Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Artesia High School - Ano de Oro Yearbook (Lakewood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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w W A 1 H . 15, 596 Q""f""wH5i'xj if 'I ANO Q ORO I 4 W if kg:-In ,,,, l AX s x , , 3 I K5 5 C .X i 7 ARTESIA HIGH SCHOOL ARTESIA, CALIFORNIA M93 wcfpkvn , 47 i 445- S N , , t. I M ' Zfzij ly , I X--'-NM A A p ., f 1 f, I, .. I uf K 9 7 I ' I O 63+ """"? The year ot T955-56 was the year ot growing up both physically and educationally. Four new buildings were added to the campus as well as T2 teachers and 300 students, The school ad- vanced trom two grade level to three, Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors. More clubs and organ- izations were established. School spirit and moral strength were gained each day. This was a year of growing up tar Artesia High School and growing up signifies birthdays, which is the theme ot the T956 Ano ale Oro. As the yearbook is distributed Artesia High celebrates the completion of its second year . . . its second birthday. Happy Birthday, Alma Mater, and Q . many, many more. --1 W ur.. - wma ,1mx'.w:gg5,gw'aowz fi .gg Q 3, ef 1 1, Q E E 3 Lg w 3 3 Qi 1' Clare Williams DEAN OF GIRLS ln a school the size of Artesia High, there are many who contribute to activities and other varied phases of school life, all of whom would be likely candidates for dedication of the yearbook. However, there are always some leaders who have gone far above and beyond the regular call of duty. One of these is Mrs. Clare Williams, Dean of Girls. It has been through her efforts and inspiring leadership that Artesia High's Girls' League has become so success- ful. Many League activities . . . Campus Hostess, Friend- ship, Ways and Means, Girls' Athletic Association, Big Sisters, locker inspection, assemblies, and dances . . . gave every girl a chance to take part in her school. The Cadettes, a female branch of the Cadets, was also organized and advised by Mrs. Williams. The girls were taught military routines and aids for becoming leaders of tomorrow. Always ready to give help and assistance to anyone in need of it, Mrs. Williams' understanding of teenagers and their problems caused many great and everlasting friendships to evolve. These are material things which can be numbered like the beads on a counting board, but there is more than that. Material accomplishments alone are not enough to determine the type of person to whom Ano de Oro is to be dedicated. In Mrs. Williams there are the intangible qualities of devotion to her school, her duties and, most important, the students with whom she works. Her quiet humor, her unbounded loyalty, her dedication, are the elements upon which this dedication is based. It would be impossible To single out which dean has been most instrumental in making Artesia High's second birthday so memorable. For this reason T956 Ano de Oro has two dedicatees. Mrs. Clare Williams and William Atkins, Dean of Boys. The Frontiersmen was organized to work with the Girls' League to make Artesia a better school. Under Mr. Atkins' ambitious leadership the boys have kept a tight schedule consisting of assemblies, dances, intra-mural sports, Cavaliers and many other League events which give every boy student an equal chance. Members of the California Cadet Corps refer to him as Maior Atkins, have always been given helpful guidance and assistance when launching any one of their many activities. Many a student has sat in his office in front of the "crying Towel" and been guided in the right direction because of Mr. Atkins' sensitive understanding of teen- agers and their problems. Mr. Atkins, like Mrs. Williams, was selected for this dedication, not because he is one of the key adminis- trators, but because he is one of the key people in school. The staff was not concerned with protocol in making this dedication. They were concerned with the kind of human dynamo who generates the electricity of school spirit. "Bill" Atkins is unquestionably one of Ar- tesia High's best generators. - Because he is warm, human, vigorous, capable, and sincere, William Atkins holds a top spot in the heart of Ano de Oro! William Atkins Dean of Boys In contrast to Artesia l-ligh School's first day of operation, the second year was launched on a bright, sunshiny day. Stu- dents who were now a year older, a year wiser, welcomed their first class of neophytes as bewildered freshmen ioined the campus. Activities started full tilt. Classes were settled, now in five class buildings, the shops and locker buildings, as contrasted with two class buildings, shops and lockers the first year. The first iunior class saw an increased course of study to meet their needs. Varsity teams were fielded as sports went into their 'First league competition as members of the Rio Hondo League. The Californian became a four The very first dcy you got off the bus . . . . . then you got in line to register . . . by alphabet, of course . . . fits ltr , page weekly newspaper. Ano de Oro iumped from 80 to 120 pages. The band and drill team chalked up more vic- tories and the Speech Club, now official NFL members, won Iaurels. Half a dozen new clubs were organized. A dance band was organized, chefs started cooking classes, and photo classes went to work in their new darkroom. The stu- dent body was 300 members larger and the faculty ex- panded by 12. Drama made its debut as a gymnasium and cafetorium maole audience seating possible. Artesia High School grew like the proverbial weed during 1955-1956. That's why Ano de Oro gave it a second birthday party. . . . , you listened to Mr Hastings wel coming talk, then on to class . , . then you picked up your copy of The Californian, Volume II, Number 1 .,, G , ' is pun J a 1' 1 ,M 1 Q., Mary Uudy Parkerl and Joseph lBlII Moorel In second annual Christmas Program, Principal's-eye view of student body an the day of school. i SEGU DO A 112235 7 af??1s:5i1"'55l3 ' r any . Zig ,JM-1 ,f 2. A.H.S. administrators und congressman Holifield enjoy ofvernoon stroll around campus. lnilrrz. gf' V 'Tia L? 8 .eff ' 4: Fr 1 i I f Zu .rg Fifi W :F ,... .jk .-i lllil Nsiiisii .J k.,W '+I Disneyland was h for special proglcl 9' J, 'Q zu: fl ..,+ ost To bond, floshronkers, cmd music group rn. 3 L5 , 4 v , 1 rd" i .ik V 5, 'if SEGU O A goal of 500 annual sales was set by AI Miller, Business Manager of the Ano de Oro. i Goats grazed on the Artesia lawn Educational films were shown 10 studenfs by The audio-visual crew. fif Pcirticipclnfs discuss Christmas Play, Gloria Woinio portrayed The guiding angel one evening offer school Proiecrs from all scientific fields were enlered in the Artesia Science Fair. SGU DOA an-I Orcn Palmer, speech advisor, presents sword to prominent N.F.L. student, Jeanne Stefani. Ano de Oro stcuff members attend conference at Orange Coast College. D- Enferrcinment was provided by The choir during P,T.A. meetings. A new secretary named Sadie school nurse, Agatha Persoon. A wi, 4' A "lib 'N was hired fo I' Cupid's arrow struck many hearts at The Frosh Ball. Time out for resting I between dances. C STarTing The school year of 1955-56 wiTh a friendly greeTing was The Howdy Dance, co-sponsored by The Boys' and Girls' League. This was followed by The Red and VVhiTe Dance honoring The fooTball Teams. Snowmen and mounds of snow seT The scene for The PulolicaTions Dance. The Girls' League liT The fuse for '56 wiTh a WinTer Wonderland Dance, seT in a foresT of Trees wiTh sTars and clouds beaming aloove. A phofographer Took picTures aT The Freshman class Sweefhearf Ball. The TradiTional Twin skirfs and shirTs were The folly aT The Calamify Jane Dance where The boys were The guesfs of The girls. Twin shirrs and skirts were feaTurecl af The CalamiTy Jane Dance. f , 5 D Homemade socks enlivened the Sophomore class Sock Hop. Pink lemonade, a boys' chorus line, and side shows teatured at the Frontiersmen-sponsored Carnival Capers. Following a day ot tun and trolic, the Pioneer Dance was also sponsored by the Boys' League. Members from the Rio Hondo League attended a semi- formal dance where the sportsmanship trophy was awarded. The very popular formal Military Ball sponsored by the 124th bat- talion was highlighted by the crowning ot the queen. A grand conclusion of the year's activities was the formal Junior Prom held by what will be the first graduating class of Artesia High. NCES U ll' John Henderson s Dance Band plays at the Ano de Oro spon- sored Birthday Party. Refreshments were an important part of the school dances. Only one hundred couples were permitted to go to the Rio Hondo League Dance. ITS ALL A MATTER OE DEGREE . . . ' . X XXxXXxXXxXXX XX W W w X x fr ,XfXKfWX ffdl x Qi Xxxif xmuMA ww A XX I, , A f 'ff ff Xff vwvfbl " ff .L W, , ' f Z x Y N ff 2 1 f FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION f Nil- ----'-:I l e ' v Y 1 Qiai wifi ses .EEF :gy .Q sez sgzef fisssw Jesse. Al Sommer Carl Tague BO RD OF TR S EES Five men are elected to represent the citizens of the Excelsior High School Dis- trict in directing the education of youth in this district. These leaders have planned and guided activities and functions for each campus, approved and supported the adminis- trators, and earnestly endeavored to provide education facilities for the bene- fit and welfare of students and commu- nity. Dale Donnell Arthur Kulzer Charles Utterback President Richardson Hastings Principal Behind much ot our school's success and prestige is the one man known to all members ot our student body. On his shoulders rests the responsibility which spells success or fail- ure for our school. As Atlas carried well the weight ot the world, Principal Richardson Hastings balances the weight ot Artesia High School. As our principal he has led us through the difficult times ot a new school and now into the easier times. When we have needed help he has been there to guide us. Mr. Hastings has been the backbone of our school's progress in scholarship, sports, music, government, indeed everything in which our school is engaged. Mr. Hastings is more than principal and leader ot the school. He is a friend to whom the students can go at any time for help and guidance. Under the leadership ot Mr. Hastings "On Artesia" is more than a song. It is a spirit which en- velopes all who work with him. William Atkins Dean of Boys my tc. -- W xafialrfl r 'f ' Clare Williams Dean of Girls As