Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1967

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Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Q 41 5 x I . M, if f '. y f rib ,Q- f ., , I 542, RQ, .- Tjg- . Q 1 ,ggsiws N, f sf FOREWO RD o the thing that 1S neXt,' saith the proverb, And a nobler shall yet succeed 'Tis the motive exalts the action 'Tis the doing and not the deed " Margaret Jtmkin Prestin ff urpose is what gives life a meaning " C H Parkhurst TABLE OF CCNTENTS Decllcatlon Newton W Slmons Admlnlstratlon and Faculty Senlors Clubs and Actlvltles Sports Advertising UD ' . 0 I5 5 P ' . xxl I X X X N Underclassmen x N X O . . Nx N x X W. N x A gg 1. 'S s , MR. FRANCIS FLAHERTY Counselor MR. NEWTON W. SIMONS Principal MR. JOHN E. KEREKES Activities Director WE DEDICATE This included Personnel Training for employees of Pitts- burgh and Lake Erie Railroad. He holds a Certificate for Building Construction from Car- negie Tech, Bachelor of Science and Masters in Education from University of Pittsburgh. He has served as local president, state president and member of the Na- tional Executive Council of the American Federation of Teachers. He has been a teacher, Coun- selor, Vice-Principal,Night Principal and Day Principal of Washington Voc-Tech High School. The 1967 Cavalier is proudly and respectfully dedicated to Mr. Newton W. Simons, a devoted teacher, a wise counselor, aprin- cipal who held the love and respect of students while main- taining good discipline. In return for the priceless gifts he has given over the past forty years to the students of Washington Voc-Tech High School, We express our sincere appreciation and gratitude and we solemnly dedicate the 1967 Cavalier to Newton W. Simons. Q, mg f , N ,Q 5, . . . A H ' Q f . , 'fm ., n ' mwfww ,,,, ' V M, 2, if 5 Q .E ,..,.x S , X k . SA 2 ? x 5 ' .3 Q Q S S Q . Wg. . 5, , z A - W 1 1 --f., sggiggfgff-Q1m:.1z Qzi, wwmgws x imlsmwqwwzrsw Qxqxyf- - From left to rightg Miss Nancy Mianzo, Guidance Counselorg Dr. Iris Linn Fike, Principalg Mrs. Jane Cozza,Activities Director I "h .x , 5 K Q 53 f N N-v1,5Q:' , L 'xx x 5 ' Q ' I .K - nn it S , . I L,,A L . -,,.......,...., . U, 'ncwfv ... W-M N., 'ssl Ffa Q 21 -Q, sjfnf K . . w X, v ,..,.... I N S s Ng 'F' HS-32 A f A fi 2 y CONGRATULATIONS I wish to congratulate you on your grad- uation. You are fortunate to live at a time in which great change is occurring. You will be a part of this and should become an active participant. You will need to evaluate and then support that which you consider best. The degree to which you arrive at wise decision will determine how successful we have been at Arsenal in directing and guiding your education. We believe that you are ready to go out rtyi in the world as adults. The success of a school is in propor- tion to the success or failure of its grad- uates. You see in a sense your school is on trial. I eagerly await the verdict. Go forth with our best wishes for success. Dr. Iris Linn Fike MISS NANCY MIANZO Guidance Counselor gti- A u MISS LOUISE BIHARY MRS. MARGARET SIMMONS 7 Secretary Secretary 8' , CN. 'K ji I mf 7 , i Q s v4 f Mr. Frances Flaherty Kathryn Herzog Guidance Counselor Secretary Mr. Crist King Mr. Herbert Mang Coordinator Store Room Clerk 311 MR. JOSEPH BATES MR. ARTHUR DAVIS Custodian Washington Voc.-Tech Night Custodian Washington Voc.- High School Tech High School MR. A. J. HABER MR. WILLIAM P. BARRINGER Custodian Arsenal Voc.-Tech High Night Custodian Arsenal Voc.-Tech School High School li FRANCIS BARCH B.S. Equivalent Auto Shop JANE COZZA B.A., Seton Hill College and Mas- ter's Equivalent English 4 Student Council Advisor, Student Human Relations Committee, Faculty Sponsor, Faculty Human Relations Committee Chair- man, Activities Director HUGH DUFFY B.S. in Economics Duquesne Univer- sity, Bookkeeping Recordkeeping SARA FODOR B.A., Waynesburgh College, English 3, 4g Spanish 2, Senior Class Advisor 10 FACULTY HERBERT CONRAD Bachlor of Science Algebra, Geometry Trigonometry Senior Class Spon- sor, Music Director WILLIAM DORSEY Bachelor of Science Phys. Ed. MARTHA DUNN B.S. Clarion State College, U. S. History ANGELINA GAROFALO B.S. and Master's Equivalent, Indus- trial Sewing 1,2 -ff' DONALD GEYER Bachelor of Science Physical Education Coach-Soccer, Basketball, Volley- ball, Baseball Intramural Director Sponsor of Letter- man's Club REGINA HARTMAN B.A., University of Pittsburgh, Swim- ming, Swimming Team WILLIAM HOLMES Bachelor of Science Social Studies JOHN KEREKES Bachelor of Science Masters in Educa- tion, Chemistry, Physics, Activities Director, Yearbook Advisor, Newspaper Advisor, Faculty Mgr. of Athletics algae?-eilf?,'S'1i!f--. I 13" meusy Q-4 t tg ' if at we NOT SHOWN BARRY HANBURGER B.S., Lock Haven State College Adapted Physical Education NAN HOHENSTEIN B.S. in English Carnegie Tech. English 1,2 PHYLLIS KELLEY B.S., University of Pittsburgh and Master's Equivalent Cosmetology 2 Cosmetology Science Cheerleaders FRANK KLINGENSMITH Bachelor of Arts English Literature 11 JAMES KOLESAR Working for Bache- lor of Science Electronics BERNADETTE KREMIN B.S., Duquesne University, Short- hand 1,2g Typing 2 Transcription and Office Machines 1 GETH LEWIS B.S. in Home Eco- nomics, Purdue University, Indiana and Master' s Equiv- alent, Food Science GAIL MARSHALL B.S. in Library Science, Librarian 12 5 , , , fi Q - 3-fri nfl? mal 'Win H in rrii CARL KORING B.S. Equivalent Machine Shop FANNIBELLE LEWIS B.S., Bethany Col- lege, West Virginia M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh Cosmetology 1 Cosmetology Science CHARLES MARKOVICH Bachelor of Science English EDMUND METRO B.S., California State College World History l 1 s 1 , f MARTHA MORTON B.A., Capital Uni- versity, Columbus , Ohio, M. Litt. University of Pittsburgh, Dis- tributive Education D. E. Coordinator JOHN PLUTKO Bachelor Equiv. Masters Equiv. Electric Wiring LINDA PUNCHATZ B.A. , Douglass Clie College, N.J., Art LaVERNE REIBEL B.S., Slippery Rock State College M. Ed.-University of Pittsburgh Physical Education JOHN PILSZAK Working for Teach- ers Degree,Welding Instructor CHRISTOPHER PROVIAS Auto Service Tem- pory Standard PETER RAMAGE B.S., Duquesne University, Math Review, Algebra 1 Geometry, Safety Patrol JAMES SCOTT Working towards Bachelor of Science Electrical Appliance Shop 13 HELEN THRUSH B.S., University of Pittsburgh, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh, Type- writing, Office Practice, Projec- tionists Club HELEN L. WIDENER B.S., Ohio University M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh, Type- writing, Stenograph Office Machines JAMES A. TAYLOR B.S., University of Pittsburgh, Physical Science, Math Mechanical Drawing PAUL WIEGMAN Bachelor of Science General Science Biology, Physical Science JOHN EAGAN Masters in Educa- L tion, Woodshop -QMFIUQV HENRY figiq, SZYMIK . .1 " X Night School at , 1 the University of T' j, ff WW Pittsburgh jaw? Machinist Tech- PHQTQ NCT nology, Metal Shops AVAILABLE Mechanical Drawing I if as NO PHOTO AVAILABLE more , 50l?l?Y J N' Q , 5 Q iv 14 Automotive Technology H14 ' y K ,f 1 .. 'affl- fff 3' ff x ,X -.X .,Q.-.NM N-fs.,W W ..,, TMMM L, .NN ,Ns- K xy Wk '-.sw . .. , 'fi ' ...xiii-'24 K , . , x.-.S nw K - . , f . g .,f,ifEvQEQ -- A ififzff i F-if ,iff 3 'iitfezf , -fvffi ,9322ft?2f'2K -v 592 335 f . , X. . . ,.., .3 Q . g,11fff'n-Ie. L. fgfmin . N... ..., .... - J, , ,.,. .. . , X .. ,...,q ,-. ..,. . . .... .. Q jgxuvi , Lg t 5 1 M3515 .1 - , Wx. - 1. N 1753, L QV x s L S Q11 , , ' susmvzfgs mfamsvzfwwaek sr:-fwwzwt mmm lr' - rawmx N xvsuefmwxmx .. COMMENCEMENT As seniors we realize with a sudden sadness that our high school days will soon be at an end. With the firm edu- cation obtained at Arsenal-Washington High School each of us will unfalteringly accept the challenges and responsi- bilities of the modern world. Soon we will not be together, but though separated by distance, we will always remain a class, the class of "6'7." Bound together by the memories of study and fun, victory and defeat, friends and foes, frus- tration and joys, we experienced at Arsenal-Washington High. As we fondly look back at our alma mater, we will remember our classes and teachers, our meetings in extra curricular activities, our assemblies, our games where we cheered our team on to victory, our prom, our awards day, and our commencement, here were the rewards for our hard work, and our diploma for which we strived so hard. Now the hallways of our alma mater are dark and our footsteps gone, but wherever we are our hearts will turn to our school and say thank you Arsenal-Washington High School, thank you for everything. Gail Adams Dorothy Auberzinsky nh GAIL ADAMS . . . Student Council-3, Food Science-4, Basketball-3-4. CAROL