Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI)

 - Class of 1939

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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1939 volume:

A.V. :.V A , ," ' , 1 1 . f ' l g V-S f 7 1 i 4' 5 E22 . M L :Q ,. g1j : Q 3 "1Y v sq sQi 1 g 1 f 1 if ig v QQ ' , . ,,,. W , 4 , i S X x S A A ' Q ' 5 mp 2 F- N L 5 .5 N il .gfjgx A , , -E 4 ' 1,-xx-L N, .Q yf N if-A A xx - 'N ' - I .' V Q P 'P W V X ,. K..', fl drxlh In NQAA X V V V b L DE . , i . ix: . in Ai, , , D--5. 3 P . .1 1 ' , .f-' ,' Q- - 1 W Y D - if M-lv' 'fy xr: 2 1.1 .V V ' f- I ,H fi nf llllll S A I . -S , N rw , ? ......... Wa -------4 L, llf , '1 ...-4--Q--FTB, T U me I 7 1959. - ABNF! f M N "' 4 'lg G r . 1 I - -- 2, . .. f. A,, 1: 2 0 , - . f fat A Ill Z: 1 ! 'fn A M! 4 hy in-R1 wi will Q-:If nu gm' """ l,-,, , 1 Q-,l1"" , 1' . f -5 Z f J Vi-1 y?, 9 if UI 'E -Q,,' 'W - 15 Q "f5.-ig gash ip' r:-uzsiuvxd --' bl- N G Q 5, i a , ,, ' XS? 1 ll V4 3 M ' "ax, X- H1 'A Q25 'PRSA X tis: 112' S X wk yvs. E iw, If X, S ig , Viat. A A U15-1. l ., Q l , Q gg l : mlm- S f s X f S Q - ' if 3 KXQ TN X Q N - lr N 5 if 5 k, S55 .H f . 11- ' gg -1 , aff Q I W ' ' UNI -M X '-k A ' . . . ' X I A ,vW .. lk' , - ' Y A S Lgffiiiff -ggi -it-1 ,ig l lf' , A55! I EX LIBRI5 CREDITS HELEN FISCHER, editor-in-chief RUTH ZOLLER, associate editor IVIATTIE GAY CRUMP publicfllions Illl7Ji.VL'I' THE 1939 LEEENDA published by the IOURNALISM DEPARTMENT of the ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL SAGINANV, MICIiIGAN N this 1939 Legenda, yearboole of the hlfest Side high school of Saginaw, the staff has tried to crystalize the nzenzories of the school year, and point students of the years to come toward the op- portunities that await them. Through years of turmoil and changing condi- tions, in war and peace, flrthur lfill High School has built up a tradition of providing physical, mental, and social opportunities for Saginaw young people. Knowledge as a tool for enjoyment and accomplish- ment comes through the mental activities encouraged in classes in all helds of learning. For physical defoelopment, instruction in hygiene and sports create a sense of 'well-being and coopera- ti-ve competition. Intramural actifoities provide all with an equal opportunity to participate in sports. No other institution provides more opportunities to mingle with fellow' beings than does school. Clubs, dances, plays, creative studies, and contests build for social success. Graduates have been aware of the benefits de- rifoed from a balanced physical, mental, and social education. It is the desire of 1939 Legenda build- ers that future graduates will more fully realize their opportunities. 4 CUNTENTS OPENING SECTION Dedication In Recognition Administration BUILDING IVIENTALLY Commercial Language English Home Economics Social Science Shop Science and lVIathematics BUILDING PHYSICALLY Ildanagers Boys' Intramurals Girls' Intramurals Football Basketball Track Golf Baseball BUILDING SOCIALLY Student Union Organization Dramatics Music Legenda .News Art Parent-Teacher Association Clubs Honors Seniors Underclassmen Senior Paragraphs Advertising 5 J I wa- i U I I ! J v w Y Y f2'E!Zj2:2:2:2:iES?z'6'?51225112E121f':2E-5111225IEFFFQSEEIEIELEIE21211135111--+5141IE1Erfiffiziiiikfzicigirir:I-:E:-s-::2:r-2--:fm- .-rf-:-v-w:f+:wxf., .M -qv -rv ,. .Q .......... .. W...-.v..v.v...,.,... . :2:1:r:'.-:1s:2:rs:-rs:1::-'zr:2-4:221:29922:Bras:1E1E:Er:r:1g1:111:1-1fs:rs:11121.1.I:15:2is1:I41E:frE::r:1.-11E21zarss-'-'2:rEE1:1:rE:Er:1E::1i.,. ...... i .,.E151215151552511rffrlfr5fErEfSr35555:iz-.+ -- .?2E:L.-, 'L,si2:52:3Sfrfrfr2:5:1:f:1::::g:5:::1::iE3: 4:4-:la-z-1-:-:Az-:-zz 1-:-:-,'.-:-s:-:-:-:-:--ff-1-1-:-:-:-:Y:-.-:-:-:-1-Q:-:Vg-1+L:1:-14:14:-LV:L.-21-1-1-:iz-1-:QQ-14:-:41-14:-gg-:-:-: '-:-:-:-:-1.:-'-:- -:4:-:.:-z-1-:-:+:-:z- +--'34g+:- 2:+:-:-::- .V-.-:A-. .,-:4:'-15+1-1114:1z.:-1411:rzrzrzrzrflfrrrsz-ner: -- 5:33515:5:g:5:g:5:3:5:5:5-QA 'f241f::z::5:55:'- .ziririgizrfgirigigf fl?-:3if:5Q5:ft7 'if'lg''f'f"'f'1gE5E5Er1'25I55g5g',E5E5E5E35i5.:.-.t.:,Z,:1553:EEEQE1Er553E5E5E,25E3:,.: -, :EfErE55gEgiri"z43:EQS5::fEir3ErErE1E1EF' fa :1:-1252511-.rsESrE1EG': -EirEr?5irE25r?E1ErErE152515222 1E25:3151E2E"""'"""E:ErE:i1E:Er2?3sE:1"SE ' 2i25sEz2zisEs?a5s5igiE?i1:'-.:::g:gs:.zEzS2sI' i:3.vf' 1Sggi?-22Sis2assi!!s:fi5iii:2sisE251'szEsie:efaiaiaisiaisiiaisieisgii'ifi- vm- -.g N:-.-:-.+ .-:.,-.-.-vu,-.:A-:..- . A..:.:+:-:-1+-nm:-1,1-z-1-:alms-1-:-:-:-:A:-5:-1-sgA-A-- -----1-1-:-wi. N1 -M95 ...,.,,.... iff ' f' 5: f ' 5?2iiE2E ., 1 " , A ' ' :ee2ea2e:a. 1 . 55222125sesaeassfee2eff25asaf-efazeasaffefefezfaei: - 'IHH'-1i1222s2siz: 2..I2..Es..Ebefas2s.:ff25:525255212sisiaizisisieizisf"' 5:2132:fz2s':fs2sEfi53222221sz.:rf-2:117.f.:..-Iffsifiifisfsfzifsi .., .: . "Z"'-Wfsfxiif.25252-:.21?kf'fs'f::2.5f1V' :21f:f:f:5:IS' .-:5:f:5:S:5:f:fi'2--:2:1:2:?:1:1:f 1:2:Zi:l:2:1:7:5:i:7:1:7:?:?:5:1:f:ki'1:3:2:1:1:5.2:5:f:2 .T'2:f:1:21tf:i:1:1:2:l:2:?:f:721:157:2-:1:35:f:S21:2:l:1:le?5r:-:',55:3??5E1:15:175I525111525.-.-.553252:3-.Q-.1f9i15?1EFS5i:-:-:-,. .W-. . -58. .' 'Izli .f:f'7'::z6Z-'-.I ' ' E!E?kf5E2.'Q ' 1223225222552-,1E1EI1525251555:-E2EIErE21E1E-' E12251215252322222135?'11E2E2E1E2EE2E2E1E1E2E2E1EIE13EIEI5EIEif2EfsEE55SE1E2EIE1?E23?Ei1E'ErEIE!EI5E2k1'1'f'ES1??1E1Eri1E1E151E-IlifE1EfE2?i2E1E1E111E2ESEQIEIEIEIEIEF'TEQEE5I '- 'ICEII-11-3. 3 -2- Ef1Egg"f2LE1E'l'EI-L:-f1'?E2E2',-'-5222. e1:Ii223?I2'2S3:1.-.1.1.1'-' .. ' " ' -' ' ' "" '.,:.1Zi22fs2fi:1fEs' iff:':fZf:1Z2i:2i25e2i21: 5: 1: 5 1 Q .112:2.E:i2sSE2iSE2i252i?2i2E ,The "fj"Z'fff SPj'f"'IZ of t ze new rt zur . i I iglz School f T i 1 f i ?f 2 . . . . . -. A-,,.44-.-mwvyqw, ., H:-ar:-1-:-:-1-'1:41+1-11:-z-:-1-1-:V:A1r:-1-:V:-:4:-:4:-1-:-:A1-:-:-:-:-:,:-:1:-:-1-:4:-14:-1-:c-:-:ge-:3:-g:::5:-:::::::g:Q:-1 L+:-:-:5:1::.5.:.::::,:y., 1... - Q. Q W- - -- :iw 6 DEDIEATIUN O those thousands of students who have enjoyed the halls and classrooms of this building which has housed West Side high school students for Hfty years We dedicate this fortieth yearbook. -..:-E+ ,5 EfEEE5EEEiEE535:1'E' 'fr?EEEQ31E2ErErE151ErZ'52nf3'15Sf"S52355E2E5f'15E2EE3??iSi5EEE2E1films? ' 11:32:55'E:i1ErE::rE25r5rErEgE11 :5:5:5:3:5:5:5:2:,:f:3. .144:-:,:,:,:,:,:::,,,.:.--4.,,E.,:.:.1.,.,.,,,,.:,,.,...,.,,.,.,,,. F . '1225522222222221222E?'i2i2iri2i2E2ifi22f119f " " H.:.1422I252afaisfs2:Seisie2af?f:iaf121fs2ff:25s2ffsisisisisiiifii5252522522222 ifiEs?25555555552si5i2gE52252?5EsEzEeE522225215552 23E52222225225ieigizgfgia5si2isQ25252525552523555325,3525,,ggzagzgegi2g53isQEg2g212g25212s2 ' ,...,,Eg5g:g2g1agfg252g5g2g, I '551E2"'?'-2:r11:fQ-r-::- 4123E5252E132E29E:ErE1E:ErE2ErirE1EfE1E1?15 22523231E1225121:-1-IIEr,-.-.-:1:gE5E3Er:11':f:r:1:g:5:3:Q:I:5:1-5:35:5135:35:55gsrgizgzg.:.4.::5:f:5:5Qj:3-fc, :5:g:g:g:52:5:5f5:g:5,: N - :Q r-2'Z'-12113321Eg5E3:gfg:f:5:5:3:5:3:5:53.1:5-21.11, -Q:3:5:5:i'ZrirE1E1E131EF' 12.I251515:1:1-152521,:gi:1:5:3:3115:55'gr,5:212:1.ES'1'kE-.1iE1E2ErErE1E1Er1- -E25 riz1: 1:,:- ---E-1 . .- - -EIE53E?15E5i5E1fi35555355:E53ErErE1Er12:::2 H+1:ErErEir1'E1ErE142511259-' rI5f?Iif?E53525311522E1ErE'E1:1ErE1Er ErE12rEr1'1E1E:E52ErE1E1E1E5E5E5El. 525E3E3E2E5E1:E1EiEF52-..,"'f ,,-1'E:E2E133:E5E5E5Z3E3E 5535" 5.:-5:5EiEE5?2E3E5:3:5::.::E:.-'1415.2152212121254:11"1E1E13-5gE5E5'2.,.,455553-E555QE2555525557352:5:3:E:E552E2Er:r "iii:-'rE1Er1r:1?EK 3::w'11:fg:::g:g,5:5:5:5515:5:5:5-j:5:3 ,,.. :::r1rE'1rI'32Er:-'2" y5:5:3:1:ErE:E:E:ErEr riE1E2I12:EIE2E5E15:3:1525,E1E2":1:::f:r:::2:r: :2:1:1:5:5:21g:53:kf"w,:3:5?53 -,f15:51-j:3:3:,:1:::,:::,.,,Jiri .4-1:5:11rzg-211:5:5:3.q:5:5:5:5'.,AJ':1:5:':5:5:f 5:5:35121::1r1:5x:::1:r3:1f:1:2f?'.2ss33:5:5:3131511131552-1:1 is 1: :si z:sf5iiiifE2?52552512E2522122II2252S225222i2ii5sgsia2zia1z2a2a2: iI::it::ifif5552232ii?5E5?5Ei?i5i5f::1:1:5 -- 1 42 '-tgIfZg35:!52:Q?,5-.I,g.31gigEE.C3E15.252I2121222E12:QIEIQtE:If:II:41.21.Ig31J-23132131-Z"g1jgIg13!g:g:g1,: M,:f1f1:iEM-V QQ:ij:E:Q:E:ftQZQ:fI3,-:Elf 1:23552 Qgigtgfggfgfgtgiggkigggf. 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N.1, 15g,:,:: .... i ,,..511L1 ii,, li., -55:5,15.1.,:,,wZ,,,,:,:,M,. ::::W,:,:,- ,. gigs,-,:I:':I:-:bww:.:IWmx,.+3,ZIf,IW:h,::::3,:,:5:Z:5::::Hgzrw: "-'- -' ---- "'1""-'-- ------ .. -' ' Y" .?11E2.,..3:-.fqvzg-4'-" :mx-.,,:5s:I::::g,:.fv'-val.,5.,.,,.,.,-.11 -: 5-'-1-x,1::q::3:1:::1: ,::q::.:v:-1,511:Qian,,::::::,:,::::.::-1' -.amz-:.:5:,gg5g:.6:5,:::::::::f.:Z4, 249, 4,44:,g5.:f,:,::::1,:Z:,::1,::g,:,:.1,1,:,1::-15, 1,5111:,zr,:3.:.1:,3:::,,:,::.-Y,::.-.::,:::::5: X WW '59 WWWQX uf "'-" " """ sg 'fftififf-l'f'ff'2 7i1Zli::5:f:f'1'f'i6'5515E'i'1'i'f2f'715'3'Q,Q '?E355E1X2'5'1" ::5:?ki5s:z 2gig552552552551355251513:gfg:sia:,5g:gg:g:g:g:: '- - ---- -- -"A- -- ....,,. ...., . N ,. 1 321 W4 H 4-4- ,- 26 Ml, C Q V... . 4 Wo .. '8' , .... ,. A wmx " " '- 5 5 -3-8, N ' 5 '54 . -.--.,-.-i-., nk ..,., . .. .. 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'WM .. , V 3 sf , N W? 3 '2 f .,.652355325515,25523225553225:Q51QQ:QQ1535:E25525151Q15:Q12:5:22Q15lQ15512:i:2:i5:E:i:Qi1i1i:i 1 3:3 1 -P 1 :5:Q:5:3:5255::555Q5j2352555zEi5552555555Qzg:gf" I r - Q Q . . ' ,ag ,W 535532555 5 "?'i5fZl'iii '.1':':I:5f 5E55E55E5E5E5f5E E5f-. -"M" ' 1 4' 03 f,f:, f , g 5 , 5 Q H a s f a i z effsisisisfsigigegigfg iff , aigig5g5g5gig55155gi52555igiglgigfgigigigiiigigzg , fy , , , . . . , 3 it , W Aw ft My + ef? 2 A Q V -aw :4:4-:-:-:-:-:-:xi-:-:-z-:-:Q-amz:.Q-. , A 55-1-2 i f 5 ffff?f222-lei-5121515211-21211I I5- --:f-f f-i f' :2 - : :It1:f f:2- - -L 7 Er 5 va SWA ,Wo H H Us 5 FRANK BASTIAN President of the Board of Education CHESTER F. MILLER Saginaw's superintendent of schools I. M. BRO CK Principal RAYMOND XV. MORROVV Boys' counselor LILLIAN B. MORGAN Girls' counselor LORNA M. SCHEMM Secretary ELSIE M. NOVAK Assistant secretary Administration 10 i Q., Faculty STANLEY E. ANIJERSONI Boys' Physical Education direc- tor, Basketball, Baseball coach, Boys' Intramural coach. ELOISE BACON: Biology, Personality and Biology Clubs' adviser. SALLIE M. BROWN: Social Science department head, American History, junior adviser. EARL BURNETI: Choir, Band, Orchestra, BOC adviser. M.'NIARIE CRITTENDEN: Shorthand, Typing, Transcrip- tion. MATTIE G. CRUMP: Journalism, English, NEWS and Legenda sponsor, Quill and Scroll adviser. B. O. DAMBERG: Mechanical Drawing, Shop. JAMES M. DANIELY: Bookkeeping, Commercial Arith- metic, Typing. JOHN E. DAY: American Government, Economics. A. G. DERSCH: Science department head, Chemistry, Al- chemists and Crucibles adviser. MARY MARGAILET DOIDGE: Girls' Physical Education di- rector, English, Girls' Intramural coach, Lettergirls and Girl Reserves adviser. EARL S. DREIIMER: American Government, Psychology. MARTHA E. FISHER: Art, Commercial Art. BERNICE M. FRANCIS: American History. MARGARET FRASER: English, Girl Reserves adviser. AMY GATZ: English, Business English. BURNICE GIBBS: Public Speaking, American History, Debate and Declamation adviser. DOROTHY S. GIESEL: Mathematics department head, Ge- ometry, Senior adviser. EDNA L. GROSS! English, Business English. I'IELEN S. GUI-II.: Typing, Shorthand. DOROTHY E. HOWE: Latin. LORNA L. L:XNGEf Foods, Home Management, Home Ec Club adviser. MARY F. LEWIS: Language department head, English, French, French Club adviser. H. C. LIGHT: Psychology, Commercial Arithmetic, Track coach, Lettermen adviser. RUTH LTCILVENNA2 Typing, Shorthand. SUSAN B. ORR: Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry. J. I'IASrLER OSBORNE: Salesmanship, Commercial Law, Typing, Bookkeeping. ET1-IRL A. PETERSON: English department head, English. K. C. POULSON: Physics, Service Club adviser. H. E. RABISEYZ English. BTAURICE C. SCHMIIJT: American Government, Geogra- phy, Cheerleader instructor, Hi-Y adviser. STANLEY SCHUBERT: English, Dramatics, Plays and Pag- eants director, Arts-Dramatics adviser. ERIC E. SENN: Commercial Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Commercial Law, Golf coach. ROBERT I-I. SHORNEY: Advertising, Bookkeeping, Com- mercial Arithmetic. I'IELEN M. SPAGNUOLA: Spanish, English, Spanish Club adviser. COILA L. START: German, Geography, German Club ad- viser. C. STEXVARTZ Economics, General Mathematics, Safety director. IRNA STOCKDALE: English. MARION E. THOMAS: General Science. Biology, English. LINA I. XVAILD: VVorld History, American History. B.. G. WELLS: Commercial department head, Bookkeep- ing, Commercial Arithmetic, School treasurer. FLORENCE E. VVELLS: Home Economics department head, Clothing, Home Ec Club adviser. A. E. VVOLGAST: American History, Football coach. ELLA XVOODMANZ English. YXYXKB XS 'Build on, and mzzke thy castles high and fair, Rising and reaching flpzurzrd to the skies,- Listen to wifes in the TIPPFI' air, Nor lose thy simple faitlz in mys- 1 teriesf' -Luuyfcfllow Nliss Sarah Burnham Mof- gzm was graduated in X871 ixfom the Academy, the Bret Sagkxawv high school V I , kW' ff. , . X ' 13:2 -- Y - 'v "P 1. Q'- A -.i?Ag,:3,k:Vi , " ' ' " . J. -rl rim V, ' ' ' ' V- :- "S fwffilii .- ,. ' -qv.-A-4 i- 1 -.XMIM ' fig: - 'L 1 'RLG . 4+ ei' :f"'Q:r: :-1:--1 5 ' Sig - ia.: , f -72 ' ,f :5?11"P,f1'7 ' T "':f243Fef' ZZ., ,3 , . 4 .t J -wo, Q 1 ., tj " - 1, ,:. 'Li'-3351, ,i3m.g':fg '17 - :.1 :'123g1' egf - . - : Nasa - ,.-.5 .4.w,y ' N" ",,:M3Q -' ., ,. ' L X, , . L,,4..,f.. - . The first schooX in Sagmaw County was opened in the iah oi X834 'oy Amex: Nikkei. Y WVtPxLBEi31THjNg'UX,LER 14 Social I 11 The Beginning Leg ellda The Class of 1888 Back row, left to right: George L. Burrows, Eugene johnson, Arthur Schoenberg, .Fred H. Jerome, R. Dwight Alerlill, 'K E. Sclzwalm, A. B. I'ViJliams, August Bauer, Dau Thoxupson, Charles A. Khueu, Charles Oliver, Emma Blillcr, Bflamie Cook, Hattie Case, Hattie Bouldiu, Carrie Squires, Mhe Cogang Gertrude Dixson, Lena DIcCartl15g Rlaude Goldsmith, Hattie Oliver, Dlarie Hcssler, Lezzie Haigh, Miarnie Bell, lil-ary Swartbout, Maude Benjamin, Addie Tillotson, Belle Herrig, Mamie Henderson. George Stevens is not iu the picture. M- lVlental Shirley Nachtweih hnds lack Nash, Har' ris Block, and Bob Basinger good custom- ers at the Student Union candy store. WAS' i' -f H-will x.!RfaQe-xebz Q 'X Commercial Discovering and training ability for ollice work, the commercial department offers to approximately 300 students such subjects as shorthand, with its queer looking dashes and curves, bookkeeping with its rows upon rows of debits and credits, commercial arithmetic with its many short cuts, commercial law with its legal terms, business principles with its ni-any problems, advertising with its catchy copy, and sales- manship with its psychological approaches. , Nineteen students from Mrs. lVlarie Crittenden and Miss Ruth McIlvenna's shorthand II classes have put their characters and reading to pass their SO word shorthand tests. Helen Fischer, Lorine Geyer, lVIargy Klein, Max- ine Lantz, Cecile Rick, Lorraine Salesky, and Irene' Zeilinger share transcription laurels at the speed of 120 words a minute. Those having highest typing scores are Coral Oberlin with 68 words a minuteg Susan Conzelnian and Katherine Feit, 663 Shirley Ann Thurlow, 65 3 and Betty Wigen and Mildred Franz, 61. The more accurate students do typing for teachers and school secretarial work for practice. Advertising students really go behind the scenes of that great drama, advertising! This last sem- ester students worked in the advertising depart- ments of various business concerns. Ruth and Ruby Kile work at Diebel's and Ippel's stores, respectivelyg Elwood Jones at GfHHt,S, Joe Murin at Wiechmann's, Everett Gibbons at Schmelzer's, Arlene Meyer at Julie's, Grace Filia- traut at Kresge's live to a dollar stores, Jack and Bill Eberlein at Nlontgomery Ward's and Penney's, respectively 5 George Gottler at Wieclimlann's, and Williain Kolb with Seitner's. Salesmanship students get practice in selling theme selves and their ideas in downtown stores. 1939 Legenda , 'V Commercial Commercial Law takes up the study of actual case problems and their solutions. Classes have the opportunity to attend scheduled trials. Advanced bookkeeping students manage the candy store and assist lVIr. B. G. Wells, school activities treasurer. The profits from the student store have brought to the school 56 movies to assist in the instruction of science, social science, language, physical education, and music departments. Gloria Xklliitney takes dictation. Edith Butts and Ruth Biclccl trailscrilie their nntcs. XXYHITCII Blaclmey tests his SZllCSll1Zll1Slllfl ability on Jim lloyd. Dave Sayers, Ruth Rickcrt, .Betty Spatz, and Bob Chism do their daily typing assignment. Bob Meeker transfers his juurnal entries to his leflger. Ze H ,. gggnalexfznfii IBEIEEBQEW VHP L r .e,Y!tfr!?r- sissy. Mental v Language German , German students have great fun bewil- dering their classmates by rattling off reams of German. For, besides acquiring the accomplishment of reading German, they can also speak it more or less fluently. They play games and draw maps of Germany. The exciting adventures of "Ferdinand, The Bull" and "The Three Little Pigs" were translated i1 t G ' ' dents. 1 o erman by ambitious stu- Spanish Usted Habla Espanol? The country of Spain may lie in ruins, but Spanish l ' c asses still go smoothly on. Stu- out Spain-at least the dents learn much ab Spain that used to be. They read stories and sing songs in the Spanish tongue I . n April, all the Spanish students turned into gay senoritas and dashing senors to help in producing the Pan-American Exposition. French The average Hillite looks blank whe r n some French student asks him such a simple question as, "Parlez vous Francais P" French students learn a great deal concern- ing French customs and people, for French 1S not all declensions and eonjugations. Stu- dents find enjoyment in reading French novels. Latin Latin classes . g subjects as Caesar's exploits in Gallia and Ulysses's adventures at the venerable city of Troy. A daily newspaper on the black board gives information concerning the af- fairs of Latin students, the weather and Y even the latest adventures of "Henrius Par- vius," CLittle Hen Q I h' delve into such fascinatin ry . n t e1r spare mo- ments, the Latin students steer miniature ships about on a "Cargoes" game board, and draw maps of the world during Cae- sar's time. M e Latin room bulletin board qvhile Delmar Ruthig, Jane McDer- mott, Adeline Kolb and Bob Dornfeld check loca- tions on the map. arie Schwartz pins a new figure on th Charles Sladehpoints out places of interest in Ger- many to Marjorie Giessel and Phyllis Gauldeu. Florence Carmell and Robert Nichol pause a. :no- ment in their Spanish costumes during the Spanish Fiesta.. 1939 Legenda ff..-C hx English Although students habitually groan at assign- ments, they eventually are thankful for the excel- lent background of grammar, composition, and literature they receive in high school English courses. The six semester courses offered require two semesters of literature and two of composition in the sophomore and junior years. A choice may be made in the senior year between non-college or business English and college preparatory English. Many units of Worlc through the three years offer opportunities for varied projects. Among those undertaken this year were drawings and miniatures to illustrate the Gate of Camelot the sword Excalibur, and the Arthurian castle made by sophomores in the study of "Idylls of the King." Poems and notebooks interested juniors while the conversation of seniors centered about The Cmiterlmry Tales and thousand word themes. The Butman-Fish Library finds itself crowded for several weeks before themes are due. The capa- ble librarians assisting students are Miss Ruth Anderson, head librariang Miss Helen Gppenheim, reference deslcg Miss Thusnelda Salvner, and Miss Rosemary Fitzharris. Business English classes conducted' a magazine survey to become acquainted with a variety of magazines. They received practice in letter writ- ing while asking for sample copies of the maga- zines selected and followed these with thank-you letters. The climax of this survey was a series of sales talks for the selected magazines. Evelyn Stoffel and Ruth YVieneke, runners-up, and Helen Hubinger and Leona Lantz, winners, of the de- bate tournament. Nancy Stine and Randall Robson were declamation champs. Miss Ruth Anderson, Miss Helen Ofmcnheim, Miss Tliusnelda Salvner, and Miss Rosemary Fitzharris, librar- ians, assist' students. The noon-day debate fans. Ella Schade, Marguerite Sedlak, and XVilliam Wendt read the magazines gathered in the magazine survey. Reading a play for an English 4 class are Arnold VVfalker, Jane Breese, Clara Smith, Charles Slade, Herb- ert McConnell, and Ruth Fredrieksen. I Students End the Butman-Fish Library a quiet place to study. ,-f---is Nlental Home Economics Snip! snip! go the shears from the sewing room as they help in creating charming clothes. Sniffl sniff! go we all when we get a whiff of the good- ies from the cool-:ing room, The home economics girls are "masters" in the delicate art of chic clothing, delicious cooking, charming personal appearance, and economic homemaking. lVIiss Florence Wells and llviiss Lorna Lange are the "master builders" on this ' b l . Jo , a ways lend- ing a helping hand to the girls who just can't get the dress hem even or the frosting smsooth. Their part in building is no abstract thing, but reality. Results are definiteg results such as bet- ter-cooked meal ' s at home, improved personal ap- pearances, and more exclting Wa1'drobes. Excellent examples of th . . ose nimble with their needles are Edna Mae Smith who has two coats, a suit, and a blouse to her creditg and Maxine Reed with a coat, a turf coat, and a suit. Sewing classes were the helpers behind the scenes for they Worked with a will to complete the many costumes for the plays and the Band Bounce. Arlene VV'elsh smiles as she sews. Katherine Rol ' nnson sews and Eleanor Wlilson presses while Maxine Reed fits a new garment to Lucy Deken. Co nstance Laatsch puts on tl li ie nal touches while Ruth Bickel and Alberta Felton sew. Gloria Shippev and Lorr ' . , :une Salvner whip up a delicious meal. Elva Turner takes 'L lo l ' 1 oc in the oven to see her results. Virginia Minnis is learning to be the perfect hostess. 4 . :sis J 1939 Legenda Dorothy Johnson points to the place that Charles F Newman' reads the class about. Delmar Ruthig presides over the government class while F. C. Achard reports on an' article in the American Olfsclwer. Social Science 1 Social science students relive events from the dim, obscure years of ancient times to American battles for independence and finally try their hands at unraveling mod- ern, foreign, and domestic entanglements. Besides textbooks and reference books, class- es read a current events paper, the Jnzeri- can Obser-ver, from cover to cover. Eleven teachers instruct and give daily home assignments to 1392 students enrolled in the occurences of American History, the democrary of our American Government, the reactions of organisms in Psychology, providing of mankind in Economics, the affairs of nations in World History, the surface of the earth in Geography, and the knowledge of the physical world in Science. The affects of the Nlarijuana Weed XVFLS the subject discussed when lVIr. Earl Dreh- mer's economics classes visited Dale Austin, head of the Identification Bureau, at the Court House, November 14, as one of their projects. Upon hearing this discussion, the students became interested in fingerprinting and borrowed a fingerprinting machine to have their Hngerprints taken. . i , i Student Executives Again this year eighteen senior advisory presidents were bestowed the honor of ruling the city Wednes- day afternoon, April 19. hir. Raymond lldorrow, Cabinet sponsor, enthusiastically remarked that it is a great opportunity for students to be educated in this interesting practical way. It is the opinion of City Manager L. Perry Cookingham that such experiences as these will help to create more and better leaders for our city in the future. Warren Blackney, Florence Carmell, Kerrmore Case, Kenneth Chambers, Jack Dersch, Jane Fair, Helen Fischer, Jean Gray, Jack Hackstadt, Russell Johnson, Ruby Kile, Arlene Nikolai, Bob Leckie, Dorothy Mtielilenbeck, Patricia lldurphy, Howard Peterson, Delmar Ruthig and Vernon Sherman Were the seniors who shared the offices of eighteen city oflicials. 