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1 ,, .W fe M. - ri ,,......-Gi 'Wi WMA pail' .- 'jr 1? v.'. ,. I .. ,C 1 Q5 'gif . 1,1 xk iw w sf' , R: 5, - .hs-A dr . ,va gn .. mf Q-, 1 ' ww -1 A . . 's . 4.1 A ,W w f wa 'fr ' gb 1 , 1 'W "iJisg,.g A. ,Hs M x Ap! ,M D , VX K Y, I -mf? f mf LW . -1 . . ..4. 4 x fa4,f5-:msn-' 'wh V, wwf-1 .MQ . -- i .I i 41 ' i f-flffbglg, km 'L x Q ,.,, f?':f.,.-'wwf , , A. , THQ. C 3 4 M19 NNE 'fs D' R: -.., Ulf! ' . -4 N I v V ' 41,44 , ' g-4 -1, '. .I'U.l IL . 52 -.I I- ,I II I- IQIII I? ' - ,- ' '- 1. . s 5Z"1E'a , . s 6 -: , ., N -414 Q'.'7"1 f"-4.."r ye. - IIJ 515, 599, If TL I f , I'p45,..-7rf:.Qf J p 'I -,rf-' , .' 1 1'-H ' -fa ,, ,hi P-- -' '. 5 ' 4- 44 '- ' 1" 'H' H- -:FL 'milf' . I., ,151 "lj 1 'J ' 4, !v1l1Ff.v.,, ., I L, I, II.I::,II.5 ,I I . W, ,'.'-1 F4-1 il it -W-.4 . - 4' 5 .A--' '. 4' 4,1uL.:' ' ' 'we,g,.i :V ,gr ,Q ' 2 - ,K 6511- Ng-'lzxi ' fr'-2: , ,, , . 'Yf.,1wr4 .A . V- 1',4" .,4,". N r' arf . ---,gYA. 1 ,''- ,' ,- fx, rf -1 ., X -0:51 - " '5 ' , A W-' . 1 .- 1 A IIKI II T r 1 -- , , -V L -f' sa. .f :JH-:Aa4fv4aw1wgA4v I -z-,,,.,t - .,, .- .. 4 ng- gif --:A Q 51,-, -Wf- uf .Wf.!,Q- V -3 -4 4-' -,f ,gl ' fi- -- ,. 1 - ' jg Q1-r.. ,. !4x!,f".-Z"1-.GPQM 4 If-'11A"f ' ,-. 4M 11A.. . Gu -4 4-fk5I4 Af x . ' ' , 'H Y' '-.Sn 0.1-ga 'Ny' ,-,' 3, l . - ' ,Q 94: ' . 4 - X figI.,1ff2?5'fiQ hLE4'1l5S?:j1.':1.I 'I' 4 v Q, ' J ' - 4Q-1: 11'w'4,f1.44 ,,1::-,rw - 4 4 .1 .47-,14.'f ' 4 , ws- -. A 44. . 15 1, ,.,"',. ' 'pdf vv,a1n"-H - 4 ' 1 - .-',-1,11 4- I 'I . I I Ii. I r , ,EH ' 1,I.I.I . . ,. 1 -'I q?fL1.,I :Any I-If:FIII,4:' ,I ' 'ifvh 4 'r' v H' .4 ' ' , 4f - V .- 4 . -5 . 4 f 4 A II' lrrfy 554- QLLIIV jf'1rL X: , , .' A - .44+1P:. 4- -' J" .L 3...--' I-.'f'1,4w'i'Z r. ,pv , ' I 'la ' , 44-. -T Lf 4 ,I 9f"i'.""- " 94 '- A77 IL' , A F Fm- - ' ' gm'-"' ' -. -ff ,.1',gy fs,,4gfv 5 54 .4 4 f . 4-.sau D4 '- -, --'f fi 44.9, .1., .- , -fww-P' A 5.:,,,u,:', 1 ,LQ .g3qwT4,'fi.fl,,., 431:11-.. -my .5-- ' '4 U, :':'if. 'i f- .' 4-An' Q- 4 , . .I III, -II ,.', .. -,I , 4.-,. I, 5 .J if-,L44",, '. , Wt' ix. . 'f " 9" ,. . 7 .fir X V , ,' ', f ,'- ix Q7 .in if ', 5 if. ' N wi N 3 -, ' X15-1,4 '14 W I jk , 7.33-vw, ,PMayI :Im-:H'L,.v, 1. 'ff jc 'V-einen' .mk,5i, ' ,f 1:2 h ' , :JI v, ..., .tan fi-I III1,4gII rr, ,gif EJ .g I:Wg,S.gIIX,.f'ffT1ZLlf?p 1' :- ' '-y - .5 'v af ff' , '?6gQ5"4"Lm I '5j!4i':v-L. - .- 2 7 w,,,wfb,w,. -. - film--A.M1. .T-f'1.4yTf'N'f!4 I-:wp L I , - ,' .. .f fmaf- -fu" .'4 fy-M '-jlfyflil ' 4 . ,144 awww any 351 w'muwn,1wwf--sf ' ' 1' 2'ff.e4:'Q41r-ff:-"C JZVQ-4,14 ' .'If.'L' -M"-1" ' ' s -'- il t-,Egg gm. V1 V - r V , ' 1,-, I 'I If 5, I . .g.wLrIq1I,Ir, ,I -..-.., q4I I i W .j:".'f?L'f'1if -1' H 'L-Wil? -4 1 ' I,-..-WIUEQL S, fkgwq-IIf.k,III .jI- IIIQILI- .ah II I , , - III',,.jisY'g Qin. af? 1- 'Qu-Q , , A ,. - ww - , ,fi--g.,g4 '- - :44 --- ' I -4 ' , .553 l,1f,3gfY!Alf"?-"L4:f . ?- - sw- J'f'4s:i 4fw-1,-. ' 4 'f - IM, .12f"" .Raisin 2.-14 2'-.,r. f1'J4',s' v ' I I .Q -I.,-xl mg' -- . ' ntdlm L 1. y . Y -3 14.15,-4 111.4 ..,a, ,wail ,:-.ML , ' 'WWF M- - H' .U . 4 . .rmwx ,, ,. , Vx-,,4i.I,, I -. 'ff ' ff . ' 4 -' xx , "T .. . ,I,, I . I , I , I Q .4 g.r' Q5 1-4 -- v 1' A4 'FL -' Jfr- L. Gfiicf nik.. 7i..1:q.,V . ' 'F I gl - Yffxi I . , .. ' "Y ' . II.fI IAII IIII I IIN , '- , - 1-uf 4- Af-' 24.14 ' , " -H - ' -Q lv +I I e , . - f ' ' -"IC , -- iff-.9 . 4 X .. ' 'zmvx --.!.f.Z' ,ug iff' , ' QU, IQT4. ::: 1, ., . P4 ' 1 ' ' 4 - 141: -- rI.I4 -L4 .f ,g 1 ,-.. If ' 14, D +4!'2" .. 4f9?'g ' ' . ' ,jx I I .lf I I- g'15'I-,ff I -:I II' . -- . ' . . Q .V -.-,,.-I- 4,-rv. - , Q J, r' - ' n ,: 1 1 I 1 . .I :."-.ffffiif-Q . .rf ' I I.I'gI f:gI:IQ5IxIII I II I j f -1. 1 ,It , , I I . - , 1 ' 'I ya, ' 1 .. I I , , , . 'x -s 4 4 ,' . gg-.,. I' ,L . Q n 1 ' ,?'4.,' ',' ui'- I1, l -V .. I 1952 LEGENDA Ediiors JANET SCHWARTZ CATHERINE SCHULTZ Adviser . MATTIE G. CRUMP ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL 3115 MACKINAW STREET SAGINAW, MICHIGAN 'fi in" 'ri .-:,:- A"""'tu4, 3115 Mackinaw Na K YN,-f-. I .p-5 . .Q 1 n , C S 3 -X xxx ,- if J kk ll I Q ,, . 1 ,,,"'5'N,. 'iv A -.La f I Te .YF Z!! , . Will! Q .. Ill !I AS' . .,.,,.,,,,. -4. f' -V Qwmk. V 1" Fr A v' .AX 1 " ' . f ' gm.. zu ,A f - a. . 1 iw 1 K F 3, J, , if . 4 f , - " , N4 , . IW 4 wwf A f-1 S . if I .Q , . - .X . Q X M ,., -- 'f 'X 'Sir nf 'S w r .-4 W ,le-'Rf' : w-.SE rf -, , 4 N ..-- - 5 .X L '--'- ' gg ., ,, - 'faq' uh, ,Jw -4,91 . ,,, I! kv, 53 V- ff Q An " -gum, I' V ,Q M w w r- ' 5 IL The Wheel of Democracy at Arthur Hill represents our method of operating activities so that we may guide the other six wheels. Each of us are cogs, generating the Wheel in a democracy as simple as it can be made and as complex as the activities which compose it. 7' Oo ff: 5 69 ca 5 oo? Z v - , Q 2 2 4:1 so in J Q S9 Xin' O Q ,Q O ,LN o ,g ,lb e x JDJ 4,8-,O Q09 9 Q99 9' ec, 09 Q8- Wi . ,g- I N Qxfx Xxvsf ' 2 S 2. X 1i'l pf ,al visit Q r Airiam Bishop I RSX-'Q l 'Mary Lou Bernecker l t 4 W' JA Q3 I 7-E .- '-WF of a 4 ? s X .X P L, X. 4-fl . .. fl A, all To the leaders of Arthur Hill who exercise their cherished American rights as citizens we proudly dedi- cate the 'I952 edition of the Legenda. These Hillites, the starry gems in the crown wheel, are but representatives of the fine leaders a school may turn out for the pro- gression of the American Way. N is x Barbara G:1Y. Cansfield ' Pat Conway Jerry Birnbaum Aa....,W Kathleen Don Camera Bill Case 'th- ff F 1 I K iq fi W -L. -5 , . ' , EE? Don Healyx ,Z Dale Hall M QV: Harry w M l 5 , gil-1 -' . x 1 6. , A M ' " 53' , - . Q ' ,ff I vw Y Y : -a Q M X QD O I O O I- 5 Fl A fi' M , ' f - 1: HQ A-N + P 'Xa T C Q A A z M is U a ,ai , ... -fl Q Wx. M ham Sue Warner Knox -m f Barbara Tunis Thomsa Stewart Ill Blrdsall I ne Durman ,, vq . 1 Favorite lg .11 ss? '12 ' i M- A' r ,1-- ' .r Vi!" C ,Ur D I Su I I 4 I X ir, E1 x 5:.....auM'F' sa. . 51 -ll M2 L ..l N s "ll Nu H uW,v. i I F i 2 T35 R 3 J fm, lr' ' . ,Jn Y "YL N -Q - 41. ,. - R... A uw, --uf LN, 'QA , 'W-ws. WQHQ-1 -4 2 --of-Q55 .mm Q q.v+kQ5 2' Mfiw- O 'ffs .-.,, NVQ: X -, affix 'i -x 'dx . -WM V , nf Y -5 M31 . .ff RJ: 5 1 Decembw- " MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW and MISS ETHEL A. PETERSON direct the activity program and counsel students. BEN MAYNE asks for program help. 10 Through organization we are able to "drive" on to an enioyable education by stressing this fundamental democratic ideal. Fully aware that it takes all types of us to make a world, the organization wheel knits stu- dents and faculty into a united Arthur Hill. We Plan HILLITES USE INITIATIVE AND "P.A." PRESSURE A o wr ADVISORY PRESIDENTS for both semesters are DICK STAUDT, DON CAMERON, ALLEN CRONK, JACK ALEX- ANDER, JOHN BARSCH, WALTER AVERILL, BILL BIRDSALL, KATHLEEN BUTLER, RONALD BRIDGE, KENNETH COLLINS, RICHARD CARLSON, BILL CASE, DOROTHY DAVIS, JAC- QUELINE EMMITT, MARIE PIETSCH, JUDY EPTING, BOB FALLIS, ORRIN GEETING, MARILYN SCHUTT, CONRAD SEIDEL, ANGELA SKENTZOS, JACK STROEBEL, SALLY DOERFNER, JACK HANSON, DAN HABEL, JEAN IRVING, DON HEALY, BILL HOLLOWAY, DICK KRUSE, DICK HUM- PHREY, MARILYN LITTLE, RUDIANNE LAUCKNER, EUGENE STUDENT CABINET OFFICERS, JACK ALEXANDER, treasurer, JOHN ADAMS, president, CARL DIENER, vice- president, and BARBARA ROUSH, secretary, talk over the minutes of the last meeting. Each semester the school elects its leaders through advisories. The 56 advisories meet for the first I5 minutes every day in their official homerooms. These groups provide coun- seling and a place to carry out school business such as pro- gram elections, all-school campaigns, and general elections. An advisory consists of about 32 students, sophomores, iun- iors, and seniors and elects its own officers. The 56 advisory presidents form the governing body of the school and are advised by Mr I. M. Brock, principal. This group decides the policy and working plan for all school activities. The boys paid their penalty for losing the STUDENT OR- GANIZATION DRIVE by giving an assembly. Again this year, the girls were successful in purchasing a greater num- ber of the T684 student organization tickets. This was a decrease of 200 SO's sold last year when 95 percent of the school bought an SO. The six dollar SO permits students to attend various activities throughout the year and includes both school publications, News and Legenda. Arthur Hill, along with all other Saginaw public schools is represented at the meetings of the JUNIOR CITIZENS' COUNCIL. The council discusses issues of all- school importance, such as community campaigns and drives, led by Mr. Chester F. Miller, superintendent of schools, and Mr. Roy J. MacMurray, director of physical education, health and safety. By bringing together the student leaders of each of Saginaw's public school build- ings, the Council believes it accomplishes its purpose of achieving inter-school good will. MARTIN, JEAN LEUENBERGER, MARGARET MARK, BAR- BARA MAUL, SALLY MAYNARD, SANDRA MEYER, IRVIN LICHTENWALD, BONNIE NIEDERSTADT, SUE MITCHEL, BOB MEYER, GEORGE NAGY, YVONNE PETRE, CHARLES WOODINGTON, JACK YOUNG, STUART GORDON, JEAN PRUYNE, BILL RUMMEL, BOB REAMS, BARBARA ROUSH, RUTH SCHULTZ, VIC LANDERYOU, RONALD LANG, JIM CARL BARGER, MIKE SVERID, LAWRIE THOMAS, JAMES WACKER, JOHN ADAMS, and MR. BROCK. Presidents ab- James, Jerry Matson, Bruce Noble and Chuck Schmitz. In Governing Students and Putting Over Drives SNNSWQ 5 X , ld' R Q E x Student Ticket campaign leaders were MARILYN SCHUTT and SALLY DOERFNER for the girls, and JACK ALEXANDER and JERRY MATSON for the boys. Faculty advisers were MRS. NANCY BAXTER and MR. HAROLD GlESECKE. SUE SHORNEY and MRS. MARY STEWART dis- cuss publicity for the P-TA DRIVE. Arthur Hill has 1,772 members in its organization, which is one of the largest in Michigan. Arthur Hill students contributed 5165.00 to the annual TB SEALS SALE this year. Campaign leaders were PAT WALKER and JANICE BOVAY. The leaders of the RED CROSS Drive, JEAN BOCH, PAT ASHBAUGH, CAROL MCMACKEN, BARBARA TUNIS, D'ARCY JAMES, and SUE SHORNEY, look over their campaign results. Fifty-five advisories col- lected 'IOO percent membership to push the school's total to 522728. E SERVICE T0 ALL IS REFLECTED I SENIOR HOSTESSES greet visitors, show them around the school, and assist the of- fice staff as receptionists. These are the responsibilities of BARBARA ROUSH, MIR- IAM BISHOP, SARAH MERRICK, ANGELA SKENTZOS, KATHLEEN BUTLER, JUDY RANKIN, and TOMSA STEWART, seated, who are supervised by Miss Ethel A- Peterson. SERVICE CLUB members arrive early each morning to supervise the halls until the 8:00 bell. Students who received a paid-up SO for their services are: EL- FRIEDA BEYER, SALLY FENTNER, JEAN DORN, EDWARD GREIF, and WILMAR HAUBENSTRICKER. They are directed by Mr. Raymond W. Morrow. The DRIVERS CLUB, newiy organized this year, elected officers: D'ARCY JAMES, vice-president, EVA POMERVILLE, secre- tary, and JACK ALEXANDER, president. Here they discuss traffic problems with SERGEANT EDWARD H. SMITH. The group works with yardmen to improve courtesy and safety on the part of all who drive private cars to school. STUDENT NURSE, NAN MITTS, dis- cusses health problems with MISS JOSE- PHINE EARLEY, school nurse, and KAY KELLER. The student nurses are selected from the home nursing classes and give an hour of service each day. They are directed by Mrs. Helen Beyer. 14 In Various Proiects Students Undertake as Volunteers STUDENT LIBRARIANS check books in and out for fellow students and have voluntarily given an hour of service each day. Miss Ruth Long, librarian, is assisted by BONNIE FAHNANSTIEL, MARY ISHIR- LEY7 KASPRZYK, SHIRLEY KUEHN, JAC- QUELINE EMMITT, KAY ARCHANGELI, MARIE HERBIN, NANCY SCHNEIDER, BETTY HOLLIS, NANCY JONES, JANET O'BRIEN, ROBERTA RAUPP, NANCY CORIPPO, RUDIANNE LAUCKNER, RUTH ALLEN, JOAN LITZNER, MARY JANE HEITKAMP, DARLENE KEANER, PAT ROESLER, JANET WEIR, and RAE JOYCE MINNIS. EF CAFETERIA STUDENT ASSISTANTS help in clearing trays and doing other odd -iobs under the direction of Miss Ellen Green, cafeteria manager. They are PAUL SMITH, DONALD TURNER, RICHARD STEELE, GERALDINE STARK, DELORE5 STORCH, KATHERINE STARK, KATHERINE KNOEN. - I i., RUSS LUPLOW and JOHN BLOMSTROM buy their school supplies from NANCY PAWLUS and LAVELLE GRANT who assist in the Student Store. Clerking in the store is done voluntarily before school in the morning and during their lunch hour. 'WL A T 15 THE SUCCESS OF THE SCHOOL - ITS NAME AND FAME USHER CLUB members direct guests and students to their seats in the school audi- torium at all school and community affairs held in the auditorium. They are AMYLOU LYTLE, MARGARET MARK, SHIRLEY STO- KUS, PHYLLIS FROST, PAT CONWAY, KATHLEEN BUTLER, NANCY BOERTMAN, and CAROLYN GILBERT. gm ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS for school and community are selected by SUSAN HAFT, JUDY MORETTI, JANE DURMAN, MISS CONSTANCE McWETHY, MISS BURNICE GIBBS, JAMES KEARFUL, RICHARD HAUS- LER, MRS. FRANCES HAMLIN, MISS MARY LEWIS, and MRS. NANCY BAXTER. This committee plans and supervises a program of entertainment for the school year. Music for NOON CLUB dancing in the gym is selected by GEORGE NAGY, HARVEY HAUB- ENSTRICKER, BOB KINGSBURY, and MARILYN SCHUTT. Noon Club operates during both lunch periods for students who do not care to go to the library after eating. 16 W Guard With Ideas, Action, and "Spunk" STAGE CREW responsibilities are managed by DALE PRETZER, HERB Mc- CULLAGH, DALE THEIL, STUART GOR- DON, DICK WENZEL, and LEONARD ZORN in cooperation with Mr. Stanley Schubert. Their duties consist of handl- ing the lights, curtain, setting, and sound effects on the auditorium stage. PROJECTION CREW members oper- ate all movie machines and adiust the loud speakers and other audio-visual equipment. Working in cooperation with the stage crew, they have made many movies possible for entertainment and study. EUGENE BUDD, LLOYD CART- WRIGHT, BILL SCHWARTJE, JIM Mc- CORMICK, and JOHN BLOMSTROM work with Mr. Seymour Murphy. Rv HILLITES OF THE PAST GATHER T0 RENEW MEMORIES Members of the CLASS OF 1926 met for dinner and dancing last spring at Rolling Green. A group of 'Former class- mates, now living in different parts of the country, reminisce over their high school years. MR. CLARENCE HOERAUF, Royal Oak, MRS. SUE DEAN SCOTT, New Castle, Delaware: MISS ELSIE MUEHLENBECK, Detroifg MR. ROLAND HONISEL, Detroit, MR. MERRIL SHOE- MAKER, Canton, Ohio, MRS. CLARENCE FITTING, Hemlock, traveled to attend. If Looking at the 1926 Legenda to checlv memories are MR. C. J. BARNETT, MR. ALI FRED GAERTNER, MR. ALBERT POPP, MR JACK BAUER, and MR. ARMON WILLIAMS Seated are MRS. DOROTHY SKINNER GIEI SEL, class sponsor of 1926, MISS JOSE! PHINE GRIGGS, and MRS. COILA START BULLARD, yearbook sponsor that year, anc MRS. MARGARET TYLER MILLER. Each year the class having its 25TH ANNIVERSARY plans a get-together. The faculty having had these people as students are usually guests of honor. Enjoying a friendly chat at their 25 year reunion were MR. KENNETH A. KELLY and MRS. KELLY, '26, and MRS. JOHN DOERFNER and MR. DOERF- NER, '26. .P 18 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION as- sists with school activities by planning meetings for the promotion of the best in education. The officers for 1951-52 con- fering at the October Open House gather- ing are MRS. W. ROLLAND STEWART, MR. RICHARD RANKIN, MR. l. M. BROCK. Other officers are Mr. Sam Healy, Mrs. W. K. Anderson, Mrs. Mary Stewart, Mr. Conrad Fischer, Mrs. Clarence P. Bauer, Mr. William B. Keyser. While Parents and Teachers Fund Their Knowledge At the Parent-Teachers Association Annual O en House, P many parents took advantage of the assistance of SARAH MERRICK to find various classrooms. Each year the ParentATeachers Association sponsors a pot-luck for the whole family. This popular gathering re- quires two dates as the cafeteria can accommodate only 900 persons and the attendance runs high. The iournalism The annual P-TA card party is held in the cafeteria to finance welfare work among students as well as offer another opportunity for parents and friends to visit the school. Enioying an evening of bridge and refreshments were MRS. DONALD W. GILBERT, MRS. HAROLD W. NAGEL, MRS. JACK GILBERT, and MRS. FRANK WELLS. department entertained last year with a "Big Show" pro- gram with Ruth Glass as Tallulah, Sally Butts and William Galarno, scriptwriters, and Al Hanson, technician. Pictured here is an advisory family evidently enioying their meal. ,y .Wi ....... M 1 et 'X , 5 THAT WE MAY BENEFIT FROM THE ESSENTIALS T I s ,4- SAGINAW BOARD OF EDUCATION members serve the people of Saginaw who elect them to direct the public schools. Members are, left to right: MR. HEIL M. ROCKWELL, treasurer, MR. ROSWELL BURROWS, MR. J. ROBERT GRUBE, MR. ROBERT W. GRANT, JR., DR. RAYMOND A. HART, Am' vice-president: seated: MR. CHARLES C. COULTER, ad- ministrative assistont, MR. GEORGE D. PROSS, clerk of the board, MR. WALTER A. LEESCH, president, MR. CHESTER F. MILLER, superintendent of schools. Missing from the picture is Mr. Edward C. MacRae, secretary. Hostesses for TEACHERS' WEEK, which opens the school year, are Arthur Hill girls. All city and county teachers meet tor lectures and discussions in pre- paration for the new term. The chosen theme ofthe program was "Developing Responsible American Citizens" with Mr. Lawrence E. Met- calf, University of lllinois, as the lnsti- tute guest. ln smaller group meetings, leaders were assigned topics to be discussed and reported for the benefit of the whole by the various divisions. Monday noon the Saginaw Teachers Club sponsored a luncheon where new teachers were welcomed. Wednesday the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Business-Education Day when all teachers were guests of a business concern of their choice. Thursday they attended individual buildings for Hillites assisting the teachers during NER, BARBARA ROUSH, seated: EL- meeqings, and on Ffidqy all send-.ers Education Week were SALLY DOERF- FRIEDA BEYER, MARILYN SCHUTT, and worked in fheir own Classrooms fo pre- NER, CAROLYN MOELLER, SUE WAR- JANE DURMAN. pare fgr the opening week of schaol, Ol Education, Common Sense, and "Pep Talks" The FACULTY CABINET represents the teachers of Arthur Hill, They consult with MR. I. M. BROCK, principal, on all school plans and policies and approve awards. The Cabinet consists of MR. BROCK, chairman, MR. HAROLD W. GIESECKE, MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN, MISS ETHEL A. This year Arthur Hill welcomed eight new teachers to the faculty. The newcomers are, top row: MISS PATRICIA STEIGELY, MISS MILDRED L. ANDERSON, MR. KURT KAMPE, and MRS. HAZEL GUNTHER. Those seated are: MISS RUTH W. LONG, MR. ROBERT A. BARRINGER, MISS PAULINE SIMON, and MR. CHARLES FOWELR. REPRESENTATIVES to the Saginaw Teachers' I Club attend the city meetings and represent Arthur Hill faculty at all times. The number of representatives depends on the number of teachers on the faculty. Hillite representatives include MISS ELOISE BACON, MR. JAMES F. ULRICH, MRS. RACHEL JEROME, MRS. NANCY BAXTER, MISS AMY GATZ, and alternate, MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN. Missing from the picture is Mr. A. G. Dersch. PETERSON, MISS RUTH E. PATOW, MRS. FRANCES M. HAMLIN, MR. BRYANT S. WILSON, MISS NORMA HILE, MISS MARY F. LEWIS, MRS. MARY STEWART, MISS IRMA L. STOCKDALE, and MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW. ' f '--fvfdlvn .n,,-.,.,, .... . 4. ox isa. '5- ,-4. F ,nhl . , , W ,, K I L.. , .Wh B, W, , ' Q W I fr- Si ni v 22. .v . . ..,,. Y,u15,'-Q- H. ' 'Qi 1 fr ' . x - ' La , . - .., . 1 .- , , V- - 1-.fx - 'f -V 'f-T-3-fw ci -.Mar . - 1'27w.'724ii ,rl 'iv' -- - vig' QQ - ' -E '.'w',.:,,3ji-52-551' Y 'Y .,,.l--,-4L'v:. 4 Q .':f"4f:E?Sr4E 'Q 'VT . " ' -.':.-lv-if The Wu' Sports-arousing both skill and spirit, dances-re laxing work-weary students, and intramural competition prove outlets for emotions of excitement The activit - Y wheel whirls at a breathtaking spin, giving us opportuni- ties to display talents and develop abilities, all of which make for a balanced education. Ne like It CLUB HILLITE, ARTHUR HlLL'S NIGHT CLUB if J... MR. DAVID GAINEY and BILL MAAS leod the singing of Christmas carols at the Christmos Party. Showing their skill at cz game of pingpong ot Club Hillite are BRADLEY ZUVER, FRED ALHBORN, JOHN WESTLUND, DICK AULT, and DICK WESLEY. SUE TURNBULL ond JANICE TECK sell tickets for Miss Gertrude Turner's advisory who chose to sell door tickets. Enjoying refreshments served by BARBARA GUY at the snack bar are MARCIA FURSTENBURG and BOB WIGHT. 1-1 DOROTHY GRAY, JEANNE SOVAY, JOHN WEST- LUND, JERRY ST. CLAIR, TOM WHITNEY, and FRANK RIDDICK enjoy a cord game. X ,- 24 Draws Heavy Patronage of Waltz, Fox Trot, and "Bop" Enthusiasts xl CLUB HILLITE provides entertainment for all with week end dances. The "Big 14" of Club Hillite are the season chairmen for each standing committee. They are chosen from the girl and boy advisory representatives. Members are, top row: CARLA ALMQUIST, JUDY RANKIN, PAT The DANCE BAND plays for all school dances and activi- ties. Members are, top row: BILL CASE, director, BEVERLY DeSHONE, vocalist, JIM GILLMAN, GEORGE BAIN, ALLEN CONWAY, JANE DURMAN, CAROLYN MOELLER, with MR. HARVE C. LIGHT, club adviser. Sitting on the floor, are BOB WIGHT, RON PRENTICE, JOHN CUTHBERTSON, DICK STRINGER, SUE WARNER, BARBARA ARMSTRONG, DON CAMERON, DICK SHULAW, and BOB WALLACE. SPOUSTA, JOHN LEAMAN, BUDDY COLLINS, FRED REIN- IG, front row: DICK HAUSLER, BOB KINGSBURY, BOB RADINA, JOHN BARSCH, JERRY TIMMONS, ALLEN CRONK. , I7 J-FJ I 1 ,J J so--ISU BRAVO'S HERALD GABLES AND GRABLES yi sl The DRAMATIC SEASON includes annually two all-school plays, a play tournament, pageants, and the Band Bounce. The Arts-Dramatics Club is the nucleus for the planning and production of the season's offerings. Mr. Stanley D. Schubert has directed this program since 1923. "Weep No More My Lady," the story of Stephen Foster's life, was presented as the first semester play. Taking repeated curtain applause are, left to right: JAMES WOODROW, JANET ZEILINGER, JANET SCHMIDT, HELENE BICKEL, CHARLES ANDRE, MARGE LeCRONlER, LORRAINE SCHWARTZKOPF, RUTH SCHULTZ, RICHARD SCHLUCKBIER, JOANNE WEITZ, SHIRLEY LITTLE, MICHAEL SVERID, NANCY REID, ROBERT KINGSBURY, CLIFFORD KLEIN, BONNIE NIEDERSTADT, MARILYN DOWNER, WIL' LIAM LUGER, JOAN RANDALL, DALE BALL, DAVE MCDER- MID, ALFRED GLASBY, WILLIAM MASS, seated, NAN CRONIN. DON CAMERON, as E. P. Cristy, rehearses his minstrel men, STUART GORDON, VALENTINE COUER, BILL CASE, "No FoIIowers," one of three plays, was presented in the Annual Arts-Dramatic play tournament as directed by Don Cameron and Sue Shorney. The cast included DAVID McDERMID, RUTH ALLEN, and NAN-JOY CRONIN. and BILL BIRDSALL. DAN HABEL, Ole Black Joe, and MARILYN KRAUSS, Olivia in "Weep No More My Lady," proved to be faithful servants. ARTS-DRAMATICS CLUB officers, DON CAMERON, presi- dent, MARILYN SCHUTT, vice-president, SALLY PERKINS, secretary, and JOANN SPADAFORE, treasurer, select cos- tumes from the school wardrobe. ,tw , 'JS' A f - x ' 1 With Applause, Encores, and "Laughs" "Jane Eyre", a well-known English classic by Emily I Bronte, was presented March 28, as the second semester play. The story centers around an English governess, Jane Eyre. DON CAMERON, Mr. Rochester, talks with RUTH SCI-IULTZ, Jane Eyre, and BONNIE NIEDERSTADT, his niece, Adele Vehrens. - DAN HABEL, CHARLES GROBE, JOAN VIGEANT, EL- FRIEDA BEYER, SHIRLEY THOMPSON, and HEDWIG GEIGER helped make "Jane Eyre" a praiseworthy performance. Taking a curtain call after a successful performance of EARLEEN SCHELL, NANCY BOELL, CAROLYN MOELLER, ".I0n6 Eyre" are MICKEY MARR, JOANN SPADAFORE, MARIAN CESAR, Gnd DICK SCHLUCKBIER, DON CAMERON, RUTH SCHULTZ, BONNIE NIEDERSTADT, 27 Dramatics and music department members combine their taIents for the annual CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. Soloists and accompanists for this pageant are, standing: NANCY BOELL, DICK SCHLUCKBIER, and RUTH SCHULTZ, sitting: MIRIAM BISHOP and LORRAINE SCHWARTZKOPF. THE VERSATILITY OF HILLITE THESPIANS A CAPPELLA CHOIR MEMBERS sing for the Spring Con- cert, the Band Bounce, the Christmas Pageant, and many outside organizations. The members are, top row, PAUL SMITH, WILLARD WALLGREEN, JAMES KEARFUL, WILLIAM BIRDSALL, DAINIS MARTINSON, CHARLES SCHULTZ, JAMES WOODROW, MARVIN WAL- KER, JOHN KEMP, ROBERT BRALEY, and LAWRENCE CARTER. Fourth row: STUART GORDON, LYLE LeCRONIER, CON- RAD PERSON, MARWOOD FRANK, BETTY HOLLIS, JOAN SCHULTZ, JANET ZEILINGER, JOAN WEITZ, JANET SCH- MIDT, JOAN ENZER, VALENTINE COEUR, RICHARD SCH- LUCKBIER, WILLIAM LUGAR, GEORGE CLAYTON, RICH- ARD STRICKER, ALFRED LaFRENIERE. Third row: BARBARA MUNGER, PATRICIA BOYLE, PA- TRICIA BRYANT, PHYLLIS GERARD, LORRAINE SCHWARTZ- KOPF, BETTY SHAVRONCH, HELENE BICKEL, NANCY SOR- GATZ, JOANN ELLIOT, SUE MITCHEL, SALLY DOERFNER, NANCY REID, SHIRLEY LITTLE, MARILYN LeGEAR, CHARLES ANDRE, CLIFFORD KLEIN. Second row: EVA POMERVILLE, NORMA CROZIER, NANCY JONES, PATRICIA HOLLEY, PHLAVIAN POPP, BETTY PLASKEWICZ, DOROTHY NICE, JOAN NIEDER- STADT, JOAN PAYNE, DARLENE CLARK, NANCY YAR- MOUTH, MARIAN REYNOLDS, BONNIE KARP. Front row: ANDREA HARTNER, RUTH SCHULTZ, MARGERY Le- CRONIER, NANCY BOELL, MIRIAM BISHOP, BETTY SCH- NEIDER, SANDRA VANDERSTEIN, BARBARA WAZNY MARY PASSON, JOYCE PASSON, ALICE MANNION JANICE McLEAN, DORIS ENGERER, DORALEEN TURNER. 