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Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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f" W ...Q rar' ., g aw ' f-'W-ff ' rjrq-, K4 V Q 'A-9 Ai x ivA".,1X1 , 1+ , 3- fi K igwff 4F.1I."' ' .. 91, . 443 -U A .h,p,,j, 1 X ' ' x V - 'fi' i f' me rim in glfiqlz Sckoof Q3resemf5 2- in Je Oro of 1960 Gfimfmz .Brown ediccufion The Ano de Oro of 1960 takes pleasure in honoring the assistant principal at Artesia High School. Within these pages, you will see unfolded the life history of Clinton Brown. Clinton Brown was born on May 10, 1922 at White Star in Kentucky. He started school at Four Mile School in Kentucky. He moved to Indiana when he was ten, and finished his elementary education at Grannon School. He went to Alfordsville High School in Indiana. There he was very active and played on the basketball and softball team. He began college at Indiana State Teachers College. There he played left tackle and was chosen captain of the Varsity team. While there, he belonged to the Alpha Sigma Tau Fraternity. He ioined the Marine Corps at Indiana State and was sent to Western Mich- igan College. At Western he met his wife in an art class. Clint was sent overseas and when he got home he continued his schooling at Western. He and his wife were married on April 6, 1947. During his last year at Western he received offers to play pro football from the Yankees, Redskins, Giants, and Rams. A He grad-uated as a Physical Education Maior and got his first iob in Rockford, Michigan as a teacher and head coach of football, basketball and track. He stayed there three years, until he was called back for the Korean War. He moved out to California in June 1952. He went to school at UCLA to fulfill requirements for California teaching. His first iob was as teacher at Bellflower High School. He stayed there two years and then went to Artesia High when it was opened as Director of Attendance. The next year he was Director of Counseling and Guidance, and is now the Assistant Principal. This is his fifth year at Artesia High School. Their first child, Bobby, was born November 3, 1955. He has a new daughter, Nancy Lea, born last December 13, 1958. This year he is the President of the Artesia Optimist Club. His hobbies and pastimes include: taking movies and colored slides of his children, playing golf, going to the horse races, and he likes to cook. To you, "Clinton Brown," we dedicate this 1960 "Ano de Oro." mfg of Gomfemfs - - - Gynzizzisfrafion omg ggacufiy - - - . Seniors - - Ungercfass - - - Sporfs Gfcfivifies He was born at White Star, Kentucky. ...fu--Q. 'tk K Iter, Advisor Mr. Sta Marjorie Soares, Co-Editor ROW 1: T. Wallace, S. Wright, K. Fromm, D. Drulias, M. Soares, D. Cook, P. S. Curti, J. Atkins, J. Silveira, K. Kuiper, B. Kruidhof, P. Lanting, D. Bratcher Dennis Drulias, Co -Editor IZIZLLKL lo , P. Price, L. Bernal, A. Mi r y , J. Forst I not picturedl. Bowen. ROW 2: S. Padilla, D. Nelson fa U4 44,4 0 lin Annual Staff busy of work. ' On Moy 10, 1922. Vivo i 1 k .4 ' 0 ff N Mr. Stcilfer working with Senior Section to meet Deadlin 7 u alla!! W 5 no . , .mf-1 xx-5 x- :QA Irie?" 213, . Q - .M-Q '- K 3 jilicbwgzu s L xx 1 f sy fzisia mr' elf .. -sur W, ..., L ,: vs: R N G NV x .,-' Wt - I ,wma k N Q4 g . - MQ' - X Y Q gm A 5,4 f a b, . 5.x A A sl xl If 3 X ..s7,4wg:-izfs --:'- : 5' 5? t 1 55 ., . .. is 1? 25 5+ 2 W5 'X 'ix' im M X, Li 3 LS' A y Rx ' g k , . , K ,, r E PZ " fs 1 E M 5 m 'ff if wzm . if ,igf - QM, 1 2 .2 ..., ..., . 3 rw , EM Q . M , ,"- ,ff 4 is was gl lgf , Y, 4 5' , X V1 x ' F Wigs? N 5335? :If sim ws N Sid Y . ,,h ,,,h: W .4 -.1-,MI 1 .sf.1f:g,,g:f1-- lp,-11.11.11 M. irtf! .jrf X i. ' Qgficsal HQ ,ix I 1 Kk'- W . - - .zz my ..kW..A . .. I5'I'.f1il .Q xi 2 if: g . . K 72 .L . -L y Reed receiving Senior Sweater. A 351-duh Qt He had a sister and 2 brothers. Annual Photographer in Action. Chino Rally. ,fi GRA "W .SC H0oX af' N , .K i xi 'MK M,.,f' 1 X . He moved to lnclicmcm when he was IO. He finished of The Grcmnon School. Mary Long installing Tino Nooitgedcgf. 9 1 I-4 His home was the meeting place for all the neighbor boys and girls on week- ends. He spent this time playing basketball, soft- ball and baseball. Mr. and Miss Howdy K. Craig and D. Druli HR 13 1- it 4 pu Ai ' 4 T. Nooitgedaght present- ing certificate to T. Vierrci, When he was 13 he had gone to the baseball game with his family. They were on their way back to the car when a car hit Clint and fractured his right leg. Miss Color Week. :2faf, l 'Q-. I X! Q Clint playing iokes on his nurse, he gave her an empty gum wrapper. Modern Dance 0 W K r 1 s 3 l . A Q E., Girls' L e a g u e Fashion Show from Bobby Lynns. if f-,l , K7 .. ' N I N... e VVYAKQ Ng kLkxN WMV A VM a ll rl W y i " 44 -:E l r f 2 EE X Tl ' l we 7:4 Ll While he was recuperafing from the broken leg he had appendicitis. V H155-uf KM'-V A Q -H Seniors enioying Senior Square Students enjoyin first football game. J. V. Track Me gistrafion Day rd playing at y. sity track meet , bs wav. 3,1 H in :sv . L 11 YQ, -'ir-fi , ii i e i ii ., i . , e iie . e i ie 553535-Six - -- WYM, ..H,:.,.,-- Vorsiiy Club initiation. EY Howdy Dance Recreation sf! an O. Choufe finishes C1 gruelling cross country race. T. Veidhuizen presenting J. Maloney u movie comeru for represenfing The F.F.A. in the '59 Dczirylond Fair. 5522 Ns,-"'i' WH we W NNW ' . he K . .As umlzi Alumni Registration .4,,.f ' Alumni on Senior Squore Alumni girls talking about The good old times. I 'gf ...Tj omecomizzq ir 'tb we 'wi- 1 ? f A .ig 6 12 I i 211 is 5 1 Q i 5 2 E i : 2 is if W i S 2 X Her Muiesiy Jackie Maloney SK . , - X s fi W " ' Q I 5 it X 'X ,. , ik .qt kk s X NNN' Sophomore Princess - Beverly Hocskmc, Junior Princess - e Lollie Broderson, Queen Jackie Moloney, Senior Princess - X June Boersmo, Freshman Princess - Crissie Boersmo. N me 'gf Q S:-mor fxtfm Gomef Drmce 5 we I Alumni Dance Howdy' Dom: Vorsufy Dance Jumor After Game Dance 22 The sludenls enloylng the Sophomore after game dance, l7lOlliIHlS Making pall HW making llre after-game dance spon- Sorvd by tlwo Drill Team a success. Barbara Taylor and Bob Jansen, winners of The best outfit al llwo Calarnlly Jane Dance. 'Nwx gif' Alurnrn parllupallng in llxel Frontlmsman alrm qalnv llama- AV' Couqles enioying Ylle annual Calamity Jane Dance. 23 ,,,.,.,....-v ,....-..- 5 sssr R. Packard and C. Bolton practice for annual as- sernbly. T. Jackson portrays Scrooge rn the Chrrsf mas program. D. Bratcher benng con- gratulated at The end of CS.F. iniiiafion. Varsrfy Club members decorating vhe cafetorium for their dance after the San Marino football game 9' af acc: orst shin: Wayne Lovetts shoes for Twirp Week Drama Class rehearsing for Go West Young Man L, Speech Contest Mr, Atkins and Dwayne Bratcher proudiy unveil Artesia High School's first trophy for Rio Hondo League Sports- manship. -eq D A Y x -. DX D. Brafcher swearing in new officers. Old and new Leadership. Drill Team at Huntington Beach Parade. it-mi He belonged to the Alpha Sigma Ya U Fraternity af Indiana Stare. 1 , 8 lllll . l . A l lu-nv D e went to college of lndionu Store Teachers' ollege, Terre Haute, Ind. 3 V -1 .4-. X Y .. ,N " 'ln Qfii Q1 .Q fi- fxtf, - 'Y N The Full Sports Banquet was Cl great success. New G.A.A. members being initiated. inn... Everyone enioyed the Tennis Assembly 4x W4 K. L y tara .,.:,..,o. .Av ..,.,,.,,.. Queen in time ioint Military Ball vyitit Excelsior titis year. 69 ? t I X, , fs E t i H 3 H-K i .i ' i wiki ARTESIA HIGH SCHOOL 3 '-mihj Q Q. , .I an i i Tit e years Scienro Fair was tltc greatest yet. Titf- dramatic basketbaii game with Hunt- ington Boacit was tiiieal with titriils. 28 Everyone was excited vviten the finalists tor Homecoming Queen were introduced, ff YK, QQ Q f N' '8,M al, f it ,gig , .4 A :mg L M, x ug.. xx 'V Q-5 ,,,- f-. if VS gf, 1 ,,.w-1.1-M'-' - - 4- IMD E 3 O Q3 He helped put him- self Through college Lf by working in a de- partment store. , -A-4 ,-... Ed Carrera demonstrating his high iumping techniques at the Rally before the Lancer Relays. quam!!! Tom McConnell, as well as everyone else, was amazed at his Bongo playing talents. N V Ei' He also worked as an orderly L' at the hospital in Terre Haute. 1 3 H, 2 wg, 1 - 1513-21 ag . ,,,., .4 ,,. K .i - 1 Q L iii fu 1. l M , fig ,' . I ' . ' s Q Q ' we ,K -:..--:gif ul' y A 13g wel A ' ., 'QQ af W ,,gi.f,l,L .L Q ,K W Volleyball was the main attraction at the GAA. Recreation Night. V+-wsxsivwi J wlfvfiivf. in N , A J., acuffy ang Q g I' n X Yu 6 S 1 2 r, 5 , 5 ,. if .R we .A . df af" V YWL', l7ZiiZi5lfl'6Lfi0lZ N r 1 e R rir r Kai MR. RICHARD GAHR Superintendent MR. MURRELL MILLER Director of Business Affairs MR. RICHARDSON HASTINGS Director of Curricula 6 MR. ROBERT ASHTON ' Director of Special Services isfricf mizzisfmfiorz OQVJ of 611515665 F1 11' 19 ,Jig Seated ure: MRS. PHYLLIS AEGERTER, MR. HAROLD L. MOCTAGGART, MR. RAYMOND F. HANSEN. Standing: DR. CARL TAGUE MR. VENN FURGESON, Presient. in ' V -,L . MR. VENN FURGESON President ! WILLIAM J. ATKINS QD f f VLIZCLIDKL 1 0? ssisfcuzf Trincipa CLINTON BROWN G? mizzisfmlfion fin --A xi Q N lf MR, JOHN CHADWICK MRS. CLARA POINDEXTER Boys' Vice Principal Girls' Vice Principal i fm 5 , Af"-""'? R., IC' . K .-.-.3 , l','n S. , X -.. 1 dl' K I . l. ,k X . few X . 1' MR. GILBERT ULIBARRI MRS. LUCILLE SCOTT Welfare ond Attendance Counseling and Guidance 11 ., wif, MRS. JANE MELOM MR. BENJAMIN LEVINE Dr. Ray Busenbark, Mrs. Sabina Vose COUr1SelOI' COUHSGIOI' Administering Student, Paula Brandson X J' I MRS. ELEANOR BROUEVITCH Dean of Boys MRS. VlVlAN D. EWERS Attendance Office MISS BARBARA GOEDHART Counselor Office MRS. MARGARET MARY KOLLER Assistant Principal .lar MRS. LULA M. LUCEY Library MRS. VIRGINIA PEREZ Dean of Girls MRS. ANNABELLE THOELKE Bookkeeping Room MRS. MARGARET C. WANDREY Principal 36 ecrefaries WALTER BAUMGARTN ER Agriculture l' MR. GILL CHARTER5 General Science aculiy MR. GORDON ACKERMAN MRS, JACQUELYN AUSTIN Math Coach Drill Team QM MISS CAROLYN BRAHAM MR. RONALD BRYAN English MR. JAMES CRAIG Wood Shop MRS. Health DOROTHY DALE Homemaking Home Nursing Family Living Clothing MISS MADELYN BILKEY Modern Dance P.E. Pep Squad ! K, MR. COLLINS Auto Shop- 37 aculfy Ibn MR. LYLE FERRY English MRS. MARTHA HALBERT Bookkeeping Student Body Account Office Practice 38 MR. JACK ELDER Typing MRS. lRENE DRAGES Office Pyqcfige English Basic Business MR. PHILIP GRAUEL MR. RUSSELL GRAVENER MRS. NINA FIORE Health Senior Problems Spanish MR. VIRGIL HALL Cons. Math Health Biology MR. CARL HALSTED MR. DON HARDENBROOK U.S. History French Coach English acully MR. JOHN MR. GEORGE HAWK HENDERSON Girls' Glee is-.g Arts and Crafts A Cappella MISS LUCY ITO Clothing Foods Everyday Living CHARLENE KROLIKOWSKI Salesmanship Typing Social Studies Math Metal Shop Shsk Orchestra Band MR. LESLIE IVERSON Current Science Algebra Physics MR FREDERICK KNIGHT ix MRS. MARJORIE JAMES EHQIISIW I X' Library Con. Math jg XX I .. k IJ i l MR. BENJAMIN LEVINE Social Studies Sr. Problems ' x Home Planning This page sponsored by MRS. EMILY LEWIS MR. LEONARD LINDENBERGER Clothing Machine Shop Metal Shop Bob Paint and Supply, 21254 Norwalk Blvd., Artesia 39 acuffy MISS MARY ANN LIVELY MRS. VIRGINIA MARSHALL . . Shorthand Typing MR. LAWRENCE MARTIN Ref. Math Algebra Con. Math MRS. JANE MELOM English Counselor 40 MR. HAROLD MCDONALD MRS GAYLE MCGREW Athletics World History MR- NORMAN MII-I-ER MR. PETER MIRKOVICH Special Education Geometry Adlustment Room Algebra Il H0me CGIIS Trigonometry MRS. RUTH MCCLURE World History Social Studies MR. PAUL MILER English MR. THOMAS MULLEN English MR. PAUL PRITCHARD English Public Speaking gwify MRS. DOROTHY MITCHELL MR. RAYMOND MOOSHAGIAN Social Studies P.E. P.E. Health MR, MICHAEL 0'BRl5N MR. JOSEPH PREDISIK Drafting Spanish Moth English Drama MR. LEQN REID MRS. MARY SCHWARTZ Current Affairs Foods U.S. History Adluslmem MR. JOHN MURRAY English Californian MR. THOMAS REARDON Chemistry Gen. Science Al acuffy MR. FRANK SOLOSKY Photography Special Education Annual Home Calls Graphic Arts MR. ROBERT STUCKER U.S. History Social Studies Cadets MR. HENRY WADLEIGH MR. JAMES WHITING Gen. Science Social Studies Cons. Math. World History MR. RONALD TURNQUIS Health P.E. Willl My tri. A: ll 'l ,MQ Q f 5' Y' B 4 " Q x :E MR. ARTHUR WHYTE 4 1 E Art ,Q K Oil Painting l l lift' 1 Y "' 5:5 H55 ho as 0,-1 Q farm of He moved to Indiana when he 200 acres. WGS 10- 42 if V. ! .,,,f .rr ' - -JT' .' ,,'f1'sf' ff -" V riff' if bf wax, , -L AQ" M j . 