students go about their school day they are unaware that behind almost everything they do are our school's ad- ministrators. These four people are the un-sung heroes, the real leaders of the school. We can be grateful that they have led our activities and government to such success during the past year. Cora Sherzer Director of Curriculum and Guidance H w C71 U1 Clinton Brown Attendance Supervisor Student Counselor 21 FAC LTY Mrs. Marjorie Archer Social Studies Mrs. Jacqueline Austin Mrs. Shirley Behrmann R ld B ona ryan Physical Education Physical Education Health, Mathematics Physical Education x tl p 5 . .,, John Chadwick Physical Education General Science, Health Soci Athletics Gill Charters Russell Chesley al Studies, Typing, Athletics 5 S William Craven Mrs. Dorothy Dale Irene Davis Dixon Gayer Algebra, Athletics Clothing, Homemaking Latin, English English, Annual Physical Education Foods Californian 3' l dl? W sl U 31 .l g ssls . e ff 'ff yi Mrs. Martha Halbert Business Education Milton Herring English Social Studies Mrs. Maye Kitching Joseph Kleinerrnan Mathematics Spanish French John Henderson Band Music Mrs. Mariorie James English Library aw-f,.345.t f ,- Frank Graber U.S. History Cadet Corps Wesley Herr Consumer Math Chemistry General Science Walter Johnson Art Crafts Wilford Lane Woodshop Math Oscar Littleton English 24 Herald McDonald Science FAC LTY Mrs. Jane Melom Oran Palrner Agqfhq Persoon Ef'1QllSlW Public Speaking Nurse Francis Ray English Dramatics Social Studies Leon Reid Basic Business U.S. History ft R fm, I 9 Emily Renner Chet's Cooking Foods Clothing Robert Rozuk Ronald Ternquist Gilbert Ulibarri Earle Winderrnan Machine Shop Boys' Physical Education Social Studies Photography Drafting Health English Algebra SE CRE TARIE For each of Artesia High's hard working aol- ministrators there were those who were al- ways on the iob, ready to do her share, and more in all cases. These are Artesia High's unsung heroines, our secretaries. Front Row: D. Chandler, V. Chavez, P. Kooiman. Second Row: H. Reynolds, L. Lucey, P. Wandrey. 5 M. 4 H s m 5 ll 5, Under the capable leadership ot Bob Laurie, Artesia High's custodians have given our school an outstanding reputation for appearance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds. Front Row: J. Turner, A. Daniels, R. Laurie, L. Laurence. Second Row: E. McHolland, G. Zeber, E. Yocorn, J. Bos. DRIVERS Field trips tor the various organizations, be- sides regular routes were among the many important duties that were faithfully exe- cuted by the bus drivers. Front Row: V. Prewitt, B. Beachum, J. Jennings, A. Kuiken. ff? Af E, X , X X X X N ...-f PEOPLE PEOPLE . . . f QR E l PP E E EPP E4 'L X M L1 A Q Q f P 9 . V ' K' X' A 4 ,fp fi ': X P I xi 5 XX 4 XA X E 5 N ' , u --,,, P P E 'J Q my M E 'w f f . I T 1 Y-4 . R ' i 1 ' , ,, -ff ' - nrfffwj' 7 N h Af! 6 Q wi - .xiii Q., W fcb 417 " 2 W ,T 9 , li. 'Q 'T 4 .sqkjggrrr 'f fffQfsL,t':iiQfrgif" 3 fy A 'fi XT Mf7f 'T .r ' - fp f ,- ergo I 1 - .. T if T 6 'R Lx fd XT I A X ". X W1 001 LT M' Nr my X f ,, f eb O f x E VER YWYHER h T 1 f11', 3: W.. me Ti T -- 'f " ,Pr f,4,,-.x, .. 6-.,.- ..., -. ,.....- ..,.,,.,, ....,.-f , I f Freshmcm here ond C1 sophomore There, And os we sow our second year, The firsf Pioneer iuhior CICISS was here. 1 These ore The forces 9 In Their proper ploces, i The homes you'll reccxllg ' z Frosh ToJur1ior,or1e cmd all. 3 Q I r T i , 2 l 5 T T if LMNQN NM , ,. .-. -, rg 5 Q T71 . tv - 4 fi A V JNM Josie Jim A---.L-.I AI.-.., All -H ' ...-., -V-. ..-Au, wxul y Ambriz Amezcua Andreski Aporiio Alkins Bailey Shirley Bob Pair Roy Beverly Edith Jess Carmen Bailey Barela Barnes Baumgariner Beardsley Beck Beltran Bernal I U I OR CLASS FRONT ROW: Mr. Litlleron, A, Soares, M. Bailey, L. Grass, D. Allen, Mrs. Melom. SECOND ROW: B. Borges, W. Zylsfro, V. Medina, P. Bcxrnes. THIRD ROW: T. Jones, B. Dole, H. Mono. y,4s...5f LOUIS GROSS JU role C lMariorie Ethel - 'l'ony- Y Sam Thelma Bernal Bettencourt Blok Boersma Boersma ...,, -wr . A Jim Richard Connie Esther Chamberlain Cnossen Connole Contreras Boone Borges Bothof it Iffrrzaff-w -:25f"' , '. .-:2wfe14f+gp'- E55 ' P " 'ViI'WEfEgQ?f:"?:r , . 4, Vt' fttigm A Q rie f 2 - A U f ' -mr, f N ' .I L' I 32 'K Q: I Zsuiifggt Hi tw iff T . .K ' 'M , Yam ' in l Q- - 5 , -I kami' itz, 1 ' M 'E i r'rr r E Leota Deloris Mary Orig BUrkS Busklrk Cantrell Casey - .NX ...,....., ,. , Y Y ,-.,. Jesse Bob Cordova Cordova Costello Cotta Cravens Cruz Cupit Dale - Deanna Mary Y K 'Cathy' -M H -Myra Esther Richard Pct Gus Dechert Deme Dennison Dinwiddie Dorman Dull Dunlap Drulirasw Luinnc .men ..n.:,... :cu -f--fy Elms Favors Fayerweather Fields Finnie Foster Gaston Qoedhart Arthur Beflhc' Tom Roy Steve Louis Fella Irene Gomez Gomez Gmdy Gray Green Gross Gurule Gurule ,I ,W JU IOR Marcia Sondra Haibel Hansen Harness Harris Hatch PUT JOE Sylvia Ranee Karon Ray Hendren HeI'r1Clr1dSZ Hernandez Hoffman Hollander Holmes Don Veta Shirley Tom Tina Pat Cliff Marlene Hughes Hutchison Johnson Jones Kanis Keefe Kelly Laird l-Ynda Joe Joe Sam KGVGH Jimmy W Y W Bill Y Juanilin Langston 'Lane Leach Leffler Lewis Lewis Lister Lotlin 1 Henry Reggie John Ed Larry Joe Virginia Al Mano Martin Martinez Mclntyre McQuiston Medina Medina Miller l l i , , , -- .... wa.. .Willey Miller Miller Milroy Mitchell Morgan Mork Mulder Merle l l l doll Roger ROY Karen ' S ll Bob Run Gail Carl 'C' Y ' b Norton Murphy MYSYS Nelson Nicholas Nichols Nmhols Nleno er , - i M: . r nz: A SP1 as , Qs S3 1 iii W Ramirez ii : H , m if 6 4 24 gilt 3 n Mary Jane Jackie I'b-.I........ h......., 'YEL :- .:.1: . H., .ll Elsie Palacio K ' 'fi 1 P E 'sill - - L A lkaiflilfii. v f '..7TtQ ' , A 'S' . '!ifF:""51v - A W .Mar f "rf i Y- ez' , .3 L .nh-V. .L U' Qlffi Q' . if ' - f 5? 5? "'- L' V -A '. '15 "2 ' " N211 in A. lv L L 5 .ff ye -riff J- W fiiiiilii in -Y' sfzfi iii' f 1 . ' "P-E' L' ' 'if' A As? -, :ii-'Wifi J . ,'l?ili19E: ' 1 "i "elsif icgky' . f W 'I 53 f V1 , -I Q, V We H , ,Q . f K5 ,W K K Arie George Harvey Marilyn Elmer Passchier Peloquin Peterson Plemon Pugh Steve Parks if L1 if f 593 l ' "'i"'v , gil Leg' Ramage Frank Frank Helen Laura Alex Mary Jeanie Ramirez Raulsion Reynolds Richards Rios Rios R0l3el'T50l'1 lilfiliwl lu' 1 'wg L fn-. , ,. V , 'mf 3 47. . 1 P "",..., 'fr Af' 9 'ii'ii Leonard Vernon Leonard Ann Adlene "' "" f "' Silveira 3-' , Ti ' ' w- L gm- V f55f?.S7Z' GEOVQG Manona Jack Arlene Phyllis Barbara Sian Donna pu. pw -.l p ..l A 1- r,,I,l'.., C--....,. Cr..-if-un Starr , -o.e..... ..-......, -,...., Tomiko Don Phil Blll TSUlJ0lCOWG Utter Valenzuela Van de Kieff Veldhuis vig Thomas Totusek ' ,. - A L a J. is .mr ' f L. , . 1 f'?"2 X-'I' f, E 'J' Q. ' , fu 5 ' A -5 wi. f.f'.3i X .f 4 ' li'sf.m,.f-. V i-P , xt y Jf Carolyn Gloria Wade Wainio 1 1 JU IOR Henrietta Marlorie Myrna Virginia Margaret Florence Winnie Withers Wooten Wright Yanez Zavala Zwart Zylstra CAMERA SHY Josie Alfaro Don Anderson Sieve Baldwin Florence Berry Carol Cline Gary Christensen Mary Lou Crain Betty Ann De Jong Bob Donnell Chuck Gallop Ed Green Kenny Hall Maxine Jackson Terry Jones Jerry Keith Evelyn Kotch Camy Lane Tom La Roe Dale Porter John Rodriguez Eleanor Tafoya Sally Tapia Glenn Virgin Suellen Wiseman 0 -259 'Q L f G FRONT ROW I Dcvls B. Moore, P. Parker S Wolfson V Chupm B Josleyn M Herring SECOND ROW B Kung N Mendez J Rootlleb A. ldsingo, J. Young QPHO ORE CLASS ,ZJFETALQJ I ,, Arrowood Ba ker Bc: itozur 1 ' y Louie Bernal if Lolkie Jake Y Elbert? Judy V Harmon 77 La Donna Bob Nancy Bower Box Brink Borden Bossaert , . . T-zzz, Nana' John oe .lock 'WR ape... :xx Wi Buckles Burwell Ann isiuiv ,- ,.,,i-, f-i ,,,f,. f-L-..n-.. Yvonne Wayne Pot Sam Weldon Dick Tommy Put Chovose Choate Clark Cnossen Cole Collins Colungcx Colunga Comstock Comstock onner Connole trerus Cookmon V Costa clJwi5fd chill, Davis Deoren Y eeth Deniz Sylvia Harold Dorothy' Gary Don Dewey Dexter Dorman Dye Ecker """' "" ' ' " ' Estrada Eveland Farmer Faulkner GD Gerald Lucille Dewayne Jerry Sanalra MGFY :Arniienn Cnvrni-u l1I7...A. F, ,,,. L 1- , , , A 1 h..I,A-.. A-I I - Bill Helen Colleen John Benny Mark Linda Al rtnnnu- f:,...-,. r-,..,.i.. r-.-..-. n....,. A A - A - Ida Colleen Mike Nancy Richard Florine Richard Sandie Guzman Hansen Harlow Harness Hartman Hastings Hayser Hennen Elisa Sieve Frank Glenda Stanley Vera Bob Larry Hernandez Hernandez " " ' " " ' ' ' l'lU9h95 l'lU9h95 . Q . 4 .gays ' I . .hj 5 Qi, l an , 1 l awp., , ag ......-... - ,gsm 4 A 'QL ' A , .I wg . ' . .QR W: 1,1 . -. .- f L, . 3 l , A l . ---.. . ..... -..- Conrad Annie Hum .. ., .. . .. .. .. Cecilia Benny Nancy Barbara Betty Lou lsham Jenkins Johansen Johnson Johnson 'W I f me L Q L I ' . -Wf'.,1 - vu - f ' Hi ,. . f , ri gf: ,, W we U, if ' U' ff, . . f ., , ' 3' i Q., 53' 7 Leaf . . sf, ' , iw W.,,, . f, . , ' 1 Q "eil '- vi 1- vm. , i - A . ' k , L, Q, 1- zixig ,J - 1 ' 1 . W 4 'sae . is 1-51:1 4,13 lf- ' . 1 .4 '51 f . . :Q hrkff f '- I P J, . . ... , , . i .3, . -pf' ' . 1 Pg 41, -' H nmify- , ' , 'ZA 1, 1 Wwe' 5 39: -rv y ,-we .A gua Q , 1 - - , ' . i li I -' . V M L . Q ffl fa' 2i'i'tf', iii ' flf,:I.'f ' " 'F' i ll . 5 if ,' 14: 1 V ' 7 ' ' ' milf?--. 'uffifqizw fr if ' .zu L J f I: f a I- .A I ' ff' - 'I L' " .' yg,gmg::m .f1,vgv3g,',gi: 4 r N 12 5 J. ww , - r -r ' --1 f::::-of-z-:3253 .f-- Ab-A M L: L-'iwlefzifsxflfiui 'fi-3. L K J 13:2 ' 'A f Q lfG'!?:5??Z25:" 'S ' ' 'f' I l Bobbie Mildred Roaler Robert I Wilma Annabelle Pearl Clifford r I I ll I , I I , l,,l-,. Il-Il.. i..l...- v-.Ii. .......,.. --.. ...... ....... ..,,.. .. . . V .- I uw: Jud.- Jeannette Mike Joanne Jim Larry Mary Johnny Louis Lambott Larson Leich I iter Lemons Lewis Lopez Lopez Allen IVLHFIUEI IJUIIB JUHET LICITEHCE ' """' Lourenco Luccls Lyman Matthews Martin Martinez Matthews Matzke 'GW Margaret Tony ,Awww , , 1 Mead Medina " ' ' Nellie Steve " Mendez Miller ,ni ifvlk a' , r 0' . 'nk 1' EE? Jayne Bill Bill Nancy Johnnie Lorraine Mary Moore Morgan Myers Myler Narcisco Mary , , Mooney i' Cres pin Orozco Brent Gary Harold David Nelson Nichols Nickels Ormonole Pitts Pltts QSQQLQQ 'V -lan 5Uf1dfC1 Janice Reed Reinhold Reynolds Rhew Rice X Bill Judy Paula page Parker Parker . ...... - ....-- ...,.... Ramirez Raulston Ben Rochini Rodgers Rodriguez vii Jane .lacquer Kenneth JoAnn Diane Sam Rohn Rootlieb Rotarius Sokamoto Solciolo Seldeen Salinas Salinas if -11141, Q2 fffifliiiti r '-'4' Jes?-'ft -' - 1 . V. . 1211" if 1 fx A , ,,.. . 