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..1. O 9 o 1 O L- O .4 v' . , ,. Z.. ' .aiu 'Q ' I 3, 1, . K. '10,- H x9'1,"f ,N , s 0 x I rx .A -.a4 05 'Wh ':' . . --rt, ,", ' - ' ,,.' ' . -9 ' ' , 1 1 1 f ",, ' 'lu -w' "' 1,-gl ,"!-' ' W 1 !'4 lv l 1 1 ' - ' ' ' . - " W .J I' W ' . " U U- ' 1 II A 'Z ' ' "' ARSENAL EANNON V0I.UlYlE 70 Anselm TQCHHICAL HIGH SEHO0L 1500 EAST MICHIGAN STREET lNDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46901 1984 EONTENTS 0PENlNG FACULTY ACTIVITIES SPORTS SENIORS Q 12 AQ 711 109 UNDERELASSIYIEN STAFF INDEX ADS ELOSING 1-args pr" Q- fig . ' v Nl KX NX ,ca Q5 'iw W4 W 095 QW OO 2 f Opening P' 5 O1 N66 P5 564 Fl 99Q,QxOXfP'55XsNXX x0 60 X- 'rf L fha Opening X 3 LCDCDI4 AT CHANGES, CHANGES, CHANGES! If you thought that every school year is pretty much the same, the 1983-84 school year at Tech would certainly have changed your mind. Following the shortest summer break in recent memory, school opened a full week before Labor Day, the day that has signaled the start of a new school year for generations. The usually temperate days of August extended a heat wave that went on to make the sum- mer of '83 the hottest ever in Indianapolis. The normally rhythmic routine of school days was shattered as a seven-period day composed of five 55-minute periods and four 25-minute "mini-periods" replaced the nine, 40-minute period schedule which had ex- isted for over 50 years. Not only was the schedule altered, the emphasis shifted away from activities and more toward classes. Roll rooms were abolished in favor of a second period attendance-taking procedure. The Senior Office, and with it many senior traditions, was also dismantled. Educational changes focused on the use of new IBM Personal Computers. Tech acquired the largest number of PC's of any ci- ty school, and many classes add- ed to their goals the quest for computer literacy. Although we adjusted to most of these changes, we sometimes had to look hard to find familiar activities among all the changes. SPACE: Tech has enough space eve for those with claustrophobia. LEARNING: Mr. Brown's aviation class requires concentration and precise measurements on the part of Robert Sulver, Mark Briner, Mark LaFevers, and Robert Turner. RECREATION: Robert Hill, Richard Burns, Roger Cobbs, Gary Reedy, Ef- thimios Sotos, and Jeff Valentine relax after a day of classes. 4 I Theme "tanning, If -me AFTER GAME ACTIVITY: Techites rus to their favorite pizza place. Some got eat and some go to work. JOB PREPARATION: General Office lab students learn organization and management as they process ID cards. . as tew,g,5g,, .P 3 t ATTENTION: Mrs. Goodrum's fall play cast listens to instructions at dress rehearsal. Look at us, at who we really are. We are individuals whose personalities are forged by the people, places and activities which surround us. We are flesh and bone, but more than that we are spirits. Our relationships serve to mold us, to form us, to help us express our uniqueness. High school is a time to explore our feelings and emotions, to search for who we are and who we may become. Look beyond the faces, the facades, look into our souls and find the individual spirits which blend together into that spirit which is TECH. US: Body language says it all, "LOOK AT US NOW!" EXCITEMENT: The first day of school is one of wonderment as you arrive at the newness ofa fresh beginning. Theme f 5 PROM, GRADUATICDN SPECIA "Why am l here? l'm not ready to leave, not just yet! I want to stay!" These are familiar thoughts to graduates everywhere. Just when we were getting comfortable in our sur- roundings we had to leave-to graduate. One question loomed large in our minds, "Were we ready to face whatever was waiting out there for US?" Whether we were going on to college, jobs, or even marriage, we knew deep within ourselves that our four years at Arsenal Techhnical High School had prepared us for the things that our futures would hold. As we sat waiting our turn to accept our diplomas, we spoke quietly with friends around us, those who had made these last four years seem like only days. True, we would miss the fun we had at Tech-the football games, the pep sessions, even the classes. But we were ready to walk down the aisle, receive our diplomas, and turn our tassels as we FINALLY became graduates. The class of 1983 was ready to step outside and say to the world, "Look at us NOW!!!" Seniors discuss how much more confi- dent they would feel if they could only foresee the future. The graduation procession begins. Donald Summitt, Glenna Massey, An- drea Piety, and Todd Harris enjoy the magic of their junior-senior prom. The class of '83 comes into view. 6 ! Prom, Graduation 3.- Q- 4-AI i as ' Delmer Harger watches closely as Debra McManama attaches his boutonniere. was 2 Mrs. Hazel Stewart, school boar: member, presents a graduate hi: coveted diploma. Y s W, l A I Q, 'I' LCDGKING BACK Change is inevitable. And, with change, we must sometimes give up something we have become familiar with in favor of something which promises improvement. A major change has been made beginning with the 70th volume of the Arsenal Cannon. Rather than publishing the yearbook in the spring as in the past, we will now publish the book in the fall. This change allows us to cover all of the events of each school year in the same book. That is why, in this yearbook, you will find a record of two proms, two sets of spr- ing sports, two musicals, and two graduations. We have attempted to capture the events of the spring of 1983 in these opening pages so that this portion of Tech's history would not be lost. Unfortunately, pictoral accounts of many of these events are not available. We have attempted to portray this period of time in an abbreviated way. Hopefully, we have provided suffi- cient material to enable you to look back at the spring of 1983 and to recall those days gone by. K, ' ..,, if 'rv :f ,.,..,. -cfm-A J ' . 7 We - g--.-f',.,y5.:3g,:. ..1g-Ipaq, , ,5ff:,5.pz. J H 5-5-..,,,.m,g --Az am.: V534 jf I Ta. . , ,.?Vg4g., 5.3.2427 : Y4 A VV nl, . . Y , Q29 I Iffff-w2iffF9""'M ,, I f if f? a , f. unix. 1-W M W f ' ' ' , , f-W'wfZ'?"?r: , f- f y- 227,25 V-, . , ,-9, .,h ,3?j?Q2ggMwx. .fha -ff fam! ., Vf.i'5-,L f -uc- t .-- 'Q W ,. Mfg, wi -v ff aff ,. Anuncrou wAsHlNcToNf,,,.mw 1, ,,.,, , , by S CA E DKK 8 f 83 Spring Sports The Guard House and iron fence were completed in 1894. Arsenal Technical High School is a national historic site. lt was established as a U.S. Arsenal by an Act of Con- gress in 1862. It became a high school in 1912. Over 50,000 students have graduated from Tech during its Stuart Hall as seen from an unusual angle, looking east from Morgan Hall. seventy-year history. During the 1970's, three new buildings: an auditorium, a media center, and a physical education complex were add- ed to the existing historic structures. we ' 1 .5 kikflf s J 4 V ..--J-7: . Ark, Treadwell Hall is frequently called "the Main" because it once housed the Ad- ministrative offices. lt contains the largest number of classrooms of any building on campus. These Tech students won the Clean City Cam- paign Award in May, 1983, for their efforts to help keep the past looking good. Historic Buildings I 9 Fireworks are a highlight at half time. Titanettes Vickie Stokes, Teresa Miller, Leona Flannigan, and Deana Harger entertain the audience. Senior float places second. Allen Bolden attempts to allude onrushing Rockets. Crashing through the hoop signals ar- 4' rival of the Titans. 10 ! Homecoming HOMECCDMING SIGHTS A f 1 N EVE f . R. sr" lx , 1. V, . . H I 4 ,risk l IEeJ.!'0?l9 iQ'FiS",f,E,l .q, -. 3493? , Lx ' -15' ' y , Gu .f .731-ig . .vA 3i,wW . m1,fl., i gl - ,wt 5515- 1'1.:1 . fw :X .--ww -V .- . . an . Q gp' l, imp- ,ff 241-, ,.., . X f. .. W.. , Y .AE PJ' ' I 'rural ' . 3 ' I' if ' K . . H igflf' , ' N. ' it ' A It . l l r, 'N t t 1 , ' i 2-art.. ., . X , ,Law-. f,,f 7 X X . lx,,yf'-' 'I' J 4 l l. r X u x M w ainuufl 4' u ll ' k ,,, if x il!" vfl, :SAX ,L --Q ' . ,Lf 14"- Lqfll ,K is-ar '1 we, 13' Everywhere throughout the campus shouts of "Roast the Rockets!," "Cripple Ripple!," and other such slogans could be heard. It was that time again-HOMECOMING! Only this year, it was different. With the cancelling of Senior rollrooms, the float contest was open to the four classes and to clubs. For the first time in Tech's history the Freshmen walked away with the winning trophy. Seniors Billy Bayne and Teresa ROTC color guard and Band lead the singing of our national anthem. "Cripple Ripple," the Freshman float, captures the first place trophy. We're number one! Trophy and roses for Bill Bayne and Teresa Miller. Q Nervous royal candidates Vickie Gossett, Darrell Tardy, Rochelle Lee, Leonard Hiser, Teresa Miller, Prentice Johnson, Robbin Kendall, Bill Bayne, Michael Stigger and Debra Williams await the announcement of queen and king. Miller were crowned as Homecoming royalty. Although Tech was defeated 19-12 by Broad Ripple, there were many other events to delight the unusually large crowd: fireworks, king and queen candidates, returning alumni, the band's halftime show, and our first chilly football evening. Homecoming was really a night to remember. tml l ffiggx m, 'YG F ' . 14 "'.- M .Q 1" i .- - w, 1 ' ik " 51' ' ' f" ' ' I Ilwxx ' ' Q" it .1 . is 'P - ' v ,A 1, Wk ll j . l rv, Homecoming X 11 12 I Faculty Division Po QV of do woo 64 vc dvd WC' 4 fd Nob' A rep ,Ql CPN' This section of the yearbook is dedicated to the memory of Mrs Wyolene Cody. A respected member of the Tech faculty for nearly twenty years Mrs Cody taught in the Home Economics department until her death on March 27 1984 Mrs Cody was admired by her students her colleagues and the administration Her quiet dignified manner and her sterling character were worthy of emulation by the young people whom she held in such high regard It takes many threads to weave the fabric which is the Tech family Each thread binds us together in a umque and special way Wyolene Cody ad ded sophistication stability and an air of class to our fam: ly She will be remembered fondly and she will be missed IW to 1! Wyolene Cody 1 . . T , . ' A' ' - 1,4-4' v 1 - 'N 1 J , - , KI. BI, 1 , , . Faculty Division I 13 Gverseeing uw V, ,h i .kk Dr. Joseph R. McGeehan Vice-Principal!Curriculum ,rr wagllgligwlw ., , Ililmil.-' aa. 1: ll: 'llL1l,:lil villll ' 'J iflrl - t, 'ge far? W, - Ei W L wi A H l tl T2 12 Xi . l if '!"L! '1 K 'Li-5 . Donald Oldham Vice-Principal! Pupil Personnel Robert Stockard Vice-Principal!Career Center 14 I Administration ,X is xx ,ow af:i'i'f, o Mr. Flay Reed, Principal, directs the operation of the entire school. He has held for 14 years, following service as a science teacher and as Dean of Boys. :LJ ll- Bernie Pool, secretary, distributes programs as Mr. Reed chats with students during the opening of the second semester. . ,V., f .frff Xu ,, .x Af Fred Kelly Dean of Boys 1 .4 I Dorothy Stout Zoe Davis Barbara Lee Sharon Parrett Dean of Girls Assistant Dean Assistant Assistant iHousel Dean of Girls Dean of Girls . . . Students, Sroff, ond Kenneth Bayless Guidance Director 'L f W if-M AFoc'I't'es Looking after Tech High School is an awesome responsibility. There are fif- teen buildings on our 76-acre campus to maintaing 2,500 schedules to plang students to counsel and disciplineg media to be managedg athletic contests to be heldg and, many more duties, all of which fall on the shoulders of our administrators. It is easy to overlook the contribu- tions of these administrators because so much of their work takes place "behind the scenes." Nonetheless, the efficient operation of Tech requires their vital contributions which makes this component of our school one at which we should take a look. Kar' Karl Schneider Scheduling 'CTLXA X f N I Carolyn Ray Richard shock Social Worker Director, Special Ed FQ L iv my . 2 , L 'J' fi L rl - AA -C I A Howard Catt Lewis Marshall Mahlon Carlock Judith Miessen MHUOUG L?PDif19 Athletic Director Buildings and Grounds Business Manager Media Center DIYGCYOF AUUIO V'SUa' Administration ! 15 16!Art Aspiring Artists Leorn ond Creote 1 1 Kermit Swenson Department Head 32 years at Tech Raymond Browne 15 years at Tech Stage Club Sponsor Wendrel Price 10 years at Tech 16 years at Tech Art Club Sponsor Emmagee Washington To some, the art department is a series of classes which develop young students into aspir- ing artists. However, the art department does much more. It may develop appreciation in some, start a career for others, or merely initiate a hob- by. Among the skills taught are sculpturing in clay, wire, or paper macheg and, painting in oils, acryllics, or water colors. Art students devote a great amount of time to their classes and work. They are rewarded by see- ing their projects displayed around the campus. The art department is also responsible for the stage settings for the annual Fall Play and Musical. This scenery takes a considerable amount of work but adds to the enjoyment of the productions. In all, the art department helps interested students to improve existing skills or to develop new ones. Art students Patricia Turpin, Paul Hatten, and Toni Davis This display in the Career Center is but one example of th ar range a Christmas display in the Main Office. Art Department's contribution to the school. Business Students Profit The Business Education department is the largest ill-elective department at Tech. A wide range of lass offerings is enhanced by the opportunity for tudents to join the Office Education Association or Distributive Education Clubs of America. The business education department stresses 'ocational education classes-classes which irepare students for the world of work. Skills are developed in the areas of accounting, :omputer programming, secretariallclerical oc- fupations and marketing. Special programs such as he Intensive Office Labs, Cooperative Office Education and Distributive Education give students .n opportunity to experience real-life business ituations. A Statistics show that six out of every ten jobs are in he field of business. The Business Education lepartment strives to prepare students for those Jbs. Dx Joyce Freeman Department Head 20 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Michael Cecil 14 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Yearbook Adviser Ann Cummins 14 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Lois Frye 18 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Dave George 17 years at Tech Freshman Basketball Coach Reserve Baseball Coach William Guess 29 years at Tech OEA Sponsor mf'- . 1 v -f ,W 'f t '4 K P ff' ina --tt., 'Q' ' ' ' f - 'l ' ,, ,aixgiix Q ,, ' My f P Concepts student, Richard Davis, and COE students, "YW- eborah Hawver and Oma Barger, use the IBM PC's. is , .52-' .5 Business Education ! 17 JOM fs l as 18 I Business Education Business Turns Leorninq Virginia Jackson 22 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Yearbook Adviser Alice J0hnS0l'I X' n , 21 years at Tech Lou Mann 1 1 years at Tech Senior Sponsor Ellen Martin 17 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Bill McCreary 9 years at Tech OEA Sponsor w 3, f A rf' T sux General Clerical Lab students refine their production skill: 22212 ,3 is David Lowe cancels an RPG program error on the IBM Systel computer. nro Eorning Q A ik br Cheryl McVay 13 years at Tech OEA Sponsor W5 'il'-,ir F f1l Ili Gwen Ohmit 21 years at Tech OEA Sponsor JOE student, Oma Barger, "on the job" in the Career Center. 1 --1 Late OEA President, Dan Bouser, congratulates Tech OEA esident, Jeana Walker, and Vice President, Michael Smith. I Lewis Robertson 6 years at Tech OEA Sponsor Delsue Shoemaker 13 years at Tech DECA Sponsor Evelyn Smith 4 years at Tech DECA Sponsor BUSiI'lSSS EdUC8Ti0I1 f 19 20 1 English FQ? meer?-V' 'Y'-x Students Recd, Speck, Tom Danheiser Department Head 26 years at Tech Betty Bailey 8 years at Tech Joan Brown 13 years at Tech Diane Comstock 23 years at Tech Robert Ford 18 years at Tech Alice Goodrum 18 years at Tech Speech Team Sponsor National Forensic League Sponsor Fall Play Director Q l The English department is Tech's largest. Beginl ing with the graduating class of 1986, all students vi be required to complete eight English credit students graduating prior to 1986 are required complete only six English credits. A listing of courses offered in the English depal ment would include a wide variety such as JoL nalism, Speech, and the study of British Authors. Enhancing its class offerings, the English depal ment also sponsors the Cannon Newspaper, tl Cannon Yearbook, Drama!Thespians, the Speel Team, and the WATS Broadcast. This department teaches the crucial skills require for good speaking, clear writing, and the enjoyme of literature. if Q45 if ,ia gig' 'fig we Q, ,s eggs 9 gsgtijsgg figs is .fs 'Sa 9- S Ns . .ft . gg Freshman, Devin Warren, reads a book in Miss McBride's quired Reading Lab course. .isren, ond Write , J ,Q Lf 1, Margaret Hahn 'A' " ' 23 years at Tech . x, fi? 1 . I ' 1 .Q gf I fl 9:11 .V i, ' it Hester Hale .' rs, 21 years at Tech i Emmett Hardiman fy? 27 years at Tech sa Wright and Vickie Stokes prepare a speech for Mrs. Eneen Kohuf oodrum's Advanced Speech class. 13 YGHYS at Tech John Lewis 17 years at Tech Judith McBride 20 years at Tech Drama Club Sponsor 4' Angela Fought and Camille Goodrum get instruc- from Mrs. Reier, English department secretary. 1 English 1 21 22 I English Mary Maillard 29 years at Tech Ann McMillan 14 years at Tech Stan Minks 14 years at Tech Drama Club Sponsor Thespians Sponsor Jatinder Singh 14 years at Tech Cecil Tresslar 27 years at Tech Newspaper Adviser Publications Director Elizabeth Wilson 11 years at Tech Carol Wood 6 years at Tech ii l 1 Q? 1' fi Students complete news stories in Mrs. Jackson's Journalis class. 3 1 5 Q E E l 5 E I 3 E e s Students listen as Miss McBride explains classwork. Accent on Countries dpanish students Gloria Davie and gnseph Firsich study Spanish aterial. The Tech Foreign Language department prepares students to read, write, and speak in French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Because languages develop within nations and among peoples, the Foreign Language department sponsors clubs that seek to help students look at the cultures of various countries which speak the languages taught. Dan Stanley Department Head if X 12 years at Tech German Club Sponsor Peggy Stroud-Allueva 1 year at Tech Spanish Club Sponsor , 'J X gifs . f - ' T Z ' Q .,,t ' Serine Fine A A 21years at Tech " X i French Club Sponsor C' 411 Qi V ' ond Cuisine The Home Economics department strives to teach students 16 art of creating happy homes. The various skills required to wanage a modern home and to strengthen family life are the Ecus of courses in this department. By learning cooking, sew- ig, home management, and child development, students are reparing themselves to provide a positive, nurturing environ- tent for their future families. YJ , Q' . - . r Q t ,i Smith mixes in- Mary Flinchum practices embroidery reci for cookies In in Mrs. Moore's class. e rs. Ransom's Foods .lass. Marian Moore Department Head 24 years at Tech v4 Wyolene Cody 20 years at Tech Natalie Ransom 445 26 years at Tech Foreign Language ! Home Ec X23 if 24 I Math yr Jim Brown Department Head 13 years at Tech Carlos Bell 30 years at Tech James Borshoff 25 years at Tech Joseph Brown 11 years at Tech Judith Feigert 15 years at Tech Junior Council Sponsor Marilyn Hoffman 17 years at Tech Junior Council Sponsor Moth : Hord Worle Tech's Math Department works to achieve mathematical literacy in all students and to develoi higher level skills in those who show an aptitude fo math. Higher scores on both departmental and statl math exams indicate that the department is ap proaching these goals. While other departments adjusted their curricula to include the use of computers, the Math Depart ment moved beyond basic computer usage, which i has taught for some time, into advanced compute math. Math teachers know that computers becoml useful tools in mathematics only when the fundamen tal concepts of math are understood. This understan ding results from the repetition which comes with ap plying knowledge to problem solving. And so, thi majority of classtime and homework is still spent put ting pencil to paper and "figuring out" the answer. Students in Mrs. Morse's sixth period Algebra ll Class work ol .quadratic equations. + Achievement TJ ' if 1' ,Lf Junior Vanny Chheng works hard to achieve math skills. 'S-.. I I i Ronald Ireland 21 years at Tech Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor Arnold Lehman 17 years at Tech Key Club Sponsor Don Mason 6 years at Tech Thelma Morse 12 years at Tech Cheerleader Sponsor Don Robinson 20 years at Tech Boys' Tennis Coach William Wheeler 24 years at Tech fm , L W ,.1-M" ix Math ! 25 'N ,, fps 7 A, , ' ff... 4-lf X U, I Z! A l ,355 Q f, ff f f ft" f f f f ff A X - f 7 ' yy f f f Q W -My - alla, John Hurrle Department Head 22 years at Tech Frank Craig 6 years at Tech Freshman Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach Susan Jahnke 9 years at Tech Girls Basketball Coach Girls Softball Coach Julius Kleine 16 years at Tech Golf Coach Girls Cross Country Coach Preporing for 3 l Recreation is necessary to balance the demands of adult life Students are taught the official rules for various games as wel as proper techniques. Q f ' .-g', f - fg Z riff?- ae'- it kiw i "' ' ww wg? Q 1 ' 1. as 1, .'x.d-.. A- . + 'Q fa HSM - ' ,r 1, , ,... . W- A-is-V ye A A li. I Qfwvfuj -W ffargfa..-S4,.la.:mg--.'Ni 'N ,EQM all -if ky. u-yi r . I N., X- 5 -gn ':'f.,.' -Q., V+- gr, -A ' X 1- H 1 -Q2 'r,.?,-- y 4' , ,. . ..f..,, .3,f.3, L,g-lyk - .sw-7, ., .M ta wh, if s ,K I -gf -Jw' 'Q' .Jr f -fin,-f f' - x 'F is-asf. Qslwfsgnoa -swf-r, 2 2. W at Q . Q as - A W . 'Q 'sw t- Xi ' .Ni 11 J ' "M ' .s t W wfk, Ili ' bf- 5 vi I 'Ra sf .. .-SN' .K l va, " . A, :M Q f . 5 x ,-., vs . if . . ,,,, 3 N ar a.. 'Q .1 ,' - , .A 12 rc, ...,...17' ' N ,,.a.. :s Q 'F - -- ' 1 N- '- .- 'W' .Bm .1 Sophomore Glen Canfield improved his swimming and diving abilities enough through his physical education class that he was able to earn a spot on this year's swim team. 26 ! Physical Education l the 'lGome" of Life The days when physical education class was simply 1 time to do callisthenics and to exercise are gone. A nodern physical education curriculum involves students in learning about health, physical education, and recreation. The thrust of the program is to help students develop habits of good health which can im- Jrove the quality of their lives. The Phys Ed department aids students in develop- ng responsibility for their own good health. While the :oncept of "open gym" allows students to spend each Friday engaged in an activity of their choosing, he inclusion of both boys and girls in appropriate ac- ivities helps to develop the understanding that lealthy competition can be shared and enjoyed in a social setting. ln short, the Physical Education lepartment encourages students to adopt a healthy ifestyle by providing classes which stress education, itness and fun. Francis Knue 11 years at Tech Shirley Lundgren 18 years at Tech Head Nurse Mary Lou Manka 20 years at Tech Volleyball Coach Girls Tennis Coach rf' Robert Woodard 6 years at Tech Varsity Football Coach Melissa Thompson and Euthimia Svolos challenge each other in fooseball as Sharon Smith looks on. Physical Education ! 27 rs... 1 28 l Science Carol Smith Department Head 2 years at Tech JETS Sponsor Richard Allen 19 years at Tech Robert Collins 21 years at Tech Mercedes Guess 20 years at Tech JETS Sponsor David Hon 21 years at Tech Garlan Howard 24 years at Tech I I I I I I 1 I Science . . Wu..-a--. Sophomore Jon Buell dissects a perch in Mr. Howard's class. I 'nd' The Science Department includes two areas of 'concentrationg the study of physical sciences and the study of biological sciences. Like the cur- riculum, the department is divided with some classes being taught in Lone Hall and the re- mainder in Treadwell Hall. Future growth in the Science Department is assured as the new Indiana graduation requirements increase the number of science credits needed for graduation from two semesters to four. Fears that many students bring to science classes of things that once were alive and things that might go "BOOM," if improperly handled, usually give way to fascination at the mysteries of life and the world around us. John Kern 20 years at Tech Computer Trainer Arthur Kirsch 20 years at Tech JETS Sponsor James May 19 years at Tech Steven Smith 17 years at Tech Ward Whalin 19 years at Tech "P'T"' Robert Sulver, a junior in Mr. May's Chemistry class, uses modern equipment to unlock a scientific mystery. Science ! 