'Z of' cfivifies X . lx 'K hd .aa gzip X wa- Sponsored by A- W Pioneer Ford, 18403 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. X YQ X S52 I fm M 'fm was-N li Sr. Jackie Moloney President :we ,. IA, Am . - 2 'NTT'-LNQT Qj V? , . SKA 'I .2 ' -- . ' igy . ..--""'x. Phyllis Lcming Secretory Bea Suldana Connie Wilkinson Vice President .wp-.. 'Y V ,, Q. E K .K . w "Xxx 1 . 1 x- b of' ': -sm-. K -5253 K I 4 M U .Q E 'Q f H 5. i f P r r I " er ggl: 3 I - or iiiiiiiii iii r, - we .,:,. Y ilfi - A jig.: ' 3 ""Z"-'-- 1-ff U Karen Kuiper Treasurer John Van Kampen Dir. of Activities Sgr. at Arms Sponsored by The Senior Class of 1960 K r -asf fo e 5 Q - .. 1 fu , A , xiii 1 've f fo iii gi - r si' 1 elk , A L wx Q ... Q- e il . . Sir' k x .Q..,, fs: - Q u 1 . it - f 1 .. .,. , xv px.-fs , N o : in in .. ,, S3 f f f sss, 4 ssr Most of us entering as freshmen realized at the very beginning that the class of '60 was going to be inni figreatfrone: as class which would be remembered at Artesia High School for smarty years torcame. So we started in to make our plans come true by electing Jerry Atkins as our firstclrgss president. Under Jerry's leadership, we sponsored a Casanova the Maypole l-lop. By carry- ing out these activities we started on aug, ' 'kffiisee . - Gene Highfield carefulgguidance from Gene and his Eammittee, we served' the Last ChanceiDdnce cake sales. We ended Sophomxore year with a iiii illi satisfactl f ??iand success and looked forward with en- thusiasm llll tollldifmoslt a isuccessful time, our Junior Year. Under the direction of Dwayne our Junior Year was our biggest year yet. We started eagerly to plan and raise money for our memorable event- the Junior-Senior prom. We sponsored the annual Christmas Card Sale,f and the after-game dances. After observing the results, we considered this year the most profitable and rewarding for our class. We started our Senior year off with a bang! With the planning of the annual Chicken Dinner, the after game dances, and many other successful accomplish- ments, we ance again felt enthusiasm and pride in the knowledge that our class was a great one. g As time grew shorter and graduation was iust around the corner, we were thankful and proud that our class had measured up to the goals and standards which had been set in our freshmen year. g Z We had our ups and downs as every class does gd ut with the many student- body, campus, and pep squad representatives ffrom our class, we Wably represented our school in all fields of Continuing to look forward, we made our class an outstanding one. Jackie Maloney, as Senior Class President, wishes to acknowledge to all the four class steering committees and to all the class advisors that without their able assistance it would have been impossible to have had an eminent class. ALBERS, ARNOLD EVERT C.S.F. Math Club hangs' Physical Science Club ALLEN, GLENDA JOYCE Freshman Steering Committee APARIJO, Drill se, .lJ'Sf""""-rf., an--,K AMARA, STELLA FBLA Biology Club Ccdettes F.H.A. Senate ,WB KN ARCE, HENRY ARAIZ, MARGIE M. G.A.A. Drill Team Treasurer of G.A.A. A .re-A: - -, BERRY, JAMES J,V, Tennis EUKERS, JOHN F.F.A. ARROYO, LINDA M. Drill Team Jr. Steering Comm. BARRERA, NACHO "B" Basketball Senate ff' 'sw 415 'Rfb' ..-.l w,,,......--..-.......s,.....,.,..t,-.4s..., ,-.,. ,.,. , , ., .. 415, A K J, ATKINS, JERRY Varsity Club Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball BELIS, PETRA R. Band Campus Hostess Drill Team BEJARANO, DELFINA BIRD, JANE Campus Hostess F.T.A. F.H.A. 47 BERT, JERRY BIRT, MARY BLACK, DENNIS Cross Country Girls' Glee BLEVINS, JUDY F.H.A. BOONE, LARRY R. BOLTON, CAROLE LYNN J.V, Baseball Songleader J.V. Basketball Friendship Cee Basketball BOERSMA, JANE Friendship G.A.A. C.S.F. Girls' League Board Ar? Club BOSMA. WlNONA A- BOTHOF, GARY BOWEN, LOIS D. BRANSON, BUDDY Frontiersman Drill Team Varsity Football Campus Hostess Varsity Tennis Annual Staff Cele Basketball BRATCHER, DWAYNE BROERSMA, DAWN LUCILLE Varsity Football Head Song Leader Varsity Baseball Leadership Varsity Club Friendship qs, ,A V emi -A f--- Ly, f, Omaizl est.-QZZ4: R BSHARAH, RICHARD BROWN, PAT A. BROWN PAT G' senate Campus Hostess F-B-L-A Intramural Volleyball F.H.A, PGV' American Fontiersmen 'Q ' s rf .JA XPNEI. .'ff:.:iC . --1.M.:,g 'mt ,Q-Lug., If .4-s,.11'-H3 ,A ,, ,,.,, . . 'Lt' U1 'V' ' J'4'.'t .T. -txfg .g- 'J' ' 50 BUTKOVICH, FRANCES M. Modern Dance Friendship Biology Club CALDWELL, ALLEN Annual Staff Cavaliers BURKHART, BOB Frontiersman BULTHUIS, PETE G. Fund Raising Committee CAFFEY, BETTE Flagtwirler Friendship Campus Hostess CAMPBELL, JANET LYNN Student Body Vice President Drill Team - Head Friendship CARLSON, GARY Varsity Football Varsity Baseball CARDOZA, HELEN Varsity Club im-v V if OFFMAN, SHERRY EVONNE Modern Dance Campus Hostess COITO, LEE Varsity Football Varsity Club Varsity Track K- Q27 4 gfgi A I ., o f it so A i t . iivgggvi CHAPIN, GEORGE CLEMENTS, TOM Varsity Football Cavaliers B Football Cadets B Track F.T.A. 'fest COOKMAN, DENNIS Intramural Football CONTRERAS, DAN Intramural Basketball VGFSHY Baseball COITO, DOUG Varsity Football B Track Senate COOK. MICHAEL Varsity Football B Football Varsity Club COSPER, JOAN C. Modern Dance A Cappella Choir Pan American COTTRELL, JOANNE C.S.F. G.A.A. Math Club DAVIDSON, JERRY 3 COTTER, EMMALENI F.T.A. Campus Hostess Arr Club Xi .nn-xx DQBARGE, HENRY M. Band CRAIG, KAYE S.B. President C.S.F. Friendship DAVIS, CHARLENE FAY Friendship F.T.A. Drill Team DeBOER, ROGER Senator DECKER, GUY A. DE VRIES, JOHN DODSON, DeSHAZER, C.L, ng: v 'lvitfri ' DODD, BRENDA JEAN C.S.F. Jr. Class V,P. F.T.A. J. EUGENE DRULIAS, DENNIS Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball 'S 5 DORMAN, BEVERLY r W: Ways and Means DUGAN, BARBARA J Band Orchestra Campus Hostess EDENS, CONNIE L. EVERHART, PERRY FEA, CATHY Dance Band Friendship Choir Biology Club Band F.H.A. A FERREIRA, DEOUNDA LOL - G.A.A. President Annual Staff FERRAIZ, JOE Pan-American FIEN, LINDA DIAN FLATH, LARRY Head Flag Twirler Cross Country F.T.A. Track FLORES, LUPE Campus Hostess Basketball F.H.A. This page sponsored by Sloans Market, 11827 Centrallia Rd., Artesia, California FUNK, FORST, JACQUELINE L. FRANKEN, DONNA F. FROMM, KATHLEEN Yell l-Glider Campus Hostess Campus Hostess Annual Physical Science Tracksters Senate F.H.A. JOHN LOREN Senate FURGESON, CAROL JEAN Art Club Campus Hostess Cavaliers Maiorette GAFFEY, VIRGINIA Choir GARCIA, ANGELE Rhythmaires Track Friendship GARDNER, DEAN Cross Country GONZALEZ, SALVADOR Physical Science Senate GRAY, JUDY ANN Drill Team Campus Hostess Senate GILREATH, PATSY ANN GILCHRIST, LARRY G.A.A. Art Club Campus Hostess Pan American Club F.H.A. HG Fi 'Gaia , F en GRAS, DAVE Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball GRAY, WARREN W Band Frontiersmen Cavaliers GRIFFITH, COLLEEN Band Tri-M Biology Club GRINSTAFF, JACK GUZMAN, DANNY Varsity Baseball Barsity Baseball Varsity Club HARPOLE, JIM GURULE, GENE Varsity Cross Country Varsity Track GULLEDGE, JOHN Varsity Club HARNESS, JULIE A Glee Club Campus Hostess HAYES, LYNDA HERREMA, JOYCE D. Campus Hostess G.A.A. A HETTINGA, HEIN HIBMA, HATTIE F.H.A. Campus Hosta: HIGHSTREET, CAROL Girls' League Treasurer Friendship G.A.A. HINKLE PERRY H. Tri M President HOLT VIRGINIA LOU REIT, Pl-lYl.l.l5 E. G.A1A. Biology Club F.H.A. 3 UGHTON, ROWENA M. G.A.A. Secretary Campus Hostess F.B.L,A. HOSEY, ANITA M, Biology Club G.A.A. F.T.A. Gi' -exf- .f ff fun HOWARD, PHYLLIS Californian F.T.A. Drill Team HUDDLESTON, DONNA M. Campus Hostess ,pf-N Pan American HUGHES, Wl Ll.Y J. Senate Cavaliers JOE G. ICE, Bll.l.Y lNDlERE, FRANK C. lNGRAM, JANET M. JARVIS, JERRY Officers Club F.H.A. Industrial Arts Club Amateur Radio Club JENKINS, DONALD E. Varsity Tennis Bee Football JOHNSON, EARL c.s,F. KAMPEN, CLARA JONES, HAROLD WAYNE F.H.A. Pres. JOHNSON, IVAN L. Bee Football Friendship Art Club Senate Campus Hostess KENYON, KENNY EUGENE Cavaliers Frontiersmen Varsity Track KREUN, MELVA J. Campus Hostess Drill Team Senate JHOF, BEVERLY JOYCE Steering Committee Drill Team LAMBERT, GEORGE l-ANTlNG, LUCY Varsity Football Friendship Varsity Wrestling F.H.A. "B" Football Senate KUIPER, KAREN ELAINE Sr. Class Treasurer Jr. Class Director of Act Drill Team LANTING, PHYLLIS ANN Sr. Class Secretary Campus Hostess Drill Team C rii 1 3 .-.iiisi if titt - k iizfguxs C ,ig :lst 5 ' TW- Y. 'Ll' l- it 1 E ' wr . r l- T. , X Q' ' Y. dank, MCKEE, DENNIS Varsity Football Track MALONEY, JACKIE Sr. Class Pres. S.B. Secretary Senate LOCKARD, ARNOLD D. Tennis LOVETT, WAYNE H. Intramural Volleyball Bee Foofbgll , , MCWILLIAMS, SUE Drill Team F.B.L.A. F.H.A. MA RC ROFT, BOB Cavaliers Choir MARQUEZ, ANDY R. MARTIN, CLAUDETTE Varsity Football G.A.A. Varsity Baseball Pep Club MAXWELL, DOLORES ROSE Drill Team F.H.A. Cafeteria 81 Chuck Wagon MIERSMA, HARRY MARTIN, VIOLET Campus Hostess G.A.A. MARTINEZ, MILDRED FRANCES F.H.A. F.B.L.A, 51... , MATTHEWS, TOM "C" Basketball Cross Country "B" Basketball MI LLAR, DENNIS Varsity Football Wrestling Cavaliers MILROY, ALYCE M. Campus Hostess Drill Team MILLER, BARBARA L. F.H.A. MOENNING, GENE P. Industrial Arts MONGOLD, FRED Art Club Drama Club C Track Cavaliers g H133 ,, . . .. M su ,aff 1, In -I ff' c,, ww MOLLES, LORRAINE Senate G.A.A. Ways 81 Means W, ik: 'KN 'fir' MOORE, RUBY FAYE F.B.L.A. Drill Team Campus Hostess MORPHEW, GLEN MOWRER, PATRICIA I.. Ways 8K Means F.B.L.A. G.A.A. YU!- MORRISON, SHELBA F.H.A. G.A.A. Campus Hostess NEGLEY, EDNA MAY G.A.A. Campus Hostess F.H.A. NELSON, DIAN MAURINE G.A.A. Campus Hostess Girls' League Ex. Bd. NEWBOLD, PHYLLIS J, NELSON, DAVID Wrestling Art Club vm... I A f Stage Crew S A Qvl If H TEDAGT, TINA I' League Pres. C.S.F. Flagtwirler NORRIS, GARY NELSON, RAYMOND GENE "C" Track "B" Track J.V. Cross Country OBERSHAW, NORMA O'LOUGHLIN, PATRICIA ORTIZ, WILLIAM M. Physical Science Soph. Steering Comm. Speech Club Math Club PACKARD, RAYLENE J. Songleader Drama Club Speech Club PARRIERA, DANNY LOU ISE Senate Choir Cavaliers 66 PAUGH, PAT Yell Leader Drama Club Art Club PADILLA, SAM Varsity Football Varsity Club Boys' League Treas PEACOCK, CLIFF R' r Q SF S jim. J ,L .C , 5 f-,ws I gg li I ,si I, A w: 'I- :mfs PEREIRA, JACK PETON, JUDY ANN PLEMON, BUDDY F.F.A. Campus Hostess Officials Modern Dance Pan American Frosh Sgt.-at-Arms Senior Sgt.