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j 1 1 1 i 5 5 £. 5 1 ' - r P ir-- ,. y n wc. V- J ' ' MlWlVt ' - ' ■=T ij —v ■ Ot . i l((_ AlAiy V 4 Th ' t? ' ' V n.- ' .S-. Mi V ' Z; . -1 .,:z ' -■ ) -i .«1 ; O, • " fej. U 7 ' ' ■ f - - ' A A AJ " A -e dii n ■o-c •■ . JV0(y f lii} l rt a a au ouwci Jl umJi O rxcl laa a, m C yxML hUU M ' : x .. i i yO nci J:6i - m - ' . H i bll y(- St: - fe , . J X -iyU iliyL{_ . % i€ , 5 M r ? -t Y VI t Ano de Oro «? ' Volume 33, 1987-1988 Always and Forever Artesia High School 12108 East Del Amo Boulevard hakewoodj California 90115 Advisor: Brian Kamper Editor: Phil Rudulph Co-editor: Jennifer Martellucci Photographic Editor: Mark Uyemura Copy Editor: Jacqueline Morrison Nicole Cunstance Jaqi Fondren Kimberly Hall Marie Martinez Matthew Smith Jennifer Wilt 1987-1988 Staff 1 Franchesca Cox Abilene Gonzaga Nekka Larkins Christina Rasmussen Mike Velasquez 1 Table of Contents . |» Pages 46-97 Staff Pages 1 7-30 4 Organizations Pages 98-133 Closing Pages 216-221 Pages 134-195 Support Pages 222-239 Index Pages 240-253 2 I Table of Contents Always and Forever Ki -- - ' •rcAw Clockwise: Debbie Hahn, Cassandra Vaca and Vic- toria Meraz enjoying their chips, sodas, and burntos. Gerardo Castallano saying, " You better not take a pic- ture. " Mark Young giving us his best smile. Lisa Westphal is eating white Karen Oiler desperately searches for her favorite pen. Ana Saladngas taking a break from studying. Walter Richie walks Yvette RUey to her English class. Some things are " Always and Forever " . It may not be something we can touch or hold, but something we feel or remember. Memories will linger with us forever. Some are good and some are bad, some of home and some of school. Memories of high school should be cherished forever. Remember our first day of school and how nervous we felt.- " It was a new school, new teachers, and new friends. We walked from the 100 building to the 200 building wondering, " Why are we here. ' ' " As the weeks rolled on we made good close friends that were always there when we needed them. They were someone to talk with about those classes we couldn ' t stand, a shoulder to cry on: They were friends when times were tough. Do you remember our first love and how our hearts were poun- ding as we approached that special someone and the relief you felt when they smilcdf ' Didn ' t those smiles make us feel great. ' ! Remember all those agonizing practices we went to when we went out for sports. ' We wondered how we survived it all. The thrill we felt as we spiked that volleyball, made that interception, hit that homerun, or caught that ball. Sports gave us the pride that united Artesia. As we leave Artesia High School, we must not think of it as a place where we did nothing but work, but a place that taught us lessons that will last ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Opening 3 Always And Forever . . . Arte si a Everyone always telJs you that there will be a time in the future when you ' ll be able to actually use all of those things that they ' ve been teaching you all of these years. But what exactly are those " things " ? Will it be an algebraic equation or maybe a few punctuation rules? It could be a famous name or a date in history. You ' ll probably be lucky if you even remember what algebra is! Those things that you ' ll remember will be the time you fell in the mud in the quad and everyone laughed at you and when a seagull left its own special kiss on a friend ' s arm. The only thing you ' ll remember about homework is the time you spent doing it. Each Artesian, as they leave, does not leave alone. You take with you memories of times that were sometimes the absolute best and sometimes the worst imaginable. But even the bad times are special, for they will remind you of people who held us when we cried and who made everything brighter. You ' ll recall certain teachers who taught you more than just what goes at the end of a sentence and all those who cared especially about you. As tacky and corny as it may sound, these are the times to cherish, for they are gone before we can even begin to understand them. Keep the memories, because nothing dies as long as it is remembered. Because of this, Artesia and all that it represents, the past, present, and future, will remain alive . . . Always and Forever. Janet Tongsuthi tool? Uf ' Cf ' 1 " U „ , ,;i WW " jluei :te ' - ' i» ' Clockwise, pages 4 and 5: Shawn Stanton thinks he ' s bad, but the rest of us know the truth. During the homecoming rally, Tracy Haun shows what it takes to be enthusiastic, award winning sophomore. Jeff Fuller is obviously disgusted with cafeteria food. Jacqueline Morrison, Carol Martinez, Monica Martinez, Rosa Mesa, and Belinda MoUetti show off their shapely, sexy legs. Friends forever, a group of Artesia ' s very best, hanging out in senior square. Weenan Ching praying for an A on the History test that he studied hours to pass. Jimmy Kim is sick of school. J atone Bartee and a couple of othet confused students during the 5.9 ear- thquake on Onobet 1 , No shoes required?! The view the varsiry football team sees as it takes the field to start the game. To be Number One takes skill, encouragement, and support. Mr. Paul Gilbert getting ready to teach third period all they ever needed to know about the reproduaive cycle of the sponge. 4 I Opening opening 3 ' special Memories We ail Know that Artesia High is a great place to be. We will always remember special things that happened, like . . . We had a Sock Hop this year and it was fun. Our Varsity football team is a special memory, also, after a great season. We had a super year and we know that the team will never forget ringing the Victory Bell after every win. Another funny thing about this year was all the food. There were people who would say they hated the food, but everytime you saw them, they were eating. Our food not only attracted us, but it also attracted the famous " seagulls " ! Those birds would try to get everybody and we ' ll never forget them. The seniors have many special memories, sports or clubs, government or English classes. Nobody will ever forget the Senior Class of ' 88. They are very special people and that ' s a very special memory. 6 Opening Clockwise, page 6: Ernie Ramirez " Looking Bad . Amy Unnbom and Jeanene Gendron, best friends forever, enjoying the footbali game. Carla Garaa showing her sruff. Cheryl Und, one day at a time! Monica Manmez studymg hard in her science class. Page 7: Sheryl LoBue loving another day at Artesia. Tara Bader rushing to class. Lynette Arvab performing for us. Nina Slaughter, " Get that camera away from me! " John E)e|alde and Craig May enjoying the scene. Ezcll Adams and Wallace Weatherspoon celebrating their viaory after a football game. Laura Fissette and Becky Foster showing us their best smiles. Lisa Jimenez and Tina Lehman enjoying their lunch. Opening 7 t » ■ ' ' ' M IK ' ' | B b ■ jJoHpi 1 1 Always Artesians The phrase " Always and Forever " has a special meaning to us. It defines what we feel and think when our high school years are complete. These experiences follow us later in life as we grow, mature, and prosper into the world of productive citizens. We can look back at the trying times, the good feelings, and the achievements we had that helped us reach our potential. Artesians enjoy being together and having a fullfilling school life. We strive to be the best they can be, whether it be on the playing field, in a drama produaion, in a Creative Writing class, or in student government. We have all grown during our years at Atresia. We have overcome obstacles and learned from our mistakes. School will be a cherished memory and a part of us " Always and Forever. " % i .r iAr %s- %.. 10 Opln Clockwise, pages 10-11: Lurleen Johnson and her friend after school together. Jennifer ORourke en|oying a lab Eric Aragon just a walking along on a lazy day. Maggy Tancraitor cooling off in the hot sun. April Lynch displays perfea passing techinque, Johnny Rosa playing it cool at lunch. Diana and friend on their way to class. David Howie just hanging around Mark Bautista and Sandra Sanchez spending lunch together. Opening 11 Artesiuj Always An Experience Artesia High, isn ' t it a great school? The activities, friends we ' ve made, and things we ' ve learned. They are all experiences we will always remem ber. Football games and rallies, contests and dances have all been great times. We will always hold on to these memories. We have all grown and matured through our years at Artesia. We have overcome pressures and faults. Through these experiences we can learn to be proud of what we are. Learning here at Artesia has been an experience in itself: Math, English, history, science, all the essentials needed to make it out in the world today. We may not like to learn now, but one " day we will thank Artesia High and the teachers for teaching us the things we need to know. Our short four years here at Artesia High will be a memorable experience for the rest of our lives. A time we will treasure Always and Forever. ■■ B l W ' HK 4 ' ' l r ' ' hH H " . H ■H 12 I Opening Clockwise Page 12: Jarone Bartee fmishing up his work, Kim Smith, " Who said that? " . Dr. Yusem, Mrs. Kxause, and Kathy Mc Gorman having a serious conversation. Cindy Watts getting a helping hand from Ms, Reyes. Dean Gray having fun. Robert Lambert ready for clais. Page 13 ' Damon Davis after a hard game of footbaU, Belinda MoUetti hard at work. John Vaca enjoying lunch, Rachelle Butcher smiling as usual, Mr, Cleveland ready for another day of auto shop. Mishaye King on her way to class. Coach La Rosa coaching another day of football. Mr. Moreno teaching class. Philip GoUa at his best. Opening 13 Leilani Ines Senior Princess Homecoming ' 87 . . . Forever Alive The long awaited moment we all have prayed to come, brought many tears and joy as we celebrated Artesia ' s Homecoming with pride. The night started off with a warm welcome from our spirit squads and the singing of our national anthem. Then there was the Homecoming game followed by the half-time show, where all of the princesses showed off their beauty and poise in their elegant gowns. ' It was a big night, not just for the football players or the crowd, but mostly for Rosa Mesa, who became the 1987 Homecoming Queen that night. She has been a great addition to our school and deserved every bit of recognition as the Homecoming Queen of Atresia. But the ceremony is not complete without the rest of the Homecoming Court. The senior princesses were Leilani Ines, Carol Martinez, and Andrea Robinette. Annette Nuno was crowned as the junior princess. Joey Perez became the sophomore princess. Stacy Martinez represented her class as the freshman princess. Each and every one of the princesses deserved their appointments and have shown great " Pioneer " pride in our school. The Varsity team came back from half-time with the hojie of winning the tied game. They came back with more " Red Power " than ever with a victory over La Mirada, 10-3. Sounds from the victory bell were heard as the cheering crowd rushed to congratulate the team and rejoiced with one another as one memorable night came to an end, leaving the Artesia Pioneers with memories that will have a place in our heans and minds . . . Always and Forever. Annette Nuno Junior Princess Andrea Robinette Senior Princess Rosa Mesa, 1987-88 Honiecom: }: ' cvV ook X y Stacy Martinez I Freshman Princess , Red Power Goes for the Win! Clockwise, page 15: That balJ ,s mine! " excJaims EzeU Adams, as he tackJcs a Matador. Doni even try to cross my path or lU mess your face up! The marching band awaits for Artesia ' s Homecoming victory. Reaching for the ball, EzeU Adams soars through the air " Go get cm! " shout the ' spirit squads during the pre-game. Eat your heart out Spuds Im top dog here! Mark McAfee awaits a pass from teammate Damon Davis. - l .l f70 Homecoming I 13 We Could Dance forever Clockwise, page 16: Being surrounded by a bed of flowers are Arlene Acosta and a friend at the dance. Taking a break from dancing, three dudes are scamming on some girls. " Peace! " , says Ray from Public Image Musique, while DJ- ing for the dance. Senior princesses waiting in anticipation for the announcing of the new ' 87- ' 88 homecoming queen. Retiring queen, Maria Alvarez, giving off her title to Rosa Mesa, the new ' SV- ' SS homecoming queen. Dancing the night away, Joey Perez gets into the gtoove. Retiring queen and underclass princesses enjoying the tide in a horse driven carriage during half-time. Crip walking to the music are Lynette and Mishaye. 16 Homecoming s A R T E S I A Staff I 1 7 Artesia ' s Hired Help The Artesia High School staff is made up oi very special people. It isn ' t often that you get teachers that are as great as ours. The thing that makes them so unique is that they enjoy working with the students. The teachers are always trying their best to teach as much as possible and help the students understand what they are doing. The teachers try to make the material and lessons exciting. Our administrators and counselors are forever making Artesia a pleasant learning enviroment for the students. Our counselors give us the classes we want and help guide us to those courses which will be the most beneficial to us in our future. Our teachers and counselors are always ready and willing to discuss problems with us and help us make the right decisions. The counselors, the administration, the teachers, the secretaries, everyone ... we will remember them all . . . Always and Forever. Clockwise, page 18: Mr. Bill Montgomery shows us his better half. Mrs. Janice Dow and Mrs. Nokaleta Cardriche enjoy lunch together. Mr. Joseph Curi and Mrs. Elaine Liu have time for a warm embrace. Mr. Steve Cizmar and Mr. David Eggie prepare themselve s lunch. 18 Staff 1 Dr. Alex Yusem EdD Principal Lori KJebeck MS Gjunselor Pamela Branch BS ESL Divcrse Coordinator Nancy Krause EdD Assistant Principal Gay Snyder MA Counselor «l9 1 v - ' iM ' miiiliiiiiiiiii ' Bob Burdick MA Assistant Principal Jim Wray BA Assistant Principal Nolan Noble BS Aaivities Coordinator Science Mrs. Jan Linn seems content with her avacadot. Norm Flowers MA A.p. Health Brian Kamper MA Assistant AD. Science Staff 19 A] Almeida BA Fine Ans Ken Atterbury MA History Sandra Berge MA Home Economics Michele Brannon MA Foreign Language Dan Castro MA Band Math 20 I Staff Juheta Cubero MA English Janice Dow MA English Gerald EUis BS P. E. Science f Joseph Curi BS Special Education Harry Dreifus BS Physical Education Rod Engel MA Science Susanna De Falla MA Foreign Language David EggR BA English Sandi Evans MA English Our Staff Artesia High School ' s staff is made of many unique teachers. These teachers are forever bettering themselves and learning new techniques by attending workshops and meetings. The teachers are always striving to do their best and teach us as much as they can. Because of our teachers, the students can excel and grow into educated, responsible people. Elga Elicker MA ESL Foreign Language Bob Faircioth MA English Drama Carmen Foti Laura Garver Paul Gilben Barbara GiUilan BS MA BA MA Math English Science Resource Staff I 21 ! Paul Gonzales MA S.I. P. Coordinator Tony Guggiana BA Physical Education John Guzman BA Social Sci. ESL Mrs. Carol Wallace and Mrs. Gayle Pekrul look at an announcement in during snack. Joel Holm berg MA Special Education Joan Jellum MA Music ESL Rich Johnson BS Math Don Hardenbrook MA Eng. Foreign Lang. Hm ' ' " " Joy Husband BA English BethJoUiffe Suzanne Kung MS MA English Diverse Language 22 I Staff Vincent La Rosa MA PhysaaJ Education Wayne McCoy BA Welding r m Mary Langston MA Rt ' suurcc Paul Lcwanski BS Science " " _ Jan Linn MA English Gayle MtGrew BS Social Science Mrs. Miriam Yanez and Mrs. Christina Rivera give our photographer a big smile. • • Gary McHatton Barbara McCuUough Carolyn Mancy Ted Marquez MA MA MS BA Science Adaptive PE. Business Social Science Math Staff 23 Excelling The reason Artesia High excels in all areas of academics and athletics is because our high dedicated and able staff members are continually improv- ing their teaching techniques, they guide their students to be successful in the real world. They stress cooperation and understanding, working these principles into their lesson plans and making school as enjoyable as possible. BUI Montgomery MA Social Science Carolyn Meier MS Librarian Wayne Merino BS Math Marilyn Nishihira BA Physical Education Gayle Pekrul MA Nurse Irene Ramos BS Physical Education Ramona Reyes BS Home Economics harles Ryder Terry Robing A V i « V - Charles R Msir V ,v VM VMA Social %8frice r 24 I Staff " V David Miranda BA Social Science il James Penner MS Resource Christina Rivera MA Foreign Language Scott Sandie MA Health Hal Stunbraker BA Social Science Mane Takagaki MS Math ESL Our own play by play football announcer, Mr. Tony Guggiana. Doug Todd MA Science David Ueberroth BA Food Services Pat Vallctuocu BA Math Rick Valois BS Math Staff! 25 Mr. John Guzman, VCR in hand, on his way to World History. Miriam Yanez BA Foreign Lang. ESL ith Castruita Nate Cebrun Campus Campus Security Security Joan Combs Senior Secretary Dons Erickson Counseling Secretary 26 I Staff Adelene Felix Girls " Gym Attendant Jen Howard Counseling Secretary Stephanie Lawn Counseling Secretary Saranel Mclntyre SIR Secretary Warren Mullinax Boys ' Gym Attendant Sandra Navarro Counseling Secretary Special People Wf have some of the mos( si etial anil dedic aied teac hers around They care antl help in any way jiossiblc They prepare us for the future, teath us necessary skills ami help us learn respon- sihiliiy, independence an ,! discipline. They are very patient anil are fun! They are (he leaders o( the school ami we are all very glad to have them as our teachers We owe them all our thanks and our appreciation. Ann WeUs Counseling Secret ary Abort picture: Mr. Ken Attcrbury explains the Ic son plan for the day. Pulure at left: Mrs. Laura Garver shows her ears off with student Stan Park. Staff I 27 28 1 Staff Clockwist, Page 28: Mr. Faircloth, " I am an actor! " Mr. Nolan Noble takes time out to have a snack Mr Burdick. Mr Vela, Mr Mc Haiton, and Mr Wray show their school spirit at a football game Mr Rizzie daydreaming about what tomorrow will bring Pa e 29: Mr Russ Spradlin conducting school business on the phone Mr Brown, Mr Johnson, and Mr Mon- tgomery relaxing and eating lunch after a long morning Mrs Mc Grew shows Mrs Brannon the latest figures. Mrs. Dow reads an especially interesting essay to her English students. Staff I 29 Our Faculty And Staff — The Best, Always And Forever Clockwist: Mr, Gary McHatton ponders a question of impor- tance? Mrs. Laura Garver points out the correa schedule for the day. Being on the security force is dangerous business at times! " reports a battle scarred Keith Castruita. Stephanie Lawn and Marcic Wilson, who keep things running smoothly. Ms. Susan- na DeFalla prepares her leaure for the day. Great mmds think (and sometimes dress) alike! Mr Charles Ryder misplaced the bow for the present. Mr. Ryder, Faculty Qub President, and our Principal, Dr. Alex Yusem get down to business. y »4 30 I Staff s E S I A Student Life j 31 Student Life Days To Remember A day here at Artesia is never the same. Every student is special and unique in their own way. They each have something special to contribute to make each day ex- citing for all of us. Student Life is Homecoming, when everyone is running around wondering who the winner is; Valentine ' s Day, when all the lovers realize how much they mean to each other; the Winter Formal, when everyone gets dressed up in their finest for a night to remember; Halloween when we all have fun and eat cot- ton candy; the blood drive, when we all give part of ourselves to help others; and much more. All this is Student Life — things we ' ll remember forever! ' -: i ' 32 I Student Life 7F at-- - ' . i Qoctu ' ist, page 32: Standing out in a crowd. Mark Bautista and Robert Matos tcady for aaion. Kevin Legros enjoying his snack. Mike Bell, Tim Matson.and Karen Bess sharing a moment. Looking Good!! Billy Gcndron looking studious. Page 33: Giv- mg blood is fun. Making a mark that lasts Always and Forever. A tegular day in the life of the Pioneeis Student Life results in friends forever. Earthquake Day! Homecoming preparation. We will always remember our lives as students. We ' ll remember the good and the bad, the carnival and the dances, Homecoming and giving blood. For four years, our lives are mainly " Student Lives " . Student Life 33 ■jjj p J K 7 1 HBik VI ■ i g ij B mm Byi .-■ ifcv - . ' ' i y Vm K Wfl One Scary Day This year we had a Halloween costume contest and it turned out great !! We had lots of people entering the contest and a bunch of people dressed up for the day. We had Pioneers dressed up as cave people, wizards, toothpaste tubes, cats, devUs, downs, babies, and gangsters. The contest was held at lunch by the Viaory Bell. Karen Oiler won first as a tube of Crest Toothpaste. David Baida won second place as Boy George. Juliet Fernandez finished third place as an upside down down. It was a great day and tons of people had fun. Halloween Day, October 31, 1987 was a memorable and ex- citing day at Artesia, one that will be remembered, Always and Forever. Clockwise, page 34: Look at all the costumes! It was a great costume competition. Mike Young enjoying life as a girl. Latonya Jackson and Mishaye King, " Wanna Be ' s !! " Juliet Fernandez has an upside down life. Page 35: Mr. Paul Lawanski showing off his wisdom as Merlin the Magician. Darla Dunn, Nina Slaughter, Suni Yu, and Julie Major enjoying Halloween at school. Kathi Mc Gorman, " 1 just can ' t handle loosing a contest! " Jacqueline Morrison and Monica Maninez, cavelady and ' 50 ' s girl, best friends forever. Kathi McGorman as a vampire. Karen Oiler, First Place Winner of the 1987 Halloween Costume Contest. Smiles from Jacqueline Morrison and Monica Martinez. (I 34 I Student Life Student Life 33 A Gift Of Life Our annual blood drive had outstanding par- ticipation this year. The students involved in the drive really saved lives! What more valuable gift could ever be given. Many teachers and other staff members helped out too, Orange juice and cookies were the rewards for donating blood. While they were contributing blood, the student council gave the doners stuffed animals to hold in case of an emergency. Giving blood is a courageous and important activity, one of the most valiant a Pioneer could ever participate in. Our Christmas present to those who need our help was gladly given at our annual blood drive. Nekka Larkins Cloiku ' ue. page 36. Cassandra Vaca thinks she is in the wrong rcxim! Margaret Garnsh having second thoughts Barbara Gil making sure she doesn ' t have a fever , Lizzet t e Lopez needing some comfort. Karen Oiler pro- mises It won ' t hurt, Laura Fissette get- ting prepared Mr, Russ Spradlin getting courage from his teddy bear Dean Gray and Jeanette Gendron enjoying their paperwork Page 37. Rachelle Butcher kmows It wont hurt, Ron Edwards and In Kyu Kim laughing to make Ron forget about the pain, Kevin Sweeney wants a way out of it. Dean Gray giving Kathy Mt Gorman support, Karen Oiler needs some help through the day, Kim Kim calculating the damage, Craig May, glad it ' s all over, Hun Joo Kim getting her blood pressure taken. g= 36 I Student Life Student Life j 57 Artesia Fashion ' ' We Have StyleV This year. Fashion Design has done many things as part of class activities and events. They have designed their own patterns and made their own clothes. Besides designing patterns and making clothes, they make ceramic jewelry and videotape their own fashion show. They sketch, draw, and paint fashions. They create draping designs on mannequins, take piaures and slides to demonstrate and keep their designs. This year they planned a trip to " Melrose " and learned many different things there. They learn the " language " and terminology of the fashion world. This class gives you art credit. If you are thinking about becoming a fashion designer, this class is a great opportunity for you. Clockwiie, page 38: Jacqueline Morrison and Franchesca Cox with the mini skirt look. Dee Dee Higgins and friends show their casual " style " . Donnie Hagburg is still in the " hat " look. Martin Hammonds and Rosa Mesa show a good fashion combination. 38 Student Life Valentine s Day Time to Spend with that Someone Special Valentine ' s Day here at Artesia High is filled with guys sending their girk a special something and vise versa! Friends give their friendship as a way of saying, " We, as friends, have one another! " Remember; " Valentine ' s Day is a day for love. Something in the beauty of a dove. A day like this is hard to find, I urge you not to leave the next behind. " Ctotkuisi. pagi i9 Mark Bautisia and Sandra Sanchci, rwo lovebirds Jeff Ware and Jaqi Fondrcn m|oying Valmtincs Day Jimmy Ma and Jan« Tongsuthi arc beir of fnmds Chandcl White and Damon Davis spend Valen- tine ' s Day cheeking out the campus for prospecTS Izzy De Jesus and his girlfriend, Varisha Wofford Mane Maninei and Fran Lapena on Valentine s Day together Ron Lutes and Jenny Gtlbcn enjoy being with each ofher Student Life j 59 ' f 40 I Student Life The 1988 Artesia Muscular Distrophy Association fund raising dance and day was great! The event was held at Knotts Berry Farm on March 1 1, from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. We rode the rides and rocked the dance floor. The pur- pose for this day was to raise money for Jerry ' s Kids. The prizes for the most pledges were a video recorder, compact disc player , car stereo, a $500.00 spree at Cerritos mall, and an ap- pearance on The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. It was great day and night, " Rocken Riden " for twelve hours!! . Student Life j 4l The Winter Formal Was Enchanting Winter Dreams of ' 88 The Winter Formal of 1988 was called Winter Dreams of ' 88. It was held at the Hyatt Regency in Los Angeles from 8 o ' clock to 1 o ' clock. Each table had a beautiful centerpiece of mint green carnations in a silver vase. More than 60 couples attended and had a wonderful time. The D.J. was Nouveau Riche and they played a variety of music to satisfy every taste. The Winter Formal commitee was responsible for the planning, designing, coordinating, and running the formal. Chairman Ron Edwards, Co-chairman Leilanie Ines, Rosa Mesa, Karen Oiler, Kathi McGorman, Lurleen Johnson, Shiela Anorico, Janet Tongsuthi, and Shawn Truby were the members of the group. The Winter Dreams of ' 88 was an enjoyable and memorable experience for all those who were present, particularly for the Winter Prince, Jeremy Whit- cher, and the Winter Princess, Karen OUer. Though overwhelmed with emo- tion, Jeremy and Karen danced one slow jam together, fittingly enough, the song was Always and Forever. 42 I Student Life Clockwise, page 42: Eric Caner and his date dancing the night away. Lurleen Johnson and her date having a wonder- fui time. Jocelyn Oraa and date sharing a quiet moment with each other. Jacqueline Mor rison and friends having fun. Abilene Gonzaga and Noralyn Arevaio enjoying their dates company. Leilanie Ines and her date. Constatine Pilapil and Jennifer Evidente enjoying their drinks. Rosa Mesa and her date dancing the night away. Page 43: Ron Edwards giving Karen Oiler, Princess of the " Winter Dreams of ' 88 " , her award Amber Price and her date, Hol- ly Judge and her date, and Pat Rossi and his date having the time of their lives. Vicki Jimenez and Vince Ramos signing in. Ron Edwards and Cheryl Anderson having a fantastic time. Jeremy Witcher and Sherri Delk romancing the night away. Lisa Wingate and her date choosing pictures. Student Life 45 FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES m Radio Station: 1. KPWR 2. KDAY 3. KROQ Song: 1. I Wanna Be Your Man 2. Push-It 3- Supersonic Musical Group: 1 . Salt and Pepa 2. Depeche Mode 3. Cover Girls Album: 1 . Bigger and Deffer 2. Music for the Masses 3. Roger Mate singer: l.LLCoolJ 2. Roger 3. George Michael Female singer: 1. Whitney Houston 2. Lisa Lisa 3. Stacy Q Movie: 1. Dirty Dancing 2. Raw 3- La Bamba T.V.Show: 1 . Cosby Show 2. Growing Pains 3. Who ' s the Boss? Male Actor: l.BiU Cosby 2. Alf 3. Charlie Sheen Female Actress: 1 . Alyssa Millano 2. Lisa Bonet 3. Molly Ringwald Pastime: 1 . Play sports 2. Party 3. Listen to radio Sports: 1. Football 2. Basketball 3. Baseball Food: 1 . Pizza 2. Mexican 3. Junk Food Radio Station: l.KPWR 2. KDAY 3. KROQ 1 . I Wanna Be Your Man 2. Two Occasions 3 Could Have Been Musical Group: 1 . Depeche Mode 2. Salt and Pepa 3. The Cure Album: 1 . Bigger and Deffer 2 . Salt and Pepa 3. Music for the Masses Male Singer: 1 . George Michael 2. LL Cool J 3. Roger Female Singer: 1 . Whitney Houston 2. Tiffany 3. Lisa Lisa Movie: 1. Raw 2. Three Men and a Baby 3. La Bamba T.V.Show: 1 . Growing Pains 2. Cosby Show 3. WhostheBoss? Male Actor: 1. Eddie Murphy 2. Kirk Cameron 3. BiU Cosby Female Actress: 1 . Lisa Bonet 2 . Cybil Shepard 3. Molly Ringwald Pastime: 1. Party 2. Being with friends 3. Listening to the radio Sports: 1. Football 2. Baseball 3. Basketball Food: 1. Pizza 2. Mexican 3. Hamburgers 1987-1988 ARTESIA HIGH 44 I Student Life JUNIORS SENIORS Radio Station: 1. KNAC 2. KPWR 3. KDAY Song: 1 . Hazy Shade of Winter 2. Seasons Change 3. With or Without You Musical Group: 1 Whitcsnake 2. LLCoolJ 3.U2 Album: 1. Joshua Tree 2. Girls, Girls, Girls 3- Exposure Male Singer: 1 . Bono Vox 2. LLCoolJ 3. George Michael Female Singer: 1 Whitney Houston 2. Anita Baker 3. Janet Jackson Movie: 1. Raw 2. Less Than Zero 3. Dirty Dancing T.V.Show: 1. Growing Pains 2. Cosby Show 3. Who ' s the Boss? Male Actor: 1. Kirk Cameron 2. Charlie Sheen 3. Alf Female Actor: 1 . Lisa Sonet 2. Molly Ringwald 3. Cybil Shepard Pastime: 1. Party 2. Being with friends 3. Listening to the radio Sport: 1 . Football 2. Basketball 3. Baseball Food: 1. Pizza 2. Mexican 3 . Ice Cream Radio Station: 1 KPWR 2. KDAY 3. KROQ Song: 1 . I Wanna Be Your Man 2. Supersonic 3. Push It Musical Group: 1 . Salt and Pcpa 2. LLCoolJ 3.JJ Fad Album: I Bigger and Deffer 2. Salt and Pepa 3. Music for the Masses Male Singer: 1 . Roger 2. LLCoolJ 3. George Michael Female Singer: 1. Whitney Houston 2. Tiffany 3. Lisa Lisa Movie: 1 Raw 2. Three Men and A Baby 3 La Bamba T. V. Show: 1. Growing Pains 2. Cosby Show 3. Different World Male Actor: 1 . Kirk Cameron 2. Eddie Murphy 3. Bill Cosby Female Actress: 1 . Lisa Bonet 2. Cybil Shepard 3 Molly Ringwald Pastime: 1 . Party 2. Being with friends 3 Listening to the radio Sport: I . Football 2 BasebaU 3. Baketball Food: 1 . Pizza 2. Tacos 3 Mexican CLASS FAVORITIES ' m. mKSm The Ano de Oro continued its an- nual survey to find out what the students of Artesia liked the best. We sent out a ballot to each students and asked them to tell us their personal favorites for a number of various catagories ranging from their favorite radio station to their favorite foods. We counted each ballot for each class and found out what Artesia students like the best. Here are the results. J Student Life 45 F o iMwy atiiiiiuMwii ■■ 46 Class of ' 91 . . ' h w m r p « 1 f Jennifer Abbott Michelle Adkins Therese Albert Hector Aleman Gary Allen Diana Almazan Tammy Amantiad Jesus Amaro Lisabet Amaro Monte Amerson Ramil Amo Brian Anderson Manuel Anguiano Leona Aquino Eileen Arboleda Silvia Arceo Nathalie Arevalo David Arredondo Becky Arriola Amber Asada Kimberly Asada De Andre Austin Cynthia Avila Alba Bac Miguel Baca Sherryli Balitao Brunson Ballard Paul Baloloy Hung Banh George Banks Gus Barajas Krista Barrett Michael Barrows Kelly Barth Kevin Bartlow William Bateham Leah Bautista Heather Berg Jennifer Berg Jeffrey Bertot Marsha Bird Eric Bjomsen Tiffany Blake Aaron Borleson Kevin Bowman Elizabeth Boyce Janine Brown James Bufford Mickey Burris Misty Byers Richard Byng Michael Cabrera Jessika Campos Novella Campos Eduardo Candelas Donald Capen Sha nnon Carlin Carlos Carlos David Carreno Joe Carrillo Veronica Carrillo Javier Castillo Maricela Castillo Richard Castillo Salvador Cazares Jennifer Chamberlin Chung Chang Davie Chang Frank Chang Godfrey Chapman Hey ( hav Manuel Chavez Freshmen j 47 Patricia Chavez Yichia Chen Sokeang Chhour Doromy Chhun Alden Ching Alson Ching Jennifer Choe Tony Choe Min-Hyuk Choi Susan Choi Edward Chou Charles Christensen Jr, Min-Han Chung Yeon Chung Yeon-Sook Chung Gino Clarke Latrease Coleman Ralph Contreras Michelle Correa Jennifer Cossio Steven Crane Lashanda Crump Jose Cruz Richard Cueto Monica Cuevas Shannon Cunningham Sharlyn Dannelley Sharokeen Davidloo Dean Davison Coffy Davis Basilio De Casas Christopher De Guia Israel De Jesus Mantes Del Rosario Paul Dela Cruz Adriana Delgado Angelina Delgado Marco Del gado Lxjuis Deliz Jonathan Deik Elpidio DelosReyes Jr. Rebecca Dewolfe Cueva Diaz Joel Divinagracia Steven Donnson Sean Donato Carey Dowd Angelique Dozier Olivia Bufanda Jaleel Dunn Deanna Dupler Theresa Dyer Kwong Ear Jennifer Eason Tracy Edwards Nuriey Elvira Robert Enemas Jacen England Manuel Eseberre Ana Estrella Luis Fa)ardo Jeffrey Ferri Anthony Filippone Angelica Flores Lanie Fondren Ginger Fox Eugene Frazier John Galindo Noe Gallardo Connie Gallegos Juana Galvin Daniel Garcia 48 1 Class of 91 fm h L pir ) Jose Garcia Manuel Garcia Victor Garcia Jutii Garvin OanicI Garzon William Gfiulron Klva Gil Alexander Gloria Kevin Gudclard Daisy Godoy Mathew Golla J use Gomez Maria Gomez Jorge Gonsalez Charles Gonzales Anthony Gonzalez Argelia Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez Patricia Gonzalez Raquel Gonzalez Selene Gonzalez Stacy Guv Ponciuno Gracian Davonya Grant Virginia Gray John Green James Greenwood Heather Guggiana Sheila GuKo Narciso Gutierrez Norma Gutierrez Rey Gutierrez Kenneth H.ukensmith Jeffery Hagbcrg Heather Hall Keith Harilmg Matthew Hart Keith Hartman Syed Hasan Mario Havice Jimmy Hawayek Sok Heang Michael Hercdia Alma Hernandez Jefferey Hernandez Lisa Hernandez Rachel Hernandez Hertbcrto Herrera Janet Hoberman Stori Holton Jin Hong Tina Houser Ryan Huff RiLardo Hi-irtado Tun Huynh Carol Hyatt Jennifer Ito Christopher Jacobs Chang Jang Lourdes Jimenez Quarla Jones Earlyn Joseph Juan Juarez John Julian David Kachirisky Christopher Kacsviharn Til a Kear Erit Kem Jamie Kesler Eddie Kim Hae Kim Patrick Kim Freshmen 49 Judi King Robert Kline Seong Ko Staci Kunesh Steve Kwon Jennifer Lane Siem Lao Tong Le Chun-Ying Lee Clarence Lee Daniel Lee Eun Lee Hyun-Kyung Lee Jason Lee Nicole Lee Enrique Leija Raymond Leong Demetria Leshay Jesus Leyva Michael Linhart Chun-Lin Liu Armondo Lomcli Al Lopez Daniel Lopez Jaime Lopez Juan Lopez Yolanda Lopez Vernell Lopez Alejandra Lugo Ricky Macala Shannon Macias Jose Madrigal Greg Magallon Nhat-Hoang Mai Leovy Mantecon Paul Mares Jeffery Marino Ernesto Marquez Kimberlee Martin Victor Martin Carlos Martinez Roberta Martinez Stacy Martinez Kethy Math Sandra Matos Bryant May Gwen Mc Alister Michael McCabe Brandi McGrath Cheaunti McNemar Benjamin Medel Crystal Meissner Carlos Mejia Lillian Mendoza Richard Mestas Genelle Mizuno Ricardo Monroy Ramon Montes Loraine Montez Juan Montoya Michelle Moo Evelia Mora Manuel Moreno Gema Mota Daniel Moyers Anthony MuriUo Nizar Na)m Oliver Nakanishi Andrew Nava Daniel Navarro Jorge Naveja Eva Ng 30 Class of ' 91 Antift Ngin John N uyt-n Th.mhil.Kj Nguyen NUIiikI.i Nahuls Vivi.inm- Oraa F ' ttlro Is.ilul )ruptva Hikif Oru to Artiiilo Ortega RaharJ ( )struw Mcaknasfka Oiiin FAlwani Owens Raymond PathcLu (,hin Pae Mansa Palomo Hacjm Park Jin Suk Park Arthur Patinu Mark Patterson Lisa I entecust Danny Perez Ckirissa Perez Erika Perez Frankie Perez Mary Perkins-Richie Jennifer Pilapii Juse Pimentcl Yuthanna Pin Jeanette Putter Naukesha Prince Elias Pulipo Torey Purser Erii. Quick Scott Ratfcrty Sandra Ramirez Silvia Ramirtv Artiiru Rainire Christina Ramluse Marcy Ramos Robert Raya Nicky Rayos Maria Retes Alex Romero Saiii Reyes Haruld RKhardsun keticia Rithardsun ■Randall Ridenour Arturu Rius Cassandra Rijbmson Ann Rubles Elizabeth Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez Kimberly Rollings Rick Romaniello Joyce Rosales Robert Roster Salvador Ruiz Tracy Rydman Amelia Salas Margarita Salas Cnstma Sanchez (-armcn Sandoval Armando Sannana Francisco Sauceda Munua Scgura fiicham Semaan Tamara Sensat Hyofi Seong Eiilia Sesteaga Kerry Sevier Andy Seymour W ' llham Shafer Freshmen 131 Marsha Simon Alaina Simril Chris Smith Leslee Smith Mehnda Smith Renee Smith William Smith Willie Smth Jeffery Soncrant Lucia Soto Maria Soto Martin Soto Dwayne Spencer Paul Stewart Matthew Stoops Robert Stout Kevin Sugimura Samantha Tabares Khun Taing Fogle Tamrtamaoya Marygrace Tantay Jason Tate Tim Teegarden Noemi Tello Khanh Thang Chairoj Thanyakan Carrie Thompson Elizabeth Thompson John Tolentino Tina Tomaszewski Shannon Tonnesen Cristina Torres Guadalupe Torres Patricia Torres Anh Tran Soma Travers Steven Trejo Stephanie Trice JoseTroncoso Timothy Traux Huy Truong Julie Tully Maria Tumulak Kimhou Uy John Vaca Briceida Valencia Daniel Valencia Olympia Valencia Michael Vasquez Silvester Vasquez Tricia Velez Potheary Ven Gloria Verduzco Ruben Villa Sandra Villalba Paige Villalobos Anisa Vivas Chuy Vong Alberto Wagner Nicole Walker Wayne Weaver Lily Widdison Lisa Widdison Gabnelle Williams jf on duricuc Williams -_„ Omari Williams B i Jennifer Wilson Eth j KeUy Wolfe W " p ' " ' Hae Sun Yoo iff ' y Steve Yu M d Erik Zambone ' M Paul Zarate ' P fs I 52 Class of ' 91 Freshmen Life Cloihuist: Looking coul at a fouthall game, Jiisc enjoying a normal everyday lunth. Heather Guggiana flattered that they ' re fighting over whus gunria take her out. dry Dunbar running to get 1st place and give Artesia a good name! Hi! Lookin good, aren ' t I: " " Oh c ' mon! Get my good side! " Freshmen 33 Clockwise: John Vaca and Kenny finish up their homework. Jennifer Chamberlin talks to her friends at lunch. Socorro Gutierrez, " Don ' t take that picture! " Jennifer Berg performing at the Norwalk game. Sunni Yu havmg fun with her friends. Chris Smith hanging around at lunch. 