Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA)

 - Class of 1972

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Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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C22 154 X02 'W fl an me O J2.U1L wwe A Chl-UUYFMQ -Q ' f ' ' ' ' ' es2,GooL ' i i 1 X AP ' H4 fi -vf,iii'AuZ dJ -XM Uvnwx v . ?'Om?l Wm J Ecljkix We C392,Sf-1'1' X nm W 5 JWJ ' . A E+ Hamm Swv 'X ' Q5 5,f,xQ,a r,k f, Qw1,0 ek CL HX X 3 , 1 ,Ugg L,LJxd' JLrLuQ CMWLO NXXQX' Wizwowy Q Cf. mcxwvj LYLc, wu'i'5J Cf Q54 at Qyw 4562 J CQ i J:evgLL+gw 0 W 91' Q? vb Q, Jww gmm CK f,, X U X 2 i of 'J GLU JJWW A be CO' X5 ' i c1i, lJf j-W0 J 9 0G' U Q f x igiyyb 25? iw fu r Q W Q O GJ 0 OW . I 'J 'JV JXLf'f VN A OD 0 3 U5 w K 4 ,.fuQL 9 H5 549 I xv U, 45 QTDO, M px-J l UQ xTgfLOVlmQh 4QCL gQ UL by QU' XUWQ l Q1 011 w TMffQfeX J 5 l J cw N wb wk 1 53100 'fM ff X 0' 1 3 Ca Q Jw Q,-x WV 5 , NW 1 J Hfv ' M A 1 ' - ' QLQJLC if EMLLCTQFN 40,06 Lfwvfmi h' L 53h2f' L ' ,T gm Q WWJQQ KITXLLVQU' ELCA f cvfQ12QJvQL.,5 X M 23 WS MffM , AT rx MMZ94! LX U 4 if S Q 4 Q Si' SSW fmfj , 25 M 5, ' JET! Q 5 C f 5555 Mg 'Q?2VQbb,1 556' i f' Q56 vi 1 P L K if E , , ,1.T..,- ,, !,,, , ,,,YY,,, , , ,4.,,..i .. 4.4-.U . -' K ' H09 350m have U-fart? " VNC? 50UfVWi'1r Good. Luc A O-fx your 9'rfe5',dQ,Aij - , -get tjoug vwewl- 4 jak YJ Lrcxvkijlvfq-fllfv 1 :EMA SLHIQU s .. XG Q QEMLW Mme Qewsw 5,35-99 wks lm s5U5TweTN'N5 3 Q WEQQK good Lum im ,vm Eff 35 YEHQS Qvcigiikgsg-lqww ig N M w Dr WW as Nxt 4 ' QA WW A W, WM! 1 wo, F3 M Q F. A Z , ,Q , A- H--M ML f-W - -- --1ii.m--bm --- -fl-f-fA--- -- - A-A --'ff--f-wk-Aianiiir-Wm init! W " umhr -V----f-4' -- --W -ins- fi ' - F' 1 11 U1 , K we M , xi ,wk L- X f, Q, B w 1 ,W A ! 5515 'W .a..""" x X ' J N ,. "-, X. If 0 im QQ. Ns lil , ,..x. 5 ' L aff I Qpening 2 Seniors I6 Sporfs 56 Spirif 98 lnvolvemerfr I IO Faces I44 Advefrising I 78 Closing ZOO 4"""' .f--L, . Q ' . , 1, Whaf is The springhme awurer all? Qnly Jrhe o+her side of fall Ch, if I could have l'd have made you a summer sky Hello's Jrhe word before good-bye -1:15-.,ar is- ,gf ,1 L-.kwa-ws: - K dw- . X " v n 3 'X aim ,Sw X Q"fk,f Y Q' 'im 44 is L Q we 'Y aff? ,S . ,Q 3 Es if 5 ' Some+imes I+ rains, someimes I+ shines Yef The Jrhings I warfr are seldom mine l 'fx e N'.,..,., .,.. X X L ' A .X X. .,. .wc .x 4 .- , Q NOX ff X X5 N X : VXXX E X. ,:,, A i,, ::: ,,:X': Q' X- ,.X., .5355 zzazwsp :.": :::X.:X:.X-.-.-. . , -: - - --MX-: war- IX. .fm:-25f-531:-3r3B':s.-:w 'fy h 'Xf- - XX. X, X-. . Xm.X..,X. X ,QNX -.-.XXX . X. X . . I XX . 'fm X ff: I, XX Egg, I, H X, : . X WX 1:-:six X, ,. Q. .,,.. ,.,.X .X f wi' "" ,X X f, 5 ' X 'X X X X X X , S' ' -- ' ' ' :gf -4.,:gXwX -35:5,.11.45jfX::f:2g13::-iffyJXI "Af -.9 145-'L we , fx :,:,.X::.::sX: w K.: X12-X-X1.z:4f. ..,:1 '-M Xr:s:rr,-.rm ' X 1'-I-?1-fL:f-:-'ref' X X: ,.... X :g. AIA, 1 ,,, I . , ,.i..,x,,V , Vx NX X . , . -.., . . 1. X X XXXXQXXXX mx X X XXX X, X X X Wx V XXX QRSXXXXX XXX XX X X XXX X X, WX X X XX X xx -29358 X: x XXX 'X NXX X wg NX' NN X X X X XX WX, XXX X W Ni XNWXQ X X X XNXXX XX KX vi3EXX x is X XXX N XNN xx X XX XE' X X 5' X X QF Q? x X Q6 iq, , M X' AX XX. X X X A f X :SX N 'QR 'Q X A X f K A Q X.X Xx 5 4 WWSN X vw? XX ' XXXQXX X X X X X XX v X XX X Y X X X x X XXX XXX Q XX X XX? XX X X X X x QNX X XX X Q X XXX Y X N X X X 5 X N X NX X x N X -X X ' XX X X X N X5XXXX K sw X XX s X X X X5 X X X X XX X XX X X XS ' XX 'WAX S W f X X XX QXXX' YQ X X XX? XNXQX X XXX X NX X SXXX ,RX X X ' 'X X X XQX ..,. Xen . . :::-,:XXXX-,- 1, , - :-:X ' 'v:Q:-:15fEgS:.-.:-Sai'-5:5252-235328Z'NEW''x5f5E--3f"Y-l,- . " 4 'f"':':fi2:f'5.?s.T'X'"QX5P-ei X-. .E1?E'N-X5'1'i'Si5'f'1'6 X 'V' 2: f'.::- ,.gm-3iii'f-X,,:-X.::-5i.5w55fiX- 'I sw iz- ef Jie -' X 9 egg' X, . ,X -'Wi . X - X " ':'-'X'X5f1--,EX 'wr .... - -Q-X-:fs-fre--X2-" -ew . -- '-'-"ffm . XXX ...,. .r -.5L.:"'f:-Xlfr-A-: X X, XXX ,XXXL ,X:.::.,:X,-X-,V3-XX-,5,:,-,,,:.,,XX ,X.X:,. XXMX.-X ,A X :X ., X, 5E:XI:5i::.-q...':- X3124.155Xg.-5..-:Xrrg.x5.X':5:X5g:f:5g:53::fX. mr--1., ,,.gXX::,.,XX.r-X: - - MX,-. XXX.-XXX -2 " ' .1 :XXQ-- N' .. X. ,X :r aff.,-.,X, A ,.-Xa:-:saw-XI "-X X-.X TX 1 N- :X :XX-X ..., XX,..wX,-X1.X. '11 ,.sa::E-::r:'sXb::: ":,:1 ...Q "" "'XVx""' "'X ' 'X' 'X XX "X, We MX x XxX W XX M wx 'RX -LEGAL NOTICE--u LEGAL Notice Notice OF Tnusre E's SALE Loan No. 1913777-7 NOTICE mvmno v.s. No.12-am Pao li'0SALS UI' Order No. 37275 Maintenance of Traffic Simals. The C0ttfl'3Cf0r Shall furnish all DSL SERVICE COMPANY as-C 100'ls,' equipment, apparatus, uly appointed Trustee under the facilities, labor and materials, ollowing descrzbed deed of trust.,U and perform all work necessary ILL SELL AT PUBLIC UCTION TO THE HIGHESTQ IDDER FOR CASH ipayable at ime of sale in lawful money of he United Statesl all right, itle nd interest conveyed to and now eld by it under said Deed of Trust inthe property hereinafter escribed: TRUSTOR: TIMOTHY ILFRED HARNESS and ATHLEEN R. HARNESS, usbancl and Wife. BEN EFICIARY: EYERHAEUSER MOR- GAGE COMPANY, alifornia corporation,V ecorded May 28, 1971 as instr. o. 1336 in book T7030 page 674 of ficial Records in the office of he Recorder of Los Angeles ounty: said deed of trust escribes the following operty: R Lot 42 of Tract No. 20586, in the ity of Cerritos, in the County ofa os Angeles, State of California s per map recorded in Book B00 ages 94 to 96 inclusive of Maps, n the office of the County ecorder of said County. J3944. E623 I-?SS9.'S--I-EW' .53 to maintain City owned tra'ffic signal facilities in accordance with the attached specifications. Location of Bid Opening: City of Cerritos City Hall Council Chambers te: December 6, 1972 Time: 10:00 A.M Length of Contract: The contract shall commence January 1, 1973 and continue for a period of five i5l years. For further information con cerning this bid call, contractors are invited to contact Mr Wallace W. Crenshaw, 860-0311 ,Extension 234. AGNES HICKEY , CITY CLER By: isllrene H.Maxon Secretar Published: Artesia News Community Advocate Novembe 22, 29, 1972 N-47-2. 11 .. LEGAL NOTICE .........i. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE ff Y ly ii K XL N,,, .552 X' W 3. M W' 69 w"""'w n 4.1 ff jig f- S' ,sf Q, , ,,f, How much of summer can we hold, Before we furn and find we're olol? The fhinqs our mirrors fell us are all lies I-Iello's fhe word loefore good-bye ?7'!!RT' A ?3'l"fig Q , EZL .,.., . l t 1, 3 4 , H . 4 J K, S N'- .' 'C'f'f'I'f:I:I:I:I:f:f:IjIQfjff":::I:2:I:I:f: :.:.:.......-. 'NNNN '- - '1k3:i:3:1: 1 n I I ?f?5i5555355: ":'55" 5555E5i5.. H ..f9232zEs2s2. . . . 1:z:5:2:z5s5i2 .'.l.f . - ' :3:3."3t7:7:7:' fi13'52'l:2:1:3. . . "51i3'3:3:3:3:i:3:1. . . .:3:3:3:3:1:3:Q:Q:5 -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-. --:-:-:- '-:-:-:-: -:-:-' .-:-'-'-:-:-:-:-: -I-I-I-I-I-Wi:-:-:-: i ' 7 I I 11 193115155 , 1 ' riffiiiiifii 53535551112-355552323 . .-.-.1:5:3:i:3' ,Ezf:Q:Q:fIf3i3i3f':5:"' E3 :-tg ..., -:3f3i3i'i3 H i':Q:QtQ ' 155223211 15i3EiNfE?Ei'i2i' g1g:5E5E5E3::.:11 1:21-Ir EQEQEQEQEQQQRQQEI. , 253251 Q-222235222-232g2gE3,. .2:5:EgE5E5E25E5Eg. ,: 22- 2-2igigfriziiiiiiiffiiiiiii: ,I233i'L'i'i '?. 1: -E2 .-zifzfii ' " ,-f"- I-I'I-1'Q'T-I-I-I'. "C:f:"fj-' ' 'i?tC'!E:'I I:I:I:I: ii?iiif?f?23f3?Q22522?fQif ., , 222113 1fk5I3:5,-.,ziggggzgaggig . .-4: - ' 555555235 Efiili 'Q "1:3:2:1:-. ':5:-:3:2:2:2:2:Q:2:,'::3. ., :1:Q:5:Q:1:' 252252225222.."1aa2i:1:2:s:i:5:2S:z:2:1+. .4 ' ' ??aa:2:s:s ".'.'.:.:. flzlzk-:-: 's'. llll Ilil ll ll II +:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-. . -:-I-2-:gt-Q l.'g:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::ZZ.ZZ. N.-.-.'fCS:C:' ""' 1:2:5:Q:Q:Q:5:3 2222212121 :izizizi 31:1gf:?i35':?1L'5:g:g::pg'g::5:3:5:g:g1g.3-3+:-:-:-:-:-:-:f:f:f:g., Somelimes i+'s clark, somelimes i+'s lair Yel when I go home al niglil nobody's+l1ere Perhaps llie nexl wind Jrlwal blows in Will bring you loaclc lo me again I Z ' I .i '. S25 2 2 E2:f:Q:::2I:f:i:"" x ""Q:Q:f:Q'-:5::. " 4 5EgE55E5S525E1:2: ' 'SEI .-.-21555523 fffffffg 2555535553 n ssgsiaisisiiiaisgsgsi' 'Ggsgsfp '-:-:-:-:-:-:T:-' .-Z-2- .:.:.:.:.:.j..'.:.:.:.:.: j.j '.'.'-'-W:u:l 'n:u:s:n 'df- :-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-?-., .-.g.g ' ' 3:1:1:5:3:3:3:3:7:3:l:5 . . . I . . - . Till Then remembering jusr makes me wanr +0 cry l-lello's Hue word before good-bye ,jr I I 1. H A .1 "" ' mmn..1,x:f.,f we, "W . ,, .. 'W U ww f Y 'mf Qw HWY Some+imes you lose, some+imes you win Ye+ I can'+ for-ge+ wha+ migh+ have loeen Rool IV1oKuen r EQ!! I6 Seniors Nofhinq ls Worfh More Than This Day - GoeH'1e Rhonda Abboff Hecfor Acevedo Larry Adlcinson Linda Adlqinson Peggy Alberlson Jan Allen Rachel Alvarez Ramona Apodaca Laura Archer Mark Archulela Kalhy Arguiio Mary Arriela Seniors l-lave Greal lvleelings l-lenry Avila Tim Avila Alexandra Ayala Robin Baye David Barlon Bonnie Barlow Ken Beal Ernesl Beller Charles Benson Denise Bennefl' Janef Bloom Charles Bloslield Beal llwe Juniors al Foolball Top Leff Picfure - Rhonda Weber Junior-Senior Foofball game. Bill Blue Roger Blusln Bruce Bonnema Sandy Bonnema Gwen Bradley Debbie Brawn Sheila Briglwl Diane Bryson Roberf Bullock Randy Burch Pal Burklwalfer Lorraine Cabrera Peggy Cain Theresa Cain Mary Belh Callahan Teresa Callahan Sleven Campos Rebecca Cancel Joe Cardenas Dorofhy Cardoza Shannon Carney Denise Carpenler Diane Carpenler Diana Carr-Rollim Dream au' W. ,1- ff a ea a , AA 1 f2 H a a 2 a g Top Leff - SENIOR PRESIDENT: Jerry Texierra. Top Righ+ - CLASS SWEETHEARTS: Sylvia Or'regan and Tom Tip+on. 6. gg' , , Q- . f 4 '- ,f ,"w-WT 1, .A i 5 V9 , '- x l' --fi ' A a N , I. l xx T' , ' f mr wi X S 9' itz: ., ' 4 , J E it M D . E5 Q N uv uf a ' K I Mike Casarez Elizabe+h Casfa nada Ber+l'1a Cas+illo Louise Casfillo' James Caudil Grisseloa Cervanfes Greg Cesena Karen Chand Mike Chavez ler 23 Virginia Chavez Karen Chinn Tim Clark Donna Claude Mark Clawser Terry Cobb Dennis Conley Cindy' Connole Terry Cope Richard Copfer Donna Cospy Leanne Cox Ancl Relish Their I Salurday Niglwls Chris Craven Carolyn Crosby Joyce Cruz Jeff Cuellar Roger Cunningham David Davey David Davis Anna De Haan Elizabefh De Leon James Demafonfe Mike Denfon Nena Dias Elsa Dicke Pauia Diigen Sieve Doan Eva Dodson Cheri Donaldson Siacy Donafhan Seniors Are Linda Duarfe Keifh Dungan Denise Ebeling Jim Eckard Le'f+ - Junior-Senior Foo+bail game Rowdy Linda Enneman Donna Epping Darlene Escher Pam Esse Enrique Esfcada Jayne Eynon Roberf Fahrenkrug Sandra Faulkner Julio Feiiciano Susan Ferry Laura Figuerroa Kafhleen FilIe++e Cindy Finlin Daniel Fisher Sherry Fleming Mike Flynn Debbie Frohock Allan Fruhwirlh Darel Fruhwirlh Barbara Garcia Shelley Gaylon Linda George Don Gibson Tom Gibson Aicieciionaie Top Righ+ - BEST ALL AROUND: Tom Tipfon and Sylvia Oriegan. Edward Grasser Sue Goss Lisa Gordon Judy Gordon Debbie Goodrich Winfred Gooch Wendy Gonzales Virginia Gonzaias Joann Gonzaias Joanne Glosek Karen Greene DaneHe Griego Amanna Guerrero Rebecca Guerrero Doug Hale Judifh Hall Debbie Hamill Ice Hamil+on Raymond Hamm Kafby Hansen Terri Harling Raymond Harrod Everylrbing and Anyrliinq J Debbie Hauser Rhonda Hauser Karen Hay Paula Henry Richard Henry David Hernandez Carolyn Herzel Carmen Hicks Rick Hodge Elaine Holley William Hollman Sieve Holm Danny Holmes Denise Horeisi Paula Hess Greg Howard Kennefh Howard Marcia Hulse James Hursf Richard lmpor+a Alan Jackson Befh Jackson Rebecca Jackson Sfan Jackson Any+hinq They Wanl To Be Linda James Scoh' Jameson Gary Jarvis Pafly Jay Dan Jenkins Doreen Jensen Sally Jimino Mary Jane Kamon Pal Kanfclwner Paul Kardiban Charlene Kelly Kaflwy Kelly Mike Kelly John Kendrick Sieve Keniere Bob Kern Rhonda Kerr Roberfa King Sue Kirby Greg Kirkland Juliana Kiss Joe Kolodziei Deborah Ladd Daria La Voie Seniors Ger Whar They Wanr Liz Larnberf ' Brenda Lamborn Kreig Lapour Carol Landrefh Karen Landrum John Laurence S ex Above - SENlOR COUNSELOR: Mrs. Chrisfenson. Lefi' - MOST POPULAR: Sylvia Orfegan and Mike Fiynn Jan Lawrance