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Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Q EZ ,fwfwfff WMS WBQ, EDM, N? ' Jil., A M Qi? my W YK NX f Ng X wwf Y Riff I my my BX- gy r74f,.yf WT' .pi WW Ji! MW yfffMf,,-is ff Q A 31kg,fFgg?f fs iff f 5 bk Dji' ff Mvfffjff, A Ek if 55? SS? 3 ,QQ is Eqgydxiiiwgi Q 4 Sf, Q Wm U flffy Rx 3-Q44 1' if-ff I Q f. f,fl ' fy. K7 'LQ' ,. . ,Q f x x f , x. y 1 7 ' V fv' xt 4 .A 'lf if fl xr A f 2 , f ,WXV nf A , fv . X f ffz , ff 1 f f I ,G ,N'L. Klxlfw' V. . A 4 If ' ' W ' , .' , If I . , -1 , fy ' ff ' 'N , ' , rl, X . Nl 'u 45? , A-, we, Q-1 ,,,.....a C Q 5 .. '-Q A2 0-2 Ae. ,. , ..-I-I un---,. . wx' ' ' ' 4 . 1 . I 1 r - '.Qa-'lifug-n?f... ES. I I . ! s fig 'sift :Fha 'x :- 2:5552- 23 kg: C i -22:2 Q .0 -a :55'i::5v ' Tb in, . l F'-rf' . : ff! I .ESQ S. it . 'Q 'n ru' , X, 4. iw.- x 1. ,Q ,ll - A , -5 e- .'. ' .,. 4' -.. QQ x 3, v iq"-' Y' -. .S ln an ' ff' ,rf A 3 e I -4 '2 . - ... f- 2? 3 ffaiyi l . g,,3 , , 1:5 r ,il f 3 2 Q 7 . as VM , 1 ,- Q 1 A P . , ,. 1 - I . 5 5 Q 1 ' i .i 1 cioiieviroiii Within the pages of the 1957 Ano De Oro you will find pictures of all activi- ties of the year 1956-1957 at Artesia High School. This being the first year that Artesia High School has had a graduating class, the annual staff ded- icates the 1957 Ano De Oro to the senior class of 1957. lt ,, I 3 IP fr,., Jr fi' P' s. '-A' . I-L' f swf fx QW K. s x O t A :I 'lr,'s f Q . 1 ,K 1 , I "1 -., , I . v,r"" ,, Q 4 if fxL-,- : fi p NHo'1'S dfyyi Z' N WA C Semor qvmfe P-mmm H33 IQ -.. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY J UNDER CLASS HK Sfmt ms, T J x,, SENIOR DEDICATION TIS, SENIOR CLASS ANG 6 5? + F ""'3 SPORTS 6' ACTIVITI AND ORGANIZATION Ba 1- vvudgr- Clusmeu ...O 5 N I sw I r- IX ., lil "I I' I I I 'G' T TI T NOW I A "0 9' I -I - QQN ""9 J F ,H .J -I ' -f"'S' F J-I An J - V I I I I 9' S- Sv Il Q Iljf, ,4' f' f' B "T ,III T lx I Q N I WT wb -F2 gf 9.175 '25 MQNK ea lcazjtim ,, ywv- '- .44- ' 1 .. , , . -..,'.. wg, '- ' 'sq-lfgxaf. N, f. .,, , Q ', s 'V' Nw , ' V'-vi' , ' ' A, Q' .' , 4 .4 ANU .. ni' ,fy 'I .. V . , 1 J--Q-' I ' '4 is 'I' tryxf-k"'f'f' " l 41.1, 1'A 1" JJ I via -va 1 -I A , . lv , a M' 4 S fn. if 44. 4 5 1 ' , Qs, V And 4 de, , '- JL I, 4 fl g.rt-9 at i V. 9, 21, mi.: -,TWT . 1 . - is f 1, -S -' gil' - 1 ' , 4, 3, qw: . - + P.. 1 "' v f t ' 1' fi .f ,I has 4. 'R aq 1 l, , if 4 rt' f C' Gang 1 t' J T' I ------J ? pig s , 'Q-I A 1 ' s ,, 'Q GV' liz , 1 Q Q S . .4--a-.qua--0 ,M 9 aw 4 ...J-48.6 -""1""""' fs 'L pm...- ....,..,,.,-.A :- aj 5 1' Z. Q v 145.17 5 fx x' x -' 1, , : 491 . Q f- - 1, tv...-... ,Q ' 4 ------.-..--...A fx gif! i- '1' AGA va a ! f-if ' A 1 Y Q' gi , X an , y Q sf -my ,R a X a 13" ,I M,,,,,,,.,,.,, -- 1, 1 Hifi W A NM ,,-,. ,..,. ...,.f' 3 ...AN ...fl-....,.-.... , 1 i ' 1 K , .,.... M-MA.-A-.ff I 2. A' W' f -0...-...4---on f ,,--1 .. vf nv'n p liLa.H.Q it ',,,i,p " 's 1 .Q 1 3.4, . if Q wr. , Q 1 A 4' I " S nl' . 5 S . lr C tr,-ed? , I 'pp Q lt ' ' T 'infa- 'G fn if J ir ff., I' A I fax ' , . V 1 y. I 5' 1 L mf ' 1 Members of the annual staff are left to right, L. Roberts, J. Pitts, F. Zwort, L. Gross, B. Owens, D Thomas, M. Long, B, Stalcup, W. Zylstra, B. Barelci, J. Laurie. Members of the Ano de Oro were slowly rounding up but they started in strong meeting all deadlines. All members of the staff worked hard to make this Ano de Oro the biggest and better we think. Members of the annual staff line up to get their annual. At right picture is members of the ,z,.. s staff working on annual in preparation for a big dead- K line. - a J .5 e 'l' if DEQJJ .i J' J K N Danny Thomas Editor in Chief Mr, H, A. Stcilter sf Q 1 ,I , . X . A r 'F' L X qw - xl. .if xg W V ll 1 'P if Q X fx 11 I A 1 . A -. iax 'y K A 4 ff lf -at Q I ' 5 X, 'F X 4 1.s"S -Wx.. gm- ff-f-f,n,, nf ri-, wg .- . "4 Qfmff . 3 f, 4 xg ' KR, f 'Q ' ' . vi ,X Q I f 1 v 0 W f. S O D x xv .1 i QIJJLG ' L 'gf fi' .ff-Q4 4. iw The first annual assembly was held this year. If was fhe sales kickoff and was enioyed very much. Tgiicfm 'Beware', Senior Square, Keep off. This was the first senior square at the beginning ofthe year 1 ... SENIOR KEEP L-1 4-1 .v,., e ' ' " ,' Wi.....,5- A 1 'N , lv I A-ix-v4.,,r 4. -F . W W, X' 5 Y is Y ,Ik 1 6 , at -of 1 'fi ' I I K I N I 1 Deanna Dechert thinking as she enters the Betty Cocker essay contest, Y -.P 1 '. J XX Y -Q X x i X 3 41X X . '-"-lzl 4 ' .e ,,.us.-'- ' A K xy ' 4 Q' ,es A tives. '1 ,' I ' A 4 The third annual Christmas play was very much enioyed by both the student body and the parents of the com- munity. IN! All Dance decorations used in the Halloween Dance held in the Cafetorium, . .4-fe? .5 i , .. ,,,, , A gmzui. SYSTEM fffsl V X ? ffisif 'SF f "f2x1A'l 1 'Wi L Ji., A ' ,fi 5 s --'If' U'1,. .9' Barbara Walker showing another one of her talents. J i The Artesia High School Pioneer Band making another great performance at the Pomona Fair. This was the second year Artesia attended the Fair, Dick Allen slyly remarks, Who needs oiI'9 as Lonnie Cupit looks an. The Art Club showed that they can do wonders also. This display was at the Pomona Fair. sf is 231311 Us V441-1-, ' 1. 1 QI 4 'lf i The Leadership Class took pride in decorating the Third Annual Christmas Tree. This was said to be the prettiest tree ever obtained for the school. X. xx - x X Q xxk X4 iw , c N s K Xxx . X .tx Xl A . K x . X N C new X. X The Tower Clock to which many students depended on. 'We will do our best to defend the office to which we have been elected." As the Second Semester Officers were sworn in, l I. it i routines. The modern dance group doing another of their strange T5 X fi! 16 it Nloilli The drama class presented a play to the P.T.A. on "Founder Night" announcing the life membership award. 5.--I - ' ,'.'."- f ' 1 N . ,v This year the English classes sponsored an intereclass spelling Bee. These are the Finalist in the first Annual Spelling Bee. A casual day on the Pioneer campus. J ,,4Kw,M.,,, 4 .,"."' ' ' ' 4 , N,- ....-........ -UI - I , The year 1956-57 has truly been "the year of gold" for Artesia High School. This year, with its complete student body of tour classes, as well as a practically completed campus, it has won well-deserved recognition in a wide va- riety ot activities. A very large share of the credit tor this success belongs to the senior class of l957. They have had the difficult task ot pioneering and in building the traditions which are helping Artesia to become one ot the outstanding K 'S 4 schools of Southern California. My congratulations to the class ot '57! May the classes which follow continue to build on the strong foundation that this class has laid so that in the years to come it will be a matter of tremendous pride to be known as a "Pioneer"! Ralph F. Burnight District Superintendent l8 Henry Korsmeier Q Assistant Superintendent vis x' , 43 as-is 1 .. KX I Q W f 7 K .L 2 KULZEQ VETJWXQ',j,E'G'E S0H 4 ,i l 5- ,K . Q., . 'T i W. TAGUE '4 , Z l S Lf: vm .,, E! 'LL z '?A'R'2Mo?if5"HANsEN H L NAV "9" . r-, - 0 . a 8 f 5 ' .1 ,Wm x -th 4 , 'N- by '-29' lar ki F X ,. ,1 'N r . 4 '91, Y X, MWKZQ, ti-Q ,,- ...L ,W .- I I Q5 . 'vu I If is xi 5' '57 Mr. Atkins Mrs. Wxllrom Deon of Boys Deon of Giris R! C? 4, if Mrs. Sherzer Director of Curriculum S 'v-4 ""' u' 1- Mr. Brown Mr. Ausing Counselor Attendance x. PRINC I DAL DZAN J Gmc: DsAn v Bovs NF' dj .2 v'vfvv'Nf WM tif 1 Lvvv Cowvsc we Xv "'7 vm W G,,.f!f gf-iff" 1 Jw W W' WW iv WM 7,411 M-0mfr?Yng5uLmm .M la ATTENDANCE . , W Boo k Bday X Q X x 4 X 9 J' :fry 09 ,xx b'A , 7-Q LIBRARY 'ifi UH Qi uJcJluiu J., Y 49, fl E5 XXX.-.1 fi. 4, iv .,,. 'K vg 'jk Q L No' M559-1 lo X W lf if S i NEB MONK Mr. Gil Charters Science M Mrs. Jacquelyn Austin Physical Education ,. Mr. Ronald Bryan Health Physical Education Mr, Russell Chesley Business Education Physical Education Mrs. Dorothy Dale Miss lrene Davis Mrs. Elizabeth Ehrlich Home Economics English Social Studies Latin Mr. James Gold English Mr. Eugene Grohs Industrial Arts California Cadets Health sing, Mr. John Henderson Music Miss Lucy Ito Social Studies Home Economics Mr. Anthony Gorman Senior Problems Mrs. Martha Halbert Business Education Mr. Wesley Herr Math Science Mr. Leslie Iverson Math Science fl f,LG!lll-lmlvlf Q' Qc. A0 es" is Qelo Seto V? s9 le Mr. Milton Herring Social Studies Mrs. Margorie James Mr. Junius Kellan Librarian Art 'Qs- Lane Mr. Lindenberger Industrial Arts lndustrial Arts N Q E bs '?".."' . if l Mr. Littleton English Mrs Harriet Lundeen Mrs. Virginia Marshall Mr. H. McDonald English Business Education Science Social Studies Physical Education Mr. Robert McGuire Mrs, Jane Melon Social Studies English English Mr. Peter Mirkovich M355 Jggquelyn Oremug M0Tl'1 Physical Education 3 Miss Agatha Persoon Mr. Frank Ray Urse Englwqwf, Mr. Ronald Ricard English Math Miss Emily Renner Home Economics Mr' Harold Stellar Mr. Ronald Ternquist Photography Health Audio Visual Physical Education Annual Vt Mr. Leon Ried Social Studies Mr. Thomas Readon Science Social Studies Mr. Joseph Sharp Industrial Arts X Or, O Z5 x5 fx Q-lv. F xy Z5 QXZRQ D -' gk A ME -2 of F ficililts I V SV? Mr. Gilbert Ulibarri -l ,J J JI Social Studies S A 9 , Q..