Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI)

 - Class of 1923

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1923 volume:

xii A' 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 51151Ei.:5if 11119111111 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' 'M 1 'f 1 'VL " l-1151111 f 91111 S1111 '15-1111.141-11' 1 1 1' ' 1 1 ' ,u1.1, W1 f 1 ,1 1 , , . 1 1,,1 .1 1-,111--:qQ3.x, 111,111 .1 v 1 X 1,' 1 1 'I .151y",::.1"-a FW. fi, 'I 1 1' 1 th ' ' .1 1 1-1 'iff' f,91161:'7i"1'31111" 11 ' ' 1 11 1 1 1 1 11. 1.10 qu 11.11.11 L 'V 1 N1 "' 151- '1 1 1 11-1 1- '151,1"."l.. '11 4' :'1 1 1' .1-.",1,.111,1 ,1...:N11..1, 1,1 1 11 1 10 1, 1 Q .tqvl .41 1. XK11. 111p',.?"l11 gn IN11., 1 1 111,11 11, 1 '. 1 N 1,1 1 X' 1 .1 , N 1 171 ,X I .111 ' F-11 1,11 :ii'.'x', 11' " 4 '11'11 1' ,'.f':.4: A 1 191 14 11 1 ln-9:"' g1i1f".': 111.-.j,! .111 Q' 12,1 1 1, 1 11 , 'X 1 1 1 . .1'Yl 11 1.1.1 ff 151 ' ' 1 "' 'M .. 1 1 1 4 V ' .1 11 1 1 1 1 1,'1' 11'1 f 1 1 1 1 ' 11' r ' 1 1 1 ' 1.11 111' 1 1us'.1' 1 f 3111111 1 ' 1 11 1. "1 1 1..1 1 1.1"1,,',111' ' 1 ' , 11 11 ff., i1 ,I 'IG YV X r, s" 1 I1 1- .1111 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1.11'1 1 X 1 4 1 ' 1 1 1 ...1 J... I 11:11 1' MQ, Gtlga .1 '1"E.VUv ' .gH,,'i'9'11 , MI 1 1 llv na 1'.' 'I l' 'X iv I Na n I4 F. I lW1,V xfl W In ' x 1 I' K 5 ig' ' .,,, C' 1 Y 0 ! 9 at 'fb f!iMi'5,,-u.aL I ' 7 1 ' Q' "u Q 2 I ' V +.V-w--' "T 3-' bl 5-E N Y X .X X I I U, X I 'S 'ff .,: 1 I , J 'Y' ,W ., . ,VI XX Av A X if, -4 ' m af 'Y' '15 " X, , V,, I A' I 1 ' , " 4V , I ff , , V 'J lw X J X? ' .".,' f' .5 . Jr. L. X XP X -sxy 1 -JQ 'I . Q ' x . VA' " V ' . . V , .V V 'D ' ' . ,II IX , '1 1 1 . 543' ,ka :Tj . X 4 , VXI-. X Q ' ' " . v R ' xl QQVLI " r 1 1 Ix A '. i . I s ,dazyls A X XX X X - Tun! I6 . ' .' n- ',f. ' , x, ' , .I ,- x , X .X X . IUXN,-J . . I . . ' ,, 'f. '-px 2 X! ,!X,.U r JX A W, VVV, r :X X V V V 7 I' V x.V , -. " 1 Q-5, , A .sg ' 4 1' H, f 1 f, -A, A ' QI,-Ig, I V 5, I, - 'V .,.-X1-'XXf1'V,5 'I .LgXf,.4r: ' V '- , ..., . 4.4---.V I- . VI . I L I ,rw -' 1 'I 'ng' 5,2 ,X ,"vI XJ ff, I ' Q, HLL rt vi S -7 2'iiV'--'V I,!.'h'- V A ' Jw" QI, ,,' I,:4.V'. V ' ,I - 'F W .Iv 7 fn.. 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'L Y 'Vf'Tf,5. fl' . , frm ' 'li.ia'4 1' ' "Q, 3:5 4 ' ' i ' ' V--11... ,, , I ..V v ,. ,H - u L Q , -alxgx, '- :"3 ',,f.',' 5 x.T,v1 .:' 'fat N t1im1xsm,-Nw . -hm. -'ui 1 Q o E 'af- 1 977, L Q Q 4 Q B -A nz. 7 -Q 'J T TJ P D ' 4 N :Wm H Sw H . 594+ w 'M w T .-10 1' -w . WL x07 ' G f' R 1923 IF LEGENDA A. H. H. S. 0. 1. ,,, . U v 4 E4 lx . , J, -ew . fv, ,: gi f L N v .v Q! T ww, .f ,gi Q I., 5 ' 17 v 'aff ar K. .1 D wg Y' ,"v' ' t. 'rw fr ,fo ww f Q' Q -- 1' , .-W 'W lr v Lfixi , V .gl ' W2 . . 5 wig' fr - 5. Q W JJ F , WJ 4 K 1 wx , W ' 0 ! . RW. QQ. QQ 5 , wx , ., W vm W 'IJ Ei? Lf 'V ' f mv, frfsfii A - 1 ,J N u i,,N 3 Qkgfv K Q 4 v I' . K . 1. I .!,, 41, XPS, P Y ,Vxg "x,lN.:,vr. ., I , 'A' 4. , '. A 'VR I 21' 1 V , f I 4 JE f Q. , if ex.-we ' ' yyf,Lg'Q, i bl A1 H -1' rx-. , , Jak x. T.. N.. L "1 9' Aa '- an AW' .X , ,f ' 'Z I 31? gi! ,la 'f V, 7,1 1-Ci' " 'X WE -J l A f 1 1 Qu, 1 A '2 1 ,W '1 xg 5? 1 f.' K 1 1 'Q' w J. -.9 fl. I I SJ L . rv' 1 Qfj 'P A . x vlv f? 2 'Q 1 ,f,- 4 Q ff X f V1 ,-2 A . X qf. 'Q I ,f -1 V, ,,-Q, X, PW 1 X, v". fp ,Q N TJ fri, X1 fl A J v , Wg, ik? A Cf! F? NX F '- ,-, A 1 1 ' T i -' .1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ww ww' 2:-sv LEGE AN ANNUAL PUBLICATION of the SENIOR CLASS ARTHUR HILL HIGH SCHOOL SAGINAW, W S., MICHIGAN xv! 4 X I 1923 Donald L. Metcalf Editor-in-Clzief Henry D. Snyder Business Illanager Wallace F. Ardussi - Advertising Illanager Miss Dona Boyle, Advisor 1 . , , , . , , , . ,, , , , , f- - 1-, pf' 1,4 r In 1-.4 1 f 27" 'f 3 'Iv f' 1, 'W f I r Hfxv r ag? 11. 41 , 1 . 1 , Miss Philena Clarke . - - - .. V - f- R. N - N , fn Q . - , .-- .---,., xv .-.-,,5- fx xv .Nt-, .Q-, -, X. ix -,V-',- x .5 Q K X k X ? 'F-W Pdf 'FT-Cv EAM? ffif f? NF '52 R Lf' . f 1'1 Pvc' 'R 4 'P A77 'N '43 'J 1 fy? xx Z. -J -11 'A 4 ff? 424 - x A -P A ,,, fx W1 'J 1 AH X J: 'P IV - x ff A .1 A ' x J. 'Q Q" X 1, -2 A, -x ,A -J x-' J. -2 fx, fs? I QI, 1? 3' xg - Qi 'A Nj. r-, 'P 2- N ,-f. 2: 5, ,,, -x AT-4 'P 'S- A I 5,15 -9 :S , xj 'P ix -A 1 3 E f i Q i V wawigww Wifi ftfaasiewms N is S 8 ' x' .BQ -L-.AAQQX E,-fx Hg ig.,4 i A93 4,w..,1 YJ-E-3, i,,,4?3",L x,,,J!'L'L54L ig,.J.1j :BU-5' 13.-,JLDNb" l3.-,J,4ixU- b5i,.,Dl,i,U.57!gf, 4 l t 26: .. .ay L ' i' PQ" " fl lm dl 1- lu I' -Y' .23 MJ- 'ii if 1. I. 6, lkauxl l, rf i li, " n' vii - I I EGDICHUOI1 . 1ln grateful appreciation of ber imamg aim faithful gears of service in QIUI. behalf, I l i f Y ik the class of 1923 oeoicares, this Iegenba to, , . , ' flbiee lbhilena Glarke lap-A ' if lm 1. 1 0 1 I M . 4 9.2333 CHQ Vffi' . in im Q 'N mai Hifi!! 'E913' f gx 1? Uri 1 f Q fA,5'1 N 5. H if I fix-,XJ 'rv if wi iff? 1 S A ESQ ff ,ir ,, U 7. WX t ,i JZ xv, ,Hg ir. , ,. 1 9 ull, f i , W fig? 5 J av! SLK i f 4 ,V , iff? -L fi ., iff it I Y H hiv, 4 ai ,A -' F .. W X K. Ki FOREWORD 'i of the Executlve Board and Staff gratefully ac L' 7 knowledge the loyal support tendered us by the Seniors and the student body as a unit, and it is with the N PRESENTING the Legenda for the year 1923, We 1 ' I ' fervent hope that in this issue you will find in the present, solace and satisfaction, and in the future, fond memories of our hallowed Alma Mater. Y Ngf ,fl -Ly -,Q it-N 'ry Y-wif' - V-1 muff- x- ,I-N,-11:.!f-JJ' -'11,,:v In ix, W my I-w,v,xWv,1,.f Fl-1'f 'fPwfrfNJa43fw vs GW MFG. VN-t 15912 fa-fMeffA71. WM-z'f A ff 3,111 jf 'Ai vLl'.l,f gf ,M 51-Li, .H ,M 'Hi , 5, U46 ,7 fi lilly .f X Qlufy ,M Wi -. "f ' Y ' Q'4 S- 'fi ikw 4 P m , .WJ .. R - x - ,U V 1 1 A, W1 L 5" , .,. 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Farewell, old Arthur Hlll, farewell, 13" flrlj I I' We'll love you long, you've served us well. And now our partmg days are here Von., . 1 1 E- 'Il' mfg 'T1s hard to hold that threatenmg tear. frail e if Always in our mem'ries stay 5255 The joys and fears of Freshman days. Felt greatness in our second year, h F' . . . lv-F9-il And prlvileges to Jumors dear. 5-gg Y 1. L x gzpl 15" 4,1 i u F v , U51 Dear School, our semor year dld come and go, P 2' . ' C' QED It's queer that t1me should hurry so. But take our tribute 'ere we part Of love and faith in mind and heart. Farewell, old Arthur Hill, farewell. 125141 ff ff! ,,,.a:l,l W if l if Y lg? levy as :XF lp 5 .PQ lf' lil, ,W W ?5?lg'j :fl lily L19 rt, Szlwfelm ru, ' wwf, :.'dr1gw f 51,9 -' 5' 'irxxwk'-5,Fr?f1Q ot-, f-li f ef----,.f5,-rzfsrgywjx R 'vv -N, 'U ' A ' 1,,, ,Q 'U 4. I w A 549-'Y 1- 1 W VT K V , , .. HHN ' ff, A JI bfi l rr. ' Aj-5.-I f '7 5 .l TQ M K rx 1 , Q55 ,X 45g ML'-I u frjgr f. 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Mr. Basset .......... Athletic Director Michigan Agricultural College. Miss Sickles ........ . Music Pittsburg Teachers' College. - . -1 5 ' ,Q . . .1 5 ,. R a. i ' . ,1 , ' Ernglfish , -q E3 Cx 1,3 4 A Cr? L Q 1f,,"1' sf 114 f " 4 4 , Gs jf? I' .2 fr?-I ig 3 EQ 1-3 'fl i554 52 L . N"- vj 1 V I .7 A- ,,,-if ' fb' 91' S' 32 4 1f1 1 .-9 .,-54 .rv L . ff? ,L-1, '95 -'X , of :Q ' 3' .R ,x ,,. g 5 , J 52. . 'I , gl f! - F If 51? 2 1. xg 1 .1-'51 J? 9,7 . .Tn A, :P rar . ' ,F Q.-Q 1,7 M . .,, x . 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'bi-.5 i ' 111 . . 1: 'L " MISS Hlgley ....... , Art ,sg University of Wisconsin. 1' 2' 1. A f1 it 'ITU '1 1 ""'1f M ' Miss Alice Boyle . ..... . Secretary 'QM 6 Cleary Business College. .1 '1 "if, '1,,.""1'1 11 9119 I" v 37. 15-ifjfil f""a ' ' Q1 T"l Miss Dillon . . . . English. 1 ld 1 T . . 1 .U 11M ya r1n1ty College. 5 Q1 1 011 1 . 1' 'ga 1'. ig Mr. Neeleus . I ...... . Commercial 1,.,f5k1 954 University of Indiana. I '1,, 7' Miss Walfefield .... -. .I . . Commercial j,,1 Illinois Wesleyan University. 1- .111 1 11 rf Miss Woodman . . '. I .... English 45311 ' University of Michigan. 1 iz " 1 ' 11 T."4,5I1 1' , 'f .2 ' 'li' . . '1'f'v'Q U 51,211 Mr. Merkluing' . 1 . u. . . Commerczal ' F, , Il dll Indiana Unlverslty. ,y 1-,1 li " '91 1 1 '11' '1 'r ' 1,1 Y-1'-.1 11, y i ,115 H411 ,1 Miss Kilbourne ..... Eviglvlsh fgqgf il University of Michigan. V1 U1 9 cl 1 Y VV 1 11 lVLiss Vanderhoof ..... . Mathematics 1Q.,..133,'1 University of Michigan. E 4' ,ibn .' ik I.'i I '- lk J ? 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"What shall a man do but be merry." ,iq 'THC' Football Reserves ' e Jn k 31,3 Glee Club Q , LQ Senate xiii f Qfffl J. ARDUINO ARDUSSI 5 P,-jg "Strong in will and earnest in e'ndea'vor." "" 5' tg 5 Football 141 215.5 Student Senate , r JU Hi-Y Club 1111-egg EQ' lf - ' Radlo Club - 4 lg Track Q49 ?,,4 Spanish Club 4 ' hc- ' , -3 , WALLACE ARDUSSI "Slow but sure in deed and thought." i-:1,f Football C41 ' W' l Student Senate gl 2 xl'-V Athletic Ass'u fPres.J .gi Track C21 133 C41 Spanish Club " oy 'Q ,fl Radio Club ' - Legenda Q5 , gg.-g . Hi-Y Club Q Junior Play 433, was RUTH BARNARD E f?1',.Q "Her ways are :rays of pleasantnessf' C Af ll fl I ' .sl 'l 'Fw '- gf! fi C' fl. ' 1 ggi l EFS l 'iff l gig? 1 ,iw K V-alll ' X T' l. 'ig o . X., YJ I dh, Tig - rigs Ali 'fbi 'rr 'l'Qff ' QMS YQ 'l5WQ'?l,f"i?"Y!11Q' LKVQWQ "4f'Nl-KYB Qwx KYHOFQQVYWDH fx-wfmfffi f 'E lf lf-jr-tw glib Y Q I f -FT , l 1 My :egg . ,Q Q A v l 4 I I w r I, D -a f. .v ,E - .. -.- .EA 1. .. -WML., E l .. new wel Q . - ef . J JAX T f it fi le E' NAN BAUER E ' "To be liked by all in thisday and age C Q Is the highest compliment one can pay." jf J K Class Treasurer L23 .N I 1, Gif1S, 2 g Spanish Club Q5 fl ' Legenda Staff D I CLARENCE E. BAUMGART ll 4 , ' "No man can say aught ,against him." 5' C H Criterion C49 A H Student Senate H 1 ll 9 gi . 3: HUGH BLOOMFIELD 'l 5" QI "Each morning sees some task begun .QJQ E Each evening sees its close." y I Legenda E f, Football Reserves C29 'E gf Senior Play Committee QM? .I K 5 7 fr, RUTH ANN BECKBISSINGER Q. if "Happy I am. from care I'm free." 1+ Senior Play fe 5 , Spanish Club R lll'N ai. Spanish Play Ng, A Senior Class Basketball , C S f' ,. ,v A 5 . QL MELVA BECKER l f' QM Q "One who is patient and sincere." .5 Girls' Club l E, 1 ,J 5' W. ' 91 EL DALE E. BENNET UQ i Q "Calm and unrufiled as the summer sea." Lg-f 5 Football Reserves C31 141 pew ,Q Basketball Reserves C43 -X1 il Ai' J ff 5 IL. JOHN A. BENSON 1 R 7, A "Dignity is in him personified." A , l Radio Club tPres.J il' E. Hi-Y Club Q Student Senate ,Vg S if . il 1' lil li ? if K f, 'ix R ,. ..jj il . W. KF i l l ega l ilffz wl iifl :J If 25,012 -1. 1 ' A 1 1' fl 'ff fy 3 5119, 1' ff' ,rf I YJ L 1 '1 ,L1 H1 Till ,w 'lf L "1 1 -1 I M75 fix' X151 2,1, Q1 ,,,l1,1 1 1 1,1 ,5:f1J fe-, QIEJWI 73,119 bi W1 X ,LJ ' 1 '1 V1 M" 1 Twfff SM 1 5, 41 Lei f ff N ef, W2 I2 , '1 Eff J:1ff',1 1' -I1 of-+11 5254 tl mf'-ls. IW iefgi Fifi? Likffji :fi ill WD ffl, 2595 1 ,R Q .1, YFfJ11Q Mi fy v1 I We A1 L14 I INIDA HARRIFT PII PS , Q She srekcth diligently after l'non'ledgc." -1 mm Llub ' se 'Q vi Ee? GUY BIXBY it "Th1inl1: wlmt IL man should be. unrl he is that." . ,' Student Senate ga ,Ei 6. Qs .. RAY W. BLACKSTONE 1 "Trust not in him- that seems cz saint." ' mn-f 11 -qw 1 JUN, 1 lyjrl 1 'UHF I 1Jv'f 'Uwe Jfjfv 'JW' 41" 'JU' 41" ' ' Vw 1 I 4 1 ,4 I I V K I I f Q3f,mgcPfmq,m1i'f"fIVm1 tf ttf 1 ttf 7 Q we 1 gf 7 f 7 7 . 4 ,A I - f11!x"A i'l'fm.,1f,l'1"f'li, jg 11431: '11,',U fill. 1!1'f 5'L1',,,1!f'1 Jyf, 'fi ,,f1K1'f .YLKJU ?J4',.,1!f'J git ,1!,'f glyiu 19 ' ' d E2 fx 11 ' ' 0 -+1 ET' Q 1 Mfr' 3 1 9 fi 1, I1 ' f 0 ,fm Q' 1 1 an f 'A ffl ' Q 1 , : fv vi i 6 2 If 1 ? LUV 'gf x ' P pid! .5 Q, 5 ' ' 1, ', , E kg 1, 'Z W W 1 , 1 I ,W OK 1 h r 1 E? A, ff 1 '72 cf f 1 Student Senate f, , F55 MABLE E. BLITELY "If eyes 'were marie for seeing '55 Then liefzuty is its men- ereuse for being." A. F. P. Club . -I, Girls' Club ' ELMER BOHNHOFF - . "His looks are like the fireflies, 6 His ambition soars the skies." ' HALEL BOOTH ri, r "Thine eyes are springs in. IFIIUSC serene s Anil silent zeaters. heaven is seen." ,. Senior Play ' , Legeuda 1 '5 Criterion q Phi, . viz 1 IRENE HELEN BRIGHAM 51 "A light heart lives long." -C 1 . I 012111 .. aft ffl, 1 l M nfffi i-Av A - 1 ,I ' f Q1 1 le1 1' ' Hi-Y Club -5 TX., IAN Tr, X 5 'Lx' fm' Alix KV. X 5,1 . VX, t--1"'!'A'f Vw' ,- ,, f .e ,Y-,!,,.I .li - wx . , .,1r!V.. .4 , ,., lf, .4,, gy, gl, .x . ,ut 21 bf ' 'ra bf Ds rf V- k ,,. H lf' 'yi 111911 2 .Fl 'MPV lj fr j fell 415 .MQ V' qi xx' ll 4 I", W Vx TFPQ DOROTHY BROCK "A o1'eaf'zw'e not foo bright aml good Qu-igf For human namre's daily food." Lffggj Senior Girls' Basketball Girls' Club x-luvxll twiw EDNA I. BROEDERDORF "My tongues wfitlzyifn my lips I rein. Qi, For 'whom talks mzwh must talk in vain." 1112, Girls' Club f' if 1' f' ' I If 525 W0 DOROTHY JANE BROW NE A, 'fBy flillgenoe she win.-s her ways." "A Criterion Spanish Club VFP? Girls' Club Alice Freemen Palmer Club "fill .fr?l fb fill CHARLGTTE E. BRUECK 'fff"f' :f,r'm "For she was always friendly wgwl And carried a smile for all." 1424 A. F. P. Club Girls' Club Fi . E250-Q! MARIETTA BUDDE "Who has not seen that feeling of a flame 4,215 Ovwhnson on fhe cheek at mention of a name." Girls' Club X752 E26 .Vx ROSWELL BURROWS eff "A little nonsense now and then WJ' , ,AN Is relished by the best of men." Class Treasurer C31 C41 Al Senior Play Legenda . fwfr . ' 4953 rfywfisg UPU MARGUERITE M. CAMPBELL "fig . 1' ml Q "I am sure that eafres are an enemy to hfef' fill Girls' Club ' A Fri," QE . 9 N E232 y Q ,I J YQ if-rfcs W J is ,., W A 5523 rvxrjqjx Ml L: V , QV'-X1 lem ? A L I, C df .37 ,, If Hr, 5: Arrsq KQQTAZ fxxgrrjlf 4 al 131. rY'in 'li' J ,fH'v' X ,r tl W5 fx 5' an 2' 5513 ,gl W X :flu gg WV, fe- J ff J X lr my' va 2 W We 1, QV . l 4,1 Q T -,LJQ FY 0. ,-,n K.- ir ,if M il lm , ,. ,v ' '4 ' 1 u .LJ mf' 71 tit? , 6 H ls ,. 'YY l ' X . 'M W f 3 'L :fel U 5,1-AT, Y f - - T- - K f f-!f 'Af f - - If-5 if A' of 1 44 Uf iff' -1 'K "f j1jf'4,.ff :I H7 -ff 74104-Af-' .7 fffiff 0 J"": Z M311 f"fi'Q 'fi 1 "1 w 5 A 1 A gn l 25,5 3 t l gg . . R if U AH' I 4 L Y ,I Cx if! 1 it ' -' - 952. Q -2 MII DREIJ CAYYON Girls Club HOYVARD CLAFLIN Spanish Club Radio Club tSec.J Ioy shall have her may this 'very dayp "Quiet, sedate, a man of varied aceomplfishments." vs Ou A .Nl 'US 1 ff. fr , ,,, R Qt . 'I if 33 . , . 1 1 . I . 1 0 l a VICTOR E. COLE . "A happy disposition is a gift of Nature." ' Student House C31 - Student Senate 1 V HUGO xl. COMPTON' ' "There is nothing more useful than silence." , Senate ei E ELWYN C. COMSTOCK "He was sim foot a man. A Clear grit and hu-man nature." , Football Q43 we Basketball C43 S JOHN W. CRONK ' 1' "He who thinks most good and speaks least ill of N all his neighbors." 'Z " Football Reserves L43 K " Junior Play C31 . sl sf -Y - tl FRANCES CROZIER w "Though a quiet maiden. knowledge. truth and. N kindness are her virtues." A ' 5 l 4 7lf'l?li'T?W asfifffwesstlylpssafaffsff'lQriie?F13a?GS75tim7f Mdviixw' xv l"M:wlx M' ww, '-'txt'--.N l'.1k ,"s.1,s 's,:x !'- -Q '- Vxmc-.Ii "- 8 'xg' ': tfbdilgjiiiglfbfrtfryaxg QM.. SEM! thief, le-A-in t'!Q'Si1+t'b45?lit' .4 1 A f . V, PM , ,. ,Y ' ' f - r - f f - ., .sa WIP A Eli 1 'Q I Q:-ll? , 11,9 l lll' "" I 12. 'l lu IWQQ 4 PM lf? I l ll ' all fgll CLIFFORD CUROTT iff? Jimmy 'SA mighty player, blessed with phain reasons and fgifff el a sober sense." I Q - ' Basketball 121 Isa c4m coapm L Baseball flj C21 131 42 A V142 1 ... l pl lg ERMA ELLEN DAVIS ' 4 . "In her very quietness there is a charm." " - Girls' Club . F45 I l I GI 23315, 'Q MILDRED MAXINE DAVIES Ai - "Wearing all that weight gg?-Q23 M Of learning, lightly like a flower." V214 Boys' Glee Club CAco01npanistJ g.f,,6 lgv Girls' Club 1' Ag QSVNFNAI as L ,um VIVIAN DAY l "Where the river runs the deepest, ff? Q ' A ' It Vans the quietestf' Ag, Senior Play " I , , Girls' Club A 4,1 9 Q XI 5 fail ' Eff' . WVILLIAM DEMBINSKE Q fi le-can "His good humor is a fountain never dry." 3536 L Track C13 Junior Play jig I Student House fClerkJ f Basketball C21 C31 C41 Qfwf' g :I '5 Legenda 1- F5 W kkgii I 1, -A I ' HAROLD DOERING 51' Q, "The zvorlcl knows little of its greatest 1nen.." ' Senate Iffl Q, , I Adv. com., senior Play Q' P Q Poster Com., Legenda ylflfjljg '4 l' Fl fl" ' WG gil ANN DRENSKY If gi "From her avpressive eyes her soal did speak." 9,97 PM A. F.,P. Club CSec.J I 14 M Junior Play J G11'lS' Club ylfi P 4 l.'A1,:' .-fu, ' .Q . will n "df 1 -.Agn lpn- 3 .4 ll 7 539+ - wig F ig 4 ' lil P llai, I ' I, A ?7""' A as P I' It P llqTG9yQqiS575'H'Qf5,'G7'T'0 llflGQE,Qll1ilYiQ.l'AQllTllWTdl 'lfflC7T'lKlif"'f3iI f HOLD? 1'7"f2ff"'Y"glyYg, IIA ', ' eu" I' 'L L 'U " fm, L ,Q '1-I, D ,km L pi--, '. fy , flA,"QC'f. 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Junior Play Debating Team Q43 Criterion Board Girls' Club hor to do all the things she GWENDOLYN EVANS "Her eyes ea-press ness." the srrocfcst kind of hashful- LAVERNE EYNON "And e'en his failings lermcfl to 1:irtue's side." Spanish Club Student Senate JULIA F. FERMAN "She furo-rks on quietly but well." Girls' Club MARION FISHER "Virtue is her otrn 'l'6lL'fII'lI." Glee Club Girls' Club FREDERIC GALARNO "Hong sorrolw, care So lct's be merry." . Football CSubJ Baseball Reserves Student Senate Legenda Play Committee would kill a vat, THELMA GOODMAN - "Th-ere is a garden. in. her fave Where roses and zrlritc lilies blow." A. F. P. Club Girls' Club is is X A fm I Wx Q bj',7'j1Q is 'pri 'i W- 5: 'ilN5f'uS,rL' I 'fr "m.Q,'4f 'wX7Qyiw. gfjixfr 'f' 1'.LVYYkQ1:'1JQV'L'iQ gfg"WQr1g'HZ',f N-ikxzzrjjj fi 'f1g'iQnj:-1lf1i33'ff 'F 7117? G ...l A fm 'il--it g . in lt ' A if . 2 , Q lCv+.s+f.l,f?f-+.2v.fl'b-elvis 1, il.-FHTSH.-fCHekQ2+f'M... 'mlfbelvilbeksfllffkku-Ef'beksf?:Lf.!skJm . ., . MC, ... Sf I P sf .I- Y 1 E2 V5 lf I 5 lf K If sf gi li V Z LF 'Z G U1 rr L. E- 52 r. if ll U2 yi U 9: .1 w 'Y on Q -4 U ll li le Q ll. Y , ,ll 5. Wu l W I3 Q. TJ! li U5 LL ll ,J L 'fm ,gl il' ,Ar S ml fl ln ,I E. r I L rl: l. I v I ll n Z P ll? . J Il if . 1' lu rf L lu ,fl Can Fw A , f ls I I VIRGINIA GRIFFITH "A face with gladness 0'l76'I'SQJ7'6flCl Soft smile by human kinflness bred." Girls' Club AGNES M. GULLIFORD "Silence is more eloquent than words." Girls' Club JOHN HALL "Surely, never dld there lfifue on earth A man of lcimlller nature." NELLIE HAMP "She was a scholar, exceedingly wise, Falr spoken and persuading." " ' A. F. P. Club CSec., P1-es.J Girls' Club RUTH HANNUM "H er atr, her manners All who saw admired." Girls' Club EARL F. HARRIS "He likes to build, and not Student Senate lClerkJ Radio Club to boast." MARY V. HART "Grace was in Senior Play ' alla her steps, heaven in her eyes." Legenda Girls' Club ,,,- Aff-fl UL Q-.E ,fi , ,L 3-IA? x 7 K, , - Wa, ved-I H T A gr -3- N42 Vgiilrfi- QI? fsxgrflfix' ,, 4"'fgg'f,Pi' ,bf 13,lgk Qvf 1V.iffAi'fi' 2. mfrlf i f my 1' xl 1 I ffl 'ff 7704 ' 17,1 Q, , f r7' Q 1, lf! X Wir sl rv, 1- ,Q I-I lair .,,,7 .A nv W 1 lf ' T1 Syl , P lin' l I 4:55 fl lim , ,, 4 llff lkgikg lf gf? fl 5' fl vxwgxtxx el 14 H Kr' Xi' I 1 'ff fe QQQEE fffxf 3 Gif' , Ml .9-.QQQ V. . ,I ftwlll ' 5- 11 ll-1 .Q U1-'53 rel r" 'Xl HQ! Y KAI'-X Slfllgl 1 "Rf- fffgl 'QPF .fl Iiflfufq . 3 32 Vis M353 w ln' .I AU, L J df 7 lt cfm t. f , 1 'Y fb: PM LA Jr el f ", 1911 gl gi nj gif? F Lim r ,' 94' 533 E. dpkg., f1"'xJN ?, A viyl if-if 5' Nfl " +21 YI. Ni' Ffa L2 tj 'Tx . W-in rfb .. 65 1 .UQ ,Z . . A fwfr-1. ' e .Vik-I, t QQ 33 R 4-wt Sp vu it Sig i ,pf lil 'fY"TN an Gil xiii 75111 61 -in RAYMOND A. HART "The athlete, the student, the man." Football Q21 C31 C41 ICapt.J Track ill C23 i3J lCapt.J Swimming Q21 C31 143 ' Legenda Hi-Y Club lPres.J C33 Student Senate Class President C21 C41 BLOSSOM HENDERSON Girls' Club CLARA M. K. HERZOG "A friendly heart with many friends." A. F. P. Club Girls' Club EMILY HUDSON "Merry as the Criterion Legenda Girls' Club day is long." EDWINA HUEBNER "A modest maiden, and a good student." Girls' Club LAURA M. HUNT "The soul of music slumbers in the shell, Till 'worked and kindled by the master spell." Orchestra Girls' Club Girls' Glee Club lAcc0mpanistJ Class Motto Committee CHARLES A. JOHNSON "Well done is better than well said." Student Senate l "Yet graceful ease and sweetness. 'void of pride, Would hide her faults if she had faults to hide." 054' . GQ. QQ. ek I G15 we his 5 it .ei 1 .el -X it is . sig li-4 ,, 4. al , 1 fi Q if 'ij lf' - E 1 -v .I 1 7. 1 . , A A .. 1-N . :Set f g .Lee LQ ' . L. F R ni ' L, l P HW f . if r l ' dba AEE' -5 GEORGE F. KAROW l Wd' 7 . "The :mm that blushes is not quite a brute." 1 ' Student Senate 0" ' ii ,, Hi QQfPi5 " 'L LENA B. KELLY 7 ' .5 "Bliessecl with that Charm of certainty to please." 'K A. F.. P. Club I Egg, ' G11-ls' Club I F tif 'A I 4 wp? ef- ff, E- t ,-'bp ,3 BERTRAM KESSEL f 1 f "His manners were gentle, implying, and bland." Criterion C33 QA 1. ti- -5 ' - 29245 M WILLIAM KESSEL if ' . "There is mischief in this man." tiger, Hi-Y Club . Vi? gf Student Senate xg l Track f4J EAM I Y, 1 525 .. MILDRED KOERBER gill 1 "She stood for simplicity. and unaffected air." 5 Glee Club ew if fffxf 57. 4 'L it 1 - - .L 433 NORMAN F. KOSTOFF . , if ffm, "They are never alone that are aecornpanied with ffl , noble thoughtsf, T .1 gtg . kwj, '1 'NQ f MARIE LE FLEUR fi? .si Q if "And fair she is, if that mine eyes be true." ' Girls' Club . Sf .SQ . 'Ugg' Junior Play no tiff gy . V! fs' ' 'fin ' J mtv M - , n A A ' 1, Q A E- . -E 1 . 5 A LRQWFQT riffs. Eiga T LSQQQECWQB + L al. . KL, .,, K, ,.l. 6 lf l .1 m i' CCT V ML! J! Wj':l' 1, .1-Q 1 fl 6' vi 4 1 mil "if "in in fra i 'EJ 1 uf 'il lg.: i h?QlNl I' r 'I, 73414 My I y i . I, N463 .11 'il 'QV IL: 'N C2'f,:il film il J, di, 4 iffy l MW . pf- M iv 7,?2"1.' fw it Q E39 Li 1' 'QE fi' MW, w ifg Q95 1 ..-H fl E913 312. 3 I it lag.- 2 'X "li fl ETA .5 N! ,K W fl Effix. jlgaflll tizwf, ,J 'L ii, of i 1 4113. :Q Aff, We .lp l ,L ,. Y. llfdlfxi YT ,xl'g',' I u, .5 .l Lv . K1 ,iii 4 5, 5 J- fi Lil l . XJ, . . -, il ml, 'T-,A -1 WW J-'ff' ' R551 ,Y xp.. 4 .l', -All' Ulu' -fy wifi! 'ip mil' 1' -:Viv eff' Vw -x,ff '1 my '- ' qi- '- 1,11 Ulf, 1,5 4,2 4, if A'1"14j "Fl QW 77? W "'i7?,'l2'l'f'7f,'?fifF7fV33'.i' "7?f'?7i'F7?f?.f"77f l l l BERTHA LAW "Although xhf' is emlou-ed irith wit, She is Very shy in using it." Girls' Club Alice Freeman Palmer Club JAMES T. LEHAN "A mon of hope and fomrflrd looking mind." GEORGE J. LEHR "C'om:inf'e o man against his will. He holds the some opinion still." Spanish Club lPres.J Debating C41 Criterion lliiusiness Managerl Senate 1 JUNIOR LEWIS "Your fvrilor puts well forth." Football Q41 Basketball Q41 Senate EIDNA LIST "She was erm' fair. mul nlerer proud." Glee Club Girls' Club MARGARET J. LITTLEDALE "A girl :rho sings for our old high-, And who -will be famous bye and bye." Glee Club f Alice Freeman Palmer Club Legeuila CARL LILLIESTIERXA "The days of our youth- are the days of our glory." Yell Master Q29 133 HJ Senate French Club lTreas.l Q33 fs V- E ,5 www 4 wi "1 x ff Qi X3 X X. 'J ,KT , -WN z... 4. P' Q? 1 L-ff 1 , . K4 .. el Yi f vi .. 131 .cf 3.50, 14341 ,ii ,1 4 L. ,If J ,, 7 1 "2 ki!! SEL' 6 A -f -E I c ef- if ,dr lf H2511 if ,4 if ?,' Z Algal- Yf Y lei lg, 'Y Y fl' 17,50 .X , 11501 .X ,N if-ij Lv' -1, I ,' X i , I' 4 '- I. r H21 , "F All K' 1. 1 . ff' , GSW ' Q Y-42 ls? 1' el V53 fy V L w Y", Fi 1 24.71 El vi, iff? l '-l Q3 TVN 4 . Wi GQ' 2 wi 2: XJ f K., sk- Ip. I I 4 1 V4 ei 1 4 1 , 1- -r. 11 ll' 1-1,1 fl, 11 ,N mi' ' ,, fig 'V Vfk Q fi! ' 'T ' A' "QV ' I' 1"'! 'Q' 'flfffi' ' lf' 94110-'X ' ' -wi mf '1Y1.' V-on-N 414115 QV 'A1 rv ' X wJ11P- '13 rx 12- 913 L4 M SDCSQ fffki 41,7361 Fld! 1, ' ff, ' Nm r ' ' 15 1 '1 Q e, ' et 9 .4567 W V14 W C .is 13 "1 L 1 JOHN H Iov1a'r'rE if '71 in "A good man seen, tho' silent counsel gives." ggi 1k 311 1 'Football 143 1 QA,ffQ1j L' Basketball Q43 Jljgiiig 2 Glee Club 9 , Student Senate 1, Eff fain ' 'VJW l w Track Q43 M2311 ' wi Swimming C43 L15 ,J H14 it ff C432 lL Xl, 'Trai 1 qigf' ' MARGUERITE H. LYTLE YG "Yue are .sae grove, noe doubt ye're wise." ffjw 1 , 15 Girls' Club ffl: W 115' '1,fQ.1 1 gf 1 if . 1 1 F 1 " iz, , ' : 1119: M120 . 1,1 '1 751, ffl JAMES LUTZKE , 1' 'ji ,,, "Fits heart as for from proud as heaven from 12 -,-. Q43 I HI earth." " 'A-ff 'K Al. 19"E?f'9 1 fn .Agn "K 9557 EY E! , V'5 F. LESLIE MQCULLAGH ,5 5' "Let not ombitimz, mock his useful toil." lffj' v - '1 F "7 f -Lili 151i 'C fy Lu ll " '11TfxJ I J. CULLEN MacDONALD 1, "Fame is only o bubble but few can produee the axial .W soap." 1: 1 Student Senate CVice-Pres.J U, . Glee Club 1 ' ,I X 5 kmillfl at ' W. MERRILL MacDONALD ' 1 "Si11,gin,g he was, or wlaistlulng oll the day." Senior Play fl, ,, 1 lk' t Criterion 1 1 Glee Club 1 't M1 111 wi , 11540 IRVING MCGOVERN , 11: 'digg "A generous .soul is sunshine to the mind." !f'D'1f lk Legenda ff- W-' Student Senate 1 new 1 ' 1 TQ, i' i f 1 ft 1 fig? wwf' 11 1a 3 Qi,-1 it 1x1 'i rf 34 1 ,1 rx JE, W 5 if , - ' f Q, J, Cf' fi ill f . F523 -, Qu l r 42 EY!-215 Q 4. k f A cj 1 rf! 1 0 L U l Ce ff fi f W ' C 611' y A t Av v 5' I U Q f- A ffl w 1 T' I 4 r, ,X rx i X x 'f 'f 3 ' X Q Fvifi' HOW ARD NICINTXRE A '- T i Men of ehararter are the f-onscience of the soricty il fo which they belong. M gg Criterion 'FA . A15-11 f ' Mel ff gin I ix , A Fil' , fl' 'f MURIEI. In MQFARLAND if' PWS "A fair C.1ff6'I"l:07' is a silent rec-omnzendafionf' ' I -Q jg mee Club 133 pg' lfggi Girls' Club T? Q L-1 AJ W r ' Ly A 'ills THOMAS L. MCQUADE ff, . "Si1.em'e, is-a friend that will never betray." 255 X' 15432 ? ' A ,l ,fi , emu E ew .X , 4' ,H l JD MARY MQQUARRIE ij ., "Her voice was ever soft. genile. and low." B' , Y Girls' Club ! V W' twvxgig ., Q91 Le Kg NICHOLAS J. MANGUTZ 4 3 ' JD "Muon I know. but fo knoll' more is' my nmbifionf' l igil ,W Football 431 ez I Basketball Reserves C31 141 7 A Student House Q31 f - Sal LFS: V :fox-ix C , ' Q T N ROLAND E. MARTI 1., 1 S V13 "He is great of heart. and courageous." V., ,bio P' 'V "U r mf? 5 C' iv grglx . f-A L. . g A ,ei MARIE MARTZOYVKA , Z, "Ambition knows no rest." viii Girls' Club ' fe f 1 'z , iffjaxy' 'R 'if 3 , ,, '.A'A Q15 YE iii FCM ' " 3 5 ' ,i iii X -i .. iii if ml W g" ,r my 'wi ugy ni! mx I," ' ying C ' wr 1.1, Q' W7 A wx 3' -qi 145' "fp Aux E v1Q'1.gj,"'N-- L"'Yf-lim1L"' f- 'mg F uw Sql? 'QW ' hz, f.Qf'5ff, flu if A5 1 M W5 -:Qui I A A VE - fm lo sive? wssilifsssizl fs:sgz,Cf.sus1zllfwe2vssQr2.2 B r ' ew f" it T' A-'E Qt? F ,,f'f'C ri tri' 5 f ev H f if we ' 5 R' rl 1 f' E 57323 Zlegw " 5 FW? ig ink M 'lf 4 if my :dim L f ew A E A -Ja 6' J f 0 at f gl ci ' 'A .1 gsm I 'iii' A E M 'v I w ll 9:19111 .tl .1 ' fi' 1 4 , - 4 , A :sw It l up 5 anlqn lx fill 5539 V ll C943 mm Q H531 .. ., 1X,,L! I , Y 1 , sl , . . lf? - LF DONALD L. METCALF "'Tis a great thing to be equal to the occasion." CNA Junior Play 5' Debate 143 H Senate lCPres.J ' , 1 Student House 131 'Legenda Lal 1,1 HAROLD MERTZ V "The rule of my life ts to rn-ake business a pleas- A l ure. and pleasure my business." Student Senate Senior Play U' " lurk w".t'. "I A V5 MARGARET EILEEN METHOD "She speaks. behaves and acts just as she ought." ,App Glee Club 375' A. F. P. Club Girls' Oiub JUNE M. METZGER "Like a poet hidden L ,. In the realm of thought." Q 5 A. F. P. Club Y Girls' Club V , Glee Club tfglrn . DP , HELEN MEYER "A girl who is always in for fun and yet is quite jo a student." A. F. P. Club Girls' Club f 5 if-'E Lfx-Q. MARION MEYER I "Knowledge is meat and drink to her." 4 Criterion ' F f," ' . . fell tal ' ALBERT MOORE fr ff "Every man has within himself a continent of 515' undiscovered character." 27" TN' A vi' ,113 7 Wt' V , EH A - 2 to A A .fM t?5M All A - A A. M A M A A A A .lv A H ,rf R , A '4 1.4 An v - ,fd lf r"-" 'lf 'fffl ' of 'fe' ,' gf 1' ' 'HY . 'ff 'f' ,P ff v 1- - . :QW lf'l,l3Y:Wf'l,'?7ffMFT-k'3"r .72,'?7gff"??'2f,f'f"2f Qflfflfl Q'N"fk "'7'7'2'v "D 'Q' f',7'?'27 S173 'W 'Tf '55 25: J. lc' 1 1 lg? 3,445 A9 .mul fgfufw, 3,445 l'li'J'll fn lflQCII,E MOORE "And e'cn, her failings lean lo virtue'-s xidef' flafdlly A. F. P. Club Girls' Club l F I' 'I 1.211 lifalll 1 ' u ' 1 51,3 gl BLRAARD Ll. MUS SON l,ijf'jQy "0-ne of the few immortal name-s. 2.597 That were not born to die." ffl Glee Club Elgfii 'X'-L ,1 lqll S S Q CHARLES R. MURRA1 addr, "His vourtesy 'wus free and gay." 51,1 gl Football C49 !Qff'qf Student Senate Spanish Club 02345 lip y,C,,fJ fihff -'l ALFRED N. NAVARRO rxfifjj "He was among the prime in 1l'0l'Hl,.u Agfa? unonen NEEDHAM fi? "And he will talk. Ye goils. he will talk." OCQJW5 Student House C37 Football C31 141 ' , - Track 123 C35 flifyl Student Senate ljigm . lx 4, Crlterlon li 5 Oleiftl l oz. RUSSELL NoRToN 1 ,ig-if S "Contented with little: merry with more." ml j Football Q41 Q3,l'lg,j Glee Club 135 llffft. State Older Boys' Conference qjc7t.kL I-73 R l 'f ERMA NUERMINGER, Mu nl, "In her very quietness there is a Cllf1l'Dl.!' w 'N Girls' Club Offfl l, otnl lf'6Cl'T5 t 'f F 1 ',' Y 0697: KIM. rf' of l xv, .l A 14, .-.,A ' 1 7 l ll . - v" U .' -'rl wil rw r-'3,"'f1 v.'.1,' .--1 ,' 'Nfl .1 ,' ,el ,-, ' ,-, .V - ,-- , - -, X. - , .. - -,, ,. - -K- r.L it lx ikxlm 43 K E gvxt .A M! it Y! i gtk kt, N-lv 1 -. It-i. -V, Ny, if YH-Twain l'2f+e7wllf'l'iS+Mlll'b+bfl-L 14 2+ it it P.xil- F l . . . . . W l. .,, ,if l. A .S A ,C gf wr ' -fu: l A . 52 . 1 v N all ill , AMANDA OEHRING I l "She who has a thousand friends, has not u friend to lose." V A. F. P. Club CPres.J CVice-Presb i Girls' Club Il V ,P undisturbed and sweet." ,llf x l ALMA ORR f "Her smile was Q' Girls' Club T945 A 1' ABE OSEROXVSKY JL D' "Who saw life steadily and saw it whole." Debating C43 " Student Senate fAsst. Clerkl l Tk Spanish Club CTreas.Jq Je Q4 'a Tv, ll M - DOROTHY PAINE "There dwelt all that's good, and alll that's fair." 5 Q Girls' Club Q jill 24 'Q E1 - FRANCIS E. PITTS 1 "He speaks an infinite deal of nothing." WL v . 1 1 QM" LEROY W. RANKIN, JR. f' "Joy's here too, fifty times GS strong as trouble, if And it's for you." Student Senate Glee Club Adv. Com.. Senior Play " Poster Com., Legenda kv . q .vi Sw' Sli ' ia. MILDRED J. REINS "She walks in beauty like the night, 555 Of eloudless rlinies and starry skies." wi Class Secretary C15 C31 if Girls' Club g, Secy.-Treas. Athletic Ass'n C43 Legenda 5 . El . 1. 7 , I l , 4, F wi' iw, lf? ,s,! .,,. V f xx 5 . UL, ff MDN: 1.1 . .N ,-Q Q , .l . Q -lg w, Vg, lil .X rj, . my ff' 5, If V. , ,,. xy MPL, ., V , fv"T Q . 133 J l -' M 'mls- 1-lil, lg' ', V 59? i f if 1 Wifi if f V- rg 'll V. Q . xl" 72413 .7 2' 'llr,i91l ,, T, Q flfl , .n l l' -" ' if-..v"i A , wr JW lk KL , iq fig A 1 w l l J ' ff If v"".5 ll Film Q , , , 'L 'Tl S ,A as l , Q, lui 'lull ,Hfgjqi iii ' ,ill If Vlgniillil 'lift' if Q-ci 2, -,sm 3,JLW,.yr L faq 5 'N :.l,i'.jv, .N I 5 li iQ? 'ZQSH' :ik-341.5 '-ufjl H-Q3-J CTU? Q Mu lx m ifl I if . Y, fwfr U W Y Y ' ful ix 5 "N l '. xLK,'j M pil .,- lx. 1, L fwii Q .L " ' 2-" 'fg f "Y 'w M .1-:lil V , . Q Y if lf ',l1ri+f? lj Y., . W Hi wx ' l L- . 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Club WIbNER PEYOXER ROBY A man not to be changed by place or time. With arms sublime that float upon the air In gliding state she wins her easy sway. BURTON C. ROSS A man who is not afraid to say his say. Ifootball C41 Seniol Play ti lee Club Radio Club bfudent Senate Student House C31 HUBDRT RXAW A great, self possessing young man.' C1it91'i01l btudeut benlte GILBERT QCHIEB Either I if-ill. find a may or make one. 321335 31333355 P'X'3'iH fhwgm i'3i'5'-315 8?-NYM i'3i'33h 593535 i-35.93355 PM M PN Wm fl-PWM it WM Ft WM i'N3'3H F- Wim 3' View F' 'WM P3 R-,XPS ' . 'E FJ E AJ 1 v v r 0- A r v I- K . , Z ' 4 ,M I J . .w , A . A . - 4 . ' X ' r P1 4 . Z '- . - - O H '. V H " - ' ': . ' ' a :U ' 4 ' A 4 ' O - ' Q Pj X. . . . . . .. . . . Q . ' 2 ' u I N CL aw iw -- ..,- ,.- - -. 1 . - Q w - . .... ...V .-. ,. I-,. "ff, P-'. . ws . ' ' ' . ' . A , ' - ,lglatu :f.,1 , L ,Q ', ., . W, . Y. ,, . , A N. ,X A 1 ' . fy Q. xx .I w , r ,. 1 " ,. ,. P . 1 , e ,XL N , r , Vw .f , . 1- I " " ""'v.."v.'f' ' "'."pn ""l'. '-"Hg, 'I' W "-1'-D, 1. H "..-HH, ,o'-. ' '-An, M14 . ,"wq',n rl X 'hghn :L C '--gin, nl- i, ".-vm ,tl y "..f-,VI n L "..-my M. l -M, .Jn ll ' if J' , 'H' " . ,JH 1' -"' 1' ' I ' ' ' B.. ij' 5 g, L. 'W ,A . ff l X,. rl., l A . 4: 'll l lf T 'f on T ef 'Tl' A A 'G -r fwtffwrlup-fv..''VV ,u .W A+, " Q 496' ZUBKM 3-QLL ,oju1,'.!,n .. 771 'P ,-.twirl l T ' T no ' ' fl 1 , li A 2.73 gk . v 'ww fl "nw 1 ll' S f X get v V E+ fl-im , :fb gl MILTON s. SCHIFF ,N i "Big oaks from little acorns grow." Q Student Senate 2 U , V- 1 la-'mn A . " " fimbrl 'G 4 ELEANOR SCHMIDT tw .Q 'T ' ' "Her open eyes demand the truth." fbi? Q Girls' Club SA, M2 F 'JT f V ' ll JOSEPH SCHMIEGEL 4 FQTPM -f "Sim foot a man to say nothing of his feet." rj-Wy fa-G ld, Football C43 I l 'Dy ' ASE . V 7, H91 f f A lg ' ALBERTA SCHRIEB A 1 'The force of her own merit makes her way." I. A. F. P. Club fTreas.J 5535 1 : f ' G11-15' Club 14 'K , KENNETH SCHURI: AQ "Bliss was it 'in that day to be aliveg ' ' N But to be young was every Heaven." Eff? gimp Football Reserves yt 4. Track Q35 iff ' glbp 'g . ' ' VIOLA SCHURY L "Bat when, a man is fin, the case. ' . You know alll other things give place? gf f it 2" A A Y . I Glee cum jl-Qt A Senior Play 2,25 lf ,fl C' tw' lk MQ 1 NELSON SIEKELL QW "Act well your part, there all thehonor lies." 5 Glee Club 'K -' ll .WALT 5 1 Y Q' ' ill' A IFRS M .4 "E ttyl ' I tp,-,ll A tiff :W at A E . l'5G?fV7'i fillllw Stella' f"7'llffhffnic!firl5lfTIA7 gim?T.7lllilwff??5Tif27T1El'ilWfTl"i5l?'Y7'llifllyligfllsffliti .UU it ff 4 f . Ju. F l 4, -,fl -,f- - 'V " -,:- 'f' -,3r,'f' -,,ff,ff e',l,:,.Sr uf ff Jump, X -f 172 'Nl We N ff, mlfv',S. 51' 'Q fM.'c'Xf'Nfe",1.'Nfz"NffNff"'Xm-f'tf'x5N :NJN L' 91 Lf: 'Av nv l, '?fJyYl "MW gf? 'IM' 'ffl .7 'IC ,ig 'rl ,fig-, '12, ,f Q , 'f., Alix, "fl, ,.f,',-, 'l- , ,.f,Zu fl, ...Trix fb , .flu HERBERT SEIDEL less no-ise it makes." CECIL SHUMAKER praise." Football Reserves C41 Basketball C41 Track C41 ELIZABETH SIMPSON Glee Club C21 131 C41 "True merit. like a river, the deeper it is, the "She is a qu,-iet. -sweet. home loving girl Because for efeitemeuf she cloeszft give a u'lzirl." ,, "He who deserves so u:ell, needs not avwtlzeris 'f W' M, ' fe, R f ff ? I I f- ' iff' QW F ,f . Q if all Q39 MJ f' '1 -e xl. 'Z ra' , f v Y eirls' Club Q23 li wi BYRON XV. SLOCUM "It is o serious thing to be u funny man." Qi I fb, I Chg ROBERT S. SMITH "He attains zclzuterer he pursues." iQ- ' if HENRY SNYDER :gl "The world is us you take it." , Football C43 -pg Class President Q31 If-Y Class Vice-President Q43 FOI Student Senate ' Senior Play ' ' i Junior Play Legenda I Basketball Reserves C41 fy ' Football Reserves L11 Q21 C31 LAI'IiA s1'ENCE lf Q4 .-Ifoudy fo IVO,-I,-. rf-tidy to plfly. r-fig Ready to help u'l1ere1'er she may." fag? L 5 gg 'I Lf 5. Tl ffl' . , ',f"-, 'CH- W1 . l,"'v- y". '- x"1 "'1"'w- 'fa ' "1 ' 'f'1"x.? YQ ' l A + . 1 4 1 +c4f-WXff??CWQlc4?t1.w-aj rw rs fl- f:wlflMf1vff- as ffwmlwffr H. J F 5 N if E 2' 'Q U C, P " ' ,gli " ' 13 -J LQ! Qtirlawfrg '-L Ltxgiigfi-ggkf Y' .V , , X--'I -, 53' - . LP Al 'fjbw 'g rjfb "ff . A 'Z' "bi . I xl Fir' . Q , 'll 1 N '-ylll 4. 1 .7 iii Q A l7f'1"4 .mb N! 'LV 'lf Y ' Q 1' 171 E310 3: v, k"".1j D . QW HARRIET A. SPERRY . ' ' I lj-5 si T1 l 1 , X 54 rl I .ex 1 1 3 , l 1, W Y , it l X 3 151 21 5 51 L 'H 'Bit 'J .1 QCP . . , lg.. ff,Hl frfl .ll . ,ffl 4 'ylci 4, 1 l L59 7 l ' ,M .L L' NE lf L . lc, M394 " 'Tis 'virtue that doth make her most admired." ' l il f Lei! l GERTRUDE GLENNA SIMPKINS f "It is tranquil people who accomplish most." cjxga BF, 1 , r A. F. P. Club Li., fs . I Engl QW' "Chi , Q '1 1 lil GERALDINE M. SICKLER -52 . 'LF L ' "None knew thee but to love thee, ,..-E,.: None named thee but to praise." .. ,l W' Girls' Club ff? f 141. Lzfl . yo N. Mx ,!,Xfr:r". .:'C6'a' . LEONARD L. SPEATH 3? "A man he seems, of cheerful yesterdays, 2 I And confident tomorrozosfl 2,-452, Student Senate Spanish Club W 'M ff M if Fflgw 5 Mft V 1 will JENNIE STANTON - "Her hair is not more sunny than herself." ,ml . l hlll " l , . l 9:55 l 1 V .fl . iigm lj Yfkgl l y BYRON C. STAFFELD IQQHQ 5,31 "I doubt if you'd find in the whole of his clan Efggfil l A more highly finfelligent, 'lU07'7TlL1l young man." 5li.,Q:,lf ',f, Orchestra Wfl'l,+ X ' Senior Play kT fl 5694, 'file L- Kflll if 5 1. Ll "' Q ' MARGARET STEARNS gg' 'P ,nl "'Tis the mind that makes the body rich." V, A. F. P. Club CTreas., Vice-Pres.J EW Spanish Club lSecy.J it lfsegiml? ll R grill 1' x as 9 H1 esefves VK, QD' A 322423 Tl lik ill l ' . , eeel H A +. - al withal owl llzs+wl.fl.l,f M K K Kff' , fy .kfu 1 of 17'-1 xfrhcyf-1 -V,-ffyfizi ,rf-N -1 - 1 nf! Q - n- ff' 41m '1 .-1 ff '1' 4 of 'f' ' 4 'ff 'I' 4, "" ' 4 f' Y 4 'f 'Z 11 f - ffl, ' u , ' fa , h ',Qv'f'lfl74"yff'f'trifSf3f'f'l75f3fMf4'fC"Q4'f'.lf L 2411 ",75g2'jf'e"?fQ'j!tQ5,7f?'i'f ch is fc U75 1 A .ff I l .,',,fl 15, ,1 ,n tif, .3 A, 15, l ,1 11.44 .f , w . U ,U -in f-f - .lf 1'-11' f" v f -.- 5' v A -- "f 111 1-i -'f 17 1 - - J 3 1 . 1 nl ,K Off' f, ,vt up .al f' ,f Slfdpv I, Af' Q , 7 A Ko 1 llgfm l ,LJ l Iii! W3 ,V .J , rife 1,54 .l O5 H12 'jg f f K, ei, 1. rx 'V 1, , ESX, 7 fl I' Mel f7'ff"1. 1' '- 5 My 'll ,f-. vt OW 73,312 QCD? if 5. flgdll ibm fi-' if: get Qzfff is P32375 -3 eg "V, W ff ' K5 2 ltr. 1,9 3 ,Na+ it , 'R . tam. K"g'?':l'x! 54 1,4 I5 Eff A.: ffl- l are K G' S fi- I-1' Q53 .3 I-.ffm Cyril g if lem EEA 55211 ,f x Pwr 91, 1 T345 W 31455 L PSS '3'-KQQJ ARVILLA STIELOW "Great modesty often hides great merit." A. F. P. Club Spanish Club DAVID C. STRUTHERS , . . ' . 