1 1 "Why the Chimes Rang," the Christmas pageant, 'featured a peasant home and church scene. Cast members are, st ndin : JOANN SPADAFORE, ARNOLD RUSKIN, DAN HABEL, JEAN IRVING, kneeling: DON CAMERON, GENE. VIEVE SCARBOROUGH, DICK WENZEL, MAURICE SWARTH- OUT, and MIKE SVERID. Ti l'I The BAND BOUNCE annually pro- vides an opportunity for a display of student showmanship. TERRY ANDRE was the T951 Band Bounce Master of Ceremonies. Newsboys in the Central Park scenes were SALLY HEINEMAN, SUE WARNER, and ARNALEE CALLAN. In the back- ground are policeman, DICK SCHLUCK- BRIER, and flower lady, CAROLYN MOELLER. Members of the DIXIE LAND BAND provide cI jazz session for an apprecia- tive audience. Members were BILL BRU- TON, BOB KINGSBURY, BILL CASE, BARNEY BOLT, and TOM GOCHNAUR. Is Shown In Reverent, Guy, and 'SI Iy" Moods e-'U is in '-1 4 The hevelry DOLLVDANCE featured ANN NORTI-ICOTT, BARBARA TUNLSI NANCY MACK, MARILYN DOWNER, VIRGINIA VIBERT, SUE HURST, LORENE LIEBRECHT, ANN ARNALEE CALLAN, JUDY EPTING, MARILYN SCHUTT, ANN MeeMEEIcIN, CAROLYN MOELLER, CAROLYN GILBERT, WELLS, and SALLY HEINEMAN. ,L S ,B J I, Sl., If I 'I I4 .4 av, f gi J Pm S The HARMONETTES proved that boys erervr Ihe only BARBARA ARMSTRONG, NORENE CHERRY, MARILYN Le- ones who CCI1 harmonize. The girls were DEE ETTE GALON- GEAR, SALLY DOERFNER, MARILYN LITTLE, BARBARA SKA, ADELAIDE BROWN, LORRAINE SCHWARTZKOPF, WHITMER, and SHIRLEY LITTLE. Btn. I ,A --z-ln WHILE ACCOMPANIED BY MUSIC OF BAND AND CHOIR The GIRLS' CHOIRS meet fifth and seventh hours and sing in the Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert, and Band Bounce. Members are, top row, left to right: GAIL COOPER, LOIS SCOTT, EDWINA DITTMAR, JOYCE MARTI, MARY BAUER, PAT MAEDER, KATHLEEN DUNGEY, JANET SEITZ, JOYCE MINNS, HARRIET SMALL, GLORIA WATZ, KAY HEIDGER, BARBARA MISKA, MARILYN BRINKMAN. Third row: LORETTA SCHNEIDER, RUTH LEINBERGER, VALERIE RUBY, SANDRA DAVIS, KAY BATTEN, CAROL 96f Seventh hour CHOIR members are, top row, left to right: JOYCE CARL, IRENE SCHIEFER, ROCHELLE SMODER, MYRTLE CHAMBERS, BETTY SCHERZER, BARBARA KRAUSS, PATSY WALKER, PHYLLIS SCHABERG, LOIS LINCOLN, AUDRE HULL, ARLENE MILLER. Third row: PAULINE TREA, LILA PARKS, NOREEN COT- TRELL, BARBARA BARBER, DOLORES SUCKEY, ELAINE WAGNER, THERESA McINNIS, MARY FOBEAR, EVELYN LEAR, JOAN HABECK. The BOYS GLEE CLUB meets before school every Mon- day, Wednesday, and Friday. Members are, top row, left to right: JIM DALY, HUGO KARP, ROY BEYERLEIN, DON BRUNS, CHARLES SCHULTZ, MARWOOD FRANK, CHARLES DENTON, RICHARD HAUSLER, CLARE TUBBS. Middle row: LYLE LeCRONIER, EARL SOMERVILLE. DAVID I90f?m0mC?G??'6tGt ' .Zn- ul ANN BENWAY, SALLY BLACK, DOROTHY REED, DONNA PARKER, MARY STRICKER, JOAN GORNEY. Second row: PAT YOUNG, BARBARA FINK, AMELIA ALFANO, BERNICE WESTENDORF, SHIRLEY GULLIFOR, SALLY DEZELSKY, DONNA TIGNER, MARILYN HUBER, CONNIE SAPONIERI, SUE GUY, PHYLLIS BEAMISH. Bottom row: CATHERINE LAMIA, LOIS CAMMIN, AU- DREY MINGUS, BARBARA LITZNER, ANGELINA HURNEY HILDEGARD BICKEL, DORIS FANGER, SOPHIA SMITH MYRNA WOLFE, and BETTY RAYMOND. 1 1 Second row: JOYCE HUNTER, ROSE DEE, SHIRLEY SMITH, NORMA LAMONT, ANN LaLONDE, ROLLIENE MILLER, NANCY GILMOUR, SHIRLEY GOSLIN, PAT TRUSKOSKI, PATRICIA KABAT. Bottom row: MARLENE MCMILLAN, JUDY QUALMAN, FRANCES MANCHESTER, DELORES PFLUEGER, JOANNE HIBBARD, EVAJEAN RAILLING, CATHERINE MORELLO, and DOROTHY VASEY. MCDERMID, VINCENT WINIECKE, JIM KEARFUL, TOM LAMPEL, DICK SCHLUCKBIER, JIM PERRY. Bottom row: STUART GORDON, MAURICE SWARTHOUT, LARRY CANTU, BOB BRALEY, CALVIN CASTER, LAWRENCE HARRY BROOKS, VALENTINE COEUR, and DICK Which Is Melodious, Stirring, and "Off Key" The BOC CLUB honors students who can do solo work. Officers standing around the piano are CHARLES SCHULTZ, program chairman, BILL CASE, secretary, BILL BIRDSALL, president, DICK SCHLUCKBIER, vice-president, LORRAINE SCHWARTZKOPF, treasurer, and JANET SCHMIDT, publi- city chairman. The RESERVE CHOIR members unite with the A Cappella Choir for school concerts. Members are, top row, left to right: MAURICE SWARTHOUT, GERALD HOFFMAN, DICK MclNTOSH, WILLARD WALLGREN, HUGO KARP, BOB BOWDEN, CLARE TUBBS, DON BRUNS, ROY BEYERLEIN, LAWRENCE PASSON, PAUL SMITH, JIM SAUER, HARRY BROOKS, LARRY WHITE, CALVIN CASTER, JOHN KEMP. Third row: HERBERT NEUWIRTH, PAT HOLLEY, SHIRLEY LAMBERT, GLENDA PREMO, GAY GAGE, CELIA McBRATNIE, JOY RISLAY, BARBARA CHERRY, BARBARA HARRIS, BETTY PLASKEWICZ, PHLAVION POPP, TERRY HUMPAL, ROGER BROWN, ROBERT REED, JOHN HILBRANDT. Vocal music students take part annually in four school programs: the Christmas Pageant, Spring Festival, Band Bounce, and Commencement music, participate in local and state competition, and answer numerous calls for music on community programs. All vocal music is directed by Miss Rachel McMillan. ARNOLD RUSKIN, NANCY BOELL, and GERALD HOFF MAN, solosists for the Spring Festival, gather around the piano while ALLEN CRONK beats out a tune. J to 1. -1 fl Second row: NORMA CROZIER, MARIE PIETSCH, EVA POMERVILLE, MARGARET BAUM, ANDREA HARTNER, DAR- LENE CLARK, JOAN PAYNE, BARBARA FITCH, JOAN NIED- ERSTADT, WILMA LAUR, LILA BASNER, SALLY FURLO, SUE ROGERS. Bottom row: ooms GEYER, ELAINE SCHUKNECHT LORINE HAUBENSTRICKER, PHYLLLS LOESEL, KATHRYN FECHTER, SANDRA VanDERSTEIN, MERLE HOLLAND GRETTA WESTIN, SHIRLEY HARTSELL, ANITA BUTTERFIELD CAROL GUSHEN, and WANDA BRAWLEY. I I are MARY JO COCHRAN, KENNETH WILLMAN, FEROL COMPTON, JEAN STRACHAN, JEAN DORN, JANE DUR- MAN, KAY MATSON, and RUTH BAR- CHAK. WITH DEADLINES T0 MEET AND COPY T0 WRITE I 0 Sax, K - ua-ng i' LEGENDA, the yearbook, is a iunior-senior class and extra hours proiect. This 'I44 page annual is the largest the school has produced since World War II, and it is the first oft-set edition. Yearbook editors work from May to May to produce a picture story of school activities. Section editors are JEAN DORN, head typist, JOHN ADAMS, sports, SALLY MAYNARD, COPY: JANET SCHWARTZ and CATHERINE SCHULTZ, co-editors, PAUL KEMP, photo- grapherg DICK STAUDT, layout, MARILYN sci-IUTT, head- lines, and KAY GARDEY, classes and clubs. Not in the picture is Barbara Roush, headlines. Typists and pasters for the Legenda JUDY RANKIN, BARBARA WILKINSON, SALLY WAL- LACE, NANCY ELLIS, and NANCY BOERTMAN loolc through the Legenda reference cupboard at yearbooks for ideas. 5 'Ts I - Zi. - Attending the JOURNALISM SHORT COURSE during the summer at Michigan State College to prepare for senior editorships are, standing: SALLY MAYNARD, DIANE HARMON, CATHERINE SCHULTZ, SUE SHORNEY, and seated, JANET SCHWARTZ. 1 .. Q qs ' 1 v I 3 I 'v D ,-.-I .ky , I X4 I I .1--av ,KN I f News and legentla Record Opportunities, Honors, and "Famous Faces" K nw, , ll A P rw 5 , Q, .. 5 fit, tg, L 3 Seniors editing the 1951-52 ARTHUR . "" ' ' L i- HILL NEWS won for the school Colum- Q vs ' l bia University Press Association Medalist fx Award and Northwestern University M ' Q grading Homecoming Edition top honor ...NL rating. The staff also won the Gallup Award, for general excellence ond service and received several letters of commendation in recognition for out- standing work. Staff seniors are, top row: DON HEALY, photographer, CAROLYN GIL- BERT, associate editor, SUE WARNER, editorial page editor, MICKEY MARR, sports editor, and DIANE HARMON, city editor. Bottom row, KATHLEEN GREER, managing editor, MARY LOU BERNECKER, editor-in-chief, and TOMSA STEWART, club and class news. QUILL and SCROLL, international honor society for high school iournalists, meets to honor publication students and promote iournalism. The group co-sponsors the Honor Alumnus recognition, plans the fall and spring trips to state press meetings, and enters individual and group writing for national competition. Miss Mattie G. Crump is the faculty sponsor. Treanor Chapter officers are, stand- ing: CAROLYN GILBERT, treasurer, JANET SCHWARTZ, second semester secretary, and SUE WARNER, vice-presi- dent, seated: KATHLEEN GREER, first semester secretary, and MARY LOU BERNECKER, president. NEWS underclassmen, after two semesters of reporting prove their ability by editing the annual iunior issue. They are, standing, left to right: MARGARET BUEKER, PATRICIA HUMPAL, RUSS LUPLOW, SHIRLEY SAGER, JEAN RUSSELL, and JOAN SNOW: seated: NANCY KNEUSS, SUE SHOR- NEY, and DEE ETTE GALONSKA. u-goth l ip. - I ,V se? JEAN BOCH represents the iournalism department on a weekly radio broadcast called "School News and Views." Jean is editor and MC for the program, which is broadcast over WSGW every Monday at 4:45. Sue Shorney collects and edits the school news 'lor The Saainaw News IN SAGINAW SCHOOLS column. 1- 1 ii I 'f PROFESSIONALS JOIN TALENTED STUDENTS I f 'Q- ' L, A :....' ii or I-1: Debaters finished the I952 season with a record of 21 wins and 27 defeats to merit fourth place in the Valley League. JOE FLORA confers with SHARON CATES about their plans for the next debate. This debate team had the excellent record of being undefeated. SUE ROGERS and JOAN VIGEANT, another debate team, are discussing points to emphasize their side of the issue. Students competing in the Valley Tournament in Flint in Original Oratory are alternate CAROL PARKER, RUTH BARCHAK, JEAN BOCH, and MARLENE GALONSKA. Ruth earned a place in the regional. JOANN HIBBARD, LARRY WILLS, PAT HARDEN, alter- nate, and DAVID MCDERMID were the winners of the I952 Sophomore Declamation. Sophomores competed in advisory contests, memorizing three minute speeches. The advisory sophomore winners then competed for top honors in the school wide contest with longer speeches to deliver. These four were chosen to represent the school in the Valley contest. -A' ye- I SALLY BAILEY and DALE PRETZER check their debate card notes to find points to emphasize issues on the na- tional debate question, "Resolved, Thatall American citizens should be subiect to conscription for essential service in time of war." TERRY WILSON and JIM KEARFUL practice for their rebuttal. They, among other debaters, entertained the veterans at the Veterans Administration Hospital with their debate on conscription. - 2,1 X N I Q - .I if -ll, X ewgxr A 55? ,fi""f.g' W ini " 5' 'QL ' -aff ' f ii I .,. N. 21. A.- Participants in dramatic and interpretive readings are SERENA GRAY, PATRICIA HUMPAL, CAROL McMACKEN, MARILYN KRAUSS, and NAN-JOY CRONIN. Serena, Nan- Joy, and Carol placed in the region. Serena placed second in the state contest. Missing from the picture is Dick Wenzel. 4- n Producing Entertaining, Wortlrwlrile, unrl Unique Programs The ASSEMBLY series is a combination of professional and student productions. All programs are publicized and are open to the public. JACK LARSON, right, waits for BILL MORRIS to rub the magic lantern which will take them flying to the land of the peculiar. This stunt was one presented to students by volunteer boys. The boys, who lost in the annual SO campaign against the girls, offered the talent as- sembly as a penalty. Balancing MRS. LANCASTER in this unusual positron is her husband and teammate, MR. LANCASTER. The Lan- casters presented their balancing acts on October I5 in one of the professional assemblies. GIRARD WEBER returned safely to the audience after participating in a stunt during an archery exhibition as- sembly presented by MR. DONALD BECHTOLD and his wife. GIRARD, blindfolded, was the victim in a falsified "William Tell" act. Reigning over the pep assembly before the Saginaw High-Arthur Hill football game is "King Arthur Hill" better known as ARTHUR KEITH, who prophesies the game results while his attendants, MICHAEL SVERID, CLARE TUBBS, and JAMES MclNTYRE hold staffs with Arthur Hill colors of gold and blue. 35 QC FALL A L., va 15' Wi A . but 3' V 9 A-h'1x' ' . V, aw V 4 .hh H i 'T fs -.. L 'Q A A, 'f YJ fx ' H , " ,f -.2 A C. 1 M 'A -J. , A ,. A, 'b :K s N 3 ff' '-A x., RX P 1 RJ I Lk ., , i l 0- xx A M1 QC., V A' N , f, A f .4 -4 , L91 N .M 5 I ,A Sports Throug QQ .0 X if 'TA' Xi- C1 'fs f X ff cj aff' ,C fi' - Adding more interest to the ba , games were maiorettes JANET VC Reigning as queen of the Tlst annual homecoming BARBARA GUY, MARILYN SCHUTT, BARBARA TUNIS, estivities, October 26 with Bay City Central, was, JANE DURMAN, JUDY RANKIN, and SANDRA ' arbara Maul. Members of the Queen's Court are KINGSBURY, ELAINE INMAN, MEYER, sitting, attendant KATHLEEN BUTLER, queen WINTER BARBARA MAUL and attendant JANET KRAUSE. KENNY' JERRY BARRENSCHEER, SALLY B. ll Roolbo - s Ol ARP' Rn Cheer?-E' BAQB ED- 5i.,aen'5Ne DUPR me Nl mewde LQJROOK BON besveiboll gnu Woog 6 934 xi on MF ARG NNI 6 M 72251 A91 on X46 low FSPRINGJ fu 4 tb... - A v A ,ug Em., VE MM 'TlMMO.:,Z-:Ord d0sl'1- rope in 'he A 5 I I Q RN HAWE5 to The 'T 52. A A'1?New coaches at Arthur Hill this year are MR. CHARLES FOWLER, assistant 'football coach, and - head basketball coach, MR. KURT KAMPE, head football coach, and track assistant coach, MR. ROB- J ,,,..--- . , 4 .1 n L ' 1 he Seasons thi l "N," L HAWKINS, MR. IRL M. BROCK, MR. GLENN MASON, and DR. LEWIS C. PINNEY, seated: MR. CHARLES E. CALVERT, MR. JAMES L. SHACKLETON Final payment on was from activity funds at the close of the football season. Representatives of the school, alumni, and bank the football MARY ANN .IS WARD, and JOAN E553 MR. JULIUS IPPEL, and MR. STANLEY SWIFT. participating were, top row: MR. JOHN C. KAY I1 .Fm if .ss-.... T A-. Q. . A ..... -ddmuxmk, JOHN MR. ANDREW X . I Leading the Grand March at the homecoming dance are: JANE DURMAN, DON WEICHART, BAR BARA TUNIS, RONALD DUBAY, attendant KATH LEEN BUTLER, INGRAM MILLIRON, queen BARBARA MAUL, BEN WELLS, attendant JANET KRAUSE, DOF - .' J, A-i'v.w-C - -Q 'aff ',-,Q gn , 41, f, VI:-:A,u MOREY, BARBARA ROUSH, PETE HERVEY, JUDI RANKIN, BOB KNOX, and THOMSA STEWART. ,X , , Ace freestylers practicing their starts are BOB the team' V' 'T' KNOX, BILL HOLLOWAY, LAWRIE THOMAS, L I H SEND-OFF. These boys were State finalists in Lans- JACK BROWN, and DONV-WADE. Nw .A ICF, sets to SCOOP UP 0 ...., :...1..4....4.-..:z..L..9' WLJTZ' '- .AQUND 'Q S A Ma Wahswaiz. Hb- I . x X-.X , yt 'T r ' F . 1 1 'A Q-'gf 'jen xi. 1. Y .. 4 ' ' . ' ' ' I3 . W I Y - - f- R ' . 3, ' 'fi-. 3.8: J . I Q K S 5.5 I. - - ' ' W N.s....- . - .f --M ' -sg-I-T - ,f , . '- 1 y. 1 . X A 'yt A ., QQ A, , .ke inlmigk ipf,,yAA , X.-ai, V7 QgigfvitN:5J.?.. A K 'swf 'W V hir ,J x . . , I-. .. sf--9 . X -' 4 . fs, -gi, 1 -1-fgggzzk NY, ,WM A MMM! t t . MN- :W Y 'fx' L ., , L. vip, V J., W' -f Q" f ' W M'f'9'fm"7 , . .-1 A , K , . 'f'.,g4e, , f s K . QF'1Y?'f:'.EIf l .s .., :s , ' . Q -ww ? -ff ..- 'dnjy .fa ' X X! 1. 4 sv sw -L 4 as sts 5,5-I It J 'fr' s:"":A .sf 1 M, "' - "' M, A, w '15, T T 'W ff., 1 s , , l iff' ' in BX I 'B' "Wi-62, Q. -5. 5. . . ei x '- - ' f':-t . ., ,-. 15'if1ff4fff . : is A . , , 4 V it U K:-ml I Q. . ..,.is...I A 7, -..N CARLH DI ER state champion s ot p tter ges wf'5soff a aood heave in a dual meet with Flint Central. 'N' .. il COMPETITIDN IS KEEN AND LUM TOM DEZELSKY, Hill tailback, breaks through the Bay City defense for one of the few long gains registered by the Hillites in the homecoming game. Ganging up on an unidentified Grand Rapids Catholic Central back, in a desperate goal line stand, are JACK ALEXANDER itopl, TOM DEZEL- SKY Imiddlel, and PETER NAGEL Cbottoml. Arthur Hill ....... ....... l 3 JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Oct. Owosso ........,............... Oct. Pontiac ............. ........ A rthur Hill .... Oct. Arthur Hill ....... ........ M idland ,,,,,,,, Oct. Bay City ........ ........ A rthur Hill .... Nov Arthur Hill ....... ........ F lint Northern Nov Arthur Hill .................... Flint Central Nov. Saginaw High flittle Brown Jug Gamel Arthur Hill .... 3 . .AES as T I .U f1?312'f wwf-, ,Nm . BERJACKS The Lumberiack football call was answered by I8 Iettermen and closed the season with a record of 4 wins and 5 losses. Coach KURT KAMPE, a newcomer from Ann Arbor, took over the coaching chores and in- troduced the singlewing style of play. The highlights of the year were the dual vic- tories over the two Flint schools, Central and Northern, for the first time in HiII's sports his- tary. The Lumberiacks closed their season by being host to their cross town rivals, Saginaw High. The Little Hills, led by Coach SEYMOUR MURPHY, marked up a season record of 3 wins and 4 defeats. Though they improved steadily throughout the season, they were unable to re- claim the "Little Brown Jug." VALLEY STANDINGS W L T Saginaw . ................................. 4 l Bay City ........... . ...... 3 'I I Flint Central ..... ....... 2 2 'I ARTHUR HILL ........ ......, 2 3 Flint Northern . ....... 2 3 Pontiac ......... ....... I 4 U T 914 ra -. I 'ffl ln.- , 3 -1 PM val , ' T is W A ,.v ' 3 . W-, '-4. Sw? 1 E, ss-in I ,MH X my i sewn f ,I in W ' U Q., S... , ,, ' A 1 ,sf",,i.,4 ,, .- ' -f-: f 4 L, .MM - ,,, is p 4' '.pv-nv .- of JOHN ADAMS, tailback, is a three-year varsity football letterwinner, and an honorable mention on the All-Valley --Ag, ,M ' M' KK 5 9,5 WV. it qw I L 9 t .,.f team. 1 , . .ff ' . ?NWijs1ske'rg .i JERRY BIRNBAUM, offensive end and defensive safety- 4, "l- . man, received honorable mention on the All-Valley team. 38 I luis," Tum Out To Be Champions, Coaches, and "Third Stringers" Q 271 of 53 74 78- 'foo S' Q A I II ,5 3u1s.H W o.n :...w'w. 2.1 I 4, as s IB 'izi tva x I E E i f JI .M F3 mg IA Ll 1 lr Q' 1951 FOOTBALL TEAM members are, left to right: Manager PHIL SERRIN, RON SEARS, BILL JIM HOLCOMB, GEORGE BAIN, JACK YOUNG, JOHN BARSCH, DICK AULT, DUANE BEECHLER, PALMER, JOHN CUTHBERTSON, PHIL REAVES, VIC LANDERYOU, MICKEY MARR, RON BRIDGE, DON WEICHERT, and Manager HARVEY WOLFE. Middle row: Coach KURT JIM MARKLE, TOM ANDERSON, DICK VANDERVEER, HAROLD RUMMEL, TOM DEZELSKY, RON DINGMAN, WALT AVERILL, BRUCE NOBLE, ALEX WAIER, DOUG STRICKER, BILL PARKS, and End Coach ROBERT BARRINGER. Front row: Backfield Coach CHARLES FOWLER, BOB FALLIS, AL KEYSER, JOHN ADAMS, JACK ALEXANDER, JACK LARSON, KAMPE, Manager BOB BECKER, BILL GRANVILLE, DICK MOHNK, HATHERLY, DICK WOOD, BILL PETE NAGEL, Captain JIM FOX, CARL DIENER, DICK KACKMEIS- TER, ROGER ABBOTT, RUSS LUPLOW, JACK HANSON, JERRY BIRNBAUM, and AL JEROME. VARSITY RECORD Sept. 14 Arthur Hill .................. 18, Lansing Eastern ...... Sept. 21 Arthur Hill ................ 26 Hamtramck ............ Sept. 28 G.R. Catholic ............ 26 Arthur Hill ...... ..... Oct. 12 Pontiac ........................ 184 Arthur Hill ...... . Oct. 26 Bay City .......... ........ 2 61 Arthur Hill .............. Nov. 2 Arthur Hill ...... .......... 6 I Flint Northern ........ Nov. 9 Midland .......... ....... 8 ' Arthur Hill .......... . Nov. 16 Arthur Hill .................... 7! Flint Central ..... . Nov. 22 Saginaw High ............ 27 Arthur Hill ...... . Uhanksgiving Gamel -MK'-W T' . ' t.. i - g W . 1 Yi are-mr .SH "" 'i CAPTAIN JIM FOX, offensive and defensive guard, placed an the CARL DIENER, tackle, earned a place on the All-State and All All-Valley first team for his second consecutive year. Vqlley fim fgqmg fm- his gggqnd consecugiye yur, DICK KACKMEISTER, offensive center and defensive linebacker, JACK LARSON' lockl" waived l""o"'bl' m'ml"' on Ill' All Placed on ,he Angvonw second Nom. Valley team. Jack is a three year varsity letterwinner. 39 BASKETEERS EARNED WELL DESERVED VICTORIES C7-1, Y my 4 x I O ' 1,,l: .', 4 'il Ig I ' ml al 6 48 6 if f I , ,. . , .. .. ' F I' ' H I + I s . J , Ji 4, Q I A we Q . Q1 Q H I A. I 1 Lumberiack BASKETBALL team members completed the season with a record of I7 wins and 4 defeats, and advanced to the state finals. State runnersfup players include, top row: Doctor HAROLD MAYNE, Manager BOB FALLIS, JIM FOX, HAROLD HATH- ERLY, JACK YOUNG, DON WEICHERT, VIC LANDERYOU, BOB JOHN ADAMS is a first team All-Valley repeater and the teams leading scorer for two seasons. John scored l8l points to place third in the Valley and 309 for the entire season. JACK ALEXANDER is a three-year letterman and long shot artist. Jack drew honorable mention on the All-Valley team. JERRY BIRNBAUM, forward and guard, earned honors for speed in the fast break style of play and earned the nickname "blond comet." BECKER, Manager, KELLY HENDRICK, and Coach CHARLES FOW- LER, front row: DALE HALL, JACK ALEXANDER, JERRY BIRNBAUM, CARL DIENER, RICHARD CANSFIELD, JOHN ADAMS, and JIM MARKLE. CARL DIENER, co-captain, was a tremendous rebounder and team leader. Carl earned second team All-Valley and second team All-State honors. HAROLD HATHERLY was a standout on defense and his passing set up many easy baskets for the scorers. 40 To Become Good Sports, State Finalists, and "Heroes" Dec.s 4 Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD ARTHUR HILL ....,..,. 66 Grand Rapids cam. ..., 54 Midland .,..........,....... 52 ARTHUR HILL ....,....,,..,,. 48 ARTHUR HILL ..,... ,... 7 6 Bay City ...,..,...,.........,. 42 ARTHUR HILL ......... 76 Flint Central .........,...,.. 48" Flint Northern ...,.,... 55 ARTHUR HILL .,......,... 53" Pontiac .,.,............,.... 39 ARTHUR HILL .......,,.. 32' ARTHUR HILL .....,.... 74 Saginaw .....,.........,..,.., 46" ARTHUR HILL ....,,.... 76 Bay City ......,..,....,...,,,, 40" ARTHUR HILL ...... ., 56 Flint Central ,,.. ...,.,.,,, 5 4' ARTHUR HILL ...,,.,. 61 Flint Northern .....,.. ,.59" ARTHUR HILL .....,. .50 Midland . ......,. ..,,...,... 3 2' ARTHUR HILL ....,... 63 Pontiac .,,............,..,...,. 32" ARTHUR HILL .....,... 66 Saginaw ...................,.... 56" ARTHUR HILL ,... ..,,.. 6 6 Muskegon Heights .,,... 32" ARTHUR HILL ,,..,.... 82 Grand Haven ...,...,., 45' 'Games forfeited because of ineligible players. REGIONAL ARTHUR HILL ..,.... 89 Port Huron ........., 35 ARTHUR HILL ...,..... 68 Owosso ,.... ,..,.... 4 4 ARTHUR HILL .,,.., .,57 Saginaw ...,.. .....,.... 4 8 QUARTER FINAL ARTHUR HILL ,........ 65 Lansing Sexton , ....... M45 SEMI-FINAL ARTHUR HILL ...,..,. 40 Detroit C.C. ..,. ......... 3 6 FINAL Highland Park ...,... 43 ARTHUR HILL ......,........ 42 DALE HALL, co-captain, was a defensive stalwart and playmaker. Dale proved his worth in State Tournament play. RICHARD CANSFIELD, first string forward, could always be depended upon for his steady play. DICK CANSFIELD watches at the left as DALE HALL prepares for a iump shot in the state cham- pionship game against Highland Park in the Michigan State College Jenison Field House. JUNIOR VARSITY basketball boys, coached by MR. SEYMOUR MURPHY marched to an undefeated season winning I3 games in a row. Team members are, top row, left to right: Coach MURPHY, JIM RIGHTER, BOB WOLFGRAM, JIM HEMPSTEAD, LAWRENCE PASSON, LLOYD CARTWRIGHT, TOM LAMPEL, JACK STROEBEL, JIM WOODROW, DAVE PROUX, RONNY WRIGHT, and Manager ROBERT FALLISg middle row: DICK WEINBERG, AL DAVIS, BOB BECKER, DON WEICHERT, ORRIN GEETING, JERRY THICK, and DALE HANSONp front row: TOM WALLACE, JIM BRUSSOW, DICK AULT, STANLEY ANDERSON, HARVEY WOLFE, and ED STROBEL. ,A ,, of M s C., L1 'C' - ,, . 'M 4 I rf li 41 MEANWHILE SWIMMERS BRDKE NATIONAL RECORDS Fordson ...................,............. ....... Battle Creek ...................., ....... VALLEY RECORD STATE MEET W L ARTHUR HILL ............ ....... 5 I Bay City Central ...... ....... 5 I Bay City Central ...... Flint Central ........ ....... 2 4 ARTHUR HILL ........ Pontiac ......... ...-... 0 6 VARSITY Battle Creek ............ 50 Arthur Hill .... ....... 5 1 Arthur Hill .... ....... 4 5 Bay City Central Arthur Hill .............. 49 Pontiac ,,,,,, Arthur .............. Flint Central ,,..,.., Bay City Central ...... 44 Arthur Hill ,,,,,, Arthur Hill ................ 65 Pontiac ,,,,,,,,,, Arthur Hill ...... ....... 6 0 Flint Central ,,,,,,,, Arthur Hill ................ 46 Battle Creek ........ AI'II'IUI' ............ Ann Arbar ,,,,,,,,,.,, . , J- -vt.. x r Y N S F-M, ,,.,-"T I Fordson ................ Arthur Hill ................ 34 ....33 ....35 ....29 ....40 ....I9 ....24 ....38 28176 .......33 .......30 Lumberlack SWIMMERS tied for the Saginaw Valley Championship, placed fourth in the state meet, and set two national records. Team members are, top row, left to right: BOB REAMS, JERRY DOYLE, HARRY HAWKINS, BILL HOLLOWAY, DON HEALY, DON CAR- ROLL, GEORGE WEBER, LAWRIE THO- MAS and Coach DAVID A. GAINEY. Bottom row: DON BRADY, GALE FOX, JIM ELLIOTT, Captain BOB KNOX, JOHN BARNETT, HERB SCHMIDT, JOHN KEMP, and DON WADE. 47 38 1 . ik ' 5 BILL HOLLOWAY completed his third year oi the varsity, swimming in the 200-yard freestyli and the relay events. BOB KNOX, captain, contributed to a no tional record in the 400 yard freestyle relay He also set a new national record in the IOI yard freestyle. ish N E ' luv-f' l 951 1.53- 4 i' DON HEALY proved valuable in the individual medley proved his all around ability in the breaststroke and and breaststroke. individual medley. LAWRIE THOMAS, freestylist, could always be depended JIM ELLIOT, diver, gave the team balance. on for a first or a second. BOB REAMS, added valuable points in the breaststroke DON CARROLL finished his second varsity season and and relay events. Wh ile Tracltmen Excelled In Difficult Feats .rd 1952 TRACK SCHEDULE vii' Apr. Saginaw Rouge Events .................... There Apr. Flint Northern Rouge Events ............ There Apr. Arthur Hill, Saginaw Relays .... Mt. Pleasant Apr. Bay City Central ................................ Here Apr. Flint Central ........................ ........... T here May Mt. Pleasant Relays ..... ........ T here May Valley ........................ ............ H ere May Regionals ............... ......... Y psilanti May State .......................... ......... A nn Arbor May Valley Non Grad 1951 TRACK RECORD ARTHU Flint N Sagina ARTHU Saginaw High ................ 63 ARTHUR HILL ................ 30 ARTHUR HILL ................ 44 River Rouge Relay R HILL ............ orthern . ......... w High .......... R HILL .......... ARTHUR HILL ................ 6956 Bay City Central ...... Flint C ARTHUR HILL ................ 57 Sqginq ARTHU ARTHUR HILL .............. ..72 Mt. Pleasant Relays Saginaw High ................ 5555 Arthur Regional ...... State ............ ......... Non Grad . .... .. entral ............ w High .......... R Hill ............ 28 30 42 lst 3994 37 52 'Ist 50 Hill ................ ARTHUR HILL lst ARTHUR HILL 2nd ARTHUR HILL 3rd Twenty returning TRACK Iettermen bolstered the 1951 team to win first in regional, second in state, and third in-non-grad competition. Report- ing to Coach GLENN MASON, the 1952 letter- men are, top row, left to right: JERRY BIRN- BAUM, RONALD BRIDGE, CARL DIENER, JACK LARSON, BILL BIRDSALL, and AL JEROME. Second row: JOHN DIMERCURLO, FRANK NEIDERSTADT, KEN KREUGER, BRIEN LANG, JUNIOR WASCHER, and JOE WILSON. Front row: JOHN CUTHBERT- SON, DICK STRICKER, DON ROOKER, CONRAD SIEDEL, JERRY MILLER, LAWRIE THOMAS, and DUANE BEECHLER. Lumberiack CROSS COUNTRY boys finished with 3 wins and 2 losses and third in the Valley and eleventh place in the state meet. Team mem- bers are, top row, left to right: Coach GLENN MASON, JERRY SCHUCH, DICK KRUSE, and JOE WILSON. Front row: BILL STONER, manager, JOHN CAMMIN, DON ROOKER, and HARVEY HAUBENSTRICKER, manager. Missing are Ken Krueger and Frawk Neiderstadt. CROSS COUNTRY SEASON RECORD Pontiac .......................... I8 ARTHUR HILL ................ 39 ARTHUR HILL ................ 'I9 Flint Central ...... ........ 4 0 ARTHUR HILL ................ 26 Flint Northern .............. 30 ARTHUR HILL ................ 27 Bay City Handy ............ 28 Bay City Central ............ I5 ARTHUR HILL ................ 