3 4 1 Class of 91 Freshmen Class Officers A Fresh Start! The ballots are in and the election is over and the class officers for the Class of ' 9 1 have been selected. Led by President Theresa Dyer and Vice President Nathalie Arevalo, the officers and reps will lead the Freshmen Class in all their activites and make the decisions that affect the Class of ' 91. The officers and reps have lots to learn and can look forward to leading their class into the next decade. They need to remember, " It ' s a jungle out there in the Atresia political world. " The representatives include: Tony Filippone, Shannan Macias, Jose Trocoso, Sheila Guico, Vi- vianne Oraa, Rachel Hernandez, and Jennifer Pilapil. Clockwiie: Representatives Jose Troncoso and Tony Filippone in conference. The Leaders: President Theresa Dyer, Vice President Nathalie Arevalo, Jennifer Pilapil, Rachel Hernandez, Sheila Guico, Vivianne Oraa, and Shannon Macias. Tony checks the file cabinet for the needed information. Jose rewriting notes from the previous meeting. President Theresa listing the duties for the day. . . r : :ZiS Freshmen 33 A R 56 Class of ' 90 Class of 90 Student headers With a year of leadership experience behind them, the Sophomore Class Officers and Representatives provided valuable insight and necessary enthusiasm in the decision making roles that they were elected to in 1987. Fund raising proved to be one of the major tasks for the sophomores as they strove to increase their financial worth so that the many expenses that lay ahead in their junior and senior years would not prove to be a gigantic and expensive headache. TTie sophomores were led by President Kimberly Kim, Vice President Marcela Medina, Secretary Joyce Chin, and Treasurer Sung Lee. The Sophomore Class Officer and Representatives: Bottom tow, L to R: Joyce Chin, Kim Kim, Marcela Medina, Sung Lee, Joo Han Lee. Top row: Rick Wang, Gina Suh, Sovanna Thay, Minh Pham, Julie Cho, Marcy Bautista, Linda Lee. Brian Clark, Joo Han Lee, and Ricky Wang having fun laughing at a shared joke. Joo Han and Ricky make the best of a boring day. Brian and Joo Han proving to us that they ' re not camera shy. Sophomores 37 Jeremy Abney Roxana Abney Isabel! Acosta Larry Acosta William Aaon Armando Aguilar Maria Aguiire Roberto Aguirre Charles Ahumada Jesus Alarcon Jorge Alcala Sumayah Ali Hassen Aaron Allen Teresa Aimanza Maria Alvarado Ana Amaro Claudia Angulo Maria Angulo Tara Aquiningoc Tanya Aquino Diane Araujo Eusebia Arias Michael Arionus Adrian Arreola Bemice Arrey Ronald Attias Jason Bailey Danny Barcello Jarone Bartee Ronnie Basilio Brian Batalon Mary Rose Bautista Brian Beatty Cecilia Becerra Roben Becerra Sheavay Belcher Michael BeU Brian Berg Fem-Therese Berthon Karen Best Julie Bicknell Derek Bignell Nora Bijasa Erin Blackboum Sandra Bias William Bledsoe David Boston Matthew Bradshaw Tammala Branham Jason Bright Sandra Brown Gary Bryant Kevin Bums Jeremy Bushman Darnell Bussey Margarita Cabrera Maribel Camacho Francisco Cano Genevie Cano Robert Can trail Areli Cantu Carlos Rosa Ricardo Cabrillo Jose Castaneda Rachael Castaneda Eduardo Castillo Graciela Castillo Leticia Castillo Helen Chan Sithany Chan Bobbi Chang Mike Chang W 38 Class of ' 90 Laina Chantarapan Laura Chaves Rosanne Chavez Dalene Chea Robert Chemey Alvin Ching Katherine Ching Athetaya Chinvejakirvani Andrew Cho Hyun Jong Cho Julie Cho John Chu Miguel Chung Brian Clark Jesus Claro Wilma Cleofas Philomena Coelho CarlaCole Malena Conger Celena Conner Nicole Constance Jose Contreras Randall Cordoba AngeUa Cordova Lisa Comejo Sylvia Corona Arthur Conez Tamika Crump Luis Cueva Stephen Davignon Virginia Davis Kevin Dawes Deanna Dawson Cosette Deaton Tonni Deaton Maria Decasas William Deleon Melissa Denham Lana DilJe Debra Dunbar Darla Dunn Phung My Duong Consuelo Duran Ramond Duran Christopher Dymek Larry Ellis Pablo Eseberre Oscar Espinosa Tiffanie Espinosa Randy Estudillo Kivin Fellon Hershey Fernando Antonio Ferrer Renee Figueroa Kenneth Fisher Bobbie Fitzgerald Quincy Fleming Melissa Fletcher Javier Flores Richard Flores Tony Flores Walter Franco David Franklin Angela Furimsky Heriberto Gallardo Jaime Galvan Eric Garcia Flor Garcia Pete Garcia Soraya Garcia Eli Garsiiazo Doreen Gerhardi Sophomores 39 Rissa Gesmundo Sherry Gonzales Anthony Gonzalez Bertha Gonzalez Cesar Gonzalez Guadalupe Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez Lucille Gonzalez Ramon Gonzalez Ruben Gonzalez Pheck Gov Jesus Gracian Eric Gregory Rachel Greaves Elizabeth Griffith Joe Grijalva Adolfo Guangorena Bita Hafezizadeh Tracy Hall Muhammad Hashim Tracy Haun Trevor Haun David Heiberg Imelda Hernandez Janet Hernandez Patricia Hernandez Robert Hernandez Keith Herrera Martha Herrera Kenneth Hesse Michael Hicks Michael Hollon Scott Holton Ralph Honrud Brent Hooton Kelly Howard Joanna Hoyo Frank Huang Joyce Huang Steven Huddleston Roger Hulett Jason Hutchins Tomoko Ikeda Jorge Iribe Monica Jacks Alison Jackson Qemente Jaime Steven Jaramillo Shaleen Jennings Juan Jimenez Gina Johns Christopher J ohnson Nicole Johnson Paul Johnson Rafael Julian Richard Kale Flora Kelly Daniel Keys Beng Rim Kim Hyune Choi Kim Jennifer Kim Jung Ok Kim Moon Hee Kim Kathryn Kline Diana Knight Donna Knight Yen-ling Kuo Young Kwon Jennifer Laird Jose Lam Marjorie Lanuza Peang Lao 60 1 Class of ' 90 Frantilla Lipena Marcela Lara Mansol Lara Narceka Lara Jennifer Larson Kevin Le Gros Chun-Yin Lee David Lee Joo-Han Lee June Lee Linda Lee Scoti Lee Sung Lee Sung Lee Christie Leeburg Legary Leshay Damon Lindel! Donald Linnville Jared Lively Frank Loehrl Shawn Long Demetrius Lopez Gabriela Lopez Julio Lopez Maria Lopez Veronica Lopez Erika Lovetere Johnny Lucero Bernadette Lucio Louis Lutu-Bosse Kennes Ma Joey Machado James Macias Guadalup e Madrid Michael Madrid Mary Maidana JuUann Major Pauline Mallari Frances Manson John Martin Albert Martinez Mane Martinez Roberto Martinez Martinez Trinidad Timothy Matson Jesse Maxey Cyrus May La Wanda Meabon Bernadett Medina Jesus Medina Maricela Medina Miraflor Medina Shawn Meek Galo Mejia Miguel Mendez Sochettra Meng Monica Mesa Stacey Millett Lonni Miramontes Andy Montero Elizabeth Munioya Ryan Monzones Jose Morales Debra Moreno Patricia Moreno Guadalupe Mouneu Ronald Myer Chad Na)era Cory Nakasue Donna Navarro Angelo Newbill Sophomores j 61 Paul Ng Roeusy Norodom Norma Nunez Gabriel Nuno Edward OBannon Kelly O ' Brien Nicole Ohayon David Olivas Gina Oliver Jose Ornelas Aaron Pae Stanley Park Cynthia Parrott Amish Patel Gina Patrick Leroy Pedigo Aaron Pedroza Diana Pedroza Gilberto Peregrina Eleazar Perez Joey Perez Richard Perez Sergio Perez Minhthuan Pham Thuan-Quoc Pham Nancy Pitaknarongphorn AJicia Pondivida Larry Potts Tina Priest Rosa Pneto Nhi Quach Antonia Quintanar Jose Ramirez Paul Ramirez Robert Ramos Nicky Rayos Raashan Ree Dana Render Maria Renevato Manual Rescndiz Oscar Reyes Zenon Reyes III Rose Reza Miriam Rios Alberto Rivera Jose Rivera Antonio Rodriguez Barbara Rodriguez Carmen Rodriguez Raymond Rodriguez Melissa Rogers Adrian Romo Francisco Rosas James Rose David Rydman Irma Sanchez Christina Santaana Stephen Sargeant Enrique Sarinana Steven Sass Erik Schaaf Daniel Segui Roberto Segura Angelo Serrano Pedro Sierra Paul Silva Woo Sup Sim Tami Sipes Denise Siratt lesha Smith Matthew Smith Carla Snuggs 62 I Class of 90 WEWnfMM W! Wf , Mol Sum JunpSong Benjamin So(o Sylvia Soto Mark Spinosa Christopher Staal Shawn Stanton Scott Stauth Erik Stecnhoven Michael Stovall Gina Suh Sakura Takahashi Dennis Taloyo Maria Tapia Tina Taylor Thay Sovanna Leonard THompson Byron Toliver Maria Torres Meliza Torres Shavonne Torres Danny Towlcr Juan Troncoso Phuong Truong Rebecca Turpen Jose Valencia Joey Vales Ilene Valverde Christopher Vasquez Debbie Vasquez Prougn Ven Cristina Verduzco Jose Villalobos John Visser Ethan Vivas Pedro Vivas Charles Vorachard Lisa Walz Chae Pi! Wang Timothy Welch Huei-chun Wen Jodene Wendland Dennis West Jennifer Widdison Raymond Wilson Jr. Mananarenee Winters Jennifer Woods Kristine Wyrick Young Yang Alberto Ybarra Jr, Erica Yip Ricardo Yoguez Anne Yoo Vivian Yoo Gary Yoshinaga Andrea Zambon Maria Zavala Ala Alobaidi Brian Burgonio Tiffinie Espinosa I ura Hazcn Robert Hutsell Michelle Nash Jason Blough Todd Booth Sophomores 63 Serious f Sophisticated Sophomores 64 I Class of 90 Cioiknife. pii f 64: Joey Per r and her fathtT at Humt-coming. Adrian Romo and Tim Matsun eating a healthy meal at lunthtime Stan Park takes a break frum taking pictures. These guys arc )ust hanging around R ithard Cuetu, Frank Loehrl. and Tracy vanValkcnburg hard at work in Life Science. Craig Brown with his sophomore admirers. Pa e 6 ' ; Tami Sipcs always has something to smile about. Dennis West and Joe Machado. friends forever, always together. Donna Knight. Janey Gov, anti Joyce Huang posing for the camera Ed O ' Bannon and Quincy Fleming )ust hanging around at lun- chiimc, Walter Franco looking stern. Sophomores 63 A R T E S I A 66 Class of ' 89 Junior Class Officers and Reps Leaders of the Class of ' 89 m -4 The Junior Class was critical to the smooth functioning of our student government. Bringing the experience of two years of school plannmg and sharpening leadership skills in order to make their senior year perfect, this outstanding group of leaders led the Class of ' 89 through one of the best junior years ever. Clockwise: Tom Tran and Erwin Clamor hard at work in leadership Junior Of- ficers and Reps: Bottom row. L to R: Rosy Atmadja, Vanthi Pham. Sharon Mc- Cann, Erwin Clamor, Tom Tran, Thasneem Hasseem, Top row: Brian Lee. Ed- ward Kim, Lisa Jimenez, Young Jo, Arlene Acosta, Frank Ahn, Alfred Semaan. Wayne Ausbrooks, Arlene Acosta and Haresh Patel discuss the day ' s agenda, Vanthi Pham, Thasneem Hasseem, John Choe, Eddie Kim, Rosy Atmad)a, Brian Lee and Tom Tran, planners for Anesia ' s future. Juniors j 67 Friends Forever 44 Here at Artesia everyone had a tough time figur- ing out how hard it is to succeed at being a junior. Most of the juniors are friends, we all get along with one another or we ' ve known each other for what seems like forever. When we walk around our campus we look at each other and we always have smiles on our faces. We can tell we ' re proud of our school! Juniors are great people — we ' re all spirited and it shows. After we graduate, we juniors will be friends Forever. In our junior year at Artesia we shared many ex- perinces. We shared laughter, hard work, and togetherness. This was a year of relationships, a year of growth. We all know that we are fme because we ' re the class of ' 89! 681 Class of 89 Clockwise, page 68: Vicki Meraz showing us her silver smile. Tom Wojgechowski showing off his " BIG " muscles. Valerie Luedtke and Maggie Tancraitor, " best friends always " . Eric Aragon with a great smile, he got an " A " on his test! Jeannette Smith enjoymg her lunch. Scott Pratt studying for a test. Jennifer ORourke hard at work in chemistry. Page 69: Lizzette Lopez enjoying her night. Sharon McCann, what a pose! John Elejalde and Chad, " What a wonderful day! " Jennifer Deyoe getting in trouble, as usual! Bobby Lambert studying in a quiet place. Nekka Larkms just being frustrated at " Artcsia Lights Up the Night " . Augie Washington not paying attention in 4th period, as usual. Annette Nurio enjoying a " rear dav at school. Arlene Acosta after cheering for another viaory. Juniors j 69 Arlene Acosta Joel Adamson Maria Adina Thomas Aguilar Irene Aguirre Frank Ahn Mary Alaniz Gary Albers Elizabeth Aicala Pablo Aicala Ubaldo Gomez Widad Alihasan Jose Almanza Angelica Alvarado David Alvarez Nicole Alvarez Pedro Amaro Darryl Amira Cheryl Anderson Ben Anglin Charles Aragon Kristy Asher Shakir Askia Lisa Astorga Michelle Asumbrado Rosy Atmadja Claudia Attias Maria Austria Paul Baeza Rowland Balacy Joseph Boloy Vu Banh Reynaldo Bautista Roger Bautista John Baydliss Johnny Benson Robert Blajos Evelyn Blake Anissa Bowdry Brian Bowman Kevin Boyce Joel Bugay Sherry Burns Carrie Bushwar Khristma Butcher Rosalie Cabrera Jernay Cannon Mark Cantos Michael Cantrall Domenic Carbajal Richard Carbajal II Carolina Carlos Juan Castellanos Eneida Castillo Margarito Castillo Phillip Caudle Simona Chan Won Chang Erik Chantarapan Timothy Chapman Trina Chatterjee Alejandro Chavez Judith Chavez Rose Chavez Dalin Chea Pheng Chea Candy Chew Monysitha Chheng Muyling Chhor Mapp Chhour Rotana Chhun Hyun Cho 70 I Class of 89 John Choe Jung Choi Hung Chou Ya-Te Chou Baek-Young Choung Howard Christopher I -Chen Chue 1-JuChu Kyungyim Chung Sandy Chung Erwin Clamor Anthony Clark Shanette Clayton Jeannette Cobos Andre Collins David Collins Nicole Collins Michael Conger Claudia Contreras Raquel Contreras Rigoberto Contreras Anthony Corrales Shanne Crawford Desirea Crenshaw Teddy Cristobal Nicole Croxen Adrian Cruz Rosa Cueva Elanne Davis Kathy Davis Rachel Del VaUe Josefina Delgina Maria Delgado Jennifer Deyoe Angela Diederich Brent Dowd Christopher Dunn Tham Duong Roland Durfee David Edeza Juau ElejaJde Maria Encinas James Escalzo Alfonso Espinoza Ricardo Estrada Deanna Evans Denisa Evelyn Christy Evidente Tony Ftgueroa Tonie Fisher William Fleming Deanna Fletcher Christopher Flores Hector Flores Oscar Flores Jose Forte Marie Frazier Marisela Gallardo Ysidro Gallardo Adrian Garcia Angelita Garcia Anita Garcia Claudia Garcia Evette Garcia Norma Garcia Ryan Garcia Tawnia Garcia Ritardo Garsilazo lulie Giacomi Troy Goddard III Ana Gonzalez Javier Gonzalez Juniors j 71 Lorena Gonzalez Lisa Goodman Lori Graham Laura Gray Javier Guangorena Judith Guerra Robert Guerrero Erwin Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Pedro Gutierrez Kimberly HaU William Ham Joanne Hamad Keith Hamm Sung Han Willie Han Ann Hansen Clifford Hanson Garrett Harris KeUy Hart Erin Hartmann Thasneem Hasseem Chan Heang Cynthia Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez John Herrera Roger Herrera Denederia Higgins Yu-ling Hsu Dong Hua Hsin-i Huang Lance Huff Alvin Hyatt Harumi Ito Carlos Jacinto Agustin Jaime Arieljardiel Craig Jamat Elaine Javier Henry Jennings Lisa Jimenez Young Jo Mike Johar Kelle Johnson Christopher Jones Jose Juarez Paul Julian Jenny Kang Yong Kang Harry Kaufman Mukta Khanna Sang Kil Dong Hwan Kim Dong Jong Kim Edward Kim Hi Kim Hyun Kim In Kyu Kim Jae Kim Jae-Wook Kim Mee Kim Tae Kim Shanise Kimble Zak Komor Jeffrey Lagadia Soledad Lam Robert Lambert Heang Lao Rudy Lara Nekka Larkins Francisco Lazaro Monica Lazaro 72 I Class of ' 89 Brian Lee Chun-Jui Lee Connie Lee David Lee Eun-Sook Lee Paul Lee Pei-Ling Lee Tina Lehman Sandro Leon Gregory Lewis Lynette Lewis Kai Liang Won Hee Lim Juaquin Lina Cheryl Lino Glenn Linthicum Eric Lively Sean Linville David Lofstrom Phaline Loing Steve Looney John Lopes Alberto Lop ez Lizette Lopez Dennis Loput Chuck Lotis VaJerie Lovato Timothy Lowry Phech Lu Jose Lua Norma Luna Meng-Quek Ly April Lynch Jeannine Mac Arthur Benny Macias Manuel Macias Mario Madrid Rhonda Madrid Bertha Magallon Lorena MagaJlon Rodolfo Magallon Asif Mahmood Baoi Mai Scott Maier Jeramy Maloof Gildardo Mariscal Claudia Marquez Allison Manellucci Terrence Martin Manha Martinez Jason Mattox Shannon Mc Allister Naja Mc Donald Sharon Mc Cann Lisa Mc GiU Julieta Mejia Elizabeth Mendoza Victoria Meraz Windy Miley David Milinkovich Jason Miller Colin Millett Serena Miyahira Gilbert Montoya Jason Morales Benito Morales Jodi Moreno Tommie Morley Brian Murns Alfonso Mota Brandon Nasu Chhai Near Jami Nelson Juniors 73 Angeles Newbill Hiep Ngo Quang Ngo Dane Nhem David Nicklo Eun-Young Noh Margaret Nuno Jennifer O ' Rourke Roderick Oconer Raul Olivas Suzanne Oliver Karla Olson Timothy O ' Neil Keopitou Oum Joanne Pacheco KiPak Kamesh Patel Ketankumar Patel Uatriniben Patel Glenn Pepito Sandra Peres Ivonne Perez Julie Pettijohn Van Pham SufK)! Pitaknarongphom Scott Pratt Amber Price Karen Quinata Marc Rafferty Adalberto Ramirez Evangelina Ramirez Raquel Ramirez Alberto Ramos Andres Ramos Jason Ramos Roberta Rasmussen Francine Rayos Gregory Rech Melissa Reaor Daniel Redden Guatham Reddy Rick Redmann Christopher Redmond Rod Reifka Alma Reyes Walter Richie Emilia Rios Olga Rios Imelda Rogacion Bonnie Roos Philip Rudulph John Sagel Amy Salisbury Dina Sanchez Mercedes Sanchez Rosa Sanchez Thomas Santos Jesus Sarabia Wendy Scaus Kiku Sekino Alfred Semaan Milissa Shapiro KeUy Shim Judy Shimkus Edward Shin Hyun Shin Jae Shin So Shin Deanna Shindledecker Jennifer Shurtliff Shirley Silva Nina Slaughter 74 I Class of 89 Daun Slauson Felicien Slingbaum Chesrer Smith Heidi Smith Jeannette Smith Kimberiy Smith Norman Smith Jennifer Sosa Rogelio Soto Denise St. Ann Jeremy StaaJ Sheryle Stafford Shannon Stokes Jethro Stromsodt Carol Sung Marguerite Tancraitor Marcel Tarnate Morris Taylor Kolina Teap Sue Thang Jeffrey Thomas WiUiam Thompson Tamara Tiemey Alicia Torres Catherine Torres Gina Torres Jose Torres Jr. Tom Tran Tricia Triebold Hai Van Truong Monique Tweebeeke Mark Uyemura Raymundo Valencia Timothy Vallee Michelle Vanheerdt Cheryl Vance Christina Vargas David Vargas Gloria Vazquez Willy Velasco Joseph Velasquez Mike Velasquez Tara Velez Chan da Ven Catherine Vijar Julian Villa Claudia Villalobos Andrew Villamil Rangsima Vissessmith Chau Thi Cam Vo Thach Vomg Robert Walker 11 Joseph Walz Debra Ward Cynthia Watts Kevin Wheel Nikiaus Wheeler Lora Whitacre Denise Winn Jennie Winningham Thomas Wojciechowski Fei Xiong Trevor Yell Chun Yen Chu Eon Yi Ho Sok Yi Seong Yi Rebekah Yoo Mee Kyung Yoon Eunice Park Juniors 73 Juniors, The Spirit Of 89 In a few short months, it will be time for us to reflect upon what we have accomplished and learned over the past, things only memories to us now. Foremost in our thoughts would be the past year, our junior year.that somehow will affect the events that are yet to come. Fondly we think of the moments each of us shared with our friends, laughing, sharing jokes, and playing pranks. We ' re reminded of the excit- ment we experienced in having our first car and getting our first job. We also grew with the responsibilities that came with them. And who else could forget the nervousness we felt upon going to the Junior-Senior Prom. Our junior year was also the time when our future seemed to depend on our decisions. We started taking PSAT Tests, inquiring about colleges and universities, and deciding what we would want to be after graduation. Our junior year would soon come to it ' s end. But in it ' s ending is also a new beginning, our senior year, our last and final year at Artesia with the ex- perience gained as juniors. We knew we would graduate, having overcome all obstacles of the past. We now know that we will make it. But we will remember our junior year. Always and Forever. Weenan Ching 76 I Class of ' 89 Clociuue. page 76; Debbie Ward and Arlcnc Acosta at the Glenn game, Danny Estrada, Sharon MtCann and Kathi Pugh on the way to the lunch tables. Archie Rodrigues had pneumonia tor the CIF playoff game. Nikki Croxen, Mary Padilla, and Fern Berthon, Tall Flag stars. Andres Ramos and Raul Ramirez repair the brakes during an Auto Shop Class. Page 77. David Vargas obviously isn ' t too happy with his test grade. Gilbert Montoya deep in thought about a significant problem. David Prcece, Ozzy Fan during lunch break. Ernie, Eric Garcia, Michael Velasquez, and Adrian Garcia ' guard " the restroom door. Kim Kim, Thasneem Husseem, and Rangsima Vissessmith at Atresia Lights Up the Night. Juniors I 11 s A R T E S I A 78 Class of ' 88 Seniors ONLY Clockwise: Martin Hammonds and Belmda Molletti know how to have fun. Mark Bautista gets into another one of his problems but this time he gets advice from Mr. Jim Wray. David Beta and Margaret Garnsh are happy. Gaby Nunez and Margreat Medina, friends forever. Jo Rhee and Tina " true love " . Ron Lutes got an " A " on his test! Charmain Meyer and Mona enjoy- ing English class. Franchesca Cox and Jacqueline Morrison ob- viously on a sunny day. Craig Brown — What ' s he up to now- Seniors 79 Friends Are Forever Clockwise: John Migas and Mark King, we all need somebody to lean on. Irene Syquia and Tammy Ching will always he frtends. Jennifer Marlellucci, Michelle Miller, and Christina Beck know that having fun can he painful. " That ' s what friends are for " . Mantes Foronda and Irene deGoma play tug-o-war while their friends watch with en- thusiasm. Laura Fissett and Shellie Potter know the true meaning of friendship. 80 I Class of 88 Remember We as seniors have fond memories of high school here at Artesia. Having been in high school for four years we treasure things, things that at the time were insignificant, but turn out to have a big affect on our lives. Most of us can remember back to being freshmen, the novice high schoolers. We were new to the school, new to the teachers and especially new to the responsibility and pressures of high school. We were the ones who got trampled in the halls for that whole entire year; we were the ones who asked for directions and got sent to the gym when we were looking for the drafting room, but we got used to the run arounds. The next two years, our sophomore and junior years, were good, not hke our freshman year as the youth on campus. We made more friends these two years, strong relation- ships that have lasted until now, our senior year. The finale, our senior year, is the year we are en- titled to our own place to sit at snack and lunch. It ' s the year we get the Senior Prom and Grad night privilege. It is also the time we realize that soon we will leave Artesia High. Will we keep in touch with our friends? Will we get a good job or work for the rest of our lives at McDonalds. ' ' These questions scare us; the truth of responsibility is upon us. The final year of our scheduled life, what is ahead is what we make it. We are the next hope for the new future. Jason Hooton Seniors 81 Meileen Acosta William Adam Rodolpho Agbugnag Pauline Aguiiar Mary Aman Jose Amaro Marcy Amezquita Sheila Anorico Sophia Aparijo Robert Appleby Michael Archuleta Noralyn Arevalo Matthew Armenta Nichelle Augustine Wayne Xusbrooks Paul Avila Tara Bader David Baida Bhupinder Bajwa Anthony Barcello Mark Bautista Nick Bayuga Michael Beadle Brandy Beasley Tonya Belcher Caryn Bell JuUe Bellew Carmen Bernal Kristine Best Wendy Bignell 82 I Class of 88 David Billman Kevin Blackwell Jimmie Blakeley Mark Blakeley Brian Boulden Im Samantha Boulden SiJvia Cardenas Dolores Carlos Rachael Caron Laurie Carillo trie Caner Karolyn ( jjrwnght Valtrnc Cash Kimberley Celli Lih Ping Chang Phillpi Chavez Sothavy Chhun Ly Chhuo Seniors 83 Joseph Ching Tamerlane Ching Kachryn Cho Millie Cho Woo Cheung Kriscine Colvin Lance Comes David Comwell Franchesca Cox David Crane Desirea Crenshaw Robert Davidson Irene De Goma Jesus Delgado Roselind Delgado Manuel Diaz Richard Dixon Nien Duong Daniel Dupler Carla Earnest Kelly Edmonson Stacy Edwards Erilyn Encore Nissa Erickson Jennifer Escamilla Mark Esquibel J ulio Cueto Stacy Dill Ronald Edwards David Evans 84 I Class of 88 Jennifer Evidente Jeny Figeroa Laura Fisecte Claudia Floras Jacquelyn Fondren Bridget Ford Marices Foronda Lawrance Fox Jennifer Manelluca, one of the best looking seniors? It must have been one of those days — a test in every class! Jeffrey Fuller Ingrid Gadson Margaret Gacrish Jeanette Gendron Caria Garcia David Gibson Janeae Gilbert Casandra Glass Abilene Goruaga aik. ' -JiM Irene Garcia Barbara Gil David Gonzalez Salvador Gracian Dean Gray Corean Guess Arturu Gutierrez Donald Hagbcrg Manin Hammonds Seniors 83 Joseph Hoyo Chia Li Huang Efrain Huizar Leilani Ines Stacy Jacobson Holly Judge Gregory Kammerud Vichet Kan Christopher Kandler Luwa Kc Kevin Keep Bum Jin Kim Joo Ho tjames) Rim Mike Ktm Mark K iny Alfred Kuan 86 I Class of 88 Alice Jennings Brenda Julian Naveen Khanna Laurie Lacourse Seniors . . . 1 My senior year has been filled with many ex- periences, ail of which mold- ed my ego into what it is to- day. The chance to help others, my participation in aaivities, and all my friends helped make this the best year of my life. Geoff Harris FranciUa Lapena, Marie Martinez, Ami Linnbom, Doreen Gerhardt, Ron Lutes, Jeanette Gendron, Kevin Keep, and Jennifer O ' Rourke — a line up of seniors and future seniors. Dana Lance Eduardo Lanuza Ysa Dinh Le David Lee Kwang Lee Ci.idy Leeburg Viaoria Leggette Sarah Lewis Leung Ly Kwang-Chul Ma Kimberly Machielson Seniors j 87 Rebecca Mahmood Angel Maldonado Carolina Martinez Ana Miley Marc Maligalig Lacicia Marcinov Mario Marquez Jennifer Martellucti Luisa Maninez Monica Martinez Richard Maninez Craig May Katherine McGorman MicheUe Miller Viaor Mina Gizelle Miscrecta Belinda Moiletti Shari Moore mmk Gilbert Moreno David Morgan Jacqueline Morrison Craig Munsell Rin Muth Manuel Nava 88 Class of ' 88 Rattana Nhem Puihcheatkesar Norodom Viaor Novella Gabriela Nunez Helen Olague Karen OUer Gabriela Nunez, Jacqueline Morrison, Monica Maninez, and Sharon McCann Friends Always and Forever! (hristina Rasmussen Seniors 89 Jose Renovato John Reyes LUliaRhee Yvette Riley J ames Rivera Andrea Robinett Gary Robinson Maria Rodriguez Rebecca Rodriguez Valerie Rodriguez Christopher Rollings Francisco Romero John Shanahan De Marra Simon Larry Siratt Alicia Smith Hope Smith John Smith 90 1 Class of ' 88 Patricia Smith Richard Smith PoSom Jung Im Song Amy Lynn Sonksen Michael Stanton Archie Rodriguez and Mark Bautista checking uui the dttiun. Christina Siava Wei-Shuo Su Ellen Suh Jin Kyung buh James Sundberg janette Sung James Thompson Maria Tinoco Sathia To Gerrod Toliver Janet Tongsuthi Gustavo Torres Seniors 91 Maria Torres WiUiam Tow Cindy Tran Shawn Truby Mike Tsai Cassandra Vaca Desiree Valentine Uriel Valladares Pachrong Vanniroth Sergio Vargas Rosario Vasques David Verduzco Varisha Wofford Kyle Wright Sythan Yek Timothy Ytubanks Kasie Yoon Mart Young 92 Class of ' 88 Michael Young Shem Delk harooq Malik Roger Putnam Joseph Rhee A ways and fort ver Each moment with you lt " s |ust like a dream to me That some how came true. And I know tomorrow Will still be the same " Cause we ' ve got a life of love That won ' t ever change. And every day L»jve me your own special way Melt all my heart away With a smile. Take time to tell me You really care And (eel sad tomorrow together I ' ll always love you. There ' ll always be sunshine When I liKjk at you I can ' t explain Just the things that you do. And if you get lonely Phone me and take A second to give to me That magic you make. And every day Love me your own special way Melt all my heart away With a smile. Take time to tell me You really tare And well share tomorrow together III always love you. I-oving you. Seniors 95 Artesia Shows Off the Best of 88 The " Senior Best ' s " were chosen by the class of " 88 " based on the personalities, characteristics, and traits developed at Artesia High School during the previous four years. Every senior at Artesia is unique and special in their own way. The only difference between the students chosen as a " Senior Best " is that they have stood out and have made themselves recognized for a particular characteristic. We must realize that " The Best ' s " only represent a handful of students. Many others may be a lmost the same as a " Best. " There were many nominees in each categories. Most talkative was especially interesting because we always remember when Donnie Hagbert would say, " Ya bud- dy " and Ami Linnborn with " Doubt it. " Our class flirts always said something unique. Dean Gray with, " Where ' s my hug. " and Jacqueline Morrison ' s, " Hi! " and cute smile, and flipping her hair. Most gullible. Marc Young trying to figure out what people say, gives his unusual smile to cover up his confusion. Franchesca Cox ' s cute personality makes people laugh because of her gullibleness. Most Likely To Make A Million, Mike Beadle and Leilani Ines know where the buck stops. Class down, Reggie Johnson with his weird tricks and his, " You fool! " and Bambi Smith with her all around down-way of acting. Best dressed, Pat Rossi has his " in " style of dressing and Andrea Robinette, to her, it ' s perfectly natural to be best dressed with her modern dassy attire. Best physi- que, Kyle Wright, probably works hard to get his great " bod. " For all the girls who look at him, they think it ' s just genetic . ' Jeanette Gendron, like many other girls, works hard to look great and those guys out there w,fio st should realize that! Cutest couple, Mark McAffee and Julie Bellew: Hope your love lasts " ys and Fore t .- ! ' Xv. ' (K ' V Franchesca Cox Gass Brats Mark Baucisca and Carol Martinez Best Smile Keith Wiley and Rosa Mesa 94 I Class of 88 ' Most Gullible Marc Young and Franchesca Cox Most Likely to Make a Million Michael Beadle and Leilani Ines Best Dressed Andrea Robinette Best Physique Kyle Wright and Jeanette Gendron Most Talkative Donnie Hagberg and Amy Linnbom Most Spirited R on Edwards and Carla Garcia Best Looking Kyle Wright and Jenny Gilbert Cutest Couple Marc McAfee and Julie Bellew Class Gowtu Reggie Johnson and Bambi Smith Seniors 93 Seniors . . . Forever Retnembered Clockwise, page 96: Christina Peters caught by surprise in senior square. Ron Ed- wards getting down at the homecoming dance. Sandra Sanchez putting a sweet kiss on the cheek of Mark Bautista. Caryn Bell enjoying her work. 96 Class of ' 88 Senior Officers Lead The Class 0 88 C iiii-iitif: Scniur Otfietrs anil Reps Bi ' ttmii roir. I. in ?, Jim Ma, Jcmi ' ttt.