chemistry Sandra Van Derstein and Ronald Lange conduct experi- ments amid an array of bottles and test tubes of the laboratory section of the chemistry rooms. Senior agriculture students conduct their own class. Carl Rossman demonstrates the principle of the oil bath air cleaner Eugene Budd is the 1953 outstand- ing senior in the agriculture classes. Eugene received the DeKalb Award in assembly. Crucibles Club membership honors boys who excel in chemistry. Hans Hennecke is presidentg John Barsch, secretary-treasurerg and Dick Haus- ler, vice-president. Homemaking students learn to sew, cook, and care for a home with grace and efficiency. Ann Lalonde hems a dish towel for a practical gift. In Future Nurses Club talks on nursing, trips to industrial plants, and doing a play for the Saginaw Medical Society Auxil- iary were led by Roberta Raupp, secre- tary, Janice Barth, vice-presidentg and Kerin Schrader, president. The poster typifies their dreams. Future Homemakers enjoy a mother-daughter tea, parties with the Future Farmers of America, and sponsoring a candy sale during the year. They also participate in regional, state, and national conventions. Mary Rodeitcher, treasurerg Dorothy Vasey, secretaryg Gale Kleinert, vice-president, and Jean Fether- olf, president, discuss plans for the next meeting. Interior decorating students learn to choose furniture and fabrics for a home. Effective room arrangement and family com- fort is their goal. Mrs. Helen Beyer inspects the work that Joann Heasty does on a dressing table. Solving mathematics problems takes up the major part of the Pythagoreans' activities. Judy Princing is treasurerg Gerry Her- bert, vice-president for the first semester, Dick Hausler, second semester presidentg Kerin Schrader, secretaryg Hans Hennecke, first semester presidentg and seated, Fred Ahlborn, second semes- ter vice-president. With the increased interest in mathematics as an elec- tive, two clubs-one of them new this Year-are now active at Arthur Hill. In addition to algebra, plane geometry, solid geome- try, and trigonometry, student interest turns to ad- vanced math through the Pythagoreans Club, which alternates discussions with proofs of advanced theories. The JETS, a new club, helps students to develop their interests in the various fields of engineering. With a total of 683 students enrolled in mathematics courses at Arthur Hill, 476 are on college math courses and 207 are taking refresher arithmetic. Paul Klempnow explains to Jim Righter and Donelda Turner the structure of a solid with which the study of solid geome- try deals. In algebra Janet Smith and Don Persons study a formula dealing with a right tri- angle. Algebra is a course in generalized mathematics. I JETS interests engineering minded stu- dents. Initial officers elected are-Sallie Slocum, secretaryg Arnold Ruskin, presi- dent, Charles Murdock, treasurerg and Dale Thiel, vice-president. M f' The Latin, French, German, and Spanish classes of- fered at Arthur Hill help students to achieve a broad- ened international outlook. Languages open the door to the appreciation of people and culture of other coun- tries which is so essential today in attaining world har- mony and peace. The department head is 1VIiss Gertrude Turner. Jim Hempstead shows Donna Hall points of interest in the tour of Paris by post-card that he has prepared for his French class project. Le Cercle Francais strives to further interest in the picturesque French language, civilization, and culture. Members learn of French fashions and trends from a Parisian magazine, Elle. The traditional pom-pom sale for the Turkey Day game helped to Hnance the club's projects. Treasurer Barbara Gierow, president Gwen Brockless, and secretary Marilyn Heath look over French class projects for possible program ideas. Vice-president Dee Galonska is missing from the picture. Outstanding in Latin Club is its unusual system of rank, based on the several classes of Roman society. Members must earn points in order to advance. The officers, point chairman Marilyn Downer, treasurer Carol McMacken, vice-president Pat Langdon, point chairman Angela Suino, president Joan Randall, and secre- tary Kerin Schrader begin preparation for the rank raising cere- mony under the direction of club sponsor Miss Gertrude Turner. Latin students make projects to supplement their class work. Donna Smith points out the row of seats in the Circus Maximus project as Arlene Beehler, Allen Pike, and Jack Galsterer look on. The Roman War March and other Roman pictures form an appropriate background for the Latin classes. . gr A M Q! '--' 1 5 , . ,gg ,Jag The silver key of the Junior Classical League was presented to Margaret Mark for outstanding service to the Latin Club. Jean Pettycrew received the France-Amerique medal awarded to the outstanding French student. The award is based on club par- ticipation, class work, and a national examination. Flower booths, Spanish style, featured colorful carnations at the Sombrero Swing. The Spanish Club is host at this all-school dance. Selecting flowers are Nelson Thomas and Rachel Tiedke. Marian Cesar, Mabel Delaney, and Diane Gilbert won medals awarded by the His- panic Society for excellence in second year Spanish. The girls were honored at the Awards assembly last April. In Spanish classes Nancy Rupprecht, Jerry Hoffman, Dale Han- on, and Doreen Staley use their knowledge of the language to ead Spanish literature. Students use sight, ear, and record repe- lition with first year work. Vocabulary and conversation are ressed in advanced Spanish. Spanish Club sponsors the Sombrero Swing, a seasonal party for the benefit of needy Mexican children, and enjoys movies that give background for their study. Vice-president Nila Harmony, first semester treasurer Diane Gilbert, first semester president Delores Arriaga, point chairman Doreen Staley, second semester president Janet Vogel, and second semester treasurer Rachel Tiedke discuss their plans for the year, 'W 1 :pw ' so . ' 1 4 , V, " K .W 1, fly' 8 ' , ' , ' I In German class students looking to science and travel careers master the diliicult script and vocabularly. The special project for the year was group caroling at Christmas. Don Bruns, class chairman, listens to John Rider as he tells of his experiences in Germany where he lived for two years. .Art entries winning prizes in the Woman's Club regional ex- hrbit and Judging, were the work of Anna Mae Willard, Wynifred Riser, and Joan Forbes. Mrs. Virginia H. Siehr is their instructor. Jim Luplow and Don Zastrow fill out blanks for the entry of their tempera paintings in the National Scholastic Art Awards contest. Products of their work show in the background. we , A 9 Q K it , . 1 .-7lg., f'4 Joan Forbes and Jack Otter entered oil paintings in the Na- tional Scholastic Art Award contest. They received results of their rating in May through the art issue of Scholastic Magazine. Marialyce McGinnis and Lorraine Parks draw their perspec tive of the hall, LeRoy Martin seeks a different angle. Arts and crafts students support all school activities with their talents. They decorate the halls with attrac- tive posters to advertise school events, trim the Christ- mas tree, construct scenery for dramatic productions, arrange displays in the corridor show cases, assist Red Cross and other civic enterprises and keep the school informed on the latest in art. Much of their work is submitted to various local, state, and national competition for grading through the de- partment head, Mrs. Virginia H. Siehr and Miss Eleanor Bangham, City Art Supervisor. In crafts class Jerry Donnenwerth, Joan Stark, Beverly Jones and Janet Dammann weave their rugs. This class project wa completed by all of Mr. Earl Mitchell's students. Jean Miller looks at some of the Christmas favors made by the art classes before they were sent to the boys in Korea. Jean played an important part in making these favors. Elaine Starch, Bonnie Streeter, and Sandra Benkert adjust one of the Christmas decorations that were hung in the art room. Gerald Kessel points out the Hoor design for a house he planned in Mr. A. A. Pieritz's mechanical drawing class. Richard Hahn, Leonard Zorn, and Ronald Clark listen as Gerald explains the plan to them. Jerry Martin puts the finishing touches on the table he built in Mr. Robert Barringer's shop class. Marcus Trea tests the finish. Joyce Benkert, Darlene Welch, and Warren Herring admire one of the many pictures sent by the Junior Red Cross from all corners of the world. The distribution of these paintings promotes international understanding and goodwill. ,w ?ffm'1""E'!"""' Q .AJ 1. Co-op Club members Gail Woolgar and Mary Ann Rodeitcher get advice from Mr. Raymond Hartman, coordinator in retailing. Outstanding students of Retail Co-op and Office Training Co-op have their names engraved on an honor plaque, Diane Harmon and Yvonne Petre were honored last year, manship in all its phases to prepare themselves for the busine world. Merchants of Saginaw take pride in lending material f the displays. Getting practical experience in arranging windo displays is Cleo Beem. Retailing students study the principles of advertising and sale: 1 Beatrice Scott and Lois aWeber are working on their practin bookkeeping sets which are graded at the end of a semester. Office machines are the problem of Barbara Johnson, Irer Schiefer, and Doris Geyer. Business concerns large and sms require machine operation knowledge. Hillite Co-op Club is composed of retailing and office training students. Buying an opaque projector for the audio-visual de- partment with the profits of their money-making activities proved a school service. Officers are-standing: Alice Bauer, program chairman, Ruth Blosser, secretaryg and seated: Barbara Mann, vice-president, and Ruth Chartrand, president. There are three classes in retailing totaling sixty-eight students among whom are forty occupational trainees and fifteen part time workers. The other students take the course out of interest only. The sixty- three Christmas trainees enrolled in ten special session courses in November. Forty of these found jobs over the holidays. Taking dictation in shorthand from Mrs. Hazel Gunther are Sue Stamm and Cairl Modrall. Monthly Gregg stand- ard tests are given to shorthand and transcription classes to determine and encourage speed and efficiency. In typing class Mr. Robert Shorney looks over the work of Student Store features school supplies. Carol Benway, Lenore Anita Butterfield. Typists are constantly achieving new goals Brennen, and Yvonne Ballard are among attendants who are on in speed, rhythm, and accuracy to acquire professional duty during fourth hour under the direction of Mr. Raymond standards. Hartman. Football Homecoming. In preparation, the student body chooses their queen, crowns her in assembly, dines her before the game, and presents her on the field to lettermen past and present. In the queen's court were Pauline Catrain, Barbara Armstrong, Phyllis Ward, Marilyn Little, Attendant Bonnie Niederstadt, Queen Ruth Schultz, Attendant Pauline Nichols, Margaret Buek- er, Marjorie Sting, Dorothy Thompson, and Marilyn Heath. Get set. Muscles tense as the starter raises his gun to start the high hurdles in a dual track meet with Flint Northern. Surprise! Nelson Thomas, the 1954 swimming captain, receives his letter from Coach David A. Gainey. Those seated at the table are Mr. Frank Walsh, sports director of Radio Station WBCM, Bay City, and Coach Matt Mann of the University of Michigan. Mr. Mann is also American Olympic Swimming Coach. 56 'N Yea Team! Yell is the password of these eight Hillites chosen to lead the cheering at all pep sessions and games. Cheerleaders are Captain Bonnie Niederstadt, Shirley Jones, Jane Dupree, Barbara Mann, Sue Stamm, Marjorie Sting, Janice Michalski, and Dolores Durham. Relax. Basketball managers Don McGlaughlin and Kelly Hendricks take a minute to look around the gym before the start of one of Arthur Hillls home basketball games. , ,, . . - . . h Whos who. The lineup for the Arthur Hill Saginaw Hig basketball game is posted bv Ron Lange on the new board that f .elm f ia" A ' iw- ' Varsity Football Squad-Top Row: Jim Righter, Bruce Smith, Ted Wallace, Ward Schanhals, Ronald Wright, Jim Rappuhn, Dick Mohnk, Max Dietrich, Jim Hempstead, Jack Stroebel, Orrin Geeting, Bob Schlaefke, Don Birnbaum. Second Row: Assistant Coach Prentice Ryan, Manager Keith Wing, John J eifords, Ernie Richmond, Carolton Averill, Alex Waier, Dick Hill, Jim Wilson, Bob Landeryou, Jerry Miller, Dennis Garcia, Bill Morris, Ted Luzenske, and Manager Dick Weinberg. Third Row: Assistant Valley Standings Won Lost Tied Bay City Central . . . . .. 5 0 0 Flint Northern 4 1 0 'Arthur Hill .... 2 3 0 "iPontiac ......... .... 2 3 0 Flint Central ..... .... 1 3 1 Sa inaw 0 4 1 g ............ . . "'fTie for 3rd placej Junior Varsity Players-Top Row: Ron Zeilinger, Ernie Dijak, Al Birnbaum, Tom Cherry, Tony Olvera, Tom Byron, Detmar Finke, Coach William Vondette. Seeend Row: Manager Roger Dittenber, Arthur Shields, Bob Kearful, George Clauss, John Eglotf, Ron Vondette, Dick Morford, Frank Rosegren. Third Row: Coach Charles Fowler, Manager Gerald Carrick, Jerry Young, Jim Rider, Ken Specht, Russ Lincoln, J ack Young, Bob Plater. Bottom Row: John Walker, John Walcott, Ron Herman, Tom Jones, James Gallagher, Bill McMahon, Bill Feldt, and Ernie Richman. Coach Robert Bar-ringer, Manager Bob Pumford, Bob Kearfl Bill Plater, Ed Blue, Bob Neuman, Al Reeves, Jim Woodrow, Bc Wolfgram, Roy McEwen, Bob Garlo, Dale Hanson, Jim Harmon and Manager Bob Becker. Bottom Row: Coach Kurt Kampe, Ji Munger, Mike Sverid, Art Engle, Al Keyser, Phil Serrin, Capta Vic Landeryou, Tom Anderson, Don Weichert, Jim Markle, Ru Luplow, Jack Gallagher. J. V. Football Arthur Hill .... 19 Bay City Handy ..... .. T Arthur Hill .... 31 Owosso ........... t Arthur Hill .... 37 Saginaw ...... .. . Arthur Hill .... 6 Pontiac ........ . .. Arthur Hill .... 19 Flint Central ..... 1. Arthur Hill .... 13 Bay City Central ..... .. t Arthur Hill .... 27 Flint Northern .... .. t Varsity Record Arthur Hill .... .... 2 6 Lansing Eastern .... G. R. Catholic ..... .... 1 9 Arthur Hill ..... Muskegon ..... .... 2 7 Arthur Hill ,,,,, Arthur Hill ...... .... 1 4 Pontiac ....,.,, , Flint Central ..... .... 1 4 Arthur Hill .... Bay City ......... .... 4 9 Arthur Hill .... 1 Flint Northern .... .... 1 4 Arthur Hill .... , Arthur Hill ...... .... 1 9 Midland ...... 1 Arthur Hill ............. 14 Saginaw .... 1 Blue jerseys, maize pants, and plas- tic helmets of the new varsity uni- forms made an impressive sight as the squad came on the field for the 1952 football season. The Hillites finished the season with a record of four wins and five defeats. The teams bowing to the Blue and Gold were Lansing Eastern, Pontiac, Midland, and Saginaw High. The high spot of the season came in the Turkey Day game with Arthur Hill behind 12 to 7 and two minutes to play. The big moment came when Russ Luplow threw 32 yards to cap- tain Vic Landeryou for a touchdown. Art Engle kicked the extra point to give Arthur Hill a 14 to 12 victory. Junior Varsity football boys played an undefeated season of seven wins and one tie. Players outstanding in varsity ac- tion included: Jim Markle: Although only five foot seven, Jim played a lot of ball for Jim Markle Victor Landeryou the Hillites at his offensive fullback position. Captain Victor Landeryou: Vic played both offensive and defensive end. Russell Luplow: As a letterwinner for three years, Russ played safety defensively and saw service as an of- fensive halfback. Don Birnbaum: "Tonto", as he is known to the fellows, played at tackle defensively. His play won him a spot on the All-Valley team. Don Wiechert: Don played both of- fensive and defensive halfback. His defensive play earned him a spot on the All-Valley squad. Phillip Serrin: Phil, linebacker on defensive and center on offensive, kept the single-wing attack moving with his consistent playing. Dale Hanson: "Satch", as he is bet- ter known, did such a fine job at line- backer and offensive quarterback that his team mates elected him captain for the 1953 season. Russell Luplow Don Birnbaum Dale Hanson Phillip Serrin Don Wiechert: Varsity basketball squad members. Sitting: Jim Woodrow, Bill Davis, Jerry Thick, Dick Kruse, Mike Sverid, Dale Hanson, Dick McMahon, Don Weichert, Orrin Geeting, Vic Landeryou, Bob Weinberg, Manager Don McGlauglin, and Coach Charles Fowler Becker, and Jim Markle. Standing: Manager Kelly Hendrick, Al Arthur Hill Lansing Sexton ......... Arthur Arthur Arthur Hill Hill Hill Flint Northern .... .... Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill 1953 Basketball Record Midland ........ Arthur Hill ..... Bay City Central. ...... . Flint Central G. R. Catholic... Arthur Hill ..... Pontiac . ...... .. Saginaw High . . . Bay City Central. Flint Central .... Flint Northern .. Midland . ....... Pontiac ......... Saginaw High . . . Muskegon ..... Tournament Bay City Central ........ 56 Arthur Hill ..... Junior Varsity 1952-53 Record Arthur Hill ..... Lansing Sexton . Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill .... Flint Northern .. Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill .... . Bay City Central ........ Flint Central .... Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill ..... Midland................33 ArthurHill.............29 . ..... Bay City Central ........ 47 FlintCentral............48 . ..... ArthurHill ...... ...... 5 4 . ..... Pontiac ...... ...... 44 ArthurHill ...... ...... ArthurHill............. Midland......... Pontiac........ Saginaw..... 67 52 48 53 59 68 ........74 Saginaw..... ......47 57 46 55 54 . . ..... 55 Flint Northern .......... 45 63 43 70 55 72 64 .....52 Owosso.... ......49 Valley Standings Won Lost 'tArthur Hill ............... 8 2 "Flint Northern ..... 8 2 Flint Central ......... 7 3 Bay City Central ...... . . . 4 6 Saginaw High ........ 2 8 Pontiac ................... 1 9 iTie for championship Stretch! Dick Weinberg number 44 reaches for the basketball as team mate Jim Woodrow rushes in to help capture it 60 Junior varsity basketball team - Top Row: Gary Moe, George Dice, Howard Simon, Ernest Dijack, Richard Adams, Ronald Zeilinger, and John Slachta. Sec- ond Row: William Turner, James Gal- Valley champion basketball team members were victorious in twelve games and dropped three dur- ing the 1952-53 season under the coaching of Mr. Charles Fowler. Their record of eight wins and two defeats in valley play enabled them to tie Flint North- ern for the valley title, but they suffered an upset at the hands of Bay City Central in their first tourna- ment game. Senior players-Bob Becker: Bob, forward, led the Hills in the scoring department and was the second leading scorer in the Valley. Bob's play earned him D011 Weichert Vic Landeryou lagher, Richard Sonefeldt, Hyatt Carter, John Senn, Ron Ray, and Coach Seymour Murphy. Bottom Row: Thomas Jones, Ronald Vondette, Henry Snyder, Richard Ault, Thomas Lampel, and William Feldt. a spot on the All-State third team as well as a starting berth on the All-Valley squad. Orrin Geeting: Orrin, a 6'2" center, jumped to get a great number of rebounds for the Hillites. Vic Landeryou: Vic's consistent play and fine re- bound work gave him a chance to see continuous action throughout the season. Don Weichert: "A jack of all trades" might well be the title given to Don. He played every position on the team, being number one reserve. Orrin Greeting Bob Becker 1952 Track Record 1953 Varsity Track Schedule 1952 Track Squad. Back Row: Assistant Coach Seymour Murphy, Coach Glenn Mason, Dick Kruse, Don Weichert, Jack Larson, Carl Deiner, Arthur Engle, Allen Jerome, Mike Sverid, Junior Washer, John Cuthbertson, Assistant Coach Kurt Kampe. Third Row: Bob Schlaefke, Bob Beck- er, Charles Schmidt, Conrad Siedel, Dick Sommers, Ronald Wright, John Kemp, Dick Gremel, Allen Keyser. Second Saginaw High ......... 