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Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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A ASHI GTO One half of the Arsenal-Washington campus is located at 40th. Street along the Alleghney River. Site of George Washington's historic crossing on his way to confer with the French, at Fort Duquesne. This building contains the shops for boys and some academic classrooms for the entire student body. , L .W , 3. ft., X . I .S L4- 1.. r Y, i,. , A, fer, . E QW Ll 'Qi 51 ff? ' :FEV fl, ' J' E- f e Jw ' iw. F 4 ARE AL Arsenal building is located at 40th. and Butlerg named after the historic Civil War Arsenal for the U. S. Army. This beautiful building contains the girls laboratories and academic classrooms for the entire student body. In addition a cafeteria, swimming pool, two gymnasiums, and an outdoor physical education plant second to none. 1 . fliers 1 fl r' 'U' 0 3 M15 'Pram' 1 rg 1 4. 511 f vm, 5 " ' 'Aw 1 n ,- . 2 fl' fda. gem Pr-jr A 0 K f"'lkf.lqn xlu- C I , H' l nf I lu Ya ,1 v Wd fz 'r I 614 1 1'-Ii-E' K , 1 1. ' fatirma ff .55 , '-v 46, 1 r Q, 14' ,J w 4"v,'- ' 2'- ,J-' I I . . -I . "F 'L , f-lifln ,- ii li L ll' lk il X - ,,,.,.x,' ' . .. . ,M A. ,L , , h.-5vi,Mv'L nx ,AL LL fmlf, ,. sf. ', In ta JJ t fl-Fx. 2 t , R A , it ., ,C ' ..-1911, . . ---r ',-'J:g7.4Z1.'.-I-U m-'.,,-' K. r . 4., .101 ,Ld , 1, 195' Z ' "1 'Z'-V. 'mb --'rv-a.... , U.. :ix fgfhjilj 'tr.,..,:,,1. -1-.1 - Q ' 25.11. " ks 1 .. M. .1-5 in 1 T3 x CONTENTS Tltle Page AdmlHl9lfdIlOH dliaeultw Classes Seniors Jumors Sophomores I-reshmen Actlvltles Sports Soccer Basketball Baseball Intramurals Advertisements Acknowledgements '1 A . Y s, , 4 SQ! 'cv-"R I 'fs 3 Y W 4-I 1 l I in '. 1 a 7: AB: R, Thi' 31 - I 1 . I .- , rl., Q V JE,-Q, ' U lkif: '35 FFL QS. if " ' W'-Z' SCS".-',-, - 1 , 1, 5 Mtxjt: ,. ' .,1:.t1u'- vLi43JEhk5:.i.Zf U ,ft- , - wg , f .g. wr-..j. H . '- vt .'2.1f'. t 2?.t1TL'5-r- .5 '-"1'1'2f,4,'h.g '11 , , - 351 ,fix-,, Y 1 v a. , -2. , - fx-, ' , I, 1 12' 151- 2?-'i tf'?Sf'!'ff-1, 'r,f'ff:w'N ' wx- T -2 .J , 1 -nu Riff- .tif ' .. ,E Ng. j 'Nfl' :V ..'-A -r , L, X - f .:.f, ,421 Q' 'Z ,.l,"Q,-ffl' .gf-W, ' fm-.' .mn .- . ' ' 1 " - '," -,r',,- j .sq 1,1 'N V - '. V , 1 f, - .l , , 9- 4 ,,.f?jv,.- J -'gp-5 7 5 1,3 V. 4, ,.', A J , " Pwr 'V ff . 553'-TS-'-"M mfg-59 Q- ' Q1 f: '5- ,, Q'.S 'Q 45' 'H ' l'i'l",a-3,7-g ,' ' , " "f5i?.n'?'q-1 " "' - ."l fi? V I VZ". I 'hi-Ntfqij' I ' In ",'. f ,L,f'-'xfxgjg - 'l1 l".:5K! ,xfff V,-'N -,VI i"'. . t , I.: F! '-f- -. f I Pw"7-'tf- .4 'N'Zf.-9' :A4?L'Z-Rx ' I:ld-VE'-7?l',l4l",'f'1k'. "k'rQ,"'Ll-L. J., I - l Jgfiffiizfvzvy., H l Q -A ' - . 111 Himlfshwgz-ix3W s 2.'3I's, .qtgtsza '-- J ,fnefl I 4: ! 5-f' J ,!5fof,9'Jf:3gJ,5ffQ.xZ7 A f- , ul, M., F ' "Peru 11 . 59'-..-1-,M tv -.y.,. ' Vfbfzg . --1-I ,- 'v' - 'X ' " "' -'1'1f4- A ' . ' ' ag -vs 51 f , - J f f tu., V 4 34. '-,-, 5, -. PM mem' .4 .1 -. . A .. - qv- .. 'H-l'l?11-141539. z .F nfr ."-. J ., -, A. - . ' ' A .-,H 8, TQ- 'l-QSLQQQ N ' K i J n, HH U, 4 ' - , v., I tu . affix if Y I-I4 V ,..'.NI!y A -a v, L rx,-.f F! .- - ,f .'r . v- -' 4" ., ., '- tt H. , U-1,141 ,- f A ' f.. A . inf' ' f-I I -. ' -T 'I -4 JL f - "' ' "A "' tw 1 'ff-f r '-' 1 - 1' f -' .r 2--'-ni-'12 U11 ser 151 -33 if gs? , -,, v .yft,LE.,e-,I--X,f,t-f,'- M.: 4 l . ,ww 43,-gqvgisafaw:a.z.fJ?x.f.'.'!'Z'hzEi?1Jg':5 .g?r4m?f., es, W- , . x:fQ-:?Lq:,kf5l?+v.4. .- - ,N '-'nw' ' ' ' ' " "' " ' "" ' "' ' ' ' N3-1" 'Q .fill-'rl M- ri ' FD-.. 1. .. wa, -N Q t - , - Rag-r ... Q '4- ' ffp , - -I -.-4-,-P,-geg 'uf . 1 ' f . - .5 . --4 Q.. - , - . V, -,vi - , , .lima 'S 'Sp-: uw 5 Q, I , '.- : ,V N I .:'...'. 4-A .-j . ' - -an - ' . Af. , '- , . ., 1 I s Wjfvg , 41 A-Q J '- lf'- v -wr P' .. X - .. - Q A , l . , A - 4, ., . ,L , . ik- ap . 1 .. . , - - , ry., ,: . dj . , , . .1 , , tml, . - ., e walk P J- -. - .V ., -Vu . . . .-Af bl 1 1 ' r.7g' -, 'lg K' . ab 4: 5.1 tru x-7-:-K 1. -in -' 5vl,'g": I -' Y I' A: ,rua ,, 47- H. ,, A11 . . A. f Q 4. " 9',flA,-'f . 4.24,--,1.4 -my '. . .- A . swf 11' 1.1 ' . . , 524' .-ru. . 1 .- 7 - -aan. .V -,.-at ,ffl , ... - . . .. .-. KW,-. ., . - ., ,fl y. g -w L.. ',.qf,,--,rf .-,.. I XJ-Q, 1-A - . ...m -' lsr,-QL 1:18, . , . -.,, K -. , xl -" 1.- --fr. 3 1.-wk 49 I' ., " .- ff ' I .v. 'v J- '--'-,','- -if ' 79- . - -px.. -S, - X f. A lx ' ' - ' Q.,-.Ls . - My .-, w 515-Nj 'A f?,.,. f f- -f" UQ,-HQ: 'f 1. f cps' r F 'Q :IA . IGS- V-2 .Q If , .V . I . vi' . 1, tx .V 43 W' . f, ' :TIJIU Lili' Enxzul urn. . s safnkil. kix.M:,-'UA I4 ' , e r 1 MA L '. 5 .' ' ' ' ' -V e ,','y-,fy -,s f. ,.- 1 ,Q -.QM f z, f.-',-Jl .' f.L"f1.-g-g,f1L',. , Vx? .' J,v- -QQ. , A 1. . - . 12.-.' -1. 1'-j- -,., U.,-cLs,..f.I '..-, sd,-ft .- nf, Q4 ':.'.1f qc... Nj? ,- . 5 1 1 N, ,iff ,ff ' - '.,'j. 1' .jg .- gjylguy-1' gf ,tx 424-if, uf, -, 17" -' -4 -, 1- -Q 't .,' ' f' 5- ,j. ' f' t 14 'Q 'Q--I' ,.-'Q-'Lf hs: - 1 -4' , t :ff ' 'df ? S7 911' q t A I - " f r,:f:,- f 75 -'rf 'li' :V .- . 1 . L. x. w . I I . 8 ' ' i -7' -F 42" I .5 i " ' 3'- .l.2v"! 'f ,ii " Q- 1,5 Ig' 52 I- .' C' t: ' ' 1-QA ' . ' px'-'13 . f ' ' tg,-5-ff , , rl.j.,lg:Fk'.A -rg,-,i,f'. 'pill' ':s-'ftp ' li-lf, ' lg' tx.: X. J 3, . sql .YJ . 'dxf' lg. I kit-1, I YQ? . .4.' ' ' . ' . '. t , "Y . dll I fy -SA 'r- 9 -" .N g s ill?-1 '3 A 'f.glEQ,.:- 11 -'Aw . . 1' , , ' faq' 23-' ' .P 4 J- . - fi if 3 1 --, .1 :N - ! H .' if . ...I -1 . ji ' r' ' Afillf. . -- ' ' 'ff' af, .' E ff I V . , lx n . . . B PL' A , Thrift.. 2. 4- v -'sv' .Psa 4 1- lf. rl ' ' Ti -' ' A ' fs A png: X A E' Y. " X- ,165 ,gf ' -1 1 V5 ll I EQ, . :Qs ' - ' I. ' -.f- -- J' V! xii' ' . "T I gif. 5 ,,'-.1- ,at lids' to V. ,xx fl,-. ,. GJ r 'l 9 xi in, FU- Q11 1.1: I 35- ' 'Tf T fill: A "ff " 'lu if Q Administration Professional Study Faculty Committee The gradual merging of Arsenal girls Vocational Technical High School and Washington Vocational Technical High School began in September of 1965. The challenges presented were overcome by a very cooperative group of boys and girls. Further integration of our classes shall continue this coming school year. I have faith in the students of Arsenal and Wash- ington High Schools and in the not to distant future I see a comprehensive high school in the Lawrencville Area of Pitts- burgh. This school will undoubtedly be one of the outstanding high schools in Pittsburgh. Newton W. Simons, Principal Washington THE E OWE UCI-I K 1 l , may , g Ag. 1 'W5' -213 This year has brought with it an important change at Arsenal and Washington High Schools. We are very happy to welcome this. For the first time our schools have become co-educational. We are proud that our young ladies and young men have proven so cooperative and willing to work together to meet this challenge. By September 1966, we are anticipating more new programs and more changes in our programs and student bodies. Dr. Iris Linn Fike, Principal Arsenal WASHINGTON-ARSENAL ADMINISTRATION Seated: Hilda M. Seacamp, Francis Flaherty, Nancy Mianzo, Newton Simons, Dr. Iris Fike. Standing: Margaret P. Simmons, Katherine Mitchell. J Coordinator of Work Experience Mr. Crist M. King Cooperative apprentice training has been popular at Washington Vocational Technical High School throughout the years. Boys who do well in shop work and who also rate high in their academic studies are allowed, preferably in their senior year, to work in industry. Shop teachers recommend boys for these jobs and they must also be in good standing with their academic teachers. The principal gives final approval after their attendance and conduct have been found to be satisfactory. The majority of Co-op boys are employed full time by their companies after graduating from high school. Mr. King's time is also offered to alumnae of Arsenal-Washington High Schoolg here he is counseling a former graduate. HOME A D CHOOL VI ITOR MR. HYMEN MILCH The Home and School Visitor belongs to a group of special services which is provided by the Board of Education, to help the teacher with some of the prob- lems in the school. He serves students whose problems interfere with their ability to learn. Some of these problems are illness, achievement below ability level, prob- lems of attendance or frequent tardiness, aggressive or hostile behavior, difficulty with other students, or evidence of parent neglect. The more difficult problems are referred to community social agencies that are equipped to help this student or his family. The aim of The Home and School Visitor is to help young people make adjustments so that they may ultimately become responsible adults. l 1 NICHOLAS CHOMKO Physics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Bachelor of Science HERBERT CONRAD Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Bachelor of Science Senior Class Sponsor Music Director JANE COZZA English B.A. Masters Equivalent Activity Director WILLIAM DILLY General Science, Mechanical Drawing Bachelor of Science SUSAN DISHMAN Line, Color, Design, Fabrics-Clothing B.S. Home Economics ARVID DUERR Biology, General Science A.B. Univ. of Pittsburgh Science Club HUGH DUFFY Bookkeeping, Record-Keeping, Persibak Business Bachelor of Science in Economics MARTHA DUNN Social Studies, World History Bachelor of Science ,af g -V l ,i, , i SARA FODOR English, Spanish Bachelor of Arts ANGELINA GAROFALO Industrial Sewing Bachelor of Science J. DONALD GEYER Physical Education Bachelor of Science Coach-Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball Intramural Director, Sponsor of Letter mans Club REGINA HARTMAN Swimming A. B. University of Pgh. CHARLES HIRSH Social Studies Bachelor of Business Adm. NAN HOHENSTEIN English, Bachelor of Science FRANK KLEINE Bridge Designer Manpower Development Training JAMES KOLESAR Electronics Working for Bachelor of Science JOHN KEREKES Chemistry, Physics Bachelor of Science Masters in Education Activities Director Yearbook Advisor Faculty Mgr. of Athletics PHYLLIS KELLEY Cosmetology, Cosmetology Science, Bachelor of Science Masters Equiv. STEPHEN LESKO Social Studies, English, Bachelor of Sci- ence in Education, Prom Committee FANNIBELLE LEWIS Cosmetology, Cosmetology Science, Bachelor of Science, Master of Educa- tion, Faculty Secretary GETH LEWIS Foods Science, Bachelor of Science u CHARLES MARKOVICH English, Bachelor of Science Newspaper Sponsor SAMUEL MARTIN U.S. History, P.O.D. Bachelor of Science Junior Town Meeting MARLENE