29 ll ii Sociol Studies . . . Providin 1 in 4 , . kg? Mmm if T 30 ! Social Studies f asf E William Siedlecki Department Head 19 years at Tech Martha Bradshaw 26 years at Tech Human Relations Council Sponsor Roosevelt Griffin 14 years at Tech Human Relations Council Sponsor John Kanouse 24 years at Tech Senior Sponsor Bruce McGeath 20 years at Tech Track and Cross Country Coach Stuents listen to mayoral candidate John Sullivan in Mi Kanouse's government class. Orlando Mendoza completes a graph of Junior Achievemer sales in Mr. Meyer's Applied Economics class. o View of Society The Social Studies department examines the systems that man has developed to expedite living in roups. History, Political Science, Economics and sychology all deal with people interacting with one 2 another in social settings. With an understanding of how current social systems have developed, an appreciation of the im- Jortance of economic decisions, and an awareness mf how each person can participate in our political system, students should be empowered to help letermine the direction in which our society will evolve. EEL? UP i l l Robert Meyer 26 years at Tech Student Activites Director John Miner 25 years at Tech SAO Sponsor lvan Moreman 30 years at Tech Varsity Baseball Coach Wesley Murphy 28 years at Tech Brain Game" team Sponsor Anna Parker 38 years at Tech Karl Schneider 21 years at Tech Student Scheduling lr :fm M S 2 AR-eg, -.stag Wx - X, ,N a :J , 1: . -.' 3.-' X 1 ,'j'N-.ff "M ' fxi wx ,is -l -' .. .Q . gl , , - , -1. , ... -f ' it N' . 'a',I" Y l - ,Q 3 f .ggi I lg Ml, .l It Social Studies X 31 H 5 l ,. I. Speciol Educorion . . .l Medarda Pope Department Head 5 years at Tech Cheryl Chambers 2 years at Tech Constantina Hart 4 years at Tech Helen Moeller sl ll l ll ll ll gl l .4 Students with special needs find the help and ew, couragement they require in the Special Educaticl department. Programs of instruction are designed ll allow maximum progress by each student in tll critical areas of English, math, science, and socif studies. Students are also encouraged to enroll in coursg which stress life skills and vocational preparation 2 that they may develop their unique abilities and thu become productive, contributing citizens. 32 ! Special Education 3 years at Tech Vuckle Noel 5 years at Tech When senior James Delony graduates, he will possess job skills. Here he is shown practicing for speed and accuracy on the electronic cash register. -ooking for the Positive 'lichelle Jennin s a member of the class of '84 checks the in g 1 1 - on her time card. Soon, a real time card will be ex- for real wages. Paul Oscarson 20 years at Tech Lindy Pruett 5 years at Tech David Tess 5 years at Tech Lynn Whittemore 5 years at Tech Tech Mates Sponsor to a problem. RG. ski' pf 5 x Q Students in a special ed math class concentrate on finding the solution Special Education I 33 ll is Music . . . o Glimpse Info the Soul ,ff I ' ii Paul Prather , Ai.Q V . Department Head ggi if 8 years at Tech V? Q Lee Barricklow 10 years at Tech Edward Davis 6 years at Tech -I-echoir accompanist For whom the bells toll: Tina Powell, Beth Brahany, Bill Schurt Lisa Wright, Curt Grimsley, Mark Harvey, Vince Thompson, an Mark Briner. Edward Evans T A true musician has "a song in his heart." By pri viding instruction, practice, and performance oppo tunities, the Music department helps to free the song for all to enjoy. The department enable students to work at perfecting their own individu. styles. At the same time, it brings together a variei of groups who blend their talents to produce ensen ble music. Sponsoring musicals, providing entertaii ment for school events, and performing for prival Mable Lewis benefits, allows the Music department to furthe 2 years at Tech 13 years at Tech showcase its many talents. Members of the Marching Band view video tapes of a recent performance with an eye toward improvement. 34 ! Music Developing o Perspective How students see themselves in relation to their hool, home, and future careers is important to eir success at Tech. The Counseling department works with students evaluate where they stand in their academic lining, to establish career goals, and to plan the oper courses to reach those goals. TJl 'fl' -e "U" "Wan-...,.s. 9,5 shlvxv ,nw unds of paperwork occupy Mr. Blankenhorn as he lledules student programs. Molina, who came to Tech from South America, en- the informal as well as the formal counseling provided by student Michelle Pratt and counselor, Mr. Ernie Cline. l l Duane Blankenhorn 26 years at Tech Ernest Cline 23 years at Tech Varsity Basketball Coach FCA Sponsor Janice Cooper 21 years at Tech Donald Daily 31 years at Tech Charles Harry 23 years at Tech Elaine Pierce lCEC!Vocational Counselor 1 year at Tech is-I 5-'Vx lqfk Nu!! A Counseling I 35 ' . fist . . T A X ,. ' . , , fi ' Glenn Adams Howard Beall John Brady Auto Trades Building Trades Aviation 5 Years at TeCh 18 years at Tech 1 year at Tech The Indianapolis Career Education Center is an IPS pro- gram, located on the Tech cam- pus, which is open to all IPS schools as well as local parochial schools. The Career Center of- fers vocational training programs which provide practical ex- perience along with classroom training. Departments within the ICEC include: Auto-Aviation, Metal Trades, Building Trades, Elec- trical Trades, Industrial Cooperative Training, Service Occupations, Graphic and Voca- tional Art, and Vocational Business Education. The Career Center structures its programs to prepare students with salable skills. It also pro- vides a placement service which works to help match trained students with job openings in the community. l : I Harold Brown 1 Aviation 2 7 years at Tech Flying Club Sponsor: ICEC . . . o Look o QW!! i -l Qffgf ' l - H .QQQ :Q , o "iii Joe Firsich "pilots" the airplane simulator in his aviation class. Tom Davis Robert Crooke David Cruser Department Head James Duckworth Auto Trades Welding Service Occupations Small Engine Repair 22 years at Tech 11 years at Tech 5 years at Tech 4 years at Tech 36 I Career Center Ann Carter Debbie Cline Robert Cooley CUVUS COSDY Cosmetology Cosmetology Dry Cleaning Auto Trades 2 years at Tech 4 years at Tech 1 year at Tech 2 YGGVS at Teflh VICA Sponsor X 0 0 Hire" Education "Caution," students at work in Mr. Cruser's Welding class. David Evans Auto Trades 6 years at Tech f Heads up! Janie Johnson curls a customer's hair in Mrs. Cline's Cosmetology class. June Garnett Cosmetology Talitha Gillespie Tanya Hairston 6 years at Tech Assistant Director Commercial Foods VICA Sponsor 2 years at Tech 1 year at Tech fl sf. -X 5 T Career Center ! 37 I ll 'L Ronald Harris Electrical Trades 3 years at Tech Stephen Brinkerhoff 51 l 1 l I .i William Harrod Oral Henderson Ernest Holmes ll Tailoring Auto Trades Industrial Cooperativell 4 6 years at Tech 21 years at Tech Training 19 years at Tech f..,,-wx Auto Trades 6 years at Tech Carolynn Smith and Mrs. Phyllis Schaffer observe Leon Gray as he places pies in the commer- cial foods oven. Douglas Osborne "hams" it up in his electronics class. Lowell McCarty Walter Mendel Fred Miessen Building Trades Printing Building Trades 13 years at Tech 6 years at Tech 15 years at Tech John Mullennax Department Head Auto Aviation! Electri: 16 years at Tech 38 I Career Center 'YF'- l t' , Norma Johnson Cosmetology 2 years at Tech ,. ,H Clarence Murphy Industrial Arts 6 years at Tech X Roy Johnson Sheet Metal 2 years at Tech G Om 1 Paul Kinser Auto Trades 6 years at Tech VlCA Sponsor -wa -. ..,. .W - f I If L, A , , 54 ' I V4 Clifton Lovelace Auto Trades 16 years at Tech VICA Sponsor James Byers Plumbing 2 years at Tech Robert Stockard Director, ICEC These houses at 1517 and 1521 N Central were built by ICEC students in 1983 and 1984. 1 . l,,l --we MW-ea 1 '- W . 3:2421 1 ,, 'lfih' A 5 5 2 Ki? Us I L K ,,.,l 1 , ' J Q A f l a 3 ff f'lll1 1 'W"sf1'lWWs.- E l gif if if 1 E 'vw 5 Q :sl playa? a.,',,' 25 ,rfaiatpg 4 to W 2 4 ,l,, 9 l A f 1 "'V 1. u- 1 . 1 it A H X V ""' ln. i "--"' ' N--siiiffifq! '-" 21 ,-3:4 .1:l 55215 nf. n, William Murphy Building Trades 3 years at Tech tg 1 f 'l l J Gordon Owen Barbering 5 years at Tech Kenneth Poole Carpentry 3 years at Tech 1 S., Career Center X 39 1 ,l T. Dorris Raines Dave Rose Model Restaurant Auto Trades 3 years at Tech 4 years at Tech Michael Arnold trims a piece of ductwork which his sheet metal class is fabricating for the Career Center house. X, l li A i , If 'T if T ll ?. ' l il in l ll Charles Scahill Phyllis Schaffer Auto Trades Commercial Foods fl 'A year at Tech 3 years at Tech l l School Board member Lillian Davis, Assistant Superintendent Pat Alexander, Superintendent James Adams and Board member Mary Busch are Hardy Stohler Herbert VanDerMoere Ralph Webb Deveier Wemple Auto Trades Auto Trades Electrical Trades Drafting 4 years at Tech 16 years at Tech 2 years at Tech 1 year at Tech 40 l Career Center Q. X ' fitglff' Lloyd Scherich Robert Smith Joe Steve Cyril Stock , Auto Trades Printing Auto Trades Metal Trades 5 years at Tech 25 years at Tech 2 years at Tech 15 years at Tech Tech student Tony Smith and Rochelle Johnson of Howe create a cloud of steam as they operate pressing machines in the dry cleaning lab. ,WA 'ved by model restaurant student Thomas eves in the CoIonel's Cupboard. 1 Morris Woods ' Department Head Lester Woolard Q Larry White Harold Wise Building 81 Metal Air Conditioning 1 Electronics Painting and Decorating Trades! Drafting 6 years at Tech 1 1 year at Tech 1 year at Tech 30 years at Tech VICA Sponsor l l l 4k Career Center f 41 42 1 Activities Division P' O1 , E' ,cf GMX? . 1. 4 V Q 16 x k 5 xx 1X ,Q ii xo 1966 Po 5 GX e '09 'ND Po 195 Q Po Q Q5 X QQ P504 6 ws Po Activities were an important part of our school year. They provided a welcome relief from classes, homework, and other responsibilities. From Marching Band, to Stage Craft Club, to vocational clubs, students found a way to express themselves in an ac- tivity that they enjoyed. They were able to put their talents or hobbies to use for their own fulfillment or for the benefit of others. These students found many ways for others to take notice of them as they said, "Look at US now!" Activities Division ! 43 A G"fU9Ss Cf Afnerlme Stringing beans and chattering idly is the highpoint of the day for Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb. George and Emily experience young love in a soda shop. 44 I Fall Play l , nfs 351' g.,gf,:,g,f., , Q f I ' f x V. ef . 'ff' I HA - Rs. A . fn W 217' l - , - f'f4f.:f cf? U- : 1 'f xifgfl f Y- ff gy f Z G54 25 f? K f ff .dv TW WEDDING PARTY: Michael Curtis, Holly Sullivan, Tim Spradlin, Camille Goodrum, Bill Langley, Debra McManama, Duane VanLaningham, and Leona Flanigan. Stage Manager Dr Gibbs The Crowell Brothers Howie Newsome Mrs Gibbs Mrs Webb Rebecca Gibbs George Gibbs Emily Webb Wally Webb Professor Willard Editor Webb Farmer McCarthy Woman in Auditorium Lady in the Box Church Choir Simon Stimson Mrs Soames Constable Warren Baseball Player Soloist at Wedding First Dead Woman Second Dead Woman Third Dead Woman Joe Stoddard Sarah Craig CAST Andrew Butte Duane VanLaningham John Wallace Leroy Taylor Debra McManama Holly Sullivan Leona Flanigan Bill Langley Camille Goodrum Michael Curtis Tammy Taylor Tim Spradlin Edwin Mac Donald Deatra England Deana Harger Ladies 81 Mildred Reed John Basham Michelle Perry Michael Sholar Dennis Arnott Twylla Bartlett Deanna Early Cheri McCuistlon Cheryl Lingenfelter Michael Smith Melanie McNeeIy 1, l'Our Town" Breakfast in the Gibb's house is always a time for conversation. Andrew Butte, Stage Manager, philosophizes about life. FUNERAL SCENE: Deatra England, Deana Harger, Melanie McNeeIy, Michael Smith, Dennis Arnott, Twylla Bartlett, John Wallace, Camille Goodrum, Michael Sholar, Holly Sullivan, Tim Spradlin, Leona Flanigan, Bill Langley, and Duane VanLaningham. Fall Play l 45 At Tech NFL does not mean a club for big brawny football players, NFL stands for the Na- tional Forensic League. lt is an honor society for speech team members. This year the Tech Speech team had a productive year. Speech team members have been to speech meets all over the state winning 12 trophies and over 100 ribbons. 1983-84 Speech Team Officers: Front row: Debbie McManama, 1st Vice President, Coach Alice Goodrumg Camille Goodrum, 2nd Vice President, Back row: Andy Butte, President, Andrea Piety, Secretary, and Tim Spradlin, Treasurer. Speech Team and NFL members: Front Flow: Debbie McManama, Vickie Stokes, Andrea Piety, Tonya Hunt, Camille Goodrum, Angela Fought, Melanie McNeely, Deanna Early, Deana Harger, Holly Sullivan, Cheryl Lingenfelter. Back Flow: Coach Alice Goodrum, Roy Spencer, Johnathon Carter, Tim Spradlin, Kevin King, Robert Lufcy, John Basham, John Wallace, Duane Van Laningham, and Andy Butte. lndionopolis Colt xt. gg mr 46 I Speech and NFL 5130! LDVE7' Con'r Compete In Gur NFL A leading ribbon winner, Camille Goodrum, uses facial expressions to help accent her prose reading. l l I l .rW'ITT'W-. During Speech Day, Duane Van Lan- ingham and Holly Sullivan perform their duo "Come Back Little Sheba" for the English classes. "To the victors go the spoils." The display case in the Arsenal is packed with the ribbons and trophies won by the Speech Team during the 1983-84 school year. SpeeCh and NFL ! 47 Dromo Club Re Viewed Drama club has been an active group this year. lt is co- sponsored by Mr. Stanley Minks and Miss Judith McBride. Members of the club are en- couraged to try out for the fall play and spring musical. This year the play was OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder and SUGAR was the musical. The club funded its activities by initiating a new program call- ed "Goofy Greetings." Members solicited singing telegrams to send to students for any occasion. DRAMA CLUB: First Row, Debbie McManama, Holly Sullivan, Presidentg Tim Spradlin, Vice-President, and Kim Lewis. Second Row: Deatra England, Lorei McGee, Cheryl Lingenfelter. Third Row: Duane VanLaningham, Leroy Taylor, Michael Smith, John Wallace, and Stanley Minks, Sponsor. Tim Spradlin as Mr. Webb greets the town drunk fJohn Bashaml, in the pro- duction of "Our Town." In "Our Town," the Webb family: Michael Curtis, Holly Sullivan, Tim Spradlin and Camille Goodrum have breakfast before school. 48 I Fall Play Sroge Club Makes the Show A play is a story set in a specific time and place. The au- dience is informed of the scene through the dialogue, costumes, and most importantly, by the set. At Tech, set construction is the responsibility of the Stagecraft club. Members of this club also perform during productions making all of the necessary scenery changes. "Our Town" and "Sugar" gave the club an opportunity to experiment with a variety of staging techniques. f 'A' ff- -VN e-f'f5'2f -. '92, -,ljli 1 1, 4615" 51 , . Mi' 'L ' STAGE CRAFT CLUB Front Row: Laura Mexner, President, Raymond Browne, Sponsor, Eddie Quintero, Vice President. Row 2: Dawn Britt, Janell Fianey, Vaughn Sebree, Cynthia Britt, and Kim Carroll. Though the Fall Play, "Our Town," used representational staging, the club con- structed the Chapel for the wedding scene. Seniors Tim Spradlin and Debra McManama admire the yacht set. stage craft f 49 MARCHING BAND: Front Row. Mike Smith and Tina Powell. Row 2: Leona Flanigan, William Norman, Brian Livingston, William Schurtz, Jeana Walker, Curt Grimsley, Mansfield Harris, Vickie Stokes. Row 3: Elsie Morgan, Elaine Spradlin, Tracey Cameron, Cheri McCuistion, Norma Aguilera, Darlene Powell, Beth Brahany. Row 4: Deana Harger, Tammy Alexander, Bradley Thompson, Eric Robertson, Harry Murphy, Denise Chastain, Jennie Churchwell, Deatra England. Row 5: Lisa Wright, Eric Wright, Terry Jackson, Mark Howard, Misty Blaine, Lonna Childers, Rhonda Daws. Row 6: Rosa Taylor, Bernard White, Gretchen Breheim, Forrest Stearns, Robert LeFevers, Randy Spillane, Jeffrey Womble, Tammy Poor. Row 7: Sharon Miller, George Dudley, Vince Thompson, James Fish, Joel Mumaw, Norma Vibbert, Teresa Miller. Row 8: Melissa Kidd, Craig Handy, Daniel Melvin, Mark Briner, James McDonald, James Murkinson, Darrin Eaton, and Lee Barricklow, Director. During Butler Band Day, Mr. Barricklow listens to Brian Livingston, Tracey Cameron, and Harry Murphy. Senior Vince Thompson cons drum ma- jor Tina Powell into buttoning his uniform. 50 I Marching Band Upbeat Bona so ,A M 1 Z .J . - , ff ' ., o Vision in Sound lf Wm, b Drum Major, Michael Smith, authoritatively calls the band to attention. Band members Greg Alcorn, Terry Jackson, Bernard White, Craig Handy, and James Murkinson play without their hats because of the scorching heat during the football season. Marching Band 151 Bells Are Ringing ' ,he Q 'dl BELL CHOIR. Front Flow: Tina Powell, Lisa Wright, Cheri McCuistion, Beth Brahany, Row 2: Michael Smith, Tim Spradlin, Curt Grimsley, Mark Briner, Vince Thompson, Bill Schurtz, Mark Harvey, Lee Barricklow, Director. lt is said that every time a bell rings an angel has receiv- ed its wings. lf so, there must be millions of angels floating around the music building dur- ing period 5a. That is when Tech's bell choir practices. With their sponsor, Mr. Lee Barricklow, these bell ringers perform for many groups. Bell choir members are selected through auditions and can be heard at church services, Christmas on the Circle, the Valentine Tea and wherever a civic group might invite them. Tech is proud to be the only high school in Indianapolis, possibly the state, to have such a unique musical group. Tina Powell, Beth Brahany, Bill Schurtz, Lisa Wright, and Curt Grimsley Concentration is The KSYWOVU f0f Mark Bfinef practice for a Bell Choir program. and Vince Thompson when they play the bells. 'M Q if g g K, . - 'RK T ss? w A 'X 52 I Bell Choir Tironerres Pleose Crowd Majorettes have a very deman- ding job. They are part cheerleaders, marching band members, dancers, baton twirlers, flag twirlers and half time performers. ' Titanettes are selected through tryouts held at the end of the school year. Those lucky girls who make the group must attend practices throughout the sum- mer including a summer training camp. Here they learn the fine techniques of baton twirling, dancing, flag waving and marching. Under the leadership of spon- sorltrainer, Lisa McDonald, the Titanettes practice long and hard. Seeing them perform with the Marching Band in a parade or during a half time show proves that the practice has been worthwhile. Titanettes, Deana Harger and Deatra England, kick up their heels to the lively beat of the band. TITANETTES: Rosa Taylor, Teresa Miller, Melissa Kidd, Deatra England, Deana Harger, Rhonda Daws, Beth Brahany, Victoria Stokes, Lisa Wright, Elsie Morgan, Tammy Poor, Sharon Miller, and Leona Flannigan. Titanettes f 53 Eoger Performers Blend Into Symphonic Groups Whether in atuxedo at Clowes Hall or in Stage Band: Row 1: Mark Harvey, Eric Laughlin, James Smith, Vincent a sweatshirt in the gym, musicians like Thompson, Kenneth Smith, Forrest Stearns. Row 2: Kenneth Ware, Artist in Vince Thompson add a measure of piz- Residence: Edward Evans, Director: George Dudley, Robert Lefevers, and Steve zazz to any event. Wright. Concert Band: Row 1: Tiersa Greene, Tina Powell, Elaine Spradlin, Donna Miller, Norma Aguilera, Darlene Powell, Cheri McCuistion. Row 2: Leonard Rea, Jenny Churchwell, Tammy Alexander, Todd Chapman, Gretchen Breheim, Robert Lefevers, Lori Carmen, Mark Harvey, Vince Thompson, Kenny Smith, Kevin Thurman, Randy Spillane, Michael Smith. Row 3: Harry Murphy, Eric Robertson, Bradley Thompson, Vickie Stokes, Donna Chastain, Scott Ramsey, Darrin Eaton, Joe Mumaw, George Dudley, Robert Hart, Jeff Mumsey, William Clark, Sean Johnson, Misty Blaine, James Smith, Forrest Stearns. Row 4: Lee Barricklow, Conductor: Brent Purvis, William Norman, William Schurtz, Curt Grimsley, Brian Livingston, Mansfield Harris, Bernard White, Tony Skinner, Gale White, Kurt Miedema, Craig Handy, James Murkison, Mark Briner, and Daniel Melvin. 54 I Stage Band, Concert Band ---- . .sv A' ,, an 'F-N L : String Ensemble: Row 1: Rochelle Lee, Larry Banks. Row 2: Catherine Rent, Scott Payton, Kim Carroll, Edwin MacDonald. Row 3: Tracey Hutchison, D'Ondra Coleman, Laura Saylor, Dawn Hobbs, Russel Smiley. Standing: Mable E. Lewis, Teacher. Rochelle Lee entertains the guests at the Madrigal Dinner. Orchestra: Row 1: Rochelle Lee, Catherine Rent, Tracey Hutchison, Dawn Hobbs, Douglas Warren, Kim Carroll, Edwin MacDonald, Samantha MacDonald, Larry Banks. Row 2: Scott Payton, D'Ondra Coleman, Kim Patterson, Anna Jones, Darlene Powell, Cheri McCuistion, Vincent Thomas, Mary Smith, David Melvin. Row 3: Kim Mitchell, Stephanie Simmons, Kim Poindexter, Harry Murphy, Leonard Ray, Tina Powell, Tiersa Greene, Michael Smith, Misty Blaine, James Smith, Mark Harvey, April Clark. Row 4: George Dudley, James Fish, Joe Mumaw, Gretchen Breheim, Robert Lefevers, Danny Melvin, Mark Briner, Forrest Stearns, Tony Skinner, Russell Smiley, Richard McDowell, David Locke. Row 5: Mable Lewis, Teacher: Mansfield Harris, Curt Grimsley, Brian Livingston, and Bill Norman. ,ss String Ensemble, Orchestra ! 55 Calling All Ye The Madrigal Dinner is a Christmas celebra- tion set in merry olde England. The story line of this year's entertainment was a jester competition featuring jester con- testants Casper, Jasper, and Oliver. The winn- ing contestant was chosen by the guests bas- ed upon the use of "Ye Olde Applause Meter." Great fun was had by all as many carols were sung and the audience got to join in the singing of the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas. as :Maw fagtss is as A M'Lady iDebbie McManamal claps as Oliver iDavid Pricel is named the new Jester by Ye Olde Applause Meter. M'Lord iTim Spradlinl and M'Lady iDebbie McManamal toast their guests with the first goblets of wassail. Jester contestants Jasper iLeonard Hiserl Oliver lDavid Pricel and Casper iMichaeI Fiobertsj try to out sing one another. 56 ! Madrigal Dinner The cook Nanessa Watersj directs her wenches Prudence tTiersa Greenej Priscilla fTeresa Cunn- inghamy and Rebecca iMichelIe Prattj in the making of figgy pudding. Lady Deatra England, Lord Raymond Martin, and Lady Janet Hendrickson sing of Christmas past. Rebecca QMicheIle Prattj is discontent with her boyfriend Oliver s1Davld Price! serenading. Madrigal Dinner f 57 When you are at Tech in the Spring you find that birds aren't the only ones singing. Spring is the time for the Musical. This year's production "Sugar" found leads Tim Spradlin and Debbie McManama singing sweetly, pro- claiming their love for each other. Michael Smith did his share of crooning when he wasn't fighting off Leonard Hiser. Sir Osgood Fielding lLeonard Hiserl and Daphne lMichael Smithl "cut a rug" at the local restaurant ballroom. CAST Sweet Sue ..... ............... L ynette Hiser Sugar Kane .... ........ D ebbie'McManama Bnenstock .......... Joe ................ Jerry ............,.. Sir Osgood Fielding . Spats .............. Knuckles ........... Dude .............. Musicians Contractor, Bell Boy, Reporter Train Conductor, Cab Driver, Hood . , . Sue's Band Members: Olga ............. Dolores .......... M L ary ou ........ Rosella ...... Rosita ...,...,... . . . . . Cheri McCuistion .. ......... Tim Spradlin ..,.........MichaelSmith LeonardHiser Duane VanLaningham . . . . . . . . . . Robert Lefevers . . . . . . . . Cheryl Lingenfelter ..... Holly Sullivan . . . . .Deatra England . . . . . . Michelle Pratt ..,.....KlmLewis ......Lorei McGee . . . . Ladana Moore Millionaires and Gang Members ..... .... J ason Flowers John Wallace John Basham Darrell Humphrey Raymond Martin Hoods fJason Flowers, Holly Sullivan, John Wallace, and Robert Lefeversl find out what happens when they mess with Spat's gang lJohn Basham, Darrell Humphrey, Cheryl Lingenfelter, Duane Van Laningham, and Raymond Martin.l 58 ! Musical No Substitute .9 for "Sugar" - I Sugar iDebbie McManamal falls for Jerry iTim Spradlinl after a passionate evening on a yacht. Jerry iMichael Smithl and Joe iTim Spradlinl are shown dressed as women. They were "Doing it for Sugar" to help her find a millionaire husband. ', ff' , , ,, ', . ' rf 1 . CHW :fffr ffl 4:5 !'i'W'6"i ' ' .1?i Q Q '72 ' ga! fi W ff A., Pit Orchestra Larry Banks Mark Briner Kenneth Brown Tracey Cameron D'Ondra Coleman Aaron MacDonald Edwin MacDonald Samantha MacDonald Jim McDonald David Melvin Lynn Curry James Murchison George Dudley Stacy Rea Tiersa Greene Cathy Flent Dawn Hobbs Laurie Saylor Jim Hornaday Tracey Hutchinson Gretchen Krause Rochelle Lee Juan Martinez Russell Smiley Jim Smith Thomas Steinmetz John Sullivan Theresa Webster ,,i 5 Sweet Sue iLynette Hiserl and her Society Syncopators iKim Lewis, Cheryl Lingenfelter, Michelle Pratt, Debbie McManama, Holly Sullivan, Deatra Englandl "jazz up" a Chicago stage. I i : Musical ! 