2 - , D Student House 133 Student Senate MARTIN W. TANNER "Small in body, big in mind, As a sport, the faery best kind." Hi-Y CSecy.J Student Senate Swimming 141 Legenda MARGARET AGNES THOMSON "Thru her expressive eyes. Her soul distinctly spoke." A. F. P. Club Girls' Club . HERBERT S. TOWNSEND "A sample of variety. and hard work." . Student Senate HENRIETTA C. TRIER "She shall keep her youth. forever." Girls' Club CATHERINE VONDETTE "Co'urteous and gentle, though retired." Girls' Club Legenda Senior Play "An honest muntcname is the est pass word." one 54,1 V03 nw, f, ff .PI , fn -fl ff' 'SA J- I vl- CPC Q ,J 1. -. lx .. J. : e ,V , I , fb 79? I. , :Ls rgfri I F . .A. 5- rr ' Y QE fl 'J'-,, 1 K:-'A li E -fir 1-193 I eg. . fe? 35 JS, f-5A X, 'I 523 9. lx, Fl if 'ii I F3 iv ' QQ l 'fi iw 1' 1' , x 19 I :Si 'l U9 C MC " ll lg 'C 'C 'Q T N A ' N 'Q C' kt C' kbllx wi 'M K 'ilv'S'V' 'f'lVv'i3 jam w , j,1,l'fl,' V 'w X Nj'l15x"r-X yi 'vt 'W1S.,"k"j'l Wo. ' -N "'4. .f yfxf i ,X Q' A .W-lf., X" -. h Y' gp -- 'im-tg, -f I ,x fl'34.l94Pg't VV ' 22 Q Wlfiiibw U 7-A' 1 .SHTSJIHA -'WJYJ-9-T "T KJ J X H 13 -. 44 R. vi- ,+A uk .. . A .K ...M A nkY-xr...Y.4 l-,,,..,C,-Q km, .1.,, fe l-c,.-..,,..-4 l-e,...-....-4 --4 M.- A lr ...,-f4 ek -.-SCA led --.v-,.f-4 l-Q.x15-X.,-1 twiki .' J if-f ' 'wa 1 v it g 4 DAVIS WOOD "Large was his bouuty, and his soul sincere." LELAND WALKER v "Oh their own merits, modest men are dumb." I 1' 1 of F -T F it' swf. bf , , C ww we A .ff es .ff .PWA , fm., .gs , W l 921' l ft. .3 , . ' .wry n i . 'nel S "YJ- 4 4 sl i ts its . it its fi w ,fly C' r flb ' . fl f 'A -imp . '1 f . Us .5 is .N 6 'H 11"- 414' f 9 sign . : 11 alll .VIH i , . 0' "ji full: N - PW-is 6173 'A cf lg, Mix- . -4 . .J '1' vf L ' 335 J A up r r Y f 9.69, M XN, ': "W . Q Q l Cy X .L :3 f-FJ .4 I f y .iw ' x .Q .e t. C -f .1 'gif L . JU Senior Play Legeucla 'MIARIAN WATERS "Her eyes were deeper than the depths of waters stilled at evening." Girls' Club ALVIN MAX WEIL "He is complete tu feature and in mimi, , With all good grace to grace a gentleman." ' Q-9552 will 5.512 j' 43 My M cm wt N 4 1142+-A13 tit My .EEA K. i ,, ' - J r .M A-. DOLLY E. XVELCH "Eyes glad with smilies, and brow of pearl." A. F. P. Club Sfl .ll E??f'2j ORRA B. VVILLIAMS UHQQQ "There is nothing as kiugly as kimluessg Nothing so royal as truth." rw A. tif .gl Y A . 59362 WT EVERETT VVINSLOXV "Poets are born, but orators are made." Debating C33 Q43 Mawr Oratorical Contest Q Student Senate KCQIISOFI .Mi . 3' ill ESTHER ANN WIRTH 1' "Nature made her what she is, Ami never made another." L,.,.lf Glrls Club Ml HELENE ZIEGLER "Never idle a minute, thrifty, and thoughtful of gg? others." 1 Girls' Club A. F. P. Club , 71? L. , M uzgga Cf"Yl . E14 A ' ' A Y qi ' Y' " ' ggxfw W2 W J . w Z A' WM: 2182 f I, 'W W Mag ' :Sw iii? yi Arn! . Lg, ,sag " .1 fx: ln .y r J. 3 M Yi ,.u ,fx f X 4 JL CLAJKS' MOTTO lx 'W I x9 Be on tb Jyuare J Y Q ,mwlfvxwlwx-J A33Q5MxQnC?'Q+xi3?iQ?'2-,1Av3f3 mm AWE 3' 3 if-1 U , rkl' . ,V N fax' p on' . , ., if 5 9-I , 41,5 fx? ifcgfif 6 'uf 23 At' f .TIV 9,41 ,Qi , in 4. 1 die U41 fI'h ' C' . F' 1 1 9 1 I -N 4 Ig! -N DQ i rig nigk r-4,3 'X riv- :LN Uq I SDJ QQ We ieibu W if W E2 fQ'vj.x y Al nie rj' "vw N v rr is ' 49 Ffivw , ag 0 U U i 0 rg e " ' vi ' " C' 'lf " ci? ' ""' f iffvf W3 Q 359 3215 1 VNC 'X Jill if 1 ffm V pei? 5034 i 9-:i f 'gf ' XXX Agp x XNXX , E HUDSON iff'- M f ' 'TN 1'7" 'SJ ff'775l'?+i'f'f'f'2','ff,7f 'Tfi V71 'f'7f'?' fffil 'T' 'CTX T' 'l'gf?- 'T' 'f'Q7?+ T' ff"t7'f'2'i 'Kr . , , . , . . ' . . 1 . J ' . J' r v "v I J Ii ,,,1- ., -l ,,,l 1-,,,,,,11. sf, bfi! ,fl , PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS jg, The day of all days for Seniors is not far off. Soon responsibility will take the place of our care-free life. Along about this time we begin to take on more manly poise, and really start to be men and women. It is also the time when we are placed upon our own resources, "that material in the form of knowledge and experience," to help us decide our walks of life. ? 31 Soon we shall separate and follow the many different roads of life. For some this road will be broad and well travelledg for others it may be a winding trail, but we hope whichever it is, it will lead to success. It will take some on through college or university, where we can obtain more tools and equipment to fight the battle to success, others IQ, will work their way into their places by filling the many openings of this day and age. Whatever we do, let us keep in mind the words of Stevenson: "To travel hopefully is better than to arrive, and the true success is to labor." No matter which we take, let's hope that when we reach our places in this world, we won't forget the old high school, where our journey was begun. "It's doing your job the best you can And being just to your fellow man, It's figuring how and learning why, And looking forward and thinking high, QQ, And dreaming a little and doing much, ' ,iff It's keeping always in' closest touch With what is finest in word and deed." RAYMOND HART. ' li fi L, l A KET it 23 J sp? .. f . ,rs .,r.x ,Val ,f.x .-,N ,,, -Y JL ,J uit N YI- xv- ,NJ 1. A , M. ,, v.. 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' - , . , 1, R, MARY MAKES A MISTAKE GERALDINE SICKLER Mary had a date, not the kind that comes from the land of palm and olive oils, but a genuine date that one makes over the telephone. However, this story wouldn't have hap- pened if Mary hadn't been possessed of a poor memory. Mary had another engagement that she had entirely forgotten when speaking to Bruce Wharton. When the fatal night came, Mary Went down the stairs as only acknowledged belles dare. She was confidently sure that she was very beautiful and that the night would be a success. She peeped through the half drawn curtains of the living room and saw Bruce Wharton, who had just returned from college. She sighed. Then something caught her attention at the other side of the room and she beheld Jack Gibbs, the inevitable "other man" she had forgot- ten in the excitement of seeing Bruce. This time, she groaned. The future looked very doubtful to Mary Cas the novelists sayj. I She was afraid to enter that dreaded room. Suddenly these two attractive young men had taken the appearance of greedy orges. She went back to her room, on the foolish pretext of getting her handkerchief. Another surprise awaited her, Celeste, her French maid, was still there, but a very different Celeste than she had left. There she stood guiltily in the middle of the room with Mary's new dancing frock on with the satin slippers to match. "I didn't mean anything," she gasped. "I regret, Madamoisellef' Mary stood staring at her stupidly. The girl was absolutely the most beautiful person she had ever seen, the old-rose frock enchanting her dark loveliness. Suddenly, a wild idea entered Mary's head, here was her salvation. Instead of listening to angry torrents of words, Celeste was surprised to hear Mary say: "Oh, Celeste, don't fail me. You're simply wonderful." Celeste listened further to Mary. "You are my friend just arrived from Paris. Don't understand American ways. Love American men. Vamp with your eyes, not your tongue. Don't talk much. If you fail me I'll have you fired." A little later, Mary entered the living room followed by a small, dark, little creature with sad, young-old eyes. "I meant to have it all a surprise." Mary smiled, as she introduced Celeste. "She just arrived from Paris and I wanted her all to myself before you romped away with my Parisian belle." Romped was the word, but it was Celeste that romped, not the men, nor even Mary. In five minutes, Celeste was calling the men her "great big lonesome boys." And they liked it. much to Mary's surprise and disgust. Mary might have been Biddy, the cook, for all the men knew or cared. "Let's go down to the club," Mary suggested dryly at length. Bruce came down to earth. It was he who was to have taken Mary to a dance at the club. Jack became Celeste's escort. Celeste wore Mary's ermine wrap. To Mary the evening was never ending, to Jack it was over too quickly. I Celeste became the rage at the club. Everybody was "big boy" or, "petite flapperf' Mary was admired about as much as a chaperon. The mystery of who she really was only added interest to the already famous foreigner. Jack begged to see her again, but she only smiled wisely and shook her head. Then he asked Mary, and Mary, not smiling so wisely, merely shook her head and said, "I'm going home. Is that definite?" "How wonderful she was," thought Jack. "What girl in all America could equal her." But she did not even turn in the doorway to bid him good-night. "You ought to try Zigfield Follies" snapped Mary, when they were inside the house. "I might," suggested Celeste, "only my husband and children might object." . .4 ,-, - , 1, A, ,gl A., .X .A ,. - ff,-F,. . - I I 11. Q .. 4. , ...V f w'r i:,- ,. '- ., ,4 ir -ii., .1 fr - ir' ,, 1. H 'YA xv V. , uk L i M ul ,X M M! . - M Y, B' -YA. I, J- W ,f K 3 i 1, I gym an yQ,l.,'l,mj k,.?ffu.ly1,,3'Afvwd1 'w"i'ca kylh ' - ' ,' ., ft. , . fu Aa i- . - w ' i A ' -fi If 1 '-v ' f ' f I ' "z x-A i lb"E:' -'A' Inf' 'SWL-,ll-,VL-I ,' ,,y. 59355 y,4.f'j'Xi4 N,J,J.3.i."'+.2glx211' plllfcq. ,Qjnfll,"X1:'g is if-ffi,li-I LJ ,Q -Q -, ag, .,1,V,qflifY,.fv,. ki lc' Af, -Um. A. -Nw. .11 .-I ff- A -' . ,. -V .f I , .' - ' , - v ,- - i .' - ' . - ' f 'Y 1 ,- A U" v lf'-'l li ff! f"' i f" i F'-' f'f ff" K ' , VA '!'Jf: ox' -If fl, HRV-'Q ftp '5-fft 116' 715 rx" I lxzm I 'Ax 'rx' I Q 'TAT' -N -,-,, l ul! . I 11- , 1, , A, ,f, 11 A i 1 , U 1 , A .., S . i ,.f - ,,f ,i,f f - A., -A.,.,, -.,..f,-n ,..,f -..,.,f :,,..,f HELEN OF TROY, OHIO Take any one of our several dictionaries in common use, and if you select the same one I did, and turn to the word, "money," you will find something like this-"gold, silver, or other metal, stamped by public authority, and used as a medium of exchange." But, gentle reader, that ain't the half of it. Money is something which has made and unmade slews of gentlemen, and others. It has kept Henry Ford out of the poorhouse, and, according to several, is gonna keep him out of the White House. The lure for lucre almost lost me my only means of sup- port, and also my best friend, Kid Conroy. And every time I think of that dirty Ed Allardyce -but, I'll give you all the dope, and you can see what you think of him. It's like this: Kid Conroy, which I spoke of before, has, under my management, developed into no less than light weight champion of the world! It has been a long grind to the champ's belt, and we ain't aiming to lose it right away, but as George Washington, or was it Mark Antony, was once heard to remark, "You never can tell." The trouble all starts when the Kid, boyish like, gets a girl, Helen Dell by name, and Helen, girlish like, is especially averse to box-fightinf Not that I dislike Helen. She's a nice girl, and is about enough of a knockout to make the average movie-actress feel as cheap as a dude in overalls at a Charity Ball, but too much attention can be shown any girl, and anyway they're all alike, and you know how that is. Well, anyhow, the Kid promises her that he'll quit the ring after one more fight-but that fight never-whoop, I'm getting to the end of my story too quick. They is two other guys which is lookin' at a shot at the lightweight title. Named in the order of their prominence, they are Battling Cook, who might better be known as Battling Crook, and Sailor Wilde. Well, Cook and Wilde have their melee, and Cook comes out on top. Hardly had Wilde come to, when I received a word from Cook's manager, Ed Allardyce, challenging my boy to a leather-pushin' duel, and guaranteein' us fifty thousand bucks, besides a five thousand dollar appearance forfeit. Now the average man has never seen fifty thousand dollars, and I'm average, so I accept the proposition before you could' say "Jack Robinson!" Everyone seems to be happy over the deal except Helen. She can't see it a'tall. Maybe a short description of Helen would fit in here. As I said before, she is some looker, and she could get through a fair-sized crowd without no push a'tall. She comes from Troy, Ohio, and is, at the present time, engaged in jerkin' sodas at a down-town drug store. Helen's a nice kid, too, but, somehow, it seems as though it is part of a woman's nature to abhor prize-fightinf The's another guy which thinks that Helen is pretty nice, also. His name's Jimmy Sutton, and he works down to the Sportin' Club. He naturally has a dislike for the Kid, but before we get through, you'll see that he was a darn big help to him. If you go to ten fights at your local fight club, I'd be willing to bet that nine of them would be draws, eight of which would be planned before hand. But title bouts ain't managed that way, and as the two boys for this match are pretty evenly balanced, it promises to be a battle royal. It probably would have been, too, if it had of came off. The fight is scheduled for 8:00 o'clock p. m., on Decoration Day-that was yesterday. Well, yesterday afternoon, the Kid goes down to the drug store to see Helen. He gets home about four o'clock and by six, he is so sick we have a doctor there. Needless to say, there wasn't no fight. Well, this morning, the Kid, who is all right now, and I are in my office trying to figure out what it's all about. I have just said for the fiftieth time, "Who could have doped you up that way?" when fair Helen walks in. "Well," she says, as cool as could be, "I did." I would have killed somebody, if I hadn't been too weak to move. The Kid just sits there and stares at her kind of dumb-like. Helen goes on to explain it all, and, while I can't give it like she did, the jist of it was this: . It seems that this Jimmy Sutton come in to Helen's store one night, he seems to feel that he's got to tell all his troubles to Helen, so during his conversation, he lets it out that Ed Allar- dyce has made an agreement with him to pull all the lights in the club at a certain signal. Vlfilde will be expectin' it, so when the champ confusedly drops his hands, he will be smacked cold. Helen feels that we wonit believe her if she does tell us, so she undertakes to stop the fight her- se . It also seems that sometime during his visit at the drug store, the Kid gets thirsty, so Helen gives him a glass of milk, which, she says, will do him good. It did! It had some kind of a drug in it which gave a pronounced feeling of nausea to the partaker for a short time. That's what it says on the box! Leave it to a woman. Well, I can hardly believe my ears, but it turns out that it's all true, and Sutton confesses. The Boxing Commission rules Wilde out of the ring forever, and gives us his forfeit. Summing up everything, we are still in possession of the title plus five thousand fish and our effort has been practically nothing, except a little headwork on the part of Helen, so, as they used to say until it became stale, "We should worry.'l I ,-Aff' 139 . 5. 5,1 729 . .A 4 r, ' f JN I'-5.2- ' A V, . ,2. fifr . 1 , 261 'if Qi "gif 2-2. .f-,Z-'J 'f 151 :,2' .,. , SZ sf ' , v - 1 52: If .fig-7 ' w 12 ,l ix,,.f g . T - 3 iifffg .121 fb? ,X- :., '3 54: 5 ' . fps,-1' f:5f- -'Q .-Q. Jig 4.4 .-Q. 1-,L . , fx, fi? Z fl 2? 'I " I KX- -f x. 21 - . Jqglg .sak- Mli-. Y, N ihsvfj Vi" 'flex' 45, 'i' "x 'R1-1F'aif'fiW1i? 3.22 gm rfl 1 is -Wir-N X-tvtl '1 .11 Z -ivt' -11 Fr : , '1111 FY wi 'A ,fix M FJ- ,,I, , Tx ".,iHf1i'f.- .' ?N'X7Q,4?irE14?fCf'il?fX Q45 fiqjf iiiviffn ,Bk 'ii'f1I"L 1-X 1-if lx Ti-'Vt T . f lists.. kmlleii .,, .arf .12 I1 W-. if 4139-. 11 '111 ..f. .1 N11 17' ll, 5' ,tl cl I", 41 dll' 1 KM, ,S 1,6 ll 'fix-71 A f 11 VJ If . ., ., .,.,, 1lg - I f' .73 1. Q? 11' 19 I 1' lf- Q 5' ig, 1. dip -'wha IL fi? 'fi I1 1 :P . ,. 'I "U ffl iii Ii li QL! 'A li " .ffm 11 l."J11 'TRU 1. ,f 15, .v-3, 1 1:1-1 11N r Tw' 41 fkaw I. ff? cf ii. 1 iii 4' llg 1, 'fi' xi F7 1,1 ,tx its ' 1 H53 11, W Q1 12129 f li I 1 f' Q If 771 LL' T4 aa lf 'lf' 1i6'INg bij.. 1 f 1 ffm llg"', WB I if 1 1123 DESTINY,S DUMBELLS HOWARD MCINTYRE I Rollo was the only son of Old Rollo Armitage, who controlled the market so completely that everythingibut Ford stock dropped at least five points if he happened to sneeze. In that case, Ford preferred advanced ten. We may, of course, assume that Armitage Sr. had sev- eral rubles to his credit in the National Trust Association, his own brain child. To speak frankly, Rollo Jr. was not on particularly good terms with the Old Man. A bone of contention had been dug up by his father months before, and they were still chewing at the wretched thing. Neither one of them would swallow it, so it bid fair to live a long life. Matters were thus: Old Rollo had received a Special Delivery one morning, which he read before the news- paper at the breakfast table. An unusual occurence for the king of the market. He spent many moments in thought over his grapefruit before noticing his hopeful sitting opposite, then he glanced at the young man and appeared to make a decision. "Rollo," he said firmly after clearing his throat in preparation for the utterance of some important message, "I wish to see you married!" The target of this unprecedented remark jerked convulsively, choked on his hot coffee, and coughed violently into his napkin. He looked at his parent with alarm. When he spoke his voice was strained with emotion-or hot coffee. "What an original idea, pater," he said with all seriousness. f'Do you know any more good ones?" Old Rollo was surprised. He had expected horrified objection, knowing well the nature of his son. This apparent acquiescence disarmed him. "Why-er. It really isn't my idea at all-that is," he sputtered aimlessly. "But I've been-er considering your marriage for quite some time. This missive here," indicating the letter, "was the-er agent of-ah determination on the subject-um." "Um," repeated Rollo. "What's that!" demanded his father observing him fruitlessly through his reading glasses. "Did you say something?" "Oh, no, I merely intimated that you might continue." "I'll continue when I get ready," snapped the Old Man. His aggressive business man- ner was returning. The only way to deal with this upstart son was to consider him a com- mercial inferior. "Now listen! In my hand," he held up the envelope, "I have a letter from an old friend in California. We made our starts together in the nineties, and later he took up the lumber trade. I took up steel. He is at present head of the Western State Lumber Com- pany, and is very successful. To be explicit, he must be worth thirty-five or forty millions. That would make a mighty nice addition to your patrimony when both he and I are gonef' He stopped and gazed expectantly at Rollo. That young man was puzzled. "How do you expect me to get it,,' he asked dubiously. "Does he carry it around in a hand bag?" Then light dawned through his active brain. "You must want me to marry his daughter! Is that it?" . "Your deductions are excellent," admitted Old Rollo with an attempt at irony. "I'd hardly expect you to marry his mother." "But what if I don't--I mean what if the girl doesn't want me?" His voice was hopeful. "You needn't worry, Joe Branch is not the man to be moved by the wishes of a wilful girl. Besides. why shouldn't she marry you? I've seen many worse looking boys than you." It was a doubtful compliment. U Rollo figeted. "I-darnit dad, maybe I'd rather pick my own wife. Besides," he grasped wildly for a raft, "she might stop a clock even if I don't. You wouldn't wish a woman off on me if she looked like an Igorotf, . Old Rollo brought his fist down on the table with emphasis. .The Jar upset the cream. summoned a frightened maid to the door, and startled a canary, quietly sleeping in his cage in the conservatory, into a wild burst of song. ' . "You'll do just as I say!" roared the Old Man. "I've had more experience than you in such matters-ah, that is. Ah-my judgment is more mature than yours," he finished lamely. "As far as her looks are concerned," he continued, "I don't think she's bad." He handed Rollo a small photograph which had accompanied the letter. H 0 It was a snapshot of what at first appeared to be a beautiful sport sedan. On closer in- spection a girl was discernable. Her hair, blowing freely in the wind seemed to be bobbed. Although her head was thrust out of a window, the picture was far too tiny to do either credit or discredit to the damsel he was scheduled to marry. V, ,141 .5 ' . , . ' 1 . i 1, Eff? iff. 1, Y, Tim 11 1 M1114 1 N Y, fm 1' . 1 ' A , .1 4,1 1 4 ,.f.B'1 ,v Q 1 S'b+k'4a3,lL':-als vll.?+?141f ..iw.f1N.f1 ., , , ,- ,. H, -,,,. , , ,,, r. ,N .. ., - . ., . ., . . . , . 4, , .. . . , X' rw: 'rwf ya 4 ff' -I f -.' f -. ' f. ' -.' A V -- ' ff! I ,rv f rv f fr-.f -A l2,'L-Mfiff nt Glyx ,1,M.fl,VZx.i.!ft FQ'7yKQ'f.l,fM,ff'-ADV,fff',','f' fr',1,fNfq",l, 'N f .-,FL Q M, Fi , 1, U-fr ,1,!N -v Li' I. xl' ,fy 1. ,Ii lyxlml, fn-avi ll., 17.4 . v.,! . 1, 1 ,.1f I,,V1,A ,V ,Y , ,I xl- Rollo was disgusted with the world and its ways. He tossed the photograph across the table to his irate father. "When I marry," he delivered his shot dramatically, "it will be the woman I love!" He stalked tragically from the room, leaving Old Rollo staring at him in amazement, tinged with admiration. Times immemorable the subject was broached, even after this outburst. The Old Man was determined to have his way. He threatened on several occasions to disinherit his son, but some latent instinct in his being told him that Rollo needed tactful handling. Following this situation, he allowed the discussion to drop for awhile, but the government was kept busy carry- ing mail between New York and California. I At clast he re-introduced it when he and Rollo were dining at the club to which they both be onge . - A "Joe Branch and his daughter will be here in a few days," he announced easily. "Clara -that's the gir1's name-thinks, that Joe's coming on a business trip, which he is, in a way." He held up a telegram. "They're already started," he complted. Mr. Armitage was very well pleased with himself. His son finished his dinner, carefully laid down his napkin, and arose to leave. He was very calm. "I won't have a thing to do with them" he stated quietly, and left the room. Mr. Armitage shrugged his shoulders, fully believing that the young man would change his mind when he had to. Rollo called a taxi and went to New York's Chinatown, then popular with the "Four Hundred," with the determined intent of burying his sorrows in dance and song. He didn't care for intoxicating beverages, so it was impossible for him to drown his woes, he at last decided to smoke them out with opium. Unknown to the police of the metropolis, to whom it must be admitted much is known, was a drug den in the musty cellar of Chinee Charlie's Jazz Palace. To this haven of vice Rollo was conducted by a wary, squint-eyed. unemotional old Chink, a student of human nature to his yellow core. To many of the applicants for an opium stall this guarded Oriental turned a bland, saffron countenance with the time-worn words: "No got!" Others more for- tunate-or unfortunate, as you please-whom he believed desirous enough of the to keep secret its origin, he admitted. led them through a secret panel in a private room, down a dirty rat infested passagewav, and into the isolated den. There is little need to dwell upon Rollo's only sowing of wild oats. Sufficient to say that he .reaped a splitting headache and a deadened mental system, and was entirely devoid of logical reason when he left an hour later. i In the first place, his stomach felt strange. Not more than a week previous he had seen in the New York Globe. an advertisement embellished with the picture of a very stout man, who appeared to be calling his dog. That perverse little animal was sitting happily under the shelter of the fat man's abdomen, but of this fact his master was supposed to be entirely igno- rant until he reduced by taking Fish's Fatoff Capsules. To return to Rollo's stomach. figura- tively speaking, that organ of digestion seemed as huge as the one in the patent medicine ad. He glanced cautiouslv down at his feet. Yes-s-s. he could have seen his dog had he been there, because he could distinguish his toes as it was. I mean Rollo's toes. He could have seen old Ruff anyway, since he was an unusually big Newfoundland. ' His head was also out of joint. It was as heavv as lead and wouldn't balance on his shoulders. As a cap to his difficulties, when he looked at one lamp post he saw two. And he usually tried to hang onto the wrong one. He lurched down this street and that, finallv reaching the swarming heart of the city. To the eves of the curious passers-by he was stupidly drunk. He realized one fact in a dim, unreal way. No self-respecting girl would care to marry a man locked up for drunkenness. And he was glad. But as usual when wanted, not a policeman was near, even when a victim was all set for a ride in the "Wagon" So Rollo meandered on. I Suddenly he was seized with a tremendous desire to sleep. The potent opium was numb- ing his faculties. Near him at the curb was parked a large enclosed motor car, empty. Even the chauifeur was absent, so Rollo straightened his hat and sauntered almost elegantly to the machine, opened the door to the back seat, pulled down every curtain, and stretched out luxuri- ously on the soft cushions. II When he awoke, his return from dreamland was punctuated by a series of violent jerks. Apparently the motor car was in motion. Rollo, still dopey, was undecided as to what course he should take, so he remained quiet. From where he lay, by twisting his neck, he obtained a line view of the occupants of the front seat. The dome lights were not switched on, so the two Dersons there had probably overlooked his presence. He could see them plainly, a man whose face he did not like, and a girl whose face he did like, by the rays of the dash lamp. In spite .of a terrific headache Rollo was able to appreciate the beauty of the girl. He lay still, know- ing that silence only would save him from discovery. in - x .lux Lil. dart., ix Xllmul. xii . 'Fl pa. ., ww! ., . ii ., nl .rl . i . Q I p Yf'CrkMill.Y4fferrl.f?1TSCMliz'54kiti.lL'.F+'.iS'?l .1543-' T Tilvl E+-X9 Eff-ll T52-.-lvl '-L.'?Q',TVbf'f"""v?.?Ji1b-1k- ",'1,:rg3l'F-rfTh11?L- -x41 iv-'4-'ivy' v-vlwffd QV: -31 Q ,lx ., , L, ,N r V E xi t "'-' 1' - cl 1' - Y ' .1"3'i1"'iN ff-.' '.,' Cfv"aQiW.s.iil. i-iz? .?E."lfi? 'Egfr Q' we l D - if Fr' ll' 1. 1- 'sf 'IN fi xp ., U, it VKY--' l!', rj? 44 tr 15:1 lkf it -Z1 11,11 li- fi: Van . 1, ., li V -QL: l ' 3 is 2 I ni 1, 1, .xg ll Qi: 71 PK-N Ili C EV" I1 'S' - , 1 I 5' If I 1: 19 ...J MCS H A ff I- fri , it I' l ' r 1 .1- 1' 1 1 5, 1, 91 lr 'W If ,,1 1,1 l A in 3. if. 'i 4' i 11 . ,1. 1.2 T' 41 gil G1 'Mi The girl spoke. She had a nice voice, Rollo thought. How much longer will lt take?" she asked impatiently. "We've been gone over five hours as It is. From which the rear seat listener deducted that the time was anywhere from one o'clock to dawn. It had been near eight when he entered the car. Hm-m. Five hours of riding at at 193513 forty miles an hour. He must be two hundred miles distant from New York. The man at the wheel replied. His voice was not nice. It was more of a snarl. Dont worry, he answered. "It will be another hour at least." The girl stared at the driver, suspicion on her face. Rollo liked her profile. Her hair seemed to be black ordark brown. He was prepared to bet that Clara was a blond. She turned to her companion. "That bfldgeln She cried in dismay. "You aren't taking me to Buffalo at all. We're almost north to Lake Champlain. I was here last summer." He laughed unpleasantly. "Not much need of pretending now, is there?" he asked. "You know you wouldn't marry me last week when I asked you, so now you'll have to." nantfg,Then you lied when you said that father was hurt at Buffalo?" she demanded indig- "He may be in New York at this minute," and he chuckled coarsely. A strange voice interrupted his chuckle. Rollo was very angry at the man's brutal treat- ment of the girl. his fJAnd you'd better be there in another five hours," he threatened. He forgot himself in ry. The dr1ver's face went white. He whirled about in nervous haste, his hands leaving the wheel.. The girl turned on the lights and looked at Rollo. The unguided car, going nearly fifty miles an hour, left the road, and shot into the river. Rollo worked faster than at any time previous in his life. He reached f'or the girl, dragged her across the intervening seat, and almost before the car sank filled with water, opened the door in some manner, and fought his way to the surface, still holding the girl with one arm.. He obllgingly left the door open for Rath to leave by, but that gentleman was never seen again. The water was cold, but the current slow, and he easily swam the few yards to the shore. A footpath led to the road, and he struggled up with his burden. The girl stirred in his arms, and he laid her down by the roadside, covering her with his coat, which even if water-soaked provided some protection. The night was bright, and by the big, yellow moon, Rollo saw her eyes slowly open. When she found him bending over her she was terrified. "Rath!" she cried. But on sitting up she realized her mistake. "Are you the man who was in the back seat?" she inquired, her teeth chattering from cold and fright. "Yes," replied Rollo shortly. "But do you feel well enough to walk?" he asked. "If you do you can keep much warmer. We've simply got to find shelter." She agreed so he helped her to her feet, and with one arm around her, they started down the road. It was truly a wild country. The improved stone highway, a state trunk line, seemed entirely out of place in the wilderness. Large pine trees bordered the road on either side. A wooded stretch extended to the right. For perhaps an hour and a half they travelled along the hard stone road. The air was warm, and they were soon fairly comfortable, though their wet clothing was inconvenient. At length they came to a little farm house, resting in a well cleared area. Not a light shone from its windows. Rollo hesitated when he reached the door. . "What shall I do," he complained. "It doesn't look right for us to be together as late as this. What time have you got, my watch has stopped." She bent her gaze on her time piece. The hands pointed to quarter past two. "And it's stopped,too," she said holding the delicate piece of workmanship to her ear. "We've been walking over an hour, if I'm any guesserf' "I can tell 'em we're brother and sister,-or else married." She colored. "I believe that I'll pass as your sister. No one knows us here." "Very well." And he rapped sharply on the door. A minute or two passed before a man answered the summons. He carried a shot gun, and his suspicion was obvious. .t "Well what 'dyou want," he croaked, his eyes shifting from one to the other of his vis- 1 ors. Rollo recounted their experience. "May we stay here until morning?" he inquired. "I can telegraph then. How far is the nearest town?" There was a touch of pessimism in his last question. He jerked his thumb in that direction. "Are ya "Durham Corners is five miles north." sure this girl's yer sister," he growled, with a gimlet like stare at the object of discussion. "Why certainly she is, aren't you-uh-Clara," rejoined Rollo indignantly, but with some confusion. "Of course she's my sister. The idea!" H ERR, 'f15,:f,ijff2 "i'1f,,1j,f'si'iif,i-'cg-1,7fa .r'S1jf1f.. Q 1. 5.71. X ta Q , if. I " 1- 1-H A 14 .- if-I if-I - fic: 'cfff'-., -il".FA.v"i'jJli1i1',:i:'A.fT5ky-All.x?A.":f"4bi1'-s.Jd.'lX'A rw-hui , . ,,- , XfK f ,f" ,' TY, 9 ' ,f ' I x ' , . . ' 11. -1 1 . 'f "Well you needn't git huffy," returned the farmer unbending a trifle. "Folks can't be too keerful of their reppitations. I guess I kin fix you up." For the remainder of the morning till seven o'clock the girl slept in a bedroom upstairs, while Rollo had an old couch in the dining room. Their host seemed to trust him with the family silver at any rate. When the clock struck a tinny seven, the wife of the farmer woke him. "Jed's goin' to Durham's," she informed him, Han' if you want to tellygraph, you kin ride with him." She appeared to be a kind, motherly little woman. 'Tm bakin'," she continued, "an can't get you a reg'lar meal, but there's some milk an' coiee, an' some cold ham on the table there. You'dbetter eat before you go. Yer sister, Clary, was sleepin' so nice it was a pity to Wake her up, so I left her sleep." Rollo was disappointed. He was anxious to see the girl once more. He almost fancied that he was in love with her. Well, he could wait. He thanked the old lady, and was finished eating, when a tremendous rattling sounded outside the door. He seized his hat and coat which were now dry, and hurried out. Jed was sitting in an old Ford, of some ten years of age, judging from appearances. It quivered from radiator cap to tail light. "Morning,," sallied the tiller of the soil, somehow less formidable when seen by daylight. "Thought I might as well give yuh a lift, sence I was goin' anyhow!" Rollo returned the greeting, and thanked him for his consideration. It most certainly would be more pleasant to ride the five miles, for the sun was already hot enough to be dis- agreeable. The car, though old and decrepit as it was, covered the ground with surprising agility, reaching the settlement in shortly under fifteen minutes. He found his way to the diminutive telegraph station with no difficulty, and handed to the operator an envelope containing the message which the girl wished sent. She seemed to be afraid that he might forget a verbal message, so the night before-or to be exact, earlier in the morning-she had given him the envelope. It was nearly two hours later that the reply came. Jed had completed the deal which brought him to town, and was waiting, so they returned. It was after ten o'clock when the farm was reached. The girl looked prettier than ever in the sunlight as she read the answer- ing wire. , , . ' "Father will be here as soon as he can, by motor," she exclaimed. "It will be late this afternoon, though." Rollo was nothing loath to spend the afternoon in her company. She called him Ted. He called her Clara, the name of the only girl with whom he had ever been involved, and whom he had never seen. After viewing all of the live-stock. especially the clumsy gambols of a small calf, she announced her intention of picking wild flowers. They crossed a pasture to the woods by which they had passed after their thrilling ex- perience that morning. Flowers were very much in evidence, and they spent a long time gath- ering Mayflowers and violets. Her eyes, he discovered, were the exact shade of the most purple violet. "Do you know," she said suddenly, "I could live forever under these blue skies and big trees. And this clear country air-l" "Marry me and you can," he repliedjust as suddenly. His utterance, almost unconscious was most startling. The girl gave him a quick glance. and blushed. But she was not offended. "I couldn't, anyway," she retorted with a laugh. "I'm a confirmed man hater. But don't you think we'd better go?" Rollo certainly did not want to go, but he couldn't think of remaining against her wishes, so he agreed. When they came to the farmhouse some time after, it was nearing four o'clock. They had not waited long before a car, dusty from travel, drove up to the gate. In the tonneau sat Mr. Armitage and a strange man of about his age. "Dad!" cried Rollo, almost stunned with amazement. ' "Father!" exclaimed the girl eagerly. "Then you're Rollo," she accused in surprise. "And-for the love of Mike-, you must be Clara!" he countered, more befuddled than ever. Explanations were in order, and the newly discovered Clara was a logical candidate. She undertook the task. "We reached New York sooner than we expected," she began. "That is, Jim, the chauf- feur, Mr. Rath, and I did. Father stopped at Buffalo on business. VVe left him there yester- day morning, and 211'1'lV9d at New York about this time in the afternoon. Jim took me to the hotel, and Mr. Rath went somewhere else. At about nine last night he came to the hotel and ., R ., X . N , N . Ta Ti 'N '1 V ' 1 .l3Jl'LY9-4. 1 feg,.f 'y..x.P 1 . 4 - V wa- filtlf if It 1 MW 1 I" "fl 115 Elqf if I sill lf yi: lf ,1 WJ' 11, 'fg 1, V1 ' t tl .rf1G It ff. W3 I 3' C' . v. - llc J ' N W1 1 ,., 3, 1 ' ti , r. 1 1 1, dl 1 f, 11,11 ll, if 'S V . 1 W WI- ll' 1, 1. 15 ,JA 1A..1' Nl 11, 'td . f ll "D ll , rf , ,J 'V I Qi WI' 4 ML Q, ll 222 15 I ff, , 1:51 - J . if J E N ry ffl 'f -1135 me 111 W ,F 5 f- jN 1 dll 1 12? ly? 1,15 gk " ,U 1' ffl k11.'11? lm MD 1 1f 11 1 ff sri I f ll 17, '17, 1 if I J Ft, J rf. .,1.