- Gcntlrun, I.urleen Johnson, Karen Oiler, Cin- dy Trail. Top row: Hartsh Patcl. Shawn Truby, Irene Syc|iiia, Barbara Gil, Sheila Anoricu, Wayne Aiisbrouks. Christopher KanJler, Kathy MtGorman, Ellen Suh, Bar- bara (ill, ( intiy Tran, Ron Hdwards, and Dean Gray arc en- |uyin their work Haresh Patcl greats the day with a smile and a wave Mr Nolan Noble contemplates the day ' s ac- tivities, Mr, Noble tries to figure out what Lurleen Johnson and Janet Tongsuthi are up to. I.eilani Ines anil Ron will always remember the good times. Jimmy and Leiiani are making leadership plans lor the future ot Artesia Ellen Suh, Shawn Truby, and Kathy McGorman listen intently to the plans fot the day. The Senior Qass Officers and Representatives are special because they are the ones who make the decisions that effea the final year at Artesia for all the seniors. Graduation, Grad Night, the Senior Picnic that was finally earned, and the Christmas Wreath sale were all things that the Senior Officers planned or designed It was a super year partly because this unique and im- portatnt group performed their task well. Seniors j 97 A R T E S I A G A N Z A T I N 98 Q Organizations j Always on Cue ' , Forever in Tune fs ' • The Artesia High Band Ready and , . , let ' s strike up the band! This year the Artesia Band has played a major part in the spirit of Artesia. Through it all they have been there doing everything from rooting on our football team to a victory to representing our school at a marching competition. Fortunately, we have a versatile band in that, they have the ability to entertain the football fans with their detailed marching manuvers and dazzling the audience with their beautiful concert music. Although they were very small in quantity (approximately 45 members) each musical section was represented very well with a strong brass, low brass, woodwind, and drum se«ion. They marched in a few field competitions and did extremly well at California High by taking third place. Under the direaion of Mr. Dan Castro, the 1987-88 Artesia Band per- formed their way through an outstanding year! Karen Oiler Bottom TOW, L to R: Jaime Kesler, Deanna Drowning. Stacy Saucedo, Carol Hyatt, Cindy Watts, and Olympia Valencia. Second row: Socorro Gutierrez, Jaieel Dunn, Nicole Croxen, Terry Benhon, Julie Bellew, Denise Evelyn, Sandy Peres, Yolanda Banks, and Silva Arceo. Third row: Randy EstudiUo, Malena Conger, Francisco Lazaro, Wayne Sim, Sergio Perez, An Hemandez, Enrique Lazaro. Steve Jaramillo, Irene Garcia, Bridget Ford, and Lisa Astorga. Fourth row: Gabby Williams, Chris Lamothe, Matthew Bradshaw, Jose Rivera. Adolfo Guamgorema, Latisha Marcimov, Pete Gutierrez. Ron Meyer, Legary Leshay, Matt GoUa. and Harold Richardson. Top row: Enri- que Estrada, Harry Kaufman, Greg Loucks, Kevin Bartlow, Latrease Col- eman, Richard Smith, Joe Walz, Mario Marquez, Karen OUer. Francisco Cano, and Jose Mejia. Clockwise: Up on cue is Mr. Dan Castro, Anesia High ' s band conductor. Caught on candid camera are Wayne Kim, Kathleen Burrell, Michelle Brown, Sergio Perez, Enrique Lazaro, and . , , That ' s All Folks! Joe Walz bowing with trumpet in hand for a fine band performance. Organizations 99 Campus Life Better I ban Ever Campus Life is a club that cares and is uni- quely concerned for its members. They are always looking for new ways to help people. A group of teenagers of many different races and cultures. Campus Life is here to help the school become a better place to learn and to make our campus a place of pride for all Pioneers, a place for all of us to feel wanted. During club meetings, the members talk to each other about those things that they are unable talk to other people about. Everyone is very open with each other and is able to help each other through those difficult times that we all confront from time to time. The members talk about school and religion, friends and relatives. They are always there to help each other and to improve " Campus Life " . Campus Life: Bottom row, L to R: Maria Acuna, Maria Aguirre, Mary Rose Bautista, Gina Suh, Jennifer Wilson, Don Sevilia, Carla Snuggs, Hershey Fernando; second row: Erica Yip, Jennifer Wilt, Young Kwon, Luie Martinez, Meg Tancraitor, Nina Slaughter, Sandra ViUalba, Rosa Mesa, Rachel Greaves; third row: Susan Wilt, Juhe TuUy, Nicole Constance, Jessika Campos, Tim Lowry, Gary Albets, Dawn Slauson, Suzanne Oliver, Missy Rector; fourth row: Scott Nyquist, Ken Gray, Bill Ham, David Franklin. Brent Hooton. C.A.P.P. College Bound C.A.P.P. stands for the College Aspiration Partnership Program whose. The goal of the C.A.P.P. is to enable people of different cultural backgounds to have the best chance possible to be accepted to colleges and universities. Atresia administrators, teachers, and, of coutse, students make up the C.A.P.P. The C.A.P.P. attempts to plan and prepare it ' s student member ' s college paperwork and goals. They care about the importance of an ad- vanced education and help guide members along the best paths for assured success. All Artesia Pioneers with a college education in their future are encouraged to participate in the very worthwhile activities of the C.A.P.P. C.A.A.P.: Bottom row: Advisor Paul Gonzales, Andrea Robinett, Jennifer Laird, Amy Salisbury, Lorena Gonzalez, Dina Sanchez, Monica Lazaro, Mariana Rios, Olga Rios, SaMarra Simon, Mrs. Nancy Krause, James Kim, Jose Tron- coso, Rosa Cuera,, Rosa Mesa; top row; Jernay Cannon, Lisa Jimenez, Jethro Stromsodt, Shanette Clayton. Mario Mar- quez, Shakir Askia, Sandro Leon, Aureliano Ramos, Paul K eys. 100 I Organizations P.A.L. Your Pet ' s Best Friend P.A.L., Pet Assistance League, under the direction of President Craig Brown and officers Jennifer O ' Rourke, Young Kwon, Angela Diederich, Stacy Taylor, and Advisor Michele Brannon has as its main goal the improvement of animal care through community and student education. Dealing primarily with house pets but by no means ignoring all other animals, P.A.L. has had speakers from the 4-H Club and local animal shelters instruct its members on animal and pet conce ns. The knowledge gained from these speakers and field trips to the L.A. and San Diego Zoos have proved invaluable to the members as they sought to improve their animal handling skills and to construct a dog- run tor lost pets found on our campus. PAL,, Bottom row. L to R: Luun Ung. Mary Aman, Carla Garcia, Kathy Davis, Mjric MartLnez, Francilla Lapcna, Lori Graham, Alice Jennings Second row: Brian BoulcJen, Tam- my Chang, Marie Frazicr, Jeancttc Gendron, Jennifer O ' Rourke, Luie Martinez, Veronica Vasquez, Angela Diederich, Scon Holten, David Kim, Third row: Hiep Ngo, James Kim, Rick Wang, Joo Han Lee, Macr Smith, Mary Rose Bautista, Willie Han, Joe Machado Fourth row: Robert Walker, Craig May, Stacey Taylor, Young Kwon, David Edeza, Joe Walz, Gina Suh, Craig Brown, Hcrshey Fernando, Top row: Robert Davidson, Robert Matos, Mark Bautista. Chinese Club Adjusting to the U.S. The Chinese Club consists of Pioneers of Chinese descent who help each other to adjust to the American culture and way of life. With the assistance of Advisors Suzanne Kung and Ellen Lee, the Chinese Club has become a place where its members can congregate to talk of concerns, assist with school work, and to make each other feel more comfortable. The more than 30 members of the Chinese Club have welcomed new students into the organization and helped them articulate into the American cultural mainstream while at the same time helping them remember the customs of their homeland. Chinese CJub: Bottom row: Candie Huang, Mrs, Suzanne Kung, Annie Chu, Ya Lin Chang, Connie Lee, Patti I e, Julia Lee, Mrs, Ellen Lee, Second row: ]Ant:iie Sung, Joyce Huang, Julie Chen, Fei Xiong, C arol Sung, Susana Lee, Maria Lee, Michelle Moo, Yen Ling Kuo, Yu Ling Hsu, Tap row: Sky Chen, Peter Hong, Wei Shuo Su, Tony Liu, Ed- ward t hin, Mike Chang, Shih Hsicn Chuang, David Lee, Paul Chang. Organizations j 101 California Scholarship Federation The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is an academic and service club. Through many fundraisers such as " Dollars for Scholars " and " New Years Grams " , the club enables qualified seniors who are active members of CSF, to be awarded scholarships. The requirements include a high grade point average and being an outstanding member of the club. Members of CSF also lend a hand for the annual Canned Food Drive and other special ac- tivities. The dub is led by the CSF President, Jimmy Ma, and is directed by the club advisor, Ms. Carmen Fori. 102 I Organizations Sophomore C.S.F. Boiiom. L to R: Sovanna Thay, Nancy Pitaknarongphorn, Hcrshcy Fernando, Mary rose Bautista, Sung Lee, Top. L lo R: Crist. na Santa Ana, Ken Fisher, Rick Wang, Joyce Chin, Gina Suh. Junior C.S.F. BuHor i. L to R: Lantc Chou.Sheryle Stafford, David Lee, Tom Tran, Luun Ung, Elaine Javier, Tern Kim, Supot Pitaknarongphorn, D.J. Kim. James Kim, Vanthi Pham, Julia Lin, Connie Lee, Pattie Lee, Susan Toon, Top. L to R: Weenan Achacoso, Asif Mahmood, Sharon McCann, Mark Uyemura, Gene Chi, John Chang, Edward Kim, Mike Pak, Thasneem Hasseem, WiUie Han, David Kim, Baek Young Chovng. Senior C.S.F. Brillr m. L Iv R: Harcsh Patel, Ysa Le, Mimi Wen, Abilene Gonzaga, Cindy Tran, Leilani Ines, Janet Tongsuthi, Chia Li Huang, Stat7 Dill, Luwa Ke, Millie Cho, Packy Vanniroth, Sathia To, Tammy Ching, Irene Syqvia, Barbara Gil, Meileen Acosta Top, L lo R: Tejal Patel, Na- veen Khanna, Sammy Hun, Nick Bayuga, David Baida, James Kim, Kathi McGorman, Mike Beadle, Jeanette Gendron, Lance Comes, Craig Brown, Farooq Malik, Sunnarith Heang, Steve Lin, Jim Ma, Dong Woon Lim, Don Sevilla. Organizations I 103 The Drama Club This year the Drama Club did an outstanding job on all of their performances. The Drama Club held some exciting, funny, and very dramatic plays this year. The actors and actresses in the Drama Club were very self confident, which is why the club is one of the best clubs in the school district. They all work very hard to be the best possible. They ' ve done the first play of this year in the shortest time ever of four and a half weeks. They did a wonderful job! Bottom row. L to R: Lisa Walz, Angelo Serrano, Dawn White, Heather Hail, David Baida, Margret Garrish, Miguel Mendez, Billy Bledsoe, Ken Gray Middle row: Shakir Askia, Robert Lambert, Jacqueline Morrison, Rosa Mesa, Tamara Tierney, Tim Lowry, Jenifer Wilt, Cheryl Lind, Lisa Merchain, Christina Rasmassen To row. ' Jeannine MacArthur, FranciUa Lapela, Susu Alihassan, Dean Gray, Cheryl Anderson, Joe Hoyo, Dawn Slauson, Suzanne Oliver, Missy Rector, Daniel Barcelo, Danette Drctzka Thespians Stage Crew Thespians is a world wide organization consisting of only ambitious actors and actresses. To become a member of Thespians you must earn a certain amount of points, earned by participating in plays or doing something that concerns the production of a play or musical. Each member pays a small fee and receives a monthly magazine discussing upcoming events and the topic " Acting " . Wc have 14 members of Thespians here at Artesia including the drama teacher, Mr Robert Faircloth. Boltorn row: Susu Alih.iss.m, Angelo Serrano, Jeannic MacArthur, Cheryl Anderson, Joe Hoyo, Jennifer Laird, David Baida, Mi Robert Faircloth. Top row: Margaret Garrish, Rosa Mesa, Jennifer Wilt, Susie Oliver, Missy Hector, Cheryl Lind. The Stage Crew is a very important part of the Drama Club. They are the people who actually build the set. They build, paint, and decorate the set. Without a Stage Crew, the play can not come to life. Obviously the Stage Crew is a vital part in the set-up of a play. They have to be there as much as the actors, sometimes even more. They have to make sure everything goes smoothly. The Stage Crew also does many things besides building the set. They also work on costumes and makeup and make sure the actors have everything they need in time to perform. The Stage Crew also makes sure the curtain opens and closes at the appropriate times. The curtain never goes up if the Stage Crew does not do their job. Botlotii row: Ken Gray, Ruben Segiira, Angelo Serrano, Joe Hoyo, Billy Bledsoe, Tamara Tierney, Miguel Mendez, Rosa Mesa, Mr. Robert Faircloth. Top row: Heather Hall, Margret Garrisli, Lisa Walz, David Baida, Daniel Barcello, Dawn White, Danette Dretzka 104 I Organizations The Korean Club The Korean Club of Artesia High School is primarily composed of dedicated Korean students. There are 35 members of the Korean Club at Artesia, under the direction of the club adviser, Mr. Howard Quan. The Korean Club met every Monday to discuss club matters and up coming events. The Korean Club of Artesia competed in special events with Whitney, Gahr, and Cerritos High Schools to claim the title of being number one in the ABC School District. Korean Club: Bottum row: L to R: Andrew Lee, Hyun Soo Kim, Ya Kyung Jo, Susan Yoon, Sung Lee, Edward Shin, Millie Cho, Howard Kwon.Jaemin Kim, Jennifer Kim, James Kim, D.J. Kim, Edward Kim, Young Jo, Terri Kim, Joun Cuang, Frank Ahn. Top row: John Kim, Sammy Han, Rick Wang, Brian Lee, In Kyu Kim, David S. Lee, David D. Lee, Joo Han Lee, Simon Pyo, Chang Hy, Chang Hyun Jang The French Club The French Club of Artesia High School is a group of internationally minded students who were brought together by the desire to experience a bit of the French life. Club members actively support fund raisers which provide them with money to attend French films, eat at French restaurants, and engage in other activities with a French flavor. The French Club this year is composed of 24 members directed by club adviser, Mr. Don Hardenbrook. French C:iub; Bollom row: Kim Quach, Van Thithi Pham, Minhthuan Pham, Luon Ung, Lisa Chhor, Pam Luna, Nancy Pitaknarongphorn, Mr Don Harden- brook Second row: Gina Suh. Heip Ngo, Tom Tran, Cristina Santaana, Thasnecm Hasscem. Widad Alihasan. Third row: )o in Kim, David Evans, David D. Lee, Steve Kim, Willie Han, David Kim, Supot Pitaknarongphor, James Kim Top row: Sandro Leon, Mike Pak. Organizations I 103 Little Rah-Rahs Shout Louder j:S Checrleading is an activity. It is hard work and takes up lots of time; however, it can also be fun! Rallies, games, carwashes, make the hard work all worth while. In order to become one of the select group of cheerleaders, you must keep up your grade point average up and be determined and dedicated. Although cheerleading is exciting and fun, responsibility and leadership also come with it. To become an effective cheerleader, you must learn squad uni- ty and be spirited. You also must learn cheers, chants, and routines accurately. Being a cheerleader is truly an honor and always a memorable experience. !i ' yf!5 - W ■H HS |J 5 r " s«d H lrl|||Hflffi 4 W ' ■ ' I H TOM T .r, w i 106 I Organizations CloikuiH ' , pages }06 ' 107: Looking great are Sandra Villalba. Jennifer Chambcrlin, Heather Guggiana, Sim Yoo, and Nathalie Arevalo, the Freshmen Yell Squad. " Yeh, we know who we are . . . Freshmen Yell! " Cheer- ful anil spirited. Nathalie Arevalo at the (.IF game against Anaheim " GO BIG RED !!! ' Sandra and Jen- nifer. " We are Number One!!. " Shoutmg her lungs out. Jennifer leads a yell. " Rah! Rah! Rah! Cheering the Pioneers on to victory are Heather and Nathalie, ( ' leaning up after the Varsity entrance. Organizations I 107 J. V. Yell J. y. YelVs Got the Look! The J.V. Yell Squad was definitely ready for action. With the confidence they had in each other, they worked hard to perfect their routines and became close friends in the process. J.V. yell proved their abilities at cheerleading camp by winning the " Superior " Award. The spirited squad of Darla Dunn, Jennifer Wood, Nicole Johnson, Erin Hartman, Jeannine MacArthur, Kelly O ' Brien, and Irma Sanchez would like to thank all of the teams. Many of the girls will move up to the varsity level next year. They will take with them the skills, talents, and en- thusiasm that they have developed during the 1987- 1988 seasons. 108 Organizations Clockwise, page 108: Smiling nice and ready for aaion are Kelly O ' Brien and Annette Nuno. Top row: Nichole Johnson, KelJy O ' Brien. Middle row: Erin Heartman, Darrla Dunn, Erma Sanchez. Bottom row: Jennine MacArthur, Jennifer Woods. Jennifer Wood showing who ' s the best. Page 109: jM. Yell on the field and on a roU. Nichole Johnson and Kelly O ' Brien, looking beautiful and preparing for the next yell. Organizations j 109 Varsity Yell Varsity Yell ' s GdlThe Right Stuff Because of the leadership of Captain Caria Garcia, the Varsity Yell Squad was one of the most organized, together squads around. Prac- tice, practice, practice was Carla ' s daily direction and, at the games, all those hours paid off — Varsity Yell was GREAT! At football and basketball games, rallies and competitions, we were Number One. Whether a pyramid or cheer, the squad was outstanding! A fantastic year, Carla, Sharon, Tammy, Jennifer, and Kristine. The Pioneers thank you for a year of excitement and enthusiasm. n w F k K ' ' -. ' r l ■ ' ..y- ' 1 M R nrJH L m K i ' jvC H il ■ 1 n I B 110 I Organizations Clockwise, page 1 10: Tami SiF es dancing like always! Sharon Mc Cann and Jennifer O ' Rourke cheer- ing at a wrestling match against Mayfair High. Christine Stava showing that Atresia is number 1 !! AH the pep units including Sharon Mc Cann running to cheer for another winning touch-down. Our great Varsity Yell squad: L to R: Sharon Mc Cann, Jennifer ORourke. Carla Garcia. Christine Stava, Tami Siptes. Page 111: Sharon Mc Cann and Laura Fisette eating lunch and getting set for the rally. ' " Give me a Go, Fight. Win! " Jennifer O ' Rourke being cute at the homecoming game against La Mirada. TTiis is what our cheerleaders look like during Spirit Week! " Come on. Artesia. You can beat em! " Organizations I 111 Varsify Pep Flags The 1987-88 Varsity Pep Flags were very succesful. At camp their hard work and dedication was rewarded when they received the Unity award. The Pep Flags performed eveytime with the spirit and enthusiasm characteristic of Atresia High School. Page 115: Debbi Ward, " ! wanna wave my flags! " Lisa Jimenez leads the routine. Sheryl LoBue screaming for a score. Pep flags watching the varsity game. Arlene Acosta flirting with the cameia, Lisa Jimenez at attention. Lisa Wingate. ' We made a touchdown! " Lupe Camacho, " What a great game! " Lynette Arevalo leading a line of flags ' . Clockwise. Page 112: Sheryl LoBue and Roben Deleon hav- ing a discussion. Kris Petty wat- ching the game. Pep flags finishing a great performance, Lupe Camacho getting ready to start a cheer. Jeanette Smith cheering for a touchdown Pep flags: Bottom to Top, L to R: Debbi Ward, Lynette Arevalo, Lisa Jimenez, Lupe Camacho, Lisa Wingate, Kris Petty, Jeanette Smith, Arlene Acosta, Sheryl LoBue. 1 12 Organizations Organizations 1 13 Varsity Song Like all the bright stars in the sky, like every note of a song, we were so different. Knowing nothing about each other, we became a team. We learned to cooperate and work together. We were grew each day, and our spirit grew with us. We represented Atresia High School with great pride and honor. We were at our best when we were performing. The chance that we were given, the most precious times of our youth, the memories, will always put smiles on our faces. Perhaps in the future, when we look back at this time, it ' ll bring us gentle tears, reminding us of the beautiful times we once had . . .Jeannie Lim Clockwise, Page 1 14: Varsity Song performing during halftime. Joanne Hamad concentrating hard. Lizette Lopez waiting for the next cheer. Atresia Cheer performing the camp dance. Page 115: Varsity Song performing at a game. Varsity Song waiting for the music. Joanne Hamad not in uniform. Joanne Hamad. Sharon McCann, and Lizette Lopez posing pretty. Varsity Song showing their stuff during halftime. Niki Jo warming up. Kathy Davis with a great smile, Jennifer ORourke, Lizette Lopez having fun duting the Homecoming game Bollom to Top. L to R: Lizette Lopez, Niki Jo, Jeannie Lim, Nina Slaughter, Joanne Hamad, Cheryl Anderson. Not piaured. Captain Anette Nuno, 114 Organizations B - if« J ;.iL i%ki •. . gggr Organizations I 113 1987-88 Rifles Rifles Give It Their Best Shot In carrying on the tradition of extraordinary precision, the rifle squad has definitely proven to be the best rifle squad ever. Rifles are a unique group of performers led by Captain Julie Bellew, The Ri- fle Squad performed at all of the football games and even some of the basketball games. All of their hard work and practice paid off as they received the praise of students, parents, and teachers throughout the entire year. As their motto states, " Rifles give it their best shot " . Clockwise: The ' 87- ' 88 rifle squad! Denise Evelyn at attention. One-two-three go!! Nikki Croxen and Julie Bellew in perfect synchronization. The Squad: Bottom row: Fern Berthon, Julie Bellew, Denise Evelyn. Top row: Sandra Peres, Nikki Croxen, Maria PadiUa. 116 I Organizations 1987-88 Tall Flags Tall Flags Have Got It The 87-88 Tall Flags are one of the dynamic squads who performed during halftime at the football games, giving it their all, and also at the rallies. Tall Flags are part of the Atresia pep squad. They have shown their Pioneer Pride through their " hot " performances and school spirit. Tall Flags have shown a job well done. rhc 1987-88 Tall Flags: Bottom row, L to R: Deanna )upler, Mart7 Ramos, Sylvia Arceo, Jamie Kesler; econj Row: Theresa (.rote, Lon Graham, Jennifer ierg. Heather Berg, Tiirii Rou: Third Row; Carol lyatt, Stacy Savccdo, Soccorro Guiterrez, Cindy Jfatts, Tof) Row: Nancy Gonzalez, Olympia Valencia. Cindy Watts with a great flag wave. Deanna Duplet at perfect attention. Olympia Valencia, Marcy Ramos, Nant Gonzalez, and Sylvia Arceo, Tali Flags, Always and Forever! Sylvia Arceo concen- ttating on her next move. Flags Flying high!! Organizations j 117 International Club The Great Ar testa Melting Pot Role-Playing Club The International Club consists of people from many other cultures and countries. Latins, Asians, Europeans, and Americans all gather together to form a multicultural, multiethnic, organization. The International Club consists of more than 70 members under the direction and leadership of advisor Mr. Russ Spradlin. The International Club promotes goodwill and understanding between all the nations that are represented at Atresia High School. International Club: Bottom row, L to R: Rin Muth, James Kim, Kristy Evidcnte, Irene De Goma, Irene Syquia, Bar- bara Gil, In Kyn Kim, Lurie Johnson, (Tom) Hiep Ngo, Rebecca Mahmood, Yatrini Patel, Thasneem Hasseem, Julie Cho, Steve Lin, Nien Duong, Joo Han Lee, Supot Pitaknarongphorn, Rattana Nhem, Nick Bayuga. Middle row: Sammy Han, Ding Woon Lim, Sunnarith Heang, Na- veen Khanna, Tejal Patel, Chau Vo, Jennifer Evidente, Soy Ly, Sathia To, Juliette Escano, Vivianne Oraa, Shiela GUico, Lynette Arevalo, Marites Foronda, Janet Escano, Arlene Acosta, Sheila Anorico. Luie Martinez, Susane Wilt, Vanthi Pham, Jeannie Lim, Rudy Agbunag, Niki Jo, Ellen Suh, Candie Huang, Tammy Ching, Asif Mahmood, Willie Han, David Kim, Rick Wang, David Evans. Top Row: Brian Lee, Alfred Semaan, Farooq Malik, Wayne Ausbrooks, Ame Tanner, Rosy Atmadja, Lisa Jimenez, Young Jo, Tern Kim, Jenny Shunliff, Kelly Shim, Rachel Del Valle, Lisa Chhor, Pam Luna, Widad Alihasan, Tom Tran, Millie Cho, Esperanza Sainz, Gustavo Torres, Victor Novella. The role-playing club consists of imaginative gamers who meet regularly at lunch everyday to play games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel Superheroes, Robotech, and Star Fron- tiers. By role playing in a group, they teach the importance of group cooperation to their members, while having lots of fun. They do anything from slaying dragons to hunting aliens in these games. The club is run by three officers: " Crown Prince " Yen, " Prime Minister " Bailey, " Court Justi ' se " Harris, and their advisor, Don Hardenbrook. They always welcome good will- ed people willing to cooperate. Role-Playing Club: Biittoiii Row. L to R : Mr Don Harden- brook, Patfick Kim, Charles Bailey, Jerry Yen, " Sir " Bally, Shawn Edwards Top Row : Geoff Harris, Chris Johnson, Chester Smith, " Sit " Ray. 118 Organizations Junior Achievement hooking To The Future This year the students involved in Junior Achievement are enjoying the opportunity to start their own business. In this organization they get the chance to begin a commercial enter- prise, and yes, even make money! They open the business and close it. It ' s bureaucracy in the making with all the paperwork and red-tape that Junior Achievement generates. Junior Achievement: Bottom Row, L to R: Marci Lapnore, Lisa Walz, Luie Maninez, Susu AliHassan, Mtddle Row: Marie Martinez, Francilia Lapena Top Row: Kevin Dawes, David FrankJin, Brent Hooton. Winter Formal Committee Fulfilling Our Winter Dreams of 1988 Our Winter Formal Committee has worked hard in organizing the formal dance that took place on January 23. Their hard work payed off when they saw the event they had planned progress beautifully through the evening. They had the satisfaction of enjoying themselves and should be proud of what they achieved. Winter Formal Committee. Bottom Row, L to R: Barbara Gil, Janet Tongsutht, Jacqueline Morrison. Rosa Mesa, Ron Edwards, Arlene Acosta. Shawn Truby, Dee Dee Higgins, Top Row: Naja Mc Donald, James Kim, Angel Maldonado, Kathi Mc Gorman, Inkyu Kim, Lurie Johnson. Leilani Ines. Organization j 119 A.S.B. Officers Doing T be Job! Homecoming, graduation, dances, invitations, lip syncs, formals, elections, grad nite, fund raisers, and the list goes on and on . . . But wait! Do all of these great things that make high school so terrific and memorable just pop out of some obscure and dark room in the 300 building. Of course not! They are carefully organized by a small group of untrained but energetic students who congregate each morning at 7:00 a.m. while the more sensible folks are still dreaming that its Satur- day. These sleepy students are led by the more dashing and dynamic Mr. Nolan Noble. The Leader- ship class does more than just set a certain day for an event, they literally are the driving force behind it. They plan it, decorate, organize, work, and do a hundred other things that nobody ever notices or appreciates. You may think that the Leadership has a thankless job and they usually do. Then you may wonder why they spend so much time and effort to do things for fellow students with such little reward. But actually, they would say that the reward is great. It is satisfaction in having done the best they could to make the year memorable. So next time you are partying at that " great " formal, performing in a lip sync, and even when you ' re walking down that aisle to accept your diploma, please, remember those thankless souls who made it possible. Janet Tongsuthi Leadership Leading The Way The Student Body Officers: Bottom row, L to R: Secretary Kathi Mc Gorman, President Ron Edwards, Vice President Leiiani Ines, Treasurer James Kim; Top row: Commissioner of Athletics In Kyu Kim, Commissioner of Academics Janet Tongsuthi, Commissioner of Publicity Angel Maldonado, Commis- sioner of Rules Candie Huang, Com- missioner of Spirit Rosa Mesa, Com- missioner of Aaiv ' ities Arlene Acosta Leadership: Front row: Inkyu Kim, James Kim, Angei Maldonado, Supot Pitaknarongphorn, Barbara Gil, Neil Romero, Ron Edwards, Juhe Cho, Sung Lee, Joyce Chin, Rick Wang; second row: Brian Lee, Terri Kim, Young Jo, Erwin Clamor, Rosy Atmadja, Irene Sy- quia, Arlene Acosta, Leilani Ines, Sheila Anorico, Lurleen Johnson, Tom Tran, Mary Rose Bautista, Thasneem Hasseem, Brian Clark, Joo Han Lee; top row: Wayne Ausbrooks, Eddie Kim, Alfred Semaan, Lisa Jimenez, Ame Tanner, Kathi Mc Gorman, Rosa Mesa, Jeanette Gendron, Sharon McCann, Candie Huang, Gina Suh, Minh Pham, Vanthi Pham, John Choe. Front Row, L to R: Inkyu Kim, James Kim, James Kim, Angel Maldonado, Supot Pitaknarongphorn, Barbara Gil, Neil Romero, Ron Edwarrd, Julie Cho, Sung Lee, Joyce Chin, Rick Wang. Second Row. L to R: Brian Lee, Terri Kim, Young Jo, Erwin Clamor, Rosy Atmadja, Irene Syquia, Arlene Acosta, Leilani Ines, Sheila Anonco, Lurleen Johnson, Tom Tran, Mary Rose, Thasneem Hasseem, Brian Clark, Joo Han Lee. Top Row. L to R: Wayne Ausbrooks, Eddie Kim, Alfred Semaan, Lisa Jimenez, Ame Tanner, Kathi Mc Gorman, Rosa Mesa, Jeanette Gendron, Sharon Mc Cann, Candie Huang, Gina Suh, Minh Pham, Van Thi Pham, John Choe. 120 Organizations Group Counseling Expressing The Way They Feel Group Counseling is an alliance of students who can find both advice and new ft-iends at the same time. Many people have joined Group Counseling for many reasons: Family problems, friends in need, or life in general are all topics that Group Counseling addresses. They meet every Monday to try and help people who have problems and concerns. The group basically serves as peers meeting to help each other. Group Counseling: Bottom Row, L to R: Rachael Caron, Lisa Bryant, David Preece, Christina Becl , Laticia Marcinov, Robert Lambert, Dana Render. Middle Row. L to R: Sandra Peres, Rathelle Butcher, Valerie Luedtke, Maggie Tan- craitor, Jaqi Fondren, Michelle Miller, Jennifer Martellucti, Denise Siratt. Tofi Rou. L to R: Kelly Edmondson, Kyle Wright, Torea Broiwn, Shavonne Torres, Mr. Bob Bess. Mat Mates Keep It Straight Promoting school spirit is just one of the many tasks that the Mat Mates fulfill each year. With the help of Coach Spradlin, they are able to combine their efforts to cheer on Artesia ' s Wrestling team. The Mat Mates go to all the matches, both home and away. At the home matches, they keep scores and time. They are in charge of keeping pin-times, which involves pinning of an opponent down for one second. They are also in charge of brackets, which in- volves the schedule of matches and a report of wins and losses. Thanks for all your contribu- tions to the many wins of Artesia ' s Wrestling team. Mat Mates: Melissa Rogers, Cindy Watts, Dieilcrich, Ix ri Graham, Angela Organizations I 121 Octagon Club Doing It For The People The Octagon Club is part of a national com- mmunity service organization whose primary function is to serve the community. The club members, under the leadership of President Lurleen Johnson, Vice President Jimmy Kim, and Secretary Elaine Javier participated in a variety of local activities including the support of a Special Olympics held at Melbourne School and Cerritos College and the contribution of money to needy families during the Christmas and, Thanksgiving holidays. The Octagon Club enjoyed the activities and at the same time brought joy to the life of others. Octagon Club; Bottom Row, L to R: Elaine javier, Nathalie Arevalo, Neil Romero, Rudy Agbunag, Alvin Oconer, Tammy Chmg, Barbara Gil, Lurie Johnson, Leilani Ines, Meileen Acosta, Hiep Ngo, Nien Duong, James Kim. Miei- dle Row: Wayne Ausbrooks, Erwin Clamor, Terri Kim, Young Jo, Vanthi Pham, Cindy Tran, Janet Escano, Sheila Anonco. Arlene Acosta, Abilene Gonzaga, Lynette Arevalo, Steve Lin, Millie Cho, Luie Martinez. Top Row: John Chang, Mike Pak, Frank Ahn, Inkyu Kim, Rosy Atmadja, Bfian Clark, Mike Beadle, Lance Comes, Joo Han Lee, Willie Han, David Kim, Eddie Kim, Sam Han, Rick Wang, Ron Edwards. Silk Screening Custom Designed The Silk Screen club has been taught by Mr. Art Whyte at Atresia High for an incredible thirty-one years! Silk Screening is an enjoyable organization that teaches students how to make exciting and creative designs which are then printed on t-shirts. Silk Screenin g is simple to learn. The design is first drawn up, then it is blown-up by using an opaque projector. Then the design is traced over. After making the necessary corrections, the design is traced on white paper by using a light table. The picture is then colored as you would like to see it on the shirt. When the coloring is completed, the design is traced again and prepared for cutting. After the design is cut out, it is placed on screen. The shirt is set under this screen and paint is applied until the paint has been printed onto the shirt. Presto! A silk-screened shirt! Silk Screening: L to R: Rachel Castaneda, David Gibson, Bernardo Lopez, Araceli Ortiz, Terrence Martinez. 122 I Organizations y s H Bijlk ' ' ' V b hI p Choral Club Some of the highlights ot this year ' s Choral Club were their performances at Artesia Lights Up the Night, the annual Christmas Assembly, and the Broadway Musical. Led by President Tony Fisher and Vice-President Christy Evidente, the Choral Club strove to achieve a fulfilling and memorable year for all its members and the students of Artesia. This year ' s Choral Club had several talented singers, two of the best being David Baida and Ron Pepito. The Choral Club raised funds to pay for the choreographers, concerts, trips, and other ac- tivities. Some of the most exciting events that this club will remember were the trips to televi- sion shows such as " The Late Show " , " Mama ' s Family " , and " A Different World " . It sounds like fun, but being in this club requires a lot of time and hard work. This years work sure paid offl Bottom row. L to R: David Baida, Antl Jardiel, James Kim. Julie Bicknell, Tome Fisher, Christy Evidente, Hope Smith, Michelle Bruwn. Margaret Garrish, Dong Woo Lim. Yeon Woong Chung, Ken Fisher, Mfddle: Nuriey Elvira, Hyun — Joo Lee, Jennifer Guevarra, Samantha Boulden. Lisa Chhor, Ya-Fen Chaung, Joanna Peng, Steve Baeck, Carlos Ramos, Edward Chou. Ly Chhou, Shih-Hsien Chuang, Joe Uk Chung, Min-Hyuk Choi, Top: Danette Dretcka, Michael Conger, Bndgette Patterson, Brandy Beasley, Cassandra Robinson. Tlieresa Dyer, Silvia Ramirez, Rebecca Turpen, Tracy Rydman, Trac7 Van Val ken burgh, Jung Im Song, Rachel Del Valle, Diana Araujo. Pep Band Bigger doesn ' t always mean better and that was true with our 1987-1988 Pep Band. Thirty-five of our talented musicians dedicated their spare time to add Pioneer support to many of our sports teams. Their motive was to en- courage the players while entertaining the fans. The Pep Band played a big part at our Varsity Football games. They showed off their Pioneer Pride by playing such tunes as " Bad, Bad Leroy Bruwn " , " Louie-Louie " , and of course, " On Artesia " . Although they were fairly small in size, the sound and energy was that of a 100 man band. Led by Mr. Dan Castro and Mr. Nolan Noble, our 1987-1988 Pep Band was one ot the most powerful and spirited Pep Bands yet! Congratulations for a great year! Bollom rou . left to right: Manu Marquee, Karen Oiler, Bridget Ford. Irene Garcia, Laticia Marcinuv, Malena Con- ger. Middle row: James Kim, Pete Gutierrez, Innque Estraon, Adolfu Guangorena, Ron Bone, Steven JaramiUo, Kathleen Burrell Back row: Chris Johnson. Jolcen Dunn, Jese Varges, Mat Golla, Harr ' Kaufman, Gabby X ' llllams, Kevin Bartlow, Randy Fstudillo, Monte Amerson. Lt-gary Lcshay, Organizations j 123 Pioneer Express They Bring Us The News Dedication, hardwork and a strong mind is what Artesia ' s " Pioneer Express " journalism staff is all about. During the past year, " Pioneer Express " staff worked hard to inform the student body, facul- ty,, and community of upcoming events. They reported on everything from sports to our teachers, campus life to the school carnival. " The Pioneer Express " staff includes Advisor Nokaleta Cardriche; Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Editor Ame Tanner; Assistant Editor Joni Ratliff; News Editor Jessie Vidrio; Feature Editor Don Sevilla; Sports Editor Dean Gray; and reporters Roger Bautista, Aaron Christopher, Wolfen Gloria, Jamie Kesler, Angel Maldonado and Lawrance Fox. With only nine students to write, prepare, and distribute the paper, the " Pioneer Express " staff did a wonderful job. Pioneer Express: Bottom row, L to R: Advisor Mrs. Nokaleta Cardriche, Assistant Editor Joni Ratliff. Top row: Roger Bautista, Don Sevilla, Jamie Kesler, Aaron Christopher, Angel Maldonado. Not pictured, Editor Ame Tanner. how Brass Morns Forever Low Brass is a music club of people who play instruments that many people don ' t even know exist. The instruments include the tuba, trom- bone, baritone, and tenor sax. The Low Brass members are considered to be the " unknowns " because they have one of the most unsung yet important parts in the whole band. They are generally known as the " harmony " section and that is why they tend to be ignored. The forma- tion of the Low Brass Club gave the group a chance not only to be the " harmony " , but the " melody " too! True, they are very small in size, but when you put as much " heart and soul " in it as they did, their power erased all doubt as to their value. Low Brass: Bottom Row, L to R: Mr. Nolan Noble, Matthew Bradshaw, Karen Oiler, Francisco Cano, Richard Smith. Top Row: Jesse Leon, Francisco Lazaro, Ron Myuer, Randy EstudiUo, Legary Leshay. 