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X 0 X32 I '57-9 W2 K usff 5 iffy '-fAA!Yjx..L.Q M00 1 . X gl q 9'fL,fj2"1,,ff' V . A 1 4 r , V 1 K 7 K . ,, -Q . M ' ny! K . ,L-- ' hz ,HQ r,2.v , K' '-I ' -v Ng - nb? 'ii ' 1. 'f' wr, -,M ,,.':':,,.'L'.,,. 5- ' , frzfkis, .fe,ur- Qlmatv .-fmmk' J -alufiii' wJEr.m'.uvksl,a:v.w.5L.,1,1 r f ' .J x -'K i f.,,g'.', , ' ' 'TN XL vi' ,gn ,..f. 3' fi"- EIIEIIIIII 1949 ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL 3115 MACKINAW STREET SAGINAW, MICHIGAN if XX . :E Tis X X I 'S Xxx I Q xxx, X wxxixx ss, Q . EWR , Q iq XL - , b K A ly Q Nw, it SS 5 A J m, if Q F X Q X g , E xx ': :' 5 1 xx A X W + f . xii A! ' 1 . If The Staff Presents YOUR 1949 lEGENDA A Scrapbook Compiled From the Activities of the Year f? 1- -s V ef t EDITORIAL STAFF SlIyD h B b W d FyCthbt C IY yy P S TdB 01.1 5- 'Z'-E J ,u fm, ,gs "H xwM Wu' 9-LN' "fa pr 1, A J-'un 1 www! no- "':vw.x"Y an NJ' w FX!! 'S ,rt nlmg' 'W l x . . 25995, 'V filler MJ +4 fs ik' 'ifiqks N' wa A M ff, y , Q' QAM-1, Q, .3 ,A 4 - - , gf. ,ky I- L . 4- .tr Ax,-am ent ,Q ,il 'Fx uh 9' r N Q., Q Q Pdf y '31 ' s A K 4 tx -I aw r Y .Sq i x' , 3' 'W tx x . ,. . 4-19 l r 4 4, 'JR in ,, x s fi' .4 all . "S-Q 'QQQ . ' T - 'J J 'K 'ft M' - 3 s 4 W 'Q ,. ff" '?" x "'wfT,Ql..ffi5fN M i wwgfwx 5 if DEDICATED T0 All Hillifes, Alumni, and Soginowians Who Have Aided "Achievement With Honor" I Ann-eu I .-slnuwf. S io ur X K. T 'NW gi X S x ADMINISTRATION and ORGANIZATION six N. C' I. LI r c 2...-1.1 Book, Jvwflz LALQZLZLLM 1l'UikJlw' MR. I. M. BROCK holds the reins of Arthur Hill school government and stands ready to aid and advise students and faculty alike. Principals of Saginaw's two public high schools, MR. S. H. LYTTLE and MR. I. M. BROCK, meet to talk over career month with MR. FLOYD L. ALLEN, principal of Arthur Hill Trade School, MR. CHARLES C. COULTER, director of occupational training, and MR. J. E. GOD- FREY, Saginaw merchant. Faculty members honoring the 25-Year-Club members include MRS. RUTH E. STEPHENS, MR. BEN O. DAMBERG, MRS. COILA L. BUL- LARD, MR. WILLIAM L. VONDETTE, MISS DOROTHEA R. MOUNTZ, MISS UNA H. ROBERTSON, MISS VIRGINIA C. HARPER, MRS. JUNE O'DELL, MR. C. D. STEWART, MISS MARJORIE ANN BILL- MEIER, MR. KENNETH C. LOOP, and MISS HELEN OLMSTED. .A , ,L Y f7?'ff'4 W .,.. . 1 -fffinif . zpfpc z.7 , ' TEACHEFT5 Ilrruifm, RECORD DF F9UF'iL'S MARKS . .Lim .351 lzrzxsfxm w f - . .... 39,3 I p-1'45r".z '.'aE79 l,Az4'r f wx .. 114411. ,f Wfw W f- A ,, , ,..4 . , , Jang, ,ffl I1Zf'fM'f"' A 15' ft 201494-le .. ,, ' riff. , , 'J -L ff A :mf 4 I Y m!,,144vQ14f,f J E in WM. .fr L .. . J J' Mil -1' n A W f ' ' W - J M 4,:f,fi,f1,,E,, Mgwm -. r JV' ., , , 1 ,X fl? 'Q . xi , n' 1, A , ..1Im.aQ4AL , .1 J' A . ' '97 , ,xi aff' 'V . .Ji V4 Zfatl !fvA.a,' ' . LH' xkx,Lk K' A X.. . . ,. .. .,,.,..., ..... -..Q ,.,.,. , sf' .. ....X ... .,...-..-.... H. . . . . ...........x,... f.. .xx. .. . . ,Xx., , .. , ,,.. .. 1 ,....4..,. , ...AW .. .4 '9,. ,. .. .. 3 .. ....,..,..,..,. .. mqh. . .... ,. Q- ?.. -A ,W V - - gf .. Q.. -VL..-.---.-...f....................-..,,.......... T 3 ' ' 3 : a . - E f I .- . . W., ,....4..........m........4.........,.,......,,.... .. , .... ,+........,..-. x .. -' . ,gf W... Q 's... -K! E ., A ,bv ...Vx -A fra Q' file' ' M 1 '- , ws, I M . X f . f' sllallh' ,!f,.,1..f.Ms,,.,..., ,N 'M mf?" W ' . .HM Q mf. .gr Q 6 . Q -. - ....qf.3g. , .ic-.SA x S f .S fm --W-V -Q-X-MWMQ ,fQ..gQ,.W..,,..,..,. fx 1 f uw: x f an E BOARD of EDUCATION Chosen lay Suginuwiuns THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF SAGINAW PUBLIC SCHOOLS is elecfed by the cifizens of Saginaw af a general elecfion. The seven members Ihen choose the officers and employ the superinfendeni of schools who is o paid specialist. Here are clerk, GEORGE D. PROSS, and members, HARRY P. BAK'ER, JAMES M. SHACKLETON, presidenip CHESTER F. MILLER, superinfendenf of schools, DR. RAYMOND A. HART, EDWARD C. MacRAE, WALTER A. LEESCH, and LEONARD A. HENNING. Missing from The picfure is Dr. J. Orion Goodsell. Newly eleciecl members who took office in April are Mr. Leesch fo succeed himself and Mr. Robert Grube fo succeed Mr. Henning. CHESTER F. MILLER, superinfendenf of Saginaw Public Schools. JAMES M. SHACKLETON, president of fhe Board of Education. aight CDUNSELORS Reason With Student Problems . , Q, , ,F gN " MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW, assistant principal and boys' counselor. MISS ETHEL A. PETERSON, girls' counselor. TWENTY-FIVE YEAR CLUB was inaugurated at a faculty dinner, June 9. THE HONORED FOUR, first members ofthe 25-year Club, are MR. A. G. Seated at the table are Mr. A. G. DERSCH, MR. B, G. WELLS, MISS DERSCH, MR. STANLEY D, SCHUBERT, MR. B. G. WELLS. and MISS BURNICE GIBBS, program chairman, MISS FLORENCE E. WELLS, MR. FLORENCE E. WELLS. STANLEY D. SCHUBERT, and MISS LINA J, WARD, speaker. nine i MISS ELOISE BACON-Biology, Assembly, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Faculty Social Committees. MRS. NANCY HARDEN BAXTER-Speech, Arts-Dramatics Assistant, Assembly Committee Chairman, Forensic Coach, Homecoming, Sophomore Days, Senior Class Assembly Director. MISS HELEN BEESONfEnglish, Usher Supervisor, Christmas Pageant, Faculty Social Committees, Faculty Cabinet, Teachers' Club Representa- tive. MRS. HELEN M. BEYER-Home Making, FHA Adviser, Assembly, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant Committees. MISS MARJORIE ANN BILLMIEIER -Latin, Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser, Latin Club Assistant, Assembly Committee, Senior Prom Decorations, Sombrero Swing Assistant, Faculty Cabinet. MISS KATHLEEN BOLAND-Sales. MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN-Social Science Department Head, Junior Class Adviser, Faculty Cabinet. MRS. COILA L. BULLARD-German, Geography, German Club Adviser, Sombrero Swing Assistant. MR. EARL D. BURNETT-Music Department Head, BOC Club Adviser, Band Bounce, Floor Director, Senior Music Committee. MRS. M. MARIE CRITTENDEN-Commercial, Band Bounce Program, School Treasurer. MISS MATTIE G. CRUMP-English, Journalism, Quill and Scroll Adviser, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Homecoming Publicity and Programs Committees, Bulletin Board, Publications Director, Publicity Committee Chairman, Service Honor Roll Board. MR. BEN O. DAMBERGe Mechanical Drawing, Rifle Club Adviser, Assembly Committee, Band Bounce Supervisor, Floor Director, Student Cabinet Dinner Assistant, MR. JOHN E. DAY-Social Science, Christmas Seal Sales Chairman, Senior Prom Committee. MR. ALBERT G. DERSCH-Chemistry, Science Department Head, Alchemist, Crucible Clubs Adviser, Floor Director. MISS MARY MARGARET DOIDGEwGirls' Physical Education, Girls' Intramural Athletics Director, Assembly, Caps and Gowns, Sophomore Party, Faculty Social Committees, Cheerleaders, Songleaders' Supervisor, Pep Session's Adviser, Sophomore Day Assistant. MISS BERNICE M. FRANCIS- Social Science, Sombrero Swing Assistant, P-TA Membership Drive, Senior Prom Committee. MISS CATHERINE FURBEE-Speech Correction Coordi, notor. MR. DAVID A. GAINEY-Art of Living, Swimming Coach, Assembly Commencement Committee, Floor Director, Faculty Cabinet,MISS AMY GATZ-English, Refresher Math, Commencement, Senior Invitations Committees. MISS BURNICE R. GIBBS-English, Social Science, Assembly Pro- gram, Faculty Social Committees, P-TA Demonstration, Floor Director. MISS ELLEN G. GREEN-Cafeteria Manager, Student Cabinet Dinner, Floor Director, Senior Dinner, Faculty Social Committee Chairman. MISS DORIS K. FRYE supervises the activities MISS HELEN STORCH ably takes care of office MR. JAY SHOEBRIDGE heads the MAINTE of the office stuff. as school stenographer. NANCE STAFF. 'Ill ". . FACULTY CABINET members include MRS. RUTH E. STEPHENS, MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN, MR. I. M. BROCK, Chairman, MISS IRMA STOCK- DALE, MISS ETHEL A. PETERSON, MISS MARJORIE ANN BILLMEIER, MR. DAVID GAINEY, MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW, secretory, MR. C. D. STEWART, MISS HELEN BEESON, MISS UNA H. ROBERTSON, and MISS MARY F. LEWIS. The cubinet issues awards and advises with Mr. Brock on ull school problems. TEACHERS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES, MISS F, ALISON SPENCE, MISS HELEN OLMSTED, MR, R. GEORGE PURDY, MISS GERTRUDE E. TURNER, MR. A, A. PIERITZ, MISS HELEN BEESON, and MISS EDITH R. JENSEN, executive board member, ore Arthur Hill teachers' representatives. FACULTY SOCIAL COMMITTEE members, MRS, MARY STEWART, MISS ELLEN G. GREEN, MISS ELOISE BACON, MISS FRANCES HINRICHSEN, MISS EDITH R. JENSEN, and MISS HELEN BEESON, plan CuIenCIOr. MRS. FRANCES M. HAMLIN Tngylish, Bunfl Bounce, Business Mcinoger, Assembly, Cups ond Gowns, Christmos Pogoont, Pop Meeting Committees. MISS VIRGINIA C, HARPER Art Ds-nrirtrm-nt HQ-ual, Bond Bounce Publicity und Progrums, Christmus Pogoctnt Committvo, Disploy Cososg Senior Prom Ilirrorritiow. MISS FRANCES HINRICHSEN Huricl Librnriun, RTA Bridge Porty, Fuculty SOCICII Committoc. MRS. BETTY HORTON Crofts, Bond Bounrt- Publicity :incl Pruqrcnns, Chrtstmus Pftge-nnt Committee, Display Cusffs, Somor Prom Decorations. MRS. HELEN M. HUNT English, Senior IMR MR C N I Prorn Iirlu-I Stl 4- S. A JORY IA OBSO Muthemritics, French, Franca Club Adviser, Assembly Committee, Senior Prom Duncv Clmnvnnri, MISS EDITH R. JENSEN Biolurgy, Biuloqy Club Aclvtszcr, Asscmbly, Iuculty Soctul MRS. RACHEL JEROME Tngluslr, Cups unrl Gowns Commttton, Floor Director, Athlf-tif IM:-ttor, Buslu-tlunll, Iootlmll Couch, Truck Assrstunt, Commencement, Soplurmimr- I'1lIIy Corriirrittv-4-1. MISS MARY F. LEWIS Art ol Living, Assembly Committees, lc-uclters' Club Executive Bourd M:-mlzcr. PTA Mombcrslnp Drivv. MR, KENNETH A. KELLY History, Economics, Publicity Committees. MRS. MARY LANTINGA Art ol living, Assembly, Progrnm, Sombrero Swing Committees, Sophomovc Clnss Adviser, Sftpliurtimtif- Vrtrly Corivnnttw- Clrriirvnun, PTA Brirlgc- Pnrty, Student Doy Director, Fuculty Cabinet. MR. HARVE C. LIGHT Economtcs, Psychology, C.rmrrnf-nrI-mr-nt fomrnitte-1-, MR. HOWARD H. LYTLE Agrirulturcr, FFA Advisor, Assembly Committcc-. MRS. JOY MANN Soclctl Sctvncv. MR. GLENN H. MASON Plrysicrtl Eclurrttion, Truck Couch, Footbnll Assistant, Commencement Arrungcmcnts, P-TA Bridge Potty, Potluck, Assembly Committf-I-, Po-51 Mvvtinq C.lrrnrmcin. MISS RACHEL MCMILLAN English, Choir, BOC Club Adviser, Bocculourvuto Music Director, Bond Bounce Lmiiriiittffi- MISS CONSTANCE A, McWETHY Socirtl Sm-ncv, Art of living, Bowling Club Advisor, Assembly, Clrristmos Pcigoont Committvvs, Student ftiliim-t A'.'.i',tunt. MISS CORA HELEN MORGAN Spctnish, Spanish Club Adviser, Sombrero Swing Choirmnn. MISS DOROTHEA R, MOUNTZ Eng- Iiuh, Y If-i-ns Aclvinvr, flnrstrncxs Pug:-urtt Committee-. MR. SEYMOUR MURPHY Art ol livlng, liootbull, Boslcotbull, Truck Assistont, Assombly Com- rnittw- MRS. JUNE O'DELL Invyllsh, SL-nior Prom Dm-corritions Commtttoe, Rod Cross Chcnrmctn. F ea. Wfx iii Iff 1 it GSI eleven 7-tif MISS HELEN OLMSTED-English, Y-Teens Assistant, Teachers' Club Representative. MISS RUTH E. PATOW-English, Christmas, Commencement Page- ants, Senior Prom Decorations Committees. MR. A. A. PIERITZ-Shop, Commencement Arrangements, Senior Prom Committee, Student Cabinet Assistant, Teachers' Club Representative. MR. KENNETH C. POULSON-lno picturei Physics, Audio-Visual Education Chairman. MR. R, GEORGE PURDYeGeography, Athletic Ticket Manager, Commencement Arrangements, Noon Club Supervisor, P-TA Potluck, Senior Prom Committees, Teacher Vice-President, Teachers' Club Representative. MISS UNA ROBERTSON-Mathematics, Floor Director, Faculty Cabinet. MR. STANLEY D. SCHUBERT- English, Arts-Dramatic Club Adviser, Stage Crew Supervisor, Baccalaureate Staging, Senior, Junior Plays, Christmas, Commencement Pageants Direc- tor, Homecoming Assembly, Display Cases, Floor Director. MR. ERIC E. SENN-Commercial, Caps and Gowns, Commencement Committees, Student Store Supervisor. MR. ROBERT H, SHORNEY-Commercial, Floor Director. MR. HUGO E. SIEHR-Mathematics, Assembly Committee. MISS F. ALISON SPENCE-Commer- cial, Teachers' Club Representative. MRS. RUTH E. STEPHENS-Commercial, Teachers' Club Representative, Assembly Committee, Faculty Cabinet. MR. CLARENCE D. STEWART-Social Science, Assembly, Band Bounce, Caps and Gowns, Commencement, Homecoming Dance Committees- Faculty Cabinet. MRS. MARY STEWART4Social Science, Senior Prom, Faculty Social Committees. MISS IRMA STOCKDALE-English Department Head, Senior Class Adviser, Commencement Arrangement Chairman, Faculty Cabinet. MISS GERTRUDE E. TURNER-Latin Department Head, Sophomore Party Committee, Faculty Cabinet. MR. JAMES F. ULRICH-Mathematics, Hi-Y Adviser, Football, Track Assistant, Noon Club Supervisor, Assembly Committee. MR. WILLIAM L. VONDETTE-Social Science, Baseball Coach, Foot- ball Assistant, Senior Prom Committee. MISS LINA J. WARD-Social Science. MISS CHRISTINE A. WEBB-Social Science. MR. B. G. WELLSACommercial- Band Bounce, Assembly, Senior Prom Committees. MRS. LORNA L. ZIEGLER-Homemaking Department Head, FHA Club Adviser, Clinic Director, Senior Prom Committee. twelve PARENTS Participate in School Activities PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS include MRS. C. R, BUSE, social committee chairman, MR. R. GEORGE PURDY, teacher vice-president, MRS. GERALD GOLDFARB, cor- responding secretary, MR. LESTER LUNDEN, president, MRS. WILLIAM HEMMER, secretary, MISS ETHEL PETERSON, sponsor, MRS. JOHN KLEEKAMP, mother vice-president, MR. ROL- LAND STEWART, father viceepresidentg MRS. LENARD ZORN, JR., publicity chairman, MR. BARNEY DUFF, treasurer, and MRS. L. C. HARVIE. Missing from the picture are Miss Mattie Crump, publicity committee, and Miss Ellen Green, social committee. MR. LESTER LUNDEN introduces o speaker at P-TA openhouse. PHIL MICHEL demonstrates to interested onlookers methods used in chemistry class. Exhibitions such as these were held at the annual Demon- tration and Exhibit program. SALLY KEITH and NANCY DeLlSLE set up a geography proiect, one of the many exhibits on display in the cafeteria which illustrated the class work ol Hillite students. PARENTS, TEACHERS, and STUDENTS enjoy dinner and a program together at the P-TA potluck, on annual event, which emphasizes friend- liness and sociability of all concerned with school lite. MR. AND MRS. WALDO DENGLER inspect the projects in order to get a better idea of student work. MR. STANLEY SCHUBERT chats with band member, FRANKLIN KERN ond his parents, MR and MRS. R. W. KERN. C COMFORT is the chief concern of MR. DAVID M. REED, fireman, MR. EDWARD J. BUZA, engineer, MR. CHARLES H. DUWE, MR. WILLIAM A. CRELLER, MR. ALEX WAIER, and MR. CLAUDE BURGESS, MRS. MARGARET A. CASEY, MRS. PEARL M. LaGARIE, MRS. MENA M. McCARTHY, MRS. ESTHER A. GOLDEN, MRS. MARGARET WALLACE, and MRS. MATILDA E. SCHMIDT. thirteen Schmidt, Ted MacRae, Dicls Case, John Lunden, Robert Quackenbush, Roy Stearns, Mae-Sue Stevens, Roland Trogan, Phyllis Ranke, Jack Nitz, and STUDENT LEADERS Organize Student Budy ADVISORY PRESIDENTS for both semesters are, top row: DORIS ALBERTS, SHIRLEY KLEIN, DICK SCHERPING, DICK GUGEL, PAT BECKERT, BETTY BROCKWAY, CHUCK BUCKEL, GLORIA DAVIES, FRED DONAGHY, JIM FURSTENBERG, SALLY DIERICH, BETTY DUNCAN, fourth row: HUGH KESSEL, BILL KENT, JERRY LAKE, CLARENCE KOSTRZEWA, BOB KRAGENBRINK, DICK HUNTER, HENRY BARSCH, MARY E. HOLMES, JIM HALM, BOB SIMON, MARLENE RUTHIG, BARBARA FOBEAR, third row: JUNE BENNISON, RUTH LANGSCHWAGER, NORMA LEVI, BETTY MacDOUGALL, BILL BOW, FRED LICKTEIG, ELAINE SPERRY, PHIL MICHEL, DON PASEL, BILL VERNON, second row: BILL WASHABAUGH, MABEL WESSON, ED THOMPSON, BILLIE VAUGHAN, JANE TOTTEN, KEN SPENCER, BUD MARKS, BILL ROOKER, BARBARA SHULAW, ANNE SCHEBLER, ILSE ROHDE, DICK MORELAND, bottom row: CHUCK WIESE, DICK SAUER, ED LEPPIEN, MARY ANN SUINO, DICK AGRICOLA, PAUL HINKEN, MAJOR LECKIE, DAVE BROWNE, LLOYD YEO, and NORMAN ZILBER. Missing from the picture are Lorraine Avery, Roger Coggin, Gwen Evans, Fred Gooclrow, Shirle Gulliver, Reta Kimmel, Suzanne Kim Schrader. STUDENT CABINET OFFICERS, RICHARD AGRICOLA, first semester treasurer and second semester vice-president, EDWIN LEPPIEN, second semester treasurer, DAVE BROWNE, first semester vice-president, PAUL HINKEN, first and second semester president, and MAJOR LECKIE, first semester secretary, take care of problems of the student body. Missing from the picture is Mary Ann Suino, second semester secretcry, SO DRIVE LEADERS are MARLENE RUTHIG ond ELAINE SPERRY, chosen bythe girls, and JOHN LUNDEN and JIM FURSTENBERG chosen Iiy the boys. The girls bought more memberships and thereky won out in this annual Hillite contest. fourteen Supervise Advisory Campaigns CHRISTMAS SEAL SALES CAMPAIGN this year was headed by ORMA TAYLOR, MR. JOHN DAY, faculty adviser, and BARBARA WOODCOCK. The grand total came to SI80 with Mrs. Sallie Brown's advisory con- tributing S7 tor lirst place. The money was then turned over to the Saginaw Rnd Cross Committee. MRS. JUNE O'DELL'S ADVISORY wan a box of bubble gum by raising 523.25 lor the annual Junior Red Cross Drive. JERRY LAKE gives the prize to JACKIE HABECK, HAZEL CHISHOLM, HELEN GUY, NANCY GUY, chairman, CHUCK MANSKE, TOM HUNTER, MURIEL LIEFFERS, SUE LINN, PAT COOK, und JANE LIVINGSTON. HILLITE JUNIOR RED CROSS LEADERS, CAROL DOERING, JERRY LAKE, HAZEL CHISHOLM, chairman, CHUCK MANSKE, and ROBERTA BAU- STERT, check to see which advisories have reached IOOOAL Contributions totaled 527098, Arthur Hill headed the list of city school contributions. SAVE-THE-CHILDREN LEADERS, NANCY MCCUTCHEON, chairman, DON PIETZ, and RUTH ANN HAIST discuss the drive. Sixty school chil- dren in Seninsburg, France, will be sent to school tor another year because Hillites raised more than S307 for them. Missing from the com- mittee picture is Brenden Wells. ar- .Q-4 I C. gi ., f..-.w WWW fifteen VOLUNTEERS For All-School Services WELCOMING AND GUIDING GUESTS at Arthur Hill are SENIOR HOSTESSES, LUELLA KRAFT, MARY ANN SUINO, BETTY DUNCAN, SALLY SPENCE, seated, ond SALLY DIERICH, BEVERLY WADE, and BARBARA VVOODCOCK. These girls are chosen through letters of application to Miss Peterson. STUDENT LIBRARIANS, BARBARA BERENT, CARLENE GRUTSCH, LOIS O'DELL, SALLY EARLE, EUNICE DUNKERLEY, DORALDEAN THOMAS, JOANN MCCLURE, LORETTA PAVELICH, JOAN FOGLE, MARIE LEWEL- LEN, LOU ANN HENSLER, .IEAN PARKER, CATHERINE McBAlN, NANCY McCUTCHEON, and ROSEMARY WOOD check books, straighten shelves, and keep the library tidy. sixteen qw HEALTH ROOM ATTENDANTS, LOU ELLA KINGRY, ROSEMARIE SHAN- NON, ALICE SMITH, MARILYN TRIER, PAULINE HENRY, ALICE BEN- NETT, JACLYN TUKE, CAROL DeLc1VERGNE, .IOY WITHERELL, ROSE- MARY DEAN, JOYCE WISHART, GERTRUDE KOBS, JOYCE GOLDEN, BARBARA WALDIE, LORRAINE MERRIAM, ERMA BROWN, SHIRLEY LEITZ, and JOYCE CLINE from the home nursing class serve ill students. OFFICE PRACTICE GROUP, DORIS ROGERS, DONNA GRAMS, GERRY JACOBY, ELLEN THIEL, stondingg and BONNIE HOEFLING, JOANNE CATRAIN, ond LEONA LOESEL, assists in office work to learn funda- mental application. Sally LaBrake is not in the picture. Guin Actual Experience ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE includes RICHARD CROOKS, PHYLLIS VOIGT, SALLY MOSER, KATHERINE TUNIS, DICK DREWYER, and MAJOR LECKIE, standing, seated are MRS. NANCY BAXTER, MISS BURNICE GIBBS, MRS. FRANCES HAMLIN, MISS MARJORIE BILLMEIER, MISS CONSTANCE McWETHY, and MISS MARY LEWIS, This committee plans entertain- ment lor Hillites throughout the year. STAGE CREW MEMBERS, BOB BURDITT, CHARLES KNOOP, and GALE VORCE, behind the scenes heroes at all school productions, control lights, pull curtains, and arrange settings on stage. These students usually serve a threc-'year period. Under the guidance of MR. SEYMOUR MURPHY, EUGENE MERTZ, CLARENCE BRAMEN, CHARLES KNOOP, and JIM NAISMYTH, members of the PROJECTION CREW, learn the functions of the movie proiector and how to operate such equipment. HOSTESSES TO ALL who attend activities in the school auditorium are USHER CLUB members, LORRAINE AVERY, BARBARA RICHTER, PAT PHILLIPS, GWEN RUPP, LOIS O'DELL, and adviser, MISS HELEN BEE- SON, MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, CAROL RICHMOND, GERTRUDE SCHOE- NOW, ROBERTA MUCGREGOR, DELORES MEYER, CAROL DOERING, MARILYN AVERY, PATSY FISCHER, NANCY ROBERTS, DIONE BUTLER, JEAN ITTNER, HELEN NIEDERSTADT, GENEVIEVE TULLIS, ROSANN ALSGAARD, MONA SCHWALM, FRANCES HORN, FAY CUTHBERTSON, SALLY DIERICH, DOROTHY BAUER, and ROBERTA BAUSTERT. X seventeen Truin For Chosen Careers ORIENTATION HANDBOOK COMMITTEE members are BARBARA WALL- STUDENTS AND FACULTY have TB CHEST X-RAYS as part of the city-wide GREN, BILLIE VAUGHAN, MARY ANN SUINO, chairman, JIM LIST, DAVE health precaution plan. Each person received a postal card telling WATROUS, and HARRY JONES. This committee, newly formed this the results of the test. Mr. Raymond Morrow was in charge of Arthur year, wrote a handbook explaining Hillite customs for next year's Hill arrangements. sophomores. STUDENT STORE ATTENDANTS, MARJORIE BEUTHEN, MARLENE TRIER, STUDENT CAFETERIA WORKER, JIM SMITH, takes 0 tray from FRED JUNE BENNISON, and BETTY VLASSIS, keep students well supplied with WARD while JIM HARPER looks on. Student helpers make it possible pencils, paper, and erasers. The store is open to students and faculty for Miss Ellen Green and the cafeteria staff to offer two equally satis- during advisory and lunch periods. factory lunch periods to 1800 Hillites. eighteen ALUMNI Sturt 25th Anniversary Reunions FACULTY MEMBERS present and past talking over Arthur Hill days of '23 with Principal I. M. BROCK are: standing, MR. L. S. MERK- LING, MRS. AGNES ABELE DARDEN, MRS. DOROTHY SKINNER GIESEL, MR. W. A. HEM- MER, MR, BROCK, MR. A. G. DERSCH, Former Superintendent H. W. STEELE, MISS FLORENCE WELLS, and MR. F, L. ALLEN, seated, MISS PHILENA CLARK and MISS LILLIAN MORGAN. REUNION COMMITTEE responsikle for the gathering included: standing, CECIL SHU- MAKER, HAROLD DOERING, ROSWELL BUR- ROWS, JOE SCHMEIGEL, NAN BAUER MAHAR, GEORGE NEEDHAM, HENRY SNYDER, FRAN- CIS PITTS, WILLIAM KESSEL, seated, ANN DRENSKY NEEDHAM, HAZEL BOOTH, MARY HART DOERING, and MILDRED REINS. Graduates of '24 chose the Zehnder Hotel at Frankenmuth and May 27 for their 25th anniversary meeting. Attending a meeting of the re- union committee held at the home of Mr. Hewitt McDonagh were: le-It to right, standing are HEWITT MCDONAGH, HILLMER HALL, AVERY DICE, CLARENCE BROWNRIGG, SR., WALTER STROEBEL, BRADLEY COX, LEONARD ZORN, JR., MILTON SIEFERLEIN, NORRIS MANNION, WILMER LITTLEJOHN, and GEORGE KAISER. Seated are MRS. RUTH BANNON, MRS. HARRY GRANVILLE, MRS. GERALD SEELEY, MRS. LEONARD ZORN, JR., and MRS. ROBERT RICHARDSON. ,55W33+S. ww wr nineteen twenty I x df f LA ..s...