63 Arthur Hill . . ........ .28 Arthur Hill ........... 49 Flint Northern ........ 42 Arthur Hill-Saginaw High Relays,Mt. Pleasant-4th Place Bay City Central ...... 655 Arthur Hill ........... 39M Saginaw High ......... 89 Arthur Hill ........... 20 Flint Central ......... 615 Arthur Hill ........... 47 Va Mt. Pleasant Relays ............................. lst Place Saginaw Valley Meet ......... . . ..... 4th Place State Regional-Ypsilanti .... ...... 1 st Place State Meet-Ann Arbor ...... .... 1 3th Place Non-Grad-Flint Central .... ..... 2 nd Place Row: Manager Dick Porterfield, Plgflip Ballien, Jim Wilson, Jerry Schuck, Dick Staudt, Dale ertz, Don Rocker, Ken Krueger, John De Mercurio, Frank Niederstadt, Duane Beecher, Ted Luzenski, Manager Kelly Hendrick. Bottom Row: Manager Don McGlaughlin, Alex Waier, Jack Otter, Bill Stoner, Vern Lautner, Jerry Birnbaum, Dick Stueker, Ron Bridge, Jerry Miller, Manager Harvey Haubenstricker. Saginaw ............... Flint Northern ...... Arthur Hill Relays . . . Bay City Central . . . Saginaw ........... Flint Central ......... Mt. Pleasant Relays .... YValley Meet ......... 'kRegional Meet ..... State Meet ............ Non-Grad ............... "'Preliminaries at 5:00 p.m. Finals at 8:00 p.m. 25,- 3 I ' second. .......away Mt.Pleasant .......away Mt.Pleasant . . . .Lansing . . . . .Flint Frank Niederstadt floats across the fin- ish line as the spectators look down the track at Ken Krueger who is trying for a George Weber Herb Schmidt John Kemp Swimming team-Top Row: Jack Brown, Dick Mehl, Paul Klempnow, Harry Hawkins, Clark Moreland, George Weber, Jerry Doyle, Nelson Thomas, Coach David A. Gainey. Bottom Row: Don Brady, Bob Krogman, Gale Fox, Don Wade, Herb Schmidt, John Kemp, Dick Graft, and John Barnett. Swimmers added their ninth valley championship since 1942. These Hillite merrnen won nine meets and dropped one in continuing to reign over the val- ley swimming teams. In the state meet they placed senior Herb Schmidt, first, sophomore Gene Sauer, second, and junior Gale Fox, fourth in the diving event. Squad seniors were: Captain Don Wade: Captain Don is a freestyler and letter winner for three years, his specialty is the 200-yard free style. He is also high point man among seniors with 51 points. John Barnett: John is a backstroker, He scored 23 points during the season. Don Brady: Don is a freestyler and swam on the freestyle relay team to earn 24 points. Jerry Doyle: Jerry swam the individual medley for Arthur Hill and collected 26 points. Harry Hawkins: Harry's star performance came in his junior year when he was a member of a freestyle relay team that set a national high school record for the 400-yard freestyle relay. John Kemp: John, a backstroker, was often seen swimming backstroke in the medley relay. Herb Schmidt: Herb earned the title of the best high school diver in Michigan by capturing a first place in the 1953 state meet. George Weber: George swam the 200-yard freestyle race and was a letter winner for three years. 1952-53 Swimming Record 60 Arthur Hill Flint Central ....., ...., 2 4 Arthur Hill 45 Bay City Central ...... 39 Arthur Hill 62 Pontiac ............... 21 Fordson ....... . .... 455 Arthur Hill ........ . . .38Vz Arthur Hill 55 Bay City Central ...... 29 Arthur Hill Arthur Hill Arthur Hill Arthur Hill Arthur Hill Valle R 1 Jackson .............. Pontiac . ........ . . . . Ann Arbor ..... .... Flint Central Battle Creek 33 24 35 21 41 y eay .... ........ ..................... 1 s tPlace ' State Meet ........ ............. 5 th Place Don Wade John Barnett Harry Hawking Jerry Doyle Don Brady A .12 A A .., Eb. l. Cross Country Squad. Top Row: Lloyd Cartwright, Dennis Waters, Dale Schultz, Robert Bruton, Lawrence Passon, Willard Wallgren, Barry MacRae, and Richard Summers. Second Row: Coach Glenn Mason, George Dice, Walter Renshaw, Howard Simon, Allen Stolze, William Stoner, Donald Krueger, Wilmar Hauben- stricker, and Manager Don McGlaughlin. Third Row: To win the city championship the 1952 Hill net men closed their season with a record of four wins against eight defeats. Two of the wins were over Saginaw High. This gave the Hills possession of the Hugh C. Spence Tennis Cup, an award given for the city recreation depart- ment. 1952 Cross-Country Record 24 Arthur Hill .......... 36 Arthur Hill ......... 28 Flint Central ........ 29 Arthur Hill ......... 17 38 i"Bay City Central Arthur Hill ......... 17 Bay City Handy ...... 48 Valley Meet, Arthur Hill-Third Place State Meet, Arthur Hill-Eleventh Place 'Forfeited Pontiac ............. Flint Northern ....... Arthur Hill ,e .ggi . - .- ft- . Jack Mann, James Luenberger, Gary Moe, Samuel Walker, William Clark, William Grenny, Richard Bell, Myron Dunbar, and Manager Richard Porterfield. Bot- tom Row: Head Manager Kelly Hendrick, Donald Rook- er, Gerald Schuch, Henry Snyder, Richard Kruse, Allen Leonhardt, Phillip Ballien, and John Cammin. Arthur Hill's cross-country team members ended their season with a record of three wins against two defeats. Victories were posted over Flint Central, Flint Northern and Bay City Handy. T'hey placed third in the valley, and twelfth in the state meet. With only four seniors on this year's squad Coach Glenn Mason and his 1953-54 harriers should make a good show- mg' 1952 Tennis Record Pontiac ......... 5 Arthur Hill ..... 2 Bay City Arthur Hill ..... 0 Arthur Hill ..... 0 Arthur Hill ..... Flint Northern . .3 0 3 Central ....... 7 Midland ........ 7 4 Arthur Hill ..... Arthur Hill ..... Flint Central . . .7 Pontiac ......... 4 Arthur Hill ..... 4 3 Flint Central . . .7 Arthur Hill Arthur Hill ..... 6 1 Bay City Central ....... 7 Arthur Hill ..... 0 Arthur Hill ..... 5 2 Regional Tournament, Arthur Hill 4th Flint Northern . . Saginaw ........ Saginaw ........ 1953 Tennis Schedule April 10 at Pontiac April 17 at Flint Central April 20 at Bay City Central April 24 at Flint Northern April 28 at Midland May 1 at Saginaw May 8 Flint Central May 12 Flint Northern May 19 Saginaw May 20 Bay City Central May 22 8: 23 Regional Meet Cat Midlandj June 5 8: 6 State Meet Hans Hennecke accepts the Hugh C. Spence Award for Arthur Hill's tennis team as a token of their prowess. Those looking are Ken Anderson of Saginaw High, Mr. Eugene Rydahl, Saginaw High coach, and Mr. George Purdy, Arthur Hill coach. rthur Hi Arthur Hill .... Watching thoughtfully, Bill Booth, ill. Turner and Art Keith check Jim edke line up a putt. They are all mem- ers of the 1953 golf team. Golf squad members, coached by Mr. David A. Gainey, closed out the 1952 season with four wins against four defeats. They stood third in the Valley and missed qualifying for the State meet by three strokes. ontiac 1952 Golf Record int Central . . . . . . . rthur thur andy Owosso Arthur Hi Hi ..... 15 Arthur Hill .... 0 10 Arthur Hill ...... 5 14M Saginaw 12 Bay City Central ....... 3 Flint Northern .... 2 Arthur Hill ...... ..... 4 51 Arthur Hill .... Midland ..... 1953 Golf Schedule April 20 Pontiac April 24 Bay City Handy April 30 Flint Central May 8 May 14 May 18 May 23 May 26 at Bay City Central Flint Northern Regional Meet State Meet Bay City Central Baseball team members shared the Valley title with Bay City Central last season. Six starters returned for the first game in April this year. Leading the 1953 squad into action are Ron Lange, Russ Luplow, Lionel Hol lingsworth, D Maczik. 1952 Baseball Record Saginaw High ............. 4 Arthur Hill .... ....... 3 Midland ..... .. 2 Flint Northern 3 Arthur Hill .... ..... 1 5 ick Schluckbier, Don Dezelsky, and Jerry Bay City Handy Arthur Hill .... Arthur Hill .... Bay City Handy Arthur Hill .... 6 Pontiac ..... Arthur Hill .... 4 Bay City Central Arthur Hill .... ......... 7 Saginaw High .. Arthur Hill ............... 5 Flint Central . .. 1953 Baseball Schedule April 13 at Flint Northern May 4 Pontiac April 16 Flint Northern May 7 at Pontiac April 20 Bay City Handy May 11 at Saginaw April 27 Bay City Central May 14 Saginaw April 29 at Bay City Handy May 18 at Flint Central April 30 at Bay City Central May 21 Flint Central Sophomore Duane Thon catches at bat- ting practice as veteran pitcher Ron Lange takes his turn at bat in preparation for the opening game with Flint Northern. For the second annual intramural basketball finals, the winner of the north half of the building, Mrs. Frances Hamlin's advisory boys, and the winner of the south half, lVIrs. June O'Dell,s advisory team, clashed in an all-school assembly, March 11, amid all the fanfare im- aginable. The boys of lVlrs. O'Dell's advisory won by the score of 36 to 22. High point player was Bob Plat- er with 15 points. The intramural program for the 1952-53 season was under the direction of secretary Warren Marx and a board of- direc- tors made up of Jerry St. Clair, Dale 'WEP ,45 Mertz, Don Dezelsky, Kelly Hend- .43 rick, and Bill Morris. The officials for the final game were Tom Lampel and George Dice. The Champions. Boys of Mrs. O'Dell's advisory won seven straight games in winning the school intramural basketball championship for the 1952-53 season. Leading the O'Dell advisory in the final game was Bob Plater with 15 points. Team members Top Row: "Coach" O'Dell, Bob Newman, Jerry Mead, Bob Plater. Front Row: Bill Plater, Bob McDonald, Mike McFarland, and LeRoy Martin. vw.-'X Boys of Mrs. Frances Hamlin's advisory were led by Dick Gunther with 11 points. This team won 6 games to become a final- ist. Team members-Top Row: Jim Hemp- stead, Jerry Herbert, Jerry Halm, Ron Herman, "Coach" Hamlin. Front Row: Dick Gunther, Don Gunther, and John Hilbrandt. Careful aim is taken by Carl Weiss and president Dave Smith, members of the Rifle Club. The club shoots twice a week in the range located in the basement of the school. The boys are supervised and trained in the safe use of firearms by Mr. Duane Maas. Boys' Bowling Club is a new organiza- tion this year and meets on Saturdays at the Moose bowling alleys. Treasurer Don Nuerminger, sponsor Mr. Raymond Hartman, secretary Dick Hummel, and president Jerry Hoffman check records for winners. The K'Holy Rollers" with captain Jerry Hoffman led the league for the first semester. Checking the score sheet of one of the eight teams that bowl at Parkland Lanes on Thursday afternoons is president Carol Rice and vice-president Gail Harris. The "Hatch-a-Batch" team, led by Elaine Snellenberger, won the trophy for the first semester. Letter girls numbered 20 this year. These girls earned 200 points in intra- mural sports participation in volleyball, basketball, and baseball. They receive 50 points for each sport and 10 extra points if their team wins the championship. Let- terwinners-Top Row: Sally Herm, Myra Zeilinger, Delores Storch, Charlene Campbell, and Kay Archangeli. Second Row: Pat Langdon, Carolyn Brown, Barb- ara Trinklein, Barbara Hayes, Janice Gnatkowski, and Marjorie Sowatsky. Front Row: Susan Haft, Lillian Szarenski, Coach Mary Margaret Doidge, Merle Hol- land, and Joan Heasty. Taking the basketball crown this year was team 4. The champions defeated team 1 by a straight elimination. This sport interested 60 girls of the sophomore, jun- ior, and senior classes who were divided into six teams. Championship team-Top . Row: Karen Marceills, Rosalia Bierd, Ruth Kellog, Gayle Reimold, and Captain Mary Mannion. Front Row: Marjorie Sowatsky, Merle Holland, and Janet Sav- age. 68 Capturing the girls' volleyball cham- pionship by defeating all opponents in a straight elimination schedule was team 4. Runners-up to the champs was team 8 who was defeated 23 to 21. Dividing the girls into teams and scheduling the games which are played after school was done by Miss Mary Margaret Doidge, coach. Team 4 members-Top Row: Barbara Johnson, Ruth Berkobein, Janice Dezel- sky, Delores Storch, Ruth Ann Stringer, and Captain Merle Holland. Front Row: Janice Gnatkowski, Betty Zariski, and Janet Bolger. Girls' junior and sophomore gymnasium classes participate in volleyball, basketball, and baseball as part of their physical edu- cation program. Exercises compose the rest of their class work, These classes meet on alternate days with art of living. Girls en- joying a ame of volle ball are Jac ueline Boutin Dani' A g y q , Ja b0- lins, and Barbara Beck. Physical fitness courses help put the sophomore and junior boys in top condition. Taking part in the vigorous calisthenics are these sophomore boys from the third hour class. These classes meet on alternate days with art of living. In girls' gymnasium classes a basketball tournament was run in behalf of those girls unable to participate in the after school contest. A schedule was played in the classes and the class cham- pions competed to decide the champions of all the classes. Champs-Noreen Cottrell, Kay Archangeli, Norma Powers, Mar- jorie Sowatsky, Yvonne Purigroski, and Mary Ida Donovan. 69 Third Honor Alumnus William Holmes Doerfner '17 became the third Honor Alumnus of Arthur Hill High School at the Annual Honors Assembly, May 14. Mr. Doerfner is recognized for his outstanding leadership and forward look in industrial management and at the same time for his service in the social progress of his city, state -and nation. The Treanor Chapter of Quill and Scroll in behalf of Arthur Hill High School is proud to pay tribute to Mr. Doerfner as a great American who typifies the best in business stability, partici- pation in public affairs, social respect, successful family life, and, most important, the proper attitude and philosophy toward life and its responsibilities. xlVIr. Doerfner was presented with a certificate of service and leadership and his picture was hung in the community room where guests, honor students and their parents congratulated Mr. Doerfner during the reception that followed the ceremony. A pleased family joins Dr. Goodsell, the second Honor Alum- nus, in the community room where students and parents have a chance to congratulate honor guests. Enjoying the honors along with Dr. Goodsell are his daughter, Janice Oemingg son, John Orton Jr.g wife, Mrs. Goodsell, his granddaughter, and his mother, Mrs. Augusta Goodsell. Mr. Harry P. Baker '91, Arthur Hill's first Honor Alumnus, congratulates Dr. Goodsell '15, the second Honor Alumnus at the reception following the recognition ceremony. Each year an alumnus is selected and honored by Quill and Scroll Society at the Honors convocation. Honor students and audience rise and applaud Dr. John Orton Goodsell '15, second Honor Alumnus selection, as he is paid tribute by Patricia Ashbaugh, representing Quill and Scroll society, at the Honor Assembly May 21, 1952. Honor seniors recognized for outstanding leadership, service, and scholastic achievement with membership in the National Honor Society were seated on the auditorium stage. 1 Best senior girl citizen, Ruth Schultz, was chosen by the 1953 graduating class and the faculty to receive the Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizen Award. She was elected for her dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Receiving top senior honors commencement night John Adams, winner of the Ippel Cup, and Sally Bailey, winner of the Arthur Hill Scholarship, accept Principal I, M. Brock's congratulations. Senior assembly honors went to Elfrieda Beyers, Barbara Roush, Robert Knox, and Carl Deiner. Elfrieda won the Alma College scholarship, Barb won the Daughters of American Revo- lution Good Citizen Award, Bob was honored with the Civitan Plaque for citizenship, and Carl won the University of Michigan Alumni Plaque for leadership and athletic ability. ational Honor Society Members Carla Almquist, Nancy Bailey, John Barnett, Barbara Barter, Janice Barth, Kathleen Batten, Joan Bell, Marilyn Berkobien, Jean Boch, Wil- liam Booth, Patricia Boyle, Gwen Brockless, Damaris Brott, Adelaide Brown, Donald Bruns, Margaret Bueker, Nancy Case, Norene Cherry, Darlene Clark, Lois Congrove, Melvin Devers, Marilyn Downer. Joan Forbes, Marwood Frank, Norma Fultz, Carol Gaertner, Dee Galonska, Ann Galsterer, Richard Garner, Doris Geyer, Barbara Gierow, Diane Gilbert, Margie Gwiazdowski, Lorine Haubenstricker, Richard Hausler, Hans Hen- necke, Jean Irving, Nancy Jakes, Nancy Klein- schmidt, Glenn Knoll, Richard Kruse. Sue LaLonde, Victor Landeryou, Patsy Lang- don, Joyce La Vere, Margaret LeCronier, Shir- ley Little, Carolyn Llewellyn, Janet Lord, Carol McMacken, Ingetraud Milkereit, Judy Moretti, Bonnie Nieclerstadt, Carole Parker, Lynn Phair, Marie Pietsch, Judy Princing, Joan Randall, Roberta Raupp, Nancy Reid, Marilyn Renz, Kenneth Rooker. Genevieve Scarborough, Lou Ann Schall- horn, Doris Scharrer, Irene Schiefer, Richard Schluckbier, Kerin Schrader, Charles Schultz, Ruth Schultz, Sue Shorney, Elaine Sloboda, Norman Sowatsky, Edith Sparks, Marjorie Sting, Dorothy Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Jerry Timmons, Barbara Wazny, Don Weichert, Janet Weir, Gladys Weiss, Barbara Whitmer, Myrna Yancer, Bradley Zuver. 72 Pat Ashbaugh and Arnold Ruskin, winners of the girls' and boys' Outstanding Sophomore awards, received their trophies at the 1952 Awards Assembly. Pat and Arnold were chosen for this honor by a faculty vote on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and participation in extracurricular activities. VFW essay contest winner, Jean Boch, receives her recognition from Mrs. Emma L. Buchanan, contest chairman of Post 1566 Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. J ean's first place winner added S25 to the S15 won for second place in the same contest last year. The winning essay was one of the 900 written, on the subject "Democracy Is What You Make It." J ean's essay is now entered in the state contest. Marcelyn Tagget of Holy Family won sec- ond place, and Mary Lou Pohlman won third place. Wolverine Girls' and Boys' State repre- sentatives included five Hillites-Allen Cronk, Don Weichert, Jean Boch, Orrin Geeting, and Sue Shorney. These seniors were sponsored by Civic Clubs in this training for their promise of leadership, scholarship and citizenship. Orrin Geet- ing was one of the two boys chosen in Michigan to go to Washington, D. C., to study federal government. 