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U- v ','H,f4 , 1' L ,-1 ' q 3 1 ' , HEI A Q, K,-1. ' Q " fu,-fi, C77 ,, , V P4jM,'+-Q' .l' Z V. jf! lxlv lffkmih, I 1 , W Jef I il 4 ,Q 1 A 'U' U nf' " iq, K2 73 7 -5 ,,.,,-My H If M '5 - H f'i , :"2m??"w"-1 ' ,M 1911? 7 ' , fZ1A.f A QQ f 1 f f I ' ' J I ,ff I f I-i"f'5w V xx I 5 U in :Y I 1 xx N ji 'iff , JT m' ,. f , g 4 , gwwwu M 4Q:.r,.x N , , ' ' '1 f J , ,L 'W QP, if f lj 1 "fi '17 if ' f Q, 1 . 'ff?,?5? sf if ff, fi? V2 Q OV gk QD Q U5' , 0 , ' fwf 'Q'WA' ' . W, '- M' 53 , , 'A 5 AV 1 'Nj . b' .A ,PZ 1, i J 1 Ji ,,-xl R! A - Lk . lbyx ' A-A .QHV E -i mf u Jxilx X' A'-Ji 1 K X -, wx' Q '1 X , 1 F Q W X06 2 , Q X, W' Vw' 0 - CI' 5 X 3 Y-A E , . WIK Af-by I T 3 ' vi A L,,PVW ' I V Q xgx J i , '57, 5" X fe! M f 5 'B 0 , H, W 5 ff .N CN 'NRE A J K up-X--R XX- A an I In ' -W gait Q X A: 1345 .Y,,,,- , T1 ' 2 in' YY 37" v LGE DA ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL 3115 MACKINAW ST. 0 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Editors . . . Tell Mil1'R2lE Diane Butler Adviser . . . Mattie C. Crump I I N D E X ,ADMINISTRATION .... 6 - 17 ACTIVITIES . . . 18 - 49 ALBUM . . . . 50 - 95 ADVERTISING . . C . . . 96 - 116 ogmf. . . 35'M-I-EWWKXI X ,, N if' . . . Home of the HILLITE The Arthur Hill Memorial Stadium on dedication night was a bevy of activity. The student body-a part of the 4,000 persons who attended the three performances - see the 1949 Christmas Pageant, A Chrirtmar Carol. Library hours are study periods to Hillites. The two library rooms, on either side of the auditorium and seating approximately 210 students, offer materials and a place for study. The Memorial Stadium, the newest addition to the Arthur Hill campus, is a bowl type structure. Hungry Hillites partake of lunch and talk over the latest gossip in the third floor cafeteria. Two lunch periods, l 1:30 and 12:30, each accommodates approximately 900 students. ' An Arthur Hill tradition-autographing yearbooks-tal-ces place nsistudents exchange signatures in their 1949 Legendas. 2 1 50 Legendu 1 I Weive ome a Lon Wa . . . The gay nineties . . . high button shoes . . . the horse and buggy . . . today these ancient, whimsical expressions have a special signilicance. For this is the middle of the century, a time of reflection . . . And here at Arthur Hill we have a special appreciation of the contrast between "then and now' ,... a contrast made vivid by the construction in l94O of the modern building which we now attend-a schoolhome modern not only in its construction but in its principles of administration and teaching . . . compare this with that nostalgic era of l9OO when the first Legenda was compiled at the red brick 'structure on Court Street. Arthur Hill students of that day will remember it as a time of inkwells, rickety desks, and gas-lights. In the pages of this, the 1950 Legenda, we shall accentuate the progress of half a century at Arthur Hill with reminders of those byhgone days when men were men and unruly Hillites got the hickory stick instead of eighth hours. Golden Jubilee! 50 Legenda nldtn uhilttx 1900-1950 . . . Fiftieth Birthday oi the LEGENDA The 1950 Legenda Staff cledicates this book to the first Legenda staff and to all those who have worked to record the history of the Arthur Hill High School since 1900. We've come a long way in the past fifty years. The 1900 Legencla staff members were pioneers in yearbook pro- l950's staff members watch Editor TED MAC RAE type this year's duction at Arthur Hill and worked without many of the modern copy. Heading the Legenda workers for the year are, standing, left conveniences of today. This picture of the staff, complere with to right, JACK ARNDT, KATHERINE HARVIE, HENRY MARKSBURY, Gibson Girl blouses and stiff collars, was published fifty years ago and DIONE BUTLERQ seated, DORIS RUHLIG, ELAINE KOEPLINGER, in the first Legenda, and LORRAINE AVERY. Golden Jubilee! 5 MR. I. M. BROCK, school principal, is known to both teachers and students as a competent administrative ofiicial and a friendly adviser, He has served as chief executive of Arthur Hill for 21 years. AIIMI TRATIU 6 I 50 Le genda 1950 at Arthur Hill The Coordinators of Organization and Administration in Action . . . Parents and teachers at Arthur Hill consult through the Parent-Teacher Association to help the students. The P-TA members sponsor several meetings and social functions during the year, where parents can get a representative view of what their young people are accomplishing. The faculty and students work together in organizing the student body into interest-capturing groups, and school-wide organizations, conducting campaigns, and choosing careers. It is this combination of students, teachers, and parents that has enabled Arthur Hill to progress in its democratic spirit through years. MR. JAMES M. sHAcKLE'roN is president of the Board of Education Beard of Education members look over plans for the East Saginaw High School of the future. They are, left to right, MR. EDWARD C. MAC RAE, secretaryg DR. RAYMOND A. HART, MR. RUSSELL STRACHAN, superintendent of building and groundsg MR. GEORGE D. PROSS, clerk of the boardg MR, HIEL M. ROCKWELL, treasurer, MR. WALTER A. LEESCH, MR. J. ROBERT GRURE, MR. ci-iEsTER F. MILLER, superintendent of schools, and MR. HARRY P. BAKER, ., ,W Golden jubilee! 7 OFFICE: Control Center of chool Life Opening week of the school year, city teachers gather at Arthur Hill for a three day institute. The receptionists were, standing: IDA MARIE LANG, MR. C. C. COULTER, administrative assistant and supervisor of BIE Day, and JOANNE HIMSEL, Seated: BETTY BROCKWAY, KAY KRUEGER, 8.I1Cl BARBARA OLSON. MIss ETHEL A. PETERSON, dean of girls, and MR. RAYMOND MOR- ROW, assistant principal, spend the first hour of the school day at the OHIce counter ready to counsel students and faculty. Students asking aid are GLORIA DUWE, jo ANN PRUYNE, JEAN BUSE, SALLY SORGATZ, HAROLD RICHARDS, and CATHERINE PETERS. MISS SALLY LA BRAKE sold Dedication Game tickets to MR. R. EARL AVERY and MR. WILLIAM KESSEL in the school oiiice. On Business, Industry, and Education Day teachers were guests of Saginaw business concerns. A group ready to visit the Chevrolet Grey Iron Foundry gathers in the hall at 10 a.m. Left to right: MR. CULLEN MCDONALD, IMISS DOROTHEA MOUNTZ, MISS HELEN OLMSTED, MR. ALBERT EYNON, MR. KENNETH MOELLER, MR. HARRY GRAVES MILLER, MR. GORDON WHITE, MR. KENNETH POUL- SON, MR. LESLIE TURNER, and MR. VERN WRITER. 3 '50 Legenda FAC LTY GRO P Coordinate ctivities Teachers' Club Representatives for Arthur Hill are MRS. MARJORY JACOBSON, MISS GERTRUDE TURNER, MR. ALBERT DERSCH, MISS F. ALISON SPENCE, MR. R. GEORGE PURDY, IVIISS IIELEN OLMSTED, Eiflil MISS EDITH R. JENSEN. Spending a pleasant hour after school at the Christmas Tea are MRS. COILA BULLARD, MRS. LORNA ZIEGLER, MRS. MARY STEWART, MISS HELEN OLMSTED, and MRS. MARIE CRITTENDEN, and in the foreground, Miss HELEN BEESON and Miss ELLEN GREEN. Miss Doris K. Frye, Miss Burnice Gibbs, and Miss Edith Jensen were hostesses. Chatting at the faculty Christmas Dinner at the Tennis Club are members of the faculty Social Committee, MISS ELLEN GREEN, MISS FRANCES HINRICHSEN, MISS HELEN BEESON, 3.I1Cl MISS EDITH JENSEN. Missing from the picture is Miss Mary Margaret Doidge. The Committee decides where all the social gatherings are to take place, and they make all the arrangements for them. The Christmas Dinner was enjoyed by many members of the faculty, aI1'IOI'1g them WCICI MISS DORIS K. FRYE, MISS F. ALISON SPENCE, MRS. MABEL KING, MRS. RUTH STEPHENS, MISS BURNICE GIBBS, MR. DAVID GAINEY, and in the foreground MR. STANLEY D. SCHUBERT. ik 7 A I ,M Golden Jubilee! MVS :us 9 P-TA r es Close Cooperation Between Parents and Teachers PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION CABINET discuss plans for gatherings of the P-TA members. The ofhcers consist of, left to right: MR. I. M. BROCK, adviserg MRS. PAUL JAQUISH, corresponding secretaryg MRS. WILLARD ENSZER, recording secretaryg MR. WILLIAM KESSEL, presidentg MR. R. EARL AVERY, father vice-presidentg MRS. MARY STEWART, teacher vice-presidenrg MISS ETHEL. A. PETERSON, adviserg MR. HAROLD RUPP, treasurer. Missing from the picture is Mrs. john Kleekamp, mother vice-president. Parents enjoy this annual gathering of the P-TA card Party where they can make new acquaintances and renew oId friendships. At Open House SALLY HOLLAND, MR. HOWARD LYTLE, ARDIN CLARE, PETER BOOS, and RICHARD POPP look over an agricultural map of different types of soil. A GOOD MIXER is the buffet style of serving at most PATA events. I v MR. I. M. BROCK is ready to assist MRS. DOUGLAS EERRIBY, MR. A. R. HANSEN, and MR. DOUGLAS EERRIBY, while they engage in a game of Canasta. Ar the P-TA card party MRS. SALLIE BROXVN, MRS. I. M. BROCK, MRS. MARTIN BRUTON, MISS ETHEL PETERSON, 2ll'ICl MRS. JOHN BENSON enjoy a card game. Card party proceeds replenish the welfare fund each year. Winning the birthday cake at the P-TA card party was MRS. WARREN BEARSLEY. Her friends, MRS. IGNACE HOFFMAN, MRS. N. D. STERLING and MRS. WILLIAM CLARKE admire the cake. At the exhibit MISS ELOISE BACON and ,JAMES FOX show their biology display IO MR. afikl MRS. P. WENZIEL. At the P-TA Exhibit, ALLEN JOHNSON, MR. A. A. PIERTZ, MRS. HAROLD MORFORD, and 'IO ANNIE MORFORI7 admire work done by the shop Students. Projects were prepared as part of regular class work. INIRS. RUBY KARP I2llliS IO MR. 21I1Ll MRS. LOUIS SOBLESKY during refreshment time. Ar P-TA Open House MRS. C. R. BUSE, MRS. MARY STEWART, MRS. A. R. HANSEN, and MRS. ELDEN KAYLOR gather for a little chat while refreshments are served. Preparing the refreshments in the school kitchen for the P-TA Card Party are MRS. PAUL ANDRE and MR. FRANK NIEDERSTADT. -i gv . . I 10 ,. is fm '50 Le genda TUBE GOVERNM N : Experience in Democratic Livin Advisory is the first 15 minutes of the day at Arthur Hill. Students meet with the same teacher adviser for the three years of their stay in senior high. Incoming students, approximately 33 to each teacher, are assigned alphabetically to their advisories. This gives each group about the same percentage of juniors, seniors, and sophomores. They organize by electing ofiicers, and are represented in the student cabinet by their president, who is elected each semester. All-school campaigns, elections, business, and enrollments are done by and through advisory. Advisory presidents for both semesters are, top row: HERMAN GIEROW, ANN ROBERTSON, JACK SMITH, ROY STEARNS, ROGER STINSON, HOWARD TESSMAN, NELSON WING, DOW TUNIS, THOMAS SOBLESKY, WILLIAM WASHABAUGH, BRENDEN XVELLS, RICHARD SAUER, PATRICIA LYTLE, LAWRENCE SALVI, WALLACE CLARK, LLOYD YEO, HAROLD BERGDOLT, PAUL HINKIN, DAVID VANCE, CHARLES JONES, JANET SPENCER, RUDY SCHMITT, CLARENCE KOSTRZEWA, ANDRIS RONIS, AUDREY LLEWELLYN, JAMES PERSON, DONALD PASEL, ROBERT MAC MILLIAN, VERN HAWES, FRANKLIN MERRICK, JOHN WAYNE CHARLETON, JAMES MC KENNA, ARTHUR KITSCH, JAMES MC DONAGH, CHARLES MANSKE, THOMAS HUNTER, HOWARD MARTIN, JAMES MATTHIES, DONALD EDWARDS, JAMES MARTIN, and FRED DONAGHY. SEE017d 7'0ll".' GERALD JOHNSON, JUDITH JOHNSON, BETTY HARSHMAN, BARBARA GUY, RUDY FRENCH, HARVEY JACKSON, PETER YOUNG, -IO ANN PAQUETTE, WILLIAM ROOKER, BARBARA FOBEAR, DANIEL LEARNED, ROBERT DUST, MARILYN DITTMAR, RALPH FRAI-IM, KAY DABBERT. Front raw: DORIS ALBERTS, OSCAR KOEPLIN, DONALD BECKER, JACK ARNDT, PHYLLIS POLING, DONALD MEYER, WILLARD BLACK, ROBERT BRANDT, JUDITH BRENNER, HAROLD BOWMAN, and DONALD BUTTS. Not in the picture are: Henry Marksbury, Jack Egger, William Kessel, Marcelene Metiva, Doris Ruhlig, Alice Wagner. Student Cabinet Oflicers, ANDRIS RONIS, first semester vice-president, DAVID VANCE, first semester secretary and second semester vice- presidentg WILLIAM ROOKER, first semester treasurer, and PAUL HINKIN, school president for both semesters, discuss the SO cam- paign. Missing from the picture is Brenden Wells, second semester treasurer and Donald Becker, second semester secretary. TB seals sale led by MR. JOHN DAY, SHIRLEY KLEIN, and SIIELLEY DICKESON closed with a total of 323353. Arthur Hill led all schools with thirty-three advisories turning in a quota of 355.00 each. COllI1CilII16H RALPH FRAHM, GLENN HOERNLEIN, ANDRIS RONIS, and CHARLES HISE attended a council meeting at the city hall on Student Government Day. Student Government Day officials matched wits in meetings and at luncheon where they were guests of the American Legion Post 22 and Elks 47. 12 -P Again this year the girls were successful in selling the most student organization tickets. They boast a record of 95.6 per cent to the boys' 89.9 per cent for a total sale of 1677 school memberships. Campaign leaders were JUDITH JOHNSON and DORIS ALBERTS for the girls. NELSON WING and HOWARD TESSMAN led the boys. MISS CONSTANCE MC XVETHY and MR. DAVID GAINEY WCIC 6lCCICCl ICHCIICI' sponsors. Leaders of the Junior Red Cross drive, EVA NOBLET, GARDNER DELGADO, JEROME LAKE, chairman, JOANNE STOBBART, DOW TUNIS, and MRS. JUNE O'DELL, adviser, look over posters for their Campaign. Arthur Hill contributed 35534.35 this year. CITY MANAGER MILLER confers with his student counterparts, PAUL HINKIN of Arthur Hill and GERALD KRYSZAK of Saginaw High. PETER YOUNG has the attention of the Arthur Hill delegation as he summons courage to address the city council. '50 Legenda -yfyzjfxig 'isnmw' hm 1 W--N 2 ERVICE GROUPS Make I chool a Better Place to Live Starting their school day at 7:50 a.m. are Service Club members. They are, left to right, GRETA GLASEY, MR. MORROW, SALLY MOSER, and MARY MILLER, Student store attendants, JOAN KLEIN, ALICE MYERS, PATRICIA HOLLY, JEANNE ITTNER, PHYLLIS GAYLORD, sell supplies to stu- dents during both noon hours, and before school begins every morning. Senior Hostesses welcome guests and guide them through the school. They are, standing, JUDY JOHNSON, RAY KRUEGER, GRETA MYERS, LORRAINE AVERY, BARBARA OLSON, and SALLY IPPEL. Seated is CAROL RICHMOND. Each girl spends one period 21 day in the Community Room. Student Librarians while working a period each day, keep the libraries neat, straighten the shelves, and check books. They are, top row, ELAINE SCHNEIDER, MARLENE EICHLER, DIANE PEDER- SON, ROSE MARIE SHANNON, CLEO HULL, BEVERLY FOLSUMQ second row, BEVERLY WEISSMUELLER, NOREEN STEBNER, ROSANN ALSGAARD, BEVERLY KELLY, BETTY DAVIS, LUCILLE JOHNSON, lDOICtOIT1 IOW, LORRAINE MERRIAM 21IlCl CATHERINE MC BAIN. 14 '50 Legenda STUDE T GROUPS Aid Hillite Health, Orientation Representing Arthur Hill on the City junior Red Cross Council :his year were -IOANNE STOBBART, JERRY LAKE, and MURIEL LIEFFERS. These students directed the membership campaign at Arthur Hill in the fall. The Orientation Handbook was revised this year by DIANE PEDER- SEN, BILL GALARNO, KEN MONDOR, JOHN HERZOG, and MIRIAM BISHOP. The handbook is published for incoming sophomores. Corrective Speech Class helps students to overcome diiiiculties in speech. MISS CATHERINE FURBEE, instructor and supervisor, NOR- MAN REINKE, GERALDINE THOMAS, allcl CHARLES KOLHOFF, gO through exercises on the stage of the auditorium where the class meets. Health room attendants are, seated, DIXIE EMERSONg first row, DONNA GULLIFOR, SHIRLEY WADE, ARBUTUS ORDWAY, BETTIE FINGER, 2lHCl PATRICIA DAVIESQ E013 IOW, NANCY MEEHLEDER, MARILYN SAGER, CHARLOTTE GOLDEN, MARILYN BROWNLEE, ROSE SCHULTZ, BYRD ANN SMITH, JOAN MINGUS, LILA BILLITER, and ELEANOR BROWNING. Missing from the picture are Marna Gremel, Vida Demko, Sally Greer, joan Scherping, joan Sedwick, and Evelyn Gohm. These girls work in the clinic as part of their home nursing COLIYSG. ' Hearing examinations were given this year in place of the TB chest X-rays given last year. The tests were made during art of living, library, government, and economics classes. l Golden Jubilee! 15 DITORI HELPER Augment Productions The ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE plans and supervises a program of entertainment for the entire school year, This year's members include, standing, KATHERINE TUNIS, DIXIE ARCH, SALLY MOSER, 21l'lLl RICHARD CROOKS. SCZIICLI SHCI MISS CONSTANCE MCXVETHY, MISS MARY LEWIS, NIRS. NANCY BAXTER, MRS. l7llANCliS HAIVILIN, ilflcl MISS BURNICE GIBBS. PROJECTOR OPERATORS assist with audio-visual programs. MR. SEYMOUR MURPHY reviews the winding of a film for operators EUGENE MERTZ, CLARENCE BRAMEN, and DONALD LUTZ. Members of the USHER CLUB who direct guests and students to their seats in the school auditorium are, top row, KAY DAB-BERT, BARBARA RICHTIZR, LORRAINE AVERY, MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, ROBERTA MACGRECORQ second FOW, MONA SCHWALM, CAROL RICHMONI3. HELEN NEIDIZRSTADT, MARILYN AVERY, ROSANN AI-SGARDg bottom row, DIONIE BUTLIER, SUE DENGLER, DOROTHY BAUER, NANCY ROISISRTS. STAGE CREW members manage lights, curtain, and properties for all stage productions. DALE PRETZER, EUGENE MERTZ, and STUART GORDON are this year's stage hands. Charles Knoop, not in the picture, is the head of the crew. 16 '50 Legendn Facult , lumni Observe 25th ANNIVER ARIE MRS. COILA START EULLARD became the newest member of Arthur Hill's 25 Year Club at a luncheon June 9, 1949, at the Germania Club. MRS. BULLARD has taught English, language, and social science and was adviser of the Legenda editions of 1926, 1927, and 1928. Outside of school, she is an ardent member of the Saginaw Writers Club. MRS. BULLARD has had over twenty of her poems and articles published in national poetry magazines. A few of her most popular Writings are "Point of View", 1'The Lilacsn. "Grand Hotel", "ln the Beginning", "HOllyhocks", and a very short story, "Mater Meuu. The 25 Year Club was organized two years ago, and the following have been recognized, Mr. A. G. Dersch, Mr. Stanley Schubert, Mr. B. G. Wells, and Miss Florence Wells, who retired in June, 1945. Students representing their PHFEUIS who were graduated in 1925 from Arthur Hill are MARILYN MOHNK, VIRGINIA VIBERT, BARRY WAITE, KAY KRUEGER, DONNA DUPREE, JEAN SAVAGE, PETER NAGEL, and ESTA VIEERT. MRS. HAROLD GEORGE and MRS. HILMER HALL check the reserva- tions for the Class of '25 reunion with the 1925 Legenda in con- nection with MRS. I-IALL'S work as a member of the contact committee. MRS. GEORGE was general chairman of the event, held May 27 at the Germania Club. During the '24 reunion, MR. LEONARD ZORN, -IR. and MR. WILMER LITTLEJOHN look over the program of the events to follow. Discussing the events of the evening are MR. ALBERT DERSCH, Miss FLORENCE WELLS, and MR. STANLEY SCHUBERT at the '24 reunion in Frankenmuth. MR. JEROME HARD from Guatemala and MRS. LEO COLEMAN, for- merly Anne Klemack, Of Kenmore, New York, talk Over old times at the Class of '24 reunion. .paw vw Golden Jubilee! 17 AUGUST City Teachers Institute BIE Day SEPTEMBER Teachers work in own school Students arrive Pep Club organized Arthur Hill News, Issue 1 S0 campaign begins Football, Lansing Eastern, there Dedication Game, Hamtramck, here. Dance after game 28 30 Seniors get rings Individual pictures taken Football, Bay City Handy OCTOBER Senior pictures taken Homecoming activities First report cards P-TA Open House Sophomore Party Arts-Dramatic's "Weather Clearing" FHA Regional Convention, here NOVEMBER Assembly Football, Flint Central, here Red Cross Drive opens Football, Pontiac, there Armistice Day Assembly Little Brown Jug Game Arthur Hill News, Issue 5 Cranberry Creep Turkey Day Game, here- No school Do You Remember . . . DECEMBER Assembly "lt Pays to Advertise" Report cards Swimming, Battle Creek, there Bugs' Ball Arthur Hill News, Issue 6 Basketball, Flint Central, here Hi-Y, Y-Teen dance Christmas Pageant for school Christmas Pageant for commu- nity Christmas Pageant for school Vacation begins JANUARY School resumes Basketball, Pontiac, there Basketball, Saginaw High, here Arthur Hill News, Issue 7 Basketball, Owosso, there Swimming, Bay City Central 16-18 Exams 18 Club Hillite Basketball, Flint Northern, there End of first semester Report cards Swimming, Jackson, there Swimming, Bay City Central FEBRUARY Basketball, Flint Central, there Club Hillite All-Valley JV swim, Bay City Central Swimming, Bay City Handy Arthur Hill News, Issue S 17 Basketball, Owosso, here Hi-Y, Y-Teens dance 18 Swimming, Battle Creek, here 21 Basketball, Saginaw, there 24 U of M Regents-Alumni exams Basketball, Pontiac, here Hi-Y, Y-Teens dance 28 Basketball, Bay City, here MARCH 1 Arthur Hill News, Issue 9 1-4 District Basketball Tourney 4 State Swim Meet, Ann Arbor S-11 Regional Basketball Tourney 11 Swim-Cereal Bowl Relays, Battle Creek 14 Report Cards 15 Arthur Hill News, Issue 10 Assembly 17 Club Hillite State Semi-finals, Basketball State Basketball Finals Assembly P-TA Exhibit 24 Sombrero Swing 27 Student Government Day 29 31 18 22 Arthur Hill News, Issue 11 Spring Festival APRIL 6 Saginaw-River Rouge track 7-10 Easter vacation 11 Flint Northern-River Rouge track events, there 12 Arthur Hill News, Issue 12 14 "Smilin' Through" senior play 15 Track-River-Rouge Relays 21 Club Hillite Track-Flint Central, here Baseball, Bay City Handy, there Report Cards P-TA Family Potluck-Election Assembly Baseball, Flint Northern, there Vocal Concert Track-Saginaw, here MAY Baseball, Bay City Handy, here Arthur Hill News, Issue 13 Baseball, Owosso, here Band Bounce Track-Mt. Pleasant Relays Baseball, Bay City Central, here National Honor Society Assembly Track-Valley meet, Saginaw Baseball, Saginaw, here Optomist Club Play Track-Jr. meet with Bay City Reserves, here. Sophomore Track, Lutheran Seminary, here Arthur Hill News, Issue 14 Awards Assembly Baseball, Pontiac, here Track-Regionals, Ypsilanti Baseball, Saginaw, there Track-State meet, Lansing Track-Non-Grad meet, Flint Memorial Day-no school Senior caps and gowns issued JUNE Baseball, Flint Central, there Baccalaureate Final exams Senior Dinner Dance Graduation Report cards 1950 LEGENDAS lllll'lll'llE '50 Legenda Hard-Working Hillites Find Satisfaction In Diversified Activities . . . A Hillite of today, no matter what his interest may be, can find expression for it at Arthur Hill. A list of curricular and extra-curricular activities which includes arts, crafts, dramatics, journalism, music, and sports is sufficient for the talents of all. Since the birth of the Student Organization Ticket in 1930, students can enjoy all organized school activities as spectators for a fraction of the regular price. Back at the turn of the century at Arthur Hill, there was a dramatics club for boys, a literary society for girls, and sports consisting of football, track, and baseball. And, of course, with the printing of the first Legenda, 1900 was the beginning of Arthur Hill printed journalism history. CHRISTMAS CAROLERS, JEAN SAVAGE, MARY D. HOLMES, CAROL RICHMOND, and ROBERTA MAc GREGOR combine their voices for the annual Arthur Hill Christmas pag- ent. They also appeared on many commu- nity programs. DONALD HEALY helps his date, CAROLYN GILBERT, with her coat at one of the Club Hillite dances. Coats are checked with mem- bers of the House Committee. CHEERLEADERS, under the direction of Miss MARY MARGARET DOIDGE, spur the team to victory with yells at all pep meet- ings and games. Band members under the direction of MR. EARL BURNETT, lend vol- ume to the cheers with drums and trumpets. Enthusiastic football fans stand to see the linal plays of the game. Students, parents, and friends fill the bleachers of the new Arthur Hill Memorial Stadium. DONALD STEWART, a member of the Service Club, goes about his duties of turning the lights on and off between classes. In the souvenir ticket campaign for the ded- ication game, the Arthur Hill Band toured the business district ro arouse interest. BEV- ERLY WEISSMULLER is the salesman. This is one of the many ideas carried out by civic groups to aid in the hnancing of the stadium. il Fetag W ,ts Golden Jubilee! 19 i S 50 Legemla tudents Find CL SSES a Combination of SOPHOMORE ENGLISH students, Virginia Vogel, Donald Shaler, Ronald Dingman, James Fox, and Ann Beaver clear up a tough grammatical point with Mrs. Joyce Mann. Themes, book reports, and grammar study make up the program for English 3 and 4. i TRIGONOMETRY constructions offer no ob- structions to Donald Pietz as he explains a utoughie' to Patricia jahns. This class is open to seniors who wish to major in math. IN ADVISORY Mary Lou Bernecker and Nancy Boertman decide to purchase their small pictures. Picture day is typihed by the approval, disapproval, and exchange of pic- tutes. JUNIOR ENGLISH CLASSES study American literature. Here Mr. Stanley D. Schubert interprets a test question on "The Last of the Mohicansn for Jay Pattee. Other classics studied are, "House of Seven Gables," and "Poe's Talesf, Work and Pleasure A REFRESHER ARITHMETIC test prompts Charles Hise and Nancy DeFore to take a last-minute glance through their notes. This class is open to seniors who feel they need extra Work in mathematics before they leave high school. PUBLIC SPEAKING training is helpful to future toastmasters, such as Merrill Wil- liams. In this class he learns to write, time, and present speeches with the poise and confidence that satishes an audience. GEOMETRY students, james Elliot, Romaine Vlassis, Thomas Dezelsky, and john Herzog pay close attention to Kenneth Mondor as he explains the different hgures to them. These designs are one of the many phases of study in geometry classes. Q.. ADVISORY time is from 8:50 to 8:45 beginning each day. Guidance in school program and financing of student projects are the business of homeroom time. One annual piece of business is the distribution and sale of individual pictures. Margaret Ellithorp and Miss Amy Gatz Watch as Kenneth Grabowski and jill Ferguson inspect their pictures. SENIOR ENGLISH means thousand word themes. James Matthies shows his theme to William Marks and Miss Irma Stockdale. The writing of the precis, the paraphrase, and theme are outstanding features of college English work. ADVISORY president, Roger Stinson, presents a new Hag to Mr. Clarence Stewart's classes. An American flag is the possession of each advisory. Seniors of the advisory Hnanced and presented the new flag. Mr. Stewart holds the old fiag as John Taylor and Marlene Trier admire the new one. Golden Jubilee! 