-vn-h--0- O ii"- C ALBUM BRUCE YOUNG is drum major in all band engagements. PAUL HINKIN, school president, makes an important public address announcement. MARILYN DEHOOG is well known by fellow classmates for her scholarship and friendliness. Lunching in the cafeteria are NANCY ROBERTS, JIM ROMAKER, WIN CASE, BOB WEICHERT, PHIL MICHEL, and RALPH STROEBEL. BOB GRAY takes time out between classes for a brief chat. Junior play ticket window attracts BOB CAREY, JOHN MOORE, and KENNY WAINER. Standing by her locker, SHIRLEY PRESTON prepares for a day at school. "Happy Birthday" is the theme song for BETTY SCHUTT, NORMA BUDDLE, and MONAI MARTIN. CANDY KANE achieved honors through her public speak- ing and leadership ability. l.gl1-- H14 W4 w W' 'W IL" lu ' Q ff .95 x - l',.5 x I .5 ,ll QJNFS . of., 5 fb 4' x tg N. -' -gm X, ...xXx. MW? gfsmw, il up it .Y in 'YN' x Y fs i ,.,,3 f--. ,Q 6' M X - ::: ' 'Q ' 1 sg . ' Q .A ,4 ..., S 'W NO ,,. ,R Y I ggg .s ' is I . li " ,- A K. 2, ' W aan , any-1 I xx dw Q 1 'wi , ' 2 ww 1 JA e.-.. 'K ig gay X If 14 Sw xx fi, Six, 'V an 0 QV W1 QWWMQWQ Vi xW mfgf If 4 . X X as Xi wk It A yl Qs zz' 1 an "3 ' '25-'- ::f, 'K , v - 'Habib A ,..:,:.:.:,, 'A ', V nv' r Q .,,, bu J . Q 'W ""' A 'W s 'P -- ff ':" :" x ' , , . '::: E E53 ":::' ::: I ::,. ..,.,: , ":'-' i ff x . . .A--2: Alli zfv- : 2' ,. 1' 3-. ' Q Q, 4..,, ,A zzq I :VVH V' i:Q.:31 " ' L' 'X' "111"' 'I m ' . ' as :'- R Q' . 2 ,,: ' "' 4 Q'QQQQ ' I ' "' f , -f X '..:. 5 - x ' " 75 :::5 :1"'ff' ' . M i g , , i , f f zt. ,,1' in b 4:15, v..s:2,iii Iiiim .....:: -Q , ,.:,',':' : fr .-N' - - - b '-:: 2 i., .uln , , E ::,, I . lweniy-two -:E ::-:::, , rg? S SENIOR GRADUATES Number 523 JAMES EDWIN ABLER, 1334 Malzahn-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer. KAREN RICHARD AGRICOLA, 812 State-Advisory President, Student Cabinet Vice-President, Treasurer, Assembly Chairman, Letter Winner, Swimming, Track, Class Chairman. DOROTHY M. AHRENS, 2213 Court- Advisory President, Secretary, Treasurer, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Operetta, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. CHARLES A. ALEVER, 1924 Hill-Basketball. MARIE E. ALEXANDER, 2109 Newton-BOC Club, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. MARGARET LANORE ALLEN, 906 Lynn, Carrollton. BETTY RAE ALLISON, 2811 S. Washington-Advisory President, Vice-President, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Forensic, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Debate, Oratory, Usher, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Speech Award. FRANK ANJAKOS, 2539 N. Bond-Track. DEVERE DONALD ANZICEK, 2034 Maine. BEVERLY JEAN AROLD, 1529 Maine-Advisory Treasurer, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman. FREDERIC K. AUNGER, 2319 Mershon-Advisory Secretary, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior, P-TA Radio Plays, NEWS, Football, Class Chairman, Language Award. ZENE E. AUSTIN, 1434 Gratiot-Cnoir, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Stage Crew, Track Team Manager. HAROLD R. AVERY, 2114 Vermont-Crucibles Club, Swimming Team Manager, Letter Winner, Cross Country, Swimming, Class Chairman. TED R. BAASE, 2786 Hermansau Rd.-LEGENDA, Clcss Chairman, Art Award. HAROLD C. BALDAUF, 415 Midland Rd.-FFA Club. MARILYNN JEANNE BALLANTYNE, 1115 Chest- nut-Advisory P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Club, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman. BARBARA MARY ANN BALZER, 2306 S. Niagara-Advisory Vice-President, Choir, Senior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Band Bounce. ROBERT E. BARNEY, 927 S. Wood- bridge-Orchestra, Commencement Pageant, Track. HENRY JAMES BARSCH, 1724 State-Advisory President, Biology Club, Projector Operator, Football, Class Chairman. ALBERT CLIFFORD BAUER, 1210 Cronk-Class Chairman. PAUL HARZEN BEACH, 1221 Stephens-Advisory Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Letter Winner, Swimming. CHARLES C. BECK, 2127 Ring. PATRICIA ANN BECKERT, 3823 Mackinaw-Advisory President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, French Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Class Chairman. CAROLYN J. BECKMAN, 1513 Congress-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Spanish Club, Junior Play, Sophomore Party Committee. ROBERT WESLEY BEEBE, 1803 State-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Operetta, Music Award. BEVERLY JEAN BEHRENS, 615 Franklin, Zilwaukee. ALICE MARIE BENNETT, 2508 Van Etten-FHA Club, Clinic Attendant. JUNE AUDREY BENNISON, 512 McCoskry-Advisory President, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Student Store Attendant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. RICHARD C. BENTHIEN, 1803 Grout-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Letter Winner, Track, Class Chairman. BARBARA ANN BERENT, 265 Lynn, Carrollton-Librarian. STEVE A. BERENYI, 1714 Benjamin-Advisory Vice-President, Letter Winner, Football, Track. MARILYNN LOUISE BERG, 1716 Maple-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman. HOWARD L. BERNREUTER, Frankenmuth-FFA Club, Letter Winner, Football, Class Chairman. HERBERT E. BERNTHAL, Frankenmuth-Advisory Treasurer, Commencement Pageant, Letter Winner, Football. RICHARD F. BESEY, 2290 N. Madison. MARJORIE L. BEUTHIN, 1417 Adams-Advisory Treasurer, Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, Student Store Attendant, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. FREDERICK H. BEYTHAN, Route 5. FRANCES L. BICKEL, Frankenmuth-Commencement Pageant. BARBARA ANN BIERLEIN, 503 S. Adams, Zilwaukee-Advisory Red Cross Chairman. MARY GENE BIERLEIN, 2307 Beniamin-Ad- visory Vice-President, Treasurer, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs. KEITH HOWARD BIRDSALL, 95 S. Center Rd. FRANCES BETTY BLOOMFIELD, 3315 Adams-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Operetta, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Usher, Librarian, Sophomore Party Committee. JEANNE WOOD BOERTMAN, 227 Starch-Advisory Secretary, Bowling Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Band, Class Chairman, Music Award. EVELYN ANN BOESE, 4735 East- Choir. WILLIAM H. BOIVIN, 920 N. Mason-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Letter Winner, Basket- ball. DAVID BOROWIAK, 2433 Carrollton Rd., Carrollton. ROBERT J. BOURDOW, Route 2-FFA Club. DONALD H. BOW, 5682 E. Genesee-Advisory Vice-President. WILLIAM ARTHUR BOW, 2222 Delaware Blvd.-Advisory President, Hi-Y Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, ROBERT R. BOYLE, 221 Atwater-Arts-Dramatics, Crucibles, Latin Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, P-TA Radio Plays, NEWS, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman, Journalism Award. DAVID V. BRAUN, 1622 Stark-Advisory Secretary, German, Spanish Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Letter Winner, Football, Swimming, Track. FLORA MARY BRIGUGLIO, 1737 Durand. DOROTHY ANN BROWN, 2269 Taft-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Club, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Commercial Award. DAVID E. BROWNE, 1021 Burt-Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Student Cabinet Vice-President, Hi-Y President, Assembly Chairman, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Declamation, LEGENDA, NEWS, Sophomore Party Committee, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman, Sophomore Cup, Speech Award. IRENE LOUISE BROWNING, 4173 Green-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Latin Club. HELEN BRUTON, 909 Court-Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Orchestra, Class Chairman. HALL OF FAME DICK AGRICOLA Aggie is a swimming champ The kids all think he's great. He helps the Student Cabinet With the student body's fate. JANE TOTTEN Jana has A Hare for costume design, She's friendly and full of fun, With a splrlt. that spurs her to keep on And work 'till the iob is done. twenty-three HALL OF FAME MARY ANN SUINO Mary's personality Is sure to take her far, For leadership and scholarship, Won her the DAR. uf DAVE BROWN E Always poised is our minute reporter On stage, radio, or PA, In eloquent tones and ad lib style He brightens the doings of each day. twenty-four GENE R. BUCHINGER, Route 2, Reese-FFA Club Vice-President, Secretary, Football. CHARLES A. BUCKEL, 125 N. Oakley-Advisory President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Spanish Club Treasurer, Hi-Y Club, Letter Winner, Football, Track, Class Chairman. LOIS CATHERINE BUEHLER, 3071 Hermansau Rd.-German Club President, Treasurer. ROBERT GEORGE BURDITT, 411V2 S. Franklin- Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior, Senior Plays, Operetta, Declamotion, Stage Crew, Track Manager, Class Chairman, Speech Award. ROYAL CLARENCE BURNELL, 3415 Osler-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, Football, Track, Letter Winner, Cheerleader, Sophomore Party Committee. RICHARD PRATT BURRILL, 824 N. Harrison-Band, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Basketball, Baseball. WILLIAM D. BURROWS, 2 Sheridan Rd.-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Band, Band Bounce. f NANCY JEAN CAMPBELL, 1117 Van Buren-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Y'Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant. RICHARD R. CARPENTER, Route 3, Freeland--Rifle, Spanish Clubs, Cafeteria Assistant. LAURENCE A. CARTIER, Route 2. JOYCE ANN CARTWRIGHT 2225 Mershon-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Volleyball, Sophomore Party Com- mittee. RICHARD J. CASE, 2323 State-Advisory President, Letter Winner, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. WINFRED LOTT CASE, 615 Cass-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Spanish Club, Football, Class Chairman. JO-ANNE LUCILLE CATRAIN, 2257 S. Niagara-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Seal Sales Chairman. JOAN ALICE CHIESI, 902 Randolph-Bowling Club. HAZEL MARIE CHISHOLM, 1712 Stark- Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chair- man, Latin, Forensic, Y-Teens Clubs, Pageants, Librarian, Songleader, Sophomore Party Committee, Queen's Court, Class Chairman, Language, Speech Awards. ROBERT D. CHRISTIANS, 1507 Brockway -Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Swimming Team Manager, Letter Winner, Swimming, Track. MARILYN RUTH CLABUESCH, 931 Reed-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball. EDWARD D. CLAIRMONT, 7265 Trinklein Rd.-FFA Club. JOYCE LORRAINE CLINE, 2530 White-Advisory Club Hillite Representative. ROGER A. COGGIN, 1015 W. Genesee-Advisory President, Cross Country, Track. JENETTE MARIE COLTON, 1739 N. Woodbridge. PATRICIA JOAN CONSTANTINE, 1040 Holland- Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Junior Play. PATRICIA GAIL COOK, 2902 Wynes-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Latin, Spanish Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. ARVILLA COUITCHER, 204 Wisner-Volleyball, Basketball. MARJORIE ANN CRAMER, 2723 E. Ohio- Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Latin Club, Band Bounce, Operetta, Usher, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. JANET MAY CRANDALL, Bridgeport-Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball. ELINOR MURIEL CRANDELL, 922 Malzahn-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Biology Club Vice-President, Latin, Alchemist Clubs, Science Award. MYRTICE FAY CUTHBERTSON, 3390 Bay Rd.-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher, LEGENDA, Club Hillite Big Thirteen, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. JOAN RUTH DAMBERG, 2114 Brenner-Advisory Vice- President, P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman, Biology, Latin Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. BETTY L. DARLING, 900 Day Rd. GLORIA ANN DAVIES, 2312 S. Hamilton-Advisory President, Bowling Club, Junior Play, Volleyball, Basketball, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. JOAN VIRGINIA DAVIES, 5210 S. Washington-Band, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. EILEEN M. DAVIS, 6220 N. Michigan Rd. -Basketball, Baseball. JACK HOWARD DAVIS, 2408 N. Ames-Advisory Club Hillite Representative. CHARLES DUANE DEASE, 628 N. Webster-Football, Baseball. DOROTHY B. DeGROAT, 626 N. Oakley-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Bowling Club. MARILYN MAE DeHOOG, 3403 Court- Advisory Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Sophomore Party Committee, Queen's Court, Class Chairman. CAROL ANN De LaVERGNE, 7O5V2 Gratiot-Bowling, FHA Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. ALICE JEAN DeMERlTT, 235V2 N. Weadock-BOC Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Operetta, LEGENDA, Service Club, Volleyball, Class Chairman. MICHAEL JOSEPH DEVOS, 2247 Bay-Advisory Treasurer, Class Chairman. CELESTA lSalIy1 F. DIERICH, 2225 Shattuck Rd.-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling Club President, Arts-Dramatics, Y-Teens Clubs, Pageants, Usher, LEGENDA, Senior Hostess, Club Hillite Big Thirteen, Queen's Attendant, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. LOREN C. DIETRICH, Route 6-FFA Club, Letter Winner, Track, Football, Baseball. CAROLE ELAINE DILL, 1621 Monroe-Bowling Club, Band Bounce, Volleyball. VINCENT H. DILLEY, 2514 Deindor- fer-Class Chairman. FRANCES LEE DOERFNER, 129 S. Granger-Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Junior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Usher. CAROL ANN DOERING, 1618 Barnard-Advisory Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, NEWS, Class Chairman. MARILYN MARGARET DONAHUE, 837 Pleasant-Arts-Dramatics, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball, Sophomore Party Committee. CORRINNE ANNE DORAN, 906 Woodbridge. LEONA LEONORA DOW, 3421 East-BOC, Y-Teens Clubs, Orchestra, NEWS, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. BETTY MARIE DOYLE, 3535 Bay Rd.-German Club Vice-President, Secretary, Bowling Club, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Operetta. JEROME CAMERON DUFF, 135 S. Porter. FRANCES ELIZABETH DUFINA, 2327 Morgan-Y-Teens Club, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. BETTY JOAN DUNCAN, 2234 Barnard-Advisory President, Spanish Club Treasurer, Arts-Dramatics Club, Pageants, Junior Play, Senior Hostess, Red Cross Volunteer, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. EUNICE LOUISE DUNKERLEY, 1849 Huntington Rd.-Advisory Treasurer, BOC, FHA Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Librarian, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball. JOYCE IONE DYE, 1105 S. Midland-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Pageants, Letter Winner, Songleader. ,UN Y,-J. in we LQ if 1 ,Q W. Y P4 , L . is a ' , -. - 'Of-is YW 37 'Nr E' UQ fs- v"X 1 Qing, . Q-6 4- ,m .. . Q' N ' kwa s xx' f 'P r W X A if V ' S . 0 x E s 0' mf 1 Z'- 36 Q? ? 7 as Sd " ,giy 'Q' E than ' Ny' io' 'sv Y 1 5' fb 1 ? , 1, Q, il' S is ,S N :li x K Q ' ' r wdksq. X M X Q wie - 'X Q' l ' QQSRS 1 , N., 1 X Z "' K , - , .X Nr ' I Q UG ' xv e., 4 x, an F M ii Rh ' K Iwenty-Eve Qlz' Wafer 1 5 if QE A Q Vunulu ..... ka ',,, Au X 11yfWY'3Y wr' . 2 9 X ,"Q'Zs , W ,fl ' Q,.EE 5 x -f .Q "::':' it H E H? ,T 'f::' V X . ,:s:--v K .,I, E5'l'q1.,,IL"AA-,. . EE:-::-: I ',...,- -all V , I .I v A ,,,, , ' , :EE 2f-:V gg V 'W nf 14.3555 'X' N WG' . EWS 10,5 X m'5,, if K' 3 W J V ..::.:., ,,., Z t K AA A ,.:: Q .l-,,: .4 .. 9 s . W gf- - V Q, X, M, -ww, f .LM gf Q5 , 'Wk f if u f? X Q i t K K 'A "'f..A: is A 'Q gm! 5? xvffv' W i E Qs twenty-six '55 y 44' gs., 'Y ,f 1 Q Q Wi' Z IEZAE: . q i' -3 X .,.A1A ' , L4 .,,..,.. J as zafaa. 1 Tl 2. A ',,', an W, .-. 1. Li .: ., , Ivy i , ..,, 1 'Z If -- -:::.-N -A wh Q gg 9 ,J is I Honors Remain Unrotionerl lor SENIORS SALLY ANN EARLE, 1628 N. Fayette-Librarian, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. HELEN B. ECKSTORM, 3061 Hermansau Rd.-Advisory Vice-President, German Club President, Secretary, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Operetta, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Class Chairman, Language, Music Awards. LAWRENCE G. EDDY, 2221 Beniamin-Letter Winner, Track. BETTY LOU EHLOW, 1902 Wheeler-Advisory Secretary, BOC Club, Letter Winner, Band, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Operetta. EVELYN JEAN EISENREICH, 1224 Malzahn-Advisory Vice-President, Y-Teens Club, Commercial Award. WALTER E. ENGEL, Frankenmuth-Rifle Club. HAROLD ERNEST EPTING, 3134 Rust. GWENDOLYN ELLEN EVANS, 513 Perry-Advisory President, Vice-President, Secretary, P-TA, Seal Sales Chairman, French Club President, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, NEWS, Usher, Quill and Scroll President, Class Chairman, Journalism Award. WILLIAM J. EWALD, 1813 Mackinaw--Football, Track. LEON B. FARRELL, 1020 S. Webster, WILLIAM GLEN JAMES FARRELL, 1846 Joslin-Hi-Y Club, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Band. EUGENE E. FEINAUER, 1509 Congress- Track. DONNA JEAN FEIT, 1804 Van Buren. FREDERICK O. FELTON, 113 S. Fourth. JOHN S. FERGUSON, 125 S. Andre-Advisory Vice-President. ALFREDO RALPH FIGUEROA, 2427 Carrollton Rd. .ORVILLE K. FISCHER, 2795 Tatham Rd.-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Class Chairman.. JACK RICHARD FLATHAU, 1710 Monroe-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Band, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. EDGAR JOHN FLOETER, 3411 State. LEONA CLARA FLOUD, Route 5-Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Clinic Attendant. ROBERT A. FLUCKE, 1616 Brockway-Advisory Vice,President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rifle Club, Junior Play. IOAN MAE FOGLE, 6264 McKinley, Bridgeport-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior, Senior Plays, Operetta, Librarian. RICHARD ALLAN FOULDS, 608 N. Granger-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Band Bounce, SHIRLEY ANN FOX, 2041 Marquette-Choir. WILLAMETTA KATHRYN FRITZLER, 208 McGregor-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Class Chairman. JAMES NORMAN FURSTENBERG, 1933 S. Washington-Advisory Presi- dent, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Hi-Y Club, NEWS, Red Cross Volunteer, Letter Winner, Swimming, Cross- Country, Class Chairman. RICHARD M. GALLERY, 4071 Burrows. JOYCE ELIZABETH GARDNER, 1210 W. Genesee-BOC Club, Band, Band Bounce, Sophomore Party Committee, Baseball. RAY A. GEDDES, JR., Route 2-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Christmas. Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Class Chairman. MARJORIE LOU GEER, 612 Daven- port-Choir, Operetta. INEZ MAE GEHRIG, 2126 Alger-Choir. NELSON EDWARD GEILING, 2725 5. Portsmouth Rd.-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, FFA Club. RICHARD A. GIEBFL, 2127 Barnard-Letter Winner, Track. JOYCE ANN GOLDEN, 1103 Wright-Clinic Attendant. MARCIA DIANE GOLDFARB, 919 Burt-Advisory Treasurer, French Club Secretary, Arts-Dramatics, .atin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, P-TA Radio Plays, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Language Award. iREDRlCK LOREN GOODROW, 603 Cass-Advisory President, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, lrack. PATRICIA GOODROW, 1024 Wright-Class Chairman. .IACQUELYN ANN GOODWIN, 1104 Brockway-Bowling Club, Clinic Attendant, Commercial Award. GERALD E. GOSLIN, 4165 Emerick-Football. ERNST C. GRABOWSKI, 2621 Eddy-Advisory President, Letter Winner, Track. STANLEY J. GRAHAM, JR., 2071 Bagley-Cross Country, Track. DONNA JEAN GRAMS, 755 S. liver Rd.-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Y-Teens Club, Student Office Assistant, Class Chairman. VICTOR O. GRAUF, 223 Lockwood-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Letter Winner, Band, Class Chairman. ROBERT R. GRAY, ?05 Davenport-Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. HARVEY C. GRIFFORE, Route 2. MARION C. GRIFFORE, 1220 Kochville Rd.-Bowling, FHA Clubs, Basketball, Baseball. BETTY IEAN GRUNOW, 1525 N. Madison-Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. IICHARD FREDERICK GUGEL, 419 N. Michigan-Advisory President, Choir, Band Bounce, Com- nencement Pageant, Junior, Senior Plays. MARILYN J. GULDENZOPH, 125 Avalon-Arts-Drama- ics, Latin Clubs, Band Bounce, Senior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball. SLORIA E. GULLIFOR, 719 N. Woodbridge-Y-Teens Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Baseball. SHIRLE LAVERNE GULLIVER, 6901 Gratiot-Advisory President, Vice-President, Secretary, Letter Ninner, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. WILLIAM H. HAAS, Bridgeport-Advisory Ilub Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics Club, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play. IANICE CLAIRE HACKETT, 2134 Brockway-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics, Spanish Clubs, Christmas Pageant, LEGENDA, NEWS, Red Cross Volunteer, Volleyball, Sophomore 'arty Committee, Quill and Scroll. CHARLES H. HAHN, 236 Graham. RUTH ANN HAIST, 4773 Sheridan Rd.