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4 Q foo ' I O . -Q . N ' , O f o O O 5 4 'af WA 0 O Q .Q ,-P ' Q 3- K - H M "' " .Qi -' ag r BW: ' H 1 N 6 :V ? , i I., 9 , ir 4 - W ? 1 J""""":,: ? ii 5 i , . i '-""" S , . ... 3 R., ..,. f, " J 1 Q I 4 go- l ,..- . 0 .-' , 1 Q ff mf 1 The Best of Times . . . The times of our lives. The best of times, the worst of times. The joys we shared, the defeats we met. The friends we made, the friends we lost. This was all a part of high school. Whether Freshman or Sophomore, Junior or Senior, we all had our good and bad times alike. But most of this we would not change, and even if we could, we would still experience those times at Arsenal Technical High School. For this is a special school. Our experiences here are different and special. We are special, to each other, to ourselves. Our buildings are special. They have withstood years of wear. They have withstood years of students running down their halls, talking with friends in the halls outside of class, romances blooming in a classroom with that special one across the room. Our campus is special. Grass covered with leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. Trees covered with ice in the winter and buds in the spring. Grounds covered with students all year long, sometimes even after school is out for the day. Our students are special. Here every race, creed, and color has the chance to learn with one another, to talk with one another, to exist with one another, all without the fear of others putting us down. Our experiences and opportunities are special. We have at our fingertips the resources with which to change the world. We have the chance to make this either the best or worst times of our lives. Using everything that we have, every way that we know possible, we can make our lives at high school the very best times of our lives. third right, Two Titans enjoy the outdoors. third leftg The Milo H. Stuart Memorial. top left: The flow of students from the Main. top right: Treadwell Hall, otherwise known as the Main. bottom, Todd Harris and Andrea Piety show off for the camera. second lefty Tech's fantastic cheerleading squad. second right, The mighty Titans. N015 'f -- 1-'fit , '-rixawis -t ' Q: ....... .. 3+-,i l .f' 1 l. L 51 l Al if psggl, . ' ' -, if .. l if., ff, '. ff ff fif, .Q I 1 VN , A- ' lf' has . 4. 'I I J 1 . F' rm, V LFS' I,-lily nf x gggslekiwv ,, Q -loin'-" fr ' -1' Y .. .. -S, H: 'V 1 -. ,' k?'f : 'f T :Lie 71: . I A . , UA in ,' f 1--1 L , E' "sill 1 f f . 5 ,gd Q'f'-T. i -- ' . I .U-' -.4 sg ' lr, Kjt, ' Rv- ' 'gr ' 'Ulf W4-. I xi l . -I N-34 bag 4 .4 an ' ' A " 5- . 3 ' hx 'PA' , .f- 1 i. -'vi '4.L',w' U, 1 . 1 AER... ,M sg, gh. ,u. l, ' .li qw jg- 'i Q .- - , - X ,sn- ri ,I - f . 3:5 .53-.-,. , . ' . 2 . 12"- f Mukhi 7 ., "-kv : . T' ix' X WF: ' .Ti-my ' Q f .1 ,iw , X 'W' . ww T A' ' J .. . W I ,164 iq ' T.: .75 nf! Mir? .3 ails lj: :L"ff.-- .Y 'g i -. iw . l' ,H nt an il ,lv R 1- lower left: People enjoy campus on a beautiful day. lower right: The Arsenal, a beehive of activity. bottom left Discovering the drama of learning in the Anderson auditorium. bottom right: The campus shows the beauty of learning. 'r fx '-:GRE-if - 1 afar 1 I 1 af r 4 'ln 1' ' lf ' . - . I , . 5 .- ' i n - g J . ,'.- H Y-" ig Lf 4 7 ' -, 'P Z I 1. . 1 ...Q . ,- 1 s 3 if .- Q ' 'gi rl ' . 1 1-Q u f -6 i but -A 11 1, U-'Iv' , -'ri -L51 . - H:-S u 1 Qtr '.:1g3,3s, -. - 4 . xQ' it -FQ, A . A" . I QIEE ' '91 'I k:L.,'x - ' 13' 1 " ' . ' ' - . ' -7,1 5 ,. 'Info - he .mf .. 9 l 'igagf -- -l i t - N xx ,Q . R XY' kfzs . ink Q , "'e- Q' +. f . , :'-- .' - r. - 'ff 5. .fa J I N' - 4' V err., f tx Y- 1 Y . , 'E I A 2 , n I 1 1 9 Q' . 9-RXQ I "jd 52. e '-1 t - V ..pc. 359.-..- 1' . ' 5 N -gr -.. . 'w J '. Li. ' W 5 M 1-9 'if P 1 0-' U'-ov -all f , -ii' 'fs ' L. I 3 .5 +' . . ,, N ,fn - . . 1, , lr --. . v Q, '." '- -124 -2--W +4 ' M- af 5 H 3.-v 1 pq: . ,nate J' .'-.. -.'-1..a-.' -'. s .,v.x, . f.,. ! D '.""", l QQ ,., ,. V ' 1 wl ' 4 in 4 f 11 'I 'f 5' is it Q i . ' 5 .ryzv I B b N . A ev 1 A g M I ,- reyli im 5 , . V 2 w. ' 1 1 Y 1 I 1 in T1 ' . 4? if :F QE -5 m fy xg AX! 'SY kixysn ',.,,,,,-'-mud ' M Q. HN Gif 3 ,N ' v N fm Q 5 A' X C X Fabulous Floats Finally Fantastic The night of October 1, 1982 is a night we'll all remember. We were treated to a number of fine memories. One of the closest Homecoming games played in years, the parading of some of the best floats ever seen, great fireworks, and the crowning of the 1982 Homecoming King and Queen. The Game was a see-saw battle all the way. The score was 12 all, and it was time for overtime. We had first possession of the ball, and the Titans failed to score. Marshall got the ball and the Mighty Titans held the Patriots to fourth down and one yard to go. The Patriots' coach decided to kick a field goal. The kick was made and it was good. Although we lost, it was a very exciting game and we commend our Titans. The senior float competition was won by 701. They had a dragon roasting a Patriot. One of the judges commented that these were some of the best floats' she had seen in years. The fireworks this year were better than good, they were excellent. The booms, bright colors, and best of all the lighting of T-l-T-A-N-S was fabulous. The finality of fireworks was highlighted by the releasing of many fireworks together. Now we come to the big moment of Homecoming, the crowning of the 1982 King and Queen. All the candidates gathered on the field 4Mark Canfield and Angela Collins-7013 Todd Harris and Pangie Franklin-7203 Richard Lay and Natalie Lewis-7213 John Reed and Cheryl Ray-7223 Tommy Walker and Denise White-648i to await the announcing of the winner. Finally, after a minute that seemed like a year, the winners were announced-Todd Harris-702 and Natalie Lewis-721. Yes, definitely a night to remember. ini!-v .1-Vx? upper right, The bright fireworks glow high in the sky aboveg 648's "Fry Machine". middle right: And here come your Titans lead by Jerry Paige. right, All the Homecoming King and Queen candidates. I 1,4 . , ,A ,my 5 ' ,.. it-3-L-W Q5i.,5,s:', , ii. 1' ' ti. 4 ,--if, I ,-- .A V' if 1... . . tam Q f ' 1' . 'rm X! -'e.-eff?-'ufilsxgl . " -are mc- ey. I-.1 as . A iififig 35' 4 ' .fee .Lv -'N 5 X1 'r 1- . 1. 'x .Q Q .P it Y? il x', limi. F' if 'LI Sf' I il '- ---1-al .lnnnglun-Q-. leftg Mr. John Miner presents Todd Harris with the King's trophy. middle leftg Natalie Lewis, surprised by the anouncement of her being Homecoming Queen. belowg Fireworks display as seen through the lense of John Lee. bottom lefty 702's "Pull the PIug" on the Patriots, float. bottomg Natalie and Todd grace us with their "royal" appearance. 3 2 I A .of 1 sf inf' , I x 4' ,,.4r0 ,,.-45 4 ,KV,, . ,x ., ,V W 4 E. Rfk I ,f 'A -'vm g --v' if i 9- , Q right, The final round-up. below, ls this in good will or are you just trying to get rid of me? middle rightg Awaiting the big moment. bottom right, A token of gratitude. . 1? 1 1' If -. eg" K' I 5 I ' . . J 1 5: it ' ly -I '-it X E'.-f7'.,g,Q!1 I, , . ' , ,, 1 r, . T ,Ut-'z K. M -5, -, V l - LU V iv A it .ii lx- -rfr'-'if ' .a . ' F-. "' 1 f an z-if , V- , Jr. 23-' .gwg-4 ,3 -- , -. 1 -f "4 -- 4 iw' : , t- as , n.',5-1.3-. Q ,S , 1. i , ,,. -' , -1 i A ' z J- ' ' - .- ,' . ', .. i ' 'Rf '-' .L"L'I . ,, f . ., , . , '..ch3-rw - , -,, ,,,.:. . -N A "' "' 1 K1 .. M.. -F 'Tin csbeil N ., WP . .19 .Q ' .1 - .1 .. ,J 5 ' T - ' .. -"--5' i,'- 'A F I - . av, . ..,. , . . , .,,. Ni' -- :ef far. .' I, 2 .Ji -'QW in-'fim -4,1 f ll -u.: , .V LL' ' ., fx 'l' e .- - kf.x,".Bl',m5-:ffl .7 pf A "sv" .GJ-1713. J ' .'. iff-2.1,-. -3 an-"-' --ta--ye.. ' . 12911, 'f Q 1 ,,-?.'1. Wiki... ..- - . .,.- - v . 1-ny. fit: gifs:- . , ,gi . - o 1. A ,A New Beginnings... We have come to the end of the beginning-graduation. We are leaving behind us priceless memories, good friends, and our childhood. lt is time for us to take that first giant step into the adult world. Tech will always occupy a special spot in our hearts. Here, we have taken the first faltering steps on the long road of life. Here, we have made lasting friendships and had happy times. We are sad to leave, but the i future calls us. Good bye Tech, we will miss you. "'Nw,,,,,k ff .-4, , . - " 3 :Qu : 'V' . 'J'-1l5'f' ,,,.1 A -, 1 rv Q. V., -, -If g ' ,-A -Jw . M , x'- ' 'V' ' 1 1" , . .ar Uf,'1'h,g,5E Qi' ', A.-J M 1, ' 1' "' -,'gh',"' '-',,:.1' Qs ,IJ -u , ' gif'-t ' ff' 1 VCX 2, -.Nrp r' I r 3 '. " 'Q-A A 'JH' vgvffu i-if ',",. ",, ' +.' - ' .f.--'-Swv-f' ,.. 45' . , . 4 vi. .-gli, " -Q t ' :vw fame-ffw. ?.:f:,h'LQEQ:..""' e. '- 'J'Tkf'?-g.r"f 431-Lx . ' ,tiff -a e'-.--4-M.-' ,asf 1 17's-1TT"'i" ' 31595-Aiivn-1: 'xy '-V -A-A-1 V-3 ks - ,1..,,..1' ,. -M51 - -'rn 7,4-ffz.. - if ii fm., . 1 fim- H f.:-H , W, a' ..",-.50 . -- - .wx-4' ' . Y ' 4 X . -ff! lp.- -4, ..upf' -'13-,xi N 'I ryj. '- ' ,"-V,u55i."' -3723! .' - A.. . :- -' "41!:.." .,.' Q ff',"'- -,tg V' ry . -,.-ffl.. . 1 .. - . M f - ,Q-H SL,-.Q rnrrkfi .s -. "1 . ' '. 4-: W x , .ECP -"', ', '5jb":--'A y. ' .'. 1 J V -1,1 ' - sig ' ' Q ' 'ff pr ' 2" A . V . " ' Q u. ..a -- Se 524 - . is 554, - ' I" if aka. ,.,r,., ,.h -. iE1"!f'I? e:"' 'TZ ' " 1 ., we A' , ' :Lil ,.,l-1...L,2, , i i' -..::ic::::'f':.v: 1 K U'w,N 5 i' di 'br' top left,' Everyone keep in step. top rightf Ready. . .get set . . . go! middle left: Thank ya kindly, sir. aboveg Where do I go from here? leftg Putting on the finishing touch. I Student Work Toward Career Goals Career classes offer students a wide choice of classes. Students can choose a mechanics class. For those who would like to fly, Aviation is a good class. Plumbing may be the class for you if your goal is to be a plumber. For you car nuts there is Auto Shop. For a future business person, a class like Introduction to Data Processing is a start on the way to a computer career. After this, one would go on to take RPG, Cobol, and, then Fortran. Whatever type of class a student chooses to take, if it is offered through our Career Center, it will provide excellent instruction. CW upper right: Cobol class works hardl?J above: Watch those fingers! right: Kevin gets it together. far right: Doesn't she look business like? l2A ,.-.'- ' f lvl 'S 1 ,-ms gi' e 'CM . 1' I x ,Q ,JZ "' 2 0 in 4 4 left Ehhimios works at the printer. below: This is where it all happens. .gk In 'Y-W' 'lg' " s sl '65 H afar . Q -f , , Y ia. jf- 1 7 ,9 vs 'J mv' , wwf' Lv 'r W? 1 U 131 fy ,gjfv ll? JA' -aff F' 5,' t Y X 491 Q - ' I ,tv a Aw? . . 9 , 'lin 'K Vg - ' ' above, Now I m workin J- 4' What Do Simple Folk Do? Does the word "Camelot" inspire visions of knights and ladies, and bright pageantry? At Tech, "Camelot" succeeded in bringing these images to brilliant, dazzling life. For two and a half hours Tech students were transported to the romance of Arthur's England. The tale of Arthur lfillarcelino Quintanal, Guinevere lCoIleen Contrerasl, and his best friend, Lancelot lJay Hoody, unfolded before our eyes. The greatest story of the upper left: One last look at the audience before I disappear for 10 scenes. upper rightg Oh yes, we've certainly had all of our shots. lower lefty Hey guys, what's so interesting in that letter? lower rightg Merlin lPaul Murphyl is looking for divine inspiration. I4 N I hi -h . e Y 1 rf, it 'Pv- .leig- . . .'.i QI S ' s a '?w1- W w'K"1aQ. . . i 'Il . we sig, l . l .. ,I i 'fx u-- . l -JR ,-, 1 'I lf, A fl R. af- PM affair 1' h Y, l V T-si K, 1 .,v, 'Ti 'jf' 1" 1' ' All Wall lefty Lancelot after complimentary Mary Kay facial. middle left Samurai Lester. .ix ay -.Y Y I . ,f X X below: Hey, Robin Hood! Oops, wrong play. aboveg Jay Hood literally sings his heart out. The Best of Times . . . ' :ll I, ---,1 Q -i ""1'-' 3 a ee e v 1 A 2 . ' 't pig s 1 ' t 5 Us . . A fbi' -s . A AA If w , i Y' 3 . ' My A 3 Q X Q ,f ig ,t fs. ' f si? ... ' "The Best of Times" well- describes a student's Senior year. The Senior year is filled with fun, glamour, friends, and also some tears. Part of the fun is due to just being a Senior. After these years of school, the long hours are almost over. The senior year is also full of events especially for the Senior. These include Tug-a-War, Sadie Hawkins' Day, and Homecoming. In these events, the Seniors show how proud they are to be a Senior. Friends are big part of the Senior's last year. Without them, who would the Senior share all their hopes, joys, and sorrows with? Many Seniors look forward to one event their Senior yearg their Senior Prom! The lights, the music, and the people, add up to make it one of the most special and memorable nights ever. All too soon, however, it seems that this must end. This is the time when the tears fall. Seniors know the end is near. The final big event is Graduation. Before the event, there is just enough time to wish good luck to a few, or many friends. Then it is time. The procession starts, and before long, it is over. Then the tears really fall, in happiness, for all the good times, and possibly in confusion of their life ahead. When everything is rationalized in the end, the Senior realizes one thing: these certainly were "The Best of Times!" SENIORS rf 3 4-OA . Y' . ,, Tech Legion-1983 Members of Tech Legion for 1983 are Elisa L. Aguilera: Kevin T. Alcorn: co-commander: Christy Jo Anderson: Lori Jean Armour: Penny C. Bibles, captain: Dwight A. Boucher: Micah E. Briner: Ronald Brown: Dagmar Butte, captain: Beverly Ann Cameron: Sherry Ann Carpenter: Trace L. Davis: Brenda Sue Decker: Rochelle Elliot: Linda V. Evans: N. Sue Evans: Walter Folkening: Micheal Forsee: Cathy Franklin: Ann Gin, captain: April D. Grimsleyg Gerald Hamilton: Tonita Hamilton: Dawn Harris: Cathy Ann Hess: Debra Ann Hines: David S. Hon: Annette C. Hunter, captain: Kevin R. Jefferson: Jeffery D. Johnfauno: Steven L. Jones: Tanya Ann Moore: Christopher A. O'Conner: Angela E. Pfile, co- commander: Lisa K. Polston, captain: Christina M. Price: Cheryl M. Ray: John L. Reed: Donald E. Rushton: Karl Sebastian: Lacey M. Shaw: Shaune R. Shelby: Jane Shotwell: Leo T. Spearman: Walter Stone: John A. Sullivan: Denise R. Ulsh: Cleovis D. West: Myla J. White: Terri J. Wildrick: Alicia A. Wilson: Christy Ann Wilson: Jerold F. Yates: and Terri L. Young. The thrill mirrored on 54 happy faces has a very specific reason. These 54 Titans have been chosen as members of Tech Legion. Tech Legion is an honorary society for outstanding Tech Students. lt does not primarily honor academic achievement, but rather citizenship, leadership, and other at- tributes worthy of recognition. Legion also has its own officers: those five students with the most merits are named captains. The two students, one boy and one girl, with the absolute highest number of merits are named co-commanders. This year's captains were Penny Bibles, Dagmar Butte, Anne Gin, Annette Hunter, and Lisa Polston. The co-commanders were Kevin Alcorn and Angela Pfile. Underclassmen should set as their goal membership in Tech Legion, an honor which still has meaning. lefty Co-Commanders and Captains for 1983. Tech Legion Celebrates!! Q ,ww-w fl? e v ,,.,rf"M' , lk? J: Y' nh., "WN-vfffwf .xv f .mv 4,1 ag,-me ,f.g5?1gF --1 1, . "Hia"4,:. v " .W -- I U 1 N.,-. , VH.. m..,r.,N-X, ' HA , . X .