Jeff Lawrence Joyce Lawson Gwen Leach Anilra Leaf Irene Ledesma Lefi Picfure - Danny PeHi+, Sgf-a+-Arms: Jerry Teixera. Pres.: Carolyn Hefzel, Girls' League Rep.: Befh Smi+h, Sec.: Terry Cope, Vice-Pres.: Alana Grinf, Trees. Ken Lee Linda Lee Terry Lee Yvonne Lee Howard Leelin Jay Le Fiore Anne Lerner Theresa Lercher David Lewis Gary Lewis Karen Liedloff Eddie Lineback Jannelle Lueders Phillip Maddaleno William Madison Sleplwen Marclwilell Carolyn Marlcey Meg Marlin l Top Lefi - MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Jane? Bloom and Kevin Mislwima Top Righf - MOST SPIRITED: Rhonda Weber and Mike Flynn. nvolved Gilber+ Marfinez Joe Marfinez Maria Marfinez Rebecca Mar+inez Vivian Ma+ias Frank Ma+'rhews Sheree Lee May Ramona Iv1cCaffery Jeaneffe McCoy Karen McCready David McDermoH Mark MCG-ee David McKee Cheril McKinney Elena Menezes Kevin Mislwima Mike Miles Judi Moden Kelly Mona Mike Moore Pai Morairiy Salvaclore Moralez Marla Morehouse And Leff - BEST DRESSED: Liz Tvedf and Jerry Texierra Righf - Danny Fisher and George Sylva. Gel in Trouble Randy Moreno David Mulligan Don Murphy Mary Nall Pal' Nalley Cafhy Neidecker Rachel Nevares Richard New Raymond Newman Terry Newman Molly Nolces Tim O'Brien Debra O'Connor Larry Olferdalwl Pam Olson Juvenal Orliz John Osvurn Eric Oufler Bill Owen Ron Pacheco Viclor Palacros Seniors Fincl l v Sue Parkin Naomi Parks Rudy Payan Mifch Paynfer Carolyn Pearson Debbie Pearson Tony Pecoraro Rachel Perez Rosemarie PerroHa Kaflwy Perry Sfeve Perry Danny Peffif John Philpoi Kafhy Pierece Darlene Poyner Dave Presron Kerry Price Raymond Pnoefauck Sandy Quinferro Dale Ramirez Gloria Ramirez Laura Ramirez Linda Ramirez Robyn Ravenscroff New Friends ? XX Pal Ray Kaflwy Redding Vikki Reed Michael Replogle Daniel Reynolds Clireyl Ring Manuel Rios Diane Roa Nancy Roberls Jamie Rodgers lsrnael Rodrequez Maria Rodriguez Um Top Le'f'l' - CLASS CLOWNS: Julio Feliciano and Sandy Faulkner. Top Righi - SENIOR PRINCESS: Vikki Reed. Excilernenl Ricardo Rodriguez Riclc Rodreguez Sheila Rogers Maria Romo Debbie Rooke Brandon Rosenbauer John Ross Shelly Ross lvlarlha Ruiz Sherry Rumbo Geneva Rulland Ray Saiz Susan Saiz Barbara Salas Boyd Salazar Rebecca Sampson Gilberf Sandoval Tim Schiewe Jerry Schmalz Sfeve Schulfz John Schwerdffeger Doris Scolfock Sfeve Secofsky Margaref Sellars An New Ideas Earl Shaw Debbie Shellon Debbie Shinn Jeff Sievers Belh Smilh Cheryl Smifh John Smifh Michael Smi+h Pam Smi+h Raymond Smifh Boberl Smifh Sharee Smifh Michael Spinella Tim Spring Brad Slace Dorolhy Slansell Elizabellw Sfevens Vivian Sloner Paula Slromberg Ron Sluarl Melody Surowiec Cynflwia Swanson Debra Swarfs Margaref Sweeney Seniors Will Reach Cul Top Lefl - MR. AND MISS HOWDY: Vikki Reed and Mike Flynn. Top Riglrl' - BEST PERSONAUTY: Janef Bloom and Jose Bus1'amun+e. George Sylva Kailmy Tackell Don Taylor Ray Tegerslrand Jerry Texierra Debra Theodosis Judifh Thomas Mike Thomas Pe+er Thomas Vicki Thomas Tom Tipfon Daniel Torres Conquer A .Q :tw X Wx Above - SENIOR ADVISOR: Mr. Ryder. Lefi - SENIOR ADVISOR: Mr. Ragland, Vilmira Tosla Diane Tollen Sheila Trirnm Emily Trujillo Mary Jean Trussel Larry Tunforess Liz Tvedl Craig Van Duran Clirisrine Vargas Cynllwia Vasquez Debra Vaughn Roberl Villapondo Sfeve Volivilrclw Charles Wagner James Wallace Sandra Wallenburg Randy Warren Gayle Walson Belly Weedman Rhonda Weber Palricia Websler Barbara Weirick Sleplmanie Wlwiled Debbie Whifley An Move Cn Debbie Wieser John Williams Karen Wirfs Cheri Wifcher Blaine Wiffe Chrisfine Worrali Laurie Wrighi Rhea Yellin Dalfie Zavala Susan Zavaia Cafhyrn Zirfzman Chrisfine Zimmers 56 qu. -4 U , . A iv, d. ,: ..w 1, 'M , 'V' 'M 5 12,1:f:f.,:f-:5f,iQS-'M7:ff'1if - ., , , , "S Q u .V ,vw Y k e . 5 x ..,.......,- , Ln... l ,,, Spofrs Compe+i+ion ls a Way of Life " "H se: ir . 'X fx. in 58 3' 'WF v. if M, 'NSI x K if 52-F' New Coaches, lvlore Wins .,.,.FM I ,,,, ,. ,,,,, W ,,,,,, I 1 'i i ,p V. W VarsiTy TooTball, led by a new coaching sTaTT, sTarTed oTT a prom- ising season. The Team alThough They had hopes oT doing beTTer did come up wiTh one oT The besT sea- sons in quiTe a while. Through The season many oT The players were honored as "Lineman and Backs OT The Week," The line- men were: Tom TipTon", Manuel Rios", Jay Madison", Bobby SmiTh', and Phil Richmond. The backs were: Mike Casarezx, Hec- Tor Acevedof Danny Almanzalf Rick UeberroTh, Mike Flynn, STeve Wilson and Sonny Beller. Each OT The boys received a plaque con- graTulaTing Them on Their hard work. Due To The Tine Team work oT The boys and The oTher coaches, Mr. Vela, Mr. Walsh, Mr. lvlcl'laTTon, The head coach, Mr. MonTgomery, was nominaTed as a TinalisT Tor The CerriTos DisTricT High School FooT- ball Coach oT The Year. Junior VarsiTy TooTball was some- Thing new aT ArTesia, and The boys showed ThaT The improvemenT was well-worTh-The-while by Tieing Tor champions oT The Suburban League. 'Lineman and backs of The week Twice. Top lefT - 48 Almanza Middle Ief+ - 46 Volovi+ch Bo'Hom righf - 48 Almanza Coach Monfgomery Coach Vela Coach Walsh Coach McHaf'ron Trqmer Dan Reynolds Brad Smlfh OB Sonny Beller QB Alan Jackson SE Jerry Link QB Lesfer Johnson TB David Lewls TB Mike Cogqrgz TB Bull Blackmore SE Hecfor Acevedo FB Tum Landrum FB Rnck Usberrofh SB Make Flynn SB Sfeve Volovufch TB ' n l l l 4 1 llllll was I i 1-my ge. is 'ii l-lours ol Praclice 'bn . gk' DN' Almanla TB Rober+ Figueroa C Tim O'Brien C George Sylva C Joe Kolodziei C Don Suffer G Charlie Locke G Karl Weifzman FB Charles Demo'Fon+e G Joey Barfee G Dennis McCu+chen G JGY Madison G -l0l1f1 DHFGHCSSCO FB S+eve Payn+er T Greg Cessna T Jack Rogers G Keifh Dungan T Vincenf Alfaro T 4' 'N 3 ... 4---M X x And ca Larger Team WN MXN. , .S-Q, . ,W Wl HiFf4l!ll g'K Top lefi - 48 Almanza Top cenier le'f+ - 44 Flynn ' BoHom leff - wi+h ball 46 Volo Bo'Hom cenier Ie'H - 88 Wilson BoH'om righi' - 48 Almanza, 78 vifch Richmond if I L ,LIA , The Sophornores, showing good sporls- manship wifh an oulsianding a1'+i+ude lowards winning, pul logelher a good feam. Wilhoul The 'line help pui oul by Coaches Eide and Helbling, lhe season wouldn'+ have been The same. The Frosh feam s+ar+ed off 'rhe season gloriously wirh a fremendous amounl of Pioneer Pride. Wirh rhe greal help of Coaches Curri and Kelly The freshman boys made a fine ream. Made I97 I Foolball im ff ..s A +i 1 Top - Dale Sfinson, Dick Gilmore, Tony Genovesi, Jack McLanghlin, Greg Knapp, Jim Dickson, Mike Vareza, John Graham, Elfrain Arreoza. Middle - Coach, Loy Eide, Jack Gaskins, Paf Enrner, Mike Flowers. Robert Alonzo, Ed Cabrea, Tom Vega. John Lucian, Ed Dinkel, BoHom - Bob Childers, Sieve Hisey, Russ Goddard, Man uel Silva, Shannon McClellan, S+an Weger. Louis Torres. ,...i 'Q f"4'54.f3iii1 Siending - Coach Curi, Jim Barneff, Charles Lalboglia, Ron Casfro, Ken Suffer, Dave Sfebbins, Ron Hayes, Fernando Ramirez, Bill Perry, John Aguinaga, Roberf Smifh, Gary Heweff, Manuel Monfoya, Dave Boyd, Gilberf Garcia, Ken Moniz, Coach Kelly, Eddie Ashfon, Manager. Kneeling - Tony LaRosa, Tom Fruhwirfh. Drew Mayer, Louie Suniga, Randy George, Earl Dollar, Kevin Smilh, Tim Mayer, Dufch Woods, John Sanchez, Mike Garnica. Tom Carmena. Bill Macias, Andy Villaqrana. S Top Lefl' - With fhe ball 24 Silva, 84 McLaughlin. BoHom Righ+ - 83 Manuel Monfoya. VarsiTy Cross CounTry, receiving The Suburban League Championship TiTle, had an exciTing season. ln league Tinals, The VarsiTy Team won Tive medals. They were undeTeaTed in league and also Toolc 8Th place in C.l.F. J.V. Cross CounTry, also doing very well, came in Third place and won a medal in league finals. AT The Dominguez lnviTa- Tional, They again placed Third and re- ceived a Trophy. Overall The Cross CounTry Team did a TanTasTic iob. They received a second place Trophy aT The MT. Sac. lnviTaTional and a TiTTh place Trophy aT The Domin- quez lnviTaTional. Gil Gonzalves Mike Husbands , ,Q are-ww, Dave Johanson Carlos Lucero Cross CounTry ,A-' S JV: Kneeling - Dan Reynolds. Joe DeBaun, Barry Jameson, Charlie Frohock. Diddy Rose. STanding - Mike Spinella. Mike Peele, Rick STeen. Tony Millard. Jesse Brown. BoH'om lefT - Lucero Middle righT - Pierce Means C.l.F. -v-VN: 'snr-r?9",,.-1 FROSH: Kneeling - Richard Morales, Bob Russell, Frank Cabrera, David Binkley. Sfanding - Pai Brady, Roy Monfero, Carl Usmany, Roberf Gaxiola, Marfin Lee. Arnie Pasillas Bob Pierce Bob Villaponda Blaine Wiffe Coach Valois The Gym Floor Vibraling Singing on fhe bus. dancing in fhe locker room and iusl plain win- ning make baskefball wha? il is. Two second places in lhe holiday fournamenls and a good chance for firsl in lhe Suburban League made The season a success. Crippled by iniuries, buf wilh feam work we packed fhe gym and won. HighIigh+ of fhe season was beafing no. 3 C.I.F. ranked Bell- flower High. The J.V.'s wilh Danny Almanza, Tim Fruhwirfh, Darrell Lane and David Chesebro in 'rhe Thick of 'rhings came 'rhrough as conlenders for fhe league championship. Opposiie Page - Top Leff-42 Allan Fruwir+h.Top Righi- 42 Fruwirfh, 25 Flynn, 22 Beller. 35 Rios. Bo'Hom - Varsify +eam. Bo'H'om Leff - 33 Wilson, 35 Rios, 25 Flynn, 42 Fruwirfh. E Ez fl! .A qu-me Sieve Reniere G Sonny Baller G Bill Blackmore G Rod Connole G Mike Flynn G Darel Fruwir+h G Roy Tuffle G Brad Sface F Slove Wilson F John Kendrick F Manuel Rios G Bobby Smifh G I gy ,X ing? .WW-4 David Chavez F' Allan Fruwir+h F Coach Ackerman r .W fx. 1- Q H' . ' -fx W , L if 154 1 Y e k,k. Q , , :Ag 1 VL lb A is ' , V ' 3 ' ' ' ,, f "'V if airi Q L' K. LL AL X ug 11181 nu Q 25 X514 ' :I L fff 4 1 .965 xXX 'nb 5 5 Making Tlnel Final Needed Shel iw X..,,,,,,,,,,-5. 1 ee e lf l Opposiie Page -- Top Righf - 27 Darrell Lane. Far Lefi - 25 Al manza. 30 Suffer. Above - 27 Darrell Lane. Top Righf- 32 Rick Dunaway, 25 Alman za. Bo'H'om Righf - 27 Lane, 23 S. Hansen, Jumping Riclc Dunaway. ' , 5.9. .44 ' A ' A' L. Ultraman our ns . ., ,ii we-1 gn, . .i:1"i'i? Ei P g . , . I , ' E Q l l l L i i , 5 L . 5 , i 3 is ,Ar h 1 3 5 fi l ,A H f D if Q r. ,VlA P is if ink' gin. of fbi ga 1 ' 125 vs Q5 551 r is RES N' 25 an ,Wf 4? J.V. TEAM: L fo R, Kneeling - Tim Fruhwirfh, Terry Weber, Mark Mafsumofo, Danny Almanza, Joe Morse. Siending - Coach Valois. Mgr. Doug Cronin, Don Suffer, Darryl Lane, Greg Higashi, Sfeve Hansen, John Hansen. Noi Piciured - Jerry Link, Rick Dunaway, David Chesebro. SOPH TEAM: L 'lo R, Kneeling - Mike Flowers, Vic Sarinana. Mark Dauglweriy, Russ Goddard. Sfan Weger, Pierre Morales. Sfanding -- Rusfy Reyes, Joe Geist David Whi+e, Jack McLaughlin, Jim Dickson. Noi Pic- fured - Louie Torres, Joe Fleege. l l i FROSH TEAM: L Kneeling Moniz, Mark Sfrasser, Eric Merriman. Jeff Morse, Bob McConnell, Tom Fruwirfln, Ricl1mond.S+anding - Coach Vela. Dave S+ebbins,Jol'1n Aguinaga, Bill Womack. Tony ' Morrison, Bill Perry, Mike Wrighf. No? Picfured - Milne Garcia, Gil Garcia, Andy Villasfrana. And in The End a Win AlThough The Sophomore Team has suffered Through a disap- poinTing season They showed a marked improvemenf since The firsT of The year. Lack of size and mobiliTy proved To be The Freshman Team's downfall in league play. Lack of desire and husTle was noT pres- enT buT They iusT couldn'T win. Opposi+e Page - Top Righi - 32 Tony Morrison. Bo'Hom LefT - I2 Russ Goddard. Top LefT - 50 Stebbins. 33 Bill Perry. BoTTom LeTT - I I Pierre Morales. 40 Jim Dickson. Bo'H'om Righi' - 25 Mike Garcia, 20 Bob McConnell. Exciling wresllers who pin lheir oppo- nenf when +hey're down by +en poin+s and a ma+man who laughs a+ his oppo- neni fo psyche him our gives our 'ream more 'rhan iusl "class." William Mon+gomery head coach, and Tom Julius, assisfanl coach of The Varsily and J.V. leams were parl of The reason we were Nell Tournamenl Champions, Took fiffh place al Cerrifos Tournamenl and had several all-league wresflers. VARSITY WRESTLING: L. fo r. - Tony Afkin, Milne Casarez. Greg Cesena. John Cunning- ham. James Dernafonfe, Dennis Donafhan, Jay Madison, Dennis McCufchen, Tom Tipfon. Rick Ueberrofh. Robin Ueberrofh. Wreslling The Joy of a Pin SJW? And Jrhe Faces of Agony 3 J.V. WRESTLING: L.