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1500 EAST MICHIGAN STREET INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Seniors 18 Activities 46 Sp orts 1 04 Classes 142 Subscribers 1 68 ARSENAL CANNON 1981 TECH HIGH SCHOOL We-zA1'e Famil . . . This year's yearbook has a togetherness appeal to the family portrait from the "We q"""K are a family" theme. The 1980181 yearbook stands out among all others. Togetherness is the name, and Tech Titans are the main game. So open up to memories of the past, fun, friends, and follies of the years past. Come take a look at our family album. Y 1 ..,' 9-. . 'X ntl? 1, I I .gel -4- 4'- f. 2 wi' .f t 'Witt -:W QEW -Q 0 4. ., bn. j .1 -'V' X -Z 1-rg! Q. q5aw.,,c,,g:a,J' U ,Um of 1. '.,,x..3Tqk,Lf.,,,i,. i I I . . A l "' lfqgQ1'?gi3.ggg+gf:xg - i - :V , .gg ' 4 Y ,F f .1 ,v P5-fs' ff '1 "WV:-'e-3 Top Righty Look at it this way, I don't want to go to class, Middle Leftg Hey guys look at the freshman. Bottom Rightg One of these days I'll be a big sap. l'-3-.'5f fig a , V Q Ligfgw' -'3 . ...zu JG". U 2 r , . I' f K, . ,I 1 , V ' '+L 4 ,Q -5 9.-...U Q' Lzzlewgv- X' "-SUFAHQ 2 4-l .A 14' ir. .,,i-auf:-k ' 'S 5'-. ',.t, -- l ir ref- ' ,.. . 'Q 5' 'rr .-'P-Q 1 'l-f ""-A nl-e... ,. . 1. ,+V . 15 L15 , lv x ,V .. upfwuyl' K, 15' LIE-hi as . ,. gf 5 ,pm tu- . ' . H. 'Q . . '. - m.-e-:.-ki., if ,.,. e-'.i-:L.?'s.-. . 4 . A-Zblunsg-nz , , , ,,..... .. ni., ., l. - 4 nr ' ". -vsp: ,Ac ,. , ,Z :ffl ' v 1 MGM 'NL' ,,.-.,-. ,., . . ', ,x H. hy 9 ew, 5 'Ann 2: Top Lefty One of the many buildings on Tech cam- pus that is historical and full of beauty. Top Righty Lester Stansberry alone while everybody else has gone home. Middle Leftg Look in a distance far awayg it's Bobby Shipman and he's heading for class. Bottom Leftg It gets lonely about Sth or 9th period everyday. Work 11 Tech Campus Helps Bring At Tech, we are a family. We work together on most of all we do. Tech is a place to learn and be happy. Here we learn together, study together and even sometimes work together. Our work consists of our school studies and for some of the students, getting to class on time is a job. Learning to build houses, weld, cut hair, dry clean and cook are also jobs which are taught here on Tech campus. As was stated before, whatever we do, we do it as a family. ri 'r""i+ Aboveg In the potpurri of over 4000 students we find a lot of character coming out of the Stuart. Right: The beautiful Tech grounds have many sce- nic objects as this cool refreshing fountain on Woo- druff Place. Q14 '. , . , 2, '11 4 ..-qw' l lv' - Q x P ,,.? K v 2 ' Z 'U 1 fi if ' I A ti yx :ji :L l 4 Q? 1 X A 1 is ff H ,still Y .ff if 5' ' Q g 'N Q Z ' Q a X .ta ' h , 'Ni' ' ' D 1 A wh j 3 fl! Q ..- M.. , K 1 1,-.F a , -f if A il ,, Y. f , ' 2 W ' 1 "' iff da 1 Ld lt i Vg Kyla Qi in K! V ,WWW -'WMA ww ...Ha-f V . i- H. as wi' ' f T l Fglailw pg ' I Tn.'i,'?,, 1 ' M 2. ff , W ,, f ' 5 2 5. . fi' I 1 . i s imwaam W ii "AB 4 v uf xii 1 yi iii, 3 f f . Y i M fx ,EM Q 'Q 5 -T zigfaiw -Mil 4, 5 v Aw ,if W iq ' " 1 I' 1 Beaut To Campus And It's Surroundm fan-wkv -Q.--X ' , ,'f,,,, :.f. 1, -Q ?ef"'," X t ff.: 'six -f-51,5- wg? -' X ' q ' ' A, .5 -1.1 no np .4 -1 ,Y . 1 gl V V Y? " - if JM-1 4, rf fr-f - , Xl Q15 'A .-'1 4 s s', - 4 A 1' "' -if-3-e f QQ7"" . fi ""2-We In .i b"'f"Qi,' r- i T-- -1 N' vw 5xi,.,4"1r.f:'f. af. . , -w 1. ,T ,gg tl n -p 1 A, 5, , 4 'f' , ,fn M p A , ' i , ' L A. M, 1 P9 , fs J 4 , , Q yxx- ii -- x 'I ' ,- - , :U ' H K , ' .Ax A H' A vt I ' . "1 ,gk if ' l, - i l ff e . f jf .4 . ,i ' I- Q, " 'A T. i 1 ' , 'Z I ' J I x A 'mg .N l l 5 A 5 Q i Above Middleg Students feel relaxed in the warm and nature-filled campus at Tech. Leftg Tech students have agflair for being friendly and natural, characteristics similiar to their campus. Above Right: Billy Haak intently reads the school newspaper amidst the confusion of the cannon office. x sb A V f..,.. i-r , l Parts 01' The F amil Like To ,lust Fiddle Around A Fiddler on the Roof, sounds . . . But here at Tech it's just another name for the talented cast. This year's musical was a lively and convincing production with new and different choreography. The story was delightful and the acting refreshing and very Jewish especially in the case of Yente the matchmaker. The cast was equally divided as new- comers and experts managed to make the show truly enjoyable. Thanks cast, directors, and everyone involved for a fine show. l lm F Qrmfn -ss ,I W- -T1 fills. ,Il Constable fDan Stockl commiserates with Tevye fMike Wilsonj. Golde fTammy Marcumj and Yente CT ina Stewartj pour their hearts out to each other. Traditions, all important to Anatevka. The whole town is out to tell all about it as the Fiddler watches on. Oiava fSheila Masseyj and Hodel tCarol Jamesj sing of making a match. "i I "'1'I"1 Pb. o - ..,.. U I 4 .43 I 1 4 .gk w Q , - I Pi I D . ri H N q Hg l Left to Rightg Bielke, Shprintze, Chava, Hodel, Tzei- tle, Motel and Golde meet Perchik, that crazy stu- dent. Sabbath Prayer, an old Jewish custom observed by Tevye and his family. Ii ,gi ll Q'-4 V5 I of lr N S' Wi in ii :silk Fruma Sarah fLisa Aubreyy is scaring everyone to death. Tevye fMike Wilsonj talks to the Man upstairs about his horse. Hodel fCarol Jamesj tells Perchik Ueff Rhoadsj he'd better man'y her. A 4 . ,... ' 1 Everybody Needs A Little Res ff? 'rf Q. x ? 5 xx N W 5, 'V I . , l Was, ' , rl 'wa Mr X Aboye Centerg Faculty meets new teachers around the cider barrel. Above Leftg Like we say, aL3.ZiI1CSS runs in the fam- ily." Below Rightg And this is my best side. lf, f ' '46 1 ik. n, :- ,X ng.. rg .w U A 'P . I N :qs 1 .. - Q 'I i,,,j,s I e iam W A .H 'wqisk ,lx Rl' 5 s if ,,. 'IRL ' ' " ' W 133: A VLA 1 -Qr' f- A - , . ps., N3 ,K . : 1: 1 .45 3- V.-'R -r. g x - Q ...V .54 rf- - diff bs -.. , Y 11 .lb 1- .sh Qf' W., . 4 tg A AQ, 43 3 1 1 Y FCQQLZQN , 'N W 'V 4 "' w 1, 'Q . -gr Pl' -L .4-1 x "" in 'fa 7 ' ., 1 Rest seems to be a necessity a neces sity to life, a necessity to Tech students! Rest is evident in many classes, but you have to remember, it's "only in the boring classes." Relaxation is a must, and what- ever we must sacrifice, we will. Above Left Mr Craig rests while he examines the Above Right, On their free time and between classes, these students take a break. Above Middle Leftg Our yearbook editor Lenny Evans rests from his Labors? Bottom Lefty Relaxation on Tech Campus between classes is very frequent. The FamiIy's Great . "If Only For One Night" was the motto for this year's juniors and seniors. The 1980 Junior-Senior Prom was a big suc- cess for everyone. They danced all night to the music of Fat Chance and ate and drank to their heart's delight. The prom was a highlight in the year for all who attended or were involved. In years to come, they will remember the friends, the music, that special someone, 1,4 J Q! Upper Rightg "Am I the life of the party or not?" says Roger Debruler. Leftg' Greg Dulen, his date, and Mark Mitchell and Jackie Shanon are all decked out in their finest. Look out prom, here we come! Middle Right, Look Mom, I can dance! Bottom Righty Your Royal Highnesses? Becky Rob- bms and Jeff Rhoads, juniors, Sharon Deatrick and Mark Mitchell, seniors. or even the food. They will look back and think of the good times, and they will think immediately of the 1980 prom and say "It was fun even 'If Only For One Night'." If 0111 For 0 e Night I V' ' ylfo, If gl all .nfl Top Left: Is that serious enough, guys? Come on I'm having fun. Middle Leftg King and Queen amidst their subjects "If Only For One Night." Middle Right: Don't those two look happy? Bottorng Hurry up and take the picture! I'm busy. It Work, Rest, And F inall Pla ff' V X- wk To play is to live. Playing is seen all over our campus. Whether it be in gym or just in our free time, playing is fun, but we must remember, our work comes first. We strive for the best in class, but when class is over you had better look out. Tech students have fun whenever they can have fun. ,x,..' 541 ww, ,f gre, 'lui P' Topg Seniors have fun, taking the time to build the float. Middle Right: NAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Bottom Rightg Tommy Curren does a little dance for us 5016. 1.-1" Al, . . fJA ,. ' rug., 0,1 wxf 1 w tx . SHP' jr-X 511 ,WV fl E5 i Above Leftg Smile pretty for the camera. Below Lefty Penny sings the "Blues." Middle Righty What on earth is Janet doing? Won Two But ot Three Our l980!8l Homecoming festivities were a success this year, as they have been in the past. The football team was defeated by Roncolli for the first time in three years. The half-time activities this year included the annual senior roll room float parade, the fireworks presented by the Key Club, a routine by the marching band and majorettes, and of course the crown- ing of the King and Queen. 1980's Home- coming Queen and King were Angie Lewis from 722 and Rodney Jackson from 721. The winner of the float contest was 648. Tech's graduates and alumni were there to cheer Tech on. gr gm- . . M1 .J '37 ,1.u!'L' ' pl--W Top Rightg Key Club presents a fine half-time fire- works display. Middle Left, Homecoming candidates left to right, Vanessa Williams, Eduardo Vasquez 648, Becky Robbins, Larry Robey 640, Angie Lewis, Richard Nesser 722, Stacey Jackson, Rodney Jackson 72l, lsadore Cosbey, Debora Brade 702, Doug Bane, Fonda Brown 70l. Middle Rightg Angie Lewis with victory tears ofjoy as she awaits her crowning. Bottom Leftg Titan Express circles the field in search of a victory. Roll room 648. I.. 1, - if AURA Q, " q Top Middleg 648 is on a mission from God, as they win the half-time float contest. Left Middleg The Picture tells the story. Far Right: Titans in 722 think big. Bottom Leftg Roll room 702 is in a quest for a doc- I.0r. JH!-I -Xi I? s ru 1 - l -4, .hr ., A ,wyflfnf I' l . ,,. -. . nr., f' - 1-l. 1- , I, 1 . .A . 'N "mn-1-'rv . ,' "-.5 'f if- 3, " 'P'-- -- "1"'--1r'f",.,. I - A 4,,, . ,, D, ni."-gE."J,, -, AH, -, I . '. 1, o.-'iq . ,A 4481- - ' 'js W " " -4' , ' ' 'I 5 I Q ' "' , , '- A 4' 'kno 'Q JI 1' .,,.. -' ,J 1- -,,f:-- f . vi - V , .Q ".,.- mg- .-k "- f -Z .T I5 l1 The seniors of the Tech family have reached the turning point in their lives. They have worked their way up from Freshman, to Sophomore, to Junior and now Seniors. Now What? Jobs, Families, Careers, or More Schooling? Tech has helped them decide what to do. Whether a graduate becomes an Architect or a Zoologist, Tech has had some part of it. Their four years are almost over but many more are yet to come. Now it is time to look back on our memories of Tech and go on. Seniors, What Now? You Decide! SE IDRS B J iacalh Above Right: l-rg lst Row, Gloria Blythe, Fonda Brown, Darla Beech, Claudette Davis, Anita Chambers, Ray Dowdey, Christina Hightower, Mary Holmes, Constant Sims, Susan Price, Becky Robins, Diane Johnson, Sherry Strough, Geoffrey Davis, Pat Payton, 2nd Row: Andre Godwin, Melannie Keane, Tammy O'Neill, Ben Vorhees, Elias Sotos. Lower Right, Row lg l-rg Officers: Anita Chambers, Geoffrey Davis, Row 2, Constance Sims, Susan Price, Susan Maxwell, Mathew Lufay, Rachel Mahone, Anthony Perdue, Jeff Rhoads, Becky Robbins, Bonita Scott, Cynthia Sherrod, Donny Sims, Brenda Smith, Debbie Smith, Karen Smith, Michelle Smith, Elias Sotos, Lynn Stevenson, Sherry Strough, Ben Vorhees, Judy Wilson, Deana Hinton. Virginia Holiday, Mary Holmes, Aaron Hunt, Pamela Crenshaw, Martin Jones, Donna Mathis, John Lawerance, Debbie Martin, Mark Merrer, Richard Messer, Janet Mumaw, Valerie Myers, Tammy O'Neill, Pat Payton. Row 3: Doug Bane, Darla Biech, Gloria Blythe, Fonda Brown, Jacquelyn Buck, Tonya Claspell, Isadore Cosbey. Pamela Jackson, Valerie Danford, Sarah Daniels, Claudette Davis, Pam Dockins, Ray Dowdy, Len Evans, Andre Godwin, Stacey Greene, Lucretia Heuter, Christina Hightower. Citizenship Through Tech Legion! Honor Sweaters Q ...L Rn l:Y I 'rl ut: .1 ii Lili! -,...... .-----..-. Q... 1-lg'- .lg A very big highlight in many Seniors' lives is the chance to be in Tech Legion. Students are given merit points each semester by their classroom teachers and activity sponsors. After seven semesters. these points are totalled up and the top l0'ZJ of each class has the honor of being in Tech Legion. The top 102 of these stu- dents are then honored as captains with the top boy and girl as co-commanders. Tech Legion lets the community see the finer qualities of Tech through discipline and courtesy of these outstanding stu- dents. Upper Leftg Constance Sims, Susan Price, Mathew Sufay. Upper Rightg Jeff Davis, Anita Chambers. Senior C 01111 il-Senior S on or The senior council is made up of the senior officers of the six different roll rooms plus a few extras. The officers of this year's senior council are: Anita Chambers, Presidentg Richard Messar, Vice President, Judy Wilson, Secretaryg Crystal Carney, Treasurer. With the help of the senior sponsors, Miss Lou Mann, and Mr. John Kanouse the seniors will plan ahead for the rest of the year. They are concentrating on the J unior! Senior prom as of right now. Good Luck seniors of '8 1. Senior Council Members: 1-rg lst Rowg Ieashalle Hiser, Jacqueline Roberts, Vavessa Williams, Stephanie Gilliam, Judy Wilson, Anita Chambers, 2nd Row, Sherri Vanlaninghain, Penny Adams, Constance Sims, Debbie Martin, Susan Price, Becky Robins, 3rd Row: Rodney Jackson, Demetria Gray, Deanea Hinton, Richard Messar, Kevin McFarland, Crystal Carney. Nancy Sutton Marsha Storms Judy McBride Lou Mann John Kanouse Robert Orth 'QQ -x-IPF' 'I-?""' 7 K ",.: 'O ,rQ 19' af- -" -gf , .-- '13 ' '52-c Penney Adams Dcester Allen Judy Allgood Joe Anderson Tracey Anderson Joyce Arm Denise Arron Terri Arrington Rhonda Bacon Kevin Ballentine Douglas Bane Donald Barton Douglas Basham Belinda Baskins Lower center: 1-2- Carl Beasley Donie Beckwith i 21 Scott Bell Rita Bell Della Bellamy Wanda Belton Jeff Benberry Peggy Bennett Darla Biech LaDonna Black Gloria Blythe Regina Bonds Joe Bonner Barbara Bonwell Bmce Bostic Margaret Bradley Lower Right: Roll Room 640 tries to be no. l. Rhonda Brantley Pringe Bryant 22 Q ,-i.'J f uf, ,A J lv! kv-'I yx - hr ft U U ' ' fix 'L ' X r Q liaflgt' 'Q '723' t I . . 'f 'ew . ' Ilan- . '5sun', 1 at -0 X,.'f l 1 time el? ,l Q L -.. +?f W ui was if Cf' 'Ti of f l P X .45-3 Su... , ,gf "'f g 9 ' T I , 1 , , if of +V' ix' 'T' O., 1 ill i , ,X 11501.-an! l:' I I 'J NN ft, '2. Qui bw-7 i rf I ng: 'T '71 Fonda Brown Jackie Buck Upper Left: Roll Room 722 struggles to win! Charlotte Buntin Winnie Burris Curtis Burnette Kim Burris Lori Burris Stephanie Burroughs April Butler Lisa Burris Barbara Caldwell Connie Calhoon Ricky Carter Crystal Camey Anita Chambers Tonya Claspell 23 Randy Coffey Candy Coleman Jerri Coleman Jody Coleman . 93" -1. 6 ' in.. ai' ni-ii Ti!!-.R H Mary Combs Sherri Combs Norma Conover Surena Conway Left: Pull team! Isadore Cosby Alice Cowherd Debra Crawford Janis Crouch Charlene Cupp Sarah Daniels Cynthia Dalton Valerie Danford A V ja? f'r'X ,:....,--r pl? pw' 'Y Yi Claudette Davis Geoffrey Davis Kevin Davis Tamara Davis ,.-w.,A' F9 Tammy Davis Gale Dean Q Donna Decker Dena Decker 'V 10: llf! I .alll Y' x' if f 1 O ,a.. L- fn 13 Gr' ' 1 l ,f '1 W' , , A ilvxl -, 1 7' 9 .pf ll 1? 112 'vw 5 Ts bv' Cynthia Dickerson Jeff Dockins Joe Dockins Pamela Dockins Jack Dossey Allen Drake Above Right Roll Room 640's Tug-of-War team celebrates victory! Deborah Drake Kenny Edwards 25 Ronnie Essett Cynthia Evans Len Evans Christy Everts if ,fx Edward Farrow Arif' if Donna Fayebluitt I x Forestine Ford Phyllis Ford Sharon Freeman Lawrence Gaines Middle Left: What'd ya say boys? 1 -re nfl' Diane Gallen f Laureen Gayles ,,...r 1' '11 swf Q' 9 ln.. F41 A "' 11345, sfxxfifl wi 9-3+- 3..T"IA-'T' jun- 'ar' -HQ-.-..., 11: K Lv' Ronald Gibert Linda Gibson Charles Gilbert Vanessa Gill 45' 26 YE 1 X ri N Y A f ' .f'l Mx ffggxft lp' 4 ADAMS, Penny Majors: English, Math, Social Studies Minors: Science, Health Activities: Secretary, Junior Council: SAO, Editor-in-Chief, Arsenal Cannon: Senior Council ANDERSON, John Majors: Social Stud- ies, English, Art Minors: Health, P.E. Activities: Swimming team, Baseball team, Tennis team, Junior Council ANDERSON, Tracy Majors: English, Foods Minors: Math, Social Studies ALLEN, Deesther Majors: Clothing, Eng- lish, Business Minors: Math ALEXANDER, Teresa Majors: Clothing, Textiles, History, English Minors: Health ALLGOOD, Judith Majors: English, Home Economics, Model Rest. Minors: Social Studies, Health, P.E. ALVIES, Tonya Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Health, Business . Stephanie Gilliam ALVIES, Virgie Majors: English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Model Rest. ARRINGTON, Terri Majors: English, Business, Foods Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Volleyball ARON, Denise Majors: English, Clothing Minors: Math, History ARMS, Joyce Majors: Math, English Minors: Acct, Science, Social Studies ARMON, Willie Majors: Social Studies, English, Dry Cleaning Minors: Science BACON, Rhonda Majors: English, Model Rest. Minors: Art, Math BAKER, Donna Majors: Business, English Minors: Spanish, Math BALLENTINE, Kevin Majors: Machine Shop, English Minors: Social Studies, Math BANE, Doug Majors: Math, English, Elec- tronics, Social Studies Minors: Foreign Language, Science if 'X - l 'Tx EX' E M . 