124 Organizations Interact Club Supports Our Commutiity The Initract Club, a cummunity anJ school st-rvicc club, sponsored by Rotary International, was started at Artesia High School in the spring of 1987. It was one of the largest clubs on campus this year. It was the club ' s goal to provide at least one service per month to our school or community. This year, they provided hosts and hostesses for Atresia Lights Up the Night, made pumpkin pies for local chanties at Thanksgiving, and went Christmas caroling to collect canned foods for the school Canned Food Drive. One of the highlights of the year was volunteering at the Special Olympics. The most special thing about our club IS that we find that in helping others we can help ourselves to learn and grow. All the interact otficers and members who put in many hours of hard work and effort in benefitting both our school and our community should be proud of their efforts. Kathi h i Gorman Inttrriui CIvili B ' -llniii rnw. L to R Ran sim.! Visstssmith. Cindy Tran, Mar B.iutist.i, Gin.i Suh. Mane A uirrt-. Davul Baida. Kathi Ml. Gurmaii, Li-ilani Ints, Liint- Juhnsun. Suf oi Puakanroiii;|thurii, James Kim. Yuunj; Ju. Tt-rn Kim, Thasnccm Hasstt-m Second row: Nolan Noblt. Rusa Sancht , Cheryl Vance. Jimmy Ma, Irene Sy- qiiia. Tammy Ching. Barbara Gil. Lyneile Artvalo. Irene deGuma, Sheila Anurn.u, Run Eilwards. Margaret Garnsh, Missy Reitur. Sharon Mt Cinn, Ellen Siih. Millie Chu, Julia Lin. Susan Youn, Susan Wilt, Jenniler Wilt. Randy Estudillo ThirJ rou : trua ' ip. Carla Snuggs. Hiep Nj;o. Rathel Dclvalle, Lisa Jimenez, Inkyu Kini, Sam Han. Ruhard Smich, Neil Romero, Janet Tunqsuthi, Shawn Truhy. Arlene Atusta, Chris Kandler. Brian Clark. Akin Ching, Jeanettc Gendron, Lance Conies. Juo Han Lee, Mike Bea .lle, Rick VC ' anj;. Breni Huoton Top row. Brenden Que, Da id Kiin. Steve Kim, Willie Han. Alfred Seman. Brian Lee, Eddit Kim, Garouq Malik. James Kim. Ami- Tanner, Haresh Patel, Wayne Aiishrouks, Karen Oiler, Lisa Westphal. Rosa Mesa. Luie Manine , David Lcc, Dunj; Jua. John Kini, Rachel Greaves, David Rich Remembering the Cambodian " Traditions C.S.A., Cambodian Student Association, is a group of students who are interested in the customs and traditions of the Cambodian people. They have activities that inform and promote the Cambodian Culture. The association covers many subjects, including the lives of the King and Queen, adults and children, and the clothing of the Cambodian people. They also have fund raising activities, field trips, school projects, and parties. The profits they made from the fund raising activities were used for various club functions. The officers of C.S.A. included President Sathia To, Vice-President Sovanna Thay, and Secretary Vanniroth Pack. C S A Bottom Rou. L to R Vornj; Thach, Packy Vanniroth, Soy Ly. Vichct Kan, Mapp Chhour MiJJIt Row: Woon Boloy Phovsothavy Chhun, Saihia To, Luon Ung Mtrn); Chca. Phama Hok Top Rou: Sylan Yek, Nquon Buniham, Raiiana Nhim. Monyniiha Chhcng, Rin Muth. Huy Uuj, Ly Chhro, Sunnarui Hcang, Organizations j 123 Spanish Club El Club Espanol The Spanish Club was designed to bring together those Pioneers of Spanish heritage and those who are interested in the culture and tradi- tions of the Spanish speaking people. The Spanish Club is one of the many organizations here at Atresia High School. This year the turnout for membership was tremendous, as you can see. So far it has been successful. Spanish Club; Bollom row. L la R: Dun Stvilla, Jolenc Stcffes, Angela Dicdcrich, Sheryle Stafford, Elaine Javier, Rosy Atmad- ja, Cindy Tran, Lurie Johnson, Tammy Ching, Irene Syquia, Barbara Gil, Meiieen Acosta, Mary Rose Bautista, Cristina San- ta Ana, Hershey Fernando. Second row: Raquel Gonzalez, Monica Lazaro, Amy Salisbury, Rosalie Cabrera, Claudia Con- treras, Ellen Suh. Silvia Cardenas, Cheryl Vance, Rosa Sanchez, Steve Lin, Nien Duong, Angel Maldonado, Sharon McCann, Pete Gutierrez, Tom Tran, Robert Guerrero, David Lee, Dong Jong Kim, Luie Martinez, Rosie Mesa, Asif Mahmood, David Evans. Dina Sanchez, Diana Yoguez. Top row: Morris Taylor, Sammy Han, Millie Cho, Alfred Semaan, Wose Renovato, Christina Peters, Lisa Wcstphal, Ame Tanner, Soy Ly, Rebecca Mahmood, Rachel Del Valle, Gina Suh, James Kim, Woo Young Choung, Steve Kim, Willie Han, Victor Novella, Widad Alihasan. Special Friends — They Care Special Friends is an organization that provides elementary school students with high school aged friends as positive role models. They throw parties, have picnics, go skating, go to the zoo, go to the movies, and just spend quality time together. The advisor for Special Friends is Mr. Terry Robinson. Special Friends: Bollom row: Nik. Jo, Caria Snuggs, Amy Salisbury, Jolene Stefles, Rachel Greaves, Don Sevilla. Top row: Young Jo, Hershey Fernando, Gina Suh, Mary Rose Bautista, Shiela Guico, James Kim. Andrea Robin le, Mr. Terry Robinson, Lisa Bryant, Rachelle Butcher. 126 I Organizations Filipino Club ' ' Kaibigans ' " Kaibigan " means friendship, which is what the Filipino Club promotes this year. The organization was started a few years ago by the Filipinos at Artesia. This year, the club is led by President Jen- nifer Evidente. They have plans of helping the community by visiting the elderly in local nursing homes as well as young children in nearby preschools . In addition, the Filipino Club had a booth at the carnival and participated in various fund raisers and other school activities. As the school year ended, the Filipino Club left Artesia with memories of " kaibigan " that will last forever. Filipino Club: Bottom row, L to R: ShcUa Anonco, Arlene Acosta, Lynette Arevalo. Luhe Johnson, Jocdyn Oraa, Irene Sy- quia, Tammy Ching, Meileen Acosta, Barbara Gil, Leilani Inez. Second row: Viaor Mina, Danny Antonio, Eduardo Lanuza, Brendcn Que, Jennifer Pilapil, Christy Evidente, Irene De Goma, Janet Escano, Marites Foronda, Abilene Gonzaga, Juliet Escano, Shiela Guico, Vivianne Oraa, Rachel Hernandez, Elaine Javier. Nathalie Arevalo. David Vargas, Joseph Baloloy. Roy Gutierrez. Top row: Roderick Oconer, Adrian Cruz, Teddy Cristobal, Ricardo Monroy, Meaknaseka Oum, Hiep Ngo, John Tolentino, Don Sevilla, Ron Pepito, Rowland Balacy. Neil Romero. Rodolfo Agbunag, Erwin Clamor, Joftrey Lagadea, Paul Baloloy, Rey Gutierrez, Joel Buguy, Joel Divinagracia, Felix Austria. Upward Bound Headed for College The Upward Bound program has existed at Artesia for the past 12 years for the purpose of counseling and preparing students to meet the criteria for admission to college. Our students benefit from an on-campus summer school pro- gram for 5 weeks in which they can earn as many as 10 credits towards graduation. Upward Bound: Bottom rou: L to R: Thomas Perez, Jr. Perez, Margarito Castillo. Top row: Lorena Gonzalez, Rose Chavez, Lisa Jimenez, Irene Garcia, Oiga Rios, Organizations I 127 Madrigals Forever Filled With Song This year Artesia was gifted with a new dub, Madrigals. They have become a big part of the Fine Arts department by doing a Christmas concert during lunch and by filling the halls with beautiful Christmas music. We were also given the great opportunity of catching their performances in our spring Musical. Madrigals ' leaders are President Tonie Fisher, Vice- President Christy Evidente, Secretary ana Treasurer Hope Smith. Madrigals; Bottom row. L to R: Yeon Wong Chung, Ken Fisher, Ronald Pepito, Dows Woon Lim, David Baida, James Kim Middle row: Eunice Park, Jinkyung Suh, Kathy Cho, Michelle Brown, Irene De Goma, Christy Endente, Rosa Mesa Top row: Steve Back, Sara Kim, Sarah Baek, Cheryl Anderson. Hope Smith, Tonie Fisher, Yeon Sook Chung, Julie Bicknell, Margaret Garrish, Ariel Jardiel, Aurcliano Ramus Artesia Representatives Representing True Pioneer Pride Artesia ' s representatives gave us a lot of sup- port this year by raising money for the classes they represented. They raised the money through candy sales, Christmas grams, Valen- tine grams, and by putting on our dances. The Artesia High School Representatives, government at its best! 128 I Organizations Vietnamese Club Remembering Our Homeland This was the first year of existctKc lor the Vietnamese Club. The Artcsia Vietnamese students welcome any new members to this unique and exciting new organization The club ' s purpose IS to bring the Vietnamese culture to Artesia and to let the Vietnamese students share their traditions with other interested Pioneers. This year the club participated in Freshmen Night and the annual school carnival With the encouragement of Advisor Nolan Noble and President Cindy Tran, the Vietnamese Club proved to be one of the brightest additions to the organiza- tional list of Artesia High The Vietnamese Club; Boiiom niu , L to K. Ron F.tlwards, Hicp Ngu. Tom Tran, Bao Mai Hun Top row: Chau Vu, Huynh Pham. Cindy Tran, Laurie Ngo, Nien Duong, Ysa Le Volleyball Club Supports Our VB Team The Volleyball Club raises money to send volleyball team members to camps and (or slide shows which mark the end of the volleyball season. Fund raisers included candy sales, the Artesia Invitational Volleyball Tournament, and various volleyball leagues. Last summer Club President April Lynch and Vice President Tina Taylor attended the Al Scates Volleyball Camp in Santa Barbara. April Lynch reported, " Camp was great, except for the cafeteria food. We improved our VB skills and, because it was a coed camp, met some very interesting ' guys " This year the VB club has raised almost $?()( )()()() through its various activities. The Voll.yliall flub Bottom roi, , I. to R: Tanya Ac|umu, Kelly Wolfe, Tina Taylor, Leona Atiuino, Jeniiiter Wilson, Bnseyda Valencia SiiimJ roll: Advisor Brian Kamper, April lynch, Varisha Woflord, Denise Winn, Serena Miy.ilura, Missy Denham, Marci Ijipriore, Shell. 1 Guico. Organizations I 129 Annual Staff A Job Well Done This year ' s yearbook staff got off to a slow start. With a new editor, Phil Rudulph, and a larger, less experienced staff, there was more than enough things that could go wrong. With deadlines always approaching and the entire staff learning millions of new things, the class was always hectic and many a tear of frustration was seen. But the problems were never anything that the staff couldn ' t overcome. Even with the obstacles that the yearbook staff did have to face, things did get accomplished and deadlines were met. As a matter of fact, this year ' s year- book turned out to be one of best annuals Artesia High School has ever had. The staff hopes you like the results of their efforts and that you will remember the 1987-1988 Ano de Ore, Always and Forever. HO I Organizations Oocku ' ise: The Annual Staff Bollom row. L to R: Jacquelyn Fondren, Mike Velasquez, Nekka Larkins Top rou: Advisor Brian Kampcr, Matt Smith. Kirnlxrly Hall, Nikki Con- stance, Christina Rasmussen, Jennifer Wilt, Abilene Gon aga, Mane Martine . Jacquelyn Morrison, Franthesca Cox. Jennifer Martellucci, Philip Rudulph. Mark Uyemera Advisor Brian Kamper, like always, busy at work for the yearbook Nikki Constance in deep, serious concentration Jatquelyn Morrison and Philip Rudulph going over the schedule for the next deadline, Kimberty Hall and Nekka Larkins, good frienJs working together Christina Rasmussen cheerful as aJways, workmg on her next pages. Jaquelyn Fondren and Jennifer Martellucci making the best of their time between deadlines Mike Velasquez wonders what hell put on pages I 10 and Ml. Franchesca Cox with one of her fabulous smiles, she finish- ed on time to meet the deadline! Jennifer Wilt and Mane Martinez smiling, they must not have seen how many pages they have to do yet Abilene Gonzaga as shy as ever. Mark Uyemura with some helpful tips to Matt Smith about the use of a camera. Organizations I 131 Science Club Science is Fun The purpose of the Science Club is to pro- mote interest and participation in science. Members of the Science Club design and par- ticipate in a number of inter-and intra-school academic competitions. An example of these in- clude the Annual Egg Drop Contest, Paper Airplane Contest, and this year for the first time, the Balloon Powered Vehicle Contest. Students participating in these contests learn problem solving and the practical application of scientific principles. The club is open to any stu- dent at Artesia that is interested in science or engineering. This is the fourth year that the Science Club has been in existence. The Presi- dent of the Science Club is Angel Maldanado, the Vice-president is Supot Pitaknarongphorn, Secretary Treasurer is Eddie Kim, and the ad- visor is Paul Lewanski. Bollojii Row. I. to R: Mr Paul Ltrwanski, Ya-Fen Chuan . Mimi Nen, Julit- Huang, Liiwa Ke, Lynette Arevalo, Cindy Tran, Angel Maldunadu, Nicn Duung. Janet Tongsuthi, Stevt Lin, David Evans. Middle Rou-: Entk Sizelovc, Jim Blakclcy, Millie Cho, Jeanette Gendrun, Rosa Mesa, Luie Martinez, Jim Ma, Caryn Bell, Ellen Suh, Leilani Ines, Neil Romero, Naveen Khanna, Sammy Han, Rebecca Mahmood, Sathia To, Top Row: Brian Lee, David Kim, Alfred Semaan, Willie Han, Tom Tran, Steve Kim, Asif Mahmood, Sharon Mc Cann, Rose Chavez, Lisa Jimenez, Arlene Acosta, Rosy Atmadja, Elaine Javier, Yatrini Patel, Pam Luna, Widad Alihasan, John Kim. Bottom Row. L to R: Lori Graham, Angela Diedench, Alvin Ching, Joo Han Lee, David Franklin, James Kim, Edward Shin, Dung Hua, DJ, Kim, Hai Truong, Chan Heang Rithi, Baek-Young Choung, Middle Row: Nolan Noble, Kenny Liang, Rick Wang, Yun Suk Chung, Brian Clark, David Lee, Brent Hooton, Luon Ung, Young Jo, Tern Kim, Thasneem Hasstem, Julia Lin, Eddie Kim, Robert Guer- rero. Top Row: Sunnarith Heang, Huynh Pham, Rodolfo Agbunag, Farooq Malik, Lance Comes, Mike Beadle, Ron Edwards, David Baida, Barbara Gil, Candie Huang, Tejal Patel, Haresh Patel, James Kim, Ame Tanner, Wayne Ausbrooks, Richard Smith, Dong Woon Lim, Rattana Nhem. 132 Organizations Fitness Club Pioneer P. I.G.S. The PIGS., People In Great Shape, Club is organized to help people get in shape and to stay healthy. The club involves activities during and after school. Running, aerobics, swimming, and other outdoor sports are all involved in the creation of a body that is in superb shape. Nutritional awareness and the analysis of various physical characteristics also contribute to the overall success of the P. I.G.S. program. The people who helped organize this group were Irene Ramos, Mary Langston, and our school nurse, Gayle Pekrul. The officers of People In Great Shape: President Debbie Ward, Vice- President Monica Galindo, Secretaries Veronica Lopez and Gloria Alcala, and Activity Coor- dinator Cecilia Becerra. P.I.G.S.: Bottom Row. L to R: Gloria Alcala, Veronica Lopez, Linda Galindo, Debbie Ward, Cecilia Becerra SeronJ Row, L to R: Mary Langston, Ana Amaro, Bernadette Lucio, Frances Manson, Samantha Boulden, Bita Hafezizadeh, Elizabeth Griffith, Moon Kim, Jacqueline Morrison, Cosette Deaton, Shelley Whetnight, Stacey Millett, Susan Wilt, Gayle Pekrul. Top Row. L to R: Graciela Castillo, Susan Becerra, Olga Gonzalez, Mary Gil, Giselle Nino, Manerva Gracian, Gina Torres, Rosa Pneto, Rosa Cueva, Jennie Larson, Karla Olson, Cristina Verduzco, Norma Nuriez de Davis. Pioneer Patrol Dancing the Night Away ' ' u The Pioneer Patrol is made up of a group of dedicated, hardworking girls. This group was brought together this year by advisor. Miss Irene Ramos. The Pion eer Patrol performs at rallies, baskerball games, and at many schools. This IS not only a dance and a rap group, but has come together as a family, to help the kids of to- day to stay off drugs, to go to school, and to become the very best person they can be. The Pioneer Patrol has had lots of hard work- ing, breath taking practice sessions. They rehearsed many long, hard hours perfecting their routines, and they were GREAT! Miss Ramos was very special for the Pioneer Patrol this year. She helped with all the prac- tices, directed the fund raisers, put together the outfits, directed the choreography, and picked out the music. " Pioneer Patrol ' s in the House " . Pioneet Patrol: Bottom Row. L to R: Naukesha Prince, Tonya Bclchet, Demetria Leshay. Second Row. L to R: Sheavay Belcher, Bobbi Fitzgerald. Gina Johns, Michelle Brown, Brandi Beaslcy, Shavonnc Torres, Dee Dec Higgins Thirj Row. L to R: Mishaye King, Bambi Smith, Tamra Sipes, Naia McDonald, Tonja Lowe. Organizations I 133 A A R T E S I A 134 Athletics Always Achieving Excellence If you were to walk into our gym, the first thing you would notice would be our League Championship Banners. They represent excellence in athletics at Artesia over the past 33 years. And the pride continues! The year began with another league title in football and progressed from there. The basketball, wrestling, soccer, track, and baseball teams all had outstanding seasons. Athletics + Artesia = superiority + pride. Athletics j 133 Varsity — Champs AGAIN! The Artesia Varsity Football Team had another tremendous year. They had a perfect Suburban League record of five wins and no losses and were four and one in pre-league games. They advanced to the first round of the CIF Playoffs where they were upset by a suprisingly strong Anaheim squad. Going into the season, Coach La Rosa felt that the team had prepared well with a strong off-season weight program and a successful summer schedule. At the conclusion of his team ' s season, Coach La Rosa stated, " The team and the coaching staff would like to thank all of the fans and parents who supported us throughout the year. Without them our season would not have been as great as it was. " I B $ - 136 I Athletics •t-s. C ocku ' tse, page 136: Defensive star Bobby Walker waits for his turn un the field D emon Davis puts the defense in the " popcorn mathine " Matt Armenia holds the Cerritos runner to only a one yard gain Demon Davis and Martin Hammonds wait for the defense to get them the ball Martin heads for the endzone as he crashes through the La Mirada line Ar- chie Rodriquez ready to show what defense is all about Piige 137: The defense gets the job done again Artesia offense is awesome ' Anthony Lopez and Ernie Ramirez ready to get back into the action Mark McAfee gets the offense set for another score Tino Zarazua knocks the ball loose from a La Mirada runner " We are the Champions " ; Bollom row. Itfl to righl: L. Walls, W Fleming, G Harris, E Munsell, A Ixipcz, M Peters, D Howey Row 2: M. Ar- chuleta, M Armenia, A Semann, J Benson, E Aragon, C May, J Cannon Row ): Coach La Rosa, K Wright, G Brown, T Goddard, D Gray, M Bautista, Coach Engic, Coach FLowers Row 4: W Wealherspoon. J Blankely, J Gruclva, R Walker, E Ramirez, T. Vickcrs, A Rodriquez. T Agular Rou 5 L Comes, M McAfee, J Shannahan, D Ralston, E. Adams, M Hammonds, M Taylor M Blankely Athletics I 151 J. v., Red Power For ' 88 The Junior Varisty went through a tough season even though they finish- ed the year with a respectable record of five wins and five losses and a league record of three and two. They put in lots of time and effort and worked hard to be the best they could be. " They had a great attitude, " reported Coach Decarvalho. ' and they were continually trying to improve their skills. I felt that by the end of the season they had learned to operate as a unit and had learned the importance of teamwork. " 138 Athletics Clockwise, page 138: Bill Ham being cool. Everybody wants a picte of the action. The J. V. ' s; Row 1: P Altala, G Red, A Collins, P Eseberre, J. Bene, A Tijuana, G Loper, S. Meek. Row 2: M Cantos, J. Carmona, A Newbell, D Olivas, R Carbahal, R Duran, K Mae, F Locbrl, R Aguirrc Row 3: U Alcola, R Balacy, Coach Pat Lanciotti, Coach Anthony Decarvalho, Coach Mel Rafferty, M Velasquez, B Berg Row 4: R Dc Along. J Maxey, C May, Q Flem- ing, P Baeza,J Forte, R Gonzales, G Mc|ila Row 5 G Matcial, M Conger, B Clark, J Hun, A, Ybarra. K, Gray, B. Goodman, K. Boyce Kenneth Mae does another terrific )ob! Ubaldo Alcala fights for an ojjening Page 139: David Olivas being protected by the famous twosome. Bill Ham dives for extra yards. Kevin Boyce and Mike Velasquez show plenty of spirit. The powerful offensive line pushes over the line for another score Robert De Along and Bill Ham show what Pioneer Pride is all about. Athletics I 139 Freshmen Crunch The Opposition Freshmen football did well this year. They ptacticed long and hatd and gave us all the Red Power they had. Their coaches were rough, but with good discipline, planning, and cooperation they got the best out of them. With their strong offense and powerful defense the freshmen team earned many victories and demonstrated excellence on the field. With an overall record of five wins and four losses and a Suburban League record of two and three and a third place finish, the freshmen showed improvement throughout the year and will take those polished skills to the JV level next season. ■!??! ' 140 I Athletics I «r. Clockwise, page 140: Scott Raffcrty throws for a touchdown The Freshmen Team; Row I: }. Carnno, H Sicumkas, S Yu, J Hagberg, J Deleon. P Mares, M Sota Row 2: K God- dard, C Labothe, R. Ecinas, D. Arrcndads, F. Perez, C. Mcjia. M Havicc, R Maninez Row 3: M Carrera, I Dejesus, Coach Buamoaroner, Coach Mendible, Coach Gugiana, B May, M Burns Row 4: S Rafferty, D. Valencia, C: Medina, L EscamiUa, J. Ferris, C. Ahhen, E Owens, D Davidson Rou 5. E Quick, T Purser, T Truax, N Nairn, J, Gonqalcs, K Banh, J Bufford, W Weaver, J Tate There s no pressure on our kicker The runner gets by Jim Bufford Coaches Buamoaroner and Mendibles doing what coaches do best Page 14 1: Scott Rafferty goes to the out side, " Their defense didn ' t get a hold on me " The offen- sive line IS going to give Scott Rafferty time to make the play. It takes more than one man to bring down an Artesia runner. Athletics I l4l Varsity Spikers A Year Of Improvement With only two seniors on the team and only two returning players from last year ' s varsity, The Spikers had one of their rare " off years " . Coach Brian Kamper felt that the lack of experience and height severely handicapped his team but looks forward to a successful 1988 season. Highlights of the season included victories over Warren, El Ran- cho, and Pacifica; the selection of April Lynch to the all League Team; and the Most Inspirational Player Award being given to senior Serena Miyahira. April Lynch summarizes the season, " It was a real challenging year, one I ' ll never forget. As team captain I tried to keep everybody fired up and to make sure everyone keeps trying. We had a good start this season but could never seem to regain our momentum after we started losing. We really never perfomed up to our potential. We should have done a lot better; we just made too many mistakes. I love playing volleyball and I know that next year we ' ll do much better. " 142 I Athletics Oocku ' tse, page l42: April Lynch can ' t believe that pass! A fantastic crush by Varisha Wofford. Meileen Acosta ready to ptay. Serena Miyahira spikes the volleyball lesha Smith and Denise Winn block against Whitney. Evette Garcia with a perfea block lesha is late! Page 143: " Come on, ladies! You can still win the game! " Evt-tte makes a game-saving pass. Denise with a superb front set. Tanya Aquino dinks for a side-out, The Varsity; First row: Serena Miyahira, April Lynch, Meileen Acosta, Candy Chew, Varisha Wofford; Second row: Anne Robles, Denise Winn, Evette Garcia, Icsha Smith, Tanya Aquino, Coach Brian Kamper. Athletics I l43 JV yolleyball A Great Start The JV Volleyball team, with only one off of last year ' s Ist place team, started the year by winning two of their first three games and then ran in- to tough times by loosing their next four. They- turned things around in Suburba. eague, however, and going into the last two weeks of the season still chance to win the championship. A strong La Mirada squad won a do ee game match and dropped us out of the top spot. The J V ' s finished i ison tied for third with Glenn. 144 I Athletics Building For The Future Team captain Tina Taylor remembers the season, " It was a good season even though we didn ' t win the championship. We lost all our close games. If things had just turned around just a few times we could have won it all. I don ' t thmk we played up to our full potential. We never had any major pro- blems and we tried hard to improve during our practices, Coach Gallagher worked us pretty hard. We had great sup- port from our parents. Next year we need more support from the student body " The JV ' s will loose three or four girls to the varsity next year but with seven girls returning the outlook is good for success. Says Coach Janet Gallagher, " This season was a little disappointing but next year a league championship should be a definite possibility. " Clockuise. page 144: KeUy crushes a perfect set from Tina. Missy dinks against La Mirada. The JVs Bottom row, L to R: Leona Aquino, Tina Taylor. Se- cond row: Shiela Guico, Jennifer WiJson, Kelly Wolfe, Cathy Torres, Marcella Medina. Top row: Jenny laird, Marci Lapnore, Missy Denham, Breesy Valencia, Tiffanie Espinosa, Coach Janet Gallagher. Cathy makes a pcrfea pass. A fantastic block by Kelly and Missy. Kelly, Tina, Missy, and Brcssy ready for serve reception. Page 14 : Kelly Wolfe makes a great pass as Missy watches the action. Missy Denham warms up for victory. Leona Aquino passes to Tina Taylor, Tma at Al Scates Volleyball Camp. Marcy Denham and Missy, a friendly substitution. A perfect set from Tina as Jenny Laird waits for her chance. 7 Athletics I l4 JV Builds For The Future Coach Tony Guggiana has his job cut out for him. He is given ten young, inexperienced tennis players and must mold them into talented, aggressive stars ready to move up to the Varsity level and to compete with the perennial superpowers La Mirada and Whitney. The team this season was lead by Most Con- sistent Player-Sovanna Thay, Best Doubles Team- Lorena Magallon and Maria Aguirre, and Most Im- proved Player- Ysa Le. A young Varsity squad with many returning players on tap for the ' 88 season, this year ' s JV ' s look to be very strong next year as they have most of the girls back with a season of ex- perience. Their motto: " We ' ll be great in ' 88 " . % K„ 146 I Athletics Clockwise. Page 146-147: The JV Team: Bollom Row. left to nghl: Cristina Santa Ana, Julie Cho, Ysa Le, Nancy Pitaknarongphorn, Top Row: Coach Tony Guggiana, Mylah Balitao, Sovanna Thay, Maria Aguirre, Gina Suh, and Suzanna Lee Maria returns a forehand shot Julie IS caught off balance, but still returns the serve Suzanna ready for the serve. Sovanna ' s off balance shot down the baseline Gina smashes a powerful serve. Julie looks on as her partner Jocelyn returns the ball Sovanna delivered a game winning point Ysa can ' t wait to receive the serve! Julie and Jocelyn know how to win The doubles team of Cristina Santa Ana plays with style. Athletics I l47 Into The Swing Of Things The girls tennis team, led by team MVP, Christina Peters, improved over the course of the season and continued to be competitive in all of their matches, fighting to the bitter end. Having lost the majority of last year ' s squad to graduation, the team found it difficult to overcome inexperience and limited varsity experience. Special honors of the season went to Jackie Chin and Joyce Chin as Most Inspirational Players and to Christina Peters. Head Coach Charley Ryder hopes that the experience gained from the 1987 " long season " will be of value next year and that they again will be in the thick of things for that elusive first league title. .A 148 I Athletics ■,Jl . Clockwise; Page 148-149: Hershey Fernando delivers a smashing game point. The Varsiry: e t to right : Diana Tnjong, Sung Le, Becky Yoo, Jackie Chin. Top Rou- : Coach Charley Ryder, Joyce Chin, Kim Kim, Mary Ann McMahon, Hershey Fernando, Christina Peters. Joyce Chin forehands a serve for a jwint. Diana Troung reaches low at the baseWne. Hershey Fernando making a smashing serve. Mary Ann McMahon, a great backhand. Joyce Chin looks after a forehand shot. Sung Le enjoying her victory. Becky Yoo easily hits the ball. Kim Kim returns a tough serve. Athletics j l49 Running For Excellence This years Girls ' Cross Country Team was a team of Excellence. Led by the experience of veterans Angela Diederich, Amber Price, Sheryl Stafford, and Cindy Watts, and supported by high spirted new comers Kim Asada, Rachel De Valle, Cary Dunbar, Gwen Mc Alister, Lupe Mouneu, Michelle Pentecost, and Patricia Silvia the girls had a shot for the league champinship. There also was a great contribution by late comer, Amy Sonksen. Coached by Ted Marquez, the girls finished 2nd in league, missing 1st by four points in a dual meet against John Glenn High School. Congratulations to all the girls on the Cross Country Team, and good luck next season. 130 I Athletics i , sisiWIiii .2Jv S- ' -rHl ' Hm K Asada A treshmen this year, Kim was part uf the team that came in 2nd place in the Suburban League and individually finished 3rd, quite an accomplishment tor a first year runner. Kim remembers the year, " It was an excitmg and tun year. I was ner- vuus because of all of the outstanding competition. At first, seeing all the older and more experienced runners on the team, I didn ' t feel too confident. I was shocked when I finished 3rd in the League Finals. I didn ' t expect to get anything. At the beginning of the year, I wasn ' t sure I was going to have that good of a season. Lve never really thought about run- ning — it ' s kind of something that is |iist in the air for me and 1 )ust love to run. " Congratulations, Kim, we are very proud of you and all of your ac- complishments and wish you and your team much more success in the tuture Clockwise, page 150: Lupe Mouneu, " I ' m glad I finally made it! " Michelle Pentecost and Amber Price getting ready for the next race. Girls ' Cross Country, coming your way. C indy Watts and Cary Dunbar, " Come on, let ' s get the lead out! " Kim Asada blowing the opposi- tion away Amber and Sheryl Stafford, " Just you and me, kid " Sheryl and Angela Diedrich ask, " How do you think you ' ll do today.- " Cary gasps, " That ' s IT! I think that ' s |ust about enough running for today " " Come on, let ' s see how good Glenn really is! " exclaim Cary, Cindy, and Kim Page lil: Gwen McAlistcr takes those last few steps. Amber can ' t believe the finish line is that far away! Rachel DeValle knows the race is going to be an easy one. Artesia in the thick of things. We don ' t remember the hill being this steep last time! The end at long last! Kim asks, " How many trees are in this park anyway- " Athletics I 131 " Running For Perfection " This year ' s cross country team wasn ' t the most successful team, but it was definitely a very inspirational one. Lead by veterans Jethro Stromsodt, Jesus Delgado, James Kim, and supported by the strong spirits of Ben Barocio, Kenny Fisher, David Bates, Adrian Aerola and John Chew, all of these young men showed exceptional talent and strength in body and spirit. These men worked hard during what should have been the best part of the summer, striving for perfeaion and never stopping their work for other litde things. These run- ners didn ' t win any league championships, but they never stopped fighting. Although they didn ' t quite get the support they deserved and needed, they truly proved to themselves what it means to be an Atresia Pioneer full of Pioneer Pride. Congratulations to the boy ' s cross country team and good luck next year. We ' re behind you all 100%, Always and Forever! « ' ' S« i?t A ,! ■:.■ r ' SSSSH .;? •?