OTTERMAN Social Studies, World History, U.S. His- tory, Bachelor of Arts CHRISTOPHER PROVIAS Auto Service Tempory Standard JOHN PLUTKO Electric Wiring, Bachelor Equiv., Mas- ters Equiv. JOHN PILSZAK Working for Teachers Degree. Welding Instructor LENORE PARROS English, Bachelor of Science in Education PETER RAMAGE Math Review, Algebra, Geometry Bachelor of Science in Education LINDA PUNCHATZ Art, Bachelor of Arts LaVERNE REIBEL Health 84 Gym Bachelor of Science, Masters of Education, Director Intra- mural Basketball and Volleyball CAMILLE RUTKOWSKI General Business, Record Keeping Exploratory Business, Bachelor of Science in Education f f fu! 1 ffli Z , 1 AQ! 4 5 f, f 1 ff? 3 ,W V5 ' 6322 HELEN SEAMAN Library Clerk MARY SCOTT Bachelor of Science Masters in Library V Education JAMES SCOTT Electrical Appliance Shop Working towards Bachelor of Science. MARY SHOEMAKER Foods 8L Nutrition, Personal Develop- ment, Bachelor of Science. JOHN TARANTINO Mechanical Drawing HELEN THRUSH Biology, Typing, Bachelor of Science, Masters in Education HELEN WIDENER Typewriting, Steno-Transcription, Ofc. Bachelor of Science in Education. CYNTHIA ZABOWSKE Shorthand, Typing, Transcription Genil. Record Keeping. :E 4' 54-1? iluwva fx .ah A-gage, vm M 3323 2' W 3' W ' 371 1 AR ENAL AI TENANCE Keeprng the school clean and llvable s a very Important functlon of the custodian of Arsenal Mr A J Haber 2 f I 5 5 , Secretary of Supplie WASHI GTO MAINTENANCE - ve, nf X N ,,,,,,, ,X xt Mr. Joseph Bates reviewing a safety inspection report with night custodian Art Davis. Herbert Mangan 19 , f 5 ds 5 W gy- : s .g 5 P l , ,M , sp! X J 2 Q i Qlwgk WS-ar--' My f :,, W?,N.5,. ig LL J 5' .Z ,M If X L 53 fx X ww E-wife? F it 3 T , 5 44 .fy i si -y. .ww 4 I e MNST my X. Q x ,S WPLg.5V if-,N , 1 ? , E x 5, is J -Huis gf' is if! s Q ,iggwgysmmwwf is WISDOM, HONOR S E N I O R 1966 James Ahern Joseph Aluise Alben Amen Gary Anderson if JAMES AHERN . . . Plans to take up Electronics in the Air Force. JOSEPH ALUISE . . . General Motors Training Center-3, Red Cross-2.3,4, Year Book Editorial Staff-4, Projection and Stage Crew-4, Senior Committee, Home Room V-Pres.-3, Honor Roll-l.2,3,4, Intramural Basketball-l,2,3,4. Plans to continue schooling orjoin Air Force. ALBERT AMEN . . .Plans to be a professional Guitarist or a manager of a store. GARY ANDERSON . . .His plans are indefinite. DONNA ARCURI . . . Prom committee-3.4, Secretary of Office Machines Class-4, V-Pres. of Typing Class-4. CAROL BACCO . . . Student Council-3. Prom Committee- 3, Yearbook Staff-4, Pres. of Typing Class-4. SALLY BALEWICZ. . .Plans to be a Beautician. Donna Afcufl Roberta Armenti Carol Bacco Sally Balewicz Elizabeth Balkovec Anthony Bauerle Linda Bazzone Kenneth Beeson -f-- at f f - Qf:f:evfsal55Pafeff3Se?-gfwfmiii?fesffaibf fc, . ,. :.- ff? e 955 2 .3 gw1: 2Sm's- r -V figaaEfQ3f,55 .pg1wgl . .. . -K--M-. , ... -1- at -...f ,sfQ,w,.- .. - a fi -,ts,..:fJ. lfefewxi 1- he-- Ffatw : Q , W, .. .K . ,a ....L Wa,-.a,, X.,.,- . We rfafaw. .- er -' . . .. fzazff: nfgafpixfw. - 5 :..zfZy1fi1f 4, . ,,,., - - f-,-slgwfe, 1.,q2 . Y :Q+'iYae53f1xE' s. Q. 5, ,f..f-At., V gg-3gf3,g,5,vg . ,,,,. aa . i S.. 5, ,.,k-,k-, 3 : ,fgfwe , . k,,,,,. -- ELIZABETH BALKOVEC. . . Plans to be food supervisor. ANTHONY BAUERLE. . . Plans to join Marine Corp. and later have own appliance store. LINDA BAZZONE . . . Prom committee, Gym leader l,2, Plans to become Medical Secretary. KENNETH BEESON . . . Honor Roll 2,3, Plans to join army. ROBERT BRASSO . . . Student Council 4, Corral Group l,2,3,4, Represented School for All City Tennis Tournament, Plans to attend Tech. School. JOHN BRINING . . . Yearbook Staff 4, Sec. 2, Plans to further education in field of electronics. MARY ELLEN BRUNICK . . . Vice-Pres. Office Machines 3, Fire and Safety Patrol 3, Typing awards, Plans to be an office worker. I 3 ,-,-, fc ,O .L -. f f-,, f.f,-,.. I J 'ra. John Brinin Robert Brasso g Mary Ellen Brunick John Buzzelli RICHARD CANGE. . .Plans to enter the Army. ROBERT CATONE . . . Plans to make the Marine Corp a Career. DAVID CARR . . . Soccer team 3,4, Captain of Soccer Team 4, His plans are indefinite JAMES CARR . . . Soccer Team 4, Plans to Join the Marines. Richard Cange Robert Cantone David Carr Joanne Cecere David Chippich . Hn at 1. I f JOANNE CECERE . . . Student Council-4, Red Cross-4, Newspaper-3, Fire Patrol-2,3,4, Dance Committee-2.3, Prom Committee-3. Plans to be a Beautician. VERONICA CECERE . . . Fashion Show-3, Volleyball, Plans to get a Job. DAVID CHIPPICH . . .His Plans are Indefinite. KENNETH CHRISTMAN . . . Intramural Basketball l,2, 3.4, Soccer Team 4. Plans tojoin the Navy. James Carr Veronica Cecere Kenneth Christman A QUG5 ' JOHN CIESZYNSKI. . . PATROL 2,3,4, Choral Group 2, Co-op 3,4, Manager 2,3, Shop Basketball 2. Plans to join the Navy. GLORIA ANN CLAY . . . Fire Captain, Class Secretary. Plans to be a Dress Designer. ALBERT COLLETTO . . . Choral Group 2,3,4. Plans to join the Marines. CATHERINE CONNELLY. . . Prom Committee, Fire Lt., Typing Awards, Volleyball Team. Plans to be a Secretary. John Cieszynski Gloria Clay Albert Collette Patricia Connors Richard Czado PATRICIA CONNORS . . . Student Council 2, Class Trea- surer. Plans to be a Seamstress. - ROBERT COX . . , Yearbook 3,4, Student Council 4, Delegate to All City Student Council 4, Pres. of Student Council, Intramurals 4. Plans to enter a Computer Program- ing School. JOSEPH D'AMICO . . . Co-op 4. Plans to get a good Job. RICHARD CZADO. . . Intramural Basketball 3,4. Plans to become a Salesman. Catherine Connelly Robert Cox Joseph D'Amico Stephen Delost George Demmef LINDA DeIORIO . . . Student Council Representative. Plans are Indefinite. ROSEMARY DONNATELLI . . . Prom Committee 3.4, Choral Group 3, Homeroom Pres. 2.4, Treasurer for Office Machines 4, Filing Award 3. Plans to be a Secretary. STEPHEN DELOST. . . Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. Plans are Indefinite. GEORGE DEMMER . . . V-Pres. l,2, Intramurals 2,3,4, Soccer Team 4. Plans to Continue in Welding Trade. af" Robert Dubee Lisa Durso Linda DCI0ri0 Rosemary Donnatelli ROBERT ELMEIR , . . Plans to join the Army and make a Career out of it. JAMES ENGLISH . . . Homeroom Treasurer 3,4. Plans to go to a Technical School. ROBERT DUBEE . . . Newspaper Staff 2,3,4, Co-op 4. Plans to take Drafting Engineering Technology in College. LISA DURSO . . . Prom Committee, Class Pres. 3, Pres. of Office Machines 4. Plans to Become a Secretary. Robert Elmeir James English JANICE EVANS . . , Prom Committee, Typing Honors. Plans to attend a Business School. KATHLEEN FAAS. . . Plansto attend a Beautician School. Ralph Pantone Louise Farr DONATO FASCIANO . . . Stage 8a Projection l,2,3,4, Yearbook 1,2,3,4, Red Cross l,2, Intramural basketball l,2, 3,4. Plans to join the Air Force. ROBERT FEZZA . . . Class President 2,3. Plans to go to a Technical School and further his education in Electronics. Janice Evans Kathleen Faas RALPH FANTONE. . ,Plans to go into Stencil Cutting for Monuments. LOUISE FARR . . . Fire Patrol 3, Prom Committee 3,4, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Volleyball 3. Plans to be a beautician. John Gable Judith Gibson Donato Fasciano Robert Fezza JOHN GABLE. . .Co-op 3,4. Plans tojoin the Navy. JUDITH GIBSON Prom Committee, Secretary of homeroom 4, Lt. Fire Patrol, received typing awards. She plans to attend Business School. M 27 DAVID GOLEBIEWSKI . . . Co-op 4. Plans to go into Drafting. LAVERNE GRATTON . . . Fashion Show l,2,3. Plans to be a Dressmaker. DAVID GRINDEL . . . Yearbook representative l,2,3,4, Stage Crew l,2,3,4, Red Cross. Plans for his future are to further his knowledge in Electronics at Penn Tech. LAWRENCE GRISHAM . . . Soccer 3, Co-op 3, Intra- mural basketball 3. Plans indefinite. David Golebiewski David Grindel PETER GUGLIELMON . . . Choral Group l,2,3, Home- room Treasurer I, Sec. 2,3, Soccer Team 3, Intramural Basketball 2, Plans to attend a Technical School. KAREN HAHN . . .Dance committee 2, Fashion Show l,2, Fire Lt. 2. Plans for secretarial work. DAVID HART . . . Yearbook staff 2,3, Student Council 3,4, Co-op 3,4. Plans to go to College. JEAN HARTZ . . . Co-editor of school newspaper 3, Stu- dent Council Vice Pres. 3, Safety Patrol Pres. 2,3, Partici- pated in Junior Town Meeting of the Air 2,4. Plans to attend Art School. Peter Guglielmon qw, is fa g get If" , 9 X . 'T slit 'R 3 X i4'539Ff'ilF" David Hart ' . if ' f .J 'f'ii I I 'ffl A g ' f P LaVerne Gratton Lawrence Grisham J ul tk? iw. J .H 1 1 .3 Karen Hahn Jean Hartz 2 .mtl ,fe Linda Hoffman Gina Hudson tee 2, Fashion show l,2, Fire Lt. 3. Plans to do Secretarial work. V M ,'A LINDA HOFFMAN . . . Class Secretary l, Dance commit- X GINA HUDSON. . .Plans to work as a hairdresser. xv Af' HELEN HUGHES. . . Plans to ge into nursing. """'- PAUL IGNOSH . . . News Paper 2, Yearbook 3,4, Choral Group 3,4, Soccer 3, Intramural basketball 4. Plans to further his education at Point Park. Helen Hughes Paul Ignosh William Jackson Judith Jarmulowski WILLIAM JACKSON. . .Audio Visual Aids 3, Co-op 3,4. Hopes to join the Marine Corp. JUDITH JARMULOWSKI . . . Prom 3. Plans to be a sv beautician. I-3 MARY ANN JASONSKI . . . Leaders Club 2.3, Pres. of class 3, Pres. of Office Machines Class 3, Prom Committee 3. Plans to be a secretary. at.. JOAN JENDRZEJEWSKI. . .Plans to become a seamstress. Mafl' Ann Jasonski Joanne Jendrzejewski DOROTHY JONES Fashion Show Plans to be a seamstress. DANIEL KADLEWICZ . . . Class Sec. 3. Plans to join Armed Forces CONNIE KAMINSKI. . .Student Council l, Red Cross 4. Plans to be a Beautician RAYMOND KANE Captain of Soccer Team 4 Plans to be a welder. Dorothy Jones Daniel Kadlewicz Connie Kaminski Raymond Kane Ruth Keenan Dennis Kelly Howard Kern David Killgallen RUTH KEENAN . . . Basketball Team Co-captain 4. Plans are indefinite. DENNIS KELLY . . , Student Council 3. Plans to attend college HOWARD KERN . . . Soccer 3,4. Plans to be a Welder. DAVID KILLGALLEN . . . Intramural Basketball l,2. Plans to be a carpenter John Kiley Dennis Killen Barbara Kluczowski Gregory Knox DENNIS KILEY . . . Senior Committee, Co-op 3, Intra- mural Basketball 2. Plans tojoin the Air Force. DENNIS KILLEN. , .Plans tojoin Marines. BARBARA KLUCZOWSKI . . . Student Council 2, Gym Leader l,2. Plans to be a beautician. GREGORY KNOX . . . Co-op 3, Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4, Volleyball. Plans to join the Marines. ANDREW KOSUDA . . . Student Council l.2,3,4, Choral Group 2,3,4. Plans to join the Marines. EDWARD KOCUL . . . Honor Roll l,2,3. Plans to attend Technical College. NORMAN KRONISER . . . Co-op 3,4. Plans to join Air Force. JOSEPH KRUZEWSKI . . . Co-op 4. Plans to attend a technical school. Andrew Kosuda Edward Kocul Norman Kroniser Joseph Kruzewski Helen Kupras Lucille Kutosky Gloria Lagkowgki Priscilla Latkovic Stanley Levandowski Shirley Lio HELEN KUPRAS. . .Pres, of homeroom 3, V. Pres. home- room 4, Junior Town meeting 3, V. Pres. of Office Machines 4, Sec, of Student Council 4. Plans to further her education. LUCILLE KUTOSKY. . , Prom committee 3, Plans to be a secretary. GLORIA LASKOWSKI . . . Student Council 3,4, Prom Committee 3,4, Choral Group 3. Plans to continue her career in Cosmotology. PRISCILLA LATKOVIC . . . Student Council 3, Junior Town Meeting 3. Fashion show. Plans to get into the busi' ness world. STANLEY LEVANDOWSKI . . . Coral Group 3.4, News- paper 3. Junior Achievement 3. Red Cross 3. Is now in Naval Reserves and plans to go in active duty after graduation. MADELINE LIBERTO . . . Yearbook 3.4, Co-Editor of Yearbook 4, Editor of Newspaper 3, Prom Committee 3. Plans to be a secretary. SHIRLEY LIO . . . Prom Committee 3, Student Council 2. Gym leader 2. Plans indefinite. PATRICK LOGAN . . . Red Cross 3. Choral Group 3. Co-op 4, Homeroom Sec. 4, Pres. Homeroom 3. Plans to go to I.B.M. Management School. 