Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI)

 - Class of 1937

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Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1937 volume:

E x lr-3' -. '- J. .VA .. A' a ud'r1.e1,f.' ' ...S e H I.. -1 x. .wwf ,. .il - 5 ' " , , , .- L ' . . fi-"fi 1'-V . ni' V U1 ' V ' 'N :'-was 'fb 13, ..3Qff1yr2 7-r - - . . . . - " "ff, 'TQ' , m 1 A . - r . , ,, . . -I ' 7 ' 5 ' -. . ' .. 7' V ., . , W. - '. 1 .' Q ' fl . .- ' , - 523. " ' I" ' ' - Yi N .: 5- . . , LR, ' ' 73.3 , :,1V' .in . w ,- j lk--'.I.:4',f.. fm , V', .. V '4 1: 4 ..,.'.., - "J"'f?.'gf' 'uf' ' V- ' " .. - 4 ' :, V ' - ' i ' ' 7 ' al' ' ' Q ', -L "' '5 . t r." " - V ,:.-ll , -, , ' ' u . Tl Es, Liv, .' '. 2' 1 , . , - .f - '. . f- ,. - -wi - K: 'JW . . - . , , V - - N l A - . . . , ,5 3 ol wg V ...' , rl U VI '-'fl v4'1'l JQISU. H If 2 iii ,,,,' . f, ' -- . ',,.. f L V-I 2 N, V1 ,S I .l j- , ,. L V H ,. Y . , . .V NIJ .. 4 , - H- .. .. . . T is 5.1 lj: , xl' ri rf"-Q N 'Y ftf' r .. .,',..-,g..,VV 5 QQ.: 5' - .- 11,21 F i If Lg- V. u fi ' ff . P i 4 ...Li V jg. .pg :Ny .. 'Pdf ,NNY bl . 71 R T. .. .- ..yu A : .1 , V . Z ,-1 '17 .Ph .1 I A uri- . .579 44, P u E U. -x. ."' CV' n. Y, 1 I N.,- " Eff- . 's . 1,4 154 x. .. , .. H, A ,J K ,: ,,,k' .V f 'V' . ,5 e. Lg -?5l.,v1-5.!flN..,Qv.g Q X . Q :I'1'gff..N!+1?V:"f'ii'fff ' ' Q ' ' I "!'F"' TV. ifw-V., fr f. 1 5 Q If ,4.-. ' .Se 542' 14: " J' .' ' . Q", ""5f','-1'-' ' ' V" - ,. I BQ 1 .Air ' '-3. 1 'ELL Sf V. .fr-1 ' ,. . f V ,v l V12 Wy xg Q'-:Apr-..V va "1 :V . V :qv - - , V I 1 . . . - uh.,-V.,g,.lf we .0 -W 4 V ' V . ef.. .IU-51' 'W' ..:4:f',1. -+ 3, irxiiwe-:f'.,'g,f4,.-, , -' 1 .V.. 5, y ' ,iv uk ' ' "- ' , , .gl.. 7,1.., .- . ,F yn , M ... . -W1-:?-- rg . 1111- q- f7"'ri "Vg1.' :.V.Pi..,A-.VI ,V , iz.. -aw. 41... .Q . . , 5 ,. , L. -V ,,.,V.Pt-Vg. .P sig" 1. A -H'As,..4- xr It! I, 'uf 6, qV1"L. , , Wa, 5-7.-L1 .I . Z. , i Li .., -. a .5 ., AP, -'.u. - 'jx-r1' N' A 75,31 .fn . g. 'E ,, "1 . ,' Q-.1 F15 I.. ,. -A-'.n......,.. .. ,.. - . ,H .. -.,-3. , .1 1 if: e . .'fw.--'-- 5 'Y .- q . -,.-1 5, J. K,-..,,-wlmw , -:wg . Q C. .5 --..jun 5-. .gi . J. 1 TLV- .f I' vf , .' Q1 1 E-abr,-,,T.vvJ .nrt-N57 ,yvyggi I . V,-1-'+V "5-V 'T-"" :. - "v " "-U" :F f- x H . 1 . "'Bl. ' ' I r .. 'li' ' I! .U - 1 , .I '.x" 1 A riff? ., u eijff-H '. , .95 .- "4' - ' f . 3 . W . . , Q 32,4 ' f-E V - Iv ."-' - ., ' . V ' ' ' 35 M ZF ' -- -'V J' w .,- Vu.-.. V . .a . .. V , A . 1 i .1 5 ff. + V . J V V Lv... 1 - -. Q af 1' -..--.L-rt.. 'Vu - a f V A V- , ,lf ,,, fr .rl I! 11' '., '-vin", .' I . - i., lr : ':, T 'J - ig, . , .- .- ,au 'L-'J ' -- L 5 'n.. V i n ' - ' 1 . ' 'vm .Q VF' ' U" 'A' ' 'll " fi' 4'1"-S4 - -1 .4 :xv - - rm N. V 55. .fl 1- 1. ., ' ' VV , - . V. . .5 3 .-F - 1 -, 9 Y-P-'in J' , V f Y. . W v ' .1 ,ig 45.4, w., 1 1'm'g,F ' J. if ff- A ' ,,, .. , " ' 3 -Q' ,lr .n 9--J ,: :s...-3..- np' . - V U 5. " '-1- .V V. x 4 V . 'V as.. f. . 2153.53.,,,:..VLa,:...g,' . !eQ.L--4gA5,,-jg?-515, -14..g?1.- wg. . n , jf I-, .ij 1, XII. .. I . .. 'T . 1 . V-12-Y-N ,4,f .c ,S .wif ig- , My H fi- ,1. yr . . . 1".f'-:i:x:Tfw'4 :-l i ' g.5g1l" '- . "T j' ' k . ,x ..a.,.wt1 T' if ' - ' w1if.2.. 'V an-if 24.-:MU .1L1 JJ!! ' X '31, u ,fejencfa PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY A VOLUNTEER GROUP OF STUDENTS THROUGH THE IOURNALISM DEPARTMENT OF THE Arthur l-lill High School SAGINAW, W. S., MICHIGAN 'VOLUME 37 193 7 - mmf fditotial EDITOR Violet Marti THE ASSOCIATES Hazel Burgess 1937 Mildred Craig Dorothy Bricker Mary Dick Holcomb STAFF Barbara Bird Iohn Pierson PRESENTS Betty Whitehead Fred Kirstowsky Mariorie Koemer THE SECRETARY Helen Fischer THIRTY-SEVENTH ADVISER Mattie G. Crump EDITION C OI, .gudineu BUSINESS MANAGER THE Elaine Abraham ASSCDCIATES LEGEND-A Henry Brinkman George Cappell Ann Wacker Carl Ferriby Robert Arndt Betty Cobb Lois Hickling' Robert Leckie Mary Corson s the student body wanted to make sure of a yearbook, it continued to include it in the Student Union Ticket. Well, SUO can help pay, but who does the work. The journalism depart- ment was named the goat and looked about for a likely crew. Some twenty of us worked off and on. We succeeded in coaxing all but five seniors to sit for pictures, then we persuaded a few mer- chants to have faith in our idea. After the News had initiated a photographer, we adopted him. But what stiffened our backbones were the kicks on the under- classmen pictures. As we worked out details, our elaborate plans grew more simple. After time out for the Band Bounce, about April tenth, We stopped dreaming. Amid as many systems of filing as there were staff members and a short- age of advertising according to the bid on printing that it seemed wise to take, we go to press and with Tiny Tim we say, ' "God bless us every one." gon tent ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES UNDERCLASSMEN ADVISORIES DEPARTMENTS FEATURES Q50 425, o Ng? L0 GC' ul an 9' A 19 0 O fa vi 'Tn Q ne -gmetzban 306001 9 .gg Q? o Y? 'Z' LAWYERS O 45,0 9 '92 9' peolication his qroup of younq Americans is representative of the seven million high school students throughout these United States. They have the same ideals, desires, and am- bitions as other American Youth. In the years to come some will be rich, some poor, while others will strike a happy medium. To these future men and women of America we dedicate this, the 1937 Leqenda. MAIN . BUILDING eww ANNEX ALUMNI FIELD SOCIAL HALL CHESTER F. MILLER 1 FRANK E. BASTIAN Superintendent ot Schools President of the Board oi Education -gtthut min 13 tra firm 193 7 -gdmbufi tra tion I. M. BROCK Principol LILLIAN B. MORGAN Girls' Counselor RAYMOND W. MORROW Boys' Counselor LORNA M. SCHEMM Secretory - Hzfkuz M11 t ive boys dominated the two oil-school elections con- ducted by the Advisory Presi- dents' Council this yeor. They crre, left to right: Iohn Pierson, Ted Kennedy, Iohn Lord, Iuiius Gimesky, ond Frei Kirstowsky. en ict: and un ofetcfafdm en 193 7 X. graduated X 1 4 ar. It Q-.1 ' fit-,fef -2' if - Z.. Lf .ss ..,w, , Elaine B. Abraham COMMERCIAL S. U. O. secretary Quill-Scroll pres. News business manager D. A. R. Selection Nat'l Honor Society Robert T. Alexander GENERAL Iames F. Anderson GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Alice Dale Baker GENERAL Athletic manager Lettergirl Mary lane Barnett COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. Nat'l Honor Society Alvina Beckmann GENERAL Wilmar Bernthal GENERAL Crucible Advisory treasurer Advisory vice-pres. Debate Nat'l Honor Society Helen Bae Bishop GENERAL Choir Page 12 Robert Adams GENERAL Alvin B. Alger ACADEMIC Arthur E. Arit ACADEMIC Gottfred Baker GENERAL Football All-State Basketball Baseball Lettermen president Art Club Betty lane Bauer COMMERCIAL Betty Beelman GENERAL Advisory secretary Home Ec Girl Reserves Arnold Bessinger GENERAL Kathryn Bishop GENERAL Choir ,fejenofa Gertrude E. Albach COMMERCIAL Robert H. Allen ACADEMIC Crucible Nat'l Honor Society Viva Ianet Anand COMMERCIAL Donald F. Ball GENERAL Band Cross country Ernest Bauman GENERAL Iohn Benford ACADEMIC Mariorie R. Bill GENERAL French Club Adolph G. F. Boesenecker COMMERCIAL Advisory president Edward Alexander ACADEMIC Football All-State Art Club Athletic manager E. Eldora Allspaugh GENERAL Iohn Bain. Ir. COMMERCIAL Helen E. Ballard GENERAL Irene M. Beach GENERAL Lauraine M. Berg COMMERCIAL Nat'I Honor Society Phillip Binasio GENERAL Advisory secretary Athletic manager Robert Bohnhott COMMERCIAL 197 William Borchard ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary Christmas Pageant Betty lane Bremer COMMERCIAL Bioloqy Club Girl Reserves Home Ec Helen A. Bronner COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres, Advisory treasurer Natl Horror' Society Harry E. Budden ACADEMIC Hazel E. Burgess ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer Debate Lerrenda Ouill-Scroll Nat'l Honor Society Maurice Carvey GENERAL Freeman W. Coats COMMERCIAL Track Iunior Play Orchestra Natl Athletic Honor Society Betti lean Cooney ACADEMIC ROC Club Girl Reserves Orchestra Choir Dance Orcliostra Iosephine Bottke ACADEMIC French Club Alchemist l-Iat'l Honor Society Walter Bressler ACADEMIC Tennis team Natl Athletic Honor Society Herbert Bronner G EN ERA L Nat'l Honor Society Virginia Bueker ACA DEMIC Girl Reserves Mabel L. Butts COMMERCIAL Lorraine M. Challis COMMERCIAL Arts-Dramatics Service Club Senior Play Sylvia B. Coenis GENERAL Donald Cornell ACADEMIC Debate Aviation Club Elsie Brainerd GENERAL Henry Brinkman ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer German Club pres. Leqenda Ouill-Scroll Nat'l Honor Society Betty lone Brush GENERAL Duane I. Bull GENERAL Marian E. Butzin ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary Home Ec vice-pres, Senior Play Nat'l Honor Society Richard Chisholm GENERAL Intramural Sports Samuel W. Cohoe COMMERCIAL PinaPonqChampion Mildred E. Craig ACADEMIC Advisory president Girl Reserves vice- president French Club Leqenda Quill-Scroll Robert I. Brandle ACADEMIC Bioloqy Club Crucible I-Ii-Y Club Debate Senior Play Charles F. Bromm COMMERCIAL Bioloqy Club Art Club William Brussow, Ir. GENERAL Football Basketball Baseball Letterman Athletic manager Betty Lou Burger ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres, Madriqal Club Debate Senior Play Nat'l Honor Society Floyd R. Campbell ACADEMIC Gertrude Clements COMMERCIAL Home Ec Choir v Margaret Conrad ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory vice-pres. Athletic manaqer French Club treas. Mary E. Crane COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves Choir Page I3 . I X graduate.-5 M33 Im .. L.. I4 'I 3, I, Q fl . 5 D, gf Kg X ' at is 1 if e 1" JI:-. -. I 'caduatei e enda 9 wt, Q , .K M . 5 ' :,, a sjg iilfi I lane Davis ACADEMIC Alchemist vice-pres. Advisory treasurer Athletic manager Claire Delamarter COMMERCIAL Thomas DePlonty COMMERCIAL Orchestra lane F. Dirker ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Advisory secretary Spanish Club Warren D. Early GENERAL Alfred Ewald COMMERCIAL Athletic manager Track Letterman Na't Athletic Honor Society Clarence Ferchau GENERAL Athletic manager Doris Fisher GENERAL Lettergirl president Athletic manager Home Ec Club Page I4 Edward A. Day ACADEMIC Advisory president Baseball Letterman Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Marie C. Derners GENERAL German Club secretary, treas. Norman DeShone GENERAL Football Advisory vice-pres. Letterman Band Bounce chair- man. Bonnie Iean Doe ACADEMIC Advisory president French Club vice-pres. sec'y Nat'l Honor Society Ruth Edward ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer Betty L. Fair ACADEMIC Arts-Dramatic pres. Advisory vice-pres. Iunior, Senior plays Girl Reserves Choir Iohn Fierstien GENERAL Vaughn Fisher ACADEMIC Advisory president Crucible vice-pres. Nat'l Honor Society Ruth C. Deibel COMMERCIAL Debate Nat'l Honor Society Mary M. Demmer ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer French Club vice-president Biology Club Personality Club Debate Dorothy Dietzel COMMERCIAL Personality Club Girl Reserves Advisory secretary Athletic manager Senior Play Eleanore Dollhopi COMMERCIAL Athletic manager Elaine Elliott GENERAL Arts-Dramatics Ann Marie Favara GENERAL Home Ec Marcelle Filiatruat GENERAL Lettergirl treasurer Athletic manager Girl Reserves Phyllis Flathau GENERAL Athletic manager Thomas E. Deibel ACADEMIC Advisory president Crucible secretary Nat'l Honor Society Marie C. Denoma COMMERCIAL Ruth E. Dietzel COMMERCIAL Lorna C. Dornield COMMERCIAL Arlene W. Enszer GENERAL Girl Reserves Frances Fechter COMMERCIAL Advisory vicepres. Robert Finger COMMERCIAL Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Track Band Hi-Y Club Lucille Foley COMMERCIAL Home Ec Club 193 7 Dorothy Franz ACADEMIC German Club sec'y, vice-pres. Band Bounce Alvin I. Frieder ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary Richard I. Garber GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Choir Arthur E. Gehrls GENERAL Ruth M. Glave GENERAL Home Ec Carl W. Gunther ACADEMIC Robert L. Haley GENERAL C. Sheldon Hastings ACADEMIC Senior Play William A. Franz GENERAL Lorraine Friedli ACADEMIC Athletic manager George Garinger COMMERCIAL Track Athletic manager David Genter, Ir. GENERAL C. Burton Goodell GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Basketball Baseball Tennis Letterman Robert I. Gunther GENERAL Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Advisory president Track Band director Nat'l Honor Society Ralph W. Hanes ACADEMIC Football Letterman Hi-Y Club Athletic manager Edward O. Haven ACADEMIC Hi-Y Club Iunior Play crew lean V. Freeland ACADEMIC George Gaertner GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Track Walter I.. Garrett ACADEMIC Crucible Nat'l I-Ionor Society Lydia Genter COMMERCIAL Dorothy A. Goodrow COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary Lettergirl vice-pres. Girl Reserves Personality Club Choir Paul Hackstadt. Ir. ACADEMIC Advisory president Football Baseball Delpha G. Harris GENERAL Home Ec Isabel E. Hayden ACADEMIC Advisory president Alchemist treasurer News Editor Ouill-Scroll Iunior, Senior Plays Nat'l Honor Society Virginia French ACADEMIC Advisory president BOC president Band Orchestra Nat'l Honor Society David A. Gainey ACADEMIC Advisory president I-Ii-Y Club Debate Chorus William S. Gaus GENERAL Julius H. Gimesky COMMERCIAL S. U. O. president Football Basketball Letterman Nat'l Honor Society Regina N. Groehn GENERAL Elinore M. Hahn COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. Home Ec Choir Nat'l Honor Society Robert G. Harris ACADEMIC Virginia M. Hayden ACADEMIC Advisory president Spanish Club Page I5 gtaafuatef xv is s if ' 4 v " ti L f 1 9,0 Q. J as .,, 'S .C I graduate: ,fefen da FMU Q IF. I " is Kr 'lv I , t ' : " ' y - - . S' Q, ef 2 I ,I I . f-we Eff N or' va t. fi. , ,. " I W 'KE ki, V 'v C .Q it Marguerite Heasley GENERAL Advisory treasurer u Iohn Heinz GENERAL Football All-State Dorothy Hallman COMMERCIAL Betty L. Holt ACADMEIC Advisory treasurer Debate Margaret A. Karow COMMERCIAL Advisory treasurer Mary Lou Klemach GENERAL Helen Marie Koons COMMERCIAL Choir Athletic manager Ruth A. Kruse COMMERCIAL Page I6 Lorraine Heenan GENERAL Home Ec Gottfried Helwer ACADEMIC Advisory president Nat'l Honor Society George Holiman. Ir. ACADEMIC Crucible Nat'l Honor Society William Hooper. Ir. ACADEMIC Madrigal Club Choir Athletic manager Nat'l Honor Society Denzel B. Kelley ACADEMIC Service Club Athletic manager Leah M. Knights GENERAL Mary Kotenko COMMERCIAL Advisory president Nat'I Honor Society William F. Kurzhals COMMERCIAL Marian Heindel COMMERCIAL Athletic manager Home Ec treasurer Girl Reserves Iune O. Heyn COMMERCIAL Advisory president Girl Reserve pres. Art Club secretary Football queen Personality Club Mary Dick Holcomb ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Alchemist Legenda Quill-Scroll Senior Play William C. Iohnson ACADEMIC Advisory secretary Biology Club Band-Orchestra Track Football Fred W. Kirstowky ACADEMIC Nat'l Ath. Honor Soc. S. U. O. treasurer News Editor Quill-Scroll Lettermen vice-pres. Nat'l Honor Society Clarence Knott. Ir. ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Football Letterman Athletic manager Nat'l Honor Society Kenneth A. Kreh COMMERCIAL Football monogram Alice M. Kutzbach GENERAL Helen Heine ACADEMIC Girl Reserves Leroy Hoetling GENERAL Crucible Harriet G. Hollies ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Home Ec secretary Debate Nat'l Honor Society Eva E. Kubobel COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. German Club treas. Roberta L. Klein COMMERCIAL Athletic manager Mariorie Koerner ACADEMIC Art Club Girl Reserves Personality Club Legenda Clarence Kreiger GENERAL Florence M. Lakin COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary 193 7 Lois L. Lauter GENERAL Helen L, Lennox GENERAL Ernest I. Lorts ACADEMIC Nat'1 Athletic Honor Society Iunior, Senior Plays Hi-Y Club Tennis Elsie M. Luedtke COMMERCIAL Jerry A. McCray ACADEMIC Crucible Iunior, Senior Plays Christmas Pageant William G. Mclnnis COMMERCIAL Iulia F. McWethy ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory vice-pres. News statt Philip Markey. Ir. ACADEMIC Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Track Letterman Senior Play D. Dalton Law ACADEMIC Football Letterman Irene Lewandowski GENERAL Home Ec Athletic manager Robert Earle Lown ACADEMIC Advisory president German Club pres. Band Choir Linda Irene Lutz GENERAL Advisory secretary Choir Dale C. McCullen ACADEMIC Spanish Club Biology Club Christmas Pageant Track Bernard Mclntyre COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary Geraldine Maqoon GENERAL Violet Marti ACADEMIC Leqenda Editor Advisory treasurer Alchemist Ouill-Scroll Nat'l Honor Society Iohn A. Lehr GENERAL Edward M. List ACADEMIC Advisory president Crucible Chemistry plaque Nat'l Honor Society Werner G. Lubahn GENERAL Helen M. Lutzke COMMERCIAL Rachel A. McGurer ACADEMIC Choir Roland Mclntyre COMMERCIAL Choir Victor M. Marfuta GENERAL Doris B. Martin ACADEMIC Arts-Dramatics viceepresident French Club Girl Reserves Senior Play Betty R. Lemmer ACADEMIC Advisory president Nat'l Honor Society John P. Lord ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary I-Ii-Y Club Crucible vicefpres. Nat'l Honor Society Iune Ludgin GENERAL Virginia Luzenslre GENERAL Iames McHugh, Ir. ACADEMIC Track Evelyn McQuiston COMMERCIAL Harriett B. Markey COMMERCIAL Helen I. Martin ACADEMIC Girl Reserves Personality Club Alchemist Senior Play Page 17 we graduates .h r .V ,K :i . i ,nr , J Y I S . I 33, X .Mitt '. Q . .' if ' . 5.3 A gif ci dude! ,fefenda l .- - B 3 r RLY v is 5- .M 12+ 'K if at 'f ' l J i I v ,gf f is A' .L 7' f 'N -ifisygy 4 , Q 3' up ' 4 . 11 it r 4 MW!! .Q . Irene Masterton ACADEMIC Girl Reserves Nat'l Honor Society Carroll H. Meyer COMMERCIAL Baseball Lucia I.. Miller COMMERCIAL Beatrice Murray COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves Iohn W. Nevins GENERAL Laurence A. O'Dell ACADEMIC Advisory president Hi-Y Club Ned D. Osborn ACADEMIC Nat'1 Athletic Honor Society Basketball Tennis Hi-Y treasurer Advisory treasurer Robert W. Pelky GENERAL Advisory treasurer Advisory secretary Page 18 lean K. Mattson ACADEMIC Girl Reserves Ruth E. Meyer COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. H. Sidney Moiles GENERAL William G. Nash GENERAL Robert W. Nickle ACADEMIC Advisory president Nat'l Honor Society Earl O'Donnell, lr. COMMERCIAL Iunior Play .Service Club Track Mildred E. Ott GENERAL Service Club Mary Ruth Penoyer ACADEMIC Advisory president Biology Club treas. Personality pres. Girl Reserves Choir Clarence Mauch. Ir. ACADEMIC Advisory president Football Art Club Letterman Hazel V. Miller ACADEMIC Athletic manager Girl Reserves Evelyn V. Moore GENERAL Albertine A. Neie COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. Advisory treasurer Mary Claire Nims ACADEMIC Helen M. Odrobina COMMERCIAL Mary Ann Owens GENERAL Advisory secretary lack G. Perrlqo GENERAL George Metzger GENERAL Kenneth T. Miller COMMERCIAL Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Baseball Letterman Charles Morrell, Ir. ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Hi-Y Club Band Track Vernon A. Neiqh GENERAL Elsie H. Novak COMMERCIAL Nat'l Honor Society Eugene Olmsted ACADEMIC Crucible German Club Ernest I. Palmer ACADEMIC Advisory president Crucible Debate Football Nat'l Honor Society R. Mac Peters ACADEMIC 193 7 Russell T. Peters GENERAL Frank C. Pietsch GENERAL Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Advisory president Golf Service Club Nat'l Honor Society Vernon H. Potts GENERAL Dorothy Randolph ACADEMIC German Club Biology Club Robert G. Rheaume ACADEMIC Service Club lane Relbschleqer COMMERCIAL Advisory president vice-president Advisory treasurer Arts-Dramatic treas. Iunior, Senior Plays Nat'l Honor Society Ieunita Robbennolt GENERAL Biology Club Neina Roth GENERAL Mariory F. Pettis GENERAL Home Ec Phyllis R. Pike COMMERCIAL News Editor Quill-Scroll lunior, Senior Plays Arts-Dramatics Athletic manager Nat'1 Honor Society Marian E. Poulson ACADEMIC Advisory secretary French Club treas. Ouill-Scroll Biology Club Nat'1 Honor Society Delia E. Rau COMMERCIAL Virginia M. Rice ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer Girl Reserves French Club Biology Club Nat'1 Honor Society William Reidlinger GENERAL Alwin Rodammer ACADEMIC Beatrice Rousseau ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer French Club Norman N. Pettis COMMERCIAL Band Orchestra Dorothy M. Pohlman GENERAL Choir Christmas Pageant Phyllis E. Price ACADEMIC Alchemist president French Club vicepresident Wallace Rell GENERAL Doris I. Richards GENERAL Home Ec Lila M. Rigq ACADEMIC Alice M. Rosa ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary Advisory treasurer Band Bounce BOC Club Vincent W. Rowley GENERAL Advisory president Hi-Y Club Iohn S. Pierson ACADEMIC Advisory president S. U. O. vice-pres. Crucible president I-li4Y Club president Debate-Oratory Nat'l Honor Society Iune R. Porath COMMERCIAL Nonie A. Purchase GENERAL Advisory treasurer Gerald F. Reitler ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Football Letterman Athletic manager Thelma H. Richert GENERAL Clara Ritter COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary Personality Club Art Club Girl Reserves Arthur Rosien, Ir. . ACADEMIC Bruce A. Rushlow ACADEMIC Advisory president l-li-Y Club Band-Orchestra Dance Orch. Leader Page 19 -e-to L. A Dm 4. graduate: I7 I 'U' ni i , graduate! fr 2 J . 1 vs... 1. n 0? v if ,Q .. P' 4 Dorothea Ruthiq COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary Leroy E. Sayles GENERAL Charles H. Schrank GENERAL Athletic manager Football manager Virginia A. Schultz GENERAL Harold R. Seymour GENERAL Advisory president Advisory secretary First prize in Ama- teur Contest Iosephine Slabaugh ACADEMIC Girl Reserves sec'y Lettergirl German Club Athletic manager Carol Ruth Spatz COMMERCIAL E. Franklin Staebell ACADEMIC Advisory president BOC Club secretary Biology Club Orchestra Page 20 Lloyd F. Sager GENERAL Athletic manager Theodore Scherzer GENERAL Alvin W. Schroeder COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary Orchestra Football Delmar W. Schulz GENERAL Advisory president Advisory vice-pres. Athletic manager Robert E. Shannon ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Athletic manager I-Ii-Y Club Charlotte Smith ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Advisory secretary Ralph W. Spatz COMMERCIAL Eugene Stansbury ACADEMIC Ouill-Scroll Crucible treasurer Arts-Dramatics News Staff Nat'l Honor Society ,geyenafa Helen M. Sanderson Howard A. Sandow' ACADEMIC GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Art Club Personality Club Katherine Schissler Edna R. Schmidt ACADEMIC COMMERCIAL German Club Iack M. Schuett Don R. Schultz ACADEMIC ACADEMIC Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Advisory president Band director BOC Club Baseball Robert L. Schust Marzellas Sell ACADEMIC GENERAL Advisory president Track Football Doris Ahh Shaw Robert D. Sinclair COMMERCIAL GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Advisory treasurer Track Letterman D. Howard Smith Mary E. Smith ACADEMIC COMMERCIAL Athletic manager Choir Eileen Speckhard Emil E. Spindle: COMMERCIAL ACADEMIC Athletic manager Home Ec Senior Play Nat'l Honor Society Stuart Stevenson lack M. Sullivan GENERAL GENERAL Advisory president Tennis Letterman 193 7 Geraldine R. Swarthout ACADEMIC lnterlochen Scholarship Trio Choir Elaine Thrasher ACADEMIC Personality vice- president French Club Kenneth C. Trier GENERAL Dorothy H. Upholt COMMERCIAL Betty I. VanHelen COMMERCIAL Richard Wadley GENERAL Band Bounce Ticket Sales Champion Mildred A. Ward ACADEMIC Alchemist vice-pres. French Club Ouill-Scroll Declamation Winner Nat'l Honor Society Ivan R. Whaley GENERAL Advisory secretary Band Ann E. Tappan COMMERCIAL Athletic manager Lois E. Thrasher COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves Personality Nat'l Honor Society Lucille M. Trier GENERAL Sallie Van Auken ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Advisory treasurer Girl Reserves Senior Play Foster A. Vasold ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer Crucible Nat'l I-lonor Society Alvin Wahl GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. BOC Club Band Choir Dorothy Weinberg ACADEMIC French Club sec'y Girl Reserves Senior Play William I. Wheeler COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. BOC Club Letterman Basketball Band William I. Tarrant ACADEMIC Debate Patricia Tidmarsh GENERAL Advisory treasurer Girl Reserves Choir Florentine Troper COMMERCIAL Duane vanBenschoten GENERAL Raymond E. Vasold ACADEMIC Advisory treasurer Clayton C. Wahl GENERA L Wilmar G. Weiss GENERAL Advisory vice-pres. Crucible Debate Nat'l Honor Society Bette C. White ACADEMIC Advisory vice-pres. Personality Club Grace Thon GENERAL German Club Donald W. Trew GENERAL Samuel E. Trott. Ir. GENERAL Band Minor Vandermade ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary I-Ii-Y vice-president Hi-Y treasurer Nat'l Honor Society Vera Veitenqruber A CA DEMIC Alchemist Ancel Ray Walker GENERAL Advisory president Hi-Y secretary Athletic manager Ioseph K. Welsh GENERAL Advisory president Madriqal Club Basketball Betty Whitehead ACADEMIC Leqenda Page Zl 7 'caduates W 1 Q it U graduates ,feyenvfd EM ? I .D I, :. . I-ll 'lk " ' ffiizff' 2 7, W Ai S Q-:re . Huw, s - . fu 4 '- -, f , . 14 1 "V, , I t - .' , " igzgitita zt " I , ,. 'tt -,sf I hh! Madeline Wieqand ACADEMIC Choir Mildred Williams COMMERCIAL Louis H. Witt GENERAL Band manager William Wohlieil. Ir. GENERAL Carl F. Wood ACADEMIC Advisory president Band Luther E. Woodard GENERAL Hi-Y Club Nat'l Honor Society William Zehnder. Ir. GENERAL Debate Thelma Zincl: COMMERCIAL Betty M. Willard ACADEMIC Advisory president Advisory secretary BOC Club Peter W. Williams ACADEMIC Advisory president Nat'l Honor Society Enid I. Witting ACADEMIC Home Ec lay Dale Wolcott GENERAL Football Hi-Y Club Basketball Charles C. Wood GENERAL Mary lane Young ACADEMIC Girl Reserves French Club Personality Frederick Zeitler GENERAL Football Page 22 Donald F. Willet ACADEMIC Ruth C. Williams ACADEMIC BOC Club Orchestra Biology Club Athletic manager Debate lane M. Wohlieill COMMERCIAL Beatrice A. Wolkendorier COMMERCIAL Advisory treasurer Advisory secretary Athletic manager Hiawatha P. Wood ACADEMIC Nat'l Athletic Honor Society Football Letterman vice-pres. Advisory secretary Athletic manager Emma E. Younk ACADEMIC Choir Henry H. Zeitler COMMERCIAL Advisory secretary Advisory vice-pres. Football SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Leo Harbin COMMERCIAL Ioseph I. Kowalski COMMERCIAL William Schneider. Ir. GENERAL Iulius F. Splndler COMMERCIAL Advisory vice-pres. Ioseph H. Whitney GENERAL Nat'1 Athletic Honor Society Golf Madrigal Club Choir IN MEMORIAM Lucille Ruegseqger Doreen Whitehorse 193 7 undetcfadamen C. Abramowski B. Achard F. C. Achard V. Adams E. Alderton M. Aldrich V. Aldrich D. Alexander G. Alqer I. Allen M. Allen A. Allington 5. Allore C. Almy B. Alsqaard E. Anaman A. Anderson D. Anderson D. Anderson M.Anderson S. Anderson V. Andre R. Anile E. Anzicek L.Appold M.Arcanqeli E. Ari! I. Ari! I. Ari! E. Arman R. Amd! C. Aubel I. Ault C. Averill D. Averill H. Bahne I. Bailey I. Bain R. Baldwin D. Balesky A. Balley F. Balley F. Balzer E. Bamberqer K. Banlield M. Bank M. Bargar A. Barnett V. Bartleit A. Baskow G. Baxter B. Beach M. Beach E. Becker E. Becker G. Becker A. Beckmann E. Beehler F. Bellrey M. Belfrey N. Bell L. Bellinqer D Benford I. Benford M. Benkert I. Benson I. Benway L. Bessinger K. Beyer M. Beyer R. Bickel G. Bieri E. Bierlein S. Binasio V. Birch B. Bird L. Bixby I. Blaclrney W. Blackney M. Blake H. Blehm C. Block. D. Blower L. Blumlo H. Bock V. Boissoneault L. Boloqnesi I. Boliz V. Boliz E. Bomboske R. Borchard G. Borgstrom I. Borland B. Bowman H. Boyd I. Boyd R. Boyd H. Brach E. Brandle D. Brandt R. Brandt Page 23 undezclaumen ,fegenda G. Brassem D. Brasseur D. Bremer O. Bremer I. Brenner D. Bricker E. Bringe E. Bromiield A. Brooks H. Brown H. Brown I. Brown I. Brown M. Brown W. Brown D. Bruessow B. Brush A. Buchanan A. Buffington S. Bull A. Bunting E. Burden E. Burden A. Burgess D. Burke D. Burnell N. Burnell P. Burns F. Burr K. Burrell E. Butts M. Butts A. Byron B. Byron I. Byron M. Byron M. Byron R. Byron I. Calloway I. Campau M. Campbell R. Campbell D. Canell M. Canell G. Cappell I. Cappell F. Carmell E. Carney I. Carney A. Carroll G. Carroll G. Case I. Case K. Case M. Case R. Case K. Chambers M. Chapman M. Chapman H. Chartrand A. Chideo B. Chism I. Chism F. Clark L. Clayton M. Clayton A. Clements B. Cline W. Cline E. Clinkston G. Coates M. Coats B. Cobb I. Cobb L. Cochran K. Coffman H. Coqswell A. Colby V. Cole A. Collier E. Collier K. Conlay L. Cook F. Coon M. Cooper M. Corson L. Coy D. Coyle D. Cramer D. Crane M. Crevia V. Crewe W. Crozier G. Curbey N. Curbey D. Curtis M. Dabbert H. Damer D. Danholi G. Danin A. Dankert G. David Page 24 193 7 Z1ncle'ccfa.4.4men .,4- . S. f 4 v 4 j , . , ' I , ,V 5 -9 3 I ll is ll s I b I Ya ' . .-Q, i ' ll 'f I " hi I 1 " . . : 1 ,M , f 'ic , A - 6- ' -is , - gn .3 4 1- - . .1 . 