- -.111 .1- 1.11 .V -wwf fi -1.11 V -11'- -11 ,1 f 1 1, 1 1 'ffl 1 wwf ff A 1 f 1' - ' fi uv?vf5y11eff,f?Wggg11fff1.'Fg+-J11r-in I-EVM lt I 1 ,391 11- ,, 511 ,, -M I-, ,. W1 l'1l', ,1 1:1 111, ,161 . told me that he had received news of an injury to father at Buffalo. He must have sent Jim on an errand, for he wasn't in the car, and Rath drove it. He pretended to go to Buffalo, but he came Way up here, intending, as he said, to make me marry him." She then told of Rollo's appearance on the scene, disastrous to Rath, and almost so for them, and as much as she knew of her rescue. "But how in the world did you happen to be in the car?" demanded Rollo's father sus- piciously of his shame-faced son. "Oh I had an attack of-er, dizziness, and I got in to rest. I must have fallen asleep." There was an obvious limp in his story. Rollo turned to Clara: "So we were supposed to marry each other all the time." She nodded. "Well, I'll be-" , "Your husband," he finished. For the next few moments Old Rollo, Mr. Branch, and the driver, concentrated on the beautiful scenery across the river. '11 ' ",1 1-1 1' '111 11. R' lil, 11 -T11 '1 it f 11,5 4. 1 '11, -1112. f 1111,-1, 1 , leg, X'y'-BTW-'hx 5 lex' it N --fl A il ' , , , . X , ., ,. . ., , f .J Qf. ,If , ,ff Y, ,X 1-7. 5.1 'rf-.xi Tv, ,',.AfgN: ep. IT DOESN'T LAST . VIOLA SCHURRY Tr' h "Well, I'm through with them, that's all that's to it. I hate the sight of every one of t em." f .. "That's the spirit, Ethel, that's the stuff. Our club will progress fast if we continue in ggy that spirit." Joyce and Ethel were seated on the davenport in their apartment. Their plans for the 'g - I Manhater's Club were becoming more and more complete. J' ,, , "Well, Joyce, since you started this, you must be president." "All right, I will be president. Do you suppose Alice will agree with us?" f 'YI "Yes, I think she will. She was grumbling the other night about the conceit of men." " ' "Here she is now. Hello Al, you're just in time. We are discussing a club to rid ourselves, once and for all, of those contemptible, disgusting, loathing creatures, called men." "Whew, that sounds good. I'm with you, girls. I am positively sick at the thought of I having some man come up and make himself a nuisance. Where's Aunty?" 3 . "She' gone to the store. Come on, I told her we would start supper." If Joyce, Ethel, and Alice worked in that large city, Detroit. Joyce was stenographer at the Gray Motor Companyg Ethel bookkeeper at Hudson's, and Alice librarian. They rented a very homelike apartment and Alice's Aunt Ella kept house for them. She was Aunt to all of them ,gli now. After supper was over, Aunt Ella washed the dishes in the little kitchenette and the girls flocked to the living room for further discussion. "You know," Alice started, "last night, Bob and?I went to the theatre, and Harry Lincoln ,Pkg sat on the opposite side of me. Bob always was jealous and when I started talking to Harry, he simply saw red. I got mad at his ravings on the way home and told him I was through." t "Alice, I congratulate you," said Joyce, "you acted very independent as all women should 'Q ac ." 37 - "Come on, girls, I'll summarize this," Ethel joined in, "from now on we have nothing to ,T do with men. We all have stated our hatred for the beasts and now we will live up to it." .1 "Fine, fine," cried both of the other girls. So they talked on and on. Many plans were brought up and many rejected. Finally, they C4- decided to be very cold and formal if they chanced to meet any man, to decline all invitations for parties, and to rid their minds, altogether, of this once absorbing topic. Even the Inter- fraternity masquerade ball was not to be favored with their presence. In this way, a month passed with the big event, the masquerade, drawing closer and closer. ,."I The subject was never mentioned among the three girls, although deep in the bottom of each l, ' gir1's heart was a longing to go. Joyce was seated at her desk in the Gray Motor's office busily typing, when the phone, QQ on her desk, jangled angrily. With an annoying frown, Joyce picked up the receiver and answered, "Gray Motor Company." 1 "Hello, Joyce," answered an eager voice, "how are you? Haven't seen you in ages. May ,QS I take you to the masquerade?" "Why, why, a, thanks Stan, I, I'l1 go." Joyce turned back to her work in a whirl of excitement. Almost instantly, the thought of ,pp the Manhater's Club rushed back. "What shall I tell the girls? They won't know it, I'll make Jig iinmetching up." She Hew around to buy a costume and decided to dress as the "Queen of ea s. .- A On the night of the masquerade, Joyce was in her room dressing. "Funny," she reflected, gg! "but lucky for me, that both girls and Aunty should be going out and all to different places." ' The hall of the Board of Commerce was brightly illuminated. Gay, sprightly, grotesque. objects fiuttered to and fro. From one of the corners came the jazzy strains of "Lovin' Sam." Here one could see the "Spirit of '76" dancing with the "Flapper of 1923," Boy Blue grace- fully waltzing with Cinderella in his arms, the "Queen of Hearts" fluttering around on the arm of "Old Father Time." At twelve o'clock the command came from the balcony: "All masks off." The hand of T123 the "Queen of Hearts" fluttered. What if someone should recognize her and tell the girls. if Bravely, though, she took off her mask and turning around saw "Old Mother Hubbard" to be H no one else than Alice. Both girls stared, then giggled hysterically, and rushed for the dress- "I, , ing room where they found Cupid, no one else than Ethel, rearranging her hair. All three ig- girgs gasped, and then with many explanations and much giggling and gushing all stories were jfij o . - "Well, anyway," Alice said, "I'm having a wonderful time, and Bob isn't so bad after Q43 all." Q-39 , L. - Lf 1' . 1 L A Tas ','-' ' BBQ A A ff'-X11 TW-X--". 'F'.3v7g fwf- A i .1, , SEA TALES JOHN H. LOVETTE One dark and misty afternoon in September, 1914, I was standing my watch in the crows- nest of H. -M. S. Cressy, a battle cruiser. Together with three other men similarly employed, Wlth mY lO1H0CU12i1'S glued to my eyes, I was watching for the enemy submarines which might at any moment appear, for we were well inside of their cruising radius from Heligoland. Far ahead and Just in sight from our position, were three vessels of the German North Sea fleet, sdmoketpouring from their funnels, and racing madly for the protection of Heligoland, 250 miles is an . A little to port of us and gradually drawing alongside, was the super-dreadnaught, Lion, one of the most recent additions to our navy, and the pride of the fleet. She had been the last to take up the chase, but now was about to become the leader. We had been slowly closing UPOH the fleeing vessels, but. when the Lion appeared, we knew that her superior speed and armament would take her within range of the enemy long before we could hope to get within range, and we were glad of it, for we were getting perilously close to Heligoland. Then the Lion drew alongside -and as she passed us we gave her a rousing cheer. Twice we had tried to reach the enemy with our nine inch rifles, but both times the shells had fallen short, for the distance was too great. Each time they had returned the fire, but their shells had also fallen short, and we concluded that their armament was the same as our own. Presently, however, the four great guns in the forward turrets of the Lion belched forth a cloud of smoke, and four agents of destruction winged their screaming way toward the enemy. Through .my glasses I could see the last ship quite plainly. Two of the shells were direct hits. One. carried away both funnels, and the other exploded on deck. I could almost imagine the terrible havoc it had wrought there, the screaming of the men it had wounded, and the great hole it had torn in the deck. In a few minutes, a sheet of'flame and smoke once more poured forth from the muzzles of the.L1on's four bow turret guns, and four more twelve inch shells were sped to their target. This time, not a shell went wide, a sheet of flame and smoke enveloped the stern of the rear- most ship, and she immediately began to slow down. It took us about twenty minutes to reach her, .but before we got there, she had sunk by the stern, and we lowered boats to pick up the survivors. The Lion had gone on in chase of the other two vessels, but they were faster and made good their escape. The Lion then returned, and we started back to our base. All the time, a cordon of destroyers had kept on the flanks of our little fleet, there being two other vessels whose slower speed had caused them to fall astern, to protect the battleships in case of submarine attack. Suddenly, about five hundred yards to port of the Lion, a great column of water rose from the sea, and almost simultaneously, several of the small guns of the starboard battery of the Lion began to blaze away at some target which we could not make out. At once, two of the destroyers turned and raced toward the spot where the shells from the Lion were plunging into the sea, and opened fire on the submarine which we now knew to be there, with their own four inch bow guns. There is a great deal of difference between shooting from the dipping and plunging deck of a destroyer and from the deck of a comparatively immobile dreadnaught, and a four inch tube is not the easiest of targets to hit, but although the Lion stopped, the destroyers continued firing. Soon, however, they stopped and cruised more slowly about a spot which I could see looked oily. They then returned and reported by wireless that they had shot away the peri- scope of the submarine and that immediately afterward, oil and wreckage had appeared on the surface. We were almost certain that the U-boat would never be seen again. Two days after returning to our base, in company with the Aboukir, a ship of our own class, we were again assigned to patrol duty near the region where we had the interesting encounter with the enemy a few days before. About four o'clock in the afternoon of the second day on the patrol, I was standing on the starboard deck with several other men off watch, when suddenly the deck seemed to rise from beneath our feet and we were hurled several feet by the force of the explosion of a torpedo amidships, not more than twenty feet from where I had been standing. Well, I didn't know any more until I came to in a whaleboat after the ship had sunk. My head still rang from the blow I had received in colliding with an iron deck house, but otherwise I was all right. I soon learned that the Cressy had sunk in twelve minutes after the torpedo hit us, and that the crew had barely had time to take to the boats before she turned over and sank. The Aboukir, following instructions that had been given after two vessels had been sunk in succoring a torpedo-crippled mate, turned tail and fled upon the first intimation that a sub- marine was in the vicinity. We were left in an open boat, without food and water, with four badly wounded men, 400 miles from our base and 300 miles from the nearest land, and that land the German base of Heligoland. The situation wasn't very inviting, but there were stout hearts in that crew and they all took our predicament as a matter of course, but it was hard to see the four poor fellows who i,' ' '--y X. . I ' I., , Y m I , Na - gy.. i I 1' W. V "lf V' V ff ' f rw' 'f ' ev-." ' "1-1' " -." '-," 'f' 'ff' 1" 1 i 1 'ri f 'tv f me 'rf f'?-fs f'?3m' F., -1172 ' f f 'N , , .f ,ff 'Y . ir , ,HMJQ3 had been wounded, suffer from the salt water in their wounds and have no way to help them. We had hard work in keep ing one of them in the boat when he discovered our predicament, but the worst of it was that we knew that we were probably saving him for a more horrible death a few days later if we were not picked up soon. Then to the amazement of everyone, a little round tube stuck its end up out of the water not more than four hundred yards from us. A conning tower appeared, and in a moment, a British submarine was rolling gently in the swells with its deck not quite awash. We all cheered madly when an officer stepped out of the conning tower and told us to hurry aboard. The wounded were taken into the submarine firstg and then we abandoned the whaleboat and started back to our base by the under-sea route. mmwl ll l l llll lll l w Q l'-. . 5 . .mx Q! ' MEMQM- fzsv W S .1-fillifl u 'VVV ill'-79'3iQf,'ffll'-'V'f , ,..- " fs " 1 1.'-'-L, 1 at 1 -':a fr .'-i I. Eh -,,,,. hd .A4,V.., , 5 ' WlflmuI,,lll'l'II1fIIl wlug -J gklllgllllllllllllllllllllll Nw VFR 'll 4 ' S i a 5 'Z ' I K v ' ' 1, ' " '- "l - , "' W . r - Y' . K -. .- 'Q ' , .i V 1 Q a V 1 'a ': in ' I1 ' 7 xfff Q' 1 , , .fl . fu .,f-Y .NX JC I -JJ KY' 'FZ 'i Ig! J, . I -' 4 12 l P 1 J 'T 2 if V 1 file Wg? 121 i Q Tl 525 1 A l 2, 134 If " 1 . '2 .f , A3 T ff Qs .-Q i , N , .-Q . . Y R 'F 7,21 .-Q, .wxga if fa 5- . . fi fir -Vx N!- ' 4 ,' ,sud 7.4-X5 'A21 , X 9 ' Y x24 X, ii J wifi 5333 'Tl 1? .xx , M sq 1- 'PHS-'l flaw? 'Bak-'Y Terk!-fi 'kekfl E-Sw' Bb? 32.7812 ' fnsifa, ki url! 4.3, Xi if-1 kv ,dxf Q ' A f 'grfli li.-fi il M uvi ll, , ,ii 1 i .D iii ai 25.55 mi i M li AJ 3 lx ,. .L 151 ng lim 1 if i ,. ,, up ' '51 im, lik 4 , i ini 1,"' 27 ' ffl-! ie- i --.i Ml rf -95 "A+ ll in ll I ffm ff ii? ., will Q 4, i.-.4 i 5' .9 is .i f J 1. WW? ll I iff? lava! l ' wp! QM MH.. tg! ff' i , ' bill, ,, of lflif Jie' F' 7,1 galil ,, ,Q figs? kc!!! A J AFX! 4 . , 5 ll K-if dl l "lil ' ' 'ii J ,f 1,4 THE YELLOW ROBE BRUCE FAYERWEATHER, '25 It was a dark, murky night, and through the length and breadth of Pell Street pedestrians were few. In fact, all but a few of the Orientals were resting in their homes after the toil of the day. However, several stooped figures scurried along over the clammy pavements, shield- ing their bodies as best they could from the shifting banks of fog which drifted through the eavy air. Although this quarter of Chinatown seemed deserted, down in Sen Fu's gambling house and general assembly hall the scum of the yellow population was gathered preparatory to the ceremony of the monthly tribunals over which Hsu Lee was to preside in judgment of the latest offender of the Buddhist laws. ' Among the many prisoners were several murderers, members of a once powerful but now nearly extinct organization which had been a source of profit to its members. These men were often unscrupulous and savage, and would stop at nothing to further their own ends. Thus the trying of 'these malefactors was a source of interest for all the celestial population. Young Sing Lee stood near the door of the inner chamber, glancing with narrowed eyelids over the seething whirlpool of Orientals. His was not the errand of the ordinary street loafer, the crane of excitement, but the love of his father who, as chief of the San Tsingtong, was to sit as tribune of this court. To the casual observer, there appeared to be no danger in holding this office, but to one who knew the changeable character of the mass of spectators here gath- ered, it assumed great importance. He started as a man brushed by him dressed in the ancient garb of his father's tong. "Who was this man? Why was he leaving the council chamber at this time? Surely not San Tsing," he thought to himself. "But where had he found his robe of which there were only three in the possession of the tong?" He pondered upon this matter for a few minutes and then dismissed it from his mind, for the crier was announcing the opening of the court. "ln two minutes from this time let every man be silent in honor and respect of our great judge, Hsu Lee, who will preside over this, the most high seat of the will of the Dragon in America," he shouted and disappeared. - A long wavering cry rang, over, above, and through the din of the assembled crowd. A hush, and again it shrilled quavering, echoing from every corner of the room. Then another man appeared upon the dais and waving his arms, shrieked to the assembly: "Away and avenge! While we have delayed, an escaping prisoner has taken the life of one of our greatest friends, Hsu Lee. Away, ye Sons of Buddha, and avenge!" First murmuring, rumbling, and at last thundering, as the full meaning of their loss broke upon their minds, with a bound as one man the assemblage crowded from the room, leaving Sing standing bewildered and dumb, stunned by the news he had just heard. With a strangled sob the truth of what had happened fell upon him and he staggered a few feet and fell claw- ing at the floor like a man in mortal agony. And indeed he was, for to him his father had been as his own body and soul. Suddenly he sprang to his feet. He had remembered the man's yellow spotted robe identi- cal with his father's. With a dash he turned and hastened to the inner room where his father's retainers stood sorrowing by the side of their loved master. He gently turned down the cov- ering from his fatheris body. It was as he had guessed, the robe had been removed. He turned to where the tongsmen stood regarding him with beady eyes dimmed with sorrow. "Men," he said, "leave one of your number with my poor father and the rest of you come with me." The men sorrowfully obeyed, and soon followed by his small band, he was threading the dark and crooked alleys of Chinatown, searching for the murderer of his father. Handicapped by the fact that there were so few people on the streets, he had some trouble in tracing the stranger, but always was able to find some person who had noticed his yellow garments. On- ward they struggled through the slimy, offal-filled byways, often losing courage but always strengthened to their purpose by the thought of the still form lying behind them, its magnificent spirit broken, and its spark of life forever fled. At last after hours of wandering, they lost the trail near a small secluded temple, where exhausted after the night's exertion, the little band decided to rest. Coming upon the temple by an old and unused route, Sing stumbled over a form in the semi-darkness..He at first thought it one of the many beggars who filled the streets, but as the figure made no move or cry, he stooped and peered at the features of the midnight sleeper. He drew backward with a little cry, for it was the body of the temple priest. After a moment's hesitationihe again bent over the body of the old man. Was life enclosed within that wasted form?. His eyelids moved, he opened his eyes and stared, and then in a tone that was more of a whisper than speech said, "Yellow robe," and died. Sing stood for a moment gazing upon him and pondering his words, then with a sigh laid the old priest gently down upon the ground. As he did so,. he noticed a spot of red upon the old man's shrunken chest. He touched it and drawing up his fingers saw, in the fast increasing light, that it was blood. "The trail of the murderer! he gasped. His men 1? KQHQ-:u1L' ,,r 'fy' ,H 4. ,,, .J vi-if ,Q 1 - KF L1 , ,if',.'fi, Q ,VT 'f .fi 4 ., . i'b-.MiliTe.,,,-',.-ai ,ir-if mf? '-v fn , r' gl' V. , V' 1-1 if"-A "K, "-. rx L", 9 Q" px 1 B lj n?'..4 gf 4 - ,,'rX4 Q , ,' ' ' 1 L V V ,Al g 1 .H .Ll ,A Y f gathered around him and stared at the figure ofthe old man who now lay on his side as if in a peaceful sleep. Sing wasted no more time but ran as quietly as possible to the door of the temple where he saw crouched in a far corner a figure in a yellow robe. Sing drew his dagger and advanced slowly towards the huddled object. He grasped the man's shoulder and jerked him to his feet only to have him crumple into a heap again. He 'Burned him roughly over, saw the glassy eyes and wounded side and threw him back to the oor. Too late for vengeance, and again the mourner, Sing turned to the altar where the ever- burning joss sticks sent up their spirals of pungent, blue smoke, and prayed. Then rising, dry-eyed and with an emotionless face, he called to his men and went forth into the dawn. 2, W I ""1 .zew J FL, 1 mf 06 '21 v-'.i ."'1 -' --1 - ' -' - f'X"'f As, wx x x in wg x 1-. fs. -futxfir fwfvl 'F-,-R3 Fkf frtfxff. 'FAX' R .. Y Lf, 4f-4-.1154 14. .4M1.,,i tfllsv "ft'f".,f AU' "- Hf"4,.p"7"- " f if' 'L q Q " Pl, -. f 1. ,f xl iffy, 4f,:'x'g,f5Jl QJX lf3fU3,l',' Airy-ig, ,Lf,9','cu, ,H-,I-"xl X9-321' 4 .ni iw. 5'-A. .Jian FIM, " LL T' l K A' 4 fill 4- is-N tal l Q, l 'YT 15 .,. tl 4 4 4 l 4 g If 4 4- vu ,, l 1' lj xg fx' -lv 1 " ICT .4 L. ,gi 4 1 .gl 4 4 4 , ,',, l Kill ,- Xl. il? ll' rf I X ,QJ441 ..- K V 45 - 'gn - Q JB I 4 K I ff 'L Y' xo FT Q, yA .ill 'J XS 4Y, k ' 4 ilu .6 K it F571 4. E! bl J +L 1 4 i 4 T dll ," l- 5 if US All '41' 4 ..v, ,il 4 li lg 44, 4.1. 45, 4' 'Y 4 CV4 f4:4 'lyfixl :ff ek. 'L .Tw IL xy! Q5 3 'if ' ff 's', ' CLASS OF '23 Lois ORR Dear old High School, we're leaving- This class of twenty-three- We're leaving, for better or for worse, To seek out Life's Decree. For some, school days aren't over, For other, all, all o'er. They have reached the great Beginning, The cavernous opening of Destiny's door. We leave behind us, workers, toilers- The class of twenty-four- And following in their studious pathway Comes the wandering, innocent Sophomore. We leave behind, our hopes and fears, Our work and all our places, Which now we leave with unshed tears To the class now in Junior's traces. You'll hear from us, you'll hear our names Rung o'er the earth on some great day, After we've fought and battled for the Fam Of Life-and won our Way. Lewis and Ross and Comstock and Joe, CThere are two of the latter boys, you knowl Hart and Snyder and the 'Dusi boys, Have all enjoyed four years of joys Of football, as those joys go. There's Norton, too, with his curly hair, And Lovette and Murray are always there. Then there's the Elocutionists, Abie and Lehr And 'Talia and Don and Winslow, who say What has to be said in a manner quite gay, They're got what's needed to win their way. There's Marian, the Manager of the Criterion Staff And Merrill McDonald who edits the laugh. Then there's McIntyre and Baumgarten, too, Who help to put our paper through. And Dorothy Jane, and Needham and Lehr, Have all pitched in and done their share. We've worked, we've played, these last four years And now, when we say Good-bye, What wonder that we hide a tear, That we heave a mournful sigh? That other class, the Sophomores, Think it queer, they say. But when they leave their present "bores.,' They'll feel just this same way. GS K I uf fr Y , ,xi 4r awlwu ,G 41 N In ,xii if 47mm 4, 'ij ., Y V C in-vl-M 1 4 72 4 xlyllillil 'f4v.-.Flo 4+ 4 w fl iitvgrw 3-eb'.zl4-Tat--'.rf'lf5'i4' t 4 ,f,,f' V, , -J., ,V ff -." A' W fp. H" ", ' ,fxf PN , f , 'X ex, X1 .J 5 1, ,, ,, . 1' 4 -' .1 ,' , ' .. f . .V , v ,J A, U uf' 1 , fr .- 7 X X, N A3 'f , itat .,., pg- , ,, y F ,257 :E ii fig, sf-Q , ,V , tl " 21' Z -2, J , X 1,15-?5i' I ' ',-4 1 1, 54 , ,, 4 . ,gpm - 5 'fairy P1 5 , 1 of lg ,,. f . ii 2. A r - j, ll lift fy l A f .-2 f 2 fi, W ' .5 ' af, mf yi 2 ...ff A ra - f?- Jf' 'iff' 4' , J. THE ROLL CALL OF MANY YEARS 52. Did somebody say "it can't be done?" Did somebody say "it's no use to try?" N, Why, that's not the spirit we want at all, at But the spirit of do or die. Just tackle the problem and get to work. There's no place in school for a coward or shirk, gg , Perhaps it is hard and you think there's no end, - Don't you know it's a long, long road which has no bend? ,ij And then at last when your problem is done, L- You will know the joy of having won. I. f Somebody asked who the group of 245 youngsters were that were loitering around the doors of Arthur Hill the bright September morning in 1919. They were the new Freshmen 1 'Ji who were afraid to go in, for they had heard stories of what happens to freshmen. Do you see 5,23 them now, with that same scared look on their faces? Indeed, no! Soon they are as much at 'IQ home as any one else, for under the supervision of Miss Davis they have had theirfirst class ily, meeting and had given the following class members the honor of being their first officers: Q?" Harold Olsen ........................................ President gg Raymond Hart ................................... Vice President Mildred Reins ....................................... Secretary ,pl Avery Dice ......................................... Treasurer 4 - We may have been considered by our so-thought superior classmates as being. a rather slow class, but Freshmen have the name of being so, and so why be conspicuous by being differ- Q, ent? We managed, however, to show the world that we could do a few successful things. Our first freshman party was surely deemed a howling success. 2 In athletics we also made ourselves known. We were represented by Myron Cox on the ' first team of football, and George Ames, Ray Hart and Harold Laundra as substitutes. George Ames and Myron Cox were also the star yell leaders of the class. Q Aside from this we participated very little in any other activities, but you just wait, in yi. the coming years we made up for any lost time, if there ever was any, for we poor little inno- ,Q cent creatures soon began to learn not only the ways of the world but also of old A. H. H. S. as well. II. ,QQ Entering Arthur Hill was quite different a story this year, for we no longer were known 'lx as the "green freshmen," but as "sophs," which we thought meant not only to become wise, but to act "wise" as well. ' FJ' For our class officers this year we chose: Raymond Hart ....................................... President Jack Donelly .................................... Vice President ,pf Nan Bauer .......................................... Treasurer Ruth Hannum .........................,.............. Secretary - QQ V 'lil '4 ,Air.' ,ivi V .Sl L 'F li ' - VN 'v.' , S ACFW' X x . ,iuA,xEKj!,f' yy TJ'-fxrv J. i-,S-,UXX-ii ,N -sglirjxvr TQQXXQ: -j jtlglff . ,Vx .V .. .A f t v L LUX ,Zyl flag ,731 fly ,U hi Ti- ', X Y W - J , 1, ' N. ,I flirt . ww ' " f In athletics we were distinguished by Myron Cox and Raymond Hart on first team foot- ! ball, and also by Myron Cox, Leland Walker, Clifford Currott and Nick Mangutz in baseball. tif? NOW YOU See, as Colle Says, Day by day, in every way, we were getting better and better." "ffl 111. u Now, we were Juniors, and what a class, still traveling fast on the road to progress. Gain- fffffl ing? Yes, you bet, as will be shown by the following: For our class officers we elected: Henry Sllydf-31' --------... -- --- ........ President I, wi Avery D109 ------ .... V ice President 1 3 Roswell Burrows --- ,------ Treasurer ldfilz Mildred RGlI1S --- ------- Secretary i, Miss Clarke ----.-.-......... ..................... C lass Advisor egg. tt Duzring the course of this year we were very active and succeeded in many worth while gi a emp s. ll .Our first activity of the year was the Junior Play given February tenth. From this we Q 1,7 obtained means enough to enable us to join with the Seniors in giving a joint Junior-Senior li f-'fl banquet. it ,jf Another of our social events of the year was the Junior Hop, given March 27 at the Annex. This was one of the most successful parties of the year, not even the dignified Seniors could beat us in this line. ,ff The banquet which closed the social season was also a successful event, here again we gi showed our ability as a class, by keeping the old memorial horn from the anxious "Sophs." ,.f.f,j Ray Hart, captain-elect of the next year's football squad, Nicholas Mangutz and Myron Fwy Cox upheld the honors of their class in football. George Needham, Russell Norton and Hugh iff, Bloomfield were substitutes. Wallace and Arduino Ardussi, Kenneth Schurr, John Cronk, and George Kaiser were on the second team squad. Others who distinguished themselves in athlet- gg ics were Clifford Currott, William Dembinske, Frederick Galarno, and Junior Lewis. ',f".,g Now with this record, if we don't show ourselves to be the best Senior class in history, it ,JV surely won't be because we haven't the material. xi Iv. At last we know that we are not to be disappointed, for we have all finally obtained our . gl goal, that of becoming an envied, dignified Senior, and also because we shall be able to show mm the Alumni that we are the largest graduating class to leave Arthur Hill to date. We began to realize upon coming back for the last year, that we must set a good pace for fl the under-classmen, so we immediately set about to elect our class officers. ,GA We chose to represent us for the last time in Arthur Hill: Raymond Hart ----......a,,......, ........... ....... P r esident Henry Snyder ..... .... V ice President Roswell Burrows --- ------- TFGHSUPGI' ifj,-Qffl Donald Metcalf -- ...... Secretary Miss Clarke ---,-,,,........ .................... - -Class Advisor During our first semester we were very busy with our studies so that we gave very little time to activities, except that of athletics. Cur class president, Raymond Hart, led the football lhfijl squad in a fairly successful year, having with him the support of these Seniors: Wallace and hyat Arduino Ardussi, Junior Lewis, Elwyn Comstock, Joe Schmeigel, Charles Murray, Burton Ross, . , George Needham, Russell Norton, Frederick Galarno, Nicholas Mangutz, and John Lovette. it 5 Clifford Currott, Junior Lewis, Elwyn Comstock, Bill Dembinske, Henry Snyder, and John Lo- ffxi Vette, represented us in basket ball. VVe managed to elect our Legenda officers the first semester, to collect our dues, and to pf!! decide that we must display ourselves by presenting a party. We didn't succeed in giving the annual Senior party, however, until the second semester, 'Q but even if it was a little late it was surely a fine one, "better late than never." 1, 3, For our class play we finally chose "Honor Bright,".and the play surely proved to be a ' Bright Honor for our class. The cast displayedtalent which our whole class could be proud Syd of. And now our year is nearly over and we are looking forward to Baccalaureate and Com- fi mencement. Baccalaureate is to be held in one of the West Side churches,.June 17, the place '5 is to be chosen by the class. Commencement, following the usual custom, will be held June 20, at the Auditorium. - 1 K-Y. ahmc f-,y,rf-- ff ,ff-'.i,,.- ., 1 .,- -. gi Vf "ILM . lu ' f' - W 'il X' ' 5 Y ml "' V1 w- , Q'-L .fi ,, 1- ,N l YWL. i" filffib l'??lvi'2lYTH.?f-M xl ifval 59:1 it 1 5 'K ' J 1 f , X 1 I. I, .v ,urn ,4 4 N T rf 4 I if, ,LJ C.. , ,a fl 1 ,xg ' v J. G f ,4 1 . I 1 W With this our four years work in Arthur Hill will come to a iitting close and we shall all fail' go our various ways, with a pleasant memory of our days among our friends. fri: ' Jw 3 LAURA SPENCE, tm MARIE LA FLEUR. W Hifi' v L' i A C-haritable Q L-ively wi A-ccurate 5251565 s-tudious S-uccessful 0-rderly F -amous is ll it 5131 T-actful , W-ise E-ntertaining N-oble -- T-houghtful Y-outhful ,gg T-ruthful ff? H-appy iff' R-adiant fi'-:Ei E-xperienced E-xemplary Syfgfi , f . b . E WW ' Hifi.. u- Wl Fill . .fi fit ini - W VAFY' 'sis Tfiiifwg A if if a , f M A A - .wif I .xl icvufig lf 'ull ,g 1 H5 4 film is - ' 1, xxx "ill is Jill Q.. 61' ',!' 1 tg I1 flkiubi A , ff.-5 lgl ' Y: l i 'lr Iwi Mpfijl vmT'i,.f if .l f1"...dlf .Evil f. .gi I c Qfl ,fx A will I. 61 flfu , , ciflll g lug lA!l FYR jl will r? 155 :L LVN? if ' ffl 1574.221 L JN. L l .1 If ,V ls mb-fi .1 4. 1. fl .- get hggaif itil? ,ifilfl ff ii 0' 1-ill ,. NPD l AQQV fWf'ff'1 il all 3 .F .Q P my l . 'ffl ,gg l ' ,f at 1 ,J F VT lf " 'il ' f vi' lv Q H' ,..f , 4 iv 541 'rl :Wi l K All 5 We're departing as you see We the Class of twenty-three But so you'll know what we're to be We've printed this Class Prophecy. 24 Pk Pk Ella Ahrens is the first one I see, Sheill be a seamstress no need to doubt me. Marie Andre is some mademoiselle In fancy dancing she'll surely excell. Esther Appelby, whom you well know, Will be with Ringling Brothers in a year or so. Another Appelby, Thomas by name Heill be there too, the Lion to tame. Next there's Arduino and Wallice Ardussi Sellers of fruit advertised, "soft, sweet and juicy." Did you know that Ruth Barnard is now in Hawaii An experienced Aviatrix teaching natives to "fly," Nan Bauer was once the teachers' pet But soon will become a sweet farmerette. Clarence Baumgart and also Hugh Bloomfield Will run a Chop Suey, next year, in Springfield. Ruth Beckbissinger sure will strive To be Saginaw's Mayor in 1945. Melva Becker as captain, will sure be the source Of a great success on the New York police force. We've seen many placards picturing Dale Bennett, On each you'll find painted: "For U. S. Senate." John Benson, I suppose, will travel and roam And then settle down in a bachelor's home. When you visit the court house you'll find at the trial Lawyer, Buy Bixby, and Judge, Belinda Biles. In his new role Ray Blackstone's effective, Alas he is now a Bridgeport Detective. This is a joke,-be sure that you get me- Mabel Blitely is driving a jitney. Elmer Bonhoff teaches the golden rule, Girls, don't forget to attend his charm school. Delta Bowins and Hazel Booth. Will be spellbound by a witch 'till they find her lost tooth Irene Brigham and Dorothy Brock Will run a home for the aged in Little Rock. Edna Broederdorf has become more and more Accustomed to living at the sunny sea shore. S .1071 ,l,.A -, K, .X .X J, .74 F I 1 fi It 'gi-afff.'f,t'Q+z",f'Q1'z"7u?fc'vxQ-fz."71. 1 IJTXJQ- ic"T-,Q-fc"?a'f1fic"'?'.Qf' alfa ' I 4 I .1 f ' 'V , 1- - , fm I suppose you have heard that Dorothy Browne Has gone into politics and is running the town. At last the Bancroft has a good-looking cook, The maid to be sure is Charlotte Brueck. Now what do you think of Marrietta Budde, Her Hrst starring picture has been called Punch Sz Juddy. Roswell Burrows, though quite a Cavalier, In five years will be yelling "Taxi here." Perhaps Marguerite Campbell does not know of the strife That often encounters the person called wife. Mildred Cannan is really quite pretty, She's got an honest-to-goodness duke for a steady. It has been rumored that Howard Claflin Is following the footsteps of Charlie Chaplin. The prominent author, Victor Cole, Has just finished his masterpiece, "A Simple Soul." Hugo Compton of wealth is possessor, That's a queer fate for a college professor. Elwynn Comstock, tho' a frail little youth, Is wearing the crown of the Swat King, Babe Ruth. John Cronk, Frances Crozier, Clifford Curott are now Famous as chemists employed at the Dow. Erma Davis buys and sells Stocks in Texas oil wells. ' Mildred Davies, for bad or worse? Has written many a song in verse. The Denishawn dancers have long passed away, Instead see Bill Dembinske and Vivian Day. Harold Doering is commonly known As leader of the orchestra called "Grunt and Groan." The girls nowadays go to none lesser Than Anna Drensky, the famous hair dresser. Gwendolyn Evans, Laverne Eynon too Are now the caretakers of Belle Isle Zoo. The day's not far off when you'll see Julia Ferman In the pulpit on Sunday preaching a sermon. A teacher at Vassar is Miss Marion Fischer And certainly there is much luck that we wish her. Fred Galarno has just sold Insurance for life To Thelma Goodman, the SeXton's wife. Virginia Grifleth, as you may know, Has written many a scenario. Agnes Gulliford and also John Hall Of the "Hash Slingers Union" on the president will call. Of the Women Pugilists, Nellie Hamp Is the famous National Heavy-weight Champ. Now did you know that Ruth Hannum and Earl Harris Are well known designers in the city of Paris? Carl Lilliesterna and John Lovette Are now engineers on the Pere Marquette. Marguerite Lytle is a country school teacher, James Lutzke is a Pittsburg preacher. Leslie McCullagh will depart from here To study astronomy far and near. Cullen McDonald is commonly known as A Pianist of fame and a Master of Jazz. l i! ,tx 4 V-, lg, .V E,---I-Ke,-...Yr A I N4 ti .I . is . ,.U.k !,Ai ,Q i'j5f.iX,?.V'fAEvf. 'yui,x,.f ff.. I l ? - . pp bfi: 13-.Nfl 513413: 21151 F5 : f A f lj- .r if I P fgp! - - 1 A A. I f gs 'nfl 'JJ A ffl 77:71 ,vi if? , 'J if . '. 1 HZ, ,. . ' .4 - 1 .Qi I ,AJ , . , . . V' -2 , 'G fl! '79 E421 : -1 T' Y CVT .4X, Qi -fexfx .323 9133 Q-Qi I 7525! in R7 . ,r . Y' HJ Q .-A23 Jx,. xn-- i ' N A .gt ral , xv. 3 73 vi S33 1. hmm.: by 'V -vvlm-N -Q' -1 ,sn 'v-.- wwf- 'f. 'gif' "':.'fA14A,,vvf 'YY' ,1.,l.. .4 .,,, .dx 'fluff ftfmkfv MN. mlfr.ffrH.ffw,if?1.. +'vW.ft rwiw N fm, lv -t I. w L' Qgjujfjlhilr-5 ,,,,ff,w fr. fx ,1w,'X1'1. . ..' .M 5: if aw 'fr m .if 'HL f Fi L' , V - fi , . ,ix Wm lg v v rv -9 .., llx " uf Jil If It I V GSL! lt ' 'l G4 l fx 1 wfvv Afro G If 19 4 C . Y - J -fn at . C7 ggi gc rf is L .Wt - J 5 1, lfv' J I' If gil edt 5. lg 1 1' JH' ll I cl V4 l J. 4- H v. Xml Fi J," lffl I l 6- 'I ll, 79 n Merril McDonald and Irving McGovern Are both in the race of K. K. K. sovereign. The plans of the building which you will erect Bear the name of H. McIntyre, architect. Muriel McFarland will not resist The chance to become a journalist. A mighty policeman is Thomas McQuade His friend Mary McQuarrie's an Irish maid, Nicholas Mangutz and Roland Marti Are leaders of the Republican party. Marie Martzowka will doubtless be A scholar who'll win an M. A. degree. Don Metcalf has grown somewhat paler, Nothing serious, however, just a seasick sailor. A prominent merchant named Harold Mertz Is having a sale on Soup, Nails and Skirts. Eileen Method has, as I've heard, Been hunting in the jungles for beast and bird. June Metzger I think is one of our smartestg She'll surely do well in her work as an artist. Don't be surprised to find Helen Myer In one of our churches leading the choir. In Hollywood you'll find Mary and Ray Hart, They're sure to be stars in film land's art. Blossom Henderson is in the movies too As successful member of Mack Sennett's crew. Football is played by the girls, now don't laugh, Clara Herzog plays quarter, Emily Hudson plays half Edwina Huebner is playing guard, While Lena Kelly tackles hard. Watch real closely for many a punt Is performed with grace by Laura Hunt. Charles Johnson makes the "little boys" wailg They say he's a stern professor at Yale. Bertram Kessel and William too Are bankers with not much to do. Mildred Koerber wears decorations and trimming, For years she's been a champ at swimming. Norman Kostoff and Marie LaFleur Are the artists who do splash and blurr. James Lehan's a butcher, his wife is Bertha Law: They buy and sell meat, baked, cooked or raw. 