-N ! K- V If 43 714 I ' - 'lxpks ans, -2 NIH! ' 2 Honor Students Study Fotuyr Years One of the biggest honors at Tech can be achieved through hard work. It is one of the few things over which the student has total control. It is gaining a 7.0 or higher grade point average. To achieve this honor one need not be a bespec- tacled genius. The things required are few, but essential. One is a brain in good working condi- tion, another is the ability to work hard. Once these two have been put together the student is on his way to a 7.0 grade average. This year 32 seniors had the necessary qualifications, and knew how to put them together. Who knows how many the future will hold. Q upper: Top seniors sit for the photographer: they can't always study. middle: Angie Pfile and Tanja Moore are the proud recipients of National Merit Scholarships. above: A few honor students are enjoying a reception. Nancy Sutton, spr. 1 5 Us X X Elisa Aguilera Darren Arberry I , r ilu Richard Bach x Sl , James Beard i Lisa Bingham ' r Kevin Alcorn, Pres. David Colbert, V. Pres. g. 0' "x 1 1 I , if, 9 SL 1,1 5' f . ,' ,A-..1 ., Y . Mile Allen w. Lori Armour l C , . 'V ' .5,,. V ' , ' , .ww . l , .1 F' '- V. , . s 4 Q, rxsv 4, N. f Spencer Barnes Sandra Beasley N A Tammy Allen W' Sylvia Austin 'J Us 9,- 4 - E- , l' oe, ' l Steven Batts . 4,5 Q- A , xx , ,, ,F I c-fu' Clarence Beech Dwight Boucher Debra Bowman Sue Evans, Sec. Angela Collins, Treas. Mark Canfield, Mem. at Lrge, 9 x Titus Allen Linda Amonett Christy Anderson Sr. Officers ll to rl Mike Forsee, Sue Evans, Myla White, Steve Jones 4' J- :all- David Bennett Andrew Beverly Penny Bibles W ' 1 ri I-3 A rv" K l gf Thad Breheim Debbie Brewer Micah Briner f 91 L- Kelli Brinkley Debbi Brock Bill Brown Kathy Brown Ron Brown Pauline Byrd Leslie Burnette N xl ,Q Richard Calhoon Clarissa Clavert Kim Carpenter Sherry Carpenter Jessie Carruthers Dan Brown ""-. gi , ,L 1 . C , N- K Kimber Buck Y ijQ.' X. D' I it wlmwh i i Deborah Brown Denise Brown ng, I Helean Burch Charmill Burks t at iv , . I ,, 0 . xv' 4 A , 2 ' .. - 1 .- ' ' .. ,W -' f 1 H 4' 'Q .- -:,'l4 ,.,f I i I Vi .' ff tx 'I - 5,1 I' L rl ' ' nv 1 . Z . 3 A 'T 1 ,, iii .fir . Beverly Cameron Melvin Caoler Tammy Capps up X I i N 1 xg! , x I' Sherry Carson ,'.V- hi .- , pv- 'aff K I xi K ! David Carter Nancy Carter ps, qu' 'VS i ' 1 ,-, , - 1 B 5 3 il ' fi 'f Joe Carver Donna Chapman Heath Chappell Sherry Childress Charles Cissell Stefan Clark 4 . X h I ' ,, y Y ,S c . " '- " CHS 5 I K ', , N I r 4. - X l ' l V f . .2 x i -gr' ,V r ' A 'J Scheylla Coe Joe Coleman Terry Coleman Darren Collins Julie Collins Peggy Collins 1 I . X : ' 'I r.. 'U' f yll ,A 5 K ,AN X- Amy Connell Kathy Cooksey Sallie Coons Richard Cornell Darla Cottongin Raymond Cottrell 1 l Brian Cox ' ' f - - -'.g'j.. J" 'L' Af is aft ,V jiiff, ---' ,'gL1f1' - ' - ,ix 3 ' .qv 1 Q T' 1 3 C9 '13 x Q I ' I ' :Cf x a f X X ,fir Judith Trace Todd Harris-Vice Mike Darryl Billy Haak-Member McBride-Sponsor Davis-President President Forsee-Secretary ibson-Treasure at Large I ' 'x lim V .W V F 4 l K l 'R . f - 4, if mi' X .W p ' Il ,Q t Q it J X " f to J tsl. f James Crafton Debbie Crase Connie Crawford Richard Crenshaw Jamie Crosby Bridget Cross :X 4' I FXS' rs: -1- C ff' 1' nr ff- . 'ek N X i N Y A N w -.Q 7 , , X ' ., , 0 ' N s -4 t xv 1- 'B lx ' - x 1 James Curry Mary Dalton Jack Danford Linda Davis William Davis Barbra Day x V' i'. 13.Ai:Af'r ful iff' so 7 l - lilly' f l 60:13 J I " 'Q f I NA ,' V A l ' lhlxgx . Brenda Decker Helena Devine Geri Dickerson Pamela Dickins Barbra Dixon Shirl Dinkins Jacqueline Dobbins Elena Dobbs Kathy Dodson V'wT"-'T' DOOM Dllfnil Madonna Eads Randy Earbin Larry Edwards Rochelle Elliott Terrence Emerson ii! J-' was George England Freda Ervin Ken Esteb of - Michael Fields Joe Folkening Sheila Fowlkes V . ,. .. 4 ' Robin Franklin Lisa Gaines Lillie Gibson Gafy D0Wn9Y Flon Dulin F l , lx h Donald Dukate 1? 'YH' Ol,- rf-" 'Gif 702 victorious in senior tug of war 05- 'ffkg ff- ' My - Dx ' 67 as I H 4' ' , l i. U Linda Evans Jeffery Fayette fo 7' 45. A ,--1.. Benny Franklin Cathy Franklin 1'-.-11y'vwv V Y A-r HB, Linda Furguson Pangela Franklin K - 5 '21 U ' 'Q i 'A , f EQQP1' - - la i' .Lx Bobby Gilbert Deneen Gilbert Kay Gillard vi law- gh ..--Q-, .W Q..,.y. ,. --u H HH 4 I .e J. . ,,' mu g c M ,, A, I Jacquelin Hatton Martha Haynes Debra Hines Kent Holiman James Hopkins James Hornaday R., Betty Hudson Michael Hudson as " 1 ,I ' I i Xl Jennifer Jackson Stan Jajuga Martha Henderson in if l Carol Holliday x 1 qty xl- ji! XLA, x Wendell Hoskins Pamela Hunt 0 J X iii id it J A , Jeff Hess Mary Hicks Andrew Higgins 'irre- Phillip Holiman Anthony Holmes 'ni Willis Hoskins Monique Howard rv 5 sw 1.4 Lk ,xi gi Robert Hunt Vannessa Irwin -rfvg 17 191 4? 4 x K! David Hon 1' '--'l"'f"' "WF Deborah Huddleston Denise JHCKSOFI 4 - Si ' 2 Mary James John Jenkins Richard Jenkins Carlos Jennings 5 fl Don Jennings Jeff Johnfauno Bonnie Jolliffe Connie Jones Dana Jones Kim Jones ,f ,JS ,. vs'-gf Dorthy Gillespie Richard Gilmore I' Y 'ls ll Sherri Gordon Brian Gore fi- . April Grimsley Danny Guerin tx ,- N A., 4 " , K1 Kathy Hare 1 Dv F, ,,,,. Anne Gin Bill Gossett ' James Haley Delmer Harger Bruce Glover Kevin Goins Tim Gonder 1-'Q ' '- David Gram Dana Gray Cheryl Gregory Gerald Hamilton Tonita Hamilton Mary Hammans 1-4 Julie Harlan Dawn Harris Ruth Harris RR 721 'Dx i PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE QQ , - mai' 7 cms: N l , 1 'L L- , i - J ,X , Cathy Hess, Kevin Jefferson, John Kar10USe. Steve Jones, Selina Messer, C8f10iS Hopkins. SDOUSOY president vice president secretary treasurer membef at lafge in 'Q ,Q-Z ,Qxi 'Q' ff' H ""' 'll g 'un p r N 'x 'VK x Ui" ,O uf" i X i X Scott Jones Kathy Jordon """' Terri Hollowell " 'W F 1"' Anette Hunter Ryan Keane Rita Keithley ,vs I' I Keith Kendrick Robert Kendrick Eulanda Kennedy Wendy Kennedy Gregory Kenny Shirley Kerts Crystal Keys Johnny Kidd Dawn Kingery ..-I Shelia Kikley Tony Knox Tracy Ladd ,,WWgz'i'W . -tfffvrmi 6' at Trand Lane John Lee t 1 ri' X Y 1 Sandra Lewis Michelle Lightfoot 11 S 47, ip N 'X X X s Danny Lewis ' f Desi Lumax 4 "i "hr X X V. . - Jackie Lewis Lucretta Lewis Natalie Lewis Wilson Lorick Lisa Lucas Tamera Lucas t 1 'Q Qu.. l 3' I 'U 9-Q.. John Moore Tania Moore Tammy Morgan QQ David Murrell rl S W Terry Parris . I vig' V . I K. , A Y , jx' I .V ,, Patricia Phillips A in - T, Alan Nelson 11 il Bettina Nixon PT5- : Lisa Parrish Fred Perryman - 4' V, x., x Karen Pollard Lisa Polston Kim Price Tina Price Donald Rabbitt H. -vm- wv A 2 , Cheryl Ray Cheryl Ray William Rent 'L Denise Morris Y, Q Yrs., , ffi Tanya Northcross Angela Pfile Michelle Powell Faith Randall Paula Resnover if John Morton Geneaeria Murdock Karen Paff Deborah Parker ss ii, jf Dellores Phelps Sheila Phelps Catherine Pranger Debra Price N 'mx Vi .f-r 4.5 Qt- , f S- James Randle Peter Randolph 4 " l . Georgia Rhodes Jeff Risemas l If G 1 i li,i Lorene Matlock Sharon Matlick Latonya Maxie Lisa McCall l 'W I David Menard Tonia Mercer Lisa McDonald Tracy McSwain ,-f- rw I' X I '- j X 1 1 i ' Tom Markham Kenneth Marr Randy Mapier Paul Main at ,Pix : : f , Y 75 .44 r Lv 4-, A . 1,1 K 12411. ' "'-'l'w's., lI,Nl.s 'f' bo' " .if"'l , i c.-,l lf 3f"i'l'? Madeline Miles Vernon Miles John Miner RR 722 S., Robert Orth- Shaune Shelby- Deanna Smith- Vice Sponsor President President Jane Shotwell- Secretary .1 . i1 Neitra McCann Kim McDade ,V U9 Qfj se' . J - ' I Ui 1 , Darren Martin Kris Martin or ,. 2' f Jr , V' v K - ,XM i film V , .1 i Ni M Loren Mesey Linda Miles 'Cb 'xx David Mink Bryan Moistner Ef"""' John Reed- Lisa Payton- Member Treasurer at Large is . ff' 4' 'Ya Thomas Roberson i' Donaid Quiet Delmon Sims Johnny Shelton ,W Etoria Smith f. Joe Roberts Shaun Sanders Delores Simmons Jenene Sherrod .I P . '71- 1 X Curtis Robinson Lg, u x Edward Sarver L-.. so Roger Shatter Tonya Shirley " , .IA Q 'ew' . K '. 'Sf 8 si Lisa Smith Misty Smith C1 Chris Rumfelt Jackie Scott 'x Debra Shaw 7 i Christine Sluder Sharon Smith sf ' -4 N Kenneth Rush Karl Sebastian Frankie Shaw Xvf i Andy Slye Lisa Quick Q rj 1 tr Sharon Sims '1 Lacey Shaw Anthony Smith Marsa Storms- Sponsor -if Mary Smock Tal Penny Sultzer .L tar . it "4 ll ll , X, 1 T ng- '. ll L Grace Stioqer '-9. 1 7 36 Lisa Taylor , RR 648 TQ if Grace Webb- Myla White- Vice President Rodney Spear Phillip Spears Patricia Summers Kathleen Sutter ,vw-s - v fi Sarah Stokes Walter Stone F, . Desi ThOfT'l3S Kevin ThOlTl3S f-' Q-'M' 5.1 Celeste Webster- Paris Stewart- . . Treasurer Denise White .vs-. fob. X, . v'4 ' :X 'Elf Ml' Mike Suess John Sullivan Kevin Sullivan K. 5,1 l Stacey Sutton Kathy Stephenson Jerry Stewart in l mt: ,. Francine Swanigan Madelon Sykes Susan Tanguay 01" l Kim Thomas Tammy Thomas Mark Thompson Jacqueline Toliver .ew F i Reginald Turner Robin ViIeS Tracy Wallace ..,... Matthew Webb l K J Xii Loren White Wanda Toliver Frank Twitty irhmsiiifmii- --vi James Howard N Q-sw. .i-. David Turner .hfrfmvm , Q .X . 'X .A ax l . . 1 Y A Johnella Wade Shelia Wadsworth Virginia Ward Walter Water Ramona Wells Tanya White 4- Cleovis West Mark Whitney X 1 A Susan Truex iff' f Denise UlSh .'l 1' in . , -r ,- 'QW I 1 . . i '.' IX ' iz: ' W3 Y Deb Waoner Yi 4 3 I J i5 , Jimmy Watson T--f , v . ll I as il' Chris Westerhaver Terri Wildrick .f :fig A l llliii . Darrell Trotter W Connie Vaquez if A if Qtv l IVN U 3 : Q, ,Q . W wi 1 v, ,. 7 XX , 1 Bill Walker Mark Watts '1 . , Y, 0 W if , X Danny White Andrew Williams r "". 4 CQ Q ji, X 1 Ronald Tucker "Ni wh 1 Y gg, l 5 . X Vicki Vilbert Tommv Walker lrene Weaver 5 X ' fli Q -rs, l -f Darren White -"' ' " --17: Xe a i 4 - ' .a 'fi .t li Leon Williams Lorain Williams -Q ll l X Christy Wilson Nancy Wilson Gordan Winters Kim Wood .,,, TF, , ,,..-1 l 1 ,IL , J I Anthony Wright Virgil Wright my Q' '52 Wm 0, l""i I Todd Willis Allcla Wilson Debbie Woodcoc Pamela Yates l iml 'D ln pq-11 -...,,,.b W, Q., , A .,,, Uk, w---of ' " 'U Q an Q ' X- NXQQ. 1 N iN .,"',....."' 33 ,,-M 3. 1? C-IIJDU 04 U19 5 41 1 fl ,.: ,-1 7.7 'Q X 4 ,.4v- gse ' 1 I, I .af I .A Aff. 'Wa -Clan-Q 00 The Best of Times . . . FMS -----..,' 5 4 ll When one sees people having fun they usually think it is just the seniors, but underclassmen do have their "Best of Times." A person can usually tell the difference between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The freshmen find they have great freedom, and act as such. They can be seen running around campus, and climbing in trees, acting like monkeys in other words. The grades usually suffer during this year of school. When the freshman turn into sophomores, they usually "mellow out." They crack the books and keep their noses buried until one week is left in the year. The sophomores soon anticipate their junior year, and get sophoritis towards the end of the year. The juniors are really wild. They think they can almost run the school. The seniors will soon be gone and it is theirs to have. This is a general summation of the different action of the grades. If one would ask them, they would think that they had "The Best of Times." Undercl X 1 . I 1 iff n Q J , 'ku R ' B W . - , 'H ' X J ' , Y ' L3 4' If XX xx W' 4 l r.: , I Rx X li 2 w ' .' . I . ' lx v ' 1 5 'Q 1. f X . Q? E' X X f 2. ,, fin? 1 - 1 - ,.l fb X , ! Y mars? ' Q lu ,YQ x 'Y Jn W. in ' 3 1 . ' 4 Q- I , ,,. 4 vu 0 Anjy. W Ir, fx -.f.,JN!: V, 01" " 'fl' lflqu A Q .H .x .4....... Num ,... 1 I X I F' .. ' " .tg I X , . '!W',I H3521 ::. 1 ?: in v. A 0 ,fl , I I 'bw T f Q M' FRESHM u 1 ' A, iii? 55' 'Yu'-if' r xii' Q,-35' ww.. J. ,. a.,W wif' ' -. 3' "4 1 :, Clfx - - - ' ' . , NJ. 1 1 .1 Cir:-1 M .gum ' - ,u 4-' w Y -1- W, , .- rv. ,.--4 . fx. , , . f ??'?ff!f.- f : 'if 'v'S 'f:f- , -7:1-J""-'Qs -, 1. ': - ., ' ,.,, .: -1, - .' 2-"' -2 J'.4f',. .. - 5- . .s m L.. kt . ' 1" 'fr v ' -rf . .. l , MFI: ,-I IF Av -V .F 9 g V. YF 'wwf ."i..3'?f- -' .' ' 'V' g.,1- -J..-If -':- Q." :fp . -- ' - , 1 , X sl. ,nf 'f . vf' ' . ,,:':,3 - P '. 1 ' v. ' ' I ' 1' I" 7 , . - 1 1' ,u 1 , ""' ' 'U -- ,-,Q ' ' ,." ' ,V f. A ,' -' - , 4 i, '..f"":'3 -fu ., , r. 4 ,Q Us 1 . A vu if A ' 7 -. .X ', 1 ' i ,ff 'Q Qxx - J AA .fx w-Amaf? 1 -A ,- 'x Q. F' 'T ,- , ' J gb ,,o- , . - 1,2 " 1 .-. VL -v 'ff 'x A 41 .n j "' 1 1 I r ' gr , ' L X ,A , -5 119: ': 1- S., .4 ox 4 , 'N ' A Ap I n " A- 5 .xx 1 . m Kf- 2 f wt 1 X Qi- 7' Y 12, .ff ' f f , X X ' 'F -P' I Q' " igfx. K U M L. ""x ' " 5 Sl ,.. .so 1. "4 1 if-,r ' kf -F4 1 Q . I V ,ig If 4 via if MH" if-1 fi . ' 32 , 1? V' 9, R ii' h-'Jw ,I . N 10 1, frf 'W .0 Q, f . - v , J by 9 'U Ii I v 'i,:'iff X X 1 'TS 4 1 . V . .... , . ' - , x .. u .X Y o 4.