45 Valley Meet ARTHUR HILL Third Place State Meet ARTHUR HILL Eleventh Place 43 SPRING SPORTS LOOK TO SUNNY DAYS 1951 BASEBALL RECORD Bay City Handy ........ 5 Flint Northern .......... 2 ARTHUR HILL ............ 1 Bay City Handy ...... 5 Owosso ARTHUR HILL ............ 1 Saginaw High .......... 3 Pontiac ARTHUR HILL ............ 1 ARTHUR HILL ........ ,...3 ARTHUR HILL ............ 6 ARTHUR HILL ............ 3 Midland .................... 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 6 ARTHUR HILL .... Bay City Central ARTHUR HILL ............ 4 ARTHUR HILL ............ 2 Saginaw High .. Flint Central ............ 4 1952 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Apr. 17 Saginaw High .............................. Here Apr. 21 Bay City Handy ...... ........ H ere Apr. 24 Flint Northern ...... ....... T here Apr. 28 Bay City Handy ....... ....... T here Moy 1 Pontiac ............. I .... ......... H ere May 5 Bay City Central ...... ....... T here May 8 Saginaw High ......... ...,... T here May 15 Bay City Central .... ......... H ere May 22 Open Date May 27 Flint Central ..... ....... T here BASEBALL Iettermen reporting to Coach Wil- Iiam Vondette are, top row, left to right: RON LANGE, DON DEZELSKY, and CHARLES LINK, front row: RICHARD SHULER, LIONEL HOLLINGS- WORTH, JOHN ADAMS, and TOM DEZELSKY. 1951 GOLF RECORD ARTHUR HILL ........ 439 Bay City Handy .... 452 Flint Central ........ 438 Flint Northern ...... 368 Owosso Bay City Central .... 402 ARTHUR HILL ........ 438 Pontiac ................ 391 ARTHUR HILL ........ 427 ARTHUR HILL ........ 424 ARTHUR HILL ........ 335 ARTHUR HILL ........ 341 ARTHUR HILL ........ 320 Midland ................ 427 1952 GOLF SCHEDULE Apr. 22 A.H.-Saginaw-Pontiac ................ Pontiac Apr. 25 Bay City Handy .................. ....... T here Apr. 28 Owosso ................. ........ H ere Apr. 30 Flint Central ....... ....... T here May 5 Midland .................. ........ H ere May 9 Bay City Central .......................... Here May 14 A.H.-Saginaw-Flint No. .......... Saginaw May 17 Valley Meet .................... ....... O wosso May 24 State Meet ................... .........,... M idland GOLFERS play their home meets on the Saginaw Country Club course under the direction of Coaches David Gainey and Charles Fowler. Team members are, left to right: JIM ELLIOT, GEORGE WEBER, IRVIN LICHTENWALD, JIM LAE- DKE, RON DINGMAN, BILL BOOTH, DAN HABEL, JIM BUCKLEY, and WALLY FINK. ART KEITH gets off a good drive. 1951 TENNIS RECORD Flint Central ............ 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 Pontiac ...................... 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 Bay City Handy ........ 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 Owosso .................... 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 Flint Northern .......... 4 ARTHUR HILL ............ 3 Owosso ...........,........ 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 ARTHUR HILL ............ 4 Flint Northern .......... 3 Flint Central ............ 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 Pontiac .................... 7 ARTHUR HILL ............ O ARTHUR HILL ............ 0 Bay City Central ...... 7 TENNIS TEAM members will start their third year ot competition in recent years. Team members are top row: BILL SPENCE, BRUCE NOBLE, HANS HENNECKE, bottom row: GARY MUELLER, NORM LQBRENZE, DICK CARLSON, ond Coach GEORGE PURDY. 44 Prowess In Club Sports Offers Relexution Practicing her game at Parkland Lanes is MARGARET SCHOON. RIFLE CLUB members meet every Wednes- day night in the school rifle range which is off the boy's locker room beneath the gym. The cIub's obiect is to teach safe and correct use of firearms. The boys had one dual meet this year defeating Post 2066 CExplorer Posti by the score of 300 to 210. Club officers are DUANE DYE, range officer, JIM SHOOK, vice- president, JACK REMER, president, and DON- ALD TUNNEY, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Bryant S. Wilson is the club adviser. Girls of the BOWLING CLUB meet every Thursday atter school at Parkland Lanes with Miss Helen Olmsted as advisor. Officers are JEAN THOMAS, secretary-treasurer, CAROL RIKLEY, president, and CATHERINE SCHULTZ, vice- president. The Teenettes are the season's championship team. Sue Howe, team captain, received the cup for her team. 'v 45 INTRAMURAL PROGRAMS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Winning the girls' intramural basketball crown by de- feating all opponents in a straight elimination schedule, was Team 4 with a score of I4 to 8. Dividing the girls into teams composed of eight members, and scheduling the games which were played after school was done by Miss Mary M. Doidge, gymnasium instructor. Members of Team 4, left to right: DOROTHY VASEY, MERLE HOLLAND, PAT LANGDON, RUTH BERKOBEIN, and BARBARA WOLFE watch as Captain KATHLEEN GREER demonstrates the chest pass. LETTER GIRLS must earn at least 200 points to qualify. To earn their points they participate in volleyball, basket- ball, and baseball. With each sport they receive 50 points and 'I0 extra points if their team wins the champion- ship. Members are, top row: MARGARET MARK, PAT CONWAY, PAT HUMPAL, MARIE HERBIN, CAROL MCMACKEN, MARILYN MOHNK, and PAT MAEDERp front row: BARBARA WOLFE, DORIS ENGERER, KATHLEEN GREER, PAT LANGDON, and MARION DAY. 46 Capturing the girls' VOLLEY- BALL CHAMPIONSHIP this year was Team I. The champions de- feated Team 7 by straight elim- ination. Team members are, top row: ARLENE BOLF, KAY CUL- BERT, MARY IDA DONOVAN, JANICE GNATKOWSKI, SALLY HERM, and MARGIE MALZAHNQ front row: AGNES PREMO, KAY RODITCHER, MARGIE SOWAT- SKY, and DOROTHY VASEY. Uncover Talent and Add "Variety" To Full School Schedules Intramural basketball was supervised by Mr. Glenn Mason, athletic director, and Coach Kurt Kampe. The supervisors chose the BOARD of DIRECTORS who then took complete charge of the program. Their responsibilities were to take care of scoring, schedules, and selecting re- ferees. The members on this board were, left to right: JOHN CUTHBERTSON, ALLEN CRONK, CARL DIENER, TOM DEZEL- SKY, and RONNIE SEARS. ,LJ I 4 I ' Winning the advisory boys' INTRAMURALS BASKETBALL championship for the North half of the school was Mr. Glenn Mason's advisory. Members of the team were, top row: MR. MASON, adviser, ED KERN, ROY McEWEN, and JIM KIMMEL, front row: EUGENE MARTIN, NORMAN MEYER, BILL MASON, and JIM MacMlLLAN. Referee JIM WOODROW throws ' the iump ball for centers LARRY SCHUCH and ROY McEWEN from Mr. Shorney's and Mr. Mason's advisory, respectively. The championship game was played for an all-school assembly, with Mr. Mason's advisory winning the championship 33 to 25. .48 549 ,- .,, 53 5 ,A3 I 5011, , ,J o - I I AAI! Runners-up for the South half was Mr. Robert Shorney's advisory. Team members were, top row: MR. SHORNEY, adviser, BRUCE SMITH, PHIL SERRIN, and ED SCHMIDT, front row: CHUCK SCHMITZ, BRUCE DENO, JACK SCHULTZ, and LARRY SCHUCH. Q0 5 if 1 Study The friction wheel revolves solely to spark active par- t' ' ation in clubs and classes. It grinds diversified activi- :cup ties which permit us to sample leadership and to accept responsibility, whether it profit our world of today or of l0l110I'l'OW. un -- Achievement IN OUR PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE lf! I I I .- -2, .145 L '3 X nr-.I "F .. ' Bm' ' no , PUBLIC SPEAKING students attain poise and speech practice by giving talks for their classes. ROBERT HUDSON takes his place at the lecturn to give an impromptu speech on one minute's notice. JUNIOR ENGLISH classes stress poetry as an important part of their class work. ALBERT ROHN, TOM LOUCHART, RUSSELL BULL, TOM HAMILTON, GERALD BLEHM, GLENN RUHLIG, and ALAN WILLS examine some of the proiects based on poetry they enjoy. 4 T , 1 . . ,, I' I SENIOR ENGLISH students read "The Atlantic Monthly" to supplement their regular class work. BOB WIGHT and BOB KINGSBURY read contemporary articles in contrast to the text classics. GERRY HERBERT diagrams a sentence in SOPHOMORE ENGLISH. Second semester the literature gives a taste of form and vocaloularv study. 'Q' We Read Poetry, Prose, and Write "I,000 Word" Themes The Y-TEENS CLUB aims to help girls to know themselves and others better, and to grow in every way. Y-Teens present an award annually to the outstanding sophomore girl, co-sponsor after game dances, make novelty pins to be sold at games, and sell candy during the basketball games. Margaret Mark, Carol Scherping, and Amylou Lytle and their sponsors, Mrs. June O'Dell and Miss Pauline Simon, represented Arthur Hill Y-Teens at the state con- vention in Lansing this year. Club officers are MARNA ZEHNDER, vice-president, BEVERLY SMITH, president, and JO ANN SPADAFORE, secretary. Missing from the picture is Eunice Bowen, treasurer, who represented all Saginaw Y-Teens at the Chicago conference. C-y 1 MIRACLE BOOK CLUB members gain inspiration from the before school de- votional at their Tuesday and Thursday meetings. The group helped organize a chapter at Saginaw High and spon- sored a rare Bible display for the Easter season. Officers of the club are JOE FLORA, president, SUE ROGERS, treas- urer, DIANE PEDERSON, vice-president, and SHARON CATES, secretary. The HI-Y CLUB is a service organiza- tion for boys interested in making its members better citizens and leaders. Annually they present a cup to the outstanding sophomore boy. This year they sponsored a blood donors cam- paign for the city defense effort. Club officers are RON BRIDGE, treasurer, STUART GORDON, secretary, BOB NEUMANN, vice-president, and JOHN CUTHBERTSON, president. X e T0 PREPARE US T0 BE MATHEMATICIANS 'wi ALGEBRA is the introduction to advanced and college mathematics and is offered four semesters. ALICE BAIN goes through the steps of an equation for IVARS BERZINS. CAROL RICE constructs an isosecles triangle as ED PERSON gives her assistance. PLANE GEOMETRY students develop power of reasoning through proving theorems. The PYTHAGOREANS CLUB was organized to increase in- terest in mathematics. The club alternates puzzles and problems with discussions on advanced mathematics. The officers of the two semesters are JEAN IRVING, secretaryp GWEN CLUNIE, treasurerp BRADLEY ZUVER, president: DON CAMERON, vice-presidentg ARNOLD RUSKIN, vice- president, and DAN HABEL, president. Missing from the picture is Pat Conway, secretary. Lt. - .fb .IIN If The FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB was organized to encourage stu- dents to enter the teaching profession. JEAN IRVING, president: ELLEN FOULDS, secretary: MARCIA HELM- KAMP, vice-president, and RACHEL TIEDKE, treasurer, plan a trip to Cen- tral Michigan College of Education. I ,nal ,-fffga' 4 C VS Retailers, "Strikers" and To Work Together in a Democracy MARILYN BERKOBIEN explains some of the common shorthand characters to SUE l.aLONDE and RUTH BLOSSER. After two semesters of SHORTHAND these girls hope for a dictation rate of 80 words per minute which will earn them a commercial award. M c ,l A of 1959 rtss A e r ir j I95I ' ...- ,,e, ,. . .Mg ss,, wg V, A sf. HILLITE CO-OPS is composed ot RETAILING and OFFICE TRAINING students. To gain money for pro- iects, and experience in business, the club sells pop corn and candy at home games, manages the student store, and work about town. Of- ficers of the club are: JACK La- LONDE, program chairman, DIXIE ARCH, reporter, YVONNE PETRE, vice-president, SALLYANN ALLES, secretory, BEBE PROCTOR, reporter, MARY FRIES, treasurer, DIANE HAR- MON, president. Miss Mildred Ander- son and Mr. Raymond Hartman are faculty sponsors and iob coordina- tors. 41:3 , s , OFFICE TRAINING classes gain experience by typing and mimeographing tests and outlines for teachers. YVONNE PETRE, JANET QUESNEI., and LOIS LEWELLEN help in the office worlcroom by running off a stencil. JUNE BRANT, JO ANN DAVIS, and JOAN JEWETT work for increased speed and accuracy as they type five minute timed writings. In TYPING CLASS these students also learn the fundamentals of letters, invoices, and other bus- iness correspondence. rv I x Q AMIGO, AMICUS, FREUND, AMI- JUDY HOLLAND, PAT DURMAN, JIM HARMONY, and DALE HANSON select records and magazines to use along with the text books in Miss Cora Helen Morgan's SPANISH classes. GERMAN CLASSES use blackboard assignments in their daily work. Here DICK MARR and SIGRID EPPLE write and translate a German sentence. Hill- ites have an opportunity to take three years of GERMAN. K .M x., ,pf 1-ff Af -L' Students further their study of German by ioining the GERMAN CLUB under the direction of Miss Pa- tricia Steigley. VIRGINIA FLATHAU, secretaryy JAN- ICE BARTH, treasurerp JEAN HEINE, presidentg and RUTH MOSSNER, vice-president, make the final plans for their annual Christmas caroling trip. LATIN students gain a knowledge of Roman life by making proiects depicting life in ancient Rome. Stories and myths of Roman Gods also bring variety to the usual translations. LARRY CANTU, SUSAN HESS, JOHN SEAMAN, and PAT HARDEN examine N W some of the proiects from Miss Gertrude Turner's classes. 'lip -6 Friend" Is An International Salutation of Goodwill Eire, si? wifi .rf ln FRENCH class DEE GALON- SKA, MYRNA YANCER, BARBARA GIEROW, LOIS CONGROVE, and NANCY REID examine dolls dres- sed to represent the different French provinces. These dolls were dressed as a proiect by some of the students of Mrs. Mariory Jacobson to supplement their class work. it"MAll WAR IAABLH The SPANISH CLUB was established to further in- terest in Spanish customs. The members aid under- privileged Mexican children and enioy a typical Spanish dinner at the end of the year. Officers are RACHEL TIEDKE, secretary, MABEL DELANEY, treasur- ery MARILYN SCHUTT, vice-president, DELORES AR- RIAGA, president, and NOREEN CHERRY, point chair- The LATIN CLUB strives to create an interest in the life and customs of the ancient Romans. A unique part of the club program is the system of rank raising in which a member may earn points to pra- gress from a slave to a freeman and then to a consul. The officers of the club are JO ANN SPADA- FORE, vice-president, JOAN LITZNER, treasurer, MARGARET MARK, president, and CAROL MCMACK- EN, secretary. ON WORKS OF THE FUTURE, HILLITE KATHLEEN LAMROUEX works fastidiously to make a poster for one of the many causes to which the ART DEPARTMENT contributes its talents directed by Mrs. Vir- ginia Siehr. CRAFT class soap sculpturing was one of outstanding accomplishments this year. D'ARCY JAMES and JIM HILL- MAN examine some of the figures that won prizes in the Womans' Club Art Show at the Saginaw Museum. Mrs. Betty Horton is instructor. QW. ,...llll-"1" ' 5- X R, . In 7 I C2 I -.- 1 1. W 2- t"' t f MT' :ct HOMEMAKING students entertained the office staff at a Christmas party. Here EVELYN FINGER, MISS ETHEL PETER- SON, SHIRLEY GOSLIN, and HELEN OATTEN partake of the festivities. Artistic appreciation and a knowledge of color combina- tions are only a few of the essentials needed for an INTER- IOR DECORATOR. Showing their ability in making a slip- covers are ROBERTA RAUPP and JULIUS PEITSCH. N mes Will Appear-Artist: Van Dyck, Owner: Carnegie, or Just "KiIroy" MANUAL ARTS student LAWRENCE LANCHAT puts the finishing touches on one of his proiects. Besides carpentry these boys have an opportunity to learn metal working direct by Mr. Robert Barringer. CRAFT students express their talents from wood and soap carvings to weaving. WALLACE GULLIVER and JACK TREASE send a shuttle through a rug weaving loom. These students design all of their own work. MECHANICAL DRAWING gives boys a taste of drafting, designing, and architecture as a hobby or handyman. CHUCK WOODINGTON uses his compass to complete a drawing. Mr. A. A. Pieritz is instructor. These HOME NURSING girls completed the 'first course offered at Arthur Hill. Class members were JANETTE PERRY JOANN BECKER, MARION DAY, SANDRA DAVIS, BETTY GRAY, BERNIECE GEYER, MARY SIMMET, SHIRLEY BIELBY, NAN MITTS, PHYLLIS FROST, GAIL COOPER, GERALDINE THOMAS, DIANE MCKINSTRY, GERALDINE MONSEES, and DOROTHY REISIG. 'X 'X IN SCIENCE, ACADEMIC AND APPLIED 1, .fd""' DQ BIOLOGY Cl05595 PUVTICIPUN1' in SPOT quizzes 05 U Pclrt of DIXIE WILLIAMS and LYNN PHAIR conduct an experiment their CIOIIY lessons. 5IUdYln9 SPeCim9f1S are STANLEY AN- on the resonance of sound. Besides sound these PHYCISISTS DERSON and JIM HOLCOMB. BOB KINGSBURY, vice-president, RONALD DINGMAN, president, and EDWARD KERN, secretary, are the officers of the CRUCIBLES CLUB. These boys, selected from chem- istry classes, further their interest in chemistry through meetings and trips with their sponsor, Mr. A. G. Dersch. study electricity, heat, and light. LORRAINE SCHWARTZKOPF, secretary, CAROL RIKLEY, vice-president, DOROTHY FISHER, treasurer, and NORMA MAAS, president, officers of the FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA, select crystal for their annual Mother-Daughter banquet. The club advisors, Mrs. Lorna Zeigler and Miss Norma Hile, help to plan interesting programs. r"' xl 9 s - xc. 1 q ' Fw- l A I J Vg l ll L 5 ' . lg 1 My ' A ' ,""T' 1 4 , , " Y, , If ' I 'ii J I '12s I-. "l ll' e, I .,f Q 9 , . M x l, W ... G, ii We Prepared To Be Engineers, Nurses, Farmers, and "Hopeful Homemulrers" ALCHEMIST CLUB officers, BARBARA GUY, president, SALLY BAILEY, secretary, and HEDWIG GEIGER, vice-presi- dent, examine the retort, the club's symbol. This invitational club honors girls who excel in chemistry. HANS HENNECKE, vice-president, TOMSA STEWART, president, BARBARA GIEROW, secretary, and BARBARA ROUSH, treasurer, are the officers of the BIOS LOGIA CLUB. Miss Edith R. Jensen is club adviser. JERRY HALM, CARL ROSSMAN, and EUGENE BUDD meas- ure the amount of corn in the crib. The FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA aim to further on interest in scientific farming. The first and second semester officers of the club are, top row: RICHARD POPP, president, CARL ROSSMAN, secretary, ARDEN CLARE, vice-president, ELWYN LESH, sentinel, LYLE LeCRONlER, secretary, EUGENE BUDD, president, PETER BOOS, vice-president, and TOM LAMPEL, reporter. Mr. Howard Lytle advises the boys who PIGH Pfolects, trips, and classes for farmers of the com- munity. ' 1 '4 l -, , -M -W gk-x ' O , The FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA CLUB members learn about their chosen profession by taking trips through hospi- tals and listening to speakers. The club sponsor is Mrs. Helen M. Beyer. The officers of the club are SARAH MER- RICK, vice-president and MARGARET MARK, LLMLNT J sv Q BENEFITS DERIVED FROM SOCIAL SCIENCE AMERICAN HISTORY classes evalu- ate the history of their own country and its underlying philosophy by studying the notable events in history. BRUCE SANDERS decorates the classroom with suitable pictures under the direction of Mrs. Sallie M. Brown, department head. Sometime before graduation day, every Hillite spends one semester of his time in AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and ECONOMICS. In these classes students study the organi- zation of the government and business. JACK LARSON ex- plains checks and drafts to PHYLLIS FARRINGTON and JEAN HEINE. TOM SCHUETTE demonstrates court proceedings as GEORGE STEWART acts as attorney. COMMERCIAL LAW students learn the value of national and state laws. ' X X ' .I Saskatchewan, despite its unusual name, is easy to find on the map and globe as is demonstrated by GEOGRAPHY students RUTH PRIEM, SANDRA WISE, and JIM MARKLE. 'JE Aid In Tlie Understanding oi World Problems, Health, and "Etiquette" Learning the essential role that health plays in life are JIM REIDLINGER and RICHARD STEELE. This unit is taught in sophomore boys' ART OF LIVING classes which also include vocational planning under the direction of Mr. David Gainey and Mr. Seymour Murphy. The ART OF LIVING CLASSES cover many proiects. The use of Christmas cards as holiday decorations are weigh- ed by IRENE SCHIEFER and VIRGINIA SIMON. Miss Mary F. Lewis and Miss Constance McWethy are instructors. GIRLS' JUNIOR and SOPHOMORE GYMNASIUM classes Good sportsmanship and team work are the important participate in volleyball as a part of their physical educa- factors taught in boys' PHYSICAL EDUCATION classes. tion program. These classes meet on alternating days to This group of junior boys learn and practice some cales- art of living. thenics. G1 pn- MRS. I. M. BROCK and MISS ETHEL A. PETERSON sample the punch at the Honor Alumnus Tea in the Community Room. MR. BAKER, SALLY ANN BUTTS, Quill and Scroll president, and ALWYN HANSEN, Legenda editor, exchange congratulatory remarks with the Honor Alumnus. Sally and Al were committee chairmen for the Honor Alumnus recognition committee. WSGW and WSAM broadcast the ceremony for MR. HARRY P. BAKER, '91, first Honor Alumnus selection, given at the Honor Assembly. Honor Seniors of Arthur Hill students were recognized for outstanding leadership, service, and scholastic achievement. SECOND HONOR ALUMNUS JOHN ORTON GOODSELL '15 became the second Honor Alumnus of Arthur Hill High School at the Annual Honors Assembly, May 21. Dr. Goodsell is recognized for his outstanding leadership and great skill in the field of oral surgery and at the same time for his civic services to the city, state, and nation. The Treanor Chapter of Quill and Scroll in behalf of Arthur Hill High School is proud to pay tribute to Dr. Goodsell as a great American who typifies the best in business stability, participation in public affairs, social respect, suc- cessful family life, and, most important, the proper attitude and philosophy toward life and its responsibilities. Dr. Goodsell was presented with a certificate of service and leadership and his picture was hung in the community room where guests, honor students and their parents congratulated Dr. Goodsell during the reception that followed the ceremony. 63 SENIOR HONORS INCLUDE PLAQUES, CUPS I952 NATIONAL HO Sally Bailey, Virginia Bean, Mary Bernecker, El- frieda Beyer, Irene Bickel, Miriam Bishop, Nancy Boell, Harold Bowden, Patricia Bush, Kathleen But- ler, Don Cameron, Sharon Cates, Joanne Clark, Mabel Delaney, JoAnne Dengler, Carl Diener, Sally Doerfner, Jean Dorn, William Durham, Kathleen Earley. Audrey Fahrenbruch, Phyllis Farrington, Sally Fentner, Joe Flora, Ellen Foulds, Barbara Frederick, Phyllis Frost, Kay Gardey, Hedwig Geiger, Carolyn Gilbert, Joan Gillian, Lorraine Goodeman, Sturm Gordon, Kathleen Greer, Charles Grobe, Barbara Guy, Dan Habel, Diane Harmon, Carol Herring, Bill Holloway, Arlene Horvath, Sue Hurst, 64 lr . ' l , 1 , ' F ' I 'iif5ff.'f As, ,I 4 - ' B ir ' 1 f'4' W . 5 f X 4 A , 0 V - ,I ,Q BARBARA ROUSH, 1952 senior girl good citizen, was chosen by the students and faculty to receive the Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizen Award. Barbara was also one of the ten girls of the 250 Michigan DAR delegates to receive honorable mention at the state convention for attaining one of the highest possible grades on the re- quired test. DAVID LEARNED, winner of the ARTHUR HILL SCHOLAR- SHIP to the University of Michigan 'forthe highest scholarship among competitors, and BEN WELLS, winner of the IPPEL MERIT CUP for outstanding citizenship and promise, are congratulated by Principal I. M. BROCK. ROBERT DUST received the University of Michigan AL- UMNI PLAQUE for his leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability. SALLY ANN BUTTS, first winner of the CIVITAN PLAQUE given for citizenship, also admires her Daughters of Am- erican Revolution GOOD CITIZEN Award. NOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Edward Kern, Robert Kingsbury, Robert Knox, Jack Larson, Lyle LeCronier, Shirley Marble, Margaret Mark, Maurice Marr, Kaye Martzowka, Barbara Maul, Sally Maynard, Sarah Merrick, Robert Meyer, George Miessner, Carolyn Moeller, Sandra Mor- rison, Bill Mossner, Conrad Person, Jeanne Pettycrew. Janet Quesnel, Judy Reese, Myrta Roedel, Sue Rogers, Marlene Rohde, Biruta Ronis, Barbara Roush, Marilyn Schutt, Lorraine Schwartzkopf, Joan Shripka, Angela Skentzos, Jean Slinkard, JoAnn Spadafore, Richard Staudt, Tomsa Stewart, Shirley Stokus, Raquel Stolze, Lawrie Thomas, Lucy Trinklein, Joan Vigeant, Robert Wight, Terry Wilson. Honor Society, Gold Keys, and "Medals" I RICHARD POPP was the 1952 winner of the De- kalb Award for his outstanding work in the Agri- culture Department. MIRIAM BISHOP won two gold keys in costume design in the Regional Scholastic Award Art Contest. JANICE BOVAY received a gold key for her design for silk material. JILL FERGUSON received the Culture Club Art Award and the State and National award for her picture "The American Way of Life." JOAN FORBES earned a gold key and a Carnegie Guard for an original design entry. HARRY GRAHAM won two keys and a Carnegie Guard for his water color paintings. DON ZASTROW won honorable mention in the annual Wbman's Club Art contest for his sculpture work. BIRUTA RONIS was awarded a gold key for a costume design entry. POLLY STORMONT earned a gold key for a water color painting. BILL THON won a key for a typical American Christmas scene. KATHLEEN GREER received third place in an essay contest titled "I Speak for Democracy" spon- sored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. THOMAS SOBLESKY earned the 1951 chemistry award sponsored by the Crucible Club. MARILYN SCHUTT, SHIRLEY STOKUS, and LOIS WILDER were awarded the 1951 Hispanic Society Awards for second and third year Spanish students. SALLY BAILEY won the France Amerique Award for the excellent French score. First place awards in the district Music Contest went to WALTER KEMERER, drum soloist, EDITH SPARKS, clarinet solo, NORMA FULTZ, EDITH SPARKS, and BILL BIRDSALL, clarinet trio, ALLEN SPOUSTA, ARNOLD RUSKIN, and KAY LEMMER, coronet trio: ROBERT KNOWLES, a violin solo, and ARNOLD RUSKIN and KAY LEMMER, a coronet duet. Q nu- A -M. . .A vii: 5 . I ' an 'ir if I ,ggi 1 -' -2. A e s g Qi - 5 f I ' : by its In "ff-...J . 1 Af. - I . 'il in ,- ,,,,g,,. .5 ,Q f-A Ax 2 is ggi , V A e w lie' 'I I ,Is i f .5 AA L f A 7 if I-as 4. if I I 5 A . L . 'vr' flies' At the Michigan Music Festival held at Ann Arbor this year, the Boys Ensemble from Arthur Hill consist- ing of I6 members won first place with a superior rating. With excellent, second place were the Girls Ensemble of eight members, the Boys Quartet and soloists BILL BIRDSALL, NANCY BOELL, JERRY HOFF- MAN, DICK SCHLUCKBIER and BETTY WICKSON. 