21 i 50 Legemia Mental Advancement is Stimulated B CLASS Stud CHEMISTRY is the senior science course. Here, surrounded by var- ious chemistry equipment, are jack Wagle, Kimberley Schrader, Frederick Lickteig, Howard Tessman, Shirley Gifford, Patricia Dengler, and Beverly Owen. 4. SPANISH CLASSES receive the benefit of the most modern educational methods through the instructive classroom films supplied by Audio-Visual Center to Saginaw schools. However, class discussions and textbook work have their place. Peter Hervey, Janice jahns, and Marguerite Leppein follow in their books as Sally Heineman translates lil Camino Real. GEOGRAPHY STUDENTS learn to keep up with world affairs through constant study of places in the world spot-light, The knowl- edge gained about the ever-changing bound- aries and many other somewhat obscure points are brought out in classroom discus- sion. Maxine Darrell displays her knowledge of geography by locating the place in discus- sion on the map for Richard Wood, Donald Avery, and Mr. George Purdy, instructor. WORLD HISTORY students study a combina- tion of Ancient History and Modern His- tory, two separate courses. At the start of the year, the classes learn about early rnan, and early civilization. Towards the end of the year, the students are discussing the First and Second World Wars. As a part of the course, oral and written reports are often handed in. "Boning up" for such a report are Carol Breiter, james jones, and Carolyn Fedder. Golden jubilee! refraction of glass. ECONOMICS CLASSES study the current eco- nomic trends in the United States, and the risks and profits of different kinds of bus- iness enterprises. The highlight of the se- mester is the stock-market project, in which the students prepare an imaginary stock mar- ket report, and buy stocks. At the end of the project, they see if they have made a profit or loss. Here, under the watchful eye of Mr. Bryant Wilson, the class listens to a panel discussion by Francis Horn, Joanne Dankert, Peter Young, and Jack Wagle. GERMAN CLASSES find that the study of the language is both useful and interesting. While first and second year Students read from their textbooks, only third year stu- dents have a large enough knowledge of the language to read German novels. Going over their lessons are third-year students Herbert Kleekamp and Doris Monsees. PHYSICS is the junior course for science majors. Here physics stu- dents Donald Meyer, Marjorie Nuerminger, and Larry Mulholland write out an experiment that they have finished on index of FRENCH STUDENTS, in addition to their reg- ular work, read letters and newspapers writ- ten in the French language sent from France. They also write letters in French. Members of Mrs. Marjory Jacobson's classes watch Lois Klemm, as she writes a French sen- tence on the board. The intent students are: Richard Kostoff, Shirley Lampel, Marjorie Campbell, Mary D. Holmes, joycelyn Dorr, and Carol Malmgren. GOVERNMENT CLASSES learn the workings of our local, county, state, and federal gov- ernments. Along with the regular classroom discussions and tests, the students read the Amerimfz Obrerver, the weekly newspaper, and report on the subjects of current inter- est. Another interesting diversion from the usual work is Student Government day, in which elected seniors take civic offices. Typi- cal of government classes is ,Mrs Sallie Brown's room, as students listen to a report by Alice Wagner. LATIN, while not a spoken language, is still one of the most important languages known. It is the base of almost all modern lan- guages, and becomes invaluable to the stu- dent of literature. Besides translating stories and writing short reports, Latin students dis- cuss tales from Roman mythology, and read the great Roman epics, the Aenierzl, and the Ozfysrey, Latin pupils Ann Stromer, Harold Wakeman, Robert Wight, Marjorie Kern, and Phyllis Rummel look at a painting of Ceasar, done as a project. 23 50 Legenda tudents Attain Poise Throu il CLASS Participation In SECOND-YEAR TYPING class, Marilyn Trinklein and Sharon Flynn are engrossed in a speed test. Their goal is accuracy, neat- ness, and a speed of at least 50 words per minute. JUNIOR ART or LIVING students, Sally Sorgatz, Ruth Herman, Alice Pero, Char- lotte Leddy, and Marion Haubenstricker read the Vogue magazine as a source of informa- tion on fashions, one of the class projects for the year. AGRICULTURE students, Lyle LeCronier, Arden Clare, Bob Wegner, and Richard Popp select research material from a map in Mr. Howard Lytle's class. This class is an aid in helping boys to become better farmers. IN MACHINE SHOP class Lyle LeCronier and Rohert Schuette inspect the mechanism of a machine. This class prepares students for home craft and aids in making a decision for industrial work. Q.. ,IUNIOR GYMNASIUM CLASSES go through the exercises which are a part of the physical education program. The girls are marked on the number of exercises they can do, neatness, and general class participation. This class meets on alternate days to art of living. HoxiiiMARING CLAssEs, at the close of each semester, have a party to display the "know how" acquired in class. Here, Barbara Haynes, janet Wootl, Madge Foster, Doris LaLonde, Pat Sliwinski, Joann Schultz and Shirley Suclcey, of Miss Norma Hile's foods class, relax after their Christmas party. IN CRAFTS CLASS, Madeline Nelson, Janice Bovay, Don Stricker, james Enzer, and jack Guttowsky weave rugs. Such projects are exhibited in the hall display cases. ART CLASSES decorate the school Christmas tree in the front hall for the holiday season. Other projects include posters, showcase dis- plays, charcoal drawings, and water paint- ings. Left to right are: Ralph Teenier, on the ladder, Arlene Seehase, Patricia Dice, Virginia Ostermann. M IscIIAN1cAI,. DRAWING class leads students Conrad Seidel and Ronald Krueger into drafting intricate designs. This work pre- pares the students for industrial work or further architectural study. LIBRARY is the study period for all Hillites. The two libraries on either side of the auditorium accommodate about 210 students each period. Here, Malcolm Hopper gets assistance from Mr. Harve Light, as Frank Jank does some concentrated study. Golden Jubilee! 25 26 ,50 Legenda ri. tutlent Interest is Furtllered Through CLUB The LATIN CLUB strives to create an interest in old Roman life as well as to increase interest in Latin through their rank raising pcint system. Club oHicers are TERRY ANDRE, secretaryg RUTH GLASS, BARBARA RICHTER, point chairmeng GLORIA DUWE, treas- urerg MARJORIE CAMPBELL, president, and MARY D. HOLMES, vice- president. The GERMAN CLUB members combine their school loyalty with their money making project and come up selling loyalty pins. The special interest of this group is that of creating interest in German and providing the opportunity to enjoy it. LORRAINE SCHLEIMER, secreraryg ROBERTA BAUSTERT, president, JUNIOR WASHERQ MRS. COILA BULLARD, adviserg and JOHN RUPP are leaders of this organization. The ARTS-DRAMATICS CLUB presents several plays each year for the purpose of bringing out talent and encouraging interest in dfamatics. Here club oliicers JANE LEE, vice-president, WILLIAM GALARNO, secretaryg and CHARLES MANSKE, president inspect one of the many costumes in their wardrobe. 4.. FUTURE RETAILERS Oli AMERICA CLUB acquaints prospective Clerks with the modern methods of selling. JOAN KLEIN, vice-presi- dent, and CARL MILLER, president. lead this progressive group. The SPANISH CLUB year is climaxed by the all-school dance, the Sombrero Swing, which is the product of the cIub's desire to create intdrest and understanding for Spanish ways and customs. Hard workers here are oflicers JACQUELINE WATT, presidentg LAURA MUIRHEAD, vice-president, DOW TUNIS, treasurer, NANCY MACK, secretaryg and DONNA KYES, point chairman, FRENCH CLUB activities include those of making pom-poms for the Thanksgiving Game, and promoting interest in French. Plans for the annual sale of pom-poms are uppermost in the minds of LOIS KLEMM, secretaryg HELEN NEIDERSTADT, presidentg SHIRLEY LAMPEL, treasurer, BEVERLY KRUEGER, advertising agentg and MARY D. I-IOLMEs, vice-president. The BOC CLUB provides opportunity for musically talented stu- dents to shine before an appreciative audience. The initial letters of band, orchestra, and- choir provide the name of the organization headed by MR. EARL D. BURNETT, adviser, NANCY SCHOTT, treas- urerg DONNA HATHAWAY, secretaryg and PATRICIA LYTLE, president. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB was Organized to en- courage students to enter the teaching profession. ROBERT BRANDT, treasurer, NANCY ROBERTS, vice-president, DICK CROOKS, president, and JACQUELINE WATT, secretary, go over the national program. Golden jubilee! 27 sf N, 2 , ig A ,-.lpNg..f'5"6i, ., :Ili dm 'f4R f- " 5 28 150 Legemia CL B Offer Guidance in Leadership and Cooperation BIOS LOGIA CLUB in its effort to further the knowledge of biology, each year presents an all-school dance, "Bugs Ball." Deco- rations are bugs of all descriptions created in gigantic proportions. MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, pfCSiCl6I1t, TERRY ANDRE, EIEZISLIICIQ NORMA RAVAS, and ELSIE FISHER, vice-president, have a look at a piece of standard equipment: a microscope. The FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CLUB is part of a national organization, and as such participates in state and national activities. The officers of this agricultural organization for boys are LOVELL KAIN, president, HERBERT KUTSCH, vice-president, and ARTHUR KUTSCH, treasurer. Paul Vasold, secretary, is missing from the picture. ALCHEMISTS CLUB honors girls excelling in chemistry and aims to further this interest. Their meetings alternate study and recrea- tion. The oiiicers are MARY D. HOLMES, vice-president, BARBARA OLSON, president, and MARILYN CAMPBELL, secretary. 4- HI-Y CLUB aims to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community and meets with inspirational leaders and recognizes the outstanding sophomore boy with a trophy. Socially, the club acts as a co-sponsor for after-game dances. CHARLES MANSKE, vice-president, LOUIS REINKE, SGCIEFSIYQ RUDOLPH SCI-IMITT. U'62.SLII'Cf, CHARLES WIESE, president, are the olificers of this organization. RIFLE CLUB members meet for enjoyment of the recreation. They attempt to teach the safe and correct use of lireatms. PAUL WO' - FEILQ RONALD BEAN, president, MR. BRYANT WILSON, sponsor, and DONALD MEYER, vice-president, Watch JACK BINDON, scorer, and CARL MEYERHOLT, treasurer, prepare to shoot. ,ask The FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS organized to create a better understanding between the school and employers hy sponsoring talks by business men for interested students. Charter members of this newcomer to Arthur Hill's organizations are ALICE MEYER, CLEO HULL, ROBERT LYONS, 2.I1Cl MARGARET ELLITHORP. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB is a chapter of the national and state organization by this name. Its program pro- motes every responsibility of the homemaker. Club members elected NANCY MEEHLEDER, president, DIXIE EMERSON. secretary, DORO- THY SCHLUCKEBIER, vice-president, and NORMA MAAS, treasurer. The CRUCIBLE CLUB honors boys who are outstanding in chem- istry. lnitiations and home meetings take place every other week. Ofiicers of this group, the Oldest continuous club at Arthur Hill, are CHARLES KNOOP, vice-president, WILLIAM WASHABAUGH, presi- dent, and JEROME LAKE. secretary. The BOWLING CLUB provides another recreation for girls. Some of the members who journey to Parkland Lanes each Thursday are MARION WACKER. secretary, and EDNA DIBNBR, president. Y-TEENS CLUB aims to help girls to know themselves better and to serve others. This group is the largest club at Arthur Hill. Y-Teens present an award annually to the outstanding sophomore girl, and co-sponsor after-game dances. Club olticers are KAY KRUEGER, vice-president, BETTY BROCKWAY, president, and CAROL RICHMOND, treasurer. Golden Jubilee! 29 30 '50 Legenda l l HUC Enriches School Life Through Publ The Band under the direction of Mr. Earl Burnett is on hand for the Armistice and Memorial Day Paratles, the Spring Concert, the Band Bounce, and school athletic activities. The student director is Donald Butts. Members are, top mzzf. fefz to right, EDWARD BEYER- LEIN, WILLIAM CASE, RICHARD LA DOUCE, DONALD PASEL, GERTRUDE VENENIA, DONALD BUTTS, GEORGE ZINK, WILI.ARl5 TESSIN, RICHARD MATHIEWSON, ROBERT WIGH'f, DONNA HATHAWAY, RONALD BRONNER, FRANKLIN KERN, JACK BINDON, HAROLD BOWMAN, l-IARVIEY HAUBENSTRICKER, CHARLES KERN, DOLORIES HUFF, AUGUST LAESCH, BERNARD BOLT, BEVERLY SMITH, PAUL HINKIN, IDTVJI VON'-, KENNETH MURPHY, ROLLYN LI.EWEL- LYN, IRENE MAURER, BIARIE XVALTER, KATHLEEN MARKS, ELERIEDA BYER, JO ANN PRUYNE, CONNIE JAQUITH, JOAN KLEIN, HARRY VEITENGRUBER, ROBERG KLUIVIP, LAURENCE LOISELLEQ 161201711 VU!!! INIARGARET MARK, GERALDINE BOW, SALLY SORGATZ, SALLY YARIVIUTI-I, LAURA INIUIRHEAD, MARIAN GALBRAITH, MARION HAUBENSTRICKER, SALLY SOUDERS, INIAURICE RUSHLOW, JAMES KEARFUL, MARCELENE METIVA, HOWARD SMITH, BEVERLY S'I'.CLAIR, JEAN SLINKARD, btlflfllll VOM". RONALD BRIELICH, RUTH GLASS, PATRICIA WAIER, MARILYN AVERY, WILLIAM BIRDSALL, BETTY WESTOVER, LOIS BERNTHAL, ALICE STOLPER. Orchestra members provide musical entertainment for assemblies, plays, the Spring Concert, Band Bounce, and community programs. The members are, third row, left to right, ROBERT LESCELIUS, ARLEEN ELDRED, RICHARD SHULER, PATRICIA VURDURES, THOMAS CATES, NORMAN GROSS, XVILLIAM CASE, DONALD PASEL, ROBERT TRINKLEIN, and MIRIAM BISHOP, 186072111 1'0lt'. BARBARA ROUSH, JOAN WEITZA. BARBARA HARRIS, KATHLEEN MARKS, CONNIE JAQUITH, JOE SAUVIE. GLENN BELLINGER, DAVID VANCE, LAURA MUIRHEAD, MARIAN GALBRAITH, 3.Dd INIARGARET MARKS, ff!! 70111, ROBERT KNOWLES, DONALD BUTTS, JEAN PRUYNE, PATRICIA PHILLIPS, BETTY TUKE, ALDEAN WILTSE, ALICE STOLPER, aflcl LOIS BERNTHAL. The Mixed Choir, Linder the direction of Miss Rachel MacMillan blend their voices together at the Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert, and at various assemblies. They are, mp row, lefz lo righzn CHARLES MANSKE, HAROLD NEEDHAM, RUSSELL KARP, WALTER TRIER, ROBERT KRAGENBRINK, TOM HUNTER, RICHARD CROOKS, EDWARD MORGAN, ROBERT KLUMP, GENE FOX, XVARREN BENNETT, JAMES KARPICKE, CHARLES HISE, ROSS JONES, MAYNARD VERNON, ihfflf 7'0ll', DALE BIELBY, DONALD BECKER, ANDRIS RONIS, JOHN MOORE, LYLA BRAILEY, CANDACE KAISER, LOIS LEBSCH, ROSE MARIE SHANNON, MARLENE EICHLER, EVELYN HOFFMAN, CAROL KNISLEY, GRETA MYERS, IRENE CANTUQ JECOHIZ FOZN, LEILAH GEHRIG, DELORES CLARK, BARBARA BIESSEL, CAROL RICHMOND, MONA SCHWALM, SALLY FAIR, CAROLYN BECHTEL, LILLIAN POPP, DONNA FLOETER, MARGARET JOHNSON, JEAN SAVAGE, BETTY NEUMAN, ELAINE BUEHLER, DOZZOIIZ I'0ll'. THELMA HASSEN, CECILIA BASHANS, LILLIAN HEINZE, LORRAINE MERRIAM, DONNA BROWN, JOANNE SEDXVICH, ELAINE LOVE, ROSANN ALSGAARD, GRACE OTTO, FRANCES HORN. The student director is ROBERT KLUMP and RICHARD cROOKs and JEAN WESTOVER are accompanists. The Girls' Choir is in popular demand with outside organizations. The members are, top VON". left to ffghf, JANET KRZYANIAK, ROSALINE BLUHM, KATHLENE SPINDLER, LORRAINE GOODEMAN, SHIRLEY SINIITH, BETTY HOLLIS, MARLENE CONKLIN, MARY MILLER, LILA BAILEY, SHIRLEY RISEALY, JANICE PELOQUINE, JOYCE LE VINGE, and VERNA FROST, 18607761 1'01ll, PAT BUDDY, DOREEN DOYLE, JOYCE LANDON, CAROLE CLAYTON, DONNA AVERY, ROSEINIARY EVERT, SUE SCHAUBEL, JOAN WEITZ, LORRAINE WEGNER, BETTY WOOLGAR, JOANNE DOYLE, and BEVERLY FOLSOM, fl'llI'Ll YOW, SHIRLEY WADE, NORMA CULVER, DORLENE TURNER, BONNIE CARP, JOAN ENZER, BETTY ZDROJKOWSKI, PATRICIA GOINES, BARBARA RISDON, DELORES COMPEAU, LEAH ARRIAGA, BARBARA MILLER, afld JANET ADER, bollom 7'0ZL', RITA VUDURES, MARY SIMMET, CHLOE AVERY, MARILYN WEINBERG, LOIS SCHULTZ, SALLY VOLKER, ESTHER BIELBY, BARBARA HARRIS, PAT IVIAVIS, and FRANCES DEE. Accompanying them is JEAN WESTOVER. 4- -P RICHARD CROOKS is senior accompanist impromptu-extraordinary. DONNA FLOETER, choir soloist, rehearses for her appearance at the Christmas Pageant. ROLAND TROGAN, leader of the Arthur Hill dance band, plays his Own composition, "Hymn to Spring", which was sung by the choir at the Band Bounce. DONALD PASEL carries the beat on his drums for the dance band at the "Bugs Ball." Golden jubilee! ic Performances PAGEA T Prove Large Extr Each year at Arthur Hill, the dramatics department, under the supervision of Mr. Stanley D. Schubert, presents two pageants- Christmas and Commencement. For the two productions there are three different scripts which are given in three year rotation, so that when the student finishes his three year tenure at Arthur Hill he has seen a total of six pageants. The Christmas productions are Enzzmmzzel, A Chrirtmui' Carol, and Why' The Chime! Rang. 4.. In A Clorirtmur Carol two poor fund solicitors, TERRY ANDRE and WILLIAM GALARNO, are met with an emphatic refusal from tyrannical Ebenezer Scrooge, ROLAND TROGAN, while the impover- ished employee, Bob Crachit, HENRY MARKSBURY, works indus- triously. Tiny Tim has just finished his immortal words, "God bless us , . . everyone!" and the Crachit family prepares to drink the toast. They are MARY PACKARD, DOROTHY PRESSPRICH, JOHN WEBEIK, ROBERT WOLITGRAM, MIRIAM BISHOP. and HENRY MARKSBURY. a-Curricular Drawing Cards Amerim The Bfflllllifllf, One World, and The Four Freedomr are the pageants used for Commencement Exercises. Students who served as the spirits of Religion, Agriculture, Education, Welfare, Science, and Enterprise, in last year's pageant, America The Beamfifzzl. were RUTH KLAMMER, RUTH GLASS, ROBERTA MAC GREGOR, KAY DABBERT, BETTY HARTLE, LORRAINE AVERY, and MARLEN12 TRIER. Over tea, KATHERINE TUNIS, DOW TUNIS, CAROL REAMS, DONALD CAMERON, and SUZANNE RUPP humorously discuss the grouchy Scrooge. Members of the Crachit family, DOROTHY PRESSPRICH, HENRY MARKSRURY, MARY PACKARD, ROBERT WOLFGRAM, qhiddenb and MIRIAM BISHOP, attempt to cheer one another after the death of Tiny Timg as RUTH GLASS, the spirit, and ROLAND TROGAN, Scrooge, look on. Golden J ubileel 33 DRAMATIC Means Enjo ment for Both udience, Actor SMILIN' THROUGH, the 1950 senior play, concerned two old men, a pair of young lovers, and the appearance of a ghost. Prin- cipals of the cast shown here are, left to right, ROLAND TROGAN, HENRY MARKSBURY, MARY D. HOLMES, MARCIA MITTS, Zlllll RICHARD CROOKS. Other members of the cast were Lois Klemm, WEATHER CLEARING, an intricate "whodunit", was the Arts- Dramatics Club play. Pictured are, left to right, TOM BANNING, EUGENE MERTZ, RUDY SHIFFMAN, CAROL REAMS, and SUZANNE RUPP. Other members of the cast were Terry Andre, Charles Manske, William Galarno, Rosann Alsgaarcl, Larry Eynon, Ruth Glass, John Clark, and Donald Cameron. Charles Manske, Betty Brockway, Rudy Shiffman, Rosann Alsgaard, Terry Andre, Robert Brantlt, Suzanne Dengler, William Galarno, Carol Hurst, Patricia jahns, jutly johnson, Ruth Klammer, Dan Learnetl, Eugene Mertz, Greta Meyers, Helen Neiderstatlt, Jack Oze, Nancy Roberts, and William Washabaugh. Family pride was involved in the play IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE, a revival for Arthur Hill, clue to the wager rnarle by two business competitors concerning their sons' success in the commercial world. Here WILLIAM GALARNO is elated over a publicity stunt, while TERRY ANDRE and MARY PACKARD are dubious. Others in the play were Rucly Shiffman, Lois Klemm, Henry Marksbury, Don Springer, Dick Kostoff, james Karpicke, Ruth Glass, Bernard Bolt, and Marguerite Leppien. 34 '50 Legemla Music, peecll, Acting Combine for BA D BOUNCE Rockettes from 1949 Band Bounce are, left to right, DONNA GULLIFOR, JANE XVEBER, RONNA GOLZ, GERRY DREYER, CAROLE DILL, and JOANNE SPRUNGER. Another Band Bounce number featured GERRY DREYER in a fast tap dance routine, "backed up" by the members of the 1949 Band Bounce Chorus. Members of the chorus open with a Tyrolean number, replete with authentic costumes. XR f eww f--.., 'ga-Qi-L 43 2 h Golden Jubilee! ,av z.. wwf? BILL SANDS, known as the "Magical Gretonasf' gives his act with the help of his assistant, SHIRLEY CHERRY. This was one of the many features of the '49 Band Bounce. Clowning comes natural for BOB BURDITT, JIM LIST, BOB SIMON, DICK GUGEL, and CHARLES WIESE. Their act, a lan-ipoon of a Barber Shop quartet, set the audience in fine fettle. Members of the Dixieland Band, BILL MILLER, DICK CASE, TOM COCHNAUER, JOHN R. STEWART, and VIC GRAUF interpret an American jazz classic. f ssiiigfiia is H ef" a aww? 'W' we-o 35 The EW Holds Medalist, Gallup Award MARILYN JAKES, editor-in-chief, with eighteen fellow seniors and juniors, edited 14 issues of the Arthur Hill News which earned Medalist rating from Columbia University's awards for the first semester issues. ln the fall the News was the recipient of the 7th consecutive Gallup Award. Staff reporters ARNALEE CALLAN, NANCY LEE HAAR, ALICE WAGNER. .IACQUELYN JOHNSON, MARILYN CAMPBELL, Lf10Ll JANE MAC ARTHUR compare notes before embarking to cover their daily beats. journalism students must have fifty inches printed before they are recognized as staff members. CARL FHUSSE, sports reporter, talks with sports editor OSCAR KOEPLIN while typists Lois BHRNTHAL and RUTH KLAMMER pre- pare copy for the printer. Managing editor, HENRY MARKSBURY, and associates JOAN TESSIN and MARLENI3 TRIER confer on page makeup. Henry was M.C. for city school broadcasts of XVSAM and a delegate to the National Scholastic Press Association convention in Chicago last November. Editorial page editor LARRY PIKE, photographer CURTIS LEECE, exchange editor NANCY GUY, feature writer ROLAND TROGAN, photographer ALWYN HANSEN, feature editors AUDREY LLEWELLYN and SALLY BUTTS receive instructions from editor Marilyn jakes before making plans for the next issue. Larry was a delegate to the National Scholastic press convention in Chicago. Sally was chosen by the staff to be editor of the annual junior-Sophomore issue. Bookkeeper CATHERINE PETERS advises advertising salesmen HARVEY JACKSON and RUTHE FISHER on the cost of the paper. Harvey and Ruthe spend many hours outside of school in Saginaw business districts formulating the advertisements that finance the newspaper. Ruthe was managing editor of the junior issue. N Mis 36 ww' '50 Legenda The L GE DA A ain Takes Top tate Honors Quill :Intl Scroll, ll'llZQl'1l2lflOIl1ll joiiI'Ii:IlisIiI lifmor soeiely, luiiiori-il 1114- follow' ins' Il1llDllf'2lTl0II students for outstniiiliiig work in journzilisniz Lois l4vi'nl1I'il. Jean .Xian liuse. llione Biuller, Sully B1i1ts,IXrii:ileo f':Ill:1II. Mairilyn Viiiiiplit-ll. 1':irl IH-iisstl, lluilie Fist-lier, Nalin.-5' Guy. ,Xlwyn llnusi-ii, liallu-riiiv llai-vii-. l,0ll .Xnn llenslt-V, Alnrilyii -lakes. Osram' Kueplin. lilzxino limIpliIig:oI'. Curt 1.1-wt-, Allillllll' Llewellyn, 'I't'tl Mainline-, llenry Xl2l'I'liHll1lI'j'. lloris Nliissm-r. 1':zllIi-riiitl 1'etvI's. l,:1x'ify Pike, Doris Rulilig, .Ioan 'I'essin, xl'II'l1'IIL' Ylll'll'l'. and Rolziizil '1'rogiiii. JEAN ANN BUSE, MARFIORIE CAMPBELL, LOU ANN HENSLER, and DORIS MOSSNIER choose pictures for the activity section of the 1950 Legenda. Every school group or organization is pictured in the yearbook. ELAINE KOEPLINGER, DIONE BUTLER, and DORIS RUHLIG ClICCli headlines on tlte dummy pages, the foundation of the Legenda. JUNE FARRIELL and TWILA MOONEY identify pictures for the activ- ity section while WILLIAM A. KLEEKAMP and ARLENE SEEHASE work on copy for the sports section. TED MAC RAE, as class chairman, plans layouts and edits copy. At journalism Day at Michigan State College in October he was priv- ilegecl to accept top state recognition of the 1949 Legenda. Ted was delegate for Legencla to the NSPA Convention in Chicago. KATHERINE HARVIE and DOROTHY NELLETT proof read advertis- ing copy just back from the printers, while PAUL .IACQUISH takes time out from snapping pictures to see how his work looks in print. Typing, an important part in publication of this book, was done largely by LOIS TRINKLEIN, CAROLYN REIN, and JOANNE HIMSEL. LORRAINIE AvI?RY and JACK ARNDT alphabetize pictures of the 1781 students enrolled in school. The album section is one of the first items to be completed in the publication ot the book. Golden I11I9ilc'e.' 37 Sf? x ' f 'W K 21.22542 Mqrfl in .ig g X . . . P Q 'S A 0 Q 'l 'fix M 3253? ,,1, f x 1 s W Kgguffff H 9 K ,... 