-- , ' -' ' . '4.A- -4 Q w:' ' " ,x ' I Ax 'l ' ' H352 fw 2 jf ' .iainfcx ' XA-'V L me Q 'V M 'I ' f A Q. H 'N ,, , x 9 ff if 7 1651 7 A 5 L Mull' ML U K 4 'I 55:45. n W S V .Y 5 I 1,0---sf-A gs-N I - 1 '86 wwf, K 5.1 Q' ' ,O A 9 uniors 84 I ,o ox ' 'x I ' V ev - .41 v V . . 3 N X ' Y , R , .f iq - -1 sm 'f-"" x , .ff ...NK X I, .i M.. if ' 1" " in if . sf 1- , i 4' ,- if 'I' .fa X ' 1 , 3 . K2 ,g-P ll c S' K' 1 mm 4 V V ,assign 55x35 :Mi M x . -, ,L .e VN. ' 7' Q ' L- ' l ' " is Q 1 Y- 'l 5. e' 4 - Q k QM ,K f, A - Q. ' 8 I A rf' .Qi '- f'-firm-gg . 5- wg.-W'?'f gt 'C ' " ' 1.rY"q..' .,. M-'41, iff' 'K 5-tsl .1 HW : -T. "5 "WASH fix lg.. ?"f'L4 1,95 , 1. A- 1 ,V-K, ,- U . .yy w , . 1' Wx ,,.'f ar, ..,r, . V . - '- J . '-,vu-.',,. , . ,vii ,ma V' b 3 K. -"-' - -ga, . . 4 "'1 v 'K A44 x "' V. I ,,r-GV' 'tiki' : 4 , 4 -Q1 'Q Y ' 1 '55-l-A, . g ,-3 ,wx fx - 1. '- rg. M,',,. . -' 'C ' -5.11 2"- 'Q . T' Xu, 1, ...Q5'-,.x' ". ' xx I s , -5 - f -f 5 J X 'S ,..i, l a Y N.-n17Z u s 1 - 1 V -2 '-1 Aff A! , YK K v b fhjr.. -' " ' .31 ' .x- -Q. -4- gwnl 'flaw A , 6' n ,- , 1 K ! ,rg , x ' is - I ,Y.. . ya An f ..', ,Q :L '.'-s., K' -,Stun 1. L.: It Nj' 4 ' - I L-I.. '..-5l'.'i -A 1 ti- r-T, -wr" - .x 1' ' + .-QP 'ay .' I I lhfl 'fm . . '11 ,X I lm!! J jg, iam vw 1 I ...J - I 1 'I 'Y M F l 'Q Ht :Q F l 7 1 fs . 4 " . 1 9 . X x . I 1 1 Pg , ,f Af I , W V, J ., I 56 if 1 n, ' -lx x ...nd l , 4., if A ,HA 1 X . ' f - s -g.. -T'-:. ug 'f A I i,4 t- 2.- pf ' f :L-LHP'-2 X 0- ' !--L... ..- A , ,L-,f-,, F2542 , vs A -,fi x -- ' Vlslfifu H 1 " "N . v v . . U1 - . A s, 1? WQRW' " ' sl V 5- 1- ' f.i":-.'ff9!J'i'I"'L'f' H: -. A . - ,f . . , . 1 X I , .", .., A . is 4 uf! iw- -tlQl11'01l11llslllv r. ' ' 'auf - 'Y Q ' ' k 4 f , - x .I - I' "' I' It ' --'A lmllll -' A- Y V n ' v ' 1.1 'le ' ' ' 'PFS I m Y . D' c Y The Best of Times . . . The biggest part of "The Best of Times" at Tech are activities other than readin', writin', and 'rithmetic. Students at Tech are offered a variety of activities. They are sure to find something. Some of the most popular groups seem to be the music groups. Whether a singing group such as Techoir, or an instrumental group such as Band, a student's passion for music will be sustained. If the student is a club-type person, the posibilities here are endless. There is Mu Alpha Theta for math nuts, or German or French for those who speak another language. lf drama is their thing, they can join Drama Club. lf they want to help construct the sets, they can join the Stagecraft Club. lf they are not "in to" clubs, or music, but have a knack for making speeches, they can join the Speech Team. If they are "into" writing and Journalism, Yearbook or Newspaper are filled with fun. Those students in a business or vocational class, can become involved in groups like V.l.C.A., and I.C.E.C., concentrating on a particular area of business or a vocation. Students who prefer council-type activity can join Junior Council or SAO. The "brains" can find happiness on the Brain Game. Other activities of great interest include Bowling Team, Genealogy Club, and R.O.T.C. There are even some activities that happen only once a year giving students a chance to "show their stuff." These are the Fall Play, and the Vica Talent Show. Whatever a student chooses, it will certainly be an added event to "The Best of Times!" ACTIVITIES 'fi Number 1 in Spirit!!! Rain, snow or sun shine they are there. Who are they? They are the Tech Cheerleaders. Cheering at basketball and football games, pep rallies and other events. The cheerleaders are there to boost the crowds morale, and cheer the teams on to victory. The senior cheerleaders this year are Denise White, Celeste Webster, Kim Jones, Tanya Northcross, and Myla White. Win or lose, by one point, or by many, the cheerleaders are there, putting smiles on everyone's faces. Top Lett: Kim Jones, Marquita Byrd, Myla White, Celeste Webster, Denise White. Center row: Donna Carter, Emma Holliday, Lynette Hiser, Cessalyn Smith, Curtricia Watkins, Stephanie Guynn. Front row: D'ondra Coleman, Tracy Hutchison, Terry Johnson, Amy Fowler, Sherese Martin. Denise White cheers the Titans to Victory. Varsity Cheerleaders yell under the moonlight. Varsity Basemen, bottomg Randy Doone, Leonard Hiser, Brian Gore, topg Byron Kendrickson, Clyde White. Myla White and Celeste Webster realize the im- portance of cheering on the team. The girls are watching Denise. One wonders why! A Q - 1 L " T Far from the crowded gyms on Friday night, a group of cheerleaders practice. They will not be cheering at every, and some at no, varsity game, but their workout is heavy. Yells and complicated motions combine to raise the spirits of the team. This scenario is familiar to the Tech Reserve and Freshman Cheerleaders. They are not yet Varsity, but their spirit and enthusiasm is comparable to any squad. Z 21 e. 8 ' "T, wma -Ul-ansv5,..-.- ll-8:11.51 1 , . Q., J . s ... 4 - V fv.. 1.A -f, ' 'N' Q .,...,,' EYEE'-4.'.t v... ,,,4 ' A ,Q ,:---v- "'M"'T A "" ..........i.. QW." f:n'::""'WfNT.', WW -' ' . . .ll F i Top, front row: Bruce Glover, Andre Cunningham, Arthur Pepper, Mike Sholar. Back row: H552-N T Stephannie Guynn, Cessalyn Smith, Curtricia Watkins, Lynette Hiser, Emma Holliday, Donna 'wi Carter. Center Left: Curtricia and Cessalyn are enjoying a laugh. ' ' Pity the poor girls on the bottom. Bottom: Freshman Cheerleaders execute a flashy mount. Cheerleaders Show The Way Mat Maids Show Spirit , ,I nc, l i - . l I-.ifgkj 9 T-Y' 4 . r . 15 . - . uf, gt t 5 ' 4 W.-- The Mat-Maids are a time honored institution at Tech. They cheer on the always talented wrestling teams, with shouts and stunts. They work hard on their cheers in order to let the team know that they wish them luck, success, and a pin. Mat-Maids are chosen by a similar procedure as cheerleaders. They also perform the same basic functions, only for wrestling. A Mat- Maid may have to put in a lot of hard work, but it has its rewards. The matmaids are arranged by spirit, all equally important in everyone's eyes. These three lovely young ladies certainly are prettier than the wrestlers. Speaking of pretty wrestlers, Which matmaid would put Jerry in this group? Oh, agony! That's one less to cheer for. In Search of . . . L...1- .Rf An attentive listener is a joy to those who have far left: The man in the strange suit is not Paul a story to tell. Revere. Geneaology Club The mystery of one's past and the thrill of finding the truth. If these statements spark your interest perhaps you should look into geneaology. Tech's club sponsors many activities such as visiting graveyards, exploring old records, and digging through library files. They also attend many cultural historical events. Its members and sponsor, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, keep busy all year round. center: Two travelers from Tech are lost in another country. 1" I r far right: John Basham has found himself a friend. 1 FQ s '1 i 'l 2'! A K, .. . ... hi When one thinks of Brain Game, a group of bespectacled, supercillious, gangly males come to mind. The sterotype of a Brain Game Team. Tech's team does not fit into this neat little pidgeon hole. The team of all females, led by sponsor Wes Murphy, annihilated an all male team from George Washington High School in the first round. In the second round this team of veterans fell woefully short, , being defeated by a buzzer-happy Carmel team. Intelligence is Pu hing Buzzer Does anyone know where the capitol of Upper Volta is? You can almost hear the wheels clicking in their minds, or is it rocks? Every sponsor deserves to be in one picture. Tanja Moore and Angie Pfile prove they do have brains by receiving National Merit scholarships. . is Q .- I I A , ,, 2- me i ,ws ire z,r'l'i"f'iTi"1ll. fir' When talk centers around a challenging game of strategy, chess invariably comes to mind. Tech's chess team proves constantly that chess is a skill worth developing. They compete against schools from all over the state. Tech's successes speak for themselves in the many trophies they have won through the years. Under the capable direction of their coach, William McCreary, the chess team not only enjoys the challenges available to them, they also meet them. asters at Strategy -17 - xp? I I' right to left: Coach McCreary, Scott Roach, Todd Roach, Mike Forsee, Donald Dukate, Glenn Sullivan, Greg Tucker, David Lowe, Mark Harvey, Robert Roach. top: Jeff Johnfauno debates his next move. Mike Forsee stands surrounded by trophies. l , q . El Torro Meets the Champs El see The Spanish Club is a popular club here at Tech Sponsored by Mrs Cheryl Wyne the club conducts activities and events built around the Spanish language. Spanish dances, meals, and visits from native Spanish speakers are just a few of these activities. The French Club sponsored by Mrs. Serine Fine is another of the very active foreign Iangugae clubs. Not only do they prepare food native to France, they actually consume their own concoctions. A few members of the Spanish Club gather to hear about Mexico. We never saw the French Club, so we drugged and abducted its vice president. Sponsor Cheryl Wyne is surrounded by aficionados de espanol. There you have it, The Spanish Club ready for another of their many projects. 5 FZ , mfs' 1 f - ?,., M Y A- ,, " 'Z' p wx' raw '32-1-Q33 .aff 'Y 4. 3 f. ww , f ,.,m4.1 fl. ., ,, .wx cfz- ,-.- f' 7 .., ,,.' . YZ, 3 ' V IW ff' -' 4 . as I' z 5' .fl f ifl 'n K . .4,.,.-Wg., ff' 41 ' - , , .f tt H 2 Q ' 1 at fl A r - 'P W as f?9'? 1, , , 1, , 24 V 44 1 12 ,. fs .1 . f -sf , F wig. , - jf:.:,,5 J Wig' fi rn- ' ,is . ,K , . Q -111 ,9 ' f zw gfwf 4 '11, 1 ' fi - 3 ' '. ' ff' gig, . 'A " q'4,, ,g! 3L A gh N 572 H ' ff, YK a 6 rift? Ki r ' ' -' v,, 4 ., ' 4 5 I fx, an ., Ecu f?'4'ii?e4:r-E M .V , 'dd 4 ii- ig! rw 2 V -' 2f34r1?P" 'f f W, 'A ' ' F 'Y , f ? f ...Z -fl yas? M: ,. 115.7 ,f f ,ii - ' Hat, ' 9 " 5 -'Q ":.' 'i gf W' z,,,ff, , ,, 4 H . ., W ' .M 'afgzgif - . , W- av.. ,ts , .e 4 . st.,'f-at-1 'v---1-','. .Es 1 1 V 4 us , 1, ' n .r f 'f ' , 'L -lj., i"':mf,AAQ ,-4.:Q'f Wg.. i g , Q W: " if: wif131x'fvQ-fwl?ff,."2-fi5ff,v:if52iisfftffrstfi . ' :tiiffsil 'ot V"'4 , " .'1f'1.lgg,.,: ' :fi gy. jwygif, , an f 1 ' ' if-P " S51 31" wr -ipifrkfa '4 iffy, ., 14,'f2,Hii55ffi??"s'i' .7 ' " Yi ,v.z5u.,J5iMg.s . Em, 9, l lgikggfa XG, J f f ' T f gc.. f . ' 4 1-Iv'-4 ,,' - fs,-: 44.4, . .31 1- 2 :Jr ,.-w.r',z ' f.- :,zy'V2g.1" - - , f H4 f ,A ,gfff f , + iffy- 4 Q 25512 J. ' -. H v fsz,i4,' if t'-'1 ,V Germany Has Nothing to Worry About! -gi 33 ""',, f"' -J 6 ,JJ Learning the language of a foreign country is indeed beneficial. It is even more so if the student has an opportunity to use his knowledge. One of these opportunities for students of German is the German Club. Sponsored by Mr. Dan Stanley, this club engages in many activities which bring to life the ways and customs of Germany. Studying the language, tasting the food native to the land, are just a few of the activities which the German Club enjoys. if I 'W xx 15 ' f Ma l y-fi X. at ' ' top: Deana Harger, Kathy Smith, Tami Curren, Bunny Baker, Mr. Dan Stanley. center left: President Tami Curren sits for a mo- ment with Mr. Stanley. center right: Deana and Kathy are certainly look- ing enthused. bottom: We'II give you three guesses what the map in the background is. Drama Club Puts on the Show The eloquence of Shakespeare, the drama of O'NeilI, the humor of Simon, these authors and their plays may not find their way onto Tech stages, but they do serve as examples to Titan Thespians. The Drama!Thespians, sponsored by Stan Minks and Judy McBride, are involved in a variety of activities. Not only do they perform in their own productions, they also attend the productions of other groups. They are definitely an active bunch. lf to .Jn 14 ' ,Q vi 1 n . 'G M 'U , . MW "" 1, .4 W , . A if Bottom row: Janet Hendrickson, Holly Sullivan, Andrea Piety, Cheryl Lingenfelter, Colleen Contreras, Dagmar Butte. Center row: Steve Suess, Deana Harger, Tammy Allen, Cathy Hess, Lisa Wright, Angela Pfile. Back row: Mike Suess, Matt Webb, Andy Williams, Denise Ulsh, Richard Lay, Elsia Aguilera, Tim Spradlin. Two aspiring stars work to perfect their craft. Yes, all these people are absolutely sane. Thespians Prove They Can Act 1 . -wi' .fb I in 'Y , ni Q. 'vnu , 1 1 ,,. ., is . l l l , l l l rqk'g- xy, 'QP The International Thespian Society is an honor society for Drama Club members. Induction into this great society requires a total of at least ten points. Points are accumulated through difficult activities. Some of the such activities include not only acting in plays and musicals, but also attending plays, working back stage at plays, and other numerous activities. Different activities are worth different points. Members of the Society show that they are interested enough in drama and its aspects to accumulate these points. Even after one has been initiated into the society, he can keep accumulating points until he is out of high school. Bottom: row 1: Steve Suess, Holly Sullivan, Andrea Piety. row 2: Coleen Contreras, Tammy Allen, Cathy Hess, Dagmar Butte, Miss McBride. row 3: Mike Suess, Andy Williams, Denise Ulsh, Richard Lay, Tim Spradlin, Lisa Wright, Angie Pfile, Mr. Minks. top right: Ms. McBride, sponsor: Denise Ulsh, president: Tim Spradlin, sergeant at armsg Mr. Minks, sponsor: Cathy Hess, secretary: Dagmar Butte, vice president. Just because you're in the show, does not mean you don't have to work. Speakers Bring Home Tech is blessed with many active teams and clubs. One of the more outstanding is the Speech Team. It is exactly what the name implies, a group of people who speak competitively. The rewards are ribbons, trophies, and sometimes money. A speaker can choose from a wide variety of categories. If memorization is one of your skills, humorous, dramatic, or oratory may be to your liking. Poetry, prose, or duo requires no memorization. If you simply talk a lot, extemp or impromptu may be your thing. Tech's Speech Team is considered to be among the top five in the state. lt's easy to see why! Coach Alice Goodrum works very hard with the team, and its members use their talents to bring home the awards. Mrs. Alice Goodrum smiles from amidst her many trophies. Mike Seuss does a dramatic rendition of the Caine Mutiny. Don Quiett, Stefan Clark, and Clyde White plot to steal the ribbons. the Award .Wig N N . 