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Q=; n hod - ' r ' » " fu syzy m -, i Ai- 7VM { .Af .1 ' ' rTTrrr yy ? ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIB 3 1833 03586 0185 GENEALOGY 977.202 IN3ATH 1982 pmidg 2-15 kmvs 16-47 tlasstS 4B-55 5pprk 5B-91 Ictiwties 92-135 Und rclassmm 3B-m bcultll 17D-179 lutP9rapKs tBD-tSt Royaltg tB2-tS3 kdipr Bpster 184-193 FldKCftismmts 194-2D7 tlosinri 20B Annie Ger Your Gun was rhe high spors May 19-20-21 The cosr (Debbie Spellmon and Morcy Quinronno wirh rhe leads) were greorfui for rhe rurn our. The musical wirh irs love srory and comedy worked our real well for Tech High School. The casr consisred of rhe Drama Club and rhe Music Deparr- menr. The direcrors were Mr. Paul Prarher (Music), Mr. Sron Minks (Dromo), Mr. Gory Conwoy (Coreogrophy), and Miss Moyord (Cosrumes). Thanks so much direcrors for giving us rhis opporrunlry. Thank you srudenrs, reochers, and parenrs for your supporr. (1; Isn ' t she l ind of big to be holding o dol- ly? Leave ir to Leah Wolcorr. (2; Annie, (Debbie Spellmon) sings rhe BLUES. (3) Duffolo Bill ' s show wasn ' t what was all crocked up to be! (4) Annie (D. Spellmon) comforts Minnie (Pom Henshow) os she sings them to sleep. I (1) The arrival of Frank (Marcey Quinrona) Burler into town, (2) How it ' s done behind rhe scenes (3) The members of rhe Wild West Show dress up and hove a boll. (4) How about shoor our on cloy pigeons. . ' from an Rr$enal oi liar . . . 1861 was when ir srorred. Guns were fired, cannons were fired ere . . . May men losr rheir lives ro rake q srond for our counrry. Many of rhe buildings rhor were here end used during rhor rime ore srill sronding The Arsenal, Wesr residence, Magazine and Born, ore rhe ones rhor srill remain. Wirh Q few more buildings odded ro rhose srill sronding, we mode o school, o place ro leorn, o place ro fur- ther our educorion, ro rrod in rhe foorsreps of our fore forhers who foughr ro save our counrry. The Arsenal: our office building now. The Magazine; The ROTC headquorrers. The connons once fired, now welcome one onro Techs compus. . J3t -..-. .. 4A4-iwi _ " • f J«fc« ■ JU ••» ■ ■ " Prom The enchonring evening of May 9, 1981. will always hold fond memories of rhe " We Belong Together ' Prom. Deourifu! long dresses end block rie suirs decorated Lo Scollo s Ball Room, 110 5. Meridian Sr. The rurn our was sucessful, and rhe bond, " Amusement Pork " performed some of the lotest sounds from Chicago. Excitement filled the air os the Junior; Senior Prom King and Queen condidates were about to be crown- ed. Juniors Karen Holmes and Wayne Booker, occomponied by Seniors Delia Bellamy and Kenny Musgrove had a spot light dance os rhe four were crowned Queens Kings of 1981. What a beautiful night. Upper Right: Tech Tirons JAM ' to rhe music of Amusement Pork from Chicago. Middle Left; The evening seems ro mellow our Middle Righf: The senior sponsor and choperone — Miss Lou Monn Lower Right: Whot does Jeff Rhoods know thof the rest of them don ' t???? upper Left: Penny Adorns and Aaron Hunt ore more interested in the comero rhon the conversation. Upper Right: Linda Amonerte ond Todd Godbury take time out from their dinner to smile for the camera. Middle Left: The tobies begin to fill up or Lo Scallo ballroom for the 1981 prom. Middle Right: Marty Corpuz isn ' t putting on on act, he alwa ys acts that way. Lower Left: Cheer up guys, the worst is yet to come. Tp an Hrscnal of Itmin With rhe oddirion of obour 11 more buildings our civil war monumenr was nrxxie inro c school. Tech has o very productive group of kids rhor orrend and who ap- preciare rhe Hisrory and meaning of our campus. Anderson Audirorium. an enrerroinmenr poloce on campus. The front of o ccrhedrol? Noh, irs rhe foyer of Sruorr Hoii. The Main, o fortress in the snow. ■ :3! ■- ' A " 4 ' 4 g : -ya a?q= y7ri-i- Treodwell Holl, known ro students os the Main. " Oh, give me a home, where the . . . Still standing guard, and now the home of campus Security. Arsenal Technical High School s own mar- ching bond on mojorerres. with Lisa McDonald rwirling rhe boron of fire. The onnuol TITANS fireworks. As rhe chilly winds blew and rhe remperorures dropped in rhe low 20 ' s it jusr wGsnr quire cold enough ro keep rhe Tirons from rhe honnecom- ing fesriviries, 1981. The half rime show was brighr and colorful wirh floors and fire works. Mr. Layman, sponsor of Key Club, crowned rhe Queen, Deb- bie Spellmon. 648, and presenred Roberr Fox 702 rhe Homecoming rrophy. The rrophy was awarded ro Roll Rooom 648 for rhe winning floor. The Charrord Trojans rook rhe gome from rhe Tirons wirh a 36 ro win. The winners comperirion was 7015 float, A Debbie Spellmon, our homecoming queen horse and a Titan trampling rhe Trojan. of 1981; Congratulations Deb!! 702 s float — They certainly hod roll room spirit. The crowd gathers around os Roll Room 721 ' s float Is being pulled onto the field. The candidates for homecoming are: I to r, Borry Willioms, Debbie Spellmon, (646), Derek Miles, Tina Porrott, (721), Ambret McChristion, Ron Jones, (722), Melonie Dillord, Robert Fox, (702), Woyne Bool er, Shelone Anderson (701). Homecoming Royalties 1961. 722 ' s float; the trojans ore being trompled on by the Titons. The winning floor 648, was a graveyard scene Some were tears of joy, some were tears of dissoppoinrment. The lUay Itic Itlcrc . . . A, » Recognize any of rhe faces on this page? Well you should. Ir ' s your reochers as srudenrs here or Tech. The reochers rhor wenr ro Tech for high school and groduored and come bock ro reoch here ore rhe ones on rhis page. We really didn r realize rhor Tech exisred rhor far bock. Thank you reochers for having rhe byolry for coming bock ro reoch or Tech. f ' l , • i Br ikes. ■ - nn i t B J Ln W ' m T L Ihe lag Wc M,., Wf f ' " l Con you find their counrerporrs? Mrs. Alice Goodrum in o pensive mood. Mrs. Cummins looks doubtful Mrs. Storms — formQlly What is Mr. Tressior doing? Correcting copy, of course. Mr. Kinser looks grim Mrs. Brown in o happy mood Mrs. Moore conducts o class Mr. Cline admires o trophy. Early in the morning for Mr. Deoll Con you match the way we are with the way we were? Our Four Years Are Over Here we ore Seniors! Ir ' s certainly hard to believe rhor four years ago we began our lives as " High School Students. " The years went by as days, ond the days went by os hours, . . . sometimes. Nevertheless, it is almost over for us. As we ore standing here tonight, the tears ore flowing slowly down over faces and the diplomas ore waving high in the air. This night is definitely one to rejoice in and celebrate. " Groduoting Seniors, move your tassels. " A touching momenr os two iiondicopped srudenrs receive their diplomas. Happy yet sad, excited bur fearful the soon-to-be graduates begin the processional. A look of worry crosses each senior ' s face as the thought crises, Where do I go from here? What comes next? " The debuf and farewell performance of the senior class bonner. The processional, rhe beginning of rhe end. The ceremony begins as Mr. Reed and Mary Bush moke their woy ro rhe podium. The four years of our High School education is now here. Have we learned onyrhing? Hove we done what our forefathers would hove wanted us to do? We hove wall ed on the ground that once was a bottle field for four years, what we hove prepared ourselves for is yet to come. Let us not mal e another battle field of our beloved school, Arsenal Tech. Legion Tops for Seniors One of rhe major highlighrs in o Senior ' s career is ro be in rhe Tech Legion. Srudenrs ore given merirs each semesrer by classroom reochers and oaiviry sponsors. After seven semesrers, poinrs are rorolled up and rhe rop ren percenr ore honored as coproins wirh rhe rop boy and girl as co-commanders. Tech Legion shows rhe communiry rhe finer quoliries of Tech rhrough rhese outsranding srudenrs. Members of rl-ie Legion ore Down L. Adorn, Bryan E. Allen, Anno Amoro, CynrhiQ Anderson, Mark C. Anderson, Joyce A. Arkins, Trino R. Avery. KImberly Bernard, Woyne A. Booker, Brendo D, Borronns, Roberr A. Brohony. Lisa M. Drown. Fred Corpenrer, Linda E. Cholifoux, Groig Chapman, Theodore T. Clark, R. Wynono Coggins, Thomas, R. Curren, Mark H. Demmory, Paula C. Dorson, Roberr L. Dorson, Rhonda K. Duff, Keely Evans, Dennis E. Garrerr, Tommy M. Gutnn, A ' Lia M. Holey, Cynrhio M. Hatcher, Morel L. Hayes. Morgie Herrera. Howord L, Hoover, Porricio Johnson, Kevin L. Jones, L. Dorlene McForiond. Edno F. Kemp, Jeffery E. Long, VIcrorio J. Monis, Morgorer E. McRoy, Derek M, Miles, Denron S. Morelock, Korhy M. Morris, Lynn M. Morton, Timothy V, Ookes, Donno 5. Porris, Daphne R. Porter, Cosondro Sims. Cynthio A. Smith, Deborah Spellmon, Cynthia Squires, Scort Stockhouse. Dovid W. Stigger, Eleni G. Svoios. Cormen R. Thomas, Valerie K Tolon. Down A. Trobe, John M. Vowter, Kevin N, Worner, Irene Wilson, Julie L. Wilson, Phyllis Wininger, ond Loretto L Woods The officers ore — Captains: Cynrhio Anderson, Rhondo Duff, Margie Herrero, Edno Kemp. Cynrhio Smith, Debbie Spellmon, Phyllis Wininger. Corrimonders: Julie L. Wilson, ond Kevin Warner, Tim Ookes receives much deserved Legion oword. iron Intelligence, G- ' X? is Honored T ' H . ift Xrli-t f ' ' yx ' i. Debbie Spellmon is seated after receiving iner Legion pin. Many Seniors Here at Tech hove ij- JdTot of dreams end gods that they hove. Although these goals may_,, _. - change through the four yeors, all " . yj ' eniors hove dreams of being one ' )r of the few who porticlpote in the Honors program. Among the honors are the sweaters oworded K - to the Seniors who accumulate a grade point overage of 7.000 and V+i-vrnointain ir. This year the 1982 class produced 18 top Seniors. Congrarularic Coaa C, ' C " AaW Cindy Anderson receives her captains pii Qt the ceremonies. Honor seniors from Left to Right; Row 1; Hov ord Hoover, Rhondo Duff, Cindy Anderson, Wayne Dool er. Rov 2; Beth Fleming, Keely Evans, Jay Hood, Nona Coggins, Edna Kemp. Seniors . . . Seniors . . . Seniors . . . Seniors at Ploy pi O ' ' Autographs q Lc-Ao J A A Ji ' ■ " bv y- •vP ' ' ,si ' , C o- ' ,-wAia, ' -ov ool . 7 v7 ' ' - ■-. , 0- sf- :fc cX.. -P v -P- r-i — ' ■ V . Autographs s E N I O R 5 I N D O G P A T C H Trocey Ackles Mory Alexander Bryan Allen Cynrhio Anderson Loren Anderson Vivien Anderson John Aposfolaikis Williom A berry Dawn Armstrong Wayne Ash Joyce Arkins Kim Aubrey Pomelo Bogby Cynthia Doker What ' s this Q loon on the loose? It ' s only o Titan Senior. Tonyo Dorlow Gole Beosley Robin Deckley Roynell Berry Sondro Bloomer Tonya Bodie Sherry Bolinger Woyne Booker Brendo Botfoms Michoel Boyd Mark Bradley Teresa Bragg Larry Bragg Laressia Brinkley Yes we represent the Class of ' 82. Geneva Orown Koren Drown Michelle Brooks Rodney Ournene Henry Durroll Terry Burse John Campbell Yolondo Compbell Hi Y ' oll. Ir ' s been o greor day. CofOtyn Cordis Fred Corpenter Tommy Correr LIndo Chalifoux Lindo Chombers Denise Chapmon Doug Chopmon Desiree Chasroin Ricky Cox Who could here o face like thor? Terry Davidson David Doy Lynn Duncon Sherry Dunkerson Romon Eorfhman Ken Eddingron Bonifo Eldson Borboro Evans Keel Evorii Suson Forley JuonltQ Fernondez Belinda Ferry Berh Fleming Carlo Flemming Jeonlne Prink Todd Godbury Anneffo Goines Fighting for chivalry, o lost cause. Rebecca Gory Koren Gillham Camille Giliom Reginold Gilliom Noncee Glover Lori Godsey Edword Grody Joycelyn Grigsby Tommy Guynn Todd Honcocl Chuck Hopner CynrhiQ Hatcher Linda Hoynes Tonyo Heodds Marie Hendricl son Phillip Herron . Vickie HewletT Cynthia Hicks Betty Hollondsworth Diane Holman Karen Holnnes Dominick Hopmonn Remember, if you ear your spinach you ' ll look jusr like me. Calvin Hughes Ar dreo Humphrey Jockie Hyche Roymond Ingrom Adrion Jackson Alice Jockson Willie Jackson Curtis Joskiewicz Derek Jefferson Oscor Jofinson Pofricio Jotinson Sfioron Jofinson Melindo Jointer Williom Joliffe Ronold Jones DIondino Journey Meet Zorro and Zero. Which is which? Rifo Keiffiley Edno Kemp Lorry Kendrick Roderick Kennedy Keith) Kilgore Aaron King Down Kingery John Kingery Gundulo Lawrence Jane Lowrence Michael Lemon Lowrence Lewis Dorieen Lindsey April Lynn Brondon March Deifro McConn g E ' ' v , • ♦» y % V Ambrert McChrisflon Dill McForlond Joke ond Elwood ore following in the foorsteps of Inspector Clouseou. Poor Panther! Dorieen McForlond Stephonle McLendon Brendo Mc Pheorson John McRoy Morgorer McRoy Dorleen Mefford Rodney Mills Lois Mobley Dryon Moisrner Denton Moreiocl ■4± Poul Murpliy Porfy Nelson Ws Not oil Titans wear snakes on their heads but this one does. Horold Nolan Check our rhose legs. Never sow q girl like rhor jeff Owens before. Michoel Owens 5uson Ping LokoniQ Posey Pioberr Pofeef Fronk Povenfud Mike Pryor Jerr Pugh Morcellno Quintono Roymond Quinrero ilTAf ii This is the latest creation for this summer. Isn ' t it lovely? Terry Reaves Yverte Sorgenr Elizabeth Schmidt Darleen Shirlee Shoron Shoulder Horold Simmons Cosondra Sims Janice Skillern Denerro Smith Elizabeth Smith Sherry Smith This is our serious side folks. Dovid Srigger Stephonle Tore Diane Toylor Suson Tennont CormellQ Thomas Jennifer Thomas Teresa Thomas Cindy Thompson James Thornburgh Kofhy Tobin Volerie Tolan Diane Tony Meet my friends. They jusf won o beauty contest. Dawn Tremoin Charles Tyner DIone Tyner Rondo Volenrine Carl Voughn Valerie Vinson Tommy Vondersoor f . y Srocey Vorhees Hiworho Walker Lofondo Walker Jeffery Wore Kevin Warner John Worrenburg Lonnie White Scort Whiteheod Worren Whitsey Gordon Wiley Revo Wilkinson r Vi ' We know Pocmon wos hungry, but desperote? Down Williams Derek Williams Donna Willioms Sondro Willioms Joseph Wilson Mory Wilson Roy Wineger Tino Wingo Phyllis Wininger Leah Wolcotf Judy Woodruff Lorefto Woods Stephanie Woods Donno Wright Seniors, you soy! Down Younger D (© Autographs K ' S " ft- - ' 0 ,j 7 Y ' { nU c ' % O (L- Ot Iv Y k ,,,7 u ' a T ' ' t Ct ' . ' D j. ' t Autographs More Seniors , r Autographs Autographs The learning process is o big port of Tech. The mind is like rhe body, ir needs energy to be built up. The more effort you put forth, the more energy you ' ll moke to build up your mind. Come with us to our mind " gos stations, " our dosses. Calculating + Checking = Math In rodoy ' s ever changing world, rhe ennphosis of morh in our society is of mosr imporronce. The computer is Q growing nncichine, and wirhour rhe knowledge of figures and ability to solve the problems, our nation comes to a standstill. Our future depends on the youth of today, the mathematician. Mr. Ireionds doss of calculus is determin- ed ro figure this one our! Business Business is another viral source of knowledge to the working world. The technology of on ever growing, ever changing industry is in the honds of the business people. Tech hos o large assortment of business classes to guide and to skillfully teach the future business executive. Ronging from general business, the fundomentols of balancing a check book to purchasing insurance, or o car, to utmost ad- vancement in (5.O.L.) Senior Office Lob and Computer programming. So the business world of tomorrow will be trained for the 21st century. The receprionisr or work rokes o quick pause for the phoro. Does this look fomiiior? Remember your I.D. picture ond your awful smile? To Be — Or Not to Be; This Is English! English, rhe doss rhor reaches one never ro soy. " y oh, huh, oin ' r, " and rhe dreaded " you know? " Ar Tech, we hove 37 differenr dosses ro reach o srudenr rhe wonders of English. After your freshman year of English I and II. srudenrs ore encouraged ro rake rhe Phase I dosses rhor nnighr in- reresr rhenn. This nnighr be Poetry and Bible Literature. Bur for rhe srudenr who likes rhe classics, Greek and Roman Mythology has rhe besr of rhem. Phose II, o srudenr who has mode ir ro this point might hove a heck of a rime choosing rhe English dosses rhey wonr. (They ore oil very hard ro choose from). Bur rhe bold srudenr here, mighr like raking Science Ficrion and Supernoruroi Literature. Bur Jour- nolism is helpful roo if one plans to be another " Lou Gront. " Then when one reaches rhe Phase III sroge, irs rime ro really buckle down. Classes here ore nor hard, Puzzling isn r ir? All rogerher now! Now, where ro begin. May I help you ' rhey ore jusr require a lor of thought. Bur whorever classes one chooses, rhey ore designed to enlighten and delight. And even hove a little fun on the way. 4 Score and 7 Years Ago- Our History Lives on Some soy history hos o way of repeating itself. Although this moy be true, but the history fought here ot Tech is never the some. The background of our (Deloved school dotes back to 1912, when soldiers wolked the grounds we students call- ed Tech. The History department headed by Wm. Siedlecki, and his fine stoff of 12 hove taught many students about different periods of time. History it is called. Karen Holmes gettin ' into it? Common ' now! Senior Nancy Deckord studies real liord in econ class. William Siedlecki, department heod of the history dept., lectures his class, and lectures and lectures and lectures and well, you know! % " ' -. f " W 1 6 g, V i L ' MW W i Titan History Is Preserved in Ink r ' ' f Arsenal Caitxtmt i oggins, Bernard Head Cannoi Printing is both on educofional and productive doss here at Tech. On the educational side, printing students can learn how to set type, print copies, and other such things used in printing. On the productive side, the printing class not only prints the Cannon newspaper, but also prints the newsletter for the Cannon Alumni. Martin I uthu Kiiik I ' rhw ■Awarded Local Centers Provide Aid To Pregnant Teens Our hisrory preserved in ink. Connon. " ' The Arsenal Robert Covert ond Roger Shaffer ( " Bockground; run the Multilith offset prin- ting press while Lester Lucas is preparing to run the Davidson printing jobs. William Day (Left) and James Simmons learn how ro pur a job on the 10 " x 15 " c p letterpress. Patsy Ruffin observes the operation of the Homoda offset printion press os Steve Williams (honds only shovk n) lowers the ink rollers to the plote. Laying negatives into position on a mask- ing sheet is o necessary and exacting job in preporotion to making the offset plote for printing. Roger Gryszowko, Dorrell Tardy, Wesey Collins and Michael Hughes (I to r) prepare to lay in negatives of Cannon pages. In this section you ' ll find out how Tech ' s athletes teolly scoted