1 Us 5 .Q ' i ,A 5 7 B. Davis H. Davis R. Day A. Deady M. Dean G. DeBolt I. Decher I.. Decher B. DeForest W. DeForest G. Deibel A. Deike R. Delaney M. Delemecster M. DeLong A. DeMand I. Demmer M. Denton I. Dersch I. DeShone D. Detwiler E. Dice R. Dice E. Dickert C. Diel L. Dietrich H. Dietzel I. Dillon A. D f F. oer ner Domson I. Domson A. Donnenweth F. DonSanq D. Doran C. Dorey R. Dornfeld M. Dowis I. Doyle I. Drehmer O. Drexler E. DuBois E. DuBois R. Duclos V. Duliett H. Dulecka I. Dupuis S. Durham I. Earley D. Eaton B. Eberlein G. Eberlein I. Eberlein F. Eckhardt M. Edward M. Eggers I. Eichstaidt S. Elliot B. Ellis T. Ellis R. Ellsworth L. Emery E. Enzer O. Erzen D. Esmer M. Estep G. Evans I. Evans N. Evans V. Ewbank I. Fair E. Falkenhagen W. Farmer L. Farnum R. Fassezke R. Fausel E. Felsin A. F l E . ' ' ' ' ' g e ton . Felten E. Ferguson C. Fernby C. Fershaw G. Fihatraut R. Fierstlen H. Fischer H. Fisher H. Fisher H. Fisher C. Fitch H Flack B. Flathau E. Fleischman I.Fleischman E. Fletcher M. Fobear L.Foerster E. Fordney L. Forsyth C. Fortier C. Fox L.Frahm I. France Page 25 Z!I1d2'CCld:55l1'l2ll ,gdyelldd P. Frantz E. Franz G. Frazee M. Frederick W. Frederick E. French L. French F. Frieder B. Friedli I. Fude A. Furstenburg E. Furstenburq M. Furstenburq L. Gaertner K. Garchow L. Garrett E. Gaspar I. Gates M. Gates P. Gaulden C. Gans C. Geese E. Geese H. Geistman B. George D. George I. Gerskin G. Geweniqer M.Gibson M. Giesel C. Gilbert D. Gillespie W. Gimesky B. Glick M. Gnotek I. Goddard G. Gohm V. Golornb I. Goodman M. Goodwyn T. Gorham G. Gotter L. Graf E. Graham I. Graham M. Graham B. Gray I. Gray E. Gray M. Greenwald M. Greko E. Gremel B. Grenell S. Gross E. Grossman I. Grossman G. Grunow H. Grunwell M. Grunwell S. Gudaitis W. Gugel 1. Wi . .Y I. Gunther F. Guttridge E. Hans D. Habke G. Hack A. Haenlein M. Haenlein B. Haqon L. Hagon A. Hahn M. Haithco L. Hale H. Hall H. Hammond E. Handschug R. Hanes D. Hanson H. Hanson E. Hare M. Harper G. Harris M. Harris W. Harris Z. Harris C. Harrison C. Hausbeck H H V H kathorn W.I-leqenauer R.Heidtke E.Heilmann I.Helveston K.Hemmeter M.Hemmeter RI-Iawkins H.Hayden S.Hayden L.Hayes K.Hayward . azen . ec Page 26 193 7 Lfncfe'ccfa.4.4men D. Hendricks B. Hensler Z. Hensler M. Heppler M. Hertz C. Herzberg A. Herzog L. Hickling H. Higgins S. Hildebrandt A. Hinds R. Hinz M. Hiscock C. Hl d R. H M. a oag Hock G. Hoebl E. Holi N. Hotlman I. Holcomb E. Hollman N. Holly B. Holt M. Hooton I. Hoppe M. Hoppe H. Hospal R. Howell E. Hubbard N. Hudson G. Hummel C. Hunter G. Hurry B. Hutchison L. lmlrer S. Irish I. Iacobi I. Iacques M. Iahnke w 4 C. Iames R. Iames L. Iensch E. Iex L. Iex I. Iohann A. Iohnson B. Iohnson B. Iohnson H. Iohnson D. Iohnson I. Iohnson R. Iohnson R. Iohnson R. Iohnson S. Iohnson I. Iohnstone L. Ioley D. Iones H. Iordan A. Iungerheld E. Kabobel I. Karau C. Karp L. Karp I. Kautfold W. Keinath A. Keller I. Kelly W. Kelley F.Kemerer I. Kennedy T. Kennedy M. Kerbel B. Kersten C. K t K. K ..... . . . ers en erston R. Kile R. Kile B. King K. King I. Kingsbury H. Kirchner M. Kirchner E. Kirstowsky M. Klein I.. Klement L. Klemm E. Kluck T. Kniebbe C. Knights I. Knott R. Koboldt D. Koch B. Koehn M. Koinis P. Koinis A. Kolb B. Kole B. Korbein I. Korbein Page 27 L!lId2'ZCld5.'5l712l1 feiqndg M K b H Kreh R Kreger D Krenz W Krenz D Krueger E Krueger M. Krueger M. Krueger N. Krueger P. Kotenko M. Kotrch H. Krause . re s . .... . M. Krumheur E. Kruske L. Kuch A. Kuehn E. Kuehn P. Kuehn A. Kindinger L. Kundinqer A. Kutsch G. Laatsch C. Ludensack G. LaFlair O. LaFleur E. Landman H. Lange I. Lange M. Lantz D. Larson I. Lassiqnal R. Latty L. Lauback D. Lauckner L. Lauckner L. Lawhorn D. Lawler R. Lawrence H. Leaman IR. Leaman T. Leaman R. Leckie M. LeClair I. Lee I. Lehr W. Lehr E. Leis V. Lemanske L. Lenk H. Leppien R. Lincoln A. Lindslrom I. Link D. Lintern E. List M. Lockwood A. Logan A. Ludlum A. Luplow B. Luplow L. Luplow I. Lulzke VV.Lulzke B.Lyness I.Lyons M.McAvoy E.McCariy H.McCray O.McCollum A.McCullen K.McCullen I.McDermoti A.McDonald I.McDonald I.McFarland ' ' ' h V.M Wh' te I.1VIac.Arlhur H. McGee M. McGill L.McGurer I. McKay W. McLellan R.McMal1 E. McMcmn D.McNab M.McN1sh R.McNxsh E.McWet y c rr r I. Mackie D. Maddox M. Maeder M. Magyar E. Maier D.Maior C. Malinski I. Mollhagen E. Mannion B. Markey G. Markey K. Marks S. Marks Page 28 193 7 undetcfaiamen I. Marr I. Marti H. Martin P. Martin L. Martindale F. Mason I. Mason L Massicotte B. Masterton D. Mathis L. Matson D. Mattheis F. Maturen G. Matt D. M C. M ' ' ' ' son aurer aynard A. Meehleder E. Meier C. Messmqer D. Metzler H. Meyer P. Me-yer R. Meyer W. Meyer L. Michael A. Mxessner P. Miles D. Miller E. Miller E. Miller E. Miller E. Miller E. Miller F. Miller G. Miller I. Miller I. Miller M. Miller M. Miller O. Miller R. Miller S. Miller W. Miller F. Milstead B. Minard I. Moiles A. Moore C. Moore N. Moore V. Morgan I. Morral B. Morrison M. Moulton H. Moye D. Muehlenbeck F. Muehlenbeck H. Muehlenbeck B. Muehlenbeck G. Muirhead D. Mueller I. Mulholland L. Mundt V. Munqer I. Murdock I. Murin B. Murphy P. Murphy L. Murray W. Muscott A. Myers S. Nachtweih H. Nagel R. Nagel I. Nash E. Nason R. Neiqh R. Neiman H. Nelson I. Nelson I. Nestell A. Neuwirth E. Neuwerth C. Newman D. Newmann H. Newman A. Newvine R. Newton M. Neymeyer N. Neymeyer B. Nickle R. Nickle A. Nickolai F. Nikolai E. Notter I. Nuechterlein H. Nuechterlein M. Oblander N. O'Brien W. O'Brien C. O'Dell E. Oehring Page 29 undetcfaaimen ,feyenda t s l M. Oehring N. Oehring D. O'Riordan D. Osborne C. Ostrander F. Ott B. Otto G. Otto R. Paine K. Parker L. Parkin V. Parks A. Passow VV. Pearson C. Peqley E. Peqley I. Peilcert L. Perrigo E. Perry W. Peters A. Peterson E. Peterson H. Peterson D. Petraika B. Phrllron P. Phillips P1 D P1 b k W Plants! M Poddvin D Pohlman L Pomerville B Poplewski S Pcfplewski B Poppeck R. Phillips R. Piechotte D. Piiler L. Pinnell G. ace . am ec .... . . . F. Poppeck A. Porter D. Porteriield M. Poulson C. Pound R. Powell M. Pretzer D. Price A. Priebe S. Pringle M. Prinz D. Prior I. Prior L. Propp D. Puffpoli R. Purlcis F. Putnam A. Quackenbush R. Quackenbush G. Rabideuux D. Rae L. Reese M. Railing R. Ralph I. Randall L. Rathhurn R. Raths M. Rau V. Rauh G. Rawlinq M. Rawling W. Raymond R. Rediern M. Reed S. Reed V. Reeder F. Reese H. Reese A. Reetz I. Reilly E. Reimer F. Reimer E. Reimus C. Reineke D. Reinhardt H. Reisbiq A. Remer I. Remer M. Remer S. Rex F. Ribble D. Rice A. Richards W. Richards E. Richardson I. Richter L. Ricter C. Rick K. Rick L. Rickert H. Ridge Page 30 193 7 undetcfadimen P. Rifenburq D. Riselay I. Riselay A. Rivett I. Roberts K. Robinson S. Robinson F. Rock I. Rockwood A. Roditcher I. Roditcher R. Roedel B. Rogers E. Rogers M. Root M. Rork W. Rork A. Rose G. Rosin C. Ruby E. Ruegsegger D. Rupp K. Rupp F. Rupprecht B. Rushlow I D. Ruthig I.. Ryan E. Sager C. Salesky E. Salesky L. Salesky B. Sanderson A. Sarow B. Sauve L. Savage B. Sayers E. Schade D. Schaeffer A. Schafer M. Schafer I. Schaper I. Schell L. Scherzer M. Scherzer D. Schimpf B. Schindehette N. Schissler B. Schleicher E. Schleicher B. Schmidt E. Schmidt F. Schmidt A. Schneider I. Schmittqen L. Schneider M. Schneider A. Schnell R. Schoenheit D. Schroeder R. Schuetz V. Schultheiss M. Schultz A. Schulz H. Schulz M. Schulz A. Schweinshaupt M. Schwartz W. Schwier D. Scouten B. Seaman A. Sedine M. Sedlak P. Seeley H. Seidel W. Seidel D. Shaddeau P. Shafley D. Sharpe W. Sheldon L. Sherbino C. Sherman V. Sherman E. Shirkly L. Shook B. Shuster E. Simkins B. Simmons B. Simmons E. Simon E. P. Simon F. Simon F. Sims A. Skorski C. Slzbaugh H. Slubauqh C Smith D. Smith E. Smith E. Smith E. Smith H. Smith L. Smith Page 31 Lfndezcfaumen fejencfa M. Smith O. Smith S. Smith V. Smith W. Smith L. Snapp T. Snow P. Snyder A. Sobel V. Solms D. Sommertield I. Sonntag F. Soper M. Sovia S. Sovia R. Spangler B. Spatz W. Spatz L. Speace B. Speckt G. Speckhard B. Spencer I. Spiekerman O. Spiekerman B. Spindle: E. Spindler E.Spriestershack L.Spyker R.Stackowiak R.Stack E.Stadnika B.Stark S.Starkweather D.Steckert I.Steckert M.Stelte O.Steinpres D.Steltzriede L.Steltzriede B. Stemler M. Stenroos L. Sternberg E. Stevens H. Stevens L. Stielow P.Stier I. Stoiiel B. Stone T. Strausberq A. Striqanoveisky E. Strobel W. Strobel V. Strzyski B. Stuart H. Stuedemann G. Sturm F. Strutz L. Sturtz C. Suhan L. Suhan B. Sullivan R. Summerfield A. Sverid E. Swanson E. Tank L. Taylor M. Taylor E. Temple S. Tham M. Thiel F. Thomas R. Thomas A. Thormeier C. Thorsby L. Thurlow B. Tillson A. Treachler D. Trier C. Trim C. Trinklein E. Trommer P. Tubbs G. Tuck B. Tucker A. Turbin R. Turek C. Tuttle F. Uphoit M. Upteqratt B. Vandermade W. Van Voorhees M. Vasold E. Vetengle D. Virginia N. Von Dette M. Voorheis M. Voorheis E. Voss A. Wacker D. Wahl H. Wahl Page 32 193 7 llncfe'ccfa.4.4men R Wahl S. Walch R. Walker F. Wallace L. Wallace R. Walworth H. Warner G. Wascher A. Wasko C. Waters M. Watkins H. Weaver M. Weber I, Weil E. Weiss I. Weiss M. Weiss B. Wendt M. Whalen R. Whaley H. Wheatley M. White I. Wiclmoyer R. Wieneke K. Wiese B. Wigan G. Wigqin P. Willett B. Williams D. Williams H. Williams H. Williams L. Wilson R. Wiltse E. Wissmueller H. Wolcott M. Wolcott I. Wolfe I. Wolfe A 3 5 I . . Wood E. Wood G. Wood I. Woolever D. Wray B. Wright W. Wright I. Wuelpern E. Wurtzel F. Yancer D. Yax R. Yingling M. York P. Young R. Young L. Younkman A. Zahn H. Zahn M. Zaystow N. Zeilinger M. Zeiller P. Zettel H. Zieger R. Zoller B. Zuckermandel R. Zuckermandel L. Zwingman B. Abshire R. Anschuetz G I. Barlow Bauer N. Bauer D. Bauman M. Beaver R. Beeman D. Benford M Bluhm K. Bolger D. Boquette E. D. M. M. Brown Buck Buettner Campeau I. Cesarz D. Chamberlain L. Clabuesch K. Cradit V. Craig R. Day L. Doughty E. Dowis M. Dragula A. Drolett L. Dundas P. Eib E. Emeott G. Engelhardt M. Enzer B. Evans R. Ewbank A. Fagin G. Falkenhagen N. Farrand R. F eavyear V. Feverstein E. Fierstien R. Fisher D. Flack F. Flack E. Floud E. F rappart R. Frappart R. Fyle I. Garrett E. Gerard Underclassmen enrolled without pictures: E. Gerger M. Glover C. Goddad I. Golomb I. Gorashks L. Grams I. Grashaw E. Haar O. Hartung A. Hayden A. Hayes C. Hayward G. Helpap I. Hemmeter B. Henry D. Hicks W. Huebner R. Izzo B. Iakes B. Iones A. Karow W. Knapp A. Kindinger D. Lane M. Lapine F. Lapprech M. Latty F. Laubhan A. Ledford I. Linton L. Littlefield G. Loubert Page 33 F. Louise B. McAllister I. McCandless I. McLean V. McLeod G. McMillian I. Magyar R. Marcoux S. Margalski N. Martin B. Meehleder N. Meier T. Mertz E. Metiva M. Meyer N. Meymenyer L. Mier F. Miceli D. Montgomery P. Moreschie R. Maury B. Mundy R. Myers M. Newman E. Noak D. Norton I. O'Brien W. Ochsenkehl D. O'Connor W. Petrie F. Picardi F. Pierce R. Polzen E. Potts I. Pretzer A. Pumford F. Pussell R. Quin E. Rabideau W. Reese G. Reid M. Reynolds V. Rick L. Robinett E. Roditcher F. Rorchin H. Ryman I. Sander I. Savage R. Schauman A. Schmidt I. Schmidt F. Schaffer D. Sheldon W. Shippet K. Waters M. Weir L. Welense H. Wendt R. Whaley G. Widmoyer K. Wiltse I. Wines L. Wressel -----Hzthuz -M11 - dV'i50'Zi25 193 7 -- llach of the 1409 students of Arthur Hill finds a home and an adviser in one of the forty-one advisories of the school. These well-organized groups consist of a faculty member and about thirty- fivv boys and girls ot the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Each of the advisories has an equal opportunity to win points toward the advisory trophy by competing in the many all-school , advisory activities. l These activities began in the fall with a drive for the sale of Student Union Tickets and ' Patent Teachers Association memberships followed by the sale of tickets for the junior and senior Julius Gimesky plays, and the Band Bounce. An intensive intramural program oi debate, volleyball, basketball, softball, ping-pong, and other sports lends variety and interest to the competition. In an election of the entire Student Union Organization, the officers of the Student Union Cabinet for the year were chosen as follows: lulius Gimesky, president: Iohn Pierson, viceepresident: and Fred Kirstowsky, Ted Kennedy, treasurers. The cabinet then chose Elaine Abraham as secretary. Cabinet members include: First row: left to right:--Fred Kirstowsky, Ahrens: Elaine Abraham, Anderson: Ed Becker, Maxine Beach, Bacon: Iohn Pierson, Bickel: Marion Butzin, Brown: Iulius Gimesky, Crittenden: Mildred Craig, Crump: Second row-Harry Davis, Day: Ed Day, Bonnie I. Doe, Dersch: Lawrence Farnum, Doidge: James Rockwood, Robert Sauve, Drehmer: Mary Kotenko, Ernest Palmer, Finch: 'Third row-Thomas Deibel, Ernest Fordney, Francis: Paul I-Iackstadt, Fraser: Vaughn Fisher, Gatz: David Gainey, Gibbs: Matt l-leppler, Walter Garrett, Giesel: lchn Lord, Glascock: Fourth row-Frank Muehlenbeck, Gross: Gottfried I-felwer, Howe: Virginia French, Ketelhut: Robert Nickle, Stanley Marks, Lange: Virginia Hayden, Robert Lown, Lewis: Ed List, Osborne: Fifth row-Alvin Frieder, Osborne: Mary Penoyer, Peterson: Iulia McWethy, Bruce Rushlow, Poulson: lane Riebschleger, lack Schuett, Ramsey: Lila Forsyth, loyce Drehmer, Schmidt: Sixth row-Alice Rosa, Robert Schust, Schubert: Elmer Simon, Senn: Ted Kennedy, Shorney: Charles Aubel, Spagnuola: Frank Pietsch, Stuart Stevenson, Start: Ruth Wieneke, Stewart: y Seventh row---Franklin Staebell, Stockdale: Minor Vander- i made, Clarence Waters, Vanderhoof: Hazen Stevens, Ward: t Peter Williams, Mr. Vtfells: Robert Gunther, Carl Wood, Miss l Wells: Florence Uphoff, Woodman. Presidents with no pictures are: Laurence O'De1l, Morgan: and Betty Willard, Woodman. Page 34 193 7 dw! o'u'e5 Lwnniny pzfviioties Prominent arnong the Student Union council's activities is the spwrrsorirrg of vrrriour helpful drives and contests including ticket sales contests lor tho rlrrss rfrrys rrnrl tho li-rn-I Bounce, Parent 'i'eacher's rnernbership drive, and other advisory octivities. Student Union Membership Drive Of the forty-one advisories that cornpeted in suliscrilring Su 'r-nt ilnion rirorrrlrr-rs, o.rly Miss Amy Gat2's advisory won the honor of having rrll oi her thirty orio rr ivisory strirlorrhi buy tickets. They not only bought one hundred pri cent, lrrt also przil up ono lrrrnrlrr-i per cent. Bepresenting her advisory, left to right, tire: tflrrrrlvs lirornrn, Mrrrir- lfrlwrrrrls, Vaughn Fisher, Parent Teacher's Membership Drive The drive for Parent Teacher Association rrreinhers was won try Miss Mrrttif t'rrrrnr-'A advisory with thirty-six members, ln this drive, ouch advisory hail cr student and pair-nt representative to help boost the niernhership drive. lloproserrtrnivr-s rii tho rrrornr invrr-i -, left to right: Betty Bowman, Dorothy