-at 2,-x 1 f R. A ill ....' ,,- Q 's.- 4 -if E' as Q Ei -' ll',-:..f - -an . P .., ,, ' f v ' v ,- V -, I . 'P'-,T iy ,, 'Q Q Q y 'lf 11 . A Q'-, , ,, Q, 1 'V' X Lf' -'fm . 0- , . r If airy, I P., 1.,-I 1,72 Rauf Lv. -"L: ' ' ,S .Q g4,fiwxHk..xv,l, .l 1 ' 4 NZ-. 41411, 'C "L 'V'--glflr' E A ,S if 3.1 ., ', , 4 ... -ang -Q Jn? nk 4. 6. A m 'M X I N President - Bob Dale Vice President- Lonnie Elms 59?--OT-AFVYIS - LOVVY BGHGY ini ir Gia The Senior Steering Comm Advisors Mr Gorman Mr Gold omm J Mork Aanestad L Bailey L ms a e Wainio B DeJong L Goss B Barela M Bailey A Soares Secretary Gloria Wainio i IW, Treasurer Betty DeJong Director of Activities Mary Bailey C ll - F - 'Vial 'IJ P :ici .r- xv I I xv I X, Iglsj-r-v -N. i . ' .n Z. , , " c . ,E. ' K' I ,t yy 5 EI , B., 15 I,IGi L I r ,I .U ,, vb ' , . . off L I :W f dll sis e '14 F r I X cv I u I ,J ., i so V ' 'M J K-r 6- I ' ILVA QQ' I I I is Nr.: 1 1--"Y Aanested, Eloise Allen, Dorothy C.S.F. lSecretaryl Student Body Secretary Student Body Secretary CSF Bailey Larry Student Body President Frontiersman Ethics Comm - Bailey Shirley Ways 81 Means F H A Campus Hostess fl Anderson Don Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Barela Bob Track Frontiersman 2.2! 1-Z' Allen, Richard Calaliers Frontuersman if Amezcua Raul Varsity Football Math Club Track Bailey Mary Student Body Activity Chm C S F Barnes Patt Drill Team ASB Secretary Editor in Chief of Californian A, a f P v l 4 -'E' X . . L X y Alyea, Jim Math Club Frontiersman Atkins Joe Varsity Basketball Varsity Club Baumgartner Ray Frontiersman Cee Football 3.5. 'E' X ll C S P 'fs JFS Y ' -5- Cv l l xv l .1-. l Q It gf ' x A il T N. G- X S f-If ,Rs . .EE 1:1-' ' I his , ik Vixzry L' ,, 'A I , " ' ,Q X A s X ,LIL , " 'HQ " i-, T .N Beardsley Beverly Glrls Glee F H A Bettencourt Ethel C S F F H A President Boone Kay Head Songleader G A A Vlce President If Beck Ednth Gnrls League Vlce Pres C S F Berry Florence Grrls League Boersma Sam Frontnersman Varsnty Club f -9 Bothof Harvey Bee Football Varssty Track fs Beltran Jess Cavaliers Varsuty Football Bernal Marlorle Girls League Ex Board Frvendshlp Ex Board l1'1 I' if Blok Tony Varsuty Basketball Sensor Senator Brudges Leslie Cavaliers 'or Guard Boersma Thelma Student Body Songleader Glrls League Presudent Brunner Gene Baology Club C S F ll Il' XY lu M' .gf 4-bf ir T' Cantrell Mary Casey Ctis Cnossen Richard Connole Constance F B L A Intramural Basketball Californian Staff Student Body President A Cappella Choir Ano de Oro Staff C S F C S F QSM ll' Crain Mary Lou G A A A Cappella Choir 'UQ Cruz, Joe Varsity Football C.S.F. 'L sto- in Cordova Manuel Cavaliers Baseball Cupit, Lonnie Student Body President Frontiersmen Contreras Esther Campus Hostess Assistant Songleader Craven Jesse Cavaliers Frontnersmen l l 5 Dale, Bob Senior Class President Varsity Football -r' I 504 Cordova Hortencia F H A Campus Hostess De Boer, Jack Frontiersmen ,WV 02 Dechert Deanna De Jong Betty Student Body President Fruendshlp Commlttee CSF 'B' Drnwuddae, Myra Band Campus Hostess Dull, Richard Frontlersman Math Club CSF Donnell Bob FTA Presndent Gymnastucs Drappo Rncharcl Frontnersman Officials Club X Dunlap, Pat Ways 81 Means A'CappelIa Chour Dennison Cathy Gurls League Gnrls Glee Deme Mary Student Body Treasurer Campus Hostess QSMUI' Dorman, Esther F B LA Ways 8x Means Elms, Lonnle CSF Presrdent Callfornnan ,f 'M A S ,. 3 X U 3 f A U ' .r X Druluas Gus Football Basketball 1 Fayerweather, Dwsght Calnfornua Cadet Corps Cavalners Color Guard i- Frlupotf Mary Anne Funnme Ted Cavaliers Frontnersmen 19111 1' Boys League Presudent Varsuty Football 'S Gurule Irene Ways 84 Means FHA 'sf l li Grady Tom Cavaliers Habrel Jeanne Choir Gnrls Glee Gallop Chuck Varsnty Football Bee Football Gomez Bertha Fruendshlp Committee Drlll Team Gross Louus Drum Mayor Annual Af 1 Favors .lack Varsity Football S B Sgt at Arms Goedhart Eleanor Ways St Means Campus Hostess it Gray Roy Bee Basketball Varsuty Basketball Hardy June FBLA Ways 84 Means -iw 8 , , be 'I C 1 , ,L - M F :st X X f C ll F B 'rl1 'Fil " J, C, IIC, us, 3 X. Green, Steve. 2, A ' I . ' X x .I , f.V7:--ft ' , . V5 .1 X. . 5- Q' l . Q Q lf! C" ' ,,, Harris, Wilford lntra-Mural Basketball Frontiersmen YQ-v Hollander Karen GAA Jones Terry Varsity Basketball CSF President Harr, Sallyann Band Biology Club Hernandez Sylvia FBLA Drill Team Hutchison Veta Girls League Jones Tom Finance Committee Frontiersmen paw E? Harness, Marcia Hatch, Sandra Flag Twirler Ways 8. Means CSF Sr. Steering Comm. AGING! Holmes Ray Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Jordan Richard Band Cafeteria Worker Jackson Maxine Ways 81 Means FBLA Kams Tina FBLA Ways 81 Means 'Q 'xx .PRL Keefe, Pat Kelly, Cliff Californian Staff Varsity Basketball Bee Basketball QBHIGI' Leffler Sam Industrial Arts Pres Frontlersmen Little Jean Friendship Committee Campus Hostess q--1 0 Langston Linda FBLA Girls League Lofflln Jaunuta Glee Club A Capella Choir fi Kotch, Evelyn Girls Glee Campus Hostess ,Wig sv Lane Joe Californian Staff FBLA Lewis Jimmy Cavaliers Bee Basketball Mano Henry Math Club C S F Laird, Marlene FBLA Campus Hostess 'Chili Leach Joe Band Frontlersmen Martin Reggie A Capella Choir id CSF C ll F P 'L ' - l'l C'l QQ A J- C, l lov l.., it f I A Q ul . fl 1 I L ' 4 B L J 1 . I , L T Y ' f , , 'N f ' .B "Mlm t 'ft N 9 i X K , NILA RAE WARD iiffiei Hmcoisia bllldeals -gp..-N-N ,-,..-+ .1-' ,cu- ,.,-1 f--7.5 ..,,.1- :l'..".,-s ,Ay 51?-' 'N-s.,TYw-5 Ng: "CQ be Km ,kj X T ss. 5 j-:Mm x 5 -. 'nww s :K N h Q L.. U , Deanna Decnert and Nila Ward are THE HONOR STUDENTS of the Class of 1957, Tliey earned This highest academic recognition the school gives by achieving identical grade point aver' ages of 13.943, DEANNA LOUISE DECHERT Paw.- Martinez, John Cross Country Frontiersmen 19111 7-X. Medina, Joe Varsity Football Varsity Club Murphy Roger Bee Football Bee Track McQuiston Larry Cavaliers Frontuersmen Q' Mork John Art Club President Varsity Football Nicholas Gail Rally Committee Campus Hostess P Y!! Medina, Virginia Campus Hostess Chairmen Head Songleader Mitchell Raymond Varsity Club Varsity Football Myers Ray Cavaliers Varsity Football Nichols Carl Cavaliers Gymnastics lb .l fl?" I 1' Milroy, Pat Frontiersmen Bee Basketball Mulder Joan GAA President Ways 81 Means Nichols Sally Ways 81 Means A i' C ll it x ' f.l X ,- l F' X J. C, I I X, l X Z 5 . S 4, D ml ' igiff' " I 3 1 . 6- ' Q, F J? ii-251. is " ' ' FT ,.. if 4 if f 3' .5 ar Owens Betty Annual Staff Campus Hostess R. Peterson Harvey Frontlersrnen Ramurez Elrl o Track Cross Country Padrlla Richard Varsuty Football Varsuty Club 'T Passchuer Arne Frontrersmen Pugh Elmer Frontlersmen Track is fi' Ramrrez Frank Varsrty Football Varsrty Basketball i" if' Palacto Eddie Frontrersmen Pres Bee Football Palaclo Elsre Ways 84 Means Drull Team 19111 JI' Plemon Marilyn Student Drrector of Actnvttles C S F Secretary Raulston Frank Varsrty Football Varsity Track pn- in .-l. Rarnage Lee Basketball Football Reynolds Helen Girls League Presrdent Editor rn Chref Calrfornran S' .J . Q 5' f' I ' C ll s ,ttyl alfa ' - 1 1 -51 T C.S,lF. TL Af ,m , , ' dx ' x X I gl X Lf I 5' 1 3 R-,l Rnchards Laura Ano de Oro Edltor Ruos Alex Basketball lndustrual Arts Club QGIIIGI' Sanders Terr: Ways 81 Means FBLA X Selstad, Vernon Choir Band Rodrugues John Math Club Sclence Club Shvrley, Joe Varsuty Club Football x in Ruos Mary Fruendshsp Commnttee FHA 'CT' Rodgers Mary Jane Gnrls League Secretary Schnmmel Eddie Frontuersmen 84 Prog Comm Varslty Baseball 'D' 2 Shrum, Ann Ways 8- Means FBLA Robertson Jeanne Campus Hostess A75 Fil-1 is Saldana Leonard Bee Basketball A Capella Chour Snlverna, Adlene GAA Ways 8: Means 5X ,..... W Y- w s ' . ' . J . CSL CSF ' ll C r F 'f ' 'll il i .Nw C- l l X, l .,.. rv. i- Q. 2 CSF ,W . AT.. :gb ' sa at W l F R ig, i Smith, Jack Frontiersmen Math Club Simms, George Frontiersmen Vice-Pres. CSF wef MVC.. has Spalding Barbara Flagtwirler Ways 81 Means if Stalcup Bob Annual Bee Football Champs Sperou Stan Cee Football Cavaliers 'Q Story Jerry Tabanica Dolores Campus Hostess Art Club 'Q Soares, Arlene Student Body Treas. CSF C F '- YI Ang Souza, Phyllis Mixed Glee Girls Glee mlrmrf Sprlgg Donna Glee Club FHA Tapla Sally Head Songleader Ways 81 Means Q6 i Stark Mildred Girls League Vice Pres mfs WY Teixeira Dorothy Football Queen Campus Hostess Q52 4' if CSF - 7 Q 1 xg .,., lv, 5 Thomas, Danny Thunstrom, Lloyd Totusek, Carol Tracy, Wayne Edltor an Chref Bee Basketball Ways 81 Means Chairmen intramural Football Ano de Oro Bee Baseball C S F Tsubokawa Tomuko Gurls League Treas Ways 84 Means "'s. Veldhuns Corme Wade Carolyn Varsity Track FBLA Boys League Chief Justice FHA Utter Don Cavaliers Secy of Frontlersmen Q 1' AN Wannno Glorra Walker Barbara Ward Nnla Student Body Actuvuty Chavrrnen Student Body Vuce Pres GAA Presldent Sensor Class Secretary CSF Presldent Van de Klett Bull Frontnersmen Band Wentworth Ronnne Frontnersrnen Cavaliers s!N C ll w F or 4 11 Q1 J., L- l I L, I ... f K' S' ' at I V H . I . D Q W ' . - D . . , W ga... Q C 1 -f W l y 4 f Wrersrna Jnm Wllson Loulse GAA Ways 8: Means Gymnastncs Frontnersmen y' Wooten Marlorue Student Body Secretary Girls League Secretary Zwart Florence Annual Staff Wiseman ue Speech Club Calntornuan Withers Hennetta Ways 8: Means GAA I1 I' C?" Zylstra Wrnnle Student Body Vice Presrdent Annual Staff Camera Shy Hall, Kenneth Q , , A ,gi Y G" 4 3? S 1... I ',:..:. lx 4 kk 1 .'a'.:, .I X,-.Wy ,, l .QJJ " I , 4 "ff:.x"gA wtf? K , . F , atv' ogytgtg H1 l '.'