'Sit if gill' lm if. N. 7 Back row: Tim Spradlin, Jeff Hess, Angela Pfile, Clyde White, Cathy Hess, Mark Thompson, Stefan Clark, Loren White, Ginger Ward. Center row: David Price, Camille Goodrum, Tiersa Greene, Andrea Piety, Mike Seuss, Holly Sullivan, Andy Butte. Front row: Michelle Perry, Penny Hess, Tina Price, Dagmar Butte, Cheryl Lingenfeiter, DeDe England, Kim Patterson. Not Pictured: Debbie McManama, Don Quiett, John Miner. A. . -fi . ' . Ag., , 2, -Q . 5? f P I 33 . i 'wr Wslawwwm. .. - 'ww 5 'mxnfx' ' e .v ff 1. . ., as 4- k'1h,A.'-. l:1:j:.,,,,A '1-ffl' 54 is S1..".2ify'.--' . , 'J 114' f" L ii .. , t 'K 'I is 4 ..v ' , - H. ' 1, --' sr... if " 'ef I . ' ' -'f'fx- .,. A ,K V, .4 i ascii? NFL Does Not Stand for National Football League is yu ,311 f -0 ' t I' 'P -.,fX ,I t ,. , .X This year's officers are from left to right: Tina Price, Vice President, Mike Suess, Treasurer, Mrs. Goodrum, Coach, Dagmar Butte, President. Not pictured: Debbie McManama, Secretary. 'P-5.. O H-Ar., . , x .' Camille Goodrum reads her poetry with feeling. .Xi l Bright shiny trophies are a proof of success. Far left front: Mike Suess, Camille Goodrum, Mrs. Goodrum, Tina Price, Dagmar Butte. Back: Jeff Hess, Andy Butte, Tim Spradlin, Andrea Piety, Angela Pfile. Not pictured: Debbie McManama. Ordinarily the letters NFL evoke a picture of muscle bound, neckless men trying to kill each other. At Tech they stand for National Forensic League, an honorary society for speakers. Speakers gather points at speech meets and club contests to become part of this select group. 25 points are required, but special degrees require more points. The hard work and early rising pays off in ribbons, trophies, and membership in an exclusive group. Kendall Adams lAndrea Pietyl shows her best side. ,inn I - Tech audiences received a rare glimpse into the workings of the theatrical world when they attended the presentation of "Stage Door". The scene was set in a boarding house for actresses, The Footlights Club. One of the actresses, Jean Maitland QCamille Goodruml, realizes her dream. She is started in Hollywood, and returns to the club in bittersweet triumph. Two others, Judith Canfield lDagmar Buttel, and Kaye Hamilton lAngie Pfilel, have their own methods of dealing with their profession. Judith covers everything in hard biting sarcasm. Kaye uses the ultimate escape mechanismg she commits suicide. The main focus of the play is Terry Randall lTina Pricel, a struggling young actress who desires only the stage. She is influenced in her actions by Keith Burgess lMichael Suessl, an aspiring playwright, and David Kingsley lGeorge Englandl, a famous Hollywood pro- ducer. She gets her wish, and David Kingsley in the bargain. All these proceedings are under the auspices of Helen Romayne Orcutt lDebbie McManamal, a faded actress with a mind of cobwebs, and a heart of gold. "Stage Door" was an entertaining in- sight into life. Terry tells of the plight of an actress, while her friends sympathize. Stage Door" Cpens f Performers. Tech Rivals Mrs. Orcutt lDebbie McManamal captures David 3 KingsIey's lGeorge Englandl attention. The Cast Terry Randall .............. Tina Price Judith Canfield ......... Dagmar Butte Jean Maitland ...... Camille Goodrum Kaye Hamilton ........... Angela Pfile Mrs. Orcutt ....... Debbie McManama Bernice Niemeyer ....... Holly Sullivan Kendall Adams .... .... A ndrea Piety Big Mary ........ ..... P enny Hess Bobbi Melrose ............ Cathy Hess Madelaine Vauclain . . Monique Pittman Susan!Linda ........... Deana Harger Ann Braddock ........... Tami Curren Olga Brandt ..... Samantha McDonald DeDe England Louise Mitchell .... Cheryl Lingenfelter Pat Devine ............ Mrs. Shaw .... Tony Gilette . . . Mattie ........ David Kingsley . Dr. Randall .... Frank ........ Adolph Gretzl . . . . . . . . .Deanna Smith Janet Hendrickson . . . . . . . .Jennifer Webb .... . .George England Keith Burgess . . . Sam Hastings .... Jimmy Deveraux Lou Milhauser . . Fred Powell . . . Larry ..... Billy . . . . . . . . . Mike Suess . . . . .Jeff Hess . . . . David Price . . . . Andrew Butte . . . . John Miner . . .. Paul Jajuga . . . .Donald Quiett . . . . . Tom Reaves . . . . . . . Clyde White . . . Michael A. Smith gxxibi gif ' K my Ol' itan roadway I . I i 14 . A "' f Shui ' P 5 ' ' I 1 ',-Q. may ., 5-5 -,W - 1 upper left: Poor Terry! David Kingsley has eyes only for Jean. upper right: Don't they all look lovely? Well, perhaps not. middle left: David Kingsley tries hard to persuade Gretzl to sign Terry for a play. middle right: Madeleine does not look too thrilled with her date. lower left: When Jean talks, everybody listens. lower right: Sam Hastings greets the love of his life, Bobbi Melrose. The Men and Women Behind the Have you ever attended a play at Tech and thoughtg "Look at those setsg I wonder who made them?" The answer is quite simple. The sets were put together by the hands of Stage Craft Club members, under the direction of Mr. Ray Brown. Stage Craft not only provides sets for plays, but they also make signs, etc., for school functions. The next time you sit in the auditorium wondering who the artist was behind a sign or prop, just ask a member of Stage Craft. Listening carefully to Mr. Brown's instructions may prove to be helpful. It may be heavy, but these folks are used to it. Sometimes getting the stage ready just means pushing a chair. John Lee watches while someone else does all the work. Ibm L-.0 if ' e E t ut, ' r f' ' l l . . . ,..... v...........Q-..- lse! L XXMW Broadcast Wakes Up Roll Call "Good Morning Titans, here we are bringing you another WATS broadcast." Familiar words to most Titans at every Roll Call. They belong to the WATS broadcasting team atop Stuart Hall. Every day this group of Speech Team members furnishes Tech students with vital information for the day. A clear voice is preferred, as is reading ability beyond the 2nd grade. With these few basic skills WATS can and does come to life. above left Andrew Butte reads his announcement for the day. middle lefty Camille Goodrum announces an im- portant event as Twylla Bartlett looks on. middle rightg Carlos Jennings prepares to speak as Mr. Stan Minks runs the controls in the background. lower leftg Ben Stutts finds reading a scarf rather difficult. lower right: ls Debbie McManama saying "pit- cher" lpicturel again? Titans Relate to All A very important function falls to a seldom recognized organization here at Tech. The Human Relations Council came into existence to promote good relations not only among Tech students and faculty, but to serve goodwill in general. Its sponsors Roosevelt Griffin and Martha Bradshaw help their club to recognize and execute good human relations. Darrel Gibson is deep in thought. One wonders. Sponsor Mrs. Bradshaw is thinking of the next project. This is the place where better Human Relations are a part of every day life. The Human Relations Council poses with their sponsors. Even a busy group has time for a picture. Better relations are fostered at every turn, even with food. v"'f'N,QC',4:,.' A"mu"s.a--.-'... 4 . cv, , 'T El 'Tia ' .. ' wx , . V , .X ,Q . N A X, Y ... ' .513?.5.,. gg, ' A 19 of' ' 'Q X A Salute to Activities! It is that time again, the pages have gone in, the stories have been written, and the pictures have been taken, maybe. This section has been put aside as a showcase for Tech activities. In the forty odd pages almost every activity is represented. The key word here is almost. For a variety of reasons, such as lack of pictures, lost or stolen pictures, errors in developing, some ac- tivities will find themselves not represented. The fact that their pictures do not ap- pear in this book does not make them any less important. They are as vital a part of the Tech community as any other group. The major omissions are DECA, SAO, ICT, and the Key Club. DECA is the organization for Distributive Education. This group is comprised of students who are prepar- ing for a career in business. They com- pete in mock professional situations for very real prizes. DECA has a member- ship pooled mostly from career educa- tion classes. SAO is the Student Affairs Organiza- tion. This group is a branch of student government. They are involved in many activities which promote Tech and Titans in general. Members of SAO sponsor a variety of events such as the election of Homecoming and Basketball Queens. They are involved indeed, and their activities make Tech a more ex- citing place. ICT is another organization for students who are preparing for a career. ICT is Industrial Careers Train- ing. The students, under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Holmes, are interested in a variety of industrial careers. ICT prepares Titans to be not only competitive, but efficient. Lastly, Key Club was omitted from the pages of the Arsenal Cannon. This Club is one of the most active at Tech. It is also one of the few who do something for others. The Key Club is a service organization, providing services for Tech and the Indianapolis community. One of the Key Club's biggest ac- tivities is in connection with the Salva- tion Army's Bell Ringing campaign. Tech led the high school division in amounts collected. Tech bell ringers brought in 380105. Another Key Club function is during Homecoming. Yes, they are the driving force behind the fabulous fireworks display which delights Titans every year. There are other activities on the Tech campus. They were not on our pages, but they did affect Tech. This is not an apology, but rather a salute to all ac- tivities at Tech. They have shown Titans not only the way to a brighter high school career but to a better life. The things which are learned from participation in activities are invaluable. Learning to take responsibilities, get- ting along with other people, and having new experiences will be beneficial to all involved. In conclusion, a word of appreciation must be said to all activity sponsors. They give of their time and talents in order to provide a memorable ex- perience for the students. Too often their efforts are ignored. Sometimes the students do not even give thought to those people who bear the brunt of the headaches. A "thank you" to the spon- sors and the students who combined to create the "Best of Times." OEA Knocks Competition Cold 9' 1' Agriculture has Future Farmers of America, but what do business and secretarial students have to organize themselves? They have the Office Education Association. This professional club allows students to explore their chosen vocations. Students are able to compete in contests, and gain practical experience in their planned professions. This valuable organization leaves Titans better prepared for the job market, and able to compete. These are the winners at contest. A large group, definitely typical for Tech. Kim Jones seems to wish the young man's ID was a little more "flattering", That one word says it all, and the pictures don't hurt either. Tammy Lucas is just typing her fingers to the bone. That must have been an exciting week. 'U 4 1l1.' Another of the preprofessional organizations at Tech is VICA. This group of young men and women keeps active in their respective fields. The highlight in the year is the annual VICA Talent Show. It is an opportunity for Titans to display their talents, and for VICA to raise money. Active and prepared, that could be the VICA slogan. I Qi Xl CEA Leads the Way, and VICA Takes Aim , 42. f-'J 25.4593 Lf I t VICA members have their future together. Typing is a lonely job, but somebody has got to do it This message can certainly inspire victory. These young professionals are certainly looking spiffy in their blazers. echoir Makes Beautiful Music F 4 Ti? 1 2 , 3 J ' ' A Kms i if ft 'fren' i ' N U Y P' ' a a f 1 ff-Q fs' - i 1 Q J., ,. -, L,q,aA'I ...L ,nip W V, 1. .115 Fl w M V ' ae- Y-Y , . ,-9' " sw f' 4.14 sw ' ,1 ' I O 5 D 'Y "4 - , ' A f i D is 5 i ii' 1 3: 'V44 teh if, .. . 5 1 5 Q It r " , airy: , ' Q . . ,,. 'M .4 - 5. . 4 , , ,M - . ffffvwf"e:'s' Q ' A ,N , M' 'Q '! .1 Wm Q Aif . 41.5. 15 5 ,A':f,:Ag V, ' 5 f 77,1 4, Whw W 2- 2 1. 'L ' KM? 'S Techoir may be smaller than in the past, but boy what a sound. s A gm 5 i Richard, would you please come to class! "Basses you're pushing us down, but the sopranoes aren't helping!" I - . H I , M f--4 The halls are alive with the sound of music. With a few minor changes, these words are very familiar to music lovers. At Tech they require no adjustment to be correct. Every year, Techoir entertains not only Tech, but the entire community. Under the direction of Paul Prather, and accompanied by Edward Davis, they t g perform at various functions and contests. Christmas in the Round, the 3 Concerto Concert, and the annual Spring Concert give rise to the sound of music. One can tell Techoir follows its ' pledges to "canimus ex animo." 5 S 1 x . z , , mr ' 1. -7 - , , E V' ' Q, 2 f PM r ,i 5 .aQq-f,q-if ' .