-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, BOC Club Vice-President, Y-Teens Club, 'lonor Assembly Chairman, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior 'lay, Letter Winner, Band, Librarian, Red Cross Volunteer, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, :lass Chairman, Sophomore Cup. MARY JANE HAITHCO, 2275 Wilson-French Club Secretary, Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman. HALL OF FAME MAE-SUE STEVENS An artist on canvass, paper, or stage She's never missed a cue. Rhythmic ways and aaiety Are synonymous with Mae-Sue. ED LEPPIEN Ed's tops on the gridiron or in class, He's genial, ambitious, and spry. For his many outstanding accomplishments, His honors are stacked up high. twenty-sovon And Activities Dominate SENIOR Life HALL OF FAME DON SCH I ESSWOHL Our boy with the shot-put. Our champ in the game, A regular all-star, Don SchiesswohI's his name. ELAINE SPERRY "Elaine the fair, Elaine, the lovable" Must have been written for her. Wherever she goes or whatever she does, She's sure to cause a stir. twentyfeight JOAN HALL, 1928 N, Bond-Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce. JAMES F. HALM, JR., Route 5-Advisory President, Secretary, FFA, Rifle Clubs, Letter Winner, Cross Country, Track, Class Chairman. NORREEN P. HARE, 342 Ann-Arts-Dramatics, Bowling, French, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Junior, Senior Plays, Usher. JAMES HAROLD HARPER, 2115 Benjamin- Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y, Spanish Clubs, Class Chairman. PAUL RAYMOND HARPER, 2002 Morson-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Biology, Latin, Rifle Clubs, Team Manager, Track, Class Chairman. JAMES M. HARRIS, Route 2. JOHN GEORGE HARRIS, 915 Madison. VIOLA LOUISE HARSHMAN, 290 Swanson Rd.-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play. ALVIN DALE HART, JR., 2459 Beniamin-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Band, Band Bounce. MARY LOU HARVIE, 417 Ardussi-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Operetta, Songleader, Class Chairman. MARION H. HAUBENSTRICKER, Route 1, Birch Run-Commencement Pageant, Commercial Award. RICHARD R. HAUSBECK, 3443 S. Washington-Baseball. BILLIE GREVE HAY, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics, Latin Clubs, Volleyball, Class Chairman. CALVIN FRANCIS HEILBORN, 1313 King-Baseball Team Manager. MARTIN GEORGE HEINIKE, 1820 Barnard-Football, Baseball, Class Chairman. FREDERICK H. HEINZ, 1839 Division-Class Chairman. MARY LOUISE HEMMER OYERLY, 131 S. Porter-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Forensic Club, Debate, Valley Declamation Champion, Oratory, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer, Assembly Chairman, Usher. JANET ANN HEMMETER, Route 7-Y-Teens Club. GISELA D. HENNECKE, 408 Brockway Place- Advisory Vice-President, Latin Club, Junior, Senior Plays, Class Chairman. MARVIN GLENN HILL, 310 Adams Rd.-Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. RUTH B. HILLYER, 120V2 S. Alexander- Advisory Secretary, Bowling Club, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Commercial, Music Awards. RUTH ALICE HIRSCHMAN, 807 N. Bates-Advisory Secretary, Y-Teens Club, Band, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. BONNIE L. HOEFLING, 3232 Court-Advisory Treasurer, Y-Teens Club, Student Office Assistant, Volleyball, Basketball, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. LEONARD C. HOFFMAN, 4193 Joslin. VIRGINIA MAE HOLMES, 821 S. Mason-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA, Red Cross, Seal Sales Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. JACK J. HORVATH, 2306 N. Cinton-Advisory Vice-President. DONALD GENE HULL, 710 S. Harrison-Spanish, FHA Clubs, Letter Winner, Track. SALLY ANN HULL, 710 S. Harrison-Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Class Chairman. DALE E. HUNTER, 1733 N. Clinton-Advisory Vice-President, Letter Winner, Band, Band Bounce. RICHARD G. HUNTER, Route 3-Advisory President, Vice-President, FFA Club President, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. NANCY JO HUSTON, 1730 N. Michigan-Arts-Dramatics, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteer. BARBARA JEAN JACOB, 1609 Beniamin-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Operetta. GERALDINE JACOBY, 929 Wright-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Bowling Club, Student Office Assistant, Commercial Award. WILLIAM JOHN JAREMBA, 3364 Winter-Advisory President. LORRAINE M. JOHNSON, 1515 Lewis-Choir, Operetta, Basketball, Volleyball. VIRGINIA LEA JOHNSON, 1422 Beech-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Y-Teens Club, Sophomore Party Committee. DONALD WILSON JOHNSTON, 118 N. Fifth-Advisory Vice-President, Letter Winner, Cross-Country, Track. CHILTON LOWELL JONES, 836 Ash. HARRY HAWKINS JONES, JR., 1410 Howard-Advisory Vice-President, Class Chairman. SUZANNE RUTH KANE, 1436 Ward- Advisory President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Club Vice-President, Latin Club Vice-President, Secretary, Y-Teens Club President, Vice-President, Declamation, Assembly Chair- man, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Usher, Class Chairman, Wolverine Girls' State, Speech Award. MARGARET ANN KAPUSCINSKI, Route 41-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Choir, Junior Play, Sophomore Party Committee. MELVIN H. KARP, 1503 N. Ames- Letter Winner, Football. - DALE C. KEINATH, 1610 Birney-Advisory Treasurer, Latin Club. ELLEN B. KEINATH, 820 Ames. DONALD F. KEITH, 375 Frost Drive-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman. KENNETH BRUCE KELLY, 2121 Wood-Letter Win- ner, Football, Track. WILLIAM THOMAS KENT, 4275 King Rd.-Advisory President, Hi-Y Club, Sophomore Party Committee. HARVEY E. KERN, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice-President, Commence- ment Pageant, Class Chairman. LOIS ELEANOR KERN, 1628 N. Oakley-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Latin Club, Choir, Declamation, Junior Play, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. HUGH GREGORY KESSEL, 1763 Jordan-Class Chairman. RETA M. KIMMEL, 2308 N. Ames-Ad- visory President, Secretary, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. DONNA MAE KINCADE, 4745 Gratiot-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Volleyball, Class Chairman. LOU ELLA M. KINGRY, 1760 Green-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Senior Play, FHA, Latin Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. GEORGE ROBERT KLUMP, 1519 Vine-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Letter Winner, Band, Dance Band. RICHARD L. KNIGHT, 1320 W. Genesee-Class Chairman. Q H1 5 K N Q i5A"I""Lf 'IAA S 5 fl Kffaw' x 5 4'-U 52 . ,J V 31 S? X 'M , 1-...X ,.,, A 1 ,1 iff' 4-1 QM ' v'1 w. , 1 E" ' S jffiff 3' 'ti .fx an s " ' 9 ' W Z f M , ' I N in , is 1 V77 "' 4 I' s L ex fx N "' -vc -6' ,, ,Q 4 5. :gif-::.I. , 4:25 nr H .X Rx A vx s- . .. xv Gaiam.. , 1 .:.:,::g:Q- e:.g:,ga:: xx:-::a:: -w..:.:.b,.:::ss,:a1-. :.,, X '- ig fa .:.:.:.:.:,K .,,, Q X x I '-:ease ..,., ' X af' X' wa- XJ 45' K QQ xi xx Dhirly 1 wk. Q R N 1 A . . gang. is an 39' ef sf, Quan Q mm iv in xi S 4 we 1 Y ' 2 . .... f 1 Q SQ Bb SYRIAN A fx fx I xv. 'A WN 3 1 mln xvvf' r , mg 2 X' M k . 222 '.,:: 5 ::: : Q: W K if 'Rv .Q s ND" 'B . E X ..,.,,,,,,,,,, ,K i ,v,,, ' H: . ,,.,, ,. fa 8 151:-E :,, an -x,. Y :A , ' , ,NW , fb R ND, Q ':Q3 ggQ1L T25 ' L 7.3 Q ' ,::, if ., in ':':: ,. W al: M kv A Y ,:A- m dw E::. vw K R 0 J f mn sei... -may if '55, 'Vin-fa y E I i Q 24 9 mw- 5: fb' , '- we Xt Q XX fm af , MQ Y Q x , 2 N it , . . A ' ' - ' 51- ' "-'-'--' ' 'Q Leadership ls u SENIOR Privilege WILLIAM F. KNIGHTS, 3690 East-BOC, FFA, FHA Clubs, Orchestra. GERTRUDE DOROTHY KOBS, 3I66 Winter-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Clinic Attendant. ROBERT K. KOEBKE, 2526 Eddy-FHA Club. WANDA L. KOEHN, I922 Gallagher-FHA, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Operetta. NORINE C. KOEPPENDOERFER, Vassar-Commencement Page- ant. BLAIR L. KONN, Route 4-Band Bounce, Class Chairman. STELLA M. KOWNACKI, 2523 Lowell -Advisory Secretary, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Choir, Class Chairman. ROBERT G. KOZAK, 707 S. Bates--Letter Winner, Basketball, Track. LOUIS E. KRAFFT, Route I, Birch Run-Advisory Vice-President, Commencement Pageant. LUELLA E. KRAFFT, Route I, Birch Run-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Latin Club, Commencement Pageant, Student Office Assistant, Senior Hostess, Class Chairman. BENNIE HAROLD KRAFT, 2 Southlawn Ct.-FFA Club, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cross-Country. EDWARD RAY KRAGEN- BRINK, 3849 Mackinaw-Advisory Secretary, Choir, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. WALTER ROBERT KRASS, l458 Acacia. DONNA LEE KRAUSE, Route 6-FHA Club, Clinic Attendant, Sopho- more Party Committee, Class Chairman. JANICE F. KRAUSS, Freeland-Advisory Vice-President, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Class Chairman. BETTY J. KRENZ, Rau'e I-BOC Club. RAYMOND A. KRUEGER, 2404 Stobbe-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Basketball, Class Chairman. JOHN HENRY KUFLEWSKI, 4066 Green- Baseball. SALLY LOU LABRAKE, I920 Stark-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representa- tive, Seal Sales Chairman, Y-Teens Club Secretary, Bowling Club, Band, Band Bounce, Commence- ment Pageant, Student Office Assistant, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. ILENE RUTH LADE, IQ? Atwater. FRANCES IRENE LA DOUCE, 5l4 Huber-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Service Club, Class Chairman. BONNIE JEAN LANDSKRONER, 2I5 Borland-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman. RUTH M. LANGSCHWAGER, Route 2-Advisory President, Vice-President. JACK JUNIOR LEAMAN, Rou'e 3, Freeland-Football. DONNA MAE LEBSACK, 624 Wheeler. MAJOR GENE LECKIE, Route 7-Advisory President, Student Cabinet Secretary, Biology Club Treasurer, Assembly Chairman, Assembly Committee, Sophomore Party Committee, Letter Winner, Cross-Coun'ry, Basketball, Track. DALE B. LeGARlE, 5495 Sta'e-Advisory Club Hillite Representatixe, Choir, Lelterwinner, Cross Country. ARTHUR W. LIIIS, 2507 Maplewood. SHIRLEY JEAN LEITZ, 3320 S. River Rd.-FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Clcss Chairman. EDWIN R. LEPPIEN, l826 N. Clinton-Advisory President, Treasurer, Student Cabinet Treasurer, Assembly Chairman, Band, Sophomore Party Committee, Letter Winner, Football, Track, Class Chair- man. ROBERT J. LEUENBERGER, Route 2-FFA, Rifle Clubs. DOLORES JEAN LEVI, 2933 Martindale -Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, P-TA Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Club President, French Club Treasurer, Latin Club, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Page- ants, Junior Play, Declamation, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. LOWELL E. LEVI, I527 Osborn-Band, Band Bounce, Class Chairman. NORMA MARY LEVI, 2924 Glasby-Advisory President, Secretary, Treasurer, Band Bounce, Junior Play. MARIE JANETTE LEWELLEN, 5l3 N. Charles-German Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Usher, Librarian, Music Award. JAMES ELDON LIST, I26 S. Alexander-Advisory Vice-President, Hi-Y Club, Commencement Pageant, Junior Play. KURT RICHARD LIST, Frankenmuth. ETHELENE FAYE LITTLETON, I927 Stone-Advisory Red Cross Chairman. LEONA C. LOESEL, Route I, Birch Run-Commencement Pageant, Student Office Assistant, Commercial Award. BETTY ARLENE LUEDTKE, 826 N. Mason-Bowling Club. JOHN H. LUNDEN, 304 Superior-Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Club Hillite Big Ten, Basketball, Class Chairman. HARTLEY A. MacALARY, Freeland. ELIZABETH KATHERINE MacDOUGALl, 4555 S. Washington Rd.-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling, Latin Clubs, Librarian, Letter Winner, Volley- ball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. GLORIA ANN MacFARLAND, l705 Stark-Advisory Vire- President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Drarnatics, Biology, Latin, Spanish. Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play. SALLYANN MAHONEY, IBO7 S. Hamilton-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, BOC, French, Spanish Clubs, Band, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Operetta, Red Cross Volunteer, Service Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chair- man, Commercial, Music Awards. DALE M. MALZAHN, 623 Wells-Track. ARTHUR T. MARKEY, 6900 Radewahn Rd.-Advisory President, Letter Winner, Football. HAROLD A. MARKS, I2 Benton Rd.-Advisory President, Vice-President, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Team Manager, Swimming, Letter Winner, Golf, Swimming, Class Chairman. JOHN R. MARSHALL, 23l0 Fordney. ROSELYN CECELIA MARTUCH, Fosters-Choir. VERNE W. MARTZOWKA, 2633 Eddy. PHYLLIS JO ANN Mi:CLURE, 723 Union-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Y-Teens Club, Librarian, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman, Commercial Award. NANCY ANNE McCUTCHEON, I35 Goetz-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, BOC, Y-Teens Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Operetta, Junior Play, Librarian, Oratory, Songleader, Basketball. ROBERT G. Mc- GEE, I574 Beech-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, German Club, Sopho- more Party Committee. JAMES W. MCGLAUGHLIN, BIS Brewster-Advisory Treasurer. LILLIAN JUNE McVANNEL, Route 2, Merrill-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Alchemists, Biology Club President, FHA, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Clinic Attendant, Red Cross Volunteer, Service Club, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Class Chairman, Biology Club Award. HALL OF FAME SALLY SPENCE Sally's usually busy at work, She's on the college course. But she also tinds time in-between For clubs or dances or sports. ED THOM PSON His athletic career won him plaudits His smile wins friends by the rows. An all-around great fellow. He'lI make touchdowns wherever he goes. thirty-one When SENIORS Don Cups and Gowns HALL OF FAME SHIRLE GULLIVER Tous at sports on all the courts, He gives them all a whirl. In spring or fall he's got the ball- Who? of course it's Shirle. E BILLIE SEEHASE If you've been around for very long. This pretty miss you've seen. BiIIie's quiet and friendly, That's why she's our football queen. thirty-two ANN E. MEGERLE, 1822 Wheeler-Bowling Club, Junior Play. DUANE EDWARD MEIER, 612 N. Mason-Letter Winner, Swimming. ELWOOD J. METIVA, JR., Route 41. BETTY JEAN MEYER, 1821 Marquette-Advisory Secretary, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, NEWS, Cheerleader, Class Chairman, Quill and Scroll. ANTHONY MICELI, 2408 N. Michigan-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Represen- tative, Choir, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. PHILIP R. MICHEL, 1927 Delaware- Advisory President, Crucibles Club, Basketball. STEPHEN MIKULAY, 2220 Parkwood. EDWARD O. MILLER, 2120 Brenner-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Biology, Hi-Y Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Letter Winner, Football, Track. WILLIAM G. MILLER, 2721 Douglas--Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Pro- iector Operator, Team Manager, Track. KEITH H. MILLIER, 1503 Stephens. THOMAS M. MOONEY, 1312 Lyon-iCamera Shy1. DELORES ANN MORELAND, 603 Elm-Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. RICHARD H. MORELAND, 603 Elm-Advisory President, Spanish Club, Football, Baseball, Track, Class Chairman. PETER BURROWS MORLEY, 602 Cass-Letter Winner, Swimming. ROBERT LOUIS MOSSNER, Frankenmuth-Advisory Seal Sales Chairman, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. PHYLLIS L. MUELLER, 1701 Allegan-Bowling Club. HAROLD ERWIN NADLER, 207 N. Oakley-Class Chairman. JAMES W. NAISMYTH, 1441 Gage-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Proiector Operator, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. JEANETTE LORRAINE NAWROCK, 2408 Wilkins-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Y-Teens Club. ELAINE CLARA NEHLS, 1929 Ottawa-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Commencement Pageant, Junior Play, Class Chairman. DORIS MAY NEIDERQUILL, 4108 Green-Advisory Vice'President, Red Cross Chairman. HAROLD E. NEUMANN, Route 2-FFA Club, Letter Winner, Football, Track. BETTY J. NEWMAN, 1933 N. Ames. DAVID ROBERT NICOL, Route 4-FFA Club Secretary. BETTY LOU NIEDERQUELL, 2126 Vermont-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, BOC Club, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Red Cross Volunteer, Student Store Attendant, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Music Award. FLORENCE MARIE NOVAK, 2417 Carrollton Rd.- Student Office Assistant. DONNA E. ODELL, 817 N. Harrison-Class Chairman. LOIS MARGERIE O'DELL, 1101 W. Bristol-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Spanish Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Librarian, Usher, Sophomore Partv Committee, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. MARY LOU O'DON- NELL, 3110 Bay. HARRY EUGENE ORDWAY, 435 Swanson Road, Shields-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Letter Winner, Band, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Football, Track, Class Chairman. PATRICIA J. ORR, 423 N. Granger-Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Operetta. HERBERT E. PALIN, 922 S. Washington. EDNA M. PALMER, 320 Ardussi-FHA Club. JEAN L. PARKER, 3800 Williamson Rd.-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, FHA Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Operetta, Librarian, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. ROBERT THOMAS PASEL, 717 Perry-FFA Club. DOROTHY MAY PAULUS, 2419 N. Madison-Choir, Junior Play, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. LORETTA GRACE PAVELICH, 923 S. Woodbridge-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, German Club President, Secretary, Red Cross Volunteer, Librarian, Language Award. NORMA CHRISTINE PEITSCH, 2639 Schaeffer-Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball. DON SPENCER PELKEY, 1882 Glendale-Advisory Vice-President, Class Chairman. MARLYN KATHLEEN PETERS, 1522 N. Charles. RICHARD HOWARD PETERS, 1521 S. Hamilton-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Class Chairman. PAUL F. PFUND, 2318 N. Oakley. .IUDITH SHARRARD PLATER, 1015 Union-Y-Teens Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. HOWARD G. POPE, 2002 Allegan. MAY GIZELLA POPP, 1910 Morgan-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Spanish Club President, Red Cross Volunteer, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Art Award. RONALD WILLIAM POPP, Route 1-FFA Club President, Choir. RALPH R. PORLAS, Route 7. FRED H. PORTERFIELD, JR., 1503 State-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer, Choir, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track, Class Chairman. LEONARD M. PORTERFIELD, 1715 State-Advisory Treasurer, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Letter Winner, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Class Chairman. DORTHEA MAE POWERS, 1601 Barnard-Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, Volleyball, Baseball. x THEODORE PRATT, Route 7-Band. SHIRLEY JEAN PRESTON, 2244 Taft-Arts-Dramatics, Bowling Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball. WARD T. PRINDLE, 813 N. Mason-Letter Winner, Track. PHYLLIS ANN PROPST, 1915 Holland- Choir, Girls' Chorus. MARILYN JANE QUACKENBUSH, Fosters-Choir. ROBERT D. QUACKENBUSH, JR., 2469 Baldwin-Advisory President. JERRY LEE QUALMAN, 1419 N. Ames-Advisory Secretary, Rifle Club, Letter Winner, Track. ,Q ,,,.g, M- 5 in V ., 4, 49 K-cr, Zhu! l . D 63' Avi. 'Wx wi A . ,X xy, g , xi f. 42- 4-' 'F' G' ,f Lx L 5. 4, 'C' f 0"',Q? x Lp- f L 1 3, J Cin' Tv 1 QS' A A S. 1 c uf We M . ' , qfm 'ww ' .mf- wa. 'W' .M fm' Q UN. .,,,, 5 2 I E' H'- 54 ,Qs . KS.. dll' 0- if 'Q' WMS' iv 'Q' 2 , ws YE gg X 'Ex Q Q xg'-'A I i ' f. X X A 1 'W J S' 'fig 5 G f ' I B :', gg 3 .- ' zzzm an NY-nr A ig -Q-Q 'F Q 'F 3 1 Q .L :zu M 'C' M' Q' Q as W E S V ' X K x L Q xswki x if I gil? f A 4- , Q Q QI" X . Q X my 8 Gr Rx sh ,X ' l s3,.,Lx lx .3 S1 Six E vw X X ' :mx 4: .. QQQ N ' ,:,, - J f- , ma . l ax S25 x X thirty-three 2' kk, is --1: 1 A' S, S Q if E W X Pr 1 Ui , Q x x 'YVES ff, wi 1' A 'E' iv I f Q Xxx 5 x X . lhirry-four gesavi' J .S-'gsffiiiieifffiigs .IH . 5 S .::.,... , .5 . I-' ' Elf we 'X xx 3 X X-xv 5 W 5 x Q' fx We 2 8,9 , .4 sixwf mix if s 3555? Q Q li: A S 0" Ga Q 9 3? :-'V ' e ::: 5 :as ::.:,,. gc S A .......,.,.,.:.:... Em S .,,, K SKS 2 I i , - 6 . , . fx-A x 'il' +21 Q Q5 . .gzg , sw , 1 .0 N .A 1 Ai as , Q s -55:- SS MHP il 5 if iw 6 , is ' sf Q 1 E Q .wx mm Q ir X -9 35 'I ,, 1 "J E W Q K 'W .iv : .,, uuluu I A V ANI 5 ..:.:,.A: . . Ik X a I ...., M , ,zgiiiz ,.., . QF? ,K 4 .......,. , .,:... 1 M X ia 4' X ig K 'I A 1 na. To Upltolcl SENIOR Graduation Traditions LEE ALLISON QUICKSELL, 2835 State-Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Biology, Latin, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Queen's Court, Red Cross Volunteer, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. BETTY ANN RADEISCHAK, Frankenmuth. JOANNE RAIDER, 248 Wylie-Bowling Club, Clinic Attendant, Class Chairman. DONA LOU RANKE, 1727 Burnham-Advisory P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling, FHA Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Operetta, Volleyball, Baseball, Class Chairman. JEAN EILEEN RAYMOND, 2507 Beniamin. SUE O, REAVEY, Freeland. JACQUELINE N. REICHLE, 2317 S. Fayette-Advisory Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Junior Play, Class Chairman. MARY McCLOY REID, 132 N. Woodbridge-Bowling Club, Girls' Chorus, Usher, Basketball, Base- ball. DOROTHY E. REIN, 1619 Gratiot-Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs, NEWS, Red Cross Volunteer, Com- mercial Award. ANNA LOU REMINGTON, 1117 Wright-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. ARNOLD E. RENZ, 1419 Stephens-Advisory Secretary, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. ETHEL A. REYNOLDS, YWCA-Girls' Chorus, Operetta, Usher. MARY LOUISE RICHIR, 411 Post- Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman, Queen's Court, Class Chairman. ARLENE HILDA RICHMOND, 921 Reed-Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Girls' Chorus, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Commercial Award. WILLIAM A. RICHTER, 2615 N. Michigan. CARL MAYNARD ROBINSON, 1302 State-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Operetta, Music Award. BETTY JEAN ROE, 1914 W. Michigan-Advisory Vice-President, Bowling Club, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Clinic Attendant, Class Chairman. DORIS RUTH ROGERS, 4156 Ann Rd.