21 lldental Shop One hundred ninety-three mechanically- minded boys trek down lllichigan Avenue to at- tend Trade School for one hour each day to study general shop and mechanical drawing. The boys get a general knowledge of blue prints and shop work. With only one hour a day it is impossible for them to go into the miore complicated divisions of the work. How- ever, worl-:ing with hammers, saws, metal lathes, and forges, the general shop boys turned out such articles as end tables, book shelves, book racks and other home furnishings along with costume jewelry and many small items that could be done in the limited time. Plans for homes, diagrams of motors, blocks and machines of all sorts along with blue print reading occupies the boys enrolled in mechan- ical drawing. The course is based entirely upon practical application and no text-books are used. The advisory plaques given for intra-advis- ory activities are made at Trade in the shops. The boys are taught by Nlr. B. O. Damberg, "master-mechanic" of both shops, to combine efficiency with speed and are instructed in the proper and safe use of tools. Richard Andre looks around thc table he has made in woodshop to remark about the wooden letters that Charles Lacleusack is making. Ice Krukowski seriously studies the mechanics of the machine he is operating. Elementary drafting is being learned by Levi Shook and Henry Meyer in the mechanical drawing class. 1939 Legenda . ' -1 , ,,.i r F Science and -Matheniatics Therefore X is equal to YZ-the Mathematics department, directed by Mrs. Dorothy Giesel, de- partment head, and Miss Susan Orr, a newcomer to the faculty, offers algebra, plane and solid geom- etry, and trigonometry. Experimentation, dissection, and testing, all come in the work of science-minded students. Chemistry, physics, and biology are the main sci- ences oltered, with a special two semester course in general science. Wforking in a realm of test tubes, flasks, beakers, and chemical odors, students are guided through the mazes of chemistry under the tutelage of Mr. A. G. Dersch. Preparing a foundation for more advanced learning, students work on experiments, make numerous outlines, and explore the remote corners of the Water Works. Ferreting out the mysteries of light, heat, fric- tion. and lenses, Mr. K. C. Poulson's physics class- es End many things, before unexplainable, easily expounded. The odor of formaldehyde and the sight of par- tially dissected animals may turn some faint-hearted souls sick, but not the biology students. XVith Miss Eloise Bacon and Miss Marion Thomas ready and willing to explain the mysteries of everyday life, students find the "science of life" an interesting subject. Just recently offered, the general science course uses a little of each of the sciences in instructing students. Taught by Mr. Poulson and Miss Thom- as, th.e subject is ideal for those students who do not wish to major in science. Ed Henderson fills a test tuhe. Helen Trlubiriger and ,Tim Thomas watch the process of distillation. Gilbert Diebel. Irina Knott, and VVillis Strobel watch an apparatus which tests current. 'Bob Dornfeld, Jim .Korbein, and Roger Stressman are testing direct an'd indirect current. Tom Keyser peers through the microscope while Blanche Heyn and Shirley Straclien examine slides. Dorothy Prior examines a minute object. Marie Selileicher and Bill Holme-Shaw demonstrate theorems. XSS XX, XX Y: NX SXWA, 'Let us do our work as well, Both the unseen and the seeng .lllake the house, where Gods may dwell, Beautifull, entire, and clean." -Longfellow Z Z 7 Archie Rapplcy, wheelman, runner, and baseball Helder, was the ace in school ath- letics in '98, '99, and 1900. In The Beginning Physical Standing, left to right: Rust, manager, Fruechtel, Allen, Libly. Seated, left to right: Fitzliarris, Gleason, Captain Ganscliow, Davison, Jacques. Bottom row, left to right: Hcrig, Smith, Baker. 26 1939 Legenrla Managers In their new and shiny uniforms Cheerleaders John- ny Johnson, Jack Eberlein, Bob-Leckie and Lew Bixby lead the crowds to cheer heartily for the teams. Messrs. Arnold VVolgast, Charles Grube, Harve Light, and Stanley Anderson talk over their job of coaching the boys in football, basketball, baseball, and track. The sports managers, John Davis, Al Newvine, Jim Ault, and George W. Baxter III, perform the duties of doctor, washwoman, and Cobbler during their year of service. .Bill Petrie, Roy Johnson, Don Schroeder, Al New- vine, and Rudy Nagel are the men behind the scenes who keep the intramural schedule running smoothly. Keeping up their advisory in the world of sports are the following advisory intramural managers: Tracy Ellis, Bob Basinger, Al Newvine, Elmer Klemm, Worthy Boyd, Merrill McNish, George XV. Baxter III, Jim Korbein, Wilfred Muscott, Charles Pegley, Bud Rae, Bill Quinn, Art Hahn, Howancl Slabaugh, Earl Larson, Eddie Collier, Jim Boyd, Jack Chism, Hubert Haley, Junior Martin, Bill Spatz, Steven Walch, Bob Simmons, Don Alexander, Bob Sauve, Floyd Hollingsworth, Bob Meyer, Carl Ferriby. Lyle Clayton, Howard Smith, Don Schroeder, Tony Dielce, and Tony Rose. Helen Duleeka, Edith Butts, Lesa Jensch, Shirley Elliot, Betty Vilinslci, Marjorie Benlcert, Doris Cam- pau, Thelma May, Olga Stanko, Kathryn McCullen, Caroline Malinski, Helen Wolcott, Betty Blake, Helen Hubinger, Betty Demmer, Ruby Jaap, Jean Graham, Lorna Garret, Marcella Branch, Esther Arft, Betty Lou Remer, Betty Jane Kole, Juanita Early, Kathar- ine Robinson, Edithi Notter, Elaine Simplcins, Clara Beckwith, Betty Ernsberger, Marlette Steve, Donna 'Riselay, Betty Morrison, Iva Vfilliams, Betty McMil- lan, Esther Trommer, June Randall, June Jacques, Zelpha. Harris, Shirley Nachtweih, Elva Kruske, Dor- -othy Kohlhoff, Violet Boltz, and Mary Kotrich boost ,the girls in intramural competition. Physical Boys' Intramurals Year's Schedule VOLLEYBALL - September 26 - November 28 BASKETBALL - November 28 - February 27 FREE-THROVV - March 2 - March 25 TABLE TENNIS - March 30 - April 6 SOFTBALL - n April 24 - June 1 The intramural program enables all stu- dents to participate in volleyball, basket- ball, free-throw, table-tennis, and softball, thereby laying the foundation for a good physical life. Mr. Stanley E. Anderson, faculty super- visor, is assisted by Roy Johnson, Rudy Nagel, Al Nevvvine, Bill Petrie, A1 Pod- vin, and Don Schroeder, intramural man- agers. On September 26, volleyball opened the intramural competition with forty-four ad- visories represented. The advisories who had stood the season's gaff were lVIiss Mar- garet F1-aser's advisory in first place, Miss Helen Spagnuola's advisory second, NIL Stanley Schubert's advisory third, and Mr. John Day's advisory, in fourth. The teams then moved indoors for bas- ketball. After a long, hard-fought struggle the four teams to gain supremiacy were lVIiss lVlary L. LeWis's, Arthur Hill Trade Ma- chine Shop, Mr. A. G. Dersch's, and Nliss Helen Guhl's. All-Star Volleyball team: Bob Meyer, Harold Fisher, Vern Sherman, Russ Johnson, Ray Fiersticn, Al Newvine, Art Hahn, Ossie L:1Fleur, Earl Sanders, Ed Collier, Ray XVeiss. Free-Th row : Vlfilmer Gimesky, Kenneth King, Jack Hackstadt, XVi1bur Miller. Table Tennis: Bob Iahn, Leland Russell, Spencer Kelly, Lyell Kleekarnp, Bob Meyer. Gym class practices free-throw shots. 1939 Legenda Boys' Intramurals A free-throw contest was held as a fol- low-up to basketball. Throwing 71 shots out of 100, Wilbilr Miller of lldr. Kenneth C. Poulson'-s advisory paced the school and was followed by -laclc Haclcstadt, Kenneth King, and Wilnier' Gimeslcy. Table tennis brought a turn-out of over 100 boys. The five stars were: Bob Nleyer, Lyell Kleekamp, Spencer Kelly, Leland Russell, and Bob Jahn. A bit of spectacu- lar playing was seen as Bob lVIeyer came up fromg third place to take over the reins at the lead. Softball began on April 24, considerably delayed because of wet Weather. Because of the long Wait before the games could be- gin, only one loss Was necessary to elimin- ate a team. for the season. Not one game was forfeited. The season was scheduled to be over by June 7, and on June 5 four teams were in top positions-lVIiss Ella WOOdH1Hll,S, Nliss Ruth lWcIlvenna's, hir. A. 'G. Dersch's, and lVIiss Burnice Gibbs' teams. Sideline statistics of the season show that six softballs were used, one dozen bats were broken, and one Window was shattered. One ball sailed through an open Window in lVIrs. BroWn's room and a low grounder tried to climb a tree in left field. Miss Fraser's winners: Normand Farrand, Keri-more Case, XVilmer Gimesky, Marv Cooper, Eddie Collier, Bud Fair. Miss Spagnuolrfs team : Ioe Rnmlxalski, Tom Seymour, Earl Sanders, Jim Boyd, junior Sager. Mr. Schubert's boys: Al Newvinc, Charles Newman, Marvin' Page, Albert Poviclx, Johnny Ocliman. Mr. Day's players: Fritz Eckert, Don Carter, Leo Campau, Lincoln Cappcll, Lyle Clayton, Roy Clayton, Jack liersclr, Al- len Duflield, Ray Fierstien. Physical Girls' Intramurals SCHEDULE VOLLEYBALL - September 19 - November 7 FREE-THROW - February 20 - March 14 TABLE TENNIS - March 15 - April 11 SOFTBALL -- April 24 - May 22 AFTER SCHOOL CONTESTS - October 1 - June Holding true to their motto, "athletics for all," the girls participate in intramural and after-school competition. Sore arms and burning throats were among the results of the girls' intramural volleyball feat. When the finalists-Lewis and Francis-battled for the crown, volley- ball enthusiasts packed the Annex. Miss Bernice Francis' girls upheld their advis- ory's honor by taking the game While Miss Mary Lewis' and Mrs. Dorothy Giesel's girls placed second and third. ' Emerging victors of the girls' after school volleyball tournament are the capable ath- letes of Elva Kruske's team. Winning five out of five games played. The Kruslce bombers are Maxine Biester- feld, Phyllis Kniebbc, Mary McQuiston, Lucille Matson, Linda Simon, Ada Taps- cott, Mary Welsh, Iva Williams and Betty Williarnson. Contenders of the other eight teams were awarded points according to the number of games won and lost. Francis' advisory: Florence Guttridge, Helen Gelow, Mildred Franz, Geraldine Grunow, Jeanette Frontier, Zelpha Harris, Lois Hayes. Lewis' advisory: Ida Lenk, Jane McDermott, june Krueger, ,Tune Laufer, Ruth Leis, Harriet Robinson, Maxine Lanfz. Intramural volley ball game. 1939 Legenda Girls' Intramurals Answering the call for girls' basketball, ninety- five girls mlet with llfliss lVIary lllargaret Doidge instructor and coach, and divided into nine group teams. At the opening game the various teams chose the one team member under whose guidance they wished to remain the entire season. The girls who were fortunate to gain this recog- nition we1'e Betty Haenlein, Evelyn Rabideaux, Shirley Nachtweih, Lois Hayes, Linda Simon, Lou- ise Frahm, Phyllis Graebner, Florence Guttridge, and Arlene Nikolai. With swift pingin' and hearty pongin', the girls' table tennis tourney proved to be full of excitement. Irma Knott slammed her way to the championship, with Gerry Esmer a close second. Violet Boltz nabbed third place and Amelia Sobel comipleted in fourth place. Table -Tennis champs: Amelia Sobel, Violet Boltz, Gerry Esmer, Irma Knott. Free-Throw winners: Marie Buxman, Lucille Matson, Pat Murphy, Cleo Brin, Flor- ence Don Sang, In the free-throw tournament staged after school, Champ Marie Buxman, a sophomore, paced all others when she made 62. out of 75 shots. Lucille lVIatson finished second, Pat MU1'phy third, while Cleo Brin and Florence Don Sang tied for fourth place. With all advisories participating, the girls' soft- ball tournament opened after much delay due to rain. The Doidge-Guhl combination outplayed all other teams to win the championship. The Wol- gast-Peterson girls placed second and the Osborne- Francis girls third. Points are given to the girls for participating in intramural and after-school games, being a team captain, playing on a championship team, and refer- eeing. For 100 points the girls receive a minor letter and are eligible for membership in the Letter- girls Club. A major letter is given for 200 points and a star is awarded for 250 points. Girl Volleyball All-Stars: First row: Gerry Esmer, Ruby Jaap, Anna Johann, Shirley N achtweih. Second row: Lois Hayes, Nancy Faulman, Elva Kruske, Lucille Matson: Third row: Zelpha Harris, June Krueger, June Jacques. l LMT, ,- lk? Football Physical Saginaw Sept. 23 - Arthur Hill 13, Alma 7 Erie Oct. 1 - Arthur Hill 0 Erie 20 Flint Oct. 8 - Artlmr Hill 2 Flint Northern 28 Saginaw Oct. 15 - Arthur Hill 32, Pontiac 0 Lansing Oct. - Arthur Hill 6, Lansing Central 19 Saginaw Oct. 29 - Arthur Hill 13 Flint Central 0 Owosso Nov. 4 - Arthur Hill 8, Owosso 0 Saginaw Nov. - Arthur Hill 13, Bay City 14 Saginaw Nov. 24 - Arthur Hill 13, Saginaw 13 With hopes and desires running high for M,Y.,- I , .,...-,.,,.. ..,,. , - regaining the Valley cup, the 1938 football season opened. The inexperienced team felt amply sure of themselves under the leader- ship of lVIr. Arnold E. Wolgast, Coach in his second season. During the Alma game the stage seemed set for a Lumberjack victory when Bob Schimmer intercepted a pass and ran 45 yards for a touchdown. At Erie, Pa., a strong Pennsylvania running attack defeat- ed the Jacks in spite of the powerful attack led by Floyd Klenoski. Left to right- LaVerne Spyker, George Popp, Russ john- son, Bob Zuckermandel, Ken Chambers, War- ren Blackney, Charles Ceedar, Paul Cherry, Bob Muehlenbeck, Clarence Krawczak, Bob Schimmer, Jim lNolf, Bob Young, A1 Korkus. Earl Larson. Across Bottom- Floyd Klenoski, Vern Sherman, Eddie Collier, Charles Peglcy, Howard Slabaugh, Abe Luplow. Second Page- Iack Hackstaclt, Art Hahn, Bill Quinn, Ken King, Ed Wheatley, Casper Spiess. 91 an My +4 ,.- -A. -vim - ' it rrziwzzi 1939 Legenda Reserve Football Team: Top Row, left to right- R. Branch, K. Allen, C. Brown, A. Dekan, T. Heineman, A. Campeau, K. Bublitz, G. Dustin, D. Spyker, G. Steele, R. Salvner, M. Stark, M. Vifagner, NV. Much- lenbeck, VVatts, Middle row-M. Hai-shman, W. Brown, C. Schactner, L. Premo. F. Petri- moulx, D. Mueller, J. Benway, R. Turek, E. Suppes, A. Lampel, H. jg Bargert, R. Muehlen- ll beck. Bottom row - Rotlitelier, I. Favara, E. Chisholm, D. Drown, J. Roday, A. Podvin, E. Larson, I. Gadd, B. Rae, Hubs, C. Spiekermair. Football The team began to Click as it defeated both Flint teams and then took the Pontiac team down the line to a 32 to 0 score. Wheii the Hnal gun boomed at the Lansing game, our boys were behind, but they had given Lansing a rough going-over. At the Homecoming game the boys handed Flint a big upset by trimming them 13 to O. All Valley hopes were alive as Wolgast's boys took the Owosso teami under the lights at Meinorial Stadium in Owos- so. Facing the Bay City team, the boys missed the tying point, permitting Bay City to win. At the 40th Thanlcsgiving Day battle, the finale of the football season, the stubborn Trojans of Sag- inaw High fought through the game, closing with a 13 to 13 tie. As a final tribute to both teams, the Saginaw service clubs presented the teams with a cup. Floyd Klenoski was elected as fullback on the All-Valley team and was mentioned on the third state team. Ken King and LaVerne Spyker re- ceived honorable mention on the All-Valley team. RESERVES The saying goes "absence makes the heart grow fender," the1'efore, many a Hillite heart feels a stronger liking to Win back the Brown Jug. In a two-gamje series the reserve team lost both to Sag- inaw High. As a result, the Jug was granted a fifth leave of absence from our trophy case. Opening the season October 7, the boys lost 14 to 0 to Saginaw High's advantage. October 20 also saw Saginaw High on the receiving end of the line, winning 12 to 6. Clashing with Standish, the boys lost 4 to 12. Bay City dampened the reserves' spirits by winning 14 to 6 October 28, and then finished the job by beating them 12 to 6 in the closing game on November 3. Physical I i n 3 Basketball Ed Collier has played basketball for three years. His height and ease in a game are his prime virtues. A three-year m,an, Kerrmore Case has proved himself a valuable player. Playing for two years, Ed Haar's ability to shoot plus good footwork have shown him to be a remarkable player. Vern Sherman's plays under the basket and timely hook shots contributed to many victories. Joe Muriri and Bob Helveston share the honors at guard. Both boys made a fine showing in their first year as regulars. Earl Sanders was used to good advantage in many games because of his height. Due to his defensive ability, Howard Slabaugh was used when the going became tough. What -Tim Boyd lacked in height he made up in speed. Dave Schimpf played an admirable? game. Witll the aid of three veteran players and a number of competent newcomers to the varsity ranks, the basketball squad Won their first vic- ,tory from Ferndale by a score of 37 to 26. The team's performance gave them the conti- dence which was displayed in an overtime game with Bay City. The game proved to be one of the wildest and strangest contests witnessed in the valley circles with the Jacks finally overcom- ing Bay City, 14 to 13. 1939 Legenda Now the championship seemed an easy venture, and, more confident than ever before, the team added another victory by defeating the rangy Flint Northern quintet 31 to 26. On January 3 the tables turned, and the so-far victorious squad suffered its first defeat. Pontiac nosed them out by a score of 20 to 19. The shooting of the Lum-berjacl-:s was still on the ragged side at the next encounter and Andy's cagers were defeated, but by a wider margin- Flint Central 26, Arthur Hill 22. Showing the form they started the season with, the team stepped back into the win column with a 24 to 16 victory over Owosso. Then again they were victorious over Saginaw Eastern with a 33 to 21 score. Three defeats in succession followed. The first was lost -to Flint Northern 24 to 21. The Bay City quintet squeezed out :1 victory of 35 to 33. The smartly-directed Flint Central cagers were too much for the fighting Lumberjacks and de- feated them 44 to 26, despite the playing of Col- lier and Sherman. Andy's cagers were a different team when they won from, Owosso 34 to 22, and stepped up to win the city championship by again defeat- ing Saginaw Eastern 25 to 23. To finish the season the Pontiac Chiefs defeated Arthur Hill, 40 to 22. To honor the City Champions, the Optimist Club presented Arthur Hill with a trophy for its perform-ance during the year. Physical Track Season's Schedule April Bay City Home April Owosso Home May Mt. Pleasant Relays Away May Central State Freshman Meet Away May Regional meet Flint May Saginaw High-non-qualifiers Saginaw May State Meet Lansing Bang l-there goes the starting gun. An- other track season is on with approximate- ly seventy-Hve boys out for the entire season. Coach Harve C. Light distributed suits and gave exercises and drills on the play- ground behind the Annex until the South School track could be used. Seven letterrnen were back this year with Ma1'vin Cooper, quarter milerg and Jack Dersch, hurdler, acting as co-captains. Other letterinen include Bob Arndt, sprint- er, Tony Deike, hurdler and sprinter, Art Hahn, hurdlerg Don Collver, milerg and Carl Rothke, pole vaulter. Losing its first meets to better equipped and more experienced schools, Arthur Hill Was not discouraged and staged a come-back at the lVIidland meet by sweeping the field in the high-jump and hurdle races. Coach Light has high hopes for next season because of the splendid sophomore material in evidence. Running on a wet track at the Regional Meet in Flint, the boys captured two awards for the performance of Jack Dersch and Art Hahn. Jack Derscli, Tony Deike, and Art Hahn get on their mark, get set, and go. Warren Blnckney heaves the shot-put. Robert Faltyn, Casper Spiess, Ted Heincmair, Coach Harve Light, Cletus Brown, Lincoln Cappell, Keith Allen, Derrick Eaton, Barrett Bird, VValter Miller, Rudy Nagel, Howard Slabaugh, George Dustin, Jack Derseh, Ted Sclmarr, Earl Larson, Al Newvine, Art Deken, George Popp, Don Culver, A1 Podvin, Don Uphoff, F. C. Achard, Warren Blackney, Tony Deike, Art Hahn, Iohn Davis, Roger Stressman, Frank WVagar, and Bob Muehlenheck are the members of the track team. 1939 Legenda 4 V BASEBALL Coach Stanley Anderson scratched his head, baseball players looked 'round in be- wilderment, and hard-hearted fans shed tears. The team had played eight games and won only one. The team Working under overpowering conditions was delayed by bad weather, lost their star pitcher Ed Albosta, and incurred many injuries. The practice and home games were played at Thistle Field, Where the managers have a "swell" time, picking balls out of the river. Floyd "Boxcar" Klenoski and Waltei' Schmitt were at the receiving end for the stray pitches of Don Spyker, Jack Haekstadt, Ed Collier, and Jimi Kennedy. The boys from Franken- muth, Ray Weiss, Harold Abraham, and Ma1'tin Galsterer did a good job of cover- ing the infield and outfield. The players were given their awards at the Fordney Club banquet June 6. This annual dinner honors all boys who partici- pated in spring sports. Judson Hyames, director of athletics and coach of Western State Teachers College, Kalamazoo, was guest speaker. Top row: George Baxter, managerg Victor Heine, Mike Vxfelcnsc, Harry McGee, Chester Hart, Clarence Krnwczak, Vernon Sherman, Iim Hanes, Ed Nettletong Elton Rice, Wfaltcr Schmitt, Coach Stanley Anderson. Middle row: Xvarren Schroeder, Martin Galsterer, Joe Rombalski, Don Spykcr, Ed Beehler, Jack Hackstadt, Jack Eaves, Leouzird Zehnder, Robert Baumer. Bottom row: Harold Abraham, Albert Hahn, Bob Scllimmer, Alvin Heffel, VVELI1: Raymond, Vlfayne Mey- er, Ray W'eiss, Ed Collier, Floyd Kleiroski. Robert Baumer, W'arreu Schroeder, Coach Anderson, and Albert Hahn tall: bat. Walter Schmitt gets ready to catch as Joe Rom- balski is at bat. A back view of Eddie Collier at bat and Walter Schmitt catching. "It's a 'homer' Ed," says Walt. H L., tw., H, ,,F.,,. ..,..4 - YJ flrni, ,Q ' r '-1-l?'Jf.:'fV--l,!.y.' V Ty L, .f-l.p.1,vxu?J 4' ii, .V 'S ,L ' J 'vi--II' ' ,, -dvd, :if "E'F:"a2:::'4 -1. . N f-Z U"NT2 Tllps- ' f 1 E , 1 - -' Q vs- - N Q zj' I a ,,1. ri- .t, -A, gag- Li, ilu I x-, Ft, rx L' - -11,-H" rm..." i' ' . '. M 4 -1 x 1, if s?-fiffyff - , fr ,, . l ,Q . L. 1 avjffa V ' " I' , . r tie A V mf? Q-,rf ,,l -1- " ' ' ' ,, ll,-el' X H. ---- 1 ,... f ,.,.,. ..,,,,. ' 3. flrrfiff.-gyL .f',f'IAf'Q'l M - e 'fi' . '53YfEi'2::555',Q:s'f' S f "?iQ7?Q?fl -. ,,, F' 1 ml ll -,vT1i'V"'5Lf'f' 'Jia-Fiii' Fr. J ' w 'ggi ,1.v',,. i. -age: ggi,-. , ,. QQ' .Q ., e5py .::-,-- ,.,., N, Q 37 VT SEASON'S SCHEDULE Roy Burchard, Dave Tullis, VVilbur Coplin, Coach Eric Senn, Art Herzog, Harry Fobear, and Don Malzahn are the members of the sixth ranking Class A golf team in the state. Golf Physical the Valley race. On May 16, Flint Northern fell before their drives. The boys then won the Regional contest at La- peer on May 20. Journeying to Lansing for a two-day stay, they came out in sixth place in the The squad became city Champs June 10 when they won from Saginaw Eastern 453 to 4-30. Art Herzog was low scorer with Dave Tullis runner-up. This was the climax of the season, for the boys lost no homelgarnes to tie for second place in the Valley April 22 Flint Central Home April 27 Flint Northern Away May 4 Pontiac Away May 9 Pontiac Home . - May 16 Flint Northern Home State m Class A' ' May 18 Bay City Away May 20 Regional Lapeer May 23 Flint Central Away June 3 Saginaw Saginaw June S Bay City Home June 10 Saginaw Home league- . 1 A Getting off to a bad start by losing its Hrst three games to Flint Central, Flint Northern, and Pontiac, the golf team swung back into action on Nlay 9 by defeating Pontiac and becoming a powerful factor in Every day, weather permitting, the boys donned their gay jackets to practice at the Country Club. llir. Eric Senn, former tennis coach, led the squad. Art Herzog was the only veteran, but he was ably assisted , by 'Harry Fobear, Wilbur Coplin, Roy Borchard, Don Malzahn, and David Tullis. 