5 Madeline Liberto Patrick Logan Q LAWRENCE LONGO . . . Plans to become a machinist. f f MAURICE LOVE . . . Co-op 3.4, Senior Committee. Plans is :J to join Army. JOHN MANCE . . . Student Council 3. Red Cross 3.4, Intramural Basketball 1.4. Plans to join Air Force. JAMES MANCINI . . . Choral Group 1.2,3,4, student ' "J fi . ' F rw S is . .23 an fix we at S! , s S 1 Q3 , , A , f . . , A .. , . .E ,t SE , . ff: 3 K few? ' 44 fp , 1' N 2 4 S ,fm , 1 ' l' . Council l. Intramural 4. Plans tojoin Navy. Lawrence Longo Maurice Love John Mance Ronald Marchione Joseph Markewinski RONALD MARCHIONE . . . Co-op 3. Plans to go to Junior College. ROSEMARY MARINELLO . . . Prom committee 3, Eng- lish Essay Award 3. Plans to become a Secretary. JOSEPH MARKEWINSKI . . . Plans to join the Armed Forces. KATHRYN MASTERS . . . Choral Group 3. Plans to be- come a secretary. James Mancini Rosemary Marinello Kathryn Masters JOHN MATTAROCHIA . . . Patrol 2,3, Homeroom President 4, Senior class committee. Intramurals in basketball 2,3,4, Volleyball 2. Plans to join the navy. JAMES MAZZOCCOLI . . . Homeroom treasurer l,2, Home- room Vice Pres. 3,4. Plans are indefinite. John Mattarochia James Mazzoccoli Cosmotology. dent of homeroom 3,4. Plans for the future are indefinite. Judith Merlina James Mesnar GUY MIANZO. . . Future plans are indefinite. JOHN MIKITA . . .Plans to join the Air Force. Margaret Miller Pamela Molinero Guy Mianzo -'Olin Mikita MARGARET MILLER . . .Plans are indefinite. PAMELA MOLINERO. . . President of homeroom 4. Pl workin beauty shop. JUDY MERLINA . . . Vice Pres. of Senior Class, Yearbook staff 3.4, Prom Committee 4, Choral Group l,3, Homeroom Secretary l, Gym Leader 3. Plans to continue her career in JAMES MESNAR . . . Homeroom Treasurer l,2, Vice Presi 2il'lS to Salvatore Morando Joseph Moschella JACQUELINE MOSCO . . . Prom Committee 3, V. Pres. 3. Sec. 4. Plans to work in office. FRED MURPHY. . .Plans to join Army. Mary Murphy Ronald Muto FRANCIS MCCLAREVI. . .Plans to go to work. WILLIAM MCLOY . . . Plans to get a job as an electrician. SALVATORE MORANDO. . . Plans to become barber. JOSEPH MOSCHELLA . . . Plymouth trouble shooting con- test 3, Patrol 3,4, Pres. Homcroom 4, Yearbook 3, Intramural basketball 3. Jacqueline Mosco Fred Murphy MARY MURPHY. . .Plans to go to work. RONALD MUTO. . . Plans to further his education. Francis McClaren William McLoY W Vid William McGuire Kathleen Novak Maureen O'Brien Frank Paonessa 36 i WILLIAM MCGUIRE . . . Intramural Basketball 2.3.4. Plans to open his own garage. FRANCES NICOTERA, . .Plans to be a Private Secretary. KATHLEEN NOVAK. . .Plans are indefinite. RONALD NOVAK . , . Yearbook l,2,3,4, Newspaper Staff 3, Choral Group 2.3. Plans to Join the Navy. MAUREEN O'BRlEN. . .Plans are indefinite. JANET O'NElL. . .Choral Group 3, Prom Committee 3.4, Yearbook Staff 4, Dance Committee 2. Plans to be a Beautician, FRANK PAONESSA. . . Plans to join the Army. STANLEE PATTERSON , . .Plans are indefinite. 4 f Frances Nicotera Ronald Novak Janet O'Neil Stanlee Patterson Lawrence Pazin Carmen Petrocelli Robert Piet Linda Plame LAWRENCE PAZIN . . . Plans to open an Appliance. CARMEN PETROCELLI . . . SENIOR Committee, Stu- dent Council 3, Treasurer of Senior Class. Plans are indefinite. ROBERT PIET. . .Homeroom Treasurer 2, Pres. 3, Patrol, Co-op, Choral Group. Plans to be an Electrician. LINDA PLANIC . . . Fire Patrol, Choral Group 3. Plans to be a Beautician. STEVE PREISNER . . . Plans to join Army Electronics Division. NANCY REICK . . . Fire Patrol l,2,3, Dance Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Volleyball 3. Plans to get ajob. JOSEPH RIHN . . .Junior Achievement 2.3, Student Coun- cil 1, Homeroom Treasurer 3, Intramural Basketball 1,2, Volleyball 2. Plans to join the Air Force. MARGARET RIXNER. . .Plans to be a Seamstress. Stephen Preisnar Nancy Reich Joseph Rhin , gf Margaret Riner Douglas Rockwell Thomas Rodgers PHILIP ROLD. . .Plans for the future are indefinite. DAVID ROLEWICZ. . . Plans to go into the service. James Ross Elessa Ruffa JAMES SAMUELS. . . Intramural basketball 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3. Plans are indefinite. DOUGLAS ROCKWELL , . . Soccer 3,4, Basketball 2,34 Volleyball 2, Intramural basketball 2,3,4. Plans to become a machinist. THOMAS RODGERS. . .Homeroom Treas. 4, Student Coun cil 2, Newspaper 2,3,4. Plans to enter the Military Service. Philip Rold David Rolewicz JAMES ROSS . . . Intramural basketball l,2. Plans to join the Navy. ELESSA RUFFA . . . Fashion Show 1,2, Homeroom Treas. 3 Prom Committee 3, Red Cross. Plans to get a Secretarial job James Samuels Richard Sargent RICHARD SARGENT. . . Intramural basketball 3. Plans to further his education. 38 JOSEPH SBERNA . . . Red Cross 4, Co-op 3,4. Plans to be- come a Machinist. MARYANN SBERNA . . . Dance Committee 2. Plans to bc- come a beautician. .ml"'f.t 'br' S, Anna Scatena Thomas Schoffstall THOMAS SENTNER . . . Class Treas. 3.4, Soccer team 4. Plans to join the Navy. PATRICA SHAUL. . . Fashion show l,2, Dance Committee 2, Vice Pres. Homeroom 3, Prom Committee 3, Red Cross 4. Plans to be a Secretary. Bonnie Shoop Barbara Simonic Joseph Sberna Maryann Sberna ANNA SCATENA . . . Student Council 2,3. All City Student Council Sec. 4, Office Machine Sec. Plans to become Secretary. THOMAS SCHOFFSTALL. . . Intramural basketball 2. Plans to get a job. Thomas Sentner Patrica Shaul BONNIE SHOOP. . .Fire Patrol l--4, Student Council 3, Plans to be a beautician. BARBARA SIMONIC . . . Vice Pres. Homeroom 3, Fashion Show l,2,3,-4, Red Cross l, Junior Achievement Representative 2, Dance Committee 3, Newspaper 3, Safety Patrol 4, Yearbook 3,4. Plans to become a professional seamstress. 39 Richard Snyder Leonard Sozynski Daryl Sprauge Catherine Staniewicz -lff-JWHS1 ' :www1.fs,'-f,gt,gs14mtsz1 at 1 1... m-wfffe ,, ,. .,., W,..W. ,..,,, .,,.,. a m r.,. M... RICHARD SNYDER . . . Stage Crew 2,3,4. Plans to join the Army. LEONARD SOZYNSKI. . .Plans tojoin the Armed Forces. DARYL SPRAUGE . . . Fire Patrol 2, Dance Committee 2. Plans to become a beautician. CATHERINE STANIEWICZ . . . Junior Town Meeting, Fashion Show l,2, Filing Awards, Certificate of Merit. Plans to be a Stenographer or a writer. THEODORE STARKOWICZ . . . Intramural Basketball 4, Baseball team 3,4. Plans tojoin the Army. THEODORE STARKOWICZ . . . Intramural Basketball 4, Baseballleam 3,4 Plansloioinfhef'-fmy' I ' illn 4: 35 VICTORIA STASIK . . . Plans to become a secretary. Qfff Q its I I WILLIAM STOKES . . . Plans to continue in the Elec- I1 A mm-:S field. ROY STOLTZ . . . Intramural Basketball 2. Plans to join EE -' - the Army. W - ' iz 4 , V, I ,,,t. I , ..,: Theodore Starkowicz Victoria Stasik 40 William Stokes Roy Soltz ...muse JAMES STOYER . . . Plans for the future are indefinite. SHARON SULLIVAN. . . Plans forthe future are indefinite PHYLLIS SUTTON. . .Newspaper Staff 3, Filing Awards Plans to get an officejob. ANNETTE SZCZYNPINSKI. . .Student Council 3,-4, Vol- leyballteam 3. Plans to become a Certified Public Accountant. james Sloyer Sharon Sullivan Phyllis Sutton Annette Szczynpinski Thomas Szczynpinski Virginia Tamburrino i ti David Tokich Joseph Tomaszewski THOMAS SZCZYNPINSKI . . . Plans to attend Point Park Junior College. VIRGINIA TAMBURRINO . . . Plans for the future are indefinite. DAVID TOKICH . . . Yearbook 1,2, Homeroom President 2, Vice-President l,3,4, Intramural Basketball l,2. Plans to continue as a machinist. JOSEPH TOMASZEWSKI . . . Plans to join the Coast Guard. Q 'SK 41546 Lynne Tortorea Q- faq EF We PM .5-4. K: " -64' JZ. ,.:.