AMBROSE . . . Fire Captain-3, Office Machines-3-4. DOROTHY AUBERZINSKY . . . Cafeteria-1, Tea Room-2, Office Machines-3-4. CHERYL AVON . . . Safety Patrol-3, United Fund-4, Dressmaking-2-3-4, Basketball-2-3-4, Volleyball-2 -3. JOANNE BARBIERI . . . Office Machines-3-4. ANDREW BARKOVICH . . . Red Cross CPresident-3 -49, Projection and Stage Crew-3-4, Newspaper-2-3 -4, Student Council-4, Human Relations-4, Welding, Baseball-2, Soccer-4, Coop-3, Town Meeting of The Air-3. JOHN BARKOVICH . . . Student Council-1, Cabinet Shop-4 years, Varsity Baseball-2-4, Soccer-2-4, Volleyball-4, Lettermans Club. EDWARD BARRY . . . Cabinet Shop. Carol Ambrose Cheryl Avon Md .V "Wx Joanne Barbieri Andrew Barkovich John Barkovich NOT - sHowN I A S + Edward Barry GLORIA BAZZONE . . . Student Council-1-4, Cosme- tology-3-4, Secretary of Senior Class-4. CLEMENTE BETTENISSI . . . Cabinet-4 years, Coop -3-4. JOSEPH BILL . . . Stage Crew-4, Projection Crew -4, Newspaper-4, Library Aid-3-4, Electric Wiring Shop-2-3-4, Soccer-4, Baseball-4, Volleyball-4, Lettermans-4. THOMAS BLASZKIEWICZ . . . Yearbook-1-2, Student Council-3-4, United Fund-4, Choral Group-4, Cabinet -2-3-4, Soccer-3-4, Lettermans-3-4. Gloria Bazzone Clemente Bettenissi Joseph Bill Edward Boles John Bonifate 18 EDWARD BOLES . . . Cabinet-4 years. PAUL BONDARENKA . . . Cabinet-4 years. JOHN BONIFATE . . . Student Council-1-4, Auto-4 years, Soccer-4 years. EDMUND BORCZUCH . . . Machine-1-2,We1ding-3-4. Thomas Blas zkiewicz Paul Bondarenka Edmund Borczuoh JAMES BRINING . . . Brick-1, Electric Wiring- Electric Appliance-3-4. MADDALENA BRIZZI . . . Stenography. JOSEPH BROWN . . . Yearbook-2-3-4, Patrol-3-4, Auto-1-2-3, Welding-4, Basketball-1, Baseball-3-4, Soccer-4, Lettermans-3-4. KEN BRUSH . . . weming. James Brining 'QW' Madda1enaLBrizzi Joseph Brown Ken Brush I 0 The0d0I'G BI'Y1k9- James Bulger Barbara Burch THEODORE BRYLKA . . . Auto-4 years, Baseball-4 years. JAMES BULGER . . . Red Cross-2, Electric Wiring -4 years, Coop-4. BARBARA BURCH . . . Safety Patrol-1, Cosmetology -3-4. JOAN BUTTERSNITZ . . . Food Science-4 years. xi- Joan Buttersnitz vang.. 3 E 19 Robert Carrioo Lisa Christian Paul Collins Sandra Cottrill ROBERT CARRICO . . . School Patrol-2, Student Council-1, Electric Wiring-1-2, Electric Appliance -3-4. BERNADETTE CHRIST . . . Student Council-4 years, Cheerleader-3-4, Cosmetology. LISA CHRISTIAN . . . Dressmaking-4 years, Basket- ball-2-3-4, Volleyball-3-4, Basketball-Award-3. ARTHUR COLLINS . . . Machine Shop-4 years. PAUL COLLINS . . . Red Cross-2, Cabinet-4, Bas- ketball-3-4, Volleyball-4, Coop-4. CHARLES COOK . . . Cabinet Shop-3-4, Soccer-3-4, CCo Captain-45. SANDRA COTTRILL . . . Tea Room-1-2, Office Ma- chines Sz Stenography-3-4. LINDA CYPHERS . . . Stenography-3-4, Office Ma- chines- 1-2. ffm. Bernadette Christ Arthur Collins Charles Cook - Linda Cyphers J ack Deleonibus Helen DeReno Henry Drozdowski Robert Duermeyer JACK DELEONIBUS . . . Yearbook-1, Student Coun- cil-1-2, Machine-4 years, Basketball-3, President Senior Class-4. ANDREW DEMASI . . . Student Council-2-3-4, Year- book-3, Electric Wiring-2-3-4, Wood Shop-1, Bas- ketball-3, Baseball-1. HELEN DERENO . . . Tea Room-1-2, Food Science -3-4. BERNIDETTA DONOVAN . . . Student Council-3, Yearbook-4, Newspaper-4, CArsena1's Editorj, Dress- making-1-2, Office Machines and Stenography-3-4. HENRY DROZDOWSKI . . . Patrol-3-4, Choral Group -3-4, Auto Service-4 years, Coop-4. JULIA DROZDOWSKI . . . Student Council-2-4, Safety Patrol-1, Yearbook-3, Fashion Show-4 years, Dress- making-4 years, Basketball-4 years, Volleyball-1-2 -3, Algebra Award-1, Gir1's Leadership Award-3. ROBERT DUERMEYER . . . Red Cross-4, Cabinet-4 years, Volleyball-2-3-4, Lettermans-2-3-4, Coop-2 -3-4. THOMAS EICHLER . . . Newspaper-1, Safety Patrol -4, Auto Service-4 years. Andrew DeMasi Bernidetta Donovan '59 Q., I Julie Drozdowski Thomas Eichler 'vu ,......u Theresa Emanuele Joseph Ferrari Mary Frankowioz Alexander Furrer THERESA EMANUELE . . . Dressmaking-4 years. ANNE FARAGLIA . . . Food Science-1, Cafeteria-2 -3-4, Volleyball-1-2, Swimming-1-3-4, Basketball-4. JOSEPH FERRARI . . . Home room Secretary-3, Cab- inet-4 years, Soccer-3-4, Basketball-4, Volleyball-3 -4, Baseball-4. AUDREY FRANKLIN . . . Cheerleader-3-4,Stenogra- phy-4 years. 1' 1 ,Af MARY FRANKOWICZ . . . Art Committee-1, Cooking -1, Industrial Sewing-2-3, Cafeteria-4. GLORIA FRY . . . Industrial Sewing-4 years, Volley- ball-2. ALEXANDER FURRER . . . Auto Beginning-1-2, Auto Service-3-4. FRANK FURRER . . . Wood-1-2, Auto-3-4. Anne Faraglia Audrey Franklin Gloria Fry Frank Furrer DOROTHY GEORGE . . . Red Cross-4, Dressmaking -1-2, Cosmetalogy-3-4. RONALD GILLEMBARDO . . . Library Assistance-3 -4, Choral Group-3, Distributive Education. ROEENA GILLUM . . . Student Council-2, Stenogra- phy, Cheerleader-3-4, Typing Certificate. DENNIS GOLEBIEWSKI . . . Machine-4 years. ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE .Q L Dorothy George Ronald Gillembardo Roeena Gillum Sandra Golembiewski Robert Grace SANDRA GOLEMBIEWSKI . . . Student Council-2, Yearbook-3-4, Newspaper-4, Safety Patrol-3, Office Machines, Typing Awards-3. DON GORHAM . . . Machine Shop 4 years. ROBERT GRACE . . . Machine 4 years. CECELIA GRECO . . . Fire Captain-3-4, Office Machines-3-4 Dennis Golebiewski Don Gorham Cecelia Greco .All if...-4 Nancy Grejda John Grzegorczyk Georgetta Hamm Geraldine Harris 4',i-- 5 'wb NANCY GREJDA . . . Office Machines-3-4, Dress- making-1-2, Typing Awards-3. RICHARD GREJDA . . . Student Council-2-3-4, A11 City Student Council-4, Auto Shop-4 years, Soccer-1 -2, Basketball-1-2, Vice President of Student Council-4. JOHN GRZEGORCZYK . . . Welding-3-4, Machine-1, Wood-2. JOSEPH HAAS . . . Patrol-2-3-4, Cabinet Shop 4 years. GEORGETTA HAMM . . . Student Council-1-3, Ste- nography-3-4, Cooking-1-2, Typing Honors-2-3. JANET HAMMESFAHR . . . Dressmaking-4 years, Cafeteria Hostess-4. GERALDINE HARRIS . . . Student Council-1-2, Beauty Culture-3-4, Tea Room-1-2, Volleyball-1, Basketball -4. NANCY HARRIS . . . Office Machine-3-4, Dressmak- ing-I-2, Typing Awards-3. Richard Grejda Joseph Haas Janet Hamrnesfahr Nancy Harris Howard Hartz Brian Heffernan Edward Horn Kenneth Iarrusso 1 Q IJ - 1 ' HOWARD HARTZ . . . Patrol-2-3-4, Wood Shop-4 years, Coop-3. JOANN HARTZ . . . Fire Patrol fCaptainj-1, Office Machines-3-4, Sewing-1-2, Typing Award-3. BRIAN HEFFERNAN . . . Student Patrol-4, Electric Wiring-2-3-4, Wood Shop-1. FRANK HIRTENFELDER . . . School Newspaper-1, Electric Appliance-3-4, Electric Wiring-1-2, Baseball -2. EDWARD HORN . . . Student Patrol Captain-4, Weld- ing-4, Student Council-4, Senior Council-4. PATRICIA HRUBOVCAK . . . Yearbook-4, Red Cross 8z United Fund-4, Fashion Show-2-3, Industrial Sew- ing-1-2-3-4. KENNETH IARRUSSO . . . Student Patrol-3, Auto Ser- vice-1-2-3-4. RAY IGNOSH . . . Electric Appliance-3-4, Electric Wiring-2. JoAnn Hartz Frank Hirtenfelder Patricia Hrubovoak Ray Ignosh Office Machines-3-4, Typing Certificate-2-3. Tailoring-1-2-3-4. JOE JENCA . . . Welding-3-4, Coop-3-4. KENNETH KACZYNSIG . . . Machine Shop-1-2-3-4 Helen Janssen Joe Jenca David Kadlewicz Richard Knoohel DAVID KADLEWICZ . . . Electric Wiring-1-2, Elec- trical Appliance-3-4. RITA KLINE . . . Stenograph Class Manager-4, Ste- nography-1-2-3-4, Stenograph Award-3, Typing Award-3. RICHARD KNOCHEL . . . Lettermans Club-3-4, Ma- leyball-3-4, Coop-2-3-4. URSULA KOMINSKY . . . Fashion Show-1-2, Yearbook -4, Newspaper-4, Art essay-3, Sewing-1-2, Office Machines-3-4, Stenograph-3, Typing Awards-1-2. HELEN JANSSEN . . . Fire Lieutenant-2-3,F00d-1-2, BERNADETTE JASINSKI . . . Fashion Show-1-2-3, chine Shop-1-2-3-4, Soccer-3-4, Baseball-3-4, Vol- ITP? '75 Bernadette J asinski Kenneth Kaczynski Rita Kline Ursula Kominsky ,V- RAYMOND KOREY . . . Red Cross-1, Newspaper-1 -2-C3-41 Editor, Student Council-1-2-4, Human Rela- tion-4, Yearbook-1-2-3-C41 Editoral Staff, Electric Wiring-4 years, Town Meeting of the Air. PATRICIA KOZLOWSKI . . . School Fashion Shows-1 -2-3, Algebra Contest-1, Dressmaking-1-2-3-4, Coop -4, Radio Program-4, Honor Roll-4. PATRICIA LAMBERT . . . Yearbook-1-2-4, News- paper-4, Safety Patrol-1, Office Machines-3-4, Cafe- teria-1-2. EDWARD LANKES . . . Distributed Education. Raymond Korey Patricia Kozlowski .VAX Patricia Lambert if Y Edward Lankes ABSENT . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lorraine Lenozewski Paul Lindsey Thomas Lollo Carol Lugot LORRAINE LENCZEWSKI . . . Cooking-1-2, Steno- graphy-Office Machines-3-4. PAUL LINDSEY . . . Student Patrol-2-3-4, Cabinet Shop-2-3-4, Auto Shop-1. THOMAS LOLLO . . . Art Course-1-2-3-4. CAROL LUCOT . . . Student Council-2, Stenography -1-2-3-4. Pasquale Macioce Frank Mancine Henry Matthews Nancy Mawhinney PASQUALE MACIOCE . . . Captain of Student Patrol -3, Yearbook-4, Choral Group-4, Coop-2. PATRICK MALIA . . . School Patrol-2, Electric Wir- ing-1-2, Electric Appliance-3-4. FRANK MANCINE . . . Yearbook-2, Student Council -3, Patrol-3-4, Wood Shop-1-2-3-4, Baseball-2-3. FRANK MARINELLO . . . Patrol-3-4, Yearbook-4, Lettermans Club-3-4, Wood Shop-1, Electric Wiring -2-3-4, Baseball-3-4. HENRY MATTHEWS . . . Machine Shop-1-2-3-4, Co- op-2-3. EDWARD MAVRINAC . . . Welding-3-4. NANCY MAWHINNEY . . . Cooking-1-2, Cosmetology -1, Food Science-3-4. TED MEDFISCH . . . Red Cross-3, Electrical Wiring -1-2, Electrical Appliance-3, Electronics-4. Patrick Malia Frank Marinello f! K! W, 'fi A fx- PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Edward Mavrinao Ted Medfisoh Lois Meyers Samuel Mussomeli LOIS MEYERS . . . Safety Patrol-1-2, Beauty Culture -1-2-3-4, JOHN MILYAK . . . Cabinet Shop-4 years, Basketball -3. SAMUEL MUSSOMELI . . . Auto shop-1-2-3-4. ROBERT MCDERMOTT . . . Art, Yearbook-3. PATRICIA McHUGH . . . Dressmaking 4 years, Year- book-3-4, Fashion Show 3 years. ELAINE McNICKLE . . . Food Science 4 years. WENDY McNICKLE . . . Office Machines-3-4, Cook- ing-1-2, Swimming 4 years. LYDIA NADOLNY . . . Safety P atrol Lieutenant-1, Student Council Representative-3, Library Assistant -2-3-4, Chairman Arsenal Red Cross-4, Assistant Chairman United Fund-4, Foods-1-2, Academic-3-4, Junior Town Meeting of the Air Radio Program-4, Honorable Mention Art Essay Contest-3, Treasurer of Student Council-4. John Milyak Robert McDermott Patricia McHugh Elaine McNiok1e Wendy MoNick1e Lydia Nadolny JACQUELINE NERONE . . . Cheerleader-3-4, Cos- metology-3-4. RICHARD NOVAK . . . Brlcklaymg-1-2, Electric Ap pliance-3-4, Baseball-2-3-4. GERALDINE NOVOSEL . . . Office Machines-3-4, Typing Award. ROBERT ORGANIST . . . Machine Shop-4 years, Soc- cer 4, Coop 3 4 Jacqueline Nerone Richard Novak Geraldine Novosel Betty Pecman Loretta Piontek BETTY PECMAN . . . Fire Captain-Z, Fashion Show -1-2, Stenographer-3-4, Dressmaking-1-2. LINDA PHILLIPS . . . Business Course-4, Red Cross -4. LORETTA PIONTEK . . . Co sm otology-3-4, Tea Room Serving-1-2. MILAN PREDICK . . . Welding-3-4, Bricklaying-1-2. Robert Organist Linda Phillips Milan Predick MARTIN PISTELLA . . . Cabinet-4 years, Soccer-2 -3-4, Basketball-3-4, Coop-3-4, Varsity Letterman's Club-3-4. ELMER PRICE . . . Machine-4 years, Coop-3-4. ANNA MAE PROPP . . . Food Science-3-4, Tea Room -3-4, Cafeteria-1-2. THOMAS PRUSZYNSKI . . . Red Cross-2-3, Coop-3 -4, Machine-4 years, Baseball-3-4, Volleyball-2-3-4, Basketball-3-4, Soccer-4, Letterman's Club-2-3-4. Martin Pistella Elmer Price Anne Mae Propp Thomas Pruszynski David Quigley Eugenia Radko Lorraine Radziminski Edna Reiser DAVID QUIGLEY . . . E1ectr1c Wiring-1-2, Electric Appliance-3-4. EUGENIA RADKO . . . Student Council-1, Beauty Culture-3-4. LORRAINE RADZIMINSKI . . . Cookmg-1-2, Short- hand-3-4. EDNA REISER . . .Safety Patrol-3, Beauty Culture-3 31 Joanne Reiser Margaret Rixner Gregory Roskowski Donna Rudolph 32 Edward Reznik Joanne Robinson JOANNE REISER . . . Red Cross-4, Tea Room-2, Of- fice Machines-3-4. EDWARD REZNIK . . . Student Council-2, Machine-4 years, Junior Town Meeting of the Air-4, Coop-3-4. MARGARET RIXNER . . . Safety Patrol-4 years, Fashion Show-4 years, Dressmaking-4 years. JOAN'N E ROBINSON . . . Safety Patrol-1-2, Student Council-3-4, Red Cross-4, United Fund-4, Foods-1 -2, Academic-3-4, Algebra Contest-1, Junior Town Meeting-4. GREGORY ROSKOWSKI . . . Auto Service-2-3-4, Auto Beginners-1, Plymouth Trouble Shotting-3-4, Coop-4. EDWARD ROSS . . . Auto Beginners-1-2, Auto Ser- . -3- . . . . - -2- I vice 4, Physical Fitness Certificate 1 3 :: DONNA RUDOLPH . . . Cosmetology-3-4. JOYCE RUPP . . . Student Council-4 years, Fashion Show-1-2-3, Dressmaking-4 years, "Youth and the Atom Chemistry'-4, Co-President Student Council-4. Edward Ross H963 W' J oyoe Rupp 5' N i,t V V. as A reaa , Q John Samuels Charles Schmidt Frank Sciullo Bill Sever Q.. f s M f JOHN SAMUELS . . . Student Council-3, Auto Service -4 years. PAUL SCHERMANN . . . Patrol-4, Student Council-1 -2, Yearbook-4 years, Human Relation Committee-4, Bricklaying-1, Electric Shop-2-3-4, Soccer-3-4, Man- ager of Basketball-3. CHARLES SCHMIDT . . . Patrol-3-4, Red Cross-1-2, Auto-4 years, Coop-3-4. JOHN SCHULTZ . . . Newspaper-1-2-3, Junior Town Meeting of the Air-3-4, Student Council-4, Electric Wiring-1-2, Electric Appliance-3-4, President of Student Council-4 FRANK SCIULLO . . . Auto Shop-4 years. DAVID SCOTT . . . Auto Shop-1, Cabinet Shop-2-3-4. BILL SEVER . . . Newspaper-1, Electric Wiring-1-2, Electric Appliance-3-4. NICHOLAS SHEBETICH . . . Newspaper-1-2, Ma- chine-4 years, Soccer-4. , 6 'nie 1 fs 1 It I Paul Schermann John Schultz David Scott Nicholas Shebetich 33 ROBERT SHOOK . . . Cabinet Shop-4 years. DONNA SICILIA . . . Fashion Show-4 years, Safety -2, Dressmaking-4 years. MADALYN SILVIO . . . Yearbook-3 Fashion Show-1 -2, Dressmaklng-1-2, Cosmetology-3-4. DANIEL SMIGIELSKI . . . Student Council 4, Elec tronics Technology-3-4, Electric Wiring-1-2, Junior Town Meeting of the Air-4. ,gm Robert Shook Donna Sicilia Madaiyn Silvio Shirley Smith Robert Sperl SHIRLEY SMITH . . . Student Council-2, Cafeteria-1 -2, Beauty Culture-3-4. CHRISTIAN SPATARO . . . Yearbook-3, Welding-3-4. ROBERT SPERL . . . Brick Shop-1, Auto Shop-2-3-4. GEORGIA STARR . . . Student Council-2, Red Cross -4, Tea Room-1-2, Office Machines-3-4, Volleyball Medal-4. Daniel Smigielski Christian Spataro Georgia Starr WILLIAM STOUT . . . Machine-4 years, Baseball-3, Letterman's Club-3-4, Coop-3-4. DANIEL STRAFALACE . . . Electric Appliance Shop -3-4, Electric Wiring-1-2, Senior Class Treasurer -4, Junior Town Meeting of the Air-4, Coop-4. WILLIAM STRATEMEIER . . . Newspaper-3, Patrol -3, Red Cross-3, Machine Shop-4 years, Coop-3-4. MARY ANN SUCHY . . . Safety Patrol-1-2, Student Council-3, Cosmetology-3-4. William Stout Daniel Strafalace F523 William Straterneier Mary Ann Suchy Marie Swierkosz Theresa. Regis Szelc Kathleen Szwajnowski MARIE SWIERKOSZ . . . Library Assistant-2-3-4, Cosmetology 3 4. THERESA SWITALSKI . . . C o s m e to lo gy-3-4, Tea Room-1-2, Typing Award-2. REGIS SZELC . . . Electric Wiring-1-2, Electric Ap- pliance-3-4, Coop-4. KATHLEEN SZWAJNOWSKI . . . C 0 S rn eto 10 gy-4 years. 35 Thomas Szulborski Rose Tallarioo gilt ws' ,r"'9 , -ag. Carolyn Tejohman Anthony Trapani THOMAS SZULBORSKI . . . Cabinet-1, Electric Wir- ing-2, Electric Appliance-3-4. ANGELO TABBUSO . . . Yearbook-1-2, Auto Service -1, Auto Beginners-2, Cabinet-3-4, Coop-4. ROSE TALLARICO . . . Student Council-1, Stenogra- pher-3-4. JOHN TAMIGGI . . . Cabinet-4 years. CAROLYN TEJCHMAN . . . Cosmetology-3-4. MARY TOMALEWSKI . . . Fashion Show-1-2, Cosme- tology-3-4, Dressmaking-1-2. ANTHONY TRAPANI . . . Patrol-3, Machine Shop 4 years. DAVID TRBOVICH . . . Yearbook-4, Stage and Pro- jection Crew-3-4, Cabinet Shop-4 years, Lettermau's Club-4. 4.5 Angelo Tabbuso John Tarniggi 'Q Mary Tomalewski David Trbovich Leonard Urban Ronald Vuketioh if J he Helen Walas Martin Weidner Mal' LEONARD URBAN . . . Newspaper-4 years, Projec- tion Crew-3, Stage Crew-3, Red Cross-2-3-4,We1ding Shop-3-4. GEORGIANNE VERBIN . . . Fire Captain-1, Fashion Show-1-2, Office Machines-3-4, Volleyball Medal-3. RONALD VUKETICH . . . Yearbook-2-3, Stage and Crew-2-3-4, Patrol-3-4, Electric Shop-4 years, Coop -4, CHESTER WAKSMUNSKI . . . Wood Shop-4 years. HELEN WALAS . . . Fire Lieutenant-1, Fashion Show -1-2, Stenography-3-4, Volleyball Medal-3. CHESTER WALTROWSKI . . . School Patrol-2, Pro- jection Crew-3, Electronics-4 years. MARTIN WEIDNER . . . Co-Editor Yearbook-4, Newspaper-4, Red Cross-4, Machine Shop-4 years. KATHLEEN WILKINS . . . Safety Patrol-3-4, Stenog- raphy-3, Office Machines-4, Cooking-2. Georgianne Verbin Chester Waksmunski Chester Waltrowski Kathleen Wilkins 37 I. Pat Wilkes Nanette Wilson Linda Wise George Wojtkowski PAT WILKES . . . Distributive Education, Dressmak- ing-2-3, Fire Captain-3. CHARLES WILKES . . . Cabinet Shop-1-2-3, Distri- butive Education-4, Soccer-2-3-4, Physical Fitness Award. , 4 , NANETTE WILSON . . . Student Council-1-2, Red PHOTO Cross-4, United Fund-4, Newspaper Typist-4, Year- book Typist-4, Office Machines-4, Cafeteria-1-2, Volleyball Medal. NOT AVAILABLE EUGENE WIRKOWSKI . . . Machine-4 years. Charles Wilkes Eugene Wirkowski Joseph Wisniewski Caroline Wrobleski LINDA WISE . . . Red Cross-3, Student Council-4, Office Machine-3-4, Typing Award-3. JOSEPH WISNIEWSKI . . . Choral Group-3-4, Auto Service-4 years, Coop-3. GEORGE WOJTKOWSKI . . . Machine-4 years, Co- op-4. CAROLINE WROBLESKI . . . Student Council-l-2, Food Science-4 years. Robert Yaroszewski Linda. Yerkins Janice Zalewski Ruth Zeff ROBERT YAROSZEWSKI . . . Electric Shop-4 years, Coop-4. LINDA YERKINS . . . Cooking-1, Tea Room-2, Cos- metology-3, Food Science-4. JANICE ZALEWSKI . . . Student Council-45 Office Machines-4. Eg RUTH ZEFF . . . Distributive Education-4, Dress- i making-1-2-3, Fire Lieutenant-3. RONALD ZIELINSKI . . . Choral Group-4, Electric Wiring-2, Electric Appliance-3-4, Auto Shop-1. T' JUDY ZIMMERMAN . . . Student Council-2-3-4, Ste- nography-3-4, Typing Award-2, Algebra Award-1. Ronald Zielinski Judy Zimmerman "There's a lot of work in those Trophies." "Now girls, its either swim or sink." Mr. John Plutko explains the use of a meter Office Machines in action Mr. James Kolesar holds the interest of his students. Hold everything Let me tell you this, about that. Machines Inc. Russians beware! English can be fun! Mr. Conrad and the new math Washington Building ARSENAL Nancy Grejda Patricia Kozlowski Lydia Nadolny Joann Robinson 44 HONOR According to tradition, Arsenal Washington High School annually recognizes ten seniors who have main- tained a high scholastic average from ninth through the twelfth grades. This year the Class of "6'7" honored these top ten students. Judy Zimmerman WASHINGTON STUDENTS All ten of the honor stu- dents contributed to the high scholastic rating of Arsenal Washington High School, and each deserves s p e ci al congratulations. These are the standings as of February, 1967. an , Robert Duermeyer Raymond Korey 'EN Robert Organist lug Daniel Str afalace Martin Weidner 45 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS From L to R Daniel Strafalace QTreasurerJ, Janice Zalewski Wice-Presidentj, Jack DeLeonibus QPresidentJ, Gloria Bazzone QSeo retaryl . MR. CONRAD MISS FODOR Senior Class Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE E . xgkk. 3 ,3 5 11 'f Q 3.QQ, i' ' 5 . " I- -, ' I 19 l M-W-M... I I f an , ,, in I 5 1 s E Top Row L to R Ray Korey, John Bonifate, Edward Horn, Mary Tomalewski. Seated L to R Daniel Strafalace, Janice Zalewski, Jack Deleonibus, Gloria Bazzone. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL To the sound of the gavel the Senior Class Council, under the sponsorship of Miss Fodor and Mr. Conrad have planned our senior activities. The class of "67" has been led by senior officers who have been successful in promoting senior activities. The highpoint of this period was the Prom when many were saddened by the realization that this would be their last. At stirring award assemblies seniors whose achievements were worthy of recognition stepped into the limelight. Then commencement where speakers gave the members of the graduating class courage to reflect upon the fact that they "Had Not Finished, But Just Begun." In all their senior activities the Senior Class Committee, and its officers were influential in their success. 'NWN n . 4 :Q 17 rx 1 .J 'W -M JUNIORS Wi Edward Augustinowoez Denise Auth Thomas Adamiec Geraldine Adams Carl Allen Frank Altieri ff Alan Baker William Baker aww: 19, fn Catherine Balkoveo Barton Ballentine Ralph Barry Margaret Berry Geraldine Bodgen Barbara Bombich Raymond Britt Carolyn Brower Audrey Casey Frank Celani Adrienne Cenoi John Chawrylek Pearl Brown Ronald Brown Susan Brozi Linda Butler .C 5' dv.. '0 - L x Karen Chrlst John C1racc1o Thomas Clarey as Y, , , Y 1 James Clarey aaaw me aa jak ar W' ,lf f fa A if 5 Eugene Colamarine Victoria Czerniewski John Damratoski James Deleonibus Alberta DeSabato Carol Diethorn Anthony DiMenno Ruth DiNardo - Ezffffi 11' Q. ? E' 5- 5 Gerald F1erst Edward Fltzgerald Vlnoent Flot W1l1iam Follette Q, .1-.1 ' I ' f,,.. . .,,5,, Frank Deliso Ralph Dell Amato DeMatteo Darlene Demby Jeanne Donofrio Vincent Doyle Susan Falvo Robert Fazio if f-,me f . W fvb- ,, .F A W ga: qw Q, f Z f e L - 3413 5 fifii, if ... Rita Frankert Thomas Grochalski Kenneth Guzell Susan Haburjak Betty Hunter Michael Hutfles Douglas Hutsenpillar Helen Jamison .191 ,I 9, 22' .gut v I it John Joyner Michael Jozwiak Joe Julian George Kalpich William Hall Lawrence Hanlon Jayne Harris Judith Harris haf -SYM 1 .4 ,4 D l Eileen J armulowski John Jerome Cecelia Johnson Barbara Jones Christina Kammski Sally Kapp Raymond Kemp Robert King Robert Kisio Sandra Kline William Kline Jacqueline Koehler Beverly Laitsoh Pamela Lake Edward Lampert Lynda Laneianese Donna Kowaleski Rose Kruck Kathleen Kuczynski Timothy Kust 251 '1 , Levonne Lane Katherine Laughlin Barbara Lawton Melva Lewin f i iiii i Edward Lipinski winiam Lioyd i -K ' Louis Loeffwr y Grace Lombardo 3 L ,fd Q 1 , 5 " K gg: T, . N a '-"- 4 A 'L -if V I, ld M53 Leo Lunardi William Malone Christina Mancine Albert Markewinski L Kathy Markewinski Mazola Mason Lucille Martin Larry May 117591 1 f 555: I ,,,Z Ei,, Q ij- David McCall iil Robert McCauley W Janet McCutcheon Alexander McIntyre Carol Metzer John Michnowski Irene Miele Donald Miller -H!5l-'NN 1? . E.. fig , ff Kathy Mazur William Mazzoccoli Robert McAfee Glenis McAffee Samuel McKinney Joseph Medfisch Julian Merlina Andrew Merola ft 'W' 'L 355153 , it aa ax we , , V ggi 5 , Y: :" :-- R , 11' Victoria Miller Kathleen Montgomery Richard Murphy William Murray William Noble John Novick Judity Oklota Margaret O'Neil Nm ,. X 5 ':11. flfl 9 aaaa 1, gn 4, 'f -If ff, 1 H 1 ,- as jj X 0 t 1 fi U ,A ir , f A 5 Kathleen Petro George Petruch Linda Picciafaco Michael Pierro Rita Reichenbach Lucille Remer Gloria Repep Gerald Ricketts Charlotte Mutschler Joanne Mydlowski Richard Nardozzi Linda Ninehouser William Oswald Evelyn Pampena Jacqueline Pazkowski Josephine Pazkowski Marleen Plotts Daniel Podgorski George Poloka Ronald Postreioh 'w ff ' .. Q V1 J ig ' Carl Robey Victoria Robinson George Rohaza Vaughn Salac Anthony Sberna William Sberna W George Schmidt Patricia sahunz 1 f Janet Setta Ronnie Sentner Frederick Siefert James Sisco Edward Sullivan u a., ig ., fa, 1 R f Richard Szramowski V gadt fl S.. Q QQ g ' Thomas Rufus 'mi a,rar 'Qi' an Scott Todd A Robert Trbusich Richard Tworek David Wagner Katherine Walkowski . NV V f K .wi cg- v 23 7 tx Y a Kenneth Warywoda nt Barbara Washington Norman Weigold ' f..f, i - James Werner Ronald Werner Cassandra Wilkins James Wilson ia fi fi ,im Richard Wisniewski my ' f if new -4 Sylvia Wisniewski Stella Zaborowski Dennis Zdlobinski Beverly Zielinski Linda Ziolkowski Joyce Zullo Visitor from another planet Junior Informals The Food Industries is the third largest in the nation. The food science course is designed to equip the student with occupational skills needed in this field. Practical experience is provided in the labora- tory, in the use and care of equipment, and the prep- aration and serving of food. Geth R. Lewis .4 The clothes go down and around, and they come out here. It should be moving. Miss Teen age America. V s s ,X,., I 5522? "' 5... Budding pri- .mn ,, vate secretaries. .,,,,,,,,f Q f 1 ,lf V I X Who Said my job is easy? DiMenno thinks the carburetor is on top of the engine f ffl SDPHOMORES Ronald Alberts Michael Allen ' A , Dale Allison ' Thomas Albert 'lb tiki- , Edward Banaszewski Michael Bartczak Eugenia Beczak James Beeson Rose Ann Bonesic George Boyle Christopher Braun Henry Bridge Linda Abel Lynda Accettulla Kevin Aland Richard Aland if A WN' Esther Audley John Austin Robert Babinecz David Balkovec Stanley Binkowski John Bojarski Sharon Bonenberger Paul Bollinger s 'J s 1? 1 in fa ,rw he 'i it aj .,,, ., Q, . ,aft s f 2 ,Qs 55552 'S' 11 ,QW,, if'-f f Michael Brining Theresa Brizzi Wilma Brower Carla Brown 3? Linda Brown William Bruni Gary Bullian Shirley Calhoun Anthony Capatosta Michael Catanzaro Patricia Celender Regis Chaplin fjy ', 1 - Clifford Christian Craig Clark L, Keith Cohn ff Daniel Chiato if ' X Carol Colorik Robert Coleman Wayne Collins Joseph Conner Patricia Corry David Cosgrove Ralph Colwell Robert Crawford l 61 P ff. r if t 1 F A :MEF QI we 4 . f -s V 7' " .L Q f .-qfgfia .. -V H'l'f'S'1"4'rlf.4- K- 'df '51 :K 4. ar' 1 4? 