-R.: Baclz Row - Coach Tom Drulius. Joey Barlee. Allen Childers, Ken Hous- en. Willie Rodriquez, Jeff Cuellar. Phil Richmond, Milch Paynfer. Fron'I' Row - Randy Geoege. Bob Louis, John Rho- den, Bob Smifh, Rob- erf Figueroa, Sfacy Donafhan. Top Leff - Coach Monfgornery. Boffom Leff - Robyn Uc- berrofh. Middle BoH'om - Allen Childers. Bo'Hom Righf - Ken Housen. W W,,, , 9 5 5554? Q1 , .,,, W, A ' f by ' , ' . VM E' Avd L1 . '1 -' f- ? 'S -s ww 3 ... X 4, .. 'QQ' ' sf: , f UWC 1. , 3 I an F 4 .N ' K L iff? - V , as V VVwi,i KF A A ai V +14 ,nag During non-league play There were only +wo vicfories, leur hopefully league will prove 'ro be more viclorious. Wiflm only four relurning players llwe leam confinues +o pul forlh a greal ef- forf. Opposife Page: Top righf - 6 Pasillas. Top lefi - Hansen. Bo'Hom righf - 6 Pasillas. Bo'H'om lefi - X2 Casarez. Top riglvl' - 7 Doan. Below - Varsity Team. The Crack of a Bal l ...X -5,ka.E-."5f 515. 1 Q '5!5?E5EE1E"3!Iif" 'L '- K f, if V, ii M 1 ", iv Q ' II I 5 riffs. 1 -' :W ,R .f" -7 --.f s .--- .- z I - ' ' f..,.., ..--A:': 1 ' 5: vff- 2-.,.nv,1 -- Q Y 1 " ev i x ' -v 0 4-,Aim in ms... 1-.o4..-nan. QA-, -A-AAk M'xW' M A W, kkkk: E , gi? ,lv- .. . , X , L .Q 1 V. " - kms xc K f w gk., 4, ,WL . 4 3 ' an we-Q5 ,, 4:- Q., v4a..ff.i'5-. . - icy "lf" will Q 83 1 ,N Y N. f V' wg-,Jix,'LY'XQm., i .., .,,. .W . QXX 3 N , XHXD , 'Q-QQXWQ 1 , H' ,f w ,- Nf Q, Q gal i i. .X 5 if.w.f,.X,ff N . in w - 1 S 5537 dgq, ri gy l WX- R 0 i i , . , LL' 1 , I ,tb - ' o , ii ' i 1 A 0 , , ,Ai T W' i ii - i Sm Mike Casarez Bob Aguilar fx N.-fjf-,wvx xi V' ' F' ,' , i 'N'XX1'-' , YR? V A YYQQYX' V A YV5552 Y s 52 f V WW xi 5549 A . ' V 4 Bxyxjxi , V A1 ,,,, 'I Y ' f X' 6 hqqb: .X , 2 , .A ,,l.,.f' ' i ra'-1 ' Sonny Beller Dan Almanza Slioulinq "Slide, Slide." if ,V .,.. Y yyxx M 1.9. A S ix, . S XFQ XP' .A Y iii S bf: g , i i :.' ',,-' L.A- .. ii gf in -We I l lr, -' .1 fy i . 3 Andy Pasillas Sfeve Doan 'limi M . '11 2 1 :if"'.,G!, QL W, ' 4-J' - v-. A f ' X v f r ' ' f' ' Ye- : ' ,' ' v v Y ' V f l KIA J- v wj.yJg!,- ff fxf xy xi' ' 15 Ll' 1 fe, K - ' k k'f'N,Q'7.Lv wif R Ya, V 1 'v 'Q' ' R wa, A A 9552 A f ' if A if ' 00? 'A . We N 'way Wqxffi 'X vN5f7iW'v9'- S XS A V,T N J Q 3 VVQE EQNK . .. 1 X -., EQXXX vf,Xvx,!'xX' 5' Y, 'e QE Y ' Ck ' Y, 9' " 'XQXKV Tiff? ' 'S' f V " DYYSQ f9i7l.j fix?-EX 'X 1. p 'nog N' i A ' .QQ 5 Q9 N f 1 2. 11' 4. Ky 4' 7 NQ wg fvx , . JN, , ,X f, , f' Y' W, QR" 5 Ig C " If J ' K. ' ' .Q , ' X V235 'V I CQX, Nyiffif' ff' 4 ' I 1, Ni ' ' ,' K " ICQ, x,f',X,Y,, A If ZX , ' .f w ' yijfiff K ' .C V X. 9 in W ' ' 4, ' Ni ' if WK :Q -X rfsfy ,VAW ive Y, 4 - i . .. ' ' , 1 f R H ' ,R N we . . ,,, I . v .- C K Q . X A o A ' ' R Wei ok Q . 1 ,533 L V , K , - R. .. 41849 H if 'fi 1V may Q if M Mike Livesey George Lyons Rick Dunawcy Manuel Rios Walf Pifman Sieve Hansen ' O V ' 1 "7.'Q" " ' 'K 1 Viz' if 'Y' ' - YYY, ' 'V ' " 'Vw 'V'T'i'iY' 'X' 3, Qty' A ugqf 20 A'-, 4. V 3 ' ,Z RQ, zo., aff XNQ1YXj,Q,w A -,ggyx yep ' -,.Xe,Q.g .82 'fkwvf , 3 oo " 2030 2a , r- X3 ,Q QF f QR-il,"ffVQ f'P5fw'9 wg i C X' ai i Gee 3' Q. 9 'QW . 53' Y . f3xN'w iff ' ' NVXYQ 00051 '5,N6, 94' wi 'io 084' , A bw 56 'F of Q eff' J"X,'s2YX4fX " OQQY, ...Q . , ,rK,Qf6,a Y SN .. , 8.4 ff kg .89 Q 'I N ,V vt 4 .fo,Q5.x,Xxb, X, 8, .1,w.5,...,. . og-asked'-so 3 A 01 lg to ., Y A-f Y if f' X 4 ew, yy or oo So- ..f+.-Q45 pf lo R 004 uma N' ,S loco yf R R wr vi R- 1 4 iv, oo 1 faiw ggaig we 4 , A f00,0,4g as-z-4:-fag ' QM 14-no , .,.,.o Y - A iowa, 750394 ,QM '4 R nn n in if ii e, 4 H w in R M wr' if f -. 1 T 'ii , "' 1 i ov V if ii 5' V A ,b f, - k ' ... is . ' L m i Jose Busiamanfe Carl Black Mark Weiss Dale Ramirez Coach Sigara Coach McHaf+on 'ltr if -If W M iz In J Opposife Page: Top - 7 Doan. BoHom lef+ - 8 Livesey. BoHom righi' - 6 Pasillas. Above - 8 Livesey, Lf-15+ - Busfamanie. Q J ,,,, 1 , , 6 The U mpires '-Wh. Pj " , Y an K, iwiixm 1 4gg,rWg,5E,, if f, ,ij,d:.xfLTm.54i,f::2WL!Lk 1 ee in we - - , M Q ' - R M , , . I A M 1 - R J fr I W. M A ,., ,, li ll' ' K .Q .: an if 'MKAJ4' ' A '5 A 4 ' ,R ., zg, 4 V - J '- , R 1-'49 ,:' ' R w gt? 3, Ns was w, an E. ,,h, I L, WM V, I H A ,fif -, e-..zww?""5 L I - W 1 i I, ,. - W ii W R it me ,"f fwwi, ,' " : i K ,. -"h f , ' 5 JV TEAM: L. fo r, lmeeling - Mark Ma+sumo+a, Gene Ramirez, Dennis Camire, Kenny Simkins, Russell Goddard, Clarence Garcia, Arron Wieser. Sianding - Coach Curry, Greg Sfevens, Jack Rodgers, Earl Woolsly, Mike Flowers, Darrell Hensly, John Dupey, Richard Garcia. Charlie Frohoclc. Mario Peila, Coach Suza. 86 Familiar Cries FROSH TEAM: L. fo r, siffing - Mark Sfrasser, Sieve Lane, Sandy George, Kevin Krilcorian. John Slcelfon, Bill Ma- cias. Kneeling -Tony Morrison, Dru Mayers, Rick Davis, Charles La Paglia. Elmer Ayers. Manuel Monfoya. Sfanding - Jim McDaniel. Bob Sanders, John Aguinaga, Bill Womack. Mike Garcia, Coach Dauqherfy. The slarl of lhe season for J.V. and Frosh baseball has no+ been all foo promising. More losses Than wins dampen lhe spirit buf league play will be lacklecl wilh higher hopes. Opposife Page: Top lefi - John Dupey. Top righ+ - Mark Mafsumofa. Below - 8 Silva, Mafsurnoia. Bo'Hom leff - Raul Morales. if iw U l""a 'W . f 'TT ' 'HQ' fi 111.4 , A .. 'HT ' ' W1 V ., .AQ-724' an . , 'i.3H'- ...g fmfge f , f. vii, gm' WMM -..N jf ty' K . uffxw. . W 2 1. 'ii iiifzgsx me I I A A V Wr,, I -' gg , . 6 A .L L , V, T-4 J 1' . 'Q -1 wr- as ' - - ,V ., L ,i as-fs. M 1 , ' . , . I fella-sam-Q-Weeis ',,.. W ' as . , gh , 1 if ' ws A. 1 K 4 .fa.,,,. . 4. .-A A . awk ,-pdf! 1, ..,, we W 2. 1, as A I gy 5 'N 4 K .V ,, A.. . , 2 , -X-.-wwe.u.,...M.s.se1e,rw .. W svn V, .--f ii a i ' I - avi , j 3 V Q'--s v- 1 -1 er, ,rt v a- A fs , a rw " ife5:5W:,, 1,5 f . X- Ms, 'e dr-scar s ' --f" , H1-.'1.x5w fiuyg : A i. .r i - s 1' mf...-z. . - .N W - wa s .W ..,+'+w:.:.e-gee -W wx.. as 'Mg .Q - Q-1'-'Hs-"'? ' " ' , ' ,eg fi-15f13f.gj15'j'g::Y A' Ii' " W' E425 f 'Ts ' xi., y 4 i Q Ju ' . :ji , .f p wqA,j 'Q L , V , f . . , .. Ng ,Iii-e.g, ,i-ifwgfafi A hh L A V L xygyy V s W' i ' i 2 i .. a V, ' 7,4 5-,si K, K K I I ii i 14,2 H - Kalb ni' " , R Ninn , I gi . . -. , uf, ' . f I ' , 4 sw lvlolivalion Varsily 'rraclc slarfed oiil sfrong wilh wins againsf Bell Gardens 93-25, and Norwalk 77-40. Wilh slrong relurners and impressive newcomers. hopes are high for new records and a vicrorious sea- son. Looking for a good season are The Bee and Cee lrack feams. The Bee's have +wo wins and 'rhe Cee's have one win so far. Q Coach Brown Coach Ryder Coach Valois Joe Benson Greg Cesena Tim Clark Tony De Armas John Di Francisco Mark Evans Gil Gonzales L Alan Jackson y U Q Q Q T Dave Johansen Greg Knapp Opposi'l'e Page: Top - CEE TEAM: L 'lo r, kneeling - Rick McMillen, Arnie Pasillas, Roy Monfero. Paul Lopp, David Bink- ley, Joe De Baun. Sfanding - Dave Boyd. John Ring, Roberl' Russell. Bill Lenoir, Mark Daugh- erfy. Don Bullock, Efrain Arreola. Tony La Rosa. Opposife Page: Middle Ief+ - BEE TEAM: L 'lo r, Kneeling - Tim Landrum. Jack McLaughlin, Diddy Rose. Manuel Imperial. Sfanding - Roberf Figueroa, Joe Geist Karl Weifzmann. Jack Gaskins. Opposife Page: Far righl - Volivifch, Miles. Boflom - Hec- for Acevedo. Top - Dave Boyd. Bo'Hom - Dave Boyd. Speed and Slamina ai 4 -M-Ama. .v..-- M. ,puma-up W . ..,m.,...w-ff , H-, f ,........A .Q .l-..,...M.... N is -.. .,-..-v-u- j Q w.......-.-u.........-...............-2 uf A ,....... l ...........,...u.....-..-,......-...p ..,,., .....u....-.-.. ...m.-............ ....-..-..-.. ....-.0------P 5 .-........-......... .-1.+,f-,,.-mu.....w-a,..Q....-..... e-was-w-apnea-nv..-p.n-up ,,.,,XAs.-Q Jay Madison Dennis McCu+cl1en Mike Miles Don Suffer U- O . J fwivf ' - V A fu. E , iiii af Roberl' Villapondo Sieve Volivifch Blaine Wi1"re gm -2 Www? A If 15 I, if-"-nf Top Leff - David Lewis. Top Middle - Ken Beal. Top Righi' - Ken Kirkwood. Boi- fom Lefi' - Ken Kirkwood. BoHom Righ+ - Eric Oufler. 1:-.-M Swing ing Gymnasis -ff' 'mm .,..., .... ...,,, F L ,,,... A.,,, ,..,,,..,,, ..,,, ...,, . . , , Y ...nd ff' W ! i'A A Afx f TN o ff! 1551 3 f 2 K .1 Xjfr Yo ' X M V r - - -Q - no-fr V X- . ,... ..,,,. . ox If K A xl I 'xforxf I , XX" GYM NASTS: Ken Beal Casswell, Joe Enn K K k woo , avi ewns, d D d L Edd Ochoa, Wayne O'Donn II E lc Oufler. Bob Smifh, Mk Sp I I 6. The Compeliliye Rifle Team For The rifle Team slafe compelilions, awards and honors are lhe end resull of a lol of hard work. Anyone may ioin and rifle inslruclion is offered. Top Right - L fo R - John Schwerdffeger. John Phil- pof, Dennis Dodson. Bo'Hom Righ+ - John Philpo+. fl""3 Eff an M. 'LW I COMPETITIVE RIFLE TEAM: Randy Schwerdffeger, John Schwerdlfeqer. Randy Winchesfer, Frank Bernal. John Graham, Mike Jennings, Mark Secrisf, Richard Bean. Ed Romero, Thomas Ayala, Mike Wilder, William McMillan, Mark Swank, Paul Kessebring, Mike Yanez, Greg Knighl. Bill Maupin. Mark Helferman. Ronald Ulery, Roberf Lewis, John Philpof. David Jeffs, Dennis Dodsen, Richard Weimer, John Desmond. Thomas Pay- lon. Raymond Piff, Frank Mallhews, Ollo Maflhews. Ed Fonseca. Kevin Krikorian, Mike Holloway. Pic'l'ured Here, L fo R - John Schwerdffeger, John Philpof. Dennis Dodson. ,ff K , ...VL ,. L , ss 1 whit hifi? N913 5. , , it, :Swv '.,,, ' W W 53 W 'mg 3 MJ' K ..1.f 1 'IQWS-af ' fssyfwl QA " in VL-T 7 -.-...:f.- f -If 19-J . , ,. A , . M -I JI, -.gwias,L,. so .K W of Qglm iv -wezi 'WP .- 1 -fm ,,:' ,fn .-V1 ,..sxq. .. ,J ,si 1fwr5.f4P he L- R 1 'lx A' ..,-'ww N ff- . ' 'I L Y-P?-333 N'1'fL'!W'f'Hs Mil 'iz ---- Q ix 'fflgw' sw 1 Gap . fi .kg Coach Noble Coach Horwafh Tennis Hope for a good season in Varsily and J.V. Tennis is broughl abou? by new coaches. Mr. Noble and Mr. l-lorwafh worked The boys hard and during The be- ginning of fhe season The 'rearn improved wifh every malch played. Top lofi' - Dean Senfleben. Middle lefi - Tony Millard. VARSITY TEAM: L fo r, kneeling - Bob Baker, Sieve Secolsky, Tim Clark, Mike Jepsen. Sfanding -- Tony Gallo. Jim Lowe, Dave Kennedy. Dean Senflleben. JV TEAM: L fo r, kneeling - Mike Buchanan, Tony Millard, Ken Sfewarf. Sfanding - Earl Dollar. Tom Sfewarf. Mark Eisenzimmer, Roberf Sfone. Noi Piciured - Gary Bernard, Mike Donely, Ron Gallego. Qulslanclinq Alhleles Oulsfanding a+hle+es, selecfed for 'rheir performance in each spor+ are: This Page, Top: Tony Gallo. fennis. BoHom lef+: Tom Tiplron, wreslling. Bo'H'om righl' - James Demolonle, wresfling. Nexl Page: Top lefl' - Allan Fruhwirfh. baskefball. Top middle - Tom Tiplon, foolball. Top righi - Gil Gonsalves, cross counlry. Bo'Hom le'H - Roberf Villapando, cross counfry. BoH'om rigl1+ - Dave Lewis, qymnaslics. Congralulahons are in order for ihese boys. The oulslanding afhlefes for fraclc and baseball were nol defer- mined a+ This lime. '55 , www 5 ,i 1 ,wr . 1 .. ,x Spirif Enfhusiasm is conhagious 00 All day wresuling meers, hours of prac- Tice, bringing oranges To The loouball players during Hell Week, and deliver- ing cupcakes 'fill midnighu is paru out uhe fun of being a varsiuy yell leader and song leader. Lasr summer bouh groups aurended sum- mer camp and came back wilh awards, exhausred bodies, and live exlra pounds. AT camp rhe girls also learned ways To bring ouu lhe spiriu our The crowd au our games, rallies and assemblies. Cenier - L. 'lo r. - Corene Locke, Laura Nagao, Gwen Leach, Rhonda Weber, Befh Jackson, Head - Judi Modem, Sandy Wallenburg. Righf boHom - L. 