-.4 Timothy Troy William Tush Regis Urban LYNNE TORTOREA . . . Student Council l. Prom Com- mittee 3. Plans to be a typist. PAUL TORTOREA . . . Yearbook l.2.3.4, Lettermens Club 4, Homeroom V. Pres. I, Homeroom Pres. 2.3. Pres. of senior class, Volleyball 3.4. Plans to further his education in Electronics through the Navy. TIMOTHY TROY . . . Student Patrol 2.3.4, Student Coun- cil I, Newspaper Staff l, Choral Group 2.3. V. Pres. Home- room 2. Visual Aids 2, Co-op 3. Plans to further his education in Electronics. MARGARET TRUAN . . .Prom Committee 4. Plans to do dress making work. WILLIAM TUSH . . . Opening Exercise. Plans to get into the radio. MELVIN TYLENDA. . .Class Sec. 2.3, Intramural basket- ball l,2,3, Co-op 2.3.4. Plans to get ajob. REGIS URBAN . . . V. Pres. I. Pres. 2, Student Council 3. Intramural basketball l. Plans to go to a Technical School. RICHARD VOGEL . . . Homeroom Sec. 1, V. Pres. 2 Homeroom. Co-op 3,4, Baseball 2.3.4, Soccer 4. Plans to play professional baseball. Paul Tortorea Margaret Truan Melvin Tylenda Richard Vogel Ronald Walters Donald Wentz RONALD WALTERS . . . Plans to join the Air Force. CAROL WARYWODA . . . Student Council l,2, Fashion Show I,2, Prom Committee 3, Newspaper Staff 3, Dance Committee 2, Yearbook Staff 3,4, Best Typist Award 2, Typing Certificate 2,3,-4, Honor Roll l,2,3,4. Plans to become a Private Secretary. DONALD WENTZ . . , Production Supervisor of News- paper 3,4, Pres. of Red Cross Club 2,3,4, Stage Crew 3,4, Lieutenant of Safety Patrol 4, Yearbook Staff, Editor 4, U.S. Representative to Canada for Red Cross 4, Senior Commit- tee. Plans to attend a technical school. GERARD WHITMAN . . . Co-op. Plans to continue his co-op. JESSE WILKES . . . Newspaper Staff l,2,3,4, Homeroom Pres. 1, Basketball and Soccer Teams I,2,3,4. Plans are indefinite. MARY ANN YUI-IASCI-IEK . . . Fashion Show 2, Typing Certificate 3. Plans to become a secretary. CAROL ANN ZAPPA . . . Student Council 1-3, Dance Committee 2, Prom Committee 3. Plans to become a beautician. DAVID ZIMMICK . . . Intramural Basketball l,2,4, Base- ball 2,3,4. Plans to become a cabinet maker. Carol Warywoda Gerard Whitman Jesse Wilkes Mary Ann Yuhaschek Carol Zappa David Zimmick NORMAN ZMENKOWSKI . . .Plans are indefinite. ROBERT ZYGOWSKI . . . Co-op 3-4, Yearbook 1-2, Stu- dent Council l. Plans to have a career in the Marines. MARCELLA ROMERO . . , Plans to be beautician. MARY ELLEN HAYES . . . Student Council 3-4, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook-Co-Business Manager 4, Plans to get married, BARBARA ENGLISH . . . Senior Prom Committee 4, Red Cross 4, Captain of Volleyball Team 3-4. Plans to be dress designer. ROSEMARY HORNER . . . Plans to be a beautician. Norman Zmenkowski Robert Zygowski ave The Best To The Last F 3 Marcella Romero Mary Ellen Hayes Barbara English Rosemary Horner Against a background ofthe golden triangle, a senior group in Cosmetology is taking theoretical material dealing with the Chemistry behind the various potion they use in the field of Cosmetic s. 5 H? .qx Advanced electronics are taught to representatives of all the High Schools in the City by Mr. Kolessar in room 306. Intricate circuits, analytical electronics and a background for F. C. C. licensing is taught in this course. How do you sew on a button? Mr. Scott, is this the hot ,'? Jesse, you're suppose to lurn the machine on. mm Dave Zimmick telling Guy Mianzo to hit the nail rather than to hit his thumb. L! K 14? Sf?" ' .' Mr. Kerekes telling three seniors the fundamentals of surveying. ew 481945 'hm Amateur beuuticians at work Rf lvl! ff ,,,. J, Wiz Auto Service Seniors receive per- tinent advice from Mr. Provius, head of the Auto Service Department. 48 'sro sm as -. Seniors Grindel and Ahern are working out un electronics prob- lem in T. V. in Mr. Scotts Shop. Mr. Warren senior English teacher delivering ai passage from Hamlet. Life Commences Here 49 Mr. Stephens checks Senior English themes for two of our seniors Richard Cange and Gregory Knox. Eager Senior Mathematicians listening to lecture by Mr. Conrad Where? Oh! Where? ls Our Patrol. ,,,,J ...l 5 l , I 5 5- a 5 e l l Senior Bill Tush conducts the Audio-morning programs for the school. The Voice of W.V.T.H.S. TUSH THE GREAT She plans her strategy. She captures her man Everybody loves a senior. T i. i s 5 if x M'w..,, X 'Q -307 -S 5... was-w,,,,. Who has the marshmallows? Its a real switch from comic books. Now you're getting into the swim of things CAROL WARYWODA THOMAS RODGERS H0 GR ST DENTS Honor Students According to tradition. Arsenal Washington High School annually recognizes ten seniors who have maintained a high scholastic average from the ninth through the twelfth grades. This year the Class of "66" honored two valedictorians Carol Warywoda and Thomas Rodgers. A secretarial student Carol Warywoda earned a 3.4 average for her four high school years. She has achieved not only a high scholastic standing, but also a high extra-curricular rating. Her many activities included serving as Yearbook Typist, Secretary-Aid, Prom Committee and Newspaper representative. Her aim in life is to be a private secretary. Enrolled in the Electric Technical curriculum, Tom Rodgers scored the highest academic rating 3.46. He was Editor of the Washington Highlights and guided it to new circulation goals and improved its quality tremendously. Tom desires to continue his studies in the field of electricity. All ten of the honor students contributed to the high scholastic rating of Arsenal-Washington High School, and each deserves special congratulations. 'iii Tm, NIWEW' X HELEN KUPRAS JOSEPH ALUISE KAREN HAHN DAVID GRINDEI. Thomas Rodgers . . Joseph Aluise . Carol Warywoda. . David Grindel . . Helen Kupras . Donato Fasciano, . Joseph Sberna . . Karen Hahn . . Anne Scatena . Catherine Staniewicz. . . , 3.46 3.43 3.40 3.12 3.10 3.07 3.07 3.00 3.00 3.00 fmv EW ANNA SCATENA DONATO FASCIANO Gb CATHERINE STANIEWICZ JOSEPH SBERNA SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS -md' Top . . Paul Tortorea, President Left. . . , . Judy Merlino,V-Pres. Rlght . . . Donna Arcuri, Secretary Bottom .... . . Carmen Petrocelll Treas aasiiibq, A ,D at-+1-wb?" Senior Class Committee First Row: Carmen Petrocelli, James English, Paul Tortorea, Thomas Sentner, Joseph Moschella, Mike Runco. Second Row: Donna Arcuri, Louise Farr, Rose Donatelli,Annette Szcypinski, Gloria Laskowski. Third Row: Judy Merlino, Doris Smith, Pat Logan, John Mattarochia, Judy Gibson. Senior Class Officers LL. to RJ Judy Merlino, Vice4Presidcnt3 Paul Tortorea, Presidentg Donna Arcuri, Secretaryg Carmen Petrocelli, Treasurer. 1. WI-IO'S WHO in 67, 68, 69 U N D E R C L A S S M E N JUNIORS The Class of '67 will cherish memories of this year through the excitement of P and the discovery scholastically of getting class rings, dancing at the Senior rom new horizons. Joanne Barbieri Andy Barkovich John Barkovrch Edward Barry Gail Adams Carol Ambrose Dorothy Auberzmsky Cheryl Avon Gloria Bazzone i Clementa Bettenissi Joseph Bill Thomas Blaszkiewicz Q Edward Boles Paul Bondarewka I 33 John Bonifate Edmund Borczuch by if g ,V ' James Brining i g. 'H D. y i""s X. Madelena Brizzi 'J E' J, Joseph Brown , , W , ' Theodore Br lka - -i ' J 60 i .,,., ,fi , WN A E . ai, ' I , s il' 'ia ' A ? ' It 4 -he 555 a ill as -fi, Bernadette Christ Willissae Christian Paul Collins Sandra Cottrill Helen DeReno Bernie Donovan Geraldine Downer Craig Dreibholz 2 4 P 'I' N .P 81 2' -if W, F5 is Tom Eichler Theresa Emanuele Tony Erlain Anne Faraglia James Bulger Barbara Burch Joan Buttersnitz Robert Carrico ,,,,L,,,,, ,.,, ,, , r. ' ' 2- H ' . "sf 1 ff ., H TM fr H My 7. ! '1- x if sr Y I Z' af? Linda Cyphers James Deleonibus Jack Deleonibus Andy DeMasi vm, 'a 2 if Mary Drischler Henry Drozdowski Julia Drozdowski Robert Duermeyer I A f . 'Q ,,,, Q ' ' Joseph Ferrari Audrey Franklin Gloria Fry 'Wm Q 6 M V Mary Ann Frankowicz y S Q f l if M Rosena Gillum Dennis Golebiewski Sandra Golebiewski John Gonzales Richard Grejda John Grzecorczyk Joseph Haas Goergetta Hamm F f Alex Furrer Frank Furrer Dorothy George Ronald Gillembardo Donald Gorham Robert Grace Cecelia Grecco Nancy Grejda Qin Janet Hammersfak , N F 5 Geraldine Harris V -' i', Howard Hartz 'fiii V V ' if J A Joann Hartz if ' V : -' i 4 i,.,r J J J . ' 1175 iify ii - .f 'ri ' it f G J 17.3, ,,. L mf ,f J ,Ai 5? J' iw 4' 1 'fe ,wt V1 - ,I 4 s L t, as-2 as . ffa ar 1 49' mil Pat Hrubovcak Richard Huff Francis Hughes Kenneth larrusse fs . , , ? Q r, J, i 4 A 1 ll Joseph Jenca Kenneth Kaczynski David Kadlewicz Rita Kline as if ig! Kathleen Kuczynski Patty Lambert Edward Lankes Lorraine Lenczewski Brian Heffernan Frank Hirtenfelder Carol Howard Edward Horn t' 'T Ray Ignosh Yvonne Jackson Helen Jansen Bernadette Jasinski 'l Ursula Kominsky Raymond Korey Francis Komorowski Patricia Kozowski WQM 1 'ft FG it le lfsg K JH, we ,if ful s Paul Lindsey Carol Lucot Louise Machi Pasquale Macioce Nancy Mawhinney Pat McHugh Elaine McNickle Wendy McNickle Samuel Mussomeli Lydia Nadolny Jacqueline Nerone Linda Ninehauser ,nfl .awe , W V ,x?U32v 'N Maxim 3 Ni? ,izirwafifffrf A Q. -,.. 1 QQ- J ,. " qt Q K V, 1 '1 24 'lg , , , , 35935 K fr W' B 1 it 1 4? 1. 1 AEE ,':' 'Hi if 1 if in Pat Malia Frank Mancine Frank Marinello Henry Matthews Ted Medfish Vickie Medved Leona Mehlmauer Lois Meyers Richard Novak Geraldine Novosel Robert Organist Elizabeth Pecman ln m 55 Q 3 va f . 3 ., 1 ' " flff,ifi'i5f!3f'f'5ff Wi Fil' -,zu 1:2519 . ,.4,:f,fJl3f: Exifi .ygwm Anna Mae Propp Q rr ..M.,: f We ,i-sr -,A ,, AM.: x .ty- gq I 3 t , 'G an 2 3 if M if A lf . as S it Y 5 Thomas Pruszynski David Quigley Eugenia Radko Joann Robinson Anita Romero Edward Ross Donna Rudolph , 'Ks' Sa I 2 gf ". 6, 4 Barbara Schubert John Schultz David Scott Frank Sciullo if l Loretta Piontek Martin Pistella Melvin Predick Elmer Price 3 jf 5 2' i ,, i Lorraine Radziminski Edward Rzeznik Edna Mae Reiser Joanne Reiser Y - i awe i ,E W W 5. ",, ..r in 'Q v Q5 , , ,- fa Q A de A Joyce Rupp Paul Scherman Charles Schmidt Frank Schneider yt K 5 " N. .',, s X 6 I We Zia ., 135: Q, ' sf 551, Q ,, jg it 'hiv- X in 8 6 , yy w I V- at , was Daniel Smigielski Shirley Smith Christian Spataro Georgia Starr A Marie Swierkosz Theresa Switalski Regis Szelc Thomas Szulborski W L' qv' Wifi' L M' in y was Q5 if 22 if 'Q 4' A , Frances Sekely Nicholas Shebetich Robert Shook Madalyn Silvie William Stout Daniel Strafalace William Stratemier Mary Ann Suchy M V fag 'wif Kathleen Szwajnowski Angelo Tabbuso Rosa Tallarico 8, .fm +-gg, X , ,, f 4 John Tamiggi Carolyn Tejchman Mary Tomalewski Anthony Trapani iff, X Y Q Chester Waksmunski Helen Walas Chester Waltrowski Martin Weidner Linda Wise George Wojtkowski Caroline Wrobleski Robert Yaroszewski migifgw u new ,Q 5 l km 1 W 1 . 4 ' . : , ,I is A " , 1 ' in ,,,,. . Q., we as Pb' if Q -ii aa, ek sr K Q . 