1 5 '1 Frank Dank Willie Danzey William Dasta Vonda Davis Judith Dietrich Sylvana De Marco Carmelita Dolan Robert Donatelli John Fallucco Nicholis Fantozzi Richard Ferguson Regis Fersch SH: ew , -53 Q ' 5 if W mg George Czake Richard Czake Rita Czerniewski Robert D'Amico : mga Zora Degonish Kathleen Denhan Julius Denson Michael DiBel1o Edward Dreslinski Regis Drischler Louis Duoo Kathleen Erdeljac Ellen Finlay Leo Ford Robert Flynn Andrew Frankert John Garner Gary Garrett Wayne Gieraltowski Deborah Gladish John Grieco Katherine Grove Bernadette Grzandziel Michael Guenin Gary Frankowski Vaughn Fry Kenneth Galadyna Ronald Garasioh Marilyn Good William Gorham Thomas Grejda David Greygor John Haas Lola Hammersfahr Georgeanne Haney Carl Harris Marlene Hoffman James Hough Eugene Hwanbo , ,iyi 1 of szmfa Lonnie Harvey Anncye Hawkins Gerald Hayden A . git: g -4' 5 L :tires 'J 1' J if 9 O John Hodnik .lflf . Dennis Ingold E l 5535 if HV .Sw Margaret Junilius Ronald Jurges Barbara Kazmierski Lawrence Kelly George Jak Anthony Jordan Michael J ozwiak Robert Julian Edward Kolczynski Rose Kostrzewa Donna Kowaleski Jeffery Kozieziemski Susan King Ronald Kobus William Koehler Christine Kohler Jeffrey Koslowki Robert Kruszewski Robert Kuminik Alan Kroniser 5 .Q q 1 r 5 W, y Linda La Manna Ronald Lapiska Mary Lou Lascola Roberta Leffakis x Cynthia Kurzawski Beverly Kust William Kust Robert Lackey Wayne Mager Daniel Maguire Shirley Manack Richard Manuel MJ Georgeanne Lewis Dominic Lombardo Macey Michell Thomas Maciorowski 'W-'Leif Donald Marchione Joann Marinello Alfred Martin Rita Massara Richard Mikulan Lorraine Miller Robert Miller John Morris Q' IP Shirley Mydlowski John Noviok Edna Offner Ronald Oklota ? .. Ronald McGinnis Margaret Medfisch Katherine Mihelcic Robert Mikita 'GH M QQ 'rg f HS: 'eau 5 1 4 M742 Richard Moskala James Muener Thomas Murray John Muto Barbara Pavkoric Colleen Persinger Darlene Pierce David Pilyih Daniel Olesinski James Ostronic Joseph Palumbo Mark Pampuch fig MQ.: 'G' . A A, : ...L 15 -R' W fit! 3 J ff- : f 4, Stella Pinhas James Pizarella Maria Poels John Pokora an ist . - ' 3 H, is as 'MA 13' IBF w 4 Q Mg a . 5' ei Frank Renner James Roach Mary Rochford Charles Roskowski Gary Sadar Kenny Saylor Dennis Scanlon Anthony Schiavo Michael Popek Carol Prettyman Edward Quirk Daniel Reiser John Ross John Rossi Helen Ruffa William Rusienich ' -45527 ' m m iliWl'Mu ,S ,Q ai mm Nmlhgm 2 1 , Susanne Schollaert Marie Sciulli Kimberly Seaman William Seaman Paul SiNicki Sandra Smith Adrian Smith David Smith Linda Sweenex Irene Swope Walter Szczepanski Michael Talak 1 Michael Urban Eva Ann Vunora John Wallace Ruth Walzer -mf A I James Warner gr fi g lv' Kenneth Warywoda fs ' r George Werbanec Leroy Wilkes ,J . 3 Q . -1' . Richard Yanish Deborah Zagorski Cynthia Zalewski John Zelik Marie Wisniewski Janet Wojtkowski Blaze Wolfenden Denise Wolff 1 John Zielinsky John Zottola rf 'ik-. Mrs. Thrush and her sophomore typing class. The faculty and students of Arsenal-Wash- ington Vocational-Technical High School were shocked by the sudden and tragic death of one of our teachers Mr. Nicholas Chomko. Mr. Chomko was a vital cog in our educational complex. He had served as Student Council sponsor and Safety patrol sponsor. He taught mathematics and science. He was a teacher who through his interest in students caught their interest in whatever course he taught. The one class to which students hurriedg the time of the day when they didn't count minutes. He is missed by all his friends at Arsenal- Washington High School. , . If I -f I If I W' , , I I I sr I . I V 1 I . I i n f v""" W,,,,,,,,w I 1 Q , I I ACTIVITIES cn 'U :r UU v-s 5 O sw to F' Fl Q.. E nv f-s CL CL' o v-s 5 'U sw UJ .Q s: sw F4 cn E sw o ,... o o co Front Row: Thomas Eichler, Frank Marinello, Brian Heffernan, Ronald Vuketich, Howard Hartz. Back Row: Charles Schmidt, Frank Mancine, Jos- WASHINGTON PATROL Almost as much a part of our school as it's desks and blackboards, are the faithful guardians of the corridors and student patrol. Excused to assume their posts at the end of school sessions they keep traffic moving through the halls and stairways where students cooperate in the true spirit of school life. Efficient, dependable, and capable-all these char- acterize the boys on a WHS patrol. Stu- dent patrol becomes more useful each year as it seeks to expand its efficiency under the supervision of Mr. John E. Kerekes. 'U sw c P" TF' ,... :S Q. U2 CD 'F mh P I cn m Z JP I1 1' FU m 'U P -I T O F' In a school Building as large as Arsenal, one of the most essential groups, is the Fire Patrol. It is their duty, in case of fire or any other un- forseen disaster, to lead students from the school building through the short- est and safest route. In addition they secure all doors and windows before they leave. Mr. Ramage is their capa- ble sponsor. DEDICATION Front Row: Sharon Bonenberger, Katherine Grove, Barbara Burch, Kathleen Wilkins, Audrey Franklin, Roeena Gillum. Back Row: Deborah Glad- ish, Rose Kostrezewa, Mary Tomalewski, Willis- sae Christian, Cheryl Avon, Theresa Switalski. . q f . l Top ROWQL-RJ John Haas, Joseph Fer- rari, Frank Marinello, David Trbovitch, Richard Knochel, Thomas Pruszynski, John Hodnik, John Ross, Joseph Brown, Daniel Podgorski, Frank D'Eliso. Middle ROWQL- RJ William Hall, William Stout, Andrew Barkovich, Robert Duermeyer, Martin Pis- tella, Thomas Blaszkiewicz,Richard Novak, William Sberna, James Warner, Robert Mc- Cauley, Coach Geyer. Front ROWQL-R3 Joseph Palumbo, John Barkovich, Martin Weidner, John Bonifate, Gerald Ricketts, Jack Deleonibus, Paul Schermann, Ray Britt, William Mazzoccoli. LETTERMAN'S CLUB One of the most active extra-curricular organizations in the school is composed of athletes participating in the schools sports program. This organization annually provides funds for the purchase of tickets for all senior athletes. It develops school spirit, annually provides alumnae athletic teams to play, against the varsity. This year they have purchased an automated scoreboard for the gymnasium. All these projects are made possible by funds gained in the Lettermans annual candy sale. 2-ef" if-fr' HE LE N SE AMAN Library Clerk LIBRARY Between our two libraries 10,834 books fulfill varied needs of the students of Washington and Arsenal. With an average attendance of 600 students between the two schools, our boys and girls take advantage of an average of 300 books per week. Our many up to date facilities in the libraries include a pamphlet file, bibliographies, and magazines. There are special collections on Pennsylvania, sports, vocations, and short stories. Marie Swierkosz, Nancy Grejda, Lydia Nadolny, Joann Robinson help to run the library at Arsenal. Andrew Barkovich, Edward Fitzgerald, Frederick Seifert, and Joseph Bill are the library assistants from Washington. , senal Libr ary. Frederick Seifert, and Joseph Bill assist Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Seaman. Library assistants Joann Rob inson, Lydia Nadolny, and Nancy Grejda help keep order in Ar Library assistants Andrew Barkovich, Edward Fitzgerald, QL to RQ Robert Kisic, Andrew Barkovich, Daniel Maguire. RED CROSS Washington and Arsenal are very privileged to have as one of its activities the Red Cross Club. The Red Cross was founded as a humanitarian organization and it is these virtues the students put into practice as members of the Red Cross Club. They learn to work with people, all kinds of people-children, adults, and the elderly-people with phy- sical as well as mental disabilities. It is here that our students practice the quali- ties of a good citizen and develop their lives for the future as better citizens of this country. And as a citizen they learn of the problems of others, their needs and wants, tragedies and sorrows and how they can relieve some of these problems. QL to RJ Darlene Pierce, Dorothy George, Pat Hrubovcak, Carrnelita Dolan, Lydia Nadolny, JoAnn Robinson, Katherine Walkowiak, Marlene Plotts, Marie Sciulli, Susan King,Carol Prettyman, Kathleen Laughlin, Nanette Wilson, Peggy O,Neil. WASHINGTON STAGE AND PROJECTION CREW L to R Joseph Bill, David Trbovich, Robert Kisio, Daniel Ma- guire, Andrew Barkovioh, Anthony DiMenno, and John Wallace. ARSENAL PROJECTION CREW First row L to R Joanne Mydlowski, Linda Piooiafooo, Alberta DeSabato, Beverly Zielinski, Roberta Leffakis, Melva Lewin, and Margaret O'Neil. Standing L to R Mrs. Helen Thrush, sponsorg Mary Rockford, Janet Wojtkowski, Eugenia Beozak, Denise Wolff, Barbara Kazmerski, Katherine Mazur, Charlotte Mutchler, and Rose Kruck. Standing, John Schultz, Joyce Rupp, Co-Presidents, Mrs. J. Cozza Advisor, Sitting, Richard Grejda-Vice President, Nancy Grejda-Secretary, Lydia Nadolny-Treasurer. L. to R. lst Row Lydia Nadolny Treasurer, Andrew Barko- vich Red Cross Chairman, Joyce Rupp Co-President, John Schultz Co-President, Richard Grejda Vice President, Nancy Grejda Secretary, Ray Korey Yearbook Business Manager, Joann Robinson United Fund Chairman. 2nd Row Thomas Eich- ler, Eva Vunora, Andrew DeMasi, Beverly Laitsch, Joseph Palumbo, Linda Ziolkowski, Enrico Bellisario, Cecelia John- son, Mrs. Jane Cozza Sponsor. 3rd Row Darlene Demby, Cynthia Zalewski, Marcia De Nardo, Michael Guenin, Judy Zimmerman, Annyce Hawkins, Frank Altieri, Dennis Zdlobin- ski, Beverly Kust, Christine Kohler. 4th Row Gary Seibel, Mary Tomalewski, Zora Degonish, Christine Kaminski, George Czake, Bernice Grzandiziel, Robert McCall,Julia Drozdowski, Gail Adams, John Michnowski. 