1 fi f"'N vv' J i -gi ily, 'Q N-1, 1 "ist , Q . v- c . 1-, - x . f. Dean Griffin Demetria Grey Stacey Greene Michelle Greer Frankie Gray Cynthia Gray Don Gowdy Kim Golliday Ronald D. Golden Andrea Godwin Janice Glover Mary Glenn Constance Gladney 7 Tempest Grundy Mary Guyinn Neva Hagedorn Kenny Hall Janet Hammer Bobby Haney Teresa Hapner Wilson Harding Diane Harris Denise Harris Janet Harris Lawrence Harris Steve Harris Valerie Hawkins 1' 11 .4 'UL' WS' Kr , Q I. in s X Activities: Drama Club, Brain Game team, Sr. Council, Music BANKS, Kirk Majors: Cabinet Making, English, Social Studies Minors: Health, P.E., Art BARTLETT, Maranda Majors: English, Model Rest., Social Studies Minors: Science BARTON, Donald Majors: English, Social 5 Studies, Business Minors: Health, P.E., Math X ff BASHAM, Douglas Majors: English, Math, Business, Social Studies BASKINS, Belinda Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Home Ec., Health Activities: OEA fOffice Education Assn.J BEARD, Fredrick Majors: English, Shop, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec. BEASLEY, Carl Majors: English, Business Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Speech BECKWITH, Donie Majors: Home Eco- nomics, English Minors: Social Studies, Art BECKWITH, Kenneth Majors: English, Shop Minors: Social Studies, Health BELL, Anthony Majors: English, Shop Minors: Math, Social Studies BELL, Henry Majors: English, Auto Body Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Basketball BELL, Rita Majors: English, Business, Math, Social Studies BELTON, Wanda Majors: Business, Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: OEA fOffice Education Assn.J BENBERRY, Jeffrey Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Health, P.E., Social Studies BENNETT, Peggy Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: History, Math BIECH, Darla Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Math Activities: OEA fOffice Education Assnj Z. Qs: li .'i..i ' " Ax? c"'i' 0 MW Qs 'f"f5 i 5 if A . i .xp J, '.' V' SE if if ,V gi 1 113 if ---I BLACK, LaDonna Majors: Business, Eng- Virginia HO1iday lish Minors: Math, Social Studies BLUITT, Donna Majors: Math, English, Art Minors: Social Studies BLUITT, Donald Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Art BLYTHE, Gloria Majors: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies Minors: Foreign Language CFrenchJ, Home Ec. Activities: Concert Club, Newspaper: p. 3 editor, Honor Sweater, Quill 8: Scroll BOND, Kevin Majors: English, Social Studies, Service Station Minors: Math BONDS, Regina Majors: English, Home Ec., Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Spanish Club, Tech Choir BONNER, Joe Majors: English, Dry Karen Holmes Mary Holmes Tracey Hooper Jerry Hembree Rhonda Herring Vickie Hewlett Christina Hightower Deana Hinton Lashalle Hiser Diana Hofer Carolyn Holder 29 Joann Huddleston Maretta Hutton Rodney Jackson Lolita Howard Teresa Hughes Aaron Hunt Cleaning Minors: Math, Social Studies BONWELL, Barbara Majors: English Social Studies, Business Minors: Math BOOKER, Rebecca Majors: Art, English, Social Studies Minors: Math BOSTIC, Bruce Majors: English, Electric- ity Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Football BRADLEY, Margaret Majors: Business, English Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies Activities: OEA COffice Education Assn.J -'En BROOKS, Gerald Majors: English, Print- ing Minors: Social Studies, Science BROOKS, Richard Majors: English, Shop Minors: Math, Social Studies, Health, P.E. BROWN, Tanda Majors: English, Social Studies, Bus. Minors: Math BROWN, Patricia Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Math, Social Studies BROWN, Rickey Majors: English, Math, Drafting Minors: Spanish, Social Studies BROWN, Rodney Majors: English, Social Studies BRADLEY, Tobby Majors: Refrigeration Minors: Business, Shop 8: Air Con., English Minors: Math, Social Studies BROWNLEE, Lilton Majors: English, Printing, Social Studies BRADY, Don Majors: English, Social Minors: Math Studies, Aerospace BRYANT, Miranda Majors-: English, Minors: Math Commercial Foods BRENTLEY, Rhonda Majors: Social Minors: Math, Social Studies Studies, Business, English Activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Track Minors: Health, Physical Ed. BRYANT, Pringe Majors: English, Art fPhotographyJ, Home Ec., Math Minors: Science Activities: Bowling Club BUCK, Jacquelyn Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies BUNCH, Truman Majors: Auto Mechan- ics, English Minors: Art, Social Studies BUNTEN, Doug Majors: Auto Body, Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Business, Math BUNTIN, Charlotte Majors: English, Home Ec., Social Studies Minors: Math BURKE, Kevin Majors: English, Social Studies, Science, Math BURKS, Winnie Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Math, Social Studies BURNETTE, Curtis Majors: English, Welding Minors: History, Business BURRIS, Kimberly Majors: English, Social Studies Michelle Hunt f' Rosie Hunter Sherry Hunter Elaine Jackson Stacey Jackson Eric James ffl .fin .,-NCSA gif ao" i lf" -V' 5' vt" 1 .4 'K " We . A ,Q , ,L I, , x '-Ll ,ra Vw vm , ., l ,, g ffl V ' !'S','.'i, 1 5 .-A ,Tiff J' Vi F-K,-Vin? A igv in "' . hh! I uni' ' lx "1 X X, C' 11 .N V fl J C3 4' 'mv jx: r W Y Nolan Jenkins Dianne Johnson Kim Johnson Carolyn Jones Y, Jackie Jones , Audrey Jones i M artin J ones Minors: Math, Business, Home Ec. BURRIS, Lori Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. BURROUGHS, Stephanie Majors: Eng- lish, Business, Social Studies Minors: Spanish BURRUS, Darrell Majors: English, Auto Body Minors: Art, Social Studies BUTLER, April Majors: English, Business Minors: Health, Social Studies, Home Ec. CALDWELL, Barbara Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Math, Home Ec. CALHOON, Connie Majors: English Minors: Social Studies CAMPBELL, Freddie Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Math, Social Studies CAPSHAW, Sandra Majors: English, Busi- ness, Home Ec. Minors: Math CALVERT, James Majors: Social Studies, English, Aerospace Minors: Math Rochelle Jones Jeffrey Jordan Pam Ireland Melanie Keane Jim Kelley Althea Kennedy Q., Rita Kerr J Vincent Knox John Lawrence Glen Lee Robin Leisring 9'xx 'drlr !"7 X I Angie Lewis Clyde Lewis George Lewis Particia Lipscomb Jeanette Lorick Matthew Lufcy Left: Sober as she may seem she's really an ani- mal in disguise. Perlisa Lyles Nancy Lynn Rachael Mahone Gregory Mack Rightg Howdy folks what's for supper? Rita Majors Brandon March 32 C"'+ 5 ',,..-. 1.9 CARLISLE, Joe Majors: English, Shop, Social Studies Minors: Business CARNEY, Crystal Majors: English, Math, Business Minors: Home Ec. CARROLL, Barbara Majors: Business, English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies CARTER, Matthew Majors: Social Stud- ies, English, House Construction Minors: Health 8L P.E. CARTER, Rickey Majors: Auto Mechan- ics, English, Social Studies Minors: Art CHAFFIN, Norma Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Home Ec. CHAMBERS, Anita Majors: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Busi- ness, Home Ec. Minors: Foreign Language, Health SL P.E. Activities: Key Club, Athenians, Spanish Club, Mee Alpha Theta CHANDLER, Mark Majors: English, Dry Cleaning, Social Studies Minors: Math CLASPELL, Tonya Majors: English, Busi ness, Radio!TV Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Volleyball CLEMMONS, Wiple Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Business COBB, Gregory Majors: Radio 8: TV, Eng- lish Minors: Social Studies, Math COE, Mark Majors: Auto Mechanics, Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Math COFFEY, Randy Majors: Machine Shop, English, Social Studies Minors: Math COLEMAN, Casandra Majors: Business Education, Math Minors: Social Studies Activities: I.U.P.U.I, Minority Engineering Program OEA QOffice Education Assn.J, Marching Band COLEMAN, Jonita Majors: English, rf I ,fi 'is xii 1,1 Q-1 'i - I wwf h X Mix Anita Martin Rick Mahurin Debbie Martin Roy Massey Kathy Matthews Donna Mathis Susan Maxwell Kelly McConn April McCullough Lisa McDade Reginald McDade Tim McDonald Barbara McFarland Belinda McFarland 33 r 'Q ' 5 QW. 2 ' f fin PUW V' :ZX Kevin McFarland Joya McGinty Robin McKinney Richard Messer Bumita Miles Carol Miller X o 5 Charles Miller Donna Miller if Teresa Moore Anita Morrison Q Ian' Above Left: Your attention ladies 8L gentlemen. Pres- enting Mr. Ziggy himself-in person! Middle Rightg Is it a bird or a plane, no, it's our very own FTD florist. 11- V.: ix 'Vs 'C' X. T Eli 65 Math, Social Studies, Health Professions COLEMAN, Jerri Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Art, Health 8: P.E. COLEMAN, Syraleigh Majors: English, Shop, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E., Math COMBS, Mary Majors: English, Business Ed. Minors: Math, Social Studies COMBS, Sherri Majors: Business, English Minors: Math, Social Studies CONOVER, Norma Majors: English, Art, Performing Arts Minors: Math, Social Studies CONWAY, Surena Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E., Social Stud- ies COSBY, Isadore Majors: Math, English, Shop, Social Studies Activities: Football, Wrestling, Track, Homecoming King COVERT, Laura Majors: Art, English Minors: Business, Social Studies f COWHERD, Alice Majors: English, Home Ec., Health Pro. Minors: Science, Social Studies CRAIG, Michael Majors: English, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics Minors: Health 8: P.E. Activities: Wrestling CRAWFORD, Deborah Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Business CRAWFORD, John Majors: Math, Eng- lish, Social Studies, Commercial Foods Minors: Spanish, Science Activities: Wrestling, Human Relations CRENSHAW, Pamela Majors: Business, Math, English Minors: Science, Foreign Language, Social Studies Activities: Math Club CROUCH, Janis Majors: English, Business Minors: Science, Health 8: P.E., Social Studies CUNNINGHAM, Roger Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. Kenny M usgrove Valerie Myers Jeff Nolan Harry Nelson Theresa New Tammy O'Neal Kenneth Palmer Jacquelynn Parrish Lamont Patterson Connie Patrick Richard Ping Van Davenport CUPP, Charlene Majors: English, Model Restaurant Minors: Social Studies, Art CURRIE, Willie Majors: Auto Mechanics, English Minors: Social Studies, Math CURRY, Pam Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Foreign Language tFrenchJ DANIEL, Sarah Majors: Math, English Minors: French, Foods Activities: Techoir, Madrigals DANFORD, Valerie Majors: English. Social Studies, Business Minors: Math Activities: Techoir, Girls' Ensemble. Marching Band, Technicians Pepband. Symphonic Band, Orchestra DARDY, Charles Majors: English. Art. Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. DAULTON, Cynthia Majors: Business. English Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. Elizabeth Poindexter Michael Payton Pat Payton Anthony Perdue Pauline Peters 35 6' .,..-1 Nu! Q- E' has Teresa Peterson Janice Phelps Jeff Pillow Hilton Pitton I I DAVENPORT, Van Majors: English, NT" : ix Minors: Health 8: P.E. Math, Social Studies DAVIS, Tamara L. Majors: Cosmetology, Minors: Business DAVIS, Claudette Majors: English, Busi- ness Ed., Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies Activities: Orchestra, OEA fOffice Educa- tion Assn.J DAVIS, Darryl Majors: English, Social Studies, Math, Business DAVIS, Geoffrey Majors: English, Math, Social Studies, Science Minors: Foreign Language Activities: Football, Speech Team, Junior Council, N.F.L., Track DAVIS, Kevin Majors: Printing, English Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. DAVIS, Roderick Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Science DAVID, Sherry Majors: English, Model Rest., Social Studies Minors: Math DAVIS, Tamara J. Majors: English, Math, Social Studies Tina Polston Julie Pope Paula Pope Kip X lf English, Social Studies Minors: Math DAY, Janet Majors: English, Math, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies DEAN, Gale Majors: Auto Mechanics, English Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. DECKER, Dena Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Math, Home Ec. DECKER, Donna Majors: Business Ed., English Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies Activities: Float Committee DICKERSON, Cynthia Majors: Math, English, Art, Social Studies Minors: Science DOCKINS, Jeff Majors: Welding, English, Social Studies Minors: Math DOCKINS, Jeffrey Majors: English, Weld- ing, Social Studies Minors: Math Nsg, r--.Z 'F-s 'UQ DOCKINS, Joe Majors: Welding, English, Social Studies Minors: Art DOCKINS, Pamela Majors: English, Math, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Health 8: P.E. Activities: Folit Committee DODSON, Susanne Majors: Art, English Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. DOSSEY, Jack Majors: English, Social Studies, Cabinet Making, Welding Minors: Health 8: P.E. DOWDY, Ray Majors: English, Auto Body Minors: Art, Social Studies DOYLE, Caesar Majors: English, Shop, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. DRAKE, Allen Majors: Auto Mechanic, English Minors: Health 8: P.E., Social Studies DRAKE, Deborah Majors: English, Busi- ness, Math Minors: Social Studies Activities: Basketball .nil C31 Q ' W DREW, Dale Majors: English, Business Ed. Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. DRINNON, Dane Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E., Art DUDLEY, Tonya Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. DUNCAN, Joan Majors: English, Social Studies, Art Minors: Math DUNLAP, Aaron Majors: English, Auto Mechanics, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. DUNLAP, Cynthia Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. DUNN, Stephen Majors: English, Social Studies, Auto Body Minors: Math DURHAM, Juan Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. DURICK, Todd Majors: English, Auto Studies Minors: Math, Business Activities: Yearbook Editor, Moonshiner EVANS, Robert Majors: English, Masonry Minors: Social Studies, Science EVERTS, Christy Majors: English, Math, Social Studies Minors: Latin, Science, Health 8: P.E. EWING, Bonita Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Business FAIRCHILD, Charles Majors: English, Electronics Minors: Social Studies, Math, Health 8: P.E. Activities: Swim team, Track team, Ger- man Club, Moonshiners FARROW, Edward Majors: English, Math, Data Processing Minors: Spanish, Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. FELTER, Cindy Majors: English, Busi- ness, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies FINKTON, Denise Majors: English, Busi- Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Math EASTMAN, Michelle Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Business, Social Studies EDWARDS, Kenneth Majors: English, Social Studies, Math, House Construction Minors: Health 8: P.E. ELLIOTT, Regina Majors: English, I.O.L. Minors: Social Studies, Math ESSETT, Ronnie Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Spanish ESTEB, Tim Majors: Barbering, English Minors: Health 8: P.E., Social Studies EVANS, Bobby Majors: English, Social Studies, Cabinet Making Minors: Math EVANS, Brenda Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Math, Health 8: P.E. EVANS, Cynthia Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Home Ec. EVANS, Len Majors: English, Art, Social ness Minors: Math, Social Studies FOLTZ, George Majors: Commer. Photog- raphy, English Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Swim team FORD, Foristine Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Science, Home Ec. FORD, Phyllis Majors: Business, English Minors: Math, Social Studies, Home Ec., Health 8: P.E. Activities: Volleyball GAINES, Lawrence Majors: English, Math, Social Studies, House Construction Activities: Football team GALLEN, Diane Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Mathematics, Science, Business GALLEN, John Majors: English, Shop Minors: Science, Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. X GARNER, Roger Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Health 8: P.E. iii if Terri Powell Susan Price ' 1 r l I x 'Q Tina Purvis "' Boyd Quack Kevin Qualls Shannon Quash Tracilyn Rainey Felecia Reaves 5 A7 Renee Reynolds Jeff Rhoads Jerry Richey Terry Richey Qgnfi Q? Q-.79 t""" N X lil! I Fred Roach Becky Robbins Anita Roberts Gizele Roberson 'Ur Peggy Robinson Marcelene Robinson Larry Robey i -. if l' Jacqueline Roberts , 3 " 3. .. . s. if L qi , . iff Lower Leftg Ah mom- y do I hafta? " Rene Rogers Linda Role M Q Paticia Rush Kathy Russel 's J ,JU'Y 'I Q 1 if N A . x Ar-J! I I 38 Kieth Russel Tim Russel Betty Sadler Katuna Sampson Jerry Sarver Bonita Scott Elias Sotes Cynthia Sherrod Jennifer Shotwell Constance Sims Karla Sims Dianne Sims Janet Sims Katrina Sims Lower Middleg Come come to me and be cured. Rita Sims Stephanie Sims Sharon Simmons Timothy Sisk Brenda Smith Deborah Smith Joyce Smith Karen Smith Kathi Smith Lori Smith Michelle Smith Oscar Smith Pamela Smith Shelby Smith Steve Sommer Darryl Stearns Lower Left: Our own Stacey 'fdown home country g1rl"Greene Ly nn Stephenson Joyce Stepp lla ,xx 'J YT? FQ vw X.. i ,,,.f-A ?'A" " lt XX ix ix ,i l . 