.S' ""uN".l-lsl"l. x lx . I . . I . . I S . I . C ll f- -I - J J . X - f 1 D W l l X .,. s, l l s, l .,.. Q M V 'Z V y . n if 12: W f ew' CSF W i l A Q 'ff Cold r 3,-crrnrin fvlv 50' 1 sor LI' 'NL...f f jr, ws, ,ii iii Perhaps the biggest challenge which could face a group of students is the moulding of a new school. To build a school that anyne having any connection with, could be proud of, One in which there would be a good learning situation along vvith the very important social life every high school needs, From the very beginning, the Class of '57 recognized its responsibilities and elected Tony Blok, a very capable person, as our first class president. Under his leadership we had a start towards building a great school ln their second year at Artesia l-ligh, the members of the Junior class successfully sponsored the first prom. Louis Gross, Junior Class preseflent, and the members of the iunior cfibinet worlferl tirelessly on olans for this, biggest formal dance of the year, They also sponsored a spaghetti dinner which was a good money raising activity and a lot of fun for those attending and those who helped serve, prepare, and plan it, As Seniors this year, many more chalenges confronted our first graduating class. A senior square had to be selected for use by all of the classes which will follovv. Important de- cisions had to be made concerning robes, announcements, Senior privileges, and plans for the first Senior party. All of these problems were successfully tacked by the Senior steer- ing committee, with Bob Dale, Senior class prexy, heading the group. if 4'5- 4' 'ls ft' 'QW' -il-2 43? V'i N 'X .r.-4 2X 4-dh x,-- P4 .s oi Qc , F12 ,wo K if WJ .wr A , I+' " K . 15? we V .VZ ,Q 195 J . i. ii 4 Tl JUNIORS I , up SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ' , gs ' Wu... JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Joanne Leichleiter, Terri Miller, Janice Rhew, Bill Moore, Colleen Grady, Barbara Sowder J Q i The Class of 58" was one of the founders of our in to organize and set up the entire program of Artesia Class Sponsor Mrs Elizabeth Ehrlich Between the organization and establishing of the HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 58" school. Along with the Class of 57" they helped High School in its first year. H Class Sponsor Mr. Leon Reid school they found time to put on various bake sales and a dance, the Sweeaheart Ball. Assemblies and the election of officers for the next year were also part of their activities. After the first busy year was past, they had more time to work on their own activities The Sophomore Sock l-lop was the result of their bakery sales and ioat hanger drives. Junior Class rings were selected under the leadership of Sue Watson, President The sophomores held a responsible position cs the second highest class at Artesia and were one of the rnainstays of the Student Body Government and the many clubs and organizations on campus Now in their third year of existence, the Juniors are led by President Bill Moore. Two years have passed, leaving the Juniors a much more experienced and capable class Finances for the Junior-Senior Prom came from the weekly cake sales. A Box Social was held for Juniors only and proved o big success. The Juniors also sponsored a dinner The Class of 58" has come a long way from that struggling first year and iaye emerged as a powerful and influential group on campus. ' l - .1 ik MR RED f PERHOD ' First Row: B. King, R. Meints, R. Comstock, H. Dexter, D. Jenninp, W. Gemel, D. Kerr Rf. lrot' S Crosser Second Row: D. Schofield, C. Farro, S. Watson, M. Lieke, L. Bentley, J. Stefani, A. Rascon, C. Markes S M ll L Hughes J Lasey A Shoemaker Third Row: J. Busmon, G, Foster, G. Rodwin, D. Eckers, C. English, P, Colungo, M. Busewell, C. Bradshaw G Ferguson Frrst Row: A. Ferguson, J. Bollema, H. Hnect, P. Clark, E. Shaw, R. Soriano, W. Juden, Y. Chavose Second Row: T. Colunga, D. Flint, L. Bernal, F, Hiladides, E. Mclntyre, S. Hennen, J. Dorman, E. Gro' Third Row: J. Deeth, G. Woley, G. Galster, M. Anderson, R. Drappo, T. Medina E Hernorcez C vel MP REQ? 7 SEQOD 2 2 1' I gd X a rd. I ..' -v' Q' , MR l?ElD f PEl?lOD ' 'v 1 Y-.. H ...-.:vV,5A.',.- i -A . 'Hg .4 L ,-V M. . .,,Y,,,q.., hir., . '.s,,s wfflx. -,'s,f.7,J ,' ".. 'f ' ' .1 ' -,, I. V, ,U . I. . V. J D , .ii-VV.. J , I - " Lf. "'- '1 '. ' , .' -N211-Q. ,. ., .,-Pj. -X .-ln.qf",y- Q. -. . -- ,- gave. , I L .. , .v.,.. Y, ,"E1""f'k T Row I. L. Allen, B. Nelson, B. Scarborough, B. Mitchell, R. Cookman, M. Applelrur. Lb Seller K Sfraug'-. D Mews , Srnizs H Eownger, D. Glbson Row 21 A. Bogie, W. Johnson, N. Mendez, M. Lopez, I. Guzman, L. Sharp, P. Sherman, LJ. D,e J Solomon P Swwws X Sv- " J F?ol,n A Jul xr Row 3: G. Lucero, A. Porte, D. Tubbs, L. Dahl, R. Sullivan, R. Hartman, R. Starr, J. Vanden Burg, D. De Boer . Monroe . Bcsma J FLM... A l'.f'f.Mo'- V Cnoave Row l. M. Van Viamherr, N. Stephens, A. Kelly, C. Hugg, A. Grogins, L. Deon, L. L6WiS, D- Deuren, P A d f TT D Selzieen lc 5.41 I Screens: S Below Row 2. D. Oimando A. lclsinga, A. Venus, B. Johnson, A. Costodio, C. Grady, . 'T 9 50 Row 3. D. Veldhuizen, B. Joslyn, S. Gurale, J. Wheeler, L. Turnquist, J. Leal J fern D MP PE D f PEWOD G ' I N Jspgfsm- S 'NV-SAF F' ' lrg V ,,, .D .. N W ,A ' ur I l 1 I i V - The proceeds from The Juh- ior closs chicken dinner Went for The supoorr of the Junior-Sehror Prorvr Q --., ,. ,,.1. 1 Q-v ill ., ...fd-"" -,,,..-s .--ow-' " vcr..- ,,.i 0 x I I d., f 4. .- .qn . O ' I ,. ,,...,aui" ...- ' d fe" . s ' -.4 -v Q if . J AA., Q", .tvs-1' - A 4 ,JJ ,Q " 40 0 , 1"'Y"V V' -,....M.,...... U1 - I The Junior class bake soles were held 'ro support Junior class ocfiviries ond To buy for The Junior- Senlor Prom. 53 H l l 4 l 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS r L... 1 OFFICERS Rudy, Hernandez, Wendy Cramlwam, Mary Long, Sue Anderson, Beverly Reynolds Bull Holt flea' 'onnw Hansen, put on sw lwss lands, pm an a yer-, ClU55 SP0"'5O' wr spcnsorwl 'Me Sweetnearr M65 Meme DGW5 of 'Pe rnasr sucessful dances r-f-fl al 'l s- ,ear 'lre class fond llw s year, wrrlr rhefr Presrdem, Sue Anderson, the Class of 59 rs malang ready for vhe Januar-Senror Prom wlmclr they wlll sponsor next year, by twang a Crrrrsrmas Card sale and ofner food sales They wall sponsor a SOPHOMORE CLASS PAST AND FUTURE ln WSU 1956 me Class of 59 , Wrrh their presr many bake sales ro good class assembly. Class S onsor Ball wmcn was one p of rl-,ar year Ar the Ml Glll Clwrlers 5' ll s'ood at S99 OO in'-fe " s year vvlrrclr rlwey hope W-ll be eqaally as successful as last year Ne are proud of me Class of 59 for serrrng suclw Hrglf svlndards Gnd ,ne efoef area! aczomplrslwmenrs rn fware ,fears S 'P' w. 'f .. 1 1' 1 ,la-I - e- --xi ' 5 1 ' 9 Q, Q-on -,.. -. ,. y '-r.:, A, ' . ,. . u '1- - ---54,--' I ., A MRS. EHRLICH - PERIOD 3 Row I. I. Gorclo, R, Pacheco, B. Green, K. Holl, P Stewart, C. Brondsmo, B. Alben, J. Hammer, J. Srlyero, C Togue, Row 2. L Porks, L. Dye, L. Coellwo, J. Jamleson, E. Sowers, M. Voca, L. Cro'le, M. Lang, S. Halbert, N. Hrx, R, Dlrken Row 3. S Houston, D. Rocha, R. Newman, O. Ormonde, D. Dunlop, P. Mclilnney, C Porrrdexler, S. Adom. WX. Q, J ,- - x . lr' i' of 1 .,,'J-1 4'u' V- 56 " Nf"u-fl .