5' xi r - 'Q 41" r , We 335111 R e 2 iff , . , fi- agar - , in f W J, ji - ' R is 'Y -new . R ,, ' z f' ' , fl!" - .. , sl- '-' , 'V' 2- -sf f' no 21214:-fer 22 A' Reis: A 1 ' ii any H ? 1, 'V' ' W "QW" .sf it ". fl' ' Q-Iiw. 'V ' ' it -ev A 512 fisaifigig ' . Fifi' ,exif 3.21 .Q f ' K 1. z"!'Y'f' :1ifi t1fff?:.f'-:r - .jf-J' A may sffnikzz' - , f , feral K: A at - , :W .9 +:1:::g.n'r f". ,. -' - 4 ww 51 ang b f ,Q-it ar W- as-lgeinsii. a 11, 5 T K I VVKVV W . .,. I K , . V 5 . I Ni: 1 M9 V f, as :gig 1 X, ,V . ,. --,if wt ,-.., M ,f 44 Lg ,V M A Mory Ruben Bill E Deanna Gretchen Don Leola Ellen Santas Sarogoscr Scarborough Schofield Schweitzer Sellers Sharp Shaw Silva Simas Simons Smith Smith Smith Ruth John Barbara Richard Jackie Soriano Souza Sowders Sowers Speuldq Rae Jeanne Norman Ruth K Starr Stefani Stephens Stevens en Carolynne a Jimmy Strough Stutsman Sullivan Summer Salvador Marsha Stanley Wanda curry ..,...m. .........,.. .-.v Becky Sue Ca rol Lg fry Warriner Watson Welty Welty Linda Naomi Henry I-Grry ' Sue Bonita Gary oe Werner Westphal Whaley Wheeler Kathy Ray Ma rcio Marvin White Whiteside Wilke Woods CAMERA Russel Brainard George Campbell Jim Chamberlain Joyce Coelho Wayne Croft' LeRoy Dean Linda Yanez Sl-lY David Gipson Edna Grafton Silvio Gurule Rowena Hall Clinton Harris Wayne Helm Mary Lou Houghton Frances Hurley Dennis King Everett Mailco Kay Marcrofl Karen Miller Roger Pool Gloria Preston Nadine Rowe Paul Sherman Alberl' Shoemaker Joseph Simons Phyllis Thompson Doris Towne Nicko VanKampen Richard Veldhuizen Boneifa Woods Judith Young FRE HMAN CLASS W, qw! ., Fronf Row M Archer L Hinkle B Reynolds S Dees, C. Hansen, L. Dye, L. Grofh, S. Piper D Fare J Kleinerman SECOND ROW F Rocha W Lorente B. Davis, R. Hicks, P. Turner, F. Souza R Hull Joan Bl y Mary Jghnny Akers Albert Allen Alves Alfred George Suzan Sa ra Amezcua Anderson Anderson Ariaz FRE HMEN James Dick Barbara Jack Jerry , , , . . . ,.. .,-..-. Bill Joe John Janet Gwen Linda ,. ., - . - . ,.,,..,,,, .... ni.. Paul Charlene Amelia Anita Raymond Gerald Gwendolyn Gary Beltran Berg Bernal Bird Boatright Boer Boeve Bradshaw Clarence Harry William Mary Larry Allen Jo Ann June Gwen V Richard Y W 7 Morris Gladys Patty Allen James Joy Mary Ea rnest Vernon Curtis Dick John Bertha Dorothy Castillo 'Castodio Chaffee Chalston Charlton Chaves Claron Cline' Frank Marion Johnny John Rosie Byron Esther Flora Cnossen Cock rom Coito Collins Confre ras Cook Cordova Cordova I D FRESHMEN W.. ..- ..... . ...-.- Cornelius Cosand Cravens Cravens Cruz '84 - .. Ben Bi r-..,+: nf-maple D4-mfema Dantema Davis Davis Pculine fr Danny Dean Stella Nellie Lnesrer rem .WNW- Davis Dean Dechert Dees De Jong Deshcrzer De Vries Dirker Duane Lila Jean Joan kolana Linaa .iam .-...-.e naw.. Dnrmnn Dunlaa Duauv Durfee Dye Elledge Elms Mary Gene Niarsna uanu . Esteves Eu banks Falk Fa re Faye rweather Flora Foster Frlsby .zuiiwv .,-..-.. , -Patricia Ted Beverly Isadare Irene wary Fiirwnll Gamble Gunsen Garcia Giacomi Gilbert Gipson Glotfelty UN..- ...... Paf Jessie Barbara Bob Donald Wendy BOD non Godard Godinez Goedhart Gansalves Gosseff Grantham Green Griffin FRESHMEN Silvio Wayne Keith Karen Stephen Joyce Michael Richard Lawnee Emily lrene Leonard Rudy Ray Richard Hatchett Haywood Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hertz Hicks koaney Linda David Jerry Carl Joenne Patricia LOUiS l'lUll Hurley Jackson ' Jackson Jacobus Jamieson Jensen 49 William Grace Donna Leonard Cecilia Frances Patsy l-L........ v,, ,,,, ., . .. - 1 i Lnarlofte Jim Jessee Rosalie Glenda Louise Shirley Alex Kruizenga Laurie Lawloorn Lawrence Layson Leach Leal Lechuga ..-.., FRE HME n-,iL.-.+,., leer., Ipmnmnnn Lona Lonq .avaeylir Lopez Lorente Lucero Lucero Machado David Marcia Jack George Richard Antonio Robert Lorraine Mandel Mandel Monier Mono Marchmann Morruia Mortin Martinez Kathy Kitty tston 1-xlnerr .mini ..n......,.....- , Marvin Marvin Mosterson Mo Mr-Bee McCarthy McChesnie McDoneld My Y ' .1 - Qlttiii' , gg. V Mn.: 'F L" ff . r ,gg 1551 ' v , N JLZV , 4' , gr, , I , rr , rf A. rv: 1! V V, I ' Q Viz' Lindo Sharon Scotty Rosa oocorro x.o..o.. ...... -,,.- ...fs..:.- M,n..:.t-.. lilifxmillinme Medina Medina Mendez Metz Meyer oiumey Molles Merlin Nelson lxuucir .f......... ...-...... I Montgomery Moore Mora Mores Morrison Nelson Nelson MGFY Ndrtcy Jerry Yvonne Eddie Rolf Tony Neyfrturi Nichols Nickels Norton Noster Nyboer Odom FRESHMEN Wir r""', Donald Robert Roger Laraine Rosalie Robert Angie Eleanor Sarah Jim John Sharon Colleen Jimmy Richard Charles Beverly George Pete Piper Poindexter Reed Reed Reinhold Reynolds Reynolds Ringnalda R .enwab rar Jim Diane Frances Johnnie Charles Roger ics Dine n-l......-.. -- 1 - ' reiei lvlyrorm Bobby Melba Lamar Kenneth Mike Ida Mae Smgtgi ' f-fx fr mi wr,-. .Q :mira :arri- vim 52? ' Ei . . 35? 7 . 1' , 'ffl T 'L L. S3 ,wt gg zo, . - M5 Y ffafig' V . 1 ,if JQQ31 "i,i'EEi:. - f J' , if .53 , 1.13 'Eff' f ' - ' L ii: my ' i 6' H E'i E . . r- Ez ' Fran! Larry W A Frank Lorraine Jerry Judy Genevieve Carall Qilunivn Ctl..-:.... F' A ' :Ima Linda Sharon Garyl WGHGCE Victor Grady Ronnie Sowe rs Spencer Spens Sp rigg Stains Stefani Stewart Sumner Frankie FRESHMEN Tafkell TClf0YU Tafoya Tafoya Tetzlaff -.-I , , -fi ,,,, ...., V., -.--, M, -1- -1 1-- PGUI MUVY Cory Donna Harvey Earl Henrietta Raymond Turner Vaca Vander Dussen Van Dyk Van Holland Van Leeuwen Van Unen Vasquez .xl ullulle: ulullu Jgygg r,.yW"lb"d9?,a ,,yr ,. .,., ry.. . YY'?.'d'00P Washburn ii . , yene Q af f W ' -W' ff' ' in . it ,..'if. f 1' J P5251 f W if " . 1- ,fm ,- 2 -1 , -1 ef . L' . P 3. -- I " 4' - 713 " 1337+ Rf? i -- 1 23' W. ,, 1 June David Jeffery Williams Wilson Wilson i i t fi 229, 'V ., 4 "tif - ' A -V ' :f 55253 , ZW "ml ryan: ,,4,,,5- 'ff 3? 4, ' .5 4 530 , Harold York Young Zylstra JUU l'1I Ill uv nnnv vw f - 1 I A Watkins Werner Wiersma Willet WIlllGmS Phyllis - Richard K Tommy' Martha Johanna Wilson' Wilson Wooten Wright Wybenga gf 0 M X 1 4 xl .K fb- X.,-3 if 0 35 Q 60 V I IN I , 0 M 1 l HOBBK HOBBY . Aim. , W ,M VFR A W JP A 0 V iw, f X . v Q fw..,.xx f-, VVKVA 5,3 K ' X tw M fhkiiw 'N W 7 Mfggfim Q ,,.J" ,fr , 1 4,1 M I . f ,,..... f ,ff ":""""--- -M...-L' -fs: 'r-.nw -f-.W --W ,f Q M Mfr, ,,.- "--H-H--....... . .,,,,.,,..,-ff' ,ff .. If .,- .,N ,Q gm, If K f N f ' :Jw 'xp Qerv W5 ill-ll in i, .W XJ Q06 U' 0 li A ly 'nlllil 'I-iiwmiiiii s . W WU G 0 , m lill l Q ,Q i Q , X Qaida f. . . . SECOND BIRTHD life! - V Ki I , I W.,V .i ' L ll f W " Q 5 if i f fi l riff? 1 A - 4' -vw' .."'+:."-4 ' ,ig - ' 'rf J., 9 ' -, I 1 ll W W' fffpfflirf si fir li X, it ca X gr. W + 7 N 1 gag g F f' fig 4 5.35 . i w , gflg, um fait 33' ai iff , , KN .f 45 ,M M? gem 4552 .Q . i H ,, Q55 .,,. Ili, gygilfyd l V, , ,4 rm g 1 .Msg - , n 'W ".1 rK','5Y.f tg" "5 .2 ::3. , lw3?,:s f?rflf:EsQf, : , 9 31225 4 .' W ,gil L , fe, . , V , Q ga . fx, i W E' , . xxx figs Ugly? 1 lj' ,K ,, fg,fffQj:kfV:,'f,L? 'if K ,. -ff: :,f A 'rw--z.e'EP X M , ,,X, , i ..,, fe- ' ' ?dh1Pi.YJ'w'5 if r xx n wfzfrfwffm ffe:'2'ff'i.iy5 A - s fi , ,, -, ,.,, ' - Sir iv .- ,K - r , wg- nf. ,cgi i gg , i "f lf' s?f'??+' , -k 5 ,Q-...:1,s1,::::z ' iff Year of work, year of play. So rnany Things we'll not forgel Counfecl off as Tasks well meT. The leagues, music, speech, drama, news, Future leaders exchanging views, A school of activity with a goal ahead, In our second year, fun and study were wed. ' 1-, .ugfgi ,TMI ' ' K 'QV li V viz: 5 Qi, 1 1 ' ' ' .- :Heli '.'f-Z.-ifEff"' 'Sf i V "- ,X . if ',,v1x.:I Al" I , X we 9 'E , I lg 1 . 1 ti. ' ' -14:5 . , , i ' l 35 'f P s, s ,, I T sr , Lrg ,n 1v0a.i2 f':,5 1 -, 1. . .1 Ea f . . .,,, if - sw- Era ,,, 5. ,. i 1 A ,'-' . f . -as+',:rwfe.,.:fimg-fs .few gsazn fiuuefzfm kv: -6 ' W ,- ,gr an 'Q K B 1 . 29, .yi .2 rv r- .1 Q., ,Q 8, ., .vin -r B mx y K 1 ' s 9 f - K r .. , 4 L V , e - i.-b JV , Q "'5 ll ,-2' W I 1 1-' 2 .wig C . 1 ,iff jk 4? 2"1,Qg ' L. Qi . J 4.4. V M51 F. 1 1 ,. l + s .i ,iw E , 1 1' . Q ' i N., Leol by Deonno Dechert, Artesio's first girl student body president, members ot the first semester leoderslfiip worked nord to creote o better form ot democrotic government for the schools second yeor. Mony problems were faced ond ironed out by these officers. 48 a 1 A A K .sf 1 ' viz,- nlr l , I A , ,,. 3, it t L ' -, 1, ' 'N ' E ill l - v .. it . Law Front Row: R. Hastings, D. Dechert, B. Walker. Second Row: P. Keefe, C. Han- sen, L. Gross. Third Row. I, Guzman, S. Worson, S. Costello. Forth Row: D. Thomas, K. Boone, B. Nienober. Declnno Decnert First Semester President Following Through with what the first semester leadership had so capably started, the second semester student body officials continued to create a bigger and better democratic government for our school. Led by Lonnie Cupit, officers met each day and made decisions which were relied upon by each student in school. These were the people who so capably solved every knotty problem for Artesia High and her students. T DEN T BODY UFFICER Lonnie Cupit Second semester president B. Nienaber, C. Hansen, J. Beltran, P. Keefe, L. Cupit, R. Hastings, W. Zylstra, K. Boone, L. Gross, P. Barnes, S. Watson, M. Plem 4. lp. Orl. ,., ,L , .. Mi, J -4 sw 3 Q54 ' f gif! 5 J . J 5-8 C? R453 3? M .gf ,P V ' . V Firm . ' Qlv. 9-:V A ,Y ,la 4, :lily A Q,-C? fl-r fl Till!! i 'P' xv Q, A' ' I in 'px' l l.,.,i A . . 'r .s,'4Q' , ,,,. 'L .,, fs 'S 3: sltfQ5s" JJ if 1 ,...'w'f g Y x A ,Q 1 Q ' f ., k it . fit- 14 1 1 ,--.... VU' Front Row: P. Parker, S. Spens, M, Long, R. Hastings, M. Kennedy, S. From Row: C. Kelly, E. Green, L. Cupit, R. Hastings, P. Keefe, B. Walker. Adam, C. Tague, Second Row: J. Bossaert, G. Boer, J. Coito, J. Parker, Second Row: C. Tague, S. Anderson, K. Marvin, B. Moore, M, Harness, A. Miller, H. Reynolds. Third Row: F. Zwart, L. Bailey, L. Elms, S, M. Kennedy. Green, M. Curti. SE ATE Lonnie Cupit, Student Body President, presides at Senate meeting, A senator and an alternate from so- cial studies and history classes were elected each semester to iron out problems brought up by student body members. Working with first and second semester student body presidents, Deanna Dechert and Lon- nie Cupit, and assisted by Principal Hastings, these students discussed campus appearance, schooisweat- ers, class rings, school spirit and many problems which were put be- tore them. D. Thomas, C. Poindexter, L. Gross, M. Bailey, K. Strough. Fronc Row: A. Bogie, M, Plemori, T. Boersma. Second Row: D. Thomas, During the past year at Artesia High School there has been much said about our school spirit. Of all groups around the campus the Rally Com- mittee has olone more to build up the spirit of the student body ot Artesia High than any group on the campus. They have organized many rallies during the past year for all the maior sports ot our school and have done much to raise our team's spirit during the seasons of sports at Artesia High. P. Elms,,P. Clark, L. Gross. ! RALL Y -M-effr"5 ' i ' an me I X Q 4 l' ll I A rw I ti 5' 9 ., mats-gm A lfa:fri'1f:lf5?.sg f 1" .R ...M rc' . Q F yr I 5 5j3:.gyg.k.f5l.Aig., , -,, .4 ,Q ., . es... , ..... , Kg, 5 V A K ...LL. gsxgritt r ' . ie- vw R' 7 Aff . 