'lo r. - Vicki Thomas, Vikki Reed. Josie Marfinez, Head - Debbie Hamill, Marcia Hulse. Sandy Quinfero. Yelling and Screaming ,fe A . K. I , , 'H Q ax-if Y ,, :YQ-9 K s Q if Q 1 5 ' . ,W f f U . .. Q ' A X. Q 5, A? M V ,L Q- M W 'Auf' ,Ir kg .N "'1'n1f5 .sw Q Q, fy My W x Flag 'rwirlers and Junior Varsily yell lead- ers are anolher imporlanl par? of spiril. Bolh groups add more lhan Iheir share of pioneer +alen+ and enlhusiasm lo our school. The leader of lhe flag lwirlers malces sure lhe girls gel enough praclice 'ro malce Them perlecl al games, rallies, and pa- rades. J.V. yell leaders gel Their praclice Iusl by allending all CB. and Junior Var- sily sporls aclivifies. Le'F+ cen+er - Top, I. fo r. - Lori Schnick, Pam Hyde, Head - Slyvia Orlegon. Middle, I. +o r. - Anifa Leal, Debbie Dolman. BoHom I. +o r. - Eliza- befh Marlinez, Linda Newcomb. Bo'Hom righf corner - L. fo r. - Janef Fruhwirfh, Monica Olague, Befh Bliffen, Heacl - Doreen Ro- driguez. No? shown -- Sandy Faulkner. 104 Praclice and Screaming "One of lhe besl ever," was lhe 'rhouqhl ol our school aller fhe band played al lhe firsl rally. The I97I-72 marching band consisfed of almosl sixly members wilh Sleve Secolsky as head drum maior. ln ironl ol 'rhe band al every halflime, rally, and parade came 'rhe Banner Bearers. Toqefher These hardworking sfudenls slrive for The promolion and bellermenf of spiril al our school, which resulled in a iob well done. If seems 'rhal in every group lhere is slill room lor misrakes. When freshman orienlalion came The Banner Bearers were ralher embarrassed, buf iusf 'rhe same lhe school enioyed Their funny spelling. Conier +op - Fronf - Head, Sieve Secofsky. Row I, L. +o r. - Diane Secofsky, Lynda Trapasso, Teri Monag- han. Row 2, - Ronnie Gallego, Robie Burns, Mark Guerrero, Ruben Larranga, Vince Marchelfi, Sue Ferry. Arn- anda Guerrero. Row 3 - Kim Gauagher, Brian Buchaman. Bob Sfone, Don Lapour. Alberf Hernandez, Barbara Amaro, Kafhy Jonle. Row 4 - John Osburn, Frank Carillo, Mark Robling. Alan Hall, Mike Caraway, Tom Sfe- warf, Vikie Cabana. Row 5 - David Milligan, Nacey Aisey, Lori Mellan, Tom Brown, Tony Gallo, Lori While, Mary LeFlore. Row 6 - Fred Eckard, Cliff Rhoden, Jeff Sfeiner, Maureen O'Hearn, Jeri Henderson. Row 7 - Tim Webs+er, Wayne Johnson, Ray Hall, Danny Peffif. Danny Saldivar. Row 8 - Ben Osburn, Lee Wilburn, Ray Siaz, Linda Fosfer. Gary Bernard, Bob Lyons. Row 9 -Jim Lowe. David Kennedy, Roberf Suapaia, Renee Nes- land, Cindy Clark, Jack Triefenback. Cenfer boHom - L. fo r. -- Head, Melody Surowiec, Pa++i Campbell, Julie Bailey, Becky Perez, Sue Goss, Deb- bie Gorsefh, Jo Ann Shinn. Boffom righf - L. fo r. - Diane Shen, Lisa Pascual. Q i-s:i-.. .. ,,... f 1 . 'J 1 .V 5' "" 'A' "'T" ., 'f..N..n . ,,,',.,..f.v.,-. -4' ...N .,...... N.L.,,, ,, , ., 4' , , ff' W- 'f,... Nw ,W H . ,Qi ,,,4g,,-,?m1.f f- f,,f,w.i -wha, . ' H- f' ,.: . 106 lvlakes Pioneer SpiriT GreaTl Drill Teamers and maioreTTes do much more Than kick high, march Tor hours, and smile. WhaT mosT people don'T know abouT are The laTe Thursday nighT pracTices, sTanding in curlers aT 5:30 in The morning waiTing Tor a bus, hopes oT winning a pa- rade, and The joy of belonging To a group. The girls also cheer aT games Till Their voices go hoarse, pracTice TormaTions, and puT ouT greaT perTormances such as The maioreTTes, Twirling Tire on Their baTons. BoTTom lofi' - Back, l. To r. - Carolyn l-leTzel. Carol Merry, Carol RavenscroTT, Jan Williams, Norma Elsasser, Lori Turnbull, Rachel Alvarez, Theresa Heinrich, Lynnel Pineda, Nancy Craft Fairlane MelTon, Karen Jeffs, Paula DiTgen, Jill FelTon, Brenda Ragland, Dawna Rumsey, Linda Hayes, Reba MelTon, CaThy Pachal, Theresa Lecher, Susan Marfinez, Della GrinT. Middle, l. To r. - Vickie Olson, STephanie Fahrenkrug, Connie Plunk, Michelle Sann, Darlene Weir, Shelly GayTon, Sara DeLong, Virginia Galin- do, Debbie STapp, Debbie Neidecker, Jackie MonToya, Lori WrighT, Eloise Figures, Carmon Aquina- ga. Karen Kingsbury, Cheryl Vachon, Karen Pedigo, Julia Sylva, Theresa HuTchinson, Pam Esse, Geor- gina Gosinho, Brenda D'Amario, Jackie SinneTT. FronT, l. To r. - JaneT Driskell. Joyce Lawson, Denise Wilder, Donna Clawson. Heads - Carolyn Markey, Denise Weger. Tracy Barker, Helen Sederquisf, Sabrina Alexander, Sandy Zingg, Befh SmiTh. Missing - Sandy Scolfock. Boffom righi -- L. To r. - Pam Thompson, Cheryl Iles, Paula Thompson. Beck - Julie Zimmerman. I T Y I in .,. r s W' Juniors were announced The winners oT I97l-72 Pep Week and The gym began To roar. Suddenly The hard work and sore muscles Th'aT had developed over The prior Three weeks were all worTh iT. Along wiTh The usual yells and song perTormances came someThing new. The Seniors Took us back a Tew years wiTh The song, "Yellow Polk-a-DOT Bikini," and The dance "Twist" which aTTracTed a wide-eyed, wondering crowd. Also The Freshman class goT a laugh when Principal STanley STeddom and Counselor Rich STanley rode in a Tricycle race around The quad. Top righT - Sandy ScolTock, Junior: BoTTom le'fT - Yell Leaders, Juniors: Middle - STanley STeddom and Rich STanleyg Freshman race. Top - Seniors: BoTTom righT -- Sophomore Yell Leaders. any W' " ,.. Y ff M Pep Week , N W- W x , eee, e 1 . I I Q.-A ri! an :1 6 K 0 nk lnvolvemen+ Doing ls Learning STeve SecoTsky and Judi lvloden were honored by being chosen To aTTend The Boys' STaTe and Girls' STaTe camps aT SacramenTo. STeve and Judi were boTh sponsored by The American Legion. And They agreed ThaT iT was an unTorgeTTa- ble experience. Prom The momenT STeve and Judi sTepped oTT The bus They began Their busy schedule which lasTed Trom 6:30 A.lvl. To Il:OO P.M. During Their sTay aT SacramenTo The Two learned and Took parT in The iob oT running a sTaTe. They were parT oT govern- menT oTTices, poliTical rallies, The bands and even had Time To do a Tew sporTing acTiviTies. General Assembly includes a rep- resenTaTive Trom .each homeroom. These represenTaTives work Tor The sTudenTs by aTTending meeTings where all school acTiviTies are dis- cussed. They also submiT ideas To CabineT which Then voTes on These ideas. CabineT includes The sTu- denT body oTTicers. Advisor - lvlr. Cowan: Pres. Mike Flynn: V.P. JaneT Bloom: Clerk - Doris Scol- Tock: ParliamenTarian - Dan Reynolds: Comm. oT Finance - Sandra ScolTock: Comm. oT Rallies - Jackie SinneTT: Comm. oT Pub- liciTy - Rhea Yellin: Comm. oT CulTural ATTairs - Sandy Faulk- ner: Comm. oT OrganizaTions - Joe Kolodziei: Comm. oT Special Services - Janice Ross: 6.L. Pres. - Debbie Hamill: CadeT Rep. Dennis Dodson: Sr. Class Pres. Jerry Teixeira: Jr. Class Pres. - ,T ' Rick Griego: Soph. Class Pres. Jean Ramirez: Frosh Class Pres. - MargreT Ruiz. 'il nf' '15 1 I' r ff. Tuderfr Governmenf ..4 gm . K' N K K QfnVN'Q:, xxx. RN 4 ,ww Choral Groups J! , f M - Q ,,. ,. , , 71 J I 1 I an - KM, sr X .. , Noon concerls, lraveling lo neighboring 'C iunior high schools and enlerlaining al lhe Orange Show are iusl a few ol The Q. ii 5 5, many acriviries lhar 'rhe Choral Groups 'NN engage in. They also pul on a Chrislmas Show lor The sfudenls and help our in The musicals. The Choral Groups include: Madrigals, A'Cappella Choir, Girls Glee, and Girls'Lyric. GIRLS' LYRIC: Elaine Benlrup, Debbie Brawn, Theresa Cain. Karen Conaway, Glyncla Cox, Lori Cox, Anna DeHanna, Sandra Faulkner, Linda Gans, Karen Hay, Linda Jackson, Paffy Joy, Karen Kerivifz. Judy Lahr, Kalhy Lawrence, Rhonda Lee. Therese Lefcher, Sylvia Orlegon, Paffy Richmond, Nancy Roberfs, Doris Scolfock, Margarel Sellers. Joyce Spalh, Melody Surowiec, Evelyn Visser, JoAnn Walker, Melody Waroniecki, Deby Lang- don, Ruth Bell, Beverly DeJong, Julie Jones, Regi- na Lalaaglia. GIRLS' GLEE: Elizabefh Abunclis, Anna DeHann, Dana Lee Filzparrick, Joanne Glosek, Debbie Hauser, Roberla Jackson, Joanne Lucas, Colleen Maxwell, Judy Lee Peres, Vickie Lynn Schulrz, Julie Zimmermann. Linda Woodard, Bonnie LaRosa, Robin Craig, Carol Jackson, Terry Lesler, Delores Crow, Gina Saylor, Paffy Joy, Julie Jones, Margaref Sellers, Debby Reniere, Elsa Dicke, Debdrah Dauqhely, Lorri Roscom. NCAPPELLA CHOIR: Richard Bean. Roger Blush, Bruce Bonnema, Deborah Brawn, Jesse Brown, Teresa Cain, Bobby Cowger, Debra Croasdaile, Bruce Darues, Dean Day, Anna DeHaan, Anrhony DeArmes, Sherrye Forrest Marr Friel, Karen Hay, Robby Jackson, Julie Jones, Pafricia Joy, Karen Kerwifz, Debi Langdon, Raymond Lynd, Mark McGee, Michael McNenly, Keevin Mishima, Angela Nelson, Helen Ochoa. Susan Parkin, Nancy Roberls, Gary Wager, Joanne Walker, Melody Waroniecki, Julie Zimmerman, Beffy Foo. MADRIGALS: Richard Bean, Elaine Benlrup, Roger Blush. Teresa Cain, Tony Defxrmas, Anna DeHaan, Linda Glans, Karen Hay, Jeri Henderson, Parry Joy, Randy Mas+erson, Mark McGee, Mike McNenly, Keevin Mishima, Susan O'Donnell, Helen Ochoa, Jim Rogers, JoAnn Walker, Bruce Davies, Sherrye Forrest Janel Driskill, Gary Vinyard, Mall' Fuel. I 6 Band Members and CONCERT BAND: Gary Bernard. Thomas Brown, Brian Buchanan, Robbie Burns, Vicforia Cabana, Michael Caraway, Frank Carrillo, Cindy Clark, James Eckard. Susan Ferry, Linda Fosfer, Kim Gallagher, Ronald Galle- go, Anfhony Gallo. Amanda Guerrero, Mike Guerrero, Alan Hall, Raymond Hall, Jeri Henderson. Alberf Hernandez, Nancy Hisey, Wayne Johnson, Kafhy Jonfe, David Kennedy. Kevin Krikorian, Ruben Larraga, Mary Jo LeFlore, Don Lapour. Jim Lowe, Roberf Lyons, Mark Macknicki, David Milligan, Teri Monagah, Renee Nesland. Maureen O'Hearn, Benny Osburn, John Osburn. Danny Peffif, Clifford Rhoden, Mark Ro- bling, Raymond Saiz, Danny Saldiver, Diane Secofsky, Sfeven Secofsky, Roberf Sfebbins, Jeffrey Sfeliver. Thomas Sfewarf. Roberi' Sfone, Roberf Suapaia, Linda Trapasso. Timofhy Websfer, William Wesfer. Lorri Whife. Lee Wilburn. Barbara Amaro, Shiela Brighf, Page Nickolson. STAGE BAND: Brad Crampfon, James Eckarcl, Susan Ferry, Linda Fosfer. Amanda Guerrero, Raymond Hall. Wayne Johnson, Don Lapour. James Lowe. Roberf Lyons, David Milligan, Teri Monaghan, John Osburn, Daniel Saldivar. Sfeven Secofsky, Roberf Suapaia. Linda Trapasso. Jack Triefenbach, Willian Websfer, Lee Wilburn, Mark Robling, Sfage and Concerf Bands include a very acfive group of sfudenfs. Sfage band performs af mosf of The assemblies and Concerf band fakes parf in fhe musical and engages in concerfs when fhey're nof busy pracficing as fhe marching band. mmf W? ,,N-.xx , I X XII T S Sv 'A Annual S+a1C1f Join in a Year o1EWork ?lI 5 " fd' -w in fx Q, fx 96 ' fwfr W, , igf B . 5 ,Q.,.4-i ii , lu... flu Annual sfall besides all of i1's woes and worries, is a very hard, hard iob. Agreeing and disagreeing. laughing and crying buf mosl ol all working logelher as a group. The sraff 'fries 'ro come up wilh a book Thar lhey will be proud ol, and a book 'rhal The s+uden+s will enioy. Annual Slall members are Advisor, Sql. Hundley: Edilor, Rhonda Weber: 2nd Edilor, Karen Jells: Layoul and Pholog- raphy Edilor, Carolyn Pearson: Involve- ment Jackie Sinnelly Spiril, Janel Fruh- wirfhg Sr. Class, Debbie Hamill and Val- erie Jamesg Underclass, Brenda Ragland, Debbie Dolman. and Darlene Weir: Sporls, Susan lvlarlinez and Karen Farris: Adverlising, Doreen Rodriguez: Copy Wrirers, Debbie Srapp and Vickie Beller: Phorographers, Ken Beal, Chuck Wag- ner, and Julie Sowma. J 'ff-Fi, 6 ,,,, , ,... . ii,,iii rsri 'isi i 55 An Enohanled Evening A close race and unusual campaign slogans. such as "Esse or Bust" made Homecoming week exci+ing and suspenseful. A car rally al' snack and an assembly which presenred all I8 girls heighrened rhe week's +ension and an+icipa+ion. The five finalisfs were Pam Esse. sponsored by Varsify Club: Vikki Reed, Senior Class: Judy Thomas, F.B.L.A.: Vicki Thomas, Pep Squad: and Debbie Weiser, Ari' Club. The girls rode +he Cinderella slipper before crowds nervously wailing 'For half-'rime fo come - hundreds of balloons, brillianf colored fireworks bursfing, five scared nervous girls wailing for lheir momenl fo come. Silence fell over +he crowd and +hen a burslr of cheer as Miss Pam Esse was crowned our Cinderella. R ,ki , , . .YJ .M " n Q -4 ,,,:f3':..E L1 fe: 4. vi' 1 '1' Y if -'hd K A ' 'A 'N g '. 'omk J, K 'Y . p ' ' 'F 5 5 37" , , fm X ,jig yiigff ,g al A X 6, A? f 4 ? .JN , A .Al , Y . .-'35 .. ' 8,5 M x ' ,ge V 1 J 5? X 1 52 gf .sJ Q,g?E4 C Q. , ,JY .L--ww vw 'I x jf I U X A-, Y, ! L' wk IJ ' ,wwf . fb ,- ' W A4 X Q X , 1 Y P, ,ff 1 ff - new ,X an ,J Af n I Q it 1 7' 4-Q.. A , , ,-.J 4 V' 4, I Id. 