1939 Legenda , ROUND ABOUT SCHOOL Helen Hayden and Catherine Conlay take time out. Claude Pounds the ivory. 1 YVilmer Gimesky looks hungrily at Virginia Ewbaulis Swing and Sway to the rhythm of the dance Orchestra. ice cream cone. C ll -1.1 XV If bl t d . vp My, what big feet you have, George I-Iach! Ou C in 'O C S U ymb' Howard Slabaugh carries a book for effect anyway. Ray Hcldtke in 3 thoughtful P056- Veruell Bartlett and Gilbert Deibel compare notes. Cl10I'll'l.CS Doris 'I-Ianson, Doris VV3.ggO11C1' and Jean Chuck Ladeusack, Don Brandt, Bob Ioues, Bob Sim- Glay Smile for their press agents' moms, and Bob Howell watch a high one. A little future home talk fills the conservatioii of Trusty managers, Jim Ault and George VV. Baxter III, Betty Lyness and Ilene Grossman' finally wash the socks. 39 XSQ XXX? Xkkki A daughter brings mother and grandmother to see the collection of family heirlooms of Home Eco- nomics girls at which they enjoyed tea. lVI1's. C. C. Tubbs, Patricia Tubbs, Glzlldys Rawling, M1's. Sar- ah Tubbs, Kathryn Karp, and Nliss Florence Wells. "f9Ve require from hlzilzlings, ns from 111011, zfwo kinds of g00f111esy.' ffrsi, the doing their ZJJIYICZTLYII duty 'w1'IZ,' flll'Il Ihzzt they he yl'llC6'fllZ and f7ll'!1Sil1-0 in doing ity which lfhfl' is ifxzflf KIIIOYIIUI' form of duty." -Ruxkirz Social In The 1 1 Beginning The first paper, The Saginaw High TillIU.9, was published in 1901 by the class of 1903. 1 I f 1 F. 1 1 1 W 'E' ll. lilxnn. Annu Wlggibns, R. Crgllg. I J Maude llnln-r. V 1 1.-- A,.,,--.,,,flA1Hiuul Nllllflf- WI!! SMH!!!-W, ,,.,.. . LL51'!.ll!1l,..,,...j,!'71lL'!Ll!m'D!HL'TL-, ,-.-.-- W, --.1--.. if This group from the class of 1901 edited thc Hrst Lcgencla in 1900. 42 1939 Legenda "Mrs, llrigzgs of the Poultry Yardf' the first play, was given at Teutonia Hall ith: Annex! ,lzuruary 17, 1908. The characters were Ottilin Rzxchuth, Edwin Sehrieber, Chester Fordney, Selena Russel, Mildred Urr, Charles IN'IeUr:1tnQy, Mabel Ncrtz, Ruth Brady. Lnrn Crane, Sophia Moiles, and Walter Rznleke. The junior and senior class horns were i1flvl1CiGd mluwn to each succeeding elzxss at the class lmnuuet. The l.irr:rary Society was estuhlished in 1388. This. is the progrzun ot its first ZllTl1l1Illl1lCElll1g. .. '-WL , - ., , ..,. , - 1 . L f . R - r- 'A " .s..,-fu? . -- - f ' "' """"' i ' N " . 5- 'rf' . lu ,1'1,if5g'w - -. .- 'f rf . .01 ,-.--s- ' '. : , lv' QW:-S112 -- - r my A 7. -ui l'1i2f?1'2f5?'+.'uill L llwfwqf , The first Glee Club wras organized in 1911. Top row. left to right: Mrs. Arthur Rumboldt, Mrs. Grzmsc. Mrs. Bruce, Mrs Roy Xklilkins, Miss Goldie Tomplson. Second row: Mrs. Flora Robertson, Unknown Mrs. VV. llrucker, Miss Myrtle Plaza, Tlrird row: Mrs. Jesse Willizuns, Mrs. Peer- lrolle, Miss Marie Myers Cdecensedl, Lorztm Holl:mdvn1m-itz. Fourth row: Mrs Fred Danner, Nrs. VV. XV. Kuntz, Mrs. Poppeck. 43 Social Student Union Organization Student Union Ticket Drive Are student union cards useful? Just "ask the man who owns one.'l f Any Lumbcrjack can speedily enumerate all the planks in the student union platform: football and basketball games packed with excitement and thrills, junior and senior plays with their witty dialogue, the newsy Arthur Hill N cies every other weekg the annual Band Bounce: and the Legenda. A giant thermometer on the outside wall of the main building da.ily recorded the increasing' student union sales. Sales were built .up to the final goal of 1357. Miss Lorna Lange came bounding in first with a 100 per cent student union advisory. Close behind came the advisories of Mr. John Day, Miss Bernice Francis, Miss Margaret Fraser, Mrs. Dorothy Giesel, Miss Edna Gross, Miss Dorothy Howe, Mr. Eric Senn, Mr. Robert Shorney, Miss Lina VVard, and Mr. A. E. Vifolgast. Thelma May of Mrs. Giesel's advisory proved her- self a brick at guessing when she XVO11 a paid up student union ticket for guessing 15 out of 22 winners. Parent-Teachers Association l The merits of the Parent-Teachers Association were built to the skies during the Parent-Teacher drive in October. Every student spent time urging parents to become members. Five hundred forty- sevcn parents were convinced. Miss Bernice Francis' advisory led the contest with ZS members, followed by the advisories of Mr. Iohn Day, Miss Margaret Fra- ser, Miss Ethel Peterson, Mrs. Sallie Brown, and Miss Martha Fisher. SUO Tllermoxneter climbs. Mad scramble at Alumni Field. Football Queen and attendants: Donna XVray, Arlene Nik' olai, Helen Fischer. News distribution. I Helen Fischer, Vlfallace Nichols, Bob XVitters, and Bob Leckie plan anti-rnwdyism campaign. Dorothy Alirens, Harold Schick, Barrett Bird, VVallace Stro- bel, and Donna Jeanne Francis make the Junior play cast. Plaque Board holds plaques for each intra-advisory activity with names of the winners of the year engraved orr each. Doris Fischer swims among underclassmen pictures to be used for 1939 Legenda and school personal records. 1939 Legenda Russ Johnson, Howard Peterson, Helen Fischer, and Mr. Raymond Morrow leave to attend district conference at Midland. Helen and Russ go as Student Union rep- resentatives, and Howard as managng ed- itor of the school paper. The purpose of this conference was to discuss ways and means of improv- ing inter-school relations outside the held of athletics. After the confer- ence there will be an inspection of the school, a tour of the town, a basketball game, and a dance. Other schools invited were Bay City Central, Saginaw Eastern, and all Six- B Conference schools. Tuberculosis Seals Students who just couldn't sell any Parent Teacher memberships lent their talents to the sale of tuberculosis Christmas seals. Mr. john Day's advisory proved itself best by selling 141 packages. Miss Amy Gatz's group was next with l02g Miss Margaret Fraser with 663 Miss Mary Lewis with 62 and Miss Mary Margaret Doidge with 61. Sophomore Declamation Speech-minded sophomores found to their delight that they have the opportunity to compete in a declamation contest. Nancy Stine of Mr. Clarence Stewart's advis- ory, and Randall Robson of Mr. Robert Shorney's advis- ory, outspoke their competitors to become the winners and represent Arthur Hill in the Valley contest. Junior, Senior Plays, Band Bounce - Miss Helen Spagnuola's advisory has found a treasure ln the person of Jim Schobert, who has the .faculty of selling tickets in practically unlimited quantities. They came in with highest honors in the ticket campaign for both the Junior and senior plays, and the Band Bounce. Intramural Debating Each advisory was represented by at least one, and sometimes two, enthusiastic debate teams. Approximate- ly a hundred students argued the pros and cons of labor unions. and socialized medicine. Mr. Harve Light's team, Leona Lantz and Helen Hubinger won over Evelyn Stoffel and Ruth Wfieneke of Mr. Clarence Stewart's advisory in the final clash. Prominent speakers and teachers were judges throughout the tourney. Mayor McDonald and Reverend Montanns hanquet with the presidents. Backstage at the Band Bounce. Mrs. Giesel guards senior play ticket sales. Basketball heroes tight. The referee in the limelight. AMiss Gntz's advisory officers admire trophy for champion ad- visory last year. Points gained in each activity totaled to 9,505 which was highest of the forty-two homeroom groups. ,X Social Advisory presidents, first and second semesters: Vernell Bartlett, Catherine Bauer, Anglersong Barbara Beach, Albert Byron, Bacong Robert Wfilliains, Dayg Gene Hummell, Gerry Esmer, Crittendeng Ken Chambers, Crumpg Leonard Zehnder, Danielyg Henry de Gens, Doidgeg Dorothy Esiner, Derschg Patricia Murphy, Pctersong Doris Fischer, Drelunerg Dorothy Ahrens, Burnettg Jack Dersch, Day: Jean' Denton, Dersclrg Florence Carmell, Browng Spencer Kelly, Jean Gray, Fishery Jane Fair, Doidgeg Helen Fischer, Franeisg Jack Hackstaclt, Gatz, Doris Hanson, Gibbs: Art Herzog, Gieszlg Bob Krieger, Ade- line Kolb, Laugeg Art Heiniburger, Gross: Maxine Kile, Grossg Don Fraser. Lightg Ruby Kile, Gnhlg lloh Leckie, Lewisg jane O'Brien, Light. Student Union Cabinet With Helen Fischer, president, Russ Johnson, vice-president, Bob Leclcie, secretaryg and Arlene Nikolai, treasurer, forty-four advisory presidents and lVIr. Raymond lVIorrow, boys' counselor, as adviser, form the student governing body of the school. Each president represents from thirty to forty students of the forty-four cross-section advis- ories. During the year the group sponsored the "Arbor Dance" instead of the usual Homecoming paradeg gave many hours in thoughtful campaign against rowdyismg Thanksgiving eveg ushered for the senior play to improve the audience attitude, and attended a unique toastless banquet which featured a panel discussion carried by Bob Leckie, Vernon Sherman, 46 , 1939 Legenda l Advisory presidents: W"orthy Boyd, Mcllvcnnqg Russ Iohnson, Howe: Kerrmore Case, Fraser: Delmar Rutlng, Orrg Dorothy Mattheis, Morgzurg Agnes Peterson, Peterson: Vivian Parks, Ramsey, Charles Newnmn, Schubert: T.aVerne Spyker, Scnng Claude Pound, Schrnirltg Arlene Nikolai, Poulsong Dorothy VonDette, NVzu'dg Bob Nash, Schmidt: Margaret While, Stewart, Dorothy Muehleubeck, Os- borne, Vern Sherman, Stockdaleg Helen Fischer, Donna Jeanne Francis, Jean Gray, Jack Dersch, and Russ Johnson. Before the election of the 1939--l-O officers, the group took Z1 last stand for school democracy in amending the Student Union constitution to permit every student in school, instead of just paid-up Stu- 47 Bob Roeser, Edna Simon, Shorneyg Don Upholt, Mr. Wellsg Betty Ernsbergcr, Thomasg Ann Sverid, Bliss NVells, Ted Schnnrr, Starlg Howard Peterson, Senng Harvey Zahn, Vlloodmang Bob Muehlenbeck, Ramseyg VVarren Blackney, Spagnuolag Bob Young, Woodmang Doris Whggoncr, Mr. Xvellsg Howard Smith, Wardg Donna Jeanne Francis, XVolgast. dent Union members, to vote for ofhcers of the cab- inet, and bringing to light the fact that the Student Union constitution provides that any student in school may be a candidate for the school presidency if he gets twenty-five student signatures on a peti- tion. Social Dramatics Commencement Students have been graduating from Arthur Hill since 1869, but the 1938 eommeneementex- ercises excelled all others in beauty and social and mental advancement. The Reverend Emil Montanus led the invocation which was intro- duced by a flourish of trumpets. t'America Marches On" was the theme of the historical pageant presented in six episodes. Christmas Pageant Eighty-three members of the Arts-Dramatic Club and the a cappella choir, attn-ed in Biblical costume, took part in an impressive Christmas Pageant, "The Prophecy Fulhlledf' which was presented at the Temple Theatre. ln the De- cember l6 advisory bulletin Principal l. M, Brock commented, t'The annual Arthur Hill Christmas pageant becomes more impressive and significant each year. Those who take part in this program make the Christmas spirit a reality to others." COMMENCEMENT CIIRISTOPHER-COLUMBUS episode includes Abe l'.uplow, Lyle Spence, Delmar Ruthig, Tell Selinnrr, VVillis Stro- bel, Junior Deady, Claude Pound, l.aYerne F-pyker, Bob Schimmer, Harold McCroy. XVILLIAM PiaNN's 'l'R1cA'1'r wrrn 'ri-nc lspmxs portrayed by Ralph Newton, Bob Leekie, Duran Tones, llan' Smith. Don Fraser, Art lleunlierger, George Gottler, lid XV'urtzel. Sud Hziyden, lbewis lex, Doug ll:-uilricks. and Irma Knott, "Religion" Gisoum: NVAsuiNc:'roN given by Helen lflubinger, 'flu- depenclence"g Howard Peterson, Bert Sehleieher. Ray lleitltke, llol: liasinger, George Curbey. Ken Marks. Rudy XV'ai'niek,Hllob Kluehlenbeck. George llaxter. Nelson Curbey. llill Spatz, llarold Krause. lxousrnml. Pnommzss with lloris Norton. "ludustry.f' .Xizmlrixm LINCOLN-'Cl!Zl'l'lC5 Newman, Arlene Nikolai, "justiee.'l V ' EDUCATION interpreted by Tlorotliy Priee, Pat Murphy. ,lane Fair, Ted Ielcineman, llarbara Tillson: ,lane Mc- Ilerinolt. Tracy Ellis, Clara Smith, Doris llansnn, .Doris NVaggoner. Emma Neuwirtli, "l2ducation"'3 Russ johnson, ,lane lirown. GRAND FINALE-Cflll.l1'0 east. Cirizisrutxs PAGEANT: A A I Claude Pound portrays :i lliblieal character. 4 .Xune Quackenluusli and Lucille Matson depict the messenger :md Mary. . Mr. Harold Brogan puts the Hnishing tmielies on' an unrecognizable Roger Stressnian. N Q U ' Jean Gray costumes the angels. Helly Xlugen, Elnrlic Allure, Margaret Dittmar, .Xnnc Quaekenbusli, and Ruth Spangler. A Beliincl stage Lucille lllatson, Alvum Aubel. ,lane llrown, Florence Carmell, Ruth Spairglerg Anne Qunclcenliush, angels, assist each other. P- it f A .,. ,..f . . 1939 Legenda junior and Senior Plays The junior and senior students vied with each other in displaying their talents in drama. Both plays were so excellent in production and selection that no one could decide which was the better. The junior class presented the hilarious play, "Happy-Go-Lucky," co-starring Dorothy Ahrens and Wallace Strobel with a cast including Art Heimburger, Bill Sullivan, Charles Slade, Ted Schnarr, Dorothy Ahrens, Roger Stressman, Cecelia Henderson, Sally Schindehette, and lVIarcia Van Auken. Don Abbey, Gerry Esmer, 'VVallaee Strobel, Shir- ley Wenge1', Donna Jeanne Francis, and Barrett Bird. "Universal Alibi," the senior play, was presented by such veterans as Jean Gray, Claude Pound, Jane Louise Brown, Frank Putnam, Howard Slabaugh, Helen, Hubinger, Barbara Tillson, Bob Sauve, Don- na W1'ay, Don Pohlman, Rlary Louise Smith, Ar- lene Nikolai, Tracy Ellis, Bill Petrie. Social Music Taking the song "Whistle Wliile You Work" as a motto, music students literally live it. Everyone agrees that Social Hall has strong rafters to withstand all the toot- ing, la-ti-doing, drumming, and fiddling that goes on beneath its roof. The band kept up school spirit through all those chilly fall days when the football team, was out on the field. Spectators thrilled to the sight of the smartly-uni- formed band stepping to the tune of a lively march. The choir, always "ready, willing, and able," added the finishing touches to the Christmas Pageant and the Band Bounce. On May 13, both the choir and the band appeared in a music festival at Flint. The choir received constructive criticisms from the noted composer, Olaf C. Christiansen, while the band was reviewed by Leonard Falcone, director from Michigan State Col- lege. I Betty Ellis, Jane Pratt, Charles Sarle, and Bill Holt were the members of the quartet which was much in demand during the year by various city organizations. The quartet and the sextet of Jack Schmtigel, Bob Krieger, Don Alexander, Leonard Guida, Cliff Behrens, and Claude Pound performed in a Parent-Teacher Association broadcast made from WBCNI, Bay City. Jim Kennedy peps up the baird by skillfully juggling and twirling his baton. A special choir supplied enjoyment for the Research Club and the City Parent-Teacher Council. It includes Betty Ellis, Betty VV'ineki, Amelia Klemru, Eileen Ferguson, Jane Louise Brown, Jane Pratt, Lorna Garrettg Don Phillion, Milton Coats, Norma Von Dette, Carl Ferrilay, Bill Holt, and Emil Franz. Mr. Burnett directs the choir. Bill Holt, Chuck Sarle, Iane Pratt, and Betty Ellis are the members of the quartet 1939 Legenda Band Bounce The music students have their claim to fame when the annual Band Bounce comes along. Everyone, talented or otherwise, screws up his 'courage and tries out before a jury of teachers. lf Social Hall were noisy before, now it practically bursts with all its rehearsing, hustle, and bustle. Wliile one corner of the Hall was filled with the quartet's musical conception of "Peggy O'Neil," another corner was occupied with the "jamming" and "jiving" of Phil hdiles' dance band. In another spot castanets clicked in preparation for the Spanish dance. Thus the Band Bounce came to he. PROGRAM I'.tR'r ONE Concert Ban d "The 'l'hundcrcr" ..,... . . . Sousa Student director, Leonard Guida "Ballet Egyptian" ........ Lnigini "Military Escort" ........ Fillmore Student directors-Artliur Schultz, Jack lien- zeirherg, Leonard Guida, Bremer Alsgaard. Don Pohlmau Accordion "Chopsticlcs" . . . . Lawrence Daniels A Philip Miles Cornet "Flirtatifms" . , . Clarke Roger Jacobi Vocal Solo "A Heart 'l'hat's Free" . . . 'Robyn Betty Ellis and Chorus Saxocplmne 'Lightning" ..... . XViecloeft Richard lluclos Rockin' Star Ranchers "Cowboy's Sweetheart" "NolJocly's Sweetliearf' "New River Train" "Edgar and Charlie" llill llarris, Kenneth l-lennneter . Sophisticated Swing ........ Jean Gray Choir "The Music Of Life" . , . . . Cain "Song Of The Marching Men" . . Protheroe Ihtur Two Orchestra "Entrance and March Of The Peers" from "lolantIie" . . .,... Sullivan "I'arzule Of 'I'he lvoodcn Soldiers" . . . ,lessel Vocal Quartette "Peggy O'Neil" ....... Nelson-Doilge Leona Lantz, Jane Pratt, Wlilliam I-Iolt 'l'romhon'e "F-lidus Tl'UIl'lll0l'lllSU ...,.... Lake Lawrence Rickert Dance Orchestra "Hold Tight" . ..... Brandow-Spotswood "Deep ln A Dream" . . . l5eLange-Van Hens:-n Margaret Greenleaf "My Dear" .,.,. . , Norma lleasley "Nolan" .,.,... . . Roh Roescr "Flat-FontsFloogic'' . . . . Stewart-Green ,lean Gray and Chorus "Honolulu" ..... . Knlin-lNarren Katherine Knapp Xylophone "Stars and Stripes Forever" . Sousa Dance . "Ole Las Mujeres" ..... . . llervcra Ann llnerfncr and Chorus Marching Band "Men OE Ohio" ...... . Fillmore Arthur Hill Loyalty Song Drum Major. Jim Kennedy Band Bounce: In pastel shade costumes the dance chorus provides it-tlniosplicre for "A Heart That's Free" sung hy lletty L is. Mr. Earl Burnett ably directs the all-school orchestra, Kay Knapp sings "Honolulu" accompanied hy Phil Miles' swing band. Leonard Quirla, student director, gives his impression of the direction of Strauss, the VValtz King, as hc leads the hand. ifflerel ' :gms for I 7 U - bee ?ssed 'llllg Y E5 , .im r . r'--4 as poef o lrsf- gf ry' io . .,.! 350 pdl sail e' the boi the voni :sie and A Bre rlner Jack Flefsc ds Sofia Legenda lt's Zl long, hard pull, this conceivin xg and building Z1 yearbook. lVIz1ny times, al- most overpowering, was the impulse to sigh, hunch down in Z1 chair, and hopelessly peer for an ending which never czune in sight. But 1200 students expected a Legenda! Ther e Were- details eternally popping up, im"'a'M'5'l even unto the fifth generation of recopied yung of 76' R ucopyln Sheldon E a I 5 ' . . vie "John Smith doesn't know if helll have Mes . . . E' 5 O'Brieh, ' his picture taken or not," Oniirugf M . ' ounce L' rr 1 H NTWO Cine,-1 JaClAult, Ja Well, he ll have to know soon. Ra El 'nf Y . ,S "Are the underclassmen alphabetized lfwd fhe Marshall, Vis -,,, i"n,l"9 ground ir SZZIFG' ii yet: ' 1 wma , Jem Fffmfg' Mcwefhyl "Which comes first-lll or Ric ?" - 7. l- . lgjlgirefes Har L' I mcon Helen Fischer, editor-in-chief, and Ruth Zoller, asso- ciate editor, try to see the school year in its entirely with the true relationship of each of its parts and direct thc putting of it into pictures and print for 1200 Lumbcrjaeks. Leona Lantz assists with copy editing. Ruby Kile and Doris Fischer relax from their typingg Bill Petrie identifies underclzissmcirg Maxine Kile looks up for a momentg Doris Hfnggoner, advertising rnzmager, and Jean Mary Holcomb, chief assistant, talk over the budget sitnzitiong Eugene Maier goes after a pictureg Lewis ,Tex numbers picturesg Elinor Alderton and Mary Denton write their assignmentg Vlfaiting to be "shot" .,.,. 'V5ry. o 19? , .Newsli- 52 Dgfgg X. mics V 'wp' . if op .. 'wx his ht X C' nd f rin Q ,ho wind- flfaxvfn im and Al ' qt' f2fof.s,,Y pg :M D41-C ffoiof mg W ujl , fr pu I .1 pi, X. l 1939 Legenda Y V :- S I 70 J SWV? C fnj "How should I know? I'm Way down in the W's." "Did those informals come back?" "I wish s01neone would get busy and straighten up this file. I can't find any- thing." K'VVhen does the advertising staff intend to meet its quota? A larger, more elabor- ate book calls for a larger budget." "Ad records mean money. Remember you have to be able to collect." And so it goes. Now at last has come our rest from labor. We feel that the shoe leather worn out in tracking down ads, and the dark circles under our eyes from late Working hours were Well Worth it, if you find pleasure in scanning the contents of this book. Florence Carinull makes a layout: Virginia Burg- clorf enters picture payments: Dorothy Price does the inside eoverg conference over contract: Howard Peter- son rcstsg Bcrdie Trcw S111llCSQ Catherine Slabaugh alphabetizes uneilerclassmcng Bob Doyle hopes for a good shotg Betty Demmcr draws up acl copyg ,Tack Eherlein identifies picturesg Marion Zeitler gets infor- mation which Bette Cline typesg Edith Butts cheeks suhscriptionsg Riclmrd Ebaeh :mil Charlotte Harrison look over layoutsg Shirley Neilson reads up on l1er LlSDQll't11'lC1!t2 and Margaret Haithco relaxes. We , new .W rw.. Hu" 1 i vie' fs..." 'G f w, s Sea, frdkkadg .Img 53 Social Arthur Hill News "A better press for a better worldu - "a better paper for the best school in Michigaii" are the aims of everyone of the 120 staff members and hopefuls who signed up for journalism and the Nezvgv first, second, and third hours this year. To afford opportunity for a more varied type of writing, to make possible a more Hexible make- up, to give advertising display, the Nezuir followed the modern trend in journalism toward the tabloid, and changed from a four page six column sheet to a six page four columln newsprint publication. The new format featured streamline headlines, tabloid picture layouts and a chatty, informal style of writing. With a ten day schedule to meet for 'each issue, a group of green juniors determined and dauntless learned things about journalism and gave the school a paper every other week during the year. With twelve department heads assigned to the staff roolm and 18 or 20 reporters chasing news or chewing their pencils in the large classroom, Arthur Hill life got into print through words and pictures. Howard Peterson and Marion Frisch, edi- tors, not only struggle with an entirely new format and headline style but with a com- plete junior staff. Ad manager Lena George makes her at- tractive acl layout: Ioyce Papineau writes for the editorial pageg Helen' Bilsky reads for backgroundg Edna Simon and Sud Hayden look happyg Marcia Van Auken, Gloria Garchow, and Dorothy Mattheis write their assigninentsg Albert Byron re- laxesg George YV. Baxter III writes his sports copy while 'Laura Ruppel and Mar- jorie Gilmore work on business accounts. 