-at-Arms Pon American INDEXTER, SUSAN GAIL S.B. Secretary Flagtwirler C,S.F. H , fi ., PORTE, CECIL PORTER, BUNNY POOL, FRED Varsity Club "B" Football Officials Club PRICE, PATRICIA JO Girls' League Vice-Pres Friendship Ex. Bd. Annual Staff KW' This page is sponsored by the Artesia High School Californian Staff au.. RAMIREZ, HENRY Varsity Football Varsity Baseball J.V. Baseball REED, JUDY KAY C.S.F. Senior Steering Comm. G.A.A. PRIETO, MARGARET F.H.A. RAHDER, EARL Campus Hostess Band Student Accounts Pep Bond RAMERIZ, JOHN REINKING, JEAN G.A.A. Campus Hostess Friendship REYNOLDS, SANDRA MARY Drill Team F.H.A. mos, REBECCA Pan American Aff Cl'-fb 13 f' ROMBERG, RON J.V. Baseball ROSS, KAREN ROBERTSON, JANET RlVERA, GLORIA Chour F.H.A. Campus Hostess Drull Team Girls Glee ROMKEMA, WlLLIAM RORICK, RICKY A. Art Club A1 SALDANA, BEATRICE A. Senior Class Dir. of Act. SALTER. PHYI-U5 ANN G.A.A. G.A.A. Choir Campus Hostess SANTOS, JOHN A. Varsity Cross Country Track "B" Basketball SAUDE, GILBERT Intramural Basketball Intramural Football SCHEER SCARBOROUGH, JOY Drill Team ,QT SILVEIRA, JANET Girls' League Board Steering Committee G.A.A. SCHOFIELD, SHIELA Campus Hostess Chairman G.A.A. MARIE SOUZA, AL J.V. Cross Country "B" Basketball ENS, PATRICIA G.A.A. Tampus Hostess Biology Club SMITH, Casanova Contest SMITH, TOM STERK, JAMES Varsity Baseball Varsity Club SMITH, FRANK SOARES, MARJORIE MARIE Ano de Oro Editor G.A.A. Senior Steering Comm. STEVENS, KERMIT STIP, CAROL STIRLING, JIM A. "B" Track Campus Hostess Cavaliers J.V. Cross Country Ways 8K Means Biology Club Industrial Arts Club F.B.L.A. Stage Crew STONE, TOMMY L. STORY, TONY STUART, DIANA TAYLOR, SHARON R, G.A.A. TATE, DOLLIE N.F.L. President F.H.A. F.H.A. G.A.A. Historian Steering Committee Campus Hostess C.S.F. T l THOMAS, DAVID J. THOMAS, LINDA IRENE THROWER, CAROLYN JOY Cavaliers Drill Team C.S.F. Biology Club Steering Committee F.T.A. Speech Club Campus Hostess Band TIEMENS, SHIRLEY TOR RES, FRANCES Art Club G.A.A. Campus Hostess F.B.L.A. TRUJILLO, DAVID VANDE STEEG, NICK TYGCIK VANDE BRAKE, GARY Pan American Band Pan American Physical Science Sendie Physical Science Californian Staff VAN ZANTEN, CORA Soph. Steering Comm. F.H.A. VERBOOM, JOHN VAN KAMPEN, JOHN VAN KAMPEN, MARITA Varsity Football S.B. Treasurer Varsity Club Campus Hostess Frontiersmen Art Club VEGA, ROBERT M. Cross Country "C" Track Pan Americon VERBOOM, MARY Campus Hostess F.H.A. F.B.L.A. VERNAK, MICHAELEEN VELDHUIZEN, TOM Friendship Frontlersmon G.A.A. Cavalier F.B.L.A. S.B. Sgt. ot Arms VISSER, MARIUS B. VOS, JANICE ARLENE Choir Girls' Glee VINES, KATHERINE VEREEN, JOY M. Yell Leader Senate Junior Play Football Boosters G.A.A. l VITONE, TONY WALDEN, JIMMIE Pan American Track Cross Country WALKER, ROD WALLACE, THELMA Varsity Football C,S,F, VCII'Slfy BC1Sl!elbC1ll Rally Committee Varsity Club Annual Staff WERICK, EDWARD III WHITNEY, CAROLE D FG md WATSON, J IM WHIPPLE. CHESTER WILKINSON, CONNIE R. Senior Vice President Songleclder F.B.L.A. Secretary WOOTEN, NELDA RUTH Ways 8- Means RIGHT, CAROLYN JAYNE Publicity Club F.B.L.A. LENMEYER, EARL Drama Cavaliers 'N I Bemors iz 1? ion Cf its GENE GRULE Artesia Varsity Cross Country 8. Track Star JOHN VANKAMPEN Varsity Football Artesia vs. Bosco Tech iv 5, Girls' Glee G,A.A. Q M ti. v Qu... i 7M""'W"'i'q ZYLSTRA, DONNA K. Campus Hostess MARRIETTA, DELORES Drill Team DWAYNE BRATCHER Varsity Football Artesia vs. South Torrance il g 5 5 5 . i ii - 5 Q 5 A I 3 Eff is -I kj - x Q it T t K i x K . . T 1 cAieoLE eoL'roN a. A RAYLENE PACKARD E' f It t , participating in 'Z my T, 35: 5 if A the Annual Assembly fl y E .t,r i i j . 'Q A Ron Romberg Varsity Basketball Artesia vs, San Marino T Jerry Atkins Varsity Basketball Artesia vs, Bell Gardens Ii' Linda Fein Head Flag Twirler Dennis Drulins Varsity Baseball Artesia vs. South Pasadena Dave Gras Artesia vs. Dawn Broersma Head Song Leader Dennis Drulias Varsity Football Artesia vs. South Torrance Varsity Basketball Temple City Safufmforiarz Joanne Cottrell is Sclufoforion of The Class of 1960 with 1282.25 honor points. fVa!eJZcf0rZa1z Voledicrorion of The Closs of 1960 is Tino Nooifgedogf with on honor point Total of 1314.8O. Best Spirit, Carole' Bolton ond Gene Highfill mfs fanJi1zq Best Personality Jackie Moloney cmd John Van Kompen '90 .+ ,SJ ff.,- 9-X, . ' wiv, v 9 - F VAFFITY A CJD? 5 1 sf lf' -..Nu L 1 fi Seniors Best All Round-Connie Wilkinson, Dennis Drulius. .Que-.. Most Likely to Succeed - Tino Nooiigedught, Dwayne Brctcher. 81 Kala I ' Y nfl will 1 - ' A ' v A f' 11" 'W ' -,... , L W, . Q if Q.-A R Q 2 ,- . . f X -A n W A ip, W- X 1 Q1 U 5 I A e- if N . R f ' X' ' I ,k-i M. , S .L Ax' i . ' , 'QL WE, Q, , mf' ' ,A W A , XX . - "' -s' 'in 1. an ,, K X .d 5 Q X- Q N Q v wr fb- ,, ,K , V r , , ge. f ,Q p A fu 'r . S ix ,"", '.,.'w , f M N , ' H . , . . M f M x -- .R v jk x ' , l W T., N- 4 A 4 ' f ' L' Q, , .. ww v s, 'E H f K, E2 A Y ' -wk - " if A up an 1' new 955:-Q ,kk ,. ,S J , ,' 3 Q. Q qi uh , ,H , A l Q-'Li'-fn. " P - V l K .. v w 5 WX., v A v ' 1 L , xr. am -IX Y.. 'Y kk ... ... '11, as .- .xxx -4 Xi. v 7 VK .M A 4' w -SM Wt f"..v'.H . . J' Qgvz, . K,,.15ii BLQ1- N w Y VL ' K Q3 gh , A JK.: 1' -. ' Y V ,, . . 3 , Q ' , :LA W f 5' 0' ' V f I 3 Aw, ,ix , . A -9- Q W ' ' Q?-V""F"r'EQ , b i M74 ".4xy,3gefk Wfs' .. 3 Q Q' jf' Ly- -fytfbf-ir"M 'ff -gf. drag J' - W 5 .-M . - - , gg-Lf ,s . 55 'ff . A :fi 'ig Q L 5 1-.ff 5 .1 ff kA.k K ' - ' 'Q ff. N i H .-nx,Q f Af sk-r A . i . Nfl A.. Q 'Pix--.. V A Q 544 , ,,,,Jff mvfigvf 1. WM- "fm,-X - l Y - fl. 'A Q-' .Q-J v'X'.1'4 .5395 3 xt f 4 A igfi-'P' . kim. 'gl 4 W Q awww 4 N1 'fm' il 54 vs Auf., , 1 I I . 1 v. iff Q, BA X, sk 'Sk x 'mv' TX. gf 5 SL nigh Q,-V ff' 1 ff X Y 'T X Aff. .muy ,,, elziors on Haifa? fi meggz,-g:.i iAi:En --f. - V. ig xr. k K W-fa L . ,g.. , ' i w 3? 4 X m fr N 1 . . is 1 'lie . -f -f .QQ 11 dew X , Q Nie- T 155.54 Q ' S' E za' T' s F1 C' Co-editors of .N N-1 - ls if? 5 'E 3 F i 5 1 As S fff J ,S-,K 2. J .km ii ii As. ,x.b ' and Beverly Carole Smsth, Art mzuaf Siu ' ffm -:? .,....c M-Www -SQS ES -Q N t st .. ff-Q tu I '22'fi:29 3s:5.:'22f:'Eii:,-:TIN xii-:-3536? X2..S...2 S5131-c:Q'5g 'SQA X 1 E 5 1 sfffff- f -S A f . Q 52.5- X Q Q? S . 'YES' Q-gf, 'M x .M -f WJ, --1. giggles X 1. a ., "mieSTtE ,ik I i i Sports Section: Jerry Atkins, Fred Pool, Sum Padilla. .f Activity Section Lois iowen, facci Kathy Et. 5 W K 21-1 wg' Wx. 47 Margaret Priefo, Business no de Oro, of work, 14- Seniors I sw" 5 ' k, -F-4 1' -'sf 'F KK .Wy ., A., ., .. ocxding up for Senior D .... , ff itch Day. 5 X my ,ff-si 'QR Jane Boersma woitinglfto have It R p c ure taken. pf' IX ! s .M-Ji Lv I 1 5 'H Senior Class of "6O" discuss- ing the tradition that they are establishing - Senior Dress- Up Day, ,J .auf Els 1 is ii,s, sfrss 0 1 Senior Steering Committee - ROW li B. Dodd, F. Butkovich, B. Salclana, C. Wilkinson. ROW II: A. Marquez, J. Herrema, J. Reed, G. Allen, P. Salter, T. Wallace, J. Maloney, B. Plemon. ROW III: R. Walker, G. Bothof, C. Highstreet, C. Van Zanten, K. Kuiper, P. Lanting, H. Jones, J. Van Kampen. R I W MM new A ' --M .,.... M.. -. K, 3- 'xx fr 5 NM- 1 X 9. ,-r ' z Cb ff fit V A 7 H , -M WMM- -- ""ffi"T1 A Y . Q N ,AX-is Q kk.. A .. 31 X Y 'kbsffs' Q' I xxN 9+ 'wid .Sufi 2 f . A ' K ws. , H "Fun . -, N Vi , 7' ai is F ma ., iii 'ri R ff 15 X,.9 A A . - , Lyigxg k v fi- A. me S LV. I L.- . . AV ,g i, Luzior isfory As freshmen we entered with high spirits and adventurous ambitions. Mike Rogers was selected as President of our class. We enjoyed the games and social affairs which were held for the stu- dents at Artesia High. Although we went through our first year sponsoring no activities at all, we were already to face our Sophomore year with exciting and new ideas. Under the leadership of Bob Goar, our president, we started the year off with an Ice Cream Social, which went off with a blast and was enoyed by all. Besides the lce Cream Social, we also enioyed music and dancing while eating. Rebel Without A Cause, starring James Dean was sponsored by our Sophomore class. This movie was supported by the majority of the Stu- dent Body. The Box Social, which was given for Sophomores only, was a greater success than expected. We sponsored two after-game dances, one during football season and one during basketball season, Our last and greatest success was the Beatnik Dance. This was a new experience to the whole student body, and added to the entertainment at Artesia High. We started our Junior year by electing Charolett Loard as President. We started planning for the Junior-Senior Prom which we are to sponsor in June. The first activity sponsored by the Jun- ior class was an after-game dance during basketball season. The Christmas card sale took up quite a bit of time and was very successful. Our future plans are to have a "Beatnik Dance," pick out our Senior Sweater Emblem and to put on the nicest Junior-Senior Prom ever! President CHARLLOTTE LORD Vice President MARILYN DE VRIES Lmior if K- ix -pa- fnw, ,asv F Se-creto ry VERA PALACIO Sgt. at Arms He played The violin in e high school orchestra fx - X Director of Activities ARLINE LOPES CARL BURNETT MRS DRAGES MR OBRIEN MR REID MR. HALSTED Treasurer RANDY JOSE This page is sponsorvd by .lllIli0I' Class of ffrtvsfa High Srliool E 5: ef f' ' -L . , rre,a. M ' -A l 3 Q L 1 Q. xj A A X 4 lx r' ' ' fl3if,f...fl't'i L l , :- l , 2.2. 1 " . Q- l we 4'-wmv 1? .. . . lt cn 'W . 42. f B' V 4 ,pl-'QL lk " ln . ROW I: P. Agurirro, D. Allen, T. Alvarado, J. Alvis, F. Amaro, B. Anderson. ROW 2. J. Ariaz, H. Bacorn, B. Bakker, L. Bailey, B. Beck, S. Beck. OW 3: S. Befarano, D. Belcher, L. Beltran, O. Bennett, K. Bently, D. Berryhill. ROW 4: M. Bettencourt, L. Blay, S. Boardman, J Boersma, W. Bokma, J. Bollema. ROW 5: L. Bomgars, H. Bontie, R. Bonvillian, R. Bostick, C. Bothof, S. Bouma. 94 .f-J. 3' pv- l yk 1, l f 1" I -.A .ri F17 .f .QV E' TE' 5 iv- 'Ci' w 25' a 1 1 -"' . 'ng 'Ulf J 'V E' ilb J ar 5.11. ll' ' 225 N GT l. n ."'. bw -Q, l 1. i .. 71 Qs' X5 ..xA .,f Wa' J fr lx QS ll-22 .A A 73 ' .N Q . g R Q lx il . xxx Q , is S . .. . ..XXx. ROW 1: L. Brainard, D. Brafcher, L. Broderson, U. brown, U. brown, L.. Brown. ROW 2: S. Brown, B. Buckelew, C. Burnett, M. Burns, N Burwell, V. Caldwell. ROW 3: R. Calvillo, D. Campbell, L. Campbell, M. Canhoto, M. Canhoto, G. Carpenter. ROW 4: J. Carrera, J Caven, S. Chacon, F. Chander, A. Cheser, O. Choate. ROW 5. J. Clark, D. Click, J. Cline, J. Cloo, J. Cloo. S. Cnossen. ROW I: G. Coito, J. Colgan, J. Collins, D. Cook, L. Casper, L. Crago. ROW 2: J. Craven, S. Curti, M. Dantema, M. Davis, M. Davis, L. Dean. ROW 3: D. DeGraaff, G. Denning, K. De Vries, M. de Vries, G. Donahue, K. Drulias. ROW 4: D. Dunlap, T. Dunham, J. Duncan, D. Eggers, R. Ehrman, T. Elkins. ROW 5: J. Elms, H. Emmons, N. Esfeves, R. Fenger, B. Ferguson, R. Foster. .5"'WH. . ir' 4 'F C wi ' :fin fi Q WA : 'Q X k.,,p.,,m K . .- 4' K 'plum J x 9 W 3 ' f F55 Q- I J Q . . rf -Q Q A sf 'U Q x Qi I si iw, if I .Ai K K , - i 1 'Q . IP ,di in J 1 R ss'l XJ' 1 E .. .. .. i up .Q .. 54 . R :. - 'E I, , K :W 1 'X 'K JU ll ip, ws. , 'av-I - 19 ' 1' H-Y' l . E fr .fn i A Qtr, 1 V C.-. Q vi ROW If C. Fox, L. Foy, R. Franco, P. Franks, F. Freeman, L. Fussell. ROW 2: T. Gaffey, M. Gamboni, C. Gamel, R. Gaston, S. Gaitis, R Gaxiola. ROW 3: P. Gibson, N. Girten, B. Goar, J. Gonsalves, N. Gonzales, R. Gonzales. ROW 4: G. Goodman, D. Grady, C. Greider R. Grogins, L. Gross, B. Gruendler. ROW 5: A. Guerro, R. Gullet, K. Hall, M. Hargroves, P. Harness, I. Harrington. 'SIP Nd' NZ- Q., EK l W in K K. 'U' ,. fs ,.-'. ESF 3 X ... -X ,o-1 M s Q-1 is' I , i Z ?s- . ' . 3, , , , ' sm. H 5.1 -4+ ,fx "" f-Q Q k if sr' xr' 4' xg SQ, Yi 'VW l..u..-ff-n D-. . , , Q 'Q -:..-' fir' ,X . A , , ,- . my Wav . "UF 'W 1-M.. W.- A sk K if ,gi ,, L ..'A ' R L Ii .Alix -. .:,?'k.,:LL, X , m , Z.. ii ' L f . wi. , A, 4 5 X. 331.1 K , 3 'if L f. '- l . li . bf' . anus ,E - I T :Q 55 R p s . by .. l .0-. H N ' if Y . . .rg R W li 'V l l 3' la N Q Y M ,fs-sb l 3 Aw 2 . 5 5 f ROW I: M. Hawthorne, L. Herm, L. Herremo, H. Hickey, R. Highfill, S. Highsireef. ROW 2: D. Hilt, P. Hogle, M. Holloway, R. Hopkins, C. Howell, B. Idsingo. ROW 3. B. Isaacs, V. Ivey, J, Jarvis, D. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson. ROW 4: C. Jones, E. Kennedy, M. Kinbell, K. Kotoke, M. Lonting, R. Leclbetter. ROW 5: C. Leonhordf, S. Le Quire, A. Lopes, A. Lopez, l. Lopez, C. Lord. 98 h in R pg: 1 Us 3 M, ..., If 4 ' P R-:sp fix ,599 k.f"",. . M 359 K X x 1 Q R 'A 'Sw f - .,.. J. I - kkf.k:X 4' Q 35 R ei . 'J' X -Z. , .1 W W R " 53,35 Q KA 4 X 5 K f S ,uf . . 1 ROW I: M. Luscher, A. MacDonald, P. Moddux, E. Morchbonk, B. Morcho, D. Martinez. ROW 2: E. Masferson, J. Mofhews, S. Maxton, C. McAllister, T. McConnell, S. McGc1rvin. ROW 3: D. Mclmyre, D. McKee, J, McKee, B. Mcloren, J. McLean, E. Menchoro. ROW 4: E. Meyer, C. Miller, S, Miller, B. Mimms, N. Moore, S. Mork. ROW 5: W. Morser, E. Murphy, P. Murillo, K. Myers, L. Myers, J. Noding. 