2 'US- -'yr 11""'v Q5 .wk an--,,5 .Le X1 xt f I ,s I Ei Brenda Stewart Lisa Stewart Helen Stone Kenneth Stone Deborah Storms Elesha Storey Middle Right: Hew Goodlookin' whatcha got cookin'? Sherry Strough Michelle Summer Karen Surenkamp Stephanie Sutton Teri Tetrick Daphne Thomas Julie Thomson Sherry Tingle Phil Tomescu Dan Totten Tammy Travioli Ron Trusler Lpper Rightg Beauty 8: the Beast Brasileiro QGeorgeJ Tsakiridis Anita Tucker James Turner Lawson Turner Angela Tyler Sherri VanLaningham Emerson Vance Eduardo Vasquez Benjamin Vorhees Tracy Wages Tina Walker Angela Walker Angela Walker Juanita Wallace 12 X y I X Ge N fi vw- 'Qu nr-'V' -gk-vi 1 "R f .K 'i GQ' W ' 4 . N., ,vu 1 96, sf' 11 4. ,4 tl I f i is if 5 vi' ,pu g,' if 'T -wtf, YW Q -A K l-' ,xwcf N.-f X . QE" I 2:11 1 if 1 w I ' .. ' J, 9 Sherry Weathers Sherry Weathers William Weakeman Mona Weaver Chris Webb Robert Weddington Gina Westmoreland Paul Wheatcraft Cherlyn Wheeler Vickie Wheeler Lyn Whitaker Debbie Whitlock Mark Whitney Darryl Whitney Lower Left: The Muske teers are watching you! Steve Wildrick Geneva Williams 43 Goldie Williams Kenny Williams Steve Williams Vanessa Williams Judy Wilson Frankie Woods Rosemary Woods Phyllis Wooten Mike Wright Jerry Wynn in -. . 314. -JB 1 .1 Q, . if -X ,Tn , Sl' 1,41 . ,l ,' ' "rr " . J . 1 . A94 ' C 5 1. 1-5' ,, gl l w C 4 ,4 1 X I iv I ig! The end is near of our senior year. Many things have happened to us in these past four years. New acquaintances made into close friends, close friends brought even closer. As we come to the end, we remember the fun we had chasing the freshmen and looking down on the "under- classmenf' Tech has a lot to offer each and every one of us. As we look back we think about all the books we had to carry and all the studying we had to do. But through it all we got our education and we are proud of being a part of the Tech family for our four high school years. Whether or not we further our education or whether we go out and get a job, Tech has played a big role in what we do with our lives. Thank you Tech for giving us a place to continue our education and giving us the family atmosphere to continue it in. SENIORS-The ending of our high school life, but the beginning of the rest of our lives. 4 .JA 1, V I I 'tibtuu GARNER, Steven Majors: English, Service Industries Minors: Math, Social Studies GAYLES, Laureen Majors: Art, English Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies GIBSON, Linda Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Math, Social Studies GIBSON, Marshall Majors: English, Social Studies, Math, Aerospace Minors: Health 8: P.E. GILBERT, Charles Majors: English, Social Studies, Shop Minors: Health 8: P.E., Science GILBERT, Daryl Majors: English, Cabinet Making, Social Studies Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. GILBERT, Ronald Majors: English, Auto Mechanics, Social Studies Minors: Science, Health GILL, Craig Majors: English, Electronics Minors: Social Studies, Art GILL, Vanessa Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Home Ec. GILLIAM, Stephanie Majors: English, Sci- ence, Math, Social Studies Minors: Foreign Language, Health 8: P.E. GLADNEY, Christopher Majors: Auto Mechanics, English Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. GLADNEY, Constance Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Health 8: P.E., Home Ec. GLENN, Mary Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Health 8: P.E., Social Studies GLORE, Kim Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Math GLOVER, Janice Majors: Math, English, Social Studies, Foreign Language Minors: Science, Business Activities: Orchestra, French Club, Geneal- ogy Club, Human Relation Council, Cheer block GLOVER, Mark Majors: English, Cabinet Making Minors: Math, Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. GODWIN, Andrea Majors: English, Busi- ness, Home Ec., Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Techoir GOLDEN, Ronald Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Math, Social Studies GOLDEN, Ronald D. Majors: English, Social Studies, Shop Minors: Health 8: P.E. GOLIGHTLY, William Majors: English, Math, Electricity Minors: Science, Social Studies Activities: Basketball, Track GOLLIDAY, Kim Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Math, Social Studies, Home Ec. GOODALL, Canandra Majors: Spanish, English Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. Activities: Varsity Basketball GOODMAN, Doris Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Art, Home Ec. GOWDY, Don Majors: Auto Mechanics, Social Studies, English Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. Activities: Basketball, Baseball GRAHAM, Melissa Majors: English, Social Studies, Home Ec. Minors: Science GRAY, Alfred Majors: Math, Art, English, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics GRAY, Cynthia Majors: Home Ec., Eng- lish Minors: Business, Social Studies GRAY, Demetria Majors: English, Home Ec., Architectural Drafting Minors: Math GRAY, Frankie Majors: Business Ed., English Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies, Act., OEA, Y-Teens GREENE, Stacey Majors: English, Math, French Minors: Social Studies, Science GREER, Michelle Majors: English, Sci- ence, Math, Business Minors: Health 8: P.E. Activities: Spanish Club GRIFFIN, Dean Majors: English, Print- ing, Social Studies Minors: Math, Spanish Activities: Football, I.C.T. GROTH, Amy Majors: English, Business, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec. GRUNDY, Tempest Majors: Business, English Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. Activities: OEA, Float Committee GUERRA, David Majors: Math, English Minors: Social Studies, Business GUYINN, Mary Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec., Health 8: P.E. HAGEDORN, Neva Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Math HALL, Kenneth Majors: English, Auto Mechanics, Social Studies Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. Activities: Football, V.I.C.A. Club, Presi- dent HAMMER, Janet Majors: Business, Social Studies, English Minors: Math HANEY, Bobby Majors: Social Studies, English, Business Minors: Health 8: P.E., Science, Math, French Activities: Baseball C3 year lettermanj HANSBROUGH, Andre Majors: English, Drafting, Math Minors: Social Studies HAPNER, Teresa Majors: English, Math, Business Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E., Home Ec. HARDIN, Evelyn Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Art, Math HARDING, Joseph Majors: English, Math, Shop, Social Studies, Business Minors: Health 8: P.E. HARRIS, Denise Majors: Math, English, Spanish Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec., Health 8: P.E. Activities: Spanish Club, Math Club, Peer Counseling, Junior Council, Upward Bound, Center For Leadership Dev. HARRIS, Diane Majors: English, Math, Business, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. HARRIS, Janice Majors: English, Home Ec., Social Studies Minors: Business Activities: Upward Bound, Black Youth Assembly HARRIS, Lawrence Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Band, Baseball, Youth Council HARRIS, Mary Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Business, Home Ec. HARRIS, Stephen Majors: English, Social Studies, Painting, Decorating Minors: Art HARRIS, Thomas Majors: Social Studies, English Minors: Music, Health 8: P.E. Activities: Stage Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Speech Team HART, Randy Majors: Art, English Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. HAWKINS, Valerie Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Math HAYES, Tina Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E., Home Ec., Business HEARD, Auzie Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Math, Business HEMBREE, Jerry Majors: Auto Body, English Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Football HERALD, Amy Majors: English, Business, Social Studies Minors: Math HERRING, Rhonda Majors: Spanish, Math, English, Social Studies Minors: Science Activities: Techmates, Spanish Club, Human Relations Council HESTER, Debra Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Science HIGHTOWER, Christine Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Science, French, Music, Math HILL, Billy Majors: Auto Body, English Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: V.I.C.A. Club HINDS, Annetta Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. HINTON, Deana Majors: English, Interior 45 Continued on page l70. xx Xx Xs ' ACTIVITIES ls I Q av, Q .U xr: I . A " lg ' Q S3 ?5E -Us E-'FQ-l We Tech Titans are a family. We do so many things togetherg activities are a big part of Tech's family. Lots of things are included in the word "Activities": the var- ious clubs of Tech, R.O.T.C., Musicals, Drama and even bowling. Tech has a number of things to keep you busy if you have absolutely nothing to do. Our family needs your support. Get involved, younger generation! CTIVITIES S eeeh Team Initia tes Large NFL This year's Speech Team has been extremely successful in competition with schools from all over the state. The team coached by Mrs. Alice Goodrum has won a trophy at almost every meet, winning first at Connersville against 16 other schools and second at a number of other schools. Tech has managed through hard work by coaches, speakers and others who assist the team during the year, to defeat some of Tech's biggest competition. Among schools defeated by Tech this sea- son were Warren Central, Perry Meridian and powerhouses North Central and Con- nersville. Right, Mrs. Goodrum, Tech slpeech coach, figures the team score at the Connersvi e meet. j,l.J'1 Aboveg Speech Team: lst Rowg Edna Kem , Cleovis West, Stephanie Gilliam, Denise Ulsii, Brenda Bottoms, Nanette Arnwine, Dagmar Butte, 2nd Row, Stacey Greene, Geoffrey Davis, Mary Mason, Anita Roberts, Leslie Frank, Dawn Trobe, George England, Tina Price, 3rd Row: Coach Alice t N t -qi 1--ix X l Goodrum, Sam Greene, Susan Price, Cindi Anderson, Dawn Williams, Martha Haynes, Brandon Marsh, Susan Maxwell, Ron Ramey, Stephanie Burroughs, Harry Gary, Tim Graves, James Curry, Harry Nelson. l Ii x sq 3 At Tech if a student joins the Speech Team he or she becomes part of a very special group. Through further speech work a speaker gains points, 25 of which will give a speaker enough points for NFL. NFL is the National Forensic League, a national honor society for speakers. Points for NFL are awarded on the basis of points received in the different rounds, some categories receive more points than others. This year's officers are Susan Price, presidentg Geoffrey Davis, vice-presidentg Stacey Green, secretaryg and Cindi Anderson, treasurer. Left, the National Forensic League: lst Row: Harry Nelson, Brenda Bottoms, Dagmar Butte, Anita Roberts, Cleovis West, Stephanie Gilliam, Edna Kemp, 2nd Row, Nanette Arnwine, Tina Price. Dawn Trobe, Susan Maxwell, Cindi Anderson. Stacey Greene, 3rd Row, Susan Price, Harry Gary, George England, Ron Ramey, Denise Ulsh, Martha Haynes, Stephanie Burroughs, Sam Greene. Geoffrey Davis, Mrs. Alice Goodrum. P at 'T' t ' at ,, U J v l - U I II. ' tj' V 4 -f 'i t 3 Y if 52 l Q Y Lg ,ug 'gun .- ,ig an L A h Kb Aboveg NFL officers, Cindi Anderson, Treasurer: Stacey Greene, Secretary, Geoffrey Davis, Vice President, Susan Price, President. Leftg Tina Price and Jeff Rhoads practice their dra- matic duo between rounds. Denise Ulsh looks on. The PIay's The Titan 'S Thin Rightg Debbie Spellman prepares Harry Nelson for her knife-throwing act. Belowg Striking an interesting pose are the Thespians, l-r, Sponsor Judith McBride, Sponsor Stan Minks, Doug Bane, Tammy Allen, Denise Ulsh, Angela Pfile, Dagmar Butte, Debbie Spellman, Jeff Rhoads, Janet Mumaw, Susan Maxwell. Righty Drama Club members from l-r lst Rowg Debbie McManama, Deanna Smith, Anna Amato, Tammy Allen, Andrea Piety, Cindi Hatcher, Dagmar Butte, Holly Sullivan, Harry Nelson, 2nd Rowg Cathy Hess, Doug Bane, Pam Henshaw, Denise Ulsh, Debbie Spellman, Janet Mumaw, Susan Maxwell, Judith McBride, 3rd Rowg Stan Minks, Andy Williams, Angela Pfile, Jeff Rhoads, Julie Harlan, Lesley Frank, Kenny Edwards, Tom Curren, Tami Curren. 3 ggi 'J w qw Yigfxlf. M 46,51 ky: is 33 ft. 1 'Q 'gg 'F 'ig 1 .-ig 3- I va 1' ' 'Q Above, Thespian officers: Debbie Spellman, secre- taryltreasurer: Janet Mumaw, Vice-President: Doug Bane, sergeant-of-arms: Susan Maxwell, President. be--' N 'x S XT 'i X . Aboveg The Tech Thespians pose a birthday pjarty for one of their not-so-young members. The gar fits the occasion. Top: the new Thespians: Angie Pfile, Lisa McDonald, Tammy Allen, Denise Ulsh, David Anderson, Susan Price, Valencia Simmons, Lisa Aubrey, Dagmar Butte, Mike Keller. The lights are low, the curtain is down, the audience is gathering in the audito- rium, anxiously awaiting the opening of "The Technical Crew Revue." That was the setting for this year's Drama Club One-Act-play. Sponsors Judith McBride and Stan Minks tried something new this year. Instead of the traditional two or three plays presented in modern style with a lot of mime, they decided on a revue type play with several short skits. The Technical Crew Revue was well received by the audience and the actors had an enjoyable performance. The One-Act-plays are not the only plays with which the Drama Club is involved. This year they participated in the fall play "Stardust" and the spring musical "Annie get your Gun." Q dv, J 3 ,fl , mg 2 ' S -,149 If 'J - -a fi., , u . ' 'Qtr vi.: sw -.--qw-"J - ,Mk . ,NWI-rg ., - Q' -r Ms. 1, Q The more experienced members of Drama Club, after accumulating I0 points through dramatic work. enter the national honor society for outstanding drama stu- dents, the Thespians. This year's officers are Susan Maxwell. presidentg Janet Mumaw, vice pres.: Deb- bie Spellman, secretary: and Doug Bane, sergeant-at-arms. tudcnts At Tech High School Practice Vigorously Students at Tech High School practiced many hours in order to give the perform- ance of Stardust. This romantic comedy by Walter Kerr gave the performers a chance to enrich and expand their acting abilities. Mrs. Goodrum commented that she was very proud of the cast and its per- formance. The majority of the cast were young and inexperiencedg however, they gave a professional and polished perform- ance. Students put a lot of effort into this performance. Brenda Bottoms as Cynthia Keene dramatically speaks of her precious flowers to John Redman, played by Sam Greene. Denise Ulsh directs students on their lines as John Redman and Raimond Brown lHarry Nelsonl have a duel. Denise Ulsh was student director. Susan Price, a senior, played the leadg Prudence Mason, an actress from Broad- wayg Tim Graves, a junior, played the outrageous director of the acting school. Stacey Greene's performance as Claire Carter, female sub-lead, had her audience spellbound as Pru,s witty friend. Jeff Rhoads very colorfully portrayed Jerry Flanagan, male sub-lead, a talent agent from Hollywood. Juvenile leads were . we H . ,Lis Mae t played by Tina Price as Janet Ross, Kevin , Warner as Phil Ford, the "loving couple". 