«» ' -- •W ' S- " ' " r - " rsTTiw -tf ' ! ' 132 Athletics Jethro Stromsodt Jethro was named MVP of the Cross Country team. Always a fighter and one who strives for perfection. He was proud to be part of Artesia ' s great athletic program and being known as a true Pioneer. Jethro says of his season, " Unlike other sports, in Cross Country you can go anywhere you waiit to to practice. That ' s what 1 like best. I felt that the team had some talent and we tried to do our best, but there didn ' t seem to be enough man- power to do as well as we had hoped. Next season the league championship looks like a possibility. Howerver, anywhere in the top three would be great. It depends on how much work, time, and effort we put in, and with that we ' re sure to do better. I was sur- prised when I was selected as team MVP. I was hoping that I might receive the award, but you never really know about something like that " Congratulations on a great season, Jethro, and good luck next season. Clockuue: pages 132-33: David Bates feeling the glory in conquering the three mile course, David pushing himself ever so closer to that finish Ime, Jesus Delgado feeling pain and fatigue, but never giving in. Jesus in control of his race, Jethro Stromsodt giving all that ' s left to beat that clock. Coach Doug Todd and statman Mart Young going over the upcoming race, David running with determination, James Kim getting off to a great start Jesus getting closer and closer with every step, Clross Country coming our way and coming strong, Jethro pushing it all. Jenny Fisher concentrating on the fate ahead Athletics I 153 Fast Ladies Champions Again! f clockwise, page 154: As Number 44 vainly tries to block her shot, Bonnie scores with a jumper from 10 feet. Evette pro- tects the ball and looks for an opening for a pass. The 1987-88 Artesia Fast Ladies: L to R: Evette Garcia, Moni- que Tweebeeke, Denise Winn, Jenny Laird, Bonnie Roos, lesha Smith, Tanya Aquino, Andrea Zambon, Gcnelle Mizuno. Monique dribbles through a leaky Mayfair defense on the way for two. Denise escapes the Mayfair defense. Page 155: lesha drives the baseline. A jumpshot for a hoop by Andrea is good for a game high 19 points. Denise, Bon- nie, Genelle, and Coach Flowers enjoying another easy vic- tory What a great driving shot by Genelle. Evette skys for The 1987-88 Artesia Fast Ladies had a great year. With coaches Susan Bergendahl and Norm Flowers directing the aaion, the Fast Ladies did an excellent job in keeping the Suburban league title with an outstanding record of nine wins and one loss. TTie Fast Ladies, with returning six letter earners in Bonnie Roos, Evette Garcia, lesha Smith, Denise Winn, Andrea Zambon, and Monique Tweebeeke, cruised through the league with their only loss a tough two pointer against Belflower. The team was led this season by starters lesha Smith, Evette Garcia, Bonnie Roos, Denise Winn, and Andrea Zambon. And, with no seniors star- ting, they ' ll all be back next year! It looks like our championship is here to stay, Always and Forever!! Athletics I 153 J. V. Girls ' Basketball Returning To the Top The J.V. Girls ' Basketball Team once again returned to championship form and captured the Suburban League Championship. Direaed by Coach Irene Ramos, the Junior Fast Ladies waltzed through league play with an excellent nine and one record and finished the season with an outstanding mark 14 wins and 5 losses. The team was led by high scoring Elvia Gil and the rebounding strength Liz Amaro. Utilizing an effeaive full court press and blazing speed, the girls one again put the " fast " back into " Fast Ladies " . " The girls ' basketball program, " stated Coach Ramos, " is one of the most suc- cessful in the school ' s history. It ' s nice to get the girls back into the normal ways of winning. " 136 I Athletics ' % i :r.. Clockwise, page 156: Coach Irene Ramos designs the next play. Elvia Gil dribbles to the basket. Lisabet Amaro with a jump shot. Jennifer Pilapil drives the baseline for a one-handed lay up. Sandra Bias goes up from th side against Warren, Jenny Laird, perfect form from the side. Page li7: Jenny Laird concentrates on her freethrow. The J.V s Marcella Medina from the inbounds the ball Lisabet Amaro hits her shot from the line. Elvia Gil drives for two points with a righthand lay up. Athletics 137 Varsify Basketball, Champions Again This years Varsity Basketball team gave it all they had and because of that effort won the Suburban League Championship and entered the C.I.F. playoffs. The Varsity had a unique beginning this season. Coach Ackerman was gone after 28 years of coaching. We had new varsi- ty basketball coaches here at Atresia for the first time, ever. The new Head Basketball Coach was Wayne Merino. His assistants were Paul Gilben and Mike Hurd. Coach Merino started his eighth season of varsity coaching at Atresia after gaining experience at Mira Costa and Fountain Valley High Schools. Artesia High is proud to have these fine coaches to lead the way to success. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the Varsity Basketball Team had a great season. The winning tradition of Artesia basketball will definitely continue! Ed O ' b n and Mark King commented on his se " The whole varsity team worked hard i ason and our only disap- pointment was Tuore of the students didn ' t come and set olay and support us as much as we deserved. 138 I Atheletks Running Away With the League Championship Clockwise, page 1 8-139: With great authority, Ed rejects Number 40 ' s shot Deandre goes up for another rwo points! Doing one of his famous tricks, Ed makes a thundering slam dunk! Chandel with a dnvmg move for two Ed anx- iously awaits Deandrc ' s perfect pass. The Champions, the Boys Varsity: Top row, L to R: Mark King. Tony Clark, Ed OBannon. 2nd row: Chandel White, Chris Kandler. Bollotn row: Tyrone Vickers, Mike Beadle, Deandre Austin, Demon Dav(s, Ezell Adams, Mark defensively hanging with Number 32. Mike makes a great pass through the Mayfair defense. Demon signals the next play. W ALM f Artesia ave the s ars her tr well see Ji Athletics I 139 J.V. Basketball The )V Basketball team can only he desenbed as exceptional. Coached by their new coach, Roland Preciado, they have managed to devastate the other Suburban League JV teams. Destined to be league champions, they have learned the meaning of dedica- tion and teamwork. This teamwork has resulted in a fantastic team, sommetimes resembling the World Champion Lakers with their fast breaks and swift passing. The 1987 J Vs will be remembered forever! Ctocku-ise: The 1988 JV Basketball TeamPcang Lao, Charles Vorachard, Brian Berg, Mike Choi, Myron Thompson, Rick Wang, Brian Beatty, Darrnell Lee, Dave Boston, Chris Thompson. Roland Balac7, Andy Lee and the coach. Roland Preciado. Darrnell and Chris Webb fight for the ball. Dave Boston showing his offensive skill. Brian Beatty effortlessly goes up for the score. 160 I Athletics Athletics I 161 Frosh Basketball The Freshmen Basketball Team, under the leadership of third year coach Dave Chavez, had an outstanding year. Led by guard Izzy Dejesus and center Jason Tate, the team overcame a lack of experience to finish high in the Suburban League standings. Remembered Coach Chavez, " After coaching J. V. ' s the past two seasons, it was difficult at times to handle the in- experience and mental mistakes that are so common at the freshmen level. The kids worked pretty hard during our tough pre-league schedule and final- ly performed together as a cohesive unit during Suburban League play. It was rewarding to see their growth during the year. They will do well next year as J.V. players. " Clockwue, page 162: Izzy drives tor a layup and two points. Artesia Freshmen Basketball shoots for the number one spot! Frosh Basketball; L to R: Monte Amerson, Izzy Dejesus. Mike Linhart, Vernell Lucas, Jason Tate, Paul Zarate, Keith Harding, Steve Kwon, Aaron Ballard, Louis Deliz. Verneli crashes the boards for a rebound. Jason for two over the defense! 162 I Athletics J. V. Soccer, Kicking Forever! Placido Alvarez, the J.V. soccer coach, knew the season was going to be successful because of all the returning players from last year ' s league champion- ship team. With five athletes repeating from the ' 87 season, success was assured. Mario Morquez, Pete Gutierrez, Ron Attias, Robert Segura, and Juan Castellano helped lead the JV team to vic- tories and a successful Suburban league season. Summarizing the season, Coach Alvarez said, " It was a great year. The team improved and the vic- tories were the result of teamwork and outstanding team unity. " Clockwise, page 163: The victorious J.V. s: Bollnm row, L lo R: Gary Abers, Ron Attias, George Gonzales, Pedro Gutierrez, Jamie GaJvan, Tony Soto, Armando Agiular. Top row: Ray Davidloo, Albert Rivera, Hyunm Jaang, Mario Marquez, Mar- tm Soto, Juan Troncoso, Juan Montolla, Ali Omerjce George Gonzales drives the ball into the goal for a score. Robert Segura. Hyun Jang, and George work for possession Great ball handl- ing! A steal and a race to the goal! Athletics I 163 Varsify Soccer Effbrf and Determination 1987-88 was a very frustrating season for the Pioneers after completing an undefeated season the year before. The Pioneers finished their pre-season schedule with a record of six wins, two ties, and one loss, to highly regarded Estancia High. Suburban League play exposed the Pioneers ' youth as the veteran teams of LaMirada and Mayfair dominated in the league. The Pioneers were never short of effort and determination departments. Our squad is dominated by lower classmen and this is good news for the next few years to come. They lost some very close games and were " in " in most of the league games. Wait until next year! ■Miiilr 164 Athletics 4 Clockwise, page 164: Trino Martinez makes the save. Joe Contreras going for the ball. Doing the twist, Steve Hesse. Richard Perez racing the defense. Ken Hesse stretching for a score. Adrian Romo kicking the ball to another player. Eric Quick going for the save. Page 16}: Ken Hesse makes a great steal. Manuel Diaz using his head. Steve Hesse jumping. Patrick Rossi kicking the ball down field. Rudy Magallon steals the ball, ready to go for the goal. The Varsity: Bottom row: Randal Cordaba, Ed Shin, John Elajalde, Trino Maninez, Louie Cueva, Richard Perez, Jorge Gonzales. Top row: Rudy Magallon, Pat Rossi, Joe Contraras. Ken Hesse, Steve Hesse, Eric Quick, Dave Verdusco, Manuel Diaz, Adrian Romo. Athletics I 163 Varsity Wrestling The wrestling team was great. They got a | new head coach, Mr. Russ Spradlin and reclaimed their league title from Glenn. As usual our lower weights dominated, and our higher weights came through when the pressure was on. Our wrestling team won the Suburban League Championship this year and returned to where they belong. Alfonso Sanchez, an in- dividual league champion member of the wrestling team, recalled, " The members took a lot of pride in the work they did. We had a ter- i rific season and have lots to be proud of Winn- 1 ing the championship back from Glenn wasi fantastic! " Clockwise, page 166: Craig MunselJ pins his opponent. Alfonso Sanchez, a winner again. Kevin Dawes gees six points and a viaory. Page 167: John Lopes with a great I takedown. Jack Landavazo. Leroy Trimble sees up for the pin. An escape by Ken Fisher. •6 Athletics . . j L— --:«115 Athletics I 161 JV Wrestling TheJ.V. Wrestling may not have been the best team in years, but they did try their hardest. They put lots of effort into what they did. They put extra time into praaicing and trying to make themselves better. This year was not what any of the wresders had expe«ed or hoped for, but they have seen what happened this year and will make sure that the tough luck that they had will not happen again. We know that the J.V. Team fought and tried hard and had to endure a " long season " , but they all have each other, and they know that they will always have the friends that they made through it all. Good luck to next years J.V. Wrestling Team! With all the returning experience, a J.V. cham- pionship is almost guaranteed. 168 I Atheltics Clockwise, page 168: He ' s got him!! A takedown with a perfea arm lock. Keeping our heads together. When alJ else fails, poke him in the eyes! Another pin and another point. Page 769. Hey ref, the match is in the other direction! An aggressive move for the takedown. One quick move is all it takes. Hey Mayfair wrestler, you ' re in deep trouble now! Athletics I 169 Junior Varsity Tennis Gaining Needed Experience " Move those feet! " " Square those shoulders! " " Hit from low to high! " These and other words of encouragement were heard by this years J V Tennis Team. Last years J V team had a very respeaable finish in the San Gabriel Valley League and this years team hoped to better this record. Among the standout athletes were Quang Ngo, Ricky Oconer, Victor Mina, and William DeLeon. 170 I Athletics Ctockuine, pages 170-171: Quang Ngo prepares for a backhand voUcy. William DeLeon waits for the ball. A nice return by Quang The JV doubles team of Tom Tran and Dave Lee. Derek Bignell with his vicious forehand return. " Take two, " said Victor Ming. Ricky Oconer with a relaxing forehand. Ricky delivers a game winning point. Rick Wang looks for the ball. Shokir Askia with a good volley. Flying high to return a serve is Christian Tolentino. Athletics I 171 Varsity Tennis Shooting for the Top Artesia ' s Boys ' Varsity Tennis Team had hopes this season of regaining a C.I.F. playoff spot. Whether the finish in league is first or third depends on the athletes themselves. Several players off of last year ' s J V team added strength to the Varsity and to those Varsity players returning from the 1987 season. Leading the way this year were senior singles players Alfred Kifan, Steve Lin, and Nien Duong. 112 Athletics Clockwise, pages 172-173: Steve Lin and Alfred Kuan enjoy a varsity viaory. A sweet backhand by Nien Duong A smooth forehand by Joo Han Lee Juan Pham with a power- ful forehand. Nien Duong returns a successful forehand shot. Duong Kim prepares to crush the ball Steve Lin with an oft balance shot. The Varsity Rackets represent ex- perience Alfred Kuan, a great backhand. Athletics 1 73, Qrtrls Track and Field speed and Endurance Pays Off The girls ' track team, led by distance stars Kim Asada and Lupe Mouneu, sprinters Dawn X ' hite and Gabby Williams, and all-around performer, Cindy Watts, once again were in contention for a Suburban League Champion- ship. Kim dominated the league in the mile and two mile while the sprinters gained points in the 100, 200, and relays. Reported coach Brian Kamper, " The girls did well this season. We had twenty new girls on the team and had lost two superstars off of last year ' s team so at the beginning of the season 1 didn ' t know what to expect. I ' m really proud of the way everyone came through during the season. Cindy, Gloria, Tina, Kim, Lupe, and all the rest contributed to our success. " 114 I Athletics Julie Bellew Julie Bellew has been a member of the Girl ' s Track Team for four years and two Suburban League Champion- ships. As one of the few members of the team that is a senior, Julie has some great memories of her last four years. Says Julie, " I ' ve run the 330 hurdles, mile relay, and the high jump. I ' ve always had as my main goal to help the team as much as I could. If I do the best I can do then I feel that I ' ve met my goal. It ' s been a wonderful four years (except for the high jump!) and I ' ll miss being a pan of the track team. I ' ll be going to Long Beach State next year so I ' ll try to come back and watch some meets. " Clockwiie, pages 174-175: And they ' re off . . . Gloria Verduzco, Dawn White, Gabby Williams, and Bridget Ford take on Valley Christians best. Jennifer O ' Rourke to Jenny Laird in a sprint medley. Amy Sonksen and Susan Wilt taking a breath of air before the next race. Lanie Fondren and Jenny Laird leave the rest behind. Amy Sonksen takes the baton in the West Torrance distance medley. Kim Asada taking it away. Dawn White getting ready to blaze Kim Rollings handing off to Patti Silva. Gloria Verduzco putting it all on the line for victory. Gabby Williams pushing to win the woman ' s 440 relay. Athletics I 115 Varsity Track and Field Running in Style The Varsity Boys ' Track and Field Team is HOT!! With many return- ing veterans and a few superstar new runners, we are again, the most awesome force in the Suburban League. According to Coach Doug Todd, " With the talent this ' 88 squad has, we will again dominate our league competition, especially Norwalk. They won ' t stand a chance! 1 haven ' t lost my keys once this season and because of the continued excellent support by our faculty, especially the Science Department, this season has been one of my most satisfying yet. " Under the command of captains Erik Chantarapan, Jethro Stromsodt, Marc Young, ad William Fleming, we can almost guarantee a Suburban League title again. The success in invitationals so far this year has been remarkable. Once again Artesia Track and Field showed why we ' re the hottest around! Sr: y y 116 I Athletics Marc Young Marc recalls the season so far, " I run the 400 and the mile relay and sometimes the 200 and 400 relay. Im most proud of being a member of the record breaking mile and 400 relay teams and, of course, being a team captain. I have a goal this year of breaking those records. I plan to go on to college next year. This season has been a good one. I ' ll leave lots of great memories behind and wish next year ' s team luck and success in ail their meets. " Clockw.u, paga 176-177: William Fleming blasts out ot the blocks. Come on .. . up, up. and over eoes leff FuUet. PhU Rudulph and h.s version of a cannon. And they re off: Roland Balacy, Mike Stanton and William Fleming take on Valley Christians finest, Jethro Strom- sodt striding through the tivo mile with Ben Barosio not behind Marc Young, at the start of the 440 Bill Ham explodes out of the blocks. Jethro Stromsodt and James Kim going over the events of the day with Mr Porter. Mike Stanton breaks free on the 330 meter dash Head to head, nose to nose .. as Ben Barosio edges his way past Valley Christian. Chris RoUings with a quick Stan in the 440 relay. Time to fly with Mike Stanton Athletics I 111 2 l Frosh-Soph Track Always in Stride The Frosh-Soph Team was comprised mainly of freshmen, which made the frosh soph squad very young. But that didn ' t keep them from hanging with the big boys! Although there were a few sophomores that contributed a great deal to the young track team, they colleaed many medals during the season. The Frosh Soph team can look forward to a very successful 1989 season!! 178 1 Athletics Kenny Fisher Kenny is one of the superstar sophomores on this year ' s Frosh-Soph Team. He runs the 330 hurdles, the 1 10 high hurdles, long jumps, runs the mile, the two mile, and the 880! What a man!! He is a team leader and a member looked to as an example for determination and outstanding effort. Kenny has this to say about the year, " I hope we win the League Champion- ship again in our division. That ' s one of my main goals for the season. I ' d like to break forward to running all my events at the Varsity Level next year. I think I can do o.k., running with the ' big guys ' . I ' d also like to thank Coach Todd for all of his help this last two years. " Clockwise, pages 178-179. Paul Johnson to Eric Kim in rhe sprint medley. Mike Stanton to Mickey Burris in the mile relay Patrick Kim. John Chen, Shawn Stanton, Mike Peters, and Legary Leshay sweep the 100 over Valley Christian. Mike Mendez hands off to Kenny Fisher in the mile relay at West Torrance Mike Stanton, soaring to viaory. Quicker than lightening, Patrick Kim is out of the blocks. Bryon Toliver. slowly but sure- ly on his way. Mike McCabe to Robert Roster in the West Torrance distance medley. Kenny Fisher reaches for greater heights Robert Roster to Mike Mendez to fmish the distance medley. Athletics 119 J. V. Softball Up to Bat The J.V. Team is an inexperienced one. They have lots to learn about the game but are wiUing to work hard and try their best. The infield consists of Jennifer Abbott, Sandra Mates, Lori Montez, and Desiree Smith. A finer J.V infield can ' t be found. The pitching staff is known for it ' s speed and accuracy. Sandra Villalba and Jessica Campos made their mark on the rest of the league. The outfield is made up of Lissett Mesa, Stacy Clark, and Terry Berthon. Those who will be seeing plenty of action and wiU help the team are Lattice Coleman, Quarla Jones, Cecilia and Susana Becerra and Cathy V.jar. Behind the plate will be Christie Leeburg. Cecl a Becerra, Susan Becerra, Stacy Qark, Sandra Matos Lissett Mesa Toi, 180 I Athletics Athletics I 181 y arstty boftbaU Aiming For The Top The Varsity softball team did exceptionally well this year. They had an abundance of teamwork this year and had the w.U to be the best they could be. They all showed good sportsmenship, win or lose. Hardwork- ing, young and dedicated are the words which describe the 1988 Lady Pioneers. Led by junior veterans Denise Winn and Evette Garcia the var- sity club IS definedy the team of the future. The freshmen starting five of Kelly Wolfe, Er.ka Perez. Marcie Ramos, Jennifer Wilson, and Genelle Mizuno were the driving force in Pioneer hitting and defense. Their en- thusiasm and high sp irited antics made the 1988 season full of surprises Also contributing to the pioneer softbaU force were Rachel Greaves Maria Rodnquez, Sandra Peres, and Caroline Capen. Head coach Irene Ramos ( I m " ' Tu ' ' " " " " ' ' P ' " ' ° ' ' ' ' " « ' ' ' 8 ' ' - A new generation of Softball will be seen in the years to come. Catch the excitement ' " 182 j Athletics Clockwise, p. 182: Genelle , a great catch!! Marcy with a great put-out at first base. Adiving catch (almost) by Maria. Marcy makes a nice catch on a steaming grounder. Erika turns a double play. Page 183: Marcy makes a great toss to second base. Erika completes the play. Perfea position to make the catch, Genelle! The Varsity: Bottom row, L to R. Jennifer Wilson, Maria Rodriguez, Caroline Cap er, Sandra Peres, Evette Garcia, Top row: Marcy Ramos, Rachel Rios, Rachel Greaves, Kelly Wolfe, Erika Perez, Genelle Mizuno, Miss Irene Ramos. Marcy throws to the plate. A team strategy session. Erika fires to first. Athletics I 183 Varsity Baseball Returning to the Top The 1988 Varsity Baseball campaign was one of optimism and en- thusiasm. The Pioneers relied on their pitching staff to keep them dose in the game. The young infield kept the opposition at bay while con- tributing key hits. Veterans Matt armenta and Craig Brown provided the leadership to assure success. Outfielders Craig May, Roben Matos, Johnny Benson, Tom Santos, and Trent Mc Intyre came through with clutch hits as the Pioneers balttled for the championship. It was a challenging year for Coach Guggiana and Coach Weiss, but the future looks bright. WkM ' W3 f ' -::l 184 I Athletics z IL ' Ml ti .0 c ; | ' cM w ' ■ » . « - Clockwise, page 184: Tom Santos makes the tag at second Rounding third and ready to score, Craig May, Matt Armenta going for the triple Going to first for the easy out, David Olivas, Robert Matos with the easy single ready for more Throwing for a strike, Raul Olivas Page 18 The Varsity Bottom row. L to R: Tom Santos, Dennis Loput, Eduarado Castillo, Matt Armenta. Johnny Benson. David Olivas. Craig May Top row: Coach Tony Guggiana. Robert Matos. Margrito Castillo, Raul Olivas. Joe Velasquez, Mark Mc Afee, Joel Adamson. Greg Brown, Trent Mc Intyre, Coach Howard Weiss The ball gets loose and Trent Mc Intyre is able to advance, Joel Adamson and Joe Velasquez able to get the out. Craig Brown, another succesful hit. Ton y Guggiana and Howard Weiss watch there way to viaory Eduarado Castillo prepares co throw the ball to first. The powerful arm of Joel Adamson ts ready to strike again. Athletics 183 J ' V. Baseball The Boys of Summer The outlook was bright for the J. V. squad! A stronger armed pitching staff of Brandon Nasu, Kevin Boyce, and Jeremy Abney provided the team with quality perfor- mances. The Pioneer batters were just as effeaive, show- ing many positive attributes. Troy Goddard, Ray Valen- cia, Steve Kim, and Darnell Bussy keep the team in many games. The Pioneers always tried their best in Viaory or Defeat!! ' AJ-T « ; 7 7 ' ■i " 4 • — j - A- ■■HB 186 I Athletics Cloc kwise, page 186: Quincy Fleming making an impossible catch Striving for the best, Jeremy Abney, Troy Goddard making the tag, and Gary Bryant backing him up, Brandon Nasu throwing his best. Ready to hit and score, Jason Bailey. Brian Berg saving the play by a running catch. Page 187: Robert Deleon reaches for the catch. Cyrus May show- ing that you can do it with you eyes close. Top row, L lo R: Coach Rodney Benson, Darnell Bussy, Quincy Fleming, Jeremy Abney, Kevin Boyce, Troy Goddard, Roben Deleon, Steven Kim. Coach John Guggiana. Gary Bryant waits for the call. Jason Bailey throwing the ball to third to get the out. Athletics I 187 Frosh Baseball Artesia ' s Freshmen Baseball Team developed and matured as a team as the season rolled on. Coaches Kevin Raphael and Guy Montgomery received ample hitting from Hector Aleman, Jeff Marino, Jim Bufford, and Kevin Goddard. Strong defense from Rick Ostrow, Jeff Hagberg, Torey Purser, and Dean Davidson kept the Pioneers in all of their games. As they improved as as team, their efforts were reward- ed with a strong run at the league title. Clockwise: Striding in with a vicious homerun swing. The Ffosh don ' t look too happy about being down 4-2 in the 6th inning. Making a pitching change. Jeff Hagberg lets fly with yet anothet strike. Coach Raphael grabbing some seeds; is it a sign, or is it lunch? Digging for 2nd! 188 I Athletics Artesia Golf Swinging To The Top The Varsity golf team consisted of four retur- ning letterman; Tom Aquilar, Woo Choung, Chris Kandler and John Lopes. Up from last year ' s J. V team is Dave Collins. Newcomers are Ricky Estrada and promising ninth grader, Paul Zarate. Pre-league matches were against Gahr, El Rancho, Sante Fe and Western. League teams were: La Mirada, Glenn, Bellflower, Mayfair and league newcomer, Leffingwell Christrian. This year ' s golf team had an interesting but rough season and is already looking forward to next season where all the experienced gained in 1988 will make 1989 a great year. John Lopes, Joe Grijalva, David collins, Paul Zarate, Jessis Maxie, and Chris Kandler; Whether it is a driver, nine iron, or pitching wedge, the Anesia Golf Team never misses a fairway or green. Perfea form and perfea practice inakcs perfect golf. Athletics 189 Artesia s Boys Swimteam Pull + Kick = Swim VL JtM-m - . - - - e. !» mtn iei ..«» team had a challenging year. Even though thejjjgUb ' t meet ' rowr pre-season expeaations.tthey) ' ill have next l ppti year to lo ok forward to. Hie great effort, speed, and talent displayed by Young Kiggg Demetrius Lopez, Damc HlBBsll, and H Park was especially noteworthy. The captain, ■ David Crane, is a CIF medal conten9 There were also some very promising newcomers: Huynh Day Ton, Gustavo Tor- res, David Heiberh, and Devin Wen are future super stars. Mr. John Guzman remembers, " This yeai ream was young but David ' s leadership and ' -■• enthusiasm of the underclassmen really made it a emoraMe year. " .;. Bottom row; L to R: Kevin Wen, Dean Durfec. Top row: L to R: Huynh Duy Ton, Gustavo Torres, David Heiberg, David Crane, Young Kwon, Dennis West, Damon Lindell, Brian Anderson, Demetrius Lopes 190 AMe tics l LLiiiiU Qxiwiie, page 190: Coach Guzman posts the events to be swum. David Crane concentrating hard on his bunerfly form. David Heiberg pacing himself for the race ahead of him. Demetrius Lopez gomg out to beat his personal best. Pagt 191: Chester Smith trying to psych himself up before the meet Demetrius Lopez resting up before his next event. Gasping for air as he finishes his race, an Anesia swimmer earns points Kevin Wen getting a good lead in breast. Alex pushing himself harder than ever. Stan Park swimming with great concentration. Dean Durfee on his last 50 yards. Before finishing his race Demetrius Lopez over takes the lead. I UUiM Athletics 191 Artesia ' s Girls ' Stvimteam A Year To Rebuild i rsp s nr This was a year to gather and regroup. During the previous year our swim team lost ten strong swimmers due to gradua- tion. To overcome the loss we had to ex- pand our numbers with freshmen and sophomores. Misty Byers, Kim Martin, Amber Asada, Jenny Potter, and Marie Frazier were part of the rebuilding group that s ows a lot of promise. Our team captain, Amber Price, has all the power and speed needed to qualify for GIF. I feel Coach Marquez, a,kj!|,« e Little Troll, always shows confidence and sap-- - port in what we can accomplish with a litde effort. Christina Rasmussen The Team: Bottom row, L to R: Marie Frazier, Michelle Miller , Melissa Denham, Melissa Rogers, Denise Evelyn Top row, L to R; Mitsy Byers, Kim Martin, Amber Asada, Jenny Potter, Christina Rasmussen, Shellie Potter, Amber Price, Sheryle Stafford, Angela Deiderich 192 Athletics 4» i. yy j ltj k Ciocku ' ise; page 192: Christina Rasmussen pulling for first place. The most promising swimmer, Amber Price, mounting the blocks for her race. Jenny Potter and Enrique discussing the events. Melissia Rogers gasping for air on her last lap of butterf- ly. Sheryle Strafford exausted after swimming a hard race. Page 193: Mr. Ted Marquez and his assistant tallying up the scores. Angela Diederich pacing herself to acheive a good time, Artesia getting a gocxJ stan. Sheryle Stafford taking the lead. Amber Asada warming up before her race. Marie Frazier, Angela Diedrich and Christina Rassmussen crying to keep warm bet- ween races. iiW ' jm Athletics j 195 The Ano de Oro Athletes of the Year are people who dedicate themselves to their sport, their teams, and for their own satisfaction. They are determined to achieve a goal; One they create in their own minds ... to become superior athletes. These peo- ple work and sweat for four years. Their day does not end when the last bell rings. They still must get ready for a practice filled with tiring and strenuous physical and mental work. She ' s going for her twelfth lap around the track. He ' s just finishing his 4000th yard in his swimming workout . . . The Ano de Oro Athletes of the Year -1 Christina Peters A one sport specialist, Christina Peters has been selected as the Aiio de Oro Athlete of the Year. Christina has been a member of the Artesia Varsity Tennis Squad for four years and has provided leadership, athletic prowress, and enthusiasm as she ' s demonstrated her skills by gaining victory after vic- tory on the court. Only the rare, unique athlete can achieve varsity success as a freshman, Christina is one such individual. Stepping on the tennis court with the confidence usually seen only in upperclassmen, she was immediately seen as someone whose skill and knowledge of the game would add im- measurably to the success of her team. Recalls her tennis coach, Mr. Charley Ryder, " Christina Peters started tennis her freshman year as a doubles player and continued to do so untill her( senior year when her doubles partner was unable to participate. As a senior, Christina made the difficult transition from a doubles player to a singles player. As any great athlete would do, Christina continued to perform exceptionally well as our number one singles player. Her attitude and her will- ingness to help her team have earned Christina the respect and admiration of her teammates. As her coach, I knew I could always depend on Christina to come through with that extra point, and to serve as an example for the other tennis players. If I had a whole team of Christinas we would always win the league championship. " Being the best she can be on the tennis court, Christina has consist ently been admired by her teammates as a friend, an athlete, a student, and a leader. She demonstrates all the qualities necessary to be honored as our Athlete of the Year, 194 I Athletics Excellence For the Years 1987 and 1988 . . . The sun is blazing down on his face as he relentlessly praaices his throwing technique. It ' s a Saturday morning and it seems like she ' s serves the balls endlessly to an invisible op- ponent. They push themselves to their own upper limits of endurance and pain. These are the best, the pride of the Pioneers. These pages are dedicated to the two individuals chosen by the coaching staff as having the most outstanding athletic careers during their four years at Artesia High. Con- gratulations to Christina Peters and Mark McAfee, 1988 ASo de Oro Athletes of the Year. Mark McAfee Mark McAfee, superstar, superperson — Artesia ' s Ano de Oro Athlete of the Year. It seems rare nowadays to find a competitor who excels in multi- ple events but Mark Mc Afee is such a person. Mark starred in football for four years and directed the Varsity to a Suburban League Championship and CIF Playoff appearance as the team ' s quarterback. He was also a baseball hero, the All — American boy. Taking his turn once a week on the mound, this varsity pitcher Sf eciali2ed in the strike-out and dose game victory. Four years on the old baseball diamond in " America ' s Pastime " has created a player liked and admired by teammates and coaches alike. Remembered Varsity Coach Vince La Rosa, " Mark came through for us this year. It was tough for him not getting much playing time last year but he never complained and always tried to improve his leadership and quarterbacking skills. I know we would never have been successful this year without him guiding the offense. " And, from Baseball Coach Tony Guggiana, " Mark had a tough senior year. After being very successful for three years, Mark was looking for six or seven wins this season. However, an injury prevented that from happening. Mark still was able to provide the en- thusiasm and leadership needed for us to have an outstanding year. " You will always be remembered, Mark, as a leader of teams and an example for excellence. Congratulations! Athletics I 193 A R T E S I A C A D E M I C S 196 Academics Pioneer Academics Academics are an impor- tant part of Artesia High School ' s curriculum. Throughout the year, the Artesia faculty concentrates on its students and their op- portunity to push themselves and to achieve a better education. The Academic Decathalon, Egg Drop, and WAC are just a few ex- amples of the academic pro- grams at Artesia, Academics are that part of the cur- riculum where students use their imaginations and the knowledge to become the best they can be. Academics I 197 Excellence The most important part of a school ' s cur- riculum is the academics. Throughout the year Artesia concentrates on academics, planning special events in which students have the oppor- tunity to push themselves, to excel, and to succeed. Holding events like Tower Building, Egg Drop, the Decathlon, and W.A.C. give our students the chance to challenge their abilities and stretch their limits. Academic events are not required by students but are offered to them. Students who want to use their minds, imaginations, and the knowledge they have accumulated throughout their school years are given that chance at Artesia. 