Bricker, Mildred Crrrirr, lfri Brwrrrlrrrskr-, Mrn.o Dr-rnr-r::. Tuberculosis Seal Sales - Band Bounce Tickets Miss Ethel Petersorrs advisory won first place in lioth tho scrli rfi trrlro r-rrlrrsira :ar-rrlfa and Band Bounce tickets. The group sold 337,20 worth of the 3153-1.40 riot-riivorl tnrnr tho s-rl - of seals throughout the school, and flSl8l.5U worth of the ll?2,6li8.8fi tr-trrl ot tlrr- lirrnrl It rrrnc- tickets. Representing Miss Petersorrs advisory are: left to right: Bob Schindehetto, Rosalie Natrol, Gerald Beitler, Mary Penoyer. Iunior. Senior Play Tickets - Homecoming Parade Aiter combining the ticket sale results the junior and senior plays, Mr. lohn Dr1y's advisory came out the winner, having sol:ifr2O.20 worth of the tickets, Mrs. Sallie Browns aivisory toni second place with 351655. in the annual Home- coming Parade, Mr. Day's advisory was again winner, leading the enhios a total of idur teen cars in the parade. Prominent in the activ- ties of the advisory are, left to righz Doris Ben' ford, Mary COISOIX, Harry Davis, Dorothy Dietzel. Point Standings Receiving the top scholasic po iion, Mr, Holi ert Shorneys advisory won that coveted position by obtaining the highest point slanrfing for the- iirst semester. Miss Florence Wells gfoup was second high. Intramural Debate Students who took part in the in.rarnural de- hate program this year choss the question "Re- solved, That all electrical utili,ies should he gov ernmentally owned and opera ed." Ellen Fleisch' mann and David Gainey of Miss Burnice Gihl s' , advisory defeated lohn Pierson and larnes Nfstell r irom Miss Ethel Bicke-l's group 'o win the school championship. Left to right: Ellrn Fieischmann, David Gainey. Sophomore Declamation Contest Ono hundred sophomores competed in the declarnation contest, hut only forty one reinained after tho first olirnination and nine after the second round. Gerald Danin won the school championship for Miss Margaret Doidges advisory. Leaders in her group include, left to right: Gerald Danin, Betty Cahir, l.frwrr-rico Farnurn, Arlene Collier, lrluth Boyd. Christmas Baskets At Christrnos tirne coch advisory makes up one or two baskets to be given to sonie unfortunate trirnily tor their Christmas dinner. This is one protect in school that everyone takes part in. Not only irrorl, tint clothing and toys are put into the baskets, Delivering a Christmas hasket are: Lawrence Fo: rrrrrrr, lflfiyne Clinkston, Arif-no Collier, Miss Doidge. PGQQ 35 'pdVl30'Zl'2.5 ,feyencfa The pdtddd Th-r outstanding feature of the entire football seasrrr was the sixth annual Homecoming Day parade with the football queen and her attendants who were chosen by the student union holders. lune Heyn reigned as queen with Mary Demmer and l-tetty Fair as attendants. To form the Blue and Gold Parade, cars and bicycles decorated with the school colors fol- lowed an all-school float on which the football queen find her attendants rode. The cars and bicyvles took the place of a float for each ad- visory tis has been rhe custom in the past years. The advisories received points according to the nurnlrer of cars and bicycles entered in the para le. The line formed at Thistle Field, October 31, l9ftB, to pass through town enticing all on the streets to follow the Queen to Alumni Field to spur Arthur Hill on to the defeat of Flint Cen- tral. Tin- queen's float was decorated with SOO feet of white crepe paper. Hazen Stevens was student cliairrrrrrn of the committee decorating the float with Miss Ivalita Glascock as faculty chairman. Pi-'lure at top: Mary Demmerg tune l-leyn, Que:-ug Betty Fair. Cars torm at Thistle Field to get into the parade, Gtrrrrtr east on Genesee Avenue. Before the Game at Alumni Field. .7 'xy JP .qxti ffomecoming Page 36 l93 7 w3o'u'e5 -H55 em Jfies With the fur of the Bay City Wolf flying through the air and amidst the rousing cheers of optimistic Hill fans, the "Cinch Valley Championship" assembly November l9 was piloted to an enthusiastic end by Iohn Lord, student chairman. Special features presented were the melodrama, "Little Red Riding Hood," brief talks by members of the faculty who are graduates oi Arthur l-lill, and Bruce Rushlow's orchestra. On October 30, lune Heyn and her two attendants, Betty Fair and Mary Demmexs, attired in white, blue, and gold graciously received the plaudits of the audience as the plague was presented at the all- school assembly under the student chairmanship of Fred Kirstowsky. "Dad" Waite Iulius Gimesky represented both the football team and the student body, while Coach Ronald W. Finch introduced the team. Talks were given by Messers. loseph P. Friske, Roy Benway, and Dr. R. A. Hart. On September 24, the student union assembly carried a novelty act of inquiring reporter among famous actors and actresses of the moving picture world. They each told why a student of Arthur Hill should buy a student union ticket. "The man who has spoken to more high school boys and girls than any other man in North America," Mr. R. A. "Dad" Waite, was the guest of Arthur Hill students and faculty at assemblies in the Annex March 3 and 4. "Dad" Waite talked to as many students each day as could be seated comfortably. He came under the auspices of the American Youth Foundation. To cheer the football team to victory an enthusiastic crowd met Q October 9 in the Annex. Laurence O'De1l, student chairman, intro- duced the coach, Ronald Finch, who made the rooters acquainted with the men of the football team. To celebrate the first victory of the Lumbeiiacks over Flint Northern's Vikings, all loyal Hills met at ll:l5. Mr. Harry Hawkins, one of the best football players among Arthur Hill alumni, was the guest speaker at the Thanksgiving pep assem' bly. Singing songs that made his listeners stamp their feet or "yippee" -I in response, Dr. C. E. Beck, professor of English at Central State ,M 'HT Teachers College, Mount Pleasant lectured to fifth and sixth semester - English students Ianuary 6 in the Annex when the pupils learned V L about Dr. Beck's hobby of collecting American ballads. X The tenth graders took matters into their own hands and spon- sored the first sophomore pep assembly February 2. All participants were sophomores. lack Dersch was chairman. Faculty alumni Miss Lorna Schemn, Miss Mary Margaret Doidge, Miss Lina Ward, Miss Florence Wells, second row Miss Lillian Morgan, Mr. Maurice Schmidt, Mr. lohn Day, Mr. Charles Grube. Red Riding Hood Stunt Hi Wood, Sam Trott, Don Cornell, Del' mar Ruthig. Inquiring Reporter -- Norm De-Shone, Hi Wood, Betty Fair, Iim Mollhagen, Ernie Lorts, Philip Miles, Iames McHugh. Homecoming assembly. Page 37 -QJVIJ 011.25 projects rmsr cup WINNER it X,.' compiling the largest point total for the school year, lf:J35'36. Mr. lolrn Day's advisory won the Grand Champion Advisory Trophy. rect tvrrrg it at the first assembly of the year, September 24. The present sys'-rm of recording advisory competition was an innovation last year. S U O SONG WRITER The campaign song for the Student Union Membership drive was written by Margaret Campbell of Mrs. Sallie Brown's aivisory. As a revttrrtt Margaret received a dollar on her Student Union Membership. HI Page ,fefencfa Left to right: Harry Davis, Margaret Campbell. AUTOMOBILE CLUB Under the supervision of Mr. Clarence D. Stewart and the Saginaw Police Department a Traffic Club was initiated this year' to promote skillful and careful driving and to make the student body sa ety con- scious. Nearly 400 drivers enrolled. If a student attended twelve of the fifteen meetings, had no accidents during the of the course, passel all tests, and held a driver's license, he automatically became a mem- ber of the Arthur Hill Automobile Club. Each member was presentel with an emblem for the windshield of his car and tr certificate of grad uation from the course. At the left: A Drivers' Class, BLUE AND GOLD CAPTAINS One of the greatest cooperative efforts ever attempted at Artlru: Hill High School was the fifth annual Band Bounce. Various types -1' competition enhanced the ticket selling. The advisories were divided into two teams: the Blue and the Gold. The Gold captains then electott Doris Benford as alleschool captain for the Gold learn while Norm De- Shone was chosen head of the Blue aggregation. Aiding Doris was Miss Burnice Gibbs, and Mr. lohn Day counseled Norm. All student: selling one dollar's worth of tickets were guests of the Franklin Tlroatro Monday, April 26. Left to right: Mr. lolrrr Day, Norm Deshorre, Doris Pwerrforrl, Miss Burnice Gibbs. PRESIDENTS' LUNCHEON Each semester a luncheon was sponsored in lronor of the incoming cabinet officers and to recognize the achievements of the semester. '10 ou lifgzfhuz M11 pepatfmentj- tgan13az'ion5 llafjl' SU ATHLETICS Football Basketball Golf, Baseball Tennis, Track Boys' Intramurals Girls' Intramurals ARTS Home Economics Art, Shop Music , COMMERCIAL Shorthand Typing Bookkeeping ENGLISH Dramatics Iournalism LANGUAGE French German Spanish Latin SCIENCE Chemistry Physics Biology Mathematics SOCIAL SCIENCE History Government Economics P. T. A. SOCIAL CLUBS Hi-Y Girl Reserves Personality 193 7--T -HtAfetz'c.4 fefenda SEASON RESUME l.lwll, Sept. lo Arthur Hill fl, liti' 6. PM MNAW, Sept. ZZ Arthur llill 'tn Alina U. Fl.'N'l', Oct, lO Arthur Hill l2, l'nnt Northern U. S.-MIINAW, Oct. I7 Arthur llill ll: Pontiac U. L.-XNRING, Oct, 23 Arthur llill l. Lansing Central U. SIKZINAW, Oct. Sl Arthur Hill l", Flint Central 6. OWOSSO, Nov. '7 Arthur llilt lit, Owosso U. SAGlNAW, Nov. 14 Arthur Hill ill, Bay City 7. Al.llMNl FlELD, Nov. Artlatn Hill 0, Saginaw U. 7-ootbaff The best accolade oi orchids that the printed page can ox- press to a Saginaw Valley Champion football team, the first in Arthur Hill's tirnefhonored history, would be divided as follows. To Captain C. A. Mauch, for his sterling leadership and in- domitable will to wing To Gotty Baker, Ed Alexander, and Iohn Heinz for their superb all-around playing, convincingly testified to by three pickers of all-state teams which listed these boys among the "eleven best", To all the "unsung" heroes of the first team, for their un- selfish sacrifice of personal glory for the advancement of the team: To Coach Ronald Finch, for his expert training and un- quenchable fire of confidence that he instilled in his first and only season at Arthur Hillg To Assistant Coaches Charles Grube, Robert Shorney, and Stanley Anderson, for their cooperation in developing a first class line and promising group of sophomoresg and last but not least: To all the boys who made rank and file of the squad, for their cheerfulness and their loyalty to Arthur Hill. Vin' lilftv' football squad included liottoni row, left to right: Harold Geistmann, Hiawatha Wood, . llcltnn Law, Floyd Beffry, Frank Grimaldi, William Brussow, Clarence Km-tt, lack Evans, Gerald Reitler, Robert Sauve, and Kenneth King. ilvcond row: Kenneth Banfield, Donald Anderson, Robert Antle, iohn Heinz, Frank Clark, Vtlilliam Hutchison, Captain Clarence Mauch, Tod Kennedy, Floyd Klenoski, Edward Alexander, Iulius Gimesky, Ehnfi Simon, Norman DeShone, and Cwotty Baker. Third row: Kenneth Chambers, Anthony Deike, Louis Smith, Artlnn Hahn, Robert Haines, Ralph Hanes, Warren Blackney, Edward Kirstowsky, Joe Iohann, Arthur Schweinshaupt, Albert Luplow, and Rolf-rt Zuckermandel. lltp row: Charles Shrank and Alvin Thorrnier, student managers, Doutzltrs Eaton, Sophomore Coach Robert Shorney, Head Coach Ron- ald Finch, Line Coach Charles Grube, F. C. Achard, and Robert Stark Thanksgiving tussel. and Philip Binasio, student managers. Valley Championship Cup A "magic eye" photography stunt? No, just two pictures taken at different times which show the progress of the same play in the Page 40 ti Cv. 193 7 -gtk letica fasfetlafl NATIONAL ATH LETIC SVHULARSHII' SOVIETY Edward Alexander Rohert Antle t'harl1'a Aubel Freeman tioatn Edward Day Norman Deuhone Alfred Ewald Robert Finger Julius Gimesky Robert Gunther Ted Kennedy Fred Kirstowsky Clarence Knott Delton Law Ernest l40l'tR Philip Markey Kenneth Miller Ned Osborn Frank Pietsrh Gerald Reitler A. ll. A. H. A. H. A. ll. A. Il. A. H. A. H. Jack Sehuett Wyman llepzenauenloseph Whitney Hiawatha Wood The National Athletic Scholarship Society is a national organization whose membership is limited to those hoyn earning an athletic let- ter in one of the four major sports, whose average in their school work fur three consecutive semesters is equal to or higher than the general average of the school, and who have exemplified the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. Ralph Hanes A season where the team's record in won anal lost games is oven usually does not lirinq an enthusiastic cheer on the part ol the students, yet Coach Stanley Ander- son, auidod his team throuqh a schedule where it fulfilled all of his expectations. lleie was a team that started its varsity career aloriously as sophomores. Their startlinq wins made a dismal year a suc t-ess. "Wait till next year" was the Lum- lleiiawk challenqe. But Coach Anderson wisely forestalled, "l'll llc satisfied if we win half of our hall qamcsf' llis team did no more than was expected of it. Next year the "sensational sophsu will he seniors, three Years wiser and hotter. Then wo can :sit hack and watch them unfold their has kt-tl-all maqic, perhaps aqain he the liolfle ers of the valley championship cup. BASKETBALL TEAM - Front tow, left to riqht: Ned Osliorn, Burt Goodell, Captain Ed Anzieclc, William lirussow, and Elmer Simon. Back row: Eddie Collier, Phillip Binasio, student man- aqer, Boll Antle, Coach Stanley Anderson, Bill llutcliison, Alvin Thormier, student inanaqerg and lulius Gimesky. lllllti-37 HAS 25 . .. 21 .. 22 .. I5 . .. 2l 27 .. 17, .. 38 .. 25. .. 