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fi',,f'1, af X ,ff M X fx fx, ' ffl' f"'xf . EY A 4' 'f'W"1,1'rN'x3 , Ig Q 'XJ wx ws V ,ff-' ,J ki A Q ,MX Inj . , sr 'P Y ' ' ' f- M M 5 KJ, :Lx f 1 ?..l:..,,..,2AMi Ll? U3 4 Ya: ' 2 1 -J l Fifffff 4, 1 s f 5 fx iw . 2 Qsfufmsaz. QEYPANSEON 1..,,m .. ..,,N...,4 rw 'Wu---1 f2'm5'9"L ,W v0,, ,T ....WMM,....l 3 1 r 4 'X aff -'w f 9 . , 3 Q 5 Cx WW i.!XY1Q3,J?" 959714 H iif: SQ C3 C3 g Gwilxnifxlixbi MUS?-!3fQ3f5.5X3 SQA M' 'H s QQ' as MMM! WMM' Qfrfiwfnzz X v NK X53ifw:1 AQCHETECT A N TPB. PL Q A ,5LfL.'w 1934-1 - ' 1 THE YEAR I945-46 IN A MODERN HIOH SCHOOL THE ARTHUR HILL WAY Lkgcfzdfl I 94 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT OF THE ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL, SAGINAW, MICHIGAN. CONTENTS ORGANIZATION CLASSES SOCIAL COMPETITIONS AND HONORS PERSONNEL PATRONS STAFF EDITOR: DON LI. STONE ASSOCIATE EDITOR: NANCY HENRY ASSISTANTS: NANCY TOET, LILLIAN GOODWYN, PEG HOLCOMB, BARBARA TANNER. BUSINESS: JEAN BARNEY, MARVIN BRANDLE, GEORGE LORD BURROWS, EMMA NIEDERQUELL, JUNE BREITAG. SECTION EDITORS: JOHN BAUM, LORENE BAUMANN, PATRICIA EOVVLER, IRIS HEILBRONN SYBIL KULL, RITA MORGAN, JUNE NEWIVIAN, CHARLYS PIERITZ, I-IELEN RATHS DOLORES STALEY, YUILL TROUT. PHOTOGRAPHERS: DON STONE, LARRY ANGELL, PATRICIA MCLEAN. ASSISTANTS: BONNIE BRADY, WILLIAM COLLVER, VIRGINIA ELLIS, JEAN GRIESE, LAVONE KAISER, CORDY RUSSELL, VIRGINIA ZWINGMAN. ADVISER: MISS MATTIE G. CRUMP. Arthur Hill High School is unique omong schools. Her personolity rodiotes through her holls in the spirit of dernocrotic self-government. The ARTHUR HILL WAY is o woy which develops personol growth through order, study, discussion, fun, ond security. Not thot the ARTHUR HILL WAY is the only vvoy-it is iust on individuol Woy which oll her students recognize os intelligent ond friendly, progressive ond wholesome, ond worthwhile in every vvoy. With this ideo in mind, we hove tried to present the spirit ot the ARTHUR HILL WAY in this 1946 LEGENDA. 4. i. , , , l T F l 1 l ..,T7.,, LI5c1f2N1n IUNE, 1946 Dedimfim We, The sToTT, dedicoTe This i946 LEGENDA To MRS. ARTHUR HILL Whose cohTinued ihTer- esT in public educoiTioh is om ihspiroTion To The sTudehTs ond ToculTy of The ArThur Hill High School os well os To The commuhiTy of Sog- ihow. Her geherosiTy ond civic-mihdedhess give us odded ihcehTive Tor oichievihg honors Through scholorshilo, ciTizehship, ond public service-in The ARTHUR HILL WAY. I I g CUT ARTHUR I-IILL WAY . . M21-Q. ww Boys in shop class work on their table projects. MARGARET ORRIS inspects amoeba in biology while Tl-IAXTON SCHNEIDER waits his turn. NEWS editors go about their business of publishing The Arthur Hill NEWS. , ., -few, 3 i . mst V i. In art class DON RACI-IOVV and JIM HEITKAMP plan and create a miniature building, while VIRGINIA DREWS paints, The LEGENDA staff mull over some ol the many problems that publishing a yearbook presents, MR. EARL BURNETT directs the choir in the proper intleztion ot a song. I'i1't1i1'm-Q-ni psifcl 4 ziinl 5 Ilirullgli the r'0ui'tesv nt' lliv ID:-1 I-nit 'II 3I I5 MACKINAW The trombone section ol the concert band really 'fblosts out" on this number. RICHARD GRAHAM, sophomore, brazes metal in shop. Attentiyely listening to MRS. LORNA ZIEGLER, boys of homemaking class follow the demonstration, A lien. n fALERlE VANDERMADE, senior hostess for the hour, As RUTH SCHUTT et ho ELAINE PUFFPAFF Q s C nge, The bell rings ond students quickly go on their . T, . . . h ervises uc ivities in t e community room. wuits on trade ot the Student Store, JEAN GRIESE hands LORENE BAUMANN one of the CHARLES CHURCH Gnd DAN MCCAULEY dole out 2,300 nunie tubs to mount on the Arthur Hill Honor penny milk to ci queue of potient customers. Roll board. Bus drivers mwuit the 3:05 stampede of hornewnrd Silence reigns os Arthur Hill sluclents quietly absorb bound Hillites. lessons in ri library period. way to another class. A non-believer in busses, NORMAN CRANDELL, pre- pares to take-off for home on his trusty bicycle. MARVlN BRANDLE'5 joke goes over with BlLL PLATKO Gnd CHARLES ANDERSON, but BILL PETER SON seems ci bit skeptical. M X' .4 ... Q H Xing the 1944-45 Senior Prom, seniors porude The pause that refreshes-HARRY KERN, EVERETT fond March finale lEPPERT, EARL EBACH, and DONNA KIMMEL stop at lockers between classes Hillites busily munch lunches in order to get t Ieost one dance ot the Noon Club F'-' ' X w n W I 1 l n 5 L v ! i i T. V u X 1 , J' - P. i 1 I r 1 i . V Lf .J .' ,, A Organ! fzfim To live TogeThereTo accomplish C1 Tcnsk-To odc1pT sTudehTs To meeT The needs OT The COmmuhiTy cmd OT The TuTure-C1 group musT hcnve orgonizohon, In The ARTHUR HILL WAYMsTudenTs, pore-NTS, Tc1CuITy, cmd c1dminisTroTior1 work TogeTher os 0 cooperohve uhiT. They all have G voice in shaping The demoCroTic orgonizcnion which is essenTic1l where goverhmem is OT The school, by The school, and for The school. Board of Education of the City of Saginaw-MR. HAROLD D. DRAPER, MR. JAMES M. SHACKLETON, MR. LEONARD A. HENNING, treasurer, MR. GEORGE D. PROSS, clerk of the board, MR. HARRY P. BAKER, president, MR. CHESTER F. MILLER, superintendent, MR. CECIL A. BASKINS, vice-president, MR. CHARLES A. F. DALL, secretaryg and DR. J. ORTON GOODSELL, hear reports of the superintendent and plans for the education of Saginaw children at one of their biweekly meetings. Committee and planning meetings of the board are often held in the faculty dining room at Arthur Hill. Parent-Teacher officers-MR. WALTER STENGLEIN, president, MRS. LORNA ZIEGLER, teacher vice-president, MRS. WILLIAM EIB, secretary, MRS. JOHN I. TOFT, treasurerf and MRS. FRED SCHMIDTKE, mother vice-president, plan a P-TA meeting. MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN, social science department head, receives parents at the P-TA Open House. MRS. CLARENCE WEEDFALL, SHIRLEY THOMAS, and MISS AMY GATZ led the Parent-Teachers Organization to IOOM membership. MRS. I. M. BROCK leaves, among other parents, the auditorium after the Open House assembly. FRIENDLINESS Through the organization of the Arthur Hill High School every attempt is made to instill in students a feeling of fellowship and friendliness towards supervision. This organization-in THE ARTHUR HILL WAY-nucleates the work of administrators, faculty, parents, and students. Hillites often see members of their Board of Education, where organization really begins, when members gather in the cafeteria for noon day luncheon meetings. This Board, through Mr. Chester F. Miller, superintendent of schools, and Mr. I. M. Brock, principal, chooses the faculty, maintenance staffs to the building and is re- sponsible for the financial backing which makes Arthur Hill a working public organ. Beginning the year with a membership campaign, 1,760 parents and teachers subscribed to the second consecutive 100 per cent Parent-Teacher Association membership. By organizing so whole- heartedly for student and school benefits, Arthur Hill was again able to report top sponsorship among state schools. Open House, October 7, provided parents with a chance to visit their childrens classes, homerooms, and advisers. Two parties mixed parent, teacher, and student crowds for evening fun. The P-TA Card Party with Club Hillite, March 1, found parents in the cafeteria playing cards, while students met in the gymnasium, to later be joined by parents who were eager to see Hillites' teen-age canteen in action. With filled baskets, Hillite families, including some 1,100 persons, came out to the school cafeteria for the annual potluck and entertainment, May S. An election of new officers completed the associations "school year." 8 LEGENDA ORGANIZATION KEYNOTE The organization of the teachers within the school is centered about the Faculty Cabinet, composed of eleven members, three class advisers, the three office faculty, and five members of the teaching staff elected by the faculty. Teachers meet professionally in the Saginaw Teachers Club. About eight hundred teachers make up the group which has this year created two scholarships, one for each of the public high schools, to encourage students who plan to enter the teaching profession. Besides faculty committees teachers sponsor various clubs, assist in all-school projects such as the senior and junior plays, class parties, and membership and other community campaign drives. MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW, assistant principal, MRS. MABEL RUSSELL, electee, MISS ETHEL PETERSON, girls' counselor, MISS GERTRUDE TURNER, electee, MR. I. M. BROCK, principal, MRS. SALLIE BROWN, iunior class adviser, MISS MARY LEWIS, sophomore class adviser, MR. DAVID GAINEY, athletic manager, MR. KENNETH POULSON, electee, and MISS HELEN MORGAN, senior class adviser, converse at a Faculty Cabinet meeting, Members of the Publicity Committee are: MISS MATTIE CRUMP, chairman, MR. GAINEY, MISS MORGAN, MISS PETERSON, and MR. BROCK. National Education Week Broadcast program included: MRS, FRANCES HAMLIN, MR. J. C. RICHARDSON, parent, MISS BURNICE GIBBS, MR. MORROW, MISS TURNER, MR. ALBERT G. DERSCH, MISS PETERSON, and MRS. MARJORIE JACOB- SON. Waiting at the office counter tor Mr. Morrow are GAYLE POUND, JOAN HAINES, BOB ZINGG, GERALD HICKEY, and CHARLES MIKULA. MISS ELLEN G. GREEN, manager, MRS. NOREEN VOLLMER, MRS. MATILDA SCHMIDT, and MRS. NOREEN SCHLUCKBIER, members of the cafeteria statt, make nourishing meals available to students and faculty. Every day the office is crowded with students to ask questions ot MISS DORIS FRYE, consult MISS PETERSON, and get telephone permission from MISS JUNE JAMES. MR. WILLIAM CRELLER, MR. OTTO SCHULTZ, and MR. JAY SHOEBRIDGE, head of the maintenance staff, help keep our building clean and at the right tempera- ture. JUNE, 1946 DOROTHY DOERFNER, JOYCE FALKENHAGEN, seated, cmd DON KUSHMAUL, JOHN BAUM, SALLY KUHN, and DANIEL CLARK study pre-Turkey Day Game Citizenship. Student Cabinet Officers-DOROTHY DOERFNER, first semester's secretary, JOHN BAUM, president, WILOWDEAN CASSOW, second semester secretary, GEORGI- ANNA CHISHOLM, second semester treasurer, and BILL AGRE, first semester treasurer, discuss school problems. Advisories formed three teams for the Student Organization membership drive. DON KUSHMAUL, captain of the Buckeyes, MR. GLENN MASON, coach of the Wolverines, LEFTY JOHNSTON, waterboy for the Buckeyes, DALE WRIGHT, captain for the Wolverines, MR. WILLIAM VONDETTE, coach for the Buckeyes, SHELDON BLOOMFIELD, waterboy for the Gophers, MR. E. L. V. SHELLEY, coach for the Gophers, and ED WIERDA, captain of the Gophers, led the drive. In Miss Constance McWethy's advisory, CHARLOTTE KRISTALYN carries out her position as advisory secretary by writing names of nominees for office on the board. Advisory Presidents-First Row, BOB WAHL, DAVE HINKIN, ED VVIERDA, CLIF- TON WATKINS, GENE HEASTY, JEAN ANN SCHULZ, BOB STEPHENS, DAMON SMITH, MARGARET SCHROEDER, and ANDREW SLADE. Second Row, DICK KIEFT, RITA MORGAN, JOHN LEE, JACK RICK, OWEN REIN' ERT, CURTIS RICHMOND, JOHN RUTHIG, BONNIE ROYAL, BEVERLY SCHMIDT, and LOUIS WEISS. Third Row, DUANE NEUCHTERLEIN, HAROLD HUBINGER, JIM MORRISON, BOB PIERCE, ALLAN MANDELSTAMM, SHIRLEY BICKEL, NONA DAMMANN, RAY MASON, SHELDON BLOOMFIELD, and HERB IZZO. STUDENTS ELECT john Baum presided over the student cabinet for two semesters, along with Don Kushmaul, vice-president, Bill Agre and Georgianna Chisholm, first and second semester treasurers, Dorothy Doerfner and Wilowdezin Cassow, first and second semester secretaries. These cabinet officers represent Arthur Hill in an all-city student body, the junior Citizens Council, made up of delegates from each school and guided by Mr. Roy MacMurray, athletic supervisor, and Superinten- dent Miller. Advisories were linked with the ofhce by the daily announcements supplemented by the familiar public address system. Both systems bring special notices to the student. 'lhe student organization drive, which is launched by the Student Cabinet and is later brought back to the advisory, allows every student to buy a ticket which finances student activities. Advisories this year were divided into three groups, the Michigan Wolverines, the Minnesota Golden Gophers, and the Ohio Buckeyes. Boasting the fastest team the Wolverines came through with their choice of seats in the auditorium. Each advisory is a guidance agency for students, with the teacher serving as personal adviser of every student in his group. Difficult adjustments and circumstances which arise with the student are the concern of the adviser. The joint responsibility is vested in the stu- dent, his parents, and his adviser when planning the student's pro- gram of study. The teacher advises the student on subjects to elect in accordance with his interests, needs, and abilities. College prepara- tory students receive special help in planning a program which will meet the requirements demanded by the chosen college or profession. Advisories are the key to the smooth operation of activities and business at Arthur Hill. Fourth ROW: ARTHUR DOERSAM, JERRY PLATER, BILL PLATO, JIM MILANO, DALE WRIGHT, DAVID GORDON, JOE HOVVE, NANCY HENRY, RUTH SCHLUCKEBIER, ond DUANE LAFRAMBOISE. Fifth Row: BILL FRANK, BARBARA FETTIG, BARBARA EIB, DOROTHY DOERFNER, CHESTER DEREK, RUTH BUTZIN, WILOWDEAN CASSOW, FLOYD BOARDMAN, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, and JEAN BARNEY. Sixth Row: JACQUELINE FENTNER, BILL AGRE, BEVERLY WOLCOTT, DON SCHREINER, PAT AXEL, JOHN BAUM, LEONARD JOHNSTON, CLEM FELDMANN, IRMA BEYTHAN, JEAN CATES, and DON KUSHIVIAUL. Not in the picture: Bob Church, Ted Graebner, Jack Maas, Ned Miles, Gladys McNeil, Elmer Reisig, Tom Thompson, Bob Trout, Dixie Stevens, Mary Ellen Turn' bull, Pat Welsh, Howard Maturen, and Art Speckhard, 10 LEGENDA AUDITORIUM STAFF N ECESSARY "Places, house lights, curtain! The show goes onli' Assemblies, evening lectures, plays, and programs are presented to students and the community each year, many of them produced by the students themselves. No matter how large or small the production, each one requires much planning and work on the part of students and faculty advisers. The assembly committee, under the direction of Mrs. Donna Jeanne Cappell, this year scheduled a series of paid assemblies with the aid of Student Organization funds. These assemblies offered diversified entertainment. The Modaks of India acquainted Hillites with their mystic land through songs, customs, stories, and costume modeling, the Ritz Music Makers trio offered a variation of musical instruments and songs, Mr. jesse P. Robertson reviewed ancient songs and oriental music on rare instruments, Mr. Glenn Morris, in an effort to promote interest in the field of radio, set up a small range station on the stage, Mr. Simeon Oliver's CMr. Nutchukj sense of humor and seriousness combined while telling of his experiences and adventures in his native country, Alaska, Mr. Vincent Burns presented drama- Assembly committee-standing: RlCHARD BROCK, ALLAN MANDELSTAMM, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, ond GLORIA PATTON. Seated: JOHN BAUM und MRS. DONNA JEANNE CAPPELL. KENNETH ABBENANTE, CHARLES HAINES, and CURTIS RICHMOND were busy in the wings during dll school productions taking core of stage curtains, lights, ond properties. tizations of poetry, and school-produced assemblies such as the song fest, pep assemblies, and homecoming: all served to provide diversion for the student body. Behind the scenes during assemblies a crew of helpers make it possible for the show to go on. Moving scenery, operating switch boards, and creating lighting and sound effects at all-school events in the auditorium are the stage crew under the direction of Mr. Stanley D. Schubert. Capable boys who are interested in this type of work are selected each year to carry special duties which require a knowledge of electricity on the part of the applicant. The projec- tion crew operate the camera and spot lights from the projection room or center aisle showing educational movies for classes. The audience is greeted at all after-school or evening perform- ances in the auditorium by helpful ushers. About twenty-five girls hand out programs, watch doors, and direct guests to their seats. These girls, under the direction of Miss Helen Beeson, are members of the Arts-Dramatics Club. The Girl Reserves ushered for the senior commencement program. Ushers, in their neot dork blue skirts ond white blouses help audiences find their sects in the auditorium. First Row: GLORIA SCHULTZ, GEORGIANN BOYD, lRlS HEILBRONN, DOROTHY PAVELICH, GWEN AHMAN, HELEN WAYT, and BARBARA SCHMIDTKE. Second Row: ELEANOR DOERSAM, MARGE HASSE, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, SHIRLEY THOMAS, oncl MARY BUCKINGHAM. Third Row: DOROTHY WEBB, BETTY BROWN, MARQUEEN AYERS, JOAN VON- DETTE, ROSEMARY HEINEMAN, BEVERLY FRANZ, ond PATRICIA MCLEAN. ROBERT KERN ond CHARLES LAKE operate the movie proiector. JUNE, 1946 ll GERALDINE BERENT, LORRAINE ESCKILSEN, and EDNA BAIN tabulate attendance records, MARIE ZEHNDER and CORNELIA SCHIBELHUT help MR. B. G. WELLS, school treasurer, MARJORIE ENSZER is secretary to Mr. David Gainey, athletic manager. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Assisting with duties about school, stu- dents share the work which keeps the Arthur Hill school in good running order. Students help as secretaries, messengers, hostesses, clerks, and librarians. Senior hostesses respond to the visitor's query, 'lls Mr. Brock in?" or one of the office staffs, "Will you deliver this request slip, please?" The hostesses make school visitors comfortable and welcome and help the office staff in various ways. Six senior girls served as hostesses this year in the Community PROVE VALUABLE Room adjoining the office. The girls wrote letters of application and were chosen on the recommendation of teachers and Miss Ethel Peterson, according to their personality, poise, and scholarship. The student store is one of the many ser- vices afforded to students of Arthur Hill. The salesgirls give up library hours and are selected for their sales interest, ability, and personal reliability. Arthur Hill's library with an ever increas- ing book circulation provides students with easily accessible reference and reading facil- ities. With many books still on order, librar- ians have kept themselves busy during the past year cataloging and classifying new books. Special projects consisted of Book- Week, posters, and special displays of sports books and vocational stories. During their study periods, students work voluntarily as library assistants. While most Hillites are still deep in slum- ber, seven girls making up the Service Club trudge to school to arrive at 7:30 a.m. Their one, but necessary, duty is to keep students out of halls, classrooms, and lockers until the 8:00 bell rings. Gold Pins for recognition are given as a reward for two years of service and all club members are given free Student Organization tickets. Girls who assist in secretarial and book- keeping work gain useful experience in ol'- fice work, such as taking dictation, typing, filing, and mimeographing, which will be helpful when they become regular employees after graduation. Student assistants are used in the main office, the journalism room, the school treasurer's office, athletic managers office and do a great deal of school work in the advanced commercial classes. LeMYRTA KALTENBACH, WILOWDEAN CASSOVV, JACQUELINE FENTNER, CHARLYS PIERITZ, JACOUELINE TUSSEY, GLORIA PATTON and Valerie Vander- made, not in the picture, were This year's senior hostesses in the community room. CAROLYN SCHERPING, CAROLYN NEVILLE, GWEN TROPER, BONNIE HUTFILZ, AMELIA HERBIN, LOUELLA HECHT, JOAN REINERT, DELORES KNAPP, MR. JAMES HASLER OSBORNE, RUBY BURBACK, ELAINE NORRIS, HELEN HODGES, MARGARET HERITIER, and ELEANOR ROBSON made it possible for students and teachers to buy school supplies from the student store. ARLA ROBERTSON, RUTH ZORN, NANCY DINGMAN, EARLDINE ENSZER, AVERILL DUBRULLE, JOAN YANCER, ROSEMARIE KRAWCZAK, BARBARA HANSON, ILAH EIVIERY, and AVA LENNOX assisted MISS FRANCES HINRICHSEN, librarian, in library l63. Service Club girls kept the halls clear each morning before school hours, Seated: DOROTHY NUSZ, ALICE DeMERlTT, BARBARA BROWN. Standing: BEVERLY HAR- BINSON, ARLENE GRANT, Chairman, and MARGOT FROEBER. 12 LEGENDA SCHOOL AIDS COMMUNITY SERVICES Striving for the 100 per cent mark is the goal of all Hillite advisories in community service projects. IN THE ARTHUR HILL WAY students in the past year contributed time, money, and above all, food for the needy both in America and in Europe. Under the leadership of the fifty-four ad- visory student Red Cross representatives, a student Red Cross committee, and Miss F. Alison Spence, their sponsor, collected 3537.26 for junior membership in the first campaign of the year. A Benefit Dance staged November 7, at which Dance Band members gave half their regular pay or STO, contributed fundsg Latin and Spanish Club students donated 35. Twenty-nine Arthur Hill students spend their spare time as City Red Cross Staff assistants doing volunteer work. Given a special training course which covers the his tory and program of the Red Cross, the stu- dents contribute hours after school and Sat- urdays doing filing, typing, and errands. Coinciding with the Victory Bond Drive in December when Hillites bought or sold a total of 524,325 in Bonds, Christmas seals for the National Tuberculosis Drive were given to advisories where Hillites accounted for SISO worth of stamps. In April, Saginaw police visited Arthur Hill offering students an opportunity to pur- chase their bicycle licenses. Approximately three hundred took advantage of this con- venience. Near the end of school each advisory answered United Nations Relief and Re- habilitation pleas for canned food for Europe's starving millions. Witli the slogan "One Can Can Help!" Student Cabinet members took the drive to heart and aimed for one can of food from each student. To finish the year, IN THE ARTHUR HILL STYLE-every student did just tht, and some brought more than one can. Money, turned into merchandise, was added and boxed for overseas shipment. RUTH ALLES, ALICE REXIUS, ointl DONNA WEBSTER sfudeni nurses in The clinic. Homecoming service alumni visited the school daily to seek advice on future plans, including college and jobs, or to talk over old times. As a special service, veterans were given comprehensive tests which enabled them to get their diplomas or meet college requirements, as the case might be. Junior Red Cross committee members gel their moteriol together for The Junior Red Cross Drive. This committee consists of BILL AGRE, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, MARY WILTSE, MARK SUINO, CHARLOTTE KRISTALYN, ART DOERSAM, MARGE HASSE, ond MISS F. ALISON SPENCE. JACK EMEDE, o veferon, shows his discharge certificore to MR. RAYMOND W. MORROW. Red Cross Steiff Assistcinrsvlfirst Row: ARLENE BLOHM, PAT HINES, BARBARA BROWN, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, ALVINA SCHULZ. Second Row: LUELLA CRUSON, AUDREY BRAUN, SHIRLEY OSMOND, DONNA KIMMEL, JUNE WEEDEN, DARLENE BURNS, JOYCE LOVE, HELEN HODGES. Third ROW: RUTH NELSON, CHARLOTTE SMITH, HELEN STORCH, LORAINE MARTIN, DELORES JACKMAN, DELORES GILGINAS, HILDEGARD ECICSTROM, JOANNE MCGUIRE, FRANCES LOHR, Gnd VALERIE VANDERMADE. EUGENE PRINGLE, DON SCHAFFER, JIM HINDS, DON WEBB, MISS CATHERINE FURBEE, instructor, ond MARY VENEMA work on The sroge during speech corrective closs. , eq JUNE, 1946 13 5, I te Keeping books on pictures and money of small pictures for the journalism department are GEORGE BURROWS and JEAN BARNEY. The Arthur Hill NEWS staff listens to editor NANCY HENRY for advice on NEWS assignments. Staff members-eleft to right around the copy desks: LE MYRTA KALTENBACH, reporter, JEAN WRIGHT, editorial and poll editor, IRIS HEILBRONN, reporter, BOB HASSELMAN, typist, JOANNE ELLIS and MARI- LYN DOLLENS, editorial editors, PHIL TOWNLEY, sports editor, BILLIE CARPENTER, advertising manager, JOHN BAUM, associate editor, and JUNE BREITAG, business manager. PUBLICATIONS: Inform, School publications and publicity offer in- formation and a record of high school days to the students, the school and the commu- nity. Staff members busily ferret out the news and hurry to meet copy deadlines so that students may have a bi-weekly news- paper and a yearbook. Eighty students worked on publicity proj- ects during the past year. Each reporter was assigned to a beat for which he was given special assignments and was responsible for covering all of the news connected with his job. Seriousness, yet gaiety, prevails among staff members. Reporters work before, after, dur- ing, or between classes on their assignments. jokes and pranks, such as, during the holiday season when their ingenuity was evident in the improvised Christmas tree made from a broom, are an every day occurrence and add to the informal atmosphere. Honors came when in recompense for their work the news staff was informed that .J-. 14 Entertain, Record the school paper won first place in its classi- fication in the annual judging by the Colum- bia Scholastic Press Association in March, and the same award from the National Scholastic Press Association in April. Long hours of concentrated work produced the 1946 LEGENDA. Seniors and juniors found picture-getting, financing, plus ideas, and considerable Writing were necessary to produce a book which would give a picture of the year 1945-46 as lived at Arthur Hill. Each departmental job takes weeks of con- scientious effort. Other publicity projects of journalism stu- dents in rooms 116 and 117 were the Service Honor Roll Board and file, the announce- ment board of the weekly schedule, and the publicity board display of current city and state newspaper publicity on the school, which, when taken from the board, makes up the publicity book, a permanent file. The NEWS, a member of the National Institute of Student Opinion sponsored by Scholastic Magazine, participated in thirteen nation-wide polls. The polls were distributed, collected, and tabulated by journalism stu- dents for their use and also sent to SCHOLAS- TIC to be compiled with returns from other schools for a national picture published by SCHOLASTIC. School photography falls to the journalism students interested in the camera. They re- ceive assignments from the publications edi- tors, faculty members and the adviser. In turn, the photography editor placed detailed picture schedules in the school bul- letin before the time that the pictures were taken and made arrangements with the fac- ulty and students concerned. A student photographer accompanied all commercial photographers to assist them and learn what they could on the job. Through the aid of the journalism depart- ment, the Detroit TIMES photographers took some thirty pictures about the school to make a full page spread of "Saginaw,s Model High School" and made possible pages 4 and 5 in the Legenda. LEGENDA staff looks to DON STONE for yearbook assignments. Staff members - BARBARA TANNER, EMMA NEIDERQUELL, advertising manager, VIRGINIA ELLIS, LAVONE KAISER, DOLORES STALEY, YUILL TROUT, JEAN GRIESE, seated, JUNE NEWMAN, MARVIN BRANDLE, CHARLYS PIERITZ, SYBIL KULI., JEAN BARNEY, business manager, PAT FOWLER, LORENE BAUMANN, NANCY TOFT, copy editor, HELEN RATHS, IRIS HEILBRONN, and RITA MORGAN. LEGENDA Choir members supply entertainment for the student body and represent the school at many community affairs. Members ot the choir-First Row: BEVERLY BURGESS, DORIS HUNYADY, CHARLOTTE KRISTALYN, ANNABELLE MCCRAY, MARY BOYNTON, JOANNE LEMMER, WILMA BLUEM, BETTY FELTEN, LOIS SCHAFEER, DORIS RUSSELL, and EDNA HEIMBERGER. Second Row: ALICE DeMERRITT, RUTH FRITZ, MARGARET SCHROEDER, BERTIE SWARTHOUT, MARION KUEFFNER, PAT AXEL, BONNIE VERNON, BETTY GAERTNER, PHYLLIS SMITH, DORIS GOSLIN, MARY YOUMANS, RUTH BELL, and RUTH PFRUENDER. Third Row: MADELYN ALBRECHT, FLORENCE STEVENS, PHYLLIS HINTE, OTILLIA BOLGER, VIRGINIA WOLCOTT, BILLIE WERTH, CAROLYN WHALEY, SHIRLEY BURR, MILDRED BLYNN, BETTY FOX, LOIS KNISLEY, and VIVIAN SMITH. Fourth Row: JACK FERCHAU, KEITH SOMER, RAY BIERLEIN, DONALD SHARAR, HOWARD BISHOP, BOB WILSON, HARRY PORTERFIELD, RICHARD FROEBER, JOHN AUER, and FRED MESCHKE. ...DAQ JUNE, 1946 Not shown in the picture: Bob Fuller, Alice Greuling, David Hinkin, Robert Hunter, Bill Hyslop, Patrick Welch, and Kenneth Wright. CHOIR AND BAND What would a basketball or football game be without the music of the brass, woodwind, and percussion to blend with the songs and yells? Providing the musical background for assemblies and entertaining in them, and playing in community programs, the Band Bounce, and Club Hillite has occupied the time of members of the dance and concert bands and the choir. The eighty-five piece concert band enter- tained early in the year at a Red Cross banquet at the Bancroft Hotel and later marched in the Memorial Day Parade. Arthur Hill musical talent shone in their performance at the 1946 Band Bounce. Band- Top picture- Top Row: BOB BRALEY, DUANE WILLIAMS, JACK MAAS, MARVIN BRANDLE, JIM HINDS, KEN LANGE, GEORGE RICHARDS, DUANE FULTZ, NANCY AGRI- COLA, SAM REID, DOROTHY HOLNAGEL, JOANNE FRIEDLI. Front-TOM DANHOFF, JIM SPENCE, ROWLAND HANSON, MARJORIE ENSZER, LOUIE DIECHMAN, RACHEL SCHMIDT, LORRAINE HEIDMANN, GENE BEUTHIN, DORIS PRESTON, PHYLLIS O'DELL, KARL MARX, MARILYN ZORN, BARBARA TITUS, WILLIS COOPER. Middle picture- Top Row: DICK HORN, JIM BELLENBAUM, BOB TEMPLE, DICK LINDSTROM, ALBERT STEWART. Second Row: JOANNE FRIEDLI, DELLA LOWN, NORMAN SPENSER, DON HERTZ, BARBARA CLARK, TOM FULLER, KEITH SOMER, GERALD BLACK, BOB WEEDFALL, BILL CASE. Third Row: WILLIS COOPER, BEATRICE HARRIS, NORMAN SPARKS, DICK ALSGAARD, BOB DITTON- BER, RONALD WALLACE, MARQUEEN AYERS, DICK HARTMAN. Bottom Row: JOCELYN LOYSTER, EARLDINE ENS- ZER, RUTH KARVER, ELAINE BRONNER, NATALIE GILL, DOROTHY DOERFNER. Bottom picture- Top Row: ALBERT STEWART, DICK MARKERT, CLAR- ENCE KEYSER, BOB DRYER, BILL HERVEY, JIM OGRAM. Second Row: GERALD BLACK, BOB WEEDFALL, BILL CASE, TED DANDO, ED SMALL, LOIS CLARE, BOB SHELLHAS, DICK KIEFT, DICK CHRISTIANS, ED MYERS, NED MILES. Third Row: MARTIN HAUBENSTRICKER, BONNIE GREER, LOIS SHAW, GAYLE POUND, LOIS KEYSER. Bottom row: RONALD WALLACE, MARQUEEN AYERS, DICK HARTMAN. 