- 05 4 " ' J 1 2,6 b W is ' A ,..,.. l f .luv .....T, KW" Jllgs. Try it in this key, it's much prettier! Our accompanist, affectionately known as Pepper. Finally they got that measure correct. Isn't it phenomal? On the darkened stage, the choir sings from the heart. 0 I Hark, How the Bells' 4 'Is- Concentration is the key to a good sound. Top right: Tina Powell, Penny Hess, Cathy Hess, Elisa Aguilera, Tim Spradlin, April Grimsley, Julie Harlan, Lisa McDonald, Kelli Brinkley, Curt Grimsley, Mike Smith, Fred Perryman. Tim and student teacher Karen Stinger look over their music. Those darn stands always hide their faces. Christmas in the Round is a highlight of the season. Bells 'a ringing. If you wander unsuspecting through the halls of the Cafeteria you just might hear the magical sound of ringing bells. Tech is one of the few schools fortunate enough to have a Bell Choir. Under the direction of Lee Barricklow, they perform all through the year. All their songs are played only with bells. Their music does much to enliven the Christmas season. Chamber Ensemble Goes Back in Time i ,-I ,,,-tiff' ' tx X M955 if upper right: M'Lord and M'Lady Stonewall have problems keeping their mouths closed. upper left: Angela Pfile overshadows her Lord, Ken Esteb. far left: The Jester assumes his usual position. middle right: Lawrence Martin takes his duties as Steward of the Manor seriously, bottom: The poor unfortunates slave away in the kitchen. Most people, at one time or another, have had a desire to sing, dance, and be merry. Tech's Chamber Ensemble does just that. In the beginning of the year they are the Madrigals. The highlight of their season is the annual Madrigal Dinner. Lords and Ladies, pages and wenches, and the ever present jester entertain on the yuletide. After the dinner, the group does a rapid change. They become the Swing Choir. Their repetoire includes popular musicg this covers a period from the turn of the century to the present. This is the time of the year when dancing becomes important. For one year, this group of 23 people, directed by Paul Prather, with the assistance of Edward Davis, works very hard to make music. Trumpeters So nd th C Ilf 'fwf N ,fi 'i above: The Jester is not looking foolish. It is merely his way. upper right: M'Lords and M'Ladies are doing a rousing chorus. right: M'Lady Denise and her Lord Lynn are enter- ing inthe great hall. bottom: Rebecca wisely shuts up the Page. He has a rather loose tongue. bottom right: The processional begins rather solemnly. .gg . . Q 1 ' l 4 ' A Q, sz X 1, . Memorable Knight 1 Q l 'Q l Q If A1 I I T K' . l hh lp' center: The Ceremonial Log is carried in by two pages. left: More foolishness from the kitchen staff. Don't they ever work? right: The royal couple addresses guests. bottom left: The loyal servants are laughing at their lord, with good reason. below: Lady Deborah and Lord Jim walk ma- jestically down the aisle. center right: The main course. Do you like pig's head? bottom right: M'Lady looks rather tired for no apparent reason. emma l 1 Jazzing It Up on Stage On occasion, the halls in the Cafeteria-Music Building seem to rock with the sound of Jazz and Blues. Those occasions are thanks to the Stage Band. Under the direction of Edward Evans these talented musicians bring to life the sounds of another era, as well as those of today. The Stage Band plays for various events to the delight of its listeners. The halls may seem to rock, but it's only the sound of the roaring brass. Mr. Evans seems to be listening closely. John Reed enjoys playing his drums. Let's see, is it in A double flat or G sharp? Can Jim and Mark really play the sax? Three guys, all in a row. 1 -.... I Strings Play Beautiful Music. the director of the orchestra, they perform at various functions. Their repetoire includes classical as well as modern pieces, and they do them full justice. The beautiful sound of violins, played well, falls gently on the ear. l lg' -. , ' 4 . Q M- llll la . , ,sq 1' 5 . 4 . , , - is 'go , I In ' 1 . - - 'vfsi , 1155 FDU'-A - 5-11- . i 'ni - fl-1' v . "if514'Sf 'Q s. IKE The String Ensemble prepares to entertain the audience. Mrs. Lewis may have her back to the audience, but her attention is on the show. Let's take a bow for a job well done. Bottom, back row: Ken Esteb, Jeft Johnfauno, Russel Smiley, Mrs. Lewis. Center row: Lottie Anderson, Anne Gin, Laurie Saylor, Tracy Hutchenson, Eddie McDonald, Front row: D'ondra Coleman, Larry Banks, Samantha McDonald, Scott Payton. Marchers High Step It , f 'E 5 -4 f .4-sam' ",.Q.!n1.'U'.'fifL3ife'1 1 -n.'Mi.Kx'ti-.M ---, 16. ,.,jQ,,-gs-A.i,:1qg,s:.-C . Top, kneeling: Beth Brahany, Elsie Morgan, Nancy Carter, Tami Poor, Rita Keithley, Melissa Kidd, Deatra England. Row 1: Elisa Aguilera, Tiersa Greene, Joey Folkening, Cheri McCuiston, Cathy Hess, JoAnne Lane, Michelle Kimbrough, Janet Hendrickson, Glenn Sullivan, Wayne Hughs, Lisa Payton, April Grimsley. Flow 2: Kathy Jordan, Denise Ulsh, Eric Loughlin, Misty Blaine, Michael Smith, Vickie Stokes, Denise Chastain, Tina Powell, Roy Spencer, Bill Schurtz, Gretchen Broheim, David Humphrey, James Smith, Greg Alcorn, Vince Thompson, Mr. C. Lee Barricklow. Row 3: Mark Harvey, Forrest Stearns, Kyle Miedema, Lewis King, George Dudley, Stan Jujuga, Lynn Curry, Joe Mumaw, Alden Edwards, Norma Vibbert, John Sullivan, Jim McDonald, Mark Briner. Row 4: Richard Crenshaw, Mansfield Harris, Bruce Glover, James Hornaday, Curt Grimsely, Kevin Alcorn, John Fteed, Jeana Walker, Leonard Hiser, Johnny Kidd. Not Pictured: Lisa McDonald, Harry Murphy, Mike Sholar, Ben Stutts, Jason Flowers. center left: Help!! Shouts a beleaguered Band director. center right: I wonder if it shouldn't be the other way around? bottom: The Band decked out in their Titan best. No one knows their struggle to maintain it! ' 'fb fb vm' Concert Plays Well in ,,, . I ni? JK' er . E lt 'fl' A ' 1 lf is ,rl ,fx 'X ..-i .-4 Come rain, sleet, or snow, one group always seems to come through. The Titan Band. In the Fall and Spring they are the Marching Band. At games and parades the band performs songs from their extensive collection. They march and perform no matter how bad weather or how tired the legs. Later in the season the band becomes known as the Tech Concert Band. It performs at assemblies, concerts, and in the annual Spring Concert. The band also prepares selections for competition in State Music Contest. Under Lee Barricklow and senior drum majors Kathy Jordan and Denise Ulsh the Band shows their mettle at every opportunity. 0 9 9 1 if 1 i 'qi' ..- 4 Top, row 1: Cathy Jordan, Elisa Aguilera, April Grimsley, Michelle Kimbrough, Denise Ulsh, Cheri McCuiston, Cathy Hess. 2nd row: Wayne Hughes, Denise Chastain, Tiersa Greene, Bruce Glover, Forrest Stearns, Bill Schurtz, Gretchen Breheeim, David Humphrey, James Smith, Misty Blaine, Eric Loughlin, Vince Thompson. 3rd row: Joe Folkening, Tina Powell. Mike Smith, Joanne Lane, Janet Hendrickson, Vicki Stokes, George Dudley. Stan Jajuga, Jane Doe, Joe Mumaw, Lynn Curry, Norma Vibbert, Alden Edwards, Mike Sholar, Ben Stutz. 4th row: Jeana Walker, Kevin Alcorn, Curt Grimsley, Mansfield Harris, John Reed, Mr. Brricklow, John Sullivan, Mark Briner, Jim Hornaday, Mark Harvey, Richard Crenshaw, Karen Stinger. Sheriff Officers are arresting the right people for a change. The majorettes are strutting their stuff. Row 1: Harry Murphy, Leonard Rea, John Friesinger, Row 2: Roy Spencer, Kathy Merila, Greg Alcorn, Paul Dailey, Mark Howard, Bill Schurtz, Mark Brannon, John Jennings, Row 3: Mike Sholar, Vince Thompson, Lynn Curry, Kenny Smith, Kevin Thurman, Ben Hicks, Kevin King. Eddie Newsome, Kenneth McCreary, Gale White, Freddie Hargrow. Row 4: Mr. Barricklow, John Sullivan, Jim Hornaday, Miss Stinger. Stringing Cut the Year "Have you ever played the strings?" "What the heck are strings?" you might ask. Strings are violins, violas, cellos, and basses. These instruments require considerable skill to play, and considerable talent to master. One group which tries its best to play and master these and other instruments is the Orchestra. With the help of its director, Mable Lewis, these young musicians create a sound all their own. Q . Oni l d-' - Junior Council Prepares for Junior Council-What do they do? Almost everything! Mostly, Junior Council is there to help the Senior Council with the Prom. But, throughout the year Junior Council plans many activities to help raise part of the funds necessary to finance the Prom. One of the biggest events they hold is their annual eight hour Rock-A-Thon. They also sell derbies during the basketball season, as well as selling other items throughout the year. Junior Council also helps Senior Council with Career Day in the Fall. Career Day helps both juniors and seniors alike to make major decisions about colleges by offering material from a wide choise of colleges and technical schools. The big event of the year is the Prom, in which Junior Council is a big part of the planning, decorating, and carrying out the Prom itself. Officers for the council this year are President, Stephanie Gyunng Vice-president: Debra McManama, Secretary: Vanita Farrow, Treasurer: Paula Cooper, and Sargeant-at-arms: Tersa Greene. Front row: Debbie McManama, Venita Farrow, Paula Cooper, Stephanie Gynn, Tiersa Greene, Jane Doe. 2nd row: Linda Frye, Sherri Lattimore, Jane Doe, Tami Poor, Kim Polston, Tom Johnson, Leonard Hiser, Vicki Patton, Jerff Salee. 3rd row: Jane Doe, Andrea Searcy, Tracy Robinson, Holly Sullivan, Tami Curren, Karen Clay, Donna Roberts, Bill Schurtz, Darrel Tardy, Debbie Hawver, Tracy Hutchison, Angela Haley, Michael Stigger. 4th row: Rene Rent, Jane Doe, Jane Doe, Teresa Miller, Beth Brahany, Jane Doe, Diana Griffin, Jane Doe, Glenna Massey, Debbie Williams. Junior Council Officers: Stephanie Guynn, presi- dent, Debbie McManama, vice-president: No longer a Junior, Paula Cooper, treasurer, Tiersa Greene, Sergeant at arms. Debbie McManama makes an important an- nouncement regarding a junior activity. Wackiness Takes Over llc! rs .R I s s RECIPE For the makings of a fantastic Yearbook and Newspaper, the ingredients are as follows: 1 Large Room 60 Broad Minded Cannon Staffers 2 Slightly Wacky Advisors 600 Cramped Fingers Some Very Boggled Brains 1 Photo Dark Room 6 Fiattly Typewriters Combine with mass confusion, nervous frustrations, temper tantrums Put them all together in room 638. The outcome is not Central State Hospital, but your dedicated Cannon staff of 1982! 1983. Stir together typewriters, 600 or so cramped fingers, some boggled brains, missed deadlines, and scratched Qc? 'Q Q Year -,D . . 51" N lil negatives, and our advisor, Mrs. J. Brown, gets acid indigestion. How does she spell relief? F-l-N-A-L-D-E-A-D-L-I-N-E. In another wacky state of mind, C. T. Tresslar, our newspaper advisor, and his roving reporters are always ready to tackle the latest news floating around Tech's campus. Ready, willing, and able the "Clark Kents" of the bi-weekly paper have pad and pencil at hand, waiting for that ultimate story. Baking for a good 9-10 months, both the yearbook and the newspaper staffs are steadily concentrating on the finished product. Most will be amazed at the end results. l-1 rr .' I Q N - A Q K ' '24 l xx: Q Opposite page, top left: The yearbook and newspaper staffs are clowning around. Maybe they are always like this. Opposite page, top right: Don't believe it, Andy can't type! Opposite page, center: Our editor in chief in deep concentration. Opposite page, bottom left: The Cannon actually has freshmen on its staff. Opposite page, bottom right: A serious discussion around the table. top left: Who is this mysterious person? Both staffs gather to look pretty for the camera. If you see this man on the street, don't kill him. He's the photography editor. Camille Goodrum seems to want to say something. Duane VanLaningham and Maria Haak are busily at work. 'u -1-.. 'W if - , ...ff fr-121 . " . T Im. RY 1 Left to right top: clcol Tonita Hamilton, clltc Riley Gordon, clmaj Joe Waters, clcpt Robert Wright. clcpt Raye Williams, clcpt Rickey Bush. The proud officers of the corps gather for a formal shot. Standing tall, they believe in themselves and their superior. All these young men are dressed alike, Their reason is as old as the United States. They are wearing a uniform to be proud of. R.0.T.C. Drlll r x V tffun 'IW the Year ...N - I, 5.1 . lv:-nv' ,u K, f -- if , .-:. . ,:"e-'ir . ' -'51 foo ds--r 5050 V' ' A ' 2 4. s. -i -..1-.e.. . , i f-4 d l Discipline, rigorous training, respect, teaching skills. This may seem as if it is a complicated program at university, instead it is merely a high school ROTC program. The ROTC teaches its members many valuable skills which will last for a lifetime. ROTC students first learn discipline and respect. This discipline comes from hours of hard work and practice. Respect they do not only their teachers, but also their student superiors. Also they learn teaching skills. Each ROTC student is required to teach a class to his fellow students. This not only forces him to come up with a lesson plan, but he also has to get the students to listen and follow his instruction. Whether the student plans a career in the military or not, his experience in ROTC will serve him well whereever he may go. The effect on his life will be nothing but beneficial. SFC Durr, ISGT Willis, MSG McDaniel. Top row: clssg Teresa Williams, cfcpt Raye Williams, cfpfc Tammy Goins, clcpl Pam Underwood. Front row: cftlt Grace Arila, cfpfc Rochelle Gibson, clstc Joyce Anderson, cfsfc Cynthia Chapman. The Band Guard sits pretty for the photographer. Top row: clpfc Ralph Vibbert, cfmaj Chris Rumfelt, clpfc Tong Strichareon, cfsfc Ira Fisk, c!1lt Melvin Capler, Bottom row: cltlt Frank Twitty, clsgt Kevin Graves, cfcpt Robert Wright. Present the Colors III il 1,31 N-. Drill Team, Top row: clcpl Monty Covington, cfsfc Anthony Aron, clcpt Robert Willis, cfsfc Anthony Duerson, clsfc Emanuel Jackson, Bottom row: clcpt Duane Gulley, clsgt Donald Beasly, clmaj Joe Waters, clmsg Eric Thomas, clcpt Jesse Carruthers, clcpt Gibson Chaney. Band Guard, Top row: Commander clmaj Youseff Carpenter, clpvt John Crockett, clssg Shannon Hooks, c!1lt Frank Twitty, clssg David Finch, cfmaj Lori Armour, cfcpt Robert Wright, cfmaj Chris Rumfelt, clssg Kevin Graves, clssg Richard Mann, clsfc Claude Grimes. Bottom row: clpfc Tong Srichareon, clsfc Anthony Aron, cfpfc Tony Abbet, cfpfc James Sweat, cfpfc Ralph Vibbert, cfcpt Curtis Rob. .........