- , 1 plmmone Q . -H, l N 'I .. , L BY 1 1 ,rm-' i - 1-- v rv-QQ , 4 ll HL Cxi, 1 , 3 ,l If I 4 4 1 . . . . v- -51. C . .bf-383,250 y - S 4 ls A X ?3 1...:4 N.. , - h --,, Raw l: J. Watlclns, J. Nrclcles, C. Henefson, B. Scnmldr, V. Ruiz, P. Beton, Q. Pnasr, J. Ausrln, J. Alues, D. Mandel Row 2. E Nosrer, G. Young, M, Garden, B. Reynolds, A, Thompson, J. Jordan, W Hlcks, L, Thomason, S. Piper, V. Gray. Row 3- D Shlnkle, R Paul, A Bernal, C Vondel, Dussen, K. Morreln, M. Mandel LJLlBARRl 7 PERlOD 3 MRS. El-lRllCl-l ---- PERlOD A Qow V C Bezn, L. Roberrson, R. Holloway L. Trigg, G. Thomas, J. Reed, R Rely, A Crnsnoff, J Plnners, L, Hurley M. Tolly Pow I M. Denaresi D, D.son, P. Borwell, G. Colley, R Confreros, L. McG.J re S. leml, D. Tlgnoll, F Tldwell, N DeJong V Morrlson ECW 3 A Q.,-WKJQ W jornson, A Df1n'ern:1 M Brffl Pod' n, S, Spens,J Eflls C Kenna-rl-, A Selzown ju ' 15g . -1 5' 'L' J: . .nw ,Elsi- ll-' li AJ. A - . . ' 4 , .'gL5,A1 ,jk--, D , . "N . ' . - . s. M I ff". . A 'Q ,MA - H f .-' ' ' , 4 ,.." ,W ' Lxj!f"" f - i w,,,'.- .,. , " ' 'J gb ,N 1 .. - D N - .. , . It ' V , ' -, v- f as - W f .. , " . A f -f . . "4 -us, -'..w1:.' - r194ew,v' SJphJm.onef ,f 1 5 P- inn Rfk-'21 ai -Q, ".'As.X'-'- ' ,- ' l JM V -ju-, ., Q Row l. R Pennlngron, H. Holland, J. Buce, K. Nelson, C Hansen, B. Borlnng, C. Mendez, L, Meyer, M Morse, G. Kornpen. ,rr - r " x .1 191. 4"-"'f'g-:.f14l's G .aw uf., as .,- Q., .sun ',i..., "HEL if .4.L r 4+5'11 sv- .- F1-'FK Row 21 P Rengnoldo, J Burch, W, Lorenfe, W. Hackney, D Corrosco, J. Jackson, P. Cruvens, P. Tofoyo, H. Mocnodo, P Wnlson, J. Wybengo. Row 3. M Donl, D. Dovls, R Hoysen, B. Gonsolves, G. Mono, D. Wilson, H Tofoyo,J Hoc, J. Pussell. MR. REARDON - PERIOD A 'K- .6 5 7 N Row I1 R. Hernandez, L. Srmth, F. Negley, D. Dechert, S. Miles, R, Nyboer, J. Bennet, B. Hughes, R. Cnossen, H. Zylstra, V. Stefonl, C. Chalstrorn, T Wooten. Row 21 J. Long, F. Pennington, A. Moody, B. Griffen, W. Stairs, D. Dean, B. Kostnelney, G. Waldroop, C. Tockett, B. Goehart, L. Martinez,'M Slnindoll, K. Salisbury. Row 3: R. Sumner, C. Cornellus, C. Labrow, H. Duke, G, Nelson, V. Lucero, J. Lowhorn, R. Vasquez, T. Blessung, B. Cook, J. Baker MRS, EHRLICH -- PERIOD 5 'F' r Y 1 q g un., 'S ,'.:, fi '.f1,5-kia., ' H ,.'Y,u.,j r mph Lt N 1 N. s I . ,..... .L "' D -., f- , MRS. EHRLICH f PERIOD 6 ow l- M. Bevenfourt, W. Crantlrnrn, P Elms, C. Smith, L. Leach, F. King, G. Belcher, J. Becker, W. Wuersma, G. Boer, E. Van Leeuen. Row 2: S Anderson, J Lester, K. Marvtn D Jackson, R. Durfee, D. Welty, B. Bridges, J. McBee, R. Hatcnett, R Murtllo, G. Spriggs Row 3: B. Gansen, R. Bybee, B Bfaron P Peed J. Ltndermftn J Campbell! l. Glotfelty,J Lopes,J McDontld ,gf V-aw ,Xf- f , -,,-4: as sa-. The Sophomores Steering Committee did much to raise the standard the Class of "59". John McDaniel won the radio presented by the Sophomore Class. IHQEQ l ul -H .pm , id 7 'fl The Steering Committee chose three rings to be voted on by the class for their Junior Class ring. Pens were presented to the high sellers in the Sophomore Christmas Card Sale. B66 r lg. P , FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Bud Plemon, Jerry Atkins, Jackie Malony, Janet Campbell, Jean Robertson FRESHMAN HISTORY By Bud Plemon President Jerry Atkins heads the largest freshman class enrolled in Artesia High School. He has obtained excellent help from members of his cabinet which include Vice-President, Jackie Maloneyg Secretary, Jean Robertson, Treasurer, Janet Campbell, and Bud Plemon as sergeant at arrns. Such a big class was naturally interested in promoting traditional activities such as washing faculty cars, putting on the annual freshman ball, selling cakes, candied apples, etc. Our first freshman assembly was last October. At this assembly were the candidates running for the various offices of the freshman class this year. Plans have been made to have sales and other money raising activi- ties We are the youngest class on campus therefore we are looked down to as the scrubs yet we participate in many such school activities such as we are repre sented in flashrankers by Linda Fien assistant flag twirler Don Boersma Carol Furgeson assist ant song leader Junior maiorite and many freshman are active Q, v in the Artesia High School band choir and girls glee club under the direction of Mr Henderson We have representatives in CSF and our President belongs to the Leadership class Freshman Steering Committee and the Fi- l nancial Committee. Through the past year we hope we the fresh- m n class of Artesia Hi h School have made much prog- CLASS SPONSOR V955 to further the freshman ClGSS CLASS 5pON5QR Mr, Milton Herring of llrle rlexl Year to Come, and we Miss Lucy Ito hope the freshman class next fall will have just as much fun as we did being called a "Scrub" W. in Ill v' tn WDQ Al? '-lEl?l2lIN 'QOD Row l: D. McKee, J, Wilson, E, Negley, C. Parke, F, Vander Loan, J, A1kins,J.l-larness, J gr - fir . Q Ni- , 'w J 1: . oell J, Bircff era C Bovon Row 2: F. Jimenez, J. Frisbey, L. Gurule, M. Soares, S. Tull, B. Doreman, C. Furgeson, S. Ainoro, S. Vcmfwr Sasser' Q Bslwarzw, D Ccokrnzzi' Q Veaa Row 3: D. Stuart, J. Ingram, V. Caelho, C. Wilkinson, L. Fich, H. Olson D, Nelson K Fea V, Leal K, Goa Row l: T. Story, B. Shoemaker, A. Tilley, C. Griffith, D. lnnen, L. Storrs, H. Herfin , .Vaci F Fw: : 31: i Row Q. D. Black, B. Teller, A. Garcia, M. Race, F. Torres, J. Ramirez, G. Gumle M TJ'c': G A L Q S 3:r:e"s D 5--gay "P Row 3. D. Jenk:ns, S, Gonzales, T. Smith, M, Barlow, M. Offersor' N Cass cf. . DQSIJP' U been 5 P 'AQ '.'.G, 35 - FEROD2 Q. 'C' 0 '.' if 1, l"5'v ., . Q4 4, I I I 1 . V Q -V AGI.-11...-.,..--,-J ,, "7"-..- ' -a,,,. -,e"'.. N , ' ,-wr! f V , ""A"""""" ..A"'.!r-f ,'v'Jj'-0' --ff, I r 'af' ,.. .-. ., . . '.L'1T ,, A ., ' . ..,.1 QJA- ,..,' , I K, . , ,g , J t I MA' 'iff' . .f 'rl-I, 2-k,,. .f- IZJ.: 14, ,-1-'juli F . A . , b Row man, Row Row MR. LLJNDEEN - PERIOD 6 I. R. Guerrero, E. Short, R. Harmon, D. Brainerd, L. Flath, B. Jee, R. Houghton, T. Nooitgedogt, K. Kuiper, D. Nelson, R. Pockord, L. Flores, R. Zimmer- F. Brondsrna, P. Lonting. 2. D, Gardner, R. Nieto, F. Simons, E, Johnson, E. Moenning, L. Helm, I. Quick, A. Albers, J. Linville, B. Dodd, J. Colburn, M. Sanders. 3. D. Baines, B. Marcroft, R. Bertucci, J. Adringa, J. Lo France, B. Ortiz, D. Gras, B. Miles. 1 Y . 11. ", - js' ,,..-1 'Q f I ,-at F ' fi' Q V I , 2 'i31l:g,J,, :' -.N ha, ,Q -ga I 4.41 'll I? IL Jr I 'N Y. ss. -M3 , 66 Row I- A Marquez, D. Holt, J. Griffin, C Thrower, J. Bird, V Gciffey, F. Irwin, L Thomas, P. Frogge, B. Coffey, P, Brown. ROW Q' B Dawson J, Pereira K Pepin, J. Blevins, S. Teclwill, M. Solozor, K. I-Iarrs, R Rios, D, Marriette. Row 3- L Boone, I-I. Miersmo, B. Plemon, O. Martn, C. Smith, A. Pollreiz, V. Mar' n E Carrera, P. Lopez, MISS ITO - PERIOD I 5' ,n 1 is . 2 5? . 3 f' " igra . 312, , , "uf xx Q 1 x X323: pi '-, f"l v Q 'NW . wr. l I I p vi H 0' I 'N -F P' 1 ' ,af Ng, i 4' 1' 9? gg i 'L C f -1 ,L 5:1 A I 195 41. Aistwntnes K , rs! pow K Boone, M ue-me msc r msrocx to ow P J ATR ns S Anderson 'Xoore 'E C'1M:,T. Boersmc -onnie Corwnole President Sn-' f f f Mory De-me Treasurer 19- T-1. Q fu Lavry Bailey Don Mienfs VWQWO CHODW1 President Vice Pres. Secretary ZS 15 .9 i' Mary Deme Jack Favors Ken Sfrough Yreasurv Dir. of Activities Sgr. at Arms m i Seimastwm Leadership E Moore, J. Fa-Jars, K Svougi' B Dale, Mr, Hastings, L. Bailey, D, Miervs, K. Boone, T, Boersma, E. Palascio, J. Atkins. kv if , ,qv-- if gk T ni- i , 5. i amaeslen Samaria Row l J Pererra M Anderson B Muller F Tedwlll B Page W Brafcher W Hughes Row 2 R Packard D Broersma C Eclens P Elms B Reynolds J Lenvulle S Mooney B Kruldoff I Slmas H Mano Row 3 Mr Hastings S Gonzalez T Blok M Woolen C Hanson B DeJong C Hlghstreef J Cambell L Myler L Srurgell amble M Laird Rw 2 A Margez R DeBoer G Thomas F Tedwlll F P ulsvon G Nichols B Page S Gonzalaz W Clwoae Drullas B Mules G Gerule D Carson L Funk Z11dl.5 master Smale Row l. G. Simas, L. Rocha, J. Leichlifer, B. Johnson, L. Mooney, K. Marvin, N. Nichols, C, Marvin, C. Hanson, A. Shrum, P. Dunlap, J G , . ' . o 1 . , . , . , . ' , . a , . ' , , , . , , 1 , D CJ J ' J VJ X err ' F X - ' J .I ,J J l Gg.llfQ1mil..1l Y 'QQ S 5 Row I, M. Plemon, P. Barnes, D, Dechert, R. Wentworth, I. Elms, E. Beck. Row 2, M. Rogers, S. Wiseman, S. Bailey, B. Moore. Row 3, O. Casey, L. Seldano, J. Foster. C :af Barnes Edvor Mr. Gayer Advisor The Californian Staff members sold The paper af noon To all students on campus. Price of This paper was free with stu- dent body card and a rl l f ' ' fjtiolll dime wifhouf. f- aw Ciwmmmqtwa -I !l Semester Mie ETS MPI RQ 5-"""w-' -W -Sv' - , any Gemmeeee V9 U 0 iiezeeeeee all Zee! If Nl ri- 75 gf gf T Left to rght M Rogers, C. Totusek, J. Roetlieb, M. Curti, B. Clark, E. Bernal, H. Reynolds, K. Boone, T. Tsubokowa, J Mulder M Stark T Boersma, G'l1tlf1" I. f Aw .,l'.i.i .15 .Ja .ug ode The idea of an Artesia High School Girls' League was first conceived in May, 1953, when all Excelsior freshman girls who lived in the Artesia area met in the Excelsior Auditorium, to organize the Artesia High School Girls' League. Mrs. Clare