3 HE Q, '50 Legenda ld Grads, Hillites Mingle at HOMECOMI C QUEEN MARILYN DITTMAR aI1d lIC1' attendants, BARBARA BERKOA BEIN and JUNE HORN, reigned over the homecoming dance and game. Band drum major RONALD BRONNER gives the traditional football to queen MARILYN DITTMAR at the homecoming football game. Attendants BARBARA BERKOBEIN and JUNE HORN observe the proceedings. Cheerleaders and the newly organized Pep Club lead Hillites in cheers at pep sessions and all athletic events. The squad includes, I0p IOWZ JOE FLORA, WARREN BENNET', DOW TUNIS, and BOB BRANDTQ lJOEIOI'I'l IOWZ SALLY KEITH, JO ANN SPRUNGER, SALLY BALBOMB, Hflcl NANCY LEE HAAR. DON BECKER, hard-driving junior fullback, crashes over for a touchdown in the dedication game with the Cosmos of Hamtramck. Arthur Hill emerged with a 15-2 victory. Q.. The marching band adds the strains of the national anthem to the dedication ceremonies, while a crowd of 8.000 stadium fund boosters watch in reverent silence. Members of the Armed Services carry' the Stars and Stripes down the gridiron to open the Arthur Hill Memorial Stadium Dedication. The game commemorated the opening with a I5-2 win over Hamtramck, Leading the Grand March at the homecoming dance are: queen's eourtiet SALLY MOSER and TED MAC RAE. attendant BARBARA BERKOBEIN and RUDY SHIFFMAN, attendant JUNE HORN and DON BELL, and queen MARILYN DIITMAR and JACK SEARS. Hillites conclude the Homecoming celebration by mixing with the old grads at the dance which followed a 41-6 victory over Bay City. Line Coach GLENN MASON and yatdman MR. ALEX WAIER view the cheering throng of students at the pep assembly prior to the Home- coming contest, as they assure the team of their support. An unidentifiable mass of Lumberjack and Trojan players tangle as Arthur Hill meets Saginaw High in the Turkey Day game which ended satisfactorily for all with a l3-15 tie. Groundbreaking ceremony for the Memorial Stadium. MR. JULIUS A. IPPEL turns the first shovel of soil, while MR. ROBERT CARL VOGT, MR. HAROLD VOLLMER, and SUPERINTENDENT CHESTER F. MILLER check the stadium plans, and MR. STANLEY SWIFT and PRINCIPAL I. M. BROCK look on. MRS. LEO HALEY uncovers the bronze dedicatory plaque to Arthur Hill's 77 Gold Star Alumni, as MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, school presi- dent PAUL HINKIN, MR. HUBERT HALEY and representatives of the Arnged Services stand by, while the honor guard prepares to raise the ag. Golden jubilee! 39 MBERJACK GRIDD R Detlicate tadium With 15-2 Win LUMBERJACK FOOTBALL TEAM concluded the '49-'50 season with at total of 5 wins, 3 losses and I tie and placed third in the Valley COHfCl'6I1CC. T017 7'0ll'.' HEAD COACH KENNETH KELLY, GEORGE MC COY, ANDY ROBERTSON, WALLY TECHENTIEN, HOWARD TESSMAN, DON PFUND, -IACK GUTTOWSKY, RANDY BRAMAN, KIM SCHRADER, LINE COACH GLENN MASON. FOZZTITL7 l'0ll'.' GERALD HARTLEY, TOIVI HACKETT. JACK LARSON, JOHN LOBSIGER, DON MEHL, JOHN TAYLOR, JAMES JERGENSEN, JIM PACKER. Third row: JIM Fox, LAWRENCE SALVI, JOHN LANDERYOU, IT121l'l2.g6l'. SBC07I!Il 7'0Il'.' HARVEY O'l'T, IHHHRQCF, DAVE JONES, HERB KUTSCH, DON EDXVARDS, VAL NVINIECKIE, BEN WELLS, DON VOLZ. Bollom I'0LL'.' CARL DUBAC, DICK O'R1ORDAN, .JIM GLICK, HOWARD MAR'fIN, CARL DIENER. ' VALLEY STANDlNGS IVOII Loi! Tied an Flint Northern . . . . . . 5 l O Flint Central .... . . . 5 l O ARTHUR HILL . . . . . . 3 2 1 Saginaw High ... ... 3 2 l Owosso ........ . . . l 5 O Bay City .... ..............,......... 0 6 O VARSITY SEASON RECORD Sep. 16 Lansing Eastern . . . 14 ARTHUR HILL . . . . 13 Sep. 25 ARTHUR HILL .... I5 Hamtramck ...... 2 Sep. 30 ARTHUR HILL .... 33 Bay City Handy . . . O Oct. 7 ARTHUR HILL ..,. 6 Owosso ......... O Oct. l4 ARTHUR HILL .... 41 Bay City Central . . 6 CHomecomlngJ Oct. 21 Flint Northern . . . 55 ARTHUR HILL . . . . l2 Nov. 4 Flint Central ..... l3 ARTHUR HILL .... 12 Nov. II ARTHUR HILL .,.. 27 Pontiac ......... 21 Nov. 25 ARTHUR HILL .... I5 Saginaw High .... I5 CThanksgiving Dayl J. V. SEASON RECORD Sep. 17 ARTHUR HILL .... 33 Bay City Hantiy . . . 7 Oct. l5 Bay City Central . . I9 ARTHUR HILL .... 0 Oct. 20 Flint Northern . . . 30 ARTHUR HILL . . . . 7 Nov. 3 Flint Central ..... 12 ARTHUR HILL .... 7 Nov. I0 Pontiac ......... 20 ARTHUR HILL .... I5 Nov. I8 Saginaw High .... 6 ARTHUR HILL ..,. 0 CLittle Brown jug Garneb HOWARD MARTIN, guard, earned positions on All-State and All- Valley first teams for his sportsmanship, performance, and skill. BEN WELLS, end, was awarded All-Valley honorable mention. VERNE HAWES, half-back, received All-Valley honorable mention. DICK O'RIORDAN, tackle, was placed on the All-Valley second team. 40 '50 Legenda CACERS Capture Eighth Valle Title in - ine Years REGIONAL RECORD ARTHUR HILL . . 62 Bay City Handy. 55 ARTHUR HILL . . 50 Bay City Central 39 Saginaw High . 56 ARTHUR HILL . . 51 VALLEY STANDINGS W o 11 Loi! ARTHUR HILL . . . . . IO 2 Bay City Central . . . . 9 .3 Saginaw High . . . . 7 5 Pontiac ..,.... . 6 6 Flint Northern . . . . 4 8 Owosso ....... . 4 S Flint Central . . , 2 IO The Lumberjack basketball team added 1 l wins to 3 defeats to bring the eighth valley title in nine years to Arthur Hill. Top row. left lo riglazx ARTHUR KITSCH, NELSON WING, CARL DIENER, JERRY EIRNEAUM, DICK CANSFIELD, COACH KENNETH A. KELLY. Middle '1'0llf', Jeff to riglaz: JACK ALEXANDER, GLENN HOERNLEIN, PAUL HINKIN, JIM PREMO, VERNE HAXVES, ANDY ROBERTSON, manager. Front row, left to right: CHUCK HISE, LLOYD YEO, IIRED DONAGHY, BILL STRONG, JACK SEARS, and DON SIMON, manager. VARSITY SEASON RECORD J. V. SEASON RECORD Dee. 13 Midland . ..,.... ARTHUR HILL 31 Dec ARTHUR HILL Midland . . . . . Dec. 16 ARTHUR HILL Flint Central . 51 Dee. ARTHUR HILL Flint Central . Jan, 6 ARTHUR HILL Pontiac . . . . . 36 Jan. Pontiac ......... ARTHUR HILL Jan. 10 ARTHUR HILL Saginaw ..... 49 Jan. ARTHUR HILL Saginaw High Jan. 13 Owosso .....,... ARTHUR HILL 50 Jan. ARTHUR HILL Owosso ..... jan. 17 Bay City . . . ARTHUR HILL 47 Jan. ARTHUR HILL Bay City . . . . Jan. 20 ARTHUR HILL Flint Northern 37 Jan. Flint Northern ARTHUR HILL Feb. 5 ARTHUR HILL Flint Central . 45 Feb, ARTHUR HILL Flint Central . Feb. 10 ARTHUR HILL Midland ........ 38 Feb. ARTHUR HILL Midland .... Feb. 14 ARTHUR HILL Flint Northern 43 Feb. ARTHUR HILL Flint Northern Feb. 17 ARTHUR HILL Owosso ..... 58 Feb. ARTHUR HILL Owosso ..... Feb. 21 ARTHUR HILL Saginaw . . . 60 Feb. ARTHUR HILL Saginaw High Feb. 24 ARTHUR HILL Pontiac . . . 47 Feb. ARTHUR HILL Pontiac . . . . . Feb. 28 ARTHUR HILL Bay City .... 44 Feb. ARTHUR HILL Bay City ..... PAUL HINKIN, leading scorer for two sea- sons, established a state-wide reputation with his hook-shots and notched an all-time place in fans' memories. GLENN HOERNLEIN, first-string forward, proved to be a clutch player this year, com- ing up with last-minute baskets that spelled victory for the Hills. JIM PREMO was a standout on defense with his strategic passing and levelaheaded play- ing. Golden Jubilee! WIM ERS Capture State Runner- P Title SEASON RECORD STATE SWIMINIING ARTHUR VALLEY STANDINGS MEET ARTHUR . IWW! Lon Lansing Eastern ..... 59 532215627 Bay City """ 6 O ARTHUR HILL 25 ARTHUR HILL . 4 7 ' ' ' ' ' ' ARTHUR , I ' ' Battle Creek . . . . . . 24 Bay City Polmmc """' 2 2 Grosse Point . . . . . . 24 ARTHUR Flint Central . . O Royal Oak I A I - - 1 24 225353 ARTHUR 3 R I lt is ',.f'T ,f .Q rv rx .sa NM" C, A I I --' N1 IMI, I ,L sa R . 7, AW. H HILL . HILL Central HILL . HILL . Central HILL . HILL . HILL . HILL . 42 Members of the 1950 Varsity Swimming Team, State runners-up, compiled a season record of 8-2. Top row, left lo right, DON MOREY, BOB DUST, TOM CAWLEY, JIM MATTHIES, BILL HOLLOWAY, BOB LYONS, PAUL KRAUSE, coach DAVID A. GAINEY. Bol- mm row, left to right, DICK SAUER, MERRILL WILLIAMS, BEN WELLS, captain DICK HAINES, BOB MEIER, DICK DREWYER, BOB KNOX, LAWRIE THOMAS. VARSITY ..,...43 BattleCreek... ..4l .......56 Pontiac...... .. 32 43 ARTHUR HILL .. .. 40 63 Flint Central .. 25 ......56 Jackson......- --32 43 ARTHUR HILL .. 41 .. ...64 BayCityI-Iancly... ..2-4 .. 63 Pontiac ....... , .. 25 .. 58 Flint Central .. 26 .. iiyg BatrleCreek .. 2895 PAUL KRAUSE, freestyler, swam the 100-yrd freestyle and a lap of the freestyle relay. Captain DICK HAINES, the team's most ver-I satile swimmer and outstanding leader, placed in two events in stare meet. TOM CAWLEY, state diving champion, re- mained undefeated all season against the toughest competition. BOB LYONS, breast stroker, swam his spe- cialty in the medley relay. JIM MATTHIES, breast stroker, was a member of the medley relay team which placed sec- ond in the state meer. DICK SAUER, all around swimmer, specialized in individual medley and won his third varsity letter. '50 Legemia TRACK, CROSS-COUNTRY Prove Individual Fortitude The 1949 Cross'Country Team ran the haz- arclous two-mile course to take a fourth place in the Valley. Top row, left to right, Manager ROBERT HEIDGER, JACK FOOTE, HAROLD BOWMAN, ELDON FORD, OSCAR KOEPLIN, and Manager WILLIAM BRUTONQ bottom row, ARTHUR BULL, ROBERT GAR- RETT, DALE SIMPSON. The 1950 Track Team went into a season of competition with a number of returning lettermeng top tow, DICK O'RIORDAN, ELDON FORD, GORDON SPENCER, PETER HERVEY, WILLIAM KESSEL, and OSCAR KOEPLINQ sec- ond row, JOHN MAURER, LYLE HUFF, BYRON HILL, RICHARD ARMSTRONG, GERALD WENDELL, and DONALD VOLZQ bottom row, WILLIAM ROWELL, ERWIN SEBALD, JAMES MARTIN, CHARLES COLBY, and WILLIAM ROOKER. CROSS-COUNTRY SEASON RECORD ARTHUR HILL .... . 25 Pontiac ......... Flint Central .. . . 24 ARTHUR HILL . . . ARTHUR HILL . . . 27 Flint Northern . . . Saginaw ...... . 26 ARTHUR HILL .... ARTHUR HILL . . . 20 Bay City Central . . ARTHUR HILL .... . 21 Midland .............. Valley Meet ARTHUR HILL Fourth Place State Meet ARTHUR HILL Seventh Place Golden Jubilee! Apr. Apr, Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May 1950 VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Ra E Saginaw-River Rouge events .... ..... T here Flint Northern-River Rouge events ......, There Rouge Relays ............,.... .... A nn Arbor Flint Central . . . Saginaw ........... Mt. Pleasant Relays . . . Valley .........,. Regional . . . State ....... Non Gracl . . . . . . . . . .Here . . . . . . .Here .......There Saginaw High . . . .Ypsilanti . . . .Lansing . . . . .Flint 43 ASEBALL, GOLF, and TENN , Weatherman Permittin ,gf N. I ' 4 53, V f . , . ' f - - 5 1 , V4 HEI . -1 2? y ., . .... J .... 'NI ..,.. fp, , mm R' """ -,l I -:,:,:::,: OX. , V ,, Q . we f- . -- . I Q -,, --'- ,, .. .. ..,... -.::::,., ' 1 2929111 1few.f.mZ54mE2583'WaZW ' ei """' ww: 'We' 1.21, eiewaaw fl -2+ ...:e:::f-:I -- ...., - 'ref S M" ' . "" ---- ..... .. """' 1 asia . .,.,. '?t"N""f .I, ,,,, .... QQ ' what ..,. ""' ffiffsfhmw N. 1949 GOLF SEASON RECORD 1950 GOLF SCHEDULE Won Lost April Huy LllIj'iS1IL!'IIlilXY llligh April 2.1 I'UIIlI:lI'+S2lfIlIl2lXY lligh ,xnrinnc nn.L Flint cpm, AWN 27 BM,i.m.Cmtm1 AR'I'IIllIC llllili I!:1y City IIIIIIIIIX Nlzlv 1 Flint Central lxR'rliUlz Illlil, lflint Nm-im-it HHN 2 'IWOSSH-N212iI121ii' 'HMI' A1t'1'11Ult llllil, tlwossn my 4 I'I""' N""thC"l lllny 10 .tlnnl xiifilinifi .XR'l'l'lUR lIll,I. MM, N, Mwnml .XR'l'l'll.'K lIII.l, .Khnu llziy 164 Sngixnlw lligh Valley .xml-IUR1111,1,-sefgmlfi Im 2" IfegI""f'IS-Fhm Huy 22 IEIIIFQ' I'rnn'nunientgllwosso REQIIOIISII ARTIIUR llllilifset-ond fllziy 27 State'l'mn'n:1ment 44 llc-rv I'onI inf' 'IIIl4'I'L' 'I'ln1w Ilerc- Here There Here Here R200 fun. 2 :OO ILIII. Another Flint Central boy completes the circuit to add to his team's score. The home team contributed 4 runs for Arthur Hill. The I949 Baseball Team Hnisheci the sea- son with a tally of 6 wins, 3 defeats to take fourth place in the Valley. The 1949 Golf Team played their home meets at the Saginaw Country Club course. The squad, under the direction of Coach DAVID GAINEY, inclutlecl, lefz to riglaz, TED AUNGER, DALE LA GARIE, TOM SPENCE, BUD MARKS, FRED WARD, BILL STRONG, DICK KOSTOFF, STAN SHEYER, JOHN KUFLEWSKI, HAROLD BUXMAN. With the opening of the municipal tennis courts, Arthur Hill boys seize the opportu- nity for league play, and Coach George Purdy is greeted by a large turnout of hope- fuls. They are, top row, left to right, Coach GEORGE PURDY, KIM SCHRADER, RONNIII IELLIS, JIM VOELKER, HAROLD RUX, GERALD TED BRAUN, RON- LICKTEIG, JACK DON ADAMS, DAN- iei. L12ARNEng Franz muy BOB NICKODEMUS, JACK SMITH, XVILLARD BLACK, JERRY ENGLISH. KIEKBUSCHQ Jemmf rouk. ALI! GREILICH, FRED COOPER, JOHN TAYLOR, 1949 BASEBALL SEASON RECORD .XKIIIIIR Illlili .. 3 Uxxosso ...,.., .. Flint Nurlllern . .. I .XII I HUII I' l.I, .. .XR'I'lIlfIi IlII.l. .. -I lily Ci.y .. . .. .XR l'lII'Ii IIILI. .. 3 IWDIIIIRIC .... .. ,X RT IIL' It .X RTIIU li .X RTH ll R IIIIII. .. Il S'1ffi'r-nwIli"'l1 llllili .. .1 ' Miillzlnfl IIIIII, .. ll SQIHIIIRIIY Hlffh my my llmiflgf .. 57 ,XIC'I'IlI'R nn.l. .. Flint Ceniml .... 13 .KRIIIL It llII,I, .. 1950 BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 24 Buy City llnnily 'I'ln1rv April 27 Flint Xrn'lIn-rn Theri- Mny 1 Hay City Ilunmly Hert- Blzxy 4 llwosso Here Nlily 11 Buy City IIUIIIITII Ilerz' May 15 Saginaw Here Many 1:4 Pontizxe Here Ilfny 25 Szigimxw There June 2 Flint Central There 1950 TENNIS SCHEDULE .XR'I'lIlllI llll,L at Flint t'4-ntrgnl I'ontiu:' :xt .XRTIIUR IIILI. .XR'I'lll'li llll.l, at Bay f'itv April IS April EI .Xlwril 23 Ayntl its .XRTI-ICR Illlili :lt Owosso ' May 12 Flint NU'I'lllC'l'II ni. ARTIIUIC Illlili May 209 liupgionul '9 Huy 25 Iiny City all .IIITIIUR IllI,l. May ZH .XIITHIIR IIll,l. :lt Pontinr' June 2 State TOIITIIIIIIICIII '50 Legemia GIRLS' SPORT Provide Intramural Competition Soft ball is the only girls' intramural sport held outside. Members of the winning team ate, top row, left to right, DOROTHY NELLETT, MARIANN BURNELL, BETTY ANDERSON, DELORES CLARKQ flTOI1t row, JANET PABST, SUE BOLGER, JUDY SCHABERG. Volleyball champions ate, top row, left to right, BONNIE BROWN- LEE, KATHERINE SCHULTZ. GEORGIANA SCHMIDTQ front row, JEAN STRACI-IEN, GLORIA DUWE, JEAN DORN. Basketball runners-up are, top row, sHARON PODLECK1, JUNE EUR- EACK, DOREEN BONNELL, MARY sCo'rTg front row, VERNA BOLGER, DELORES Meieiz, YVONNE PETRE, MARY Fares. Girls who have earned 200 points during their three years at Arthur Hill are entitled to an AH letter, Letterwinners are, top row, left to right, JOYCE MILLAR, GLORIA DUWE, JOAN DAVIS, JOYCE MC CLUREQ f1'OI1t LOW, DOROTHY NELLETT, DELORES CLARK, BETTY ANDERSON, DESSALEE BURCH, MYRA MC CLURE. f Another sport in the girls' intramural league is basketball, This season's winners are. top row, MARLENE CONKLIN, SUE BOLGER, JANET PABSTQ front row, DOROTHY NELLETT, ELSIE FISCHER, JOAN KLEIN. Taking the runners-up spot in volleyball are, top row, DOROTHY NELLETT, EMILY GRAHAM, MAIJELINE NELSON, CHLOE AVERYQ front FOW, SHIRLEY STOKUS, RUTH ANN SOVVATSKY, JOAN DAVIS, MAXINE XVES'l'PHAL, Golden Jubilee! 45 CL B HILLIT -A lVleetin Place and Pleasant Diversion Dance Band members under the direction of ROLAND TROGAN provide the music at the Bugs' ball. Band members are, left to right: TED ABBENANTE, BILL ROWELL, KEN HUNTER, MAURICE RUSHLOW, BOB KINGSBURY, DON PASEL, TOM GOCHNAUER, BERNARD BOLT, DAVE HOLLAND, RUDY FRENCH, and BILL KRAUSE. Whether you come to dance, play games or just watch, everyone is welcome at Club Hillite. The crowd mills about the dance floor at ease. 46 Club Hillite "Big Thirteen" members JIM PACKER, BILL WASHABAUGH, BETTY BROCK- WAY, CHARLES MANSKE, JANET WAG- GONER, and JERRY LAKE redecorate tables to be used by Club Hillite. Other members of the committee are Sue Willets, Kay Krueger, Pat Dice, Edna Diener, Jim McKenna, jack Smith and William Klee- kamp. This steering committee supervises and plans all Club Hillite parties with the assistance of different advisory helpers each time. -P Before the Cranberry Creep, DICK CANS- FIELD, CHARLES MANSKE, EUGENE MERTZ, ROBERT GARRET, and WILLIAM KLEEKAMP try to guess the number of cranberries in the jar. These boys are only a few of those who clamored to win the turkey given to the person who came closest to the right answer. JERRY MATSON and his opponent engage in a game of ping pong. Cards, checkers, and other games may be enjoyed at every Club Hillite. Students go to the host and check out games, and then return them. Dance Band vocalist, NANCY BOYER, sings for an appreciative audience. Biology Club students work on the decora- tions for the "Bugs' Ball." They are SALLY BAILEY, JANE WEBER, DONNA HATHAWAY, and MURIEL LIEFFERS. At the Sophomore Party, BILL BIRDSALL, JOHN KURTZ, MARY PATERSON, GEORGE STEWART, BARBARA ALDRICH, GEORGE BRANT, and their friends pass the time with a game of cards. Taking time out for refreshments at the coke bar during the Sophomore Day Party are, left to right: SALLY BALCOM, ERIEDA DAKOSKI, JO ANN CLARK, JOAN GILLION, VIRGINIA WOOD, KATHERINE SCHULTZ, BETTY PLACKEWICZ, and BARBARA HARRIS. With her back to the camera is JEAN AKERLEY. Sombrero Swing guests are HERMAN GIE- ROW, HAROLD I-IARTL, GERALD BLOHM, GEORGE BAIN, WILLIAM VOIGT, JAY HUB- BLE, and HARRY DUWE. They joke over a friendly game of cards. '50 Legenda Golden jubilee! IOH WEEK is a Time of Mixed motions FAY CUTHBERTSON, LEE QUICKSELL, afld MARY LOU O,DONNIELl., stop in front of the trophy case to chat about the many activities of senior week. After having been measured in February, seniors call for caps and gowns at the opening of senior week. After three years of thirty-live minute lunch periods in the cafeteria, seniors and their guests settle down to the dinner served them there before the Prom. 1950 seniors look forward to their graduation as LLOYD YEO measures FRANK POMMERVILLE for his cap and gown, Calling cards make memories of fellow students lasting. Exchanging C8.1'dS RTC JOAN SMITH, BETTY TRIPPENSEE, MATILDA TODOROFF, LEONARD THOMAS, PAUL BEACH, Hilti HARRY JONES. During the grand march, JOYCE DYE and her escort form the arch for ELAINE BUEHLER and IERNST GRABOWSKI. SN 48 '50 Legemla E IOR EK is the Grand Finale of High School Life An unending line of GRADUATES form in the gym before the senior assembly. At Baccalaureate ceremony, DR. HENRY W. FISHER speaks to graduates. This service is conducted on the Sunday of graduation week, Seniors line up in preparation for the Grand March, the last dance of the Senior Prom. Lamont Corp provided music for the '-19 Prom. To the music of "Pomp and Circurnstancen SENIORS march in and take their place at the Senior Assembly. Here they bid under- classmen goodbye by reading the class will and prophesy. Senior Prom, the social climax of senior days, is enjoyed by seniors and their guests on the Monday of graduation week. This is the only formal school dance of the year. Commencement, the hnal activity for seniors, takes place at the Saginaw Civic Auditorium. Here diplomas are distributed and seniors become alumni of Arthur Hill. Yi " ' 'ir' t R 'f a EJ A ' . . Q .., . xl it io x 7' K, ' M Q , Mi , Mg z ti 13 fl ft T3 f' V. S. ft 'WL 'i " f' W , ., , V K, -,X .ae Golden Jubilee! 49 H0 ORS Add Aura of Distinction to Achievements I 1949 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS . American Legion Scholarship Senior Tuesday Musicale to North Central College at Naperville, Illinois North Central College, Naperville, Illinois-honorary scholarship Senior High Tuesday Musical to Interlochen-summer Kiwanis scholarship to lnterloehen-summer Saginaw Panhellenic Used at Michigan State Saginaw University of Michigan Alumnae Association Alma College Central Michigan College of Education, Mt. Pleasant Michigan State University of Michigan Arthur Hill Scholarship Michigan State College of Education, Ypsilanti Houghton School of Mines Northwestern University Valparaiso University General Motors-Design for a new car National Methodist Scholarship Used at Northwestern Bay City Jr. College 50 S200 cash S5150 cash S 50 cash Tuition Tuition S200 cash S250 cash Tuition Tuition Tuition Sl-10 a year Tuition F51 4 0 a year 581,000 Tuition Tuition Tuition S2 4 0 Tuition S200 82,000 - any college S400 a year Tuition James List Ruth Ann Haist Ruth Ann llaist Ruth Ann llaist Richard Crooks Marilyn Voorheis Marjorie Craincr Kathleen Russell Elaine Nehl, Doris Spear, Kae Waskoviak-State Dept. of Public Instruction Billie Vaughn+Musie Carol Doering' Lillian McVannel Gwen Evans Betty Trippensee Betty Duncan James List, Marjorie Cramer, Luella Krafft, Mary Ann Suino, Norman Zilber Marjorie Cramer Dorothy Ahrens-State Dept. of Public Instmction Irene Smith Robert Mossner, I'hil Michel David Browne Robert Boyle Robert Siroebel Paul Ja quish Robert Boyle Betty Allison 1949 GRADUATION HONORS The Big Three on graduation night accept the congratulations of Principal I, M. BROCK. Left to right are DAVID BROWNE, whose award of the Ippel Cup comes as the climax of an active high school career, MARJORIE CRAMER, who won the Arthur Hill Otto Roeser S1000 scholarship for the highest scholastic standing of those competingg and EDWARD THOMPSON, an eight-letter man, whose athletic prowess won him the Univer- sity of Michigan Plaque. BEST SENIOR GIRL CITIZEN LORRAINE AVERY received the Daughters of American Revolution award for being elected by her classmates and teachers as the best senior girl citizen. OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES Sophomore trophies honored SALLY BUTTS and BRENDON WELLS last May at awards assembly. The honors are awarded to the outstanding boy and girl of the sophomore class by the Hi-Y and Y-Teens Clubs in token of their citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and participation in extra-curric- ular activities. SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP JAMES LIST, son of a World War Veteran, received the American Legion Cash Scholar- ship. Mr. Joseph W. Ramsey, a Legion rep- resentative, presented the award. '50 Legemia tate, ational Recognition Comes to Hillites TED MACRAE, a national winner, won a Medalist Rating in the spring Quill and Scroll editorial contest on the United Na- tions. MARILYN JAKES was a first place regional winner in the Editorial Contest of Quill and Scroll for the East Central States Division. DONALD CAMERON, AUDREY LLEWELLYN, HENRY MARKSBURY, LARRY PIKE and ROL- AND TROGAN won honorable mention in the East Central States Division of Quill and Scroll in the Editorial Contest. Larry also received an outstanding achievement award in editorial writing from Michigan State College. VFW AWARD DIONE BUTLER placed third in the city wide Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars essay contest. ART AWARDS MARCIA MITTS won three gold keys in the regional Scholastic Art Exhibit. JAMES MC LEAN and SALLY MEEHLEDER received an honorable mention in the re- gional Scholastic Art Exhibit. JACK OZE and JAMES WEGNER won honor- able mention in the 38th annual Woman's Club Art Contest. JEAN WILTSE placed first in the sculpturing division of the Woman's Club Art Contest. RALPH FRAHM is the 1950 winner of the Dekalb Award, which is presented to the outstanding future farmer of Arthur Hill High School. FFA AWARDS ARTHUR BULL, DUANE FOX, and RALPH FRAHM were three of the 150 future farm- ers in the state who received the award of "State Farmer." They were competing with over 20,000 Michigan future farmers for this honor. RIFLE AWARD RONALD BEAN received a distinguished rifle- man presentation, highest award of a junior rilieman. He also received a gold medal in the May 9, 1949, Detroit Time: boys' novice division of the William R. Hearst shoot. MUSIC AWARDS RUTH ANN GLASS placed second in the clari- net competition at the State Music contest. RONALD GREILICH, clarinetist, took third place at the Lansing meet. ROBERT KNOWLES won first place in violin at the State Music contest at Lansing. BEVERLY SMITH took second place in the trombone contest at Lansing. Golden Jubilee! R ggggrgg g ' .ff 5 5 ? -.. --lz ::- . ""- ' ' :': Q s, .. 3-. 232 . ,f '.s?sg,1f' , R ga fs? is L7 ..., I 'Q A .. ,,,:. , . ..,,,. rz- -- r-r-1 W i ss f V' "': ' wr ' 4 iil "':'- .. Y A I :---- .... iii I 1 .2 A ----. t"itt'.-t 1.3 '.:-: V--- t"l', . - - '1" iii ...,.fe -xg, ...:. W Q s I 312.5 I ....., . r . ,. 