'I David Trbovich Leonard Urban Georgianne Verbin Ronald Vuketich . -":: : Charles Wilkes Patricia Wilkes Kathy Wilkins Nanette Wilson '13 1. WW Q - yi.. 5 Y , fi fs. 2 s- ,.f- i V Linda Yerkins Janet Zalewski Ruth Zeff Ronald Zielinski Judy Zimmerman 67 1 L ' Srl Tony, I told you to take these pliers out! Are you looking for something in particular? Where did that boy come from? Are these black things sup- posed to he moving? While the teachers away the students will play. You'll never be another Thomas Edison. With the ending of this school year our sophomores will have completed one half of the journey to graduation. Behind them are two years of study which has polished and refined the thoughts of childhood and has prepared them for the coming years in which many plans will be made and many goals set. Tom Adamiec Geraldine Adams Frank Altieri Denise Auth Dianne Bergamasce Margaret Berry Lawrence Bertram Geraldine Bogden Ronald Brown Susan Brozi Bernadette Brush John Caiaccio Allen Baker Ralph Barry William Bauer Yolanda Beddingfield Cathy Balkovec Barbara Bombrich Raymond Britt Pearl Brown Frank Celani John Chawrylok Karen Christ Adrienne Cenci 5 X 3 ,gf if A, if 4 J Vickie Czerniewski Frank D'Eliso Ralph Dell Darlene Demby . ,-1.1, James Clarey Thomas Clarey Eugene Colamarino Leda Creaturo .. ,iff i if QQ 1, f 51' X A 2 109 A M2 " 4 M X 4 K, tx, i what A J Jif27ii.," a- if QQ .:1 :'? L 4 ei i J Ruth DiNardo Jeanie Donofrio Vincent Doyle Clifford Dow 1 J if l Q . , mg. ,V ,. ,Vw P if 48126 Amato DeMatteo Alberta DeSabato Darol Diethorn Anthony DiMenno Claudette Elliott Susan Falvo Gerald Fierst Edward Fitzgerald 4 1 William Follette 1 Richard Ford Vaughn Fry Robert Grochalski Geraldine Hodge Betty Jane Howard Betty Hunter Michael Hutfles Cecelia Johnson Barbara Jones Joe Julian George Kalpich t L A l n Thomas Grochalski Kenneth Guzell Larry Hanlon Robert Hayden Judith lvanoff Helen Jamison Eileen Jarmulowski John Jerome Christine Kaminski Sally Kapp Robert King Robert Kisic 4 f i 'am M xxx , Mi 4 55 WL- gif! , 2 is Rose Kruck Timmy Kust William Kust Beverly Laitsch K 9? A Kathleen Laughlin Barbara Lawton Dennis Leininger Melva Lewin William Lloyd Louis Loeffler Grace Lombardo Leo Lunardi :v1,sm.5sv f9tf?U2Qf1e ' ' Bill Kline Sandra Kline Jacqueline Koehler Donna Kowaleski L A it L? 3 J ER K x 6, , L ii A iff 2 A Pamela Lake Edward Lampert Linda Lancianese Levonne Lane fm , wir ,L - ff, ,,. A L A9282 Bernice Lipinski Edward Lipinski Rita Lio Patricia Lisanti 4' K? S 3 FEM: 2. Mazola Mason Lawrence May Kathleen Mazur William Mazzoccoli William Malone Christine Mancine Kathy Markewinski Lucille Martin ,Kd 5 if WZ rf H X AHB . -.fe E .L A' I' Q 7 'FJ Q V Alexander McIntyre Sam McKinny Julius Merlina Andrew Merola Kathleen Montgomery William Murray Charlene Mutschler Joanne Mydlowski Robert McAfee William McCaffery David McCall Robert McCauley Carol Metzer Irene Miele Donald Miller Vickie Miller Richard Nardozzi William Nobel John Novak Judith Oklota Jim Peterson Joey Peters Susan Persinger Kathleen Petro Daniel Podgorski George Poloka Ronald Postreich Rita Reichenbach If 135 if wit ..,,.. ' Y 55522 ' V 7 ,V f, li J. , 1- V H .Q YL 94' Mike Olson Margaret O'Niel William Oswald Evelyn Pampena +-xx George Petroch Linda Piccafoco Mike Pierro Marleen Plotts Gloria Repep Gerald Ricketts Carl Robey Victoria Robinson F 1153 Egg, George Ronoza John Rossi Vaughn Salac Anthony Sberna Frederick Seifert Bill Sever Joey Shelby Walter Schulte OWN Richard Szramowski Rufus Thomas Virginia Tony Robert Trbusich .efii f f 1' so gk ' J I A . ,,.,l ,fr :tw A9189 """ 1 William Sberna Virginia Schipani George Schmidt Patricia Schultz Phillip Sierka James Sisco Gail Stasik Edward Sullivan Barbara Twigg Richard Twarek Thomas Venezia David Wagner ,, ., eg. ,a ., J f is T A' 11 WM : 1 f 5 1 Darlene Williams Sylvia Wisniewski Debbie Wolfe Stella Zaborowski 1,: qyyz iigi 2 .izlgv ' -' E' SQ ,ii if am! A ' W' AWP Q jk: 1 f M , 3 ,1 - W 4' r gel , V, ,ef , . "v, 1 Lvfr - af, Ev- 1 fk 3 l . L 3 , 2. , f V Q A i 'ffm . . '- - V521 ff- Katherine Walkowiak Ronald Warner Ken Warywoda Norman Weigold Dennis Zdobinske Beverly Zielinski Linda Ziokowski Joyce Zullo A Students learn the science of biology. 77 Who made this mess? Biology with Mr. Duerr. This girls is a chart on flying insects. ,NV 'qi -::.s'iL?' 4 ficgf-'92 1fP"'FN'bv in 551500 f, C i v .M,.,,,, ,,,, i,t,..,........--u-- ' n X if-..,.,.,..,fs"-"'?i,. SSi19"'A"7PEP., Mr. Dorsey tells Ken Warwoda "Young man you are on the parallel bars without my permission." Mr. Knapp, Student Teacher, conducts sophomore history class. Miss Thrush's sophomore typing class. i ..,- . 551851: What awaits us there? E U-w.,,i .f WEL QK' 5 FRESHMEN To the Freshmen we pass along, the privileges and responsibility of becoming a useful member of our school community. This is accomplished through diligent study, participation in school activities, school support and self elevation as we live and work together at Washington and Arsenal. s - V ag gf af. Y 4 P M i R , if ., ,ffgg 8 f 1 'gf 1 5135: ,pr .ig ri fir Dale Allison Ron Alberts Carl Allen Michael Allen 23 r-f x, 'EEL 712, ' nv-bw-M N if K in ,ff 6 ' 96 Carl Ayres David Balkovic Edward Banaszewski Michael Bartczak it i L. Able Lynda Accetulla Richard Aland Kevin Aland Anthony D'Andrea Ken Aqualine Carl Austin John Austin f I I 'sw 5 v. Eg- ,. ta, V, ,,,.5?,,4., I + t 1 1 James Beeson Stanley Binkowski J. Bizack John Bojanski v 11. - 7 'fr is A K A t s lr- Rosanna Bonesio Sharon Bonenberger Chris Braun Theresa Brizzi Henry Bridge Coila Brown Linda Brown Bill Bruni Geraldine Buccieri r N Gary Bullion M Diane Calabrese Larry Calabrese Tony Capotosto Madeline Carr Sandra Castelli Michael Catanzaro Pat Celendcr Regis Chaplin Robert Chowford Frank Ciecerko OUR POTENTIAL LEADERS Rolnert Coleman Keith Cohn T' Joe Conner :'- Patty Corry H Bill Dasta Wille Danzy Daniel Duncan Zora Degonish L Carmolita Dolan Margaret Doyle Robert Donatelli Ed Dreslinski - wi , John Ciganik Craig Clark Mary Cludon Carol Colarik Tony Cosentino David Cosgroue Pita Czerniewski Frank Dank Sylvania DeMarco Michael DiBello Kathleen DenHan Judy Dietrich -:.. , f Y gig sf 3' if 5 2 2 , , of Louis Duco Deborah English Kathleen Erdeljac Judith Evangelista . ,-if ,, Ellen Finlay Betty Fisher Kenny Salor Marie Fisneski yn Debbie Gladish Marilyn Good Liza Gongalez William Gorhan we Aj John Faccucco Ken Faladyna Richard Ferguson Regis Fersch -EE? :"" i A Lee Ford Andrew Frankent Gary Frankowski Wayne Gieraltowski ,gil R x ,Qi H va F, ,. Tom Grejda Dave Greygor Jonny Grieco Katherine Grove .... . QP' iffia w 3.?? ,, ,ki ar.. , - is Q i i Bob Hartz Gerald Hayder John Hodnik Marlene Hoffman Qu .aw Michel Guenin John Haas Georganne Haney Edward Harnis fha , , Y ,K 1 ., ,, ' f- MAN A ua, " is J f , A - f ,. ' . , , V l"l , J, Q -,"- . f - L,, l Q sg ,. JY 423' ' -I ' 4 N ' ' -2 gm f?f4Lwic. ' George Jak Daisy Jasinski Tomiasina Johnson B. Johnjill Lola Hammerfahr Marcia Hudson Eugene Hwangbo Dennis Ingold ia 10" xl I J if , F iid? 321. A' f ffm iw. Barbara Kazmerski Lawrence Kelly Susan King Ronald Kobus Ron Jonges Antony Jordan Robert Julian Margaret Juniluis 7 --N... Q William Koehler Edward Kolczynski Andrew Kolesar Christine Kohler ,W 'W ii' Rose Kostrzewa Jeffery Kozioziemski Jeffery Kozlowski Alan Kroniser . . , V ,, rr if f x' ,fi ,iam 1-': A wi. if .gm 'I ' V . 'L ii I ' m 1fw 4 :i,-1 11 w 2 ,,g 2- , -' we i l- 4 e,i fm , 5 - - ' Til -V i -5 ., , it Q 5 L' V i 1 Bob Kruzewski Andy Kurgowik Robert Kumnik Beverly Kust - L , ,, lk: r if .lie if sri" Af r Q 5, e i L4 wi A, J Mi w yr, wwf :V are . Linda Lidisco Georgeann Lewis Dominic Lubardo Harvy Lonnie IWQ .J ,f1 ,f?' , .- ,--K -::, 5 my x A xp if W Q , if 2 x 1 L Theresa Lach Ronald Lapiska Mary Lascola Roberta Leffokis Tom Macioro Pat McNally Barbara Mc Cracken Mitchel Macy L aww f A 5 'F av M 'fi' 85 i , Q, I fl 4 H if 4 re Z'H , Sf 2 Q Shirley Manack Donald Manchione Joann Marinello Connie Marshall Wayne Mager Ronald Mc Ginnis Kathleen Magness Daniel Magurie was , t' 1 Q f W? at WML Q , '66- 9 la Thomas Merlina Katherine Mihelcic Bob Mikita Richard MiKulan 59' V Jw 1 s Shirley Mydlowski naw -Q Ray Nerkowski 1 - James Novick Colleen O'Brien Afred Martini Tarry Marzel Rita Marraia Margaret Medlish , 1-at gf Lorraine Miller Robert Miller John Muto Thomas Murray -cf 3 2 R .gm ,X A 5? ' 'f A A1 it f 3 may ,,... Q-,.,ff:,eyf4: f 'ff lf, 9 Q54 James Ostranic Richard Pzierski ' Carol Prettyman Michael Popek f-f2ff 5 , el ff' A 1 Colleen Persinger gs , , , David Pilyih Stella Pinkas Barbara Pachuch ' wykflyy W1 af 2 H 1. fi ,, lellll , A-., J ,ff.., V, , ff : , ,ww a ,, ,, ,Q ,J , X iw,-Q , 1 W J Sr M nissan ' W Enda Offer Steven Oggier Dan Olesindki James O'Neil gg , fig, ,. A John Pekora Maria Poela Ron Palumbo Mark Dampuch 5 we sri arl J -A L J eall J 2 gala Joseph Plumbo Regis Reischlon Dondald Reiser Frank Renner James Roach Chuck Roskowski John Ross Helen Ruffa ii L.'- , ,:: ., 3 a t Y S N fi y Gary Seibel Ronald Sentner Dennis Scanlon Antony Schiavo Jim wr' William Simpson Sandra Smith Dave Smith Adrian Smith Steve Stokes Antoinette Supples Howard Supples John Suska Gerald Sauers Kenny Saylor Kimberly Seaman William Seaman . 23 t, ' 45441 P 1- it if Patricia Schneidner Suzanne Schollaert Lawrence Shaul Paul Sinicki Dewey Sprinkl Raymond Staniewicz Candace Stevenson Clifford Stewart v, .- W 1. 'U J fs K Q M 5 W7 E, , W fu fr 5 ?' bg Walt Szczepanski Debbie Swape Linda Seueeney Michael Talak an 'Zig -my - My 55: Michael Urban Eve Vunora Blaze Wolfender Janet Wojtkowski Ruth Ann Walzer Jim Warner Wayne Colling Debbie Zagorski Anthony Tedesco Geraldine Toliver Frances Trofalski Charlotte Ulbrich J 'f . . . .. f ii ffa ' n -. 5' Q JW , . ' W i P l J " L a A ' K f , . , K H1 wx K fgslgtf ,, , 2" K fn ' .- " :giggwifg-ga:'gis Q15 7-amz :A :- A J , ..,.., , is V gk, ai. 1 9 44, uf " Q ,K J ,NW af 1 we ,545 ti: vi 9 y,y s, Denise Wolff Le Roy Wilkes George Werbanec John Wallace lbf " 1 ke , , Sm 21 t L XJ J, fp , 2 ' f mf Q 9 I , ff' :ew ,.,L -- A Q 4 .. . ' ' H R W ' . 'M agi KEN . A Sm ,... ,,,. iiii i A ' . ,, 1- " W., Andy Zalewski S ' ii John Zelik Judith Zielmski J oh n Zielm ski I ,A 89 wr ? IWW : tv . ,L Charles Zorn John Zotlola F u fs THE FUTURE BELO TO YO Hey!! Your slip is showing. The future builders of tomorrow. What about the rest of the measurements? Anyone for swimming with me. English with Miss Parros can be en- joyable as shown by this wide awake ninth grade group. I The question was, "Who first sailed around cape horn." Cheaters never win! WHY! As proven by Mr. Chomko ANNUAL STAFF COMPILES LARGEST BOOK EVER V '?fI3i2A,?'iC5?5p1i-TFfiaf-swf Q 11,651 'f :Kilim ini?-if ' LXV' ' 51. iii-f'?f'iF?A-'i'f' l " ,.. Q52 Kneeling: John Gonzalez, Howard Hartz, Paul Lindsey, Lou .lim Deleonibus, Lt. Edward Horn, Donald Wentz, Bill Leffler, Joe Haas, Leonard Urban, Joe Brown, Andy De- Stratemier, Sponser Mr. Kerekes Masi, Captain Patsy Macioce. Standing: Frank Marinello, TUDE PATROL Almost as much a part of our school as it's desks and blackboards, are the faithful guardians of the corridors and student patrol. Excused to assume their posts at the end of school sessions they keep traffic moving through the halls and stairways where students cooperate in the true spirit of school life. Efficient, dependable, and capable-all these characterize the boys on a WHS patrol. Student patrol becomes more useful each year as it seeks to expand its efficiency under the super- vision of Mr. John E. Kerekes. No eating lunches outside! Joe Brown intercepts Paul Scherman Student Patrol sponsors Auditorium Program for student body. 4'-nv-... fd--ww-w..W2.., 3 3 .....4, ..