4 Y. I H , -1 . ' Q5 . + , if , , D 4' fx I A V 1 I Y Q , Sn .,,,,, r f f .'5i.g1" ' Q' R J 'aff ff Q A MK. ' A :V 1, lv, Ii 11 it D Y ,. U ff a ims J' 1? X 3, 3 ' 7 f mfs? I 'lf , ti me 'ii 'i , 1 M , ly U , r ,W ir 4 5 an - ,gt f' W N 3 Q a w ' R. 1 M, 4 ,'- J - iq 'Q For The Performance of Stardust .ego l I ' By Walter Kerr D K Tim Graves, the crazy director Mr. Bach, welcomes Prudence Mason CSusan Pricel, the visiting actress from Broadway. Tina Price playing Janet Ross, is surrounded by curi- ous fellow actors. Students are over dramatic while practicing a chorus for a play. Starry-Eyed Actors Give Excellent Performance ln chorus, the students of the acting school grope for the neck of the frightened visiting actress, Prudence Mason CSusan Pricej. Prudence Mason CSusan Pricej and her fiancee Arthur Scott fGlenn Williamsl, give the place a look- over. Students excitedly encourage Prudence to sign the contract. Janet Ross fTina Pricej knows when to flirt with tal- ent scouts. Ueff Rhoadsy With Mrs. Goodrum as director and her assistant Denise Ulsh, along with close to twenty actors and actresses, an outstand- ing performance of Stardust was given. The Fall Play, Stardust, by Walter Kerr, was selected and directed by Alice Good- rum, Tech's fine speech and drama coach. Q,- 5 Claire Carter fStacey Greenej gives a dramatic inter- pretation of Cleopatra. Janet Ross has mixed feelings about an admirer who hasjust proposed marriage. Claire Carter comforts Prudence who has been mali- ciously treated on stage as Cleopatra. John Redman CSam Greeneb and Raimund Brown Cl-larry Nelsony have a dramatic duel. Z-- - 'M ii M 5-1-ll' .4353 Q A i-L25 :i HI ,fs S tagecraft Members, The Workers Never "Scene, gg- i x ,W 7, x J- ! ' if ' llc s The set for Stardust, the work of the stagecraft club. Mr. Browne and helpers paint a backdrop. lst Rowg Chris O'Connor, Gundula Lawrence, Jane Lawrence, Wynona Coggins, James Lawrence, 2nd Rowg Lisa Sutton, Mr. Ray Browne, Todd Quack, Eleni Svolos. The purpose of the stagecraft club is to learn all they can about the work of tech- nical crews in putting a production on the stage. Judging by the sets for the fall play and the spring musicals, they do an admi- rable job. This year's officers are Chris O'Connor, presidentg Eleni Svolos, vice-presidentg and Wynona Coggins, secretary-treasurer. I If li Jill' 7' Ag lil The ne Acts Rate Number One . , xiywg "?5'iz?WfQ" T Nw.. V ,, Did you ever hear anyone talk about the "Technical Review?" This is a group of short skits put on by the drama club practiced for five weeks to get ready for their production. The skits were of many different things such as "A day at the zoo," "The human telephone booth," "The magician," and many more very amusing skits. The groups came out of everything with a wonderful production and a very satisfied audience. Top Left: Debbie Spellman puts much thought into her character. Bottom Leftg Anna Amato as the "Fly" in 1981's one act's. Bottom Rightg Could this be "The day at the Zoo?" Techoir Sings From Their Heart Below Center, lst Row I-rg Julie Wilson, Pam Henshaw, Debbie Srellman, Valerie Myers, Dagmar Butte, Stephanie Gi liam, Tina Price, Regina Bonds, Sandra Jones, Susan Price, Becky Robbins, Andrea Gudwin, 2nd Row, Gizelle Roberson, Angela Pfile, Geneva Brown, Jeneen Sherrod, Sherry Vanlaningham, Valerie Danford, Debbie Martin, Sarah Daniel, Jacueline Parris, Karen Smith, Theresa Hapner, Miranda Bryant, 3rd Row, Ted Clark, Jeff McKinney, Ben Vorhees, Bryan Allen, David Carter, Lawrence Martin, Lynn Curry, Paul Murphy, Harry Nelson, Dwayne Hall, Marcy Quintana, Lester Stansberry, Jeff Rhoads. NOT PICTURED: Chris Chaney, LaShalle Hiser, Jay Hood, Margaret McRoy, Kathy Mathews, Janet Mumaw, John Reed, Tom Roberson, Brenda Smith, Donna Mathis, Richard Lay. Above Right, Valerie Danford, Sherri Vanlaningham, Sarah Daniels, Debbie Spellman, 2nd Row, Ben Vorhees, Ted Clark, Jeff Rhoads, Paul Murphy. -X to 15'-A , "Vi 2 5 4 OO- I5 I '. s . l FR LJ , Techoir is considered the top singing group at Tech. This group meets every day during the fifth period to practice for concerts and contests. Many students give up their lunch period to be able to partici- pate in Techoir. Some of the students took beginning vocal classes during their freshman and sophomore years to prepare for Techoir. Tryouts for Techoir are at the end of each year. The best and most talented singers are chosen to join the group the following year. The Techoir sings all different types of songs such as classic, religious, spirit- ual, and pop music. All of the small ensembles which are Madrigals, Boys' Octete, and Girls' Ensemble are chosen from Techoir. The group is directed by Mr. Paul Prather, the music department head, and Mrs. Kandis Brown accompa- nies the group. V--' G QQ, ,xi X Upper Left: Tenors and Basses work in their parts. Lower Leftg Techoir practices for contest in which a first place medal was received. Middle Right: Director, Paul Prather plays the piano as his choir sings along. 1 wi Z I n , OU Girls 9 Ensembl The Girl's Ensemble is made up of 7 girls this year. These girls work very hard on mostly pop music to take to contest and to perform for many different places. The girls do a number of voluntary per- formances for the salvation army, churches, students, assemblies, and teacher get togethers. Tryouts are held at the end of each year to replace the graduating seniors. The very talented director is Mrs. Kandy Brown. 1 -yrs? f rl gk? Upper Left: Tina Price, Karen Smith, Sherri Vanlaningham, Valerie Danford, Teresa Hapner, Debbie Spellman, Brenda Smith. Middle Left: This goes to show that ensemble girls W are good enough for Techoir. I ,4M.,P ax .--Q , V Lower Right: Girls' Ensemble wave their hats as W ,- they finish a performance. ..,ni . 3' 1 J 'vu' "1 B oys ' ctete ss- -H-I 9' Q Boys' Octet is composed of 8 boys this year unlike last year's 12. This hurt the boys in size but they still can make that sound be heard. The boys' Octet sing, barbershop. folk and pop music mostly and are under the direction of Mr. Paul Prather. Upper Leftg lst Row: Bryan Allen, Paul Murphy. Bret Rent, Ted Clark, 2nd Row: Dwain Hall, Ben Vorhees, Jeff Rhoads, 3rd Rowg Lester Stansbury. Upper Right: Just like Girls' Ensemble there are guys who are in Octet that can make Techoir also. Lower Left: Boys' Octet practice before their next outing. M adrigal Singers Recall The Past Pirie--no e A 'rv-of-v 1- . . - . 'Wf"'f W" rw""vW Y"" its - ,, , . - ,gg i .. " -I 1" ' .1115- 5 i-X xi Q' Madrigals are one of the small musical ensembles that are picked from the Techoir every year. Our Madrigal group represents the early English Madrigals. They basically sing music from the l5th and 16th centuries. For the second year in a row they have had what is called a Madrigal Dinner which took place in the Colonells Cupboard. The atmosphere of the dinner was of medieval times. The Madrigals' plan on carrying on this tradi- tion in years to come. Top l-rg Lawerence Martin, Tom Roberson, Angie Phifle, Janet Mumaw, Marcie Squintana, David Carter, Sara Daniels, Margaret McRoy, Julie Wilson. Bottom Right, Mr. Gary Conway, the dedicated director of Madrigals, often finds the time to smile. ........f,. rin , ,L 3 'nr umij Di ml . 1 Y, ' . 35 ah. Grrls And Boys Concert Clubs Are A ,Io To Hear The Girls' and Boys' Concert Clubs are the groups before Techoir. These two groups perform at various places but mainly at programs on Tech Campus. Mr. Paul Prather is the sponsor of the Boys' Concert Club and Mrs. Kandi Brown is the sponsor of the Girls' Concert Club. These groups work hard every day for forty minutes to prepare for state music contest. Good luck singers! Lower Center, lst Row, Joycelan Hyche, Darlene Carter, Sue Bennett, Teresa Darty, Jennice Robinson, Tyonia Hamilton. Leah Wolcott, Debbie Martin, Anna Amato, 2nd Row, Vickie Manis. Tammy Allen, Terri Cunningham, Cleovis West, Glondina Journey, Sherry Strough, Irene Wilson, Twyla Bartlett, 3rd Row, Vanessa Waters, Denise Ulsh, Paris Stewart, Tiersa Green, Kelly Brinkley, Terri Baker, Lori Armour. Middle Left, lst Row: Daryll Trotter, William Jackson, Gary Bennett, Richard Trotman, Donald Johnson, Barry Young, Frank Poventud, Derik Manning, 2nd Rowg Joe Fuller, Rodney Mills, Lenard Hiser, Marty Corpuz, Mike Moore, Clayton Williams, Glen Johnson. Tim Spradlin, Shannon Williams. Upper Left, Boys' Concert Club experiment with diferent sound techniques. l l , ' 1 l , it . l , f 3 fa O : t l gr lo, ., w- ' K Sensational Actors +MeIodious Voices Tech Musical 0 1981 I 4 "I . ft" 51' 1' ef -.4 5 Q' ,If . ,uh ' V. ' L 2 - - bi ,,, 'Q 1 1 X t g' ' X Ugper Left: Everything is under control at this re earsal, that is as long as Charlie Davenport Ueff Rhoadsj can remember to crack a happy smile for Annie Oakley fDebbie Spellmanj. Upper Right: Minnie and Jessie fTina Price, and Pam Henshawy listen quietly as they read along in the script. They are two of Annie's three sisters. Lower Rightg Frank Butler fMarcie Quintanaj can't seemvto make up his mind about popping the big question to Annie. "There's no business like show busi- ness" echoed through the auditorium as the performance opened. The same feel- ing held the audience spellbound as "Annie Get Your Gun" sparkled March 19, 20, and 21. A wonderful cast led by Debbie Spellman as Annie Oakley and Marcie Quintana as Frank Butler had two long months of hard work invested. When the final curtain went down, not only had Annie got her man, but the cast had cap- tured the hearts of the audience. tr l " x Musical Practice Makes utstanding Performance 3 Upper Left: Annie carefully goes over her lines in a short break in rehearsal. Upper Right: Nellie lDagmar Buttel is embarrassed by Little Jake iTim Spradlinl as Annie looks on. Lower Left: Minnie may just be yelling at her dear little brother. Maybe being out of Darke county, she's yelling at boys. Middle Right: "Are you sure Frank will like it?" Annie questions Charlie and Buffalo Bill lBen Vorheesl. Being Frank's trusty friends of course they say "yes." Orchestra And String Ensemble Upper Rightg Mr. Nobles leads his orchestra in a 9th hour practice. K 'QC E3 'Milli ui 5 hlwisfil . l -R r'i L i l HQ 'f'-- -Ile " 'V nf' M: 6 " J, - Trs 1 Y vl ' 1' X . 'l P. I X Y- N 1 'f X ,D , The orchestra is composed of members of the symphonic band which are good enough to survive the cuts and make try- outs. The orchestra plays behind the scenes at various different performances, such as musicals and plays, etc. The sections that make up the orchestra are the string section, woodwinds, percus- sion, and brass sections. The director that makes the orchestra sing is Mr. Ron Nobles. Upper Left, lst Row I-rg Violins Sc Cellos: Valerie Myers, llkdliiliiieheHmmJcBuvdDbe.Oa1ln1nrBme,Eli1lia Dcm:nhxlm,ID1nbrknH1iid3eteJ6Timyii3JohHEa1Jlimd1Ruw BnJ1YsolInm?11FlAlksnJ1nd:R'6urherMiiilinDiieFl4irnse Biin,e!o1inrDzm, l1hhmDcM,a.iblm Dnniilllhnselldlvhl Caybgr,l'lMsJ'W 8m1tu:lDaMfeiitliaJ eH1inldDdB,eiddm llllsh. KzthgeilleEstUm,l61id Ronfdrri. Riodhdlellihe, Wrjsnal l'drneDdier81MnEMalx.w3:lli RdwR1rwVli4vlirfdioluliae P6ihvrDUEl2i1lriie1Hr:eri6l:81kaan M'2vfovhllii4dxRbslle Halllanlfblxovkrlilfrda ISiuitJhquibiw,aKlnahNJmlldan, Wexi5lv.Ena1ns,Jhiixy BImilmr1.iiC,Zgl.ed'waixiM5eiD.'lEiiih Brginsbdmhriibtley Skandlujuglf. e'e'ig1toEMarslerIsaay Eoikhnirgilifiaiiinnj-lillhldidy, Rrrhisnt Eeieehdnnkrim StdhvlBjiuQahNBtm,!5nnddri5miall'xiid2i9Hl1B5l5ih.fliin Hob1adityRRdbyrBiIne,FnydDlilmHhoSuUiyhn. IME: H!mgaliusllh'hMCSIm1aEiadlihciix1Dd, Standing: Mr. Nobles, Rocky Brown, John Reid. Kevin Alcorn. Cornelius White. Scott Stackhouse. Lower Right: lst Row l-rg Brenda Smith, Donna Mathis. Crystal Carney, Valerie Myers, 2nd Row: Mr. Nobles. Julie Wilson. Melannie Keane, Tammy Allen. Susan Maxwell. 3rd Row: Jeffery Johnfauno. 4th Row: James Turner, Larry Banks. -i,, -i . ....,,,,, x -si" Bell Chou' Rmgs Uut From The Music Building fri-f FAt Bottom Rightg Ist Row l-rg Leah Wolcott, Sherry Strough, Debbie Martin, Anna Amato, Julie Harlan, Cathy Hess, Tammy Allen and Director, Mrs. Kandis Brown, 2nd Row l-r: Sherri VanLaningham, April Grimsley, .leneen Sherrod, Pam Henshaw, Tom Curren, Paul Murphy, and Lester Stansbury. Top, Bell Choir engrossed with their practic- mg. Bottom Leftg Bell Choir performs at the Valentine's Day Tea. Bell Choir, a group made up of talented musicians, meet third period every day practicing very complicated pieces of music. The bells were donated to the U tp ,I Sari! I Tech music department in 1966 by Ruth Leburge in honor of her par- ents Mr. and Mrs. Bert. There are 61 bells ranging from high C to low C and make up every note on the piano. The Bell Choir performs at many different places such as churches, schools, and nursing homes. Much is expected out of each student such as knowing how to read notes. count beats and measures, and just plain concentrate. The talented and dedi- cated director of this group is Mrs. Kandis Brown. Symphonic, Sta e, And Concert Bands Symphonic Band is the top band in the music department and is directed by Mr. Lee Barricklow, This band plays in the x Christmas, in the Round, the spring con- cert, and they also go to contest. Concert Band is the second band or "B" band. It is directed by Mr. Evans. Both of these bands are joined together in the spring to make the Tech marching band. Stage Band is made up of the best musi- cians from certain parts of the Symphonic Band. The stage band plays both pop and rock songs. They play in festivals, and at different places outside of school, and they also play in Christmas in the Round. 6 89 -Q 77 ir' Upper Right, Forrest Stearns, Johnathon Thompson, Jim Homadag, Keelyu Evans, Lisa McDonald, Eric Laughlin, 2nd Row l-rg Joe Orland, Robert LeFevers, Jim McDonald, Jogh Sullivan, Mr. Lee Barricklow, 3rd Row l-rg George Didley, Stan Jajuga, Victor Vondersaar, Jerry Dodson, Scott Stackhouse, Not Shown: Comelious White. Middle, lst Row l-rg Kathy Jordan, Elisa Aguilera, Cleovis West, Joey Folkening, Diane Holman, Melissa Kidd, Denise Ulsh, Valerie Danford, Cathy Hess, 2nd Row l-rg Tiersa Greene, Julie Harlan, Denise Chastain, Paula Morris, Lisa Payton, Cindy Hatcher, Forrest Stearns, Mike Payton, Robert LeFevers, Jeff Smith, Dennis Stokes, Eric Laughlin, Vincent Thom son, Mark Thompson, Norma Vibbert, 3rd Row Er, Andre Cinningham, Bruce Glover, Kathy Dodson, Victoria Stokes, Leeky Evans, Tammy O'Neill, Joe Worland, Carl Wright, Jim McDonald, Robert Dunn, John Sullivan, Jim Hornaday, Lewis King, Jerry Didson, Tim Curren, George Dudley, Stan Jajuga, Victor Vondersaar, 4th Row I-rg Ronald Brown, Scott Stackhouse, John Reed, Kevin Alcorn, Charles Hapner, Jeanna Walker, Kenny Edwards, Richard Crenshaw, Joy Hood, Eric Morgan, Jonny Kidd, Mr. Lee Barricklow, Not Shown: Janet Mumaw, Glenn Sullivan, Joe Baker, Robert Poteet, Comelious White. Lower Righty lst Row l-rg Dane Drinnon, Trent Luland, Michael Morgan, Victor Sanders, Kevin Daniels, 2nd Row, Valerie Vinson, Rachael Malone, Kathy Dodson, Marilyn Rifpey, Victoria Stokes, Tami Curren, 3rd Row, Stan ey Jajuga, James Curry, John Murrell, Bobby Smith, Robert Dunn, 4th Row, Michael Thurman, Charles Hapner Jr., Rodney Mill, Mr. Edward Evans. N f Upper Lefty It's funny how they're supposed to be playing their instruments instead of smiling big for a picture. Middle Leftg Mr. Lee Barricklow tries to get his band in tip top shape. Below Centerg Stage Band shows how to do things right at a performance at open house. ll! A-:Ln-P' Marchin Band Half-time usually means a rushing stampede to the concession stand . . . but those that have already got their fill can direct their attention to the Marching Titans. This group has been very busily trying to raise money for the new uniforms they got this year. They perform during half- time shows of football games. To enhance the performances of the marching band are the majorettes. This spirited group dis- plays eye-dazzling routines that are achieved through much time and effort. ,.,.-fc-A - -be i Mi 'hir 'GA' ' 3, " mf", ,v "f".i' A as , I ,MG hx a lst Row: Metawee Malone. Elaine Jackson, Elisha Storey. Angie Lewis. Theresa Hapner, Lisa McDonald. Becky Robbins, Rita Keithley. Lynda Vaughn, Vickie Hewlett, 2nd Row: Kathy Jordan. Elisa Aguilera. Cleovis West, Janet Mumaw, Cindy Hatcher. Melissa Kidd. Diane Holman. Denise ljlsh, Valerie Danford, Cathy Hess. Lisa Payton. April Grimsley, Kathy Dodson, 3rd Rowg Eric Laughlin. Keeley Evans. Tami Curren, Joe Folkening, Julie Harlan, Denise Chastain, Tiersa Greene, Paula Morris, Bruce Glover, Glenn Sullivan, Vickie Stokes, Marilyn Rippey, Brian Shelton, Jeff Smith, 4th Rowg Chuck Hapner, Tammy O'Neill, Jim Hornaday, Forrest Stearns, Mike Payton, Norma Vibbert, Lewis King, Tom Curren, Lynn Curry, Mark Thompson, Jerry Dodson, Joe Baker, George Dudley, Stan Jzgaga, Victor Vondersaar, Mr. C. Lee Barricklow, Sth owg Richard Crenshaw, Eric Morgan, Johnny Kidd, Malcomb King, Comelious White, Kenny Edwards, Scott Stackhouse, Jeanna Walker, Ron Brown, Harry Nelson, Kevin Alcom, Robert Lefevers, John Sullivan, Jim McDonald, Jay Hood, Not Picturedg John Reed, Valerie Hawkins, Paul Grider, Phillip Saylor. Top leftg Band stands tall at Homecoming half-time. Pep Band, Majorettes, Which ne Are You 'S k L! 