'XQFJQQ si! Rx si National Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY claims eighty-three members chosen for their scholarship character, service, and leadership during the three years of high school. Fred Acker Lorraine Avery Dorothy Bauer Marry Ellen Baukus Roberta Baustertl Lois Bernthal Laurella Bostwick Betty Brockway Ruth Buckingham Dione Butler Donald Butts Marilyn Campbell Marjorie Campbell John Wayne Charlton Richard Crooks Kay Dabbert Patricia Dengler Susanne Dengler Jeanne Donahue Joycelyn Dorr Geraldine Dreyer Ralph Frahm Ronald Greilich Nancy Guy Joanne Himsel Paul Hinkin Evelyn Hoffman David Holland Allan Holmes Mary D. Holmes Mary Frances Horn Sally Ippel Jean Ittner Valeria Jablonski Patricia Jahns Marilyn Jakes Judith Johnson Charles Kern Ruth Klammet Lois-Ann Klemm Charles Knoop Robert Kragenbrink Kay Krueger Jerome Lake Audrey Llewellyn Roberta MacGregor Charles Manske Henry Marksbury Greta Marx Patricia McCullen Raymond McLaughl Ronald McNiven Franklin Merrick Marcelene Metiva Marion Mossner Mary Neubauer in Carol Neuman Joyce Nicholson Helen Niederstadt Barbara Olson James Packer Donald Pfund Lillian Popp JoAnn Pruyrie Lola Radeischak Maxine Rau Norma Ravas Lillian Reifschneider Carol Richmond Andris Ronis William Rooker Irene Scharrer Dorothy Schluckebier Floyd Schnnitzer John Smith Mary Ann Strait Joan Tessin Emeline Thieme Roland Trogan David Vance Marion Wacker Lloyd Yeo Roy York si? 1 5 Z I HALL 0F FAME Each year the senior class elects by popular vote the members of their class toward whom they feel the friendliest. This year's Hall of Popularity echoes with the hello's of twelve seniors. For them neither studies not activities were taken too seriously to rob them of that lighter touch of popularity. The elect are, fin! row: LORRAINE AVERY, TOM CAWLEY, MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, and PAUL HINKINQ recom! row: BETTY BROCKWAY, GLENN HOERNLEIN, MARILYN DITTMAR, and BILL ROOKERQ third row: MARY D. HOLMES, JACK SEARS, SHIRLEY KLEIN, and DAVID VANCE. ALB 52 ,50 Legends F CE . . . THERE RE LOT MORE OF 'EM TOD Y Golden jubilee! From twelve teachers to a faculty, cafeteria, and maintenance staff 76 strong . . . from 225 students to 1781 . . . these are the changes five decades have wrought in the Legenda count- enance of the Lumberjacks. Style in clothes and hairdos have changed these 50 years, but still each Hillite face is friendly and smiling. In the first Legenda the student body was pictured in four group pages . . . modern Hillites occupy 38 panels of indi- vidual poses. Gone are the odd-shaped senior pictures and the accompanying quotations taken from English literature. Now the activities in which a senior participates speak for his accomplishments. Pictures, like styles, have changed through the years. MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW, assistant principal, has charge of clocks, keys, lockers, and attendance. He also serves as boys' adviser, Service Club adviser, and faculty cabinet secretary. MISS ETHEL A. PETERSON, dean of girls, helps the girls solve their problems, and has charge of Arthur Hill's social calendar, scholar- ships, college enrollment, student nurse schedule, and Club Hillite activities. MISS ELLEN G. GREEN, cafeteria manager, has charge of the senior dinner and student cabinet dinner. She also is faculty social com- mittee chairman. MR. JAY SHOEBRIDGE, maintenance head, with his staff keeps the building and grounds neat and attractive. 53 As Advisers: FACULTY Hel. Plan chool Life ai 5 4, . , timer 'K umm... 54 -Sa W Q , A A ,..,, .. I VQQV I' A s ,wwf ' aw ,W L Miss ELo1sE BAcoN-Biology, Assembly, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Faculty Social Committees. MRS. NANCY HARDEN BAXTER-Speech, English, Assembly Program Committee Chairman, Forensic Coach, Homecoming, Sophomore Day Committees, Senior Class Assembly Di- rector. Mlss HELEN BEESON-English, Usher Supervisor, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageant, Faculty Social, Assembly Committees, Teachers' Club Publication. MRS. HELEN M. BEYER-Homemaking, FHA Adviser, Assembly, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageant Com- mittees, Clinic Adviser. MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN-Social Science Department Head, Junior Class Adviser, Faculty Cabinet. MRS. CoILA START BUL- LARD-German, Geography, German Club Adviser, Band Bounce Committee, Som- brero Swing Assistant, Teachers' Credit Union Director. MR. EARL D. BURNETT- Band, Orchestra, Library, Music Department Head, BOC Club, Dance Band Adviser, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageant, Pep Meeting Committees, Senior Music Chairman. MRS. M. MARIE CRIT- TENDEN-Shorthand, Typing, Transcription, Band Bounce Publicity and Programs, School Treasurer. Miss MATTIE G. CRUMP-Journalism, English, Quill and Scroll Adviser, Publica- tions Director, Publicity Committee Chair- man, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Homecoming Publicity and Programs, Bul- letin Board, Service Honor Roll Board. MR. BEN O. DAMBERG-Mechanical Drawing, Band Bounce, Assembly Committees. MR. OHM E, DAX--Social Science, Christmas Seal Sales Chairman, Caps and Gowns, Senior Prom Committees. MR. ALBERT G. DERSCH-Chemistry, Science Department Head, Alchemist, Crucible Clubs Adviser, Assembly Committee, Teachers' Club Representative, Miss MARY MARGARET DOIDGE-Girls' Physical Education, Girls' Athletic Director, Pep Club Adviser, Assembly, Caps and Gowns, Sophomore Day, Pep Meeting, Fac- ulty Social Committees, Cheerleaders' Su- pervisor. Miss BERNICE M. FRANCIS- Social Science, P-TA Membership Drive, Senior Prom Committee, Sombrero Swing Assistant. MISS CATHERINE FURBEE- Speech Correction Coordinator. MR. DAVID A. GAINEY-Art of Living, Library, Swim- ming Coach, Commencement Committee, Faculty Cabinet. MISS AMY A. GATZ-English, Mathematics, Commencement Announcements, Assembly, Commencement Committees. MISS BURNICE R. GIBBS-Social Science, Assembly, As- sembly Program, Faculty Social Commit- tees, P-TA Demonstration Program. MR. HAROLD W. GIESECKE-Mathematics De- partment Head. MRS. FRANCES M. HAMLIN -English, Assembly Program, Caps and Gowns, Christmas Pageant Committees, Band Bounce Business Manager. '50 Legemia As Teachers: F CULTY how Wa to Knowled e Mlss VIRGINIA C. HARPER-Art Depart- ment Head, Band Bounce, Christmas Pag- eant Committees, Hall Display Cases, P-TA Card Parry, Senior Class Table Decorations, Michigan State Art Education Association. Miss NORMA HIL -Homernaking,' FHA A viser, ommencement Pageant, Senior Prom Table Decorations. MISS FRANCES HINRICHSEN-Head Librarian, Caps and Gowns, Faculty Social Committees. MRS. BETTY HORTON-Crafts, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Senior Prom Commit- tees, Hall Display Cases. MRS. MAR JORY JAcoBsoN-Mathematics, French, French Club Adviser, Band Bounce Ticket Sale Chairman, Senior Prom Chair- man, Caps and Gowns Committee, Teach- ers' Club Representative. MISS EDITH R. JENSEN-Biology, Bios Logia Club Adviser, Faculty Social, Senior Prom Committees, Teachers' Club Executive Board Member. MRs. RACHEL JEROME-English, Caps and Gowns, P-TA Membership Drive Commit- tees. MR. KENNET A. Athletic Director, Bas et all, Football Coach, Track Assistant, Library, Commencement, Pep Meeting, Senior rom, Publicity Commit- tees. MRS. MABEL N. KING-Sales, Co-ordina- tor, Student Store Manager. MISS MARY ' LEWIS-Art of Livin ' Sop omore Class Adviser, Sophomore arty Committee Chair- man, Sophomore Day Director, Assembly Program Committee, Faculty Cabinet, P-TA Card Party. MR. HARVE C. LIGHT-Psychok ogy, Commencement Committee. MRS. HELEN M. HUNT LOEFFLER-English, Assembly, Senior Prom Committees. MR. HOWARD H. LYTLE-Agriculture, FFA Adviser, Assembly Committee. MR M -English, American istory. MR. GLENN . ASON-Physical Education, Track Coach, Football Assistant, Commence- ment Arrangements, P-TA Card Party, Pot- luck, Assembly, Pep Meeting Committees. Miss RACHEL MCMILLAN-English, Vocal Music, Baccalaureate Music Director, BOC Club Co-adviser, Band Bounce, Spring Con- cert, Christmas Pageant. Miss CONSTANCE A. MCWETHY-Art of Living, Arts-Dramatics Club Assistant, Bowl- ing Club Adviser, Assembly Program, Sopho- more Party, Christmas Pageant Committees. Miss CORA HELEN MORGAN-Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser, Sombrero Swing Chairman. Miss DoRoTHEA R. MOUNTZ- English, Y-Teens Adviser, Faculty Cabinet, Assembly, Senior Prom, Sophomore Party, Christmas Pageant Committees, Commence- ment Ushers. MR. SEYMOUR MURPHY-Att of Living, Football, Basketball, Track As- sistant Coach, Audio-Visual Education Di- rector, Assembly Committee. Golden jubilee! . ai, i 1: EE ' - f ,, X wg, S. ' 406 I SEA X ji I vt J li X J Q .z .,,,-... V, , , . 9, ,Q- in . .,.. V ., P t we-,,, is W. ' -, Lac A ata , XY 5- W . . .... ...:....: N -E tw-f isa as my p ---, Z V A Y' W If 5 1-is Nr M X f. .Es1:i-- 3-' -. 1' .S -, -. .,vv :"' sg-, , ',... if "" 1. fi' J lvnilii V ,,.,- F' -. p a gigf ii""' f , . t. A ,,...,,,,, '..-- .... ... . iiiz " S 55 As Friends: F CULTY ponser Activities :ia ....: :M at , ., , in U ik E S qv .9 frm -: . R g A :fi giiiff '::" 5551. ,i . gt! 7 ws. 4.5211-' F1 TY., . 1 ,Z 1. 1 A .ig ,w 4 v A ."' :" in sw iii' M .. ' if F15 f Ji . as t r A .I ,.. V- 'T' sw We 54 LDIWFT ist... i N' A emi? ,,1,V1'Wv . , SSW" 7 Q zii , isli i ,:,:,:,.,.,.,:,:: R +95 , :,... , ..... ...ifzii-S3352 5.3 "':':':' 4 is :,q A eff' ,sip ir f ,W .-ev ,va mn 56 kin: 1 mn zii S .i is MRS. JUNE O'DELL-English, Spanish, Spanish Club Assistant, Sombrero Swing Assistant, Senior Prom Committee, Red Cross Chairman. MISS HELEN OLMSTED- English, Spanish, Y-Teens Assistant, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pag- CHRIS, Sombrero Swing, Football Queen's Court Committees, Teachers' Representative. Miss RUTH E. PATOW-Latig, English, Latin u ssistan, ssembly, Christmas, Commencement Pageant Committees. MR. A. A. PIERITZ-General Shop, Commence- ment Arrangements, Senior Prom Commit- tees. MR. KENNETH C. POULSON-CHO picturep Physics, Faculty Cabinet, Assembly Super- visor. MR. R. GEORGE PURDY-Social Sci- ence, Commencement, Senior Prom Ticket Committees, Teachers' Club Representative. Miss UNA M. ROBERTSON-Mathematics, Faculty Cabinet, Senior Rings and Pins, Band Bounce Ticket Sales, Commencement Committees. MR. STANLEY D. SCHUBERT -English, Dramatic Director, Arts-Dramat- ics Club Adviser, Stage Crew Supervisor, Display Cases Supervisor, Flowers for Senior Activities, Homecoming Assembly Assistant. lVlR. ERIC E. SENN-Social Science, Com- mencement, Caps and Gowns Committees. MR. ROBERT H. SHORNEY-C011ll'I16ICl8.lQ Band Bounce Committee. MISS F. ALISON SPENCE-Commercial Department Head, Teachers' Club Representative. MRS. RUTH E. STEPHENS-Commercial. MR. C. D. STEWART-Social Science, Assembly, Bancl Bounce, Caps and Gowns, Commencement Arrangements, Homecoming Dance Com- mittees, Noon Supervisor, Faculty Cabinet. MRS. MARY STEWART--Social Science, P-TA Teacher Vice-President, P-TA Mem- bership Drive, Family Potluck, Assembly, Faculty Social Committees. MISS IRMA STOCKDALE-English Department Head, Senior Class Adviser, Commencement Ar- rangements Chairman, Caps and Gowns Committee, Faculty Cabinet. MISS GERT- RUDE E. TURNER-Latin Department Head, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin Club Adviser, Teachers' Club Representative. MB. AME F. UL -Mathematics, Hi-Y Ad- viser, Foot all, Track Assistant, Assembly Supervisor, Floor Director. MR. WILLIAM L. VONDETTE-Social Sci- ence, Library, Baseball Coach, Football As- sistant, Commencement Arrangements, Senior Prom Committee, Noon Supervisor. M World Hist . MISS HRISTINE A. WEBB-Englislig F-TA Card Party. MR. B. G. WELLS-Bookkeeping, Band Bounce, Senior Prom Committees. '50 Le gendrz MAINTENANCE Keeps Hills Happ and Comfortable MR. BRYANT S. WILSON-Social Scienceg Commencement Arrangementsg Rifle Club Adviser. MRS. LORNA L. ZIEGLE -HQIQI-g making Depar ent ea , Coordinatorg FH7FCi11b Adviserg Senior Prom Commit- reeg Faculty Cabinet. MISS DORIS K. FRYE-Secretary. Miss HELEN E. STORCH-Stenographer. MISS SALLY LA BRAKE-Clerk. MISS VIOLA PASEL-Nurse. MRS. MARGARET CASEY-Cook. MRS. PEARL LEGARIE-Cook. MRS. MINA Mc- CARTY-Cook. MRS. NOREEN SCHLUCK- BIER-Cook. MRS. MATILDA SCHMIDTfCook. MRS. MARGARET WALLACE-Janitress. MR. CLAUDE BURGESS-janitor. MR. ED- WARD BUZA-Engineer CNO Pictureb. MR. WILLIAM CRELLER-Janitor CNQ Picrurej . MR. CHARLES H. DUWE-janitor. MR. HOWARD JEFFORDS-Janitor. MR. CHARLES KEHOE-Janitor. MR. RAYMOND P. NELSON-Fireman. MR. LAWRENCE A. NOTIER-Janitor CNo Pic- turej. MR. FRANK J. NYE-Janitor. MR. DAVID M. REED-Fireman. MR. ALEX- ANDER WAIER-Grounds Supervisor. MR. WILLIAM WESCOAT-Janitor CNo Pic- rureb. Golden Jubilee! iw r 23: V6 U VIAV' :E I 3 , .... .,.,,,., . 1 .1 II-- . .... 1 1 .----:--- III '-""' "'- f ' - . ,,., A ,, ' 3' "" " . .....: g li 1, W . Q ""'2 izslf :": ' Ai' . V ::. izilin .,.,... ,... . if -2-': 'I iliil 6.,,Q:,: ,..5 ' ' x ' ':':"': 'ing .,.. - 34 ..... 5: .,.. ------ f 1 ..,. M, f ,....4.,,,,, s:ag'g:,ggs,::s,g,,5,g:, 'W A . ' ,RNA 5 - S I . ' f E 3 ,, SEA. ' , f 'IIZ I 3 - 'RI f A 2 .EFI vii, . WK ...., ' . K I :"' FC :,.v. ,.,I my f ff" A 3 ..:: A -:---.: ..--- 1 ..:4:-ai-if . -- A . :f s :"' ' 1. fl . . .....11. ' ' V " 5 M, V... "::': a52f.:1':Q . f I if' .I. 1 57 , vw t m l :sei X653 Q V if 4, ':'-, I 1 1 ,Q if .... : .. ....: , nz, 'M F" is Sw 4 ii1nIn" .11 ex., Y , 125 "',' ' - ,wg !! .. ..,,,,, , , , x H 7 'lf' I W Q A .,,, 5, M A, 65 'V Y Zzz V NWI A:" , 1 ' ,, ' 5 .. 1 gg, X ? MQ k My , 5 Q -, 55255: Q.,::::::: WU. ., ' 'ff .-: ' pg W fmfif, xbfw Q2 .:2.,,x,.-4- ,X ,::::gEEEgEg::., ',,,f1,1,i,,,,,:: , :,::a:s::::::.. -WP' as X x S' y X44 A X . in-. ' . V X V ur X Q -'K WY A1 fe X X G.. , 1- 13, 5 52 sl v A g " wf -: ,i :M . W '21 .4521 ' V 2:25 ,am :Z 3-g a", is, . M fy ' ' ' ' 'V " """""' ' WW X X ..,, I w'Zf:f."-51" ': .X., .., .. .. ,Q ' -.:::-:aiaiii ' ""' ' x :f2:2f:fif:I-Qi, , , 'P f, Q ' 2 ' -X mf, 153512 we 2. .p' f , 'U n iv . w-:X Q mmf' if 5 X sf? 22 ,jeg , , : I Z .... 5 x X a Q? X Q , 4 5 ......,, J t Q fe H 1 ,.,.,.,.,.,.,. M . x N, N v fmuzwq f im A fi., g -1:2 ., .f. ' 'SA . Z if f 2:51 gf iifiib .: Q ig, gk Q3 VM 5? fig f Q S fig? IN ., . ,.,.,.,. . , f' ,.,. , Q? E13 ...,. 5 Q as aw' , k MMM, Tx, Q: ..E:, 5 lg ew. , i :J wx, gg S i cf, 5 fiwQ hw' ,,.,. z f K 1 M K EWR' E Z N K 1 , 2,2 zaif t W , ,-',' Sf3'm ""x, . A A""" 'M ' 4 mg' WMA ? - ---- :,:,. , .:.,: 1 :FI ,.. :,.,, a sf' ., :-- X 'A . . , ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.. :.,:E if? .,.,, , .,.,...,.. .,.,. ,,.,,, , i g fm' 2 QQ - ,..A ,,,AA A A ., t , V , -,-, ,..,:- 4 u , 1, 5355 if f 1 Y 'Q ' ,,,, A .- ,,,, V x R XM W '50 Le genda 5 1950 E IOR are AH's Citizens of the Half Century THEODORE L. ABBENANTE, 214 N. Granger-Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. PAUL R. ABLER, 1334 Malzahn-Advisory Vice-President. FREDERICK L. ACKER, 722 N. Porter-Baseball, Football. DONALD H. ADAMS, Route 41-Sophomore Party Committee, FFA Club, Football, Track, Letter Winner. IRENE CLARA ADOLF, 1622 Maine-Advisory Treasurer, Band Bounce, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. ANN MAE AKERLEY, 129 John-Pep Club. DORIS JANE ALBERTS, 1420 Cypress -Advisory President, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteers, Class Chairman. MAURICE WILLIAM ALDRICH, 1703 Williamson-Class Chairman. ROSANN ELIZABETH ALSGAARD, 2738 Witrers-Advisory P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Pep Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Librarian, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. RAYMOND CHARLES ANAMAN, 4390 lnclianrown Rd. BETTY JOSEPHINE ANDERSON, 316 Porter -Advisory Vice-President, Latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman. CLARENCE L. APSEY, JR., 707 Hickory-Baseball. RONALD V. ARDINOVICH, Route 1, Burt-Track. JACK ROBERT ARNDT, 414 Elm-Advisory President, Treasurer, P-TA, Class Chairman, Legenda. DONNA JEAN AVERY, 2319 Barnard-Advisory Secretary, Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman. LORRAINE MARIE AVERY, 2114 Vermont-Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, BOC, Y-Teens Secretary, Pep Club, Debate, Declamation, Oratory, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Usher, Legenda, Sophomore Cup, DAR Award, Forensic Key. MARCIA LOU BAASE, 2786 Hermansau-FHA Club, Commercial Award. PAUL BAKER, JR., 1915 W. Michigan. JACK R. BARBER, 3318 River. ROBERT EUGENE BARBER, 3318 River -Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. LOUIS R. BARKO, Route 1, Freeland. HOWARD DUANE BASNER, 1717 Ottawa. ELIZABETH R. BASTIAN, 2202 Stark-Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales Chairman, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Commercial, Music Honors. JOAN M. BAUDOUX, State Rd. DOROTHY ANN BAUER, 2508 N. Washington-Biology Club Treasurer, Bowling Club Secretary, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Usher. YVONNE J. BAUKNECHT, 4078 Ann-Baseball. MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, 5435 Gratiot-Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Biology Club President, Bowling, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Usher. ROBERTA ANN BAUSTERT, 1740 N. Michigan-Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Biology, Bowling, German, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Commencement Pageant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Class Chairman. CAROLYN K. BECHTEL, 2940 W. VERN, Burt-Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. THOMAS J. BECKER, 215 S. Alexander-Advisory Secretary, Christmas Pageant. SUSAN JOYCE BECKLER, 2463 Benjamin-Advisory Vice- President, Seal Sales Chairman, Biology, Pep Clubs, Volleyball. DONNA JEAN BEECHLER, 1117 Cleveland-Band, Band Bounce. DONALD EUGENE BELL, 1910 N. Fayette-Class Chairman, Football, Letter Winner. NVARREN STAIR BENNETT, 210 N. Bond-Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Cheerleader. HAROLD M. BERGDOLT, Frankenmuth-Advisory President, Commencement Pageant. BARBARA E. BERKOBIEN, 5320 McCarty Rd.-Advisory Secretary, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Queen's Court, Commercial Award, Class Chairman. LOIS LENORE BERNTHAL, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice-President, Red Cross, Seals Sales Chairman, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, News, Clinic Attendant, Librarian, Class Chairman. MARVIN E. BERRY, 6775 Stroble Rd.-Sophomore Party Committee, Football, Track, Class Chairman. ESTHER ANNE BIELBY, 311 N. Granger-Advisory Secretary, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. BARBARA ELLEN BIESSEL, 1210 Davenport- Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Music Honors. BARBARA LOIS BIRNBAUM, 2850 N. Michigan-Baseball. WILLARD JAMES BLACK, 1719 Union-Advisory President, Vice-President, Class Chairman. ROSALINE JEAN BLUHM, 1831 N. Ames-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Letter Winner. SALLY ANN BOLGER, 2112 Lowell-Bowling Club, Clinic Attendant. ROSE ANN BOMMARITO, 2302 Durand-Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Latin, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. DANIEL G. BORLEY, 2602 Adams Blvd. RUTH LOUISE BORNHEIMER, 10585 Dice Rd., Freeland-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. LAURELLA ANNE BOSTWICK, 2415 N. Madison-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, FHA, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Volleyball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Usher. GERALDINE JOYCE BOW, 5682 E. Genesee-Band, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Letter Winner. EMILY MARGARET BOYD, 814 Court-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Legenda, Office Assistant, Student Store Assistant, Usher, Class Chairman. CLARENCE B. BRAMAN, JR., 214 Perry-Projector Operator. RANDALL PAUL BRAMAN, 1723 Barnard-Advisory Treasurer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Letter Winner. ROBERT A. BRANDT, 114 Gratiot Court. ROBERT JOHN BRANDT, 5625 State Rd.-Advisory President, Arts-Dramatics, Hi-Y Clubs, Cheerleader, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman. HUGO EDOUARD BRAUN, JR., 525 N. Michigan-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman. JOHN L. BRAUTIGAN, 2116 Wood. Golden jubilee! 59 Graduation Ceremonies Honored 26 E IOR in 1900 CAROL HELEN BREITER, 2636 Schaeffer-Advisory Treasurer, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Usher, Class Chairman. DOLORES ANN BRENNEMAN, 213 N. Webster-FHA Club. JUDITH B. BRENNER, 203 S. Porter-Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Baseball, Class Chairman. NEIL H. BRIDGE, JR., 2410 Van Wormer Rd. BETTY LOU BROCKWAY, 1933 Delaware-Advisory President, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman, Sophomore Party, Assembly Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Queen's Court, Librarian, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Usher, Class Chairman. RONALD RICHARD BRONNER, Frankenmuth-Band Drum Major, Band Bounce, Letter Winner. ERMA ELAINE BROWN, 625 Vermont. GWENDOLYN JEAN BROWN, 1712 N. Woodbridge-Advisory Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Letter Winner. MARCILYN RAE BROWN, 500 Tittabawassee, Zilwaukee-Bowling, Spanish Clubs, Baseball. NORMA JEAN BROWN, 1715 Oakley-Red Cross Chairman, Baseball, Red Cross Volunteer. ANNA ELEANOR BROWNING, 4173 Green-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Choir. FRANKLIN D. BROWNING, 4173 Green. MARILYN MARIE BROWNLEE, 341 Sherman-Pep Club. AGNES MAE BRUSH, 1920 Stone-Pep Club. DALE A. BRUSH, 1235 S. River-FFA, Rifle Clubs. JAMES R. BRUSH, 2117 Emerick. RUTH BUCKINGHAM, 2615 Hermansau-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Junior, Senior Plays, Debate, News, Legenda, Class Chairman. ALBERTA AGNES BUERKER, Route 1, Burt-Baseball. ARTHUR NELSON BULL, 5510 King Rd.-FFA Treasurer, Cross-Country, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman, State Farmer Award. DESSALEE DAWN BURCH, 1720 Durand-Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Letter Winner. ROBERT L. BURDO, Route 3, Freeland-FFA Club. MAVIS DELORES BURNS, 544 Ruby-Pep Club, Clinic Attendant. NINA BUSCARINO, 2119 Mackinaw-Pep Club, Junior Play, Volleyball, Baseball. JEAN ANN L. BUSE, 1221 Cass-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Legenda, Class Chairman. ORVILLE M. BUSH, 2333 Diendorfer. DOROTHY DIONE BUTLER, 1440 Hemmeter Rd.-Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Legenda, Usher Lieutenant. DONALD ARTHUR BUTTS, Mackinaw Rd., Route 7- Advisory Vice-President, BOC President, Treasurer, Pep Club, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Track Team Manager, Letter Winner, Class Chairman, Music Honors. MARILYN ANN CAMPBELL, 2020 Maple-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas Pageant, News, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. MARJORIE RUTH CAMPBELL, 335 Brockway Place-Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin Club President, French, Pep Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Legenda, Class Chairman. FREDERICK A. CARDINAL. 3335 Jackson, Carrollton. ROBERT ALLAN CAREY, 559 Lutzke Rd.-Advisory P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman, Track, FRANCIS H. CARTIER, Route 2. GLADYS JEAN CASE, 604 Hickory--Advisory P-TA Chairman. HELEN MARIE CASERTANO, 4194 Louise. THOMAS CAWLEY, 434 Gallagher-Swimming, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. THOMAS S. CHAMPAGNE, Route 41. JOHN WAYNE CHARLTON, 2518 Cecelia-Advisory President, Baseball, Class Chairman. BARBARA M. CHEADLE, 505 N. Michigan-Pep Club, Class Chairman, lvlARILYN F. CHERRY, 2938 Jackson-Pep Club, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Letter Winner. SHIRLEY ANN CHRISTENSEN, 1003 N. Harrison-BOC, Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. WALLACE R. CLARK, 425 S. Thirteenth-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Basketball, Football, Letter Winner. FRANCES E. CLINE, 2403 Deindorfer-BOC, Bowling, FHA Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Letter Winner. MARY JANE CocHRAN, Freeland. CHARLES E. COLBY, 1200 Gratiot-Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Cross-Country, Track, Letter Winner. COZETTE ANN COLEMAN, 106 Johns, Holly-Advisory Treasurer, Pep, Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Baseball, Basketball. DELILA JEAN COLPEAN, 679 N. River Rd., Route 5-Clinic Attendant. FRED M. COOPER, JR., 1591 S. Washington-Band Bounce, Class Chairman. KATHERINE ELLEN COSGROVE, 1316 S. Michigan-Band Bounce, Choir, Basketball, Clinic Attendant, Librarian. EILEEN RUTH COTTRELL, 264 Lynn. RICHARD D. CROOKS, 220 Harrison-Sophomore Party Committee, BOC Club, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteers, Music Honors. WILLIAM BRUCE CROSS, 308 Fraser-Sophomore Party Committee. KAY ELEANORE DABBERT, 626 N. Bond-Advisory President, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Spanish, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteers, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Letter Winner, Usher. JOANNE BETTY DANKERT, 3275 Bay Rd.-Bowling, Latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Baseball, Volleyball. ROBERT LoUIs DANKERT, 3275 Bay Rd. GERALD EUGENE DARBY, Route 3, Freeland-FFA Club. LOIS JEAN DATTE, 2740 Shattuck-Clinic Attendant. 60 '50 Legemia , "" X ff , 11' ...:,:, E uzul ' W aw W? .... . .M . ,sm-, f Y f digg: W ' .. q as gi YK X ' uw 1 fx, ,Q Xn:fT'3H2:f ' ,gfaggrm W ff Q fi .4 EE fe x vi wk gs: ,J 2 X sk 'hm' X' I ff - 'wif QW 'ff mix, , , ,,,, ' 'Q ' A , A fymawqhs 1 'K Golden Jubilee! x sN ' - W . N 1 -fs? ef ,W ,Q ...,.,.. I V, af ig Q 2 N. ... 3 . X 2 y XV X E ' , .,.. z ' g . N :st 5:2S-1:::'- ' A , ,,,..,,,,,, 1, .: , ' at Y , ' 441. M ,,-, f f 9, 9? Q 1 wg. ' ' TW 'ff l - 2 ,.., X , -. z X si N-EE: ,,,,.,.. ,. W M, ..: y by 5 fy 4' .. nM x , g Q, .W , ,QL , ,.., x 4 Q , Q is Ez , , if ., vm. , .9 -::::::. L , 85 X? .3 ',f'f - R ,... X dw , ,,, , 'W ' Z f m..- he gan ,... V4 W ' 'Q 2 Y X ' A i f' A X if' I JN, 1 .. .... 5 sf K , 22FT,gA"x 3 3 S at if i 'Wy I W .5 X I -- --.: .. , 'figs f my 5 3 , V. igxws . 1 ," 1 W. - f f A 1 xl iw Eg if ..,.... : i f , wg Q X Q , 2 . ' , n3" A'A" A 9? 1 -,,. X ,ff bg 1 Q r 'Z 'f5Er252? il: L ' Y WV '50 Legemia ik 561 E 1011 Will Participate in the 1950 Commencement PATRICIA M. DAvIEs, 2312 S. Harnilton-Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. MARTINAH. DAVIS, 7402 Davis Rd. MILTON G. DAVIS, 2776 Eddy. ROBERT H. DAVIS, 1815 S. Hamilton-Stage Crew. FRANCES DEE, 2622 Eddy-Pep Club, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Usher. NANCY L. DEFORE, 425 N. Hamilton-Advisory Vice-President, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs. VIVIAN JEANNE DEGROAT, 626 N. Oakley-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Clinic Attendant. FREDERICK F. DEMAET, 2610 Cronk. PATRICIA ANN DENGLER, 315 Garden Lane-Advisory Secretary-Treasurer, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Biology Club Vice-President, Latin, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Orchestra, Debate, Red Cross Volunteer, Songleader, Baseball, Basketball, Class Chairman. SUSANNE MAE DENGLER, 1943 Avalon-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. DOLORES ELLEN DETLOFF, 2425 Benjamin. NEIL A. DETLOFF, 2425 Benjamin. PATRICIA G. DICE, 915 S. River Rd.