59 l Cl"lOll' Hos "Verse-o-tune-oriliry" Techoir is the top singing group at Tech. Led by Paul Prather, department head, and accompanist Ed Davis, Techoir competes in contests and gives many performances throughout the school year. Techoir is made up of the best singers at Tech. many of its members started in beginning choir classes and worked their way up. Tryouts are at the end of each school year for new members. This year the entire Techoir gave the Madrigal dinner instead of the small ensembles as has been done in the past. Techoir has proven its versatility by per- forming classical, folk, spiritual, and pop music this school year. Techoir: Row 1: Patti Means, Michael Roberts, Debbie McManama, Michelle Pratt, Raymond Martin, Freda Brinkley. Row 2: Deatra England, Tiersa Greene, Tim Spradlin, D'Ondra Coleman, Darrell Humphrey, Teresa Cunningham, Terri Robertson. Row 3: David Price, Vanessa Waters, Russell Smiley, Leonard Hiser, Elinor Drain, and George Dudley. Arr Club "Disploys" Tolent 5 ii 5 . ,A ,xt . ,W .W xii P 3" , ' 1 in l The Art Club displays its talent in several ways. It provides Art Club: Row 1: Lawrence Goodnight, monthly exhibits in the Arsenal: also, members of the club Washington, Sponsor: Melissa Muncy. Row 2: Cheryl enter Theif WOYK in C0mDetitive events. Angela Quintana, Thomas Johnson, Decembra Barr. Row . . ,l . Carla Bacon, Carla Proctor, and Cherise Martin. j 2 i .l fl so 1 choir, Arr club ll Longuoge Clubs Hoblo Esponol? Peggy Stroud-Allueva is the adviser of the Spanish Club. Under her supervision, the club held its annual fund raiser, "The Taco Sale." Visitors from South America enlightened the group which is made up of students who are in their second semester of Spanish or beyond. Spanish Club: Janice Morris and Laura Mexner. Standing: Kim Carroll, Sherri Latermore, and Janice Fianey. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Mr. Stanley, Department Head, sponsors the German Club. Anyone who has had a semester of German may join this organization. Visiting the German restaurant, Hansel and Gretel, and hosting visitors from Germany were the cIub's activities. The club raised funds by selling T- shirts and candy. German Club: Cathy Rent and Dan Stanley, Sponsor. Standing: Brian Livingston and John Basham. 1 -l H dw I? K , 1. ,J . f ' ll tl .L it Porlez-vous Froncois? Adviser Dan Stanley keeps a close eye on the French Club's activities. This year they perform- ed a skit for the Honor Day program. During May the club had dinner at La-Tour-the French restaurant atop the INB building. French Club: Dawn Hobbs and Dan Stanley, Adviser. Standing: Lorei McGee, Edwin MacDonald, and Riley Gordon. Edwin was selected to travel to Caen, France with Mr. Stanley during the first week in June. Language Clubs X 61 C .N ' .1 Editor-in-chief, Holly Sullivan, in one of her serious moments. YEARBOOK STAFF: Front Row, Beth Brahany and Penny Hess. Flow 2g Debra McManama, Robert Cummings, Michelle Thomerson, and Cheryl Lingenfelter. Flow 33 Duane VanLaningham, Glen lngle, Richard Bryant, Cheryl Martin, and Kelli McDaniel. Alwoys Seen Publishing a yearbook is much more difficult than it looks. Staff members spent an average of 10 to 15 hours a week after school and several very long weekends working in the new yearbook room. "New" was the key word for the Arsenal Cannon Yearbook in 1983!84. In addition to our new work area, which included a brand new IBM Personal Com- puter, we had new sponsors in Mrs. Virginia Jackson and Mr. Michael Cecil. A new format was adopted which allows the year- book to capture the entire school year. Some of the same "old" pro- blems remained. There were subscriptions to sell, photos to have taken, pages to lay out, and DEADLINES!!!-there was always a new deadline. The staff took a lot of pride in the fact that we met every deadline and that we were able to blend traditional yearbook techniques with new concepts to produce a unique Arsenal Cannon. llze Bye, President of the Canno Alumni, and Michael Cecil, yearboc co-sponsor, visit at the annul Christmas tea. Co-sponsor Mrs. Virginia Jackson presents Duane VanLaningham an award as top salesman for selling 62 books. l rf' 1. g Nix HMMA-six, 5 .ax EQXM X J w ' T' " Qi 5 ,. VN 62 ! Yearbook .l sl 'l .gl on the Scene 'IS-...- Newspaper staffers Mike Curtis, Steve Kanouse, and Mark Howe en- joy the Christmas tea. The job of the Cannon newspaper staff is to produce as fine a paper as possible. Staff members develop their journalism skills in order to write feature stories and editorials while being pressured to meet deadlines. The newspaper's sponsor is Mr. Cecil Tresslar. It is his job to oversee the young jour- nalists and to edit their stories. Mr. Tresslar also serves as Publications Director. The staff often puts in long hard hours writing and rewriting articles to complete pages. The greatest satisfac- tion that most staffers receive is to have their work published, especially under their own bylines, and then to have their work read by others. Photographer, Steven Kanouse, en- joys cake during a staff birthday party. NEWSPAPER STAFF: Front Row, Richard Bryant, Debbie Havvver, Debra McManama, Editor-in-Chiefg Mark Howe, and John Wallacp. Flow 25 Sponsor Cecil Tresslar, Mary Lewis, Deana Harger, Steve Blagrave, Sherri Moore, and Lee Mandrell. 4 l .M R 655. XiS,f?gj':?02kggfM " Sz ' 4' 0 fr: f as-fx.g,11vgL 1- . Q , .Mik a "' S if Newspaper I 63 M.A.T. J.E.T.S. Initialize Activities Mu Alpha Theta, the math club, is sponsored by Mr. Ireland. This organization sponsored a Pac Man tournament, a float for homecoming, a city-wide math contest, and helped start a Mu Alpha Theta chapter at Howe High School. Any math student may join the local Mu Alpha Theta chapter, but to belong to the national organization students must earn a B average in math. Spirited members of the Math Club ride on their homecoming float which was one of the few floats entered by clubs. Mu Alpha Theta: Ron Ireland, Sponsor: Flenee Fihem, Efthimios Sotos, Jenny Churchwell, Misty Blaine. Row 2: Lisa Bullock, Donna Roberts, Tracey Wickerson, Delores Wright, Gretchen Breheim, Gareth Hodges, Veronica Swanigan. Row 3: Annette Wilson, Janet Hendrickson, Michael Smith, Mary Wardell, Sherri Latermore, Lisa Young, Stephanie Searcy, Leah Gavin, Rosa Taylor. Row 4: Ruth Leach, Kim Settles, Wayne Hughes, Lorie McGee, Harry Murphy, Flandy Locke, Charles White, Kevin Jones, Fabian Purvis, Sharon Fowlkes, and Shinell Smith. JETS tJunior Engineering Technology Seminary en- courages pre-college students to excel in their studies and emphasizes preparatory courses in mathematics, science, and communication skills. Activities help students to relate science and mathematics to the real world. Sponsors are Mrs. Carol Smith, Mrs. Mercedes Guess, and Mr. Arthur Kirsch. JETS: Mercedes Guess, Sponsor, Wayne McCormick, Shannon Hooks, and Riley Gordon. . 64 I Mu Alpha Theta, JETS I I I Mr. Ireland observes the M.A.Th. Pac Man tournament which was won by Ef- thimios Sotos. I I I ii. DyEQ,ES.gigr-3. + v.i.c.A. : Joes Distributive Education Clubs of America. lt is a vocational club for students of marketing and distribution. The DECA emblem is a dia- mond with a wrapped package in the center. The four points of the diamond represent social in- telligence, civic consciousness, leadership development, and vocational understanding. DECA sponsors contests at the regional, state, and national levels. Under the guidance of Mrs. Delsie Shoemaker, Tech's DECA students have taken pride in competing in these contests and have filled their trophy case to overflowing. DECA's Halloween Haunted Trail was a unique, fun-filled, but frightening fund raising project. sg i' -ll: ,l. if DECA Members: iFrontl Wayne Hughes, Venita Farrow, Lisa Parks, Kevin King, Debbie Williams, Erin Smock. Row 2: Victoria Stokes, Denise Chastain, Jeanette Holt, Annette Lyles, Allen Bolden, Gina Turentine, Michelle Thomerson. Row 3: Carol Davis, Suzanne Robinson, John Kelly, Paul Minor, Ronda McGee, John Russel. One purpose of the Voca- tional Industrial Clubs of America is to encourage students to excel in skill development within the various vocational areas. State contests are held each year so that members can demonstrate their skills in competition with other voca- tional students. Another purpose of the club is to develop good relations among the students of the various programs. The annual VICA talent show is one way in which members combine their individual abilities in a group endeavor. VICA Members: iFron0 Janie Mehringer, Holly Hunter, Jeff Walker, Flay Malone, Ken Glover. Row 2: Mike Mencer, Casandra Bradley, Sponsors: Lester Woolard, Roy Johnson, Mrs. Debbie Cline, and students Andrew Butte and Mafk Mencer, X Work. . . Leorn Teresa Bradshaw, President, pins an OEA initiation ribbon on Carl Wright. Steve Miller tests his strength against a video game during OEA's Christmas party at Showbiz pizza. OEA, Chapter 2: Front Row: Olivia Davis, Kris Gunyon, Leo Keller, Renee Barker, Myra Smith, Cydney Taylor, Diane Miller, Deborah Childress, Kenneth Smith. Row 2: Christina Lay, Chris King, Jenny McMillin, Adviser Ann Cummins, Andrea Searcy, Jeana Walker, Michael Smith, Advisers William McCreary, Lou Mann, and Michael Cecil. Row 3: Cecelia Perry, Cherise Martin, Carla Roberson, Donna Strough, Brenda Bryant, Vernice Shorter, Delores Wright, Jocelyn Hyche, Cynthia Britt, Donna Wright, Jayna Wright, Genean Moulder, Connie Terry, Sharon Miller, Leona Flanigan, and Karen Hostetter. Row 4: Crystal Richardson, Linda Bratcher, Marla Crenshaw, Angel Coleman, Latonya Broadus, Patrice Robinson, Carloin Franklin, Angela Franklin, Robin Brandy, Debbie Moody, Felicia Petty, Michelle Byrd, Brenda Devine, Lisa Noland, April Buses, and Janice Spears. Back Row: Terry Hannon, Jason Flowers, Efthimios Sotos, Sharon Fowlkes, Ruth Leach, Teresa Thompson, Saundra Madden, Lisa Sayers, Joanne Lane, Darrin Napier, Duke Tetrick, Angie Robinson, Rhonda Allen, Tammy Taylor, Lisa Asher, James Herron, Robert Parker, Randy Cummings, David Lowe, Darrell Burdine, and Teresa Spears. OEA, Chapter 4. Front Row: Adviser Cheryl McVay, Oneita Logan, Rosie May, Lorraine Love, Teresa Bradshaw, Shirley Tipton, Stephanie Guynn, and Adviser William Guess. Row 2: Adviser Virginia Jackson, Shelia Pettigrew, Melissa Renfro, Donna Roberts, Stacy Hart, Angela Thompson, Kathy LaFollette, Penny Spencer, Sharon Jackson, Donna Carter, Melissa Grayer, Linda Johnson, and Violet Barkhimer. Row 3: Teresa Williams, Roy Spencer, Maynona Blackmon, Jennifer Williams, Loretta Cummins, Janet Hendrickson, Oma Barger, Penny Ward, Tina Valentine, Lisa Woodard, and Sylvia Shaw. Back Row: Clarissa Sanders, Christine Patton, Wendy Oliphant, Teresa Rent, Venita Farrow, Monica Sims, Donna Godsey, Diane Griffin, Kim Polston, Donna Elliott, Katrina Milliner, Sherry Stone, and Deborah Hawver. 66 f Office Education Association Grow. . . afakw I . Ogg,-he S, X 1.-4. i- ii if 5 4 ? fl. MQ at Q r CY , t. s. I l 1 .l al ll 1: C xl ,h In CEA ,f , ,bk 'Jit rv! ' be V 1 . 'N-ig' ' EA brought Christmas to the campus hen they bought lights to decorate the ee in front of the Arsenal. r I I State Director of OEA, Woody Sears, and National officers, Tonya Marks, Kevin Cobb, Cheryl Cullbertson visit Tech during national OEA week in February. OEA, Chapter 7. Front Row: Cathy Sluder, Carolyn Wade, Mary Church, Teresa Shaw, Virginia Brumley, Vonda Jones, Jacqueline Anderson, Shuron Belk. Row 2: Adviser Lois Frye. Rosa Taylor, Rhonda Daws, Renee Barker, Janice Morris, Christie Robinson, Adviser Gwen Ohmit. Row 3:lCheryl Deviese, Paul Dailey, Adviser, Lewis Robertson, Patti Means, Veronica Swanigan, Shinell Smith, Leah Gavin, Carla Streeval. Back Row: Tammy Goines, Tonya Summers, Kevin Jones, Paul Jones, Glen Canfield, Jennifer Johnfauno, Cynthia Jackson, Steve Miller, and Sharmin Davis. OEA District Winners. Front Row: Penny Spencer, Donna Roberts, Jeana Walker, Violet Barkhimer, and Rose May. Back Row: Teresa Bradshaw, Oma Barger, Monica Sims, Shinell Smith, Michael Smith, and Leona Flanigan. Office Education Association I 67 JROTC Gives Insight Into ' I it Tech's Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, one of the largest student groups on campus, is highly respected in our community. The 188 students who participate in JROTC are under the command of three instructors who are retired Army personnel. Cadets may specialize in Boys' Drill Team, Girls' Drill Team, Rifle Team, Flag Detail Band Guard, or Color Guard The Tech Color Guard is one of the most active in the city. It has presented the colors at the Indiana Legislature, Pacer Games, city parades, and at all of the Indianapolis sectional, regional, and semi-state basketball tournaments. The highlight of each year for JROTC members is the AFI lAnnuaI Formal lnspectiont in which active Army per- sonnel rate the Tech unit on its grooming and performance. Army Life . ' ,fy CXLTC Charles Gibson and trumpeter George Dudley join JROTC color guard members CH Lt Anthony Duerson, C!1 Lt Tony Smith, CILTC Robert Willis, and C!Cpt Andrew Gaddie in the presentation of col- ors at a cross country meet. The sun glints off the "spit and polish" helmet of col- or guard member Andrew Gaddie. Battalion "Brass" inspect battalion staff members ClLtC Donna Carter, C!Cpt. Robert Turner, CISFC Robert Cummings, C!LtC Raye Williams and C!Maj Grace Arila during the Annual Formal Inspection. J 557, 2 3 i 2 Q37-hlif. I ,Z 68 f JROTC x it 2 i li T 'N' X., A 'f04,..,.. , ,F 5. - "' 1st Sgt Neris Willis serves as Senior Army Instructor of the JROTC. 9 years at Tech ks ISO Lt. Col Donald B. Clark, U.S. Army retired, greets secretary Mary Alice Jeffries at the Na- tional Secretaries Day breakfast which Colonel Clark hosted. Brigade Commander, C!Gen Youssef Carpenter, the highest ranking JROTC cadet in the city conducts brigade business. xx af.. 5 L.. Emu. THE MSG James McDaniel Sgt 1st CL George P. Durr 8 years at Tech 7 years at Tech 1' 'fill rf Cadet Captain Robert Turner awaits inspection as CISFC Robert Cum- mings salutes the inspecting officers during the AFI. Sgt 1st CL Durr explains the intricacies of map reading to C!2Lt Tong Srichareon, C!Maj Grace Arila, and CISFC John Hagan. EBI! JROTC!69 Groups Show 'lHeod 6 Heorf" The Human Relations Council is established so that better com- munications can be brought about between student and faculty. Dur- ing the year, the council raised funds by selling candy, and "Valen- tine Roses." The council also spon- sored one member, Wayne McCor- mick, tothe Model U.N. at IUPUI. This year the council initiated a new idea. They sent Human Rela- tions certificates to second hour students who were recommended by their teachers for leadership, citizenship, and cooperativeness. Sponsors are Martha Bradshaw and Roosevelt Griffin. Human Relations Council: Leah Gavin, Michael Smith, Shawn Stevens. Row 2: Wayne McCormick, Riley Gordon, Tim Baker, and Janet Hendrickson. L...3 6? Sexes: PM , , ,, r V .Q ,. t 5 mx' -- Wayne McCormick, Human Relations Council, with Mr. Minor and the SAO members at the Model U.N. Seated: Deanna Early, Lisa Wright, Melanie McNeely, Lorie Simpkins, Curt Grimsley, John Minor, and Steve Suess. 70 ! Human Relations, Brain Game l 'T ' 7' l Brain game members, Donna Roberts, Deana Early,-tl and Tiersa Greene with their sponsor Wesley Mur-Q phy. Tech was defeated by the North Central team:-5 who won the trophy for 1984. lr if 4 51-lC1SfUdsf1f FUCUITY Unk Af.L"'i'if f , ,, ' f . ml. . "MW WV X' ' K, , k. W y , ful. , , ,, ., 'f-is , W. by A Us ' A A A T C Q N V: -in . 255395: ap . ' "fr if A . ,, 4 "M , Ag , is . H ' " :fn 1 , ' ' E fl 4 "' , .. ,N ,,. , , Q. ,xnxx X'+1.wgf , . -fl 4, Q f ' ffqfsefciiat it hw ..,,,,,.i I ' SAO: Front Row: Veronica Swanigan, Michael Smith, Sponsor John Minor, John Basham. Row 2: Sherri Latermore, Lori McGee, Harry Murphy, Misty Blake and Tina Powell. . 'l in ll The Student Affairs Organization is a club that en- courages student involvement. This year members were selected by sending letters to second hour teachers and hav- ing them pick students for the club. SAO sent Michael Smith and Tina Powell to the VOLE Con- ference. This is a program that deals with drug and alcohol abuse and other student pro- blems. SAO also sponsored the basketball queens and City-wide Student Council. In addition SAO sponsored the juniorfsenior basketball which that it is hoped will become an annual event. Sponsor John Minor presents cer- tificates to Melanie McNeeIy, Curt Grimsley, Lorie Simpkins and Lisa Wright for their participation in the Model U.N. 1. ' '. John Minor and Melanie McNeely represent the country of St. Lucia at the Model U.N. held at IUPUI. Student Affairs Organization X 71 Suppliers of Spirit Flah! Rah! Rah! Go TECH! Echoing across the football field or rebounding through the gym, spirit-filled yells unite athletes and fans into one "team" striving for victory. Cheerleading, when done well, seems effortless, however, our squad put in many after school hours creating and perfecting its routines. Sponsored by Thelma Morse, the cheerleaders perform in every possi- ble weather condition, whether it be on a rainy football field or in a sweltering gym. Varsity Squad: First Flow: Stephanie Guynn, Arthur Pepper, Steve Pittman, Shuron Belk. Flow 2: Raye Williams and Marquita Byrd. Back Row: Cydney Taylor. f v f " Vx Y . Q Y 42 , .. .v 1 A M, .4 1 ' ' a '-'ff -,f'?fQ' T "LL buffy: Varsity yell leader, Lynette Hiser, leads the fans in a rousing chant dur- ing a football game Basemen Arthur Pepper, Shawn Connor, Steve Pittman, and Emmanuel Jackson "support" the varsity cheerleaders as they perform at the Southport game. 72 ! Cheerleaders Mat Maids Front Row Veronica Swamgan Robin Smith, Laurie Simpklns Back row Melanie McNeely Loren McGee, and Renee Concentration shows on the face of Marquetta Byrd as she leads a cheer. Less obvious, but just as important, as the work of the cheerleaders is the contribution that several informal groups make to the various athletic teams. The swimming teams have their "cheer group," the wrestlers have their "Mat Maids," and the track teams has its "Happy Hurdle Helpers." These auxiliary organizations are made up of fellow students who want to contribute to the success of the athletic programs. Although they often get overlooked, we salute them for the fine job that they do. K sy, Representing the many athletes who have won the coveted Block T are seniors Donna Roberts and Lisa Pierce. Mat Maids and Block T X 73 74 f SP0 ft S Division 5? Q0 5 I 93095 065 9909- 930955 Q66 'V5 Q 5? 15 OV' 5? Q0915 655 A 5 ' 'BJ S ut Gag Q6 09 5? This section of the yearbok is dedicated to the memory of JamesE Leap Mr Leap came to Tech as a teacher in 1970 and was serving as Depart ment Head of the Physical Education Department at the time of his death January 3 Mr Leap dedicated his life to young people as a teacher coach and athletic official His legacy to those who knew him is the strength of character which sustained him in life and throughout his terminal illness Our thoughts of Mr Leap will recall his quick smile his professional attitude and his commitment to his fellow man Although we are diminished b the loss of this e educator, we are grateful to have had him as a member of the Tech family. 'lv' James E Leap ' DIY L 1984. ' ' ML- . 1 I I y ' fin Sports Division I 75 Titons Fight Bock The 1983 football season began in mid-August and was played throughout the hottest fall ever recorded in Indianapolis. Games were played in spite of evening temperatures in the 80 to 90 degree range. Our football team opened the season with a hot start, too. We snapped a 22 game losing streak and went on to a 2-1 record after three games. Our record by season's end was 3-7 which was an im- provement over the previous two seasons and offered hope for the future. 1983 was also the year of the cluster system, a playoff system which pitted schools against one another in head-to-head competi- tion, based on the size of the schools. The new system was criticized, and the era of the cluster may be short lived. Michael Norton and Laffy Sledge dash Paul Minor concentrates on avery good for a loose ball. catch. Coach Woodard grits his teeth showing displeasure with a play. Injured Jock Harris being assisted off the field by Coach Bell. 34 76 I F00tbalI 1983 VARSITY FOOTBALL TECH OPP. 14 Manual 26 12 Attucks 0 6 Arlington 0 14 Marshall 24 0 Washington 38 12 Broad Ripple 19 6 North Central 23 0 Cathedral 10 0 Howo 6 18 Scocina 6 WON 3 L OS T 7 fx 3 VARSITY FOOTBALL: Front: Charles Simmons, Vorn Taylor, Alfred Taylor, Mike Sholar, Larry Sledge, Christopher Smith, Darrell Humphrey, James Roberts, Lecestre Whitlow, Allen Bolden, and Ronald Cannon. Row 2: Clark Williams, Robert Conners, Brandon McFarland, Dennis Arnott, Coaches: Frank Craig, Jerry Marlin, Robert Woodard, James Bell, John Gore, and Jeffery Robinson, Darrell Tardy, and Michael Norton. Row 3: William Rush, Tom Bell, Robert Gordon, Michael Stigger, Steve Miller, Charles Leveringston, Kelly Goins, Doug Massey, Jeffery Valentine, Tony Williams, and Gary Reedy. Row 4: Steve Sultzer, Lee Williams, Andre Covington, James Allen, Willie Lofton, Mike Patterson, Robert Hardiman, Tim Campbell, Lavell Harrell, Emanuel Jackson. Back: Archie Willis, Roger Bell, Phillip Glover, Bryant McAtee, Leonard Hiser, Paul Minor, Shawn Conner, Joe Young, Eric Harris, and Jock Harris. Allen Bolden cuts around the end for a gain. Steve Miller cools off. Roger Bell suffers from 90 degree heat at our first game. Football I 77 Reserves The Reserve and Freshman football teams each play their own full season. This gives them a charms learn the varsity plays have playing time in game airirrations, which they could nriil get on the varsity squad. The ilfwslwman team played close nes throughout its season an average point spread only nine points. They were a rnsistently competitive team. T? 2 Reserve squad im- proved i om the previous year and comrsiled a winning record. Reserves Front: Manager, Cedar Lloyd, Vorr. Taylor, Charles Simmons, Ronald Cannon, Willie Lofton, and Doug Massey. Row 2: Tim Campbell, Clark Williams, Steve Pittman, William Rush, Alfred Taylor, Tony Williams, and trainer Jimmy Littlejohn. Back Row: Manager Dennis Arnott, Kelly Goins, Gary Reedy, Shawn Connor, Christopher Smith, Lee Williams, Coach, John Gore. Coach Gore, at halftime, informs the reserves of what they will need to do to win. Freshman Front: Donald Mueller, Ronald Griffith, Jeff Munsey, Danny Wade, Donald Webb. Row 2: James Glover, Kevin Campbell, Mark Jamerson, John Marks, Nate Dawson, and Mark Gordon. Back row: Coach, Jeffery Robinson, Michael Davis, Clifford Williams, Devin Warren, Phillip Moore, Billy Norman, Coach Frank Craig. 78 I Reserve Football Look Toward Future 1983 RESERVE FOOTBALL TECH OPP. 2 Attuoks 0 28 Arlington 0 14 Marshall 0 8 Washington 16 30 Broad Ripple 6 18 North Central 20 12 Cathedral 22 28 Howe 8 14 Scecina 12 WON 6 LOST 3 1983 FRESHMAN FODTBALI. TECH 0PP. 0 Arlington 12 8 Marshall 14 10 Washington 14 16 Broad Ripple 0 8 North Central 14 16 Cathedral 30 20 Howe 12 14 Seeoina 20 WON 2 LOST 6 "Love" them Tirons! 1983 BOYS TENNIS TECH OPP. 2 Manual 3 5 Attucks 0 0 Chatard 5 0 Sceeina 5 0 Warren Central 5 2 Ritter 3 3 Ronealli 2 1 Marshall 4 4 Washington 1 2 Broad Ripple 3 0 Howe 5 2 New Palestine 3 4 Arlington 1 4 Northwest 1 5 Attucks 0 WON 6 LOST 9 '-' ..aisa:..,... The 1983 boys' tennis team had an up and down season. They started out with two tough losses to Cathedral and Roncallig their next two matches were wins over Attucks and Arlington. The season went on like that and they ended with a 5 and 9 record. The most valuable varsity and reserve players were Ed Newell and Eric Poventud. N it rlr Robert Sulver practices his serve. TENNIS TEAM. Front: Bradley Thompson, Bill Trent, Eric Poventud, David Lowe, Tim Hicks. Back Row: Bernard White, Tom Markey, Phillip Atkins, Gregg Tucker, Edwin Newell, Robert Sulver, and Coach Robinson. Tim Hicks poses for camera between sets. Boys Tennis I 79 Girls Spike iEm 1983-84 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TECH OPP. 0 Hamilton Southeastern 2 0 Chatard 2 1 Southport 2 1 Ritter 2 0 Northwest 2 0 Speedway 2 2 Broad Ripple 0 0 Cathedral 2 0 Arlington 2 3 Soecina 0 2 Attuoks 0 2 Washington 0 1 Marshall 2 2 Park Tudor 0 0 Manual 2 0 Howe 2 WON 5 LOST 1 1 City: Tech 1, Attucks2 Sectionals: Tech 0, Beech Grove2 80 l Volleyball Front Row: Debbie Williams, Sherri Moore, Carolyn Swanigan, Marveda Tardy, Ruth Sledge, Hortensia Smith. Second Row: Tyonia Hamilton, Mrs. Manka lcoachl, Lisa Claspell, Sharmin Davis, Carolyn Wade, Christle Early, Thelma Ford, and Rhonda Miles. Back Flow: Gretchen Breheim. 1983-84 RESERVE YDLLEYBALI. TECH OPP. 0 Hamilton Southeastern 2 0 Chatard 2 0 Southport 2 0 Ritter 2 0 Northwest 2 0 Speedway 2 2 Broad Ripple 1 0 Cathedral 2 1 Arlington 2 0 Soeeina 2 2 Washington 1 1 Marshall 2 1 Ronoalli 2 2 Park Tudor 0 2 Manual 0 2 Howe 0 WON 5 LOST 1 1 City: Tech 1, Cathedral 2 Distance Runners Show Desire 1.4, l ' 1983 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY TECH OPP. NS' Cathedral 18 NS Bon Davis 1 7 NS Southport NS NS Hows 17 ,NS Ronoalli 19 15 Manual NS 34 Northwest 2 1 NS E Lawronoo North 30 I Chatard 37 E Warron Contral 38 T N5 Franklin Contral 40 ' NS-Not Scored, Incomplete Team 6, - i"3fX'? if Jw", ix 12 . Q t may A, , F R? 155 sf -fx NE-wx sw Q-'MW Magi. ts fgtmsmi .QM L 1 SSX i I Cross country involved six girls and 13 boys. Working as in- dividuals and combining their talents, they formed a team. The girls ran in ten meets, winning one. The boys ran in 11 meets, winning five. The male runners placed sixth in the city, eighth in the sec- tionals, and seventh in their in- vitational tourney. The number of girls who participated was too few to compete as a full team, so they ran only as individuals. With this year's experience, the team is looking forward to a winning season next year. 1983 VARSITY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY TECH 0PP. 49 Cathedral 15 50 Bon Davis 15 37 Ho wo 20 46 Roncalli 15 27 Manual 28 26 E Arlington 29 Attucks 50 24 North woot 3 1 Chatard 2 1 9 1 Lawrance North 3 7 Arlington 106 Boys' cross country team warms up. Cynthia Smith pushes for first place. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Front Row: Ralph Turner, Kenneth McGuire, Manuel Young, Tong Srichareon, Brent Purvis. Row 2: Billy Guymon, Tony Sanders, James Sweat, Tammy Blackmon, Robin Smith, Vicky Sweat. Back Row: Jay Kleine, Coach, Darren Hollingsworth, Darren Napier, Riley Gordon, Cynthia Smith, and Bruce McGeath, Coach. Cross Country I 81 Laura Simpkins works hard for first place in the backstroke. Girls Swim Team: Front Flow: Coach Jon Hall, Darlene Powell, Jenny Hon, Norma Aguilera, Laura Simpkins, Maria Haak, Angela Mathews, and Tammy Alexander. Row 2: Managers Michael Haak and Dallas Dishman. Diving Board: Lora Hawkins, Danyl McDivitt, Lily DeBruler, Terri Dill, Rachelle Sanders and Tina Powell. bkrf Swimmers Second ima s 6 'ff TA ,ES 82 ! Girls Swimming Six 5 1983 GIRLS' S WIMMING TECH OPP 31 Howe 121 58 Perry Meridian 107 72 Marshall 87 54 Speedway 112 76 Washington 85 65 Indian Creek 101 103 Marshall 94 63 Decatur Central 108 53 Hamilton Southeastern 116 44 Center Grove 128 80 Chatard 76 75 Howe 96 60 Southport 118 WON 2 LOST 11 n City 1983-84 BOYS' SWIMMING TECH OPP 16 Beech Grove 134 52 Howe 92 92 Arlington 35 81 Washington 74 98 Marshall 46 56 Lawrence Central 117 80 Westfield 76 88 Chatard 56 53 Decatur Central 115 54- Franklin Central 116 62 Plainfield 107 42 Center Grove 127 66 Indian Creek 101 96 Washington 61 56 Hamilton Southeastern 93 WON 6 LOST 10 Ken Hobbs in tuck position of dive. Boys Swim Team: Front Row: Joseph DeBruIer, Michael Haak, William Hobbs, Michael Young, and Jim Leisring. Back Flow: Coach Jon Hall, Danyl McDivitt and Maria Haak, Managers, Tony Skinner, John Sherwood, Ken Hobbs, and Glen Canfield. Mike Haak practices freestyle stroke. s is 9 .Rfg XXX. .: 'W seine Boys Swimming I 83 Gowdy Leods City Scorin 9 NISE fi. Senior Tim Gowdy tries to inbound ball to teammates. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES: Front Row: Stepfon Levell, Tim Gowdy, Mark Howe, Tony Gowdy, and Ricky Daniel. Back Row: Jason Flowers, Phillip Glover, Coach Ernie Cline, Lee Williams, and Clark Williams. Senior Avary Sims concentrates on making a free throw. Senior Rodney Robertson drives to the basket. 84 f Varsity Basketball 1. I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I uv I My-I I I I I 1.1 UIQ, The boys' varsity basketball team had much to be proud of this year. Tim Gowdy, team captain and most valuable player, led the city in scoring with a 22.9 points per game average. Tim was named to both the STAR and NEWS all-city teams and was selected for the UPI all-state team, honorable mention. Avary Sims was the only other titan in double figures with a 10.9 points per game average. Sims also had the best free throw ac- curacy, hitting 53 or 71 attempts for a .746 average. Rodney Robert- son paced the team in assists and Robert Logan led in rebounds with 124 for a 6.2 per game average. Stepfon Levell was selected by his teammates to receive the mental attitude award. 1983-84 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL TECH OPP. 55 Northwest 50 73 Broad Ripple 88 55 Arlington 66 44 Southport 66 5 1 Washington 50 62 Ben Davis 8 1 57 North Central 67 F 57 Attuoks 58 62 Brebeuf 77 62 Howe 69 52 llonoalli 59 56 Ritter 77 46 Marshall 99 68 Scecina 65 59 Kokomo 74 49 Chatard 74 54 Muncie Central 6 1 59 Manual 66 WON 3 LOST 17 City: Chatard 68, Tech 56 Sectional: Arlington 74, Tech 61 Junior Michael Lucas shoots over a Southport defender. VARSITY BASKETBALL. Front: Mark Howe, Stats, Stepfon Levell, Jason Flowers, Tim Gowdy, Captain, Avary Sims, Ricky Daniel, Dennis Arnott, Manager. Second Row: Frank Craig, Assistant Coach, Rodney White, Michael Lucas, Walter Woodard, William Greg Tucker, Phillip Glover, Rodney Robertson, Coach Ernie Cline, and Dave George, Assistant Coach. During time out, Coach Ernie Cline "talks" over what should be done. l X Varsity Basketball ! 85 Future Appears Bright The Reserve basketball team's strong play and winning record are positive signs for the future of our basketball program. This squad achieved , a 12 and 7 record. Five of the seven losses were by an average of only four points. Balanced play and hustle were hallmarks of this team and should translate' into continued success as the JV players move up to varsity action. Frank Craig, Coach, Danny Wade, Michael Norton, Michael Phelps, Tony Gowdy, Cedric Lloyd, Manager. Row 2: William Rush, Lee Williams, Charles Westmoreland, Steve Rose, William Wible, Stanley Gilbert, Clark Williams, Ernie Cline, Coach, and Dave George, Coach. Sophomore Walter Woodard takes the ball to the basket while his opponent guards him closely. Junior Charles Westmoreland concen- trates on a shot which he does not want to miss. Junior William Flush takes aim on the basket. """ 86 I Reserve Basketball 1983-84 BOYS RESERVE BASKETBALL TECH OPP. 38 Northwest 27 48 Broad Ripple 5 1 44 Arlington 33 38 Southport 37 28 Washington 29 34 Bon Davis 72 38 North Central 45 32 Attuoks 27 49 Irobouf 3 1 43 Hows 35 22 Chatard 25 42 Roncalli 39 43 Ritter 34 28 Marshall 47 33 Scocina 3 1 42 Kokomo 28 37 Chatard 3 1 38 Muncie Central 43 46 Manual l0.'l'.l 43 WON 12 L OS T 7 For Winning Teoms 1983-84 BOYS' FRESHMAN BA SK E TBA LL TECH OPP. 30 Creston 29 52 Broad Ripple 55 47 Southport 38 43 Attucks 30 32 Lawrence Central 15 48 Ritter 18 34 Arlington 32 38 Northwest 37 44 Stonybrook 33 32 Chatard 53 32 Cathedral 30 48 Manual 33 39 Scecina 28 40 North Central 32 36 Honcalli 10.1.1 39 39 Washington 30 52 Marshall 40 43 Howe 38 WON 16 LOST 4 ll '7 Y' l ll The Freshman basketball team had its best record in several years. At 16 and 4, the team ex- pected to win the city tourney but were denied the championship on a disputed call at the buzzer. Although the team was understandably disappointed, it can be justly proud of its fine season. These young men should guarantee us a strong JV team next year, and it is quite possible that one or more of them will even make the varsity team. ., 4- ' I Front Row: Darren Neely, Ronrico Tudor, Frank Sullivan, Raleigh Hibbard, John Marks, Charles Simmons, Steve Scholl, and Harold Ellis, Manager. Second Row: Dave George, Coach, John Burl, Phillip Moore, Steve Barton, Robert Toles, Clifford Williams, Michael Davis, and Curtis Evans. John Marks concentrates on a very good shot. Team EFFORT for a rebound. Steve Scholl "picks," around opponent for an open shot. Freshman Basketball f 87 Wrestlers: Front Flow: Ronald Cannon, Jim Littlejohn, and Tim Allen. Back Row: Anthony Tomasello, Michael Thomas, Douglas Massey, Robert Hardiman, Darrell Tardy, and Steve Blagrave. ln 1952, 1976, and 1979 the Tech Titans were the state wrestling champions. In 198O!81, as freshmen, this year's senior wrestlers won the city title. Why then in 1984, did our varsity squad go 0 and 13 for the season? The three "l's" got us! Initials ias in A, B, C, D, and Fl, Injuries, and lack of Interest. Of the five seniors who won their weight class championships as freshmen, not a single one finish- ed his senior season. Although the wrestling pro- gram is definitely engaged in a rebuilding program, all is not bleak. Sophomore Mike Thomas was varsity city runner-up in his weight class, losing only to two- time state champion Ben Ftiechel of Northwest. Gordon Hyatt cap- tured the reserve city crown, and freshman Don Mueller took first place in the freshman city tourney. Tech's wrestling program has been on top before and Coach Hurrle and his staff are working hard to climb the ladder of suc- cess again. Darrell Tardy forces his opponent's head into the mat as he attempts to roll him to his back. as 1 wrestling Wrestler l 1983-84 VARSITY WRESTLING TECH OPP 9 Roncalli 61 24 Lawrence Central 69 15 Carmel 60 23 Chatard 42 26 Kokomo 32 0 Cathedral 78 15 Kokomo Hayworth 57 5 Beech Grove 65 4 Perry Meridian 66 33 Marshall 36 30 Washington 41 0 Ben Davis 63 WON 0 LOST 13 9TH PLACE IN CITY 8TH IN CARMEL INVIT A TIONAL fy, MM, Reserve Wrestlers: Front Flow: Coach Francis Knue, Jim Littlejohn, Mgr., and Greg Levell, Freshman Coach. Back Row: Ronald Simpkins, Eric Poventod, William Guymon, Glindon lngle, Don Mueller, Gordon Hyatt, Ron Griffith, and Don Webb. 1983-84 FRESHMEN WRESTLING TECH OPP Howe North west l Manual l Ft Wayne J Manual Northwest 1 WON 2 LOST 5 Placed 8th ln Beech Grove Invitational 3rd Place lndpls Frosh City Tourney l Howe In vita tional Points. Northwest 160W Tech 99 Roncalli 96 24 46 23 54 1 42 30 y I 27 . 35 l I 52 19 l 54 18 l 12 Beech Grove 50 2nd Place Howe In vita tional 8- Way l l Coach John Hurrle discusses strategy with James Sweat. Mike Thomas drives his opponent's back toward the mat. Freshman-Reserve Wrestling f 89 Glenna Massey looks for an open team- mate to release the ball to. Varsity Basketball Team: Front Row: Lisa Claspell, Edna Toliver, Adrian Battles, Donna Bellamy, Kim Mitchell, and Donna Branch. Back Row: Manager Gretchen Breheim, Statistician Andrea Piety, Linda Frye, Sharmin Davis, Rhonda Miles, Robin Sanders, Tammy McGhee, Marveda Tardy, Ruth Sledge, Glenna Massey, Assistant Coach Rosie Alan, and Coach Susan Jahnke. Marveda Tardy and Glenna Massey "sky" for a rebound. Vorsity Girls Ploce lim 42, A , ts? we 90 I Varsity Girls Basketball TECH 40 41 58 59 44 1983 84 vAnslTv GIRLS BASKETBALL ppp Brebeut Washington North Central Attucks Warren Central Ben Da ws Southport Ritter Arlington Roncalll Howe Washington Marshall Arlington Howe Broad Ripple Perry Meridian Scecina Manual Cathedral Attucks Northwest City Tourney Howe 42 WON 12 LOST Coach Susan Jahnke explains her gamer plan to the team. , 1 l l l v r l tl Second in City I .1 Q. kgs L. ,, 1 t , x y 1' f f The ball is up for grabs and Adrian Battles intends to get it. Kim Mitchell comes face-to-face with the ball on a hard fought rebound. Team effort is apparent as the Titans attempt to reject a shot. I I 1983-84 RESERVE GIRLS 3 z BASKETBALL T l TECH oPP 1 18 North Central 37 1 28 Attucks 26 ' 20 Warren Central 42 T 23 Ben Davis 43 l 27 Southport 38 p 21 Ritter 27 20 Washington 16 i l 32 Marshall 28 27 Scecina 29 l l 15 Arlington 37 l 31 Howe as l l 29 Creston 31 Q 26 Broad Ripple 23 I l 22 Perry Meridian 29 , 31 Scecina 29 Q 19 Manual 30 22 Cathedral 32 WON 5 LOST 12 Reserve Girls Basketball I 91 Fietiri ln Spring, "Diomonds Are ,,,,,,, .W f ...ivff . i 'F' " V' W f 1 , v 1" ':"f f' f ' ,, , . ., -.. i' M , . ,... . ,, f,,, ,, ng Coach lvan Moreman pensively Paul Beam blasts a ball to centerfield. views the last game of his career. imma, ,fi 92 I Baseball 1984 VARSITY BASEBALL TECH OPP. 0 Warren Central 17 W-'W QP' ef' 2 Ben Davis 16 8 Marshall 4 2 Pike 6 0 North Central 4 2 Southport 12 All M -- s Howe 7 'F f ,gag 4 cathedral 13 ' 13 Arlington 1 0 Roncalli lCityj 5 15 Attucks 2 9 Manual 1 0 Northwest 6 11 Washington 5 WON 5 LOST 10 VARSITY BASEBALL: Front Flow: Mike Haak, Mike Phelps, Tim Hicks, Paul Beam, Ronald Phelps, Wesley Collins, David O'Neill. Back Flow: Coach Dave George, James Littlejohn, Jim Inman, Mike Patterson, Ed Newell, Orlando Mendoza, Steve Miller, and Coach lvan Moreman. ,L J., Wes Collins gets the bad news as he checks the umpire's signal. y l l T Q .ltli ' Y I it l I ' I I o Boy s Best Friend Q45 5w7fI if " if rj V Q, 4 ,J im? " ' : Ee xg, I RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1: Harold Ellis, Manager, Bernard White, Calvin Cook, Rodney McGee, Bill Dotson, and Tim Spivey. Row 2: Coach Dave George, John Whyde, Tom Markey, Chris Clark, Greg Hensley, Gordon Hyatt,and Mark Mencer. Wir .5 -1 1 E. X S S +25 if . . V' I W ' I . S -t was-5635 Ma.- , .. wmv 1- f 'wrt' V 4! H ' . V Y A M ,. X , C Q. -1 .msn -. .f If :4 it -W ., 'X 'f t .W - -. S I . t, ts, cts.. gs-AMX . - A, ,Q K W 5.5! 1:'fhi,'g.,f,. Cwss ' tw 3, YK ssl? nz" is my ' D' of QS ,..fJ5..4. rf' W . star: r Ed Newell attempts to "thread the needle" as he tosses his best pitch. l I 1 r 1 bs' f":f" I . 3 .3 'V ,V . Q . 'V K wxJ?,.,.'g . X A r ' ' r I ' ' iw 7 1 X h . ' y rs, , . Jaw- X' aim .,,,.. ,174 th' ' . 5317 K.. .ffl A. x ,Q-."' 4. -AQ.,- ttt if . ., .- Mu . .A , 1' , V" Nw :1 ""'1'." V ts ,. ly. -,. LN g I 1 ,,. mtv: 4- " , v.. -. Tom Markey holds a Cathedral runner at first. 1984 RESERVE BASEBALL TECH OPP. 0 Warren Central 17 2 Ben Davis 8 2 North Central 8 0 Southport 15 9 A Howe 4 0 Cathedral 7 8 Arlington 1 4 Manual 11 2 Northwest 4 Q 11 Washington 4 WON 3 LOST 7 Ron Phelps has that strange feeling that someone is looking over his shoulder. fmt A .A .H lv '13, QM' if o nf BasebaH!93 Leorning to Ploy Hordboll Tim Spivey and John Whyde confer on the mound. 1984 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TECH OPP. 9 Perry Meridian 19 17 Marshall 7 3 Howe 15 12 Scecina 8 9 Roncalli 11 2 fQ',fjLf"'P'e 2 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: Bow 1: Steve Scholl, Bradley Thompson, Daniel Roberts, Scott Ramsey, Mike Mencer. Bow 2: Coach Bob Inman, Ronnie Simpkins, WGN 2 1-057' 5 Michael Davis, Steve Barton, Danny Bosales, Charles Sides, and James Kuhlmeyer, Manager WW f at ,. ,. 1 , 'A 1' --vs.. X , Q av" f . a a I 5 lm Ni i"' v"'i"v.,+ r-v .,.. is ' I 'ru - b Y " "1 AJQM' ,Mx . K " Q, ksailef tw i" , Bill Dotson "follows through" after tipping the ball foul. John Whyde "squares up" for a bunt. 94 ! Baseball Golf Teom Abo e Por 1984 GOLF TECH 203 Marshall Scecina 223 Kokomo Arlington 165 Howe Marshall Manual Chatard Broad Ripple Ben Davis Floncalli Attucks 1 1 Perry Meridian '7 6 New Palestine Northwest Arlington if my Kokomo City Bth tr Tech Inv 3rd Sectionals 13th OPP. 218 185 170 FOR. 168 FOR. 242 nc 199 161 186 156 201 174 208 157 195 208 208 Cathedral 176 194 166 192 193 178 193 I - 172 won 5 ' LOST 12 BOYS GOLF TEAM: Coach Jay Kleine, David Suess, Doug Massey, Greg Tucker, Bill Trent, David Lowe, and Michael Sholar. I lil. - 5' 1 Q1 , , . , ' Every golfer knows that the game can be frustrating but . . . No, Bill, your ball dldn't go in the garage. -.,..,, . . .Joe DeBruler isn't breaking his club, he is loosening up before his game. , ,, - x-. . - ' -,1 '9 3 'X , ,i ' ' V.. 9 1 , ,"',ff., lilvid SUGSS Creates 3 minor Sand SYOYFH GS he "ChiPS" T0 the Greg Tucker eyes the cup as he prepares for the perfect putt. een . ,i l ll W as if Golf X 95 Hord-fought Soffboll Qian N - GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM: Row 1: Tina Folson, Laurie Simpkins, Tammy Alexander, Darlene Powell, Donna Branch. Row 2: Janell Raney, Teresa Shaw, Lisa Moore, Cindy DeLoach, Norma Aguilera, Lisa Claspell, Kathleen Johnson. Back Row: Coach Susan Jahnke, Lora Hawkins, Dyan Glaze, Andrea Piety, Glenna Massey, Jeana Walker, Lisa Pierce, Karla Hall, and Assistant Coach Rosie Allen. Assistant Coach, Rosie Allen, gives Glenna Massey tips on how to bring our base runners home. ln the few short years that Tech and the IHSAA have sponsored girls interscholastic softball, the sport has generated considerable interest. Some spectators are suprised when they view their first game. They seem to expect dainty young girls playing a "proper" game of softball. What they see are very competitive, highly skilled athletes who play tough, hard-fought ball. The spectators seem to like what they see. The crowds are large and enthusiastic whether or not the Titans are victorious. 1984 SOFTBALL TECH OPP. 6 Northwest ' 12 4 Perry Meridian 6 .9 ' Howe A 8 4 Pike ' A 5 2 Scecina . 4 21 Attacks 11 7 Brebeut A 19 7 Southport 28 20 Broad Ripple 21 10 Marshall g 3 5 Arlington 6 7 Chalard 22 5 Roncalli 21 23 Decatur Central , 7 WON 5 1 LOST 11 City ' 7 9. Cathedral 1 8 21 S Rohcalli 12 A, , X Lisa Claspell sprints for home as the out-of-position Rockets give up another run. 96 ! Girls Softball Service . . . With o Smile I rw, K 5 A , T ,mx 'QP A two-fisted swing adds power to Don- na Flores' game. 1984 GIRLS TENNIS TECH OPP. 1 Washington 4 0 Ritter 5 0 Roncalli 5 3 Attucks 1 1 Scecina 4 4 Manual 1 2 Arlington 3 1 Cha lard 4 3 Broad Ripple 2 3 Marshall 2 0 Howe 5 0 Soulhporl 5 WON 4 LOST 8 Mill IRLS TENNIS TEAM: April Buses, Sherri Moore, Terri Moore, Coach Mary Lou anka, Dawn Hobbs, Christie Early and Donna Flores. 3 iqmfzm Q21 I 'S .G 'Qrssh iff" rr: 5 X gg' ' V iz , f ,l f ,, , ffl 4' ' 2 f ,S ns -, f an Q, i Total concentration is evident as Sherri 'N' Moore returns a volley. Girls Tennis f 97 Cooch McGeorh, Chornpion Cooch of Chompions Our Boys Track team posted another winning record under the direction of Head Track Coach Bruce McGeath. Archie Willis was Sectional Champion in the 400 Meters, Avary Sims was Regional Cham- pion inthe High Jump: and Willis, Sims, and Larry Sledge were all state finalists. This season brings to a close Mr. McGeath's illustrious career as a track coach. Although he will continue to coach Cross Coun- try, he is retiring after 25 years of coaching boys track. ln five years as head coach at Scottsburg, three years as an assistant coach at Tech, and seventeen years as head track coach, Mr. McGeath never had a losing season. In recognition of his many ac- complishments and his contribu- tions to the sport, the National High School Athletic Coaches Association selected Mr. McGeath as District IV Track Coach of the year for 1984. Looking back over his quarter-century of coaching, we are proud to have had Mr. McGeath as one of "us." BOYS TRACK TEAM: Row 1: Ronald Cannon, Ben Hicks, Charles Gregory, Mark Osborn, Charles Simmons, Larry Sales, Willie Williams, John Marks, L. C. Franklin. Row 2: Avary Sims, Gareth Hodges, Mark Smoot, Larry Sledge, Eric Poventud, Maurice Todd, Darren Hollingsworth, Emanuel Jackson, William Flanagan, Billy Guymon, Terry Johnson. Row 3: Coach Bruce McGeath, Assistant Coach Ron Buses, Billy Norman, Roger Bell, Stephen Pittman, Archie Willis, Darrin Napier, Jock Harris, Andre Covington, Assistant Coach Don Robinson, and Assistant Coach Bob Woodard. 98 I Boys Track We .-A if 9 VZ, wwf. X. - ff 3 -2, ' f 3 :J f I 4 ' , Jive . , WW? f la f f Q 4? I Q 4' if 'Y : 2 M , ' M ,, , ,f f ff' X ' 6 4 5 .,.., buf , ,. . X 5 ' f af W., A W ge 4 :au " 4-vg,,, .Q W .4 y5,mKZQ,!W W , ,i . .WA ,. , 'KM gy., , 1. ,4,.,- ,, -. ,..,,. .,.. , , is v2f"'if,,'i James Roberts displays the form which made him City Champion in the 100 Mete Dash. . 1. . f . 1 ' ' ' is-. tm., ', i l 1 . ,4zl7',..g'5 o ..l.g.g.113if:.K.i 1 A of 5 I 1 1984 BOYS' TRACK OPP. Attucks 23 Southport 101 Cathedral 57 Washington 82 Kokomo 71 Broad Ripple 27 Ritter 50 Attacks 17 WON 5 LOST 3 ALC. Relays 9th Tech Inv. 8th City 4th Sectional 3rd 1-will , T. mm, as Nz ef 1 Q E xi Y M at t gifs V' x. 4 4? S' A' '5 l I 1 11, ,tg . f A' , at l A vs X ,, fs sa ,el s t as X92 K 6 4122 X Imwiww' ' 5' iw' , Q 1 x 43331 A , 4 y Y Na 'M ,, -V?-e 35 5 X ,K N J wg ww Q I X 2 N- as '-IH Q .- -.tairwi-:l"5. rw X Q. ., ,X ,. . .QWSQ Wide X- testes Q 6 . NN wg xxskgti 'xg Xen if 3,3 gg vi' .v . X Steve Pittman is caught in midflight as he "steps" over a hurdle. .L....-n...AJ ,,l' - T 457 V' A is A' A ..V- b , , - T .s .e',- t ' M- f 5 it 1: 4 ' Y. it f ' 0 ,f f ' Emanuel Jackson, James Roberts, Larry Sales, and William Flanagan grasp the baton which unites them as a team in the 4 x 100 Meter Relay. Billy Guymon guts his way through the grueling 1600 Meter Run. The shot explodes from the grasp of Larry Sledge as he practices before the Tech Invitational. f . its . -1- fri-s?3i-t:,,:ww,ff.t:s,,y, . gi i"'5N5a3fa VFW? . a arfgrgpsvfi-Swvnqi:-M0 X --, F -.'-J N? 'A - ' ,X - Q' . v ,U ff -s Q' tgg' .g '. at -.,.x x . '-'F-jg, "NfEl?YiA??""5'l0Q's1ki. . - ,-. t. . Y ,as-69, , -43 A.1L.'Fl' it,.x-1-wg'-. -- .N- vagjfws, ' , - -.V-'egg t 'Nik . , 1 ..' "i A .r,t -.,:-' - -- . ,,3,fgel-rg f "tv I ,gl . . fr- 1,1 f - -if?"-Y-'s -, -'X FT' FY- sllfsf- M - - yxtg-, tp. - vb P- - H . . .il ,. . . 4 ..,, A ,,. l ,, P N 'ff-Q SN-R73 ' tl' -14.3 , Q... Mft! Boys Track X 99 Girls Undefeoted in Duol Meet Our Girls Track Team was the only Tech athletic team to have a perfect regular season. Each of the team's 17 members contributed her share to the undefeated record. Linda Frye led the team in the City and the Sectionals with first place finishes in both the 100 and 400 Meter Dashes. Coach Lehman, who has been coaching track for nine years, has set a goal to have the Tech Girls Track team rank as one of the top three teams in the state. If we continue to get outstan- ding individual efforts and our pride and team spirit grow, the team may soon be able to say, "Look at us now, we're number one in the state!" Cindy Smith proudly accepts a ribbon for her efforts in the High Jump. 1984 GIRLS' TRACK TECH OPP. 53 Howe 52 Chatard 32 58 Marshall 38 Warren Cen lral 41 66 Lawrence Central 51 g Arlington 21 56 Washington 47 Broad Ripple 34 L 94 Scecina 15 58 Northwest 44 Cathedral 34 WON , 12 LOST 0 Richmond ln v. 7th N. C. Inv. 7th Tech In v. 4th City 5th Sectional 9th Regional 12th GIRLS TRACK TEAM: Row 1: Rosa Taylor, Cydney Taylor, Deborah Williams, Sharmin Davis, Jennifer Harrison, Mary Wardell, Debra Rush, Sherri Latermore. Row 2: Coach Arnold Lehman, Robin Smith, Marveda Tardy, Gloria Davie, Cindy Smith, Veronica Smith, Linda Frye, Rhonda Miles, Kim Settles, and Assistant Coach John Gore. 100 I Girls Track - 3 1 Z , i ,th , i , ,-A f -' as t 5 JB Q X ,P rg JH' .ji V Tu' Ubi l i 'T' "" 4? 'f' ,, r.,fMv '- 'Q ,-"fx O pf' ,gr fu... QQ MVR 21 if .are in a dead heat as Rosa Taylor clears the first hurdle during the Cindy Smith begins her preqace 'n'V'faf'0na'- warm-up for the 800 Meter Run. 5: mx y 3 A W ,.,, ,tttt ,M ,, ,,,,,,,,i Y 'wm,9q23'A Robin Smith utilizes the "Fosbury flop" to go over 5 ft. in the High Jump. I ' Girls Track 1 101 I Homecoming, the prom, commencement-these were just a few of the activities that made the class of 1984's senior year special. After four long hard years of study, seniors made many friends, learned many new ideas, and had a great time throughout it all. The Seniors of Tech were no different, they enjoyed high school right down through the very last moment of gradua- tion. From the time they started their senior year, to that moment when, after turn- ing their tassels, they were graduates, the class of 1984 lived its senior year to the fullest, they truly brought meaning to the word "Senior," Using all of the knowledge and insights they gained over their four years at Tech, the class of 1984 entered the "real world" saying proudly, "Look at us NOW!" ogg' saw Q37 Q NO m .52 e eaxxog 102 ! Seniors Division 6 o sew QSO Q15 Q22 5 X 994 ed ff QS XO 5 Q in 6909 ,gn Q S Q96 9 59909 8' .. iz Q F13 fl 1 Q5 so ga 6 Seniors Division X 103 I, , YS I .fsewi KLM of 1984 Mark Adcock K 41.4.4 fem H'e.u'aQnf janef 401-e W dk i ure Q-ediffvzf .S?e,vAan1'e gym: 'X ' .Srrefary .Zemefra gauze jeadurer j'erJa Q-eene K .gzrgearzf af .fdrmd .szerri Jafermore ..SZOIIJOI'J J David Alexander Lu Wann Join Janoude A 532 in 651.44 ,,. 4r.o A r N li i 1' ' David AfldGl'SOl'1 5'-3 V94 . Wx Brian Anthony Grace Arila Anthony Aron Rick Ash W 'ww Uv., u -ni, xx 'Vdkff , . J. .gf -X Michael Bailey Joe Baker Scott Baker Larry Banks Violet Barkhimer Ransome Barnes Tim Barnett Tvvylla Bartlett 104 ! Seniors Phillip Adkins James Allen Jacquilla Anderson Ruth Asher Oma Barger i Thomas Barton Ruben Aquayo Q. Gary Alspaugh .1.A .bg 7 Q w Joyce Anderson Arlene Bailey Renee Barker V it Greg Bauerle ig' if l '51- , Lai William Bayne Natashia Beasley Paul Beasley Q W fri? C xi f 'hu A-f' .. W ti . I , cg. l L Tracey Bellamy Antoinette Birdsong Allen Bolden ar- fa? Bradley Teffi Brooks Craig Butcher A Z- I at X I Karen Carroll Teresa Bl'adShaW McKenzie Brown Q,,,..3y, , y . lylt K ' e 3 fi 'wr K W ' X , 1'-4 , ni E zz: f C ll! it Marquetta Byrd :z rw- -P W, 1 M, 6 Donna Carter f Beth Brahany 0 ,A x 4 Mildred Bunnell Patrick Byrd Karen Cavazos 'I v Q nf 4 ' Y A91 1.6 f 1 'lf H .WL " , of ' . N ' f l 'S "li A H ' at-411.1 B Roger Bell Sandra Bell ZW' ., 614 N ,f - ,225 15 6 ,,m,,,,' lrr I C' J in Qgx Q 4' ff f 'P 'wil 1 . 'J ,limi 'illwi iiil E X llll fffii,-WI! A Arch L1 9f'l:l'! 'XX Angela Bolden Anita Booker Z . , X Peggy Branham Julie Bright 5 I C , , f 5, 5 f X f af' , : f f , f f ' 4 ,. ? R, Qvr William Buntin Frances Burdine raw, .nm 4 , Wx X ,Ubin Nl, NLM- X 1 We W 1 l A Scott Callahan Youssef Carpenter x 'Su ,- .I ,Wi va , ,. . s . g Annetta Chase Denise Chastain Robert Bella-my .,,l if . , , A xx.g,-.r'- t ,. Nt M Q- X Q Q 5 X mx X, M, 3- Y 3 ig x 4 Q 1 I ,R Lauria Bowman ' fl ' Q' ,Q ., 1,,. 443 ' flf ft if Sherry Bronner Karen Burse Charles Carr .N , g 'I Nfl L's. Vancel Cherry Seniors! 