1939 Legenda Testing each student to the 'nth degree the schedule demands editorial page due Wednesday', collections and news assignments Thursday and Friday, advertising copy lVIonday, the sport page Tuesday, research and polls Tuesday, all news Wed- nesday, headlines and makeup Thursday and Fri- day, page layouts Monday, proof reading Tuesday- Begin again and sing the same song fifteen times through, then a schedule will live as it does for the newspaper staff. Truth, accuracy, cooperation-read, write, read, interview, write, check, hurry! No time for pout- ing or "chips on the shoulder"-stand ready to take any just criticism and all responsibility for errors- students lifve in the News room. Bookkeeper Mary Skeels, Reporter Ruth Fredrieksen, Photo- grapher Eugene Maier, Reporters Betty Jean Howell, Lois Lam- son, Charles Kruske, June Cardy, Betty Williamson, Helen Kirchner, Betty Blake, Georgia Burke, Bill Eberlein, and Helen Schniedmiller take time off to get "snapped"g Evelyn Burden docs her research featuresg Harold Bargert writes his sport: notesg Arlene VV'ill0ughby rests from runnin'g an errandg and Evelyn Stoffel waits for something to do. 55 I Social Art "Art for enjoyment and service" may Well be the slogan of students enrolled in the six general and commercial art classes. lldiss lVIartha Fisher directs these students placing safety posters in conspicuous places, creating posters to advertise forthcoming school events, making puppets, clay models, charcoal portraits, figures, dress designing, and scenery for school dramatics. The group sponsored two exhibits, one at the Nlay Parent-Teacher meeting and one in the halls on the second floor of the main building. "Tricks of the Trade in Lettering" were explained to the 6th hour Commercial Art l class November 10, by lVIr. Jack Deitz. Nlr. Deitz, a former student of Arthur Hill, illustrated his talk With some of his own layouts on different types of lettering. Thirteen commercial art students aided the Community Chest Drive by making posters as class projects. They include Bob Byron, Jessie Cain, Edward Collier, Rich- ard Ebach, Jack Eberlein, Bill Flathau, Edward Haar, Ruth Leaman, Floyd Mil- stead, Dorothy Price, Paul Rifenburg. Theda Snow, and Bob VVilliams. Louis Dupuis and June Turek are shown at work on their prize works. In the Saginaw W'omen's Club city-wide art contest, three students won awards. Louis' pen andl ink land- scape slcetch won him second place. June re- ceived honorable mention for a portrait done in pastel shades. George Curbey entered a clay model of an old scrub woman for which he received third place. However, busy Mr. Cur- ' bey was not to be found by the photographer. Jenny Jozwiak poses for the beneht of the class. Many students assist the art department in this way. XX-'ally Strobel's photograph is perfected as Bill Eberlein gives it final touches for Junior play advertising. Emil Franz sketches "scenery" from the stair landing and Richard Ebach has a little difficulty painting a mural. 1939 Legenda lilorotliy Ahrcns. Russ .lolinsoiig Helen Fischer, Jane Mcllerniutt, and llill Petrie were the student speakers at the May meeting at which an art exhibit and a movie were shown to the members. Mr. Clarence Knott and Mrs. Robert Leckie seein ainusrd at President llarvey 5paulcling's shyness at the refreslinient tahle. l l I Parent Teachers Association Established to give the parents and teach- ers more than a speaking acquaintance, the Parent-Teachers Association this year had a membership of 491. The parents proved themselves as fun- loving as the students when they participat- ed in a hilarious "Fun Fest" that included table tennis and bridge. The fathers had one hour of glory on the "Father's Night" program at the April meeting. Guests were thrilled with a cake walk and a mystery playlet. Dramatics students presented a portion of "Little Women" and the choir , sang Christmas carols at the Decerriber meeting. Speakers of interest and authority on student problems included Nliss Melita Hutzel, who is con- nected with the State Department of Healthg Nlr. George Campbell, humorist from Ohio, Professor Wliiteliouse, Dean of Albion Collegeg and llflr. Wil- liam RdcLeod, an expert on vocational opportunities. Activities were under the guidance of Mr. Harvey D. Spaulding, president, lVIrs. Gordon Hext, moth- er vice-president, lVIr. Stephen Walch, father vice- presidentg llfliss Lina Ward, teacher vice-president, RfIrs. Robert Leckie, secretaryg Mr. Clarence Knott, treasurerg lVIrs. Philo Goodwyn, corresponding sec- retary and historiang Mr. and lllrs. Hugo Werner, finance committeeg Mi's. E. L. Diebel, membership l chairmang lVIrs. Leo VonDette, publications, bliss Lillian Nlorgan, welfare, llflr. and Mrs. George Harnden, hospitalityg and Miss Ethel Peterson, school relations. To stimulate further interest in child welfare and acquaint the public with the many school activities and problems of their children, a series of parent broadcasts were sponsored by the City Parent Teach- er Association every Tuesday night at S o'clock over VVBCIVI. The program was under the supervision of lVIrs. Charles Danelly, president of the organization, and lVIrs. David Williams and Crannell Tolliver, co- chairmen. Social Clubs Hi-Y The Hi-Y, organized in 1920. works steadily to build up clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean living. Meetings are held at the Y. M. C. A. every Tuesday noon. Social affairs took the form of picnics, pot- luclcs, and banquets. The boys made an excur- sion through the new Malleable Iron Building. Saginaw Eastern and Arthur Hill Hi-Y Clubs banded together for a "scrumptious repast" and an excellent program. The boys sponsored two all-school parties, the "Scotch Hop" after a game and "The Last Round Upf' Mr. Maurice Schmidt advised the group, Girl Reserves The Girl Reserves, under the supervision of the Young XVomen's Christian Association cn- courage girls to develop higher ideals. Their activities included school parties, hobby groups of music, handicraft, dancing and dra- niatics. A Recognition Service honored the girls who had been active through the year. The girls worked under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret Fraser and Miss Mary Margaret Doidge and Miss I-lerberta Chandler, city Girl Reserves secretary. B. O. C. B. O. C. continues the interest of students iu band, orchestra, and clttoir. Individuals swal- low their shyness and try out in solo work before the club at its weekly meetings. On that per- formance rests the decision of acceptance into the club. Wfith the aid of their adviser. Mr. Earl Bur- nett, the club sponsored the "Mardi-Gras," an all-school party. Parties for their own enjoy- ment included a Halloween frolic and a spring picnic. l-li-Y ofticers: l!ob Leckie, presidentg Bob Sehindehette, vice-p1'6si- dentg Russ Johnson, secretary-treaszircr. Girl Reserve officers: june Riselay, seeretaryg Elsa Tiringe. treasurer, and jane McDermott, president. ll. O. C. oliicers, tirst semester: Jane Pratt. secretary-treasurer3 Lawrence Riclrert, vice-presidentg and joan Dillon, president. Second semester oflicers: Jane Pratt, vice-president, Betty Ellis, secretary- treasurerg and Leona Lantz, president. 1939 Legenda Clubs Alchemists Sixteen girls maintained high B averages in chemistry and other subjects and proved them- selves chemically-minded enough to gain mem- bership into the Alchemists. Members tried their hand at making rouges, lipsticks. powders. and hand lotions which are to be put on display in the new school. Twice monthly on Friday, with lX'lr, A. G. Dersch as adviser, the club met. Initiation parties, a scavenger hunt, and selling candied applies were the activities on their social cal- endar. Crueihles VVorl4ing in El realm of queer odors and strange formulas. Crucible Club members expe- rimented in almost any subject that interested them. Under the supervision of Mr. A. G. Dersch. chemistry teacher, :L chemistry plaque was given to the outstanding chemistry student, Marino Archangeli. Among the projects for this semester, the Crucibles studied the Diesel engine, transporta- tion and carbon monoxide. Biology Club Professional men and members furthered the club members' knowledge of biological facts by reports. lectures, and displays. Subjects studied included taxidermy and con- servation. Social functions brought Weiner roasts, sleigh rides, taffy pulls, and hay-rides. Activities were under the direction of 'Eloise Bacon, club adviser. Alchemists olhcers: Jane Blclilernmtt, vice-president: june Jacques, sec- retary-trensurer. Crucihles nllicerst Russell johnson, vice-'prcsidentg Yernell .lJartlett, secretary: Kenneth Marks, treasurer. Biology oflicers: Bill Petrie, Virginia liwbanlc, secretaries: June Jacques. ,lane Mcllerniotl, presidents: '3l':1rijean' .'Xllen, lf. Cf. Aeliard, vice-presirl:-nts, g l nmml,.i.W lin . ?w .iw .W . ., .n-. Mf. . v , J 59 Social Clubs Newcomers Being big sister to all girls new to Arthur Hill, the members of the Newcomers Club try to give the "inside story" on school activities to new girls and bring' them into a group small enough. to get acquainted tlirough numerous social functions. Miss Lillian B. Morgan or- ganized the group. Lettergirls Athletic-minded girls organized to honor those who reached certain goals of accomplish- ment in sports. Twenty-one new members were taken in to make the total membership twen- ty-eight. Initiation for new members and a picnic for seniors were among the activities of this season. Miss Mary Margaret Doiclge was adviser. Arts-Dramatics Club Arts-Dramatics students have opportunities to acquire the ability of talking and acting be- fore an audience without the "liem'iing and "haw"ing of the typical high school student. A letter of application or participation in the junior or senior plays permits a student to become a member of the group. "The New Coed" directed by Mr. Stanley Schubert. club adviser. was presented November 18, Ten members took part in the play and thirteen assisted in its production. Newcomers ofticersz Ellen Ann Dando, secretaryg Iosepliine Slasinslci, presidentg Becky Dalzall, vice-president. Lettergirls officers: Violet Boltz, treasurcrg ,Tune Jacques. secretaryg Shirley Nachtweih, presidentg Louise Frzxhm, vice- president. Arts-drzunatics oh'icers: Art Heimherger, vice-presitleutg Emma Neuwirth, presirlentg Doris Hanson, secretary. 1939 Legenda Clubs Home Ee To develop an understanding and appreciation of home- making problems, twenty-five domestic-minded girls who have had home management, clothing, or foods are mem- bers of the Home Economics Club which meets every other Tuesday. The group is a member of the state association of Home Economics clubs. A Christmas party for less fortunate children. a ban- quet to meet members of other Home Ee clubs in the district, an antique exhibit and tea lor mothers, and a candy apple sale were the social functions of the club. Miss Florence Wfells and Miss Lorna Lange were ad- visers. Der Deutsche Verein The German Club affords its members an opportunity to speak the German language informally among them- selves and to study the lives and customs of the German people. Book covers and senior calling cards were sold to Ii- nance the purchase of suitable pictures for the German room. A Christmas pageant, an evening dance, an evening at Skateland, and a picnic were enjoyed. Miss Coila Start sponsored the group. Quill and Scroll Service in the form of journalism projects - NEWS, Legenda, programs, publicity for all-school affairs, re- leases of school news to city and state papers plus schol- arship is rewarded by election to Quill and Scroll. This international honor society for high school journalists received eleven of the 130 students enrolled in the de- partment during the year, and is sponsored by Miss Mattie Gay Crump, state president. rf-x '- ' if W" 'iii' i I I r it .- - 'l l Home Ee Club olhcers: tary, Edith Handsehug, vice-presidentg and Ruth Nuechterlein, Mary Ann Pace, president: ltfargnret Delemcester, secretaryg second semester secretary. Ruth Miller, vice-president, Olga Stzmko, treasurer. Quin and Scroll members: German Club officers: Joyce Papineau, Edna Simon, Lena George, Sud Hayden, Helen Kenneth Hernmcter, Frieda Reimer, presidents, Thelnm May, Fischer, president, Leona Lantz, Ruth Zoller, Howard Peterson, Geneva Muirhend, treasurersg Helen Fischer, first semtester seere- Ruby Kile, Helen Bilsl-cy, Marion Frisch. Social Personality Club officers: Spanish Club ollicers: Marijean Allen and Edna Simon, presideutsg Dorothy Ahrens Florence Cannell, treasurerg Janice VVidmoyer, secretary, Veda and Jean Borland, vice-presidents, Bette Ernsberger, secretary. Crewe, vice-president, Florence Soper, president. French Club officers: Ann Allington, vice-presidentg Mary Io Furstenberg, treasurerg Lettermen oflicers: Art Hahn, secretary-treasurer, and Floyd Klenoski, vice-presi- Amelia Sobel, secretary, Barbara Beach, president. dent. Clubs Personality Club To ,achieve poise, charm, and social grace, the Person- ality Club girls met weekly to share lectures, reading, and demonstrations in social forms and ideals. "The Rules ot the Game," "Choosing A Girls' College," "Head Dresses," "Your Personality," "Correction of Personality Faults," "Introductions," and "Job Oddities" were among topics covered. In service the girls collected magazines and books for city hospitals. A scavenger hunt and St. Patrick Day's banquet were entertaining features. Miss Eloise Bacon was adviser. Le Cercle Francais The French club, organized in 1927, gives students an opportunity to- apply their French in conversation and to learn more about French customs. Taking an imaginary trip through France, the girls kept diaries and scrapbooks of their adventures. Since the club is composed of girls, they dressed dolls at Christmas time for less fortunate children. Miss Mary F. Lewis was adviser and meetings are held every other week. 62 Spanish Club Composed of students who especially like Spanish, the Spanish Club presented a "Spanish Fiestal' April 21 for the school at large. The senors and senoritas performed in the Spanish room which was gaily decorated in a Spanish theme. Miss Helen Spagnuola advised the club. Lettermen The Lettermcn Club came to life January Z0 with the presentation, at an assembly, of the drama CFD "Rose- wood O,Riley on the Job" or "XVhy Crime Flourishesf' featuring the case ot the missing holdup garters. To show that lettermen have social graces plus brawn, they sponsored an evening dance, "April Showersug and with the Student Union Cabinet, drew up a set of rules and regulations for the wearing of earned and purchased letters. Mr. Harve Light was the sponsor. Service Club Seventeen students make up the Service Club. Mem- bers aid the teachers by running errands, and keeping the halls clear and quiet during class time. A paid-up Student Union ticket is the reward for their services. 1939 Legenda Club Activities Sally Schindehette, Doris Vifaggon- er, jane Louise Brown, Norma Krue- ger, Arlene Nikolai, and Elaine Stro- bel celebrate with a box of candy after the success of "The New Coed." Margaret Sovia evidently enjoys her job as a Service Club member. Ann Sverid, Bob Doyle, and Bruce Phillion look over the apples at the Alchemist's sale. Salesmen Jean Bor- land and Violet Boltz wait patiently for the nickles to start rolling. Jane McDermott and Leona Lantz enjoy the prelude to a BOC meeting while the others preoccupy their minds with far away thoughts. Odd shoes and clever knick-knacks -there you have the hobby exhibit of the Home Economics Club. Marijean Allen, F. C. Achard, Mar- cia Van Auken, "VVhitey', Hlad, Dan O'Riordan, Mary Io Furstenberg, Barbara Beach, jack Jacobi, Frank Mason at the Hi-Y Scotch Hop. Yes, it's one of those Biology skits! Muriel Dowis studies while Service Clubbing. Marino Arcangeli is happy about being presented with the Crucible award for proving himself most out- standing chemistry student. Miss Wells pauses during the Home Ee dinner at which Home Ee Clubs in Saginaw District were entertained. Marcia Van Auken receives a word of instruction from Shirley Vifenger in .a skit performed for Personality Club. ' At the Mid-Year Mardi Gras How- ard' Redfern, Nancy Stine, Roger Jacobi, Bob Fellows, and Aldean Voelker quench their thirst with gin- gerale. Kathryn McCullen rests from her labors as Service Club member. At the Home Ec tea Kathryn Dy- son pours as Miss Helen Spagnuola, Miss Mary Lewis, and Miss Ruth Mcllvenna choose a tasty sandwich. Fred Poppeck, Don Abbey, Mr. Maurice Schmidt, Jack Dersch, Bob Schmidt, Randall Robson, George Hach, Ray Keyser, and Charles Spie- kerrnan at one of the Hi-Y noon-day lunches. All aboard for the Girl Reserve picnic! Old faithful-Ferdinand the Bull. Dorothy Cramer negotiates a book cover sale with Alice Fleischmann. 1 1 1 One outstancliwg sophomore, prominent in scholarship, charac- ter, and leadership will be chosen each year to hc presented with the Arthur Hill Hi-Y Alumni Clip. Johnny JohnSon's name will be the First to be inscribed on the cup. Master of the twirling baton, ffim Kennedy placed third in' the state-wide drum majors' contest at East Lansing last Feb- ruary. Bob Leckie gained recognition in the Young Republicans' Club by winning first place in a district and county contest. His well-chosen topic, "Should the Unite-:l States Have Government Control or Free Enterprise?" won for him a radio and traveling bag. Using dependability, service, and patriotism as the basis for selection, oxrc senior girl represents Arthur Hill each year at the Daughters of the American Revolution's convention. Helen Fischer was chosen as the senior citizen, while Leona Lantz and Arlene Nikolai were runners-up. Mrs. Chester Miller presented Helen' with a pin. ir , Scholarship. athletic accomplishment, and leadership won Jack Dcrsch the Michigan Alumni Plaque this year. Gerald Danin wrote an essay-"Americanism and How to Achieve It." It caught the eyes of the judges for the Veterans of Foreign VVars essay contest, who honored Gerald by selecting his composition as the prizewinircr in Saginaw and in the state. Central State Teachers College has awarded Leona Lantz and Jane McDermott scholarships for the coming year. Social Honors After going through three years of high school with ideal marks, Margaret Campbell received the Arthur Hill University of Michigan scholarship. Ted Kennedy received the distinction of having his name in- scribed on the Ippel Merit Cup which is awarded annually to the senior who has best served his school. Proving his ability in a competitive examination, Ray Hcidtke was awarded the University of Michigan Scholarship for a Saginaw freshman. Jean Aspin and Janet McLean were presented with Michigan State College scholarships for outstanding work in the 4H Club. Jean is pictured here. Combining scholastic and manual art ability, Walcleiiiar Scheiwe received honors in 4H work. He is the recipient of a scholarship to Michigan State College. Excelling in editorial writing, Joyce Papineau was awarded Iirst place in Michigan and honorable mention in the nation upon entering the National Awards Contest sponsored by Quill and Scroll. Smoothly cutting his way to the Finish, Ralph Newton cap- tured first place honors in the Young Men's Christian Associa' tion swim meet at Grand Rapids. 1 -f . - -1 i l ggi beam, f ,W sf-. iii. -- .- "' ' - ...l... t 64 l 1939 Legenda .1 J.. ...,Q-smxw-xr wg' I I 1 l l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Scholarship ! Character l Leadership! Only students possessing' such virtues are elected to the National Honor Society. Fifteen per cent of the senior class is selected each semester by the faculty to become life-long members of this nation-wide organization. January National Honor Society members: Mary Lou Krumheur, Jane McDermott, ,Tune Riselay, Charles Sherman, Tliomas Seymour, Sud Hayden, Robert Chisln, jack Chism, Kenneth Chambers, and XVilliun1 Quinn. .,,r ,. , Hi in i 1 if nl, 1 ltwi ' ts. .. L, .- June nicinhcrsz Ann Allington, Marino Arcangeli, Vcrnell Bartlett, lfrlwin Ueehler, Violet Boltzz, Jean Borland, Gilbert Deibcl, Jack Dersch, Joan Dillon, Helen liischer, Don Fraser, Lorine Geyer, Jean' Gray, Margaret Ilaithco, Edith Hauclschug, Ray Heicltke, Kenneth Hemmeter, Arthur I-T. Herzog, Arthur O. Herzog, Helen Hu- hinger, June Jacques, Russell Johnson, James Kennedy, Kenneth Kerstcng Kenneth King, Adeline Kolb, Betty Jane Kole, Leona llautz, Maxine Lantz, Jmncs Lyorrs, Elaine Mannion, Kenneth Marks, Ann Moore, Robert Muehlenheek, Arlene Nikolai, Doris Norton, Edith Notter, Ruth Nuechterlein. Itlowarcl Peterson. Mn- riel Poulsoir, Jane Pratt, Dorothy Prior, Alice Reiner, Frank Rupprecht, Delmar Ruthig, Arthel Sneathen, Florence Super, Pauline Stier, Claire Suhau, Ann Sverid, Marjorie Thurlow, .Barbara Tillson, Marguerite Voorheis, Ruth Wficneke, and Irene Zuilinger. E . l 1 i jd !!! H ' r v A M -',, 'Q if 'V E. fa, A 5 3' 1 , 'A ef ' V -15 ' . , , 1 . 5 f' ,,.,f "' ' V - -911 5? '. l . W W. , j 1, ,:.:V. .Arr ..,.. 4 I llv. gnu W A ,,. ,'. . "elim .. H A il it fe sg' fs or me f ,','i . 'ww - Qf5'EuilL"lf"'7 K H . 'r-we r ' l r 1 gig . . , .. ff? ' . ' lr'-ll Y 1- 2: D W , 1 xg? A I 1 N , 5 A ml :hwy . ri 'V - A M J FA 1 1- w r ., il ' A 2 Q2 ' 1: l I U, H ll' ' we . .far I 4 5 , X jf , - H ' 4": ' H -ig...-i fi' .1 "7"3'1i' ff? 5. if V: .fl . 'F I . ,Ifier :w i , VA . 3 U " . A " 1f.f4 E511 V we . ' Q ,EQ NH 1' 1 51:1 :ig gg, 71' - . ,i?l'l ' fr arg.. ff Robert W. Baumer George W. Baxter IH Barbara Anne Beach Edward A. Becker Gladyce M. Becker Edwin L. Beehler Norman R. Bell L. James Benford 66 Graduating Seniors Charlotte Abramowski F. C. Acharcl Elinor C. Alderton Donald D. Alexander S. Jeanne Allen Helen Ann Allington Clifford G. Almy Ellsworth Bremer Alsgaard Ardath L. Anderson Marino Arcangeli Esther Verna Arft June Mary Arft Robert G. Arndt Iolm T. Ault James D. Bain Rodath L. Baldwin Doris E. Baleslcy Eleanor N. Bamberger Vernell WV. Bartlett Ida Lucille Bauer KENNETH CHAMBERS Ken, quiet in manners and speech, misses few opportunities to learrr or serve. 1939 Legenda Marjorie L. Benkert Ruth Marie Bickel L. Williain Bixby, Jr. VVarren VV. Blackney Marian Edith Blake Dorothia C. Blower Louise Bolognesi Violet M. Boltz Roy G. Borchard Gladys L. Borgstrom Jean Shirley Borland James C. Boyd EDDIE COLLIER Edwin NI. Bfillldle The allrround athlete - EL sevens letter man, Ecl's quick winning smile Donald Harold Brandt serves as a very likeable front for his shyness. -1 "if . , .5255 .fQf"'g,..g,C.,'f.,-ff. f s :er-!,i1l,.gl1f. yiifif ' ii" , , ,, 1- -s. ., .- fx in . , .Y ,' .2 W 11 L f ' W- W ff J 'Q , 1 , V... - iw I 2.-: ::ai- AJ? F ,743 is 'if w .- lfjig iii Ross F. Brandt Elsa I. A. Bringe Jane Louise Brown Mary Josephine Brown Geraldine June Brassem Evelyn E. Bromfield Jeanne E. Brown Bonnie Isobel Brush Irma M. Bunjes Pauline M. Burns Robert I. Byron Arlene Rose Buflington Nelson Burnell Edith Mae Butts 67 Graduating Seniors I- ,, - -. - - .. .. -...--.-- v-....- .- ...- If S ' l-i1:i1Ql- l .A . C . :A " M r i 'li .Y . W ,. , ywagggggk Y Q It V I 'Q x 1 1 . Q " 'Q X .5 521 1 -5 Q .A i' 1 y 't Y C fe . Q. -' X n D 'K , 'C NJ X IU. 5 'V ,gfff . -vi? ei Beryl Jane Campau John R. Carney Mary Ethyle Case Kenneth Chambers George XV. Cappell Keri-more R. Case Charles Ceedar Jack W. Chism Marshall Alvin Clayton Milton E. Coats Harriett l,.. Cogswx ell Robert M. Chism Albert Clements Kathleen M. Coffman JACK DERSCH Always sure of his puns, Jack is number one on the "life of the party" parade. NVith homework and-study first, he has ample time for friends. Edward F. Collier Kathryn I. Conlay Marvin F. Cooper Nelson I. Curbey Dorothy H. Cramer Maxine Ruth Crevia Veda Florence Crew George T. Curbey Milton Dabbert Ernest I. Dankert 68 Gerald L. David Bette Lorraine DeForest Gilbert A. Deibel Anthony J. Deilce 1939 Legenda 1 1 i -- E V il" if HELEN FISCHER VVithout the use of ropes or hal' ters, Helen leads Arthur Hill stu- dents. She delights in' smoothing the wrinkles out of troublesome sit- uations. Responsibilities bring no fears for her. Marguerite Delemeester Mary Louise Denton Jack Arthur Dersch Earl L. Dice Evelyn G. Dickert Lois E. Dietrich Howard C. Dietzel Ioan Alice Dillon Frieda Domson Alice M. Donnenwerth Robert H. Dornfelcl Muril Mina Dowis Robert I. Doyle Orriel Charlotte Dreixler Robert WV. Duclos Helen Duleclca Juanita M. Earley Douglas B.. Eaton John F. Eberleiu Vlfilliam C. Eberlein . ' 4? ' it -5 5 , I r J '5' if 2 , i 1 ' M 16' l - 2 -' . f i 'X 1 'B .xi 'grim WA i - , .,-V -3 ,apr g i ft. l F' , ' -.'.... . " . '- I 1 ls: ... A F so 1 ,i325:2:f2f-f-.5 'hlliylllii' F. we 1 ltt i f . g slffiyg s .gg ff L , sz? Q gp. ' 9' J, 1 N 1' 'Z F- 'NSF' x. fp- A- f I '-4 ': JV' .wi i y fa A, sr N-' li 69 If - . ... ,f,4' - - ig U. fri! 'f if ' f 4" f 1, 9' ,. Q f ,114 , , ' Q-9 "' 3' i ii' we .. Marjorie Jean Eggers LeXVanna Mae Emery Victor F. Engel Dorothy M. Esmer Margaret L. Estep Virginia Joyce Ewbank Stanley Normancl Farrand, Russell F. Fechter ,. Ir "E , gf' 'fr .1 1 .-r '52, . . l 'A' ,V Y 55 - ,zg - fl? it in . .J 331 Q li Q ' 1. ' 1 .. . I ,L ' ...I 5 .... . .1 M, 1 , in 'un' mea- 7' YK 1 . .. A '1' ' 514' N 2421-2345 'ff -. L - A. 12'- M ' -- all Q., i f 4 Q, 4 -1.55-I L.. Nj .. 'ur Y' 1 we 7 mo l A 'fe -:..:g:-.-mi. 4 f 'A nw . ,i I r -fi-127 " 1. .ft ll zff' u " 1 "'-nd' I, Q ' Q ' ' f 4 . l ' 1 - . l l "L ,, ,r ,. z 1' 4 ..',g.