5th Row Anthony Schiavo, Michael DiBello, John Zottolla, Daniel Smigielski, Edward Horn, Carol Metzer, Daniel Reiser, Rita Kline,RichardAland, John Bonifate. STUDENT COUNCIL Nancy Grejda, John Schultz, Joyce Rupp, Rich- ard Grejda, Lydia Nadolny being installed as Student Council Officers. The purpose of School Council, the most im- portant organization of our school, is to develop the best qualities in astudent and to make a well- informed, honest, and active citizen of demo- cracy. Our council is designed to provide for student participation in the affairs of the school, Student Activities Fund, United Fund Drive, Red Cross Club, Human Relations Committee, Public Relations, Student Welfare and Community proj- ects. The work of a student council member is not easy. Many times he is called upon to perform duties which are not suited to him, but he knows that if he carries through his obligations he will have gained a valuable experience. To be amem- ber of student council is an honor. It is the aim of council to extend to all students the privilege of participation in school activities. This is to as- sure and to give every student afeeling of belong- ing and the opportunity to realize that Student Council is truly his organization, Joyce Rupp addressing the seniors with Mr. Kerekes in the background. J 'ia . Q if W Seated QL to RJ Kapp, Hrubovoak, Good, ey, McHugh, Schultz, Korey, Vuketich. Back Golernbiewski, Maguire, Walzer, Seaman, Row QL to R5 Marinello, Brown, Kisic, Col- Larnbert, Donovan. Middle Row QL to RJ Di- well, Follette, Sinicki,Col1ins,Miku1an,Duco. YEARBOGK STAFF . .ni JA' -- .np Q- Ray Korey, Ronald Vuketich, and "BUTTONS PUSHING BUTTONS" Patty McHugh work to meet a deadline. Yearbook typist Nanette Wilson Co-Editor Martin Weidner and members of the editorial staff, Patricia Hrubovcak and Patricia McHugh, discussing plans for the yearbook with advisor, Mr. Kerekes. YEARBOOK EDITORIAL STAFF ,Qc The Cavalier staff's main function is to pro- duce for the student body a yearbook, which they can be proud of and treasure always. The Cavalier staff has worked long and hard hours to produce the 1967 yearbook. The staff under, the leadership of the editorial staff composed of g Ray Korey, Ronald Vuketioh, Martin Weid- ner, Patricia Hrubovcak, Patricia McHugh and Nanette Wilson, and the supervision of Mr. Kerekes, have done everything possible to give you, the students, a good yearbook. We hope you cherish it as a memento of your time spent at Arsenal Washington High School. Co-Editor Ray Korey discusses layout with Bernadette Donovan. SWIMMING TEAM W 5 i ul? Left to Right-Nancy Grejda, Mary Ann Suchy, Mary Tomalewski, Cheryl Avon, Theresa Switalski, Joanne Mydlowski, Sandra Kline, Kimberly Seaman, Katherine Grove. """'- . ,.,,,,.v' 82 Come on everyone, come on in, SUCHY's going to teach us how to do the swim! CHEER At our sport events, during wins and losses, the cheerleaders of Arsenal-WashingtonHighSchool cheered our teams and lifted many a tfspiritf' Under the supervision of Mrs. Phyllis Kelly the girls of 1966-67 never failed to cheer our team to victory. Being a cheerleader is not all fun and pleasure. Many hard and long hours are spent in practicing for the various cheers and rou- tines developed by Mrs. Kelly and the Senior cheerleaders. QL to Ry Bernadette Christ, Audrey Franklin, Roseena Gillum, Jacqueline Nerone. CHEERLEADERS The girls who cheer our boys to victory. 'ff Q . 3 gk?-LQ -lg L First Row Q left to rightp Roeena Gillum, Nancy Grejda, Willissae Christian, Audrey Beverly Laitsch, Audrey Robinson, Victoria Franklin, Raymond Britt, Gerald Ricketts, Robinson, Barbara Burch, Barbara Lawton, Lonny Harvey, Judith Oklota. Raymond Korey. Second Row Qleft to rightj HUMAN RELATIONS Why Human Relations? What is it? What are its functions? First and foremost, What is it? The American dream is for a Utopian Society, a society free of prejudice, hatred, violence, and warg a society which no one has yet achieved. We the students will dictate the outcome, success, or failure, for we hold the trump card and all humanity is the game. Are we the custodians or the proprietors of life? Do we exit to live or live to exit? Who holds the strings on our lives? The problems of civilization are overpowering, but they can be overcome. A workable solution must be pro- vided, for if we do not, our society is damned to a fate too horrible to imagine. The Human Relations function is to instill the thought "Who am I. " "Who is my Brethren?" It will prepare and enable the student to as- certain his way of living with others, in a fellowship of men. lm Ngbyy ,ly J, ,,,,, g 4 Standing. . . Mr. Simons Principal of Washington Vocational H.S. Seated . . . QL to RJ Ray Britt,Gerald Ricketts, Paul Schermann, Andrew Barkovich, Mr. Kerekes QAdvisorJ. Nanette Wilson typist, and proof reader for the Highlights. Top row L to R, John Haas, Leonard Urban, Robert Kisic, James Roach, Jo- seph Brown. Middle row L to R, Ursula Kominsky, Linda Sweeney, Patty Lam- bert, Mary Rochford, Vicky Robinson, Sandra Kline, Lola Hammesfahr. Front row L to R, Kimberly Seamen, Andrew Barkovich, Bernie Donovan, Raymond Korey, Sandy Golembiewski and Maryln Good. ARSENAL WASHINGTON HIGHLIGHTS I ,, ...- 352 I 'Qu aa? 1'- 'Q' i ii: w N br 35 4 X, l ,,.au.,,. ,,,,.g- ,nwgs 1 .. yi- . 5 Xx"I li. R iiri H I Co editors of Highlights, Ray Korey, and Bernie Donovan. In talking about a school newspaper this question is often asked, "Why have a paper?" We of the staff feel the school paper serves a dual purpose-to be of benefit to the staff and to be of benefit to the school. The staff members, perhaps, get more from the activity than the rest of the school. What can equal the pride, satisfaction, and acclaim of others from a job well done? Reading and writing skills are constantly improved. Reason and logic are developed. A sense of cooperation, fairness, and the ability to get along with people are built up through the ability of working with and for others. Finally, a sense of belonging and being part of the school will become memories the staff will treasure in the years to come. Yes, the sometimes tiring and difficult work soon becomes insignificant under the weight of all these advantages. The entire school is a better place too, because of the paper. Strangers be- come familiar names on the pages of the Arsenal and Washington Highlights as students and faculty grow closer to- gether. Entertainment is to be found through the creative efforts of our writ- ers and contests. Informative articles educate us both academically and in world Wisdom. SPORTS X- 'Q Front row QL to RJ Ed BanaszewskiQMgr.J, Paul Collins, Charles Cook, Rich Knochel, Tom Pruszynski, John Milyak, Robert Duer- Andy Barkovich, Bob Organist, Eugene Cola- meyer, Martin Weidner tCapt.J, Joe Ferrari, marino, Tom Blackiewicz, Bill Mazzoccoli John Barkovich, Henry Bridge QMgr.J Back and Coach J. D. Geyer. row QL to RJ Mr. John KerekesQFacu1ty Mgr.J, VOLLEYBALL Vim, Vigor., and vitality best describe the 1967, Generals volleyball team. Emphasizing the important factors involved in volleyball. Coach Don Geyer has molded one of the outstanding high school volleyball teams in the Pittsburgh area. In pre-season play they have been very successful as a result of unified team- work, superb conditioning and confidence in their efforts which results from an excellent knowledge of the game. Seniors playing their final year for the Generals are Bob Duermeyer, Martin Weidner, Andy Barkovich, Paul Collins, Joseph Ferrari, Robert Organist, Thomas Pruszynski, John Barkovich, John Milyak, Charles Cook, Richard Knochel, and Tom Blaskiewicz. Serving the ball Robert Duermeyer. 1966-67 CITY SOCCER CHAMPS Front Row Qleft to righty-John Haas LMgr.j, Tom Blaszkiew- icz, Frank D'Eliso, Charles Wilkes, Charles Cook QCO-Capt.J, John Bonifate tCo-Captainj, Dan Podgorski, James Warner, Richard Knochel. Middle Row Qleft to rightl-Joseph Bill, Paul Schermann, Bill Gorham, Bill Mazzoccoli, Marty Pistella, Joe Palumbo, Mike Guenin, Joe Ferrari. Back Row Qleft to righti- Andrew Barkovich, John Hodnik, Mike Allen, Tom Pruszynski, John Ross, Nick Shebetich, Bob Organist, Coach J. D. Geyer. Missing from picture-Joe Brown and John Barkovich. Season Record: 4 Won, 4 Lost and 2 tied. Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Elderton 2 Kiski 1 Elderton 2 St. Vincent Connelly 0 St. Vincent W. P. S. D. 3 1 1 Shadyside Academy 2 Connelly 0 Kiski 4 This years team scored the most goals by a team in ten years. They scored a total of 20 goals. Washington V A , Bonifate, Guenin, and Ross, tangle. P1-ugzynski on a goal kick. Scherman penalty kicking. Bill passes through Pruszynski to Ferrari. K I y is Q The team plays before a big game. SPeCtHt0I'S Gfejda, and Maf1CiHi, discuss the upcoming game with the team. Warming up before a big game are D'E1iso, Bo- nifate, Mazzoccoli, and Cook. A powerful drive to midfield by Andy Barkovich. I 4 I I . . Coached by Mr. Charles Markovich the Washing- ton Generals could be found strengthening their pitch- ing arms and sharpening their batting eyes. Even before the appearance of the first robin, the Generals were practicing the skills necessary for a well or- ganized team. Add a little sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork possessed by all Washington Vocational Technical High School Athletes and once again we find our alma mater able to be proud of her 1967 Baseball Season. L CM INIQ X' If h , t . Q , h f s ' 4. to I . , -mr J, ,Y I I , ,. -. , -4.4-fr .K I Q... ,- . ' ' ' Mighty Merola awaits his pitch. George Petruch studies the pitcher. .4-n. 4 n ,H .4 , mx If ,EQ , -K VV f Q I K Mhfi ,. , wir ., .. my ., 2,4 H , i K S., 5, " - 1, ., ,,., . .. ia p ii, Q ,s ,P L Q 'Q LM. 'T X Q .c"3""' M " 'ft nv 4. Donatelli rounds first head- A11thOHY dS1iVG1'S hiS Sbefna Mccau anticipates an easy ing for second. Special. Out. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD 1966-67 Front Row Qlto rj-Marty Pistella, Bob Donatelli, Cliff Christian, Ray Britt, Tom Blaszkiewicz. Back Row Q1 to rj-Henry Bridge Qmgr.J, Thomas Albert, Thomas Pruszynski, Craig Clark, Gerald Ricketts, Coach J. D. Geyer. The wonders of Elmers glue. l K :W 2 fi If 5 5' X l I1 I X X Plf I, fflxxlll W X! xg!! 5 ml' . x 5 4 l 4. Marty Pistella Gerald Ricketts Thomas Prus zynski Raymond Britt Craig Clark Tom Blaskiewicz JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Kneeling Qleft to rightj-Ron Lapiska, Mike Guenin, Henry Bridge, QMgr.J. Standing Qleft to rightj-Paul Collins, Thomas Al- bert, Craig Clark, Dave Pilyih, Frank Renner,J. D. Geyer QCoachJ. Under the leadership of Coach Geyer the Junior Varsity basket- ball team was able to sample the sweet fruits of victory this year. During the season they won two games beating W.P.S.D. and South. The JV's are the future floormen in the coming years and de- serve the constant backing of the entire school. Much determination and good attitudes play an important part in the shaping of their future as varsity players. Wash. Voc Oliver Wash. Voc. Fifth Ave Wash. Voc Shadyside Wash. Voc South Wash Voc W.P.S.D. Wash. Voc Peabody Wash Voc South Wash Voc Schenley Wash Voc Peabody Wash. Voc Fifth Ave Wash. Voc. Sohenley F Sz M Pizza Buzzy and Kathy Twin Drugstore Dr. J. J. Boltey Baggs Hardware Mrs. Gail Marshall Anthony Sausone Silk Shoes Mrs. Kay Krevash Mr. Sz Mrs. David Marshall Mr. Peter Ramage Karen and Chip James Spagnolo Donalu Spagnolo Spagnolo's Market Ed Fitzgerald and Susan Koehler Carol Sheirer Edward A. Fitzgerald Vic Fitzgerald Pat Fitzgerald George F. J. P. Kisic Larry and Joe Bietty and Margaret May Sullivan Lupes Pizzeria Edward A. Fitzgerald Vic Fitzgerald Mrs. Eleanor George Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Gladish FRIENDS Mr. Harold B. Weinberger and Family Simcic Family ?'Snoopy and Friends" Edward Horn Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Horn Lind Romanko Jack Dunmeyer John H. Wolf Dizzy Tom Sz Sophie R. F. Sparrow G. Santotiauido Anonymous Donald Garrett Phil Blough Wm. G. Malter Anonymous Hal Michael Gronsky Mary Jean Walters Marion Sima Graduate of "66" Red Baron Joseph G. Bigley Rocko Christians Race Cars Inc. Miss Karen McKay Mr. and Mrs. David Weidner Al Ondrick John Dougherty Family Albert J. Hickel J. R. Ketchell Mrs. Florence Palumbo Jacob and Bernie Weidner J. Donald Geyer Ruth B. Cuncie Mrs. W. F. Maguire Ceil, Marty and Pat O'Tolle Phil's House of Meats Mary J aketic Walt's Variety Store Dorothy Thomas Mrs. Chester Wisniewski Elizabeth A. Metzer Mrs. Helen M. Thrush Nancy J. Tonte Bill Civetic Mr. and Mrs. Duermeyer Mrs. Lucille Nadolny Laverne's Lounge Penn Aiken Dairy Laverne's Lounge Mel Wilson Mr. Sz Mrs. Henry Kowaleski Ben and Mary Weidner Family Phil Rold Mr. and Mrs. G. Johnston Sz Family Wesley S. Magoll Mary Malovich Francis J. Dadowski Mrs. J. B. Haas Rick and Mary Ann Mrs. Mary Mikulan Mr. and Mrs. Wise and Family Mr. and Mrs. Moser and Family John and Mary Ann Kruljac Margaret Zovko Agnas Atzenger Mrs. Mance Teresa Hradisky Margaret Veltri Mrs. Veronica Jurkovic Mr. and Mrs. Navacic Joseph L. Dielsi Mary Lou Trbovich Peter Rotoudo Ralph Trbovich Richard J . Meigel 95 Anna Jurkovick Deborah Gladish and Joey Churilla Ronnie and Sue Bell, David and Lo Ann C'Keefe Burnie Donovan Harry's Ladies and Childrens Store Bell Jackson William E. Tebbets ' Casse1's Men's Store Tylers of Lawrenceville Louis Cleaner's and Tailors Chesters-Carpets-Furniture A B C Produce Louise Carol Bihary Mrs. H. Poels Coach Wm. S. Dorsey Mr. Barry S. Hanburger Tina Piotrowski H. E. Auth 302 Electric Wiring Shop at Noon S. P.-4 Dennis J. King Mr. and Mrs. F. King Carol Calauk Jane Finlay Mrs. R. Markuss Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Nendza Mrs. Stephen Barkovich Joseph F. Kobe Bernie Pucka's Tavern C. J. Laurie H. E. Auth A. Balsamo A1 Storer Red Farmerie Anthony Carp Howard Niemetz Elmer G. Zielfilder Frank Plum Mr. Wiegman Edward Straus Joey Novak Wendy's Old Lady McNickle Mr. Metro Go Groups from Motor and Eats Franks Bakery Mark McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Barkovich Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kerekes Hugh T. Smyth Wm. T. Turnbaugh Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Mr. Katheen Casey Joseph Schacter Mr. Lawrence Casey Mrs. K. R. Markewinski Roberta Barkovich H. E. Auth Phil Shane Mrs. Helen J. Seaman Caro M. Allenbaugh Mrs. John Balkovec Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wisniewski Henery Drozdowski Mrs. M. Grove Henery Drozdowski Mr. and Mrs. H. Drozdowski Mrs. C. Ozimek Kay Beer Dist. L. J. Krzywicki Frank and Tony Jimmy Ambrose Nancy Lee Gawinske George Luts Barb Gawinske James Clark Jackie and Cheryl 5-1-66 Wooton Agency Scooter Pie Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Grejda Joseph Rutkowski Andrew DeRubis Mr. Camine Merola ARSENAL BOWLING LANES 44th ond Butler St. Open Every Day 72 Noon Automatic Tens-D ucks Phone 683-5992 96 Wholesale-Grocery 3512 Butler St. Pittsburgh 1, Pc. Phone MU 2-8506 ALLEGHENY VALLEY BANK OF PITTSBURGH 5137 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 781-0318 A Full Service Bank, with your convenience in mind Mortgages-Auto-Commercial Loans Checking and Savings Accounts Member of F.D.I.C. Federal Reserve System Washington Vocational Technical High School Vital Statistics ln 1926 Dr. Alexander Booth and a group of teachers invading from Ralston School captured the Arsenal, which in 1936 gave birth to Washing- ton Trade School. From that date to this, some 20,000 students have passed through the hallowed halls of Washington Vocational Technical High School. Since its start students have been taught skills in Carpentry, Wood Shop, Cabinet Shop, Auto Beginners, Auto Service, Machine Shop, Print Shop, Electric Shop, Electric Appliance, Brick Shop, Electronics, and Welding. For many years it has served the general public as an adult night school. Through a Work Experience Program, many students have found a life-time vocation. A significant number of its students have completed work as Industrial Arts Teachers, Management Specialists, and Technicians. ln the 40 years of its existence its stability is exemplified by the fact that only four principals have administered and supervised its activity, Dr. Alexander Booth, Mr. Paul Bower, Mr. Ward W. Swain, and its retiring principal Newton W. Simons. They and their school have served the com- munity well. Requiescat In Pace John E. Kerekes ARA SERVICE OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 3255 Babcock Boulevard Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 M125 931-6200 Specialists in food and beverage service programs for Institutions, Industrial Plants, Offices, Schools and Hospitals AUTENREITH'S Dollar Stores AUTENREITH COMPANY, INC. General Ottice-4801 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh 13, Pa. M',Wd d ,Th d ,F'd 5521675 gorilla? " GY GILBER T MclNNES Funeral Director B' S' Butler Street at 46th 146 441h Sfreef Pittsburgh, Pa. l52Ol LAWRENCEVILLE, PA. 682-6500 486-5765 E-'I -. l , 3. Standing: L. to R., Linda Sweeney, Susan King, Pat Kozlowski, Vicky Robinson, Pat Lambert, John Haas, Andrew Barkovich. Sitting: L. to R., Lydia Nadolny, Nanette Wilson, Ursula Kominski, Ray Korey. ARSENAL WASHINGTON HIGHLIGHTS As members of the i967 Highlights staff we would like to ex- press our gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Cavalier staff for making this yearbook a pictorial and editorial review of our most cherished memories that will forever remain in our hearts. We, who are in an allied journalistic field realize the editorial, photographic and financial problems which had to be solved by your group. Once again thank you for this treasure house of our work and play at Arsenal-Washington Vocational- Technical High School. 