29 32 39 ., .... .. KI-ITBALI, .... Hay City 19 Flint Northern 33 . . . .. Pontiar- 19 Flint Central 30 ..... Owosso 27 .... Saginaw 25 Flint Northern 27 .... Hay City 22 Flint Ventral 27 .... Owosso 13 .. . Pontiac 33 .... Saginaw 15 Regional Tournament 20 , ....... . Won fi. Flint Central 22 l.oi-it 6 N1 Qxigkf f i 7-oot6a:ff fanguet A championship football laanauot was airvniqed liy the Lottermen and Letlerqirls Clubs under the direction of Mr. Stanley Anderson and Miss Mary Maraaret Doidqe. For a main speaker, Mr. Anderson secured Wally Weber, first assistant football coach at tho University of Michigan. Coach Welvcr lzrouqht two of the Wolverines' prominent ariddors in the persons of lim lincoln and Stark Ritchie. Left to right: lim Lincoln, Line-Coach Charles Giulio, Wally VVeber, Fred Kirstowsky, toastmasterg Coach Ronald W. Finch, Stark Ritchie, and Sophomore Coach Rohoit Shorney. Page 4l 14 th f e tics ,fefencfa golf The only laurels that the qroup of boys who 5526611 Regardless of how the Lumberjack baseball team fares this year, no mortal can say that Arthur Hill has been deprived of the valley title. On the contrary, two successive championships were won in l935 and l936. As this is written, it is difficult to say just where the team wrll finish, but it can be said, without fear of contradiction, that win or lose they will live up to the best tradi- tion of Arthur Hill. No more can anyone ask. sacrifice the qlory of baseball or track to par- ticipate in a sport that is truly one of the step- children of the athletic association are what they heap upon themselves. And this they have valiantly done. Perhaps they will be re- warded handsomely this year for, at writinq, their play is indeed impressive. GOLF TEAM - Left to right: Bob Schust, Bob Antle, Elmer Spceit, Coach Albert G. Dersch, Carl l-leqenauer, Carl Ferriby, and Charles Aubel. BASEBALL SQUAD - Front row, left to right: Bill Minard, l-larry McGee, Lloyd Sager, lack Schuett, Co-captain Ed Day, Iulius Gimesky, Kenneth Miller, and Co-captain Elmer Simon. Second row: Phillip Binasio, student manager: Oscar Miller, Harold Lep- pien, Fred Conzelman, Coach Stanley Anderson, Clayton Wahl, Wyman l-legenauer, Don Anderson, and George Baxter Ill, student manager. Third row: Howard Studeman, Howard Fisher, Kenneth King, Donald Schultz, Carroll Meyer, Bud Losee, Norm Zeilinqer, Ed Kirstowsky, and Arthur Shosky. Fourth row: Paul l-lackstadt, Wilbert Keinath, lames Kennedy, Luther Vlloodard, Alvin Thormier, Wayne Meyer, George Mattson, and Bernard Spatz. Not in picture: Ed Albosta. ,ff is w.,..4 Page 42 193 7 -HM fetica TEAM!! The Lumberiack tennis players may not be the best team in the valley or the state, but they are every bit a part oi Arthur Hill as the champion football or baseball squads, tor the Lumberiack spirit guides their every stroke. Front row: Nod Osborn, anti Ernie Lorts. Middle row: Burt Goodell. Back row: Coach Eric Serin, Minor Vanderrnade, 'led Kennedy, and Al Kundinfjor. 7210! Only recently revived, track at Arthur Hill has been in the past, a struggling proposition. The squad ot 1936 showed some talent and won a iew meets, hut were still lost in the valley regional shuttle. This year the squad ap- pears to be on the way up. Led by six capable veterans and bolstered by about ten spectacular sophomores, the thinclads compiled l3O points in their first two meets oi the season, and assure Luinberjack ians oi continuing on the heavy end ot the scoring. First row, left to right: F. C. Achard, Robert Arndt, Arthur Schweinshaupt, Gerhardt Iensch, Charles l-llad, Don Soznmeriield, lock Evans, Marvin Cooper. Second row: Ralph Hanes, Robert Leclcie, Francis Ribble, Alfred Ewarld, Coach Finch, lack Dersch, Anthony Deike, Ioe Iohann, lfouglas Eaton. Third row: Charles Morrell, Robert Sinclair, William Johnson, Philip ltflarkey, William Hutchison, Edward Collier, Peter Koinis, Ralph Byron. manager. Fourth row: Earl O'Donncll, Toni Seymour, Albert Byron, Robert Sayers, Alfred Newvino, manager, Clayton LaPaqe, lack Nash. Page 43 1qtAfet1'c.4 ,feiencfa gays' .gntzamutafs faffetfaff . Ql,. - ' . M V Ward's second time winner of the school basket- M., qv V, I M ball title. Front row, left to right: lulius Spindler, Howard Smith, Art Schweinshaupt, and Don Steckert. y 5 ?A. . V . Second row: Charles Smith, David Schimpf, and . T, Clarence Fershau. s , v 62055 gountty C Volleyball Mtigmiirtfimitoit qan's group, won Bafons' advisory school champion- the cross country ship volleyball team. Front row, lefi to rilnlitz Norm DeShone, Gotty Baker, run- I and Phillip Binasio. Back row: Iohn Berg Iohn Blackney, and Robert 7 Y Boltnlwlf. Q l' , 2:-' ,, 'W r .J l I , ,,, I tx E11 4 E , Wie. t t -MQ A 1 I l 4 5 Q 4 ' A ,J . 2 2 , I .gntzamutaf Traci The individual winners of the third annual intramural track meet. Upper left is lack Dersch winning the high jump. lack also captured the 120-vfud hiqh hurdles event being one of the two double winners of the clay. Upper center shows Tony Deike winning the low hurdles. ' ' ' ' 'l Franvis Ribble, victor in the century dash at the upper right. Breastinq the Likewise, across in the right middle is the winner of the mile taunt, Marvin Cooper, Lower left is Bob Arndt in the 60-yard dash. Peter Koinis winning in the 440-yard run. In the center Collier, double winner, taking both the x i pole vault and the broad jump in the field events. lohann heaved the twelve pound iron shot to a new school record. This year's assault on the old um 'rmural rc-cords was effective enouqh to cause all but two to fall. - tape in the left middle is Charles Morrell in the half mie run. pin? pong Ping pong. Five boys reached the final round after a mammoth elintituition tournament. They are lulius Spindler, loe Murin, lunior Knott, Sam Llzhoe, the all-school champion: and Burt Goodell. fl a: ,, Q - . fs lm Page 44 1937 1416121704 M114 ' Ypazts M117 Ping-pong topnotchers include Suzanne Durham Ruth Boyd Elinor Alderton Virginia Andre girls school champion. Volleyball 1.Er'rEnGm1.s Eight girls earned club membership lry turning in a hundrei Thirty-six elimination games, nineteen consolation games were points for G minor letter- First row: Bernice Wriqlltl Miss Mary played in the girls' intramural volleyball tournament in which the wine Margaret Doidqel Alice Baker- Second ww: Evelyn MCQUist,m1 Aim ner was the combined advisories of Glascock and Peterson. They bestei DOefff1ef, ROSGmOHCl Withl, GladYS RGNGGGU- Third TSW: ViOlG Boissoneault, Arlene Collier, lvlarcelle Filiatraut. Not in the picture: the Stockdale-Doidge lassies in a thrilling finale of three games. Ap- , losephine Slabaugh. proximately twenty girls played each noon during the tournament. The consolation games gave the girls who were eliminated in the first 1 A ' , round another chance to play, Girls Defeat Boys For Volleyball Championship Two volleyball tournaments the boys' and girls' intramural' going at once. The championships are decided. And then the real storm breaks loose "Who are the best players, the girls or the boys?" There was only one way to answer the question have a game. So two all- star teams are picked and a match of the best two out of three games are arranged. The crowd has to wait till a second day to see the girls win gloriously after each team has won the first day. The boys' defeat is a crusliing set back to the rnale contingent to the school. The Glascock - Peterson girls, volleyball champions - Back row: Bertha George, Dorothy Goodrow, Phyllis Pike, and Betty Lou Gray. Front row: Pa- tricia Murplry, Myrtle Fo- lwar, Eleanor Peterson, Shirley Nactweik anti Agnes Peterson. Page 45 'gif-4 ,fefenda Miss Florence Wells, Miss Lorna Lange, Miss lvalita Glascock, Mr. B. O. Damberg. Eleanor lex, first semester president of the Home Economics Clubp Shirley Robinson, first semester vice-president and second semester president. Thelma Gorham, first semester secretaryy Marian Hiendel, first semester treasurer. Marian DeLong, second semester treasurer: Harriet Hotties, second semester secretary. ome fconomics The arts offered at Arthur Hill are varied, presenting many opportunities for students to develop their natural talents. Home arts, the fine arts of color and design, music, and manual arts are taught. Students taking these subjects are given several means of testing their knowledge in giving dinners, fashioning clothing, making play sets and posters, and presenting concerts. The Home Economics Department proposes to develop an appreciation ond understanding of the problems of homemaking. Practical application is considered important. The gils make plans for furnishing homes on definite budgets, plan, prepare, and serve breakfasts, luncheons, and dinners given for various guests, and select materials and patterns for fasliioning different garments. A subsidiary of this department is the Horne Economics Club, an organization for girls who have elected one or more home economics subject sometime during their senior high school course. lts purpose is to create interest in such Y Wi subjects, to promote a friendly spirit among the girls, and to be of service ' to the school and the cornrnunity. Among the projects carried on dur- ing fhe current year were a mother- daughter tea, a welcome pa.ty for soph- omore girls, a Christmas party for small children, the year's first tea dance, a potluck, and the semi-formal, all-school dance, "Daffodil Swing." Upper right, left to right: Stella Anderson mixes a fruit cocktailg Alice lunger held tries her hand at scalloped corn, and Arlene Reetz industriously scrubs a POltIlmr. Lower right: Enjoying the experience of serving a meal which they have prepared are, left to right: Margy Klein, Iuanita Robbennolt, Miss Lorna Lange, instructor, lane Lee, Stella Anderson, Mr. Robert Slrorney, guest, and Arlene Reetz. Page 46 in 193 7 H214 R -Hz! Art Clcrssos ure ollrirr-ci for tlif- PIIIXWJSO ol rvrovidirrq un irrtvi Ostinq and cultural pnslirno lor tlio sliirlenl unzl lm' clovolopirirr lris rioturul tcrlent. Alter tho lirst your ol iristrurtiori sliiflvrrtsa uri- Crivon u lrfrci re-in in clioiue ol suliisct. Posters Cincl otlim frrlvprtizinq lor' lilf' soniwi mul ruriior pl-rys, Bond Bounce, srliooi porticws, all school contsrsts sucfli as tli-' Student Union Drive, Grid the Fit and Bcrlcoiiy plays frrer lliflflf' by llie url students. Hardly C1 sconfh in tlin Bzrnrl liourirfcr was without the artistic touches ol tlroso studonts. 'lim Focrtlifrll Oimvrfs llocrt was decorated lay tim ort clrrsscfs crnfi tlro S.l1fIf"Nl Union Ccrliirrnt. Mcrtflricrl WGS sulvniiltml in tlio Vvlililfillll-I lflulu lixliiliil, DO siqris lor llirl City Socrl Weiu criiti-rrvl in tlrcl ffilywido coiitcisl. Outsider ol school crurririirlrriul Work lor prcrcflivul Oxporioiittr-H is undertaken by lliet mivoncfvl students, The dcrcnrcxlion ol Geysrs Store window locrtnrinq thc' Bond Ponncv wus suctlr fr project. The climox ol tlrsi yrvrr's frvtiviti--:s wires tlio rrxlrilril and trrci hold in the uppfvr lioll ol tlicv rncrin lrniltlinrr lor tlm rrfrroiils ril url stuflonts ond the lucully. flop Vlf'll1lI' rr! owl: Mrriiv lfflwcrrfl SkV'lf'llfxS tho Prosliytrvrirrri Uillllffil lmm on wrt morn window: Llovcl Stmrilicirq clrrlws wiili oil 7ilIllL1' irricl CIUXPIIC' i l f IU :ali-ru rrrinl Irrrrrl lint' VIYTXYN' loy out poslffrs. lVlf'f'l1fIIl14'1Il flIf1WiI1'I 111111 SINYIF fill' U10 Slll l"'f'ts Wliivli 41iCIW Arlliur llill's lioys to rlicr 'l'rr1flO Sclifiol. .rlioy rvr'rvrrl:s rrn 1-r'iri,illrnf-nl lil sovvrrly-Oiqlil lioys mill riifwlirrriiucrl rjlrawinfr Crn erirollinvnt ol Ono illlll flri--l trrirl orw. iilrrrp llivtiirvsg Kvrriiv-llr Millwr, lfrlt, wwrks on VI rrrw'licirrrif'frl rlicxwiriq rnittiowtg cririter, Wcltrir Rfry rrzf rirl, llvriry Visitor, frnrl lim' Crt Spirifllei' Work on inflivialucil proiovtsg ond crt riqlit, VVCIYIIC Meyrvr uni All nrt l.uplfiw lolrl tin for cr liunridilier. Nags? f , Page 47 -gt!! ,feiencfa Bruce Rushlow. dance orchestra leader .ein Virginia French. orchestra conductor The Arthur Hill Band in AH Formation The fend Tho band was a featured activity at Arthur l-lill this year. Their music has enlivened assemblies and football games. Perhaps the largest project of the year, the Band Bounce, was sponsored for the benefit of the Band. Presented at the City Auditorium and enthusiastically supported by the "patrons," its purpose, to raise money for new band unifo:ms, was suc cessful. Tie Otciestta The orchestra has made the senior and junior plays more enjoyable by its presentation oi musical selections during the intermissions. The presence of the orchestra at Parent Teacher Association meetings and at community entertainments is in demand. Six musicians representing the highest status of the Arthur Hill orchestra were chosen for the all-city orchestra. They Were: Franklin Staebell and Iames Kennedy, violinistsy Donald Crane, trumpetp Virginia French, string bassg Robert Iohnson, oboe, and lane Brown, viola. Robert Johnson. band leader Orchestra Page 48 193 7 eoncett gfud The t'oner-rf t'luh whieh has replax-ed the lltlt' t'luh has earrierl on un extensive program this year including a symphony eonrert ond the Mid-Year Mardi Gras. Its popularity nt rluhs, Parent Teacher Association meet.- ing-H, and ehureh affairs is somewhat of zu problem at times. Over one-hundred nnd fifty engagements have heen successfully rompleted. Sometimes as many as three engagements have been filled in one day. t'0NtTl'IR'l' t'lrI7ll MEMBERS Stanley Marks Donald t'rane renee Sherhino Rohert Johnson Gladys linrprstrom lletti Cooney Lawnnna I-Emery Virginia French Evelyn Iliekert 'I-'rnnklin Star-hell Rosalie Nagel .loan Dillon .lane Brown Arlene Nikolai James Kennedy James Woolever Alice Rosa .lark Derseh Bruce Rushlow Aliee Remer Eilleen Ferguson Stuart Stevenson -Hu: E06 61146 Mr. Alvin Ahrens, instructor: Franklin Staebell, second semester secretary: Evelyn Dickert, treasurer: Frieda Nickolai, first semester, secretary: Hurry Davis, first semester vice-president. Tie ehoit the r'hfrn Illlllllrfll was Orin of tho lruvolrest ol tho Bfrnrl Bounce. The clrnrch Winrtaw in the lrcrf'k'qr'rrr1rrfl lent tlrtr clresirurl ritrn rsrrltf-rv trrr tht- twn asvtvvtifrrrs. Frnrrr the lirst rows mf the Tfllllftlfl 'llroatre the Choir' sent their voices out as ci ctolinrtr' rirtrhtion to tho lrrctzwrrtrrtinrr nl "lfrrrrrrr1rrunl." At Pf'ir'0rrt 'l'rrrrf'lrer Assofralinrr tri"-wtirrqs, rlnrrch l'Tl'it'7'lIlQS, ancl at Clubs the choir has r'OC'0ivrct an 'f'IllllL1SlflSllC Wfrlrwrrrfe. The Clrnir: first row, loft to riqlrt: leanette Deslrone, Edith Hott, lean France, Beatrice Wallcendorfer, Emma Ynrrrrk, Irie Whitney, Filly Holt, Bill llocrpr-fr, Bill Franz, Vrrainia Solms, Glcrrlys, Borqstrorrr, Doris Norton, Donna Wray, Lorna Garrett. S0c'oirr'l row: lmlia lVicGtir'Gr, Martel Harris, Ftaclie-l MCGurer, Mary' Gobdwyn, Ann Tappen, Sally Starkwvatlrvr, Din lmrsrrrr, Drrvitt klrrinrry, 'tcrlwr-rt falllllltfff, llurrrro VUllB'.tllSFlifDi1-ll, Hniwr Hazen, Marie Denoma, Ee-atror DuBois, lane Fair, Betty Carrrperan. Thirrl row: ltnth Yinfrlinrr, lf-rnrrri Mfissiwfvtlrr, Mrrrtrtrr ltvynolits, Dnris Richards, Raclrel Philips, Ruth VVi0rrr'-krv, Don Nrrnrv, lltrtwrnt Smith Hnlrrtrt Staclrcrvirik, llrrlv lvlviftille-rr, Hnth Z.zll+3r, Eileirn lbrqrisfrrr, Alice Rosa, Dorothy Esrrror, Helen Koons, Muriel Dowisl. llrtnth row: Mary Brnwn, Dvlplra Harris, Gertrude Clernorrt, Rosalie Nagel, Dorothy G.rodrnW, Alvin llrorrrreier, 'l'lr0trrr,1:s Knit lil---, ltnd Wttlrili, Nutrrian Vrrrrllvfttu, David Gutter, Virfginia Fri-rich, Mfictfrlyrr Wl"lji,I1ld, Elaine 'lll'rraslr+3r, Marrgtiret Kurow, Dorothy Nenmtnr, Evolyn l?nBfri5, ltvtty Bnrqvi. Page 49 ommetciaf 4 andg I A ' Mr. B. G. Wells, department head: Miss Elsie Ketelhut, Miss Ethel Bickel: Mr. Hasler Osborne: Mr. Earl Drehmer: Mrs. Marie Crittenden: Mr. Robert Shorney: Mr. Eric Senn. .3 eommezcnz! pelaaztment Because of the increasing demand for office workers, the high school curriculum provides a commercial course, training students who wish to prepare themselves for this type of work. The following commercial subjects are offered at Arthur Hill: Advertising, Commercial Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Com- mercial Law, Shorthand, Salesmanship, Commercial Geography, Typewriting, Transcription, and Business English. Aticr completing 4 semesters of typing, the student should be able to type at the minimum speed of 40 words per minute and should be able to arrange letters, manuscripts, tabulation, billing, law and business forms attractively and accurately. Helen Fischer, left in the lower right hand cornfi, leads the typing 4 classes with a speed of 75 Words per minute. Esther Haas, right, is runner-up with 60 words a minute. llenionstrating the general aim of salesmanship, William Frederick is showing a vacuum sweeper to Harriet Markey. At the end of the serneste-r a 30 minute sales talk and demonstration are given by each member of the class. 