198 I Academics Clockuist page 198: Steve Lin and Nien Duong demonstrate how their bridge works at the Bridge BuiJding Contest. Anesia students on an educational science field trip. Rosa Mesa and Janette Gilbert performing in " Pure As The Driven Snow ' . Mt. Jim Wray and Mr Paul Lewanski try- ing to find out if the egg survived the egg diop. An Anesian at her best. Jeanette Gendron making a Christmas wreath. Page 199: Don Sevilla dapping to his test results. Students listening to a drug awareness speach. Cindy Tran making a Chfistmas wteath with care. A proud Artesian demonstrating how his ballon machine works Joe Hoyo getting into charaaer. Young Quan, Dametras Lopez and Jim Quan showing off their tower. Ysiro Gallardo taking a moment to put it into words. ■5 — 1 ■ - Academics I 199 ' ' Pure As The Driven Snow In November, the Drama Club presented " Pure As The Driven Snow " . The performers worked very hard in order to have their play ready in the short period of only four weeks. They miraculousy accomplished the task and the curtain went up on time. The director, Mr. Robert Faircloth, enjoyed working on this play and was proud of all the par- ticipatants. The cast practiced every night and, because of their enthusiam and devotion, made " Pure As The Driven Snow " a wonderful experience for everyone. The cast and characters of this play were; Margaret Garrish as Zama, David Baida as Motermer, Jenny Gilbert as Purity, Jim Lawry as Jonathan, Rosa Mesa as Imogene, Joe Hoyo as Jed, Suzy Oliver as Faith, Robert Lambert as Eric, Millisa Reaor as The Miss, Lisa Merchain as Allison, Jim Escalza as Leander, Jenny Laird as Nellie, and Cheryl Ander- son as The Card Girl. " Pure As The D ' ven Snow " was one of the first of a successful run of plays and performar ces by the 1987-88 Drama Club of Artesia High. 200 I Academics Clockwisf. pages 200-201: Mortermer Frochmgham in his despicable undercover disguise. Mortermer telling the lovely Miss Hwelit of the beautiful mountains " out younder " . Jonathan " askin " Leander if the beautiful Imogene is coming along to visit with Mr. Pickens. Cheryl Anderson and her sexy ■ ' hiss " . The cast and crew of " Pure As The Driven Snow " . Mortermer and his ac- complice, Jed Lunn goming over their devious plot, E.Z, Pickens asking for his beloved Allison ' s hand in marriage Purity Dean holding the abandoned babe. " Look here Aunt Zama, I found this here babe on the floor in the barn, " hollers Leander Longfellow B ' Gosh. Mortermer deceiving Jonathan into handing over his morgage money in order to make a million Academics 201 The First To Crack, Is A Rotten Egg! s z " Ct " f.„ ' ' r : ' " " " " - ' " ■ ' " - " ' ■ " ' " »■ " ■ ' -- a™» hi,h " ss i-xup. inis IS an annual conte ir n u;K; k -i, ■ ■ package an egg. using very specific .ass rr,.:: ' ' ' ' T ' ' ° egg survive several drops from heit hrc r c " " itations, in such a manner as to have the October .4, 1987 a the sTdil ' Tf J° ' ' ' " ' • " " " ' " ' P ' o " faculty, staff and pa n« e t, Ztr Z J " " ' ' ' " ' " ' « - ' l--. the drop Itself wa 168 lie J " Tk " " ' ' ' ' ' °° ' " ' " " participating m Clarkand Alv.n Chmg " ° ' ' " " ' ° " ' « ' ' -P o-ore team of sfian Ciocku ' tse, tapes 20?- ?n - am ,u i wath thX ' ? 88, ' ' ™PP " ' g " " .est. a, awe -fherNTo Tnm T ' n ' " " ° ' ' " ° " " ' f° ' ' he car- r aHinl f f " " ' n ' ' " « ' ' PP d f m 60 fee, in rhe a r o the H I p ? " ' " " ' ' ' " k Uyemura 202 Academics Academics 205 W.A.C. Attacks Arte si a A SALUTE TO LIBERTY ! K r Plocf fs ov, ■ l-Ploct fs oy j «»., . ■- . ■ i i ■i THE CONST ITUIld ■ 204 I Academics W.A.C. Putting It In Writing Writing Across the Cirriculum (W.AC.) focuses on the student body of Artesia High The program is designed to involve the students with writing and the writing process. W.A.C attempts to get the students to see themselves as writers, and encourages them to be part ot a community of writers by participating in W.A C sponsored activities. This past year, W.A.C. sponsored the Second An- nual Writers ' Conference. The Writers ' Conference was a five hour campus workshop for forty-eight students. It was held during the Spring semester and included a one hour motivation meeting and four-one hour workshops on specific writing techniques. W.A.C. also sponsored frequent cross-curricular writing contests in such areas as history, health, and science. The contests were designee) to increase stu- dent participation in writing events in all subject areas and to recognize many of the students for their various writing abilities W.A.C. held the First Annual Trainer of Trainers Workshop, where five students learned how to teach writing lessons which were presented to classes around the campus. At the end of the year, W.A.C put out the third edition of the literary magazine. Images . The magazine gave students a chance to publish their work, which in turn encouraged writing. The 1987-88 school year was a success for W.A.C. The program increased student participation and has made writing take a prominent place in public educa- tion as more students and teachers become involved with writing. Clothutie, page 2(M Student W.A.C C uurdinatur , James Rivera edits a poem for Images , WAC. ' s literary magazine Lance Huff W A C ATTAC;KS Mr Gary Mc Hatton with the W A C flier for teachers and parents at Artesia Lights Up The Night The award winning essays: " A salute to liberty and the constitution " Geoff Harris reads a story he wrote and published in the W A.C. student mailer. Mr. David Eggie, co-founder and coordinator of W A C . talks with Ed Kim about his writing Margaret Tancraitor, Alex (Puerto. Ben Barocio. and David Bates are in a huddle for words Page 205: Deanna Shindledecker staples one of the many W.A.C, bulletin boards W.A.C. artist Robert Roster works on the first of many W.A.C. posters for the year. Academics 203 Clockwise : Pedro Amaro revises one of the several essays he was required to write in Ms. Sandra Evans junior English class. Wayne Ausbrooks, Kelly Wolfe, and Jemay Cannon won awards in the Artesia: Salute To Liberty And The Constitution essay contest. Ms. Nokaleta Cardriche ' s senior English class -takes the Mock Subject A, an essay exam evaluated by UCI graders. Ms. Sandra Evans, co-founder and head of the Writing Across the Curriculum program, helps writing student Sal Gracian. Ben Barocio and Margaret Tancraitor praaice the writing lesson they taught lo classes throughout the school, including science and math. •?. -- ; » 5 1 R ■ r il J 1 iH J 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 w 1 H 206 I Academics The American Academic Decathlon The Acdemic Decathlon is a nationwide competition oF high school students designed to promote and reward academic endeavors. While formal team competitions are held at local, state, and national levels, all students are encouraged to prepare and try out for their in- dividual school team and to remain involved by supporting their team ' s progress through the competitions. There are several reasons why the USAD is so special. First, it ' s not just tor the academic " elite " . All teams consist of " A " , " B " , and " C " students. Second USAD promotes well-rounded academic experiences. Every member of every team must compete in all ten events. Third, USAD promotes the spirit of team play, much like an athletic event — each team has a coach, can wear special uniforms, and may generate as much excitement as a state championship basketball game. Finally, and most importandy, USAD changes lives — of students, teachers, ad- ministrators, and parents. This year ' s Pioneer team was: Don Sevilla, Gene Chi, James Rivera, Jessie Vidrio, Meileen Acosta, Millie Cho, Stacy Dill, and Tehal Patel. Tof to Boliem, Left lo Right: Don Sevilla looking for an answer. Concentration always works for MiUic Cho Don with a victory salute. " Answers automatically flow out of my pencil, " teveals Jessie Vidrio. Tejal Patel, asks, " What ' s the answer, Bud ' " James Rivera gives his undivided .i, attention. Academics j 201 Ar testa Dereck Wins District Competion Angel Maldonado, Science Club President, reported, " The level of participation in the Cerritos Dereck Building Contest, and the fact that an Atresia team won this inter-district event, just goes to show that when it comes to accuracy, creativity, and skill , Atresia is number ONE. " The Dereck Building Contest was sponsored by the Cerritos High School Science Club. The Artesia Pioneer science teams entered some 40 teams. There were more than 300 teams entered and Artesia High School WON! Members of the victorous team were Damon Lindell, Young Kwon, and Demetrius Lopez. The three science student superstars earned a first prize of a $ 100.00. The objective of this contest was to construct a floating tower which would support an egg as far above the water surface as possible. The construction supplies were: A set of soda straws, a few pipe cleaners, a razor blade, and, of course, an egg. Our winning tower was 68 cm tall! 208 I Academics Strange Vehicles Seen On Gym Floor! t The first annual Balloon Powered Vehicle Contest was an in- credible success. Founded by Mr. Paul Lewanski and Mr. Nolan Noble, the turnout surpassed their wildest expectations. Teams from Artesia, Cerritos, Gahr, and Whitney participated in the second round of the district science contests. The objective was to make a balloon powered vehicle that went the farthest distance. The challange was that the vehicle had to be made from materials given, such as drinking straws, .3x5 cards, pipecleaners, paperclips, tape, and toothpicks, and to assemble them in one short hour. Although Artesia came in a close se- cond, students enjoyed being with friends. Imagination, fun, and learning were stressed, which isn ' t a lot of hot air. Clocku ' tse: Farooq Malik getting ready Tor the launch. David Baida laughs as his vehicles nevet leaves the starting line. Angel Maldonado is com- plemented by Mf- Todd as his design travels only a few inches. Students watch eagerly as the competi- tion starts. Artesia students having a great time. John Kim, Robert Guerrero, and Hai Troung pro- udly show their creation. Jeff Thomas, Jethro Strumsodt, and Jernay Cannon enthusiastically look over the given materials. Academics 209 Conestoga Award Winners ' 88 Artesia ' s Brightest, Always and Forever The Conestoga Awards are given to exceptional Artesian students and recognizes their outstanding achievements in the areas of athletics, academics, and vocational education. To be eligible for a Conestoga Award, students must be nominated by their instructors as the brightest in their field. The top three nominees are then given special recognition. The most outstanding student receives the Grand Conestoga Award. This year ' s Grand Conestoga winner was Michael Beadle. Many congratulations to Michael and all of the other Conestoga winnets. You ' re the best of the Pioneers! John Smith Art Trophy David BiUman Art Medallion Michael Beadle, the best of the very best — our Grand Conestoga Award winner!! Lance Comes Boys ' Athletics Trophy Damon Davis Boys " Athletics Medallion Mark McAfee Boys ' Athletics Medallion Kimberly Celli Business Trophy Stacy Dili Business Medalhon 210 I Academics Stacy jacohson Business Medallion p 1 , 1 I 1 TeiaJ Pate Computer Science Trophy r S. f f I, 1 Kacherine McGorman receiving her Q)nestoga trophy for excellence in science. Siip ijt Pitaknarungporn Cumputcr S«.iencc Medallion Rusa Mesa Dance Drill Truphy Caria Garcia Dance Drill Medallion Jennifer O ' Rourke Dance Drill Medallion Academics 21 1 David Baida Darma Trophy mm. m% Mafia Syquia English Medallion Yong J 00 Kang ESL Trophy Rosa Mesa Drama Medallion Joseph Hoyo Drama Medallion Tony Fisher receives her trophy for vocal music. Janet Tongs uthi English Trophy Donald Sevilla Enghsh Medallion Catherine Torres ESL Medalhon Rita Urquijo ESL Medallion Joseph Balani F.LR.S.T. MedaUion Rosa Cueva F.LR.S.T. Medallion Tony Girard FIRST. Medallion 212 Academics Chnstuphcr Kanillcr Furti ti KaiigiM t: Truphy Alvin C.hing Hfdlih Truphy Silvia Cardenas Foreign Language Medallion Maria Syquia Foreign language Medallion Congratulations, Bridget Ford, for your award in instrumen tai miisu Icsha Smith Girls ' Athletics Truphy Denise Winn Girls ' AthletiLS Mcdalliun Rachel Rios Health Medallion Kiren (hauhan Health Medallion Stacy Jdcobson Home I-Lonomks Trophy Maria Delgado Home Economics Medallion Alicia Smith Home Economics Medallion Academics 215 Daniel Dupler Industrial Education Trophy Irene Garcia Instrumental Music Medallion Candy Huang Mathematics Trophy Jeffrey Fuller Industrial Education Medallion Buxton Lyons Industrial Education Medallion Candie Huang receives her award for outstanding achievements in mathematics. Bridget Ford Instrumental Music Trophy Matthew GoUa Instrumental Music Medallion Rudolpho Agbunag Mathematics Medallion Hsin-I Huang Mathematics Medallion Gary Robinson Physical Education Trophy Carlos Jacinto Physical Education Medallion Susan Becerra Physical Education Medallion 2l4 I Academics Ronald Edwards School Service Trophy Millie Cho Science Medallion Maria Syquia Social Studies Trophy Leilani Ines School Service Medallion Kathcrine McGorman School Service The Grand Conestoga winner. Mike Beadle Kathennc McGorman Science Trophy Jeanerte Gendron Science Medallion Donald Sevilla Social Studies Medallion Tcjal Patel Social Studies Medallion Antonie Fisher Vocal Music Trophy David Baida Vocal Music Medallion James Kim Vocal Music Medallion Acade?7i ' tcs 213 Senior Square Festivities For Seniors Only It might not be huge and it might not be great but for some seniors, it ' s their second home. The Senior Square is a place where seniors relax, share talk and food, and do their homework due in five minutes. But most of all, it is a place where seniors have fun. It is one of those places that will always be remembered because most of the seniors spend their days with their friends in the Senior Square. So the next time you hear sounds of laughter, just look to the Senior Square. 216 I Closing Oockuisi. pages 216-217: " My hat goes off to Artesia High " , says Angel MaJdonado. Haresh Patel indulges himself with an ice cream bar. Flips have more fun Mark King and Chandel White wanting some more food. Off of the Senior Square, Jemay Ginnon says, " Take a shot at this " Senior Siv Mom Duong relaxes at the end of her day Inkyu Kim. John Choe and Jocclyn Oraa having a pizza race And the service award goes to Lance Comes. Here ' s to the new Senior Square Welcome Seniors! Cheers! A mob of seniors gathered together for the first Senior Square picnic. Closing 217 Robert ¥ air cloth This year a very important part of Artesia ' s teaching staff has decided to move on. Even though we are saddened by his departure, we wish him all the best. During his 27 years of teaching he has made a large contribution of time, energy, and talent to the English and Drama Department. His main invalvement has been the theatre. While teaching here at artesia he has directed many plays such as You Can ' t Take With You, The Wayward Saint, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Crucible, The Man Who Came To Dinner, The Importance Of Being Earnest, Our Town, The Happy Time, Pure As the Driven Snow, Harvey, Ten Little Indians, The Late Chritopher Beaw, The Whiteheaded Boy, Out Of the Frying Pan, The Bad Seed, The Curious Savage, Kind Lady, The Torch Bearers, It Happened At Midnight, Strange Bed Fellows, Charley ' s Aunt, Uncle Harry, Antigone, UTBU, Design For Murder, Play On, Stalag 17, One Foot In Heaven, Front Page, Look Homeward Angel, Candida, The Plough and the Stars, The Diary Of Anne Frank, The Good Doctor, Object Of the Game, The Mouse Trap, A Company Of Wayward Saints, Light Up the Sky, and The Thirteenth Chair. He has also directed a number of musicals, including My Fair Lady, The Wizard Of Oz, Guys and Dolls, and Cinderella. There is no doubt, in my mind, that Mr. Faircloth has been the coolest, craziest, most ec- centric, oddest, most controversial, and most ir- replaceable teacher to walk the halls of Artesia High School. And, all of those who knew him well will miss his presence. Christina Rasmusiin Mr. Faircloth, pleased with what has been accomplished on stage. The young, handsome Robert Faircloth when he first staned his teaching careet at Anesia High School in 1962. Contemplating stage directions is tedious work for a diicaor. Comfortable in his second home, the theatre Looking over retirement cards given to him at his fairweli party. 218 I Closing f M f t»| • ' ■ " 7 -jf ' ■ ' i ipf r , Harry Dreifus An Artesian f Always and Forever Harry Dreifus has been with Artesia High School since 1962 and has been an integral part of the Physical Education Program . Nowadays he works chiefly with the weight training classes where he instructs his students on the methods to become a stronger and healthier individual and administers as the P.E. Department Chairman. Coach Dreifus is the one to go to in order to develop the body you always knew you had but just couldn ' t figure out how to get it. And the results show that he cer- tainly knows what he ' s doing. Mr. Dreifus feels that he has not just been a good teacher of students but a good friend as well. No one can come close to taking his place. He has made his presence felt throughout Artesia as someone who knows what he wants done and will work hard to see that his instructions are carried out " to the letter " . Coach Dreifus will be missed next year. The weight room will seem quiet and empty without him directing repetitions and giving instruc- tions. The P.E. faculty will attempt to keep the programs he worked so long to perfect moving along their designated course. Mr. Drefius will always be remembered: As an educator, as a friend, and, forever, as a Pioneer. Closing I 219 Mr. Ray bunch is one of the finest people you could ever find on Artesia ' s staff. He has worked here at AHS for 16 years and has many memories of working closely with the athletic coaches; and he has always gone to the games to support the teams. After he retires, Mr. Bunch plans on doing lost of fishing, hunting and traveling. In August, he ' s going back east to North Carolina to a family reunion. Dolly Parton ' s musical director is a member of the family and he will be there. Before his reunion, he ' s planning to go to Florida and other states on the east coast. After Mr, Bunch retires he might be moving to Nevada with his wife. He would like to thank all the staff members from AHS and wish them good luck in the future. He hopes to see more students come back to visit after graduation. He would like to say thanks to some teachers he worked closely with; Mr Engel. Mr. Flowers, Mr, Sandie, Ms, Collie, Mr Kamper, Mr. Todd, and Mrs. Cherie Vela, as well as the rest of Artesia ' s staff Mr. Bunch would like to say good luck to the graduating class and to the underclassmen. He would also like to say that they ' re lucky they ' re at Artesia, and they ' ve got some of the best and the most caring teachers around. Mr. Bunch is very proud of being an Artesian, he ' s sad about leaving Ariesia High School, but he ' s also happy to be retiring. We all at A.H.S will miss you, Mr. Bunch, We appreciate everything you ' ve done for us. Good luck and thanks, we hope you ' ll visit us, Artesia will Always and Forever Love You. .- 220 I Closing N- 1972 1986 James C. Penner x mlng to the aid of a student. catching the wonders of the wofld. Dedication, The one word that can describe Mr. James C. Pen- ner. For 22 years he has worked at Artesia High School as a teachei in Special Education. Mr. Penner first became interested in Special Education in col- lege, due to the simple fact that he enjoys working with and being around the handicapped. He has worked at two other school systems. Long Beach and Okla City prior to coming to Artesia. He has worked at Artesia longer than anywhere else in his life. Mr. Penner is looking forward to retiring so he can spend more time on his many hobbies: Traveling, fishing, and playing golf He will miss Artesia very much. He feels that Artesia is one of the best schools in all areas of the curriculum in which he has worked. The credit for that, Mr. Penner says, goes to the supportive staff and administrators. Mr. Penner would like to give an extra amount of thanks to the staff of Artesia for all their support and encouragement they have given him over the past 22 years. Mr. Penner has been a resp ected teacher and well-liked friend to his fellow staff members. Knowledgeable and skilled, we can find someone to teach his class, but he can never be replaced. Thank you, Mr. Penner, for all of your support and help throughout your years of teaching at Artesia. We wish you much happiness in the years to come. You will be greatly missed. Heather Hall Wondering whether to give an " A " or " B " . " I can ' i think of the right word! Closing I 221 A R T E S I A 222 I Support Congratulations to the Class of 1 988 Go forward with pride and enthusiasm and ennbrace the challenges that await you. SECURITY PACIFIC BANK Looking Forward With You Over 600 offices in California The Cerrttos Branch Salutes You All! Bob nriessina ' Photography (818)992-3255 Sports Teams and Groups Corporate and Editorial Weddings and Special Occasions RUSSELL RAWLINGS BIKE SSK SARANAC EASTON b b Sportinq Goods ' " l Team Outfitters vo?t MIZUNO CHAMPION m ' 9633 LETTERMAN AWARD JACKETS 4245 V2 WOODRUFF AVE , LAKEWOOD. 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Jane ' a Hallmark ©1988 Hallmark Cards, Inc 3219 E Soulh Ceriiioi, CA 90701 ( U) 8WJ S .i 228 I Support To: 1987-1988 Student Body President Ron Edwards I would like to thank Don and Frances Sibrava, Frank and Dorthea Hansen, David Baida, Cheryl Anderson, Leilani Ines, Tonie Fisher, Mr. Noble, Dr. Krause, Mr. Bess, Ms. Collie, Ms. Cardriche, Ms. Snyder, Ann, Sandy and Doris for all of their help during the past four years, I don ' t think I would have been able to make it without them. I will never forget the kindness that all of you showed me when times were tough. QUARTZ BROS. MASONRY Concrete Brick Block Tile Donald E Sibrava 2686 Orange Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714)646-8495 CMSS GfcNERAL CONTRACTORS Serving LA. Orange County Since 1966 Residential Commetcial Frank L. 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Your smile will always be with even when we ' re far apart. I ' m going to miss you, Lei, try to keep in touch. Friends Always Ron (Mr. President) (Your Boss) Duke ' s Charbroiled Burgers 1 1 7 in F. Dp Amo Boulevard DRIVE THRO Clidr-Broiled BURGERS Lakewood, California 90715 (213)860-9473 The Yearbook Staff would like to thank the management of Duke ' s Charbroiled Burgers for their continued, enthusiastic support ' over the years. They have made many programs and events better because they have shown an interest and a financial commitment to Artesia High School. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " Yearbooks of Excellence " Represented by Steve Eddy 2604 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (213)545-6709 Creative Resource Center — Buena Park, CA (714)521-6180 (714)521-6183 SANFORD STUDIO - U ifint fit r C ofor f hofouranhu 142 14- 18 East Whittier Boulevard, Whillier, California 90605 (213)698-6753 Support I 231 Senior 232 I Panorama Picture Class 1988 Panoram a Picture 233 Senior Wills I, being of sound mind and body, leave behind. . Craig May ... a file fiall of forged notes that I wrote the past four years. I also leave Coach La Rosa and Guggiana my most respected and few league championships. I leave my beautiful girlfriend, Annette Nunc, who I will never forget, all of my love. I also leave some advice to my two brothers, Cyrus and Bryant, try to graduate, you don ' t want a 5 year plan. And to all of you party animals who go to school after killing a few thou- sand brain cells, REMEMBER they don ' t grow back. Relax after school, yoCi will have plenty of time. Kick back and enjoy what you might not think are the best four year of your lives. To the class of 1988, I will be seeing you all again at our reunion in 1998. Make something of yourselves, I know I will. Just give me your vote when I run for president of the United States Monica Martinez . . . the most respected and special friendships I have made in the past four years. 1 was always treated so special. I wish you all the best of luck in all that you do and hope that you all stay in good health and remain happy. Gregg Brown . . . my fantastic sports skills to those who will find that they are very useful in the physical department, especially wrestling, foot- ball, and basketball. Second of all, I leave behind these wonderful teachers who spend less time with their students and spend more time with their books and cleanliness, even though we barely know how to read or write. We ' ll make it out there, all we ' ll have to do is ask someone to read my job s?: application to me because I forgot my glasses at home. ' Alice Jennings ... all my great time in Mr. Dan Bronkhurst ' s World War 11 class and his history classes. 1 also leave my child care class to Julie Giocomi. 1 give all my compassion and sympathy to the incoming freshmen and hope they enjoy their years at Artesia. I leave all my school pride for the people that have none. Desirea Crenshaw ... to Marie Frazier my " now you know " and I hope her senior year will be as fun as mine was. Don ' t be too loud next year, ■ ' Marie! Lur een Johnson ... all my Espirit clothing to Lizette Lopez, one of my best friends. In addition, I will leave a 16 oz. can Sebastian hairspray to any Filipino who is able to put their hair higher than 12 inches. To In Kyu Kim, I leave a large dose of " senioritis " because I will know for sure he ' ll use it. A bit of advice to next year ' s senior cabinet, " Be strong and help one another. It is your duty to make a memorable senior year and the only way to do it is to MAKE MONEY! " To Mike Pak I leave my braces. Nichelle Johnson ... to the up-coming seniors all my class notes from Mr, Ryder ' s civics class. You ' ll need them!! Jeff Ware . . . my sense of humor, parry abilities, and the ultimate wisdom of how to have a good time. I also leave behind the knowledge that Artesia High has generously thrust upon me. Keith Wiley ... to those still at Artesia the memory of the one called " Biff. I leave all the young girls time to grow up!! My last four year have been filled with fun time with all the " fellas " . Also, I ' ll miss the teachers who influenced me the most, Ms. Cardriche and Mr. Dreifus. I ' ll remember and love you always. To the " younger fellas " stay " strong and proud. " Keep up with the studies. I know it ' s going to be hard her without me but life goes on. Very special thanks go out to my mom fot keeping me in line and staying by me all the way, I love you! Jason Hooton . . . memories of Mrs. Lorand ' s class and the memories of Mrs. Evans class to all those intersted in stand-up comedy. To all you others out there, KNAC rocks non-stop. Carry on Becky, you ' re a sweetheart! Craig Brown . . . some of Artesia ' s greatest teachers: Mr. Eggie, Mrs. Vela, Mr. Cizmar, Mr. Valois, Ms. Brannon, Mr, L and Mrs. V, thanks for the help you gave to me through the years. By the way Mr. Eggie, Lakers champs 87,88. I ' m still determined to get a date with Barbra Gill; j Rebecca Mahmood . . . leave behind for my brother Asif Mahmood, the good and bad, and sometimes tough times at Artesia. Asif, I love you very much and I wish you the best of luck in your senior year and in the future. Sberyl LoBue . . . some of the best times of my life and the best friends j in the world. I leave all the underclassmen the best teacher and friend at AHS, Mrs. Cardriche. I leave the 1988-89 Pep Flag squad the best of luck. Watch out for Crespi and Nougalis High School Camp. Keep the unity! I leave all my school spirit to all those who don ' t have any or are too afraid to show their pride. I also leave to " Nekka Dog " all my Lucky Dog brand dog food. Jeff Fuller . . . the everlasting spirit of the class of " 88 " . I leave the good times yet to come in your senior year and the people you will meet and the things you will do. The last years in school are your best and you ' ll never relive them. When you are a Senior, you will realize that life is about to hit you in the face and all the friends you made and good times you had will be gone. After you graduate it ' s like starting a new life and you leave j- the old one behind. Live this one as best as possible. .. ' Tara Bader ... all of the memories and good times I ' ve had at Artesia, I leave behind my motivation to Andreas Ramos because I know you can do it. Always have faith because you ' ll make it big. j Jose Renovato ... to those still here at Artesia best of luck especially to my sister who is a Junior. I wish her the best, to all of the rest of the students here I wish them luck don ' t give up school. 234 I Senior Memories Sivmom Duong . . . " The best of luck " to all fellow students who are still here at Artesia High. 1 hope you too enjoy the learning experience here at Artesia high, and keep the spirit of Artesia alive. I always believe that I can be a successful career woman someday in the near future if I work for it and education is the best tool to success. 1 also believe that everyone is unique and best in their own way and everyone can be successful if they are determined to work hard in whatever they do. Never give up hope, always keep struggling until you reach your goal. Jocelyn Oraa . . . my best wishes te my friends. Good Luck next year. Don ' t be partying to much. And to my good friends Abilene Lynette thanks for everything, we finally made it. And for my boyfriend, Ed- mund, 1 love you. Jennifer Evidente ... to my sister, Christy, and to my friends, lot of success. Jaqi Fondren ... to my sister Lanie all the fun and happiness that is to come in the years at Artesia. I love you very much. Good Luck!! Alan Garcia . . . here at Artesia High, all of my uncanny ability to finish projects at the last minute and my mysterious ability of putting up with teachers, like Mr. Faircloth. Holly Judge ... to my friends Claudia, Amber, and Michelle all my love, and best wishes, that they will have a great senior year. I ' ll also leave behind my love to my favorite teacher Mr. Bronkhurst, who 1 think is the best teacher in the world. Artesia is very lucky to have him. Packy Vanniroth ... all the wonderful memories I had with my friends. I also leave my thanks to all my teachers . Everyone was great. Matt Armenia ... all my Red Power and knowledge to any junior who wants it. Ron Pepito ... a few words of advice: It is better to be careful and not get into trouble. Join lots of clubs and take part in activities. Do all your homework — it makes things easier. Alex Cueto ... a dean campus and a quiet library. Chris Kandler . . . the four hour basketball practices and all the condi- tioning to the basketball players. I also leave behind (thankfully) all the people who walk slowly in the halls. Mark Esquibel ... a few friends who know what it means to have guts, those that were once shy and now do some crazy things. I really ac- complished something. Shirley Sell . . . my best wishes for the class of ' 89 because it ' s tough out there. I also leave our bottom locker to Lisa Mc Gill. 1 would like to thank Enrique Villegas for all his love which helped keep me going. Also, thanks to Ms. Reyes for all the things she taught me when I was her aide. I would also like to thank my parents for all the things they put up with from me during the past few years. Dong Woon Lim . . . advice: Study hard and be patient whenever you encounter a difficult problem. There wiU be rewards to those who en- dure. 1 believe the future world is for those who study hard and are resf onsible in what they do. Be strong, have dreams, and go for them. Rosa Mesa . . . my love, school spirit, and smiles to every Pioneer and especially to my sister ... I love you and good luck in the future. Richard Chang Dixon . . . the hope and encouragement that m the future there are better days ahead of you, once you decide to put your academic skills and your intelligence to use for yourself and your future. To the teacheri ' of • Artesia High, thanks for bearing with me and giving me the con deftce that once you try and try hard enough, you can make a better future tor yourself. Very special thanks to Mr. Bronkhurst, Mrs. Cardriche, Mr. Bess, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Ryder. Michael Stanton . . . my outstanding and dramatic catch at Alhambra for other flankers to try and top. I also leave the up-n-coming football team luck for a 4th consecutive suburban league championship. Laticia Marcinov ... to Kathleen and Malcana my band locker, use it in good health. I leave the guys I hang out with my gum collection and diet coke pull tabs. 1 leave Matt GoUa a book on safe sex, he thinks he ' s a stud. I leave Pete a year supply of doughnuts, and to Alf 1 leave lots of Bandaids-the way your going, your going to need it. Cindy Leebury . . . my sister Christie all ui my love, hope, desires, and knowledge. 1 leave her with opened eyes, heart, and mind towards others. 1 wish for her the very best in everything, the knowledge to do what is right, and the growing experiences I have gone through. To her 1 leave this one last thought . . . because of you this world is a much nicer place to live in. Thank you for all of your love and support. ' Vour sister, Cindy. Craig Munsell ... to all the underclassmen, the spirit of the champions, the class of " 88 " . Martin Hammonds . . . Artesia High School three consecutive football championship banners in the gym. The first one ' s in the schools history. Plus, I also leave them the two best English teachers in the profession, Mr. Eggie and Ms. Cardriche. They can understand the students point of view. Julie Bellew . . . the best rifle in the world to all my fellow riflings. Good Luck guys and always remember to KEEP YOUR HEADS UP! (And always smile). 1 also leave the rest of the mastery letters to Saranel. To Mr. Gonzales, I leave all the chocolate he can eat, and to Mrs. Branch 1 leave a bottle of sleep-eeze. To all the underclassmen I leave all the text books they can stand. To Mrs. Garver, I leave a " perfect " term paper. Kyle Wright ... to those still here at Artesia, I left behind a couple of championship banners to add to our wall in the gymnasium. I par- ticipated in two Suburban League Championships for football and one Championship for wrestling. Franchesca Cox . . . many good, and yes, even some bad memories. To all my underclassmen friends, same day destined to be seniors, I leave behind Mrs. Garver and Mrs. Cardriche. Good luck to all that will have them!! Mr. Kamper, 1 wish your future yearbook classes meet all of your deadlines! And to Mr. Mikie Velasquez (Daddy) and to Angel (Mommy), Good Luck with your baby!! Chow! Mr. Robinson, 1 leave you a future, silent 5th period. 