duting the 1981 82 season. Good or bod, we oil should be proud of what we hove. Remember athletes ond fans, it ' s not if you win or lose, but how you ploy the gome. Swinging , Into Action V The season record of 9 wins-11 losses for rhe Varsity Titans was no in- dication of the team ' s performonce and capabilities. Seniors Dob Honey and Andre Hansborough, Craig Messenger and Roy DIuitt provided sonne exciting moments for Tech baseboll fans, along with the rest of the talented ream. Members of lost yeor ' s teom feel the ' 81 season should be very good. Our reserves had fine players who con fill the shoes of the graduates. When the seoson starts the teom will be sporting new uniforms and will be looking forward to o better season. ' -• - iHW«NMi|||MiM iMI Top Right; Row 1; Bob Honey, Jerry Frost, Croig Messenger, Jeff Foyerre, Alan Nelson, Rob Covert. Row 2; Paul Clegg, Leah Wolcott, Sherry Gordon, Denise Dish, Julie Pope, Revo Wilkinson, Coach Moremon. Row 3; Russel Rebenock, Marty Corpuz, Gregg Coward, Brian Moorse, Mork Hurt, Andre Hansborough. Right; Coach George watches as Dob Honey changes his mind on going to se- cond base. Abov e: Coach Moremon wotches as his teom takes o hurting loss. Bashers Bunt Boll Bravely Reserve baseball ream ' s seoson wasn ' t the best in the world, but their 5-9 record developed a lot of character and stamina. Reserved coach George kept the team in line. The team is looking forward to a bet- ter season next year. Good luck! Top Left: Row 1; Morfy Clark, Charles Kingery, Billy Hook, David Grohom. Second Row; Chuck Hapner, Lorrie Dillord, Morlene Corlel, Melon! Dlllord, Diane Holmon, David Hon, Coach George. Third Row: Mica Briener, Jerry Pugh, Bobby Poteet, Kevin Warner, Brian Wray, Charles Cavindish. Above Right: Bobby Poteet smoshes a hard double down third base line. — ' ' . ' -H - Above: David Graham wotches for coach George to give signs. ::? ; ; ' v =% Swingers Strike Out The freshman baseball ream didn ' r meer rhe srandards of coach Scohiil. Wirh o record of 1-9, obviously rhe ream only won one gome. They learned how ro ploy rhe gome as well OS character. Outsronding players were Don Cannon — pitcher G short srop, Wes Collins — second base. Der- rer luck next year. Don Cannon, Wes Collins, Gory Asphalt, Tim Gowdy, David Lowell. Robert Hordimon, Mike Hook. Second row; Cooch Scohiil. Gregg Tucker, Teronce Shone, Don Summit, Lewis King, Mike Potterson, Joe Baker, Joe Worland. Varsity boseboll team woits onxiously to take rhe field os freshmon boll pioyers win only gome. Athletes Spring Into Sports Action! ( ' I • • • • I ?J| r W " " iSt- : ' - B,-«ijM« - Now rhof rhe weather has worm- ed up it ' s rime for Tech ' s orhletes to put rheir tennis shoes on, grob some clubs and head out for some of their own worming up. Girl ' s trock is storting off on the right foot, and finishing with o 1-2-3. Boy ' s track has o lot of spectators eyeing Tech ' s long jumper. Boy ' s golf putting in, out, and around the trees, Rick Mohurin takes o powerful swing off of the green. For Left: Rick Mohurin shows rhe righr way ro drive o golf boil onto the green. Upper Left: Eric Simmons leaps into action in the long jump. Above; Three Titan sprinters finish race 1-2-3. Heavy Boll Rallies for Tech!! " -4 The vorsiry rrock ream hod on in- credible season during rhe spring of 81. They finished wirh o record of 5 wins and 2 losses. Senior Ronnie " Tank " Robinson wenr ro rhe Stare Track Meer in Fort Wayne. Ronnie placed firsr in rhe Shor-pur evenr. Ron- nie was also on WTTV Chonnel 4 ofrer he caprured his well deserved firsr place. We, rhe srudenrs of Tech, give a warm congrorulorions ro Ronnie and a big Y A HOO for rhe ream. Righf: Row 1: Kevin Alcorn, Kenneth Rush, AAichoel Fields, Jeff Richordson, Michael Morgan, Johnnie Woods, Gerold Dunlap, Frank Twirry. Row 2; Ed Grody, Darryl Gibson, Mork Darris. Bobby Dowlen, Coach McGeorh, Chorles McGee, Willy Arbury, Wilson Lorik. Row 3: Dryon Allen, Tim Phelps, Mork Whitney, Terry Coleman, James Holey, Lewis Bonds, Coach Woodord, Mortin Jones, Joe Hording, Scotty Rush, Coach Dovie, Jesse Evons, William Golightly, Jesse Deormon, Michael Thermon, Frank Woods. Row 4; Rodney Mills, Ben Vorhees, Colvin Robinson, Worren Whitsey, Ronnie Robinson, Eric Simmons, Jesse Crruthers, Not Pictured, Robert Fox, Syroliegh Colemon. Middle Right: Robert Fo puts shot for per- sonol best — 49 ' -11 " . Bottorri Right; Kenneth Rush honds boron to Williom Golightly for the lost leg of the roce. Bottorri Left: Lewis Bonds rriisses on ot- tempr orrhe high jump. xj(f Autographs (D((§) Autographs v .- " S X aJ • cv J3- = ' % ' = sy Autographs I 04 . iM - A ' Si ' ? - r Tim-ni VjV I - II ii :Tr» I ' m on my way mom. Jump on ir!! Top Right: The real sror of rhe donkey ijj boskerboll gome. ;; Above Right: Leorning to wrestle we takes Q lot of hard practice. Right: Bowling takes o sharp eye ond o steody hand. If one studies and tries hard at everything he she does, one con moke it. I know that ' s what I hove to do to moke something of my life. Neither Rain Nor . Row 1: Ponie Davis, Andro Searcy, Lori Armour. Drendo Decker, Tina Parrot. Row 2; Ron Davis (coach) Darryl Gibson, Scorr Roach, David Correr, Ron Srolnoker, Frank Twirry, Billy Guyman, Robert McKenny. Row 3: Joy Kline (coQCh) Don Browne, Darrin Napier, Jessie Curruthers, Scott Rush. Terry Collmon, Jeff Hess, Bryan Allen, Bruce McGeoth head coach. Dorrin Napier is determined to reach his goal. Neither rain, sleet or the dork of night con keep the cross country from doing their best. They finished the season with on impressive record to not let Tech down. Tech borrles in our with Arlington in o cross country track meet. Robert McKenny creeps up on o Howe stu- dent during o track meet. And they ' re off!! It ' s the stort of o long meet as tech takes on Howe. Footballers Hove Rough Year This years foorboil ream hod o long, hard season, but had irs pride. This year rhe ream wos rebuilding wirh a lor of players conning back nexr year. Oursranding players were Co-Coproin Robert Fox whose leader- ship Co-CoptQin Wayne Booker who also was a leader. Titans returning next year ore: Quorterback, Larry Sledge and Clyde White. 1sr Row: John Campbell, Jomes Bonks, John Roberts, Lorry Sledge, V. Agunyo, Kevin Rush, Mike Speilmon, K. Sulrzer, 2nd Row; Robert Fox, Jorry Morlin, Son Elmore, Fronk Croig, Robert Woodord, Jomes Dell, John Gore, Mike Cecil, Woyne Booker, 3rd Row: Joe Wilson, Archie Willis, Dove Menord, Joy ( " Hit Mon " ) Hood, Jerry Poige, Brian Morris, Mike Pryor, Curt Joskiewitz, Colvin Robinson, Desmond Holi, 4th Row: Robert Dunn, Kevin Daniels, R. Temple, Bobby Dollen, Roger Brill, Jomes Hopkins, Rodney Mills, Porrel Tordy, Bruce Dunstin, Edword Grody, 5th Row: Dovid Anderson, J. Doei, L. Gorrell, Brion Gore, Jock Horris, Jeff Long, Dennis Potter, P. Miner, J. Doei II, 6th Row: Albert Harris, Eric Horris, Clyde White, Roymond Ingram, Bobby Hoke, Wilson Lorick, John Miner, Robert Dotson, Robert F ox looks ' mean " for the comero. Nev kicker. V. Aguoyo trys for o .30 yord field gool. c ) Autographs Frosh F-Bollers Win The freshman foorball ream or leosr did better rhon rhe vorsiry, rhey won Q gonne! The players were a dedicated and enrhusiasric bunch of guys. They didn ' t lose rheir heads over a bod play, rhey went our and did rhe besr rhey could. Good luck r»exr year. Come on guys let ' s block this punt. Get out of my way, I hove got to catch this footbollll! Wrap ' Em Up Wrestlers The Vorsiry wrestling team did well this year. They did well in the city meets. Senior Robert Fox wrestled his way to the Semi-Stote wrestling meet Qt Market Squore Arena. The coaches for the varsity teom were John Hurley, and Francis Knue. r ' Unknown wrestler goes for pin. Row 1; Levine Walker, Darren Arberry, Willie Arberry, Bobby Dowlen, Marvin Wilson, Jock Harris. Row 2; David Stiger, Kevin Jefferson, James Hopkins, Jerry Frosr, Wayne Booker, Kory Kolin. Row 3: John Hurley, Jerry Paige, Robert Fox, Joseph Wilson, James Bonks, Francis Knue. Reserve Wraps ' Em Up! The reserve ream did o poor job this season. Unforrunoreiy rhe reserves gor rhe boys rhor rhe coaches feir needed more procrice before rhey mode rhe varsity team. GocKd Luck nexr year boys ond proc- rice hard for rhe varsity ream!!! Safe! Yeh, that ' s right I ' m bod! Coach Hurley watches in disgust. Freshman wrestlers hod on off season this year. They were coached by Mr. Som Elmore. They hod a record of 2-5. Some of the important wrestlers were Jimmy Leisering, Glenn Ingle, and Brian Dusseil. Better luck next year. Practice mokes perfect. Tech Swimmers Drown Opponents Right: Richard Crenshaw grabs o quici ; breorh of air as he leads the 100 yd. burrerfly. Below Left: Row 1; Doug Mocco, Bill Lee. Richard Crenshaw, Billy Hook. Marr Webb. Sron Jajugo. Row 2: Tim Ookes, Dominik Hopmonn. Borry Young, Marry Corpuz, Billy Jolliffe. Bob Poreer, Roy Wineinger. Row 3: Coach Ireland, Mike Hook, Andy Durre, Danny Hall, David Menard, John Miner, Joe Hedgeberh, Geneo Geist, and Diving Coach Porry Whirren. Below Right: Richard Crenshaw and Billy Jolliffe ore firsr off rhe block in rhe 100 yd. Burrerfly. i r¥w ¥ The Tech swim ream has hod on Qwesome season so for This year. Wirh new heod coach Ron Ireland, rhe reom procrices berrer and harder rhon before. The swim ream has an oursranding record of 6 wins and only 2 losses! The only losses were ro Beech Grove and ro Lawrence Cen- rrol. " The ream is physically and men- roily srronger rhon before, " said coQch Ireland. Final year seniors are as follows; Tim Ookes, Dominik Hop- monn, Borry Young, Marry Corpuz, Billy Jolliffe, Bob Poreer, Roy Wine- inger. Hopefully nexr year ' s swim ream will be o big success. Above; Diver Geneo Geisr shows the pro- per way to do o Reverse dive In pike position. Swimmer Mike Hook loosens up before he swims the gruling 500 yd freestyle. Dolphinettes Sink in Second Season Yes this is the second year of rhe girls ' swim reom. First year cooch, Bet- ty Bailey, has shown greet en- thusiosm in building the team. Through her ieodership, the team monoged to xerox lost yeor ' s record. Rochelle Elliott conne out on top as most vcluoble swimmer. Julie Justus received the mental attitude award. Other memorable swimmers were Terri Young, Terri Wildrick, Lillie DeBruler, ond Sherry Bolinger. Let ' s support the girl swimmers next year. Good Luck. Julie Justus is excited about breaking the school record in the breoststroke. Her time wos 1:31.2. First row; Jane Doe, Cheryl Linginfelter. Second; Penny Hess, Colleen Countreras, Laurie Simpkins. Third row; Lisa Smith, Terri Wildttock, Pvochelle Elliott, Lillie DeBruler, Julie Justis, Terri Young, Coach Betty Bailey. Not Pictured; Monoger Barry Young Crystal Keys gets a good start for the lost leg of the 400 yd. relay. Springboorders Sweep City Meet Upper Right: Doug Mocco, Billy Hook, CoQch Pony Whirten, owoir start of meet. Middle Left; Billy Hook spins out of control while learning a new dive. Middle Right: No Billy, you can ' t fly!!!! Bottom Right: Geneo Geist also waits for the storting of a meet. Turner Benefit Basketball Game a Big Success The London Turner Benefit bosket- boll gome was ployed here on Nov. 6, the night of open house. The teonns thot ployed were the 1960 Tech stors, ond the 1970 Tech stors. The 1970 ' s teom wos cooched by London Turner ' s fother. The gome roised more thon 2,000 dollors to help poy some of London ' s medicol bills. The ' 60s teom storted great but the ' 70s teom come bock to toke o 47-46 ieod ot the holf. In the lost 10 minutes the ' 60s teom outscored the ' 70s team 21-16, but the ' 70s teom held on to win 96-85. High scores were J. Price — 34 ond P. Blue — 16 for the ' 60s. A. Johnson ond M. Horris — 14 eoch, for the ' 70s. Thonks to oil of the people who supported this fontostic gome. y Above Right; Two former Titans jump for boil to start the benefit basketball gome. Adell Turner talks to his team before the start of the gome. Cogers Building Toward Future The 1982 Vorsiry Basketball Teom hod a K 11 record down from losr year ' s record, 14-8. The record doesn ' t show the extreme effort of Mr. Cline ' s ream. The ream was led by Junior Michael Srone with a 16 point overage. Senior lertermen on the ream were Johnny Robinson, Jesse Evans, Vincent Day, and Lewis Bonds. Michael Stone and Marcus Brown may be returning next year. ' i -— Lewis Bonds procrices free throw shots or Hinkle field house for the secrionols. Row 1; LeRoy McColiisrer, Eric Simmons, Johnny Robinson, Erwin Shields, Michael Srone. Row 2; Cooch Cline, Stanley Dellomy, Vincent Day, Lewis Bonds, Brian Morris, Jesse Evans, Terry Colemon, Marcus Brown. Eric Simmons, o very aggressive player, l nocks down a player from Roncolli to mol e o bosket for Tech. Stanley Bellamy wairs pafienrly for the rebound. Titon Player Eric Simmons scores another two for the records. Perfect form for the free throw by Vincent Day!!! Frosh Dribblers Show Promise The freshman boskerboll ream hod Q prerry good season. They broke even wirh rhe nunnber of wins ogoinst rhe number of losses. Coach George said. " They ' re one of rhe besr reams I ' ve cooched in a while. " Good luck in rhe reserve league nexr year. Row 1; Paul Bean. Michael Norron, Michael Sholor, Mork Osborn, IXobby Dray. Row 2; Jason Flowers, Charles Wes morion, Tony Logon, William Rush, William McKoson, Lorry Drowning, Coach George. Here somebody corch!!! If this don ' t go in I ' ll die. Girl Hoppers Take If to the Hoop This year ' s girls boskerboll ream did very well. They were runner-up in rhe Ciry Tourney. Two of rhe leading scorers were Glenna Massey and Conondro Goodoll. Maybe nexr year rhe girls con be Ciry Channps. I ow 1; Conondro Goodoll, Tina Porrotr, Neirro McConn, Grocie Webb, Deboroh Jones. Row 2; Mirondo Bryonr, Debbie Queries, Lindo Amonerte, Kim Gollidoy, Jone Shotwell, Cooch Johnke. Senior Debbie Quorles wofches opponent shoor ond moke finol bosket in the first quarter. Jesse Evans practices free throw shots for sectionals while the rest of the reom awaits the rebound. Two wrestlers in the up position. Boll Sloppers Spike Opponents This year ' s volleyball ream did a fine job under rhe direcrion of coooch Mory Lou Monko. Although, as expected, they lost a few gomes, bur many more were won. Next year is to be a promis- ing season. Row 1: Loren Anderson. Selina Gilmore, Lowondro Murphy, Deidro Dorrs. Row 2: Lydie Dell. Debbie Quorles, Down Harris, Linda Amonerre, Lorisso Drinkley, Coach Mary Lou Monka. Donr worry I ' ll ger ir!!! Darn, 1 could have mode rhor any orher day. This one ' s for you Terri. Let ' s ploy hot potato. u rp (y 5 K ' Autographs k iY y k CH , y K 4-d. 0- ' (7 QfV Autographs Autographs ■ ,9 -t Autographs Nor only ore dosses o port of Tech life, bur so ore our fun and gomes, known as ocriviries. The ocriviries ronge from Dromo ro Bowling Club. If you con ' r find onyrhing ro do, look around; rhere is somerhing for everyone. Everybody should join a club or ocriviry ond be o porr of our fun ond gomes. Pepping to Victory Hove you ever wondered whor ir would be like ro be o vorsiry Cheerleader? Or o cheerleader of any kind? Hopping around in a nninnie skirt and having oil rhe orrenrion? Well, ir ' s nor oil a bowl of cheries some of us may think it is. Remember bock ro football season and the 50 and 60 degree weather, and who froze their roo-roo ' s off? Come rain, snow, or the blustery wind from the west, those faithful cheerers were our in front leading their team to viaory?: and some to defeat. Never the less they kept right on going. CHARGE! Our Cheerleaders also went ro comp and won the spirit stick from oil the other schools. So if you ore consider- ing a spot up front, always remember you may end up a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. RAH! RAH! RAH Come on guys — Fire ir up Top: Shelone Anderson, Mary Moson, Tino Price. Debbie SpelllmQn: Baseman: Jeff McKlnney, Kennerli Esreb, Tim Spradiin. Richard Lay. On Ground: Denise Whire, Down Adam. ■ X- ir- y f A, .1 , v A A, 9 Z ' :k„; ' ' ' .a ijo ' - V ,, - Autographs Hove you ever asked yourself " Whor is genealogy? ' Well . . . genealogy is the study of the descent of a person of o family. And this is ex- octly what the Genealogy Club studies. Members of the club trace their fomily history bock in time, sometimes as for as Adam and Eve. Mrs. Wilson, the club ' s sponsor, has traced some of her family history. Her experience in this has been a great help to the students. The club travels to the Stote House and the many dif- ferent libraries throughout In- dianapolis. These trips ore always helpful in finding more information about one of their families. So ... if you ' re interested in tracing your roots or finding your culture, then the Geneology Club is for you! Joe Fuller and Irish American at Interna- rional Fesrivol. Joe Fuller and German Curreral Booth. How about trocing your fomily tree? A Few Spore Titans Strike Out Weekly The Tech Bowling ream meets every Tuesday ofrer school end bowl eoch other for fun and connperition. Miss Eods is the only sponsor of this year ' s team. More bowlers ore olwoys welcome. The top bowlers and the top team will receive trophies at the end of the yeor. Come join the fun ond support your team. The FTD messenger on his day off. No, Anno, bowling bolls don ' r bounce! One member shows sryle? I didn ' t know rhey were recruring flam- ingos for the ream. O AV L O MAT Brains Compete This year ' s Brain Game Teom got off to a slow start. However, you con ' t soy they didn ' t try!! They hod a lot of hard-working thinkers consisting of Tonya Moore, Dagmar Butte, Chris O ' Connor, Angela Pfile, and Donna Roberts. The Brain Ganne is televised on Channel 13 and hosted by the weatherman Bob Gregory. So, if you feel you ' re smart, then why not give it a try! Righr; Broin Gome Teom — Front L. ro R.; Donna Roberrs, Dogmor Dune, Angelo Pfile. Dock Row; Chris O ' Conner, Tonyo Moore, Sponsor Mr. Murphy. They ' ve really got their brains working, don ' t they? Check Mote! The Chess Team is another one of the exciting clubs offered at Tech. The teem is sponsored by Mr. John Kern, who not only enjoys the gome himself, but is interested in teaching others the gome. So come on and put the first rook forward! And Now Live . . Every day during Roll Coll you hear something over rhe inrercom called rhe WATS Droodcosr. This is rhe besr woy of keeping rhe srudenrs infornn- ed of various oCTivities and whor ' s go- ing on or Tech. Srudenrs from rhe Speech Team porricipote. They read rhe daily bullerins and keep rhe srudenrs up ro dare. The WATS brood- casrers rhis year ore Dogmar Durre, Ron Sralnaker, Sharon Bell, Debbie McMonomo and Denise Ulsh. Mr. Minks, who is an English reocher, supervises ir. So if you ever wonr ro knov whors happening around Tech, rune in on rhe daily WATS broadcast. Top: Dogmor Durre " doing |-ier riling " on rhe doily WATS broodcosr. Borrom Left; Denise Ulsh reads o bulletin os Dogmor Burte looks on. Borrom Righr; Curting up rhe bulletin is on easier way to get the broodcosr done faster and efficienrly. There ' s " Horn " in All of Us . . . Amateur Radio Club is a club especially for people inreresred In go- ing into the field of Rodio brood- casring. Make sense??? Sure ir does!!! The club studies morse codes, learns how to handle equipment and talk on the radio. Sounds pretty fun to me. How about it??? Top; Members of Tech Radio Club in o relaxed moment. Members of Club try to figure our the morse code. Thiese rwo members rake a special interest in Tech l odlo Club. Foreign Languages can be very en- chanting . So when you feel for something different or hove a free period, why don ' t you try a foreign Language and join one of these dymonic clubs? Mr. Sronley gives instructions to Dominic Hophmon. Dominic Hophmon, Tech exchange student from Germany. Members of German Club; Dominic Hoppmon, Mr. Don Stanley, advisor, James Fish, Tom Curren. Not pictured; Aline Hample, Julie Wilson, Tomi Curren, Louraine Mirrell, Brendo Pruett. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? MaeoisQ Ullouri, exchange srudenr from Den Davis High School. Spanish Club; Row 1; Tommy Morgan, Norciso Ullouri, Valerie Uinuson, Alio Holey, Michelle Kimbrough. Row 2: Kevin Helms, Sro Wyne, Jockpepe Harris, Poulo Dorson, Allison Sanders, Lorroin Murrell. Row 3; Porry Nelson, Sfocy Surron, Tonrito Homilron. Lorroin Murrel and Norosio Ullouri pose for Sponish Club. The Foreign Clubs this year hove been pretty low on members. However, rhey srill seem ro keep up with rheir Qcriviries. The Spanish Club sponsored o scrabble rourno- menr, and rhe German Club por- fidpored in a cosrume donce party or German Club Pork. HoblQ Esponol? Drama Club Members Hopefully Future Actors . . . All of rhe srudenrs who porTlclpore in dromo dub ore Inreresred in acting and or drama irself. Some don ' t real- ly intend to be professions, but they have fun acting during their high school years. For those who do wont to make acting their career, this is on excellent way to get the experience. The sponsors for drama club ore Ms. Judith McDribe and Mr. Stan Minks, both which are English teachers here otTech. Top: Anno Amoro, Tim Groves, and Denise Ulsh display their ocring obiliries in the one- Qcr ploy " The Little Red School House. " Middle Left; Members of dromo club por- tray various chorocters in the one octs. Middle Right; Julie Wilson, Richord Loy, and Tim Sprodlin orgue over Richard ' s sudden, weird-looking appearance. V .y rjy Autographs ■ H fr , ,i. ,! J ' I; ' ' M ' I ' " ' y i IJV ' . ii ' - ' -•- r fCi ' w rl .ii ' ? r , - " - ' V ' c Say It With Words The Speech Team or Tech is pro- bably one of rhe mosr successful. They compere wirh schools from oil over rhe srare. Coached by Ms. Alice Goodrum, rhe ream hos managed ro defear some of rheir roughesr comperirion. According ro some people or Tech, it ' s one of Tech ' s ossers. So why nor give it rry? Ms. Goodrum coaching speech ream on. Row 1; Nonerre Arwine, Debbie McMonomo, Brendo Dorroms, Tino Price, David Price, Stephanie Guynn, Dawn Trobe. Row 2; Holly Sullivan, Andreo Piety, Cindy Anderson, Brondon March, Down Williams. Row 3: Mike Seuss, Pom Henshow, Sharon Bell, Don Quiet, Tiereso Greene, Kim Bernard, Ron Romey, Mike Scholar. Row 4: Ms. Goodrum, Angela Pfile, Edna Kemp, Jerry Smith, Woyne Booker. Shown Shelby, Bryan Allen, Billy Mook, Brion Stutts, Kevin Worner, Tim Sprodlin. Row 5: John Miner, Jeff Hess, Andy Burte, Horry Gory, George England, Clyde White, Tim Ookes. Left ro right: Dogmor Butte, Vice-President; Cindy Anderson, President; Ms. Alice C. Goodrum, Sponsor; Down Trobe, Secretory. Not pictured, Paul Murphy, Treosurer. If Q sfudenr joins rhe Speech Team rhey become o porr of o group colled N.F.L. To become o member you must hove 25 points, received by do- ing good speeches. N.F.L. stands for the Notionol Foren- sic League, ond is o notionol honor society for speokers. The points for N.F.L. ore a worded on the bosis of points received in the different rounds, some cotegories receive more than others. This year ' s officers ore Cindy Anderson president, Dogmor Butte vice president, Down Trobe secretory, Paul Murphy treasurer. Goodrum gives out sweepstake Row 1; Down Willioms, Tina Price, Brenda Bottoms, Pom Henstiow, Debbie McMonomo. I ow 2; Ron Romey, Cindy Anderson, Angleo Pfile, Bra ndon March, Dogmor Butte, Edno Kemp, Dawn Trobe, Mrs. Goodrum. Row 3; George Englond, Sharon Bell, Mike Suess, Horry Gory, Tim Ookes, Bryan Allen, Kevin Warner, Andy Butte. Tech ' s Foil Ploy o S M A S H Above. Trapper John (George England) en- couroges Coproin Ugly (Ookes) in another of his orremprs to pick up nurse Jonice Fury (Kim Bernard). Right: Col. Sherman Porter (Ron Romey) rakes o stortling coll from headquarters. For Right; B. J. HoneycutT (Bryan Allen) practices his favorite hobby while Nurse Houlihon ond the others shore some conversation. Top: Doctor Hawk-eye Pierce (Jeff Hess) and B. J. Honeycutt throw a threat in the direction of the overly-obnoxious Major Winchester (Andy Butte). In big bold imoginory neon llghrs which houvered over rhe Anderson Auditorium November 5-6, rhe Mosh Unit 4077 rook to the stage for two hilarious performances. Mrs. Alice Goodrum, director; and Jerry Smith, student director, supervised the mognificienf cost in their acting abilities. With Bryan Allen as B. J. Honeycutt, Jeff Hess as Howkeye Pierce, and Cin- dy Thompson as ' Hot Lips Houlihan, " the ploy was a major success. Other cost members were: Tina Price, Pam Henshow, Angle Pfile, Kim Bernard, Comille Goodrum, Denise Uish, Holly Sullivon, Debbie McMonomo, Dogmor Butte, Cothy Hess, Deanno Smith, An- drea Piety, David Price, Horry Gory, Mike Suess, Bill Haak, Ron Romey, Tim Ookes, Andy Butte, Lynn Curry, Tim Sprodlin, Down Trobe, Mark Davis, Donald Quiett. The television series of Mosh has been aired for 10 seosons now, and the unit of the Fall Play went over well. Just ask the oudience. Should the series on television ever become extinct, many fond memories of the production here at Tech will live on forever. Above; Dean Mercy Lodge (Denise Ulsh) dicrores a letter to her secretory (Holly Sullivan), OS the cost prepores for its next scene on stoge. Left; " Hot Lips Houlihan " (Cindy Thonnpson) horongues ot her nurses (Tina Price, Angle Pfile, Pom Henshow) for supporting their in- solent doctors. Far Right; Max Klinger (Billy Hook) shows o lively set of legs to the audience. The com- pany clerk poses no ihreot to foxy secretories anywhere. Titions Dress to Kill, Learn to Act Drama Club Thespians have several exciring ventures each year. One of rhese is rhe annual afternoon of one oas. This year the fare con- sisted of The Little Red School House and A Connecticut Yankee in King Ar- thurs Court. The ploys were done en- tirely by students under the direction of Pom Henshow, Angela Pfile and Debbie Spellmonn, with the assistance of Michael Seuss. The Little Red School House is a madcap colleaion of crazy turn of the century students who do their level best to drive their teacher into Insanity. The Connecticut Yankee was Tech ' s first venture into the middle ages with some interesting twists. This time even Merlin succumbed to ERA. The one acts were fine amusement for the audience. Mr. ond Mrs. Porter terrify poor innocent reocher Mory. Wonder why. Don ' t worn Yankee (Richard Loy) Merlino (Julie Wilson) won ' t hex you, you hove Clorence (Tim Spradlin) ro protect you. " Aw shut up stinky, or I ' ll beat you up. " Berrho (Pom Henshow) threorens Moyberry (Angelo Pfiie). it ' s curroins, before rhe ploy even begon. f i]j r IfW We Set the Scene . . . Sfogecrofr Club is probably the most creative of oil clubs. This club is responsible for all the sets ond props For plays and musicals. It is really amazing with all the stuff they come up with! Sounds like fun? Come on □nd set the scene with us!!! Srogecroft Club members: L. fo R.; Row 1; Lori Bowman, Dene Svolos. Row 2; Michelle Mexner, Efrhimios Soros, Louro Mexner. Row 3; Gundulo Lawrence, Jane Lawrence, Eleni Svolos, Mr. R.F. Brown, Chris O ' Conner, Dovid Madden. Not Pictured; Wynono Coggins. Stagecraft Club tokes on responsibility of putting up props for plays. Left; Members of the Stagecraft Club wotch Mr. Brown (sponsor) take down props. Blasting Through in ' 82 The Tech Key Club has been o very oc- rive group rhis year. The group has been rored high in rhe srare of Indiana. Some of rhe Key Clubbers acriviries in- clude colleaing money for rhe Jerry Lewis relerhon. sponsoring rhe Homecoming, ringing bells for rhe Solvation Army, a can- ned food drive, candy soles, and por- riciporing in rhe Indiana District convention. Rhonda Duff president, begins each meeting with rhe Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Lord ' s Prayer, also led by Rhonda. The secrerory monoges monthly reports senr out to rhe Key Club Governor. The Key Club rakes pride in whot it stands for, ond hopes to become even stronger in the future. S.A.O. stands for Student Affaits Organization. This club works very close with the City-Wide Student Council, along with sponsoring rhe Student-Faculty Basket- ball Game ond rhe crowning of the bosket- ball queens. Before the club ' s officers ore elected, each candidate must give a speech. This year ' s officers ore Anno Amoto, President; Kevin Alcorn, Vice President; Chtisty Wilson, secretory; and Groce Stigger, Treasurer. The sponsor of this fine club is Miss Cheryl McVoy. So if this club is for you, rhen moke a point to join next year. Rhonda Duff, Key Club President. Key Club shoots the works. Anno Amoro folks over things wirh Denise Ulsh ond Poul Murphy. Members of S.A.O. w The purpose of this club is ro bring better relations between the students end faculty. For Valentine ' s Day the club sponsored a money making event that consisted of sending roses to that special person. The club seems to hove fulfilled their purpose this year. Congratulations!! Top Left; " I thought this was going to be interesting! " Middle; And here ' s Mrs. Brodshow " trying " to answer some of the students ' questions. Bottom left; Left to Right; Row 1; Cheryl Roy, Yovonno McCorty, Loretto Woods, Alio Holey (President), Denise Brown, Shirley Tipton. Row 2: Janet Hendrickson, Lori Armour, Dorryl Gibson, Steve Jones, Micheal Smith. Row 3; Roosevelt Griffin (sponsor), Jerry Smith, Stephanie Quinn, Martha Brodshow (sponsor). OEMs Active " This meeting is colled to order. " Trond Lone wins awards. Loren Anderson and Celeste Webster en- joy Bulletin. New members are initiated. ICEC on the Move . . . DecQ lines up to " Smile prefty ' Students who ore in DECA put o lot of effort into their projects, but the results moke it worthwhile. One of their money making projects is the titan shock. Commercial foods is a career oriented doss. Commercial foods shows off rheir wares. A ' - O , ;, ' I if Qi il( Be|s ( n V tT People also audition for this group or rhe end of every year and are ex- pected to show up for oil programs as part of their grade. The group prac- tices every day for 40 minutes 3rd period. Top Righr: Mr. Conwoy helps Jeneen Sher- rod word our some rough rhyrhms. Middle: The Dell Choir works hard rowords upcoming performances. Bottom; Row 1; L ro P : Denise Ulsh, Leah Wolcorr, Anno Amoro, Tommy Curren, Corhy Hess, Lisa McDonald, Julie Horlon, Cle Wesr. Row 2; Mr. Conwoy, Direcror, Dryon Allen, Rocky Brown, Tommy Allen, Jeneen Sherrod. Kelly Brinkley. The Tech Music Deportment is just OS crazy this year as ever before! With Paul Prother, Kondis Drown, Gory Conway, Lee Barricklow, Ron Nobles, Edward Evons, and Mr. Dovis (Pep- per) ail working together as o teonn, they create one of the best high school musical deportments throughout Indianapolis. Even though there is a lot of good times here everyone knows when it is time to go to work. Now that the musical has come and gone all of the devotion and hard work has paid off. We con see this clearly from the 1982 musical " Comelot. " Wild and Crazy Aqoin This Year Top; " Come on guys, quit messing around! Let ' s get rhor piano bocl inside before the bear (Mr. Prother) wokes up! " Middle; A musician ' s hands hard of worl . Dortom Left; Mrs. Brown with her new addi- tion to the music department staff. Techoir . . . Techoir is considered the rop singing group or Tech. The group meets everyday 5rh period ro practice on all types of songs for concerts and contests. Most of the students in Techoir hod token beginning choir classes in their previous yeors at Tech before getting into this group. Tryouts ore held at the end of every year. Only the best and most talented singers are chosen to porticipote in the following year. Mr. Paul Prather, music department head, direas this relented group and is oc- componied by Mr. Ed Davis. . . . Conimus Exanimo For Top Left; L. ro R. Debbie Spellmon, Co- President; Julie Wilson, Secretory; Morgoret McRoy, Sop. Section leader. Dock Row; Bryan Allen, Co-President; Ted Clark Treasurer; Morcilino Quintono, Boss Section Leader; Not Pictured; Jeneen Sherrod, Alto Section Leader; Paul Murphy, Tenor Section Leoder. For Bottom Left; Row 1; Sharon Bell, Irene Wilson, Linda Annonett, Anno Amoto, Leah Wolcott, Tina Price, Dogmor Butte, Colleen Contreros, Teresa Brogg. Row 2; Vanessa Waters, Tomnny Allen, Lori Armour, Condice Hopkins, Debbie Spellmon, Margaret McRoy, Cothy Hess, Cleovis West, Debbie McMonomo. Row 3; Tierso Greene, Paris Stewart, Kelly Brinkley, Denise Ulsh, Angle Pfile, Jeneen Sherrod, Julie Wilson, Susan Tonguay, Pom Henshow. Not Pictured; Julie Justus. Left; Mr. Paul Prother, director of Techoir, shows us his best side. Below; Thomas Roberson, Bryan Allen, Joe Fuller, David Price, James Hornodoy, Lynn Curry, Gory Bennett, Lawrence Mortin. Row 2; John Reed, Barry Young, Tom Curren, John Sullivan, Kenny Esteb, Rodney Mills. Row 3; Ted Clark, Richard Lay, Joe Folkening, Chuck Hopner, Morcie Quintono, Joy Hood, Leonard Hiser, Rocky Brown. Not Pictured; Paul Murphy, Jeff McKinney, Chris Choney, Lester Stonsberry. The Chamber Ensemble is Q new group or Tech. Together ir is colled rhe Chamber Ensemble and Madrigals and Swing Choir, jusr depending on he rime of rhe year. Seporarely ir is rhe Girls Ensemble and rhe Boys Ocrerr. The Madrigal dinner was per- formed December 9.10,11,12. Ar rhe dinner madrigal music wos sung and o dinr er was served and a ploy was pur on. Here is o lisr of rhe Chamber Ensemble members: Anno Amoro, Lori Armour, Geneno Drown, Dagmor Durre, Corhy Hess, Mogrer McRoy, Angie Pfile, Tina Price, Tierso Greene, Debbie Spellmon, Denise Ulsh, Venesso Worers, Irene Wilson, Julie Wilson, Leoh Wolcorr, Bryan Allen, David Correr, Lynn Curry, Leonard Hiser, Richard Lay, Lawrence Morrin, Jeff McKinney. Rodney Mills, Poul Mur- phy, Dovid Price, Morcy Quinrano, John Reed, Tim Spradlin, Barry Young. Court jester Bryan Allen bows to the lord and lody of the manor. The lord and lady bid the audience farewell. In Concert . . . Tech ' s 1981-82 Orchestra is still as musically inclined as ever! With over 48 musicians working together with their musicol ability, this musical group is copoble of performing even the hardest pieces of music. But without the direction of Mr. Ron Nobles, this would hardly be possible. While direc- ting the orchestra for 12 years, he has influenced many students to go on and become fine musicians. Keep up the good work, Mr. Nobles! Middle Left: Mr. Nobles works hard or preparing the orchesrro for onorher performance. Middle Right: All-srare orchesrro mennber Joy Hood leads rhe low brass of the Tech Orchestra. DotTom: the 1981-82 Tech Orchestra. Serenade Me A ;c A v . = % The String Ensemble is just as busy this year as ever b)efore! With Ron Nobles OS Director, the string ensem- ble practices hard everydoy during eighth period preparing new pieces to perform. They ore one of the strongest performing groups here at Tech, winning consecutive contests over the post years. The concerto concert ond the Valentine ' s Day tea ore just o few things that the string ensemble participates in during the school year. With Mr. Noble ' s " work- ing them to their bones " , the string ensemble will be just as good this year as ever before. Top; String ensemble performing one of their many songs of open house. Middle; Paul Morphy displays his musical talent while playing his violin in string ensemble. Bottom; Cheer up, Mr. Nobles! We ' ll get the right notes sooner or later! r ' . Blowers Ploy All Oyer City - y A r N ' The concert bond is comprised of members rwDr yer ready for sym- phonic borvd. The bond ploys various concerts of grade schools and special openings. The stage bond has members from the symphonic bond. They give con- certs at Tech and other places in the city. Above: The Stage Bond; L. ro R.; Keely Evans, Vince Thompson, Forest Sterns, Jim Hornady, Jerry Dodson, Robert LeFevers, Jim McDonald, John Sullivan, Ston Jojugo, Eric Dovis, Scott Stockhouse. Not Pictured; George Dudley, Paul Main, ond Lisa McDonald. Above Right; Mr. Borricklow directs his bond. Right; Vince Thompson ploys his sax solo. Strike Up the Bonds The bonds this year hove oil kinds of folenr. The Symphonic Bond is reponsible for ploying or the spring concert, and ploying for rhe school when osked. The Concert Bond is the bond before the Symphonic Bond. Although they don ' t get mony pro- grom requests they still ploy their little heortsout.!! Right; The 1982 Concert Bond. Bottom; This is the 1982 Symphonic Bond! Strike Up the Bond The Marching Bond rhis year was composed of 66 members. The band marched in two parades and played or several Sarurday afternoon ceremonies. As well as the parades and ceremonies, the band marched ond played at oil home football games. Under the direction of Lee