15 w 1 .s slant, A . G, if ,9 in Tyfffx Ami, Q mf .QV Y, 5, wx ,V GREGCRY BARRIS consul' s odviser, MR. E. L. V TELLEY, cmlzouf his closs pro- THT7 Ul'i'UV1QEi'Ii9Fll, Hlassfs In The ARTHUR HlLL WAY-The ossocioTion beTvveen The sTudenT ond his Teochers is o close one. The sTudenT ond his odviser coreTully go over The selecTive progrom oT sTudy. The sTudenT's ochievemenTs ore recorded on o Tolder which is ovoiloble To him oT ony Time. His progrom is gone over from Time To Time so ThoT needed chonges con be mode quickly. A sTudenT hos ovoiloble oT oll Times The counsel oT his odviser, his Teochers, The girls' counselor, The ossisTonT principol, ond The principol. mms ,K U K Q g ,ws 5 L X T fe ,T X ,ww A s mf , I y my Mlm X T wirhiixsiizi 'Msmwwmfwsw ., -q.-w,,,c,n V'M-A-WNW -H-W--....,,wm f-Wi., , ssfmxi MMM W'i'0is:g4 Tswa-My I 1 fziM,W QTFW'-K 5 S 5 iss 5 f cfm ss W g In art of living class, BONNIE GOODWIN demonstrates how to serve gravy as NAN AGRICOLA places some on an imaginary plate of potatoes. In the art of living dancing class held on the auditorium stage, NATALIE GILL serves as student instructor. Svphomvrc year Last spring johnny and Mary were sitting in their junior high school classrooms, filling out their program cards for the fall term. In June, Johnny and Mary came to an assembly at Arthur Hill and wandered through the labyrinth of corridors searching for the rooms which would be their advisories the next year. Then in September, johnny be- came Johnny Hillite and Mary became Mary In ci biology classroom, examining crayfish are JOAN YANCER, SHEILA PAI- TERSON, MARK SUINO, and DAVID DELTMEN. In MISS WARD'S World History class, SALLY McLEAN, VELMA OSBORNE, DON STUBBS, BERT ROGERS, DAVID DELTMEN, MAXINE RAU, and ELAINE TURNER, discuss current events as well as ancient civilization. Hillite, for both had become sophomores of the Arthur Hill High School. At first the new school was awesome, but soon they found old friends and made new ones. Later they entered into school activities and became accustomed to the ARTHUR HILL WAY of doing things. They discovered that there are two courses of study which can be chosen at Arthur Hill: the college course and the non-college. Col- lege-bound Hillites are required to have two majors and two minors in academic fields. Three years of a subject constitute a major and two years a minor. The fields from which majors and minors may be chosen are science, language, social science, mathematics, and English. As sophomores, johnny and Mary found that no matter which course they had chosen, they were required to take Eng- lish, gymnasium, and art of living. in English the first semester, johnny and Mary wrote tall tales, character sketches, stories of their experiences, studied grammar, and passed their spelling requirements, while in the second, the emphasis was on vocabu- lary and literature. Mary, with girls' gym students, practiced skill tests intermingled with a volleyball tournament at the beginning of the term. Basketball became the main interest during the middle of the year, while the spring months found the girls playing softball, in- side the building or out, depending on the weather. With the aid of squad leaders' and coaches' commands, johnny quickly whipped himself into shape. Based on calisthenics and running, the idea of the program was to build better bodies and at the same time make gym interesting. -johnny and Mary took art of living. ln In second year Latin class, SHIRLEY ROBY points out Italy to MARY ELLEN TURNBULL and SARAI-4 HOLMES as RICHARD LYNCH, RICHARD ALSGAARD, and RAY POPE watch. In geometry, JO ANN MEI-IL, SHIRLEY HARGER, DONALD KERR, and RUTH ANN FARRELL construct geometric figures on the board. 18 LEGENDA In ci sophomore English class, RICHARD HOWELL reads a report. Sophomore boys do colisthenics in the physical fitness class. these all-boy or all-girl classes students oriented themselves and discussed vocations, social adjustment, and etiquette, at home, in public, and on a date. Adding something new to the course, junior and senior girls, in co- operation with faculty, taught dozens of sophomore and junior boys to dance. Although they previously did not know a duodenum from a gullet, or the pelvic bones from the humerus bones, johnny and Mary became interested in their biology class. In addition to studying declensions and verb conjugations, Latin classes enjoyed mak- ing special projects such as miniature repli- cas of Roman life, compiling a scrapbook, fashioning puppets and dolls, and reading such books as "Ben Hurn and "The Robe." ln typing, SHIRLEY MASON, ROMAINE BOROWIAK, BEVERLY HARTMAN, ELEANOR GOUDI, DONNA BROWN, and SARAH LOIACANO are preparing 'lor speed tests. In homemaking class, SHIRLEY HUNTER, JENNIE McicMlLLEN, GLADYS CHAP- MAN, and LOIS WYNES are basting and cutting garments. 1946 Christmas cards, colored church windows, and intricately designed notebooks, are a few of the projects made by geometry stu- dents. In this course johnny and Mary learned about ratio, proportions, and scale drawings. Current events were studied with more perspective by students who obtained back- ground through the study of World History. johnny and Mary learned in geography the makeup of the earth and the distribution of the wealth, natural resources, population, and habitation of its peoples. A non-college student may select geography as a science. Typing students, most of whom were sophomores, were able to dash off fifteen words a minute while second semester groups learned the proper typing of business letters and increased their speed to twenty-five words a minute. Typing 4 students should reach a speed of forty words a minute. Boys as well as girls took advantage of the opportunity the course in homemaking offered. They learned how to choose their clothes wisely, buy economically, make and mend clothes, and practice skill in selecting, arranging, and caring for their homes. Mechanical drawing and industrial shop offered the student preparation for industries or hobbies. Sophomores found in other electives such as speech, music, journalism, art, and agricul- ture, two to six semester sequences where natural abilities and interests lead johnny and Mary into projects that may prove profitable hobbies or vocations. In art class, BARBARA JOHNSON, ANITA DABBERT, SHIRLEY STEINERT, ROSE- MARIE KRAVVCZAK, JANE SCHNELL, MARIE KASSIN, PAT TERRIAN, ONALEE TIETZ, and GLORIA DURN, try their hands at sketching. his student musicians. ln first band, MR. BURNETT pays special attention to the saxophone section of , New im 19 In physics, JEAN CATES assists JAMES ANDERSON as he measures the intensity of sound. junizfr Zfmr Juniors, johnny and Mary Hillite, enter their second year at Arthur Hill to find that they are both still required to take English, gym, and art of living, plus American his- tory. Building their programs around these In crafts class, students find the hands may be dexterious in many ways. EVA DeROSIER, VIRGINIA CURTIS, ROBERT RODITCHER, DONNA DIETZEL, and BOB DAVIS Iearn how ta knit one, purI two. In bookkeeping class, ARDITH FLATHAU, GLORIA SCHULTZ, PAT BRANDT, second row: JOANNA INESTWOOD, BILL VLASSIS7 third row: GERALD WHITE, ED WIERDAg fourth row: ANN WEISS, MILDRED ZEHNDERg fifth row: EILEEN FISCHER, JAC- courses, they choose the rest of their electives to fulfill desired majors and minors. In order to graduate, students must have sixteen credits. If they plan to enter college, they must have maintained a high "CU aver- age and acquired two majors and two minors. In junior English, Johnny and Mary delve into grammar reviews in workbooks and a study of American literature. Again this year the familiar book report a marking period kept johnny and Mary burning the midnight oil. American history disclosed to Johnny and Mary the factors which make our country great. The background of our citizens, their early struggles, the Constitution, how the government is run, plus present-day prob- lems were all brought to light. Many juniors found Spanish, college and non-college, French, and German interesting and useful languages. Producing one-act plays, attending the Mexican Baptist Church, corresponding with students of Latin Amer- ica, and listening to Spanish shortwave broadcasts as well as diction recordings were some of the class activities. ln addition to the regular reading and translating, French students found short stories especially inter- esting, while other Hillites chose German to meet their particular language require- ments. From the mathematics courses a junior may choose geometry and algebra. Physics having and advanced math base, is the usual junior science course. Simple machines and experimenting with sound, electricity, and light were the highlights of this year's study. Firsthand experience, education, and appli- cation in agriculture, provided many Hillites with a practical background for scientific farming. "Ag" students mapped and charted farms for soil types, conducted a program for better use of land, and measured soil which was run off for land wastes. Commercial juniors select shorthand, typ- ing, and bookkeeping, vocational or general. Art studies include general art, commercial art, costume design, and crafts. Scenery for pageants, plays, hall displays, and posters announcing events were projects of the de- partment this year. In general art, composi- tion and techniques with oils, chalks, water QUELINE FENTNER, sixth row: HELEN FURLO, and GWENOLA GATZ prepare to hand in the assignment for the day. Learning how to write shorthand are MARION HABKE, LILAH JANSEN, CLAR- RISSA KAUFMANN, ANNABELLE DUPUIS, EARLDINE ENSZER, MARY LOU FISHER, FLORENCE BECKER, BONNIE BRADY, Gnd PEARL CI-IASNIS. In agriculture class, JOHN DOYLE, MILTON SCHMIDT, FRED LEEMANN, and WILLIAM DONHAISER learn to cuII chickens. 20 LEGENDA In history study, MILDRED WEBER, OWEN REINERT, RUTH LITTLEJOHN, MARY In gymnasium class, DONNA BADOUR and GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM fight ELLEN BLUNT, and BRUCE BECKERT lead their class in an OBSERVER discussion. to bring their relay team the honors. colors, and crayon were developed. Posters and advertising are done in the commercial art classes while good design was stressed in the costume design class through a study of personal costume problems. Crafts classes give students a chance to express their initiative by doing individual planning on their work with whatever ma- terial they wish. The crafts students aided campaigns with Red Cross exhibits this year. johnny and Mary took public speaking in their first semester and radio the next. They wrote, gave speeches, and created programs for many community clubs and organiza- tions. In journalism, students learned the tech- nique of putting their schools activities into print. Every class project is a school service which helps the student discover his journal- istic abilities. During the second, third, and fourth semester credit courses, journalism students use their knowledge and get practi- cal experience in writing and publishing the Arthur Hill NEWS and the LEGENDA. In music, johnny and Mary may study band, orchestra, or choir with an eye to qualifying for these organizations. Working out algebra problems under the direction of MRS. JACOBSON are PHYLLIS FEDDER, GARY DUNHAM, BERTIE SWARTHOUT, RUTH LARSON, JIM HARRIS, and JIM SMITH. In public speaking, GINGER ELLIS is caught in the midst of her ten minute speezh. In journalism class, these students assist editors to bring the Arthur Hill NEWS to Hillites every two weeks. KATHLEEN BUEKER, MARY DAVIS, MARIE VLASSIS, PAT MCLEAN, NONA DAMMANN, LARRY ANGELL, ELAINE SEEHASE, SALLY SEDER, MARIAN YARMUTH, ARLENE SIEGGREEN. Standing: JEAN GRIESE, PAT HINES, BILL COLLVER, JANET SQUIRE, EDWARD GREER, MARY BUCKINGHAM, BILL CAMPBELL, BETTY DONAHUE, and DOROTHY STEFFE. In French class, reading an edition ot the French paper, Le Petit JOURNAL, are BEVERLEE WILKINSON, DUANE NUECHTERLEIN, MARILYN MCLURG, ANNABELLE DUPUIS, NANCY TOFT, ROSEMARY HEINEMAN, BONNIE RICHIR, and DOROTHY RUPP, JUNE, 1946 21 'Y Librory periods provide s'ucIen7s with on opportunity for study and reference reading. Senior year As Seniors, johnny and Mary Hillite com- pleted their selected schedules. They met graduation requirements, and had a chance to turn minors into majors or to experiment in elective subjects that interested them. All seniors taking the college preparatory course are required to take English. If they are not planning to attend college they may take either non-college English or refresher mathematics. Every senior has a semester of American government and a semester of In the cornmercitil low class, court is in session with ROBERT WILSON, iudge, SCOTT PERKINS, witness, ond SHELDON BLOOMFIELD, prosecuting attorney. In costume design, MARY BRADY and DOROTHY OSMOND dress o model. economics. Senior boys must take physical fitness, while senior girls may take gym as an elective. ln English, johnny and Mary spent the first semester in grammar, drill, theme writ- ing, and passing the senior spelling require- ment. They read a number of plays, both old and new. The second semester, for the most part, was spent studying English litera- ture. A thousand-word theme, which pro- vided them practice in research and lengthy writing, was the main requirement in com- position. Non-college seniors taking English also studied grammar and theme writing. ln addition, they practiced letter-writing and read modern newspapers and magazines. "T bought five thousand shares of Inter- national Nickel at 58 I, S," This statement was not heard on Wztll Street, but in 1945- 46 economics classes. Each of the students maintained an imaginary brokerage account, buying and selling stock. This was one of the many ways in which they applied their knowledge of money, banking, savings, in- vestments, insurance, and cost of living. ln American government class, Tolinny and Mary studied all departments of govern- ment. The management of villages, cities, the national government, the Constitution, Congress, and problems that might arise concerning certain legislation, were features of the course. To apply their knowledge of government management, seniors of govern- ment and economics classes held a munici- pal election to set up a duplicate of Sagi- naw's city government. The thirty-six selected students participated in annual stu- dent day at the City Hall. Seniors taking chemistry this year did research on accidents in daily life, city water problems, and iron and steel products. This work accompanied the daily classwork with formulas and chemicals. Solid geometry helped clarify for advanced math students the mysteries of three-dimen- MRS. LORNA ZIEGLER demonstrates to C1 boys' homemoking closs the proper use of silverware. The ottentive students include HARRY ARMSTRONG, KENNETH GULLIVER, CHRISTIAN MEYER, DAN IVICCAULEY, GALE BREU, JOE WALDERZAK, BEN DONAGHY, JOHN BAUM, ALBERT MOORE, ond"DICK VERMURLEN. A girls' gym closs practices colisthenics before the girls begin tests or group gomes. 22 I ' LEGENDA In o senior English class, MISS IRMA STOCKDALE explains the use of reference cards in theme writing. sional space, and the properties, areas, and volumes of solids. Sine, cosine, tangent, and secant are a few of the properties brought into play in the semester course of trigonom- etry. Non-college seniors, in addition to the English, economics, and government require- ments, choose courses which feature their particular interests and abilities and which will be of practical value in their selected profession. Transcription students take dictation and later in the class period type the material from their notes, Students also compete in In chemistry, JIM MICHEL, FRED BERNTHAL, VIRGINIA DREWS, SALLY YOUNG, HAROLD BERNTHAL, and BOB BECKMAN make tests during "lab" period. In mechanical drawing, CORDY RUSSELL, BILL LACKER, BOYD CLAYTON, JAMES OGRAM, and DON BARTLETT copy blue prints. HMS 'E I, Q 'I wa, From the government and economic classes, HAROLD BRAEUTIGAM, JIM MICHEL, TOM FRIEDLI, DON HOWELL, ERWIN EICHHORN, DUANE NUECHTERLEIN, RAY MASON, and DON KUSHMAUL represent Arthur Hill student government day at the City Hall. the annual shorthand contest sponsored by the Order of Gregg Artists. Commercial courses include law, sales, and business practice classes. lpso facto, habeus corpus, and other terms which sound like Greek to almost everyone else become every- day language to law students. Among the many phases of salesmanship discussed in sales classes are presenting merchandise, interesting the customer, han- dling contracts, store operation, advertising, and display. Sales classes work with the Retail Merchants Board which helps seniors qualify for retail jobs through a combined work-study program. ln home management, Mary made a dress- ing table for her bedroom when the group- was working on projects. Entertaining, deco-- rating, meal planning, marketing, home nurs- ing, home planning, and nutrition were features of Marys class. A notebook which included a description of a future family and of a desired home with its room plans and furnishings was made by Mary. At the end of three years, johnny and Mary Hillite have accumulated sixteen credits and are eligible for graduation from the Arthur Hill High School. In Spanish class, ALICE RISDON, CAROLINE COBB, DICK MICHEL, CLIFFORD BUCK, RUTH ODROBINA, ALLAN MANDELSTAMM, JEAN HOERNER, GEORGE BURROWS, and GEORGE GATZ read Spanish newspapers. In the solid geometry class, MISS UNA ROBERTSON explains the principle of geometric figures to RICHARD SOVVATSKY and DONALD KOCH. iw aa JUNE, 1946 25 A.. G 1 f, i , A, 4 .' W -- ,A Szfcizzl In The ARTHUR HILI. WAY-sTudenT conToCTs in closses, holls, lunch rooms, ond oT speciol oCTiviTies moke up The sociol life of The school. Boy meeTs girl in The clossrooms ond in The holls beTore ond oTTer Closses. The TovoriTe sTroll is The one ThoT Turns The Tour corners oT The oudiTorium. AcTiviTies ofTer 3105 p. more so orronged ThoT sTudenTs moy become ocquoimecl oncl enioy friendships wiTh ClossmoTes who shore Their in- TeresTs. Closs onol club oCTiviTies, Homecoming, senior week, ossemblies, Noon Club, ond obove all Club HilliTe, blend To moke Tor enioymem in "off-hours." the year approximately three hundred stu- dents, their parents, and their teachers work- ed together to plan eight parties with varied settings. At the "Santa Saunter," the first party of this year, jolly old Saint Nick surveyed the crowds with his similarly decked out helpers in various places around the dance Hoof. Lights from a 44-foot Christmas tree filled Hillites' hearts with the spirit of the season. At the "Hobo Hop", blue jeans, clod-hop! pets, and pigtails were prevalent. A life-size. stuffed hobo sat in front of the dance band, presenting an imposing picture. Shamrocks and pipes brought a true Saint Patricks Day atmosphere to the "Shamrock Shagu. Com- pleting the floor show, Betty Schaumann and her skating partner from Bay City gave a roller skating exhibition. At the same time the Parent-Teachers Association staged their annual card party. Wliile students frolicked ' 4 kjfsl The "Big Twelve" with MR. RAYMOND MORROW ond MISS ETHEL PETERSON plan all Club Hilliie Pcriies. Left to right: MR. MORROW, RICHARD KlEFT, ED WIERDA, JOANNE ELLIS, RICHARD MICHEL, RICHARD SOWATSKY, HELEN RATHS, NANCY HENRY, RITA MORGAN, JAMES MORRISON, MISS PETERSON, Q BEVERLY TECK, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, and ROBERT HUNT. Arthur Hill musicions furnish all The music for the dancing parties or Arthur Hill. First Row: NORMAN SPARKS, LOUIS DIECI-IMAN, DICK HARTMAN, BEATRICE HARRIS, and LAWRENCE ANGELL. Second Row: NED MILES, DON HERTZ, GEORGE RICHARDS, JACK MAAS, and BOB HAAS QI me piano. ' R . . . Q, B for evening recreation, a committee of stu, dents organized Club Hillite early in 1944. Continuing the plans in the fall of this Club Hillite, Arthur Hi11's student or- year, two representatives, a boy and a girl ' E ganized canteen, closes its second year. An- from each advisory, chose a "Big 12" com- ,g swering students' requests for a 'Teen-Townn mittee to steer party programs. Throughout AT Club Hilli1e's "Hobo Hop," SHIRLEY BRAUN, IRMA BEYTHAN, MARY Af the P-TA bridge poriy, in coniunciion with Club Hilliie, MR ond MRS. CHARLES SCHAEFER, FRANCES COLLVER, ond GEORGIANN BOYD choi. CALVERT oncl MR. tincl MRS. HORACE V. BRADLEY ploy bridge. 26 LEGEN DA Around St. Patriclds Day, sharnrock and pipe decorations set The scene for dancing at the "Shamrock Shag". Blue-ieons and over-sized shirts were worn by most studt-nts nt the "Hobo Hop" where students frolicked to the band's barn dance music. II 345, in the gym, parents played bridge or other table games in the cafeteria. Door prizes at the card party were pounds of butter and table prizes were coffee cakes. Cupid was kepr busy with his bow and arrow at "Cupid's Capersn. Caroline Cobb was the winner of the special door prize, a box of candy, Rose Marie Milne was the rather astonished owner of a rat trap, booby prize. That same evening, a Saginaw Barber- shop Quartet sang old favorites. The "Snow- man's Shuffle, was appropriately staged on a wintry, snowy, Friday evening in January. just before the Easter holidays the "Bunny Hop", with playful bunny figures for decora- tions, which drew many "oh's and ah's" from Club Hillite fans, was another hit. The last party of the year came May 10 with spring floral arrangements for rhe setting. The "Big Twelve" meets with parent sponsors in the school Iibrary to plan the coming Club HiIIite. Purchasing drinks at the Coke Bar-WILBUR FARMER and CLARENCE BROWN- LORAINE MARTIN and OFFICER JACK MILLSON play ping-pong at Club I-Iillne. RIGG, while ROY HAMMOND, JERRY LAATSCH and LORRAINE HEIDMANN Walt. HOWARD POPE and JIM SMITH IOOIQ On. JUNE, 1946 27 Club presidents number eleven-DON STONE, MAR- QUEEN AYERS, BARBARA ELACK, JEAN PATERSON, BARBARA EIB, NEWELL WARSIN, DICK MICHEL, ALLAN MANDELSTAMM, DOUGLAS SMITH, FRANCES COLLVER, and IRIS HEILBRONN. Getting information about the Michigan Boys' State are Hi-Y Club officers: ERWIN EICHHORN, PETE RUSSELL, RAY BIERLEIN, and DICK MICHEL, president. CL-BS I FUN Clubs at Arthur Hill include nearly every field of interest a Hillite could wish. Special arts, science, language, and service clubs make up the greater part of Arthur Hill's social life. The Arthur Hill Hi-Y Club of boys spon- sored dances after Friday night basketball games and purchased the new electric score- board for the gymnasium. The boys work together to strengthen their religious life, give more intelligent understanding to social problems, and help themselves and others with special problems of adolescence. Their meetings are divided into discussion, recrea- tion, business, and trips each month to dif- ferent churches. The Girl Reserves Club sponsored quiz programs, auction sales, tours of the Bell Telephone Company, parties, and teas. As projects, the girls made an afghan and potted Howers for the Red Cross, packed Christmas and Red Cross boxes, and sold refreshments during the basketball games. The club works towards training the girls to be leaders and to work together. Students with an interest in science and a "B" average in chemistry and all other classes are eligible for appointment to the Alchem- ists or Crucibles Clubs. Reviewing chem- istry learned in class, taking an occasional trip to spots of interest to chemists, and social combined meetings made-up the year's program. The Bios Logia Club, for biology students, The Alchemists, girls' chemistry club, members are-First Row: left to right, JO ANN SCHIAN, JOANNE OLM- STED, and DOROTHY DOERFNER, president. Second Row: WILLA KINGRY, NINA KOEHLER, GLORIA PATTON, and CHARLYS PIERITZ. Third Row: BARBARA EIB, JOCELYN LOYSTER, JEAN ANN SCHULZ, JOAN FLEISCH- MANN, and MARGARET PIETZ. WILMA SCOTT, JEAN CATES, GAYLE POUND, and PAT DAVIDSON, members of the Bios Logia Club and "Bugs Ball" dance chairmen, joke over "Gloria", the biology department specimen. Barbara Eib is president. The Crucibles, boys' chemistry club, prepare to leave for the Dow Chemical Plant in Midland-Left to right: BILL STEWART, DICK SOWATSKY, EARL EBACH, ERWIN EICHHORN, ARNOLD KEINATH, JIM KLEEKAMP, HAR- OLD BRAEUTIGAM, CLEM FELDMANN, DUANE NUECHTERLEIN, JIM MICHEL, DICK KEINATH, DICK MICHEL, and CHARLES LAKE. John Finger is president of the club. KENNETH FIERKE and GERALD KLUCK, FFA members, demonstrate their battery nest. On the table a mash feeder and a single unit nest are shown. Newell Warsin is president of the club. JACKIE TUKE and BILL BOOTH purchase flowers from ALICE RISDON and RUTH ZORN at the Spanish Club's "Sombrero Swing." Allan Mandelstamm is president of the club. To provide a French family with much needed food, NORMA CRANDELL, BEVERLY FRANZ, French Club mem- bers, and IRIS HEILBRONN, president, pack a box to be sent overseas. 