99 ROW 1: B, Neal, M. Negley, C. Nelson, R. Newman, P. Noe, B. Obermeyer. ROW 2: D Ormonde L Ott M Parks M Partaun P Patterson, R. Pearcy. ROW 3: V. Peloquin, F. Perez, N. Perkins, R. Perry, M. Piester, J. Pp ROW 4 J Prtts C Polhemus D o e M. Porter, P, Postma , B. Prescott, ROW 5: T. Ramirez, S. Reams, K. Riddle, G. Rios, A. Roberts L Roberts fl llllat' 9 Y so A r fk fx...-4' ROW 1: B. Robertson, B. Robertson, J. Robinson, A. Rodriquez, R. Rodriquez, M. Rogers. ROW 2: G. Rocha, M. Romkemo, M. Rorick V Ruiz, J. Rvmell, J. Rydalch. ROW 3: P. Shipley, M. Shoopman, B. Shakespeare, G, Schimmels, J. Schmidt, T. Sena. ROW 4: S. Silvelra J. Simpa, D. Slayton, T. Slayton, D. Smith, R. Smith. ROW 5: J. Steele, V. Strange, D. Stefani, R. Stefani, R. Sten, C. Story. 3 Jb- . W VSJS S Q ,A S . 4 1 . i ---a .fmxsgff 55' 3'0- H. f A x kkfwyf i 1 i ' v fp -Y lt. 2' . 4 Q If 'Wi fu-.QB . A.-J: : ' I, '-F 'l' !""N V1 K. 'Ili fs x Qu-.- 3 x- K 3 a n 9 Wx . M1 nd. Av- -fq ri f i 1 4 5 if is . ... Q ., , ,. 52, . W ' , x .Q if , or v "H- f 1 It 7 , r y mx' aw .. T. ,. KA A- ,, -it 'C' fm- ,f ,Af , rw ,. 5, ... . i b fn. ,K iff in ' A ' -W H. w f if af 9' A 41 Af? 1. N 5 . , e X.. 'gg Q '55 xi Q, Q R Q'- : P grin. 'CF 33 "F"u. 5, ,fr ,Noi W' w,.,... Kf- X fr ' :R 4 gr , .... . Wy' X 1 in Q 1 . .... 7 T' ,iw wg ll ROW I: R. Soiorzana, J. Sumrow, E. Shaw, D. Tafoya, N. Tafoya, J. Tague, ROW 2: T. Tate, T. Tawser, M. Taylor, D. Teixeira, J. Thomp- son, D. Tinsefh. ROW 3: E. Tol, L. Torpy, G. Trujillo, P. Uhrich, G. Van Leeween, B. Van Uen. ROW 4: R. Vargas, D. Vidales, C. Virgin, C. Wade, S. Wade, B. Walden. ROW 5: J. Walker, C. Ward, D. Warriner, J. Waiers, B. Way, D. Webb. TOQ M if- J - SQ? L: , . .. N at K ., I L : S if W C W 11. , x K K I .. . , X mu... e',.'Z ' X' A - .4 Q as , ngfix ' C -4 ' 3' :' Rf 1: .- "' . 5 I ." .V l K HT fx :l'f 9 LV.V .. , . A i f ls: L 'rw , , ,lv . A I M - . .Ui i. wa N is ' -61 "" ' Q . Q at - of vll 1 Q E 1. K i n , we K K U 1 M h in V. . 5... K W E. A Rsggssgikx f N K 'sf fi I i A H is 'V ' . I f E C' if 1 5 My his W W x NF - tk k kik kikg W . aa Q. M .,..,,, . . . Rf .. J A K, N Q, ,,., K Q .L ,, J DP -. ',f, , . g fb '.-L . 3 . D. H, f "'k A . 'f J? SEQ lx I . R Z . - ' . 7 " R' E ' in' - J ,,n W, ,, , - ,gg..,......,. XQ Q .. .. s " ROW If G, Wells, N. Weidsmo, F. Wheller, J. Wickizer, A, Willicxms, P. William. ROW ll: B. Wise, J. Wise, L, Wright, H. Yonez, J. Yonkers. ROW lll: T, Zondvliet, S. Zovobu, L, Smith, D. Asher, R. Burger, F. Benies. ROW IV. S. Blockburr, G, Brock, J. Collins, C. Cummins, H. Debil, M, Dixon. ROW V1 D, Dodgion, C. Downs, D. Former, D. Fietzek, R. Grocio,,C. Gilbert. IO3 - Y' Ti' ROW l: M. Groce, L. Hoyes, R. Jose, S. Kookuo, J. Kendig, M. Leol. ROW II: L. Leonordo, E. Long, N. Lovell, J. Lower, H. Mills, J. Pczul. ROW III: P. Perez. D. Prewitt, S. Romok, N. Ridlon, L. Robidoux, L. Rocha. ROW IV: M. Rocho, P. Rodney, E. Rodriguez, M. Scheynoyder, P. Shatter, V, Sloyton. ROW V: M. Smith, S. Stevenson, H. Stewart, R. Stucker, Tolley, J. Tonquory. ..Rrr .rl ,S R ...mi or L teer . .. . al.. VVLL L. W ' NL r"A1' E . .u l 'Q , L. iz . ' RLLR 4 Rlrr R L o....rl """"' L J R R W RRRL or . -,X . v . ! X 3 3 l L , ' - ' ., r R ' ' WL .," L. i .gnu-. -at f -.:r yy ...K -V v 119 sf' 1995" ?' Q Sv PIE: x 3-my-1' 'it mug., ti . 'W' . y,:. .- I , ROW I: L. Tosti, L. Utter, P. Vander Poel, Y. Vink, C. Vifone, C. Wood. ROW II: B. Wooten, R. Young, B. Westoby, J. Wheeler, D. Dingess, S. Miller. ROW III: M. Roce, M. Romero, S. Swanson. wif 'N ,QQ X-,an 1, , NWA' M 9.3! 'QF' 5 ix fN 'Yr 'w -'Ti ,gi K Q, Ku Q if T-as 3 'Mx xxkh .. J t eg ' Wf'3?-cx 1.-4 ' ,5 +V W. 'Ima 'N Y.- Luzior cfivifies Juniors on Quad gms, - Q. Sopkomore isfory The Sophomore Class has spent much time planning activities to increase the social life of Ar- tesia High School students. The purpose of the Sophomore class sponsored activities was a double one: to provide fun for Artesia students, and to fatten the Sophomore class treasury Last year, as freshmen, we concentrated all our effort on one fund-raising proiect, the Fresh- man movie. The Pride of Saint Louis was enioyed b ya large audience, and added the first black figures to the credit side of our ledger. This year we have been busily planning social events. Last October, while the weather was warm and sunny, we sponsored an "ice-cream social." A capacity crowd relaxed after school to the strains of cool music and the tempting treat of delicious ice cream. We got 1960 off to a big start by sponsoring two popular social events. "The Leap Year Hop," an aftergame dance based on the idea that this is the year for the girls to catch their men, was a Sophomore activity. We also showed the movie, Tummy and the Bachelor, which helped to carry out the Leap Year theme. To tempt the palate, busy sophomores have been selling caramel apples on campus two Thurs- days a month. We also hope to fatten up the student body with our last social activity of the year, a Box Lunch social to be held in April. This page is sponsored by Homeroom 503 - Mrs. Halbert - Artesia High School President LINDA RAMSEY Secretory JUDY SMITH opkomo V6 fam, Vice-President TON! VIERRA is VTP . -' 'ner' 31 t .ai 6,.,. Sgr. at Arms NORMAN FLOWERS MR. WHITING N MISS BRAHAM MR. FERRY MRS. MCGREW Director of Activities DOTTY ESCALANTE Treasurer JEAN WALKER This page is Sponsored by Wealvefs Cleaners. 19117 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Cali .V "'kk . . , Q ,l ' J .. ,f ar ,,, i W 5' vu" . A 12 f 5. . .Ju-I '- . 3 I- ,. 4 uv - 3? g s , ,W 5 X an 5 ff' 1 H J .. I: ,. 57: .V Ibm i K at .M it A -' y JI, I Y . f Q' ,unix 1... 'vu .-. , f 555 'wg 5 gggwxsrr i 315 o-. r ,Y . A Q2 1 1 4 'E' ROW I: E. Adams, E. Ablers, J. Allen, M. Almazan, C. Alvarado, C. Alvarado, J. Alves. ROW II. F. Amaro, I. Amezcuo J Anderson W. Anderson, W. Andrade, D Andrus, M. Ariaz. ROW III: D, Arrowood, C. Atkins, N. Aurio, A. Boker, J. Barnes, T. Bostik, L. Becker ROW IV V. Betkhom, M. Beers, M. Beiis, I. Berry, H, Berfencourt, W, Biliy, D. Birchfield. ROW V: J. Birr, J. Belvins, T. Bodkins, B. Bodtker T Bonvllllan J. Boone, D. Booth. ROW VI: D. Booth, T. Bosmo, F. Boyd, P, Branson, R. Briten, A. Brogdon, S. Brunner. HO i 56 J' , v- Y " .9 Q Z X 4 , gk I X Q5 , . ...f-2311 Xrgv f r . f Q gg If , V QQ QX: . V J E 5 ,,Vh "' ..... f f. ,V . , l . 4 . e 'I ef: gf, V 36" F ,ff ' i,4x gf i rl! N A , fe x ' Vi. A .M v 1-C F Q E. x 'im' 1: 1 . "v'..X- l 1.5 I di songs .n 'an X -. -tr , 1-.kxfr tx , Q' Zn f .is-6 :J K. .K A. V41 u 4 A GW J' .1 N ' ffl E 5 P Q' ' 5 4 .- - .nh . v Q. W' 15,1 rf tt, Yi .ex ' K -... Q-'iw X ox 5... Y . X ,. 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ROW IV: P Furgeson P. Gamble, V. Garcia, V. Garcia, J. Gomberg, A. Gonzalez, R. Goodman. ROW V: P. Gotta, S. Gougler, C. Grady, B. Graham E Granada Gras, E. Groth. ROW VI: G. Guerrero, J. Guerrero, J. Gulledge, D. Grule, E, Grule, B. Haakma, K. Hancock. I , .,.....fA N X if E... y N ,' fl l x X I 1 " X, Xu E . U 4 1 Q I 'V I J Vg J F 'R , l F ' All . - A f .i I J l .H 1. of ,,,,4,',, K Magg y : M gr, . A f I .f iiiiss!.'g:5irti .. fl '1 it 1 1 E.. -in -1 Zll Q, 4 ,,, ,V 0 "3" ' Al 'i n f .fw if A Ja- 9 . Ig X .7 J H. , L - 'A ' xii: . 1 . , Q' Q ,K . . BF: f.. I Q. X 1 l J A .ll . I nu , ae "' ' ' f X fr .5 if 1' 147. , r i A - f, I i " if i J .. . J X . 1 :nl xi .,, .'i ll l . .,, 'W' iiel 3 ...l , .litl ll f' ll W F ,Hx 'ffl he F E A is .- ROW I: B. Hansen, G. Hansen, L. Hansen, J. Harismendy, L. B. Hemphill, I. Hemphill, B. Herm, R.'Herrema. ROW Ill: A. ldsinga. ROW IV: R. Ingram, M. Isham, T. Jackson, B. Johnson, G. Nelson, L. Murphy, S. Morrison, A. Kinis, H. M. Kuiper, H. Labrow. Harkey, M. Harrington, S. Hcifanaka. ROW ll: D. Hatchetf, G. Helm, S. Helm J. Hernandez, M. Hernandez, V. Hernandez, D. Higham, B. Hinkle, S. Houston, Jansen, B. Jarrett, J. Jarvis, W. Gilchrist. ROW V: W. Nooitgedagr, R. Kellogg. ROW VI: D. Keyes, P. Kimbrough, E. Knolhoff, D. Kruizenza, S. Kuhn, L "1,,"'f g . f if ' - - 4... lf' '- ' f I . . . VVAK A - Q tl-:wi 1, K , ' l ' f ls 7 ,f 5' 1 .,. - ,J I 1 , , . A. A K 1 I . . if f ff IX vi I 41 ... , 9 5 . D 7'- g v' at sd V l rf' 'cg' 7 X I J I I x K A U f .4 -M11 M L +A H-J I I .s -1-us. if - ' 'Q 'lf ,L ' . ,D ., .Q .. A ,a . .4 Q Q 4' l' ax "3-' 5 'H' ' F J, gg K I , . 1 V V t 'g 5' Q 936 - I' h gi "1 2,1 ' 'Siu-l 95. Rv: :FE-I. L lfupqsig go::::::92 YLyL. ' 5.:i ,N X zz ::f::':- er.-::.f:.i. fs. 's':2 ' Q ,K A K 5 I I .4 K 1 'Q A 2 I -X s at -,-+1-...H lac? -. 'J I ri ' -4 sl X -af 5 Y "' uk ""' " 'O ' ll Q A ' A ug . AFP l ' ' .,Q'J v Va.: E.. f Fil! . T2 ls' . in D r- ui if ' l V' K J -Q ,ur . f r' -F . rv . "' ff' K I by Q . ,Q Q: L-g ROW I: E. LaFrance, P. Laie, P. Laion, S. Lanting, P. Lapp, G. Larsen, M. Lawson. ROW II: R. Leal, D. Leatherwood D. Ledgerwood, G. Loflin, J. Lopes, B. Lower, C. Ludingfon., ROW III: P. Lodington, A. Lugo, D. Lugo, C. Lyman, W. Lynch, L. Mennill, K. Rutan. ROW IV: C. Stuvall, M. Thompson, J. Uiter, J. Vaca, D. Vanderburg, J. Watkins, L. Watson. ROW V: R. Zubiate, E. Whipple. - . .4 P9 xY.h rr- K A' as me 9. , , Resss R f.. L, , H, M , M . .... . . "' . Q 1 . fa . iqlramv . i nw 1, k . W 1. -" .R W A V4.-lV K xg . I X A . ll Xf J 3 ff N, , . X 4 A ll- 'FQ PA If YEI. gulf 4 , NYY I r. Q , gs W R ll . ,, 2 W 3 X rv R .,,. ' . Q . . 3' FN R- XX I z . I 'N' 1'h, i K P . L W . ' , , , , , .sag X ROW I. P. Moenning, M. Mortin, S. Moncisco, R. Lopez, L. Lockord, J. Kimbrel, G. Neol. ROW II: B. Neel, D. Nelson, G. Nelson, M. Neese, J, Nichols, D. Nielsen, B. Niemes. ROW Ill: C. Noble, W. Norris, G. Norton, D, Null, N. Obermeyer, K. O'Lougl'1Iin, G. Oropezo. ROW IV: M, Podillo, F. Polio, D. Ponks, T. Peeples, C. Peefers, J. Pendley, B. Penlicoll. ROW V1 H. Perdon, M. Pereiro, B. Perkins, R. Perez, V. Perez, S. Petrus, T. Petty. ROW VI. E. Piester, J. Posey, B. Price, T. Pritchord, S. Quinn, D. Robiolo, Y. Romirez, H5 ROW I: R. Gossett, S. Johnson, P. Reinking, C. Reitberger, G. Rias, Robertson, C. Robertson, G. Rodriquez, l, Rodrequez, ROW Ill: D. Rubis. ROW IV: J. Rumsey, D. Salazar, E. Salinas, B. Sanders, L. Shochey, A. Shryer, S. Siebengartner, T. Siebengartner. ROW M. Richards, R. Richardson. ROW ll: T. Rietalyk, M. Ring, A. Rios, B Rogers, M. Rogers, R. Romero, E, Ronczyk, E. Rosado, L. Rotarius. D D. Sar, L. Sar, R. Scheyer. ROW V: J. Scott, B. Scroggins, B. Sellers, VI: T. Silva, S. Sims, M. Silvkoff, P. Smith, F. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith 1 .nov rf-ae. .Q I 'L f, f' iQ ,. .W L -4 L -L 'f R' l . si P: ei - ei 1 ' W . 5 me 'B . i .... i , Mar I 3 so e . N . . .. .gg ,E X A L A - L fb. :'-rg' N-xii . x S . 1 ,ktg L . L f S - R .sio .l k .r L. , L - " 7,5111 ff ' ,, N., L . ' N 7 - . 'Q 2 In - v , , za- ' '- fi .. . .. . ':"'i-ms. L . - . fi ' , I. I I .. Fe 1 5 Mak: . ' ' - Q 3 3 'll :gli "il A l tx l 4 Rx J l :N . I 4' 5, ff 5' 1: in -ss " -- . " . ROW I: K. Smith, J. Soares, D. Solarez, J. Solorazn, N. Souza, W. Souza. ROW ll: S. Sowders, J. Spins, M. Sfelter, M. Stewart, A. Stip, R. Sfrietzel, N. Stufflebeam. ROW Ill: B. Sugiyama, C. Swanson, M. Tafoya, B. Taylor, R. Tiemens, J. Tiller, R. Thrower. ROW IV: N. Tostie, J. Totusek, J. Tracy, P. Trovao, H. Twamly, A. Uatler, R. Ulrey. ROW V: R. Utesch, J. Vaco, C. Vander Eyk, J. Vander Valk, C. Van Kampen, R. Vasquez. ROW VI: T. Vega, M. Vennema, V. Vidoles, V. Vierra, M. Vink, E. Holland, W. Visser. , , 7 Q. -I . I X an J I I T 'C ' S I If I I 'A gg I I "' ff I' I " .-1 J' f' . I' K + 'I 8i.2J+f2. I Q .Q .3 ar I W J ww- I ,. I -.-2 4 tr X , ' Q fx, 5 r - I ll X S X "' -ff 2. -. -I '-" f' ,.. , ,L ' I 3 , -'I 'v ' fif- y In gf Jfff ig 1- , -E' W' . f -il , . ihx r I I , , , . C I , V ' Mavis. . ,N , ,Q vw 1 S I "x xx . - 4-. G4 . A 4 fa I S' f A ,r a , -1: H6 Sqn cn Ji.. Tiff-2... -fx fl x 6 - ml .. .. - S. 9 I r if ffl if I Q use 3 is 115: ,, , F . ri ' , 4:-'f S + , 1 w , . , L i r i ir lilkd O R R L R ' , f L -M x A S Ai I ' L i - .. ' fl L 4 l i " ' :M is in ,,,. ,S ., b ,I E L L, - .. i iirle . 