Williams who had been appointed Dean of Girls for the new school, explained to the girls the purpose of having a strong Girls' League organization and charged the girls with the responsibility of setting up a strong foundation upon which our traditions could be built. Deanna Dechert presided at this meeting and a tem- porary Executive Board was elected to frame a constitution and set the standards and policies for the Artesia High School Girls' League. Headed by Helen Reynolds, this first hard working Board became the first permanent Board at an election in the fall of 1954. The governing Board of the Girls' League consists of the elected officers and committee chair- men. Each new year has found a group of hard working capable girls adding to the original foundations so that at the present time the Girls' League of Artesia High School is an exceeding strong, active organization. The League sponsors a well rounded program for girls, helps to pro- vide a means by which each girl can find a way to serve Artesia and at the same time to grow in these activities into a poised young personality. T. Boersma President M. Wilke, D Seldeen T Muller L Mooney M Barley A Sooras T Boersma G Wannuo J Parker P Calungo C Grady, M. Ruos M Bernal I Guzman Raw 2 Mrs Renner M Hornnss L Hnnkle C Smuth M Curt: S Houston A ldslnga, K. Boone B De Jong M Wooten H Reynolds B Sowders J Roetlleb L Ruchards P Kneth M Kennedy Row l, A, Silveira, M. Wooten, H. Reynolds, T. Kanis, C. Totusek, T. Boersma. Row 2, R. Medina, C. Tague, Motzke, J. Sakamoto, N. Strait, S. Crandall, V. Smith, Row 3, L. Meyer, S. Tull, l. Guzman, J, Parker, N. Hix B. Sowders, J. Rootlieb, L, Hinkle, J, Hix, P. Belis, D De Jong, C. Kennedy, L. Bell. Row 4, P. Hoscheib, P, Molles, J. Peton, C. Ferguson, J, Robertson, D. Nelson, J. Cottrell, S. Morrison, T, Wallace, C. Allen, J. Reinking Em tr UQ r ,X,i i..- ll agxx ti iffy-. QL' 1, -zgfix Nfrlbfl N is KL N J, fs Qfiiaall I ff 1 4135! QZZKTIC ,la Y JJ uf Members are D. Allen, S. Anderson, L. Bentley, J, Bossert, P. Dunlap, K. Grady, L. Groth, C. lsham, J. Mulder, S. Nichols, C. Poindexter, B. Reynolds, J. Sakamota, C. Tague, T. Tsubokawa, N. Ward, W. Zylstra, B. Walker, E. Aanstad, F. King, E. Beck, A. Bernal, P. Clark, E. Goedhart, W. Grantham, S. Holbert, T. Kamis, H. Machado, L. Myler, E. Palacio, P, Tafoya, C. Totusek, C. Wade, F. Zwart, H. Withers, A. Silviera, P. Wilson, L. Tomiack, L. Wilson, C, Pettus, M. Laird. Members are V. Medina, J. Milroy, V, Chapin, B. Johnson, J. Myers, M. Rodgers, S. Adams, J. Vandenberg, J. Leichliter M. Allen, G. Belcher, J. Bosma, A. Bogie, S. Bosma, M, Bettencourt, M. Britt, A. Cravens, D. Dechert, M. Falk, D. Gipson B. Goedhort, L. Griffen, N. Hix, P. Howard, G. Campen, C. Kennedy, F. Rios, M. Barlow, J. Silviera, W. Hicks, P. Elms C. Strip, C. Bolton, J, Reed, M. Costa, S. Perry, T. Wallace, A. Hutton, J. Campbell, F. Brandsma, R. Houghton, P. Lanting R. Starr, M, Scroggins, P. Cravens, D. Nelson, J. Malony, P. Stevens, l. Silva, M. Long, M. Mandel, L. Myer, A. Milroy G. Nicholas, B. Owens, M. Owens, L. Parks, R. Paul, M, Plemon, P. Raulson, J. Rhew, R. Soriano, E. Sowers, D. Taban: ico, A. Thompson, C. Vander Dussen, M. Van Kampen, C. Wilkinson, J. Williams, L, Sharp, M. Castillo, L. Burke, P. Price C. Kruizenga, P, Godard, N. Mendez, K. Kuiper, S, Poindexter, J. King, M. Lopez, C. Thrower, J. Gray, C, Kampen, P Cain, S. Tedwell, I. Malony, J. Kaufman, J. Herrera, L. Fien, J. Reinking, R. Joyner, R. Moore. . L- '..'f1.ffi? i V. - 'gf Q-'1's1rq. ,, " 5 ri : r A . M ' . . 3 .J ,'g'Qif3g.'j...jf g yn 12.4 s3fS,4f ff' sg gr ,-.f x M fri 'P I' i " rfl'r"'- ' .' .. f : T i --+- ww-e.L,.v-4w,1.i?b.4,z JMZ1352q94saaf3mwL,'141fPz w-..i-g. f.p.fQ.:,i,,refwgfm. .b.,..,wf,Ba.",' r. ..r. g,..3si,s...:. 1 ,VN I' f,.N, Y 4-. '- ff 6 . 1 1 f lun i 1 i JP' Girls Lelagwa Actmwmtmes 14 A, Winning volley ball team of the Girls' League Athletic Association. One ofthe girls being initiated into the Girls' League Athletic Association. Eddie Palacio was chosen basketball king in the King Contest - by all the girls in the school. Q 'im' ,Iii-5 nl G D. Dechert, only one of the contestants in the Betty Crocker contest. fi Y' W Janet Lyman was only one of the girls chosen Miss Friendship, an activity sponsored by the Friendship Committee. i Decorating Committee for the Calamity Jane Dance, sponsored by the Girls' League. ,Ax -lof- GB I fs Eddie Polocio President Ellgmlllty Row 1: R. Comstock, J. Cro vens, D. Utter, C, Nickels, T Gamble. Row 2: M. Morse, L Brldges, B. Gray, G. Thomas B. King, K. Kelly, J. Beeker J. Morlcs, R. Mlser, R. Com stock, R. Vasquez, G. Bore, R Hicks, T. Corrigan, J. Huges J McDonald, D, Foyerwe-other G. Dye, J. Beltrorn, J. Lewls F. Romoriz, C. Veldlws, R Mitclnell, L. McQurstlon S Green, R Shrmels no . l i ll J 3 M E5 Row lz G. Wholly, L. Bailey. Row 2: R, Mitchell, G. Simms, Row T. R. Mitchell, L. McQuiston, C. Kelly, J, Griffen. Row 21 DA Sellers. F. Romoriz, J. Atkins, L. Rcirnoge, S. Green. 1 ti ffleials . A T 5- , 'I - ' 'UG .v'-- .QM -. 4," .. I . Row lt G. Boer, G. Veldhuizen, F. Pool, L. Floth, E. Wey rick, T. Veldhuizen, P. Bono, H. Olson, K. Godenho, C. Colter, S Vonder Dossen, K. Godenho, J. Ferroiz, B. Hilorides, D Bornes. Row 2: G. Thomas, G. Ferguson, A Ferguson, L Scuggs C. Nichols, M. Anderson, D. Duggan, C. Lobrow, R Sowers, J Nickels, T. Gomble, R. Miser, G. Anderson, C, Huyg E. Schirnmels The following ore not pictured: B. Mitchell, D Veldnuizen. J ,J-log .iJoJJ .i.LiJ ,J Row 11 D. Brother, D. Drulics, J. Beordsly. Row 2: B. Mitchell J. Atkins, C. Veldhuis, J. Atkins. Eliimcl aiisln gfmntiemsman in Y .QS ' " k , k5ys,,f,7. . 9 ., .p . 381 xx? Y in it 54 N ll Q y PM r Intro U .ta 'x N 1,3 Locker rnspec ron mode sure the lockers were kept clean i el? GSU 22 S x Picfure above is Frank Ramirez and Roy Comstock playing records, which provided music for the Record Ramble Donce, sponsored by the Seniors. Picture fo fhe left was taken af the Gridiron Hop. This dance was sponsored by the Fronfiersmen. THE RYTHMAIRS: C. Kelly, R. Cookrnan, B, De Jong, J. Rolin, J. McDonald, C. Poindexver, D. Mandell, S. Adam, J. Silveria, B. Joslyn, B. Walker. The Ryfhmairs have performed af many affairs, both school and outside. Below is a picfure taken at fhe Howdy Dance. .1 3 1 fl 5 sieco! cnffzrs were Usually sw- gh Sc'-oo! except for ree bcmd Cdlcmfv Jeme wos one of the biggest dances of 'Ve year, Mnfcorng oufffs were feofured ond pr:1c'rcGVw oll couples were weoring them. Ar 15-e Howdy Dance, Mr. ond Mrs. Howdy were 'CGfUV9d. j. S hi s rv' S Q HG Q i in x.. I 1 r -.v 'f . nl U - . x "' 49,- ZA-auf-' 'R n Q . -N1 g V--1 ,a , gf V, .S,s:,gh - X, 5 351.3 .J ,L 'N-" A N.: XJ fl, 42 ' gg! xg -v N4 ,A fl 563 ' "' 'U' l.. IH -09 1 ' ' ' '-ij?-4' ., - fo, ,l , qv, V . .H , -M ,p :-, 1--flung ' f,. fy 1 ,', . 1 ', ip--j1+A-e' ,T I . - "...1,-! 'J -7 ' L: I "- -' , - '. , ws, 'J , ' 'K R-. - ff'-Q13-1 . - . . " -5' '3'a"c1' f"f7-l1'M"??2:'- .. . . . . , , . ..,, , D ., .,5. .rf W. 7 -- 'L . V , V D . Q '.-sg ' 1- 1bg.:?a-If-.,r5,:Q I 1 A - , I I M' V 1 1 I T -L 221. v,,w, , A ' 4v.Y...,.gM , A V A . I A . 'r .fl U -Il, t... .. .Al I . r- , 351 - ' .- - , . '-. 1 . ' ' A I .-iQ1?I.'4' , -Q-iiNd"'N ' '11 . f 3 -11? .. '41 1,-xy, ., 1'-fx. 5 , P A . ,f .TQ-9eQ.,Svvl4:Jq3A ..QQfg-l:Zz,t,A .9 . ., ..-5-JN -, H 1 ,Vw Mr...g4"i" .' . " '-.Q.,w g- . ,A . - in ,ex .Q ,. -K - , . , Q , , , X gr-F7 ei-'15 piss'-:J ' A . ,, ,. ---- 5... -3 ,V N , , . .4 .-, N i by . - ,- .2 A, LA. .ax ,., 0, J. , . we"5""hfrA.:'-' f ' .Q Y :-' " ,Q ' A5 -I 3 4 A 'vi' Lan, xmmgems ,mmf Leaders Fl I - f- - - F " VJV P -I J M ' f 7 YJ v 4 yum' G Kay I 0-Q11mo'o Y Chovese D. Dedwerf. J Pooflneb M. Cum, N Juderw A Vdswrm " Furqeson X ll Il 0365355 fm! W ,W ' -1'kfr'.'. ,- t. T , 3" pn... M... . .. 109 'M 5 Z fi N Q Ah x H Leg er AJ rw Us-L K' 4 L..J S. Pomdexrer, A. Bogre S, Welker, J. McBee G Thomas, N. Guzman Members of Drill Tecimf S. Arioz, P, Barnes, L. Burkle, M. Castillo, P. Dunlop, L. Dye, R. Former, V. Ferrero, B. Goeclhcirt, E. Goedhort, B. Gomez, W. Grantham, M Harness, B. Johnson, T. Konis, J, Lester, P. Kieth, M. Long, J. Milroy, E. Pclosio, S, Piper, M. Plemon, D. Rocha, M. Rogers, L. Sharp, I. Silvo, C. Smith, R. Sorino S. Topic, L. Tomlock, M. Vocc, K. Virgin, G. Woinio, M. Wilke, J, Williams, M. Wooten, V. Mooney. Mrs. Austin Director Gleel Glul, S' l l i i . i 5 Row 1, L. Tate, M. Britt, D. Crawford, Y. Chavose, W. Juden, P. Cain, I. Daugustine, C. Spann, W. Hicks. Row 2, J. Robertson, P. Raulston C. Fietzek, C. Pettus, S. Priest, L. Bowen, C. Welty, M. Ferrari, M. Panther. Row 3, W. Fayerweather, A. Werner, J. Malloney, C. Dennison V. Chapin, E. Kotch, G. French, S. Tull, C. Bowen, S. Reinhold. Row 4, C. Vander Dussen, L. Ramage, J. Myers, V. Goffey, C. Tackett, J. Harness, P. Tafoia, I. Giocorni. G11 Jilm Row I, J. Lofflin, D. Gibson, B. Walker, M. Britt, T. Kanis, S. Leal, S. Connell, A. Seborn, L. Avery. Row 2, G. Nicholas, L. Richards, J. Bosrna, J. Haibel, P. Dunlap, R. Farmer, J. Silveria. Row 3, V. Selstrad, P. Beltran, J. Lane, D. Kerr, J. Stirling, J. Tate. 1' . A 1 5?