1 leave to all my true friends my thanks for sharing a lit- tle part of my life. And of course I also leave the warm, loving, and most tender love and advise of my parents!! I hope it never stops. Thanks. 1 Love You! P.S. 1 leave to Kevin Blackwell a sweet and short message . . " Snausages " Mario Marquez ... to Ernesto Marquez my talent to play soccer and to be a good player. Also I leave my job at B.K. Ron Lutes . . . My underclassmen 1 hear by leave behind a secret map of are off campus escape routes and a years supply of leather underware to all the new seniors. Senior Memories 233 SENIOR MEMORIES I Will A ways Remember . . . Shellie Potter . . . my frustrating teachers who never seemed to know what they were doing but managed to teach me something anyway. I ' ll also remember my friends Lisa Bryant and Laura Fisette. John Shanahan ... all of the great friends I made at Atresia and all of the much needed help I recieved from teachers. Stacy Dill . . . the last four years and my friendship that has developed with Dean Gray. An evening which I will never forget was doing a research paper our sophomore year at 3:00 a.m, over the phone. Through that incident and may others Dean has been an important part of my last four years here at Artesia. Laurie LaCourse . . . trying to wake up in the morning at 6:00 a.m. and then falling back asleep and barely making it to school. TPhere even were a tew times 1 didn ' t even make it. Usa Westphal ... all the happy times I spent with my friends. I remember the winter formals and the proms and how everyone dressed so well. I also remember the effort and work 1 put into my classes and how great it fells to be a senior. Julie Bellew . . . the celebrations at the victory bell after our great foot- ball team won all those games. Carla, I ' ll always remember the great times we shared. I ' ll miss you, babe! Wendy, Caryn, Christine, I ' ll always remember our fun times during lunch and anywhere we went. I love ya guys. Mark, I ' ll always remember you! I ' m so sorry! Carmen Bemal . . . the good and bad times at Atresia High School and the friends who stood by me through the years. I will always remember ' my friends who stood next to me my Senior year: Nicole A., Gloria T., t Rosalie, and Rachael and any others that I forgot, especialy Mike and ll Adrian. Thank You! Chow. Yes, " 88 " !!! Good Luck! Martin Hammonds . . . my sports career the most. I started off by loos- ing the League Championship game against La Mirada. Since then I have dedicated my life to football, and it paid off in the long run. From my sophomore year I ' ve played Varsity Football and helped them in three consecutive championships. And this has helped my life because 1 got lots of recognition from the press and college scouts. Richard Chang Dixon . . . having fun during school and out of school. I ' am glad to have enjoyed the friendship of Joe Rhee, Constantine, and Julian Archuleta. Craig Munsell . . . when the seagulls use to try to @ on us during lunch and snack. Rosa Mesa . . . my four years at Artesia High School. I will never forget all the bloopers I made at the rallies, in the plays, and on ATV. I will always remember the kindness given to me by my teachers and counselors. Thank You all. I will remember the smiles that brightened my days, the time I was caught for forgery and plagerism. I will remember all of the dances and formals, and representing the class of ' 88 as freshman and junior princesses, And most of all, I ' ll remember being crownl Homecoming Queen. Prank Romero . . . the great years I had at Artesia High School. I will remember my senior year the most, because it was my last year. To my friends Paul, Adrian, and Mike who pushed me to go to class and helped me to stay in school: Thank You!! Styling Sensation! Disco, Chow!! Irene Garcia . . . Artesia High School because it has been my life. I ' ll never forget the times I ' ve laughed or the times I ' ve cryed, the times I ' ve lost a friend or the times I ' ve gained a few. The teachers that got me where I am today will also be remembered. Most importantly, never to be forgotton are the friends I may never see again. Franchesca Cox . . . the great advise and T.L.C. I received from my parents and true friends. Thanks for sticking by me!! Friendship wise, I ' ll always remember all the good times I had with all my great friends! Thanks Guys, I ' ll always remember and love ya; educational wise, I ' ll remember Mr. Cizmar for making me understand and appriciate English class. Both he and Mr. Robinson were the best teachers here at A.H.S. I will definitely remember my Senior year at A.H.S with the class of " 88 " !! Philip Chavez . . . how much fun campus activities and tallies were and the great, supportive teachers, who have helped me so much throughout the four years at Artesia. Plus lastly the memorable memories of my friends. Nick Bayaga . . . the first day I entered Artesia High School and I met Marites Forunda at the A.H.S. Carnival of 1986. Christine Wass ... a very rough and turning point in my life these last four years at A.H.S. This school has given me knowledge of how I can handle it. Rachelle Butcher . . . every one of my teachers nagging at me to do my work, pushing me to the limit, and making me realize I have to survive on my own. I wouldn ' t have been able, to do it without their help. Thanks, I reall y appreciate your help. Mrs. Lynn helped me the most, I love ya for it. Bambi Smith . . . how many times I ' ve been suspended and sent to the front office, kicking it with my homegirls at lunch, all the arguments I ' ve been in, performing with Pioneer Patrol, kicking it with Ray Davidlso in peirod 6, and being with LaTonya Lowe, my I homegirl. Mariana Rios . . . my friends and my teachers, and, especially, all the hard times I had with my classes in my senior year. Jim Ma . . . my last year, especialy graduation. The reason is obvious! Also my love for Roxy Music will never be forgotten! Leilani Ines . . . how my High School life began with Scott. How the middle was so lonely, and now-3 years later — I will always rememberr how my hean belongs to Scott Yamaguchi. I Love You! 236 I Senior Memories Faroog Malik ... the ups and downs in my life, the fun aaivities shared with great friends, the fabulous teachers who brought me to this stage, dub aaivities, rallies, homecoming , spring carnival, sports and activities, the campus activities officer, the attendance office, my English teacher, .Mrs. Husband and lastly, graduation, and the yearbook staff Thank You! Kathryn Cbo . . . my four years at A.H.S. I ' ve had lots of fun in chorus, especially at Christmas time when we went out for the singing grams to the classes and we did so many fun things. Lasdy, I would like to say " Thanks " to Mrs. Jellum, Lisa Bryant . . . the laughs, tears, and great advice from Group Counsel- ing. Thanks to Mr. Bess and Dr. Quaglino. Usa Wingate . . . the many fond memories of my days at Atresia. Among the many good times, I will always remember the many great friendships which I will cherish forever. I will remember my parents as they push me out the door each morning. We were all so grumpy. I will always remember the many good times with my best friends Andrea and Garry. We had lots of great times together. Luisa Martinez . . . the spirit of this school, I haven ' t found any other one with such spirit, at least from the seniors. There ' s also the warmth and caring from one student to another d how wonderful the acceptance is for the new people coming in, they never feel unwanted. I know because I was one when I came in my junior year. I know that you can ' t find this in another schools that often. Maybe it is a mircale, I guess it is because here you are accepted as you are and no one exf eas you to change at all. Mark King . . . the fun I had. I had fun playing basketball. I remember being a litde shy and unnoticed, but since the 9th grade until the 1 2th, basketball has given me self-confidence and the knack for attraaing friends and people who would never have talked to me if I did not play basketball. Damon Davis . . . the last two years. I remembeer that crushing loss to Valencia my first year on varsity and I will also remember that dramatic loss to Anahiem. I ' ll also remember those crazy times I had at the rallies. But my fondest memories will be of my very successful football and basketball careers here at Anesia. I will also remember some of the homeboys and homegirls that I ' ve met these last two years. Ame Tanner . . . things that have come and now are gone, I can ' t forget them no matter what. The things I ' ll remember most are my friendships that I value gready, I know many of them will be everlasting. The thing ril(femember most is the teachers who trusted in me and the support they gave me. But my most treasured rememberance will always be my dear brother, S.D.T.,who I will always love. I will truly miss you! Thanks to everyone, always and forever! Meleen Acosta . . . my four years at Artesia becasue of the unity and spirit of Class of " 88 " ! Jung Song . . . the teacheers who pushed me to do good. And especially the pain of growing up. A.H.S helped me to be who I ' am. I will ako remember how rude and braty the underclassmen were who raided Senior Square one day. Richard Smith . . . being elected Resident of the Lower Brass Qub. As you know this dub really wasn ' t which is I guess I won for President. Patricia Smith . . . good times with friends and the day I get out of this joint! Janet Escano ... the good things that I shared with my dearest friends and teachers and what they had given me during those 4 years. And of course to my wonderful sisters, Menchu and Gertuide, and to my dearest mom and dad: Thank You! Robert Davidson . . dasses that dragged on. The excitement of first coming to this school and the relief I felt at the end of each year. I remember the fun and pain of being a wrestler and meeting new friends and leaving old friends. If I lived these 4 years over again there wouldn ' t be much I would change. Wayne Ausbrooks ... the friends that were there when I need them most, the balloons that went unnoticed at Homecoming, and all the good and bad times (one more than the other!) Jeremy Whitcher . : . getting flat tires from parking in the parking lot with all of the glass and Maggie ' s coconuts on Halloween. Eden Warren ... the tests, homework, my teachers and the formals, especially the privileges we did not get to enjoy as seniors. Smith Hope ... my freshman year playing " Anne " in our school musical. I will also remember all the dose friends I ' ve made with students and teachers. Simon DaMakka . . . how these were my care free years full of laughter and fun. And 111 remember getting my first job at Windsors, they took me on with no experience. I ' ll remember all my friends and all my teachers who let me get away with being tardy practically everyday. James Rivera ... all of the nasty artificial foods I poisoned my body with from the speed lines. Dave Morgan . . going through $! in Mr. Safaraz ' s geometry dass in my junior year. Shari Moore . . . that I had my entire life change. I learned to enjoy peo- ple for their attitudes, and opinions, for who they liked, and the things they did. Jimmy Kim . everything from all night study, cram sessions that turn- ed into pizza parties to feelings of relief we all felt the day after finals. The thing I remember most is being ecstatic about the future, the future that I ' ll be living now that I ' m going to graduate. Amy Sonksen . . that during the last four years I made an important decision regarding self-discovery. I decided that to have the greatest satisfaaion in my life, I wanted to become a Renaissance person. Even if my original goals do not come true, my main goals will come true because I will never lose my determination. Tara Bader . . . the opportunities that were given to me. I will always be thankfiil for meeting very spedal friends here at AHS. Thank you, Vicki, for always being there when I needed you. I never would have made it without you. Thank you, Mr. Flowers, for letting me be involved with the football program. A sp ecial thank you for Mr. Sandie. Your support and friendship helped me through my four years. I will remember my brother, Darren, and special friends, Jo Ann and Lisa. Good friends are hard to come by. The biggest thanks of all goes to my mom for ail her love and supfKjrt. It is what made all the difference. Senior Memories 237 SENIOR MEMORIES I Will Always Remember . . Brian Boulden . . . running down the halls as Sonja chases me. I will also remember the laughter as Marie Fraizer had her skirt pulled up and Matt Smith was there to catch the moment on film. Chr istina Rasmussen . . . my best friend and We-Be-Buddy, Sandra Vaca, who was ALWAYS there for me, I Luv-ya-lots. I will never forget my bestest friend and boyfriend Christopher Huffman who I will NEVER stop loving. I love you Chris! Jeanette Gendron . . . the crazy times, we spent " swooping " out the sunroof of Ami Linnborn ' s cute bug. The memories of cheerleading and songleading will remain in my heart and mind forever. Of course, 1 will never forget all the wonderful friends here at Atresia, I wish them all the luck and happiness fot the future. Lance Comes ... all of the great times in football and winning two Suburban League Championships. David Baida . . . the faith that Artesia ' s teachers have in their students. Most of my teachers were perfectly willing to give up some of their time to help me when I was confused. Specifically, I would like to thank Mr. Valois, Miss Foti, Mrs. Mc Grew, Mrs, Garver, and of course, Mr. Faircloth for all of your help and support. You are all a credit to teachers everywhere. Jaqi Pondren ... all the fun I had my senior year; my relationship with my best friend, Joni, was renewed, I met my true love, Jeff, and I got to go to school with my sister, Lanie, her freshman year. Also, I will never forget Mr. Eggie. He is the coolest teacher I have ever had. Good luck to the Class of ' 88 in the future. Jennifer Martellucci ... all the ftiends I ' ve made and all of my nice teacheis that let me pass. I can never forget all the times I ' ve shared with my best friends. They ' re the best!! Wendy Eigne ... all the good times: Football games, tall flags, and rallies. I ' ll never forget my friends Caryn, Christine, Julie, and Rachael. 1 will always remember the birds that ruled our snack and lunch time. And the last thing I will remember was the day I got my 12th grade class schedule in the mail. Ami Linnborn ... all the killer parties after the football victories. I will find it hard to forget all my best friends, " the swooper troopers " ! I ' ll also remember my junior year, being a cheerleader was the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had. Joni Rat iff . . . getting into a good fight with Kelly Edmondson, the crazy parties at Paul Agee ' s (thanks to Mark Bautista), Franchesca Cox being bombed by a seagull, and the sorrows and heartaches of Ms. Cardridge. Janette Gi hert . . . good times and great friends . . . isn ' t that what high school is for, besides preparing for a career? I ' ll treasure the friendships I ' ve had for many years to come, and of course, my relationship with Ron. Thank you for the memories. Atresia. Andrea Robinett . . . the neat and different people I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with. But most of all, I ' ll never forget being a Vatsity Cheerleadet. It was hatd and a lot of work, but I can ' t begin to ex- press how much fun it was. It was great attending the many sporting events and having a chance to get to know the players. Throughout my| life I ' ll remember the different experiences here at Atresia. Ciiristina Peters ... all of the wonderful teachers I ' ve had. I really ad- mire Ms. Foti, she has influenced me a lot I hope that someday I can be half as good of a teacher as she is, and at least half as knowledgeable. Thank you, Ms. Foti, I ' ll miss you. Kathi Mc Gorman . . . the football games, playing in the band, being on student council, and being in the Interact Club I think being involved in school activities is what makes school a not-so-boring, and in fact, a fun place to be. Christine Stava . . . the wonderful friendships I ' be gained. Caryn, Wen- dy, and Julie: I love you guys! Thanks for sharing all your special qualities with me and fot all the memories we ' ll make in the future. Kathi, I don ' t think I could ve made it without your shoulder to cry on and all your wisdom to guide me. Thank you and God bless you! Sharon — My only regret. Sis, is that we didn ' t know each other earlier; but your friendship was worth the wait, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. To all my very best friends — Thanks, I love you, and God bless you always. David Bi man ... all those great people who helped me through these long and stressful years. I will remember those who cared and weren ' t afraid to say and show it, and those who were there when I needed so- meone to be there. Cassandra Vaca . . . the acceptance from ■ my fellow classmates at Atresia. I ' ll admit I was a bit exttavagant in my appearance and attitude but there was so many unique people in the last four years that it was not- mal to be diffetent. I ' ll always remember my buddies: Christina, Viki, Laura, Phil, Gerardo, Jason, Leticia, Andreas, my drama buddies, and, of course, Charles Arrey! Joe Rhee ... all the " cool " teachets who have made my life easier at Atresia. Mr. Bronkhurst, with his gteat sense of humor, and Mr. Robin- son, who has always tried to make me into a good student, deserve special thanks. Dan Dup er ... all the friends and teachers who helped me make it through school. THANKS. Bridget Pord . . . the time I was a sophomore and I had my first solo at Colton High. I was so nervous rhat I was going to mess-up, but I didn ' t. Once I got on the field, my nervousness went away and I got high marks from the judges. Jennifer Evidente . . . my dearest friends. To my dearest Constantine — I ' ll always be there for you. I Love You! Lillia, always remember we ' ll always be friends . . . always!! Naveen Khanna . . . the teachers, the friends, and the unique ex- periences. I will always remember my achievements and the obstacles I had to face to graduate. 238 I Senior Memories Joann Burcheri . . . watching my friends and myself grow up. Without you all it wouldn ' t have been so special. I ' ll never forget the Old Swoopers Troopers and just the times of being crazy and off-the-wall. Thanks, Carla, for being my very best friend. We came a long way together. I don ' t want to forget anyone so I ' ll just say thanks to everyone who make my four years memorable. I love you all. Now let ' s go PARTY!!!!! Margaret Garrish . . . my friends, especially David Baida, who 1 love very much. I hope he and I stay in touch. I also will remember Ron Ed- wards, who I couldn ' t live without, you ' re one of the best friends I ' ve ever had! Also to Shirley Sell, Mr. Fairdoth, and everybody in drama I will remember you always. I will also remember Dr. Alex Yusem, Dr. Nancy Drause, and all of the teachers who cared so much for me. I love all of you! Rick Homeres . . . that stupid Saturday work program plus the thought of the terrible food will never leave my mind. Marc Young . . . the teachers who have tried to teach me, the coaches who tried to coach me, and all of the friends and classmates to whom I have become acquainted. Carla Earnest . . . Mr. Sandie telling me that 1 will always have a friend here at Atresia. Also, I ' ll remember all the friends I made here. Kisha Mc Gloth . . . boring school days, boring ralleys, boring games, boring teachers, holidays, and the boring students. Craig Broun . . . the miniature food fights that we used to have on cam- pus, the best shot was by me when I hit Keith in the head with a penny and never got busted. I also remember the fitst day of school and for all four years a group of us met at Lakewood Shores. Choung Woo Young . . . learning English. When 1 came her in 1984, I couldn ' t communicate at all with others. It was one of the hardest times I ever had. I suffered through many problems but now I feel much better. I didn ' t think I ' d ever be able to speak or write English like I can now. When I finally learned the language, I felt like I had really accomplished sonmething — it was both fun and meaningful. Patrice Guess . . . three people who cared about me as a person and a student. Ms. Krause, Ms. Vallefuoco, and Ms. Husband will always be very special memories for me. Thank You! Mark Esquibel . . . that 1 first tested my fear of getting in front of people with activities like the Lip Sync Contest and dances. Now, coming from a basically shy person, that is reallly something. Sherri Delk . . . the sincerity of all of my teachers. Alex Cueto . . . the first day of school when we all got back from summer vacation and trying to figure out where all the time went. Kim Celli . . . how 1 made many friends trying to find a close parking space and all the help from my teachers. Ana Saladrigas . . . the way Atresia students support each other and how friendly they all are. I statted high school at Los Alamitos High and the students here should be very proud of the way they give moral sup- port to one another. There is really a difference between the two schools. Ken Holcombe . . . how 1 wanted to finish school when I first started out as a freshman and didn ' t know if 1 could ever make it. Finallyu finishing high school will help me get a better job, I ' m sure. I will also remember all the good friends I ' ve had. Patrick Rossi ... all the great teacheis, all the parts I ' ve played, all the times I got in trouble, and how I ' ll miss the school when I ' ve gone. Sivmom Duong . . . the enjoyment of every moment of my one year at Anesia High School. The ambiance in the classroom was agreeable and everybody was friendly, which makes cooperative learning possible even with the diversity of backgrounds and cultures. One of my most mean- ingful moments and memories are from my chemistry class just before Christmas vacation. We were assigned to make a " chemistree " and share it with the class. 1 appreciate my chemistry teacher, Mr. Lewanski, who made the class more interesting by assigning us oral reports and " chemistry carols " , even though I couldn ' t even carry a tune. I also will remember my friend, Mylah. I ' m glad we were friends and shared many beautiful moments together. I hope all my friends have a wonderful and successful life and wish them good luck in whatever they do. Jocelyn Oraa . . . all the homework, essays, tests, and all the books I ' ve lost. But, in s pite of all that, I wish I didn ' t have to leave — I also can remember all the fun times. Maria Torres ... all the crazy people and all the ctazy things we all did. Vichet Kan ... all the teachers and how they helped me and taught me to become a better student. I will also remember the friends that I ' ve met during the last four years. Rin Muth . . . the great times with my friends at school. It was a lot of fun. I had great classes with all my teachers. I would like to study here for another year because I want to met more friends before I go to college. Silvia Cardenas . . . the past four years like a bumpy road. I have had many good times, as well as my share of bad times. All and all, I feel that I will graduate from Artesia High with a better awareness of who I am. I am sure that in the years to come I will look back at my high school years with many fond memories. Kris Petty . . . that the past fout years brought me great happiness and how great my friends and teachers were. Thanks to you all, especially Caria and Stacy. Thanks to my parents for pushing me out the door so that I could get to class on time. Sandra Sanchez . . . how mad Mrs. Vela and Mrs. Collie got at me for talking so much in their classes. I remember how much I dreaded to go to chemistry and hear Mr. Lewanski ' s lectures. Steve Hesse . , . the pain and agony of defeat that Dave M. and I had in Mrs. Harms ' English CP class and then I remember our fight back to vic- tory as we conquered the class. Lillia Rhee ... all the great friends that I ' ve met at Artesia High: Jen- nifer Evidente, Constance Pilapil, Julian Archuletta, and Leilani Ines. Thanks for always bieng there for me and I love your guys. I know we will never part from one another. And to my boyfriend, Tim: Thanks for everything and for always being there when I was feeling down. You ' re a very special person in my life and I ' ll love you forever. We ' ve been through so much with each other and I know we will last forever. Senior Memories 239 I p Abbott. Jennifer Abney, Jeremy Abney, Roxana . . . Achacoso, Ween an Acost , Arlene . !6, (■ Acwta. Isabcll . . . Acosia, Larry Ai.jsta, Meileen AiK.n, WiHiam Aiufia, Adunns Adam.WiJliam A lants,E2ell . . Adamson, Jo. Adina, Maria Ad kins, Michelle Agbunag, Rodolfo Aguilar, Armando Aguilar, Pauline Aguilar, Thomas Aguicre, Irem Aguirre, Man Aguirrc, Rob ' — - Ahh«u, C . . Ahn, Frank Ahumada, (,; Alaniz, Mary Alwcon. Jt;i.u Albert, Gary, . . . Albea, " Hieresfe . Alcola, Elizabeth Alcata, Gloria Alcala,Jorye Alcala, Pablo AlcaJa, UbaJdo Aleman, Hector AUhasan, Widad Alihassan, Susu Allen, Aaron Allen, Gary . . . Almanza,Jose Almanza, Teresa Almazan, Diana Aiobaidi, Ala Alvarado, An ;clica AIvaradf),Mari Alvarei, David Alvarez, Maria Alvarer, Nitolt Amin, Mary Amantiad, Tammy Annaro, Ana Amaro, Jesu Amarojjose Amaro, Lisahc Atnaro. Pedro Amcrson, Monte Amezqutia, Marcy Amira, Dar ryl Amo, Rjmil Ander un, BriaA Anderson. Cheryl An Iin, Ben Anguiano, Manuel Anguio, Claudia Angulo, Maria Anorinj, Shi-ila . Antonio, Danny Apari|4 , Sophia Apptt-hy, Roben Aquiningoc, Tara Aquin... l.eooa 47, }2 J. Aquino, Tanya 8, 129, 143, Aragon. Eric Il.(i9. Araujo. Diane 58. Arboleda, Eileen ... Arcco, Silvia Archuleta, M ichael Arevalo, Lynene . . . Arevalo, Naiholie , Afias, Euscbia Arionus, Michael. . Armi-nca, Ma«he Arr cdondo, David tla, Adrian. . . . Tey, Bemic, Bt-cky ida. Amber ida, Kimberly her, Kristy ' skia, Shdkir XQ«a, Lisj ,ufiwradu. Michelle. a( Rosy Claudia Ronald Augusnnt. NululU ' . 7.99, S2. 112. lis. 122. 125,127. . ..47, 55, 07. j::. 82 82 8 145 154 137 123 47 111 157 132 127 58 . 58 W ' Btt " " ' ' " " ' fn, l c Andre . Austria, Felix . . . Austria. Maria . , A ilmLynib.a . , . . a,iP«ul., IIS, 120, 122, 123. lU. - . .TT ' . ' :-:.-—...: 4?, Bac, Alba . Baca, Miguel . Badcf. Tara . BmIc Sarah 128 Baek, Sieve ' 23, 128 Baeia, Pi iul 70, i9 Baid D«vid 79. 82, 101. 104. 121 I2i, 128, J2, 209 Ba, ley, Charles " « Bailey, Jason .56, 187 Bajwa, Bhupmder ti ,. 82 BdJacy, R.iwlind . 70, 127, ' 39,W 77 Baliiao, Mylah , .aP( ' 7 Balitao, Sherryii ;» i ' 47 Ballard, Aaron . T, 47, 162 Baloloy. Joseph .j 127 Baloloy, Paul .ii tBmk, £. J7, i jj, Banh, Hung . Banh, Vu ;p| Banks, George . . Banks, Yolanda 9 ' ' Barajas, Gu5 -J Darccllo, Anthony . . . ' ' - Baricllo, Daniel ' S. JO- BarKio, Ben ( " , 20i, 206 Barrett, Knsia 47 Barrow s. Michael 47 Bartee. Jarone 4,I3.}S,I}9 Banh, Kelly 47,141 Bartlow, Kevin 47,99, 123 Basilio, Ronnie ,SS Batalon, Brian . . . 5S Batebam. William 47 Bates, David 5 J, 205 Bautista, Leah 47 Bauiisia, Mark 33,39.79,, 101 Bauiista, Mary Rose 5«, 100. 101, 103. 120, 12}, 126 Bautista, Reynaldo , 70 Bautista, Roger 70, 124 Baydliss. John 70 Bayuga, Nuk «7 101,118 Beadle, Michael 82, 95, 103, 122, 12:,, iJ2, 139 Beasley, Brandy 82.123 Beatty, Brian j8,160 BeMrra,i.ccilla, ... Beterra, Robert 58 Belcher. Tonya ....,....., ' , 82. 133 BelU Caryn 82,96.132 Bell, Michael 33. iS Bellew.Jul.e 82, W, 99, J 16 Benson, Johnny M, 137. In Berg, Brian 58, If), 160. 187 Berg, Heather 47. 1 17 BerR, Jennifer , 47, }4. 1 17 Ikmal, Carmen 82 IVrih„n, Fern 77.99,116.180 Ikn,,i, lillrey .47 Best, Karen 3J. 58 Beat, Krisiine 82 Bifknell, Julie 38,123,128 Bi|ncll, Derek , i? Busnell, Wendy TT VS , 82 Bnasa, Niini - .iimin , 5 8 Bilhnan, David . Bird, Marsha . Bjpmsen. Eric Blaclcbou Bla. kwell. Kevin. . . ' . ; 83 Hlai.. , Robert 70 Blake, Evdyn 70 Blake, Tiffany 47 Bledsoe, William . ' . . T. , , . . . . 58 Blougb, Jason „ . . j . ., .,, 63 Bone. Ron f , ,? %!yfi»Jiai jr..» Mi. ' »W». . 123 Booth, Ti dd . ..j;. ,,,;.. , »•. . ». . 63 itim, David . . Boulden, Brian . Boulden. Samaniha S3, 123. I] Bowdry, Anissa Bowman, Kevin , . . . Boyce, Elizabeth Boyce, Kevin 70. 139. t Bradshaw, Matthew 58, 99. » Branham. Tammala 5S Bright, Jason i8 Brown, Craig 65. 79, 8J, 101, lOJ, IS5 Brt wn, Donna 63 Brown, Gregg 83, 137 Brown, Janine . Brown, Michelle 99, 12). 128. I Brown, Sandra . , . . Brown. Torea Brvescb, Kristirui . . Bruton, Stephanie . Bryant, Gary 59, 187 Bryant, Lisa W, 121, 126, 256 BuHbrd, Jamea ■ ' ' i Bugay, Joel 70, J Bunthatn, Nqtion . Btircheri, JoAnn . , Burgonio. Brian . , Btirgtiaga, Abel , . . Burley, Joseph , . Buros, Kevin Bums. M Bttms, Sherry , . , . Bturell, Kathleen 99. ' 23 Burris, Mickey 7, 79 Bttshinan, Jeremy ..,.,» « ,-. }8 Buahwar. Carrie . . .. . . . JfM t 70 Busscy, Darnell . , . -liJI BI i , 58. 87 Butcher, Khrisiina . Butcher, Rachelle . . j|! . BW.? ' ' ' ' 2 ' ' Byen, Misty , .. , . . ■ ff • a BH Y " " " Byng. Rl( ' ' " ' ' " ' " " ' ■ ' Cabrera, Margarita Cabrera, Michael . . Cabrera, Rosalie . . Cabtilio, Ricardo . , ,. Caniacho, Guadalupe Camacho. Maribel . . , i ampos. Jessika , . . . . Carapoa, Novella . . . . Cantielas, Eduartlo Cannon, Jemay 70, )00, Ii7, 2(Xf209, 217 an,,. Irani, ic„ !l8,», 124 Cano, Genevie .58 Cantos, Madt .W 70.139 Cantndl, Michael «ite ( antrtU, Robert 9nbl8M| . ' ' ■ ■ ■ Cantu.Areli i i ' ; 55 Cantu, Silvia 8i Capen. Donald 47 Capifr, Caroline . . . , " Carbajal, Domenic . Carbajal, Richard . . Cardenas, Silvia. . . . Carillo, Laurie Carlin, Shannon . . . Borlcson, Aaron , 6 ' " .Jjt. . JS KJ :. . j 47 Carlos, Carolina . . , irlos. Dolores . . . iona,J , .,, . . - Caron. Rachael M ' " - " 83.121 Carreno. David .■. W?f 4?,,, Carrera. M N " Caj-rillo.joe CarrtUo, Veronica , Carrioo,J v, , ' ij Carter. Eric ■$.... 43. C ( artwrighi. Kamiyn Caih. Vakne ' fiil Casidjlanu, (jcranln ' Castanoda. Jose .... Castancdili, RnM . ' :i Ml» jMMIHM- 4MM K . hi __ ' 240 Index Ca tellanus. Juan 70 Castillo, Eduardo 58. «3 Casiillo, Encida 70 Castillo. Graciela 58, Ijj Castillo, Javier 47 Castillo, Ltftii ' ia JS Castillo, Margahto 70. 127. 18} Castillo, Maricela 47 Castillo, Richard 47 Caudle, Phillip 70 Cazarcs, Salvador 47 Celli, Kimberley 83 Chambcrl in, Jennifer 47, 54, 07 Chan. Helen 58 Chan, Simona 70 Chan, Sithany 5fi Chang. Bobbi 58 Chang, Chung 47 Chang, Davie 47 Chang, Frank 47 Chang, John lo), 122 Chang, Lih Ping 8j Chang. Mike 58. 101 Chang, Paul O Chang, Tammy ;o; Chang, Won 70 Chang, Ya Lin JO Chantarapan, Erik JQ Chaniarapan, Lain 59 Chapman, Godfrey 47 Chapman, Timothy 70 Chatteqee. Trina 70 Chaung, Ya-Fen I2i Chav, Hey 47 Chavez, Alejandro . 70 Chavez, Judith fc 70 Chavez, Laura , . •59 Chavez, Manuel . Jk . .1 7 Chavez, Patricia ,a|t, . Chavez, Phillip ..T. Z. . t!w Chavez, Rose 59. ' ' ( . !?it 132 Chea, Dalene .... 9 Chea, Dalin 70 Cbn,Ph«ag 70. i2i CKcn. Julie . O Cheo. Sky ' luj Chen, Yichia 48. 179 Chemcy, Robcn ' , 59 Chew. Candy . . 70, 143 Chbeng, Mony)i(ha 70, 12} Chhor. Muyliog 70. - ' " 5. 1 1§, 125 Chhour, Mapp . Ckhour. Sokcanft . Chhun, Boloy Phuvsochtvy . ( hh...v P.-rn 83.121125 " ■ ' ■ " « ,;. WS ■ " " w ird -r..- ,-. 101 ■ ' ' .ii.Jatk.e :... 149 hm.j4.) c.. 5;. mi. 120. 149 fling, AJdL-n 48 i-hingMl« n 48 Chiog, Alun 12} Ching,iVlvin jy ij Ching. Joseph . Ching. Katherinc VI La. . iO Ching. Tamerlant »aPH|| Jfr, 122. 12}. 126 ' 127 Ching, Wecnan ,. .f7? HB - Chinvcfakitvani, Athetaya , . Cha, Andrew , , Cho, Hyun ; Cho, Julie Cbo, Kathryn . . tjt Cho. Millie ...84, IU3. Id}, i , J22. I Choe, Jennifer Choc, John Choc, Tony Cboi, Jung . Choi. Min-Hyuk Choi, Susan Chou, Edward .... «»• Chou, Hung Choung, Back Young , Chouog, Back-Younf . Choung, W 00 Chfistensen. Charles . . Christopher, Aaron . . . Omsiopher, Howard . hu. Annie hu,I-Chen ' hu, John Chuang, Shih-Hsicn . . Chuang, Ya Fen Chung, Joe Uk ' Nung, K)ungyim, . . . luing, Miguel Lhung, Min-Han Chung, Sandy Chung. Yean . , 7 . 160 48. 123 .... 48 48. 123 . , 103 . . . i " J 71. 103. 132 .... M. 126 48 124 71 7 . 70 71 59 . . . lot. 123 tS2 123 7J 59 ..48 .. 71 .i.t28 Chung. Ycon-Sook 48 Chung. Yun Suk tS2 Clamor, Erwin 67.71. 120, f 22. 127 Clark, Anthony Jl riark. Brian J7. 39. 120. 122. I2S. 132 ( lark. Stacy ISO I irk. Tony ai HAAMyri . ■ ' ' !jrke, Gino , Clayton, Shancite 71, 100 Cleofas, Wilma 39 Cobos, Jeannctie , 71 Coelho. Philorncna 59 Cole, fjrla 59 Coleman, Latreasc 48.99. 180 Collins. Andre 71. 139 Collins, David 71 Collins, Nicole 7 Colvin, Kristine 84 Contes. Unce 84, 103. 122. 12}. 132. 217 Conger, Malena }9.99. 123 Conger, Michael 71. 123 Conner. Celena 59 Constance. Nicole 59, 100. 131 ConireraA, Claudia 71. 126 Conireras. J se }9. 16} ContreraA, Ralph 48 Conireras, Raquel 7 Contrcras, Rigoberto 71 Cordoba. Randall 59. 16} Cordova. Angelia 59 Comejo, Lisa 39 Comwell, David 84 Corona, Sylvia g Corrales. Anthony ;, 7 Correa, Michelle 48 Cortez. Anhur 59 Cossio, Jennifer 48 Cox. Franchesca 38. 79.84.9}. 131 Crane. David 84, 190. 191 Crane, Steven Crawford, Shanne Crenshaw, Desirea Cristobal, Teddy Croce, Theresa CroKen. Nicole CroKen, Nikki Crump, Lashanda Crump, Tamika Cruz, Adrian Cruz. Jtise. ..... Cuang.Joun Cueno, Alex . . . . - Cueio. Julio, f Cueto, Richi " Cutva. Luis , Cueva, Rosa Cue v is. Monica Cunnmghamt Gannon Dannellcy. Shwlyn 4H Davidloo, Ray , 163 Davidloo, Sharokcen 49 Davidson, Dean -iH. 141 Davidson. Roben --J, lOt Davignon. Stephen ... 59 Davia, Coffy 48 Davia. Damon U. J. .19. 137. 139 Davis. Elannc t « 71 Davis, Kathy JPi V - - ■ ' 0I. U4 Davis, Norma Nunez 0 - ' Davia. Virginia . .i|r. 39 Davison, Dean . 48 Dawes, Kevin . . 59. 6fi Dawson, Deanna . 