28 LEGENDA completed its third year of organization after many years of inactivity. Members' projects included mounting animals, dissecting ani- mals and plants, assembling skeletons, and giving reports on the latest medical discov- eries. Bios Logia members were hosts to the "Bugs Ball", an annual all-school dance after the junior Play. In Arts-Dramatics Club, Hillites interested in the stage participate in plays, skits and dramatic programs. Club members this year played roles in the Christmas and Commence- ment Pageants and the club play, "He Couldn't Marry Five", besides ushering at other all-school performances. The BOC Club, made up of band, or- chestra, and choir members, presented musi- cal programs at meetings in which every member participated sometime during the year. These programs included solo as well as ensemble work. Membership in Quill and Scroll, the Inter- national Honorary Society for High School journalists, is granted to students doing out- standing work on publications, providing they have a "B" average in all classes. Meet- ings were held every other week at the homes of various members. As a group they studied the writing and publishing activities in Saginaw, besides participating in various contests. The Latin Club boasts an active member- ship of 101, the largest in school. Club mem- bers work for points which raise them in the Roman social rank from slave to senator. The social events of the year were the Christ- mas party, the annual potluck in the winter, and the picnic in the spring. Spanish Club members worked for points and the high scorers were given awards. Everyone helped with the annual "Sombrero Swing", a dance given after the senior play. A new feature was added this year. All stu- dents taking first semester Spanish partici- pated in the Junior Spanish Club, which pre- pared these members for active membership in the Spanish Club second semester. The members of the French Club made and sold gold and blue pom-poms for the Turkey Day football game. With the pro- ceeds from this sale, the club purchased a Victory Bond and donated it to the Memorial GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, FRANCES COLLVER, president, GLORIA SCHULTZ, MARY WILTSE, ond JOANNE ELLIS, officers of the Arts-Dramcitics Club, select their ploy for production. BOC Club officers, DICK CHRISTIANS, SAM REID, and MARQUEEN AYERS, first semester prexy, watch DICK HARTMAN, second semester president, ploy. DON STONE, president, JOANNE ELLIS, JOHN BAUM, LORENE BAUMANN and NANCY HENRY, Quill and Scroll officers, discuss the Gallup Award as outlined in their magazine. Past and present officers of the German Club, BARBARA FLACK, first semester president, VALERIE VANDER- MADE, BOB KUSHINSKY, BEVERLY SCHMIDT, and DORIS LUTZ admire Arthur Hill pins, which they sell to Hillites during football season. Dick Froeber presided over the club second semester. Latin Club committee members plan their April meeting-CAROL ROBINSON, EDNA HEIMBURGER, NORMAN CRANDELL, MARGARET SANFORD, JOCELYN LOYSTER, president, HELEN WAYT, JUNE NEVVMAN, DOROTHY THAMM, JANE TUBBS, and MARILYN ZORN. Rifle Club members, NORMAN SPARKS, JACK GRUNOW, DOUGLAS SMITH, president, and ROGER BOHL check the results of a session of target practice. Stadium Fund. The club also packed boxes to be sent overseas to needy French families through the local Red Cross. German Club members participated in games and contests and studied music of German operas. The club's project was the sale of Lumberjack booster pins during the football season. Students interested in agriculture get to- gether in the FFA Club. This year the group tested dairy herds for butter fat, soils for fertility, analyzed farm problems, and culled poultry flocks as Future Farmers of America projects. Members entered the public speak- ing and demonstration contest and came home with the Regional Championship. Boys interested in guns joined the Rifle Club. Members shot in the postal matches in which Arthur Hill entered two teams. Eight matches were scored and the junior team tied for first place. The tie was shot off and scores sent in to determine the winner. Girl Reserve Officers, ELEANOR ROBSON, ANNIE BINASIO, JEAN PATERSON, president, JACKIE FENT- NER and MARIE VLASSIS, look over the scrap books containing the year's accomplishments. JUNE, 1946 29 ' at if T M F, 2-. ' ye L li E at ies f rv 4 ' 1--- WI sk i S ,:,,. -MB :,..v ., -,,: . , :zzivvv I Iw i' 1 "".. ' I v ii. " I "-A: "-" I "12 iqq is . I ...A ':" . .'-,. .1 " ,...-. t - I - - ---:- - I ziz -'2'A ' vqiqi . . f t:-rf?-I' s 50 MARILYN REEDER, PHYLLIS PSCHOLKA, GLORIA PATTON, JANET PATTON, and HELEN RATHS appear as goddesses of liberty in the Commencement Pageant, The entire cast of the commencement pageant take part in the patriotic finale. All united countries and all the service branches were represented. ART OF PRETENSE . . Shudders, suspense, and spine thrilling action were all a part of the evenings program when the senior class play, "XWeather Clearing," by Franklin A. Wfarren, was presented March 28 and 29. The setting is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at Boulder Ridge, a stop-over where a passenger plane is forced down until the had weather clears. Charm, Hirtation, and more charm were appropriately displayed in a hilarious production of "Charm School", this year's junior class play. The comedy accented Austin Bevins, who inherited a girls' boarding school and insisted on running it according to his own ideas. "He CouIdn't Marry Five," this years Arts-Dramatic Club Play under the directions of Frances Collyer and Mary Wiltse, provided an evening of laughter. The visiting son of the boss who fell in love with each of Mr, and Mrs. Barton's Five daughters, after many trying problems and with the help of Granny, hnally decided to marry the daughter who was a nurse. Arthur Hill presented its Commencement Pageant at the City Auditorium for graduating seniors and their friends. The pageant. CLIFFORD BUCK in "Weather Clearing" suddenly takes on the role of tx gangster. CLIFFORD, holding a gun, ARTHUR DOERSAM and ALLAN MANDEL STAIVIIVI, seated, and SHELDON BLOOMFIELD, GALE BREU, and DICK MICHEL. On the set tor the senior class inlay "Weather Cleciringw-ART DOERSAM, GALE BRFU OLADYS MrNEIL, JOHN FINGER, DICK MICHEL, ALLAN IVIANDELSTAIVINI, IOI-IN BALIIVI, GLORIA RATTON, CAROLINE COBB, SHELDON RLOOIVIFIELD, CIIT FORD BUCK, eiutl NINA KOEHLER. BILL AGRE, DAVID JOHNSON, HARRY MILES, DICK SCHULTZ, NORMAN CRANDELL, and CHARLES CHURCH in the iunior play f'Charm Schoolf' Taking part in the iunior play "Charm School" -ELAINE NORRIS, JANET PAT- TON, PAT HARTLE, MAROUFEN AYERS, GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, ELEANOR DOERSAIVI, BILL AGRE, DAVID JOHNSON, DICK SCHULTZ, NORMAN CRANDELL, tinri CHARLES CHURCH, LEGENDA Bringing offerings ond listening for the chimes To ring in the church scene of the Chrisimus Pogeonl-DICK MICHEL, NED MILES, NANCY CARTER, GLADYS MCNEIL, MARQUEEN AYERS, PAT HARTLE, MARY ANN MORRIS, BARBARA TANNER, AR- THUR DOERSAM, RUBY ANN DUPREE, ELAINE NORRIS, JACK FINGER, JANET PATTON, BOB WEEDFALL, and PHYLLIS DUST. SUPPLIES ENTERTAINMENT "Men of Good Will," consisted of ten scenes showing the birth of freedom slowly permeating the people of the world from the time of jesus up to the present day. john Baum and Frances Collver were the narrators with a large supporting cast. The immortal "Why the Chimes Rang", by Elizabeth McFadden, was presented by the Arthur Hill students as the annual Christmas Pageant this year. In an auditorium decked with candles and ever- green boughs, the scene was that of a woodchopper's hut on Christ- mas Eve. The pageant was climaxed with a nativity scene. Before, during, and after the play, the Arthur Hill choir sang carols. The band, orchestra, choir, dance band, high stepping dance chorus, and individual or group acts added color and gaiety to Arthur Hill's 1946 Band Bounce. This annual production is made possible through the efforts and cooperation of the music and dramatic departments. john Baum acted as the master of ceremonies. The dance chorus directed by Mrs. Carl G. Bromm gave versions of ballet and tap dancing with Carol Bremer and Carol Atherton featured as solists, The Four Dull Blades, Kent Bagnall, john Olsen, Ted Dando, and Bob Haas, shuffled through their hilarious act. Marlin and Bill Dowis did a colorful take off on ballet. Marlin dressed as a girl, the two boys did ballet steps accompanied by a clown band. The band playing school songs concluded the T946 Band Bounce. In the Arts-Dromcific Ploy "He CouIdn'TMt1rry Five" -CAM LEONHARDT, JOANNE ELLIS. DICK MICHEL, GLORIA SCHULTZ, JOHN FINGER, HELEN WAYT, JOANNE OLMSTED. FRANCES LOHR, MARGE HASSE, Gnd BARBARA SCI-IMIDTKE. Five eligible Borton girls, in the Arts-Dromotic ploy-JOANNE OLMSTED, JOANNE ELLIS, CAM LEONHARDT, HELEN WAYT, cmd GLORIA SCHULTZ. BILL BOOTH, LOUIS FURLO, ond BILL ALBERTS supply humor in The Bond Bounce with their Clown Bond. Members of the orchestra token in front of the unique backdrop in the Bond Bounce-PATRICIA MINER, LOIS KAISER, LORRAINE HEIDMANN, LOUIS FURLO, DELLA LOWN, JO ANN FREIDLI, CHARLES FAI-IRENBRUCK, ond LARRY ANGELL. JUNE, l946 Taking a moment out for relaxation are: ANN LOUISE ANDERSON, DALE REMINGTON, CAROLYN WATSON, and FRED HAINES at the Senior Prom. DIVERSION FOR ALL For Arthur Hill students without club interests, social life ranges from the Sopho- more Party, the first of the year, to the Senior Prom, senior week. Diversion was found in the way of mid- day activity from 11:30 to 12:10 and again at 12:50 to 1:10 at the Noon Club. The Noon Clubbers twirI and dip to the music ofthe iuke box every noon in the gyms during their few minutes of relaxation. Pausing for a moment between dances ot the Sombrero Swing, JACKIE TUSSEY, JACK WADDELL, WILOWDEAN CASSOW, and JOHN BAUM seem to he having a grand time. Familiar faces seen at last year's senior prom were: DONNA KNIGHTS, ED GRENKOSKI, JOANNE LEM- MER, NONA BOYD, JOHN BYRON, DONNA CONRAD, and STUART FOX. juke box provided music in the gymnasium for Hillites to dance. John MacDougall and Georgianna Chisholm were chairmen of the first and second hour Noon Clubs, respec- tively. The Sophomore Party, exclusively for sophomores, is held each year at Halloween- time. In the girls' gym, tables were set in cabaret style around the floor, and cokes and donuts were served at the coke bar. Added fun for the sophomores came in games of ping pong and shuffleboard. The insect world furnished the theme for the Bios Logia Club's "Bugs Ball," held after the junior Play. Suspended from the ceiling were huge bugs painted in brilliant colors. Six hundred senors and senoritas attended the Spanish Club's annual "Sombrero Swing", following the Senior Play, March 29. Stu- dents, between dances, gathered around at- tractively decorated booths which offered candy, refreshments, and red and white car- nations for sale. The Parent-Teachers Association sponsor- ed their annual family potluck in the spring. Parents, teachers, and students enjoyed a good meal in the cafeteria and a program in the auditorium. Following the basketball games each sea- son, are the dances sponsored by the Hi-Y Club. These after-game dances are always looked forward to by students who want something to do the rest of the evening. JOHN LEE, chairman, checks plans for the "Soph" party with Committee mem- hers SALLY CHRISCADEN, BETTY KRAWCZAK, HENRY GOPPELT, BONNIE GOOD- WIN, DICK HOWELL, Gnd ALICE JEAN DeMERRITT. Palm trees, streamers, sombreros, and a boy ond girl silhouetted against o huge golden moon decorated the gym for students at the Sombrero Swing. 32 LEGENDA SENIOR WEEK, CLIMAX OF SCHOOL DAYS Senior graduation activities began when 436 seniors were issued caps and gowns of the traditional gold and blue, May 27, in preparation for Senior Week. Senior Day, graduating students wandered into classes to bid adieu to friends and teachers before the solemn Senior Assembly that left students, both graduates and underclassmen, with lumps in their throats. The program was highlighted by the reading of the Class Will and Prophecy. At the Baccalaureate, Sunday, june 2, in the school auditorium, Dr. Henry W. Fisch- er, in his twenty-fifth baccalaureate, addressed seniors, friends, and parents. The Senior Dinner-Dance took place june 5 in the gym where students danced among decorations which represented "The Streets of Paris." Brightly colored awnings and the Eiffel tower were placed around the gym to give that "Parisian Atmosphere." Orville The graduating seniors, class of '45, and Their friends dance To The music of Eddie Shade's band aT The Senior Prom last year. Graduating seniors Take the lasT few minutes, while lining up for Their senior assembly, to have a farewell chat wiTh friends. JUNE, 1946 Carmell and his orchestra from Bay City played for the evenings dancing. Place cards of caps and diplomas were at each seniors place at the dinner in the cafeteria which featured the "Graduation" theme. Seniors on the committee for the Senior Dinner-Dance were Jocelyn Loyster, Pat Axel, Dorothy Doerfner, George Richards, Dick Kieft, and Dick Michel, with Miss Gertrude Turner, faculty adviser. Seniors ordered their calling cards and in- vitations early in the year. According to cus. tom, when they arrived everyone was busy trading cards, after which they went home to address commencement invitations. Bringing an end to a week of activity and to their high school days, the seniors re- ceived their diplomas june 6, at the City Auditorium. The commencement pageant, "America Lives," was presented. DICK MICHEL, DON HOWELL RUTH PFRUENDER JEAN SHAW RUTH WOOD and MARY BOYNTON, wait in anticipation To be measured for caps and gowns The first step Toward graduatio Graduating seniors believe as do underclassmen that the bench in front of The school offers a beautiful springtime setting for relaxation s , , vw s N kv M , ge -i 5 . as ' gsfffq 'S .. 53' E:.fEi 1.VL X f f ,A .W I - A fig . U.-1 Q as- A xv '-'U jf '45 4l'f " x , V fl J XL f x 1' i P5 Q4 'N -'32 SQ .Fw df f Ny at 1 b fx , ., ' ' A ' ,-Azz... Q -A., lt, ve . 6 CITIZENS, I-IILLITES ESTABLISI-I MEMORIAL To honor Arthur Hill's alumni in service, students and alumni have contributed toward two memorials, the Service Honor Roll Board and thesMemorial Stadium Fund. A permanent memorial to the 75 Arthur Hill boys who gave their lives in World War 2 was started by a contribution of 357,- 500 from Mrs. Arthur Hill toward a stad- ium. It will be erected in architecture in harmony with that of the school around the present football lield, with the entrance fac- ing the intersection of Mackinaw and Mal- zahn. The Stadium Fund was supplemented by a 331,000 war bond bought by Arthur Hill Students in 1943. The next year Hillite ad- visories raised 3S1,100 in War Bonds and 353,000 was donated by individuals towards the growing fund. In co-operation with the Seventh War Loan Drive in April of 1945, 251,169 in War Bonds were given towards the stadium. Many parents of Arthur Hill gold star boys dedicated bonds to the' sta- dium in memory of their sons. 36 The school year of 1945 opened with a goal of 370,000 to be reached, of which over 315,800 of this had already been raised. Plans to raise the needed amount were taken over by the Fordney Club, the Arthur Hill Parent-Teachers Association, and Ar- thur Hill Lettermen, headed by Mr. Julius Ippel. The "Kick-OH Banquet" was staged November 27, 1945, with interested patrons as guests. Men working on the Stadium Drive were divided into nine teams of ten men each. With a quota of 354,000 a team, or 35400 for each man, these groups solicited donations. The efforts of this group raised 3536,000g the remainder was to be raised by the efforts of a special gifts committee. The group set up headquarters in Mr. E. F. Wienecke's sales- room. Dr. Raymond I. Hart made arrange- ments for two professional basketball games to be played, the proceeds of 351,500 going to the Stadium Fund. Clubs and advisories at Arthur Hill bought bonds and dedicated them to the Stadium Fund, in addition, Club Hillite staged a party, profits from which were used to buy a Stadium Bond. In March of 1946, 355,000 of the pro- posed total had been reached. The building committee, elected soon afterwards, consists of Mr. Harry Hawkins, chairman, Mr. Jack Andrews, Mr. Harry Baker, Mr. Roy Benway, Mr. W. H. Doerfner, Mr. Julius Ippel, Superintendent of Schools Chester F. Miller, Dr. Lewis C. Pinney, Mr. Walter Stenglein, Mr. Andrew C. Struthers, Mr. Stanley Swift, and Mr. Eric F. Wieneke. Mr. Donald Kim- ball and Mr. Clarence Merrill were chosen as architects. The stadium will be the next step towards the contemplated development of the seventy-two acre school campus which will be a recreational site for the northwestern section of the city. A steel section of bleach- ers purchased recently from the government has been erected on the south side of the football field. It is hoped that conditions will permit the side facing north, which will seat 5,500, to be ready by the 1946 season. LEGENDA ARTHUR l-lILL'S WORLD WAR II CONTRIBUTION from the Headlines DECEMBER-'41 l'S Di-r-lare-s war nn .Iapan and . l'nw1-is tiirl ltr-serves Stage St'2lX'6'll,f1'PT llunt fnr xxi Scrap s ll:-v. Marshall lt, Rm-il of Warden Park Mi-tlniilist l'liuri-li Speaks on Arniistir-P Day Svlnnil .M-tivitii-s 'l vain Studnnts for lvar .lulis JANUARY--'42 t'ln"stnl:'s Seal Salt-s Nut SIQO , S'n Itfnt. .l vin .' Yi -t rv Cnr is Divisions I4 nf l"ai'ulU' Nllfll ill' for lit-d Cross ' 4 X 1 ' I U ' I Vunrsn Ilillitt-s tltlllf-'lil l05 :ITT Pounds nf Svrap Studi-nt t'alvin1-t Hives lbs-tc-nsv Stamp lll llnys .livin ll:-1-I llarvesti-rs Danm- NOVEMBER-'42 l'illSlf.fll Jerry lirifiiiiefl' Explains Naval Re- serve Training: to Senior Boys FEBRUARY-'42 Class:-s Make l'rat-tit-0 .Xir ltaid Drill in In Minutes I I Fat-ulty lines All-out for NVar WVork Stud:-nts Take First .Kid t'uurss-s yiptnry Immie Bemxmg Red Cross Sch 'ii' I Tallies g6'5m2'50 in Simnvs :md liarlmara Grey Dir:-r-ts 3177.61 Red Cross llnnds , l'und Studi-nts l'nllm't 3,700 Pounds uf Sr-rap DECEMBER-'42 MARCH--'42 IN Si-ninrs l'ass Air Corps lixains l'i""" llpffmllsf' ii"""N"S Ulm' il' 'lil' Hills NX ir t lrinffes Sr-lmnl s Studv l'rog:r'in1 T"i"'l""'S 'l"5fi"'lZ" l5""'l mul' Si-niur lloys Fam- lndutftion After Gradu- ation Yi:-tory Corps Stands for Unite-d lCt'fnrt APRIL--'42 First .Kid Corps Uiiiipli-tvs Uulrso . Di-r-1-inlu-r 7 Ret-:ills I'c-arl llarlmr Dar Xliss Margaret tyre-s. .luninr Red Cross lt4-prvsentatixi- from St, laxuis, Mo.. Visits .Xll Svlnml twullnf-ts 77 Bundles for Britain OCTOBER-'42 llmnetnaking Department Savi-s Waste Fats, Metal L'imt:iili0l's First .tid tlrnups Vrvpare for ltlnwryreiic-y Mr. I'uulsrwn 'IR-:irtlii-S Navigation in Civilian l'ilrvts 'Training Prourain Artists Make .Kir Raid I'nst Sizrns. Wall llangings fin' llnspitals llinnv Nursing: Corps Organize-s Arthur ilill Minutf- Men. lit-d liy .lint Stnnglt-in, l'ut ilvf-r War Chest FEBRUARY-'43 Ss-a Si-rvire ltr-ails Yivtury Corps ltvgie tnvnt of ll!! Alt'lIllH'l'S Dnrotln-a lllnuntz la-ads Scrap Drivi- Hiiys and Girls Drganixf- First Kid Classes under Bliss Dnidui- and Mr. iiainiw' Si-rap Drive' lfuud Sxvells livil Cross l .l 7 l .Tl M " K , .,,., 'lll"' E At Memorial Stadium Campaign headquarters, Chairman JULIUS IPPEL and Fordney Club president JACK F, ANDREWS check in with cleric FRlEDA NlKOLAl. JUNE, 1946 MARCH-'43 Quill and Svrnll Pronintns .Xlutnni Serv' if-0 File FFA lnspefc-ts lfmnl Probleins APRIL-'45 Students Invest Over ft22i.2S4.T0 in Bonds, l'nll Shows Spec-ial l":X2llllill2lt'llllI Determine-s Qualiti- c-atiuns of Buys fnr Army or Navy Red Cross llriwe Draws 58184.15 SEPTEMBER-'43 'l'hird War Loan Starts Students Cnntrilnitc 251,000 Bond for Stadium llills Buy etesntiiun uitiffll Of lYar llantls NOVEMBER-'43 City .lunior Rs-d l'r-ass I-fli-vts liarllara Grey President Mr. Malcolm Di-nny Speaks at Arinisticu Day .lssenilily DECEMBER-'43 .Xir Cimrps llivi-s livaniitiatiini Uliristinas St-al Drive Nr-ts 514150.07 FEBRUARY-'44 Mrs. Xlark Clark Dprtns Si-linnl's Fourth War Loan Krtllur llill Lt-ads .Xll City Stflnnrls with 3022375 in Drive APRIL-'44 .Xluinni Servir-v I'ii-turt-s .Xdnrn 'I'riq-liy Faso .Xrtliur Hill NEWS Rove-ivvs "Victory Stair" for .Xrfhievenient in Patriotic: Sup- port of lVar Effort NIAY-'44 Studentftiiiaiwvil llunor lluard llnftlivatetl SEPTEMBER-'44 .Xrthur Dm-rsatn Chosen Red Cross Camp King OCTOBER-'44 S1-rvii-0 llnnnr Roll t'nnitilf'tf-d till June lil-1.1 NOVEMBER--'44 :5.',tr2.ti7 Contrilmtvd tu .luniur Red Cross .Inninr Red Cross Sends tlift Boxes to War Strivken Countries DECEMBER--'44 Ilills .Xniass 5i423,000 for Sixth Bond Drive 3205.50 Sold in 'I'i1lmt-i'r-ulusis t'hristnias Seals FEBRUARY'-'45 Simlnnimres l"inanr'z' Siwliun uf the llnnnr Board Klart-li of Diinc-s Cainpaign Tops City Svlnmls' and Last Year's Quota MARCH-'45 llunrn' Roll Board Item-ngiiizes nnurv than 21.300 Servirw- .tlunnine and Alumni L, tix J'-gf 53352 Two Stadium Drive thermometers keep the public informed. One hangs on the tront ot the school and the other at the downtown headquarters on Michigan Avenue. APRIL-'45 Stadium Hand Drive- Starts MAY-'45 Yfli llav Hs-uririalnia Chislinlin Vresides .Ks Junior lic-d Cross Proxy llills Surpass Sixth War Loan Quota nf s:aia,fmo ity 35,439 Stadium Fund Nlnutits 85,0240 By Bonds AUGUST-'45 Y-,l Day FEBRUARY-'46 855,000 of s70,000 ine-innrial raised MARCH-'46 Kit-inorial Stadium building' 4-unnnittee named, 37 STUDENTS RECGGNIZE GOLD STAR AND SERVICE ALUMNI The service honor roll board, a student project, was originated in the lirst year of World War 2 by the desires of the journal- ism department to recognize the school's alumni in service. Enlarging on the plan, the journalism students compiled an alumni file. The Student Cabinet followed up this be- ginning by collecting contributions from stu- dents for the purpose of placing the service alumni names into permanent recognition. Movable tabs were purchased and a section of the two mahogany honor roll boards in- stalled on either side of the north front en- trance near the school office. The tabs are black with white printing and carry the name and class of each student. journalism students started their record by making an alphabetical card file of all boys who were graduated from 1915-1945. As these alumni were inducted into service, records were made on the cards. In addition, clippings concerning the boys in daily papers were pasted on the individual cards. As soon as the card showed a service entry, a tab for the honor board was ordered. At first it was several months before the orders were received. The board was revised as visitors and calls came to the building with information on alumni in service. While the file was started with the names of Arthur Hill graduates only, the board con- tains the names of many persons whose last school was Arthur Hill, and whose family or friends contributed information of their in- duction. The accuracy of the board depends a great deal upon the cooperation of the student body and the public. Gold star alumni are honored by the new section, which arrived this year. A Of the 2,300 names posted on the board, seventy-live have made the supreme sacri- tice, thirty-four in the European theater, twenty-six in the Pacific theater, four in the North Atlantic, two in the Asiatic, seven in accidents in the United States, and two of illness. Twelve boys from the class of '39 gave their lives. The Haley family has two gold stars for their sons, Arthur '35 and Robert '37, while the DeShones also have two gold stars for Norman '37 and Maurice who attended Arthur Hill Trade. Adela Lutz '35, an Army nurse who gave her life in an airplane crash in Europe, has had a hospital ship named in her honor and a scholarship dedicated to her memory by Saginaw nurses. at A ff' at . , W gb? A 3 'Ui S335 ys pg Q Q 5 mg g im sq ,,v,,,,N 4 .WW-,N 'am aumsm .-fi.. au A amos- u arms: w snows '42 X, .,. ,,., w,,afv f ,.f- A A .f, a.1w,:w . .... 'fi T ..,, W. 4. ,ms . , , . ,W ,f,. . ut, aa. iw 1, .,...,,. 1.-arm-, 1..W...s4f zr, iw ,HD A 9 1 .,,,,,,, -miami ,Aw A: wzxmeow i i My mania P tmww is wants: on zz Maman: vesuomc 'xr i s www it :we 1 ozone 1: 'JB 0 f ,,,,, .., t, i.... V, si was ,, W , ,-,..,,, zu vu ow na, sf wwf.-ma za ms LEGENDA 'E .,-we wa cm. Ae 11214151 'se 1-f-asm -.nvwzwv yu. n C-assi AMW.. 1,w.,.+m.1ww 11 M MQW.. -,N M....11. 1 'QM , ,,,L ., NWN 14. mf 1 -31 4 3, 1 'X A 1' 1 Vkifa' 41- f 1 1 4' 3 ,mov 1: Hamas nv 11.1,1:1gz formm zv :cum , 1.1110111111 sz .1,,,. -1W,.,1v vm .fn M, ,,,,,,,, 111,11 2-, vm 2 secs-as M Aurrxow 'za .xmmozv A mu: ,w us., N Q ws:-Sa qw .,w1,1v. ., 1. W M, 1 NM, an LLVL 1. N., v.. qv 11 W, ,U L,,,,,1.1 gan 'L . A ,y 1 'Www w :am v su . MH., -,M 1 ,1 ,wx , vgzmzw so .1,. xr . -, ,1,,. W1-1-11. eh f ff' .X 1 A en 1: fm, mam 1f,,.1,, 1 1 9 ff HW 'f Q fm. , 2 .2 if S Q -11-ww swswv an mmw 1- me 1 mm-1,11--Q 'ss 1,1 wwe M1 ,. vmw-x-111.1,,.., -ar -. 11. ,X1.1,A-1 1, 1 1-11 1- ,,,, ,111.,..11, 11 .11 1 new w snrz so ww , 1 vvo1.- ev mv-11 fw-,1 1.11 1+1,W,paMwmmA,1.,a1 m. on-1.,1, f,.1.,1, vm 1 .,W,wf W X4 , 1-fn-13 vu www ff www 4, mem: 1111411 111 11. fa-. 11 1.,.1W...,- .., 11 -1- ,, - ,, ,1, 1,1 , MH .11 4 fu... .ww Q1 wvmfx, qw 11' 1, 111 an 1- mm.-1. F U 1.-f AA.,-, mx ....-.., ,, Nq.,..1n,.-1.,,1-, wn ,. MW ,,,. :wk AW.. 72, fm uxmv 1 www '30 A1111-mu A ,ww .16 with ' mask! 3 RANNQN 41 www 1 mvxare vu wwf -so N111 1m1r1v-Aw nu uv ponwgg mmm xurz 1111.11 11x,.,x,y.1 1,1 1 m 'M ff, ,. 111, 11.1. .W 11 W 11 pm ' 1. 1' f,..,11 cv, M1 M.. - ww 11 Lum 4-1-4.1. nw. N11 rm.: wp 4 f ' ' JA! wmv L, f,1gf11Lmsfax .w wh my 1 1mWrAf, U .WN Q. mgg,-f qw , Nw-M.-uw gg .. , 1. ,, fx, . 5 .. . ,v :fu , ,fm , ,mm nw- 1 , 1149 1 , ,P W, me., ,,1, -114. 1 ., W. -kfww.,.,.e..,1...1H M 'vu 1' P111-.W111 11051-nv-mmf,-11,1v4a why., 14rsff11f,,1 w,w,M. ,Q K -. mn- 1111 wx iw 20141, 2 2-xx '41 Mmm' wa nov 1 1111m.1w s.Aww11v'n , , fm -- 1,1111 ,--W. 1 .1 - . , 1,. ..,,,,, my. 11, 'M m V., 5,,..1,1.m1r sf,,1.M1,1 me A WM M um M , -1 wa 161111. ,. mmf A1.,,.yf.wM 1-an mmm gwwvv uv mem 1- 5111141121 411 Godin! 1, smwms wa .1 ., rf .1 W 1.1.1 11 mf 1- ww. ,V n.1.,1,..-c,.w1..1:c, aw 1. 1.11.0 1,1 1.,f,.wm. wh. sw 1, W.1M.fzn 1,,....,-M, 1m 'I ' """" A 1 fx Q ' r ' 7 ..,.... 1 - if aeias 'iz , , gg .. ' , 1 J, ' 327 , -1. as ' - N --v' , Q :F'f1:,.ggg2:.s21:n sq, ::.,2- ::55:::..: l 1,1 1 1, .1 1 1 'ff , :jf 1 qjggiil ' 111111-n 1 1,111-rv sv we srwmzv e wu1r1'4r5vmN Amar 1. wusngw-4 wsmu wslss 1:11 A 10904 W , 1, . W., ,M ,M 11 -,W . 1, 1111, nm.. 'vu of -1, 1.11 Wanw W ww-awww an fm W' '-"W :W wwe- 1-my za, vw, amen z snow :uf vucrou 1, swam 'aw 1, 1.11, 1. 