'Tis very true that our friend, George Lehr As an explorer has traveled most everywhere. Junior Lewis is football coach at Yaleg Edna List is cook at the County Jail. You'll find that Margaret Littledale In the Opera's a regular nightingale. Marion Meyer and Albert Moore, Are the tennis Champs of Miami shore. As a teacher you certainly can't beat Cecile Moore She's taught the children that two and two are four. Russel Norton, a merchant, handles grubg Bud Munson directs the Harvard glee club. Charles Murray and Alfred Navarro Are touring the world in a wheel barrow. if fxffrfl 4.1 ,xr ra .fr K, ,f -., M- if -.TJ if 'if . ' ,N . fr N ' - 1. - f-f i- 3 -' wx I fu ,'x- . - me li by -s li 1 I- . TTI I 4'?h4.iSTTJJ?:l"qdA,'v'N"lv A "N V1 'V-1fA47fIl'hJ V' KX . it I. 1. - 1. 4 - I K 1 , f , - A . - -V , - ,' -1. - . .- , .. - '.. 1. .f 1. u r-. , fxg mir-v f -.' ,.,"t,,r.f w.,.tt",5Vf3,,ftf'jXPx, ,f' -qfffit rx, "lr ff., ,' ,,fN, Q P, , JF, , AEN, ,., I. 1 - 11, , V nl ' ., fx, . , , , , 1, , , 1, f Q.,-ffqy I In teaching them football, you'll find that Joe Needham Tells the Borneo lads to tackle, not eat 'em. Erna Neurminger and Amanda Oehring 2 A Do acrobatic stunts which are really quite daring. A .AJ Abe Oserowsky and Alma Orr, -cf Sell bathing suits and peanuts near Lake Michigan's shore. Watch and you'll see that Dorothy Paine ,pal Sells popcorn, peanuts and candy on the train. I'm sure you've often seen Francis Pitts, In the garb of a Bell Boy at the Ritz. Leroy Rankin and Mildred Reins Now live in Africa and own many mines. 'A Helen Richards, a stately dame, As leader of the woman's club has achieved much fame. Pg? "Bud" Roby's been scolded by his wife, Edith Rice, She has searched all his pockets but only found dice. ggi : ,J As a dancer Florence Roeser is known far and wideg She'll teach you to do the new "Step and Stride." Burton Ross is a country rectorg 1, Hubert Ryan a movie director. ,rf X A college professor is Gilbert Scheib VA Doing research work 'midst an Indian tribe. Milton Schiff and Eleanor Schmidt :Q On the Chautauqua stage show humor and wit. Joseph Schmiegel and Alberta Shreib Are prohibition officers who'll accept no bribe. ' A very queer busines has Kenneth Schurr- He's buyer and seller of many a cur. I've just found out that Viola Schurry As Mrs. McGovern will act on the jury. ,Lt -4 Cecil Schumaker and Herbert Seidel . .-, Have become so rich that they are idle. Elizabeth Simpson chose far from the worst When she chose to become a sweet tempered nurse. .-Qi You'll find I'm correct that Doc Byron Slocum Has as his motto "kill sure or choke 'em." Dentists N. seekei and Robert smith Q-gl See some without teeth, others with. I-3? In a year or two you'll meet Henry Snyder At the county fair selling sweet cider. You miss a lot when you don't hear Laura Spence Deliver her lecture on "Good Common Sensef, 5-'53 'Tis really true that Harriet Sperry :QQ Is the pretty stenog whom the boss soon will marry. The Pharmacists G. Simpkins and Sickler Carry medicines for all ills, including toe tickler. In a year Leonard Speath's home will be shutg He says he is going to visit King Tut. We're really quite proud of Jennie Stantong fp! She's a High School principal in the city of Scranton. Byron Staffeld and Margaret Stearns Are bontanists who study flowers and ferns. Arvilla Stielow and David Struthers Import many silks from our Chinese Brothers. Agnes Thompson and Martin Tanner A1 NI Each conduct school in a dignified manner. :PAQ lla ,wx 'Q' ' 'wa N wtmn QWIN Wu 'W W N31 ' ' "vt 'Q 'i im, ' x 'Ja ' ...I W Q .fW..NrI.V.'?",lv'l, 'PYfffSf'. 51.31 IV.-bfi. 75-Cv? Fflfw' ' I K AFX-f'. Pm I .1 21 'r N 'aw Ill P:.'S-MPT f Tas llvlvl. F m,nY?'rv-'lx' Y, Bti, I, . 31l,iiwA64.,ElgX-ACif- yy?l,' x14iFi!j,LI,j. F-JF frivqrtxlgqylibvgifs 'vm X1A,?TjJ I- A' rbi.. X.-ri vm?- , if 1. Q 4. 52' l it lj, A yell leader at college is Henrietta Trierg he ' The team is sure to win when she makes the students cheer. '25, J She is still quite young, so Catherine Vondette it Says she will marry, but not just yet. A' The company headed by L. Walker and M. Waters lei, Has just staged with success "Her Father's Daughter." ll If at the desk of Orra Williams you wait, J' She'll say "Were you absent, or are you just late." M You'll see, if long enough you wait, l aw George Karrow as governor of the state. 4 J Everett Winslow and Esther Wirth 'lg As clowns at the circus are the cause of much mirth. lk 'll David Wood and Alvin Weil 1 35 Are the renowned globe trotters who walk many a mile. Fffj, Dolly Welch when there's time to spare +L 'ij Makes candies for her shop, which are really quite rare. 'I AJ' Into my vision a building looms faq? J Above the door is written, H. Ziegler, Tea Rooms. WL Now you're in a heathen land-be sure to look quite close F575 An old gray headed missionary-or Natalie Duclos, 4, Has showed the natives first, then nailed upon a tree ll lfilfi This very same class prophecy of 1923. if ll ll? ilg if or il V A it :fig Q, 'M ff? ll, fi wifi l g., 4 l gk it TJ 1. , nv lb im 4. C . ,qw ,., ., .,v ., .vw-, v,-t .73-1 rY,,-. W. ig wxV"Q1g'u1. ff fm"'-ff U "ta P' l'U"a -F5 1 Q., i ' if '11 -, . yi .w, 1 ima. i Q f'."' 5,5 f 1' . 'Q 31 , 'I' T1 -1- ijl 'J' I 'J.'f,' l 'f,'Qllf'K:,X."3l."l-.A 'hal lX,:"" ll"-A XC J T e pf g gn, I rf X. ' 'fb ' f' r Diff ', f4Q4ff ,iw 'r wi 1 +3 P? 'rv f Ti ff: fi fl! L ,gg '. '1 I fl? gf f '71 fi 1 1 I 515 F3 Y L, " ,-Y .Y if 5 !Qxt. F 'S if N '13 . 541 ,v 1,1 4 Q4 9-: . K 7'Q LJ fl! fi ' 1 , Y 725 IF? -'nl 5 -Q 1 - AU Fi 'P in 5'-if A -0 , g it 3 33 fx , F31 ,X, ht . 4, X 5,5 w f 195 X. NT-I 'Hu 'w .. '- .' T: X., ff ., -1 .Y 'ti - '11 1 "I - V. "Q - -V Xlfi' f flu1fvS:+3swi ?i'9w ?,T,531.1w,Qi+jw? fi-dvi ii-,XR F2-QV" iseixji isakf N-EJ ms! 4 kill CTA, .vi if ul 3" 1 I .N 5.5. 1 1" '., if 4 '75-1. tl 4, at , 1 "--11 . ffl -ll ,Jw ' l in ' XIV Zin? . tt, l 'l. 1' vi Ali? J' .i 'rx c-dy 4.11, if I xt "1 fl fl rl' .4 li, , .Y i I. .pi . f Tal' ire X ll'H '. ls I Eff' :lil .. ,U v . l ' 1 4. ' A . f I. C, n J Lt'i'l if--Plll .IVQIE W S59 llffil lfi lr I I kv l Fil-ll iw 2,13 Qi' gill Iffj 45,1 K, QU. Fw- B+ f. 1-,-,N X C751 lil IFA -xv ".-,""f",- ,gif V I z ll xlxlln I XID! H v 3 Il dl in ., lltll ll. lll lll.. . .lf . Know ye all men by these presents, .that we, the Senior Class of Arthur Hill High School, being in frail minds andlstrong bodies, do IH the presence of equally strong and sane witnesses hereby write this last. will and testimony and do solemnly bequeath our ancient and hallowed privileges., to- the Juniors and Sophomores of said institution in the vain hope that they will become dignified, haughty seniors, as their immediate predecessors. And, whereas, we. of the class of twenty-three, having firmly implanted the seeds of wis- dom IH the.fl1ghty Juniors and humble Sophomores, do in these our last days, further relin- quish our title to the following privileges, viz and to-wit: That the Senior Senate of Arthur Hill High School, being in form a dignified body of legis- lators, do hereby bequeath and devise to the House of Representatives the following privileges: 1. The right to sleep in the senatorial chamber with full and undoubted privileges of a senator Cproviding his snoring is inaudiblel. 2. The right to filibuster on certain occasions when no preparation has been made upon the issue for discussion. '3. The privilege of impeaching or otherwise ridding the senate of its president, especial- ly his gavel, which is a fiendish device and a contraption of Mephistaphale's own design. 4. Lastly, our pomp and dignity we bequeath to any other organization in the school that might profit by its use. Pk Pk 214 ARTICLE I. Furthermore, we Seniors of the Glee Club of Arthur Hill High School, being in part, a crowd of jolly birds whose voices have become cracked and worn from constant strain, relin- uish and deed over to the Juniors and Sophomore aspirants, our vocies, so badly worn, and yet withal, within the bounds of possible repair, with the parting trust that they will be heard in melodious chords or dischords through the halls of our venerable institution. ARTICLE II. Be it further revealed in this our last will and testament that we, the illustrious members of that famous staff of Journalists, as is embraced under the name or sobriquet of "Criterion" who, by freak of chance or fortune, have successfully finished our fourth year, do hereby devise, bequeath and assign to any of our Junior members, the right to print scandal, sensa- tions, or rare jokes upon members of the Legenda staff, or of the school as a whole. Section 1. We, the remaining members of the famous J. I. P. club, more widely known as Jippers, fheaven knows what it stands forb do devise and bequeath the secrets of our or- ganization to any Junior or Sophomore who is so dizzy as to try to fathom the inscrutable mys- tery of our club emblem, or the significance of the symbols thereon. Section 2. Whereas, We the inmates of Mr. DeHaven's court, being a sober-minded C?J assembly of honest lawyers, do devise, bequeath, deed, assign and convey unto the coming seniors, their heirs, and assigns fwho for their own edification seek refuge in Judge DeHaven's courtl the following privileges and chattels, to-wit: C11 The privilege of sharpening at least ten pencils during the study period, also the right to release mice and other rodents within the sacred walls of his palace of justice. C21 The absolute right to declare a blue slip negotiable paper, and to pass it as such, irregardless of date, time of performance or any other legal objections that party of the second part might raise against said blue slip. C31 Permission is hereunto granted the next session of honest lawyers to upset the waste basket, consult the dictionary upon matters of legal phraseology at least four times during each class period, argue with party of the second part upon Acts of Providence, dates of delivery, and kindred Cailmentsj or subjects. Also to appearin class late without the customary negotia- ble paper: ln ,ff , C 'm - "V T., 'y ',,' Tig. 'wi' l A' W w -all . '. -, -ff wl'.'iH - f ,f .!- F f"'!lfi:x -N "llw!'-A qs ilfjlil' I- il- 'ix' -"'Q,"' is 51.-. ." "-. " .:. -A"- .i-I J., Af' Ni- - ' -v '- f . .gf ,f 'w .gf gf ug: ef' 'if ', Ugly .'l','.,2':i,f4"',,7'fflf",xf?4 fm, qfgf:-4 r',1,'?-tffkfff tffxgff ., f. -, A , -I ,.-1' ., 'A ,,.,,,- ..,, We, the women jurors of the above mentioned class do devise and bequeath unto the first junior who discovers the deposits of gum on the fifth seat in the first row absolute title to said chattels and choses in action. Now, in view of these facts, we of the Commercial Law class of 1923 do hereby set our hand and seal, this 22nd day of June in the year of our Lord 1923. ARTICLE III. Be it further known that we, the English students in the classes of the Misses Boyle and Kilbourne, do relinquish, devise and bequeath to the juniors our superior knowledge of the English language, viz and to-wit: Our ability to translate the words of the senior's common enemy, Geoffrey Chaucerg our knowledge of the works of Shakespeare, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and last but not least our love for Bobby Burns' poem, "Tam O'Shanter." To the sacred and beloved enemies of the class of '23 Cnamely, the motely juniorsj we grant our property, peculiar to seniors, viz: The right to loiter in the halls, or whistle in the ante room of Mr. Haggard's office, our drag with Miss Boyle for securing white slips rather than "blues" or any other privileges peculiar to Seniors that said Juniors might discover. We also devise and bequeath unto the motely mob known as Juniors, the sum of one Ger- man Mark in hopes that within the next year it may appreciate in value and form a nucleus around which may be built a treasury, so necessary to a prosperous senior year. We, the athletes of 1923, do deed over to "Fat" Schimmer, the position of captain on the next football squad. May he clear the eastern horizon of the dark cloud, "Defeat." The Blue Ribbon Orchestra, in part a trio of musical Bards known as The Hillite Howling Hounds and other equally famous sobriquets, do leave to any competent musicians our privi- leges of playing after games and all school parties. All's well that ends well, and now, in parting, we Seniors of the class of '23 leave only tears and now and then a sigh to our dear old Alma Mater. May her standard never be low- ered and may the sons of Arthur Hill cherish and foster the knowledge they have gained with- in its hallowed walls. , In witness thereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seal this 22nd day of June, 1923. "DEACON" METCALF. "ZAZ" DEMBINSKE. . V . ,f . 1 . s .- M .- -1 . -- . -- . ---.-'ve sw ' lu 11 ' rw V xv. 1 e 'Q ' Ti' 542513, .57 'f 1 ,'- fry. mfg ny. 6:13 7-,alfa fgl fi :J ,5 I' 1' :QQ . ri! 'T J' H' , Ma :j .4 ,. fri- I 5. Q QQ! 7'2" . aw ... . r' gs 7? 54.1 asia 52 res .St ig! le ,Si fp rx. , .Q ftfk- Q' Tl -Y l ji 1-V, , . xx' :il 15. A Gil? IW ,xii 4 .wr ew , cw 1 1 L-, 1 fr' I. pg iff ff: QQ U V. 5- 14 , EQ iw gm, 1 17, ,QA 4 M? Y-,T 36-' Ffxjff C91 .1 rj Q 5 X561 1, 7? 4 f 9 l X1 Cf I Q lu A V, QQ X, x ffl? fl :X ' fait K . if , A 1 we PM Sig v gf 1-J ,A 553 Sf r C1 1 1 'ki r' V' TV? C '31 fr! lx, lg" .Qi 3 1 "1 ,ff 1 1 ,., f ' ff V.. 1- 1' 1 r ' ' X' If "' ' ' 17" 'A ' 4 , 'N-f f, s' -. 'N f' K, 'N Q ', 'N e Tx 9- vu V 1 , , 1, , 1, , V v.,i I 1, ,,q', fd? VJ 1 1 ,-f' Ll 1 ,f J 1 Y' U 1 150 .L ,Q TAC' ff, Q I' .. 1 IQ .1 J ,IQAJ fr? . V1 ,WJ LQ., 751' ,NT l:',1 ' 7 fl pg! -ff-Eff 4- 1 .f .QQ P WJ.: f-1,757 . - I .17 Q1 2? , J: -Q, Q-T 'A ' 1 ' r , 1 fx-,J -,f-Nh Abi? Z. 'A 'J 12, 'T-33 'tl-2 1 H, X- ,rv ff? ,X Q - 1 TE? 1 .-15 ni 7 ax JN . in 5 w 12, -T? - ' 1 A-3, , :E .QQ ,X V , 1-X Qi f ., A Y -xr A fgi 'V T ,Q 'TY . i , fx s , 'W - x? T TY 'P L ig, X W: . ' "- . ' -- . W- . ' - V, -- '--,""'--fx? 'ff ' - ,. . . ,, , . . , K v vw 1 QW . 'L ' 1 1 NX . x . i N v iwexf' MXN ?f2+EJ, Tvfwxf' gas! iv-,XJ 's-lv? 5-,xfi fi? E513 F I JI If. Wg .v II., 1 I II Lili aI IT ii I If iii I If I .vw IU' J. f JW It If-'ill I1 j 5 1 Iffi I iff, II L-III -1 I c ' I " II, J Vw 1-' , f .v IIK' f , T0 IPI QA WW gg, 1 " N13 . dl I E14 ' -3 IIN A fC If. I' ,-J Ita I W ra My ai . 773 W fi II ' If Y5: pa ffm fi vm II 'lffil I -w Q.. al ill JV' 2 44. W .1 I- 6-'95 li VY? if I . ,, ,JB NI Y-1 It II 2 Pffj QQ ' 'hi fx 1, ' I Y x IQ -gt l A X .I XI 1.. N, V V . ' 'ml -.Iwi"5-1M2lI'fwi+.If.IIf'-.ii I., I-Im M-ff I: I I,.,',, I . wi. 'I -win qv III.. . -,'- 1.2 as 'fi aw Ig5yMKEWQUyHHWaw ,aux-I I'-Iv., 5. ,II 1--, I- ' f r FOOTBALL Facing the hardest football schedule that an Arthur Hill team has ever had was the propo- sition that confronted our team this year. The past season was disastrous in the matter of games won and lost, but this fact does not tell the story of the sportsmanship and fighting spirit of the team developed by Coach "Smiley" Bassett. The first two games of the season, Greenville and Owosso, were lost by scores of 8-6 and 13-6, respectively. Next came Benton Harbor, and our men certainly avenged the defeat of last year by ad- ministering a 6-0 score upon them. In beating Benton Harbor, the Hills humbled a foe far superior to either Greenville or Owosso. Schimmers on the line, Currott, Ross and the Ardussi brothers in the backfield, all gave good accounts of themselves. The veteran eleven of Lansing was next and Arthur Hill lost a bitterly fought contest, 13-0. Lansing possessed one of the speediest backfields ever seen on Merrill Field, and it was not until the second half that these men were able to penetrate the Hill's defense. In this game, the team displayed a brand of fight seldom seen, and the work of Norton, Tallon, Schimiegel, and Hart upheld the Hillite prestige. Then came Alpena, and the Hillites, displaying the best football of the season, were the victors by an 8-0 score. Our men won by outplaying and outfighting Alpena all the way, but many penalties kept them to a low score. Hart, Boughner, Ross and W. Ardussi all played good football. Penalties and the breaks of the game against them, tells the story of the Hill's loss to Battle Creek, 19-12. At the end of the first half, Arthur Hill came back strongly, outplaying them in all departments of the game, and scoring two touchdowns. Battle Creek's third touchdown was luck, pure and simple. Murray and the Ardussi brothers distinguished themselves, and deserve much credit. A gift, nothing more, tells the story of the Muskegon game which ended with a score 6-0 in favor of Muskegon. This team, highly touted, was outfought by the Hills for four quarters. Arthur Hill's line was invincible and showed an air-tight defense. In the last quarter Mus- kegon worked the ball to within twelve inches of the Hill's goal and then took four downs to put the ball over for a touchdown. On the final down, when the ball came to rest it was six inches from the goal line, but the referee claimed it had been pushed back, and awarded a touch down. There are doubts in the minds of many, however, as to whether the ball went over. Lewis, Hart, Schmiegel, and Tallon were the stars for the Hills. Next came Bay City Central, and although Arthur Hill outplayed them for more than half of the game, they allowed Bay City to get the jump on them at the beginning of the second half, losing 13-6. Bay City's first touch down was the result of a seventy yard run and the sec- ond came by straight line plunging with the aid of a 15 yard penalty. The Hill's touch down came by straight line plunging. Arthur Hill made a desperate effort to score in the last min- utes of the game, but fell short of their marks. Goldstein and Tallon in the backfield and Snyder on the line all played good football. At Jackson, the Hills were way off form and lost 17-7. Credit must be given Jackson, how- ever, for their light, scrappy eleven played good football. Then came the memorable battle with Saginaw in which the Hills allowed Saginaw to get the jump on them in the first few minutes of play. From then on, it was an uphill battle, with the Hillites fighting gamely all the way. Blocked punts and intercepted passes figured large- ly in the final score, 34-0. Arthur Hill put up a wonderful fight, but Saginaw was the strongest team they had faced this season. Tallon, Snyder, Schimmers, Schmiegel and Lewis were the stars. gf- fxqqr'-'7,'...,v -Yi., ,fn XIV .5 If g., V , '. Q., ,fy ,-N 1' " 9 ' 7 I I I I FOOTBALL---SECOND TEAM The Arthur Hill reserves experienced another very successful season, being managed and coached again by A. G. Dersch of the chemisrty department. Among the opponents defeated were the Flint Mutes, Bay City and Breckenridge, the latter being one of the strongest team in the state in Class B. The only game lost in two years was dropped to Saginaw when the squad had been badly crippled by loss of players. From now on, a little brown "jug," with the scores inscribed upon it is to be given to the winning team and the boys are resolved that hereafter it shall be at Arthur Hill. vi A lg X, 1 lim in A l EVA ' is 5 YH xl i N i ,wt T N A, 'N blink hi fi "V-el i1'M P, TLA if 3- 'll ., ' FC- 5 , V tg! ,XB lil-fp 1g, N, X Iv fwfmi llrfll 11- M , U, ll I' 'H Z , in l ll 4' tt 1 LY.: ,I V Q1 1 1,, 1 fx . H. 'XJ .N JW 1, f. 1 '51, llx 'W , A1 ro 1 L-,1 ,xr If., 1, 1- 1.v 1 "Y it if jfil 1 1,1 1 L. 1,1. 11, 11.8 ,.ll PCTXYX 'll . 1 W ' . .ul VY lm 1-s 1, f. 11 -'J mf, Q. 1,1. 15, 11. QQ 29.111 1 ...l 11 li 1.1. 11, f1.31 , 119 tn, '11 1 lf 'fl 'fu' ll ' 11' ,nl I. ,Arr .LJ Q. 1, ,, 'R 2 M f Wi f. 11, .Y 4515 "J 11 l A bil ll 15 Q ,Xm gi, l 'il 1 wgpl 1111 cf i ..',,'-,T wx .Ly -1Uf1.! -1l.' -1311--X All' 1111- f1, -111v1.'M,'x, VVAV 31,1 V N., YTVVSIQ4 '1,1!.i,,,H 1 1 f ljQ.,,1iLU,l'l,', 419. 4-my .A S- li., Q A- "H . UL, ,' 1 OWOSSO F. 0. B., SAGINAW C. O. D. Early on the morning of October 8, 1922, in company with several gentlemen of rank, I departed, afoot, from the fair city of Saginaw, to journey to the distant village of Owosso. perchance to arrive in the last mentioned village in time to witness the annual contest between the High School teams of each city. 1 Ere the sun had reached the quarter mark in the arc above, we were well out upon our way, plodding wearily along the gravel road, occasionally turning about to gaze down the long trail in hope of seeing an approaching motorist, but alas, for myself, and my colleagues, no vehicle was in sight. How strange that no farmers passed along the way, to whose generosity we might appeal, and be given transportation. After six miles of weary travel, I set me down by the road side, but having all the true instincts of a hoboe, I neither grumbled nor became discouraged, nor did my associates. Away down the road we could hear the purring of a motor car, presently a cloud of dust was visible, and slowly the auto came to view. We hailed the driver. He turned his nose in the air, and sped on, accellerating his car to an even greater speed. Evidently he thought we were notorious highwaymen, and I half believed him, for I glanced at my clothing to see, if in any way, they resembled the garb of a hold-up man. Convinced that there was no similarity, I routed my comrades, and we again started down the road, foot-sore and weary. A few rods ahead, a farmer swung out of his private drive in a conveyance that rivaled a Roman chariot in dazzling brillancy of color. We hailed him. "Old Liz" shivvered and roar- ed. In a voice shaking with the vibration of this potent Ford, he bade us "Hurry," We com- plied and after lilling the rear and front seats of his venerable chariot, we continued our jour- ney in comfort. The farmer proved to be a genial old soul, who like all down-trodden agri- culturists, frequently kick about the poor prices paid for oats, and the heavy spring rains that ruined his potatoes. But I must get on with my story. After considerable delay, we arrived at New Lothrop, a village midway between Saginaw and Owosso. We hiked another mile and were picked up by a gang of Arthur Hill supporters and carried, rather rapidly, to our destination. In Owosso, we found the gang spread out all over the town, inspecting everything, and passing complimentary remarks, and otherwise, about Owosso's "w1mmen." Three o'clock found us out on the field Watching our local boys go down in defeat, for Owosso proved to be a scrappy bunch and Arthur Hill was defeated. 13-6 meant more than a defeat to my colleagues and me. We were penniless, having made the trip on our nerve. The game over, we tried to hail rides, but they wouldn't hail, so we took ourselves to the railroad yard, where several of the gang had already congregated. A freight train would undoubtedly arrive sooner or later, heavy on the last term. It arrived, but only after we had spent the night on the station platform at Owosso. At six o'clock in the morning our Hoboes' Pullman drew near. We hopped it, and arrived in Saginaw four hours later, C. O. D. Qi 'fi ,.W f 1 1 l ll, 1? ll' lx V l., lk' xlp 9 , 110 - H tiff, ,qfhj rr'-21 1f' 1,g'1ff'f.1:i' 1,1f1v""' gli. 1,1 'gf ' 'giyt-I 15 N. .N 1 1 1! p 11, V. lfxlwll iv?f:M1llf:'-wivEllie.w1l1 f -1 V 1 A I I, 4" f 1 v' K ' ' X 4 1 .Yf b 1' '- 1- .. A Ray Nik! .. ...vs ,-----. -v J if ' -cliff -- -.A wi ', 4. Q.. J I. 24, -4 4. 'l lg, ,Sli fifgil BOYS' BASKET BALL ,L 4. The basket ball season can be considered a fairly successful one. The team, captained by ig ,Ag "Tooie" Currott, finished second in the Valley title race. 1,f3'lT? The first real game was played when the high school team showed the Alumni where to L31 get off at, to the tune of 25 to 17. It was a great send-off for the '23 season. The next game was a Valley game with Owosso at Owosso. The Hillites walloped them Iliff.-fi? by the double score of 16 to 8. Hurrah, they are off for the Valley title! Next, Arthur Hill journeyed to Battle Creek and lost by the score of 25 to 17. - i.j To the surprise and chagrin of the supporters of Arthur Hill, the Hillites lost to Midland, 20 to 18. Can you beat it! Lose to Midland by one basket! Ah, Ha! Revenge is sweet. tiff. Arthur Hill 19g Saginaw 5. Rah! Rah! Rah! fl? Bill Dembinski and Nubs Miller were the shining lights, contributing freely to this decis- ive score. gggl In the next game, the Hillites warriorswith Bill Dembinski playing the last game for Arthur lgfyalfp Hill due to the nine semester ruling, out-classed Alpena by the score of 25 to 14. ',l,1f1 But-in the next game, Arthur Hill was thoroughly outclassed by the M. A. C. All-Fresh, "fi ,l starring Chris Hackett, former Hillite star. Chris practically licked his old team mates single- arg, handed, contributing half the scores for his team. The game ended with Arthur Hill on the 3,."1,5, short end of a 43 to 17 score. Q t"' Easy stuff-Owosso vs. Arthur Hill. The Hillites walloped them unmercifully to the tune 8,13 of 33 to 5, thereby teaching them to remain at home or suffer the consequence. l., Arthur Hill's title hopes are jolted by losing to Bay City by a score of 25 to 10. Ooooh! Greenville is defeated by the Hillites by one point. Score, 15 to 14. WA Arthur Hill again walloped Saginaw by a score of 23 to 16. Up to the end of the first I-"ti half, Saginaw was leading by one basket. The Arthur Hill supporters were worried a trifle fri but cheered their team to victory. In the third quarter, "Admiral Crutz" went crazy and rung up three baskets, thereby demoralizing Saginaw'smen. From then on it was easy. ',,"'fl In the next game the Hillites were again walloped by Battle Creek to the tune of 25 to 18. -all-5 Again Bay City Central beat the Hills by a score of 20 to 2 at Bay City City, thereby shat- fl tering our title hopes and giving the Valley title to Bay City. The Hills did not make one field iff-2, basket. Something was wrong some place. ,HQ Out of thirteen games the Hillites lost six. Pretty good, we say! With Captain-elect gf' 5 "Nubs" Miller, Small Osborn, Schimmer, French, and Mead back next year, a winning combina- Waii. tion may be expected. THE LINE-UP: fl? Bl Currott CCapt.J ...........-- F Dembinske --- ............ C COI'f1St0Ck ---- - ----G 1-" French ,,--- -----,,... - F LOVQUZQ ....-- ---- G Q23 Miner .... ---F Mead -- ----F Wal Small -.--- ---F Lewis -- ----F i?,if,ff, Schimmer --- ---G Osborn --- ----C is-.f fll1f.l5lll Qi it 1 Gio Mt. Pleasant Tournament . D l On the first day of the tournament, the Knights of Arthur Hill again licked Owosso by the score of 16 to 11. Coach "Smiley" Bassett instructed them to go easy that they mightbe I ff, fresh for the Bay City game that night. He also worked up. a new offense to baffle.Bay City. 5,45 But alas! Same old story in the same old. way. Bay ,Qlty ,defeated Afthul' H111 by ,the Q' f-'ll score of 16 to 9. An old saying goes, "Three timges and out. Flint won the Class A champion- ship by defeating Bay City on the following evening. ei-9. . 1,3 .. Ae, ,Il ,jf cg, , A1-I ., xg- lx y- - X-..-4.'X.L -. . V L ..l, ' rr L -'i r l F fi 'NJ Sq F fl, 'L V 1 K W, 7"-.1 'ff fi, 'M ff fl, 'X4 Q F fl, W., Q' fn, 5. ff fl, '31 Q" fl, 73, -5.5.2 . -al , , I my 1 we, Y 15 . I Q, ,V gl , Q gl , A gl , gl ,jg-3 . .,..- .V , .A ,J ,. - ,.,- 4, 4-77-l,,v,7. V'1gl3"f A w ,A Y, , 4 11 ,FH 1 fzf , A fi fir .1 Q9 5.1 :Qi I- X. . E A4 15,1 argl., 'NT f' is 12, . K., .NT 14 'Q 12, J-iAi.4 "fir 'Q Jpy 'TAT ,l -'QQ 1755, ,gk X ffl .' gk , yy F 545 :qi it 1- ' i . 'JY S. JP! , 9? 'tw 1 gl 'S 9' 5 f f :XM Y JW fx, IFA' Q gl.. V . J ' s., Jx, mg v- pq -' ' '- N. I s xv .' ' wk-v .v "N, wk KXM -A x I u x. lx iq 1 lg li y-HQ ,,., fy: Q, 312 3 Qxgfgi, TJ 1 5 'L'-im X14 If ,Q Qfkufy , Sf QQ 1 fx, QQ ,Q X, 1 Q, -lg, 'Fil limi fn' wi 'Pl 4 67 Nil: ll., iii 1 fr 11. ag .l 5: I, lr 'ln-N l t Qgj f n? ni f-fu 1.. 1 C i ff ll. j' .J lt 'ixfiy ll 2 5 .YA . 1 ii.-il lil VT ull 1--'ll t .l in 5 ,fig iiilv ikaij i.. W, 1 my li T35 egll A IN ,wi 1, K' jyl I lnyvfi l til G' ill .vpn ll ' - ' ' 4 L' 'fl fl :mi l- ,. -.yy ti-.. iii 2: " fkl, 13 fja tp'-l i 1 W f- .ew l, 'llrl l ' 1 rf' I9 llx " ll . , W I. , 4 7, A if lf - it ,T - l .. ...fy fgmj if ll, ' - 2' , in dll V' QQ x '42 J -L I7' ,lv 4 .l. hir' will--X 'li' -will! WVL 1 ill A-L' flifx ,Y ' ,VUL fi' 7-N Y , -1,1 V 'f'Q'T1nUr'wC't'?"74ffgilltffixf2Jlfl'f7wyw'T'F 1, 4 ll fffM.Qplfr'. fyfli't1.H 1 ii , ,x 1 I. .l , f A . L! H ,y.'iJ.,, uri 14, ,i,l 1... I 1... M it . A Y , J X, GIRLS' BASKET BALL ' . At the official opening of basket ball Monday, December 3, fifty girls appeared for the initial tryout. Most of these candidates were veterans of two or three year's experience and showed ability which later developed into a first class team. After careful preliminary prac- tice, the girls showed the results of their good coaching under Miss Orrell by winning all but two of the eleven games on their schedule, which was unusually long and heavy. A. H. H. S. Ow0550 Our first game had an great significance because it was the first Valley game and meant much towards our championship hopes. The girls showed their class by overcoming Owosso to the tune of 30-12 in a well played game. A. H. H. S. 18 Flint Central 21 Our girls seemed lost in their first home game and permitted the Flint girls to go off vic- torious. A. H. H. S. 41 East Lansing 19 The girls showed their best form of the year in defeating East Lansing. This game mark- ed the beginning of our winning streak. A. H. H. S. 49 Bay City Central 19 Next! Another push towards the top in the Valley race. This game was just as much of a Walk-away as the score indicates. A. H. H. S. 45 Owosso 18 This was our return game with Owosso, so our girls celebrated by raising their first score a few points. A. H. H. S. 16 Flint Central 15 In the closest and most exciting game of the year the girls gained their revenge on Flint for their first defeat by a one point victory. A. H. H. S. 29 Saginaw 18 Well! Well! We won from Saginaw High for the first time in years. The game was slowed up somewhat by the frequent calling of fouls by the referee. But the game was not a mistake and our girls clearly outplayed their opponents, especially the center pair, and the team deserved their victory. A. H. H. S. 52 Tawas City 18 It's lucky that the girls from the North Country were used to snow, for they were sure caught in a drift. A. H. H. s. 26 I Bay City Central is In the last game of the year the girls came up victorious. 'The game was well played, althoughlour lassies were without the services of Shimmer and Dice. n . Much credit is due to the second team for the keen opposition they provided the varsity. g THE LINE-UP: Anna Klemach-U ,..-....-.... ---Jumping Center Alice Dice ------- M- ---- Side Center Hatty Shimmer -- ------ ------- G Ham Mildred Marks -- t ------ Guard Forward Forward --Guard - --- - --Forward Gladys Streeter ----- ---- Dorothy Needham ---- ---- Mary Needham fSubJ--- ---- Zylpha Kessel tSubJ ---- i Hazel Lauer fSub! ---- ---- S lde Center 'V VM 13 'LVL' 1,5 1' 51,3 1,1 if ,iffy vp. L' ,-v,1- vm L' .N lil, lx, ' "Y, W , N 'th V1 if -,ci f W f ti ,gl -il-5 V, ,-,IJ ii J I - Sli-ll '. if M fi th 'XA-1 1-Fluff ,- it if w 'Vlw-A". Ulf"-i X v '11u'."'k--llll-. if w Fiiubitl 'fm lair i-ffYlllli1llJd".!l,f'Kii 'Ps..ul.l,W1. lr-in ftflilwff-leaf" lifhi 'MU .ii-41'fl.'f:F--abd :rf i - c Y I 1. , 1, aw., 4, .U .. .-if ..,l,. ,wi f-vw AWN- - ' ' ' ' ,IJ N ,, X 4,1 -xlvr -4 0 4 nf ff -4 M Jyjnf' Jijnf- I Jnf' Jn-1' 20-1' PQ -,V . , NL, v ,ly Y ,, A ,V ,,, Y ,Mir .,. :P .,, - H T- ,,. cf- iq. 4 ,iff In N qi - 1 I K F, fr K 'rf ' N, ., C g 1ff afw mQ fm5fwwimf'fffrf'a?vw?'ay7MfC2:y7fw'9fe ww. ,, 5 ,li Nl., ,VA 1,52 wx I, I J 1, A,,, .,, A,,, -, ,,,. -,, ,,, -v, ,1,- w, 41.1 a, ,,,, s. ,1,f 5. ..,f v,- ,fu r W I1 ZAJXX ' J GQ! W fi f, 1 4 UQ"- JC' P W Mu J 4 " mfg! , HJ Wy I fl . xr U 3 I 1 s 1 '- 655 ' PL .1 f--,-,wg , Q, Yfffii ff ' my " ' 55132391 H r. mfg ,r .' .lb X593 'F . 34,21 gl-,- QM 11 Sli? f QE 415 ' 15-1' ' 'Cliff .f 1 p My Y ' 1"v 1Q . E1 QQ-'JP iv ' ,,,, ,., ,A ,- J. L 'Adyg I ' I ni- K , , F 5 Nf'f4f ", 6 f X 1 Cp! M21 595,55 Q , Tr L4 E?7'5j'. fp ' 2 2? f 'fi if, 5 2 N' V' 75 1- 1 My Tl A 3" Km ' Rf' 1" J Aj W if WJ! H . ..UAf1 yt F' ' wr? rx if 1 I f 3 1 I X, 1 af' g, , Wfifl N, -'I f 294, f M? wif 3, wk! uf S. I f '-1 S30 W? 0,6 1 QV. K, s 3 21 Y: tx 1 1 1 1 -f' 4 r M VXXFM M N Ux 'vff X 1-rmwfvq Www , ,, 'f mf ,M ' x .-'Q ' W 1 .f gqjiifi 5 'V -4 ' 7151 J "f.1 wx My 127.5 A 'mf my 5" "vu: .L LV? qqm, 3' '61i'u.'f'?vi 'nail 1:11 'W-,QX-Q, gfxi Q ,S+ 1 T Q, v-'Q 1 ,grwqgl ,LL 1' V: 'pig'-.,' 'Q ' , ,fy x 11' X A' 'N s x X" ' 4 1' I' Q lx ' ' . 5 gli 1 Q K'4,VI W 4 14- '1 , ' . 'YW' w 4 if ' ' if 5 x N M22 su ., 1fHFv?f S'r+.3w!,SCN-e1SfE Vb+?SPi S'5+T!v!.SS+f2vl sf?-eTw?.,!b+?:v E l'5-Qirifwreilswsiselifv. emu M .11-,F-7.3 hx ,Ulla fy -trip! -,fig 'IVVA -milf! wlrfxlxltv 1,,v-wvwvr . -ww ,V,rxH.!',V: YQlX'Q.4fbl.if4w.l5fl'Tf::i,Ynllfzqf?3N,i?,MbaYYWMb,v7ml5,M1?i,fmltff rl, f A in. . .4 .11--Bw. aww. ,f wi. .1 ,M rw I 'I Nfl .29 - n I rf lx I..-, lv I :J 3 'li ef E ll 11 In . all tg-9, lg 'fel E .fl TCW 1? ', 1 .w-3, 1 11756 " lvl Gif' , . I I I.: E A Ml' ' Q 4 . , , ,Ui 1' 'L I lp , 5 fkr Ya.- P453 f' xii! , I ln' X5 ff r at . v , , ty., M E1 in ,xn rf ,f ,vx ' 431 K if . ,I P I 47, ,vy if ,, , ,IQ7 LY 1 Ml frm 1- ' 1. lg ffl, v 'w el Fl 'l ' n ,S .11 1 .,x gig., P I lr 6 IF: .W ,V jf ,u. 2 1 tx TRACK The first call for track brought out thirty-two candidates, among whom are many good prospects who should make 1923 the banner year in track at Arthur Hill. Coach Bassett has pinned his hopes upon winning the Valley Meet, which has not been won by the Hills since 1914. The track team will participate in four interscholastic meets this year-Kalamazoo Col- lege, May 5, Kalamazoo Normal, May 113 University of Michigan, May 25-265 M. A. C. June 2. b kgliizitck will be the outstanding athletic activity this spring, as it has been decided to drop ase a . The track team of '23 is certain to be a success under the coaching of "Smiley" Bassett and the leadership of the veteran captain, Ray Hart. Hart has already added to the laurels of irthfir Hill this year by winning the half mile in the Interscholastic Contest at Ann Arbor in pri . st GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM For the first time in the history of Arthur Hill a girls' swimming team was organized. The fine showing which was made was largely due to the interest and help of Harvey Spaulding and the efforts of Miss Orrell. The following girls were chosen to represent Arthur Hill at the Bay City tank meet: Marion Marks Grace Rankin Ruth Barnard B. Byron Mildred Marks Augusta Osterbeck Irene Tullis With a team like the one represented, no surprise need be expressed at the victory they achieved, the score being 18 to 17. Mildred Marks tied for first place in the 20-yard Australian crawl, and Ruth Barnard fin- ished second. Irene Tullis and Ruth Barnard were first and second, respectively, in the breast stroke, while Marion Marks took first place in the diving contest. 'Qi SWIMMING TEAM The aquatic sport has never been given a foremost position in the athletic activities of the high school, but this year there was a strong desire for a swimming team, and in response to a call for candidates, many Arthur Hill swimmers presented themselves at the "YK, Try-outs were held and a team composed of the following men was selected: Ray Hart fCaptainJ .............-.-- ---------------- R Slay-40-Yard Dash Russel Alger ..............-. -. --.--------------- ---------- 1 00-yard D-33h Martin Tanner ------- ...-... B FQEISJC St1'Oke Ferdinand Gainsbauer --- .... Back Stroke Wendel Jackson ...... -------- B 30k S'Q1'Qk9 "Eddie" Alderton .... ......-.. F amy Diving 4'R0ddy" Mcfntosh --- .......... Fancy .Dwmg Tracy Maynard ---w .... P Illlige IOI' Distance John Gragg ------ .... P lunge for Distance ,H 950 If ff .f' fu. ff wi fm V'-l'lrc.w rlll Wm i fu, ff M vw fl fl -.y f. ff.. 1.1 lm ff K5 P1 A if ,slug wlarsywf -alms. 7 X l'fbt3?sPl2 fbftfvfllf bittfi.-1' I F2 fri' It f 3" -4 f 1- i 1 N , . v ,lf ' ",f:.1' ","" "V wwf. 1, , 1' W M-4 frm' F174 TW - . . yi 1. M ,f,, fx, 21 ,ff'2m ,Xpgvaggqffryg qf3f +'fycQ,3fQf7f,gX,fX,,m,,5 ,X,Ym3, ,,,Xm, .YK ,X V 7 35653 1' ' ' V- U ,U X145 Hg, fl! A LX, gif 'fm 1. X, 'yi Q. I ,. llX , ,fifxidflf 'rX'JJ cw X XX . , X,f,f,XX,,f, JXWDX ,XX - Y f ft 'XA ffm :X Xa, X L , - X ,Q ,X HEX 31,1 13 , 4 AX If., , gf!-4 ., ' 'Q X f X .A. M?a'Q '? , if K , in flu X ' N ' aff ffm my ,T g EX?