1 1 -gf 1' , l """ 'ui L . if- . -':-f ff . . Q J ,,WV K V WL, R. I ' ,Q .XO K .. .r.. V' - S W'-35" . R A A - A A , 1, A .. .5 y -Rr . V ,,, i l iiiii ' f .J . . ROW l. P. Wade, E. Wallace, B. Walker, J. Walker, J. Walker, L. Walker, L. Walker. ROW ll. P. Walton, G. Wanfz, D. Ward, J. Warren Y. Weidman, A. Weltzheimer, C. Wheeler. ROW Ill: D. Wiley, B. Williams, R. Williams, M. Wood, T. Yarza, M. York, O. York. ROW IV: M Zaholk, M. Zuniga, J. Zwart, B. Andrews, H. Buinsma, D. Bonney, M. Chavarria. ROW V: S. Davison, L. Decker, S. Falk, J. Foewher, E Holland, J. Kimbrel, L. Lockard. ROW Vl: R. Lopez, S. Manciso, M. Martin, S. Morrison, L. Murphy, G. Nelson, W. Nooirgedagl. ll8 1 Jmhfluon nys.. Sidihoa Snkhnpon Milam J.Moou Lhloron AMOr0n D. Mufmngnu M. Mylar Y. Modal V..-e .... ., 1,4 " T "Ji cAmen4nsc-nr K.Maddvx J.Madson S:Mmtho D.Morrhfh D.Mnrks ' F.Marllnl2 RAM, M.M0rIitnU R.Mnthiou K.Motth LMeGem'llno LIRDUMI! llddaah Eh. Mane D. Mom!! 1 U. Mills ' 6. Mblknd P. Mlfdnllv E A opnomore eiiviiies Dv 1 Sophomores selling Carmel Apples To roise money for their prom! This Page Sponsored by Bransonfs Body and Paint Service, 16620 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia and Troy and Bobis Auto Works, 15940 S. Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk his 1 , A 4? x " ,QP ...S-. sv ' KN Q " s ,pw L, -- lp ..,k .rf -XNf.,M . - fn am X ling,- fv' "R Q W' ku ga sf ' Wx ii' w 'K aw A 6. 'Q X , ,QQ WR , 1 'Riva 5 1 ,XX ' f RMK -,X fam' S R if s v 4 gl' slzmen is fo ry h en Class is one of the largest we have ever This year's Fres m had in the history of Artesia High School. The class, under the able guidance of President Gene Rogers, has been active in various school affairs throughout the year. ' ' h thletic teams, They have had representatives in many of t e a music organizations, G.A.A., pep club, drill team and other s activities numerou . In spring, the class sponsored the movie Mr. Roberts, a humorous movie, enioyed by many ofthe students. Although the Freshmen are lust beginning to get acquainted ' ' coanized as wtih high school life, they are rapidly becoming re the active and outstanding Class of l963. Vice-President GEORGE LGCRIOX President GENE ROGERS Vice-President GEORGE LQCRIOX V65 WLZIZ ,nam -1...q-0 Secretory SHERRY MCCONNELL ,Q ?""'AU Director of Activities GENA GIRTEN A-4 fimtill l N . I , ,F 5. i' IN!! uiuin Q ,4 U O r f 5,2 " " C2 5 V .1 I 'i He went to Alfordsville High School MRS. MCCLURE, MR. KNIGHT Treasurer MARLENE KRUIDHOF This page sponsored by Mac's Refrigeration, 19116 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia ROW I: E. Aoltozor, W. Aonestczd, W. Abbott, D. Akers, L. Alexander, L. Allen, M. Allen, T. Alsup, D. Alvis, E. Androke. ROW Il: B. Andrews, B. Aporijo, C. Arbgost, S. Ashcroft, A. Audomo, T. Audomo, A. Aukemo, M. Bobsky, C. Boies. ROW Ill: M. Boker, F. Bakker, J. Bokker, D. Boll, S. Ballard, V. Barcello, B. Barnes, L. Boborio, F. Burger, F. Bortels. ROW IV: C. Bclrtsmo, T. Bornes, D. Beam, A. Beorden, D. Beoucher, D. Beck, G. Beck, D. Bennet, T. Bento, S. Berg. ROW V. R. Bernol, P. Berry, W. Berryhill, C. Busitzky, M. Bible, T. Block, J, Blumpoin, T. Blythe, G. Boordmon, C. Boersmo. ROW VI: P. Boersrno, L. Bolton, P. Bomgoors, M. Bontje, L. Bostick, M, Borpoto, C. Bothof, J. Boyd, L. Brotcher, R. Crawford. ROW Vll: V. Brozel, R. Breese, W. Bridges, C. Bright, D Broersmo, M. Brogdon, E. Brooks, D.-Bosmo, J. Brown, J. Brown. , , , .... . . . if . . if ,,,,,.... B ft L 2- 1231- . ff-2 ff- f 'B rs- A J 11 .". il I L. ' I - vw i' "" 7 r H L ' ' f - .:- . B .fi . ' it ' ff 'Q--Z'-'L A ' . ' f J . 1 f J ' f . ...J-ig '. f 5 t' A -1 Q . '1 N 323 .Qi 'zz A . Nj N, 4 14 A jx , ,nfs , 427 .Ji fp . T ,, ., V A . . ,Q I fl'l . . t 9 ff 3 431 V M ui ff , iih-J B , R fB LTJXH .. Q-, 3 - is . ,... M ,. ic - am Q. W ,lea ,, . t X: ef .af 4 V v ,, . 3 - 'Q' Q B Q I -2. ' T in J 2 ' X 753' Q S - .J L . ..-2. 1 W- . -' L - ' , -, .Q2,i,, .. 4 'x Q A QT! 'T' e , - A B 'hr C' Q . ,,, . ca fc- 'glial . , .,,. , L xiii, F" Tj' ..B .3 - . lg-f . --,, Bi - - +L - A L' .54 - . 'N .fx ,Q V H ky' in V ,..r , P' K . B, . LLBB . To - l.,BLl . i 'F' Br 51:-'B 4.3: JL. 5 A g l 'N' " C' "' 1 A 3 .,:, f- ' :L V E H, 3. ,mir , L Ax . -C, ., -r fa" " J B l TBBBTTT L C B . t . 'B y . VV . J ' . . . .. .3 .V . . b , 2. ...- :Q f , . 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Delong, Dixon, R. Dodd, P. Dominguez, C. Donahue, M. Donnell, Fair, J. Ferguson, R. Fernandez, J. Fietzek, R. Flora, 125 I ,,,. . ' T . iffy , i..-sv , , - , ne. ,- ,-,ge ,L 32, Q 925- .em-3 IV! " QV h 5 Q fa- Y X 1-5 I I l C lm EK., 54 4' v I, ,, , ei- Jil I lf fv- I ,Ka F W 6 . .au l V l II lk I g 5 S 3 21:35 Y- gg .5 X :llifi 1- I - I I -I-1 2 .E V.: li' .'V VA K?-il' . ig .I ! T 5, , , s L... 5 -, :pri AN : in. .,, h --, -4 . mr' V. .. vw, K. ,ef wHn..N3+ , as 9 .ae.t:.-ag.-- - 'IV sf of P N -- ' . ' f rv 4... .f . I G. V, . -3 11" ip-was If 1 'ff vi... M ff .... -- " N f I-mf-msiiixfw I UL- in ' . V if .f if - - ' iv- ,, ,,, ki -4- A 5 "" -- . of ' - 'Q , I , ff l -f Q 1 ga V, ffiwiff . X gfnm' - I ill I 'ff qi. 1 - B 4, A -3 "' 2 - A' f 2 i I .- .1f.-'LC '25 ,,-- . ,... A e ,LL,-f- 'MAX -"" kk" 1 ,,vs:-Q,sw,- .. laid:-E121 L ' I2 le n:.:1:::--::.- ,. . . f , , I- - , ,K--K , .K,-K..:,,::.5,,,,.,,,.,, SB' 6 1 . fi.."f.'.'x fu- ni' -.-. 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Gonzales, A. Gonzalez, L. Gonsalves, R. Graham, S. Graves, R. Gulleft, S. Hciibel, A. Hansen, J. Hansen, S. Hansen. ROW IV: J. Harri, W. Harringsma, T. Harness, J. Hayes, T. Henderson, W. Henderson, A. Herrandez, R. Herrandez, F. Herrick, P. Hessenclow. ROW V: P. Hester, P. Hester, G, J. Himba, M. Hicks, D. Highstreei, C. Hilf, R. Himes, W. Hix, K. Hoadley. ROW VI: M. I-Iollinshead, G. Holt, B. Holman, R. Honea, J. Horn, P. Horton, B. Hoving, T. Howell, B. Hudson, W. Hudson. ROW VII: P. Hurst, D. Hynds, W. Idsinga, B. Ivey, S. Irwon, T. Jennings, L. Jobe, C. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Johnson. 1 gi' ff' "'- r...: mmrgp V az.. 'A -of . 9, f D K x.....w. 'N ffm.. Q sr M ,MW v K 1 1. 5 wil -'vi rx .f i lr V V 'ji 1, 2 xx., fzrgf Q J, - '-'V .J , up t Q A K 'Q-uv: --"x fl fe I M .. Qt.: 1 l 4 t s A R ,.,.. x ., . ,Ax gg A . J xi .. 1, an we " S S-+..-.ft T -fe ' , - ei S T 4' f' - 'J :..l 1 SY .I .Y,., -5 ,Z-.. V' v F3 Q K ... :. 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Miller H Muller R Mullette R Mitchell, J. Mittelholta, L. Molina, D. Monath, R. Monroe. . Fifi s'-j. J mi.. f .P. . .. ,. L. I i.e,..1.1f sift' .fi ' sm-, elim. .Ll -N. I J... -- Y. :"5fQfl"'. 5 .LW , pt ..,, -gi vi. -ew' Q. nr. I ,fer--wi - ' Q -iii ' ' "K1L .I ROW I: C. Morre, E. Morre, N. Morre, J. Morales, G. Morphew, T. Murillo, M. Murphy, R. Neal, A. Neese, D. Neidel. ROW II: L. Nichols, L. Nielsen, P. Nix, J. Noe, F. Nold, W. Norris, R. Obermeyer, J. Olgham, A. Ortega, B. Paddillo. ROW 3: M. Paddilla, B. Pagetf, D, Panks, M. Parenteau, K. Parker, M. Porriera, W. Pauley, B. Patterson, M. Peloquin, G. Pendleton. ROW IV: J. Pendley, A. Perdon, E. Perrymon, L. Perry, B. Peffus, R. Philpor, J. Pine, M. Polhemus, R. Parras, G. Postma. ROW V: V. Powell, T. Preston, I. Prieto, P. Ramirez, B. Ratcliffe, J. Raymond, B. Reed, B. Reed, M. Reed, E. Ridlon. ROW VI: R. Rierkerk, R. Rivera, R. Rivers, R. Roberts, L. Rocha, I. Rodriguez, J. Rodriguez, R. Rodriguez, R. Rodrigues, R. Roethlisgerger, G. Rodgers. ROW VII: K. Rolish, S. Romberg, R. Romero, L. Ross, Q. Ruddy, J. Ruiz, R. Rutan, O. Salcido, A. Sampson, E. Santos. 1 I 13' . - v I ""' ew "' 'J --. . ca -. - 4- I 'J '7' 'C' .W -'T' L ., . , . . v. K I f-'W "" f . f . -. . '3' -r-fr 'iff '-'- '. I 4 ,lr .of 2 Q: U ' f 5 I . L - . W'l M i A fora Q is o- I gk 1 ff 'f - ' M i .. , - X . 'Shaw ""' I ,af Wa -- 3: 5 V. s 3 . I -:::, .li " I1 R 'f I . ' A :Ali as A P H: I N N ' 'yr' I I is 1 ' -. 1" I QL- .1 . "' . , I I I . ' ,W , llfsfr -3? gf: -.-If ' 'Q 2 -on , "' , -35 .f " Y 'I 'Q - ... "' ef i l "5"- A Nfl 'gl . 1' P - 'J .1 - PM ' ,L . '- A Nl? P ' f , .K ll ll K. 15. . I K . I 'X f' ' A my x NJ X. ' as ff, .9 '-1 . I I 1 I .. f I f 3 fu .if V . ' A 1. W . f A, A 1 ' ff-7' . an -.L A' A I 1 ' .. .- .ZZ . I F . , -- . 1 L... ' j If .5 , g J f' is 3 . Q' .A I , sw asf .2 45' y . ,, gp Q W,-1' ua I-as-V 'yn 1? Z.. H 'il if I if 1 I ,F :wggg ils 'ws .samgf - - ar- .. ...W Q fx K .r A A Xi: I . I ' I U' v .,. I -,JJ "" if J ,N V h ZA, sk gl my V. Vg V. . ., EA b . W- I p - v f , wi. my if- ' 1 . ' Af -T q. , QF I 'I . f . .. P 'M 'dt ' v-1 ' 'J ' '- - ..' - ,gg ....-. . ' Q V - IS jg, ' ' 5 ' A l'k- .. .4 v' LQ.. . ..,. , P ' ' ' - .. - 5 . A my A ina Vkkk Qi.. 4 ::y Az. Vkrk .i Ae . . K: K ROW I: P. Schaefer, C. Scholten, T. Schoor, W. Scott, W. Scroggins, M. Seminario, R. Seville, L. Shafer, C. Shaw, F. Shaw. ROW II: P. Shipley, R. Skaggs, J. Silks, M. Silva, L. Smith, P. Smith, D. Soares, R. Sooter, A. Sorichta, J. Souza. ROW III: D. Soto, J. Spens, B. Souza, J. Stanford, C. Steen, C. Stephenson, R. Steves, M. Stirling, J. Stone, N. Stone. ROW IV: R. Stone, C. Stotts, J. Stotts, M. Strader, B. Stuart, P. Sugiyama, M. Sullivan, J. Swanson, C. Tafoya, J. Tate. ROW V: B Teixeira, D. Teixeira, C. Tetzlaff, C. Timmons, G. Tinseth, J. Titus, B. Todd, R. Torpy, D. Tourney, R. Trapp. ROW VI: M. Troutman, J. Truiillo, R. Truiillo, S. Twamley, C. VandeKieft, J. Vanden Brock, J. Vander Dussen, A. VanderSteIt, R. VanderVaIk,, H. Vander Veat. ROW VII: M. Vander Steeg, G. VanderWoude, M. Var1HoIIand, J, VanZanten, P. Varner, J. Vaughn, A. Villarrael, K. Vos, V. Wallace, S. Warriner. 1 f 7 ,,g: . . I l. ,N - QS , , I . I -X N . a- 'A A- . 'A ' "V ' v' , k Y 2 - my K : .., 4 4-Y y - 0,5 ,,,, - . .ef . X. .-mas: 1 P Q if f -.f ...L A .. x 'II 1.3 vga a av-'vo N ' 1 . -a I - -.... A.. B ,F . ..- ' f E . V . ' f. v-Q-1 , 1. ,JK I 1 wg, W V - . ww ' -. . 1.. I . . ,f- 1 I" f' ' X' Q Q '22 I " i - -X '1 K 8 f 'Q SZ aug' 5 I 1 '- 4 , .. . 4-f Q .. ... f A ,. :gg , 1 .1 ft 5 - AJ. K x . ,kix s , K . . .-.Q f i , any ,V r-fx fx. .- -'gl-0' i--' S .,'-11. . k . ,,,. , xr 3,3 5 S 3 M f . Y TJ' I f f f X 6' Q F if ' 15' , . lb Xe . an QS' 1 si . .4 X . - . 51 . of Q, 2, S 1 'ft 9 A f 'I 59 OJ' .-.1 .sf . I Ba 5 I I. 0 .T .4 V vi. Xin A ,f X ,. rp I rf ,. -I Y 8 .1 S L . X Q f x . f 4. in xv, 'Q I A .X ,, ,Q . 1 - - 'J' . S I ' Ik . X . A 'HV 3173. I 'v-'RF jf x wk . 3 5' . 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He weighed eight lbs. aT birth, anal was The Third child born in a family often children. He began running at the age of nine months, an age at which many babies cannot even walk. When he was eleven months olol, a tragedy occurred that could have affected his running career. He fell from a two story building fracturing his left femur, and was hospitalized for three months with a cast cover- ing half of his body. When Gene was one year old his family moved to Los Alamitos, California, and later to Artesia, where he attenoleol Bloomfield and Killingsworth schools. At Killingsworth Gene was rated as an "A" citizen anal a star athlete. ln high school Gene became even more of a success. Not one of the four years went by without Gene winning some type of championship. As a freshman he placed second in the Cross Country Finals, and was League Champ in the 1320 for the Bee classifi- cation. As a sophomore, Gene was again League Champ in The 1320. He was the League Champ in Cross Country anal placed fourth in the CIF finals. ln his Junior year, Gene again was League Champ in Cross Country, this year placing second in the CIF finals. He repeated as League Champ in the 1320, and went on to place first in CIF. His senior year proved to be the greatest of all. All League Cross Country were two titles that he won, and by the time this story is published, he may have added a few more Track titles to his long list. Outside the league honors Gene has won during this four year career, he has many other important titles on his list. He was champion of the Long Beach Cross Country Invitational in 1958 and 1959, Mt. San Antonio Cross Country Champ in 1959, Pacific lnvi- tational Champion l1957, 1958, 19581, and Long Beach Cross Country Beach Run Champ of 1960. He also placed first in the Huntington Beach Relays in the Mile in 1959. So now Gene may add to his long list of titles, "Ath- lete of the Year ofthe 1960 Ano de Oro." Q65-Ml I Q., 3 . , v s. N ds. 