11..1,..1..1 1-:, '1 JJ SERVICE GRADUATES Since June, IQ43, TiTTy-eighT Tormer I-IiIliTes who leTT high school before being graduaTed have qualified Tor diplomas and become ArThur Hill alumni. LaTer enTering The armed services, These boys and girls be- cause of educaTional opporTuniTies, Worked Tor crediTs which were awarded for basic Training or special courses Taken during Train- ing, and Tor aualiTying by way oT The GI comprehensive TesT, ROBERT A. ANDERSON HAROLD BALZER HAROLD S. BARGERT JACK EDWARD BARTELS ROBERT F. BIGGS EMIL J. BOCADE HUBERT D. BOESO ROBERT G. BRADY FRANK BRECHTELSBAUER JACK F. BROWN THOMAS O. BROWN DONALD N. BURKE GEORGE B. BUTSON RUSSELL COOK RUTH JEANNE STAFFORD CROWLEY ROY C. CRUTCHFIELD HAROLD W. DEVEREAUX WILFRED J. DUNN ROBERT E. EDGAR EUGENE LEONARD EISENHAUER JOSEPH FEITH DUANE FOX GERALD O. FRIEDLI EDWARD FURIAT GEORGE DAYE GOODROW MERVIN GEORGE GORSKI HARVEY W. GOSEN HAROLD F. KOEPLIN RAYMOND J, KOLB BERKLEY A. LEGGITT JAMES WILLIAM LINDSTROM GORDON LINTERN DONALD G. LUPLOW RALPH G. MANNING, JR. ROBERT H. MASON FRED W. OBLANDER THEODORE B. RAY JOHN ROOKER DONALD CHARLES RUBLE FREDERICK W. RUPPRECHT ROBERT JUSTIN RUTHERFORD WILLIAM RUSSELL SAUL ARTHUR CHARLES SAUVE HAROLD E. SCHUTT HERBERT LOUIS SHERMAN PAUL SIPIALA LOREN B. STAFFORD WILLIAM F. STECKERT ELMER W. THON JEROME TOMKOWIAK WILLIAM H. TRIER ALEXANDER VARGA, JR. ROBERT LAWRENCE WALTHER ROBERT V. WEILAND CALVIN JAMES WHITMORE LEO ALVIN WRESSEL GLENN ZINCK ROBERT C. ZINGG LEGEN DA Saginaw delegates to the I945 Wolverine Boys' State-Top Row, left to right: ALFRED YOUMANS, RAY FAUBERT, RICHARD LAUNDRA. Third Row: WILLIAM MILLER, WILLIAM POHLMAN, ZEPH PHILLIPS, BILL AGRE. Second Row: JAMES ORGEN, HENRY BECKER, RICHARD BROCK, JACK KLEEKAMP. Bottom Row: BOB WEEDFALL, JIM DYE. Students in the ort classes take awards in costume designing and other artistic designing. SANDRA WOLFE, NORMA JARVIS, JOYCE GAGNON, LAURA LAMSON, JOYCE DOUMA, ALICE DEMERITT examine pictures held by JACK SCHMERHEIM, DONALD RACHOW, Gnd PAUL CRAMER. MRS. CAPPEL presents dictionaries to GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM, FRED ITTNER GLORIA PATTON, and MARQUEEN AYERS for their victories in the Valley Speech Contest. DON STONE, president of Quill and Scroll, presents the first prize of S5 to GLORIA PATTON, the winner of an essay contest. Third and second prizes went to VIRGINIA STROEBEI. and CHARLES LAKE, respectively. ' A - TUNE, 1946 l I-IILLITES SERVICE AWARDS Deserving Hillites are annually awarded honors in return for work well done. Scholarship, character, service, leadership, and ability are taken into consideration in judging for class, club, all- school awards, and college scholarships. Senior awards given at commencement climax three years at the Arthur Hill High School. The Julius lppel Cup is awarded annually to the outstanding senior boy or girl as is the University of Michigan Alumni Plaque to the senior boy who has made a commendable con- tribution to the school, especially in leadership. To the individual who ranks highest scholastically among 11 group of competitors, the Arthur Hill scholarship helps finance further education at the University of Michigan. Usually the upper third of the senior class is inducted into the National Honor Society. National Athletic Honor Society honors boys having a better than average scholastic standing and a letter in a major sport. In late fall, all seniors vote for the best senior girl citizen who will represent them at the state convention of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The Girl Reserves Club recognizes the out- standing sophomore girl by its trophyg while the Hi-Y Club awards the Sophomore Cup to the outstanding sophomore boy. Speech enthusiasts find competition for sophomores in declama- tion, and juniors and seniors may write and give their own speeches in oratorical competition or take part in dramatic declamation. All Hillites are eligible to participate in debate. Michigan High School Forensic keys reward each winner participant. journalism students aim for Quill and Scroll Society, international honorary high school journalism organization. The society sponsors individual competition writing contests and the Gallup Award for superior achievement as a staff. As a further incentive, the National Scholastic Press Association oHfer awards for superior publication. English, as well as journalism students, annually find essay con- tests sponored by Women's Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Elks National Foundation, the United States Navy, the Civitan International Club and Scholastic Magazinels National Awards com- petition. The Latin Club each year at the Awards Assembly gives recogni- tion to a member of that club for service and participation in club activities. The most industrious students are initiated into the Al- chemists, chemistry club for girls, and the Crucibles, chemistry club for boys. These clubs in turn select their most capable student to whom they award the medal. Typing and shorthand students find cause for inspiration in the awards offered by the Order of Gregg Artists. Typing students who pass speed tests beginning with 30 words per minute are granted certificates, while Gregg Writer awards begin with 80-130 words per minute. Talented art students have a chance to enter their displays in national contests as well as the local competition offered by the Saginaw Womens Club at their city art exhibit. DONNA ANDERSON, JEAN TAYLOR, and MARIAN HOBKE were the winners of the commercial awards in shorthand, qualifying for the Gregg certificate with 80 words ci minute. DONNA GOODEMAN won honors in typing. 41 KATHERINE ANN HEMMER received the Otto Roeser Scholarship to the University ot Michigan at commencement for top scholarship among contestants. Katherine was a member of the Alchemists, BOC, Spanish and Latin Clubs, the National Honor Society, and secretary of her advisory. She won the Latin Club key and the most outstanding chemistry student recognition. For leadership, service, and promise, VIRGINA GUY was awarded the Julius W. Ippel Merit Cup. Virginia was president of the Student Cabinet and on the I9-'15 Queen's Court. She was on the assembly committee, a member ot the Alchemists and the National Honor Society. She is now a student at the Michigan Central State Teachers College at Mt. Pleasant. Individual flwwrs . AAA ' T l ' I "':i': 1': ' ..:......,, Q ,,,,, ff -A-' 1 :Q ."': ttv .I l'il Qt .tz 'i"' I , . I I r . sl t BILL AGRE, for his scholarship, leader- ship, and athletic ability, won the Hi-Y Sophomore cup. Bill was assembly chair- man, a member of the basketball, 'loot- ball, and track teams, and took part in the Band Bounce and two junior plays. MARY JEAN BREWSTER placed first in Michigan tar column writing in the Quill 'and Scroll Society competition of the National Awards contest. 42 DICK BROCK won the HiAY Sophomore Cup for his athletic ability, leadership, and sportsmanship. He was a member of the sophomore declarnation, assem- bly chairman, a member ot the football and basketball teams, and an advisory officer. CHESTER DEREK, a senior ot Miss StockdaIe's English class, won third place and SIO in an essay contest spon- sored by the Women's Auxiliary ol the Veterans ot Foreign Wars. MICHIGAN PLAQUE JAMES QUIGLEY, for his scholarship, and athletic ability, received the Uni- versity ol Michigan Alumni Plaque. Jim was vice-president at the Student Cabi- net, president ot Quill and Scroll, and captain ot the swimming team. He be- longed to the Hi-Y, was editor of the Arthur Hill NEWS, and a member ot the National Honor Society. Jim attend- ed Michigan State College. 'rw DAR NANCY HENRY was elected by seniors and faculty as the Best Citizen Representative lor this year. Using dependability, service, and patriotism as the basis for selection, one senior girl represents Arthur Hill each year at the Daughters of American Revolution Convention. Nancy was editor ot the Arthur Hill NEWS, vice-president ot Quill and Scroll, a member of the Club Hillite's "Big Twelve", and president of her advisory. She was Arts-Dramatic Club secretary and in the Junior Play, Christ- mas and Commencement Pageants. ' Q. GEORGIANNA CHISHOLM won the girl sophomore award, sponsored by the Girl Reserves, through her scholarship, leadership and service, Georgianna took a leading part in assemblies, speech work, the Band Bounce, and represent- ed Arthur Hill on the City Junior Red Cross Council. CHARLYS PIERITZ, a senior of Mrs. Frances HamIin's English class, won second place and SI5 in an essay con- test sponsored bythe Women's Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. JOHN BAUM, a senior, placed first in the state of Michigan tor his sports story in Quill and Scroll Society writing section of the Annual National Awards contest. JEAN WRIGHT, a junior, placed in a national Quill and Scroll personality contest when she wrote an 800-word personality sketch on her father, Mr. Andrew Wright, according to the March issue of the Quill and Scroll magazine. LEGENDA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Fifty-seven members of the senior class of 1946 were presented for membership into the National Honor Society in a special assem- bly, April 29. Arthur Hill has bestowed this honor to its outstanding seniors since 1950. The candidates for the National Honor Society become eligible through scholarship, character, service, and leadership during their three years of high school. In order to be eligible, a senior mLlSt be in the upper third of his class scholastically. Teachers' honor society ratings of each student for each semester are the means of determining char- acter, service, and leadership qualities. These ratings plus scholastic grades are averaged for the final analysis, in which all seniors with an average above 5.0, or the top fifteen per cent of the class, are candidates for the society. In the honor assembly, Mr. Raymond Mor- row, assistant principal, welcomed parent guests. Eleanor Doersam, outstanding junior was chairman and introduced Mr. Wztlter Martin '32, local lawyer, member of the Ar- thur Hill Chapter, and the guest speaker. Acting secretary of the society, Dorothy Gar- rett, presented candidates to President Lor- aine May for membership. Members of The NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-First Row: MADELYN ALBRECHT, DONNA ANDERSON, PATRICIA AXEL, JOHN BAUM, IRMA BEYTHAN, RAYMOND BIERLEIN, WILMA BLUEM, HAROLD BRAEUTIGAM, FRANCES COLLVER, CHESTER DEREK. Second Row: ARTHUR DOERSAM, DOROTHY DOERFNER, VIRGINIA DREWS, EARL EBACH, BARBARA EIB, ERWIN EICHHORN, JOANNE ELLIS, CLEM FELDMANN, JACQUELINE FENTNER, JOHN FINGER. Third Rowr MARY JANE FJERSTADT, without picIure, JOAN FLEISCHMANN, NANCY HENRY, JOSEPH HOWE, RICHARD KIEFT, ARNOLD KEINATH, RICHARD 9 1 W Wi , . ' M W i.. "1. 'E ' - ..."' I Y Ni 'V llgli : i g ' Rv mg ""' -ii .... if is -9 f if jp' f f' 2 KEINATH, JAMES KLEEKAMP, NINA KOEHLER, CHARLES LAKE, JOCELYN LOYSTER. Fourth Row: ALLAN MANDELSTAMM, RAY MASON, RICHARD MICHEL, RITA MORGAN, JAMES MORRISON, JUNE NEWMAN, DUANE NUECHTERLEIN, RUTH ODROBINA, JOANNE OLMSTED, GLORIA PATTON. Fifth Row: CHARLYS PIERITZ, GEORGE RICHARDS, ALICE RISDON, JO ANN SCHIAN, OTTO SCHIESSWOHL, THAXTON SCHNEIDER, GLORIA SCHULTZ, JEAN ANN SCHULZ, RICHARD SOVVATSKY, WILLIAM STEWART. Sixth Row: CAMILLE THOMAS, THOMAS THOMPSON, VALERIE VANDERMADE, MARY WILTSE, SALLY YOUNG, MARIE ZEHNDER. I Q 'PF .5 - : Q - K 5 St .V W iw in .f A A is 55,5 Tr' Q '37 P' . .., I ....:.. " an. I.. 'N A ef A 5 sa . we A ic: L ft: . to 'I' We A 'W' Ziff 5 'M W ' ..... QQ I A gf f .111 . ,W .. ,,, , , , A rwg J fr . 9?r'i1saJ.Ei7C5lt 5? ........ -W f ta . . I. , 1-at W 'W has I Y ,WSG .,i.... - W lbw? , s SKI 'III e ,.,. , , 1 J f "':' .,iii Q , .NY aes W ' WMM, I Q Q M Y ' wif 1. T' ,i Q. W ,r rg N N W I I , .fi , Q t M .. K' -. , 4 53? 'W' K X ,W W ,, J... , . 0 " f' , Q ,r . .W ....,.... t A ARK 2 Ii L7 z 0 ..., E' Q fr: 2 gg. 'E ft I I lfi f '39 il .... l . r ga is ii 1 "" W JUNE, 1946 43 NAN KUSH Whether he is on the dance floor or presiding at a Student Cabinet meeting, JOHN BAUM, our school president, radiates personality with a capital P. Our "woman of the year" is NANCY HENRY, editor of the NEWS, who through her willingness to lend a hand, has lived up to her title of best senior girl citizen. DON KUSHMAUL, known as "Kush" to most stu- dents, has made his "goals" by friendliness to all. His hearty laughter can be heard in the halls at almost any passing period. . . . J-lallrff VVILLY Wherever you hear a Tommy Dorsey record play- ing, or see a gang horseback riding, you're sure to find LEONARD JOHNSTON. Lefty's ambition is to be a big league baseball player. A friendly smile and sparkling personality win for WILOWDEAN CASSOW a number one billing with the whole 'gang' of Hillites. A slow smile identifies ARTHUR DOERSAM, who loves dancing and giving speeches. Art appeared in most of the plays and pageants during his three years of senior high. LEFTY DORT Although he has played several rather eccentric roles in his high school career, DICK MICHEL is really sane. His leadership and industriousness have made him president of four clubs this year. ln her quiet and unassuming way, DOROTHY DOERF- NER gets things done and done well. Her attitude is "down to earth" and sincere: Hillites love her for it. There's never a dull moment if EDVVIN WIERDA is in the crowd. Hillites will remember him mostly for his oft-heard laugh and his playing on the basketball "riot squad." 44 LEGENDA BOB Just a swimmer at heart with a mean backstroke and plenty of pep, identifies ROBERT BECKMAN, Hillite funster. He did more than "just come out" in the state swim meets. GLORIA PATTON, tagged "Pat", has an eye for opportunities in dramatics and speech, which have kept her busy through high school days. With perseverance and unselfishness that ground through all LEGENDA problems, DON STONE, student editor, came through with his usual amiability. 571111116 , , , FRAN JACK Swimming team captain, JACK WADDELL, has "cut the waves" to fame. Like Homer, that mean little ghost, Jack is always up to something. Auburn-haired FRANCES COLLVER has a ready smile and plenty of spunk and spirit to lift her to the realms of great actresses. Tall, blond, and lots of fun in any situation is JIM MICHEL. With his easy-going manner and "geez", he seems to pull out of every fix with the same finesse. MIKE ALLAN The huge vocabulary of ALLAN MANDELSTAMM comes in handy in speech work and in proving points to his fellow students. Everyone will remember his part as the cock-sure detective in the senior play. The sweet ways and ready smile of petite JOAN BALL have won her many friends and the special honor of being the I946 Football Queen. GENE GLICK, Arthur HilI's edition of Babe Ruth, has 'fhit" the top of the ladder in high school through his athletic ability, friendliness, and his sense of humor, GENE JUNE, 1946 45 I945-46 BANNER YEAR EOR LUMBERJACK ATHLETICS The ARTHUR HILL WAY . . . is the championship way. Hillite athletes brought home an impressive total of trophies as 1945-46 proved to be the greatest year for sports in Arthur Hill's history. A total of 605 boys came out for the various sports in the athletic program this year and 115 Varsity letters were awarded. This has been by far the largest turnout of fellows for athletics in the history of Lumberjack competition . . . Pep assemblies all through the year helped Hillites to give their teams better support on the playing field. In many of these sessions, Coach Kenneth "Bill,' Kelly explained to the student body the various football and basketball set-ups, or pre-planned team plays to be used. To encourage their teams to greater efforts, new yells, such as "Two pence, four pence," "H. .I. .L. .", sparked the Hillite cheer- Talking over important plans for Arthur Hill's future sports program is the coach- ing staff consisting of Football Coach ANTON PIERITZ, Baseball and Basketball Coach WILLIAM VONDETTE, Athletic Director KENNETH "BILL" KELLY, and Track Coach GLENN MASON. Songleaders and cheerleaders-Standing: Director EARL D. BURNETTg Song- leaders BERTIE SWARTHOUT, DELLA LOWN, GLORIA RIPPBERGER, GLORIA DURN, and BETTY FELTENQ Director E. L. V. SHELLEYf Cheerleaders CLARENCE BROWN- RIGG, MICHAEL MUSSATTO, and FRED ENGEL. Mute simsiff' T5-in , .ffl es.. 1,35 46 ing section during football and basketball games. A football queen and her court climaxed the Homecoming contest with Flint Central. Students supported sports and other programs with a 100 per cent all-school Student Organization drive early in the yearg and alumni and friends of the community filled the reviewing stands. To accommodate the growing crowds, bleachers were purchased and set up on the "Back 401' to supplement the proposed Memorial Stadium. A well-rounded coaching staff gave Hillites added incentive to make an impressive record in athletics. A new member, Mr. Glenn Mason took over the duties of head track coach added to Mr. Kenneth "Bill" Kelly, director, Mr. David A. Gainey, Mr. A. A. Pieritz, and Mr. William Vondette, Hillite coaches. Even with the increased coaching staff the turnout of athletes was so large that coaches were somewhat hampered with all the material that abounded in the various sports. Athletic Manager and Swimming Coach DAVID A. GAINEY gives instructions for securing Thanksgiving tickets to Arthur Hill students over the "PA," DAVE HINKIN, representing the sophomore class, delivers his salute to the foot- ball queen at the Homecoming Assembly. The steel bleachers are a new addition to the football field. MR. HARVEY SPAULDING, president of the Letterrnen's Club, discusses material on the year's business. 1 at at. LEGENDA After the Homecoming ossembly, Queen JOAN BALL, elected by classmates to reign over The Homecoming, collects her court: LAURA LAMSON, NATALIE GILL, In the fall the cross-country track team started the Lumberjack trophy march when they earned the Valley title and then went on to take the State Crown. Ending up in a two-way tie for second place in the Valley league were the Hillite gridsters. Lumberjack tankers then went through an undefeated season to capture top honors in both the Valley and State for the second con- secutive year and the second Valley and State title of l946. The basketeers proved Valley and Regional champs and second only to Holland in the state. The Hill team suffered only one defeat in the Valley league all year. Tracksters won the River Rouge Invitational Meet at Ann Arbor, clinching the State Indoor Title. Baseball and golf also had large turnouts of lettermen and new participants. Girls' bosketboll champs-Top Row: NORMA ENGEL, DELORES MASON, ond DONNA PELOQUIN. Bottom ROW: MILDRED GOODRICH, JOAN HAAS, and MARY STRIETER. Girls' volleyball champs-Top Row: DOLORES BUDEK, ELLA SCHlBELHUT, BETTY NINA KOEHLER, Attenclont CAM LEONHARDT, Queen JOAN, Attendant WILOW- DEAN CASSOVV, GLORIA PATTON, BEVERLY TECK, CHARLYS PIERITZ, ond BAR- BARA EIB. At Arthur Hill the girls are also interested in sports as was proven by the large turnout for volleyball, basketball, and softball. Girls' intramural sports, played after 3 p.m., began with volleyball games entered by over 100 girls composing teams chosen by Miss Mary Margaret Doidge, coach. Captains were not elected as each time a different girl took the responsibility. Following volleyball, nine basketball teams competed against each other with Joanne Hahn, captain of the winning team, and Joyce Gagnon, Marie Vlassis, Eleanor Doersam, Shirley Braun, Betty Fox, Lorraine Kris- talyn, Jacqueline Birnbaum, Dorothy Holnagel, and Sally Kulow, other leaders. Six teams of softball players were organized with each team completing five games to decide the victors. Nine girls with a total of 200 points received letters this year. Letter girls were Jean Barney, Shirley Braun, Betty Fox, Georgina Herbin, Jean Taylor, Yuill Trout, Elaine Vlassis, Marie Vlassis, and Ellen Weiss. With 50 points earned in each part of the season the girls accumulated their letter points. FOX, BONNIE BELLINGER. Bottom Row: JENNIE SABOW, MARGOT FROEBER, GLORIA RIPPBERGER, ond BLANCHE HERBIN, JUNE, 1946 47 Second place in the Valley League with 4 wins and 2 losses is Varsity football squadfliirst Row: GENE GLICK, CHARLES ANDERSON, TOM Third Row: BILL HERVEY, PAT WELSH, BEN DONAGHY, RICHARD BROCK, WILLIS SAFFORD, JIM VanSICKLE, RAY MASON, BILL PLATKO, BOB MEHL, HAROLD HOBBS, JACK MUNDY, TOM FRIEDLI, JOHN MacDOUGALL, and LEONARD "LEFTY" DIENER, ond DON KUSHMAUL. JOHNSTON. Second Row: JERRY McCOY, BOB DINGMAN, JIM MILANO, GERRY KANE, GENE HEASTY, SHELDON BLOOMFIELD, BILL STEWART, and JACK RICK. SCHEDULE AND SCORES A. H. ODD. 43 215 Sept Lansing Eastern ........ I Sept. Arm Arbor . . . . . 0 0 Uet. Flint Northern . . 21, 19 Oct. Lansing Sexton .. 20 34 Oct. Flint Central . . . . . . U Zti Nov. Pontiac ...... . . 27 20 Nov. Llwosso ....., . , 19 13 Nov, Bay City ....... . . 20 14 Nov. Sugxiimw High . . . . . 0 Its Top lett-Managers for the football team this season-Standing: RICHARD REIMUS, MANDY" ROBERTSON, and KENT BAGNALL. Seated: JERRY PLATER and BOB GARRETT. Top right-Valley high scorer GENE GLICK toted the pig-skin for Arthur Hill in the Flint Northern contest at Flint. Five Vikings and the referee are on his heels. Middle IetteArthur Hill rooters backed the team ot the Homecoming game with Flint Central. They could have yelled louder, tor the game ended in a 26-O loss. Bottom Right-Spectators leav- ing the Homecoming contest. 48 GRIDSTERS SECOND IN VALLEY Won Lust Won Lost Flint. Central . . . ti 0 Pontiac ....... 3 I5 Ali'l'l1UK llllil.. . 4 2 Saginaw High . . . 2 -I Flint NO1'I.,Il9l'Il .. -l 2 tlwosso ........ 1 5 Bay City ...... 1 5 the season rating of the 1945 Lumberjack gridiron squad. In the All-Valley selections the Hills placed Gene Glick as a first team back, while Don Kushmaul, jim VanSickle, and Ray Mason made the second team. The players were selected by a vote of the sports writers and coaches of the seven league cities. Starting the season with over a hundred boys out for football, Coach Kenneth "Bill" Kelly's grid squad conquered the Lansing Eastern eleven at Lansing, where they showed offensive tactics that gave Hillites hope for the coming season. However, the 46-29 victory was not to be completely celebrated, since All-Valley halfback, Don Kushmaul, who sparked the Lumber- jack offensive, suffered a fractured ankle which proved to weaken the Hill offensive throughout the season. Gene Glick came through to lead the Lumberjacks' drives and finish the season with All- Valley honors in scoring. Returning home, the Hills battled Ann Arbor to a scoreless tie, and from there went to Flint Northern where, in the first Valley game, the Vikings were scheduled to win. But Glick led the Lumber- jacks to a 21-19 victory. Leading up to the Homecoming game with Flint Central, the Hills entertained Lansing Sexton, and suffered their first loss of the season in a 34-20 battle. The Homecoming game saw an invigorated Arthur Hill team out to meet the favored, more powerful Flint Central Indians-before a record crowd of 6,000 homecoming fans. The Hills held out until well into the third period when Glick and Tom Friedli went out due to injuries. The Arthur Hill offensive and defensive alike collapsed to leave Central with a 26-0 victory. Coming back with a 27-20 win over Pontiac, a 19-13 trouncing to Owosso, plus a 20-14 victory over Bay City, the Lumberjack rooters felt confident as to the outcome of the annual Turkey Day game with Saginaw High. Perhaps they were too confident, however, for the biggest valley upset of the season came when the Trojans broke up Arthur Hill's defense and offense to come out on top with a 18-0 victory to place the Hills in a tie with Flint Northern for the second place in the Valley. Middle rightfffoaches KENNETH "BILL" KELLY and GLENN MASON shctlie blankets at the close ot the annual Arthur Hill-Saginaw High gridiron tilt. Mr. ED ALDERTON, who seems to be collecting hats, and MR. PAUL RIFENBURG do the same. Bottom left-Song leaders BETTY ANN FELTEN, GLORIA DURN, GLORIA RIPP- BERGER, BERTIE SWARTHOUT, and DELLA LOWN were on the iob at the Arthur Hill-Flint Central game. The camera evidently holds some interest for the young lad at the right. LEGENDA TANKERS WIN TOP STATE LAURELS, SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR SWIMMING SCHEDULE AND SCORES Jan. Bay City .....................,....... Wan .19 Jain. ll Buttle Creek . . . . . l'I'oii 46 .I:iii. Pontiac ...... . . . lVnn 57 Jan. r, Bay City ..... . . VI'tm im -lan. ...i Flint Central . . . . Wim 60 Feb Ami Arbor . . . Won 46 Feb .lacksoii . . . . . Won 46 Feb I'o11ti:if' ...... ................ .... T T 'on 49 Feb 1 Flint Central ..... ..............i..... X Von 65 Fc-Ii. 224 State Meet . . . . , .kR'I'lIlTR lllI.l,---Il: .lar-ksnn-28 Battle Creek By capping the State championship for the second consecutive year, and winning all the meets they entered to take the Valley championship, the Arthur Hill swimming team truly had a perfect season. Under the watchful eye of Coach David A. Gainey, the Hillite squad finished with 41 points in the state meet, l3 points ahead of jackson, the runner-up. Bay City provided the opposition for the lirst dual meet of the Valley, and the Wolves were easy prey for the Lumberjacks. Battle Creek, recognized as a top contender in swim circles, was expected to give Arthur Hill a hard time-and they did! But the Hill team proved the stronger and came out on top. Pontiac, Bay City, and Flint Central were the next victims of Arthur Hill. The sixth meet, scheduled with Ann Arbor, was expected to be the toughest of the season, but the jack Tankers went out with determination to trounce the splashers from the University City, and did so by a tidy margin. The jackson-Arthur Hill meet was about a draw to the dope- sters, although the Jacksonites were strong, they failed to defeat the champs, leaving the Hill record clean. Pontiac and Flint Central concluded Arthur Hill's dual meet contests, and offered no trouble as Coach Gainey's boys romped on to two more wins. Swimmers and Coach were banqueted by the Saginaw junior Board of Commerce at which Mr. Mike Pepee, Ohio State's swim coach, was the main speaker, and season awards were made. The banquet was held at the Zehnder Hotel in Frankenmuth, April 8. Arthur Hill State Championship Swimming Team-First Row: JIM SCORE, MIKE O'CONNOR, DUANE MAAS, JIM SMITH, BOB BECKMAN, JACK ANDERSON, DAVE DeGRAFF, WALTER ROE, and BERNARD ALEXANDER Second Row: RODDY QUIGLEY, DICK HAAG, BOB TROUT, ART SPECKHARD, I Top Left-Captain JACK WADDELL, of the swimming team, accepts the state swimming trophy from State Board Athletic Director MR. ROY J. MCMURRAY as Coach DAVID GAINEY and Principal I. M. BROCK look on. Top Right-Swimmers and COACH GAINEY enioy their State Championship dinner on the school in the school cafeteria. The table was placed in the center of the spacious cafeteria and the bays were served by the senior hostesses. Bottom Lett-Coach DAVID A. GAINEY of Arthur Hill and Coach BOB RICHARD- SON of Flint Central talk with their respective back-strokers BOB BECKMAN and HUGH GROVER. Bottom Right-"All right boys, you earned it," is a suitable expression for Coach GAINEY as he is lifted to be thrown into the pool after the state meet by KENNY LYONS, RAY BIERLEIN, JIM SCHUKNECHT, MICHEL O'CONNOR, RODDY QUIGLEY, MERVIN RICHARDSON, JOHN MacDOUGALL, JACK WADDELL, DICK HAAG, Gnd BOB TROUT. JOHN MacDOUGALL, BOB MEHL, DICK HOWELL, JACK WADDELL, and Coach DAVID A. GAINEY. Third Row: JOHN MacGREGOR, JOHN LEE, DON REYNOLDS, RAY BIERLEIN, DICK GOODROW, BUD CALVERT, MERVIN RICHARDSON, KEN LYONS, and JIM EIB. JUNE, 1946 49 CAGERS RUNNERS-UP IN STATEg COP REGIONAL, VALLEY CROWNS Top Left-While BOB DINGMAN tries to get the advantage of the jump, BILL AGRE, DON KUSHMAUL, GENE GLICK, and DON OUSTERHOUT prepare to receive the ball. This is in the Lumberiack-Troian tilt. Top Right-BILL AGRE attempts to block a basket as GENE GLICK awaits the results in the Arthur Hill-Saginaw High game. Bottom Left-All-Valley, All-State GENE GLICK led the Valley League in scoring and proved the best all-round player in the State tournaments. Middle Right-Officials GLENN HAIDTE and HARRY SPEELMAN check with the press box where LOUIS CHEISI, PHIL TOWNLEY, MR. E. L. V, SHELLEY, MR. ROSS MITCHELL, and MR. CHESTER JOHNSTON record the plays of the Saginaw High- Arthur Hill contest. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE - SCORES VALLEY STANDINGS Opp. Won Los! llei' -lavksou .... 45 Xlt'l'llUlL HILL .......,.. I I 1 Ili-4' Midland .... 36 lflint Northern . . . . . ll Ii llc-1' Flint lll'IIll'Sll Ill Saginaw llizfh . . . . . .N -I Jun. llwosso .... Z!! l'lint Central . , fi 6 .l:in. Pontiac: .... 34 lisp City .,.. ..... . .I 7 Jan. Sagitiaw High 34 I'ontiav ....,....,,,..... 2 10 .lzzn. Flint Xnrtliurn R12 ilxxnsso .........,....,,. 0 li! Jan. -, Buy lliii ... R4 Regional Tournament Jan. Flint f't-ntral till A.H. ODD. Fel: Uwosso .... 25 Flint Northern ...... ..... - IT 16 Ft-II, Sagimixx Iligh 3411 Uwosso ..........,.,.... 60 23 Felt I'onti:ir- . . . 30 Miillnnil ................. IH 32 Fi-II Flint. Nnrtln-ru 215 State Tournament Xian' Nlitllanil ..... . . . 46 I'o1't lluron .............. 140 24 Blur llay City . . 224 Lansing Sexton . .. . .,.. 35 31 Ilollnnd .............,... 