'f 5 Q, no -. W' rf' 44-H Q.. x "-f-' -,f QF' 1 v Top Righty Jay Hood and Paula Morris march in Veteran's Day Parade. Top Leftg "Here comes Santa Claus," as the major- elttes do a Christmas Special for a Basketball half- time. Bottom Leftg Rocky Brown "jams" as he plays for the Pep Band, while the guards gaze in wonder. Bottom Rightg Majorettes do another eye-dazzling routine. 9:-ffl!" Q" 4- 15 A' "" f- i Language Clubs Speak Out For Their Cultures Spanish And French Spanish and French clubs do much to promote friendly feelings for our neigh- bors to the South of us and the neighbors to the north of us. Last year, the Spanish Club traveled to Mexico, and the French Club journeyed to Quebec in French speaking Canada. Upper Rightg The French club feeds its face. Lower Left: Crepes anybody? Lower Right: Two members of the Spanish Club look interested. 'A ,,, -v-.T i 5 5 u 5- ex ie, 'fi 1 f A XA S L- t -6-slag: . , , :.av.,,1.-' W 77777 5. German And Latin Clubs Have ' ' F3 F' mewonimauacf -YQXTSLITRQ US Partn-as The German Club had a tasting bee. Each person paid 52.50 to get a taste of that delicious German delicacy. Among the foods served were apple streusel and two German sausages. Tom Curren, presi- dent of the German Club, served the food along with other members. The Latin Club is lacking in members. It is a very active club. They take trips to La Scalles, and the national meeting at the Convention Center. The party they had the last day of the semester featured Latin bread and cheese, with a Latin drink to go along. Upper Leftg German Club members at desk: Tom Curren, Janet Mumaw, Tami Curren, 2nd Row: Sarah Feltner, Julie Harlan, Aline Hample. Dan Stanley CSponsorJ, 3rd Rowg Steve Wells, Leo Spearman. Lower Leftg German Club sponsor. Dan Stanley serves at the German Club Tasting Bee. Middle Right: Two foods served were knoctweurste, and Bractweurste. Lower Rightg Geor e England, Terry Baker, Tina Valentine, Debbie Suarles, Jim McDonald, Front Row, Cynthia Hatcher, Jackie Brown, Lisa Brown, Christine Hightower, Mrs. Serena Fine. le f .J .14 i ""I!n-nv-""" T -3- ' 1 all if A 36' M, ji s '- ' "Q ' 0 XL- v . - 1? X Titan Family Takes Aboveg A microphone is Fred Stephens' or any ham's best friend. Right, The Amateur Radio Club: Fred Stephens, Linda Ferguson, Back Rowg Wesley Murphy, Kenneth Garvey, Sponsors. Q 1 A ian!! To The Air Waves Q. ' ,x Ag, 1,3 ng'-: X -,-,M-M VN.. 5 "P 'S ., 'l at Aboveg Stacey Greene handles the public address equipment that WATS broadcasts on. Leftg Sammy Greene delivers an announcement over the WATS channel. A few jokes makes roll call a lit- tle less boring. ' 1 Leftg Linda Ferguson tycpes a message on the tele- graph key. Morse code n es again. Belowg WATS Crew: lst Rowg Sam Greene, Stacey Greene, 2nd Row: Dawn Trobe, Tammy Allen, Denise Ulsh, Back Rowg Stan Minks sponsor, Paul Coffey. !.....II4L. -..iw ,ee, ssl' Leave it to the Titans to find ways of electronic communication. Two groups on campus practice wire talk, the Amateur Radio Club and radio station WATS. The Amateur Radio Club teaches members everything from Morse Code to bouncing signals off the moon. The group uses ham radios, telegraphy, and other communica- tion techniques. WATS broadcasts the school announcements every day at roll call. Members practice the skills of radio announcers, mixing information and humor to brighten a dull roll call. Q Two-Four-Six-Eight Cheerleaders Lookin Great Who is full of cheers and great school spirit? The varsity, reserve, and freshman cheerleaders, of course! Each of the squads, which was chosen by a panel of teachers and students, tries to appear at its best for each game, win or lose. They rep- resent us well in the eyes of the world. Right: l-rg Debbie Spellman, Mary Mason, Dawn A am, Stacey Jackson, Judy Wilson. Middle Left: Everybody Yell! Lower Right: ftop to bottomj Cessalyn Smith, Ste- hanie Guynn, Andrea Piety, Rhonda Jefferson, Bebbie Memanama. Bottom Left, lst Row, Denise White, Tammy Guynn, 2nd Row, Lori Godsey, Shelane Anderson, Tina Price, 3rd Row, Belinda Blewitt. Cheerleaders Play Big Part In Game W -- -S I. 'si Upper Leftg Vanessa Williams held far above the crowd by Debbie Spellman. Upper Rightg Cheerleaders are beginning to move in a positive direction. Lower Leftg Varsity Cheerleaders show great spirit. Lower Rightg Titan Cheerleaders try many different things to get the crowd on their feet. 2 -J Q., 1 f Tech Bowlers Look o Score High -M ,, The bowling team at Tech High School works together at winning. Our bowlers meet every Tuesday after school and bowl each other for competition, but mainly for the fun of it. The bowling sponsors of the team are Miss Eads and Mr. Demmary. More bowlers are needed but they are trying to make the best out of what they have. The top bowlers and the top team will receive trophies at the end of the year. Come join the fun and support your team. Upper Leftg A few of Tech's finest bowlers prepare for that ever so important strike. Upper Rightg Mr. Demmary, one of Tech's bowling league sgonsors, celebrates his unknown birthday. He says e's only 21. Lower Rightg Jay Hood trys to show how great form can help your game. Jay still hasn't mastered it. MAY. gmfgg' 85,2 , v,sf ,. K A2 . ' . Hi! fa-:KQV Just A Few Different Types f School Activities ,,-'I V , a ,ai Q J I Q Q -O x. x A 'r xo"'A,X 4' s' gl-digit." Q 'Q x" -5. Os T I r Upper Rightg An award from the National Council of Teachers of English comes to the family. Upper Leftg Members of the family play World Trade Games. Lower Right: We also go to a computer contest. Lower Left: Many of us have college experience in the summer with Upward Bound. Students at Tech do various things that are out of the ordinary, from winning con- tests to playing games of commerce. We are proud of those who go out and do things. Fu ture Titans Practice For A Spot For many years now students have been coming to Tech for the honors of being in the All City band. All City band means a lot to these young students. It tells them that they really are one of the best in the city at what they play. Look out Titans, these kids are moving up. Upper Rightg Students from all over the city meet in competition trying to earn a seat in the all city band. Middle Left: The clarinets have what it takes. Lower Right: The all city band director leads his group of kids in search of perfection. in A In 'V -su-. 74 f-E In All City Band And Urchestra II'i Ugper Leftg All City orchestra students receive their sc edule for their upcoming practices. Lower Centerg All City band students have a lot to be proud of. AV -'Q-v I he K Chess Team Has Impressive Season 4' A' The Tech chess team had a very rewarding season with l9 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. The team owes their support and expertise to their sponsor, Mr. Kern, who is very fond of the game himself and is very willing to help anyone who is inter- ested in learning to play chess. Support your Tech family and join the chess team. l '26 1 1 'vid PTS Upper Rightg Sometimes the next move could take forever. lst Rowg l-rg David Lowe, Donald Dukate, 2nd Rowg Greg Tucker, Mark Whitney, Mike Forsee, Jeff Johnfauno. Below Righty Varsity chess team member, Mark Whitney, studies opponent's last move. ws .f Brain Game Uff To Another Good Year .3131 , 1 il 'F il I -E F1412 ! . Q. 1 4 ' K Q. 11 ffQE if -fl 7 lr - .V ' 5. S-, a 5- 1 'tj DOUG I' fl '1 ..l J .D -KJ fl' . I This year's Brain Game Team has its matches in the second half of the season therefore only one match has been com pleted. Tech defeated George Washington High School by a score of 50 32 The Brain Game on Channel 13 hosted by Bob Gregory, has been in existence for many years and so has the Tech team The sponsor is Mr. Wesley Murphy who coaches the team on matters of thought ,I V. Top Leftg The Arsenal Tech Brain team looks on ready to answer any question Bob Gregory should read out. Middle Leftg Angela Pfile, Doug Bane, and Chris O'Connell study for their next meet. Ugaper Rightg lst Row: Doug Bane, Dagmar Butte. C ris O'Connell, Angela Pfile, 2nd Row: Wesley Murphy, Bob Gregory, Dr. Youngblood. Lower Leftg Doug Bane rings in for a shot at a last second answer. J D9 f Gmc? Human RBIQIIUHS, Take Part The purpose of the Human Relation Council is to try and improve the relations between students and faculty. The Coun- cil had a visitation day with students from surrounding inner city schools attending classes with Council members. The Coun- cil also sponsored the reception after school for the turnabout teachers. Upper Leftg Mrs. Bradshaw, one of Tech's Human Relations sponsors, focuses in on the conversation. Upper Rightg Even by the camera man, the concen- tration is not broken. Lower Right: Anna Edwards listens closely as another student speaks at a Human Relations meet- ing. I' .gy Q u1 li!! S A an fo , , 4 Ah Tltans Lead In Jr. RUTC Right, Battalion Officers: lst Row, CXLTC Connie Sims, C!2LT Keith Kilgore, CXCPT Maretta Hutton, C!2LT Ed Gordon, CXLTC Dennis Stokes, 2nd Row, C!lLT Kevin Burke, Cf2LT Tim Graves, 3rd Row, CXCPT Janice Phelps, C!CPT Auzzie Heard, 4th Row, C!2LT James Rainey, C!2LT Dawn Trobe, Cf2LT William Jackson, 5th Row, C! 2LT Donald Clayton, C!2LT Charles Taylor, C! 2LT Ron Ramey, 6th Row, CXZLT Jerry Dodson, C !2LT Johnny Carr. Bottomg Boy's Color Guard: CXSSG Kenny Esteb, CICOL Reggie McDade, C!lLT Keith Kilgore, C! PVT Eric Thomas. Below, Battalion Staff: C!2LT Tim Graves, CXSFC Tonita Hamilton, C!lLT Kevin Burke, C!2LT Ed Gordon, CXCPT Maretta Hutton, C!2LT Keith Kilgore. The ROTC unit at Tech provldes ser vices to the commumty and the school The color guards march in all home games and also performs at other community events. The rifle team allows students to prac tice and compete in marksmanship The team is traditionally a good one and this years was no different The Battalion Staff keeps the unit func tioning. The staff keeps the records, han dles supplies, and runs the extra curricu lar activities. The Battalion Officers help the staff and commanders supervise the battalion. Lower Leftg Tonita Hamilton, lngborg Willis Teresa Greene, Shelia Phelps. Lower Rightg Kneeling: Jeff Hess, Vicki Vibbert Kevin Burke, Sittingg Kevin Marsh, Sgt. McDaniel Dawn Trobe. ,Nj ' B -AB Drill Team Com petes In Military Drill D' IAN. Z I 'bins f iii 7 11119 I X l I. "H "W" J " ' . T , . f I r" -' 1 ,V .J ' AQ, Upper Leftg lst Row: Bobby Willis, Charles Gibson, Eric Thomas, 2nd Row: Ozzie Heard, Ramond Bates, 3rd Rowg Johnny Carr. Upper Centerg Battalion Staff: l-rg 5-5 Tim Graves, 5-4 Tonita Hamilton, 5-3 Kevin Burke, 5-2 Edward Bordon, 5-l Maretta Hutton, BNXO Keith Kilgore, BNCO Dennis Stokes. Lower Right: lst Rowg Janice Phel s, Anita Roberts, Dawn White, 2nd Rowg Engagor Willis, Celeste Webster, Lori Armour, 3rd Rowg Shela Phelps, Gena Snider, Donnetta Motley, 4th rowg Janet Webster, Martha Haynes. 5 l qi Q W aw, lrijvpvn . "M f- V mm! 4 "Do 20 push-ups." If this sounds like gym class to you, you're wrong. It's a favorite, if you're in command, hated if you're not, order in ROTC. ROTC is Reserve Officers Training Corps. Here at Tech we have one of the largest chapters in the state. ROTC is not just a class where you put on a uniform and obey orders. You are taught self-discipline, respect for superiors and how to behave in military situations. ROTC encompasses many groups among them boys and girls drill teams and a rifle team. They participate in competi- tions all over the state, and frequently win. Middle Righty Constance Sims, Dennis Stokes, Maretta Hutton, 2nd Rowg Janice Phelgs, Ozzie Heard, 3rd Rowg Charls Taylor, Kevin Bur e. Lower Leftg lst Rowg William Jackson, Dawn White, Vicki Vibbert, 2nd Row: Kenneth Esteb, Tim Beavo, Norma Vibbert. Lower Right lst Rowg Ed Gordon. Keith Kitgore. William Jackson Ron Ramey, 2nd Row: Joe Waders Richard Crenshaw, Mark Bush, 3rd Rowg Riley Gordon Jeff Hess, Rick Bush, 4th Row: Pat Duncan Bob Turner, Eric Thomes. Publications Work Hard 011 Cannon Members of the yearbook staff often work under pressure to meet deadlines. Publications Y is not a class to take if you come apart when the going gets rough. However, when the book has gone to press and we have all had our nerv- ous breakdowns for a day, we go right to work on next year's book. Have you ever asked just 'who' writes the school newspaper? lt's students just like you. Newspaper is a class that you can sign up to take. The assignments are very different than in regular classes. Mr. C. T. Tresslar, the sponsor, gives topics for the students to report on and get pictures of. The Arsenal Cannon keeps you informed. Photographers: lst rowg Mike Marsee, Gary Ramey, Deanna Smith. Billy Bayne, Harry Nelson. 2nd Row: Mike Haak, Pat Johnson, Julie Justus, Lewis King, Bob LeFever, 3rd Rowg Ted Clark. Donald Johnson, Craig Gill. Layout Editors: lst Row: James Turner, Debbie Martin, Deanna Smith, Sue Bennett, Tina Polston, Barbara Arnett, 2nd Rowg Donald Johnson, Rachel Mahone, Lisa Jouzapaitis, Janet Mumaw, Julie Justus. Tom Curren, 3rd Row: Lewis King, Kim Polston. 1 5. Yearbook And Newspaper SJ y ,r ' 'X ,-If ? xnt N 'U sa, .fl Opposite Page, Top: lst Row: Section Editors Tim Graves, Cindy Hatcher, Dagmar Butte, Leah Wolcott, 2nd Row, George England. Denise Ulsh, Jay Hood, Bill Haak. Opposite Page, Upper Right: Yearbook Editor Len Evans has a satisfied smile. Top Leftg Newspaper Editor Penny Adams must have met her deadlines. Top Right, Page Editors Kim Bernard, Gloria Blythe, and Wynona Coggins smile pretty for the photographer. Bottom Left, Seated: Renee Barker, Dagmar Butte. Debbie Martin, Donna Paris, Standing: Tami Curreh, Beth Flemming, Shelane Anderson, David Price, Donna Chapman, Becky Arnwine. l 9 l City- Wide Student Council Improves Citizenship City-Wide Student Council is made up of the leaders of the city schools. Its pur- pose is to develop leadership in the stu- dents who will be tomorrow's leaders. The CWSC also has a goal of improving citi- zenship among the students in the city schools. The council is divided into vari- ous committees which are supervised by the omsbudsmen and the council officers, President-Elaine Calhoun, Vice Presi- dent-Todd Shaw, Parliamentarian- Susan Price, Secretaries-Starly Mat- thews and Dawn Williams. Right: Darryll and John still listening tentatively after hours of reorganization. Far Right: Darryll Tardy enjoys donuts at a CWSC meeting. Below Left: Darryll Tardy, Susan Price and John Miner snuggle together on this cold snowy day. They were one of the few who showed up this day. Below Right: Todd Shaw CArlingtonJ looks tired after many tedious hours of discussion. I ' .J if N F I Q 'T If I Y , f mv , ., Q5 t X Y Leftg Carl Nelson, Tech's Omsbudsman, observes hardworking City-Wide Student Council members. Below Left, Susan Price, Parliamentarian, displays two proposed CWSC emblems. Below, Susan Price makes comments while other members look skeptical of speaker. Bottom Rightg Susan Price fParliamentarianJ, Starla Matthews fSecretaryJ, Todd Shaw fV ice Presidentj, Mr. Holiday, Elaine Calhoun fPresidentJ. 44-I Q 't if x v .7 O f 41 ' 2 ' 130 Pl? SAO Is A-Ukay ! by u J ' Q x Q xl " 465. Above Left: Mr. Lehmen passes out M 8a M's to Susan Maxwell to raise money for Key Club. Above Rightg Officers of Key Club are Denise Ulsh, Treasurerg Michelle Smith, Vice Presidentg Susan Maxwell, Presidentg Janet Sims, Secretary. Right: Members of SAO are Denise Ulsh, John Doe, Sherry Strough, Michelle Smith, Doug Bane, Susan Maxwell, Anna Amato, Tammy Lucas, Janet Simms. SAO CStudent Affairs Organizationj works to serve the students and the com- munity. They sponsor the Student-Fac- ulty Basketball Game and the Basketball Queens. I P fig! f 3' J X, e .Y-5' U Wild And Crazy Seniors ,S U 1 9 Upper leftg Janet Mumaw and Debbie Martin smile big Upper Rightg Mike Payton: no difference. Lower Leftg Can you tell which way they are going? ICT Goes job Huntin I.C.T. stands for Industrial Cooperation Training. This job related group basically discuss the things happening in the world today. Taxes, elections, job opportunities, and optional careers are only a few of the topics. The group also helps students find jobs. The students have maintained a B- average and good attendance. 5th ICT: Seated Front 1-rg Mark Martin, Vincent Robinson, Jerry Hembree, lsadore Cosby, 2nd Row I-rg Charles Fairchild, Larry Kendrick, Paul Clegg, Andre Hansbrough, Don Brady, Rear Standing l-rg Mr. Holmes, coordinator, Brent Rent, Bruce Bostic, Eric Morgan, Darryl Macy, David Kashon, Daniel Jennings. 4th ICT: Front Row l-rg Gregory Cobb, Dean Griffin, Lawrence Gaines, Dan Totten, Kevin Ballentine, Robert Wells, Back Row l-rg Mr. Holmes, Len Evans, Mark Hurt, Allen Day, Terry Ritchey, Jerry Ritchey, Not Shown, Mark Crouch. ICT Officers: Front Row l-rg Charles Fairchild, President, Kevin Ballentine, Vice President, Back Row l-rg Mr. Holmes, Coordinator, Darryl Macy, Recorder, Gregory Cobb, Secretary, Dean Griffin, Treasurer. ff' - f..::-11+ b 36 ff!