Dorrickbw, the Morchng Band has hod a full year. The bear goes on. Gino carries o heavy load bur carries ir well. Woodwinds oren r jusr whistling dixie. Row 1: Melonie Dillord, Kothy Dodson, April Grimsley, Por Johnson, LIso McDonold, Rita Keithley, Karen Drown, Karen Cloy. Row 2; Denlse Ulsh, Kothy Jordon, Eilso Aguilero. Geo West. Joey tolkening, Liso Goins, Jo Ann Lone, Volerie Ulnson, Cindl Hotcher, DIone Holmon, Melisso Kidd, Cofhy Hess, TIerso Greene, Woyne Hughs, Denise Chosroin. Uso Poyton. Penny Hess. Mr Dorricklow Row 3; Jomes McDonold, Joe Woriond, tino Powell, Tomi Curren, Jim Hornodoy, Druce Glover, Danny Simpson, Eric Loughlin. Vince Thompson. Keely Evons, Robert Lefevers, Tim Compbell, Mike Smith, Jason Elowers, Dryon Eoton. Row 4; John Sullivan, Tom Curren, Lewis King. Jim Fish, Dorren Murrell. Richord Dryont, Lynn Curry, Stan Jojugo, Jerry Dodson, George Dudley, Alden Edwords, Paul Jojuga, Normo VIbbert, Johnny KIdd. Row 5; Joy Hood. Forrest Steorns, Chuck Hopner, Scott Stockhouse, Vickie Vllbert, Rocky Drown, Curt Grimsley, Kevin Alcorn, Cornellous White, Jeanno Wolker, Richord Oenshow, Fred Perrymon. Not Pictured, Rhondo Allen, Annetto Goins, Mork Horvey, Notolle Lewis, David Modden, Kenneth Morr, John Reed. An Added Artrocfion . . . Ms. Hart, sfX»nsor of rhe mqjoref- res has done wonders with rhe girls. The girls spend nnony hours of their own time nnoking up very difficult routines for different holf-tinnes. The corp also spends one week or o Ma- jorette Connp, learning bosic moves and routines. The Majorettes hove tryouts at the end of every year . . . So, if you like to donee give it a try. Left; Majorettes doing their thing in the Veteran ' s Day Porade. Bottom Left; Majorette Core; Front Row; Sherri Dunkerson, Marilyn Rippey, Kathy Dodson, Karen Cloy, Karen Brown. Bock Row; Pot Johnson, Rita Keithley, Lisa McDonald, April Grinnsley, Melonie Dillord. Pot Johnson, Melanie Dillord, and Karen Drown take port in the 50 ' s donee ot half-time. Cathy Dodson and Rito Keithley rockin ' ' round the clock! VLne rsatai vLamtou Stop the Presses Camelot ' Coming To Tech Stage Coggins, Bernard Head Cai Martin Luther King Prizes Awarded Local Centers Provide Aid To Pregnant Teens taib)» »«♦ bmi t» tttMj; t»« Tech ' s newspaper staff spent another busy year gathering the news of the campus for the Arsenal Cannon. Dedicated and conscientious, the Connon staff works hard to turn out Q newspaper that ' s interesting and tinnely. Trying to appeal to the wide variety of readers at Tech end maintain high journalistic integrity is on effort the reporters, photographers ond editors take on with pride and determination. This year ' s editors, under the wat- chful eye of advisor Cecil T. Tresslor, include co-editors in chief Nona Cog- gins and Kim Bernard, page editors Anne Blogrove, Alicia Wilson, Donna Porris, Beth Fleming and photo editor Susan Farley. Top: The fruir of our labors. Middle; Co-ediror in chief Nona Coggins gives her expert advice ro another stoff member. Dorrom; Co-editor in chief: senior, Kim Ber- nord takes o break from typing to give a glonce to the comera. This Is on Easy Way to Lose Your Mind • • • Dedication is the key word ro getting the yearbook put together. A very dedicoted group of yearbook staffers headed by Mrs. Brown. They work on it during their lunch hours, class time, and even on weekends. The new yearbook is thoroughly planned as soon as the lost one is finished. Then all editors ore assigned and then work should begin. Editors try to get the old and new staffers started out on the right foot. Showing new staff members layout procedures Is olso up to the editors. Once things get go- ing ond pages ore loyed out, they ore sent to the publishers in groups by certain deadlines. The rough drafts (proofs) come bock to be studied ond or corrected. Once all final touches ore ap- plied, the book is sent bock to the publisher where it is printed. Top; Cindy Marcher works roword her deadline writing copy. Middle Left; Yeorbook staffers hard at work on their Saturday ofternoon while try- ing to reach their deodlines. Middle Right; Joy Hood relaxing from hours of photogrophy. Bottonn Left; develop. Photographers REALLY Bottonn Right; Activities editor, Tonnmy Cur- ren and his ossistont Denise Ulsh working their buns off. Junior Council . . . Junior Council is mode up of nnembers of each junior roll roonn. These srudenrs represenr fhe Junior Closs, and assist rhe Senior Council in occomodaring rhe Junior Senior prom. The Junior Council sponsored o green and white day, and money making oCTivities that include selling green and white derbies to help txx)sr the school ' s spirit. The officers of this year ' s council are Steve Jones, President; Shaun Shelby, Vice President; Deanno Smith, Treasurer; and Celeste Webster, Secretary. These students hove been very successful in preparing the Juniors for their last year of school; Their Senior Year! Congratulations to you all! Junior Council Officers; L. ro P,.; Shoune Shelby, Vice-President; Celeste Webster, Secretory; Steve Jones, President; Not Piaured: Deonno Smith, Treasurer. i w Row 1; Tonnero J. Lucos, Connie Vosquez, Deonno Snnith, Denise Ulsh, Denise Jackson, Penny Bibles, April Grinnsley, Jeneen Sherrod, Sherri Gordon, Lori Arnnour. Row 2; Dogmor Butte, Ginger Word, Ponn Henshow, Michelle Powell, Selino Messer, Froncine Swonigon, Tonito Hamilton, Linda Amonett, Down Harris, Cleovis West, Tommy Allen. Row 3; Shoune Shelby, Mylo White, Groce Webb, Paris Stewart, Natalie Lewis, Denise White, Celeste Webster, Angela Collins, Delores Simmons, Cheryl Roy, Morso Storms, Sponsor. Row 4; Ken Esreb, Jone Shotwell, Terry L. Porris, Christy Wilson, Kim Jones, Carol Holidoy, Belinda Blewift, Tonyo Northcross, Steven L. Jones, Kevin Alcorn, Alan Nelson, Karl Sebastian. Row 5; Joey Folkenins, Ron Brown, Karen Pollard, Grace Stigger, John Lee, Beverly Cameron, John Reed, George Englond, Jomes Hopkins, Dovid G. Colbert Esquire, Wayne A. Wintfield, Gordon Winters. ' tnuiu -Tvu ' Senior Council Strives For Perfection The Senior Council for the Class of 82 worked hard ro moke 82 rhe best year it could be for rhe seniors rhey represent. Five representatives from each roll room comprise the council (twenty-five members total) and of- ficers of the class ore duly elected from those representatives. Together with their sponsors, Lou Mann and John Konouse, the council plans ac- tivities for the seniors (like Sadie Howkins Day and the Tug-of-wor) and plan and raise money for the prom. Some of the other events the Sc-.-iior Council promoted were Perfect Atten- donce Week, o Holiday Mixer, and o Pototoe Sock race. Officers of the Council ore President Kimberly Bernard, Vice-President Joy Hood, Secretary Wynono Coggins, and Treosurer Anno Amoto. Top; Seared left ro right; Anno Amoro, Nona Coggins, Joy Hood, Kim Bernard. Standing Row 1; Donna Porris, Randy Bush. I ow 2; Yverte Perry, Derels Miles, Down Trobe, Julie Wilson, Tommy Guynn, Patricio Johnson, Howard Hoover, Jone Lowerence. Row 3; Robert Dofson, David Stigger, Eleni Svolos, Borry Willioms, Barbara Evans, Roymond Ingram, Mark Crouch. Nor Pictured: Tom Curren. Inside; Senior Council Secretory, Nona Cog- gins, clowns around on Sadie Hawkins Doy. Above; Senior Council Officers ore left to right; Anno Amoto, Treasurer; Nona Cog- gins, Secretory; Jay Hood, President; Kim Bernard, President. Left; President Kim Bern ard discusses a pro- blem with the Vice-President, Joy Hood. Hup-Two-Three K Kilgore, T Homilron, R. Willioms fXow 2: E Gordon. K. Morsh, T G ' oves This concluded rhe ' io ' rohon Sroff. £ es left Col Kilgore. K Kilgore K. Morsh, E Gordon. J Hornodoy T Homilron, D Jockson This concludes rhe Officers This year ' s staff has been more funcrional rhon ever. All Darralion oc- riviries ronging from weekly Inspec- tion to promotions hove been handl- ed by the student commanders and their subordinates. Though locking rhe recognirion ir deserves, rhe flog detoil is onorher of rhe ROTC service groups. The derail raises and srrikes rhe norional colors ever morning in cleor weorher and evening ofrer school. Whor few know rhor rhe flog derail nnembers ofren run rhrough rhe rain ro lowe r rhe flog if rhe condirions suddenly sour. Kneeling: R. Wriglnr, M. Copier. Srondlng; Cornwell, K. Groves, Pierce. This concluded rhe Flog Deroil. " Now you hove ro remember ro sroy in srepi! " m ks ' We ore Tech! And no one could be prouder. Tech, one of the largest high schools in rhe notion. Come and meet the proud members of the student body. Aguilera, E. Akios, C Allen, T. Anderson, C. Asher, 5. Beovo, T. Dendig, D. Dennett, 5. Bibles, P. Bingham. L, Bowmon. D. Breheim, T. Brinkley, K, Brown, D. Brown, R. Browning, D. Burks, C, Burnett, S. Corpenter, 5. Corson, C Childress, C. Ferguson, L. Flynn, G. Frank, L. Concentration is the key to education. Worch our Drook, here comes Pot. Gory, H. Gin. A. Grimsley, A. HqII, T. Hess. C Holmes, A. Huddleston, A. Hunter, A. Jones, K. Jones, 5. Jordan, K. Kennedy. W Kenny, G. Klllen, H. Lee, C Lewis, N. LuCQS, T. McCqII. T, McConn. N. Munns, 5. Morkhom, T. Morrin, D. Morlock, L. Mourning, T. Newsome, T- Could rhis be o future Techite? Napier. A. School con also be enjoyable. Donr rell anyone, bur " Preppy " is going our of style. Poyton. L. Ping, T Polston, L. Powell, M. Tech production of the Little Red School House shows the way it really is. Rent, W. Rhoods, G. Rhodes, Liso Roberts, J. Rumfelt, C. Show, L. Simmows. D. Rumfeir, C. Sims, 5. Smith, T. Does Cindy Thompson reolly hove " HOT LIPS ' ? SwQnigon, F. Thompson, V Ulsh, D, Vosquez, C. Vibbert, V. Wodsworth. 5 Wogner, D. Word, V Voters, W. Doesnr she look bewildered? Wells, R. These people hove brains? West, c. Weston, R. White. D. White, D. Juniors, Pom Henshow, Angie Pfile, and Tino Price, ore jusr o port of the M A ' 5 H CQsr. Sewing, one of many Tech courses. Whitney, M. Wilson, L Wilson, G. Willioms, L. Wildrick, T. Yores, J. Yores, T. Young, T. These kids leorn the mechonicol trades. Ash, R. Bortlerr, T. Boyne, D. Deosiey, N. Bell, K. Bowmen, L, Brodenberg, L. Brodshow, T. Brohony. B, Bronhon, P, Brock, D, Brown, R. Bunnell, M. Burdine, L. Corrender, 5, Chopmon, D, Colemon, A, Cooper, P. Covozos, K. Crowford, S. A humdrum day in the library. Curren, T. Daniels, K. Tommy Curren sleeping on rhe job. Dill Hook during Tech ' s foil ploy. Dovis, L. De bruler, L. Deckord, M. Edwards, D. Tech ' s Qviorion depQitmenr is off ro o fine srorr. Edwards, P- Finle. L. Rores. D Godsey, D. Gore, M. Gossett, V. Griffith, C. Guynn. 5 Now just wait Q minute. Yes, mini skirts ore bock in style. Homple, A. Hill, C. Some Tech students fake their freedom of speech to the limit. Hill, G. Hunter, H. Hyotf, R. lomes, M. Johnson. P. Justus, R. Keys, C. Kidd, M. King, L. Ron Romey leads his company post rhe srand or rhe Veterans ' Day Parade. Mr. Knouse in his roll call class. Lynn. R. McCullough, J. Mossey, G. Seasons Greetings from the staff. May, R Meodors, L. Mercer, T. Tech ' fomous morching Titons. Cowboy fans, o rare breed these days. Mexner, M. Minor, J. Mink. K. Moore, F. Mosburg, T, Smile you ' re on Candid Camera! Nuckels. K Nuckels, F Parnell, A. Porrts, A. Techs phones ore really fun ro ploy with. 1 K. bS M m it m n B I KtrC . 5i ElSil HH ■ijl - K mJr " " I H I B C ' V ' ■% jwH pr ' JjMBl Jjjj ■ S mKw a. Jkl p ' M Phillips, L. Phillips, L. Plery, A Polston, K. Doesn ' t she look excited? Roberts, D. Roberts, S. Sompson, K. Sherwood, J. Bottoms Up! Shook. T. Smith, M. Smirh. M. Smith, R. Smock. M- Speofs, J. Spencer, P Steorns, F. Kim Dernord leads the Tech Parade. Stephenson, K Stinson, D Lilly and John sfuff rheir feces in lost years French Club, Troubles in calculus? Ah, two gorgeous beauties. Lr. Fury (Kim Bernard) shows Lr. Phillips sympathy, after Moj- Winchester chewed her out. New tunnel ride for King ' s Island? Dorkhimer, V. Doker. B. Down Harris, rennis sror and ROTC drill ream member Dorr, D. Brewer, C. Bowen, L. Bustle, D. Brinkhom, P. Briner, M. OUCH!! Browning. L. Cowman. T. Christopher, 5. Church. M. Churchwell. M. Typing rhe newspaper for the next edition. Foosboll con be fun, if you v in. Dovls, C DeLoRoso. L- Devine, D- Devine, 5. Winter ' s norurol beauty is o rhreor to possersby below. Fuller, J. Gore. T- Groyer, M. Grimsley. C. Channel 4 covers rhe City Tourney action here, at Tech. Goy, T. Hogor, A. Holey, A. Holt, J. Howe. M, Ingle, G, Jojugo, P. E. Sharon Pipher edits her newspaper col- umn, Life With Piphe. Narures winter fury is beaurifui againsr Tech s landscape. Lingenfelrer. C. Lirrlejohn, 5 LuCQs, M, Mondrell, L- Morrell, J, Matlock, V. Tech is o winter wonderland this time of year. Mehringer, J Moore, T. Ogden, D. Oliphonr, W. Patrick, R. Patterson, L. Pettlgren, S. Pond, J. Powell, T. Reno, A. Riley, L Robbins, P. Robinson, C. Smith, H. Smith, M. Smith, M. S« .«« «»i ' », {MR Did these stems grow froin the ground? Spolding, D. Sp eQr, C. Woy ro go, Susonl This is Q srinky situation! Spivey, D. Mr. Sadie Hawkins (Joy Hood) blows for his mote, Kim Dernord. Stoggs, D Sfone, 5 Jusr porr of rhe Marching Titans or home. Svolos, K. Swohigon, C. Toylor, R Trout, T. Williams, T, Various ways of things of on onswer. Don ' t look now it ' s o Smurferre. Woodyord, L Nona and Kim look over o layout. The faculty or Tech ploys on impor- ronr port in the building of our minds. We hove dosses, bur wirhour teachers, whot good ore they? Conne and meet the " mind builders, " our reochers. Ray Reed, Principal Joseph McGeehan. Vice Principal John Minor, Direcror of Personnel ond house leader. I If hos been said fhor o high school is only OS good os its odministrorors. If this is true, then Tech has o head start on being the best secondory school around. Under the leadership of Ray Reed, principal, our odminis- trotors ore forward looking and progressive. They are olso owore that discipline is the key to success. We, the student body, ore fortunate to be in the hands of such copoble leaders. Donald Oldhom, Vice Principal Robert Srockord, Vice Principal, Head of Coreer Center. Word Wholen, Assisront to the Principal. Art Sirring — Loreno Phemisrer. Theresa Williams. Emmagie Washingron. Michael Sloner. Raymond Browne, Wendrel Price, Kermir Swenson. Home Economics Marion Moore, Parricia Amend, Morguerire .- . Hardy. Wyolene Cody, Corrol Rose, Narolie Ronson, Music Edward Evans, Ron Nobles, Paul Profher, Lee Gorriclow, Gory Conway. Health and PE Sirring — Berry Boily, Diane Forennon, Shirley Lundogren, Anne McMillan, Suson Jonkee, Karen Finey, 2nd Row — Jay Klien, Roberr Woodard, Mary Lou Monko, Fronk Craig, Fronds Knue, Corlos Dell 3rd Row — John Hurley, Aurhor Cook, Howard Cort, James Leap. Business Sirring — Joyce Freeman, Lou Mann, Emmo Helm. 2nd Row — Alice Johnson, Virginio Jackson, Cheryl McVay, Lois Frye, Wynono Dowers, Ann Cummins, Lewis Roberrson, Mike Secil, Annabell Adams, Ellen Morrin, William Guess, Dove George, William McCreory, Not Shown, Delsie Shoemaker. Foreign Language Cheryl Wyne, Serine Fine, Dan Sronley. Moth Morh: Row 1; Jim E. Brown (Depr. Head) James Dorshoff, Alicemorie Miller, Thelmc Morse, Judy Feigerr, Richard Glover, Villiom Wheeler. Row 2: Donald Robinson, Marilyn Hoffman, Vickie Noel, Leon Elder, Arnold Lehman, Ronald Ireland, Science Science: Row 1; William Groney, David Hon, Mercedes Guess, Richord Allen, James May. Row 2: Dr. Allen Smith, John Farley (Depr. Head) Gorlon Howard, John Kern, Robert Collins, Steven Smith. Special Ed Seated; Leslie Wright, Deborah McCoy, Richard Shock, Medordo Pope. Row 2: Sodie Clork, Tina Hart, Helen Moelier, Lynn Whittemore, Lindy Pruette, Alberta Dovis. ' " English English; Joan Drown, Mary Moillord, Margaret Hahn, Jatinder Hungh, Berry Boily, Judy McBride, Ann McMillon, Thomas Davheiser (Depr. Heod). Row 2; Cecil Tresslar, John Lewis, Roberr Ford, Elizoberh Wilson, Karen Fenney, Eileen Kohur, Diane Comsrock, Ellen Eods, Stanley Minks, Emmett Hardimon. Career Center Career Center; Seated; Ann Cummins, Dorris Raines, Ms. Helm, Annobelle Adams, June Garnet. Row 2; Glenn Adams, Debbie Cline, Phyllis Schoffley, Cheryl McVay, Verfinio Fackson, Oral Henderson, Lowell McCarty, Harold Drown. Row 3; Tom Davis, Gordon Owen, William Guess, Stephen Drinkerhoff, H. Von Der Monre, Paul Kenser, Dove Cruser, Clarence Murphy, Robert Stockard (Vice Principol, Career Center). Row 4; Robert Smith, Mr. Mix, William Horrod, Roberta Crooke, Fred Meisen, Ron Harris, Ernest Holmes, John Tuncher, Lester Woolord, Morres Woods, Cyrel Stock, Williom McCreory, John Mullenox, Jim Duckworth, David Rose, Kenny Poole, Clifton Lovelace. •3 l f)(t_ i V fir Hf 0 Autographs Autographs Cannon Subscribers ,i Robin Brown Ricky Brown Virginia Brumley Richard Bryant Chormill Buries Rodney Burnette Leslie Durnerte Christy Burris Mork Bush Angela Butler Andy Butte Tom Barton Medello Bock Bunny Baker Cynthio Baker Joe Baker Terr! Baker David Ballard Vioiot Borkhinner Jim Bornett Deidre Botts Billy Boyne Jomes Beard Gale Beosley Tim Beovo Jodie Beck Kim Bell Sfon Bellamy Sue Bennett Tracey Benson Kim Bernord Penny Bibles Angelia Billingsley Liso Bingham Anno Blagrove Tonyo Bodic Wayne Booker Brendo Bottoms Dwight Boucher Lori Bowmon Mark Bradley Teresa Dradshaw Curris Buchanan Terri Burse Dagmor Burre Angela Collins Richard Calhoon Yolanda Campbell Carlo Coney Mark Confield Tommy Copps Corolyn Cordis Ethyl Carpenter Fred Corpenrer Sherry Carpenter Noncy Carter Michelle Covozos Lindo Cholifoux Denise Chopmon Donno Chopmon Doug Chopmon Laurie Chestnut Cherry Childress Mory Church Stefon Clark Robert Clark Paul Clegg Shirley E. Clorke Nona Coggins David Colbert Aungelic Colemon Amy Connell Kothy Cooksey Sollie Coons Poulo Cooper Morty Corpus Morlene Coryell Brian Cox Mondy Covert Rob Covert Ricky Cox Debbie Crose Jamie Crosby Mark Crouch Carlo Cullison Teri Cunningham Andre Cumminghom Tomi Curren Billy Curry Rita Curtis Kothy Doniels Denino Daniels Dorrylo K. Davis Mark Davis Rhonda Davis Lily Debulor Nancy Deckord Morvin Deckord Lorry Diliord Jim Dobbs Brendo Deckerd Poulo Dotson Jennifer Droke Rhondo Duff Lynn Duncan Sherri Dunkerson Donna Durnil MoDonno Eods Roman Eorthmon Kenneth Eddiegton Carol Edmonds Donell Edwards BonifQ Eidson Donno Elliott Rochelle Elliott Rochelle Elliott Deotro England George England Notolie Ervin Ken Esreb Barb Evans Dororhy Evans Keely Evans Melissa Evans Juanira Fernandez Jeanine Fernandez Jeanine