40 43 After racking up a season of ll wins and l loss, winning the Valley crown and regional championship, the Arthur Hill basketball team was beaten by Holland High School in the final state class "A" tournaments game at Lansing. Helping the Hills to add the fifth consecutive Valley Champion- ship since l942, Flint Central, Owosso, and Pontiac fell in that order in the season openers. The Saginaw High game finished with Arthur Hill on top. Then Flint Northern handed the Jacks their only loss in the Valley. Bay City, Flint Central, and Owosso all were unable to beat the Hillites. Again Saginaw High fell to Arthur Hill. Then Pontiac and Flint Northern were heaten easily before the Lumberjacks suffered their third defeat of the season at the hands of Midland. The Hills won over Bay City to close the season. The regional tournament contest between Arthur Hill and Flint Northern proved to be a thriller, played in two overtime periods, with Arthur Hill coming out on top. In the second tournament game, with Owosso, Arthur Hill won easily, and in the finals the Hills won over Midland. The state quarter and scmi-hnals in Lansing saw the Lumber- iack axe fell both Port Huron :nd Lansing Sexton, But in the final state game, Holland, with a slight height advantage, beat the Hillites in a fast, rough and tumble contest to win the state class "A" championship. Bottom Right- Reserve Baslcetholl squad loo Row: GRANT DALCOUR, CHARLES CHURCH, HOWARD MATUREN, JIM TRIER, DON BROIHIER, CHARLES DREW, and LARRY DUWE. Second Row: DALE NEUHAUS, HARVEY MUEHLENBECK, WERNER MAIJL, CLAUDE IUPLOVV, and DAVID HINKIN. Bottom ROW: HOWARD BISHOP. JOHN OLSEN, ALVIN KEYSER, HAROLD DIENER, WARREN VANDERBECK, and OSWALD NIEDERQUELL. Below-Varsity Basketball :quad-First Row: DON KUSHMAUL, JIM MICHEL, GENE GLICK, RAY MASON, ED WIERDA, LEONARD "LEETY" JOHNSON, Uncl CHARLES ANDERSON. Second ROW: COGCII KENNETH f'BILL" KELLY, BOB DINGMAN, RONNIE FLYNN, DON OUSTERHOUT, BILL DONHAISER, Managers JIM MUELLER and ED SCOTT, BOB HUNT, JIM LAMB, 'BILL AGRE, DICK BROCK, and Assistant Coach WILLIAM VONDETTE. 50 LEGENDA Track team-First Row: BILL HERVEY, BILL AGRE, JIM LAMB, TOM FRIEDLI, and BEN DONAGHY. Second Row: RONNIE FLYNN, JACK RICK, TOM SAFFORD, JIM VAN SICKLE, BOB MORSE, and GERALD MCCOY. TRACKMEN TAKE INVITATIONAL Defending the Regional championship track title, the Arthur Hill track team won the River Rouge Invitational Meet clinching the state indoor title. The Lumberjacks were 1.8 points ahead of their nearest rival, Saginaw High. In copping two firsts, the medley-relay and the pole vault, where Ben Donaghy tied for first, the Hills gave their new coach, Mr. Glenn Mason, a real Welcome. Running through the State Regionals at Ypsilanti and taking an easy first, the tracksters paved their way to the finals of May 25. Besides the first place earned by the relay team, Bill Hervey ran ahead of all other in both dashes as did Leo Schuch in the half mile. FRED MESCHKE, state cross country champ, came in first in the state meet at Ypsilanti. Third Row: RONALD WALLACE, DICK BROCK, BOB HUNTER, LEO SCHUCH TED DANDO, and CHARLES ANDERSON. ' Back Row: CLARENCE KEYSER, RAY MADISON, HARRY PORTERFIELD, BOB KULL DEAN RAYCRAFT, and BOB BUBLITZ. I I-IARRIERS STATE CHAMPS An undefeated season and a State trophy, brought home from the State meet at Ypsilanti, were the highlights of the cross-country season this year. The team, coached by Mr. Glenn Mason and Mr. E. L. V. Shelley, proved victorious in all competitions. In every meet, including the state, Fred Meschke came in first with Bill Agre running a close second, making them the only undefeated distance pair in the state. With a clean Valley record, the Hillites started off for the State Meet to take first place and a State Championship. Fred Meschke finished first in the field of 106 runners over the two-mile course at Ypsilanti. Bill Agre came in second. Meschke and Agre completely outclassed the field of contestants. Ronnie Flynn finished, 15g Ray Madison, 333 Dean Raycraft, 345 Bob Schmidt, 38, and Herb Izzo, 58, to complete Hillite scoring. State championship cross country team-Seated: HERB IZZO, RONNIE FLYNN, DEAN RAYCRAFT, FRED MESCHKE, BILL AGRE, and RAY MADISON. SHELLEY. JUNE, 1946 Standing: Coach GLENN MASON, JOHN HOLUBIK, ELDON SHRIER, DON ARCHANGELI, JIM BELLEN- BAUM, ROLAND HANSON, DICK STROEBEL, DEAN PIERCE, MILTON TUREK, and Assistant Coach E. L. V. ARTHUR HILL UNDEFEATED Sept. 26 Lansing Eastern ............ 37 18 Oct. 2 Flint Central .............. 37 18 10 Flint Northern . . . ......,... 32 23 Of-t. 16 Valley Meet at Flint Central ARTHUR HILL ............ 24 Flint Northern ............. 38 Flint Central .............. 60 State Meet at Ypsilanti ARTHUR HILL ............ 85 Battle Creek .............. 104 Fl' t Northern ..115 Oct. 27 IH ........... fLow Score Winsj 51 Defending Valley boseboll Team members-Seated: JOE CARDEN, RICHARD SOWATSKY, ond WALTER ROE. Second Row: DON KUSHMAUL, RAY POPE, JIM MILANO, RAY MASON, HARRY KERN, RONNIE KOWALSKI, LEONARD f'LEFTY" JOHNSTON, ED WIERDA, GENE GLICK, and JIM MICHEL. BASEBALL DEFENDIN6 CHAMPS April -llwosso ..... ..... 'T' hers: April -Flint Northern Heres .kpril 26-Bay City . . . Ilen- .Xpril ipflllllillf ..... Hem- Nlzly flflinf North:-rn 'I'he1'z- May Saginaw .... Ilen- May Flint Central . Timu- May Pontiac ..... Ther:- May Bay City . . . Thors- May Saginaw ,.... There May -Flint Central . . . ,.... Thpre The baseball team, defending Valley Champions, went out to repeat their title. Twelve returning lettermen strengthened the team and many sophomores and juniors showed good form in a record turnout for the sport. Coach William Vondette's boys were the Valley Champs in the previous season with 6 wins and 2 losses al- though hampered with bad weather. The weather man smiled on Hillite baseball this year cancelling very few games. So many boys came out for baseball at the beginning of the season that it was impossible for Mr. Vondette to discover all the talent. Working mainly with veterans of the preceding year, a squad was rapidly rounded into shape. ln Valley league games, played before LEGENDA deadlines. the Hillite nine turned in a good record. Although the Lumber- jacks trounced Saginaw High, Bay City, and Owosso, Flint Northern and Pontiac both handed the Hills defeats in their respective con- tests. ln two of the league games with Midland, the Arthur Hill boys dropped one and won one. Golf Team-First Row: BILL HYSLOP, JACK BYRNES, DON HOWELL, ERWIN EICHHORN, ond DON STAHR. Second Row: MARK SUINO, JIM HINDS, JERRY LUTHER, GRANT DALCOUR. DON FASSEZKE, DICK HOWELL, ond HERB SPENCE. 52 Third Row: VVILLIS HOBBS, ED SCOTT, BILL HENSLER, JACK MINARD, BOB TROUT, RAY KOSTRZEWA, JOHN OLSON, OZWALD NIEDERQUELL, and MICHEL O'CONNOR. Bock Row: BOB SCHIRMER, CLAUDE LUPLOW, DAVE HINKIN, ELDON SHRIER, CLARENCE LANGSCHWAGER, WENDELL NEHMER, EUGENE FRICK, Monogers CHARLES LAKE cmd CHRIS MEYERS. GOLFERS WIN REGIONAL Xpril 234--Flint l'+'IlII'.II ... . .. Ile-rv .Xpril :i07Sugirizxw ..,... . . . .Ilern Xlny Zifflhniizlr- . .... . . . 'l'he-rv Xlny T--Bay City .... . . .'I'hert- Nlny IfI7I'm1tiuc' ....... . . . Hert- will I7-Flint CPITYITII ,. . . .'I'herr- Slay ill-B215 Ciiy ... . .. Hr-rv Klux' 1l8fS:lgin:lxx ............. 'I'hf'1'0 Approximately 25 boys reported to Mr. Floyd Byron, new golf coach. ln the turnout, three lettermen returned from last year's squad. A good schedule faced the Jacks in the second year since the re- sumption of the sport. Golfers under the direction of Coach A, G. Dersh in the '45 season came in third in the Valley meets. Golfers proved strong in all dual meets, although in some the scoring proved far from top form. Don Stahr and Don Howell usually copped individual scoring honors, displaying especially line golf. Calling the Saginaw Country Club their home course, the Hills entertained a total of four opponents. LEGENDA P' ff . I ,- K 4 . if NT Winning the IOO-yard dash is BILL HERVEY, this is one of BilI's two firsts of Three fine runners of the track team are half-miIer, RONNIE FLYNN, BILL the Saginaw-Arthur Hill meet. AGRE, miIer, and BILL HERVEY, sprinter. Y, A . , if 2 , 1 QW N - ' 'fa Wm i wffw 99-iff: '5 w '1S3fT'wq,, LEO SCHUCH upsetting the pre-meet dope by beating Saginaw High's half- Leading the pack in the high-hurdles race are Arthur HiII's TOM FRIEDLI and miler JIM BOND in the AH-Saginaw meet. JIM LAMB. Pole-vaulter, BEN DONAGHY, gets a firm grip Izefore starting down the runway. GENE GLICK, pitcher, and HARRY KERN, right fielder, pause between talks of Ben won many important HiIIite points this year. pre-game strategy. JUNE, 1946 53 2350 43 Wwrgfi ff. - - Q 1 "G , I, K 'K g 'X , YK. ,A if 1 I JEAN ANN SCHULZ Personnel Students-sophomores, iuniors, and seniors-teachers, and administrative otticers comprise the 2,000 persons at Arthur Hill. Every individual altects in some manner the ten months of association. In THE ARTHUR HILL WAY each person has a frequent opportunity to be heard through ballot, discussion, and participation in school affairs-combined making a voice that is the school and yet is expressed individually. Mr. Raymond W. Morrow is assistant prin- cipal as well as boys' adviser. Clocks, keys, lockers, attendance, and placement claim his' supervision, and with Miss Peterson he is advisor for Club Hillite. ew Miss Doris Frye, head of the office staff, has the title of secretary to Mr. Brock. Stu- dent programs, tabulations, and reports are among her specific duties. This year she was elected to the state board of school secre- taries. ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY Mr. I. M. Brock, fun loving principal and consultant, has made Arthur Hill tops in many fields through friendly conferences and cooperation with both students and faculty. In spite of his many duties, Mr. Brock finds time to write hundreds of letters to boys in uniform and to interview returned veterans helping them readjust themselves to civilian life, and advising them as to educational opportunities. 9 Miss Ethel A. Peterson, as dean of girls, counsels students and advises them as to their program of study, and helps find em- ployment for prospective workers. She makes Arthur Hill's social calendar and is scholarship chairman. ...ill Miss June james, school stenographer, pre- pares the daily advisory bulletin, is mail clerk, and answers the constantly ringing telephone, besides ordering supplies for the entire school. She also assists persons who come into the office for help. Faculty members had the task ot instructing and advising l8OO I-lillites. During the year, eight new teachers were added to the staff. Teachers' extra- curricular jobs included community drives, member- ship campaigns, Club Hillite, and numerous all-school activities. MISS MARYJEAN ALLANvMathematics. MISS ELOISE BACONe-Biology, Social Committee, Pageant, Play, and Band Bounce, Assembly Supervision, Social Com- mittee, Ushers, Teachers' Club Program Committee. MRS. HELEN BEYER-Without picture. Homemaking. MRS. SALLIE M. BROWN-Social Science Department Head, Faculty Cabinet, National Honor Society Com- mittee, Junior Class Adviser. MR. EARL D. BURNETT- Music, Bancl, BOC Club Adviser. MR. FLOYD BYRON- Without picture. Mathematics, Golf Coach. MRS. DONNA .IEANNE CAPPELL-Speech, Debate Club, Assembly Program Committee Chairman. MRS. M. MARIE CRITTENDEN-Commercial, National Honor Society Committee Chairman, Band Bounce Publicity and Program. MISS AMY A. GATZ-English, National Honor Society Committee, P-TA Membership Drive Assistant. MISS BURNICE R. GIBBS-Social Science, English, P-TA Radio Director, Social Committee. MISS ELLEN G. GREEN- Cafeteria Manager, Social Committee Chairman. MRS, FRANCES M. HAMLIN-English, Assembly Committee. MISS VIRGINIA C. HARPER-Art, Display Case Assist- ant. MISS FRANCES HINRICHSEN-Library, Social Committee. MRS. BETTY HORTON-Crafts, English, Assembly Supervision, Band Bounce Publicity and Program. MR. HOWARD H. LYTLE-Agriculture, Future Farmers of America Adviser. MR. GLENN H. MASON-Physical Education, Football Assistant Coach, Track Coach, MISS CONSTANCE A. MCWETHY-Art of Living, As- sembly Supervision, Teachers' Club Program Commit- tee. MISS CORA H. MORGAN-Spanish, Latin, Spanish Club Adviser. MISS HELEN LOUISE MORGAN- Spanish, Spanish Club Adviser, Publicity and Faculty Cabinet Committees, Senior Class Adviser, City Teach- ers' Club Secretary. MISS HELEN OLMSTED-English, Art of Living, Girl Reserve Club Assistant. MR. JAMES HASLER OSBORNE+CommerciaI, SO Treasurer, Student Store Manager, Assembly Supervision. MR. ROBERT H. SHORNEY-Commercial, Teachers' Club Publications Chairman. MISS GRACE SIDOTI-With- out picture. Homemaking, Plays, Commencement, Pageant, and Band Bounce Assistant. MR. EARL W. SMITH-Without picture. English. MISS F. ALISON SPENCEeCommerciaI, Red Cross Chairman, National Honor Society Committee. MISS COILA I.. START- German, German Club Adviser. MR. CLARENCE D. STEWART--Social Science, Band Bounce, Cap and Gown Committees. MRS. MARY STEWART-English, Assembly Supervision, National Honor Society Corn- mittee. MISS IRMA STOCKDALE--English Department Head, Assembly Supervision, National Honor Society Committee. MRS. BETTY M. STONE-Social Science, English. SERVE AS ADVISERS, INSTRUCTORS MISS MATTIE G. CRUMP-English, Journalism, School Publications, Quill and Scroll Adviser, Publicity Com- mittee Chairman, Teachers' Club Public Relations Chair- man. MR. BEN O. DAMBERG-lnclustrial Art Depart- ment Head, Mechanical Drawing, Rifle Club Adviser, Assembly Supervision. MR. JOHN E. DAY-Social Sci- ence, Assembly Supervision. MR, ALBERT G. DERSCH --Science Department Head, Chemistry, Alchemists and Crucibles Clubs Adviser, Assembly Supervision. MISS MARY MARGARET DOIDGE---Physical Education, As- sembly, National Honor Society, and Social Coni- mittees, MISS BERNICE M. FRANCIS-Social Science, Senior Party Dinner Program Chairman, P-TA Member- ship Drive Assistant. MR. DAVID A. GAINEY-English, Art of Living, Athletic Business Manager, Swimming Coach, Publicity Committee, Faculty Cabinet. MRS. MARJORY E. JACOBSON-Mathematics, French, French Club Adviser. MISS EDITH R. JENSEN-Biology, Biology Club Adviser, National Honor Society Com- mittee. MRS. RACHEL E. JEROME-English, Assembly Supervision, P-TA Membership Drive Assistant. MR. KENNETH A. KELLY-Athletic Director, Art ot Living, Football and Basketball Coach. MISS KATHLEEN LEACH-French, Latin, French and Latin Club Assistant Adviser. MISS MARY F. LEWISeArt of Living Head, Sophomore Adviser, Assembly and National Honor Society Committees, Faculty Cabinet. MR. HARVE C. LIGHT-Social Science, Assembly Supervision. MR. A. A. PIERITZ-General Shop, Football Assistant Coach, Assembly Supervision. MR. KENNETH C. POUL- SON---Physics, Faculty Cabinet, Assembly Supervision. MISS UNA ROBERTSON-Mathematics, Teachers' Club Building Representative. MRS. MABEL B. RUSSELLA Mathematics, Girl Reserves Club Adviser, Assembly Supervision, Faculty Cabinet, Social Committee, Teach- ers' Club Program Chairman, MR. MAURICE SCHMIDT -Without oicture. Social Science. MR. STANLEY D. SCHUBERT-English, Dramatics, Arts-Dramatics Club Adviser. MRS. RUTH MAIRY SCRIBNER-Without pic- ture. Homemaking. MR. ERIC E. SENN-Social Science, Commercial, Commencement Doorkeeper. MR. E. L. V, SHELLEY ---- Social Science, Art of Living, Hi-Y Adviser, Assembly, Teachers' Club Program Committees. MRS. ETHEL STUMP-English. MISS GERTRUDE E. TURNER-eLatin, Language Department Head, Latin Club Adviser, Faculty Cabinet, Teachers' Club Program Committee. MRS. JULE A. URE--English, Art of Living, Assembly Supervision. MR. WILLIAM L. VONDETTEf Physical Education, Noon Supervision, Coaching, Base- ball Coach. MISS LINA J. WARD-Social Science, Senior Party Committee. MR, B. G. WELLS-Commercial Department Head, School Treasurer, Assembly Super- vision. MRS. LORNA L. ZIEGLERAHomemaking, Health Rooms Director, P-TA Teacher Vice-President. 'I UNE, 1946 1. , ' ttf YK! sf as , P 57 . Q' J' 1511, sae:-11 ,..-,wssasa:::-:::- V. ,- -ss... is ml Ls., . .sw X. I. Qu. '- ' 5 We .A.. J iles ret' Y at its will fit Q 5c'lfIi0!'5 FIRST Band leader KENNETH LANGE hands the traditional white football autographed by team members to Queen JOAN BALL during the half at the Homecoming football game. Queen Joan's two attendants, WILOWDEAN CASSOW and CAM LEONHARDT, stand nearby. MADELYN JANE ALBRECHT, 723 Vermont-Advisory Secretary, P'TA Chairman, Spanish Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Christmas Pageant, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. CHARLES NICHOLAS ANDERSON, 2027 N. Bond-Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. DONNA LOU ANDERSON, 3110 Elm-Advisory Treasurer, Girl Re- serves Club, Class Chairman. LAWRENCE ARFT, 1007 Birney. MARILYN ANN ARNDT, 414 Elm-Advisory Secretary, Arts Dramatics, Spanish, Girl Reserves Clubs, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants. PATRICIA JEAN AXEL, 121 S. Carolina -Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Arts Dramatics, BOC, Latin Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Declamation, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Choir, Class Chairman. EDNA LOUISE BAIN, 123 Dearborn-Spanish Club. WELLINGTON E. BAIRD, 302 S. James-Class Chairman. LEOPOLD BAKER, 1717 Maine. JOAN NORMA BALL, 1409 S. Hamilton-Advisory Vice-Presi- dent and Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chair- man, Football Queen. JEAN ANN BARNEY, 927 S. Wood- bridgewAdvisory President, French Club, Quill and Scroll Secretary, LEGENDA, Class Chairman, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. GOLDIE FLORENTINE BARTELS, 926 Simoneau. DONALD E. BARTLETT, 403 Eleanor. MARJORIE BAUDOUX, State Road. JOHN B. BAUM, 2114 N. Bond-Advisory President and Treasurer, School President, Assembly Chairman, Junior, Senior Plays, Assembly Committee, Christmas, Commence ment Pageants, NEWS Editor, Quill and Scroll, Junior Speaker. LORENE BAUMANN, 2322 N. Bond-Advisory Treasurer, Scr phomore Party Committee, Quill and Scroll Treasurer, LE- GENDA, Library Assistant. GLENETH BEARDSLEY, 113 Johnson -Girl Reserves. ROBERT C. BECKMAN, 1513 Congress- Advisory Vice-President and Treasurer, Hi-Y Club, Class Chair- man, Letter Winner, Swimming. FLORENCE BEEKER, Route 2. RUTH I. BELL, Freeland. ELSIE ANN K. BELLENBAUM, 2895 Shattuck-German Club. DORIS M. BENNETT, 1909 Harris- Girl Reserves, LEGENDA, Volleyball, Basketball. GERALDINE M. BERENT, 265 Lynn-Class Chairman. FRED W. BERNTHAL, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice-President. HAROLD G. BERNTHAL, Frankenmuth. IRMA JUNE BEYTHAN, 815 Court-Advisory President and Vice-President, P-TA Chair- man, Biology, Girl Reserves Clubs, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Class Chairman. LEROY A. BIERLEIN, Frankenmuth. RAYMOND EUGENE BIERLEIN, 2307 Beniamin-Advisory Treasurer, Hi-Y Treasurer, Commencement Pageant, Choir, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Swimming. JOHN PAUL BILSKY, 1621 Division. SHELDON LEE BLOOMFIELD, 3315 Adams-Advisory President, Debate, Declamation, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Choir, Class Chairman, Senior Play, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track. WILMA JANE BLUEM, 1318 Alger-Advis ory Treasurer, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Choir, Class Chairman. FLOYD S. BOARDMAN, Route 5-Advisory Presi- dent, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. ROGER W. BOHL, 2142 McEwan-Hi-Y, Rifle Clubs, Track. MARIE LOUISE BOMBOSKE, 1001 N. Granger-Usher. ROMAINE BOROWIAK, 2433 Carrollton. GEORGIANN BOYD, 814 Court-P-TA Chairman, Arts Dramatics, Biology Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Usher, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. MARJORIE LUCETTA BOYER, 1815 Congress-P-TA Chairman, Arts Dromatics, Girl Reserves Clubs, Christmas Pageant. MARY CATHERINE BOYNTON, 810 N, Oakley-BOC Club, Class Chairman. MARY JANE BRADY, 214 Madison, Carrollton. LEGENDA ATOMIC AGE GRADUATES HAROLD MARVIN BRAEUTIGAM Route I-Crucibles. RALPH EDWARD BRALEY, Route 5-FFA, Band Bounce, Band. MAR- VIN M. BRANDLE, I2I Center-Band Chairman, Band Bounce, Band, Quill and Scroll, LEGENDA. MARILYN JEAN BRAUN, l2l S, Charles-Arts Dramatics, Girl Reserves, Biology Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Usher. SHIRLEY ANN BRAUN, I7Il Jackson-Latin Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Intra- mural Manager, Letter Winner. NORMAN GALE BREU, I528 N. Bond-FFA, Senior Play. HARRY F. BROIHIER, T606 Division-Advisory Secretary. CLIFFORD A. BUCK, I4I6 N. Clinton-Senior Play, Advisory Treasurer, Hi-Y, NEWS. JOYCE ELAINE BUFF, 2709 Carrollton Road-P-TA Chairman. RUBY BURBACK, I733 Joslin-Advisory Secretary and Treasurer, Class Chairman, Student Store Clerk. THOMAS E. BURGER, Route 2-Christmas Pageant, Junior League Play. SHIRLEY JEAN BURR, 22lO Stark-P-TA Chair- man, Arts Dramatics Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Choir, Library Assistant, Usher. GEORGE LORD BURROWS IV, BridgeportvLEGENDA, Quill and Scroll, Cross Country. RICHARD P. BUTTS, Route 5-FFA. RUTH M. BUTZIN, 2528 Reed-Advisory President, Treasurer, and Secretary. JOHN F. BYRNES, 6II Fraser-Advisory President, Club Hillite Director, Declamation, Assembly Chairman, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Golf. DORIS JEANNE CARPENTER, 650 Thur- man-Advisory Treasurer, Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Intra- mural Manager, Junior Play, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. WILOWDEAN CASSOW, 2955 Bay Road-Advisory President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Junior Play, Class Chairman, Community Room Hostess, Sopho- more Party Committee, Secretary of Student Cabinet, Queen's Attendant. LIONEL C. CASTAGNIER, Bridgeport-Without Picture. PHYLLIS LEE CHEADLE, 9I4 Cleveland-NEWS. ROBERT JAMES CHURCH, 2018 N. WoodbridgeAAdvisory President and Vice-President, Band Bounce, LEGENDA, Class Chairman. CAROLINE ANN COBB, IOI4 Throop-Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Spanish Club, Junior Play, Senior Play, Class Chairman. FRANCES JEAN COLLVER, Gratiot Road-Advisory Vice-President, Arts-Dramatics Club President, Debate, Decla- mation, Oratory, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman. HELEN M. COLLVER, I403 DivisionAClass Chairman, Library Assistant. DONNA JEAN CONLEE, Freeland-To be gradu- ated from Midland High School. KEITH L. CONDEN, I329 Crapo-Library Assistant, Usher, Rifle Club. BETTY ELAINE CONWAY, lO4l6 N. Hamilton-Class Chairman. KENNETH R. COON, l72I Congress-Advisory Vice-President, Commencement Pageant. PAUL CRAMER, 707 N. Porter- BOC, German Clubs, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra. DELORES R. DAVIS, 7079 Gratiot-Latin Club. KATHRYN E. DEINDORFER, 2825 Hermansau. RUTH L. DEPPING, 2525 Benjamin. CHESTER JOHN DEREK, 2533 N. Bond-Advisory President, Class Chairman. MARGARET E. DEZELAH, 4350 Schust Road. ARLENE D. DIETRICH, 9835 Swan Creek Road-Advisory Vice- President, Sophomore Party Committee. BARBARA ANNA DIETZEI., Route 8. THORA M. DILLEY, l6l4 Durand. NANCY RUTH DINGMAN, 56 Davis Road--Biology, French, Girl Reserves Clubs, Library Assistant. DOROTHY E. DOERF- NER, I29 S. Granger-Advisory President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Arts Dramatics Club, Sophomore Rarty Committee, Assembly Chairman, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Secretary of Student Cabinet, Band Bounce, Band, Alchemists. HARRY ARTHUR DOERSAM, l928 N. Madison-Advisory President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, Debate, Latin Clubs, Hi-Y, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Basketball. BENJAMIN HARVEY DONAGHY, 2227 N. Woodbridge-Letter Winner, Football, Track, National Athletic Honor Society. JOYCE E. DOUMA, 9l6 N. Oakley. VIRGINIA MAY DREWS, l906 N. Ames-Library Assistant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. MARY LOUISE DUBY, Rou'e 4I. FREDERICK HARVEY DURHAM, lO2l N. Granger. MAR- IAN G. DURMAN, l53O Ottawa Blvd,--BOC, Latin Clubs, Band Bounce, Orchestra. GLORIA DURN, T924 Hanchett-BOC Club, Choir, Songleader, NEWS, LEGENDA, Class Chairman. JUNE, 1946 , 6 'tif' . H. T .... -xx E I sy 4' I' ,i X fit E2 fi --'-,-. .N-1-4' ff s ' A J Q, , ......... Q Y , ez-4 - 55555, -.,, f Ag In W fl. xl"'-'X is ' Q A G fl. , ' yzy. ,jg t'i.... 2 X . E ...,. 1......A EEEEEE: I g ..... RQ bzzzizn . i 7 .i c 1 r , I 5' .1. t'::"t ":" -- A .,. A . f . . VY Y t':t '2r., QIVV is Ez, 4 5 -W. .. V .,.... iii? R I 1. .aifiliffsiv .. fx if 1 , . .. W 11 55' ff! -. s ..,, ...,.,.,,.,,:,.,. I 5, 56'l'lfl7l'S PRESENT EARL ALBERT EBACH, 1707 Maine-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman, Cruci- bles, Hi-Y Clubs. HILDEGARD J. ECKSTROM, 3061 Herman- sau. BARBARA ANN EIB, 112 S. Oakley-Advisory President and Secretary, Biology Club President, Arts-Dramatics Club, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman, Usher, Queen's Court. ERWIN ARNO EICHHORN, 1512 Maine-Advisory Vice-President and Secretary, Band, Class Chairman. JOANNE ELIZABETH ELLIS, 1815 Lyon- Advisory President and Vice-President, Arts Dramatics, Biology, Debate, Latin Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Declama- tion, Christmas, Commencement Pogeants, Library Assistant, Usher, NEWS, Quill and Scroll. ILAH JEAN EMERY, 1302 Hancock. BONNIE JEAN EMPEY, Freeland-Volleyball. MARJORIE ANN ENSZER, 1320 Mack- inaw-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Band Bounce, Band, Secretary to Faculty. MARY LOUISE EVANS-Picture on last senior page. DONALD DEAN EWALD, 1833 Brenner-P-TA Chairman, Christmas Pageant. JANET FAIRBANKS, 5451 E. Genesee. PHYLLIS ANN FEDDER, 6180 Shattuck Road-Girl Reserves, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Usher. MAXINE ALMA FEHN, 1016 Thurman. MARTHA MARY FEIT, 1743 Joslin. CLEMENT PETER FELDMANN, 1525 S. Washington- Advisory President, Crucibles Club. RICHARD WILLIAM FELDOTTE, 322 N. Charles. BETTY ANN FELTEN, 1010 State-Choir, Band Bounce, Song- leader, LEGENDA. JACQUELINE JOY FENTNER, 2017 Cooper -Advisory President, Girl Reserves Secretary, Latin Club, Community Room Hostess, Basketball. FLOYD A. FEUSSE, 518 N. Andre. JOHN E. FINGER, 512 N. Charles-Junior, Senior Plays, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman, Cross Country, Crucibles Club. VERNA MAY FINKBEINER, 1352 Bay-Class Chairman, Secretary to Faculty. MARY ELLEN FITZGERALD, 2548 N. Bond-Advisory Secretary, Girl Reserves Club. MARY JANE FJERSTADT, 3106 S. Jefferson Avenue-Without Picture. BARBARA FLACK, 1625 Stanley- Advisory Vice-President, Girl Reserves Treasurer, German Club President, Class Chairman. ARDITH LORRAINE FLATHAU, 2027172 State-Girl Reserves Secretary, Class Chairman, Latin Club, Sophomore Party Committee. JOAN MARION FLEISCH- MANN, 127 N. Andre-Advisory Treasurer, Biology and Ger- man Club Secretaries, Latin, Alchemists Clubs. PATTIE LOU FOWLER, 5728 Dixie Highway-LEGENDA. THOMAS D. FRIEDLI, 7 Hammond Road-Letter Winner, Foot- ball, Track. THOMAS R. FULLER, 1703 Gratiot-Band, Orches- tra. LOUIS J. FURLO, 533 Ruby-Advisory Vice-President, Band Bounce, Band. JOYCE LOUELLA GAGNON, 114 Elm- Basketball. LOIS GANNON, 909 S. Webster-BOC Club, Junior Spanish Club Secretary, Choir. ELAINE J. GARNER, Freeland-P-TA Chairman. GEORGE W. GATZ II, Bridgeport. MARION LOUISE GEDEL, 717 N. Granger-Advisory Vice-President. DON GILBERT, 535 N. River Road. DELORES LORRAINE GILGINAS, 2997 Monroe- Volleyball, Basketball. NATALIE JEAN GILL, 1430 Beech-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Commencement Page- ant, Band, Class Chairman, Queen's Court. GENE R. GLICK, 1635 Mershon-Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball. LAWRENCE R. GLICK, 617 N. Andre-Advisory Vice-President. LOIS ANN GOHM, 1910 N. Fayette. MILDRED S. GOODRICH, 2992 Harrison-Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball. CHARLES E. GORMAN, 1214 Jackson. FRANCIS LEE GORTE, 911 Fitzhugh. PHILLIP D. GRAEBNER, 2326 N. Court-FFA Vice-President. ARTHUR F. GRAHAM, 1922 Bay--P-TA Chair- man, Band Bounce, Band. ESTHER ARLENE GRANT, 509 S. Bond-Service Club. LEGENDA ANNUAL CLASS PLAY BEVERLY ANN GREEN, 243 Shattuck Road. ALICE MARIE GREULING, Rou'e I-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Choir, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. ALBERTA MAY GRIFFIN, 722 S. Webster-Advisory President and Secretary, Arts Dramatics Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, NEWS, Usher. MARJORIE ANN GROENING, 7I6 S. Mason. DORIS EDITH GRUNOW, l52l N. Madison-BOC Club. KENNETH E. GULLIVER, 6IOI Gratiot Road. SHIRLEY ANNE GUTTRIDGE, IIO7 N. Porter-BOC Club. SHIRLEY JEAN GUY, l9l4 N. Woodbridge. JEAN ELIZABETH HAAS, l9l6 Dela- ware-Class Chairman. ROY H. HAMMOND, H16 State- Bond Representative for Advisory. CARL E. HANDLOVITS, Route 5-Class Chairman, Track. MARGARET P. HARRINGTON, I93l Superior. WILFRED JAMES HARRIS, 2445 S. Center-Usher. WILLIAM J. HARVEY, I72l W. Genesee. ROBERT JAMES HASSELMAN, 9I2 S. Washing- ton-NEWS. DIXIE LEE HEACOX, 622 Sherman-Sophomore Party Com- mittee. GENE WILLIAM HEASTY, l6l0 N. Fayette-Advisory President and Vice-President, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Football. LUELLA MARIE HECHT, Frankenmuth-Student Store Clerk. CHARLES F. HEIDTKE, 608V2 S. Bond-Without Picture. SALLY ANNE HEILBORN, I3l3 King. IRIS LUCILLE HEIL- BRONN, 3I5 Cambrey-Advisory Vice-President, Arts Drama- tics Club, French Club President, Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Commencement, Christmas Pageants, NEWS, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman, Usher. CHARLES F. HEINLEIN, 2606 Cronk. JIM B. HEITKAMP, 2449 Hermansau-Advisory Secretary, Junior Play, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants. MARVELLA RUTH HENRY, Route 5- Junior Play, Basketball, Spanish Club. NANCY CLARE HENRY, I724 State-Advisory President, DAR Representative, Arts Dramatics Club Secretary, Club Hillite Director, Declamation, Debate, Junior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, NEWS Editor, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll Vice-President. NAOMI E. HENSLEY, 1731 N. Bond. - MARGARET G. HERITIER, 2500 James-Band Bounce, NEWS, Class Chairman, Student Store Clerk. DON E. HERTZ, Route 7-Advisory Vice-President, BOC Club, Assembly Chairman, Band Bounce, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra. ELLA MARIE HERZBERGER, I503 Congress. KATHLEEN LOU HODGES, 22I4 Phoenix-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, NEWS. JEAN ANN HOERNER, l23 Garden Lane-Spanish Club. MARGUERITE MARIE HOLLEY, Fosters-Girl Reserves. CHAR- LOTTE ANN HOLLOWAY, 2008 Lewis. EDYTHE MARIAN HOLMES, 82l S. Mason-Advisory Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman, Usher. COLIN HOLME- SHAW, I8B2 Wilson. BRUCE A. HOLNAGEL, I723 Delaware- Class Chairman. JOHN C. HOLUBIK, Freeland-FFA, Cross Country, Baseball. JOSEPH H. HOWE, Route 5-Advisory President and Treasurer, Class Chairman, Track. DONALD M. HOWELL, 2112 Gratiot- Advisory President, Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Sopho- more Party Committee, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Golf, Team Manager. ROSE MARIE HOZESKA, 400 Cambrey. HAROLD HUBINGER, Frankenmuth-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Rifle Club. MARIAN ELIZABETH HUNTER, 803 Court-Advisory Treasurer, Latin Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman. WILLIAM J. HYSLOP, 803 Elm. RUSSELL LEE JACQUES, 2522 N. Bond. EVELYN MARIE JAHNKE, I3l6 S. Hamilton- Sophomore Party Committee, FRANCIS G. JOHANN, 1760 Ring-Without Picture. RICHARD H. JOHNSON, 2I25 Court. JUNE, 1946 - Qll- 5:5 ' ,, ' 5EEaa :a,.,:. 