-Senior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Student Office Assistant. ILSE ANN ROHDE, 2015 Stone-Advisory Presi- dent, Secretary, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Volleyball, Sophomore Party Committee. JAMES LEWIS ROMAKER, 408 S. Harrison- Advisory P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Hi-Y Club Treasurer, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. BEVERLY L. ROOSA, Route 6, Swan Creek-Band Bounce, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants, Operetta, Girls' Chorus. THOMAS OWEN RORK, 1715 Brockway-Arts-Dramatics Club, Christmas Pageant, Choir, Class Chairman. WILLIAM K. ROTH, 1601 N. Bond. WILLIAM H. ROTTMAN, 5785 Mackinaw Rd.-Letter Winner, Swimming. CARL GEORGE RUMMEL. Frankenmuth-Letter Winner, Football Team Manager, LEGENDA. JAMES F. RUMMEL, Frankenmuth-Advisory Treasurer. GWENDOLYN G. RUPP, 137 Charles-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA Secretary, Treasurer, Bowling Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Usher. JAMES PRITCHARD RUPP, 1913 N. Oakley- Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, Hi-Y Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Football, Class Chairman. KATHLEEN LOUISE RUSSELL, 139 S. Bond. NANCY LEA A. RUTHERFORD, 2553 Beniamin-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, LEGENDA, NEWS, Declamation, Junior, Senior Plays, Quill and Scroll, Journalism, Art, Speech Awards. MARLENE EMMA RUTHIG, 2335 N. Center Rd.-Advisory President, Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Arts-Dramatics, Biology Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Clinic Attendant, Sophomore Party Committee. MARY LOU ST. CHARLES, 2616 S. Niagara-Spanish Club, Clinic Attendant, Volleyball, Basketball. JANE ANN SATOW, Frankenmuth-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Latin Club, Commencement Pageant, Student Office Assistant, LEGENDA. DELPHINE M. SAUTTER, 3517 East. DONALEE SAUVE, 2404 N. Madison-Bowling Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Usher, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. JACQUELINE A. SAUVE, 115 Center-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Class Chairman. ERNEST J. SCHAEFF, 7075 Holland-Advisory President, FFA Club Treasurer, Class Chairman. ANNE FELICE SCHEBLER, 3132 State-Advisory President, Vice-President, French Club. LAVERNE SCHEIWE, Frankenmuth-Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. RICHARD L. SCHERPING, 3026 Grant-Advisory President, Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Commencement Pageant, Sophomore Party Committee, Track, Football, Class Chairman. HARRY M. SCHIEFER, Vassar-Commencement Pageant. DONALD A. SCHIESSWOHL, 2022 Barnard -FFA Club, Orchestra, Letter Winner, Football, Track. DELLA L. SCHMIDT, 2849 Hermansau-Bowling, Spanish Clubs, Choir, Volleyball, Basketball. EMILY ANN SCHMIDT, 8598 Gratiot-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Y-Teens Club. JOAN ELIZABETH SCHMIDT, 2128 Bay-Service Club, Basketball, Baseball. LOIS ELAINE SCHMIDT, 945 N. Center Rd. -Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA, German, Y-Teens Clubs. MARLENE ANN SCHMIDT, 714 Madison. SUZANNE JEWEL SCHMIDT, 802 N. Mason-Advisory President, Treasurer, BOC, FHA Clubs, Girls' Chorus, Choir, Band Bounce, Operetta, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman, Music Award. JACK BUTLER SCHNARR, 617 S. Bond-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Rifle Club, Red Cross Volunteer, Letter Winner, Swimming. IANICE ANN SCHNARR, 617 S. Bond-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, led Cross Chairman, Librarian, Red Cross Volunteer. CAROLINE J. SCHNEIDER, 713 S. Mason- Sophomore Party Committee. PHYLLIS JEAN SCHNEIDER, Zilwaukee-Basketball. DANIEL SCHNELL, 1409 S. Washington-Advisory Secretory. SHERMAN L. SCHOTT, 1115 S. Michigan-Letter Winner, iootball, Track, Class Chairman. ROBERT GERALD SCHREINER, 1410 Laurel. HALL OF FAME DELORES LEVI In drama ar in scholarship She really knows her lines. From stage or from classroom Our "Doii" always shines. B08 BOYLE Wrestling with copy, cautions, and cuts ls our corn-fed Iowa State pup. Supplying the humor ln news and on stage, There's nary a flub ln his make-un. thirty-live SENIORS Unloud Their HALL OF FAME MARVIN HILL Hill of Hills is our own Marv In sports he is perfection. His quiet ways and modesty Have won him our selection. SALLY DIERICH Sally edited the yearbook, With efforts most sincere, Her eagerness for work and play Make her outstanding here. thirty-six Duties on Underclussmen ELIZABETH LOUISE SCHROYER, i532 Stanley-Advisory P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee. WALTER CARL SCHUETT, JR., 26lO Schaeffer-BOC Club. JOHN E. SCHUETTE, 323 N. Andre-Track, Class Chairman. SALLY MAE SCHUETTE, II7 S. Bond. CLIFFORD W. SCHULTZ, 2l5 Dearborn-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Rifle Club, Letter Winner, Football, Class Chairman. GERALD GEORGE SCHULTZ, 26l Lynn. KENNETH JOSEPH SCHULTZ, 261 Lynn-Class Chairman. PATRICIA JOANN SEAMAN, i209 Chestnut-LEGENDA. RICHARD T. SEBALD, I4O Snow-Bond, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, RONALD EDWARD SEDER, 2665 Tatham Rd. VIRGIL SEDER, 2755 Tatham Rd.-Class Chairman. BILLIE LOU SEEHASE, 2603 Cooper-Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, French Club Treasurer, Alchemists, Arts-Dramatics Clubs, Com- mencement Pageant, Junior Play, Sophomore Party Committee, Football Queen, Class Chairman. DONNA JEAN SEEHASE, 532 N. Porter-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Arts- Dramatics, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Senior Play. WALTER LEROY SEEMANN, 2814 Martindale-Retailers Club. ROBERT DALE SHALER, 2608 State. DONALD VERN SHAW, l4l6 N. Ames-Band, Retailers Club, Letter Winner, Track, Music Award. JOYCE ELAINE SHELDON, 4229 Emerick-Clinic Attendant, Volleyball, Basketball. ROBERT L. SHEPHERD, 4l7 Cambrey-FFA Club, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, Operetta. BARBARA JEAN SHULAW, 2520 N. Michigan-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Biology Club Secretary, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. CLARA IRENE SHULER, 22l S. Andre-Service Club, Baseball, Class Chairman. JANET MARIE SIEGGREEN, 3l55 Center Rd. -Advisory Vice-President, Band. BONNIE LOU SIMMET, i823 Grout-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, French Club, Librarian. ROBERT JOHN SIMON, l6l0 Adams-Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior, Senior Plays, Debate, Cross Country, Track, Class Chairman. NATHAN JAMES SLOCUM, 4l2 S. Granger-FFA Club, Letter Winner, Football, Swimming. BENEDICT PAUL SMITH, Cresswell Rd. HELEN E. SMITH, 280 Adams Rd., Shields-Spanish Club. IRENE MARTHA SMITH, Cresswell Rd.-BOC, French, Latin Clubs, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. JAMES A. SMITH, 303 N. Porter-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Music Award. JOAN SMITH, 330 Brockway Place -Advisory Secretary, Red Cross Chairman. LUCILLE ELAINE SMITH, l3l6 Throop-Bowling Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants ROBERT GRANT SMITH, 2837 Wynes-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Band, Senior Play, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Dance Orchestra, Letter Winner, Track, Football, Class Chairman, Music Award. RICHARD A. SOLTYSIAK, 736 Stoker Drive. WILLIAM F. SPATZ, I8l4 N. Fayette-Letter Winner, Swimming. DORIS MAE SPEAR, Bridgeport-Advisory Vice- President, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer. SALLY ANN SPENCE, 52l Congress-Advisory President, Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Alchemists, Arts-Dramatics, Latin Clubs, Senior Hostess, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Queen's Court, Class Chairman. THOMAS LANGLEY SPENCE, 6 Benton Rd,-Advisory Vice-President, Letter Winner, Golf. KENNETH N. SPENCER, i520 Court-Advisory President, Cross-Country, Track, Class Chairman. THOMAS ROBERT SPERO, 2504 Salt-Swimming, Class Chairman. ELAINE MARIE SPERRY, 7035 Dutch RCI.- Advisory President, Vice-President, Red Cross Chairman, Queen's Court, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Class Chairman. BEVERLY M. SPICER, 2524 Mackinaw-Bowling, Latin Clubs, Clinic Attend- ant. ROBERT PRESTON STALEY, 509 Wright-Band, Band Bounce.JEAN L. STELTZRIEDE, Route 7- Y-Teens Club. DONALD FRANK STEVENS, 2155 Brockway-FFA Club, Letter Winner, Football, Track, Class Chair' man. MARY SUE STEVENS, l22l Adams-Advisory President, Secretary, Red Cross Chairman, Assem- bly Chairman, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Junior, Senior Plays, NEWS, Queen's Attendant, Red Cross Volunteer, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Quill and Scroll. JOHN ALEX- ANDER STEWART, JR., I7 Edgewood-Cross-Country, Track. JOHN ROLLAND STEWART, 20 E. Hannum Blvd.-Band, Dance Orchestra, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Page- ants. PATRICIA STEWART, 2209 Barnard-Advisory Treasurer, Orchestra. BETTY LOU STIER, 620 Wheeler-Advisory Red Cross Chairman, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs. CLARA JEAN STOFFEL, 607 S. Carolina-Advisory Vice-President, Bowling Club, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Librarian, Class Chairman. CORA JANE STONE, I3 Edgewood Rd.-Advisory President, Latin Club. DONNA GAIL STRACHAN, 2206 Beniamin-Class Chairman. DONNA LOU STREB, 2333 N. Bond-Advisory Treasurer, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Volleyball, Class Chairman. ARTHUR FREDERICK STREET, 3437 Court-Commencement Pageant. RALPH B. STROEBEL, II7 Storch-Advisory Vice- President, Club Hillite Representative, Hi-Y Club, Letter Winner, Cross Country, Track. ROBERT J. STROEBEL, II7 Storch-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Letter Winner, Track Team Manager, Class Chairman. ELIZABETH ANN STRUNK, 9l5 Pleasant-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Operetta, Class Chairman. vs 5 1 R if f 6 4 gg ax ,1 ' ' 2 V X 5 - V g-, 2 "f f U 2-' if A ni f' GH 4, , 0 4' Q mr nv, viz 3? L K, ' 1 5- ' '55 2, .e:. 5: Q os, Ya A ..,, gm H ,.,. .K X .J xxx X 2 X E N y ,ijt ' .1 V x wwf f' . ..MKL?u MR G' ' A ' , ,: 'T V T ,1 :11 -, 1 Q ' i "':' -. " x"" X x Q. ls. mx M 5- if . ,LQ M1 f' Q We Vet J S1 . V, f 'Q ,K . 'X S' K -"'. ., V.. V I Q ' .10 F' .1 5:91. ' ' A Q.2:q J I :V " ' 5 - ' if-" Q: ' f - . V l q"E"' 1 . " "Q , ibkf Qi . S.- - W X K N Q W' "' X Qs! mg-7,7-A E 'Rf K: ' ii Qs' I mix .... - x 1-' Q : ., 1 tw? fu 5- ? thirty-seven Q Q x. --,, we 'S is .::: t fi. ..,. ,M fx BW Tm Q' ag , am I+- 3 A ,.,.. Y' ' ' X 'H' J ':5f5a::g,5:E... :v - R J 'ii ,152 1 LA A' g :iii -f'.11.jfiQ :Q 'SA A iw Q Q WM ,.,,:-:.:5E:- 5 .el :iii V- w ' ,V ffgg xv, awww 1 'ff Mila-r NO' 2 ,i 5? an-vm W W Wi ,. , ..:: 5 ,PVI EZ: "':::21: 2 .--,' . -- 1 ...Z , . ' '31 X-"' 5 V,,., izzzl 1q..A - QQQZ uuzuz w w .::.,.:.,., ',',', i Alfimvgg 2",. AA:"::':A" fgw Q -"' :ziz lhirly-eight Q, :ar em 5 Af J ,wi I . -:., :E, M L I., '- 5 'V N mfg' zziz i:"" 1 E33 HQ. 1:3 if !.-iv Wm sri, 'WML 3 amd 'X , ? .X Ki :::-1 '.:,,, : Q Qfagw - ,,.. Q X G': -' ew :,: v 4 A ,Sha . sw., wt KQ- ' 'Q' mm W' NX wr ,wma , XV, ,W , ,, YN mg is wmbbf Emmx , .nv gh Q f p- Q .,.- ,wx X 1 .- , :'l.:::,,,":E x , .. . -.-. 1 'Q W L "" 'i?? TK. f :Z , an ...., g .4 j 5,-Q 5.2 Q :.:g.g:..h L inn! :- S 135232-2'ffi Q A 12 " qvffb 'VV' Q Mx Witli Diplomas SENIORS Become AH Alumni MARY ANN SUINO, 1116 Brewster-Advisory President, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Student Cabinet Secretary, Arts-Dramatics Club Secretary, Biology, Latin Club President, Treasurer, Spanish Club Secretary, Y-Teens Club Vice-President, Secretary, Alchemists Club, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Senior, Junior Plays, Senior Hostess, Librarian, Club Hillite Big Thirteen, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, DAR Award. JUSTINE SWIFT, 3202 Macki- naw-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Junior Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Class Chairman. JOYCE ELIZABETH SWISHER, 315 Bullock-Advisory Treasurer, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Service Club Captain, Class Chairman. M. CLARISSA TANNER, 311 Brockway Place- Advisory Vice-President, Christmas Pageant, Cheerleader, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. JOHN G. TARRANT, 1626 N. Michigan-Advisory Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Class Chairman. DONNA JEAN TAYLOR, 4375 N. Michigan-Biology, Spanish Clubs, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. ORMA ANN TAYLOR, 45 E. Hannum-Advisory Red Cross Chair- man, Band, Band Bounce, P-TA Radio Play, Red Cross Volunteer, Music Award. RUTH TEAGUE, 1212 Malzahn-Volleybail, Basketball, Baseball. GLORIA RUTH TEMPLE, 1009 Greenwich-Band, Band Bounce. JAMES BENNETT THERY, 919 Wright-Letter Winner, Band, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. ELLEN LORAINE THIEL, 1002 Brockway-Bowling, Spanish Clubs, Student Store Attendant. DORALDEAN LORRAINE THOMAS, 1979 Oregon- Advisory Red Cross Chairman, FHA Club President, Vice-President, Regional Chairman, Latin, Y- Teens Clubs, Librarian, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. LEONARD THOMAS, 230 Trier-Advisory President, Vice-President, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track, Class Chairman. EDWARD W. THOMPSON, 1449 Acacia-Advisory President, Vice,President, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Class Chairman. BRUCE L. TODD, 609 Clinton-Football, Class Chairman. ELSIE PRISCILLA TODOROFF, 1800 W. Curtis Rd. MATILDA JULIA TODOROFF, 1800 W. Curtis Rd. JANE ANN TOTTEN, 250 Trier- Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA Chairman, Latin Club, Band Bounce, Club Hillite Big Thirteen, Queen's Court, Sophomore Party Committee, Art Award. MARILYN LOUISE TRIER, 1400 N. Charles-Choir, Girls' Chorus, Operetta, Clinic Attendant. PAULINE MARIE TRINK- LEIN, Frankenmuth-Bowling Club. RUTH MARY TRINKLEIN, Frankenmuth-Bowling, Latin Clubs, Commencement Pageant. BETTY ANN TRIPPENSEE, 34 Benton Rd-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Arts-Dramatics, Latin Clubs, Band Bounce, Junior Play, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. JACLYN JEAN TUKE, 604 Holland-FHA, French Clubs, Clinic Attendant. RICHARD G. TUNNEY, 1220 Lyon-Track. SUZANNE ELAINE VAN SICKLE, 2302 N. Charles-Advisory Vice- President, BOC Club Secretary, Treasurer, Band, Band Bounce, NEWS, Class Chairman, Music Award. ALlCE ALEDA VASOLD, Route 3. BILLIE ANN VAUGHAN, 2632 Schaeffer-Advisory President, Vice- President, BOC Club, Choir, Girls' Chorus, Band Bounce, Operetta, Class Chairman. WILLIAM I. VERNON, 3040 Midland Rd.-Advisory President, Assembly Committee, Letter Winner, Swimming. BONNIE JEAN VERVOORT, 820 Mackinaw-Bowling Club. DONALD E. VIBERT, JR., 828 N. Hamilton-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Sophomore Party Committee. PHYLLIS R. VOIGT, 1300 N. Ames-Alchemists, ArtsfDramatics, Biology, Y-Teens Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Junior Play, NEWS, Oratory, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman, Journalism, Speech Awards. RICHARD ANTHONY VOLKER, 3320 Binscarth-Advisory Club Hillite Representative, Letter Winner, Track, Cross Country. NORMA JEAN VOLLMER, 2910 Wynes-Biology, Bowling, Y-Teens Clubs. MARILYN JEAN VOORHEIS, Frankenmuth-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Latin Club, Commencement Pageant, NEWS, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. GALE HAROLD VORCE, 1617 Van Buren-Stage Crew Manager. HAROLD HERBERT WACHNER, 2019 Delaware. BEVERLY JEAN WADE, 1203 Gratiot-Advisory President, Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics Treasurer, Latin, Y-Teens Club Treasurer, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Junior Play, Senior Hostess, Usher, Volleyball, Class Chairman. BARBARA ANN WALLGREN, 3206 State-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross, Seal Sales Chairman, Biology, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs, Junior Play. DAVID FREDERICK WARD, 180 Avalon-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Golf Team Manager, Letter Winner, Football, Golf, Swimming, Class Chairman. MARIE ANN WARNEMUENDE, 1205 Federal-Bowling, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Red Cross Volunteer. ANGELINE D. WARZECHA, 7980 Bell Rd.-Advisory Red Cross Chairman. ARLENE KAE WASKO- VIAK, 1710 Beniomin-Advisory P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Bowling, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs. CLARENCE S. WATKINS, JR., 1803 S. Hamilton-Advisory Red Cross Chairman. J. DAVID WATROUS, BIB State-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Senior Play, Track, Class Chairman. WILLIAM JAMES WEBB, 403 N. Bond-Rifle Club Vice-President. DONALD R. WEHNER, 515 N. River Rd.- Advisory Vice-President, Crucibles Club, Cross-Country, Track. ROBERT H. WEICHERT, 1629 N. Madison-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. CARL H. WERTH, 812 Thurman. ISABELLE ANN WERTZ, I556 Greenwich-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Latin Club. MABEL A. WESSON, 436 N. Third-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, Red Cross Chairman, Alchemists, Arts-Dramatics, Latin Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Junior, Senior Plays, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Sophomore Party Committee, Queen's Court, Dance Orchestra Vocalist, Class Chairman. MONAGENE L. WHITE, 2249 Taft-Usher. ELSIE M. WHITMORE, 2915 Thayer. GERALD E. WILCOX, 2241 Wilson-Letter Winner, Cross Country, Track. RONALD E. WILLMAN, 3690 Barnard Rd. RICHARD A. WILSON, 1703 N. Oakley. HALL OF FAME LEE QUICKSELL Lee is tops in scholarship Yet she has time for fun, Because of her friendly ways She's "in" with everyone. 'Q i CHUCK BUCKEL You'II get a bashful "hi" from him In class or in the hall, He's tops in almost everything Chuck's really on the ball. thirty-nine And '49 SENIORS Look to New Fields to Conquer HALL OF FAME GWEN EVANS Gwen edited the A.H. NEWS, She's "sharp" and lots of fun, You'lI find her in the newsroom, Making sure the copy's done. JOYCE K. WISHART, 3545 Carrollton Rd.-Seal Sales Chairman, Clinic Attendant, Basketball, Base- ball. BOBBIE DEAN WITHERELL, 416 S. Porter-Rifle Club. JOY ANN WITHERELL, 416 S. Porter- FHA, Y-Teens Clubs, Clinic Attendant, Red Cross Volunteer, Usher, Volleyball. ROBERT JOHN WODARAK, 1833 Gilbert. SALLY JEAN WOLCOTT, 1112 N. Michigan-Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball. LORRAINE JOYCE WOLF, 2725 Eddy-FHA Club President, Y-Teens, Spanish Clubs, Choir, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. BARBARA ANN WOLTER, 620 Ames-Advisory Treasurer, Red Cross, P-TA Chairman, Biology, German Clubs, Commencement Pageant, Red Cross Volunteer, Sophomore Party Committee, Usher. BARBARA ANN WOODCOCK, 4196 State-Advisory Secretary, Club Hillite Representative, P-TA, Seal Sales, Red Cross Chairman, Biology Club, Senior Hostess, LEGENDA, Red Cross Volunteer, Leiter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Quill and Scroll, Clcss Chairman. CAROL JEAN YANCER, 2522 Cooper-Advisory Vice-President, Club Hillite Representative, Seal Sales, P-TA, Red Cross Chairman, Red Cross Volunteer, LEGENDA, Spanish, Biology Clubs, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. DONNA M. YATES, 1187 forly FRED GOODROW Q Indispensable to school and team, He's there and ever ready. Without a qualm or trace of doubt, You can bet on "long-shot" Fredd Fischer Drive4Advisory P-TA Chairman, FHA, Y-Teens Clubs. ROBERT ORR YOUMANS, 1803 Delaware-Class Chairman. ANN E. YOUNG, 1723 Gratiot-Advisory Secretary, P-TA, Red Crass Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee. BRUCE W. YOUNG, 2430 Midland Rd.-Advisory Vice- President, Band, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Drum Maior, Sophomore Party Committee. ROBERT WYNE YOUNG, 2234 Bay-Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Junior, Senior Plays, Stage Crew, Letter Winner, Track, Class Chairman. WALDO C. ZEHNDER, Frankenmuth-Advisory Secretary, Treasurer, Letter Winner, Football Team Manager. DOROTHY M. ZIDICK, 818 B.-Advisory Treasurer, Clinic Attendant. DORIS ANN ZIETZ, 303 Lee-Clinic Attendant, Class Chairman. NORMAN A. ZILBER, 411 Amadore Apartments- Advisory President, Club Hillite Representative, Crucibles, French Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Christmas, Commencement Piageants, Junior Play, NEWS, Quill and Scroll, Current Events Award. ELEANOR ZOOBRICK, 1904 Jeffers-Bowling Club. MARYON LOUISE ZORN, 717 S. MasonA Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Spanish Club, Librarian, NEWS, Quill and Scroll, Language Award. FRANK CHESTER ZWINGMAN, JR., 513 S. Oakley-Letter Winner, Track, Class Chairman. HALL OF FAME HAZEL CHISHOLM JOHN LUNDEN Hazel's always out in front, Remember John of yo-yo fame, In speech or drama she'Il rule: And many another deed, For ability and leadership, With his personality and pep, y! She's known throughout the school. He can't help but succeed. Q 3- A -2'-2 b in . '-7-' 'J it az f Du., X of Q - 'S Ak K N 'f HALL OF FAME .. . -,sz -'., I D C3 Q ikf a 'l in I r S s DICK CASE FAY CUTHBERTSON Dick Case still blows his little horn, He gets a great big hand The moment that he takes his place, And starts to lead his band. Fay has Dersonality, plus Vim and vigor and "go", Her arduous work on Legenda, Rates the honor of Quill and Scroll. 