105 . ff- wg . . W " if .... . ' : g ina 1 'x Q.. -xv 957 My . 1-'id 3 Wwe. l 'i6!vr"l it J f rl.: fl' ll l,z,.,, lm ff. Trisha Clanton Laney Coleman William Cummings Tamara Curren Angela Davis James Clark Pamela Clark Karen Clay ,595 Paula Cooper Darrell Cothron Jim Couch Walter Thuer poses for his senior picture. . ff' EN ex mfs W A ' . 1 , ,,, . ' if ' 5 Q21 ' 2 W z 4.5--1-Wi' , .- A X - get : L .J ,Q . xiii.: Carolyn Davis Olivia Davis Eric Davis 5 ' Wa ' ffl! il N . A ii Marvin Deckard Michael Dodd George Dudley Lanita Duerson 106 I Seniors Wilma Clingerman Aungelic Coleman Demetra Crowe Cummings ff 321 ' X l Andre Cunningham Teresa Cunningham Rickie Daniel Kenneth Daniels Jacqueline Day Lily DeBruler William Dunston David Eads L. Deanna Earley Danell Edwards Donna Elliott Melissa Evans Ad J 1 ,Q ' avg 719' J' ,,. 'STST' ,J ...W .ff- 494 1,1 l ll' , 4 iii M 2 Mary Farr Venita Farrow James Fish Lamar Fitzpatrick .k, M :af , fm A . 4,11 4 f ,I 'Ut . ,, . 'fl rf' , l y f f 5 , Vi 4 Q 2 5 , Tim French Linda Frye Debra Garland David Garrette SXSW XM N Rondinel Gibson Sandra Gillard Phillip Glover Donna Godsey 'W Ronald Govan Tim Gowdy Kevin Graves Lee Green zq, Tiersa Greene Michelle Grever Paul Grider Diane Giffin Y' ,H , . nt 4' 7 ' X 1-1,8 , z 1,31 7 Melva Evans Shirley Evans db "lf, Robin Flitcraft Mary Freeman -52 'Q 'VA Pamela Gay Charles Gibson Lola Goodnight Riley Gordon YKXX QEX JH 5 'Q Q W X 'dm-We -1 w I 1 s., f-1 pm- Tim Spradlin celebrates Sadie Hawkins Day as Boy George Seniors! 107 21" 7 ' , S ' ' ri V i! . . ,f-N' fi. ie 6-A 'K df f as L I 4 " x A Roger Gryszowka Stephanie Guynn HQ? 'fa pwijigwli Q , f wa..,f,w V fit, , X .va -hw ' , f- M I K .. V ,aa 14 fn rw ' 9- ".- ,i Holly Sullivan, Diane Griffin, and Beth Brahany starting the first day of their senior year. 5 M Et i W ' 4 James Harwell Deborah Hawver 45' Scott Hendrickson Angem Herron 1---,,... . f , X ff' f Wx 'E' i . Timothy Hicks Christal Hill 108 1 Seniors Zio ,PPL Michael Haak Angela Haley Virgie Halliburton Tyonia Hamilton ZLL. fi 'ih' V ,1'v-: ' ,, V , "'. ' 'ff X-X Nfl i4 lx Aline Hampl Robert Hardiman Robin Hare Lavell Harrell ii' gf:,,.- M 3 ,K , - 1' lg 7 i" Q 'fl l 7 ,. 1 X112-,Q Albert Harris Eric Harris Jock Harris Stacy Hart K Janet Hendrickson ,,.-A ' K 'WX V.. ir' We ...M " X . 'Q x , Arr ai :'- . r Qgfj, , X ff Benjamin Hicks 1 K' L F Ny . Homecoming Kino Bill Bayne and Queen Teresa Miller Gary Hill Phillip Hinds I. it 'Wil ,bs rig t , l X if: ,ya Leonard Hiser x i t Jeffrey Hunt Holly Hunter J' ' Joycelyn Hyche Rodger Inman Fred Jackson Ronda Jefferson Jeffery Jones Janet Jackson . my L 5 , 1 figs- 1 1, l- 5 4 mf? 17 'K Charles Jennings John Kelly as l Darren Hollingsworth 53' Tracey Hutchison r :aa-1, - f f ,- 537' ff , . , fi l A, 4 1 A .- 11 ,ww , 5 ' " . ,W l Chris Jackson X 17W Sharon Jackson l 'F X X Q 'l 4 l i, if if I Joseph Jennings 1 :.' , W r'-as - ,W ,il t ' .a ,. Spencer Kelly A ':' :- -il.. ,.lV 3 ag Raye Williams, L- if F l Ricky Howard .ao we +C. l 4 "' ' X , ww Wayne Hughes David Humphrey 5 Y M Q, wg- K+ regally. fe! 4' H rl lfg I, ' r f l, Michelle Jennings 'Z' -- 'i John Kendall , 3553? , " Vi: 5' X Stiff' I isps,-.1 reigning senior basketball queen, smil 'R' DOl'l3ld JOhI"lSOl'l Prentice JOhf'lSOl'l ff! Robin Kendall Melissa Kidd Seniors ! 109 Anthony Kidwell X Hope Lawson 2 x l x 7 . , Robert Logsdon Allen Lucas Mx - ll! ' D U 2 ,1 . A Robert Luster Glenna Massey 110 ! Seniors -,rf Janet Kilgore Rochelle Lee David Lowe Vickie Lucas Robin Lynn Rosie May ' 6 S " 523 Ai , l S Lewis King Mary LaFolIette Sherri Latermore Eric Laughlin Robert Lefevers Jodi Lepper John Littlejohn Oneita Logan TUG, TUG, TUG: Raye Williams, Stephanie Guynn, James Harwell, Youssef Carpenter, X X M ,, . , H X -' A wg N N Yi ,I .,,. T sf 1. 1 . A W . , X K N N5 X X X NH ' N x X X g X gl x. xx R ik X x xx 5 , yt E xxx N ' ssii hss K aa ti Saundra Madden Dana Mann Derek Manning Juan Martinez T- ' 'Q X f 2 - 1153: 'Q gg! X ' 'P l 2' fl,:p:Pj22-'gf- QW' ' . H ' James McDonald Kenneth McDuffie Debra McManama Orlando Mendoza 'W Michele Mexner Sherri Miller 46" f A Kimberly Mink Crystel Moore Teresa Moore Tammy Morgan Joe Baker, Jeana Walker, Riley Gordon, and Oneita Logan "pull for pride" in the tug-of-war. James Newson Martha Nolan Kimberly Pallikan Peter Parish 1 . X4 ff I , gf' 4' Teresa Miller Katrina Milliner Millie Mills John Miner "N5'!. f QV! , K y Chris Morrow Q I , X Z' X , .3 i ,ui -.5 Jeffrey Mumaw W 11, C5 'ads .5 'nr i .n Q f X, 1 1 Charlotte Murphy Lawandra Murphy Rhonda Murphy Edwin Newell I-v' Lisa Parks Anna Parnell QS Qo- Michael Patterson Christine Patton Kimberly Patton Vickie Patton Cecelia Perry Felicia Petty Seniors! 111 .. A539 Denene Phillips Kim Phillips Lisa Phillips Lisa Pierce I 1 Andrea Piety SENIOR COUNCIL: Row 1: Tiersa Green, Treas.g Marquetta Byrd, Secretary: Tracy Hutchison. Row 2: Sherri Latermore, Sgt. at Arms, Angel Coleman, Paula Cooper, Janet Kilgore, President. Row 3: Leonard Hiser, Rochelle Lee, Youssef Carpenter and Jock Harris. Keith Ragland Jenni Ramsey Mark Randolph Thomas Reaves Mildred Reed Teresa Rent Renee Rhem Thomas Roach 112 f Seniors -ss if XL lx, ,fx X f R SE :iss Deborah Pollard N 9 ,fy Tammy Poor I W-wN,.t David Price SEM?" Amanda Reed Q- -.' 1 :.. , ff,-,.w.- nf. N ' . ' 5'0" l r I ' t V X . A dpi' -t 3 xx: 1 it Carla Roberson Edward Poke Kim Polston Renee Powell Lia Price Cheryl Reed Donna Roberts J i?,g ii'd xc as James Roberts Rodney Robertson fm? fi? 2 1 Lisa Robey H.. 'l ' ' ZZZQQ5 Z'33 Suzanne Rgbert Ronin Scott Rush Robinson f 'few 1 f A 1 it A Laura Saylor Bill Schurtz Ricky Scott - ff X .rfrr wi :S Meredith Shirley Tonda Shook Monica Sims gs. l Bobby Smith Calvin Smith Cessalyn Smith 0 2 Patrice Robinson Proud Tech Legion seniors of 1984 ,am f" 3 Jeffery Sallee Kathy Sampson Andrea Searcy Brian Shelton ms 'N!,!1x ai Renda Singer Larry Sledge in-' N.- Denise Smith Jeffrey Smith Michael Sanders John Sherwood .,-nr, Pauline Sledge ,ivg tik V -Y ' X I ' " ifQ'wf If. V '59 4 P---Ts-3 -"- my ryxsm ,'. 1 la?-ki! ' -K Lwesmnn Seniors! 113 Penny Spencer Moneet Spivey Tim Spradlin Flevelers reveal fashions at '84 prom, "Time Will Reveal. Q1 Darrel Tardy Brock Thomas Larry Thomas Vince Thompson Walter Thuer Shirley Tipton 'UN has Maw s uses. wp- . I2 'H f i , T X X ay, T T 1 f' i y 'rf' T 1 z 1 x r Anthony William Tucker Jocelyn Underwood Tina Valentine Chue Vang Ronald Van Zandt Norma Vibbert Deborah Wehr Paul Williams ,M . 'W is-' 'T' l i Jeana Walker Shalon Walker Penny Ward Vanessa Waters Curtricia Watkins I ,JJ E EX , A N x. X0 K ' I' Riff ' E23 .v5x5.f?E5ff'5Q1" 'iii cliff' -9. YZ? 1'5 - fffffn Allen Westmoreland Russell Wheeler Lecestre Whitlow Deborah Williams Glenn Williams 'wa Xl , Raye Williams T' :K Y In A! ,'-, gl ,- l in Raymond Williams The preparation, the wait, the march, "the" moment. Archie Willis Robert Willis Ronald Worthington ! " ' E ibm il Marvin Wilson Cynthia Wise Robert Wood Kelvin Woodard David Woods KM, 1- 1, ' A I b l 4 I fl Wx :..- N ' PN g N Z' ' xmas. ,X y . s"'-u-+.,.-XXX, : .L 9 W'-1 X Carl Wright Delores Wright Cha Xiong Terry Yates Margaret Young Seniors f 1 15 The Closs of 1984 . . . ' , we Nw? 1, pf X - .. . X , . NX xt f 1 A Queen Janet Kilgore and King Leonard Hiser reigned over the classy couples who attended the Senior Prom. fi State Representative Virginia Blanken baker shows her ad- miration for Loretta Cummings as she awards her a voca- tional certificate. i"'p3 The administration and faculty showed its respect for the Class of 1984 by inducting 37 members of the class into the Tech Legion. 116 I Seniors 2 3 s ? 2 Sherri Latermore showed the way for her classmates as she led the class into commencement carrying the class banner. Donna Roberts, Valedictorian, showed the classic traits of an outstanding student in winning numerous honors for herself and for Tech. . . . Shows Its Closs! Thomas Barton strikes the classic graduation pose as he ac- cepts his diploma from School Board member Hazel Stewart. Lanita Renee Duerson shows off her reward for four years of passing classes. 'sas E- . , so The bitter I sweet joy of graduation shows in the faces of Donna Roberts and Stephanie Guynn. Seniors! 117 Underclassmen made up the majority of our student body. However, during the school year they were often overlook- ed as Seniors grabbed the spotlight. As the class of 1984 graduated, it left room for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to move out from "under" and to claim a greater degree of ownership in their school. These classes wanted recognition. They were asking everyone to "Look at US now!" Q81 cage 09069 XJXQX9 O e5 o ov? 99 090 X t was 0965 Qxobvee x 0902? io 099 X4 QS, ge ,if- do 118 ! Underclassmen Division 090 S Q4 XJ' we Q90 090 D Q " Q3 Q4 was Q 69 evoxyss vxoeqodg O90 O Q 999 Q 5 veg' 9 Q9 55 xy' 09060 Underclassmen Division ! 119 Junior Council represents the 514 students of the junior class. Aaron Ausbrooks Theresa Back Kimberly Banks Raymond Barkhimer Donna Barnett Decembra Barr John Basham Annie Beech Barbara Bell Z Sonja Bell Alfonso Bollen William Boyd Mary Bradt Robin Brandy Anjanetta Brannon Robert Bray Shirley Brewer Gary Briggs Mark Briner Louis Brinkman Cynthia Britt Latonya Broadus Dedra Brooks James Brown Robin Brown Larry Browning Virginia Brumley Richard Bryant 120 I Juniors Rhonda Allen Michael Arnold Stephan Arrington 7985 Lisa Bullock Wilma Burns iss? s s :Q 'Zilla-if -R RL - . .Z M: ..., , - :,. , . 1.11515 ... ,-.ff V , X alll:-Eggs? Q , ' t l Lisa Burris Brian Bustle Andrew Butte ' 25 W J Juniors Jayna Wright, Jennifer Johnfauno, Steve Miller, and Tina Powell deliver balloon-a-grams as a fund rais- ing activity. Michelle Byrd Timothy Campbell Rodney Cannon Ronald Cannon Shelley Cannon Charles Cantrell Tina Carson James Carter Jonathan Carter Steven Cates Vanny Chheng Mary Church Michelle Churchwell Michael Clay Thomas Cleveland Dwight Cliff Darryl Colbert Shawn Connor Beverly Cook Lisa Cooper Monica Cottrell Tracy Cradic Maria Crenshaw Roy Crenshaw Kelly Crockett Robert Cummings Philip Dalton Bonita Daniels Preston Daniels Carol Davis Patricia Davis Rhonda Daws Juniors! 121 Mark Howe delivers the opening speech for the Madrigal dinner. Jerry Falin Charles Farrow Martha Felix Vincent Felix Norsie Fields David Finch Pamela Finley William Fletcher Bobby Flinchum Jason Flowers Jeffrey Foreman Denver Franklin Terrill French Adam Fugate John Fuller Timothy Garrette Leah Gavin Donald Gay Donald Gibson 122 I Juniors Jerry Doll Joseph Dunan Marla Durham Karen Dyer Christie Early Beth Eaton Bryan Eaton Barbara Edwards Lisa Day Richard oeloach Brett Demmary Brenda Devine Sandra Devine x 'Q Anthony Elliott Penny Elliott Deatra England Mark Evans Sonia Evans ,W X, , 2 1..,., , 'ZW W 5 ' 'M if 4' W 15' Glenn Gilbert Kenneth Glover Q., Kimberly Glover Keith Goliah Eric Golliday HMA Z1,.??. -' ami., , 1 fy ,fm Joseph Gonder Camille Goodrum Melissa Grayer Rochelle Greer Timothy Greer Curt Grimsley Deborah Grinter Cynthia Guerin we J atzi H ltl 1 4 Z f W U41 Awww, see-..?.2t,, A Duane Gulley Billy Guymon .J u John Hagan ' -" J Alan Hager . iv , Bertha Hager ifigfjfi 7 f 1' -1 X' It 5 l t fi? Tina Powell reigns as junior basketball queen. Donna Hall Robert Hampton Mark Haney Terry Hannon Rickey Hansen Valerie Harding if 1 fg . V 42 2 ',:fCE3::1I,3.6 i .3 f V . J. J if W W ,, ,Q I , f s I A I , 1 rf ,v ,NR WW f , f A X' . It f My ,ga fl .yi W Z' , Freddie Hargrow Alisa Harris Eric Harris Jennifer Harrison Mark Harvey Gloria Hayes Kimberly Henson James Herron Penny Hess Robert Hill William Hinton Lynette Hiser Susan Holland Juniors X 123 Mike Smith sig onto the field. l'l3IS the band to m8l'Ch Jennifer Johnfauno Janie Johnson Linda Johnson Sherry Johnson Shirley Johnson 124 ! Juniors Anna Jones Carey Jones Kevin Jones Shelli Jones Catherine Karamanos Sharon Kendall Glenda Kenney Constance Key Curtis Key Kevin King Robert Kuhlmeyer Ruth Leach Tim Keith Steven Keller Jeannie Jacobs Paul Jajuga Tonya Jefferson Mark Jenkins Duane Jennings Michelle Hoskins Timothy Hughes Tonya Hunt Anthony Hutson Gorden Hyatt Cindy Icenogle Glindon lngle James lnman Cynthia Jackson Karen Hostetter Mark Howe Alma Holliday Jeanette Holt '72 4 i 'bm A, , X' M! vw Z, X 5 James Leisring Cheryl Lingenfelter , me Q avr f M e I James Littlejohn Anthony Logan Robert Logan 7 ' -1 f f i i pf Z' ,JN -XS' .V at iff A ., Michael Lucas David Madden Patricia Major Lee Mandrell Richard Mann Thomas Markey Ricky Marlow 13, Varsity player, Steve Miller, intently watches the game from the side line. Cheryl Martin ' ' if Raymond Martin I Bryon Mason V Angela Mathews z - L Shawna Matthews ' Michelle Mayes 4, ' . .Za 5 1 2 wil? f .. is 46 At " 1- :Z:fWezsZ,52f:,::1 " e fi"-if 4 , Q L l Q-Z5 Q Q 42 2 A f ig 1 50 , if , -. :V .J Bryant McAtee Patrick McCall Wayne McCormick Spring McDade Marilyn McDaniel Ronda McGee Christie McGregor Melanie McNeeIy Norma Mehringer Katherine Merila Andrew Mexner Laura Mexner La Katrina Miedema Kyle Miedema Diane Miller ura Michaelis " Keith Miller Sharon Miller Steven Miller Juniors I 125 . is .sh K - , , . ' ,, h X .. ,r , . t ' W .L .- N , .L Q it., L! Y . Wm' P 'f W' 4 ' ' au, , .N L I- deli. A ' . 4 ' ax, Nw J wk 'c . 1, , l , l-...ox'.:.,N jk M . t .' F , V +6-. ' -.5.,,.. L ' "ts ., xg "M tt, ' .ml-Q ' We ' ' .N . . . Exslgp 14 'R N 7 -A . , -1 ft' w 'U""'L. f .gd X M XM' . ' .Mt - , .X N f V.. K g N. t 'U -Q M . 'A "fw.'iM" ter? wk? 'if S' A-' s at 4 I Y .x",3ggu:,,, .gmfxkwus 3 av N -an . .Jig . X EM .X .QJ0 ., wr . .. ... V. , A, K A f , W " .,.,.tg... "L f H , any 1 was f rj W ,. 'sift we A, ' gg, ,mg ' -'st 4 .' ', L.-N ,M J zwx- b .i.,gs.,,' Q-f'.,.ar V3 - if ' N -W 7 ft ' .. M... qw 2 ' ..w3,1.," ,sw ,M,..-f "1s..g" .ag .N fx. ggi' . .,.1mm...m,N Ag, 'I tk imeff'--vu h X Q X Q.. 'U K X xhtkk 5 Wiki, -" fe? ' .150 Yi 'S Tina Powell, drum major, is distracted by a photographer. 126 I Juniors Kathleen Perry Demetrius Perryman Sheila Pettigrew Ronald Phelps Michael Phillips Robert Pierce John Pond Tina Powell Donald Pranger Robert Pranger Michelle Pratt Tina Price Brenda Pruett Fabian Purvis Edward Quintero Robert Raia John Ramsey Rex Raney Mary Reaves Lovey Mosley Wilson Murkison Darrin Napier Michael Newsom James Newson Kenneth Noah Eric Norris Wendy Oliphant Mark Osborn Lisa Parks Shelonda Parks Michael Parrott Annette Patton Debbie Moody Janice Morris Sharrell Morton Melissa Milligan Damon Moistner A Q is xy f . 1 5 4 2 M 221. ' .. . , X . y.,,N5:, . Mia . . at Melissa Renfro Patrick Robbins Michael Roberts 'R vga , Christle Robinson Lori Robinson Angela Rolf Robert Rollin , ' Q QS? N Q 9 Acting as a serving wench at the Madrigal dinner, Michelle Pratt pours the wassail to parent guests. Edwin Roseberry Brent Rush John Russell Phyllis Sadler f 'i" I i' "'i" Clarissa Saunders Stephanie Searcy ,4 ,A Vaughn Sebree Z l Sylvia Shaw ff , ' if Teresa Shaw 5 il ' fi lfffw ffffi - "" Michael Shelton X QQ Michael Sholar f' v Leonard Shropshire . M, David Shupinsky Melissa Silcox Laurie Simpkins Avary Sims Ronnie Singleton Phillip Slaughter Ruth Sledge Russell Smiley ' Anthony Smith 4, sis 1 J Bobby Smith Christopher Smith Hortensia Smith Kathy Smith Kenneth Smith Melodie Smith Michael Smith Juniors I 127 Vllilliam Boyd discusses his future plans with an interested teacher, Lowell McCarty. 128 ! Juniors Tamara Taylor Jonathan Tennant Konstantina Svol os Carolyn Swanigan Cyd ney Taylor Leroy Taylor Randy Spillane Thomas Steinmetz Gregory Stephens Sherry Stone Benjamin Stutts Brian Stutts Stephen Suess Robert Sulver f A Rosa Taylor ' , Ronald Tur Norman Twyman Vanessa Ty Pamela Underwood Theresa Undenwood Lee Vang Connie Terry Duke Tetrick Valerie Thomas Michelle Thomerson Allan Thompson Timothy Tidwell Yvonne Townsend William Trent Nathaniel Tuggles Mark Turner DSI' DSI' 'if' : i Tonya Smith Veronica Smith Efthimios Sotos Namon Smith Shinell Smith 3 A15 fx' R . , Duane Van Laningham Antwone Walker Jeffrey Walker Larry Walker ,- x 1 Richard Walker Robyn Walker Mary Wardell Tom Warren Tracey Waterford Jennifer Webb Theresa Webster Patricia Weston During aerodynamics class Robert Sulver shows it's more than brainsg it's brawn. Charles White Ronald Wilhelm Jamie Wilkerson Jennifer Williams Teresa Williams f'ff 45' Q f A f f f ei Z Q .v I :,. .uf s- 1 Lisa Wilson Vance Wise Teresa Withem Jozette Woodson Anthony Wright Denise Wright Jayna Wright Lisa Wright Zina Wright Cha Xiong Moua Xiong Vang Xiong Yia Xiong Renee Yarbery Rita Yarbery Joseph Young Lisa Young X Juniors I 129 Anthony Abbett Stacy Adams Carlos Aguayo Gregory Alcorn Phillip Alexander Timothy Allen Glen Canfield Steve Kanouse, and Ken Glover proudly display the sophomore float at Homecoming represen- ting the 355 members of the class. Deborah Anderson Jacqueline Anderson Robert Anderson Tracy Anderson Tammy Armstrong Dennis Arnott Lora Arthur Andra Austin Tammy Austin David Bacon Richelle Bagby Carla Bailey Adrian Barnes Stacey Barton Steve Baskerville Christopher Beck Walter Beech Shuron Belk Harold Bell Samantha Berry Lisa Birge Ladonna Black Steven Blagrave Misty Blaine J3CqU6llf'le Blaylock Lloyd Bond Deanna Bow Raymond Bradt Donald Brady Veronica Brandon Gretchen Breheim Tammy Brewer ,fi 7986 ...- K ,- ...- W . ,Sf . 4. ' -:X y Qt . Y. tv Q Y 'E ' ' 5 3 w W is 5 NN X 'KK 2' Jkt ,J as , N X E X aw Af' it V 4. gr. .Y ,- it Q " . 4' gs 3 S' Q X N t Q 1 'X iv' it J . X N X XJ X N st ,Q so 3 N 1-Q' Lisa Cutshaw Paul Dailey Anthony Daniels Richard Daniels Karen Davis Richard Davis Eric Cole .fm ., ' ,it ' ' .. - 4, .66 ix fa 4 4 1 ' ef' -1 1 -A Q F Q " r f- .SG X- . ,JL ,:.,,f.1.,-if Z- , .- .5 Brenda Bryant 4 .f"?i Ei' Freda Brinkley Jeffery Brinkley Cynthia Brocks Dexter Brooks Kenneth Brown Lori Brown Michael Bryan Darryl Buckhalter ,, Jon Buell 1. Q ' 3 'V wx 'Y 4 ' A Antonio Byrd Glen Canfield DeeDee Capps Mouna Carpenter it l ss - - Carolyn Carrender .rx '-fr Billy Carson '- Michael Chapman ., ,,V,r.:i 1:,: , ,kv Lg 3 13 ' x- ' Barbara Chase f Lonna Childers 'V xl' gl! J Deborah Childress Chris Clark Elnora Clark Tonya Clark Suzette Coftey D'Ondra Coleman Calvin Cook Shannon Coulson Patrick Council John Crockett Michelle Crockett Shannon Crow Sophomores gather to take the Otis Lennon test under the watchful eyes of Mr. John Miner and Mr. Dan Stanley. HJX fr Sophomores ! 131 X'-wg. N-s Q s sas . wa 2 slr.. 'Q Sharmin Davis Vonda Davis Kevin Dean Carolyn DeBaun Dolores DelaFlosa Cheryl Deviese Denise Dickinson Y, ' J. Dallas Dishman I. , Anthony Dodd " Sandra Duncan ,if 'N Kicker, Kelly Goins, anticipates a chance to show his skill-hopefully by kicking an extra point. Kenneth Dunville Jacqueline Easley Robert Ferry Allen Fisher Frankie Fitzpatrick Leona Flanigan David Folgers Von Ford Mark Easley Brian Edwards Tina Ege Eustace Ellis Tamara Esteb Denise Eubanks Tina Farmer Lisa Farrow N N lx S ggs Q t fs, N is x if X X E wr f' r , Q 5 ff X f -. be V . .ie S' Q. . W ,.t., M- Q flvi 4- I I W, X a NX 5 ESS, X XX, Q X xx 5 N Q ss if iiuffl Melinda Foster ' X Sharon Fowlkes 152' -i": Angela Franklin M Darrell Franklin . X ' Traci Frederick - . ' Steven Frost 1, i -W Q Ryan Frye W K Michael Gamble ' -l Pauline Garland y 1 ' r, Darryl Garvin 4 Leon Gary f V . Rochelle Gibson ' A,,4' if 'fi cjfk ' Samuel Gibson I fy Q i 132 l Sophomores X 5 4 is is OX P ix K R' Na. N ,Q Q 3' ' H- X0 X 5- X Q K X K, Q 'af fl' xg 'as X . " X . ,W li 1 , x t M K f' f ...I 1 A ,y f Q '? fit X " . if lf f Anthony Gooch John Goodlow Vincent Gibson Keith Gilbert Stanley Gilbert Honey Givens Derrick Glenn George Goldsmith Gloria Gonzales Lawrence Goodnight Russell Goodnight Mark Goshen Tony Gowdy Rickie Gregg Charles Gregory Rhonda Griffith Kristine Gunyon Maria Haak Amy Hagedorn f MA.- I . ff i - 1 1 'W' .N sms' f i- ig xx xv ' , M7 X, David Hodson Lisa Holland Melissa Holt Keith Hone Lavern Howard Wanda Hubbard - X I 'ii rg, Paul Hatten Sonya Hawkins Bryan Hinton Angela Hobbs Michael Hall Mike Hammans Rosalie Hammans David Hampl Deana Harger Jeanie Harris Larry Harris Mansfield Harris Scott Harris Eric Hatcher D'Ondra Coleman enthusiastically cheers her team to victory. M Al ..4,,.V.f,,1 ' . iff ifgfi tg-F L Sophomores I 133 As page for M'Lord and M'L.ady, Edwin MacDonald carries the castle banner at the Madrigal dinner. Donald Jordan Larry Judkins Kara Kaelin Leo Keller Shannon Kempton Christina King James Koontz Louis Kootz Terrence Lacy Shay Langley William Langley Michael Latimore Michele Latimore Randy Lawson Christina Lay Joseph Lee Michael Leininger Charles Leveringston Brian Livingston Lisa Lloyd Stephen Lockard David Locke Randolph Locke Cheryl Logan 134 l Sophomores John Jennings Edith Jett Bridget Jewell April Johnson Traci Johnson Elizabeth Jones Paul Jones Danetta Jordan Z .vw W ,' If 5 4 A g X Darrel Humphrey Tonia Hurt Fredrick Hyche Angela Jackson Barry Jarvis Angel Jefferson ,. lv' lf' x A ,,,,, V f V 1: . ax .fill ' A " l,,. 5 ., if .' -'Z ' if ,X Q zw 1 1 1 :ff ' 'f 19 ' ' 1' 4 J W P f V ig ..' fx .fr - 1" f , w nj - , f W J A .. i R ., , . ff A 1 vu, Q fer an as M .,,, HA At ,. 6 f 2- 'N A 2 f ,A ,:f,f::s.1 .. VV: 4 5 -WL 11.5 Z' ,gf W f I . ff ,K A 4 xg? .. ., ,. LM. A+ X . Q! uf v il Kenneth Nolan Patricia Norfolk Andrew Ottinger Rim Oum Thuon Oum Sherry Pardue ...YQ if Sherri Moore Sinita Moore Joel Mumaw Harry Murphy Anthony Nance Rickie New Eddie Newsom Georgia Nolan Ernest Miles Rhonda Miles Brian Mitchell Robert Lufcy Gerald Lunford Jacqueline Lyles Ronald Lynn Edwin MacDonald Raymond Malone Cherise Martin Dorothy Martin Roosevelt Mason Douglas Massey Michael McCall Joseph McCann Cheri McCuistion Richard McDowell Patrick McGIaughlin Kenneth McGuire Jenny McMiIlin Patti Means David Melvin Cornell Montgomery Kenneth Moore Sophomore basketball queen, Cheryl Logan, also won the title Queens." "Queen of i Sophomores ! 135 ..,.. .. . :z S N' z, 5 'S W. su. Cross country runner, Kenneth McGuire sprints to the finish line. 136 I Sophomores Therese Pendergraph Stephen Pittman Tami Pond Tawana Porter Sandy Poston Sandra Powell Brian Qualls Barbara Ramsey Leonard Rea Gary Reedy Steven Reno Bryan Rice Crystal Richardson Jerry Robinson Markyta Robinson Terry Robinson Jeffery Rosner Paula Rumfelt Farris Sallee Robert Samson Mark Riggs Timothy Riley Lori Rios Vonda Robbins Russell Roberts Lee Pennington Lesli Peters Michael Phelps Mark Phillips Mary Pierson Alison Piety Bruce Pipher James Pattison Pamela Payne Scott Payton i v '-ssfxgvg ' ,- qgvg I , . A ?',N,i 4,-,'. .-, Ina .l-- --inks Robert Parker Venus Parker W' gg! gifs x S sc Q f A W is ' 5 ff -1--ww S L ' L, ,-1.,1 ' ' 5, My . ,Q A " 0 f Kgfwrf Jeftrey Smith Kevin Smith Phyllis Smith Reginald Smith Robin Smith Samuel Smith Tamila Smith Timmie Smith Annette Sanderfer Robin Sanders Lisa Sayers Shelaine Scaggs Russell Schubnell Steven Sells Rita Settle fi Q Kim Settles Tresa Shea Vernice Shorter Charles Simmons Stephany Simmons Terrie Simmons Della Sims Kenneth Sims Lynette Sims Margaret Sims Carl Sledge Cathy Sluder Cynthia M. Smith Clark Williams sees an opening and at tempts a "fast break 4556, 96 Phylesa Stutts Michael Sullivan Tonya Summers Kelly Goins supervises Wanda Hubbard as she dissects her perch in Biolgoy class. Carmella Terry Jacquelin Thomas Michael Thomas Kevin Thurman Marsha Tinsley Edna Toliver Felicia Turner Kelly Turner Donald Twyman Vanessa Tyler Necold Waits John Wallace Dinette Walter Wendy Warren Arnold Wert Tim Wesley Denise Westmoreland 138 I Sophomores Melody Upton Jeffrey Valentine Julian Vasquez Ralph Vibbert Carolyn Wade Tinnia Wade Stephen Surenkamp James Sweat Debra Tackett Marveda Tardy Tanya Taylor Vorn Taylor Wesley Taylor af If 3. X :Y 1 Jeffrey Storms Carla Streeval ,- 'i'Q?1:'1fZi112 . , .Wx ffl iw i 225' ..:, fy . , El fs . 'f r f F, ji: 1 N 4 K' , ,. , QQ ,J t Q ., ft A 1 K , . lgilig. , ,als-' ffl " wg 1 ,ft if My A' A Lisa Wetter Tyrone Wheeler Bernard White X 'XR v. ' R M4125 lr - X22 2 l, . v-n4 ln..L F'-IHL. ,.,.,.. ,-....,,..- L ,I 'L . - Gale White if Marlon White Neil White I Delonce Whitlow Angela Whittaker Timothy Whyde William Wible Arie Williams Clark Williams Lee Williams ew Q ss WX s we-2. d 6 W .u"'9' 5 Ns ik it W A as to Al' as at Angela Wright Phoest Ya Kimberly Yant I S s ES' fi -otz ,,.. no AliciaYoung l'et .