'llni study of commercial geography brings out the relationship between man's activities in commerce and factors of natural environment. Maps and charts have been made by members of Mr. Earl Drehmer's commercial geography class in connection with this subject. 'lin transcription course increases the ability of transcribing ii shorhnrnd notes to the rate of 30 to 40 words per minute. Upon passing a test for taking dictation at the rate of l00 Words per minute, the student receives a certificate. The first students to pass this test were front row, left to right: Marion Heindel, lune Porath, Mary Kotenko, and Virginia Schultz. Second row, left to right: Phyllis Pike, Elinor Hahn, Madelyn Wiegand, Irene Master- ton, and Eileen Speckhard. After two years of shorthand the stu- dent slivuld be able to take dictation at the rate of one hundred words per minute, The words should be transcribed quickly and acctiwitf-ly. Of a class of 28 students, Lorna Foerster, Lorraine Hale ririlit, and Lucille Suhan, left, passed the Theory test which cntitlns them to a certificate. Lorna was absent when the picture was taken. Vvziiniercial law acquaints the student with the basic funda- nncntrits of law and with this knowledge, Mr. Hasler Osborne's comnwnrial law class conducted an authentic and carefully pre- pared trial with all the members of the class participating. Tom DePlcntv was the defendent and lohn Benford, Dale Wolcott, and Sheldon lrish were his lawyers. The state lawyers were Norman DoSlnriw and Sam Trott. Alfred Ewald and june Heyn were the hailitt rind clerk. The rest of the class were witnesses and the jury, Using their knowledge gained from the bookkeeping course, tlic sturlents of bookkeeping 3 and 4 act as clerks in the candy store, l'li X fundamentals of arithmetic and practical applications to ovoi -lay life are taught in commercial arithmetic, 'l'lic correct method of buying, insurance, finance, installment buying and real estate are the subjects studied in the advertising course. Business men as speakers bring the classes closer to the real business world. Page 50 193 7 1:7036 English department teachers, left to right: Miss Ethel Peterson, department head, sophomore and junior English, C. , Miss Mattie Crump, journalism, News, Legenda, sophomore English: Miss Margaret Fraser, sophomore and junior English: Mr. Herman Ramsey, sophomore and junior Englishg Miss Ella Woodman, junior English: Miss Edna Gross, t- junior and senior English: Miss Amy Gatz, business and junior English: Miss Irma Stockdale, senior English: Mr. Stanley Schubert, junior English, dramatics. fnylish pepaztmant The English department strives to give the student a broad general background of English literature along with the knowledge and the practice of good English in everyday conversation and writing. Through the study of liter- ature and expression, both oral and written, the student is encouraged to participate in projects and activities that will develop his ability. The course in business English stresses business correspondence and practices. .glaeciaf project: One of the projects in the 12A semester classes is the required 1,000 word theme in which the student may choose to Write from an almost unlimited field of subject matter. Using his hobby as the subject for a discussion on the imaginary radio broadcasts conducted in Miss Ethel Peterson's English 3 classes, lack Cappell entertained the group with an account of his wood carving. Page 51 nifi-if t The Arts-Dramatic Club provides an outlet for students with dramatic ability. Current movies, plays, and operas are discussed at the meetings. Officers for the first and second semesters in- clude: Betty Fair, president, Doris Martin, vice-presidentg lane Biebsclileger, secretary: Margery Hemmeter, treasurer. DRAMATICS CLASSES The dramatics class produces plays which are open to the student body and often supply programs for various community qrouns. The cast for "Oh Dear," one of the presentations, is shown above, left to right: Betty Lyness, Marguerite Heasley, Clara Ritter, Emy Lou Richardson. ALL-SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS Senior Play: "Fanny and the Servant Problem," by Ierome K. Ieroxne, April 29 and 30, North Intermediate School. Top, "Our Empire," left to right: Marian Butzin, Mary Dick Holcomb, Ann Doeriner, Sallie Van Auken, Lorraine Challis, Doris Martin, Eileen Speckhard, Helen Martin, Betty Burger, lane Re-mer, Dorothy Weine berq, lane Riebschleqer. Cast, left to right: Catherine Gaus, Eleanor McWethy, Isabel Hayden, Doris Benford, Dorothy Dietzel, Robert Brandle, Phyllis Pike, Sheldon Hastings, Ernest Lorts, Philip Markey, Richard Reclfern, lunior Play: "Charley's Aunt," by Brandon Thomas, February 13 and l4, North intermediate School. Cast, left to riaht: Helena Hanson, Wallace Plonta, Grace Filiatraut, Bill Holt, Ariel Wood, Robert Fisher, ferry Brenner, Frank Muehlenlseck, Ellen Fleisch- rnann, Barbara Bird, Maurice Lockwood. fejenafa -Hu: Ummatics Page 52 193 7 nyf.4A i936 gommencement The portrayal of the various stages in the development of education in Michigan from the time of the Indians to the present day was the theme of the l935 vitalized commencement ex ercises. Education and her altendants: left to right, Iune Heyn, llaothy Dietzel, Bon- nie lean Doe, Ellen Fleischmann, Mar- jorie Aldrich, Betty Fair, Rachel Mc' Gurer, Helen Sanderson, Phyllis Pike. "The Cass Treaty with the lndiansf' left to right, Ernest Tanto Palmer, Hi Wood, lames Woolever, Carl Wood, Freeman Coates, Waller' Bressler, Rob- bert Lown, Paul Hockstadt, Vaughn Fisher, Gerald Reitler, Bob Gzenell, Ted Kennedy, Denzel Kelley. "The First School In Michiganf' left to right, lim Nestell, Patricia Tidrnarsh, Bill Sheldon, Beatrice Rousseau, Fred Schmidt, Lycia Genter, Dorothy Ban- dolph, Ida Garland. 'Forefathers of Public School Systemz' Ernie Lorts and lerry McCray. "Beginnings of Vocational Training." ehtbtm EJ pajeant For the second time, dramatics and choir students combined their efforts in presenting "Emmanuel," the story-pa geant of the birth of Christ, at the Tern ple Theatre December l'7 and lil. The pageant was first presented at the Tem ple in December, 1934. Prologue: left to right, Phyllis Pike and Suzanne Durham. Magi: left to right, Frank Muehlen' beck, lack Dersch, lim Nestell. Shepherd Scene: left to right, Mar- jorie Aldrich, lerry Brenner, Eleanor McWethy, Kenneth l-lernnieter, Margery Hemmeter. "Herod Scene." Nativity Scene: left to right, Frank Muehlenbeck, lack Dersch, lim Nestell, Ierry Brenner, Phyllis Pike, Ted Ken- nedy, Kenneth Hemmeter, Margery Hem meter, Eleanor McWethy, lerry McCroy. Reunion: left to right, Frank Muehlen' beck, lack Dersch, lim Nestell, Ierry Brenner, lerry McCray, Kenneth Hem- meter, Elecnor McWethy, Margery Hemmeter. Page153 Zhi! JA feiendg The -ntfhut MQW! new What They Did and How They Did It One of the fifteen All-American issues. lsabel Hayden, co-editor, points out an idea for a story to Margaret Campbell, editorial page editor. Alma lohnson rewrites a feature story. Eleanor Mc- Wethy types her assignment sheet, while Winiired Rorlc, ieporter, jots down questions for an interview. Betty Cobb, Mary Denton, and Margery Hemmeter, reporters, busily assemble material for their stories. Reva Hoag, reporter, gets an assignment or two from her box and Mary Deinmer and Iune Kelley write. Elmer P. Simon looks up from editing his sport copy, Carl Ferriby considers the possibilities of tak- ing an amusing picture, Mildred Ward pauses from writing, and Marian Poulson deposits information in the post-office boxes. Here is Isabel again, reading final copy for the printer. Phyllis Pike, co-editor, and Fred Kirstowsky, editor first semester, type headlines. Howard Peterson decides picture-taking is iuii. He tried his skill at the Michigan Scholastic Press Association in Ann Arbor, attended by sixteen Arthur Hill students, May 13, 14, and lb. The dele- gates. lane Rerner, editorial page assistant, passes judg- ment on an editorial, while Ruth Fausel gathers ma- terial for West Side Landmarks. Elayne Clinkston studies the advertising dummy and Mary lane Wolcott, ad manager, works on the books. Elaine Abraham, business manager, watches the camera man being caught. Helen Fischer, Esther Haas, Lillian Bessinger, and Ruby Kile, typists, help with general ofilce work. The News event group enjoys a good time at Mrs. Sallie Brown's apartment, and takes the "Time" news test at Miss Mattie Crump's home. Phyllis and Isabel participate in one of the pro- jects of Quill and Scroll - selling personal cards to graduating seniors. Page 54 The Treanor chapter 193 7 ,feyenda 0 Qui!! and .qctoff .qociety Elaine Abraham Henry Brinkman Hazel Burgess Margaret Campbell Elayne Clinkston Mildred Craig Ruth Fausel Isabel Hayden Mary Dick Holcomb Alma Johnson Eleanor Mcwethy Violet Marti Phyllis Pike Marian Paulson Jane Remer Elmer P. Simon Mildred Ward Mary Jane Wolcott Eugene Holmes Fred Kirstowsky the Quill and Scroll. an international honor society for publication students, is celebrating its tenth birthday on June 5 with a reunion-banquet at the Bancroft Hotel with Miss Lorna Schemm as tnastmaster and Isahel Hayden as general chairman. The chapter took in sixteen members this year and sponsored the entering of Arthur Hill material in the Scholastic National Award contest. The group met each Monday noon in the News room under the leadership of Elaine Abraham, president. Plcznniziq the hook. Lining-up for smoll 1'1lLflLllCS. lclentifyinq smoll pictures enqrosses llolcrt Arndi and Dorothy Bricker. Writinq oflvertisinq copy employs HGIlIYBIlIlk' mon, BC-tty Cobb, lone L. Brown, Ann Wacker, ond Bob Arnfit. Typing ond checkinq tolls to Violet Marti, Mil- dred Craig, Betty Wliitclieocl. Finis - lt is linisliecl. Lerjlendo Stott. lrluzel Burqess, Violet Mufti, Mildred Cruiq. Betty Whiteheod, Mary Dick Holcomb, Dorothy Bricker. Robert Arndt, George Coppell, llelny Brinkirinm. Morjory Koerner, Borhorci Bild. Ann Wacker, Mory Corson. Robert Leckie, Betty Colili, Carl Ferrilay. Fred Kirstowsky, Elaine Ahrohom, Helen Fischer, lolin Pierson. Page 55 fnyfz3 ?" Arr 8 ,fanguafu efencla l pet peutsche Vetein Crganized in April, l929, the German Club's purpose is to cultivate a further knowledge ot Germany and its people. The Verein is a member ot the National Scholastic Federation ot German Clubs. The programs consisted ot talks in German and about Germany. A Christmas party was given for the members. The book cover sale was a project ot the Verein. ,fe eetcfe qzzancaia Organized in l927-'28, the French Club's purpose is to further the students' in- terest in French lite, customs, literature, art, and civilization. The Le Cercle Francais had parties and scavenger hunts tor their social activ- ities. The .gpanidi glial The Spanish department organized a club that met as an informal class every third week. Games were played and the programs consisted ot talks in Spanish and about Spain. ,fatin elaiied The Latin classes have as their aim not only the teaching of Latin to the stu-- dent but the fundamentals of English grammar. Lett to right: Henry Brinkman, German Club president tirst semester: Earl Schleicher, president second semester. Second row: Miss Coila Start, German instructorg Miss Mary Lewis, teacher of French and department head. Third row: Isabel Hayden, French Club president iirst sein esterp Virginia Birch, president second semester. Fourth row: Miss Dorothy Howe, Latin teacher, Miss Helen Spagnuola, Spanish instructor. K French Club entertains small friends with a Christmas party. A student receives individual help on Latin preparation. Page 56 193 7 Third row, loft: Mr. A. G. Dersch, chemistry instructor, center: Mr. K. C. Poulson, in- structor of physics, right: Miss Eloise Bacon, biology teacher. Bottom, left: Mrs. Dorothy Giesel, plane geometry, right: Miss Gertrude Vanderhoof, mathematics. cience and fffathemattici .mofoyy The Biology Club is open to all students interested in biology. Microscope work biological films, and talks on biology are part of the club program. piydica The study of physics gives the student a working knowledge of mechanical laws and things such as levers, pulleys, pumps, motors, engines, and electrical appliances. gkemfltty Chemistry lays a foundation for such occuptations as agriculture, iricclicine, engin eering, pharmacy, mining, and nursing. The Crucible Club of boy chemistry students sponsors industrial trips to noarlvy cities including a day at the Ford factories and the Edison Instituto in Doarlnarn. Tlx X Alchemist Club is the girls' chemistry club. fuzz th emailed ln addition to preparing a student for further study in collage, ltiglr school ntatlro matics should train him to look for sound answers to difficult problems in any related field. A student will be less likely to "jump at conclusions" for he will he trained to look at the Hproois. Designers, artists, machinists, carpenters, tinsmitlis, and stone cutters are among those who use the principles of mathematics. Top row: lohn Pierson, first semester Crucibles president: helow: Ed List, winner of chemistry plague. Top row, center: Phyllis Price, Alchemists president first semesterg top row, right: Virginia Adams, Alchemists