1 X 9 " "' s W n 3. N. forty-one UNDERCLASSMEN Are Sophomores and Juniors ' 3 - 5 ..:.. S zzz i J f - ' "" AA T E - J 1: i J' A A Ni ,... i X :::'-- M , l A -, g , lg ' W ..,. -- " zz. X A .,,,,.,,, -..., :"1'1 ' 3 , I mf A, ::::3 -cg' luzvzzz A A - '--- 3 331 'l A """"' 3 f A' 9 A ..Z, L A A w Ar- AA -ff f g J A A rrrr , 1 A A A-if AAA AA J -W Q-Q 2 - AA A A rrr rr rr r r- c- - Z , 1.V t ..,,:: Q A "" gg- 53 'I il-in W XQ' 4 1 + ji JT: '..:, 'IA tx . 4 J ,iff ,A A H s - ". Q M - elm? f 'ii er, - I A. -zvvv ,'... ::.:: .. ' ' ' J Y 5 'T :,. ' "" ' - X 5 AAAAAAA " Q: : , A A A '- -: K "-- e ' B AA ' B L Y 2 ln, A nlzn ' ' J Q uvlq x :I .:.,, A, uuzzzlbuu ,A AA J .,AAK' x .- "" Q A:', A J in e ,. -"'-- A " , J - A zzl " ' J A ':':" :-:- A r ' - A - 2 2 - - , ' - A lg or ----- 4 AAcs,er A ' N' 'A' ' ...,, .... ..x. L Q A ,AAAA A - B -J E :QQ bbblv V bz., .A :.-2 ... lnzz IIPV I Abzz A y a -V A, A ,V . N Y y .A , x--, 2 -:,,,. ::-, I X s -::- ,A l W: : A ':'::- Q 3 "A:"' AA A A 5 1g,,,,W. f, ...... - .... Az .T ,WMM X T -Z E , . ,Im A S 3 -.:,::...,., i --.:. -P :P .... 1 ..... .A S iyx A y y I 3 -"" ,,,,- A - A ' - " fe A 2 ,- A -..- .,.... , ' " .. ' - - R rrrrcreserr A T - -- A r ,,,:, AA 3' 1' , xx 5 XX N of W A lif 5 X -.N .-.-:-,. :,.,-, - Q- ,.-, :,:,:,:,.,:,:,:,:,:,.,. R if A A .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., .... A ..,..,.,.,., -we A A A V: l Q 1 wr : A -'-fe-eff 1 "' te Q Q sf a 3 ,MMUWQ T . ., wwe. ,A so A ,., ,i L AA E :':" "" A ..--. A L, "-l1 A"' ""' QQZ4 :,,,- ., - , E Q :VVV ,A.A: ' l ..1,i A :Q-- " '1' Z AAI B' """'-' Richard Abbenante, Ted Abbenante, Paul Abler, Fred Acker, Donald Adams, Janet Ader, lrene Adolf, Ann Akerley, Doris Alberts, Richard Albrecht. Ann Alderton, James Allen, Joann Allore, Rosann Alsgaard, Betty Jo Anderson, Betty Lee Anderson, Terry Andre, James Anger, Glenn Anschuetz, Donald Anspach. Clarence Apsey, Ronald Ardinovich, Richard Armstrong, Jack Arndt, Leah Arriaga, Chloe Avery, Donald Avery, Donna Avery, Lorraine Avery, Marilyn Avery. Marcia Baase, Ida-Mae Bailey, Charlotte Bain, Marilyn Bain, Paul Baker, Patsy Baldauf, Duane Balko, James Banning, Jack Barber, Robert Barber. Louis Barko, Betty Barney, Cecilia Bashans, Howard Basner, Elizabeth Bastian, Joan Baudoux, Donald Bauer, Dorothy Bauer, Natalie Bauer fcamera shyl, Yvonne Bauknecht, Mary Ellen Baukus. Roberta Baustert, Ronald Bean, Caroline Bechtel, Donald Beck, Donald Becker, Shirley Becker, Thomas Becker, William Becker, Susan Beckler, Donna Beechler. Donald Bell, Glenn Bellinger, Bertha Bench, Donna Benkert, Dolores Bennett, Robert Bennett, Warren Bennett, Norbert Berent, Donald Berg, Harold Bergdolt. forty-two 633 iw f Barbara Berkobien, Lois Bernthal, Marvin Berry, Margaret Bese, Joan Beyer, Lois Beythan, Dale Bielby, Esther Bielby, Barbara Biessel, Lila Billeter. Jack Bindon, John Bintz, Barbara Birnbaum, Ted Birnbaum, Willard Black, Jean Blakeway, Elmer Blehm, Marcia Bloomfield, Rosaline Bluhm, Betty Boivin. Sally Bolger, Suzanne Bolger, Bernard Balt, Emma Bommarito, Rose Ann Bommarito, Elaine Booth, Ruth Bornheimer, Arthur Bostwick, Laurella Bost- wick, Dan Bourdow. Gerry Bow, Harold Bowman, Charles Boyd lcamera shyj, Emily Boyd, Nancy Boyer, Rebecca Boyer, James Bradley, Shirley Bradley, Lyla Braley, Clarence Braman, Randall Braman, Robert Branch, Edwin Brandt, Robert Brandt, Robert J. Brandt, Jack Bratun, Beatrice Braun, Ted Braun, John Brautigan, Carol Breiter, Dolores Brenneman. Judy Brenner, Betty Brethauer, Shirley Brethauer, Thomas Brewster, Neil Bridge, Betty Brockway, Ronald Bronner, Donna Brown, Erma Brown, Gwen Brown. John Brown, Marcilyn Brown, Norma Brown, Shirley Brown, Eleanor Browning, Franklin Browning, Bonnie Brownlee, Marilyn Brownlee, Dale Brush, Jamns Brush. f of r I QA ' l f . 1 .,,. 2 I 'i Q , , P .,.- in V I Q ml , .fi - i V4 t ' . A ,, t mf '-is '-ffl? 5" B. .- img ,.,, .J 5 . 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Donna Butcher, Dione Butler, Donald Butts, Joan Butts Ccamera shyl, Sally Butts, Harold Buxman, Kathleen Buxman, Robert Byers fcumera shyl, Clair Calkins, Arnalee Callan, Ruth Cammin, Donald Campbell. Marilyn Campbell, Mariorie Campbell, Robert Campbell, Vernon Campeau, Charlotte Canell, Irene Cantu, Fred Cardinal, Robert Carey, Francis Cartier, Margaret Cartier. Gladys Case, Helen Casertano, Paul Cassow, Tom Cawley, Tom Champagne, Wayne Charlton, Barbara Cheadle, Beverly Cherry, Marilyn Cherry, Shirley Cherry. Dora Chiarovano, Shirley Christensen, Greta Christiansen, Fay Churchfield, Lawrence Churchfield, Jerry Clairmont, Delores Clark, Wallace Clark, Minnie Clauss, Carole Clayton. 1 Frances Cline, LeRoy Cochran, Mary Cochran, Sandra Cohen, Ida Mae Colbeck, Charles Colby, Cozette Coleman, Norma Collver, Delila Colpean, Audre Comisky. - lofty-tour Dolores Compeau, Marlene Conklin, Phyllis Conlee, Betty Conrad, Jack Cooper, Eileen Cottrell, Doris Coven fcamera shyl, Richard Crooks, William Cross, Mary Crouse, Franlxlein Cummings. Don Cushway, Kay Dabbert, Eunice Dahl, Joanne Dankert, Robert Dankert, Joyce Darling Ccamera shyj, Maxine Darrow, Lois Datte, Walton Davenport Ccamera shyj, Ken Davies fcamera shyj, Pat Davies, Carole Davis, Joan Davis. Joanne Davis, Martin Davis, Milton Davis, Robert Davis, Norma Day, Rosemary Dean, Frances Dee, Nancy Defore, Vivian DeGroat, Sophie Deleon. Nancy DeLisle, Stella DeMercurio, Viola Demko, Patricia Dengler, Susanne Dengler, Louis Depping, Donald Derthiclc, Dolores Detlaff, Neil Detloff, Robert Detwiler. Joyce Dice, Patty Dice, Shelley Dickeson, Edna Diener, Evalyn Diener, Richard Dierich, Dolores Dietrich, Marilyn Dietrich, Ronald Dietzel, Eugene Dirker. Phyllis Dirlzer, Marilyn Dittmar, Maxine Dittmar, John Dixon Ccamera shyl, Mary Domas, Fred Donaghy, Margaret Donaghy, Jeanne Donahue, Vera Donner, Robert Doran, Joycelynn Dorr. Pat Dougherty, Bill Douglas fcamera shyl, Frank Doutre, Bonnie Dow, Doreen Doyle, Joanne Doyle, Richard Drewyer, Geraldine Dreyer, Robert Druelle, Carl Dubac, Victoria Dudoclr. 5' ,, as 1 A fs" 'J K ' ,V rwtii Jai- 4 N ,. ,aw 55 l 2 X H v: E A f 'SKC 1, C 6 M' 1 . , :bb -Q . t ,,,, I N R I, Q Q., g X2 Vela lx' gal 'E . Nl xx ' lla 'M ' X . 14.84, 4, 12 4' Ali 1 X ' af- VA ,f"" Q 'F R 5 s A V A . , . - Q C. x Q, , V NW, I zl. Z Q, . M, b A "' ' 'uty a S-.-er I Q gr' 'cr y y i x E fig, B 1 ,fe . 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Jack Egger, Beatrice Eichinger, Marlene Eichler, Howard Eimers, Arleen Eldred, Mary Elizalde, Margaret Ellithorp, Royena Ellitharp, Alice Ely Dixie Emerson. 5 r Donna Emmons, James Enszer, Willis Enszer, Robert Evans Ccamera shyl, Rosemary Evert, Reuben Ewert, Larry Eynon, Sally Fair, Thomas Fallis, Lorraine Fanger, Robert Fanger. June Farrell, Leon Farrell Ccamera shyl, Robert Fassezlxe, Carolyn Fedder, Viola Feinauer, Lorraine Feit, Arthur Felton fcamera shyl, Carl Feusse David Figueroa, Betty Jane Finger, Ronald Finkbeiner, Barbara Finner. Jack Fischer, Patsy Fischer, Ruthe Fischer, Elsie Fischer, Nancy Fisher, Richard Fisher, Leta Fleischmann, Donna Floeter, Lois Floeter, Bud Flory. r Elizabeth Flowers, Sharon Flynn, Barbara Fobear, James Fobear, Beverley Folsom, Loraine Fontaine, Jack Foote, Eldon Ford, Robert Ford, Jack Fordyce. Madge Foster, Duane Fox, Gene Fox, Ralph Frahm, Gerald Frehling, Rudy French, Shirley Frick, John Fritz, Kenneth Fritzler, Vern Frost, forty-six Verna Frost, Donna Fuller, William Furstenberg, Beverly Gadd, John Gaertner, William Galarno, Marian Galbraith, Dolores Galiardi, Donald Garno, Robert Garrett. Ruth Garrett, Ruth Gary, Leiloh Gehrig Ccomera shyi, Werner Geiger, Ted Gendron, Ronald Gerger, Herman Gierow, Shirley Gifford, Shirley Gilbert, Dolores Gilginas, Earl Gilginas. Joan Gilginas, Greta Glasby, Ruth Glass, Harold Glasslee, James Glick, Thomas Gochnaur, Evelyn Gohm, Patsy Goines, Charlotte Golden, Ronna Golz. Robert Goodwin lcamera shyi, Sharleen Gorski, Ardis Goslin, Kenneth Grabowski, Mary Ann Graham, Sally Greer, Wallace Greer Ccamera shyi, Marna Gremel, Neolo Griese, Catherine Griffore, Gerald Gross, Norman Gross. Duane Grossman, Mary Grube, Jack Grunwell, Carlene Grutsch, Donna Gullifor, Patricia Gunther, Jack Guttowsky, Helen Guy, Irma Guy, Nancy Guy. Nancy Haar, Jacqueline Habeck, Tom Hackett, Shirley Hagan, James Hahn, Richard Haines, Walter Haines, Ted Hair, Barbara Hall, Fred Hall. Don Hamilton, Marilyn Hamilton, Donna Hamlin, Marilyn Handlovits, Alwyn Hansen, Donald Harbin, Donald Harnden, Bernadine Harnois, Barbara Harris, Donna Harris. 'ffl' , 1-f ' E X Q ,J . A, 5 5. W Q i , ,J , i gif, fs M B V 5 7 ' 4 Q W .., 'stl 4 l 'I :., Q , X ,A X t J f 1 T T T i...... 1 it -of , t Q M . 6, ,,,,, ., Q if 5 , t fe ww ..-'i Q? x. 'imkllw all 4, 1 fi Quin si J j X if Y R saen Y ef 4' if 'if A I V, . A J 1 ,,.. A T.. ' 1 pi? -as 'R 'J 1,4 'Zfzf , 1. -wt A 3 X5 I I .,. ir, ,.:.' ,,,-1-, wi I Q X.. f ,. if J f I J st, ,, I I .Zi s llii ll T. 'Z - S J iii ' 'Ii ,ff i ' f f " Nw Q 'H' EW' W Q XX-M:gs ' f ' gp, Y K ,,, J ' v J 'J X ' " il I I il J 4 ' Yi ..f.-,,, 'E I f V: -.....- V' I , ' forty-seven As UNDERCLASSMEN Strive to Uphold Records A. A 5 i f e N gt q..4 X L32 I S if M y , ::, is ,,,, ,A 3. A, ,,,-' A .ft ., -lj zl- -zbt ,,..,., ' . 5 4...,, :I I. A y X 5 ' Yi zz' 25. -"::"' , 45 ' 'f :,, 2:f-- :::',.,.::, 'zzz 1 ' A is zluz E 5.5.31 '-:. X, W K X ' lim J, :" Wfif if Xi' fe i K -.., i . Y it , -- I K . 3: A A , y ii ' , "1- 'ii ::"' Z V Q: ,r ift ..:: E if 'Q 'E "---' K ' ""':" I ii ..:.:, Q ..F, f :.i A ..... ' .,v2: . ' A 4 A , ff X 1 we wi -,,: - . :IT :f' :'f "': f 11-:-' 'f ..::.:2 5 x li L' ,.., ' J "'1 2 :I -::,,,., V ia.. I If tt AA ,, A A . - Q H W Ilqzv ,bnb My l " 3 A iii f "" ,.,.,. ::,.,,::,, V Q ..:...A.. 'zz' I R' 0 , 2 5 as fr .ff isefi fs' J you M A fs . . .::,E,::., . -- Q mimi A gow 'M . ---' .sf ..,.,:5:-.,: 1 5 .rf -,E 1- . .,,, . .A :zazaz I A... AA .QQ . Q S 5 , vii , ,A .,,.,:,:: 5 EEEE:. A . KW? A ,,,, W ,A A f 'S' Q , X 1 it Y as Y AA A AAAAA AAAAA A AA :AA AAAA Q Q A A AAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAA A AA me af ','1 A AAA. " L, ':::"' M '::A. ' ,.- - "A' - ii .,.,A 1 W . 9 Fw' f R 'Q of if "3 3 4 AAAAA ,J , "1:f fs f 3-J George Harris, Dale Harrison, Jean Harrison, Betty Harshman, Harold Hartl, Betty Hartle, Gerald Hartley, Richard Hartley, Glenn Hartner, Dora Hartwell. Katherine Harvie, Donna Hasse, Thelma Hassen, Donna Hathaway, Marion Haubenstricker, Verne Hawes, Beniamin Hayes, Margaret Haynes fcamera shyl, Donald Hebl, Harold Hegenauer, James Heidger. Robert Heidger, Mary Lou Heine, Sally Heineman, Lillian Heinz, Joseph Heitkamp, Esther Helfand, Pauline Henry, Lou Ann Hensler, Robert Hepin- stall, James Herbin. Ruth Herman, Peter Hervey, Harold Herzog, William Hetzner, Roger Heyn, Marilyn Hilbrandt, Byron Hill, Forrest Hill, Donald Himsel, Joanne Himsel. Paul Hinkin, Bonnie Hinte, Charles Hise, Violet Hiveley, Charlene Hoag, Glenn Hoernlein, Eleanor Hoffman Ccamera shyj, Flora Hoffman icamera shyl, Evelyn Hoffmann, Donald Hoggarcl, Darrell Hohisel, David Holland, Sally Holland, Jerry Hollingsworth, Joan Holloway, Patricia Holly, Allan Holmes, Mary D. Holmes, Mary E. Holmes, Lillian Holubilx, Bonnie Honey, June Horn. Mary Frances Horn, Wilfred Horning, Jack Houser, James Houser, Alvina Howe, Mary Hozeska, Jay Hubble, Robert Huber, James Huebler, Dolores Huff. forty-eight yle Huff, Cleo Hull, Joanne Hull, Mary Hunt, Kenneth Hunter, Thomas Hunter, Vincent Hurney, Carol Hurst, Ted Huston, Dorothy Hutchison. ames Hutfilz, Sally lppel, Jean lttner, Jean Iversen, Valeria Jablonski, Harvey Jackson, Jerry Jacques, Harold Jahnke, Patricia Johns, James Jokes. 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Nancy Meehlecler, Sally Meehleder, Robert Meier, Lorraine Merriam, Franklin Merrick, Eugene Mertz, Richard Mertz, Marcelene Metiva, Marcena Metiva, Carman Mey. Catherinef Meyer, Dolores Meyer, Donald Meyer, Elmer Meyer, James Meyer, Karl Meyerholt, Angeline Miceli Ccamera shyl, Geraldine Midcalf, Juanita Mier, Charles Milbrandt, Joyce Millar, Arthur Miller Ccamera shyl. Barbara Miller, Carl Miller, Kenneth Miller, Mary Miller, Robert Miller, Roy Miller, Ruben Miller, Richard Miner, Joan Mingus, Marvin Mitchell. Marcia Mitts, .lack Moeller, Gerald Mohn, Irene Mohr, Mary Moll, Doris Monsees, Twila Mooney, Frances Moore, Iris Moore, John Moore. Ralph Moore, Charles Moreau, Sam Morello, Donald Morey, Joanne Mortord, Edward Morgan, Marilyn Morgan, Dalene Morningstar, Elizabeth Morris, Sally Moser. fifty-two Doris Mossner, Marion Mossner, Mary Muehlenbeck, Mary Mueller, laura Muirhead, Larry Mulholland, Jack Munroe Ccamera shyj, Yvonne Munroe, Kenneth Murphy, Alice Myer, Greta Myers. Nancy Myers, Harold Needham, Diane Nellett, Dorothy Nellett, William Nelson, Mary Neubauer, Betty Neuman, Carol Neuman, Anna Newcomb, Joe Newman. Ellen Nichols, Joyce Nicholson, Helen Niederstadt, Jack Nitz, Ted Nitz, Nancy Noble, Eva Noblet, Jane Northcott, James Northrup, Mariorie Nuerminger. Howardine Nye, JoAnn Nye, Betty Oatten, Lois O'Donnell, Barbara Olson, Betty O'Neill Ccamera shyl, Arbutus Ordway, Richard O'Riordan, Donald Orr, Joyce Osborn, Fred Osman. Sterling Osman, Virginia Ostermann, Dale Ott, Harvey Ott, Beverly Owen, Jack Oze, Janet Pabst, Mary Packard, James Packer, Ruth Paetz. Margaret Pagenkopf, Richard Palmer Ccamera shyl, Edward Papaiesk, JoAnn Paquette, Margaret Parisi, Kathleen Parker, Robert Parker, Donald Pasel, Jay Pattee, James Patterson Ccamera shyl, Patricia Patterson Qcamera shyl, Laura Lee Patton, Betty Paulus. 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Phyllis Poling, Frank Pomerville, Lillian Popp, Joyce Portice, Frank Partner, Robert Powers, Jerry Prachar, Robert Pratt, Elaine Premo, James Premo, Norman Premo, Dorothy Pressprich, Robert Pressprich, Dolores Preston, Lois Price, Charles Priem, Barbara Prindle, Vance Proper, JoAnn Pruyne, Lola Radeischak. Marjorie Rae, Phyllis Ranke, Joseph Rant, Alex Rappuhn, Maxine Rau, Madeline Rauschert, Norma Ravas, Louis Rawson, Dale Raycraft, Emma Raymond. Louis Raymond, Marilyn Raymond, Carol Reams, Onalee Rees, Ortelle Rees Ccamera shyj, Wilma Reeves, Lillian Reifschneider, Geraldine Reimer, Lucinda Reimer, Carol Rein, Carolyn Rein. James Reinke, Louis Reinke, Erma Reisbig, Nancy Remer, Lucille Rexius, Willard Reynolds, William Reynolds, Joyce Richard, Carol Richmond, Barbara Richter. William Ricklefs, Barbara Risdon, David Riselay, Floyd Riselay, Shirley Riselay, Jean Robart, Laura Roberts, Nancy Roberts, Andrew Robertson, Ann Robertson. titty-four , In ., ,gig i Paul Robinson, Phyllis Robson, Beverly Rodilcher, John Ray Rogers, Suzann Rogers, Belly Romaine, Kennelh Romaine, Joseph Ronan, Andris Ronis fcamera shYJ, William Rooker, Wesley Rork. Lois Rosien, Belly Rossman, Belly Rolh, Joan Rouech, William Rowell, Bonnie Ruby, Doris Ruhlig, Raberl Ruhlig, John Rupp, Suzanne Rupp. Duane Ruppel, Jack Ruppel, Maurice Rushlow, Belly Russell, James Russell, Harold Rux, Jeanne Ryan, Marilyn Sager, Connie Sagesh, Ann Salalr. Lawrence Salvi, William Sands, James Salchell, Richard Sauer, Jean Savage, Judy Schaberg, Ralph Schaberg, Harry Schaper, John Scharlx, Irene Scharrer. Sue Schaubel, Joan Scherping, Hermon Schibelhul, Lorraine Schleimer, Robert Schloller, Dorothy Schluclxebier, Loraine Schluckebier, James Schmidl, Rudolf Schmill, William Schmill. Floyd Schmilzer, Elaine Schneider, June Schneider, Marlene Schneider, Rulh Schneider, James Schnell, Melvin Schoenmeyer, Gerlrude Schoenow, Jacqueline Schomalrer, Kim Schrader. Richard Schreiner, Dolores Schroeppel, Roberl Schuell, Milford Schuelle, Roberl Schuelle, Thomas Schuelle, Marlin Schuler, Shirley Schuler, Lois Schullz, Lorraine Schullz, In H .b,,, '::: y L. y J , ' " 21 - , , L N, 'gg' Y V ,, ' V ":'. 4 l - xx 9 "i:' A " y A... , c 1 izi llzii 1 ...., A J T67 E? . ' .,--' I 5 .. E. ' - hu, ., X ,M .X Qi LF' 1' S9 fi . 'L 2' ji J Q, W I, ,- , y , , , -Z . .M Q . 5 A ,I .,,'. Q V X15 X. ,Y L X ' 'X N.. .Q ,xl .. E., , fx R e 5 4 may 1 5- in --:. L R .. NJ ' wr l X Q in I .i A E-4?-"f y 3' fl Q Q , ' f .,,, f if ,,.,' V V f 7 Xtra Y .- . 3 L ' f 75 f ' X 71 ' B r 1 or M -5 . , , 'af V V Q::5..,f .,., - '- ki ,Z V x 1 A3 X 'lr li a A I . X V y , s:e "'v - - 25 " :: - W t x Alas. 3 , A -S A . ' 4 ZQP: J ,,,r Se X X W We S K i My ss? - L ,.c,. e 3. .r.,,. 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Betty Ann Shaw, Clayton Shelswell Ccamera shyl, Ada Shepherd, Gladys Shepherd, Norma Sherman, Stanford Sheyer, Walter Shuler, Vera Sieg- green, Mary Simmet, Donald Simon, Joan Simon, Ronald Simon Ccamera shyl. Rosaline Simon, Doris Simpson, Joyce Skentzos, Maria Skentzos, Mary Slade, Joseph Sliwinski, Joan Small, Marian Small, Raymond Small, Dany Smelley. Alice Smith, Byrd Ann Smith, Howard Smith, Jock Smith, Joan Smith, Shirley Smith, Wendell Smith, William Snelling, Ethyl Snow, Thomas Soblesky. Betty Sohn, Elaine Sohn, Herman Soper, Sally Sorgatz, Ruth Sowatsky, Delmonte Sparks, Leo Spayth, Joyce Spear, Leila Specht, Nancy Spence. Gordon Spencer, Janet Spencer, David Sperry, Joan Spindler, Kathlene Spindler, Donald Springer, JoAnn Sprunger, Shirley Stacey, Richard Stark, Roy Stearns. fifty-six Noreen Stebner, Virginia Stein, Robert Steltzriede, Shirley Steltzriede, Joyce Stevens, Dale Stimpson, Gordon Stinson, Roger Stinson, Edward Stolze, Leslie Stoner lcamera shyl, Barbara Stowell. Mary Ann Strait, Gus Stricker, William Strong, Donald Stuart, James Stump, Janice Stump, Kathryn Suhan lcamera shyl, Lyle Summerfield, Douglas Swain, Marvin Swain, Dale Swanton. Lenara Swanton, Fergus Tait, John Taylor, Richard Taylor, Loisdel Techentien, Wallace Techentien, Marlene Teck, Ralph Teenier, Barbara Terrian, James Tessin. Joan Tessin, Howard Tessman, Emeline Thieme, Dean Thomas, Donald Thomas, Helen Thomas, Jackie Throop, Keith Tibbits, Joanne Tillman, James Timmons. Judy Tonkin, Thomas Tonkin, Robert Townley, Gilbert Treplxowski, Marlene Trier, Walter Trier, Flora Trinklein, Keith Trinklein, Lois Trinlclein, Marilyn Trinklein. Roland Tragan, Joann Tuck, Shirley Tuck, Betty Tuke, Genevieve Tullis, Jean Tullis, Dow Tunis, Katherine Tunis, Joyce Turek, Helen Ureche. James Vacik, David Vance, Robert VanElsacker, Sheila VanSickle, Mary Varney, Paul Vasold, Harry Veitengruber, Gertrude Venema, Maynard Vernon, Virginia Vibert. A 'vs ' i , 1 ' - t:.' - . -, ,S r X ,, Aklf ., y M- , ,,, 2 I A -L , V ,,., me f 1 U '. 15 i A: liivvi in I ,:.' l " i - J J iiii , if ,yy A V Q, -iw 3 VA . 55 , f Y N l .S 2- ri f gi r 4 J 5 t.,. , fl ' W J ,. jlL.9?'l,.e J .3 S ISS L, . N -tx l -vi 1 Ve, lr' , f f Qi, gl gg 'P l bf' if '.V.' J , '-'i . X i W iv h 'HJ 4. , 6 rid ky s , .. , gk' Njgxt ' 4-.- ' . K ..., ,, ,o ' in mf V y V T' t,t,a,e,rr . .V i H 5 .,.-. ,Ml .,,., .. I X A , nk x I ugr- Qqung - All ' r ' i ' 351 -- l f"fi',':ll?l if ' J ' l' ' or ' e A Jef sw V .,AV . I s yi llgly ,T- if W is 9 - S M? . g N x x if 'V :swf . ..,. ,sf M l " WS l ss 1 QP ,rs ' so I Q' H iff: Wh l M" . " ,gn :K S 1 4-5 Y, , X is XS' , J rler' S We Q are st - ' N I I . O ,,..,. ,L h V xx, ,A c c Q, . . 5 f X X X X. X 1, 1 or X -::- . -e - L - -s-43 -. . I RN? +R e NX ,'f X3 X '.sf"sl so S ,I is X XXL ' oil. S Mty-seven To Help UNDERCLASSMEN Spokes Become Big Wheels if A i i 5 9 "sL f il' , i k in '--",.. 3 , Kg B f i ""' X I Q ..." "e fi :" is 'Jil' 'fi ' f 7 ii?-25.55 11' eil J iw ze MLSQAJ li f?'i f L qzu A, A I j K I, A A ' N f 5 g V ....,,- ,,Z, my g , is ' - 2 . - -. E 1 ' ,e - A 4 . f , . so A + leee eee J ee e , , J Q 1- Wy N .L , E I ,' :: . 5 - iw? W i sv ,-f in We A 1 .. of , iw- s ll '- -Q ."",- ..,. - VIIQI, Q: J ,-.v. Q l A H 4 , a 'Q Y-'Tw - ' .I ,AA 'J , 'si ,ww if J . 353' , 1 We .. .e,: 1 A """ : Sf --.' 1 , , . 'X-M s 1. . A ' -Q-. L K , -1 V iz : s ,, I: Q B . Q X 7 ..,,, ,I , it y . .,,:.,' , ff L N ii' A .N fi' AN .Q , ' . W ,,g,ge,, J A ev.. be ' W A 4 if if-V ev.-if , ,s - i use ,' . 1 V f 3 V , .2 f A - --- A .4 ' .. ' , I rl- Q S65 .. , is-any K5 V W' ,v s A -Q? WM "' f ' f 1 ' B" M' mf W , fy ii 1-A if 5 f M A 'fn '.., J :J ,V ., Q I : f 7 ' - ., , l Q? X' ,W We . .,-f' iii- it as E f --f '.e' Q ' " - J S i :xi Q 45 ., I - ,-,, - Q--, I , ill. E in X RWQ28 , -.1-. Q, -- 5 'ff .ei 5 A' I .K+ ,eeee 'B W' A B Hz, W 12 I M - A ee e V eeeee e F M f ee e to L f J - . -, 'LK iw -3. . .2" -,'- i , args -:M V A lk ' ll 965 L - 1' 4 in 4 1 , ily ---- R Y R sz: J exif , f ':' ' 15 '9 eee e so ee B L , f is , Betty Vlassis, James Voelker, Arthur Vogel, William Voigt, Sally Volker, Donald Volz, Rita Vudures, Marion Wacker, Sally Waddell, Gene Wade. Shirley Wade, Janet Waggoner, Jack Wagle, Alice Wagner, Charles Wagner Ccamera shyi, Eugene Wagner, Lois Wagner, Agnes Waier, Pat Woier, Barry Waite, Barbara Waldie, Russell Waldie Ccamera shyj. Joan Walker, Kathleen Walker, Darald Wallace, Donna Wardin, Richard Warner, Wilma Warnock, William Washabaugh, Bertha Waterstradt, Jacqueline Watt, Thomas Wayt. Beverly Weaver, Evo Weaver, Edward Weber, Jane Weber, Janice Weber, Joan Weber, James Wegner, Lorraine Wegner, Kenneth Wehner, Lila Wehner. Dorothy Weiderhold, Carole Weinberg, Helen Weisheim, Walter Weiss, Elaine Weitz, Brenden Wells, Jerry Wendel, Ronald Wenzel, Thomas Wenzel, Chuck Werth. Carlene Werth, Rodney Werth, Lila Westendorf, Virginia Westendorf, Jean Westover, Joann Whalen, Jean Wheeler, Donald Whiting, Allen Wieck, Marilyn Wienberg. Charles Wiese, Lois Wilder, Barbara Wildey, Marilyn Wilds, Kenneth Wildinson, Leslie Willett, Beverley Williams, Joan Williams, Merrill Williams, Susan Willits. fifty-eight Patricia Willman, Shirley Willmar, Arlene Willson, Dorothy Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Don Wiltse, Duane Wilise Ccamera shyj, Jack Wiltse, Ralph Wiliso, Nelson Wing, Bernard Winieckie Ccamera shyl, Val Winieckie. Loo Wintersfein, Louise Winfersiein, Beverly Wissmueller, Louis Wihing, Barbara Wolcott, Lois Wolfe, Nancy Wolfe, William Wolfe, Barbara Wood, Clifford Wood Ccamera shyj, Rosemary Wood. Bonnie Woodman, Betty Woolgar, Lucille Wormer, James Wressell, Elspath Wright, Sally Yarmuth, Dollie Yaies, Lloyd Yeo, Bernice Yeomans, Dennis York. Roy York, Richard Youmons, Barbara Young, Peler Young, Belly Zdroikowski, Raymond Zehnder, Ruth Zetzar, Helen Zidick, Helen Ziefz, George Zinlx. Virginia Zoller. , s L . , , -Q I f . .5 .fe 5 A 'E' f, we 'Ae . fe.