-:pu W ,sr W Q I 1- ' ' V 1 X' '- Lzlzf it L ' i f' 5 1 F! -- ' '7 ', Y ' 1. . . .V 1 J L ' X in I, t I .V V! .1-1 '- , a ,5 is ' V3.3 S ,5 az, H Q 9 - A mlm 1 X' . .N g A . , jean Graham Betty Lou R. Gray Glenda jean Gray Dorothy T. Griflin Ernest F. Grossman Irene M. Grossman John A. Gunther Esther Louise Haas ff' . ru .A .i 75,14 ...Q . 70 Graduating Seniors Eileen Lucille Ferguson Carlton D. Ferriby Grace Marion Filiatraut Helen Louise Fischer Myrtle M. Fobear Louise M, Frahm Don A. Fraser Alice L. Furstenberg Mary Joanne Furstenberg Martin Galasterer Kenneth E. Garchow MQ. Ileene Gates Arlene Phyllis Gaulclen T. Jean Gerskin Lorine K. Geyer Marian F. Gibson Richard P. Gillespie . Geraldine E. Gohm George Gottler Lorraine Margaret Graf JEAN GRAY Jeanie is recognized as ii "really swell laid." She danced right into the hearts of the student body. 1939 Legenda ,,....--4 y .Ax t JA C K H A C K5'l"A DT ,lack is that bashful blond who amhles around school, but not the football field, with a slow, easy gait. 1. H . ..- I rf? 3 t AD , .rl J .Tal Q.. . all -.1 Y- it ..,, !.Lk:,,Ul, W., 4 Yi, 'A X NIV: 2 M at A .f 2S?iz:g.g,:+.' l , 5 :5 .7 'Q i " tl 'kt 4 John Fordney Hackstadt Arthur L. Hahn, Jr. Lady Margaret Haithico Harry G. Hammond Edith Gertrude Handschug Donna Monona Hanson Maxwell Arnold Harper VVilliam Harris Charlotte I. Harrison Zita .loan Hathaway lVilmar Haubenstricker George Sutherland Hayden Helen Gertrude Hazen Viola Lorraine Heekathorn 4 il ,U ,. Ig-' -5,41 , 1 vi 5 xl VN i i A " 'I w . ..f:.'lim1:- , Q -I H .ni ' 52114- 'I .ft it . 3 " .F .5 time ji ill 5 l is , L...-.J l I i l it :lima 112' , Q i i' i 'Ill .. vt,-I , ,ez-':'...iww i 1 .,,A N ... . 1. i. f . , . ' E 1 l 1 W. .gm 3:5 'F Q' U "fm ' -Wx . rv, My A: .LY ..., ,ZA it V 1' Q ' Y AII- Fx 7. x A .g5- A9 itz f 1 1 f 1 ' A i iiii ' i"i Raymond F. Heidtke Douglas Hendricks Arthur O. Herzog Mary Ellen Hiseock Kenneth VV. Hemmeter Arthur H. Herzog Annette L. Hinds Newell J. Hoffman Nellie Mae Holly Elizabeth Lorraine Hubbard Neil K. Hudson Jean Mary Holcomb Mildred Irene Hooton Helen C. Hubinger 71 l Graduating Seniors Wilbur G. Huebner Gene E. Hummel Thelma June Jacques Lewis ,lex Raymond C. Hucgel Charles H. Hunter Paul F. Iank Dorothy I. johnson Russell L. Johnson Elwood Jones . Edward A. Kabobel Rosamond Mary Johnson Duren Edward Jones Robert E. Jones 'za 1 , I '- l s. - .,.,.- L- ,W , , 1 " 2 'mf eww. 1' W - .. 3, ,, . , my I I at if' , ,ff '.,.-,192 . an 5 g 33' QU: H 4 . + L ' W me .1 .r -3 X 1. ji -l :N - :N . 1 7' f l A Vbxr. :K ,lll A M Qg:f:5l1r'r3! ,M gr ' f "' f r '- If.:-QE., Lv E Ni: I, u ' ' frail . ,Ji - . 4? A , . . ' I ' ' ll if - , 'l'Iy 'i 9 dxf- "':"7 - 1 " .iii-3 ' ' . : ' , 3' ll' if -" - .as E Y , Q., r- W . , 1 ll- M .Q-1.2 , 4:4 T l A ,Z-lvl I -1 V :,. ,.,, 51:5 2-Q Li ' .- .- J ':" "Y x ARTH UR H, HERZOG Tall, tan, :ind definitely athletic- who else but Art? He proves him self equally good at mastering aca- demic as well as golf courses. Joseph Spencer Kelly June Kelley Sandy B. Kelley James J. Kennedy Kenneth H. Kersten Ruby Mae Kile Ruth Lillian Kile Arthur R. King Kenneth K. King Jessie Merrill Kingsbury Marguerite Mary Klein Glen V. Kluclc Irma Gwendolyn Knott Charles Arthur Koehler 72 1939 Legenda l J' I I I ii' 'I were UWM. .rl iw ?" M' ...e w w fi -. ff v 1 A RUSSELL JOHNSON Down-to-earth friendliness plus a hit of wordy repetition and zu quiet manner which inspires conlidcnce can describe only Russ. Adeline F. Kolb VVilliam Kolb Betty Jane Kola James R. Korbein Pauline ll. Kotenko Harold O. Krause Robert LeRoy Krieger Gerald A. Kruger Mary Lou Krumheur Emory C. Kuehn Constance M. Laatsch Charles F. Ladensack Edward C. Landman, Ir. June M. Lange Leona May Lantz ' Margaret Maxine Lantz Clayton J. LaPage Fred Laubhan Doris Mae Lawler Ruth Marion Leaman - .+1...:Y, - In Vw i L.. ' iii '- ' . .. . . .W . sbt l i llr tg 73 Robert Gower Leclcie, Jr. Vlfilfrede R. Lehr Esther Pauline M. Leis Hilbert C. List A. Rachel Lincoln Angus John Logan Jonior L. Ludlum Albert C. Luplow 1 , 1 . .. X . -- .... .. " is- rfiiilifizw-?'55-sn: ti na Graduating Seniors ' Wfilliani H. Lutzke Betty Joyce Lyness James Kimbell Lyons Evelyn Irene McCarty 3 av Mary Jane McDermott Janet Clara McLean Jeanne Laura MacArthur ri Archibald Raynor MacDonald 55 -.,1,,',N I ill ' ff K ! I F' 1 Caroline H. Malinski , JZ, I ,:,. I f Elaine A. Mannion i W A - J In .A,,. :I Lawrence A. Marcoux l - - ' V, A: A Kenneth George Marks if V Y ' "rA E Y 6 Leona G. Martindale L - L H , ' . Y VVil1iam I. Masterton iV1I5i'T, ,. f X, Doris E. Maurer , -auf .ii ' l , Don E. Metzler l --.. . 5 fr i1i-f , ear Harold E. Meyer l Q W ' Robert O. Meyer 1 Q VVayne E. Meyer .Eh ' 'yi Doris L. Miller A I i l , f irmwl: v N 'i il I' vigil'- , 'Q Q' Q s.-.. 4.-H E 1 I' 1 d g . rr J 'ls 1 - , A- 4' R V as - fl. f uc- 1 - i -m7'i"i.'ff' iff ! 'im' 7 U ee ., ' A- i "" 1 " 'V V ,1 ' , ' ' 1 2 'W ' ff 1 ' JIM KENNEDY Elame R- Nhller ,Tim is everyb0dy's choice as lgigh- Florence Jeanette Miller stepping drum major-conscientious, courteous, shy. Ruth H. Miller Wfilber I. Miller Floyd V. Milsteacl June R. Moiles Ann Kathryn Moore Bette E. Morrison 74 1939 Legenda Dorothy Mae Mnehlenbeck Harold W. Muehlenbeck Robert Charles Mnehlenbeck Geneva Lee Muirhead Jean Adelaide Mulholland Leona H. Mundt Helen Munger Joseph Murin Patricia L. Murphy Leon G. Murray Jack Alden Myers X Shlfiffy NHChtNVCil1 FLOYD KLENOSKI P' t e a l -hu d-ed pound box- Ji' Niontgomery Nash car Itllizilgplayswao strgng gains? of fooa l ll b b ll, la la'lc iair, an Harold A- Nefc daflrsald s1iiii:itI1ei'eS5ioLi have Klene os 41. i X f f WW A I 3 fa ,Qi ig: sse . ,- ' , . ,Z V H nx 1. 5 f ,f avr. l, . K i aj 1 i I fy I Q ,. ., . i A " -'flzifdfaif . 1' - lj iw! . '1, ':" i t i 7 A ll Q X -A L Q ie - r ..M. . A if' 'L 'F il i ' i me . F iw M. xi W i N H i V6 V My ,-K' . ll-Jvjg W! 1 2 l" Wgg i.. My .i WMTQQ... QR . f' .i . ll mfffff ii ll ll Q N . Dorothy Ann Neumann Ralph James Newton Norma Rose Neymeiyer Arlene E. Nikolai Charles F. Newman Alfred Newvine Williaxii A. Nickle Doris Ann Norton Harold Ferdinand Nuechterlein Ruth Martha N ueehterlein Grace Eleanor Otto Edith Margaret Notter Lawrence XValter Nuechterlein Norma June Oehring 75 Graduating Seniors Mary Ann Pace Vivian Myrtle Parks Warren V. Peters Howard C. Peterson, Ir. Cathryn A. Parker Luana M. Perrigo Agnes M. Peterson Lee Hart Pinnell Donald F. Pohlman Sally Anna Poplewski Albert E. Povich Donald G. Plarnbeck Betty Jane Poplewslci Muriel E. Poulson .'e' 'A r . 7 R , ,. , H , Nl W1... 4 . .,.. V X I z E I i L . -P . 3 6' FF' . , ' -+ . 11 -X lg ': 7 . 'rg Y. fig r x . . : V L y V ll to ,t y . A rf' lf' l ... f ' ..,.. fl' . . ' P ' 'l i' P 'r,. P' P it f ni a .. ' A ,,.ee 5 . Y . .sp ll i iffilr Pill- if H.. f Hi . ' I ui 11 , 1 1 ' V a. 2 " 4 -1' 1 l i H! ,. A--Z I I K r YI I. i ,. X 1 fi . ggz ww. V- mr 19 f - f .15 V N: 1 ' r'. l A , nl' i li -. Qi A - 4 2 1 5 ' ' W il' . ff--W a.. 1- i rr eg A in , , V , 4, 7 -9 's r - A M WN! --:V U K ,Ill 2 1 . ill . iii... fi! - ,ur ff i arg. Jack I. Powlcy W 1 - P P ,. 4 glliiillf - Sf '5 '5 1, 'S ' 'Ill' X , ,W Q ,rr I V i "N Q" NW Jane Drusilla Pratt Dorothy L. Price BOB LECKIE Can't meet Bob without being per- suaded to buy something, go some- where, or do something. Roh is the "pepper-upper" for all "shincligs"- the typical "man-about-school," 76 Dorothy V. Prior Anne M. Quaclcenbush Rachael Mary Quackenbush William Arthur Quinn Evelyn M. Rabideaux Loisjune Raese Marian R. Rau Vera Linda Rauh 'Wfalter H. Raymond Frieda Ruth Reimer Doris L. Reinhardt 1939 Legenda ARLENE NIKOLAI Campus queen and play heroine is Arlene who has the smile that wms. Helen Reisbig Alice H. Remer Stewart Leo Rex Cecile Rick Lawrence Gould Rielcert Paul Rifenburg, Ir. Nicma June Riselay Arlene E. Rivett Katherine E. Robinson Frank A. Rock, Ir. Ann S. Roditcher Bette Jane Rogers Elaine E. Rogers Mildred Ann Rorlc Wixlifred E. Rork Phyllis A. Rummins Don S. Rupp Frank Leonard RLl1J1J1'CCl1f Robert D. Rushlow Delmar W. Rutliig . -mi ra, ' i .U i " .2 1, .1 l l' l g N ll-ll '- :ffm l , in im A 'g3.v7lfli"g. ras:-:.:. K - ,. 1. H i I 1 Wie' ..f,...5'.:.! ii Mi , -V ' ' ' 1' ' .i - ii. ii .rr ,-. 4 -Ng f - Ee. t t N, A. 7:35 V i ' ef " 1 Q.- 1' -. i xii lr - at A . 6. W e . A X 4' f ' V- "'-'rfb 1 ll .'..,,, v A' - J ' . , -.,, 6 - 'Cz 1 " Q X I I. M. 'Q-'Sf . E 'ms ! f" ii E .L H R .ei ' 0 LA i , .--,LA ,, l .F .,. . M i Mgr . Mir' l ll . rlll llllllwil g i ll 1 , . .. ..... . , .,. N .H 1 l I --ef if .....:.., 11 4 . V' I r 77 Lorraine K. Salesky Charles Henry Sarle III Robert Iohn Sauve Ella M. Schade W'aldemar WV. Scheiwe Jack I. Schell Mildred Margaret Schellhas David Schimpf i 1 I I , ' 'wi il' .Pr , . , I Graduating Seniors A , H l 'A Qin HOWARD PETERSON V That man again-Peterson with j his camera begging, coaxing, plead- V1 N mg the stuclents and faculty alike . . "" "' for those pictures the News and ' Legenda 1lZ'H-Vt have. .N " 1 ,N 1, Robert T. Schinclehette " ' Wigg ' 'WNN ' , i Bertram C. Schleicher ",,,..f . r . VValter Schmitt ,I 75 ,,,!NN I Mary Elizabeth Schneider 9, Alf iii. .M 6 H L 1 y .Ii , A 5 ' tr - ay- Pauline E. Seeley , 4531 H A N Thomas C. Seymour ' 21: .' fi -'V, i - " Q iii rf' j'li7f' Lawrence Carl Shcrbino C e il '-f 5 1' - V. ., " Q -' Charles F. Sherman ' Betty Lou Shuster Bernard Simmons Q Daniel Chisholm Smith Edna Mae Smith Eleanor Jean Smith Mary Louise Smith Victor John Smith Arthel E. Sneathen Theda B. Snow Amelia M. Sobel Florence M. Soper E. Margaret Sovia 4 M i. .K i I 1. L g 'Y .-:J-if ..:.4 ,,z2 H V, . Bernard lf.. Spatz, Ir. I. William Spatz Lyle M. Speace Gilbert E. Speckhard Bette Jane Spencer Henry DeWain Spiekerman, Ir. Esther L. Spindler Norris La.Verne Spyker 78 1939 Legenda Lorraine L. Steltzriede Leona K. Stielow Irene Marie Stoffel Gertrude Sturm Betty Jane Stemler Pauline Mae Stier VVillis I. Strobel Lydia Sturtz Ann M. Sverid Ruth E. Thomas Barbara C. Tillson Rosebud Marie Summerheld Laura A. Taylor Marjorie A. Thurlow V ' MT L '- i n ,:, . ' ' i' ' -:'-. - 6 .-E V .i ,,. 6 " 3 -Q1 ' ,' ' ml," 'Q' i .Q oi" r 5,1 1 4 , .5a+,f ,5- A- f Ur' 1 Mig.: ' Q : 1: - , ,. .1 psf -'-' , T bv T M t -N J... . as , :L . f .r y V . V 4.1 - WL, ' "' ' i. ,. 'R if A ' -T 'G' A dl .L I 3 A , 5 i I I 4 f , ex 'B J V fr fnffef v- 5 l ,f T T K Q0 , Q Y . Aj . N ,'l,, , , .Viv M V A fl by 11 tif" N M ijjf 3 J ,. -E. V - , . ., 1 K -W w ' 2 ' i1 'I 1 . 1 l - :Nl , Q i Y . Q I - it A . Qf"u., V 4 l r - -t !, I I I ' VV' M rj- l A 5 I 25:10 N- ' . '.f3,.+I:,::.w e l T .. ' , ' M 7 A TIL T , L . fag .. i fa 5 A ..,v F ,I g I -5 "L W I V,-1 "' f il vi- I 1' ' , , -xl - .- VZ 1' Lg f Esther Trornmer Patricia Tubbs Betty Jane Tucker Richard Charles Tuttle VVilbur O. E. Uebler Florence D. Uphoff Mary Elizabeth Uptegraft Norman Leo VonDette Marguerite Voorheis Martin lfVil1ia1n Voorheis Stephen F. XValch Fern Ann Wallace Ruth Elene VValworth Howard Vvaruer ,TUNIOR SPIEKERMAN Niililnle-lingers swung this "swing- ster" into the hearts of all jitterbugs and "rug cutters." 79 Q Q r l al pg r KL? , . if ,L xr 1 .gg fi 1 Donna A. WVray Edmund C. VVurtze1 Ruth E. Yingling Irene C. Zeilinger Marion Irene Zeitler Ruth,I. Zoller IN MEMORIUM Arthur Sehweinshaupt I I M I I W . -fm 0 - , I I EW 'fi V l H" I I it ' l ' 4' H .wr . NJ-it I , ii 9 'rf FF Graduating Seniors Rudolph Richard Warnick Marie Pauline Weber Adele Weiss Elizabeth C. Weiss Irene L. Weiss Raymond F. VVeiss Harold I. Wheatley Margaret E. White JJ 4 Ruth E. Wieneke Kathryn Wiese George Phineas Wiggiiis Pauline G. Willett Robert J. Williams Emil L. Wissmueller James Charles F. Wolfe Grace Adella Wood DONNA WRAY Petite, blond, bluceeyed Donna, '11 e d i 's at'sf in wit grae an pose, 1 's 1 y g on the stage as well as in classes and halls. 1939 Legenda .6 Mk Left-D. Abbey, H. Abraham, C. Acker, N. Acker, T dance, L. Adams, R. Adams, R. Ader, School foundation, D. Ahrens, E. Ahrens, B. Aker, M. Alaniva, V. Alberts, H. Albrecht, E. Aldrich, D. Alexander, Boys' volleyball, I. Alexander, H. Allen, K. Allen, M. Allen, R. Alles, C. Allore, S. Allore. C. Almy, C. Alsgard, N. Amanati, R. Anderson, R. Andre, C. Anspach, L. Arcangeli, E. Arold, J. Aspin, A. Aubel, E. Auer, E. Auger, I. Ault, R. Averill, D. Bair, C. Balclauf. Above-K. Baldwin, D. Balesky, M. Ball, A. Balley, A. Bardcn, H. Bargert, G. Barlow, A. Barnett, D. Bartel, R. Bartlett, R. Basner, D Bassett, A. Bassow, L. Baudoux, C. Bauer, M. Bauer, N. Bauer, G. Bauman, E. Baumgartner, M. Beach, F. Beamish, M. Beaver, C. Beckwith, E. Beebe, M. Becker, I. Beel- man, C. Behrens, L. Bejcek, H. Bell, D. Bell, M. Bell, G. Benford, J'. Benjamin, D. Benkert, VV. Benson, I. Benway, J. Benzenberg, A. Berbylos, A. Berbylos, E. Berg, E. Berka, R. Bickel. MI. Bierlein, M. Biesterfeld, H. Bilsky, K. Binasio, B. Bird. 81 Below-C. Black, S. Blacktopp, R. Blackwell, B. Blake, Parents' night, I. Blehm. D. Block, H. Block, N. Bloc:k,L. Bluem, B. Blumenthal, Homecoming, H. Bocse, R. Boissoncault. D. Bomboske, L. Bonncll, M. Borehard, R. Bor- -chard, B. Boyd, D. Boyd, W. Boycl, F. Boyer, M. Branch, R. Braun, E. Brautigzun. I. Brecse, P. Breitzig, D. Bremer, J. Bremer, L. Briggin, C. Brin, J. Brin, G. Brock, J. Brock, K. Brown, YV. Brown, R. Browne, E. Brown- ing. M. Browning, C. Bruner, V. Brush, K. llublitz. Right-R. Buck, I. Buddle, S. Bull, H. Burhack, M, Burch, YV. Burch, E. Bur- den, V. Burgdorf, A. Burgess, K. Burk, G. Burke, F. Burr, O. Busch, R. Busch, L. Butzin. E. Buxman, M. Buxman, A. Byron, Underclzlssmen 1-. H. Byron, I. Cain, D. Campau, I. Campau, L. Campau, V. Campbell, A. Campeau, P. Czunpcau, D. Canell, I. Coppell, L. Cappell, E. Card, I. Cardy, F. Carmcll, S. Carrington, D. Carter, J. Case, R. Case, D. Chadwick, WV. Challis, M, Chapman, H. Chzn-trzmd, E. Chisholm, J. Chisholm. W.. uv- Q' YW' '11 O mf?rll?v1lmJ+ 82 gg, ll J mnngnii 25.9 Qs Left-D. Chism, B. Christensen, R. Claspell, L. Clay- ton. R. Clements, B. Cline. NV. Clinc, B. Clinkston, L. Cochran, C. Coffman, E. Colpcan, Movies, S. Con' zelniann, NV. Coplin, K. Cradit, D. Cramton, I. Cram- ton, F. Crane, A touchdown-ii. L. Crane, M. Crawford, M. Creed, E. Crevia, VV. Crozier, R. Crutchlielcl, TB. Dalzell, H. Dnmcr, E. Danilo, L. Daniels, Turkey game, L. Daniels, G. Danin, N. David, J. Davis, M. Davis, J. Deady, M. Debarr, H. Dccrock, H. dcGeus, L. Dckon. B. Delaney, I. Delcmeester. Right-B. Demmer, R. Dengler, XV. Denglcr, J. Dunton, M. Denton, D. Del'lonty, E. DePlonty, B. Diechman, E. Diehl, C. Dietznl, VV. Dietzel, B. Dilley, VV. Dirkcr, M. Dittmar, M. Dittmar, R. Dodge, Doerfncr, K. Dollhopf. F. Don Sang, D. Doughty, L. Dowis, G. Doyle, I. Doyle, VV. Driclick, D. Drown, B. Dubay, R. Duclos, L. Duffett, A. Dufiield, L. Dunlap, L. Dunlap, M. Dunlap, J. Dunn, J. Dunn, R. Dunn, I. Dupuis, L. Dupuis, G. Dustin, A. Duwe, B. Earley, VV. Earley, D, Eaton, I. Eaves, R. Ehach, M. Ebe. 83 Underclassmen Left-Football banquet, Christmas baskets, F. Edwards, L. Elliott, S. Elliott, B. Ellis, H. Ellis, In- termission, T. Ellis, E. Ellison, B. Emeott. L. Emeott, E. Engel, A. Enszer, W. Enszcr, B. Ernsberger, M. Erzen, G. Esmer, lvl. Evans, M. Evans, J. Ewald, C. Fair. G. Falkenhagen, M. Farmer, NV. Far- mer, I. Faughnan, N. Faulman, I. Favara, K. Feit, H. Feldotte, R. Fellows, A. Felton, E. Felten, V. Ferguson, R. Fierke. E. Ficr- stien, I. Finch. Abovw-B. Finger. D. Fischer, H. Fisher, D. Flatliau, W. Flathau, J. Fleischman, A. Flcischrnann, H. Fohear, G. Forbes, H. Forsythe, J. Foulds, E. Fox, D. Francis, I. Frantz, M. Franz, R, Frcdericksen, F.'Freier, L. French, G. Friedli, M. Frisch, I. Frontier, I. Fude, S. Fuller, A. Furlo, R. Furlo, I. Gacld, L. Gaertner, R. Gaertner, L. Gagnon, A. Gainey, G. Garber, G. Gar- chow, M. Garcia, I. Gardner, P. Garinger, L. Garrett, M. Gates, V. Gates, E. Gaulden. V. Gauze, M. Gchrls, E. Gclow, H. Gelow, M. Gclow, H. Genslce, L. George, M. Gerirenz, L. Gewenigcr, D. Geyer. 1939 Legenda ,-. Above-W. Geyer, M. Giessel, I. Gilbert M. Gilbert, Chorus Girls, M. Gilmore W. Gimesky, A. Glick, A. Goetz, I. Gold en, I. Goodman, T. Goodman. J. Good wyn', Gorm, A. Gorman, I. Gottschalk C. Gracbner, I. Graebner, P. Graebner P. Graham, D. Granger, I. Granville, P Graves, L. Green. R. Green, M. Green leaf, C. Greenwald, M. Greloo, G. Griese Gown measurement, M. Grossman, R Groth, G. Gruuow, L. Gugel, A. Guida L. Guida, juniors rehearse, B. Guiett, I Guilioni. S. Gunther, F. Guttridge, E Haar, E. I-Iaar, G. Hash, A. Haenlein B. Haenlein, D. Haenlein, K. Hagle, P Haglc, B. Hagen, A, Hahn, F. Hain, VV Haithco, H. Haley, D. Hall, L. Hall, U Ham, I. Hammond, J. Hanes, I. Hanley E. Hansel, D. Hanson, G. Harden, G Harris, L. Harris, Z. Harris, E. Harrison D Hashhar er K Hasse A Hauffe R 1. g , . . , . - , Hank, M. Haven, H. Hawkins, I. Haw- kins, H. Hayden, R. Hayden, L. Hayes R. Heacox, N. Heasley, V. I-IeFfel, R Heilborn, A. Heimburger, V. Heine, T I-Ieineman, B. Heinrich, E. Heinz. 85 Underclassmen Left - P. Heinz, M. Heise, R. Helveston, Amateur hour, C. Henderson, E. Henry, VV. Henry, L. Hertz, C. Herzberg, K. Herz- berger, P. Herzberger, Debate, Little pie- tures, Hillites' support, E. Herzog, E. Hext, B. Heyn, R. Hinz, M. Hodgins, G. Hoelbl, H. flolbert, R. Holbrook, F. Hollingsworth, E. I-Iollnmn, M. Holme-Shaw, W. Holme- Shaw, VV. Holt, M. Holzllei, T. Horh, B. Howell, H. Huebner, B. Hulse, I. Hutchi- son, I. Inman, R. Jaap, R. Jacobi, R. Iahn, A. Johann, E. Johns, I. Iohuson, R. johnson, W. Johnson. Above-G. Iozwiak, I-I. Ioz- wiak, E. Kanzig, C. Karp, K. Karp, C. Karst, M. Kaufmann, L. Keinath, H. Kerbel, M. Kessel, M. Kessel, A. Keyser, R. Keyser, T. Keyser, M. Kile, I. King, I. Kingry, I-I. Kirchner, P, Kitsch, L. Kleekamp, T. Klee- kamp, C. Klein, E. Klein, E. Kleimbriel, A. Klemm, E. Klcmm, R. Klenoski, E. Kluck, P. Kluck, K. Knapp, A. Kneuss, P. Kniehbc. C. Knights, M. Knoop, L. Koepke, NV. Koepke, D. Kohlholf, MI, Koinis, R. Kolb, A. Kolleth, B. Korbein, J. Krause, R. Krause, G, Kreh. 1939 Legenda Us Above-D. Krenz, I. Kretz, J. Krieger, G. Krogman, I. Krueger, N. Krueger, J. Krukowski, D. Krum, D. Krum, C. Kruske, F. Kull, WV. Kumbier, M. Kunz, D. Lade, R. Ladensaek, G. LaFever, L. LnFrance, L. Lamson, A. Lange, Study hall OJ, H. Lange, D. Lantz, H. Lap- prich, E. Larson, E. Larson, L. Laubach, M. Lnubhan, I. Laufer, D. Lawrence, P. Lawrence, D. Learnan, H. Leaman, L. Lehsaeh. Excuses, B. Leekie, D. Lehman, R. Leis, B. Leitz, B. Lemmer, Swing itl, VV. Lene- weaver. 1. Lcnk. Right-L. Lcnk, E. Leonard, K. Lep- pien, D. Levi, D. LeVinge, R. Lewis, D. Lintcrn, G. Lintern, K. List, L. List, ,L Loisclle, R. Long, R. Longo, M. Lonsway, D. Love, I. Loyster, M. Luckcy, D. Lud- lum, R. Luplow, L. Luteubncher, P. Lyons, F. Lyvere, W. McAllister, E. McCarty, H. McConnell, Ii. McCor- mick, H. l'IcCray, K. MeCulIen, A. McDonald, R. Me- Donald, NV. McFarland, H. McGee, K. Mclntyre, V. McIntyre, D. McLaughlin. D. McMz1ll, B. McMillan, V. McNabb, M. McNish, M. McQuiston. V. MacDonald, M. Maeder. v.. vu. Left-E. Maier, B. Mallock. D. Malzahn, V. Mann, C. Marker, E. Markert, K. Markey, E. Marr, A. Marti Martin, A. Martz, Homerunl, N. Mason, S. Mason L. Massman, F. Matson, L. Matson, D. Mnttheis Finalists, F. Maturen, T. May, YV. Meehleder, R Meeker, F, Mendel, A. Metiva, E. Mey, E. Meyer H. Meyer, I. Midcllcbrook, P. Miessner, L. Milrula P. Miles, C. Miller, E. Miller, G. Miller, G. Miller H. Miller, J. Miller, M. Miller. O. Miller, R. Miller Right-R. Miller, R. Miller, V. Miller, VV. Miller VV. Miller, V. Miunis, L. Moeller. M. Molnar, H Montgomery, D. Moore, E. Moore, QI. Moore, H. Mor J. ningstar, G. Morris, G. Morrison, G. Morrison. I. Muehlenbeck. R. Mueller, M. Muladore, P. Mul- rooney, B. Murphy, K. Murray, XV. Muscott, P Muter, A. Myers, K. Myers, M. Myers, T. Naehtweih C. Nagel, R. Nagel, C. Nash, R. Nash, K. Nason, li. Ncigh, S. Neilson, E. Neitzke, D. Nelson, E. Nel son. G. Nelson, IS. Nestell, R. Neumann. A. New comb, L. Neweombe, E. Newman, A. Neymeiyer. 88 1 1 y 1 : 1 Underclassmen 5mmcea..lfCr.h,0MdJf n.o.,0.f.sLLL4..:l21 CLLJA. 1939 Legenda Above-R. Nichol, D. Nicderquell, F. Niecler- quell, J. Nikolai, M. Noac-lc, F. Noggles, J. Nolan, I-I. Nucchtcrlein, R. Nuechtcrlcin, R. Nuechterlein, VV. Nuechterlein, C. Oberlin, M. Oberlin, R. Oberson, D. O'Brien, J. O'Brien, I. O'Brien, J. Ochmann, A. O'Dcll, C. O'Dell, D. Ocliring, M. Oehring, R. Oellring, V. Ochring, VV. Olmsted, M. Orluck, M. Ortner, M. Osborn, V. Osborn, B. Os- borne, E. Ott, B. Otto, M. Page, R. Page, J. Papirieau, K. Papst, A. Parker. Spring fever, A. Passow. S. Patrick, E. Patscllinski, I. Patterson, L. Paul, G. Pezirt. Spring sports, C. Pegley, XV. Pegley, M. Pelon, G. Pelociuin, D. Petraika, W. Petrie. Right- M. Petrimoulx, B. Phillion, D. Phillion, B. Phillips. D. Pififer, M. Piffer, D. Pike, A. Pincombe, M. Plntcr, W. Plettenberg, E, Plontzi, A. Podvin, N. Poellct. D. Pointer, F. Poppeck, F. Porticc, A. Post, K. Poulson C. Pound, TNI. Premo, A. Pretzcr, M. Pretzcr G. Price, S. Price, S. Pringle, O. Prinz, M. Prior, L. Propp. M. Proux, M. Pschollca, H. Purcell, A. Pnrkis, D. Putnam. - . 1m.4:Ln..S.,AJ Underclassmen umm! Y' ?' Left-F. Putnam, A. Rachow, F. Rada, Bac- calaureate, Cubby hole, B. Rae, J. Randall, B. Rapin, R. Raths, A. Rau, Finals, Weeders, G. Rawliug, M. Raymond, N. Raymond, H. Reclfern. F. Reed, F. Reed, M. Recd, VV. Reese, F. Reetz, E. Rcimus, R. Reimus, VV. Reinlce, VV. Reisbig, E. Reisig, B. Remer, J. Remer, D. Remington, M. Rempert, H. Rexius, A. Reynolds, E. Ribble, G, Rice, IW. Rice, A. Richards, M. Richnlond, R. Riekert, C. Riefel, I. Riha. Above-D. Riselay, P. Riselay, L. Rivett, E. Robhennolt, S. Rob- erts, A. Robinson, E. Robinson, H. Robin- son, R. Robinson, R. Robson, I. Rock, B. Roditcher, I. Rombalske, R. Ronay, T. Rondo, G. Root, A. Rose, G. Rosenbaum, H. Roth, B. Rowe, L. Ruppcl, L. Russell, H. Safford, I. Sager, R. Salvner, R. Salvner, E. Sanders, H. Szmclow, A. Szmdquist, G. Sanford, D. Sayer, R. Sayer, C. Schachtner, R. Schadt, A. Schafer, E. Schanhals, L. Sclmrich, M. Schaumanu. L. Scherzer. H. Schick, E. Schiesswohl, E. Scliiesswohl, J. Schillings, R. Schimmer. 1939 Legenda ' l rur- ll nY'0-A Above-A. Schimmevei' S. lfndeh tte N . 'hle' h r ,, Scz c,.l.Se1ce, D. Schmidt, I. Schmidt, I. Schmidt, P. Schmidt, R. Schmidt, R. Schmidt, I. Schmiegel, T. Sclmarr, L Schneider, O. Schneider, H. Sclmeidmiller, H. Sclmell, J. Schoberth, J. Schoheld, D. Schroeder, XV. Schroeder, V Schultheiss, A. Schultz, G. Schultz, A. Schulz, L. Schu mmm, BI. Scllwzirtz, VV. Schwier, B. Scott, A. Sedirre, D. Secllak, More funl, E. Seehase, D. Selbel, D. Sensabaugh, E. Shailey, I. Shannon, S. Sharpe, I. Sherman, L. ShC1'11'1Zl1'l, O. Sherman, Beach party, V. Shermzm. G Shippey, L. Shoemaker, L. Shook, I. Short, P. Short, Camp meeting, VV. Short, B. Simkius. Right-E. Sim lcius, L. Simmons, R. Simmons, E. Simon, L. Simon, D Skeels, M. Slceels, C. Slabaugh, H. Slabaugli, C. Slade I. Slasiuski, J. Sleesemzm, W. Small, B. Smith, B. Smith B. Smith, C. Smith, E. Smith, H. Smith, I. Smith, J' Smith, Mf. Smith, M. Snow, J. Snyder, B. Socier, D Sommerheld, F. Sovia, C. Sowatsky, R. Spangler, A Spaxil-nes, B. Spatz, R. Spatz, E. Spezlee, M. Spero, C Spickermzm, O. Spiekerman, G. Spiker, B. Spooner, D Spylcer, A. Staclelmeyer, O. Stanko, M. Stark, G. Steele NI. Steinke. - 9 H ,- Underclassmen Q Left-M. Steve, B. Stevens, L. Stevens, I. Stier, N. Stine, E. Stoffel, I. Stone, S. Strachan, iM. Straw, I. Streb, R. Stressman, E. Strietcr, Summertime, E. Stro- bel, NV. Strobel, M. Strong, Freeland, I. Stuart, D. Sturtz, F. Sturtz, W. Sullivan, I. Summerfield, M. Sur- geson, H. Sutlierlancl, F. Swzxrthout, Ho hum, VV'hee!, L. Sykes, H. Symons, B. Tallon, A. Tapscott, A. Tar' rant, B. Thomas, D. Thomas, F. Thomas, I. Thomas, I. Thomas, Nl. Thomas, R. Thomas, I. Thomas, K. Thompson, I. Tlioms, G. Thorrneier, C. Thorsby, S. Thurlow, V. Tietz, G. Tillc, A. Tillman, A. Tomau, M. Tompkins, C. Trayer, B. Trew. Right-I. Trier, I. Trombley, NV. Tubbs, B. Tuck, D. Tullis, G. Tunney, K. Turbin, I. Turek, R. Turek, E. Turner, M. Turner, B. Tyler, D. Uphoff, A. Uptegraft, R. Valcliserri, M. Van Auken, R. Van Hellen, M. Van Sickle, A. Van Wagoner, H. Vasey, R. Vasey, V. Veitengruber, B. Vervoort, B. Ventengle, R. Vibert, B. Vilinski, L. Vir- ginia, L. Virginia, T. Vlassis, A. Voelker, L, Voelker, L. Vollmer, D. Von Dette, E. Voorheis, R. Wager, D. Waggouer, D. Wagner, M. Wagner, I. Wagoner, A. VV'al'ker, G. VValker. 