Fank Suson Farley Belinda Ferry Ira Firsk Lisa Fleener Carol Fleming Berh Fleming Joey Folkening Michael Forsee Robert Fox Pangie Fraklen Joe Fuller Todd Gadbury Felix M. Golan, Jr. Jerry Golan Korren Giihom Comille Gilliam Reginald Gilliam Seiino Gilmore Dennis Gorreft Rebecca Gory Nancy Glover Lori Godsey Comille C. Goodrum Sherry Gordon Bill Gossert David Grohom Tim Groves Morguerife M. Gray Melissa Grayer Louro Grever Paul Grider Diane Griffin Jocelyn Grigsby April Grimsley Stephanie Guynn Billy Hook Mike Hook TonitQ Hamilton Angela Holey Mory Hommons Gerold Hamilton Aline Hompl Julie Horlon Todd Harris Mark Harvey Fronk Hoskins Cindi Hatcher Morel L. Hayes Linda Hoynes Mordhe Hoynes Pom Henshow Kim Henson Cathy Hess Jeff Hess Penny Hess Vicki Hewlett Gory Hibbord Cynthio Koy Hicks Andrew Higgins Tony Hofer Beth Hollondsworth Diane Holmon Karen Holmes Terri Hollowell Dovid Hon Howord Hoover Dominik Hoppmon Jim Hornydoy Delmer Houge Joy R. Hood Mark Howe Mike Hughes Robert Hunt Mark Hurt Sandra Hurchins Tracy Hurchison Jackie Hyche Raymond Ingeram Glenn Ingle Alice Jackson Adrian Jackson Deniro Jackson Denise E. Jackson Elizoberh Jackson Sron Jojugo Morcus Jefferson Porricio Johnson Shorro Johnson Sheri Johnson Donald Johnson Tom Johnson Sanyo Johnson Melinda Jointer Denise Jones Kim Jones Ron Jones Scorr Jones Sreve Jones Cathy Jordon Blondino Journey Julie Justus Rita Keithley Edna F. Kemp Adam Kendall Larry Kendricks Wendy Kennedy Kim Kestler Connie Key Mellsso Kidd Aaron King Frances Kirby Lewis King John Kingery Missy Kingery Trond Lone Trent LoLand Bill Lantrip Darlene A. Lindsay Cheryl Lingenfelter Tomi Lucos April Lynn Robin Lynn Tim Lokin Gundulo Lawrence Jane Lawrence Hope Lowson Roxonne Lowson Adrion Lee Bob Lefevers Jim Leisring Eric Loughlin Michoel Lemon Mike LucQs l M ■ 1 [fjjf - Wm Hk v Hi JI B •• ' K- , Lisa McColl Ambret McChrlstian Jim McDonald Lisa McDonald Bill McFarland Darlene McFarlond Stephanie McLendon Melonie McNeely Brendo McPheorson John McRoy Margaret McRoy Madeline Miles Paul Main Vickie Monis Jeff Morcum Kristino L. Martin Lawrence Martin Mark D. Martin Glenno Massey Showno Matthews Rosie May Debbie McMonama Darlene Mefford Jonie Mekringer Selina Messer Derek Miles Sharon Miller Teresa Miller Melessia Milligon John Miner, Jr. David Mink Kim Mink Tino Moorning Lois Mobley Rosemary Moore Frank G. Moore Terri Moore III Denton Morelock Morion Moremon Stevie Morgan Brian Morris Lynn Morton Tommy Mosburg Susan Mull Jeff Mumaw Tonio Murces Paul Murphy David Murray David Murrell Jim Muyes Almo Napier Alan Nelson Potty Nelson Jeff Nolan Tim Ookes Felito Oatts Chris O ' Connor Ruby Ottinger Tommy Outlow Gregory T. Owens James Orringer Jeffrey Owens Alexis Porker Lisa Porrison Robert Patron Shoron Pipher Kim Polston Lokonio Posey Karon Poff Jerry Paige Anno Pornell Donno 5. Porris Terry L. Porris Lisa Poyton Keith Peocher Renee Peoslee Ricky Perkins Angelo Pfile Mary Phores Pea Phelps Beverly Phillips ondreo Piety Patricio Phillips Susan Ping Karen Pollord Liso Polston Tommy Poor Dennis Potter Fronk Poventud Michelle Powell Tino Powell Bobby Pronger Cothy Pronger Donny Pronger Diedro Price Brendo Pruitt Jerry Pugh Jennifer Ramsey Louro Ramsey Peter Rondolf James Roio Rita Read John Reod Mildred Reed Yvetre Reid Renee Rhem RennetQ Rice Marilyn Rippey Micheol Rivers Joe Roberts Dono Roston Chris Rumfelt Scott Rus h Donald Ruston Victor Sonders Bill Schurtz Mike Spellmon Deonno Smith Cosondro Sims Velmo Sanchez Evetre Sorgent Kristine Scruggs Korl Sebostion Roger Shoffer Jeneen Sherrod Tonyo Shirley Shorron Shoulders Harold Simmons Renda Singer Jonis Skillern Calvin Smith Cynthio Smith Denetto Smith Liso Smith Lizzie Smith Micheol Smith Jeri Smith Melodie Smith Efthimios Sotos Debbie Spellmon Scott Spellmon Janice Spears Tim Spradlin Dowoyne Sprow Scott Stockhouse Lester Stonsberry Kothy Stephenson Dovid Stigger Julius Stovoll Leo Spearman Cynthia Squires Ron Stolnoker Jerry Stewart Vickie Stokes Lori Strothers Donno Strough Brendo Simmons Mike Suess Holly Sullivan John Sullivan Eleni Svolos Deno Svolos Carolyn Swonigon Froncine Swonigon Madelon Sykes Diane Toylor Roso Taylor Connie Terry Cormen Thomps Michelle Thomerson Tereso Thomos Wolter Thuer Kothy Tobin Volerie Tolon Diony Tony Nellie Townsend Lewis Trovoilo Tammy Trovoilo Kothy Troyler Down Tremoin Down Trobe Dionne Tyner Denise Ulsh Duone Von Loninghom Connie Vosquez Sherri Van Loninghom Corl Vaughn John Vowter Shilo Wodsworter Debbie Wogner HiwQtho Walker Jeonno Walker Tommy Walker Ginger Word Penny Word Kevin Warner Patricio Wotkins Vanessa Waters John Worrenburg Mr. W. Woylon Grace Webb Celeste Webster Romono Wells Robert Wells Cleovis West Necole West Brent White Denise White Terry Wildrick George Wieley Revo Wilkinsen Andy Willioms Barry Willioms Brendo Williams Connie Williams Down Williams Debbie Williams Keely Willioms Sondro Williams Alicia Wilson Christy Wilson Irene Wilson Joe Wilson Julie Wilson Mary Wilson Roy Winegor Tino Wingo Phyllis Winiger Bret Wise Kim Wood Down Woods Lorerto Woods Stephanie Woods Donno Wright Horold Wright Liso Wright Robert Wright Virgil Wright Borry Young Terri Young ACKLES, KIM: MAJORS- Borbering, English MINORS: Business. Social ACKLES, TRACEY: MAJORS: English. Adv. Prinring MINORS: Morh, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES- Baseball. Upward Bound ADAM, DAWN L.: MAJORS: English. Sociol Studies Business MINORS: Morh ACTVITIES: Cheerleoders (Freshnnon. Vorsify). Junior Council Secrerory ADAMS, JOHN: MAJORS: English. Foundry MINORS: Social Studies, Pre- Vocational — Auto ALEXANDER. MARY: MAJORS: English, Social Studies, Business MINORS: Foreign Long.. Morh AQIVITIES: Latin Club, Youth Council ALEXANDER, TERESA: MAJORS: English. Home Economics, Social Studies MINORS: Business ALLEN, BRYAN: MAJORS: Science, Moth. English. Social Studies MINORS: Phys. Ed.. Music ACTIVITIES: Wrestling. Speech Team, Cross-Counrry, Fall Ploys. Musicals, Track ALLEN, LILLIAN: MAJORS: English. Service Occupotions. Home Economics MINORS: Social Studies. Health AMATO, ANNA: MAJORS: Moth. English. Social Studies, Business MINORS: Spanish AC- TIVITIES: Jr.-Sr. Council Treasurer, SAO Presi- dent. Girl ' s Tennis Team, Drama Club, Techoir, Ensemble, Bell Choir ANDERSON, CYNTHIA A.: MAJORS: Math, English, Business. Computers MINORS: Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Speech Teom President, COE. Freshman. Sophomore Cheerleader, NFL. Jr. Council ANDERSON, LOREN: MAJORS: Business. English. Spanish MINORS: Social Studies, Morh ACTIVITIES: Volleyball, OEA, Girl ' s Trock, COE ANDERSON, MARK: MAJORS; English, Moth, Auro Mechanics MINORS: Sociol Studies ANDERSON, SHELANNE M.: MAJORS: English, Home Economics MINORS; Social Studies. Spanish, Heolth ACTIVITIES; OEA, Sponish Club, Cheerleader ANDERSON, VIVIAN: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies, Home Economics ANDREWS, ELIZABETH: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Science. Moth, Perform- ing Arts ANGELO. PAUL: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS: Moth, Sociol Studies APOSTOLAKAS. JOHN: MAJORS; Auto Mechonics. English, History MINORS; Moth ACTIVITIES: Footboll, Boseboll ARDERRY, WILLIE: MAJORS; English, Comm. Foods. Sociol Studies MINORS; Health AC- TIVITIES: Track, Wrestling, Cross Country ARILA, RICKY: MAJORS; Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Sociol Studies, Health, Morh ARMSTRONG, DAWN: MAJORS; Moth, English. Business MINORS; Sociol Studies, Foreign Long. ACTIVITIES: Bowling ARNETT, BARBARA DIANA: MAJORS; Social Studies. English. Business MINORS; Moth ARNWINE, NANETTE: MAJORS; English, Moth. Social Studies MINORS; Sponish AC- TIVITIES: Speech Teom, City Wide Student Council ARRINGTON. JOSEPH R.: MAJORS; English. Business. Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth AC- TIVITIES; Footboll, Trock, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard ASH, MARSHALL W.: MAJORS; Photography, English, Social Studies MINORS; Health ATKINS, JOYCE: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS: Social Studies, Home Ec. AC- TIVITIES; DECA AUBREY, KIMBERLY: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS: Moth, Social Studies AUSTIN, DOROTHY V.: MAJORS; English, Model Restaurant MINORS; Social Studies, Science ACTIVITIES; Speech, Cheerblock AVERY, TRINA: MAJORS; Shop, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball BACK. MEDELLA: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Pre. Vocational Business BAGBY, PAMELA: MAJORS; Career Clothing, English MINORS; Health, Social Studies, Moth BAKER. CYNTHIA MARIE: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Home Ec, Social Studies, Health BAKER. DONNA J.: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Spanish BAKER, JOHN: MAJORS; English, Photography MINORS; Social Studies, Moth, Shop BAKER. JERRI: MAJORS; Foreign Longuoge, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Concert Club BARLOW, RONALD: English, House Const., Social Studies MINORS; Moth BARLOW, TONYA M.: MAJORS; Business, English, Social Studies, Math ACTIVITIES; OEA, St. Council, JA BATES. JAMES: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Art, Social Studies BATES. RAYMOND: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Business, Social Studies BATTS, DEIDRE ANN: MAJORS; English, Com- puters, Moth MINORS; Sociol Studies AC- TIVITIES; Volleyball BEARD. FREDERICK: English, Shop, Sociol MINORS; Home Ec. BEASLEY, GALE: MAJORS; English, Drycleon- ing MINORS; Social Studies, Moth ACTIVITIES; Cross-Country BEASLEY. JAMES: MAJORS; Auto Body, English MINORS; Health, Sociol Studies BEAVO. TIMOTHY: MAJORS; English, Moth MINORS; Social Studies, Art ACTIVITIES; ROTC BECK. JODI: MAJORS; Businss, English MINORS; Health, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; DECA BECKLEY, ROBIN: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Home Economics BELL. JUANITA M.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Home Economics BELL. LYDIA: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; PE Heolfh, Moth ACTIVITIES; Volleyball, Track, Bosketboll, JA BELL. RITA: MAJORS; Business, English, Moth MINORS; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; OEA DELL. SHARON: MAJORS; Borbering, English MINORS; Business, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Broadcast, NFL, Speech Teom, Dromo Club, Foil Ploy BELLAMY. STANLEY: MAJORS; English, Air Conditioning MINORS; Moth, Health, History ACTIVITIES; Tennis, Bosketboll, Baseball, VICA BENSON, TRACEY: MAJORS; English, Comm. Foods MINORS; Moth, Social Studies, Business, Science ACTIVITIES; Cheerblock, Swim Team, Gymnastics, JA BERNARD. KIMBERLY: MAJORS; English, Moth, Business, Social Studies MINORS; For. Long., Heolth PE ACTIVITIES; Senior Class President, Newspaper, Yearbook, OEA, Jr. Council BERRY. RAYNELL: MAJORS; English, Comm. Foods, Social Studies MINORS; Science AC- TIVITIES; Cheerblock, JA BIENZ, CHRIS: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Business, Health BILLINGSLEY. ANGELIA: MAJORS; Accoun- ting, English, Social Studies MINORS; Science BLAGRAVE. ANNA: MAJORS; Spanish, English MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies, Heolth PE ACTIVITIES; Newspaper, Spanish Club, Girl ' s Track BODIE. TONYA EVEHE: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Pre-Vocotionol Business, Social Studies BOLINGER. SHERRY: MAJORS; English, Borbering MINORS; Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Girl ' s Swim Team, VICA BONDS. LEWIS: MAJORS; Aviation, English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Health, Coblnetmok- ing ACTIVITIES; Basketball, Track BOOKER. WAYNE A.: MAJORS; English, Electronics, Mothemotics MINORS; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Footboll, Wrestling, VICA, Speech Team BOOTH, JEROME: MAJORS; Borbering, English, Social Studies, Shop BOTTOMS, BRENDA: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Speech Team, NFL, School Service BOWMAN, CHARLES: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Heating Air Conditioning MINORS; Pre-Vocotionol— Building BOYD, MICHAEL: MAJORS; English, Electrici- ty, Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth BOYD, RITA F.: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth, Business BRADLEY, JACQUELINE S.: MAJORS; Home Economics, Social Studies, English MINORS; Business BRADLEY, MARK: MAJORS; English, Photography MINORS; Social Studies. Moth BRAGG. TERESA: MAJORS; Business Educa- tion, English MINORS; Social Studies, Science ACTIVITIES; Tech Bowling BRAHANY, ROBERT: MAJORS; Science, English, Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Yeorbook BRANCH, LARRY: MAJORS; Science, Moth, English MINORS; Social Studies, Foreign Longuoge BRINKLEY, LARESSIA: MAJORS; Moth, Social Studies, English, Computer ACTIVITIES; Basketball, Freshmon, Sophomore; Volleyball 4 years BROOKS, MICHELLE: MAJORS; English, Moth, Computer MINORS; Home Ec, Social Studies, Science BROOKS, RONNIE: MAJORS; Doto Process- ing, Pre-Voc — Business MINORS; Social Studies, Art BROWN, DOROTHY: MAJORS; English, Home Ec, Social Studies MINORS; Moth BROWN, GENEVA: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINORS; Moth AC- TIVITIES; OEA Club, Techoir DROWN, KAREN E.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies AC- TIVITIE5; Techmore, Majorette, OEA BROWN, KAREN S.: MAJORS; English, Ac- counting MINORS; Moth, Social Studies BROWN, LISA M.: MAJORS; Business, English, Moth MINORS; Social Studies, Foreign Language DROWN, MICHAEL J.: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies, Heolth BROWNE, KEVIN: MAJORS; English, Masonry, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies BUCHANAN, CURTIS 5.: MAJORS; Printing, Social Studies, English MINOR; Moth BULLARD, DAVID L: MAJORS; English, Machine Shop, Moth MINOR; Heolth PE BUNCH, TRUMAN T.: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics, MINORS; Art, Sociol Studies BURNEH, RODNEY: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Math, Metal Trades BURRELL, BRENDA: MAJORS; English, Science MINORS; Moth, Home Economics BURRELL, HENRY (JR.): MAJORS; Masonry, English MINORS; U.S. History, Pre-Vocotionol Auto BURRIS, KRISH L.: MAJORS; English, Art MINORS; Social Studies, Moth BURSE, TANYA: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Home Ec, Health BURSE, TERRI L.: MAJORS; English, Home Economics MINORS; Art, Social Studies BURTON, ERIC: MAJORS; Printing, English MINORS; Social Studies, Pre-Voc. — Business ACTIVITIES; Wrestling, Freshman Student Council BUSH, MARK: MAJORS; Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Social Studies, Spanish BUSH, RANDOLPH: MAJORS; English, Moth, Social Studies, Distributive Ed., Pre- Voc— Business Ed. ACTIVITIES; Senior Coun- cil, Junior Achievement, DECA BUTLER, ANGELA: MAJORS; English, Model Restouront MINORS; Sociol Studies, Home Ec. BYRD, WANDA: MAJORS; English, Commer- cial Foods MINORS; Social Studies, Moth CALDWELL, BARBARA: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Home Ec. CALHOON, ROBERT: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies Heolth PE CAMPBELL, JR., JOHN E.: MAJORS; Art, English MINORS; Health, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Varsity Football, Tech Rowdies, Reserve Trock, Reserve Wrestling CAMPBELL, MICHAEL: MAJORS; English, P.E. MINORS; Moth, Social Studies CAMPBELL, YOLANDA J.: MAJORS; English, Business, History MINORS; Moth, Heolth P.E. CANNON, LISA: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Health, Social Studies CARDIS, CAROLYN: MAJORS; Social Studies, Business MINORS; English, Health AQIVITIES; OEA CARPENTER, FRED: MAJORS; English, Moth, Sociol Studies MINORS; Pre- Voc— Auto AV, Science AQIVITIES; Vorsity Tennis Team CARTER, CLARENCE: MAJORS; Foundry, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies, Health CARTER, TOMMY: MAJORS; Moth, Business (Computers), English MINOR; Social Studies CARDLE, KEVIN A.: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Health CAULK, KEITH: MAJORS; Moth, English, Sheet Metal MINORS; Social Studies, Health G Phys. Ed. ACTIVITIES; Boseboll, Footboll CHALIFOUX, LINDA: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies, Health, Foreign Language ACTIVITIES; Bowl- ing Team CHAPMAN, CRAIG: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; DECA CHAPMAN, DENISE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Home Economics CHAPMAN, DOUGLAS J.: MAJORS; English, Printing MINORS; Art, Sociol Studies CHASTAIN, DESIREE: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Health Physical Ed. CHURCHWELL, PAUL: MAJORS; English, Spanish MINORS; Business, Social Studies CLANTON, LAWRENCE: MAJORS; English, Service Station MINORS; Health, Moth, Social Studies CLARK, KIMBERLY A.: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Spanish, Art CLARK, MICHAEL K.: MAJORS; English, Prin- ting MINORS; Moth, Social Studies CLARK, THEODORE: MAJORS; English, Avia- tion, Sociol Studies MINOR; Moth CLARKE, SHIRLEY: MAJORS; Math, Social Studies, Business MINORS; French, Science CLAYTON, DONALD: MAJORS; Sign Pain- ting, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; ROTC Drill Teom, Swim Team CLEGG, PAUL: MAJORS; English, Moth, Elec tricity MINOR; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Baseball 1-4, 1.C.T. CLINE, DAVID: MAJORS; Social Studies, English, Welding MINORS; Moth, Science CHOCHRAN, RONNIE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Business, Heolth COE, JACQUELINE: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Social Studies, Health COFFEY, TIMOTHY J.: MAJORS; Auto-Body, English MINORS; Drafting, Social Studies COGGINS, R. WYNONA: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Art, Spanish MINORS; Math, Spanish ACTIVITIES; Cannon Newspoper, Ed. in Chief, Stagecraft Club, Girls Track Manager, Senior Class Secretary, Junior Council Member COLE, BARBARA: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Heolth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Mot Moid, Student CounciM, Manager Football Team, Junior Achieve- ment, COE COLE, BENNY: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Computer, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Marching Bond COLEMAN, DARREN: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Heolth PE, Sociol Studies COLLINS, TERESA: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Home Ec, Art