-"K xx .. -,Lyn i.. .. . -,W -4.3.1 f .h 4 gQs'r,-4- 5. I?-4 ,' '5-g. 531:74 - if L ' 'f. . 1. - ,i J fkfirf' WS ' -. .. 'Y - "5wQ'fi,rQ,f.w5,, " 'f pf . fn '+A - .Vijay Q- 35, , , ' if .1,. g M1-..-.s:?lr.f'm-vm, f Q R K ,V ..,...'..v ,V ,,e.,..,. M K W L. Trigg, B. Hughs, R. Sullivan, M. Morris, D. Fcyerweother. i J niii QJ Edit Q Hangs ll '+ xy Coders under inspection is . "mff5-.mfwfii ul L11 -'Q' 9' CADETS AT ATTENTION . . . 1 L O x 'vw 9 5 CADETS PREPARING FOR MYLITARY BALL in 1.. CADETS ON PARADE FLAG RATSING FVREMONY -4' I' .T" x- . - F - u - rl CJ - F' A ,l CJ Q meter by Row 1: S. Adams, D. Allen, J. Alves, S. Anderson, M. Barlow, L. Benlly, E. Bettencourr, J. Boersma, B. Clark, J. Cottrell, M. Curri, C. Davis, D. Dechert, B. DeJong, P. Elms, P. Godard, B. Goedharl, C. Grady, L. Grimm, M. Harness, S. Harr, L. Hinkle, N. Hix, A. ldsinga, T. Jones, R. Jordon, R. Joyner, P. Keefe, C. Kennedy, M. Long, D. Mandel, M. Mandel, H. Mano, J. McDanold. Row I. Mr. Littleton, M, Mandell, B. Reynolds, B. Moore, l. Elms, T. Jones, J. Sakamofo, M. Plemon, M. Rogers, A. Soaras, C Tofesek, M. Stark, L. Bentley, C. Grady, J. Liefchlifer, L. Burkle. Row 2: S. Adam, S. Anderson, M. Nyman, A. Pashier, S Borden, M. Wilke, V. Chapin, A. ldsinga, D. Seldeen, M. Kennedy, S. Huston, M. Curri, E. Aanlslead, S. Watson, P. Elma B. Walker. Row 31 D. Mandell, J. McDonald, J. Cruz, H. Mono, M. Harness, D. Dechert, N. Ward, F. Zwarr, C. Tague, C Poindexter, E. Betencourr, B. De Jong, D. Allen, H. Reynolds. CJ ' J CJ - l Jn . Smestef Engng. ,. v- . '- C I' ' 'v- g..1m!, S. Adam, A. Amezcua, J. Boersma, C. Bolton, J. Bosma, R. Buckles, M. Britt, D. Carson, J. Cain, B. Clark, J. Coito, J. Cosper, J. Cottrell, W. Croft, J. Cruz, M, Curti, J. Daniels, A. Datema, D. Dechert, D. Drulias, L. Dye, L. Edens, P. Elms, F. Freeman, C. Gallap, D. Garriott, P. Godard, C. Grady, L. Griffen, L. Groth, M. Harness, N. Harness, G. Highfill, L. Hinkle, J. Hut, N, Hix, S. Holbert, A. ldsinga, J. Jackson, M. Kennedy, J. Lyman, J. McBee, D, Mients, R. Mients, C. Mendez, E. Nelson, G. Nelson, G. Nichols, C. Nicholson, D. Padilla, C. Poindexter, S. Poindexter, J. Reed, S, Reynolds, L. Richards, F. Rios, J. Robertson, M. Rolish, D. Seldeen, D. Sillers, I. Silva, J. Silvera, A. Souza, G. Stuart, C. Tague, C. Wilkson, S. Beardsley, D. Wilson, H. Withers, H, Nickels, R. Dull, P. Brown, H. Cruz, G. Drulias, R. Jones, D. Hicks, F. King, B. Holt, K. Mcrk G, Mann, S. Miles, L. Myler, J, Milroy, G. Nichles, J. Pereira, J. Reed, J. Rootlieb, E. Ramarez, L. Sharp, R. Vega, D. Thomas, L. Fien, J. Campbell, 1 EJ! ! ! ! First Row. A. Julian, D. Texeira, L. Langston, L. Wilson, T. Kanis, M. Deme, M. Dowd, S. English, J Robertson, Mrs. Halbert. Second Row: A, Costodio, S. Connole, M. Britt, C. Totusek, M. Bailey, C Wade, D. Allen, E, Beck, J. Jung, J. Hardy. Third Row: E. Goedhart, P. Dunlap, N. Harness, S. Hatch B. Sowders, R. Farmer, A. Hutton, J. Parker, M. Wooten. -, .sv D? 3 if. Q T 516-1 .lmao J Rowl Mr Herr B Scarborough M Dowd S Nxchols M Plemon D Decherr C lshom T Tsubokowo E onested L Gross L verson Row 2 L Dah V Selsfod S Toyler J Cruz R Cookmcm B Stolcup B n m rn ones ow o mes wr r I Jor Cnossen H Mono A Posshrer C Crabtree JMDJLQ JI Q, 1 vv I S Wu mon S H S rr z Mlro F Irvvm M Vwdolns L Grohom A Shrum S Bor Wrlke Donele G Drulos G Dy Rofv 2 R Comstock W Hackney B Gormsolves H oe J Aleyo B Scarborough T Cnrrrgfm H Bownger Mr McDonald I I 2. - -4' , Q ,H hi . -X ' rr 1 J L If l'rJ Ll 5 - A r-IDI F C,-I DI r Y r w L H r L .I A .1 J A ,. ,.I. :.l,. ,. ,. ,.Do- nell, L. EI s, J. Rod 'guez, T. Blok, T. J . R 3. H I , J. Le 's, R. Mye s, J. Medno, R. don, R. ll l F C T I .I JJ Ro : . 'se , orr, .A'e,J T y. . , . , . , , . don M. , B. K , , T , . e. ' : C , . , . , . T T ' 4 uv' ll ' as .5 I -.zs.- ' 1 - .-g,.:.,I -N "'3-1-- vm... .- Genelml, JJQL H Mr, Chorters, B. Scorbrough, B. Coffey, D Holt, J. Pernz, T. Noutgedogth, D. Bornes, S. Dodson, J. Ferriz, J. Stirllng, B. Lopez, Mr. Reordon. '15-' S' Span Row l: C. Grody, H. Reynolds, D. Dechert, B. Sowders, L. Dye, J Hossett, A. Milroy C Ferguson J. Stefoni. Row 2: W. Croft, C. lslwom, S. Wisemon, L. Bridges, C. Nuchols, G. Thomo L Stur e D. Holt, J. McBee, Mr. McGuire, M. Borlow. l ' -lsL..h L . 4 s A X X D t x . -QT. "J K A ' Row l. B. Owens, J. Robertson, P. Corn, J. Porker, L. Wtlson, E. Bettencourt, L. Bently, A. Silverlo, P. Tofoyo, J. Belfem, D Sprlgg, M. Bernol, L. Longston, H. Cordoyo. Row 2: Mrs. Dole, J. Robertson, N. Horness, S. Moske, M. Burwtll, C. Hrghstreet, J. Meyers, P. Stevens, C. Whttney, R. Peckert, D. Nelson, S. Monson, M. Owens, W. Bern, C. Kennedy, P. Howord. Row 31 J. lngrorn, N. Jolwonsen, M. Sooros, J. Rtkings, J. Gray, J. Willroms, P. Wilson, J. Wybengo, C. Kompen. Row 4: J. Blrcl, C. Tlnrower, A. Porte, C. Mtllor, J Monroe, W. Foyerweotlwer, M. Von Kompen, M. Betencourt, J. Buce, G. Kompen, S. Krus- zengo, J. Birch, L. Lontlng. ! Club fi 6 r 'Q l Richard Cnossen 4 President Ybg if Frrsr Row' l-l Reynolds, B. Walker, D. Decherr, L. Graham, M. Wrlke, D. Seldeen, J. Milroy, M. Harness, L. Myler, L. Richards, Second Row. A. ldslnga, C. Grady, J. Salcamoro, T. Jones, A. Passchelr, R, Hartman, H. Mano, R. Coolcman, G. Krelcleburg, D. Sellers, R. Holmes, Third Row. Mr. Mlrkovlch, J. Medina, M. Cordova, L. Elms, R. Cnossen, R. Jordon, R. Dull, J. Aley, G. Brunner, R. Eveland, B. Scarborough. EBLLSLEY Glu Mr Chadwxclc Adfrsor Wx I li. L f rscn we-I J an , Se and Row J Reed T Cc urga T Medrno nn rl N A z o C Fven R Cornsroc Foorvh Row 1 a T y B ro Mr Chadwr ' J JI' ' rl ,- Y I Q . . Y . . 1 I3 T I ,X M L, ,fix . ' 5 c, Q, . , -'F ' X it fr, Q6 ' A lxktn ' .T ' J J -K R' 1 11" ,la 'e KX ' ' . I 'axe' J 1 fx 1' ' ,'W L J . 'I x ' S' K xg x A .E X , H ! .L 1 V, . -s L J' J l U ' l llll L' - l:'s' Row 5. Kelly, D fffmfi A. fc. , S'Ory, L. PL vxfy J S' rlf.-f, C ' 1 L , . l ., . IOO H aol'-Of, B. BUT-f fr, wr Rc J L'-ns, POS, J Mmm D frm f fr, s. sf. , L, . 1 B E1 vel . L Bale , J erran, J. C 'z . clf -n usmal A: W .553 I y i Myes L Bridges S Sperough P Molroy Mr Lndenburger Ad sor s M 1, Flu ..1Il J Jaw RR df,- A-OJ' In Rowl J Garden M Cosfllo O Cordova S Nchols H Wrhes S Ternans W Bosrna Row Q Mr Kellorn Kngly S Mles B Telfer H Reynolds L Hnkle M Tern ns A Shrum ll I lrlflldlll W f PHJ J 1 4 J 14,14 t IDU! lf E1 G 'Nix .x , x 4 . 1- l l l 'l . l 0 X r- 4 F 1 ,g ' ' x a ' J Z X ' .Elf U f 5: jr ' 'Fi E Nl-I J x Slim'-rg. A Row 1. J. Deniz, . MCQUis1on, B. King, T. Gamble, G. Dye, W. Scarborough. Row 2: G. Boer, S, Green, J. Death, R, A-:ll M"'lT r , . ' , . , .',, i , vl , I K I l I A . H H 1 y K 1 ,G '- ,1 ' Q l . G... ' 'MF F "' .1 - l yl 1 x M M e r M .D .. - I e , A2 : 1+ . - , J : , , . I , . , . i , . 1 r , . i , , . ' , n , , r , , , . , . i , . 1 fl , . . s. Williams, J Pres'on B Dees, L. Bell C F 4' 'E-r ,,.f Row lf Mrs. Melom, J. Lyman, S. Nichols, M. Rogers, C. Mathews, D. Texiro, C. Totusek, M. Stark, J. Stefani, J. Salma moto, C. Grody, J. Liechlighter. Row 2. W. Croft, R. Farmer, M. Long, T, Tsubolcowa, B. Walker, E, Aanestad, E. Beck S. Watson, P. Clark, E. Show. Row 3: D, Dechart, B. Donnell, M. Bettencourt, M, Mandel, C. Tague, C. Poindexter, B De Jong, D. Allen, M. Gilchrist. """?'sk- -.,... -M et' ' U . fi SQQ J Row li Mr. Kellarn, R. Gray, J. Jarnmison, L. Allen, H. Dexter, G. Christenson. Row 2: V. Cheffey, L. Mitobe, L Robertson, J. Lewis Missing is J. Pitts. argasan, P Bel,s A Emriclf , Uaicletllesa rig Row l2l D. Sprigg, B. Dodd P. Kievh, F, Zwarfs, A. Hwron, M. Brvf. Row j2l H. Hetfings M, Hoy B. Wooten, V. Red- rriayrve, P. Gregory M, Borden V Fien, F w RY, 4 E Pugh E Aan sfead, Mrs. Luhdeeh. Tra ing Pest Row Wal i FTTCJF1, Row ill L. Richards, B. Clark, V, Chapin, J. Ly- S. Tapia, B. Gomez, W, Granfhum. IZ! N. Harness, Mrs. Marshal, C. Kelly, C bridge, D. Kerr, M. Gilchresv, G. Nicholas. Cl if, J 311 S X Qin -Z YR .uk fx Lgf 'l ' Aillclicmelflswgl Row 1: H. Bothof, O. Casey, J. Long, J. Story, J. Baker, L. R. Deon, B. Gossert, D. Gossett, K. Holl, F. Hilorides, C. Veldhuis, D. Fayerweather, L. Boone, A. Fergson, C. Hallmork, R. Holloway, G. Krekelberg, T. Finnie, P. Utter, B. York, S. Cnossen, A. Lockhard, J. Bohivedder, R. Sowers, E. Van Leeieen, B. Shaw, D. Collins, T. Colunga, Jr. Deniz, H. Torres, F. Tedwill, B. King, B. Hodges, J. Nickels, B. Gonsolves, J. Craven, J. Graves, J. Leach, O. Porte, K. Shoemaker, J. Becker, J. Beltram, H. Dexter, S. Gonzales, B. Green, G. Lambert, R. Meintz, J. Phillips, A. Shoemaker, E. Dodson, J. Silviera, J. Wilson, K. Holl, G. Houston. . .J,,, .JJ JDJEY C. Totusek, B. Walker, M. Jockson, Mrs. James, Mrs. Lucy, T. Tsobacowo, M. Rogers. aillmitilnf iJJ A ,. A .. v4s W W . L A Row 1. Mr. Ausung, P. crowns, W. Hicks, L. Coeiho. J' B A 1 V iv , L. Giften, A. Cravens, A. Sooras, D. Texiera, P. Souza, ' ' 'Qi "9" "' ' A - G. Simas, M. Bailey. Row 2: J. Bruce, M. Allen, W. ' ' Zylstra, E. Korch, R. Soriono, M. Lopez, C. Mathews, P. Clark, K. Boone, T. Boersma. .aflul , Q ,.. K, lx HUUL DUB IH SCHO1 KJ Q 5 B. Beochonr, D. De Jong, C. Oyler, V. Prewm, B. Schoen, J. Zigus. Uwstcfmams P C ef McDo el s Q g e T ii .T 1 .f' GYMNASTICS TRACK ,4 A ah.. TENNIS BASEBALL ,air ,, I I Q -f- ' Q, . ..,... ..,.,., 1 f A ' I .. Q If , fp - .4 F61 , 'Wt 'W' y 5 Q., , vw b 1 -v wwanf.. r 'WN' 'N , ff! bw i4 ' 4- .e??', A. V ufgivlw-1,'5 W' . T' H 'R - W N .X-1. f -. . M .f-wa-...f-0, 'I ,Vw-1 lang.