president second semester. Second row, center: Marjorie Aldrich, Biology Club president first semesterg second row, right: Richard jedferrr, Biology Club president second semester. Page 57 ocial .Ycience agenda SOCIAL SCIENCE TEACHERS Left to right: Mrs. Sallie M. Brown, department head, Mr. Iohn Day, Miss Bernice Francis, Miss Burnice Gibbs, Mr. Maurice Schmidt, Mr. Clar- ence Stewart, Miss Lina Ward. .fociaf .gcience A foundation for good citizenship is the end toward which the instructors in the Social Science department strive. The compulsory units zgf American History, American Government, and Economics are offered. Four other subjects, Ancient History, World History, Modern History, and Geography, are available as electives. The American Observer supplements the text material for all history units. Panel discussions consisting of presentation and discussion of current controversies as given in this magazine are carried on by a small group in class. Dr. R. M. Atkins talked to twenty history and public speaking students November 17 upon the subject of World Peace. An honor was conferred upon the high schools of Saginaw in the form oi an invitation from Mr. L. P. Cookingham, city manager, asking a representative from the American Government classes to attend the weekly luncheon meeting of the muncipal administrative staff of Saginaw. The student selected attended the meeting and reported to his class the information he obtained. The object of this invitaticn was to acquaint the students with the problems of city govern- ment. Some students attending the meetings were Donald Cornell, and, pictured in order in the right hand corner, Franklin Staebell, Freeman Coates, and Clarence Knott. .facial .flaience WGWJFEFGZ An activity of the social science classes of Miss Bernice Francis was cr newspaper, "The Times," a two page sheet using facts of the Industrial Revolution period for COpy, edited by Elmer P. Simon and Robert Leckie. The sheet featured the English viewpoint of Napoleon's exile on Saint Helena. Page 58 i f 93 7 0'rjanl3atz'onJ "' 4-" .LL age. gp-4' Q . X11 'l'hz- speakers' table at the "Kick-off" dinner for the Band Bounce. Mr. Alvin Ahrens, Mr. Stanley Schubert, Iohn Pierson, Robert Gunther, Mr. Floyd Allen, Mr. Chester F, Miller, Mrs. Michael l.. Lornrner, Mrs. Cilcrnn ll. Ciorrraii, Mrs. Williarir Steckert, Mr. B. M. MCAVOV, Mr. I. M. Brock, Mrs. l. M. Brock, Mr. A. H Ffnsnrinaer, and Bev. llorralrl 'l'. Grf-y. patent Teacher -Hidocia tion Nearly rloultlinq its membership, enthusiastically lendinq its support to the Band Bounce project, and coritirruirra its carrrr-alarr tor a now lrnllilinrr, the Parent Teacher Association enjoyed an active year. 'l'hc- allschool nrernhership drive resulted in 598 parents joining the association to make it the largest ol any senior hiah school in tho strrlir. After thus extending its membership, the P. T. A. cooperated with the students and business nren to make the Band Bounco prorovt a sun' :zu A "Kick att" dinner was held March 18 at the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church to make plans for the largest ticket selling canrpairrn ovor lirnrrvlrc r at Arthur Hill. The association not only contributed 3325 from its treasury, but the members also succeeded in sellinq many patron tickets. 'lhe loaders in thi. :urlo were Mrs. Floyd Allen. fEl25g Mrs. Glen H Conrad, S73 Mrs. M. L. Lemmer, 9560, and Mr. W. I. Maror, 3330. Arnona the interostinq speakers durinq the year were Dr. E. C. Beck, head of the English Department of Central State 'l'eaclrors' Collar'-, who spoke lanuary l0, and the Reverend B. ll. Crewe, pastor of the Calvary Memorial Church, who discussed "You2h Prolmlorrrsf' April V. 'l'he association sent Mrs. Stanley E, Campbell to the state convention at Petoskey. May 20, 21, and 22. "From the Land of the Steppesf' one of the popular dance numbers nt the Band Bounce includes, left to riqhtg Bette Bealman, Viririnia Bnokr-r. Lois Thrasher, Emy Lou Richardson, Dorothy Dietzel, Ann Doerfner, Dorothy Pohlman, Clara Bitter, Irene Lewandowski, and Mary Lou Klwrrrrri-lr. lfloanor lex is not in the picture. Page 59 0'cfanz3ation.4 Girl Reserves Christmas party for small fri ,fefencfa y an The Hi-Y Club tries to create and maintain a high Christian standard throughout the home and community. The requirements for membership are: No grade below Cy member prospective must have rec- ommendations from principal and adviser. Iohn Pierson and lack Helveston attended the State Convention for Older boys where Iohn was elected first vice-president of the convention. GZ! KCJETVGJ The organization of Girl Reserves operates Wi th the Y. W. C. A. as a junior organization. Any girl of the student body is eligible for membership. The program consists of hobby groups, music health, charm, handicraft, dancing, and dramatics. The club gives as least one all-school party each year and holds joint affairs with the HivY Club. lt also joins in various activities with the Y.W.C.A. A stay-at-home camp is being sponsored this summer. personality efuf The Personality Club is open to all girls in Arthur Hill. Its aim is to achieve poise, charm, social grace, and cultural development. Some of the activities were teas, bridge lessons, attendance at a symphony concert, and a style show. Hi-Y Club Iohn Pierson, first semester presidentg Iaclc Helveston, second semester president. Girl Reserves Doris Benford, president, Mildred Craig, vice-president. Personality Club Mary Penoyer, first semester presidentg Margery Hemmeter, second semester president. ends. Hi-YA-Girl Reserves Snow-Ball Swing. Page 60 011015 --193 7 In 1893 four scholarships were given to the school by Mr. Arthur Hill. Any graduating senior Who has made known his intention of competition is eligible for the scholar- ship. The senior Who attains the highest average will re- ceive approximately one thousand dollars toward four years of work at the University of Michigan. OTTO ROESER SCHOLARSHIP ommencementiff' we Those people competing for the 1937 scholarship in- gli I clude, left to right: Iosephine Bottke, Thomas Deibel, Vaughn t Fisher, Violet Marti, and Robert Nickle. Without picture: Betty Lemmer. IPPEI. CUP ' The lppel Cup is awarded to the senior boy or girl who helps most to further the best interests of the school and has the best tendencies for future citizenship. This award was established in 1922 by friends and business associates of the late lulius W. lppel. The last five seniors to receive this award are: William Carmell, Harry Denyes, Ellen Roeser, Lyman Bittman, and Lorna Schemm. Ippel Cup NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY For the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service during their three years at high school, graduating seniors are elected hy teachers who have had them in their classes. Students honored this year include: Top row, left to right: Marian Butzin, Robert Allen, Elaine Abraham, Robert Nickle, Betty Lemmer, Harriet Hollies, Phyllis Price. 'Second row: Hazel Burgess, Betty Burger, Iosephine Bottke, Herbert Bronner, Helen Bronner, Wilmar Bernthal, Gottfried Helwer. Third row: Bonnie lean Doe, Vaughn Fisher, Virginia French, Walter Garrett, lulius Gimesky, Elinor Hahn, Isabel Hayden. Fourth row: Iohn Lord, Edward List, Mary Kotenko, lunior Knott, Fred Kirstowsky, William Hooper, Eugene Holmes, George lloffinan. Fifth row: Violet Marti, Irene Masterton, Elsie Novak, Ernest Palmer, lohn Pierson, Phyllis Pike, Marian Poulson, Virginia Rice. Sixth row: Luther Woodard, Peter Williams, Wilmar Wiese, Mildred Ward, Foster Vasold, Minor Vandermade, Eileen Sperkhartt, lane Rielmf schleger. Not in picture: Mary lane Barnett, Lauraine Berg, Henry Brinkman, Ruth Deibel, Thomas Deibel, Robert Gunther, Frank Pietsch. Qc D6- ,K Page 61 onou ' .qndividual Hwatdf FREDERICK KIRSTOWSKY The University ot Michigan Alumni Association plaque, which is awarded an- nually to the graduating senior boy who is outstanding in leadership, scholarship, and athletics, was won this year by Fred Kirstowsky. Fred won first place in Michigan and honorable mention in the nalion in Scholastic Magazines National Awards contest with a football story in the sports Writing competition and rated high with a score of 83 in the Scholastic News Events test and in the upper group in the nation. He received a fountain pen. Sixty-tive was the national average grade of the ten high papers from each of the 600 schools participating. The Arthur Hill group average of papers sent in was sixty-nine and fefencfa Elaine Abraham seven-tenths. Fred Kirstowsky Iohn Pierson ELAINE ABRAHAM For the qualities ot dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism, Elaine Abraham was chosen from among the senior girls as Arthur Hill's best girl citizen in a contest sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The three girls rated next highest were: Iune Heyn, Violet Marti, and Mildred Ward. t 7 t Gerald Danin IOHN PIERSON Iohn Pierson represented Arthur Hill on the radio through the Crucible Club. lohn interviewed Mr. Schlosser tor iitteen minutes on "Chemistry and its relation to Agriculture," on a national hook-up. GERALD DANIN After receiving highest honors at Arthur Hill in the intramural declamation contest, Gerald Danin, ot Miss Margaret Doidge's advisory, took second place in the sub-district contest at Flint in competition with representatives of Bay City, Ann Arbor, Flint Central and Northern, and Pontiac. Page 62 193 7 - 44.1105 me- HI DS SL WEI BERG A COMPLETE DRUG STORE Y-if - J "We till C111 doctors' prescriptions" REXALL - DRUG - STORE Court oft Michigan To Elaine Abraham het-uusv business nianuszex' und yrcnerul pepper-llmwvr uf' the NEWS, shu erwnvd the statT's private respect. ...the Dimmu' of winning the good citizenship cunts-st rt-sts lightly un her clark head. ...lemlimr her :uivisuvy and sr-rvinxr N J 'ii Ml IA fu Be Charming X ii' f' WEAR FLOWERS 'I' :ts secretary ol' the student union cab- invnt, sho vnleruml into ull pmQccts f and contests with viyrnr. - ...she is thurninrhly slcmovratic in her ide-us and hui' ith-uls. v ,r " Q Mbimis 'wc 200 South Michigan 333 South Wotshinqton -:- K O D A K -:- The Perfect Gift For the Graduate 'Fu Fred Kirslowsky bm-cu.use ...sports and liulitivs are his iirst luvvs :incl thx- snhjm-cts ul' must ol' hit vehement urprnnicnts. Michigan Gi Hancock 1 Next tO ...his vm-zxhulary is prohzxhly the - mu:-it extensive ui' any in school. . . .he philnsnphizvr-1. "He who miuncv. must nay thc- i'i4Idl4-r," thinks Fr:-rl. -A P 6 ...hc was nn s-riemgs-tim' It-micr in U99 3 the student union cabinet. -ffaff of 72me- 47411514 ' I l l +' ICE GFPEA 'W ALWAYS BEST "THERE'S A WILLIAMS DEALER NEAR YOU" To Chauncey Mauch because ...ho led the Lumbcrjacks to the ...a cheerful xzrin and a friendly ' BER Bl ll K C ICDMPAN Y manner are his constant companions' ...he is tall, dark, handsome, am , , . fully aware of the fact. ,- ...hc indiscriminately calls "Hi" to elm-'mel 208 North Washington Avenue Phone 2-4141 GARBER SUPER SERVICE 200 West Genesee NEATNESS AND CLEANLINESS Count! In All Walks of Life , I, do , k AA sm , Have Your Clothes Cleaned and Pressed at To Phyllis Pike because . . .she was the much-applauded of two class WS- cu-editor of the NEWS, she 4 CLE was so loyal, sincere, and efficient a worker. ...she has always been eager to co- operate and willing to do more than her share. ...she has definite political views and a naive way of expressing them. e doesn't take herself too ser- h iously. ...she isnw afraid to he different. Page 64 1937 - lk!! of 'Bm A H iltigiq A COURT CENTER . ti W! gy AND ri L SALLY ANN BAKERY A u .Q 0 0 TRAVEL ---- See things yonive always wanted to see! Now is the time! Visit London, Gay Paris, Qnaint, Restful Alpine Villages. See the Mystic East, the Glamorous Orient, the Age - old Pyramids and Sphinx. All this and more may be yours. For further information call 8196. C. H. KNOTT Travel Aqency Cruises cmd All-Expense Tours Arranged Genesee Avenue Station FOR Better Baked Goods TRY US O0 1210 Court Street - Dial 7665 118 N. Michigan Ave. -- Dial 2-0033 W. L. CASE SL CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND ' AMBULANCE SERVICE DIAL 7371 413 ADAMS ST. Page 65 ,.,,,, , . is -5 To Norman DeShone because ...he's one of the liizri-rest "little guys" in sports. ...he never quits on the job. ...even if he isn't an all-A student. nt least he tries. ...there is a certain mlomced, never- irive-up spirit about him that wins football names and staunch friends. To John Pierson because ...he has done outstanding: work in the field of public speaking. first acquaintanc-e, he is scr- ious. hc can, and frequently does, work hard: yet "that Pierson luux-th" is well-known and frequently heard. ...a "dyed in the wool" sports he loyally followed the teams around their circuits. ...he merited his all-A cards. fan, all - -ffaff of wma- ,feiencfa To Virginia French because ,..she was the first girl to swing the baton fm' the school orchestra, and she really swung: it! ...she is a member nf the all-city orchestra. ...she plays the bassoon, bass horn, baritone horn, string bass, and piano. . . .she has displayed unusual interest in the development of the music de- partment. ,..she IS modest about hex' many accomplishments. To Getty Baker because ...he's quiet, letting: his ability do the talking for him-A -and it does! ..,he tru-s his hand- and its a skill- ecl one at all sports. . . .he dues his best-always. ...he is dependable and unshakably loyal. 31 D THE J. W. IPPEL CO. SMMDW 0045 and Weaving Apiw-21 Saginaw, West Side, Michigan Court and Michigan The utmost in fuel value- Wolverine, Randall and "Crapo" Coal Produced in Your Own Community by Local Mines and Local Capital Telephone us before you buy your next winter's supply for special prices o o SAGINAW COAL COMPANY RETAIL DIVISION OF CONSOLIDATED COAL CO. Foot oi Cambrey Si. Phone 2-7151 THE WAGAR DRUGS Harold W. Wager 2620 Stale SI. Saginaw, Mich. L Qie iifiiver I E' REURBTSEEVICE Phone 2-7981 EXPERT PRESCRIPTION SERVICE UP-TO-DATE SODA FOUNTAIN Page 66 1237 SAGINAW ABSTRACT COMPANY Charles F. Peckover Estate oi Burt A. Carman 206-208 Peoples Building and Loan Building Dial 2-7533 O Q Complete Abstracts of Titles and Tax Histories Furnished to All Lands in Saginaw County s- - sW-s---- ---sv -as Commercial ee- M -- Industrial no Legal -f --ffllefeaff ae Photographs k22f1Z,MQzx Phone 2-2365 i809 South Michigan Avenue WE SERVE YOU THE WHOLE DAY THROUGH PETER SHACDWS GARAGE ,A 'l'u J -5QaQf'?bme To June Heyn because ...shes every inch u. queen. .,.she cheerfully says, "Hello" ta cd the Lumber 'nfy happy-go cvury single person she meets. ' ...she lustily cheer ,nicks on to victory. ...sho's so charmi gl lucky. ulius Gimesky li USE 2 0 E ,..without any oft' t on his part. 4 H S R he was elected president of the student union cabinet. .. .an unsung hero, he helped to win 903 North Bond Dial 2-8642 'W " 'fame fu" the L""'be'5"ck'3 . . .genial good - will illumine:-x hi. countenance. .. .the.whole school, which fumiliarly Page 67 lt h I I voucheu for his sincerity. 