-f' Trix E'-:AJ 9-A 41 'I--f ,AX Q- , fiy f2X f . , ,. X' , 1 . J XL, X X , . X fwgr- QT! f' . f'.fX ,G , X, ,XXX X , fig' fi, ai, Midiff WCH51' 'JJ I- X 95 53, f. ,LJ 4 l Olg'Tvf', if", glf' ff J" , IQ! 'H A' M355 , . 'f v. EM Qi -F" . nj 4, Q wa g Ff 'x1?ff, ' x J hgfiwkfy 1' . 311 ,-lp' X FQ gvl Q' 3 Ljik IEX iff, W1 7 K Efzjfif. -. -.,, Lx - V3.5 -, " 4-'lx . 1 M .51 Q 2 - 2149 fn ,,,f74X:l I - hs J 'Lf' -. f .,--,X X 2 - FIX .19 , , XXX , B ,EU ' - l Q ' f iN mb V' . ?XjI7,,1 :fp Lp 9k 1'X'Ylf'v1X, ZGTL' N' if 6419 1' 2 1:iX,5f1 fi X' 3 JXX ' R. xfllf B 1. 0 Ff- XX.XX-,4 .'5X AX "1 ' fX 5 ff' V Q. ' . , - WW - XX wvpz 16 Y ju Xi l 5 . We ,I ' ' XX iff' fi A i IU l L' . F w' -,Xf 5-yu v.'.1j WX. lr f- XTX, X XX XX 6' f TAX 1 JM. ,X lvX1' ' J H X X K XX -,-wi my iv fx-y wiv ,Xr .X 5 V X X X: XM hx A WX A . if NX-1, 3- ,R X-,,x.,f , X, , - X X M M ' 'f ' fwr--,4'xc,.:,, .4 QIY Jax LX- .. x" A, X.gA "M" ' A .f- sa,A'.- P13 lf. . 1- I A '-tju II, Iliff I II "fy, XI 2551? Irvs-'Fl .0 5' l I I Ir I I -: S,-GZ I ffl? ' ' III I N5 Ili 1 I ,, il., V' 'K 'III ' J Win Wi It 1 " 2. l, - f ,I ,JJ "ffl Mn 1. I' '-'gl n PL 7 II .3 N 1: . QI dw It lip' 1, I, I I I C I I' I- ffl IIB ' ,IQ I cl ,. . 1,23 II, F iw: l mn .fl If ff I I " 'I I, W, Ii' A I If 1 I- 'Tm L. gl Di , l If I 'A In xv QI erin Ill rv I If 41, xl half: L ' 'HI pw I GXIJ IMI: L z Il' 6, I IQ, I U- ,Q l- III , ,. gil f .ij I 'WQ4 'III Ov- ' ' -ww ff' ' walt- 'fr 'slimy -y siwtxn I-.' Y-Jin' ,V 1 sf., .. VX Iil'Wif'Qfi"lf?iffvIf'W1 fir 1 f 'Q 'I me F vi mi 71 W 'T' r .A fxEx.,. '-I.,,,,f KH 71'-.l ,I in I, , ,I ni 1,1 41 'Ai 71 L 3 ,jf Ai", V j y "wi ' FXR , t J if if I 'I Ll iff iq 3 IX 'l L .- Lf iii'-i "' -N 'f T uumu -'. 'I S I SENIOR DANCE .Just to show how a real party should be given, the senior class gave its party February 28, at Pioneer Hall, and surely set a fine example. The High School Annex was gaily decorated in green and white crepe streamers. An illuminated pin was unusually effective. IOh, yes! It was our class DID., The class thoughtyit might bernice to have Ted Lewis or Isham Jones, but they decided on the famed Happy'Six 'Orchestra' and the music was "par excellencef' Unique favors were thrown from the balcony, and all. too soon the party ended, with the applause of fifty couples. So the senior merrymakers turned their weary footsteps Magas- ward, acclaiming it a wonderful party. I fl 'SX'- THE FOOTBALL HOPS Hop, hop, hop! Yes, that's what they did. Both the football hop and its encore went off nobly. On the 22nd of December, the football squad offered to the light fantastic lovers, the very best dance floor in Saginaw, the Auditorium, and also outside music, the Ambassadors from Atlantic City. How about that? There were some stags choking smiles from above their stiff collars and wondering if their Tinker Tuxedos were a big success. Just as a sort of side issue, our big football team gave us another opportunity to enjoy the Blue Ribbon Orchestra at Pioneer Hall, in order to add to the huge profits derived from the Hop, the purpose of which was to purchase sweaters. As we are not a dime-defending but social-craving high school, the party was beautifully attended, and such a financial success that the squad will be most able to buy the coveted sweaters. 'Q- SPANISH CLUB PARTY Habla Vd. Espanol? Makes no difference. The Spanish Club gave a delightful All School Party the first semester and invited the whole school at thirty-five cents per head. iAl- though we're not a bunch of cattle, if we do have a line.J The decorations were simply swanky and the music-but let it suffice to say that every one was highly elated over its suc- cess and we wish the Spanish Club would keep up the good work. 'I- SOPHOMORE FROLIC The High School Annex was the scene of a pretty little party given by the Sophomores, March 10th. They invited all their little playmates and had a lovely time. Whether or not they told Bedtime Stories, I cannot say, for Rolly Waite rolled his eagle eye around the balcony and the upper-classmen disappeared. No, really, the Soph Dance was a truly grown-up affair. The Black Diamond Orchestra furnished the music, and, they say, delicious refreshments were served. The party was well chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Haggard, Mr. and Mrs. Marks, Mr. and Mrs. Snow, Miss Jennings, Miss Wakefield, and Mr. Howe. But, tell us, Sophs, why so exclusive? rf' 'Vu ll 'fflixw' xi HT!! w,'.U.l 'X'g'I,g 'V +.' 'HHN M- 2' l-Ile, 't I ." ", 'Li-' IH-:,If'l.i,1', 7 IMI? fil"'?ffiPi,lI'Yi1,f7i PWM- W ' 'I,il.ffletm1lf'i,c f'7i'fi.-t31'l'l.lI it fkiifp L: X .ill-fwfr mt .-'vie U v,iy1li'u K .YUHJ ',,..'g 'I' ,gy "' ,V 1' " ' ., ' '1 .' I 1 1-" " rv' 'fvf-K ' I - w or 'rfr',fi'w',fw':af f nfs f ,wr f ' 341' .1 . v. , 1 ,.,f ,,,r. .i A '- 'V -' THE CARNIVAL Everyone had a circus at the Carnival, March 23rd, which goes down in both the social and financial history of the Athletic Association, as being a real success. Officers co-operated with Mr. Haggard in the stand he is taking as to improper dancing and all guilty of said mis- demeanor were promptly arrested and fined. Candy and soft drink booths were conveniently arranged to refresh the dancers and incidentally to reimburse the treasury. Madaline Schurr proved an attractive entertainer in a dance number. Hot Tamale! Bill Dembinske rivaled Hagenbeck gl Wallace, themselves, in his side show. They say it was a riot. But were you in the Great Beyond? Horror-stricken, the over-adventurous fled from its terrors. Besides, some rummies disguised themselves as bigger rummies and were regular fun-makers. Others washed their faces and proved very effective masqueraders. 'A A. F. P. ALL SCHOOL PARTY The Alice Freeman Palmer Club gave a very successful All School Party at the Annex, April 7th, Excellent music was furnished and favors were thrown from the balcony. A fine crowd attended and frolicked 'midst the confetti streamers until eleven o'clock. . 'A THE JUNIOR FANDINGO Now, I ask you, what could be more delightful than a Fandingo? The Junior Fandingo was held April 21st, at the High School Annex. Exceptionally good music was provided and novelties were distributed. A unique color scheme of black and white was used very effectively to decorate Old Pioneer. All this for the nominal sum of fifty cents, too! This party took the place of the J-Hop, an annual institution of the High School. . . ., .. '-, . 1 ., - ., -i ., n .Q N- V "' -.P - ,'e v. r 'A A i a w. . n i s WISH .-'bH'.1Sffl.ii.'32+.f?af Tsfsff 'Fifvfi 'Tfffivi 'F-753. 'P7Ff"1 - Y IV' "I i A X X x- -1 .,' v'i all l r f' . 'C 2.1 'If K1 is .Q E1 Mi I! 1 4 lvl. Jia EL. 'YY AJ .if- fb' .,40X12f4 ls 525 'R ill 3.28 4511 ll M3351- 'n R. A if Lll.'S4.1s13.l1g'S-.vsadllfii I if 'Q YL- viz If 711' nf. SQ E4 rl' H My ...- '34 I l , J 9- at 'ff H.- S' w ' Q- ,ag ev n. Find .X-. XI I-I v XI I '1 ,x, II I. III ,I 'YI- I, I 'Q f.I I ,- I, I I WI :I II'i.'I ISI ,EAW If I VLJII ,Q I f, jfI QI I L III Ii I 1' XI III' III JL I I, 4 ' I I I IW I ' NWI. IIA I ,I I FW-EI T :sms IQ I 55 Q QEILVII I III!! I 1 I If .I I ,Ii 1 III I 2?f4 i'I I: IW I I I1 I I fffi Ig WI Cbrnu-N. I, I -IIIII IIII- A ,I.I- K 'II IIIIFI I'ZII'II,'-IRI Tr .III III I I II III I. In--I I I I 1 A .. Img A, 'I rw I. . III. , ,, I I I I, l",m""v ' 4 . Aj-also I I "Il, ' 'li f: :QQ .A- T Ix D '.'5 A- i, - . LI' 1.'Q'I'I-:i.g'I3,T nl. II 4" ' II "II I' ' ' A "' . "Q, 1' ' Q ,l . I fn 1 "nil 'H I . . vi , .1 - K- . 4 'I t A , .I 1 4- , lu' 1' u - ,5 L- ' ' - ' - I,,-.., ' " .P , ' - 'f F 'I ,Il - I I , , I. - 'iq 4 ' '. - - -.'-'l1'i'f-. 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VY- ' I I III ff- f,,-f1'-'j-- fr ,,,,, ,lg I I QI I ' I, ,:ii,f'f-I-I-"".f -Q11-A W IIA I .egg1,1 lf!-:rf-425-li WI IIII XIX I Iieiiii I I III I III I IIII ' ' II IIII ' If II I 2 I I IIII i I I SI I W Ig 3?4f' e I II III III ... ' I fi? I 1 I II as 22 II II III I I I I 'Wi' I I I I ' - - 'f i Igg Jrnguff IIII s ,T si: Ti:Tii,fi,7ll I N 4 7:7 ,,4.4f, ff,,, i4 A XIII in e -, IIN, ,WI W A , -. V , - I--- - I III I - I 1. III II I I3 I II ww .. 'vw 'gl III I! III I.I IIIII f- sf III I ', I I I.Iz,IQQ I II I III I I I I -' .3531 'I I ' I ' I I I XIII III III iI I W X , I I II It I. Ag,, -, L:. III I I II I A.. I I ,f - M. II 'I I ggfe,5g?5E5 T2ii I I 1 E' .Il-fri: wY?f ,A"'g,,'Ei Y -l.. 3 ' WW' ' "" ' , I! -- ' 'il'-:G wh. I ii II .. . I I II II 252 I if " a: I ' MP ' I . M RI I II II 'II I I I I I It ll-I " ' II. I ' I ,I Izgiffiig-"'-" if III I ' T Riviigxw , I "I XIII II' I I I I II. 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U bA:"ZCif7'fpNzJ I., f 1 ' -'U 247, 7 , 411 in Hr -H1fff,ffff5f,i,,, , ' 7 ,J ' , 7 , , Qaida, uj, 3 4 Ik 5 -,u w J ,,!fA-,r Aggijfkih 52,5551 7 U ,C 1' .,ulS.- 'X fffn I ! j.frC..x JJ 4 f fb-1 SW I V M ,, ,Vi 2 v-if NA ' ai, f Vw? H 2: rg hifi 24525 -'Z v 4 W nf-'75 1 mf: A 4 'T 1 , Kffgfgl ' ' 4 V 7155 -. 4 SY- px 4, 'lb 2 ff? ' 4 QW S M1 5 - Emu , , g F ,ii , , 1 -1 1 A , Egg' E? Qi' W gg F- ni-fn Qi? , A -4? . lu ,532 N55-I mf-, ,y f S.'ii .. ,,,5l,.-i Um V ,R 1 ' N Rui , Y '-rj if g wr- Y 'Q X ' 'EQ 7 X 1 W X x 4 -,.i4l1 4 'Li' wh . ' 'C',-,V 4 V 'rp v 'YXN -Q 5 RYWWY Y. C --xif'-QQ, '11 'af .B MZ 4x2 'jXh C Q .n Q 4 UQ i x '1C',,ljg.xQ ' 7, ,,: 419, ,i M LJ! Aff ' .4 I 1, -1 ii? 3, -f E33 25, 'J'ff9 4 FT' LET fwr ' ,. f, ., r 'P , rf' , f , 3,395 , 1 5 ,K qc, ' 5 A7 KE' P' f as ll, ,, iaigw MQ 25552 X ,. . MVN, -,, , gr, E M A A, I 1, .. W V 'AP , 5.425 S32 7, ,. iff f 5. v., I , TW MQ 4 ' N ' qw + s dwg -gg X-fu 1 x xi rm ig rwfis C Qs Gi QQ I fzbj '111 1 1, 1 1 '1 AJ nl ,lf I1 .1 5. aff, 1 M1 C, 1 1,1 ,1, -f ,.!1 ,, 11 . 1 1 ! 'A 1 1 , Jw' 2' Y". ' 1 ' U1 1lKfa'-T1 1 141 1 1, ,D 1 l'1 fflnl, 1. gg A1 1 4,1 1Cfl 4 lj A1 f1 L1YIJ..f VI 1flg?r7ff1 , .J V 'Tix Y fl 51 1 .3 ' l, XJ' S rl Y 1' lu X 012, 1 '11 1 J '1 ,Q JT, 12174. V1 X 1 1 lr ,N 11 1l 14111 K' ,fi M1 1 ff 7v1'1 51, 1f1' K ,g 1-1 L14 "fr GT1 ,fu 1. t1'11 .11 1 ,, p . Lili: i nrR'i?:TT1 16 l 1 fir 33,4 if 3 1' 1L ,Jr ffff 1l f 1 '11, 1 K' I yn! '- 1' Efx 1 11? 'f 1 ,Af PTf'iY1 1'l 11,-'Ji X 1 1' X V 1 .14 "I 1 l 1 1 3 X,-411 1' Q l3w1T'."? Ki, '1 .J 1 1 N 11 Kill All 12 . ' M. .1 1 , '11 rlgilvilig ,fx 14' .N 5 ,fwky 11', PAT' 1 1-- ,ie ,2 exft: 11,112 1 LC9, 'D l 5,1 1 1 11-1-1 1.N1 ,ra 15, J 1 ,F ...f K1 11 1 SENIOR CLASS NOTES Write early upon the pages of Life's history while you may, lest some ill wind turn the leaf and you lose the place. So it is with the Seniors of '23. We must turn to a blank page in the history of Arthur Hill, and present our true account. Procrastination is the Mother of Defeat, so we Seniors organized early in September and chose ourtofficers as follows: Raymond Hart ................................................ President Henry Snyder ......... ' ................................... Vice President Don Metcalf ................................................. Secretary Roswell Burrows .............................................. Treasurer Miss Clark ............................................... Class Adviser Miss Boyle ............................................ Legenda Adviser A noble beginning must mean a successful year and a special meeting was called at which we decided upon class dues. A "pay your dues" campaign followed and the class subscribed 100 'Z1 strong. The Legenda board was chosen and soon a staff was busy collecting material for the an- nual, which by the way, is the best ever published by an Arthur Hill class. Now "Variety is the spice of life," and we Seniors had been working quite hard on exams, so a wee bit of recreation was planned in the form of a Senior Dance, which was given at the Annex. Music was furnished by the famed Happy Sex, and did we dance? Well, ask the gang. School activities have had a large representation of Seniors, especially athletics. The football team was composed almost entirely of Seniors, while Capt. Curott, Dembinski, Com- stock, and Lewis, represented the class in basketball. Forensics also had devotees among the Seniors, for the entire negative debating team, in- cluding Natalie Duclos, Everett Winslow, and Don. Metcalf, were all Seniors. Everett Wins- low also represented the school in Oratory, while George Lehr and Abe Oserowsky defended the second team laurels in debate. "Honor Bright" was chosen for the Senior play and was presented at the Auditorium, May fourth. A packed house and clever acting made it the dramatic sensation of the year. Hu Commencement is all set for the 21st of June when we must bid farewell to old Arthur 1 . There is no more room on the page alloted to the Class of '23, so we'll just quote the class motto, "Be on the square," and turn the page that holds the record of the greatest class in the history of Arthur Hill. DON METCALF, Secretary. iff- If ww 'f ' f11f"1 H" "i1 'wt' 'ft' 'ff 'fri ?f 'ff 1 ff 'fri 'V 'f'i',"fw"f1"T J H -Q11,111rr1 fwfr? a1111W wf'71 231111175 211105 e11'f'7n 'awrf Q-111121 'gwfxs 211675 lin f'A11',, Ji .H 1 ,131 I., 17:1 'VQU if fl 11 ,il ,"1'.,11,'f 1. if if 5.4. ,U :H if ff, 1'. ,if ,U 7 .fm If vb -V If . 1 1-.2 ,S 593 Fil Qf LA! I I f F57 ,lf 53 sw ,YE N AT '55 1 1 are -4 22 A iff. Q CP 1135 Lx if 92. J fix few Tgfif L J, . 'S . V fi j ffl x. '. V, iw' l err iii ii' 5 , MX? ,,-W. . 7,3 25" 4 fi? 1 L-Q3 fi ,Yi Q 'I is ' 1 ' "' 715 'mi nffjfii w' L' 'Jiri 11x g""1f',A ' Y -1i'i1"x' '1-rK'fx'Cf'l1-mix-.ffxtvi-1gr173'W-1 N. -fri :gf-vi'-"D7 'lx' 'Jil Q XC' f 3 -Lxwl '1X 4 'VH r J vf., Q 4 ill, Fl li -,L if Q -11.1 4 ,VL-,1 egg , 4 -L 4 X' X-X 11+ 1 NS:-rf .M11 kiwi 12241 ll thief? f'gefk3-8111311 I' v 3: 1, f . a 3 lv, , my W ll' .M , ,Ji 1, H f-A -' my fi J 5 ,Y -W ij. 7" ,, ,X, F4 v qi S Y .A ,fx 'fr , 'fry' JFN l .. ,l A, L r Q ,A ny i, l nl li ' "' if zffq. 'J aff, FTA :f?,5"7.f ff-A VT .T ji-,,'ff1' 3- "Tj 'if if fri with VT4"f7f' fv'1fffn:, . ii ' -It jgwij il, y 3 ' i V .24 fifidltl lf'il'l f " fi? L A-'Lg I-rl: F" l il' o ff-i'fJ.Z 'Q wi vikw .gi 44 tr -'VV' ygg,,1'L!1f n le f ll f TTI , ,fr 3 F I' YL E 1 0 N-Vw JF2YryQ,"l E' H'-, X iyvll lf.. J .4 4 3 'iii my ri-ivy, ' l f J EPT' 3 i,i iw 'A' 'V 'Y xuu' 'rw W JUNIOR CLASS A . . . . . . 5'5" J ggffi "Tramp, tramp, '24 1S coming." Comlng right on to Senior year, Senior officers, and to IL rig' Senior examples. il,-gjd p W J The Juniors have been first, last and at all times, a loyal class, loyal to themselves, to ' ' their Arthur Hill, and to their principles. If 1924, as Juniors, have not adhered strictly to YQQQ, , tradition, they find comfort in the final old proverb, "the course of love never did run smoothly." ' Being in a philanthropic mood, one day, we thought of something to do for the benefit of the whole school and the rest of the town. We have arranged for a Lyceum Course for our ' ,M Senior Year. ' iii , lk . . . . . It--A-1 , by Amid the peals of laughter from behind the scenes, the Junior stars made their debut 1n f 4. the world of dramatic arts. Besides being gifted in dramatic lines, the Juniors were proficient ,Q,'Lf,l in creating trembling stage setting, from which even Belasco might obtain a few novel sugges- T ll 5 tions. . tagw ,B Now instead of giving the regulation J-Hop which was thesexpected thing for the Juniors ,gg M to do, of course, 1924 gave the Junior Fandango Cthree guesses as to what that isj a la King 1 Tut Style. ' if-35,5 1 ' You see from above our vain endeavors to be different and we hope to shout for "1924." A CLASS oFF1oERs Q' 44 J President ...............................-....... , ...... Reginald French ' ' 1, Vice President ........................................... Mildred Marks A ' Secretary -....................... --- .................. Jean McDermid i5jfi?y l Treasurer ....... , ..... ............... .....-............ A l ex Jack 5723, J l JEAN N. MCDERMID, Secretary. Qgiifl lf ,-I 13452 "l 'ss lk- ' E w if ,. rkr Wg 52 if 5 3 'yi' ' W - feir lgisillwgiliwrllgafdfem?lzQ.mllaHM,2WMPislam?ls+AMllaP+nf4iii,2lzf+1sfyzllas-o4l2llfgm2l:fi.1f v V 1. 1.1. V ii -,,:, 1 . w!,J1,, - ,URN ' f- 1 i' wi , ,. , ., 1, r gl - r rw, ,- 4, 'f ,' - , T' .xi ,- 4, I '!,- - I 1 V-kr, fl f F I, . V x UA, ,I , 7 , F ,I . f ,,,1.xf ,.,wl.7-. 'awrygmfaffrfv,jy','yf'f!vf1X,,ft5WfN,,!1qf,tfs,,r,fj1LzNftf,gP3,?fAyiP'x, ,ffl rm, :.'f,,m, 1 '- K f' -4 ' f ' 1.1! f J' 171 - ' ' , X 'LI 1 , ti . I nf . 1, 'V 4 ' ' L J' I, Ml, li Astred Ahman June Albright Edna Alderton Russell Alger Culbert Arnold Frank Arold George Baker Helen Beyer Helen Blaisdell Frederick Bliss LeRoy Boehringer Esther Boissonneault Ralph Boughner Eleanor Brewer Edwina Brogan Lawrence Brown Clarence Brownrigg Ilah Buck Emelia Carlson Marshal Chamberlin Ellen Clements Elton Cline Helen Cornish Mildred Cook Vivian Cook Bradley Cox Keith Crane Kenneth Crane Geraldine Davis Alice Dice Frances Dietz Earl Dixon Dorothy Dunbar David Dupee Dorothy Elliott Leona Enszer Oswald Enszer Rachel Everett Emmeline Kennedy Vera Kersten Jane Khuen Anna Klemach Augusta Kolberg Theodore Koski Albert Kretchman Lena Kreuchauf Helen Krueger Lottie LaFlair Louise Lange George Lauer Cevil Laundra Ha1'old Lehan Pitt Light Mildred Little Wilmer Littlejohn Jean McDermid Roderick MacIntosh Edwin MacKinnon Hewitt McDonagh isj, -. ,Q A 1 The Members George McManus Eileen McNabb Morris Mannion Mildred Marks Dorotha Marti Tracy Maynard Hazel Menter Rowland Meyer Catherine Meyers Helen Muelenbeck Eva Nettleton Nettie Neubauer Lois Orr Orin Osbourn Gwendolyn Owens Irene Phillipe Harriet Pitts Myrtle Plank Ella Plater Ruth Pletterburg Theodore Pratt Mildred Proctor Fay Proper Clara Puches Emily Putnam Patricia Reese Edwin Rice Irene Rice Gladys Richards Bruce Fayerweather John Ferguson Catherine Ferman Ruth Fiske Ellen Flynn Lorene Forbes Nita Francisco Reginald French Gladys Gardner Lucile George Morris Goldstein Ray Goodrow John Grogg Dainabel Gregway Arthur Grigg Harriet Griggs Melvin Gunther Beatrice Hagen Helmar Hall Beulah Handy Jerome Hard Thresia Harnley Sylvia Heidger Esther Hegler Mary Hinkley Carl Hintz Helen Hollies Jessie Ingram John Izzo 'Si Alex Jack Wendell Jackson Adjie Jameson Ruth Jeffrey Russell Johnson Thelma Joyce Helen Kaltenback Esther Kapitan Sarah Kellett Frank Rindhage Lillian Roberts Melvin Robinson Jane Rosser Violet Roethke William Roethke William Scharf Hatty Schimmers Nathan Schreib Sidney Schroeder Violet Schwinek Milton Seiferlein Arla Shaler Earl Shaler Alice Short Emil Sleva Merrill Small Howard Small Herman Speckhard Winifred Spencer Margaret Stack Mildred Stock Rudolph Stolze Gladys Streeter Helen Strimbeck Walter Stroebel Clifton Stuart Elizabeth Swarthout Morse Swift Robert Teift Joseph Telmos Marian Theobald Grace Townsend Irene Tullis Marion Ulrich Odelia Vandeveir Ruth VanWormer Alice Vernon Carol Wagenhals William Wagenhals Janice Walker Margaret West Fred Wiese Clara Wilkes Helen Wills Margaret Winterstein Julius Wirth Ruah Wise Wallace Youmans Leonard Zorn. L . I J f.,-'E' ,. "ii ,, ,,. 12, 'FY7 ,. . 241 "X-'1 4 .1 12, rw' f 24, 421 .- 1 521 GT? I 'A Zgzlf r , 1 .qi , 'FQ-77 "N , A 7'2: Av? 12, ' ,45 rv' I? ff- fgg mx? I A 1? -, AQ-ff me A n P41 3 FV? V N I Q-Q QQ: 2? I Ag f 3 3422 T1?Ql I 'XT i if .,, .gy - . 'ir 'H 2? -2 I-2, 4 -- rv I 2 ,Fl 17? 3 .55 433 fig! N JXLQLJ ,755 X. -Us R5 radxu T-Ei x Pi ' x J? ' NMA. X ifEf?e,,fwl,::f:e, isdnlCel'sfi+W'PQw?f is PRN: 2- is PM -Tek, Assisi Tiff '.l",l -my .i -,iw .L -4- . ' tl F ' fi ' 'f N- 'fn '- .r 'ittrgttlfid l'lflr'ltWftf 'ifiwlfii' Ti 't,i'1t' 7 Um ' 1 ,i I J, . l 1 A ,',DxH:i'A,:,1'M 11. A f- ' lptvi ref Rpm, t?,U. 'I .1 F ' t . 1 9-lil 19654 :JR-2 tel QW . . X A xf 1. l'ff'l' 5.355 z,Xw'fE ff yi, I' t ' M' y fee' I gggq A -itil CYWQY Fri, HI-Y CLUB L-'fl The first meeting of the Hi-Y Club was called by Ray Hart, the retiring president, and the following were elected officers for the year: T. Arduino Ardussi ..........................................-... President Henry Snyder ........................................r... Vice President . Jerry Chambers ................ .............................. S ecretary Roland Waite .......... ' ...................................... Treasurer Plans were made for rounding up all possible candidates for the club, and dues were set lpj! rather high to assure an appreciative membership. 2,015 During the year, the club has entertained various groups. Among these were the football gi team and the orchestra in appreciation of their faithful service to the School. In April the Club sponsored a concert by the Kalamazoo College Glee Club, which yy as ,je ,, a complete success. Q1-ffl A basketball team was organized late in the year and we succeeded in defeating the Sagi naw Hi-Y team by a score of 50-9. . ,pl Some of the speakers who addressed the club at our regular bi-monthly luncheons were bjvgg Rev. H. W. Fischer, H. D. Spaulding, Mr. T. V. Martin, Mr. Howe, Mr. Humes, Mr. Dersch, g,"L,f Prosecuting Attorney Brucker, Mr. Wallis Craig Smith, besides many regular Club members Early in the year Mr. Humes was succeeded by Mr. R. N. Ogden as Y. M. C. A. advisor Fuji Mr. Howe, our faculty advisor, has been of great help throughout the year. fl nfl' A, The Members 55? Wallace Ardussi Jerome Hard Tracy Maynard Melvin Robinson je., Arduino Ardussi Raymond Hart Hewett McDonagh Mr. Schreiber l",,ym', George Baker Mr. Haggard George McManus Carl Smiley John Benson Fred Helfrecht Rowland Meyer Henry Snyder - qv, Frederick Bliss Mr. Howe Mr- Ogden Russell Snauldmg c ' 4, Hoyt DeKleine William Kessel Gilbert Otto i Jack Steele of Mr. Denny Jonathan Knott Rowland Waite Martin Tanner John Gragg George Lehr Arthur Robinson William Wagenhals F d' d G b ' J h Lovette er man gens auel O n MARTIN TANNER, Secretary. Liz i,'fiiifHf1, 3 mf 4 :'j?j.yi1 .f"2f,wrf,tT--1.1, J fyl A H' f. , . X J 1-,Q 1 I 1 ,M 4-N ' J :JU x-"1 f J g , -L X x j 1 5 W 1 V, f, HWQ- ,'. 1 ,rb - ,' - y' , Lf -,qv '1' 1, 5' '-f ', 5' 'ff ', j' 'W 145' '-1, "1 if 'x 1,7 V -1 4, " 'Af ',' ' ' ' ' W7 vtffw H f'7wQM"Ti fXX,fM'i ?1w,Kf'7ffQf,!Mff, 'Qfi 'c5T'. 'Q+'t'7'7x"Q-f t.'7x E? 'VTX VF. 'Q' ef?-,Tv F71 . 1"-,N ,M ' H H lv.. - f Awxln -Yu' RUN" 'E' 1"Yf' '-"Q"-""-' 77" x- -'x""-' -A 'J' - V X:'u" 7 Hu ' AX -Q' lf' 1 ff' --M , , , I 1, 1 1 I 1 1 1 .U '23 Q IJZA .1 Axzfa ,3 I 5 .3 -,W 1 1 -'- f '. Cirlfq ?'f g in if, - eb uint Q ' '. .f- X U . r.' --ef A 1 - ' rijjiqivf 45. '-5, 3 -lj? as 4 1.2 .wggfv .f :- AJ , -- we , ' - -L 7' wk' .. , 5524" : ' .,f,iJ:1. . QQ.--as v 12,915- ' 5:4 QQ, .-Eve?-:Sai I I viizll fc . -:Z1i.Z2'-':1e,-4: N - :Ng 1-5 +3 . : .-5' :ik . - fpagwfsar-Q f --w f .- ami 1 X-1 5- 'wwf --.U x 34.17 'T :'5 3A'-':2.3,-'31 '. k -2.4 'M 4.4 Q J - .fm- 1. ,fb W, . KH, 4. 'I Yr' pkg?-'PQT:,. ,- , -fm' -'f f'wf:. -.4 ' .- .-Q , 1. . A . X: 12791914-.' fn F ' VA'-.f"'1:1,'i5.1v'1v-Ax' .:J. v ' j, :'.:"f:ff ii-f.1. p Ilan fwf- ' T JY, wg' Q ,Sr lei, J. . , .,,.. 'G-V31 RHF' 5- f 4 gww, ffww 2 'Qvg fivf 'FAME i2+x, ? ,,-.4 ,, ,ri f '14 J 'K ,Jr ffw J Q4 , NA, G1 ', 'i 1 11 ,FJ ,"1X .VJ 'T I 5 .f' y I ,XJ ,- gf, .sg J L V -1 ' W J 4 4' T ,fi 1 ..F'. , K, -":v5'r .I .X V, ,144 1' , ,- V 7,4 ,f-gf , ry? ' .1 1 1 l 1 I- 1-1- :ig- . A tx .- fi T' ' ' 23 v 'N I-4:Q -fl-jr 1 ,PQ M 'iii R1 ,V . I -, W ,,14.g -JJ 1 ,xA -xl . R, 1 , 13 f.-' I ffsi ,,, . 'F :'d. Q-'Q ,Qxv .uw ,'A. -'I u 1- J, 54 'ny b' N -.'V.' .I Jxvx 'Fi :QA .ff -I EKU 1 Jgr-'- if ll' Tnl' if x , N 5' 4 x' 3 19 : 3 ,Iii -A -4 yy' ii-1 X:"'i,i-inf' f -'ijwffl' ' Midi-Qt' MFA' ' f',f?if'3fl.:il'l ki-'H' 'Fl'-fir fQf'i,iE,i"ii!.S'i'y5F4'-f' WQQV' JP f" ,gui fqfd' K,-'i:'p1sfHi' fCQi'u7qliii,fffQi'V-,2'i,",", ,ff-xi" in siiiglileseyifgiiilffyiftiiqisl Qrilr.,jU?Qgilr1, ix ,,i7lfir.,l onli:,.,iFQflKr.,j1,Q-'lit is, mfr. ,, ,Milf . , ,lr ' i'r1'i ru, Cr mil lu' ,321 ' il " " fi " " W' " " " " 1' ' if ' A 1' " ' ' ' " ' '., ie, -J J roi M Il ii iilgii soPHoMoRE CLASS NOTES MQ fi Vx 'I i'i',Jilii CLASS OFFICERS L91 President. ................................................ Roland Waite f,3v"'l Vice President .... -- ............. . .... . ---. -- L-. ........... Fred Helfrecht 1- . . Secretary ...................... ....................-.. Eleanor Johnson 1 9 Treasurer ....................... - .................... -----Marion Marks , Class Advisor ................... .- ............-............ Miss Jennings 'Vi' . ifffi From the very start the Class of '25 has been the "pep" class and we certainly have proved ourselves worthy of that title this year. Our Hrst meeting was held in the early part of October for the purpose of electing officers. Miss Jennings was persuaded to be our class llnfll advisor. In a meeting held in January, plans were made for our very successful party which lliji was given March 10th in the Annex. Our class colors were changed from purple and gold to is l maroon and white. gil We have been well represented in athletics by Harold Schimmer, captain-elect of next yearis football teamg also Nubs Miller, our next year's basketball captaing Tommy Tallon, Qi-ff'4-li Russell Spaulding, Carl Smiley, Kendrick Failing, Morris Goldstein, Mary Needham, Dorothy 'il Needham, and Zylpha Kessell. Both the boys' and girls' Sophomore teams have won the interclass championships this year. If we don't have an up-to-date class of dignified Juniors 3-"fy, next year, it won't be because we lack pep and initiative. Bi E. JoHNsoN, secretary. VY 'fl nywi iilff The Members Qi ill Sf' Andre, Howard Dolhoff, Ruth Jacobi, Emil 1. 5. . l,, l, Arold, Marie Douglas, Lena Jacques, Harvey ',,fLQi Alderton, Edward Dupee, David Jenning, Marjorie -'il Allardyce, Marion Dye-ri Geneivilelve Jionesi Igusscil frat Atwell, Willis Doer ner, o n esse , y p ia Baade, Alta Elliot, Dorothy Karow Elmer Gfei Barlow, Edgar Ewald, Carl i Kennings, Mabel ly' l Barnett, Cecil Failing, Kendrick Keller, William if Bellinger, Bernice galk, Ghiraldinet gnoitt, Jogzithabn th l ' Bernecker, Marie eige, argare reiman, iza e 'i Blevins, Oscar Fisher, Mildred Kupdingei-, Mathias ll Blower, Ruby F1sher,'Gerald Kaiser, Chester I Blolioi, Caroline Fox, Elizabeth Kessel, J-ane iff Boissonette, Esther F1'21S91', L69 KH12, Wllma Bi-ewes, Louise Frost, Iva Laukner, Conrad fi ,iff Bretgn Philip Fry, Evelyn Lauer, Hazel Wadi Brown: Katherine Finger, Margaret Light, Russell , is Brown Lillian Fordney, Ruth Livingston, Jack W ' 1 . 1, 4. Bueker, Ruth Brench, Roberta i Lonsway, Leona +' jg Byron, Bessie Gaensbauer, Ferdinand L3.Flal1', Dana ll! Byron, Jaehette Gardner, Mai-gal-et Langdon, Gem-ge, Baldauf Harold Gres, George Mccloskey' Mff!1'2a1'ef Baumgart Robert Crams, K2lth91'iH9 MCD0nah' Marlon ,fo B ' ' I H vd Goodwin, Robert McLean, Roy Bilggnggwal-aww Greene, Foster McLean, Gertrude Q1-Pl Bolger, Amelia Greer, Edna , McQuade, Russe Cripns, Clifford G?11'df19T's Mlldrffd Mabel" gfhemas i "' 'Q' Collier, Clarence Gensiver, Junior MHJOI, 2U'f19S iilildfi, Crane, Marian Gi3,1Se, Heiefl Maquetv ll, li-Ni Curtsi Marian Hagen, G1-ace Marks, Marlon Aff Case Williams Haines, Harold Matuien, Clalence ll ' ' i Robert Weill Daenzer, Leona Halt, Leon Mgadj " I9 Dankert, Dorothv Hawley, Ilah Milla' Evelyn ll W Davies, Bervl ' Helfrecht, Fred Miller' Edward S' ii Davison, Catherine HOHIUHYI, Ruby, Miner- Stanlqf Dezelskvi M, Holloway, Harriet Miller, Norman his Deieieiiie HO t Hudson' Thelma Morningstar, Gladys 'K -3' Dittmai- Louisgi Hoerauf, Clarence Mowers. Harry it Dixon, Marion Huff, Eugelge Mcgjiriv, Sgagiley f I--,R t c1an,.'e B?,SfiiigF:i,E!,3ii2 Igjdflgano er 3 McNabb, Lillian 4 1' lt, J-'il RMU seq iff? it W 1 ,n , ,,: Q if ,,,4 -f, ,,,a i, 1,11 w,- 1,1 ,f -,n '.,- -,lt ,, .lf .li -' .Aff 45-"1,rf' '.y'4 . -, . .ai , V -f r-' in. 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L ois Orr, '24 "if--'lf Assistant Exchange Editor ------- ---- P atricia Reese, '24 ,pg Assistant Advertising Manager ---- ---- E dna Alderton, '24 ,wi Art Editor ------------------- --- Eleanor Johnson, '24 33,3 Joke Editor ---------------- --- Merril McDonald, '23 ,dw Sports Editor ---------- ------ A lex. Jacks, '24 "'e 3 Assistant Sports Editor ------- ---- - -- --.------------------- Mildred Marks, '24 fxffia Organization Editor ------------------.--------------------------- Emily Hudson, '23 fill Assistant Organization Editor ------------ - ------------------------- Nathan Schreib, '24 ,Q-,QQ Reporters ---.--........--.... William Purmort '25, Theodore Roethke '25, Hazel Booth, '23 Faculty Advisers ......-..- .-..--.------------------- A lberta Bolen, Louise Kilbourne 4 Auditor ----...... -.------------------ ------------------ W . W. Haggard in 513 fxv "" iywvix - , , lv 1 , , ip X, X 5-F1"fT, llfj i'ti'k1. 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Margaret Winterstein Vice President ...... ........ - ,.---..,,,. A lice Dice Secretary .... .- ................. --- .- ..... -. ........... Mildred Marks Treasurer ...................... -. ........................ Gladys Streeter Many delightful and novel parties have been held, and if the old Annex was able to talk it would tell of many strange sights it has witnessed. One of the most delightful of these affairs was the Halloween party, where every one who came was given many thrills in a trip through the "great beyond." The Hobo party was not a dressy affair, in one sense of the word, but one in which lots of fun was enjoyed by everyone, dressed in their oldest clothes and ready for any- thing. The costume party, which gave the girls a chance to show their ingenuity, was a huge success. The best feature of the club, however, is that it brings the girls together, they show co- operation in the stunts, dances and games, and they mingle with one another, from seniors, post graduates, and alumnae to freshmen, all pulling together for the good of the club. The girls have no regular meetings as most clubs have but the business is all transacted at the numerous parties. Now, at the close of the school year, we feel that the girls can look back on the year 1922-23 with a great deal of satisfaction with the knowledge that they have left the Girls' Club a bigger and better organization. MILDRED MARKS, Secretary. , . . ., A ,A .f . A nf- .,, : fe-f,.g cv f' r-A-ii. 'Y 1 uf"-f-, f'f','frY"fv +:' '. 'Y "1 -,,' r'."l,' "" 5. ii'3'W"'T' iqiraff'c-fi Gf?""?7iQ'GKL'TT'7fFg,"X?,U -Wg, -,ig 'wi' -'Hi 'rf was 3 ' ME, - X, ,yi Yi, Q, "1 ,Q wi M rt i , 4 lr- i ,ug fy w- ii Q- gt, J. '4 -QAM'--.L N-,lljirxl-M Q,'QIjl,f155 Y, -YQ, f LI jk? ,xiii-,A',f'fXU i i I,f K ,N ,, ' , V, .1 ,, if .R X ,V ,I , X , , 1, , , . al . , , - , ns . ff, ff, , re- Vyfx f 1, r-,A f . W f wwf-1'i ,g l""f1 -'R 'X-4 fy fl 94 f M, w ' ,ik 734 Y .H Ek gf 3 5:1 1 ,- 11,- -'il Q 1 wx, ,- 1,1 1 ., , , , 1, , f., . -1, , ' 1, , If i ii 'r , ,- ' .1 J . ,1 J' , A ,,,,. Ai, "V fv- l ',x A A lg: 9' 3 if 9 D, fl ,,4J 55 , K -1, ,J GRCHESTRA Sylvia Heidger Clara Punches Thomas Rippberger William Roethke it Emmaline Kennedy Melvin Robinson Wallace Youmans R Donald Dankert Carl Ewalt Clarence Hoerauf Saxaphone: 4 il C Wilmer Littlejohn Lois Hepinstall Roderick Mclntosh ll Dana LaF1air X ri Miss Gracia Sickles, Director 254: fi? A' N jf, 'Pt f? 4 N . ,Q ,EP FUR? 1 ..w iigf -,, - f , ' , ' - ' '- - L ,mg ,111 .I .jd 3 X, , -I 7 M-K i X , 5 Vx -L w .,, -E . .x - 5 1 K i fc K, Q- l 'Ji 'H-im?-spy 9. '--fl ly,-Ji ml R5 'K-l,:x,.:i, "wAw'5g4" XA 5 4' ffl .4 'ff X-45" ,kg .XJ ' 4. ' ' 1 s 'I NH I ' X- .X - ,' s , '- i, iw- .' . -4 . .' X .' W X' -,Y ' . V A tif 2 .p, J f 4 ,Q N 14 J A -2 .3 -3. 1 First Violins: Second Violins: Clarinets: Trombone: 1.33 Russell Alger Cello: Cornet: Accompanist: Cl' Winifred Spencer Byron Staffeld Arthur Robinson Laura Hunt X, , ,ig ,RW , ,X .P, Y-Q . yt' ,va . -im ,, t X -A -1 ,V PT rv 7 1 4 ,112 -- QQ- 51sgH,11'5f11fs311,31g wi,-1s41f'11q1 :eq 11::fag1sgg1 klfflwifh 1: ,gk Q4 15 'Nw ',1.1y " '17 D 1 1 i Q1 1111 F!11'g',,f in jXvs13.'Z4'J1N X1 'f-11!f1 l-Qlfiufqig-xlf1uClr ,Hmm fr'-Clk ,fam lm ,lm 'iam ,T A 514' jg ,- -'11 " Wi 1.11 fx, 1 .1-1 11. iii? kg 15112 if 7' 41 , 1. , 1- 16 ll 'Nfl 1' ll 1.1, ll- 'I All , 21 l, 19 1 l- 1 lk '1lil V J r Ml 11 1 1, 2, lx fig S , 'M 5 if? W '1 cl '11 A sn llffll 119431 1111 1 1 ll, 1 .SQ-iv 1- 'JU iw 11:23 r in 4 Ml 1 1, .gl ll L ffl F '95 1v 1 11. ll 'YXI1 W mv 1: " jf: Qi Will IRR 4 J Wwl 1 121.1515 1.'l1!'f Lf ln 1111 'll lggl - I1 F111 U 1' vjts -11 -1 I-, ,' wf 9 fu 1 W lo-J ,f L f J 1 ra-1, ll 'ifff 2,3 1 I-Al. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Sopranos: Second Sopranos: First Altos: Helen Blaisdell J Margaret McClocky Mildred Stock Margaret Littledale Sylvia Heidger June Metzger Helen Winkler Viola Schury Evelyn Fry Elinor Robertson Lois Orr Mildred Koerber Emmaline Kennedy Mildred Fisher Lois Hepinstall Harriet Griggs Marion Fisher Eileen Method anice Walker Mildred Cook Accompanist: Laura Hunt Missf1lGracia Sickles, Director '5- L' 1.1 151 . 1, V, 11, li gf lf Q it Nz M, N gp " X W 1 1 1-r. Y .f 11 -, 1 ,- :ff-1 11 1, if A. l 1 Mull 11ii?f:.X"A.xiil'ly 1:i?QtA,j7i'f'll1ll-111 1.g'A,liJ'l -1if'1.l:Jn WIT, j' I Second Altos: Elizabeth Simpson Thelma Joyce Winifred Spencer Marion Curts Edna List ,-. !FlxN',, ,pf . ,,g ,f. ,, ,f-K l 4 rx' ,I-g rs, fx 1-sig' I-5 A' In wsfff nw w f .H Q ,Nbr f w .v f f'1"' ,. BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Tenor: Second Tenor: First Bass: Second Bass: Burton Ross Nelson Seekel Merrill McDonald Albert Davis Fred Helfrecht ' r Thomas Rippberger Donald Dankert Bernard Munson Jack Lovette Orrin Osborn Accompanist: Russell Spaulding Cullen McDonald LeRoy Rankin Thomas Appleby Mildred Davies Miss Gracia Sickles, Director gi. , s X ei . w ' ,-v , ' 'r . Russell Alger Ralph Boughner Edwin McKinnon Howard Andre a A L X I W "Y-Us '7 'ilivl ik? Ee.-Sf? 'lfliflvl 5-H311 TP F9 , .. ,.. , A , 1 I "'-aaa lex ol"'kL1l K ull 'LJ lgvl' ' J. "' ' ll' YK 'V l.. 4 JAH I 1 N-u.'Ax.N' -Ji 1 u X l vf ,J Ji I XIYY7 'fl I V Q if 125 . pg .' I .Vg . D, 'rfcnl' rv? 'rf-if? . ' V5 1 '42 ff? , fm . 444 .r-P, gf? C I 1' J, . J, ,-fr N O J, fp? N. .11 'Q Q V N .A 5' -'N f ff: Tlgf 'R N ,fi A' LZ -2 ,-V, x X L QQ O gl l.i,. 3? ,gg QMX ,iff JI-A Q. . 4,. PW fail 4-! 1 l yi 'lf"1 KL ' l 1 , J' ,f ii ,w w Lal: 'n fit" , :V-,T X. W if A 1,311 551 ,K 2 D P f, yn ug 1, .1 'X o fl lg Y-1 ,, ffl Wnfllll .4 lj" '53 1 .Z w 4 K v 1, K. f' S, J f, .' 4 I, ,l N, -1, rv, -A I 1, 1.. 1 1 1 1,51 l .y ggi! , ,4 , fi .l ,215 1. -'iw 2, ii xl QQ i W W'-if . 9 191 1 ry, Y- 1' ll fi ligftlill Xl fjgflwp, iff! Wifi ing li gill 1 e ',' Ts- Y--ip -, Mc, rx ,,- -,A,,,', I-'ivvk - ml' U 1-ix -'ww K wwf, 47 n -1 ,,y v f, y -.,,q, , , 'W ""i, TU jlxi,,'w ' W1 qi-N: 'F N1'1i:,x, ,ry fl, A117 RTN. KV ,T N YD' 'fw ,""r-J 'J' 'J 'if' ,Q ,x 'QA-'JV , 1 jr 'T,"f',,., " j-wc, mx '?1..1, rg, ew, 15, ' x ,,,x. . . , 1 1 , , , . ,- , , . ' 'N'- ,. - . - 1 " K-, . -1 -.1 - , ', , -' , - J K ,, , Nw, 11. , .,, J, , ,i ft, ,vw H, ,, -, ,,- J, DEBATING The achievement of the public speaking department this year compares favorably with that of previous years. However, the co-operation of the students in debating was not so ap- parent as in athletics, and at times the debators and their excellent coach, Mr. T. J. Denny, felt that they were fighting alone-but at almost all of the debates a fair representation of the students were present, and five out of a possible sixteen points were obtained in the league. Our first debate of the season was held at the Annex December Sth in which Everett Wins- low, Donald Metcalf, and Natalie Duclos defended the negative side against Saginaw High School. The question was: Resolved, that the United States and Canada should jointly con- struct a deep waterway canal to the Atlantic by the way of the St. Lawrence River, as was stated in the report of the International Joint Commission submitted to Congress in January, 1922. This debate was a very close and interesting one. Our team won by a 2-1 decision. On January 11, our negative team was opposed by Pontiac High School at Pontiac, where a unanimous decision was rendered in favor of the affirmative team. The next two league debates were upheld by Sidney Schroeder, Bay Goodrow and Helen Hollies on the affirmative side of the question. This team had two practice debates-one with Midland High School, in which we won unanimouslyg and the other debate with Saginaw High at Saginaw with a 2-1 decision. The third league debate was scheduled for January 26, with Owosso, at the Annex, but for various reasons this debate was postponed until after our next league debate which was iagainst Port Huron High School at Port Huron. Our team lost 2-1 to Port Huron's negative eam. The Owosso debate was held February 23 where for the first time we met a good debating team-and were also surprised at the number of students who were present. Although we fought to the limit, we lost 2-1 to the negative defenders who were superior in delivery, if not in rebuttal. Our second negative team composed of Abe Oserowsky, Everett Winslow and George Lehr, defeated Midland in a debate on the league question. Thus out of seven debates we were on four occasions awarded the decision. The results are not so discouraging, but we must all admit that the best results have not as yet been ac- complished. So students, let's turn over a new leaf and give the debaters our undivided sup- port and see if we cannot have still better results next year. HELEN HOLLIES. , 'sslphl D Q 4 3 -Q 2 X1 . - K . x f 9 x NA' gs . X 552. gs r X N . QQ -to xl 4 . X 'A , , .AVJX 13. Q7 ' of fv' X. fps X -vi r x W -1 .v X 59. x ,Q I X 59. t N .li-" Xl N fx nk' .