92 S 1939 Legenda Above-H. VValt, D. Walter, H. Xvalter, I. VValter, M YValther, B. NValton, H. Walton, D. Warren, Bffl, A- Watson, LI. Weber, C. W'e1la.nd, E. Weiss, E. Weiss, R. Weiss, R. Weiss, VV. Weiss, Interviews. M- Welsh. M- Wendt, D. Wenger, S. Wexiger, M. Wenzel, VV. YVenzel, P. VVerner, R. WVestman, R. Westwood, R. VVhaley, Good water, B. Wheeler, V. White, M. Whitehead, C. WfVhitmore, G. 'vV'hitney, D. NVic:hman, E. Wichmanf D- Wickham, At it again, J. VVicln1oyer, I. NViesenmaier, B VVigen. Right-W. Xvilcoxon, L. Wilhelm, I- Wlllelnin, I. Williams, I. Williams, M. Williams, B. Williamson E. NVillson, E. Wnson, 1. Wilson, R. worse, B. Winekef J. Xvil1CS, M. XVitting', R. Wohlfeil, A. Wolbers, R. NVol hers, H. Wolcott, L. Wood, W. Wood, L. Wresscll, I. Wright, I. Wright, I. Wuelpem, G. Wurtzel, K. NVurtzel, B. Yelle, R. Yiuglixrg, R. Yingling, H. Youmans, B Young, D. Young, L. Younlunan, H. Zahn, D. Zeeuw, L. Zehncler, H. Zettel, I. Ziemer, M. Zimmerman, R. Zinimerman, D. Zucker, B. Zuckermanclel. UNDERCLASSMEN VVITHOUT PICTURES I. Bain, R. Baldwin, I. Barnes, L. Beardsley, R. Bell, D. Card, M Church, G. Conzelmann, F. Crawford, C. Decator, NV. Decator, H. Dem- binsky, M. Dembinsky, I. Demmcr, I. Denouio, L. Dupuie, G. Dupuis, W Einwachter, V. Falining, E. Fauver, R. Filiatraut, H. Fisher, H. Fritzler G. Gaertner, I. Gaertner, M. Gaiser, R. Galbraith, L. Gallagher, I. Gard- ner, E. Garrett, E. Gasper, E. Geese, D. George, H. Gerslman, C. Gilbert I. Gillespie, R. Glick, L. Glick, S. Glover, L. Gorte, R. Goucher, E Graebner, E. Graham, M. Graham, E. Grunwell, C. Gugel, W. Gugel M. I-Iaar, A. Haenlein, L. Haenlein, WV. Hacnlcin, I. I'Iarni.1ton, R Hanes, G. Harris, C. Hart, R. Hawkins, N. Heckatlloru A. Heffel M Hiute, C. Hubbard, V. Hubbard, C. James, A. Iurmanovicli, Wf. Kircllner' B. Koehn, A. Korkus, A. Kratz, L. Krawczak, E. Kruske, D. Larson I. Latham, I. Law, R. Lawrence, V. Lawrence, NV. Leach, V. Lemanski C. Llewllyn, E. Loos, D. Lopez, K. Lutz, R. McCoy, C. McMillian, C. McQuacle, I. McQuist0n, M. llI3CF31'lHHE, L. Marsh, S. Mattson, L Michael, N. Muladore, R, Mundy, A. Murray, R. Myers, E. Neuwirth M. Neuville, A. Newvine, R. Niven, J. Norris, M. Parks, B. Parr, S Patterson, D. Peabody, E. Pegley, B. Pittman, A. Prall, F. Prior, E Proctor . Ra R. Reeder C. Re nolds E. Rice, W. Richards, R . Sager, L. Salvner, R . J y. . y , Roeser, C. Roethke, J. Rogalski, L. Ryan, B Schauman, J. Schell, E. Schmidt, A. Schneider, I. Schubert, C. Schuetz M. Schules, D. Schultz, L. Schultz, L. Schultz, A. Shook, L. Simmons E. Smith, H. Smith, H. Snyder, H. Snyder, ff. Sobel, S. Solak, V Solms, L. Sova, G. Spiekerman, L. Spiekerman, C. Spiess, R. Stammers E. Stevens, VV. Stone, E. Stuedemann, R. Sul livan, E. Swanson, D. Swarthout, I. Terrell L. Thompson, C. Tillman, R. Timmons, F lVager, L. lfVahl, M. Vllalker, R. Warner, M WVarriner, H. Weaver, L. NVeinberg, P. XVelsh A. NVhitaker, B. Williams, A. Vlfilloughby XVolf, E. Wood, S. Yates, R. Young, Zinck, M. Zittel, R. Zuclcerrnarndel. , J A I 93 s : s 1 1 y Advertising llflany Saginaw merchants recognize the school publications as a miedium for sell- ing, and believe the building of a yearbook is an educational as well as practical activity for high school students. G. A. Alderton S Co. Amazon Sweets Bancroft Hotel Coffee Shop llastian Bros. R Co. Bauer K Bauer Inc. Bccker's Shoe Repairing Billmeier's Blackwell Studio Block Jewelry Borland Abstract Co. Brown Dairy Dr. N. D. L. Brown Bryant-Detwiler Co. VV. L. Case K Co. Cattcrfeld's Drug Store Clark's Drug Store Consumers Power Co. McIntyre Ice Cream Co. Dr. A. R. llclfiliiley M. A. McMullen Michigan Bliles :Xi 1 Sugar Co. rto Parts Moose Temple Morley Brothers Mueller Brothers Murphy R O'Hara Co. Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. O'Keefc K O'Kcefc Olsen R Ehanrn Jewelry Co. Paris Shop Inc. J. C. Penney CO. Rainho Bread Co. Ramshaxv Photo Service Raymond Products Co. Court Center it Sallic Ann Bakeries Crane Q Crane Davis Music House Dcngleids Pharmacy Ensmingefs John G. l31TSZC1' Esther Beauty Shop il7ClKllI'lE1H,S Ferris Bros. Florence Beauty Shop Frantz X Spence Freuchtel Grocery Friendly Shoes liurstenherg K Braun Garher Super Service Dr. A. G. Gardcy General Distributing Corporatio Germain Piano CD. Il. J. Geyer Co. Goetz Sa Roeser Florists Granville X Son Inc. Grinnell Bros. Music House Grohman The Florist Dr. L. G. Grossman Dr. R. A. Hart Hat Box Dr. B. L. Hayden Hans Hegelheimer Hennings T-Teyn Market Catherine Hickey Hinds Drug Store House of Linens lttner Furniture Co. Jahn and Ollier Engraving Co. fl Alex Jeffrey Fuel K Supply Co. Jochen Shoe Store Inc. Drs. Johnson R Johnson llr. D. A. Keiser C. H. Knott Donald Kimball Kozy Korner Paul Krause Clothing Co. Kundinger Standard Service Lacsch Insurance Agency's Grocery Liehermann Trunk Co. M Sz B Ice Cream Co. Marney Shop Karl Marx Mautner R Krause McGee X Finlay Roethke' Richter D rug CO. s Flowers In c. Rupprecht's Fool Mari Russell Electric Co. Saginaw Dairy Co. Saginaw Hardware Co. Saginaw Lumber Co. Saginaw Oil Co. Saginaw Photo Supply Saginaw Publishing CO. :Ct Saginaw State Bank Saginaw Surgical 8 Medical Supply Sschaefe r Hat Shop Schwahn'-Khuen Agency Scientific Brake Service Inc. Second National Bank ik Trust Co. S'eitner's H. B, Siebel Dr. Walter' Slack Smith H ardware Co. Dr. A. B. Snow Stevens Bros. Stolz Service Station Strand Barbecue The Ano thecary Shop The Business Institute The Dorothy Shop The Jcanet Duffy Shop The Gatcly Co. The Graebner Dairy The lflamhurg Hut The J. XV. Ippcl Co. Thomas Lunch Roy Tillson VV. P. Tredo Valley Sweets A. XV. Van Auken' XVagar Drugs Peggy Xvalkington Vifalz Hardware Co. Wflatson Ice Cream Co. Wfatters Drug Store W'einherg's Rexall Drug Store Weiigcr' Super Service XVhitehead Music Co. XVin. C. Xh7lCClll'llHl'1ll Co. Wlilks Distributing Corp. lfVilliams Ice Cream Co. VVinkler-Lucas Ice X Fuel Co. Zanel's Zehnder's Hotel Ziegler's Pharmacy C 4' In the first Legenda, published in 1900, we find advertisements ot seven of the merchants who are advertising this year: Case Livery and Undertaking 3 Crane Q Crane, lawyersg The J. VV. Ippel Co.g The International Business Instituteg Richter Bros., druggistsg Saginaw Publishing Co.g The Smith Hardware Co., and Siebel's Jewelry Store. 94 Advertising 1939 Legenda Charlotte Abramowski Band, Orchestra. F. C. Aehard Advisory treasurer, secretaryg Hi-Y, Lettermen, Biology, Band, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free throw, table tennis, softball, cross country, National Athletic Honor Society. Elinor C. Alderton Advisory secretary, treasurer, athletic ruanagerg Girl Reserves, Debate, Legenda, Intramural volleyball. basketball, free throw, table tennis, softball, Declamation, Drivers Club secretary, Sophomore table tennis champion, Tennis Champion-St. Peters- burg, Florida. After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Donald D. Alexander Advisory athletic inanager, Tlancl, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softball. S. Jeanne Allen Girl Reserves, Choir, Band Bounce. Helen Ann Allington Advisory president, secretary, treasurer, French club vice presi- dent, All A's, National Honor Society. Clifford G. Ahny Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softballg Choir. Ellsworth Bremer Alsgaard Advisory secretary, German Club treasurer, Biology Club, Bicycle Club president, Debate, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Intramural vol- leyball, basketball, free throw, table tennis, softball. Ardath L. Anderson Intramural volleyball. .. Marino Arcangeli U All A's, Intramural basketball, table tennis, basteballg Declama- tion, Crucibles, Drivers Club, National Honor Society. Esther Verna Arft fldvisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- all. Iune Mary Arft Advisory secretary, Orchestra, After-school volleyball, basketball, softball: Band Bounce. Robert G. Arndt Advisory secretary, athletic managerg Hi-Y vice-president, Letter- men, Legcnda, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free- throwg National Athletic Honor Society. John T. Ault Intrzunural volleyball, basketball, softball. james D. Bain Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball: Bicycle Club. Rodath L. Baldwin Intramural volleyball. basketball, softball. Doris E. Balesky French Club, Girl Reserves 4. ,..,...,.....,,,...,,.,-.,.-,...-, ...,,........-....-,.E FRIENDLY SHOES FOR THE PERFECT 1 FIT 406 Court S+. After the Party or Show Go to the .. ,IN r -wan: n AMAZON SWEETS For Refreshments 3I9 E. Genesee Ave. N. D. L. BROWN. D. D. S. Graebner Bldg. Michigan Ave. at Hancock Saginaw, West Side, Mich. K. B. MARX Commercial Photographer Phone 2-I7Il l20 S. Water St ESTHER BEAUTY SHOP Esther Peer, Prop. 503 Wiechmann Bldg. Phone 3-3077 THE APOTHECARY SHOP PRESCRIPTION CHEMISTS Medical 84 Surgical Supplies Jewel. Av.-Opposite Post Office HINDS DRUG STORE I30I Court at Mason H. J. BROWN DAIRY ICE CREAM Phone 2-8422 We Deliver We till any docI'or's prescriptions CATTERFELD'S WM. H. FRUECHTEL DRUG STORE Staple and Fancy Groceries Michigan and Hancock Sts. rfilom mwv' Clove amd Hosifzrq Slwp lib GENGSQE AVL 4th at Lapeer Dial 2-8l3I BEQKER'5 JEWELRY FOR THE M.A.McMULLEN Up TO DATE SHQE G R A D U A T E FLOOR COVERINOS AND REPAIRING DRAPERIES 9 I 6 Gratiot F. D. BLOCK 3 I3 Court St. HAT BOX MILLINERY SHOP 4I4 E. Genesee N Dorothy l-I. Kelion Telephone 3-I65I THE DOROTHY SHOP of Smart Fashions I33 N. Washington, Morley Bldg. SAGINAW. MICHIGAN TREAT YOURSELF TO H E N N I N G ' S GOOD ERANKEURTERS aio 1lm.-yin1iiq1i,u1,,,,1 1-I,-ui- -. 1 1 .-uu1sni-un1uu-uu1nn-un1un1.u -xu -14:11 u-nn-un-lu--un:ll-uu1un1nn1uu1 .ig 95 Senior Paragraphs and Advertising '!""""" " 1" 1' '- 1 I1 11'-I --I -III-lIII1un-IIn- ufuu 1 nnnu -un-nn-IIn-lIu-un-mu-u-IIII1lIII1nII-IIII1nu-Iux1nu-my-I I1nn1n.y1n,i, U : T WHITEHEAD MUSIC co. SCHAEFER HAT STORE e E Y E R ' s T l-laloerdeshery, Shirts, Sport Apparel 5 306 Federal Ave. and 6 Ha, for every head 5 and I0 to SI.00 Stores I Special Discounts To Students I 02- I 04 S. Washington S. Michigan Ave. S. Washington Ave. I WATSON DAIRY A MODERN FOUNTAIN H.S.SIEBEL JEWELER MOOSE TEMPLE Q I 220 N. Hamilton 2 829 Gratiot Ave. ll? N, Hamill-on ! l l BOOKS - GIFTS - CARDS JOHN G. ENSZER l Stationery - Calling Cards DR' R' A' HART l JEANET DUFFY SHOP Shop 6, Jarvis Yawkey Ct. DENTIST 427 N. Michigan Ave. MEATS - C-EROCERIES T Homemade Sausages T 7 I 7 Gratiot Ave. T ! sol-IWAI-IN - KI-IuE - I DR. A. B. SNOW AGENCY N W. E. DENGLER T DENIM GENERAL INsuRANcE PHARMACY l 402V2 com S+. 202 Graebner Bldg. IooI e-ra+io+ Ave. ' l M U E L L E R DR. L. e. GROSSMAN I-IANS I-IEeELI-IEIMER i DENTIST FLOOR COVERINGS i E B R O T H E R S aoz see. Na+'I Bank Bldg. Iloo com S+. I I R i N The Music Headquarters E DR. B. L. HAYDEN ,S d , I , of Saginaw , , ,, , -,,,- 00 A - GRINNELL BROS. . T 3l4 Slb Gr e ne Bul mg ' l24 N. Washington - Phone 8l33 5 'i'lll'll!l'TIIIIITIIIITIllllIDlllIIlTllIlllVlil!!li'lllllllIl-I'TWT T Tl1llllll-IlllllIlTlliIlllllll1"1lIlTlIll1llilllll 11011 R15 YIT Tll1lllITI1l'1lli: Eleanor N. Bambergcr Service Club. Vernell VV. Bartlett Advisory president, Crncibles secretary, All A's, Intramural volleyball, softball, National Honor Society. Robert Basinger Advisory athletic manager, Biology Club, Service Club, German Club, Debate, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, horse-slioes. Ida Lucille Bauer Girl Reserves. Robert VV. Baumer Intramural free-throw, table tennis. George W. Baxter III Advisory athletic manager, Spanish Club, Lettermen, NEXVSQ football, basketball, baseball teams manager, Intramural volley- ball, basketball, fI'CE-flll'0W, table tennis. Barbara Anne Beach Advisory president, French Club president, Personality Club, Irr- tramnral table tennis, After-school volleyball, softball. Edward A. Becker Debate, Band, 1937 Declaniation runner-up. Gladyce M. Becker Advisory athletic manager, Girl Reserves, Debate, Intramural table tennis, Declamatzon. Edwin L. Beehler Crueibles, Baseball, Intramural volleyball, softballg National Honor Society. Norman R. Bell Advisory athletic manager, Hi-X, Drivers Club, Baseball, Intra- mural basketball, softball. L. James Benford Choir, Commencement pageant, Band Bounce. Marjorie L. Benkert Advisory athletic manager. Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- ballg After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. r Lillian D. Bessinger Girl Reserves, NEXVS typist. Ruth Marie Biclcel Personality Club, Intramural volleyball, basketballg After-school volleyball. L. Wfilliam Bixby, Jr. Advisory secretary, Debate, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softballg Cheerleader. NVHYTCII W. Blackney Advisory President, Lettermen, Drivers Club, Debate, Football, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softballg National Athletic Honor Society. Marian Edith Blake Choir, Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball, table tennisg '38 Table tennis runner-up. l939 Legenda Dorothia C. Blower Louise Bolognesi Home Ee, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball: After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Violet M, Boltz Advisory athletic manager, German Club, Girl Reserves, Letter- girls, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, table tennis, After-school volleyball, basketball, softball, National Honor Soci- ety, Alchemists. Roy G, Borebard Golf, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Gladys L. Borgstrom BOC secretary, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Jean Shirley Borland Advisory vice-president, French Club, Personality Club vice- president, Biology Club, Alchemists, Drivers Club, Debate, All A's, Intramural volleyball, table tennis, After-school volleyball, Declamation, National Honor Society. james C. Boyd Advisory vice-president, athletic manager, Basketball, Intra- mural volleyball, basketball, softball. Edwin M. Brandle Advisory vice-president, Crucibles, Debate, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, horseshoes. Donald Harold Brandt Ross F. Brandt Drivers Club, Christmas pageant. Geraldine Tune Brasseni Girl Reserves, Choir, Intramural table tennis, After-school volley ball, Christmas pageant. Elsa I. A. Bringe Advisory treasurer, German Club, Girl Reserve vice-president Debate, Intramural table tennis, After-school volleyball, softball Evelyn E. Bromfleld ,lane Louise Brown French Club. BOC, Arts-Draniaties, Debate, Junior, Senior plays Orchestra, Legenda, Choir, Intramural volleyball, basketball Christmas, Commencement pageants. Jeanne E. Brown Orchestra. Mary Josephine Brown Choir, Band.Bonnce, Christmas pageant. Bonnie Isobel Brush Declamalion. Arlene Rose Buffington Intramural volleyball, softball. Irina M. Bunj es 'S' sion-nu-1uu1u 1um1nl--un-1un-1nu-1nn1nu-1 1 11 1uu1uu1nu1nu1nn1nn1uu-un-1m11m1 n1 -W1lllllllll'-llllllllliW"-ll'l1II'l1IIlI1nll1ml1Tn l T DR. WALTER SLAOK A- W- VAN AUKEN L E E ' s O R O O E R Y : GENERAL INSURANCE I EAR. NOSE, THROAT Surew Bonds 509 N' Bond S+. ! Dia' 2'60II 308 Eddy Bldg' Second Naiional Bank Bldg. Dial 2-6I0I I l l i 9 W. P. TREDO STYLEQQHITY T The Iatesi in Iialoerolashery M A Y' T5 Cl-U7'HlN5'lf 300 E.Genesee Ave S T ,A-N555-E,,,,, EAU, ZI5 E. Genesee i l SAGINAW SURGICAL 8: I MEDICAL SUPPLY CO. 5 Trusses, Belts, I-Iarcl Hearing Devices I-IOspi'IaI beds and wheel chairs i I06 E. Genesee Ave. Phone 2-8608 l ROY TILLSON DR. A. R. McKINNEY 330 S. Washingion Ave. i l R U s s E L L E L E O T R IC ETSIMSS Lweilf SAGINAW PHOTO SHOP Z lII5 Michigan Ave. Dial 2-6I58 Comer Hancock.- Hammon 507 E. Genesee l l iROE-I-HKE FLORIST LAESCH INS. AGENCY ,f I 200 S- Michigan Ave. DEPENDABLE INSURANCE " 1 333 S. Washington Ave. 204 vTlD2ZTh2m:f?g4 Bldg' H'1rdVare tn' l ' 6II Genesee l 5' 'A'- 'A ! PACK UP AND OO Drs. JOHNSON 81 JOHNSON R , 0 I WITH A TRAVELO COACH CHIRQPRACTORS IS 'C A' f Q Raymond Produci' Co., Inc. II2Vz 5- Hamilton i I A - ofoq1ulI1 11 1 x11 x1 1:1 1 1 T1 I-1 I- -111-11 u 1 1u 1 1 1uu1- 1 T1 - T11 1 1 n1ln-vu1 1 n--m11ol 97 5 Senior Paragraphs and Advertising 45ou1uIi1nn1iII1 in - - -i 1 1 1II-I- I-In-mi 111: 1IIn1IIII-ui-I -II 1 -nn-I-IIII1I -IIII1uIi-un1IIII-Iiii-iii:-Tinian-iiiiinq, l i I . . ' 5 T Davis MUSIC House The House of Linens, Inc. Q - 437 N. Jefferson Ave. l l 3'7 COURT ST- FINE LINENs AND HANDKERCHIEFS I l i : I 2 . Catherine Hickey Ferris Brothers MILLINERY Foiz CHILD, Miss AND MATRoN i 3 Head Sizes l9V2 - 24 lf1Cl"l T I ll0 N. Michigan 'i I T l T A Garber Super Service H e Y n M a r k e l T I06W.GENESEE l209 coiiiisi. 2 i l i I i 1 Dr, A, G, Gardey Clark's Drug Store T V! DENTIST QUALITY sEIzvIcE i bIO Second National Bank Bldg. 5I8 W. Genesee Ave. i 1 i I I Graebner Dairy G. A. Alclerton 8: Co. CREAM - MILK - BUTTER - CHEESE w I-I o L E s A L E Ii ji ,L 3840 Court Dial 2-406l Saginaw, Michigan A l I if T 'E E JOHNSTON cANDIEs ,l Florence Beauty Shop are delicious l 'f lO8 N. Michigan Dial 3-Ia33 ValleY Sweets CO- T E Distributors since l907 T 'Pu1Im1IIn-Imiam-ini-nn-mi-Im1I1II-IIJT1nII-l- 110'-" """"" in-" ""' """""""""""""Y1""-' '- 1 1 -Iiu-mi Nelson Burnell Lcttermen, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country runner-up. Pauline M. Burns Edith Mae Butts Advisory athletic manager, T.ettergirls, Legenda, Iirtrairiural volleyball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, After-school volley- ball, softball. Marjorie Rae Byron Advisory athletic manager, Debate, After-school volleyball, bas- ketball, softball. Robert I. Byron Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball. Beryl :lane Campau Advisory athletic manager, Personality Club, Intramural volley- ball, basketball, softball. George W'. Cappell Advisory vice-president, Band, Orchestra, Legenda, Intraiuural volleyball, softball. john R. Carney Drivers Club, Intramural volleyball, softball. George XV. Case, Ir. Drivers Club, Band, Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, basketball, -table tennis, softball. Kerrmore R. Case Advisory president, athletic manager, Letteriuen, Basketball, In- tramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, sofiballg Christmas, Conimencemcnt pageantsg National Athletic Honor Society. Mary Ethyle Case Advisory athletic manager, Lettergirls, BOC, Biology Club, Choir, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball, After- school volleyball, basketball, softball. Charles Ceedar Foiitliall, Editor Trade School "Trade NVind," Trade School math met Il . Kenneth Chambers Advisory president, Biology Club, German Club, XVinter Sports Club, Letterman, Football, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, free-throw, softball, National Honor Society, National Athletic Honor Society. Jack VV. Chism Advisory athletic manager, secretaryg Band, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, National Honor Society. Robert M. Chisin Advisory president, secrctaryg Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Intrmnural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball: National Honor Society. Marshall Alvin Clayton Albert Clements 1939 Legenda Milton E. Coats Choir, Band Bounce, Cliristnias pageant. Kathleen M. Coffman Advisory secretary, vice-president, treasurerg Personality Club, Arts-Dramatics, Choir, Cbristinas pageant. Harriett L. Cogswell Edward F. Collier Advisory athletic manager, treasurer: Lettermen vice-president, Football, Basketball captain, Baseball, Track, Intramural volley- ball, table tennis, softball, horscshoesg National Athletic Honor Society. Kathryn J. Conlay Intramural volleyball, basketball. Marvin F. Cooper Advisory secretary, Lcttermen, Junior play, Track, Football, In- tramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, cross country, horsesboesg Christmas, Commencement pageants. Dorothy H. Cramer German Club, Personality Club, BOC, Arts-Dramatics, Choir, 11l'fI'ZtlTl'l-'lfill volleyball, basketballg Declmnation, Christmas pag- eant, Band Bounce. Maxine Ruth Crevia Veda Florence Crewe Spanish Club vice-president, Personality Club. 5 George T. Curbey Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft ball, cross country, Nelson I. Curbey Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, softball, basket ba l. Milton Dabbert Advisory treasurer, Hi-Y, Bicycle Club, Intramural volleyball basketball, softball. Ernest I. Dankert Vlfarren A. Datte . Gerald L. David Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, Band Bounce. Bette Lorraine DeForest Wfillard I-I. DeForest Gilbert A. Deibcl Advisory vice-president, Crucibles, Lettcrmen, Tennis, All A's National Athletic Honor Society, National Honor Society. Anthony J. Deike Advisory secretary, athletic managerg Hi-Y, Lettcrinen, Track Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Marguerite Delemeester Home Ee secretary. guninni n1 - -animal-un1u:n1nlu--uniuu-nn1nun-- -T -uni - 1 I1 n ---1- -lln-ml-1lm1-nu-nn-T 1nn1xm1l 1 I-nn1lv,!, T MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT : ' I g Mclni. re-S Dr.D.A.Kelser , I . . I T II0 N- Mwhlgan 2:9 Graebner Bldg. Dial 2-02:2 T T HOME COOKING FOUNTAIN SERVICE T i i T BOYS GO TO T I Mautner 31 Krause l'H'ner's Furniture Store L For Snappy School Clothes A L . 4Ol E. Genesee 4l8 HANCOCK ST' L I l I I T Phone 7884 T T MILES AUTO PARTS l I We carry a Full Line of New and Used Auto Parts 1 T Roy L. Miles, Prop. T T 4I5 E. Genesee 24-I6 HOLLAND AVE., SAGINAW, MICH. T I I I I T . . ' I I Kundmger Station 0 Keefe 81 O Keefe T I STANDARD out PRODUCTS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW T T Michigan at Genesee IIO9 Second National Bank Bldg. Q E ' I I I I . l T Paul Krause CloThlng Co. Olsen ancl Ebann T L Ben J. Pitsch Jewelry Co. T T The Home of Stein-Bloch and Cloi'hcra'Fi' Clothing M8 E G A T T 404 Court St. Since I903 West Side I enesee ve' T I i I . T . Sa :naw Publishin Co. T I Granville Shoes 9 G g l I eorge W. Baxter, Jr. i I 5,2 POTTER ST. PRINTERS - sTATloNERs T I 4I0 Hancock 5 - I .g.,,-,,,,-,,,.,,,,-,,,,..,,,,,.,,,-,,,., ..,,- ,, ,,.. .. .. .. - -..-...,-...... - ......-.,,.-..-.....-,,,.-..........,......-..,.-.....-,.....,..5. Senior Paragraphs and Advertising :fn-nn1 1nu1nm1n 1 n-u 1nn1nn1 1 1 u1nn1 n1un1nn1u 11111 I-1:11 1 1nn1 1.l--ml1lm1-nn1ml--lul1un1nu1uu1ml1nn1lm-,gg , I L WIllCS DIS'l'l'IbLI'l'lng Corp. Sfolz Service S-I'a'I-ion I l sPARToN RADIOS AND REFRIGERATORS 5 T A N D A R D O I L I I l038 E. Genesee Si. Shiite and COM+ T T Phone 2-7l22 T I i I T E s o D A s c A N D Y . l , , S e I 't n e r ' s I l Zleglef 5 Drugs DEPARTMENT STORE I 5 I806 Court St. 3I6 E. Genesee Ave. l g 1 l l i , Irs NOT How MUCH Bur How GOOD l T Wenger Super Service -AND so eooo ro TAKE HOME- I , SINCLAIR PRODUCTS ! 