-.A 1,54 :I Cram Nfl 'Ni 'Z Ret1red Teachers Return To School An annual event at Tech High School is the returning of the retired teachers. The teachers come back, eat lunch, talk about old times, and more than likely about old students. Entertainment is brought in from the different music groups at Tech and a guest speaker is there to talk with and to the teachers. t anif , .J Upper Leftg Retired teachers congregate in teachers' cafeteria about the past. Lower Left: Retired teachers are given a copy of what looks to be their own diploma. Middle Right: Old teachers, old friends recall the past. Genealogy Climbin The Family Tree The Genealogy club is unique. There are very few schools in the country with a club of this type. Members of the Geneal- ogy Club learn to research their roots. Students begin by contacting family members and obtaining all information possible. Then, they try to determine which part of the information is factual and which is traditional, and possibly inaccurate. The next step is to visit the Indiana State Library and check census records. By checking in the card catalog, a student may find references to his family name. A check of these records will often lead to a complete record of one branch of the family. In pursuit of roots, students learn valu- able research skills. Bonnie Jolliffe finds ancestors on census records. Joe Fuller visits the German booth at the Interna- tional Fair. Lottie Anderson, Joe Fuller, Charles Miller and Andrew Williams meet the queen of the Interna- tional Festival. C! Z- Q ff ff' ff' 'Q 2 C-i il X"it'l'lf Ill Mini C 616bI'1t16S, Smgers, And II-Stars Celebrities, Singers and All-Stars here at Tech: Charlie Daniels was here in October to sing us some of his great music and to talk with the students about himself and to sign autographs. Adam Smasher, D. J. from Kiss 99 was here in September to talk with the fresh- men about their future careers, and last but not least, to sign autographs. Joe Niecrow, a pitcher for the Houston Astros a plus 20 game winner, and one of the best E.R.A. average winners in the National Baseball League, was here in December. fg-' R, -499 I 1 .....,-NM . f--V-- -,. nj-4v.,w- 372' -- tg.. ,.f,-n-.v55a.91w"" ' '- , , Upper Leftg Renee Barker waits in a patient manner for the Smash to sign his name. Upper Rightg Ivin Morman and Joe Niecrow wait inside the boys' gym before a big interview with reporters. Lower Left: Joe Niecrow makes Nona Coggins' day worth remembering. Above Left, Charlie Daniels signs autographs for Titan fans. Distributive Education Is Quick 011 The ,fob Students who are in DECA put forth a lot of effort into their projects, but the results make it worthwhile. One of their projects includes a social service affair. This year all proceeds of a Donkey Bas- ketball Game went to Muscular Distro- phy. The students had fun at the game and they deserved it, after all the hard work they did. The students also sell candy to help pay the traveling expenses involved in DECA competitions. The Titan Shack in the student cafeteria is another money-making project. Right: Mr. Miner often assists DECA-Here he is sweeping up behind them! Below Left: Susan Price waits for a pass from Roy Massey. Below Right: Roy Massey and Susan Price present check to a representative from the Muscular Distro- phy Foundation. 11, .. 3 . :A . ai , il 4 A Ngx, ,xv 5 y Q. f 2 ' r A , , ' 12 S T , . , ,, 3 t A 7 i ax' . ,1.i.,, qs Ufflce EdUC3f10H ASSOCIHIIOH Is The Step-Ladder To --s l 1 Upper Left: Hiwatha Walker displays her contrib- ution tothe OEA chapter II Halloween party. Upper Rightg. Our honorable guest, Mr. Woody Sears, state advisor for OEA, assists Mrs. Cummins in rehanging the OEA banner that fell frequently during the ceremony. Middle Rightg Nanette Graves, district 8 east vice president, and Pat Payton, OEA chapter l president. pin initiates Sherri Tingle and Anita Martin. Lower Left: A solemn moment in the proceedings. l- rg Nanette Graves, Pat Payton. Carolyn Jones. Jackie Buck. Tech's OEA membership is l07 strong this year, and more active than ever. The activities range from parties on holidays to public service such as the Bowl-a-thon to raise money for special olympics and finally State competition. -9 1- Administration is 'Q QF- 0:15. li -fs. ts , li g 'QL '.""" , -1 ,i f 'm 1 Q, i ,N i 5 ' M s e lm, 3 X 'fi-lr '.v wit, 3 A . rg ,- sw' .V 9 , 1 'L . wr? 4 Q is Af Above Leftg Ray Reed Principal. X Above Rightg Robert Stockard, Vice Principal. Lower Right: Joseph McGeehan Vice Principal. ex P i li in ,- fc ' ' lx Above Left: Duane Blakenhorn Programming Director. Below Leftg John Minner Director of House Plan. Middle Rightg Karl Schneider Programming Direc- tor. XX ! 'htm 9 T We as a family, waiting for the next basket, the next touchdown, even field goal. As we sit watching, anticipating every move excitedly, we draw closer together as a whole. Excitement builds as the green and white team runs down the field or the court, whatever the case may be. It keeps building, building up so much that you can't stand it. Then when that field goal, basket or touchdown is scored. satisfaction is finally ours. Expectations of fun and winning have been met. The night comes to a close, but memories linger on. SPOR T Varsit Track . . . Tech's boys' varsity track team placed second in the city behind Washington High School. The team sent the 880 yd. relay teamg Martin Jones, Discus, and Ronnie Robinson, shot-putg to the state finals. The 880 yd. relay team fin- ished a respectable seventh. Martin Jones and Ronnie Robinson both finished in the top twenty. Tech's team placed third in the sectionals and third in the regionals. Congratulations to Coach McGeath and the Varsity track team. Above: This event is a demonstration of skill and dar- , p mg. MR-.Ally V V Above Rightg The beginning of the hundred yard dash. gi Rightg William Aurberry, Ricky Bell, Edward Edison, X Demetrie Gibson, Tony Bishop, ? Miller, Gary Moore, Barry Napier, Steve Manis, Johnny Hudson, Gregg Mason, 2nd Rowg Mark Dartis, Ben Vorhees, Gerald Lorick, William Golightly, Syraliegh Coleman, ? Grady, SCECJNA CHATARD RUNCALLI 0' -It 1 -git - ni. - , .. ,. --.............-......, Ronnie Robinson, Eric Simms, Bryan Allen, Chuck Fairchild, Robert Fox, 3rd Row, Jane Doe, Coach Bruce McGeath, Rodney Mills, Jessie Evans, John Doe, Scott Rush, Martin Jones, Lewis Bonds, Bill Harding, Coach Ron Davey, Coach Robert Woodard. .f 4 .S 39? 3, f-59' Reserve 'Y-. 41 . rr I S I 5 Track . . . ITB Ta The 1980 reserve boys' track team had a par- ticularly good season, losing only one of their regular meets. The fact that the team was con- siderably younger this year did not prove to be a large setback. Though they did not compete in the Tech Invitational or any of the other larger meets, they have reason to be proud of their record. The members all agree that they have per- formed to the best of their ability, but will be trying harder next year so that they can achieve ',f..,,N .XQK5 B ' 1 L 1 .1 in of .Hen that perfect season which they all desire. . 1 1 n ' s . ., 3 at I .. an X' gl. s I. ,Q Coach Robert Woodard. distance. Frankie Woods shows good form over the hurdles , William Golightly goes up, up, and its good! Q 'i' , - 3 " Q O 59 fra? at wwe, W if , Q ' W' rw- H' - 'i' ' . Q Nettie ft .fs s we -- A ' 1' ' i,- lin... 'I Q , - gf. Q ' Pa K -fiif, Vzs .. ' ' ,. Avi gif , -.V Y I K A . ' as T Eff R ,, v his T r. - Q b W2 'max A tm.. is 'T - .f i , -' " . ' 1+-'a' , .avr Bi -vi "iv I r ' .5 .-an ..v-2..:-1.2-':.1.f+"-1'--fi if-1 "' ' "'s:'Y" .rife au. wvijsii A znql.-.ann .. -QL... .,.3- '-1' '1 " fl 'J l lst Row l-rg Mark Dartis, Bryan Allen, William Arberry, Greg Peace, Todd Gadbury, Robert Fox 2nd rowg Jesse Evans, William Golightly, Ben Vorhees Tom Going, Rodney Mills, Eric Simmons, Lewis Bonds 3rd row: Coach Bruce McGeath, Ed Grady, Mike Keller Vernon Osbourn, Aaron King, Coach Ron Davie Bryan Allen and Syaraleigh Coleman get ready for long Freshmen ot p To Potenual ' 1.-f?s"5m The freshman track team did just as well as the reserve and varsity. They fin- ished the season with a gleaming 12-l record. Next year's reserve team will be just as good as this year's was. The reserve and varsity teams should be full of these outstanding runners, jumpers, and throw- ers. Right: Freshman track team unable to be identified. Above: William Golightly goes lightly over the bar. Oipp, Pageg Chuck Fairchild demonstrates his tech- mque. 108 , H F"'7L!lY'!L bk! 1 f 3 1 ' f ' 1 4 ,I :tiff f ff ' I Y N 4 V I l Z K ' 5 ' , J 4. ' N if , , , ,I ' ! lt. Q, a , I f f I I 'N . Af 1' ln' f ' l .1 rf M" Q .1 Q. I v A--I K X 'Q Q' ,Y .X J! . . . 1 1, . x . - ., .5 '-' rn!! ' In U1 2" 1 ,h 4 S - .bffwr ports Season Good To All ng: N V ' I t f 'X . . - I ' ' 2 ' 'M Q 'fx in Q' - x' K 1- Cz X -i ,Q .I M A 4 1. . , D at Q -Y, 4, ' "Ilia, 'V' A - . A - is 'wifi " 1- n M ' - - .fx X, ,A Q4 . - We ' 'fi v 1- ,wh .-Ja.. . Q lQ'A""f'ail5-"-- f ""7'v- -"V V' . "" -my 1 .,,,.k ,' , -was a'-"f a ,pi . :' 'V' W y ifgqikx 7 - A " V Vw . X31-A .Q 1117+ if 115 A . .V ' ,Q r , 'I " s W' if KK-h 4 . E ' , ,,.A Q, ' Q Q gm . , . 1, ii: I Q 's , ' '4,,eQ'm ' xeg 3. ..aM.f , fs. T . fig: , A71 R . K 4 ,v A . 1.11. Q.: 'Wal ' H. k +3 'vm K ua Q t 1. v 1? 4 is ,pi- 142 Q-no-5 Above Leftg Fred Carpenter awaits a shot. Above Rightg Martin Jones, after the serve. Up against a Manual opponent, Mike Spellman tries for the reserve. ' s 5 I Fi V' X, in- g I 'qs- f 7' . hi ll Q fl lunuaualu , 'akin ,s Athletics is one of the many bright spots at Tech. We pride ourselves on our outstanding programs. Girls' basketball make it to the "sweet sixteen" in the state. Our swim team finished lst in the city and wrestling won sectionals. This proves that Tech has one of the best programs in the state. Leftg Patterson looks up for the rebound. Below: Girls' volleyball tries for another winning season. T 1 lS 2 v 'x x 'Z all v-f n- IO ,r Boys Golf Has An Impressive Season- 1- 9 The 1979-1980 Golf team finished 8th in the city with a record of 21-9, one of the best in the past decades. According to coach Jay Klein, "the team had the ingre- dients of a seasoned group of athletes." The team consisted of Denis Menard, a 3 year letterman, two year letterman Tim Koger, Tony Shculer, also a two year let- terman, and Mike Shruba, a three year let- terman, was the number one man on the team, and also one of the best in the city. , 'rr' 't 1000 Top Rightg Mike Shruba in the rough. Above l-rg Coach J. Klein, Howard Hoover, Mike Shruba, Rich Mahem, Tim Koger, Dennis Menard, Tony Schular. Rightg Senior, Rick Mahem tees off hoping for a ho e in one. A . ,o" ,-F" 7 VT.: - :sri . xii., ft 9 t . h .- N V 'A v , .xanax 1 tix! ' Q rl, 4- v 'fi is . 5,- I 4 nf, fg . 'S -1 - M. 'V . r " HY Q xv! . R - ., Av -Q -ja' 4 'l A-" 'ruff ,f"f3,sx- rx 0, yn- - - .Q ' ., o M4-.' .. 2,7 ' "'1 X ,' N, 2583, Y A Avg 3 0 R-lx' , 9 , ,Q lg mfgcff' V. ,dh 'f 1 ' Q, xf,:, 'f'rf,.w--.f"' ,Al-51,2 ,kilt l t .- g 'CJ ,I ' ,Q-uf ? 'A y -i:,'1fg.'J.A,'4"' ptr.. " .'r4-0 1 Lyfksa. J M 4 'JOQQ " ' Y.: ' M, .1 -, -W. n'.. . W' Q f ,B - .Assn -ff. 'IKM 9- "' .ff , , I, 'fag , ,M Llsx'.-I. ..','.,T.s- f i. -1-1--"4 g "T 4, l' -. O ' " ' , if -3 - . -?., .' '4 gf. l ' J,V,,K,,a' JFK, -5 H 5 U . . "" V S" ., .0 - .9 ' . Ava. be . '- 3 Ot, ' '-it .2 ' 1 . 'VFP' ' "- 'F Z-in .'f.fKr- it Q 'Q 'A ' A ,thx N n ds' ,P ' . , .f " . '44, Q "1 7 Y 'A A uw" . .lg 'auf '- an 1 '. f 1 , 1 - v 1 I . U' . ' . ' . - KY ' ' ' ' 's."i ' Z5 " 4' . ' -' 54" 1'-' ' 'J ' ' - xx - ' ' ' fy an 1 , ,V aff, Q -'1' '. 4.5, dual: L H .'. . . u l-:wifi v 1 1 tis . ' x',":'f I .li . . l. "xi f ' X: , '-'sl . Y .I 5 1 l 'V g 'i"'Tt f - 3.l:fi V N -N , Q . ' l if J wily? Q ,N .KJ Varsity Baseball Has Tou I1 Season ! 1 -' A ' .ef 1. Q . . F., ""' ' Q e M ng is 4 g ' . -! ' . A' E x, 1 j Q- - ' ' ' ' 1 I 6 I V ' 'T . N.. ' H . l J Q V , ,v -.. Q, -Q 4. ar - V 6 "H - frwq ! V ' ' Last year Tech's enthusiastic baseballers 4 up A i, 7 1 f 514 . appeared about campus with ready ball mitts if n A ' . E? and anxious anticipation about the season ' 'Q . . X -'I' -J 1 i A r X ' ahead. 1980's varsity team consisted of rqiz' . , 'ww ,, " J ' ' , :Y " 1 returning players, plus a few picked up in 1, . A M , u 4 ' , . . . 3' ,,,..., , l 3 ,Q P L , try-Outs. Most were seniors leaving in 1980, ?' - alll, l ig Q9 Y, . A V' s. Fernandez, R. Wilson, J. Godsey, M. 'I' bln' ' ' 3 Q ' 4- -' Morris The team's theme son was "Rock " ' 2 1 '- . , -if ' g Y e A' ,l , tri" 3 gg .l " F ' the unbeatable. 0 t -U J A . . . . ,, 4-S he " The varsity team fmished with a 6 and 14 losing record. 'ru x ' 'C . , P g H' . Q l . ' r g il A 5 is . ' ' -a ' I . . fi C V . ' I Q.. Q-:id ,nth il! . ' ' 9. 'yi . I , 4 ' 4' ,? '--' ,Wg '1,1L"F"'1 - Ht, -ri A 1 - 4.-..'l?""O4'O1 T Q '.' 'D A , S , f If 'Q Q v I 15 . . . . ' ., ' l ,si v ,'f'g', ".' ag' 'f ' ' P' i 'Q A A., Vi f ' it f ter f.'.v.- '.4.'+3-it-.5 f ,Q , f - - -.ef-.Q.f"-N .- A-Ig, ,Q , - ' . - ij '.-'msgs 1 Q JL' ,"..'F,' L: x 'vsvfif 'Var j1 -g 3 V 4 I 0 Q 5 ,Q '.-H'.,C 3' "' ,il sf' fail A fe L 225.2 is - , 'S-T' " ' '- ,Q. 4 , ., . ,rl A v .ajbd ' I -,,,.q M, A w 4 . t!,!!'fw . . 'rg - 15,4 Q3-,gg 1' X' -v I, -. l Qqlrtlp ' W si -v bi, Q . v .vi Q 9 i. . "' s -,'f'Q- 1 QQJFQQ asf fi: I ' farm K' I - M Y ' ' ff ' . 4 A- f . 4 5 . ' 1 'Y A '32, a V , T I 'I 1' ' 'J h Y N .b '1197"rx '4-ns l 3 U F I . -4 arf.-fr - H h "FI, sfo,-, .. 4 2 , g -4 ai i it J ' ,Q , , ', . -y lf -'ff -ai. -,if .l' ll lr , I s 5 S,,., ""' 'Y ' . .f '-T, li' N' 573' Q u ' ' . Hi F' -3 1" '.:v '.' El'-1 .y , ,W P . Z a '17 e .- L First Rowg Darrel Woodruff, Rodney Jackson, Andre Hansboro, Craig Messenger, Bob Haney, Second rowg Gregg Coward, Steve Femandez, Roger Wilson, Jeffrey Thompson, Jim Godsey, Third rowg Coach Ivan Moreman, Steve Harris, Brian Morris, Mark Morris. Jim Godsey and Gregg Coward fight for the right to bat first. This ball is out of the park. 113 Reserve Baseball The reserve baseball team did well this year considering the fact that the reserves do not practice as a team. The reserves are made up of freshmen, who play both freshmen and reserve, sophomores, and juniors who switch off back and forth. As you can see, they don't get a chance to work much on team work and funda- mentals. f 3 Q ,. N . , id 5 ' , a 'P f ' si I ' .u - ' . ,i , I - x A ie . 'l"E'?i ' W 5 1 , ' +. 'J , 1 Q . 'f' "' ,S , e - - I r A ,ir 4 P I sf 5 , . ' i ' ' J , '.f . A Q ' ' z A , 'Q 'vw , -' I' fail '-f 9 5' V "lm sw, i ' , . rqnufffl' if mr .4 ,nsigggsiwg V, . ' 'I . -1' vi '. . C1 ,J . . , . f ,- - 2 Q f. I .gf ,, v ' 1 ' Pr , f 15' 17. fzgi. - .- . " q V 'i Q vs, , vu ' 1,5 21 ix' f'Z-7' C , 1' . '-Q4 as I I K . W: ,Q g . ii , :ii Ji- 33 tl"-3,.'.? Z : ,J ' Q , it f Tggggil. o 1-Lev? - ,O D I ,Q :tv L' 7 1 Qgpnvf' ' A , . .Z ' ' H'-'A 1 ' : - . ' ' .4 -A "- I e, .X " 4" . .9 - if V l . f K flfif . X '-' V ' , ff 2 t ""' ,, . 'R "' 1 1 A 2. N '- ' N ' ff.. . it 'ah 0' . it l .3 .lf - .z,.".affW ...t fr.. Above Right: Mark Hurt takes a few pitches. Above Left: lst Row l-rg Alan Nelson, Jeff Long, Robert Covert. Robert Hoke, 2nd row: Coach Dave George, Stanley Bellamy, Paul Clegg, Mark Hurt, Marty Corpuz. Below Right: Robert Hoke shows the agony of defeat. V 'E 'wiv-v 4'-Mb. ' ,Q if ,, 'iftrws ' figf'1,' , 'fn ,wks .E an-, . -1 Q . M 3 , I Lf ' flu is l , N3 , tJ93xamwgA:b3L 31.0 WI- .ee ka f":.,,a . ",.q,1ffW 4414, , ,Q 1. r Q N in if r fu- ARA .4 .dv n Al 3 'ai,lq?,,,g M 4 S Y ,, Q ' i f' 'I f. I ,gif L' e..,st .,,., at ,V V 5 V ',, ., VVV' ' f' 3' , y I ' 'A ' . 74 '."' '-f"E"'9' ' 'Y ' "W" f . 1 3 l . .Mew 4' H gr- U , I 'H Jikzf.. . g'M1ysg.i y Q , . . fl' Wi.. ,V ' ' . ,--. ua . ' - ' 5' 'T "tw 7 4 sv ff - + 3-fin + 1 t . 'fix --PM 'll . 'Wi .,,i 3 - -',' if ' ' 5- .fam .ali - exc el Q .r ' aff, "Lek: C - f " YN .arf Q-.1738 'L 0 gg., Q , . Q A, .. tl api. ,fl ei Y Wir as? ,ll-fx 5 s,,b.,, 4. , F reshm I1 Match Last Year's Record idx lil UU ,L This year's freshmen baseball team boosted their record over last year's. Several games needed extra innings to I ' decide, they won only one out of three. ' The freshmen Titans had determination, I' their bus broke down, but the Titans determined to play, found their own way, carpooling. The Titans' outstanding play- ers were Jeff Fayette and Alan Nelson. two prospective varsity players. Next year's team promises to do bigger and bet- ter things, and we of the Cannon staff ' wish them luck. l --Q .fi ' Q I 4 5- I t . 1 gf ,J us, y -X.. W gf.. Fir. i 1'ie:".A ' "Mr I '15 Vg in 0- X ,. 