1 f',.fzg-12fg5Z.f.f5ti A . 1 - . Zi eff? ' . 1' , I X . A I , L , ' 4 9.33. 3, V ' - l yn I , e . A "li'Q'ff':1?e...1:1fair: W X i " A vis S r rf' 525 - W' ' "Q Tfff L 3 ' 1 AWAL N l' .4 t e -4 A A ' -5 vi r 2 i as ff 2 , 4 . Q, ' -A.. --- M Ac.. A - , 7 5.5.55 One of the many duties ot the rally committee is to arouse school spirit among the students. 51 G. Foster J. Favors, J. Mork. Front Row: R. Comstock, G. Sims, E. Palacio, B. Nienaber, Utter. Back Row: J. Mork, W. Atkins, C. Veldhuis. EXECUTIVE BO RD PUBLI CI TY Under the able leadership of Bob Nienaber, Frontiersmen President, members ot the Boys' League were kept busy planning dances, assem- onsoring the Football Queen contest, planning intra-mural sports blies, sp and participating in many other activities which made life at Artesia High more memorable. Bob Nienaber President l -n-.-.- 5,1 sm Qin Q 3 i 1 i Q K ' 4 1' ELIGIBILITY Front Row: H. Bothof, R. Amezcua, D. Anderson. Second Row: W. Atkins, S. Costello, D. Padilla, C. Veldhuis, 52 , A CA VALIERS Front Row: B. Atkins, L. McQuiston, P. Reynolds, D. Thomas, E, Ramirez T. Carrigan, J. Souza, R. Rozuk. Second Row: C. Nichols, G. Dye, R Sullivan, F. Ramirez, S. Taylor, C. Kelly, J. Mork. Third Row: M. Cordova R. Hicks, G. Thomas, R. Allen, J. Lewis, R, Comstock. Fourth Row: B Dale, R. Comstock, J. Beltram, R. Myers, B. Niennaber, J. Favors, D Utter, C. Veldhuis Dale, Mr. Atkins, J. Atkins, ix Qs . a- , Q.. 559' I ,- 4. Q - Front Row-B. Charlton, L. Gross, R. Sullivan, R. Comsfoc G. Peloquin, J. Hernandez, E. Ccrsfoclio, E. Schimmels. .QD ,Jw I ,- ,EY MP V, Ar---N k, J. Mork, J. Favors, G. Foster, L. McQuisTon, L. Lewis. go W. K' W N. 'x PROGRAM rl- v- "ns Back Row-D. Thomas, R. Comstock, G. Drulias, B 1 '14 J". gag, l. ETHICS FU D RAISING J, Favors, .L 9,155 Front Row-L. Bailey, S. Boersmc, G. Sims, J. Atkins, A G. Foster, D. Utter, Mr. Atkins, L. Cupit, D. Thomas. Back Row-D. :fini Y ' 1 Vx., Z ' ya- 91 K . Q ? V- 1.1. Sellers, Mr. Atkins, C. Kelly, B. Mitchell. . Rios. . I". Cavaliers saw io it that the Pioneer campus was kept clean. , ,. 45 Selling pennanis was a money making project of ihe Fronfiersmen. Af' r -Q l '15-A .9 lr ure f-W .4. if iw l fl s N 5 gi til,-l an Library passes were chec of the Cavaliers. Q it or .A , Ill 11 X' .M lied by members .,,,, , 4' ' ff' A lion's head created by art students decorated the entrance of the Boys' League Carnival Capers. lntra-mural volleyball occupied many boys during noon hour. L-1-...,, Q, VN-Q 'iv-uv' If r, ., 'lf+'?'F:':'Q- .. f?N,Mm N The Carnival Capers chorus line was the main attraction at the Boys' League Dance. Locker inspection was conducted twice during The year Boxing was one of The favorite activities of The boys. Boys proved victor over girls in ci cami b k b il c as ei a game between League Executive Boards. ,, A. i my-W ,ul- gi. to we iii?" ir, wiv wind? tif. A .J Frontiersman president Bob Nienaber gives oath to members of the new Boys' League Executive Board, Infra-mural basketball was one of the major Boys' League activities. Bob Josleyn plays for League miiikiili assembly, lntra-mural football was another Frontiersn-ian sponsored event, it we L ai.s.u3S."f - ' .cial -ll: ' Front row T Boersma K Boone C Williams, E. Beck, M. Wooten. Second row: G. Wainio, M. Rodgers, M. Stark, N. Back row S Houston P Anderson M Bailey, H. Reynolds. we.,-au Front row V , , , . M. Plemon, J. Fields, C, Williams, M. Rodgers, V. Chapin, A Bogie, B. Johnson J. Milroy, L. Burkle, F. Rios, D, Gipson. Second row: G. Nicholas, S, Anderson B. Ganson, C. Poinclexier, C. Tague, N. Hix, P. Crcvens, J. Silveria, M. Bettencourt G. Burns, J. Jackson, B. McCarthy, M. Dinwiddie. D. Kosiielney, A. Bird, M Harness, P. Cain, A. Hutton. Third row: J. Rhew, L. Parks, M. Britt, E. Sowers M. Long, J. Monroe, C. Berg, M. Allen, M. Castillo, G. Waldroop, M. Mandel J. Buce, M. Wright, M. Scroggins, M. Laird, J. Woshburn, S. Peper. Fourth row: F. King, A. Cantwell, F. Hurley, J. Hardy, E. Kotch, D. Mora, J. Williams, M. Wilke J. Lester, K, Marvin, K, Marvin, J. Hammer, P. Barnes, P. Elms, C. Kennedy, L Myers, S, Adams, G. Belcher. il il A ll ii ll il il fd' 'XI' 'Qian Q iv :ifLlQff251G -. meh. I fx nw. ,M prev' We 2 I in-. li -5. . -..,... .K . K, ff . ,Qt li 5 "J .W 75' -4 I. L - sw.: - fr? ., ,, , .. ri Llql - - A .fm ' y ff., i en N,,. Q. .. ,,.N . .,,,,...,,, L . .W,. ,.... ,..,, L., N .Q i f lf, f H ffl, Shiga lilfffly. 56 S fo .lei lr' H ie l e 'Q i ek zi i,1 i w is f' ' + l c 'ff ' . -fr L ifiiefw is ,L " N n h F P sy xx- NVE, I I . Le f ,XM F M 1 ! l X ., .wg V ullvbllcvlr ,J Fronr Row: T. Boersma, K. Boone, M, Bailey, M, Women, H, Reynqldg, Front Row: N, Ward, C. lsharn, M. Stark, S, Tapici, J. Bossaerf. 2rd Row: Second Row. M. Kennedy, A. 'dsingo, J. Rooflieb, P. Anderson. Third Row: D. Allen, E. Acmesiad, B. Sowders, C. Grady, L. Bentley. 3rd Row: W. Zylsfrv. L. Willis, B, Gomez, M. Rios, M. Lopez, N. Mendez. Fourth Row. D, Seldeen, T. Tsubokawa, E. Gaedharf, F. Zwarf, E. Beifencouri, J. Mulder. Back Row: G. Wainio, L. Richards, B. Borges, E. Renner. S. Bailey, P. Dunlap, S. Nichols, H. Withers, Mrs. Williams. Front Row. H. Wi1hers, J, Sakamota, A. Silveira, J. Mulder, T. Boersma, K, Boone, M. Wooten, M, Harness, E. Gaeclharl, E. Aanestad, N. Ward, B. Walker, M. Stark, A. Soares, E. Valenzuela, A. Venus, L. Burkle, J. Monroe. 2nd Row: L. Benfley, I. Guzman, S. Maizke, 'l. Kanis, J. Milroy, V. Chapin, H. Reynolds, L. Mooney, D. Allen, P. Dunlap, T. Tsubokawa, M. Long, S, Ariaz, D. Rocha, S. Holbert, C. Poinclexier, N. De Jong, M. Allery. 3rd Row: D. Van Dyk, M. Curfi, C. Tague, L. Hinkle, C. Smifh, F. King, K. Marvin, L. Meyer, P. Elms, J. Silveira, P. Godard, S. Houston, S. Adam, J. Williams, L. Groih, N. Hix, S. Anderson. E. Sowers, B. Reynolds. fl li fi 'f if T? L ' L I Ls .- ' ':. K, ' -.,:. ." -. 'H lf' f 15 ' " ' 156' rf' - 2,1 , Nfl' L . . , l'f"3?f l 4' 4 J' W, 'P " :ff ' - ' ' W7 i J Y we 'W B' " f is f' f ' .i Q3 fi .. s ,Q . f . - - , .g .2 . - Q ' M ' 1' ' ' ' Y ' , ' , e ., ,J ' 5' . 7 l 3 ' ', W A ' ',-, ,V I A rf V . , , . - .lt 4 fv- Q. -... . , , fi ,, ' 70 Q 'P' . ., " vp, K . " . v , , 'F 4 5 0 A .gy - vyhhf Me. ' Ir .V ,' X, f , L - - . X ,. , ' - ttf 1 w.. ', V. ' fy ' A 5 " xt 9. f 5 1 , A - s i l , , r i 5 N i .. l f l' ' v r 1 .-. . . rr., L L . L . A .L A 1 f . , J .l llllf Ali ' lf-f lu :fm " iVl'Yv mfhl r ' J.. Q 'u?f"' in 1. ,i ' ii L ' 57 L .F 98 lf 577' A A fifrfl' Ill if' ' " , "H ' I A - 72 . ff:flA5..fef C f g.z.1 :f:i,fl. ' L In LS I IR L G 4 Maw' Behind the stage action takes place as Kay Boone, Girls League President ari- nounces next act at assembly. fi Tomiko Tsubokawa, Joan Mulder, Carol Totusek, Nila Ward, and Shirley Bailey leading T.V. commercials. P" Q f -ifiiify 1 f 'fail' .- J la rf iv- .Q bi . . , ,ke U U A ,mv ' Q, L, av' 0-.I Maiorettes routines at perform high steppr Girls League assemb for special entertainment Louis Gross and Danny Thomas decide to take advantage of Girls League "Slave Day", by having Kay Boone do odd iobs. 1 ef? in qiiziw imitate ,... 4 . lv ,ff ff G I R A L3 LEAGUE fill VE z , L.. is L if ,s,s is ,, -.W QA W in K :Ti ,. A NP? K . ,4,',?k,, in . , x r ff as is , , - " 'Nl 'sis Fmt. r ' " 1 ' fiifizf sfliiln ' I 5 -E ' Aw Q, .ii ag 'ak 2,31-A at g , X ' ,gl it MEL " 1' ' V? A K 5' h 0 N i g, H , r' -.Qt I f x Q 'H KV 4' 1 ,, -elf' M 8 i i it .V i ,H....M',- ii i Y ,Fr X' ' ij yi 'Q i l lf , rp --ei e'e ,f i ii f I 6' t fy nes, 'ai - .r 'it .tn X lla! 5. is it Locker service was another activity of the Campus Hostess Committee. The girls proved victors in o competitive locker inspection between the leagues. Members of the Campus Hostess Committee played school at a Girls' League assembly. ul"' Students were initiated into G.A.A, ,,D" Mn DV Il IA I I SVSU IS 61 GIRLS ' LEA GUE A CT I VI T IES High jumping girls participate in G.A.A, sports. 'ww '4 . ' . i l W if , Y I A i HNR? f Cavaliers and Campus Hostess provide locker service. G.A.A. volleyball was big activity for girls sports. Mrs. Williams speaks at Girls' League assembly. Ways and Means selling doughnuts to raise money for Girls' League, . 1 - i X L . 3 ...ii il I zy, if wt un-...rx as L: c become beiier acquainted. ' l 'X ' 4, Baseball was o fcnvorite of G.A.A. members, Compus Hostesses escort Prin- cipcil Haslings to meeting. 1 2 ,........., i g ""'1 - 4495" Tennis was one ofthe sports ' fought by G.A.A. ciolviscrs. V s N Friendship Teas helped girls 3.5 Q i .sm 9 I ll 152 limi! ' ll lr 8 tv in Speedowciy kept girls active. 551 A liiiiisza- . E . .qi be E Sl 'Nl VT ' zf,' Q cz El bl YQ CALIFORNIA NN CADET CORP Z 124fL. BA TTALION F 'M Under the leadership ot Major Frank Grober, as sisted by Major William Atkins, the A and companies of the 124th battalion, Californi Cadet Corps, helped build the spirit and nam of Artesia High School. Many activities incluc ing tiring at the air station in Los Alamitos rf V weekend encampments at El Toro, appearing i various parades and the big cadet-sponsore- L and drills. S i fl K Cal Cadet Inspection Front row: J. Sumner, J. Martinez R Sullivan R Hull J Barrio F G l 6 , . , . , . s, . uru e, J. Baltazar, G. Salcido, D. Autio, R. Packard, B. Davis, C. Charlstrom, R. 4 Holloway, L. Keeling, C. Reinhold, R. Sumner, L. Trigg, M. Morris, J. Chavez, J. Manier. Back row: L. Cupit, Mir. Graber, R. Hernandez, R. Glotfelty, J. Long, M. Caddy, J. Collins, J. Leach, R. Leolbetter, L. Rice, D. Fayerweather, G. Martinez, K. Matzke, B. Dale, C. Jacobus, K. Strough, C. Gallop, E. Ramirez. e Military Ball added variety to daily routines J. Morrinez, F. Grober, D. Phipps, R. Sullivin, J, Leach, E. Ramirez, C. Gallop, CADET T E L. Trigg, R. Holi, J. Sumner, R. Hernandez. F . 1 i M fic . 