1951 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Albion College Tuition Terry Andre Arthur Hill Scholarship 51,000 David Learned Bay City Junior College Tuition John Landeryou Tuition Greta Myers Tuition Helen Niederstadt Calvin College Tuition Muriel Lieffers Capitol University S800 Sally Ann Butts Central Michigan College Tuition Lucille Johnson of Education S70 a year Muriel Lieffers Houghton School of Mines Tuition Do rothy Pressprich Charles Boyd TUiIi0r1 Bernard Kruszka Tuition Wes-ey Rork Tuition Dale Stimpson Tuition Kenneth Wilkinson Lutheran Church Congregational Award Michigan State College Panhellenic Gift University of Michigan Wayne University 65 5300 Sally Butts Tuition S141 a year William Bruton Tuition Ruth Glass Tuition Alwyn Hansen Tuition Mariory Nuerminger 5200 cash Gloria Duwe Tuition S150 a year Terry Andre Tuition Gloria Duwe Tuition Elsie Fisher Tuition William Galarno Tuition Rudolph Joyce Tuition Charlotte Wolfe Tuition Betty Hoerauf 5200 a year DEPARTMENTS HONOR TOP ACHIEVEMENT MARY LOU BERNECKER received the JUN- IOR .IOURNALISM Award for all-around achievement in journalism sponsored by Quill and Scroll. She was chosen by a point system rating issued to all iournalism students. JOHN BARSCH, ROGER ABBOTT, MARILYN SCHUTT, MIRIAM BISHOP, and DAN HABEL re- presented Arthur Hill at Wolverine Boys' and Girls' State. They were chosen on the basis of leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. DICK SCHLUCKBIER and JEAN BOCH were honored with sophomore trophies at the award assembly last May. This token given by the Hi'Y and Y-Teens Clubs is awarded through faculty vote on the basis of citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and participation in extra-curricular activities. 66 F' xn. sy K- 1' EUNICE BOWEN was elected delegate from the all-Saginaw Y-Teens to attend the I952 Dis trict Y-Teen Convention which was held in Chicago. SERENA GRAY won the first place in the VFW Auxiliary's "America ls Everybody's Business essay contest. JEAN BOCH took second place. in .5 'Uh .NA X 1? Teachers Recognize Their Own Sincere good wishes and heartfelt appreciation are extended to MISS LINA JOHNSON WARD, alumna of 1905, who retired this March after seventeen years of teaching at Arthur Hill High School. In addition to teaching social science, she served as a member of the faculty cabinet and adviser of the Future Teachers and Audubon Clubs. Miss Ward will not only be remembered for her patience, understanding, and warmhearted manner, but also for her excellence in teaching and in counsel- ing Hillites. ,1- ,, Y' RN rl N M This June MRS. BETTY HORTON leaves the faculty and her position as craft instructor. During her nine years of teaching Mrs. Horton stressed originality and perfection while lending skill in decorations and design to the dra- matic productions of the school. We wish her the best of luck in her new work. MRS. COILA START BULLARD receives from MlSS GER- TRUDE TURNER a gift from the faculty on her retirement from teaching. She also received a gift from the Saginaw Teachers Club at their annual dinner in Frankenmuth. MR. KENNETH A. KEl.LY'S good wishes from the faculty were expressed by MR. GLENN MASON with a gift before he left for Central Michigan College last spring. N' " A "ff iv ' 4 I v-ew ' 67 MR. I. M. BROCK, Principal The faces of 1900 citizens of Arthur Hill reveal the in- tricate results of democratic living. Arthur Hill can be proud of its products, the graduating seniors, whose minds are formulated by basic knowledge of constructive d i eas of which they will gear into their life's ambitions. B nLuAMS ,W 5 BEVERLEY W ,HUDSON W5 s K me Mus. LQRRAINE A clerk Mass DOR' - her Sr OQFUP School Secrelary en t 0ur Best FACULTY MEMBERS ARE HONORED MISS BURNICE R. GIBBS is the newest member of Arthur Hill's 25 YEAR CLUB. She came to Artuhr Hill in 'I927 to teach speech and social science. Through her coaching, the debate and speech students brought many honors to the school. The Student Council found in her an able acl- viser. She recounts that her most enioyable hours were those in which she prepared and gave programs for both student and community audiences. A mutual feeling of delight with her students in their achievements marks her as a real teacher. The 25-Year Club honored MISS MATTIE G. CRUMP for having served a quarter of a century on the Arthur Hill faculty. Here MISS FLORENCE E. WELLS, guest, MISS ELLEN GREEN , dinner chairman, MISS MATTIE CRUMP, honoreeg and MRS. FRANCES HAMLIN who expressed the faculty tribute and presented Miss Crump with a beau- tiful piece of luggage, enioy their luncheon which was held at the Saginaw Tennis Club. nf" K 5-ilI'Esi'gl'0 If A ' .......JI I 'fegi ... 4' " by parties, the 25-Year Club, and "Apple Polislrers" 'S 7 it -..ef-Qs. fc,,.XF A Z' At the Christmas Tea, MISS EDITH JENSEN, MRS. MARY STEWART, MISS CHRISTINE WEBB, MRS. BETTY HORTON, and MRS. VIRGINIA SIEHR display their gifts. THE FACULTY CHRISTMAS PARTY was really a tea when the white elephant gifts afforded plenty of enter- tainment. MR. ROBERT SHORNEY, MR. .EARL BURNETT, MR. HAROLD GIESECKE, and MISS ELLEN GREEN show each other their rare gifts. 16- I FACULTY MEMBERS ate spaghetti in true tavern style in the terraced music room. Red checkered table cloths and candlelight created the atmosphere for the dinner party followed by bridge and canasta games. For identifying the most faculty baby pictures MISS HELEN BEESON won first prize, MISS PAULINE SIMON, and MRS. MARY STE- WART were runners-up. Coordinator' Co-op Club Adviser' Senior Prom Decorations Social Committees. Miss Eloise Bacon-Biology' Assembly Supervi- sor' Band Bounce Chrstmas Commence- ment Pageants Social Committees' Teachers Club Representative. Mr. Robert H. Borringer-Shop, Assistant Foot- ball Coach, Commencement Usher. Mrs. Nancy Baxter-Public Speaking, Debate, Forensic Coach, Assemblies, Homecoming, Sophomore Day Committees, Teachers Club Representative. Miss Helen Beeson-English, Usher Sponsor, Assembly, Christmas Pageant, Social Com- mittees: Spring Concert Supervisor. Mrs. Helen M. Beyer-Homemaking, Assembly ' Miss Mildred L. Anderson-Business Education Supervisor, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- ' mencement Pageant Committees, FNA 3 Club, Health Room Adviser, Spring Concert Supervisor. .gy X-,T H Mrs. Sallie M. Brown-Social Science Depart- fi ment Head, Faculty Cabinet, Junior Class , . 1 Adviser. i " H '15 Mr. Earl D. Burnett-Music Department Head, l tx Band Bounce Director, Christmas Pageant, Commencement, Pep Meeting, Play, Spring Concert Committees, Dance Band Adviser. TEACHERS LEAD US THROUGH THE SCHOOL YEAR Mrs. M. Marie Crittenden-Business Education, School Treasurer. Miss Mattie G. Crump-English, Journalism, Publications, Publicity, Quill and Scroll So- ' ciety Adviser' Band Bounce Christmas Pa l ' , Q- ' eant, Homecoming Committees, Bulletin E A, Board, Display Cases, Service Honor Roll 7 Board. Mr. John E. Day-Social Science, Christmas A Seals Sales Manager, Senior Party Commit- fee. Mr. A. G. Dersch-Chemistry, Science Depart- ment Head, Alchemist, Crucible Clubs Ad- viser, Assembly Supervisor, Teachers Club Representative. Miss Mary Margaret Doidge-Girls Physical Ed- ucation, Assembly Supervisor, Girls lntra- mural Athletics, Sophomore Day, Pep Meet ing, Sophomore Party, Faculty Social Com mittees, Pep Club, Cheerleaders Adviser. Miss Josephine Earley lWithout Picture!-Re aistered School Nurse. Mr. Charles Fowler-Social Science, Basketball "4" I Coach, Commencement Usher, Assistant Football Coach. -l . Miss Bernice M. Francis-Social Science, As- i t sembly Supervisor, Senior Prom, Sombrero 6 it Swing Committees. Miss Catherine Furbee-Speech Correction. Mr. David A. Gainey-Art of Living, Golf, Swimming Coach, Assembly Supervisor. Miss Army Got:-English, Mathematics, Assem- bly Supervisor, Announcements Chairman Commencement Committees. Miss Burnice R. Gibbs-Social Science, As- sembly, P-TA Program, Faculty Social .Com- mittees. Mr. Harold W. Gieseclxe-Mathematics Depart- Wt' ment Head, Faculty Cabinet, Pythagorian, FTA Clubs, Senior Party Committee, Som- brero Swing Assistant. I K i W I S , I ...a -L EV .,?!E,a ,.:,ikZ,', 2 7' W" A 'f .ss .dl , 'I' ik t f V' 1.5 'JT '33, , . -' ' WI 72 Miss Ellen G. Green-Cafeteria Manager. Mrs. Hazel Gunther-Business Education De- partment Head. Mrs. Frances M. Hamlin-English, Assembly Program, Caps and Gowns, Christmas Pag- eant Committees, Band Bounce Business Manager, Faculty Cabinet. Mr. Raymond E. Hartman-Business Education Coordinator, Band Bounce, Commencement Committees, Co-op Club Co-adviser, Store Manager. Miss Norma Hile-Homemaking, FHA Club Adviser, Faculty Cabinet, Band Bounce, Commencement, Senior Prom Committees. Mrs. Betty Horton-Crafts, Christmas Pageant, Senior Prom Committees, Sombrero Swing Assistant. Mrs. Mariory Jacobson-Mathematics, French, i Band Bounce Ticket Sale, Senior Prom Chairman, Caps and Gowns, Sombrero Swing Committees. Miss Patricia Jahnke-lWithout Picturel -- World History. Miss Edith R. Jensen-Biology, BiologysClub Adviser, Faculty Social, Senior Prom Com- mittees. by giving guidance, understanding, and "8th hours" A. 3 ,Q ..,, ,E v hbl - i M .4 ' - f T- l .... h A K m g , :VQ I, A 7 . ' wi , . 'H -. 'Qt 'Sai' 'W W- ' ' .ifllfffi ef lg Zq. i 215-5.5. .42,ti.:, ,eitt TK . Q. . ., .. l , Mt if , , ,,.. , ' Q : , Mrs. Rachel Jerome-English, Caps and Gowns, P-TA Membership Drive, Senior Prom Com- mittees, Teachers Club Representative. Mr. Kurt Kampe-Physical Education, Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Commence- ment Arrangements Committee. Miss Mary F. Lewis-Art of Living, Sophomore Class Adviser, Sophomore Party Committee Chairman, Sophomore Day Director, Assem- bly Program, P-TA Card Party Committees, Faculty Cabinet. Mr. Horve C. Light-Psychology, Club Hillife Adviser, Commencement Arrangements Com- mittee. Miss Ruth W. Long-Librarian, Faculty Social Committee. Mr. Howard H. Lytle-Agriculture, Assembly Supervisor, FFA Club Adviser. Mrs. Joy V. Mann-English, P-TA Card Party Committee. Mr. Glenn H. Mason-Physical Education, Ath- letic Director, Track Coach, Assembly Su- pervisor, Commencement Ushers Chairman, P-TA Card Party and Potluck, Band Bounce Pep Meeting Committees. Miss Rachel McMillan-Vocal Music English, BOC Club Adviser, Baccalaureate Music, Spring Concert Director, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Committees. Miss Constance A. McWethy-Art of Living, Arts Dromatics Club Assistant, Assembly Program, Sophomore Party, Christmas Pag- eant Committees. Miss Cora Helen Morgan-Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser, Sombrero Swing Co-Adviser. Mr. Raymond W. Morrow-Assistant Principal, Athletic Eligibility, Dean of Boys, Keys, Clocks and Locker Supervisor, Faculty Cab- inet Secretary, Homecoming General Chair- man, Service Club Director. WHEN WE SENIORS Mr. Seymour Murphy-Art of Living, Audio- Visual Education Director, Projection Club Adviser, Basketball, Football, Track Assistant Coach, Assembly, Pep Meeting Committees. Mrs. June 0'DelI-English, Spanish, Spanish Club, Y-Teens Adviser, Sombrero Swing Co-Adviser, Assembly, Commencement, Sen- ior Prom, Sophomore Party Committees. Miss Helen Olmsted--English, Bowling Club Adviser, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Football Queen Committees. Miss Ruth E. Pataw-English, Latin, Latin Club Co-Adviser, Assembly, Christmas Pageant, Commencement Committees. Miss EtheI'A. Peterson-Dean of Girls, Faculty Cabinet, Health Room Director, Senior Host- ess Sponsor, P-TA Faculty Adviser. Mr. A. A. Pieritz-Mechanical Drawing, lndus- trial Arts Oepartment Head, Assembly Com- mittees. Mr. Kenneth C. Poulson-Physics, Assembly, Band Bounce Committees. Mr. R. George Purdy-Social Science, Tennis Coach, Assembly, Homecoming Dance, Sen- ior Prom Committees. I " ' in 1 'fl 1 5 ., N 1 ' l fr? is ., ni. 3 2' M is 'T' BEGIN T0 ACHIEVE OUR GOALS 9. 0 A, vi i Q ,.1 -.A ' . I, . ' 'M 1, ' -1 ' ' if' , - , 1 ' ' P - A " ht? Q LQ 4 six- 4, I X? J . .. "" 'Q , L' . ' .t 'V lf, " gg 'C l L 4 va. Q n, . .. .i F 1 74 Miss Una M. Robertson-Mathematics, Senior Rings and Pins Chairman, Band Bounce Tic- ket Sales, Commencement, Spring Concert Committees. h Mr. Stanley D. Schubert-English, Dramatics Director, Arts-Dramatics Club Adviser, Stage Crew Supervisor, Display Cases Supervisor, Baccalaureate, Commencement Staging Dir- ector, Floral Arrangements, Homecoming As- sembly Assistant. Mr. Eric E. Senn-Social Science, Business Edu- cation, Cops and Gowns, Commencement Committees. Mr. Hugh Shackelford-Social Science, Business Education, Athletic Business Manager, Com- mencement Arrangements Committee. Mr. Robert H. Shorney-Business Education, Band Bounce Committee. Mrs. Virginia H. Siehr+Art Department Head, Christmas Pageant, Display Cases, Band Bounce Committees. Miss Pauline Simon-English, Y-Teens Co-Ad- viser, Arts-Dramatics Club Assistant, Christ- mas Pageant Committee. Miss Patricia Steigely-German, English, Com- mencement Committee, German Club Adviser. Mr. C. D. Stewart-Social Science, Assembly, Noon Supervisor, Band Bounce, Caps and Gowns, Commencement Committees. Mrs. Mary Stewart-Social Science, P-TA Vice-President, P-TA Membership Drive Chairman, P-TA Potluck, Assembly, Faculty Social Committees, Faculty Cabinet. Miss Irma Stockdale-English Department Head, Senior Class Adviser, Faculty Cabinet, Commencement Arrangements Chairman, Caps and Gowns Committee. Miss Gertrude E. Turner-Latin, Language De- partment Head, Latin, Miracle Book Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee. Arif' I ,, . t. ,An L W fl fx 5 5 y Q l 5 , il., . x ,.v Nur we realize that teachers are educators, co CAFETERIA- Mrs. Nellie Brenneman Mrs. Margaret Casey Mrs. Esther Golden Mrs. Mina McCarty Mrs. Noreen Schluckbier Mrs. Matilda Schmidt MAINTENANCE- Mr. Jay Shoebridge, Custodian Mr. Bert Brackly Ml. Claude Burgess Mr. Edward Buza. Engineer, no picture Mr. William Creller Mr. Stephen Gast Mr. Gear e Graham Mr. Gera?d Hanson, no picture Mr. Howard Jeffords Mr. Charles Kehoe, no picture Mr. Lawrence Notter no picture Mr. Frank Nye Mr. Alexander Waier Mrs. Margaret Wallace Mr. William D. Wescoat Mr. James F. Ulrich-Mathematics, Hi-Y Club Adviser, Assembly Supervisor, Sombrero Swing Assistant, Teachers' Club Representa- tive, Homecoming Dance, Senior Prom Com- mittees. Mr. William L. Vondette-Social Science, Base- ball Coach, Football Assistant, Commence- mencement Arrangements, Senior Prom Com- mittees: Noon Supervisor. Miss Lino J. Ward-Social Science. Miss Christine A. Webb-Englishg Red Cross Chairmang Sprina Concert Supervisor. Mr. B. G. Wells-Business Education, Senior Prom Committee. Mr. Bryant S. Wilson-Social Scienceg Rifle Club Adviser, Faculty Cabinet, Homecoming Dance, Senior Prom Committees., Mrs. Lorna L. Ziegler-Homemaking Depart- ment Head, Coordinotorg FHA Club Adviser: Senior Prom Dinner Assistant. unselors, and "people" N 2 , 'V X ., an h I 4 II F -I V 7 ., , if C f E K " 1' l, rv L , J: ,':: ... V 5. M 1. L 1 dm a.. 'if A .A ml ai fl i tk , r 2 ff i ...JL fi ' 9' if i 'e- ik f is pw 'l llf- ' .Q if i.i. . .., A' e Lhnrr 1 . fl 'L -- , 75 if Y fliil Caps and gowns! Wrinkled they may be, but not less beautiful in seniors' eyes. A sunny day, a shady nook, and a number of happy seniors make a perfect remembrance of SENIOR WEEK. AS SENIORS, One of the first definite steps taken toward the fulfillment of Senior Week is the MEASURING for caps and gowns. Here JOHN ADAMS checks the height of PHYLLIS FARRINGTON. Senior Week begins, quite appropriately, by the DISTRIBUTION of the long awaited for caps and gowns. VERN HAWES and DON MOREY look on as classmate BOB DUST receives his symbol of supreme authority from BILL NELSON. The lights dim, talking ceases, and, with the 'first strains of "Pomp and Circumstances," the SENIOR ASSEMBLY begins. The seniors are as impressed as the underclassmen, but with due dignity and reserve, they act composed and sophisticated. "Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble," shriek the three witches, RUTHIE FISCHER, BILL GALARNO, and MURIEL LIEFFERS. Here graduation-happy seniors take their last 'fling at high school assemblies. : v I I i 8 X .e R 'gfxaf A - ie 'Q Z' fi . X , xf' 5 si ...gS55S'3fL,4.kae f - ' I L' f im. img . A After the laugh-ridden Assembly, seniors settle down for the impressive BACCALAUREATE service. DR. HENRY FISHER addressed the large assembly of the graduating class, their parents, relation, and friends. After spending three years with only 35 minutes for lunch, TOM WAYT, ANN MacMEEKlN, PETE NAGEL, JUDY SCHABERG, and KATHERINE TUNIS are in no hurry to rush away from the table at the dinner-dance. f x.-K L' Q' ' 1 A Delicately-hued formals and dinner iackets set the pace for the SENIOR PROM. Lamont Corp's Orchestra sets the tempo for seniors and their friends to dance the evening away. At the Prom recordings were made as a permanent record of the evening's fun. BARBARA TUNIS and JACK CARLTON talk for their records. M.--1 5.6.1 5 -1... SXQN efsf 7' . in xx,.,. MS la .H Q3 . Q ..., ,-,,.-... "WMM .x X HILLITES ENJOY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE COURSES vw ll as 'J QM 1 fs' rl A its 6,1 7 sr I 4 'ir r. it ei. f gl in. - Vg I,i Dixie Lee Arch, 703 Davenport. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Co-op, Pep Clubs. Shirley J. Armstrong, 900 Day Road. FHA Club. Leeta Joanne Austin, 2748 Hardin. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Service Club. Walter C. Averill, Ill, 4l8 N. Michigan. Advi- sory President, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chair- man, Hi-Y, Rifle Clubs, Football Letterwin- ner. Sarah Elizabeth Bailey, 926 Simoneau. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Alchemists, Biology, Y-Teens Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Debate, Band Bounce, Drum Maiorette. George 0. Bain, l45 Goetz. Band, Dance Or- chestra, Baseball, Football. Kenneth Robert Baird, 2302 N. Woodbridge. Advisory Secretary, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Latin, Hi-Y, Rifle Clubs, Team Manager. William E. Baker, l923 Weiss. Sally Ann Balcom, l607 Holmes. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Cheer Leader, Commercial Award. Carl Lane Berger, l705 Lewis. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-President, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Assembly Chairman, Team Manager. Ronald Harold Bartlett, l22 Snow. Hi-Y, Rifle Clubs. Marian Meta Baszler, Bridgeport. Pep, Drivers Clubs. 1 .V xr. .fs ..f , f3'S'.3' 3' gui. i l Roger Abbott, l2O S. Thirteenth. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Class Chairman, Football, Track Letterwinner, Wolverine Boys' State. Shirley Jean Acker, 722 N. Porter. Advisory Treasurer, Pep Club. Joan L. Adams, 444 Ann. Advisory Secretary, Pep Club. John J. Adams, 239 Lockwood. Advisory Presi- dent, Club Hillite Representative, Noon Club Committee, Hi-Y Club, Legenda, School President, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner, Wolverine Boys' State. Jean B. Akerley, l29 John. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Charles E. Albright, l38 Johnson, Zilwaukee. Barbara Jean Aldrich, Bridgeport. Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Usher. Veena Jean Alex, 3322 Church. FTA, Pep Clubs. Joseph John Alexander, 2327 Mackinaw. Ad- visory President, Sophomore Party, Noon Club Committees, Drivers President, French Clubs, SO Treasurer, Baseball, Basketball, Football Letterwinner. Amelia J. Alfano, 2444 Eddy. Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Volleyball. Sallyann K. Alles, 803 Elm. Co-op Secretary, Bowling, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Charles John Andre, l205 Wilson. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play. 316 C damn' 35' f :Zia A K A lm. Q' y, 3 6-'J la 1 sl Y' 3G s V' PSY. Q7 l A 78 'W lt? as future teachers, scientists, Carolyn Fay Bauer, 402 W, Shepard, Zilwaukee. Pep Club, Basketball, Volleyball. Mary Isabel Bauer, 22l S. Granger. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, BOC, Biology, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Nancy Ann Bauer, 300 S. Franklin, Zilwaukee. Co-op, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Robert F. Boustert, l740 N. Michigan. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Class Chairman, Cross Country, Track. Virginia Ruth Bean, l9l5 E. Moore Road. Y- Teens Club, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants. Ann Katherine Beaver, Bridgeport. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Chairman, Art-Dramatics, Spanish Clubs, Christmas Pageant. Joann R. Becker, i743 Burnham. Advisory Sec- retary, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Class Chairman, Clinic Attendant. Duane J. Beechler, lll7 Cleveland. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Mary Louise Bernecker, 2260 Ames. Advisory Secretary, Arts-Dramatics, Quill-Scroll Presi- dent, Y-Teens Clubs, News Editor, Writing Award. Roy W. Bernthal, Frankenmuth. Pep Club. Joyce M. Besey, 2290 N. Madison. Pep Club, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. Judith Ann Beutel, l634 Brenner. Advisory ' ' laborers, and "loafers" se- an 0 Q . so tg- t , . ,W iff' xx ., Li, i 4 ...U X ... '---- 'eh 13 3 ,twig si wav-he J Y Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party J' 'S Committee, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. ' di gg. 'is ' " Q' BYE ' Q -1' "-v ,Q ,':. 42" H Q a A . , ,MA .mi -' B i t It . r I V 1- K L v tsgvag ,LP ' we Q6 ,f V M Q s- ' Q - . f ..ivN Y ?, W' Vs " I df I ' bww .JF 3' 'tier Q 8. t", 'uf , V 1 .1 5 'li , A V L l Mfrs. 79 Elfriedo Ottilia Beyer, 1620 Mackinaw. Arts- Dramatics Club, Assembly Chairman, Band, Band Bounce, lst Semester Play. Helene A. Bickel, 604 Cleveland. BOC, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- Eant, lst Semester Play, Baseball, Basket- a . Hildegord Margaret Bickel, Frankenmuth. BOC, German, FHA, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Clinic Attendant. Irene H. Bickel, Vassar. German, Pep Clubs, News, Class Chairman. William l. Birdsall, 2222 Bay, Advisory Presi- dent, Noon Club Committee, BOC President, Miracle Book Clubs, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play, Track Letterwinner. Jerry Duane Birnbaum, l639 N. Ames. Class Chairman, Basketball, Football, Track Let- terwinner. Miriam Elaine Bishop, 405 Superior. Arts-Dra- matics Club, Choir, Sophomore Handbook Committee, Senior Hostess, Sophomore Cup, Speech, Art Awards, Wolverine Girls' State. Gerald A. Blohm, 1803 Court. Advisory Treas- urer, Pep Club. Nancy Louise Boell, lO23 Sheridan. Latin, Y- Teens Clubs, Debate, Choir, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. Nancy Lee Boertman, 407 Ardussi. Arts-Dra- matics, Spanish, Biology Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Legenda. Verna Frances Bolger, 262 Graham. FHA Club, Baseball, Basketball. Doreen Jane Bonnell, 608 Sherman. Pep Club. WE TOOK PART IN STUDENT GOVERNMENT Peter H. Boos, 2483 E. Moore Road. FFA Club Vice-President, Track. Margaret T. Bosley, 1119 Gratiot. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club. Rosario Joseph Bouchard, 212 N. Granger. Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- eant, Class Chairman. Janice Elaine Bovay, 2135 N. Center Road. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Edward R. Bowden, 1770 Midland Road. FFA, Rifle Clubs. Harold George Bowden, 1770 Midland Road. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, FFA, Pep Clubs. Gerald M. Braun, 1 11 Trier. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band. James F. Braun, 2222 N. Michigan. Drivers Club. Dorothy I. Brenner, Frankenmuth. German, Pep Clubs. Dolores Lillian Breton, 1612 S. Michigan. Ad- visory P-TA Chairman, Pep Club, Usher, Class Chairman. Joyce Martha Brettrager, 2145 Holihan Road. Pep Club. Ronald W. Bridge, 917 Van Buren. Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club Treasurer, Football, Track Letterwinner. 5:5 A r H ss wwf x.:2. i l i .- Hx .. i 11 ay .f . 5 1 U 5 ' "2 lb w' -3 . is C .. rg X If 7. .im , Q .sn th " IM M, ..- f if 'Q' . 1 ii, -.. wi' rr NEX- N P ,W 4 A 5 J ll li ll Q. r 6 P , 5' .. , .. an gi. .JZ ' 1. it .,... A 80 KT: Marilyn Helen Brinkman, Frankenmuth, BOC, German, FHA, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Clinic At- tendant. Richard G. Brinkman, 321 S. Ninth. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, FFA, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Janet H. Broihier, 1649 Holmes. Pep Club, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. James Melvin Brown, 1 122 N. Bond. Rifle Club. Kenneth Anson Brown, 390 Bacon Road. Patricia Joan Bryant, 2126 McEwan. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Latin, Y-Teens, Bowl- ing Clubs, Debate, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants. James T. Buckley, 2306 S. Fayette. Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Legenda, Golf Letterwinner. Loring Gene Budden, 1816 Union. Advisory Vice-President, French, Rifle, Pep Clubs. June A. Burback, 1733 Joslin. Pep Club, Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Commercial Award. Corolyn E. Burgess, 107 S. Fifth. Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Baseball, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Commercial Award. Violet Linda Burk, 5440 Brockway. Pep Club, Band, Band Bounce. Patricia Ann Bush, 2925 Eddy. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Baseball. as presidents, secretaries, and "money collectors" 6' ii lag, 'x Q 5 mf' H s , if . gzy ivirf V' nit . , A 56 - li L it h Marian Frances Cesar, 1811 Newberry. Arts- Dramatics, Spanish, Bowling Clubs, Christmas Pageant, 2nd Semester Play. Richard Meade Chadwick, 1823 N. Bond. FFA Club, Projector Operator, Basketball. Patricia Helen Cheney, Birch Run. Latin, FNA, Pep Clubs. Arden F. Clare, 3172 Holland. FFA Vice-Presi- dent, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman, Track Letterwinner. Joanne M. Clark, Bridgeport. Advisory Treas- urer, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Spanish Clubs, Legenda, Volleyball. Gwendolyn Jean Clunie, 1045 St. Andrews Road. Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Thelma Marie Cody, 1525 S. River Road. Bowl- ing Club. Valentine Coeur, 1521 Salt. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, BOC Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play. Beverly Joan Colpean, 679 N. River Road. Co- op, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Ferol Compton, Freeland. Advisory Vice-Presi- dent, Pep Club, Band Bounce, Legenda, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. Patricia Ann Conway, 824 N. Harrison. Biology, Mathematics Secretary, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Gail F. Cooper, 1620 N. Clinton. Bowling Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant. j "Z if i H- '99 V fax' 1 it Kathleen Yvonne Butler, 1440 Hemmeter. Ad- visory Vice-President, Secretary, French, Biology, Y-Teens Treasurer, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Usher, Senior Hostess, Queen's Court. Mary Ann Callas, 921 S. Fayette. FHA Club, Clinic Attendant. Howard Don Cameron, 3344 Binscarth. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Arts- Dramatics President, Mathematics Vice-Pres- ident, Declamation, lst, 2nd Semester Play. Lois N. Cammin, 4720 Brockway Road. Mira- cle Book, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus. Nancy M. Carnplaell, 2503 Adams Blvd. Arts- Dramatics, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Richard Hartley Cansfield, 2435 N. Bond. Ad- visory Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Basket- ball, Golf Letterwinner. John H. Card, 715 Williams. Drivers Club. Richard Harry Carlson, 209 Cornell, Zilwaukee. Rifle, Pep Clubs, Tennis Letterwinner. Donald Orie Carroll, 1 Roeihke Court. Pep Club, Swimming Letterwinner. William A. Case, 2323 State. Advisory Presi- dent, BOC Club Secretary, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, lst Semester Play, Drum Major. Sharon Jane Cates, 1601 N. Madison. Advisory Treasurer, Miracle Book Club, Debate, Band. Thomas J. Cotes, 1601 N. Madison. Advisory Vice-President, Mathematics, Miracle Book Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce. , 2 ' J ii 'F or -o -, 'il iii. 1 A ,,,,',,ff,s lsfi . i.-- l bl s ' U 81 WE PARTICIPATED IN SPORTS ,hi .gr 3 5' K1 A Ronald Charles Dingman, 56 Davis Drive, Ad- visory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Crucibles President, H-Y Clubs, Class Chairman, Bas- ketball, Football, Golf Letterwinner. Nancy Lee Dittmar, 444 Maple. Clinic Attend- Normo J. Crozier, 1707 Congress. Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. John Edward Cuthbertson, 3390 Bay. Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y President, Treasurer, Latin Clubs, Debate, Football, Track Letter- winner. Frieda W. Dakoski, 1203 Lyon. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. Dorothy Lois Davis, Bridgeport. Advisory Presi- dent, Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Seals Sales Chairman, Latin, Spanish Clubs. Judith Lee Davis, 2454 Benjamin. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Mabel l. Delaney, Freeland. Spanish Treasurer, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Nancy J. DeMaet, 2610 Cronk. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Pep Club, Baseball. Jo Anne Dengler, 1448 Vermont. Advisory Vice- President, Latin Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Usher, Class Chairman. Robert A. Detwiler, 213 Elm. Thomas L. Dezelsky, 821 Ames. Advisory Vice- President, Club Hillite Representative, Base- ball, Football Letterwinner. Carl Diener, 1104 W. Genesee. Advisory Presi- dent, Seals Sales Chairman: Student Cab- inet Vice-President, Class Chairman, Bas- ketball, Football, Track Letterwinner, Sopho- more Cup. John Joseph DiMereurio, 2434 Eddy. Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. Quai' ant. ,h . K , sf Sally Ann Doerfner, 1923 Lathrup. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, BOC, - -'31 'L 3.7 Mathematics, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. JarEfsbD. Dooley, Jr., 985 N. Miller Road. Rifle u . E. Jeaneatte Dorn, 1517 Barnard. Advisory Treasurer, Co-op, Quill-Scroll Clubs, Le- genda, Service Club. Rogan! Charles Dubay, 1525 Delaware. Foot- a . Robert D. DuCharme, Freeland. Class Chairman. James E. Duffy, 630 Catherine. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Latin, Mathematics Clubs. Margaret E. Dungey, 1538 Beech. Y-Teens Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Commercial Award. William E. Durham, lO2l N. Granger. Cruci- bles, Pep Clubs. Jane E. Durman, 1530 Ottawa Blvd. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Band Bounce, Legenda, Queen's Court. Kathleen Marie Earley, 1927 Maine. Advisory Vice-President, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chair- man, Spanish, FHA, Alchemists, Biology, Y- Teens Clubs. 82 ony! l 2,1 'Pang' 1 . sr 'S' 10 A as players, cheerleaders, rooters, and "bench-warmers" Roland Theodore Eckstorm, 973 Stoker Drive. Pep Club, Baseball. Joanne H. Egyet, 1619 Holmes. Advisory Soph- omore Party Committee, Red Cross Chair- man, Bowling Club, Baseball Letterwinner. Arnold M. Ehrlinger, Route 4. Malcolm James Elliott, Jr., 2131 Brockway. Ad- visory Treasurer, Secretary, Pep Club, Golf, Swimming. Nancy A. Ellis, 124 Ardussi. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Latin, Drivers Clubs, Legenda. Phyllis Marilyn Ellis, 1115 Lapeer. Pep Club. Ronald P. Ellis, 1907 N. Ames. Pep Club. Viola Edith Ely, 815 N. Granger. Bowling, Pep Clubs, Baseball. Jerry Edward English, 311 Starch. Joan C. Ensxer, 1209 Cooper. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pog- eants, lst Semester Play. Judith Ann Epting, 1436 Division. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Biology, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. Audrey Ann Fahrenbruch, 416 S. Webster. Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Biology, FTA, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pageant. on mg, Q7 1 1 sn is ,. 7 4- 6 40' fi 'alla v We N5 sv- ,Q K , 'xi ...Q W be is . t.. . W3 lr l EV .M 4 . , i i K f' l i xx My K " "' fs- L 1 l wi 83 K it .1 S ,, it P ' tx Kim! Robert L. Fallis, 1509 Bay. Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chair- man, Basketball, Football Letterwinner. Phyllis Ann Farrington, 1808 Houghton. Advi- sory Vice-President, Latin, Biology Clubs, Band Bounce. Roger L. Faupel, 1013 N. Harrison. Sally Ann Fentner, 2017 Cooper. Advisory Treasurer, Class Chairman, Clinic Attend- ant, Service Club, Baseball, Basketball, Vol- Ieyball. Priscilla Jill Ferguson, 125 S. Andre. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Co-op Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Art Award. Donald Louis Fink, 2012 Court. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Commencement Pageant. Wallace Lee Fink, 1910 Vermont. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Golf, Track. Barbara Jean Fitch, 803 S. Andre. Advisory Secretary, Choir, Band Bounce. Joseph Martin Flora, 2268 N. Ames. Advisory President, Latin, Miracle Book President, Pep Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Debate, Ora- tory, Commencement Pageant. Mary Jane Fobear, 1425 Birney. FHA Club, Choir, Christmas Pageant. Jack E. Fordyce, 730 Swanson. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce. Ellen Marie Foulds, 5660 Tittabawassee Road. German Secretary, FHA, FTA Vice-President, Pep Clubs, Usher, Class Chairman. WE JOINED CLUBS Donna Lee Fox, 2335 N. Oakley. Basketball. James Walter Fox, l73O Kollen. Advisory Pres- ident, Pep Club, Basketball, Football Letter- winner. Harold H. Frank, Frankenmuth. Barbara Jean Frederick, 3l39 Elm. Bowling, Pep Clubs. Mary Kathleen Fries, lOll Gratiot. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Co-op Treas- urer, FHA, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. Phyllis Jean Frost, 2l39 N. Court. Latin, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Usher, Clinic At- tendant. Donald Wayne Galbraith, Bridgeport. Track Letterwinner. Kathleen Ellen Gallagher, 222 Starch. BOC, Latin, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Herbert Eugene Gallery, 407l Burrows. Kay Gardey, 23ll Delaware Blvd. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Quill- Scroll, Alchemists, Mathematics, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Legenda. William George Gary, 5830 Cole Road. Lillie May Gehrcke, l902 Stanley. FHA Presi- dent, Pep Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Volley- ball Letterwinner. Q- f mf, l l l 'U 'Wie i v ff 1,6- aid. 1 s. Q. lui , . ' hs I s lx lt.. . 'i Q 4' x YY .,.,, ' Y e ..'l tlilftixvw - i... 84 Lucille Bertha Gehrcke, l902 Stanley. FHA Vice-President, Pep Clubs, Baseball, Basket- ball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Hedwig Elizabeth Geiger, 4475 Bay Road. Ad- visory P-TA, Seals Sales Chairmen, German, Alchemists, FHA, FNA, Pep Clubs. Jo-Anne Gelow, l72l Hemmeter Road. Advi- sory Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Biology, Y-Teens, Bowling Clubs, Usher. Randolph Clifford Genske, Jr., 6937 Gratiot. Hazel Faye Gerard, Bridgeport. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. Phyllis Ruth Gerard, Bridgeport. Miracle Book Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Carolyn Anne Gilbert, i949 Gratiot. Quill-Scroll Treasurer, Biology, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Usher, News. B. Jaan Gillian, 2323 S. Niagara. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Co-op, FHA, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Thomas C. Gnatkawski, 274l N. Michigan. Baseball. Joyce Ann Goins, 723 N. Mason. Lorraine Alice Goodeman, Route 2. FHA, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants. Staurt Fredrick Gordon, 5l6 N. Harrison. Advi- sory President, Mathematics Treasurer, Hi-Y President, Choir, Stage Crew, Track. l for experience, enioyment, service, and "refreshments" ig: s,, A I Argfnb Ann Guild, 1516 S. Fayette. Bowling u . Lewis A. Gulliver, 6901 Gratiot. Drivers Club. Mary Kay Guttridge, 2121 N. Oakley. Advisory Vice-President, Class Chairman. Barbara Jane Guy, 1915 N. Charles. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Noon Club Com- mittee, Latin, Alchemists. President, Mathe- matics, Bowling President, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman, Queen's Court. Dan William Habel, 1538 Ottawa Blvd. Advisory President, Noon Club Committee, Biology, Mathematics President, Latin Clubs, Assem- bly Chairman, Band Bounce, Pageants, Plays, Golf, Track Letterwinner. Dale W. Hall, 2143 N. Court. Basketball Let- terwinner. Lila May Haller, 903 Mackinaw. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Latin, Y-Teens Club, Usher. James William Hallman, Route 4. FFA. Wendel F. Halm, Jr., 7189 Gratiot. Jack Carson Hanson, 2225 Adams Blvd. Advi- sory President, Noon Club Committee, Hi-Y Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwinner. Diane Gladys Harmon, 1622 Mershon. Arts- Dramatics, Co-op President, Quill-Scroll, Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, News. Barbara Lou Harris, 915 Madison. Advisory P- TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Baseball. tf.. ,..1 J -at 1 . if wifi ' KW Emily Graham, 2415 Schaeffer. Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Baseball, Basketball, Vol- Ieyball. Frances Arlene Graham, 1290 Vincent. Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. G. William Graham, 1600 N. Clinton. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club. Harry J. Graham, 2415 Schaeffer. Art Awards. Richard M. Graham, 2415 Schaeffer. Lavelle M. Grant, 3405 Mackinaw. Co-op, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Student Store Manager. William Allen Granville, 233 Goetz. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Band Bounce, Football, Track Letter- winner. Gerald J. Grauf, 3403 Binscarth. Kathleen M. Greer, 901 S. Jefferson. Arts-Dra- matics, Quill-Scrall Secretary, Choir, Band Bounce, lst Semester Play, News, Baseball, Basketball, Speech Award. Barham Meredith Gri99, 2015 Gratiot. Advi- sory Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dra- matics, Biology, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce. Charles Alfred Grohe, Jr., 2217 Adams Blvd. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Bio- logy, Mathematics Clubs, Projector Operator. Edith Carol Graover, 113 N. Porter. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Volunteer, Basketball, Volleyball. 85 MQ it.. I . if r we l W' H 115 5,AX . .421 X . WE DEVELOPED FRIENDSHIPS 'SQ 5 Q A 3 Q? CQ Q ' Q? A .X ip Vs ll .- in J,AA , 1 if ffsfsi if . A .. X' Wei - 5 .2 .J sn lp. 11 , tr L. nv- ., John Richard Herzog, 7l6 Brier Hill Lane. Dri- vers Club, Class Chairman. Robert Ray Hester, 3lO S. Mason. FFA Treas- Dale Harrison, i445 Acacia. Mary Kathryn Hart, 2614 Adams Blvd. Advisory Treasurer, Legenda, Class Chairman, Art Award Harold L. Hatherly, 723 N. Oakley. Drivers Club, Class Chairman, Basketball, Football Letterwinner. Harvey A. Houbenstricker, l824 Allegon. Ad- visory Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Vice- President, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Team Manager. George F. Hayes, l529 Alger. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Hi-Y, Drivers Clubs, Football, Swimming Letterwinner. Frederick D. Head, 2548 N. Oakley. Drivers Club. Donald William Healy, ll5 Gratiot Court. Ad- visory President, Treasurer, Secretary, As- sembly Committee, News, Swimming, Tennis Letterwinner, Writing Award. A. Jean Heine, Frankenmuth. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, German President, FHA, Pep Clubs. Kathryn Moe Hemmeter, 4050 Lawndale Road. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Betty Lou Henderson, 3Ol5 Hermansau. BOC, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Basketball, Volleyball. Coral Jean Herring, 2355 N. River Road. Co- op, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Base- ball, Commercial Award. Ellen Louise Herzog, l9l5 Wood. Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club. urer, Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. , 2 , 6 Audrey Jw- Hillert, 7329 Gratiot. Advisory - ' ? a ' -' Vice-President, Secretary, Pep Club. A 5, 4' ff 'I- June. Kendall Hillman, 2250 N. Madison. sf' X E." A Basketball, Football. J, a Kathryn Jean Hilton, Freeland. Pep Club. i P' ' Phillip F. Hirschman, lll, l804 N. Charles. Ad- ' Q visory Vice-President, Seals Sales Chairman, ti Drivers Club. Charles Leo Hitsman, 3419 Osler. Drivers Club, Swimming, Track Letterwinner. James Albert Holcomb, 7979 Gratiot. Choir, Band Bounce, Basketball, Football, Track ,A In Letterwinner. Patricia Ann Holley, 245 Grant. Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Commencement Pag- eanh Betty Louise Hollis, lOlO lrving. Miracle Book, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play, Librarian. William Harold Holloway, l63l Hanchett. Ad- visory President, Seals Sales Chairman, Swim- ming Letterwinner. Malcolm McFarland Hopper, l8 Congress Court C. Advisory Secretary, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Football, Track Letterwinner. 86 through honesty, loyalty, helpfulness, and "flirting" Arlene Marie Horvath, 2306 N. Clinton. Pep Club, Volleyball. Barbara Ann Huber, 6l65 Holland. Advisory Treasurer. Marilyn M. Huber, Route 4. Choir. Larry D. Huff, 2880 Olive. Drivers Club. Joann L. Hughes, 9030 Frost. Drivers Club. Richard A. Humphreys, i672 Lathrup. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y Club, Track Letterwinner. Sue Eleanor Hurst, 825 Malzahn. Advisory Sec- retary, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Biol- ogy, Y-Teens Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Legenda. John D'Arcy James, 905 N. Michigan. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Drivers Club Vice- President, Stage Crew, Swimming, Art Award. Constance Joan Jaquith, l-445 Gratiot. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Pep Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants. Donald E. Jekel, l839 Burnham. Rifle, Drivers Clubs. George Allan Jerome, Bridgeport. Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, FFA, Drivers Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Marvin L. Johnson, l7l5 Lewis. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y, Drivers Clubs, Base- ball, Basketball, Cross Country, Team Man- ager Letterwinner. 38,1 .ffl 'i '55 J ki, X Q ,L . SR P' 'x r . at ,.,... rv. Q' -46 P.. . ' Jig-, NA , if-1 'YT' X H H. 'S , g ,,,. ., , x s iss ...A Z -.Q Gi Q 3. E S 'li p.. 'ff Q., 87 .. ,gi Fit Leland Gene Jolin, 213 N. Jefferson, Zilwaukee. Pep Club, Class Chairman. Danna Jeanne Jones, l8l7 N. Clinton. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Baseball, Volleyball. James Eldred Jones, 3230 Fulton. Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Nancy Ruth Jones, 224 S. Hamilton. Miracle Book Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Librarian. Elizabeth K. Jonitz, 80l V2 Mackinaw. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, FHA Club, Clinic Attendant, Basketball, Volleyball. Beverly Ann Kababel, 5065 Boy. Advisory Vice- President, Club Hillite Representative, Latin, Y-Teens, FTA, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Richard William Kackmeister, i842 Gilbert. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Football Letterwinner. James E. Kapuscinski, 2l6 Jones, Zilwoukee. Rifle, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Football. Bonnie Jane Karp, i503 N. Ames. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Miracle Book, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants. Lydia Ann Kassin, l620 N. Oakley. Advisory Treasurer, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Darlene Sue Keaner, 2272 N. Ames. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Librarian. James Francis Kearful, 28l5 Mackinaw. Advi- sory Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dra- matics, Latin Clubs, Assembly Committee, Declamation, Debate, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. WE TOOK TESTS Paul Frederick Kemp, 136 S. Alexander. Advi- sory Treasurer, Secretary, Quill-Scroll Club, Band Bounce, Legenda, Football, Track Let- terwinner. Joan Ellen Kenny, 1223 W. Bristol. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Pep, Drivers Club, Band Bounce, Drum Majorette. Edward A. Kern, 411 Hayden. Advisory Presi- dent, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Foot- ball, Track. William F. Kettelhahn, 517 Franklin, Zilwaukee. James Lee Kimmel, 1629 Holmes. Co-op, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Robert John Kingsbury, 1821 Barnard. Advi- sory President, Miracle Book Vice-President, Crucibles Clubs, Band, Dance Band, lst Se- mester Play, Drum Major. Kenneth Edmund Klammer, 5710 Holland Road. Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce. Jean Ann Kleekamp, 4490 Brockway. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Commit- tee, Spanish, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs. Nancy Edith Klenoski, 4l5V2 N. Harrison. Ad- visory P-TA Chairman, Latin, Mathematics, FNA Clubs. Robert Leigh Knowles, 1590 Hemmeter. Or- chestra, Band Bounce, 1st, 2nd Semester Plays, Music Honors. Robert A. Knox, 2464 N. Bond. Advisory Presi- dent, Pep Club President, Assembly Chair- man, Golf, Swimming Letterwinner. Joan Marie Kolalinski, 2870 Hermansau. Advi- sory Secretary, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, mercial Award. Com- 'RJ' A may . .,.. .. . QQ 3 ,ca Wg! --2 4? tliii i 1 -0 A M 1 11 E .F ,L ig.. 1. se Jane Ann Kachalka, 2594 S. River Road. FHA, - Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Commercial Award. . Faith Marian Kolenda, 5064 Dixie Highway. Co-op, Y-Teens, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Band, Bond Bounce, Commercial Award. 'F I H Howard D. Kolhoff, 1105 S. Webster. Drivers . i m' 2 gglwx y Club. . Lugene L. Konsdorf, 4058 Emerick. Drivers , Club, Class Chairman. V T' ,V ,if Lois S. Krattt, Frankenmuth. German, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Janet Lorraine Krause, 2755 Egerer Road. Ad- visory President, Seals Sales Chairman, Queen's Court, Clinic Attendant, Student Store Assistant. Kenneth Richard Kriegish, 7343 Gratiot Road. John David Krueger, Route 2. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Rifle, Drivers Clubs. Kenneth Arnold Krueger, 1711 Jackson. Advi- sory Vice-President, P-TA, Seals Sales Choir- man, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hill- ite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Cross Coun- try, Track Letterwinner. Shirley Ann Kuehn, 4630 Janes Road. German, 'ge t Pep Clubs, Usher, Librarian, Service Club, Basketball, Volleyball. John Graham Kurtz, 409 S. Fayette. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Commit- tee, Assembly Committee, Christmas Pag- eant, Basketball, Football. June Elizabeth LaBeau, Freeland. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Baseball. S I1 anu- H : I -1 l . iii , 88 because they were different, exciting, and "required" A c ABQ J.. 'dum . X ., 'Q . X l so Patricia Mae Leitx, 3250 S. River Road. FHA, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. Elwyn D. Lesh, Freeland. FFA Club. Jean Ann Leuenberger, 2255 Delaware Blvd, Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hil- lite Representative, Drivers Club. Lois Ann Lewellen, 5l3 N. Charles. Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman. Irvin Henry Lichtenwald, l909 Green. Drivers Club, Golf Letterwinner. Lorene E. Liebrecht, i428 Maine. Advisory Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics, FHA, Y- Teens Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Comencement Pageants, Commercial Award. Geraldine Rose Liebrock, l9OO Midland Road. Charles H. Link, Frankenmuth. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Drivers Club, Dance Band, Band Bounce, Baseball Letterwinner. Joan B. Litzner, 3ll5 Willow Lane. Advisory Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Latin Treasurer, Y-Teens Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Librarian, Music Award. William Frederick Luger, l97O N. River Road. BOC, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play. Jacquelyn Marie Lugiewicz, 439 Shattuck. FHA, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Basketball, Volleyball. Frank Lux, 2024 Ottawa. Biology, Pep, Drivers Clubs. s g e t Kimi.. K 6 iff' 6 Doris Jean LaLonde, 333 N. Twentieth. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. Catherine Jane Lamia, 509 Ash. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Volleyball. Brien Roy Lang, l22O Lathrup. Advisory P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Jack Allen Langschwager, Zilwoukee. Class Chairman. John R. Larkin, 709 S. Granger. Driver Club. Jack Ronald Larson, 1413 Beech. Advisory Vice- President, Band, Commencement Pageant, Football, Track Letterwinner. Rudianne Lauckner, 7067 Gratiot. Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Re- presentative, Noon Club Committee, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling Club. Janet Karleen Lauria, 1443 N. Clinton. Vern Russell Lautner, l8lO W. Michigan. Ad- visory Red Cross Chairman, BOC, Miracle Book Clubs, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Track Letterwinner. Beverly Leaman, Freeland. Latin, Pep Clubs. Lyle Howard LeCronier, Freeland. FFA Club President, Secretary, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Lois Ann Leinberger, 3l4 N. Granger. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants, Clinic Attendant. . .l Y ,J Y, 1 WE WERE GRADED 1 iaith Richard J. Mathewson, S27 N. Bond. Pep Club, Band, Band Bounce, Swimming Letterwin- ner. Gerald Russell Matson, lOO6 W. Bristol. Advi- sory President, Red Cross Chairman, Drivers Club, Band Bounce, Basketball, Track Let- terwinner. Kay M. Matson, lOO6 W. Bristol. Spanish, Y- Teens, Pep Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Commercial Award. George B. Mauch, l904 S, Hamilton. Barbara Jean Maul, 5lO Wheeler. Advisory President, Arts-Dramatics, Spanish Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Foot- ball Queen. Betty Jo Maurer, 20 Hammond Road. Sally Diane Maynard, 3573 Madison. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Al- chemists, FTA, Quill-Scroll Clubs, Legenda. Alexander James MeBain, l806 Marquette. Richard O. Mclntosh, 3324 Mackinaw. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chair- man, Choir, Track Letterwinner. MCYY Allie Mflfefliie, 5l6O Swan Creek Road. FHA, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Patricia Diane McKinstry, 3638 Jackson. Clinic Attendant. Janice Kay McLean, Freeland. Advisory Vice- President, BOC, Latin, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. ... 4 . '31-I' Amy Lou Lytle, 347i Mackinaw. Advisory P-TA Chairman, French, Biology, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. Norma Jean Maas, 830 Ash. FHA President Treasurer, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Joanne Leigh MacMillan, l32O Hancock. Ad- visory Red Cross Chairman, Latin, Driver: Clubs, Debate, Sophomore Handbook Com- mittee. Harold M. Maier, Freeland, Advisory Seals Sale' Chairman, FFA, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce Red Cross Volunteer. Judith Jane Malzahn, l6lO Van Buren. BOC FHA, Pep Clubs, Choir, Christmas Pageant James H. Mann, lOl3 S. Hamilton. Advisor' Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Rei Cross Volunteer. Shirley Ann Marble, 2231 N. Charles. Advisor' Treasurer, Secretary, Latin, Miracle Bool Clubs. Margaret Eva Mark, 6l-4 Cleveland. Advisor' President, Treasurer, Secretary, Latin Presi dent, Biology Treasurer, FNA President Miracle Book Clubs, Band, Baseball, Basket ball Letterwinner. Maurice George Marr, 907 Thurman. Advisor' Treasurer, Crucibles, Mathematics Clubs 2nd Semester Play, News, Football, Tracl Letterwinner. James Robert Marsh, 249 Graham. Drivers Clut: Dainis 0. Martinson, 428 S. Tenth. Choir. Kaye Ruth Martzowka, 2633 Eddy. Pep Club Usher, Class Chairman, Basketball. , 8,1 G .sq i fn -1 V Pls?-1'2" 4337 ' s K ' 'Wk-P .ai Al as brilliant, dynamic, sensational, and "hopeless" Leslie E. Meehleder, 7l4 Stoker Drive. Advi- sory Club Hillite Representative, Football. Dolores Eva Meier, 6l2 N. Mason. Pep Club, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Sarah Moe Merrick, 2245 N. Woodbridge. Ad- visory Treasurer, Latin, Mathematics, FNA Vice-President, Miracle Book Clubs, Com- mencement Pageant, Senior Hostess. Mary G. Metivo, 2l7 S. Franklin, Zilwaukee. Clinic Attendant. Robert J. Meyer, 2l29 S. Washington. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Math- ematics Club, Track Letterwinner. Sondra Jane Meyer, 8l4 Adams. Advisory Presi- dent, Club Hillite Representative, Biology Club, Band Bounce, Legenda, Queen's Court. Mary Lou Middlebrook, 292i Court. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, BOC, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Cheerleader. George R. Miessner, 2604 Eddy. Drivers Clubs, Class Chairman. Rollin Clifford Milbrandt, 42l Sherman. Joan Irene Miller, 7l9 Davenport. German, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Commence- ment Pageant. Marilyn N. Miller, 2267 N. Madison. Pep Club, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. Sally Anne Miller, 2Ol3 Adams Blvd. Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Base- ball, Volleyball. W ' in 'sf w so rf, has it' .- 9 J as r3ii""" lp 'V- . ,..f ,wwf f I ,,, ff wig, A ,. . ' if in . gh, l J sf Jon Harrison Milne, i727 Lewis. Advisory Vice- President, Club Hillite Representative, Mathematics, Hi-Y Club. Sue Zahn Marie Mitchel, l82O N. Oakley. Ad- visory President, Latin, Bowling Secretary, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants, Baseball, Basketball. Dorothy Darlene Mitchell, 307 Starch. Non Sheldon Mitts, l862 Lathrup. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA, Drivers Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Edythe Lucille Modrall, 2138 N. Clinton. C0-op, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. Carolyn Betty Moeller, l25 Lockwood. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics, Alchemists, Biology Clubs, Band Bounce, lst Semester Play. Jock L. Moeller, 2900 Schemm. Cross Country Letterwinner, Team Manager. Donna Elaine Moffat, i903 N. Clinton. Advi- sory Sophomore Party Committee, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Band Bounce. Marilyn Elaine Mohnk, Lauer Road. Latin, FNA, Pep Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Baseball. John Kenny Mondor, l5ll Birney. Advisory Treasurer, Co-op Vice-President, Drivers Clubs, Comencement Pageant, Sophomore Handbook Committee. Geraldine Katherine Monsees, l205 Jackson. German, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Finlay Cameron Monteath, 3303 Adams. Advi- sory Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Baseball, Football Letterwinner. WE LEARNED NEW WORDS Sandra Lee Morrison, 7 l 9 S. Harrison. Ruth Margaret Mossner, Gero. Advisory Treas- urer, German, FNA, Pep Clubs. William Arno Mossner, Frankenmuth. Advisory Vice-President, Drivers Club, Football, Track Letterwinner. Bruce LeRoy Mueller, l7Ol Allegan. Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y, Drivers Clubs, Football, Track. Janet Elizabeth Myers, Gorifield Road. Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Student Store Asistant. Peter James Nagel, 401 Ardussi. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Football Letterwinner. George Richard Na9Y, 820 Monroe. Advisory President, Noon Club Committee, Football. Ardith Joyce Near, 5765 Gratiot. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Student Store Assist- Chl. Kenneth Nete, Frankenmuth. Robert J. Neiderquill, l552 Vermont. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Rifle, Drivers Clubs, Football. Madeline L. Nelson, 613 N. Andre. Co-op Club, Librarian, Student Store Assistant, Volley- ball. Rudolph Joseph Neuendorf, Jr., 7ll S. Bond. Band, Choir. .-V rf Wt .rim S filvfwi -is ,,g.,.t. tsix it P im -fi-H' -ff L.. 'X si is-' - ., -rw W is A. . rim if .,.,- 1 ,., ,, , .Q ...,,.,..t., 1-fr is . , 1 . , , r Iwi t Q E 'l xi l' s it Q K if en, .,.. . 1 frat.: . of f dm .1 Q, Wi: . . A fl V f 92 t A. l Robert F. Nickodemus, l33O Avalon. Drivers Club, Swimming. Kenneth H. Niederquell, l6l4 Marquette. Rifle, Pep Clubs. Frank Benoit Niederstadt, Jr., lO2l Congress. Drivers Club, Cross Country, Swimming, Track Letterwinner. Bonnie J. Nisinski, 6853 Gratiot Road. Pep Club, Basketball, Volleyball. Rosemary Ann Nizinski, 6853 Gratiot Road. Ad- visory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, French FTA, Pep Clubs, Usher, Basketball, Volleyball. Bruce Jack Noble, 2521 Adams. Advisory Soph- omore Party Committee, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Clubs, Tennis Letterwinner. Ann Elizabeth Northcott, lOl2 N. Oakley. Ad- visory Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Spanish, Drivers Clubs, Bond Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants. Marlin Allan Nuechterlein, Frankenmuth. Pep Club, Band, Band Bounce, Track Letterwin- ner. Mildred Ann Nuechterlein, Frankenmuth. Ger- man, Pep Clubs, News, Commercial Award. Kathleen Pearl Nuerminger, lO85 N. Center Road. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Bowling, Pep Clubs. Lois Mae Nye, lll9 Madison. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Arts- Dramatics, Spanish Clubs, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, lst, 2nd Semester Plays, Service Club. William A. Palmer, 20lO Eymer. Class Chair- man, Football Letterwinner. such as plienolplltlmlein, liabilities, and "clue" 1' 5 William J. Parks, 220 Borland. Class Chairman, Football, Track Letterwinner. Joyce Elaine Posson, 2525 Deindorfer. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Choir, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants. T5 'Q "1 as -J It . "isis iii? . A w ,X ev 5 . 9, lk ,i A 5- -as 6 1 lk. Yvonne Marcelyn Petre, 606 S. Porter. Advi- sory President, P-TA Chairman, Co-op Vice- President, FHA Clubs, Librarian, Basketball Letterwinner. Jeanne Louese Pettycrew, l205 N. Michigan. Arts-Dramatics, French, Drivers Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Language Award. Cherie Dorothy Phillips, 6l2 S. Bond. Y-Teens, Basketball, Volleyball, Art Award. Joan May Phillips, 2239 Bay. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Let- terwinner. Kenneth L. Phillips, Jr., 612 S. Bond. Hi-Y, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Crystal Ann Pitsch, 514 Davenport. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Ger- man Club President. Bettie Lorraine Plaskewicx, 26Ol Deindorfer. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Choir, Band Bounce. Sharon Lee Podlecki, 2253 S. Hamilton. FNA, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Eva Marie Pomerville, 203 N. Alexander. Driv- ers Secretary, Treasurer, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. . Lorant K. Popp, 640 S. Park. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageant. Phlovion Elizabeth Popp, 4l84 Louise. Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageants. Richard Harold Popp, Route l. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FFA President, Secretary, Drivers Clubs. Mary Ellen Passon, 2525 Deindorfer. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Choir, Band Bounce, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants. Mary Roberta Paterson, 4l3 S. Granger. Ad- visory Vice-President, Latin, Spanish, FNA, Bowling Clubs. Beverly Jean Powley, 5l9 N. Granger. FHA, Drivers Clubs. Barbara Ellen Pearson, l32O Adams. Advisory glug Hillite Representative, Co-op, Bowling u s. Nancy Jean Pechtel, 3274 Mannion Road. FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Baseball, Basketball Letter- winner. Camilla Diane Pederson, 29lO Mackinaw. Ad- visory Treasurer, Miracle Book Club Vice- President. Julius E. Peitsch, 2639 Schaeffer. Co-op Club, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Stage Crew, Track Letterwinner. Diane Colleen Pelkki, Freeland. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Commercial Award. Sally Williams Perkins, l8l8 Gratiot. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Secre- tary, Spanish, Biology, FNA Clubs. Conrad C. Person, 923 Mackinaw. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Q1 vt wg- N.. Q A I j Q, wt' , kits: S. .wt 4: xx 'QQ' 6' l vp, , 'iw' . , -A 0' . "'. ' Wx. 4. 4' if Q..." 93 THESE QUALITIES ARE TYPICAL OF ,,,.- V . ......Qi-,' . All A sw Q-il as ' ' , gf, K x m 4 .1-' V I n 32. 1 I 1, P ' A-fair ls. G" 3 1 . , eww 1 8 K I S' 1 5 L VN ' i .1 " l At C 1 Margaret Ann Reinke, 3075 Hanchett. Advi- sory P-TA Chairman, FHA, Pep Clubs, Usher, Basketball. Marianne P. Reinke, 5275 Tittabawassee, FHA Club. Norman Russell Reinke, 1795 Hemmeter Road. Dorothy Leona Reisig, 1807 Joslin. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Basketball, Volley- ball Letterwinner. Greta Irene Reist, 16lOV2 Mackinaw. Co-op, Drivers Clubs, Commercial Award. Jack C. Remer, 4435 Midland Road. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Rifle President, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Com- mencement Pageant, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. Lucille M. Rexius, Route 6. Clinic Attendant. Joanne Leora Richter, 2219 N. Ames. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Co-op, FHA, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. Carol Mae Rikley, 2917 Harrison. FHA Vice- President FTA, Bowling President, Drivers Clubs. Myrto Ann Roedel, Gera. German, Latin, FNA, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Patricia Jane Roesler, 2833 Joslin. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Girls' Chorus, Christ- mas, Commencement Pageants, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Sue Ann Rogers, 2308 Barnard, Advisory Sec- retary, Seals Sales Chairman, Miracle Book Treasurer, Latin Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Debate, Oratory. A I A ' . 1, ? 11:9-7? iff 'fm' Ronald Dean Prentice, 2160 Bock Road. Advi- sory Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Dale H. Pretzer, 423 N. Oakley. Arts-Dramatics Club, Debate, Oratory, Stage Crew, Red Cross Volunteer. Elaine Ruth Pretxer, 9845 Dice Road. Pep Club. Bebe Marie Proctor, 1648 Arthur. Co-op, FHA, Pep Clubs, Student Store Assistant, Base- ball, Volleyball. Jean Mary Pruyne, 346 Ann. Advisory Presi- dent, Vice-President, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Pep Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce. Mary Jane Pufahl, lOO8 Maple. Co-op, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Librarian. Janet Marie Quesnel, 123 S. Woodbridge. Y- Teens, Pep Clubs, lst Semester Play, Base- ball, Volleyball, Commercial Award. Judyth Fay Rankin, 214 Gratiot Court. Advi- sory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Biology, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce, Senior Hostess, Queen's Court. Jacqueline Ann Raupp, Bridgeport. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Y-Teens Club, Librarian. Robert F. Reams, 2323 N. Bond. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Golf, Swimming Letterwinner, Judith Kay Reese, 2223 Delaware Blvd. Advi- sory Vice-President, Pep, Drivers Clubs. AIIE11bEImer Reinbold, Reese. FFA, Drivers u s. ti. cu. 3' 2 A' N55 E4 ix. leaf. A 'W 4 it .0 as 3 Q fax 'Q lor we are hard-working and lun-loving Marlene A. Rohde, Freeland. Advisory Vice- President, Pep Club, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants, Commercial Award. Shirley A. Rohn, 405 Swanson Road. Pep Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Com- mercial Award. Biruta Ronis, l023 S. Weadock. Spanish Club President, Declamation, Girls' Chorus, News. Gerald L. Raoker, 60l5 Stroebel Road. FFA, Drivers Clubs, Band Bounce. Gerald Lee Roltman, 5785 Mackinaw. Biology, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Barbara Janet Roush, l47 Goetz. Advisory President, Biology Treasurer, Quill-Scroll Clubs, Legenda, Student Cabinet Secretary, Senior Hostess, Queen's Court, DAR Good Citizen. Charles W. Rumley, 2008 Delaware. Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, lst, 2nd Semester Plays. William R. Rummel, Frankenmuth. Advisory President, Drivers Club, Football, Track Let- terwinner. Betty Ann Ruppel, l9l0 Burnham. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Pep Club, Clinic At- tendant. Robert L. Rusch, 137 N. Alexander. Class Chair- man. Beverley Frances St. Clair, l5l9 N. Charles. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Re- presentative, Band, Band Bounce. Margaret Sandoval, 4145 Burrows. Advisory P-TA Chairman. Q A lull - ft Q ,im A gr fo , , W 1. f L A of in . f IKM it rr r in x:l yi 95 Cangetta Marie Saponieri, 2l22 Hanchett. Ad- visory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Choir. James C. Sauer, l53O N. Ames. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Swimming Letterwinner. Wilmer G. Schaett, 7075 Holland. Class Chair- man. Alexander G. Schafer, 7l5 Lynn. Rifle, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Earleen June Schell, 20l5 Eymer. Advisory P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, Co-op, Pep Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play, Speech Award. Joan Scherping, 2359 S. Hamilton. Choir, Clinic Attendant. Caroline Esther Schmidt, 623 S. Woodbridge. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Y-Teens Clubs, Librarian. Edwin James Schmidt, 945 N. Center Road. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hilliie Repre- sentative. Janet Helen Schmidt, 426 N. Granger. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chair- man, BOC, Y-Teens, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, lst Semester Play. Lorraine V. Schmidt, 2l37 S. River Road. Co- op, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Commercial Award. Mabel Ann Schmidt, 7385 Swan Creek Road. Pep Club. Charles Leo Schmitz, l38 Trier. Advisory Presi- dent, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Base- ball, Basketball, Football Track. FAREWELL T0 YOU Delphine Marie Schmitzer, Frankenmuth. Ger- man, FHA Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant. Margaret Grace Schoon, 304 Wheeler. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Latin, Bowling Clubs, Com- mercial Award. Nancy Rae Schott, 2009 N. Clinton. BOC Treasurer, Latin, Y-Teens, Miracle Book. Lawrence J. Schuch, 1219 Mackinaw. Advisory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, Drivers Club. Catherine R. Schultz, 519 Cronk. BOC Vice- President, Quill-Scroll, Bowling Vice-Presi- dent, Drivers Clubs, Legendo Co-Editor, Vol- Ieyball. Jack Dan Schultz, 3439 Osler. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant. Joan Dorothea Schultz, 634 Maple. Pep Club, Choir, Bond Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageonts. Marilyn Marie Schutt, 18 Benton Road. Advi- sory President, Alchemists Club, Band Bounce, Legendo, Queen's Court, Wolverine Girls' State. Janet Maureen Schwartz, 909 Weiss. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Quill-Scroll Sec- retary, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Usher, Legendo Co-Editor, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. Lorraine E. Schwartzkopf, 1736 Burnham. BOC Treasurer, FHA Secretory, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageant. Lois Ann Scott, 1717 Joslin. Bowling Club, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Volleyball Let- terwinner. Mary Elizabeth Scott, 1842 Burnham. Bowling, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Volleyball. "'5"'1 - -1 - E sun- Atl , Q9 J he is ...i s f 'lf -nr- W , f- asf - .. . is lifts .4 P A ,I l --iv-1 fr '5 ' ' .... M' . S I' V A V. .1 J s . in 5- 96 Ronald H. Sears, 825 S. Weadock. Drivers Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Basketball, Foot- ball Letterwinner. W. Dale Seaver, Freeland. Pep Club. Barbara S. Sedwick, 311 S. Oakley. Advisory Treasurer, Co-op Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Conrad Deal Seidel, 25.1 Goetz. Advisory Presi- dent, Hi-Y, Rifle, Pep Clubs, Track Letter- winner. Gerald A. Shafer, 1617 N. Oakley. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee. Club Hillite Representative, Basketball, Football Letter- Wlf'll'1el'. Dan Dwight Shaler, 2608 State. Advisory Treas- urer, Secretary, Pep Club, Team Manager. Betty J. Shavrnach,15l4 Stanley. BOC Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, lst Semester Play. Donna-June Shaw, 2216 Webber. Pep Club. Joan F. Shripka, 825 S. Westervelt, Zilwaukee. Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Pep Club, Commercial Award. Richard Allen Shulaw, 2520 N. Michigan. Ad- visory Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Cross Country, Swimming Letter- winner. Richard Charles Shuler, 221 S. Andre. Rifle, Drivers Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Baseball Letterwinner, Art Award. Mary Kathryn Sirnrnet, 1823 Grout. Drivers Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Clinic Attendant. faithful teachers in Q T NK 4k. L.- -q, Unites in ci William Franklin Southam, Freeland. Jo Ann M. Spadafore, 3310 Adams. Advisory Treasurer, P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics Treas- urer, Latin Vice-President, Y-Teens Secre- tary, Biology Clubs, Pageants, lst, 2nd Se- mester Plays, Usher. William S. Spence, 6 Benton Road. Advisory Vice-President, Tennis Letterwinner. Jean Lynn Spencer, 1520 Court. Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club. Leonard L. Springgay, 2754 Mack Road. Advi- sory Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Driv- ers Clubs. Susannah Leone Stark, 2414 N. Oakley. Bowl- ing Club, Girls' Chorus, Red Cross Volun- teer, Basketball. Richard S. Staudt, 1 1 17 Adams. Advisory Presi- dent, Quill-Scroll, Hi-Y Clubs, Legenda, Track. Arnold William Stein, ll, 1436 Acacia. FFA Secretary, Rifle Secretary, Pep Clubs. Thomsa Eleanor Stewart, 20 E. Hannum Blvd. Advisory President, Biology President, Al- chemists, Quill-Scroll Clubs, Band Bounce, News, Senior Hostess, Queen's Court. Flave F. Stimpson, 4745 State. Byron H. Stinson, 3027 Grant. Miracle Book, Pep Clubs. S. Joanne Stobbart, 1 Congress Court D. Advi- sory Red Cross Chairman, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Legenda, Junior Red Cross City President. 1 1 1 in gi he .Q glam v Robert Leonard Simpson, 903 N. Granger. Ad- visory President, FFA, Pep Clubs. Angela Diamond Skentzos, 2220 N. Bond. Ad- visory President, Spanish President, Secre- tary, Y-Teens, FTA, Bowling, Pep Clubs' Senior Hostess. Jean Ruth Slinkard, 2735 Midland Road. Mira- cle Book, Drivers Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Commercial Award. Patricia Ann Sliwinski, 5690 Bay Road. Pep Club, Legenda. Margery Lee Smelley, 2522 Benjamin. Pep Club, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. Beverly G. Smith, 303 S. Charles. Advisory Vice-President, Club, Hillite Representative P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Latin, Y- Teens President, Bowling Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Music Honors. Gerald R. Smith, 2228 N. Ames. Co-op, Pep Clubs. Leadelle Smith, 2310 N. Clinton. Latin, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. Shirley Ruth Smith, 107 S. Fifth. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- eant William J. Smith, 5780 W. Michigan. Pep Club' Class Chairman. Norene Lee Sohn, 406 S. Woodbridge. Pep Club' Choir, Band Bounce. Erwin John Sollner, 3715 Shattuck Road. FFA, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman, Track Letter- winner. 1 1 I 1 it s '5' l am L' 7: x C 5 K g ' ..,, 1 Q ls Q. S, L X sh.. 44 I-'52 i 97 GOOD-BYE T0 YOU if ,Q 6 1 1 3 A Mi A: S' " v Y 4 :oi- .. Yr te' if ,, J' 2 15 do M v RK W 4 ., is Melvin C. Terry, 4153 Good. Dale Earl Thomas, 2518 Crank. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, C0-op Secretary, Spanish, Pep Clubs. Gelald E. Thomas, 308 S. Westervelt, Zilwau- ee. Geraldine Evelyn Thomas, 308 S. Westervelt, Zilwaukee. Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA, FNA Clubs, Clinic Attendant. Lowrason D. Thomas, 126 S. Bond. Advisory President, Treasurer, Noon Club Committee, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Swimming, Track Letter- Wlnnef. Mary Jean Thomas, 922 Oak. Bowling Secre- tary, Treasurer, FTA Clubs. William Ernest Thon, 516 S. Oakley. Donna June Tigner, 250 Portsmouth Road. Bowling Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant, Baseball. Katherine Tillman, 2249 S. Hamilton. Pep Club. Janet Claire Taft, 802 Cass. Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Band. Lucy Ann Trinklein, Frankenmuth. FHA, Driv- ers Clubs. Nada M. Trinklein, l7OO S. River Road. Class Chairman. ,nif- V - -.e Shirley Ann Stokus, 1603 Vine. Spanish, Pep Clubs, Usher, Class Chairman, Librarian, Baseball, Volleyball, Spanish Award. Roquel Jean Stolxe, 809 S. Harrison. Pep Club, Class Chairman. Jean Caroline Strachan, 2206 Benjamin. Advi- sory Sophomore Party Committee, Y-Teens, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball. Douglas R. Strecker, 2090 Linda. Pep, Drivers Clubs, Football, Track Letterwinner. Richard J. Stricker, 2438 N. Michigan. Advi- sory President, Vice-President, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- eants, Track Letterwinner. Thomas J. Strieker, 1302 Division. Football, Track. Richard Jay Stringer, 2227 N. Ames. Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Latin Club, Commencement Pageant, Cross Coun- try, Track Letterwinner. James Nelson Stuart, 2601 Court. Advisory P-TA, Seals Sales Chairman, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Shirley Ann Suckey, 3390 Elm. Pep Club, Class Chairman, Basketball, Volleyball. Mona Marie Summerfield, 313 S. Franklin, Zil- waukee. Pep Club. Robert Omar Sxarenski, 712 Williams. Janet Lee Tarbeek, 2215 Delaware Blvd., Advi- sory Vice-President, Spanish, Bowling, Pep Clubs. W .T T' Vx .. 1 'l i i 1- 1 t 4 dear school Clare C. Tubbs, 2100 Adams Blvd. BOC, Hi-Y Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce. Carol Joyce Tuck, 1742 Joslin. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball Letterwinner. Ralph Junior Tullis, 1510 Houghton. Football. Barbara Frances Tunis, 1002 Cherry. Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Spanish Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Queen's Court. Gwendolyn Mae Turek, 716 S. Mason. Suzanne M. Turnbull, 2744 State. Advisory P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Latin, Y-Teens, Miracle Book Clubs. Dorleen Mae Turner, 5805 Swan Creek Road. Miracle Book Club' Choir Band Bounce Christmas Commencement Pageants. Richard Leslie Vanderveer 1939 Newberry. Ad- visory President' Pep Drivers Clubs' A- sernbly Chairman Commencement Pageant' Football Track Letterwinner f ' . 1 .5-. E QV . , , . W, . SA .X g -:Z 1 QQ Ks 1 X 1 I I 5 i , , . 1 4 - K '1 If-1 .t 2 Joan Barbara Vasold, Freeland. Sharon Ann Vasold, Freeland. Choir, Band Bounce. Jaan Lyvonne Vigeant, 1522 Greenwich. Ad- visory Red Cross Chairman, Miracle Book, Pep, Drivers Clubs, Assembly Chairman, De- bate, Oratory, Speech Award. Romaine L. Vlassis, 126 Trier. Advisory Vice- President, Biology Club. vt XB A' fig 1 if? ' . , . . Q QNX i - it c -5 X 6 C , y.. k Rfk, i f YA-,'P,,4nlx 'll " P 'V' ak 5 , dl, , ,C ml an -4 up i , 99 We 1 'til I I . 1 .1 li ' A Virginia Helen Vogel, 1503 Durand. Advisory Treasurer, Latin, Y-Teens, FTA, Drivers Clubs, Usher. Walter E. Voarheis, Frankenmuth. Advisory Vice-President, Track Letterwinner. James E. Wacker, 207 S. Jefferson, Zilwaukee. Advisory President, Rifle Club, Football, Tennis. Marvin Lee Walker, 2744 Schemm. Miracle Book, Drivers Clubs, Chair, Christmas Pag- eant. Patricia Lee Walker, 1726 Delaware. Advisory Seals Sales Chairman, Y-Teens, Miracle Book Clubs, Christmas Pageant. Robert Bruce Wallace, Jr., 813 N. Porter. Ad- visory Club Hillite Representative. Sally Ann Wallace, 2020 Durand. Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Bowling, Drivers Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Legenda. Royce A. Ward, 1703 N. Bond. Suzanne Warner, 1906 Gratiot. Advisory Sopho- more Party Committee, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Ouill-Scroll Vice-President, FNA Secretary, Biology Clubs, Band Bounce, News, Honor Alumnus Speech. Junior Roland Wascher, 1411 Birney. German Club Treasurer, Cross Country, Track Letter- winner. Girard Manus Weber, 2825 State. Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Pep, Drivers Clubs. Melvin D. Weeden, 3664 Monroe. Class Chair- man. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET Joan M. Weitz, 1743 Brockway. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, BOC, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, 1st Semester Play. Betty Elaine Westover, 1910 Ottawa. Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Bowling Club, Band. Mae Joy Whitman, Freeland. Arts-Dramatics Clubj Christmas, Commencement Pageants. Mary Ruth Weisenmaier, 1919 W. Michigan. Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Volleyball. Robert D. Wight, 1827 Barnard. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Latin Club, Band, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Delores Lee Wildey, 2816 Midland Road. Ad- visory Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce. Barbara Joan Wilkinson, 3241 Mackinaw. Ad- visory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Drivers Clubs, Legenda. Richard S. Willett, 1013 N. Bond. Pep Club. Jerome B. Williams, 2314 Adams Blvd. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Swimming, Tennis Letterwinner. Robert H. Williams, 616 Cass. Pep Club, Class Chairman, Baseball, Football Letterwinner. David A. Wilson, 219 S. Tenth. Advisory Vice- President, Pep Club, Band, Band Bounce, 1st Semester Play. Herbert Joseph Wilson, 826 S. Washington. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, FFA Club, Cross Country, Track Letterwinner. il t. s 4 5 W. ,,-M, I 'l Q1 . f if .M . , .4 -:fi 4 ie L ,gl 1 3.15.5 M, 1 X A -Q . .iv s if 4. ff ? , . A. 1 xkx , .- 7 .. 15: yo" N. if LY ' 3 'n 5 Ai ,. M FVSKA X 100 LQ in Terry W. Wilson, 1608 Stone. Advisory Treas- urer, Debate, Oratory, Tennis. Aldean Louise Wiltse, 201 John. Latin, Y-Teens, Pep Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Basket- ball. Paul F. Wohlteil, 2271 Bay. Rifle Treasurer, Pep Clubs, Rifle Award. E. Barbara Wolfe, 202 Webber. Baseball, Bas- ketball, Volleyball. Marlene Frances Wood, 2115 S. River Road. FHA, Pep Clubs. Richard Lee Wood, 7979 Gratiot. Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, De- bate, Basketball, Football, Track Letterwin- ner. Virginia Louise Wood, 201 Wheeler. Advisory Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Spanish Club. Charles A. Woodington, 2465 N. Center Road. Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Repre- sentative, Choir, Band Bounce, Golf Letter- winner, Art Award. Ronald D. Woodke, 1614 N. Woodbridge. Ad- visory Vice-President, Stage Crew, Class Chairman. Judith Lea Woodruff, 617 Wells. FHA, Pep Cl b . Marlzni Ann Woolgar, 413 W. Fisher, Zilwau- kee. Latin, Pep Clubs, Basketball, Volley- ball. Jarnes A. Yeager, 1613 S. Webster. elsif 6 1 A V1 32 i n . l lf a 'N of A 'Us M . fl -NK, ,. FX? me tt H our three wonderful years A W in-N 'S Kg John Horry Young, 2844 State. Advisory Presi- dent, Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee Club Hillite Representative, Noon Club Com- mittee, Hi-Y Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football Letterwinner. Mary Eleanor Young, 1723 Gratiot. Advisory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chair- man, Arts-Dramotics, Spanish Clubs, Christ- mas Paaeant. Elaine M. Zauel, 4105 W. Michigan. Advisory P-TA, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Co-op Club, Class Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer. Donald Arthur Zehnder, Birch Run. Class Chair- man. Walter Don Zehnder, Frankenmuth. Janet A. Zeilinger, 5905 Pierce Road. BOC, FHA, FTA Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, lst Semester Play. Edith Ann Zorn, 717 S. Mason. Co-op Club. Barbara Jean Zuellig, 1206 Lapeer. Advisory P-TA Chairman. Norma E. Zwock, 8510 King Road. German, FHA, Pep Clubs. 1 AS UNDERCLASSMEN WE BEGIN TO TURN Q l A fast game of ping-pong offers excitement to both par- ticipants JOE BOMMARITO and PAT KNOX, and onlookers JANET KWAISER and JIM RUTHERFORD. PEGGY BERNARD and BILL MERTZ take advantage of Arthur Hill's Dance Band's music to enioy a turn about the floor. Recreation and refreshments combine to make the SOPHOMORE PARTY a success. OUR HIGH SCHOOL WHEEL The SOPHOMORE PARTY, held each year in October, has as its backdrops Jack-o-Lanterns, corn stalks, and scare- crows. DOROTHY REID, ADELE BUSAID, and CARLA REINKE admire a scarecrow's plaid shirt. EDWIN PERSON, CATHERINE SAUVE, JIM REIDINGER, JAN MORFORD, and EVA MEYER seem engrossed in o game of cards, just one of the many attractions of the party. 102 Dagnija Abolins Fred Ahlborn James Ahlrich Barbara Aird Esther Alberts Shirley Albrandt Earlene Albright Carole Alderton Donna Alexander Peter Altano Jerald Allen Ruth Allen Shirley Allore Carla Almquist David Anderson Joan Anderson Ruth Anderson Stanley Anderson Thomas Anderson William Anderson Jack Andrews Gene Archangeli Kay Archangeli Barbara Armstrong Betty Arnst Delores Arriaga Patricia Ashbaugh Susan Atherton 'fs A , so I 5 ' , an is su, Q Qu A Q xg tt -JJ K. is 2-A x.- A - ? Y L. . 'D' B 1- J. -fifty G! i c rrlt t 'W , 5' f 5 l - "W nfs 5' 'IS' Mm A f tl A g - N 4 A f i - L A Q A sk by being introduced to big brothers and sisters and "buying white bucks" vm K, , 6 i m .ggi gl! '- TE- , A A gi V' . A 0 Q ' T - i- 3 -2- J .xml gil S 1 it 6? ' i 6 xl SL X Ll '2 I l ies rip be sz. 1 fn B2 xr xi il A11 A ' l ' 'Q fl-ie' Q gy s ming, i TP 7 ' X " 'Y 4 ., . us -E Sr, A I V 1 K ' S J. Q FQ- I 1 103 Richard Ault Joanna Aunger Andrew Austin David Austin Carleton Averill Gladys Averill Loren Bailey Nancy Bailey Alice Bain Gene Baker Richard Baker Dale Ball Yvonne Ballard Philip Ballien Shirley Balzer Ruth Barchak John Barnett Betty Barney Geraldine Barrensche Theodore Barris John Barsch Richard Bartel Barbara Barter Janice Barth Bruce Bartlett Lila Basner Kay Batten Susan Bauder Thomas Bauder Alice Bauer James Bauer Janet Bauer Thomas Bauknecht Margaret Baum Phyllis Beamish el' we r 4 K 1. .e 99 ,rn-f 5 x Q- 1? Y .4 steam! exi- sv: L' 5 "' f' rl r. , ii! u Karen Beatty Teresa Bechtel Barbara Beck Robert Becker Gerald Becker Arden Beehler M L ' l 'JNL Nr. Arline Beehler Cleo Beem Barbara Ann Bell 3 ' 43' J A Fr , A Joan Bell 'W -R ew, 'S ri? W f srl G, William Bellinger x 'F ji' M " Gerald Bellinger rr l J Donne Bender Q. A Jo-Ann Benkert r A . Joyce Benkert Aft, Joyce Benner f f. - H Carol Ann Benway -L' M 1 fa 41 B 93 S use John Berg 5' W 1 P , 'vu 5 ' ' Robert Berkobien th' A A Marilyn Berkobien f l Peter Berkobien 6 lf - Q x r ,Q A Ruth Berkobien Peggy Bernard 0 - lvars Berzins "' l 5 A , ln, Q, Q 5, Roy Beyerlein x J J in N I it X Carl Beythan v " rr r 'E' Shirley Bielby 4 eq A Qzvf, Shirley Bierlein T L A l 'lll 'ir If Barbara Bigger ,Q '- Grace Binasio g Q55 A Donald Birnbaum re 1- Sylvia Bixby 1 K , Robert Black 'H A il' ' ' Sally Black in , V . " J' Gerald Blakely ' X I ,L i Barbara Blakeway .ll V I ll? James Blanchet - Gerald Blehm , ' , -V Q' John Blehm , , -W' - t ' - June Blehm ff G' ' 'Q Ls' T5 91' '35 6 5' ,v Susan Blahm ' ,, g- r me ' g ' 1'- John Blomstrom X l 1 ' L :ll . I X Ruth Blosser t r A 'T R ' ri I , Edwin Blue Edwina Blue Jeannette Boch J Q James Bocianski J ' 0 inf 6 9' ff Duane Bogard ..Q, X i ,N J t Joan Bohnhoff ' M y V X ' Patricia Boivin NM J if K A ' V Y Arlene Bolf x ' ' dl l If in ek Joseph Bommarito William Booth Jacqueline Boutin . 5- ' 6. 4 Q Q Robert Bowden i a A, ' 'gg L. l ' Eunice Bowen M ' L ' 'C' f ' Q fC"4,f" Patsy Boyd - ' - N Patricia Boyle ll V 1 5, Donald Brady Robert Braley Robert Brandle , l June Brandt 'B "' QQ1' ' ,1 GT 5 Lois Braun N 5 L :ri ir. men lie r Q As., , 104 Mk Wanda Brawley Lenore Brennan Joyce Brieske Mary Briguglio Santo Briguglio Bernard Brisbais Gwendolyn Brockless Harry Brooks Damaris Brott Adelaide Brown Carolyn Brown Jack Brown Robert Brown Roger Brown Roy Browning Ruth Brownrigg Donald Bruns Janet Brush James Brussow Susan Bryson Eugene Budd Dale Bucldle Margaret Bueker Eleanor Bull Russell Bull Adele Busaid Carole Butcher Anita Butterfield K' rf. J s H 1 .. ses- tf .ng g la l ' ' I . 1. T Li' .1 G Ei v 3 Q h S", :se gr A 5 .efcxikg .. j .3 -Q -v G' 6 1, ,TQ . fix , if x 6 1 g 6 Lt 1' Kr' A- YC" A if J you arf 1 sf K- e .vi 1 ,. 3 sr 9 .F Q, W Q. by iaining clubs, making new friends, and "walking the square" 5 fi s:aafdB5e:gm J -3 1 gi C-'Il Q "- W- ,v . 4 Arlene Calkins . ,' ' .,,x J V j Pearline Callas I Y it -:P - " -sz g:cahnlCamg1in b H . fy ' 57 fene am C' J ,A I L I A 41 Edifrin Campbela Q. Joan Campbell Robert Campbell Barbara Canaday Larry Cantu s- -'W ,H ,Q Q' ed R L x gb l Q . Joyce Carl ttf , Gerald Carrick Aldean Cartier me ,L if -X . Qt' 3 al, .- ff? Qi ' xr' 'gif ah i 6 .3- f hi FF Lloyd Cartwright Catherine Case Nancy Case W w Ruth Case 1 ' Calvin Caster ' Pauline Catroin Myrtle Chambers K Myrtle Chartrand Ruth Chartrand Shirley Chema . Barbara Cherry Marilyn Cherry Norene Cherry Sally Cherry Q 2.1. ' 5- E11 . is 5' Norma Chiarovano Darlene Clark Edward Clark Ronald Clark Lawrence Clayton it George Clemens A James Coon sl A AL 105 N Mary Jo Cochran S6 ,V Kenneth Collins r V Emma Jean Collison 6' Q A-5 Q William Colpean . -if ' 4 Jack Comstock ' , -If ' J, Lois Congrove 1 . . if l Judith Constantine ,.. ' N V 'W 431 Margretta Conzelrnon I ' Luanne Cooper , ' Nancy Corippo A I -. 1 X1 David Corven Y if , ,is Wesley Cosgrove ' ana. - Westford Cosgrove fi V - -.C, ,i t ' Noreen Cottrell V 5 Xfffga I Beverly Cox Patricia Cox Louis Cribbins -. V Allen Cronk 3' 5' rj A ,Q -'il L Nan-Joy Cronin 5 V if V Donald Cruson 'f C - 'X Kay Culbert ' f , , h . .yr Marjorie Culbert Virginia Curtindale Q, V I t Robert Cuthbertson V 4- James Daly v . ,, R .N 1 Ernest Dammann 6 Q lil rl 0, Jack Datte IIQ, V Si 'V l Ruth Davies ' ' V Albert Davis ' ' Betty Jane Davis C. 1 41 ' J y- A . Bruce Davis N ,l v V LM 2 TN ,sl M6 ,J 6 w Edward Davis lt' 'K 7- 2 it V E5 ' Jo-Ann Davis VA ' T A Sondra Davis A vk' ' , M Donald Day X A l ,, - Judy Day Marion Day , ' 1 Raymond Day as v 2 . , Q , 1. ' V 'GY' Q3 G' ' Q, -Tichard gay 4 . V- ,fl , 1, "W ' omas oy 5 t " ' ll J? Mildred Dean - ' . - I Rose Dee Q 'X 2, ' JoAnn Deike V Wa.. Bonnie DeLaVergne Q Shirley Dennis , ' Bruce Denno 6 Q 5' J 6' at 5. June Denslow Y - I A1 Charles Denllon N., , J J J Beverly Des one W Q A LA Donald Deshone Melvin Devers Dale DeWitt V V Donald Dezelsky . 5- 1 A . 82 .N 5 Sally Dezelsky Srl -5 il g I fl 4 Dawn Dickson , S ' V Jay Didier . fi- ' M J ln A LH... .Ai Q 5g33mgghPfef"m0" John Diener J - Max Dieftfriih G.. -5- . - . Betty Di e - .ll gl . 3 Q all John S. DiMercurio f ' V V14 Marilyn Dinse r S -QF C ' if Q V X 'QL gp 'M-- f ' , 106 Verna Dirker G Q i Edwina Dittmar 'J - lla FF 5' James Doepker X Us Donald Donahue ' ,f 1 - Q Ivoloe Donnenwerth . ' V ' Mary Ido Donovan x 9 1 Marilyn Downer .' Gerald Doyle Patrick Driscoll . L F- ,,:,- - lvor Dungey .Q 9 Q' -9' law' 'A , ' Kathleen Dungey , - ' Q. 'i Colleen Dunning A. 1- i ,B ' : 'f . Jane Dupree A O0 . L Domes D""'Q"' A R Patricia Durman . A the X' Duane Dye . 1 Q in Q .. , ' V Danny Ederer sl iff" ' . ' 1 I 60 Mary Ederer .--is A ' , ',, A- . Barbara Edwards i . A I Eunice Edwards 3 - Margaret Edwards x1 Shirley Edwards 'K John Egloff f Mary Ehmcke jp r X 41' rg Ronald Ehrhardt H' A Q' ' 9. ' 'Z 4-N L Li Joann Elliott - it . ' Laura Ely J Shirley Embree ' x ' ll ll by being hard workers, dependable, and cut men Beverly Emeott Jacqueline Emmitt A Allen Engerer M A G. Q5 xi 7? 6 'V' Doris Engerer S' -J . J Arthur Engle , I ,. ' , '51, Deloris Enszer 7 , - J L 5'Q'id EPDM is x J-'A r f w- L me 1 Shirley Erlenbeck do ,j , Richard Ervin N 'N Marilyn Eurich . Q, Q 4 Bonnie Fahnanstiel ' is -. , . f G- , ' . df i Lois Fahrenbruch ' ' X f Af 5 ', Y D .--- - if Lois Fair ,W 1 gif h ' i Betty Falkenberg A K 'ii y i 6 ' r qu i t U' l A ' wi'-x Nfl X X . R X-f Carol Falkenberg . Fred Falkenberg I , Doris Fanger A Q ,, or Marlene Fanger Ig fi-. 'F' 5 1 - Clayton Farrington A ' 6' t Q L, F - A Violet Foss y 'V A X Richard Fassezke X I F -L A K, Dianne Faulman l Tlx 'f TN' V J i ' Edmond Faulman . Kathryn Fechter amy' f I ., I "Q Betty Feir ., F' Q' F ' Callol Felt yr f ' 1- ig 'P J 9- S is Jo nn Ferrell L ' hr YQ.. Q A-Q Jean Fetherolf FA ' qxl 4 ' ' X Evelyn Finger W F Barbara Fink A Dorothy Fischer Konrad Fischer K- ii L Stanley Fischer - ,Q 3 ,R GJ Q1 ,455 x Q' Donald Fisher ye., Q,,. ' ,A A, by Rae Lee Fisher "Q" ' - 'C . i leigh 1 r 107 X , - Fay Flathau A V A I Virginia Flathau " 5. Q15 In vi Wh- as ti g ' 5, -3 'fc Bernard Fleischmann ' i ... - L. ' Q, Dale Fletcher , ,XY , '27 Marcia Flucke . n F' r 4 ,, ' Sally Fobear 4 A. lf? 224 My t L Judy FOQ'e s Gerald Forbes , ""' Joan Forbes I :, 2 Mary Foulds A 6' lx ' 7' "' -7 ' g e. 5 0 Gale Fox Q-e def- ,-4 X W 5 'fl' , Marwood Frank .- 'f ix ' 1 Joe Frappart girth' l ' ,f if A - X ' Patricia Frazier -- in ' 4 A it i W Ronnie Frei W Margaret Frost R - Norma Fultz ' K we J A G' gp .6 Sally FurlO 'Q , ' ' ' - Q' LJ 5. Marcia Furstenberg ' ' , ' ' 'Y' Robert Fuss , V Carol Gaertner ' in I 2 1 'F cs G 5 ayl 'age Lg. Patricia Gagnon 1 Daniel Galiardi '14 Q, gg , ,, Jack Gallagher Y ' is fl ga' 'W Dee Galonska "::'f 5' 'G' Marlene Galonska - ' Ann Galsterer ' I K L L James Gomm Jane Garchow Carol Garcia 5: , M ,, I Q 1 49 Dennis Garcia 5 ' J 'wi 7' . l . ' Y." Kim Gardey ' 4 N. X J Q A ' Robert Garlo V A 5' Richard Garner I x . Al vi. - 1 X I F ' -4 Sally Garner Shirley Garno 'X , Gerald Garrison is A - Patricia Garske 6 ig. 5' l L6 9' K 'W Arlene Gary x Y J' 439 5' Dolores Gary W My Bill Gauze Q A ,. B . X , ,. -I it 115 iii: Lf :ggi 1 , Joan Gawlak r Marilyn Gay G eg 0: Rita Geer ,. ,H 3, ' Lois Geese , 5- N Q- 'S' - '- Orrin Geeting n A ' l 1 Nancy George ' V F ' - Barbara Gerber A ' ' Herbert Gerber R A ll ' Edward Gerger i Berniece Geyer V Doris Geyer rf 1 n r- ' 35 3- S in tu Barbara Gierow tl ' 1 ' gig, .- Kathryn Giessel :L ' , v Diane Gilbert A N K g I ,gh ' ' ' . - t yr-5 -.351-351 .loan Gilles fl in l ' . Eg-.g1g5Z7i'3'1 James Gilman Nancy Gilmour 1 Edwin Gingrich 8 ' - Alfred Glasby 'S ,' i, - G- xv Maxine Glasslee A .5 ' V' ' 'V Marlene Glick - l ' , - ' " Q c 'dv - 4 i L I h:.,"' 4 , Q Tl! ' "I 108 s. .4- - ,. . 4, Janice Gnatkowski ,grdelle Golden . . 1 erald Goodman A i eg: Ronald Goodwin M A t, ,, 6' 'l Ronald Goold if: L- " H -M' f Joan Gorney L i -A Shirley Gorte K 5 i l i , 1, -'A 9. X I s i 5' Shirley Goslin . Gail Gossel X Richard Graft ' Barbara Graham f lg' 5 'A :TJ L s"" Carl Graham Gordon Graham l fs- is 3 I J 'J Mary Ellen Graham A . J A fig' J ir 1 ts I Oxs I L Ruth Graham A 'mx sh Paul Grant i X 'af' V Donna Grashaw A Barbara Grauer -A ,,. l ,K A ' it A Q Betty Lou Gray 1. R, ly ' 1 fir' DorothyGGray i wb A , 1 -fs, ' Sereno roy - i - z U Doreen Green A A N Joon Green Kenneth Green ' Marilyn Green Y .1 A , John Greene X I G' 3 6- G- ' ig :Ji Edward Greif i,,. -- . 5. Richard Gremel i , W , ' I , T 5 N' G . l , 'Y ,Sl to learn more, gain poise, i 5-C' Q asf- G 1 ki! '4' QC, ,fr T uf' Q. a X MSW 28 - ' 1: 1 - fi -'C f it fi-si and "get dates" guys SA s:rkw ly is gfQEsi!vliliL'ZLih. '5 J K-ti B t 'F it fr-R N i .,N l ff. x ll ' . . 'il X ,I r,VKir il F .-. '.. 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Gerald Hauman ,,..y ' sz- sp! , V L ' Richard Hausler "' f A, V - , 'l?":" Yr' S7 Harry Hawkins ,WL l- ' t .. Nancy Hoy QV J ' . I I Barbara Hayes V J. - Joyce Hayner 3 Y ' Joann Heasty fsgq. - ' Q Marilyn Heath gf? A WL-. 1 -.- D satin' el s Patricia Hecht 'S' . J" Q ' ' lt" vit- N R Lou Anne Heck , i .D I Kay Heidger K A . Mary Jane Heitkamp Q , Marcia Helmkamp ,y- P James Hempstead As - ' Kelly Hendrick A 7 s ,C Q LA 2, r A Hans Hennecke ' - W li - A' . s ' P Gerald Hensler K Q as ': ' i A 'ow il Y' A A nl 4- X if 'ff-gb Gerry Herbert X V L . 5 Marie Herbin Q , 2 9 qi l" J M az- " A , .8 Sally Herm R ' -.5 Q, M- Vy ' V' rv Ronald Herman .9 f K. be j J J -ir J. YI, Susie Hess J 5' .. Carl Hesse Ar' h I .X 6' Joan Hesse S ,P Joanne Hibbard lf ' ' Q . Albert Hilbrandt , f , N, u .4 .,, , John Hilbrandt V r -N so, "J fry 4' 'ls' Leota Hill S... Q.. .3 W Aj: g Richard Hill tr Q ' ' ' N X A Peggy Hillert K -1 K l t Robert Hirschman K it Sally Hoag Frances Hochthanner - ' ' Edna Hodges . 5- A A I 'L' is , gs, Q ',- 1, ' Janet Hodgins A-.x J . f ' . by ,sm y , g 'J 5. Loretta Hoelbl 'F' ,sii N 've' FU' f Q J , Gerald Hoffman N' s A7 . , Joseph Hoffman 45 ,. irr W ig c,:'Q ,H 'HV N' ' ' Robert Haggard Nancy Holden Judith Holland i ' Merle Holland 9. " "' ,Q - 1 9' -' 6 Thomas Halley ' - ' A' - A J' ' Lionel Hollinqsworlh 3 Q Vj l Meredith Holloway 6 ' Q ff A A ofa Merriel Holloway Susanne Howe Jean Ann Howie Karen Hubble ' A fgg Q Robert Hudson 9 Q' 'C " 9 4 2' 4-J - 6 Robert Hueqel N I ' ' A Audrey Hull 1 g Y, ' A , S Q ANAL ll., 110 A 3 3 'Ph as 'l 5. J 7' ' E- ' sf? lf-Pr ff f-Q H Jr" J E' 1' ll A 2, -f !: J fs- Q f as 5, w 6- Mg Ls. fi e ig, f A A J iii K l ee fini, S A A V 6 Q c F , V S K Q 4,1 6+ il i f ' ?"- t M w. W, C! . A '-', sl f i'-at . 1: . . We 1' A he N ' Q- 5 X A bg, X it ' 'll ist ll X ' J.. J A., 'A' W 5 Y by buying S0's, Ruth Kamischke Jean Kapka Bernadette Kapuscinski Bernard Kapuscinski Hugo Karp Mary Kasprzyk Virginia Kaufmann Myrna Keaner Robert Kearful Arthur Keith Kay Keller Ruth Kellogg Patricia Kelly Walter Kemerer John Kemp William Kendall Marlene Kern Myrline Kern Jerry Kessel Allen Keyser Peter Keyser James Leroy Kimmel Al King Mary Ann Kingsbury Charles Kleekamp Clifford Klein Gale Kleinert James Kleintelder Nancy Kleinschmidt Paul Klempnow Helen Knapp Nancy Kneuss James Knezek Hilda Knoerr Katherine Knoerr ' supporting our team, and "making faux MS" fe. gf. E sc : fs-F 'll ,ill , - - , V A. n A. xg X , V -Q 'X filffl' A W ,li J me ' J pl , 6 S if if ee I V ohm, 'A .As ll MX ix M .B .xl J A is A l A'L ' Q 1 6- yi A , K V , Q 1 3 , ' J' lm J. Qt A 1 h.. . fl A ..l.:l. 1 gl uk 'ex ' .4 'B 111 J Richard Hummel Patricia Humpal Terrance Humpal Donald Humpert Theodore Hunt Joyce Hunter Angelina Hurney Elaine Inman Jean Irving Barry Jacob Patricia Jacques Nancy Jakes Ernestine Japcinski John Jeffords Joan Jewett Barbara Ann Johnson Barbara Jean Johnson Kenneth Johnson Marilyn Johnston Barbara Jones Beverly Jones Robert Jones Catherine Jones Shirley Jones Eugene Jutzi Pat Kabat Cal Kaefer lnese Kamalclnieks 6' Q- it J 101' in fi- 1 -Q J 'XR bac. -,. Mx s- ,A 6 5 A QD li o X14 l I 5 X X. if f Glenn Knoll Patrick Knox Ernest Koeplin Fay Koeplinger Ronald Koeplinger Robert Kohn V James Kolhotf , Ronald Korbein Pat Kosht Dorothy Krass Barbara Krauss Marilyn Krauss Roberta Krenz i N Harvey Kretschrner I Donald Kross Betty Krueger Donald Krueger Lorraine Kruscke Richard Kruse David Kruske if "fl 'J 'Y-' "- -rf d A lil 12. til? rv ,Q 1 lc ' ., . iier J l J ' V Mr a F O . A1 px E ,Hg lk ti X qw H ,F JJ Ag K A,1 Q' . if L, I Er: 1 A A 5' Q. V Ai. ip Q " 6 4,4 P 6 51 ,ll ,, 5: WE TRAVEL THE ROAD TO HONORS Charles LaBeau Lawrence LaBelle Norman LaBrenz Eleanor LoClair Paul Laesch Patricia LaFlair Alfred LaFreniere Ann LaLonde Jack LaLonde Sue LaLonde Beverly LaLone Shirley Lambert Norma Lamont Thomas Larnpel Kathleen Larnrouex Lola Lamrouex Robert Landeryou Victor Landeryou Edwin Landon Patsy Langdon Ronald Lange Ellen Langeneck Henry Langschwager Patricia Lannon David Lantz Esther Larkin Ray Larkin Gerald Larson Francis Lawrence Barbara Leaman John Leaman Elaine Lear Evelyn Lear Marge LeCronier Beverly Lee 5. 1'5- 4.-N FF Q, T' A Q N fl ! IN , it R J 1 1 3 459 S st l -xg G' ' l gg 'Z' ... . ... P lv 6 J, . t I Lil.. .aaa l ,Mfr T2 v A 4. f I QU' GP lwlfll R ' J," Ez. W I 1 J 6- 5- , -L." Barbara Kurszlca Betty Krzyaniak Thomas Kubiak Lorna Kuch John Kueffner Ronald Kuhlmon Janet Kwaiser George Kyle ' 6 X .RL ,J S in . -1 AJ R. Q- M 'w fs ' X' Wi-:ll 14,11 mf. " ' Q- X l :LA .x 112 N 1 Q John Leece James Leedke Keith Leeman Shirley Leeman Marilyn LeGear Ruth Leinberger Claude Lemmer Kay Lernmer Lorraine Leonard Richard Leslie Catherine Leuenberger Donald Leuenberger Richard Lewis Joyce Leyrer Maurice Leyrer Joseph Licavoli Phyllis Licavoli Beverly Lieffers Dorothy Limberg Henry Lincoln Lois Lincoln Richard Link Hugh List Marilyn Little Shirley Little Beverly Littleiohn Barbara Litzner Carolyn Llewellyn '-q, C i ia za 1 A -7, ca -3. q, A ai- 5 N. l 7' . -1. ', K sl V? 5 6" "QB I u Y-cv' V! ,N ,F J 1?-'S is A iw. ,"""4i , , ,L L "' - " , 5 yi 3 5, .K N K 'Q :" ll' f S' E nv- z ,. 2 T .e U v ' K .4 7 x l ' I k A . V4 s-2' f- 1- . ' -f 36 aaaa 4: L L. -5 5 1 BT A i Q. 1 Nh . F A 4 is S' S - 'H - Nici ,"' F N V? if f 2- L 1- L ' W A Sylvia Lodes Judy Lodge cr' J ees' my J Q, by assuming responsibility, studying, and "campaigning" We . 1 V mi 1-' Q ,, F, ' 1 Q Y Q 1 Lffxyli J gf ,so J To sf Q . G: Q- s Q' 73 -vt t J' I h V s Q i s Q Ai 5' i .1 J' sf .' gf? . "- is L R' Il ,i - V 'rs ' 'lt .7 . 'i , . l ' - I is X 545. Q X H' ' 4 . l Q . 3' 1- 8 ty t G " 1 -G' W 'QF ,, 4-,X ,t S 5 W Y Q- l 1 . V k I . mt 5' A ox- ' 02 Q V L ' L X N gl' I W L Ax 6' 94' NA A ll Z A '50 4 + N X .L l J L A iivfw 113 Phyllis Loesel James Loiacano Joseph Loibl Frederick London Eleanor Long Joyce Long Janet Lord Lawrence Louchart Thomas Louchart Shirley Lowden Leah Luark Wayne Luark James Luplow Russell Luplow Thomas Luxton Ted Luzenski William Maas Thomas Macamber Barry MacRae Gerry Maczik Patricia Maeder Jerry Maier Lillian Mae Maier Glenda Main Margie Malzahn Frances Manchester Barbara Mann Alice Mannion James Markle Richard Marr Joyce Marti Eugene Martin Jerry Martin V l Ai J. Martindale B ' " Warren Marx 'X i K L V William Mason 9 .2 .V lf".i -A FV 19 V arf 'fs' 9-' 5' l Ruth Maynard 'E . V :Lx gg Ben Mayne ' . ' -f ' 4 Vivian Mazzola , I 4 - ' X si V" H V Celia McBratnie . 'N 1 KIEA psig' Thomas McClure James McCormick I ' Vg V N125 Robert McCoy ' A GV N ' a. N . lun- Herbert McCullagh C , V -' Q' "' ' ' . -N ' 1 Q. David McDermid ii ' - V' V ' V ' V T Delores McDonagh . H N , V ' ' ' . f K 4 ROY McEwen + J 441- A Ir Donald McGiaughlin y Robert McGregor Theresa Mclnnis ' ' Marvin Mclntosh 3 1 it. f. 'V' ' . 7' J A "' V James Mclntyre - V Q -1, ' :L v V N- h -. Carol McMacken V? f V Y Y Patricia McMahon I J, " A A i Robert McMahon I 'A' ' V Patricia McManus June McMath James McMillan V 'J .. v- ' A -ii. Marlene McMillan fins. G P- 8 B 1. ie " 0 ,1 5, . " " it . " John Mead Q.. WW ' 'F Larry Meehleder pa A L, V A A my A , ' A J - L A --. I i i DJIA K .. sn r I Dale Mertz V Margaret Metiva ' , ' 'li an 6 2 'Gi' Q, 3' -' 'F' J ,l3c?l?erCAMg3er I NX ,' f I I 7 Eva Meyer girl " ,ru 9' ,fr I ' Fred Meyer li l , f -I . X'VV fx Norman Meyer .. -1 J ' all f ' Shirley Meyer H" A -- ,- Robin Meyers Q ' e J Janice Macnniska aft' ' 5- ' ii 9 gg VV 5 Bonnie Mier . i I ,-- , ' Betty Milbrandt .ov Q ' L A 7 Arlene Miller - K. V hi Beverly Miller ' U ' Gerald Mailer ,M ,I ,N Jeanne Miller " ' fi ' Jon Miller V 1 ,Vs Marlyn L. Miller 1' 9 . . wif J 'np ' Rolliene Miller 1? L. 5 W Sally Ann Miller xg V 'Ei ' , Q Shirley Miller il, 'V A , V Z- , "h""f'. L 4 '- l it A if Ak ,A r 'fir Ja!-'I View K ldo Mauwnrd Darrell Milstead Kenneth Miner V ' Audrey Minaus g 3 'V' v 5 is Q' - ,,, Rae Joyce Minnis ' ,' ' f 45x 1 B Joyce Minns ef L' X' 'ir' ' M J Barbara Miska . lv ,w i J , Beve I Mitchell 4 A D ' bi kliiwigf' A 'V ' Cairlr bodrall V Gerald Moeller V 1' ' Miriam Moeller s. .vs I 4. " i Larry Moffett fu- ' ' vie , , -- B ci P 6 ii . W 'J A 1- I A 6 .lacaueline Mohland , Q 5- ,' ite: I E5 'U' 'r :I Ronnie Mohn 1 ..Z,kVV A el Q 114 ir. ' s 711. J., I ' fl' " " ff' 'i T' 5 5. ,, ,if .3 x . , . A NMA ' l , Defy' t I W' - e by 'ii C 3 1 M ri i ee 'Wife' .s.. 15, .LA 'S' ' K' R - rl W v il' i A Q 1 I ii - Q0 ll Fx ey, fi -:rail 9 ri A .Q h iwuv k ll ri J ...Ill 'ai'-xx I 'xii 16:-.1 1. r .ss M Q 1- Q 7 by being sincere, sympathetic, and "throwing parties" Jerry Norris Donald Nuerminger V Ruth Newman Dorothy Nice - Charles Nichols r """ Gi , fa g 'T A Pauline Nichols l 't . Vw' J 'H- Bonnie Niederstadr A 'gf Joan Niederstadt ly ' is in Patricia Noblet V ' W Jack Nuerminger Robert Nusz .. 71 Helen Oatten vs, - of ve -' . tc' i fg- Janet O'Brien A ' f N I X f sony aafaen ,. .,,, 4 J Q 5' ah' t if l 1 X- George O'Connell Nancy O'Connor Janice O'Donnell Joan Oelfke i, V, , I T.. .la Richard Mohnk Ronald Moldenhauer Alfred Moll Mary Monk Roy Monsees Onalee Mooney Darlyne Moreland Catherine Marello Judith Moretti Janice Morford William Morris Mary Ann Muehlenbeck Gary Mueller Barbara Munger James Munger Charles Murdoch Donald Nagy Gwen Near Donald Needham Carol Neiderquill Kenneth Neiderquill Richard Neiderquill Betsey Nelson Marlene Nelson Dale Neumann Robert Neumann Herbert Neuwirth Bernadine Neveau w S' ' as 6, , 4 .f 'E'f-43:5 ,,..:r., W . L ' J U 9' '. y gl, , ' 'H '- 11-v' U95 Bruce Ordway Gary Ordway .. X K, al Mary alan ," ..r cg '5' kit if 'Y l n Lillian Ormsby Carol O'Rourke Allan Orr Jack Otter Terry Packard Shirley Pagenkopf Robert Pankonin Shirley Papst Alfred Parcham Michael Parisi Carole Parker Donna Parker Lila Parks Sally Parks ,Los w 1 .lr "' X . sf ' 5, - i . : - X is -, -.-r mlm l 'fir 7 J J fir l i l il 1. W ,"' " . 'V .L , X. 115 A55 .. R I if I s Q' . ati er il .A x ,l -55.4 ' ig .ip " ' 57' 'Fr me i ' L, , I f Q .:uMs:,, I 6 I I 'H ' A , A it ta.. J V 'F Vs' l tg ,fa K ' A .75 1 , Y n"f.q uf gl Q- as 1 " 'K ri, -i "' Xu, I l ' + f:' 1 . 1 . J IA f 0 If WE TAKE ON RESPONSIBILITY Norma Powers I " " W 4 A 4 Q Mary Powlus In gg i,v "' , X '. 5 ' .. ig Q D 1 A3 , b Nancy Powlus ' X f" - A William Pratt M Q. Agnes Premo E . - - . Glenda Premo f- J - "Qi 5' it 3 , s Dorothy Pressley ,A V , Ruth Priern Dennis Princing V , , A 1 m, ver Q Judy Princing V it George Prine t' i- ' ,','!,: Donald Pringle .:,. David Proux S, Q. Ji ,sw I I "' 5 'iv I Marcia Provencher Robert Pumford Yvonne Purigroski Lynn Quackenbush i 5- --J ., 4 M Judy Qualman R, it . l Q Robert Radina . V I Evajean Railling 1 Vj ' , Joan Randall I A J fl Loretta Rant L M Patricia Rau Roberta Raupp G: K A 8 Joseph Rawson Betty Raymond Betty Raysis Arthur Reardon Ann Reavey Dorothy Reed Robert Reed ' w ir 5 1- ' I wx Jw' ss f r .ir ,my ' 6 Allan Reeves A 6-IJ. 4 fu. 62' Shirley Reichard 9, ' QQ ' 3 Nancy Reid 7: V' I ' ff' 5 fr' L 'Q' ' L 116 17545 V ii! 'Q 4. Ai X S I cl, YY til.. nxt rg Sv 1 '. fi? , uf: '43 z? 3 K. 5,1 I 'Y '2- U4 in Vesta Parks Franklin Passon Lawrence Passon Joan Payne Georgia Perrigo June Perrin John Perrot Burnell Perry James Perry Janette Perry Edwin Person Dorine Peters Sandra Peters Shirley Peterson Dolores Pflueger Carol Pfund Lynn Phair Roger Phillips James Pickelrnann Marie Pietsch Ruth Pine Donald Plamp James Plamp Robert Plater William Plater Darlene Pleuss Jo Ann Pockrandt Lucien Pol 8. S i A V d.!V W T., . 'Q-1 'I ,Tlil L. Cf M ' gl M 'F' 0 i 1' E ' ' -I Q, in James Reidlinger Alvin Reimer Donald Reimer Fred Reinig Carla Reinke Mary Reinke Ralph Reinke Thomas Reinke James Reis James Remer Peter Remington Patricia Rennert Marilyn Renz Marian Reynolds Carol Rice Joan Rice Harold Richards Judith Richards Thomas Richards Leo Richir Edwin Richter Franklin Riddick Peter Riefel Shirley Rieaer Roberta Rifkin James Righter Joy Riselay Jean Robertson ei "' J A -'t ' X R, K 'il l 3 1' ' 4' ll .6 V -F ' l 1 " 'Q A .l.' iw Ai AAA .kgs 'Z 5- Q' in gy ' iv 0 ls LCN ! 35 , ss . ,, lk x ' 5' ,I vi C- " til' '-- fi A ni LAL '12 , Ax K ' ", r A-' ll 'if T ill lr I 5 1 Viv' ' l 'Ln R' . s K li' 4 -f' N .5 V A i e ets ls.: ff we -t 0-fl -il! . ""i lm. , A " - I? . 5 4 . ,, ,ff v i . 1 X l, ti-, g right people" Shirley Robertson Ella Robinson Barbara Roche Mary Rodeitcher Roberta Rodgers Kay Roditcher no L 'S' by becoming reliable, good worker, and "knowing the l lg Q1 6 X4 K., ,4. S1 Q ii D J in ., '1 L., s- Q wir C X "'!-1-' 'aus- ',Qv4 F- 49- .625 ,J V, as mm G-1 5 L .5-. A A av Yv- s - 5 if in ,. ,X Ku eg- 5- .v W 1 L. X ,' Af .,. A J Qi I 'Lb 4- - ivy , ll , - Sharlene Roenicke Albert Rohn Leona Rohn William Ramaine Donald Rooker Kenneth Rooker Gordon Roosa Carole Rork Robert Rosa Janice Rosien Carl Rossman Donald Rouech J Jack Rouech David Rowe Kenneth Rowe Nancy Ruble Valerie Ruby Marlene Rueger Barbara Ruff Glenn Ruhlig Nancy Rupp Thomas Rupp William Rupp i 1 cs., , ,. i ii dxf J -rv tn. m- r., N I K ac: Er ' Q3 K' A N Q f M fi l .J V 117 Fred Ruppel Henry Ruppel Janet Ruppel Mildred Ruppel Nancy Rupprecht Arnold Ruskin Jeanne Russell James Rutherford Marilee Ryan Shirley Sager Jerry St. Clair Bruce Sanders Theodore Sapp Patricia Satkowiak Catherine Suave Genevieve Scarborough Phyllis Schaberg John Schallhorn Lou Ann Schallhorn Ward Schanhals Don Scharich Doris Scharrer Carole Scherping Betty Scherzer Jean Schian Irene Schiefer Don Schimpf Robert Schlaefke Mary Schlicker Richard Schluckbier Dolores Schmaltz David Schmidt Herb Schmidt Howard Schmidt - QQ, 'C' - . 8 f 1, l V K A-Ir: ,D cl V. wg- 'xx . if i"-e if 1. A J .i tx l 1.1 l J it , 6 K A i if Q 5.7 fd' K-tr 1' S - - 'S 4.9, at 1, G i' . ,zxl ,, V . 7 Y x my 1 A 5 A 4 R C' Nj , n lf" N N X w RSA .30 lf ,- lxxfilf l X r I N Q5 ,V K. s Q, G l GW . '35-a of -. 1 , ' i , . ,s...4 1, h x 1, in Q ffxl' ,, - X K H i4 v 4 as Betty Schneiaer Betty R. Schneider Loretta Schneider Marilyn Schneider Nancy Schneider Shirley Schneider Corrine Scholtz il all We W 1 I' WE LOOK FURWARD T0 ONCUMING SOPHS 6 Kerin Schrader lerald Schreiner Susan Schriefer Ruthanne Schroeder Gerald Schuch -Q f Jacklyn Schuette S Thomas Schuette J lr: 'SW' - ,ia F 'Q Q, 6' 81 ,W .. is x t eu, ,: , ,Q all if x Lx , 6 gy? . A . 