1952 cholarship Awards Albion College Tuition-Herwig Geiger Tuition-Barbara Guy Alma College S200 a year-Elfrieda Beyer Arthur Hill Scholarship S1000-Sally Bailey Bay City Junior College Tuition-Joanne Clark Tuition-Audrey Fahrenbruch Tuition-Robert Fallis Tuition-Ellen Foulds Tuition-Sally Maynard Tuition-Richard Staudt Central Michigan College of Education Tuition-Janice Bovay Tuition-Jean Buse Tuition-Tom Dezelsky Tuition-Jack Larson Tuition--Richard Mathewson Tuition-Shirley Stokus Michigan College of Mining and Technology Tuition-Edward Kern Tuition-William Mossner Michigan-State College Tuition-Carl Diener Tuition-Jean Neine Tuition--Barbara Roush Tuition-Jo Ann Spadafore Tuition-Lawrason Thomas Michigan State Techers College, Ypsilanti Tuition--Carol Rikley Tuition-Mary Jean Thomas N.R..O.T.C., University of Michigan Tuition and S50 a month--Jerry Williams Panhellenic 5100 cash-Phyllis Frost University of Michigan Tuition-S720 for 4 years-Sally Bailey Honor-Nancy Boell Tuition-Don Cameron Honor-Kay Gardey Tuition-Charles Grobe Honor-Dan Habel Tuition-Maurice Marr Tuition-Lawrason Thomas Ricks College, Rexbring, Idaho S236-Dale Thomas Blue Cross Nursing, University of Michigan S300-Dorothy Davis Philadelphia School of Nursing, Osteopathic Hospital 3-year all expenses of 3 year-course- Mary Paterson General Motors Steering Gear Tuition-Bob Meyer Michigan State Board of Nursing, Ford Hospital Tuition-Kathryn Schultz Tuition-Conrad Person 'US Wonderful" is Miss Bernice M. Francis' attitude toward teaching. When Miss Francis came to Arthur Hill in 1928, she became at once a valued member of the social science department. Always the student herself as well as the teacher she makes the road to knowledge smooth and pleasant to travel. She takes pleasure in sharing her experiences in study and teaching and her findings have proved valuable through her writing to both students and fellow teachers. 2 Years of Service to rthur Hill 'Smiling Thru' after twenty six years of service to the sch With a corsage and a small gift, Arthur Hill's faculty wished IS Miss Burnlce Gibbs Last year Miss Gibbs was honored at a luck and bid farewell to Mrs. Betty Horton, Miss Patricia Jahnke, dinner as the new member of the Twenty live Year Club and Miss Lina Ward at the Twenty-five Year Club luncheon, "Y0u're The Tops"-Miss Ethel A. Peterson, dean and coun- selor, is tops. With dignity, warmth, and tact she reigns over the center office of the school. Her work cannot be definitely outlined any more than any day in her office, it depends on what is most important at the moment. Miss Peterson began her service at Arthur Hill as a sophomore English teacher where her leadership soon placed her in the chairmanship of that department. By 1940 recognition of her ability to understand and unravel problems and of her knack to uncover and make real the dreams of students, made Miss Peterson the ideal choice for Arthur Hill's dean and full time counselor. "On the Sunny Side of the Street" one will Hnd Miss Mary F. Lewis, whose cheerful manner, wit, and understanding have en- deared her to all. Her ingenuity and willingness to serve make Miss Lewis in demand for both student and faculty projects. During her years at Arthur Hill, she has been Language Depart- ment head, sophomore class adviser, and a member of the faculty advisory group and many committees. Perhaps Miss Lewis' great- est contribution is her interest and leadership in the development of the art of living course. 75 '75 , -.Q Y "' .4 's 7 I .4 - G 5 X, is 'X X X XKZQW KIQ I B.6'nerew "Better Citizenship" is the theme song and ultimate goal of the work of Mr, Chester F. Miller, superintendent of Saginaw Public Schools. As organizer and adviser of the Junior Citizens' Council Mr. Miller confers with student representatives on the progress and responsibility of the group and the individual in each school group. Although most of his time is spent with the problems of personnel, organization, finance, and adequate housing of city schools, his every effort is guided by his interest in the student and helping that youth to be a better citizen. The En emhle 76 Each note in the score of the Arthur Hill symphony is an individual face! There are 1900 unotablev students and faculty members who are Willing to "lend their voicesn to help make each year a song. The seniors sing Ulead" because of their experience but the sophomores, the juniors, and the faculty, are needed for group perfection. Hall of Fame uiT,earhBoch,, it Bill Booth Vic Landeryou Marilyn Little Russ Luplow 0, 0, Do Tee for Two" "Mr, Touchdown USA" "Hello Sunshine" "Star Dust" Bonnie Neiflerstadt H H Dick Schluclfbier Ruth Schultz Sue Shorney Don Weichert Give 3 R011-91115 Cheer With 550125 ln My "Fairest of the Fair" "Good News" "A Guy's A Guy ear 77 White elephant gifts at the faculty Christmas tea occasioned much merri- ment. Miss Helen Beeson, Mrs. Mary Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Murphy locate their seats at the Red Feather benefit football game sponsored by the Fordney Club September 12. With the Murphys are Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Valentyne. Miss Mattie G. Crump serves Mrs. Sal- lie Brown at the Christmas tea. Christmas decorations on the table and around the room added to the party effect. Stewart, Mrs. Joy Mann, and Miss Mil- dred Anderson exchange comments on their particular gifts. Men teachers seem to be enjoying the refreshments at the Christmas party. Mr. Raymond Morrow, Mr. Earl D. Burnett, Mr. Bryant Wilson, and Mr. Hugh Shackelford exchange holiday plans. fa-ww Q, ag 1 Q, ,f3,L ,ALL,?. ' 1 1, -: ia . 'Kita' f .QQ ,,,. C is, n at Q, f 1 +1 p. ig, M, - H liz., .H 5, V fifk- s Bernice M. Francis-Social Science, Assem- ,y Supervisor, P-TA Bridge Party, Social, Embrero Swing Committees. Catherine Furbee-Speech Correction. David A. Gainey-Art of Living, Swimming, olf Coach, Assemblies, Commencement Com- .itteesg Floor Director. EDAmy Gatz-English, Mathematics, Assembly ervisor. Senior Announcements Chairman. s Burnice R. Gibbs-Social Science, English, ssembly Committee, P-TA Potluck Program hairman, Teachers' Club Representative. Harold W. Giesecke-Mathematics Depart- ment Head, Mathematics, FTA Clubs Adviser, ombrero Swing Committee. b Ellen G. Green-Cafeteria Manager, Floor irector. , :. Hazel Gunther-Business Education Depart- Lent Head, Floor Director. . Frances M. Hamlin-English, Assembly, Caps nd Gowns, Christmas Pageant Committees, lay Production Staff, Faculty Cabinet, Floor lirector. Raymond E. Hartman-Business Education oordinator, Band Bounce, Commencement sher, Boys' Bowling, Co-op Clubs Adviser, tore Manager. s Norma Hile-Homemaking, FHA Club Ad- iser, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Social ommittees, Faculty Cabinet. :. Marjory Jacobson-Mathematics, Language, rench Club Adviser, Band Bounce Tickets, aps and Gowns, Sombrero Swing Committees. ,vb Miss Mildred L. Anderson-Business Education Coordinator, Co-op Club Adviser. Miss Eloise Bacon - Science, Assembly Super- visor, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Committees, Play Production Staff. Mr. Robert H. Barringer-Shop, Assistant Foot- ball Coach, Commencement Usher. Mrs. Nancy Baxter-Public Speaking, Assembly Committee Chairman, Debate, Forensic Coach, Homecoming, Sophomore Party Committees. Miss Helen Beeson--English, Usher Supervisor, Assembly, Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert Committees, Play Production Staff, Faculty Cabinet. Mrs. Helen M. Beyer-Homemaking, FNA Club, Health Room Adviser, Assembly Supervisor, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commence- ment, Spring Concert Committees, Play Pro- duction Staff. Miss Susan Blitz-English, Y-Teens Adviser. Mrs. Sallie M. Brown-Social Science Department Head, Junior Class Adviser, Faculty Cabinet. Mr. Earl D. Burnett-Music Department Head, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Commence- ment, Pep Meeting Committees, Play Produc- tion Staff, Spring Concert Director, Dance Band Adviser, Floor Director. Mrs. M. Marie Crittenden-Business Education, School Treasurer. Miss Mattie G. Crump-English, Journalism, Pub- lications, Publicity, Bulletin Display Adviser, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Homecoming Committees, Play Production Staff, Quill and Scroll Adviser. Mr. John E. Day-Social Science, Caps and Gowns Committee. Mr. A. G. Dersch-Science Department Head, Alchemists, Crucibles Clubs Adviser, Assembly Supervisor, Teachers' Club Representative. Miss Mary Margaret Doidge-Girls Physical Edu- cation, Assembly Supervisor, Cheerleader, Pep Club Director, Girls' Intramural Athletics, Caps and Gowns, Sophomore Day, Party Committees. Miss Josephine Earley-Registered School Nurse. Mr. Charles Fowler-Social Science, Head Bas- ketball Coach, Football Assistant, Band Bounce, Commencement Usher, Hall Supervisor. Miss Edith R. Jensen-Science, Biology Club Ad- v1ser. Mrs. Rachel Jerome-English, Caps and Gowns, P-TA Membership Drive, Christmas Pageant Committees, Play Production Staff. Mr. Kurt Kampe - Physical Education, Head Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach. Miss Mary F. Lewis-Art of Living, Sophomore Class Adviser, Assembly, P-TA Bridge Party, Potluck Committees, Faculty Cabinet. Mr. Harve C. Light-Psychology, Club Hillite Adviser, Commencement Committees. Miss Ruth W. Long-Librarian, Social Committee. Mr. Howard H. Lytle-Agriculture, FFA Club. Mr. Duane A. Maas-CWithout Picturej-Social Science. Mrs. Joy V. Mann-English, P-TA Bridge Party Committee. Mr. Glenn H. Mason-Physical Education, Ath- letic Director, Track Coach, Assembly Super- visor, Commencement Ushers Chairman, P-TA A Bridge Party, Potluck, Pep Committees. Miss Rachel McMillan - Vocal Music, English, BOC Club Adviser, Band Bounce, Vespers, Commencement Music, Pageant Committees, Spring Concert Director, Floor Director. Miss Constance A. McWethy-Art of Living, Arts- Dramatics Club Assistant, Assembly, Sopho- more Party, Faculty Social, P-TA Potluck, Christmas Pageant Committees, Play Produc- tion Staff, Teachers' Club Representative. Mr. Earl L. Mitchell-Crafts, Christmas Pageant, Play Production Staff, Display Case Assistant. Miss Cora Helen Morgan - Language, Spanish Club Adviser, Sombrero Swing Co-Adviser, Teachers' Club Representative. Mr. Seymour Murphy-Art of Living, Audio- Visual Education Director, Projection Club Adviser, Basketball, Track Assistant Coach. Mrs. June 0'Dell--English, Language, Spanish Club Adviser, Sombrero Swing Co-Adviser, Assembly Supervisor, Commencement, Sopho- more Party, P-TA Drive, Floor Director. Miss Helen G. Olmsted-English, Bowling Club Adviser, Christmas Pageant, Homecoming Com- mittees, Play Production Staff. Miss Ruth E. Patow-English, Language, Lat Club Adviser, Assembly Supervisor, Christrn: Pageant, Commencement Committees, Pla Production Staff. Mr. A. A. Pieritz-Industrial Arts Departme: Head, Assembly Supervisor. Mr. Kenneth C. Poulson - Science, Assembl Band Bounce Supervisor. Mr. R. George Purdy - Social Science, Tenr Coach, Assembly Supervisor, Commenceme Usher, Homecoming Committee. Miss Una M. Robertson - Mathematics, Ba Bounce Tickets, Senior Rings and Pins Cha' man, Commencement, Spring Concert Comm tees. Mr. Prentice V. Ryan-Social Science, Footba Track Assistant Coach. Mr. Stanley D. Schubert-English, Dramatics rector, Arts-Dramatics Club Adviser, St Crew, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, V pers, Commencement Staging Director, Ho coming Assembly Assistant, Display Cases a Floral Arrangements, Floor Director. Mr. Eric E. Senn-Social Science, Business Ed' cation, Caps and Gowns Committee, Co mencement Usher. Mr. Hugh Shackelford-Social Science, Busin Education, Athletics Business Manager, Col mencement Usher. Mr. Robert H. Shorney - Business Educatia Teachers' Club Representative. Mrs. Virginia H. Siehr-Art Department He Hall Displays, Band Bounce, Christmas P eant, P-TA Bridge Party, P-TA Members Drive Committees, Play Production Staff, Fl Director. Miss Patricia Steigely-Language, English, Ga man Club Adviser, Commencement Commit im... IAFETERIA- lirs. Nellie Brenneman lirs. Margaret Casey Irs. Esther Golden lirs. Mina McCarty Irs. Noreen Schluckbier , mrs. Matilda Schmidt C IIAINTENANCE- Ir. J ay Shoebridge, Custodian Ir. Edward Buza, Engineer, without picture Ir. Bert Brackly Ir. Claude Burgess 2 Ir. William Creller 5 Ir. Stephen Gast r. George Graham r. Howard J effords r. Charles Kehoe, without picture lr. Lawrence N otter, without picture . Frank Nye . Adolfs Seberts, without picture r. Leon Thompson r. Alexander Waier rs. Margaret Wallace r. William D. Wescoat E ififlp 4, . .s .. .,,., ho.hhona an 1. W-anaemia, .,,.,...s.r :f.,fz.w?s 0' . -4 -fk . ,a,,,,am,.Qz.a.. .f x . 5 3,55 1, 'feisffsil be Q, is ,',9,,,1HI1r-it ',.- l ' 1 Q cac V y 5 A a. Mr. C. D. Stewart-Social Scienceg Assembly, Band Bounce, Caps and Gowns, Commencement Usher Committeesg Faculty Cabinet, Noon Su- pervisor. J Mrs. Mary Stewart - Social Scienceg Assembly Supervisorg P-TA Teacher Vice-President, Pot- luck, Membership Drive Chairman, Faculty Cabinet. Miss Irma Stockdale-English Department Headg Senior Class Adviser, Caps and Govsms, Com- mencement Arrangements Committees, Faculty Cabinet. Miss Gertrude E. Turner-Languageg Latin, Mira- cle Book Clubs Adviser, Sophomore Party Committee. Mr. James F. Ulrich-Mathematics, Hi-Y Club Adviserg Faculty Social Chairman, Assembly, Homecoming Dance, Sombrero Swing Commit- tees, Teachers' Club Representative. Mr. William L. Vondette-Social'Scienceg Base- ball Coach, Football Assistantg Commencement Usher, Noon Supervisor. Miss Christine A. Webb - Englishg Red Cross Chairman, Spring Concert Committee. Mr. B. G. Wells-Business Education. Mr. Bryant S. Wilson-Social Science, Homecom- ing Dance Committee, Teachers' Club Repre- sentative. Mrs. Lorna L. Ziegler-Homemaking Department Head, Coordinator, FHA Club Adviser, Senior Dinner Assistant. Miss Doris K. Frye- Mrs. Lorraine A. Hudson- School Secretary. Stenographer. l 1 l ..... H - ,.,.. . wwf 1, .',i' Q A 3 , f, 4 Mix K fl if Q 5 X a in V ' . V F' den walk arch is a popular photo motif. Sandy Meyers and Jack Alexander come hnto the picture as they enter the dance oor. The Grand Finale - Graduation Senior Week marks the end of three years as Hillites. During their sophomore year they appeared as enter- tainers by starring in the sophomore play and the Sopho- more Swing. During their junior year they ordered their class rings and began club leadership and starred in the play. Thesenior parade began with presidencies, thousand word themes, and priorities. The climax came with senior week . . . the caps and gowns . . . the last assembly . . . Vesper Services . . . and the senior dinner dance. The grand finale is graduating exercises in the Arthur Hill Memorial Stadium. At the senior dinner, graduates and their guests are served by sophomore and junior girls. The art department sets the key note with clever decorations. Judy Hart, George Stewart, Paul Kemp, and guest smile proud- ly as they await the dinner held in the school cafeteria before the senior prom. Sitting out this one at the Prom are Richard Kackmeister, Thomsa Stewart, George Mauch and Roberta Rifkin. Chairman of the program for the evening, Carl Deiner along with Phyllis Ward, Jack Hanson, and Barbara Guy led the grand march. Seniors Tom Dezelsky, John Adams, Pat Conway, Miriam Bishop, Charles Grobe admire the first senior tree, planted as a new senior week tradition. Measuring and ordering for caps and gowns takes Place some lme in February. Caps and gowns are distributed the last class .ay for seniors when seniors buy the tassel as a remembrance of ieir graduation. Helping senior, Mike Severid, takes Phyllis .oese1's height as Don Dezelsky measures the cap size of Jean rving. 1953 seniors wait with mixed emotions as they line up for the 'espers in the school auditorium. This is their last time to sit 1 the auditorium as members of the student body. Semors have their last assembly Hing on Senior Day They prove to underclassmen their prowess as entertainers Jester Sue Warner leads the audience in approval of the playing of Bill Case s German Band. Vespers the Sunday preceding graduation, is attended by par- ents and is a kind of thanksgiving for high school success and a dedication for the new step ahead. Dr. Henry W. Fisher, friend and local pastor, has led graduates in this service for over a quarter of a century. Frederick C. Ahlborn, 421 N. Webster. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Mathematics Vice- President, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Football, Tennis Letterwinner. Esther M. Alberts, 1420 Cypress. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants. Carla Louise Almquist, '2526 State. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics Treasurer, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Senior Hostess. Joan R. Anderson, 3110 Elm. Pep Club. Ruth Janet Anderson, 316 S. Porter. Advisory Vice-President, Latin Club, Girls' Chorus, Usher, Red Cross Volunteer. Gene Michael Archangeli, 719 Sherman. Barbara June Armstrong, 6868 Gratiot Road. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Secretary, Drivers, Arts-Dramatics, Co-op, Spanish Clubs, Debate, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Queen's Court, Student Office Assistant, Basketball. Betty I. Arnst, 321 N. Porter. Co-op, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant. Delores I. Arriaga, 5565 Sherman. Advisory Treasurer, Spanish President, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Declamation, Debate, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play, Language, Speech Awards. David Maclntyre Austin, 1312 E, Moore Road. FFA, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Football, Track. Loren Charles Bailey, 3664 Madison. Nancy Irene Bailey, 926 Simoneau. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Biology, Drivers Clubs3,Debate, Band, Class Chairman. Richard Donald Baker, 1717 Maine. Pep Club Shirley Jean Balzer, 2034 Marquette. Pep, Bow ing Clubs, Art Award. Ruth Ellen Barchak, 3243 Elm. Advisory Sec tary, P-TA Chairman, Noon Club Commit Y-Teens Treasurer, Pep Clubs, Debate, Orat Usher, Basketball, Volleyball, Speech Aw John Terry Barnett, 2453 Durand. Adv' Vice-President, Projection, Pep, Drivers Cl Band, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Sw ming Letterwinner. Geraldine N. Barrenscheer, 1214 Union. Advis P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Commit Latin, Quill-Scroll, Mathematics, Y-Te Band Bounce, Usher, Legenda, News, Dr Majorette, Basketball, Volleyball, Writ Award. John Harvey Barsch, 1724 State. Advisory Pr dent, Biology, Crucibles, Drivers, Mathema Pep Clubs, Dance Orchestra, Class Chair Basketball, Football, Tennis Letterwinner. Richard George Bartel, 517 Ann. Class Chairm Barbara Marie Barter, Frankenmuth. Advis Vice-President, FNA, Pep Clubs. Janice Marie Barth, 2202 Mershon. Advis P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, FNA Vice-Pr dent, German Treasurer, Mathematics, Y-Te Red Cross Volunteer, Baseball, Basket Volleyball Letterwinner. Bruce Bartlett, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. Kathleen Eunice Batten, 536 Ann. Advi Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Hillite Representative, BOC, Latin, Mathe tics, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Decla tion, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Ch mas Pageant, Usher, Class Chairman, Ser Club, Commercial Award. Susan M. Bauder, Freeland. FHA Club: Libra Alice J. Bauer, 1210 Cronk. Advisory Sopho Party Committee, Co-op, Pep Clubs, Orche Margaret Ann Baum, Frankenmuth. Pep C Choir, Commencement Pageant. Karen L. Beatty, 1714 Barnard. Advisory P Chairman, Latin, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Cl Band, Usher, County Government Day. Teresa Marie Bechtel, 1273 Gabel Road. Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, C mencement Pageants, Commercial Award ' + ,ara Jean Bigger, 2830 Hermansau. Pep Club, vlleyball, Baseball. ld Louis Birnbaum, 2850 N. Michigan. Foot- El, Track Letterwinner. f Anne Black, 2518 Benjamin. Y-Teens, Pep abs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, mmencement Pageants, Baseball. :ld Jacob Blehm, 321 S. Fayette. FFA Club. e M. Blehm, Route 5. Advisory Secretary, 1-op Club. l Robert Blomstrom, 407 S. Harrison. Advis- ' P-TA Chairman, Projection Club, Football, ck Manager Letterwinner. ' Ellen Blosser, 1809 N. Michigan. Advisory sident, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chair- n, Co-op Secretary, Y-Teens Clubs, Usher. 'n Lawrence Blue, 1214 Adams. Advisory ls Sales Chairman, Pep Club, Class Chair- n, Football, Track Letterwinner. 'ina Muriel Blue, 1214 Adams. Advisory Club lite Representative, Seals Sales Chairman, irman, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band runce, Class Chairman, Clinic Attendant. nette Joyce Boch, 2247 McEwan. Advisory als Sales, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Quill- oll, Mathematics, Y-Teens, Bowling, Al- mists Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Band, eants, Legenda Editor, County Government .y, City Junior Red Cross President, Letter- Fner, Sophomore Cup, VFW Award. .s T. Bocianski, 2917 N. Michigan. Pep Club, otball Letterwinner. ie William Bogard, 2446 Hemmeter Road. Carol Bohnhoif, Freeland. Arts-Dramatics, Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Christmas Pag- it, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. r Louise Booth, 1138 Glendale. Pep, Drivers ibs, Choir. am Deane Booth, 44 East Hannum Blvd. visory President, Sophomore Party Com- tee, Club Hillite Representative, Drivers sident, Pep, Mathematics Clubs, Golf. e Jane Bowen, 2539 N. Bond. Advisory asurer, Noon Club Committee, Red Cross irman, Y-Teens President, Treasurer, thematics, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce. ' .-is? af... t. at i df . af' . ,fu " -W Q35 . 72. " , ,ea r f?e.1'ui'il i X 7321 xx .3 Robert Thomas Becker, 507 Lynn. Advisory Vice- President, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Class Chairman, Basketball, Track Let- terwinner, Team Manager. Joan Marilyn Bell, 1920 Allegan. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Pep Club, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play, Class Chairman, Red Cross Vol- unteer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. William Otto Bellinger, 522 Bond. Band, Orches- tra, Band Bounce. Donne George Bender, 3055 Bay Road. Latin, Pep, Drivers Clubs. ' Joyce Kay Ann,Benkert, 8820 Swan Creek Road. Advisory Secretary. Carol Ann Benway, 2212 Benjamin. Co-op Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Student Store As- sistant. Jack Duane Berg, 217 N. Webster. Advisory Vice-President, Pep Club, Class Chairman. Marilyn Joyce Berkobien, 2735 S. Center Road. Advisory Treasurer, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Baseball, Commercial Award. Robert Herman Berkobien, 1675 Schust Road. FFA, Drivers Clubs. Roy Beyerleln, Frankenmuth. Drivers Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants, Class Chairman. Shirley Mae Bielby, 311 N. Granger. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Shirley Helen Bierlein, 2415 Court. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club. - . ',,' 7 , . ' . .f tf,-" 7 iia . 7 7 ' .. . , .. l 7 Q ii. 8 C. lf il. N in .elr vi' et 1 4 'iii . . a reel, x r , . . 13 K ,...,,.' . I ' . ,., fflf' , Q ' .Qt 'W ' A ,,. i ii w SW: I .hm .. Z . ,, A-.V K F 2 3 ,,,, his mm, lg H ,. 5 ' ,sign " .... f V ' 1' -1914 --.. Q if K sb ra A 'Y t if 'Eh l A '95 A ee f wi iff - . - www may me-.ew live , 7 ' ' 1 ' ,. will . 1 ' ,. ,i,..' I ,, fm' 157 ,Q il. ' 5 ' ff ,YN V' ,wx- , ' , ' ,,.- . ,M .e . A,. , , , fi a. ... Q, ,M 7L,, 1 L,ALfX . . 'l .I ,fL' ALL' Z1 i g In I . ,.. ,ray -Q .... 1 5511" My A fa-f . a. A 'vf Qr ,5iSf-dr' as ss! S3 3 Aldean Cartier, 827 Schust Road. Bowling Club, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, News. Nancy Blanche Case, 615 Cass. Advisory Treas- urer, Sophomore Party Committee, FTA Vice- President, Alchemists, Arts-Dramatics, French, Latin, Biology, Quill-Scroll, Pep, Declamation, Legenda. Ruth Ann Case, 3185 Hermansau. Pep Club, Class Chairman, Art Award. Pauline Elizabeth Catrain, 2257 Niagara. Advis- ory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Pep Club, Declamation, Band Bounce, News, Class Chairman, Queen's Court. Myrtle Edith Chambers. 12556 W. Freeland Road. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce. Ruth D. Chartrand, 1215 S. Niagara. Co-op President, Pep Clubs. Barbara L. Cherry, 2300 Shattuck Road. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, BOC, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Pageants. Norene Lynne Cherry, 2023 Harry. Advisor President, Treasurer, Secretary, Noon Club Committee, Red Cross Chairman, Spanish Secretary, Biology, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Usher, Senior Hostess, Language Award. Darlene G. Clark, 1323 Congress. Advisory Vice- President, P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Sopho- more Party, Noon Club Committees, Arts- Dramatics, BOC, French, Latin, Biology, Choir, Band Bounce. Pageant, Usher, Legenda. Ronald D. Clark, 633 Alice. Advisory Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman. James D. Coan, 2410 Madison. Pep Club. Mary Jo Cochran, 218 Ardussi. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, French, FHA, Y-Teens, Bowling, Drivers Clubs, Declamation, Christmas Pageant, lst, 2nd Semester Plays. 87 if -- 'fi' M ,L . ' 3. 'li' ,af 'ag .fa My ge' vi., .. , N. X - . Kffaim 5. if Yi. 1 'Q' ti if it . . . ,... .. iii it 1 . ---by ' V... xx Patricia Ann Boyle, 1734 N. Michigan. Advis Noon Club Committee, Alchemists Secrets Treasurer, BOC, FHA, Biology, Y-Teens, Qu Scroll, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, P eants, lst Semester Play, Legenda. Donald J. Brady, 214 Trier. Advisory Vice-Pr: dent, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y, I Drivers Clubs, Swimming Letterwinner. Robert Dale Braley, 2121 Brenner Court. l Club, Choir, Band Bounce. Wanda May Brawley, 1918 Morgan. Choir, B: Bounce, Pageants, Clinic Attendant. Gwendolyn Kay Brockless, 1509 N. Ames. A visory Treasurer, Seals Sales Chairman, Frei President, Arts-Dramatics, Alchemists, Teens, FTA, Quill-Scroll, Pep, Drivers C11 Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play, Leger County Government Day, Letterwinner. Damaris Ann Brott, 2414 Mackinaw. Advis P-TA Chairman, Co-op, Latin, Y-Teens, Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. Adelaide Elizabeth Brown, 1667 S. Washing Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, P- Party Committee, Club Hillite Steering C1 mittee, French, Quill-Scroll, Pep, Dri' Clubs, Band Bounce, Usher, Legenda, N1 Carolyn Ruth Brown, 2269 Taft. Latin, Pep C11 Band Librarian, Letterwinner. Donald Charles Bruns, Frankenmuth. Advis President, Treasurer, Drivers Club, Choir, B: Susan Jane Bryson, 303 Superior. Advisory P-1 Red Cross Chairman, Latin, Spanish, Y-Te FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band. Margaret Elinor Bueker, 5625 Center Road. . visory President, Vice-President, Secrea Club Hillite Steering, Noon Club Commit Quill-Scroll Secretary, Drivers, Pep Cl' News, Queen's Court, Letterwinner. Eleanor J. Bull, Bridgeport. Pep, Drivers Cl' Choir, Pageants, Clinic Attendant. Russell Lawrence Bull, 5510 King Road. F Pep, Drivers Clubs. Carole A. Butcher, 409 Meredith. Co-op, Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Pageants, Volleyball. John H. Cammin, 4720 Brockway Road. Advi: Vice-President, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Cl: Pageants, Class Chairman, Letterwinner. Edwin Campbell, 2016 Court. Biology, H1 Drivers Clubs. if 5 L, ' i . ,pd-Q ' 'MW' , i e en., " " A i T555 " ' C' df. . as aw w? , .I . ,Q ,. L . . H , , ..... Q Y. - ig. . ' 5 A "fav 1 ,fin i . .,,. ' ...s. re..-. 1113, .-,' F I K V... 1 fenneth J . Collins, 2715 Kochville Road. Advisory President, Vice-President, Secretary, Seals Sales Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. mma Jean Collison, 1749 Burham. Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant. ack Alan Comstock, 1440 Acacia. Team Manager Letterwinner. ois Hannah Congrove, 714 Van Buren. Advisory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, P-TA,- Red Cross Chairman, Alchemists Presi- dent, French, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Language Award. fargretta Eleanore Conzelman, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. ancy Lou Corippo, 1833 Ottawa. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Librarian. X everly Joy Cox, 1509 Clinton. Co-op, Pep, Y- Teens Clubs, Declamation. an-Joy Cronin, 715 S. River Road. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics Secretary, BOC Treasurer,Y-Teens, FNA, FTA, Pep Clubs, Debate, Oratory, Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play, Class Chairman, Speech Award. llen W. Cronk, 1910 Hill. Advisory' President, lNoon Club Committee, BOC, Mathematics, Pep Clubs, Band, Dance Orchestra Leader, Band ounce, Class Chairman. y Frances Culbert, 410 Mackinaw. Co-op, FHA, ep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. arjorie Joan Culbert, 1230 Malzahn. Pep Club, Class Chairman. ary Ann Cutting, 2519 N. Court. Co-op Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants. es Lyle Daly, 110856 S. Washington. BOC, rench, Biology, FTA, Bowling, Rifle, Pep, rivers Clubs, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Band ounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, ass Chairman. est W. Dammann, 416 S. Adams. Pep Club. k L. Datte, 1908 Barnard. Bowling, Pep Clubs. tty Jane Davis, 7420 Davis Road. Bowling, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. Edward R. Davis, 6220 N. Michigan. FFA, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Jo-Ann Elizabeth Davis, 2206 N. Oakley. Bowling, Pep Clubs. Sandra L. Davis, 2985 Hermansau. BOC, FNA, Pep Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant. Donald H. Day, 545 Bacon Road. Pep Club, Track Letterwinner. Judith Ann Day, 2907 Wynes. Spanish, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Clinic Attendant. Marion Harriet Day, 819 Oak. FNA, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Raymond L. Day, 545 Bacon Road. FFA Club, Football, Track Letterwinner. Bonnie Jean DeLaVergne, 517 Jackson. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Com- mencement Pageant, Usher, Class Chairman, Basketball. Charles L. Denton, 714 State. Mathematics, Driv- ers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Boys' Glee Club. Beverly Ann DeShone, 1155 Joseph. Advisory Secretary, Arts-Dramatics, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Debate, Band, Choir, Dance Orchestra Vocalist, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer, Basketball, Volleyball. Melvin W. Devers, 3446 Mackinaw. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y President, Crucibles, Mathematics, Pep Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant. Donald L. Dezelsky, 821 Ames. Football, Basket- ball, Baseball Letterwinner. Jerold G. Diehl, 2845 Egerer Road. Baseball. Beverly Ann Dillon, 135 N. Bates. FHA, FNA Clubs, Choir. Marilyn Mae Dinse, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. Verna M. Dirker, 3475 N. Center Road. Pep Club. Marilyn Jean Downer, 55 East Hannum Blvd. AdvisoryTreasurer, Secretary, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Alchemists, Y-Teens Quill- Scroll, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play, Play Tournament, Legenda, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball. Gerald Joseph Doyle, 722 Throop. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Swimming Letterwinner. Ivor Dale Dungey, Jr., 1921 W. Genesee. Advisory President, Vice-President, Drivers Club, Class Chairman, Football, Track Letterwinner. Jane Ellen Dupree, 1014 S. Michigan, Sophomore Party Committee, Co-op, Pep Clubs, Cheer Leader. Eunice Ruth Edwards, 2912 Court. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, FNA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Shirley J. Edwards, 1503 Lewis. Pep Club, Base- ball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Leonard W. Ehmcke, 6245 Strobel Road. Joann Ruth Elliot, 121195 Court. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Class Chairman, Student Store Assistant, Volleyball. X .2 Q Q., .Q Q. . .15 - -- 1 .,s -. ... . . - ., ., f 1 I are - 'ia 1 me ,'f 2 15:5 at .. I .7 in - ..--.wat at 1- V - .:.i. -- .. 'F ' M1 , -- ,. L-1 ,.,,. 1:55 . ' ' 'wi f - -f s1f,,1s:. ,,..,. . ,.,.w,x-Q f f-'ili aw i ix KL Q 1 k I -e , w sig ,.. "NIH" -s.a?av .Q 7 .. 5:-"- .Fw 155 2 33 , , J 5- yffijgi ., ' " " " .,,. . .,. ..,. - .. ..,.., . , , . of A , ,.g,,fe1:. ,L Y . .1 4 QQ X if .. . iii " I ' 'WE-i":' 'V ' i 'i 'if ff.. Wi' eamfa- .1 .111 1 . Wi 3' - :pm ""1f5-Q"7i"1s. vYf.'gefMsghi? ,, 5 V55 lcv- ,.. 3 fi f 5 ' A 5 ,Q X 3 e. 2ii?"f'i X .V gsm! .E ., Shirley Raye Embree, RouteTiTFl-IA, Pep, Drivs- Clubs. Jacqueline Ann Emmitt, 3165 Tittabawasee Ro: Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hi ite Representative, Pep Club, Class Chairm: Librarian, Art Award. Allen Arthur Engerer, 2511 Cooper. Hi-Y, Pt Drivers Clubs, Baseball. Doris Ann Engerer, 2511 Cooper. Advisory P-T Chairman, BOC, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Ch Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement P eants, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Lett winner. Arthur F. Engle, 1023 Chestnut. Advisory Tres. urer, Red Cross Chairman, Class Chairm Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner. Bonnie Eraine Fahnanstiel, 1938 Ottawa. Advisn Sophomore Party Committee, BOC, Co- Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, News, Librari Doris E. Fanger, 2260 Shattuck Road. BOC, Bo ing, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bourl Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Dianne Florence Faulman, 1718 N. Fayette. Sp ish, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attends Volleyball. Edmond W, Faulman, 835 Lutzke Road. Chrl mas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. Kathryn Ann Fechter, Frankenmuth. Pep, Dr ers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Commencem Pageant, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunt Carol Ann Feit, 1804 Van Buren. German, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Clinic Attend Joan Rosemary Ferrell, 2434 Durand. Advis P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, S013 more Party Committee, Y-Teens, Bowling, Drivers Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Jean Ann Fetherolf, 1920 N. Morson. Advis Club Hillite Representative, Latin, FHA, Teens, Pep Clubs, Librarian, Baseball, Baskl ball, Volleyball. Barbara Ann Fink, 2012 Court. Girls' Choi Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Dorothy Ann Fischer, 1622 Birney. FHA, Bowl Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Let winner. Konrad Michael Fischer, 2213 Court. Advi Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Class Chi man, Swimming. if st... Q Q fl rma Ruth Fultz, 2317 Mackinaw. BOC, Latin, athematics, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band, Or- hestra, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, pring Concert, Class Chairman, Music Honors. cia Kay Furstenberg, 410 N. Jefferson. Ad- isory Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, Pep Clubs. rol Ann Gaertner, 2614 Oakwood. Pep Club. eEtte Ruth Galonska, 327 S. Washington. Ad- isory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Com- ittee, Club Hil-lite Representative, Steering ommittee Co-Chairman, Red Cross Chairman, rench Vice-President, Quill- Scroll Vice- resident, Latin, Biology, Arts-Dramatics, owling, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas ageant, lst Semester Play, News, Class Chair- an, Red Cross Volunteer. n Marie Galsterer, Frankenmuth. BOC, FNA, ep Clubs, Choir, Christmas Pageant. mes R. Gamm, 2447 Iowa. Pep Club. rol Adele Garcia, 817 Fayette. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Spring oncert. nnis C. Garcia, 1632 Stanley. Advisory Club illite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, aseball, Football. chard F. Garner, Freeland. Advisory Presi- ent, FFA Club. lly Ann Garner, 2510 Barnard. Co-op Club, lass Chairman. tricia Ann Garske, 3083 Harrison. FHA, Bowl- 'ng, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. rin Ronald Geeting, 407 Sherman. Advisory resident, Vice-President, Noon Club Commit- ee, Drivers Club, Band Bounce, Usher, Class hairman, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, olverine Boys',State, Boys' Nation. rbert E. Gerber, 2 Berger Road. Advisory Club illite Representative, Spanish, Pep, Drivers lu s. ward John Gerger, 1639 Arthur. Pep Club. rniece M. Geyer, Frankenmuth. Pep Club, hoir, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant. ris Martha Geyer, Frankenmuth. Pep Club, hoir, Commencement Pageant. .X . gawk 1 E as L.- r If Donald H. Fisher, 1632 Marquette. Swimming, Track Letterwinner. Fay E. Flathau, 500 Clark Road, Zilwaukee. Ad- visory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Co-op, Pep Clubs. Virginia Mae Flathau, 3103 Bundy. German Sec- retary, Bowling, Pep Club, Basketball, Volley- ball. Dale LeRoy Fletcher, Freeland. Co-op, FFA, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Judith Sue Fogle, Bridgeport. Spanish, Biology, FNA, Pep Clubs. Gerald William Forbes, 2220 Oakley. Co-op Club, Swimming Letterwinner. Joan Forbes, 1508 Birney. Advisory Vice-Presi- dent, Club Hillite Representative, French, Y- Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Gold Key and Guard Art Awards. Corinne V. Foster, 5614 Baker Road. Projection, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Librarian, Baseball, Bas- ketball. Marwood Mathew Frank, Frankenmuth. Advisory President, BOC, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants, lst Semester Play, Class Chairman. Ronald J. Frei, 610 Wheeler. Band, Golf Letter- winner. James S. Fries, 811 Emerson. Margaret Ann Frost, 2595 Midland Road. Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Spring Concert. re- g gi N sw . ,.:,,QS21- Q -.,-f Sei-ti . is J, . We WSW , - F 2. .If ze I' ii , YM. :-.15 -.. . . .f .Items mf at l gg 'IF -,s.aa.xa- 1 , 'iz .ware ii ' 7- ,ffc:f.i7aNf"iiw "F if ., f "Hi is 5535153352 xy. . ., . 'ii' T .3 SY' in R Q . C.. . . -'Q 'S 52' . , www 2 s. . ,ie , ,, ... M, ef ts ii'-ff John L. Greene, 2112 Ring. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Richard Glenn Gremel, 1842 Avalon. Advisory President, Treasurer, Class Chairman, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. Philip Allen Grenney, 414 Morson. Thomas M. Grill, 1486 Avalon. Co-op, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs. V James A. Groening, 417 N. Bates. Drivers Club, Band, Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play, Class Chairman. Chester Louis Gross, 3090 Bay Road. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Mathematics, Miracle Book Clubs. Elaine L. Grossman, 1513 N. Charles. Advisory P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Club Hillite Rep- resentative, FHA, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Mary Louise Grundas, 927 N. Granger. Advisory President, Co-op, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chair- man, Commercial Award. Beverly Joann Guest, 6915 Gratiot. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Pep Club, News, Class Chairman. Donald Clark Gunther, 2720 Cooper. Advisory Treasurer, Co-op, Pep Clubs. Richard Samuel Gunther, 704 Hickory. Pep, Driv- ers Clubs, Track. Carol L. Gushen, 2415 N. Bond. Co-op, Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Choir, Class Chairman, Basketball. Barbara Marie Gierow, 2824 Hardin. Advison President, Vice-President, Seals Sales Chai man, French Treasurer, Alchemists Vice-Pre ident, Biology Secretary, Quill-Scroll, P1 Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Legenda. Diane Charlotte Gilbert, 722 S. Porter. Spani Treasurer, Biology, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Cla Chairman, Language Award. Joan Pearl Gilles, 4040 Ring. Co-op, Y-Teex Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christm: Commencement Pageants. Edwin E. Gingrich, Freeland. FFA Club, Footba Alfred L. Glasby, 1437 N. Ames. Advisory C11 Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics Clu Declamation, Band, Band Bounce, Christrn: Commencement Pageants, 1st, 2nd Semest Plays, Spring Concert. Maxine Loretta Glasslee, 3290 Schust Road. A visory Secretary, Club Hillite Representatiw Bowling, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bount Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Clz Chairman, Baseball, Volleyball Letterwinni Marlene Ann Glick, 1803 Delaware. Co-op, P Clubs, Baseball. Joan Gorney, 2416 N. Barnard. Choir, Ba Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pagean Clinic Attendant. Gail Ann Gossel, 1614 Stark. Advisory Secreta: P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representati Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Latin, Pep Clubs, Chd Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Senior Ho: ess. Barbara Ann Graham, 1600 N. Clinton. Advis Red Cross Chairman, Latin, FHA, Y-Tea Clubs, Class Chairman. Gordon L. Graham, 1408 Beech. Pep, Drivi Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Ruth C. Graham, 4144 Green. FHA, Pep Clubs Barbara Ann' Grauer, Frankenmuth. Pep Club Betty Lou Gray, 306 Lee. Clinic Attendant. Serena L. Gray, 1409 Houghton. Advisory P-'ll Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomm Party Committee, Club Hillite Representati' Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Biology, Quill-Sen Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play, PI Tournament, Legenda, Class Chairman, Coun Government Day, Speech, Writing Awards. Joan J. Green, 255 Graham. FHA. Pep Clubs, P Wh. .oeta . o Q l -snr' ,lai k I . . , " 1 ."f' X ,. ti . ' ' ' C 4? ...flisv V Q f e . . , w , , Q' . , as: . 1 SQ ., af 4 5533 W . ' -A X., . ' 2 . v. ...-.... . Q, -ff ,, t Q17 .. . . .,.. .. .,. , , , . A x 'iikwwmmiia f- iisfwef- ' -V 11,-wmnfia .. Mi... 5 my .7 M - f...,,, y Sm ...ay K.-H... .. 3 Atari,--11.15 , . f f5a.,.eY,,fe,P?f-A . f . H,11,,wza . M., -an-W, 1 .11Tf21z ' 7'K,'sgf .fw:f.:1i?Qe .g Sue Ann Guy, 1914 N. Woodbridge. Girls' Chorus. Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants, Clinic Attendant. Vlarjorie Ann Gwiazdowski, 3033 Carollton Road. Co-op Club. Ioan Claire Habeck, 2239 N. Ames. Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Suzanne Hagen, 2829 Mackinaw. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Biology, Pep Clubs, Ttichard Carl Hahn, 236 Graham. Drivers Club, Oratory. ferry Arthur Halm, Route 6. FFA Treasurer, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. Patsy Ann Halm, 9710 Frost Road. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Commercial Award. Thomas Hamilton, Bridgeport. FFA Club, Class Chairman. Kathleen Ann Hansen, 2240 N. Bond. BOC Secre- tary, Treasurer, Co-op Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants. Gail Ann Hanysak, 1105 Midland Road. FHA, Drivers Clubs, Usher, Class Chairman. ilila Jane Harmony, 1800 S. Niagara. Spanish Vice-President, FNA, Pep Clubs. Gary Lee Harper, 1823 Cooper. Band, Band Bounce. Kndria Denise Hartner, 1740 S. Westwood Drive. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants. 'lrthur James Hartner, 1936 N. Ames. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Tennis. Shirley Lee Hartsell, 1601 Barnard. Advisory P-TA Chairman, BOC, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Lorine Florence Haubenstricker, Frankenmuth. Pep Club, Choir, Commencement Pageant. , yy f- . 'P is WM- , it .tum .. V X + HE' refs s Y it 'H Q ,.,g,,, HE Q 1 e 4 1 my - e A rif Q New mi . ,, U.. .g , ,, . H r , Z A1 Je wifi, ., F... ' - Q51 ff . . t rr isa . . .V QQ: .., E , .MW , . X P5 vi " ' ' ,', 4 .- X 'nv t '93, ,. nf ,I iii -. .a 21'e ,. mv f.sf"""i I . 5.1" X Q f at eie 1 W Q f Q f Q Sh. 'V L? Q, t 1, -if - w ig ,V 4' i A 1 "iii A it WW? . . 454 b v V: A A 5 A gl KI L lv.. 3.6. tli.. W 4 ...,.. f yi W Q 1 . H -krrr yr , A 4. Q Richard Carl Hausler, 1512 Durand. Advisory President, Vice-President, Mathematics, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Commit- tee, Band President, Boys' Glee Club, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce. Harry G. Hawkins, 51 Benton Road. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Stage Crew, Class Chair- Man, Swimming Letterwinner. Joyce Arlene Hayner, 811 S. Andre. Co-op, Span- ish, FNA, Pep Clubs, Basketball. Joann E. Heasty, 902 Congress. Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary, P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, FHA, Pep Clubs, Letterwinner. Marilyn Ann Heath, 2120 Mershon. Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Arts- Dramatics Vice-President, French Secretary, Biology, Bowling Clubs, Pageant, Queen's Court. Patricia Ann Hecht, Frankenmuth. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Co-op, Pep Clubs. Kelly W. Hendrick, 2327 N. Fayette. Advisory Treasurer, Basketball, Track, Cross Country Manager. Hans J. Hennecke, 408 Brockway Place. Advisory President, Secretary, Crucibles President, Biol- ogy, Mathematics, Drivers Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Tennis Letterwinner. Gerald A. Hensler, 4150 Vera. Advisory Vice- President, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Usher, Track Letterwinner. Marie Louise Herbin, 1919 Stanley. Advisory Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, FHA President, Clinic Attendant, Librarian, Letter- winner. Suzanne Marie Hess, 803 Adams. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir. Carl Hesse, 2439 Benjamin. German Vice-Presi- dent, Mathematics, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Tennis. Albert E. Hilbmdf, Jr., 3019 schaeffer. Pep, Drivers Clubs. Sally Joy Hoag, 2957 Harrison. Spanish, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce. Janet Janeen I-Iodgins, 525 N. Harrison. Bowling, Pep Clubs. Loretta Jean Hoelbl, 1203 Stephens. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FNA, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. Lionel Hollingsworth, 213 N. Mason. Class Chair- man, Baseball Letterwinner. Karen Ruth Hubble, 132 Graham. Biology, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. Robert Ray Hudson, 2532 N. Michigan. Track Letterwinner. Robert William Huegel, 513 Harrison. Margaret Patricia Humpal, 2002 N. Madison. Latin, Quill-Scroll, Biology, Mathematics, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Debate, News, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner, Speech Award. Patrick Terrance Hlunpal, 2002 N. Madison. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. James G. Hunter, 1728 N. Charles. Pep Club. Angelina Jean Hurney, 1712 Burnham. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Commencement Pageant. X if ' 2 . - I F f .i s f, xv 3 W' --' - .. ., ,ia ., . ,. an .S fr We " wr ., . l. .af Qi. X wr rin 6 935-awe 53, if fe.. ze, 'm f '-V. - .iy y mm, M N 1 N W NN , . Q 1 1 1, 1 1 ..,, if , 4- ,wa 3 -K an HH' lid ""'lf2 7 '11 5' iff' , H f A ' ...Q . 1' ' rif f x a . is - ,ii A .. . . Lyf' . ,.:-"' ,A W' Jean Meredith Irving, 301 Garden Lane. Advisorj President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre sentative, Mathematics Secretary, FTA Presi dent, Secretary, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pagean' lst Semester Play. Nancy Ann Jakes, 6 Congress Court D. Advisorg President, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chair man, Pep Club, Usher, Class Chairman, Re Cross Volunteer. John Terry Jelfords, Jr., 2600 Stobbe. Driver Club, Basketball, Football. Barbara Ann Johnson, 1515 Lewis. Advisor Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Representa tive, German, Pep Clubs, Declamation, Clas Chairman. Barbara Alice Jones, Freeland. Pep Club. Eugene K. Jutzi, 2616 Hermansau. Drivers Clu Patricia Jean Kabat, 920 Reed. Choir, Girl Chorus, Christmas Pageant. Ruth A. Kamischke, 709 Union. Spanish, Y-Teeni Pep Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyba Letterwinner. Jean I. Kapka, Freeland. Pep, Drivers Clubs. Bernadette Kapuscinski, 216 Jones, Zilwaukee. Bernard E. Kapuscinski, 216 Jones, Zilwaukea Bowling, Riile Clubs, Class Chairman. Arthur Neil Keith, 375 Frost Drive. Advisor Sophomore Party, Noon Club, Club Hilli Steering Committees, Pep Club Vice-Presiden Class Chairman, Basketball Team Manage Golf Letterwinner. Kay Marilyn Keller, 2316 S. Fayette. Advisor Club Hillite Representative, Latin Club, Ban Bounce, Clinic Attendant. Patricia Marie Kelly, 4013 Wood. Latin, FNA Bowling, Pep Clubs. John Bowman Kemp, 605 Court. Advisory Pres' dent, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Clu Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commenc ment Pageants, Class Chairman, Swimmin Track Letterwinner. Marlene B. Kern, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. 1552 . ,- W, 4 94 'N M S 'F .. . - tif if 5 a 'atricia Ann Kosht, 2432 N. Charles. Co-op, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman. Dorothy M. Krass, 1458 Acacia. Co-op, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants. Iarilyn Loraine Krauss, Freeland. Advisory Vice-President, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Oratory, 1st Semester Play. Richard John Arthur Kruse, 2205 N. Ames. Ad- visory President, Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Class Chairman, Basketball, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. llavid Lee Kruske, 501 N. Carolina. Pep Club, Band, Band Bounce. Betty Louise Krzyaniak, 3065 Schaeffer. FHA, Y-Teens, Bowling Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman, Basketball, Volleyball. Ig. John Kuelfner, Route 3. orman W. LaBrenz, 5145 Sherman Road, Zil- waukee. Pep Club, Tennis Letterwinner. Eleanor L. LaClair, 1803 State. Advisory Secre- tary, Bowling, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Declamation, Student Store Assistant, Volley- ball, Baseball. I. Paul Laesch, 1423 N. Clinton. Pep Club, Class Chairman. llfred E. LaFreniere, 5925 Bay Road. Miracle Book Vice-President, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Track. mn Louise LaLonde, 333 N. Twentieth. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants. ohn A. LaLonde, 1419 Stephens. Co-op, Projec- tion Clubs. rue Ann LaLonde, 2246 S. Michigan. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Co-op, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Basketball, Volleyball. hirley Ann Lambert, 3356 Oakwood. Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant. Kathleen L. Lamrouex, 3636 Monroe. Pep Club. .ritz if I A I 'X L .Q 3 'PZ' uit tw . tif W1 'Q , ..-, Myrline Gertrude Kern, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. Gerald D. Kessel, 1763 Jordan. Pep Club, Class Chairman. Allen Werner Keyser, 1519 Brockway. Advisory President, Pep Club, Band Bounce, County Government Day, Class Chairman, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner. Peter William Keyser, 2327 N. Woodbridge. Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band X Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Alfred Charles King, 1227 S. Weadock. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Football, Track. Clifford J. Klein, 2727 Schaeffer. Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play. Nancy Elizabeth Kleinschmidt, 2307 Mackinaw. Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Spanish, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. Nancy Lee Kneuss, 717 Cleveland. Sophomore Party Committee, Spanish, Quill-Scroll, Pep Clubs, News, Class Chairman. James William Knezek, 95 S. Center Road. Art Award. Glenn Fredrick Knoll, Frankenmuth. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Mathe- matics, Crucibles Clubs. Ernest William Koeplin, 1527 Wilson Road. Driv- ers Club. Fay Marie Koeplinger, 2022 Brenner. Bowling Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. tl 'K it ls E . . .5 533,42 . . ' "' Ku X Q-,yum Shirley Mae Little, 1702 Cooper. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Alchemists, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants, 2nd Semester Play, Usher, Class Chair- man, Volleyball. Carolyn M. Llewellyn, 1212 Brockway. Pep Club, Declamation, Band, Band Bounce. Sylvia Ann Lodes, 2320 Linda. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club. Judith Ellen Lodge, 1416 Laurel. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Class Chairman. Phyllis J. Loesel, Frankenmuth. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, BOC, Pep Clubs, Choir, Class Chairman. Janet Carol Lord, 221 S. Carolina. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-President, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Co-op, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Herbert Luplow, 319 Green, Zilwaukee. James L. Luplow, 1914 Madison. Track Letter- winner. Russell N. Luplow, 605 Court. Advisory Presi- dent, Sophomore Party, Noon Club Commit- tees, Club Hillite Representative, Quill-Scroll, Drivers Clubs, News, Class Chairman, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner. William Charles Maas, 1907 Oakley. BOC Club, Choir. Gerald R. Maczik, 518 N . Oakley. Baseball. Patricia Ann Maeder, 1638 N. Madison. Advisory Vice-President, BOC, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Basketball, Vol- leyball Letterwinner. Victor Allen Landeryou, 418 S. Fayette. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Pep Club, Cabinet Vice-President, Basketball, Football Letterwinner. Patsy Ann Langdon, 3720 Barnard Road. Advisory Secretary, Latin Vice-President, Mathematics, Pep Clubs, Declamation, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Ronald Winfried Lange, 320 Frost Drive. Advisory President, Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chair- man, Baseball Letterwinner. Henry -Langschwager, Jr., 2327 N. Clinton. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. Joyce Rae LaVere, 111 Trier. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Clubs, Usher. Francis L. Lawrence, 7868 Gratiot. Drivers Club. Margaret Alice LeCronier, Freeland. Advisory Vice-President, BOC, Spanish Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Pageants, lst Semester Play. James R. Leedke, 2250 Hemmeter Road. Pep Club, Football, Golf Letterwinner. Shirley Anne Leeman, 4195 Morgan Place. Ad- visory Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, Pep, Driv- ers Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas Pageant, Clinic Attendant. Marilyn Joy Le Gear, 405 Thompson. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, BOC, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, 2nd Semester Play, News. Claude G. Lemmer, 1311 Williams. BOC, French, Biology, Pep Clubs, Band, Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Pageants, Music Award. Lorraine L. Leonard, 2113 Green. Advisory Soph- omore Party Committee, Co-op, Latin,Y-Teens, FTA, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chair- man, Librarian, County Government Day. Joyce Maxine Leyrer, 2021 S. Washington. Bowl- ing, Pep Clubs. Maurice Frederick Leyrer, 2021 S. Washington. Dorothy L. Limberg, 808 Union. Spanish, Y- Teens, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. Marilyn A. Little, Freeland. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Drivers Secretary, Bowling, Band Bounce, Usher, Senior Hostess, Queen's Court. erald J. Maier, 1324 Hemmeter. Advisory Club Elillite Representative. rbara Ann Mann, 1013 S. Hamilton. Advisory Freasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Co-op, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Cheer Leader. ice Louise Mannion, 5310 Shattuck Road. Ad- visory President, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, BOC, FNA, Pep, Drivers Ilubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas. mes Robert Markle, 917 N. Fayette. Drivers Illub, Class Chairman, Basketball, Baseball, ?'ootbal1 Letterwinner. gene Joseph Martin, 1741 Kollen. Advisory ?resident, Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce. irren Rockwell Marx, 810 Shattuck. FFA, Pep, Drivers Clubs. lia McBratnie, 695 S. River Road. Choir, Band 3ounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. ly G. McEwen, 1416 Beech. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, ?ootball Letterwinner. eresa Marie Mclnnis, 3695 N. River Road. Co- up, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Iommencement Pageants. lrvin Gary McIntosh, 3324 Mackinaw. Hi-Y, aep, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Usher. rol Ann McMacken, 1121 Lathrup. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Party Com- nittee, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Ihairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Mathema- ics, FTA, Pep Clubs, Declarnation, Class Chair- nan, Senior Hostess, Red Cross Volunteer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. me McMath, 1759 Ring. Co-op, Y-Teens, Pep Ilubs, Student Oflice Assistant . le Edward Mertz, 2210 Mershon. Drivers Club, 'ootball, Track Letterwinner. n Ione Metzger, 1430 Division. Advisory P-TA, leals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore 'arty Committee, Club Hillite Representative, lo-op, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce. bert Dale Mey, 2304 Bay. nnie Jean Mier, 210 Braley. Advisory P-TA Ihairman, BOC, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Choir, iirls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Volleyball. Ingetraud Maria Milkereit, 602 W. Bristol. Arts- Dramatics Club, Choir. Arlene Joyce Miller, 1514 Houghton. Y-Teens, Choir, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Gerald Ernest Miller, 2209 Oakley. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer, Football, Track. Ida Lou Millward, 4280 Lauer Road. Advisory Vice-President, Declamation. Rae Joyce Minnis, 1321 Van Buren. Latin, Driv- ers Clubs. Gerald L. Moeller, 2265 Shattuck Road. Baseball. Larry L. Moffett, 4078 Joslin. Richard Mohnk, 4385 Lauer Road. Pep Club, Football Letterwinner. Judith Ann Moretti, 1814 N. Oakley. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Assembly Committee, Band Bounce, Usher, Class Chairman. William Charles Morris, 608 Cass. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Quill-Scroll, Pep Clubs, Legenda, Class Chairman, Football, Track. Gary Mueller, 416 Tittabawassee. Tennis Letter- winner. Barbara Sue Munger, Freeland. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. James I. Munger, Freeland. Advisory Vice-Presi- dent, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Football, Track Let- terwinner. Donald James Nagy, 820 Monroe. Gwendolyn Kay Near, 5765 Gratiot Road. Ad- visory Vice-President, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, ' Robert J. Neumann, 3450 Shattuck Road. Ad- visory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Vice-Presi- dent, Pep, Drivers Clubs, County Government Day, Class Chairman, Football, Track Letter- winner. Ruth J. Newman, 612 N. Porter Dorothy Louise Nice, 417 N. Harrison. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants, Spring Concert. Pauline Lucille Nichols, 6040 King Road. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Representa- tive, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Jo-Ann Niebel, 4075 S. Porter. FHA Club, Drum Majorette. Bonnie Lou Niederstadt, 1021 Congress. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, Spanish, Pep Clubs, Declamation. Joan Mabel Niederstadt, 2015 Brenner. BOC, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. X Jerry J. Norris, 2502 Witters. Pep Club. Donald Edwin Nuerminger, 5540 Mackinaw Road. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Base- ball, Football. fs S a Q John Thomas Nuerminger, 2916 Cooper. 1 Drivers Clubs. Janice 0'Donnell, 3110 Bay Road. Pep, Dri' Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, C4 mencement Pageants, Spring Concert. Mary Olin, 1314 Houghton. Biology, Y-Te Pep Clubs. Carol M. 0'Rourke, 2114 Cooper. Drivers C John Otter, 1756 W. Michigan. Drivers C Track Letterwinner. Shirley Jean Pagenkopf, 2341 N. Bond. - Advii Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Lib ian. Carole Ann Parker, 603 N. Woodbridge. Club, Oratory, Choir, Librarian. Lila M. Parks, 220 Borland. Pep Club, CIE' Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement eants, Clinic Attendant. Vesta M. Parks, 6944 Wegner Drive. Pep, Dri' Clubs, Usher. Joan E. Payne, 1618 N. Woodbridge. Advi P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Y-Teens, Bowl' Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christi Commencement Pageants, Volleyball, M June Ann Perrin, 1721 N. Oakley. Advis Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hi Representative, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Frank Deane Perry, 317 N . Webster. Pep, Dri' Clubs, Swimming, Tennis. Jeanette Marie Perry, Bridgeport. Pep C Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Cl Chairman, Clinic Attendant. Dorine May Peters, 400 Lutzke Road. Spar Pep Clubs. Aivars V. Petersons, 1013 N. Granger. R Drivers Clubs. Dolores Irene Pfiueger, 7220 Dutch Road. II Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christ Commencement Pageants. A ,',.. I 'Q .ii ' rf ,-,,, 1 . .',: 'V ',L, Q f - w iv- . 5 .1 a , K .t - merta Maxine Raupp, 1174 Fischer Drive. Ad- isory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore 'arty Committee, FNA Secretary, Latin, Biol- gy, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, dbrarian, Baseball, Basketball, Letterwinner. :ty Jean Raymond, 1824 Ottawa. Choir, Girls' Thorus, Band Bounce, Pageants, Baseball. iert Firdell Reed, 1649 Gilbert. Choir, Com- iencement Pageant. an Thomas Reeves, Freeland. Advisory Treas- rer, Secretary, Hi-Y Secretary, Treasurer, LOC, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, 'ootball, Track Letterwinner. icy Ann Reid, 2113 Court. Arts-Dramatics, SOC, French, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band ounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, st Semester Play, Class Chairman. 'in John Reimer, 3545 Tittabavvassee Road FA, Drivers Clubs. derick Louis Reinig, 1827 Brenner. Advisory Tlub Hillite Representative, BOC, Hi-Y, Pep, 'rivers Clubs, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band ounce, Commencement Pageant, County Gov- rnment Day, Team Manager Letterwinner. rmas Donald Reinke, 1795 Hemmeter Road. hoir, Commencement Pageant. ies Franklin Reis, 1411 Holmes. Pep Club, asketball Letterwinner. ies C. Remer, 2403 Court. BOC, Pep, Drivers lubs, Choir. ricia Gail Rennert, 1621 Passolt. Arts-Drama- cs, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Christmas ageant, Librarian, Letterwinner. ilyn Ann Renz, 144 Reynick. Advisory Treas- er, Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, eals Sales Chairman, Latin, Y-Teens, Bowling, lubs. iian G. Reynolds, 1414 S. Granger. Advisory -TA Chairman, BOC, Co-op, Pep Clubs, hoir, Band Bounce. .a Ann Richards, 214 Garden Lane. Advisory Eesident, Arts-Dramatics, Y-Teens, FTA, Pep ubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. vin Benson Richter, 512 McCoskry. ,Advisory lub Hillite Representative, Co-op, French, p, Drivers Clubs, Debate, Cheer Leader. in D. Riddick, 2312 N. Woodbridge. Hi-Y, ep Clubs, Debate, Class Chairman, Golf, ' fu.: -211 ,2 .1 , :j,..,..5 . . , . ,,.. W - v ...ff it-mf- 7,2 -kk.V ,- . .- -, ,- N w . f 4 f .. 7 ' az,,, - :Q . I a 7 ..- -. . f, 11 1 . u 1.12. 'S ' . Q ,-,. as ii YT YW 'K ,zk 44" it ., 1, . Sky W 3 uw K ....,...., WW ii h 221 Lynn Phair, 427 Wheeler. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Crucibles, Mathematics, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Marie H. Pietsch, Frankenmuth. Advisory Presi- dent, Club Hillite Representative, Noon Club Committee, Red Cross Chairman, BOC, FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Nancy Ann Powlus, 346 Second. Advisory Vice- President, Secretary, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Pep Club, Student Store Assistant. William Gerald Pratt, 115 S. Webster. Agnes L. Premo, 208 Westervelt, Zilwaukee. Bas- ketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Dorothy Evelyn Pressley, 1923 Stanley. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chair- man, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Judith Mae Princing, 2208 Mershon. Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Mathematics Treasurer, Alchemist, BOC, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band, Band Bounce. Robert Dale Pumford, 2113 Ring. Pep Club, Class Chairman, Team Manager Letterwinner. Robert John Radina, 815 Wheeler, Advisory Vice- President, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chair- man, Club Hillite Representative, FTA Treas- urer, German, Pep, Drivers' Clubs, Band, Choir, Pageants, Plays, Drum Major, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner, Music Honors. Eva Jean Railling, 611 Vermont. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Choir, Commencement Pageant. Joan lone Randall, 1914 Vermont. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Latin President, Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Biology, Mathematics, FNA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Band, Band Bounce. Loretta Ann Rant, 1601 S. Michigan. Spanish, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. M Q at . zz.15f.:EME".1i':25'WZi 'f .i Yixff-ifv '?TffEL?7fi? 'Ss 'Q L 5 " E .. - gz . .ga gi , ,.kk,,, l. S 1? '54 5' 19555 at , , H if QQ .1 ,,... 'fin - at . 'M' . fa-A it are " fs is-I r f he li ef . 4 Anna Jean Robertson, 2216 S. Hamilton. Ma matics, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Shirley Alice Robertson, 1623 S. Michigan. F Pep Clubs. Mary Ann Rodeitcher, 121 N. Bates. Advi P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore P Committee, FHA Treasurer, Coeop, Pep Cl Student Store Assistant, Baseball, Basket' Volleyball. Roberta M. Rodgers, 6085 State. Basketball, 1 leyball. Albert J. Rohn, 405 Swanson Road. Pep Clul Donald James Rooker, 1916 W. Genesee. Basl ball, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. John Kenneth Rocker, 6015 Stroebel Road. . visory President, Vice-President, Pep, Dri' Clubs, Stage Crew. 1 Gordon C. Roosa, 5815 Swan Creek Road. E Pep Clubs. Carl Edward Rossman, 2325 Wieneke Road. . visory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Commiw Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, FFA Se' tary, Treasurer, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Ci Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, Football terwinner. Valerie Jane Ruby, 4330 Lauer Road. Pep, D ers Clubs, Choir, Christmas, Commence Pageants, Class Chairman, Red Cross Voludlj Barbara Jean Rulf, 1536 Greenwich. Co-op, G man, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Glenn George Ruhlig, 2128 Deindorfer. Pep C Thomas Pritchard Rupp, 1913 N. Oakley. . visory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite 1:3 resentative, Red Cross Chairman, Pep, Dri Clubs, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce. Henry Andrew Ruppel, 214 N. Andre. Span Bowling Clubs. Jeanne Shirley Russell, 405 Jackson. Advis Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Ch: man, Quill-Scroll, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Dec mation, News, Class Chairman. Shirley Anne Sager, 1402 Greenwich. Co Club, News. Jerry Dale St. Clair, 1519 N. Charles. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative. Bruce Lawrence Sanders, 512 S. Webster. Projec- tion President, Hi-Y, Spanish Clubs. Genevieve Kay Scarborough, 2202 N. Michigan. Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. Lou Ann Schallhorn, 1445 Coolidge. Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Quill- Scroll, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Legenda, County Government Day, Ol'1"ice Assistant, Baseball, Basketball, Volley- ball Letterwinner, Commercial Award. Doris L. Scharrer, Birch Run. Advisory Presi- dent, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club. Carole Ann Scherping, 1712 W. Michigan. Ad- visory Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics, Mathe- matics, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Betty Caroline Scherzer, Freeland. Bowling Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Irene A. Schiefer, Birch Run. Pep Club, Choir. Robert Schlaefke, 210 S. Woodbridge. Pep Club, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner. Richard Schluckbier, 526 Peace. Advisory Presi- dent, Treasurer, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, BOC President, Vice-President, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst, 2nd Semester Plays, News, Cabinet President, Letterwinner, Sophomore Cup, Music Honors. Herbert Charles Schmidt, 714 Madison. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Usher, Swimming Letterwinner. Howard Lee Schmidt, 2128 Bay. Advisory Treas- urer, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Basketball, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner, 'S rp , 1' ig A ,.k't i A f 3753? i'l. it f-, C --,. Q -4 . F H .-. .. ., A 2 . '4 Y' . ,Q .bra 1 t is M . V X ...V , 1 , .. , y ,V . , ,.. I .aio rretta F. Schneider, 713 S. Mason. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. nrrine J. Scholtz, 222 Borland. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. :rin Elizabeth Schrader, 12 Benton Road. Ad- visory Vice-President, Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, FNA President, Latin Secretary, Mathematics Secretary, Arts-Dramatics,Y-Teens, Pep, Driv- ers Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman. rold Albert Schreiner, Frankenmuth. Drivers Club. :rald Thomas Schuch, 1219 Mackinaw. Advisory Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Letterwinner. lomas A. Schuette, 323 N. Andre. Drivers Club. aine M. Schuknecht, Birch Run. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FTA, Pep, Choir. narles George Schultz, 3023 Glasby. Advisory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, BOC, German, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. argretta Lee Schultz, 3710 Barnard Road. Pep Club. lth Evelyn Schultz, Freeland. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics Presi- dent, BOC Secretary Clubs, Assembly Chair- man, Declamation, Choir, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants, 1st, 2nd Semes- ter Plays, Cabinet Secretary, Football Queen, DAR Good Citizen. :rald L. Seaver, Freeland. Pep Club. :vid L. Secord, 1178 Wilson. German Secretary, I-Ii-Y, Pep Clubs. net Ann Seitz, 1411 N. Madison. Advisory Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens, FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Girls' Chorus. lillip A. Serrin, II, 1822 N. Clinton. Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Football Letterwinner. mes Joseph Shaler, 2608 State. Drivers Club, I'eam Manager Letterwinner. arcia Jane Sheppard, 721 S. Granger. Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Clinic Attendant. 1, f J . L N -w i "V ' ' 'ep ., " ' ., S, ..,.,. . .g 'L . "' Y I I . ,. .... W , , , .,,,.., , .4 ..-.... . ,, -r , I mr , . . fis w Q , ..:..3' . 1 ' ' Q. v -f ,v , sr-.Q -- ' - 'I 1 .Fas ia, -171 Howard Lee Sherman, 5970 Swan Creek Road. Shirley A. Sherman, 2450 Schaeffer. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Quill-Scroll Secretary, FNA, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Declama- tion, Legenda. Jo Ann E. Shields, 2202 Mackinaw. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Co-op, Bowling Clubs, Class Chairman. Sue Allene Shorney, 424 Webber. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Club Hillite Representative, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Quill-Scroll President, Choir, Christmas Pageant, News Editor, Red Cross Vice-President, Junior Journalism Award. Bruce Arthur Shrock, 2221 Stone. FFA Club, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce. Betty Jean Shuler, 221 S. Andre. FHA, Miracle Book Clubs. Doris Luella Shur, St. Charles. Pep Club, Volley- ball. Emil W. Sieggreen, 3059 Schaeffer. Pep Club. Virginia A. Simon, 3324 Adams. Advisory Vice- President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Spanish, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. Elaine F. Sloboda, 525 Adams Road. Pep Club. Class Chairman. Harriet Ruth Small, 217 N. Porter. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Co-op, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Clinic At- tendant, Baseball, Basketball. David W. Smith, 1524 N. Bond. Bowling, Rifle Clubs, Commencement Pageants, Baseball, Donna Fay Smith, 818 Ash. Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Vol- leyball Letterwinner. Patricia Kay Smith, 3617 State. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Noon Club Committee, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Sophia U. Smith, 2425 N. Oakley. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens, FNA Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Clinic Attendant. Rochelle Maria Smoder, 1305 S. Michigan. Pep Club, Girls' Chorus. Elaine Erica Snellenberger, 1017 N . Webster. lgowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Basketball, Base- all. Joan J. Snow, 1815 Grout. Bowling, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants. Donald Sohn, 417 John. Class Chairman. Nancy L. Sorgatz, 2024 Mershon. Advisor Vice y .- President, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep,' Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Spring Concert, Commercial Award. Norman William Sowatsky, 2984 Jackson. Ad- visory Treasurer, Latin, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Edith L. Sparks, 804 Mackinaw. Advisory Treas- urer, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, BOC, Latin, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Band, Commencement Pageant, Spring Con- cert, Class Chairman, Music Honors. Marianne L. Speace, 2874 Mack Road. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Librarian. Matilda K. Spindler, Freeland. Advisory Secre- tary, Biology, Pep Clubs, Usher, Class Chair- man. 35 P 5 K in 5, 11 tiki, ba, 2 :gr-41 . ff,gg1,. : f xV:i,k:f ,,g v Pi,v4f if . . f ' I 1 PZTSI5' 1, - 1 ' I -I '- ' ' if57ifim:,.' --.'Z'h.35f':f2,. ' mme 1 Allen Frank Spousta, 2006 Brenner. Advisor President, Treasurer, Secretary, BOC, Peg, Drivers Clubs, Band, Dance Orchestra, Ban Bounce, Class Chairman, Drum Major, Musil Honors. Elaine Evon Sproul, 2015 Stark. Advisory Re Cross Chairman, Co-op, Y-Teens, Pep Club: Katherine Joann Stark, 6 Hackett Road. Cafe teria Assistant. John T. Steverman, 602 Wright. Advisory Presi' dent, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Represen tative, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Marjorie Marie Sting, 365 S. Center Road. Ad visory President, Vice-President, Co-op, Latir Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Queen' Court, Cheer Leader. Theodore Raymond Streussnig, 1110 N. Granger Drivers Club, Band, Band Bounce. Donald L. Styn, 1616 S. Fayette. Advisory Presi dent,'Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. James Dale Summerfield, 518 Clark, Zilwaukee Pep, Drivers Clubs. Bruce Suppes, 1015 Thurman. Michael R. Sverid, 1811 Division. Advisory Presi dent, Club Hillite Steering, Noon Club Com mittees, Drivers Vice-President, Pep Club Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play, Clad Chairman, Football, Basketball, Track Letter winner. Robert A. Swanson, Route 5. Kay Ann Swift, 617 W. Bristol. Co-op, Latir Bowling, Pep, Drivers Clubs, County Govern ment Day. Walla Jean Teachout, 2214 Wilson. Bowling, Pe Clubs, Volleyball. Dale Harvey Techentien, 143 Trier. Pep, Driver Clubs. Janice Ann Teck, 3218 Webber. Spanish, Pej Clubs, Band Bounce. Thomas Robert Tefft, 1402 N. Clinton. Mathe matics Club, Band, Band Bounce, Sr- 51 9' tiene We . if 4 E X lizabeth Ann Ureche, Bridgeport. Pep Club. ack Laurence Van Alstine, 740 N. River Road. Rifie, Pep Clubs, Track Letterwinner. ichard P. Vance, Bridgeport. Hi-Y, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Baseball. andra Kay Van Derstein, 515 Fraser. Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Noon Club Committee, Arts-Dramatics, BOC, Latin, FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Class Chairman, Senior Hostess. homas Carter Van Gorder, 1938 Avalon. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Swimming. dward D. Van Tiflin, 2222 McEwan. Drivers Club, Class Chairman, Football, Track. fary Ethel VonSennet, 3415 Osler. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Pep Club, Band. uane R. Wackerly, 1411 Acacia. Team Manager. onald James Wade, 150 Lutzke. Advisory Presi- dent, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Swimming Captain, Letterwinner. runes E. Wagoner, 3316 Osler. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Red Cross Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. lexander F. Waier, 1923 N. Oakley. Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Class Chair- man, Red Cross Volunteer, Football, Track Letterwinner. ale Barton Wakeman, Frankenmuth. Track. hyllis Albertine Ward, 1703 N. Bond, Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Steering Committee, Quill-Scroll, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Legenda, Queen's Court, Red Cross Volunteer, Drum Majorette. Eyward J. Warnick, Frankenmuth. Drivers Club. oria Jean Watz, 2720 Court. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants, Volleyball, Art Award. arbara Lee Wazny, 1614 N. Oakley. Advisory P-TA Chairman, BOC, Latin, FNA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, ..,,,a,,. na' at W Beverly Lou Terrian, 1814 Cooper. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, French, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letter- winner. Willard Thomas Tessin, 1435 Bliss. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce. George E. Thick, II, 1714 W. Genesee. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Basketball, Cross Country Letterwinner. Edna Thiede, 1820 Stark. Dorothy Ann Thompson, 1838 Newberry. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, News, Class Chairman, Queen's Court. Shirley Thompson, 2519 Benjamin. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Latin, Pep Clubs, Christ- mas Pageant, 2nd Semester Play. Richard J. Timmons, 1923 Avalon. Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. Marcus H. Trea, 230 Shattuck. Arvin L. Trepkowski, 269 Lynn. Jean Ann Trinklein, Frankenmuth. Advisory P-TA Chairman, FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Legenda. David Baker Tucker, 330 Ann. Hi-Y Club. Doris Marie Umbach, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. iii' it L, ..., stasgiiifaggi 493753. LH. '7 V .y .. .37 -.K .-'.rffafa- J A ., ..,. , 7 5 ig, .6 I MQ : f ibm.. J fds- it rn. A-iii ...K 4 s- lr 4 . r I Iii? . 22. aiw' K .Q riffs Q, E1 571 'f, ' i f es 4 psull 1 I p , -A J i g ,.kk gg 1 A Q, N Q P-fi Q2 S1 54 ' 2 f iflllasif. ss A L f ,K , Betty Lue Wickson, Frankenmuth. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Librarian, Music Honors. Ernest Aaron Wiel, 915 Reed. Choir, Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play. Dixie Anne Williams, 2015 Barnard. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Chair- man, Latin, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Kenneth Wayne Willman, 3690 Barnard Road. Ad- visory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Club Hillite Rep re s e nt a tiv e g Arts- Dramatics, Co-op, Q u i l l - S cro l l , Latin, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Legenda. Alan T. Wills, 1626 Delaware. Drivers Club. Rae Carolyne Wilson, 1703 N. Oakley. Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Bonnie Jean Wiltse, 1554 Beech. Co-op, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Kenneth Witkowski, 3131 Elm. Marlene R. Wittmuss, 1627 N. Clinton. Co-op, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Volleyball. Myrna Ilene Wolfe, 1808 Barnard. Choir, Red Cross Volunteer. Rcgmert A. Wolfe, 919 N. Bond. Advisory Presi- ent. Gail Marie Wolfgang, Freeland. Advisory Treas- urer, Co-op, Spanish, Pep Clubs. .FEP . Charles H. Weber, 2825 State. Pep Club. George Edward Weber, 1000 N. Bond. Advisor Club Hillite Representative, Seals Sales Chail man, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Gol Swimming Letterwinner. Karl F. Weess, 1915 Mershon. Bowling, Pep, Drix ers Clubs, Commencement Pageant. Donald Frederick Weichert, 1629 N. Madiso: Advisory President, Pep Club, Cabinet Treas urer, Class Chairman, Basketball, Footbal Track Letterwinner, Chairman of Honor A: sembly. Barbara Jean Weiderhold, Bridgeport. Y-Teen Pep Clubs. Janet Fae Weir, 7382 Gratiot Road. Advisor Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Clu Hillite Representative, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Gladys Jane Weiss, 715 Mackinaw. French, Lati: FTA, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Ann Gordon Wells, 415 N. Porter. Advisory Sec retary, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Cont mittee, Club Hillite Representative, Y-Teen FTA, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairmai Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball. Lee .glnior Westendorf, 800 Sherman. Drivei Clu . Lucille Ann Westendorf, 109 Green, Zilwauke Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs. John D. Westlund, 131 S. Charles. Advisory Pres dent, Vice-President, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Jan Jay Wheeler, 1439 Barnard. Advisory Clu Hillite Representative, Band, Band Bounc. Baseball, Swimming Letterwinner, Cary Allen White, 2112 N. Oakley. Advisory Clu Hillite Representative, Noon Club Committei Hi-Y, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Basket ball, Football, Track. Laurence Duane White, 620 Dearborn. Choi Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Barbara Joan Whitmer, 119 Borland. Advisor Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Sea Sales, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Noon Clu Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Pei Drivers Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Debat Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Charles Thomas Whitney, 2007 N. Madison. Ad visory President, Latin, Pep Clubs. . te . e' I afi- V 9 ' 2 ' - ,,., ' . :'.:5g:s .a.5, QQ . as , . 'fe A .. T ' Qi ,yy 11-3sgg,,fftSq..1,'i..,, 4? I i uncs S. Woodrow, 909 Malzahn. Pep Club Presi- jdent, Choir, Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester 'Play, Cabinet Vice-President, Class Chairman, Baseball, Basketball, Football Letterwinner. ail Cheri Woolgar, 413 W. Fisher, Zilwaukee. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Commit- tee, Co-op, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. eorge Lewis Worden, Frankenmuth. Drivers Club. ancy Virginia Worthington, 2210 S. Fayette. Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Clinic Attendant, Librarian. onna Kay Wuelpern, 1017 Reed. Bowling, Pep Clubs, Student Ofiice Assistant. yrna Lee Yancer, 2522 Cooper. Advisory Vice- President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Sopho- more Party Committee, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Arts-Dramatics, BOC, French, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Class Chair- man, Red Cross Volunteer. ary Yarger, 4135 Ring. Librarian, Art Award. ncy Ann Yarmuth, 4364 State Road. Y-Teens, ep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas ageant. Hsrothy June Zastrow, 1417 Stanley. Bowling, ep Clubs, Class Chairman. a Ruth Zehnder, 1619 Hanchett. Advisory ecretary, Y-Teens Vice-President, Miracle ook, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. ck A. Zeilinger, Frankenmuth. mes G. Zeilinger, Frankenmuth. Track Letter- winner. 'adley Russell Zuver, 1921 N. Charles. Advisory resident, Mathematics President, Crucibles, ep, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Track. ederick M. Zwerk, Frankenmuth. FFA, Pep, Drivers Clubs. S '.,, f .Wm . all , - 31 ."i , , Q. , ,E w .. fiiirv , x f 47 :3 .ir 'egg' ,W 1 a rr W if err. 2, ,aa 1. if-.wa-f 2 as as f K 5 1 I f . H If A A: E, i f-31 W . W if , ? E Q Su-11.3, Q, .sri in 'y M ' 'F . '.,,g,s iesd . . sysn ., , l ,-,,' L' 1 .. " h r- u f'fgffs.,- Yifi ' j xf - - N . "'t ffl ii E' N - . ' i ' 0 o' 1 Y I 3 2 1 ,', 2 A AW if V, ' - . Hwy qw' K ki deff' Counseling with a representative, Mr. Kenneth Larzelere, of the testing crew from Michigan State College on the results of his aptitude test is Bradley Zuver. Taking aptitude tests are John Barsch, Bill Booth, Dick Schluckbier, Jerry Timmons, and Harry Hawkins. Students in the last semester of high school days have another opportunity to check aptitudes for their next venture. 103 W llnderclassmen Sophomore Party chairman, Bob McDonald, is master of cere- monies. Each fall sophomores choose a representative from each advisory and with their class adviser, Miss Mary F. Lewis, or- ganize their first get-together which has become a Halloween fragition. The committee of 56 sophomores chose Bob as their ea er. Committee chairman Carmen Brown and workers Ann Gossel, Mary Louise Hinds, and Penny LaF1air, admire the decorations for their party which is a get acquainted affair. ,Af , , Onlookers take notice of Gene Sauers as he enjoys a game of ping-pong. Other games are provided for those interested and refreshments are served at the snack bar. ice Abler agnija Abolins nna Acker ichard Adams ames Ahlrich arbara Aird ale Albrecht rlene Albright udith Aldrich erold Allen uth Marie Allen uth Marie Allen atrice Allington ohn Allman arbara Anderson avid Anderson tanley Anderson omas Anderson illiam Anderson everly Andrews ack Andrews orman Archambault ay Archangeli atricia Ashbaugh ane Asmus usan Atherton ichard Ault oanna Aunger drew Austin arleton Averill ladys Averill erniece Baase obert Bader anet Bailey hirley Bailey lice Bain omas Baird Gary Baker Gene Baker Barbara Ball QAA. :gf GAAAAIA: A A' ...g A A5 I A agar , xp WX ka Q S AW 52 M Q gi 1 V A AA 7 K Q s., Q if 'ig' . -f'.,' -Zark, , AM AA "3 A " A,,3fEA - , fl : Aging :H AA A KA. 1 A+. ,.,..,, A A g ,Agia :ia g if t - LES " A A X A i""' A A dl 'A " ,M A3 A 14" i Ag gf AZ' A .-,' K 5 I I ' A A A1 A5 A A ' . AA 'M like .Ae - A A f 'Y' A AA A saas : A .. A leesl AA :' A A llsl A A aez- fi 5' gf-'N A . ,,,A A c" A A A ff A41 1. A A f ' -- iri . 'A A ' .!'.,:ni- . .Q 5133 ' W ' A A il A A i A A - rrls rf A A as A Af A A A' 1 2 A AA ii A av A neee iw ff-2' A A ' A " A W L VV ai W AA t .,,, P . 6 i n J all W A My ix A in A, A :Ain A fa 575: " A A " 5 9 Q P n o A AA -I A A ,nee 51 A A QA A L.. A A, A" A A V H P A reAA . 7 f " i f'5' A .ax 1525.2 A -A 3.1 ,c,1:: A.:' .a,,,..,:" A 'A 'A " ' A '-,., A ,A A 'A A .A A iA" J, Q A Q MQ .A A A A r AAA , A AA A. A gl i iAlA AAA' ' . A A AAAZ A siii 5: fA A VA t N A"' A -A iff' lA1rAA:,zfA' jf A 1 AAA -A M- K A A JL A.- A 'VA A A Y AA. A AA aAAA 4' J Aissl ' A ' A EA it A i :fgv:FAez ? e Q V K .AAA.. AA A k.A..rAL AIAAAZQAA A U 1 V V AA AA ' " "i - . 2 - 4 V 'iii A, A . A 'AA A ' ge A A- I Vil- t :.Avv A B VZ in .AAAk- ig? Lrrr A vrr, ,A AAA A fAL QLQAA? A B A 1' H A A W V' A fflfi , ,.A.. fi A "'liAAi A W Z G xx ' -,A VMAA? K, M ,Q LL V A N A i A A AAArA As y M yy A AAAA AAAA AAAAA ,A A A A A 'Ai' A AA AA A figfi A I Vw' I K AAAA K , QA K A ik I Vw K In . A A Af 'A A if A A AA , A51 A, A is L AH ' " A 1: I Av vV.AV VV - A AA.' A 'A A .. gs. I A I. .. U A 4 4 Dale Ball Yvonne Ballard Charles Balley Philip Ballien Carolyn Balzer Rae Ann Barber Barbara Barchak Shirley Barnett Robert Barowski Theodore Barris Constance Barry Jerry Barton Alvin Basner Lila Basner Barbara Bauer James Bauer Thomas Bauknecht Peter Baybeck Phyllis Beamish Barbara Beck Gerald Becker John Beckert Arden Beehler Arline Beehler Cleo Beem Marianne Bein Richard Bell William Bell Helen Bellinger Jerry Bellinger Sandra Benkert Joyce Benner Barbara Bensinger Laurie Berg Robert Berg Pete Berkobien Ruth Berkobien Sandra Berkompas Peggy Bernard Berzins Carl Beutel Bernhard Beyer Rosalia Bierd Marilyn Bierlein William Bierlein Norma Bigger Grace Binasio Albert Birnbaum Charles Bismark Robert Black Gerald Blakely Barbara Blakeway James Blanchet John Blehm Bonnie Block Susan Blohm Gaida Blukis , W3 .1 " i.., fu Q -ff , E 1 5 as :ggi V. AL , - . X' .4 wif :xi -P QQ'- K L fem Y: , Ae wr gi A As,,,,r Q sv 5' Sr ' A .4 HL fi Q N55 0 3 H Q 4' 'Y T-'ie J P i f- .- , .-,. A g lb qi? A. 5 ' 2 . ii 4 e 'sy ' J , 4 2 X tr if K .A fer: nl? as V f ,X S b. fi , I R r :A i K ' it Z le A 2 - J ...I ,N ,, y J yrny R as n y yyrn a , a w Donna Bocker , J J "':'i' 1 I A ' A Mary Bohnhoif ., A ' , "' ,L. f i 5 ' ,N . Y 5 Patricia Boivin it gg 'gr id AA 5 , A ' -M 5 Virginia Boldt 4 'A Afiggy A ,'ii ,y , .gg fl ii Arlene .. . i, It , sy nl . K S5 qi K W Janet Bolger J A r r ' it Deanna Bolster L .yynn J R nynn Deanna Boltz i"' AA J , Joe Bommarito . A, J " ,. ' z 'SEV "" A Richard Bonkowski I , V in ,at A 5, Ave- gc l JA ' Bud Booth 5, A :-:- Q , 5 IE Lf gg' E U . 5 L 'f gll' L wi 152, Q i i Evelyn B00fh Q A W J t A R J A A Nancy Bornheimer L 5 . i" 'Z ' Ll 9 ' eel ,,:k, I -' Thomas Boruszewski x J ". . 1 4 , E ,A . llfTi"Ml V J Jacqueline Bwtin A .s:...,.. ., 25 a.nnya J ayl.yn ..:...,a l fgeir Robert Bowden 'ei'i ' , iiiii, if ii"' A 'zz gzz ::,V A, .. 'Af ' f p Dorothy Bowles r 'J 'N . Q . A ' 'i'- J , 3 I 5 J Patsy Boyd '. '- - -' if Y' . -.Qi Z, E:: ,J :I GJ, .. l 'S J -,, .,., . ,A A r :-:,i A- rg,l AA ,A -A A QA.: Aw., . 4 Al 01111 Boyel' we '1" 'iss Gerald Bradley I ,Q A V AEE 3511 I if W 5 , , i n RobertBrand1e .aa I if --,-- i". xii X - x ml , Lois Bmw M35 B B' ix f-AffW'lA i i Doris Bremer ,,..,, .,,,,,,,,. . ,, hr,,, h,,. , ,r . an,. A . . , ,, H Ronald Bremer , t y 1 71' Harold Brennan , A I n,:, W R z- L Lenore Brennan In L is . A 7 A- WJ David Bricault "-- it be AA Q1 A A lf' ' 'igoyct Bflislff A ' A ,V Z -A . onnie Brin er ' Q M 'A We :h A NV Q Julia Brinkman , V V K X Mx Bernard Brisbois A M - ,, , V ,,,., W .B W ...A Charlotte Bronner ,,,, amos, ,W ,rtr . X . , J , ' i"' '7 Ruth Bronner R Har1'yBr00kS z '- , 24 -V' w Allen Brown at J QHV, Q r gg ,jf -wgfil X ,A Ut: ' ' A Carmen Brown ' b t ' AA 12 H ' " K urbz: 1,-:. V V 5 ' Edwin Brown ,p A-- M gl I it f 1f-1A .:A,i A A 3 Jackie Brown an S srtiy , A ar John Brown K or , , .,,s, U '.V: Joyce Brown A'.. R . A B J trss . 4 ' Mary Suelmwn 4 ,'-lV ,T-'tt ' 4 , V ' AA, A ' r Q? rg, A" " Robert Brown f - Q M S ROgerBr0v'fn A " J A, -,ifiqA.iJ"4 if Q A R0YB1'0Wl11Hg A ' V b ij? fig M rA,, 2 Ruth Brownrigg :.., , ' , i - "-" f iit NJ Janet Brush A I I gif' 'Q -is ' A if Janet Bruske :.:: A I Robert Bruton R , ,A R J ,, I AAAA M. Patricia Bryce V AA ' ' , L 4 ' M f' ' Sharon Buckley J o W e A A Ao uae A' o AQAA RuthB11CkHer A if r V Eugene Budd gg i K , r f,,, Dalealguidlev , A V , .,AA, ' A J Barbara Bullock . J ' ',., ., . A- 1.1 egg '. , Harold Burk f ,R AA ZA JB B Edith Bm B A 'Q J Adele Busaid ' ' ke Eg., 5 A ' f Phyllis Bussey fi A . 'r'J fill W ' --' Alllfa Butterfield ii1A ' ' t'AA.1 i . QA Z f Ai A , in wg Donna Buxman Richard Buxman Marie Buyssens my iw ,P L -'Q L' All ui '. . ... ,L ,, X, of yy yy 1 , N 5. y yy sim it in 'Q' M' r L 'Q it s .ff if ' if yyyyl yyyy , E ' yy ff , 4 if Y ai W lf' e J m' ' , M y' y if J 4 y ,, ,W ,Q y y A-ti, y PM y if 216 we ' :': I - H L.. M ' if f A ,W L L J- I is ' e r We , yy fi y U. hyyy Q M - H JA ,ae , '- . e yy, ' . ' iw if 7 p . ' T L- it 5 y' y vffl ly if yy . yy A W ., ,Z :y y W . myyyyy ,,- f' . R fs. , , f 'Y ::-' -1 I :iq my rf T. Q N lilvr 1 4 s f - v-. :.,,., . hai- ' 'if ly Claus orge Clauss orge Clayton orge Clemens rolyn Cleveland er Cline Anne COSDIS I es Colbeck e Coll1er lllam Colpean -ane Compau w 1ce Compau rbara Compeau dlth Constantine anne Cooper eva Cooper ne Cope hard Corrlppo ncy Cornack rol Cornish vid Corven sley Cosgrove stford Cosgrove reen Cottrell 16 Coughran clnda Coulter linda Coulter cy Counterman r1c1a Cox rlene Crampton ly Crampton rgery Crego IS Crlbbxns Crosby thryn Crum nald Cruson nald Culver y Curran rol Curtin gmia Curtmdale , . ,, ,g. 5 an 5 'vw Mmm :N E' ww N--V in ,',E'f,gQi451 ' ' ifiiiliz ilfif 'J Mama , -L 5. X' N 'E ' J ,, t 'Qi 4 f as Q 5,f-.-:. , 2fr" Ei 'Qi ,.,. - E -, QQ 2 lm. Tom Byron Arlene Calkins Donald Calkins Gayle Calkins Patricia Callas Pearline Callas Mary Cammin Charlene Campbell Joan Campbell Sheila Campbell Barbara Canaday Larry Cantu Mary Card William Card Larry Carey Donna Carlton Gerald Carrick Sally Carroll Hyatt Carter Lloyd Cartwright Catherine Case Calvin Caster Joanne Chadwick Paul Chamberlin James Chambers Francis Champagne Myrtle Chartra'hd Shirley Chema Marilyn Cheney Marilyn Cherry Sally Cherry Thomas Cherry Dale Chiarovano Norma Chiarovano Alfred Chritz Carol Clark Edward Clark James Clark Philo Clark William Clark . J fly . fm Q- , W A ,,,. X ' of fl s J ' ' ,h' L' - ' .- ' 'ii -A r , - . . J .- , is or l LW, ,sw -3- fi? " in 'il xx -f wlilvfif ' 5 -Hy, we '. , s"-"' 2 mn' 4 , 'L' Q ii. ' :fl 'N ,A ' " V 1155 - x I R' Q ,Q 5.3 yyv- -ay yy., , wyyggggggy l reti 5 L yy a . gy r no 'A 4 t"i l '- J we 1 ,.,, M, ' f i. gj gym ,..,,, f ' ' f - - --l- iff? at ' fc' , xi. 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Ja.. - , Q .g if W , i WW fiv e f - 2 K. x a f ' k.-L i i I 'V V,kLk, ii Q. fi J if Ernie Dijak Judy Dingman Diane Dinse Roger Dittenber Jeannette Dittmar Donald Donahue Allen Donnenwerth Ivaloe Donnenwerth Jerry Donnenwerth Mary Donovan Francis Doran Patricia Doss Sally Douglas Donald Dovsmey Nancy Doyle Patrick Driscoll Marlene Druelle Joyce Dubay Donald DuCharme Kay Dudek Mary Dukarski Myron Dunbar Kathleen Dungey Colleen Dunning Tom Dunning Paul Duranso Dolores Durham Patricia Durman Darold Dye Duane Dye Duane Ebach Danny Ederer Joan Ederer Mary Ederer Marilyn Edwards Marjorie Edwards John Egloff Mary Ehmcke Betty Ehrhardt Shirley Eichinger 5 2 ' W , 2.9,- V - ,X ax. .50 -.. it 'gm an . .- , .. ,- vw v ' , ,fr-N ,gf- 1 . ,,f'3,A W2 .ar 5 -x f, fi f.' 5 ft Fi Q .nfs 1 i ,- .eg .1 ggffu . is - xs,,.f: -W fJi.f F,iin'? it A ' 'W 1 Q, ug 5' ff A in s 5 rf?-1' S-,ef 31451: 'E f"' I K 5? , V -- 'K A5 - . ,k., if 2-1 Z4 -ze V ,v ew, my Q --1 gigs . .L wal ,QW 1 nn, 1. , es., . - i-ii az -Q ,. . ' , will ': kt' ski W . i V Y A sf wr a ' gf F 55 -12 ' -W in ' 4 ,ff 2.,,,,,L. 13 . . , w e 'X . kg 3 x auf' 1' as it L :-z, PL s xi if , 1 . v mf gg , - ge, .gg ff y i-ka , f,:ifI-- F- ' " t:.1f,'!lig ' " " " . , .,'- V V, J 1 if - - x I sat ff . iv 13, 'ee. , , ,., A ls- 1 " , .,,::g5.-, -' Q- ,. .ff w pw , lf' ' Q , r-V ' ., riff, Y ff , 'iyy - 'izsrrixfll ' , . 5 .,.QQQ D . f da , V. Q 2 -: w s fa Q Z 5, 4 , if i ,, 3 K 2 K .w::f'Eik ,, ..,.,, ' 11,1 y A 4 if sq i A -- ,, ,: Jn. , 1,3 -. -ef. ri 1 it ei fitixiisff X 1,J. , , 5 1 1212- leg , ' sw: fag-:lv - - vmfzzs an '- fs.v'?' k ' I i' 'V if 5 -,.s,, AY .an ,X f -. Us -- , .,.. -M - HQ . I,- X1 Robert Cuthbertsi Donald Daenzer Jo Ann Dalton Janet Dammann Janet Dankert William Dankert Ronald Danks Jim Daubert Ruth Davies Albert Davis Bruce Davis David Davis Helen Davis James Davis Jan Davis Kay Davis Richard Day Thomas Day Anna Dee Rose Dee Jo Ann Deike Arlen Dempsey Shirley Dennis Bruce Denno June Denslow Dorothy Denzer Donald DeShone Phyllis DeShone Dale DeWitt Janice Dezelsky Sally Dezelsky George Dice Albert Dicks Dawn Dickson Jay Didier Barbara Diech Joanne Diechmnaj Cecelia Dierich Max Dietrich Betty Diffel 'aw i my , ,A . A W i, Y 5 ' . .A.. nf ,A diff -. " - - i 'H L' '4- 1 . " - -5' '- i W -we A ..,- f' 1-W - S J 12255 Q ii it ii ' ' I SS' ' ii' 7 f in -iff' " 'i'f I . .M 2 M, LW at . ,SW - A be 'W , y- . . it ,ffl i.,L.. W ' L l .fl ' -V -.y- 5 A in get G ' e X9 5 W - gg i: I .. 5125? f tis .- 1 . .,.w5f.rFgg: - -' Q3 Zi A . t Q- . as Q . 'Q Qi ? 3 fl 9 JU' 2 y 4514- if ,5 i' ll! 7 is'. 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Weiss Harold Wellendorf Barbara Wells Darlene Welsh James Wenzel John Wenzel Neil Wenzel Richard Wenzel .,,' ' i' Yi I X at all i a P Q W mt t X Q38 six 1 ,Q Carolyn Wood arbara Woodruff ay Woolgar aren Wooll oan Workman ouis Wormer ichard Wright onald Wright lois Wruck uzanne Wynne ack Yancer ourtney Yeager osella Yeager omas Yearsley vonne Yearsley erald Young ack Young udy Young etty Zariski ary Zarnick on Zastrow oyce Zegelien Donald Zeilinger Myra Zeilinger Ronald Zeilinger Jerry Ziemer Suzanne Zitter Leonard Zorn Phyllis Zumer K ,. , .., W.: V. K f gggggifw' ' , , ,t ,L f V ff f' - if-11. gi- 4 'V if T 1 Q' L ,A ' ' - x S - vi I 11 t u. 1' tw Ao,.. Q new -+ Q a 4 of a.. J A GM Q. -1 5 ' ' iv QQ ., n ff. . .. 