4 , . , ,va 4 4 J :Mill i 1 '31 'YT V. e + N l, tl '73 All Front row: C. Willic1ms', J, Washburn, J. Rolin, D. Kostielney. Buck row: R. Lawrence M. Dinvviddie, P. Wilson, F. King ri, 'illllf 1 'J 1... BA Acrobafic Maioretfe H Lawnee Haywood .XV 'N-.,,,,,,,. M4 W P E Q i v 3 . E QV! . Q. llf .nilna..,..n, . Q-- Band members: Flute-K. Marvin. Clarinet-S. Adoms,S. Wafson, G. Belchure, L. Bentley, M. Dinwiddie, C. Kelley, D Kosraline. Soxophones-J. Rolin, A. Bird, E. Borden, G. Reynolds, V. Selstad, D. Veldhuizen. Baritones-B. Vander Kiefr F. Rculston. Horn-B. Donnell. Trombones-B. De Young, R. Reed, R. Nybser, W. Hughs, J. Bennett, W. Metz. Trumpets- R. Cookman, J. Laurie, F. Nunez, R, Gaston, R. Hicks, H. Nichols, R. Krecklebury, V. Stephania, M. Spencer, B. Louie Percussion-D. Mandel, J. McDaniel, B. Borges, M. Campbell, P. Elms, M. Plemon, D.Tcwne. Bells-M. Mandel, L. Myer. Basses-R. Hertz, R. Byhie. I X .-i 'LQ . 'Fw f l QP' , i Drum Maior Louis Gross Z . S . , I 5 X . ' eff P- if wffll l 'E -53511-Qin: 2 " 9' if Q ig. ,W l 'il Q , f K f l , . l . - ll 3 4 1 . il 'ffll . . f' ffl I I . ' i Y l . .1 :hs . R 11. , fijl l K it .Q A -4 i f X . K Artesia High School's band, under the direction of John Henderson and headed by Drum Maior Louis Gross, led The field in many ways this year. Accompanied bythe songleaders, maiorettes, and flag Twirlers, The band marched to victory in many a parade, bringing home first place inthe Norwalk parade and second place in the Huntington Beach Christmas Parade. As an additional honor, The band, flash- rankers, and drill Team were among the lucky ones to appear at the first annual Disneyland Christmas Festival. Parades weren't The only labor of This active group. The flashy red and white of their uniforms was seen at the varsity football and basketball games. They furnished the music for the Christmas program. Without Them the assemblies and rallies would not have been as successful as they were. At one ofthe assemblies The band presented The Artesia High Alma Mater to The students for the first Time, and later played it at sports events. Under the able direction of Mrs. Shirley Behrmann, the songleaders, flagtwirlers and maiorettes worked out many new and catchy routines so that they could work with the band in making better spirit for all events. A, f x SONGLEADERS: T. Boersma, J. Williams, 4 L D. Allen, L. Dye, J. Silveiro, K. Boone. E we FLAGTWIRLERS. H. Reynolds, B. Spalding, W. Zylstra, M. Kennedy, M. Harness, B. Walker, G. Wuinio. MAJORETTES: Y. Chavose, A. Idsinga, D. Dechert, J. Rootleib, M. Curti, W. Juden, E. Beck, J. Sakamoto. l t A B l i T Konus A Bogie Second Row C Connole f-ront Row D Glpson R Martin M Wrlgh J. Keith, J. Silveira, D. Kerr, M. Bettencourt, B. Josleyn, L. Richards, A. Campbell Langston, M. L. Croin, J. Beaudin, P. Dunlop, D. Crawford, D. Allen, M Smith K Nelson S Connole K Lewis F Hastings, S. Leal, C. Vander Dussen, L. Myler, C. Lane. Blending their talents tor fine results, the a cappella choir, girls glee and band performed for many festivities. In their red ond white uniforms and colorful robes they made o spnendrc' showing in the Christmas program, at assemblies, and in the community. Front Row. R. McChesnie, J. Loflin, L. Ramage, S. McQuiston, N. DeJong, J. Myers, E. Beck, F. Zwart, P. Knight, M. Taylor. Second Row: L. Dorman, S. Reinhold, L. Yonez, B. Beardsley, I. Hernandez, E. Kotch, W. Zylstro, J. Hordy, V. Chapin, P. Thompson, N. Smith, Mr. Henderson. GIRLS' GLEE . js, Front Row: T. Kanis, S. Walker, R. Soriano, E. Valenzula. Second Row: H. Govea, P, Keete, S. Hennen, L. Burkle. Third Row: D. Seldeen, H. Withers, J. Milroy. Fourth Row: I. Guzman, M. Wilke. Fifth Row. M. Wooten, M. Lopez, M. Rodgers. f 1 Sixth Row: P. Dunlap, M. Gilchrist, L. Willis. Seventh Row: N. Harness, V. Chapin. . Eighth Row. P. Barnes, E. Goedhart, J. Young, K . VJ E Under the direction of Shirley Behrmonn drill M I I team members performed at various sports ac- QA. L il tivities. The yell leaders promoted school spirit L ..,. -- All at fooball games. Also under Mrs. Behrmann's ' J, fi , direction the Modern Dance group performed in In iq' the Christmas Play and other events. i' U " ' 'f Drill team members were seen doing routines at athletic events. JA Rhewi Ei Conffemsf A' 509551 B- J0h"150"1f 5- HOUSTON- The Modern Dance group performed at many special programs DW it Front Row: M. Plemon, G. Waldroop, W. Croft, C. Nichols, F. Rocha, S. Piper, L. Groth, S. Houston, M. Curti, M. Gilchrist, J. Milroy, J. Rootlieb, P. Parker, J. Leichliter, L. Grimm, C. Grady. Second Row. J. Kleinerman, L. Elms, J. Jamieson, L. Myler, L. Richards, J. Hardy, C. Tague, C. Poindexter, B. Reynolds, N. Hix, A. Bird, G. Nicholas, M. Harness, I. Guzman, A. Ramirez, P. Barnes. Third Row: J. Souza, E. Borden, T. Wooten, E. Noster, B. Holt, D. Dechert, M. Kennedy, D. Seldeen, A. Idsinga, N. Harness, S. Watson, G. Belcher, J. Sakamoto. Students Taking Spanish, French, and Latin ioined together to form the Pan American Friendship Club. Led by Joseph Kleinerman, the club helped to promote better friendship and understanding with the Romance-speaking countries. Marcia Harness, Jacque Rootlieb, Presidents , x l g . fir f , ,., 4. . W In order to understand more fully the problems which are presented in the My W .i ,,-. business world, the Future Business Leaders of America Club was formed, i? ,fig J headed by Arlene Soares, president. .B Fifi 'if p J .VFR 'Q , Front Row: M. Halbert, P. Barnes, J. Thomas, P. Dunlap, E. Goedhart, T. Tsubokawa, E. Aanestad, A. Soares, M. Wooten, G. ' ...' Wainio, R. Starr, L. Reid. Second Row: F. King, G. Kampen, K. McGinnis, L. Lewis, W. Sharp, E. Stratten, S. Hennen, D. 'g ig Allen, B. Spalding, K. Miller, L. Burkle, M. McCarthy, M. Wright, A. Hutton. Third Row: J. Lyman, G. Krekelberg, C. Harris, J. Williams, L. McGuire, M. Beitt, M. Bailey, P. Keefe, C. Wade, T. Konis, B. Burges, A. Martinez, L. Ambriz, C. L ff Ambriz, M. Scroggins. i Barbra Walker President "e21f!FP1'f.-A , ,,f. lil if .air fs 5- ,X , ,,,1.'.1-553 .5 . ,J . up . . Front Row: L. Elms, T. Jones, R. Cnossen, M. Cordova, J. Cruz, B. Page, A. Passchier, S. Green, B. Moore, E. Borden. Second Row: E. Bettencourt, F. Hurley, V. Chapin, J. Milroy, L. Ferralz, G. Wainio, M. Plemon, M. Stark, B. Walker, N. Ward, E. Aanestad, D. Dechert, P. Parker, S. Walker. Third Row: O. Littleton, M. Smith, H. Reynolds, S. Watson, J. Saka- moto, S. Bailey, I. Estrada, R. Soriano, J. Young, M. Harness, J. Parker, M. Moiica, P. Hendren. Fourth Row: l. Simas, ,.... , X m,x,...1,1i..g,, P. Keefe, N. Harness, M. Kennedy, A. ldsinga, D. Seldeen, J. Bossaert, L. Bentley, L. Grimm, R. Miller, J. Monroe, D. Allen, f ., , .. .s::,1.,,jia- - A . ,Q 3-T n its wig' A -re .. Q ' ff ,-1 ,f . A ,W , - QQ ,.vli5,5ggQi5gi'-f . . f' ,E spa,-s!..,!.r. aff f 2. - 'r .lf .. si ltii 1 Qi! r ' :Lg f- f ','f"2' ' Front Row: J. Bossaert, C. Grady, J. Leichliter, J. Milroy, T. Corrigan, T. Jones, M. Plemon, L. Grimm, M. Kennedy, O. Little- ton. Second Row: J. Parker, J. Sakamoto, N. Hix, G. Waldroop, M. Curti, P. Morgan, P. Barnes, P. Keefe, J. Monroe, M. Wright, A. ldsinga, D. Seldeen. Third Row: M. Mandel, L. Richards, S. Watson, L. Burkle, P. Hendren, G. Nichols, P. Elms, M. Long, J. Hardy, E. Aanestad, J. Rootlieb, R. Starr, P. Parker, F. Zwart, E. Bettencourt. Fourth Row: H. Reynolds, C. Tague, S. Adam, C. Poindexter, B. Reynolds, R. Miller, D. Dechert, A. Passachier, H. Mano, J. Cruz, J. McDaneld, D. Dechert, D. Mandel, J. Alves. l W fr Skill GUNS!!! Terry Jones President Arie Passchier President Tr' .J Hx. ,E 'fi Another promoter of scientific inter ests was the Biological Science Club A further understanding of the science of lite of animals and plants was the obiective. Under the leader- ship of Helen Reynolds the club members kept active by going on field trips and helping in the science lair. Front Row: C. Grady, H. Reynolds, R. Miller, F. Hurley, J. Robertson, S. Nichols, E, Goedhart, T. Tsubokawa, N. Word, B. Walker. Second Row: M. Harness, B. Gonsalves, J. Coito, A. Bryant, G. Brunner, R. Hernandez, D. Weirick, T, Jones, J. Mark. Third Row: H. McDonald, R. Simons, M. Cordova, C. Huyg, R. Cnossen, F. Hilarides, D. Utter, R. Durfee, J. Summer, B. Scarborough. Helen Reynolds 72 President ff? Wt ,. sd wa, ..,.- my x. g ' ' E sr-Rx .1 3 X i Q' ii ' ,hi 5 "' .ju 5 i ' nv: Q' A Ei? ,e, ...f he ' W .m" if 'ik ., ual L may H M ln this day of specialization and advancement, it is becoming more and more important To troduce students to the field in- s ol science. The Physical Science Club contributed to this call by breading interest in chemistry and astronomy. Front Row. J. Willet, R. Krekelberg, J. McBee, S. Starr, L. Dye, H. Wither Chossen. Second Row: C. Jacobus R Hartman B Scarborough Third s, R. , V, Row: Stefani, J. Lewis, A. Passchier, R. Myers, l W. Hughes, B. Schmidt, S. McWill H. Mano, J. Favors, E, Castodio. CUTS, S, Posters, pennants, and other art work seen around campus this year were credited to the Art Club who worked so hard to publicize the coming events. pm r -tm ,5,....,.-- . 9 Ortencia Cordova President lv. .-Quai. T Front Row: D. Schofield, D. Tabanico, C. Grady, M. Gilchrist, T. Rodriguez, M. Johnson. Secand,Row: E. Cordova, O. Cordova, J. Mark, E. Easter, H. Zylstra, J. Summer. Third Row: B, Holt, S. Ferguson, R. Durfee, J. Lawhorn, W. Scarborough. ,-.,..c.,,,4 5"-wf f sm, . ,, fm, V it -:rum 5, , 4. V 4 - Q -5,53 q Q s ' K--45. .e J .... ':I"1 T Msg. x X . TEE. ' 1 3.14243 - 45, ' .:::g:fj,3 :ruff xxzm. .i?fJ:- Q- 51 f....f-.,g1..:p. ',' 5 af QQ, .Q-yr.,'f,,"4 - ',?'m,g2.f Q Iii, rffgislf. ,-,q. .sgkfnw tru: H,jW.?::,f if Mas.: H - wigiizfli 4 71 :Q Q-..,L.N'o N .giilfgfg i - 'fr-me f ....,,.,, Bill Mitchell President A newly organized club on campus this year was the Officials Club. Front Row: T Gamble, E. Shimmels, B. Gray, R, Baumgartner, J. Lawhorn, M. Andeifson. Second Row: They officiqfed over GH jn1f0.mUl-GI N. Steven, D. Veldhuizen, C. Huyg, L, Saldana, D. Sowers, L. Scruggs, R. Brian. football, basketball and volleyball games. 