- , , ,I - .,., - ,,.,- ,,.i ORATORY The sub-district oratorical contest was held at Arthur Hill April 6th, with entries from Alpena, Standish, Onaway, Saginaw High and Arthur Hill. Our representatives were Everett Winslow, who won first place in oratory, and Clara Shafer, who was entered in the declama- tion contest. The subject of Everett's oration was, "The Supreme Need of Democracy," and in point of thought and style, would do honor to many a college student. Fred Heilmann of Saginaw High won second place. ' N Clara Shafer was subjected to severe competition in the declamation contest, but she ac- quitted herself admirably with the declamation, "A Message to Garcia." Everett WVinslow will go to the district contest which will be held in Flint April 27. m A Ux- ' ww xl- nz Jtffaiepilitzk uXj me Qfiilibikltillk. iLf.n.1lfGQi4Ii.1lf9Q in.liFG. xxslll, X 1 'ml wg' 'rl ll x il -I , ll? xg! QL 12 . ,,:5lll..ff -N !'1w 2, . vblvg. 3. 59 X' D ' ,A ds. f, . A.. Ji J xi 1 H. Q is 1 'L ,I 5.4 flllr .n.lt5CaM.n.ltfGQ L1 'r1,A'-, '1, -J ftfiwinlllmakylf fu 'ii' al . fr i A 1 '11 N . X W2 .TW-'ffsifi 'Fwvl lwkflq TQTXF, 9517. ,U v , 's W w ,l .U . y -rw fi V wx' 'ww iv' ,wwf-v it' .ww 'ir -im za' www lyrmirf -ly -,,.,, ,V . ,,, ,M , NX, l f f f Wifi il lik , l ii 'lf is M 1: 'lb lk 5 55 stiff i Eff ltiiliig ,r it 'la i is FW tell iilifj'mQt tiltziills it x 7 SENATE "2 'it .After considerable discussion the old Student House of Arthur Hill was divided into two bodies, the Seniors withdrawing to form a Senate and the underclassmen comprising the Lower '-'J House. ff A constitution was drafted and accepted and the officers for the first and second sessions were as follows: e l , lst Term 2nd Term l ii President .................s... . ..,..... Don Metcalf Don Metcalf ,ffl President Pro Tem ...................... Wallace Ardussi Cullen McDonald Clerk ................ .- ..... .......... G eorge Needham Earl Harris f 4' Q1 Assistant Clerk ........ ---- - s........... John Benson Abe Oserowsky Censor ....-..........................- Everett Winslow Everett Winslow aj Sergeant-at-Arms ....................... Burton Ross Harold Mertz 5 The primary object of the Senate is to create an interest in debating and parliamentary wg law. That it has accomplished its object is self-evident, for Arthur Hill now possesses many a gifted speaker, where before there were but few. .trial Bills for discussion were those that confront our Congressmen, and in each case they were lm? handled with cleverness and force by the student legislators. On February 17, 1923, there was an open meeting to which the public was invited and L li before a small crowd, a lengthy and spirited debate was held, resulting in the adoption of a A "Bill to Provide for Capital Punishment of Major Crimes." Other issues debated upon were: "The Compulsory Ballot,. Cancellation of Allied War ,ft Debts, the Freedom of the Philippines, and many more equally important. ff gill? Tix M, ' HH 1, ' if nm .. X in if ,j-N1 4, ij , '-p, 1 , ' I-:T M f' Q, LN ' A N N l ' ' " l Y ' " ' x ' ' , . - ' l -4 'vi ' .- ., , iw fry- ti. I-..,3,' ,flax-5,1i.i1-bis,-A wi 5 -,,i, ijt 53.1, View V1.1 .G ' -viii .- Jl'.,'!vfll'k1g .C. .J A .Q ..-, -i 'Ms Ny, .w-is 1.1! --Q 1- ' if-, ' l 1 if, M1 fm., l., if ,.,, T' ,, -' 3 51,8-' ,M ,V diff f ' '.,, F' ,Y 1 J -ul - "a" , ,. '- A 'J 1 A A 1 ' ' ,sf 2 1' .2 ,gf '1 ,E '-1' ', 1- '-f - V:-wffrae-ff f-fwfnw. ffm. me-farwf -.V 1 I N 1 ., , 1 , I 1.7 V 1., 1' 1 , ul ., 1, The prospects for next years Senate are equally good for there are many juniors in the House of Representatives, and they will undoubtedly form a lively Senate. Plans for the Congressional Banquet to be given at the end of the second term, are being made, at which We will have a chance to display our appetites as Well as our forensic ability. The Members Ardussi, Arduino Ardussi, Wallace Baumgart, Clarence Benson. John Bixby, Guy Cole, Victor Compton, Hugo Doering, Harold Eynon, Laverne Galarno, Frederic Harris, Earl Hart, Raymond Johnson, Charles Kaiser, George Kessell, William Lehr, George Lewis, Junior Lovette, John McDonald, Cullen Y' N' 'J ,, li R Y. ll McGovern, Irving Mertz, Harold Metcalf, Donald Moore, Albert Murray, Charles Needham, George Oserowsky, Abe Rankin, Leroy Ross, Burton Ryan, Hubert Schurr, Kenneth Snyder, Henry Speath, Leonard Struthers, David Winslow, Everett Townsend, Herbert Tanner, Martin Schiff, Milton EARL HARRIS, Clerk. ii .1, -ri 1, --in-., ,L , , 1 M, : Rf M W E4fMl ,'F+f?v?, fs-STXF, 'Effvl me 5 5, 41 YZ ,IE 11,5 ff! fi ffl! "E gif fi! .. JJ 4. 4 'ff 5., 12 R., 'ffvf L 9.1 -xr 4,4 , 1 ff 3232 91 ,, -J S1 -2 L., ,fi ' H: L., 'P '- I-4 A fe : L? SJ J 9 View 'Q iQ? if f? FHA X 'P T! 4 .J 517 , ' Q1 J .fx sz aa iQ? 124 JP 1,77 Y X 2 ., 'F 5-I fig .P .-3 154 .W ,- -, T -al' -JE k M , My .V xv w f . , ',f, 3 nfl 4 -4' 1'-I - f 4-lx gk 4 .' if-Ariii-X, is.--1-1, JA VV 3, xt V Wlffffhfltfvf 2 T V 9 ii Ml- 'lf' . 7 X if '1. ' v , W, s "X W4-fi 5'VQ3j H iv- e A Nl ' f ,lil LJ i 1 i 93? 11- Qij midi tty be ti at L- STUDENT HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The Student House is the oldest existing debating society in Arthur Hill High School. Under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Haggard it has developed from a mere assembly into a i' live organization entirely capable of discussing any question that may come up. At the begin- ging of this year, the Student House was divided, the Seniors withdrawing to form a Student 32 " enate. 'Lf The traditional fighting spirit has lost but little upon its separation into two bodies, but on :mfjif the contrary, this session has witnessed some of the stormiest debates in its history, excepting , 2 none. lk Its recent faculty advisor, Mr. Neeles, has proven himself impartial, and a staunch friend ii of every member of the Student House. His resignation was received with sorrow by this body. The Student House is fortunate in having Mr. Schreiber as his successor. W All the meetings have been Well attended, and an organization that is so well attended ll iff' certainly has something behind it of very high quality. .Y-HI The Student House has not only benefited its members mentally but it has given them a view into the intricacies of legislation, and a knowledge of politics that will prove invaluable ifffpfi when they become full-fledged citizens of the United States. It has proved itself equal to the "ffl task of producing logical, clear-headed debaters, and, if it has accomplished nothing else, that bij," alone has earned for it the gratitude of every member. gi, The following are its officers: lygf, gfff lst Semester 2nd Semester Speaker .---,,, -,.. R ay Goodrow Ray Goodrow ll effgl Clerk ---------- -.., C ulbert Arnold Thomas Mahar ffflf Assistant Clerk .... .... F red Helfrecht William Purmort Sergeant-at-Arms --- ---Henry Lauer William Roethke Student Critie -,--- ---------- N athan Schrieb Theodore Roethke bi lg.-lg The Members n lb DeK1ine Baker Sedgeman W. Roethke Mahar Brown Bliss Steele i Mamon Lauer eidlli Kretchman Hall Cripps Stroebel Goodrow "YY Izzo Hintz Arnold Purmort Schrieb 'V RF Johnson Littlejohn Hard Brownrlgg Crane T. Roethke RAY GOODROW, Secretary Argyll li ,..! 3, Q afffi f"'f i- ' 1 ff . w VS, H i , X J- wi' ,JV 1. W, ,JN ' We f"- "'f,1f- .nl jf -y,'g,,'g '11 i'.H3twwi?iiw..w ll ifFl,.5'if M f ,, ,,, A., ,... I., 4., -.V f IV. ,,, .f .P , QA- , .gp ,N ,- f , . ,N ,,,. ,N K QA. fm, I 4. 1 V ,V--"bl,"1Jf,vH1F'-.ififkl fir 11471, YN, f'g'T3 FU f"',- TX, 'ff ,1, ,TM ffw, 'N ' W 'X-4 s',i,'N f '11 'E V ' l 1 -1 f 1 .T 3 'Zi F951 L-QQ 'ei Tea fl! l -22 A .QI .1 QT .4 ,sql SPANISH CLUB xg It has long been felt that Spanish, as a commercial and cultural language, should be represented in school activities. Its supporters met at the first of the year, elected officers, Q43 promulgated a constitution, and the present Spanish Club is the result. As a social organization, this club has proved highly successful. This year the Spanish ,gg Club dance was the only one for years that resulted in a financial, as well as social success. . The inauguration of speeches on Spanish life and customs, has not only created an interest 2 in the subject, but has given the advanced students an intimate knowledge of Hispanic culture. 'gg From an enrollment of twelve at the first meeting, to a final enrollment of forty-seven W members at the sixth meeting, the Spanish Club almost accomplished the impossible. The Spanish Club is out to win. The following are its officers: Q' President' ................................................. George Lehr Vice President ............................................ Helen Hollies A Secretary ................... .............. R ay Goodrow, Margaret Stearns Q' Sergeant-at-Arms ........n.......-.-...... .- ......... William Wagenhalls if Faculty Advisor .................................. ...-...... M iss Abele The Members ,QL Eleanor Brewer Grace Hagen Kenneth Schurr 'xl Bruce Fayerwether Gladys Streeter Anna Klemach ,gf Neta Francisco Hubert Ryan Thos. Rippberger I '- Ray Goodrow Bradley Cox Roland Meyers 'Qi Helen Hollies Marguerite Stack Alex Jack -Jw George Lehr Geraldine Falk John Cronk 3- Abe Oserowsky Lena Douglas Frank Arnold A2 Leonard Speath Helen Richards Beulah Handy 42, Jennie Stanton Jack Livingston Wallace Ardussi Q: William Wagenhalls Roland Waite Arduino Ardussi 'J Margaret Winterstien Ruth Beckbissinger William Sedgman is ' 4 Jane Roeser John Gregg Milton Sieferlien Nan Bauer Violet Roethke Margaret Stearns Jeanette Byron Jeane McDermid Arvilla Stiellow F? Beatrice Hagen Laverne Eynon Irene Rice Q . Charles Murray ' RAY Gooonow, sw-etai-y. . fi 32, nl . , , A-.' ' ft'-3 -. +-v .., -'Y . - . " , M,-il , 1 . ,, N , . 1- 5. , N , 'ar , , - 1 Qsmfnui T2g,.l'yk swf figijcpli X, 'xvigtx-, i 'NRL Tk, - F so .5 1.111 .fy tsl ' f f-1 1r-'V 'll' H311-fy A ' -1 X11l--N I -rf' -fy11'11- 1, -1 11:11 ri 1, 1- Nb. 1 .1 1- , iw itffiflm-11 kiwi mv A 1 Viwlf C f-Qfiifffr.1-11,1,l1ffv1,'1 t . 1 . A . L ,. , L I if , T 3 W1 Bri- Xiu 'ill' ' it tif ' 1- '3'r1'l- ' 'N 'T f Y-1 " ,g k ,L , ,.,, , 1, ,1,1 , ,- - 1 1.. 1- V. ,,, , li 11111 HX .3 fvbzll ll' 1--all 1 l', My M ff '11 ll W ri .1 N 1 ll 4-fill 1 1. 11,2 , , .. lx, , 5, uv! if 15' 4 dll? S1 , .- lj " 1 1 vi ll X1 4 aryl lg 'A ' l lift? ll, if Wi' 1 11 ,335 l 17 X 5 ALICE FREEMAN PALMER CLUB A The various activities of the Alice Freeman Palmer Club have met with great success dur- 1,J15 ing the school year. Educational and entertaining programs have been given, and the club has V32 featured many debates at its various meetings. MES At the first meeting held October 9th, we were introduced to Miss Woodman's co-worker, Miss Powers, who has taken the vacancy left by Miss Donna Boyle. li dl Special programs were given at Christmas time and Valentine's Day, after which refrseh- f gs 5, pl? ments were served. The proceeds of a sandwich sale were used to finance an All-School Party which was given an jifmg April 7th, at the Annex. Good music and a lively crowd at this event, wound up our social ac- 11 129 tivities for the year. li sf, It lf 'via , . j ,1 Wh l cv 1 'A 1a . W 1 1 .1 114' 'll .ll 11. 1 .411 -1 f xl ,1, .L will BMS 1 1 tg' il ,K YH W 11 iii acl -, gli 1: dll 4 13, ll- Q lr .vf1 It 1 4 "J , - .mg 11 M13 11 -ti The Officers lst Semester 2nd Semester President .............................. Amanda Oehring Nellie Hamp Vice President .......-................. Margaret Stearns Amanda Oehring Secretary .............................. Nellie Hamp Ann Drensky Treasurer ............................. Advisors ............................... Mabel Blitely Dorothy Browne Charlotte Brueck Ellen Clements Ann Drensky Dorothy Dunbar Rachael Everett Thelma Goodman Nellie Hamp Clara Herzog Helen Hollies Thelma Joyce Lena Kelly evitif-f 1 1 .1 fl -A The Members Margaret West Margaret Littledale Marion McDonough Eileen Method June Metzger Cecile Moore Helen Meyer Amanda Oehring Gwendolyn Owens Grace Rankin Irene Rice Edith Rice V1, i, ,V 1, ,, -1 , , i, ,,,,1, 1 11, 1 , , , 1 ,X , uiliilfkgil l1.Q1fi,li"fQQ :Holt 1 fi"1,1 ll-Q 11 'fliki 1 1 1' 1' .lin ' ,Lf W ' 1..",, if . , ww .117 Jn 1. .11, ' .,11-,, 4 'J 111.. 1 ' Alberta Schrieb -Alberta Schrieb Miss Woodman, Miss Powers Helen Richards Alberta Schrieb Gertrude Simkins Gladys Smith Harriet Sperry Arvilla Stielow Margaret Stearns Harriet Steele Agnes Thomson Vista Voyer Dolly Welch Helene Ziegler X NX I?-,,,l,! xw. ,Avg XHWVU, TN, ,I glen r f77,,L' I-1 V- nik- . K 7 Ill. 'V Kmifl- ml: if-18,1 rf,-r-. f A-w'ff'f?:ifw nwftf7C'QwfffIi'2:f wi fe 1 if f f-ff: f. ,K-K1,FA!-.r--..Kg,. F- W, fy. My ,rw N., J,-1, ,,,f,ll, ,,. ., ,,,. , 4, ,i. ,, . , , A, Not to be outdone by any other club, the Alice Freeman Palmer Club will give three clever one act plays at the Annex, Friday, May 25. The following are the plays selected: 1. The Honor of the Class. 2. Overtunes. 3. Fourteen. Each play will feature a pleasing atmosphere and Well selected actors. We all feel certain of their success, as Mr. Denny is coaching them. These plays are planned to give an enjoyable ending to the literary study the club has been carrying on this year. ' ANN DRENSKY, Secretary. Wu V ,H .3 gg, ' ,,g'yf-,,,vX,,gjgf '-xg ngfg -vig'-A,f :j '- -,g,,vf iQ1Qw,.+.,..,' Tj 1' ri rf 3 V' " - -iff 'N' lu, M,p.y ,L,, , , ik, T , RJ 'arf ' VIH -vf-ga 5:45 i-Ji . - 1 ,J . .1 J" 5 1- A 435 , . . A J. 1 . f' .i I-..A. 3 .A-ly J" .I A Al. -'AG 'fp l :ffl fl! .ly ffl ff-Y , N. 182 Ig! 1-.,A. J' 1 J- ,A ex, . ,W Q2 5 -Q .Qu fl 3:2 52 . fg1 .-P , L. 5. R. :P if , ,x 'Wi IW' U X2 -15 Jgqfi R' '-A .-Q A-Y, I XJ :P 1 x ' F Q-Q ggi 2.54. lEf'9 N 'JXA ,f-51 . fx ES. if 4. N412 :EA , J9 4 ug,A 'N 3 15.2 Ph' - fkif. HMHTIU N -A - Aux .HK L 'Ai - Q 5-Fl' X x f n Q? " ff L ., I fQ it 'ff 1 --... 1105's , L"--f-...IL----' un MGAHU 4 wr' A , 'kg ,':'AqQ,. L, 44' tgtlllunhlshflhnhii, H UQ. ,'q.flft1nY:l:.mWlt1l?l mlliirifdmquusm ,, f l. .- ,a f f l Him 1 , "nw 'Huy-ix h . i Qxxmkmxx mimvaiwnmmffwlafrffnnrnunnunmnnmnxmwmw H ,WZWEIHIWIIXIIIIIIIHIHIIHIXK1xWW1XMX Y lMWW!lW WIIIHIIHQHIIIHIVQWXW RWE ff lf I I ff f f . .. NX. mfg ,, X x X, MY ,QNX any frm!-I In f Ury-I '11 f spy' ww QQ-fy '1 ' Avy!-fx Alf: ' 4415 4JvffKjr' 4,Qf'J:' '4,fLf'j:" 'f,Q4rrj"h'r' Jrjfffljff '1J WJY'4fQ 4 1, 6. fiffxaf . ' fi 9 A 2 3 L :I 5-M 1, , ,f , , . 1 f' Cf LAB! -N , l , - MQIQJ "U, RJ ff, P 4 Lp 1 if-f i5 1122 ErfFx.yA47 Eli 3 ,-,N -., W ff, fi '-2, ' !'. "ff 'j X 1 1 M, ,,,,,. -, W' 'J' SQL "'NfAiTTl F1 MU .YV k .I- f v' ' 1 I . -N P L, L 32' f I' F' DQR E5 Y F F DQ? , K 5: f I' Q sys 'x mix ' .2 Ex f' Li 'J- fa is C f-fill 5 22 rim 5 . . l ,ff C 1 W 5 5'r fu YK 5 HA Y, 'mx N A wk x,N+'wNQ"wjqif1j' 6 SQW V ily fy 4, vi, 5 V AX 1,-PM ' Y f 4,4 514 Ilfffvfzf 5 LLM if ' aj- -EQ: ' ' ff Avjmlif, 0 e I . ? Lge' 5 W 4 Q' 3357-1 , ' - Q afigxi E: 556 'J - 5515 yQ - Kffifi 4 xg, Qu , ,Q . 3 V' l 54" si fi ' 1 M' A I 'I' V M 1 v-, -rx u f- ffifi gil' Li M 41 'N 75h v , . www eip 2?- , fie "W i , Ll xg Ag. gif fi 3- Wu' ii A il' 1 2 " ' ' 1' 'N-,rg 1SYL,fg'79-lgw-X45"'QX y 'wifi qw-A A uQf""gj "'x.xy'3v1':'1If5,1'j ' fu','j,"' Xfk' 'gfrf yr SQ-P N , V 'Y T , 'QI' .Wh-21vA, SNT'w Aviv Q xfb-dw 4 EMM 4 SHN! 11.Y.,1,1V1 , 21,111-1 fvwig' '-11:1r11 -'tl' '-f'1'11'1' '11' Q111l: -H., V-211,111 Y -111V - 1 '11 11 1 W ,1 ,155 X 1 ,1 W 11 '11g" '11',1 1- y,111f.1--3 -Q, W 11 X11 1, -V111151-flrs111r11 m11rff?119c11,1111c1T?e 1e11111J- 11r1 1111 21 1 1 111 1 - 1' 1 . , - - l 4' -1 -f - 11 - l ' U, ,'1'1nm14 11 W1 Hi . .11 W1 fm 1- ,1 on 'rl , .11 -1 ff'-1 41 1-1 11 , f lw i'l?'5.,1-ffmli L' 1 H5 ll 'f."Ji 1 1 1. 1, A 1, 1 531 lil s-'ml 17 15,5 ll ffflii ll' 1.1 ll- Tir by .rl lg E1-1 ll 253122 ON V ,15l1 11 1 ff, f ia 1-'56 il 11411111 H R ' pl fWi,.f1b' 2 PJ, is 12.51 ,KZ 1L Ki 17' Ml 1 1, ll' H 19 Cfnxf' 1? --dll 1 , ll 6 'Z' -fr W bl in 1 1 1 H' ' Sl 1211211 gi., 1 11. fy! lx lm :jill 1167? as 'I Kimi li v 11-E ' 11, ,1 ll 1 -1 U1 14111 1 1-1 It 1, kill 1,,, .rf 1-1- 1 1113 , 1'1lvf3 15 :Tim 'SHONOR BRIGHT CAST Mrs. Lucy Barrington ....... ---,- Richard Barrington ......... The Rt. Rev. William Carton .... Peggy Carton .............. Honor Bright ........ Rev. James Schooly --- Bill Drum .......... Tot Marvel --- Watts ....... Annie .... Maggie--- Foster --- Michael --------- ------- - -- --,-F ,- Simpson ------------------------------- ---,-. , ,,.---- Catherine Vondette - Roswell Burrows ---- Leland Walker --- Viola Schurry ---- Hazel Booth --- Henry Snyder --- Harold Mertz ---- Mary Hart ----Byron Staffeld ------ Vivian Day Ruth Beckbissinger Merrill MacDonald ----- Burton Ross ---- Dale Bennett The contribution of the Seniors this year of "Honor Bright," a three act comedy by Mere- dith and Kenyon Nicholson, was all that could be asked for. The plot centers around Richard Barrington, who leaves college and starts for home ac- companied by Tot Marvel, a chorus girl, who is his fiancee, and whom he hopes will be accepted by his family. Tot is entangled in the meshes of the law and does not arrive at Richard's home. Honor Bright, a college graduate who is selling books to obtain money to take her M. A. degree at Radcliffe, walks into the Barrington's parlor and is mistaken for Tot. Complications arise and provide many humorous situations, especially when Tot arrives, as she is a typical "Broadway type." Bill Drum an old pal of Tot's, thoroughly understands the situation and solves it by marrying Tot. Consequently, Honor and Richard are brought closer together, and the old, old story is retold once more. Many amusing situations were provided by Tot, Drum, Maggie, and Foster. Much com- mendation is due the participants in view of their splendid portrayals. The play was held in the Auditorium, May 4th The able coaching of Mr. Emil Howe was not in vain, for his efforts were well rewarded. fv"1""f' 1f"1" '11"1"1 11 '1 -1 1.1,1 . u ' 111 .1. ' 1 1 .1 -1'1'11,11!'11 1-'-1-'1-11111 1 -1111 1 L '1 ' 11 L' 1' '11 1"'1 1111 11' 1 1 YQ k'14:11'f'17ifl1u 1-liifml l1fg,11l!i'11"11:1 .1114 vii' 1 11155 ,X sf A11 -,1fg1 .11, 1111, ,111, u,11c .wh 11111 11 .1 1 ,Af l' ,nf ' ,if h' 'fxf' ' ',,' ' 'inf' 'T Q "T-1 z'.a'2-f 1. Q. ,HQ-1 ' HTH 1 1 4 "THE WREN" WILLIAM C. DEMBINSKE, Dramatic Editor The presentation of Booth Tarkington's "The Wren" this year was heralded as one of the best productions ever given by a Junior class. The histrionic ability displayed by the actors in characterizing some very difficult roles would have done justice to a much older group of individuals. The scene of this comedy character drama is laid in the Eastern coast, the action taking place in a boarding house owned by a Cap'n Olds, a retired seaman, and operated by his daugh- ter, Seeby. One of the star boarders is a young and handsome artist, Hugh Roddie. A transient, Mrs. Frazee comes to the house to spend a few weeks to regain her imaginary lost health. She be- comes infatuated with the young artist who is about to succumb to her wiles when the unex- pected and timely arrival of her husband, coupled with the ingenuity of Seeby Olds, causes him to find himself. Seeby's cleverness finally wins for her the affections of Hugh Roddie and the happy ending is assured for a delighted audience. Francis, the head porter, and Mrs. Freeheart, are responsible for the humor in the play, their interpretations being delightful and giving the play the necessary color. Too much cannot be said for Mr. Howe and his able assistant, Miss Dillon, whose tireless efforts in coaching the play were in a great measure responsible for its success. The play was held at the North Intermediate School and nearly a thousand people were in attendance. THE CAST Cap'n Olds ......... .......... - -- Walter Stroebel Seeby, his daughter .... -.... H arriet Pitts Mrs. Frazee ....... --- Sylvia Heidger Hugh Roddie .... ..... C harles lVade Mr. Frazee ........ --- Milton Seiferlein Mrs. Freeheart ...... --- Francis, head porter .... -- Tracy Maynard - Jessie Ingram .XM . ,W . X . Y 1 . in , - I RQ- ":xT,x'X's.,, I YQ.X lvl '-Q,fX,.3x f-.N .JL A4 e. 74 ,K J fvf? 'N I. 5 Mg fp: L Y-.f ,Nw , 4. i- JZ! ' nf? .fgy I 'nf L J? 1 'fw- ' rv? , 2 .. w --J. 'TJY . N . J. 1 fa: RAY v .'N o ' 1 1 11. r ,N 'fv? . 'X f fri rf? ' .N, ,X 1 . 'TXT f A ! - 1 2 'A-f . 'fx .f ff-. 12. 'V Iii ,A x 1: 3? ' A . N . ,Q ax' .145 ..-2. ,qv X .4 .gr X I r", 2- An gf X . P4 .-2. 2+ nj' ...Ae .-Q. A .C 25 -'N 54 QQ if . :Az - v .-Q. .lg .J-AA, ,IJ I I ll n 4 I 'T' 'S' 1 1. 1 4, ywlgm cal ' "vs lb-I - j fn' V' K- ik' ' K' 'fjrfygl l ' Y-1v411111m :wil wwf- K wvupx- KN15 -1 H ki , '-N. 1 6 Ns, V -N, 71- NX',1wfv-.7117 Ig. ' - '1 ' fu ' " 'H - S 'sf - - '11 ' sz ' is 1' . sw , I H Q,.,, YN Eg., Wally. l'w1Q,f'LPIM,q.?x 4112 ,MTX 5, 1. 5141, r"xif.L 41, .K A KKL,1,i' 5, ,,ZHmf11A 1-,,,l1g3fi i'r'-fl.vl1,KX1sf1 fx 5' Cl-wiirf' f"1 -, , K- . I 1' - 'Y C ,1 - 11 -1 " 1, 5 , . 'if u if 1 , 1' '9 , .vi K 'YA , f ill 'A , cf 'bfi ' ll V vi, 1341, La Sorpres de Isidora an CTl1e Surprise of Isidoral L ffl ' CAST it El Doctor Cerebron .... - . ......N.-..-. ---J ..,-. nw, ,,, Winifred Reichle .V ' Susana ............................ -, ...... A-- Nita Francisco ' Isidora ................. ......., - -- ..., ..... J ohn Cronk Q Dona Remedios ..... ...!.. .... .... lk I a rgaret Stack Juanita ..................... -- ....... 4- ...... Ruth Beckbissinger an lj L 1 N A rare treat will be provided May eighteenth when our illustrious Spanish students will display their wares in presenting "La Sorpresa de Isidora,' 'a play written by Francisco Janvire i Yanes. ,qw The play deals with a young doctor who treats insane patients and for this reason, lives - next to an insane asylum. His wife and mother-in-law are continually disturbed, since they N1 fear crazy people and because the doctor allows his patients to visit him at any time. lsidora, ff 15 an old friend of the doctor, arrives in town and calls unexpectedly at the doctor's home. He is ft' aware that the doctor allows his patients to call and consequently mistakes the mother-in-law for a lunatic and vica versa, which ends in much embarassment for the would-be lunatics. The doctor finally arrives and straightens out matters. Ks, f The play will be staged under the most able tutelage of Miss Abele. 2 5. 1 1 v ef' K' ii rf- . ,V 1 , L 1 ' e ll iff, 11, 1V Ln, 2 PPT .R Wfllfut M 1 lk ,Jr , 5 ll ,V Y .vi 1 1 1 i Q l 'Y' sn ll' MD I .1 14, 1 l ' 4-I '1g1' ' 3111 - U 6 7x lk - LQ1 ,11 J if LW . . , , , , .. 1.1--1, ,g f Q - 1,.1,' 'pl 1.' L' ',"v11' w' .' iil'l. - Juv. l-1 Ll '1'1'V, l "li M" "WP MJ' "i"l',""Ti "ly, ,l"w,"i',",1 'll?NM'1'11 ifJ'?'1 ifi117ll,"'f- 1.13 fri, Ula' gi '.fV?1ifff' 'A 4,7-fir'-L1'-qfllfmlflg'-, f,4lf""l.JTS11"l,gi i,'11fPf1ffreH ,Y,f1fF'l'g5F1' Y,vs.?f'.15- 1 fi M1 X, Talff X ,Lnjf':,4!w1L m!N,'?KTh' ftfv-i ,fig mlflffhimj I. ,Y W lf! NM I , nw QI. 1, 1, an f., ml. 1, H- ,, qy ,v 57 5154 .g. v '1' , JA" V' , ,f 1 .V ' J , ,A .1.1,-Q ,,,,,YVV,.,,f v,,-.,,, L,- 7, fd 6 1 1, , ,f L, nf 4- J fd I 5, ix , A, Lia l, f I 1, E , ' . "J' ,f ,C 1, ff ' 5, 1733 'i wx! P r' 1 1 fl gal, U 5. r , ff 3, , mf .4 I 20,9 7 ' Ae :lg 1 V. FT gc! iff Y :ZS fig? iw' ' up r gig, l Q-'fi A -WT? :gf '5 Jia I 'ii-5. Vf. 'I 53, Fw. B EA 1 , ? M, . ',' LQ, i If L Q' fv M9 ' .- 'fx i H-MEX W M wNW1Yny w . ixxwix , .ifya . j vw' wig' ix'-,K ist' .' ,' 5,-gt 3.35-R NH! 9 f 1 N ta ' H,f:e1v mS. if .CSWJ A 151119 ,Q if Q Q- 5 VL' 1' l"' ,7'-.I-,' Y ".m A. .5 , , THE INTERNATIONAL GAZETTE All the Stuff That's Fit to Print SHANGHAI, CHINA, JANUARY 30, 1934. EMPLOYEES BEGIN SUIT ' AGAINST CIGAR MAGNATE Havanna, Cuba. - Messrs. Snyder, Hart and Burrows have begun suit in circuit court against James Lehan, prominent cigar manu- facturer. The plaintiffs charge that while they were passing through the testing labora- tory of the El Fumo plant they were exposed to the noxious fumes of the burning cigars. Lehan made a statement in the presence of witnesses that the ingredients used in the cigars were of the finest quality obtainable. Efforts on the part of the plaintiff's counsel to prove that Lehan has engaged in illicit traf- fic of liquor have thus far proved futile. WIFE OF PROMINENT MINISTER CHARGES BIGAMY Mineola, L. I. fSpecial to the Gazette.J- "He has all the instincts of a Mormon," sobbed the wife of the Rev. William Kessel, in an interview with a Gazette correspondent this morning. Mrs. Kessel was formerly Miss Ruth Han- num of Saginaw, Michigan. "Flipp', as she calls her husband had been paying considerable attention to Marie Andre, an actress in Wm. Deminske's "Scandals," and according to Deminske's statement, Miss Andre was married to Rev. Kessel last week. RECOUNT DEMANDED BY SCHURR Los Angeles, Calif.-Kenneth Schurr, de- feated candidate for the office of City Dog Catcher, has circulated petitions for a re- count. Schurr asserts that he was frigged out of his job by the crooked work of Alvin Weil, an election official in the third pre- cinct of the nineteenth ward. Schurr also charges that Weil threw several hundred bal- lots down the Fifth Street manholes. 'I , . 'v l, L' '. 3 1, .V -.N -. -iv . . XE I-' ,i I SECURES SEPARATION AFTER MONTHS OF BRUTAL TREATMENT AT I-IANDS OF CRUEL SPOUSE Reno, Nevada.-The Reno divorce court was the center of many a sad scene today when Judge Appleby granted a decree of divorce to Elywn Comstock from his brutal spouse ,formerly Miss Mildred Reins. Comstock presented a plea in which he stated that for the past seven years he has been subject to severe beatings. He also as- serted that on the evening of March 25, 1930, he was walking into his apartment on Lower Moorhouse Boulevard when his wife assault- ed him with a feather duster, beating him to sensibility and disrupting his shellacked hair. At this time the Gazette wishes to compli- ment Mr. Comstock upon his separation and wishes him a life unencumbered by any art- ful female. HAM ACTORS GIVEN RAZZ IN LONDON THEATER Van Lilliestierna and Shank Ross, appear- ing in "Little Eva," were given the Royal Razz in London, where their deep wit proved to be too Deep for the London theatre goers. They disappeared immediately after the per- formance, and The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Actors fears that they have fallen prey to the wrathy mob. POSSE SCOURS FOOTHILLS FOR NOTORIOUS FUGITIVE Ogden, Utah-He's out again! No, this isn't an add for Holeproof Hosiery, but a statement made by Sheriff Lovette when he discovered that his prisoner, Chuck Murray had escaped during the night. Murray was held on a charge of smiling on the Sabbath. Since Governor Needham's ad- ministration, Utah has been a blue state and to smile on the Sabbath is considere a dire offence. . w Ft - ,Y 'W,', X' Til'-J Wlf. 1 A -'-E 3 '-, 'E R 'l T 'I - ". . K, ,I vi 'XA 'N fkd J MN-x fxv' '-:L fx-Ji' 1 - I Q' it " K X "" Viv I Ill-'Y ."-I I' P- 'X , N " ., X Nnbxr fu - h Vx - 5 54,4 'ff' f 'bsgfp-X' 4 ' My wif JAN-f f .f W--,W 4 V I -,,:W,,,,w1,,4,.z.,,4,41 , .. 4511 M4 gi .95 .- ,I , ly U W 1, jx, Q gf!!! 4 'VAX ll K' ' l tg J! Qf4!,,.aw43 il- Lv 44 W' 4 41 Tlx ff 4 wV, IL f 144 lv c ff My ll. , Q44 arg 4. 1- ' ff v .Y 4! We I, 6 ' .,. ,S ll 4- 4 L . ,O :Xu ffm ll, pil 4, 4 ar if' T14 4, ff 45, 4A 4-v, l 4 ly 146 f- 2 A3 lg ! VF K4 lb .7 Q45 ll. I 55 4 ., .54 4t l, hifi 'lk 4 If-4 lar! W " if' lv JDS 4 Wi fi, 4, !rf4 Q M444 J E74 4l "tp 1.112 Q EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! SOAP BOX ORATOR AR- RESTED IN MOSCOW Everett Winslow while delivering a stirring oration from a Fels Naphtha Soap box was accosted by Nicholas Mangutz, head of the Imperial Police force on a charge of conspir- acy against the government. He will be ar- raigned before Czar Cronk. i ORCHESTRA COMPLETES ENGAGEMENT MacDonald's Famous Black and Blue Or- chestra leaves tonight for Saint Charles, after playing for seven weeks at the Hotel Schuch. In Saint Charles they will play in the Idlewild Inn, at the Banquet of the deaf sailors. LEWIS' STUPENDOUS THREE RING CIRCUS ARRIVES AT ATLANTA Lewis' three ring circus and menagerie ar- rived in Atlanta early this morning, prepara- tory to the big performance at the fair grounds this afternoon. The circus brings with it, Harold Doering, leader of the famous Lewis Shows Bandg Florence Roeser, bare- back rider extraordinary, and Harold Mertz, comedian. Mr. Mertz's wise cracks have de- lighted thousands in the show's recent tour of the east, and spectators should lend him their ears. Aside from these head-liners, the Lewis Shows boast of lion trainers of mean ability, for Milton Schiff and Gilbert Scheib shake wicked whips. BROCK ELECTED PRESIDENT Saginaw, Michigan-At a meeting of the Susie Sapp Sewing Circle, Miss Dorothy Brock was elected to the office of president to suc- ceed Miss Viola Schury, whose wedding to King Mack McGovern of Tahiti took place last week. NOTED MEDICINE MAN ON TOUR . Abe Oserowsky, formulator of Lizard and Vegetable Oil, is touring the United States, selling his precious oils to the people, leaving after him scores of convalescents. The oil is good for man or beast, and Oserowsky has met with great success on his latest tour. KING OF MAGICIANS COMING TO STOCKHOLM Byron Slocum, most clever of magicians, will be at the Rivoli theatre for eight days, beginning Tuesday. Mr. Slocum has with him an able assist- ant, and promises many stunts that will be both dumb-founding and entertaining. NAVAL BATTLE WAGES OFF THE SWISS COAST Reikjavik, Iceland. -- Admiral "Krutz" of the Swiss navy, and Rear Admiral Smith of the Uruguay fleet, were engaged in fierce combat off the coast of Switzerland this morn- ing. "Krutz" had scored two direct hits accord- ing to radio messages picked up at Reikjavik, Iceland. STORMY BATTLE WAGES IN SENATE After hours of firey debate, which has cen- tered around Senators Merril McDonald and Munson, it is believed by such strong lobby- ists as Arduino Ardussi, head of the Radio Association, and Victor Cole, chief farmers' lobbyist, that a bill to provide for a bounty on cooties would pass the Senate by a small majority. DOWNTOWN RESTAURANT BURNED St. Louis, Mo.-tSpecia1 to the Gazettej- Fire believed to have started from hot dogs in the basement of an adjoining red hot stand crept through the fire wall and totally de- stroyed the "Hash Foundry," one of St. Louis' most popular stag restaurants. The business was owned by Howard Mc- Intyre. The loss is covered by insurance. 4 , :,f,4'1 l , ln ilifllil ' if -we 'K I 4 .4.. 1 5 1 Q .f ,L ,V 4 Qt- fy 4 -A fig xii. -1-4 if, ,,4 nxt -af lo- 4 ,. ani'mf-villffxe-4.3s-i4lq4-4.22w444:f-1.4- . 4 , 4 HUSBANDS ORGANIZE PROTECTIVE SOCIETY First' Step Taken To Abolish Midnight Pocket Pilfering. Savannah.-A new society has been organ- ized in Savannah under the name of the Anti-Pilfering League. Husbands came from near and far to enroll in the club, among them being such distinguished citizens as Mayor Benson of Little Rock, Leland Walker, Im- perial Wizard Curott of a New York secret society, and the Rt. Rev. Francis Pitts. At the initial meeting of the order, resolu- tions were adopted, the essence of which were as follows: That the members of this association had bound themselves together in an effort to prevent their wives from midnight pocket pilfering. The interest of the session was brought to a humorous climax when Rev. Pitts stated that his wife had found a pair of dice and matches in his pockets. The Gazette warns Mr. Pitts against carry- ing dice in his pockets as this is a dangerous practice, especially since the founding of the "Society for the Extermination of Crap Shoot- ers.', r - A . .1.i C. McDonald: "What I want to know is, am I a bass or baritone?" Miss Sickles: "No, you're not" , ft-5 Senior reciting Miltonfs Sonnet on His Blindness: "They also serve who only sit and rest." STEEPLE JACK FALLS FROM FLAG POLE Breaks Contract Alfred Navarro, famous steeplejack and daredevil entertainer, fell from a flagpole on top of a building, here today, and broke his contract. Navarro had been engaged by the Metropolitan Entertainment Company to per- form, the contract reading "that if any acci- dent occurs in which party of the second part fails to act as heretofore stated, the validity of this contract will be questionable." Navarro fell from the iiagpole, and light- ed in an awning seven stories below. He broke his contract. "They"ll have chipped beef at the Greeks tonight," observed the fat carpenter, as he fell on the buzz saw. '1 ly . ,N -N K .'?' ,f -.Y . - ? MAN ATTACKED BY FEROCIOUS BEAST Compton Narrowly Escapes Injury Freeport, Illinois.-Hugo Compton, a farm- er living seven miles south of Freeport, nar- rowly escaped serious injury and possibly death, Friday night when a ferocious mule, owned by a neighboring farmer, broke through the hedge fence and charged down upon him. Compton, realizing his danger, fled across a corn field, with the infuriated beast in hot pursuit. "Cy" Shumaker, sheriff of Williams county, happened along, and the noise from the motor of his Crow-Elkhart so frightened the mule that it died from shock a few mo- ments later. "There's health in every drop," said the steeple-jack as the rope broke. ENGINEERS CONVENE AT CLEVELAND President Bloomfield of the National Asso- ciation of Engineers, threw open the doors of Cleveland to the throngs who are to take part in the coming convention, at the Hotel Cleve- land. f . Ray Blackstone, M. S., will give a talk on his recent engineering feat, that of moving a skyscraper, while Hugh Bloomfield will ad- dress the audience on his dredging of the Amazon, also the construction of the Swan Creek Municipal Pier. MICHIGAN MY MICHIGAN Home of my heart, I sing to thee Michigan my Michigan, A colder land there ne'er could be, Michigan my Michigan. Nine dreary months of snow and sleetg We limp around with frozen feet, Yer derned old climate can't be beat, Michigan my Michigan. Your loyal sons will ne'er forget Michigan my Michigan, This year's the coldest winter yet, Michigan my Michigan. Your cold winds howl around our knees, We poke the fire and sit and freeze Ol whatis the use of B. V. D.'s In Michigan my Michigan. - Ray Blackstone '25-3. .N ' .i ,P'-A . ' . Wa ' N.. A N X 1 , ., W ff' . . 'V -. i XQJEX,-Y, 'LgXfx,A,.rr ms.,iL'foYy" C. -KLX ' 2.-. jjtfk' 4 ' Jann-N 'll' -will-' 'ci' -if ,I .,-HJ,-V -, f-Jfiiabimwcffxvmm-1, mfr ef., Ln nn, , J' in "Ulf ,1 ,M 'lf-il ' - ' 1 y V xi? fl' 4, Jil! I 35 ffl W.:-fix 1 iz:-Ll lgl A ,, l l 1 in if ,N I 2,52 Lal 1 ,, ,Q if l ,IW ,ffl tial y" vi QM la angie 'ct 1 Lg . . in lx 2 V gl, ll l Yi M lg., L . , .. lf. 'l .X N I, A, ll tr N1 My N limi if i I I. L9 'QV' fl, 1 'QM' al KTFINY fi Lfll 52,7 xfwi li ffl 1 , ld . I Y' fm tyler I il Y-- ,Q , If . M532 tg 1 if lf 'bd ffl .wi ll L 1 liffi 51" ll lilfj za' . If K" States of the Unite, Feb. the tenth. Dear Friend: Now I take my pen and ink in hand and write you with a lead pencil. Ve do not lif ver ve used to live, ve lif ver ve haf moved. I hate to say it but your dear old ant vot you luffed so much iss dead. She died of Ne. Monia on New Years day in New Orleans at fifteen minutes in front of five. Some people think she had population of der heart, the doctor gave up all hopes of a family for two boys and two cows. They found 310,000 sewed up in her bustle. It was an auful lot to leave be- hind. She villed it all to the boys, in case they die, the fortune goes to the cows. Old Mrs. Offenbach is very sick, she is just about at deaths door. The doctor tinks he can pull her through. She has such a nice little boy, he is just like a human beast. Your brudder Gus took our dog Fido down to the saw mill yesterday to had a fight. He run up against one of the circular saws, he only lasted one round. All of the Grosenbachs family had the mumps and are having a swell time. I am sending you your black overcoat by express, in order to save exltra charges, I cut off the buttons. You'll find them in the inside pocket. Mother is making sausage, the neighbors are all looking for their dogs. Your uncle says if you don't pay him them 40c you owe him he'll cut oi your head and throw it in your face. We sent Hulda over to the butcher to see if he had some pigs feet, she came back and said she didn't know, the butcher had his shoes on. I just graduated from Arthur Hill. I took up electrution and physical torture. I learned to be a stenogra- pher. I got a job in a livery stable taking de hay for the horses. Louis vas sick, the doctor told him to take someding, he vent down the street and met Ikey Cohen and took his watch. Ikey had him arrested and got a lawyer. The lawyer got the case but Louis got the works. Lena vent out to milk der cows, the cow kicked her and gave her milk punch. The flat was cold last week, father called the janiter a lobster and he made it hot for him. He vas as cold as a vol- cano. Ve haf thirty chickens and pug dog. The chickens lay around six eggs a day and the dog is laying behind the stove. Ve are having more weather up here than ve has last year. Just hear they performed an operation on Mrs. Offenbach between the dining room and the conservatory but she died between eight oclock. Der iss lots of people dying around here vot nefer died before. How I wish we were closer apart, I am auful lonesome since we were separationnate together. Your brud- der Lehan is getting along fine with t'he small pox and I hope you are the same. Hoping Pffmi L""'w1'w'1 L' 'wi 'I ' .i'.v.. .. ,. .V . that you write sooner than I did, I remain your friend, Joe Schmeigel. P. S. If you don't get my letter let me know and I will write you anudder. P. S. S. Two times-Just received that 35.00 I owe you but have closed the letter and can't get it in. fLetter from Jo. Schmiegal to Ray Hart.J MY AUTO 'TIS OF THEE. My auto 'tis of thee, Short road to poverty, Of thee I chant. I blew a pile of dough, On you three years ago, Now you refuse to go, Or won't or can't. Through town and country side, You were my joy and pride, A happy day. I loved the gaudy hue, The nice white tires, new, But you're down and out for true, In every way. , To thee old rattlebox, Come many bumps and knocks, For thee I grieve. Badly the top is torn, Frayed are the seats and worn, The whooping cough affects thy horn, I do believe. Thy perfume swells the breeze, VVhile good folks choke and wheeze, As we pass by. I paid for thee a price, 'Twould buy a mansion twice, Now everybody's yelling Nice." Thy motor has the grip, The spark plug has the pip, And who is thine. I, too, have suffered chills, Fatigue and kindred ills, Endeavoring to pay my bills, Since thou wert mine. Gone is my bank roll now, No more 'itwould choke a cow, As once before. Yet, if I had the mon, So help me, John, amen, Iid buy a car again, And speed some more. F. GALARNO "I know a guy so dumb that he thinks that musicians eat piano rolls for breakfast." .