-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Queen's Court, Usher, Class Chairman. SHELLEY B. DICKESON, 5685 Gratiot-Advisory Treasurer, Pep Club, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. EDNA DIENER, 1104 W. Genesee-Advisory Treasurer, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling Club President, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Student Store Assistant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Art Award, Class Chairman. DOLORES ANN DIETRICH, 5585 Hess Rd.-Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. RONALD E. DIETZEL, 122 N. Charles. MARILYN RUTH DITTMAR, 575 Kennely Rd.-Advisory President, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Football Queen, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. JOAN DOERFNER, 1923 Ethel- Cno picturej-Arts-Dramatics, French, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Class Chairman. FREDERICK JAMES DONAGHY, 2227 N. Woodbridge-Advisory President, Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Track, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. JEANNE KATHERINE DONAHUE, 837 Pleasant-Advisory Vice- President, P-TA Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant, Oflice Assistant, Commercial Award, Class Chairman. VERA ROSE DONNER, 1400 N. Madison. JOYCELYN ANN DORR, 1485 Moore Rd.-Advisory P-TA Chairman, French, Latin Clubs, Red Cross Volunteers, Class Chairman. JOANNE MARY DOYLE, 722 Throop-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, FHA, Y-Teen Clubs. GERALDINE HELEN DREYER, 1830 N. Bond-Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramarics, Biology, Pep Clubs, French Club Vice-President, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. ROBERT JAMES DRUELLE, 6250 Stroebel Rd.-Class Chairman. KATHLEEN HELENE DUBAY, 4230 N. Michigan -Band, Debate. VICTORIA ANN DUDOCK, 5602 Curtis Rd., Bridgeport-Y-Teen Club, Girls' Chorus. DEAN SPENCER DUFF, 135 Porter -Advisory Club Hillite Representative, German Club, Class Chairman. DELBERT ANDREW DUNGEY, 3670 Barnard Rd. HARRY CARL DUWE, 129 Goetz-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, German Club. DONALD ELMER EDWARDS, 3429 Mackinaw-Advisory Vice-President, Assembly Chairman, Football Letter Winner. ROBERT C. EGBERT, 135 N. Park. BEATRICE JEAN EICHINGER, Frankenmuth-Commencement Pageant. MARLENE N. EICHLER, Burt-Girls' Chorus, Librarian, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. ARLEEN MAY ELDRED, 1826 Arthur-Pep Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. MARY J. ELIZALDE, 1924 Syracuse-French Club. MARGARET MARIE ELLITHORP, 223 S. Hamilton--Advisory Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Office Assistant, Basketball, Class Chairman. DIXIE LEE EMERSON, 3735 Carrollton Rd.-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA Vice-President, Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. WILLIS T. ENSZER, 1903 Green-Advisory Vice-Presi- dent, Junior Play. ROBERT G. EVANS, JR., 1112 N. Michigan-Basketball, Football, Track. ROSEMARY K. EVERT, 2260 Bay-Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. REUBEN EWERT, 4010 S. Washington Rd.-Advisory Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee. THOMAS LEE FALLIS, 908 Court. LORRAINE S. FANGER, 2260 Shattuck-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling Club Vice-President, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Legenda, Red Cross Volunteer. JUNE M. FARRELL, 1842 Joslin-Legenda. ROBERT EDWARD FASSEZKE, 1590 N. Center Rd.-Spanish Club, Band. SAMUEL FIGUEROA, 2427 Carrollton-Baseball. RONALD L. FINKBEINER, 1352 Bay. DONNA JEAN FLOETER, 1216 State-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Dance Orchestra Vocalist. BUD FREDERICK FLORY, 2024 Glenwood-Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Rifle Club, Team Manager. BARBARA J. FOBEAR, 1425 Birney-Advisory President, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Ofiice Assistant, Class Chairman. BEVERLY JEAN FOLSOM, 1021 Throop-Bowling, FHA, Y-Teen Clubs, Librarian, Volleyball. ELDON JAMES FORD, 1740 Barnard-Track, Cross-Country, Letter Winner. DUANE R. FOX, Route 3, Freeland-FFA, Class Chairman. RALPH J. FRAHM, Frankenmuth-Advisory President, FFA President, Football, Letter Winner. SHIRLEY J. FELLHAUER FRICK, 1727 Joslin. Golden Jubilee! 6 3 Tradition Gives SE IOR the Lead in 011001 Activities KENNETH LoUIs FRITZLER, 1843 Wood. VERNA M. FROST, Route 3,Freeland-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. MARIAN BELLE GALBRAITH, 3815 King-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Band, Band Bounce. ROBERT C. GARRETT, 1463 Gage-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Cross-Country, Track, Letter Winner. RUTH ELAINE GARRETT, Route 3, Freeland-Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Commercial Award. RUTH MARIE GARY, 5830 Cole Rd. WERNER MATHEW GEIGER, 4475 Bay Rd.-German Club Treasurer. THEODORE RICHARD GENDRON, 300 Hess-Track, Letter Winner. SHIRLEY JEAN GIEEORD, 2405 Glenwood-Class Chairman. EARL JOSEPH GILGINAS, 2997 Monroe-PFA Club. JOAN MILDREID GILGINAS, 3041 Jackson-Advisory P-TA Chairman. JAMES ROBERT GLICK, 617 N. Andre-Advisory Secretary, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Baseball, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. EVELYN FRANCES GOHM, 3524 Graebner Lane-Junior Play. RONNA MAE GOLZ, 2335 Shattuck Rd.-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. ARDIS LAUREL GOSLIN, 4165 Emerick-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Baseball, Class Chairman. KENNETH P. GRAEowsKI, 2621 Eddy-Advisory Vice President, Swimming Team. SALLY GREER, 1714 Annesley Cno picture.j WALLACE GREER, 1714 Annesley Qno pictureb. RONALD A. GREILICH, 1716 Cooper-Band. NORMAN EDWARD GROSS, 3090 Bay Rd.-Orchestra, Band Bounce, Track. DUANE CHARLES GROSSMAN, 1513 N. Charles-Pep Club, Class Chairman. CARLENE PATRICIA GRUTSCH, 819 Congress-Pep Club, Librarian, Store Assistant, Class Chairman. DONNA LEE GULLIFOR, 719 N. Woodbridge-Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Baseball. HELEN IRENE GUY, 1914 N. Woodbridge-Pep Club, Choir, Basketball, Baseball. NANCY MARIE GUY, 1915 N. Charles-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Latin, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, News, Red Cross Volunteer. JACQUELINE ANN HABECK, 2239 N. Ames-Bowling, FHA, Y-Teen Clubs, Commencement Pageant. RICHARD P. HAINES, 1107 N. Michigan-Swimming Team, Letter Winner. DONALD DUANE HARBIN, 622 Cleveland-Pep Club. BARBARA JANE HARRIS, 510 Alice-Y-Teens Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. BETTY JEAN HARSHMAN, 590 S. River Rd. -Advisory President, Treasurer, Class Chairman. HAROLD W. HARTL, 2224 N. Ames-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, Football. BETTY LOU HARTLE, 261 Graham- Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman. KATHERINE ANN HARVIE, 1620 Hancock-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Legenda, Class Chairman. DONNA JEAN HASSE, 5367 Gratiot-FHA, Y-Teen Clubs. THELMA HASSEN, Route 2, Midland- Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, BOC, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. MARY LOU HEINE, 8425 Dixie Highway -Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, FHA Club, Commencement Pageant. LILLIAN MAE HEINZ, 1939 Division-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. JOSEPH L. HEITKAMP, JR., 2449 Hermansau-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Pep Club. PAULINE MARY HENRY, 2507 N. Oakley-Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Clinic Attendant. LOU ANNE FRANCES HENSLER, 3087 N. Michigan-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Letter Winner, Legenda, Librarian, Songleader, Class Chairman. JIMMY LEE HERBIN, 2412 Durand-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Pep Club, Class Chairman. HAROLD JOHN HERZOG, 1915 Wood-Orchestra, Band Bounce, Pep Club. WILLIAM E. HETZNER, 8085 Holland Rd. ROGER E. HEYN, 2911 Court- FFA Club, Track. BYRON D. HILL, 7817 Gratiot-Track, Cross-Country Letter Winner. JOANNE CAROL HIMSEL, 1309 State-Advisory Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Legenda, Class Chairman. PAUL E. HINKIN, 921 Lapeer-Advisory P.esident, Sophomore Party Committee Chairman, Student Cabinet President, Pep Club, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Assembly Chairman, Sophomore Cup Co-Winner, Basketball, Baseball, Cross-Country, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. BONNIE LOU HINTE, 1606 Lyon-Band, Band Bounce. CHARLES F. HISE, S25 S. Weadock-Choir, Basketball, Football, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. CHARLENE JOYCE HOAG, 5270 Sheridan Rd.- Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Junior Play, Class Chairman. WERNER JOHN HOELBL, 1203 Stephens. GLENN A. HOERNLEIN, 119 Trier-Advisory Vice-President, Basketball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. ELEANORE HOFFMAN, 1522 Union Cno pictureh. EVELYN E. HOFFMANN, Route 1, Bridgeport-Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Band Bounce, Music Honors. DAVID R. HOLLAND. 2207 Adams Blvd.-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Rifle Club, Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. GERALD E. HOLLINGSWORTH, 213 N. Mason. PATRICIA ANN HOLLY, 825 S. Miller Rd.-Volleyball. ALLAN E. HOLMES, 2309 N. Bond-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Basketball, Class Chairman. MARY DRURY HOLMES, 119 N. Michigan-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics, French, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Junior Play. 64 '50 Legemia W , if YQ S w , ,I K We 2 ig 'AA' '5 Efiaw. x , QW , wig. Xt? 'wa x ..:.::. iv , as WP' 4' , if .....:,::g .. " , W2 W Q KE Q ,,,. 'ffm "-'?f , 'L :gb it, fm' R 'KE if Nr! X I .1 V X ' x w ' "" 5 ,gg N73 b ,Q wg 33 ......,..,.. z ...-.., ,.,V. .. "": .9 .,.,..,. 'X .,.., my - W ,,,,, ,E ff, -, - .V "" I A H '-"' Q H W , XY Q .,:f xg , Ns' N T i - -.,, ,.... . -ws: " 4 .-: -,',.,.,.,,,,.,.v,1 , 3 S 1 4 E ff, ag Q 4 ...zz 2 ,. 1V,V1 ."V ' .. "" z ' A ,.,.. X W ,, wwe ' Af I'-- '-- ' , ' 1 N:-:lf 1 ,V r gfggfsiwmwx Qwli. Lal 'c':E EE 35" 6334? 5 , X EEL? 1 5 A it A M ,V... 5 ,AA, 'A , H 1 J A 'S ,W 1,.: 2 wb 'W V, HF if ' 2 V , ,,,.,:, 2 gi' in - I . 1'- - 1 W ' M lg' 1 Q1"-'1 Q .-4:f.,2 . iff , I4 NW 1 I QA Golden Jubilee! 65 -Q3 W Qs: .- S , . - S N-1-,,-ses NL I as Ez M ilf xi N f ' x .-5-.-M.: Q Sw rf X y J ,HQ U 4 .M a., ,Q ,M ,K , iii N Sam -nr V 6 ::. 1 A"' I ' ,f .,.. I ,, Ffffw. A X X . X W 49 - " ::" F9-v , ., V. .-.:, :::::, '1':I i iiri . ., ,.:., ' Wil, X Y 6 gg: "" ,, ' " . ' . """' gwqw - fx n -- ---- - - fi 1 RW wwf f 1. 5 iii. ....: ., , 4 I' M QS? Y ,Q 1 Q- Q QC 2 Q vu gig if may , v X 'N 'Q' u X mi .,:-555:11 ti E v ww i M' W X .::, W 52 , -A if ' zzzz ,C ZVVVZVZ - , , :mf :ff-...gag-'ff'-'-' . J 50 Legenda 190 E IORS phold rthur Hill's Reputation MARY ELLEN HOLMES, 1007 Monroe-Advisory President, Secretary, Arts-Dramatics Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Queen's Court, Usher, Volleyball, Class Chairman. MARY FRANCES HORN, 1815 Lewis-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, BOC, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Student Store Assistant, Usher, Class Chairman, Music Honors. VERLIE JUNE HORN, 119 S. Andre-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Queen's Court, Class Chairman. WILFRED R. HORNING, 1978 Ohio-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Biology, FFA Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Art Award. JAY HUBBLE, 132 Graham Cno pictureb. ROBERT J. HUBER, Route 43. DOLORES NAOMI HUFF, 2880 Olive-Band, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. LYLE H. HUFF, 2880 Olive-Band Letter Winner, Band Bounce, Cross-Country, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. CLEO PEARL HULL, 2419 S. Niagara-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Librarian, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Commercial Award. MARY GERTRUDE HUNT, 2337 Phoenix-Miracle Book Club, Commercial Award. KENNETH W. HUNTER, 1733 N. Clinton-Advisory Vice-Presi- dent, Band Letter Winner, Dance Band, Band Bounce. THOMAS L. HUNTER, Route 3, Freeland-Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, FFA President, Vice-President, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Stage Crew, Baseball Letter Winner, Class Chairman. CAROL DIANE HURST, 825 Malzahn-Sophomore Party Committee, Biology, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball, Baseball, Class Chairman. JAMES A. HUTFILZ, 561 Stoker Drive--Rifle Club, Football, Track. SALLY JEAN IPPEL, 309 S. Webster-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Senior Hostess, Class Chairman. ' JEAN ANN ITTNER, 2906 Wynes-Advisory Vice-President, Pep, YTeen Clubs, Spanish Club Treasurer, Office Assistant, Store Assistant, Usher, Class Chairman. JEANNE H. lVERSEN, 1118 Court. VALERIA JABLONSKI, Bridgeport-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Librarian, Store Assistant, Class Chairman. GERALD T. JACQUES, 2522 N. Bond-Band, Band Bounce, Class Chair- man. PATRICIA LYNN JAHNS, 2115 Gratiot-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Class Chairman. MARILYN JAKES, 1614 N. Woodbridge--Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Latin, Pep Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Debate, Red Cross Volunteer, Legenda, News Editor, Quill and Scroll President, Writing Awards, Class Chairman. JOHN JAREMBA, 3364 Winter. ROBERT L. JARLOCK, 4130 East-Latin Club, Band, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer. MARY CALISTA JEROME, 2223 Court-Pep, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Commencement Pageant. ALLEN GOLDEN JOHNSON, Route 7-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, FFA, German Clubs. DALE ROBERT JOHNSON, 6584 Baker Rd.-Advisory Vice-President. GERALD H. JOHNSON, 2001 Maplewood-Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Cross Country, Track, Letter Winner. IMOGENE BERYL JOHNSON, 120 Glendale-Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. JUDITH ELLEN JOHNSON, 823 N. Harrison-Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Senior Hostess. CHARLES F. JONES III, 2216 N. Charles-Advisory President. Ross J. JONES, 621 Ames-Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Choir, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants, Cross Country. CANDANCE ARDELL KAISER, 1806 Brenner-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Store Assistant, Music Honors. RUSSELL G. KARP, 1503 N. Ames-Band Bounce, Football, Letter Winner, Orchestra. RUSSELL L. KASSIN, 1620 N. Oakley. ELDEN LLOYD KAYLOR, JR., 4470 Brockway-Spanish Club, Class Chairman. DALE EDSON KEANER, 2272 N. Ames-Hi-Y, Rifle Clubs, Track, Team Manager, Letter Winner. BEVERLY JEAN KELLY, 2745 Tatham Rd.-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Latin, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Librarian. CHARLES HENRY KERN, Frankenmuth-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Band, Commencement Pageant. FRANKLIN LORENZ KERN, Franken- muth-Band, Band Bounce. WILLIAM WIECHMANN KESSEL, 12 N. Hannum Blvd.-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Cross Country, Track, Letter Winner. JOHN AUSTIN KINNEY, 923 Randolph. RUTH P. KLAMMER, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice- President, Red Cross Chairman, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Class Chairman. WILLIAM ARTHUR KLEEKAMP, 4490 Brockway-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Band, Band Bounce, Legenda, Cross Country, Football, Team Manager, Class Chairman. SHIRLEY JEAN KLEIN, 2727 Schaeffer-Advisory President, Vice-President, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Queen's Court, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. LOIS-ANN KLEMM, 1526 N. Michigan-Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, French Club Secretary, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Baseball, Class Chairman. MAXINE D. KLUCK, 2954 Jack- son. CAROL G. KNISLEY, Bridgeport-BOC, Pep Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Senior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Letter Winner, Music Honors. CHARLES W. KNOOP, 627 Eleanor-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Projector Operator, Stage Crew. JOHN J. KOCIS, 1756 Burnham. OSCAR H. KOEPLIN, 1527 Wilson Rd.-Advisory President, Vice-President, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, News, Cross-Country, Track, Letter Winner, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. DORIS M. KOEPLINGER, 2022 Brenner--Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Music Honors, Class Chairman. CLARENCE A. KOSTRZEWA, 360 W. Lynn-Advisory President, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Assembly Committee, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. ROBERT J. KRAGENBRINK, 3849 Mackinaw-Advisory Presi- dent, Pep Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. PAUL KRAUSE, 1002 Mackinaw-Swimming, Letter Winner. B. PHILLIP KRAUSS, Freeland. JOANN DOLORIS KRAUSS, 1740 S. Westwood Dr.-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. KAY LUANN KRUEGER, 1710 S. Wlebster-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Pep Clubs, Y-Teens Vice-President, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Senior Hostess, Class Chairman. Golden Jubilee! 67 Activities are More umerous for E 1011 in 1950 DANIEL P. KUBIAK, 234 Lynn-Class Chairman. JOAN KUSHMAUL, 1204 N. Michigan-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Pep Club, Cheer- leader, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. ARTHUR RICHARD KUTSCH, 7840 Dutch Rd.-FFA Club, Baseball, Football, Class Chairman. HERBERT L. KUTSCH, 1365 Midland Rd.-FFA Club, Baseball, Football, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. ALBERT JOHN KUTZBACK, 2106 Ring-Track. DONNA MAY KYES, 1503 Lyon-BOC, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. JEROME GLENN LAKE, 135 Goetz-Advisory President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. DIXIE LEE LALONE, Route 1, Freeland-Arts-Dramatics, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Office Assistant. CLEO FLORENCE LAMPEL, 1304 Janes- Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. JOYCE B. LANDON, 1502 W. Genesee- Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Girls' Chorus. IDA MARIE LANG, 1803 Court-Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Bowling. Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Band, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Volley- ball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. LOIS JEAN LASHUA, 2522 Morgan-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, BOC, Y-Teen Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Commercial Award, Class Chairman. BETTY LOU LAUR, Route 1, Freeland-Advisory Treasurer, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Pageant. GENEVIEVE MARIE LA ZIER, 4120 S. Washington Rd.-Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Class Chairman. DANIEL CHARLES LEARNED, 1025 Weiss-Advisory Vice-President, Debate. CURTIS THOMPSON LEECE, 222 Storch-Rifle Club, News, Class Chairman. CHARLES RAYMON LEEDKE, 2250 Hemmeter Road. BETTY ELAINE LEGGITT, 2025 Glenwood. ARTHUR MAYNARD LEINBERGER, 314 N. Granger. JOYCE ANN LEMMER, 127 N. Third-Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Clinic Attendant. DONALD ROY LEPPEK, Route 7. FREDERIC C. LICKTEIG, JR., 2671 S. Center Rd.-Advisory President, Vice- President, Red Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Football, Track, Letter Winner, News, Class Chairman. ARLENE E. LIEBRECHT, 2205 Annesley-Latin Club. GILBERT MELVIN LIST, Route 4, Vassar. AUDREY RUTH LLEWELLYN, 1625 N. Oakley-Latin Club Treasurer, Y-Teens, Debate, Forensic Association, Usher, News, Quill and Scroll, Writing Award, Class Chairman. ROLLYN R. LLEWELLYN, 1212 Brockway-Band, Band Bounce, Letter Winner. LAWRENCE E. LOISELLE, 2321 Deindorfer-Band, Band Bounce, Letter Winner. ELAINE JOYCE LOVE, 2337 S. Hamilton-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Music Honors, Class Chairman. ARTHUR LUNBURGER, 314 N. Granger Cno picturej. NANCY LOU LUTTENBACHER, 5584 Dixie Highway-Advisory Vice-President, Bowling, Pep Clubs, Choir, Baseball, Class Chairman. JOHN F. LUXTON, 4340 S. Washington-MAdvisOry Club Hillite Representative, Football, Basketball, Letter Winner. ROBERT P. LYONS, 307 Saginaw-Swimming Letter Winner. PATRICIA LEE LYTLE, 3471 Mackinaw-Advisory President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, BOC Club President, Y-Teen Club, Girls' Chorus. BARBARA CAROLINE MACFARLANE, 2345 Durand-French Club, Girls' Chorus. ROBERTA JEAN MACGREGOR, 2323 N. Charles-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, BOC, Latin, Pep, Y-Teens Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Junior Play, Usher, Basketball, Baseball. JAMES W. MACMEEKIN, Center Woods, Center Rd.- Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Basketball, Cross-Country, Swimming Letter Winner, Art Award. ROBERT C. MACMILLAN, 1320 Hancock-Advisory President, Pep Club, Swimming Manager, Letter Winner. EDWARD CHARLES MACRAE, JR., 1702 Court-Advisory President, Class Chairman, Football, Swimming, Letter Winner, PA Sports Reporter, Legenda, News, Quill and Scroll, Writing Award. CHARLES LOUIS MANSKE, 3330 Adams-Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Seals Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Forensic Association, Arts-Dramatics President, Treasurer, Hi-Y Vice- President, Debate, Declamation, Oratory, Assembly Chairman, Choir, Band Bounce, Junior, Senior Plays, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman, Speech Award, Arts-Dramatics Award. CHARLES WILLIAM MARKS, 215 S. Ninth. HENRY CORLEY MARKSBURY, JR., 1407 Mackinaw-Advisory President, Assembly Chairman, Assembly Committee, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, News, Quill and Scroll, City Schools Minute Reporter, Class Chairman. DELORES MARTIN, 1806 Wood -Pep Club, Clinic Attendant. HOWARD LEROY MARTIN, 1909 Tausend-Advisory President, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. JAMES I. MARTIN, 2127 Mackinaw-Track, Letter Winner. GRETA ESTHER MARX, 810 Shattuck Rdf-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Junior Play. JIMMY C. MATTHIES, 2330 Cooper-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Swimming, Football Letter Winner, Class Chairman. HARRY G. MAURER, 6120 Holland Rd. JOHN G. MAURER, 20 Hammond Rd.-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Track Letter Winner, Class Chairman. NINA C. MAURO, 3006 Glasby-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Spanish Club, Commencement Pageant, Baseball. CATHERINE 1. MCBAIN, 2624 Longview-Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Choir, Band Bounce, Librarian. MARY H. MCBAIN, 1806 Marquette-Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Commencement Pageant, Clinic Attendant. PATRICIA MARIE MCCARTHY, 2903 Harrison-Y-Teens Club, Volleyball, Basketball. GEORGE ARTHUR MCCOY, 3147 Bundy-Football. Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. DONNA LEE MCCREERY, Birch Run-Commencement Pageant. PATRICIA MARIA MCCULLEN, 1623 N. Madison-French, Spanish Clubs, Class Chairman. JAMES ROBERT MCDONAGH, 412 S. Bond-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Pep Club, Class Chairman. JAMES F. MCKENNA, 723 N. Hamilton-Advisory President, Class Chairman. RAYMOND LEE MCLAUGHLIN, 1711 N. Madison. ' 68 '50 Le gemia 1 N X --4-x k , NM, ,fb ,W,,,...4- ,,vV .. x A A x 1 Q " wa , .S Q X , ,, mag:-1 sg ik? Q ml Y x x 5 Q 'sf IEIEEEEEEEEEEEEIEIJ..'ii x 'egg : K , V is 7' 1 J XZ 5 M A A 2' ff-' ' ,- 'X at A W x ..2.-,Emma H M -I, M 5 'K 5 i' O , Q-Q .W iii, 61 x QQ! I J 1, 1 W, 1 6 'S N-.A+ . s vw W fir' sk N59 E21 ., xi "V 5 K 'Hg 3 WV A ,, 5 gg A E s W' 3 A ms .3 , j 35 . K 15? ,X 4 Q Y Q' a ffjs, if E. X .Z ,.... 4 ,.,.1 :Q X xi V X ,X 4 we W M W 5? I y Ni ,Y f Q We dw f 1 gg .., f- ,,. 4 xy, 5 xx :Y fm Q2 fr' I Yi: xi' X .:,4m4n::-:asi at J ' A 93 ,.::- K 'Y 'Q ,Q .05 X , if .As X -f"'A' 2'.'- if ..A, ,,:,. A A " 1 J' Wk 2 QW 71 -Z "-2525525515 ' 'ffm Kkkx H ' -,...., f F b 'ME :,. .-:::-: . . in I H H ,,,,,,f , ,.,.... ,X W lnl VV .,,,, .::: i , A f gg 5 wil ""::' ...: V W - I . ' ..,: " .i Izbl ',': : .,:,,,:,. .,:. Z , . ..,,. X, xlql , znlzzi V ,, -:-::E E ::::: 13' X "": Q zzz 3 1:1V '-12 2 E ,,2,, ,.. A unzz E N W 2? "'i:' .V EF, .. , x fm: : , A: ,,1-,, ' . 1 v,,f 1 5 Q a W -:-1 H VV M ,--v Z7 V 4: V I . ,,,'1 :-:M t , .. ::.. "" , my . 