-.--.-.f 3 Proud Members . . . Top Row: cfssg Clarissa Saunders, cfcpl Pam Underwood, clssg Quilla Cooper, cfcpt Rochelle Lee, clpfc Bridgett Jewell, clcpt Sheila Phelps, clpfc Sharmin Davis, clpfc Marveda Tardy, clcpl Tammy Goins, clcpt Raye Williams, cfltc Tonita Hamilton, clsfc Cynthia Chapman, cfpfc Marsha Tinsley, cfssg Teresa Williams, c!1lt Grace Arila, clsfc Natashia Beasley, cfsfc Joyce Anderson. Picture yourself in a green suit. No you're not Mr. Greenjeans, or even the Green Giant, you are merely a student in the Reserve Officer Training Corps. The uniform identifies you as a member of an extremely large group of students here at Tech. Let us follow you through a typical day in the Barracks. You have a unique opportunity here at Tech. When most students learn in cold classrooms, you are actually studying in buildings which once housed real armed servicemen. The Barracks are your main hangout. If you happen to be fortunate you will already be an officer. But for our purposes you are a PFC, Private First Class John Doe. lt is Thursday morning, inspection time. You make sure your shoes are gleaming brightly, and the buttons on your uniform shine. You begin classes just as you ordinarly do. Perhaps you are wondering why the rest of your classmates are starting at your outfit. You explain for the 454th time that you have to wear your uniform every Thursday. Perhaps no one asks you the usual question. The routine remains simple. Just because today is inspection, you can't get all nervous, but you are. After all, l forgot to tell you one thing, this is your first inspection freshman. Finally comes the big moment. You are definitely nervous. Why shouldn't you be? Sergeant Willis is an imposing figure, and he is also your superior. Not only is he above you, so are several other students. You shake, and sweat, but miraculously you survive. Now it is time to concentrate on the fun things. You make plans for your future activities. There a plenty to choose from. There is the drill team. But no, you are somewhat of a klutz. The drill team requires more skill and precision than you can muster. The rifle team, that sounds like fun. So what if you never handled a gun before. You're in school to learn. To your surprise you are not allowed to shoot immediately. You are told that you must first show that you are familiar with the weapon and the safety rules. After all that you breathe a sign of relief. lt seems you'll have plenty to do in four years. r 'l l -:mall N- l,, ev X A . I . fm 1'-Q G, ffl-if P1 -- g -I ID! tx Qi' .gk ,' l Gln' The rifle team isn't shooting at anyone for a change. A The Best of Times . . . Although we may not always think of Tech's faculty as being part of "The Best of Times" of our high school career, when we think about it, where would we be without the faculty? Without those teachers and administrators to turn to when we needed their help, their advice, and often, their support, we would still be needing help, advice, and support. Many Tech teachers are there whenever a student needs them. Even if some teachers do not show it, they care about their students. The administrators keep the school running, even if not always smoothly. The administration has to deal with many problems, ranging fI'Om small 0068 SUCI1 HS Stlldent behavior, to the large, often hard 1- problems such as having to surplus teachers. Once in a while, one comes across a teacher or administrator who seems to care more than all the others. This is that special person to whom you can turn to with problems, and you know they will be able to help you find an answer. Sometimes, we may even teach our faculty something. It may be as simple as a different way of solving a math problem, or as big as a new outlook on life. These are "The Best Of Times." They are the "Times of Our Lives." Let's make them even better. Q.- FA Ward Whalin-principal's assistant Being assistant to the principal is a bigger job than one would expect. The assistant must aid the principal in mat- ters of the office. Mr. Whalin also ad- vises Mr. Reed on how to run the school better. F 1 I . 'gl f- . -un Robert Stockard-vice principal Mr. Stockard, among all of his other duties, is the director of the Career Center. The Career Center is a big responsibility, because it is the cur- riculum that keeps Tech open. i :I . R Ray Reed-principal Still being principal at Tech High School is a surprise to Mr. Reed. In the beginning he cameon as acting prin- cipal, and it became permanent. He was formerly the principal of Franklin Com- munity High School, and then became a science teacher here, and then Dean of Boys. As you can see Mr. Reed has great credentials for principal. . :Xi-2 , . III' ' I :f1I9!WI .I lk Vi ' X . ix f - u I I 4 Joseph McGeehan-vice principal Dr. Joseph McGeehan, Vice Principa of Curriculm Instruction, comes to us here at Tech with a well-educatec background. He went to St. Meinrad College where he obtained a Bachelors degree. Fron there he went on to Ball State University for his Masters, Indiana University fol his Ph.D., and Stanford, where he did his post graduate work. Don Oldham-vice principal Mr. Oldham keeps an eye on how the students behave. He watches the atten- dance of certain pupils, and counsels them on their problems. If security isa problem he watches that too, anc keeps track of the problemed students. Who's Really in Charge Here? ADMINISTRATION Science Carol Smith Mercedes Guess James May Steve Smith David Hon Arthur Kirsh John Kern Richard Allen Garlan Howard Robert Collins Robert Orth English Tom Danheiser Betty Bailey Joan Brown Helen Carter Diane Comstock Robert Ford Alice Goodrum Margaret Hahn Hester Hale Emmett Hardiman Eileen Kohut John Lewis Mary Maillard Judith McBride Ann McMillian Stanley Minks Jatinder Singh Cecil Tresslar Elizabeth Wilson Music Paul Prather Lee Barricklow Ed Davis Ed Evans Mable Lewis A Careers Glenn Adams Steve Brinkerhoff Harold Brown Curtis Cosby Robert Crooke James Duckworth D. Reid Evans Oral Henderson Paul Kinser Clifton Lovelace David Rose Lloyd Scherich Joe Steve Hardy Stohler Herbert Van Der Moere Ronald Harris John Mullennax Ralph Webb Larry White Lester Woolard Howard Beall James Byers Charles Hylton Lowell McCarty Fred Miessen William Murphy Kenneth Poole Morris Woods David Cruser Roy Johnson Cyril Stock John Williams Ernest Holmes Paul Oscarson Ann Carter Debbie Cline Tom Davis June Garnett Tanya Hairston William Harrod Norma Johnson John Kenison Gordon Owen Dorris Raines Phyllis Schaffer Walter Mendel Robert Smith Ray Browne Wendrel Price Clarence Murphy Annabelle Adams Kenneth Bayless Michael Cecil Ann Cummins 'iz 1 mag I . . 3 Q o4r"5 4, I L 9 X 1 X Careers. . . Joyce L. Freemen Lois Frye William Guess Virginia Jackson Ellen Martin William McCreary Gwen Ohmit Lewis Robertson George Tolson Delsie Shoemaker Cheryl McVay Medarda Pope Special Education Meredith Adamson Carrol All Cheryl Chambers Alberta Davis James Duckworth Constantina Hart Deborah McCoy Helen Moeller Vickie Noel Paul Oscarson Lindy Pruett Richard Shock David Tess Herbert Van Der Moere Lynn Whittemore Art... Kermit Swenson Ray Browne Wendrel Price Emmagee Washington Teresa Williams Due to a printing error, all of the faculty were not published. We regret the that this may have caused for any one. Y, fi 5 il I' - t ' O I Y . I' o .9 -C 111 ,4 L, f. .V ll 5. A I ,PF1 N4 p 'hug ' 1 'V' , v M W fi' 'Q 'iq' .f""' .-gf' W .Q g all' 9 rf 0 -0' Q 5 5 , Q -avi, ' I 21- ve , -I vu 'U ' , gs ,V . ,Q Y-1' Y'-W THE BEST OF TIMES by 5 When we think of Tech sports, we think of "The Best of Times." Each one of Tech's athletic clubs and their athletes are something special. Each shows the pride of Tech and the students that make up the school body. Whether it's the two points for a basket, a pin to the mat, or a touchdown on the football field, the accomplishments of Tech athletes show through proud, smiling faces, letter sweaters, and medals. But do not think that all this comes easily, or quickly, for it does not. It comes only after hard work. lt takes many practices and much concentration to keep with it, in order to do well. With all this, a true athlete can come through all the odds, and win in the end. Another important factor in sports is the coaches, of course. Without the coaches, where would the athletes get their inspiration to carry on, and win the game, meet, or match? The coaches are there to give the instruction needed. They are also there to give the pep talks when the going gets tough, or the long speeches when the going gets worse. Whether good times or bad, "The Best of Times," or the worst, the coaches are there. When the time comes for Tech athletes to give it their all, they do, win, lose, or draw! Years from now, many of Tech's students will look back at their letter sweaters and pins, and remember that those were "The Best of Times." 1 La' 5, SPOF? TS --' W- Y .4-1 P 4 an 1 K Nf -er 'S S..- 4' Y 4 A Look at the Sports Scene 1 l vi Baseball . . . l I I I r I r ' '- X -Q ' fATXy Q ," x .N lgliil 7 of ,av - 5 ' , w Q 1 wv- I f-X X, I 4 ' lf:-A 1 , lL.l'i -, li .gy if L Q, V 1 .F ' - 4' it lgghx X 'L W fx 'X X I , I X Z T B 7 U X X ' 'ii gb Q X K T Q? y N58-ll The Fans... H Xqybg T , ,- -EV!-txt! !w 'gill 'L 'tl 1 V' 1 Girls Tennis . .. is , l Y ' ff if T 1 1 3 If .... 3 TIII Il lfiil ge + 0 f I H l l I J ,H 4 , . . . 1,7 E' veq. ij7 ,f:f7 :tf:.,L T-L4 lg.LlL ll4iLi , 'l- ty 5- , A T l I i l + tgex v ' l ' ,A I ' - -- lllllm T .lim 5 Cheerleaders . . . Boys Tennis Basketball . . . Q 1 df I l .1 I X 9.1. Q :fy .,. K - 'ZX . h,Qp4.,b nulll, X C . ' I gf folq T J X - 1 , to JM Future Athletes. . . Track . " li " 11 .1 I' X , x,-x, 'T . 'rj Q -- I ,fl A 1 , :af- Ll 1" A 'gl ko I, I' Swimming... T 1' ,f gf1" A J Y f ' ,lf-I 4 'X 1 ' 1 i I fu! wavy' 'Rig v all 6 Q 0 N f If QA f 'Lili nr' T -d. 1 , , 7 I i ll 7' 1' 3 Bl .. - ., -J, T .. 'K J' 'r ' ' Cross-country. . . by I J Golf... I Q Football . . . Zuma ...,-4 Girls Slide into Softball . . . Although this year is their first year, Tech's GlrI's Softball team did quite well. After much talk in favor of such a team, one was finally organized. The girls even had a softball diamond made for them on one of the fields off of Tech's campus. One of the girls' best games was against Attucks, in which the final score was 54-0. -.ti ,. .MF N, . 1 ,l i, Y 'l idler L 3 top lefty Andrea Piety waits for her super Catch!! above: First row: Lisa Pierce, Sheila Goings, Dawn Trobe, Eulanda Kennedy, Loren Anderson, Selina Gilmore, Lorene MatIock,Joyce Hyche, Kim Smith, Cheryl Ray, Assistant coach: Rosie Alan, manager. Second row: Kathy Jordan, Debbie Brock, Karen Paff, Andrea Piety, Dawn Harris, Glenna Massey, Rochelle Elliot, Sherri Gordan, Coach: Susan Jahnke. bottom right: "Practice makes perfect" is what Kathy Jordan drills into her mind while practicing before a game. gg... sl gal' . F- la L l Qs A4911 'Q"Q A Em JHTEW ,- 'iii N' x X - Batter upim This year has been an interesting year concerning baseball for the Titans. The reserve baseball team had a hard time getting started this season. The team pulled through with a record of 3 and 12. The freshmen, though, made up for the reserve with 9 victories and 2 defeats. The teams had both the determination and skill needed to make the season worthwhile. With hard work and fans to cheer them on, the teams both had an exciting year! 'R- IEEE HS 'YA I top: Kneeling: Camille Goodrum Row 1: Joe Worland, Melanie Dillard, Don Cannon, Billy Haak, Thad Briehim, Michael Haak, Coach Dave George Row 2: Tony Plsen, Eddie Newell, Larry Dillard, Joe Baker, Steve Miller, Mike Patterson above right, Jimmy Enman practices his pitching technique! above left, Larry Dillard concentrates on catching Row 1, Left to right: Charles White, Ronnie Phelps, Paul Beam, Casey Pew, Robby Bray, Kevin Jones. Row 2: Asst. Richard Winkley, Gordon Hyatt, Glin Engle, Steve Miller, Jimmy Enman, Mark Minser, Robert Conners, Coach, Greg Hostetler. Q. af 4 v-. E Qs.. We 55 ' HQQ 'F .- 'sr' I Track Team Doesn't Slow Down Have you ever seen a bunch of run- ners who were more determined to reach the finish line than our Tech track team? Our team has a sense of pride that is unbelievable. These guys are un- matchablel It takes time to get your body into the right muscle structure and to have coordination. After this goal has been accomplished, the runners set harder goals. Most of these guys have met their goal, which is to be the best runner that he can possibly be. Con- gratulations guys!!!! 9 l xxxxxx i i X6 The guys warm up before running The Reserve and Varsity track teams ip- .- e "" wa. ! I Q' -f-.-'I X ' ' an. . 1 """""'V-1. ' 'F Af -...ld - f' . , ' V T 'A ' 'hx fi' r I. f, .-, 'v Varsity runners. . Moving with style Reserve runners . 51 itans Stroke Well nw.. 'l H 'Y upper left, Row 1, Michael Scholar, David Lone, Row 2, Howard Hoover, David Menard, Greg Tucker, Vaugn Seabree, George England. above, George England hits in the net at the gym. left Mike Shruba shows up to teach young golfers how it is done. The Titans golf team rounded out the season with a good record, considering the inexperience of the team. With its return of only one Ietterman, the club- bers posted an impressive 12-20 record. Next year the Titans will have four returning Iettermen including David Menard, David Lowe, George England, and Michael Scholar. The next year pro- mises to be better and hopes of city champs are not beyond their reaches. D l Q3 And More Sports ?'