'BS E , , 'N v- if A: WN Q ,,, Y f M M 4 K 'U 2 A if-N .LG Q. v R it Q Y .Ev ., , KM' S ' .sn .X V P . N4 v. wx Y, Tin IH, if 4 1 Fi 5 W., m XX 1 ,.X'?,3f.?' f lv' 'W ' "6 , i . . .L -:L ,E h gh VV I .. Wt., aww . N Q5 3 W F Y' gf . i ,,,W ' ' 'fi' ' f , 'gf K' f g v 5 f . 5 is L A 4 - mV k 3..?f g - '--,. -5' it T bf ' f ., f' .lfha A ',Q7,... - 4.- ,4.11!Txf. ' 1 il , x .33 .5 '.w-1747? Y ROW I: L. Coifo, D. Brafcher. ROW Il: D. Drulias, M. Rogers. Ray Mooshagin Carl Halstead A v m xg K AK in W S, N f- , - . if-N ff, ix , M? ROW I: J. Van Kampen, G. Emmons, J. Cloo, G. Highfil. ROW ll: E. Murphy, V. Strange, T. Richardson, D. Gras, G. Carlson, D. Smith. f arsifzj Carlson running a toss with'Cook blocking. lux D. Drulias gets hir hard. 1 N X. ,fa He was chosen to play in the Mid-Ameri can Conference Football Game. Q-9' - r In college his number was 75. M. Rogers carrying the ball. Where's D. Gras going? 44 D. Gras breaks through facklers. D. Drulios runs in to a brick wall. x, 5 Ci Y, f I A wh Q K ' ua 'H as chosen captain of the Varsity team J Van Kclmperu reverses 4 4 Flowers runs toss. Y, Wiedmon breaks away for touchdown. Flowers runs into wall OKLCIZES Coach James Whifin Coach Ron Bryon Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesia C0725 "B" SCORES 20. . .South Torrance 25. . .Corona l4. . .Bosco Tech 26. . .Chino 12. . .Norwalk 40. . .Bell Gardens 47. . .S. Pasadena 0. . .San Marino 26. . .Temple City K. Mulholland going around end. 20 ,cjzofball 37 12 7 6 20 21 27 7 ROW I: R. Dirken, J. Duarte, A. Guerra, J. Boersma, B. Worn, W. Emard, F. Pool, K. Mulholland, T. Weidman, M. Cahato, N. Flowers R. Bostick. ROW Il: J. Vaca, T. Mikles, J. Johnson, S. Johnson, D. Foy, R. Corrigan, B. Neimes, R. McCarthy, R. Ferrair, J. Sores, B. Prescott, J. Alves, B. Penticotf lstandingl. ROW Ill: J. Watkins, R. Stufflebeam, B. Jansen, B. McLaren, D. Wright, K. Parker, F. Smith, L. Campbell, T. Dunham, R. Perry, E. Tanquery, B. Johnson. . ,,,,, ...,......,-.. ,,,.p,.,,, A ...N-,,,.,.., ' ...1-M...-....., ' ,x 5 VI R 'Y I4 ROW I: D. Mark, G. Rodgers, G. Frias, L. Robedeaux D Knox J Pendl W l93l 71 , . , . ey, . Hit, V. Dalfior, T. Schur, R. LeQuire, G. Pendleton. ROW ll: T. Mikles, J. Vaca, R. Rumero, C. Castillo, D. Alvis, E. Holland, B. Sugiyama, M. lsham, G. Goddard, R. Millerfe, R. Perez, T. Audoma. R. Perez gets hir for a 5 yard loss. aw QY. Coach Jack Elder Cjvaue Sugiyama finds a hole for a 5 yard gain. Coach Philip Gravel, JQLQXC, EXAYC Y f lll iown iw 1 1 in , ,gL1 if xxx, W' NF : ' :E 5 fisxxxxgik S , if :xl-Q: T - .J 's... RQ AUcf5m5ifQss U . . 661 341 . .. Wgmm 415 WGIWGW -'.' A'A,,, we f ,, lm m N f view11 Ezzccalf Q.. Romberg jumps for two, flattens one. Drulios iumps high for two points, ! L Coach Gordon Ackerman arsif s E ? X Atkins shoots iump shot for two. 3 1 Bmkgfball Row I: P. Hinkle, D, Drulius, D. Gros, V. Strange, E. Murphy, Row 2: N. Souza, J. Wolker, R. Grog4 gins, J. Atkins, R, Romberg, R. Walker. Grogins goes up for two points I h Gros shoots from outside The key. Gros goes in for Q oy up ,Z Y Coach Les lverson. ROW I: A. Souza, M. Rogers, N. Barrera, D. Correo, B, Johnson, B. Highfill. G. Highfill hooks it in for two two points. A. Souza looking on. 66072 M. Amazon gets out reboundea. E. LoFrance, M. Amazon, ROW Il: L. Plath, G. Wantz Q 66 M. Myler puts in Two points. ,- , I .-'ic 1 K . M, Myler and S. Crowell out re-bound F, M9dif1C1 mOlf9S 0 IUVTTP 5lW0T for TWO Norwalk Lancers. , DOUWTS' ROW L N. Flowers, D. Wright, B. Benticoff, W. Emerd, J. Boersma. ROW II: Coach Levine, M. Myler, J. Alves, B. McLaren, B. DeVries, F. Medina, J. Samos, ROW Ill. W. ldsinga, J. Warren, S. Crowell, K. Parker, M. Ferrari. 153 66 G66 ROW I: G. Pendleton, M. Paneira, B. Glass, R. Romero, L. Molina. ROW ll. T. Harness, G. Rogers, P. Dominguez, D. Caloillo, M. Davis. Absent: B. Mellor . Clint played basketball in high school Jump! iii. U - v an '14 " .a...... ROW I: J. Duarte, P. Broersma, R. Dirkson, J. Horn, R. l-limes, L. Shocky, R. Thro wer, R. Perez, . Williams, D. McLean, M. Lawson, J. Souza, G. Goddard, S. Lanting. l54 and later it became his main sport. S E J"V V x jr' . 'xx 9 X. K '1 ... I- l 4 . N L l'6LCk Q-1--Q K Q x fl 4 l "V l X Wi '-'L' F H5 " .sifw ROW If R. Slrizel, J. Santos, R Rorlrigulz, T. Adoma, G. Medina, D, Wilson, T. Miclwaos, D, Martinaz. ROW ll: G. Nelsoa, M. Lopez, R. Romero, T Yarza, L. Slubbs, O. La Crlx, L. Rolclix, D. Farmer, B Millrr, R. lopez ROW III: N Slufflalwam, C Clwanpln, L. Campbcall, J, Fnrrlx, R. Goxiola, M. Tvvay, R, Bosllfk, J. Scool, R. Arauz, R, Jose. ROW IV: R, Vaga, M. Barrlos, L. Dinglos, O. Clwoaro, T, Rlclwardson, O Gurule, D. Foy, J. Carrera. ROW V: L. Flallm, J. Walker, R, Vargas, M. Cook, K. Stevens, E. Carrera, J. Van Kamperw, B. Roberlsorw, L. Coho. 5 Ea. 6 D. Former cleors 9' 6" in pole vault. T. Yarzo finishing first in relays Gflcfion 1 . .xx Gene Moening high jumping. Dove Martinez pole-vuulting. pr my - ..,--' w:': -N Coach Carl Halsfed Dwayne Wilson comes in first in low Coach Virgil HGH hurdles. Crick ...sur R. Rodriguez, T. Richardson running relay. b i qv I ,k.,.,,r I, K . ,,r.., -W A J. Scott iumping hurdle. L. Coito, new shot-put record - 50 fee? Gflcfion J. Van Kampen, broadiumping at Lancer Relays. G, Gurule finishing first in relay E, Carrera clears 5'1O" with no Yrouble ai GH. 9 R. Vargas, L. Dean, G. Nelson, O. Choate, D. Thomas. G. Gurule, M. Porter, J. Santos, M. Barrios, R. Gaxiola. 'xi i V055 ounfr 7 ... L R. Lopez, C. Jones, R. Reverie, D. Martinez, K. Stevens, R. Vega. G. La Croix, J. Danfema, R Himes, G. Lopez, T. Gonzalus R. Martin, L. Dingess. Q .. Mr. Gil Ulibarri, Coach ., ww x 4 . ' 5 . -W K , . F5 X ' 'N Q ' ty 4 'N ,- K Q.. . --04" - , , ..,, x --f -M-.+.N..... .M-.1-... -+' '-" "" M . flaw A-J E, Af'-lv'- Uryaw- W f . w ..... . , A a . ,A x A1651 'H ' ' ' . g N- 4 I t N " ' -lik Lg ,, , Affgwgg :www g . ' - Ns. A ' ks v , Q x , ,. 'fm R' f wax 1 ik!" ' ki. i -5 f ,Lk X - A , . . L' ' . . .4 ' g i 5 ' "M 525' T- 5 , g . dv M, ' ,,'. W QA . lx . - -L.. ,Vs f gn s Q .v fs ,L Mx SPX .Q - A -- ,,-ex., 1' Jerry Atkins 7 Did he make it? if 60' 5 L y -N. CUZ 6L 'R xi i gy He played softball in High School. Nelson Souza Y 9 A A vim. ROW I: E. Murphy, N. Flowers, D. Guzman, D. Drulias, M. Rodgers, G. Highfield, J. Alvis. ROW ll: Coach A. Willioms, N. Souza, J. Atkins, Coacl H. McDonald, W. Emmerd, G. Wins, G, Carlson, D. Brafcher, M. Miler, H. Ramirez, Manager, W. Hayes. l62 M , e g i ff I N .. ex Y Aike Rogers sliding in to second bose after hitting double. Jerry Atkins rounding third bose after hitting home run. cfimz W i Qs college he lettered in basketball, baseball, and football Dwayne Brotcher slams three bugger. 4 , 15. Jr B A A I 5 I Edmond on close play to third. J. Rummell makes play at first. ROW I: B. Jensen, D. Marks, R. Adair, G. Freas, J. Boersrno, J. Downs, G. Carlyle R. Zambrano, L. Torpy. ROW II: Coach R. Mooshagion, M. Canhoto, R. Perez E. Masterson, B. Prescott, W. Emard, D. Smith, J. Rumell, G. Hansen, B. Penticoff ' -vfifjf -f. V05 fi ..v..-9-as... .Ar for Phil Boersmo Batting. Q4 T2 'K A I Coach R. Bryon A Freshman hand fits This?? TOP ROW: J. Miifleholtz, J. Boyd, J. Horn, N. Moore, D. Right, A. Hilt, B. Taylor. MIDDLE ROW: D Alvillo, P. Boersmo, M. Moldonodo, G. Goddard, Ri. Milletle, Rod Himes, Couch Ron Bryon. BOTTOM ROW: P. Dominzuez, G. Pendefon, V. Brozel, D. Downs, G. Rogers, J. Johnson. n -,R f, 1 W1 A X PW, is . B. Robertson, L. Coito 66091 B. Robertson, L. Coito Rl. 1' 'L' R. Ternquisr, Coach ... so ZRRR resflinq Hn., .,,. V . 'ch- ,KMJ-TMMMK nh ,KWA ..kLk K .. M s ROW I: A. Welfzhemier, L. Dinges, D. Nelson, G. Stubbs, L. Rubedeou, F. Pool. ROW II: G. Emmons, G. Lambert, J. Von Kompen, R. Sten, E. Mosferson, B. Jensen, J. Gullegde. Victor Strange unify ,,,,,,., Coach Gil Charters in ROW I: Mike lsham, Mike Savvson, Mario Arel, G. Nelson, Mike Davis. ROW 2: Casey Van Beek, Don Jenkins, Vic Strange, Bob Sfen. Don Jenkins FRONT ROW: Tone Shun, Ga Robert Johnson, J, Watkens, R. Flora. , . ry Kenyon, Manuel Pariera, Woody Annsiead. BACK ROW: Rickey Dirksen, Lynn Nichols, David Alves, -si, - A-N., ......---s-- Coach Mullen Gary Kenyon Manuel Pariera l Q. 041. el. Q. gfisfory he Girl's Athletic Association was started at Artesia High School in I954. lt was started because of the interest hown the girls at Artesia High. The first President in 1954-1955 was Mildred Stark, the other presidents are in rder as follows: Mila Ward 1955-1956, Joan Mulder 1956-1957, Colleen Poindexter, 1957-1958, Carol Tague 1958- 959, and last year 1959-1960 Deolinda Ferriera held the office of President. The advisors of the Girl's Athletic .ssociation at Artesia High are Mrs. Austin also head of Drill team, Miss Lively, Mrs. Mitchell and Mill Bilkey also ead of the Pep Squad. he by-laws of the Girl's Athletic Association were first made by three members of the planning committee, Jay osiniias, Barbara Borges and Mildred Stark. y-laws were made so that after school sports could be made more enjoyable for the girls participating. he purpose ot the Girl's Athletic Association banquets, besides being a lot of fun, is to give out awards, introduce .ew officers of the Girl's Athletic Association, and eat a nice dinner. 1itiation is to bring eligible girls into the Girl's Athletic Association. It is a school activity and the old members re the persons who plan the initiation. lay days are made to encourage more girls to come out to after school activities and meet more girls from other chools. Play days are held at Norwalk, Bellflower, Artesia and Excelsior. In 1955-1956, the second year of the Girl's Athletic Associa- tion at Artesia High School, a new and better constitution was introduced to the Girl's Athletic Association in 1956- 1957. A sportsmanship code was also made. The games which are played throughout the year at Artesia High School are volleyball, softball, basketball, modern dance, paddle tennis, tennis, drill team, speedaway, archery, swimming, golf, and Pep Squad. ln all, the Girl's Athletic Association is a popular sport on the Pioneer Campus. Members of the G.A.A. are: E. Albers, I. Amezcua, M. Ariaz, M. Ariaz, C. Atkins, N. Autio, D. Belcher, J. Boersma, S. Brunner, S. Burns, J. Cottrell, K. Craig, S. De Haas, J. Dona- than, D. Ferreira, J. Foehner, V. Garcia, P. Gilreath, S. Hat- anake, C. Highstreet, R. Houghton, P. Howard, S. Kuhn, M. Luscher, P. Maddux, S. Maxton, C. Miller, L. Moran, W. Morser, D. Mullhullond, E. Negley, M. Negley, C. Noble, C. Peters, K. Riddle, A. Roberts, M. Rorick, P. Salter, B. Sellers, T. Siebengartner, J. Silveria, S. Sims, S. Taylor, N. Toski, T. M155 M- LlVelY Towzer, M. Vernak, J. Walker, J. Walker, E. Wallace, C. D. Ferriera Wheeler, P. Noe. Hmm I 1 X1 .. M., ,. 1 ' f . . . 3 N. In 1. I, ,, , . ,,., . H, Q . 12-Q H ' 'ln - ' 5 me ' I "'iifE?h"? JH ' 4 .11 ., " af- M . 'ffffwi 4 - , ngwgxg , My ' -w..-f . .. W K '- 4'-wx fi. , " .un- Archery-C. Highsfreet, S. Taylor, J. Walker, J. Walker. xwiikm.. +965 I Nqr 1 IS Speedowcy-M. Vemok, J. Silveircx, P. Salter, C Polemous, D. Fe rreircl, K. Riddle. 1 .. Ax' f J 4 3.5 L L ll - 33 M, .Qu-WM '4 """' .N .. 1 ,h ---lam. . -ww.. ,M Y - svn 1 Ufwfz., ' ' 35 '?L " p- 'fx fl. KK .14 f, Qwff fill Q .wgf Wei- . 1 5 if k A ...,.,,,,,,.,....,M--A----'H-"" Tennis-W Morser M Pnester -wx., Rn .-g5LQ',,.Jf,, A . ,mm -3 . .. -vf-My ....,,...--w +-J' 'N x 'Y M ,LX x.-. .X Gfksm. 5 ww. wi mi ,Q A f-N -K.. 4..wQ..l, . 4 f 3 Q' fab, .Wm 231 "Ffl'l' Q X : s ml. may ,V A ...f ,.,..,..M.., A Q 4 ,,,..,N.N. ,M w.........,.,. 3 A .,...,,..- Mx .... W-.V Badminton, N, . 1:..,w-- ff I 0 .. K i nk H if .5 ,f... ' .K - mvwidnty N., New ff W K VS E f f' K . ,, i , . 