1 fa 1 , XM! ' - f V"' 70 '50 Le gemla 1950 Finds AH E IOR Reaping ation Wide Honors JAMES KENT MCLEAN, 2921 Douglas. DAVID JOHN MCMAHON, 1414 N. Michigan. RONALD W. MCNIVEN, Frankenmuth-Track, Class Chairman. SALLY A. MEEHLEDER, 2988 Schaffer-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Class Chairman. ROBERT HERMAN MEIER, 612 N. Mason- Swimming Letter Winner. LORRAINE MARIE MERRIAM, 1733 Benjamin-BOC Club Secretary, Vice-President, Bowling, FHA, Pep Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Clinic Attendant, Librarian, Music Honors. FRANKLIN WILLIAM MERRICK, 2245 N. Woodbridge- Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Commencement Pageant, Senior Play, Class Chairman. F. EUGENE MERTZ, 2422M Hermansau-Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Junior, Senior Plays, Stage Crew, Projector Operator, Track. RICHARD ARTHUR MERTZ, 2210 Mershon-Basketball, Football, Track, Letter Winner. MARCELENE M. METIVA, Route 43-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Band Letter Winner. MARCENA M. METIVA, Route 43-Advisory President, Vice-Presi- dent, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. DELORES ELIZABETH MEYER, 1538 Maine-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Usher, Student Store Assistant, Commercial Award. ELMER H. MEYER, 1735 Kendrick-Class Chairman. CARI. L. MILLER, 2721 Douglas-RiHe Club. ROBERT L. MILLER, 1667 S. River Rd.-Advisory Vice-President, Band Bounce. RICHARD E. MINER, 1906 Handley-Hi-Y Club. JOAN MINGUS, 813 N. Oakley-Bowling, FHA, French Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball. MARCIA RICHARDSON Mrrrs, 1862 Ethel-P-TA Advisory Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Debate, Class Chairman. DORIS HELEN MoNsEEs, 226 N. Eighteenth-French Club. TWILA DAWN MOONEY, 1321 Lyon-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Seal Sales Chairman, Spanish Club, Legenda, Librarian, Basketball, Baseball. IRIS RAE MOORE, Zilwaukee-Class Chairman. MARILYN JANE MORGAN, 1834 Bay-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Club, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman. SALLY ANN MOsER, Richville-Advisory Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Debate, Assembly Committee, Queen's Court, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Red Cross Volunteer, Service Club, Class Chairman. DORIS MARIAN MOSSNER, 908 Shattuck Rd.-Bowling, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Legenda. MARION A. MOSSNER, Frankenmuth-Bowling, FHA Clubs, Commencement Pageant. MARY LOUISE MUEHLENBECK, 2118 Bond. MARY HELENE MUELLER, 122 Lockwood-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. LAURA DOROTHY MUIRHEAD, 238 Snow-BOC, Y-Teens Clubs, Spanish Club Vice-President, Band, Band Bounce, Language Award. YVONNE DELORES MUNROE, 230 Shattuck-Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball, Class Chairman. KENNETH W. MURPHY, 119 Reynick-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Band Letter Winner, Band Bounce, Baseball Team Manager, Letter Winner. ALICE FAYE MYERS, 507 Gratiot-Pep Club, Volleyball, Baseball. GRETA LOU MYERS, 220 S. Harrison-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Commencement Pageant, Senior Hostess, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball. HAROLD R. NEEDHAM. 2411 Deinclorfer-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Pep Club, Choir, Football, Music Honor. MARY CATHERINE NEUBAUER, 3340 Binscarth-Biology, Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Music Honors. CAROL ANN NEUMAN, 1932 N. Ames-Y-Teen Club, Baseball. JOYCE ELAYNE NICHOLSON, 1910 Jeffers-Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Volleyball, Baseball, Class Chairman. HELEN ELIZABETH NEIDERSTADT, 1021 Congress-Advisory Treasurer, Biology, Pep Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Usher, Class Chairman. JOHN A. NITZ, 704 N. Michigan-Advisory President, Pep Club. THEODORE JAMES NITZ, 704 N. Michigan-Advisory Vice-President, Pep Club, Swim Team Manager, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. EVA NOBLET, 3445 Mackinaw-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, BOC Club President, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Queen's Court, Red Cross Volunteer. JANE lVlARIE NORTHCOTF, 1012 N. Oakley-Biology, Latin, Pep Clubs, Class Chairman. JAMES ARTHUR NORTHRUP, Route 6-FHA Club. . JAMES ROY NOWACZYK, 2967 Monroe. BARBARA ANN OLSON, 2850 Hospital Rd.-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Senior Hostess, Class Chairman. ARBUTUS MALISSA ORDWAY, 435 Swanson Rd. RICHARD DON O'RIORDAN. 1923 Clinton-Football, Track, Letter Winner. BEVERLY L. OWEN, 2531 Schaeffer -Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, Latin, Pep. Y-Teen Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Usher. JACK A. OZEGOVIC, 2207 W. Genesee-Advisory Treasurer. RONALD MELVIN PACKARD, 1313 Reed. JAMES EDWARD PACKER, 2129 N. Clinton-Advisory Vice-President. Seal Sales Chairman, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Basketball, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. RUTH ALMA PAETZ, 1323 Cass-Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Spanish Club, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Class Chairman. Jo ANN A. PAQUETTE, 1910 Cherry-Advisory President, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman. Bowling. Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. MARGARET LOUISE PARISI, 2424 Durand-Advisory Treasurer, FHA Club, Choir. DON L. PASEL, 717 Perry-Advisory President, Sophomore Party Committee, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. JAMES MELVIN PATTERSON, 1932 Virginia-Baseball, Track, Class Chairman. BETTY LOU PAULUS, 3017 Harrison-Club Hillite Representative, FHA Club. Golden Jubilee! 71 S SE 1011 Prepare for Graduation Time in 1950 JEAN MARIE PEART, 1350 Fergus, Burt-Student Office Assistant, Office Assistant. JAMES EDWIN PERSON, 2511 Morgan-Advisory Vice- President, French, Pep Clubs, Golf, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. CATHERINE ANNA PETERS, 1905 W. Michigan-Y-Teens Club, News. ROBERT WALTER PETERSON, 1808 Wheeler-Pep Club. DONALD A. PFUND, 2818 Webber-Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chair- man. WILLIAM CHARLES PHILLIPS, 1721 State. DONALD L. PIETZ, 2139 Gratiot-Advisory Vice-President, Pep Club, CARE Committee, Football, Class Chairman. LAWRENCE SI-IELDON PIKE, 2257 N. Madison-Arts-Dramatics, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Debate, Forensic Association, News, Quill and Scroll, Writing Award, Class Chairman. MARIE JEAN PLASKEWICZ, 2601 Deindorfer-Sophomore Party Committee, FHA, Pep Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. ROBERT CHARLES POHLMAN, 1115 Maple-Band, Band Bounce. KENNETH JAMES POL, 1015 Malzahn. PHYLLIS ANNE POLING, 1323 Gage-Advisory President, Treasurer, Secretary. FRANKLIN JOSEPH POMERVILLE, 203 N. Alexander. LILLIAN ESTHER POPP, 1910 Morgan-Pep Club, Spanish Club Vice-President, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Language Award. ROSE POPP, 1402 Cypress. ELAINE JOAN PREMO, 423 N. Bates-Sophomore Party Committee, Legenda, Baseball, Class Chairman. JAMES T. PREMO, 427 N. Fayette-Basketball, Track. ROBERT CHARLES PRESSPRICH, 2332 N. Bond-Advisory Vice-President, Band. CHARLES I. PRIEM, 1826 N. Oakley-Pep Club. BARBARA ANN PRINDLE, 813 N. Mason-Advisory Vice-President, Pep Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. VANCE D. PROPER, 154 Snow-Band, Band Bounce, Track. JO ANN PRUYNE, 346 Ann-BOC Treasurer, Y-Teen Clubs, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. LOLA MARIE RADEISCHAK, Frankenmuth-Commencement Pageant. PHYLLIS JEAN RANKE, 1727 Burnham--Advisory President, Band, Band Bounce, Baseball, Class Chairman. MAXINE JUNE RAU, Frankenmuth--Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Pep Club, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. NORMA JEAN RAVAS, 2131 N. Madison-Biology Club Secretary, Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Usher. DALE THOMAS RAYCRAFT, 1200 Randolph. Louis ALBERT RAYMOND, 2014 S. Hamilton. LILLIAN MAY REIFSCHNEIDER, 2422 S. Niagara-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Basketball. GERALDINE MARIE REIMER, 6254 McKinley, Bridgeport-Latin Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus. ERMA A. REISBIG, 1933 Ottawa-Bowling Club. NANCY A, REMER, 207 S. Porter-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Pep, Spanish Clubs. CAROL MARGUERITE RICHMOND, 1912 Barnard--Advisory Treasurer, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior, Senior Plays, Senior Hostess, Usher, Class Chairman, Music Honors. BARBARA EVELYN RICHTER, 1303 Adams-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. BARBARA MARIE RISDON, 1105 Malzahn-Spanish Club President, BOC, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Language Award. LAURA EVELYN ROBERTS, 620 S. 20th-Bowling, FHA, Y-Teen Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball Letter Winner. NANCY SUE ROBERTS, 1855 Passolt-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, P-TA, Red Cross, Seal Sales Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball Letter Winner. ANDRIS RONIS, 736 Meredith-Advisory President, Student Cabinet Officer, Choir, Band Bounce. WILLIAM FAY ROOKER, 5365 Gratiot -Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Student Cabinet Officer, Football. Track Letter Winner, Sophomore Cup. LOIS MAY ROSIEN, 2532 Cooper-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Spanish Club, Class Chairman. BETTY ANN ROTH, 2103 N. Michigan. BONNIE LOUISE RUBY, 1162 Joseph. DORIS ANN RUI-ILIG, 2128 Deindorfet-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Bowling, German, Y-Teens Clubs, Legenda, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. HAROLD BILLY RUX, 411 Jones, Route 43-Orchestra, Track. JEANNE MARIE RYAN, 1103 S. Michigan-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Legenda, Class Chairman. MARILYN JOANN SAGER, 2000 N. Ames-Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Clinic Attendant. CONSTANCE ELLEN SAGESI-I, 2527 Bewick-Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. ANN BELLE MARIE SALAK, 2609 River-Y-Teen Club. LAWRENCE EDWARD SALVI, 1123 Williams-Advisory President, Vice-President, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. WILLIAM R. SANDS, 1318 Brockway-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red 'Cross Chairman, Rilie Club, Debate, Assembly Chairman, Band Bounce, Junior Play. JAMES N. SATCHELL, Bridgeport-FFA, Pep Clubs, Commencement Pageant. RICHARD DALE SAUER, 1530 N. Ames-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Assembly Com- mittee, Pep Club, Swimming Letter Winner, Class Chairman. JEAN ANNE SAVAGE, 1321 Cooper-Bowling, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. J. RALPH SCHABERG, 820 Madison-Pep Club, Cross-Country Letter Winner. HARRY A. SCHAPER, 1612 N. Madison-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Christmas Pageant. IRENE M. SCHARRER, Route 1, Bridgeport -FHA Club, Junior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. 72 '5 0 Le gemia k 2 L' Q Q iw ,,,.,., ,..,,:.:,. .. , QQ W I : ' , -.-- I- .ZAZ In L . ,..- , , ..-' -Q f" 1 :,, ...-5:1 55. . li.:- x I l 5 I f A iw ,..g . iss Q '4 -. ,. 4 'i"': f Q ,-V.: 1 'Ii' " 2-:' ,, w x ,Q R S r Q Q Q , Q X ' z .25 i 2 gi! , Xa :., ,... , 1" ' NM- ' X W' t Q4 1 3 ggi EM' Vw' W Q ' '-f-. .,,,. 2 S ' f - gf? .. .... .,....... 2 2 Ilqlq Allzznzl' E In AW "': 'A.:::: A ww V I f ' ""'- .., .A:..:.::, 1:,. 5 1 ::,:,: I XR' t -'-- :::.: A -Q ---, 1 ,1,1 5 ' ,,:,1 V H A"" .. :QZ -'-::-: ,- Q ., 2 EEEiEEEmi,- ---:: E: ,:,.,vv ..:: a :s . Y A H 1, 95 '1v'1i 3 1., 1 , 5, 2 , AWA X X ff E? 0 Golden jubilee! ..,. , :,., x ,,,., y Ax? f 345 BN om . ""': sw ffxvk Q , v . ..,.. 1 .:.:,-: wk Q2 , 6 A 5:3 5: , .-,-v ' ,lift M., Q '1 ..., ' Q za: "" '--- V 4 t ..... : , , ,,,, ' -" P A -"' -VPP , A ' .,,,Q ., ,,.. AM I ..,. """"" , ,.,, XM? f a--we: 4 , . 1 4 '50 Legenda E IOR Follow Customs Established 50 Years A o SUE ANN SCHAUBEL, 30 E. Hannum-Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. HERMAN GEORGE SCHIBELHUT, 4105 Joslin- Track, Letter Winner. LORRAINE M. SCHLEIMER, 1529 Bay-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, German, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner, Usher, Language Award. ROBERT L. SCHLOTTER, 409 N. Twenty-Fourth-Christmas Pageant. DOROTHY H. SCHLUCKEBIER, Frankenmuth-FHA Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play. RUDOLF SCHMITT, JR., 1843 Joslin-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Treasurer. FLOYD R. SCHMITZER, Frankenmuth-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Band, Commencement Pageant. ELAINE MARIE SCHNEIDER, 150 Lutzke-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Clinic Attendant, Librarian, Red Cross Volunteer. GERTRUDE A. SCHOENOW, Richville-Pep Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Usher, Commercial Award, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. JACQUELINE KATHYRN SCHOMAKER, 3034 Russell-Band. KIMBERLEY PHILLIP SCHRADER, 1619 Hanchett- Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, Recl Cross Chairman, Pep Club, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Football, Track, Team Manager, Class Chairman. DOLORES MARIE SCHROEPPEL, Route 2-Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. SHIRLEY ANN SCHULER, 108 Center-Y-Teen Club, Commencement Pageant, Clinic Attendant. ROSE C. SCHULZ, 612 Hancock. WILLIAM L. SCHUMACHER, 1321 Adams. DONALD E. SCOTT, 1403 Cypress-Band, Band Bounce. JOHN WATSON SEARS, 825 S. Weadock-Football, Basketball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. ERWIN OTTO SEBALD, 140 Snow-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Band, Band Bounce, Track, Letter Winner. ARLENE ELIZABETH SEEHASE, 2603 Cooper-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Queen's Court, Baseball, Class Chair- man. PAUL F. SENAY, 1006 Brockway-Track, Letter Winner. RUDOLPH FRANK SHIFFMAN, 1300 Wheeler-Advisory President, Arts- Drarnatics Club, Class Chairman. DORIS LOUISE SIMPsON, 903 N. Granger-Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer. MARIA GEORGIANA SKENTZOS, 2220 N. Bond-Arts Dramatits, BOC, French Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Choir, Baseball. CHRISTINE MARIA SKOWRONSKI, 1900 Coolidge. MARY M. SLADE, 17.15 Cooper-Bowling, FHA, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. JOSEPH J. SLIWINSKI, 5690 Bay Rd. MARIAN L. SMALL, 2518 Hermansau-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball, Class Chairman. BYRD ANN SMITH, 3617 State-Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman. JOHN FRANK SMITH, JR., 215 Trier-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. BETTY LOU SOHN, 406 S. Woodbridge-Advisory Seal Sales, P-TA Chairman. ELAINE RUTH SOHN, 2516 Cooper-Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Baseball, Commercial Award. LEILA GRACE SPECHT, 413 N. Charles-Advisory Vice-President, Future Retailing Club. GORDON ALLEN SPENCER, 4065 S. Washington-Cross-Country, Track, Class Chairman. JANET ANN SPENCER, 1520 Court-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, French, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Commencement Pageant, Queen's Court, Class Chairman. JOAN MAE SPINDLER, Route 7. KATHLENE HELEN SPINDLER, Route 3, Freeland-Bowling, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. JOANNE SPRUNGER, 1106 N. Bond-Advisory Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Pep Clubs, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Cheer- leader, Letter Winner. RICHARD G. STARK, 2414 N. Oakley. ROY DEWEY STEARNS, 2123 Adams Blvd.-Advisory President, Pep Club, Class Chairman. ROBERT O. STELTZRIEDE, Route 7, Shattuck Rd. SHIRLEY ANN STELTZRIEDE, 2611 Eddy-Bowling, Pep Clubs, Volley- ball. ROGER H. STINSON, 1847 Wilson-Advisory President, Bancl, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chaiman. R. EDWARD STOLZE, JR., 809 S. Harrison. MARY ANN STRAIT, 511 Webber-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, News, Class Chairman. GUSTAVE E. STRICKER, JR., 1302 Division-Track, Class Chairman. DONALD A. STUART, 2322 S. Hamilton-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Band. JANICE BARBARA STUMP, 1530 Glendale-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Spanish Club, Band Bounce, Junior Play. DOUGLAS C. SWAIN, 5400 N. Center Rd. LENORA SWANTON, 705 Congress. JOHN C. TAYLOR, Route 43-Class Chairman, Pep Club, Football, Track. Letter Winner. RICHARD C. TAYLOR, 4375 N. Michigan. WALLACE A. TECHENTIEN, 143 Trier-Advisory Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Football, Letter Winner, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. MARLENE JEAN TECK, 3218 Webber-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teen Club. RALPH LEE TEENIER, 6665 Trinklien Rd. BARBARA LEE TERRIAN, 2018 Kollen. JOAN FRANCES TESSIN, 1435 Bliss-Advisory Secretary, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Pep, Y-Teen Club Secretary, Baseball, Debate, Class Chairman, News, Quill and Scroll. Golden Jubilee! 75 A'i2 E fi:- sg-Qf Mk .1 f. tu Q, , . S, . .sf , 4 ' "':' 2 i W f' . WA? V 5? -f.s.a5 f 5as:::s-:-V A ..:.q WERE W fx' :.::aasa: i l 5512914 g ., :,. ., - u I f WR W , 5 K laznulnzz ,. M v 1 ,fmS1iii2XNi.1f., . - 'I M 4- " K f 1 v 1-, :-1. :'qn'wi W . -5' ?'i3::::,, ' ' : j A N 4 .ff ,,,, : 'Q 14 WW . X ........ I .,.,. ':' 'H M 2 S f 43 v 442w?z, Q Sym 4 E Q MQ QS N NQ -4 ,MW ii ,,.',', .1 .. ,wg Q, zzzizz. ,:::,.:.,, 2 .,4A , ,.,. i " .,..::Q: -,I 1 -if ...,,, 2 A A 1K?-fa W' is yy' Q ff N ww f, . 'S af 1 i . K ,Q . ,,A. if mi QM my if A 3 ,ff-awk W S? ' , 4'v, :,,1,, . ,f "w"'V:1'11 5 I "': :IQ ::'2 f snuik.-4.q..WM ..... uf ..:::?:s " all . ,, ,, T' ,, ,A,V , -A-1 f --,' ww sw: ,,,, .--: :1-:f Ilzlllf f , 1 Q - QQ: Q65 in ,S xx , :::v:v- zz: 3 ...,. , s a .1 -V . fi ., f A .Q as ,x V affi' Q. 0 YM s www mx fl. ' :,.. 'V if .::: 5 :,, A 'P ---------:: a :gif aww F, ,am-j'sf5 :,, M A:::- :ul I 42525 ' S "":':' 4 "" .,.,, . x X 1 , .,.. ..:: Q A Q V . fi QQ -25 :2:s ,.,., , fi- x x, , , 'ig 'x ' ' :" ' 5 K 71 XX V . :Zg.g2,. iw, W 'NR '53 Q t Q, X , if 'i52f?rw v x V .:.,.. .,,, -,-I ,-':- :': -. fi 2 ,, f A V , ""' K --,' H Q ,Wh ,Q is lm Q V fx,. yr W' V- :-5 , T K :.f , ,lik ,gl , Q , ' , " .. J Q W E 2 T , :::: f353'?5QQf 'f If i .,.,,,.. H 'x ,::"" '.'..,, f ....,,, 1 age s? :Q i f z:' 1 X 111 , I' J, --:A:,:--vvvv .::...... V -----v-- 1 zfgz ::. U .. , , ,,"' ,, b ""' I .":. vvvn D b :'. 5 ,:.,,, Q v,:,, ---" Q ' ' ' -:-- 5255 ? In lzl .' :'2:': :'. ' si: w -:-:---- :,. wit . '. ,-.Z:3" ,I -'::: .f::f2:2i 2' X : W qzzzz :"' '-A---A-Q-Q-:-Q - 1 ""' "AAA --" N , , 5, f """ " :f' ' ' V A . ,' L1 b 'N s 4? QA Q 4 ga, 2223 f fb '50 Le genda fix HOWARD LEE TESSMAN, 1718 Delaware-Advisory President, Vice-President, Football, Letter Winner. EMELINE ERNA THIEME, Route 1, Bridgeport-Advisory Treasurer, Latin, Pep Clubs. DONALD O. THOMAS, 2518 Cronk-FHA Club. JACQUELINE L. THROOP, Route 6- Pep, Spanish Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Orchestra. KEITH ALAN TIBBITS, 1720 Sycamore. JOANNE TILLMAN, 2249 S. Hamilton. MARLENE ANN TRIER, 1403 Adams-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling Club, Commencement Pageant, Junior Play, Student Store Assistant, News, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. WALTER MARTIN FREDRICK TRIER, 4135 Weiss-Choir, Band Bounce, Baseball, Class Chairman. Loxs W. TRINKLEIN, Route 7. MARILYN RUTH TRINKLEIN, 3804 N. Michigan Rd.-Biology, Bowling, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Commencement Pageant, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Baseball. ROLAND BERNARD TROGAN, 308 S. Michigan-Advisory President, Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, BOC Clubs, Forensic Association, Choir, Band, Dance Band, Band Bounce, Junior, Senior Plays, Christmas Pageant, News, Declamation, Oratory, Red Cross Volunteer, State Declamation Award, Music Honors. JOAN Tuck, 1839 Jordan. BETTY LOU TUKE, 604 Holland-Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Orchestra, Class Chairman. HARRY DOW 'l-UNIS, 111, 1511 Mott-Advisory Sophomore Party Committee, Arts-Dramatics, Pep, Spanish Clubs, Cheerleader, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior, Senior Plays, Red Cross Volunteer, Football, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. JOYCE M. TUREK, 716 S. Mason-Y-Teens Club. DAVID FREDERICK VANCE, Route 1, Bridgeport-Advisory President, Vice-President, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Cabinet Othcer, Class Chairman. ROBERT DONALD VAN ELSACKER, 3592 Madison, Carrollton. SHELIA M. VAN SICKLE, 1543 Holmes-Spanish Club, Class Chairman. PAUL S. VASOLD, Route 3, Freeland- FFA Club Secretary. HARRY G. VEITENGRUBER, Frankenmuth-FFA Club, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Baseball, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. WILLIAM RAYMOND VOIGT, 1300 N. Ames-Advisory Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y, Pep Clubs, Football, Basketball Team Manager, Letter Winner, Projector Operator. RITA VUDURES, 903 N. Woodbridge-Latin, Pep Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer, Service Club. MARION JUNE WACKER, 207 S. Jefferson, Zilwaukee-Sophomore Party Committee, Bowling, FHA, Pep Clubs, Legenda, Commercial Award. JANET LORAE WAGGONER, 212 Shepard-Advisory Secretary, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Pep Clubs, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageant, Class Chairman. JOHN ELLSWORTH WAGLE, 1752 N. Ames-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Football, Letter Winner. ALICE JEAN WAGNER, 914 Court-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Bowling, Latin, Pep, Y-Teen Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Christmas, Commencement Pageant, News, Volleyball, Basketball, Class Chairman. PATRICIA ANN WAIER, 1923 N. Oakley-Advisory Vice-President, Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Band, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. BARRY F. WAITE, 2511 S. Washington-Advisory Vice-President. BARBARA JEAN WALDIE, 2107 Ring-Pep Club, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. KATHLEEN WALKER, 4058 State-Pep, Y-Teen Clubs. WILMA BETTY WARNOCK, 410 N. Webster-Pep, Y-Teen Club. WILLIAM EDWARD WASHABAUGH, 503 S. Eleventh-Advisory President, Seal Sales Chairman, Hi-Y, Rifle, Pep Clubs, Usher, Class Chairman. JACQUELINE JEAN WATT, Burt-Spanish Club President, Pep Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. EVA JEAN WEAVER, 2103 Wood-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Letter Winner. EDWARD VERN WEBER, Route 1, Freeland. JAMES W. WEGNER, 2269 Mershon. LORRAINE C. WEGNER, 4660 N. Michigan-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Bowling, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Music Honors, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. WALTER D. WEISS, 2716 Hermansau. ELAINE ANN NVEITZ, 1743 Brockway-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Music Honors. GERALD W. WENDEL, 1430 Marquette-Advisory Secretary, Stage Crew, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. MONA JEAN WESTOVER, 1910 Ottawa-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Biology, Pep Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Play, Baseball, Music Honors. JEAN ARLYLE WHEELER, 1439 Barnard-BOC, Bowling, Pep, Spanish, Y-Teen Clubs, Debate, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. CHARLES W. WIESE, 3105 Hermansau-Advisory President, Treasurer, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y President, Secretary, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Senior Play, Cross-Country, Team Manager, Letter Winner, Baseball, Class Chairman. LESLIE JOSEPH WILLETT, 1015 N. Bond-Latin Club. GEORGE MERRILL WILLIAMS, 111 Cambrey-Track, Swimming, Letter Winner. SUSAN WILLITS, 251 Lock- wood-Advisory Secretary, P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman, Pep Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Christmas Pageant, Baseball, Writing Award, Class Chairman. DOROTHY HELEN WILSON, 714 Congress-Latin, Y-Teen Clubs, Usher. NELSON D. WING, 1515 Durand- Advisory President, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Basketball, Team Manager, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. VALTIMAR A. WINIECKIE, 4765 N. Michigan Rd.-Baseball, Football. LEE EARL WINTERSTEIN, 218 Lockwood-Class Chairman. BARBARA LEE WOLCOTT, 717 N. Hamilton-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, Pep Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. WILLIAM HENRY WOLFE, 202 Webber. ROSEMARY WOOD, 808 Van Buren-BOC Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Librarian, BETTY LORRAINE WOOLGAR, 413 W. Fisher-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Sophomore Party Committee, FHA, Y-Teen Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Basketball. ELSPATH JOAN WRIGHT, 2586 Longview-Spanish Club, Usher. LLOYD J. YEO, 2227 Delaware Blvd.-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Assembly Chairman, Pep Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. Y ' 'II ,.,,.. ...': : . : 4-- A N' in "' 5 ' I .,., A .,,. A ,,,, ."'1,' rrrr RS . A .,.. """""""" , I .:,, :': ., Q Q . fi iaufij iff ' "'...' f Ft 2 -.-: i i i ' ".' :"' ' ............. X A - 2 .. -. 1 ,.,...,:. 2 I" li ,.'. ' ffl - '1" I ' ':" ' sf "'1' 1 IAI ....... --.L .... . .......... 'if 2 ' ? "":,"" I. .....:.... 1 DENNIS A. YORK, 1600 Birney. ROY W. YORK, 2975 Eddy-Advisory Vice-President, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. HAROLD PETER YOUNG, 1723 Gratiot-Advisory President, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Class Chairman. BETTY Lou ZDROJKOWSKI, 2541 N. Michigan-Bowling Club, Volleyball, Basketball. RAYMOND HAROLD ZEHNDER, Birch Run-Advisory Secretary, Baseball. GEORGE HOWARD ZINK, Frankenmuth. Golden Jubilee! 