1 K, , , fi 'W K .1,.',jfQ fey 4 ' :" f:"--.E-fi-i' f x 'lt '-z,.,.,., , W , '- f y yi., fri: iv S 1 "VE ..:. ,- l . , ., at U -1... . -1- A i W ..:- 5 :,.. -, .:,,,-'- ,V li 'E Titty? 'L s' - ' t-"? . . I I .,.,,' . -.,.,.. .- +f: ...,i iz.: ..,.. 50? ml vvifl I me - x Q ., ' --.....,. f .., , iv M . . g A... lll x :I . ig ...,... ,..,,- iz. " 1 H11 il f ii 1 if I fy ,. Q iiiv kf ivl . "ii i ' .-,,: '3-iiesfzsi ,, ,- i f ....- 9 ,wiv 't: t'i' -wr ',- I fr ,.,., S si ss, " 3: ,,,- I I ,,.,: 5 . - :.- ,.--- V nzlt 1:-E A L I, S I ii, 4 sf ... ..,. i if X ,.,.,... M A I lk 'liizz af ':':'i: I , ,,,,,l ,..,. ""i --"'1 ' . I .-.- l iii I All 5 its ,,. 'i'Q :.. , V I y uaaua ' 1 fe -,,, .., I We E ---,-, ubyb .,.. Z Vb,,. ,,..- ,,.' 4 -.,' .9 I .QQ F 2 - 1 Q Q 222532522 'fir el WS , W 'HX' 5: ...,.:.,...... W, 'tv- 5 EEEEI .l ,,:,:,: 4 ' g 151555: 'iw ,. - .,. Q I in 55 9 A or Q Ml' .1 m 5. 3, 3 ., :"::' I . 5.55, e!"'m7ffgii .,.., . -. S5lfIf01'5 PAVE THE WAY Football Queen JOAN BALL and School President JOHN BAUM lead the grand march at the Homecoming Dance with WILOWDEAN CASSOW, DON KUSHMAUL, CAM LEON- HARDT, JOHN MGCDOUGALL, CHARLYS PIERITZ, and JIM MILANO. LEONARD E. JOHNSTON, i709 Hanchett-Advisory President and Vice-President, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Football, Baseball, Basketball. LeMYRTA ANN KALTENBACH, l2O N. Wheeler-Advisory Vice-President, Spanish Club, Biology Club Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee, NEWS, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman, Usher, Community Room Hostess. DALE V. KAPKA-Picture on the last senior page. MARY LOUISE KAPUSCINSKI, Route 4l. CLARISSA L. KAUFMANN, Route 7. BUELAH E. KEELER, l7I5 Carrollton. ARNOLD E. KEINATH, Frankenmuth. RICHARD L. KEINATH, JR., Frankenmuth. WAL- LACE B. KEMPTER, 2009 N. Charles. HARRY RUEBEN KERN, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice-President, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Baseball, ROBERT WALTER KERN, Frankenmuth-Advisory Vice- Presi- dent. RICHARD L. KIEFT, 240 Lockwood-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Club Hillite Director, Band Bounce, Band, Class Chairman. LOIS MAE KIEKBUSCH, 3985 Hermansau- Class Chairman, DONNA JEAN KIMMEL, T650 Holmes- Sophomore Party Committee. WILLA A. KINGRY, 613 S. Charles-Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Usher. BERNICE H. KIRBY, I8l2 King-Advisory Secretary, Spanish Club Vice-President, Band, Band Bounce. ELEANORE P. KISH, 827 N. Mason-Volleyball, Baseball. JAMES B. KLEEKAMP, 523 Adams-Crucibles. RITA E. KLEMM, 817 S. Porter. DOLORES MARIE KNAPP, 2503 Beniamin-BOC Club, Or- chestra, Student Store Clerk. LOIS ELAINE KNISLEY, Bridgeport-P-TA Chairman, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Choir. DON L. KOCH, 2705 McCarty- Commencement Pageant, Class Chairman, ERNEST WILLIAM KOCH, I825 Ottawa-Crucibles, Class Chairman, Spanish Club. NINA F. KOEHLER, IOO2 Hancock-Advisory Treasurer, Alchemists, Latin Clubs, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Senior Play, Band, Class Chairman, Queen's Court. VIRGINIA RUTH KOEPLINGER, 2022 Brenner-German Club. JO ANNE KOEPPLINGER, 3232 Russell-Band Bounce. WAL- TER LOUIS KOERBER, 2543 Benjamin-Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman, Football. SYBIL FERNE KULL, 704 Clark- Advisory Vice-President, Latin Club, Class Chairman, P-TA Chairman. DONALD R. KUSHMAUI., l5I9 Mershon-Advisory President, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Track, Na- tional Athletic Honor Society, Vice-President of Student Council. CHARLES A. LAKE, T600 Greenwich-Movie Machine and Proiector operator, Crucibles Club. LAURA MARIE LAMSON, Bridgeport-Advisory Treasurer, Spanish Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Queerfs Court. CLARENCE E. LANGSCHWAGER, Route 2. MAX E. LARSON, T220 Cass-FFA, Class Chairman. RUTH ANN LARSON, I929 Harry-Biology, Spanish Clubs, Girl Reserves, Volleyball. EDWARD LAUBHAN, i529 Vermont- Class Chairman. EDITH ANN LeCRONIER, Freeland-Girl Reserves. BERNICE ALMA LEDDY, Route 5. LAWRENCE W. LEDDY, Route 5. AVA LENNOX, lI3 S. Mason-French Club, Library Assistant. CAROLINE LEONHARDT, 4680 Sherman Road-Advisory Vice- President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Arts Dramatics, Girl Reserves Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Queen's Attendant. I.EGENDA g FOR UNDERCLASSMEN EVERETT LEPPERT, 1914 Allegan-NEWS. ALBERT R. LEPPIEN, 1826 N. Clinton-Advisory Treasurer, Rifle Club. ARTHUR L. LICHTER, 4170 Laundale RoadfAdvisory Treasurer. RICH- ARD E. LINDSTROM, 512 N. Bond-Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Band, Swim- ming. DOROTHY LORRAINE LIPP, 1506 Gilbert. BLANCHE ELEANOR LIPPERT, 1616 Monroe-Arts Dramatics, BOC Clubs. THEODORE ERNEST LIST, 2043 Division-Without Picture. SHIRLEY LITTLE-JOHN, Route 3. JOCELYN N. LOYSTER, 50 EtheIeAdvisory Vice-President, Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Arts Dramatics, Debate Clubs, Latin Club President, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Band, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. JACK W. MAAS, 709 N. GrangereAdvisory Presi- dent, Band Bounce, Band, Dance Orchestra. JOHN REMPHER MGCDOUGALL 2936 N. Michigan-P-TA Chairman, Hi-Y Club, Swimming. RAYMOND C. MADISON, 1023 N. Webster-Track, Cross Country. ALLAN BERYLE MANDELSTAMM, 102 Gratiot Court- Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Spanish Club Secretary, Debate Club President, Declamation, Senior Play, Oratory, Assembly Chairman, Assembly Committee, Sophomore Cup. NEAL JULIUS MARTZOWKA, 2633 Eddy. RAYMOND JOSEPH MASON, 1509 Stanley-Advisory President, Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Baseball. EMERY GEORGE MATTHIAS, 2523 N. Bond. DANIEL LAWRENCE McCAULEY, JR., Route 41. GERALD W. McCOY, 3147 Bundy-Advisory Vice-President, Secretary, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Football, Track, National Athletic Honor Society. DORIS McCULLOCH, Bridgeport. MARGARET ANN McEWEN, 1416 Beech-Advisory Vice-President, Junior Play, Usher. JANE ELIZABETH McFADDEN, 352 Ann-Debate, Girl Reserves, Latin Clubs, Declamation, Band Bounce, LEGENDA. DONALD GLENN McFARLAND, 1320 Congress-Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Basketball, Team Manager. FLOYD J. McINTYRE, 221 S. Oakley. LLOYD J. MclNTYRE, 221 S. Oakley, ETHEL J. MCLEAN, Fosters. GLADYS M. MCNEIL, 713 S. Oakley-Advisory President, Arts Dramatics Club, Junior, Senior Plays, Christmas Pageant, Usher. ROBERT G. W. MEHL, 117 N. Porter-Advisory Secretary, Letter Winner, Football, Swimming. CHRISTIAN J. MEYER, 115 N. Bond. JAMES A. MICHEL, 1927 DelawarewAclvisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Letter Winner, Basketball, Baseball, National Athletic Honor Society. RICHARD E. MICHEL, 1809 Congress-Advisory President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Arts Dramatics, Debate Clubs, President ot Cruci- bles, Hi-Y, Spanish Clubs, Assembly Chairman, Junior, Senior Plays, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. CHARLES MI- KULA, 2839 Schemm-Class Chairman. JAMES P. MILANO, 2828 Hardin-Advisory President, Secre- tary, P-TA Chairman, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Foot- ball, Baseball. WILLIAM ROBERT MILLER, Picture on lost senior page. ALBERT J. MOORE, JR., Route 41-Advisory Secretary, German Club. RITA MARIE MORGAN, 216 N. Webster-Advisory President, Biology Club, Latin Club Sec- retary, Club Hillite Director, Sophomore Party Committee, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll, Class Chairman. JAMES A. MORRISON, 207 S. Andre-Advisory President, Chairman of Club Hillite, Letter Winner, Football, Track. ROBERT ED- WARD MORSE, 1533 BayfBand Bounce, Band, Letter Winner, Track. WILLIAM JOHN MUNDY, JR., 141 LockwoodvAdvisory Vice- President, P-TA Chairman, Letter Winner, Football, Track, Swimming. DORIS MURDOCH, 1423 N. Madison-Arts Dra- matics, Biology, Latin Clubs, Christmas Pageant, Usher. JOYCE E. MYERS, Route 7. LUCILLE E. MYERS, Freeland. JUNE ELAINE NEWMAN, 1721 Mershon-Advisory Vice- President, Treasurer and Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Arts Dramatics, Debate Clubs, Vice-President Latin Club, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Band, Bond Chairman, NEWS, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll. DOROTHY RUTH NICHOLS, 6040 King Road. ROBERT H. NITZ, 704 N. Michigan-Letter Winner, Cross Country. JOHN R. NOVAK, JR., 2021 Congress-Hi-Y, Band Bounce, Orchestra, Team Manager. CARROL H. NUECHTERLEIN, Frankenmuth. DUANE CHARLES NUECHTERLEIN, 2424 BeniaminhAdvisory President and Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Sophomore Party Committee, Commencement Pageant, Orchestra, Class Chair- man, Crucibles Club. JUNE, 1946 We ass" as s it 155555 1 4, 323, gy 1, W A Ye' .an M I an y r si ac W is., 4 , 5 r ...:.:,,.. A We ...... is sz- . N,:, A ..:g:2a5l - it '.., i"""' ti X . f H gs' A 'iw :Z 1' . " "' ' Q2 A ti4 A fx ' 3 ., zlzlz 1 lbggb ., ,,,. 0112... 33 1- E an ,,,,, is N ....,. ig, in 8. ..,: Fw- ...., ze. -.A-,- I V., 'ig -:.,: : :zz It i l I 'il 1 1: "'. 'A 1: . I . ' Allzz ,,,.,. llli llll I '.'1 5 EEE: -21 2 "" Q :III 4, . sl x lx ,. .3 '11 ii ., Q' 7' A Wm li i': . - li, Ng ,:-- I 5' V is - , AAAAA Arrrrr A , 7 , ' D IW . I 5' A:'- li lc ' . -'.- ' - . fit A ':"'i1's .'-2' 2 :SP W' I ..- I Q ' 12:1 Kvhl I ,xii . , .. , . .,,, EE.: E ,,:,, E 'P is V it .,..., li V : up 3 ggg, , ,-.l '11 14 gs I 63 .4 ,.,. lg . la. ,E " "-- : :.. . . Q' Y? 4 f, 1 V. 's w , Q 3 5 .1 . A .....::.:1111,,,, Zu,,,i 3 9 'iz E ei sf' X W uv : 12,1519 i mt 1 C, 1 -ti .fs F ". , ewieeg S6'lf1il7I' PROM cuMAxEs MARIAN LYDIA NUECHTERLEIN, Frankenmuth. RUTH A. ODROBINA, 3628 Russell-Advisory Treasurer, Spanish Club Secretary, Junior Play. JAMES ALFRED OGRAM, 2312 N. BondABand Bounce, Band, Track. MARION E. OLIVER, 1644 Stanley. JOANNE KAY OLMSTED, Freeland-Declamation, Junior Play, Christmas and Commencement Pageants, Class Chairman, Usher, Alchemists Club. MARGARET M. ORRIS, 2015 South Washington-Arts Drama- tics, Spanish Clubs, Usher. DOROTHY A. OSMOND, 3271 Elm. WALDEMAR C. PAETZ, 1323 Cass. VIRGINIA MARIE PARKER, 2400 Midland Road-Sophomore Party Committee, Library Assistant, Usher, Volleyball. B. JEAN PATERSON, 413 S. Granger-Advisory President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, Arts Dramatics, Girl Reserves Clubs, Class Chairman. GLORIA JEAN PATTON, 2411 Adams-Advisory President and Secretory, Arts Dramatics, Debate, Alchemists, Latin Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Declamation, Assembly Com- mittee, Junior, Senior Plays, Band Bounce, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Community Room Hostess, Queen's Court. JOYCE FERN PAVALSKI, 1950 Gratiot--Choir. EDWARD J. PEITSCH, 2639 Schaeffer-Team Manager. WILLIAM A. PETER- SON, 1729 N. Ames-Hi-Y Club, Usher. RUTH ANN PFRUEN- DER, 2322 N. Charles-Advisory Treasurer, Girl Reserves, Biology Clubs, Band Bounce, Choir, Volleyball. HELEN L. PHILLION, 520 ThroopfBiology, Girl Reserves Clubs, Declamation. ROBERT JOHN PIERCE, 817 Van Buren. CHARLYS IONE PIERITZ, 2838 Hardin-Advisory Vice-Presi- dent and Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Biology, Spanish Clubs, Junior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Alchemists, Band Bounce, Band, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll, Queen's Court, Community Room Hostess. MARGARET E. PIETZ, 2139 Gratiot-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Spanish Club, Band Bounce, Band, Class Chairman. ANNA CATHERINE PLATKO, 333 Carrollton-Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant. JUNE V. POMERVILLE, 1320 Cleveland-Girl Reserves, French Clubs, NEWS, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. DONALD E. PORTER, 3416 State. HARRY WILLIAM PORTERFIELD, 1715 State-Band Bounce, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Choir. MARION MARTHA PRAAY, 1111 Malzahn. DUANE RICHARD PRESLEY, 1220 Mackinaw. DOUGLAS F. PRICE, 2016 Court. GLORIA PRINGLE, 1900 Midland-Advisory Vice-President. DONALD ERWIN RA- CHOW, 1910 N. Woodbridge. HELEN LOUISE RATHS, 1731 Stark-P-TA Chairman, Biology, Spanish Clubs, Club Hillite Director, Sophomore Party Committee, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants, Band Bounce, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll, Student Store Clerk. PEGGY L. RAU, Frankenmuth. BETTY BELLE RAY, Route 5fJunior Play, Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants. MARILYN ELAINE REEDER, 403 Webber- Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, BOC Club, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Orchestra, Usher. HIRRY R'ID, 132 N. Woodbridge. RICHARD D. REIMUS, 1816 N. Arres-Team Manager. ELMER T. REISIG, 1807 Joslin-Advisory President and Vice-President, Class Chairman, Basketball. ALICE CATHERINE REXIUS, Route 6. THOMAS H. RHODES, 143 Wylie-Advisory Treasurer and Sezretary, Band Bounce, Band. GEORGE M, RICHARDS, JR., 719 Thurman-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, BOC Club, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Bond, Dance Orchestra. EVELYN MAE RICHMOND, 2292 Bay-Christmas, Commence- ment Pageants. JOHN J. RICK, 2435 Beniarnin--Advisory President, Rifle Club, Commencement Pageant,'er Vt'inner, Football, Basketball, Track, GLORIA V. RIPPBERGER, Route 2-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, Intramural Manager, P-TA Chair- man, Songleader, Girl Reserves, Volleyball, Basketball, Base- ball. ALICE I. RISDON, 1105 Malzahn-Spanish Club Treasurer. ROBERT ERLE ROBBINS, 1022 Brackway4Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Team Manager. LAVINA M. ROBINS, 1721 Congress-Latin Club. EUGENE L. ROBISHAW, Route 5. 'LEGENUA SCHOOL SOCIAL EVENTS WALTER GLENN ROE, 1914 W. Michigan-Swimming. BETTY JANE ROGERS, 2308 Barnard-Advisory Vice-President, Spanish Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play. DONALD HOWARD ROGERS, 4156 Ann. DWIGHT W. ROGERS, Route 2, ANN LOUISE RUDY, 1515 N. Ames-Class Chairman. HERBERT H. RUFFINI, 3303 Sheridan-Hi-Y. DOROTHY ANNE RUPP, 2230 N. Charles-Advisory Treasurer, P-TA Chairman, Latin Club, Student Store Clerk. ANNABELLE HELEN RUTHER- FORD, Route 2-BOC Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Choir, Class Chairman. JOHN H. RUTHIG, Center Road-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, BOC, Latin Clubs, Band. LOIS LILA SCHAFFER, 2991 Jackson-Band Bounce, Choir, Volleyball. BETTY JANE SCHAUMAN, 1007 Mackinaw-Advisory Secre- tary, Latin Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. GEORGE HENRY SCHEBLER, 1802 N. Oakley-Advisory Vice-President, Sophomore Party Commit- tee, Rifle Club. ROBERT WILLIAM SCHELLHAS, Frankenmuth- Advisory Vice-President, Band Bounce, Band, Commencement Pageant. CAROLYN JUNE SCHERPING, 2359 S. Hamilton- Student Store Clerk, Usher, Volleyball. JO ANN SCHIAN, 2415 N. Bond-Girl Reserves, Biology, Alchemists Clubs. CORNELIA FAY SCHIBELHUT, 4105 Joslin-Girl Reserves, Secretory to Faculty, Usher. ARNOLD O. SCHIEFER, Vassar. OTTO G. SCHIESSWOHL, 1518 Lewis. MARIAN M. SCHLUC- KEBIER, Birch Run. BEVERLY ANN SCHMIDT, 802 N. Mason- Advisory President and Treasurer, Biology, German Clubs, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Band. ESTHER SCHMIDT, 403 Sherman-Girl Reserves, Spanish Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee. JAMES L. SCHMIDT, 640 Cath- erine-Class Chairman. THAXTON REX SCHNEIDER, 811 S. Porter-Advisory Secretary and Treasurer, Class Chairman. JANE ELLEN SCHNELL, 811 N. Webster. MARY JANE SCHOENMEYER, 1417 Holmes. JEAN-MARIE SCHREYER, 123 Snow-Girl Reserves, Latin Clubs, Usher. LEO PATRICK SCHUCH, 2134 Brockway-FFA, Track. DONALD B. SCHUETT, 1532 Bay-Advisory Vice-President, Hi-Y Club, Commencement Pageant, Football. JAMES G. SCHUKNECHT, 136 S. Andre-Team Manager. DELORES IRENE SCHULTZ, 2045 Vermont-Class Chairman. GLORIA J. SCHULTZ, 321 S. Fayette-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Latin Club Secretary, Arts Dramatics Club Vice- President, Biology Club Treasurer, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Sophomore Party Committee, Class Chairman, Usher. JEAN ANN SCHULZ, 1814 State-Advisory President, P-TA Chairman, Class Chairman, Alchemists. MARJORIE JOSELYN SCHUSTER, 1760 Kendrick. RUTH SCHUTT, 1914 Wood- Advisory Secretary, Arts Dramatics, Girl Reserves Clubs, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Student Store Clerk, Usher. DONALD PATRICK SHARAR, 1618 Cornelia-Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Choir. ELAINE SHAW, 1416 N. Ames-Band Bounce, Band. JEANNE ANN SHAW, 146 S. Charles-Advisory Treasurer, Girl Re- serves Club. BETTY-JOE M. SHILSON, 1746 Brockway-Ad- visory Treasurer. ANDREW K. SLADE, 1715 Cooper-Advisory President, Class Chairman. MARGARET M. SLIWINSKI, 5690 Bay Road. SHIRLEY M. SMALL, 2518 Hermansau-Girl Reserves, Latin Clubs. AUDREY E. SMITH, 2012 Brenner-Advisory Secretary, DeWAIN MILTON SMITH, 303 N. Porter-German Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Cheerleader. ELAINE DORO- THY SMITH, 620 Stoker Drive-Advisory Vice-President and Secretary. PHYLLIS M. SMITH, 620 Stoker Drive-Band Bounce, Choir, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. JUNE, 1946 yi? J ii 2 if I We .,aaas::..j-5-I I 1" ' , 2 ,,..,,,,,, as 10 1 s , K.. 1-me 1' ,ng ml W . N-uv ig M Q5 X " In ,.: 1 if ..',.g :,, "1 li' . .,,..,- f W "" 1: 1 A 5355? . ... .... . ,, 5 l isgifg s M 5 .,..., 5 .- .... 1 Q, , A X Dk eg ., 7? M A I J- if ' 4, ff. ---:- 'zi' -. l E , ..... ...LI - ' f 1 -if ,...,.. ........... . . -. .- :',.' 1 - V H y A V I r1" ' .,.. U is-5, Aff M Q M In " , -. ,,., , ,,..., v Q gftggmlsgg-55,32 1- 2: ::' ,,.,, --'-. 'W :-- .,.,. 1 it-if 4 5-M Q. 1 5 4' 1... R P. .,,. A 1 I .,.. V . lllllllll IVIIV I It :'l' , :" 5 I 1 :.t I '... 2 rtrc 1"r:rfr--r- t ..,. I 1 ----r . - K. ybby .. "--, . : vi V- -.,. Q . N...- ,,.. ......-. . - --:,.f .,,. 5 -...- .g .,. .... f ..,. A llll I .:-- "'i'1 ,.. Q51 Um I ,-..,,': . ' rr ""i-i'i "::" 3 .., ,,. I "'::"' , "" - r" X. ll 1: -,' 1' 3 'lvl 1 V - , , 3 J... ., . ,..,,:,. ,. ,, . in ,. ' ,.,. W V - 1. '.'- 'I ., I '5 -iizl " .,.,,. A trr- -.,, ' :ri ' --??fiI":i'. .1 ,A,A, .Qs ,ii J 55 I ,. Q W . ff' it 2 f f X' " 'I I , il.. ,:,A. . , 5 ,,V:1,1, . V --.W V' 'V 4 1 ..,. . , . - Y f Q. ., , ..,. W 5 3 . M A . A "": f' I A .ff yr . if 5 5 x le 'R K. . ::' 1. ...s :ss-f xv '55 l l ll iff. 3 ',,, 'J E-.s '- sc, , , , R X if . ... :.'3,.y- Z: QI Z.: .,. . K .QE i 71' ww St 5 et? J' 5911 . XY E 1,, X ,,., I 1. :til J: .. .. ..,, s- 9 i t . I 12:21 . 'Q AQ X 1 -+R S Q I I in inf ft gww i X .. .,,,:. Q Eg. '46 Seuiars BECOME VIVIAN JEAN SMITH, 605 N. Franklin-Band Bounce, Choir, Class Chairman. LOUISE M. SOPER, 3475 Mackinaw-Secre- tary to Faculty. RICHARD B. SOWATSKY, 2539 Hermansau- Advisory President, Class Chairman, Usher, Letter Winner, Football, Baseball, Club Hillite Director. EUGENE L. SPEAR, Gratiot Road-FFA, Track. RUSSELL H. SPICER, 2524 Macki- naw. ALBERT JOSEPH SPINDLER-Picture on last senior page. HARRIET KATHERINE SPINDLER, I4OI Lauel. KENNETH E. SPROUL, 20I5 Stark-Band Bounce, Orchestra, Class Choir- man. SHIRLEY JUNE STEINERT, 2330 N. Clinton-Volleyball, Junior Spanish Club. JACK M. STELTZRIEDE, Route 7. ROBERT B. STEPHENS, 2403 Adams-Advisory President, Football. FLORENCE PATRICIA STEVENS, I7II N. Oakley-BOC Club, Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Choir. 'WILLIAM ROBERT STEWART, 920 W. Genesee-Class Chairman, Crucibles Club, Letter Winner, Football, Track. GLORIA STINGEL, 223 Gratiot Court-French Club Treasurer, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Class Chairman. ETHEL JEAN STOCK, i507 Mer- shon. DON J. STONE, I3 Edgewood-Quill and Scroll Presi- dent, LEGENDA Editor, NEWS, Class Chairman. JOHN H. SWIFT, 3202 Mackinaw-Rifle Club. LOUIS TARTE, l26 Lockwood. JEAN LORRAINE TAYLOR, 2242 King-Junior Play, Band, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. BEVERLY JEAN TECK, l537 Holmes-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, Sopho- more Party Committee, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, Library Assistant, Queen's Court. VIRGINIA M. THAMM, 2807 State -P-TA Chairman, Library Assistant. CAMILLE M. THOMAS, 623 N. Bond-Advisory Treasurer and Secretary, P-TA Chairman, Declamation, Class Chairman. DONNA JEAN THOMPSON, 32l S. Webster-Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Baseball. THOMAS J. THOMPSON, I2I S. Sixth- Advisory President and Vice-President, Christmas Pageant, Class Chairman. ONALEE E. TIETZ, 2l2l N. Clinton-Class Chairman, Volleyball. NANCY L. TOFT, 909 Court--Advisory Vice-President and Treasurer, Biology, French, Latin Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll. BARBARA ANN TOLLIVER, 2276 N. Ames-Band, Band Bounce, Class Chairman, DOLORES ANN TREPKOWSKI, 269 Lynn- Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. BEVERLY A. TRINKLEIN, i634 Mershon-Latin Club, Library Assistant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. YUILL-JO TROUT, l5O Avalon-Advisory Vice-President, Spanish Club, NEWS, LEGENDA, Quill and Scroll, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. JACQUELINE M. TUSSEY, I55 Avalon-Advisory Secretary, French Club Secre- tary, Sophomore Party Committee, Library Assistant, Com- munity Room Hostess, Volleyball, Basketball. ALLEN H. URICH, l3I8 Houghton-Band Bounce, Band. BRUCE FRED VANCE, 4I9 N. Michigan. VALERIE VANDER- MADE, 620 Madison-Advisory Treasurer, German Club Vice- President. ESTHER E. VANHERWEG, 1500 N. Charles-Arts Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves Vice-President, Christmas, Com- mencement Pageants, Usher. LOUIS VAN IERSEL, JR., 2322 N. Bond-To be graduated from Antelope Valley Joint Union High School, Lancaster, California, without picture. BETTY LOUISE VAN LIERE, 5910 Mackinaw-Spanish Club, Class Chairman. ELIZABETH A. VAN SICKLE, I622 Stanley-P-TA Chairman, Girl Reserves Club. RICHARD A. VanVOORHEES, 1354 N. Washington. ROBERT E. VASOLD, Freeland-Spanish Club. THOMAS J. VAUGHAN, I8II Newberry-Sophomore Party Committee. MILDRED E. VEITENGRUBER, Frankenmuth. CHARLES RICHARD VERMURLEN, 26I0 Benlamin-Advisory Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, Sophomore Party Committee. BONNIE JEAN VERNON, 3040 Midland Road- Sophomore Party Committee, Band Bounce, Band, Choir. ELAINE E. VLASSIS, I37 Storch-Sophomore Party Committee, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. DUANE EDWIN TILLOTSON VORCE, I6I7 VanBuren-Rifle Club, Orchestra, Band Bounce. JOHN HOWARD WADDELL, 2OI4 Durand-Advisory Vice- President, Commencement Pageant, Letter Winner, Swimming Team Captain. LEGENDA ARTHUR HILL ALUMNI The distribution of LEGENDAS makes report card day brighter for students. Groups roam the halls collecting the autographs of their friends in the backs of their yearbooks. ROBERT EUGENE WAHL, 1940 Harry-Advisory President and Vice-President, Intramural Manager, P-TA Chairman, Usher, Team Manager. GEORGIANA WAITE, 2511 S. Washington- Christmas Pageant, Band Bounce, Choir. JOSEPH G. WAL- DERZAK, 220 Alice. KEITH E. WALWORTH, 912 Congress. ADELL NORMA WARNEMUENDE, 3195 Winter. NEWELL HERBERT WARSIN, 2542 N. Bond-FFA. F. EUGENE WAT- ROUS, 818 State-Hi-Y Club, Letter Winner, Track, Team Manager. MILDRED MARTHA WEBER, Frankenmuth-Class Chairman. PHILLIP ALBERT WEBSTER, Fosters-Advisory Trea- surer. BONNIE JEAN WEGNER, 2269 Mershon-Girl Reserves, Biology Clubs. J. STANLEY WEINBERG, 32 Glendale. ELLEN M. WEISS, 2716 Hermansau-Girl Reserves Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. HILDEGARD DORIS WEISS, 1908 Dela- ware. LOUIE J. WEISS, Birch Run-Advisory President. MARGUERITE A. WELLING, Frankenmuth. HELEN R. WENDT, 416 S. Franklin-Girl Reserves Club. CAROLYN MARGARET WHALEY, 121 Lockwood-BOC, Latin Clubs, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Choir, Letter Winner, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. GERALD D. WHITE, 2249 Taft--Advisory Vice-Presi- dent. EDWIN WIERDA, 1618 Stone-Advisory President and Vice-President, Class Chairman, Letter Winner, Football, Basketball, Baseball. BEVERLEE G. WILKINSON, 3241 Mackinaw-Advisory Trea- surer and Secretary, Biology, French, Latin Clubs, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Band Bounce, Commencement Pageant, Library Assistant. MARGUERITE BILLIE WILSON, 910 Green-Advisory Vice-President, P-TA Chairman, Girl Reserves, Sophomore Party Committee, Declamation, Junior Play, Christ- mas Pageant, Usher. MARY LOU WILSON, Fosters. ROBERT G. WILSON, 2312 Beniamin-Junior Play, Bond Bounce, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Choir, Class Chairman, Library Assistant, Football. MARY K. WILTSE, 1121 Van Buren-Advisory Vice-President, Girl Reserves, Arts Dramatics Clubs, Christmas, Commencement Pageants, Usher. ARLENE E. WINIECKIE, 4765 N. Michigan. JACK A. WOHL- FEIL, 2223 N. Charles. CHERIE NAN WOLCOTT, 412 N. Porter-Advisory Treasurer, Girl Reserves Club, Sophomore Party Committee, NEWS, Class Chairman. RUTH MARIE WOOD, 803 Van Buren-Latin Club, Sophomore Party Com- mittee, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. JOAN CAROLYN WRIGHT, 1021 Adams-French, Latin Clubs, DALE A. YINGLING, 1441 Maine-Advisory Treasurer, Basket- ball. MARY E. YOUMANS, IBO3 Delaware-Girl Reserves Club, Choir. SALLY ANN YOUNG, 3114 Bundy-Spanish Club, Sophomore Party Committee, Junior Play, Bond Bounce, LEGENDA, Usher. MARIE C. ZEHNDER, Fronkenmuth-Secre- tary to Faculty. ERNSTINE E. ZETZAR, 5165 W. Michigan- Class Chairman, Volleyball. MARY LOUISE EVANS, 112 S. Webster. DALE VINCENT KAPKA, Freeland-Junior Play, Christmas, Commencement Pageants. WILLIAM ROBERT MILLER, 820 Court. ALBERT JOSEPH SPINDLER, Freeland. Post Graduate Students, WILLIAM BOOTH, PEARL CHASNIS, MARY LONE, WILLIAM McCALEY, ALICE MUTER, HERBERT SCHIEDT, HAROLD STIER, ROBERT TRUE, GERALD WILSON. JUNE, 1946 ,, ' ,A :::::.:-'... , ,,.,e,,:gi,,,.g -I l Q' . 