1, V 1. , J. .Lis . ' me ,Mau 'E' . i ' AT 4 'nu i . .1 W "Ig: up 't"g'f: ' if . fi 'r Top Leftg lst Row: Jerry Dobbs, Jeff Fayette, Tad Breheim, 2nd Rowg Coach Scahill, James Ewing, Asst. Coach Gregg, Ti Trackwell, Jerry Yates, Marty Clark, Alan Nelson, Richard Lay, David Hon, Not Picturedg George England. Aboveg Varsity Baseball practicing the double-play. Leftg The famous Joe Niekro of the Houston Astros is interviewed by Brian Hammonds of Channel 6. 5 Girls Tennis Finishes With 4- Season The Girls' Tennis Team, despite a record of 4 wins and 7 losses, had an inter- esting year. In the City, they were 7th out of 14 teams. In the Sectionals, they were 13th out of 18 teams. Under the direction of Beatrice Har- ding, the team players were-singles: Debra Hines, Monica Brooks, and Carol James. The doubles teams were Lyn Mor- ton with Dawn Armstrong and Anna Amato with Linda Amonette. Celeste Webster was manager and substitute. Individually, Debra was in the semi- finals in City's No. 1 tennis. Although the participants went from 10 to a season end- ing 8, the team had an enjoyable year. Q 2 ,f , 4' -Q' . '-r 7 Dun 1 PM Top Right: front row: Peggy Robinson, Anna Amato. Linda Amonette, Bee Harding fcoachj, Monica Brooks, Lisa McCall, Carol James, Debra Heinz. Above: This Titan stretches for a return against her opponent. Right: Lisa McCall concentrating on her forehand swing. it--X Boys Tenms Team Has A Res eetable Season The boys tennis team finished this year's season with a promising record of ll and 5. This year's lettermen were Martin Jones, Anthony Smith, Fred Carpenter, Mark Tolver, Eric James, Stanley Bellamy, Greg Coward, and Mike Warner. This season's most valuable player was Martin Jones. Jones played in the number l singles position. The player with the best record was Fred Carpenter. he finished with a season record of I2-4. he was the number 3 singles player. The top doubles team consisted of Mark Tol- ver and Eric James. Junior, Stanley Bel- lamy received the Mental Attitude award. The Titan tennis club is looking for- ward to another good season next year, as the only players leaving are Martin Jones and Eric James. onrvgwe 1 c 1 0 'O - s Q l A i o s I Upper Left: Senior letterman, Martin Jones concen- trates on his backhand. Upper Left: Stanley Bellamy gives a smashing serve. Leftg Mike Warner preparing to retum the ball. Above: lst Row l-r: Mike Ferguson, Anthony Smith, Fred Carpenter, Mike Warner. Eric James. Greg Coward, Martin Jones, Stanley Bellamy, Not Pic- turedg Coach Don Robinson. Ed Newell. Cross Countr Crosses Path f u A , , S. A - ' ' ' 'g " s .V ff, iii' 'Mp-A ., ,fi- .C ' 4 gil X Xi , X V A a R S I , .., M 1 fe is 'Fi The boys Cr0SS-Country team finished with an impressive 7-6 record, one of their best. Lettermen this year include T. Adams, T. Colman, J. Carruthers, L. Robey, B. Allen, and the most valuable player and Captain of the team, S. Cole- man. Mental attitude award went to T. Adams. Uther ppon nt ?"!i,.f'.f"YlC'..,LJitf:. ,' ' 'Wa E 2 pf. 1 V72 par , .. .J 1355- Q vu. ', .-35- Q, -1 i..-.2- With a most impressive record C6-35 the reserve cross-country team ran to one of their best seasons in recent years. Some reserve runners receiving a Tech Shield were D. Arberry, D. Brown, H. Bankhead. D. Gibson. Contratulations team. J s A 35 I .. 5 - - Kgnvv-IQ t if 'A' 1 H- T' 5 9 t,lt,4Y ., 'Q -- , La 'A L ,- 1-L 'AL LL. Y.. Row l: fl-rj Darrin Arberry, Daryl Gibson, Frank Twitty, Ron Stalnarer, Gregg Pease. Row 2: Coach Bruce McGeath, Mark Dartis, Hiram Bankhead. Scott Rush. Dan Brown, Todd Gadbury. Left: Scott Rush endures the mile and a quarter. Byran Allen, Tom Adams, Syraleigh Colman, Larry Robey. Greg Pease, Bruce McGath fcoachj, Terry Colman, Scottie Rush. Jesse Carruthers. Ron Davie. Freshmen Match ag!!-1' The 1980 freshman football team had an unproductive season of "fair" as far as a prospect for the future. This team showed an unimpressive record of l-7 but the team did the same last year and came up with a promising season the next year. . --v-r A A 45. H5 .4'5,P' fx wi J-3 - ".. 23" W , ly .g , It js,-, A gg ,ig 1 Wi. :if .5 I T L'-'gLi:'v,4:,,i 'K I l'I"'Q Exit, ge' V mil 9' -wh.. Top Right: Coach Harbison sends in the next defen- sive play. Middle left: Two freshmen horse men of the front line, have serious talk about the game. Klux ' V .,, .,- .-.W Middle Right: Freshman set for their next offensive play. Front Row: Cleft to rightj Annetta Gaines, Michael Spellman, Greg Kavanaugh, Allen Bolden, Michael Wilson. Billy Bane. Ken Walton, Andre Cunningham, James Roberts, Larry Sledge, Robert Clark, Bruce Dunstong Row 2: James Allen, Greg Bennett, LeRoy Hunter, Roger Bell, David Anderson. Archie Willis, Jock Harris, Darrell Tardy, Mike Patterson, John Minor, John Kelly: Row 3: Coach Frank Craig. Coach Jerry Marlin, Phillip Glover. Leonard Hiser, Albert Harris, Paul Miner, Coach Tim Harbison, Coach James Bell, Coach John Gore, Coach Michael Suggs, Coach Robert Woodard. Last Season ,fa fa? 1 1 1 I ..l' .Y ' - 1. r -1 .+'2'ht.'51,Il'r r" SCECINA Cl-IATARD t RONCALU 5,1 A Reserve Season Repeats Last Year's Record 3' 1 SCECINA CHATARD RONCALLI ,ca Q. J. 9 9' ft INT St. 'L ', -apt. .. 34:5 "K" . .-I . 'U - 1 ' J - ' i - 'l L , ', ' ' . ' ' li .Jr 1 v 1, I , ' 'L 4 ,fl 7 if! was f lilim 4 " 4 .I i v .9 I ' 5 I 5 r- - . . 4 - ' ' I E 5 "N P .J 'W I J ,Ar fl ' ' Q-..-J,-1-' ,fu-"""'TI"7' H ...Ma - , ,Wi ,'f"n2f'4.' 9. A . 7, A A. .' ,, 'ff' mfr' N 9 , -f' I 'if J' I ' v 1 i ' ' .nf ' -I-. nh g '. 'NV .- ' ' , 7' 4 fy-A ', , l' . . . tv I -I ml i, Q U I ti Ads! 'F ,ara --J ' 45 ' .' Q V I I, wax V-in-Mr. s 5 .1 , "t.g,1' .- , ffkem: --:-:- l ' 1 , -A I QM , Q . - +ff'7f'rt':faS:f'es-if-,,1'ws+1-1--:ff-s M:- 'f- "TEV "'i'Q-"""'fl5':?'-333-' Fw 'Q' Ji .f'Pf2'4!'55 '2i-53"-1'4V' ' i W LQ-L.x.'sig.'lil .LJIW-.W ra' 1 :VL W 1 L-V v-- wt vnhh , -, - I-' 'N-.' 1 A .. , -, 11 ' ,.,. 5 'L V. "J '4 hx'4"'ie,9'9 . Pius.. - -W-'.3' 4' - - .L . Reserve football this year was not up to its expectations, but gave it their all. This year's reserve team has mostly young sophomore students which will give their varsity team next year a strong backbone for the next two years. Hopefully the freshmen can do the same in their upcom- ing reserve and varsity years. ,f ffop Left: Wayne Booker brings his reserve team into a pre-game practice. Above Right: Another one bites the dust. Lower Left: Row l: Harry Nelson. Brian Morris. Alan Nelson, Dennis Potter, Ronald Jones, Jeff Long, Kenneth Rush, Rodney Mills, Robert Dotson, James Bell, Michael Pryor. Brian Gore, James Hopkins, Jerald Yates, Michael Brown, Wayne Bookerg Row 2: Troy Howard, Ronald Dulin, Michael Morgan, Charles Cissel, Jesse Dearman, Robert Hoke, Wilson Lorick, Keith Peacher, Kenneth Marr, David Graham, Roger Shaffer, Edward Sarver, Kevin Daniels, Edward Grady: Row 3: Coach Frank Craig, Coach Robert Woodard, Coach Jerry Marlin, John Morton, Bobby Dowlin. Jerry Paige, Johnny Woods, George England, Ricky Perkins, James Haley. Coach Michael Suggs. Coach John Gore, Coach Tim Harbison, Coach James Bell. Annetta Gaines fmanagerj. Below Left Bnan Morris receives heavy pressure as , l he drops back for the punt VHTSII Footballers Make It i-an qu... Upper Right Kenny Robinson loosening up before M , Below Right James Wright smiles, a beauty contest. The Varsity footballers make it the sec- ond year straight with a record of 4-6. As the caption reads 4-6, that doesn't tell the whole story. Our team was really only completely out of one game fChatardJ, but all the rest were close. At North West we led at half-time C9-73 but lost in the fourth quarter Q9-145. Against North Cen- tral we were down only one touchdown in the first half but went down to defeat in the fourth quarter. This season was a year of hard losses and close wins. Good luck next season. Two Years Strai ht 4-6 -7. 1, K A Wil iw W Q 'N va? "JE " 788, TAQV.. ,v R , ' A J 'I , -we iq,-H '.r5 -3 Q 'bf 2 it Q i ps' 'si 5? fy V' 'ls' , 'ei . . V A . 1 1 ' , o 'b J Bi- 3.41 -g'.fl,f'Lp fi- -df' V An! ,dl ,ji ' 'f-we-M4 --- ae. .-..-.,-- , . V' I - -5' 'n -In V I -n ' ' - - . we- - , f.-4 1- - J, W' '-.l. N3 . x, Ulf., - l - v, . ' -., . ', ' ' ua-e.'-fr-L+ -v-ui.:-4-f A ..- Top Left: Geoffrey Davis warming up his team in a pre-game practice. Top Center: Mark Glover runs up the middle. Bottom Left: Row l: Ward Beckhman ttrainerj, Ray Ingram, Jeff Long, Kenneth Rush. Michael Brown. Frankie Woods, Rodney Mills, Ronnie Robinson, James Bell, Dennis Potter, lsadore Cosby. James Hopkins, Desmond Hall, Robert Fox: Row 2: Annetta Gaines tmanagerl. Ronald Trusler. John Lawrence, Dean Griffin, Calvin Robinson, Ronald Jones, Robert Dotson, Michael Pryor, Lawrence Gains, Joseph Harding, James Wright, Brian Gore. Jerald Yates, Mark Glover: Row 3: Robert Woodard fcoachj, Jerry Marlin tcoachy Frank Craig fcoachj, Brian Morris, Ronald Golden. Landon Tumer, Wetsel Phelps, Jerry Paige, Wayne Booker. Alan Nelson, Geoffrey Davis. John Gore fcoachj. Tim Harbison fcoachj, Michael Suggs fcoachl, James Bell tcoachj. Freshman WrestI1n Wm Clty L-. The freshman wrestling team showed outstanding strength this year as the team took the city title with little or no trouble. Coach Elmore says that this is a team to look out for in the upcoming years. Coach Elmore also said that there was really no most valuable player, but he said it should be looked at it as the team being the most valuable together as a whole. Upper Middle: lst Row Billy Bayne Brian Jefferson, Lecester Whitlow Prrentrc Johnson Allen Westmoreland, Robert Walton 2nd Row Marvin Wilson, Jock Harris, Anthony Goins Mike Spellman, Tony Sanders Robert Clark COACH Samuel Elmore. Middle Rightg One of Tech s finest freshman wres tlers tries to score big to help his team and personal record. Lower Rightg Mike Spellman tnes for a big take down. Reserve Wrestlers, 2nd In City Reserve wrestlers were trying to gain a little self pride this year by finishing 2nd in the city meet. This is a very promising team for next year. When this team and the freshman team get together next year, other schools will have very good reasons to be afraid of the will be over powering Titan team. Individual results in the city were K. Jef- ferson fl in cityj B. Dowlen 12 in cityj J. Wilson C2 in cityj J. Yates Q2 in cityj B. Allen C3 in cityj R. Dotson C3 in cityj T. Anderson Q3 in cityj J. Hopkins 13 in cityj and D. Hon C4 in cityj with this kind of finish how could anyone go wrong. The team lost first by only two points. Good job reserve wrestlers. Upper Left, lst Row, K. Jefferson, B. Allen, T. Anderson, E. Burton, 2nd Rowg B. Dowlen, R. Dotson, J. Hopkins, F. Twitty, 3rd Rowg J. Wilson, J. Yates, D. Hon, J. Banks, 4th Row, W. Booker, F. Knue, K. Kaelin, R. Calhoon. Lower Leftg David Hon tries to take down his oppo- nent. Middle Rightg That's right, we Bad! We Bad! Varsit Wrestling Wins Sectionals This year's varsity wrestling team showed a great deal of talent, with a finish of second in the city at Howe high school. This team showed great strength in the state contest by winning the sectionals and sending seven people to the regionals. The Titans as a team never went to state, but they sent Junior David Stigger, who finished runner up in the state finals at Market Square Arena, at the 105 lb. class, losing only by the margin of 12 to 4. This is a team to be feared in the upcoming season. Go for it all in "82." Ulpper Left, lst Row: D. Quiett, W. Arberry, R. C ark, B. Allen, L. Walker, D. Arberry, S. Elmore, 2nd Rowg F. Knue, D. Barton, J. Williams, R. Fox, J. Paige, J. Lawrence, J. Frost, I. Cosby, J. Hurrle. Upper Right: Isadore Cosby gives up a tough and very tiring match. Lower Right, Robert Fox walks down the lane in search of his next opponent in the state regionals. -Z1 ff'- X Q ...Q ,L ' 4- .,x' X ' ' . - -vi - - ' 'V'-Y ,- -, D - L Ag Aboveg Derwin Shields on the defensive. Topg After the free throw. Top Leftg Before the game. Left: Lewis Bonds practices lay-ups before the game. Varsity Basketball . . . 127 " 7 80-81 Season Is Good For Varsrt The boys basketball team did better this year then they have done in previous years. With the help of Butch Patterson Csixth in the city for scoringl and the height of Martin Jones they compiled an average of over 50 points a game. At the time of this publication Tech boys had a record of 6-5. There are several lettermen on the team. Next year's team should be just as good as this year's. Aboveg lst Row: Leo Spearman, William Golightly, James Wright, Butch Patterson, Derwin Shields, Stanley Be lamy, Mike Brown, 2nd Rowg Coach Ernest Cline, Jesse Evans, Brian Morris, Lewis Bonds, Martin Jones, Vincent Day, Micheal Lewis, Keith Dullen, Ron Golden. Rightg Martin Jones carefuly takes a foul shot. Reserve Has Great Season l Q5 x.-f' 'Q it-:fb . VN '1 iw, Q if 4. 'If C A x . The reserve basketball team exploded with a 12-7 season. Vtfhen they won they won big, but when they lost they lost by minimal margins. Among their toughest opponents were Attucks, Scecina, and Shortridge. The game which stands out most in their minds is the heart-breaking loss to Howe. There were five seconds left in the game, the desperation shot was launched when it landed just short of the basket. The Titans lost by two points. The Titans defeated their next opponents by a wide margin. Aboveg lst Rowg Erwin Shields, Mackie Johnson, Darryl Hunter, Raymond Ingram, Johnny Robinson, Manager Walker, 2nd Row: Hiram Bankhead, Ron Jones, Terry Coleman, Lero' McCallister, Edward Peeler, Michael Stone, Coach Craig. Middle Left, Another one bites the dust. 2 Freshmen End With Good Season lst Rowg Lee Green, Jeff Jones, Dwayne Weddington, Ricky Daniel, Stephon Levell, Robert Warton, Fred Jackson, Tim Gowdy, Joseph Jennings, 2nd Rowg Avery Simms, Eddie Hopkin, Mike Stigger, Lary Sleoge, Phillip Glover, Archie Willis, John Miner, Rodney Robertson, Coach Dave George. In the beginning, the tip-off. The freshman basketball team rolled off a 10-7 record for the '80-81 season. Coach Dave George said that Cathe- dral was the most outstanding team they faced, he also said that Woodview, War- ren Central's freshman team was also out- standing. We congratulate Coach George and the freshman team for their winning season. 'J 'iii l M, l' 1171 l Girls Swimming Has Good Future 7 ,a nf y 5 . sl t Q li .gnu ""'l'5iQ1l amp ini,-jS.,s,,,, 9?- """'ll"'ll!"lll This is the first time the girls swim team has been alone in the five years that Tech has had a team. Many of the girls are new to the team, but they did their best in any event they were in. John Hall also coached them as well as the boys. Coach Hall has devoted most of his time to the well doing of both teams. The girls season wasn't one of the best years that could be expected, with a losing record of l-5 one could only expect a more promising year in 1981. Upper Leftg lst Rowg Lori Matlock, Crystal Keys, Terri Wildrick, Terry Young, Teresa Starks, Pamela Franklin, Linda Davis, 2nd Rowg Melanie Dillard, Susan Daven ort, Gundula Lawrence. Julie Justis, Rochelle Elliott, Debra Price, Chris Rumfelt, COACH John Hall. Lower Leftg Rochelle Elliott concentrates on what to do before executing her next dive. Middle Rightg Marty Coipuz gets finishing time of an unknown swimmer. ...ll "' 'noi' , D Q. . Tech Boys Swimmers Take 4,1 H2 AC. Q, .gb - ',g-,xnha '1- My A, "W- A '1 's N Wir ,.- QQ- ,,..R, e X ifi""'4'4va,-fs S1 v f - . , f -rv-V . f"'a9"'!"er-' it-A l lan-1 Jjti fl' Y Q was ' Q ww S W if V 5 . Top Lefty Robert Poteet in a period of exhaustion. Top Rightg Freshman swimmer Mike Haak gets a late start off the blocks. Aboveg Senior Letterman Charles Fairchild gets a quick breath as he leads the way in the hundred fly. Far Rightg Charles Fairchild, what a life saver. Wwww. . A rw .KVA Cit Title nee Again 1. ,,l ,---.-.- 'V 9 1,,.i,,:, - .+ -, it Q., W" , ' '-Q, 1" Q' rr' f f 34 1 if 79" I 1 'IN he . w fg v' . l -vw 'Cir 'K J ' ai A . t N, t. 3 4 O C' A 9 Y O This year's boys' swimming team has done a great job without the girls. The boys have won the city championship and trophy for the past three years in a row. All but one of the school records have been broken this year. Coach Hall has done a great job with this group of young men in the past three years as head coach of the swim team. Outstanding swimmers were Charles Fairchild II, Nolan Jen- kines, and Larry Robey. Also Billy Haak finished in the number 2 spot in the city diving contest. Congratulations team. CITY CHAMPS! il .gt ,f as ' -, l . ' 1 a , -Qu! 