59 De GoRui, Irene . - De Guia. Christof ! De long, Ranae . . Deaion, 0 sctie. Deaion, Tonni . ■ Decasaa,Basilio. . Dccasaa, Maria . . DcOoma, Irene . Detiuia, Christopher Dejcsus, Israel Del Rosano, Mariies Del VaHe.Ra.hcl.... DcUCru«,Paul...l », Delcman, Gary . , . .-.i . 128 . 48 139 133 . 39 . 4a . J9 Deleon, J J41 DeUon, Robcn 112. 187 Deleon. William 59. I4l. 171 Delgado, Adriana 48 Delgado. Angelina 48 Dclgadi . Jesus ; 84. I}3 Delgado, Marco 48 Delgado, Maria 71 Delgado. Roselind 84 Delgina, Joscfina 71 Delii, Louis 48. 162 Dclk, Jonathan 48 Dclk. Shcrri 4J. 9i. 54 Dclos. Elpiditi Reyes 48 Denham, Melissa 59, 129. M5. 192 Dewolfe. Rebecca 48 Dcyoe, Jennifer 69, 71 Diaz, Cueva 48 Dia«, Manuel 84. 165 Dicdcrich. Angela . . ? . 101. 121. 126. 132. 1}1. 192. 193. 2}4 Dill. Stacy 84.103 Dille. Lana 39 Divinagracia, J(»ct 127 Dixon, Richard 84 Donato, Dean 48 Dowd, Brent 7 Dowd, Carey 48 Dozier, Angelicjue 48 Dreizka, Danetie 104. 123 Drowning. Deanna 99 Dufanda, Olivia 48 Dunbar. Cary 53. 5 Dunbar. Debra }9 Dunn. Christopher 71 Dunn. Daria 59. 09 Dunn. Jaleel 48.99. 123 Duong. Nien 81.84. 118. 122. 126. 129. 132. 173. 199 Duong. Phung My 59 Duong, Siv Mom 217 Duong, Tham 71 Dupler, Daniel 84 Dupler. Deanna 48.117 Duran, Consuelo . Duran, Ramond . . Durfee. Roland . . Dyer, Theresa . . . Dymek, Christopher. fW. tJi. - ' f . ) 48 81 Ear, Kwong . . . 48 Earnest, Carla M Eason, Jennifer , . 48 Edcza, David : 101 Edmondson, Kelly HA, 121 Edwards. Ron . . 36, 43. 84, 93, 96. 97. 9. 120. 122. 12}, 129. 132 Edwards, Shawn 118 Edwards. Stacy 84 Edwartls. Tracy 4 Ele de,John 7.69. 71. 163 Ellis, Larry 39 Elvir«, Nuriam 4h. 12i Encinas, Maria " ; Encinas, Rohcnu 4tf, J4t Encore, Encuy .j ..,■» . ,. ' ... 84 [ ngland, Jaccn 48 Erickaon, Nisaa . 84 Escalzo. Jame 7 Escamilla, Jennifer ...... 84 F.scamilla, Lee t4l F- ano. Janet I. ' ' 12 ' tscano, Juliet Escberre, Manuel Escberrc, Pablo , . ... . , Esptnosa, Otcar . ' , y Espinota, Tiffamr 39. 6j. 43 Espinoca. Alfi mv 1 . , 7 E iuib l Mark 84 Isrrj.l . I)jnny 77 I-v((- «la. [nriijue .... .... 99 Eairada, Ricardo 7 Esiratm, Innquc ««.... 123 Eairella. Ana . ...... 48 i i Index 24 1 EstuJillo. Randy Evans. David - -f- If - ' «• ' 26.132 Evant, Dcanna 77 Evelyn, Dcnise 71.99. H6. 192 Ev.Jenw. Cri«y ? . " • ' 2. . 121. 128 Ev I Jenie, Jennifer -JJ. « . »5, « Fajardo, Li Farley, Shawn Fellon, Kevin. Fernandez, Juliet. . Fernando, Hershey Ferrer, Antonio • ■ • Ferri. Jeffrey % Figeroa. Jerry i Figueroa, Renee . . . Figueroa, Tony Filippone, Anthony _ „ Fis«ie,Laur. 7 6:80. Hi. 1 1 1 Fisher. Ken 59, lOj. 123. llSl}). ' 66, (79 Fisher, Tonie 71. I}}. 128 Fitzgerald. Bobbie 59 Heming, Qu.ncy 59-65. I3 ' J. IS7 Fleming. William 7 , U7. 17? Fleicher, Melissa V- ' " Flores. Angelica . . Flores, Christophe: Flores, Qaudia . . . Flows, Hector . . . . Flores, Javier Flores, Oscar Flores, Richard . . . Flores, Tony Fondren. Jaqi. . . . Fondren, Lanie . JS 7; sj 71 59 7) 59 39 , j9. «5, . ' . 1)1 4«. ; 75 Ford, Bridget «5. 99. 121. ;7; Foronda. Mantes., 80, 85, 7 i«. 7 Forte, J. .hn 71. 139 Foster, Becky ■ Fox, Ginger Fox, Lawrance • 85 Franco, Walter 59, 65 Franklin, David ' J. " ». ' " 7- H Ftaaier, Eugene Frazier, Marie FuUer,Jeffrey I-urimsky, Angela «. . I 101. I ' )2. _ _ .,-,„ «■ • 6almd6, Und Ciilardo. Ilcriberto ' Oallardo, Mar.sela ; ' Caljatdo. Noe ' ' ' 1 T ■ „ Oallardo. Ys.dn. ' 1 Gallegos. Connie ■ ' •? ° Galvan, Jamie, Juana ■■■ " Garcia, Adrian " ' " Garcia, Angeliia ■ ' ' G arcia, Anna Garcia, Carla 7, S5. 95, 70), 7); Garcia. (Jjudia Garcia, Daniel . Garcia. Eric 5 ' ' ' ' Garc, Evet.e 71. 143. 154. 183 Ciarcia, Flor Garcia, Irene 85, 99, 123. 127 ijrcia,Jose ... ■ ■ . ■ ' ' Garcia. Manuel tj. ... - r...s-.7 . y Garcia, Norma ' Garcia, Pete 59 Garcia, Ryan ' ' Garcia, Soraya Y Garcia, Tawnia ' ' Garcia, Victor Garrish, Margaret .i6. 79. .«, 104. 123. I2 128 Garsilazo, Eli " Garsilaao, Ricardo ' ' Garvin, Jodi j ' Gar2on, Daniel ' 9 Gendron, Jeane.te ... 7, 3b. Hi. Ii7. 95, 97. (01. JOJ, 120. I2i. 132. 199 Gendiun, William 33.49 Gcrhardt, Dotien 59, 87 Gesmundo, Rissa o Giacomi, Julie ' ' Gibson, David 85, 722 Gil. Barbara, !6, 85, 97, JO!, I IK. 119. 120. 122. 12y 126. 127. 132 Gil. Elivia 49. 157 Gil, Maty ' )■ Gilbert, Janetie J9, 95, (99 Gilbert, PatJ 1 Gllico, Shieta " « Gloria. Alexander 49 Coddard, Kevin 49, 141 Goddard,Troy »7. 787 Godoy. Daisy 49 Colla. Mathew 49,99.123 Golla, Philip li Gomez, Jose - • »9 Gomez, Maria ■ 9 Gomez. Ubaldo 70 Gonsalei, Jorge •(9, 765 Gonzaga, Abilene 103. 122. 127, 131 Gonzales, Charles 49 Gonzales, George 7o j Gonzales, R ' 39 Gonzales, Sherry 60 Gonzalez, Ana ' , Gonzalez, Anthony -(9, 60 ; Gonzalez, Argelia 4WJ Gonzalez, Bertha 60 Gonzalez, Cesar 60 Gonzalez. Guadalupe 60 Gonzalez, Javier ' 7 Gonzalez, Jose .. Gonzalez, Juan 60 Gonzalez, Lorena 72. 100, 127 Gonzalez, Lucille 60 Gonzalez, Nancy - 7(7 Gonzalez, Olp 133 Gonzalez. P.i(ncia 49 Gonzalez, R jmon 60 Gonzalei. Raquel 49, (26 Gonzalez, Koben 6 0 Gonzalez, Selene 49 Goodman, Lisa 2 Gov, Janey 60,65 Gov, Stacy 49 Gracian, Jesus 60 Gracian, Manerva 73J Gracian, Ponciaoo 49 Grecian, Sal 206 Graham, Lori 72. 101.117.121. 132 Grant, Davonya • ' 9 Cray, Dean 13.36.97. 104. 137 Gray, Ken 100. 104 Gray, Laura 72 Gray, Virginia 49 Greaves, Rachel 60, 100. 125. 126. 183 Green, John 49 Greenwood,James 49 Grego-. Eric 60 Grimth, Elizabeth 60, J3J Griialva,Joe 60 Gruelvfc J ' 17 Guangorena, Adolfo 60, 99, (- ' i Guangorena, Javier 72 Guertai, Judith - 72 Guerrero, Robert 72. !2u. 132. 209 Guevarra, Jennifer 123 Guggiana, Heather 49. 53, 10? Guico,She,la 49. 55. 126, 127. 129. 145 Guitcrrcz, Socorro to Gutierez, Marciso • V Gotiercz, Norma ■ 71 Gutierrez, Erwin - Gutierrez, Maria ■ • Hackensmith, Kenneth 49 Hafezizadeh, Bita 60, JiJ Hagberg, Donnie J8, 95 Hagberg,Jeffery j, 49. (47, 183 Hahn, Debbie ■■ 3 Hall, Heather 49. 704 Hall, Kimberly 72, 7 j7 Hall, Tracy 60, 256 Ham. William 72, 100. 139. 777 Ham«d,Joanoe 72, ((4 Hamm, Keith " Hammonds, Martin J8, 79. 94. 737 Han, Sam 86, (05, 7(8. 122. 125. ' |J Han, Sung " TS Han, Willie 72. (01. 103. 105. 118. 122. 25, (26.- " - Hansen, Ann itt ' j Hanson, Clifford BMi- Harding, Keilh m 9; 162 Harris, Garrett Harris, Geoff Hart, Kelly Han, Matthew , Harxmann, Erin " Hasan, Syed Hashim, Muhammad Ha5S«em,Thasneem 67. 72. 103. 105. 118. 120. 125. I. Hatman, Keith ■ j Haun, Tracy ' ' ■60 Haon, Trevor 60 Havice, Mario . 49. 141 Hawayek, Jimmy 9 ' Hazen, Ijiura 63 Heang. Chan ' Heiog, Sok 49 Heang, Sunnarith 86, 70J. ( (8, 725, I }2 Heiberg, David 60, (90. (97 HercdiB, Michael 49 Hernandez, Alma ■ ' 9 Hernandez. Art 99 Hernandez, Cynthia 72 Hernandez, Imelda 60 Hernandez, Janet 60 Hernandez, Jeffery 49 Hernandez, Lisa ■ 9 Hernandez, Patricia .. ' . 60 Hernandez, Rachel 49. 55. (27 Hernandez, Robert 60 Hernandez, Yolanda 72 Herreta, Heribcrto ' t9 Herrera, John 72 Herrera, Keith 60 Herrera, Martha 60 Herrera, Roger 72 Hesse, Kenneth 60, 765 Hesse, Steven S6, 765 Hicks, Michael " 0 Higgins, Denederia 38. 72. 119. 133 Ho, Amy Hoberman, Janet 49 Hok, Phama ' - 5 Holcombe, Kenneth 6 Hollon, Michael 60 Holton, ScoiT 60 Holton, Sum ■! ' ' ■ I " ' Homeres. Ricardo 86 Hong,J,n f Hong, ' » ' Honitld, Ralph J 6U Hooton. Brent 60, (00, ((9, (25, 132 Houser, Tina 49 60 . ' . ' . ' 77, 137 Howard, Kelly. Howie, David . . 60 Hoyo, Joanna Hoyo, Joseph 86,704.(99 Hsu, Yu Ling 72, 70( 242 Index Hua. Dong 72. Ii2 Huang, Candie lOl. 118. I2(i. Ij2 Huang, Chia Li ; 86. 103 Huang, Frank 60 Huang, Hsin-i 72 Huang. Joyce 60. 65. 70 Huang, Julie j2 Huddlcston, Steven 60 Huff. Lance 72, 205 Huff. Ryan ,,49 Huizar, Efrain S6 Huleti, Roger 60 Hun, Bao Mai {29 Hun, Sammy OJ Huriadu, Ricardo 49 Huichins, Jason 60 Huisell, Ruben 6J Huynh. Ton 49 Hy. Chang 05 Hyatt, Alvin 72 Hyatt, Carol 49.99. 117 KNiki U4. 118. 126 Jo. Young 67. 72, 705. U8, 120. 122, t2i. 126. 132 Jo, YuKyung joi Johar, Mike 72 Johns. Gina 60, 133 Johnson, Christopher 60, 1 18, 123 Johnson, Kelle 72 Johnson, Lurlcen . US. 119. 120. 122. I2i. 126. 127 Johnson, Nicole 60, 109 Johnson, Paul . 60, 79 Johnson. Reginald 86. 95 Johnson. Steven 49 Jones, Christopher 72 Jones, Quarta 49. 180 Joseph, Earlann 49 Jovcllanos, Rommel 86 Jua, 25 Juarez. Jose 72 Juarei, Juan 49 Judge. Holly 4j, 86 Julian, Brenda S6 Julian, John 49 Julian, Paul . ' 72 Julian, Rafael 60 Ikeda. Tomoko Ines, Leitani ... 14. 43. 86. 95. 97, Oj 2| H 22. 125J27, l}2 Iribe, Jorge i . . . ; .7?. 60 , Ito. Harumi , . . , 72j Ito. Jennifer. Jiang, Hyunm J oi Jacinio, Carlos 72 Jacks, Monica . , . , 60 Jackson, Alison 60 Jackson, Latonya J4 Jacobs. Christopher 49 Jacobs4in, Stacy B6 Jaime, Agiistin 7,? Jaime, Clemcnie 60 Jang, Chang 49 Jang, Hyuo i6 j Jaramilto, Steven (. ' )9. 12) JjrJicI, Ancl 7. ' . ;. ' ). I2S Jamat, Craig 72 Javier, Elaine 72.103. 122. 12b. ■. 132 Jennings, Alice ' . 101 Jennings. Henry Jennings, Shaleen Jimenez, Juan Jimenei. Lisa 7. 67. 72. 100. 112. IIS. 120. I2i. 127. 132 Jimenea, Lourtica 49 Jimenei, Marcela 49 Jimenez, Vicki 43, SS Kachirisky, David 49 Kaesviharn, Christopher 49 Kale. Richard 60 Kammerod, Gregory 86 Kan, Vichet , $6.12} Kandkr, Chnslopher . .s , . . j S6. 97, 12}. 159 Kang, Jenny 72 Kang, Yung , 72 Kaufman, Harry 72.99.12} Kc, Luwa 86, lUi, 132 Kear, Tua 49 Keep, Kevin 06, 87 Kelly, Flora 60 Kesler, Jamie 9.99. 1 17. 124 Ke ys, Daniel SO, 100 Khanna, Mukta 72 Khanna, Naveen 86. 103. IIH.132 Kil, Sang 72 Kim, BengRim 60 Kim, Bum Jin 86 Kim, D ] 103.10}. 132 " .im, Dav.d 101. 103. 10}, 1 18. 122. 12}. 132 m, Dong Hwui 72, 126. 173 m, Ed 20} Kim, Fddie 49.67. 120. 122. 12}. 132 Kim. Edwarf 67.72. 103. 10} Kim. Enc 49. 79 Krm, Mae 49 Kim, III 72 m. Hyuo 72. 10} m, HyuaeChol 60 m. In Du 36.72, 10}. lis, 120 m. In Kyu 119,120,122. 12}, 217 m, Jae 72 m. Jae Min lOi n.. Jac-Wook 72 ni. Jennifer 60, 105 ni. jimmy 4 m. John 105. 12}, 132, 209 Kim,JooHo... J6, 86, 100, 101, 103. 10}. IIS, 119. 120. 122. 123, 12}. 126. 128. 132. I}3. 17? Kim, Jung Ok 60 Kim, Kim 36. }?. 77. 149 Kim, Mee Sun 7 Kim, Mik. g Kim, M 1 II. c 60, ;ii Kim.Pj.n.k 49.I1S.I79 Kim. .ini j2S Kim.Suw 72. lOi. 12}. 126. 132. 187 X-m.T rr, 103. 10}. I IS. 120, 122, 12}, 1 32 Kini. X ayne 99 Kimhie, Shaniic 72 King, JiKii ■ . . ' JO King, Mark DO, 86, 159, .717 King, Mishayc 13. 34, 133 Kline, Kathryn ' , (JO Kline, Ruben U) Knight, Diana 60 H Knight, Donna 60, 65 H Ko, Seong }0 H Komor, Zak 72 iHH Kuan, Alfred 86, 173 Kunesh, Staci }0 KuoDYen Ling 60. 101 Kwon, Huward 105 J Kwiin, Steve 50, 162 Kwon, Young 60, 100. 101. 190 I Labothe. C 141 iurse, Laurie S6 Ugadia. Joffrey 72. 127 I Jird. Jennifer 6», 100. 104, Hi. I}4. 157. 175 Lam, jt se 60 Urn. Soledad ; 72 Lambert. Roben I}. 9.72. 104. 121 Umuthe,Chns[upher JO. 99 Lafce. Dmna 87 Landavaao, Jack 166 l.ane, Jennifer , }0 l.anti2aL, Eduardo T H ? 87, 127 Lanuaa, Mwioric 60 Uo, Chu 87 U... HeMig 72 Uo. Huy 87. 125 Lao. Peanj 60, 160 Lao, Sietn 50 Lapena, FrucilU i9.6J,«?, 101. 104. 119 Lapnore, Marci 119. 129. 14} I.ara. Marcela 61 Ijn, Marisol M. 61 I 61 72 69. 72. 131 61. 133 ... 99 2. 99. 124 100. 126 ... 149 .... 50 Lara, Narceka Lara. Rudy Larkins. Nekka . . Larson, Jennifer , Laaaro, Enrique . . Laaaro, Francisco Lazaro, Monitra . . Le, Sung Le, Tong U, YsaDioh S7. 103. 129. 1-16. 147 lee, Andrew tOi. 160. 161 Lee. Brian 67. 73. 10}, HB. 120. I-M 112 Lee,Chun-Hui ■] Lcc Chun. Ying 50,61 Lee. Qarence 50 Lee, Connie 73. 101. 103 Let, Daniel 50 Lee, Darnell 160.161 Lee, David ,. 61, 7i,87. 101, 103. 10}, 12}. 126. 132. 171. 202 Lee, Eun 50 Lee, EuA ' Sook 73 Lee, Hyun-Kyung 30 Lcr.Jaaon }0 Lee,)ooHu ... 57. 61. 101, lOi, 118, 120, 122, I2 1. ' 5. 132. 17) •ee. Julia K ' AC. June K 61 .ec-. Kwaag Am- 87 c . Unda ™ 57, 61 .ee. Maria 101 cc, Nicole 50 Let, Paiti U. 101.103 Lee, Paul Ut, V.„i Uc.Song ... Lee, Sii jnnj , . LeeburB. ' l.n t Leeburg. (.mdv Leggellr. ' ni . Legrus. Kevin Lehtnan, Tina . Leifa, Enrique . Leon, Jesus. 73 . 6 ' Leon, Sandro 73. lOO Leong, Raymond 50 Leshay, Demcina 50, IJJ Leshay, Legar 61. 99. 17j. 124. 1] Index 243 7. yo ■. 1 8 ■ llfi 7S ■ iU . n . . r. 104 . ( 1. 190 " 162 ' -■ ' , 9i .. 6; .. 73 61 LtwU. Grcn ' " l wis, Lynt t Lewis. Sari h Leyva, Jcsui Lung. Kenny .... Lim, Dong Wou . Lim, Dow W— " Lim.Jeantiii Lim, Won H Lin, Julia Lin, Steve Lina, juAquin. . . . Lind, Cheryl LindcU, Damon . Linhan, Mike . , . Ltnnbom, Afni . . Linnville, Dunold Lino, Cheryl, ... Ltnthicum, Glt-nn LtnvilJe, Scan . . , , Liu, Tony Lively, Ehc ...... . ff . . . . . %« Lively, Jare i . LoBuc.Sher I ,7.87. 112 Loehrl, Frank 1S7 5. 9 - " L. ' fstrom, David Luinn. PbiOine ?i tomtii. Arnwndu S ' V V g, Shawo 1 ' Looney, Sieve 7 J ■r. Gregory IS9 lAjpt-s. John 7i. 166 l...pez. Al 5 37 L ez, Albf rii ' , ' i Lnpez, Anrhoiu 1J7 Lopex. Btr.iJrJn H7 122 Lupei. Daniel 50 Lopez, Utnuinus i . I ' J ' K 19 1 , iW Lopez, til Lopez, Gabru lA ez. Jaime . Lopez, Juan . . Lopez, Julio . . Lopez, Lizette i6. C)9, 7! Lopez, Maria , Lopez, Vcmell fO Lopez, Veronica l. ti3 Lopez, Volanda . 50 Loput, Dennis 73. iti Lotis, Chuck 7j Loucks. Greg y9 Lovato, Valerie 7) Lovetere, Erika 01. 56 Lowe, Latonya . . . . j w f - ' 33 Lowry. Timothy . . .T WK 7i. !0(). 104 Lu. Phech !M. 73 Lua, Jose B. . . Luca , Vemell L j- Lucerojiiliiiiu K. 61 LuCtO,Bernddnie IML 61. 133 Luedcke. Vaiene ..: 69. 121 Lugo, Alajandm . M Lui, Chun-Lin i 0 Luna, Andrew ' , S7 Luna, Norma i 73 Lona,Pam.. 1 118.132 Lutes, Ron ' ; W39.79.87 Lutu-Bosse, 1 uuis,.. ;i 61 Ly, Loun . . . wh XHHL ■ -. Ly, Mfn guck .: H flM.: g|V. 73 Ly,S. v ■■■--■ BM ' m " ' ' - Lynch, Apnl....|H..... H..yT. , 7i. 129. 143 Machiebtin, Macias, Benny Macia.f, JamtrS Macias. Manuel . . . Maciai. Shannon . . Madrid, Guadalupe Madrid, Mario .... Madnd, Michael , , Madrid, Rhonda . . Madrigal, Joie . . - . Mac. K Magatlun, Benha . . Magatlon. Greg . . . Magallon, Lorena . Magallon, Rodotfo Mahmood, Asif . . . MaKmood, Rebecca Mai, Bao Mai, Nhat-Hoang . Maidana, Mary , . . Maier. Scott ...... Major, Juliann .... Maldonado, Angel Maligalig, More Malik. Farooq MatlaH, Pauline. Maloof.Jeramy . Manson, Frances Maiuecon, L« t Marcinov. I-iin-u Mores, Paul Marino, Jcffery Mari»cal, Gtldardo - 73 Marquez. Oaudia 73 Marquei, Ernesto - 5 ' ' Marx|uez, Mano 88.99. i ' O. 123. U ' Manellucci, AH.wm . 7 Martcilucci, Jennifer H " . «5. 88. 121] Manin, John V- . Martin, Kimbcrlee 50, }9. Manin, Ttrrence Vicior c.S SH. IIS. Ul ' . 132 . 88. t 19. 12(1 124. 126, 132.2m. 21? . fi8 93. 103. 118, I2i, l.i.ii.209 61 Mlstretrt. Gizelle ... . ' . ' .■; :%-? . ' ' ' :■ ' .■■. ' .••; . : ' . . ' . r. 89 ■ Miyahira, Serena 7$. 129. !4i Miiuno. Genelic ( . tU. JH) Molleui, Belinda 4. 13. 79.88 Monroy. Ricardo 0 127 Montero, Andy , 6 Monici, Ramon ... 30 Monteir, Loraine 50, I HO Montolla. Juan 163 Montoya, Elizabeth 61 MiMiioya, Gilbert 7 77 Montoya. Juan . , . " ■ ' Monzones, Ryan . Moo, Michelle Mo«»re, Shari Mora. Evelia Morales, Beoito Morales, Jasi n Morales, J )se Moreno, Debra , , Moreno, Gilbert Moreno, Jodi Moreno, Manuel , . Mor Morgan Modey . MorrK. firiari ' ..., ;;.i;.---; v.,. ; . . , 7S; Morrison, Jacqueline 4 S7, H«, H9. 94. I(f4i 119. 131. 133. 2 ( Mota, Allimso . . Mota, Ceiiii 0 Mouneu, Guadalupe 6 , ' 5 Moyen, Daniel . Munscll, Craig . Murillo. Anthony Muth, Rm SK. n. , ;2f Mycr. Ronald 01. 99. 124 Wirtint Martin. M2UTin Martinez. Martinez, Ruhara., Martinez, Rubena . Martinez, Roberto . Martinez. Stacy . Maninez. T;(y Martinez. Math. Keihy. Mttffys, Rub M«j Sandra 1 MiJhBp. Timoil MattHf ason Maxey. Jesse Mdy, Bryant Mjy, Craig . May, Cyrus McAfee. Mark. . Mc CanOf Sharon . . . Mc Donald, Naja . . . Mclntyte, Trenton . McAfee, Mark . McAlisier, Gwen . McAlIttWr, Shannon, . McC ti x hael. Md McQJ Kan, Katherin Mc P», Br ndi Mclntyre, Tremoo . McMl3)on, Mary Attn. McNemcr, Cheauntt, Medel, BenraiT Medina, Bemadine . . , Mediii. , hrisi. ipher . Medin... Km,. McdjdJ, Marj(areC, Me na. ManceU Me a. Mirafl Mett, Shawn , Meaner, Crys j Mcj Carlos . Me Galo. M«)fa, Jose . , Mejia, Julieta . . . .1 . Mendez, Miguel . . Mendoia, Elizabeth . .. Mendoza, Lillian . ' . . . n . Meng, Sochettra " . Mcraz.Vicki.. Meraz. Victoria Mesa, Lissett v.,. Mesa, Monica . iceH. i . US. 149 i 50 f Ul 61 7 ' J,88 57,6;, I4i, lil (iJ 6), lis 50 }0. 141 61. IM 99 7} .... 61. !04. 179 73 so 6 69 i.69.73 ISO 6J Ma, Jimmy Ma, K ?nnes Ma, Kwang-thul Mac Arthur, Jfannie . Macala, Ricky Machado, Jo« J9. 97, lUi. I2i. ;12 6 87 7t, IU4, fO ' J 50 65, 101. 161 Mesa, Rosa. . , 4. 14. 16. 3H. 43. SH. 94. KM. 104. 119. 120. 12S. 126, 128. 1)2. 199. 2}4 Mesias, Richard 50 Migas, Jonaihan 80. 88 Miley. Ana 88 Miliukonch, David 73 Miller, Jason 73 Miller, Michelle 80, 88, 121. 192 Milleti, Colin 73 Milieu, Slacey 6), IJJ Mina, Victor 88, ;.?7 Ming, Victor , , 171 Nairn, Nil Nakanishi.Olii Nakasuc, Coty . Nosh, Michelle , Nosu, Brandon Nava, Andrew , Nava, Manuel , Navarro. Daniel , Navarro, Donna , Naveja, Jorge •. Near. Chhai S 73 | Nelson, Jami v j Newbill, Angeles J 7| Newbill, Angelo j 61.74. 139 Ng, Ev. dH 50 Ng, Paul Ngin, Aonet. Ngo, Hcip ,. f , Ngo, Hiep 74. 101. I IH, 122. I2y 12 Ngo, Laohe Ngo, Quang 7 Ngo, Thep Nguyen, John Nguyen, Thanhdao - Nhem. Dane 7 Nhem. Rattana 89. 1 18. 12i. I3i Nichols. Melinda 5J Nicklo, David 74 Nino, GiseU 13} Noh, Eun-Young 74 Norodom, Pulhcheatkejajr : 8 Norodom, Roeusy . , , Novella, Victor 89. 118. 126 Nunei, Gabriela 79. 89 Nunei, Norma 2 Nuno. Annette 14.69.109 Nuno. Gabriel , , , . . , 6.? Nuno, Margaret 4 Nyquist, Scott ' 00 244 INdex « 19 O Bannun, Edwirf. O Bfien. Kelly . . .5- . O Ruurkc. Jennifer. Oioncr. Alvin (Xoncr, RixJcnck . . Ohiyon.N.cuIc. . U|[uc. Helen OUvM. Divid Oliv». Rcul UUver, Gin .Oliver, SuxAone iDUcr. Karen Olwm. K«H« ..i Omenee, Ab .... Oneil. Timothy , . Orm«.j€K«Iyn Orx«. Vivitnne Omelu. Jose . . Omel«», Pedro OropezA, babel OrxMO). Hilda Oncgx, Artui Onti. Araccli 0»mu. Richard . .. Oum. Keupi(ou .... OuiB, Meaknaseka ., Owens. Edward .... o 6?, oy ii.i«.U.t7,loi. ni 114. i7i lii 74, U7. n 62 S9 62, ISV. IHi 74. IHi i 74. Illli. 1114 . }, 34. 16. An9. V7, ' ». 12). (.N. V5 m ' • " J 16) 74 .4 1 .127.217 ... J . 55, IIS. 121 6. ' N [ PmcI, Uatriniben . . Paid, Vairtni . . . I Patcsia. Mark . Paiinu. Arthur Patnck.Gina PatterwMi. Bridgccic Paeicrvm, Mark , . P«di((o, Lcruy . , Pcdrttza, Aarun Pcdruxa, Diana Peng, Joanna ..... Penir t-ox, Liu Penietox, Mi«.hcllr Pepiio. Clenn Pepit« ,Koitdtd.. Pcrcgrina, (tilhtr:. Pcm, Sandra. . Pcrei, Ctarrisa . Pi-rec, Danny. . Pcrcx, Elvuax . PercE, Erika . . . , Perei, Frmnkie . , Pcrei, Ivonnc Perei, J cy Peres, Richard Percj, Sergio . . , Ptrei, Thumaa. Perti. Yolanda . Perkins-Richit, Marj Pciefs, (Jhrisima .... Peters, Michael Pet(ifuhn,Julie . Petiy. Khsia. . . Pham, Muynh . . . Pham.Juan Pham, Minhihuan . . . Pham. Thuan-Quoc Pham, Vsnrhi Ph..v.Boloy Pilapil, Conftkniine Pilapil,Jcnnirer Pimcntei. Jtisc , Pin, Yvihanna Piiaknarunnphorn. .NanCy . . Piuknarungphurn. Supot . , Pimdi ' vxji, Ahcia .. . ,. Porter. Candice . ' , . , Po«er,Jc«neue Pi)[(cr, Shellje ... Polls, Lacijr Praii, Scott Prtecc, David . , , Pnfce. Amber hwst, Tina Prirtu. Rom . . . Prime, Naukesha Pujjh, Kathi Pubpo, Elias Purver, Torey. . . . Puinam, Roger . . P n. Simon ... ,.. 62, lOi.ioy if 74,jlL i. fJ5. 118. 120. I2i - 62 «9 il.l92. I ' JS Stt. 89. l ' J2. J 6 62 ■ 4X74. m PkcPmU P«ihc o, Jiiannc . , pKhtio, Rtyttiond PadiUa. Edallic . . PadJUa. Maru ... PadiDa. Mary Rote Pae, Aaron Par. (hin Pak. K.I , Mt.Mike Pilomo, MarJM . . . .Psrlc. Eunice PtrKHa in Park. Jin Sufc Park. Sianley Pftrruct, (. nihi . . . Paiel, Amish Paielfllarcsh Paiel, ' Kamc«b Patrl, Ketankumar Paiel.Tc l . QuAth, Nh Quan. Jim Que, Brcnden Quick. Eric Quinata, Karen Quinianar. Antonia . P.l.r RaMcny.Mar, Raffeny. Stoit , RaUion, Darren Ramcni, Alex R ami rcZ|Ail|lbvno RamiaClQI Ra £iV rfv nK l Rirtlirt . ;..M ' iUfnirea. Pji.jI k Ramirex. Raijuel . Ramiret. Sandra . Ramin- , Silvia ,. ,v. r hrul.n R..n,.,s, MtHr,., Ramii . An. I ret . RamiM, Aurvliano Kamitft. Carlos. lOuiMkt,Jaion. .. Ramov MifLv Ramt.i. R.,hcr( Raniii , V ' lcni RumuMOd. CFiriii Rumuv en, Robcr Ratlirr, Ray, Rohcn Rayiis, (raocinc. , Kayos, Nicky K i K, Grrfoty R .-nr. Meliua Rxt.lcn. [ Rfddy, (tuaiham Rt-dmann, Ritk Redmond, ihristi pher Rce, Ra han Rvifka, Rtidi-rickdavid Render, Dana Renovato, Jose Renovaio, Maria RcM-ndiz, Manual Retes, Maria Rcyci, Alma Reyes, John Reyes, ( s. Reca, Rote Rhec, Joseph Rhee. Lillia . Rich. David . RichardMin, Hartrfd Richardson. Lctitta . Richie. Walter Rident ur, RaocUJI . Riley. Yvetie Rios. Anudo ... Riu», Emilia ... Rios, Mjriana ... . Rim, MiruunaA. . . . Rios.Olsa.d|... Riufl. RachclS. . . Riihi, Chan ffoLiK . Rivera, Alberto. Rivera, Jamri Rivrru ; Rob... . Robmvin, (.ary . Ritblri, Ann, ..... RixJriKU ' , Afiit.nti. RoJnu .. R «ir RikI . R dn R, . R.«Jr, Rtidn Rodr-K R.J. , dJi Index 243 Rumaniellu. Rick . . Romero, Francisco . Romero, Neil Romu, Adrian Roos. Bonnie Roper, Lynn Ri«», Carlos Rt sa,John Rosales, Joyce Rttsas, Francisco . . . Rose. James Rose, Mary ... - Rossi. Patrick . Rosier, Robert Roucb. Wallace . . , Rudulph, Philip . . . Ruix, Salvador. . Rydman. David. . . Rydman, Tracy . . . . 90 . P7 . 5 a b2. I ' 4. Ih) 14 L Sagel.Jobn ' Satnz, Espcranza . j " - • ' ' Saladrigas, Ana . , . " Salas. Amelia 5 Salas, Margariia 5 J Salisbury. Amy 74.MO. i . 234 Sanchez. Alfonso. ' - " - 66 Sanchez, Cristina • • St ■ Sanchez, Dina ... ,««„ ' . 100, 126 Sanchez, Irma :. • ■ ' ?. 109 Sanchez, Mercedes , 74 Sanchez. Rosa 74.725. 126 Sanchez, Sandm H- % l 90. 96 Sandoval, Carmen 5 J Sanca Ana, Crisima 62. m, lOy 126. l47 Sanios, Thomas v ' . .; ,.. - 74. 185 Sarabia, Jesus - " Sargeant, Stephen f)- . SariaaOA A Oiando 5 rina a, Elmque - Sass. Steven - Sauced SL Sici SCO 5 Sauced y 99.117 Scans, Wendy 24 Sthaaf. Enk 0-? Schrader, Stephen ' Segui, Daniel • Segura, Monica ' Segufa, Robeno Sekino, Kiku Sell, Shirley ' ' " Semaan, Alfred 67.74.118. 120. 12i. 126. I}2, IP Semaan, Hicham ' Sensat, Tamera • ' Seong, Hyon ■ ' ' Serrano, Angelo 2. H ' 4 Sesleaga, Lidia Sevier, Kerry ' Sevilla, Don 90. 100. W3. 124. 126. 121, 199. 207 Seymour, Andy ' Shafer, William ' ' Shanahan. Gary • " ' Shanahan.John 90, if? Shapiro, Milissa ' Shaus, Krista . " ' 0 Shim, Kelly • • ■ 74. US Shimkus, Judy 74 Shin, Edward 74. ' " ' . m.Ui. 202 Shin, Hyun ' -I Shin,Jae 5 , 74 Shin, So ■ . M Shindledecker, Deanna ■ ' ej, ' ' ' ' - ' " ' Shur liff, Jennifer MHSk . .74.1 18 Sicumkas, H . . yWPWPi ' 41 Sierra, Pedro . 62 Silva, Patricia ' . • ■ ' Silv«,P«ul ■ 1 Silva,Shirley ,. 74 Sifn,Woo«yMI ftr ' ' 2.99 Simon, IDelUcia 90.100 Simon, Mu hSrrf 5- ' Simril, Alaioa 5- (). ' . 121 ... 90 . .. 132 100. 114 100. 104 75 90 . VS. 133 IIS. 191 . • 2.i4 . lan «, Stpcs.Tami ... Siratt, Denise. Siratt, Larry .... Sizclove, Erick . , Slau){h(er, Nina . Slauson, Oaun . . Slingbaum, Felici Smith. Alicia . • . Smith, Bambt . . Smith, Chester. . Smith. Chns. . . . Smith, Dcsiree. . Smith, Heidi .. , Smith, Hope . . Smith, Icsha. . . , Smilh. Jeannctie Smith, John .... Smith. KimhcrU ... 13.7 Smith, L rsk ' C . . - 2 Smith, Matthew 62. 101. HI Smith, Melinda ? 2 Smith, Nr)rman . . 75 Smith, Renee Ij s ki ' Smith. Richard . ' j Sj H . I2i . 132 Smith, William - JHH B - ■ ' ' Smith. Willie ? Si|iiiiHL 2 Snuggs,Carla «k . :62. ' m 125. U6 Sum. Mol - . . . 63 Som. Po,.. ..,■. 91 Siini.pant, Jeflery .; ►- ... 52 Song. Jung Im Smi. 123 Sonkseti. Amy Lynn 91. 175 Sosa. Jennifer 5 Sow.M l-i! Soto, Benjamin ■ ■ 63 Soto, Luci. } • Soto. Mana 2, Soto, Martin 52, ;6J. Soto, Rogelio N a Soto. SyWia 63 Soto, Tony . . 63 Sovanna, Thay 63 Spencer, Dwayne 52 Spinosa, Mark 63 St. Anne, Denise 75 Staal, Christopher 63 Staal, Jtremy .■ • 75 Stafford, SheryEe 75, 103. 126m!. ' 92. 193 Stanton. Michael " V. 77. 179 Stanton. Shawn . . , . . 4, 6J. 7 79 Stauth, Scott . . ■ 63 Stava, Christine 91. I U Stcenhovet jErik 63 Sieffes. Jolc 126 Stewart, PaO ; ■ ' •■■ ' 2 Stewart, Vincent; 93 Siokes, Shannon; . 75 Stoops. Matthew V - ■ -i 52 Stout. Robert , . . . jR. ; 52 Stovall. Michaci , S 63 Siromsodt.Jcthro 75, 00, 5I, 1-71 09 Su, Wei-Shuo ? W, ;0 Sugime Kt-vin 52 Suh. Ellen 91.97. ; n, ijy n6. ;j2 Suh.Gina 5 7.63, 100. lOl, 103. 105. 120. 125. 126. l4: Suh. Jin Kyung . 91. 128 Sundberg. James ♦ " , . . - 91 Sung, Carol " ..7 0; Sung, Janeite ..... .-jj. ........ 91 ' 01 Sweeney. Kevin. . •fUH j ■ - ' ■ ■ 3 ' - 91 Syquia, Irene HL ?iw- S0.-97. UH. !. ' ». IJ5. 126. I2 !_ i 26 I Tapis, Karina . . Tapia, Maria . . . Tamatc. Marcel Tate. Jason 52. }4 1. 162 ' Taylor, Morris 7), 126 Taylor, Stact7 iOl Taylor, Tina 6J, 129. 14. Teap, Kolina . . 7 ' . Teegarden, Tim , 5- Tello, Noemi - ?■ Thach. Vorng 25 Thang, Khanh 52 Thang, Sue ' 5 Thanyakan, Chairoj Thap, Vibolarath . Thay, Sovanoa .-jWMWWI tfV ' . ' J L ' . J ? . ' 7r;x 146. 14? Thomis. Jcffrt 75, 205 ThompM)n, Came 52 Thompson. Elizabeth 52 Thompson, James 91 Thompson. Leonard 63. 160, 161 Thompson, Myron 160 Thompson. William 75 Tiemey. Tamara 75, 104 Tiemey. Tamera 254 Tiiuan.,A SfcKi. • • H it ' . " Tinoco. Maria To.Sathia 91. 103. I IS. 125. 132 Tolentino. Christian 171 Toleniino, John 52, 1 7 Toliver, Bryon ,; 779 " Toliver, Byron 63 Toliver, Gerrod 91 Tomaszewski, Tina 52 Ton. Huynh Duy 190 Tongsuthi. Janet i9.9l. 7. 103. 119. 120. 125. 132 Tonnfst ' n, Shannon ... 52 Toon, Susan 103 Torres, Alicia 7 ., Torres, Catherine 75, 145 jforrc , Cristina 52 torres. Cina 75. 133 Torres, Guadalupe 52 Torres. Gustavo 91. 118. 190 Torres. Jose 75 Torres, Maria 63 Torres, MeUza 63 Torres. Patricia 52 Torres. Shavonne 63. 121. 133 To ' ivler. Danny 63 Ttmn, Anh ,52 Tran.Ciody 97, IU3. 1 . 125. 126. 129. 132. 199 Trtn,Tom . 67, 75. 103. 103, 118. IM 126. 129. 132. 171. 202 Travers, Sonia ' ; ' 52 Trefo Steven 52 Trice, Stephanie v 52 Triebold, Tricia ; 75 Tnmble. Lemy ' 66 Trinidad, Maninez 6 Troncoso, Jose . . ' V . ' ' " ' J Tcoocoso, Juan Troung, Hai -- ' J Truax, Timothy ' i. ' . Ni Truby, Shawn 97. 119. 125 Truong, Diana ( 3. l-i9 Truong. Hai Van 75, 132 Truong, Huy 52 Tally, Julie 32, 00 Tumulak, Mana 52 Turpen. Rebecca 6 i, 123 Twccbceke, Monitjue ».;-,. 75. (54 Tjhai Tabare$, ' Samarithfl i - ■ ' ■ ' Taing, Khun r 2 Takahashi. Sakura 63 Taloyo. Dennis 3 Tamrtamaoya, Fogle 52 Tancraitor, Marguerite 11.69. 75, 100. 121.205.206 Tanner. Ame 9l.ilH. 120. 125. 126. 132 Taniay, Marygrace 52 Ung, Luon 101. 103. m. 132 Uy, Kimhou ' ' nur.,MMk 1i.m.l3l,202 246 Index w V ' Vk», Cassandra ■?• Vac John ' • ■, " •, ' : Valencia, Brimd. " ' ' f, ' 1 ' , Valencia, Daniel Vi Valencia, Jose ■■ Valencia. Olympia 52, 99. N 7 Valencia, Raymundo ' Valc-s, Joey W Vallee, Timothy 75 Valverde, Uene 63 Vance, Cheryl 75, 12}. I2b Vanheerd(, Michelle 75 Vanniroih, Paclcy 0i. ' - ' 5 vanValkenburg, Tracy S5, 123 Vargas, Christina 75 Vargas. David 7S,77. 127 Varges, Jese 2i Vasquez. Christopher 3 Vasquez. Debbie 3 [ Vasquez. Michael 52 Vasquez, Silvester 52 Vasquez, Veronica ' f ' . 256 Vazquez, Gloria ' 5 Velasco, Willy 75 Velasquez, Joseph 75, 18} Velasquez, Mike 7i,77. 131. 139 Velei, Tar. 75 Velei. Tricia ' ' ■ Ven, Chanda 75 Ven, Potheary 52 Ven, Prougn J Verduzco. Cristina 6i. US Verduzco, Dave o5 Verduzco, Gloria 52, J 75 Vickefs, Tyrwne U7 Vidrio, Jessie 207 Vijar, Catherine 75, J80 Villa, Julian 75 Villa, Ruben 52 Villalba, Sandra 52, 100. 107, 180 Villalobos, Claudia 75 Villalobos, Jose 63 Villalobos, Paige 52 Villamil. Andrew 75 Visser, John Si Visscssmith, Rangsima 75. 77, 25 Vivas, Anisa 2 Vivas, Ethan 63 Vivas, Pedro 63 Vo, Chau 75. ; (8. 129 Vong, Chuy 52 Vorachard, Charles 6), 160 Vomg. Thach 75 Wagner. Alberto }2 Walker. Nicole 52 Walker, Ruben 75. 101, 137, 254 Walls, Lee ' 37 Walt. Joseph 75, 99. Ol Wall, Lis. 63.104.119 Wanda, U 61 Wang, Rick. .. 57. 101. lOj. (05. IIS. 120, 122, 12i. 132. 160, 161. 171 Ward, Debra 7). 77. 112, 133 War«, Jeffrey f 39 Washington. Augic 69 Wans, Cindy 13. 7i. 99, 117. 121, lit Weaiherspoon. Wallace . 7 Weaver, Wayne 52, M Webb. Chris ,..160 Welch, Timothy , 6J Wen, Huei-chun 6J, ;90. 9; Wen, Mimi 103. 132 Wendland, Judene 63 West, Dennis 6J. 65. 190 Weslphal, Lija 3. I2i. 126. 256 Wheel, Kevin 75 Wheeler, Nikiaus 75 Whetnlght, Shelley 133 Whitacre, Lora 75 White. Chandel 39. 139, 21 7 White, Dawn 104. 17} Widdison, Jennifer 63 Widdison, Lily t . 52 Widdiaon, Lisa 52 Wiley, Keith 94 Williams, Gabnelle i2.99, 123. I7i Williams, Omari 32 Wilson, Jennifer i2. 100. 129. I4S. 183 Wilson, Raymond 63 Wilt, Jennifer 100.104. 125. 131 Wilt. Susan WO. 118. 12}. 133. 175.256 Wingate, Lisa 43. 112 Winn, Dcnise 75. ;29, 143. I}4 Winntngham, Jennie 75 Winters, Mananarenee 63 Witcher, Jeremy 43 Wofford, Varisha 39.129.143 Wojciechowski, Thomas 69, 75 Wolfe, Kelly 52. 129. 14}. 183, 206 Wong, Dong 87 Woods, Jennifer 6J, 09 Wright, Kyle 95. 12 . ;J7 Wyrick. Kristine 63 Y Yang, Young 63 Ybarra, Albetro «i Yek, Sythan 12) Yell, Travor 75 Yen. Jerry 75, i (8 Yi, Chu Eun 7J Yi, HoSok 75 Yi. Scong 75 Yip. Erica 63. 100. I2 . 256 Yoguea, Diana ' 26 Yoguez. Ricanlo 63 Yoo. Anne 63 Yoo. Hae Sun 52, 07 Yoo, Rebekah 7J, 149 Yoo, Vivian 63 Yoon, Mee Kyung 75 Yoon. Susan 10), I2i Yoshinaga, Gary 63 Young, Marc 3, 95, 1)3, 177 Young, Michael 34, 93 Young, Quan ' 99 Yu, Steve 52 Yu, Sunni 54 ) MIX Xiong, Fci . m z Zambon. Andrea 6i. IJ4 Zambonc, Erik 32 Zante, Paul i2. 162 Zarazua, Tino • ' i7 Zavala. Maria 63 Zavala. Pairicii i2 Zavala. Penny i3 Index 247 I I ur memories are forever captured in our " " Ano do Ore. The games, our favorites, the " A ' s " , and the " F ' s " are all remembered. Many years from now, we will pick up our book and smile (or cry). We will recall how and who we were back in 1987 and 1988. We will cherish what we have; after all, what remains after all else is gone are our memories of things past. L.nd, so it comes to an end. The 1987 school year has slipped by. The times are now memories. For the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, there will be next year. For the Class of " 88 " , it ' s over. Forever and Always. 248 I Always and Forever Always and Forever 249 0 • V. r}„ Nvj ) , ' Id, .t ft -..l . o «v- [ii ' l ' iP ■X U ■ - :.c. l .0 J ' on u I o v ' ,e l L v ,i vu; OV 1 ' ' f J ' , 1 ' J O; C f ' a) v ,vv to (i QV A- : 9 4 D r .IV at) vP ' O). l V i LACL u 2 0 Always amrorever Always and Forever j 231 How long is " Always and Forever " ? A day, a year, ten years, infinity. How long do our memories last? Can we forget our last football game, the Prom, or getting caught cutting first period? Somethings we will obviously forget, many things we ' ll always remember. We probably don ' t realize how much we ' ve actually learned — these things will not be forgotten. And, our Artesia High School Yearbook will help us remember it all! 232 I Akvays and Forever Always and Forever j 233 Manuel Nava Olympic Bound Manuel Nava, a teen from Hawaiian Gardens, has gone pretty far In the violent world of boxing He became The California Amatuer Boxing Federation Champion. He not only won, but he won big, winning four A.B.F. titles. He also has a chance to become a competitor in the " 88 " Olympics, Manuel ' s outstanding boxing enabled him to become the A B F. Regional Champion. Manuel has earned the respect and admiration of his long-time coach and friend. Bob King. He helped Manuel be the best he could be. Manuel stated, " Im glad 1 picked boxing over the things teens do most now a days. " He has a pretty good chance of making it to the 88 " Olympics!! You ' ll make it Manuel!! On behalf of A.H.S. and all your friends, " GOOD LUCK in the future and may all your wishes and dreams come true. And, once again, keep reaching for the stars. " Clockwist: Manuel Nava with his coach. Bob King, awaiting his next match with " The Eye of the Tiger " . In between rounds, Manuel ' s coach gives him a pep talk. Looking forward to his delivering his fabulous left hook. " 1 know I ' m going to win this one! " Happy after beating another opponent! A left jab nails an apposing boxer. Memories Are Always and Forever Tammy Tiemey, Jacqueline Morrison, Rosa Mesa, and Amy Salisbury kicked off their drama class with a smile. Sherri Delk after the Oaober 1st earth- quake. Torey Purser and friends aaing obnoxious, as usual. Angelia DIederich will remember the roses ans balloons she received for her birthday. Bobby Walker, " Chemistry is so ' thrilling ' . " 234 I Always and Forever LA TUNA Touching a bit of beauty and friendship, La Tuna, an all-male madrigal group whose heritage echoes back to the 12th century Spanish universities and whose fame resounds throughout Europe today, visited Atresia High School in March and performed the song and music of medieval Spain. - ■ 1 jSBfl J il ' -I 1 - 1 ■ 1 " «J v ' i La Tuna is, nowadays, an increasingly popular institution within the Spanish universi- ty and a representative pan of Spanish cuitire. Although some of its funaions have changed and the boys ' naughtiness has subsided with the years, its basic substance re- mains. The musical quality of the various groups aaivc in our universities is given special attention, and every year Tunas from all over the country meet in a national con- test toeschange ideas and to compete in a musical p erformance and comic wit. Always and ¥ or ever j 2 3 Memories of ' 87 ' 88 Forever and Always There is a saying, " Ail good things must come to an end. " Unfortunately, this yearbook as well as the 1987-88 school year are two of them. Throughout the year, we have captured fond memories of friends, award winning games, activities, student life around AHS, and much, much more. We of the Ano de Oro staff have enjoyed bringing this yearbook together in hopes of perpetuating these precious high school moments we all shared. We would like to thank the parents, faculty members, advertisers, students and everyone else who contributed their time and effort in preparing this yearbook. We hope you have enjoyed the memories we have captured and that you may commemorate these recollections throughout the years. Best wishes to each and every student, our faculty and staff, and all of our parents, Always and Forever. Jon ' t Ratlijf Clockwiie: Luie Maninez and Veronica Vasquez smiling and ready for a good time! Senior Abel Burguaga, a late class protrait. Lisa Westphal enjoys her pizza during the Senior Square rededication. Erika Lovetere, Erica Yip, Tracy Hall, and Susan Wilt know that " Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. " Lisa Bryant, Shelly Potter, and David Billman lunching in Senior Square. f ' 236 I Always and Fore 5 % o ■:. ? ' Vo I _ % " . 7 ' i;. " vii ' ,i fe ' ' v L ' -. v ' cmj : .. ■J % ' i%.r r-e - ' JS- ' f - " ' - T ' A . £; " - rv i. ;v -V: V -■ -Ji. -• -i: c } - ■ j I. 3 cV- ' ar - J H u ]i -i, s:

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