- SITTING: Paul lgnosh, Paul Tortorea, James Mancini, Al bert Collette, Steve Delost. KNEELING: Janice Evans, Annette Sczypinski. Louise Farr, Carol Bacco, Lucille Kuto sky, Jackie Mosco, Donna Arcuri, Anita Roup, Lisa Durso, Wi .4 i. Mr. Conrad, director of Choral Group - Rosemary Donatelli. STANDING: Larry Grisham, Mike Runco, John Brinning, Pat Logan, James Samuels, Bob - Brasso, Richard Czado, Albert Amen, Timothy Troy, Andrew Kosuda, Joe Moschella CHORAL GROUP Every year all eyes turn expectantly toward Mr. Herbert Conrad as he slowly opens the Christmas Concert at our two schools. At the Christmas Concert, the glee members aim to live up to their triumphant performances of the past. Many hours of hard work and valuable time go into the preparation of these per- formances but all will agree the extra effort was well worth working for. The blending of voices and the unforgetable harmony tends to create a melodic and inspiring musical touch. Kneeling: QL. to RJ A. Barkovic, Grisham, Duermeyer, J. Wilkes, Danzy, C. Wilkes, Ferrari. Second Row: QL. to RJ J. Barkovic, Samuels, Ricketts, Britt, Weidner, Knochel, Pruszynski, Stratamier. Third Row: QL. to RJ Zimmick, Vogel, Rockwell, Bonifate, Demmer, Pistella, Christ- man, Cook, Kane. LETTERMAN'S CLUB One of the most active organizations in Arsenal-Washington High School is composed of athletes participating in the sports program. This organization annually provides funds for the purchase of jackets for all Senior athletes. It develops school spirit, annually provides alumnae athletic teams to play against the varsity and in its annual candy sale provides funds for all its projects. 100 f . , i 2 s 1 . 5 ' FIRST ROW: QL. to RJ Cynthia Kurzawski, Edna Offner, Carol Betty Fisher. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Shoop, Maureen O'Brien, Ambrose, Marlene Hoffman, Marcia Hudson, Helen Janson, Mary Ann Jasinsky, Cheryl Avon, Virginia Lamburino, Carol Michael DiSiena, Esther Audley, Deborah Gladish, Margaret Bacco, Sandy Golembewski, Judy Zilenski, Marlene Plotts, Doyle. SECOND ROW: Margaret Junilus, Linda Tedesco, Carol Linda Piturfski, Anita Romera, Adrian Censce, Betty Peckman, Warywodo, Barbara Simonic, Charlotte Mutscher, Kathleen JoanneCeeere, Donna Covaleski, Linda Planic. Montgomery, Kathy Wilkens, Ceclia Greco, Sharon Bonenburger, FIRE PATROL In a school Building as large as Arsenal, one of the most essential groups, is the Fire Patrol. lt is their duty, in case of fire or any other unforseen disaster, to lead the students from the school building through the shortest and safest route. In addition they secure all doors and windows before they leave. Mr. Ramage is their capable sponsor. 101 YEARBOOK STAFF First Row QL. to RJ Audrey Casey, Alberto DeSabto, Candace Wentz, Robert Cox, Don Fasciano, John Wallace, Paul Tortotea, Stevenson, Chris Kohler, Stella Zaborowski, Levonne Lane, Sandy Joe Brown, Christian Spatero, Paul Ignosh, Joseph Aluise, David Golembeiwski. Second Row QL. to RJ Julie Drozdowski, Madlyn Grindel, William Folette. Fourth Row LL. to RJ John Zelick, Silvio, Pat MeCugh, Carol Bacco, Judy Merlino, Carol Warywoda, Louie Duco, Al Martino, Anthony DiMenno, Richard Mikulan, Mary Ellen Hayes. Third Row QL. to RJ Madeline Liberto, Don Wayne Collins. Each year a dedicated staff works to achieve the goal of making sible if it weren't for understanding teachers who were lenient and the yearbook one of the schools best. The tireless efforts of the thoughtful enough to excuse these students to work on the year- members of the editorial and business committees of the yearbook book. All in all its completion was the result of the joint effort of make this annual possible. They worked hard to meet each dead- the faculty and the student yearbook staff. line. The publication of this yearbook would not have been pos- 102 Mary Ellen Hayes and David Grindel . . . Co-managers of Madeline Liberto and Donald Wentz . . . Co-editors of the the Yearbook Yearbook Carol Warywodu deeply involved in her work as a typisl for the yearbook. John li, Kerekes Ye11rbookSponsor. v-v"""" ,-:ff ml Robert McDermott And Tom Lollo Yearbook Artists. Barbara Simonic CUJOYWS hef W0fk U5 U YCi1Vb00k WPWA First Row KL. to RJ Sue Falvo. Mary Ann Susky, Carol Hersich, Third Row QL. to RJ Anthony DeMenno George Jak Gary Siebel Georgett Hamm. Patty Schultz, Donna Arcuri. Second Row QL. to Andy DeMaisi, Bob Cox, Ron Sentner Rich Kosuda Bernadette RJ Helen Kupras, Jeanne Hartz, Joanne Cecere, Zora Degonish, Donavan, and Bob Brasso. Roberta Leffakis, Rita Czerniewski, Daisy Jasinsky. Denise Auth. STUDE CDU CIL The Student Council is made up of students elected from the entire student body to serve as an example of democracy. Each room elects a student to repre- sent them in all matters that concerns the entire school. Among the activities spon- sored were the United Fund Drive, Dress up Days, Goodwill Clothing Drive, and social activi- ties. Its most important function is to act as liaison between the administration and the students. 104 Mrs. Jane R. Cona. Student Council Advisor '2-'Zn-Q" .VM f A ' ' f--"-- i KL ,FX .. if cc A if 'H "5 fy -i s 4 t I lr f i li v Yu Mrs. Cozza talks with Student Council Officers, QL. to RJ Andy DeMasi Treasurer, Helen Kupras Secretary, Robert Cox President, and Jean Hartz-Vice-President. Students stand at attention at one of the auditorium programs being run by the Student Council First Row QL. to RJ John Wallace, Robert Miller, Anthony DeMinn0, Leonard Urban. Third Row LL. to RJ Donald Wentz, Joseph Aluise Wayne Gieraltowski, John Zelik. Second Row QL. to RJ Eugene Robert Grace, Chester Waltrowski. Colamarino, David Grindel, Edward Lampert, David Turbovich, PROJECTIGN Sz STAGE CREW Students participating on the stage and projection crews perform invaluable services for the entire school. They operate all audio-visual aids available when teachers request themg they supervise noon movies for students at lunch time, and they set up the stage and auditorium for all assemblies. Under the sponsor of Mr. John E. Kerekes they render a service to the school second to none. VANGUARD THEATER Former Washington alumnus Robert E. Boley fClass of 19535 is the Vanguard Players electrician. Boley gives instructions to W. V. T. H. S. stage crew member Ronald Vuketich. Stage crew inspects lighting arrangement The projection crew assembles for the showing ofa movie. Junior and Senior Prom aww I Senior sponsors, Mr. Hirsh and Mr. Conrad. 1 ,4,fk,,LLV 3, , , r, -ff V "VV ' N ' ty gf' , '57 . 1 8 A -arr?- ,W !' i i I ,jg 1 ,ff 1 I 4 ., V a ., L 'W 'mr o Mr. and Mrs. Plutko enjoying themselves at the prom. iff? CHEERLEADERS Center: Priscilla Latkovic fCaptainJ. Center to L. Cathy Connelly, Doris Smith, Bernie Crist, Judy Gibson. Center to R. Jackie Nerone, Ruth Grabe, Audrey Franklin, Roeena Gillum. CHEERLEADERS INSPIRE GENERALS Their vim and vigor urge the Generals to victory. Their lusty yells fill every silence. They are the Arsenal-Washington Cheerleaders-the essence of school spirit. They have worked so that their enthu- siasm might direct our cheers with precision. The Cheerleaders constitute the backbone of our school spirit. I 109 5 . i S322 Qi Q I if , g , 53: A K' ? T if - , ' iii? 2 - . , f :Es ---. ., ' S . K im,f:e:.'g -V .1 ,W SN? Q . .e Wig W , Pix ,M pf? via: if., mi Wk , Ya? at egg ,aging if i WP Q Ng if , 7 W Q The brains behind the paper. Ray Korey---'Editor of the Highlights, Mr. Markovich-Advisor, Beverly Latich4Arsenal Editor, Tom Rodgers-Washington Editor, and Don Wentzfljroduction Supervisor. HIGHLIGHT The staff members of the Highlights, perhaps, get more from the activity than the rest of the school. What can equal the pride, satisfaction, and acclaim of others from ajob well done? Reading and writing skills are constantly improved. Reason and logic and developed. A sense of cooperation, fairness, and the ability to get along with people are built up through the ability of working with and for others. Finally, a sense of belonging and being part of the school will become memories the staff will treasure in the years to come. Yes, sometimes tiring and difficult work soon becomes insignificant under the weight of all these advantages. The entire school is a better place to be because of the paper. Strangers become familiar names on the pages of the Highlights as students and faculty grow closer together. Entertainment is to be found through the creative efforts of our writers and contests. Informative articles educate us both academically and in world wisdom. Through its pages we learn what has happened, what is happening, and what is go- ing to happen. This is the Highlights, truly an asset to the school. fss Z 1 X Xp m .1 T! yi 5, fi ll 54 1' t The newspaper staff hurries to meet its deadline. CL. to RJ John Zelik, Carol Metzer, Kathy Balk- avie, Leonard Urban, Bill Stratemeier, Patty Schultz, Andy Barkovitch, and Pat Lisanti. wp :U .4-.f'lP" Bob Meketa and John Zelik busily turn out the paper. Q get '17fi '1',' -.,.. 