-v""" ,, N-3573" - 'K v f U ' .. wma!-23. . ., . X. . ,, like fi if-1. .,,'.xNQB'1A . -gggL,.?3-:vp-abfqfanxi , " Q, -1.35, 5- 5 ' ' , VA ,, ' . Sr: A ' ' A ' ' , ,-- Qv., Gillis 1,495 A glimpse into that famed cabinet that adorns the front office Of Artesia HIgh School brings on a flood of memories memories of almost forgotten days and events memories of fighting courage will to win of fair play and respect for the opponent truly the memories of real champions ln that cabinet stand various trophies all emblematic of outstanding accomplishments and a clear perception of clean and fair play In the field of sports We gratefully pay tribute to all our athletes for their self sacrifice their tireless zeal and theIr Inspiring devotion but we espe cially point wIth pride to our Sports Personality of the Year a young man whose splendid achievements both scholastic and athletic and fine sportsmanship should serve as an Inspiration for future athletes of Artesia High School Herein we set down for all the world to see cmd Iudge the glorious career of our unsung hero He began hIs high school career at Excelsior HIgh School where he actively participated In C Football and C Basketball l addition to his keen Interest In sports he also developed an Intense love of Latin so much so that he soon adopted as his motto Omnes freshmen In duas partes dividentur For Indeed all freshmen would soon be divided Into two parts many for Ex termIned to make his new Alma Mater the envy of all other Institutions of learning It was not until hIs sophomore year that he really became an Integral part of school life He became an active participant In numerous activities at Artesia High School but his Interest In sports and other athletic endeavors dominated hIs Splflf His out standing record In B Football B Basketball and Track lshot putl won for hIm the admiration of his coaches teachers and fellow students As a Iunior he really came into his own Despite several misha ps that began at this time he not only continued to achieve his usual high scholastic rating but also proved his loyalty and devotion to the Varsity Football Team of which he had been select ed as co captain Can we help but admire this courageous lad who unselfishly thought only of his team even as he loy ser Iously Ill with DDSUFTTOHIGQ And now let us look at our Athlete of the Year as he IS today' Having completed another successful year as co captain of the Artesia High School Varsity Football Squad our typical young American IS earnestly preparing for June and graduation the day for which he has been working for four years the day that will bring him closer to the fulfillment of another dream his degree In Engineering lf you have failed to Identify our mystery personality of sports a few personality clues He has successfully mastered the art of studying His technique employs the IFIQGHIOUS use of popular music so soothing to shattered nerves and so conducIve to Inspiration He has won the unique distinction of being the defInIte authority of War Movies Being much too shy he feels that he IS not qualified to criticize constructively movies dealing with love and romance l3l He feels that a good athlete should be a well rounded Individual We caution him to curb hIS passion for ICE cream before he becomes one Reliable Able Understanding Likeable Admirable Mild mannered Eager Zealous Cooperative Unassuming Alert Add these and they spell RAUL AMEZCUA f :gi I A, lfg,g"i?1ynz K y X celsior High School and a few for the soon-to-be-completed Artesia High School! Despite unfortunate splitting of ranks, he de- lll ' . ' ' ' ' ' , ' my . . . . . . . . . I . , . Eaunslt ea all , !' x , c 'uc-A not lbw nv Rovv l J Llamberland B Mxtcltell E Mcm yre .I Beltran R Amezcua S Mrles C Gallop J Me ma Row a J raz M Applebury H Nt hols T Carrtg n R Comstock J Reed R Mttchell R w3 J Story P Steward F Ramrez D Pucltlla B Dale VV Cole F Rauson NA sale: Ol' V'-WS Harold N cltols rv-.zlf rg a dr J ng catch dartrta Ar LS 1 ts rw Mar no game an t llll Ml ll HHH llllltml um, , a J 4- . l X V I t K-xl ' . 5 I I Y I 5 V P 7 ,'r.,, , WV fffj .--., 11.5, ' R- '. lf7"L.f-'Lf A,fv,.... .-'j.9' f 1 I I, ' - V A.,': ' - I.. N, x 4,.3-- 4-v. :,51 ,. ,, ,. ,. ,,d. 'Z1K.HlI,.C,. ,,c, a,, ,. . O : , , , , , I , C , , , . lt , . 6' ' , Jitwftff l ity ' IH' M' Wullllllllltllttllllr't ' . :::::: ' ' ..lll'l'l" fftll' AX ' N Q -li w 'I W k lcv' Wm.-. - E' s t el L ,cpm "':- rj 'z '1'11':Ql'I'k " L TZ .e Nc 'cvtzfze game Ray Mrtchell carcrwrng a svvifv pass. Weidon Cole makes outstanding caidw during league game F,ghf,ng Spmt Won many of me pmnee, games Losrng the ball on fumbles was very heartbreaking to the squad W do 3 W4 Her Ma es y Doro+by exerrar row ng rn We ball dur ng Hornecom ng Her MOWQSW Doro T919 SL rsmty Ffmtbla. 1 f F 5 " .4 'l'k I If in Q - f .vc . ,..4'g"jh . R 'iw' .gf . uf rr, A A I K 5 QQ , ', T n . I r ' "i, r.. af , rw fr r p frwlrpw p r u1f'rf q na r Y 1 'j' N A ' aux A J laja J Q ' LL, W aa -Y Ray Mitchell Joe Medina lell End Left Tackle ? I 4 -r .... 9 ..,, Jef'Y SVOVY Ray Myers Cenfef Right Guard Chuck Gallop Left Guard r-'-""I'v 'fr' sto " 'lr' ,-. -on Frank Raulston Right Tackle sr... .-U : 'Wi-'f-it ,A S-cl 'S ,J 5.?,V,",W, Q vu ,flu "H Ll. - fe 5-fel' . .,. , - V- V.. M, mv ,.,vg',,,,, ,..f ' , ,-,,-M 141+-X 'A .' l..3+.,'fk " rw. 1 ' ' X wt ,, Aliai' l .'2,!I:Ti EZ- V. 'iff MQ' '-'P f I " "'r:5"'1v'i ,'l'l'N Weldon Cole Raul Amezcua Harold Nickels Right End Quarterback Left Halfback . yr I r fx A. A ll 4 x r l I ' rl - , Flrsl -- A611311 at haf J .LJ J ......,7.... A " ..l.1 .J ,al - ' ,X lv ,iq 'MJ nl 'Lt-L Af 2.4 ' " .EN 1 A 1 l14,,f,...u.f,5r, , A Y. 1 :' -1' H "-1"+ Q f-fe , r'5fE:f"'3l:"?5E'7i-'?. J r s r 1 -- f' r . "Wt-SH X H Q " dr Therman Corrigan Mel Applebury Fullback Right Halfback lll '- cwtbull W I B Gre n B Jenknns M Anderson T Me-duno T Colungo E Pclocuo G Mec G Sums D Memts J Donnels D Collms D Guzman L Scruggs J Nuchols w 2 R C esley W Metz S Couto C o ow J C R Hull R Murphy H Bot owers E Gorcxg P dl G Wm e Mem s W Knec J Tm e das Tom Colungo lookwng for on opemng Yoword poy dm durwng Arroyo game ,che PCM: Q 'or m 'roug ' , """'V4 ' A f f1r'- fr me ,Oi 'JET lpzsf-'Cfvwsii-, C ff! f JwC'1r' I- I- com all 9596 w l am I Mlle G Lam L Rob r P Hure Brrfchfreld H Rarnlrez D Bratcher J Atkins B Ortlz Row 2 R Harper E Nelson G Dernn B Grlflen rouz Godenhs E Sexton P Garruott D Drullas Su van Hun e H Hon on B Mu D Corrs A Amezcua W Hackney T Galsfon Arfesra Artes a Arresra Artesia Arresra LEAGUE SCORES San Maruno Santa Fe Arroyo Bell Gardens Temple Crty I Wx if foocnes Ron Bryan Ran Ternqursa Anorher pass knocked down by Arfesra .L nav' A 'fx R 0 2 Brll Page ca'clves a pass vo ser up for another roocndown - I I f I' F Q Q35 I Q -l .l.l ' ,., Y YS " . 7. . . .. 6 I . l ..... O ' 1 l ' O ,.,., 13 l -- ' A -- A-I ' 0 .l... 6 ' O ,.... 32 ' Ro V. Sref , K. Niets, G, Hrghfll, D. I n, . bert, . e tson, B. age, J. l y, J. J.Far'l,Kl. ,'. vi,R.: Ana ,'P.A'kl,l.' l','. 'lesl . l . K r in A V ' K jannsnty , 5 UKLLM w N Mgr I uez A amez R mezcaa A Rnos R Mu dqell B Mwrchell Qow 2 R Holmes S Boersma F Qamwrez D Anderson L Tlwasr am G CamobeH A Ferguson W e aw f ms Y N oar H D Srew r K Pa fu O mb John Chadwwck Don Ar arson ge-wma ready for one of hws deadly pump shO?S v 1 Joe .'.'