73 an i THE CALIFGR IA Publicity Manager Publicity Manager First semester Second Semester Janice Fields Patt Barnes First Row: D. Decherr, M. Rodgers, L. Willis, P. Barnes, M. Smith, H df .Img-...V - V ' 2 First semester editor Second semester editor Manona Smith Helen Reynolds The Californian changed from a bivweekly to a weekly newspaper, and from six pages to four, but that pre sented no problem for the staff. Typewriters were pounded 'round the clock, and many long hours were pu in by editors in order to get the Californian lout or time. The efforts of the staff did not go unnoticed for the paper won a first place from the National Scho lastic Press Association. The paper consisted of a fron page, two feature and news pages, and a sports page Editors were changed at the semester, thus giving more chances for editorship. ' Second Row: Adviser, D. Gayer, B. Nienaber, R. Amezcua, J. Lane, S. Relmoldsi T' Jones' R' Wemworlh' Wiseman, P. Morgan, P. Hendren, B, Borges, M, Plemon, Zaurus 1 mf! .fn WW- ' W... Front Row L Elms D Weirick B Donnell P Hendren D Thomas C Kelly G Drulias, D. Goyer. Second Row: O. Casey, J. Mork, S. Wiseman, Headed by PaT Hendren, Edifor-in-Chief, and advised by Dixon Gayer, The members of The annual sTaff have worked hard The pasT year To bring ArTesia High The i956 Ano de Oro. Handicapped by The lack of phofog- raphers, This year's annual sTaFT was conTinually busy. Slowly buT surely, page by page, The book began To Take shape. AT lasT The eagerly awaiied momenT ar- rived, The momenT of unveiling. Here, at lasT, is your i956 Ano de Oro. Front Row M Plemon B Borges M Smith M Rodgers L Elms B Donnell D Thomas. M Q.. , .. .Qin .- r Q 4Qfi"" -e--.,,.-3 J' Special Proiect Edifor Bob Donnell A project enfitled "The History of Our Community" kept annual siaff members busy between deadlines. Front Row: C. Kennedy, C. Cannole, B. Moore, J. Parker, A. Miller, R. Starr, R. Martin. Second Row: G. Waldroap, J. Hammer, D. Keele, V. Stefani, W. Grantham, L, Thomas, F. Ray. Artesia's second annual Christmas Pa- geant was portrayed by drama students in the new gymnasium, under the direc- tion of Frank Ray. Theatrical enthusiasts also performed pantomimes and skits before members ofthe student body. Drama students act out skit before Artesia members. A4 . ,af Under the direction of Frank Ray the second annual Christmas Play was enacted before a group of over 800 spectators F N T ef Front Row: B. Nienaber, S. Perry, S. Wiseman, J. Jackson, M. Curti L, Dye, K. Marvin, C. Isham, R. Medina, J. Stefani, O. Palmer. Second Row: J. Rhew, G. Foster, F. Berry, B. Pierci, D. Dechert, B. Sowders, P. Parker, S. Houston, T. Boersmo, C. Grady, C. Tague J. Wiersma. Third Row: S. Taylor, G. Thomas, D. Wilson, M. Gilchrist, M. Smith, D. Seldeen-, J. Lyman, R. Starr, R. Boatright, R, Miller. bv" 'x3- . if ,g:.....g2i3-5ff'3'9li'v,, z . L 1 ,QQ ,. : GY Q ws rg' Fm .. gt WMA Continuing with the fine work done the year before, members of the speech club attenoleol many tournaments anol con- ventions, bringing recognition, trophies anal certificates to the school. Advised by Oran Palmer the group held many sales to support Their organization. Speech adviser Oran Palmer gives a certificate of merit to Jeanne Stefani. Many trophies and certificates were won by A,H,S. speakers. 77 Front Row: L. Yanez B. McChesnie W. Fa er- , r Y weather, J. Beckham, D. Dale, N. Harness, N Morgan, P. Morgan, E. Bettencourt, C. English Second Row: H. Cordova, A. Julian, L. Ramage, L. Bentley, J. Bossaert, L. Arballo, C. Wade, B. Beardslexg A. Cantwell, D. Towne, B. Johnson S. Werner. Third Row: J. Lester, F. King, C. Kennedy, C. Kruizenga, P. Wilson, P. Tafoya V. Yanez, B. Johnson, A. Silveria, J. Monroe, S. Reinhold, P. Keith. ig UQ ' T13 New at Artesia High School thiel year, the Future Homemakers of America are well on their way td success. Led and advised by Emily Renner and Dorothy Dale the students were taught home- making methods. l i in P Elmer Pugh lmanagerl and Richard Dull lassistantl demonstrate "Trading Post" supplies to students Cl! , N Qs A iggvk ' FW' .1 ,gr ei 'Nqr , .V it t 5 1 Under the managership ot Elm is Pugh the Trading Post was ope at noon for students in need ii notebooks, protractors and oth r school supplies. The store wc sa a service venture of the Future Business Leaders of America. Sponsoring the Recognition Niglrt and the Sports Night held in the spring were some of the numer- ous activities ot the Varsity Clul this year. As the club enlarge such events as dances, tourna- ments and faculty games will be planned. IND US TRIAL ARTS C 0 MA H LU President Joe Medina n ,C ,-f W Q59 Q President 'S' Jerry Keith Fronr Row: J. Deeth, B. King, G. Dye, J. Keith, R. Gray B. Grctv, S, Green, J. Smith, H. Peterson. Second Row J. Deniz, G. Boer, L. Bridges, G, Campbell, D. Dearen J. Campbell, R. Hartman, S. Sperou, Third Row: Mr Lane, L. Edens, J. Cruz, R. Mitchell, L. Bailey, T. Blok B. Scarborough, Mr. Rozuk Front Row. D. Selcleen, L, Grimm, B. Walker, J. Milroy, Mrs. Kitching, L. Richards, P. Barnes, D, Dechert. Back Row: R. Cnossen, H. Mano, G. Drulius, R. Sullivan, T. Carrigan, J. Alyea, A. Passchier, J. Medina, M, Cordova. W 1 H CHUCK WA GO i i i i li Front Row: J, Lyman, E. Aanesfad, P. Barnes. Second Row. S. Starr, G. Nicholas, C. Kelly. Third Row: C. Kelly, L. Richards, J. Hable. Fourih Row: L. Reid, V. Medina, M. Cantrell. During snack and lunch, hungry sTudenTs were sold candy, cokes, sand- 4 wiches, cupcakes, eTc., from The Chuck Wagon, managed lay Eloise AanesTad and advised by Leon Reid. Under The managership of Mrs. Virginia Fien The sTudenTs received hoT lunches prepared by The DisTricT Kitchen sTaff. LocaTed in The English building for over ci year, boTh were changed when The new CafeToriunn was completed. I T ani! T. Rodriguez, J. Harding, A. Hurron, V. Fien, J. Rolins, P. Hendren. DIS E5 Educational tilms in history, English, chem- istry, athletics, math and many other fields of study were shown to classes by members of the audio-visual crew. Under the leader- ship ot Mrs. Marge Koller the boys learned how to run all types of proiectors and tape recorders. A UDI O - VISUAL ,KX From Row: P. Reynolds, L. McQuiston, V. Selstad, W. Wiersma, M. Koller, M. Nelson, D. Wetty, M. Harness, D. Utter, G. Foster. Second Row: J. Beltran, R. Boumgartner, J. Andreski, C. Gallop, L. Bailey, J. Cravens, W. Dexter, J. Wilson, F. Hilarides, C. Markes. Third Row: H. Bothof, S. Costello, B. Box, R. Mitchell, T. Jones, B. Dale, K. Hall, M. Gray, D. Anderson. Keeping books in order was a main obiec- tive ot the girls on the library staff. They also decorated bulletin boards and kept tiles. Front Row: G. Nicholas, C. Matthews, M. James, C. Grady, Y M. Gilchrist. Under the direction ot Clinton Brown, office monitors kept Files, typed bulletins and mes- sages, took dictation, handled the monthly attendance report, alphabetized and did various other duties required of them. MO ITOR Front Row: V. Medina, J. Reed, B. Scwders, E. Aanestad, B. Spalding, J. Souza. Second Row- K. Lewis L Arballo C. Brown M. Wri ht C Wade I. Simas V f - . 1 Q f - f - Third Row: K. Miller, A. Cantrell, F. King, S. Runhold, W. Grantham, J. Alfaro. 8-I N W 5 N if K J f 'I AL PLA Y BALL ! PLA Y X LLXLXXE YF, V f fy 1' - I - ' pgs-'z " :EEIFE-225 8 I "7 K Ei: T liilhlil 5 H i lllllllEll'2guu::::i I ' ,a u f .. 5 Iiiiiiiiiilillilllun , ' X' ' x ps:::::::ggi5-.isles-::lu 1 'wgfl T, R:w:a::2,.iiill:::':::ls::lal 'T , T ff ,ff LA'---w:.:2l1!.'l:Q::55 f ef . i A . X ou ,,- -,.Z' .0" 'Q Y l ne' l 1272 l gy LW f I 1 N X lr s xv. ,ff f- , 5 l ll, M l lr ly T T x l f xxygr " Ax s1x, ,.,fxS X . x -5351 Q 1 5:5 ,,, T i f N I I 1- f-'X N .a 4... f T If Fig . X , T - f ,Tr . O, 1.6.5- .,.. 1" l K ffgv ... K k Y , T , X, 1 T I I d H , 1 lvvo year o d, you p aye T. e game. Rivals learned To respect your name. Every Team we-nT out To win, l BUT an honorable loss was never a sin. l Football, baskeTbaIl, Tennis, Track, 'XX Lose a poinT, win iT rigl1T back. V A BuTrnosTimporTan1'was noT The score, gi Q55 ' Pioneer sporTsrnansI'Tip me-anT so much more! if fl' X T A ' ' Q' T, T ll , s -- ,lik I L OR gl Weldon Cole Right End Dick Padilla Joe Medina Jess Beltran Bob Behunin Center Right Tackle Guard Left Tackle Ray Comstock Roy Comstock Lett Guard Right Guard Bob Jacobus Leon Edens Merle Shirley Right End Center Left End Ed Mclntyre Frank Raulston Lee Ramage Len Shockey Jerry Story Right Half Right Guard Left End Left Tackle Right Guard VAR I TY Fielding the first varsty football team in Artesias two year existence, the Pioneers, led by the capable coaching of William Craven, John Chad- wick and Ray Mooshage-n,comprisecl one of the garnest squads ever to represent the school. Artesias mighty varsity jumping into the newly formed Rio Hondo League, went headlong into stiff competition as the Pioneers were weak in most departments. Fighting spirit was strong as Artesia's first varsity football squad was launched. - ,..ndlv'-Y Steve Green JOS Cruz -llm Reed Fullbgck Left End Left Tackle Melvin Applebury Fullback Ray Myers Left Tackle i Bob Dgle Harold Nichols Kenny Strough Jack Favors FI'CH'1l4 RCIITHVEZ Right End Right Halfback Right Halfback Center l-SH TC1Cl4le fs. 2 ti Q f f -'iw - , fv , 9 ' at f ' I if r 1 2 5 llt" - 1 ' 'f ' 'iv 'M iq i if 2+ ,l,tlei ,A , 1 , A M n A, M Ii lt, T gg by W A 1 " ,ts 6 5' ' ,fr T V P 'ff tflf , .Fifi rs T. ' "'-'im A X T. 'VL 'lg l't'M""' Raul Amezcuq Steve Parks Thermori Corrigan Ray Holmes John Scrouzak Quqrferbqck Left Halfback Left Halfback Quarterback Gunner UC OOTBALL Though not having a great record behind them, the Pioneers have rnuch to be proud of as they showed many schools their aggresiveness and hustle. So the first varsity ot Artesia goes down in history for their record of great sportsmanship and hard playing during the 55-56 season. Varsity football coaches were John Chadwick, Bill Craven lhead coochl, and Ray Mooshagen. ., 2,51-tg 15 5 .4 ..2. 'F seem. .mr 1 Because of the teamwork shown in the picture above the Artesia Bee team rambleal to league victory. AA , E", , fa- Q The "Crown" symbolic at Bee supremacy. Front Row: D. Mients, B. Barling, B, Jenkins, B. Gray, G. Dye, D. An- derson, H. Bothat, G. Mead, T. Colunga, B. Charlton, T. Jones. Second Row: J. Chamberland, C. Mendez, C. Gallop, B. Stalcup, S, Sperou, I. Garcia, K. Hall, P. Stewart, K. Hall, T. Medina, B. Lister. Third Row: G. Ulibarri, H. Torres, E. Palacio, R. Mitchell, G. Drulias, G. Whaley, B. Donnell, R. Chesley. BEE UQTBALL rolleol over La l-labra 48-O. The Pioneers lost their ' tollowing games, lout unolauntedly came back to ' Starting the season off with a bang, the Artesia Bees wo Min their next five to win the championship for their leag UE. After a good season of six wins and two losses, Conch Chesley, along with several returning letterrnen, UTS awaiting an even better season next year. Fullback Henry Torres plunging througln the Santa Fe defense. lg? . . ., O pg Fi.. O V K , ,mi-'s . .,.., 4 " . .. 