77 Q M ,W SS . .. .,.,..,.,.,., . H65 ophs and Juniors onstitute the U l ' 'Y . H va DERCLASSME of 1950 c E W- +I, ,K-N V 'az-'Is"Q '-I' . ',,"f- . ZA, 5 ,,-,,- 5 -'-' 4 Eff- ,,., 4 W. l A-:: '1" ' ., K7 ' " QT Q , ,1,,1, 1 ' 'W ,.- -- it at it r. K Q.. , ' "y' Z :., - A ' . :-,a V , ,...-' ' :': ,.,:, """: ::::"' "":f ":' - .1 suv 'im lm? , gulf , 3 if ' QW QQ, s fm, 1 .1 " f, wi ' . D " 'W f Q3 3132 ,gf I ? li' rf " 5 ,,.,. ' "-Q: :-::--- V ':--- t ,gn- Il -.:, ' ,::, ' :ZW 1"'1"V1'V' l"l"' 1 ,.,.,, 11,, "'A i . ' i f ll' H :: ' U y 1q:u...Q 2 . , W :" Ii' VIV: 5 3 2 .. ' I ' M Zi A fm if ':,, - ....: if :,,V 1 W - A zz. Y 7 :.. N , -51.55. :-- In 4 ,..l t ,:,.., Q -...-' ., i. A 1 -FJ ':::: E :":" a ear V i 78 Richard Abbenante, Roger Abbott, Shir- ley Acker, Joan Adams, john Adams, Janet Ader, Jean Akerley. Shirley Albrandt, Richard Albrecht, Charles Albright, Ann Alderton, Barbara Aldrich, Veona Alex, jack Alexander. Amelia Alfano, James Allen, Sallyann Alles, JoAnn Allore, Betty Lee Anderson, Charles Andre, Terry Andre. Donald Anspach, Dixie Arch, Richard Armstrong, Shirley Armstrong, Leah Arriaga, Leeta Austin, Walter Averill. Chloe Avery, Donald Avery, Marilyn Avery, Ida-Mae Bailey, Jo Bailey, Sally Bailey, Charlotte Bain. George Bain, Marilyn Bain, Kenneth Baird, Shirley Baker, William Baker, Sally Balcom, Duane Balko. Dorothy Balzer, Thomas Banning, Charles Barber, Carl Barger, Carl Barko Cno pic- tureb, Robert Barrett, Joyce Barrels Quo picturej , jack Barthel Cno picturej , Ronald Bartlett, Cecilia Bashans. Marian Baszler, Susan Bauder, Carolyn Bauer, Donald Bauer, jane Bauer, Mary Bauer, Nancy Bauer. Robert Baustert, Ronald Bean Qno pic- turej, Virginia Bean, Ann Beaver, Don- ald Beck, Donald Becker, Joann Becker, Shirley Becker. William Becker, Rolland Beckmann, Duane Beechler, Glenn Bellinger, Bertha Bench, Donna Benkert, Norbert Berent. '50 Legenda 'T Donald Berg, Mary Lou Bernecker, Mar- garet Bese, Joyce Besey, Judy Beutel, Elfrieda Beyer, Joan Beyer. Edward Beyerlein, Lois Beythan, Helene Bickel, Dale Bielby, Donald Bierlein, Lila Billeter, Donald Binder. Jack Bindon, William Birdsall, Jerry Birnbaum, Miriam Bishop, Jean Blake- way, George Bledsoe, Gerald Blohm. Marcia Bloomheld, Nancy Boell, Nancy Boertman, Suzanne Bolger, Verna Bolger, Bernard Bolt, Emma Bommarito. Doreen Bonnell, Elaine Booth, Margaret Bosley, Arthur Bostwick, Rosario Bouch- ard, Daniel Bourdow, Janice Bovay. Edward Bowden, Harold Bowden, Samuel Bowden, Harold Bowman, Charles Boyd, Nancy Boyer, Rebecca Boyer. James Bradley, Shirley Bradley, Lyla Bra- ley, Robert Branch, Edwin Brandt, George Brandt, Jack Bratun. Beatrice Braun, Gerald Braun, Shirley Brethauer, Dolores Breton, Joyce Bret- trager, Ronald Bridge, Richard Brinkman. Janet Broihier, Donna Brown, James Brown, John Brown, Kenneth Brown, Bonnie Brownlee, Dale Bruns. Jerry Brush, William Bruton, Patricia Bryant, Betty Buck, James Buckley, Loring Buclden, Norma Buddle. Golden Jubilee! , , as 'k.iJ1.A , v Q 'y 1 -i ww. G? ff J Jia xi. A Far Cr From tlu-5199 UNDERCLASSME I ..... ,, ,,b, , , . " ,. i w ' ,.,.,. , 5 ':.:' ......,..:.:.. . .. ,. I M he :LM .:.: 1,1 5 , 5 --AG Os an-1-W WW .fl D 80 in 1900 Patricia Butlsly, Elaine Buehler, John Bueker, June Burback, Carolyn Burgess, Violet Burk, Mariann Burnell. Patricia Bush, Robert Bush, Donna Butcher, Kathleen Butler, Sally Butts, Harold Buxman, Kathleen Buxman. Clair Calkins, Arnalee Callan, Mary Callas, Donald Cameron, Lois Cammin, Ruth Cammin, Donald Campbell. Nancy Campbell, Robert Campbell, Ver- non Campeau, Charlotte Canell, Dick Cansheltl, Irene Cantu, Richard Carlson. Donald Carroll, Margaret Cartier, Delores Case, Lillian Case, William Case, Sharon Cates, Thomas Cates. Marian Cesar, Carolee Chaffee, Beverly Cherry, Shirley Cherry, Dora Chiarovano, Greta Chrisrianson, Fay Churchfleltl. Robert Cinkus, jerry Clairmont, Arden Clare, Delores Clark, Joanne Clark, John Clark, Carole Clayton. Gwen Clunie, Marie Cody, Valentine Coeur, Sandra Cohen, Ida Mae Colbeck, Frank Cole, Norma Collver. Beverly Colpean, Dolores Compeau, Ferol Compton, Marlene Conklin, Betty Conrad Cno pictureb, Patricia Conway, Gail Cooper, Elizabeth Cope. Doris Coven, Mary Crouse, Norma Croz- ier, Warren Culver, Frank Cummings, June Curtis fno picturel, Donald Cush- way, John Cuthbertson. '50 Legemia Eunice Dahl, Frieda Dakoski, Joyce Dar- ling, Maxine Darrow, Barbara Davis Qno picturej , Betty Davis, Carole Davis, Dorothy Davis. Joan Davis, Joanne Davis, Norma Day, Sophie DeLeon, Gardner Delgado, Nancy De Lisle, Mabel Delaney. Nancy DeMaet, Viola Demko, JoAnne Dengler, Louis Depping, Donald Der- thick, Robert Detwiler, Thomas Dezelsky. Joyce Dice, Rose Marie Diechman, Carl Diener, Evalyn Diener, Richard Dierich, Marilyn Dietrich, John Dimercurio. Ronald Dingman, Eugene Dirker, Phyllis Dirker, Nancy Dirtmar, James Doepker, Sally Doerfner Cno picturej, William Doerfner, Mary Domas. Margaret Donaghy, James Dooley, Robert Doran, Jean Dorn, Frank Doutre, Bonnie Dow, Doreen Doyle. Owen Doyle, Richard Drewyer, Carl Dubac, Ronald Dubay, Robert Du- Charme, Jacquelyn Dudewicz, James Duffy. Margaret Dungey, James Dunn, Donna Dupree, William Durham, Jane Durman, Robert Dust, Gloria Duwe. Kathleen Earley, Roland Eckstorm, Wency Edmond, Gordon Edwards, Jack Egger, Joanne Egyet, Howard Eimers. Lenore Eischer,James Elliott, Nancy Ellis, Phyllis Ellis, Ronald Ellis, Royena Elli- thorp, Alice Ely. Golden Jubilee! wi M2 C 1: nv aw-. Q f' Q X at apt, rs:-, W if 6 Us ,e ,.,. . -we A ' Q A i +1-4 2 Q Q it W X N 5 W 5? me 5 s 3' VJ f ds 2 f 'f Qtf S 'J iw? if ' f ff N fs r L l zi- C 1 ,,,,. E ex ,...A :L ,..' .'.,: Q A ,,, .V ,...,. ...,.. , .lnn I if :,, it we 2 Eff E f, J S . ij- :'.' :,: rig? 1:s:a5g:::: 1' i W 92 if 'if 1 v.': :ZA 1 .,.. 3 12, Q3 N? :52:.:E 5.: L. A I iii 2? ,, - if EW f - me c"'1'2 f . 'If' ij '2"' 5 1 ,,,,,,,, ' -.,' . ,.' 4 ai. "E -E X f 'rf ,ff il fzfii J 4 ' .sm Are the 1222 U DERCLASSM at Arthur Hill in '50 2 a 82 Viola Ely, Donna Emmons, jerry English, james Enszer, Joan Enszer, Judy Epting, Larry Eynon. Audrey Fahrenbruch, Sally Fair, Robert Fallis, Robert Fanger, Phyllis Farrington, Roger Faupel, Carolyn Fedder, Viola Feinauer, Lorraine Feit, Ronald Feirh, Sally Fentner, jill Ferguson, Carl Feusse, David Figueroa. Bettie Finger, Donald Fink, Wallace Fink, Barbara Finner, Patricia Fischer, Ruthe Fischer, Elsie Fisher. Nancy Fisher, Richard Fisher Cnc pic- turej, Barbara Fitch, Robert Fitch, Leta Fleischmann, Lois Floeter, joseph Flora, Elizabeth Flowers. Sharon Flynn, james Fobear, Mary Fo- bear, Loraine Fontaine, Jack Foote, Jack Fordyce, Madge Foster. Ellen Foulds, Donna Fox, Gene Fox, James Fox, Kay Fox, Barbara Frederick, Jane Freeman. Rudy French, Mary Fries, John Fritz, Phyllis Frost, Donna Fuller, Bill Fursten- berg, Barry Gadd. Beverly Gadd, John Gaertner, Dale Gainsforth, Bill Galarno, Donald Gal- braith, Dolores Galiardi, Eugene Gallery. Ronald Gamble, Kay Gardey, Corinne Garvey, Bill Gary, Phyllis Gaylord, Lillie Gehrcke, Lucille Gehrcke. -- '5 0 Legenda i rl Leilah Gehrig, Hedwig Geiger, JoAnne Gelow, Robert George, Hazel Gerard, Phyllis Gerard, Ronald Gerger. Carl Gierow, Herman Gierow, Carolyn Gilbert, Shirley Gilbert, Dolores Gilgi- nas, joan Gillion, Greta Glasby. Ruth Glass, Thomas Gochnaur, Patricia Goines, Charlotte Golden, Lorraine Goodeman, Stuart Gordon, Sharleen Gorski. Minnie Goulder, Emily Graham, Frances Graham, Harry Graham, jack Graham, Richard Graham, Bill Graham. Lavelle Grant, Bill Granville, Gerald Grauf, Kathleen Greer Cno picturej, Marna Gremel, Catherine Griffore, Barb- ara Grigg, Charles Grobe. Edith Groover, Gerald Gross, Mary Grube, James Gullifor, Larry Gulliver, Patricia Gunther, Phyllis Gushen. Jack Guttowsky, Mary Guttridge, Barbara Guy, Irma Guy, Nancy Haar, Daniel Habel, Thomas Hackett. Shirley Hagon, james Hahn, Walter Haines, Ann Hale, Dale Hall, Lila Haller, james Hallman. Wendel Halm, Lois Hamilton, Donna Hamlin, Marilyn Handlovits, Alwyn Han- sen, Jack Hanson, Robert Harger. Diane Harmon, Bernadine Harnois, Barb- ara L. Harris, Donna Harris, George Harris, Ronald Harris, Dale Harrison. Golden Jubilee! Ewrvga V .wi mph .,, . . J, , ,dr V "" xxx' N ii' , f .fast 3, . 83 UNDERCLASSMEN Artlentl ,leaf ' at 5' ' A1., c n 84 . ,, ? 4 ff tit za " fi.. Ps Q I W X is if H . A -llv li I I, 'f v , f A: "A2'f 2 A - . , QA ,M g! , I M mv? fp 4 Ez : R Enter School Life and Activities 1 ' A -1':':::' A ,.'..,.,..- 1 1-,Q t t , - vtll if -::..- 2.1. ,A 52 53461. 'Ur' 2 I- , .a,. :85:e"':::- ja I Y . ::-:: I ' g .-I. :EEEEEE5 ww. H t ,, t X .f ALF Jean Harrison, Mary Hart, B. Richard Hartley, Gerald Hartley, Glena Hartner, Dora Hartwell, Donna Hathaway. Harold Hatherly, Eldon Haubenstricker, Harvey Haubenstriclcer, Marion Hauben- stricker, Ralph Haubenstricker, Jean Hauman, Verne Hawes. Benjamin Hayes, George Hayes, Barbara Haynes, Frederick Head, Donald Healy, Harold Hegenauer, James Heidger. Robert Heidger, Sally Heineman, John Heinz, Kathryn Hemmeter, Betty Hen- derson, Robert Hepinstall, Ruth Herman. Carol Herring, Peter Hervey, Ellen Her- zog, John Herzog, Marilyn Hilbrandt, James Hillman, Kathryn Hilton. Donald Himsel, Charles Hitsman, Ron- ald Hitter, Betty Hoerauf, Lorna Hoff- man, Donald Hoggard, James Holcomb. Donna Holeman, Sally Holland, Patricia Holley, Betty Hollis, Joan Holloway, William Holloway, Lillian Holubik. John Holvey, Malcolm Hopper, Arlene Horvath, Mary J. Hozeska, Barbara Hu- ber, Marilyn Huber, JoAnn Hughes. Joanne Hull, Richard Humphreys, Vin- cent Hurney, Sue Hurst, Harvey Jackson, Janice Jahns, James Jakes. Darcy James Cno pictureb, Frank Jank, Paul Jaquish, Constance Jaquith, Robert Jaremba, Donald Jekel, Allan Jerome, Jacquelyn Johnson. '50 Legenda Lucille johnson, Margaret johnson, Marie johnson, Marvin Johnson, Ronald John- son, Shirley Johnson, Dean Jolin. Leland Jolin, David Jones, Donna jones, Iames jones, Nancy jones, Elizabeth Ionitz, James jorgenson. Ileana Juntunen, Diane Kabar, Beverly Kabobel, Richard Kackmeister, Lovell Kain, Alice Kanary, James Kapuscinski. Bonnie Karp, Mary Ann Karp, Ronald Karp Cno picturej, james Karpicke, Lydia Kassin, Darlene Keaner, James Kearful, Leona Keinath. Shirley Keinath, Sally Keith, Duane Kemerer, Paul Kemp, joan Kenny, Edward Kern, Margie Kern. William Kertelhohn, Gerald Kiekbusch, james Kimmel, Ronald Kincade, Donald Kingry, Robert Kingsbury, Donna Kipf- miller. jean Kirby, Arthur Kirsch, Kenneth Klammer, Herb Kleekamp Qno picturej , jean Kleekamp, joan Klien, Nancy Klenoski, Robert Knowles. Robert Knox, joan Koblinski, jane Kochalka, Donald Koebke, Donna Koe- nig, Elaine Koeplinger, Faith Kolenda. Charles Kolhoff, Howard Kolhoff, Rich- ard Kollman, Lugene Konsdorf, James Kopuscinski fno picturej , Richard Kost- oif, Jack Krause, janet Krause. William Krause, Doris Kretz, Robert Kretz, Dale Kross, Donald Kross, Beverly Krueger, David Krueger. 'Golden Jubilee! ' s in at , N , ,.:. ..,,,,, Q a , 4. X , H' 3 'X -xl- ..,. - y .,., Q ' ' " ."1a. by Fw Q' gf' . ..,v." ' " ' - ii'i:i:r .,..::: ,, 'P I Iii:-we ,:'l L ,MW 9' 9 4 M, I 'K , 'Gi S az. if G' K ..,.. X 1 -:a- ...... .... , C+, I ,.,. ,.,.,., if V. .,,, f :::.:, E:,:,, 5 lf? ,rf Ks x J . ,Hx K r., , .y , .,..,... 49, Q .,,. .a .4 , ,yr ,,,. .f,.,. , r KW Q 'af Q M Y A rf V 2 A Qi we wi K A Q N' x t 4 K 5-at a! a 3 1 R , ,.,. . , .,,, ,,. , ,M . ,.,.-. -- , ,,,,,,,, ,, . ,, ,W X s 2 r , f f 1 , :-, ::.. 1 M J "" :,., ---... ' """" ,,,,,. . , b l :HI V A Ilz, A fi S 1 EE M 'Q A :Q .1 ,.,.,.:,.' QIA: E ,VI ,,, - f ,.: :QI ,.,. 1 :II . .1 , ag ,"',,' 2 ' -,.. 9' -"- 3 J - ' 'ii' f 1" f "-', fi ' a " I "'- 5 ,,,, 'il 'ii' "J 562' are n 'N i 5 ., , S21 ' ?:5.. iQ I ' f 'i'51.i -- 'E I l .lf W, ,,...., . I f And Many UNDERCLASSMEN Cain Coveted Positions as Leaders new 86 Kenneth Krueger, Ronald Krueger, Ber- nard Kruszka, janet Krzyaniak, Shirley Kuehn, jean Kulow, john Kurtz. June LaBeau, Richard LaDouce, August Laesch, john Lager Cno pictureb, Bruce LaLonde, Doris LaLonde, Patricia LaLone, james Lamb. Catherine Lamia, joseph Lamia Cno pic- tureb, Howard Lamont, Shirley Larnpel, Donna Lamrouex, John Landeryou, Brien Lang, james Lange. Jack Langschwager, David LaPan, jack Larson, Rudianne Lauckner, Janet Lauria, Vern Lautner, Francis Lawrence. Patricia Leacher, Beverly Leaman, David Learned, Lois Lebsch, Lyle LeCronier, Margaret LeCronier, Charlotte Leddy. Donna Leddy, Jane Lee, Shirley Leeman, Bonnie LeGear, Lois Leinberger, Edna Leis, Harold Leistner. Patricia Leitz, Charles Lemmer, james Leonard, Kay Leppert, Marguerite Lep- pien, Robert Lescelius, Dennis Leuen- berger, jean Leuenberger, Joyce LeVinge, Lois Lewellen, Beulah Lewis, Maurice Leyrer, Donald Licavoli, Irvin Lichtenwald. Doris Lickteig, Lorene Liebrecht, Muriel Lieffers, John Lippert, Roger Little, Rob- ert Littlejohn, Joan Litzner. Jane Livingston, John Lobsiger, JoAnn Lockwood, jerry Loibl, Bonnie Lovejoy, Carole Lovejoy, Wayne Luark. '50 Legenda William Lu er ac uel nLu iewicz g ,J q V g , Robert Luker, John Luth, Donald Lutz, Jean Lutz, Patricia Lutz. Franklin Lux, Sally Lynch, Amylou Lytle, Emil Maas, Norma Maas, Jane Mac- Arthur, Nancy MacArthur, Janet Mac- Dougall Cno pictureb. Gary Machette, Nancy Mack, Ann Mac- Meekin, Joanne MacMillan, Gerald Macomber Cno picturej, Harold Maier, Barbara Major, Joanne Maleitzke Cno picturej , Carol Malmgten. Judy Malzahn, James Mann, Shirley Mat- ble, Margaret Mark, Kathleen Marks, Gene Marksbury, Maurice Marr. James Marsh, George Marti, Monai Mar- tin, Shirley Martin, Sally Martindale, Kaye Martzowka, Gary Mathewson. Richard Mathewson, Jerry Matson, Kay Matson, George Mauch, Barbara Maul, Betty Jo Maurer, Irene Maurer. Patricia Mavis, Sybellia Maxtield, Sally Maynard, Alex McBain, Nancy McCau- ley, Joyce McClure, Myra McClure. Helen McCurry, Robert McDonagh, Barbara McGinnis, Richard Mclntosh, Ann Mclntyre, Mary McKenzie, Margaret McKinney. Diane McKinstry, Janice McLean, Barb- ara McManus Cno pictureb, Hugh Mc- Math, Betty McNeil, Mary McParlan, Betty Meade, Leslie Meehleder. Nancy Meehleder, Donald Mehl, Dolores Meier, Sarah Merrick, David Metevier, Mary Metiva, Carmon Mey. 'Golden Jubilee! sv ,, ...- 1 : K iv' Xt' Q .Nw .gsm-, ..: . .i,.,,,,, .. , ,.,. W fs X . . ..... ,.,.., .,. Qi., ga: iw J ,own :::. , fr . Other UNDERCL SS Receive cheel and Civic Honors XE, is QW? ,we 88 Catherine Meyer, Donald Meyer, james Meyer, Robert Meyer, Sandra Meyer, Karl Meyerholt, joan Midcalf. Mary Lou Middlebrook, George Miessner, Charles Milbrandt, Rollin Milbrandt, Joyce Millar, Barbara Miller, Joan Miller. Kenneth Miller, Marilyn Miller, Mary Miller, Ruben Miller, Sally Miller, jack Milne, Sue Mitchel. Dorothy Mitchell, Marvin Mitchell, Nan Mitts, Eclythe Modrall, Carolyn Moeller, Jack Moeller, Donna Moffat. Jerry Mohn, Marilyn Mohnk, Irene Mohr Cno picturej , Mary Moll, Kenneth Mon- dor, Geraldine Monsees, Finlay Monteath, Frances Moore Cno picture? , John Moore. Charles Moreau, Samuel Morello, Donald Morey, Joanne Morford, Edward Mor- gan, Dalene Morningstar, Elizabeth Morris. Bruce Mueller, Larry Mulholland, Janet Myers, Nancy Myers, Peter Nagel, George Nagy, Ardith Near. Robert Neiderquill, Dorothy Nellett, Madeline Nelson, William Nelson, Betty Neuman, James Neumann, Janet Neveau. Joseph Newman, Ellen Nichols, Robert Nickodemus, Kenneth Niederquell, Franklin Niederstadt, Bonnie Nizinski, Rosemary Nizinski. Bruce Noble, Nancy Noble, Ann North- cott, Kathleen Nuerminger, Marjorie Nuerminger, Howardine Nye, JoAnn Nye. '50 Legenda Lois Nye, Betty Oatten, Lois O'Donnell, Donald Orr, Joyce Osborn, Virginia Ost- ermann, Dale Ott. Harvey Ott, Grace Otto, Janet Pabst, Mary Packard, Margaret Pagenkopf, Rob- ert Pahssen, William Palmer. Edward Papajesk, Robert Parker, Wil- liam Parks, Franklin Passon, Joyce Pas- son, Mary Passon, Mary Paterson. Jay Pattee, Patricia Patterson, Laura Lee Patton, James Paulson, Beverly Pawley, Barbara Pearson, Charles Peaslee Cno pic- tureb , Nancy Pechtel. Diane Pedersen, Julius Peitsch, Janice Peloquin, Sally Perkins, John Perrot, Conrad Person, Carol Peters. Donna Peterson, Alice Peto, Yvonne Petre, Jean Pettycrew, Cherie Phillips, Joan Phillips, Kenneth Phillips. Patricia Phillips, Patrick Phoenix, Chrys- tal Pitsch, Betty Plaskewicz, Darlene Pleuss, Rose Plowdrey Cno pictureb, Patricia Podlecki, Sharon Podlecki, Eva Pomerville, Lorant Popp, Phlavion Popp, Richard Popp, Henry Porter, Joyce Portice, Franklin Portner. Edith Powlus, Jerry Prachar, Margaret Prather, Robert Pratt, Ronald Prentice, Dorothy Pressprich, Dolores Preston. Dale Pretzer, Elaine Pretzer, Lois Price Cno picturej , Donald Pringle, Bebe Proc- tor, Jean Pruyne, Mary J. Pufahl, Janet Quesnel. Golden Jubilee! 53 War J ft 3 .Q , .'. l Z' mx -'.',., . ,.,: ,,, I' 5 iiii.-. sfmiix 4 ..,.:,., ..... .. ,, , , I, , A , 1 .:.:.:.:,, an ,.: .... Q is ff While Responsibilities Fall to Competent UNDERCLASSME E W. S' Q lel,., 'seizes tt xp if, , if 0 'Q tease ' , :Mi , r Q 0, ,543 'KVI M x 5 X. ya A A Q ----" 2 - " , 90 wild? M i 375 , ,,,-sg' R ig s Marjorie Rae, Judyth Rankin, Donna Rau, Joan Rauh, Jacqueline Raupp, Made- line Rauschert, Louis Rawson. Emma Raymond, Carol Reams, Robert Reams, Alvin Reimer, Lucinda Reimer, Carol Rein, Carolyn Rein. Allen Reinbold, James Reinke, Louis Reinke, Margaret Reinke, Marianne Reinke, Norman Reinke, Dorothy Reisig. Greta Reist, Jack Remer, Lucille Rexius, Willard Reynolds, William Reynolds, Maureen Rice, Harold Richards, Joanne Richter Cno picturej . William Ricklefs, Carol Rikley, Esther Rine, David Riselay, Floyd Riselay, Shir- ley Riselay, Marion Rittmeuller. Jeanne Robart, Andrew Robertson, Ann Robertson, Paul Robinson, Phyllis Rob- son, Beverly Roditcher, Patricia Roesler, Sue Ann Rogers, Suzann Rogers, Suzanne E. Rogers, Marlene Rohde, Marlene Rohn, Shirley Rohn, Betty Romaine, Douglas Ronan Cno picturej . Gerald Rooker, Wesley Rork, Jerry Rott- man, Joan Rouech, Barbara Roush, Louise Rousseau, William Rowell. Joyce Ruble, Robert Ruhlig, Charles Rumley, Phyllis Rummel, John Rupp, Suzanne Rupp, Betty Ruppel. Duane Ruppel, Jack Ruppel Cno pic- tureb, Robert Rusch, Maurice Rushlow, Betty Russell Cno pictureb, James Rus- sell, Beverly St. Clair, Norma Salvi, Margaret Sandoval. '50 Legenda Connie Saponieri, James Sauer, Joseph Sauvie, Judith Schaberg, Alex Schafer, Kathleen Scharrer, Earleen Schell. Joan Scherping, Dolores Scherzer, Sally Scherzer, Christian Schiesswohl, Robert Schiesswohl, Bertwin Schluckebier, Gladys Schluckebier. Loraine Schluckebier, Luella Schlucke- bier, Caroline Schmidt, Edwin Schmidt. Georgiana Schmidt, James Schmidt, Janet Schmidt. Lorraine Schmidt, Mabel Schmidt, Wil- liam Schmitt, Charles Schmitz, Melna Schmitzet, June Schneider, Marlene Schneider. Ruth Schneider, James Schnell, Melvin Schoenmeyer, Margaret Schoon, Nancy Schott, Richard Schreiner, Larry Schuch. Robert J. Schuett, Milford Schuette, Rob- ert T. Schuette, Thomas Schuette, Cathe- rine Schultz, Jack Schultz, Joan D. Schultz. Joann F. Schultz, Lois Schultz, Lorraine Schultz, Richard Schultz, James Schu- macher, Betty Schutt, Marilyn Schutt, Mona Schwalm, Janet Schwartz, Lorraine Schwartzkopf, Lois Scott, Mary Scott, Ronald Sears, Dale Seaver. Barbara Sedwick, Joanne Sedwick, Con- rad Seidel, Jerry Seitz Cnc picturej, Bruce Seymore, Jerry Shafer, Elizabeth Shallner, Arlene Shafley. June Shalley, Donald Shaler, John Shan- non Cno picturej, Rose Marie Shannon Cno picturej, Betty Shavrnoch, Betty Shaw, Donna-June Shaw, Clayton Shels- well Cno pictureh , Ada Shepherd, Gladys Shepherd. Golden Jubilee! . , ,.., fam. 8 . gy. . .,....,, 5 tif ,QF M,-x ' S, 'g i 'fa Ya- 91 UND RCLASSM N ook Forward to Senior Year Prestige 1:1 :IQQ '5""" ".' 1 I i t Q: 1 I ,is S: v::, i ,,.-, ,v,. .,,.,,,., v Q., ..,,': :1...f , ..-- ,::,,,, 4, ' rr 1 ' -.-.V- 3 -:-:: Q- .....,,. Ftlt L V I x.--, 1 9 .QQQ Q Eli.: ..:a:-, ' 1 'fi ::'- " ,.,' I 53111 ' rig, ,. , ,SS " .55,,.,jj,,, I1' A --: :::::-- .:,, A 'fr. -lzll W 1. , - ..... Q Q eeerr e ' r W --.--1 -:-- II: ."'x1 ' ""Q :"' :"' r ,.:e 1 .,:,V'-V f A .,:: , f S zlz iv, . ' """ f. Wy ..., I S V Sig? 1 'tvvv .,:.::,::5i-:. ,'.M U gt.-Z V """ ' ' .. lfjwg, - We . 1 is ..... ., f ' ' :., 8 ' li we M 4 fa lk f la if f F l ' -V ,V sa -:::: a 1 : . A ' is-,. 1, 'zz-,zf:,, .. f 17" ,T MS 2 ...,, ..:. ..,, an Q :rei M ggi? E-f 4 'fee in ::,... r1:,,:,...e . . . , Q4 uw ggtliiiiii .,.,.,. , W f -as la ww J ::.. rn- ' ,Q MW 0 la R' wt I 7 f 'X .. . am . 32.2 . at i , 92 5 9 f avi A 5 - X! .J f :,,, ,V Z. lliaxfl' 5 K 5 fa! -- Norma Sherman, Stanford Sheyer, Betty Shoecraft, Joan Shriplca, Richard Shulaw, Richard Shuler, Walter Shuler. Mary Simmet, Donald Simon, joan Simon,Ronald Simon Cno picturej , Rosa- line Simon Cno picturej, Robert Simp- son, Angela Skentzos, jean Slinlcard, Patricia Sliwinski. Lelah Slocum, Maxine Small, Raymond Small, Margie Smelley, Beverly Smith, Howard Smith, joan Smith. Leadelle Smith, Martha Smith, Shirley Smith, Wendell Smith, William Smith, William Snelling, Thomas Soblesky. Norene Sohn, Erwin Sollner, Marlene Sollner, Herman Soper, Sally Sorgatz, Sally Souders, William Southam. Ruth Ann Sowatsky, JoAnn Spadafore, Delmonte Sparks, Mary Spaulding, Joyce Spear, Edwin Spence, jane Spence. William Spence, Jean Spencer, David Sperry, Florence Sprague, Donald Springer, Leonard Springgay, Susannah Stark. Richard Staudt, Nila Stavely, Noreen Srebner, Mary Lou Steele, Arnold Stein, Virginia Stein, Ruby Stephan Cno pic- tureh , George Stewart. Tomsa Stewart, Dale Stimpson, Flave Srimpson, Byron Stinson, Gordon Stin- son, Joanne Stobbart, Shirley Stokus. Alice Stolper, Raquel Stolze, Leslie Stoner Cno pictureb , Barbara Stowell, Jean Strachan, Douglas Strecker, Richard Srricker, Thomas Stricker. '50 Legenda Richard Stringer, Ann Stromer, William Strong, james Stuart, Shirley Suclcey, Katherine Suhan Cno picture? , Lyle Sum- merfield, Mona Summerfield. Howard Swain, Dale Swanton, Robert Szarenski, Fergus Tait, Loisdel Techen- tien, Marie Pauline Teenier, Melvin Terry. james Tessin, Willard Tessin, Dale Thomas, Dean Thomas, Gerald Thomas, Geraldine Thomas, Helen Thomas Cno picturej , Jean Thomas. John Thomas, Lawrie Thomas, Robert Thomas ino picturej , Ludon Thompson, William Thon, Ardis Tibbits, Donna Tigner, Katherine Tillman. James Timmons, Janet Toft, Robert Townley, Gilbert Trepkowski, Lois E. Trinlclein, Nada Trinklein, Robert Trinklein. Virginia Tririklein, Clare Tubbs, Carol Tuck, Shirley Tuck, Genevieve Tullis, Jean Tullis, Ralph Tullis. Barbara Tunis, Katherine Tunis, Gwen Turek, Suzanne Turnbull, Dorlcen Tur- ner, Helen Ureche, James Vacik. Patricia Van Buskirk, Dick Vanderveer fno picturej, Edward VanTiflin, joan Vasold, Sharon Vasold, Gertrude Ven- ema, Maynard Vernon, Esta Vibert. Virginia Vibert, joan Vigeant, Betty Vlassis, Romaine Vlassis, james Voelker, Arthur Vogel, Virginia Vogel, Sally Volker, Donald Volz, Patricia Vudures, James Wacker, Sally Waddell, Shirley Wade, joy Wagner. Golden Jubilee! ,WW V 5 sf.. . . , .1 is, f , . .,-,.,+ is l :.. . ,.,,., ,,., , s,,s,, S if 'ia A, ..: S4 dv ,:,e W' 3 W h L fl an .. Q ,,,,- ,,,,, "' T 23, L Eilanlf.. .Use .2 fi qi? is 'wr 3 , W, ge, 'Stew f ,,,., z .I slit: ....- 1 - W- ff SA Q5 . QV, -. ,5 ---,,, l d ,,,,-,.,- 5 : . , f - 5, . , 5 ,Q lllvlvpl I y ,. N- - X ' K is .... ,t 5 Y , alias. at t 1 N 4 - Y W, 1, gf And Prepare to eet lneomin UNDEHCLASSM N Next Fall ,ly-,. 2 ' f ..e-e r r A . :Vv 2 . qu 3 K, ':::1e"'1l'1':' .. .2 'VE me l'l2 ... ' :-' is I V -,-..--V" xy . 111 '32 " M "'e1 .:.. f ' - iw' 1 Izaas :': W x ,fr ,rf- .4 X. if 7 lt 4 'XX tl R, Mb 94 Agnes Waier, Harold Wakeman, Beverly Walker, Joan Walker, Nancy Walker, Patricia Walker, Darald Wallace. Robert Wallace, Sally Wallace, Phyllis Walsh, Marie Walter, Royce Ward, Donna Wardin, Susan Warner. junior Wascher, Bill Waterman, Bertha Waterstradt, Laura Watters, Thomas Wayt, Donald Weber, Girard Weber. jane Weber, Janice Weber Cno picture? , Joan Weber, Melvin Weeden, Robert Wegner, Kenneth Wehner, Lila Wehner, Dorothy Weiderhold. Carole Weinberg, Elaine Weirauch, Helen Weisheim, Ellen Weiss, Joan Weitz, Brenden Wells, Ronald Wenzel. Thomas Wenzel, Rodney Werth, Lila Westendorf, Virginia Westendorf, Betty Westover, Maxine Westphal, Don Whiting. Mae Whitman, Allen Wieck, Marilyn Wienberg, Mary Wiesenmaier, Robert Wight, Lois Wilder, Barbara Wildey. Delores Wildey, Marilyn Wilcls, Barbara Wilkinson, Kenneth Wilkinson, Richard Willett, Beverley Williams, Jerry Williams. Robert Williams, Pat Willman, Shirley Willmar, David Wilson, joseph Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Aldean Wiltse. Donald Wiltse, jack Wiltse, jean Wiltze, Lila Wiltze, Ralph Wiltze, Bernard Winieckie, Louise Winterstein. '50 Legends: Beverly Wissmueller, Louis Witting, Paul Wohlfeil, Barbara Wolfe, Lois Wolfe, Nancy Wolfe, Janet Wood. Marlene Wood, Richard Wood, Virginia Wood, Charles Woodington, Bonnie Woodman Qno picturej , Judy Woodruff, Marlene Woolgar, Lucille Wormer. Caroline Worthington, Glenn Wreggels- worth, james Wressell, Lorraine Yancer, Sally Yarmuth, Dollie Yates, Bernice Yeomans. Jack Young, Mary Young, Nancy Young, Robert Zariski, Edward Zastrow, Elaine Zauel, Marvin Zehnder. Janet Zeilinger, Ruth Helen Zetzar Cno picturel, Helen Zidick, Virginia Zoller, Edith Zorn, Barbara Zuellig. POST GRADUATES: without pictures William Boivin, Chilton Jones, Robert Klump, Betty Krenz, Robert Wodarak. ...T . at M E , N I . M, , , A, ,.,.: 1 .,.:,:,,,,,,. W :51 ulzul q A:A:.,.,.. 