COLLINS, WILLIAM: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Art ACTIVITIES; Stage Club COLYER, WARNER: MAJORS; Auto Body, English MINORS; Health, Social Studies COOK, TAMMY: MAJORS; Model Restaurant, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies COONS, ROBERT H.: MAJORS; English, House Construction MINORS; Social Studies Heolth PE COVERT, ROBERT: MAJORS; Printing, English, Social Studies MINOR; Business AC- TIVITIES; Baseball, ICT, Junior Achievement COWARD, GREGORY S.: MAJORS; Arr, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Boseboll 1-4, Diving COX, RICKY: MAJORS; English, Welding MINORS; Social Studies, Moth CROUCH, MARK E.: MAJORS; English, Ar- chitectural Drafting, Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Tech Rowdies, Freshmon Bosket- boll, Senior Council, President RR 702 CULUSON, CARLA: MAJORS; English, Model Restouront, Social Studies MINOR; Math CURREN, TOM: MAJORS; Moth, Foreign Language, English MINORS; Science, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Musical, German Club, Yearbook, Bell Choir, Techoir CURTIS, RITA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Health, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; OEA DANIEL, DENINA K.: MAJORS; English, Com- puters MINORS; Foreign Longuage, Sociol Studies DANIELS, KEVIN: MAJORS; Dry Cleaning, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Bond 2,3; Football 3,4 DAETIS, MARK: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Pre. Voc— Avia- tion, Business DARTY, THERESA K.: MAJORS; English, Moth, Business MINOR; Social Studies AC- TIVITIES: Girls Concert Club, Glee Club DAVIDSON, TERRI: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Cheerblock 3, O.E.A., Tech 3CX) Homeroom, Volleyball Team 1-2 DAVIDSON, TYRONE K.: MAJORS; English, Auto Body MINORS; Moth, Social Studies DAVIS, DARRYL K.: MAJORS; Auto Body, English MINORS; Art, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Chess Team, Speech I, Track DAVIS, MARK: MAJORS; Aviation, Social Studies, English MINORS; Health, Moth AC- TIVITIES; Fall Ploy, MASH DAVIS, MICHAEL D.: MAJORS; English, Auto Body MINORS; Health, Social Studies DAY. DAVID D.: MAJORS; Welding, Auto Body, English MINOR; Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Wrestling 1 DAY, VINCENT: MAJORS; English, Foundry MINORS; Pre-Voc— Drofting, Social Studies DEBRULER, LAMUEL Q.: MAJORS; English, Moth, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies, Health DECKARD, NANCY: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Social Studies, Heolth PE ACTIVITIES; Yeorbook DEMMARY, MARK: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Foreign Language DENNING, CONNIE: MAJORS; English, Home Economics MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies DIXON, GLORIA: MAJORS; Business, English, Sociol Studies MINOR; Health DOBBS, JIMMIE: MAJORS; Air Conditioning, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies DODSON, JERRY: MAJORS; English, Sheet Metol MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies, Pre- Voc— Business AQIVITIES; Marching Band, ROTC, Jazz Bond, Symphonic Bond DOTSON, PAULA: MAJORS; English, Foreign Language, Business, Moth MINOR; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Spanish Club President DOTSON, JR., ROBERT: MAJORS: Data Pro- cessing, Sociol Studies MINORS: Health, Science, Foreign Language ACTIVITIES: Wresriing Team, Foorboll Team. Jr. Council, 5r. Council, G.M.S. DOYLE, LESHA: MAJORS: English. Social Studies MINORS: Marh, PVE AQIVITIES: Drill Teem DRAKE, JENNIFER: MAJORS: English, Home Ec. MINORS: Social Studies. Pre-Voc. — Business DUFF, RHONDA: MAJORS: English. Social Studies, Math. Science MINOR: Foreign Language ACTIVITIES: Drama Club. Pres. Key Club, Junior Council Member, French Honor Society DULLEN, KEITH: MAJORS: Business, English MINORS: Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Basketball 80-81 DUNCAN, LYNN: MAJORS: Computer Pro- gramming. Social Studies, English MINOR: Health PE DUNKERSON, SHERRI: MAJORS: English, Business MINORS: Moth, Social Studies, Art ACTIVITIES- Majorette DUNN, ROBERT: MAJORS: English, Cabinet- making MINORS: Social Studies, Moth AC- TIVITIES: Bond 1,2.3 EADS, WILLIAM A.: MAJORS: English, Ser- vice Station, Social Studies MINOR: Moth EARTHMAN, ROMAN J.: MAJORS: Engl ish, Masonry MINORS: Social Studies, Pre- Voc— Auto ACTIVITIES: Wrestling 1-2 EASLEY, KEVIN: MAJORS: English, Business MINORS: Science. Social Studies. Heolth PE EASLEY, LADONNA: MAJORS: Dry Cleaning. Business. English MINOR: Social Studies EDDINGTON, KENNETH L.: MAJORS: English, Social Studies MINORS: Moth, Science EDMONDS, CAROL: MAJORS: Art, English, Business MINORS: Moth, Social Studies EDWARDS, ANNA: MAJORS: Social Studies, English MINORS: Moth, Foreign Longuage EIDSON, BONITA: MAJORS: English, Clothing, Business MINORS: Math, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Junior Achievement, OEA ERVIN, NATALIE: MAJORS: English, Model Restaurant MINORS: Clothing, Social Studies EULISS, JOSEPH: MAJORS: English, Auto Body MINORS: Social Studies, Health EVANS, BARBARA: MAJORS: Business, English MINORS: Math, Social Studies, ROTC ACTIVITIES: Girls ' Exhibition Drill Team, DECA, Girls Color Guard, Orchestra, Senior and Junior Council EVANS, JAMES: MAJORS: English, Pre- Voc. — Auto MINORS: Art, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES: Track EVANS, JESSE: MAJORS: Foundry, Cobinet- rrioking. English MINORS: Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITI ES: Bosketboll, Track EVANS, KEELY M.: MAJORS: English, Business MINORS: Math, Music ACTIVITIES: Band, Orchestro, Stage Bond, Pep Bond, Pit Orchestro EVERTS, CATHY: MAJORS: English, Business MINORS: Sociol Studies, Heolth PE FARLEY, SUSAN L: MAJORS: Business, English MINORS: Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES: Newspoper FERNANDEZ, JUANITA: MAJORS: Business, Englisti A ltJORS: Foreign Languoge, Health, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: COE, OEA, Freshmon Council FERRY, BELINDA: A AJORS: English, Business MINORS: Sociol Studies, Moth FITZGERALD, MARGIE: MAJORS; English, Art MINORS: Performing Arts, Social Studies FLEENER, LISA: MAJORS: Business. English MINORS: Home Economics. History FLEMING. BETH: MAJORS: English. Social Studies. Business MINOR: Math ACTIVITIES: Copy Editor, Newspaper Staff, junior Achievement FLEMING, CAROL: MAJORS: English, Business, Computer Prog. MINORS: Math, Social Studies FOX, ROBERT C: MAJORS: English, Adv. House Construction MINORS: Math, Social Studies, Health ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, Wrestling, Track and Field, Homecoming King, Girls Powder Puff Football Coach FREED, JR., WILLIAM: MAJORS; English, House Construction MINORS; Moth, Art, Social Studies FREEMAN, DAVID E.: MAJORS; English, Ar- chitectural Drafting MINORS; Moth, Social Studies FROST. JERRY W.: MAJORS; Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Science, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Wrestling, Baseball, Tech Rowdies FULLER, JOSEPH E.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Heolth PE, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Genealogy Club, OEA, VICA, Choir GADBURY. TODD J.: MAJORS; Science, Math, English, Foreign Language MINORS; Health, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Cross Country, Track GAINES, ANNETTE: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Moth GALAN JR., FELIX M.: MAJORS; Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies GAMMON, SHERRI: MAJORS; English, Ac- counting MINORS; Science, Social Studies GARCIA, ERIC: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Foreign Longuage, Business GARREH, DENNIS: MAJORS; Business, Moth, Auto Mechanics, English MINOR; Social Studies GARY, REBECCA: MAJORS; English, Model Restaurant MINORS; Moth, Social Studies GILBERT, CURTIS: MAJORS; Architectural Drafting, Moth, English MINOR; Social Studies GILBERT, ERNEST D.: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Shop, PVE GILBERT, ERNEST: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Science, Social Studies GILES, EARL R.: MAJORS; House Construc- tion, English MINORS; Art, Sociol Studies GILHAM, KARREN E.: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Sociol Studies, Moth, Heolth ACTIVITIES; Swimming, Baseball GILLIAM, CAMILLE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Electronics MINORS; Moth, Science ACTIVITIES; Moth Club, Girls Track Team GILLIAM, REGINALD: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechonics MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; ROTC, Swim Team GILMORE, SELINA: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Pre-Voc— Business, Social Studies, Health ACTIVITIES; Volleyball, Bowl- ing, VICA GIN, DAVID: MAJORS; English, Moth MINORS; Sociol Studies, Shop GLADNEY, RICKIE: MAJORS; Electronics, Moth, Engish MINORS; Sociol Studies, Science GLASCO, KIP: MAJORS; English, Printing G Decorating MINORS; Social Studies, Heolth PE GLENN, KAREN V.: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Moth AC- TIVITIES; Spanish Team, Speech Team GLOVER, NANCEE: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Moth AC- TIVITIES; Bosketboll GODSEY. LORl: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; History, PE. ACTIVITIES; Cheerleoder 2 3, Track, Freshman Coun- cil, Senior Tug-of-Wor, OEA GORDON, EDWARD: MAJORS; English, Aviotion, Auto, Social Studies MINOR; Heolth PE ACTIVITIES; ROTC GOSSEH, KENNETH: MAJORS; English, Moth MINORS; Sociol Studies, Welding GRADY, EDWARD: MAJORS; Moth, English, Foundry MINORS; Sociol Studies, Pre- Voc— Metals ACTIVITIES; Football, Track, Wrestling, ROTC, Senior Tug-of-Wot GRANGER, DARIN: MAJORS; Cobinetmok- ing, English MINORS; Science, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; ROTC 1-3 GRANT, JUANITA D.: MAJORS; English, Clerical MINORS; Social Studies, Heolth PE ACTIVITIES; Volleyball, Cheerblock, Band, Junior Council, Junior Achievement GRAVES, TIM: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth, Science, Foreign Language ACTIVITIES; NFL, Speech Team, Thespions, Dromo Club, ROTC Staff GRAY, MARGUERITE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Sociol Studies. Home Economics GREEN, BIANCA: MAJORS; English, lOL, Social Studies MINOR; Moth ACTIVITIES; Techmote 1, Cheerblock GREGORY, ANTHONY: MAJORS; English. Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies. Health GREYER, LAURA A.: MAJORS; Accounting, English MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. GRIFFIN, EARL: MAJORS; Moth. English MINORS; Social Studies, Pre-Voc— Building ACTIVITIES; Freshmon Football GRIFFITH, CHARLES: MAJORS; Business, Sociol Studies, English MINOR; Health GRISBY, JOCELYN: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Heolth PE. Foreign Languoge, Sociol Studies ACTIVITIES; OEA. Sponish Club GUYNN, TAMMY M.: MAJORS; Business. lOL, English MINORS; Social Studies, Health ACTIVITIES; Senior Council, Cheerleader, Human Relations, OEA, COE HALEY, A ' LIA: MAJORS; English, Computer MINORS; Social Studies, Broadcasting AC- TIVITII5; Human Relations Council, Key Club. Spanish Club, SAO, Visuol Arts Club HALL, DESMON: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Moth. Social Studies HALL, DWAYNE: MAJORS; Aerospace Avia- tion, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; ROTC, Boys Octette. Madrigals, Drill Teom, Techoir HALL, HARLEY: MAJORS; Cobinetmoking. Social Studies, English MINOR; Moth HAMBLEN, JOHN: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Science, Social Studies HANCOCK, TODD: MAJORS; House Con- struction, English MINORS; Math, Social Studies, Pre. Voc— Auto ACTIVITIES; Tech Rowdies HANKINS, NEHEMIAH: MAJORS; English, Socio! Studies, Pre-Voc. — Aerospoce MINOR; Science HAPNER, CHARLES: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Heoith PE, Moth, Music ACTIVITIES; Bond 1-4, Doseboll, Golf, Musical Crew, Choir HARDEMAN, CARLA D.: MAJORS; English, Business, Socio! Studies MINORS; Home Ec, Moth HARRIS, DAVID L: MAJORS; English, Auto Body MINORS; Socio! Studies, Moth, Business HASKINS, FRANK: MAJORS; English, Aerospace MINORS; Moth, Health, Sociol Studies ACTIVITIES; Baseball HATCHER, CYNTHIA M.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies, Per- forming Arts ACTIVITIES; Marching Bond 1-4, Dromo Club, OEA, Yearbook, Boy ' s Track Scorekeeper HAYES, DWAYNE: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Foods, Moth HAYDEN, BETH: MAJORS; Science, English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth, Foreign Language HAYES, MAREL L.: MAJORS; English, Cosmetology MINORS; Social Studies, Home Economics ACTIVITIES; VICA Club, Glee Club, Concert Club, Stagecraft Club Key Club HEADDS, TONIA L: MAJORS; Borbering, English MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies AC- TIVITIES; Track, Tech Mote HENDRICKSON, MARIE: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Moth AC- TIVITIES; Cheerblock, Mojorette, Track Team, Stage Club, I.O.L. HENDRICKSON, TWILA D.: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Moth HERRERA, MARGIE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Business, Foreign Language HERRON, PHILLIP L: MAJORS; Moth, Elec- tronics, English, Social Studies MINOR; Science HEWLEH, VICKI: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Health ACTIVITIES; Track 1,2, Mojorette, Drill Team HIBBARD, GARY: MAJORS; Art, English, Social Studies MINOR; Health ACTIVITIES: Football 4, Gym Asst. HICKS, CYNTHIA K.: MAJORS; English, Ac- counting Concepts, Home Ec. MINOR; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; DECA, Junior Council, Freshman Council HOKE, ROBERT: MAJORS; English, Drafting, House Construction MINOR; Sociol Studies HOLLAND, ANDREW: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth, PVE HOLLANDSWORTH, LUCINDA: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English, Social Studies MINOR; Heolth ACTIVITIES; President VICA HOLMES, KAREN: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies, Heolth PE MINORS; Home Ec. Moth ACTIVITIES; Yearbook, Newspaper, Volleyball, Softball, Quill Scroll HOOD, JAY R.: MAJORS; Moth, Science, English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Heolth PE AQIVITIES; Varsity Footboll, Quill G Scroll, Senior Vice-President, Techoir, Orchestra HOOVER, HOWARD: MAJORS; Moth, Mochine Drafting, Shop, English MINORS; Heolth PE, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Varsity Golf, Senior Council, Chess Club, Bowling League HOPMANN, DOMINIK: MAJORS; English, Science MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Swimming Team, German Club Pres. HUGHES, CALVIN: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Dry Cleaning MINOR; Moth HUGHES, MICHAEL: MAJORS; Voc— Prin- ting, English MINORS; German, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Varsity Golf HUMPHREY, ANGELA: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Home Ec, Sociol Studies ACTIVITIES; Jr. Council, Cheerblock, OEA HURST, MELISSA: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Business, Social Studies HURT, KIM: MAJORS; English, Cosmetology MINOR; Business ACTIVITIES; VICA, Upward Bound HURT, MARK T.: MAJORS; English, Printing MINORS; Science, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; ICT, Varsity Boseboll HYCHE, JACKIE: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Pre-Voc. — Serv Health ACTIVITIES; OEA INGRAM, RAYMOND: MAJORS; Accounting, Moth, English MINORS; Sociol Studies, Foreign Longuoge, Health ACTIVITIES; Senior Council, Footboll, Junior Varsity Bosketboll, Spanish Club JACKSON, ADRIAN: MAJORS; Social Studies, Moth, English, Business ACTIVITIES; Freshman Cheerleader JACKSON, ALICE: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Sociol Studies, Health, Business JACKSON, BENITA: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Spanish, Moth ACTIVITIES; Female Exhibition Drill Teom JACKSON, CECIL: MAJORS; English, Auto Body MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies JACKSON, EDDIE: MAJORS; English, lOL MINORS; Social Studies, Moth JACKSON, ELIZABETH: MAJORS; English, Moth, Business, Sociol Studies JACKSON, KEITH: MAJORS; English, Masonry MINORS; Moth, Social Studies JACKSON, TROY: MAJORS; English, Printing, Sociol Studies MINORS; Health, Pre-Voc. — Electricity JACOBS, BRIAN: MAJORS; English, Model Restaurant MINORS; Sociol Studies, Health JAMERSON, RHONDA: MAJORS; Com- puters, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies JASKIEWICZ. CURTIS: MAJORS; English, Photography MINORS; Sociol Studies, Pre- Voc— Drafting ACTIVITIES; Football 1-4 VICA JEFFERSON, DEREK L.: MAJORS; English, Small Engine Repairs MINORS; Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; I.C.T., Marching Bond JEFFERSON, MARCUS: MAJORS; Photography, English MINORS; Health, Social Studies JENKINS, KEVIN: MAJORS; Auto Mechonics, English MINORS; Social Studies, Moth, Pre- Voc. — Auto Mechanics JENNINGS, DANIEL M.: MAJORS; Cobinef- moking, English, Social Studies MINOR; Pre-Voc. — Electricity JENNINGS, DANISE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINOR; Moth JOHNSON, GLENN: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleaning MINORS; Home Ec— Tailoring, Sociol Studies JOHNSON, OSCAR: MAJORS; English, Air Conditioning, Social Studies MINOR; Moth JOHNSON, PATRICIA: MAJORS; Photography, Social Studies, English MINORS; Croft Design, Moth, Pre- Voc — Business ACTIVITIES; Majorettes, Year- book, Newspaper, Jr. Council, Senior Council JOHNSON, SHARRON: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleaning MINORS; Sociol Studies, PE Asst., Toiloring JOHNSON, TONYA L.: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Social Studies, Moth ACTIVITIES; YETP, VICA, DE JOINTER, MELINDA: MAJORS; English, Business (lOL) MINORS; Socio! Studies, Spanish ACTIVITIES; OEA, Foreign Longuoge Messenger, English Messenger JOLUFFE, WILLIAM L.: MAJORS; English, Cobinetmoking MINORS; Sociol Studies, Health ACTIVITIES; Swimming Team JONES, CHARLES: MAJORS; English, Welding MINORS; Moth, Social Studies JONES, JACQUELINE: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Home Ec, Social Studies JONES, KEVIN L: MAJORS; Math, Business, English, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; DE District Contest, DE Stote Contest JONES, RONALD L: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Masonry ACTIVITIES; ASE, Bosketboll, Football, Track JONES, SANDRA D.: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Pre-Voc — Service, Social Studies, Music ACTIVITIES; Techoir, Girls Con- cert Club JONES, SANDRA L.: MAJORS; English, Art MINORS; Social Studies, Business JONES, TERRANCE: MAJORS; English, Autobody, Social Studies MINOR; Health JONES, TIM: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Art, Heolth JONES, YVONNE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Home Ec, Social Studies JOURNEY, BLONDINA: MAJORS; English, Moth MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. AC- TIVITIES; Girls Varsity Trock, Girls Varsity Bosketboll, Junior Council JUSTUS, JULIE: MAJORS; English, Photography MINORS; Home Ec, Art, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Yearbook, Techoir, Girls Swim Team, Dromo KAELIN, KORY: MAJORS; Science, Math, English, Foreign Language MINORS; Social Studies, Pre-Voc — Building Trades AC- TIVITIES; Wrestling, Sponish Club KEITHLEY, RITA: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS: Business, Moth, Heolth AC- TIVITIES: Majorettes KELLEY, JAMES: MAJORS; English. Plumbing MINORS; Moth, Heolth, Sociol Studies KELP, ROBERT: MAJORS; English, Auto Trodes, Social Studies MINOR: Moth KEMP, EDNA F.: MAJORS; Business, Moth, English MINORS; Social Studies ACTIVITIES: OEA, Speech Team, Latin Club, Junior Council KEMP, SHIRLEY: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Art, Sociol Studies ACTIVITIES; OEA KEMPER, TANYA S.: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Social Studies, Business KENDALL, ADAM: MAJORS: Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Sociol Studies, Heolth PE KENDALL, BRUCE: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies Heolrh PE KENDALL, CHARLES: MAJORS: English. Aufo Mechanics MINORS: Heolrh PE, Social Studies AQIVITIES- YETP KENDRICK. LARRY: MAJORS- English, Cobinermaking MINORS: Social Studies, Pre-Voc— Drofring ACTIVITIES: ICT, ICT Relored KENNEDY. RODERICK: MAJORS: Aerospace, Aviorion Mechanic, English MINOP6: Marh, Social Studies KESTLER. KIM: MAJORS: Business, English MINORS- Morh, Science KILGORE, KEITH: MAJORS: English, Business, Social Srudies MINOR: Morh ACTIVITIES- ROTC KING, AARON: MAJORS: English, Phorogrophy MINORS: Social Srudies, Heolrh PE KINGERY, JOHN: MAJORS: English, Arr, Auro Mechanics MINORS: Sociol Srudies, Morh KIRKLAND, TIMOTHY A.: MAJORS: English, Social Srudies, House Consrrucrion MINOR: Science LAKIN, TIMOTHY D.: MAJORS: Cobinermak- ing, English MINORS: Socio! Srudies, Morh LALAND, TRENT: MAJORS: English, Social Srudies MINORS: Healrh PE, Science AC- TIVITIES: Pep Bond, Track LANE. MARILYN L: MAJORS: Business, English, Social Srudies MINOR; Morh AC- TIVITIES: Choir, Track, OEA LANTRIP, WILLIAM: MAJORS: English, Cobinermaking MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Healrh PE LAWRENCE. GUNDULA M.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Heolrh, Social Srudies, German ACTIVITIES; Sroge Club, Girls Swim Team LAWRENCE, JANE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Heolrh PE, Morh, Arr, Social Srudies AQIVITIES; Stage Club, Jr. Council, Sr, Council LEE, ADRIAN L.: MAJORS; Business Ed., Social Srudies, English MINOR; Heolrh AC- TIVITIES; OEA. YETP LEE, NELSON: MAJORS; English, Welding MINORS: Social Srudies, PE AQIVITIES; ROTC LEE, PAMELA: MAJORS; English, Service In- dusrries MINORS; Home Ec, Social Studies LEMON, MICHAEL D.: MAJORS; English, Commerciol Arr MINORS; Business, Social Srudies ACTIVITIES; Speech Team LESLIE, JAMES: MAJORS; English, Elecrriciry MINORS: Morh, Social Srudies, Healrh PE LEWIS. LAWRENCE L.: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Morh, Social Srudies, Pre-Voc — Auro LINDSAY, DARLENE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Home Ec, Morh. Healrh PE ACTIVITIES; OEA LLOYD, VALERIE: MAJORS; English. Business MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Heolrh PE LONG, JEFF: MAJORS; Aerospace, English A INORS; Morh, Phys, Ed.. Social Srudies AC- TIVITIES; Vorsiry Foorboll, Boseboll, Weightlifting LOOKEDILL, DAVID: MAJORS; English, Auro echomcs MINORS; Sociol Srudies, P,E. LOOKEDILL. THOMAS: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Pre, Voc. — Ser-vice Occup. LUCAS, LESTER, L.: MAJORS; Prinring, English A lfiOR,5: A orh. Sociol Srudies LYNCH, MICHELE: A AJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. LYNN, APRIL: MAJORS; Accounting, English MINORS: Social Srudies, Heolrh MANIS, VICTORIA: MAJORS; English, Moth, Foreign Language, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; OEA MARCH, BRANDON: MAJORS; Model Resrouronr, Social Srudies, English MINOR: Science ACTIVITIES; Speech Team, Drama Club MARCUM, JEFF: MAJORS; English, Auro Mechanics MINORS; Social Srudies, Morh MARINO, CHARLES: MINORS; English, Sheer Merol MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Phys. Ed. MARSH, KEVIN: MAJORS; Aerospace, English MINORS; Business, Sociol Srudies AC- TIVITIES; Rifle Team MARTIN, MARK D.: MAJORS; English, Auro Mechonics MINORS; Social Srudies Heolrh PE MARTIN, TERRY: MAJORS; English, Auro Mechanics MINORS; Social Srudies, Math Heolfh PE MASON, JAMES: MAJORS; English, Auto Body MINORS; Social Studies, Arr MASON, MARY: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Srudies, Phys. Ed. Health MATTHEWS, JEFFREY: MAJORS; English, Arr MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Shop MAYS, TEENA: MAJORS; Model Resrouronr, English, Sociol Studies MINOR; Heolth PE MCCALLISTER, LEROY: MAJORS; English, Cobnermoking MINORS; Morh, Social Srudies, Science ACTIVITIES; Basketball, Football MCCANN, DEITRA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Social Studies MCCAULLEY, ALONZO: MAJORS; English, Moth, Electricity MINOR; Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Cross Counrry, Chess Team MCCHRISTIAN, AMBRET: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Morh, Home Ec. MCCORKLE, MARLENE: MAJORS; English, Cosmerology MINORS; Business, Social Srudies MCCULLAR. DONNA: MAJORS; English, Pain- ring and Decororion MINORS; Heolth PE, Social Srudies MCDANIEL, BRAD: MAJORS; Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Sociol Studies, Moth MCDUFFEE, KEVIN: MAJORS; English, Sociol Srudies, Welding MINOR; Science MCFARLAND, JR., BILL MAJORS; English, Auro Mechanics MINORS; Social Srudies, Morh MCFARLAND, DARLENE: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Heolth PE, Sociol Srudies ACTIVITIES; OEA MCGRAW. YOLANDA: MAJORS; Cosmerology, English MINORS; Business, Social Srudies ACTIVITIES; Freshman Council MCINTYRE, LARRY: MAJORS; Printing, English MINORS; Moth, Social Srudies MCKENZIE, ERNESTINE: MAJORS; Model Resrouronr, English MINORS; Home Ec, Social Srudies MCKENZIE, LONNIE: MAJORS; Dry Cleaning, Social Srudies, English MINOR; Heolrh PE ACTIVITIES; Swimming MCKINNEY, JEFF: MAJORS; English, Borber- ing MINORS; PE Heolrh, Sociol Srudies AC- TIVITIES; Swimming, Music, Ploys MCLENDON, STEPHANIE: MAJORS; Poinring and Inrerior Decororing, English MINORS; Sociol Srudies, Home Ec, MCPHERSON, BRENDA: MAJORS; English, Business Ed. MINORS; Sociol Srudies. Home Ec. ACTIVITIES; Tech Bowling MCROY, JOHN: MAJORS: English, Avia- rion Aerospoce, Auro Mechonics MINORS; Social Srudies, Electrical Trades MCROY. MARGARET: MAJORS; English, Social Srudies MINORS; Science, Spanish AC- TIVITIES; Techoir, Swing Choir, Madrigals, Girl ' s Ensemble, Musical MEFFORD, E. DARLENE: MAJORS; English, Business MINOR; Sociol Srudies ACTIVITIES; Vocational Computers, DECA, Vocational D.E. MILES, DEREK MCKINLEY: MAJORS; Moth, English, Electriciry MINORS; Heolth P.E. AC- TIVITIES; Baseball, Football, Student Council MILLS, RODNEY A.: MAJORS; History, Morh, English MINOR; PE. ACTIVITIES; Techoir, Trock, Bond, Football, Tech 300 Basketball MOBLEY, LOIS: MAJORS; History, English, Accounting MINORS; Math, Phys. Ed. MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL: MAJORS; English, Morh MINORS; History, Auto Body MOORE, FRANK G.: MAJORS; English, Mechanics MINORS; Moth, Choir ACTIVITIES; Football, Basketball MOORE, REAGAN E.: MAJORS; Auto Mechanics, Social Studies, English MINOR; Moth ACTIVITIES; Freshman Footboll, F.T.A. Arr Fair MOORE, ROSEMARY: MAJORS; D.E. Relorlve, English MINORS; Morh, Social Srudies MORELOCK, DENTON: MAJORS; Prinring, Morh, English MINOR; Government MOREMAN, MARION: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, History, Clothing MORGAN, STEPHEN: MAJORS; English, Com- puter Progromming MINORS; Science, Moth ACTIVITIES; Orchestra MORRIS, BRIAN: MAJORS; Auto Mech., English MINORS; Spanish, Social Studies, Moth ACTIVITIES; Baseball, Bosketboll, Football MORRIS, KATHY: MAJORS; English, Moth MINORS; Science, Social Studies, Business MORRISOD, ANITA: MAJORS; English. Science MINORS; Sociol Studies, Moth MORTON, LYYN M.: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies AC- TIVITIES; Tennis Teom MOSLEY, WILMA: MAJORS; Moth, English MINORS; Clothing, Art MOSES, WILLIAM: MAJORS; Auto Mech., English MINORS; Moth, History MULL, SUSAN: MAJORS; Heolrh Professions, English MINORS; Hisrory, Science, Moth, D.E. ACTIVITIES; D.E. Contests. Girl ' s Concert Club MUNDEN, DAVID: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Morh, History, Drofting ACTIVITIES; ROTC, Computer COBOL MUPRHY, PAUL D.: MAJORS; Social Srudies, Prinring, English MINOR; Moth ACTIVITIES; Human Relotions Council, Jr. b Sr. Council, Techoir, Orchesrro, Speech, NFL MURRAY, DAVON: MAJORS; English, Hisrory, Dry Cleaning MINORS; Mechonics, Morh ACTIVITIES; Basketball. Football MURRELL, TRESA: MAJORS; Social Srudies, English MINORS; Moth, Science ACTIVITIES; Foorboll, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming NAPIER, ALMA: MAJORS; English, Hisrory, Business MINORS; Moth, Health NELSON, PAHY: MAJORS; Moth, English, Spanish MINORS; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Spanish Club NESBIT, ARNOLD: MAJORS; English, History, Printing MINORS; Phys. Ed. NEWSOME, SANDRA: MAJORS; Science, Math, English MINORS; Sponish, Health, Social Studies AQIVITIES; Tech 300 NEViNS, DONALD: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Pre-Voc. — Building Trades, PE NICHOLSON, KIMDERLY: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; PE Heolth, Social Studies AQIVITIES; VICA, Cheerblock NOLAN, HAROLD: MAJORS; Cobinetmok- ing, English MINORS; History, Art OAKES, TIMOTHY WAYNE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Moth, Electronics MINORS; PE, Business Administration AC- TIVITIES; Jr. Council, Musical, Fall Ploy, Vice- President, VICA, Swimming OSBURN, VERNON: MAJORS; Moth, Business, English MINORS; Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Bond, Trock OniNGER, JAMES: MAJORS; English, House Con struction MINORS; Moth, History AC- TIVITIES; Anthropology OniNGER, RUDY: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Phys. Ed., History, Moth AaiVITIES; OEA, Techoir OWENS, GREGORY T.: MAJORS; English, Moth, Aviation, Aerospace MINORS; PE, History ACTIVITIES; Aerospace Flying Club, Weedhopper Club, VICA OWENS, JEFFERY: MAJORS; English, Cobinetmoking, Social Studies MINOR; Moth AQIVITIES; Freshman Basketball, Baseball PARKER, ALEXIS: MAJORS; lOL, English MINORS; Sociol Studies, Moth PARKS, TODD: MAJORS; English, Rodio TV MINOR; Social Studies PARNELL, PATRINA: MAJORS; Home Ec, English MINORS; Moth, History PARRIS, DONNA SUE: MAJORS; Moth, History, Computer Programming, English MINOR; Publications AaiVITIES; Newspaper Editor, SAO, Jr., Sr. Council, City-Wide Stu- dent Council, Dromo Club PARROT, MARY C: MAJORS; English, Health, Moth MINORS; Spanish, Social Studies, Science PATE. STEVEN: MAJORS; English MINORS; Phys. Ed., Moth, History, Science PAHERSON, RITA: MAJORS; English, Moth MINORS; Business, Social Studies PATTON, ROBERT: MAJORS; English, Aerospoce MINORS; Moth, Science AC- TIVITIES; Track, Football PAYTON, PAULA D.: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Moth, Science PEACHER, KEITH: MAJORS; History, English, Arch. Drafting MINOR; Moth AQIVITIES; Football, Senior Council PERKINS, RICKY: MAJORS; English, Drafting MINORS; Moth, History, Pre-Voc— Building, Phys. Ed AaiVITIES; Bond, Swim Assistant, Football, Messenger PERRY, YVEHE: MAJORS; Business, Moth, English MINOR; History ACTIVITIES; Freshman Council, Tennis Team, Track, Sr. Council, President OEA PHARES, MARY: MAJORS; Business, Math, English MINOR; Social Studies PHELPS, MAE: MAJORS; History MINORS; P.E., Business PHELPS, TIMOTHY: MAJORS; Auto Mech. MINORS; English, Moth AaiVITIES; Track PHILLIPS, BEVERLY: MAJORS; English, Business, History MINOR; Math ACTIVITIES; Tennis Team, Freshman Council, Techmotes, Football Mgr., Cheerblock PEREZ, DANIEL: MAJORS; English, Photogrphy, Social Studies MINORS; PE, Pre-Voc. — Auto PING, SUSAN: MAJORS; Business, Moth, English, Spanish MINORS; Social Studies, Phys. Ed. POPE, JULIA: MAJORS; English, History, Business, Home Ec. AaiVITIES; Titonettes, Botgirl PORTER, DAPHNE: MAJORS; Cosmetology, History, English MINOR; French AaiVITIES; VICA PORTER, DESIREE: MAJORS; English, Comm. Foods, Social Studies MINOR; Clothing POSEY, LAKONIA P.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies POTEET, ROBERT: MAJORS; Computer Pro- gramming, English, Social Studies MINORS; Phys. Ed., Moth, Accounting ACTIVITIES; Ten- nis, Baseball, Swimming, Tech Rowdie, Tech All-City Jazz Bond POHER, DENNIS: MAJORS; English, Carpen- try, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, P.E. AC- TIVITIES; Track, Footboll POWERS, RODNEY: MAJORS; English, Science MINORS; Social Studies, Foundry ACTIVITIES; Trock POUENTUD, FRANK: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Social Studies, Phys. Ed. PRICE, KEITH D.: MAJORS; English, Cabinet- making MINORS; History, Science PRYOR, HAROLD E.: MAJORS; Comm. Art, English MINORS; Moth, History ACTIVITIES; Art Club PRYOR, MICHAEL: MAJORS; Cobinetmok- ing, Auto Mechanics, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AaiVITIES; Bond, Football PUGH, GERRY: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AaiVITIES; Baseball QUARLES, DEBORAH: MAJORS; Moth, English MINOR; Social Studies AaiVITIES; Volleyball, Bosketboll, Track, Key Club QUINTANA, MARCELINO N.: MAJORS; Music, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies, PE AaiVITIES; Techoir, Modrigol, Musicals, Morching Bond, Chomber Ensemble QUINTERO, RAYMOND: MAJORS; Moth. English, History, Foreign Long., Croft Design MINORS; Science, Phys. Ed. AaiVITIES; Jr. Council, Track, Cross-Country, Bowling RAIA, JAMES: MAJORS; Aerospace Avia- tion, Social Studies, English, Moth AaiVITIES; Aerospace Club, Tech Rowdies, Flying Club, Homecraft Group, Weedhopper Club RAINEY, JAMES: MAJORS; Auto Mech., English MINOR; History RALSTON, DANA: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. RAMEY, RONALD: MAJORS; English, Science MINORS; Moth, History AaiVITIES; ROTC, Yearbook, Speech Team, NFL, Quill Scroll RAMSEY, LAURA: MAJORS; Moth, English, Business MINORS; Art, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Freshman Council, OEA RANDLE, SHIRLEY: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Moth RANSOM, ASTRO: MAJORS; Electronics, English MINORS; Health, Moth REAGAN, ROBERT: MAJORS; Carpentry, English MINOR; History AaiVITIES; Trock RE AVES, TERRI: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Science, Moth REID, YVEHE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Moth RENT, BRET E.: MAJORS; Moth, Art, English MINORS; Sponish, History, Music AaiVITIES; Football, Choir, Boy ' s Octette, Adv. Art RESNOVER, CHARLES: MAJORS; Art, English MINORS; Health, Math AaiVITIES; Choir, Art RHOTON, TROY: MAJORS; Aerospoce Aviotion, English MINORS; Moth, History RICE, RENNITA: MAJORS; English, Com- puters MINORS; Moth, History AaiVITIES; Volleyball RIFE, RICHARD A.: MAJORS; Auto Mech., English AaiVITIES; Auto Body ROBINSON, CALVIN: MAJORS; Auto Body, Health MINORS; History, English AaiVITIES; Football, Trock ROBINSON, JOHNNY JR.: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; PE, Moth AaiVITIES; Bosketboll ROBINSON, JEROME: MAJORS; Business, Home Ec. MINORS; English, Art ROBINSON, MARK: MAJORS; House Const., English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Cross Country ROBINSON, VINCENT: MAJORS; Bob. Mak- ing, English MINORS; Moth, History AC- TIVITIES; Footboll ROSE, JUDY: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, History AaiVITIES; OEA RUPERT, LA VONNA: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Moth, Foods, Social Studies RUSH, SCOHY: MAJORS; English, Electronics MINORS; Social Studies, Moth AaiVITIES; Basketball, Cross Country, Track SANCHEZ, VELMA: MAJORS; English, Spanish MINORS; Social Studies, Moth, Home Ec. SARGENT, YVETTE: MAJORS; Model Restouront, English MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies SCHMIDT, ELIZABETH: MAJORS; Model Restouront, English MINORS; Sociol Studies, Home Ec. scon, ANDREW: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies MINORS; Science, Business SCRUGGS, KRISTINE: MAJORS; English, Art MINORS; Math, Social Studies SHARP, GARY: MAJORS; English, Shop MINORS; Social Studies, Moth SHAW, FRANKIE: MAJORS; English, House Construction MINORS; Social Studies, PE SHEILDS, ERWIN: MAJORS; English, Auto Body, Social Studies MINOR; Moth SHIRLEY, DARLENE: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Moth, Social Studies SHOULDERS, SHARON: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Pre- Voc — Service Occup., Moth SIMMONS, ERIC: MAJORS; English, Math MINORS: Social Studies, PE AaiVITIES; Track, Bosketboll SIMMONS, HAROLD B.: MAJORS; Computer Prog., English MINORS; Moth, History SIMMS, DAMON: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; History, PE SIMS, COSANDRA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES- OEA. Girls Concert Club Lilly Leadership Program SKILLAN. JANIS: MAJORS: Business, Hisrory. English MINORS: Sponish. Morh AQIVITJES: OEA SMITH. CURTIS A.: MAJORS: House Consrruc- rion. English. Social Studies MINOR: PE SMITH, CYNTHIA: MAJORS: English, Com- mercial Foods, Business MINOR; Social Studies SMITH. DANETTA: MAJORS: English, Business. Social Studies MINOR: Moth SMITH. ELIZABETH: MAJORS: English, MINOR: Social Studies SMITH, JERRI E.: MAJORS: English, Painting Decoroting. Social Studies MINORS: Pre. Voc— Service Occup.. Moth ACTIVITIES: Speech Team, Foil Play, Junior Achieve- ment, Human Relations Council, Key Club SMITH. LIZZIE A.: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Model Restaurant MINOR; Math ACTIVITIES: Trock SMITH. MICHAEL F.: MAJORS; Moth, English MINORS: Social Studies, Science SMITH. SHERRY: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS: Social Studies, Home Ec, Moth SMITH. VERNON T.: MAJORS; Auto Mech., English. Social Studies MINOR: Moth SPELLMAN. DEBORAH: MAJORS; English, Math, French MINORS; Social Studies, Science ACTIVITIES; Cheerleoding, Musical SPELLMAN, SCOH: MAJORS; English, Business — Data Processing MINORS; History, Building Trades, PE Health ACTIVITIES; An- thropology Club, Bowling SPIVEY. BONNIE J.: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec, ACTIVITIES: OEA SPONSEL, ROBERT P.: MAJORS; English, Cobinetmoking MINORS; Spanish, Moth, Sociol Studies SQUIRES, CYNTHIA: MAJORS; English, Science, Moth, Sociol Studies MINOR; Home Ec. STACKHOUSE, SCOH: MAJORS; English, Math, Aerospoce MINOR; History AC- TIVITIES: March Bond, Orchestra, Pep Bond, Instrument Ensemble, Symphonic Bond STANLEY. EMILY: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINOP5; Social Studies, PE, Business STANSBERY. LESTER: MAJORS; House Con- str., English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Music, V.P. Human Relations STAPLES, GREG: MAJORS: English, Architec- tural Drofting MINORS: Social Studies, Moth STEPHENS, FREDERICK: MAJORS; English, Moth, Business, Social Studies MINOR; German STIGGER. DAVID: MAJORS; English, Elec- tronics, Foreign Language — French MINORS; Morh. Science, Sociol Studies AC- TIVITIES; Wrestling, Senior Council STIVERS. RICHARD: MAJORS; English, Sheer Merol, Sociol Studies MINOR; Foods STOVALL. JULIUS: MAJORS; Cobinetmoking, English MINORS; Pre. Voc. — Electricity, Sociol Studies STROTHER, LORI D.: MAJORS; Morh, English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, PE AC- TIVITIES; DECA, Junior Council SVOLOS, ELENI G.: MAJORS; Science, Moth, English, Sociol Studies MINOR; Foreign Longuoge ACTIVITIES; Senior Council, V.P.