6 Qi .mi ,Q Y, -,... A f ' A "':: ' Raymond Baase Larry Barton James Boughner Edward Brethauer Sonia Brown Barbara Burk Robert Campbell Fred Davis John Diener Wayne Franke Norene Griifor Students whose parents were graduated with the Class of '28 get acquainted. Their parents celebrate their 25th reunion this year. Top Row: Dick Day, Jerry Goodman, Sandra Wise, Dennis Hartner, Ruth Shfeltraw, Ed Germain, and Nancy Jameson. . af , -fix: Y .? w wr 1 v if X frat? , ,- . um , . 1: 1 Q- xt L f:f'fxfi:5i?9:T: '::-5"', at- D -F' .. fi ag ' in 1 alt f 1 rife-Q? - ,ga aa Ti si I 't Q i Ay' r N' it J A I SA J if x i -Y ., V . - F-nn. we A .,.. ,fa fa Q L N 9 we :er W Q f- A15 at ' ' em Qs. az. :Q in 45, 'J' 1 x,,,:k , M . V ,iw 6 - , ,R gn , , L we ta ,- ,n -:Ji Y V gg. i i ! A . 5 ,tg , A A 999' x it 'S Y 7 I Y - ,Sis f 'xg 5 J Underclassmen Without Pictures Beverly Hamling Herman Hendrick Andrew Johnson James Kimmel Fred Kolhoff Edward Kostrewa Charles LaBeau David LaFrance Peter LaPorte Rosemarie LeFevre Lawrence Liebrecht Jerry Logan David Lundberg George Mauch Irene McClain James McIntyre Mary Miller Fred Minster Georgia Perrigo Carol Premo William Poe Edward Radke Robert Raupp Delton Roach Kenneth Schutt Mary Schwartz Richard Sonnenberg Sharon Wagner Robert Werth Pat Whipple Rolland Wiltse Bernard Yelcho Marie Yockey Second Row: Judy Kleinschmidt, Karen Kerns, Nancy Yarmuth, John J effords, Jackie Boutin, Pat Gunn, Nancy Kleinschmidt, and Judy Day. 9 O Every successful musical score is published. Opus 1953 was a smash hit. These Saginaw area publishers gladly helped bring this Arthur Hill symphonic arrangement to you. , l A Ml V . ! 8 C-:Remus f The Publishers Underwriters of many music projects are the W. J. Davis Music House, 315 Court, and the Somerville Music Shop at 1815 North Michigan. Claude' Lemmer and Jan Davis haunt music shop. 123 ART SAMPlE Furniture Company 200-204 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE Elaine Inman, Donald Tunney, and Mary Ann Kingsbury all agree that furniture from ART SAMPLE is tops in quality and style. ANnEP.sUN's Caffe.. SADF M The Home of the Famous QXFIQTXIIIQLXN Tenderloin Steaks N: I it Steak 311 dwiches HOUSE OF FASHIONS Q Q .,.., Lg, '9 ,Q P , '14' f. 6 "just Good Food" li'-A 321 Court and 219 Federal DRESSES SUITS DRAPER CHEVROLET O For 26 Years Your Cbevrolet Dealer Genesee at Warren . 1450 North Michigan COATS FURS Phone 8166 'QU ' Can Become A on '- CALL AT S 207V, South Franklin Street or Ph 2-2183 IN mgaor Starting Dates of New Classes 124 FHUTCHEY BEAN COMPANY "We Aim to Please" At Parties, Dances, Get-Togethers, wherever the crowd gathers, you can be the center of things if you can play an accordion from the Art Gulonsku Accordion Center EAT MORE MICHIGAN BEANS 404 Congress 327 So. Washington - Phone 2-8371 Dial 2'3121 USE OUR BEGINNER'S RENTAL PLAN EVANS and THOMAS 316 North Michigan Avenue HEATING AND PLUMBING Dial 2-9682 lll WEST GINIIII AVENUE 's X drug and surgw store mscm mn fxmns suns cn Fl ms PHONE 2-6666 Brady 8. Wade Drugs "Prescription Druggistsn 630 Gratiot Avenue Dial 8633 School supplies from BRADY and WADE will always rate with Arthur Hill students. Using these sunplies for study in the library are Sharon Tessman, Pauline Trea, Gary Trus- koski, Elizabeth Ureche, LeonaVan Boyclair and Ronnie Vondette. Floor Covering and Appliances Sales TELEVISION Service 6147 STATE SERVICE ON ALL MAKES DIAL 4-1037 125 BE A BUY WHEN BETTER CARS ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" WHEN BETTER SERVICE IS GIVEN, I m GARBER WILL GIVE IT" u 110 WEST GENESEE LOOK BREAD Dengler's Pharmacy 1001 Gratiot at Porter Cosmetics from DENGLER'S large variety intrigue Arthur Hill girls. Ann Wells and Nancy Bailey freshen up during lunch hour. W. L. Case 81 Company FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE 413 Adams Street Dial 3-5441 126 I-IOW SAVINGS GROW You Save 55.00 Amount We Add Total Amount a Week for Saved Earnings Saved 5 Years 81,300 S 82.78 81,382.78 10 Years 2,600 348.47 2,948.47 15 Years 3,900 82 1.25 4,721.25 Hfigurod at Our Current Rate of Roiurn, ZW-76, Por Annuml Save For That College Education E,,.III :rem w e L . . . -,FEDERAL Jgffmson Telephone 2-2156 f Saginaw, Michigan " WI-IERE THOUSANDS SAVE MILLIONS" PHONE 2-2456 JEFFERSON AT FEDERAL GEORGE ELECTRIC W. - - - Distributors G ru nvil I e l S STAFUL 512 POTTER STREET and 128 N. WASHINGTON AVENUE 3 A 1' 'I' I l I E 5 for good slroes for the entire family 303 N. HaIllilf0l1 13110119 2-3259 Telephone 2-4653 Established 1882 GOETZ and ROESER FLORIST 200 South Michigan Avenue Flowers make any occasion festive. A corsage from GOETZ 8: ROESER is the answer to an escort' s problem. At the Senior Prom Arden Clare and date,Betty Shuler and Dick Popp are proud of their floral selections. HAGERl'S JEWELRY . . . 112 S. Michigan THE H. R. TERRYBERRY CO. . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan "Official Ring and Pin Dealer and Manufacturer" Junior Judy Hart admires Konrad Fischer's senior ring and asks how soon may she order her ring at HAGERL'S. ?mmal Zfome 419 North Michigan ' Phone 2-8531 I I . HRV DL Emvsns AMBULANCE SERVICE L GLENN E. BARTON, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 DR. A. G.. GARDEY D E N T I S T 610 Second National Bank Bldg. RAYMOND A. HART, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-8316 J. E. HARVIE, D.D.S. 402 Wiechmann Building Phone 2-5815 BRUCE L. HAYDEN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN 314-16 Graebner Building Phone 3-5131 HERVEY C. MERRILL, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-8316 Lewis C. Pinney, D.D.S., M.S. ORTHODONTICS EXCLUSIVELY 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 Phone 2-1483 DR. M. PIKE DENTIST ' 204 Golf Building Elmer G. Schaiberger, M.D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON 1520 North Michigan Avenue WALTER K. SLACK, M.D. EAR - NOSE - THROAT 308 Eddy Building Phone 2-6011 CRANE, CRANE 85 KESSEL ATTORNEYS and COUNSELORS 308-9 2nd National Bank Bldg. Dial 2-2159 128 MARTIN 85 MARTIN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 306-308 Graebner Building zilmeiez' O'Keefe, Braun, Kendrick 85 Finkbeiner LAWYERS 2nd National Bank Building ANDERSON BOOK STORE "Come in and browse around" 119 S. Jefferson Phone 2-6303 TRAVEL ON TO THE AVALON CURB SERVICE GOOD FOOD 3505 State Street BAUER 8: BAUER CLEANERS - DYERS 311 North Hamilton BESE FOOD MARKET 3451 Court Street Dial 8101 fi'-1 4-jzwzzzns 112 South J elferson COURT STREET HARDWARE 1208 Court St. Telephone 3-1313 Brady, Schirmer 86 Company INSURANCE 708 Second National Bank Bldg. CULVER-DEISLER CO. Corner of Genesee and Jeiierson Phone 2-8363 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS ,. Xa ' - 1 A A D !35c ' -, DELUXE DRY CLEANERS 4 " ' 5 ' I 5 - JOSEPH M. DAY co. . V ' - ' I COMBUSTION ENGINEERS 618 Gflflof 343488 1840 North Michigan 2700 Bay or 201 East Genesee Avenue Dial 4-3393 gP1antj 3-1531 Dial 8914 The J. W. IPPEL CO. DRY Gooos Court Street and Michigan Avenue Hillite Shirley Schneider and other sewing class members know that the finest in materials makes for the finest in wearing apparel. They shop at IPPEL'S for their dry goods. Saginaufs Three Great Thrift Centers HOME DAIRY COMPANY 403 E. Genesee Avenue PARK AND SHOP SUPER MARKETS Near Genesee Street Bridge on Niagara 315 S. Michigan Buy with confidence and Save at our Stores . fn 'T' 129 FAMOUS NAMES AT JACOBSON'S See Our Line of " Ioycev Casual Shoes "White Stag" Sportswear J etferson at Federal as -4.4 e FRANKENMUTH students are found in nearly every fieldof school activ- ities at Arthur Hill. Gladys Hetzner is a member of the marching bandg Jean Trinklein is a Legenda staff memberg and Don Daezner and .Tack Galsterer were in the first semester play. FPIANKENMUTH MERCHANTS Fechter Hardware Nuechterlem Supply Company F1scher s Frankenmuth Hotel Nuechterlem Wendt Funeral Home Frankenmuth Greenhouse Rau Brothers Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Co. Oscar Rau Electric Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Emil Rummel A8611-Cy Frankenmuth State Bank Satow Drug Store FranKENmuth Theater SiU1PS0U Glff BOX Albert Hetzner Star of West Milllng Company Hubinger Super Market Weiss Farm Equlpment IGA Super Market Zehnders Hotel Kercsmar Jeweler 85 Watchmaker Zehnder Sales and Servlce Rolly MeN1ven Hotel Zeilinger Servlce Station 130 THE EBANHENMUTH NEWS winner of the 1952 National Editorial Association first prize for line printing, is happy and proud that it has been the printer of your own prize-winning ARTHUR HILL NEWS THE FRANKENMUTH NEWS News Building Frankenmuth, Mich. P-TIO 'Vg 4 ve Av . I Plllllllllllllli Ylosirfl' ' Q. UF' K IN :Sf we 1 "" "A- +f'-1:2-15 W 1 W, 1212322525 6 E . l A dex M: vl v l bzitizztirh' . is as - " H- 1 ",, ,,- ,-:-:5: Pe,-2,5-'-c-. N Ziff.:i:.f-.,':I,-iffjv' T:S'fgi55f3f Q 3 sig?-:QQQQTE .,-.:.,v,:fu 4001: ',, .X , 1: 5::f!I' TAPES, RULES und PRECISION T00lS Lufkin Precision Tools, Tapes and Rules help the student and apprentice get ahead in the technical field. They give him the feeling of confidence and A accuracy that skillful workmanship demands. In the future, specify Lufkin Tools. ,J rafgufmnfuzffa ENRIGHT-TOPHAM CO. Clothing for the Entire Family H O T E L F 0 R D N E Y YELLOW CAB 401 C t str t , , A. E.. ENSMINGER 85 CO. our ee A thinking fellow calls a Yellow 0 Saginaw, Michigan 218-240 North Baum Phone 2-3117 121 North Hamilton Phone 2-6572 FRIENDLY SHOE STORE G A T E L Y , HAMILTON HOME BAKERY 406 Com Street 5 HoME MADE BAKED Goons 120-130 South Franklin 118 North Hamilton Phone 8562 ll-IIGH QUALITY FOOD MAY BE SECURED FROM OUR ABUNDANT SUPPLY Rupprechfs Food Market 2618 State Street Everyone enjoys good food especially when it's from RUPPRECHT's. Such goodfoods prepared in the cafeteria are bought by students during lunch hour. Mrs. Margaret Casey assist's students in their choice for lunch. Phone 2-3586 Granger and Nitz PHARMACY Cosmetics and Prescriptions 2620 State Street Health room attendant, Eleanor Bull, and patient, JoAnn Nieble say pre- scriptions are skillfully filled at GRANGER and NITZ PHARMACY. WORTH ASKING FOR General Offices, Saginaw, Michigan MOUSE BOWLING ALLEYS 220 North Hamilton Phone 3-4044 Q-as ""'-suv' -eff-25" Qfatiy' -if MICHIGAN Ni-ITIUNAL HANK DRIVE IN BANK -- PARKING LOT "Banking that is Building Michigan" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 132 on the west side since 1888 . . X 37 2 to i' 1:5 5 hlll m :+I i rr "YOUR FAMILY KNOWS US AND- WE WANT TO MEET YOU" - - and loan o INSURED SAVINGS Saglnaw Savlngs association 0 HOME FINANCING Michigan at Cass Saginaw's Foremost Dealer 'ELEVISION - RADIO - Rscosznsi EMMW pw Sm Phone 2-6741 ll-loNoeRAPHs-TAPE RECORDERS 206 Denham R If DEVELOPING - PRINTING - EN GRAVIN G 0 ' in f,?,fEf, Q, ,,i?fEg,,,i, 0,5 We Specialize in Oversize ALBUM Style Prints y Quick Service RUST AT NEWTON Pankonin-Piexall Drugs Michigan at Court F pl ant snack after school Hillit re served by Jan Morford 54 1 f S g1naw's finest drug t ' was Sftiliiltw Dick Kruse is typical of many Arthur Hill seniors who are thinking of the future. For the best -in real estate see EDWARD MEYER 8: SON. RD EYEP1 AND 0 INSUREP. AND P.EALTon 420 Hancock Phone 5-4436 HEAVENRICH'S 75 years on the same corner Genesee at Franklin H. HEGELHEIMER FLOOR COVERING - DRAPERIES 1100 Court Street ITTNER FURNITURE Fred Ittner, Class of '14 416-418 Hancock Street Paul Krause Clothing Co. Quality Shoes For The Entire Family J U N G E R H E L D 2 S JOCHEN SHOES 1029 Gratiot MEN S CLOTHING and 420 East Genesee Avenue Phone 4-4730 FURNISHINGS 404 Court Street Dial 8562 WM. A. LANGE 86 SON HEATING ' 219-21 South Hamilton Street Saginaw, Michigan 2-5105 0 'mu N K c o. 415 E. Genesee MacDONAI.D and STINGEL Office Supplies and Equipment Phone 7062 408 West Genesee Avenue MARTIN'S DRUG STORE 1500 Gratiot Avenue MEL'S HAMBURG KITCHEN 313 South Michigan Avenue Phone 2-0033 134 MINETTE SHOP WEDDING GOWNS BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES 109 East Genesee Avenue Phone 3-8211 MUELLER BROTHERS HICKEY-FREEMAN Customized CLOTHES Hotel Bancroft Building NUECHTERLEIN JEWELRY 114 North Michigan Avenue Phone 5-3951 OPPERMANN FURS 123 South Jefferson Saginaw, Michigan Porteriield AUTO SERVICE STATION Complete Motor Car Service Phone 2-8864 1701 State St. SAGINAW CITY LINES, Inc. 505 North Water Phone 3-1116 SAGINAW ICE AND COAL COMPANY Phone 2-6194 222 North Niagara SAGINAW PHOTO SUPPLY "YOUR KODAK DEALER" 515 E. Genesee Phone 2-7962 SCHULTZ AND FULLER Hotpoint Appliances HARDWARE 626 Gratiot Avenue SCHWAB JEWELRY 504 E. Genesee Telephone 4-9221 Schwahn-VanAuken-Graebner Inc. Insurance Since 1856 202 Graebner Building Dial 2-2161 "You can rest assured when insured with VICTOR MEYER," says Dale Mertz . Many Hillites profit by Da1e's wise advice by insuring their possessions. SCIENTIFIC BRAKE and EQUIPMENT CO. 314 West Genesee Phone 5-4411 Skycraft TOY and HOBBY "All We Sell Is Happiness" 412 Hancock Phone 3-3541 VICTOR MEYER Real Estate and Insurance 106 North Hamilton Street Dial 3-5401 135 Morley Brothers 115 North Washington Avenue The latest records for parties and dances are always available at MORLEY'S record bar. Spinning each record at Noon Club are Bill Booth, .Tohn Barsch, Dick Schluck- bier, Jerry Timmons and Jim Reis. 011 Selling Perfect Diamonds in Saginaw for Seventy-one Years 300 310 TE co J' ll. Schirmer and Sons JEWELERS 214 Genesee Avenue WM C RONEY Sz COMPANY SAGINAW CENTRAL OIL AND GAS C0 Office- 1420 Court Street Phone 4-6545 1208 Second National Bank Building Garage.. 1304 Bay Street Phone 2-1570 Station- 1120 W. Genesee Avenue Telephones 7782 7783 Phone 4-2311 Robert on' NEW DRIVE IN LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING . STATIDN 402 No Michigan Phone 4-6112 mm. .., ...A .- . , .I PICTURE OF A HIGH SHE,S one of thousands of high school graduates who feel that the telephone business is a worth- while work . . . worthwhile for the people engaged in it . . . worthwhile for the entire community. Like most Michigan Bell women, she entered the business with girls her own age . . . learned by doing . . . was well paid while learning. . . gets regular pay increases . . . looks ahead to continued opportuni- ties for advancement . . . enjoys vacations with pay. S CHO OL GRADUATE The girl in the picture is an operator . . . but there are many other types of jobs at Michigan Bell . . . and they're all important, too . . . because we're like a team and everyone has a necessary part to play. Employment opportunities at Michigan Bell vary from time to time . . . from city to city . . . but one thing about it . . . we're glad to talk with girl graduates . . . always . . . anywhere. MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY "SINCE 1863" Saginaw Hardware Company 200-210 SOUTH HAMILTON Service - Quality - Value For 90 Years Sporting Goods Hardware Appliances Housewares Tools Paints . SHEA'S The Best In Equipment "Saginaw,s Friemlliest Store" f r B L , 4 -2 Free Storeside Parking f tf e-H 1 ,Q Sears, Roebuck and Co. I X . :Sig -:n gm gg. Federal at Genesee Phone 3-8411 Your Spaulding Dealer 509 East Genesee Phone 2-7643 Northern Supply Company pw page ga .IOBBERS and DISTRIBUTORS state at Court of Automotive and Industrial Materials FOUNTAIN - SHQRT ORDERS SAGINAW BAY CITY MIDLAND DINNERS MT' PLEASANT Curb and Dining Room Service RAINBO is gg-cj Bread "RAINBOW BREAD builds strong bodies and makes easier those push ups in gym," say Alex Waier and Don Rooker. 138 I Wm. C. Wiechmunn Co. 112-118 Jefferson Skirts and sweaters from WIECH- MANN'S win top honors for school and social functions. Joyce Marti and Sally Garner view with pride the Arthur Hill awards in the trophy case. SAGINAW TRANSFER CO., Inc. 303 West Bristol Street Dial 3-8463 SMITH HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS 600 Gratiot Avenue Phone 4-6593 STATE DRIVE-IN 1419 State Saginaw, Michigan STOLZ SERVICE STATION STANDARD OIL DEALER 3431 State Street SUGAR BEET PRODUCTS CO. Formula SBS-11 SKIN CLEANSER "The Washword of Industry" 302 Waller St. THERESE School of Costume Design and Fashion Illustrated VALLEY SWEETS COMPANY 312 South Hamilton Distributors of Johnston COOKIES - CRACKERS - CANDY Brewer Arcade Dial 7871 WALLACE DRUGS f WATTERS 1123 sfafe sneer CAMERA and CARD SHOP Phone 4-7711 """""""" 0' 522 E. Genesee EDWARD ZITTEL W I L L ' O ' W Y N , S WINTERSTEIWS REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Bridal and Formal Apparel PAINT and WALLPAPER STORE BUILDING 619 Eagt Genesee Avenue 2109 Bay Phone 3-7767 304 Graebner Bldg 4-4784 'iso uaaaiiaikt -' -.t-fl: 111,21-112: sz--4 ui! iris!! Q 3 31225353 iii att S x w"'Wi, t th a te Sig A1.,., Q ,.f--, -A1', I Ii :-A wwwmwmwwmu U er UU of Them. The 1955 graduates have reach- ed the fork in the road. Which path will they follow? We hope it will be the one which leads to security and happiness. Both may be easily obtained by the open- ing of a saving's account now and with the SECOND NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY. ECU D NATIONAL BA I-I and THU T CUMPAN UF AGINA A 5 'I x Vg i MAIN OFFICE WEST SIDE OFFICE SOUTH SIDE OFFICE AUTO BANK Genesee at Washington Court and Hamilton Center and Fordney 604 South Washington Oldest and Largest Bank in Saginaw Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 140 there s no trailer home like a TRAvELo TEE - VEE SALES AND SERVICE Featuring .1 Pye TL My Z 1 p Q Tm i e E up is lf xg I I ' I Motorola Television 2940 BAY ROAD FIVE MODELS . . . A FLOOR PLAN FOR EVERY FAMILY DIAL 5-3469 Manufactured in Saginaw FOR by RAYMDND PRODUCTS CO. 24 HOUR TV SERVICE How do you GET THAT WAY? C n! Let's go That th at tt de of the Arthur H 11 Pep Band Cla d Le mer, Ga y H per, and T ry Packard ho a use student nterest before ga es. They are as ardent support s of SAGINAW DAIRY MILK as they are supporters of the school athletic t ms. SAGINAW DAIRY COMPANY 1743 East Genesee Avenue THE WICKES CORPORATICN DIVISIONS Wickes Brothers The Wickes Boiler Co. The United States Graphite Co. Charles Wolohan, Inc. Saginaw Grain Co. FOREIGN Compania Minera De San lose', S. A. O-BOY l GOOD l Pies that melt in your mouth EAT ' ' Cakes that ask to be eaten Bread that will make good food ENJOY ' ' ' me bm' WAT S O N "Just Like Mom's" SPATZ BAKERY 1120 State Street A v 142 ICE CREAM 829 Gratiot l Degaazdq 7am 2824 North Michigan Avenue Ice cream serves as the perfect top per at noon to tide Hillites over until three o'c1ock. Enjoying WILLIAM'S ICE CREAM for lunch are Dave Fo- bear, Bi1lPrentice. and Ken Specht. - ag .9 .Have our ncfure? Evidentlypleased with the results of Misko and Ronald Zeilinger. Itis their school photographs are .Terry picture day at Arthur Hill. Miller, Catherine Morello, Mary WLBLQXLKEBVJLSA SLPEJUMD 3152 East Genesee Ave. Phone 2:7031 Official Legenda Photographer 143 utugraph This Annual Lithog 1-aphe . INCORPDRA sus HENRY sr.. sermon' x. Mic

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