2? :Y 6' 'nfl-:ffl 1- lla -2 ,, E i W' C, , - q if 2 SITTING: Doris Smith, Bill Stratamier, Joann Cecere, Don Wentz, Donna Grindel, John Mance, and John Zelik, BACK: Laverne Hackett Pa Arcuri, Leonard Urban. John Wallace, Wayne Cuieraltowski, and Bob Logan,Mr,Hirsh and Joe Aluise. Miller. MIDDLE: Ruth Gralie, Barbara English, Connie Kininski, David SC5, CRC Washington and Arsenal are very privileged to have as one of its activities the Red Cross Club. The Red Cross was founded as a humanitarian organization and it is these virtues the students put into practice as members of the Red Cross Club. They learn to work with people, all kinds of peopleechildren, adults, and the elderlyepeople with physical as well as mental disabilities. lt is here that our students practice the qualities of a good citizen and develop their lives for the future as better citizens of this country. And as a citizen they learn of the problems of others, their needs and wants, tragedies and sorrows and how they can re- lieve some of these problems. .9 --4 5 5 0 ., 126 , 06,07 CR Club members discuss future projects. They are John Zelik, Kathy Laughlin, Sandy Golebiewski, Mar- sha Hudson, Debbie Wolfe, Peggy O'Neil and Dave Grindel. Don Wentz and Joann Cecere admire the Parents' Maga- zine Youth Group Achievement Award presented to Washington. This award was presented for outstanding achievements in the community. This was a real honor for Washington since there were over 3,000 Youth Groups nominated throughout the United States and Canada and of those only about 300 received the award and Washington came in among the top ten. Some of the many projects under- taken to receive this award wereg Recreational Therapy at Dixmont State Hospital, Parties for the Children of St, Anthony's Home for Exceptional Children, making toys for orphanages, and perhaps the largest and most demanding task of all was the rewiring of a house at Dixmont. This house became known as the Half-way House and it was here that patients on the road to recovery became used to the routine of daily living and doing things for themselves. The Red Cross Club is truly one of Washington's and Arsenal's biggest assets and it really does a job in making our schools a better place to attend. gr,: f if B Z1 YN w,"'o O I ,tet :Q 'JW 1' Q CQ , 0 viii """' "' .. 6 -1' .al lk' ?fz Wfw , S Mrs. Seaman and Mrs. Scott show off display of books in Arsenal Library. 114 Between our two libraries 8,000 books fulfill the varied needs of the students of Washington and Arsenal. With an average attendance of 900 students between the two schools our boys and girls take advantage of an average of 400 books per week. Our many up to date facilities in the libraries included a pamphlet file, bibliographies, and magazines, There are special collections on Pennsylvania, sports, vocations and short stories. Andrew Barkovich, Edward Fitzgerald, and Joseph Bill help to run the library at Washington. Lydia Nadolny, Nancy Grejda, Marie Swierkosz, Sandra Kline. and Joan Robinson are the library assistants from Arsenal. Andy Barkovich and Edward Fitzgerald sort books in Wash- ington's Library. Students take advantage of the benefits ofthe school Library. 2 Charlie Wilkes signs out book as Mrs. Seamen looks on. ,M V QQW Q an x Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Volleyball BASEBALL ...H f ,g Na, - ff f, .,, , .-7 . .+A 1 f g"M..lf'f'K' ,"5,-fqvfwp Q' Q Q ' "W?1.f3, - 5 r, H . -H gr.. ,nic vi Q, ...Q e 4. Mm., if ,. ,V-, . ,tif tfwfg- 'rw ,Jai M W f , rp. ' . V 1-:W Q. , . wr, . lt was a hard drive to second base. Coached by Mr. Don Geyer the Washington Add a little sportsmanship, cooperation and Generals could be found strengthening their pitch- teamwork possessed by all Washington Vocational ing arms and sharpening their batting eyes. Even Technical High School Athletics and once again we before the appearance of the first robin, the Gen- find our almamater able to be proud of her 1966 erals were practicing the skills necessary for a well Baseball Season. organized team. 0145, ' gwf sw - - ' "agp- ,, .gags , f E ' -'lg' 'T wx?--""l9'?l ' I '9'3'T'kf4 t K A 'X Q .W . NY 4 M. . .. t.. ..wq-iw... .. . . an 2 ,thi ui. , is uf . .. .. ' 1' ' if f5g"':'i1 'B ,,,,,, , X ,. . s A . ,N . , . . , t -- .L - A-, s-nov. s- .f. i .F 4,4 . K X, - W V . . X k ,1 . . . 7, .. P. L g 5 ,gw5t,,., - A' f H -. Q., L. X ,-L., -. at W . . e W W., an :Q-fwysfe -Au t - .t , f . ? flasks" 'V ' iv .- .M ag. Q r. xxx -J..-A ,553-ag. -lv. dede, h , Hugs.-q M Q '.,..1.,, . f. 'gk an + -As: t ,gk +L in gqw KWH , 5 r , QL rg, M N .ps - .-na. K- a fm .ia , I X my-n Q - - yu, x asia , k ,W kiywfi -2. . as-. T, J r- at - ia!!-,fr M -.P ' 'U W X , A ' ' X' MN r -Mg... s.:1'i'f K ' 'M' ' . , ' ,iw x ' W .' 'Edt 4- ' ' . f ., X ,, W. , www. .pf 'Q' '23-y-. Q 4' . NS., ' ' 'fi M1 . -v 'JL ar ta. ,gf Q-'l'P'Wf-A A- . . -- . .. . 'U' - ' 'za - f. f . - Washington scores another run. wg X w w.wQ W :wi ' ,Q , , . W X Y 9' W- ' ' I in - A worried team looks on. X He waits his turn at bat. K., 'XM ..,M, iw' we 1-, n , 4 .. - - sr Strike one. ,,. ,,. - A ' , up P 414.54 V ,, ,J VOLLEYB LL KN EELING: Rockwell, lgnosh, Duermeyer, Weidner QCupt.j, Pruszywski. STANDING: Slrulcmcier Mr. Geyer lCoachj, Mazzoccoli. Cook, Czado, Knochel, Follellc. Ferrari. Mr. Bradley CSIud Teucherj, Trbovich fMgr.J 1965-66 City Soccer Champs Washington Voc Tech. H. S. Kneelingg tLeft to Rightjf--Willie Danzyg Tom Blaszkiewiczg Co-Captain David Carr: Dan Podgarskig Charles Wilkesg James Warner: John Bonifate: Leo Faraglia. Standing tLeft to Righty Douglas Rockwell: Co-Captain Ray Kaneg George Demmerg Kenneth Christmang Jesse Wilkesg James Carrg Washington Washington Washington Washington 'Washington Washington Washington 'Washington Washington Washington O 0 l 4 3 0 l l 0 John Rossg John Hodnikg Charles Cookg Howard Kern Missing from picture: Lawrence Grishamg Richard Vogel Marty Pistellag Joe Ferrari tMgrJg Richard Knochel tMgrj Coach J. D. Geyer. West Pa. Sch, Deaf Shady Side Academy - 4 St. Vincent Prep Elderton H. S. 0 Connelley Voc. H.S. - 0 St. Vincent Prep 2 Elderton H. S. Connelley Voc. H.S. 0 Shady Side Academy ff 0 West Pa. Sch. Deaf - l - 0 f 2 - I Note: U3 Championship Series for City Championship Won 4 Lost 4 Tied 2 Record Recognized as City Champions Washington scored ll goals during the season to I0 goals for their opponents. Look fellows, there's another one over there. And awa-a-a-a-ay it goes! Ballet anyone? Oops! I missed it! V-7 'ii .. 3 I f-1-uv Heads up fellows! Coach demonstrates how to kick a soccer ball. Action at mid-field. 123 , 's N 's 'N RY. wx X TN .xy 'L'-'S :fun .1 1? gy 'F L. nf' JU IOR VAR ITY BA KETBALL First Row . . .CL to RJ Andrew DeMasi, Paul Collins, John Milyak, Willy Danzie. Second Row . . .fL. to RJ Mr. Donald Geyer, Robert Donittle, Craig Driebolz, Rich Knochel, Bill Follette. Under the leadership of Mr. Donald Geyer, the Junior Varsity basketball team never were able to taste fruits of victory. Although they lost all their games they exhibited a competitive spirit in the best tradition of athletics from Arsenal-Washington 126 High. The JV's are the future floormen in the upcoming years and should be backed up by the student body all the way. Much determination and a good attitude plays an important part in shaping these boys for varsity competition. S ,Y 50,5 ,, ,M .. ,f ,. .,,,.,..w...T ii First Row, , . Norman Zmenkowski, James Samuels, Tim Kust, Mr. Korings Knights from Machine Shop Defeated Mr. Klcine's Second Row. , , Jack Delueombug, Steve DeLo5l, Doug Roek- in the play-off for the 1966 Intramural Basketball Championship well, Richard Vogel, Mr. Koring. Q64 to 46j. Previously both teams had been undefeated. The Knights finished 9-0, the Klowns finished 5-l. Machine has successfully defended Arsenal-Washington Voc.-Tech. High School mmeforthesecondsmigmywr Intramural Basketball Finalists First Row . . . Rich Szramowski, Frank Renner. Second Row . , . Jerry Ricketts, Ray Britt, George Poloku, Gary Seible. T i t. .. 5 i l 5 , S 5 . ,Way K 2 s E , lt ttFt,altt,t 2 in 2 .. .. at ,.t.. .M Madeleine Castonguay Don Wentz DAVE 8: ELAINE Robert Mierzwa A Friend Vera Krompholtz Cassel's Mens Store Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Zappa Kenneth Urban Robert Grace John Charlton Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Novak Mr. 8: Mrs. Dombrowski Uncle Lou Irene Dobies Genevie Kupras La Verne Reibel Mr. Trombetta Cenarville Market Danowski Beer Dist. Lorraine Steveson Dick Kmiesiak Butch Barber Mr. Eugene Wudarski Mr. 8: Mrs. Chuck Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Reick Ann Barkowski Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard lwinski Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Mozuch Little Mike Mr. 8: Mrs. James Frauens Mrs. Anna Fritz Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Reick Ann Simonic John Ronald Ruda Pammy Mrs. Helen Bernot Mrs. Stella Zarazinski Mrs. Jean Easton Mrs. S. Rumen WJTC Radio Eddie Ruski Mrs. Jean Wuenstel Ray Sharon M. Mentzer Nancy 8: Ron J. Ozimek Eagle Tailor Shop Mrs. C. Crail Pearl Kline Daniel Maguire Bud 8: Pat Crail Carmine Merola Mrs. Helen Yagatich Mrs. Jean Wuenstel Robert J. Smith Lenard Wrobleski Carl Herold Rudelph J. Felek Machael Bartezak John A. Krupa FRIE Debbie 8: Ralph Mrs. Ann Smith Mrs. J. Erdiljac Mrs. D. R. Lambert Dr. C. F. Wisniewski Mr. 8: Mrs. Al Karbowski Mr. 8: Mrs. Leo Golembeski Mr. Albert Ozimek Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Wojak Broz's Market 279-45 St. New Arrow Lounge Louis M. Odille Roy Bahr Mae Zielinski Bill 8: Tom Duke Sandy 8: Louise Zugates Dorothy Smith Mrs. Helen Kranhowiak Charlotte Mr. 8: Mrs. Lenard Golembiewski Bob Bednork Shirley Muller Antoinette Cesnales Lee Killebrew Mr. Don Klodowski Charles Luhcic Jr. Mr. Joseph Rosek Anna Monterosse Ann Welsh Mary Ventura Sally Ulbrick Virginia Chirico Clara Duhovic Mrs. Frances Simonic Minnie Carriere Helen Kosuda Myrtle Moody Maurice Richards Mr. Tarantino Frank J. Kleine Mrs. C. Schudy His 8: Her Cue 8: Cushion Donna Szepietowski Peggy Schindle Gerry Dzialowski Rudy Mesnar Mrs. Rita Szepietowski Mr. John Plutko Gary Rock Tobie Mrs. Benson Kennedy Gulf Jack Peluse Mary Kirchner Angeto Geonopolus Lisa DiMenno Mr. Samuel DiMenno Sam DiMenno Don and Lucille Jerry DiMenno Joseph Aluise Joseph Tmalekdav Naomi DeLale Jerry L. D'Eliso Mrs. Clara Rhall "JOE" Roberta Barkovich Andrew Barkovich Mr. 8. Mrs. John T. O'Neil David E. Hart Dom Stagno Tony D. Stagno Sharon Palombo Bernadette Bacco Jan 8 Joe Henry lsett Mr. 8. Mrs. Peter Kocharwook Carl S. Koring James L. Killmeyer Troy Market Anna Mae Lutty A Friend Mrs. Frank Kainz Well T.V. lnc. Henry Schroettel Mrs. Anthony Warywoda Deborah Ann Slanina Penn-Butler Cafe Eileen B. Joyce Daniel Monahan Rosemarie Kruton Mrs. Anna Golembiewski Anthony J. Haber Wally Susie P. Mr. Joseph J. Kisic Mr. John lgnosh Mrs. Katherine lgnosh Male's Pocket Billiards Edwards Brothers Yearbooks Mr. 8 Mrs. Misko Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph E. Mance Joseph Brozoiich Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Kaczmarek Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Cyznarowicz Mr. 8 Mrs. E. Mikluscak Mrs. Marcella Golebiewski Robert Hutchison Kathleen Casey