. mg eaffaarffgf: by 'z Uczif of So Pas players. por, Hcyres mf1kVQ one cf M5 many lay-in S 114 askfuyll Row l P Turner T Colungo R Melms E PGlOClO C Kelly G Rodgers S Molles Row 2 D Dec er? G Domels D Wonlz D Memls G Slmms B Ovuedo J COITO T Woolen Coach Harold McDonald Don Mevms mok ng one of has beautiful lay In shots W , , 'g Worltz lumps hugh for slwor as Melms looks on, Flglwring for the bull enabled the Bee s vo Yoke league chomplonshup. Gee asketbm E e ybody s up n the a r fgnt ng 0 e the ball lee B81 lielbdll Rowl E Carrera J Santos N Souza D Drulras A Vacca E Sexton L Boone Row 2 Coach Charters Mgr B Banson T Huntley D Gras J Atklns G Anderson R Neto J Huerton B Mules E Weyruck Mgr A zc a H ney ety Grf rx Row Done a B Johnson J Hghstreet A Dantema Artesna Artesia Artesia Artesia Artesla Artesra Arfesra Artesua Artesua Artesia LEAGU E SCORES 20 23 24 31 9 18 33 2219 23 21 24 34 LEAGUE SCORES Artesia Artesra Artesra Artesua Artesra Artesna Artesxa Artesra Artesla Arte-sua Artesua Artesua 19 29 30 32 23 40 39 7 30 26 29 19 24 22 18 20 34 21 35 22 22 4 29 26 Temple Cnty Arroyo Santa Fe Bell Gardens So Pas San Maruno Temple Cnty Arroyo Santa Fe Bell Gardens So Pas San Marmo ery Ark ns go ng up a lump snot lilgbllsllly D , lllpll 'Nui S- is 1 71-an i- N : S K w l D dl Bo le K y T Coluwqfu D H Torres D Helms J Rodruquez Couch Harold McDor'clcI rngr Row 2 Harold McDonald Couch W Cole B Mnclwell D Mnents P Steward P Steward R Mnfchell T Medmo La' -L --as-'C'f"' ' Aa 'W Bailey sl d ng rw o rJ bose durmg procflce gi - L.. h " Q inns un. Dcn Me s wr rw l fxg up fofl 5 Speed bgll Tom Col QJ feldlng lv ls :ll from center f eld K' f rw X I X, Y 7 X N 1 A . - f ' X . , Q. A , A .14 4,5 R41 -.XJ lx . .Q J 4 N ' V' l - ' ' ' v 5 f p, tr ' Vi Q l ' .. , I r 2 , v .L 4 h -,, . , wx. 3 ff, - K 5 , 4' I ' a 1 N ' v - X- ' l . I' N' A ' M 2 V W ., ' A Ax, -.". .X Af'-' .A , , Av, ? Ro : . Po 'llcl, L. 1 y, C. ell , . 1 4- l. DA" "S, . , . ' , . ' , 1 . V .1 .- --V "za, in, L fun- GN:--Q-'vsxqa - r "IgT'1.:':. ' ge. V l funk- .fur-.-,wf?ks' 1,' LG ' l l ' Tim f ' , f. l ' l - x Q -Y L ln N l I V ' A ' 1' l f' r- K' I,- J -1 I ., ,J-I-I Q 'Q' W 1 c e oocuo ms o ms R Sclmmmes Row 2 M Cordova T Wooten J Mortmez J Reed R Sullrvon T Golesrer G Dcmlels Couch Russ Chesley A fl t "' .Em 1 kiwi' ' "'f"5T'4' 1:- Eddxe Polocvo roundmg tlmrd bose durmg Santo Fe game EL' sjh hs. x W 1- ross Cf A , Rvr- 5. ' J,T! . x. , M , D. Dwi ,' '. 'C T- 'rf . " , M' , ,, , 'L f, , B. Bronson - 'NJ .? . """,'1 "Ch L " :'v w ,'I'ifI1,- . J , J, , .4 C:':" ,1 f' ::,' !S HE SAFE OR OUT? 'Wi' V . ' aa.,-,f A. f., ,f We clk An outstandmg varsny polevaulter and league champ Harvey Bothof ffl 'fm g... T' 9 lm' Rowl J Story C Mendez G Gurule L Gross T Carrugan R Sowers Row 2 Coach Ron Ternquxsf It :JA is COACH GIL ULIBARRI S Taylor Mgr F Raulton F Ramirez D Padnlla K Strough L Tlwnstom Coach G1lUlrbcrru 5' iv- diss--v --'nr' ,.- 5,1 K ddk 'III1 ls.. Lou s Gross lumplng lmgh hurdles durmg meet Carlos Mendez pracvlclng hws mgh umprng slulls J J -.. "'- is., Q 'Ni W I Sa ozar Scru s Coxo R Flora G Nicolas Dows G Mead G Nelson S Moles A Souza Row 2 Ron Turnquust B Ferguson R Mo a J Lourxe J Banos G Vaca R Amezcuo D Trulrllo K Stevens D Gavruof J Twngle R Vasquez E Pugh Gul UI burr M Raul Amezcua putfvng We sho! Gee 'EMR """'r-as J- Pus Drulwan rakvng off of ne beqwnnung of the TOO av. W3 o cpl M., 'X XJXQNHX gk IJ J 'un fl J Ferro D Bar 'a n e e, J Nulfien Von Turnqu f Pow 9 A Arnezcua ol nz V Cvxfee D McKee D War F Sm! u O F I UN rn Nulden r ca! urnp dunng mee' 1 A WN . 33 Ro z G. Drulios, P. I , L. gg , J. 't , , , . ' , ' , HQrl,fe.'1iC,,'f f.' ,. ', ' , , ' , , , . , A X 5. ' gf' 'J If f -A y ff' 'L A - J J , A F P I V f ,, . , I U.-w 1' 3 Q , , 1 Q u',rL , 1 . Q . U f, J 7 , l - A , s X 1' 5 V to I '-J J -A 9 o -an - I ., ,, s ' P1 ' J " C , , Do . J D. ern. J. Baca S So!n:1s, A. Gafcxa, J, Ph llwps, . s, . ns, K H.J'o B, Pug. J Hand!-y ,J . f is - , F Fo ,P Bain F Cfzffeu S Go Mez, J. ' ,, , , ly, T91 D A ' J burr' Lnslty T mms 1 L Nj' 'ZH' lur- :lx iii FHM. Row I D Jenkins B Gonsoles R Carson M Gorden Row 2 Gul Churers J Deeth R Dull G Brunner J Von Kczmpen R Hoffman mgr Gene Brunner makin hns serve Iii r.....-- Bob Gonscnles refurmng o serve Rnchord Dull wcrmnng up for :J meet - 'I I F - I CJ- J- Y J -I ll I 'f 'V ' :I I .. I I I - I' Wd ' 5 , 4 Y - 'M S ' -fr wwe ' I- ..z,l H N r r J H ' : ., Y ' I I I X If I - I e ' we - x I 's Q 1 " A ' I A I ! .--4... fav- ,'l'i- I - X I I ,A-Ag- A x-23 ex U' m ,Q 1 . ' , . , , , . . : ' I , Ag ' , I 4 5 I If . A,...L. I V P W I I Row 1 D Smith, G, Anderson. Row 2 Gul Charters H Tote M Vondersfeeg E Sexion T Somos J Huerro, H. Shephard, R. Horfmon Mgr Wumnq for o ser e www W -441 L ,f X Z, 4 . 'ff ' A . I, .V WWK K r Harclworlf W qt. of re tewmm J 5 U Q... Liv- l- The cross country team ofArtes1o won all of therr league meets which enabled them to take tne Rso Hondo League Champuonshlp with the excellent coaching otGllUl1barru Some ot the top men were Gene Gurule Bob Barela and Carlos Mendez Thus IS the tlrst team to wln a varsity trophy for A tesua Hrgh School Gene Gulure and Carlos Mendez taking the tnrst two places during League meet wl ng Q Be J Brrchfvelcl J Gurule D Hughes D Garrlot Row 2 R Sowers M Anderson L Elms R HulICNvckols M Harness Coacv Ron Bryan C' I . ' L , F - r y 1 A , 4- ' - -..,uA Ai A H . H 'W Ao- -W w Y ,-, P I "1-. S Ro :L,I'g,. YYY, .' , ,. ,. fn! Ca Q Q gl , 4 it V .ltr -' : : X P5 . ' t sl: lf I 5 .. .1 4 A A D J H J it , x.....e U.. l gi .-V, f v For the Best in Dairy Products JERSEY GOLD DAIRY Drive-in Dairy 11921 E. Del Amo Blvd. UN. 5-2328 Eff, COL at-rants I I P 1 f 1 ' Aff 'f , - fl., if 'fx A .- K 1 Y, f A I w Q 'A 41 1 f gi I 1 .5 , it ' l . 3.. fi 5 'mn N gf- .: l 71 F . --+3 i WHITCOMB ROOFING CORP. H709 E. South St. UN. 5-5234 New Roots - Repairs - Recover tree estimates if ,J- of is flvbg, Compliments of RlCHARD A. FRANKS Public Accounfcmf l802O Pioneer Blvd. Arfesicu, Colifornio T? f- . x EDB 7: ,- -N .g:??5?. Qs. Q SHOES MENS CLOTHING DRY GOODS WV GOODS MANDEL'S SHOES ' ,C I k I - 3 A elf I 1 , ,. vw 1 ,. . '56-TJ ,., ', ,ff ,ff . gf-tar,-v l R if- li I RICHARDS REXALL DRUGS 21500 So. Norwalk Blvd., Artesia, Calif. Phone Underhill 5-2769 S AND J CHEVROLET RUF? 11900 E. South St., Artesia, Calif. l'l"i4iiilit" Phone Underhill 5- l 276 I 1. 3 .., ,,,,, l it if A x T 3"'1 FOR DlSTINCTlVE HAIR STYLING AND COMPLETE BEAUTY CARE - COME TO THE BELLE-ART BEAUTY SHOP BELLE-ART BEAUTY SHOP 18607 So. Pioneer, Artesia, Calif Phone Underhill 5-3784 ' fx s ,V I QIFYLQ' Q'Y'vr Wh... ,M- PIONEER FORD new and used cczrs and trucks soles ond service 18403 Pioneer Blvd. ., ITY BRAKE 8- SUPPLY C ADAMSONS JEWELERS C , O E N 4, 14359 Pnoneer Blvd, we grve S 8 H green sfornps U 3 49 1 18609 5, Pvoneer " O lu- A nh. Jw fel eww. Y . PIONEER DAIRY PURPLE COW 21516 S. Pioneer 1- f " -f - Q.. M,-,rf RODGERS FOOD LOCKERS Buolgef Terms We Wholesole ond Refoil 1 fl'-Tl ' , 'ff 1 x , , GALLAUGHER T, DE YOUNG PRESCOTT HARDWARE 1 -i"" lv-1"" ond ARTESIA MORTUARY SHEET METAL WORKS 17713 Pioneer Blvd. 17330 Pioneer LEES TELEVISION 8. APPLIANCE Sales 81 Service I2005 E. Carson ST. JOHNNY MOORES PIONEER MARKET 17325 Pioneer, Artesia, Calif, Un, 5-8127 MACS REFRIGERATION, INC. Sarge Dealer Day or Night Un. 5-i205 Floyd McCullan Clarence Klassen IQI I6 Pioneer Artesia, Calif. L Fumnure App1xonceS RANLEYS 'f-- """ l E. J. FRAWLEY Complete Home Furnishings 18615 Pioneer Blvd. UN. 5-1387 Sove of HOLMES BROS. MOBILGAS STATION South of Pioneer UN. 5-9717 EMMON'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 18801 Pioneer Blvd. Arfesio, Colifornio UN. 5-3177 1 1 1 1 f 'QMJI Ag V I 'X' . . . l 5 A ? 1 1 l SHORTY'S MARKET 11827 Cenfrcilio UN. 5-2973 1111113111 lllElUllllS E lllllllllllllillllilllli EU. Welding ond Repairs Blacksmith Work 19104 Pioneer Blvd Jon Shipp, Owner Artesia. Calif. MARGlE'S KIDDIE SHOP 18609112 Pioneer UN. 5-5067 Shop ond Sove BOB'S PAINT AND SUPPLY Glidden Points Boysen Points Auto Points 21524 S. Pioneer N V f .. r r 1 f P L 3 F i lm JW! ld ILILJIQILEJ f C Shuz D 1 I mg! sh D parm em fx 1 O - ' ' I J - A f , f Y Y V V - - fl I J n I I 1 X, V 1 F V X "k"' .,.'.' II' gi f 1' :gn -y, i Yfv: 1, '.','N'g. ,: '1 jf New Mrs M Hcxibcrr 'MJ " ef XM Ga ve' 'N' Ax Ciwyqw 'Af 3, iw 'bin fv 'NIT 'T'jH1'Vi-EV. E f I ' I Mhe Photography dcxszps J Aww ralph 1 J 'Qgt if 1 I ucloll f fl J I I 1,4 My f I WJ JJ J J 1 J V 1, ,P j , iff v if' 4'-,KJV G x fx! A 1 .ff ' L L, 'ith' N 17, X " A ., mf ' ' Mfg. h V M 1 -ff' QQ-1 x J! '-f' I A J 'HQ' -12.7 LQ, 1 H ' gf' 1131 . ,,,f'f! , in , V ,K I , M f K , f , fl A, A. f 'ik V4 Af-V if . .C WX, ,l,.f":' -- ff, r , 3 f 1 If 1 , r 7 A 13- , ,.., ,, , lfll N10 IIIIV A IK J flllfflllfl Zlfffffff ,,B. xffflfzfffi ,......... - 2 r ' fa- B, as 'OP 1 '- N- -1: an if f A Jf .1 riff ff fwfflf ew -C' fy XGA Y S4 6 r JV .xX"X,A2'5 Q-9 eo 0, X 6 gym!! yy Vvgwe XD XJQWX9 yOpi"!ku,QQ of avg, 51 A2226 OD V" X C n 6 ggkc! Ich' QW: W0 ,ff CVM X ,D vc' I V IO! s C xv' 9'7J-I yr? J, ' ' I - 9 -I xg: gf Q . Qor M ff ,MV Sk,-I o 9 VV u' vf VD NL x. 1 V XX ,V X 0.7 ,, SP! -...f U 010,01 X.-5,4 0 dy bv A o O . . ' V -QV! -4

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