0,1 I F 5 L n llN, Ax 'W Qi ,Q J xl O 45 1 gag L36 fi Q: ' I' Elaine Schuknecht Charles Schultz Cyril Schultz Dale Schultz Morgretta Schultz FQ- " t Ruth Schultz ' Bill Schwartje 54 intl Q... . 7 J I' l- Kaye Ann Schwartz Q .lohn Schwinck U Beatrice Scott ' Gerald Seover Ralph Sebele David Secord I ' Susan Seidel '50 all Q ist ,f Q., lf .ff . A tel Janet Seitz J Doraldyne Sensabaugh I V Phil Serrin ""' James Shaler Wes Shank Carolvn Show - Wayne Shaw m7 f f gg 21 J N' 7 x . V rw 'ij 'L'7 1' A 118 N 41 vom E , L., MS- , 4 r 5' JS ' we gf '1 ,K J , ' li, J, Q E ii' J I' ' fphltxl "W L . l sf f. 'li 'J gf J i S .. 12 0 ' ,. ' t s" xv X nr- ' at . 6' S C Sm 'is' f s -S J , - J , s- ' - ii.-A SN ZLLL J Agn 4 .wen ' ' -155 , , r Q El Jn It f A X A - 3 S' get Q- 'R "' J A AJ Q. J 5- . tv X, ' V N i Q S N sw .ia f f MT V , , 3 Marcia Sheppard Howard Sherman Shirley Sherman Arthur Shields JoAnn Shields Leroy Shoecraft James Shook Sue Shorney Bruce Shrock James Shrontz Betty Shuler Doris Shur Emil Sieggreen Florence Sieggreen Marlene Sieggreen Herb Siemon Virginia Simon Richard Simpson Rita Skabordis Solly Skillcorn John Slachta Dono Slater Elaine Sloboda Amelia Slocum Sallie Slocum Harriet Small Bruce Smith Craig Smith to curry on traditions, help on committees, and "be insignificant" David Smith Donna Smith Joy smith an 1- 4 S f' os' Larry Smith G- vu ' X ' ' 'EQ Patricia Smith 1'-T -'aw ' Paul Smith A y sg? ,I Q - Shirley Jean Smith I AN A U . Sophia Smith Kg Rochelle Smoder ' in :- Elaine Snellenberger ' , S r ' ' ' ' Joan Snow W 6 '59 6 ' sf H 6' 5' Donald Sohn M X ga. X Donna Sohn V A A Bonnie Soldan t - ,gi S ' S A S ' I . -." I ' -S It ' ' Patricia Soltysiak M H. Earl Sommerville Richard Sommers it Nancy Sorgatz ' A f 1 , Q. Jeanne Sovey ,Q - L""7 get s Marjorie Sowatsky 'X t. ' 4- Norman Sowatsky WW J i ' I S f r .- N Mary Lou Spangler A X J Yvid i Edith Sparks Patricia Sparks I Marianne Speace ' - , Edward spechf T gf' , 4 4' 5 9 'I Jennett Spence ' 'W' X L, t l Matilda Spindler Y T' " ' Allen Spousta JA A " E Nancy Sprott as 1 Elaine Sproul W ' ' i Dorothy Stacey A J Y Doreen Staley 4 5 S 1' 1 ' y Suzanne Stamm 5 " H it V Geraldine Stark " - J Q 119 we A-9' ry v-1 is -J 5 Tx v' 0 .I fi .AY-f .53 'U' 'F' 5 gg 1 A wi - ' ,L Katherine Stark Nila Stavely I " ' Gale Steckert i K Q. ,- Sq Robert Steckert V " Richard Steele I L Marilyn Stein Barbara Steinke A Gloria Stevens j John Stevermon George Stewart . X Marjorie Sting i Marilyn Stinson in Catherine Stoddard ' , . Terry Stoddard le 9. in Wm the in - L X Barbara Stone Bill Stoner i Deloris Storch Dolly Storch ' i ' Paula Stormont Dick Street Ted Streussnig A Y, in if ,N . ,, an J f ,. . :-1 w-,. 3 j 3 it A I it Y! ,, ,. Y 1 , 4 ,V xi -si ,, 2 Ss Y 5. .-' , i , w S .-.. ,, ,, v Mary Stricker Edward Strobel Clifford Stroebel Jack Stroebel 5' ls' A gi' -'Q as u Z - Gordon Stropp ' K --it 1. ' . LT- THESE Dolores Suckey Dorothy Suhan Angela Suino Bonnie Sumero James Summerfield Michael Sverid Q iii ,i 4 , Shirley Stuller Donald Styn ALT i t ik li wt . .X wi MARKS OF UNDERCLASSMEN R ie? fee V Q ,. Robert Swain Beverly Swan Kay Swanson Maurice Swarthout Kay Ann Swift Nancy Swift Lillian Szarenski Gary Tallon Dale Taylor Gerald Taylor Walla Jean Teachout Dale Techentien Janice Teck Tom Tefft Shirley Temple Beverly Terrian Robert Terry Willard Tessin Jerry Thick Dale Thiel Leon Thomas Nelson Thomas Dorothy Thompson Shirley Thompson Daneen Thumme Rachel Tiedke Lois Tilley Richard Timmons Albert Trautner 6 Q' if J Y--f we 2 iitt f-.-rx 'Q LAL A T A I Ps 'J V1 K- in T- -. .. - 1 .. .gp S :Q f' QQ X ' ii- ,Al lv i T , ,S J I 'I 'i -.J A , it , in 11:5 1, gc. lk. ml ,, A , ' 5. . 'I if' i .i. S -: 2' 'wif f 1-fri' 11 I , 'T , J 'lf-TwTl ig!" K i-5' 4-'yi . J' T -i f , li T ff' T ' i .s I felt . V. 6. Q It 2' of -Y , i -A L "X Q Q. , L, ' , 4 4, ' - no 'f . YW' x - A Y an i 120 Marcus Trea Pauline Treo Jack Trease Arvin Trepkowski Barbara Trinklein Jean Trinklein Patricia Truskoski Robert Tubb Donna Tuck David Tucker Donald Tunney Donald Turner Donelda Turner Doris Umbach Nancy Ure Elizabeth Ureche Patricia Vallier Jack VanAlstine John VanBlois Leona VanBocxLaer Dick Vance Sondra VanDerstein Kenneth VanElsacker Tom VanGorder Edward VanTiflin Dorothy Vasey Louise Vosold Edwin Park Vincent 4 -'Sw Q Q 'B' in Q Y o 1 1 3 1 - hx 5 W J 1 f X 1 '32, g 'Pisa as Wil X . Q I . A ,. vcr U O L- kd ' K I fx x li fo . Q M ws Q ' I 6' ' 5 L is I: ix' M X ' ll' . ,glksi T . J' eeei uh .fl ', 22 6 lo Q G ' B '? fs:- , ,ll.- , A .,,,, ,E V -4: e are the characteristics of Hillites as Americans 5' Q- J 15 ,Q C -' 6- E' N 1 X X 5. I 4 ' S - a Q' K rv i, ' Qi' 31' "" 4-SM' A " K P L P -'tn Al i ' ff 'Dai' S' 'C S 5' A 26. Li '. L ' 5 V Bn ti . A ' 4 A v S 'A 5 In 'S' ' out 5' "' v Q . L4 Yi .. U ,K in B J ' J "J . .. R - L. f flil i A in A A 121 Glenda Vincent Norman Vinson Ray Voelker Janet Vogel Mary VonSennet Duane Wackerly Don Wade Elaine Wagner Jack Wagner Jim Wagoner Alex Waier Dale Wakeman John Walker Patsy Lou Walker William Wallace Willard Wallgren Thomas Wallis Phyllis Ward Robert Wargo Howard Warnick Virginia Wasalaski Dennis Waters Gloria Watz Barbara Wazny Katherine Weaver Patricia Weaver Carol Webb Charles Weber George Weber Lois Weber Karl Weess Bonnie Wehner Donald Weichert Barbara Weiderhold Dick Weinberg ,i 9' ,yt .P Janet Weir Valerie Weir Gladys Weiss Ruth Weiss Harold Wellendorf Ann Wells Duane Wenzel Richard Wenzel Robert Werth Bernice Westendorf Lee Westendarf Lucille Westendorf Gretta Westin John Westlund Maxine Westphal Jan Wheeler Nancy Whelton Allen White Laurence White Marvin White Barbara Whitmer Thomas Whitney Betty Wickson Dale Wieck Ernest Wiel Anna Willard Dixie Williams Helen Williams .1 M ' J V K rr? ,. si qs 5' G 5 'h in "' G U , ss! ll Aix N 5 l ff A th eerfi. l t 1 'ez , 1- ,. p "-i, -Q ' c X I - Q., fl Af "5 Q t 'J ji . 4 If m 6 x bg 5 J 9 J . I .1 Zh 5. K gtk., A is A 1 I A lla 15. 3 xl A f ' bn! t ' ,R Qi F Q ' A , ' 5, wx v In , ,-.f Ii' I ,, of J 4 - J A Ah WHO ARE PROUD T0 BE i wh 'Q' -LA vf' V 6 V . I 'EQK' ' ' Y-if J .f .i c F J 'Z' i A -Fl w.-4 ! , A - F i Q ji ' I A f "'f I if hgh A shin? A L lx- 1 1 . A ste- 1 fi I 122 Richard Williams Robert G. Williams Sandralee Williams Shirley Williams Ken Willman Mike Willman Alan Wills Larry Wills Catherine Wilson James Wilson Judith Wilson Rae Wilson Sally Wilson Bonnie Wiltse Janice Wiltse Lyle Wiltse Keith Wing John Winston Carole Winterstein Elaine Winterstein Sandra Wise Kenneth Witkowski Marlene Wittmuss Robert Wobig Harvey Wolfe Myrna Wolfe Robert Wolfe Gail Wolfgang Robert Wolfgram Barbara Wood James Woodrow Barbara Woodruff Gail Woolgar George Worden Louis Warmer 'thx' by x r X 1 - f' X I 6- ' I .L l :J Li L 'N . V , ' YN N I 'Ii A S. il ng Q -in gs' wus cy, 4- Q , f E- A , t N' ' L' L AK A L N I s jf' N-15' A - 5.-as J "" R 'l S M L ifi'A Il s L UNDERCLASSMEN WITHOUT PICTURES Beverly Anderson Frances CIWOFIWPOQVHG Morylyn Katz Barbara Barber Ralph Boyne Alice Block Shirley Boivin Janet Burk Jerry Butcher Buddy Collins James Daubert Robert Douglas Bruce Heilbronn Daniel Hensel Victor Holubik Herbert Kleekornp Kenneth Kloha Wilmar Laur Herbert Luplow Robert Morey John Neuendorf 1 ig FJ XL! Judith Pierson Robert Pierson Williom Rauh Bernard Reeder Norma Salvi Richard Schultz Nancy Worthington Richard Wright Ronald Wright Donna Wuelpern Myrna Yancer Mary Yarger Nancy Yarmuth Yvonne Yearsley Gerald Young Pat Young Don Zastrow Marna Zehnder Jack Zeilinger James Zeilinger Myra Zeilinger Leonard Zorn Phyllis Zumer Bradley Zuver Fred Zwerk Kenneth Short James Slapp Richard Smith Lorne Thompson Vincent Wienecke Frances Wiltse part of Arthur Hill Hillites whose parents graduated with the Class of '27, which celebrates its 25th REUNION this year are, top row, left to right: JANET ZEILINGER, DON DEZELSKY, CONRAD SEIDEL, PAT JAQUES, ELAINE INMAN, TOM DEZELSKY, DON TURNER, HERBERT GERBER, KELLY HENDRICK, ROBERT DUCHARME, RONNIE GOODWIN, front row: DICK DAY, JUDY DAY, BARBARA GERBER, JEAN BOCH, JIM REID- LINGER, SANDRA VANDERSTEIN, DAVID ANDER- SON, and KEITH WING. Missing from the picture are: Marion Stein, Arnold Stein, and Donelda Turner. F' if A .- -J f'1 ' ' A-11 COIIIIIIIIIIH Investing our knowledge by assuming responsibility is one fine way for self-advertisement. Hillites are but representatives of the progress resulting from the prac- tice of an American ideal-free enterprise. If we can pro- tect and treasure the pulley of business competition there will be no need for unstable economy. ucking 125 Hilliles Bob Kingsbury and Sally Wallace know that for the best in all kinds of furnilure if's always Art Sample FURNITURE CO. 200-204 N. Washington Avenue ANDERSOWS a .. . - The Home of the Famous Tenderloin Steaks And Steak Sandwiches ".lUST GOOD FOOD" 311 NORTH HAMILTON STREET DIAL 8101 GLENN E. BARTON, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 5-8061 J. E. HARVIE, D.D.S. 402 11'icrhm:1nn Building PHONE 2-5815 J. A. MAURER, M.D. 520 11'esl Genesee 1'honc 2-2193 LEWIS C. PINNEY, D.D.S., M.S. Orlhmlrmiics Ii.w:luxii'ely 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 5-8061 DR. A. G. GARDEY DENTIST 610 Second National Bank Building BRUCE L. HAYDEN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN 514-16 Graehner Building Phone 5-5151 HERVEY C. MERRILL, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-8516 DR. ELMER G. SCHAIBERGER PHI'SICIA.N' lmrl Sl'RfiIi0.'V 1520 North hllflllgllll Avenue 126 RAYMOND A. HART, D.D.S. 417 North Michigan Avenue Phone .Z-8516 l .i.i.. DR. ARTHUR F. KETTLEHOHN DENTIS T 1902 james Slreel Phone +2611 MAURICE H. PIKE, D.D.S. 204 Goff Building Phone 2-4183 WALTER K. SLACK, M.D. HAR-.X'0.SE-'l'HRUA'I' Box limlrly Ilnilcling Phone 2-6011 Floral plants are the ideal gifts for holidays and special occasions. Clerk Henry Steltz- riede '48 shows Dick Cansfield and Pete Nagel one of the many plants that can be purchased at Goetz 8- Roeser's. GOETZ and ROESER Florist 200 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE -111 W. L. CASE AND COMPANY 413 ADAMS STREET Ambulance Service Funeral Directors DIAL 3-5441 CRANE-CRANE 84 KESSEL Atlorneys and C ounxelors MARTIN Cr MARTIN 1 ld Attorneys-at-Law - 7 . . . 308 9 -nd Natxona Bank Bun mg 306.303 Graebner Building Dial 2-2159 TRAVEL ON ANDERSON BOOK STORE To "Come in and browse around" THE AVALON I I9 S. jefferson Phone 1-6505 Curb Service Good Food 5505 State Street O D BIERLEIN DRUGS I "P-rexrription Druggixf' JEMZLR, l 50 I Court Street BRADY, SCHIRMER 81 COMPANY INSURANCE 1005 Second National Bank Bldg. I I2 South jefferson CARTER SHOP House of Fashions fl2I Court and 219 Federal 127 WEADOCK 8' WEADOCK Attorneys and Counselors 302 Bearingcr Building Phone 2-4893 BESE FOOD MARKET Groceries, quality meats ' Homemade Ice Cream ' Cottee and Hamburgs 545 I Court Street 518 WEST GENEIEE AVENUE drug andbsurglw store PllfSlllllf'll0Il EXPERTS SURGICAL FITJIRS PHONE 2-6666 X ,J ,st S 3 , We .vide Frankenmuth students make up a large per cent of the German Club. These students bring to the school the ancestral tongue of their town and help non-Frankenmuth students in speaking German. Students singing at a German Club meeting are, top row, left to right: Irene Bickel, Lois Kraftt, Myrta Roedel, Dale Dewitt, Barbara Johnson, Mildred Nuechterlein, Delores Starch, Delphine Schmit- zer, Jean Heine, Pat Cheney, Dorothy Brenner, Ruth Mossner, Marilyn Brinkman, and Hildegard Bickel. Fechter Hardware Franconian Inn FRANKENMUTH MERCHANTS Rau Brothers Rummel Brothers Rupprecht's Frankenmuth Sausage Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Frankenmuth State Ba FranKENmuth Theater nk Satow Drug Store H. J. Schluckebeir Simpson's Gift Box Star of West Milling Hubinger Super Market Nuechterlein Supply Company Nuechterlein-Wendt Funeral Home Oscar Rau Electric Weiss Farm Equipment Zehnder's Hotel Elmer Zehnder Garage Zehnder's, Incorporated 128 93 unees of ro ross No one Could ever call a typical 1880 telephone operator light-headed. Especially when she had her headset on- all six pounds six ounces of it. That 1880 headset, though, was a good piece of equipment-the hest of its day. But with its hox-like transmitter and leather harness, it C0llltlllii, by any stretch of the imagination, he called eonifortahie. Today, of course, it's a different story. The telephone operator now wears a streamlined headset that weighs only nine ounees-93 ounves less than the 1880 model. lt fits her like a new spring bonnet and makes her joh as the "Voice with a Smile" easier than ever before. And speaking: of johs, if yon,rc graduating this year, and are looking for an interesting, important joh, Michigan Bell may have one for you. Why not drop in soon for an interview? MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Employment Office: 309 South Washington 129 rv""' ,fv Clerk Mrs. Ruth Mannion '24 shows Judy Rankin and Kay Matson the latest in per- fumes. Girls, be sure to visit our cosmetic department. GRANGER and NITZ PHARMACY 2620 State Street COSMETICS and PRESCRIPTIONS use DON BRADY CHARLES WADE lt- BAUER snos. INC. " ,,,, BRADY and wAoE onucs HART SCHAFFNER 8 MARX "PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTSH 8' For CLIPPERCRAFT CLOTHING 410 Court Street . CULVER-DEISLER CO. Corner of Genesee and Jetterson Phone Z-8565 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS DELUXE DRY CLEANERS 618 Gratiot S-S488 Bay of !Plvnll 5-1531 FARMER 8: TONKS Incorporated OPTOMETRISTS AND UPTICIANS 117 South Franklin Street lli- General Distributing Corp. 205-207 South Sccontl PHONE 2-6181 COSMETICS, VITAMINS, ANY DOCTOR'5 PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED HERE 630 Gratiot Avenue Dial 8633 4K il ,ft 4 CUNNINGHAM onuss - h. 424 East Genesee ' 9 PHQNE 2.1955 201 East Genesee Avenue Dial 8914 WILLIAM E. DENGLER'S PHARMACY 1001 Gratiot at Porter .ll- FRIENDLY SHOE STORE 406 Court Street Phone 8562 HEAVENRlCH'S SEA .SON SKIPPER 301 East Genesee Phone 2-6151 130 .-. -1 Clothing for ilu' Entire. l".:mily A. E. ENSMINGER 84 CO. 121 North Hamilton Phone 2-6571 GATELY'S 120-150 South Franklin HANS HEGELHEIMER DRAPERIIES 1100 Court Street Phone 8751 -in Selecting senior jewelry rnakes you feel like a real senior. Mr. George Hagerl shows Dick Shulaw and Carolyn Moeller the different types of school rings. HAGERl'S JEWELRY . . . 1122 S. Michigan and THE H. R. TERRYBERRY CO. . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan "Official Ring or Pin Dealer and Manufacturer" --1..-1-1 ,--1-l.-1 .1. --1-.-l DRAPER CHEVROLET WURLITZER Piano and Organ For 25 years your Chevrolet DAVIS MUSIC HOUSE dealer 315 COURT STREET HELFRECHT MACHINE CZOINIPANY 414 South Hamilton Street Li--1-lik ITTNER FURNITURE FRED 1'r'rNER, Class of '14 416-418 Hancock Street PAUL KRAUSE CLOTHING CO. MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 404 Court Street Dial 8563 MacARTHUR ROOFING and SHEET METAL COMPANY 3046 Carrollton Road 1450 North Michigan Phone 8166 HOTEL FORDNEY 401 Court Saginaw, Michigan JAECKEL - RAU CLOTHING 107 South jefferson Phone 2-4474 WM. A. LANGE 81 SON 219 North Hamilton AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING MACDONALD AND STINGEL OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Phone 7062 408 West Genesee Avenue 131 HOUSE OF LINENS 1311 North Michigan Avenue PHONE 2-5002 it-11-1 Kalamazoo Stove and Furnace 310 Federal Avenue PHONE 2-9022 O TRUNK CO. 415 East Genesee MARTIN'S DRUG STORE 1500 Gratiot Avenue 1' 1 EDWARD MEYER AND SON INSUROR AND REALTOR 420 HANCOCK STREET ENRIGHT-TOPHAM COMPANY Mr. Edward H. Meyer and Mr. Edward Me er display their system of buying and sellil real estate to Mary Middlebrook and E Case. PHONE 3-4486 EVANS and THOMAS YELLOW CAB A thinking fellow calls a YELLOW 218-240 North Baum Phone 2-3117 M. A. McMULLEN MIESSNER MUSIC SHOP CARPETING 220 South Baum Street 311 South Michigan MUELLER BROTHERS Hickey-Freeman Cuxtomized Clotlae: Hotel Bancroft Building Jarvis-Yawl-:ey Court Nuechterlein Jewelry 114 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone 2-5041 132 300 Court Street Heating and Plumbing Dial 2-9682 MIl.LER'S HOME BAKERY Home Made Potato Bread Pies - Cakes - Cookie: 2602 State Phone 2-2553 JERRY OSTLER FLOWERS for all OCCASIONS 221 jefferson 'l-1!ll"l.l:.! 4 h1m:Q'!i'I1 I- I ,ug-:I A I -I ::i13"1: 1iI.Ia1i., '-"' we ----3'M""" WM ' I-I : - ff A , L W f-v-- - W . . " A .,f,eg--'--,vi ,E T554 .jf vel I 3 A It f L:-:,sf4i 2 2 , ' I ,: 5, 3 4 Q . ee-IE I Ex if : 1. 'E 'T' 2 5 N., 51 ..,. C .1 -' -1 wif- 141, , VI ef . - 3 j 74-5.1 - I: Qi ---- '- ,,fTZ,'if1Jx ZZ' :v s -M--'lk 1.2: . ik liz. x ,, , ' A ,Q , 'A 2: I i. "'n-- ' "Q 1,2 15.1 ee-,gs Q ' E Q Q I ,., In Q ..,, ,,,. , I 9 I, 5 'Im fe' 'i55EfE-.::-I:-: 1.1.- -I If-If ,. ,. ...., ,,..,1.1.:.1f:-2:11'5:z,a:1' - " . 'l 'ttf Qst , ""1"'-as- MICHIGAN NI-ITIIINI-Il HANK Drive in Bunk-Parking Loi Out State Michigan's Largest Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DRESSES SUITS FERRIS BROTHERS HWENMTOPLEASEU Genesee af we,,e,, EAT Mons MICHIGAN BEANS 404 Congress Diql 2-3121 COATS FORMALS POR-I-ERFIELD PURE CII. PRODUCTS STASSLO SERVICE "Fuel Qfl ,eg 1,5 Beg" WM. C. RONEY 81 COMPANY AGENTS 1208 Second National Bank Building COMPLETE MOTOR CAR SERVICE Fred Ruhlig Steve Hozeska T lx h 7782 7783 Phone 2-8864 17m S-I-ATE ST. 2128 Diendorfer 600 N. Seventh e gp ones ' ' Phone 4-9443 Phone 2-0590 AUTO PARTS cAImuREToR ai IGNITION HDQTRS. SAGINAW CITY LINES' Inc' sAGINA:glIAc:A:r:D COAL RUSSELL ELECTRIC 505 North Water 1915 N, Michigan at Genesee PHONE 3-1116 Phone 2-6194 222 North Niagara -l.i1, 133 Mr. Victor Meyer explains real estate and man and Jack Alexander. VICTOR MEYER REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 106 North Hamilton Street Saginaw, Michigan "WHEN BETTER CARS ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" "WHEN BETTER SERVICE IS GIVEN, GARBER WILL GIVE IT" 110 WEST GENESEE Home Bread 'ESSEX REP-9 Your Favorite and Mine GEORGE ELECTRIC Distributors STAFUL !.l'I!l'.l!!E It's GRANVILLE'S 512 POTTER STREET for good shoes for the entire family. N. Hamilton Phone Telephone 2-4653 Established 1882 insurance service to Hillites Ronald Ding- THE LAMP THAT LIGHTS THE WAY ALONG THE ROAD OF HEALTH T 'ef I-: Pa I I 5 fi53X ,' -,-X ' J PROPER NOURISHMENT HIGH QUALITY FOOD MAY BE SECURED FROM OUR ABUNDANT SUPPLY RUPPRECHT'S FOOD MARKET FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 419 North Michigan THE "SAmNAw'5 'ILiLl-IGRAPII t JEFFERSON AT TUSCOLA AMBULANCE SERVICE sAc3lNAw's THREE GREAT THRIFT CENTERS HOME DAIRY COMPANY Famous Names At 403 E. Genesee Avenue J A C 0 B S 0 N 1 S PARK and SHOP SUPER MARKETS Near Genesee Street Bridge on Niagara S96 Ol-Il' Line of 315 S. Michigan X Buy with confidence and luuycen casual shoes Save at our Stores X "White sfdgu SPOHSWCCI' GIQIHP3 Jefferson at Federal 135 Margaret Schoon and Kenneth Willman tie their bowling shoes and get ready for a game to see who can throw the most strikes. MOOSE BOWLING Al.lEYS 220 N. HAMILTON WALTER F. HUTFILZ Trucking and Welding Gravel ' Tanks Made To Order 2850 BAY ROAD SAGINAW, MICHIGAN ,mo svn 4 s , , - x-X N46 l'lllZElllilEll , wo 40 THE FRANKENMUTH NEWS winner of the T951 National Editorial Association first prize for fine printing, is happy and proud that it has been the printer of your own prize-winning ARTHUR Hlll NEWS Ti-is FRANKENMUTH NEWS News Building Fronkemuth, Mich. QUALITY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY THE JOCHEN SHOES 420 East Genesee Avenue SINCE 1891 . W. IPPLE CO. Dry Goods Court Street and Michigan Avenue Clerk Arda Shook is ready to help Leslie Neehleder and Gwen Near select the latest in popular records from Morley's rec- ord department. 45' MORLEY BROTHERS 115 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE mn, ,fl 1-113.1-11111 xv' y N EWMA NS Salutes the Graduates! SAGINAW'S FASTEST GROWING FASHION STORE IN AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING CITY Leaders in Women's Apparel Worth Asking For T General Offices, Saginaw, Michigan - MINETTE SHOP lO9 East Genesee WEDDING GOWNS BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES PHONE 3-8211 UFKIIV am' i- Wss, I.. ww ri..-. umm ,g',q,'5' ,. ...-. .,, M, .,-- .vm I ... W, .s sm .. W.. V . ' 1 ' -2f'f,.::fq:,.,:,:: " A- ' V - : m I-Ay - I xnnwxliln :mi ' gl z sm' f..w53., I IL, TOOLS, TAPES and RULES Luikin Precision Tools, Tapes and Rules help the student and apprentice get ahead in the technical field. They give him the feeling of confidence and accuracy that skillful workmanship demands. In the future, specify Lufkin Tools. fllfllll-'l0lYf0Lt'6,0 f, ff f ,If . vAnr'i 'ff' 9 0 f I - t Y . , - 1, I .'A.. K ,J I 2 .QI A ' ,ff of " Q-', ini' 45' 'W 3, , X ' ' 1 11- if ' ,A "How about going lo the PIK NIK DRIVE IN, , Q ,WWW I .4 , ,nw , H I U ' ft I I h, f - f ' I ,ifmifsfif Kay? K. ff , ' Vai L' 5 A "It's a date, Bob. They serve the best Red Hats 1 V I, 5-, fy, -L V4 g Y. . and Malteds-definitely different." A ' '- m ,ry 4' ' V . , QW... "You're so ri ht! Evervthin the serve is su er." A I V? 1 't ' I I ,K e . g y P 0 I ,ij I 1 In 5' I ja 0 f J I ' ff' X 5 PIK NIK DRIVE IN . If-f n f I wi It-og I I . Q, vet ,IQ f If - ff I Q1 f V .I DI I IIN , ito at ,A ' f -+5 it , , . -- , , 'ja 5' 1, FOUINTAIN SHOR I' ORDERS DINNERS www Ii .ff 'few' ,eewmmie ' + ' S lm Curb and Dining Room Service X. .N I -f 7 - f U I . t 'v - """ NORTHERN SUPPLY COMPANY Jousns AND msnusurons OF AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS Saginaw Bay Mt. Pleasant RAI N BO is good Bread RAMSHAW PHOTO SERVICE PHONE 2-6741 206 Dearborn DEVELOPING - PRINTING - ENGRAVING We Specialize In Oversize ALBUM Style Prinls QUICK SERVICE TRAVELO Trailer Coaches MANUFACTURED BY RAYMOND PRODUCTS COMPANY INC. Saginaw Central Oil and Gas Co. Office - 1420 Court Street Phone L6545 Garage - 1304 Bay Street Phone 2-1570 Station - 1120 W. Genesee Avenue Phone 9484 SAGINAW OIL COMPANY 300-310 JANES AVENUE Phone 2-2522 TE CO TEXACO PRODUCTS Hillites Bill Maas, Pat Walker, and Sally Miller wait to be served for their sodas at ROYT DRUGSTORE 124 NORTH MICHIGAN PHONE Q 2-2872 THE SEAL-O-CO STATIONS 2114 S. Michigan 1418 State 1304 Gratiot 1519 Mackinaw 777 No. Washington SKYCRAFT HOBBIES "We Sell Fun For Everyone" 412 Hancock Phone 3-3541 lNAW'S FRIENDLIEST STORE' SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Federal at Genesee Phone 3-8411 O-BOY I GOOD I Pies that melt in your mouth Cakes that ask to be eaten Bread that will make good food taste better "Just Like Mom's" SPATZ BAKERY 1 120 State Street EAT . . ENJOY . . . VANITY BOX BEAUTY SHOP 202 s. Michigan W S C N h ne - P " 29644 ICE CREAM 829 Gratiot AND OW. . . AUTO B N Q SERVICE 5-1 'Q Ji 453- .. cfffCUi'1r 1 K I NI.nsf2J.1Qs4m.., rav4xcnaf"'Y?'iI'Ff?4i.r 'IAJIJ I-uQ,L. SEIIUNII NATIllNAL'S AUTII IIANII 0 504 SUIITH WASHINIITIIN AVENUE SECO D NATIO L BANK AND TRUST C0 PA Y UF SAGINAW SUIVTII SIDE 0I"I"l1II:I MAIN OFFICE WEST SIDE OFFICE Forclne-y and CPIIIPI' IIPIIHHPP at Ivan-xllington Court and Hamilton Phone- 8255! Phone' 2-2I5I. Phone 8I59 UI.lIES'I' AND LARGEST BANK IN SAGINAW .Ilmnlwr Fwleral llvposil 'lISHl'lllll'P fforporalion 140 ARTHUR HILL students are drinking milk for health! Bill Morris, Jim Woodrow, and AI Keyser drink Saginaw Dairy milk at the lunch table. if M 1. Win. I f" SAGINAW DAIRY COMPANY 1743 East Genesee Avenue The Wickes Corporation WICKES BOILER COMPANY DIVISION WICKES BROTHERS DIVISION UNITED STATES GRAPHITE COMPANY DIVISION 141 ,fi Sue Hurst and Feral Compton are pleased with the fine sweaters displayed by clerk Barbara Pearson. -Q- WM. C. WIECHMANN CO. 112-118 JEFFERSON SAGINAW HARDWARE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS APPLIANCES 200-210 S. Hamilton TOOLS HARDWARE HOUSEWARES SAGINAW PHOTO SUPPLY "Your Kodak Dealer" 515 E. Genesee Phone Z-7962 - 1- .i SCHWAHN-VAN AUKEN- GRAEBNER INC. Iuxunmce Since 1856 202-203 Graebner Building Dial 5-8511 1 SHEA'S the best in Equipment for ALL SPORTS Yum' Spaulding Dealer 509 ESISI Genesee Phone 2-7643 STOLZ SERVICE STATION STANDARD out DEALER 5451 State Street SCHIRMER DRUG CO. Corner Hoyt 8: Sheridan Established 1885 L11-111-111, SCHWAB JEWELRY 504 E. Genesee TELE. 49221 SMITH HARDWARE S PORTING GOODS Phone 4-6595 600 Gratiot Avenue SUGAR BEET PRODUCTS CO. FURNIIILA SKIN CLEANSER "The Iluuxloword of lndustry" 502 Waller St. 142 SCHULTZ and FULLER Hotpoint Applium'1's-Ilurdzurlre 626 GR.YI'I0'I' AVENUE --ill SCIENTIFIC BRAKE and EQUIPMENT COMPANY 314 West Genesee Phone 8144 STATE BEAUTY SHOP 1103 State Street PHONE 3-4984 TECHNICAL HAT SHOP 409 Court Street 11Ien's and Boys' FIl7'lIi,flIIPIgS Clerk Bob Williams serves Bob Baustert and Jean Leuenberger for an after-school snack. WEINBERG - PANKONIN Drugs MICHIGAN at COURT Our savings and home financing facilities are being used by hundreds of Arthur Hill graduates. Let us explain the advantages of placing your savings or financing your home af SAGINAW SAVINGS AND LUAN ASSOCIATION 407 COURT STREET "oN ru: FRIENDLY wssr sms" , FINER THAN EVER 2824 No. MICHIGAN AVE. Therese School of Costume VALLEY sweets COMPANY WAI-I-ACE DRUGS Design and Fashion Illustrated 312 Soufh Humlhon 1123 Stale Street llrcwcr Arrziclc Dial 7871 Distributors of lohnston PHONE 4-7711 COOKIES CRACKERS CANDY ? WATTERS WINTERSTEIN'S CAMERAS-CAR"5 PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE 525 East Genesee 8: 422 Hancock 2109 Bay Phone 5-7767 143 WW From pictures to cover The photographer is the staff's best friend in making a yearbook! 'E WERMEM A STUD! 0 Official Legenda Photographer 144 Q Um4alSpulJub eowanos BDOUTGRS he MIAA, mdk! 1952 M-'-vw . 1 In v 1 .L 0 .,. . af .1 xf 1 , 6 ,,,, ,, If .-fa" L 5 , K .. X. L, wgfok x '. k yuh 'v 'SEL .4 gy: - "." -x 1 ' -v .L-1j".+:!w' A wg TEM' , 'N -"- " V X ' 1 ' ' 52.5 , ,,3v".'X W we-QA. wepgg , . 533, '- 2,--f,g,q: f I , -. V. feb... 4- . 1. .- ..,.fafL-- 1- -- X 44-,1s:.,, .gg ' , f .1 M ..,.. . , -, -... fxf-v'P4?3i,L,x-,yi-. --1 X - 1 ., -- I . , r U-.-1:5-fs4f,::af41-5 Qmpf Q 4---5, v. " A .1--. .5 3 ,ww 14 ,, . w ,. ix., 1'-1 , V , B Jag , . , .. 1' wg,-' -xfff I A - X ' fa 1-An. '.vfx. ' - Qk-,-I F -' w.fp. A --1 H, ' . J . V4 , -. --, -.4 li!!! .4?!,-.-. f - 1.-. ,-I., --N I. -45Y."' A-ffl. f, ,, .. . fb., ,L -- - ,fxfffh 1,2 -.-I. 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