-fi. . We - -.3 ' . I 4 xi EQ, ...., .,.' S " ,, ,K ,ak Q.. , 1 Q ' 'Q ' .Pl ' N. R-gf ..5, -',- . .I .xrpf N I K ' ff ' gf I f' g I Q I ' ' Q . L. 'V . H- N.. 3 "mf" . A f a u . 5 W' .. W ,J . ' - - L A . f' ' V' 1- 1 'UP .Q 'Q ,K I ' .5-I: shit, S' " -Q S ... fe. ff sf . SERVICE GRADUATES ALBERT N. AMES, RICHARD H. BENNETT, GORDON RUSSELL BRAMAN, NORMAN T. BROTHERS, WILLIAM .M. BROWN, REX H. BROWNE, JR., JACK A. BURGESS, CHARLES DEDLOFF, RICHARD G. DeFOREST, PATRICK R. DOYLE, CHARLES R. FEAVYEAR, WILFRED T. FETTIG, WALTER FICK, JOHN H. FOSTER, LAURENCE GAMBLE, WILLIAM G. GARDYSZEWSKI, ROBERT H. GARRISON, DANIEL GERARD, JAY WILBUR GOOLD, JOHN J. HARRIS, WILLIAM J. HAUG, ROBERT RAY HOLDEN, WILLIAM A. HUBER, STANLEY LEON JUSZKIEWICZ, JACK KARAU, RICHARD L. KELLY, JOSEPH J. KOZACHECK, JOSEPH J. MAKAREWICZ, GASTON P. MARLIER, WILLIAM J. MARR, GEORGE W. MCCANDLESS, VERRILL D. McNABB, RONALD DALE MOORE, ROGER WALDO NEWMAN, ROBERT LYNN PRATT, JOSEPH DUANE PRINGLE, REUBEN R. RANKE, JR., ALLEN JAMES REICHLE, JOHN W. RITTENBERRY, JAMES F. SAGER, RICHARD H. SAMPLE, KENNETH DON SANG, ARNOLD T. SCHMIDT, CHARLES FREDERICK SCHMIDT, ROBERT D. SCOTT, EARL LEONARD SHAFLEY, RALPH ROY SHUCK, ERNEST A. SOHN, STEVE PAUL SUHAN, CHESTER SWARTHOUT, ISABELLE M. THOMP- SON, ROBERT A. TREASE, JOSEPH TROGAN, HERBERT J. VASEY, FRANK J. VEREB, DUANE VERVOORT, EDWARD J. VOIT, MARION J. WIRTANEN, RICHARD D. YOUNKMAN. fifty-nine rs"4" sixty CLASSES and HONORS B 4 " , G fr i l lllll lt?-1 Z W In library DONNA YATES checks out a book for MARI- LYN CHERRY. TED BAASE demonstrotes how he studies for o refresher moth test. DICK VOLKER informs students throughout the building of coming activities as he speaks over the public address. In the clinic supervised by home nursing girls, JEAN STELTZRIEDE makes her patient, VIRGINIA OSTERMANN, comfortable during her hour in the health room. JIM PACKER and DONNA AVERY lead the student body in the salute to the flag at all assemblies. RUTH HERMAN has charge of turning the lights on before and after passing time. JIM JAKES and JUDY JOHNSON use class time to look over their biology lesson. e l - I w I l I I u I E 5 : I I as 1 I I U E 'S I ! 5 P i 1 l I ENGLISH, SPEECH Encourage Better Communication SENIOR ENGLISH is a required course for college preparatory students. MAJOR LECKIE discusses Book Week with the class including BILL KENT, MARLENE RUTHIG, BOB MCGEE, and RUTH ANN HAIST. CORRECTIVE SPEECH CLASS, conducted on the stage of the auditorium, helps students overcome speech defects through recordings and discus- sions of each individuoI's voice. DICK WARNER, MISS CATHERINE FURBEE, instructor, JEAN STOFFEL, DEAN DUFF, GRETA GLASBY, and FRED FELTON run over exercises. sixty-two .-.- 1 In PUBLIC SPEAKING, JOANNE DANKERT pauses a moment before taking her turn in practicing speech with poise and confidence. Class- mate on-loolcers include JIM MATTHIES, LARRY SALVI, and ELAINE SPERRY. JOURNALISM class prepares students for publication work. Writing, photography, advertising, and business management are phases open. ROLAND TROGAN, MARY ANN STRAIT, SALLY BUTTS, DOROTHY NELLETT, and MARILYN CAMPBELL compare their assignments. GOVERNMENT, LANGUAGE Open International Doors SPANISH, one ot the most popular languages taught, aids in promoting world understanding and peace, FRED ACKER, PAT COOK, BILL WASH- ABAUGH, and BARBARA RISDON, use one of the classroom charts as they carry on a conversation about Mexicou GERMAN, lilre other languages, promotes world fellowship through an understanding ol European people and their language. ROBERTA BAUSTERT discusses class work with BOB RUHLIG, ALLEN WIECK, JOHN RUPP, and BONNIE SIMMET. WORLD HISTORY compares the past with the present through use ot textbooks and current news materials. This class strives to promote world harmony through understanding. BETTY BROCKWAY recites on a current issue, a regular Monday event. STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY at the City Hall calls tor those seniors from both Arthur Hill and Saginaw High who have been chosen oc- cording to the city charter by fellow classmates to govern Saginaw for U day. DAVID WATROUS, FRED PORTERFIELD, TED MARKEY, LOREN DIETRICH, MARVIN HILL, HERB BERNTHAL, JOHN LUNDEN, BOB RUPPRECHT, JOHN WESLEY, JOANNE NICHOLAS, DON BLOW- ER, GEORGE MAJORAS, FRED WARD, DICK AGRICOLA, and JOEL MILLS attend a council meeting, sixty-three SCIENCE, MATH Grow Important in Toduy's World i i I PHYSICS students make use of problems and experiments. LARRY PIKE and BILL WASHABAUGH examine a model engine, as BARBARA OLSON and JERRY QUALMAN take notes. REFRESHER MATH may take the place of English 8. Mathematic tests are given each senior to determine whether or not he needs the course. JENETTE COLTON and AL BAUER ponder over a lesson on division of decimals. sixty-four GEOMETRY calls for the use of hand as well as head in making use of such terms as "tcngents", f'triangles", and "theorems". SHIRLEY LAMPEL constructs a circle with a compass while JEAN ROBART, DALE RAYCRAFT, and JOHN SHANNON study the problem. AGRICULTURE CLASSES are mainly concerned with studying soil, crops, and livestock. JACK FISCHER, SALLY HOLLAND, HOWARD BERNREUTER, RONALD LYNCH, and DICK ARMSTRONG are examining beans. Classes are open to both boys and girls from either country or city. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Otter Actual Experience During MECHANICAL DRAWING CLASS, DON BUTTS and REUBEN EWERT combine technical instruments with study to produce a blue print, This course affords an orportunity to prepare for industrial work or an architectural career. Heavy enrollment in INTERIOR DECORATING proves that Hillite girls are interested in their homes. DONNA LEBSACK, ELSIE WHITMORE, EDNA PALMER, and MAE SUE STEVENS display their talents. Students experiment with furniture finishing as well as malxe accessories such as lamp shades for their own use. ART CLASSES offer unlimited opportunities in general art, commercial arts, and costume design. Each student may choose his own field and try new methods of presentation. TED BAASE, PAT GOODROW, and ANN YOUNG make paper figures while WILFRED HORNING does an ink wash. SHOP CLASSES aid in training future carpenters, architects, and home repair men. General repair work of school equipment affords experi- ence. VINCENT DILLEY demonstrates his ability in putting the finishing touches on n marking period project. ...M-.cesuqssmvnv-uni sixty-five VOCATIONAL CLASSES Educate for Immediate Careers SALES CLASSES help prepare students for the commercial world. The course is operated by a merchant-school cooperative plan. Tours and interviews are arranged, and students are placed in jabs to which they are adapted. ANN AKERLEY is being interviewed for a iob by Mr. DERRILL R. RODD, assistant manager of Penney's. Through CLOTHING CLASSES, girls learn to design and create clothing for themselves. ANN REMINGTON tries on a garment for ISABELLE WERTZ to pin the hem in place. LILA WEHNER and AUDRIE COMISKY check one of the sewing machines as part of their daily lesson. sixty-six TYPING CLASSES are open to students who desire training for secre- tarial careers or personal use. KEN KELLY, DON KEITH, STEVE MIKULAY BOB SCHUETTE, JOHN LUNDEN, MARTIN SCHULER, JANICE SCHNARR, and RALPH STROEBEL take a timed test. Boys interested in COOKING are taught to whip up tasty dishes in the school's kitchen. FRED HEINZ and HAROLD BALDAUF prove that cleaning up is essential in the making of a good cook by washing the dishes after their meal. I GYM, ART of LIVING Serve as Required Aids SYMNASIUM CLASSES for girls include instructions pertaining to wealth and sports, and individual aid is available to those students taving personal physical problems. Letters are awarded for intramural sports which are conducted after school. SOYS' GYM CLASSES emphasize physical fitness and good sportsmane ship, These boys, lined up for an intramural race, participate in one at the typical games of the class period, ART of LIVING classes cover a score of subiects such as conduct, per- sonality, and vocations. Dancing, as demonstrated by MARILYN HAND- LOVITS and GEORGE HARRIS, is one of the most liked activities. Table arrangements explained by LOIS KLEMM and EDNA DIENER rate as one of the most useful proiects. ART OF LIVING delves deep into student problems to help underclassmen over the rough spots and start them on the right road. Mr. David GAINEY and DAVID FIGUEROA settle a question by consulting one of the many books available to this clcss. sixty-seven GRADUATION Brings Top Honors sixty-eight NATIONAL Richard Agricola Dorothy Ah rens Barbara Baller Patricia Beckert June Bennison Richard Benthien Herbert Bernthcl William Bow Robert Boyle HONOR SOCIETY Gloria MacFarland Harold Marks JoAnn McClure Lillian McVonneI Philip Michel Elaine Nehls Robert Quackenbush Lee Quicksell Dorothy Rein David Browne Betty Roe Charles Buckel Doris Rogers William Burrows Ilse Rohde Hazel Chisholm Marilyn Clabuesch Pat Cook Marjorie Cramer Elinor Crandell Gloria Davies Carl Rummel Kathleen Russell Marlene Ruthig Jane Satow Harry Schieter Emily Schmidt Marilynn DeHoog Billie Seehase Sally Dierich Sally Spence Carol Doering Mae-Sue Stevens Betty Doyle John R. Stewart Betty Duncan Pat Stewart Helen Eckstorm Betty Stfer Gwen Evans Cora Stone Robert Flucke Betty Strunk Marcia Goldtarb Mary A. Suino William Haas Betty Trippensee Ruth Haist Billie Vaughan Mary J. Haithco Mary L. Harvie Gisele Hennecke Bonnie Hoefling Suzanne Kane Lois Kern Luella Kraft Sally LaBraI'e Ruth Langschwager Dolores Levi James List Phyllis Voigt Richard Volker Marilyn Voorheis Beverly Wade Barbara Wallgren Frederick Ward David Watrous Mabel Wesson Barbara Woodcock Waldo Zehnder Norman Zilber DAVID HINKIN, JOHN HENSEL, and BARBARA TANNER display their honors after graduation last June. David won the Michigan Plaque, John won the Arthur Hill Scholarship, and Barbara won the lpple Cup. MARY ANN SUINO was rated by her classmates and teachers as the best senior girl citizen for dependability, personality, and scholastic averages. For these outstanding traits Mary Ann was given the DAR award for I948-49. RUTH ANN HAIST as one ot the most outstanding iuniors of her class, was chairman of the National Honor Society Assembly. She was chosen by the faculty cabinet. PAUL HINKIN, LORRAINE AVERY, and BILL ROOKER were the winners of the Hi-Y and Y-Teens cups of 1948. This honor is given to the most outstanding sophomore boy and girl. Paul and Bill's activity rating brought a tie for the boys' cup. !e""Qf ...uv N. . .X gl I I f si.. . . -5. X , A 'Q 1,: iz. "KJ . ,f',:, L Z ROBERT BOYLE, a national winner in Quill and Scroll's UN interview contest, placed with "Peace Versus a Painted Pillar." SALLY BUTTS was a national winner in Quill and Scroll's editorial contest. GWEN EVANS won the Saginaw News first place in Observance of Newspaper Week, and also was a national Quill and Scroll winner. MARILYN JAKES received honorable mention in Observance of Newspaper Week, and both local and national interview and editorial awards. She was a member of Seventeen's May student staff. AUDREY LLEWELLYN received honorable mention in Quill and Scroll's editorial contest and was a national winner in Joe Kelley Quiz Kid's Best Teacher Contest. TED MacRAE won national recognition in Quill and Scroll's UN spring editorial contest. BETTY MEYER received national recognition in Quill and Scroll advertising competition PHYLLIS VOIGT took an award at Michigan State College in photography. MARILYN VOORHEIS received an award at Michigan State College in Newswriting. SUE WILLITS lcamera shyl received an honorable mention in Quill and Scroll's fall contest. NORMAN ZILBER won honorable mention with an interview on world peace. TED BAASE placed second in the City Poppy Poster Contest. ROBERT YOUNG placed first in the City Poppy Poster Contest. MAI POPP won honorable mention in the 37th Annual Woman's Art Club Contest. Awards in the National Scholastic Art Contest were given to MARILYNN BALLANTYNE, EDNA DIENER, CAROLE DILL, FRED FIGUEROA, PAT GOODROW, JOYCE MILLAR, MARY RICHIR, NANCY RUTHERFORD, BILL VERNON, and ANN YOUNG. fk'r ROLAND TROGAN won regional honors in declamation in Lansing. PAT COOK placed first in the city wide VFW essay contest. ,QU7 PAUL JAQUISH won the General Motors Fisher Body Craftsmen Guild scholarship. ILSE ROHDE won a local and notional award in the Annual Photographers Competition. .. .S 'R its MERVIN RICHARDSON was named os the out- standing science student of 1947-48. sixty-nine COOPERATION Goins Group Honors Transcription and shorthand students who won O.G.A. pins are: I.OIS LASHUA, PAT MCCARTHY, SUSAN BECKLER, MARY ELLEN BAUKUS, PHYL- LIS RANKE, GERTRUDE SCHOENOW, CLEO HULL, ESTHER HELFAND, JOAN DAVIES, MARILYN CLABUESCH, JO ANN CATRAIN, JOYCE CARTWRIGHT, ELLEN THIEL, BARBARA BIERLEIN, MAXINE RAU, ARDIS GOSLIN, ILSE ROHDE, SALLY LA BRAKE, MARLENE RUTHIG, JEANNE ITTNER, IRMA REISBIG, BARBARA BALZER, JO ANN MCCLURE, LEONA LOESEL, and BETTY NEWMAN. Girls having more than two hundred points won their letters by parti- cipating in the girls' intramural sports program. The letter winners are MARLENE EICHLER, ROBERTA BAUSTERT, FRANCES CLINE, LUELLA KINGRY, EILEEN DAVIS, IDA MARIE LANG, RUTH BORNHEIMER, JACKIE WATT, BARBARA RICHTER, DONNA KYES, SUE DENGLER, BAR- BARA WALDIE, EVA WEAVER. The letter winners not present when the picture was taken were: Dorothy Bauer, Laurella Bostwick, Emily Boyd, Marilyn Campbell, Marjorie Cramer, Betty MacDougalI, and Lillian McVannel. The "Farmers" baseball team won the baseball championship in girls' intramural sports. The team members were: BETTY GEHRCKE, NANCY BEHRENS, JOAN SCHMIDT, CLARA SCHULER, RUTH TEAGUE, DOLORES MORELAND, DOROTHY PAULUS, CAPTAIN DONALEE SAUVE, JOYCE WISHART, and JOYCE GARDNER. The team became champions when they won six games with no losses. Girls' intramural volleyball championship was won by JOANNE DAVIS, FRANCES CLINE, JOANNE TILLMAN, BARBARA RICHTER, AGNES WAIER, DOROTHY BAUER, LOIS LEBACH, and JOYCE MILLAR. The team placed first with six wins and no losses. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO T948 GRADUATES Bay City Junior College, Bay City ................ Central Michigan College, Mt. Pleasant-two year tuition Chicago Art Institute, Chicago-tuition .............. Dana College, Blair, Nebraska-tuition ...... Houghton School of Mines, Houghton-tuition .. Michigan State College, Lansing-tuition .... University of Michigan, Ann Arbor .............,.................. Metzger ....Joan Bullard, Joan Neubauer, Jane Safford, Phyllis LeCronier . ........Barbara Tanner ..,..Joan Voigt ...William Pruyne Rooker .John Hensel CA.H. Scholarshipj, David Hinkin, Alan Knoll, Mary Ellen Turnbull Nursing-St. Elizabeth's Hospital-Psychiatry, Washington, D.C.-S700 ..................................................... Kathleen Bueker Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana-S200 ...... ,... ..... Wells College, Aurora, New York-S700 ........ seventy . ...Mary Evelyn Rice .....Julia Holmes HILLITES Rate High in Out-of-School Competition m I , .,,, :AV t , , ff Alil IIIIV Q g , 'Q 9' ' f A 6 DON BUTTS, DICK CASE, BOB KLUMP, and DON VIBERT, placed first in the state solo and ensemble trumpet competition in Ann Arbor. JOAN BULLARD, LILLIAN POPP, and MARION ZORN received pins for their outstanding work in the Spanish Club. MARCIA GOLDFARB claimed the French Club pin. MARILYN HINES icamera shyl earned the Latin Club pin. STATE FARMERS' AWARD this year went to GENE BUCHINGER, ERNEST SCHAEFF, RONALD POPP, and DICK HUNTER in reward for outstanding achievement in Future Farmers of America work. They survived regional and state competition. Audrey Llewellyn shows MISS LINA WARD, her candidate for the Quiz Kids' Best Teacher Contest, the watch she received for placing fourth in the nation. FORENSIC PIN WINNERS for this year are: CHUCK MANSKE, LOR- RAINE AVERY, DON BECKER, MARILYN AVERY, AUDREY LLEWELLYN, MARY PACKARD, BOB TOWNLEY, SALLY BUTTS, JOAN WEBER, LARRY EYNON, and SAM MORELLO. These students won l:y giving speechs in the Valley Tournament. lQYQnfy'onQ STUDENT ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES '5 C900 V nmgun mu welt SWOOL Student 0f8'Ul'utl'm seventy-Iwo Mew-Ler-Yl"P CMJ' JQQU-AQ N9 515 shui- ' ' al - Qc, QL- ff" 050: G a""' BOB SCHUETTE and BOB RUHLIG enter the gymnasium for the annual Sophomore party. BRUCE YOUNG, drum maior of the Arthur Hill marching band, presents a football autographed lzy the members of the team to QUEEN BILLIE SEEHASE. Her attendants are SALLY DIERICH and MAE-SUE STEVENS. BUYING TICKETS from GRETA MYERS and JEAN WHEEL- ER for one of the many Club Hillite dances are BILL SANDS, DICK MINER, and TED SHREVE. DON BUTTS, VICTOR GRAUF, BOB BURDITT, IRENE SMITH, and RUTH ANN HAIST were the five soloists in the annual Spring Concert. FIRST PLACE TROPHY for Regional Championship at the Flint IMA Auditorium is received by FRED GOODROW, BEN KRAFT, BOB GRAY, CAPTAIN PAUL HINKIN, ED THOMPSON, JIM PREMO, BOB WEICHERT, GLENN HOERNLEIN, JIM ROMAKER, and MAJOR LECKIE. X I D CLUB OFFICERS Provide Leadership rw, X 424 A :SW 1 'Nl S Examining the model of a human torso, are the officers of the BIOS LOGIA CLUB, BARBARA SHULAW, secretary, PAT DENGLER, vice- presidentg LILLIAN MCVANNEL, president, and DOROTHY BAUER, treasurer. The Bugs Ball is the annual project of the biology-minded students in this club. ALCHEMIST CLUB officers MARCIA GOLDFARB, treasurer, MARJORIE CRAMER, president, MABEL WESSON, secretary, and ELINOR CRAN- DELL, vice-president, discuss the retort, the cIub's symbol. This club recog- nizes girls outstanding in chemistry class. seventy-four FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CLUB members ccrry out many pro- iects to help boys become better acquainted with modern agricultural methods. Officers, DICK HUNTER, president, GENE BUCHINGER, vice- president, DAVE NICOL, secretary, and ERNEST SCHAEFF, treasurer, examine a leaf for hunger signs. THE CRUCIBLE CLUB, made up of boys who have done outstanding work in chemistry, carry out research in chemical science. Officers, DON WEHNER, secretary, CARL RUMMEL, vice-president, RICHARD BURROWS, president, NORMAN ZILBER, vice-president, and DAVID WATROUS, treasurer, prepare an experiment. CLUB MEMBERSHIP Stimulutes Interest Learning the art of making an attractive home are FUTURE HOME- MAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB officers, LORRAINE WOLF, president, DORALDEAN THOMAS, vice president, JOY WITHERELL, treasurer, and GWEN RUPP, secretary. This club is open for membership to all students who mv taking ci courss- in home 1-conomics. BOWLING CLUB oliicr-rs DORIS MOSSNER, publicity chairman, SALLY DIERICH, prusiclc-nt, unrl JoANN PAQUETTE, secretary, check over the howling averages of the club members. The club meets every other Friday at Parklancl Lanes. Lorrainv Fanger, vicefpresident, is not in thu pidurv, RIFLE CLUB officers, RONALD BEAN, presidentg and BILL WEBB, vice- president, watch fellow officer JACK SCHNARR, secretary, improve his technique in handling a gun. Prizes are awarded lor slcill in marle- manship through interscholastic competition. FUTURE RETAILERS CLUB is composed of students from both Arthur Hill and Saginaw High Schools. Club members conduct tours and study retailing problems. DON STEVENS, vice-president, DELLA SCHMIDT, treasurer, and BILL KOENIG, presidentg serve food at the club's vulen- Iine party Io JEANETTE NAWROCK, JACQUELINE SAUVE, BARBARA JACOB, MARILYNN BERG, GEORGE PESHICK, NATHAN SLOCUM, and DONALD SHAW. seventy-live CLUB PROJECTS Prove Important BOC CLUB honors music students, both instrumental and vocal. Officers LORRAINE MERRIAM, first semester vice-president and second semester secretary, WALTER SCHUETT, second semester vice-president, JoANN PRUYNE, treasurer, EVA NOBLET, second semester president, and DON BUTTS, first semester president, admire the piano technique of RICHARD CROOKS, first semester secretary. LATIN CLUB officers, MARJORIE CAMPBELL, point chairman, MARY ANN SUINO, president, HAZEL CHISHOLM, vice-president, and MARY D. HOLMES, treasurer, plan their annual auction sale. These girls have graduted from their status of slaves by earning honor points and are now free members. Missing from this picture is Suzanne Kane, secretary. seventy-six In preparation for the SPANISH CLUB's annual Sombrero Swing, JEANNE ITTNER, treasurer, BARBARA RISDON, president, LAURA MUIRHEAD, vicespresident, all second semester officers, and MAI POPP, first semeter president, discuss plans for posters. Other officers include Win Case, second semester secretary, and Betty Duncan, treasurer, Mary Ann Suino, secretary, and Lillian Popp, vice-president for first semester. GERMAN CLUB officers conduct sales of loyalty pins through which funds are raised for club uses. Examining these novelties are BOB RUHLIG, second semester treasurer, LORRAINE SCHLEIMER, first semester vice- president and second semester secretary, ROBERTA BAUSTERT, second semester president, VIOLA FEINAUER, first semester secretary, LOVELL KAIN, first semester treasurer, and LORETTA PAVELICH, first semester president and second semester vice-president. CLUB WORK Develops Personality HI Y, Q service organization for hoys, is interested in making members like JIM RUPP, vire-presirlentg JIM ROMAKER, trecisurerg CHUCK WIESE, secretaryg and DAVE BROWNE, president, into better citizens and leaders. All hoya En'r1ir-s'c-cl in social service work are welcomed. ARTSDRAMATICS CLUB officers, MARY ANN SUINO, secretary, DOLORES LEVI, president, and SUZANNE KANE, vice-president, look over costumes to he usefl in their annual play. This yecir's production was "Come Out of the Kitchen." Beverly Wade, not in the picture, is club treasurer. Y-TEENS CLUB pcicks clothing for overseu's shipment. SALLY LcBRAKE, first semester secretary, MARY ANN SUINO, first semester vice-president, and Miss DOROTHEA MOUNTZ, club advirer, f'II a box while SUZANNE KANE, first semester president, and VIRGINIA HOLMES, second semester president, look on approvingly. Other officers include Beverly Wade, Carol Doering, first and second semester treosurers, Lorraine Avery, second semester secretary, FRENCH CLUB officers MARY JANE HAITHCO, president, GERRY DRYER, vice-president, DOLORES LEVI, treasurerq cnd HELEN NIEDERSTADT, secretory, prepare pomfpoms to sell for the Thanksgiving game. This is an annual proiect of the club. diss: s SSVEIHY-SEVEN A. H. NEWS Again Takes Gallup Award l A NEWS STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY wouIdn'r , be complete without Santa being there. Ex- cited BETTY MEYER unwrops her gift from Santo, DAVE BROWNE. JUNIORS LARRY PIKE AND HENRY MARKS- BURY PRESENT EDITOR EVANS WITH THE HUMOR ISSUE, THE ARTHUR HILL SHMOO. COMPETENT GWEN EVANS, by vote of her stuff, served the school as editor in chief of the Arthur Hill News. Writing and editing their lost copy tor the Arthur Hill News were eleven seniors: GWEN EVANS, editor, BOB BOYLE, managing editor, MARILYN VOORHEIS, DOROTHY REIN, MARYON ZORN, NORMAN ZILBER, DAVE BROWNE, PHYLLIS VOIGT, SUE VunSlCKLE, CAROL DOERING, and BETTY MEYER, advertising editor. seventy-eight LEGENDA Rated As "Best In State" 4 l' 1-ufff' ,,.u x SENIORS, standing, FAY CUTHBERTSON, TED BAASE, PAT SEAMAN, and, seated, BARBARA WOODCOCK, SALLY DIERICH, NANCY RUTHERFORD, CAROL YANCER, and JANICE HACKETT led the staff in publishing this year's LEGENDA. HONORED by being officers of Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school iournalists, are ViceAPresident and Program Chair- man MARILYN VOORHEIS, President GWEN EVANS, Secretary MARYON ZORN, and Pledge Master BOB BOYLE. TOM BASSETT, DAVE BROWNE, and ANN GLASS help JIM SPRUNGER, See-mann and Peters' employee, unload the '48 LEGENDA. THE '48 LEGENDA gets the approval of these Journalism Day representatives at Michigan State College when the Arthur Hill yearbook was named the Best Yearbook in the State, X .