4 M Q Es 1, E26 94 ".,,." I ':':' A ' Y A 5 A 'M A T :':: ..,.,... A :rail ':" Day, Party, Introduce Sopllshjto Arthur Hill At Sophomore Day, which is held in june for the sophomores who come to Arthur Hill the next fall, JANET MYERS and BRUCE MUELLER admire the showcase display. Sophomores begin their social life at Arthur Hill with the Sophomore Party in October. Members of the planning committee this year were JILL FERGUSON, SALLY WALLACE, BARBARA MAUL, JAMES KEARFUL, and BARBARA ROUSH. New sophomores, CATHERINE SCHULTZ. JANET SCHXVARTZ, NORMA MAAS, 8IlCl BEVERLY KABOBEL leave the auditorium after the assembly. The Sophomore Party includes dancing and entertainment. Here, NANCY ELLIS gives her interpretation of Al jolson. MRS. MARJORY JACOBSON and Senior MARY ELLEN HOLMES answer questions for soph- omores ARLENE HORVATH, BARBARA HU- BER, BETTY HOLLIS, VIACK HANSON, JAMES HALLMAN, and DALE HALL. At the Sophomore Party one of the feature attractions is, of course, the refreshments. Here, refreshments are being enjoyed during intermission. Golden Jubilee! 95 , I 2 ' . . ,,.. 1 ,, .,., 4 1 .....,.. i EL f ' it I f-ff' .... as w if 3 ve ,.., 1 "t Q E 2 44 fe . t X 3 A ff gghutkii it i lg t t M Q 1 1 K ' , U12 ' N ff Q "5 5 V Q T"" ,g A 4 Z? I wa 335- an sale? K 2 Z E EEK 33 f Si s WMMM- if 4 P it ' as 1 . tfSfw,gs, Zf ia Q 'lPPU.Ss CASH UR? EUUHS HBHSS5 2 2, f 4'3"d4i5c"""S" if 'i I E SAGINAW, w.S-, . . MCH. 2 1 . Q 5, V is Aishw- ,A,.,,.,,.,,,,..M.,,,,e,,,-a,X,e,-e,..,a,,,,-Mvvvxw-Jwvsw A 'M 'WSH .. . NW 3 vi-'?ZiQ3,5Mf?Ckt"1, s as , prtgagawa, A , A. x,,.N QxwM,,?V It ' WJ f I Lugz 2 4 x 2 -gt 7, 'P ga: ' ,wifi-ggzgg I gf N Yuifcuo xggess W J 05, 1 F ix Qfiw 5 . 6 oi F ' 5 iisfzfw Xfzf ', S , T at -Q Q i A , ..W, . - t .fvrrnnbtkzxs Au LAW' fyif . Q X , fs s Q as 3 , ,f f f if 1' 2 i .41 saws-,. 1.n.mM,w1-ywm. mme yvgwlw ei- ,rs ,Q X A X 54,5 E ' S fs f 4' 'Wlww t iw ' , 3"'LZj-szesasaes N A Q , .Z gk NN, S I,::.5:,:.:: J if E . 1 B 155 an 11 en 1 t 1,-ff 3 M 2, x The popularm., , I Vclmhiersf 2 lfllliibeff 3 FHf111ShQ?S ni 5 A A t 2 ir? 3 954' Shffefaf? 5 I-1217511 5 5 ' W f and 111g CS 5 Q THE L1GH'rggsg13igaifc:ffi1'5,1gs,t5 is A d t d e A , s , i 1 w , 5Sagi11aw,t W. S., Mich, si 1 SAGINAW' Wf SH ,MICH- 3 "Phones, 801. ' , ' V hk,. s 'f P . ' 'mu ' .ffwe 1' ,- ini' iffwwirfi wfs.sMW,,wW---M Now as then . . . these Hve firms w pages of the Golden jubilee Edition M, ........... i wp amass xxtwws., F' 'F ho advertised in the Hrst Legenda, appear today in the WHER HILLITES SHOP 96 '50 Legemla fi-riafi' The School Yearbook A Community Project Now as in 1900 the community shares in the pro- duction of the Legenda, as it does in many other school activities. In 1900, 58 merchants made the Legenda possible. Today 5 of the original advertisers, in addition to 148 new ones, place the total number of advertisements in this Legenda at 153. KATHERINE HARVIE briefs Legenda members on soliciting for year- book advertising. Listening are, back row. lefl to right: ELAINE KOEPLINGER, DORIS RUHLIG, DOROTHY NELLETT, MARJORIE CAMPBELL, JACK ARNDT, JOANNE HIMSEL, and LORRAINE AVERY. Front row, lefz lo figbz are: TWILA MOONEY, DIONE BUTLER, JEAN ANN BUSE, DORIS MOSSNER, and SANDRA MEYER. Golden Jubilee! Anderson Cafe Art Sample Furniture Avalon Drive In Bancroft Hotel Glenn E. Barton, D.D.S. Bauer 8: Bauer Cleaners Bauer's Jewelry Billmeier Jewelry Bliss 84 Van Auken Lumber C Brady Schirmer Sc Company Brady 84 Wade Drugs Carter Shop Car-Wal Food Market W. L. Case 84 Company Chapman's Beverages Clark's Drugs Court Center Bakery Crane 8: Crane SL Kessel Culver Deisler Company Daniel's jewelry N. F. Dengler Pharmacy William E. Dengler Diana Restaurant Draper Chevrolet Company A. E. Ensminger Company Enszer's Grocery Evans 84 Thomas Farnum Drugs Farmer 84 Tonks Feldmann's Fordney Hotel l:rank's Candy Shop Frankenmuth Merchants Friendly Shoe Store Frutchey Bean Company Furstenberg-Braun Garber Buick Company A. G. Gardey, D.D.S. Gase Baking Company Gately's George Electric Goetz 84 Roeser, Florists Granger 84 Nitz Pharmacy Granville's Grohman the Florist Gugel Funeral Home Hagerl's jewelry Hamilton Home Bakery Raymond A. Hart, D.D.S. Bruce L. Hayden Heavenrich's Helfrecht Machine Company Walter F. Hutfilz The J. W. Ippel Company Ittner Furniture Jarvis-Yawkey Shops Jochen Shoes johnson Maytag Company Jungerheld Grocery Paul Krause Clothing Wm. A. Lange 84 Son Liebermann's Trunk Company Lufkin Rule Company Luxton Drugs M 81 B Ice Cream MacDonald 8: Stingel Martin's Drugs Walter Martin McGee Finlay McIntyre's Ice Cream Mel's Hamburgs H. C. Merrill, D.D.S. Victor Meyer Michigan National Bank Miessner Music Company Miller's Home Bakery Morley Brothers Mueller Brothers Murphy 8: O'Hara Dr. Philip Nolish Northern Supply Company Nuechterlein Jewelry O'Keefe SL O'Keefe Olsen Sc Ebann Dr. M. Pike Pik-Nik Drive In Pure Oil Products Lewis C. Pinney, D.D.S., M.S. Porrerfield Auto Service Quality Seal Oil Company Rainbo Bread Ramshaw Photo Service Raymond Products Company, Inc. Wm. C. Roney Bc Company Roy's Drug Store Rupprecht's Market Saginaw Building 8: Loan Assn. Saginaw Central Oil 8a Gas Co. Saginaw Dairy Company Saginaw Exchange Saginaw Hardware Company Saginaw Ice 85 Coal Company Saginaw Oil Company Saginaw Photo Service Saginaw Publishing Company J. A. Schirmer 8c Sons W. C. Schmidt Schuch Hotel Schultz 84 Fuller Schwahn-Van Auken-Graebner Scientific Brake Sc Equipment Co. Seemann 8: Peters Sears Roebuck 8: Company Second National Bank 8: Trust Co. Seitner Brothers Shea's Allsports Skycraft Hobby Shop Smith Hardware Spatz Bakery Stolz Service Station Strand Barbecue Union Store Vanity Box Beauty Shop Valley Cornice Bc Slate Co., Ltd. Valley Sweets Company Vogt, Ivers, Seaman 8: Associates Walz Hardware Watson Ice Cream Weinberg-Pankonin Drugs Werkema Studios The Wickes Corporation Wm. C. Wiechmann Company E. F. Wieneke Company E. F. Wieneke Tractor Sales Williams Ice Cream 97 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY GLENN E. BARTON, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 DR. A. G. GARDEY DENTIST 610 Second National Bank Building RAYMOND A. HART, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-8316 BRUCE L. HAYDEN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN 314-16 Graebner Building Phone 5-5131 HERVEY C. MERRILL, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-8316 DR. PHILIP NOLISH OPTOMETRIST Contact Lenses 202 Kresge Building Phone 3-2121 DR. M. PIKE DENTIST Phone 2-1483 Second Floor Goff Building Franklin at Genesee LEWIS C. PINNEY, D.D.S., M.S. Orthodontics Exclnxively 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 CRANE 84 CRANE Sn KESSEI. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS 308-9 2nd National Bank Building Phone 2-2159 TRAVEL ON FARMER 8' TPNKS WALTER MARTIN TO Incorporated ATTORNEY-AT-LAW THE AVA'-ON OPIEMSSTRSETE ANEIEPZEQNS 306-308 Graebner Building CW' Service 5004 Fwd ou ran 5505 State Street For Graduation Jewelry From Ylmeiez' . I I 311 North Hamilton Street BAUER S JEWELRY QIEHTLERJ 420 Court Phone 8101 Phone 8935 112 South Jefferson BRADY, SCHIRMER 84 COMPANY INSURANCE CAR-WAL FOOD MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Farm Fresh Produce CARTER SHOP Home of Fashions 1005 Second National Bank Bldg. Week Days 9-9 Sundays 12-9 321 C0111-r Sn-ee: Saginaw, Michigan Court and Bay Phone 9619 sua wEsT GENESEE AVENUE cuLvER"DEIsI'ER co' The Best For Lexx Corner of Genesee and Jefferson DIANA RESTAURANT f Phone 2-8363 drug ahivsurgiy store PRESCRIIVIIUN EXPERTS sunmcm mms PHONE 2-6666 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 116 South Franklin Clothing for the Entire Family A. E. ENSMINGER 8: CO. 121 North Hamilton Phone 2-6572 ENSZER'S MARKET GROCERIES AND MEATS HOMEMADE SAUSAGE 717 Gratiot Avenue Phone 2-9622 98 '50 Legemia 1 F A R N U M D R U G S "Prescription Drzzggisf' 1301 Court Street ITSZQM HNNS 'Clove amd Hoslefuy Shop 422 East Genesee Avenue HOTEL FORDNEY 401 Court Saginaw, Michigan FRANK'S CANDY SHOP 0 Homemade Candy MODEL BAKERY Corner Jefferson and Genesee 2718 Washington Avenue FRIENDLY SHOE STORE 406 Court Street Phone 8562 FRUTCHEY BEAN COMPANY 404 Congress Saginaw, Michigan Phone 2-3121 GATELY'S 120-130 South Franklin HAMILTON HOME BAKERY HOME MADE BAKED GOODS 118 North Hamilton Phone 2-3586 HELFRECHT MACHINE COMPANY 414 South Hamilton Street JARVIS-YAWKEY SHOPS GIFTS 24 Jarvis Yawkey Court JOHNSON MAYTAG COMPANY MAYTAG - CABINETS HEATING 1205 Court Phone 3-4283 JUNGERHELD GROCERY 505 Elm Phone 3-1373 PAUL KRAUSE CLOTHING CO. MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 404 Court Street Dial 8562 WM. A. LANGE 8m SON 219 North Hamilton AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING E O 415 East Genesee TRUNK GO. LUXTON DRUGS WITH - US - U - SAVE 2800 South Washington Avenue MACDONALD AND STINGEL OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Phone 7062 408 West Genesee Avenue MARTIN'S DRUG STORE 1500 Gratiot Avenue MCGEE - FINLAY The Sport Shop 615 East Genesee Avenue Saginaw, Michigan MEL'S HAMBURGS 313 South Michigan MIESSNER MUSIC SHOP 220 South Baum Street Jarvis-Yawkey Court MILLER'S HOME BAKERY Home Made Potato Bread Pier - Cakes - Cookies 2602 State Phone 2-2353 MUELLER BROTHERS Hotel Bancroft Building NUECHTERLEIN JEWELRY 114 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-5041 O'KEEFE and O'KEEFE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 1109 Second National Bank Bldg. OLSEN and EBANN JEWELRY CO. Known for fine Diamomlx, Watches, and Jewelry for nearly zz half century 418 EAST GENESEE AVENUE PORTERFIELD AUTO SERVICE STATION COMPLETE MOTOR CAR SERVICE Phone 2-8864 .1701 STATE ST. Golden Jubilee! 99 PURE OIL PRODUCTS "Fuel Oil at US Bef" RUPPRECI-lT's SAGINAW lc: AND COAL AGENTS MARKET COMPANY Fred Ruhlig Steve Hozeska 2128 Diendorfer 600 N. Seventh 2616 State Street Phone 2-6194 222 North Niagara Phone 4-9445 Phone 2-0590 PRINTERS STATIONERS SAGINAW PUBLISHING W. C. SCHMIDT SCHULTZ AND FULLER COMPANY BARBER SHOP HARDWARE George W. Baxter, Jr. 408-410 Hancock Street 2605 State Street 626 Gratiot Avenue Home Owned Home Operated SEITNER BROTHERS Federal at Franklin SCHWAHN-VAN AUKEN- GRAEBNER INC. Insurance Since 1856 120 North Michigan Phone 3-8511 Convenient Parking SI'IEA'S The best in equipment for ALLSPORTS 509 E. Genesee Your Spalding Dealer Phone 2-7643 SMITH HARDWARE SPORTING coons SPATZ BAKERY 1120 State Street Phone 4-6595 600 Gratiot Avenue STOLZ SERVICE STATION STANDARD OIL DEALER 5451 State Street VALLEY SWEETS COMPANY 312 South Hamilton UNION STORE 114 South Franklin Cl l' F Tl IV! lf ol ,mg Fgzzilyye M L Distributors of Johnston COOKIES - CRACKERS - CANDY On Easy Terms I Hardware Co. VUST,IVERS SEAMAN AND Formally opened with the ded- ication ceremonies September 23, the new stadium was com- pleted in time for the '49 foot- ball season. An Arthur Hill alumnus, Mr. Robert Carl Vogt '18, was the consulting archi- tect. ASSOCIATES Arcloitectznfal Engineers for the Arthur Hill Stadium. 100 '50 Legenda l 'Q Ronald Bronner, Lois Trinklein, Floyd Schmitzer, Phyllis Rummel, Ann Stromer, Lois Bernthal, Maxine Rau, and Ruth Klammer are among the forty-five students who travel from Frankenmuth each day to Arthur Hill to continue their education. FRANKENMUTH MERCHANTS Central Meat Market Rau Brothers FranKENmuth Theater Rummel's Studio Frankenmuth IGA Rupprecht's Frankenmuth Sausage Frankenmuth State Bank Satow Drug Store Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance H. J. Schluckebier's Garage Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Simpson's Gift Shop Frankenmuth News Ferd Weiss Implements Mueller's Service The Fechter Hardware Nuechterlein Supply Co. Star of the West Milling Co. Nuechterlein Funeral Home Zehnder's Garage - The Ortner Co. Zel1ncler's Inc. Zeilinger Hardware Golden jubilee! S ANDERSON'S The Home of the Famous Tenderloin Steaks And Steak Sandwiches "JUST GOOD FOOD" BLISS 81 VAN AUKEN LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Millwork 1100 South Niagara Street TELEPHONES 8174-B175 HOTEL BANCROFT Your Host For Every Uccusion, DON BRADY CHARLES WADE Itis BRADY and WADE DRUGS "PRESCRIPTION DRUGGlSTS" For COSMETICS, VITAMINS, ANY DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED HERE 630 Gratiot Avenue Dial 8633 Gerrit Wierda '43 is showing Joe Heitkamp and Don Pfund all the good points on one of their new writing desks. Art Smmplv FURNITURE CO. 200-204 N. Washington Avenue W. L. CASE AND COMPANY 413 ADAMS STREET Ambulance Service Funeral Directors DIAL 3-5441 '50 Le gemia f H14 adgM Q -Q, Q f A 1 :':::::: W I Delicious, Refreshing, DIAMONDS WATCHES Healthful Phone 2975 Bay Road SILVERWARE 2-4953 Saginaw W.S., Michigan VALLEY CORNICE 8: SLATE CO., LTD' VANITY Box BEAUTY sl-lop f. Sheet Metal and Roo mg Contractors 202 S. Michigan 314 N. Hamilton Street phone 2,9644 Phone 2-2525 Pauline Henry and Jeanne Ryan purchase a cake from the tempting array of delicacies of the Court Center Bakery from Betty Woolgar also a 'I950 graduate. EUURT CENTER BAKERY Enioy our convenient grocery department as well as our delicious baked goods. H AG E R us glewehg . . . I22 South Michigan, Saginaw, Michigan and THE H. R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan are your "official RING and PIN dealer and Manufacturer" Golden jubilee! The Stage Door Canteen has nothing on us. Returning Hillites signal "Meet you at Denglers for the BEST SODAS." N. F. DENGLER DRUGS 1423 S. Michigan Avenue FURSTENBERG-BRAUN Lumber and Coal 1764 South Jefferson Avenue Phone 2-5101 Saginaw, Michigan EVANS and THOMAS 300 Court Street Heating and Plumbing Dial 2-9682 "WHEN BETTER CARS ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" HVVHEN BETTER SERVICE IS GIVEN, GARBER WILL GIVE IT" 110 WEST GENESEE Catherine Peters and Ruthe Fischer purchase cosmetics from Mr. William E. Dengler. Whether for a gift or for personal use Dengler's Drug Store will have the cosmetics to your satisfaction. WILLIAM E. DENGLER PHARMACY 1001 Gratiot at Porter Q--.,-5" ew-...,,Ng WALTER F. HUTFILZ Trucking and Welding Gravel ' Tanks Made To Order 2850 BAY ROAD SAGINAW, MICHIGAN '50 Le gemia 0LD HOME BRE D Baked by GASE BAKING COMPANY 400 West Genesee lt's GRANVll.l.E'S 512 POTTER STREET for good shoes for the entire family. Phone 2-4653 Established 'l882 George Electric Distributors STAFUL llI'I'll-lI'I'E BAT 1' E R I E S 308 N. Hamilton Phone 2-3259 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS THE "SAGlNAW'S TELEGRAPH F1.oms'r" JEFFERSO PHONE 2-6l04 Tom Cawley and Bob Dust go car shopping at Draper's where Ted Denton, salesman, describes the modern style and many conveniences of the 1950 Chevrolet. IJRAPER BHEVRULET CUMPANY grimy TOOLS, TAPES M1 RULES Lufkin Precision Tools, Tapes and Rules help the g 5 4.. :.31,.,:,.,,:.,: student and apprentice get ahead in the tech- ' , ' ,, Eirirzrzrzrgffizi 'E1E:E:EgEgi51 . . . . 2 -. mcal field. They give him the feeling of con- T- f ' "" 'mum it gg" 39 ,57-1: 4:43 1 1 'f - E ' f A fidence and accuracy that skillful workmanship sans 2333 553,35 A demands. 1 Q A In the future, specify Lufkin Tools. KBS. ' 15 . .962 17 , A f . S 5 5 115433525 2527 -M' mi UIWIY Ulf Q 15.9375 31 .BS Golden jubilee! NAT TUSCOLA GUGEL FUNERAL HOME S l N C E 1 8 9 l 419 North Michigan Phone 2-8531 THE W, I P P E L co. ak Court Street and Michigan Avenue AMBULANCE SERVICE When you think of furniture, always think of - - - HEl11lENl3l1CH'S ITTNER Genesee at Franklin Furniture 416-418 Hancock Street Randall Braman and John Cuthbertson inquire about Goetz and Roeser's fine selection of flowers. Clerk Henry Steltzriede '48, shows them a sample. GUETZ AND HUESEH FLORIST 200 South Michigan Avenue For a Complete Real Estate 8. Insurance Service VICTOR MEYER Court at North Hamilton SAGINAW, MICHIGAN 106 ' 50 Legenda QUALITY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY JOCHEN SHOES All Shoes Fitted By X-Ray 420 East Genesee Avenue Mcfnlqaei ICE CREAM ".lusr TASTE THE DIFFERENCE" M81B SELECT ICE CREAM "FRENCH FROZEN" ' SAGINAW ' BAY CITY ' ALPENA ' MACKINAW ISLAND WE HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF FINE QUALITY FURNITURE, IDEAL FOR HILLITE HOMES. MURPHY 84 0'HARA 714 EAST GENESEE AVENUE Mrs. Ruth Bannan '24, shows Twila Mooney and William Kleekamp a few books and magazines from Granger, Nitz Drug Store's large variety. GRANGER AND NITZ PHARMACY 2620 State Street COSMETICS AND PRESCRIPTIONS .RMB GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE MORLEY BROTHERS T15 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE Golden jubilee! NORTHERN SUPPLY COMPANY RAMSHAW PHOTO SERVICE JOBBERS AND DISTRIBUTORS 206 Dearborn or AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS We Specialize In Oversize Saginaw Bay Cify Midland ALBUM style mms Mt. Pleasant QUICK SERVICE TRAVELO , Trailer Coaches RAINBU IS good MANUFACTURED BY Bread RAYMOND PRODUCTS COMPANY INC. Brendon Wells, Dick Drewyer, and Merrill Williams, give Their orders fo Nancy Herndon, waitress of Pik Nik, one of Soginaw's newest and most modern drive ins. MMM LZBIIW ,I sTEAKs - cHoPs SHORT ORDERS HOME MADE PIES 0 FOUNTAIN SERVICE ' CURB SERVICE SAGINAW HARDWARE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE TOOLS APPLIANCES HOUSEWARES '50 Legenda WM. C. RONEY 81 COMPANY MEMBER NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE LOCAL SECURITIES 1208 Second National Bank Building Phone 7782-7783 SAGINAW EXCHANGE 731 Gratiot Dial 3-3121 Quality Furniture Pianos and Appliances Kahler and Campbell Fine Spinet Pianos Quality Carpeting for Less Saginaw Central Oil and Gas Co. Office - 1420 Court Street Phone 2-8922 Garage - 1304 Bay Street Phone 2-1570 Station - 1120 W. Genesee Avenue Phone 9484 SAGINAW OIL COMPANY 300-310 JANES AVENUE Phone 2-2522 TEXACO PRODUCTS Ruth Howe '40 takes the orders of Hillites Mary Krause, John Lauger, Chuck Hitsmanl, and Emma Bommarito. Why not make Roy's Drug Store, con- veniently located on Saginaw's West Side, your after school snack shop? BUYS DRUG STUHE 'f' ' ealtfdorrl- EAT . . -U9 .- Q44 ENJOY . . . E. F. Wieneke Tractor Sales Co WAT s 0 N ICE CREAM l I ff 1' 829 Gratiot T. c. HACKETT zsotsaglnglvfhiiilllsgilvfnue Manager Phone: 4-4343 Golden jubilee! Kodak I SCIENTIFIC BRAKE 'Z zzaiuigtn :ir W X AND W V m ' rvmwlew line in 1 EQUIPMENT COMPANY town. F -fQ"i on - - lf 121-A., 5 I , ",' I J 'll'. fllgfl - 'E ' N Aumomzsn ssnvlcs SAGINAW PHQTO SERVICE Brake and Wheel Alignment your Kodak dealer Phone 2-7962 507 Genesee Avenue MlCHIGAN'S OLD INN Selling Perfect Diamonds I S , . Famous Hotel ot 'Way Back n agmaw in Lumberjack Days For Sixty-Eight Years 80 Years of Hospitality J. A. SCHIRMER AND SONS ELER5 S HUGH! EIGDTEE. A SAGlNAW,M1CHlGAN 214 Genesee venue , 4 064 gfcfatafzdcal 740: The safety cmd purity of our products are constant- ly guarded in our own Laboratory for your EXTRA protection. ir SAGINAW DAIRY EUMPANY 1743 East Genesee Phone 2-8181 '50 Legenda ll ' if When you me s:AL-o-co srAr1oNs is Think of HOBBE5 Xffti. of 2114 S. Michigan 1' 1418 smfe i304 Gratiot :az K:-1 .- 1519 Mackinaw ' I' ' ' - SKYCRAFT HOBBY SHOP 223 North Hamilton PHONE 3-3541 For Food As Only the Strand "SAGINAW'S FRIENDLIEST sroRE" Conprepcrell - HAMBURGS - suNDAEs - Hor Docs - MALTEDS SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. , SODAS . SOFT DRINKS Federal at Genesee STRAND BARBECUE Phone 3-8411 STATE AND BAY CURB SERVICE Q':ii . ' "LI" :JL1d.I-will LEEJLZLIM- murmiihvlk 2 2 ' --1 H Rl" A Vl A vwr 1 W1 A ...,:,,,:gg:g:g ,, .1,1311225252252sie222555aiei2255222?222?E525521L35522if19121fi2E12f2112221252f:Q222-112I52225:221212':52151215ag1532ai2E5Q2i2:E1112aEz1esi.fQAI'i:1T????????fai:5?25gzg1g5mpmg, " 1 ' 1 1 . eg., .,:,-2.1.2-..-1. -.-.-.-,..,.: 1 , 1 3 . 1' - Vi' 'f :':1:':':i:i::5i5ii, . .. 14. ... -A- 1 -- 1-A " " gg,' 1'1 - "-'-'-' salf iwaa aw - f2ff55g2:11: : :s:zzfssa :r: se:a:s:::51:1 ,g1,1,Q1:1:.:51:.Z,,, ' " ::1"f:5"fff"" ...1 'ff-f?'5 -- '--'gn ,Q .:..i.2' ,gi1,1g.,h- . ....- :I v:?':-'Z,Z"'7'f'. :ff ,,, 1, -2 I f:1:i :2 :.1, E31g9 3-ir.Q Y'i"' " Efgri-1 :Tis f1Zii2'ZII" -Z l - ' .- fij' E'E2E 5gE5: ':" ': - H155 mg' Q 1-v- 4-1-12 - " if-1-1-1-Silziif-'-f'agf'1:::1:1..1-. 552512 22: ggi ' ,- Q 9, 2. -1 " " "4-5. 'E 1113 ' " ""-k535:E5E3: 215E3E5:::, , : ,. .- z'-3 ti? - --- - ,: : : :1: " WW' - 1-5 - 'Got' Qfaiy' MICIIIGAN NI-ITIUNZIL BANK Out Stare Michigan's Largesi Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Golden jubilee! SECOND ATIO L BA K AND TRUST COMPANY OF SAGINAW 1871-1950 At the middle of the century we look back with pride to over 78 years of service to the people of Saginaw and vicinity. A strong bank, organ- ized by Saginaw stockholders, always in the forefront of every worth- while project . . . We pledge our Saginaw friends the same up-to-date attention to every banking service during the next half century. ' I li Q E l I nissan, 911111 ii tlfiilil V -ri 1,1, I I A tv t t IE . 1 1. SOUTH SIDE OFFICE Center and Fordney Phone 8231 DOWNTOWN OFFICE Genesee at Washington Phone 2-2151 MEMBER F. D. I. C. WEST SIDE OFFICE Court and Hamilton Phone 8159 112 '50 Legemia l ul JW, .,.,. 1 i t-' X ,gg 41 c Q, if 't f K ' 'x .u"' u 9' NIJ E' wi: I 94513 if J Fr, 'D J This year, as in years past, it has been our pleas- ! 4' .-.'l is ure to work with Miss 1- .f Zi Mattie G. Crump 64 5-3. '. -'f"Q-Qi. "?-' .- 11' ' - Q" .Sc-C " P! ,iid J: 5,31 X f l .Z ,V and the students of L1 1 ' -.EQ-jjj.. ?'?fW 4 ,1w - are her journalism class " In at Arthur Hill High I i' , ff QitC4'V School in producing ' 1 the Legenda. We want i W' Z' A to take this opportunity W 'V i to express our thanks i , to them, and to extend I to all members of the 1950 graduating class our heartiest good wishes for the success and happiness in life for 3 M- dv, -f K which their education has so 3 well prepared them. We "old- - ig sters" who are in the busi- :H ' , ..-, l- 'M : if - w ness world, and particularly those of us in the Graphic ,X Arts, know full well the N value of the wonderful edu- cation you have been If -It privileged to receive. We trust you will make the most of it. 1,-1' ' - sxg mm YUUR LEGENIJAWAS 2 Z Z 1 Ll-I I1 I-I-I Q- 08 Z 2 1 E u.l LLI CID 1 1 Q "Q Golden Jubilee! 9 Mr. Louis Williams is falking lo Janef Spencer and Wallace Techenlein about savings through real SAGINAW BUILDING AND LIIAN IISSIIIIIATIIIN 407 COURT STREET esfafe. Clerk Jacqueline Sauve '49 is helping Joanne Krause decide on a new coat while Barbara For- bear looks on. Wm. 61 Wiechmann 60. II2-'IIS S. Jefferson SAGINAW'S MOST COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Equipped To Serve Your Automotive Needs CourIeousIy, Efficienfly, Economically Unexcelled in the following Specialized Services: 0 PAINTING 0 GENERAL REPAIRS ' 0 WASHING ' BRAKES 0 MOTOR TUNING 0 BUMPING 0 STEERING 0 LUBRICATION U FRONT ENDS 0 FRAME STRAIGHTENING if 24 HOUR wnscxsn ssnvics if E. F. WIENEKE COMPANY 205 North Michigan Avenue 942 East Genesee Avenue Phone 2-7157 Phone 3-2446 '50 Lcgcuda --- Lined up at the counter for their after-school snack are L. to R.: Randall Brciman, Janet Spencer, John Cuthbert- son, Ken Grabowski, Lorraine Wegner, Wallace Techen- tein, Charles Jones. Randall is being served by clerk Delores Dietrich '5O. WEINBERG-PANKONIN D R U G S 422 COURT :CEI CPEAWWD ALWAYS BEST 600 LAPEER The Wiclces Corporation Wickes Boiler Company Division Wickes Brothers Division United States Graphite Company Division Golden jubilee! School photographers, Curtis Leece and Alwyn Hansen, receive help from Monty Oakes and Mr Harold Werkemu, ut the Werkema Studios. Combined efforts of Student and Professional photography make for better Legenda pictures LUEBESEIIHI STUDID 3i5V2 East Genesee Ave. Phone 2-7031 Official Legenda Photographer '50 Le genda 1. - r"' f1' ' ., W' . ' V' ,., Wi. + I' fx ff? fuk' A A A 4i,9"60 . V lg Ay! ' I m X9 E 1 Y 9? ,, 'J So" A , A - X W vw Um-hx he X ., Q 0 X l A W Hn l A , .. ' pf ' I I N A- ! X l 4 . -M Ahh V M -iinil-M.g..i'j".g'.L.......i ' ' ' I Wwwffffz' 5,4 A X., I u 'P' X1 nl 1' Q f o A . S L .. .. Q g.i'k x ' f At 'W- Lf WWW .gp 2 M- Ax ' , v - F . 4, . Fw ' II H ,W f F if E-Q . ,,, ..,4 x 4 f D 1 v H 'IVA it A NA? In . , K "ks 14 AQ l X xx H - L-'W WPQ ,, X xr W! 1 .Xi '1 f, W N A . I xi., xy . X .n JR 'YI . ' X W S95 Oz, gggwf """"' . L . DJ' . A . if TX-f ,Aff I V 1 QQWA A a ND 'T pfv- ' f ai, N X A Ula ,L RJ :- W . H f A 'K S Q4 A,f'I H S2 v ' f S wx eg :gf Nix A Aff? V 47 iqfufxf I 1. ,ff fn - X' A 14 f,w"4' X . 'U . frf , M,g m .fini ' V lr'-. . , 1-L ,I -,iq-'IIIH Ii '-, ,1 ' 1 , I. f r lm k A, l .Q .-- C :,1,,..-1 ,X 4 . X V .fi , , , A , V X, X, ' A 'N-,,f-- ' g. Q 'EV h . g 9 Q 'vw 21 w ,gb - i' , 97" V' 1 M ' gm 7511 iw-f'? Q YN, AY Q 0, Qing EK-W"y"Ef"', s 1 J N r,.fY7',r In A , ' .ft f ' P y Q., vi A ' QW K, 1 F 'iff DQ? xg ,gf 691:51 XY 'LM W? QAM X ,iffu 7' gf 'X -. W Q YQ Q frzszmy Q34 .1 JN 'X -T' 5-. ' KX fa ,Pixy . K1 Y M- gl It " 1, 'f..Fi'mM Xi 5 Q J l 3 2 V gn " ' ,A-4.1 rm QX ,- E QM ' ,V - - 1 D x s. ku H fl' K YQ C1 V ' 1 iv. " .PA Exim Jn.. ' ' N lg ' 5 - tx '! EA, gk , Y. f Vw ' Wu K X IE M A if 1 N . , 1 ,'ffA 1 2 . 1, L' wx I I ff 5 ffwli ,JST ' ul 'VA E C rl I, He! 1"

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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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