-r , Manuel Young if 5 Michael Young 1 x f, "kj Ricky Zimmerman Ronnie Zimmerman 1 i a l A Michael Williams Willie Williams Marlin Willis Annette Wilson Glenna Wilson Tina Wilson Michael Winfrey Tonya Wininger Brian Winkle Melissa Wise We ! ,f X' rf ' , W Y Rt. Q Q L Marcus Wood wx! Walter Woodard is Lisa Woods Anthony Worland Robin Sanders skillfully sews a sleeve onto her jacket in tailoring class. ll Sl ' . L, L A-as NCER 'Aww' 'ff2Wk,,,,,Q5i, Q, , ,0 Sophomores I 139 Bradley Adams Kimberly Adams Norma Aguilera Tammy Alexander Kimberly Alvies Cherrie Armstrong June Armstrong Paul Arney Jeffrey Arnold Roger Arthur Jala Bailey Mark Baker Robert Baker Timothy Baker Terri Baldwin Patricia Ballou Bobbie Banks Ralph Banks Raymond Banks Douglas Barger :if-:I 'I .25 V. 1- 2+ , - X, X, X ,Q-Q. ""N-..,,.,,,,,, ,. Mark Barnes Jody Barnett Kathryn Bartram Donald Basham Michele Bates Adrian Battle Donella Bayne Angela Bays Shelia Oliver and Mary Wethington anx- iously await their first day of school. Yolanda Beamon Karon Beck 140 f Fl'GShIT'l9I'I Sharon Beck Angie Bell Tammy Bellamy Wanda Bemis Cassandra Benham Joseph Benson Edith Berry Kenneth Biddle William Binion Elizabeth Blakey Gail Bolden 7987 ax f -is TX, Todd Chapman f :G ., F if 95 M.. . L if Lori Carman Pamela Carr Kimberly Carroll Ronald Carter Scott Carter Alice Case Noel Burch Delores Brown Latonya Brown Lauren Brown Otis Brown Mark Bryan Regina Bundy Michael Burchfield Johnny Burl George Burns Melissa Burns Richard Burns Clifton Butler Maria Camarena Tracy Cameron Kelvin Campbell Kenneth Chadwell Arthur Chambers Sharon Bolden Lanny Boles Michael Boling Donna Branch Edward Bratcher Augustus Breaziel Anita Bridgeman Reginald Bridgewater Dawn Britt Michael Britton Katherine Brock Dennis Brooks Angela Brown Carman Brown Tim Evans hopes to attain these qualities by his senior year. , ,- ...q 3 Jennifer Chappell Q Donna Chastain ' " A it g-4-,,.--f""" . I Freshmen ! 141 John Chenoweth Jennie Churchwell April Clark Kevin Clark William Clark Lisa Claspell Russell Clubs Keith Coleman Scott Coleman Richard Collins James Combs Troy Cook Tammy Corbett Mitchell Cox James Craft Kenneth Critchfield Tina Curren David Cwikla David Dalton Mg-f 'ff ,. 'V W 'V , . f V ..,,,:W' ' if f X! f J H' W 7 5 . Y C 1-ay " if f K . A Af Mi V , ,... ...,, , ,,,.. ,.,,. , ..,. ff --ft . W ,,,, ,. .:,1 , :,: .. ,,i,,,,, ,,,,,V A . . v,..V .,. x ' W f ' ff- S' fn, 'V - 'W Vg V ., ,C , , xl "' " -1 fr fa 'f . V if 1, , f A f - ' . gs.. ,. f ff' 127 - ' - -if , .I 'ui JV ' ' f .ye Robert Daniel Alisha Daniels Kenneth Davenport Gloria Davie Raymond Davis Nathan Dawson Leonard Day Joseph DeBruler Lucinda DeLoach Angelia Denney All 676 freshmen were proud of being the first freshman class to win the homecoming trophy. 142 I Freshmen Fred Dennis Gail Dennison Stanley Dennison Patricia Devoto Tammy Dickinson Terri Dill Joann Dixon Tracey Dixon .1 I ..,, . x 557: ,- , , f Q .J 5 Z 'W -F' . , if , yy 3' f ww f 1, 4,,yf, , My . i Leslie Dodson William Dotson Sheena Dukate , l s s I an at ii je '34 O' n in :Q .Zi 4 Af. . X' ?-if ,, .. 1 w ? ,. M i ZX. .1 w X tes J J . Mary Flinchum Rebecca Floyd Tina Folson Sheila Foster L. C. Franklin Nevin Gamble Billy Gibson Jeffrey Gibson . Lisa Gilbert x Lisa Girkey Dyan Glaze James Glendening Joseph Glenn James Glover Christy Goins Herman Goodman Mark Gordon Sandra Gholson Rod Dulin Jennifer Durbin Lawrence Echols George Edmonds Margaret Edwards ron Elliott njamin Ellis BY Be Harold Ellis Edward Embry Raymond Emerson Scheryl Emerson Deanne Euliss Curtis Evans Rose Evinger James Fahrenkamp Camea Fields Melba Finley Joseph Firsich Terry Flanigan Flutist, Tracy Cameron, observes the techniques of the other bands at Butler Band Day. X! Freshmen 1 143 at V Lenora Grever f W Ronald Griffith Yonna Grimmitt Amy Grimsley Michelle Haag " James Haines Randy Hamilton Craig Handy Remitha Hardister Henry Hargraves Charles Hargrow Erica Harlin Clyde Harrell '.?' if ' 1 Robert Hart Stephen Hartwell Isaac Haskins Margaret Hatchett Brian Hawkins Lora Hawkins Melissa Haynes Kimberly Heitkamp Harvietta Henderson Joe Henderson Gregory Hensley Raleigh Hibbard Ernest Hickman Rachel Hickman Jesse Hicks Monica Hill Kim Poindexter captures the title of freshman basketball queen. Teresa Hite Dawn Hobbs Ryan Hobbs william Hobbs Gareth Hodges Charles Holdren Jennifer Hon Lisa Hoopingarner 144 I Freshmen ,4lu.1--- , I-6 4 ,,,. ,L F V, .of f X f X , Vi X :sf X- ' V' f f f.., fr , ,, X V ? f L. A, ZZ - Z , ,.,,,. ., 1 f ,' ff f ,Mya A """7 """"7fl" Regina House Corey Howard Horace Howard i ma- il 5 'Tam' ' 1 .ef . 4 1.7 9 f f ag f 3 f r of r , 4 ,f , ,1,-QL.: L.. rfvfej' Q ,, 5 fin 4 gif f' f M' ZW V ,... V f 255' , ' fff -f? ,WF ' bylaw' -:5IQ , , ask, Wfv ' , Q f ,fn X Mg' , . t ,' 1 te 1' , J if , f' 0, :gl 4 of f ' f .f I pf My A ,. - 7' , . Qc wf Z Q1 r. 1 1-1' J sf 'Z , fi , ,wg 1" Q ,ov "" 1 4 I 'X Y , :H 'lf 4 1 ' we .. 4 ' , , Q -s -A I k W1 L , i' " f , M Ai it ? i f A I QQ 3 4" 'fi 'ff 551 1 i 1 M 4 ff 0222 , ft ' 34 ,HSA , 6-f'f:' - 4 5 ,- ' ' , M ff x f f , '! 4 1, , - Q 'L :gf " -' gfcf' - f , ,g f , I 4357 . ' A Jn , 1 ' I ff 5 "1 -wk. 2' 'W' x . , 33,2 f duty , 3 - Q. '-rg... . ..QL :'l"5 5 '1.4 fi ' f if 2 , ' 4 is X ' ' f v - 11 ,. 1 1. I ' ' N yn ' ' ' 2 , X " "' N g, Dean King Teresa King 'f Tina Knoll Angela Hudson Lasandra Hughes Matthew Hyatt Don Ireland Tammi Jackson John Jajuga Mark Jamerson i f ' ' ,Aww , , , f fff0gYf.ff:'2.., ., '-,,fj25f-' A-?f M461 .W ,., ,, f 1 ff' , ce 5 in ,, , 4 3 lg Terry Johnson Michelle Jolly Anthony Jones Bobbie Jones Wendy Jones Kimberly Jordan Darrell Jenkins Kelly Jenkins Diana Jennings Charles Jett Charles Johnson David Johnson Earl Johnson Erick Johnson Kathleen Johnson Mary Johnson Mary E. Johnson Sean Johnson Stephanie Journey Laura Judkins Darla Kemper Christine Kerns A hard fought victory is won by James Glover. John Kroeger . U Kimberly Kruger Q f, James Kuhlmeyer Z0 A Lee Lawson H Alisha Lewis Kimberly Lewis Mary Lewis Marc Lightner Freshmen ! 145 Arnold Ligon Donald Lippard Jeffrey Love Rosalind Lovett Roxanne Lowe Kim Lundy Tina Lynch Kirk Markey John Marks Cynthia Marsh Larry Mason Kelly Mathis Kelli McDaniel Danyl McDivitt Latonda McDuffie Lorei McGee Vired Mclntosh Marhsa McKenney Friday is free time for physical ed stu- dent Roger Graves. Ronald Melford John Mehringer me t Daniel Melvin Michael Mencer Mark Merrifield Laura Merritt Sharlen Metcalf Janene Meyers Kimberly Meyers Teresa Mickens Denita Middlebrooks Kurt Miedema Michelle Milam Maretha MilIbrOOkS Donna Miller Toby Mills Brett Milton Irene Mitchell Kimberly Mitchell 146 ! Freshmen Michele Mitchell , f v " ' 'Q ' ' ' M' ,f ff 1 1 I' f- ff W f f f 4 X l Shellnal Montgomery Regina Moon Ladana Moore 'L if itl Avig l lyl , J.. A , , , . 94 , f 4 ,, , , W Q, J 11 2 , 1 mf X f f flag ' ff if L, , ., ffgffff " I V W ff I gf ' 1 if . C. ' gig! l my .- M W. Q A I . 2 "'. f :A - iq. 'ft-Q :Pr - N ..-.. mf, .-2--eng ...-.-..-..f"' 52 xl N...---vw - w ,:. tb -J I. ig , f dw, f. ,,MWg Z a me 3 .1 H56 ey , 'Je i ,fi gym ..-an-.Q 1' 5 5 1 f 1 KE XJ, af' ' ,ak . A L 1347 ivy M ' f, A-':., A iifi ,, , . R 'T' ,- I. I AW , M "C f Lisa Moore Phillip Moore Ronda Moore Torina Moore Rita Motley Cindy Moulder 1 A Y Donald Mueller f g I 3 4-vig X5 45.275,-Q f , , We 2 1, 4 ff v . if 'f y , , Grace Muncy f 1 ,I Melissa Muncy .. - 2 5 '- if Jeftrey Munsey . .A f- J ' , James Murkison 2 ' W Bert Murphy I filj f' f -, M' f ff" f f ,jf f f ,ff 'ff' X f Aff? 54 an , af vt 9 E. V S. W f it f 1 M.. - ' ya x 1 , f , 9 43 Z if W fi 3' - 5,,- 14 M, v. AH!!! I un I ,M , , X if 7 ,fn ,J if ,146 'E' l 3 , , l ff z ' , ly -, if! 'Wai 4 4 f J W3 f , M. - SS- Q 9 it , 1 ' l ff' ,v ,235 ,X ' L. ' K ' 1 f' mv' S I S .,,., L X Darlene Powell Geneva Powell Tina Power Joyce Phelps David Phillips Estella Phillips Aimee Piland Timothy Plotz Roger Plumley Mary Pond Erik Poventud Kathy Musgrove Kristopher Musgrove George Myers Keith Neely Ronald Newman Donnia Noah William Norman Douglas Osborne Sheilia Osbourn Sean Oskins Isaac Owens Danny Pate Kimberly Patterson William Patton Marcel Penn Jeffery Perkins Pamela Peterson Gerald Phelps Daniel Melvin uses his time wisely in the reading lab. ,kr l Freshmen ! 147 Angela Price Raynell Proctor Brent Purvis David Queen Tamara Quick Timothy Quick Joe Quinn Angela Quintana Scott Ramsey Janell Raney Steven Rea Aaron Reeves Gilbert Reid Catherine Rent QQ ' E QQ' ,, , mass A xx . t. A . A -. --is-1.5 st F xxx 4 'D ., , Y - gt N' Q " g te tt a a Olive Rexroat Oliver Rexroat Frank Rhodes Karen Rhodes Patty Rhodes Edward Rich an M... y .I --f Cheerleader Dawn Hobbs en- courages her team from the sidelines. 148 I Freshmen Daniel Roberts Scott Roberts Eric Robertson Audrey Robinson Richard Robinson Samuel Ross Debra Routin Geneva Rush Traci Russell Kimberly Sampson Samuel Sanchez Christopher Sanders Rachelle Sanders Rene Sanders Brian Sandlin Lester Sandlin Tony Sarver Charles Sayers C A if ...-ww X WDW X s F ,, xt so Tw .A X C John Saylor Steven Scholl Michelle Scott 3-as ,St f"' l 5. FII 4 S' Qs- I 4 E ...,,.m,m,. 41 f ' I ir., 7,4 ,. ,, VL J- 'A-Q f , . 45 4 4 25" 1 5, 'J 9 , ' , y, ,,,,,,,, ,.,Z A , , , I 14 5 ff Z rv f Af ' -,., I ::.'vI , 9, 4 f ,f , if 'ff if fr , , ,f ff M 6 f f 1 7 ff f X I l V ' f F, , ki- . ,C fi Mike Scott Shawn Scott Donald Scribner Masekela Scruggs Teresa Settle Dwayne Sexton Margarett Shaffer Donna Shaw Tabitha Shaw Lisa Shepherd Ronnie Sherwood Charles Sides Charles Simmons Janice Simmons 'i" A y Ronald Simpkins Carrie Sims Kevin Sims J Larry Sims Lynsei Sims Michael Skiles - b f.M7.,.,l,., if I j ff? ' I , fy , ' . ff? , , l,- , ' Anthony Skinner WN , 6 V, 2' "" is f , y James Smallwood v f fl -1 J BeverlySmiley rf' w it " 4- Angela Smith K i Q - f ' ps Denzil Smith 'M y i M .4 6 " ,5,, 4 Y Tammara Sricha Tommy Sterrett Matthew Storms , , 3 wi Walter Smith Wendy Smith Glenda Smock Diamond Snider Randy Spillane Tonya Spivey Jennifer Spradli Damel Springfie FGOFI Karen L. Smith Karen R. Smith Mary Smith Michelle Smith Sheri Smith n ld Well guarded, Raleigh Hubbard looks for an open man 7 Q- Rochelle Strate Paul Strong David Suess Michael Sullivan Tommy Sullivan Aubrey Summers Anthony Sund Collen Sutter Euthimia Svolos Vicky Sweat Kerry Tackett Curtis Taylor Sokhara Tek Sokharath Tek Karl Tepner Larry Thacker Carson Thomason Maurice Todd Robert Toles William Tom Lonnie Travioli Nhon Truong Ronrico Tudor Mark Tunstill Penny Turner Susan Turner Patricia Turpin Michelle VanCleave William VanCleave Rita Vasquez During freshmen orientation, Mr. Carlock, Business Manager, serves lunch to new students. fu 150 l Freshmen 0 . fi, Jimmy Wade Wendy Wagner Judy Walker Robert Walker Devin Warren Douglas Warren , or , ' ff f f '- D' '. af . . 3, -v K 2 J WE 3? ,..,:.: . NSF ' N. mx .. 'T ii ,, ' 5 .., Keith Warren Terri Washington 1 N M ' Jody Watkins Judy Watkins , J- James Watson " Michelle Watson - sur' Y 'fl Jef X ' gt: 4 - ,ex W s .QQ , NX ts 'i N Nola Watts Donald Webb Dale Welch Margie West Kimberly Westerfield Johnie Weston SQ if Q? K we Jorenee Wethington Lisa Whitaker ' ,t Angela White ' ,yr Christopher White J - :Y -.wat-1 ' ' , A , ,t,.fr..4 X V if ' XX X ., X, f .A it J P A Q19 sin, .r .t-. 3. Q Xt ANXQ L X f . , .,.. iww so ,.,. Q xxx X N X " '- mlx it .X E Jeffery Womble Venitra Wood Jimmy Woods Paula Yates Nicoli Young Ronald Young Kelly Williams Robert Williams Shawn Williams Tanisha Williams Ann Wilson Anthony Wilson DeWayne White Jeffrey Whitney Kristy Whittaker John Whyde Douglas Wiggington Coretta Williams Pamela Winningham Robert Winters Taking time out from a tour of the Tech campus during orientation, these freshmen enjoy a free lunch. ss- 'f i'-' J LK , fx' f Ll A N FI'GShI'T1GI'l f 151 Super Stoff Supports Students , 1 . tr? .1 , fl .J :::::,::. ""'-'f Herman Jeffries, Millwright Dorothy Bruer and Betty Nicholson, Day Custodial Crew: Front Row: Craig Fouts, Morris Keel, Chester Muir, Elbert Popplewell, Richard Loyal. Row 2: Alice Jones, Willine Miles, Dorothy Manning, Ella Averitte, Back Row: John McDowell, Richard Basey, Harry Fullen, James Cooper, Richard Reynolds, Carl Wallace, Head Custodiang and Ruby Williams. Night Custodial Crew: Front Row: Walter Stewart, Bernard Jackson, Ray Harvey, Barry Brown, James Altes, Brent White, Adam Kendall, Henry Dawson, James Jones, Wallace Chrisp, Regis Wilson. Back Row: Marcus Foreman, Clarence Harris, Ronald Lucas, Augustus Watson, Joe Anderson, Charles Sims, Charles Johnson, Jay Walker, Kim Cooning, Hyland Hill, Van Tran, Joyce Wilkins, William Weddle, Paul Parks, Lee Rork, Assistant Head Custodian, and Carl Wallace, Head Custodian. Bookstore Security Personnel: Donald Palmer, Evelyn Knapp, Paul Richey, Betty Gaskins, Donna Anderson, Charles O'Neal, Glen Richardson '1 ! 1 I l r Office Staff: Front Row: Gloria Wheeler, Diane King, Jane Hughes, Gloria Robbins, Saundra Rudolph, Jane Mindach, Bernie Pool, Debbie Winningham. Back Row: Carole Marcum, Rosemary Cutshaw, Leland Wilcox, Joyce Maxwell, Mary Alice Jeffries, Pat Littell, Judy Gibson, Bonnie Jones, and Shirley Thomas. Tutors: Vang Yang, Lucia Gonzalez, seated. Back Row: Chao Yang and Teng Yang. I-.- ii Seated: Cheryl Barnes, Attendance, Sarah Himes, Speech and Hearing Clinician, Dallene Harpold, P.E. Accompanist, Donna Badger, Library, Back Row: Ed Davis, Music Accompanist, James Young and Terry Jones, Computer Labs, Craig Williams, Cafeteria, Jon Hall, Swimming, James Bell and John Gore, Cafeteria. 24 l TS' 'Bowie JW' 's"f"',-,ffs1t,f",-A --3 . -, ,ix 4 N . 'un .M .xx-,X N . 3.4 , , , , Y. wi. " "WV" kv? ' atrial f 1, . afeteria Staff: Front Row: Leota Brown, Florence Hogan, Laura Whitman, Erna hite, Callie Pollitt, Manager. Back Row: Olive Rady, Annie Gibson, Garry 'awford, Helen Padgett, Karen Hill, Larzetta Cannon, and Mildred Hutchinson. l l l l I Student Teachers Troy Goss, Debbie Fish, and Marie Kennedy. - if the C Staff ! 153 Looking bock, will you remember? 4 1984 Democratic hopefulsg Walter Mondale, Rev. Jesse Jackson fthe first black presidential candidate, and Senator Gary Hart.l 3 W i' ANationaI qv-a9cL , inf! Holiday for King All 100 Senators were present for the vote. Vice President George Bush made one of his extremely rare appear- ances to preside, though there was not the remotest chance he would have to break a tie. Rather, the upper chamber was acting with all possible solemnity to confer an honor previously granted to only one American citizen, George Washington. As the honoree's widow watched proudly from the gallery, the Senate voted 78 to 22 to establish the third Monday of January, beginning in 1986, as a national holiday commemorating the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Was Ronald Reagan the target? Or was lt to get even for the 1980 boycott? Whatever the reason, the Sovlet pullout shocked and dlsappolnted mllllons. 154 f Magazine XNGQLD S M. 4 .. r . X Q at ,... a. . 4 S , ...,.....-v. 4 eww- , Vanessa Williams, first black Miss America. The 20 Most Influential People Qutside Government Number ot Flrst Total Place Polnts Votes 1. Dan Rather 701 160 2. Lee lacocca 489 90 3. Lahe Kirkland 362 53 4. Arthur Sulzberger 349 66 5. Katharine Graham 289 38 6. Jerry Falwell 265 40 7. Jesse Jackson 243 38 8. Billy Graham 227 39 9. Roone Arledge 192 39 10. Michael Jackson 187 33 11. Ted Koppel 165 26 12. Walter Wriston 162 29 13. David Rockefeller 156 29 14. Henry Kissinger 152 26 15. Henry Kaufman 149 25 16. Cardinal Joseph Bernardin P 103 26 17. Roger B. Smith 83 11 18. Ralph Nader 82 13 19. Milton Friedman 74 11 20. Ted Turner 56 9 0 79-Nov-N x - THE NATlON'S TOP ALBUMS A All . , from "The Billboard" Weeks in any June 2, 1984 , Top Ten my i W ' ' 1. Footloose iSoundtracki 12 2. Can't Slow Down iLioneI Plichiei 29 3. Sports iHuey Lewisi 14 4. She's So Unusual iCindi Lauperl 10 5. Heartbeat City iThe Carsi 7 , 6. Thriller iMichael Jacksoni 74 7. 1984 ivan Halenl 18 MY 8. Colour by Numbers iCulture Clubi 32 Q 9. Love at First Sting iScorpionsi 8 10. Grace Under Pressure iRushi 3 ggl!!i"l ' 'f V- P QQIN ll 1 mit E U I - LJ,gIJt-JL-Igllr . Qu Q'-3f,'1E:Ic2QT' ,pu -JSE 3sQQQS god 12436-,JQISQQQ QIJLJ :D QQCJQQ SGS CQGHPQQQQQQ -1.-. :scsi-J QQ QQ Q: G23 Singh Q-3 QQJCJLJ Q55 Qu F I QQ --Q ... . .fl if ,si W ig. . 'J Lf, I ' I ii' W I .fu - lllhlh 'imaiiiai l eaf ' - livin I! QMS The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra renovated the Circle Theater as its new home and horse-drawn carriages returned to the Circle as a quaint way to see the area. MELVIN SIMON PACER SLASSOCIATES INC I , o MERCHANTS PLAZA, RO. BOX 7033, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46207 THANKS TO A THRILLER ALBUM, THE FORMER SMALL FRY OF THE JACKSONS BECOMES THE BIGGEST STAR IN POP MUSIC best "Rock" radio station. The Simon brothers, Herb and Mel, guaranteed the continued life of the Indiana Pacers by buying the team and beginning a rejuvenation of the Pacer organization. I ' QD f . . Ill February, 1984 M"'HJ'ly'Q"r The Colts come to the Hoosier Dome! at fi-li S I fo S 7 The dream is now reality. The beautiful 61,000 seat Hoosier Dome is the new home of the .. - - Indianapolis Colts. The excitement of the NFL now has a per- gh? Ind'anaI1OI'S 9328 ,,Mq3'TIehttiA gsm manent home in Indianapolis, and the Colts have a permanent a Umore Cow esy 0 9 ' mg O place in the hearts of their new fans. Mayflower- Magazine! 155 Glenn Adams C. L. Barricklow Betty Brodhecker Dorothy Bruer Mahlon W. Carlock Michael Cecil Ernie Cline, '50 Robert Collins Robert E. Cooley Louise Creaser, '30 Betty Crowe Ann Cummins, 43 Donald Daily Thomas Danheiser Judy Feigert Joyce Freeman Herman Albright 49 Charlotte Alexander 74 Jane Campbell Arnold 62 lnvea Reilly Baldwin 20 JamesE Bettis 32 Sherwood Blue 22 KarlG Bottke William0 Breedlove ll 59 Betty Bray Brown 36 Jean SchmitBuschmann 43 Oscar Buschmann 32 Margie Hukriede Carpenter 41 Ernie Cline 50 Lillian Counts Louise Creaser 30 Tom Creaser 32 Ann Cummins 43 Cannon Supporters Are Tops! stein, .mi Staff David George Talitha Gillespie Alice Cleveland Goodrum, '35 E. F. Hardiman Marilyn Hoftman David Hon, '54 Gertrude lnsley Virginia Jackson Rollin E. Jump William A. Kimberlin Eileen Kohut Hilda M. Kreft, 25 John A. Lewis Mable Lewis Ellen Martin James H May Linda Herman Ferries 68 ThomasH Fittz Jr Vaughn Gayman 26 Alice Cleveland Goodrum 35 Donna Wiggam Groves 43 Donald Gale Guy 35 Ellsworth W Handy 32 Dennis Hanshew 64 Marilyn Hoffman David Hon 54 Glenn lngle 85 Helen Ruegamer Jarvis 36 Dorothy M Johnson Mary Lee Walker Kleitgen 33 Ruth Nettle Koch 63 HildaM Kreft 25 DorisW Longsdorl 28 Judith McBride William J. McCreary Joseph McGeehan Ann McMillan Cheryl McVay Walter Mendel Robert E. Meyer, '44 John C. Miner Marian Moore Mary Elizabeth Moore John Mullennax Gwen Ohmit Anna E. Parker Paul Prather Natalie B Ransom Dave Rose 68 lll'l'lI'll Edward Madinger 40 Ruth Huflord Maines 27 C Warren McDermed 32 Mary Jo Ross McGinnis 28 Robert E Meyer 44 Werner H Monninger Marian Moore Anna E Parker Jack D Patterson 41 Mara Strelnieks Pettley 65 Karen Madrilsch Perkins 61 Ethel Mary Ostrom Pilcher 29 Madeline Sanders Rittey 29 Dave Rose 68 Ed Rose 34 Betty Sharp Rowland Richard E Rowland Betty Sharp Rowland Delsie Shoemaker William Siedlecki Robert Smith Joe Steve Kermit Swenson James E. Taflinger Stephen Talley David B. Tess Cecil Tressler, '51 Ward Whalin Mr. 8. Mrs. William Wheeler Larry White Mrs DaleW Sare 24 Lorril Harper Seneteld 34 ShirleyE Snyder 36 Sue Anne Engle Stonecipher 24 Mrs C E Thatcher 16 Jane Mottern Thomas 40 Margaret Markey Thornburgh 21 Rosemary Cambridge Tomescu 40 Dorothy Jean Travis 29 Cecil Tresslar 51 Sonya Schlee Westfall 39 Naomi Adams Whitesell B C Mills Williams 43 Corki lGlorial Wilson 43 Martha McHatton Ziegner 37 156 I Patrons Xxx ...a-1-..3,w., k N ,.-an 1 g af ' A. 'T' '31, 4 QQ, ,AFA 1 ,rm 9 A ' cu' ,uf Louise Creaser '30, and Tom Fittz '27, manned the Cannon Alumni booth during Parents In Touch night. ' fi' , ' 4? i ' 3 .72T,:.aggif 2 g .., f H S 7 r f 2 gt W , if 5-4 xx f r pf .1 V, 'ZWfW4'm,.',y..V' jf ' W W 7 it "WA A 7 i. A fin I X X X: X AX! A W Wwwwsxmkx,K Xii,twx'i'itii,iXii i Mild llii flirt if y N ilt i i !1'N N N .niiiii Hill iiiiiii ii I ,Qiif i i , W 6 2 it A li' 2 -iiiiiiiiiww iiiiii i i . , i R i iiiiiijijiiilillfiilim .T it it X W illlilillll 1 A XNNN WN ii'.i:ww'Y!!'WwiwflliMiniwwi'V' """ llllll lllll i M lil i .if iiiiiiiii 1 vii it it iii 'i ' 5 J A , g We, iti. ll.. . , l X ifWiiiiiiiiiiii.Qf.'1vWiiiffi'i'f'iff fffiffiiififlii X H if ' T A ,pf.7Z77Mzzii2i if-W t. X ii l 1 I f It ljfhyff ' f X XX Wxxystfgxs Qistxxixss . XX - 5 grazyw f f , X sm 5 , , 7 i V ,, f 7 3iff:"Tj , ' . . . , 1984 Arsenal Cannon Yearbook Staff Holly Sullivan Editor-in-Chief C I h Duane Van Laningham Faculty Editor ' Debra McManama Activities Editor 0 Glen lngle Sports Editor The 1984 Arsenal Cannon was produced through the hard work of our five Deana Harger Underclassmen Ed'tOr dedicated editors and their staffs. The theme, "Look at us now!" was chosen in ' order to emphasize student' life on the Tech campus. After each of the five deadlines, T Writers completed pages were mailed to San Angelo, Texas, where Newsfoto printed 675 ' fV I 70 ' ff tlth h . cojlghislahocgignplged cucsvregis sir? oiligiijwiiiziaarzjvsiservdesign on white Udurolith with applied D'Qndra Coleman Angela Fgught E2L?i'Z2fE1'2'2T,32?i5L22'P.'222 222312 SQLUIWATJSEZEOSSQ 122222352223 ?FI2'20l2? Tamila Smith R088 Taylfif 176 pages of 80 lb. enamel were used, with plain white end sheets. u Vickie Stokes J3Yna Wnght All opening, closing, and division sections type is 12 pt Helvetica standard. All cap- tions are 10 pt Helvetica standard. The index. was printed in 8 pt Souvenir. t V Sales In the opening, faculty, and activities sections all headlines are 48 pt Serif Gothic. Headlines in the sports section are 36 pt Serif Gothic. Underclassmen and senior sections use 36 ptCorc:n1e1t3qow. Diigiiondpageqs age ingg pt Busmrama Bald. h d Beth Brahany Angela McAfee R tPh t h t ' ' ' , ' ' , to ra e - ' all fgcgultyfgrcoiirsg syeriior portraeifs, anzrthinmaigriiy of c?'iilCids.I3?hSerpca3ndsis 'were E'CSartdCBryam M. h Ifhagon Smnh taken by staft photographers. Inter-State Studio did the underclassmen portraits. 0 er Ummmgs 'C 9 e Omerson Sincere thanks go to the Root staff in Chicago and especially to Mr. Ray Dobbs, Mr. Andrew Gaddle Andrew Butte Richard Dickus, and Mr. Clarence Downey. This book would not have been possible Amy Hagedorn Deafra England 'th tth ' h I . ' ::2llErliy1h21r?NiEiIliEcgJgdD1iicl1t-Kennard, our Newsfoto representative who was always measriin MAZQZ H325 Special thanks to our advisers, Mr. Michael Cecil and Mrs. Virginia Jackson, who Kelly lVlCDaI1iel Cheryl Lingenfelter managed to keep their sanity while trying to improve this book. Advisers Michael Cecil Virginia Jackson Colophon 8i Staff X 157 Whether for food, clothing, entertainment, or school sup- plies, Tech students relied on local businesses. Businesses needed con- sumers to purchase their pro- ducts. We, as consumers, needed businesses to provide life's necessities and to have somewhere to go, if just to "hang out" and enjoy each other's company. Advertisements, in the form of billboards, television and radio spots, newspaper and yearbook ads, were businesses' way of saying, HLookatUSnowV' old x0 158 I ADS we we We P-05 P96 P06 we 0 S0 AD S 1159 SERVING HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, SCHOOLS, INSTITUTIONS I CAITO 8: CORSARO PRODUCE CO 428 South New Jersey Street Indianapolis ln 46225 637-7638 oe John 786-2720 787-7520 QUALITY IS OUR SPECIAL TY BEST WISHES SENIORS OF 1984 Paint 81 Auto Supply Corp. W h' 2114 Eagttreeats ington 637-5303 ARSENAL CANNON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis Indiana ls proud to offer 1-dcf Qualify flavormgs 8' 5Pices SINCE i921 Please mail or telephone order to Jerry L Foley 1733 East 60th Street Indianapolis Indiana 46220 253 5624 SERVING THE EDUCATIONAL FAMILY LANIVIAN FLOWER SHOPS INC. 4108 E. Michigan St. Indianapolis indiana 46201 995 N. Fenton St. Indianapolis Indiana 128 N. Delaware Indianapolis Indiana C3175 356-6371 GRINSTEINER FUNERAL HOME INC 1601 E New York St 652 5374 JUST CHHD5 127 East Ohio Street Indianapolis IN 46204 TEZNSEF-IIEI.-.IE5 LQIIIEDUT UNION Fi Y' dep mt teachers - l Il EIEIEIEID Q 11111111111 ggi- I . T gg ll 0 I direct I I Q EN ' I LINE . 160 I Advertising , 3 ,Af ff ,af j., www!-Num tx .- ENN- M' . .,.ef"1"5:' I f 5 It www K I M5 4 15' .- I Nw X ' g xy i , , "-..,..A V-Y. .,, ill! 88 ROOT HELPS YOU TO REMEMBER... OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR N N HIGH SCHOOL ROOT PHOTOGRAPHERS - 1131 W. SHERIDAN ' CHICAGO Advertising 1 161 I RQ1:3255:55:21Zgigftyrg:2:2:f:f2.Q:2512:-:2122:2:f:E:25:5:E:::2g:3g:E:E:E:E:f:f:1:f:2: :1:5':1:2:2:2:' -.,.5353:35:5:E:E:Q:E32512:2:5135:2:::i:Q:ErPbjgrgt:grg:::g:52:f:3E:Y:E:,:g.f:3:i . g::2:':g:f:::3E:E:2:Z1:2 -VSSS:3:1:22121!3155:ZS!:IEE151:ffffiE2iE2ff':IE' -- w- :- .'51:I:' r' :E'723'- IM "0 :Stihl 425' '?Z52E1'- iv- :5I725I3" 555' ,, ":54'7'3'1E'2:1:3:23ifQQ:?,2:f:ff:2:f:5:f:f:f:EQS 5355 55:53 4 ..Q Q 3525275 5:7123 fi ,.y:f:IS:3-24-fair-:-14:-:-:-:E-s:-:e 5:32-: g' 2 PK' 34+ 2-3 -U1-S J ,645 tis!" M 'fc 15:12 -Sc' 381-1 if MK:5t:5:5:5:I:12721fiiiriiriflkiriziziziciziz 13:7 39 42557452-2 EXIQSQ S5133 3:-F'i:'1'72 E 755+ gt- 2-:-XS :-'--:-:-:-.:--.g.g.g.g..-:-:-.:-.