— Sroge Club TARVER, RHONDA L: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleoning MINORS; Social Studies, PE AC- TIVITIES; Trock, Cheerblock TATE. STEPHANIE: MAJORS; Social Studies, English, Business MINOR; Home Ec. TAYLOR, CHARLES I.: MAJORS; English, Auto Body MINORS; Social Studies, PE AC- TIVITIES; JROTC, Drill Teom TAYLOR, DIANE: MAJORS; English, Business Ed. MINORS; Sociol Studies. Home Ec. AC- TIVITIES; OEA TAYLOR, KEVIN D.: MAJORS; Auto Body, English, Social Studies MINORS; Science, Moth TAYLOR, VIVIAN: MAJORS; English, Art MINORS; Social Studies, Moth TEMPLE, ROYAL: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; PE, Moth TENNANT. SUSAN: MAJORS; English, Home Ec, Model Restouront MINORS; Social Studies, PE THOMAS. CARMEN: MAJORS; Computer Programming, English MINORS; Hisrory, Morh THOMAS, DELPHINE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. THOMAS. JENNIFER: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Social Studies, PE THOMAS. TERESA: MAJORS; English, Moth, Social Studies, Comm. Foods MINORS; PE, Home Ec. THOMPSON, CYNTHIA S.: MAJORS; Sociol Studies, English, Computers MINOR; PE AC- TIVITIES; Speech Team; NFL, Fall Ploy, Pit Or- chestra, Junior Council THOMPSON, JONATHON: MAJORS; English, Printing, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Music ACTIVITIES; Stoge Bond, Concert Bond, Pep Bond THORNBURGH, JAMES A.: MAJORS; English, Auto Mech. MINORS; Social Studies, Pre- Voc. — Building Trodes THURMAN, MICHAEL: MAJORS; English, Moth, Auto Mechanics, Social Studies TISDUL, INIZE M.: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Moth, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; VICA, YETP TOBIN, KATHLEEN: MAJORS; Cosmetology, English MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. ACTIVITIES; VICA TOLAN, VALERIE: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Home Ec, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; OEA-COE TOLIVER, DWAYNE: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleaning MINORS; Social Studies, Moth TOLIVER, MARK V.: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleoning MINORS; Sociol Studies, PE AC- TIVITIES; Tennis TOWNSEND, NELLIE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Sociol Studies, Moth TONEY, DIANE: MAJORS; English, Business, Moth MINOR; Social Studies TRACKWELL, HOBERT: MAJORS; English, Ser- vice Sfotion MINORS; Social Studies, Moth TRACY, JOSEPH: MAJORS; English, Printing, Sociol Studies MINORS; Moth, PE TRAVIOLI, LEWIS: MAJORS; English, Aerospace, Sociol Studies, Auto Mech. TRAYLAR, KATHY: MAJORS; English, Data Processing, Social Studies MINOR; PE TREMAIN, DAWN L: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; PE, Home Economics, U.S. Hisrory ACTIVITIES; OEA TROBE, DAWN A.: MAJORS; English, Business, Hisrory MINOR; Moth ACTIVITIES; Rifle Team, Speech Teom, DECA, NFL, Senior Council TROUTMAN. WILLIAM: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Business, Moth, Shop TURNBOW, TYRONE: MAJORS; Math, English, Auto Mech. MINORS; Pre. Voc. — Elect. Trades, Sociol Studies TURNER, DEBRA: MAJORS; English, Model Restaurant MINORS; Moth, Social Studies, Home Ec. TYNER, CHARLES: MAJORS; Moth, English MINORS; Business, Sociol Studies, PE TYNER, DIANNE: MAJORS; English, Cosmetology MINORS; History, Home Ec, Business VALENTINE, RONDA: MAJORS; Business, English, Social Studies MINOR; Home Ec. AC- TIVITIES; Key Club, Humon Relations, OEA VANCE, PEGGY: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleaning MINORS; Social Studies, Moth VAUGHN, CARL C: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies, House Constr. MINOR; PE VAUGHN, LYNDA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; PE, Social Studies AC- TIVITIES; Mojorettes VAWTER, JOHN: MAJORS; Computer Prog., Electronics, Moth, English MINOR; Social Studies VINSON, VALERIE: MAJORS; English, Home Ec. MINORS; Moth, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Spanish Club, Marching Bond VOORHEES, STACEY: MAJORS; English, Cosmetology MINORS; Sociol Studies, Moth WAHS, TERESA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Moth ACTIVITIES; OEA WALKER, DANNY: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Carpentry MINOR; PE WALKER, HIWATHA: MAJORS; English, Business, Moth MINOR; Social Studies WALKER, LAFONDRA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Sociol Studies, Home Ec. WALKER, PATRICK A.: MAJORS; Commer- cial Foods, English MINORS; Social Studies, Moth WALLACE, DALE: MAJORS; Social Studies, House Construction, English MINOR; Math WALLACE, DANIEL: MAJORS; English, Art, Social Studies, Model Restaurant WALLACE, DORIS: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. WARDELL, DENNIS: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, PE WARE, JEFFERY: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleaning MINORS; History, Moth WARNER, KEVIN: MAJORS; English, Math, Photography, Arch. Drafting MINOR; Social Studies WARRENDURG, JOHN: MAJORS; English, History MINORS: Pre. Voc— BIdg. Trades, Art, Moth WATSON, DAVID: MAJORS; English, Sheer Metal Trades MINORS; Health, History WELLS, ROBERT: MAJORS; English, Shop MINORS; Social Studies, Moth WEST, JAMES: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; History, PE WEST, NECOLE: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Sponish, Social Studies WHITE, CORNELIOUS: MAJORS; English, Computer Programming, Moth MINORS; PE, Sociol Studies, Pre. Voc. — Building Trades ACTIVITIES; Morching Bond, Pit Orchestra WHITE, KIM: MAJORS; English, Foundry, Social Studies MINOR; Moth WHITE, LONNIE: MAJORS; English, Art, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Marh WHITEHEAD, SCOH: MAJORS; Welding, English MINORS; Phsyicol Ed., Social Studies WHITNEY, WARREN: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Math, Art WIGGINTON, ERNEST: MAJORS; Auto Body, English MINORS; Math, Social Studies WILKINSON, REVA M: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Pre. Voc— Service Occup. ACTIVITIES; Majorette WILLIAMS, BARRY: MAJORS; Moth, English, Architectural Drafting MINORS; Social Studies, Science ACTVITIES; Basketball, Senior Council, Homecoming King Condidate WILLIAMS, BRENDA: MAJORS; Commercial Foods, English, Cosmetology MINOR; History AQIVITIES; Music, Clothing WILLIAMS, CONNIE: MAJORS; English, Foreign Longuage MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. WILLIAMS, DAWN S.: MAJORS; English, Moth, Computer Programming MINOR; Social Studies ACTIVITIES; City-Wide Student Council, Junior Achievement, Freshman WILSON, MARY: MAJORS; English, Business, Social Studies MINOR; Moth WIMBERLY, PAUL: MAJORS; English, Social Council, OEA-COE, Speech Team WILLIAMS, DERRICK: MAJORS; Air Condi- tioning, English MINORS; Moth, History WILLIAMS, DONNA D.: MAJORS; English, History, Home Ec. MINOR; Health WILLIAMS, ISADORE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Art, Moth WILLIAMS, SANDRA: MAJORS; Clothing, English MINORS; Moth, Business, History AC- TIVITIES; Tennis Instructor WILSON, IRENE: MAJORS; English, Social Studies, Business MINOR; Moth WILEY, GEORGE: MAJORS; English, Welding MINORS; Math, Social Studies WILHITE, PRISCILLA: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec. WILSON, JOHN: MAJORS; English, Welding, Social Studies MINOR; PE WILSON, JOSEPH B.: MAJORS; Moth, English, House Construction MINOR; Social Studies AQIVITIES; Football, Wrestling, Track, Let- terman ' sClub WILSON, JULIE: MAJORS; Moth, English, Social Studies MINORS; Music, Foreign Language, Science ACTIVITIES; Junior Coun- cil, Senior Council, Drama Club, German Club Studies MINORS; Moth, Science WINEIGER, ROY: MAJORS; Carpentry, English, Social Studies MINORS; PE, Pre. Voc. — Business WINGO, TINA: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Math, Social Studies ACTIVITIES; Girls Concert Club, Newspaper, OEA, Spanish Club, Rowdies WININGER, PHYLLIS: MAJORS; Business, Moth, English MINORS; Science, Social Studies WISE, BRETT: MAJORS; Auto Mech., English MINORS; Social Studies, Science WOLCOn, LEAH: MAJORS; Social Studies, English MINORS; Spanish, Home Ec, AC- TIVITIES; Yearbook— Editor, Quill Scroll, Musicals, Techoir Ensemble, Bell Choir WOLFE, DARLA: MAJORS; English, Social Studies MINORS; Moth, Business WOODRUFF, JUDY: MAJORS; Business, English MINORS; Social Studies, Spanish AC- TIVITIES; Choir, Rowdies, OEA WOODS, LOREHA: MAJORS; English, Art MINORS; Social Studies, Home Ec, Math AC- TIVITIES; Human Relations — Secretory WOODS, STEPHANIE: MAJORS; English, Comm. Foods MINORS; Social Studies, Moth WRIGHT, CURTIS: MAJORS; English, Painting Decorating MINORS; Moth, Science, Pre. Voc. — Auto Trades WRIGHT, DONNA J.: MAJORS; English, Business MINORS; Moth, Sociol Studies AC- TIVITIES; OEA, Financial Chairman WRIGHT, HAROLD E.i MAJORS; English, Auto Mechanics MINORS; Moth, Social Studies WYNN, WARRICK: MAJORS; English, Auto Mechonics MINORS; History, Business YARRELL, TIMMY: MAJORS; English, House Construction MINORS; Social Studies, Science YOUNG, BARRY G.: MAJORS; English, Sociol Studies, Shop MINORS; PE, Moth YOUNGER, DAWN: MAJORS; English, Dry Cleaning MINORS; Social Studies, Business We ore o new store in rhe area doing custom printing on hots end shirts. Design your own and we ' ll print it. Specialists in athletic unifornns and custom lettering. S fri Slill T 2012 N. Shodelond (next to Duffs) Joy Hood TECI5y $ 3845 E. Washington Cindi Marcher Kim Bernard RE PS I Pepsi ' Cola Bottling Co. Inc. of Indianapolis, Ind. 1030 East New York Sfreef Telephone Area Code 317 - 632-3464 Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 lake the Pepsi Challenge! NationMnde,niore people prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola ! PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. OF INDIANAPOLIS 1030 E. New York St., Indpls., IN 46202 317 632-3464 I ICIiAI D BENNETT Home of offordoble furniture 5804 E. Washington St. 356-7211 CUT-LIDS UNISEX STTLING SALCN Joy, Q prime candidate for clipping. A 905 Merchant ' s Bonk Building 637-8424 French Loce Beauty Solon 2929 E. 10th 262-9022 MARTIN BANKS of Riley Towers Deouty Salons 225 E. North 635 1684 Featuring California Curls S45, and Cellophane S20 Our Work is Guoronteed P ' UOV ERS ARRANGED fOR Ai_t. OCCASrONS mERAlS — HOSPITALS — WEDDINGS Tee Ka ) It ' lower Nove t j SVio( 3S01 Brookside pkwv so Dr (NDIANAROI-IS, INDIANA 46201 tmelma king DAVID ELDER WHITE DRAGON INTERPRISES Furniture Repoir ond Refinishing 632-1420 Carol Ray Wck THERMOGRAPHED (Raised Lettering) BUSINESS CARDS Retail 18.50p«r 1,000 (The complelt job is done al our localion I (Wholesale lo Prmtersl Quick Priming — (100 copies slill only ' 4.25) Office Supplies — Spt.,ii niKoum irfinfcm«ni on minimum ..l ' XJntil " yovi HURT ' S PRINTING COMPANY ||)I5 Soulheaslern Aienuc • Indianapolis. IN 46MI Phnne (.1171 (,.12-5466 BEnV ' S BEAUTY SHOP 1360 N. OIney 638-1882 Your friendly neighorhood beauty shop Specializing in haircuts and permanent woves c Ltc. Keith Kilgore, c Cpr. Edward Gordon, c Moj. Tim Graves, c Cpt. Tim Beavo c Cpr. Joe Arringron, c Moj. Kevin Marsh, c 1 Lr. Bonito Jackson, c Moj. Chorles Taylor c 1 Sgr. Nerris Willis ROTC Dept. Head Army Veteron Ccnsratulaticns Class cf 1982 Frcm the 1 Senior Members cf the JCCTC " Indiana National Pioneers In Banking MW W W 1 Im IW IW W IW IW IW ?W 1W IW w w M w w w MPf i iw Iw IW iw w iw w iw w iw iw iw iw iw iw iw MW iw w w w iw w GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC. 1 640 East Washington Street 636-1566 JACrSCN TEXACC COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR SUN DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT 5460 East 2 1st Street 21st and Ritter 353-2593 Best Wishes to Seniors of 1982 I AINT AUT€ SUPPLY 2114 East Washington 637-5303 This is Q listing of places you frequent nnost, and of those who support us and the Titan way. So, the next tinne you go shopping take us along. YELLOW PAGES J f ' ' ' lA ' ' . ' ■ = i ' .fl-Z i f h ' ' Z f - - yCc4 -£.= ZXc d 4 ( ' : J. W. RECORD SHOP 3618 E. 25th Street Phone 542-9695 Lps, 45 ' s tapes Jewelry 1st SGT. Willis, Owner. NiX DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER Daini Queen 3906 East 10th St. CODY ' S SUBSTATION PIZZA PLACE Featuring: Submarines Pizza Pizzo by the Slice Free Delivery 634-8469 BEST OF LUCK TO Class of " 82 " MCDONALD ' S 1610 East Washington McDonaldis I C€€T Supporting the TITANS throughout the years. GRINSTEINER FUNERAL HOME INC. Thoughrful Service Harold D. Unger, President F. Floyd G. Gibson, Vice-Presidenr Deouriful New Chapel Seoring Over 200 1601 East Nevv York Street 632-5374 HALLELUJAH HOUSE LANMAN FLOWER SHOP 4108 E. Michigan 995 N. Fenron West Main ot Gem Road Nev Palestine 356-6371 (317) 636-2313 2401 E. 10th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 634-8858 Christian Books and Supplies Bicycles and Accessories ' heel Work EAST NEW YORK FLOWER SHOP Complete Floral Service George Lester Owner Designer 2838 East N.Y.S Indpls.Jnd. 86201 DORSEY DOTY MORTUARY Where Personal Service Is a Reality 3925 E. New York St. 357-1173 Best Wishes v " Best Wishes Jordon-Lowrence Funeral Home Home Of Personal Service 2428 East 10th St. Indianapolis, IN 46201 RONALD C. LAWRENCE (317) 636-4304 SUMMERS FUNERAL CHAPELS 3040 N. Capitol Ave. 2515 E. 34th St. 924-5329 5130E. 10th 356-0996 STEER-IK COFFEE S_HO PPg . -A tcupb add cajby :. J mmwG 199 S. Sherman Dr. Phone: 352-0041 For Q Worm Home Heated With Fuel Oil. For All Your Hearing Coll Muesing. BEECH GROVE BOWL 95 N. 2nd Avenue Phone: 784-3743 (the friendly house) § •= -9 A typical Tiron after reading the ad section! ' 82 FAST DELIVERY carhyoit orders ready is x w.mtes PIZZA a SANDWICHES " 5 " " 632-0285 DEB ' S PIZZA : BLOCKS E OF RL ' RAL ON MICHIGAN 2959 E. Micbican Slrmt ARDY ' S ROAST BEEF 2079 N. Shodelond Ave. 357-6595 ODDS AND EADS 926-1650 To the yeorbook stotf: Thank you for moking my dreom finolly come true- Good luck next yeor! Love Yo All Bunches Me 82 UHLE DINKS Variety and Grocery Store 2003 E. 30th St. Indionopolis, Ind. 46218 The Seniors Rule! Hove o peochy life, never soy die, don ' t bock off ond remember; you con pick your friends . - . Jommin Jules Justus ' 82! To Yovonno, I keep my peepets riveted on you. When we met, at first sight I knew. That you ore special, honest and true. Tim This is to juniors whoever you moy be. As long as you ' re port of the great ' 83. We ' ve hod three tough yeors, with one more to go. So loosen up ond go with the flow. George (Editor ■82- ' 3 Cannon Yeorbook) M. Liso, My mind is filled with thoughts of you. You invaded my dreams ot night I reolly think this love is true. So I ' m gonno try with oil my might! Lovingly Joe Voters Thonk you for such o wonderful friendship filled with so mony memories! Thonks for listening to my problems ond olwoys being there! I ' ll keep in touch forever! Forever Friends, Pot This is from Cindy, to all of her friends: We ' ve been through o lot, the thicks and the thins We ' ve hod lots of good times, o few bod ones too, but olwoys remember each one of you. Cindi Hatcher Pot. Thonx for moking my senior year hoppier. You ' re a super friend and we ' ve hod some great times! Keep in touch offer graduation. LYLA5, Friendship Alwoys, Me ■82 Wonted: Scott Stockhouse for myself! Love, Your Admirer Deoresf Tino, My times with you were the best. I will olwoys remember you. Love olwoys, Penn Virginio Doll 3oby, I ' m going to miss you. Love Always, John Del. You ' re everything to me (6 more!) Deb John E. Compbell Sr. Closs of " 57 " John v.. I hoven ' t known you for long, but I think you ' re wonderful Good luck in everything you do. Love S. G. Wanted: Mork Warner For myself Love, Your Admirer (But Not Secret) To My friends on the Swim Team We hove hod o lot of fun throughout the years. We hove wotched them come and go. We ' re going to miss you In the years to come. Remember us olwoys. Good luck In the years to come. Grizzly, ' 82 Watch out Dlliohon here comes Mellomlliion We-hove o- . . service so ... us anytime. We ' ve got the goods you wont to know better. 5cott6Wck: _,„.,.,, Good luck ofter GRAD. and throughout life! Keep In touch ond RMA!! Love Ya Lots! ... Pot Johnson To Scott Stockhouse, We ' ve been through a lot, ond hopefully it won ' t stop when you leave. You ' re o cherished friend of mine and I ' ll love you " forever ond a doy. " No telling what the future holds . . Love, Toopie u ' f - VUt r ;i r )J ' y jy r y r Xlz tC) cJL. Cd u tv Jl jf:iU T - JUyy ■mfiK: ' i "

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