4 Warren and Janes Hamburg Hu+ L ll 4II Hancock 1 'I'-mi-un1un1un1m11un1um1rm1nI1-n1l1ml1n 111111 1 1un1 -uu1un1 -nn-nn-nu--nu-uu1uu1 11: 1 1 -1uu1nn-mfs Mary Louise Denton Advisory vice-president, secretary, athletic manager, Spanish Club Legencla NIWVS Intramural volle In 1 , 1, 'L 4, y .ll, table tenn's, bas- lcetballg After-school volleyball, Declanlation. Jack Arthur Dcrsch Advisory president, vice-president, athletic manager, Hi-Y vice- president, Lettermen president, BOC, Crucibles president, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Track captain, Intramural volley- ball, basketball, softball, cross countryg Christmas, Commence- ment pageantsg.Band Bounce, Chemistry Science Award, All A's, National Athletic Honor Society, National Honor Society. Earl L. Dice Service Club, Intramural volleyball, free-throw, softball. Evelyn G. Dickert Girl Reserves, BOC treasurer, Orchestra, Band Bounce. Lois E. Dietrich Howard C. Dietzel Advisory athletic manager, Letter-men, Band, Orchestra, Basket- ball, Track, Tennis, Intramural softball, volleyball, basketball. Joan Alice Dillon Advisory president, secretary, treasurer, athletic manager, vice- president: Spanish Club, BOC president, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Legenda, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softballg All A's, National Honor Society. Frieda Doinson Alice M. Dounenwerth Girl Reserves, Home Ec, Intramural volleyball, basketball. Robert H. Dornfeld Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis. Muril Mina Dowis Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Robert I. Doyle Legenda, Intramural softball. Orriel Charlotte Dreixler Robert D. Duclos Bicycle Club, Football, Baseball, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softball. i Furstenberg - Braun T LUMBER AND T COAL T I764 Jefferson T Dial 2-5101 100 Helen Dulccka Advisory athletic manager, Lettergirls, Intramural volleyball, baflijetfnall, free-throw, softballg After-school volleyball, basketball, so t a l. Mary Kathryn Dyson Juanita M. Earley gtdffisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- a . Douglas B. Eaton Advisory secretary, Hi-Y, Letterinen, Track, Intramural volley- ball, basketball, free-tlirow, softball, horseshoes. A. Elizabeth Ebe Local 4H sewing honor. John F. Eberlein Lettermen, Legenda, Choir, Cheerleader, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant, Intramural basketball, table tennis, softball. William C. Eberlein Advisory vice-president, NEXVS, Choir, Intramural table tennis, softball, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Fredrick A. Eckhardt Choir, Intraxnural volleyball, basketball, softballg Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Marjorie Jean Eggers Choir, Christmas pageant, Band Bounce. Le'XV anna Mae Emery Girl Reserves, BOC, Orchestra, Baud Bounce. Victor F. Engel Dorothy M. Esmer Advisory president, secretary, vice-president, treasurerg Personal- ity Club, Choir, Christmas, Coxnmencenient pageants. Margaret L. Estep Home Ee, Orchestra. Virginia Joyce Ewbank U Personality Club, Biology Club secretary, Bicycle Club, Intra- mural table tennis, Band Bounce. 1939 Legenda .ignlnn-nniun-un, 1 -.u... qi .- -. 1 .1 1 ,.- .- .- ..u1 1 ,nl 1 1 11:-nn-1:11111ui-un-vm1ull-im1m1-un1nu- 'Y' I I I RupprechI"s Food I You Juniors Know Market I I E What You Want . . . EREE DELIVERY E E azdxjsonclo Sve. Thati Shy EjurEhcoIIg:I':o'n Phones 8583 - 67l3 T E E umor resses mcu e ar a aes zblb E 26's STATE ST. E E amous E I "CARTVVRIGHT" JUNIOR DRESS Creations. T These Lovable Cartwrigbts as seen in i E Mademoiselle are exclusive at the New R . h E- 2 I Paris Shop in Saginaw. I C e r I I THE D r u g S t o r e E NEW PARIS SIIOP Two STORES E T 302 E. GENESEE AVE. I2O0 Court - I929 E. Genesee T f SAGINAW OWNED FOR 26 YEARS WE FREEZE ourz owN ICE CREAM I I I 0!0-nin1m1m...m,m1-,U1un.-m...-ug1gv- -- ri-1411191 1 141 n--iu-uu- I1 u-lm-10:1-u -u -uu1uu1uu1uu-u I-ll-nn1un-i1u1iIl1uofo Jane Fail- Helen Louise Fischer Advisory president, vice-presidentq Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Drivers Club, Choir, Christmas, Commencement pageants, Band Bounce. Stanley Normand Farrand, Ir. Russell F. Fechter Drivers Club, Intramural softball, Eileen Lucille Ferguson BOC, Choir, Intramural volleyball, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Carlton D. Ferrib Advisory athletic manager, I-Ti-X, Lettcrmen, XVintcr Sports Club, BOC, Baud, Orchestra, Cboir, Darrce Orchestra. Legeiula, NEINS, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, horsesboes. Y r Raymond W. Fierstien Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Grace Marion Filiatraut Girl Reserves, Biology Club, Arts-Dramatics, Junior play, Choir, Christmas, Commencement pageanls, Band Bounce. SUO President, Advisory president, secretary, treasurer-5 German Club, secretary, vice-presiclentg Girl Reserves, Icycle Club vice- presiclent, Debate, Declamation, Lcgenda Editor, Intramural volley' ball, basketball, softball, All A's, Quill and Scroll, Current Events Club, D. A. R. Award, Football Queezr attendant, National Honor Society, A. H. representative to Camp Miniwanca. Myrtle M. Fobear Louise M. Frahin Advisory treasurer, athletic managerg Lettergirls, Intramural vol- leyball, iree-throw, table tennis, softball, After-school volley- ball, basketball, softball. Emil A. Franz Choir, Christinas pageant, Band Bounce. Don A. Fraser Advisory president, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softballg National Honor Society. Alice L. Furstenberg Mary ,Ioanne Furstenberg French Club treasurer, Personality Club. Martin Galsterer Baseball, Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball. -1111 I-nn-I -111- nu 11-111 .... -. .... -. ml.. ..., ..,m.-,...1u- nini inn-im-11111nu-nvl1uIl1ull1lllillll-ull-.!, I I . I I I I I SAGINAW STATE BANK I I E MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION E I I I I I I I I5 N. Hamilton E Jefferson at Lapeer E I I I I I I Oi'-un-nl1m1nn1n11n1l1nina-un-m11uI iiii- W1 -an -n -1---111-1 n 1-11- u 1 111140 101 5 Senior Paragraphs and Advertising i1un1uu1u 1uu1nu1un1un1nn1un1nn1im-1mi1nn1u 11---1 v - 1 11 1nu1-uu111-nn1uu-1im1vm1ml1m1rm-mu1mi1n1x1nu-gs, E Fon SAFE BRAKES , I see us Donald A. Kimball E i Scientific Brake Service 5o5AgiH'TEfE, I i Opposite International Harvester Co. y Bu' mg T I i O O - - zzm - - I Saginaw Oil Co. Q' QQ. I ! QIEWELER., T I JANESATFRANKLIN DIAMONDS - WATCHES T I II2 S. Jefferson i 'S'-un1im--nn1nu1nl-li-lul1-m11m1m1m1-l' 1111 11 1 n1lu1l 1uu1-uu1nn1um1uu1uu-In--nu1nu1uu1un ----1 1m.1,,i. Kenneth E. Garchow Advisory president, Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball. M. lleene Gates French Club. Arlene Phyllis Gaulden German Club, Girl Reserves. T. Jean Gerskin Orchestra, Girl Reserves, Intramural volleyball, softball. Lorine K. Geyer Intramural volleyball, softballg All A's, National Honor Society. Everett D. Gibbons Marian F. Gibson Intramural volleyball, softball. Richard P. Gillespie NEWS, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Geraldine E. Gohm George Gottler Intramural volleyball, softball. Lorraine Margaret Graf Jean Graham Betty Lou R. Gray Advisory secretary, Home Ee, Intramural volleyball. Glenda ,lean Gray Advisory president, vice-president, secretary, athletic manager, treasurerg French Club, Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Arts- Dramatics, Debate, Junior, Senior plays, Band Bounce, Declaina- tion, Christmas pageant, National Honor Society. Z Q? 43 Q5- Elf: ECU 2.2. O5 5: Q 5 F' li as .-. 'I 9 5 5: PI fi 4 O : 0 '4 5' B M--9 ,1m.1 1,1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1,,n1,.1nl1ug1 -n1n1gg1-1n1g1m1m1m1n1m1m1m1ng1m1lm1 BASTIAN BROTHERS 81 COMPANY Printers 608-6 I 0-6 I 2 LAPEER AVE. 01011-nu1uu-nn--ul1n1 1ul-nu1- -- 1:1111 - I1 u1na 11-- u-1 -n 1:1 11: 102 M1 11.1 .1. ,1, Ernest F. Grossman Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Irene M. Grossman Home Ee, Choir, Intramural table-tennis. John Gunther Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. John A. Gunther Intramural softball. Esther Louise Haas Advisory athletic manager, Girl Reserves, Bicycle Club, Intra- mural volleyball, table tennis, softballg After-school softball. John Fordney Hackstadt Advisory president, Letterrnen, Football, Baseball, Intramural volleyball, basketball, '39 free-throw runner-up, table tennis, soft- ball, horseshoesg National Athletic Honor Society. Arthur L. Hahn, Ir. Advisory vice-president, athletic manager, Letterman secretary- treasurer, Football, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softballg Shuttle Hurdle Relay team to win Trophy. Lady Margaret Haithco Advisory treasurer, athletic manager: Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Legenda, Orchestra, Band Bounce, National Honor Society. Harry G. Hmnmond Advisory athletic manager. Edith Gertrude Handschug Advisory secretary, German Club vice-president, Girl Reserves, All A's, National Honor Society. Donna Monona Hanson Home EC, Intramural table tennis, softball. Maxwell Arnold Harper 1939 Legencla +---A- - ---- -I -l---1- - ----I- - --u--n- - -1- -I---I ---- I------H-H'--H---I--''-""-'-"-'H'-'-"-"H--Q I I I I I ROBERT B. FRANTZ I .1 A M E s A . s P E N c E ' ARCHITECTS I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I so I I - 'I'- leun - n--u- T-n--m-un-e- - u-m-n- - --I -4-If- -- -H'-"H- -H -- -'ltllmli -' - " '- """'-' ' "' """"'i' Wfilliain Harris Crucibles, Debate, Intramural Volleyball, All Ns. Charlotte I. Harrison Bicycle Club, Service Club, Choir, Legencla, Intramural volley- ball, table tennisg Declamation, After-school softball. Zita Joan Hathaway Legenda, Intramural volleyball, softball. Vlfilmar Haubenstricker Intramural softball. Sutherland Hayden Advisory vice-president, Debate, NEXVS. Commencement pageant, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. Helen Gertrude Hazen iihlfrisory athletic manager, Choir, Intramural table tennis, volley- al . Viola Lorraine Heckathorn Advisory athletic manager, Girl Reserves, Orchestra, Band Bounce, Intramural volleyball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, After-school volleyball. Raymond F. Heidtke Advisory president, Debate, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softballg Declamation, All A's, National Honor Society. -uni 1 1 '4i3? f' r Kenneth VV. Hennneter c l German Club president, Arts-Dramatics, Biology Club, Drivers Club, Bicycle Club, Debate Cl'lIl.l1'11'lCll1, Baird Bounce, Legenrla, geclaxitatiiong Christmas, Commencement DZ1gCEU1fSi Niltlflllfll HOUUI' ociety. Edwin T. Henderson . A German Club, Biology Club, Arts-Dramatxes, Junior play, Intra- mural soflball, Christmas, Commencement pagcants. Douglas J. Hendricks Drivers Club, Intramural basketball, softball! C0m111CUCCmC'1t pageant. Arthur H. Herzog Advisory president, vieeqn-esidentg Lettermen, Orchestra, Calf, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball: DcClm11atl0H. N-Hfl0Y13l Athletic Honor Society, National Honor Society. Arthur O. Herzog Advisory vice-president, Crueihles, Debate, Intra1nLu'al volleyball, basketball, softballg National Honor Society. , Annette L. Hinds Intramural volleyball. Mary Ellen Hiscock Choir, Intramural volleyball, table tennis, softballg After-school volleyball. softball. 114 1.1i11i111111- - 1 -nn-Info STEVENS Q Home 1 of DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE I I I -wn- -M - - 'll ------ n-n- -uu- -u- n- vs- - -nu-uofs IO3 Neil K. Hudson 5 Senior Paragraphs and Advertising 4'--me - '--- -r----r- "-' -M-I-I-I -'- ---- -M- -I -r--r------r--- '-'- -M- ---- - - ----r-------w- '--' -W-------un-M--1--ii--iu-.,. I I I ' I I I I , I I I I I I I I I 1 MANUFACTURERS OF BEET SUGAR, DRIED BEET PULP, BEET MOLASSES I 1' PLANTS OPERATING T I Alma - Caro - Croswell - Lansing - Saginaw - Sebewaing T I MICHIGAN SUGAR QQMPANY I i ' GENERAL UFFIEE SAGINAW I +-'ml'wx'mt''mlllniWlllllfll'lIllillAllIlII1-Illlili TMNT!!!-I Illl illllvlllvIMtlilvltlivllillvlluilllvllisl luniuu1lluilu-:nu 1 51-lllivluvlu-iunlhiif Newell I. Hoffman Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. lean Mary Holcomb Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Drivers Club, Debate, Legenda. Nellie Mae Holl Y German' Club, Home Ee, Intramural volleyball, County Honor Member 4I-I Club. Mildred Irene Hooton Advisory secretary, athletic manager: Girl Reserves Choir Iu- tramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis: After-srihool volley- ball, basketball, softball, Christmas, Commencement pagcants. Robert F. Howell Choir, Baud Bounce, Christmas pageant, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Elizabeth Lorraine Hubbard Girl Reserves, Band, Lettergirls, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softballg After-school volleyball, softball. Helen C. Hubinger Advisory president, athletic manager, '39 Debate winner, Senior play, Intramural volleyball, Comnlencenient pageants, National llonor Society, Wilbur G. Huebner Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Raymond C. Huegel Gene E. Hummel Advisory vice-president, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free- throw, table tennis, softball, borseslioes. Charles H. Hunter Intramural softball. Thelma june Jacques Advisory treasurer, athletic managerg Frexrch Club, Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Alchemists secretary-treasurer, Lettergirls, Bi- ology Club president, Debate, Iirtramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball: After-school volleyball, basketball, softball, Declamation, All A's, National Honor Society. Clifford Burton James, Ir. Biology Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Paul F. Iank I Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Lesa Elsa ,lensch Advisory athletic manager, German Club, Girl Reserves, Bicycle Club, 'NVintcr Sports Club, Debate, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, After-school volleyball, basketball, softballg Declamatioir, Michigan and Canadian Indoor Advisory secretary, treasurer, Debate, Intramural table tennis. Skating Champion '38-39. agua-uninn-nu-nn-auinniuu-1ni n-un1nn-u -nn1uu- n-nn- u-an-un-an--uni n-u -1011 n1un-m1uu-m-nnxnu--uninu-nu-an-nn-,Q I I I . I I I I Where training tor business is thorough, complete, in-' I I tensive and practical. I Where quarters are modern and clean: equipment am- I I ple, new and up-to-date. I . , Where instruction is etiicient through a combination I I ot class and individual worlc, and dispensed in a I I triendly manner. I Where satistoctory employment is our primary oblige- I tion and obiective upon completion ot your course I I ot study. I I : Entire Second Floor - Board of Commerce Building I -5.-,., -,.,.-,,,,-,,,,-,.,-,,.,.....,.-,..-.,..-,......,....,,-....-.....,..-.. -. -,.,,-...-....-....-,.........-...-...,-.......,,,......-., -,.-...,.....- ..- ,-......,..,.5. 104 v!0-,I.,1. 1..- 1,1 I.. ,.. .1 1, 1,11 -. 1 1 1 1 1939 Legenda ?lC"'1llllT9ll1TlllTIlIlll TIIIIT I Tilii HIT -"H lllil li Tl 1- T llllill T TM S1f'TVnTulllllll'Tlll1'llllTllKlT'lIllilIIlTI Tl! ITlIl!1? I I I I T C. H.Kno+1' Jochens T 5 DU TE 5 I TRAVEL SERVICES SHOES QSROOTQEPERA A I I STEAMSEIIP TICKETS ' I ll . ALL SHOES FITTED BY X-RAY I Q Genesee Avenue Stahon 420 E. Genesee Ave- I I I I I I I HIGH GRADE CHIPPEWA WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS T COAL T MINED AND Soto by GOGIZ gf Roesel' I I I 2 FLORISTS s I I S A I e X J e -F -F r e Y 5I8 Gratiot Avenue Dial 3-2975 5 3-Io1I V 3-34I3 I I OI'-nn1InI1uu1 n1nu-1-II-Inn-nn-uu1uu-i' 11111111 ll-ll-Iv-III 1111 2 -111111 H1 TlllTlU!' Lewis flex June Kelley Band, Dance Orchestra, Legenda, Commencement pageant, Band Lettergirls, NEWS, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, Bounce. table tennis, After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Dorothy I. Johnson Sandy B. Kelley Declamation. Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Rosamond Mary johnson Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Home Ee, Bicycle Club, Intra- mural volleyball, table tennis, After-school volleyball. Russell L. Johnson SUO vice-president, Advisory president, secretary, vice-president, athletic manager, Crueibles vice-president, Hi-Y president, vice- presiclent, secretary, Band, Dance Orchestra, Band Bounce, Foot- ball, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, horseshoes, All A's, National Athletic Honor Society, A. H. representative to Camp Miniwanea, National Honor Society. Duren Edward Jones Drivers Club, Band Elwood Jones Robert E. jones Debate, Band, Dance Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softball. Edward A. Kabobel Joseph Spencer Kelley Advisory president, vice-president, Arts-Dramaties, Debate, Intra- mural vollcyball, basketball, table tennis. softball, cross country. 'E' I I I I ALWAYS Best ARCTIC II..-Im1Im1uII1Im1,,,1,,,,1IIq1,,,,1,.,..-.,.,.1In1Im1...1...1,,,,1,,,,1.,.I1 1.4, James I. Kennedy Advisory president, vice-president, athletic manager, Hi-Y presi- dent, BOC vice-president, Crucibles, Drivers Club, Debate, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Baseball, Intramural volleyball, bas- ketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, horseshoesg Drum Ma- jor, Commencement pageant, Saginaw Civic Symphony three years, Third in State Drum Major Contest, National Honor Society. Kenneth H. Kersten Advisory treasurer, Service Club, Intramural free-throw, National Honor Society. Ruby Mae Kile Advisory president, vice-presidentg Girl Reserves, Choir, Legenda, NEWS typist, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, soft- ball, After-school volleyball, softball, Quill and Scroll. Ruth Lillian Kile Advisory vice-president, Girl Reserves, Choir, Intramural volley- ball, basketball, softball. Arthur R. King German Club. Biology Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, softball. 1,m1,.,1,,,,1.,,,.1,,,,1 1,041 1.1 1 1,1 1.1 1 1.1m- 'E' I 11111111111---:11111n-Inf. Senior Paragraphs and Advertising 4,.,inn1 1 .-,Urinal ,1,m...,..4-U1I,-,,.,i,m1,,,,1,,,,.. ni n-n.i..n-,w.-..1,,,,, l l l l l l D R U e s T o R E T Michigan at Hancock E Next to Y. M. C. A. l .Final llll 'V 'lll TllllTlmi'lllli aim- llli iUlXTUllTll7 ilT lllllll' lfll T llll Tllll7lU'i'ulli llll Tl4llTlllllUlli'llHlllIl'Ililtlllillillllliihllllillllillllillilullllllllig Kenneth K. King Advisory secretary, athletic manager, Hi-Y, Lcttermen, Cruci- bles, Football, Baseball, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free- throw, table tennis, softball, National Athletic llonor Society, National Honor Society. Jessie Merrill Kingsbury Intramural vollcyball,basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Marguerite Mary Klein Advisory treasurer. vice-president, Personality Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball. Floyd J. Klenoski Lettermen vice-president, Football, Baseball, Intramural basket- ball, horseshoesg National Athletic Honor Society. Glen V. Kluek Irma Gwendolyn Knott Advisory vice-president, Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Alchem- ists, Biology Club, Debate, Intramural Table Tennis, Girls' '39 table tennis champ. Charles Arthur Koehler Dnivcrf Club, Debate, Football, Intramural volleyball, basketball, so txa . Adeline F. Kolb Advisory president, Debate, Intramural volleyball, Declamation, All A'sg National Honor Society. VVilliam Kolb Betty ,lane Kole Advisory athletic manager, secretary, Intramural volleyball, bas- ketball, softball, National Honor Society. James R. Korbein Advisory athletic manager, Drivers Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Pauline I. Kotenko Advisory vice-president, Home Ee, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softballg After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Mary Marie Kotrich Qdyisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- a . Harold O. Krause Band, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Robert LeRoy Krieger Advisory secretary, president, Band, Intramural basketball. Gerald A. Kruger Intramural table tennis. Mary Lou Kruinheur Home Ee, National Honor Society. Emory C. Kuehn Advisory vice-president, Bicycle Club, Football, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball. Constance M. Laatsch Charles F. Ladensack Advisory vice-president, Drivers Club, Intramural volleyball, bas- ketball, softball. Osie LaFleur Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free- th1'ow, softball, Y. M. C. A. State Champ Basketball Team. Edward C. Landman, Ir. Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- ball, horseshoes. June M. Lange Leona May Lantz Advisory secretary, treasurer, BOC president, Alchemists, '39 De- bate winner, Choir, Legeuda, Intramural volleyball, All A's, Band lgounee, D. A. R. Runner-up, National I-Ionor Society, Quill and croll. Margaret Maxine Lantz Advisory vice-president, athletic manager: Girl Reserves, Letter- girls, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennisg After-school volleyball, basketball, softballg Band Bounce, Na- tional Honor Society. Clayton I. LaPage Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Fred Laubhan Doris Mae Lawler Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Bicycle Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, After-school volleyball, bas- ketball, softball. Ruth Marion Leaman .5..-...- -..- -.....-..-.-. -...-.-...-...-..-...-.......-..-......-. M e -, --""-'H'-"H--? l ' - 'ETT?- . I F r Z . .clitiilas :ii " f:'s'f?Ql:t .rig Q I lilblllll ' . 1 ltikt' il T MURPHY 8: O HARA CO. ,gmfgfm-.Ja,,55igi3E T E xitricxgggiirnltijigyiwigIiq'nul:,.irl1nnuiw..1ii : 1 7l4 Genesee Ave. ,sqm ,Wm 0 ff,-1-4 I I-es-l,. ,5ls, mt I i l .i..-...-.-......-...-.-...-..-....-..-...-..-.......-...-..-...-...-...-...- -- X , - -...-..-..-...,. lO6 1939 Legenda , i Robert Gower Leckie, jr. SUO secretary, Advisory president, vice-president, athletic man- ager, Crucibles, Hi-Y president, vice-presiclentg Letternlen, De- bate, Legenda, Cheerleader captain, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, softball, cross countryg Commencement pageant, Band Bounce Master-of-Ceremonies, Cabinet banquet toastmaster, VVinner Young Republican Declamation Contest. lVi1frede R. Lehr Drivers Club. Esther Pauline Leis Choir, Declarnation, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. A. Rachel Lincoln Colnmencement Pageant. Hilbert C. List Band, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. -1111.-1111....11n11..1T1n14T + 5 THE New STRAND BARBEQUE i l "A TASTY PLACE TO EAT" T Corner Bay and State T T -111111111- 111111 rlll -1111 1111 111-11 - -1- 1 1nn111ufo Angus John Logan Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Ionior L. Ludlum Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, softball. Albert C. Luplow Advisory vice-president, treasurer, athletic nianagerg Icycle Club President, Lettermen, Biology Club, Bicycle Club secretary, Foot- gall, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, soft- a . William H. Lutzke Betty Joyce Lyness James Kimball Lyons Advisory vice-president, Crucibles, Golf, Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball, National Honor Society. .!qn1nu --11111-1 - 1 1 1, 1h 1111,,1111i 1-nu-111111 -nl-11 ----- u 11m-5, l l L l T WEINBERG REXALL DRUG STORE T A Congenial Drug Store Q L l WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT. T We have your Favorite Perfume. 5 T f l T .i.TIllll IT HT NTU! T UT Tl i' liillll TI! 7 l' ll TWT IT! I THU iilTTTi ll Tl IT Tl will l 'T Tl i T 1lIl11IIg ?.u1qn1 1 131 1 1,n 11111 u1 111 1 n 111111--111 t- 1 -Tnlim-n111 11 111 1 1 1Tm-.!. l l 1 I I l Tbe J. W. IPPEL Co. L I l - l T Easblon i l Favorites i f I West Side i F Z T Court at Michigan i l T ! l 'I'-un-1 --1111 1111111.11 1 -H ------- 11 ---- 11111 111.1i-, , , . -ny T 107 Senior Paragraphs and Advertising I 'gn-nu -1i11--11 11111 11--1111- u n -M1H111mlihll-mr1l1n1un1nn-lux-nu-un1un-,Q I I I . . . ' ' I T General Dlsirlbuhng Germam P'an0 CO' I .COl'pOf'a'I'IOI'l Esfablislaed I897 Frank Cv. McKinley. Mgr. T T W H O L E S A L E J O B B E R S PIANOS I RADIOS I REFRIGERATORS T ii Phone 2-6l8I CLEANERS O WASHERS I RANGES ii F FedEl'aI 5+ 5943005 Now located ai 607 E. Genesee Ave. opposite Jeffers Park 5 I I I I I I I WE CLOTHE THE FAMILY . I THIS STORE OFFERS ITS V T CONGRATULATIONS 3 I ,1 N V T T TO THE GRADUATES OF I939 - IT f X T I ..f, 1 K . l . - f -J V I I A. E. ENSMINGER 81 CO. I 20 S. Franklin i I Hamillof' and Hancock' Wm Side WE EURNISH THE HOME ON EASY TERMS Q I . l CRANE af CRANE I I BANCROFT HOTEL I T ATToRNEYs.AT.LAw T COFFEE SHOP sos-309 sec. Na+'l Bank Bldg. T Z Genesee a+ Washington Dial 6983 I I - l I 0i0-mi-un-um-un-uns-lm-nu--IIII1 -Im1llIl-I 1111 W1 '-'I 1 """'-"""""""""1"W""""'U1 "" lllllllil ' """"!' Evelyn Irene McCarty Mary Jane McDermott Advisory secretary, vice-president, treasurer, Girl Reserves presi- dent, Biology Club president, vice-prcsidentg BOC, Alchemists vice-president, Choir, Intramural volleyball, Connnencernent Pag- eant, All A's, National Honor Society. Inez McKinnon - I U New Corners Club, Clarinet award 1936 North VVISCOHSIII Music Festival. Janet Clara McLean Jeanne Laura MacArthur Archibald Raynor Macdonald Debate, Band, Intramural table tennis, Declamation. Caroline H. Malinski Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free- throw, table tcnnisg After-school volleyball, basketball. Elaine A. Mannion Advisory vice-president, National Honor Society. 