-:-:-:':-:"-' , -: "':',.,.:5:c ' 3- 4' -3:3 A 'f'5'f+2-1'2-2-1-'- ..f-'lgIE22:2:E:S:2:2:5:222:22:E:S:Z:E:5E:3:5:1:1gf::g:g:1: 21353:1:2F:1:3S:CS:':fffI:5:Ig2gIg:g:1:-:az-1-:4-:-:-:-:12-125111315:ftfz25:225:2AI:If2-Ia:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-137:3:2541:1:f6:2:?:2'I'X+1-I-I Call or visit us to discuss your personal loan or banking nee s. Woodruff Place Banking Center 2122 East 10th Street 639-7269 Ronald R. Levitt, Assistant Vice President AMERICAN FLETCHER NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC HEY PIZZA LOVER' ASTE BETTER IZZA The next trme you crave a przza enyoy Noble Roman s Deep Drsh S1c1l1an, Hand Tossed Round or Monster Przza Three krnds of plzza for three krnds of fun All are made fresh from scratch wrth only the frnest rngredrents an that means great taste and great value We re famous for lt C mon, przza lover' 'laste a better ptzza at Noble Roman s I n 52-15:5:i:3:5:5:5:i:7I5I75EEEIEiIIQI5235EIE12-122355153-ii'i5:5:Z:7i5:5I5E5:i:3:5:3:EI715I3I3?32IIII2EIfIE3:E5Ziff-52:755??N3!YE527273EI5I:IEIEZIlEiIlI22i5IfflI7III5IIf5IfIif5I7I5:7I-SiE5if5gf5I7Z5Z57RQQZEIEiElE3IlI!212532157I3I5515251515:5ii:i:5:5:27:7:5:5:i:52ZE52II1Q!??if5 7'""57'5"'77f3I2:3:5:7:l:lI5:55:7515:513232335I3I5I53:52:23I3I7I7I5PPEEIE222f2:5J:i:ii:ii9J:3:5:7:T:5:5:5:5:I:515:52:27:3:5:553555I55ifIE35573I3E2:i:iiNi:1:5:i:7:25:5:i:5:5:7:5:5:5:5:5:323523I3I35171555EI1iEi:!:k1f1:1:1:wf:5Z5:1:3ti , - . . . . d v - a - - 1 . F-v 162 I Advertising W Central Motor Parts Co. i 421 North Capitol Avenue - 5 5 NETT GOOD LUCK TITANS! Cjongrafufafionfi Seniord Indianapolis, IN 46204 Home of Affordable Furniture E? E RICHARD BEN 5804 E. llflfwlizngfon Sfreef Illlllolubp DLLLLL li' WM 'f'fL'fv1"lU'f gmf 28,64 io 3852 E. 10th Street 4401 E. 10th Street fkg ,84 gragluafgj 357-8066 359-2446 , 9 8 u , G Paul E. lewis Plzza, Sandwlches, and Inslde DIHIHQ East New York Flower Shop Flowers for all occasions G 2838 E. New York sr. 636-2313 9201 E. washington sr. 898-1198 4425 E. Zlsl St. COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND I"d"""'p""s' m 462' 8 l. ,l l l L Adtg! Serving Customers andthe Community J. W. R9COfd Shop my TEE KAY 1 FLOWERQYNOVELTY 3618 E. 25th Street 3 SHQP 3501 Brookside Pkwy. South Dr Phone. 542-9695 6381264 f in f 1 .V ' is f I n af Lp, 4 , T ARS stiitszits Uhguii S' 5 S' and apes 1001 E. New1Ynrk Street 1 . . 1 0, id' n ' Ist Sgt. Willis, Owner " 'a awxsamgatngy 1 1 A if ittr s1115 ii11 2 . ti 1 t t. ..... t .,.ft I 0 . y - . + ii 0 1in 3. ... 5. t' - Shirley's Style Shop "'afO'd'S Sfeef-in 3332 East tom st. Indianapolis Indiana Men s 81 Women s Hair Styling Phone 638-4747 'N tffff' Indianapolis r'-'-1-" j X 1030 E. New York si. PE PSI fifffffft Indiana 46202 .aaf PEPSI CDLFI 3 ,,,.., . 3 '-Q ' 'SE X ARSEILL l - ,' TECHNICAL - " - - ' Sctmors L... , 2 llstaif 1 . .. 315' , 'lf mlllii ,Ili 1 4 ,, -9 . 'ts4Ssoc1ATxoN Q 5130 E. 1Oth Street indianapolis Indiana 46219 164 X Advertising jime wiffreueaf, . . . file Uafue of your geargoo QQ 955796929 P. O. BOX 1392 SAN ANGELO, TX. 76902-9990 19152 949-3776 Advertising 1 165 nun with You the class of 1984 have reached an Important goal rn your lrves the completion of hugh school Xxx Our warmest vvrshes to XQX ,lim each of you noA li Q if Congratulations! l l . ,A A Q l sf 4x',: V I XX jx F J -QQ l Q35-Qi, X - Y--YY Y, Thomson fT'lcKinnon Securities, Inc 166 ! Advertising geaf widlzed Cfarid of 7984 ZOO Circle Tower Building Indianapolis, lndionot 46201 632-3501 ou ve got a great future to look forward to As a member ofthe Army Natlonal Guard you ll have a lot QOIHQ for you Long term benents llke low cost llfe Insurance and a retlrement plan tu1t1on HSSISIHHCG 1f you re QOIHQ on to college and a paycheck every month whlle you re learnlno leadershlp and sldlls that could help you 1n X our c1v1l1an career After b3S1C tratnlng you ll serve two day s a month plus two weeks annual tratnmo You ll he servlng close to home or school helpmg people IH your communlty state and country when natural dlsasters and other emer QQHCIGS Slflke Good pay good benetlts and a chance to protect a l that s close to you lncludtng your future lt s all yours when you graduate to Guardmg l For more lnformatlon call your local Army l Guard recrulter 247 347Q l NATIONAL The Guard rs Amerrca at rts best GUARD G EBRU S G G O V Y . UL ' O ' ' . L . . .. . . , . O ' I Y. , . A 4 L v g , , , Lf L . .. , V V Iv ," . . 'f Q y y r ' . r' . I ' . I V - ' H L . I v V ' M o 0 o 0 ' - 8. O E CE - Advertising X 167 Student Index AA AA Clark, William T. 54, 142 Abbett, Anthony W. 130 Adams, Bradley K. 140 Adams, Kimberly A. 140 Adams, Stacy 130 Adcock, Mark A. 104 Adkins, Phillip 79, 104 Aguayo, Carlos 130 Aguayo, Ruben 104 Barr, Decembra 60, 120 Bartlett, Twylla R. 45, 104 Barton, Stacey L. 130 Barton, Steven L. 87, 94 Barton, Thomas G. 104, 177 Bartram, Kathyrn E. 140 Basham, Donald W. 140 Basham, John D. 46, 48, 61, 120 Baskerville, Steve 130 Bates, Michele R. 140 Battle, Adrian L. 90, 91, 140 Bauerle, Gregory A. 104 Bayne, Donella M. 140 Bayne, William L. 11, 105, 108 Bays, Angela R. 140 Beam, Paul R. 92 Beamon, Yolanda F. 140 Beasley, Natashia R. 105 Beasley, Paul D. 105 Beck, Christopher A. 130 Britt, Dawn R. 48, 141 Britton, Michael J. 141 Broadus, Latanya 66, 120 Brock, Katherine S. 141 Brocks, Cynthia 131 Bronner, Sherry L. 105 Brooks Brooks Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Dedra A. 120 Dennis F. 141 Dexter 131 Terri L. 105 Angela V. 141 Carman D. 141 Brown, Delores 141 Brown, James M. 120 Brown, Kenneth L. 59 Brown, Latonya A. 141 Brown, Lauren M. 141 Brown, Lori M. 131 Brown, McKenzie M. 105 Brown, Otis 141 Chase, Barbara J. 131 Chastain, Denise 50, 105 Chastain, Donna D. 54, 141 Chenoweth, John H. 142 Cherry, Vancel R. 105 Chheng, Vanny 25, 121 Childers, Lonna L. 50, 131 Childress, Deborah A. 66, 131 Church, Mary E. 67, 121 Churchwell, Jennie M. 50, 54, 64, 142 Churchwell, Michelle E. 121 Clanton, Trisha A. 106 Clark, April R. 142 Clark, Chris B. 93, 131 Clark, Elnora J. 131 Clark, James A. 105 Clark, Kevin L. 142 Clark, Pamela J. 105 Clark, Tonya J. 131 Richard R. 120 Aguilera, Norma 50, 54, 82, 96, 140 Alcorn, Gregory A. 51, 130 Alexander Alexander, David 104, 120 Alexander, ,Phillip K. 130 Beck, Karon L. 140 Beck, Sharon K. 140 Beech, Annie M. 120 Beech, Walter L. 130 Belk, Shuron R. 67, 72, 130 Alexander, Tammy L. 50, 54, 82, 96 140 Allen, James E. 77, 104 Allen, Rhonda D. 66, 120 Allen, Timothy M. 88, 130 Bell, Angie R. 140 Bell, Barbara J. 120 Bell, Harold F. 130 Bell, Roger K. 77, 98, 105 Alspaugh, Gary L. 104 Alvies, Kimberly 140 Anderson, Anderson David N. 104 Deborah S. 130 Anderson, Jacqueline C. 67, 130 Anderson, Jacquilla 104 Anderson, Joyce A. 104 Anderson, Tracy L. 130 Anthony, Brian 104 Arila, Grace Y. 78, 79, 104 Bell Bell Bell , Sandra 105 , Sonja J. 120 , Tommy J. 77 Bellamy, Donna D. 90 Bellamy, Robert 105 Armstrong, Cherrie 140 Armstrong, June 140 Armstrong, Tammy M. 130 Arney, Paul T. 140 Arnold, Jeffrey R. 140 Arnold, Michael S. 120 Arnott, Dennis J. 45, 77, 78, 84, 130 Aron, Anthony D. 104 Arrington, Stephan 120 Arthur, Lora L. 130 Arthur, Roger D. 140 Ash, Ricky J. 104 Asher, Lisa G. 66, 120 Asher, Ruth S. 104, 120 Ausbrooks, Aaron S. 120 Austin, Andra L. 130 Austin, Tammy C. 130 BB BB Back, Theresa M. 120 Bacon, Carla 60, 120 Bellamy, Tammy M. 140 Bellamy, Tracey L. 105 Bemis, Wanda A. 140 Benham, Cassandra J. 140 Benson, Joseph C. 140 Berry, Edith F. 140 Berry, Samantha J. 130 Biddle, Kenneth 140 Binion, William K. 140 Birdsong, Antionette R. 105 Birge, Lisa D. 130 Black, Ladonna K. 130 Blackman, Tammy R. 81 Blackmon, Maynona M. 66 Blagrave, Steven R. 63, 88, 150 Blaine, Misty M. 50, 54, 64, 130 Blakey, Elizabeth A. 140 Blaylock, Jacqueline R. 130 Bolden, Allen D. 10, 77, 105 Bolden, Angela R. 105 Bolden, Gail A. 140 Bolden, Sharon L. 141 Boles, Lanny C. 141 Boling, Michael W. 141 Bollen, Alfonso 120 Bond, Lloyd E. 130 Booker, Anita M. 105 Bow, Deanna 130 Bowman, Lori M. 105 Bacon, David E. 130 Baer, Joseph C. 120 Bagby, Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey Richelle Y. 130 Arlene 104 Carla D. 130 Jala L. 140 Michael C. 104 Baker:Josephl..104,111 Baker, Baker, Baker, Mark 140 Robert L. 140 Scott D. 104 Baker, Timothy W. 140 Baldwin, Terri L. 140 Banks Patricia 140 Ballou, , Bobbie S. 140 Boyd, William H. 120, 128 Bradley, Cassandra K. 105 Bradshaw, Teresa A. 66, 67, 105 Bradt, Mary E. 120 Bradt, Raymond G. 130 Brady, Donald F. 130 Brahany, Beth A. 34, 50, 52, 53, 62, 105, 108 Branch, Donna M. 90, 94, 141 Brandon, Veronica L. 130 Brandy, Robin M. 66, 120 Branham, Peggy S. 105 Brannon, Anjanetta M. 120 Bratcher, Edward 141 Bratcher, Linda A. 66 Bray, Robert M. 120 Breaziel, Augustus T. 141 Breheim, Gretchen G. 50, 54, 64, 80, Brown, Robin M. 120 Browning, Larry 120 Brumley, Virginia K. 67, 120 Bryan, Mark 141 Bryant, Brenda L. 66, 131 Bryant, Richard 62, 63, 120 Buckhalter, Darryl J. 131 Buell, Jon C. 28, 131 Bullock, Lisa R. 64, 121 Bundy, Regina 141 Bunnell, Mildred D. 105 Buntin, William P. 105 Burch, Noel J. 141 Burchfield, Michael C. 141 Burdine, Darryl 66 Burdine, Frances Y. 105 Burl, Johnny P. 87, 141 Burns, George A. 141 Burns, Melissa A. 141 Burns, Richard L. 4, 141 Burns, Wilma L. 121 Burris, Lisa 121 Burse, Karen G. 105 Buses, April R. 66, 97 Bustle, Brian M. 121 Butcher, Craig A. 105 Butler, Clifton E. 141 Butte, Andrew 45, 46, 121 Byrd, Antonio 131 Byrd, Marquetta 72, 73, 105, 112 Byrd, Michelle L. 66, 121 Byrd, Patrick D. 105 CCCCC Callahan, Scott 105 Camarena, Maria I. 141 Cameron, Tracy M. 50, 59, 141, 143 Campbell, Kelvin L. 78, 141 Campbell, Timothy L. 77, 78, 121 Canfield, Glen S. 26, 67, 83, 130, 131 Cannon, Rodney L. 121 Cannon, Ronald L. 77, 78, 88, 98, 121 Cannon, Shelley R. 121 Cantrell, Charles K. 121 Capps, Deedee N. 131 Carman, Lori A. 54, 141 Carpenter, Mouna L. 131 Carpenter, Youssef 79, 105, 110 Claspell, Lisa L. 80, 90, 96, 142 Clay, Karen D. 105 Clay, Michael P. 121 Cleveland, Thomas R. 121 Cliff, Dwight W. 121 Clingerman, Wilma J. 105 Clubs, Russell P. 142 Cobbs, Roger 4 Coffey, Suzette 131 Colbert, Darryl G. 121 Cole, Eric W. 131 Coleman, Aungelic 66, 106 Coleman, 133 D'Ondra K. 55, 59, 60, 131, Coleman, Keith L. 142 Coleman, Laney J. 106 Coleman, Scott 142 Collins, R ichard L. 142 Collins, Wesley W. 92 Combs, James E. 142 Carr, Charles A. 105 Carr, Pamela A. 141 Carrender, Carolyn S. 131 Carroll, Karen D. 105 Carroll, Kimberly A. 49, 55, 61, 141 Carson, Billy 131 Carson, Tina M. 121 Carter, Donna M. 66, 105 Carter, Carter, Donna M. 78 James l. 121 Conners, Robert J. 77 Connor, Shawn L. 72, 77, 78, 121 Cook, Beverly L. 121 Cook, Calvin K. 93, 131 Cook, Troy L. 142 Cooper, Lisa 121 Cooper, Paula A. 106 Corbett, Tammy M. 142 Cothron, Darrell W. 106 Cottrell, Monica 121 Couch, Jimmy 106 Coulson, Shannon B. 131 Council, Patrick M. 131 Covington, Andre L. 77, 98 Cox, Mitchell D. 142 Cradic, Tracy M. 121 Craft, James R. 142 Crenshaw, Maria A. 66, 121 Crenshaw, Roy L. 121 Critchfield, Kenneth L. 142 Crockett, John A. 131 Crockett, Kelly S. 121 Crockett, Michelle M. 131 Crow, Shannon 131 Crowe, Demetra 104, 106 Cummings, Loretta 66, 106, 116 Cummings, Randolph 66 Cummings, Robert D. 62, 78, 79, 121 Cummings, William 106 Cunningham, Andre 106 Cunningham, Teresa L. 57, 60, 106 Curren, Tamara K. 106 Curren, Tina L. 142 Curtis, Michael D. 44, 45, 63 Cutshaw, Lisa A. 131 Cwikla, David A. 142 DD DD Banks, Kimberly 120 Banks, Larry 55, 59, 104 Banks, Ralph 140 Banks, Raymond L. 140 90, 130 Barger, Douglas N. 140 Barger, Oma J.17,19,66,67,104 Barker, Hazel Renee 66, 67, 104 Barkhimer, Raymond 120 Barkhimer, Violet L. 66, 67, 104 Barnes, Adrian L. 130 Barnes, Mark A. 140 Barnes, Ransome M. 104 Barnett, Donna K. 120 Barnett, Jody L. 140 Barnett, Timothy 104 168!lndex Brewer, Shirley 120 Brewer, Tammy V. 130 Bridgeman, Anita G. 141 Bridgewater, Reginald D. 141 Briggs, Gary W. 120 Bright, Julie A. 105 Briner, Mark 4, 34, 50, 52, 54, 59, 120 Brinkley, Freda V. 60, 131 Brinkley, Jeffrey L. 131 Brinkman, Louis P. 120 Britt, Cynthia D. 48, 66, 120 Carter, Jonathan A. 46, 121 Carter, Ronald R. 141 Carter, Scott M. 141 Case, Alice M. 141 Cates, Steven L. 121 Cavazos, Karen M. 105 Chadwell, Kenneth T. 141 Chambers, Arthur C. 141 Chapman, Michael E. 131 Chapman, Todd 54, 141 Chappell, Jennifer 141 Chase, Annetta K. 105 Dailey, Paul A. 67, 131 avid M. 142 Dalton Dalton, D , Philip D. 121 Daniel, Preston E. 121 Daniel, Rickie E. 84, 85, 106 Daniel, Robert 142 Daniels, Alisha K. 142 Daniels, Anthony L. 131 Daniels, Bonita 121 Daniels, Kenneth W. 106 Daniels, Richard 131 Davenport, Kenneth 142 e-Y i Flores, Donna M. 97 Flowers, Jason L. 58, 66, 84, 85, 122 Floyd, Rebecca A. 143 Folgers, David 132 Folson, Tina M. 96, 143 Ford, Thelma F. 80 Ford, Von 132 Foreman, Jeffrey S. 122 Foster, Melinda R. 132 Foster, Sheila A. 143 Fought, Angela 46 Fowlkes, Sharon 64, 66, 132 Franklin, Angela C. 66, 132 Franklin, Carloin 66 Franklin, Darrell J. 132 Franklin, Denver J. 122 Franklin, L. C. 98, 143 Frederick, Traci J. 132 Freeman, Mary 107 Davie, Gloria J. 106, 142 Davis, Angela K. 106 Davis, Carol L. 121 Davis, Carolyn M. 106 Davis, Eric J. 106 Davis, Karen, 131 Davis, Michael D. 78, 87,94 Davis, Davis, Olivia A. 66, 106 Patricia 121 Davis, Raymond 142 Davis, Richard L. 17, 131 Davis, Sharmin R. 67, 80, 90, 100, 132 Davis, Toni J. 16 Davis, Vonda J. 132 Daws, Rhonda L. 50, 53, 67, 121 Dawson, Nathan X. 78, 142 Sonia D. 122 Day, Jacqueline 106 Day, Leonard B. 142 Day, Lisa A. 122 Dean, Kevin L. 132 Debaun, Carolyn S. 132 Debruler, Joseph E. 83, 95, 142 Debruler, Lily M. 82, 106 Deckard, Marvin E. 106 Dela Rosa, Dolores 132 Deloach, Lucinda 96, 142 Deloach, Richard A. 122 Demmary, Brett M. 122 Denney, Angelia R. 142 Dennis, Fred D. 142 Dennison, Gail 142 Dennison, Stanley 142 Deviese, Cheryl L. 67, 132 Devine, Brenda J. 66, 122 Devine, Sandra K. 122 Devoto, Patricia L. 142 Dickinson, Denise L. 132 Dickinson, Tammy 142 Dill, Terri L. 82, 142 Dishman, J. Dallas 82, 83, 132 Dixon, Joann 142 Dixon, Tracey N. 142 Dodd, Anthony J. 132 Dodd, Michael R. 106 Dodson, Leslie E. 142 Doll, Jerry L. 122 Dotson, William D. 93, 142 Drain, Eleanor V. 60 Dudley, George L. 50, 54, 59, 60, 106 Duerson, Anthony T. 78 Duerson, Lanita R. 106, 117 Dukate, Sheena 142 Dulin, Rod N. 143 Duncan, Joseph L. 122 Duncan, Sandra K. 132 Dunston, William B. 106 Dunville, Kenneth F. 132 Durbin, Jennifer M. 143 Durham, Marla J. 122 Dyer, Karen R. 122 EE EE Eads, David D. 106 Earley, Deanna 46, 107 I+ 78, Early, Christie L. 80, 97, 122 Easley, Jacqueline B. 132 Easley, Mark C. 132 Eaton, Beth 122 Eaton, Bryan K. 122 Eaton, Darrin 54 Echols, Lawrence 143 Edmonds, George L. 143 Edwards, Barbara, 122 Edwards, Brian W. 132 Edwards, Danell T. 107 Edwards, Margaret K. 143 Ege, Tina M. 132 Elliott, Anthony C. 122 Elliott, Byron S. 143 Elliott, Donna M. 66, 107 Elliott, Penny K. 122 Ellis, Benjamin F. 143 Ellis, Eustace 132 Ellis, Harold 87, 93, 143 Embry, Edward R. 143 Emerson, Raymond W. 143 Emerson Scher l 143 i V England, Deatra A. 45, 48, 50, 53, 59, 60, 122 Esteb, Tamara A. 132 Eubanks, Denise L. 132 French, Terrill L. 122 French, Timothy R. 107 Frost, Steven D. 132 Frye, Linda K.90, 100, 107 Frye, Ryan W. 132 Fugate, Adam J. 122 Fuller, John T. 122 GGGGG Gaddie, Andrew M. 78 Gamble, Michael A. 132 Gamble, Nevin G. 143 Garland, Debra D. 107 Garland, Pauline 132 Garrette, David 107 Garrette, Timothy L. 122 Garvin, Darryl A. 132 Gary, Leon H. 132 Gavin, Leah A. 64, 122 Euliss, Deanne M. 143 Evans, Curtis R. 87, 143 Evans, Mark 122 Evans, Melva J. 107 Evans, Shirley A. 107 Evans, Gay, Donald K. 122 Gay, Pamela 107 Gholson, Sandra L. 143 Gibson,L Billy E. 143 Gibson, Charles A. 78, 107 Gibson, Donald 122' Gibson, Jeffrey S. 143 Gibson, Rochelle A. 132 Gibson, Rondinel 107 Gibson, Samuel M. 132 Gibson Vincent D. 133 Gilbert, Glenn 123 Gilbert, Keith A. 133 Gilbert, Lisa R. 143 Gilbert Stanley L. 86, 133 Gillard, Sandra 107 Girkey, Lisa A. 143 Givens, Honey l. 133 Evans, Timothy W. 141 Evinger, Rose A. 143 FFFFF Fahrenkamp, James R. 143 Falin, Jerry C. 122 Farmer, Tina M. 132 Farr, Mary C. 107 Farrow, Charles 122 Farrow, Lisa A. 132 Farrow, Venita N. 66, 107 Felix, Martha A. 122 Felix, Vincent G. 122 Ferry, Robert A. 132 Fields, Camea T. 143 Fields, Norsie L. 122 Finch, David E. 122 Finley, Melba L. 143 Finley, Pamela J. 122 Firsich, Joseph A. 36, 143 Fish, James M. 50, 107 Fisher, Allen B. 132 Fitzpatrick, Frankie A. 132 Fitzpatrick, Lamar J. 107 Flanagan, William 94, 98 Flanigan, Leona R. 10, 44, 45, 50, 53, 66, 67, 132 Flanigan, Terry L. 143 Fletcher, William S. 122 Flinchum, Bobby 122 Flinchum, Mary A. 143 Flitcraft, Robin E. 107 Glaze, Dyan J. 96, 143 Glendening, James R. 143 Glenn, Derrick A. 133 Glenn, Joseph 143 Glover, James H. 78, 143, 145 Glover, Kenneth W. 123, 130 Glover, Kimberly D. 123 Glover, Phillip 77, 84, 85, 107 Godsey, Donna D. 66, 107 Goins, Christina D. 143 Goins, Kenneth K. 77, 78, 132, 138 Goins, Tammy 67 Goldsmith, George R. 133 Goliah, Keith E. 123 Golliday, Eric L. 123 Gonder, Joseph D. 123 Gonzales, Gloria M. 133 Gooch, Anthony T. 133 Goodlow, John 133 Goodman, Herman 143 Goodnight, Lawrence 60, 133 Goodnight, Lola M. 107 Goodnight, Russell A. 133 Goodrum, Camille 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 123 Gordon, Mark C. 78, 143 Gordon, Riley C.61,64,81, 107,111 Gordon, Robert S. 77 Goshen, Mark D. 133 Gossett, Mike J. 143 Gossett, Vicki D. 11 Govan, Ronald 107 Gowdy, Timmy D. 84, 85, 107 Gowdy, Tony 84, 86, 133 Grady, Crystal F. 143 Graves, Kevin E. 107 Grayer, Melissa E. 66, 123 Green, Lee A. 107 Greene, Tiersa A. 54, 55, 57, 59, 60, 104, 107 Greer, Rochelle 123 Greer, Timothy 123 Gregg, Angela 143 Gregg, Rickie L. 133 Gregory, Charles T. 98, 133 Grever, Lenora 144 Grever, Michelle 107 Grider, Paul W. 107 Griffin, Diane 66, 107, 108 Griffith, Rhonda L. 133 Griffith, Ronald P. 78, 89, 144 Grimmitt, Yonna A. 144 Grimsley, Amy D. 144 Grimsley, Curt D. 31, 34, 50, 52, 54, 123 Grinter, Deborah A. 123 Gryszowka, Roger J. 108 Guerin, Cynthia R. 123 Gulley, Duane 123 Gunyon, Kristine A. 66, 133 Guymon, Billy J. 80, 89, 98, 99, 123 Guynn, Stephanie Y. 66, 72, 104, 108 110, 117 HH HH Haag, Michelle 144 Haak, Maria A. 82, 83, 133 Haak, Michael W. 82, 83, 92, 108 Hagan, John R. 79, 123 Hagedorn, Amy 133 Hager, Alan J. 123 Hager, Bertha P. 123 Haines, James E. 144 Haley, Angela R. 108 Hall, Donna 123 Hall, Karla 96 Hall, Michael T. 133 Halliburton, Virgie 108 Hamilton, Randy 144 Hamilton, Tyonia R. 80, 108 Hammans, Mike L. 133 Hammans, Rosalie A. 133 Hampl, Aline C. 108 Hampl, David N. 133 Hampton, Robert L. 123 Handy, Craig A. 50, 51, 54. 144 Haney, Mark E. 123 Hannon, Terry C. 66, 123 Hansen, Rickey L. 123 Hardiman, Robert J. 77, 88, 108 Harding, Valerie L. 123 Hardister, Remitha E. 144 Hare, Robin Y. 108 Harger, Deanna L. 10, 45, 46, 50, 53. 63, 133 Hargraves, Henry S. 144 Hargrow, Charles L. 144 Hargrow, Freddie 123 Harlin, Erica L. 144 Harrell, Clyde W. 144 Harrell, Lavell 77, 108 Harris, Albert A. 10 Harris, Alisa K. 123 Harris, Eric B. 77, 108, 125 Harris, Jeanie 133 Harris, Jock K. 76, 77, 98, 108, 112 Harris, Larry C. 133 Harris, Mansfield 50, 54, 133 Harris, Scott 133 Harrison, Jennifer D. 100, 123 Hart, Robert L. 54, 144 Hart, Stacy L. 66, 108 Hartwell, Stephen D. 144 Harvey, Mark A. 34, 52. 54. 123 Harwell, James H. 108, 110 Haskins, Isaac N. 144 Hatcher, Eric L. 133 Hatchett, Margaret 144 Hatten, Paul D. 16, 133 Hawkins, Brian E. 144 Hawkins, Lora J. 82, 96, 144 Hawkins, Sonya G. 133 Hawver, Deborah K. 17, 63, 66, 108 Hayes, Gloria J. 123 Index X 169 Haynes, Melissa E. 144 Heitkamp, Kimberly S. 144 Henderson, Harvietta 144 Henderson, Joe 144 Hendrickson, Janet R. 57, 64, 66, 108 Hendrickson, Scott M. 108 Hensley, Gregory F. 93, 144 Henson, Kim 123 Herron, Angela D. 108 Herron, James 66, 123 Hess, Penny S. 62, 123 Hibbard, Raleigh 87, 144, 149 Hickman, Ernest R. 144 Hickman, Rachel E. 144 Hicks, Benjamin F. 98, 108 Hicks, Jesse 144 Hicks, Timothy R. 79, 92, 108 Hill, Christal D. 108 Hill, Gary L. 108 Hill, Monica E. 144 Hill, Robert E. 4, 123 Hinds, Phillip E. 109 Hinton, Bryan K. 133 Hinton, William S. 123 Hiser, Leonard H. 11,56,6O,77, 109, 116 Hiser, Lynette M. 59, 72, 123 Hite, Teresa J. 144 Hobbs, Angela K. 133 Hobbs, Dawn C. 55, 61, 97, 144, 148 Hobbs, Kenneth M. 83 Hobbs, Ryan J. 144 Hobbs, Wiliam E. 83, 144 Hodges, Gareth L. 64, 98, 144 Hodson, David A. 133 Holdren, Charles E. 144 Holland, Lisa L. 133 Holland, Susan R. 123 Holliday, Alma C. 124 Hollingsworth, Darren 81. 98 Holt, Jeanette E. 124 Holt, Melissa K. 133 Hon, Jennifer L. 82, 144 Hooks, Shannon L. 64 Hoopingarner, Lisa M. 144 Hoskins, Michelle D. 124 Hostetter, Karen S. 66, 124 House, Regina M. 144 Howard, Corey 144 Howard, Horace T. 144 Howard, Mark 50 Howard, Lavern 133 Howard, Ricky 109 Howe, Mark 63, 84, 85, 122, 124 Hubbard, Wanda A. 133, 138 Hudson, Angela M. 145 Hughes, Lasandra 145 Hughes, Timothy 124 Hughes, Wayne 64, 109 Humphrey, Darrel L. 58, 60, 77, 134 Humphrey, David L. 109 Hunt, Jeffrey 109 Hunt, Tonya L. 46, 124 Hunter, Holly D. 109 Hurt, Tonia 134 Hutchison, Tracey L. 55, 59, 109 Hutson, Anthony G. 124 Hyatt, Gorden 89, 93, 124 Hyatt, Matthew 145 Hyche, Fredrick S. 134 Hyche, Joycelyn A. 66, 109 II I1 lcenogle, Cindy L. 124 lngle, Glindon D. 62, 89, 124 Inman, James L. 92, 124 Inman, Rodger W. 109 lreland, Don E. 145 Jackson ,Angela L. 134 Jackson, ,Cynthia A. 67, 124 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson 170 I Index JJ JJ Christopher E. 109 Emanuel 72, 77, 98, 99 Fred L. 109 Janet K. 109 Sharon 66, 109 Jackson, Tammi K. 145 Jackson, Terrence 50,51 Jacobs, Jeannie 124 Jajuga, John 145 Jajuga, Paul 124 Jamerson, Mark M. 78, 145 Jarvis, Barry T. 134 Jefferson, Angel J. 134 . Jefferson, Ronda L. 109 Jefferson, Tonya L. 124 Jenkins, Darrell 145 Jenkins, Kelly E. 145 Jenkins, Mark W. 124 Jennings, Charles A. 109 Jennings, Diana L. 145 Jennings, Duane M. 124 Jennings, John P. 134 Jennings, Joseph W. 109 Jennings, Michelle A. 33, 109 Jett, Charles C. 145 Jett, Edith C. 134 Jewell, Bridgett 134 Johnfauno, Jennifer D. 67, 121, 124 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson, April 134 I Charles E. 145 David J. 145 Donald 109 Earl 145 Erick 145 ,Janie 124 Kathleen L. 96, 145 Linda A. 66, 124 Mary A, 145 Mary E. 145 Prentice D. 11, 109 Sean A. 54, 145 Sherry A. 124 Shirley A. 124 Terry E. 98, 145 Thomas R. 60 Tina M. 145 Traci F. 134 Jolly, Michelle 145 Jones, Anna M. 55, 124 Jones, Anthony V. 145 Jones, Bobbie D. 145 Jones, Carey 124 Jones, Elizabeth D. 134 Jones, Jeffrey L. 109 Jones, Kevin D. 64, 67, 124 Jones, Paul H. 67, 134 Jones, Shelli 124 Jones, Vonda 67 Jones, Wendy L. 145 Jordan, Danetta L. 134 Jordan, Donald R. 134 Jordan, Kimberly A. 145 Journey, Stephanie F. 145 Judkins, Larry P. 134 Judkins, Laura 145 KK KK Kaelin, Kara L. 134 Kanouse, Steven L. 63, 130 Karamanos, Catherine M. 124 Keith, Tim S. 124 Keller, Leo F. 66, 134 Keller, Steven W. 124 Kelly, John L. 109 Kelly, Spencer A. 109 Kemper, Darla J. 145 Kempton, Shannon K. 134 Kendall, John M. 109 Kendall, Robbin J. 11, 109 Kendall, Sharon L. 124 Kenney, Glenda 124 Kerns, Christine M. 145 Key, Constance M. 124 Key, Curtis L. 124 Kidd, Melissa A. 50, 53, 109 Kidwell, Anthony R. 110 Kilgore, Janet 104, 110, 116 King, Christina L. 66, 134 King, Dean 145 King, Kevin L. 46, 124 King, Lewis E. 110 King, Teresa 145 Knoll, Tina A. 145 Koontz, James A. 134 Kootz, Louis W. 134 Krause, Gretchen 59 Kroeger, John 134 Kruger, Kimberly S. 145 Kuhlmeyer, James A. 94, 145 Kuhlmeyer, Robert H. 124 LL LL Lacy, Terrence L. 134 Lafollette, Mary K. 66, 110 Lane, Joanne 66 Langley, Shay L. 134 Langley, William L. 44, 45, 134 Latermore, Sherri L. 61, 64, 100, 104 110, 116 Latimore, Michael R. 134 Latimore, Michele 134 Laughlin, Eric T. 54, 110 Lawson, Hope 110 Lawson, Lee A. 145 Lawson, Randy G. 134 Lay, Christina R. 66, 134 Leach, Ruth A. 64, 66, 124 Lee, Joseph V. 134 Lee, Rochelle M. 55, 59, 110 Lefevers, Robert G. 50, 54, 110 Leininger, Michael 134 Leisring, James D. 83, 125 Lepper, Jodie L. 110 Levell, Stepfon 84, 85 Leveringston, Charles R. 77, 134 Lewis, Alisha M. 145 Lewis, Kimberly E. 48, 59, 145 Lewis, Mary 63, 145 Lightner, Marc E. 145 Ligon, Arnold E. 146 Lingenfelter, Cheryl A. 46, 48, 59, 62 125 Lippard, Donald F. 146 Littlejohn, James 88, 89, 92, 125 Littlejohn, John 110 Livingston, Brian C. 50, 54, 61, 134 Lloyd, Cedric 78, 86 Lloyd, Lisa R. 134 Lockard, Stephen C. 134 Locke, David S. 134 Locke, Randolph C. 64, 134 Lofton, Willie 77, 78 Logan, Anthony 125 Logan, Cheryl L. 134, 135 Logan, Oneita Y. 66, 110, 111 Logsdon, Robert E. 110 Love, Jeffrey 146 Love, Lorraine V. 66 Lovett, Rosalind 146 Lowe, David M. 18, 66, 79, 95, 110 Lowe, Roxanne 146 Lucas, Allen L. 110 Lucas, Michael A. 85, 125 Lucas, Vicki L. 110 Lufcy, Robert D. 46, 135 Lundy, Kim R. 146 Lunford, Gerald L. 135 Luster, Robert E. 110 Lyles, Jacqueline 135 Lynch, Tina M. 146 Lynn, Robin A. 110 MM MM MacDonald, Edwin L. 55, 59, 61, 134, i 135 MacDonald, Samantha 55,59 Madden, David 125 Madden, Saundra 66, 110 Major, Patricia A. 125 Malone, Raymond 135 Mandrell, Lee M. 63, 125 Mann, Dana T. 110 Mann, Richard E. 125 Manning, Derek 110 Markey, Kirk J. 146 Markey, Thomas 79, 93, 125 Marks, John 78, 87, 98, 146 Marlow, Ricky P. 125 Marsh, Cynthia K. 146 Martin, Cherise D. 60, 66, 135 Martin, Cheryl D. 60, 62, 125 Martin, Dorothy J. 135 Martin, Raymond 58, 60, 125 Martinez, Juan M. 59, 110 Mason, Byron A. 125 Mason, Larry H. 146 Mason, Roosevelt 135 Massey, Douglas A. 77, 78, 88, 95, 135 Massey, Glenna M. 6, 90, 96, 110 Mathews, Angela J. 82, 125 Mathis, Kelly J. 146 Matthews, Shawna D. 125 May, Rosie M.66,67,11O Mayes, Michelle