51" XL l' L wiv.. ' .A ... "t' 'a'--"M, ,Q H . si ' yfilzqsiwr' ...U i EA . 53,5 . 2,3151 xg Q av' ' ., A 6 I i. ... . AK Q . 5, ., . U m y , . Q 2: -1 .2 ' ez: g l i ... Z Qvwt. ..- X 1 K3 ii G Q if . i'1i?1Lgi22fi. .if fsisifj .-S3. K wird do .E ' ' i f ., A .- ' i - 1- H L- . .T 2-ig-few ' rf M nf V ' if Yi Q , Q t .gg-i i i- ..i, AEI. , gl 'xl' iii' 5' . ' . -. Q L ""i - ' i?3m1M 7"ef5'?'s? ' i i ' ' .-A 54 K L ...M .sz A f ix i nf' ' 1. ir "'m"' ' gag N Vi , i fa ts - i nf . , N ' se . ,452 3.4 M , A .L 3 . g I. 1. . , 11 1 1 A ., , 4.1. fl 4 . , W - ., ,M 5 A i Ll: 1 -rs: V ,began if f--. -. ,L 1. -' .-r awk' 1. . 'Ei 3 i z, 5. if 15 " i 'it-. F V R, . L if., . 'f --it - 'S-i f--. sa - :L 3 W Q, L i n K ,V I, L 4 -.sir in , - ii is i , '-2 i . " -.. A ,X '. . fi yu. , . f ' 54 . -- , r H R . . A X 'R 1 , V " T A ..-6' vi . -. ,. " W fists- V .W .. .M .einer .V Q 5 T ' if " " w ifi: .ve na -in . fi.. Q - ,,, .-2 .sl---W. MM ,, si. . . . , -' ,V , , . V- xwwmyi- . 'Q , 'wi-+ifwE'3?'-+231 . .-f-. ' -W .139 -ai" xiii' .fy ,1i',f.,y-fbi ,yi-:fi ...eff -iam.-H1'-iv-y--if-Sffmgg. ' . . 1 'f i . .r-'.es-af-.QiZ'W11' , wsmreff -N. - ' "fi, -'f'.. CEE GOTB LL Ronald Ternquist and Ronald Bryan worked Toward next year's season as they led Ar'resia's Cee squad Through a loig '55 season Inex- perienced buf willing To husile, they will be one of next years mosT colorful suads. l I 1 2 l I , 3, .... Bill Page makes a quick run toward that elusive pay dirt. "3 , 3 ll V , Q . pl ,l., , Catching a swift pass is Raymond Vasquez. Front Row: L. Scruggs, B, Page, M, Anderson, H. Cruz, R. Hull, E. Costodio R. Somers, R. Flora, R. Vasquez. Second Row: R. Ternquisf, E. Travis, G Rogers, D. Flint, W, Hackney, J. Pifts, B, Griffen, R. Hernandez, J. Lawhorn R. Bryan. Third Row: D. Salazar, F. Gurule, A. Amezcua, C. Jaccbus, J Becker, D. Charlton. 1 , 1. Front Row: T. Blok, A. Rios, E. Schimmels, A Gomez, R, Amezcuo, R. Holmes, L. Rarnage, G. Campbell. Second Row: J. Chadwick, B. York, W. Cole, A, Ferguson, Padilla. Joey Atkins member ofthe Varsity squad ,umps with opponent of Bell Gardens High Although the Pioneer Varsity basketball squad started out with what looked like a very unsuccess- tul year they picked up speed near the end ot the season. They placed third in Rio Hondo League standings with tour wins and eight losses. The squad copped a second place trophy upon entering an all-school tournament. Weldon Cole I37l and Joey Atkins H21 try to hold the Titans of San Marino from making o basket. QU z Anderson, F. Ramirez, J. Atkins, D. ,Mimi-5 wwfwm-as EE BA KE T BALL N Quick thinking and fast moves were needed for baskets to be made. Front Row: G. Sims, T. Colunga, L. Bailey, D. Meints, P. Stewart, E. Palacio. Second Row: J. Reid, B. Box, R. Mitchell, K. Hall, H. Bottinger, H. McDonald. wa .K , X im' QQ' ' l 'l ... X t ,.,.M . .3 sw, " 12.74. L ' M 5 X f Q. 3-gil f i My H. L 1 j Q i 5 .....Wg,, f jx-jf -'3 ,, High lumps and swift passes were made by players. Hard work and good spirit won many games for the Bees. V Q-fr .f Ah. .w ifi ip fl' 1 A .'-, itsiff-i.i,i.'f "', -'Suki ii.. are, V .L.. Gil. 1 mfg '-.'i :"' ' Y The desire to win plus The individual Talent of coach Herald McDonald added up To lead Arresias strong Bee basketball Team Through the year with performances To be proud of, in years To come 89 mn 1 jj f NMA , s' trtsi' I A if Q ISK e s i i . H it is 2 1 H sig ' , ' ,ire-'I f i l 1 fl t 'W " ffl',:f'ff?5Iii?'lf. ".'EfliY"is'.f,.1 r . -41-::,,u,.e:'L, K . sgigg 12 1 .zmtwtr t.f'1f'f2 M rr -'rw' -...wif .Q rriiim ' 'li il' il . I" A A A ,Q I a ,- N T ' wg -a Q.. - , A A 'W:.,,,, 1, ra W Y V 4 ,Sv V 1 W ' , Q 4 9? - A' MTN "' H-rf 3: we - .wr n K 7 W gi? N- -K Jw? 1 x ,., in , ' J' 1 - ,f - s, 17531 ",. Y' "" "' Q-5? ' 1. W' ' . if. . 3: L A ' . ' ,,,f,,. t W eff- Qyqgf H V ri' .. fmt 1 K I V 4 ..., egg ' ff-f '1 . Q A,,,' 5 . fi: fx, 'li' ly Q ,Nb . fi. A.,b'- V " , ff "-' ,, z F V',, :L 5.1: in 454 5. V f - 4 51 ' ' 'f .,f'5f""'fQ, .ifr- C f l las i ' .EM . "" s at . F' W is , "Wi ' ' ie F elllfiifilf M if f X ' T K ' f A '22 -53 , A .57 Q In . Ik - ,t ., 4 +5 , 4' xy Q11 f ,AE . N 1 157 2' f x 5 f V it X N Il ie- I Everyone seems to be after the ball in this action-packed basketball game. .pi Alfred Amezcua reaches high above opponents to make a basket. 90 DE ' a . , ,Q I r Front Row: S. Molles, R. Mients, G. Nichols, D. Flint, C. Turner. Second Row: G. Dania s, T. Wooten, C. Rowan, G. Rodgers, W. Craven. Head coach William Craven led the mighty Cee basket- ballers to victory during the first half of league play, only to be hampered by injuries during the second halt and tinish in third place. Taking inexperienced players, Gill Charters led the small Dee basketballers through a highly successful season. l Front Row: V Stefani, F, Gurule, W. Hackney, A. Dantema, A. Amezcua, B. Gonsalvas, B. Griffin. Second Row. R. Summer, D. Wilson, J, Dantuma, M, Siebengartner, Nelson, D. Charlton, W. Johnson. l ,,.,,, f is -is at , C3 - . F .-.Q is ,ze -ei ,Ji ". M, V jk ,, ,Q F, , wrt ., W fd ,,, :E . A - . s i A' Y - or 54 . C' , . 4 Snr-gf-f W' y . ', 1, ,,,- f N 5.: 3 A ' 5 1, 24 F 'Q r 1 I " 1 'W' nv' r ' T' 7' v' , ,sl ...- --ly . 599,15 H r sg'-,:,'g,: ,,,, . W ' ?Egs:s.:ff,'f5 sr tr -- 22 ' 9 ., - fif?7GP?!f5" ' Ff ' " V J ' , l 4 . p K- N ,ff w 1 ',,, . 1 , W VS-J .N nw! i tl in lf-fn, 1 i -2-f-I-se'-'15 ,V Q , i W 56? t l r.. .Mfr 29 1 ' l- 'O' Q E 1 ' ' aiml K Q: W A V ' K -f Q ll V Yptls r A., V .L .Y Wk, 'W li. ,K VI,,mMi ., l , ll? ,,. o, 3. r . I ' 5 F .r t rs u. 'Q C , ' "' f's,' 1 .. N 1- f le . .. Y- Z . . 7 F jf - E Q ' , if f 51531 g it ' 1 1 , W , - l :Q F 1 F ' w ' 4 .. 5 .13 il J 1 'r 'tif ' - . - ' , , . .. i lf 71 f- ff 5 ' .-.Q f- ' . ,f 'sf 6 ' 'Q' M. 1.4 , U ,ff . g,-iv Y, .fi V i Q .,. I r 'Z Vi, ,- i 7 - W , ff, A A J N : ,P --r 5. '. . F TF? . 5 it W , '12-C, 1, ' , ,ff - Q ", 4 5 kt: . 'R ,jg AW. , K .-r :S -- 5 , i i by fb, f is f r- ft H 1' . , Nb ' . l , F 3' trr- . i i f '- . , , , . rw 4, , ,- . ,,,, . 3 ' ,,.,,- .Hr VV fr. yy e i Y KX?-M i X Ywgtii. Q est , ,Lx ,pagan J' 5,1 ,w . f ,wi .1-qlffigg A- Q .M W + w, m t- H rf ., we W rss-?t..f, S. 1 y t Q 1 . . ,, , . qinlblfll dz ' -:l"'i' f V ., -' . 4 . - ' 'J' tt wa. -1 ,,.-fp! ff - I 51. 51. -4 ff.. .- 1 ,wt gl ' F i3: j jfffQ7 W' 5-4,1 f F ' ' ,IQ . Qcfi riiriff lf ,. i f Q , . N 6 " A .'...mQ 5' '-31 '-.ffit A' WF! 7 -5745, gwttfi A"' , f f1:5f13,, wil fa , fi 9 1 fill?--f ' ff l t , -- Qfrfffbf -. A f- i5234++?ifE'iti!-H.. J.s1sgx,l 4 :air x Q Taking over the wheel of varsity baseball, head coach Herald McDonald leol the Pioneers through a successful "56" season. Fielding the first varsity baseball team in league competition, the Pioneer varsity was composed mostly ot sophomores and a few iuniors. In the end determination and hustle by all team members were the main factors for many upsets during the year, and good experience for a better "57" season. g me in M , I 3 f uk 4, 'ff-U r , .Q ' 'il' ,, 1 is yy, y si. A hard .Q Top Row: L. Shcckey, J. Daniels, H McDonald, R. Mitchell, P. Stewart 3 T. Colunga, H. Nickels, B. Box, W Cole, T. Medina. Front Row: .l Rodriguez, C. Kelly, L. Bailey, G. 1 Dye, R. Meints, T. Jones, R. Shim- mels, D. Meints. swing at the horsehide is taken by a Pioneer. ,,:u,.', "2 T -'A K: V' . 1,H i! j5A 6 . f 'd as 1 ., :r3i?v,'," T l ' X K r" sf1.Q42,"'! s SW ' l' "iv ' 24 if If -- 'B N ' A ' m ix? sr 'A T ' 1 Fl 5 'iFf,'?f" r tif f s -' . gb, K 9 . 4' :VI A A .ax M if-:l1..s . f m1.q1:5Q'e? yi. 'fm A perfect hit is made cl -fvw,.,gg- uring a varsity game. The race for first base was common. Tiff if V Russell Chesley, one of Artesia's tin baseball coaches, led his inexperience i Front Row: J. Reed, B. Jenkins, G. Mead, R. Sullivan, D. Flint, J. Lawhorn. Second Row: R. Chesley, R. Myers, J. Martinez, A. Gomez, G. Sims, R. Vasquez, B. Green. "Babe Ruths." 1. V. BA EBALL "Curly" Vasquez winds up to throw another strike. if V l Li than if mf' "Wi Jess Lawhorn sizing up a pitch for a base hit. Pioneers of years to come will be prou S o J.V. players through a highly successful '56 campaign. With many of the players freshmen and sophomores, thee d of the fine showing made by the future L One of the privileges given to freshmen is trosh baseball, in wl only they can participate. With John Chadwick leading the vt ch my, The scrubs are to be proud of the fine showing during the year. Fr-ash baseball is one of the sports which did not compete in league m G Front Row: K. Nelson, M. Caddy, E. Noster, J. Collins, F. Gurule. Second Row: R. Her- nandez, F. McWilliam, C. Chalstrom, B. Mont- gomery, P. Turner, J. Chadwick, Q , Ts. The '56 season was the tirst year that Artesia had fielded a Tennis team. Though starting att with a great lack ot . ..,.,,...u-H. .,.,,...s..,.,.wM lille experience the Artesia High varsity ten- nis team under the leadership ot coach Charters had many victories in league practice against schools ot long experi- ence in league tennis. P. Sherman, J. Deeth, B. Donnell, D. Thomas, G. Thomas, D. Dull, J. Brunner P. Reynolds, D. Hartman, G. Charters. Paul Reynolds swings hard in order to return his opponent's serve. VAR I TY ENN S Bob Gonsalves gets ready to swing at fast coming ball. FRO H TENNS Although the Frosh Tennis squad had little experience in league competition they showed great spirit and ability. Under the direction of Gil Charters they worked hard and are expecting to follow into greater league competition next season. .A ' ' 5, 4 y. W .,. J, ,g M F' 3 , ff.. if W mai "' 0 rs 2 A '-, , - offs? 'AL T J if ' rl M . ' - ' . -A A V Qiilf ' .W , , ' , ,,,,V ai gh t ,qi , .mmf j , - - . -, I xi. . f figs' rr, I NMLf3f , W in AMW I . H 1 .P A . J A , 1 V. L.: V A 41 l . 154.2 s,.,,.,,xl,,Qg5Qi:. I' ' if Q Q i ' ' T , T .' -s"'t1..4 ill? f ff tilt? '5'X'f:faw?:sse4f5 -f ' g i 4 iw- f sr 5- fm ii? R gin? ff X4 if 2.4, 'j jeu ,, Jn' 'Q pf, " ,M V K' 5 'A Qing, g Q -. 1 x in ,g Q 4, A f I ,tj Ik '31, , ,r -, B, Gonsalves, A. Dantema, D. Wilson S, Davis :ff -321355 5, it J. 1. l, l ii li T ln. if 't f Q- -5 H ' , '. ffiiyff l .' :sf L ff. ', ff' , fy, ' 5 f - G-Af1dsfSOfvJ- Dmmemei G- RSY"'0lf3Si P- Hull F A Q, -1559: L ' e I Al . l V' v- -.l ASTFQ5 4. L M ,..:.ciig G. Charters. ciffd i "ll: gl 'F A 355 ir 4 :iff 93 .dy s gill yi, gf., sq :Ll ,cl .Q K5 5.7 I rg. ,, by V Q - .,,. gf 5 5 1 5 ' gl. qu 2' . H . ffitpfif 4, sirs f -2' it i 9 if " .Q 4T 'f . fi g 1' 1 A . r 1: Qs, A Q- i. : , 1 ., . ., - e uf --. -X x Q za " "" aaaglg' Q' 3""'m'nf'E45'gJggi'fLf ,15 3 2 5.583596-:EiiE1..E1,'..:P :V W . J r ,sg wr f ' .fn f . H02 Q 21Qf'57gfgt'i 1 Q . 