'ROWS UH HN u U lk' ti L AA ,feienda SAGINAW LUMBER WISE MOTHERS DEMAND COMPANY Operating , , 1 D . Kerry and Way Lumber Co. Sag naw alt? C0M,lk Building Materials of All Kinds I Interior Mill Work I S sh and Doors D151 2-8181 cel-'med Muieriul Visitors Welcome to Saqinc1w's Finest D y Pl t St lng Coal Build for Permunence and Protection 1-'Wh Fire - Safe Building Supplies 6 I IC U JZL. 6 ou .Water Street Telephone 2-8104 S 1870 FINE FURNITURE - APPLIANCES STE NS Pg68 193 7 "GM if ff-Q BM" SMITH HARDWARE CO. "The Brakes" E 'Th' 3"k"" SPORTING GOODS What? 600 Gratiot Ave. Dial 6515 Your cor opercrtinq with PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE Saginaw Central Oil 6 Gas 1420 Court St. SEE US FOR YOUR SPORTING GOODS A PROSPEROUS RETAILER BUYS FROM A RELIABLE WHOLESALER G. A. Alder'-:on 6-' Co. DISTRIBUTORS OF "ISBEST PRODUCTS" GRADUATES I We osk you to see our newest summer styles of footwear for young men ond qirls MEN'S 54.00 and up. WHITE, BROWN, and BLACK GIRLS' 53.95 and up. WHITE. BLUE, BROWN, cmd BLACK All Shoes Fitted by X-Ray 420 E. Genesee Avenue Y Page 69 kr- gba-LM.. SWG'-" Gauss 'Sow tpm . 1 1 4 A 7 5 L-Loma. 'TSTS B89 ISN: ,feienda When out drivina stop at 0, U Graduates ff? ,ff Wm eeeeeeeeee TheNew Strand Barbecue l Comer of State and Bay I . li GMS From Delicious Sandwiches Hamburgs and Sodas Ulsen K7 IEfIl3xa1nn . Snappy Curb Service IEWELRY CO. 418 E. G see Op D 1' d Night SAGINAW STATE BANK A Neighborly and Friendly Bank MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Iefferson at Lapeer 115 North Hamilton ' Perfect Diamonds Glasses IOHNSTON CANDIES Elgin, Hamilton and F ARE DELICIOUS Bulova Watches I T VALLELTEZJZCEETS CO. B R93 Z SINCE 1907 IEWELERS AND OPTICIANS D 420 Co 1 St D' I 8935 P4370 193 7 I' 'U T '-A : ' The Store oi Honest Values T -eeeee f ' C Q5g5fg,5gg,.ii ii ' a HOME FURNISHINGS All li' 1 -l 5 - ,Wil lil 2: A" EEL' M also Your H ousv M orc Tlzculi in H oasz' ,' Mako Your H ousw a Home A wif IL F urn itzcrn from . T A Murphy 8c O Hara Co. r " r "' , 714 E. Genesee Avenue At Your Service. . . . . . Over a Half Century of Experience ln Abstracting Saginaw County Titles BORLAND ABSTRACT COMPANY Merrill Building Opposite Court House You don't have to be a Sherlock . . ,fa GRADUATES TO Disooviaa THE PAsHioN mvoairrs FOUND AT W , ' I ' ' A gistaaai 5 u , 1- - 23- IEMEEEFIE3 lu! 'llf4llls.' '-- -gag! , .7 A 45 Q N, Gwirrrwww "SAGINAW'S FTNEST DEPARTMENT STORE" ll2-l 18 South lefferson Avenue Saginaw, Michigan Y Page 7l moat wa. TEMQL an-ill, I ., i fefenda fl lil -4,4-0 'Wmlmm :J . . g.,"'75L1 if-v - ,J-. V - 1 Y f - :HF Y N-SSW I 4 E . . 1 a MEATS DIAL 2-001 9 I1 GARAGE EQUIPMENT R C. A. RADIOS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES EASY WASHERS FLINT Federal cmd Second LANSING 193 7 Get Your Standard i1 Products lc- ffvolmfg PHIL EDGAR ...............................,.......... Court and Fayette MALZOHN :Sf SHROEDER ....... ........ E lm at Gratiot CLARENCE WHITE .......... ........ N orth Michigan BILL KUNDINGER ........... ..... M ichigan at Genesee STOLZ SERVICE STATION ..... ............. S tate at Court GLEN LAFFERTY .................................. Michigan at Mackinaw WE SELL - ATLAS TIRES - ATLAS BATTERIES RED CROWN GAS P 13 ,fefenda 0...-A Tb Lb lv lu I l I Siu.. L.o.u.M-qa. ....... ,....-. QU we LOOKS LIKEA Movie cron 1 W7ZWJfZZ fW?Wfff"' X f ff 1 f I , 'W Whispers behind your back ordinarily make you feel funny . . . but not it you're wearing an Under-Grad. You know what they're saying . . . and it's the truth. An Under-Grad does have a distinction all its own, for many ot Under-Grads new models were de- veloped by the tailors ot the Holly- wood stars. The curtains up now on a grand new selection. S24 50 - S29 50 6llLAvrNmcn'5 CRANE 8z CRANE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 308 OO S id Nat'l Bank Building Dial 6983 BOUCHER - WINTERSTEIN B AND W SHOE STORE 406 Court Street M. N. Brady 6' Co. INSURANCE 135 North Washington Telephone 8105 Page 74 NOW They Ride The BUSES V After the Party or Show Go to KUZY KURNER THE SOCIAL RENDEZVGUS Good Eats, Good Service Moderate Prices 1822 Co Dial 9 77 P X5 .gaybzaur Ely ,fbzed ,feiencfa BERKA - W AY CLARK'S DRUG STORE G E Y E R ' S SHOE REBUILDERS QUALITY SERVICE Sc and 105 10 51,00 510,-e 511 Lapeer 2001 NOTII1 Michigan Michigan Avenue Opposite Court House LUNCHES SANDWICI-IES H.H.BRIX GRANVILLE'S THE STUDENTS' EATING PLACE FURRIER GOOD SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY CONEY ISLAND FUR STORAGE 609 E. GENESEE Established 1882 512 Potter Street 116 North Michigan N. D. L. BROWN. D. D. S. Graebner Bldg. Michigan Ave. at Hancock Saginaw, West Side, Mich. DR. I. ALFRED CONNERY. IR. DENTIST 812 Second National Bank Bldg. HELFRECI-IT MACHINE COMPANY TOOLS, Has, FIXTURES AND GEAR CUTTING Saginaw, Michigan WALTER L. CREGO DENTIST 805 Second Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 3-1063 Compliments and Best Wishes THE EDUCATIONAL SUPPLY CO. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND DIPLOMAS Painesviile, Ohio CATHERINE HICKEY DISTINCTIVE MILLINERY AND SPORTS WEAR 110 N. Iefferson COMPLIMENTS OF ssz Us AND snr: nE'r'rEn W. D. HINCH Representing W. I. DAVIS MUSIC HOUSE FARMER 6. TONKS, INC. NEW YORK MFE INSURANCE Co 317 CO'-U1 Sl- Optometrists 117 S. Franklin 916 Vosburq Flint' Michigan W. E. DENGLER'S ITTN-ER.S PHARMACY 1001-03 Gratiot Avenue BOOKS - GIFTS - CARDS STATIONERY - CALLING CARDS IEANET DUFFY 223 S. Iefferson Avenue tE,'.LQ,c1,He.'..NLS GARBER SUPER SERVICE 106 West Genesee FURNITURE STORE 418 Hancock DR. D. A. KEISER 221 Graeloner Building Dial 2-0212 Page 76 l93 7 "Our Best Advertisement is Worn, Not Written" RAMSHAW PHOTO SERVICE Developing, Printing, and Enlarging HENRY C. ERICSSON OPTOMETRIST Maker of Good Glasses f F-.1 Shur-On Imperial PAUL KRAUSE CLOTHING CO. O 1 ms World'sIFir1est Glasses 404 Court Sz. - Since 1903 - west sado 206 Dearborn St. Dial 2-6741 Sfmsfccllon Gu"'Cm'eed 506 Bearinger Bldg. "Your Satisfaction Is Our Aim" H- REIMANN D C 0 Your Tailor Soyo: Hove your SUITS and A11 ' ' CLOTHES Made to Your PERSONAL FIGURE. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LEE'S GROCERY , Guaranteed to ht 20 Years' Experience 406 Tu com D, 1 2 5080 . S LG ' 509 N- Bond SMG' D101 26101 224 N. Hamilton Moose Temple Bldg. Investigate CHIROPRACTIC The Modern Way to Better Health DR. M. E. LOWN, Chiropractor B09 Madison Street Phone 3-2405 MARTIN DRUG STORE KODAK FINISHING DRUGS SODAS 1500 Gratiot at Elm Dial 2-0233 NENTWIG SHOE STORE Come to Us tor Up-to-Date Styles It is Correct Fit that Counts 209 E. Genesee Avenue O'KEEFE G O'KEEF E ATTORNEYS AT LAW 1109 Second National Bank Building RUSSELL ELECTRIC CO. 1915 North Michigan Dial 2-6158 EVERYTHING FOR THE CAR DR. A. G. GARDEY DENTIST 610 Second Nat'1 Bank Bldg. SAGINAW OIL COMPANY DR' R' A. HART Distributors for DENTIST THE TEXAS COMPANY PETROLEUM PRoDUcTs 905 Gmebnef Bldg- Ianes at Franklin Dial 2-9315 E. G. SCHAIBERGER STOMACH - INTESTINAL RECTAL DISEASES 420 N. Michigan Drs. Iohnson 6 Iohnson CHIROPRACTORS Licensed Palmer Graduates Neuronal:-meter-Newest Technique OUR HEALTH SERVICE BRINGS RESULTS 1l2V2 South Hamilton Street KERSTEN INSURANCE W. P. TREDO AGENCY THE LATEST IN HABERDASHERY Automobile 300 E. Genesee Ave. And All Other Types ot Insurance 124 V2 N. Hamilton St. Phone 2-3922 BE REFRESHED AT OUR MODERN FOUNTAIN WATSON DAIRY 829 Gratiot Ave. LAESCH INSURANCE AGENCY 204 Vlfiechmann Bldg. DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Dial 2-4024 Page 77 ,feyen da Unsurpassecl Valifs , ,,,, ,r , T, ,,, ,,,, ,W ,W , m, ,i ,,,,,, 1 ,W , Wim, E 1 i X 1 ' l l In i Gas and Electrical i Appliances 4 - l l See Us for I. E. S. i Lamp's Better Light i Better Sight 1 . W We Aim to Please Our Customers Consumers Power Company Dial 6131 193 7 RICHTER'S DRUG COMPANY A Complete Line of PARKER PENS 51.00 to 37.50 1929 E G ongratulatlons and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 1937 .fleemamz 5 petetd Dial 23155 - 34722 Hlgh Grade Chlppewa 8145 NEIL JOHNSON MMD AND SOLD GROCERY CO. THREE STORES BULLOCK SIX FH HOYT 3 1071 3 3413 ? 511:-on-Q Luv u..,,lv LQAAQ? 47 SFAJOFPW o 2 qTNNAan4Allv '1TXIAAJv0 Lau 2 wx K 'Zl- fefenda WILL YOU SEEK EMPLOYMENT OR WILL YOU CONTINUE YOUR STUDIES? fend for fitetatute WILL YOU SEEK employment at the close of the present school year or will you continue your studies? We shall be glad to send literature telling you what field offers attractive opportunities to young men and women, and how to prepare for them. It will also tell you of a practical educational program which will prepare you for service and opportunity, when ready. This school offers both employment training and career-building courses tor business. Its facilities, free placement service and courses of training will be outlined on request. Board of Commerce Bldq. Phone 2-2183 SAGINAW H RD ARE See Us For Your Hardware Supplies Baseball Football Tennis and Golf Equipment 200-208 S. Hamilton - Saginaw, W. S., Michigan Page 80 l93 7 I S c,W,OrcTc, , ,f McGee - Finlay SAVE THE SPORT SHOP B41 Everything to help your game I Tires - Batteries JOHNSON on - Gasoline OUTBOARD MOTORS Mezlnmrcin S4EII"V1ifC4C Sifeukicnns 229 W. Genesee G15 Genesee Ave. Potter ul Washinglm THE STORE OF ..... Quality Merchandise Fair Prices Courteous Service MQRLEY Bnofn ERS P 81 gvur- ,feienda SCHWAHN-KHUEN AGENCY The Thinking FQHOW H7350 Calls a If GENERAL INSURANCE YELLOW OR CHECKEE TAXI 127 South Washington 202 Gmebner Bldg' DIOII 2-3117 DR, W, W, MARKERT H. S. SIEBEL SODAS CANDY JEWELED ZIEGLER'S DRUGS OSTEOPATH 601 Building 6. Loan Building 1 19 North Hamilton 1806 Court St. I BOYS! Go to MAUTNER 6 KRAUSE For Snappy School DR. WALTER K. SLACK EAR, NOSE AND THROAT THE APOTHECARY SHOP Saginaw Surgical G Medical Supply Co., Inc. 106 E. Genesee Ave., Phone 2-8422 Prescriptions, Sick Room Supplies, Trusses, Belts, Hard Hearing Devices CLOTHES Dial 2-6011 309 Eddy Bidq. 401 E. Genesee PORTERFIELD AUTO DR, A, B, SNQW SERVICE STATION DEN-HST Phone 2-8864 1701 State St. 40210 Court St. Suqinflw QUALITY SHOE REPAIR GEO. THAMM Every One Is Satisfied OPEN DAY AND NIGHT THOMAS LUNCH Corner Hancock and Hamilton GO To RAYCRAFT DRUGS 2704 S. Washington SCHAEFER HAT STORE 1112-104 South Washington I I Har-dwa re Ca WHITEHEAD MUSIC CO. 306 Federal Ave. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS A. W. VAN AUKEN GENERAL INSURANCE and SURETY BONDS Second Nat'1 Bank Bldg. DR. EDWARD A. WARD OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN X-RAY FACILITIES 601 Second National Bank Bldg. Office 2-0661 Residence 3-1969 Saginaw, Mich. L. W. YUNCKER GROCERIES MEATS 1200 State Street 9 Qi 5 YtLUTHlNG' D GEIVESEEANDSALJIVY Page 82 193 7 F L O W E R S Acceptable at all Times After the Pariy or Show, Go to the AMAZON SWEETS For Reireshments GOOD EATS, GOOD SERVICE, x MODERATE PRICES "SAGlNAw'Q TELEGRAP-I1 FLoms'r" AMAZON SWEETS Ieffel-SGH Qt Tuscolg 319 Eusi Genesee Ave. PERFECT DIAMONDS SAGINAWS FINEST OPTICAL DEPARTMENT .Qffe JEWELERAS . OPTICIANS Mazceffe Wifffypype GIFT SHOP 1107 E. Genesee ne fefencfa PRINTED BY faitzkn ftotketf Z gompany 608 - 6lO - 612 LAPEER AVENUE Page 83 LgJl1A'L'-43, 5 I 6- L 'X' L w 'ZS e L U. rx A T 'L 0 0 K Q , CO 'Pm feyencfa Treat Yourself We Telegraph Flowers TO the BEST -' IOHN B. GOETZ - FLORIST At Hel'lI'llIlg,S FI'2ll1kflll't6l'S GOETZ GREENHOUSES Are Always Ggod 2411 Mackinaw Street 301 Hayden SL Fl for All Occu Ph 2 532 Send Flowers and Bring Cheer Whig Sxwhlfr? L ARDERN19 -vw. M-fx l24 SOUTH MICHIGAN -1 BLACKWELL STUDIOS LEGENDA PHOTGGRAPHER P 84 193 7 COMPLIMENTS OF gray: FURNITURE STORE l20 South Franklin Graa'ucztes : 14. HZ 'Frank KELVINATOR REFRIGERATION Sales and Service 4 l 2' 14 HANCOCK ST. Congratulations on the past Best of Luck for the future and Dare to hit life a lick. Draper' Chevrolet Campcmy YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER ,,,u-: I I CHEBQL E f FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION This Store Offers Its CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduates of l937 O . A. E. Ensminger 8z Co. Hamilton and Hancock, West Side Florence Beauty Shop ZOTOS 6: IAMEL Machineless Permcments OPEN FRIDAY EVENING Dlal 341833 lO8 N. Michigan Page 85 VJr.rnuif' ln. VM-s4nun1 time "'- ' :l'NIlLl-3-M.l.y-v t I ah' .Ll Bagda 3, - 1' Th 'FMEA- Twith, 'n 'uk A' , uLXX1,f,:f' Qv, ' SX 'W ,fejenda I FRED M. BULLOCK i ' ,fu 5 Representing The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance u Company Ninety-Two Years of Successful Business I O i 306 Second National Bunk Build' ii N5 .Lx ., A q N S5 1 M I - Q: Y' 1. A NGK' L L utoitapis ,Aff A1 e J l X51 I L, " ' Qu' , 1' f bf f,,ff,,1,4 1'1,f?fl ' -L42 P as ' --X fgfffffff f i ,. 193 7 A i. F l In 5' af' L' utoytajahg X04 'Q 57 6 - Aa: X XV' Q F X, W .X 1 Q JL 4? , ,g ,i,,L- Q bf vm . Q' Q51 X4 .ff 'LM' Y I C ,r? E44-.4L57'f I sl X RWD ' P 87 1 fuqgfyuy' -3 '1'wu.,,,..,,LL M IQ eff uf'-1 fejenda I - 1 -- SERVING SAGINAW SINCE 1871 1 IIIIII I I T 7gIfI1l"IM . ill " ' n if lm MII MINI if 3 IIIIIQVIW I IHIILII 2 MII M IIII ' ff' li rm-m n: 2 W -22 'f'i""" 'fI J af I SIIIQIS I gI:I'I IE1I , I SSII 5 I III i I EI? Second National Bank SL Trust Company Capital - ' S1,25o,ooo.oo Surplus - 31,000,000.00 Washington and Genesee Hamilton ot Court MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PQ88 SZ -., -:Jr . I, 4, 33' +A "'7 AT"" -4: . 4 gm :af ', I 6-I: ff P A I 1.- ---1.x , f- iv , w rw? +I 1 ,. ,- 4 A ' E4 , . - 1. ,. V , , ,.,-,J N--V 2 ' V rw.- ,f' . 'EL ,. - .. 1. 1 i , .V N '-fy' ,Q--1, ,gp-':..., ' .f- A. ., . ,qi 1 tEIr:'vvg.c-"5 V .. .I It I :QL F5-.-fQ..i:.,i? T 5f3S:j'gg-J., -, V "..,,. nil: .f,a'l,.'f4 E 73' ' HQ: 'L V 'ffb U "' a eff? ,f -, - 5. fy-gg -s' ,I 1 .-L, 2 --I N 5, B aL,.,,,-li, N, V 1- .451 -, ,G fr- --ff. 'fag dm .. , 2. . - V ' 2-,Sify H ZF . -F21 '1" Y'Q' -' 1' 7 ,. ' '. . ,' .'- e' ,'2,,.,3 ,- " ',L,...'-,, 3-gn-.5-, .nf ggi, wi . ,Lv.j1iQ?:5E.q1 g5a?g fu," f r,A-5,5 1 51- f m.- .2 .. Y , ,. E .' . H" .,1f'5,. V' gL'..z '-- ,-1-.-Q, w.- . '1- ' - . H , ', - ' I ' "' - J' , . ,Q f"'zQ'fr' 1. vi- V ., r-.jTf:- I . , . .. E '! ii 34 V , x: ,. i ,E pa 11 F

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