225, I , ,A t 'f' . , , " , -get.. 5 -nf' .1 s -W me ,X 15 if . if-1 if Y 5' ie- ..,,,,,,, X -.,,......,, ,i S2 SK Zluderclassmcn ARE At the Sophomore Party, left to right, JAMES MILLAR, FRED ORRlS, BOB SMITH, and DON FORBES play shuttleboard. Kenneth Abbenante, Ervin Adolf, William Agre, Nancy Agricola. Gwen Ahman, John Alberts, Marion Alberts, Margaret Albrecht. Maxine Albrecht, Bernard Alexander, Richard Alex- ander, Edna Allen. Helen Allen, Gladys Alles, Ruth Alles, Richard Als- gaard, Albino Alvarez, Betty Anderson, Jack Anderson, James Anderson. Jean Anderson, Jean Ann Anderson, Robert Anderson, Lawrence Angell, Maxine Anger, Lila Aniakos, Lucille Anspach, Donald Archangeli. Jerry Archangeli, Vern Arft, Harry Armstrong, Pa- tricia Armstrong, Robert Arnold, Jeanne Ashbaugh, Carol Atherton, John Auer. Bruce Averill, Marqueen Ayers, Bonnie Badour, Donna Badour, Kent Bagnall, Maree Baguley, Orel Bailey, Virginia Bain. William Bain, Emma Lee Bair, Dolores Baker, Jack Boker, Lois Ann Baker, Peggy Baker, Betty Balcom, Beatrice Baldauf. Marilyn Baldwin, Reginald Baldwin, Nathile Balko, Norma Ball, Joseph Balla, Beniamin Barney, Robert Barney, Joanne Barrett. Gregory Barris, Betty Barton, James Basner, Tom Bassett, Shirley Bateman, Donna Mae Baukus, Bar- bara Baxter, Annabelle Beamish. Shirley Beck, Betty Becker, Henry Becker, Robert Becker, Bruce Beckert, Jack Beckler, Blanche Bedore, Paul Beeg. Without picture: James Balmer. LEGENDA JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES Nancy Behrens, James Bell, James Bellenbaum, Bonnie Bellinger, Janice Benkert, John Benner, Robert Ben- zenberg, Katherine Berg, Donna Berger, Gene Beuthin, Donna Beutler, Fred Beyerlein, Robert Bhirdo, Howard Bickel, Paul Bickel, Shirley Bickel. Annie Binasio, Julia Bindon, Charles Birnbaum, Jacque- line Birnbaum, Howard Bishop, Leslie Bixby, Lillian Bixby, Gerald Black. Loraine Blair, Gordon Blake, Geraldine Block, Arlene Blohm, Mary Ellen Blunt, Mildred Blynn, Howard Bock, Robert Bodrie. Harry Boesnecker, Betty Bolger, Ottillia Bolger, Bar- bara Bolt, Catherine Bommarito, Daniel Barley, David Borowiak, Martha Bortkewicz. Robert Bouchey, Thomas Bow, Bonnie Brady, Don Braley, Ella Braley, Robert Braley, Jean Branch, George Brandle. Pat Brandt, Audrey Braun, Rhoda Braun, Willis Braun, June Breitag, Carol Bremer, Nancy Bremer, Tom Bremer. Richard Brock, Don Broihier, Elaine Bronner, Darel Brower, Doris Brower, Barbara Jean Brown, Barbara Jean Brown, Betty Brown. Donna Brown, Donna Lou Brown, Fred Brown, James A. Brown, James F. Brown, Joan Brown. New members of the Arts Dramatics Club, SHIRLEY SAGER, BARBARA TANNER, SALLY SOMMERS, NAN AGRICOLA, for initiation dramatize "The Farmer's Daughter." JUNE, 1946 Q., R iwfmtw, - N .- 1 ' . , 4 b A ' J .. i "" Qs.. xx .i.. Me, ,. i s H ,Ei 'V' .Ia ' i ff fi , as 1- . ---.- , 9 llmicrclassmm MAY Robert J. Brown, Robert L. Brown, Rosalie Brownlee, Clarence Brownriggf Robert Bruce, James Brunner, Robert Bublitz, Jeanette Buchinger. Mary Buckingham, Richard Budd, Dolores Budek, Lester Buehler, Kathleen Bueker, -William Buggia, Helen Buiouves, Perry Buiouves. Joan Bullard, Lyla Bullard, Beverly Burgess, Celia Burk, Darlene Burns, Jessie Lee Burns, Jerry Burr, Joe Buscarino. Orville Bush, William Bush, Colleen Butts, Jordon Byron, Dean Cady, Charles Calvert, Mary Campbell, William Campbell. Janice Campeau, Joe Carden, Martha Carlisle, Billie Carpenter, Nancy Carter, William Case, Lillian Castle, Jean Cates. John Cates, Arnold Catterfeld, Mary Chadwick, Richard Challis, Jean Chapman, Joan Chapman, Gladys Chapman, Barbara Chase. Shirley Chase, George Cheney, Mary Naomi Cheney, Pat Chiarovano, Denise Chiesi, Eleanor Chinevere, Georgianna Chisholm, Lorraine Cholcher. Sally Chriscaden, Richard Christians, Jane Christie, Charles Church, Ramon Church, Patty Clapp, Barbara Clark, Dorothy Clark. Lois Clark, Lillian Claspell, Henry Clauss, Boyd Clay- ton, Mary Cleveland, Patricia Cline, Lois Clore, Arloa Close. Jason Closson, Joan Clunie, Donald Coeur, Duane Collison, Richard Collison, Robert Collison, Bill Collver, Leonard Colwell. Roy Calwell, Lila Compau, Victor Compton, Ross Con- den, Clifford Cooke, James Coon, Clara Cooper, Shirley Cooper. Without pictures: Byron Burdite, Darwin Carrigan, Jeanne Cherry. LBGENDA D ENTER ALL ACTIVITIES Willis Cooper, David Cordingly, Roy Couitcher, Donald Coven, Mary Ellen Cox, Annabelle Coy, Norma Cran- dell, Norman Crandell. Marilyn Crozier, Luella Cruson, Marie Culbert, Virginia Curtis, Lorraine Cuthbertson, Anita Dabbert, Grant Dalcour, .lack Dammann. Nona Dammann, Mike Damore, Ted Danclo, Tom Danhoff, Jack Darling, Shirley Darling, Phillip Daubert, Halbert Uackb Davenport. Pat Davidson, Mary Eloise Davis, Mildred Davis, Robert Davis, Gene Day, Florence Decher, Don Deford, Richard DeForest. Donna DeFrenn, David DeGraff, Ruth DeGroat, Earl DeGuise, Delores Delaney, Grace Delaney, Alice Jean DeMeritt, Hector Demers. Caroline Demko, Dolores Demmer, Gerry Denzer, Robert Denzer, Doris DeRosier, Eva DeRosier, Bill DeVinney, Louis Diechman. Lamont Diefenbach, Harold Diener, Clara Dierich, Donna Dietzel, Bill Diiak, Robert Dingman, Colleen Dirker, Robert Dittenber. Fred Dittmar, Eleanor Doersam, Lydia Dolfi, Marilyn Dollens, Betty Donahue, Bill Donhaiser, Tom Donnen- worth, Delores Donner. Pat Dooley, Shirley Doran, Jayne Douma, Marlin Dowis, Bill Dowis, Russell Doyle, Virginia Drew, Charles Drews. Robert Dreyer, Avril Dubrulle, Jack Duclos, Gary Dunham, Ruby Dupree, Annabelle Dupuis, Phyllis Dust, Larry Duwe. Don Earley, .loline Eckart, .loan Edwards, Gerald Eg- bert, .lames Eib, Laura Eichstaedt, Beverly Elliott, Mary Ellis. Without pictures: James Dorman, John Doyle, Lois Dutina, Mary Dufina. JUNE, 1946 'vs WS? wr om' 'Iii rm wma , 'W wet' 45 Vi? 'TV Xe, llmicrclassmcrz STAGE ELEANOR PAGENKOPF and GENE DAY spied having fun at the Sophomore Party. Richard Ellis, Virginia Ellis, Betty Emeott, Jane Emeott, Lorraine Emeott. Fred Engel, Norma Engel, Earldine Enszer, Richard Epting, Lorraine Esckilsen. Pat Evans, Frank Evert, Charles Fahrenbruch, Eleanor Fahrenbruch, Nan Fair. Geraldine Fanger, Wilber Farmer, Ruth Ann Farrell, Mary Fass, Donald Fassezke. Rita Fedder, Edward Fehn, Lorraine Feinauer, Alvin Feldman, Jack Ferchau. Suzanne Fernette, Barbara Fettig, Kenneth Fierke, Charlotte Fischer, Clara Fischer, Edna Fischer, Eileen Fischer, Mary Ellen Fischer. Donna Fisher, James Fitzgerald, Tom Fleischmann, Dick Fleming, Edgar Floeter, Paul Flohr, Joyce Flora, Della Jean Floud. Ronnie Flynn, Bill Forbear, William Foor, Donald Forbes, Mary Jane Forbes, Colleen Fordyce, Richard Forsythe, Edward Foulds. Betty Fountain, Lloyd Fountain, Jack Fowler, Betty Fox, Delbert Fox, Joann Fox, Marie Fax, Marilyn Fox. Robert Francis, William Frank, Beverly Franz, Lorraine Franz, Emma Frederick, Betty Frei, Ray Frens, Roy Freundl, Eugene Frick, Florence Frick, Joann Frieclli, Helen Frisch, Margaret Fritz, Ruth Fritz, Don Fritzler, Margot Froeber. Without pictures: Jack Emede, Mary Lou Fisher. LEGENDA JUNIOR PLAY, SOPH PARTY Richard Froeber, Warren Frosch, Edwina Frost, Albert Fuller, Marjorie Fuller, Robert Fuller, Yvonne Fuller, Duane Fultz. Keith Fultz, Helen Furlo, Betty Gaertner, Richard Gaertner, Phyllis Gage, Bill Gallaghar, Kathryn Gal' lagher, Wallace Gallant. Catherine Garrett, Kenneth Garrett, Robert Garrett, Donna Garrison, Norma Gates, Gwenola Gatz, Richard Geddes, Bonnie Geer. Evelyn Geer, Betty Gehreke, Allen Gerken, Barbara Geyer, Dale Giffin, Bonnie Gilbert, George Gilbert, Jack Gilbert. Betty Gilles Jacqueline Gilles, Betty Gillmore, Joyce Glasby, Ann Glass, Barbara Glick, Flora Goines, Joyce Ann Golden. Lorraine Golden, Donna Goodeman, JoAnn Goodrow, Richard Goodrow, Barbara Goodside, Bonnie Goodwin, Lillian Goodwyn, Henry Gappelt. David Gordon, Grover Gordon, Doris Goslin, Eleanor Goudie, Richard Graebner, Ted Graebner, Evelyn Graff, Richard Graham. Ruth Graham, William Green, Sarah Grey, Jean Griese, William Groover, Donald Gross, Helen Grass, Jack Grunow. Dolores Grunwell, Lois Gugel, Howard Gunther, Gerald Gushen, Greta Gustafson, Georgine Guttowsky. Without pictures: Jean Gehringer, William George Gilbert, Edgar Greer. At Club Hillite, RUTH ANN FARRELL, SANDY SPENCE, and NANCY STEPHENS enioy a chat. JUNE, 1946 v 5 . V - ,.:, iq- ,.,1 E Q - . 55 WY ' .I " .., if '--... S W f 2973 "--V ---:f: f , '1'V' f , if ii . E . . 1 1 :A.. . Q . 'I """"' 5 :ti . 2 il: l.-1 i :", -:- f' 1 M-' f My ,,,' if - ' ,,,,1. we " " , ww .4 . , y ., ,-,. E V .. Q :'::E 2 - Q 5" F Q ' ,.,,'af.. tt. , if ,,,,, as. 1 ,.,. ,,,.., 5 .E ,--1 2 E 1,.:,: , . 1 , Q, r - J, :J . A.::, 4 .-555 y,:, , ...' sg , , .l.,A-, ' V i .....,.. g ffwm , y f , ,... , ., J ::-:: . W SF? T i' ':" 2 it .J A awe f eil J ' ' B ' gif. .. mf- , - -.-- 1 .,... Q W' 1 t ' K1 Q .hiv In :,,,. . ? i ,X gn J , P ' ' "HE -:::::: 2 :-::: I . ,.,.. . ' ' :': 2' I 2 .mi e ' A A ' V if ., V' "" "i' s , ...ll ..- - e ' 5 . l i we it :., 5 : .-.-,- . i Q ' W f it it vi p -' '1 1 "ig :: i ,Y " ft 5 .5 ..,,.E : :E .:: .A : x l, Q . ,... :V : Q K D ii-Tw ., V X' -- " -55.2. ff '.::, Q ,MQ f r Y lggss-,,,., 2 , si' , . . 5 ' . ,gi 6.5, W . Q ,ws ix J in M: K '-: A? M t 5 A f " L l "" .,.:., I - . fr' 33,31 , , . ,, ff? Ywffi '1" ,.,., A t A rf P 3 :'1..:"t .V i ' ":?M"f-' wwe 'mv 1.2 'Z if f -,. . 0 I. y 5 A .. N ,cw 1 t 1 x 1 3 V22 fl' ' 'A mf Q-f 'etc me ,ge -t as ' , 'CI' sw 5 5 J jg: , Q .X -2- bg A Q . i V In V ri ' 2 -wa 2:6 my . W E 'M .3 xxwyf f as-. . A se: 1 W B llmlcrclassmm FIND Pat Guy, Richard Haag, Esther Haar, Robert Haas, Marion Habke, Jerry Hager, Geraldine Hagerman, Arthur Hahn. Joan Hahn, Melvin Hahn, Charles Haines, Charlotte Haines, Joan Haines, Montie Haithco, Dolores Hall, Ethel Hall. Fred Hall, Rebecca Hall, Arlone Hamlin, Mary Ham- mond, Barbara Hansen, Rowland Hanson, Beverly Harbison, Henry Harden. Shirley Harger, Francis Harrington, Beatrice Harris, James Harris, Rosemary Harris, Zelda Harris, LaVerne Harrison, Ruth Ann Hart. Pat Hartl, Beverly Hartle, Beverly Hartman, Richard Hartman, Crystal Hartner, Mary Hartsell, John Harvie, Donald Hass. Beverly Hasse, Marjorie Hasse, Ruth Hassen, Charles Hathaway, Ivan Haubenstricker, Martin Hauben- stricker, Pat Haussner, Richard Heasley. Betty Heasty, Barbara Hebl, Janice Heidger, Lorraine Heidmann, Edna Heimburger, Rosemary Heineman, Jacklyn Heinrich, Bonnie Anderson. Betty Mae Henkel, Geraldine Henne, John Henning, Jean Henny, Duane Henry, Dale Hensler, William Hensler, Amelia Herbin. Blanche Herbin, Georgina Herbin, Jean Herm, Don Herman, William Hervey, Dale Hilbrandt, Alice Hill, Lois Hillman. Donald Himmelspach, James Hinds, Marilyn Hines, Pat Hines, Robert Hines, David Hinkin, Patricia Hinkle, Phyllis Hinte. Dorothy Hiveley, Willis Hobbs, Helen Hodges, Lorraine Hodges, Maxine Hodgins, Jean Hoefling, Robert Hoen- shell, George Hoerner. Without pictures: Donald Henning, John Hensel. LEGENDA GUIDANCE IN ART OF LIVING Florabelle Hoffman, George Hogg, Peg Holcomb, Laura Holeman, Richard Holland, Ronald Hollings- worth, Jean Holloway, Marion Holloway. Sarah Holmes, Dorothy Holnagel, Wilda Holstrom, Doloris Holtz, Betty Holvey, Richard Horn, Sharon Houle, Dottie Howe. Richard Howell, Lois Howland, William Hudson, Eugene Huff, Barbara Jean Hughes, Kenneth Hughes, Mary Hummel, Betty Hunt. Robert Hunt, Shirley Hunter, Robert Hunter, Bonnie Hutfilz, Delores lhrke, Martha Inman, Fred Ittner, Kathryn Ittner. Herbert Izzo, Dolores Jackman, Harvey Jacques, Pat Janicke, Lilah Jansen, Charline Jaquith, Joseph Jarlock, Norma Jarvis. Ralph Jentzen, Shirley Jentzen, Janet Jerome, Barbara Johnson, Colleen Johnson, David Johnson, Jane John- son, Rosemary Jones. Jacquelyn Kabat, Lavane Kaiser, William Kaiser, Nancy Kamhout, Ray Kamischke, Roy Kamischke, Alice Kana- vel, Gerald Kane. Darwin Karp, Ruth Korver, Marie Kassin, Ruth Kauf- man, Kenneth Kaufmann, Muriel Kaufmann, Marcia Keller, Beelman Kemp. Donald Kerr, Roselyn Kesemeyer, Alvin Keyser, Clar- ence Keyser, Lois Keyser, Geraldine Kimmel, Duane Kincade, Wallace King. Maxine Klasner, John Kleekamp, Joanne Klein, Harry Kleinfelder, Earl Klement, Jake Klemm, Cherie Kling- bail, Gerald Kluclc. Harold Kluck, Lois Knecht, Deane Knight, Aileen Knisley, Phyllis Koehler, Rosemarie Koeplin, Cora Koep- linger, Joyce Koeplinger. Without pictures: Wanda Hunt, Doris Hunyacly, Marf garet Hutchinson, Bonnie Johnston, Robert Kimmel. JUNE, 1946 , 'Mi I X gm 1 L --, b A M: ., - lg I f A : 1 'I v -g-ef' ,,.,.,.,.,,g:,:k wt- -SQ' M., ,fm ss www Q 4 R xr My www 5 1? ' ,N L 1 f iss. fglx M s. iw we ni A vs'- 'H ,Ni gf gp.: is i ,Ru g Z, A- W 2 3 it 4 M ma I 5 L W 295' V' J ::s,:::2:,z,:,:.- jla -,FE .. J 'vvv sw , Q 1-. A W- ' fi E L f ' Q s i f' s , ,L .:,I: mtxfb U v :veg , , We ,vm sm? we me 3 37' ,mme Q, lik 1, Qs -v 'Q' QL P ,ff x ' ' :'2 V - WTS? Y 'W " Jr s sm is L K JR' -U 'ms uw -1. ::..:::::, .nys If ,3,, i A Zlmlerclassmm JOSEPH HOWE and JOAN BULLARD play table tennis at Club Hillite. Patrick Koepplinger, Gene Koerber, Violet Kohloff, Peter Konesko, Raymond Kostrzewa, Pat Kotenko. Ronald Kowalski, Richard Krafft, Jeanette Krause, Jeanne Krause, Dolores Krauss, Donna Krauss, Betty Krawczak. Rosemarie Krawczak, Earl Krebs, Donald Krenz, Don Krieger, Charlotte Kristalyn, Allan Kruske, Stella Krzyzaniak, Leona Kueffner. Margaret Kueffner, Marion Kueffner, Robert Kull, Sally Kulow, Helene Kumbier, Robert Kuschinsky, William Kushmaul, Elaine Kutsch. Don Laatsch, Jerry Laatsch, William Locker, Duane LaFramboise, James Lamb, Dorothy Lamson, Kenneth Lange, Loraine Larson. Frances Lauer, Joyce Leaman, Phyllis LeCronier, Elsie Leddy, Fred Leddy, John Lee, Marian Lee, Gloria Leh- man. Alvina Leichner, Emil Lemaire, Joanne Lemmer, Mary Lou Lenk, Betty Lewis, Tom Lippert, Don List, Ruth Littleiohn. Earl Loeffler, Wallace Loesel, Frances Lohr, Sam Laiacano, Sarah Loiacano, Evelyn Loomis, Richard Loomis, Carol Losch. Beverly Louchart, James Lovay, Joyce Love, William Love, Bonnie Loving, Della Lown, Bud Luplow, Claude Luplow. Without picture: Mariorie Krzywanos. LEGENDA COMPETE FOR HONORS Jerry Luther, Doris Lutz, Elizabeth Lutz, Peggy Lutzke, Richard Lynch, Kenneth Lyons, Duane Maas, John Mac- Arthur. John MacGregor, Margaret Mann, Alice Marcy, Richard Markert, Geraldine Markey, Susan Marks, Anne Marr, Virginia Marr. Elaine Martin, Josephine Martin, Loraine Martin, Joan Marx, Karl Marx, Delores Mason, Shirley Mason, Emily Mathewson. Bonnie Matthias, Howard Maturen, Mildred Matzke, Werner Maul, Annabelle McCroy, Betty Jean Mc- Cready, Bernard McCullen, Ruth McCulloch. Bernice McDermott, Marilyn McEwen, Donald MCA Gregor, Bertha McGuire, Joanne McGuire, Jack fBudJ McLaughlin, Patricia McLean, Sally Mclean. Marilyn Mclurg, 'Howard McMaII, Jennie McMillen, George McNiven, Sally Meacl, Jo Ann Mehl, Eileen Meisel, Titus Mendell. Donna Mertz, Ted Mertz, Frederick Meschlle, John Metzger, Kenneth Mey, Edward Meyer, Gladys Meyer, Lorraine Meyer, William Meyer, Gayle Michael, Harry fNedl Miles, Kenneth Miles, James Millar, Anna Belle Miller, Beverly Miller, Maxine Miller. Rosemary Miller, Jerry Millward, Rosemarie Milne. Jack Minard, Rose Minicki, Bernice Minto. Evelyn Mitchell, Geraldine Mitchell, William Modrall. Without pictures: Peggy Maier, William McCauley, Betty Miller. BARBARA TANNER, RUBY DUPREE, RICHARD MICHEL as they appeared in "Why the Chimes Rang." JUNE, 1946 P .N , e 'Y GJ i 1 sf W 'c I-S la y c CB if -A--is ? .E::E:. 1 N , Q., i 5 4 YE f x, l'lZ'12?'53' 'I i , i-1-.. ..:::.s:s:5: .., ..-if ve,fi,1mQasfs ff 1 it E E ilk he .N-f 4 M we Wg, 3 ,:, I 5 Q' 'Y ,gg :., ri., Q :as :::: f . E' in V ,.:: 7 v, , :,, " , by V1 f, A J M rere J , 1, ....., g E A f r ,... ..,, f .. ..,,. i s 3 :yuzzuuvu M .Q M . gi L 2 We I 3 52 : ' i' Y gk I :IV xi , We it i,, A ,iyi ii? ,., :zzb y ::,.,,,.,, c..,,,... E ff ":l ii A N Zlnderclassmen JUNIORS Carol Moeller, Patricia Mohnk, Walter Monson, Jane Moore, Ruth Moore, Donna Morgan, Robert Morgan, Mary Ann Morris. Betty Morse, Gloria Morse, Richard Morse, James Moser, Louis Moskal, Betty Mossner, Eugene Mossner, Harvey Muehlenbeck. Jerry Mueller, James Mueller, Charles Muirhead, Mary Munger, Steve Murin, Barbara Murphy, Raymond Murphy, Roy Murray. Michael Mussatto, Pauline Myers, Aletha Needham, Robert Neer, Donald Nefe, Eric Nehls, Wendell Neh- mer, Ruth Nelson. Shirley Nelson, Joan Neubauer, Louise Neuenfeldt, Dale Neuhaus, Nila Neuman, Carol Neville, Peter Newcomb, George Niarhos. Leon Nickodemus, Emma Niederquell, Oswald Nieder- quell, Barbara Niederstodt, Jean Niederstadt, Mary Niederstadt, Elaine Norris, Carol Northcott. Elaine Nuechterlein, Joann Nuerminger, Mary Lou Nuerminger, Dorothy Nusz, Patrick O'Brien, Norma Ochman, Kathleen O'Conner, Mike O'Conner. Phyllis O'Dell, Noreen O'Dwyer, Barbara Oehring, James O'Grody, Marcella Oldeck, Lorraine Oldenburg, Norene Olmsted, John Olsen. Robert Olsen, Fred Orris, Velma Osborn, Shirley Osmond, Jean Osterlund, Don Ousterhout, Charles Oyerly, Jean Packer. Eleanor Pagenkopf, Charlene Paige, Duane Paige, William Paige, Robert Palmer, Margie Papaiesk, Jack Paquette, Richard Parker. Kathleen Parks, Maxine Passon, Sheila Patterson, Janet Patton, Dorothy Pavelich, Patricia Payne, Pa- tricia Pegley, Donna Peloquin. Without picture: Barbara Parish. LEGENDA ORDER CLASS RINGS Joann Peloquin, Eunice Penney, June Pepera, Scott Perkins, Richard Perry, Gaylord Peters, John Peters, Robert Peters. Helen Peto, Margie Phillion, Richard Phillips, Dean Pierce, Betty Pietsch, Jerry Plater, William Plotko, James Pohlman, Betty Pol, Sam Poma, Jack Pontious, James Pontious, Howard Pope, Ray Pope, Bruce Popp, Jeannette Por- las. Gayle Pound, Archie Premo, Mariorie Pressler, Doris Preston, Mildred Pretzer, Pam Price, Janet Princing, Eugene Pringle, Duane Proper, William Pruyne, Phyllis Pscholka, Ber- nardine Puchel, Joan Pufahl, Elaine Puffpaff, Albert Pussehl, James Putnam. John Quigley, Rosemary Rachow, Barbara Radewahn, Kenneth Rands, Maxine Rau, Shirley Rauh, Charles Ray, Dean Raycraft. Bruce Raymond, Edward Raymond, Joan Reoms, Richard Reed, Lois Reese, Elnore Reichard, Phyllis Reichle, Sam A. Reid. Sam Reid, Dolores Reif, Walter Reimer, Joan Reinert, Owen Reinert, Janice Reinke, Rosalie Reinke, Carl Reisbig. Clara Reisbig, Carol Remainder, Leatrice Rempert, Doris Rexius, Donald Reynolds, Rosemary Rhea, Mary Rice, Mervin Richardson. Bonnie Richir, Curtis Richmond, Mary'Richmond, Her- man Ricklefs, Duane Rigg, Murray Robbins, Mona Rose Roberts, Arla Mae Robertson. Juliana Robertson, Robert Robertson, Carol Robinson, Nancy Robinson, Eleanor Robson, Shirley Roby, Mary Rock, Jean Rockwell. Without pictures: George Pratt, Bob Proux. JUNE, 1946 YG' af- :S+ 'J 79 llmierclassmcn MAKE up Dance band member, LARRY ANGELL, wears this unusual garb to the Club Hillite Hobo Hop. Robert Roditcher, Birt Rogers, Betty Rondo, Sylvia Rondo. James Rooker, William Root, Werner Rosenbaum, Dorothy Rotter. Bonnie Royal, Eileen Rummel, Henrietta Rummel, Joanne Rupp. Jean Ruppel, Lila Ruppel, Elmer Rusch, Cordy Russell. Doris Russell, Peter Russell, Ronald Rux, Ruth Ryan. Audrey Ryman, Jennie Sabow, Jane Safford, Tom Safford, Ralph Sager, Shirley Sager, Robert Salesky, Lorraine Salvi. Kendall Salvner, Tom Sample, Betty Sanders, Eugene Sanders, Mary Sanders, Andrew Sandoval, Gus San- ford, Margaret Sanford. Iris Saul, Duane Sawatzki, Coilah Sawyer, Don Schaf- fer, Dorothy Scharrer, Leonard Scharrer, Shirley Scharrer, Ella Mae Schibelhut. Robert Schirmer, Ruth Schluckebier, Jack Schmerheim, Milton Schmidt, Rachel Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Bar- bara Schmidtke, Ruth Schmitt. Mabel Schmitzer, Phyllis Schneider, Shirley Schneider, Vern Schneider, Wilma Schneider, Margaret Schnell, Leroy Schniedmiller, Lois Schomaker. Donald Schreiner, Fred Schreyer, Dorothy Schroeder, Eugene Schroeder, Margaret Schroeder, Mariorie Schroeder, Mildred Schroeder, Viola Schroeppel. Without picture: Richard Sample. LEGENDA HILL RESERVE TEAMS Albert Schuette, Louanne Schuette, Ruth Shuler, Donna Schultz, Dorothea Schultz, Jean Schultz, Joan Schultz, Lois Ann Schultz. Lois Jean Schultz, Mary Jane Schultz, Richard Schultz, Alvina Schulz, Frederick Schulz, Harvey Schuster, Paul Schwarck, Helen Schweinshaupt. Jim Score, Ed Scott, Rita Scott, Robert Scott, Wilma Scott, Yvonne Scott, Guy Scouten, Harold Sebald. Sally Seder, Elaine Seehase, Jerry Seeley, Richard Seeley, Fred Seeman, Helen Seidel, Jane Seidel, Lois Severance. Larry Shaffner, Clarence Sharar, Margaret Shavrnoch, Joyce Shaw, Marjorie Shaw, Wallace Shelswell, Robert Shepherd, Dorothy Sherbino. Vernon ITedJ Shreve, Eldon Shrier, Norma Shuler, Jane Shur, Ted Shur, Arlene Sieggreen, Katherine Sika, Henry Simmet. if Donna Simmons, Lorraine Simon, Mary K. Simon, Charles Simpson, Donna Marie Simpson, Dale Sla- baugh, Howard Slaght, Roberta Sleeseman. Edward Small, Annabelle Smith. Arpad Smith, Benedict Smith. Beverly Smith, Charlotte Smith, Damon Smith. Douglas Smith, Eleanor Smith, James Smith. Without picture: Elmer Schulz. CAROL ATHERTON, VIRGINIA ELLIS, WALTER FRAHM, ZEPH PHILLIPS, and DUANE WELLING join the LEGEN- DA day autograph seekers. JUNE, 1946 S Q i . ,.,.,. 1 tn! 1, x in-Sm .. .rg EW 5 F' new fTV,.,.:- , .ws v v if ,- m,W- ,, ,ay ,Www A WftY,wv fx M Y 4 4 1 N af I I l " ::El... Y ,,, X I ,,. .ge - KN A 5 , Q :N A gg. 'W . I i 'S K Cer 5 . lf 91 3 a s V I 5 I I.. .V 1 me Q, .iff I 1592? - is Q 'W ,- ... --4 'W' L .-.... .I f V Q, -.. y . . ip J 4-v 2. 4, l 'W' - - f W I 5 . we we A 2 , f 3 me M f A - ... . ' I . gay Q39 , Gita! my ti" " we A 'I' sg, 3-'40 43 www l we M Vw L 4.44 ' xg. I gg, 1 QQ , A s ,EL L , . SV' ,:, . ' A ' v..2 "2' l J I ,AZ W 5 Z 4 .ca ,W Q tg W 3 :Q Z yi My M 4-If I Q I 7 rg. 453, we 1 7 .... Wu X A -' I Cyst' V M I' s 1 - ' A f e , 4 J- ft, g wi 5 wziitxw' q a2:.',"::-if. ...-assess...,'-'s-I-::s:" f . , . .:..f.f: - ' Yr- ?ye,,2'- is I . -sag fe tl iff sf ....,.M , '- ' fy XR . ,a l A1 I. I . - .s,,,f"1x,..-H " Q ' . . 4 . M' ov was fy.. . vt ,,,,. X ze ev Q - 'M 'f 'str . W if . I M XZ' if M. 'F gig 4 . J . I 4 f' ' 'V I fd in . . s I . A X , , es 1 I .X I Q ef , K M . -2-. ' I -s,. 6 ,.,.g " W Ib I A 1 .. ' Q 'S I W I ' HM... 2 . 1 M M an - A - gn- I V 1:2 ' ' if X' I "Vt L' . fi IV M 5 'P ig- , . W . 3 f , 5 f 7, 'Q P' . . f 4 1 A 5 .. .I 3 3 .A , , .,., . ' . if H R ' 3 921 . 1 , 'Sz w h' 1 ' Y' ' 'Q 1 :Him Q23 ,V 3 , .I ' if Q V, f an W rm Q fs 'I' E in il S' in 2? gi W M. I , we fl?-ff ..- ze,-. A 2 we- 1- 'Q K vw ws, 3 ' '25, ' A '-sv X :z , ffr Q W' 'rv' Aa, , . .... ,. W. rx Q, '3 fl? fe J vt? ' as 232+ Qi' Q I I , E We J fs f Y if 5 'Wim w N' 3 sa. iA 'v 8 1 2 , . 'ek 'WZ 'P r llmierclassmen LOQK Lorna Smith, Marie Smith, Robert E. Smith, Jane Socier, Ray Sohn, Theoda Sohn, Keith Somers, Sally Sommers. Joan Soney, Jacqueline Sovia, Norman Sparks, Arthur Speckhard, Mary Speckhard, Oscar Soper, Herbert Spence, James Spence. Laurence Spencer, Norman Spencer, Patsy Spencer, Harold Sperlich, Milton Sproul, James Sprunger, Janet Squire, lsobel Stack. Lois Stack, Thomas Stafford, Donald Stahr, Henrietta Stalsburg, Dolores Staley, Lorraine Stanko, Don Stanton, Edwin Stark. Lila Stark, Robert Stark, Thomas Stark, Donald Steele, Dorothy Steffe, Henry Steltzriede, Tom Stenglein, Fay Stephen. Evelyn Stephens, Nan Stephens, Dixie Stevens, Edla Stevens, Kenneth Stevens, Albert Stewart, Jim Stewart, Robert Stinson. Norma Stokus, Elaine Stolper, Herb Stone, Jack Stone- burner, Helen Storch, Jack Strait, Mary Strieter, Richard Stroebel. Virginia Stroebel, Sue Ann Strong, Beverly Struthers, Don Stubbs, Nellie Stuck, Rose Suess, Donald Suhr, Mark Suino. Geraldine Sullivan, Norma Sullivan, Barbara Sumin- ski, Dick Surbrook, Bertie Swarthout, Mary Szarenski, Jean Tabor, Barbara Tanner. Barbara Taylor, Virginia Taylor, Dorothy Teague, Don Techentien, Lillian Temple, Robert Temple, Pat Terrian, Arlene Terry. Carl Tessman, Dorothy Thamm, Marlin Thery, Betty Thom, Donald Thomas, Donna Thomas, Max Thomas, Shirley Thomas. Without pictures: Rena Smith, Ernst Sohn, John Spind- ler. LEGENDA AHEAD TO SENIOR PRIVILEGES Jeannie Thompson, June Thompson, Jacquelynn Thrash- er, Norman Tibbits, Bonnie Tilden, Duane Timm, Bar- bara Titus, Maxine Tolles. Don Tomaszewski, Sally Tonkin, Phil Townley, James Trier, Bernard Trinklein, Ellen Trinklein, Nancy Trink- lein, Thomas Trombley. Gwen Troper, Robert Trout, Russell Truckner, Janellen Tubbs, Henry Tuck, Mary Tuck, Jacqueline Tuke, Milton Turek. Mary Ellen Turnbull, Elaine Turner, Lillian Ureche, Jean Valcliserri, Duane Valley, Betty VanBocxlaer, Warren VanDerbeck, James VanSickle. William Vasey, Janice Vasold, Margaret Vasold, David Veltman, Margaret Venema, Mary Venema, Max Vereb, Elaine Vetengle. James Vlassis, Marie Vlassis, William Vlassis, Ralph Vogt, Joanne Vollmer, Joan VonDette, Barbara Voss, Sally Wacker. Joanne Wagoner, Donald Walker, Ronald Walker, Betty Wallace, Jane Wallace, Ronald Wallace, Robert Walton, Carolyn Walz. George Walz, Phyllis Warner, Robert Warner, Robert Waskoviak, Susan Waters, Clifton Watkins, Donald Watson, Helen Wayt. Patricia Weaver, Donald Webb, Dorothy Webb, Ed Weber, Walter Weber, Donna Webster, Ford Webster, June Weeden. Robert Weedfall, Gerhard Weese, Carolyn Weiland, Louanne Weinberg, Jerry Weir, Dorothy Weisheim, Yvonne Welch, Patrick Welsh. Charles Wenzel, Billie Werth, Ida Westendorf, Lois Westenclorf, Joanna Westwood, David Whaley, Marian Whaley, Gerald T. White. Without pictures: Joan Voight, Gerald Wilson, Harlan Ulman. JUNE, 1946 New .. .re 1? W, :ew ,-., llmleralassmcfz Arla Whitmill, Charles Whitney, Betty Wickham, Robert Wiechmann, Alexander Wielock, Ronald Wielock, Ann VViese, Jeanne Wiggins. Evelyn Wilkinson, George Willett, Duane Williams, Phyllis Williams, Dorothy Willis, Theresa Willis, William Willits, Byron Wilson. Joan Wilson, Lila Wilson, Dorothy Wiltse, Lee Wiltse, Thurso Wiltse, Vern Wiltse, Ray Wineki, Howard Wintermeyer. Roger Winterstein, Betty Witbrodt, Robert Witherell, Beverly Wolcott, Virginia Wolcott, Wilmar Woelzlein, Sandra Wolfe, Clifford Wood. Jeanette Wood, Robert Wood, Don Woodrow, James Woods, Dale Wright, Donelda Wright, Jean Wright, Kenneth E. Wright. Kenneth J. Wright, Lois Wynes, Joan Yancer, Marian Yarmuth, Robert York, Peggy Young, Robert Zahnow, Mildred Zehnder. Gerald Zeilinger, Annerose Ziegast, Mary Zill, Frederick Zingg, Marie Zittel, Marilyn Zorn, Ruth Zorn, Virginia Zwingman. ROBERT TEMPLE, SUSAN MARKS, JIM POHLMAN, ROY HAMMOND, KEN KAUFMANN, JACK DUCLOS, GORDON GROVER, LOlS SHULTZ, and ANNEROSE ZIEGAST wait in the cafeteria line. LEGENDA C Cooperation of Businessmen Makes Yearbook Possible Alderton and Wolfe, wholesalers Anderson's Food and Soda Bar Apothecary Shop Ardern Floral Shop Art Sample Furniture Bancroft Hotel Barney Real Estate Bartley's Home Bakery Dr. Glenn E. Barton Bastian Brothers 81 Company Bauer and Bauer Inc., cleaners Bauer's Jewelry Store Besner Beauty Shop Billmeier Jewelry Blackwell Studio Bliss 81 Van Auken Lumber Company Bosch Studio M. N. Brady 81 Co., insurance Brady and Wade Drugs Brandle's Department Store R. H. Brucker, attorney-at-law Business Institute of Saginaw Carter Shop W. L. Case 8K Company Central Meat Market Dr. Walter Chmiel Clark's Drug and Surgical Store Court Center Appliance Court Center Bakery Culver-Deisler Company Dall's Shoe Store Daniel's Jewelry Co. Daters Unclaimed Freight Del Rio Grill Dent's Grocery Doyle Hamburgs A. E. Ensminger and Company John G. Enszer Grocery Educational Supply Company Evans and Thomas, plumbers Farmer and Tonks Inc. Farnum Cut Rate Drugs Fechter Hardware Feldmann's Fordney Hotel Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Co. Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Frankenmuth State Bank Frank's Candy Shop Friendly Shoe Store Frutchey Bean Company Garber-Buick Company Gase Bakery Gately Company George Electric H. J. Geyer Company Goetz and Roeser Florists Granville and Son Inc. Grohman Florist Fred Gugel and Sons, Grocery Gugel's Funeral Home Hamilton Home Bakery Dr. R. A. Hart Dr. Bruce L. Hayden JUNE, 1946 Heavenrich's Hans Hegelheimer Helfrecht Machine Company Henne Movers Home Dairy Company Howell and Galvin Inc. Hubinger Lumber Company Dr. L. A. Immerman J. W. Ippel Company Johnson Maytag Co. lttner Furniture Company Jochen Shoe Store Inc. Dr. A. R. Johnson Johnson Maytag Company Lee Iron Works R. P. Lewis Company Liebermann Trunk Company Lufkin Rule Company MacDonald and Stingel Walter Martin, attorney-at-law Mautner and Krause M 8. B Ice Cream Company McGee-Finlay Mclntyre Photo Service McNiven Hotel Melcraft Hobby Shop Melody Music Company Dr. Hervey C. Merrill Michigan Bean Company Michigan National Bank Michigan Sugar Company Loyal Order of Moose Morley Brothers Inc. Mueller Brothers Inc. Murphy and O'Hara Company ' Neal's Riding Stable Dr. Phillip Nolish Northern Supply Company Novak Studio Nuechterlein Studio Nuechterlein Jewelry O'Keefe and O'Keefe, attorneys-at-law Olsen and Ebann Jewelry Company The Ortner Company Petersen Standard Service Dr. Maurice H. Pike Dr. Lewis C. Pinney Porterfield Auto Service Station Rainbo Bread Ramshaw Photo Service Rau Brothers Raycraft's Drug Store Raymond Products Company Inc. Reichle Supply Company Reindel and Bronner Lumber Company W. C. Roney and Company Roy's Drugs Rummel Studio B. F. Rupprecht and Sons Saginaw Building and Loan Association Saginaw Central Oil and Gas Service In Saginaw Dairy Company Saginaw Hardware Company Saginaw Oil Company C. Saginaw Photo Supply Saginaw Publishing Company Salle Jewelry Company Sanders Bearing and Piston Service Satow Drug Store Dr. L. R. Scheib Star of the West Milling Company J. A. Schirmer and Sons H. J. Schluckebier, farm machinery John Schmelzer, furniture Schuch Hotel Schmidt Barber Schultz and Fuller, hardware Schwahn-Van Auken-Graebner Inc Scientific Brake Service Sears, Roebuck and Company Second National Bank and Trust Co Seemann and Peters Inc. Seitner Brothers Inc. Sid's Clothes Shop Skycraft Hobby Shop Albert A. Smith, attorney-at-law Smith Brothers Clothing Smith Hardware Company Dr. A. B. Snow Solomon Motor Sales South Side Grill Star Quality Shop Star of West Milling Steininger's Bakery Stevens Brothers Strand Barbecue Sugar Beet Products Company Swarihout Drug Store Technical Hat Shop Terryberry Tlfree Sisters Inc. W. P. Tredo Company Trinklein and Conzelmann Trinklein Ice Cream Bar Tru-Art Beauty Salon Two Legs Inc. Union Store Valley Cornice and Slate Co. Ltd. Valley Sweets Company Vanity Box Beauty Shop Vlassis Brothers Restaurant Wagar and Granger Drugs Walz Hardware Company Watson Dairy Company Watters Drug Store Louis G. Weinberg Drug Store Ferd Weiss, farm equipment Werkema Studio Wickes Boiler Company W. C. Wiechmann Company E. F. Wieneke Company Winterstein Hardware Woman's Shoppe Yellow Cabs Zauel Clothing Elmer S. Zehnder Walt Zeilinger Hardware k . . .f Q. -,V f x, 5, .,V. gy 1 K ,f , ,, Q 553 . 5 l 253' ,gag N -0. Pafrzws Young people who work TogeTher Tor Themselves and Their CommuniTies musT have paTrons. For TorTy-six years The business and professional men oT Saginaw have been parrons of The ArThur Hill yearbook. IT is largely because of Their supporT and Their inTeresT ThaT we are able To place This i946 LEGENDA before you-IN THE ARTHUR HILI. WAY. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Farnum's Drugs "Prescription Druggist" 1301 COURT STREET Glenn E. Barton, D.D.S. 427 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone 3-8061 Walter Martin ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 306-308 Graebner Building Raycraft Drugs Prescription Druggists 2704 SOUTH WASHINGTON Dial 3-9316 Raymond A. Hart, D.D.S. 427 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone 2-8316 0'Keefe and 0'Keefe ATTORN EYS-AT-LAW 1109 Second National Bank Building Gugel Funeral Home 419 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE 602 STATE STREET Phone 2-8531 Doyle Hamburgs so WEST GENESEE Phone 2-6055 Enszer's Market GROCERIES and MEATS HOMEMADE SAUSAGE 717 Gratiot Avenue Phone 2-9622 Garber Buick Company 110 WEST GENESEE Phone 2-4141 USED CAR MARKET 110 West Genesee Phone 2-0072 Bruce L. Hayden Osteopathic Physician 314-16 GRAEBNER BUILDING Dial 3-5131 Dr. W. X. Chmiel DENTIST 2605 State Phone 2-7473 Dr. Lewis lmmerman, D.D.S. 2400 SOUTH WASHlNGTON A. R. Johnson CHIROPRACTOR CPalmerD 413 North Michigan Avenue Dial 2-9834 Hervey C. Merrill, D.D.S. 427 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone 2-3316 Lewis C. Pinney, D.D.S.,M.S. ORTHODONTICS EXCLUSIVELY 427 North Michigan Avenue Telephone 3-8061 KODAKS ON THE WAY Give Our Gift Certificate Saginaw Photo Supply Your Kodak Dealer H. J. Geyer and Company 5C to 51.00 Store 118 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Senior Rings and Pins by H. R. Terryberry Company GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN H. Hegelheimer Floor Covering - Draperies 1100 COURT STREET PHONE 8751 Dr. Philip Nolish OPTOMETRIST 202 Kresge Building Phone 3-2121 Ardern's Floral Co. 124 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE and 517 EAST GENESEE AVENUE Howell and Galvin, Inc. DODGE - Job-Rated - TRUCKS T903-05 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone 2-8168 Robert H. Brucker Attorney-at-Law 414-15 BEARINGER ELDG. Phone 2-4664 Dr. M. Pike Drugs - Prescriptions NT T Chemicals- Laboratory Supplies DE IS - PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY - Dm' 24483 Saginaw Surgical 81 Medical Supply Co. Second Floor Goff Building Franklin at Genesee L. R. Scheib, Dentist 522 West Genesee Avenue Phone 3-9821 "1'he Apothecary Shop" 209 S. Jefferson Opposite Post Office Clark's Drug and Surgical Store Prescription Experts Surgical Fitters 518 WEST GENESEE AVENUE Phone 2-6666 Glenn Barney Real Estate City and Suburban Property 927 SOUTH WOODBRIDGE Dial 2-4089 FOR GRADUATION Lane Cedar Chests from lT'l'NER'S 418 HANCOCK Bartley's Home Bakery SPECIALIZE IN WEDDING, BIRTHDAY, AND PARTY CAKES 1034 Gratiot C. J. Billmeier Jeweler 112 SOUTH JEFFERSON Jain Trunk Co. 415 EAST GENESEE AVENUE Macdonald and Stingel OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT Phone 7062 408 WEST GENESEE AVENUE Dr. A. B. Snow DENTIST 402 Court Street Culver-Deisler Drug Co. 424 EAST GENESEE AVENUE Phone 2-8363 Dall's Shoe Store 415 COURT STREET Mautner 8. Krause Clothing and Furnishings 401 EAST GENESEE AVENUE 88 LEGENDA McGee and Finlay Sporting Goods and Equipment 615 EAST GENESEE AVENUE Smith Hardware Company Come in for all your Sporting Needs 600 GRATIOT AVENUE Wiechmann's sAGINAw'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE Schmidt's Barber Shop 2605 STATE STREET Neal's Riding Stable SLEIGH RIDES - HAY RIDES Special Rates For High School Students. Call for Appointment. 3600 BAY STREET PHONE 7-3379 Technical Hat Shop 409 COURT STREET Boys Jackets and Sweat Socks Valley Sweets Company 312-16 SOUTH HAMILTON JOHNSON'S CANDY IS THE BEST Winterstein Hardware 2614 STATE STREET Novak Studio Photographs 516 EAST GENESEE Three Sisters, lnc. 322 GENESEE AVENUE Telephone 6353 Cash for Your Car Solomon Motor Sales GUARANTEED USED CARS 2007-13 E. Genesee Ave. Saginaw, Mich Vlassis Brothers Restaurant 411 COURT STREET Thirty-Three Years of Serving the Public Nuechterlein Jewelry 114 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone 2-5041 Tru-Art Beauty Shop 108 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CLARA E. DIEL-Manager Schultz and Fuller Hardware 626 GRATIOT Educational Supply Company Commencement Invitations PAINESVILLE, OHIO Olsen and Ebann For 39 Years Known for Fine Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry 418 EAST GENESEE AVENUE The Union Store Stylish Clothing for the Whole Family on our New S10, S15 or S20 Payment Plan 114 SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET Porterfield Auto Service 170 STATE STREET Dater's Unclaimed Freight 708 EAST GENESEE AVENUE See Our Complete Line of Auto Parts and Accessories Petersen Standard Service Tires ' Batteries ' Accessories Lubrication ' Car Washing MICHIGAN AT GENESEE Phone 9464 The Vanity Box Beauty Shop 202 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE 2-9644 West Side If,-QMLNS Henne Movers 722 LAPEER STREET Saginaw, Michigan Salle Jewelers ' Opticians 413 EAST GENESEE AVENUE Dial 2-3680 I Hardware Ca. HOME OF QUALITY AND SOUND VALUES Quality Office and School Supplies Are Found At Saginaw Publishing Co. 410 HANCOCK Watson's Dairy Company 829 GRATIoT Besner Beauty Shop 131W SOUTH WASHINGTON Dial 2-0522 Michigan Bean Company UBEST IN BEANS" Farmer and Tonks, lncorporated Optometrists and Opticians 117 SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET Saginaw, Michigan Reichle Supply Company Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Factory Supply 1215 South Jefferson Avenue Schwahn-Van Auken- Graebner INSURANCE SINCE 1856 203 Graebner Building Dial 3-8511 Zauel's Clothing Men's - Young Men's Clothing 323 East Genesee Court Center Appliances 1221-23 COURT STREET Sanders Bearing and Piston Service Automotive Jobbers 111 SOUTH WEADOCK Telephone 2-0781 Brakes and Wheel Alignment Scientific Brake Service 314 WEST GENESEE AVENUE Yellow Cabs Enright-Topham Company Trucking and Baggage Transfer 218 NORTH BAUM STREET Chester R. Dent GROCERIES AND MEATS Dial 3-1906 2603 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE Woman's Shoppe TOPS IN WOMEN'S CLOTHES 120 South Washington JUNE, 1946 89 Fifty-three Frankenmuth Township students come to Arthur Hill each day by bus and maintain an exceptionally high scholastic standing. The industry and loyalty exhibited by the students of this com- munity has shown their appreciation of the ARTHUR HILL WAY. ARNOLD KEINATH, driver, checks in his passengers on the home bound Frankenmuth bus. Central Meat Market Quality Meats Nuechterlein Funeral Home The Fechter Hardware The Ortner Company l-Iomade Bread Frankenmuth Cheese Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company Rau Brothers High Grade Groceries. Meats, Etc. Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company Reindel 6. Bronner Lumber Co. Lumber and Millwork Manufacturers of Cheese Boxes Frankenmuth State Bank Fred Gugel and Sons Groceries Furniture and Chinaware Hubinger Lumber Co. Rummel Studio Portraits Phone 2061 B. F. Rupprecht Manufacturers ot High Grade Sausages Satow Drug Store Drugs, Soda Fountain Toiletries The McNiven Hotel Albert A. Smith Attorney H. I. Schluckebier Case Farm Machinery Chrysler 6: Plymouth Cars Star of the West Milling Co Flour, Grain and Feed Trinklein 6 Conzelman Meats, Groceries Dry Goods, Shoes, Wallpaper Trinklein Ice Cream Bar Soda Fountain and Hamburg Grill F erd Weiss McCormick - Deering Farm Equipment Elmer S. Zehnder Chevrolet, Buick, Oliver Sales and Service Phone 44 Z1 Walt Zeilinger Hardware Plumbing and Heating Sheet Metal Work We Won Our Victory and . . . FREEDOM . . I I? II , I I qvqv 1 . :-:-:'i Z.. ..,. from Fear from Want of Speech of Worship Justice REMEMBER . . . WE HERE HIGHLY RESOLVE THAT THESE DEAD SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN-THAT THIS NATION UNDER GOD SHALL HAVE A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM-AND THAT GOV- ERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THIS EARTH . . . MICHIGAN NATIUNI-IL BANK Member of Federal Reserve Sysfem ' Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation JEFFERSON AT LAPEER JUNE, 1946 Q 49 We Reall Mean IT 'W93 PerfeCTIy De-Lush-Us 5 I 5 V 0 4,! f:' 1, 'g.EE?:.'5' -214 Q I rakuiakkofis - 'A 'x A' L I C099 . TS, " WATTERS DRUG STORE 5-1 Semo I 1 Cosmencs-Dnuos ice CREAM-cANDiEs 3 R 25 CAMERAS - PREscRlPTloNs I. YOU ' -3 9 IIN RE BE I CORNER OF MICHIGAN 8. HANCOCK FUTU .. . . ' 1' Q Ii. Y 5 GEN?-SEE E . 5 X' 5 , HOUSE or FAsHloNs ,fra-: ---'4 NH ' 4 5, ' 321 Court St. Saginaw, Michigan Flowers For All Occasions j uSAGINAW'S TELEGRAPH Fl.oms1"' JEFFERSON AT TUSCOLA BASTIAN BROTHERS XL EU 404 Pinaiagnapia OF EVERY STYLE 0 GRADUATION 0 FAMILY GROUPS ' WEDDINGS 0 PERSONALITY PORTRAITS For your Photographic neeals, we invife you To SagInavv's mosi modern siudio. 608-610-612 LAPEER AVENUE 315W East Genesee Phone 2-7031 LEGENDA BLISS 81 VAN AUKEN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND IVIILLWORK 1100 SOUTH NIAGARA STREET Telephones 8174 A 8175 ' CAKES ' PIES ALL BAKED 0 You don't have to be the proverbial "Early Bird" xsiiyx IL, to Get the Best OODS ' CIT STEININGER'S BAKERY 2703 S. Washington WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF . . 0 Philco Radios 0 Philco Refrigerators 0 Many other Philco Appliances AT JIIIIIIISIIN IIIIIIYTIIII UIIMPAIIIY HELFRECHT MACHINE 00. 414 SOUTH HAMILTON MODEL BUILDERS, fly your own planes, get a Melcraft "29" Engine now . . . SPECIFICATIONS Displacement ........................ .29 Bore ........................ .7565 inches Stroke .... ..... . 625 inches Weight .,,... ..,............ 5 M ounces Price ............................. 518.50 MELCRAFT 0 809 East Genesee Fresh! Wholesome! "A Bread thot is good and good for you" ESZALIINI ED ESEZAED JUNE, 1946 NORTHERN SUPPLY COMPANY JOBBERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS SAGINAW BAY CITY MIDLAND I-IEAVENRICI-I'S "ONE OF MICHIGAN'S GREATEST STORES" VARSITY TOWN SUITS 0 SLACKS 0 SPORT COATS "TI-IEY'RE DIFFERENT" HiIIiIes Larry Glick, Jerry Weinberg, Ben Donaghy Walter Koerber and Charles Anderson FIND TI-IEY GET TI-IE BEST RESULTS , WHEN USING SPORTS EQUIPMENT FROM SAGINAW HARDWARE 00. LEGENDA "YOU'LL LIKE IT TOO," GI-ISE BAKING CUMPIINY SAY Bourboro Voss cmd Phil Oroebner ABOUT IILII HIIIIIII MADE BY THE 400 WEST GENESEE "HAPPINESS BEGINS AT HOME" FOR QUALITY FURNITURE ON EASY TERMS VISIT Q1 Z' 120 SOUTH FRANKLIN 130 - THE FINEST RUG DEPARTMENT IN MICHIGAN HEADQUARTERS ' IMPORTED TOILETRIES 0 GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ' QUALITY DRUGS SCI-IIRMER DRUG COMPANY CORNER OF HOYT AND SHERIDAN ESTABLISHED was JUNE, 1946 BARBARA TITUS, BRUCE BECKERT, JOAN VOIGHT and ROBERT ZAHNOW dance at the "Shamrock Shag." SEITNER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Dependability tor over a halt century 316-318 EAST GENESEE AVENUE LADIES' SPECIALTY SHOP o Hosiery o Lingerie o Knit Goods o Washable Dresses STAR QUALITY SHOP 516 East Genesee Avenue WHY NOT BECOME QUALITY CONSCIOUS? SELECT YOUR FURNISHINGS FROM THE JOHN SCHMELZER FURNITURE 513 East Genesee Avenue Bosch ' Photographer 115 North Hamilton SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Telephone 2-6014 Saginaw Central 0iI and Gas Company Office-1420 Court Street PHONE 2-8922 Garage-1304 Bay Street PHONE 2-1570 Station-1120 W. Genesee Avenue PHONE 9484 EARLY ENROLLMENT IS VITAL Next tall will bring overcrowding to most educational institutions. Your early enrollment is an absolute necessity unless you want to be left "out in the cold." Opportunities in the business world have never been better or more plentiful to those who are well trained. Turn the summer months to good use-don't wait till fall. The Business Institute of Saginaw 611 Court Street Phone 2-2183 LEGENDA MICHIGAN'S OLD INN R. GRANVILLE 81 SON, INC. Famous Hom' of ,Way Goool Shoes for the Entire Family Back When ST2 POTTER STREET 73 YEARS or Hospimriw T I ph 24653 Established I882 301 Noam HAMILTON TRAVELO WM. P. TREDO COMPANY Trailer Coaches MANUFACTURED BY Raymond Products Company Inc. Clem C. Lenhard 0 Otto H. Zoellner MEN'S FURNISHINGS 300 East Genesee Street SUGAR BEET PRODUCTS COMPANY Formula SBS-II Skin Cleanser "THE VVASHWORD OF INDUSTRY" 302 WALLER STREET 304103 TCT?-:mm 'O "E wg ul Sis 25 BRING YOUR HOBBIES 'NAW MIC-VII TO SKYCRAFT HOBBY SHOP 223 N. Hamilton St. Phone 3-3541 'W-W 'f on W MARILYN BALDWIN and JACK BYRNES enjoy the "Shamrock Shag" of Club Hillite. JUNE, 1946 G. A. ALDERTON 8a CO. Wholesale Grocers 301 CASS STREET STOP and get that Sandwich or Steaks, Chops, and Spaghetti ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE o Automobile I Burglary o Elevator o Fidelity Bonds I Fire and Marine o Liability 0 Life o Livestock o Plotegloss 0 Surety Bonds o Windstorm Accident and health A"dej,1'jEfT'jE'jjjjffj' M. N. BRADY at COMPANY TOO5 SECOND NATIONAL BANK BLDG. Photographer CHARLYS PIERITZ and WILOWDEAN CASSOVV assist Mr. John Tucker and Miss Esther Way, Saginaw NEWS reporters, in covering the first T945-46 Club Hillite. Saginaw's Three Great Thrift Centers Home Dairy Company 403 E. GENESEE AVENUE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET BAKERY CAFETERIA - LUNCH COUNTER Park and Shop Super Market Buy with Confidence and Save at Our Self-Service Stores .nn wan ron y,,. ' L M, 5 I. .... LEGENDA "Dine To Your I-IeorTs ConTenT vviTh Your HiIIiTe Friends oT The . . DEL RIO GRILL 502 GRATIOT Avmue PHONE 9611 5 You're Wise it IT You Buy iii-ffm' AT . . MAX BRANDLE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 2715 So. WoshingTon Avenue Phone 9567 CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY BETTY SCI-IAUIVIANN and WILLIAM MEYER preserved The Tioor show oT The "Shornrock Shag." We Have The BesT Obtoinuble Brands of Cosmetics and Vitamins . . . ANY DOCTORS PRESCRI PTIONS FILLED BRADY and WADE DRUGS "PrescripTion DruggisIs" 630 GRATIOT AVENUE DIAL 8633 SENIOR Poi2TRAiTs fi ' I I or PEi2FECTioN Q J BLACKWELL STUDIO 116 Norm-I HAMILTON STREET UF K IN if ' 'X 1 H :mf QI ' ' M -Hg .V ,. -. ..ff1 10890 iid-ADEQYTTL, II S EI rf-si Q51 H409 . M2 sas, BK Lg ,V Q , 223 Maas: MR UM G4 'fb V, uw: Hes: vm AR . -- 0 I QNX J Q Qin -WW- fafiasa 50' 0 , "FT . SQL 1 . SfEEgQTnVff"9"J ' P ' aims, ?fiVm'W-gf I-T I I ,ag I we-veL1,gQJ.s, W V16 QIT7 , ,lf-55, N ME,,,5:,,,. T . I ,IIIIVQ TIIII' A..o,i..2EI.3.4..L.,iL..iQV. G if I LUFKIN PRECISION TOOLS, TAPES AND RULES HELP THE STUDENT AND APPRENTICE GET AHEAD IN THE TECHNICAL FIELD. THEY GIVE HIM THE FEELING OF CONFIDENCE AND ACCURACY THAT SKILLFUL WORK- MANSHIP DEMANDS. IN THE FUTURE, SPECIFY LUFKIN TOOLS. WRITE FOR CATALOG. mf Lufmmfuzf 0. JUNE, 1946 FRUTCHEY Bean Company EAT MORE MICHIGAN BEANS 404 Congress Street Dial 2-3121 "we Aim To Please' Sick and Funeral Benefits for our Members I Qi! -I LOOK OVER -I TI-IE STYLES Q, I f f If at . . FRIENDLY SHOE STORE 406 Court Street DOLORES STALEY chats with IVIILDRED VVEBER at the student PHONE 8562 Sl'OI'9. For graduation 9 U S . y 54:5 agmaw Lodge No. 82 I I Jewelry from gf' I, 5 ' f Q 4 ' Loyal 0rder of Moose I F ' I BAuER's JEWELRY STORE IIINII4 .I 420 Court Street 0 Dial 8935 UER 8 BAU5 311 NORTH HAMILTON STREET DIAL 8101 .un MOOSEHEART I for children and mothers MOOSEHAVEN for our dependent aged members PROTECTION from the Cradle to the Grave SAGINAW LODGE boasts the finest fraternal home and clubrooms in the state with bowling alleys and excellent entertainment every week in their beautiful club room for the members. LEGENDA Looking into the future we see Senior photographs token AT Mclnfyre Pbofo Service CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ' Suits we oivs LiNco ' COGT5 STAMPS LN ' Dresses A. E. ENSMINGER I2I North Hamilton Phone 2 6572 THE "ARTHUR HILL WAY" INCLUDES THE SELECTION OF FINE GRADUATION GIFTS SUCH AS WATCHES, COMPACTS AND BILLFOLDS. In xx XX lffzzi , T22 NORTH HAMILTON STREET - Phone 2-2646 GENESEE AT WASHINGTON DIAL 8914 N' f I FRANK'S CANDY SHOP 0 HOMEMADE CANDY 0 GOOD ICE CREAM 0 NUTRITIOUS LUNCHES "Treat Hill Friends to o Treat" 2718 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE Dial 9758 EVANS and THOMAS 300 Court Street HEATING AND PLUMBING Dial 2-9682 IRIS SAUL ond JIM VANSICKLE cltot ot the Club Hillite Hobo Hop." JUNE, 1946 HILLITES KNOW THAT PARTIES GIVEN "THE ARTHUR HILL VVAY" ARE SUCCESSFUL WHEN GIVEN AT THE BANCROFT HOTEL EAST GENESEE AT WASHINGTON AVENUE MICHIGAN SUGAR COMPANY 909 SECOND NATIONAL BANK BUILDING INVVAR... IN PEACE . . . FISHING BOATS I 925 SOUTH WATER STREET GLADYS IVICNEIL cmd BEELMAN KEIVIP dance QT The "Hobo Hop." DESTROYER ESCORT SUPERSTRUCTURES HUGH LEE IRON WURKS LEGENDA We have a large SIOCIQ of fine auaIiIy Iurnifure, Ideal for I-IiIIiTe homes. 9 MURPHY 81 O'HARA 714 East Genesee Avenue HELEN RATHS and DALE WRIGHT Take time OUT from dancing at The "Hobo Hop." SAGINAW BUILDING gl LOAN ASSOCIATION 407 COURT STREET DIAL 3-8461 CHARLES A KHUEN, Ch A WEIGAND V Ch d S p I d I W H MBRATNIE S f yT VALLEY OORNIOE 81 SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED 314 NORTH HAMILTON STREET PHONE 2 2525 JUNE, l946 -- "Fit for a Queen" Describes The Fine Cosmetics Found ai A W1-lGllR 8: GRANGER PHARMACY 2620 STATE STREET We Deliver Dial 2-7981 WICKES BOILER CQMPANY AND WICKES BRCTHERS WEST SIDE Louis G.Weinberg Drug Store Dial 2-7168 and 2-7169 Make Our Drug Store Your Drug Store Free Parking RESERVATIONS HEADQUARTERS FOR THE GAME Principal l. M. BROCK, Couch DAVID GAINEY d AI mnus STANLEY SWIFT are among Arthur Hill fans Th g th Th kg ng Day game. 104 L LEGENDA THRIFTY HILLITES VIRGINIA PARKER AND PHYLLIS FEDDER USE OUALITY SUPPLIES FROM THE -P R. P. LEWIS CUMPIINY Phone 2-5166 ART SAMPLE FURNITURE COMPANY PHONE 2-5242 200-204 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE Jack Waddell, swimming team captain, who receives the state championship trophy from Mr. Roy J. McMurray, physical education supervisor says "TRY MORLEYS" ALL AGREE THE PLACE TO PURCHASE QUALITY GIFTS, JEWELRY, GLASSWARE AND SPORT SUPPLIES IS ITTORL-EY BROTHERS 'IT5 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE JUNE, 1946 THE GEORGE ELECTRIC COMPANY 308 N. HAMILTON STREET Phone 2-3259 HOTEL FORDNEY 401 COURT STREET Phone 2-8117 MISS BURNICE GIBBS, MISS ELLEN GREEN, ond MISS ETHEL PETERSON ore ecarly c1rrivoIs of The Homecoming Donce. W. L. CASE AND COMPANY AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL DIRECTORS 4I3 ADAMS STREET Diol 3-544I 106 LEGENDA We wish Arthur Hill High School AII the Success Possible in Erecting a Memorial Stadium WE SPECIALIZE IN DEVELOPING PRINTING ENLARGING COPYING RllMSHllW'S PHOT0 SERVICE QUALITY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY JOCHEN SHOES All Shoes Fitted By X-Ray 420 East Genesee Avenue MUELLER BROTHERS Wm. C. RONEY 81 COMPANY MEMBER NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE LOCAL SECURITIES 1208 Second National Bank Building Telephone 7782-7783 Saginaw 5, Mich. I How to attain xg I your goal? Roof III Use cosmetics I from :. llE. :hr mf." ROY'S DRUG STORE 124 N. Michigan Avenue BOB MORSE, NAN AGRICOLA, KEN LANGE, and BARBARA OEHRING meet at the Club HiIIite's "Hobo Hop." JUNE, 1946 17 I MARY ELLEN TURNBULL ond SALLY SOIVIIVIERS woII4 one out of The "Hobo Hop." "SAGINAW'S FRIENDLIEST STORE" SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Federal at Genesee 'PUD FROM THE SOUTH SIDE GRILL Cn 2620 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE 4 IIN x IS SOMETHING AQ TO CROW ABOUT Iflnmvrn WIII win you First ploce in can I-IiIIITe GirI's I Y LIST GUETZ 81 RUESEII, FLORISTS TI-IE FINEST IN DRUGS AND COSMETICS PRECISION IN PRESCRIPTIONS SWI-IRTHOUT'S EIIIIIE LEGENDA 205 N SAGINAW' S MOST COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Equipped To Serve Your Aufomofive Needs Courfeously, Efficiently, Economicolly Unexcelleol in The o GENERAL REPAIRS o MOTOR TUNING o LUBRICATION Following Speciolizecl Services: c PAINTING o WASHING o BRAKES o BUMPING 9 STEERING o FRONT ENDS o FRAME STRAIGHTENING 24 HOUR VVRECKER SERV!CE E. F. WIENEKE COMP NY orfh Michigan Avenue Phone 2-7157 "OUR SERVICE MAKES US GROW" 942 East Genesee Avenue Phone 3-2446 READY TO WEAR FOR MEN 0 WOMEN ' CHILDREN AT SMITH BROTHERS 300-302 FEDERAL AVENUE "SAGINAW'S NEWEST DEPARTMENT STORE' SlD'S CLOTHES SHOP CompleTe Sfore For Men SPORTSWEAR SHOES HATS 2705 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE SHELDON BLOOMHELD, VIRGINIA BAIN, ond BOB CHURCH clowning of The "Hobo Hop." JUNE, 1946 Q-f I I BRUCE BECKERT, BARBARA TITUS, CHARLES I-IATHAVVAY, Gnd BERTIE SWARTHOUT1rying Their luck of The ouijo boord, while MR. BROCK looks on of Club Hillite, To Please The Eye and Purse of Every Hillife 0 BREAD 0 PIES o ROLLS o DO-NUTS o CAKES o COOKIES CUIIRT CENTER BAKERY THF I. W. IPPEL C0- DRY GOODS 55 Years of Service Since T891 COURT STREET AND MICHIGAN AVENUE FOR FOOD AS ONLY THE STRAND CAN PREPARE IT o HAMBURGS a SUNDAES o HOT DOGS o MALTEDS o SODAS o SOFT DRINKS STRAND HAIIBECUE Curb Service LEGENDA MELODY MUSIC CO. "Tops in Music" BEST HITS IN RECORDS AND ALBUMS 'flusr TASTE THE DIFFERENCE" M8. B SELECT ICE CREAM Phone 2-4061 607 Lapeer ,WRENCH FROZEN, M 6 3 C' CR AM 0. SAGINAW OIL COMPANY 301 North Water Dial 2-2165 300 Janes Avenue TELEPHONE 2-2522 - SAGINAW ' BAY CITY ' ALPENA TEXACO PRODUCTS ' MACKINAW ISLAND ONE OF THE "BASIC SEVEN" IS MILK SAYS- Saginaw Dairy Company "DISTRIBUTORS OF GOLDEN GUZRNSEY MILK" 1743 East Genesee Avenue Phone-2-8181 BARBARA EIB and LEMYRTA KALTENBACH get a little noon time exercise after The "big" snow. JUNE, 1946 The Band leads the parade where good citizenship comes foremost. The bank leads the community in financial affairs where good management is uppermost. OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK IN SAGINAW SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS OF LEADERSHIP I87I - 1946 SEEUNIJ NATIUNAL BANK AND TRUST CU GENESEE AND WASHINGTON-COURT AT HAMILTON MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LEGENDA Sczfmalm LQ Peters Ima Produces 1946 Uganda To Mattie G. Crump, faculty advisor, and student members of the Arthur Hill Journalism Depart- ment-congratulations upon the 1946 Legenda! And with that sincere expression goes a hearty clasp of our well-worn hand of graphic arts craftsmanship in recognition of a big job well done to the smallest detail. We at Seemann 8: Peters Inc. made the engravings, set type, and printed this handsome yearbook, but to the corps of student writers, artists, photographers, and editors fell the burdensome task of preparing material for publication. As experts in that field ourselves, we fully appreciate the work it entails. Producing the 1946 Legenda is a project we are proud to have in- cluded among our regular activities of preparing national magazine advertisements for Saginaw Valley manufacturers and creating printed literature of virtually every description. JUNE. 1946 Wire-O-Binding Potent Pending 3- .x, -N ::.5::..:- gh iS'1 'W"'Vf'mffWA :fKW'f"f'4"Z1i'TZ2f'wfffwf xx 'W Liv' LW'g J'lj1W "" 2',:f',:w.'g rf' 'frm 'X ' 'fx"?'W w"":'f'w qw- ,Qi - , Si x M24 I ffwmggwsz , 4.f:...:+xwmfw Nw .. W f fgpmxwfo www z f ' 4 A,,,,,,VfxWN 5'fw-Nr" " 3 -Q lyftww Mfg, x 2M,,:::s'f Mase? cff' em.43,:s2E-z-1ff'- ,. N -i ,, ,L f -' 4 Aww 2 734' ,, -'Q "7 12,21 bv , 2 AUC 1-Sr ' ' ww, :gh ww' W ,--.5-wwmw ' f .. , 4 f ' xx tm we-fwfffxyw 1 135 ', W A-ww N -11 ' L f " 4 ' , 5 ,ff .1 Y' ,, pf x ,ffm ,AV A ,J ,zyfg , ' 3 'X ,ww - -, 'W ,N N 1 W' f 'N ' ' 4 :ag G 'V ' x - f , - ' f A Ha, as . , . , M M ' . V, ' , Q H V age, 4 12' -' ff y Q ij, , ' My ff px 'xr wx X f ,, , ff U f W 19: wh ww , f x ' 4' 4 5 Q., ' Q ' M cfs 44 Nz ' ,, 'H wv gf w4mm',f ny Y Q Af ' sf" My f if , , MW, x Q v' -ww W, - ww 4 fs, nf X , .I Q Y , :fm 7 A 41 Y 2 f 5 f , if " M X ww , X I ' . " ' l " W f 1 . 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Suggestions in the Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) collection:

Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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