.. top right: The football team is here! above: "Say cheese. . George practices his technique. - .6 an 4:5-"W iff' j GirI's Sprint with Spirit. . . The girI's track team consists of some of the most dedicated girls at Tech. Their spirit, determination, and drive has led them to many rewarding meets. A lot of people think that the track team is nothing, but we guarantee that their view would be different if they tried it. Girls, Tech is proud of you, so keep up that outstanding work! A 'Yr 1 J fr" T1 1 ... . - ' A J if"Zg T 5 ' if-wi iw 4 XIX .4 ,al Q ' 1 , Wg? X4 S ,. 4 4 ' " -. 'av VV M ,. v ' 1-1 . N WWW f ' fonnegirls track meets , ' xi ix Mimi? W , 'T-tr Q gl E I X I if H 5 I t .1 1:02 ' . secnonu. cpuiullvl , Guys Swing Well What is there to do on a sunny after- noon? Well . . . for these guys, there is plenty!!! They constantly practice their tennis techniques. Each of these guys have a style all their own. To be able to play tennis you have to be graceful and have a lot of coordination. The tennis teams always do well here at Tech, but we are sure that they would do better with more fans watching them. Tennis is a great sport, ask anyone of these guys and they will tell you just that! mg af:f:r:'x:4r!'1 3 Kota ' 4 eg, vw . ' ff-. -'. 5:0926 I ,::.f fo' 8 " 1 ,l 4 - 3 , g , Q 3.211 "7'fEg+f, e E546 ly M r .y A O4 O'f. L. I 'e'. 9 4. IO! Yi VI , ' Is! i J I A K I " t if I fs. ' " ' s 1 ' 5 h I ' f 'rf' . 'P ' if ! ja A' 1 l l ' 1 I Y Mfr' V .I N . , g 1 ,Q x5!x A 1 I I V 3 The boys tennis team. The "unknown tennis player." TMJ ' ui M t .Q 5, - 'M' -arf" iw' V15 iff? ffl ' I 1 f .3 'Y Girls Swing with What is more fun that being out on a tennis court being crazy with a bunch of friends? To these girls, not much!!!! When it comes to getting to work, they can do that too. Mrs. Manka is the coach of the girls tennis team and she enjoys it very much. The girls on the team not only play tennis for the school, but for their enjoyment as well. When you enjoy what you are doing its all worth while. jThe yearbook would like to apologize to the team members for not identifying certain individuals. This is due to cer- tain deadIines.j I 'tv' .5 TRI. . Q ,rife- Q s , v I ' , 3846 X' 'sql ' ar iff! 'X . '-k.':qP- N .. e 'ssl if 6 i so' ,ff-4.5 jf, ju f ,N f 'Q sq., ay' Q53 Vswfst S, ' , .i L4s.a!9 .- I ,A".'S'4 494' Y ' 4- bf 005 rr f its 'S' v ' 'Q ,v Q 4 . S Q i gf! g' I I i - 4 ! ii L'4'4' YQ 'f 3 7 ,ff-xx I X Lisa McCall and Linda Amonett ham it up for the - I 1 , f . :L . . . 1 :11 P, ,jg '5- it if t 3, ' ' v.+.9DlvQCQA Runners Excelteratey . . . Our cross-country team is made up of a bunch of crazy Tech students who have a lot of determination, dedication, and skill. Have you ever seen a human being run like a panther? Well . . . if not . . . you should go watch a cross- country meet. This sport is something that you have to work up to, you can't just decide that all of the sudden you want to do it. To all of you cross-country runners: we highly comend you!! 'fr , 9 ., .. C D ' rr-iii , I a 5 5 vkvi -li' T' X , l xxs .,, ' 'Q , 4. , D ' 'Abel' 'X zz . -x f JYFEH' ,-was . 4 , . . sr I.. NUJ6' Qi- if QW CC ' sag' 4 ' .4..?Z,i.., ,- Q 'fl V 'ffl Row 1: left to right, Cindy Smith, Ralph Murphy, Jerry Robinson, Tong Sricharaeon, Mark Howe, Scott Payton, Billy Guyman, John Basham, Bren- da Decker. Row 2: left to rightg Mr. McGeath, coach: Lori Ar- mour, Dan Brown, Darren Napier, Terry Coleman, Jesse Carruthers, Jeff Jones, Frank Twitty, An- drea Searcy, Jay Kleine. Not Shown: Darryl Gibson, Lisa Payton, James Sweat. Middle left: Two nuts pose for a picture! Above: Boy, am I pooped! , 1' 6 I is if fav nfgigqyc' -ruin! g,-g,'f'7. ' . "IIN" ,A .A , s A' Q ' 0 f -1 ham' '- ,fair- . 1 EN. 45, ,. xi Left: Left to rightg Lori Armour, Cindy Smith, Brenda Decker, Andrea Searcy Below: A cross-country meet which is about to start. A ' ,hal 22: erqkx'-lsr-+i..4. "' 1. Footballers Fumble Hg! 4 - ...T Q m e it P 'S l W .,kA E. Above: 1st row, left to right: Larry Sledge, Leroy Glass, Clyde White, Jeff Fayette, Alan Nelson, Tony Jones, Wilson Lorick, James Hopkins, Jerry Paige 2nd row, left to right: Eric Harris, Randall Dunn, James Banks, Bobby Dowlin, Alan Bolden, Brian Gore, Nathaniel Cannon, Willie Loften 3rd row, left to right: Alfred Taylor, Brian McAtee, Bruce Dunsten, Charles Cissell, Michael Norton, Jock Harris, Lavelle Harrell, Leneord Hiser 4th row, left to right: Tommy Walker, Archie Willis, Roger Bell, Darrell Tardy, Robert Hardiman, John Kelly, Steve Miller 5th row, left to right: LeCestre Wltlow, William Rush, Marvin Wilson, Steven Sultzer, Robert Hill, Paul Miner The 1982-83 football team had a hard time this year, nevertheless, they will always be U1 in spirit and pride. With all ofthe determination that the team had, it is surprising that they didn't do better during the season. Don't give up guys, we're rooting for you! Middle: The football team practices before a game. Right: The guys listen to some of Mr. Woodard's advice. Top: An eager titan runs for the touchdown. Left: Some crazy team members pose for a quick picture. Bottom: What's the problem guys? . , , "M, ,H Footballers Have Hu--B-f-.u.a.,....,. This page contains the ,ec freshman team and many action shots of ourfreshman varsity and H' L reserve 1982 83 football team We NOWHWF S want to commend all of the teams for their good playing ability and the frosh team for their good season And let s not forget the coaches who worked just as hard as the players First Flow: left to right, Mr. Craig, M. Riggs, K Goins, L. Williams, R. Gordan, C. Williams, L Mitchel, S. Sells, Mr. Elmore Second Row, B Carson, B. Petro, C. Levenston, S. Blagrave, D Martian, V. Taylor, V. Gibson, R. Lynn Third Row, G. Reedy, D. Humphry, J. Valentine, S. McFarlan, G. Canfield, S. Pittman, R. Brown, D. Massey Fourth Row, K. Smith, W. Armstrong, R. Anderson Fifth Row, P. Germany RSHALL 151 Rebuilding Season 61 'iw' -Vik "Q, . ' -' T , 'iii X.: - '31 5012? f' - 'x" "f' A '3 1. ff Q-Q-WWW ff '-us-"A f f W T- 591-" ' X 1 ' ff QW. f" ff ' ' ,W yr, , I., AGj1.'1 gh-A 1- A. ' v ,!f+ . ., gr M. Www X ,. Y . LP an I6 ,QW QA-N. 'IXKN' ' ,s.-f:, 'W if 'U ff xx-1 KAL. t I V 7-I ,-: ' A uf -Af' ? W A. ".- ff' -K-'- 7' L' - My - ,Kin 4eN 1-wr, f ,. , V',?iff ,Ol""J,5-6-f'fj1"l3l:1' ' rf-f-"ag, . Af , .- :VM XML!" i f W W ni' ' IQ' pg" ' I A 'ifffK5"'f4, Jin L?f J I L,,,4 3 ' ,S 'fl if 0 , 1 if 7 -Qu - " "ef 0 Q f'1'f.W'i fd, In 1 A' O 127 Wrestlers Wrestle with Esteem Both Varsity and Reserve wrestling teams have reason to be proud. For many years some of the best wrestlers have been from Tech. Judging from some of the meets, there are a lot of good ones still here. Wrestling is one of the toughest sports around and it takes some tough guys to be able to do it. Many hours of practice go into wrestl- ing, but many times it pays off with awards and trophies. These guys work hard to achieve their full potential and to keep Tech's wrestling team ranked high. "And the meet has started.. . . he's got him down . . 5. M l adv .x ,,,- Which one will have the victory? "lt's almost over . . .!!!!" i i f "Fresh" New Start . . . The freshman wrestling team is made up of a bunch of unique individuals who are looking toward the future on the varsity or reserve wrestling team. Like the upper teams, this team has a lot of determination to do very well at their meets. With extensive practice, these guys can go far. qThe yearbook staff would like to apologize for the lack of pictures. This is due to exposed or bad film.i Ng, " 'T 'pi WWW? :.,Q'mef V 4 ,fa .....,.. ff . A - F S X -if x Q . , 5 Q f liqlvvu W V e ' KZ .if ' Q Q :Ll ' W v "' QLU0 Two young wrestlers fight for the advantage. ech Fhppers! .4 in .ii This year's diving team dominated other city teams. Their record was outstanding. With a 18-4 record they swept the City Tourney 1,2. Divers Billy Haak and Gene'o Geist gave the swim team the extra points they needed to win some close meets. Their only defeats were from Decatur Central, Lawrence Central, Hamilton Southeastern, and Speedway. The divers did a fine job in the North Central Sectionals with an 8th place finish by Billy Haak and a 10th place for Gene'o Geist. Both divers will be graduating this year, and Tech is in dire need of some fresh new talent, so come on out! g F ,lil 15' f 5 J' ,ll F 2 I i i 5 X- ' 'V-.Q C N.. Y - V. X r I gn ,Ji - ' . Q1 ' , - - "', A bi - '.9...- - so -.ff Si, - ,...., e, r' " ' ' p.- ' . - -'A upper lefty Tech divers really bring in the points. middle lefty Billy Haak concentrates on a back-dive. middle right, Bill and Gene'o pose for the camera! Ralo Flies to the Rescue This year's boys' swim team was a deprived team compared to past teams. This team's record was just what they did not want, a 7-10 record was all the team could manage to squeeze out, even though they did try their hardest. With the return of Coach John Hall, who coached at Decatur H.S. last year, the team was worked fairly hard. Two of this year's best meets were against Marshall and Chatard. Tech won second place inthe city meet, which was held at Tech. The winning team was Chatard, who beat Tech by a slim number of points. The team may have to start recruiting earlier than usual to have a big team next year, eight of this year's memberes are seniors, Bill Lee, Joe Coleman, Bill Haak, Gene'o Geist, David Hon, David N f . 'J e 'Yet N Q Menard, Jeff Fayetee, and Alan Nelson. Congratulations to this year's team, and good luck to all the remaining swimmers for next year. upper right, John Sherwood brings in fourth in the city. middle, left to right, 1st row: Coach John Hall, Jeff Rosner, John Sherwood, Alan Nelson, Joe Coleman, David Hon, Jeff Fayette. 2nd row: Mike Haak, Mike Young, Bill Lee, Dallas Dishman, David Menard, Bill Haak, Gene'o Geist. lower right, Mike Haak, Dallas Dishman, practice starts before a meet. ,,.- ik Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech BOYS' SWIMMING 1982-83 29 Beech Grove 9 Sheridan 77 Howe 82 Arlington 73 Washington 61 Marshall 52 Lawrence Central 48 Westfield 62 Chatard 35 Decatur Central 51 Franklin Central 97 Plainfield Howe 38 Speedway 44 Center Grove 51 Indian Creek 81 Washington 9 Hamilton SE Pike Relays Tech-3rd Place Hamilton SE Relays Tech-2nd Place Beech Grove Invitational Tech-7th Place City Tech-2nd North Central Sectionals Tech-7th Q s xt. N XX y I I --' FY' gin 71 11 X I -'Z 3 91 0 40 31 41 53 74 78 65 90 76 133 46 89 80 74 40 0 l '. pf ' A " 5 Q .V If " 7 , -- I 4+ , - Y I' 'i ' . . V ' . A 1' A Q kill A 'i ,,g' f . I , 4 G I 4- 4" ff" "bn ,.- . fl S J'-' S . D-by . S . ,C 0. " vm -1 L 1 " xi an ' xg GIRLS' SWIMMING 1982-83 Tech 55 Brebeuf 67 Tech 58 Indian Creek 64 Tech 15 Perry Meridian 96 Tech 67 Marshall 47 Tech 43 Speedway 72 Tech 65 Washington 57 Tech 52 Howe 73 Tech 66 Marshall 49 Tech 56 Decatur Centrl. 71 Tech 39 Hamilton S.E. 85 Tech 34 Center Grove 90 Tech 45 Chatard 79 Tech 50 Howe 79 Tech 50 Southport 77 'x "li WM. Q 'X.x' -sl This year's girls' swim team did not have an excellent record-3-10-but they did try their hardest. Their best meet this year was against Marshall. Coached by Betty Bally, the girls survived their third season. The top swimmers were Terri Young, Terri Wildrick, Rochelle Elliott, and Lilly DeBruler. Swimmers returning from last year are Terri Young, Terri Wildrick, Rochelle Elliott, Lilly DeBruler, Chrystal Keys, Tina Powell, Angie Matthwes, Lori Simkins, and Manager Lisa Smith. Senior who will be leaving this year are Terri Young, Terri Wildrick, Rochelle Elliott, Susan Tanguay, Chrystal Keys, Wendy Kennedy, and Lisa Smith. Congratulations for this year and good luck next year. F3 sf I . - Qui upper leftg Terri Young swims her leg of the 400 yd. freestyle relay. Row 1 Iseatedjg left to right: Terri Wildrick, Chrystal Keys, Angela Matthews. Row 2 fstandingli left to right: Lisa Smith lmanagerl, Wendy Kennedy, Betty Baily lcoachl, Susan Tanguay. Flow 3 lon diving boardlg left to right: Terri Young, Rochelle Elliott, Lilly DeBruler, Maria Haak, Tina Powell. lower lefty Lori Simkins, Lynda Davis get ready to swim 100 yd. breaststroke. un., 4 The varsity and reserve basketball teams finished with the coaches com- menting that the teams both had very good potential and lots of talent. The teams both had many outstanding ad- vantages, such as a strong defense which forced many errors on opposing players. They also moved the ball quick- ly and did the fast break as much as possible. The teams had quick over-all speed and had many good rebounds. Although the season for both teams was not the best, we can congratulate them for not giving up. When the op- posing team is tough, the Titans keep Hoopers Dribbl xx ii .Y-, .- -Q.. going. asm ., fx, E -an ,Ag 4 I , -. ,. ,ff A - MA 1 haunt 3 'f' .ski all fall xml: svn, 45 all 55 38 X 1 L The Titans fighting for a rebound. Xnllf 'Kills 31 Qtllly X 43 38 D3 'Ili Pictured-Manager Jesse Carruthers Second Row: Head Manager Tommy Walker, Jason First Row: Head Coach Earnie Cline, Phillip Flowers, Charles Kingery, Tim Gowdy, Glover, David Bennett, Ed Peeler, Eric Sanders, Manager!Statistitian Mark Howe, Manager Joe Terry Colman, Mackie Johnson, Michael Stone, Waters Assistant Coach Frank Craig. Not X will on Court Ti. s"--- s I vy- -Q' V w"" 0' 1 lr' " , l x ' 1 sd K 5-1 ss " 5 0 I- f., ,W , , N, top left: Two Titans waiting for the free-throw to be thrown. ' 3 6 if -. 