-,,l,,, 1144... I af Xe., Q I seventy-nine BAND MEMBERS Earn Four State Awards LYLE HUFF leads oi cheer with his trumpet out the football game. BAND MEMBERS help to enliven school spirit. Members include, drums: DON PASEL, BOB HUEBLER, JIM GLICK, VANCE PROPER, DON BUTTS, drum muior, BRUCE YOUNG, busses: GERALD FREHLING, GEORGE JARLOCK, DOLORES HUEE, JOHN R. STEWART, DICK SEBALD, Clarinefss JOAN DAVIES, ROLLYN LLEWELLYN, BONNIE HINTE, MARIAN GAL- BRAITH, GLORIA TEMPLE, KEN MURPHY, DONNA BEECHLER, JOANN PRUYNE, KATHLEEN MARKS, Ltdrifonesz FRANKLIN KERN, ROLAND TROGAN, HAROLD BOWMAN, LYLE HUFF, trumpets: DICK CASE, DON VIBERT, BOB KLUMP, DAVID HOLLAND, DICK CROOKS, TERRY ANDRE, RUDY FRENCH, BILL BRUTON, LAURA MUIRHEAD, GERRY BOW, BON' NIE WOODMAN, SALLY YARMOUTH, SALLY SORGATZ, ERWIN SEBALD, bossoon: RUTH HAIST, saxophones: MAURICE RUSHLOW, BILL MILLER, JANET SIEGGREEN, BOB PRESSPRICH, MARCELENE METIVA, KEN HUNTER, ccrnefs: DON SCOTT, BOB POHLMAN, LAWRENCE LOISELLE, JERRY JACQUES, clorinets: VIC GRAUF, PAT WAIER, RUTH GLASS, PHYLLIS RANKE, ORMA TAYLOR, flutes: JOYCE OSBORN, DORIS , COVEN, DELORES MEYER, AGNES WAIER, BETTY NIEDERQUELL, MARY LOU HARVIE. mst www, ORCHESTRA MEMBERS blend their instruments together into perfect harmony at all dramatic occasions. They include, drums: BOB HUEBLER, JIM GLICK, DON PASEL, buss violz TOM GOCHNAUR, HELEN BRUTON, NORMAN GROSS, piano: JACKIE THROOP, violins: BOB BARNEY, PAT PHIL- LIPS, SALLY BUTTS, DON BUTTS, HAROLD HERZOG, BOB LESCELIUS, JcANN PRUYNE, KATHLEEN MARKS, trombone: DICK SEBALD, trumpets: DON VIBERT, DICK CASE, DAVE VANCE, CIUYIIIGIZ VICTOR GRAUF, bcssoonz RUTH ANN HAIST, violins: FRED LICKIEIG, LEONARD PORTERFIELD, BETTY TUKE, ARLEEN ELDRED, DON SPRINGER, GLORIA GULLIFOR, flutes: LOIS BERNTHAL, and MARY LOU HARVIE. eighty ZINK, DON SHAW, drum major, ROLAND BRONNER, trombones: BOB CHOIR, CHORUS Entertain Many Organizations Hill Dance Band for future auditory records. GIRLS' CHORUS completes musical harmony. Top row: DONA RANKE, MARLENE EICHLER, CLEO LAMPEL, ELAINE WEITZ, JEAN WESTOVER, JACKIE THROOP, ELAINE BUEHLER, LOIS LEBSCH, MARY MILLER, PEGGY JOHNSON, LORRAINE FEIT, BETTY DOYLE, ETHYL REYNOLDS, DOLORES COMPEAU, second row: ROBERTA MacGREGOR, CAROL RICHMOND, NANCY BOYER, CAROLINE BECHTEL, MARGUERITE LEPPIEN, DONNA AVERY, SUE SHAUBEL, BEVERLEY ROOSA, CAROL BREITER, ROSEMARIE SHANNON, PAULINE HENRY, LORRAINE WEGNER, MARIE LEWELLEN, bottom row: CAROLE CLAYTON, DONALEE SAUVE, BETTY NEUMAN, CECILIA BASHANS, ELIZA- BETH BASTIAN, ROSEMARY WOOD, FRANCES DEE, ELAINE LOVE, NANCY McCUTCHEON. M DONNA BROWN, ALICE DeMERITT, FRANCES HORN, and JOYCE DYE, nn' L CHOIR provides musical moments in concerts, pugeants, and the Band Bounce. Members are, top row: BOB KLUMP, HAROLD NEEDHAM, ROGER BURNS, ED MORGAN, BOB KRAGENBRINK, DICK GUGEL, DICK HUNTER, TONY MICELI, JOHN MOORE, CARL ROBINSON, ED KRAGENBRINK, CHUCK HISE, WARREN BENNETT, DICK BENTHIEN, JIM KARPICKEp third row: ROBERT BARBER, ROLAND TROGAN, SUZANNE SCHMIDT, HELEN ECK- STORM, VIOLA HARSHMAN, NORREEN HARE, CANDACE KAISER, MARY D. HOLMES, MARY NEUBAUER, EVELYN HOFFMAN, CAROL KNISLEY, JIM SMITH, second row: BARBARA BIESSEL, LILLIAN HEINZ, DOROTHY AHRENS, MARILYN DITTMAR, LOIS KERN, HELEN BRUTON, FRANCES BLOOM- FIELD, BETTY ROSSMAN, SALLYANN MAHONEY, LILLIAN WOOLGAR, DORIS KOEPPLINGER, first row: EVELYN BOESE, JOYCE RICHARD, LORRAINE MERRIAM, IRENE SMITH, LAVERNE SCHEIWE, RETA KIMMEL, DONNA FLOETER, LUCILLE SMITH, and BARBARA BALZER. eighty-one DRAMATICS PRODUCTIONS Include Plays, MARY D. HOLMES and VALERIA JABLONSKI rehecrse their lines for "As You Like It," the iunior ploy. MAE-SUE STEVENS, ROLAND TROGAN, and DAVE BROWNE complete this wedding ceremony in "Our Town." Attending this ceremony are FRANKLIN MERRICK and GRANT SMITH. JERRY LAKE, LOIS KLEMM, MARY D. HOLMES, ROLAND TROGAN, and VALERIA JABLONSKI appear in a forest scene from the iunior ploy, "As You Like It," Arthur HiII's second Shokespecrion production. THE SENIOR PLAY, "OUR TOWN," finds ROLAND TROGAN und MARY ANN SUINO staring out of on imcxginury window. The ploy culled for a great deal of imagination from the audience. eighty-Iwo Pageunts, And A Variety Show 4 TWO PEASANT BOYS, BOB TOWNLEY und CHUCK WIESE, share their porridge with their uncle, HANK MARKSBURY, in this year's Christmas Pageant, "Why The Chimes Rang." THE DUTCH CHORUS dances to the music of Dutch songs in the Band Bounce. GERALD KLUCK courts BARBARA TANNER while the Girls' Chorus serenacles them in the background. This act was a specialty in the T948 Band Bounce. IN THE FINALE of the Christmas Pageant, the angels watch in awe as HENRY MARKSBURY, DAVID BROWNE, ROBERT SHEPHERD, BETTY TRIPPENSEE, RAY GEDDES, DELORES lEVl, CHUCK WIESE, and BOB TOWNLEY worship the Christ Child, ROBERT BOYLE leads his Sunny-Side-Up boys, JIM LIST, CHUCK WIESE, JACK COOPER, BOB SIMON, KEITH SEELOFF, and RICHARD GUGEL, This group provided the humor throughout the Band Bounce. ,www ww gwfwmw f 1,5 eighty-three BEAUTY, ENTHUSIASM Reign At Homecoming Early homecoming festivities beckoned Queen BILLIE LOU SEEHASE, and her attendants, SALLY DIERICH and MAEASUE STEVENS, to reign over the vi:- torious Homecoming game and dance. A court of eight members ottended the queen and CHEERLEADERS pull for every cunce of enthusiasm to spur tecms on to greater heights at ull games. Standing are: ROYAL BURNELL, ROGER BURNS, WARREN BENNETT, kneeling are: NORMA BUDDLE, JOAN KUSHMAUL, .IOANN SPRUNGER, ccnd NANCY HAAR, her attendants, Sitting: SALLY DIERICH, Queen BILLIE, MAE-SUE STEVENS, standing: MARY RICH- IR, HAZEL CHISHOLM, LEE QUICKSELL, SALLY SPENCE, ELAINE SPERRY, MARILYN DEHOOG, JANE TOTTEN, and MABEL WESSON, SONGLEADERS keep the student body voice in unison throughout the singing of school songs. Lett to right are: JOYCE DYE, LOU ANN HENSLER, PAT DENGLER, HAZEL CHISHOLM, and NANCY MCCUTCH- EON. eighty-four Lettermen Club officers tor T948-1949, MR. STANLEY SWIFT, secretary- treasurer, and MR, THOMAS TALLON, vice-president, entertain MR. HOWARD PATTERSON, a former Lumberiack. CHARLES MCCAFFREE shows a swimming medal to ROD QUIGLEY, Swim- ming Coach DAVE GAINEY, DICK AGRICOLA, and JIM QUIGLEY at the annual Fordney Club banquet. Fall weather brings out enthusiastic gridsters to whom Coach KENNETH KELLY hands out the football equipment. Halfback SHIRLE GULLIVER lugs the pigskin tor the Lumberiacks as lineman DICK O'RlORDAN backs him up. Football bleachers overflow with capacity crowds at practically all home games. Loyal Hillites help in cheering their team on to victory. Swimmer JIM FURSTENBURG practices his specialty, the breaststroke. Intent expressions dominate the scene in the stands as the Lumberiacks record another victory in a home basketball game. Hill basketball players participate in a warm-up session preceeding one of the games in the semi-finals at Jennison Field House in East Lansing. MR. JACK BLOTT, MR. GEORGE CEITHAMAL, DR. J. ORTON GOOD- SELL and DON SCHIESSWOHL talk over old times at the annual Letter- men's banquet. Coach KENNETH KELLY congratulates PAUL HINKIN, GLENN HOERN- LEIN, ED THOMPSON, BOB GRAY and FRED GOODROW on their vic- tory over Saginaw High, which won the Regional championship. Co-captains DON EDWARDS and FRED LICKTEIG accept the Little Brown Jug from MR. CHESTER KERSHESKE, Lions Club representative, as RALPH KOHL and Alumnus DICK RIFENBURG look on. FRED GOODROW, iumping high between two Troian players, AL WELSCH and CHET FRANCKE, attempts a pass to PAUL HINKIN, Hillite All-State forward, in the basketball thriller which ended Arthur Hill 62, Saginaw High 60. Basketball stars, ED THOMPSON, KEN ROMAINE, and FRED GOODROW, walk down the aisle made by loyal Hillites, as the players depart for the State finals at East Lansing. Stellar shot-putter, DON SCHIESSWOHL, hurls the twelve pound sphere to place first in this event. eighty-tivo LUMBERJACK GRID SQUAD ended the '48-'49 football season with a record of 5 wins to 4 losses and placed third in the Valley Conference. First row: BILL ROOKER, CHUCK BUCKEL, DICK O'RIORDAN, HOWARD MARTIN, BOB GRAY, DON SCHIESSWOHL, ED LEPPIEN, LOREN DIETRICH, LEN THOMAS. Second row: JACK SEARS, DON BELL, TED MARKEY, SHIRLE GULLIVER, ED THOMPSON, BOB WEICHERT, HARRY ORDWAY, MARTIN HEINIKE, RANDALL BRAMAN, GERALD GOSLIN. Third row: Coach KENNETH KELLY, MARVIN HILL, FRED PORTERFIELD, KIM SHRADER, STEVE BERENYI, HERB KUTSCH, JOHN TAYLOR, JOE RONAN, CLIFFORD SCHULTZ, HERBERT BERNTHAL, GENE BUCHINGER, Line Coach GLENN MASON. Fourth row: RALPH FRAHM, HAROLD NEUMAN, JACK LEAMAN, TOM TONKIN, CHUCK HISE, VAL WINIECKIE, JIM ROMAKER, MELVIN KARP, DON STEVENS, SHERMAN SCHOTT, and DON ADAMS. DON SCHIESSWOHL, guard, by his outstanding playing throughout the season won a first team rating on the National, All-State, and All-Valley teams. BOB GRAY, center, was picked for honorable mention on the All-Valley team. CHUCK BUCKEL, consistent center, placed on All-Valley second team and honorable mention on All-State team. SHIRLE GULLIVER by his fast breaking was picked for honorable mention on the All-Valley team. Small but speedy fullback, TED MARKEY, made honorable mention on the All-Valley team. ED THOMPSON,alternating halfback and quarterback, placed second on All-Valley team and honorable mention on the All-State team. Hard-Hitting tackle, DICK O'RlORDAN, was selected for honorable mention on the All-Valley team. Guard LOREN DIETRICH, was chosen tor second team All-Valley and honorable mention on All-State team. Nov. Nov. FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD VALLEY STANDINGS Won Lost Tied Flint Northern ... ... 5 0 1 Flint Central ... .. . 5 0 1 Saginaw High . ,. . .. 4 1 1 ARTHUR HILL .. 3 2 1 Pontiac ....... . . . 2 4 0 Owosso ..,... . . . 1 5 0 Bay City . , . . . 6 0 WON Sep. ARTHUR HILL 20 Lansing Eastern 19 Sep. Hamtramck ... 19 ARTHUR HILL 13 Oct. ARTHUR HILL 7 Gr. Rapids S. . O CHomecomingJ Oct. ARTHUR HILL 26 Owosso ...... 2 Oct. ARTHUR HILL 20 Bay City ..... 0 Oct. Flint Northern. 28 ARTHUR HILL 20 Nov. ARTHUR HILL 0 Flint Central . 0 I ARTHUR HILL 30 Saginaw High.. 14 Thanksgiving Dayl Pontiac ..... . 0 ARTHUR HILL 6 eighty-six J. V. FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD Owosso ..... ARTHUR HILL Flint Northern ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL Bay City ..... ARTHUR HILL Flint Central . Pontiac ...... Saginaw High . BASKETBALL TEAM Rates As Stute's Best VALLEY BASKETBALL STANDINGS PAUL HINKIN, star hook-shot artist, placed as the best forward on Wun LII I ARTHUR HILL , . 12 O Bay ClLy 7 5 Flint Nurlllurn 7 5 Pnnlimt . . 6 6 rl Saginaw, . 5 7 Flin! Cunlml 4 8 .I Owussn . 1 11 Winner Lnscr 4 I R Dun. 14 ARTHUR HILL 37 Midland . . 35 1 Duz. 17 ARTHUR HILL 49 FIIITL Cunlrill 34 ' M Jani, 7 ARTHUR HILL , 43 PIIIIIIQIC 33 RE' "' R T 0" J In. 11 ARTHUR HILL, 67 SHQIITEIW .. . 50 1 wt 'L 3' Jan. 14 ARTHUR HILL 40 Owossu . , . 32 C Jilll. 18 ARTHUR HlLL,. 52 Buy Cily . . 46 Jan. 21 ARTHUR HILL . 50 Flinl Norlhcrn 38 Feb. 4 ARTHUR HIl.L,. 40 Flint Central 30 Lumberjack basketeers completed the '48-'49 season with I7 straight VICTOTIES and one Feb, 11 ARTHUR HILL.. 60 Midland .... 36 , , , Feb- 15 AQTHUR HILL.. 55 pliug N,,rU,c,,, 42 defeat whlch cost them the Siate championship. Slate runners-up Include first row Feb. 18 ARTHUR HILL,. SS Ownsso .,, 33 W M Feb' 22 ARTHUR HILL- 62 Saginaw -V 60 FRED GOODRO , JIM PRE O, PAUL HINKIN, GLENN HOERNLEIN ED THOMPSON Feb. 25 ARTHUR HILL. 28 Pnnliao ,... 24 second row: BENNY KRAFT, ARNOLD RENZ, BOB GRAY, JIM ROMAKER SHIRLE GULLI Mn" 1 ARTHUR H'LL' 63 Bay my 'I' 57 VER, couch KENNETH KELLY, third l'0W: KIM SCHRADER, KEN ROMAINE Bon WEICHERT LEONARD PORTERFIELD, MAJOR LECKIE, and ANDREW ROBERTSON manager J. V, BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD REGIONAL Mm-:II 9, 11, 12 ARTHUR HILL WEE Md' d l-151 ARTHUR HILL . 41 FIIIII NIIHIIUHI 36 FHM Centra, 44 AATILIIUR 'HILL "" 22 ARTHUR HILL , 65 siqmfiw , 43 ARTHUR FULL "" 30 Pmmac 24 ARTHUR HILL 61 PU" H"""' 55 Saginaw ...... ff so ARTHUR 'HILL' ' U 31 ARTHUR HILL 30 Owosso .,....... . 24 ARTHUR HILL 40 Bay Cily ......, . 24 Flini N0rLhern .,.. 28 ARTHUR HILL 26 ARTHUR HILL 40 Flint Cenlral ..,. . 32 Midland .,.. ,... 3 9 ARTHUR HILL 31 , V K Flinl Norlhern .... 41 ARTHUR HILL 39 HNAL5 'V"""" 15- 13319 ARTHUR HILL 40 Owosso ,........ . 31 ARTHUR HILL 48 Brly Clly .,,, 36 Saginaw ..,...... 38 ARTHUR HILL 30 ARTHUR HILL 54 Battle Creek .... 36 Pnnliac .......... 47 ARTHUR HILL 36 K:nIznnn1UII 53 ARTHUR HILL 37 ARTHUR HILL 40 Bay City .,...... 24 All State and All Valley lirst teams. ED THOMPSON, fast breaking guard, received honorable mention on the All-State rating, and placed as guard on the AlIVaIIey first team, FRED GOODROW, Hillite high hurdling baslmeteer, was honored on the AII Valley sr-cond team. BOB GRAY, steady forward, received honorable menlion in All-Valley rating. JIM PREMO, an expr-rt under the back boards, placed on the All-Valley second Ieam. eighty-seven SWIMMERS Dominate Vulley Victories SEASON RECORD VALLEY STANDINGS Won Lost ARTHUR HILL 6 0 Pontiac ........ . . . 3 3 Flint Central ..... . . . 2 4 Bay City ......... .... 1 5 Won Lost Lansing Eastern . 50 ARTHUR HILL.. 56 ARTHUR HILL. . 55 ARTHUR HILL. . 58 ARTHUR HILL.. 38 ARTHUR HILL.. 57 ARTHUR HILL. . 55 ARTHUR HILL.. 56 ARTHUR HILL.. 52 Lansing Eastern . 56 ARTHUR HILL.. 27 ARTHUR HILL. . Bay City .... ,. Flint Central Bay City ...... Pontiac ...,... Battle Creek ... Flint Central 34 28 14 26 Jackson ....... 26 27 29 28 28 Pontiac ....... STATE MEET Battle Creek . .. 15 15 Monroe ......, CEREAL BOWL RELAYS Lansing Eastern , 54 ARTHUR HILL.. 47 28 Battle Creek 51 East Gr. Raoids. DICK AGRICOLA, captain, placed second in the 200-yard freestyle and fourth in the individual medley in the State meet. BOB CHRISTIANS displays the swan dive, one of his specialties. He placed third in the State meet. PETE MORLEY, who had no trouble winning first places throughout the season, placed third in the I00-yard freestyle at the State meet. PAUL BEACH, along with other members of the freestyle relay, splashed to second place in the State meet. TOM CAWLEY, junior diver, placed second in the State meet. FRED WARD helped the other members of the freestyle relay to come through for a rating ot second place in the State meet. eighty-eight HILLITE TANKERS concluded the I948-49 season by winning the Valley championship and placing second in the State meet. Team mem- bers were: first row, JIM MATTHIES, BILL SPATZ, BOB CHRISTIANS, FRED WARD, BOB DUST, PAUL BEACH, second row, HAROLD MARX, Manager BOB MacMILLAN, DICK AGRI4 COLA, NATHAN SLOCUM, DAVID BRAUN, JIM FURSTENBURG, Manager RALPH STROEBEI., Coach DAVID GAINEY, third row, DUANE MEIER, BEN WELLS, BOB LYONS, DICK DREW- YER, DICK SAUER, TOM CAWLEY, MERRILL WILLIAMS, and DICK HAINES. Won Lost SPRING SPORTS Recognize Individual Prowess 1948 GOLF RECORD Won ARTHUR HILL ,. ..... 454 Flint Central ,. 468 Pontiac ..., Flin! Central , , . ARTHUR HILL Flinl Northern ,.,. Bay City Central . JOINT MEET -- PONTIAC ...lstulace ....2nd place ....3rd place ....4Ih place ....5th Dlace I948 GOLF TEAM Members, TOM SPENCE, HAROLD MARKS, FRED WARD, HERB SPENCE, and DICK HOWELL, demonstrale the correct way Io hold c golf club. The leom placed lhird in Volley standings. I949 TRACK SCHEDULE April 7 April 12 Auril 16 April 22 Auril 29 May 7 May 14 May 21 May 28 Juno 1 ARTHUR HILL 45-516 ARTHUR HILL 52-2X3 Saginaw High 32 iRiver Rouge Relaysl ARTHUR HILL 74 Saginaw High 72 Saginaw High 79 INIL. Pleasanl Relays! Saginaw High 72' 2 Ihegiiiiial Meet Slate Meet Nun-Grail Meet Saginaw High 40-1X6 Flin! Northern 33-1X3 ARTHUR HILL 2612 Flint Central 35 ARTHUR HILL 37 ARTHUR HILL 63',2 ARTHUR HILL 36'2 HERE Lansing Saginaw CROSS COUNT Pontiac . . ,, Flint Central ... ARTHUR HILL Saginaw High . . RY SEASON RESORD Wnn .. 35 ARTHUR HILL .. 20 .. 32 ARTHUR HILL .. 23 , . 29 Flint Northern .. 26 ..,.. 54 ARTHUR HILL ., 21 30 ARTHUR HILL .. 25 Midland .,..... ,,,... . . VALLEY NlEETf Fniirlh Place STATE MEET 'Twelfth Place 1944 CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD, first row: DICK VOLKER, ELDON FORD, DON JOHNSON, OSCAR KOEPLIN, second row: RALPH SCHA- BERG, JOHN A, STEWART, GERALD WILCOX, fhird row: BILL KESSEL, LYLE HUFF, and JIM HALM. ww me is BASEBALL 1948 RECORD Wnn ARTHUR HILL,. 10 ARTHUR HlLL,. 5 Pontiac ..,,... 10 Midland . ,,.,. 6 Bay City Handy 7 Saginaw ,.... . 8 Miillanil .,...,. 7 Bay City Handy. 10 Saginaw . . . 5 Ownsso ,..... Bay City .. ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL. ARTHUR HILL. ARTHUR HILL ARTHUR HILL Lo sl 5 2 O 4 1 0 1 6 1 i948 BASEBALL TEAM finished second in Valley standings. Four muinslciys include: ED THOMP- SON, and pifcliers, PAUL HINKIN, CLAUDE LUPLOW, und RAY KOSTRZEWA. CLUB HILLITE Offers Dancing, Games, Fun, Food CLUB HILLITE BIG THIRTEEN organizes all Ciub Hillite dances. DAVE WATROUS, ED MORGAN, JOHN R. STEWART, DICK VOL- KER, JIM SMITH, BOB SIMON, MARY ANN SUINO, JANE TOTTEN, generai chairman, LEE QUICKSELL, MARY D. HOLMES, and SALLY DIERICH head all advisory committees, Miss' ing from the picture cre Ted Aunger and Fay Cuthbertson. CRANBERRY CREEP highlights Thanksgiving Day activities. These students are trying to guess how many crcnberries are in the ior. Winner was Bob Flucke who won ci turkey as his prize. SELLING COKES to HARRY ORDWAY, RICHARD BESEY, HAROLD NEEDHAM, DICK WARNER, and HAROLD GLASSLEE is ROBERTA MCICGREGOR at Q Club HiIIite Dance. CLUB HILLITERS, CAROLE LOVEJOY, JOYCE BAIRD, DICK TUNNEY, and GALE VORCE sit this dance out in order to enioy c game of cords. THE GANG, gathering ot Club Hillite, includes JIM TIMMONS, DON SPRINGER, ROGER HINES, JIM VOELKER, TERRY ANDRE, and GARRY MATHEWSON. . I .vi Q 553531 uw gifwg' me N A ivii 4 wi I NN SSS 55 F sm X is if grfiei vigil Q . lk 3 R NR BP fs? N C www 'SI is Sie 'la J' ninety WHERE THERE'S RHYTHM and swing there's DICK CASE unfl his Arlhur Hill DANCE BAND. Mc-vnltois inclurlc IOM GOCHNAUR, BOB HUE- BLER, JOHN R, STEWART, DICK SEBALD, BOB KIUMP, DON VIBERT, DICK CASE, BILL MILLER, GRANT SMITH, TED AIIBENANTE, KEN HUNT' ER, BILL RONELI., :Intl ROLAND TROGAN. mv- -11-11--U ,. - -1 , l l ENJOYING A PING PONG GAME are TED MOCRAE, JANICE BOLSTER, TED BRAUN, and RUTH PAETZ, while JACK COOPER, MARILYN DONAHUE, FAY CUTHBERTSON, and BILL KLEEKAMP watch, PAT ARMSTRONG, BOB SIMON, ARLENE RICHMOND, BOB QUACKENBUSH, MARCIA BLOOMFIELD, GRETA CHRISTIANSEN, MARGARET PAGEN- KOPF, and SUZANNE RUPP walk this dance out. HAVING FUN al lhv Thanksgiving dance, ihe Cranberry Creep, is this energetic crowd of Hilliles. In the foreground BOB FLUCKE holds up his prize, 0 Iurlu-y. MABEL WESSON, dance band vocalist, sings a dreamy melody at one ofthe Club Hillite dances. AT THE COKE BAR, BOB SCHUETTE, MARILYN MORGAN, DOROTHY PRESSPRICH, LORRAINE FANGER, BARBARA CHEADLE, and JIM SCHMIDT chal and walch lhe olher dancers, ninoiy-one SENIOR WEEK Is u Gala Affair '48 Seniors BEVERLY HARBISON and MARGARET ZINK march to the The Commencement Pageant "One World" illustrates the coming to- song of "Pomp and Circumstan:e" at the Baccalaureate services con- gether of religion, education, science, welfare, agriculture, and enter- ducted by Dr. Henry W, Fischer. prise to unite all nations. Here those who were outstanding during high school life are recognized. The Senior Assembly gives the seniors an opportunity to bid the under' Seniors and their guests don formals and dinner jackets for the Senior classmen goodbye, This is an hour of reminiscence and forecast where Dinner, planned by Miss Ellen Green. BOB HINES, KATHLEEN seniors wear their caps and gowns for the first time, BUEKER, PAUL SCHWARCK, SHIRLEY SAGER, MARSHALL BROWN, MARILYN HINES, JOHNNY SCHNEIDER, and MARY HUMMEL enioy the meal before the dance. ninety-two SENIOR PROM Climuxes High School Days SENIOR PROM, the climax of senior days, always takes place on the DONNA PELOQUIN, LYDIA DOLPH, and TED SHREVE enter the dance Monday ol graduation week. Here