4409-11 Butler si. Pittsburgh 1, PQ. Chester Pierce MA 1-0986 cHEsrER's cARPErs JEWELRY AND RUGS Diamonds - Watches Specialists in Wall to Wall Carpeting i 0 Living Room Suites Repalnng Mattresses and Box Springs Car Radio Repair Sales J ESTE R BROS . SP E C H T T . V. SUNOCC REPAIR sERv1cE 3450 Butler Street 4609 Butler si. 682-7744 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 M 1 I C R dh d T V S I MU2-8395 ooroa ar aioan .. aes We Service Color T.V. MAX C. SMITH CO. 3611 Butler Street 4747 Hatfield Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 682-2865 Hardware-Roofing-Heating Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 PIONEER SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 4719 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224 Phone 682-0311 Office Hours Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. Friday 12 Noon-8:00 p.m.-Closed Saturday Phone 681-9100 NICKLAUS TRANSFER 8. STORAGE CO. LEONARDS PLUMBING FIXTURES AND PAINT CO. Plumbing Fixtures-Appliances Fu rnitu re-Lamps-Office Fixtures Merchandise Warehouse Never Knowingly Undersold 0 3417 Penn Avenue Harry N. Nicklaus Jr. 36aAW L dl ' P 682 7415 . eonar evine, rop. - Pmsburgh l' Pa' Lawrenceville, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. RUDYS BAR 4207 Butler St. BENNETT LUMBER CO. Lumber and Millwork 21 Sedgwick Street Pittsburgh 9, Penna. WEBER WELDING SUPPLY CO. 3220 Smallmon St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 Welding Equipment Specialists TREMPUS DISTRIBUTING 42 Forty-eighth Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 Compliments S. A. HAECKLER DRUGS Dr. M. E. Weinberger 4210 Butler Cor. 43l'd. Opfofneffisf Pittsburgh 1, Pa. Phone 621-3184 4757 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224 Compliments of JOE FARGO'S TEXACO SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories TEXACO 1800 Brighton Rd. N.S. - Pgh., Po 15212 Phone 231-9978 - Pick up 8. Delivery PENN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 5440 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, Po. 15206 A Post High School Institution Offering Electronics For Coreers In Industry 102 CHESTER'S MEAT MARKET 3103 Bereton Ave. PEERLESS DEPT. STORE INC 4701 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, PQ. MA 1-5333 MU P2407 E. C. Price Dist. I 12 L ' Sr. 5 "W"e "COMPLlMENTS" Cold Beer , Dr. Charles C. Moore Soft Drinks - Ale Business Phone HOHIG Phone 321-3430 322-2545 PETE'S LUNCH Good Food 4021 Butler St. Good Luck BOE-PEEP'S RESTAURANT 4320 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Famous for Hot Sausage WAGNER'S QUALITY SHOES 4313 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pa. and 712 Main St. Sharpsburgh, Pa. ED. ZINSSER Flowers 4607 Butler St. Pittsburgh, Pa. G.C. MURPHY CO. CASSEL'S Vqfiefy Sfgfe 4315 Butler St. MA 1-1637 4327 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pc. S 8. H Men's 8. Boy's Green Stamps Wear ANTHONY J. SUFAK Funeral Home 3509 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, Po. WALTER SINICKI Beer Distributor 1-4988 Home 167 Almond Way Pittsburgh, Po. Delivery GEAN'S RESTAURANT 4106 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pc. Tina-Ange-Clara DON 81 JAN VlCTOR'S Choice Meats 4123 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pc. Phone 682-4881 LIGHTS BAKERY 4736 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Po. Phone MA 1-4477 FANCY CAKES HOME MADE CANDIES Plumbing 81 Heating 4308 B H St U el' . . Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. 682-8444 3519 Penn Ave. WEST PENN LACQUER CO. 331 Ohio Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15209 Phone 821-3608 Authorized Airco Distributor STANTON FEDERAL SAVINGS 84 LOAN ASS'N 5200 Butler St.-Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 Phone 781-2000 Joseph A. Hudak, Exec. Vice-Pres. 8. Secretary Current Rate of Dividend 4 1X2 'Xa Insured up to 515,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation GENERAL TEAMSTERS CHAUFFEURS 81 HELPERS Local Union 249 Teamsters Temple 4701 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 Albert A. Garfold, Sec'y.-Treas. 105 PIZZA PENN 3834 Penn Ave. Fresh Dough Daily-Not a Shell Finest Quality Hot Sausage - Meat Balls - Fresh Fish Hoagies Phone 682-9961 ALLIED WELDING 81 FABRICATING CO 32-39th St. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone 682 0441 Steel Weldments up to 50 Tons Capacity Sand Blasting-Stress Relieving-Steel Plates-Bases-Etc FOLEY'S MARKET "Fresh Cut Lunch Meats" Phone 682-9985 3601 Penn Groceries-Produce-Frozen Foods Ave McQUlLLAN BROS., INC Specialists in Aluminum Since 1900 Welding--Fabricating Manufacturing 38 St. 8. Avrr Pgh. 1, Penna. 106 FOSTER FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association 4319 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201 VUKETICH PLUMBING SALES Richard S. Vuketich Registered Electrician 4710 Hatfield Street 621-4783 AL AND BOB'S AUTO PARTS Complete Line of Automotive Parts And Accessories Drums Cut 4030 Butler St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 Phone: 621-4440 621-5222 COMPLIMENTS OF THE SENIOR BOY'S "The Pillars of the School" Dan's Jack's 107 WASHINGTON SENIOR YEARBOOK BCOSTERS Row l: J. Jenco, E. Borczuch, J. Wisniewski, M. Weidner T. Lollo, D. Kcldlewicz, T. Szulborski, T. Bloszkcewicz, P. Collins A. Troponi, J. Deleonibus, P. Schermonn, F. Morinello, E. Boles F. Furrer. Row 2: C. Woksmunski, K. Brush, J. Gregorcyk D. Smigielski, R. Zielinski, H. Motthews, P. Mocioce, P. Bon dorenko, P. Lindsey, E. Reznik, J. Bulger, B. Heffernan, J Tomiggi, F. Sciullo. Row 3: E. Borry, B. Duermeyer, B. Orgonist R. Gredio, A. Borkovich, J. Bill, B. Shook, D. Strofoloce, J Schultz, E. Horn, E. Price, T. Eichler, P. Molio, A. Tobbuso J. Brown, B. Stout, D. Scott, R. Yoroszewski, G. Woitkowski J. Borkovich 108 I F- aluminum and stainless steel Le BBYOH ARQUEE AWNINGS Li ' - Ulnl nllnl frame. Aluminum or Stain- less Steel Facia. A Car-Port During The Winter Becomes A Patio For Summer Beauty and practicality are combined into this deluxe Le Baron marquee awning. Distinctive, rigid aluminum ex- truded frame, and choice of aluminum or stainless steel facia, make this marquee awning beautiful and assure long, maintenance-free service. Galvanized steel understructure guarantees against snow cave-in. Built-in gutter carries drainage to downspout. LABORATORY Tested by The Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory, the Le Baron Awning with- stood pressures and weights up to 55.5 pounds per square foot. LeBARON ALUMINUM PRODUCTS 1st Street 8. Third Avenue Carnegie, Penna. 15106 Manufacturer of The finest in Aluminum Products Aluminum Awnings 8. Marquees Jalousie Enclosure Screen Enclosure Ornamental Columns Aluminum Storm Windows Aluminum Storm Doors Aluminum Railing Gates Etc Venetian End Drops Representative: John Pilszak Phone 821 5929 109 UN I Q U E heavy gauge galvanized steel support structure guaranteed against snow damage HILL'S STUDIO Your Annual Photographer High School Days! The greatest days of all for boys and girls. So gay, young and carefree! Days you want to remember- that's why we suggest HILL'S STUDIO-a photographic record to have forever! 214 North Highland Avenue Pittsburgh 6, Pennsylvania MO 1-9999 PHOTOGRAPHY ALFREDS STUDIO 5645 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, Po. T THE '67 YEAR CLOSES As members of the 1967 Cavalier Staff, we, at this time, would like to express our gratitude and sincere appreciation to all those who were in some way responsible for making this yearbook a pictorial review of our most cherished memories that will forever remain in our hearts: eil H YEARBOOK SPONSOR .... Mr. John E. Kerekes EDITCRIAL STAFF Ray Korey, Ronald Vuketich, Martin Weidner, Pat Hrubovcak, Pat McHugh, Andrew Barkovich, Nanette Wilson David Trbovich, John Tamiggi, Linda Sweeney, Pat Schultz, Marylyn Good YEARBCOK STAFF Linda Sweeney, Bernie Donovan, Pat Lambert, Ruth Ann Waller, Sandra Gole- biewski, Merilyn Good, Kimberly Seaman, Pat Schultz, Ursula Kominsky, Frank Marinello, Joe Brown, Robert Kisic, William Follette, Louis Duco, Richard Mikulan, Anthony DiMenno, Paul Schermann, Daniel Maguire, Pasquale Macioce, Julius Merlina ECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Printing ................. ............ E dwards Brothers, Inc. Photographers . . . . Hills Studio, Alfreds Studio . . . . .THANKS EDVVAR DS EQOTI-IEEE?

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