4.1.-.... -----.----- ------ I I THE MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE Co. i Represented by T FRED M. BULLOCK T 306 Sec. Na+'I Bank Bldg. T 4...-..-- ---- ---- ------ - - 108 Lawrence A. Marcoux Advisory athletic manager, Football, Baseball, Intramural volley- ball, basketball, free-throw. Kenneth George Marks Advisory president, vice-president, secretary, Hi-Y, Crneibles treasurer, Debate, Choir, Track, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softball, horsesboesg National Honor Society. Leona G. Martindale Spanish Club, Girl Reserves. Williain J. Masterton Doris E. Mauer Don E. Metzler Drivers Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball. Harold E. Meyer Ogcbeatra, Dance Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, basketball. so tba . Robert O. Meyer Advisory atl1letic.manager, Intraniural volleyball, basketball, free- throw, table tenins, softball, Boys' 1939 table tennis champ. - 1939 Legenda ?llIlllh1l'Tgl iliiilyiiiviiv l11u1lfl1lnll17Klinllllllll1QTIIllZlIlI11l.lll'TllllTIIHTIIIIUTIIIITll'll'TlllTl1llTlll1g!g I I I I I L Wm. C1 1 I 'I IV, L' 1,l. 'I:. '- I I EIIIIII I I fN'67OMPAN.3fW I I . I SAGINAW'S SMART i STYLE CENTER I I I2 - I I8 S. Jefferson 5 I I I I . I I ZEHNDER S I I FANgg:gKE'l:ASlIrilEIgIEBIggTH Peggy Walkington Shop I . . . . BANCROFT BUILDING I SpecIaI attenhon given partles, banquet, I I bridge and ciub affairs T T Phone Frankenmuth 64 T I I I I I I I W A G A R D R U G S SMITH HARDWARE WE DELIVER SPORTING GOODS I mo s+a+a Dial 2-798I Dial 6sIs aoo efanai I I I I I The Saginaw. Lumber Company I I LUMBER CO. I I MILL WORK I I COAL anal BUILDERS' SUPPLIES PASTEUREED M"'K I I KERRYSIWAY LBR.CO. UIAL2-ISIS I Bristol at Niagara Phone 2-4l7I - I I I 'I'-In-Im-uII1 1IIII1rIII -111-1 1 1"'-' H-'HI'-'ll'-' 1 101- '11l'l'-W 11-111111 -1-- I m1n.i VVayne E. Meyer Advisory athletic manager, Lettermen, Baseball, Intramural vol- leyball, basketball, softball. Doris L. Miller Elaine R. Miller Florence Jeanette Miller Ruth H. Miller Girl Reserves. WVilbur I. Miller Intramural basketball, free-throw, softball, IIOFSCSIIUCSQ Boys' 1939 free-throw champ. Floyd V. Milstead Intraxnural volleyball, basketball, softball. ,Tune R. Moiles Ann Kathryn Moore Advisory secretary, trcasurcrg Personality Club, Debate, National Honor Society. Bette E. Morrison Advisory athletic manager, Personality Club, Bicycle Club, VVin- ter Sports Club, Intramural table tennis. Dorothy Mae Muehlenbeck Advisory president, vice-president, Intramural volleyball. Harold XV. Muehlenbeclc Advisory vice-president. Robert Charles Muehlenbeck Advisory president, Lettermen, Football, Track, Intramural cross country champ, Commencement pageant, National Athletic Honor Society, National Honor Society. Geneva Lee Muirhead German Club treasurer, secretary, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, free-throw, softball. Jean Adelaide Mulholland Debate, Intramural volleyball, Declamationi Leona I-I. Mundt Girl Reserves. Helen Mtuiger New Comets, Intramural volleyball. 109 Joseph Murdock Intramural volleyball, Rhythm Ranger, Band Bounce. Joseph Murin Advisory vice-president, athletic manager, Basketball, Intramural volleyball, table tennis, softball. Patricia L. Murphy Advisory president, secretary, vice-president, Lettergirls, Per- sonality Club, Debate, Intramural volleyball, basketball, 3rd place free-throw, table tennis, softball: After-school volleyball, basket- ball, softballg IJeclamation', Commencement Pageants. Leon G. Murray ,Tack Alden Myers Shirley M. Nachtweih Advisory athletic manager, basketball, frccfthrow, table tennisg After-school volleyball, bas- ketball, softball. Lettcrgirls. lntram u ral volleyball, Montgomery Nash Advisory treasurer, Crucibles, Biology Club, Bicycle Club, XVinter Sports Club, Current Events Club, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softball, cross country, Declamation. Harold A. Nefe Cruciblcs, Baseball, Intramural volleyball, softball. Dorothy Ann Neumann Choir, Baud Bounce, Christmas pageant. Charles F. Newman Advisory president, vice-prcsidentg B. O. C., Debate, Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softballg Com- mencement pageant, Band Bounce. Ralph James Newton Advisory secretary, Band, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- ball: Commencement Pageant, President Saginaw "Y" Aquatic Club, XVin11er in City Swim Meet. Senior Paragraphs and Advertising Alfred Newvme Advisory athletic manager, Lettermen, Football, Basketball Teams Athletic Manager, Intramural volleyball, basketball, '38 free- tbrow champ, table tennis, softball, horseshoes. Norma Rose Neymeiyer German Club secretary, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis. W'illiam A. Nickle Orchestra. Arlene G. Nikolai SUO Treasurer, Advisory president, vice-president, athletic manager: Lettergirls, BOC, Arts-Dramaties, Junior, Senior plays, Orchestra, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball: After- school volleyball, basketball, softball: Christmas, Commencement nageantsg All A's, Football Queen, D. A. R. runner-up, National Honor Society. Doris Ann Norton Advisory treasurer, Personality Club, Girl Reserves, Alchemists president, Biology Club, Commencement Pageant, All A's, Na- tional Honor Society. Edith Margaret Notter Advisory athletic manager, Girl Reserves, Bicycle Club, Orches- tra, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softballg All A's, National Honor Society. Harold Ferdinand Nuechterlein Crucibles. Lawrence Walter Nuechterlein Ruth Martha Nuechterlein German Club vice-president, secrcturyg Intrmuural vvlleybflll, All A's, National Honor Society. Norma Iune Oehring Girl Reserves. guniuxi-1:1 n-un1nu1uii1uii1un1uu1iu1uu1un1 -nu-n 1uu-nn-un-nn-uu-nn- "lm" I FLOWERS I I ACCEPTABLE T T AT 1 g ALL l Q TIMES THE I I Jefferson H . ,, T I af SAGINAWE TELEGRAPH FLORIST 2 5 Tuscola I I I L :. I M 1 I WORTH ASKING Fon!! SELECT w,,e,,,+J.,i,,.,.,n L : I I I I I 1 : I I I I I LL STUDIOS t I I I I I Legenda Photographer 1 I I I I i FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE ALWAYS I I O OTH E S I I I I I "A+ Your Service Since l863" I I 1 'i'-:nl-un-nn1un-nn-im-nn1nu-xm-nm-nn1n1-ll-ms-nu-un 111- ux1ln-un-uu-nu1-un1nn--un-- 1-nn1u1-un-u-mn1nu-nu-I nguoi: IIO 1939 Legenda agen-nll1nn1un1n:1-u 11:14-nu 1 11 v11--- nn- Grace Eleanor Otto Debate, Declarnation, Intramural volleyball. Mary Ann Pace Home Ee president. Cathryn A. Parker Advisory athletic manager Vivian Myrtle Parks Advisory vice-president, secretary, treasurer, presidcntg Girl Re- serves, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Luana M. Perrigo VVarren V. Peters Advisory secretary, vice-president: Hi-Y, Drivers Club, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Intramural basketball, Commence- ment Pageant. Agnes M. Peterson Advisory president, secrctaryg T..ettergirls, Il1'lJI'ZiI'lll'll'Zll volleyball, basketball, softball, After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Howard C. Peterson, Ir. Advisory president, vice-president, Crucibles, Hi-Y, Legenda pho- tographer, NEWVS Editor-in-eliiefg Tennis, Intramural table tennis. softballg Commencement Pageant, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society. Priscilla Jane Phillips Home Ee, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce. Oilllihll-1lHi'lllllIllllillIHlHllTIlllllllllulluill'TuliluiuullllllllllllillllllllH1'lIllllIMlllll1lll1TIll'1lll'l'iIIIITIIIITIIIITlllI1llllillll'1lllIll 31 1 1 : .2 V1 l 5 nf 2 S, E o T 5 " -4 0 i Ez -4 ET T -I ja 5 1 E 0 1 EL 3 z 5 " 1 5 E si C Z U O 1 U' 'T' 3 E Q w 5 U if 5 70 gp -' in I"l'l A IE E D, 1 Z sl rn X 1 3, o 4 9, s W I 4 CD Z 11 I -Q w 01 '4 T R 2 5 U 5 I fi s - l- CD I ng "' m "' -- 3, l 'mm ? 3- UU if Q ' I Eau fb 2. ff, cn Z, iam 64 3 371 5 S 1 Q O -4 T CSU 2 9. Q, S 0 I 0 V' X i fm 5 3' 0 2 E ' Q.. LE S Q E l 'D O :V :I O I ro Z F' m i 5 -4 m 2 I 1 if 1 0 I 3 l 'I' I 5 , s 2 ' 1 'D . I 1 1 .yIl'llITlllllllllm'TlIll"1lliFmlmimlmllmlmTllllTllllTUllTl1nlIll'1'lllll'lllliIlllilIlliUI11Wll Lee Hart Pinnell Debate Champ '37, Band, Choir, 'l'enn'is, Intramural volleyball, basketball, '38 table tennis champg City Novice Champ. Donald G. Plambeck Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball. Donald F. Pohhnan H1-Y, Debate, Band, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball, Senior play, Orchestra. Betty Jane Poplewski Sally Anna Poplewski Muriel E. Poulson gldvisory secretary, treasurerg Alchemists, Ban'd, National Honor ocxety. Albert E. Povich Intramural volleyball, softball. Jack I. Powley Drivers Club, Band, Intramural volleyball, table tennis, softball. Jane Drusilla Pratt French Club, New Comers Club, BOC secretary, Choir, Band Bounce, National Honor Society. Dorothy L. Price Advisory secretary, Commencement Pageant. 111 Senior Paragraphs and Advertising ?oII1IIII 1--1 u1 1-un-IIu1un-1 In 11-- un1III1IIIn1 In--IIII1 1 II1 :I1 1 1Im1I11Im1n1mI1Im1n1m1m1ln-nI11-nn1n-,!, I t l Ramsl'1aw's Photo Service J' C- PENNEY CO- l Dm 24574, EVERYTHING IN WEARINO APPAREL l l FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 1 g 206 Dearborn I I0 - I I4 N. Washington L t 'kiwilfll-1llIll'IlYlTlllllIIIlT llillll-tllllillllillKill? U1 TI IT! 1 illl1lllTllllilllITllTl1 1-will il T 1l 1i1lh1lUl1 1K 1ll 1.-un1uu.illn1'Igi. Dorothy V. Prior Advisory treasurer, Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Biology Club Debate, Intramural volleyball, Declamation, National Honor: Society. Ruth O. Purkis Advisory athletic manager. Anne M. Quackenbush Girl Reserves, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softballg Christ- mas Pageant. Rachael Mary Quackenbush Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball. VVilliam Arthur Quinn Football, Intramural volleyball, basketball.. softball: National Honor Society, National Athletic Honor Society. Evelyn M. Rabideaux Advisory athletic mana ei Ietter iIls Intramur l .g ', -' ' g ' , al vol eyball, basketball, softballg After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Loisjune Raese Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Home Ec. Marian R. Rau Girl Reserves, Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball. Vera Linda Rauh Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Walter' Raymond Band, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Frieda Ruth Reimer German Club president. Doris L. Reinhardt Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tennis. Helen Reisbig German Club, Intramural volleyball. Alice H. Remer l Advisory vice-president, French Club, BOC, Biology . Club president, Choir, Intramural volleyball, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant, National Horror Society. .!.,-..,-.,,-.,,-...,-...- -...,-.,.,- .. - ,.-I, ... - ,.-.. - -III.- SAGINAW 7 HARDWARE i i HARDWARE t AND 5 l SPORTS 2 su PPLI ES l zoo - zoa S. HAMILTON 5 ,ig41IIII1 I-IIII1u I1 1:4 1 1 n1IIII1u I1 I-I 1 u1uII1 II1I 1 II- ll2 Stewart Leo Rex Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, table tennis, horseshoes. Warreii R. Richards Advisory athletic manager, B. O. C., Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Choir, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Cecile Rick Intramural volleyball, softball. Lavvrence Gould Rickert Advisory vice-president, Crucibles, BOC, vice-president, De- bate,. Band, Dance Orchestra, Orchestra, Choir, Intramural table tennis, softball, Deelamatiorr. Paul Rifenburg, I r. inflraniural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, soft- a . Niema June Riselay Advisory treasurer, secretary: Girl Reserves secretary, Biology Club secretary, Personality Club, Choir, National Honor Society. Arlene E. Rivett Katherine E. Robinson Advisory athletic manager, Girl Reserves, Choir, Intramural vol- leyball, basketball, softballg After-school volleyball, basketball, softball, Band Bounce, Christmas Pageant. Frank A. Rock, Ir. Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Ann S. Roditcher Bette Jane Rogers Advisory athletic manager, Choir, Intramural volleyball, basket- ball, softballg After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Elaine E. Rogers Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, Mildred Ann Rork Vlfinifred E. Rork NENVS. Gordon Charles Rosin 1939 Legenda zifn-ull-:lui n1uu1un-nl-uu- rl- ll- M- 111 n-null - 1 11 I-u 1 - inn- - n-nn-ill1un1mlivm-nu1nu- n- 1 111 i1in11nll-2, I I I , I EATAT McGEE 81 FINLAY I ' JOHNSON OUT BOARD I , KOZY KORNER MOTGRS L l IBI6 COURT ST. DlAL,9su4 6,5 GENESEE AVE- I I I I I ,i,n,,,,,,,lmlllml,mlun-.,,,,-,4,,1,,,,1ml .-ln- - - n- -lm1nn-1 ri- 111- -uu1lu-n11111:-ilnll-lull: 1-uu- -un-I 1 -l 1 l- -nu1ugfq Phyllis A. Rummins New Comers Club, NEVVS. Don S. Rupp Bicycle Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Frank Leonard Rupprecht Advisory president, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, National I-Ionor Society. Robert D. Rushlow Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Choir, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, table tennis, softball, cross country, horse- shoesg Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Delmar W. Ruthig Advisory president, German Club, Crucibles, Debate, Golf, Intra- mural volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softballg Declamation, Commencement Pageant, All A's, National Honor Society. Lorraine K. Salesky Advisory athletic manager, Girl Reserves. Charles Henry Sarlc III Bicycle Club, Drivers Club, BOC, Choir, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, cross eountryg Debate, Band Bounce, Christ- mas pageant. Robert John Sauve Advisory president. athletic manager, Biology Club, Arts-Drama- tics, Iunior, Senior plays, Choir, Football, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country runner-up. Lorraine M. Savage Girl Reserves, Intramural volleyball, After-school volleyball. Ella M. Schade Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. VValdemar VV. Scheiwe Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, High honors 3 years 4I'I craft, 4H scholarship to Michigan State College. ,lack I. Schell Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Mildred Margaret Schellhas German club, Intramural volleyball. David Schimpf Basketball, Intramural basketball, table tennis. Robert T. Schiudehette Advisory secretary, treasurer, vice-president: Drivers Club, Hi-Y vice-president, Football, Baseball, Track, Intramural volleyball, basketball, table tenn'is, cross country, softball. Bertram C. Schlcicher Elaine M. Schmidt Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. VValter Schmitt Baseball, Intramural lxorseshocs, softball. Mary Elizabeth Schneider French Club, German Club, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas pag- eant, Intramural volleyball. Marguerite Ann Sedlak Pauline E. Seeley ln'tramural volleyball, basketball. Thomas C. Seymour Track, Intramural volleyball, basketballg National Honor Society, National Athletic Honor Society. Lawrence Carl Sherbino Hi-Y BOC, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Band Bounce, Football, In- tramural basketball, softball. Charles F. Sherman Advisory. vice-president, Intramural volleyball, basketball, soft- ballg National Honor Society. Betty Lou Shuster Spanish Club, Personality Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Bernard Simmons Daniel Chisholm Smith Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Edna Mae Smith Advisory Secretary, Orchestra, Choir, Baird Bounce, Christmas pageant. Eleanor Jean Smith Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Mary Louise Smith French Club, Arts-Dramatics, Iunior, Senior plays. Victor John Smith Arthel E. Sneathen National Honor Society. Theda B. Snow Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Amelia M. Sobel Advisory athletic manager, French Club secretary, Drivers Club secretary, Debate, Intramural basketball, table tennis, softball. Florence M. Soper Advisory treasurer, Spanish Club president, Girl Reserves, Intra- Drivers Club, Tennis, Intramural volleyball, softball, Commence- mural volleyball, basketball, softball, All A's, National Honor ment pageant. Society. ?IIllIll'TlI1Tlll TTiTTiT Pl liil lil llii llllilll liii -1 H1-IIIITIIIITI Kill TllIl'TllIlillll1flll?ll'llTmlTIlll1.g, I I I E f WINKLER - LUCAS ICE Xe FUEL CO. T22 ATWATER sT. T I ALWAYS READY TO SERVE YOU T i PURE SPARKLING ICE CUBES CRUSHED ICE ANY SIZE I ri WASHED AIR CONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS I il WATER OOOLERS I 5 OOAL - COKE - WOOD I ' I +'1lllIllI.llTIllli Illillllillllil I -1'lIIlTllfITl'IlI1ll'lIl 4' TV lint 1 Tl TI IT T IVI liTi ll il T NTU 1-31 1- ITN T' illll' T ill i1lflTII+ 113 E. Margaret Sovia Service Club, BOC, Girl Reserves, Orchestra, Choir, lland Bounce, Christmas pageant. Bernard E. Spatz, Jr. Advisory secretary. Intramural volleyball, basketball, free-throw, softball, table tennis. I. William Spatz Advisory athletic manager, Bicycle Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, cross country. Lyle M. Speace Spanish Club, Debate, Intramural horseshoes, softball. Gilbert E. Speckhard Advisory vice-president, Intramural volleyball, basketball, free- throw, softball, table tcn'nis, All A's. Bette Jane Spencer Henry DeVVain Spiekermann, Ir. Advisory president, secretary, treasurer, BOC, Band, Dance Or- chestra, Band Bounce. Esther L. Spindler Advisory athletic manager, Intramural volleyball, softball. Norris LaVerne Spyker Advisory president, treasurer, Hi-Y, Drivers Club, Lettermen, Orchestra, Football, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball, 'Commencement pageant, Vice-president Older Boys Conference. Lorraine L. Steltzriede Home Ee, Intramural volleyball. Betty Jane Stemler Intramural table tennis. Leona K. Stielow German Club, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball: After- school volleyball. Informals and Autographs Pauline Mae Stier I'ersonality.Club, Debate, Intramural volleyball, free-throw, table tennis, National Honor Society. Irene Marie Stoffel Advisory treasurer, Personality Club. Clifford M. Strausberg Thelma Janet Strausberg Declamation. Vlfillis I. Strobel German Club, Drivers Club, Debate, Legencla, Intramural softball. Howard E. Stuedeman Advisory vice-president, Debate, Baseball, Intrzunural volleyball, table tennis, softball. Gertrude Sturm Intramural volleyball. Lydia Sturtz Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Claire B. Suhan Intramural volleyball, National Honor Society. Rosebud Marie Summer-Held Choir, Intramural softball, volleyball, Christmas pageant. Ann M. Svericl Advisory president, French Club, Alchemists, Debate, Intramural volleyball, softball, All A's, National Honor Society. Faye Nl Swartbout Eleanor June Tank Laura A. Taylor Advisory treasurer, French Club. "M" 'W ' """"l"i":"-1 'A' l 2 l ' I ge . . Marion Frisch and Joyce Papineau after oflice hours. Roger Stressman rests his weary bones. Bob Leckie tries to coax Bob Stenglein from his car UD A modern Juliet-Leota Green. The front lawn beckons Bill Quinn, Jack Eberlein, Earl Lar- son, Tony Deikc, and Bill Eberlein. ll4 l I 1 A circle of beauties-Marjorie Gilmore, Gloria Garchow, Cath- erine Slabaugh, Shirlie Allore, and Laura Ruppel. Mary Koinis and Shirley Elliott bring their ice-skates to school. Xvarren Richards takes it easy. Edna Simon interviews Edith Handschug. 1 939 Legenda Marvin R. Thiel Choir, Intramural volleyball, table tennis, cross country, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Marjorie A. Thurlow National Honor Society Barbara C. Tillson Advisory treasurer, secretary: Home Er: treasurer, Arts-Dramatics, Debate, Junior, Senior playsg Choir, Commencement pageant, National Honor Society, Alchemists. Esther Trommcr Advisory secretary, athletic manager, Lettergirls, After-school volleyball, basketball, softball. Patricia Tubbs Home lie, Choir, Band Bounce, Christmas pageant. Betty Jane Tucker Ardith Jane Turbin Intramural volleyball, softball. Richard Charles Tuttle Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. lfVilbur O. F.. Ucbler Drivers Club, Intramural softball. Florence D. Uphoti? Advisory president, vice-president, Club treasurer, Band, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball: After-school volleyball, basketball, athletic manager: Personality softball. Mary Elizabeth Uptegrait Service Club, Intramural volleyball. Norman Leo Von Dette Marguerite Voorheis Alchemists, Biology Club, Home Ec., Intramural volleyball, bas- ketball, softball, National Honor Society. Martin William Voorheis Stephen F. VValch Advisory athletic manager. Fern Ann Wallace Choir, BOC, Intramural volleyball, Band Bounce, Christmas pag- cant. Ruth Elene l1Valworth Girl Reserves. Howard Warner Rudolph Richard Vlfarnick Advisory vice-president, Band, Intramural basketball, free-throw, softballg Commencement Pageant. Marie Pauline Weber Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Adele Vtfeiss Elizabeth C. Weiss Advisory secretary, German Club, Drivers Club, Intramural table tennis, After-school volleyball. Irene L. Weiss Home Ee, Bicycle Club. Raymond F. XVeiss Advisory athletic manager, mural volleyball, basketball, softball. VVil1ia1n R. C. lfVendt Harold I. Whezttley Intramural basketball, softball. Letterman, Band, Baseball, Intra- Margaret E. VVhite Advisory president, Girl Reserves, Intramural softball, volleyball, basketball. Eugene L. P. 'Wielock Ruth E. VV ieneke Advisory president. vice-presidentg French Club, Girl Reserves, Choir, Debate. Christmas, Commeircemcnt Pageants, All A's, Na- tional Izlonor Society. Kathryn lViese Home Ee, Intramural volleyball. George Phineas Wiggiiis Advisory vice-president, Biology Club, Intramural volleyball, bas- ketball, softball, Band, Track. Pauline G. VVillett Intramural volleyball, free throw, baseball. Robert G, VVilliams Advisory president. Emil L. Wissmucller Advisory secretary, treasurer, athletic manager, Choir, Intra- mural volleyball, basketball, softball, Band Bounce. James Charles F. W'olfe Advisory Treasurer, Intramural volleyball, basketball, softball. Grace Adella Wood Donna A. Wray Advisory vice-president, secretary, treasurer, Girl Reserves, Per- sonality Club, Senior Play, Choir, Football Queen Attendant. Intramural volleyball, table tennis. Edmund C. Wurtzel Ruth E. Yingling Choir, Personality Club. Irene C. Zeilinger National Honor Society. Marion Irene Zeitler Personality Club, NVinter Sports Club secretary, Legcnda. Ruth I. Zoller Advisory secretary, Choir, Legenda, Band Bounce, Commence- ment, Christmas pageauts, Quill and Scroll. ogquv IIII 1014101 IlJ1llliIlllivl1Il'D1Illl1lIVl1llII'TIl!l1llll'1IIIITIlv7ll11nllurlll1vi1ll1l!fl1l1lu1p1n1- llll 111117 llrl il- IIII 1IIll1QllI'1llll1IIIIT ll1IIll1'llIl1'llXl1lllIlHIITIIQQQ I I l I L I I I l I W. L. CASE 81 CO. 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Illuszrauion by Jahn G- Ollier Arr Smdios. 118 1939 Legenda Autographfs M l Ed Collier, George YV. Bnxlcr III, :md Floyd Klenoski talk Students squeezing into ole Sl1oel1orn Hall. Ove" the baseball f'mat'0'l' How 'bout a bite, Esther Arft and Virginia. Ewlmank? Sorting "cuts" 111 the News room are Sud Hayden, Dorothy your new S. U. O' president takes H snooze. Comfortable Matthels, and Joyce Papinenu. Vern? . ' Helen' Munger and Esther Spindler check over their assign- Between classes the boys gather and talk over the good shows. ,ment l Ho hum! Don Pohlman, Vern Sherman, and Wilmer Gimesky Doris '11 Helen Fischer don the unifurm of the football heroes. take life easy, 119 ,If ..1,...g1g.-, SERVING SAGINAW SINCE l87I . , . . . x Wy! II'1If tl. , 2. I1 L . L F : T' Lf' I fs. .6 ,A 'rep 4 nl g.i'ia,.,,' ,,,351S"ff' I . 1:1 I 6 NK... I I Nm.-I hppbblkmk :I1-I-ea M, V, 'I -5..- -- mv N Vw -a In 'm , - ,I H .Rn I- " '11 -f 3 'l I .QQIXNIIY ml , .. mmm '-5 -f I un , v-- WE WA E53-mas fq. 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Suggestions in the Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) collection:

Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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