- X. wp 'f -fr 'A 'uf ""1'ff 'f,i",E-Lf 'fygf 'H'Qf4f 'I "il.f,.,'f 'ffm ' , 'rj-J?xk,Mr1'-,fghwgfftpgM'ft,"jsf P:,,NQ'7ff?,flt'YTfflQ,f!g'ffl, ff 71, Q tl, 52.4 it '19, f 4f','ff 2 .3 tw 1' L 'M -vc' ' ly, f "lf ',f gf f 1, ,g 1, f- 1, ,, 1-. f. '- . . . Son: "Papa, tell me a joke." Papa finterested in paperl: "How about mama?" Bugs Dice: "I came awfully close to pick- ing up a girl tonight." Kid Burns: "How's that?" Bugs Dice: 'I asked her if she'd like to take a ride and she 'Noi' " No Extra Charge, Either. "Waiter! There's a fly in my ice cream." "Serves him right: let him freeze." Q5 Wife Cfinding husband drunkb : "John, this is the last straw." Husband: "Thass awright, nn' dear: I never use 'em. Just gize me the bottle." fe, F. Cherry: "Did you ever kiss a girl when she wasn't expecting it?" A. Diebel: "I doubt it." H. Doering Cin Maga's trying to cut his steakj: "Say, waiter, how was this steak cooked?" Waiter: "Smothered in onions, sir." Doering: "Well, it died hard." T5 J. Lewis: "Miss Vanderhoof's sick in bed today." , , F. Galarno: "Thasso? What's the com- plaint?" Lewis: "No complaint, everybody's satis- fied." 'rec Miss Boyle tin 11th Englishj : "What does a king sit on?" B. Ross: "On his throne." Miss Boyle: "Now, Bert, construct a sen- tence using the word 'throne' correctly." B. Ross: "Father gave me such a licking that I can't set on my throne." Kes T. Appleby: "Waiter, bring me the nine things I like." Waiter: "What are they, sir?" T. Appleby: "Hash." Kea She: "The women of today are able to meet any situation." He: "If I were to kiss you, how would you meet the situation?,' She: "Face to face." ass Flip Kessel: "Have you read the write-up in the Bible of the Egyptian tennis game?" Mr. Haggard: "No, what does it say?" Flip Kessle: "Joseph served in Pharaoh's court." fun "I call my girl snapshot, because every where I go she wants to be taken." "Is that so? I call mine film, because she's so well developed." R. Hart: "I think Reginald French is the most modest man I ever knew." H. Snyder: "How's that?" R. Hart: "Why, his girl called him on the phone this morning and he wouldn't answer because he was in his pajamas." fc! Orchestra Drummer: 'Tm the fastest man in the world." Violinist: "How's that?" O. D.: "Time flies, doesn't it?" V.: "So they say." O. D.: "Well, I beat time." Q5 Abe. O.: "I sure miss the cuspidor since it has gone." L. Rankin: "You did that when it was here, that's why it is gone." fee M. LaFluer: "Have you a match for this blouse?" Haughty Sales Girl: "Yes, and I'll give you some kerosene, too." Q5 "The stingiest fellow we've heard of yet is Cliff Curott. He had a toy baloon vulcan- ized yesterday." fag There was a stage star named Celestus, When she danced the applause was tempestu- ous She whirled and she tripped 'Till her shoulder strap slipped And they had to ring down the asbestus. fue Ponies? Mr. Schrieber: "Now, Mr. Dankert, don't you think you had better turn the page? You already have translated the first ten lines on the following page." Arif, Chaperone at Senior Party: "What do you mean by letting that young man kiss you, part of the performance took place right un- der my nose." V. Shurry: "Then what are you kicking about?" me C. Murray: "Got a nail in your tire?" Tiny Mertz: "Naw, ran over a fork in the road." fue Tell a girl a good story and she'll laugh at it. Tell her a bad one and she'll repeat it." fun "No, Hazel, getting a ring out of a dumb- bell is not as easy as it sounds." Aka "Now that the skirts are getting longer, the girls are again leaving a little to our imagi- nation." E. Hudson: "Why the crepe over the kitchen sink? VVho's dead?" M. Myer: "Crepe? Oh, that's the towel." - ,.j fvq f I "gi fQ'Y 'A A 'J N ff :Q l T-gf? 3 7 -1 -2 , gf? Q. 1 X J: up , 7:- X X: Lf: -2 fs' x .1 . ,Qi Av' N S-ig 'Q 'Diff ,41- Fa iff: f?Q .fxn Q' x lf. .Q Q' A A :Q FN- .3 94. -125 -X . A' 1 J. lp' I A ' 'N A .Q A . 'N 942 13. X. if fx fi' u fl ff 'AQ :Q . X, hw 3 PQ 'P 'S .v. XY,u,i, wx, ,Vg w,.lu,N,3r-N., ,xflkr - Wlirx- .., ,NfIqV',-,X,.,xi.-fly' -xeyx,-5 itrix..-.fx - -- l1f'l'f4Frf-P lllitiklill 2+ T 7545-fl it if N' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - A ,IL f , ,. I-QU' -,V,,Lg. -r - -1 aw ' wi: 19 r- ' ix -lilly .- -tgvxmifx 'V I fs.:-H fy- -,,ifV'g1, -14,1-N 'gp -wwf N ,rm -1 'vp -,ll-N ' ,,--'r-4, If AMX ,.,?-gv .c, .,1i.,wi m,,W.qf.sQF.mlW,N ,.?wmig73gwf:x,ifQ 0Qwl,vQx..J ?fR:3kEM5qfTXv'1l's.J.5,4fs, ,mlm Tbgggwi! A 5 A ,a,i,U 177.5 vjn,.,gM?:g 22.4. I . Q Nm I J-if g-. Hqilg,-f Jgf'-5. I Jinx "km,, I1 '-1 Mqff., ,f i,-I H'Awl,,, ,Qi -.M mluki, ,:,'1,i. 'Ll 'ills 'gl mlb K ,fra H1 in C 'X nf if ml f' ,'! 'M vii 291:11 lf ,vrfu Sql" 5. f .Ur ii .1 rw I "fi If .ff do D Wi' fi. ,X . 'J . 1 rdf , ' Lgii "Yi-'Q' if If ll I 9107, 44? 'r LIL! mf' r, vw QM '11 ,QI n WM f-Q 4, I.. cj? K N QQ. '5 L ,AJ fi E 1 . if ,,.f. gif ,Ali 4 1 ' v l X ,.-.1 , A ,X . , ff ., Ii gc 1.1 X JX, S",qfTl l 4, "' 2.1-9 IFJ? CW ,tiff :N lily S if ifliovll rxrl OM iw ,l if" . W, iff: s 4 il f,,. fin' if-I I ,L " .1 , ,rr in :Qi .,,J Teacher: "Ikey, give me a sentence con- taining the word 'statutef " Ikey: "Father came home late last night, and mother said, 'is dat you Ikey?' " fag Chuck: "Has your fortune evelr been told?" Edna: "No, but I dare say papa will tell yours if you reially have serious intentions." fm Miss A. Boyle: "Oh, Mr. Bassett, tell me how they m'ake an end run." Smiley: "They step on his heels if he doesn't" cvs Jazz Class Gave Her Permanent Wiggle She learnt the fox trot one step too- And with the tango took a chance But oh, she met her Waterloo At the St. Vitus Dance. Q5 K. Schurr: "Hey Mickey, can you lend me five?" Mick McGovern: "Sure, got change for a dime?" 'ii Joe Schmiegel fas canoe rocksi Don't be afraid, we're only ten feet from land." She fanyonej "where is it?" Joe: "Underneath us." fs! Burrows: "She asked me to kiss on either cheek." Nan B. "Which one did you kiss her on?" Roz: "I hesitated a long time between them." fi d Sun: "Ran across Jim downtown yester- aytv Set: "Yeah, how was he?" Sun: "Tough, I only cracked two ribs and bent the axle." iss M. Hinkley: "Alger kissed me last night." Mother Cindignantlyl "That is outrageous, did you sit on him?" Mary: "I did." is Dentist: "Awfully sorry, miss but I just tore out a piece of your gum." Stenographer: "That's all right. Just stick it under 'the chair and I'll get it as I go out." is C. Norton: "Doesn't th-at girl look like Helen Brown?" I. Izzo: "Yes, but she looks worse in white." as Mr. Haggard: "Haven't you any trade? What did you do before you got into this awful condition?" J. Needham: "I'm a season worker, sir, my profession was smoking glasses for eclip- -es of the sun." a H. Booth: "Do you believe in clubs for women?" F. Galarno: "You bet, clubs, sandbags, or any old thing." fi--5 Please Don't Laugh B. Reins Cin theatrejz "Mother, when do the Indians come in?" Mrs. R.: "Why, there are no Indians in this show." Bobby: "Well then, who scalped all the men in the front row?" Mertz: "Listen to that motor. It runs like a Packard, doesn't it?" Murray: "What did you do to it?" Mertz: "Put some monkey glands in the gasoline." Will Dembinske: "Did you ever see a rab- bit with a tin ear?" Pinkey: "No, did you?" Will: "Sure, in a shooting gallery." Miss D. Boyle: "Have you 'Simon Called Peter'?" G-arney Palmer: "Sorry, we are out of that just now." Miss Boyle: "Well, suggest some other stimulating piece of New Testament fictionf' gif! Very Good. Miss Clark: "Give me a good example of a concidencef' K. Schurr: "My father and mother were married the same day." 1.5 "Say there, black man, can't you play honest? Ah, knows what cards ah done dealt you!" r G. Karow: "What's showing at the movies tonight?" B. Kissell: "I'm not quite sure, but I hear she wears only some beads." Q5 Mrs. Eskimo: "Where have you been for the last six months?" Mr. Esk. "I sat up all night with a sick friend." 'ces Mr. Maynard: "I see by the gasoline tank that you didn't get far last night?" Son Tracy: "Well father, I'm not com- plaining any." is "This is entirely a matter of course," said the golfer as he approached the tee. Silver Dersch: "What the difference be- tween Ammonium and ammonia?" Freddie Bliss: "One is the smell of the other." . km Vx. V f' a ri N 1 N' N H ' 5' ,MH - -ull: - Mb fm-N -- x R- - ,' ' il! ll v, . it F, , X. it -Q, ,'x. - 'Lf xl Qf-,','Lf A Fllff,-','h'. ,.,' .vvff mt X tht ,XJ-I .x jifigt-:K A-ty :lglqgx "?fF.Jl.E4lyx,f1?i'j,5Q1y fnlfk, 'Pg-3.4 :IM I,-:Ny .I mfr, .- l -.H Ji L. ,ge "Q '.,. yqr ..1. wi iq, .1 '- -'A I 'N-1 J rv 'I -M' I '4 -f. s " ' ' ' ' " I . I . ., ez , ., .I . f.. , r "Kiss you? I should say not. Why, I don't even know your name." "Pardon me, it's Izzo." "Oh, that's different.: Criterion item: "Not long ago a heavy weight lifter lifted and held up four pianos." Earl Shaler: "S'nothinI" A girl in our town lifted her skirts when she got on a car and held up nine street cars." tes Chuck: "Are you fond of nuts?" Edna: "Is this a proposal?" tis! He: "What do you do in dramatics?" She: "Oh, I'm the new stage-coach. What do you do?" He: "Oh, I'm the fast mail." any Father to daughter fafter examining her expense accountb : "Do you think silk stock- ings are absolutely necessary?" Anna Drensky: "Certainly-up to a cer- tain point." free Nan Bauer: "I'll never trust any man in the dark." H. Snyder: "It's a cinch you have nothing to fear in the day time." asa Flat: "Ja hear about those cruel police- men?" Foot: "No, what'd they do?" Flat: "Cut off a burglars retreat." Q5 M. McGovern Cover the phonel : "Wanna go out for a ride?" V. Schury: "Is this party formal or in- formal?" M. M.: "Whadda' ya mean?" V. S.: "Hair net-or no hair net?" AE!! M. Theobald: "Curly, why did you fall for me?" C. Norton: "Your line was just long enough to trip me." fig! M. Budde: "Why do all the men want to kiss me ? " C. Johnson: "Oh men follow the line of least resistance." fees Pinkey: "Yes, I was a Freshman once: some of the happiest years of my life were spent as a Freshman." fag Lip-stick: "What do you mean she has teeth like the stars?" Hair-oil: "They come out at night." T5 Ardussi Qhaving hard time with tuning forkl : "This thing's no good." Mr. Polsen: "Take it back to the farm and get one with a better pitch to it." - ',,. ,Ig ' ,f-. ft I-' ' ,-. ,- .- ., 5 , .-,gg ,w,!r,,,.V, .1 ,,1-,J ,-4 - 1 -1 ,.,, 3 fl ,r .1 y, .-J I Tunes on Nothing at All 94 ' 6 Some authors write of the age of Jazz '- .V . .2 Condemn its folk and flasks: I 'L 'J While others hand social affairs the razz, Q .1 ,941 And rip olf society's masks. And politics are a pest, up A That all our laws are a lot of rot, ,,f. And the Bolshevik system is the best. I too, some nasty cracks and wise, ' About this earthly flock, , 79' VVould pass. Alas, those other guys 'I . 'N I sw 4 cn 5' r-as ff' 3 cn 5 o C UQ 25' FY' C+ o PT' I5 o o fx' K 'Nl Did happier things exist fthey don'tJ With them I'd have my fling. fr' Fl F' CT' 2. H 5' m -:DSE UW mo Y' :A gr? mi C1235 CUC? 99 "1m'U Q HQ. Usuvpc ,644 QQ -'CD l-F D"f'V' UQ v-I Qu 5' -- U' 4-1-O as :Q O dz, 2 .. Eg gsm 5 2 :F Q03 E? 'H PEW 5 ro- 5' 5 SEL-"p v-is CD pmc-' 36' la S Et 425-'fe an 'far S! Q: so ag 3 5, QQH can :Q ,D 2 Eh 'fi :S O ag Sl- v-4 Us mm O W l"' LS 5' C Un U- 99 Q, 8 o :s 5 UQ C4 --ti . ' A-i W-1-:-'v.' ?'Nf'f'F+7fvffVfVfM And always tear the buttons off R7 , I At most strategic points? ,A fb! 'pl Ashes to ashes 1:74 Dust to dust A A if 31' r-is CD cn 3 cn t-r P1 '4 Q- o 'J n-ff if C cn 2 1 Trigonometry must. - 1 .lex ' By a Junior. -. L-it I wish I were a Senior and could with the Q-Q - 1 Seniors stand, -'igg With a fountain pen behind my ear and a :t... notebook in my hand. I " I wouldn't be an emperor, I wouldn't be a king, S if I wouldn't be an angel iff. For angels have to sing. ,Q I'd rather be a Senior and never do a thing. iii A35 .XA There was a hefty boid :fi Who came from toity-toid - ri. DP UQ S. cr 99 :L :- CD U Who flung, did she, A wicked adenoid. Q' fu! TNQ A peach came walking down the street: .fm She was more than passing fair: Qt?-41 A smile, a nod, a half-closed eye, .Q- UP :5 Q-1 Fl' 5' rn 'U cn 93 0 5' U' cn 0 an 5 co 9-7 'U no :T P fl 'NTS ' 1 A lovely girl was Mary Jane, She got all wet out in the rain, T' gl Her dress so thin A" Clung to her skin 254 There ain't no loss without a gain. ,-Q. ix! 'xii He failed in Physics, flunked in Chem. They heard him softly hiss,- S- I'd like to catch the guy who said lfgf fx, 'H 23" DD 1'1- U-ln UQ I3 O '-: 99 5 Q rn ,.. cn CT' LTI cn gn lk 2, .qv f '11 .fn fx I 1'1" xr -i -1 1' .K N X. I J Y 6" lf' KIA 4.1 15, Yu ld' .ZA , La .' 1 f ., S, W '11 121.1 1 Then some say the government's going to sot, 5.4 1 -1 1' -xml' V 'mmf' 47' X' w wg, lv 1 -,.,,,",l:.vy ravi -x I,-.,v,1 , f i, .K ,. .X A, , s iw- jj X' nu, I, Thanks. Blesings on thee, little dame, Barebacked girl with knees the same, With thy turned down silken hose And thy thin, transparent clothes, With thy red lips reddened more, Smeared with lipstick from the store: With thy make-up on thy face And thy bobbed hair's jaunvty grace. From my heart I give thee joy, Glad that I was born a boy! -W. P. Roby In the days of old When men were bold, And Fords were not invented: You walked your lass, O'er blades of grass, And went along contented. Nowadays Proverbs George Dice-A fool and his high school are soon parted. Hank Snyder-Handsome is as long as handsome doesn't. Dot Brock-4The wind bloweth, and the wind ceaseth, but the "she casseth never." W. W.-Whom the teacher loveth, he chasteneth, and he loveth many. R. Burrows-He who sneaked his best friend's woman, committeth an abomination in the eyes of his best friend. Mickey M.-Rolling the bones gathers no moss. Al Comstock-Never put off for tomorrow what you can miss today. Bill Dembinsky-He who loves and runs away, loves another the next day. iv! I Wonder What would you think of a girl who told you that the only chance you had of kissing her was to catch her when her mouth was closed, and then have her sit there the rest of the evening without saying a word. ov! Mrs. Ho.: "Well, what did your caller talk about last night?" Daughter Ruthie: "Kith and kin.". Small Brother: "That's right. He said, 'MayI kith you,' and you said, 'yes, you kin'." - Kia! Miss Vanderhoof: "Give a definition of density.. R. Burrows: "I can't give the definition butI can give an illustration? Miss V.: "The illustration is good, take your seat." Q5 Mr. Haggard: "I had to Hunk you in the test. Do you know why?" Bill Dembinski: "I haven't an idea." Mr. Haggard: "Just exactly." l Why I Come to School To get more sleep .......... Hank Snyder To get out of doing dishes . . . Esther Appelby To tease the girls ............ Bill Kessel Nothing else to do .......... Don Dankert To see Chuck ............ Edna Alderson To teach the girls how to tix their hair. M. Theobald To teach the students how to yell. . D. Brown To show off my new dresses ...... B. Reins To advertise "Brillantine" .... Al. Comstock To amuse the boys ............ M. Hinkley To get the latest styles .......... N. Bauer To get acquainted ............ L. Speath To learn .............. Hugh Bloomfield To play football . . . ....... The Team To give "E's" .... .. The Teachers To give blue slips .......... Mr. Haggard To clean up ............ Old Jerry himself 'CES A. Griggs "Barber, how long will I have to wait for a shave?" Barber Klooking at him closelyl : "Oh about two years." 'fag M. Meyer treading history composition comparing Grant and Leejz "Lee always dressed in a neat Confederate uniform, but Grant was dressed only in a ragged old Union suit." Avg M. MacDonald: "My ancestors came over in the Mayflower." M. LaFleur: "It's lucky they did, the im- migration laws are a little stricter now." QL R. Hannum: "Why do you call that girl a dumbbell?" T. Maynard: "I kissed her once and she never told." fag L. Eynon: "Do you approve of the Vol- stead Act?" Mr. Haggard: "Well, er-no, I never enjoy vaudeville." fe-5 An average woman gets off a joke about as successful as she gets off a jitney buss. fag B. Ross: "Let's kiss and make up." L. Hunt: "Well, if you are careful I won't have to." - QL "Is your husband a good provider, Dinah?" "Yessum, he's a good providah all right, but I'se allus skeered dat niggah's gwine er get caught at it." are Miss Sickels: "Are you sure you're quali fled to lead a jazz orchestra?" J. Lewis: "Absolutely, I had two nervous breakdowns. was shell-shocked in France, and I live in a Hat over a family of 14 children." . - f. ,- - ff ', - V- ,f -- ' ' ' 1 '- 'f 1 'f' 'f 1 f-fr.-. I , ',,- 6 ,V .N ,f.X. 'N Yr., ...f f 1, lf, aff. 1 -? l -' FN U," A. PN, 1,-'fi fy, ,f'V,1A fo., Q A, 354 Q ,lb 9-1 Q fl, by Q F, 5541 4.54 . -. , , . , , , , , , , . 1 f' - '. 4,': ,5. 9. ,'1- 2,513 , , A , f --.V 1 They were enjoying a motor ride, and had just entered a country road. "May I kiss your hand?" he asked, a little confusedly. She removed her motor veil. "No," she re- plied, HI have my gloves on." age Judge: "Where did the automobile hit you?" F. Galarno: "Well, Judge, if I'd been carrying a license number it would have busted into a thousand piecesf 'iss R. Hannum: "Will that Watch tell time?" V. Schury: "No, you have to look at it." 'sec USO this is Paris?" said the leg to the gar- t '. el fra, B. Staffield: "When I kissed her, she drew herself up in my arms as if taught." Hubert Ryan: "I think she learned from some one else, too." fix! Peach: "Why do ladies make such good soldiers?" Prune: "Because they are accustomed to all sorts of arms." -as Fresh: "How far are you in Economics?" Junior: "In the last stages of 'Consump- tion'." Aus Minister Cwarming up to sermonj: "And turning to Jer. 4th what do we find?" . Everett W. Cwaking upjz "Unprepared, sir." ees "Well, of all the nerve," she said, slapping his face when he kissed her. "Well then," he pouted, "if that's the way you feel about it get off my lap." fan R. Smith fsentimentallyj : "I can see the love light shining in your face." L. Spence femotionallyh : "Heavens! Where's my powder puff?" 'ixsg Why does a chicken lay an egg? Because if she drops it, it might break. '05 T. Maynard: "Isn't that Ruth Hannum with her face all enamelled up?" B. Kessel: "Certainly looks lacquer." -uc Senior: "Aren't you Owen Jones?" Soph.: "Lord, yes, I'm owing everybody here." has Fresh Male Flirt: "Lend me your Ever- sharp, Miss Blue Eyes." She gave him a bit of her tongue. -eg "Any ice today lady?" "No, the baker just left a cake." "Giddap." fi ' I ' li Y B 'R H. Trier: "I laugh at everybody that laughs at me." W. Ardussi: "You're never without a smile, eh?" fm-C Leland Walker Cin St. Charlesjz "Ah, we're in luck-steak today!" Bert Ross: "Tough luck!" fg.g Drug Clerk: "What kind of toothbrush do you want?" Charles Johnson: "Give me a big one, there's ten in my family." Burrows: "Hey, don't shoot, your gun isn't loaded." I Cherry: "Can't help that, the bird won't wait." Q-c Nick Mangutz: "If a man marries a Widow by the name of Elizabeth, who has two children, what does he get?" J. Benson: "I give up." N. M.: "A second hand Lizzie and two runaboutsf' fl! They called the baby steamboat because they had to paddle it behind. Q-5 "I am certainly absorbing a lot of know- ledge," murmured the janitor as he erased the blackboard. "Sweet Data," cried the Physics student, as he doped the experiment sheet. ADV "Sir, your wife just died." "Why tell me about it? Call up the under- taker." fu! "Yes, Marietta, my description of a mean man is one who takes his girl on a joy-ride, promises not to kiss her then keeps his promise." ix! M. Hinkley Cwho had just received a beau- tiful set of mink furslz "I don't see how such wonderful furs can come from such a low, sneaking beast." Father: "I don't ask for thanks but I do insist on respect." 'il Miss Boyle: "Why is English called the mother tongue?" J. Lovett: "Because fathers never have a chance to use it." -as NOTICE Sophomores, please do not leave your tri- cycles and kiddie cars in the hall, as they might interfere with the upper classmen get- ting to their classes. '65 Mr. Dersch: "Why didn't you filter this?" Freddie Bliss: "I didn't think it would stand the strain." 421 a. .4 .- ,fl 1 gd 773' 1 A. . .fv J' L J 72" 29 ffgzfi 1. M. J' J . ,X .9 f-as 4. '- J 1 ., . 24 fig! YE? lf' I T . ' I le 1 ..- . 1 1 3 Q A 37 Tig! f 22 '55 Qi rjggg rf 'I Ji if -3 3 .hx I ' 5 12. in J, X., ,XA 3125 . .5.. tx-'24 I -9 ,135 K YV . K , 4. . ,, . ..,. .L -7- .- -. xi- W-A-v -w' , ,. . ,. . -ix -IX I . 1 . -13 1 wk " 0 f:f54-:li 'EOS94 fbi?- I. .w 15,1 ml. Ili 6 . il K Fi . 171' U ll, v X dw Q? ll, ' ,gn xo ll ill l 1 0 rf. .IJ ll, I . W, ul .ffl ilk" .y lf At. J f-sn will aff. 4 . .53 it . I. Kc :mf i. . ", '1 lil 4: .14 lk :' iii lx ' I. 1'-1' MP . ,, fl fa W A "IW I 'w lgiilg 4, ,. .. 4 a il fl' LL i. If .I '1 l 'w . I., VT lm eflll .V 1. 4 . L Q.. .QT .vp 1. . D ll :fill 1' ff ggi' lf.. l 2 it 'Jil' .ry . M. ll : - gill I. Y fi. lk. J' 1 . 1 1 E 3' . ll K. ,.. .5 ll kg' .l Q WT? 4, fi? l 1' f' T95 lv 1'f. lb yi .V 11,3 1 0 0612 it 50 1.11 .9 . r..-, ll..1 E 1 K. XII . F2 4 wafers- N, ' M. ' ' '21 "1-ff I ff, f . 1 A .I tmgSfnwjtr.fffiiegice:'yt,r1gy5.i.fii3 Vigil We i. W. K 4nggx!1ii,xVJ1 Qxghm, J yu 'YKC.,,p,l. .-. :vii 14-. 1--1 -4, .'.- v Miss Clark: "Parse the word kiss." Hazel Both: "This word is a noun, but is usually used as a conjunction and more com- mon than proper. It is not very singular, in that,it is usually in the plural. It agrees with me. is Miss Powers: "You act very foolish at times. Can't you get over it?" R. Hart: "I have tried, but my mother makes me sleep in a crazy quilt." fag Want Ad-Wanted, woman to wash, iron, and milk two cows. KQLC R. Hart: "What is a zebra?" A. Ardussi: "A horse in a bathing suit." fc L Freshman Yell Rah! Rah! Ma! Ma! Pa! Pa! Help! is Miss Boyle: "Now someone use the Word 'ruthless' in a sentence." J. Lovett: "Every team in the American League except the Yankees is Ruthless." 'T-L Mr. DeHaven: "Weill, my boy, do you know what 'Syntax' means?" Joe Needham: "Yes sir, the duty on liquors." fbi F. Cherry: "My feet are going back on me." B. Slocum: "Why don't you turn around and walk backwards?" fix EXPERIENCE "Is your beef tender today?" asked the shopping sailor. "Sir," replied the sentimental butcher, "it is as tender as a woman's heart." "Gimme a pound of sausage," ordered the sailor hastily. fix! R. Hart: "What's the matter, finances bothering you?" J. Lewis: "Yes, I owe Dice five dollars, I've got it and he knows I know he knows I've got it." 'Ei C. Vondette: "Gladys is fearfully crude isn't she?" H. Booth: "I'lll say so. She thinks Lotus Eaters are insec-ts." 'qi-5 A SECRET SORROW Maiden fin lower berthl : "Sweet slumber, kiss my eyelids." g H. Snyder Cin upperjz "Say, who is this guy, slumber?" F f'.1'H".'?.r' mf' :jfqgwy UH' W' fx. ff" 'tifffwl M' T ff., " i H F'-fl Q' THQ , ,. . , ., ,, , . J i ,ii 1, 1h fi, ' If, -',y.,,:',v. 31.33.41 Q, W-E!!-, Lgmyj,-1. f, 4, 4 lwwl.'s1w.llfs4.w.lil:a wnlffe wi is T ,gr .. Q. .gn .. f I "Did you ever hear a day break when night falls?" "No, but I've seen a son beam when moon shines." fi: .C C. Murry: "They call my girl 'Spearmint'." M. McGovern: "Why? Is she Wriggly?" C. M.: "No, but she's always after meals." 'i-.9 IS THAT SO? Paint and lipstick, now and then, are relish- ed by the best of men. are R. Hart fwith much enthusiasmb : "I could go on dancing like this with you forever." Marie LeFleur: "Oh, no, you couldn't possibly. You're bound to improve." 1:5 J. Benson: "You better get a haircut." A. Navarro: "Why, how so?" J. Benson: "Well, that's cheaper than buying a violin." fi-S Earl Shaler: HI dreamed that I died last night." Cecil S.: "What woke you up?" E. Shaler: "The hea-t." 'T .5 H. Ziegler: "So Marietta gave up her position to go into the chorus?" M. Littledale: "Yes, she decided to kick for higher Wages." 'iw "I believe you're stringing me," said the convict as the executioner tied the knot under his chin. Q15 No, Flapper. "Is Dorothy a good girl?" "Is she? Boy, she's so innocent she thinks Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Beautiful and the Damned,' is a picture ofa river." H. Meyer: "Officer, a man just winked at me over there." Officer: "Well, do you know who the man is?" H. Meyer: "No, that's what I'm trying to find out." 1-C THE FIRST FALL "Eve's dropping," said Adama, as his wife fell out of the tree. fag Dr. Gregg: "How is it that you spend your allowance so fast?" Art G.: 'Tm helping out these poor Eski- mos by buying their pies." fag F. Galarno: "The Biblical story of the cre- ation must have been written by a baseball reporter." Silver Dersch: "How so?" Fritz G.: "It starts out, 'In the big inning'." -r, -V ,MNH 1 . iw 1- -. ..i'.4. v- sr.. 41" ui... f. --1" - 1., Stu.: "Have you seen Theopholus?" Pid: 'fYes, Theopholus show I ever saw." fc! V. Schury: "Where is that frat everyone is talking about?" K. Schurr: "What new frat?" V. S.: "Why haven't you heard? Eska Mo Pi?" Miss Kilbourne: "What is a mumimy?', B. Smith: "A mummy is-a mummy is- a mummy is a poppy's wife." Poor: "What did her father say when he heard you remark about his funny feet?" Fish: "He poked fun at me." fue "24" "I've been trying to think of a word for two weeks." "23" "How about fortnight?" Never run after a street car or a woman! There'l1 be another along in a few minutes and remember there arenlt so many after midnight but they're faster. Her: "I don't believe we saw the original take off of the seven veils at all." Him: "Of course not, but wasn't it a good take off?" Ares M.. Riens: "Can you drive with one hand?" Flip K. feagerlyj "You bet I can." Bobby fsweetlyb "Then won't you please pick up my handkerchief from the floor?" Q5 Mary Hart: "Stop this instant or I'll get out and walk." H. Doering: "But Mary." M. H.: "Aren't you ashamed of yourself and after I've known you so long too." H. D.: "But-" Mary: "You needn't expl-ain, you're not a gentleman." ' H. D.: "But Mary, this darned horse won't go unless I whip him." fig W. W. fin historyJ: "In how many wars was the United States engaged?" F. Pitts: "Five," W. Haggard: "Enumer'ate them." F. Pitts: "One, two, three, four, five." .L. Eynon: "Every time she smiles it re- minds me of a Pullman car at eight o'clock in the evening." E. Harris: "Howsat?" L. Eynon: "No lowers and very few uppers. ' fir! 1925: "Why do the upper classmen always refer to the girls as peaches?" 1923: "The more you handle them the mushier they get." .w . -v . wi..',- nl ' v A' ' 1 F -. I ' 1. . ,i Q C. McDonald: "Lock the door before you go out." M. McDonaJld: "How'll I go out then?" C. McDonald: "Go in before you go out and unlock it from the outside, so we can get in if we're locked out." It 5 R. Burrows: "That snappy fellow you just danced with is in my class." B. Bauer: "You flatter yourself." ai-5 Al. Comstock: "Going to have dinner any- where tonight?" Mary Hinkley Ceagerlyjz "Why no, not that I know of." Al. C.: "Gee, you'll be awfully hungry by morning." 1-5 MOIST CURIOSITY First Gossip: "The preacher said there were fourteen cases of flu in church this morning." Second Gossip fwife of bootleggerl "And how many be there in a case?" ian B. Ross: "I've just finished a hair-raising book." J. Schmiegel: "What is it called?" B. Ross: "Aid to the Bald-Headed Men." A WET ONE What is your idea of the tightest man in school? The guy who won't take a shower bath because they soak you too much. we LeRoy Rankin: "A mouse crawled into my laundry and died." O. Johnson: "That's probably why he died." fue A NO? Odessa: "Odessa little bit more." Lena: "Lena little closer." Hiawatha: "Hiawatha nithe girl before I met you." is Runt: "At the follies the other night my eyes felt like little birds." Dime: "How come?" Runt: "Flitting from limb to limb n1'deah boy." Arg W. Ardussi: "First I kissed her on the nose, then on the chin, and between the two I had a wonderfully fine time." Aus D. Brock fdesperatelyjz "VVill you love me always?" Hugh Bloomfield: "Why honey. I've loved you all the ways I know." is He: "Woman is the loveliest in her thir- ties." She: "Thanks-I mean, do you think so?" Lx, .'n. ry T X - X Q w , f '2t".'Vi1+:!' 15,-f 'm-aipigg 'klxfxui 55-Iggy fi- I-f --G E1 . . 'N nj, rf 'Ly f-1 rf' 'V "If", 'U' "."f', Wlif' "I"fx" , "-".f' -x -'n f- "" wwWWmwWwMwmmW?w-wws--o-wf Jim . 5.-Sn .cm-..--..i. .1 --1- W . -- f , .- r . 1 ,- EI' '- H . - ull ' lx - -vu , '3 ' Id' UL Fl . I Z' ' l . ,fl Fifi E207 ff Ja . M, .vlw 1 il I I ' -I ,- ,gn ' lil . .I FDU M ,. .dl 111, Zhu' - 1.-I A V5 gl. 4. - . Z, - I - ,wp L J x nu 5 lla .T ,- ffx :YL , mi N lll ' - 7 fr - ' I D59 'H l N I Ffa WV, N lllllw V ' r fi ff' I 4- , 1'4- f -'li ' u TTD ' dll! K' 49 -. L, . W, 5 ' ill " ,I I ,e Ht P r. ,V 1'-j F. Shimmers: "Hawaii?" J. Lewis: "I Hayti tell you." C. Currott: "Au Guam." OE 3? gm O3 fa :Cl- Ki.. CD 2 as Q 14 1 go CDC 5'-'E gi-D QQ- F.. Q22 as cn : 5 SP3 l"'hl'h og ig 52 O'-:'U"':Q-cn : '-'CD ,-,S p--P-1 Q-o-'1"4g:affQl"4O---"4 5- rp-H cn mo 52 mvw-5 UQ Q.-.Q-I n-hh-ffl!!! rm OP1 ,-. isfifff'--253 :Cc-Pwr'-UI' F1114 U5 53 Q2 ri' : v-I gi mm pm .Q- 'iv-M 'U CD PJ CD5 ,UF arf- sw 43 35? ow: F5 - sw ms FE SS 2. :Q so Qm 5 No SI E' as Sl- gi DJ!-D E-O m 994-1- Qg 25 :rg iw: 53 535, 53 gg 5:05. 39: calf: rn : fee Clafflin: "Do you love children." Day: "No, but you don't look so young." T5 "Don't cry, little boy, you'll get your re- ward in the end." "S'pose so, that's where I allus do get it." 'ii Thelma Goodman: "I think the long skirts are so graceful." V. Griffith: "Yes, I'm knock-kneed, too." fb! Mr. Haggard Cin History classl: "Yes, slome of our greatest men in history had red air." Bi-ll. D.: "Is that so?" A Aix! Beggar: "Kind sir, will you give me a dime for a bed?" M. MacDonald: "Lets' see the bed first." T5 A city and a chorus girl Are much alike 'tis true: A city's built with outskirts, A chorus girl is too. fix! Laverne Eynon: "Do you see that man over there?" H. Ryan: "Nope, I can't see him." L. E.: "I don't see why not, he's in perfectly full view." H. R.: "I know it, but I'm not looking at him." is Mother: "Don't ask so many questions, child, curiosity killled the cat." Willie: "What did the cat want to know, Chapel Orator: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Scriptures tells us that riches are a curse. Hard Soph: "Well I'll be damned." 'QLS "That physics teacher has not smiled for several years now." "He is one teacher who practices what he teaches. He believes in the Law of Gravity." fir! Hugh Blomfield: "How did you come to tear your stocking?" D. Brock: "I did not come to tear my stocking, I came for a walk." ,i.g H. Snyder: "Please give me justice." E. A'ppleIby: "I can't." H. Snyder: "Why?" E. Appleby: "It's Lent." H. Snyder: "When will you get it back?" fl,f J. Cronk: "What character do you have in the next act?" J. Stanton: "I'm not supposed to have any character, I'm in twhe chorus." '05 Kissing a gfirl just because you think she W-an-ts you to is like scratching a place that doesn't itch. 'cz C. Murry: "This tunnel cost millions of dollars." Edna Alderton: "An entire waste of money money as far as you're concerned, isn't it?" fi.f June Bride: "I would like to buy an easy chair for my husband." Salesman: "Morris?" June Bride: "No, Clarence." 'QYS Pinky: "I hit a guy in the nose yesterday and you should have seen h-im run." Scheib: "That so?" Pinkey: "Yevh, but he didn't catch me." fbi! J. Benson: "Ever study a blotter?" Helen Meyer: "No, Foolish." J. Benson: "Very absorbing thing." 'ci Hubert Ryan: "I took that pretty girl from the store home the other night and stole a kiss." - - B. Staifeldz "What did she say?" Hubert R.: "Will that be all?" ,l. Q "Johnny, I'm afraid I'll not see you in Heaven." said the father to his errant son. "Why, what have you been doing now mama ? " 'Q-5 Lotta: "Don't you love a night like thi-s?lZ w Nerve: "G'wan! Tease me and I will. pop? fi, -K2 jr Y --ry! N: QL' Y 'qsyl -is I,-f gwwl ,l-ju Q2-.lux 'girly'-li Hy-'LAY -V y'.'VZQ.Jirl'rwA'A .N E If-9.1945-l.l lCtw:+vl+l.l 5-Tir: if. AH-whla' 4- ef' i ' ' ,1 ' 'wifi v ,y , A ., V. V , , . , ., . ,, 1 I. . .. 1 , ,, ,. . I 1' ff -, 'rf ' fi . 1 H15 . ,X-' .. lv-5 ' 1 qu!! . .4 .' .1 J ,V-' f N, . f I , , . -f , ,if ,, W 1 i M-.. ,nj-aifl.glfjuifq, ,fL,F?i,.fM,-gtnfrfiifmi, ,f,f7N,.,",yffx, qf".i,'!'.. g',1F5..,',x,6., ffitf, ,"y.q, If -I, - , gf , w. ,7 ,. 1. 1 f. nil ff , ,. ul' , 1, , t! . 1, , 1, , ' I ,ii v ,,-.1, ,, -. 1, Emmaline Kennedy: "Oh, Don you're cruel. How could you cut a poor worm in two." Dankert: "Aw, Emmaline, he seemed so lonesome." - 'K' C Would-be-suicide: "Don't rescue me, I want to die." French Cat Scout CampJ: "Well, you'll have to postpone that, I wanta life saving medal." fag Whiz: "Why doesn't the devil serve ice cream?" Bang: "WVhereinhell could he get it." figs 'Sober Brother: "I've come to bail you out." Drunk Brother fin jailjz "You don't-hic -have to bail me-hic-out. I'm not full." fir! Mother: "Edna, don't you think this boy is a little fast for you?" Edna: "Yes, but I think I can get him." 'EC It was a beautiful night. Louis was trying to conceal his state of intoxication. Suddenly he looked up and said: "Shay, the moon's as full as a-hic-goose, ain't it?" Ai! "Say, is that the moon rising over there?" Metcalf: 'Tm sure I don't know. I'm a stranger here myself." ARC Navarro: "Oh, Tony getta hit in da face with a pickaxe and knocka out all da teeth." Izzo: "Too bad for poor Tonyll' Navarro: "Oh, not so bad. She gonna get- ta falsettof' 'FS Tea will be served in the annex tomorrow. All wimmen be there. Jack Ferguson will pour. " - 1 1. . -.1 fi .Tl 'M' ., '. '-1 ., -1 . X . T, . K, . ,N Q K. O. Lady: "Officer, arrest that strap- hanger." Officer: "What is the complaint?" K. O. Lady: "I heard him tell the other man that he was going to pinch my seat when I left the car." '05 Marguerite Campbell: "Somehow, you seem familiar." MacDonald: "Gee, lady, I haven't started yet." fi'-.C Ross: "Well, I'm afraid that train will beat us to the crossing." Metcalf: "That's not what I'm afraid of. It might be a tie." iw! Dr. Purmort: "Here's something queer. You say this tooth has never been worked on before, but I find small flakes of gold on my instrument." Pitts Cmoaningj : "I think you have struck my back collar button." ' Lovette: "Comfy, Dear?" She: "Ummhummm." Lovette: "Sure you're happy here?" S-he: "Ummhummm." Lovette: "Then if you'll excuse me, I'll be running in. I must get a dance with Gene- vieve." 465 Needham Cat banquetl : "Have some more pudding, Snyder?" Hank: "Oh, just a mouthful." Needham: "Hey, waiter! Fill up Snyder's plate." 'TL Ferguson: "I would gladly die for you, but for one thing." She: "And what is that?" Ferguson: 'Tm afraid you couldn't stand the loss." -: .. 'er .. t' - -1, x -1 '-. as 'www 'Nl' 3 -1- 1-I' fi -1- N- lf 1-.'s,' . ii .x 1. N C- Q ' Q T V - 71. . i fE'Tr4.lwflflftffafw1.f:.'3ff1MllixTb-hiv l.4E:B..:v fi f ' NWT- f yy- mff . vrig! iff .f --,K t,,Y----nat :az xqfif Ji. K-41'-4-11,52 wi ,.-f,.Mi,.- A .ivy ,-,MM lvl. ,N .,, .ivy .,vH,, :ivy ,I,,,, - .Ny ,I th .I ..i:,.N ,. lilgicwibm umm ltfmfm hffafiffv ltflhswyfifiifus, 5N?'f.mif'lff7f.m. M'?fT5k mifwti rmuffri l'7'w,K4vCf5i, vf.,,'.f..fw'-wg ifwifflw- 5L3.s.11jxs1,5..,,.n'Ef- 'I' .Ai uw '11 .2 Qld. D lt' -Hi'-lv. ff ir- 'fn 'Lv-V' X 'WAX J EQ- w'l'l ' ,X W V ,- I . . "1 . 