the dancers swirl to the music of floor, via the flower-luecleclsed arbor, for the Senior Prom. This final Lamont Corps' orchestra lr-ncath a crepe paper canopy. party is the only formal dance of the year. ARTER THE DANCE IS OVER, FRED ITTNER and SALLY SOMMERS may SENIORS line up in caps and gowns in preparation for the Senior find themselves wi?h tired feet hut also with the memory of u perfect Assembly in which the class will and the prophesies for the coming years are read. nvening. ninety-th ree COMMUNITY UNDERWRITES YEARBOOK The yearbook financial solicilers sell advertising fo Saginaw and Frcxnkenmuih merchunis. The sloff members include SALLY DIERICH, CARL RUM- MEL, BARBARA WOODCOCK, CAROL YANCER, JANE SATOW, MARILYN JAKES, .IANICE HACKETT, EMILY BOYD, PAT SEAMAN, NANCY RUTHER FORD, KATHERINE HARVIE, and LORRAINE FANGER. Fay Cuihberfson is nof in II'1e piclure. F I ninety-four PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY GLENN E. BARTON, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 DR. PHILIP NOLISH OPTOMETRIST Contact Lenses 202 Kresge Building Phone 3-2121 DR. A. G. GARDEY DENTIST 610 Second National Bank Building DR. M. PIKE DENTIST Phone 2-1483 Second Floor Goil Building Franklin at Genesee SIB WEST GENESEE AVENUE X drug and surgw store Pnrscm lou :mats sunslctt FILTERS PHONE 2-6666 J. E. HARVIE, D.D.S. 402 Wiechmann Building Phone 2-5815 LEWIS C. PINNEY, D.D.S., M.S. ORTHODONTICS EXCLUSIVELY 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 3-8061 ARDELLE'S For Finer Gifts 509 Federal RAYMOND A. HART, D.D.S. DR. A. B. SNOW "West Side's Complete Appliance Center" BANNER APPLIANCE SALES 427 North Michigan Avenue DENT151' COMPANY Phone 2-8316 402 Cgun Sgyeeg 413 Court Street Phone 2-7109 Gas and Oil Heating Equipment BRUCE L. HAYDEN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN 311-16 Graebner Building Phone 3-5131 CRANE 8: CRANE 8: KESSEL ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS 308-9 2nd National Bank Building Phone 2-2159 use s. BAUE c.t.EANERS-DYEns R 311 North Hamilton Street Phone 8101 A. R. JOHNSON FARMER at TONKS For Graduation CHIROPBACTOR Jewelry From fPf11mvfP "'c""""""" BAUER'S Jzwsutv stone 413 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-9834 OPTOMETBISTS AND OPTICIANS 117 South Franklin Street 420 Court Street Phone 8935 WALTER MARTIN ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 306 308 Graebner Building ERIC C. NEHLS, O.D. REGISTERED OPTOMETPVST Iarvis-Yawkey Court No. 8 Phone 2-5697 223 S. Iefierson Avenue O O I mezez' f'5jZw'1?s'pT' 112 South Iefierson HERVEY C. MERRILL, D.D.S. 427 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-8316 Drugs -- Prescriptions Chemicals --- Laboratory Supplies "THE APOTHECARY SHOP" - PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY - Saginaw Surgical G Medical Supply Co. 209 S. Ieiferson Opposite Post Otiice BRADY, SCHIRMER 81 COMPANY INSURANCE 1085 Second National Bank Bldg. ninety-live CARTER SHOP House ol Fashions Court Street Saginaw, Michigan til,-Q',1,,'Z'A',N2S 416 East Genesee Avenue JEFFERSON MOTOR SALES 216 North Ieiterson Midland KAISER FRAZER CAR-WAL FOOD MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Farm Fresh Produce Week Days 9-9 Sundays 12-9 Court and Bay Phone 9619 HOTEL FORDNEY 401 Court Saginaw, Michigan PAUL KRAUSE CLOTHING CO. MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 404 Court Street Phone 8562 COURT CENTER APPLIANCES CUSTOM CABINET WORK HEATING 1221 Court Street Phone 3-9241 FRANK'S CANDY SHOP 0 Homemade Candy 0 Good Ice Cream 2718 Washington Avenue Phone 9172 CULVER-DEISLER CO. Comer oi Genesee and Ietferson Phone 2-8363 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS FRIENDLY SHOE STORE 406 Court Street Phone 8562 WM. A. LANGE 81 SON 219 South Hamilton Street AIR CONDITIONING --- HEATING TRUNK CO. 415 East Genesee CHESTER R. DENT GROCERIES AND MEATS 'Dial 3-1906 2603 South Washington Avenue FRUTCHEY BEAN COMPANY 404 Congress Saginaw. Michigan BONNIE LOVING School of Dance Lessons In TAP, TOE, CHARACTER and BALLET 306 Brewer Arcade Phone 2-4032 Clothing tor the Entire Family A. E. ENSMINGER 81 CO. 121 North Hamilton Phone 2-6572 HAMILTON HOME BAKERY HOME MADE BAKED GOODS 118 North Hamilton Phone 2-3586 LUXTON DRUGS WITH - US - U - SAVE 2800 South Washington Avenue ENSZER'S MARKET GROCERIES AND MEATS HOMEMADE SAUSAGE Gratiot Avenue Phone 2-9622 HAZEL GREER'S WOMAN SHOPPE 22 Brewer Arcade Saginaw, Michigan MACDONALD AND STINGEL OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Phone 7062 408 West Genesee Avenue FANGER'S DAIRY BAR 741 Stoker Drive Carrollton, Michigan HELFRECHT MACHINE SHOP 414 South Hamilton Street MARTIN'S DRUG STORE 1500 Gratiot Avenue FARNUM DRUGS "Prescription Druqgist" 1301 Court Street JARVIS-YAWKEY SHOPS GIFTS 223 South Iefferson Avenue MAUTNER 84 KRAUSE CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 401 East Genesee Avenue nmety sux McCARTY'S FOOD MARKET 1400 Brockway REGENT CLOTHES Men's and Boys' Wear 601-603 East Genesee Avenue SMITH HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Phone 4-6593 600 Gratiot Ave H116 MICHIGAN TRAVEL AGENCY SAGINAW ICE AND COAL SPATZ BAKERY 11 Iarvis-Yawkey Court COMPANY 1120 S S Phone 3-4060 Mrs. Don MacFarland, Mgr. Phone 245194 222 Noffh Niug'-UU tate Ireet PRINTERS STATIONERS ""'ssN"' M"s'c SHOP SAGINAW PUBLISHING srotz senvnce muon 220 South Baum Street COMPANY Jarvis-Yawkey Court MUELLER BROTHERS HICKEY FREEMAN CUSTOMIZED CLOTHES NUECHTERLEIN JEWELRY 114 North Michigan Avenue Phone 2-5041 OLSEN and EBANN JEWELRY CO. Known lor line Diamonds, Watches. and Iewelry for nearly a half century 418 EAST GENESEE AVENUE George W. Baxter, Ir. 408-410 Hancock Street 3431 State Street Salle Ili. 2 ' ' IEWELERS 0 OPTICIANS 413 East Genesee Avenue Phone 2-3680 UNION STORE 114 South Franklin Clothing For The Whole Family On Easy Terms SCHIRMER DRUG CO. Comer Hoyt G Sheridan Established 1883 VALLEY SWEETS COMPANY 312 South Hamilton Distributors of Iohnston COOKIES - CRACKERS - CANDY W. C. SCHMIDT BARBER SHOP 2605 State Street Congratulates You PORTERFIELD AUTO SERVICE SCHULTZ AND F LLER s,A,,oN U WATTERS COMPLETE Moron cfm ssnvicn HARDWARE CAMERAS or CARDS phone 2.3354 1701 STATE ST. 526 Gratiot Avenue 522 East Genesee 6. 422 Hancock QUALITY SEAL OIL COMPANY 211 Graebner Building SCHWAHN-VAN AUKEN- GRAEBNER INC. Insurance Since 1856 202-203 Graebner Bldg. Phone 3 -8511 WEIR FURNITURE 1305 Conn RAMSHAW PHOTO SERVICE "Specializing In Miniatures" 206 Dearborn SKYCRAFT HOBBY SHOP TOYS Sporting Goods Model Supplies 225 North Hamilton Street WILL-O-WYN'S WEDDING AND FORMAL APPAREL Men's Formal Wear Ior Hire 25-26 Iarvis-Yawkey Court ninety-:even Students from Frankenmuth are as anxious to secure Thanksgiving Day Football Game reserved seats as any loyal Hillite. In line Cleft to rightj waiting their turn ore: Marilyn Voorheis, Jane Satow, Ruth Trinklein, Herbert Bernthal, Frances Bickel, Waldo Zehnder, and Charles Kern. For 25 years a bus load of Frankenmuth highschoolers have travelled to Arthur Hill for their senior high school clays. FRANKENMUTH MERCHANTS Central Meat Market Keller's Gift Shop Frankenmuth Fire Insurance Ken Theater Frankenmuth Greenhouse Nuechterlein Funeral Home Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Nuechterlein Supply Company Frankenmuth State Bank The Ortner Company Galsterer Motor Sales Rau Brothers Hubinger Lumber Rummels Studio Satow Drug Store H. J. Schluckbier Star of the West Universal Engineering Trinklein Oil Elmer S. Zehnder Charles Zeilinger Gul f Dealer ninety-eight ANDERSON'S The Home of the Famous Tenderloin Steaks And Steak Sandwiches "JUST GOOD FOOD" Selling Perfect Diamonds In Saginaw For Sixty-Seven Years J. A. SHIRMER AND SONS JEWELERS 214 Genesee Avenue Hom. BANCROFT 4- Your Host CE-nl'-P' - For CAMERAS - PHOTO suvruss - PICTURE FRAMING Every Occasion 221 Federal A venu e - saganaw, Machsgan Phone 2-2911 BLISS 81 VAN AUKEN LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Millwork 1100 South Niagara Street 1 CWM' 6-,eaviagaf Delicious, Refreshing, Healthful TELEPHONES 8174-8175 phone 2975 Boy Road 2-4953 Saginaw W.S., Michigan Don Brady Charles Wade lt,s BRADY and WADE DRUGS "PRESCRIPTION IJRuGGIsTs" For COSMETICS, VITAMINS, on ANY ooCToR's PREscRIPTIoNs 630 Gratiot Avenue Dial 8633 CHEVROLET OWNERS Something New! Something Different! "Visit Draper's Scientific Diagnosis Clinic" DRAPER CHEVROLET COMPANY 1450 N. MICHIGAN AVE. ninety-nina The Stage Door Canteen has nothing on us. Returning EVANS and THOMAS Hillites signal "Meet you at Denglers for the BEST SODAS-" 300 Court Street Heating and Plumbing N. F. DENGLER DRUGS 1423 S. Michigan Avenue Dial 2-9682 "Cosmetic" Gifts of Distinction FURS'I'ENBERG.BRAUN Af Lumber and Coal E. 1764 South .leFlerson Avenue PHARMACY 1001 Gratiot at Bunock Phone 2-5101 Saginaw, Michigan Virginia Holmes and Beverly Arold make the most of an opportunity to talk with Ed Wierda '46, concerning Art Sample's stock of fine furniture. Art Sample 200-204 N. Washington Avenue W. L. CASE AND COMPANY Ambulance Service Funeral Directors 413 ADAMS STREET DIAL 3-5441 one hundred "WHEN BETTER CARS ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" "WHEN BETTER SERVICE IS GIVEN, GARBER WILL GIVE IT" 'IIO WEST GENESEE GEORGE ELECTRIC Distributors STAFUL !.l'J2'!!!E 308 N. Hamilton Phone 2-3259 OLD HOME BREAD Baked by GASE BAKING COMPANY 400 West Genesee lt's GRANVll.lE'S 512 POTTER srnser for good shoes for the entire family. Phone 2-4653 Established 1882 Betty Wascher shows the tempting display of baked goods at Court Center Bakery to Hillites Jim Packer, Jane Totten, Joan Smith, Howie Tessman, Joanne Raider, Sallyann Mahoney, and Twila Mooney. CGUJUBLWLI' CENTERS BAKERY 1212 Court Street Bakers To Her Majesty - The Housewife JoAnne Catrain and Jean Steltzriede, seniors, give a cooking range at GateIy's a thorough inspection, under the experienced guidance of Mr. Marv Dawson, salesman. 120-130 SOUTH FRANKLIN Wham., '---ell-u-.-.,,,,, one hundred one FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS A " SAGINAW 's TELEGRAPH FLORISTN JEFFERSON AT TUSC HEAVENRlCH'S Genesee at Franklin OLA GUGEL FUNERAL HOME 419 North Michigan Phone 2-8531 'k AMBULANCE SERVICE sAcsiNAvv's THREE GREAT THRIFT CENTERS HOME DAIRY COMPANY 403 East Genesee Avenue PARK AND SHOP SUPER MARKET Near Genesee Street Bridge 0 712 Gratiot Avenue Buy with confidence and Save at our Stores ,9ovt'F'5'n 'mg Lt!-EL I Gardenias, one of the many possible selections of beautiful flowers I from Goetz and Roeser, are admired by Jim Packer, Jane Totten, Joan Smith, and Howie Tessman. GOETZ and ROESER FLORIST 200 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE HAGERL'S Jewe ,, . . . 122 South Michigan, Saginaw, Michigan and THE H. R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY Grand Rapids, Michigan are your "ofTiciaI RING and PIN dealer and Manufacturer" one hundred Iwo QUALITY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY SINCE 1891 THE J. W. CO. .IOCHEN SHOES All Shoes Fitted By X-Ray Court Street and Michigan Avenue 420 East Genesee Avenue always think of - - - when you 'hink of fU"'m"'e' "Just TASTE THE DIFFERENCE" M818 SELECT ICE CREAM I T T N E R "FRENCH FROZEN" FURNITURE ' SAGINAW ' BAY CITY ' ALPENA ' MACKINAW ISLAND 4I6-418 Hancock Street ' "7 Shopping for sports equipment in Morley Brother's Sports Depart- ment are Pete Hervey and Don Stevens, while Ben Dubay '40, stands ready to offer suggestions and take their orders. ,www 115-'I35 NORTH WASHINGTON SAGINAW BUILDING 81 LUAN ASSUCIATIUN "A place to Save and Borrow with Safety" 407 COURT STREET PHONE 3-8461 one hundred three Herman Soper, Donna Avery, Kathleen Russell lselling cokel, Rosemary Evert, Jim Halm. Whether at CLUB HILLITE or a house party always remember that the spotlight shines on "COKE" Coca-Cola is the favorite drink of Hillites and other students the World over. 6065 t IEGAI-S PAT- DFL La Salle Coca-Cola Bottling Company died gr! Lien :S neeJn'! l06l,l"t Graduation time often means the parting of high school friends, but it doesn't have to be so- because now there may be an opportunity to go on working together at Michigan Bell. Because of the telephone's importance in the modern world, Michigan Bell girls find a real thrill in their daily work. And they have such advan- tages as excellent pay right from the start . . . assured opportunities to progress . . . vacations with pay . . . congenial companions . . . along with many other desirable features that go to make an attractive occupation. If you're interested in a good job and steady income of your own, drop in at our employment office-309 S. Washington-and bring your girl friends with you. An interviewer will be glad to give you full details. MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHUNE CUMPANY "A Fnlenddv Place fo Work" one hundred Eva MCIN1-YRES WE HAVE A LARGE STOCK or ICE CREAM FINE QUALITY FURNITURE, 1735 E. Genesee IDEAL FOR HILLITE HOMES. 'I'I0 N. Michigan 115 S. Franklin 340 W. Genesee MURPHY 81 O'HARA 1208 Sfqfe 714 EAST GENESEE AVENUE lt Has Been Proven Over and Over Again That Pictures of Perfection Are Taken At JOBBERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS MCINTYRE PHOTO SERVICE I l , Saginaw Bay Cnty Midland 122 NORTH HAMILTON STREET 0 PHONE 2-2646 Mt- Pleasant l Mr. Granger shows Sue Van Sickle and Mary Gene Bierlein a new shade of lipstick. Girls, be sure to visit our cosmetic department. WAGAR, GRANGER XI NITZ DRUG STURE 2620 STATE STREET Cosmetics and Prescriptions JoAnne Raider, Sallyann Mahoney, and Robert McGee sip cokes while Twila Mooney waits patiently for hers from soda-jerk, Phil Daubert '48. A popular soda fountain is iust one of the many streamlined features of Weinberg-Pankonin Drug Store services. WEINBERG-PANKONIN DRUGS 422 Court Street one hundred six WM. C. RONEY 8. COMPANY N MEMBER NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE LOCAL SECURITIES 1208 Second National Bank Building Phone 7782 - 7783 TRAVELO SAGINAW EXCHANGE Trailer Coaches MANUFACTURED BY Pianos 731 Gratiot Dial 3-3121 Quality Furniture RAYMOND PRODUCTS COMPANY INC. Kahler and Campbe Spine! Pianos and Appliances II Fine Jeanne Valdiserri '48, now saleswoman, shows Byrd Ann Smith and Joyce Gardner an appropriate teenage costume from Weich- mann's complete line of fine clothing. Wm. K Wiechmann 60. 112-118 S. JEFFERSON . 600 LAPEER one hundred s Banking that is building M i c h ig Cl n ETE 1- + n n N + I X ff?f5f5Q55S55555jf5?g?Efi5i252f?Z. , I . ,. X I I ' ' S T MI'CHIGAN NATIONAL BANK ASSETS OVER 150 MILLION DOLLARS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Kodak Saginaw' Central Oil and Gas Co. 0 d ' 'f Office - 1420 Court Street or Em Wren 9' M Phone 2-8922 we 'Ve ' complete Iin Garage - 1304 Bay Street town. Phone 2-1570 Station - 1120 W. Genesee Avenue Phone 9484 SAGINAW Pl-loro SERVICE your Kodak dealer Phone 2-7962 507 Genesee Avenue MICHIGAN'S OLD INN SAGINAW OIL COMPANY Famous Hom, of ,Way Back When mlmo ,ANES AVENUE p TE CO 78 Years of Hospitality S EHR-D' EH El 'TE rsxAco Pnonucrs SAGWAW' M'CH'GAN 77Zde4e94n'4 064 Qfalouzal 7m WALTER F. HUTFILZ Trucking and Welding Gravel ' Tanks Made To Order 2850 Bay Road Saginaw, Michigan gp-,mv TOOLS, TAPES and RULES Lufkin Precision Tools, Tapes and Rules help the student and apprentice get ahead in the - ig?-mg ' ,M technical field. They give him the feeling of ! - - '--"""" confidence and accuracy that skillful workman- . 2 521-LSE? I If I ship demands. In the future, specify Lufkin Tools. nl: zfffmv 015 a one hundred Whenever something goes wrong S A with the ialopy, Johnny and Mary Hillite know that the place for lizzie's convaiescence is . . . " GINAW'S FRIENDLIEST STORE' SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Scientific Brake and Equipment Fedem' Q' Genesee 314 West Genesee Phone 3-841 1 R. V. SEAMAN COMPANY Petroleum Equipment Since 1921 410 Janes Avenue -:- Phone 3-6451 SAGINAW 0 GRAND RAPIDS 0 DETROIT The best in equipment for A 509 East Genesee YOUR SPALDING DEALER Phone 2-7643 SAGINAW HARDWARE ,. CUMPANY 1 E' f 1 gl' L' 200-210 SOUTH HAMILTON STREET L Wondering what you should get her for graduation? Come in and see our wide cosmetic selection. Roy's Drug Store 124 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE i' Sporting Goods Hardware Appliances Housewares Tools ndred ten Graduatin Seniors o 949 Student Loans from EH3100 to 3400 through the C. K. Eddy Family Memorial Fund Repayable over a long term. 17, Interest 11' f,,c11'1' 'NV KU. ll 5. l I qw I 1 iv, g I I I 1 I ull! ll I 1 Ill' liI"I'l 'Ll I ll I A ll l IHWH-lwt :HEMI ltlllllll . l I L s ,EL up 'I FU slhfg, i Mr. Arthur Eddy, one of Saginaw's leading citi- zens, in his will left a fund, known as the C. K. Eddy family memorial fund, in memory of his father. The income from part of this fund is available to make loans for Saginaw residents to attend the University of Michigan or any other Michigan College where the students are on '1 partial self-support basis. About l2 students are now in college through help from this source. Funds are now available for 10 or 12 more loans. If interested and qualified for college, get in touch with our trust department. SEUUND NATIO AL RA K AND TRU T U0 YVASHINGTON AT GENESEE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDR FINE Tx ' JEWELRY ,.l,f Formula SBS-11 Skln Cleanser 9 SUGAR BEET PRODUCTS COMPANY 0 , V DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERVVARE "THE WASHWORD OF INDUSTRY" 302 Waller Street For Food As Only the Strand Can Prepare It - HAMBURGS 0 suNDAEs 22312065 : Qssrzamks sggkifts STRAND BARBECUE STATE AND BAY Curb Service 315 E. Genesee '5 't The safety and purity of our products are constant- ly guarded in our own Laboratory for your EXTRA protection. X- SAGINAW DAIRY COMPANY 1743 East Genesee Phone 2-8181 hundred twelve VALLEY CORNICE 81 SLATE CO., EAT LTD. Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors ENJOY ' ' ' 314 N. HAMILTON STREET PH.-,NE W A T S O N ICE , CREAM Charles A. Khuen, Chairmen A. Weigond, Vice Chairman and Superintendent Grqfigf W. H. McBrotnie, Secretory-Treasurer , X i .Qearfvrn - -V wt -x.XX,yil',x, T R A f T 0 R iQB.N!0U'P'ViF,Nli VANITY BOX BEAUTY SHOP 202 S. Michigan E. F. Wieneke Tractor Sales Co. Phone 2-9644 2800 N. Michigan Avenue T. C. HACKETT Saginaw, Michigan Manager Phone: 4-4343 The Wiclces Corporation Wickes Boiler Company Division Wickes Brothers Division United States Graphite Company Division one hundred thirteen Graduating Seniors! Cosmetics f In the 4 Q, 15- f Q" N J i-e w nw if DRUG I remember STURE . i ' Y I.. 'FW 1 4 ' W5 shoes 501-503 E. GENESEE from il' C 7 Precision in Prescripfions 2nd Floor Federal of Franklin SAGlNAW'S MOST COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Equipped To Serve Your Automotive Needs Courteously, Efficiently, Economically Unexcelled in the Following Specialized Services: 0 PAINTING 0 GENERAL REPAIRS 0 WASHING 0 BRAKES 0 MOTOR TUNING 0 BUMPING U STEERING 0 LUBRICATION 0 FRONT ENDS 0 FRAME STRAIGHTENING 1 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE wk E. F. WIENEKE COMPAN Y "OUR SERVICE MAKES US GROW" 205 North Michigan Avenue 942 East Genesee Avenue Phone 2-7157 Phone 3-2446 one hundred fourteen E 1 ss Senior John R. Stewart sits for his LEGENDA picture while Mr. Werkemu pleads for u smile. What would a scrapbook be without pictures? Arthur HiII's '49ers had no need to worry with LUEBESEIIIH STUDIO 315V2 East Genesee Ave. Phone 2-7031 As Their Official Legenda Photographer hddlf l sqm,- This year, as in years it Q 3' 1 . K 'f it , 1 E. past, it has been our pleas- Y ff iY C . ' . P' Q 'F wi-K ure to work with Miss adults! 'A -1f.,d"if gf'1i . 9 ' .I Mattie G. Crump :V ' 1 K' F 7:e1'fg':2Q-'If'-1 JS7? v R W , ,V fi, f . f gig. -1 qt and the students of ' 1' n Q ,f -"fp "N ., ' 1 . . 5,5 I .Q ff .1 Nga' ' -A 1-ji' her ournalism class l ,ga 'gh 4 'r, "fwc lx w - ,J fi: ,351 y f at Arthur Hill High .. V - .f-ua'-z.f1"' i- 5- dgni' ' 1 rf ff.-1,-'.ZwzZff'q:'y .. . . . -K , i Cy School in producing it f K Ji-giiffiff' the Le enda We want 1. , f 4151, i - - rv : Q g . Y yillffi j tj -+ 1 1' V to take this opportunity . , , r ., :Nr ' f, ., i ,4.z. 4 ntl! Nl' t VN. .gy ,. L. - I 'f e i t .51 -jrrrxwqnu.. , if :. . wlyf ' x -'cr ,C A W QL, ' g ,SSX-NJ.. I Aggie' 1 'wr-S ' ef- ,--.. 'v:,gigk5:..L:5.Q 1, ll I R -1'iy'Lu..i.! . i.',."-M! F4541 +A l1f'Gi'ei'f -15 Wifi kill if- V' Wwe, amy l- 'N ' . -wi ' ,nm if 3:55-p ,-W., lf .1-lu. . il W .,ny.fgf.',,l N mg., H -, I 4 3 'MET' Jil . if 'i,.UT14..I" F' F 3- ' ,wf'iii'5'i- fi 'Al fi'2-Ii ffl Il 221 WS iff' la, l t'ff" "jn,,:," r 1 " tw if if -.vt - -t 1' ,Q ,jfify v xii?" r -. ' ',,," 'Cv' 911 I .. " ' V :sv ' f , Xu -.L-wx 'f i,5m:gQQ',P 1 ag: , 1,-: ,gf-1, --M - to express our thanks to them, and to extend to all members of the 1949 graduating class our heartiest good wishes for the success and happiness in life for which their education has so well prepared them. We "old- sters" who are in the busi- ness world, and particularly those of us in the Graphic Arts, know full well the value of the wonderful edu- cation you have been privileged to receive. We trust you will make the most of it. Rs mi S Yllllll LEGENDAWAS one hundred sixieen 2 Z Z Z Ll-I I1 Ll-I Q- 08 Z 1 1 E u.l u.: Ma 2- 1 Q 'va :vw- 'xtfu - 7 1 3 ' '1.., , I find 2 vff ,J if f, fx -IR -. J 2 Bl U X 1 1 mW,4?lI , it ix N X, N6 if if .JI . - "" fn ' ju V If Cs , , gf Q Vp we 'X fe M 9 ik 1' i ,N C I T' ' K Y .. l. ff .. . ,. J Him A hge ,ff A A ,x 3. W K- ef! Q H Q YM k 1 W R ,I I! VV y w.,w',,f3 XJ' , M ix xx x , I Q xx, , 'SX Qtr.,-fag-...I-,.,.-'U--,fs-fl K , 'qw -,.,A V ' M- ,X . LQ A 1 -D-. xg, , X gf. Lyx 0-1'-N""' QQX m A i xX N 'N-nf X N37-HV V , . ga 'f ,M X 1 :K J" I , 1' 1 .J . af f Q ' J N. fk . .QL A V f-i Y' I ' ff fi A I . c' ri, V Xl A I tai ' V, Jxxj? .SA 1.- xlff I

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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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