1 above: Tim Gowdy goes for the hoop. .,'. l - 'W' "' .bww ' ' ' x . First row, left to right: Robert Bray, Steffon Levell, 6 i 7 -, A - Rick Daniel, Mark Osborn, Avery Sims. Second f 1-' -r ' ' row, left to right: Coach Frank Craig, Charles T N 1' in-12.1--.a..1-i Westmoreland, Dwight Cliff, Bryant McAtee, ' ' Robert Logan. , 1, Q, E-ll 6 99 W V4 jumnwugw , I 1 I E U7 TECH gf Freshmans Shoot with Style Our youngest basketball team here at Tech is coached by Mr. Dave George, who is also a teacher of business. This freshman team has a lot of spirit and pride. These team members hope to make it to varsity or reserve which is an exciting challenge. To see the boys on the floor against another team is a real enjoyment. The guys have something to really be proud of. Good-luck! ' ' ' 'f"':, 772553137 735. wifi. . A, , - 44 . -T r 4, bw, QA ,. :V. t ai", E 2 -'-v-544,31 -.5... - QT" -iii-33 fiffsy 5, 1 'ff . ue-1 .J , - Z , s sift' .T P3,'s',l : ' A325 Z, J 4 5 -et Cv -J 4 ,A ,g. 5 ,Z ff? . .bf 35' 2 f.: rp, ' 4. ,. , ' ff ' A, 1 'EZ AA A ,, .Y A m,'.,,f A 'V' I Um. f.l,'ef,',1','3'f:, LJ , gv?""ff1i,r,y X Lf'li3fc fir? ' ' ' 534-alfa -V Wi., , x H t- , .. ,, ,, TN' ,gil . "' Y ' I we - jf ' ,fy . - 'Bit 4, 5 1 . Q, '. JH 3 J 4- '1' Q 73 :, ,fl 'ii K0 .fr fd' Q, Ll Mr. George poses for the camera while teaching. First rowg left to right: Larry Harris, Brian Mitchell, Tim Rikey, Charles Leveringston. Second row, left to right: Coach Dave George, Clark Williams, Chris Clark, Steve Rose, Roger Cobbs, Steve Gilbert, Lee Williams. Not Pictured: Tony Gowdy. Y K top: Tech members jump for a spike. above, Grace Webb sets someone up. Spikers Spike Sportingly Although Tech's volleyball team had a losing season, they really worked and played hard. The season was a tough one, but they pulled through with the most spirit and pride a team could have. The girls practiced many times each week during their season. Team members say that Mrs. Manka is one of the best coaches around. She works them hard, but only to show them what it is really like to be on a team. With a coach and team members as en- thusiastic as ours, it's a wonder we didn't win more games. ...I 7. .L tl Q. , .., 2 5.3111 Front Row: left to right: Mrs. Manka, Glenna Massey, Felicia Petty, Joycelyn Hyche Second Row: left to right: Terri Moore, Linda Amonette, Neatra McCann, Dawn Harris .lg -,A vnu- P "in, 4 ,,-' 'i. Q. '-sv, 'w. Glenna Massey fgirls leading scorerj takes a cou ple of practice free throws before the game. irl Hoopers Do Well 'Y rr -Ll The girls varsity basketball team had a season that was much expected this year. Although the season was good, there were many disappointments. The girls did not fair well in the city tourney and sectionals. The season record was 10-7, and they were led by Glenna Massey with a 13.6 ave. The team was so well balanced every member of the varsity team lettered. The reserve girls came off of a winning season Q10-63. They met with their toughest competition against attacks. Their scoring attack was led by freshman Marveda Tardy. Hopefully next year the Titans can together form the right combination for a state champion team. top: Flow 1: Carolyn Swanigan, Glenna Massey, Joyce Hyche, Flow 2: Linda Frye, Ruth Sledge, Jane Shotwell, Gracie Webb, Coach Janke Ief1gRow 1: Thelma Ford, Donna Archer, Navonda Yates, Row 2: Cindy Smith, Tammy McGee, Sharmin Davis, Marveda Tardy, Rhonda Miles u-1 DUCT DHUTDIEIQADHEIQS Supporting the TITANS throughout the years. .. .. .I ....-.... Congratulations From America's Third Oldest ' ss: 2 :ss 55255511 . """ nas EEEEEEEE I x gef- N p Prescription Specialists 5 0 Publishing 52 'SSUBS 3105 English Avenue Each Year ...Since 1895 Subscribe Today! 810.00 City 0 812.00 Elsewhere xii Rx Department Open 8 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 637-2421 "Serving more people better ....since l895" The fl1di3l73p0fiS HBCOFUBI' 2901 N. Tacoma 0924-5143 You, the class of 1983, have reached an important goal in your lives-the completion of high school. Whatever your plans for the future, we at RCA know your many hours of conscientious studying will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and wishes to each of you. A' 91-N .pci " fi 'V Pom Jw' af- 1 'A' s 1 , v , Home of affordable furniture t 1 'PP ' I 5804 E. Washington St. D , Sv ',, ' ' 356-7211 P X 4 ,2' ,L Love at First Touch ...Q 7 A A u , r , 1 . 1 :1 f""' 3 I 1 -mg . Q 'N-2 X N X N: 5130 E. 10th 35647996 4108 E. Michigan 356-6371 CURB AND CARRY OUT And 5 555 955 N. Fenton 899-3990 few virgin' Av. ,- 1 ima, 1 to . ' Q J! 14.5 HAZ' R i Flowers Arranged Plants And Thelma King For All Occasions Planters David Elder Funerals-Hospitals-Weddings Tee Kay Flower 8 Novelty Shop 3501 Brookside Pkwy. So. Dr. 533-4254 L Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 Craig Funeral Home 3447 N. College 923-1359 Kathy's Beauty Shop 1360 N. Olney 638-1882 Wed. 15"!e discount if 60 or over FOOD STOP MARKET 3432 E. 10th Street Indianapolis, Ind. 46201 Summers Funeral Chapels 3040 N. Capitol Ave. 2515 E. 34th St. 924-5329 The Flower Hut Funeral Design, Wedding Flowers and Potted Plants Ines King-Sylvia Diggs 1318 East 16th Street - phone: 535-2730 Indianapolis, Ind. 923-7020 ' ,Q coLDEN IMPERIAL INC. X TE co me 3950 E. Southeastern E 636-1566 cotvtPLETE Auto REPAIR 3 I SHIFlLEY'S STYLE SHOP SUN DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT I 3332 E t totn st. mdianggolis md 5460 Eeet 21st Street 638-4745 ' 21st and Ritter Men 8 Women Hair Styling 3532593 - HALLELUJAH HOUSE Christian Books and Supplies Bicycles and Accessories Wheel Work 2401 E. 10th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 534-3858 East New York Flower Shop l317l 636-2313 George Lester Complete Floral Service 2838 East New York St. Owner Designer Indpls. Ind. 46201 Congratulations to the Class of 83 From the Cannon Yearbook Staff Darryl Gibson, Business Manager Cutlery World For All Your Cutting Needs: Pocket, Hunting, Fishing and Kitchen Knives also Swords, Scissors and Razors Washington Square Mall 899-1102 Steve, Always and forever will I have love for you. You'vet ade the happiest girl, this love really must be true. Love, Paula I 4 44 Repairs-Alterations I SPORTSMAN'S CLEANER The music, the mix, and the money are on my radio 105, WTLC. Congratulations to the Seniors of "83" Suede, leather and furs Garment Cleaning 15 N. State St. lndpls., Ind. Amos Brown 631-8232 General Manager WTLC Radio 105 FM COl'lQl'afUl8tiOl'lS to the S9l1iOl' CIEISS CONGRATULATIONS! "83" from the Gibson Family Class of 83 Mlldred Vincent Darryl and Walter Crgcker from Cycle Recycle Erskine Market ,602 Commbia Ave. cossERT Auro suPPi.v 924-0190 2845 E. Michigan St. Jerry Sylvester owner Fresh meats Molly's Bar-B-Q Carry Out , Odds 8. Ends 1601 N. Columbia Ave. 925-3745 1127 Prospect sr. Carry out service call in to go orders 635-2592 10 min. it will be ready Row 1: Joe Waters, Tonita Hamilton, Robert Wright, Raye Williams, Ricky Bush, Riley Gordon. Row 2: Dewayne Gulley, Charles Gibson, Usef Carpenter. Row 3: Grace Arila, Robert Willis, Chris Rumfelt. Row 4: Frank Twitty, Curtis Robinson, Rochelle Lee. Row 5: Jessie Curruthers, Melvin Capler, John Jenkins. Row 6: Norma Vibbert, Sheila Phelps, J. Lynn Curry. Not Pictured: Lori Armour 1 Sgt. Neris Willis, department Congratulations to the Class of '83 from the Jr R.O.T.C. 4 A 3618 E. 25th Street Phone 542-9695 Lps, 45's 81 tapes Jewelry 1st SGT. Willis, Owner Pioneers in Banking M D FDIC GREEN MACHINE 24-hour banking -, A ITSEASY! I ' Just toIIow the directions on the screen all IT'S FUN! IL- AndtuHot5s fi I V ond 2O's , , , Y P1 " ws HANDYI as he to Q I Moke deposits or T 1 'V poyments ot Y , HA.-..,,,,, w ony Iocotuon I 1 I 'M ' ' ,1 , fi?" "IWLwf-fff'IL it M' IS MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 8- TRUST COMPANY ONE MERCHANTS PLAZA, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46255 Member FDIC 3852 E. 10th 357-8066 952.00 off on any Large Pizza qjust mention adl Free Delivery in our area F..- FQ QSSFEESES KINNEY DANCEWEAR Supplies for Gymnastics Dance-Skating 2434 East 62nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46220 Marion-Kay Co., P. 0. BOX 1392 Inc. SAN ANGELO, TX. 76902-9990 191 51 949-3776 Sponsors of "M. K. Peppers" Womens Fast Pitch Softball Team For Try-outs Contact Maxine Thayer, Mgr. at Metro Stadium 356-5943 -jl XM ,H H DoRsEY s. norv lx t X lx in 'IlO.llNll MORTUARY I I Where Personal Service ls fi. is a Reality 7' Q 5435? 3925 E. New York St. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the 3574173 students, parents, teachers and administrators of Arsenal Technical H.S. HERFF JONES Gary Best Wishes Clark 353-2470 4 ' Q., D' ,,,,- an , . A ., YQ. m 4 Q 0-Cn... XY, ,,,, 4, av ' 7' KK, 'MM H A. B' fs. 7mit'wq'w,v ,Q 0 0 Q I ,9,. .sd K x K N ,,.,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M'! 1,65 1551, 'A . f- A' , Q X, Q an ' ' W A X ' M ' b 1 -1 If ' V ' 9 5 1 ff' 'N' ' ' H "' it M-M...k,,W,?. 2 7-.. 0 J .4 lsudwmykmx ef-g..,,...,,,,. 1 l V ,I N . 5 W ""-. 1 ,, x W" ' , . 1 T' 'X ' if ' if . ." Q 'rv . 51 ' .Y 'W 'f i QP x f ,5 W ii. E. an ...uh l 'fs 7' ..X .1 iv ff d , ,, V an P1 Q' l -J Uv ' A 1 1,5 -Xt fu' N s ' , JY 1 asm, 'K . ,,,nll5""' ,gvsf-Mg, 'War i., I . ,p on -1 -sf. ,,.. . na. .Q pf A ' pun? 3 'Q !' f V iw 'xv 1 5 ' ,j'f. , ,1 ,-., I ir f:.,L ig' X 'I' K5 ' ' 6 gi., ' V' . 45 f i . ' i ' . i 4 r j 53 N " A U' N ' N , ',.q N , cg ,AZT i' ff" 4 i ' ' ,PN Wu A V n .mix ,. rm "" N N., 04 N5 in .-5 .x .N -.. 1' nf" wg 1' it 1 ' " QQ, 4 MLK ,rn Sian Here --ll ButIer's Market 620 N. Tacoma Indianapolis, Ind. Same location for 18 years Bowl-o-Mat 2950 E. Pleasant Run 638-3458 Summer Leagues Forming Now! x Sql! if' LP""" ,.. H -10:-. V vm.,-j1, I Q QI JP If !! ' ff ' f 'f Y ' 3 Q Ri' P' xl L.: -gl 5059 . --L 5' f" 4-F X 'F 5 7? sk 's. 'X L tg fi--gi-li!-3 1 'F' "I . g 4 ' Ji m A ' vas' no x H if 4... YJ Q1 Q X 'K -iw X. x tv I rg-4, u O A 1 I ka " mf fm g , may a N ,Q Ji!-0 V!! Q' - ' 'Wy A, at 1 .9 ar I 1 V1 AK hai V 573352 X '- Ci .nga TK, 'P Q' 'ww R l 1 ill I p-..,- W Q J, X T ' ,' ' 5 J g 1+ l V V L Jw Q A Q " nan ,, N SCJ ls UA ia W .r , .Q-4'a m'.,4,..-, . - K". 5 ' I A in A . 1' X -Ii' I 1 J '14 vg- -sa It 5 44 5 "2 , A if " in " W5 -f ' ' Nah fal- P"""- Q Qc Iefwm.. Q ' ' ' -on-an Q41 A' -- .Mil mn W 4 H. V .Mu fi Q -?e "Q-. i. if "" '-'B H- - ---f -Q .M ' 'f ae g I . - -4' mam I 'Y ,ig as " , ul' ' "'-iv'-until ' "luv 1' Q ' O " ' '71, .41 Sim? 5 u 11 it N 2:25 af. an dt? A 1 a . i k ,M he .J ' , ' 'Fiji' VF. ,l LQ., "tml" .ag 4el,w.k x Q ' Q.-I 'gh A . I -L ...s ' ' 'J' ' lL'5I315N 191 U N y I "Wi ' 'r . -v J' Am .x' 5, brjuv-Ex .. gk A 4 1,5131 iv ui 3' SDIO .s wan, ' '-'xwmlaux n., , -ff ' .. -fr H "1-"-T N' T. in '., , xv... ' "' v . we 4 1 ., -, 7 rf'-1,3 P' . p N9 4- V - .Q . wg "' Q49 l - . s .jf 1 v. - 4 Q. J? d 1 I . bww .- ' " 1'-""""'!"' . s .2 uf 5 724.50 5 ' . ' S J ' r I. ' s Q i- W M .. ,,. -' - -. -ui, -I - . n Il" wr 'D 3 K - D J .wa l"J,i.u ,4 al sing' W. x 1 4. wf ' 1 5 venus id 4 'A Q. I 1-I' F.. .1 if i 'Q K ... ,. .wr -09' J ,,,.4.,.f pez -'ff H, M.-----A wg Qs , , 5,2 ... ' - ' 'Q b Q' - F Y .1 if I' 5' fx 1 'I qu t 5 . O' A fbidf cf -'J' min 'Q- .AOW .' L '-I .W if A ' ire' I 'L hi' " 9 5. -ull! , -H-'T' I ix. v. 1: ,T ' . . I . Aw' IQ1 4 8 , - H . me H -.5 O ' 0 A I ,U M D Jil. 0' 'Y' aw! ,L- v' Cannon Alumni -1" A Unique Group 1' 14. The Alumna Association of the Arsenal Cannon is a unique organiza- tion. lt is comprised of people who worked on our publications when they were in high school. Now about 800 strong, this association supports the publications in various ways. First, and most important, they offer a scholarship every spring to an outstanding senior staffer. Letter sweaters are also given to staffers with high grade point averages and five semesters of service. The alumni also supply us with equip- ment of various kinds when we need it. Our hats are off to the Cannon Alumni. During the four years at Tech I met several new friends and made great personal gains. Upon coming here, I was scared of the stories that I had heard about the teachers and numerous riots, but after the first year, I learned the rumors to be false. Tech is a great learning instituation. Many opportunities are at your finger tips, if you will just reach out. You can not sit still and except popularity and academic excellence to come to you, you have to go for it. Tech High is only what you make it. If you want it to be a battle field it will be, and if you want it to be a fun place, it can be that too. Don't sit back and be one of the un- 3 counted few, stand up and let your voice be heard. While working on the Arsenal Cannon of 1983, l met several difficulties, lack of pictures, and unreliable staff members. But when it came down to book or no book, those staff members who were truly dedicated came in on weekends, over Christmas break, and after school, and we got the book done. My thanks to those staff members, you know who you are. To the students of Tech, goodbye and I hope you like the book. . . Thanks, George England, 1983 Cannon George England-editorfchief Billy Haak-asst. editor Dagmar Butte-activities editor Debbie McManama-asst. activities Deanna Smith-senior editor Duane VanLandingham-asst. senior Lewis King-asst. senior Denise Ulsh -sports editor Mike Haak-asst. sports Andy Butte-underclasses editor Camille Goodrum-asst. underclasses Cheryl Lingenfelter-asst. faculty John Lee-photo editor Andy Butte-asst. photo Daryl Gibson-business manager Beth Brahany-asst. business Kim Polston-Paula Resnover Holly Sullivan-copy editor PAGE EDITORS Michelle Thomerson DeDe England Deana Harger Maria Haak PHOTQGRAPHERS Chris Westsnhaver Richard Calhoun Richard Bryant Billy Bayne Tommy Walker Glen lngle Mike Young 1 A I I I 1 I I O ' c 5-O 1 J t 1' Q I 1 ' U

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