51 bl 55 c 'x S' I ill J .W U fb Y. V I IJ .dl .il 19 Ill: nl ul 11 1 f i 4 31 X P' 1 N , bl ' il 3, ,l Ulu 4: Trl all f . i X, V HV, ,, I fi I J 4 F mfs! Blkl P. an :.' WI QL P W2 ij ,pil The members of the Legenda Executive board and staff have been exposed to a volley of many brilliant remarks and wise cracks about the amount of money they must be 'making from the 1923 Legenda. One of the most brilliant was addressed to the Business Manager. It is: "You must be making a lot of money off the Legenda. I see you had a new pair of shoestrings for Easter." In order to disillusion the public we publish the following. Financial Statement of the 1923 Legenda ASSETS LIABILITIES OI'g'aI1lZ3.fl0I1 Tp 77.00 COVe1'S EE 250,00 Sale of Copies 877.50 Engraving 450.00 Advertising 937.00 Printing 1171.74 Cash received for running slams 47.00 Extra Photographic work to Bribes to keep out slams 200.00 make FaCU1'EY 100k WISE 65-00 Redemption of pictures of Sluts f01' llbel 43-00 friends of the Staff 26.00 Salary to Business Mgr. for Advertising Mgrsf aesthetic ideas .23 Cleaflmg UP Offlce -98 Cough syrup for Pitts after trying to sell Grohman an add .50 1 bottle of Peruna for Editor's nervous breakdown 1.00 Gold cuspidor and engraving for same 77.50 Reimbursement to Art Editor for loss of socializing at 10c per hour 50.00 Paid Saginaw Fire Dept. for keeping Pitts out of Editor's office 56.00 32164.73 32164.72 Total Assets 32164.73 H Total Liabilities 2164.72 Favorable Margin .01 The profit goes to the Student Relief Fund. . Note :-A requisition for half-soles for McGovern's shoes after advertising campaign was completed, was refused. Gfinf ff 1.1 ff -.1542 L' -wg Lf 1--1, uf ' 'I if V NM V 'WHA "Va J' U 'M 'Wu if . xx ., 5 . .1 .X .E J, ljul X il.. xl Z' J ,qxyl Hs., IJ ol, wiv..-Hr, 9 ,,vj,,! hikailli glylfilfg ff41Ull.lli'1'ef TPiNf.lfiU.3w lg4'p'lQA.j1fg4'lL'0'r.x5'A .fre at l.f2f'l'ff'5N'1l,'l"fh"i.-lk 1 49 Fr fr if 'J Y'fu.lfIf if lrir'-fr" if fri by Y - rm 1' -ap' 1' ' 'll' 1' f 1' xf K I f K f .- AQ, , 5,51 .T f 1 f in 2 fyfi.' K" L, , 1 C617 Y, V 'AJ I4 L flu? 'W I ,A 1 'J Y' ' I X 517, x mf, .ul UQ , 1' wf -'x'1"N f, 1 ' w Q' , 1,41 I WI J' 1 L,-1, xvfjmf uf" ' -"1 ff, x, . , , ,FU 3 , It ., UQ' 451 X X , , I f ,f xx", .r .'-f' f ' 'x- J WJ L 94' C ,LH ' 1 Y Y NE W su 4 xii 5 .51 I U 1 jgfpkq .A- X 4' U mi ' U fend-'N ng N1 ,L 56 1? UU .I V M f ,, , ' ' -if Vx!-1,1 , KQV ml gg: 1 a,:., e, L9-4 . ,XI 1933 'ft,4', , FQQQQ I , '71 HQ 'M' fr!" xi Q ' J JU 4 1, FV: H , EI. '- 4 sk! . ,, Y.5 I .' 'V xii fi-mx, 1.74, xl! ly , E 1 1,3 gjx Q ly fx', f ' . , ifw W: ,Vg I , 3 ,fy QQ? Lv In 4 4'f1 YQ' .f W J, N v-v 1, , K, 9441 . QYEJ v!! ,-.Y 1. flglj-JN N,l'l,.A Yfvmw l, Ui, X 5 ,gf '1 ,fl ' W .W ' gfj ML ,M 1 , Q ,xy H, , W ,HH ., , , ., . ,. . 1, ,Uv -. ' -,ff Q! 4 ff 11?-' ':' 4, if '.'!f4!i '1' 3 r m fwf 'w 'WffQ'77i ffwwrc wwf! Q1M7CQf,f'f',A fyfffzff 'Duff 4 ,TYQNUQB '3+ 'ff7f'i' 'rfb 42,-If -1. I I X M '-If V, -H Li fl' I, ,-A 1, A, f-, I-., A ,' t-. I ,'. ls ,. lay ,. ." -V. ,, ,'- lv , ,1,', , rug :iq Z- ,' C' 1- W, rl: , N , .x rr: ff: r V, ,.. E , . 5, ,, 'f , . C' , ,rg 5 ,FV , 'L n .4 X Y 5-,. N , "" 1 , 1 A r 'A , is r . a GC iii ,- I ' W. l ,K-, rf vm Mx U Rf.: uyvf Xgyfgx ' wx '.' 1.x ,' -1 Q 1-ygx .1 'f Y - ' 1,-V-'A-,. f5qAAl:f'xi QNXGQP X4 I A v .sh :T J 51' sz :X l EJ 'ga f - -W Q39 f uc . Lx-1 A 5 y K3 'iw 'I ,- 9 f , I ks 3 .K . M3 U K- 1 EY pvffyi X rf? ,, J U fl ff 5 ,ig , if Y sw 1 I-ii'j 'A W ' X + .. X W. , ,,, lf 452' My Exif' Qgiffil 3 V61 fu iff W g 'NA -X 'aw , ,, D frm f. 194, P 'A Aw 5. ,J 9 ,r , X ,. , 'JA 11 5, ,., ,' 9 f fr' W rf , K, 14 1 'W 9. , .Q- CP M 4 -A u- ,Sig :P '35, -'Tj 4 ' if - hx '- .39 Y, xl wx .I H x ,-1 , sf. , , A , ,H 5, ,,v. A , ,IX ,K ,H .X .7 ,lr -,sf ,I 1, af 4 f f w',1,fg,jfH,'ff'f f.':5'p.ff' -fm Mvvfg- tJv-,'5fJw,fgft'.v3- fffuqf ,e 1 . 1- 'f- , f- ,' ,' 1- ,flu 1. K ff, .1 17 KROLL'S SHOES 1070 Off to Students Compliments of FELDMANS Max E. Buettner UMBRELLAS HOSIERY GLOVES . Compliments of 416 Genesee Avenue Otto Buehler, Confectioner We offer a summer line of Arrowsmiths Dress and Sport Hats for good values in Carefully Planned Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Camisoles, Miss Louise Corsets, Brassieres 106 North Michigan Avenue 116 North Hamilton Street COMPLIMENTS OF FRUEH'S H f Fl A. D. Philippe me 0 Owen 514 Genesee Avenue SILK AND WOOL NECKWEAR BRENNER Sz BRENNER Sei 543 GF' i ,Pr kY.iJ 'Fr fill Af .Q J , 1,1 J' ffl 3 fi! pfjyx ff 2-52 rr ,., 'WHT n 2? ,E .3 121 I Y-iAJ , hir ,I LR 523 -' 2? 523 'Sei A .25 'Z' A ' Y JP! "'i"'1 ' Fr .-2, Qs -Q., - 4 fp, 23 Q3 .f Ag .QQ . 'fl' ,Qs ,ifx l ,il ,QP 'Fl 5:2 -P - 3 ,., ,Rl 4-X , it i ' 'rl' 1. ' A-.1 -. ' . ' "- . ' sexi - ' .. ' sux- -'-.lx-f K-,site S 'f if X C' if ll! 37 Eff? H ii 3 4-97214 ill T'-'SRP if ?-'Fkif if 1 NX! ilk' E E 2 E xv, li I rid' ,L I 77 f'15iE,- -mi ff? Vifsiflf ?:i'K l"fT"'Tfi"Tf -'TW'-"3'?fff i'f'T'+f" , Ealgfgllififirrri alllgtsrCfffisliifiilfifllff?53fli5ZlQ3f1iff1f?Efi.?H?Th'?1llET' XM 'll 'E K nip , g of Ui Mi r 5 E, To the Members of the Class of '23: Cliff I am taking this means of expressing my in- : ,el terest in you and in this year's Legenda. I hope fig it Will prove to be one of the best Legendas yet gg published and that for many years to come the ff" members of the Board of Editors, as well as iffy , each member of the class, may take just pride I -'v . . . Y A and find much pleasure in occasionally review- ing its pages with their many happy reminders of the days you have spent together as the Class i ' of '23, ,Q I also Wish to take advantage of this oppor- Qtr tunity--having "hired a hall," so to speak-to extend to each of you my cordial personal greet- zf' Qi, ings and sincere good Wishes for individual suc- cess and happiness as you go forth from Arthur Hill. I trust that each Will soon find that place gi: in life which you can fill with the greatest satis- ffl faction and credit to yourself and the greatest 1 benefit to your fellows. Good fortune attend 5 you! In the vvo1'ds frequently ascribed to old Rip Van Winkle-"May you live long and pros- W per!" -.- n 3 Sincerely your friend, WALLIS CRAIG SMITH, Qf President Board of Education. X53 ,f I bfi ri Uri IJ ke L Ni' lm A J ,gin l ofa it fnfffmlrf ee - -I 1 -os, 'A News ff-ws - m rf' H 1 f Gffml Ciff'Qj,1fj lfifgijfjififi is ll fu golf ,, X ' r- A. E. WILILAMS MAKER OF A Jersey Brand Ice Cream CREAMERY: TWO FIFTEEN NoRTH HAMILTON The Place to Buy Travelers ' Goods Wardrobe Trunks, General Purpose Trunks, Steamer Trunks, School Company Trunks, Suit Cases, Traveling Bags, Purses, Student Laundry Cases, Dog Collars and Harnesses, Dog Compliments of Jackson 81 Church Leads and Leather Goods B0ilermaker3 Machinists Prices Most Reasonable , We Make and Repair Founders SAGINAW - - MICHIGAN 415 Genesee Avenue Gases Bakery and Confectionery 404-406 West Genesee Avenue GOOD THINGS TO EAT Daddy 's Delight Bread Fine Pastries STETSON HATS BRENNER 8: BRENNER ff' K , U .A xr 's , fl, X "5 , N ay 1 I ' 4 w fq' 1 M. 2 gy. Af i DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT :il l Class Rings - Class Pins - Medals Commencement Invitations . Engraoea' Stationery LQ? K WARREN-KAHSE, Incorporated M 156 East Main Street Rochester, New York K1 Q., W, ' r 1 Q, l It 1,1 t l y Compliments of - l l T e Sagmaw ,W 1, Klux Q News- ourier , ft Paid Cfl'CIlltIfI'0ll Over 23,000 M3 and Growing Every Day iff: Oki rg V- rff 0 0 ol, , MICHAEL STERNS CLOTHES BRENNER 51 BPENNER ' f ,, 1 " Y v 7 'Y 'vw A p fa ' fQSNf'17 I ' fb Q .Mug l dhfvfffi I-D8 5. WASHINGTON AVE- All Ready Boys-Lets Go A new price policy at this Younzi Men's Novelty Shoe Store lets you buy the latest styles at moderate prices COONEY Sc SMITH lakers of Fine Furniture Next to Auditorilun 219-223 South Washington Ave. Telephone Riverside 651 There IS WILSON Equipment 5 :-'nge iw Q-Qfx-fm'-S' 4" ' L -1 , ,Q Quin .. for Lvery Sport hniytfkia, lfvery Artiolt' GUARAN'l'lC1'ZD to be Salisfavtory We Specialize in SXVEATICRS iffy x awarded to letter men Q if - ! I l -.E t 3' 2, F '-Q . . W1 X McGee-Finlav Hardware Co. 'fariff ""' 4513:-i f ? .Q tw- ,:il..7f, , 1 .U . . ' lools, Sporllng hoods, Lullcry t i s 615 G1f:N1as1f:11: .xvicxulc s.xo1xAw .., -wk, L -f ,eu ff ...I 1f.,e.'-:f.A, s-:r1'f-4" - Jw-'A N? wx COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF Brown 8a Ferguson John P. Sehueh PLUMBERS NEW SEMI-SOFT ARATEX COLLARS BRENNER K BRENNER .- X- , 'al a"w" 'ef'-il 5, Y fp-. Rv? jay? pfjgef 'fg,y1g,7 fg, ,,- F - L 'f-V11 'Q if iw: V K ?fFiQf2 Qi' - wwf' fj4l"'7' P 3' f'f'?F6iW" "f7' wvf' X04 my "TMJ Q JN! , , "Alf 00 W N I W iw V 4 pl xx, , f fm gg f- T' 1: iii? .iw ', , Q 1. IE? 'Q 1 UM 31? 11 TFT , fbbr, o ' .":'f,D1 ' IM Vifii? wo + Comphments of w4 ww cfm' Z7 ' im 'K Rw'Q' O MORLEY BRCTHER fg- ' 1 fm r ,. , Q3 15 'fl . mV . YI lL Athletic Cutfitters 6 - ff .9 1, ., Q 'Qi' ' ,V f 6 if wg, .,- K :tai 5, r. 15, .' qf ny- -I M 4 1 ' WWW 'iff rf 'iff ffrffwff-I Rf XS f f H ga 'nf 0' ,WVLQ Yifv' ,xfjf K 'Dui 154, 7 , My f Yfjfhif' A .A QS A 'ff' gprijq. pf , ff H55 V W V1 Jil? ii?-if I-, 7 f-"jj, S 'fx u 1 L ri Wifi J jf Ml? H2 1:-X .1 M ' K FQ I 'N ,fx-Y. fir' K mix rf !',f,,'f 4, f 1 931435 U U--lil- AK, 6,8 'F ' QQ W21'f' U Ljgij V E: -T fT','l S if 'Vigff ng fa Q 5, 13 'H Q27 A Lmrjw Q w ,M Xgg fr fi 5, I 'A Wy!! x I v X Mi-' ,U L, V W I E ,i wif ,Ri-yvwqgff ,ffffgm f ,Q esfgw'-2hfwgfmi-?f 1ssjLPN12q7fawj ' wgw.ff1E fg w,.:'f f wp' r f:f g,, .Q Mug 1 ,X 'f ,li ', iw --, ',!:',K,g, Mp 1,A4,f-,,- xc f, .s.J,A , Hxgvil- I- 445, AQ, ,1 X., 11,0 ,-Qjlffuy ',4.,.I 233329 ',:+1Ms fffizsffi? MM52Qis+.2f4f i?9fus+1syl?f Q1-img?,ce+1fa?iPS2f+MfQ4.zea5wg22S1+MQ? BRUNSWICK SEITNER BRCDTHERI DANCE RECCDRDI The Worlc:l's Best Dance Grchestras EVERYT HINO IVIUSICAL W. J . Davis Music l-louse 517 Court Street - West Side Saglnaw's Busiest ftcre Lowest - in - the - City Prices for "Quality" Merchandise Has Been Our Policy for 25 Years Every Dav of the Year in Every Department. "Buying Nlost We Buy for Lessg felling Nlost We fell for Less." Compliments of Tl-lE UNITED STATES ORAPI-llTE CGMPANY JAOINAW - - lVllCl-IIOAN NEW SEMI-SOFT ARATEX COLLARS ' s 'XL E' . . BRENNER Sz BRENNER 'Z' ' Y' Fsdilxx 41, " 4 , F Qi 'I vw TPC!" ' ,JW K . no I X J f"-1, iff QV , ,l 2: it W-V., E 'w X give, , , 71 ci JVM x w 0 C I if .ft-In Mm I ,Q 'wr up xx ef, F7 ,yan .5 QU I H M OW ifff f 3 rw K fi li' e.-M 1: 1, Q11 fluff rp vt- fr iiaeiiuxf 'A My 5 , ii' 1 'Nl gr it Cf 0' 5:55, IK up Eg ffef: W My 1169112 X 1 , U If Eu' W1 ' in ie JW: IL" 'HY Uwe" 1' X- wi VYII 07 ll li'iEQ fry Wifi: ' 1' di . 'wg J ii 1 Nil gy. iiifeiix ' Vpfx A wvx f My I' SQ?-'en ls' GSI! 'wx X. , '-51 JN VC! gf ,U IR We , , I ws -M.. 1, ff Ffixfsfdf Tis W f .f ,H ix' Y 3 A f H Best Wishes .IQSEPH FCRDNEY ITS RIGHT IF PIERSON SAYS ITS RIGHT Saginaw Publishing Company , fl- Chas. A. Pierson Prmters and Office Outfitters Jeweler . . . . D' d , W t h , Cl k Globe-Wernlcke F111ng Cablnets lemon Silvgvsalis Oc S and Supplies 127 NORTH FRANKLIN STREET R side 3737-W 408-410 HANCOCK STREET BREWER ARCADE Compliments of Saginaw Products ompan Dizfision of Genera! lllotors Corporcztiou STETSQN HATS BRENNER SL BRENNER 5 fn-ff ffmf ,, ,A rf- , ,'. ' 5, ,V , .f- . A PT?-U'tu ,W .. , X , mx- A ' wx f ' x 4 ,.,. A ,Q , ,,4i 'iwl' ,1 l F-XML dw ,AV My ,X ,,N,Vi, .lf .I 7, ig! ,I 4,,!,K,,!-4, if? - U :,k,,!f,,, if 47,5 ffrqifba Y qf, -11 rink: wha-ixkjfqrff w4p?'X,,f,'!fff'jQ Rgdllqffwilfi.,rQ'Y71xfX,4Vltf',x,fX4ffK?'G5vft,"fL,'54'Q. lt,-'fx'5,4fcf?xbgN4'tf,.LgNfQK'fi,!-N4 .1154 . 'Ly - . fi . HL j HW j -, 'Eva , uf Us , 'f- ,fp Us .ff JT ,-.T ,u Us ,JL Us , ,J 21- ,,,2Lu ff, flfj J 1 V. .- f v x . ffii coMPLiMi:x'1's , C0lI1DffHlL'llIfS of Ol' i, li E P RO 1:51512 fa 1 . . 4 Dr. Lrnil P. Richter 2 J., , 414 Court Street i hi T Work called for and delivered f f 244-Y S CWM Charles H. Krohn .mcos OSEROWSKY gf Electric Shoe Shop Boots and Shoes Shoes repaired while you wait Sffeet GCIIGSCC AVC. Lapeer AVC. Saginaw, Mich. 323 A Dark Reflection Rastus: "Dat baby of yours am de perfect L49 image of his daddy." Rlastusz "He shuah am. He am a reg'1ar C' K' Jost carbon copy." 'I' Groceries and Meats Teacher: Johnny, name a bird that is now ffl 9X'C1HC'C-H HOME MADE Specialties iff' -' -Johnny: "Our canary. The cat extincted RQ! hlm this m01'niUg-,, 507-511 North Bond Street fix! :Q. i Hank: "Dice looks sort of sour today." S'ewa""78 Burrows: "Yeah, just came up on the milk train." Q-pg B You want to see the e We od 41 ear , PARIS SHOP ffl W alk-Over s For your next Gown iS' ' OWEN S SHOE COMPANY our prices, Style and 322 Genesee Avenue Quality are Right Q! O . KAHN TAILORED CLOTHES BRENNER K BRENNER lf? gf i, Vbvl M in Z ' ,F i -wig -if y. lik 5 ix .k it 5 LX'51At' 1QTi.' 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Krogiinannis Sporting Goods Co. lg .1 15 C 1 IU? 111 -.1 1 lk 'WL 11 1 10 Baseball and Tennis Goods Fishing Tackle ' 212 North Hamilton Steet D unlapis Drug Store 1301 Court Street CARTERS UNDERWEAR BRENNER Sz B RENNER -J ' , V 1 fi 'f' 'jpg 1 1 f'f"1 1 31 .21 179 it 5121 1 1 11 1 fl 'ffl 1. fl 115351 JfZQ5- 'ii Lf? 1 J-- ,nl +- 125 1551 1' 'Til A-,JM '- 1221 ' 11 11 .11 14111. 1 'PLY ii,1'f'1' .I V163 1,511 1 1 H51 '3 X V, ff. .2 YV , 12 W1 1 my 'gif l.Lf.B31j 1,7 1'fH'1 1, 12.7114 51011 -:-"i., . 77- 1 VT 'N 1. 1 Ti 1 il 1 11 LF? is 'Xa' 5 1 'fill HIRD1 141 "fag U 12211 Rf V21 tiff L1 11. si 1 '1 C7 1332 Q Gif f K 1 f H1 .H 11' 1 . , QQQT1...-.1-,Gi :. uf, -1 g!EXQX',rf-Q 71,1-ff-,fn-1Ar'f1.i!ff-,'H1v'Lr- 'e-- W31:f,4Nf1,1V-'11'l.M,Q iff--A1 1 ,ijfiv 2lQX1.,1f'11i-51,2.1sx'w '-Q1 I gy XYYA' 'J,,i'1,gniV1j! "' 1- ,gi -1 X1 -' X N My'e.M1111:-..1ef211z1+.1f11'.11tX11.Fs1 it f .C ,if ' p V'-'mr fv' "-'Ark' ifz' -F' f :mf Q V, ,N f' UN 14-2 . SEARS PAPER CO Jobbers and Mfgr.9. Agents LOCATION PRICES GOODS Why Not Stop at The Handiest Place for Your SODAS AND SUNDAES 301-303-305 Hayden at Franklin sffeef Bancroft Drug CO Phone Riverside 1103 Saginaw, Michiga ' A . . Corner Genesee and Washington COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F OF Ramus Christensen Helfreehtas Machine Shop COMPLIMENTS OF Wilbur Bruclier COMPLIMENTS OF Clark Ring COM PLIM ENTS OF Huebner Supply Co. TRIOLET 's'D'S Her ruby red lips Offer nectar to me. I am thrilled as she tips Her ruby red lips Between passionate sips L, ,f 'i V J J Q. '1 , Q. 'dfifv ,,AJ em fd I 'YT T-J' fb-5? 24 f? N ul: '2 'Ts' C- Q , fs r R ig. ,gg -vr N 45? X , ,fi -- 1 if I 31: -L I, K Q? N ,-3, 'VT 2:5 I . - 1 ? -P - 1 Nr -Nt ,Q N-2. 1-1 ' X. v fp! ,F Qi And says, "Do have some tea." Sgzsziztgidtsnxt p ARROW COLLARS BRENNER 8: BRENNER 'yakfi 3.a,R,g wi. gf -Q. mfwia jwkj Y L' K . The Cover of The Nineteen Twenty Three Legencla is a Product of THE DAVID J. MOLLOY COMPANY Creators and Manufacturers of l-ligh School and College Annual Covers Twenty Eight Fifty S North Western Avenue CHICAGO, lLLlNOlf Showing a Complete Line of Nlarwinslae Ed Loehrich Pumps and PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTJ Oxfords FILIVIS DEVELOPED A. E. JOCl-lEN Your Shoe Man N th t C O 6 d J fl' FOUR TWENTY GENESEE AVENUE Hats of a Different Sort Distinctive Milliiieify 6255555252552 G The Home of Tifyste Guaranteed F imiizfiiife 120-130 North Franklin ASK FOR OUR HOME BEAUTIFYING JOURNAL THE . .IPPEL C0- SAGINAW WEST SIDE MICHIGAN BERG HATS FoR YOUNG MEN BRENNER SL BRENNER .vi 4, -f Dm .CTV- 'Y A Fi J.. W. A . . v "X f 1 ,U -i .N f . fi L ? Q 5 jg, fi 'N 'ii 1. r- ,1 1. Q 1-.2 ,i ie, ,U ie ' 'I ,' r ,',-.fu ,i,-.'1-, 1,-.'1e. f.:Ue.,.f,u 519' fe fjf. iff SOBEL 131205. are Lf. . . if YQ 3 Lathes' Specmlty Store ikf' fu Fire! Fireffn Yellerl Mike Ncffiuite 5,55 MJ HXWl1ere? XfN'here?" Asked Mrs. O'IIare ,ru if. 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W atson Nuffinge T F- .1 1 ' si f Y i Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat lame 01 In me :Egg f'V 'Fi , , c3Cw Gfdebfiel' Bulldlllg Standard Frarnes, Bud Vases and I Candle Sticks I gvyxrfxl. TRAVELLERS GOODS BRENNER S: BRENNER fff e x ' Hi ii' .' ' iw! iv ,jf io !',' "fviLQl K6 1' ""i551" i S L" wk' I h-1 ie' 'Q el- 1,1 if 'rx--r 'x' .' "' - eq. -e ef gl - Q. U- 5 4 -Rex., el- -3 4 -.pci .fit C1 Q f Y e - iffiie-+3M5s'9,M lliihieiwll Ef1e'HXQi-fetish it CTG-,Rei Skeet I,, ill .w V, I,1 ,Jn V. I I-, , 'N , I--HQ f 'Nl WU if 4' 'f 4121 lg I' lif t? TABLE WATER IH'-, M. G,p,j V All outdoors invites a KODAK Maffnetie S rinfi Water Com an lf? CLARK'S DRUG STORE R P I- P Y FQ? Albert W. Tausend, Propr. fm WEST GENESEE and MICHIGAN ll 'lil : IL A I ,ffl W GINGER ALE 59.3 'KMA I ,-,. ' Yifglf li T lkwf Q5 Ig! Hardware OfQu3my Ardern Floral Company 1555! iff, Frank Brothers Hardware 'W ,f - 1 If. 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W K5 'Ifaffw IIE, 1 WI Ili 'E I I Compliments of Saginaw Manufacturing Company Compliments of . Edwin W. Blackwell Strobel Brothers PQRTRAIT S T U D I o G E N E R A L Photographer 'MERCHANTS ,50 Legefzda 116 North Hamilton Street Stewart 1229-IV 503-509 South Michigan Avenue Phone Stewart 745 SAGINAW, WEST SIDE. MICH. MICHAEL STERNS CLOTHES BRENNER 82 BRENNER ..,,y,n . M, filfgsfm 355 'T f .3 ,Jx,w,.. my FU? i lm . ii , ,nf ,Y TU lf " 'fi lx 'lii Wifi til if T' ye My if gf'--rw to PM :T ff N levi we li 1 f . ii l?,llg 1'-A iff 4760 My l T Ji QFH7 1, 1 N 9245 fail ff 5,529 x ' I v ET' f Um if iq F." N- YV! , lf '1 M 1, mp. H: l JW .ffl rf 'vin ,N U fi f U ful! 4. 4 ff! 1-,A .F-L, 'A if , ' '71 wi 1: " ffri' xl, 'lv " :iff S .U MW f 4 ff ,M li il V7 I 1, ia. ll ' 55:1 17,9 g ia ,ry 0' T , ffl GM Fifi' Our Hats are Striliingly Attractive, Unusual For the Graduate- New Smart Strap Styles , White Kid and Varled Black Satin M. PESENECKER 416 Court Street B H U F F Aiijydeer Effcf Henry Rohson Fancy Groceries Fruits and Provisions OIL STATION 2330 South Michigan Phone Stewart 563-J STAR CARS DELIVERED PRICES Roadster 5450.00 Touring 5480.00 Coupe 5625.00 Sedan 5690.00 Brown - Rutherford M otor Sales Company Wolfarthis Betsy Ross Bread Phone Riverside 303 C. A. F. Dall We Fit the Feet FOUR FIFTEEN COURT STREET Compliments of Columbia Western Mills SHADE ROLLERS Compliments of J. Stanley Wallace BELTS OF CHARACTER BRENNER SL BRENNER limi www.-ei 5' l it ii l, A lv ..':." Ni- .1 1 PT IW 1- 1 1: 1' '? lx J. ul af' f HF C CD CDI DWYN A DRI TING C O MPANY -Y if Punters of The Legenda Q5 -xx PM ?7'1Fi Fw ?c'f"PF'9s 3359591 Bw H9331 PN WWW :K A A A X - - Wx 1 F A 1 fs A 'N 'S E i N K r QQ ' Q Ka f ,N 2 ' llgslw' K' lb-flflgs'-X-JT-9N54:- A5LA - ,-gmgyefgol ' 1 , FW As, -'I'wA Vi' 'olibjfw A , SFA ,Avi J ,J I ,N r 9 Li JK ff? in f E K 2 L' x ' IX F ff f 1 A l A 4 - , NJ J ff? f ' . 4 W .A 4 1 If . I I ff Q 'Y I I 9 1 1 5 'V 1 N f f - J . n H W '06 H 19"3lH 92,31 MPM ffw A W'3f'9s 3- X935 MERCER 85 COMPANY CLOTHING HATS and GENTS FURNISHINGS 209-2ll Genesee Ave., Saginaw THATCHER GARAGE AUTO REPAIRING Accessories, Tires, Gasoline and Oils Batteries Recharged i 2326 South Michigan Avenue Compliments of The Gonsolidated Goal Go. , Saginaw, Michigan Compliments of The Saginaw Milling Go. Saginaw, Michigan TRAVELLERS Goons BRENNER Sr BRENNER V' ' 1 IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHERE YOU BUY YOUR CLOTHES F alfmshlags, H als Shoes HEAVENRICH'S f JHINGS you need . ll for personal and Gmldudtzon home use. Bgglqg ana' Fashionable Apparel Cards al Prices Yea Are Glael 150 ef Pay :'+llTHE M. W.TANNER oo. ANDERSON? ON ARROW SHIRTS BREINNER 8 BRENNER HIGH CLASS PHOTO PLAYS New Wolverine " U'c.w! SflT?'.Y Fines! T'lIl'l1ffL'U "OUR TRUE INTENT IS ALI, FOR YOUR IIELIGHT " Wall Paper, Window Shades and Paints EDWARD S. WILLIAMS 110 Soullz Hamillou lVz'sl Sidc Szfudefzts 0fA. H. H. S.- Ill' illulrv Your I'1dflll'f5, Clollzvs U'l1y No! Yours 29 .I. A. HUFF Toifor and Importcr 118 North Hamilton Street To Your llIlTTZ'I't1'lltlT zllmsure. 8.35.00 U'f7ZQYzlI't1'x TRY OUR FOUNTAIN FOR QUALITY, SERVICE Dengler's Drug Stores H 6lIlTOlllll'fCl'S for Comoros, Films, and Camera S upplics 1001 GRATIOT 1421 SOUTH MICHIGAN Sunshine Flowers Flowers for All Occasions 416 WEST GENESEE AVENUE The Neighborhood Drug' Store DON PAYN E Druggist Kodaks-Cigars-Soda PHONE RIVERSIDE 138 2328 North Michigan Ave. Saginaw, W. S., Michigan THIS NE W WEST SIDE STORE EXTENDS ITS CONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE GRADUA TING M'ElllBERS OF Arthur Hill- Class 1923 Always ul Your Scrriirc A. E. Ensminger SL Co. DEPARTMENT STORE Hamilton at Hancock West Side WE GIVE SSL H GREEN TRADING STAMPS M. Hart: "You're getting to he quite a student, lately aren't you, You spend so much of your time at the library." H. Doering: "Oh, it's no't that. You se I've been lonely and like to listen in on th conversations. ' cf! The Piggy Wiggly Girls CJ. I. PJ Tlhe have the goods, but won't deliver. 9 9 Y B. V. D. UNION SUITS BRENNER 8L BRENN ER I . ,in-4 ' -'75, H' SAGINAW ABSTRACT COMPANY HILL BUILDING REAL ESTATE, MORTGAGE LOANS CONVEYANCING COMPLETE ABSTRACTS OF TITLE AND TAX HISTORIES FURNISHED TO ALL LANDS IN SAGINAW COUNTY 116 S. JEFFERSON SAGINAW. MICH. ASK FOR SAGINAW MADE GOODS OPPORTUNITY MANUFACTURING CO. MANUFACTURERS OF CASKETS AND FUNERAL SUPPLIES 802-804 SOUTH HAMILTON STREET MARTIN KESSEL 2340 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE PHARMACIST COURT STREET SHOE SHINING RAR L O R JAMES CLARK 414 COURT STREET COMPLIMENTS OF THE FORDNEY HOTEL BARBER SHOP FRED SEDGEMAN PROPRIETOR COMPLIMENTS OF UNION ABSTRACT COMPANY S. B. BORLAND, MANAGER MERRILL BUILDING SAGINAW, MICHIGAN COM LIMENTS OF LOEFFLER BROTHERS zoos NORTH MICHIGAN LLEWELLYN BROTHERS TIRE SERVICE COMPANY 223 N. HAMILTON STEWART 854-M TOM WYESPORT COATS BRENNER 8: BRENNER ,A . i T! 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'Q-E il T E iiffff ffollier Engraving Company-the universal ,Z U ix nff.f use 2 3 - 5 g esceexminw icht eirartand plates are held is X, 4732 5 E 'fgf':. 5 by the large national advertisers-and the f'-,Q,',v ' 'X A V ,I gy -1 E E vi enviable reputation'for prompt deliveries 3 JZ. '.,'5,1,l542g?iI2 ,' f ja' 1, 3' 5 E V'?1l'i which they enjoy. gig f' In K Q -I ,1 23 ,H gag., E : 1 ,, -y. - x, M2315-K ",.fw.:z 5 , I 'I 1, I, '. E E fflifili The mission of all advertising illustrations E I ' I' ,vc lj, 'JMX f5,g6r"T 1:59 22' t , ff, I-- ffl e : H-,alt . fpfgf 1 "iffy ,U hh' f'1': . 'E 4 'l, w -l , E' ff-Q gl is to produce sale: and che growth of this S Q! , fj ffii all th.. 5 ,L , I jaw JM. wi 5 'gl firm has been measured by the success its 'fx fiijijil, 1, 1 C, 5 ,V1g9kifj.f"lQi" ,gf - E ,K customers have had in obtaining new busi- E Ni, ii, iz:??fiif792f ,gli V H1521 I' 'tgz E 5 T ness thru using"j6lO picture sa esmen." A f .75 lt., iffy? -Zi.. gh W af, f 1"-- E 5 0: J- E 32251 a :QMCQ 1 rf! f , , -X521 si' 1-:iff 7'.'1:.: l ,'- ' S E ff g - Thirty thousand square feet of floor space E -'iffy 1, 1 "T-i ' 'lf ' ,fu E E E Q4 floorsj and over two hundred and fifty 2.5, jVff5ffF'f9:gZ,Qgg A ',,f Q E E ,gifj g skilled em loyees are required to meet the 2 flf 'iff 'mj,. 'ii , , MV! E v Phofogfaphe.-f"', sms and 2 E 3 W photo engraving fone complete oor iscle- E 543' ffef1gQfgff :5f,j, 1 'vjy rfyl iz 5 - , -- u f, , 2 ,fx 5- - ,:, It , ,,3a1j'yg-g1ag,.+,1,-- 62,1 1 ,.' ,' - 5 voted to color process workl. , il- , MEAN 11582 f , ff , ,gr J. 1 1 5-g':11.i,535,3:i-Af,W .V Vi, , , , V , ' . . ,1.- 1- ., V H"' ' .ff 221 1' 51115,-:1'11,i,fa4-Z':4 1 '2. - 5 ' lQi,,. 1 Intelligent supervision of all work by many ' AL' 'f-Mane-V 97 ff, .I ll ' il E f-,'J', 2 skillfu office service men eliminates your -Eflfv-E gingtgmjql Ag . Q, , 4 " ',Q,.' E ff :flil g troubles. Sales service men .vent everywhere. f gig ' L ili If-'F , E' ,za N E "' fqf, 43511 , , i' --l A F, ? i JAHN and QQHQLHEBE lENgRAVlNG m XZ, fl I I ZLL-.-L4-i5' X?g: V ,I V V '3 .3 1 .152 aflc rims lreet 2 1- 57,11 A,'ii,i"f 'g,',5gEf Q52 , -' g if' w ' . E CHICAGO alegsfflfi - 'FH' li'.-,E-!,"f' ii' " Elf' -I - "Q li: gunman mmm :MN me HHIIH? 535' if ' fi, l"51 -Q5':?5':fs lIl1 mu l :ss if: 63421- Inf' 4" ' 'W-f?3f1, A ' l ' iffjfj-7ff5'ifffi"::' I IIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ill Ai 'ivigiaffg Jqg, -Wi :-r-'- 'ff E - S j j as 5 : f ,C '- 1, g.. 4' .fp ' f L"--fb 'g f f ' 'fp f, ,,--14 u ' is E ' f,.v,, . 2 14-ff' ,ff " ' .-:T-,:::'."' " fflf ' 1 P ' 4' ' ff, .1 'twig' 12 ,f'd:l:lznz6Q1S' 2f"'ff"ff"7f'l? J ' fa: 1-ifzl W 1 .Nfl -'if !'f2f51"'l 'H yxrfff ffyty - a f H ' ,fyf yziw N4 v f. ' ztffifiizfqfhm 2.-,tr 4K ff V Q22 "ff VX f'?f' +-- ' 1' 7'1,,.1-1+- Yu fray? ff yi? , Z7 M' j i 0, 'QL , f' f ' ' ' . 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EEE GENESEE Distfibufofs of 202-208 NORTH HAMILTON , . -10hn5f0'l 5 Fuzfmzfure, Rugs, Stoves Chocolates Phonogyapfzs Lumber-Lath-Shingles-Coal-Coke-Wood-Builder's Supplies Genesee Coal Company Coal that burns, backed by an Organization whose Watchword is "Service, And Whose constant effort will be to Live up to the "Square Deal." YARDS : EAST WEST NORTH SOUTH KAHN TAILORED CLOTHES BRENNER 8: BRENNER .E A E.: ,E A -EE' - E, -E ' g.L Ev' YE ' E , " EE . ' EE, 'E EE' E' Y, . -E, x., ' ix E EE- N EEE N EEE EE l' ,E 7- ' ., g 2 'K1uf f " "Lili ,J V'H:ak,1 TAKE? Nga iX,, ' EE- X4 E'-4 jx, EL s yin Exit aff 'LL' JU 22,3513 ll'-A 'ly' gy mfr! -I- liff-J ll gf! lf lf? - 'll lf 4 l 1 ,kt 1 11. Wi- -r .M "zu H f Q S . gm ll l Mull: ll ggi! 'if li-flu QQ ill ., , W5 ,lf "J Qfl ' nfl' may lif? LL fl W fi Jil K7 ad, - -1: fy' 'rl W ,ww jff UIQ X la rw l fy -rl X my Ill es filly, I L' jffl ll ,ifii .ual li'i,,.Jlj 1, v- 'LU WW Q we ,ll - if lgcuiillll li ll Fw' fy 0' f.P7ll5 .5,. ,Q Mill Ulf' lllffl jlffl, V' sill 1- lfl I is L w Wil- l V my Q l fb, 1 X El ,dll U " -gl! ll' ilwl 3- -1 Milli LJ ery ll X f V Nh llgelvw, up ll fy new ll' r-PM V llglili' my ill sill 1 fihklyax ll -tl A J, , 6-ills if .5 .' rl It 1L.l'+1K L ill. rv, EW ,V ll ' its gf ll 982 .l1- U. ,',- , K Compliments Of F. M. Pohlinan CHOICE GROCERIES Compliments Of G a l a rn o Construction Co. Compliments Of R. K. Rosseguie Compliments Of Staffold Brothers FARM LANDS H. S. Siebel JEWELER B ookbin cl ers For Artlxur Hill High School F. C. BUSCH Frank J. Williams DRIlGGIST Corner Hancock and lNIichig5,nn Avcnu Sapiinaw, Bfirwlligzlll Standing Up for a Rest fm. is The street car was crowded. At one stop it took on another Dassenger. She was a young, pretty girl and wore a trim sport suit. Up jumped a young man and with a polite bow said to the miss, "Won't you have this seat?" "No, thank you," replied the young lady, "I have be-en sitting down all afternoon -I've been skating." ROCKI NCHAIR UNDERWEAR ,fhfiirf ,W Lf X, vm NL .1 f NN' My 2- lx lvl xl 'Q-l,,,Yl',ll-x'f'Q5l ll- ,'f:Qllf1!34 ll7X,Lw'liY:tlll' ft' 1 uf f.Lllf'1Vj.3 H aff-it 33,1 11 4.7 '.-wk." A "J '..,l r Xxx-' LW L 1 'J' ' ' ' ' I M W BRENNER 8x BRENNER Party Goods Decorations Stationery Monograms Calling Cards Invitations FOR EVERY OCCASION THE M. C. GOOSEN ENGRAVING CO. 118 North Franklin Street t i as When you Think of FLOWERS Think of j SAGINAW'S TELEGRAPH FLORIST,' CARPETS-RUGS LINOLEUMS-DRAPERIES Extensive Assortments of choicest Merchan- dise at moderate prices always ADOLPH FOX Compliments of Cable Piano Company 115 North Franklin Telephone-Federal 1025-W MEN'S SUITS C 1, CLEANED omp lments of and PRESSED 81.25 Beach 8s Davis , , Amerlcan Dry Cleaning Co. Riverside 2220 S15 E. GENESEE SEALPACKERCHIEF HANDKERCHIEFS BRENNER gf BRENNER ' -, , rbi H. ' ' ' ' z . s .. , T2 c x ,x X is . A R N LL ,xg-.-D sq-A X. I K., x . an R. mv.. - t L IV' 1 I I 71 lf? fu ? ? A t 26,53 " K A 0 A A ii W 'Y lvfl ""' Compliments of Wifi ' Humphrey AUtOm3t1C Gas Water Heaters 'Hui o u ip, Hot Water and Lots of lt All The Tlme Phone-RIVERSIDE 4460 LM B E R K. A Compliments of Better Shoe Repairing F. D. BLOCK 4 ,'A nuns JEWELER 1 A I A rl llllffl 103 Lapeer 106 North Hamilton Street SAGINAW HARDWARE CO. Headquarters for will D at M Base Ball I "The Football and Lucky Dog gig' Tennis Supplies p0'70k,ligqS5S, Kind" 200-210 South Hamilton Street Compliments of lpn The American State Bank Clif 5551 :THE BANK THAT PAYS FOUR PER CENI tiff 418 Genesee Avenue 124 North Hamilton Street riff The Allington 81 Curtis. Mfg. Company ego! INCORPORATED 1888 Dust and Shavings Collecting Systems Positive Long Distance Conveying Systems SAGINAW, MICH. BOSTON, MASS. t JM L. ggjit VAN HEUSEN COLLARS BRENNER 32 BRENNER ' I J J, ,, 'iff --f- - - . W Y ..., .,r 4, ,,fe'e,'f,-II V., 1-.,: N.: ' I, .Q , ,L f 1 l I, I I , .I I. ,vm fs If It -,. . I t. ,y It . . M Q 'U flu ' ' tI"'m ,' 'rims l N flu l f I' Xl W1 ' ,A lf 11 ,ff N I, 'u ' ,I H , I' .I I' I V1 -, '.t-1, , , , ,' , .1 ' ,I ,ir l 31 g f .wr 3,1 up ,. , 02" :J lulkzj WLNIAQI 'W 'YQ l'g If ifllfkij ik Ill, bll,"".Jfj I3,l',ll"'l.i1 .NN br All it ill ,lxlffs Q 'I'flX""xj,j Kg J ilgxp Qlxmwlt ix L f lr' KJ .N , '1- L-U il - "' IL. :I 1 pf, ., I, -'74' pl, ,ff .wrt Hi" ww. pf III' :If A-Hts ' :WL ' 'I' ,,' ' ' ,VX ',l ,Xf ',0 K' ',,' 'f' 'A' ,sf ' ri! ', 4 f flri f f Fwffzfja Q-wcf"w,T-1if"1a'Qfc'.f'N rf?-,Q ' 'N Jia? r'Pf'Qf 1' . f . ,Y 1 . ,Y . Y Y 4 . , . , , , , .- , .- ,A 1 J 9 , gl Consumers Power Company fy '2 GAS AND ELECTRICILIY I .J At Your Service Twenty-Four Hours a Day 4,3 W. CASE, Undertaker ff Auto Ambulance Service nv TELEPHONE: Stewart 48 413 Adams Street ' -5 Q- R! no ATHENIAN SWEET sHoP Cafeteria - Candies e' Butter Kist Pop Corn Sweets for the Sweets A. VALASSIS BRQS., Proprietors -J THE AMAZQN SWEETS S. CONFECTIONERY STORE in Saginaw if -4 Riverside 1400 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN 314 Genesee Avenue Q BRIGHTON CARSBAD SLEEPING WEAR BRENNER 8: BRENNER l k' V Ni-1 xmxwig N-,Hu-I flu lfiuiw-, xwthm, MRA -. ilqm -guy. -gg -,x'L,'-, ,- I 0 at I M' " 'I"t"',Rei1fffifkmuksgfi5"5mfR,4fJfjzgfkyfr.'f11vk,',. TwSakIX,u?- I fr The Leading ,A- X .Q lil, ,- tier Q- ei? filiwrp' " "Vt 4 A J M li I' 4 fa 116' ae! . dm lf Q72 , 'fjff Lee .1 WS 'f 1 U1 1' " It lf' P' fl x- .fl ll' , wx , , lf :I ' A ', 11 -fs yy J .I, D -T 7 bi 1350? E9 3 tl' 1- 'J ig EIL: If fl . M x L1 WAI :A lil 0 1 w 4 fl' ffm, Wil' iff Ff f rc H ,ILA l w'- x W, f, 'l 1 , r MT! Ei: tl fn X, if ,LJ I 'Taj 951.13 .1 N , . J 'gm .L . , I . V1 1 'lfffm tw ,V- we JA, C, y,,.,. 1.4. , Q: llc, " dvi' tizfwflll 4 fr 1'4" Lf 1 A JW: 11 jo Q95 Y , IVIW 's. Ul bj M W ' --we ' K ,, U". L '. I 'flwiifff' Q r ' Will W g Hart Schaffner 8tMarx Clothes y You Will Find Both Style and Quality in the Clothes Sold by Us Because They Are Made by HART SCHAFFNER 8: MARX for BAUER BROTHERS Second National Bank Capital S1,000,000.00 Surplus S1,000,000.00 TWO OFFICES 110 North Washington Avenue 115 North Hamilton Street A CITY WORTH LIVING IN IS A CITY WORTH LIVING FOR NSATURE gives cities opportuni- Lg ties, hut it takes the ambition, IT the energy and the Vision ot men and Women to make them great. The Board of Commerce is the greatest inediurn through which you x can serve your city. SAGINAW BOARD OF COMMERCE SILK HOSE BRENNER SL BRENNER f '1.- F' ' .. , 4 1, 1 Qggkati-J1,.,.g4i aku A ly Y' lolwf- JN " j M I lA,' ll N! 1 V W I x L ,,,,'.',-ll v lil , . , iv' -.f' 'fp' -gf ff 'V fm' "fi 'J 'f 'if wg-an 'ff 4, vu fffrff 731, 5173 75-1fq",', fm WKX 0115, 1575, 'tffg CX., ftf,f1,f5-.4 'QKHBN 1 ni l dy, 11 . l 11 , 1 11 , 1 tl 1 , 1, , 1 5 " OUTFITTER " W. C. BRATER Clothing and Furnishings We make suits to your measure with TWO pair of pants, all wool, from 327.00 and up 413 Court Street O. K. FLOUR Every Sack Guaranteed Brand 81 Hardin Milling Co. B. A. WRIGHT Manufacturing Pharmacist " Where Quality Counts " Cor. Clinton and Bond Sts. Phone Riverside 900 Compliments of Smith Plating Works 600 Gratiot Ave. Phone Stewart-17 An Irish friend of mine Will little Water drink: He says he has a flannel mouth and Water makes him shrink. 'iff Freshman fdining for first time at Schuchs, pointing to French Wordj "I'll have some of that, please." Waiter: "Sorry sir, but the orchestra is playing that now." Compliments of Wm. A. Schmeck DRUGS West Genesee and Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend Dr. W. R. Purmort DENTIST Suite 10-11 Merrill Bldg. Phone Stewart 1272 4,555 2145 f., J 4 :' '5 fl if ,iffy .ff ,fgr if ea A-AJ f Vx :Ji 23? fl! ,f ,gf-K Jay jd 1 , ,,7, 'YI 2-QQ .dy 5- lf Cm .M N A Q-2.2 f-X?-4 fi .ARZ A .fpy ,NJC 'T M5215 V- V .g, ,nr fp! .5- . 'il 1: :Qi .J fi fl ces, ,f-xfs SILK AND WOCL NECKWEAR BRENNER 8: BRENNER if , .I tllxxvx'-.I ,Y N.-f W 12 .Qt U . . 5 ,Q .,k -N ., ggi c----,,f..c-e. , -, ., .2 ., , v .-' . h . , v ' I 'H kgs .L 4 . - at 1. In " Hn xjx, MW' avr' bw bf "" i' Y-sjqyff' "uf 31'nIff" 'IvL1LfX,Iffx 'IY,"f1A:-'Iii "rift -1 wif- A, f- V A-1 I , -,ygf -I 'aw 'Iff5Z'?v3:2JWmI'NM 'M UW fffwffffh 1 N N, If K ls H 1. I ,I I ff YL . lx,I I .LI , . 1 LULV, ,g1iIm.,,E,I,m,'21f-L ,-,LII in ,Its A-fL1'a..,,I,ru ffm ,UI , , ,,,'. IL -, , - rf I I 'HERE is nothing in a woman's wardrobe that gives the comfort or pleasure, or satisfaction that a fur coat gives, there is nothing so elegant or luxurious that is still so practical. .v Iv v, 5 H12 THE UPPERMANN FUR COMPANY Makers of FURS OF QUALITY I' Chokers 34.00 up Cold Storage for Furs IQ l c Saginaw Ice and Coal Co. Hard and Soft Coal, Pocahontas, Coke lg gi Hard and Soft Wood, Pure Lake Ice M75-I Ik Saginaw's Finest Ladies' Apparel Shop ITT E112 Qljilmlrneg ann. JQ,,,. IF," Michigan Avenue at Hancock West Side I ",p gi THE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY IX, JOBBERS AND DISTRIBUTORS 218-222 JANES AVENUE I if SAGINAW, ' MICHIGAN 'I 'Iii SEI L, , O O I 0 Inks Young Men s Christian Association A REAL CLUB FOR YOUNG MEN II,-I Something doing all the time SPECIAL SUMMER MEMBERSHIP 5 'J I JoIN THE Y NOW lcf . KAHN TAILOPED CLOTHES BRENNER KL BRENNER ,X f' T3 'w"VffIfI" fiCf"7'?IfY2"'i"" TIC"-i UAT 'iI'P"x' 12"-'ffl " -'V ' 'FII V W :fm-1'f "' ' ' ' , " f Y ,V , ,. ,N M , Q XI -5 , X, H. f ,np X 'nl ,I I, mu .,, up ,JI gl un , I-1 I V, W l. fp. he, 4, IAQ Ifgfffx fx' I,-., fl4,1Q.kf--E ,'bV4Af.- 1,f,,I7ywf-5 .uyffl - '-1,4 mx. I I.,-I 1' ' 4 :Pxiilli 1' -AI'I'ff-ib9,I.fTI57I'i-Isl'-fg -'I ' " " ' "' " ' P ' ' ' G. E. Palmer Company ENGRAVERS TO THE CLASS OF '23 The Store of Friendly Service USE A CORONA TYPEWRITER The Ideal Machine for Home and Traveling Fold it up, Take it With You, Typewrite Anywhere THE H. B. ARNOLD COMPANY Stationers and Office Outfitters 122 North F nklin Street SAGINAVV, MICHIGAN LOUIS M. KLEEKAMP Dealer in Fresh, Smoked and Salted Meats TELEPHONE STEVVART 934-VV 23-1-1 S uth Michigan Avenu TOP COATS OF DISTINCTION BRENNER 8: BRENNER , i-,Q '. I, , jx X- -N 2 I 'iii x, V xv, -Vf. --,V -11111uX1,. 1 -11v1lA if-1111-V-X 1 ' 1-gf .-,' if-1 . 111-2, N,-,'1p1,' Wg-, "f1, , 4 1zf,,34,1mk11i7gk,iA,:,1lm!1.11fu 111 ,JMMR ,X 1' Wi 1 1 1x 1 Ci?1'1 S 1 lx 1 X 1 I ll 111 'Y ' ,Jim 1' I K .Ig UW 1 U1 1 1 qjgllj 11 191 14m 11 5 1 1 ' '01 SIL' 1 -1 1+ ,.,,,,0 , l. 55 I X 1-511 ' i"'1 1 -.1 714,11 1' 1. -1 -1 ,- Nw Bastian Brothers 81 Co. Printers, Binders Embossers Saginaw - Michigan SAVE 3510.00 SAVE 8510.00 lVIII.TON'S CLOTHES SUITS, OVERCOATS 128-130 SOUTH WAS1-HNGTON AVENUE The Last Leg American Paper Box Co. of the journey of M"'XZ'i?ff5"J' of 'P Wall Paper "from the wood Ofm S to the wall" is from Wood's 'pi Store to your TfVall PAPER BOXES FRANK F. WNGOD 000-010 Hancock 01. 116 North Michigan Avenue J' H' STARK WM' NAGEL li lir Electric Appliances Qi Thor Washers Fred A. 1 Thor Ironing Machines sa Electric Sweeper Vac e and Fanc M Radio Equipment Stapl , y if and Groceries gm, Conplete Sets gf? 808 E' GENESEE 200 N. Granger Stewart 141 1' A, B, RIVERSIDE 1072 VY. 1-11 1111 1,1 5 1 ,. 11-,MX 5.11, MN 1 1 f. 1, 11 1 of 1127. 1 J-. , Ei. ,Ya J1 1, 5 ,wlbll if My K 5 11 2411 N" -1 1 W 1 ,V1 111, ff, V154 jg J, 4' 1".i1:1'1. .117 111 J. W. GRANT Fine Watches and Diamonds Corner Genesee and Washington From the Frying Pan Into the Fire ,Q lt was during an informal dance at the summer hotel. Mr. Fauxpas, who was one of onlookers, turned to the stranger by his side and asked: "Who is the disagreeable-looking girl bv the piano?" 4'Why, that's my sister." "Pardon me. I mean the one next to hei SHIRTS VVITH ATTACHED COLLARS 11' ' 711 -11 'E 11. ff -1' "f2,'1.' L' '-1 'w . 71 1G11-4 1114 .1 11mgjt..'1',,11f.1,1, 14. 1,-1l,mwA . p,j1f,tQ .X w1,,111 KR 41.1, 7,1 ,ft .11 --11,1,,,11 ., ,14 Y 1.54 . ,J 11 Y U, ,-4110... !5fy-11'1.. .11 BRENNER SL BRENNER ' if . "'.',"N Nf' Helpfulness This Bank is a semi-public institution, organized to be 5. iource of helpfulness to the people of this com- munity just as truly as a means of profit to its stock- holders. We are here to grow and to help the people grow. We are here to co-operate with all enterprising citi- zens towards furthering the progress of this town and the welfare of its people. We seek an opportunity to help you and every indi- vidual in this community towards further financial progress. On the above basis we welcome your patronage. ank of Saginaw Member Federal Reserve System Capital and Surplus S 1,500,000.00 Resources S20,000,000.00 PARIS GARTERS BRENNER 8. BRENINER ,V Nfuf -.., 1, -V ' Ii , .Ll N f ,l K , X V' A 5 in vt .N wa X. Q -.thi N 1 six wx 1 Q X ,u .' 1 .g K. 1 , 1, 1 1 . .a yy , .. ,, ,, , . ., - , - t l 1--. U 1 M F eF,!1 'y1:,..' , 'L K -4, g H 'ff ,-3, I I l -A 4a A 1 1 W- 1 I Y 1 1 est' .1--t l 1- K -.'.,1 ""' 6 , 1 x ' ' 5 4 61 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 , 1 , 1 :if f.1- I . 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Suggestions in the Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) collection:

Arthur Hill High School - Legenda Yearbook (Saginaw, MI) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


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