1 ,L up-.,:Q,. . I k ,, A K A 'M E. 4- xii? K 7 ,R ,Wk , f g f " Y A K LY, F , M V L in xi ' ' 2 ., ,. 5731-'f ,, ::,,.::.,t-f'i'.N I ' 5 Q57 - , L - Y N A,,, ,,,:1,, ',,- L , , ,, A , . 5 -ff" ' R W- in L N' Q ,' ,fs A Qi ,i,--y-1gfa,- 1.41 g Q iwg aq M: ' , .tv fe , f A , f ' inf' K 't' " ',....,u , 3 jf ' 4' -" i ' M-""' , . . 53536-, V '--- is + - -- A A --,,- wi 'W'i?Tif"f7" A f 'Q' ' -L 1 'A Q Paddle Tennis. This pagr' is sporzsorvd by Iif-I1 fir! Hfllllfj' Sllopprf, 13607 Pl'0Ilf'PT H11-fl.. Xlrlvsin. Cafffornizz and N. f. llwvrrflrlfl TfllI'lfI'llQ'. 17524 Hosclrm ,4z'12., .'1fll'.SI.ll. Cfllllfllfllllll Softball. Q 1 , Bcskebcall. This pagf' sponsored by Pz'llSlf?fl.Ilg by Kennedy, 21722 S. l'i0111'f'r lfllvl.. f4l'lf'SI.lI, C1111 S1'll1.0u.1flle Beauty Studio, 13530 Pioneer Bird., .f1ff1'L9l'lI. Calif ' ,M-. .df 5.4 ,. 'Wg 5 . , .E Lx..,.g. ' wg gb 57515 ,rifrj 4' ff. ,...- - w u , ur 1 my-......,,,, 5, 5 .guna-3-..,1. rQ" ""'m..v.., J . . ., V. ,fu "'- ., -- , v,-' Y K I , XL I .. .A A kk K K, 4 Y u- . 7,53 mi- - ' F' - ws. ,I gif' x ' , " , .- ' 31 W, ., . . , ,:.- 5 ig gg , Y V -3- K f ,. H .N Q .. , ' .- K 'BL' .V .J HL, ,X W Yfgfgfs-4. M V. 1' -gk Ng -- K4 AQ. " . R: , ff N f W: .. - 1 A '1 ' M' 'mb -J yi Q' ' . pg 5 x K Q, ..., ,. , W ..-+2 ,. ,A .. . .. .W-w.,X-1. M ' ff ' . .WN - wwf. ,JJ-' ff iw' W . X- , 4,3 -- 4' ' " H -. , iw. :. . . ' 5 ' - ,,.. ..,.. , . . .X :vu ,K ffgw- an ,VK k ,, " fy ' -. f gil' A- ., 5 gm - v f . .. U , 155,317 iff -.5 N fr, ij ,- 3' J" 9 ..' K nf, UZ if .. 'P f' If f A K . N , . . ,- L3 "ig 6 , J " fx . I ,, . ggi Xf- :N-Qs A ' A K XQ,f.',5z x ag: G .. .. .R ., K If X .. ifgzsgxl fi dk K ma- my ' K' gps - rx z I X K , x 'f if? . . gwfz ,. w",,.,,..X N ,Sw N xxx N ' Q ROW I. D. Mclntyre, M. Portciin, M. Von Kampen, K. Craig, S. Poindexfer, D. Broersmo, L. Fien, WS. Curti. ROW il: Mrs. Poindexter, D. Drulia L, Romsey, J. Moloney, C. Lord, G. Rogers, T. Nooitgedogt, T. Veldhuizen, Mr Atkins. eajerslzip mf. Semesier '54 av'--5 President SecretGrY K, CRAIG 5. POINDEXTER Vice Pres. J. 'CAMPBELL QQ itrsvx X, f X Treasurer Riiy 597- of AVFTWS M, VAN KAMPEN T. VELDHUIZEN Director of Activities M. PARTAIN '27 i P A vb.. JW I: D. Broersmo, R. Wciker, M. Portoin, D. Brcitcher, S. Highsireef, D. Higham, M. Von Kampen, L. Fien. ROW II: Mrs. Poindexter, G. Rogers Mclnfyre, C. Lord, T. Nooifgedcgt, J. Maloney, D. Drulics, L. Ramsey, S. Curti, Mr. Atkins. eezgersliip 2128. Semester r Q bs President Secrefo ry D. BRATCHER S. HIGHSTREET Vice Pres. M. PARTAIN Wx tif xg! Treasurer Sgt. of Arms M- VAN KAMPEN Director of Activities R' WALKER D. HIGHAM Tnis page sponsored by Mr. William Atkins enzesfer it 1st Semester Senate - Row I: B. Ferrera, J. Lopes, J. Johnson, A. Burdon, J. Pentecoft, R. Hines, T. Schur, G. Tinse B. Bodcker. ROW II: N. Souza, S, Padilla, G. Orepeza, J. Rienking, L. Molles, K. Craig, S. Curti, D. Bratcher, M. Dix M. Barrera, K. Rutan, G. Goddard. ROW ill. N. Souza, B. Herrn, S. Hiqhstreet, J. Forst, A Hansen, F. Torres, S. Yonk M. Prieto, I. De Laura, C. Ward, N. Girten, S. Cnossen, ti. ldsinga. ROW IV: T, Santos, J. Van Kampen, J. Atkins, Stefani, G. Pendleton, C. Lopez, W. Dantema, J. Drulias, V. Peliguen, B. Price, L. Funk, 2nd Semester Senate - ROW I: G. Pendleton, A. Carrisan, D. Douglas, N. Souza, S. Padilla, H. Jones, D. Bratcher, G. Highfill, J, Van Kampen, V. Peloquin, R, Bsharsh, B. Price, R. Lopez. ROW II: P. Lopez, J. Johnson, J. Forst, M. Betten court, D. Bratcher, S. Curti, J. Elms, K. Rutan, B. Herm, B. Caffey, G Rienking, M. Dixon, L. Funk, B. Penticoff, H. Shephard ROW Ill: Mr. Atkins J. Kendig, A, Hansen, M. Prieto, P. Brown, E. Albers, R. Stefani, F. Baker, F, Baker, B. Bodcker, T. Jackson, G. Goddard, Marcho, D. Tinseth, R, Hines, Bob Lemeyer. 2129. emesfer H., Y :Ji 1-if ,QP .. X ,VA nr.. .?k,,,,,,,,, ....w-'V' N f 2 ,,,,,.,. .,,.--f .. , ..., 4, ,,.. . -,, -1, -K Q 5 xw -w -- K L. . -Tiffvf, A'hL - '--- 'SHN - ' i6f Q K K Q3 1 ROW I: Higham, ll: C. B Luscher, J. Boersmo, T. Nooitgedogt, S. Poinderder, C. Kumpen. 182 Qirfs 2 Banque oar President, Tino Nooitgedogt UI' 3' J. Elms, T, Vierru, D. Mrs. Poindexfer, ROW oltorm, J. Silveiro, M. cfivifies an-Y Q 4 1 campus osfesses IV -4 o 'Yi hui l .egk -1.4:-'-S.. r' . f 1.1 if i UK x - . . x A X its-m . -4 v, ILP ft. I IQ' ....a,,Q,,'M ,. C TT' X '56 l 4--ff bs 6Ly5 602 66025 E. Albers, M. Ariaz, M. Babsky, B Bakker, A. Beardon, S. Beck, D Belcher, H. Bettencourt, M. Betten- court, J. Bird, C. Boersma, M. Bor- dato, L. Bowen, S. Bouma, L. Bratch- er, D. Broersma, E. Brooks, P. Brown, M. Burwell, N. Burwell, V. Caldwell, M. Canhoto, E. Cardoz, S. Carlton, K. Coburn, S. Coffman, J. Collins, D. Cook, P. Cotta, E. Cotter, L. Dan- tema, D. DeGraff, S. DeHaas, B. DeLaura, l. DeLoura, J. DeVries, M. DeBriew, P. Dixon, P. Dolphus, M. Donnell, K. Drulias, K. Eich, S. Erickson, V. Erickson, L. Farmer, J. Ferguson, L. Fien, J. Forst, B. Foster, D. Franken, S. Frias, K. Fromm, P. Gamble, V. Garcia, S. Gattis, P Gilreath, G. Girten, N. Girten, N Gonzales, R. Gonzales, J. Gras, J Gray, L. Gross, A. Hansen, D. Hart S. Hatanaka, S. Hatfield, S. Helm, J. Herrema, F. Herrick, J. Hibma M. Hicks, D. Higham, P. Hoscheit A. Hosey, R. Houghton, B. Hudson B. ldsinga, J. Jarvis, C. Johnson, S Johnson, S. Kaakuo, J. Kendig, E Kennedy, M. Kennedy, P. Kimbrough, S. Kirkwood, M. Kruen, S. Kuhn, K. Kuiper, M. Kuioer, P. Lanting, C Lopez, M. Lusher, A. MacDonald L. Machado, Y. Maciel, V. Martin K. Matzke, A. Milroy, D. Mangold R. Moore, L. Moran, S. Morrison D. Mulholland, K. Meyers, E. Neg- ley, M. Negley, D. Nelson, P. Noe W. Nooitgedagt, G. Norton, N. Ober- meyer, B. Pagett, J. Paul, B. Perkins, J. Peton, J. Pines, C. Polhemus, M Polhemus, P. Price, M. Prieto, L Ramsey, J. Reed, K. Riddle, L. Rocha I. Rodriguez, K. Rolish, C. Ruddy, Pl Salter, J. Schmidt, P. Shipley, P Shiplet, J. Silveira, S. Sims, L. Smith, K. Smith, M. Statler, P. Stephens, C. Stevenson, C. Stovall, M. Strader P. Sugiyama, B. Taylor, M. Taylor, S. Taylor, D. Teixiera, C. Thrower, S. Tiemens, J. Titus, R. Torpy, N. Tosti, S. Twamley, H. Van Der Vegt, C. Vander Woude, C. Van Kampen, M. Van Kampen, M. Verboom, M. Vink, J. Yonkers, S. Yonkers, . J Walker, J. Walker, T. Wallace, 'V Wallace, L. Watson, B. Wooten, S. Wright, D. Zylstra. N. Autio, B. Beck, S. Brunner, S Burns, S. Cnosson, R. Eherman, S Lv Fair, L. Harkey, A. Lopes, C. - man, P. Maddux, B. Maxton, S. Maxton, C. Miller, W. Morser, C. Noble, G. Oropeza, C. Peeters, E. Piester, M. Piester, S. Quinn, M. Stewart, C. Story, C. Stotts, N. Ta- foya, T. Tawzer, D. Webb, M. Wood. 1 1 I r riendflzip Friendship - ROW l': M. Vernak, J. Reinking, J. Campbell, C. Higlwstreet, C. Bolton, R. Packard, D. Escalante, J. Donathan, M. Richard. ROW ll: J. Cottrell, T. Nooitgedagt, D. Bratcher, J. Broersma, K. Craig, J. Elms, S. Curti, S. Houston, R. Herrema, M. Dantema, T. Vierra, D. Mclntyre, R. Stefani, K. Katake, C. Lord. ROW Ill: L. Lanting, D. Broersma, V. Gaffey, F. Butkovich, B. Dodd, V. Palacio, C. Kampen, S, Mark, M. Shootman, M. Romkema, C. Fea, S. Highstreet. O I O F.H.A. - ROW l: M. Smith, K. Kotake, S. Hatanka, A. Lopes, P. Fergeson, B, Dorman, S. Amara, E. Wallace, D. Marrietta, M. Birt, A Milroy, D Franklin, J. McLean. ROW 2: M. Prieto, J. Noe, R. Herrema, M. Kuiper, J. Collins, L. Moran, W. Nooitgedagt, C. Schloten, J. Bukker, M. Straiter, V. McFadden, P. Cain, K. Kuiper, C. Vc1nZanten, Miss Ito. ROW Ill: J. Bird, C. Thrower, M. Vink, C. Lyman, P. Stephens, 'P .Gilreatlm P. Hosheit, B. Baker, P. Belis, P. Lanting, B. Kruidhof, S. Cnossen. ROW 4: S. Morrison, H. Hibma, L. Lanting, D. Stip, J. Donathan, J. DeVries, S. Fair, H. Bettencourt, E. Albers, S. Highstreet. A l ' Q lrsfl ROW I: R. Torpy, S. Taylor, N. Aufio. ROW ll: L. Nichols, D. Holi, M. Lanting, Mr, Priichord ri- Qf " if Tri-M - ROW I: Historian, N. Tafoya, Secretary, C. Edens, President, P. Hinkle, Vice-president, V. Gaffey, Treasurer, M. Parfain. ROW Il. M. Lawson, M. Belis, M, Burns, A. Idsinga, C. Lyman, C. Thrower, B. Cook, L. Moran, S. De Haas, K. Riddle, C. Bently, D. Maxwell, J, Johnson. ROW III: L. Wright, E. Rader, J. Warren, R. Thrower, Mr. Henderson. Sponsored by Gaines Drug Stow, 13625 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia and Hankas CTOgf?C Shop, 18429 l'1'0nccr Bhd., Ariesia 1 1 Mclmyre EU .EZQJEVS ROW I: K. Eick, K. Rutun, D. Escolonfe. ROW II. J. Elm C L d D M I Ty J F t D. Higham. S. L, Fien, T. Nooitgedclgf, M. Romkema, N. G i rfe faq Kwrifers albrerfes :nl gg gr: rx, ggi 5 R f. . - K M Q H '9 ROW I: L. Bratcher, P. Furgeson. ROW II: L. Dcmfemo, J. Furgeson, C. Furgeson. ROW III: S. Curfi, D. Brotcher, K. Myers, M. Dcmtemo. S. Highstreef, R. Packard, C. Bolton, C. Wheeler, J. Noe and D. Broersmo. I! S Oilq .LDZQJZVS I M, Bilkey S. Curfi D. Broersmc gfeag BAND HEAD: Mary Partain 'F BAN D: Highstreer, R. Himes, B. Hilardes, C. Hill, B. lucy, A ldsinga, G. Kehune, C. Lopez, G. La Croix, M. Lawsen tain, K. Parker, K. Riddle, M. Rorick, E. Rohdar, R. Rod riquez, C. Storrs, M. Stirling, C. Thrower, R. Thrower G. Tinseth, R. Varges, J. Walker, J. Walker, J. Warren L. Westoby, L. Wright, V. Slaton, J. Johnson, R. Young P. Lane, A. Criswell, J. Bird, P. Belis, M. Belis. INSTRUCTOR: Mr. John Henderson Sponsored by foihn Henderson, Music Director of Artesia High. School W. Anesfad, L. Alexander, J. Boersma, E. Brooks, S. Burns, K. Bently, S. Cabrera, B. Apariio, J. Downs, D. Downs, D. Danfama, R. Flora, R. Fisher, M. Burwell, B. Ferera, P. Gambel, T. Gaffey, R. Honea, P. Hinkle, D. C. Lyman, L. Morau, J. Mittlelhottz, M. Myler, M. Par- riff farm T. Alsup, W. Anderson, R. Aparifo, L. Arroyo, D. Belcher, K. Caffey, B. Chapa, C. Davis, S. DeHaas, J. Donathan M. Donnell, V. Erickson, L. Farmer, J. Foehner, V. Garcia V. Garcia, G. Girten, A. Goedhart, L. Goedhart, L. Harkey, M. Harrington, S. Helm, T. Henderson, S. Hous ton, S. Johnson, S. Kruen, M. Kruidhof, S. Lanni, A. Lopes, S. McWilliams, A. MacDonald, M. Martinez, K. Matzke, D. Maxwell, T. Mitchell, O. Moreno, P. Noe, W. Nooitgedagt, V. Perez, C. Polhemus, T. Pritchard, S. Reynolds, G. Revera, A. Roberts, l. Rodriguez, L. Smith, B. Stuart, M. Sullivan, N. Tosti, J. Truiillo, J. Vaughn, C. Virgin, D. Webb. Mrs. Jacquilyne Austin Delores Belcher Charlene Davis M-M... ,,.,.,.,,, X? rches im K .gi I., . , HE JA W C " . I Q1 J J' sg Pcrtoin, S. Burns, C. Edens, B. Cook, E. Reyes, J. Wolker, J. Wczlker, C. Thrower, E. Brooks, S. DeHocJs, Noe, S. Quinn, M, Belis, L. Westoby, S. Houston. C. Edens, E. Brooks, R. Fisher, W. Aonsfeod, B. Aporjo, R. Himes, J. Johnson, M. Myler, S. Burns, M. Portoin, L. Wright, C. Hilr, J. Wolker, J, Warner, M. Lawson, G. LoCriox, H. Highstreet, P. Hinkle, E. Rohder. -if' X .sldf 60206 CUZ This page sponsored by - - Jersey Gold Dairy, 10922 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia '52 RN ' Fix?