1 .ffifizitiiiiifwggig 'j J site raw tfiiillie Q f P .. .w..,. . ,,,. ...ig . S . ,E V 5 - , -V g 4 V A as wlliifi f il fgfitiii 'i gg I3fff,il:Qgl ff 32.52. M -at .Ev ' rt' it f 1' i Q.s.Q1: f 2 L EEZ? S 5 gsiztxfvgllii if 1 , lf i Q i X ,i 1 ,f.gt15if,Jf rr if 1,1 ,gg gi NVQ 3 , i .1 A .. .. 5... 1 J l A l ' 'P ' if r 2 I' L f 1 E wp, Ziff 19,5222 fig? l l fl 12 P K gp, J ig ,, ,t , , 1 X f pipe ? ' 5 g l l lu A L lt f'1ffitlii1H'22 ffl ' ' . 1 W' fill fl? lzlfillla 4 r t .gf-fi, i f-fr lf' 5? f l i 1 3 1 'l'5lf'llW K' l W 'l ,Y 3 ' z ' ' " miviz:issuawwfmfzlzwvlmfli.. lf: Tfmfwilt fi at 3 1. sg A ,,, i 5' 'x lg is H 5 lege. J -vw 4 ' P r ' , MMR, Frank Raulston prepares to put the shot. Although not fielding the greatest team in the league, the Pioneer Var- sity track team gained much experience under the coaching of William Craven, Ronald Turn- quist, anol Gilbert Uli- barri. Competing against stiff all-around competition, the Pioneer Bee track- sters are the gamest bunch of boys to set foot on the Artesia oval. Not winning the championship, but fighting to the wire, the Pioneers are looking forward to a big '57, Spectators are pleased os Ken Strough brings home another first for Artesia. W sq rx ., . l mpg . C 3 Front Row: G. Ulibarri, L. McQuiston, L. Gross, R, Ternquist, B. Dale, R. Comstock, B, Behunin, B. Craven Second Row: B. Barela, S. Costello, C. Veldhuis, T. Corrigan, D, Padilla. , , . .e sv , .. xii. in 'A ' 3 1. Q me Q..-4 gt' - it - 'F 'ig N, Q1 A ' ' T 'ft f l Front Row: R. Ternquist, R, Murphy, K. Strough, G. Uliborri, E. Pugh, B. Craven. Second Row: R. Amezcua, S. Green K. Holl, S. Taylor. I. Garzin, G. Salcido, , H. Bothof, B. Barela, w CEE , ,M H , e Vegimi, ,Jef T' T' T 1 as ,gdgci I wN?L.5T?,QT-22 no FrOI'i1 ROW: R. T6I'I'1C1UiST, J. Nifhols, B, Page, S. Miles, B. Craven, L. Scruggs, R, Floro, D. Sowers, G. Uliborri. Second Row: G, Drulios, J, Coito, D Aurio, G. Rodgers, G. Nichols, T, Elleclge, M, Anderson, E. Mays. Vl9,i" l A-:',' 1 'Tal ,V11 T Artesia TrocksTers Took firsf Three places in league meet. Fielding one of The greoTesT Trock Teoms of ArTesio, The Cee squocl proved To be vvorfhy of Their school Us They finished on The Top of The Ieogue. The Cee TrocksTers goined much experience onol will forTify The fuTure Teams of ArTesio wiTh fine Tolenf. ATHLETE' AUTOGR PH A U TOGRAPHS OF FA VORI TE TEACHERS AND if ffl Ol VQLLSINIWCIV S21 RID! G O R BIRTHD I I" 5 'Sv N s. . xv- of Q -L ',"m xx - 6 X 'Ks-1 .Ji 3 I Lf ' ,Q ,xQ.,,,..,,, Y X gg: ,ff 1 . x.X xi." ' g ' .Q fx-.fgrz 1,4-l 1 Behind us through ecxch day, The cornrnuniiies our clistricf bounds Are with us cull The way, Adveriisers, service clubs, Citizens, hole ond hearty, To ecich ond every one of you, welcome- To our birthday party. 'Sl -V, N.-I E. J. FRAWLEY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 18615 Pioneer Blvd. TO. 5-1387 SQUARE MEXI-CATESSEN "Just Good Food" 11695 THE PLAZA Open Sundays Norwalk, California TO. 4-6226 AL KALIE MUSIC We teach and rent all instruments RECORDS - MUSICAL SUPPLIES I3937 S. Pioneer TO. 3-4777 THE ANIMAL FAIR PETS AND SUPPLIES TROPICAL FISH 8C AQUARIUMS 11661 The Plaza Torrey 3-7112 J. C. PENNEY CO. ll70I E. ROSECRANS Torrey 4-7738 McMAHAN'S FURNITURE STORES 13913 Pioneer Torrey 4-7722 Alleulllll A rll, f I , r r ' A . elrol fiT'yff,f1'fl.,Q. f.lC.ll- S S -S BERNARD ZWILLING NORWALK SQUARE PH OTOGRAPH ER Il73l E. Petticoat Torrey 4-8116 - - 'A+-.hnswwi I LAWSON'S The House of Perfect Diamonds 11721 Rosecrans Avenue Torrey 4-7817 Norwalk, California JAMlE'S PHOTO CENTER "Everything Photographic" 11715 E. The Plaza NORWALK SQUARE Torrey 4-3318 SQUARE SHOE REPAIR "Service While You Wait" ALL WORK GUARANTEED 11693 The Plaza NORWALK SQUARE ADE'S HOME SHOP CURTAINS - LINENS - GIFTS 13935 Pioneer Blvd. NORWALK SQUARE Torrey 4-5214 PARK CLEANERS ODORLESS DRY CLEANING "For That Something Extra" 1 1703 The Plaza NORWALK SQUARE Torrey 4-3311 V O RICHARD'S SHOES 1 1707 Rosecrans Avenue Norwalk Square Torrey 4-2212 Oscar Chamberlain NORWALK COLOR CENTER SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Wallpaper - Free Decorating - Advice 1171 1 The Plaza Torrey 4-7410 O Draperies - Curtains - Bedspreads CALIFORNIA DRAPERIES BRUCE HILL 11713 The Plaza Norwalk Square Torrey 4-8310 SEARS-ROEBUCK 8. CO. 13927 PIONEER BOULEVARD TORREY 4-7761 Qjfgafg mmf WE IIAIIE OME FOR THE BEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS JERSEY GOLD DAIRY DRIVE-IN DAIRY 11921 E. Del Amo Blvd. Torrey 5-2328 ,- .:4:f.:,.'A 'ff' 'f - ,,,: .v-w""" GALLAUGHER 8. DeYOUN6 Artesia Mortuary GARDEN CHAPEL 17713 S. Pioneer Blvd. Torrey 5-1263 NW,,,,,,.....r--+--eu . ,n.,.,.,,. .. . K? K 33:5 TROY 8. BOB'S AUTO WORKS Bear Wheel Alignments Balancing Service 15940 S. Pioneer Blvd. Torrey 5-3416 Body 8g Fender Repairs - Expert Refinishing I I 4 Q12 I I . I I. BUY YOUR NEW OR USED CAR FROM S and I CHEVROLET SALES - SERVICE - NEWCARS OR USED CARS 11900 Easf Orangethorpe Boulevard E I A . I , I I 5 I - I A I REYN0l.D'S PAINT 81 POTTERY RICHARDS REXALI DRUG I TREASURE TONE PAINTS Torrey 5-2769 X Ceramics for all occasions 21500 S. NORWALK ARTESIA, CALIF. 12103 East Carson Sf. TorreY 5-1432 ARTESIA PHARMACY 18550 S. Pioneer To. 5-2733 Artesia, California if 5225115 1 PENNY-WISE MARKET BARR LUMBER CO. 19104 S. Norwalk Blvd, 18810 S. Pioneer Torrey 5-1331 GOOD LUCK, PIONEERS CONGRATULATIONS Ud I1 A gg ,gg I 'xx f 1 I T- Q ,z BOBBIE LYNN . 7 f'ff,17fi59 - if .Q Sport Togs In 11719 East Rosecrans Norwalk Square fo V. E. CORUM STORE FIXTURES RODGERS FOOD LOCKERS CABINETS OF ALL KINDS LOCKERS - CUSTOM MEAT SERVICE Torrey 5-T664 H746 E. Orangerhorpe Blvd. GROCERIES AND MEAT5 ARTESIA, CALIFORNIA 11605 E. Carson St. Phone Torrey 5-2797 MODEL HOMIE FURNITURE COMPLETE LINE OF FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES 21512 Norwalk Blvd. TO. 5-5668 I I EMMON'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 18801 PIONEER BLVD ARTESIA CALIFORNIA TO 5 3177 CARL WINKLER SIGNS 12510 E. CARSON STREET Ph GAf Id 9 1197 We Give H G d S 81 H Green Stamps A CH C pIIc-ELlne fG h 3, I IS I g SI .wa I ' e."'-24 V A4 .ln--fkdbywf' " K H Afnj? I 'i I .Ei 1 .1 zibw 3 H0 'is ik pg, -v'4' ,.ff""':"'-'71 KNOTT'S BERRY FARM 8, GHOST TOWN BUENA BARK, CALIFORNIA Chicken Dinners - Steak House - Free Entertainment in Ghost Town Free Parking - No Admission Charge VON SCHRIEF PROFESSIONAL HANDLER ALL BREEDS BOARDING TRAINING 12441 E Carson GA. 5-0973 PUMPS New Used INSTALLATION 81 REPAIR ALL WORK GUARANTEED LYLE FUNDIN SUPERIOR MILK PRODUCERS 1 1709 EAST ARTESIA BLVD. ARTESIA, CALIFORNIA TORREY 5 1291 PRESCOTT'S GENERAL HARDWARE Hand 8s Power Tools Sheet MetaI Products Garden Supplies 17330 S Pioneer Torrey 5 2198 I gf I kmiwif xi' 'S 1 I I ., -v fl I . ,. 'fr' 'I I ,,. 3' t nf I 'ia 1 Supplying the Cofetorium CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY HOSTESS CUPCAKES - DOUGHNUTS - PIES LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF MOUNTAIN VIEW INC. Suppliers of dairy producis for the cofeforium --m-my 'filth- A ,Sf 'Y 1:5 LEWIS ROOFING COMPANY F. H. A. TERMS 17208 S. Roseton -Torrey 5-3303 LEAF'S ARTESIA FLORAL SHOPPE FEED 8, HARDWARE CORSAGES WEDDING BOUQUETS Flowers for c1II occasions WE RENT 0 TRACTORS O EQUIPMENT 11812 E 186th SI Torrey 5-3287 M404 E. CARSON ST- GA. 5-3144 1 BOB'S HARDWARE GLIDDEN PAINTS SAVE AT BoYsEN PAINTS AUTO PAINTS MoB1LGAs STATION TOOL RENTAL ORANGET1-1o1zPE AT PIONEER GARDEN SUPPLIES TORREY 5,9717 21524 s. Pi onee 1 Torrey 5-1900 - . V A U TOGRAPHS A U TOGRAPHS F27 Q c ww, -i-xg S1- , N -N - X , A . M, L3 TM S PH OGRA AUT Al 5. 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Orangefhorpe Torrey 5 3929 NEW ROOFS - REPAIRS - RECOVER Free Eshmafes I MANDEL'S FAIR STORE 18619 Pioneer Blvd. TO. 5-2719 GOOD LUCK Uri 'iL'If'H ,. - ' I i3sifLwl"fs """FlL'fx .' f mf - .mug Q LEE'S TELEVISION 8. APPLIANCE Sales 8. Service COMPLETE APPLIANCE REPAIR Pick-up 81 Delivery 12005 E. Carson SI. Torrey 5-2250 or Garfield 5-691 1 rvx cnenuzns ARTESIA SHOE REPAIRING WEAVER'S DRY CLEANERS WORK GUARANTEED 19117 PIONEER BLVD. 18632 PIONEER TORREY 5-3377 , YOU SAVE WHEN YOU WEBER S SHOP A, SPORTING CENTER gAV,0N DRUGS - Ah: ' E ' 1 em q"'pme"' 11739 E. ROSECRANS ' Tennis Rockets Restrung Torrey A 7731 15917 S Pioneer Torrey 5 5333 Norwalk square GENERAL INSURANCE GEORGE SAYS ALL TYPES Corns have sold more shoes than salesmen NOTARY GOOD IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING for beifer prmfing S Y Torrey 5-2255 E. A. SUTTON Broker 11814 E 186th S1 Torrey 5 3255 11812 E-186111 Sf- Affesw if ARTESIA BAKERY COOKIES - CAKES - FRENCH PASTRIES 18627 Pioneer Torrey 5-3489 F 8. W MARKET GIVES GOLD BOND STAMPS Get the gifts you have always wanted FREE 21401 Norwalk Blvd Torrey 5 2515 INCOME TAX SERVICE I Individuals I Partnerships O Corporations 21634 Norwalk Blvd Torrey 55751 IRWI 13 lglg lg? ff' ll' A 1 'I 1 N IIll'i'?""I ,. I, , 5 'fa f'?ZsIf Vggfif I ,,r, . w , K V mem. rl I is 'LL I A I ,,.,.,,,,. .,,, ,IVI W -'-l' V' I I A A M Rilrls I . ' 3 I 'Q "iEf-ElgfifslilSQ'-fifiillllrll ' I QA rr. AUTO PARTS FEED SUPPLIES HARDWARE Torrey 5 3607 20106 S. Pioneer Blvd. ARTESIA MEN und BOYS CLOTHING 8. PRICES TO PLEASE 18606 S Pioneer Blvd. Torrey 5-3216 B QHCQWBWEM 5 fx dl Wbaml B Wampum W-:XX H ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people are needed To do various jolos necessary in order To have a good yearbook There were many on and off The sTafT who helped To make This Aho de Oro The besT yeT We would like To Thank The following for Their invaluable aid: ADMINISTRATORS ADVERTISERS ANO DE ORO STAFF PATT BARNES DEANNA DECHERT FACULTY GERALD FURGUSON DIXON GAYER, ADVISER WALTER JOHNSON PAT KEEFE LARRY LEWIS PAT MORGAN JOHN MORK MARILYN PLEMON HELEN REYNOLDS LAURA RICHARDS MANONA SMITH S. K. SMITH COMPANY HAROLD STALTER BAIRD THOMPSON EARLE WINDERMAN YEARBOOK HOUSE, MONROVIA, CALIF. BERNARD ZWILLING PAT HENDREN Ano ole Oro 1956 EoliTor-in-Chief Gfnoflzer creaflon :W 65? S125 G Q 'Q ,mm xi, PUBLISHERS OF HYIAR' O05 FWTHE DISCRIMINATING K F Q file Q1 4. ...,,f nfggmgi 4 A P5 onrovidflyggfifgifzhia .,Aff rm- -rv

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