'I F K X ... X 'lx . If .gf 1 4 '91, N I fi fi I ' i 2 wx.. ,W iff? K 115 I Ww WN"-:: ' For Cur Cinderella mm 3 xl From lofi fo righf across fhe pages - Pam Esse queen, Rachel Madrigal Jr. Class, Paula Garza Fresh, Vikki S+epl'1ens Sophomore Class. Rubbing Your Face in The Mud '+L 0-gm, lnilialion inlo Varsily Club is lhe hard- esl parl of belonging 'ro lhe club. They sell colces and candy al games and dan- ces and do mosl of The selling up lor sporls evenls. The Chrislmas Dance highlighl of lhe season, sponsored by Girls' League is a newfound success. They have a new way of gelling people lo come, girls aslc lhe boys. Sponsoring assemblies such as lhe fashion shows are anolher parl ol Girls' League. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS: Pres. Debbie Hamill. V. P. Tracy Barker, Sec. Brenda Ragland, Treas. Susan Marlinez, Hislorian Linda Newcomb, Sql.- af-Arms Doreen Rodriguez. VARSITY MEMBERS: Tom Tiplon, Dan Reynolds. Jay Madison, Bill Blackmore. Mike Casarez. Bob Pierce, David Johansen, Phil Richmond, Vince Alla- ro. ii 1 ... ff iw 3 ,XX i X 26 Drama Club as parT oT a nighT school class has puT on more producTions Than any oTher school in The UniTed STaTes. Musicals, Three acT plays, and one acT plays sTarT many oT our sTudenTs inTo The TheaTre. Some sTudenTs use Their TalenT To Teach acTing. A proTessional acTor going To our school and working wifh us and proTessional direcTors who visiT our school enliven The drama deparTmenT, buT all oT This wiThouT Mr. l:aircloTh wouldn'T be The same. Drama members are AnThony De Armas, Judy Moden, Debra O'Conner, Mi- chelle O'Conner, John SchwerdTeger, Roger Blush. Mark McGee, CynThia Navarro, Nellie Olree, Renee MaTheny, Judy Lahr, STeve Perry, Dale l'leiTzman, David Chandler, Vicky Beller, Linda Lee. Jay DeBaun. Ed STennick, Jackie SinneTT, Ray Saiz, Mike DenTon. BoHom Leff - Greg Leach and Chris Boyd. Bo'Hom Middle - Jackie SinneTT and Rick GluTzia. Bo'Hom RighT - STeve Perry. , MJ - M-wi I Selling a head srarl on life by begin- ning To learn a rracle in high school is The reason for our aulo shop. dralring, melal and elecfrical classes. Many people even learn for The sake of learning. Top Lefi - mefal shop. Bo'H'om Lefi - draffing. Bo'H'om Middle - Bob Bullock elecfrical shop. Top Righf - Charles Blosfielcl aufo shop. BoHom Mid- dle - Mr. Shell, Tim O'Brien, Keilh Dungan aufo shop. Bofiom Righf -- elecfrical shop. Down To Ea rlh .wifi 'r . ..,f1:?l Q 'S Y , ff -. -. - W. 3 I Q A:- li r iiffz fr' , .. .. Learning QW' -'auf' R s ' 3 fx. ,..nlV' 5 wwf' 2.5 J!" f ,, ff- . M A "Walk Tor Mankind" and building a school in ATrica are The goals oT The combined Tri-S and Ecology clubs. Mark Dennis KEZY disc iockey, helped by coming To supporT The "Walk Tor Man- kind." Work isn'T everyThing Though, The clubs have snow Trips and weekend Trips To SacramenTo. The CadeTs deserve many Thanks Tor keeping our parking loTs saTe aT our games, Tor presenTing The colors and The oTher unnoTiced Things They do Tor us. TRI-S MEMBERS: Renee Nesland. STeve and Diane Secofsky, Befh STevens. STeve MarcheTelli, Jan Lu- Ters, Mike Spinella, Leslie Jenkins, Carolyn Pearson, Lori WhiTe, Barbara Weirick. CADETS: John and Randy SchwerdTTeger,i Dennis Dodson, Richard Weimer, Frank Bernal, Joey Glo- sek, John PhilpoT, Richard McAdams. Top Lefi, BoTTom and Middle Righ+ - Snow Trip. Top Middle - Mark Dennis. Top Righf - Bake sale. MeeTing NaTure O R 3 Q 1 I E Rafi .1 , mf I 2 XX ,,,.x X x X V Z ' Me i? V 'M ,Z There are clubs on campus rhaf scream fheir loudesr. wri're our newspa- per, serve our dinners, and sell +he besl candy around. The pep club, Californian newslall, Pioneer Hoslesses, and Ways and Means Togelher supply our school wifh 'rhaf liHle exrra. PEP CLUB MEMBERS: Pa? Richmond, Naomi Ap- odaca. Slephanie Yellin, Ramona Davis, Pam Hod- ges, Sarifa Casarez. Carol Schwiefzer, Debra O'Conner, Gina Evans, Pam Vaughn, Jean Kaske, Julie Jones, Marnia Oversfreef, Jean Branden- burg. CALIEORNUKN MEMBERS: Belh Sfevens. Marlr Monfgomery, Bob Scherard, Cliff Cox. Top Lef+ - Pep Club. BoHom Left and BoH'om Middle - Horficulfure. Top Righf - Pioneer Hosfesses. Boffom Righ+ Middle - Pep Club. 80+- fom Right - Befh S+evens. W ,,.,, H l 1 359' Eff B s, ,.,,, 132 V , .a-fy Of? if Paxil i V -.--. '--353 V ig 'iii . I gf L 45:51 5 yo, at .4 h . .l k X K1 klQ'x,z,E ggi.: ,- S A xr . ,-.W ily- , r, '19 'xl 551 ie . 1' 'K :' 'S i , 5 K H yn. .14 , x .1 r - -v 'f 5 0-.Ru A Lelring Go of Yourself X' agen-M 'Q' 1 i. ., X ,ff - f '33g5'?gx1.y,n1. ww f.f. , Jig, H5113 f-,r i 547 ,A ,,, . .- i ,f.,,. , it 4 - M 1 ., ,, Q - . L Q j i4 V m 4 K A ' wbl ,, Q , ,L-H h ' ' ,A I p Af 's ,fy k H f" K. X V., U x 1 W V . l I 3 , if im' J' V f m Aw, ' WW xx. , g L ,V if XXX Q' lil. x 1 , ff 'M v' J :4 , Q' I In fwi Q mfg! X-, X ,L I W lk n,,..4A....,, Ax1""'5 1 - hf'Hj'5N . H H AY., ,,,, A . A New N V A I ,,' am, nj W, rv be . ,, In , 4 f,,,,, , , ,R ,X f V 'Ny fl qi 'fx xx Af I if W4 J 4 1- "JK xx ' 4 ' f ff"' ' 5 . 133 4 1? 4 Ji ' WZ iw 1:-n 2 , -wif . ,Q V, it gif: , , , GJ 4 Zfy 4 j I 1 V -1 f if Q , 5 if Z Si Lg-, .. m .. A mm-aww, -fm-mmampw xieirf- ' ,sf F 'kk . Q. af -'Y A "" fwzggm' ' -W i ii!! ,L A W 3 .mv ,M I' - 9 Aw-M Mk , b X ww 'X ox.. ' Q I S f, Y ,Q 'WW 1i 5'fQf. war viii 1+ Qi. . v-as-Ma,- .ff Am.. W, Fifa-QQ" ,,,q,,1, Wilm- Q-ww ww "We . 1 K . '--:wh f.w...,,:u M ' x ' ' Q wg N h wb it . . brk .Q N., an ga "" 'dw X - ' Sf' 'Ai R I K V::x .,..:V A ,Q VQ . A EQ S+ fi, il fx ,. X gi Q. .Wm krkk krkk M K' "Y H , -I :V , " I w i " ' I , "-f f Wim' ' 'Q' Awurackinq -e"""""' Q t"" ffa .M . fb, f r Q25 X fr ff, " f1v,, AJMWQ ...W w.-mama. ze . Wai Q gmt' s Qi xi? A 1 -1 .1 -,.- ,. A :LW ,esgi A A m X I ' .,', - - I 3 ng .- 4.4 . , l iQ . , 1 7 H35 Make Life La Raza Unida, fhe Race Unifed, is helping The Chicano sfudenfs pull fogefher and accomplish fhings as a group. The Spanish Club works wifh La Raza Unida and fhey sponsor many, many field frips. German Club had a Volkswagen pushing race, always frying fo be differenf fhey fry To celebrafe holidays and special occasions as fhey would be in Germany. La Raza Unida Members, John Griego, Danny Torres, Paf Nelly, Linda Duarfe, An- gelica Vega, Olga Vega, Theresa Rasas, Ray Lopez, Chris Vargas, Henry Ruiz, Ignacio Esfrada, Eddy Camoncho, Billy Viayra. Jan Lufers, foreign exchange sfudenf, spenf her iunior year in Denmark wifh Kirsfen Jensen who came from Denmark as a foreign exchange sfudenf fwo years ago. Top Lefi -- La Raza Unida. BoHom Leff - German Club. Top Righi - La Raza Unida. Bo'Hom Middle - Jan Lufers. Boffom Righf - La Raza Unida. S V uw, x-1,,,4,y 3 lv'-"'?42.' W ., ,,,, , in A . .E..!W:H ,, .. W. , W ,Mars . -ww V ' ' ki L '- T Ali SNES? f M sp if, eznzg x , lx . x A Q, -' iifiiiffgi , X .L..,k , ,x,g - -1L.. my M ,ff if ff.. M VW. 'Hx PM Q .... ,NE NM' L -' .ze ' lgfszwl Q .. '1,1':s,--,- K K A 'T , 5- 541 R. NM Q rn E s ll 1 'xr Q au. is N .. . M, -L1,1-.- AL gg i ?b .... . qi- fr Pl' K Simi, W W' I 1' uv " A,,, . ,WU ,.., , .wx 'L QAQQRS M 'A jx Ek fm? 1 K EXW :Q ,:,, '-k:.f fix l ' gig. Worlh ll Mainlaining a 3.7 grade poinf average Through high school is no easy Task. ll means doing some+hing lcalled homeworlcl every night Sfudenls who lcepr a "B" average also should be commended for good sludy and work habifs. The honor sludenfs are 'This page: 'ropz Jerry Teixeira: fop bof- 'I'om: Mary Jane Karnong boHom 'lop leff: Terry Lee Cobb: boi'- 'I'om le'f+: Vicki Thomas: bo'Hom middle: Sfeve Perry: boH'om right Kafhy Fillelle. Nex+ page: 'lop lef'I': Dorolhy Lubinag lop righfz Ani+a Leal: boHom le'F+: Sieve Secofslcyg bo'Hom, righfz Karen Chinn: nof pic+ured: Anifa Davis. rf rx, 'wil l..n. 4 7 Q 8 . N U .-' 4 Y I ag.,'V'l T .J sr ,ix -..T X .I fan 1 1-aw d"""'ll vf.,...,ux I 3' X.., 14 3 'I44 Fa ces Fa ces Tell Sfories iaemwffw ,Mew is if l is fi1iigT'slis-W we 'X s iW?""'?'-sw M5 ix QR M XQQEHQ, eg H s ,NNW 'I46 ROD Waldfumi VlC9-PVlnClPf3l- G. R. Hulse, Boys' Dean, Vice-Principal. Russell Gravener, Ass'+. Principal, Head Counselor. Jamie Bailey, Girls' Dean Sfanley Sleddom, Principal 2 AdminisJrra+ion COUNSELORS: Jack Profift Anifa Chrisfensen, Ves+a Harvey. BoHom - Board of Educa+ion. 41 Bill Lopez, Richard S+anley, Joe Saiazar. I47 48 SECRETARIAL STAFF: Grace Arnold, Ellie Broueyilclw, Joan Combs, Vivian Ewers, Bea l-lavlena, Elaine Jarvis, Lula Lucey, Meg Persson. Joyce Reynolds, Neva Yorlc. TEACHER AIDE: Lupe Ayala. Secrela ries TEACHER AIDES: Maude Denlon, Ann Dunlcelberger, Geor- gina Enneman, Doris Ericlcson, Jean Kelly, Kay Koyama, Sara- nel Mclnlyre, Sandy Orliz, Kalluy Nelson, Bea Robinson. Elise Rosen, Billie Tlmornlon. Haw! 'E 41 "m' 'wigfgigizfig . ,. I ' "P I4 K , , fp' 'V' Ay ll Yi! li ' V ' J: nf! .1 , ,rf if Q!! 1 V I iw J - 1 W if 5 Teachers Row I - Ron Bryan, Boys' P.E.y Maria Carroll, Home EC.: Joe Curi, Boys' P.E.g Louis Dupuy, Lifeguard. Row 2 - Doreen Hagen, Business Ed.: Don l-lardenbroolc, English, Erenchg AI Haf- wan, Conslruclion, Drivers Ed.: Bernard Knapp, Social Sludies. Row 3 - Warren Mullinex, Equipmenl Mgr.: Arlhur R. Popp ll, California Cadelsq Sian Richmond, English. J Row I - Gordon Aclc- erman, Algebra: Ken Aflerbury, Social Sfudies: Noreen Beardsley, English, So- cial Srudies: Sandra Berge, Home Ec. Row 2 - Reber? Bess, A+- 'rendance Direcror, So- cial Srudies: Ross Bick- lord, Social Sludiesg Michele Brannon, Spanish, English: Slan Brown, Business Ed. Row 3 - April Brunel- li, Girls' P.E.: Virginia Carlson, English: Jirn Daugherly, English: lrene Davis, English. Row 4 - l-larry Drei- fus, Boys' P.E.: Roberf Fairclofh, Dramalic Lil., Drama. Bo'H'om - Charles Ryder, Social Srudies. Row I - Mildred Grifiirh. Girls' P.E.: Donna Grogan. Nurse: Marfha Halbert Busi- ness Educafion: John Henderson, Music. Row 2 - Joel Holmberg, Special Educarion, John Hun- dley, Police Science: Adele Hunsinger, Eng- lish: Les Iverson, Marh. Row 3 - Mariorie James, Librarian: Joan Jellum, Music: Dianne Jolliffe, English: Mar- gia Jones, Business Educafion. Row 4 - Lorraine Klebeclc, Home Economics: Mary Lecrivain, Marh: George Lerner, Social Sfudies. Bo++om Le'F+ - Mr. Lopez. l-lelp Us i 2 1 i.,fCJlfl 4, ill I AWJQ , of U i JL"'l'lf lil! Row I - Leona Lewis, l-lealfhg Linda Lipani, Girls' P.E.q Mary Ann Lively, Girls' P.E.3 Rullw McClure, Social Sludies. Row 2 - Gayle McGrew, Eng- lish: Gary Mcl'laTTen, Science: Diane Ma- lone, Home Economics: Julie Meyer, Foreign Language. Top Lef+ - William Cowan. gif f lfllwwl will 54 Will Row I - Dorollwy Mil- cliell, Girls' P.E.g Wil- liam lvlonlgomery, Boys' P.E.: Nolan Noble, Science: Jim Penner, Special Ecl. Row 2 - Ari Ponce. Fine Arls: Don Rag- land, English: Roberl Rizzie. Social Sfudiesi Terry Robinson, Civics. Top Righl' -- Forres+ Hawley. ii. ,rx N ,. I Nvia Xp i Q K. N Xl Ci ill Q Y L W fi GQ Nllx l Xl 1 W 1, wily Learn To l"lelp ur egAl Row I - Charles Ryder, Civics: Norm Sagara, Planf Science: Lawrence Sallerfield, Science: Doug Shell, Aulo Shop. Row 2 - Frank Soloslcy, Social Sfuclies: Gary Taira, Special Eclucaliong Rick Valois, Ma+hp Al- Vauglwl, lnduslrial Arls. Row 3 - Felipe Vela, Boys' P.E.g Karen Ver- dum, Special Educa- fiony Darrell Walsh, Science: Arlhur Whyle, Fine Arls. 6 5 5 5 i Row I - Tony Aiken. Ronnie Albilz, Andy Alderelle, Sabrina Alexan- der, Ruben Allaro. Row 2 - Daniel Almanza, Rob Anderson, Manuel Anquiano, Maria Anguiano, Tim Archer. Row 3 - Tony Arquela, Louise Arrey, Vickie Arrey, Joe Arriela, Mary Arriela. Row 4 - Sieve Avila, Julie Bailey, Larry Baker, Roberl Baker, Sandra Ball. Row 5 - Siebren Bangma, Sandy Barela, Tracy Barker, Joey Barlee, Elena Barlhe. Row 6 - Helen Barlley, Teresa Balls, Richard Bean, Emily Becker, Melinda Becker. Row 7 - Sheryl Benson, Elaine Benlrup, Gary Black, Shauna Black, Belh Blillen. Row 8 - Jane? Blue, Sally Bonanno, Cheryl Bolinger, Craig Bowers, Carol Bowman. Row 9 - Laura Bowman, Karen Bozeman, Mary Brady, Joan Brandenberg, Roberl Brock. Row I0 - Roberl Brum- ley. Wayne Brunlon, Laura Bryson, Don Bullock, Joe Bullock. Juniors Have , X,,, ,V VM, I ,ai Q y 4 i J ia 259 F ? Q if 1 'V :E if ,. v ,, ' f ,. W,,4 I is W ai" ,V f W, f 1 Row I - Sam Burke, John Burrell. Rocky Byrd, Mike Cady, Denvel Cain, Michael Cain, Gene Calley, Marguerife Camire. Row 2 - Rod Cannole, Anfhony Cardoza. Randy Carlile, Lucy Carr-Rolliff, Larry Car- fer, Hugo Casal, Sarifa Casarez, Kalhleen Casey. Row 3 -- Josie Cas+aneda, Louise Casfillo. Mark Caswell. Griselda Cervanfes. David Chandler, Sally Chavez, Virginia Chavez, David Chesebro. Row 4 - John Chiodo, Donna Clawson, Sharon Clem, Julie Collie, Angela Colunga, Peggy Col- ver+, Karen Conoway, Donna Cooper. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Rick G-rego President Julia Sylva, Vice President Lynnel Pineda, Secrefaryy Susan Marfinez, Treasurer: Sergeanf-af-Arms, Traci Barker nor shown Cheryl iles Girls League Represenfafive ino+ shownj. Good Tasle , if L ,Q , fri J uf . " Qskegf? 1 , is 3 gg' f Z , , . is an ,cy ., ig 3 " . ,, FL . , an . rf -A , ..v , " 'V ,,,-. A i '.,'f,- ,, 6+ Q f .W ,,,.. " re 46 4 ,,,lf , 4, ii L " v f M 4 F5 gm Row l - Kennefh Copp, Esfella Corneio, Mary Cosla, Jon Cowger, Clif Cox, Lori Cox, Milchell Crawford, Rhonda Crawford, Raymond Crosby, Linda Curlis, Brenda D'Amario. Row 2 - Harry'Dan+ema, Bruce Davies, Gladys Davis, Rodney Davis, Dean Day, Healher Day. Robbie Day. Jay DeBaun, Joe DeBaun. Mike DeLaRosa, Linda Devaney. Row 3 - Manuel Dias, Kalhy Dilfs, Dwaine Dodson, Debbie Dolman, Sieve Douglas. Linda Doyle, Rick Dunaway, Kennefh Dungan. John Dupuy, Jeff Eagle. John Earnesf. Row 4- Karen Edwards, Doug Egge, Norma Elsasser, Carl Engberg, Barry Englerf, Joe Ennis. Arfhur Escamillas, Enrique Esfrada, Ignacio Esfrada. Navidad Esfrada, Leslie Evans. Row 5 - Sfephany Fahrenkrug, Marvis Farley. Pal Farley, Jonalhon Farrow, Cyndie Faulkner. Hecfor Favela, Grissell Feliciano, Jill Fel+on, Roberl Figueroa, Pam Flaharfy, Sherrye Forresf. Row 6 - Linda Fos+er, Brenda Franklin, Alex Freqoso, Richard French, Charles Frohock, Jane? Fruhwirlh. Tim Fruhwirfh, Virginia Galindo, Linda Gans, Nazarrio Garcia, Richard Garcia. Row 7 - Russell Gardner. Susan Garigliano, Theresa Garnica, Debbie George, Rhonda Gilley, David Glenna, Joseph Gloseck, Manuel Godinho, Sfeve Goss, Kim Graben, Roberf Grace. Row 8 - Eleanor Grasser, Bob Guima+ico, Kalhy Gussler, Shawn Haeff, Debbie Hagen, Eveline Hall. Raymond Hall, Theresia Hall, Lee Halper, Douglas Harris, Jeff Hauser. Row 9 - Louise Havlicheck. Linda Hayes, Sieve Hayes, Debbie Heafh, Teresa Heinrich, Dale Heilzman, Cynfhia Henry, George Hernandez, Raul Hernandez, Vicky Hieberl, Terry Hildebrand, L s Row I - Sally Hill, Shareen Hill, Ginger Hines, Brenda Horeisi, Laura Hosier, Gloria Howe, Imogene Howe, Michaele l-luberl. Row 2 - Don Hughes, Kennefh Hughson, Mike Husbands, Pam Hyde, Kalhy Ignacio, Cheryl Iles, Manuel Imperial. Roloerl Irwin. Row 3 - Ann Jackson, John Jackson. Linda Jackson, Marla Jackson, Janel' James, Val- erie James. Barry Jameson, Debra Jaramil- lo. Row I - Glenda Jenkins, Sleve Jennings. Maria Jimenez, David Johansen. Row 2 - Melody Johanson, Belly John- son, Mike Johnson, Sandra Johnson. Row 3 - Dolores Jo- iola, Greg Jones, Linda Jones, Scoll Kamerick. Row 4 - Michele Kaske, Charlolle Keller, Gerald Kerr, Karen Ker- wilz. Row 5 - John Kirby, Tim Kwialkowski, Judy Lahr, Ruben Larranaga. Row 6 - Kafhy Lawrence. Rhonda Lee, Slave Leonhardl, Eva Lesler. Row 7- Vickie Liblin, Char- loffe Liedloll, Micheala Liles, Sherri Lindberg. 60 Row I - Dianna Lineback, Jerry Link, Mike Livesey. Charles Locke, Corene Locke, Greg Long, Berfha Lopez, Ray Lopez, Doro+hy Lubina. Row 2 - Marie Liic- ero, Jeff Lueras, Valerie Lynn, Richard McAdams, Evelyn McCor+y, John McCullougn, Dennis McCul- chan, Janice McDowell, Rox- anne McFarland. Row 3 - Charles McManaway, Rich- ard McMillen, Mike McNen+ ly. Roberl' Macias, Teresa Macias. James Madrid, Ra- chel Madrigal, Bruce Maga- na. Debbie Markwell. Row 4 - Mike Marolda, Dennis Marras, Elizabefh Marfinez, Josie Marfinez. Susan Marl- inez, Larry Marfinson, Renee Ma+heny, Denise Malhis, Mark Mafsurnoro. Row 5 - Earl Maxfon, Afhena Mechi- koff, Rogene Mellen, Reba Melton, John Menchaca, Harold Mercer, Wanda Merrell, Mike Michel, Pamela Milford. Lols ol Friends A if 2 . ,N A is 5 I 1 1-2 K . l . ' . 1 if g , L so L we , -1 X 4 L R S 1 , , If-a 5 if . if I '1' iisgjl- 'iv Row I - Kurl Miller, Bruce Milliron, Ray Miranda, Dale Mixer, Row 2 - David Mon- ., lero, Jackie Monloya, Dave .. 5, J, Moore, Don Moore. Row 3 Q H A, L - Lana Moore, Ricardo Mo- , rales, Roseann Morales, Syd- ., is ney Morales. Row 4 - Helen . .- N',: ' L- 1, I, ,gi Sk ' Moreno, Debbie Morris, A iii E- Q, gh Cynlhia Morrison, Joe HX R 'QP Morse. .lir f 1ir srs2i'er f? ll f' 1... 59? su. ' 1 ii'i 1 -' i"ii reii , iii '- P iii. iiii if rrs. j Q J ssi , ' ' K tzk i ,"l fl rsirr ,L my .P '1 4 X'.,c 4 -Eff I rim ii ,,,.:' .. ' r ,iis - ," H: - . ,ii'i, ii. ,,... Row I - Jell Mosby, Larry Movera. Janice Murray, Donald Myers, Laura Nagao, Debbie Neidecker, Amy Nelson, Renee Nesland, Linda Newcomb, Gayle Nielo, Carla O'Brien. Row 2 - Eddie Ochoa, Michele O'Connor, Susan O'Donnell, Waune O'Donnell, Maureen O'Hearn, Susan Okamolo, Monica Olague, Richard Oldham, Cindy Olivas, Wanda Olree, Vickie Olson. Row 3 - Danny Orlegon, Sandra Olero, Jane Paceley, Calhy Pachal, Marcia Palacios, Rene Pala- mo, Linda Parr, David Palino, Sleve Paynler, Roberl Pearce, Karen Pedigo. Row 4 - Abby Perez, Connie Perrolla, Don Philippon, Leonard Piazza, Lynnel Pin- eda, Waller Pilman. Dennis Pills, Glenn Plahy, Connie Plunk, Sharon Pope, Larry Porlillo. Row 5 -- Jean Poyner, Brenda Ragland, Linda Ralslon, Belly Rarney, Juanila Remiiio, Ruben Remiiio, Deborah Rhine, Cliff Rhoden, Palricia Richmond, Phil Richmond, Janel Riggs. Row 6- Edmund Roa, Linda Roberls, Danny Ro- bison, Mark Robling, Jim Rodgers, Carmen Rodriguez, Doreen Rodriguez, Frances Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez, Willie Rodriguez, Yvonne Rodriguez. Row l - Sieve Roscom, Diddy Rose, Janice Ross, Amy Rucks, Henry Ruiz, Dawna Rum- sey. Row 2 - William Charles Runion, Darlene Rupe, DeShea Rushing, Phillip Saffell, Sylvia Saiz, Danny Saldivar. Row 3 -Jo Ann Salias, Susan Samples, Irma Sanchez, Deb- bie Sander, Barbara Sanderson, Jessie Sandoval, Row 4 - Michelle Sann, Paify Schaadf, Teresa Schaening, Andy Schieler, Rocky Schmalz, Lori Schnick. Row 5 - Dan Schulfz, Angie Schumaker, Sandra Scoliock, Ron Sears, Helen Sederquisi, Jacquilyn Seely. Row 6 - Tom Shehan, Jim Shul'rz, Joseph Silva, Jackie SinneH', Roland Sipe, Ari Sisneros. Row 7 - Sherry Sloan, Mike Slye, George Smaller, Brad Smilh, Caryl Smifh, Pai' Smifh. Row 8 - Pafricia Smiih, Cafhy Smifhy, Margie Sosa, Mike Sofo, Pe+er Sov- ich, Julie Sowma. Row 9 - Joyce Spaefh, Donna Spencer, Sheila Spoehr, Elnora Springer, Debra Sfapp, Lynn Slauverman, " k "" 'L E, , . kzy k 1 ,, A LL'f . Q. . Row I - George Sfebbins, is 3 T3 ,,,i.. a we fi 3 T' fm. mf . is si s '-1ggh ' ., 'fi Richard Sleen, Nancy Sfeef, An . , W K, . -r N Mike Sfeinmefz, Ed Sfeneck. John Sfewari, Sheryl Sfinson. . is Ron Siuarf, Roberf Suapaia. exif iyy V 'iii Row 2 - Alex Sun, George ' Sun. Jeff Surowiec, Don Suf- fer, George Suval. Mark iiiif T ,fT,si,.,, . 3 '?ig5.,,,Q U :ih A Swank, Marvin Sweerwood. Vyr., s . ' Debbie Swinson, Julia Sylva. I Row 3 - Chris Taylor, Ray- mond Taylor, Jacqui Tee+s, , . 1,1fi. .,:- . is ,QQ Q 1'-5 W , Sylvia Tenorio, Dave Terrell, Judy Thomas, Lorri Thomas. ,-,, A Don Thompson, J a mes . - .. 1 VZL, Thompson. Row 4 - Pam ii ii Thompson, Paula Thompson, Tony Thompson, Sue Truzin- 1 K r V June Tvedi, Roberi Ueber- ' G --'- rofh, Don Ulery. Row I - Margie Umbel, Cheryl Vachon, Alex Van Diggele, Jamie Van Epps. James Vanirease, Ray Varelas, Celia Vargas. Row 2 - Anna Villareal, Danny Viramonfes, Evelyn Visser, Joann Walker, Pam- ela Walker, Melody Waroniecki. Terry Weber. Row 3 - Paul Webs'rer, Tim Websfer, Denise Weger, Rick Weimer, Karl Weifzmann. Cheryl Wesf, Billy Wesfer. Row 5 - Shelby Wesferman, Gary Whger, Jeannie Whifaker, Teresa Whi+e, Jimmy Whifed, Lee Wilburn, Denise Wilder. Row 5 - Charles Wil- liams, Cindy Williams, Sfeve Wilson, Pam Woodard. James Woods, Leslie Wyrick, Arr Yanez. Row 6 - Rhea Yellin, Jeanelfe Zabresky, Sandy Zingg. Sopliomores Ani.. Row I - Abundis, Eliza bellw: Adame, Eliza- K K ,AQLNV zgfli KK belli: Agiunaga, Carmen: Aguirre, Mary: Ki, :- -, in K :Q K K I if: ii' i , A Alforo, Lawrence: Allen, Brenl: Alonzo. K K ,. Roberli Apodaca' Naomi' Row 2 "' Ala' .. X N , Affey. Henry: Avon, Evelyn: Bamamai lllllllllllllllllllll e llll ' nnl ni Randy. Row 3 - Ba rron, Manuel: Ba rfheld, l':l: h'Wl ' I ff' L.: i ' kkhv llllll i l"lll i PlWlliS? Bafflwlv- P5l5Y7 Ballsllci Bob: Beam, " 1 L - Dennis: Bean. Elizabellw: Beller, Vicki: Ben- 1 Vi.: I ii -,hi Dome- ROW 4 - BM eeelll l iea eaa 1 Pal: Bizzell, Benefla: Blabon, Bruce: Black, " ii Jiiig, ' zlif -: T Roberfa: Blosfield, Diane: Bonelli, Roberl: K E ' K i f K K KK Brandon' Sharon' ii- " :: :,i . ' :Seri -' Q 7 N i ii , .i i ii i'1:: i Ei L i i Y' f ii'ii i i i ii i W' l ' . i ' l ' i A l - in l li: l Q . ' 7 i ' :P ii l i x - 4 iii -K , . K E " 'T ' K+ L : K 1" KKK..K, iii K ai . K K KIKKK K K My K I v . K K KK KK. E K K KKK K KKK K -,:, ,:,, , . . we K ,f .,KK .,,h K K 1: I K 64 'Na 'lib 5 KKKK - ,. -fi ' ii I ' "1i Q Iz. , 2: -- in 1. , 1 iii 'Q 'Z ' ii i ' :il ' W ii f ' 75: if: ' 1' 5 Q - K A Make a ff A S?+'g.'+-A 17. ' . 1 ' ffm ., ,,-ff Q' Lol ol Noise .1 we .. .,,.,a.,. .W f J 'i :fL J ..V, . : , gc, 7 V 47 E f Q., . Wil ,ji ,,,' km VI iv .,,. ,., . i riginm ii dEM iii iyi EiV ge ie llri , , . VLWV, f iira Q f J 1... i ,4 , .. l l N' aiiii an if J - . J ,. 1 .... . .: . I ' , f Vw' 14,1 Crm. ,Di , V V fri,-1 V S ,.,', : K V E i . . , , A , .55 y my K W in . 2 : . lg , V, , lui, I V' ' VVZI L'1, Q f.WL :ll WV.lm ...... ::XM?.,?Q.:e JV WA! gg ,gn . ,.,, . ., .,,, , , '?, , , ', A i g,A, , , ' ' 1 if ' ' gryy . ii- . A,,,AA , fW W:Ww2aWieQeaeeemaaa: i f ss . 4 A ' ""- ii "', ' 'i , r . N V' if - .QQ ,- " , Row I - Brown. Jeff: Brown, Jesse: Brown. Milne: Brown, Tom: Burns, Robbie: Burrell, Ann: Burson, Karen: Burlon. David. Row 2 - Cabrera. Ed: Cabrera, Frances: Cady. Vicki: Camire, Dennis: Campbell. Glenn: Campbell, Nancy: Campbell. Pafli: Cano. Monica, Row 3 - Cano, Ray: Cardinal. Mike: Carlile. Jim: Carol Soccorro: Carler, Ken: Casfillo. Aurelia: Casfillo. Francisco: Caslillo, Javier. Row 4 - Casfner. Jan: Chang. Kafhy: Chavez. David: Childrens. Roberf: Chrisfie, Kafhy: Clymer. Ron: Con- ner, Julie: Cook. Bill. Row 5 - Cosio, Jack- ie: Cola, Terri: Craft Nancy: Croasdaile. Debra: Croff. Pamela: Cronin. Doug: Cruz, Dina: Cupif, Sharon. Row 6 - D'Amico. Rocco: D'Angelo, Ann Marie: Daffler. Debi: Del-laan. Nellie: Davis. lra: DeJong. Beverly: DeJong, Sara: Denny. Linda. Row 7 - Dickson, Jim: Defrancesca. John: Dinlc- el, Edwin: Donalhan, Penny: Donavan. Joe: Drevdaul, James: Drislcill. Janef: Ebbels. Richard. Row 8 - Escarnillas. Cathy: Esch- er, Mike: Esfrada. Elise: Esfrada. Joe: Esl- rada. Julian: Eslrada. Mauro: Efner. Pal: Evans, Terry. 