- fw Q Q 'QR Q e 4 N X. 55 x -. NP L X,,: h '1.f A sie Dennis Drulis 7 President N7 'B 5 i D Q 5 IAEETY :LGB A He ioined the Marine Corps at Indiana State. wif? Sfudenis watching Sports Round-Up. unify Officials Club ROW I: G. Gurule, T Richardson, J. Boersma D. Guzman, E. Murphy F. Pool. ROW Il: R. Grog gins, D. Coito, S. Padilla L. Dean, G. Lambert, R Vardes, L. Tosii, J. Santos. I CLVH LZVS R ff Vursily Club ROW li J. Santos, G. Gurule, J. Van Kampen, N. Souza, S. Padilla, D. Drulias, L. Coito, D Bratcher, G. Highfill, J Ramell. ROW lll: D. Gras R. Varges, L. Flafh, E Masierson, G. Coito, G Lambert, R. Walker, D Smith, E. Murphy, D Guzman, V. Strange, Mr McDonald. ROW Ili: G Carlson, J. Atkins, H Jones, J. Sterk, B. Rob erfson, M. Porter. icia 5 Cavaliers R. Groggins, J. Johnson J. Boersma, L. Tosti, E Murphy, F. Pool. ROW Il: A. Caldwell, B. Price, R Price, R. Perry, D, Thom: as, T. Clements, R. Walker 193 1 I Mr. Murray was born on December 7, 1928, in Great Falls, Montana. He : L . : ll MR. JOHN D. MURRAY Californian Advisor attended the College of Great Falls, the University of Montana, L.SC, and L.B.S.C., where he ma- iored in English, U.S. His- tory, and Political Sci- ence and minored in So- cial Studies. Mr. Murray has taught for seven years, the last three being in Long Beach. This summer he'll ,960 Ga be attending U.C.L.A. to do Master's work. Carole was born on Feb- ruary 26, 1942 in Silver- ton, Oregon. She has re- sided in Artesia for the past four years. Drama Club and Califor- nian keep Carole busy in school this year. Carole m a n y participates in church activities and wants to continue her studies in this direction. The Californian Staff This year's staff, in keep- ing with the standards previously set, have suc- ceeded in making this an- other successful year for our school paper, "The Californian." The people behind this year's news have con- tributed many after school hours, in addition to those in class, to help make this an even better paper than in the past. The support- ing staff includes: Terry Alvarado, Barbara Ander- son, Joyce Clark, Denice Highman, Gene Highfill, Linda Fien, Sonia Kaakua, Max Porter, Ron Romberg, Carol Santry, Marlene Shoopman, Carole Whit- ney and Nick Vande Steeg. These people have worked co - operatively with the various officers such as Editor-in-chief, first semester ,fsCafole Whitney, second semester - Phyllis Howard, who supervised the page lay- outs, answered correspon- dence, arranged inter- views, a nd rechecked copy. Copy Editor, first semes- ter - Sharon Taylor, sec- ond semester - Tina Nooitgedagt, proof read copy and made correc- tions on the proofs. Sports Editor, first semes- ter - Nick Vande Steeg, second semester - Larry Funk, assigned and set up the entire sports page. Advertising Manager was Jane Boersma who was elected to the position for the entire year. Her iob consisted of preparing and selling the ads in the paper. She was assisted fiforicuzicuz Sfaff by Pat Brown who billed and took care of the money that the paper made. Sharon Taylor and Linda CAROLE WHITNEY 'ist Semester 'Californian Editor Ramsey were Exchange Editors. They saw to it that the paper was sent to all the schools and to the advertisers, and they kept a file of all papers received from other schools. The requirements for ioin- ing the staff of the paper are as follows: lil An A Cailfornian Staff - ROW I: L. Ramsey, D. Higham, M. Taylor, S. Kaakua, L. Walker, B. Anderson, J. Boersma. ROW ll: L. Fien, T. Nooitgedagt, J. Clark, S. Taylor, M. Porter, M, Shoopman, P. Howard, C. Whitney. ROW lll: L. Funk, G. Highfill, N. Vande Steeg, R. Romberg. or B average in Engli: during the freshman an sophomore year, 121 course in iournalisi where you learn how 1 write a news story, fec ture story, follow-up stor and a sports story. l3l desire to work hard andt report the news truthfully l4l a personality thc helps you meet peopl and make them feel lik they are important . . It takes mare than th editors to make a goo: paper. It takes the co operation of each ani every member of thi staff. Phyllis was born on No vember 15, 1942, ani has lived in Artesia al her life. Phyllis has been active in school activities among which are Campu Hostess, F.T.A,, G.A.A. Drill Team, and F.H.A. Outside activities, such a Rainbows and church, de Pl-lYLLlS LOU HOWARL 2nd Semester Californian Editor mand most of her spar time. Phyllis is plannin to become an elementar school teacher and wi possibly attend Cerritc J.C. and Whittier Collegi roqmm onznziffee ROW I1 L. Dean, L. San- tos, D. Drulias, M. Rogers, J. Boersma. ROW Il: G. Carlson, G. Lambert, D. Gras, E. Murphy, J. Sferk. Elzqrbzfzfy ROW I: D. Guzman, H. Jones G. Highfill, J. Boersma, D. Drulias, R. Walker, D. Brarcher, J. Sterk. ROW II: J. Aikins, N. Souza, G. Lambert, E. Murphy, D. Gras, S. Padilla, J. Van Kampen, R. Grogins. l DW If M, Arce, H. Jones, G. Highfill, Van Kampen, J. Atkins. ROW II. M. rgers, J. Boersma, E. Murphy, T. Santos, Padrlla, D. Guzman, D, BraTcher,, N. UZG. aisilzq 195 1 ,--- 'V ,................--- ,...........--- 22129. Semesfer OW l: K. Craig, S Brunnes, A. Hansen L. Nielson, M. Boi daio, D. Bourna, H Lucas, G. Fujita, T. Schuur. ROW ll: J. Cottrell, S. Fair, Albers, C. Noble, W. ldsinga, N. Moore, Mr. Wadleigh. mf emes fe ROW l: S. Lanfing, R. Jose, K. Craig, K. Weaver, W. Mosser, F. Torres, M, Luslier, N. Aulio, S. Burns, D. Escalanle. ROW ll: J. Boersrna, J. Cottrell, C. Burnett, T. Nooitgeclagt, S. Taylor, H. Bellen- courl, C. Nobel, E. Albers, Mr. Wad- leigh. .Ei 15211:- 9?js.12.0-41. ROW l. J. Wrrglwi, J. Srlvsiro, L. Bowen, B. Porter, F. Tories, D. Browismcx, M Von Kompen, M. Vemulc, J Crazy, R. Moore. ROW ll. M. Cam- boni, H Corclozo, M. Dixon, M. Preiro, D. Cook, A. Roberrs, S. MnWillioms, A, Adair, P. Pougli, J. Yorwlcfzrs, S, Coffman, P, Slopliens, D. Zel- srro, D. Ferreio, L. Gross, M. Negley, R, Houghton, C. Poli- mus, S. Murco. ROW lll: E. Negley, N. Wooreri, Mrs. Mor- slwll, S. Brown, P, Brown, M. Romkmr mo, S. Mmxion, N Ricloln. Ii Q l l 97.641, ROW I: J. Huerfc M. Myler, M. Low son, A. Albers, E, LcFronce, T. Clem ents, D. Thomas, D Nelson, M. Portoin, C. Noble, S. De- Hoos, M. Wood, C. Lopez, M. Negley, C. Miller, W. Morr- ser, L. Fien, J. Reed, C. Davis, J. Wolker, J. Bird, E. Colfer, S. Taylor, S. Bums, S. Sowders. ROW lll. E. Albers, S. Fair, C. Thrower, T. Towzer, M. Piesfer, K. Ko- Toke, C. Lord, K. Craig, T. Nooirge- dogr, N. Stewart, S. Quinn, J. Walker, N. Autio, Mr. Mirkc- vich. Math Club ROW I: E. Cotter, K. Craig, J. Cottrell, T. Nooitgedagt, R. Sten, S. Taylor, C. Davis, M. Lusher, J. Boersma. ROW ll: D. Hart, C. McAllister, R. Jose, G. Em- mons, C. Burnett, D. Thomas, D. Drulias, T. Clements, A. Albers, D, DeGratf. ROW Ill: Mr. Mirkovich. . . . K Jem maria Members: D. Alvis, A. Amezcua, Bennett, C. Boersma, P. Boersma, Bratcher, Vice Pres, R. Breeze, C. Brigh G. Carlson, A. Corrigan, J. Caven, Chacon, A. Creswell, S, Curti, D. D Graff, P. Dixon, R. Dodd, J. Dunkar, Eichen, V. Erickson, M. Freitas, D. Friess Ier, N. Girten, L. Gross, G. Hightill, Sgt. at-Arms, S. Highstreet, Secretary, M lsham, B.J, lvey, D. Jenkins, S. Johnson M. Kennedy, G. Kenyon, K. Kotake, M Kruidhof, S. Kuhn, H. Labrow, E. LaFrance D. Larmel, L. Deonardo, P. Logsdon, C Lord, C. Lyman, Y. Maciel, E. Marchbank D. Mclntyre, L. Moran, W. Morser, L. Nichols W. Nooitgedagt, G. Oropeza, M. Parentiau, C. Peeters, S. Quinn, R. Rob- erts, K. Rolish, A. Souza, S. Sowders, M. Stewart. ! io gfmz 0 eaque arm ROW If D. Bratcher, L. Ramsey, S. Curti, D. Higham, T. Nooiegeolagt. 10666 V, Erickson, S, Sowders, M, Dixon, J, Dunivan, S, Taylor, S. Kuhn, M Stewart, L. Neilson, M. Partain, K. Eich, Mr. Pritchard, D. Alves, L. Nichols, H, Hettinga, D, Thomas, D, Holt, A, Albers, M. Lanting. .g. ROW I: L. Smith, K. Duth, R. King, E. Tol, C. Wade, G. Pendleton, R. Romero, L. Soares, J. Cook, W. Hix. ROW ll: T. Stovall R. Bostick, B. Texieria, T. Bento, W. Norris, A. Neese, R. Roethtisberger J. Lourenco, T, LeQuire, T. Zandvlief, G. Postma. ROW lll: T. Veldhuizen, J. Wheeler, H. Hettinga, M. Lanting, D. Ormonde, C. Vander Eyk, G. Donahue J, Soares, J. Parriera, J. Zandvliet, J. DeVries. I 1 ri ROW I: S. Pettus, J. Scott DeLaura, H. Perdon, S. Reid R Sten, S. Siebengartner, F. Mon gold, K, Riddle. ROW ll: D Eicken, S. Poindexter, R. Foster F. Butkovich, J, Johnson, Rietdyk, D. Nelson, P. Cardozo ROW Ill: Mr. Whyte, A. Perton B. Neil, B. Westoby, This page S1IlI7lNUfl'll hy Weaifers Cleaners, 19ll7 S. Pibriccr Blvd.. .-lrtum eneraf Science 19 ysicnf Science ROW I: M. Davis, R. Glass, R. Monroe, D. Bennet? ROW Il: Mr. Charters, C. Jones, R. Shipley, R. Graham M, Hicks, M. Brogdon, H. Lucas. ROW I: C Stevens, K. Kofake, M. Steward, T. Bosma, N. Auto, S. Brunner, L. Reed, S. Kuhn, V. Ivey. ROW III S. Lanfing, D. McLeon, R. Sfhielzel, D Buma, E. La France, Mr. Hall. 1 ROW I: T. McConnell, D. Drulias, G. Highfield, N Girlin, T. Tawzer, C. Lord, M. Beftencourt, A. Guerrero K. Stevens. ROW Il: D. Guzman, G. Carlson, L. Funk, G Emmons, L. Coifo, C. Burnett, A. Souza ROW I: L. Tosti, L Dean, E Mu.rphy, J. Boersma. ROW ll F. Pool, B. Marcho, P. VanderPool, D. Thomas, O. Chofe I.. --N... I io oqicnf Science' .dngas frinf Gfrfs This page sponsored by Ward J. Knox Roofing Contractor, 12330 E. 215th St., Artesia, Calif. afeferia raw Gafeferia Workers Mmes. B. Wooferw, R- Roberfson, G- Sfewdrf, M. Borden, ROW I. D. Decmff, D. Maxwell, M. Belis, P. Moddex, V- Fien, E, Miller, M- Helms S. DeHoos, M. Harrington, D. Downs. ROW ll. B. Dodd, N, Gonzales, K. Miller, C. Polhemus, J. Boersmo. ROW l: Mrs. Salter, M, Rorick, D. Morrifo, T. Vierro, R. Mello, M, Negley. ROW 2: T. Nooirgedogr, K. Miller, D. Thomas, L, Bowen, J, Silveiro, M. Wood, C, Miller, Mr. Morfin, D. Brown, J, Alvis, E. Morchbcmk, P. Belis. B. Sugiyomo. rv? Q , mr om... Q2er.e,W -, Gadefs , 'L g I 5. .,,. , we ,,--- I is k if John Birt, Jerry Birt, James Collins, Lawrence Decker, Bill Dixon, David Dixon, Phillip Bivson, Charles Jones, Jerry Kirkegard, Frank Martinez, Kenneth Miller, Lloyd Lee Perry, John Ruiz, Robert Skagges, Lee Junior Stone, Phil Shafer, Norman Stuffle- meam, Billy Todd, Robert'Vander Valk, Tony Yarza, Robert Ortez, Daniel Ball, Bill Neal, Tom Clements. 1 - Q. .... -, A ha. WWW. ,.,..f , David Akers, Don Arrowhead, Wayne Berryhill, Charles Deshazer, Richard Dorman, Karl Dubia, Jerry Engle, Paul Gaxiola, Paul Horton, Troy Rowell, Boyd Martin, Robert Minks, Roger Monroe, David Rabiola, Jerry Utter, Michael Murphy, Johnnie Ketchum, James Collins, Tony Yarga, Bill Neal, Don Wilsonx X This page is spoinsored by Dr. Tague 20200 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Califorrulz 4 ui 5 ai i iii Gus f0Jicuzs .pne- 'md nsuaaqsunrauv--T-M M- QX3 lit 'X T 5 1 HIICIFM JT RL TCI NSfHb TY BNI gzaq aisizzq Q0 204 'tw I . , l. A. Perdon, R. Foster, T. Gaffey, B. Neal, H, Person. children, Bobby and Nancy Lea. 1 A X ,, , .ffl film ggi? mzllors A. Garrero, C. Vergin, D. Webb, K. Stevens. This Page Spansored by Holmes Brothers, 11805 E. South Blvd., Artesia, Calif. and Artesia Feed, 18718 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. L rary clence T. Story, J. Rydalch, B. Way, S. Tiemans, S. Maxton, L. Smith, Alves. I J A Clint and Helen we married during the last year of college laqe rew Q. . :X N. , R' I Y x 3 . LU' KIZQIZLS 60 G16 SIDUIZSOVS Our thanks to the following advertisers who helped make this year-book possible. 1. Foster Freeze, 11744 Artesia Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 2. F. 8. W. Market, 12402 S. Norwalk, Artesia, Calif. 3. Union 76, 19002 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 4. Albert Draayer Paint Store, 18426 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 5. Artesia Men's 8g Boy's Store, 18606 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 6. Artesia Floral Shoppe, 18408 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 7. Wally Trailer 8. Boat Sales, 12310 Studebaker Rd., Norwalk, Calif. 8. Walt Staal Gas Station, 12600 Sout St., Artesia Calif. 9. Shirley's Yarn 8. Gift Shop, 18505 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 10. D. H. Gray Building Materials, 16632 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, Calif. 11. Earl's Men's Wear, Corner Oak and Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower, Calif. w ug 4, KA A. 4.3 I gn -, ,, 3 . 1- , , 'Q f , M, 'J Rfff, 'Et - Z-:V , mf, r- 1, in .4 XJ: 1. .gl V, A 2' i-if 'v ,W .. .. 2 .. N . . P ul , F W- . LQ D 1. S., ,,r .Aw 'T' 'S 1 L f -1 43, fv W- .1 X A . 3 1 1 v NS V! 5.4. 1 , 3 2. ' 1 ' 1 H' v i' '-tj ? fv:uLf?,'ff, 1:12 :QW "ms: , 2' N . A 2h'1.1- J v- :gf Qi - 1, 'i-fir L-W A ., -H Qing ' . 3 f . w 'Mg H. Ti y k V " L TW 5 L Hg ff uw s' - :Q 44 "WWI X, .nity 3 'A hm ui ' S' 1 H ' xx 1 ' -H g x S . , M , xl. ' s f s 'L H2 5 ,A ..,, .,,.:..,f, k.,.' ' f ,g,. ,J - v w' I r '-'J N Y -1 - ' ' K N 'l 'N . ,1:4wQ4aesQz.M.4sQs.3QE2s.aEQm2m-,.a52l4Ef4E315-sg.l:u53zJQL3.ifA3iit2!fai:4l1f 'I ' 5 1 Gfufoqraplzs Gflwfllel' Cfeaflfvll ....... . FUILISHEIS ol' ro s mscnmuu rafeo' 0 Ld

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