D. 125 McAtee, Bryant K. 77, 125 McCall, Michael T. 135 McCall, Patrick G. 125 McCann, Joseph 135 McCormick, Wayne E. 64, 125 McCuistion, Cheri 50, 52, 135 McDade, Spring 125 McDaniel, Kelli K. 62, 146 McDaniel, Marilyn 125 McDivitt, Danyl P. 82, 83, 146 McDonald, James R. 50, 59, 110 McDowell, Richard 135 McDuffie, Kenneth 110 McDuffie, Latonda R. 146 McFarland, Brondon C. 77 McGee, Lorei A. 48, 61, 64, 73, 146 McGee, Rodney 93 McGee, Ronda J. 125 McGhee, Tammy M. 90 McGlaughlin, Patrick N. 135 McGregory, Christie 125 McGuire, Kenneth A. 81, 135, 136 Mclntosh, Vired L. 146 McKenney, Marsha L. 146 McManama, Debra J. 6, 44, 46, 48, 56, 59,60,62,63,110 McMillin, Jenny L. 66, 135 McNeely, Melanie 45, 46, 73, 125 Means, Patti B. 60, 67, 135 Mefford, Ronald L. 146 Mehringer, John R. 146 Mehringer, Norma J. 125 Melvin, Daniel A. 50, 54, 146, 147 Melvin, David L. 59, 135 Mencer, Mark A. 93 Mencer, Michael A. 94, 146 Mendoza, Orlando 30, 92, 110 Merila, Katherine J. 125 Merrifield, Mark K. 146 Merritt, Laura L. 146 Metcalf, Sharlen 146 Mexner, Andrew A. 125 Mexner, Laura 49, 61, 125 Mexner, Michele M. 111 Meyers, Janene 146 Meyers, Kimberly L. 146 Michaelis, Laura l. 125 Mickens, Teresa l. 146 Middlebrooks, Denita S. 146 Miedema, Katrina M. 125 Miedema, Kurt E. 54, 146 Miedema, Kyle E. 125 Milam, Michelle 146 Miles, Ernest 135 Miles, Rhonda K. 80, 90, 100, 135 Millbrooks, Maretha 146 Miller, Diane L. 66, 125 Miller, Donna K. 54, 146 Miller, Keith E. 125 Miller, Sharon R. 50, 53, 66, 125 Miller, Sherri 111 Miller, Steven R. 66, 67, 77, 92, 121, 125 Miller, Teresa A. 10, 11, 50, 53, 110 Milligan, Melissa A. 126 Milliner, Katrina L. 66, 111 Mills, Millie F. 111 Mills, Toby G. 146 A Milton, Brett 146 Miner, John A. 111 Mink, Kimberly M. 111 Minor, Paul L. 76, 77 Mitchell, Brian L. 135 Mitchell, lrene 146 Mitchell, Kimberly L. 90, 146 Mitchell, Michele M. 146 Moistner, Damon W. 126 Montgomery, Cornell 135 Montgomery, Shellnal 146 Moody, Debbie J. 66, 126 Moon, Regina M. 146 Moore, Moore Crystel 1 1 1 Kenneth 135 Moore Ladana M. 146 Moore Lisa P. 96, 147 Moore Phillip A. 78, 87, 147 Moore, Ronda J. 147 Moore, Sherri L. 63, 80, 97, 135 Moore, Sinita 135 Moore, Teresa L. 97, 111 Moore, Torina 147 Morgan, Elsie K. 50, 53 Morgan, Tammy 111 Morris, Janice L. 61, 67 Morrow, Chris C. 111 Morton, Sharrell D. 126 Mosley, Lovey J. 126 Motley, Rita Y. 147 Moulder, Cindy 147 Moulder, Genean D. 66 Mueller, Donald E. 78, 89, 147 Mumaw, Jeffery R. 54, 111 Mumaw, Joel E. 50, 135 Muncy, Grace 60, 147 Muncy, Melissa M. 147 Munsey, Jeffrey L. 54, 78, 147 Murchison, James 59 Murkison, James T. 50, 51, 147 Murkison, Wilson 126 Murphy, Bert A. 147 Murphy, Charlotte C. 111 Murphy, Harry L. 50, 54, 55, 64, Murphy, Lawismdra R. 111 Murphy, Rhonda J. 111 Musgrove, Kathy J. 147 Musgrove, Kristopher J. 147 Myers, George 147 NNNNN Nance, Anthony W. 135 Napier, Darrin J. 66, 81, 98, 126 Neely, Keith D. 87, 147 New, Rickie G. 135 Newell, Edwin P. 79, 92, 93, 111 Newman, Ronald 147 Newsom, Eddie B. 135 Newsom, Michael A. 126 Newson, James T. 111 Noah, Donnia S. 147 Noah, Kenneth B. 126 Nolan, Georgia J. 135 Nolan, Kenneth 135 Nolan, Martha 111 Noland, Lisa J. 66 Norfolk, Patricia A. 135 Norman, William L. 50, 54, 78, 9 Norris, Eric A. 126 Norton, Michael 76, 77, 86 oO Oo Oliphant, Wendy L. 66, 126 Oliver, Shelia D. 140 O'Neill, David P. 92 Osborn, Mark A. 98, 126 Osborne, Douglas D. 147 Osbourn, Shelia F. 147 Oskins, Sean L. 147 Ottinger, Andrew L. 135 Oum, Rim 135 108, 135 8,147 Oum, Thuon 135 Owens, lssac E. 147 PP PP Pallikan, Kimberly J. 111 Pardue, Sherry L. 135 Parish, Peter E. 111 Parker, Robert A. 66, 136 Parker, Venus L. 136 Parks, Lisa K. 111 Parks, Shelonda A. 126 Parnell, Anna M. 111 Parrott, Michael E. 126 Pate, Danny T. 147 Patterson, Kimberly S. 55, 147 Patterson, Michael R. 77, 92, 111 Pattison, James F. 156 Patton, Annette D. 126 Patton, Christine A. 66, 111 Patton, Kimberly D. 111 Patton, Vickie L. 111 Patton, William E. 147 Payne, Pamela S. 136 Payton, Scott V. 55, 136 Pendergraph, Therese M. 136 Penn, Marcel E. 147 Pennington, Lee B. 136 Pepper, Arthur L. 72 Perkins, Jeffrey K. 147 Perry, Cecelia A. 66, 111 Perry, Kathleen M. 126 Perryman, Demetrius N. 126 Peters, Lesli L. 136 Peterson, Pamela D. 147 Pettigrew, Sheila K. 66, 126 Petty, Felicia M. 66, 111 Phelps, Gerald A. 147 Phelps, Phelps, Phelps, Joyce S. 147 Michael S. 86, 92, 136 Ronald G.92,93,126 Phillips, David 47 Phillips Phillips Phillips ,Denene E. 112 ,Estella 147 Kim 112 PhHhps:Lwa A 112 Phillips, Mark A. 136 Phillips, Michael D. 126 Pierce, Lisa A. 73, 96, 112 Pierce, Robert D. 126 Pierson, Mary 136 Piety, Alison L. 136 Piety, Andrea S. 46, 90, 96, 112 Piland, Aimee L. 147 Pipher, Bruce A. 136 Pittman, Stephen 72, 78, 98, 99, 136 Plotz, Timothy A. 147 Plumley, Roger 147 Poindexter, Kim L. 55, 144 Poke, Edward E. 112 Pollard, Deborah A. 112 Polston, Kim 66, 112 Pond, John R. 126 Pond, Mary B. 147 Pond, Tami L. 136 Poor, Tamara C. 50, 53, 112 Porter, Tawana L. 136 Poston, Sandy K. 136 Poventud, Erik A. 79, 89, 96, 147 Powell, Darlene E. 50, 54, 55, 82, 96, 147 QQ QQ Qualls, Brian R. 136 Queen, David A. 148 Quick, Tamara A. 148 Quick, Timothy E, 148 Quinn, Joe M. 148 Quintana, Angela l. 60, 148 Quintero, Edward A. 49, 126 RR RR Ragland, Keith L. 112 Raia, Robert R. 126 Ramsey, Barbara S. 136 Ramsey, Jennifer 112 Ramsey, John D. 126 Ramsey, Scott A. 54, 94, 148 Randolph, Mark 112 Raney, Janell C. 49, 61, 96, 148 Raney, Rex A. 126 Rea, Leonard M. 54, 136 Rea, Stacy M. 59 Rea, Steven M. 148 Reaves, Mary A. 126 Reaves, Thomas G. 112 Reed, Amanda J. 112 Reed, Cheryl D. 112,127 Reed, Mildred 112 Reed, Tammy S. 127 Reedy, Gary A. 4, 77, 78, 136 Reeves, Aaron P. 148 Reid, Gilbert 148 Renfro, Mellisa D. 66, 127 Reno, Steven E. 136 Rent, Catherine L. 55, 59, 61, 148 Rent, Teresa M. 66, 112 Rexroat, Olive K. 148 Rexroat, Oliver 18 Rhem, Renee 64, 73, 112 Rhodes, Frank O. 148 Rhodes, Karen E. 148 Rhodes, Patty L. 148 Rice, Bryan C. 136 Rich, Edward 148 Richardson, Crystal 66, 136 Riggs, Mark 136 Riley, Timothy W. 136 Rios, Lori A. 136 Roach, Thomas A. 112 Robbins, Patrick L. 127 Robbins, Vonda J. 136 Roberson, Carla L. 66, 112 Roberts, Daniel J. 94, 148 Robinson, Suzanne M. 113 Robinson, Terry A. 60, 136 Rolf, Angela M. 127 Rollin, Robert E. 113, 127 Rosales, Daniel R. 94 Rose, Steven 86 Roseberry, Edwin A. 127 Rosner, Jeffery A. 136 Ross, Samuel 148 Routin, Debra L. 148 Rumfelt, Paula 136 Rush, Brent L. 127 Rush, Deborah J. 100 Rush, Geneva M. 148 Rush, Scott D. 113 Rush, William E. 77, 78, 84 Russell, John A. 127 Russell, Traci L. 148 SSSSS Sadler, Phyllis 127 Sales, Larry D. 98, 99 Sallee, Farris S. 136 Sallee, Jeffrey A. 113 Sampson, Kathy L. 113 Sampson, Kimberly M. 148 Samson, Robert W. 136 Sanchez, Samuel 148 Sanderfer, Annette 137 Sanders, Christopher 148 Sanders, Michael W. 113 Sanders, Rachelle D. 82, 148 Sanders, Rene D, 148 Sanders, Robin R. 90, 137, 139 Sanders, Tony R. 80 Sandlin, Brian J. 148 Sandlin, Lester 148 Sarver, Tony 148 Saunders, Clarissa L. 66, 127 Sayers, Charles R. 148 Sayers, Lisa D. 66, 137 Saylor, John A. 148 Saylor, Laura A.55,59,113 Scaggs, Shelaine D. 137 Scholl, Steven 87, 94, 148 Schubnell, Russell A. 137 Schurtz, William 34, 50, 52, 54, 113 Scott, Michelle R. 148 Scott, Mike 149 Scott, Ricky L. 113 Scott, Shawn D. 149 Scribner, Donald J. 149 Scruggs, Masekela M. 149 Searcy, Andrea D. 66, 113 Searcy, Stephanie E. 64, 127 Sebree, Vaughn M. 49, 127 Sells, Steven P. 137 Settle, Rita S. 137 Settle, Teresa L. 149 Settles, Kim 64, 100, 137 Sexton, Dwayne E. 149 Shaffer, Margaret 149 Shaw, Donna M. 149 Shaw, Sylvia D. 66, 127 Shaw, Tabitha J. 149 Shaw, Teresa A. 67, 96, 127 Shea, Tresa 137 Powell, Geneva 147 Powell, Renee D. 112 Powell, Sandra K. 136 Powell, Tina M. 34, 50, 52, 53, 54, 55, 82,121,123,126 Power, Tina L. 147 Pranger, Donald E. 126 Pranger, Robert L. 126 Pratt, Michelle L. 35, 57, 59, 60, 126, 127 Price, Angela M. 148 Price, David T. 56, 57, 60, 112 Price, Lia 112 Price, Tina M. 126 Proctor, Carla J. 60 Proctor, Raynell 148 Pruett, Purvis, Purvis, Brenda 126 Brent D. 54, 81, 148 Fabian H. 64, 126 Roberts, Donna S. 64, 66, 67, 73, 112, 116, 117 Roberts, James E. 77, 99, 113 Roberts, Michael D. 56, 60, 127 Roberts, Russell 136 Roberts, Scott R. 148 Robertson, Eric A. 50, 54, 148 Robertson, Rodney G. 84, 85, 113 Robey, Lisa M. 113 Robinson, Angie D. 66 Robinson, Audrey L. 148 Robinson, Christle J. 67, 127 Robinson, Jerry A. 136 Robinson, Lori M. 127 Robinson, Markyta R. 136 Robinson, Patrice l. 66, 113 Robinson, Richard H. 148 Shelton, Brian L. 113 Shelton, Michael E. 127 Shepherd, Lisa R. 149 Sherwood, John M. 83, 113 Sherwood, Ronnie L. 149 Shirley, Meredith R. 113 Sholar, Michael C. 77, 95, 127 Shook Tonda L. 113 Shorter, Vernice 66, 137 Shropshire, Leonard, 127 Shupinsky, David L. 127 Sides, Charles M. 94, 149 Silcox, Melissa D. 127 Simmons, Charles C. 98, 137 Simmons, Charles E 77, 78. 87. 149 Simmons, Janice K 149 Simmons, Stephany D. 55. 137 Simmons, Terrie 137 Simpkins, Laurie A. 31, 73, 82, 96, 127 Simpkins, Ronald S. 89, 94, 149 Sims, Avary B. 84, 98. 127 Sims, Carrie M. 149 Sims, Della 137 lndeX!171 Sims, Sims, Kenneth E. 137 Kevin L. 149 Sims, Larry 149 Sims, Lynette D. 137 Sims, Lynsel 149 Sims, Margaret 137 Sims, Monica A. 66, 67, 113 Singer, Renda L. 113 Stone, Sherry A. 66, 128 Storms, Jeffrey W. 138 Storms, Matthew R. 149 Strate, Rochelle 150 Streeval, Carla A. 138 Strong, Paul A. 150 Strough, Donna T. 66, 114 Stutts, Benjamin F. 128 Stutts, Brian A. 128 Singleton, Ronnie 127 Turner, Felicia J. 138 Turner, Kelly A. 138 Turner, Mark R. 128 Turner, Penny S. 150 Turner, Ralph B. 81 Turner, Robert L. 4, 79 Turner, Ronald L. 128 Turner, Susan M. 150 Turpin Patricia A. 16, 150 Westmoreland, Denise 138 Weston, Johnie R. 151 Weston, Patricia A. 129 Wethington, Jorenee 151 Wethington, Mary 140 Wetter, Lisa M. 139 Wheeler, Russell L. 115 Wheeler, Tyrone L. 139 Whitaker, Lisa A. 151 Underw Skiles, Michael R. 149 Skinner, Anthony J. 54, 83, 149 Slaughter, Phillip M. 127 Sledge, Carl E. 137 Sledge, Larry 76, 77, 96, 99, 113 Sledge, Pauline 113 Sledge, Ruth Ann 80, 90, 127 Sluder, Cathy L. 67, 137 Small, Kevin 137 Smallwood, James E. 149 Smiley, Beverly A. 149 Smiley, Russell 55, 59, 60, 127 Smith, Angela G. 149 Smith, Anthony 127 Smith, Bobby L. 113, 127 Smith, Calvin J. 113 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 52, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith , Cessalyn R. 113 ,Christopher T. 77, 78, 127 ,Cynthia M.81,100,101,137 , Denise 113 ,Denzil R. 149 ,oiynis T. 137 Hortensia L. 80 127 ,James A. 54, 59, 137 ,Jeffrey A. 137 ,Jeffrey A. 113 , Karen L. 149 , Karen R. 149 , Kathy L. 127 Q Kenneth D. 54, 66, 127 Kevin 137 ,Lyle w.113 Mary E. 55, 149 f Meiodie s. 127 Michael A. 19 45 48 50 51, 54, 64, 66, 67, 124, 127 , Michelle 149 ,Myra L. 66, 114 , Namon 128 , Phyllis L. 137 , Reginald B. 137 ,Robin D.73,81, 100,101,137 ,Samuel L. 137 , Sharon D. 26 Sheri L. 149 ,Shinell 64, 67, 128 ,Tamila K. 137 ,Timmie L. 137 , Tony 78 , Tonya D. 128 Stutts, Phylesa 138 Suess, David A. 95, 150 Suess, Stephen A. 128 Sullivan, Frank 87 Sullivan, Holly A. 44, 45 58, 59, 62, 108, 114 Sullivan, Michael L. 150 Sullivan, Michael W. 138 Sultzer, Steven L. 77, 114 ,46, 47, 48, Twyman, Donald L. 138 Twyman, Norman E. 128 Tyler, Vanes, T. 138 Tyner, Vanessa 128 UUUUU White, Angela 151 White, Bernard 50, 51, 54, 79, 93, 139 White, Charles N. 64, 129 White, Christopher M. 151 White, Dewayne 151 White, Gale L. 54, 139 White, Marlon C. 139 White, Neil A. 139 White, Rodney 85 Sulver, Robert D. 4, 28, 29, 79, 128 129 Summers, Aubrey 150 Summers, Tonya M. 67, 138 Summitt, Donald M. 6 Sund, Anthony 150 Surenkamp, Stephen M. 138 Sutter, Collem M. 150 Svolos, Euthimia G. 26, 150 Svolos, Konstantina G. 128 Swanigan, Carolyn A. 80, 128 Swanigan, Veronica L. 64, 67, 73 Sweat, James E. 81, 88, 89, 138 Sweat, Vicky 81, 150 TTTTT Tackett, Debra J. 138 Tackett, Kerry 150 Tackett, Lynda K. 114 Underw Underw ood, Jocelyn E. 114 ood, Pamela 128 ood, Theresa 128 Upton, Melody A. 138 VV Vv Valentine, Jeffrey 4, 77, 138 Valentine, Tina M. 66, 114 Whitlow, Delonce 139 Whitlow, Lecestre A. 77, 115 Whitney, Jeffrey 151 Whittaker, Angela 139 Whittaker, Kristy A. 151 Whyde, John E. 93, 151 Whyde, Timothy 139 Wible, William D. 86, 139 Wickerson, Tracy 64 Wiggington, Douglas 151 Wilhelm, Ronald 129 Wilkerson, Jamie L. 129 Tardy, Darrell K. 11,77,88,114 Tardy, Marveda J. 90, 100, 138 Taylor, Alfred 77, 78 Taylor , Curtis W. 150 Taylor, Cydney 66,72, 100, 128 Taylor, Leroy 48, 128 Taylor, Rosa L. 50, 53, 64, 67, 100, 101 , 128 Taylor, Tamara 66, 128 Taylor Taylor ,Tanya A. 138 ,Vorn 77,78,138 Taylor, Wesley D. 138 Vancleave, Michelle 150 Vancleave, William 150 Vang, Chue 114 Vang, Lee 128 Vang, Xai 129 VanLaningham, Duane R. 44, 45, 46,47, 48, 58, 62, 129 VanZandt, Ronald 114 Vasquez, Julian 138 Vasquez, Rita G. 150 Vibbert, Norma M. 50, 115 Vibbert, Ralph 138 WW WW Wade, Carolyn 67, 80, 138 Wade, Danny E. 78,86 Wade, Jimmy 150 Wade, Tinnia M. 138 Williams, Arie A. 139 Williams, Clark 77, 78, 84, 86, 137, 139 Williams, Clifford 78, 87 Williams, Coretta L. 151 Williams, Deborah K. 11, 80, 100, 115 Williams, Glenn 115 Williams, Williams Jennifer L. 66, 129 Kelly W. 151 Williams, Lee 77, 78, 84, 86, 139 Williams, Michael L. 139 Williams, Paul L. 115 Williams, Raye L. 72, 78, 109, 110, 115 Williams, Raymond D. 115 Williams Robert C. 151 Williams, Shawn J. 151 Williams, Tanisha A. 151 Williams, Teresa M. 66, 129 Williams, Tony W. 77, 78 Williams, Willie T. 98, 139 Willis, Ar chie L.77,98,115 Willis, Marlin A. 139 Willis, Robert E. 78, 115 Tek, Sokhara 150 Tek, Sokharath 150 Tennent, Jonathan W. 128 Tepner, Karl H. 150 Terry, Carmella 138 Terry, Connie S. 66, 128 Tetrick, Duke W. 66, 128 Smith, Veronica R. 100, 128 Thacker, Larry D. 150 t V 5 Walker, Richard A. 129 Smith Walter L. 149 Thomas, Brock H. 114 55, 114 Smith, Wendy S. 149 Smock, Glenda L. 149 Smoot, Mark A. 98 Snider, Diamond L. 149 Sotos, Efthimios P. 4, 64, 66, 128 Spear, Rhonda 114 Spears, Janice S. 66, 114 Spears, Teresa 66 Spencer, Penny A. 66, 67, 114 Spencer, Roy 46, 66, 137 Spillane, Randy S. 50, 54, 149 Spivey, Moneet 114 Spivey, Timothy D. 93 Thomas, Jacqueline 138 Thomas, Larry T. 114 Thomas, Michael L. 88,89, 138 Thomas, Valerie 128 Thomason, Carson 150 Thomerson, Michelle 62, 128 Thompson, Allan C. 128 Thompson, Angela M. 11, 66 Thompson Bradley F. 50, 54, 79, 94 Thompson Melissa 26 Thompson, Teresa L. 66 Thompson, Vincent B. 34, 50, 52, 54 Wagner, Wendy R. 150 Waits, Necold 138 Walker, Walker, 11 1, Antwone 129 Jeanna R. 19, 50, 66, 115 Walker, Jeffrey S. 129 Walker, Judy D. 150 Walker Larr W 129 Walker, Robert D. 150 Walker, Robyn 129 Walker, Shalon 115 67, 96, Wallace, John J. 45, 46, 48, 58, 63, 138 Walter, Dinette D. 138 Ward, Penny L. 66, 115 Wardell, Mary D. 64, 100, 129 Warren, Devin R. 78, 150 Warren, Douglas L. 55, 150 Warren, Keith A. 151 Warren, Tom E. 129 Warren, Wendy 138 Washington, Terri L. 151 Wilson, Ann M. 151 Wilson, Annette 64, 139 Wilson , Anthony D. 151 Wilson, Glenna A. 139 Wilson, Lisa A. 129 Wilson, Marvin 115 Wilson Winfre , Tina L. 139 y, Michael A. 139 Spivey, Tonya 149 Spradlin, Jennifer E. 50, 149 Spradlin, Timothy D. 7, 44, 45, 46, 48, 52, 56, 59, 60, 114 Springfield, Damel 19 Srichareon, Tammara L. 149 Srichareon, Tong D. 79, 81 Stearns, Forrest L. 50, 54, 114 Steele, Robyn L. 114 Steinmetz, Thomas J. 59, 128 Stephens, Gregory A. 128 Sterrett, Tommy R. 149 Stevens, Shawn M. 137 Stewart, Remitha N. 137 Stewart, Teresa 137 Stigger, Michael L. 11, 77, 114 Stinson, Douglas A. 114 Stokes, Victoria L. 10, 46, 50, 53, 54, 114 172 f lI'ld9X Thuer, Walter C. 106, 114 Thurman, Kevin 54, 138 Tidwell, Timothy 128 Tinsley, Marsha 138 Tipton, Shirley A. 66, 114 Todd, Maurice L. 98, 150 Toles, Maurice 150 Toles, Robert 87 Toliver, Edna 90, 138 Tom, William A. 150 Tomasello, Anthony F. 88, 114 Townsend, Yvonne E. 128 Travioli, Lonnie B. 150 Trent, William J. 79, 95, 128 Truong, Nhon L. 150 Tucker, William G. 79, 85, 95, 114 Tudor, Ronrico A. 87, 150 Tuggles, Nathaniel 128 Tunstill, Mark D. 150 Waterford, Tracey 129 Waters, Vanessa L. 60, 115 Watkins, Curtricia 115 Watkins, Jody D. 151 Watkins, Judy C. 151 Watson, James L. 151 Watson, Michelle L. 151 Watts, Nola K. 151 Webb, Donald W. 78, 89, 151 Webb, Jennifer L. 129 Webster, Theresa 59, 129 Wehr, Deborah A. 115 Welch, Dale 151 Wert, Arnold E. 138 Wesley, Tim A. 138 West, Margie 151 Westerfield, Kimberly L. 151 Westmoreland, Allen 115 Westmoreland, Charles D. 86, 87 Wininger, Tonya M. 139 Winkle, Brian 139 Winningham, Pamela A. 151 Winters, Robert N. 151 Wise, Cynthia G. 115 Wise, Melissa 139 Wise, Vance Z. 129 Withem, Teresa A. 129 Womble, Jeffery D. 50, 151 Wood, Marcus S. 139 Wood, Robert A. 115 Wood, Venitra V. 151 Woodard, Kelvin J. 115 Woodard, Lisa 66 Woodard, Walter T. 85, 86, 139 Woods, David G. 115 Woods, Jimmy D. 151 Woods, Lisa 139 Woodson, Jozette E. 129 Worland, Anthony W. 139 Worthington, Ronald K. 115 Wright , Angela D. 139 Wright, Anthony 129 Wright, Carl 66, 115 Wright Wright Wright Wright ,Delores L. 64, 66, 115 , Denise 129 , Donna J. 66 , Eric 50 Wright, Jayna G 66, 121, 129 Wright, Lisa L. 31, 34, 50, 52, 53, 129 Wright, Steven 66 Wright, Zina A. 129 Xiong, Xiong, Xiong, Xiong, XXXXX Cha 115 Moua 129 , Vang 129 Yia 129 YY YY Ya, Phoest 139 Yant, Kimberly L. 139 Yarbery, Renee K. 129 Yarberry, Rita F. 129 Yates, Yates, Paula J. 151 Terry L. 115 Young, Alicia 139 Young, Joseph W. 77, 129 Young, Lisa R. 64, 129 Young, Manuel E. 81, 139 Young, Margaret A. 115 Young, Michael D. 83, 119 Young, Nicoli V. 151 Young, Ronald R. 151 zzZzz Zimmerman, Ricky E. 139 Zimmerman, Ronnie E. 139 Foculry ond Sroff Index Adams, Glenn 36 Allen, Richard 28 Allen, Rosie 90, 96 Badger, Donna 153 Barnes, Cheryl 153 Barricklow, C, Lee 12, 34, 50, 52, 54 Bayless, Kenneth 15 Beall, Howard 36 Bell, Carlos 24 Bell, James 77, 153 Blankenhorn, Duane 35 Borshoff, Jim N. 24 Bradshaw, Martha 30 Brady, John 36 Brinkerhoff, Stephen 38 Brown, Harold 36 Brown, Jim 24 Brown, Joan 20 Brown, Joseph R. 24 Browne, Raymond 16, 49 Bruer, Dorothy 152 Buses, Ron 98 Byers, James 39 Cafeteria Staff 153 Carlock, Mahlon 15, 150 Carter, Ann 37 Catt, Howard 15 Cecil, Michael R. 17, 62, 66 Chambers, Cheryl 32 Clark, Donald 69 Cline, Debbie 37, 65 Cline, Ernest F. 35, 84, 85, 86 Cody, Wyolene 13 Collins, Robert 28 Comstock, Diane 20 Cooley, Robert 37 Cooper, Janice 35 Cosby, Curtis 37 Craig, Frank 26, 77, 78, 84,86 Crooke, Robert E. 12, 36 Cruser, David 36 Cummins, Ann 17,66 Cutshaw, Rosemary 153 Custodians 152 Daily, Donald 35 Danheiser, Tom 20 Davis, Edward 34, 60, 153 Davis, Thomas 36 Davis, Zoearline 15 Duckworth, James 36 Durr, George 69 Evans, David 37 Evans, Edward 34, 54 Feigert, Judy 24 Fine, Serine 23 Fish, Debbie 153 Ford, Robert 20 Freeman, Joyce 17 Frye, Louis M. 17,67 Garnett, June 37 George, David 17, 85, 86, 87, 9 Gibson, Judy 153 Gillespie, Talitha 37 Goins, Troy 153 Goodrum, Alice 5, 20, 46 Gore, John 77, 78, 100, 153 Griffin, Roosevelt 30 Guess, Mercedes 28, 64 Guess, William N. 17, 66 Hahn, Margaret 21 Hairston, Tanya 37 Hale, Hester 21 Hall, H. Jon 82, 83, 153 Hardiman, Emmet 21 Harpold, Dallene 153 Harris, Ronald 38 Harrod, William 38 Harry, Charles 35 Hart, Constantina 32 Henderson, Oral E. 38 Himes, Sarah 153 Hoffman, Marilyn 24 Holmes, Ernest H. 38 Hon, David 28 Howard, Garlan 28 Hughes, M. Jane 153 Hurrle, John W. 26, 88, 89 lnman, Bob 94 lreland, Ronald 25, 64 Jackson, Virginia 18, 62, 66 2, 93 Jahnke, Susan 26, 90, 96 Jeffries, Herman 152 Jeffries, Mary A. 69, 153 Johnson, Alice M. 18 Johnson, Norma 39 Johnson, Roy 39, 65 Jones, Bonnie F. 153 Jones, Terry 153 Kanouse, John 30, 104 Kelly, Frederick A. 15 Kennedy, Marie 153 Kern, John 29 King, Diane 153 Kinser, Paul 39 Kirsch, Arthur 29, 64 Kleine, Julius 26, 81, 95 Knue, Francis 26,89 Kohut, Eileen 12, 21 Lapping, Marjorie 15 Lee, Barbara 15 Lehman, Arnold W. 25, 100 Levell, Greg 89 Lewis, John A. 21 Lewis, Mable 34, 55 Littell, Patricia 153 Lovelace, Clifton 39 Lundgren, Shirley 26 Maillard, Mary 22 Manka, Mary L. 26, 80, 97 Mann, Lou 18, 66, 104 Marcum, Carole 153 Marlin, Jerry 77 Marshall, Lewis A. 15 Martin, Ellen 18 Mason, Don 25 Maxwell, Joyce 153 May, James 29 McBride, Judith 21 McCarty, Lowell 38 McCreary, William 12, 18, 66 McGeath, Bruce 30, 81, 96 McGeehan, Joseph 14 McMillan, Ann 22 McVay, Cheryl 19, 66 Mendel, Walter 38 Meyer, Robert E. 31 Miessen, Frederick T. 38 Miessen, Judith 15 Mindach, Jane 153 Miner, John C.31, 131 Minks, Stanley J. 22, 48 Moeller, Helen 32 Moore, Marian 23 Moreman, lvan 31,92 Morse, Thelma 25 Mullennax, John 38 Murphy, Clarence 39 Murphy, Wesley 31 Murphy, William 39 Nicholson, Betty 152 Noel, Vickie 32 Ohmit, Gwendolyn 19, 67 Oldham, Donald 14 Oscarson, Paul 33 Owen, Gordon 39 Parker, Anna 31 Parrett, Sharon A. 15 Pool, Bernadine 14, 153 Poole, Kenneth 39 Pope, Medarda 32 Prather, Paul D. 34,60 Price, Wendrel 16 Pruett, Lindy S. 33 Raines, Dorris 40 Ransom, Natalie 23 Ray, Carolyn 15 Reed, A. Ray 14 Robbins, Gloria 153 Robertson, Lewis 19,67 Robinson, Donald 25, 79, 98 Robinson, Jeffery 78 Rose, David 40 Rudolph, Charles 153 Scahill, Charles 40 Schaffer, Phyllis 40 Scherich, Lloyd 41 Schneider, Karl E. 15,31 Shock, Richard 15 Shoemaker, Delsie 19, 65 Siedlecki, William 30 Singh, Jatinder 22 Smith, Carol 28, 64 Smith, Evelyn 19 Smith, Robert W. 41 Smith, Steven W. 29 Stanley, Dan 23, 61, 131 Steve, Joe 41 Stock, Cyril 41 Stockard, Robert 14, 38 Stohler, Hardy E. 40 Stout, Dorothy 15 Stroud-Allueva, Peggy 23 Swenson, Kermit L. 16 Security 152 Tess, David 33 Thomas, Shirley 153 Tresslar, Cecil 22, 63 Tutors 153 VanDerMoere, Herbert 40 Washington, Emmagee 16, 60 Webb, Ralph 40 Wemple, Deveier 40 Whalin, Ward 29 Wheeler, Gloria 153 Wheeler, William R. 25 White, Larry D. 41 Whittemore C. Lynn 33 Wilcox, Leland 153 Williams, Craig 153 Willis, Neris 69 Wilson, Elizabeth 22 Winningham, Deborah 153 Wise, Harold 41 Wood, Carol 22 Woodard, Robert 26, 76, 77,9 Woods, Morris O. 41 Woolard, Lester 41, 65 Young, James 153 index! 173 From the moment school opened, until the final second of our last class, we wanted to be the center of attention, wanted everyone to look at us and only us. The desire to be the focus of atten- tion permeated everything we undertook from academics to activities and sports. We wanted everyone to watch as our football team snapped a long losing streak. We wanted alumni to notice how well we coped with the new seven-period schedule. We wanted the public to envision rooms filled with mini-computers being conquered by eager students. M,,w ?i i 3,g.i,g im t liEit?.r..t: 'pst t ...L . is? lift?-it,iii'f'-' 'U' " , 5 . 1- Lf ""' W- A i it ,j ff L, I: V A J r f- , , - -1---1 ----' Msgff-M-1131. f fi V- -- -ts.: -, . ....t... -a -'--g:'r-mic 3 ig' -Q ' 1 .L .- '- - 3 34 r' ",,fi:',,1...1.I.,.,.t .. -.may Q " ,I ' . - .. , Nts ...L , C? W tLAzf?':::X.,1fgLf::1:f::r3'?tfI.l j3?'3:itf5iliIiiIFZ' r - ' ,.t, 1 I . A-.,.. 'L3'1sllx.,.. N V snsnulfu 'li . ff" 'fT'TQl1.TlIla 3 , A - 'vizriz' a L 'l:N...r.s.,,. L..3,..f..,,,..z.,Xx,11:IQn3j:-:A 7-is-as-.....,,Il.T..L, g ,gjjif-e--X f-L-.ev - 'iw' 5 -- . 'ff-.,. fi 'tt "I1:,..' - "S, ' ll - 174 I Closing Look Af Us NOW! . . . Of course, seniors didn't care to view the void created by the closing of the Senior Office. And, none of us would have asked to forsee the loss of Mr. James Leap and Mrs. Wyolene Cody. But, looking back, we are proud of how well we adjusted to all of the changes-both good and bad. "Looking good" took many forms. Whether it was singing in the musical, marching in the band, or receiving a vocational certificate, no two people grabbed the spotlight in quite the same way. Each student did his best to make himself stand out from the 2,000 other students at Tech. In the classroom, students got notic- ed-some by being the best of students, some by being the worst. Teachers acknowledged, with a glance, the "con- tributions" we each made. sv 'T i 9 There were special moments that wi looked forward to at games, assemblies in class, or just when we gathered in ou own private cliques. After all of our triumphs, tradgedies and zany times, we discovered that the events and memories which we har shared brought us closer together. The realization began to dawn on forward looking Seniors, early in the seconc semester, that they were approaching the end of a very special period in thei lives. For all of our bravado, we really dic hate to sever the relationships we hat built over four years-even the friend ships we made with the lowly freshmen. As the underclassmen continued thei march toward seniority, they glimpse: what it truly means to be a Senior. They came to see why it is that as Techites we can all say with pride, Look at US Now! .X s ...,.-.,T,w.,, , , Wm, W wand r',?n7f'5f".."..'Z.f- ,WMV . .for we may not Pass this way azain. Closing X 175 176 1 Closing x X N wwmxew Xxxxx . x . wk N-, , -- x ws: -M V . - V N wi X rrsxsx Hx ' W Q' f Q-XXX, - 'D X :Q x SSN '. H X -HN. X X ' ' f 555 53 . -iw if fs x ax I' ,Q " QP I 0 A . 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