6 Row I - Farris, Karen: Figueroa, Cheryl: Figueroa, Laura: Finnsson, Bruce: Fisher, Randy: Fleege, Joseph: Flefcher, Jake: Flicker, Julee. Row 2 - Flowers. Mike: Fos' +er, Reie: Fowler, Diane: Fox, Jim: Fraser, Diane: Freeman, Randy: Fruhwirfh, Linda: Gaida, Joe++a. Row 3 - Gallego, Ron: Garcia, Clarence: Garrefi, Brenda: Gask- ins, Jack: Geist Joe: Gelder, Caihy: Gil- ley. Gladys: Goddar, Russell. Row 4 - Godden, Rosario: Godinho. Georgina: Gonzales, Mun: Gonzalez, Lucy: Gordon, Manuel: Gorsefh. Debbie: Gozdun, Cel- esie: Granfham, Skip. Row 5 -- Gray, Ka- 1'hryn:Grin1', Della: Grizzle, Sharon: Guiier- rez, Ernie: Gufirkez, socorro: Harrelson, Sheila: Hauser, David: Hayes. Don. Row 6 - Heffernan, Mark: Heggwood. Elma: Heifzrnan, Debbie: Hernandez, Gilberf: Hernandez, John: Hexum. Kafhy: Holland. Jerry: Horeisi, Scoif. Row 7 - Howell, Ana neffe: Hughs, Lori: Huichinson, Theresa: lvans. Toni: Jackson, Iva: Jackson, Robbie: Jeffs, David: Jeme, Maria. Row I - Jonie, Ka+hy: Kamilar, Susan: Kaske, Jean: Keller, Boni+e: Keller, Chris: Keller, Dennis: Kelm, Margie, Kelm, Mike. Row 2 -- Kennedy. Dave: Kennedy, Mi- cheal: Kesselring. Doug: Kingsbury, Karen: Knapp, Greggory, Knight Rira: Krebaun, James. Row 3 - Kruger, Peni: Kulas, Tom: Laffer+y. Vonda: Lamborn, Pam: Lane, Dar- rel: Langley. Joy: LaPaglia, Peggie. Do a Lol of Nolhinq if g Q: l L Row I - Leach, Glenys: LeFlore, Jeff: Levis, Ed.: Lincoln, Pam: Logan, Penny: Long, Marion: Lowe, Jim: Lawrence, Rich- ard. Row 2 - Lucien. John: Luian, Curl: Lyons, Bob: Maddox, Ronnie: Main, Jerry: Mann, Janice: Maras. Phil: Mariin, Donna. Row 3 - Marfin, Scoff: Mar+inez, Debbie: Marfinez. Delilah: Mariinez. Jerry: Marl- inez. Teresa: Marfini. Mary: Maffhews, Oifo: Marfina, Margaret Row 4 - Max- ron. John: McCaffrey, Kaihleen: McClel- lan, Shannon: McDermoH, Kevin: McKee, S+eve: McLaughlin, Jack: McManaway, Carole: McWilliams, Mary Jane. Row 5 - Melfon, Fairlene: Mendez. G-uadalype: Mendevil, Laura: Menezes, John: Merrif, Dave: Merry, Carol: Michael Eugene: Mil- lard, Tony. Row 6 - Melesevich, Ma++: Monaghan, Teri: Monfgomery, Mark: Moor, Joann: Moore. Sfuarf: Morales, Pierre: Morales, Raul: Mosby. John. Row 7 - Myers, Linda: Myers, Windy: Navarro, Cynfhia: Navarro, Luz: Nelson. Dana: Niemeyer, Doroihy: Nissen, Dorofhy: Noll, JeaneH'e. Row 8 - Ofienbach, Sam.: Off- erdahl, Ray: Ogden, Lee: Oldham. Debbie: Olree. Nellie: Orfiz, Anfoinefie: Osburn, Ruby: Pachal, Richarcl. 'I67 Row l - Pagaduan, David: Parmele, Keilh Pascual, Lisa: Pasillas, Arnie: Palfon, Bobbi Paynfer, Cheryl: Pearce, Nora: Peila Mario. Row 2 - Peres, Judy: Perez, Rebec- ca: Perrofla, Mike: Pelon, Joe: Peper, Kafhy: Porfillo, Ronnie: Prickell, Heidi Pringle, Pam. Row 3 - Pyle. Mark: Radica Vickie: Ramirez, Gene: Ravenscrolr, Carol Rea, Alan: Redding, Darlene: Reed, Susie Reniere, Debby. Row 4 - Reyes, Rafael Richardson, JoAnn: Riley, Michael: Rios David: Rivera, Sandy: Rodriquez, Berlha Rodriquez, Blanca: Rodriquez, Crespin Row 5 - Rogers. Debi. Rogers, Dennis Roybal, Al: Russell, Ken: Sanchez, Dorolhy Sandoval, Mike: Schad, Leonard: Scharnow Joy. Row 6 - Schiefer, Ken: Schneider, Linda: Schulfz. Richard: Schulfze, Karen Scolf, Marsh: Selsor, Sandy: Serrecchia Theresa: Shafer, Darrell. Row 7 - Shan- ahan. Michael: Shaul. Roberl: Shen, Diane Shinn, Jo: Shoulder, Cynfhia: Shugarf, Deb- bie: Silva, Elsie: Silva, Manuel. Row 8 - Simkins. Ken: Sinclair, Rick: Skerl, Joe Sloan, Jeff: Smifh, Cafhy: Srnilh, JoAnne Smifh, Paula: Smifh, Sleve. Do a Lillle Bil ol Learning fairs! 3 ..,, Q ' , - nn g vp VV in nnnn , Y ' A If,:, V, fl ' ii S A c"1"'?-W -'S 2 li? , s r V5 f - , ,, RH y I y X , 5. 2 ,,,, ,L M , I I .-M , - T .74 , ,.:f : - , A w- g H M- U F ' f , W :"' A f, f 1 J., W E V V , ,,,, ff L r f sla' -,, f i L :.:.,- , N Q S 3- rf' ,K :iv 4 --' I S . QT? ,f l 'Ei I , Q fr. ' ' fir 5, . 1-L y fw.,, K". -WK -vw f .4 lf, r WL.. a ni ni 1- X5 N '47 Row I - Snyder, Sheila: Sofelo, Arfliur: Sovich, Mike: Sparks, Ann: Spring, Gorden: Springer, Carl: Sfephens, Douglas: Sie- phens, Vikki. Row 2 - Sfevens, Greg: Sie- warf, Kenny: S+one, Roberf: Sfoner, Linda: Sfoner, Michelle: Sfoffs, Jean: Summers, Debby: Suniga, Danny. Row 3 - Sweeney, Gerald: Sweeiwood, Delca: Tapia, Arlene: Tapp. Cindy: Thomas, Daryl: Thomas, Donna: Torres, Louis: Tovar. Eddie. Row 4 - Trapasso, Lynda: Trimble. Hank: Tubbs. Eugene: Turnbull, Laura: Tuifle, Susan: Tyler, Susan: Ueberrofh, David: Under' wood. Don. Row 5 - Usmany, Francine: VanOrman, Dana: Varela, Carl: Varela, Roberi: Vega, Olga: Vega, Tl1omas:Versic, Roseanna: Vicks. Maxine. Row 6 - Wade, Dennis: Waller, Darrell: Weger, Sian. Weir, Darlene: Weirick, John: Weiizel, Leona: Whiie, David: Williams, Jan. Row 7 - Wil- liams, Roberl: Willems, Jack: Winchesier, Randy: Wisdom, Carla: Wi++eman, Rudy: Wong, Henry: Wriglwi, Blaim:Wrigl1+, Kim. Row 8 - Wrigl'1i', Lori: Wriglwr, Vicky: Yanez, Laura: Yuponco, Leslie: Zabresky, Mary Ann: Zimmermann, Julie. G I6 70 Row I- Adame, Sammy: Adams, Theresa Adkins. Pamela: Aguinaqa, John: Aquirre Leonard: Aguirre, Yolanda: Alexander, Vickie: Anderson, Suzanne. Row 2 - An- drade. Margarefz Andrake, Kenny: Apoda- ca, Ceclia: Aragen, Richard: Archibald Dean: Arrey, Donia: Arriefa, Gloria: As+on Eddie. Row 3 - Avida, Adolf: Baker, Susan: Barber, Fred: Barneft James: Bay Robbin: Baughrnan, Ronnie: Baumens, Wal fer: Bean. Walier. Row 4 - Bechers, Ce cile: Becker, Joseph: Belisco. Joe: Bennefl, Debbie: Benson, Rurh: Bernard, Gary: Be- voif, Therese: Binkley, David. Row 5 - Bird Richard: Bisson, Mickie: Black, Carol: Black Kandy: Bluser, Wayne: Boardman, Girard Bolinger, Vicki: Bowman, Benny. if fsff FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Margarel Rios, Presideni: David Siebbins, Vice-President Janelle Monfoya, Sec re+ary: Gracy Trujillo. Treasurer: Vicki Williams, Girls League Represenfafive: Sidney Scolfock, Sergeanf-af-Arms Freshmen Row I - Brady, Pal: Bradbury, Sue Brannies, Bill: Breylogle, Knefha: Brislow Clifford: Brokel, S+eve: Brown, Sabrina: Bu chanan, Brian. Row 2 -- Burfon, Ronda: Ca- bana, Vickie: Cabrera, Ernie: Cabrera Frank: Camper, Sharon: Campos, Sylvia Cano, Luis: Caraway, Mike. Row 3 - Car- rillo, Frank: Carroll, Micheal: Carfer, Crys- fal: Carfwrighf, Diona: Casey. Joy: Casfil- lo, Gilberf: Caslro, Greg: Caslro, Ron Row 4 -- Chaidez, Blanca: Chesebro Diane: Childers, Donna: Clark, Cindy: Clark, Kim: Clawson, Tami: Cliaff, Bill: Coleman, Phillip. Row 5 - Coleman. Rich- ard: Coleman, Vickie: Collura, Leslie: Con- roy Paf: Cooler, Lori: Corren, Tom: Cow- ger, Bobby: Crampfon, Brad. 72 Row l - Crosby, Nancy: Crow, Deloris Cunningham, John: Cupil, Ronald: Danlon Teresa: Daughely. Debbie: Davis. Allen Davis, Ramona. Row 2 - Day, Kalhy Deadman. Johnna: Debrvin, Brenda: De- haan, Jerry: DeJong, Sherilyn: DeMoville Lisa: DeVaney. Brenda: DeLaCruz, Dana Row 3 - Desmond. Jon: Doan. Janel: Dol- lar, Earl: Donafhan, Dennis: Donley Charles: Donley. Mike: Doyle, Pam: Dren- nan. Pam. Row 4 - Drye, Joe: Duarle Marqarel: Duncan. Roberl: Ennis, Janel Escarrega, Vickie: Eslrada, Magualena Eslrada, Manuel: Evans, Gina. Row 5 - Farrow, Joyce: Fernandez, Rose: Fiselle Gary: Filzpafrick, Dana: Flashpohler, Julie Flore, Aurelio: Fonseca, Edward: FooJo Belly. Row 6 - Fraser, Norman: Freeman Kalhy: French, David: Fruhwirlh, Tom: Gal- lagher, Kim: Gamble, Jan: Garcia. Gilberl Garcia, Mike. Row 7 - Garnica, Mike Paula: Geasland, Jerry: George Gerald, Lee: Gierharl, Honey Garza, Randy: Ginlher, Michael: Gipson, Gayle. Row 8 - Glenna, Mike: Gomez. Darlene: Gonzales, Frances: Gonzales, Ray: Gonzales, Yolanda Goodall, Trina: Goodwin, Lorraine: Gray, Tom. es. i a Lillie Thinking : :'::: M Q ' nf: , , :.': , ' L Q aass .. A' if ' 5 ' - 1 . ff, I . 'M' ww ' 1 a..... . ri f yyyc, x as s,w. .a wWmi:-We safy :easQmHAw?.M?g? lifQW?UfQ53?i 725 i n,i'fslrmwkfiimfkgzigfwiffii' llil a , , + L 1 G i r..: f f ii' V' . sw ' -7 I ,, 5, -L 'Ia ,--, U , if ' .- axxffi' ., ff bfief'--4:1255 ': -- s , ' ia W ,. . . , i : '.,, V- A ,I ' ""' I .V li I t - , - is ' 'M ' i : ' 4 K i ""' R W - W ., w I 13 L "Ili," f- Y gr, is ' W?51Ef5'7fT.s"7 ff-Wi? , 's s N : r - i ii:: , ' - ii i ..... 1 ' 1 , iri L i . f i i 4 gal .. s W -V '-" ':' ' I ,W 4. 7 fur -4 an a eww, HEL? af 4 fn " Har- H W fs 'W' f if VV .wawae 52: A 4 va , Mi H Wifi Si I me- .., 'if Q 'I . p - ,ee fiif -W N Maia, v..w, If .i .V 1-. ?,..'g,,,,,,.,,., ...... ,.:,, y, ,, y, ..., , gg.. ,, ,,, ,, gi, , V ' ,. .fi 9" ..,ff.4.,. ,, I -' , my sa 1 F,-as f,Q.,.,m,. ff, s s ' fi , E H --"-"'-- ' :wtfifi -f , ,J : Q 25. : on '... . . L' - ,n'. iii , "W :w iki ""' E 12 ls, gf 3. 1, '- lsri 5 1 ,--: -. A . , L Q " '- f " Y i ' i ss 'a A , .... :fi " .gy ,Q fi Q, , 4 .. , ' ,....,.. , N"' r 1 Q. -:ff-wb Lfwu , J : 'flag ,, if j i, 2,3-" '-ag, I ., A ' E ..,, . if:' i4 ' i?11 i- i ,, 'i s 5 .M -P. . ' , - 1, f-,. ., iris ' We , M., ,ff-ss,?z.1zl '-', :i fffw -i ff ... li rv ll 4. 1 ' Q A 5' .W ' I K , if ' i w fr og... ,,k. , , zfga f Agggg 6? ,Q i f "-' - 1' 'U ..l - Q 'TEES . M , . n g fl. , Q 35 tn MJ ,KW Q :A 2 i is r Q ff I 'T 'K 'i ' 'WSW J , Jw f 'L - kv: jg .M 2 K W f .A J was TF 3 2 l W , 1 5? ' L W 2 'f . V! Q my Q 3' 2 1 JZ 111 1- 'sf Q H . 5, 1 ., of ,. iiQQQgQM . " Jevavsmw , .1 ,,.' , Wit ,.' , ":' iw .- ov N 2 ?f'7i' L Row I - Green, Teresa: Grier, Jack: Grif- fifh, Carol: Guerrero, Mike: Gunning, Deb bie: Gusfafson, Kim: Gusfafson, Lenni Hagen, Donna. Row 2 - Halliburfon, Kevin: Hall. Laura: Hall, Marlene: Hamil lon, Eva: Harris, Greg: Haslings, Melissa Hayes, Ron: Henderson, Susan. Row 3 - Hernandez. Alberf: Hernandez. Karen Hefzel, Vaughn: Hewe++, Gary: Hickman Donald: High, Susan: Hilderbrand, Karen Hodges, Pamila. Row 4- Hodges, Sherrie Holloway, Mike: Hoplins, Ann: Howard Kafhy: Howe, Ellon: Howell, Renee: Hugh- son. Carol. Row 5 - Hunfer, Paula: Hurley Kennefh: Jackson, Carol: Jacobs. Bob Jimenez, Jose: Johnson, Joe: Johnson, Ron Jolly, Kim. Row 6 - Jones, Tracey: Joy Michael: Joyce, David: Kamerick, Sheila Kelly, John: Kerchelich, Paul: Kerrick, Kerri Kessebring, Paul. Row 7 - Killebrew, Re- becca: King. Ka+hy: Kirby, James: Kirby Michael: Koon, Sieve: Knight Greg: Kre- baum, Shelly: Krikorian, Kevin. Row 8 - Lanham, Karen: Landrefh, Sylvia: Lanfello Kim: Lapaglia, Charles: Larre, Sfeveg Lar- son, Ted: Lawrence, Kay: Lee, Marfin. I7 74 Row I- Lee. Sandra: Lee, Sharon: LeNoir. William: Leonard, Julie: Lesler, Terri: Lewis, Shannon: Licon, Juanifa: Lindberg, Cafhy. Row 2 - Livesey. Vickie: Lorenez, Joann: Lopp, Paul: Lova'ro, Susan: Lucas, Joanne: Lund. Dana: Luypen, John: Lyons. Gwen. Row 3 - McCombs, Vicki: McCon- nell, Roberf: McDaniel, Jim: McDonald, Jackie: McManaway, Pal: McMiIlen, Wil- liam: McPearson, Tim: Macias. Jose. Row 4 - Macias, Linda: Macias, Maria: Macias, Marlha: Macias. William: Macknicki, Mark: Madrid, Jane'r+e: Maher, Tim: Maidonado, Richard. Row 5 -- Marcheili. Vincenf: Mar- finez, Heclor: Marlinez, Michael: Marlin. Raydeen: Maxwell. Amber: Mayers, Dru: Medelez, Pearl: Mellen, Lori. Row 6 - Lel- vin, Mike: Menchaca, Romelia: Merrell, Lynn: Milkie, Donna: Miller, Jeff: Milligan, Francoise: Molineux. Lesley: Moniz, Kenny. Row 7 - Monlqomery, Sleven: Monlero, Roy: Monloya. Janelle: Monfoya, Manuel: Moor, Shirley: Moore. Becky: Morales, Richard: Morlock. Cindy. Row 8 - Mormi- no, Phyllis: Morris. Dyane: Morrison. Tony: Morse, Jeff: Munro. Sandie: Murillo, Joann: Musick, Sue: Nalley, Lisa, ,. Do a Lol ol Talking 3: ' , , fi ' 79" rr 1:--' f-ik 'Nf:L','f' T - " . :::f- :,,. ' ix , i iiiik ' - ui -i .f 'W' "i:"' .ff"' i, - .vw '5fQQfL.ff1 S , f My , , Y W :Z L , 5 if Row l - Navarr, Evelia: Navarro, Eddie Newman, Gail: Nielsen, Scolf: Niemeyer, Susan: Noll, Fred: Noll, Robin: O'Brien Karyl. Row 2 - Ochoa, Darrell: Offenbach Keilh: Ogle, LaDeena: Olson, Ramona: Os burn, Ben: Pacheco, Vickie: Pasillas, Lorida Peerson. Belfie. Row 3 - Pepin, Sharron Perry, Bill: Pelhoucl, Cindy: Phipps, Palri cia: Piascik, Jody: Pisciolla, Cindie: Pros ser, Debbie: Prui++, Charles. Row 4 -- Ram irez, Amelia: Ramirez, Fernando: Ramirez, Ricky: Ray, Sleve: Reese, Mike: Remiiio i i Lorraine: Reynolds, Sid: Richmond, Addis. Row 5 - Richmond, Clarence: Ring, John Rober+son, Vicki: Rodeback. Terry: Roclg ers: Jerri: Rodgers, Sherilyn: Rodriquez, ls abel: Rodriquez, Rosa. Row 6 - Rodriquez, Terri: Roman, Lidia: Rosa, Anna: Rosas, Teresa: Roscom, Lorri: Rolf, Terri: Row land, Kafhleen: Runion, Philip. Row 7 - Russell, Dan: Russell, Roberl: Rufherford Dennis: Salas, Susan: Sanchez, John: Sand ers, Debbie: Sanders, Roberl: Sanderson Doreen. Row 8 - Sanlo, Krislie: Sandoval Dorfhy: Sandoval, Marie: Saylor, Gina Schecler, Janina: Schiewe, Linda: Schir mann, Heidi: Schirmann, Linda. , me ,. ., ' iiflfl 5 252 " , l E 175 Row I - Scl1wei+zer, Carol: Scol+ock, Sid- ney: Seeds, Roberf: Selsor, Konnie: Sl1ulfz, Bill: Shulfz, Vickie: Slwugarl. Ginger: Sim- kins, Jerry. Row 2 - Sinclair, Bruce: Skel- +on, John: Smiley, Larry: Smilh, Kevin: Smifh, Roberf: Smi+h, Sandra: Smifh, Tammy: Soledad, Maria. Row 3 - Spaelli, Don: Spoelwr, James: Slarr, Jamie: Sreb- bins, David: Sfeen, Wendy: Slenberg, Susan: Sfepluens, Cindie: Sleplwens, Slwaron. Row 4 -- S+ewarl, Tom: Slinson, James: Sfowers, Duarie: Sfrasser, Mark: Sfrielzel, Sheryl: Suniga. Louie: Suffer. Ken: Sween- ey, Grace. Row 5 - Tabberl. Jeff: Tally, Pafrick: Taylor, Tom: Teague, Pam: Teels. Gary: Tenerio, Irma: Terry, Vicki: Thomp- son, Cheryl. Row 6 - Tlwornfon, Terry: Tlironeberry, Margaref: Tippinqs. Kaflw- leen: Tovar, Paul: Troufman, Julie: Trujillo, Gracie: Truiillo, Julie: Twaife. Tom. Row 7 - Ulery, Ron: Usmany, Karl: Valencia, Slevez VanDerWeide, Bill: VanDuren, Laura: Vanlrease, Darlene: Varela. Becky. Do a Lol ol Looking 76 I lii MIP' Row I - Vasquez, Vivian: Vaughn, Pam Vawl.eeuwen, David: Vega, Ar+uroI Ver hoef, Monique: Vierregger. Cindy: Villag rana, Andrew: Waolrip, Robert Row 2 - Wager, Wayne: Wallace, Cindy: Waller Rick: Welsch, George: Whifaker, Whit Whife, Charles: Whire, Lorri: Whilney Dwayne. Row 3 - Wilder, Mike: Williams Sheila: Williarns, Vicki: Willis. Bruce: Wil son, Tony: Winningham. Sandi: Wifi. Jack Woods, Gary. Row 4 - Woolsey, Amy Wright Edward: Wright Mike: Yanez, Mi chael: Yingsf, Angie: Yoakurn, Mike Young, Anna. 7 Adverdrising All Work and No Play Makes Johnny a Dull Boy BU RGGRAF'S APPLIANCE SERVICE SERVICE AND REPAIRS KENMORE WHIRLPOOL GENERAL ELECTRIC MAYTA6 NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE EOR DISTANCE WESTINGHOUSE RECONDITIONED WASHER AND DRYER SALES SERVICE DISHWASHER AND VACUUM REPAIR DRYER VENTING 865-0966 634-8548 I2055 E. Carson I Blk. VV. of Norwalk Blvd. Hawaiian Gardens Yfv- ' ARTESIAN READY MIX iI3I34 E. Sami S+. Arfesia, CaIiI. 865-4058 x. i ge.: - ii ss- ' " EW. Y mv' ww wi . :Q iid? if I... .. , . . V Sw I W X 1 X .Ig TQ . ff ARTESIA MORTUARY I77I3 S. Pioneer Arfesia, Calif. 907OI HERFF JONES IvIanuIacIured JeweIers And Sfafioners CaIiIornia Division 2I4 Wesf Pico Blvd. Los AngeIes I5, CaIiI. RI 9-5225 f55,'f1z i THE ATE LIFE Po. BOX 625 seo-6574 ED MACK ARC0 865-7944 Arfesiav California 9070, l2I57 E. Arlesia Blvd. Cerrilos FREEDOM Freedom is lelling your mind run And doing as you please Being yourself willrioul a screen And lelling your lrullm pour lorllw Like an unclwained river Through an unlenced world. free By: Valerie James JACK P. GONSALVES PUBLIC RELATIONS AND CONSULTING . Phone I2I3I 860-42I6 IZZI7 Carson SI. Hawaiian Gardens. Calif. 907I6 COMPLETE ELECTRONIC CENTER CARSON ELECTRONICS Phone 425-8298 IZOIO E. Carson SI. Arfesia, Calif. l B 8: M HIFI 8: TV I223O'f2 E. Cenfralia Road ,-5' ' "If"'V'5 TOTAL IZOI7 E. Carson SI. Hawaiian I2404 E- Carson 865-5I I7 Gardens IRQ Each monTh, a secreT panel oT Teachers meeT and selecT Two Senior girls who, in Their considered opinion, are rep- resenTaTive of Those qualiTies OT good grooming and per- sonaliTy To be admired in socieTy. A girl's gradepoinT has no bearing on This honor. IT is s+ricTIy The Teachers' opin- ions oT The social characTerisTics oT The girls. In The pasT, only one girl per monTh and one selecTion Tor The year was chosen. Because more and more Senior girls are "shaping up" each year, The Seniorella CommiTTee decided To choose Two girls per rnonTh, and ouT oT The TwenTy chosen, one would be selecTed as The Seniorella Tor The graduaTing class. ApparenTly, There was iusT Too much Teminine pul- chriTude Tor The Teachers To gaze upon, because The com- miTTee bogged down in a Two-way Tie. Sooooo . . . why TighT iT?! Ladies and genTlemen, presenTing The Seniorellas Tor l97l-72. Seniorellas oT The year: KAREN CHINN and RHONDA WEBER. This Page, Top righT: Rhonda Weber - Eebruary, BoTTom righT: Sylvia OrTegon - January and Sue Goss - No- vember, BoTTom lefT: Liz CasTaneda - March. OpposiTe Page, Top le'FT: Judy Thomas - December and Karen Greene - lvlarch, Far lefT: Karen Chinn - Janu- ary, Middle righT: Jo Ann Gloselc - November and lvlary Jane Karnon - April, BoTTom righT: Linda James -- June. - Don Ragland 3 - '-c' f Ls if YZF! M, - W. X, ,- . F V ' M 6 Chosen By Teacher ..- . ,M w U 'f ' 5 ef qv I0 -Qu-.uf Opposiie Page, Top leff: Ani+a Leal - February, Top rigl'l'l': Linda Enneman - May and Alice Marlinez - June. BoH'om lef+: Debbie Hamill - December and Janel Bloom - May, BoH'om rigl'1'I': Doris Scolfoclc - Sepfember. This Page, Top left Kalhy Fille++e - April, Bo'Hom leffz Liz Treal - Oclober, Top righf: Marcia Hulse - Sep- fember, BoHom rigl1+: Becky Guerrera - Oclober. Yltiigffl 'T' , , 7 Laugh and play in +l'1e ocean's sun Travel free and fasr A glass vehicle rucked beneafh your arm Merge wifh a velvef wall of green energy And you slwali become one wifn 'the mosf beauriful. Mark Arcnulefa ' H Z f -' 1, f, mf, Sir? 1 va .5 - , ag 1-i f'.f'w,:-f45- : :,:J'f"fuT-, 221- .-L 2,:'?4,1e' 7 1,-9 4, ' xg .35 ir fQ51,"f1, J ' ' ' ' V ix o f 7- 2:3 iq ' 'V ' H-mf -fag? aff wi! 1 am W ' fi? 52 11 TL g l i g 1gf,?"am X x . 2 ' F ,Q '-v1i,?gf5 f, , .N V A A as 4 an , , 4 - 4, ,eg- 3 ' f Top Alhlelic Performance Inspiring himself To excel, Tom Tiplon was chosen as "A'rhle're of fhe Year I97l-72." He was born in Muleshoeg Texas on Oclrober 22, I953. Tom has been a sporls fan since he was a small boy. As a Freshman Tom parficipaled in J.V. Foolball and J.V. Wresfling. The nex+ Three years he was on 'lhe Varsily Foolball, Wresfling, and Track reams. He made All-League offensive and defensive in Foofball and All-League in Wreslling as a Junior and Senior. lv1r.Tip'ron is 6 feel 3 inches +all and weighs ZIO pounds. l-le is graduaring in +he upper lO'7O of his class wi'rh a B average. The mosf meaningful experience, decided Tom, was in his Junior year during +he John Glenn foofball game when he played an almosf perfecf game. Congrafulalions again, Tom! 55 if ww 92 Time has run ouT Tor me. I see no more and speak slowly. As I wander Through The sand and TasTe The waTer. I have no one and I am no one. I Tollow myselT only Through insTincT and I baTh in The sea, and dream OT The place I am absenT Trom. Once more I eaT oT The dirT and The dirT eaTs up me, as we slowlyf peace- Tully desTroy ourselves. By: Julie Sowma THE END There's smuT in The air, NhaT can we do? The waTer's conTaminaTed lT's gonna kill me and you So we beTTer acT TasT, BeTore iT's Too laTe, And we'lI all be walking Through ThaT pearly gaTe. The end is coming soon, I Teel iT is near. We beTTer sTop polluTing, We have only a year. The birds are all dying, Dead are The Trees. I The earTh is a disasTer, God help us, please. By: Make Moore I wonder if he saw me here siffing on rhis sfep Looking down and feeling alone, Would he even feel my loneliness Or see if in my face And if he didn'f, I wonder if he'd even find 'rhe fime fo sfop. We used fo have Time for each ofher We used fo share fime wifh each ofher Buf sfill we laclced somefhing, There was a hole befween our minds Thaf was growing fogefher, pulling us fo each ofher When someone ripped open The hole, foo far. Then pushed us away from each ofher So far fhaf we were afraid fo meef each ofher even half way. Well, l'm sfill siffing on fha? same sfep, looking down and feeling alone Bu? now I loolc up and see him looking down He felf my loneliness and loneliness of his own I reached for him and he for me. By: Julie Collie "A FEELING' Away in fhe hills. Far, far, away, For here I am in peace, Therels nofhing fo say. Nafure fill my mind, Solifude in my head, My body feels no pain, Yes, Here I musf sfay. My froubles are gone, l'm feeling so free, Yes here l will slay, Jusf nafure and me. By: Milce Moore 19 - Q L a 1 1 vi. Q. LEACI-rs sPoRTlNe eooos HawlilL3eF5fgjfEazaf. Q Vaiba MM L9LlP65-Pg' 940f"""'w' '294 53761, A 71 'tt Gimp' N'-I2 2590: 7" d""M W' Q 6 LW M 45 Q14 O! Q' X IU MV Uom.Le,Qa.QZ,W,gfQ4 632 Q 4 .WM Q wi' Qevgy' E FAQ E44 ii3'7'Qq" QjQ35':fx0' ME Mfg wx"f,7i?fm'M STUDENT BOD5 CHBINET I DUTCH MILL DAIRY 20320 Norwalk Blvd. Lakewood, Calif. Phone: 865-6585 VARSITY CLUB President Torn Tiplon Vice-President James Madison Secrelaryz I'Iec+or Acevedo ADAMSON'S JEWELRY I8423 Pioneer 865-2 I44 FOSTER FREEZE 12218 Cefmaisa Rd. MCDONALDS Lakewood, Calif. 907I5 IZOZQ Carson SI' 96 Who helps ihe child Thar has no+ learned Who lived in fiI+h, Whose life musl burn Info 'rhe ashes of The past Where he will resr ai ease ar lasi. Who helps rhis child Who lives alone, Allhough he has parenfs They're never home. They are loo busy lo answer him Of wha+ ihey do or where fhey've been. Who Jreaches 'rhis child The righls and The wrongs, Who ieaches 'rhis child Gods beaufiful songs. Whaf does he do when he is older Does +he world iusl' seem much colder? How does he live For +he resi oi his life, Will he have children And maybe a wife. And will his children live ihe same way Who really cares anyway? A reason for living To show him lhe way, A reason for giving A reason To slay. This is all The child asks Are +he answers Too greaf of faslcs? Won'+ anyone even fry 'ro Undersrand? All +his child needs is a Helping hand! By: Debra Srapp 5 Ll Remember when our love shined brighf Remember when we'd walk all nigh? Along fhe beach and lhrough lhe Town Walking and nol saying a sound. Remember when we sal around Remember when we 'rhoughl we'd found A feeling Tha? we'd never par? A feeling down wilhin our hearfs. Remember when we'd iusf begun Remember when we had our fun Buf now The lime has come and gone Our love will shine forever on. By: Calhy Pachal 'I97 P ADVANCE T.V. 3050 Woodruff Long Beach DOWNEY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSC. lO75I E. Soulh S+. Cerrilos FACTORY DIRECT SALES l22I8 E. Carson Hawaiian Gardens LAKEWOOD ELECT. MOTOR I l96O Carson Si. Lakewood Valerie James Mr. and Mrs. J. L. James Blanca Rodriquez Jacquelyn Farris Pioneer Pride Kaly Gray Naomi Apodaca Miss Brune'H'i Mr. and Mrs. Gar Donald Schullze Ken Beal Jack Rodgers Darlene Weir Doreen Rodriquez y Dolman William Farris Susan Farris Karen Farris Jeff LeFlore Valorie Lynn Mrs. Carlsen Ka'I'hy Chang Riclr Valois Mr. and Mrs. Annual Slaff Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Debbie Hea'I'h Janel James Dale Wieser Roger Reniere Ira Grizzle Michele Brannon Evelyn Marlinez Raymond Espinoza Doreen Rodriquez Laura Nagao Susan Marlinez Jacqui Teefs Manuel Imperial Debbie Morris Karen Jeffs Sharon Grizzle Charles Williams Sfephaney Fahrenlxrug 429-SOI I 925-993 I 420- I 345 429-80 I 2 1 - ,,, I EW- ,, T 'gig' My if . if N ik L TV m.,Q ,, Q - Neem, f ' L ' fi f'T1,.. 5 -'-' . 'if ' 52 If Oldlff if O gf ff I' F 'xv' ,Q Ii ,gf if if Closing r Parfing ls Such Sweef Sorrow , - Shakespeare Refurning He runs To meef The seffing Of The sun Following roads To nowhere Somewhere He doesn'+ care 15. Fi , 5 ? i1lX 5 - , fs' 3 .jg ,, 3, C f ! . ,W ,E ,,,. ' -6 xi . .X 2 :mr . . . if 1 of .W ,L l 4 1- , ' P' M1 sig. 6' K . ,Y 7 rv W fn' - Y M 1l wa "Ji Y Eg" ff ff- -.. rv" X-IF! rs., if 'Eff' an X , xg. ffjg? ff' if X vm' 'rf .gf K ..Jv" C .saw as N in 'api' Q W-may Keep going lad, become free No going back Back To-whaf? 205 06 Explore Experience Develop Change Run +0 Meef The Seffing of Hue Sun . -- Walfer Rirwder' 'la .4 - u Q . ...f I 3 - , , fax ' .iii I 4,155 in , , 207 0 51 wm ww 4245 U 'Y + - 4 'F , 6.9, M WV ,wfqw E , v2 Ck Q NQQMQ ?' M w'P 059 W ' O 2f2'143, Uqlw V , , D LgL AALQ gp! k M W J WW fMCif3?1Z? W M , ' A A' L ffZ . 55565 W W Qsdififwgm 'Y5' jifwf . ' gjpf f W X Qy'5f'WWQX?15wb' F454 09591 ag Q pf My I CL Q r-SN' M N X ., fy Jw? VJvW'mx159' bf ,bvrpx It .. l ,Q ,K f- , 1 S xiii K i U I Q50 X if it Lf QLQL fxf' . sf' JXQQMQCVJ JGQ 'W w gjyxyjblwff A bod! 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Suggestions in the Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) collection:

Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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