Lawrence J. Corbett William S. Dorsey Al Zappa Dr. E. O. Ruder Mr. Provias Mrs. Josephine Librich Buck 8 Bobbi Bud Niehaus Mr. John H. Pilszak Dominick Arabia Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Urban Ed Baran Eileen Warywoda Mr. Anthony Warywoda Frank Popek John Synan Mr. 8. Mrs. William J. Wolfe Tony Shento Dawn Marie Warywoda Donna 8. Diann Warywoda Mrs. J. King Mr. 8 Mrs. Felix Wisniewski Bonnie Kohler Sandra King Mrs. Katherine Koziel Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Adamiec Penn-Butler Cafe Bill-Cvetic Mike Kovacick Genie Beczak Howard Hartz Buzzy Ahern James Ahern Jr. Steve's Market Frank Omasits Paul 8. Carol Mrs. Berke Mrs. Eleanor lgnosh Joan Matuszek Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Chardello Anonymous Mr. Edward Plufnicki J. Donald Geyer Mrs. Catherine Miele John H. Pilszak Kenneth Kocharhook Antionio Fantone Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Casciato Marie Fantone Mr. 8 Mrs. Henry L. Carlini Ralph W. Fantone Ida Bucci Richard M. Fantone Fred Fantone Mr. Henry Golebiewski Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Joka Mrs. Mary Kubiak Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Piianowski Robert L. Rebottini Mrs. Francis Jurkove Alice and Dick Ebenezer Scrooge Mr. 8 Mrs. Harry Gawinske Bill Jackson Nance Lee Shop Charles C. More M.D. Mrs. Leia Mrs. Robert L. English W. T. Ley Charles Kruszewski Sophie Bieranowski Bagg's Hardware Silk's Shoe Store l ci Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy Stoltz Mary Lasky Jimmp Foley Stanley Kaniecki Mr. Barch A Mrs. Stella Stanislaw Shirley Peasner Nellie Wentz R. Lozowski Mr. 8c Mrs. N.V. Barbati Albin Miklausick Stephen S. Szymanski Richard Graswick A Friend Walter Lipinski Foleep Market Mr. 81 Mrs. Ben Lukaszewicz Edward J. Wojnar Teresa Misiak Mrs. Helen Seaman James Harington Dropout "36" Mr. 8L Mrs. Robert Murphy Mr. 84 Mrs. E.C. Grejda Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Sinicki New Arrow Softball Team Joseph B. Rogel Janice Grejda Jack Lennon Mr. and Mrs. S. Jarmulowski Jean Grejda Daniel W. Kadlewicz Robert S. Bossich John S. Fortuna NAPA PITTSBURGH WAREHOUSE, INC. 6550 Hamilton Avenue - Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206 Phone 661-3200 TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION N0. 249 4701 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pa. C 1' t LIGHTS BAKERY omp men S 4736 Liberty Avenue DP. M. E. WCiHbCrg6P Pittsburgh, Pa. OPTOMETRIST Phone MA 1-4477 FANCY CAKES 4757 Liberty Avenue HOME MADE CANDIES Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224 COMPLIMENTS OF KWIK KAFE OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA AND STERLING SALES COMPLETE VENDING SERVICE COFFEE - CANDY - SOFT DRINKS CIGARETTES - MILK - SANDWICHES - PASTRY 1121 Dexter Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 'I5220 Phone 921-7180 PIONEER SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BLOOMFIELD 4719 Liberty Avenue Pgh. 24, Pa. Phone 682-0311 VUKETICH PLUMBING SALES RICHARD s. vuKEncH Registered Electrician 4719 Hatfield Street 621-4783 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE GRADUATES FROM FOSTER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 4319 Butler Street, Pgh., Pa. I Al AND BOB'S AUTO PARTS 4030 Butler Pgh., Pa. Phone 621-4440 COMPLETE LINE OF AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES "'TTSBURG"' GREYK0 RECORDS FONO SERVICE 4300 Butler Street 4123 Butler Street Pittsburgh, Pa- Pgh., Po. 621-3044 International Records Factory Authorized Service 683-4342 H Color Zenith T.V. Webcor V.M. Symphonic SHQPPERS MARIQET MANCHESTER HARDWARE AND VARIETY Highest in Quality Meat 41 OO Butler Street Lowest Prices Pgh., Pa. 4705 Liberty Ave. ,,WE HAVE 'TH COMPLIMENTS OF G E A N 9 S HARVEY'S LADIES RESTAURANT AND 4106 Butler Street P811-r Pa' 4321 ButIer Street TINA -ANGE Pghq Po. G. C. MURPHY CO. VARIETY STORE 4327 Butler Street Pgh., Pa. Compliments of FABAC'S LOUNGE 451 1 Butler Street LEE - NORM HONEST BERNIE 4401 Butler Street Pgh., Pa. 682-1202 B. Berman, Auto Parts and Accessories BILL EWING'S BORON STATION Butler Street Pgh., Pa. Chester Pierce MA I-0986 PETE'S LUNCH CHESTER'S CARPETS GOOD FOOD Specialists in Wall to Wall Carpeting 4021 Butler Street Living Room Suites Good Luck Mattresses and Box Springs 4409-'II Butler St. Pittsburgh I, Pa. PAIERMO 8. CO. 4308 Butler Street Pgh., Pa. 682-8444 Specialist in Reconolitioning Athletic Shoes PEERLESS DEPT. STORE, INC. 4701 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. MU 1-2407 GILBERT MQINNES FUNERAL DIRECTOR Butler Street at 46th Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 682-6500 486-5765 TREMPUS DISTRIBUTING 42 Forty-eighth Street Pgh., Po. 'l520l COMPLIMENTS OF SNYDERS JEWELRY 12 -1 DIAMONDS - WATCHES Beeson Alulse Foscicmo Golebiewski Repairing Hart ' Cox 682-0536 Fcintone Ignosh Czcclo Logon Ahern Kiley English Goble Levondowski Ross W. M. FPOIICZCIC MD. Kruszewski Wentz Guglielmon Tortorecl Mesnor Cieszynski 4203 Butler Street Rolewicz Brosso Pgh-4 Pa' 15201 Dubee Grinclel Rolcl DESTER BROS. SUNOCO 3450 Butler Street Pgh., PQ. 15201 MU 2-8395 VICTOR'S CHOICE MEATS Freezer Orders Filled 4125 Butler Street 682-4881 BROZ DISTRIBUTING 4747 Hatfield Street Pgh., Pa. 15201 Anthony Sinicki, Jr. BEER DISTRIBUTOR T67 Almond Way Pittsburgh, Pa. MU 1-4988 Home Delivery ELMER YETTER BEST WISHES from WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM AND CANDY . 101 504 Grant Avenue LOTS OF LUCK N RATULATIONS CO G CLASS OF 1966 to the Graduates from f rom 3"2'H1 304 I03 ARSENAL ARSENAL ALLEGHENY VALLEY BANK OF PITTSBURGH 5137 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 781-0318 A FULL SERVICE BANK, WITH YOUR CONVENIENCE IN MIND Mortgages - Auto - Commercial Loans Checking ancl Savings Accounts Member of F.D.I.C. Federal Reserve System UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA 149 - 45th Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201 Leonards Plumbing Fixtures ancl Paint Co. Plumbing Fixtures - Appliances Furniture-Lamps-Office Fixtures Never Knowingly Undersolcl 3417 Penn Avenue onarcl Levine, Prop. 682-7415 Lawrenceville, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. United Steelworkers of America DISTRICT 19 William J. Hart, Director BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO CLASS OF 1966 FROM BENNETT LUMBER CO. LUMBER and MILLWORK 1 12 - 209 . 21 Sedgwick Street Pittsburgh 9, Penna. E'-M0'5 wHlTEY's BARBER SHOP GROCERY We Specialige in All Styles of Half Cuttmg 3211 Dobson Street ELMO and TOM 621-5285 4770 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 24, Pa. Felix Kozlowski PIONEER SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 4719 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224 Phone 682-031 1 OFFICE HOURS Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. Friday 12 Noon-8:00 p.m. - Closed Saturday VERNE LUTZ Lutz Funeral Home 3600 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 621-7643 681-6841 Henninger Funeral Home 4635 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Po. 682-2420 682-5921 coMPuMENTs Dr. Harry Goldstein Car Radio Repair Sales SPECHT T. V. REPAIR SERVICE 4609 Butler sr. 682-7744 Motorola Car Radio and T.V. Sales GASTON'S ATLANTIC SERVICE JEAN c. GASTON 51st and Butler Street 682-9056 PALERMO SHOE SHOP 4308 Butler Street PITTSBURGH, PA. 682-8444 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T966 FROM Arsenal-Washington Student Council Robert Cox, President - Andrew De Masi, Treasurer Helen Kupras, Secretary - Jeanne Hartz, Vice President Anne Scatena - All City Student Council Secretary EDWARD J. wALKowsKl Real Estate Agency 3509 Butler Street MAY we HELP You 681-0042 681-3536 Gene F. Karezenski 621-3027 BEST WISHES TO 1966 GRADUATES from Staff of WASHINGTON HIGHLIGHTS nennln , 5"f"f",:?f' ED. ZINSSER AMERICAN HOME IMPROVEMENT CO GENERAL REMODELING CONTRACTORS l ALL. TYPES OF HOME IMPROVEMENTS up 'ro 7 YEARS TO PAY PITTSBURGH, PA. 4749 BUTLER ST. PITTSBURGH, PA 15201 A A ,,,i.., A . ., A , 'fa 5 T 'T - ' . Yrs? K -Q I'-is F 5 H' fffr ,if 1 J R.. was f six z if -fievwffgf ' gl W fl, b V sh i. ' ii R, A .. Q ,.,, A S 1 3 Q V 5 Q5 f K f bam Y .J-mf 5 A www r P- 5 il ' ' THE '66 YEAR CLOSES As members of the I966 Cavalier Staff, we, at this time, would like to express our gratitude and sincere appreciation to all those who were in some way responsible for making this yearbook a pictorial re- view of our most cherished memories that will forever remain in our hearts: YEARBOOK SPONSOR. . . . Mr. John E. Kerekes Editorial Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Editors ........ Don Wentz, Madylin Liberto, Don Fasciano, and Joe Aluise Editorial Assistants ........,. Carol Warywoda, Barbara Simonic, Bill Tush Business Staff BUSINESS STAFF e Business Managers. . . ...... Dave Grindel, Mary Ellen Hayes. Business Assistants ............ Paul Ignosh, Paul Tortorea, Bill Tush, Judy Jarmulowski, Carol Bacco, Sandy Golebiewski, Robert Cox, Candy Stevens, Levone Lane, Bill Follette, Ronald Novak, Joseph Brown, Audrey Casey, Esther k Audley, Al Martini, Richard Mikulan, Candace Stevenson, George Petruch, Paul S Sherman, Anthony DiMenno, Ray Corey, John Wallace, Pat McHugh, Julia Drozdowski. Technical Assistance TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Printing ............... ..... E dwards Brothers Inc. Photographers .......... . . . Hills Studio, Alfreds Studio . . .Thanks HILL'S STUDIO Your ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHER HIGH SCHOOL DAYS! The grea+es'r days of all for boys and girls. So gay, young and carefree! Days you wanl io remember-+ha+'s why we sugges'r HlLL'S STUDIO-a phofographic record +o have forever! ZI4 Norfh Highland Avenue Pifisburgh 6. Pennsylvania MO I -9999 F s qi? 2 ,fi ', , , ak wa ,ff EDWARDS BROTHERS INC. Ann A b M' hig n PHOTOGRAPHY ALFREDS STUDIO 5645 Penn Avenue NOT THE END - JUST THE BEGINNING

Suggestions in the Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 37

1966, pg 37

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Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 151

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Arsenal Washington Vocational Technical High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 78

1966, pg 78

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