'Fl I4 1 N Q49 gi wig? lf? Above Left: Charles Fairchild, Nolan Jenkins, and Larry Robey in a few premeet laughs. Below Right: Billy Haak displaces his diving techni- que. Above Rightg l-r lst Rowg Mike Haak, Roy Weinger, John Sherwood, Larry Robey. Joe Coleman, Billy Haak, Spincer Kelly, Marty Corpuz, 2nd Row: Quincey DeBruler. Bobby Poteet. Greg Howard, Charles Fairchild, Nolan Jenkins, Bill Jimlliffe, Barry Young, Jimmy Maples. COACH John al. P- Varsity Girls Make Best Of Season The girl's basketball team had a reason- ably good season with a record of 8 and 4. Cannadra Goodall and Miranda Bryant were chosen as the top two most outstand- ing players. The coach, Susie Jahnke said that the toughest opponents that the team had to play against this year were Perry Meridian, Brebuef, Southport, and War- ren Central. With the team's capability, teamwork, and the determination to win, they ended up with a very successful year. Above, l-r lst Row Lannadra Goodall Tina Parrott, Neitra McCann Gracie Webb Debra Jones, 2nd Rowg Miranda Bryant Deborah Quarles Linda Amonett, Kim Golliday Jane Shotwell Coach Susie J ahnke. Upper Right, Deborah Quarles thinks of a good fake to mislead the other team Rightg Deborah Quarles blocks the shot of an oppo DCIII, eserve Gzrls Have L1ttIe Improvement -N l? The girls reserve basketball team did very well being in the shadows of our fine varsity team. The girls said that their - toughest opponents were Perry Meridian, 1.635 and Marshall, who also did an outstand- ing job on our varsity team They played with more sophomores than they did last year. Next year's team should be just as good. Xl aw snug io? ' ' 2 C ' "N, , I . I - L' ' lx -il-0 s X M -1 my E 21 try 4- f f as Top Leftg lst Row: Cheryl Ray, Terri Holloway, Tammy Wooten, Felecia Pettey, Linda Frye, Tracey Bellamy, Lisa Pierce, Donnetta Motley, 2nd Rowg Coach Susan Jahnke, Joyce Hyche, Barbara Day, Lamona Bagby, Glenna Masey, Francine Swanigan, Cecilia Perry, Lillie Gibson. Above Leftg Race for the ball. Above Rightg Lamona Bagby waits for the tip- off ball. Lefty Anxiously awaiting the rebound. Girls Volleyball- Varsity 85 Reserve NRT ell -ti When a girl talks about a spike, most people figure shels talking about her shoes. If a girl is on the Tech Varsity and Reserve Volleyball Team, she is referring to her game. The Tech girl's teams are sponsored by Mrs. Mary Lou Manka and Mr. Don Dai- ley. This year's team has had a great sea- son, advancing all the way to the city finals. The team has several outstanding play- ers. Among them, Miranda Bryant, a great spiker, was selected to the All City Volleyball Team. They are looking forward to another promising season. Who knows, this time they may even win the city. Above Leftg lst Rowg Tonya Claspell, Laressia Brinkley, Trina Avery, Deidre Batts, Loren Anderson, 2nd Rowg fCoachj Mary Manka, Selina Gilmory, Miranda Bryant, Deborah Quarles, CAsst. Coachj Donald Daily. Above Left: Linda Amonett returns a slam shot and scores. Below Right: lst Row: Debra Jones, Grace Stigger. Francine Swanigan, Jackie Scott, Neitra McCann, 2nd Row: Linda Amonett, Dawn Harris, Kimberly Price, tcoachl Donald Daily. Fir t Year For Freshman Volleyball, a highly regarded girls sports event. But only the varsity ever gets noticed. Wrong. ,A rw. V 4 great depth. several varsity games A -. . l , I l , l , . , . l ,.,.s.V ,a.:.:-,..- .. 3 Q!! is J s 1.- ,Digg- Xwxv' 2 VV' ui -we " V' QV' ' 1., 'Q -'. ' s -Q .s QM -. as 5-, wa- 4. -"-v. sa. -' "5 -Q - T X I Upper Left, Titans prepare to return a short shot over the net. Middle Left, Titans prove to be pretty mean up front. Middle Right: The official always plays a big part in the outcome of the game. Below Left, lst Rowg Lola Meadors, Glenna Massey, Joycelyn Hyche, Terri Moore, 2nd Row: Suzanne Robinson, Felicia Petty. Towandra Murphy, Coach Donald Daily. Here at Tech, the Girls Freshman Vol .la leyball team has enjoyed a good if not 'Q f 2 excellent, season. The team under coach Don Daily has faced foes from all over the county and has faced the challenge with a team of One player, Glenna Massey played in wk, 'Nw-. J xasmwhsi 9 We apologize to all coaches and players whose scores did not appear in this year- book. Due to circumstances beyond our con- trol we did not publish these scores. Certain minor mishaps caused this problem. Aboveg Ajump to a Marshall player. Above Rightg Tech Freshmen offensive line. Top Rightg Over the high-hurdles. Lower Rightg Wrestling match with Mr. Scahill referee- mg. idhi Y H ' Y . ' owe' g N. . . ,4 ome Scores From 80-81 Season Reserve Wrestling Boy's Golf Boy's Swimming Tech 54 Manual Tech 181, Marshall 203, Shortridge 205 Tech 95, Howe 73 Tech 64 Lawrence Central Ritter 210, Scecina 225, Tech 232 Tech I 15, Arlington 51 Tech 35 Davis Tech 229, Speedway 237, Park Tudor 238 Tech 123, Washington 25 Tech 59 Marshall Tech 214, Howe 230, Marshall 244 Tech 106, Marshall 57 Tech 36 Washington Manual 432, Tech 446 Beech Grove 99, Tech 73 Tech 72 Attucks Tech 347, Arlington 368, Kokomo 371 Tech 95, Sheridan 73 Cathedral 39 Tech Chatard 217, Tech 220, Broad Ripple-forfeit Westfield 87, Tech 82 Chatard 35 Tech Ben Davis 206, Tech 215 Lawrence Central 110, Tech 62 Roncalli 52 Tech Speedway 168, Tech 169, North West 172 Decatur Central 102, Tech 67 North Central 54 Tech Tech 213, Roncalli 232 Franklin Central 89, Tech 81 Perry Meridian 45 Tech Tech 172, Attucks 213 Plainfield 103, Tech 66 Warren Central 38 Tech Cathedral 153, Tech 173, Shortridge 193 Tech 95, Marshall 47 Tech 36 Arlington Perry Meridian 163, Tech 178 Tech 107, Center Grove 64 Season Record Win 6 Lost 6 Tie 1 Freshman Wrestling Tech 33, Manual 27 Tech 45, North West 21 Tech 45, Cathedral 19 Tech 45, Shelbyville 3 Pike 38, Tech 26 Win 4 Lost 1 New Palistine 181 Win 21 Lost 9 Tech 11, Washington 0 Cforfeitl Tech 90, Hamilton South Eastern 52 Win 9 Lost 6 Girl's Swimming Washington 68, Tech 60 Marshall 71, Tech 66 Marshall 79, Tech 76 Howe 117, Tech 52 Decatur Central 128, Tech 80, Marshall 67 Howe 113, Tech 53 Win 1 Lost 6 In Memor Of Uur Friend Chris Chris Davis was born October 7, 1963 to Harold and Carol Davis. He is survived by his parents, his sisters, Jenny, Gidget, and Sandy and his brothers, John and Mike. Chris spent his early years at school it 54 and when in fifth grade entered the gifted classes at school 3178 where he was an immediate friend and very special per- son to students, teachers, and administra- tors alike. He played guard on school if 78's district championship football team. Chris started Tech High School in 1978 and immediately became involved in many activities there. He joined the swim team and was hoping to play football next fall. Chris marched with the band, sang in Techoir. Boy's Octete, and Swing Choir. He was also a member of the Tech Orchestra and Concert Band. Active in publications he was both a reporter and photographer for the Cannon. Chris attended Christian Park Church where he was a choir member, active in youth fellowship and summer retreats. Chris had many talents but one of his greatest gifts was the gift of friendship. To meet Chris once was to count him as a friend. the twinkle in his eyes his big grin his optimism and joking around were irresistible. We all know how Chris could tease. ask the lifeguards at Brookside his newspaper customers his teachers the music family of Tech High School When Chris entered your day that day, had a smile and a light heart. In future days we will miss his goofing off in choir, lunching off campus, Top Rightg Chris Davis in the Boy's Octet perform- ing at Christmas in the Round 1980. Belowg The picture speaks for itself. ,. I 1 .14 lfl,' - aa- ? , kwa f-4' ,J I M V7 , hfffp, looking for lost items, his running through the woods during a snow-less ski trip, dragging suitcases up and down elevator-less hotels in Europe, his needing a ride here and there. Hearing of his passing was hard to believe -was it another joke? Our sadness today tells us that light heart has really stopped. We have many good memories to help us through this time of tears. As Mrs. Brown of the Tech Cannon says, "We are deeply saddened at his pas- ing, but we can count as one of the great privileges in our life that we can say, 'Chris Davis was My friendl' " l ,K 2: is EQ s-3 V r 1 .e, ily 4 I i 5. E i - at , .. V . . ,K WQI5 we K+ X .A . wr' A O Bottom Rightg One of Chris' most normal scenes, in the pool, ready for the dive. Middle Righty Chris and his swim teammates and friends. Bottom Middleg Chris Davis: Photo Editor on the yearbook staff. .Q -0 'Q AL 1,. vu.-.BAY 'SSW' ' i L It may seem most people complain about going to their classes. Tech students work together in getting to and from classes. Some students love classes and then there are the ones who go because they have to. Whether you know it or not. or whether you like it or not, Tech High School cannot function without YOU. Comejoin us and be a part of our family. LASSES Aerospace, U Up AndAway T if g, A l I . Upper Leftg Aerospace student learns how to taxi an airplane. Upper Rightg Ted Clark watches in dismay as the teacher shows how it is done in taking apart a plane. Lower Righty Everybody tries to get into the action. There are many different types of classes to take here at Tech. One such as aerospace. This is a very fun and interest- ing class to take. This class really tries hard in the things they do, they also go to the airport a couple of times a year, and learn how to fly on their own. This is a very good class to try your skills at. Try it and good luck. Computers, A Changin World i 1 Q f, gn' Q 1- 8 1'-of K 'W 'Q' Computers is one of the many career classes that we have at Tech for the stu- dents to choose from. Cobalt is one of the languages the computer understands. This class is three periods long every day. Stu- dents learn how to input programs into the computer. Here at Tech students are able to get a vocational certificate in computers and this gives them the experience to get a good-payingjob right after high school. Keypunch is another type of class offered in this field. A keypunch machine is a machine that punches information onto cards to make them readable by the computer. Many students are interested in this class because it could lead to a career. "intl Ou ginyuugguv ,-v"""' xl 3 Upper Leftg Students leam how to operate the key- punch machine. Middle Leftg Teresa Hapner keys in on keypunch machine. Middle Rightg Students in cobalt finish assignments for a last-minute grade. Performing Thea ter Arts 85 Humanities, Two Great English Classes Since the English Department insti- tuted the Phase-Elective program, stu- dents have been able to take a variety of interesting classes. The Performing Theater Arts class explores types of theater including mime and learns about blocking, and stage make-up, besides reading the literature of the stage. The Humanities class investigates the relationships between Literature, Art and History. This class takes field trips to his- torical places and re-enacts portions from historical novels such as The Magnzfcent Ambersons by Tarkington. hd Us V 3 Upper Middleg Dollie Holcomb shows the proper way to administer make up. Upper Right: During an old time humanities dance, Ron Ramey waits for his next dance with a lady of his choice. Middle Leftg lst Row l-rg Regina McNeal, Cherlyn Wheeler, Rhonda Valentine, Anna Amato, Judith McBride fteacherj, 2nd Row l-rg Kenny Edwards, ll?ollie Holcomb, Doug Bane, Leslie Frank, Danny erez. Lower Rightg Leah Wolcott dances with Mr. Con- way. What a happy pair. Photography Advance and Commercial This year's photography class was one of the biggest and finest classes ever. There was a photograph contest for com- mercial, advanced, and beginning photog- raphy students. Because of the large num- ber of students wishing to take this class, Mr. Slover has layed out a plan for a new dark room. This is to handle the new stu- dents and help prevent the conflict arising from both classes trying to use the same dark room. Advanced photography teacher Kerry Brown received an involuntary transfer to North West High School at mid-semester break. Good Luck Mr. Brown. K 4 nl 4 fn' 4, 7 I Upper Left: Two advanced photo students discuss the basic features of the 35mm. camera. Middle Left: Advanced Commercial photography student Curtis Jaskiewicz shows how a fine color printis done. Upper Right: Advanced Photo teacher Terry Brown loo s over a Photography magazine in search of new ideas and techniques. Lower Leftg First year photography student Russel Rebonack writes his assignment before trying to take his pictures. BQ ' Mg.. I Pubhea t1on I Newspaper Yearbook Top Rightg Mr. Tressler double checking his proofs before sending in for final printing. Below Left: Gloria Blythe adding the finishing touches to her story before printing. Center Right: Jay Hood and Billy Haak type final copy for their sports pages. Below Rightg Yearbook adviser Joan Brown opens a present during a Christmas gift exchange. j gf Have you ever wondered where your yearbook and the Arsenal Cannon news- paper come from? The answer is in room 638 in the music building. Inside you'll find a hustling bustling office full of hardworking people, who try to bring you the best book possible. The yearbook is sponsored by Mrs. Joan Brown, and the newspaper sponsor is Mr. C. T. Tresslar, who is also the head of the department. In publications you write stories, inter- view all kinds of people, lay out pages, take pictures, and learn how to run and operate a publication. Publications are a lot of work, but they are also a lot of fun. gy Y '!3"fg'7-wg-V - -..,, , . V 2' Jr. R.0.T.C. A 'se I Topg Inspection is an important part of ROTC class. Here a sophomore cadet inspects the frosh troops in her class. Top Rightg Senior Army Instructor ISG Neris Willis administers the ROTC program at Tech. Above: Marching and formation drill add pomp and circumstance to the ROTC program. beftg SFC Durr scores cadets on their perfomiances. Students are graded on cadence. precision. and mili- tary bearing. Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp is not a military prep course. Leadership is the goal of JROTC cadets, and the pro- gram develops this quality. The important abilities of bearing, confidence, and com- mand can be developed through the trial- and-error method the JROTC employs. Every cadet must teach a class on an assigned subject, and demonstrate profi- ciency in commanding large formations of troops. JROTC does give its students a big advantage in the armed services. Cadets who finish six semesters of ROTC training may enlist in the armed services at rank E- 3. In addition, the program teaches most of the techniques used by basic training camps. Combat and military discipline are the backbone of ROTC instruction. SENIOR SUBSCRIBERS Judith Allgood John Anderson Tracy Anderson Joyce Arms Denise Aron Terry Arrington Kevin Ballantine Doug Bane Donald Barton Belinda Baskin Rita Bell Wanda Belton Peggy Bennett Darla Biech Gloria Blythe Regina Bonds Barbara Bonwell Charlotte Bunting Winnie Burks Connie Calhoon Crystal Camey Anita Chambers Tonya Claspell Jerry Coleman v i .ef l.x, 7 i fx xiii: il if ii, 11" Wu ! A l iii fl i , V., Mary Combs Sherry Combs Norma Conouer lsadore Cosby Janis Crouch Valerie Danford Claudette Davis Gale Dean Dena Decker Donna Decker Cynthia Dickerson Pamela Dockins Allen Drake Deborah Drake Kenny Edwards Cynthia Evans Len Evans Christy Everts Edward Farrow Laureen Gayles Ronald Gilbert Vanessa Gill Stephanie Gilliam Janice Glover Andrea Godwin Ronald Golden Don Gowdy Frankie Gray Dean Griffin Neva Hagedorn 32 Kenny Hall Janet Hammer Valerie Hawkins Rhonda Herring Christine Hightower Deana Hinton Diana Hofer Carolyn Holder Virginia Holiday Mary Holmes Tracey Hooper Sherry Hunter Pam Ireland Rodney Jackson Stacy Jackson Kim Johnson Audrey Jones Martin Jones Melanie Keane Althea Kennedy Rita Kerr John Lawrence Angie Lewis Clyde Lewis Nancy Lynn Kelly McConn Rita McCullough Tim McDonald Belinda McFarland Kevin McFarland 5- i iv K.. , . J. fi" - 1 J-571' . 1 1, L1 I N' 'Y 'ill -'x H 115 W I it .. -7 ' We i 5 A I-K I I il ef' 1 ef' J X l , -'Jn w in , vJi,QfU3fZ?'l'5Iftf' Ti? .. r 'f 2 se , .gf pf -fr' l .ii ,QW S' if x Nl ' e.. ..... .A- 1 r 1 X -.t, 3 f e - , 4 f aff- 24' was X 're- 'Zi- ily, X 5.31 X li L L 'C' 'IA . 1: sv ilk ' 'va' 4 , 'fir ' 'lift sl l t, -:4 A ,Ia lt 5 J wh i ' li! 5' ,..f' i 71 1 X X.. 5 L We .1 e - .2 , A i , J 2 'A .N 2 pi cy - N. -. , ' -VI - ,SJN I qs l ' A l vu l I I IS Rachel Mahone Rick Mahurin Anita Martin Debbie Martin Roy Massey Kathy Mathews Donna Mathis Susan Maxwell Richard Messer Donna Miller Theresa Moore Anita Morrison Shelia Mullins Janet Mumaw Kenny Musgrove Valerie Myers Theresa New Tammy O'Neil Renee Parrish Micheal Payton Pat Payton Janice Phelps Jeff Pillow Richard Ping Tina Polston Paula Pope Susan Price Boyd Quack Kevin Qualls Jeff Rhoads Jerry Richey Terry Richey Becky Robbins Jacqueline Roberts Patricia Rush Kathy Russell Keith Russell Tim Russell Bonita Scott Constance Sims Dianne Sims Janet Sims Karla Sims Katrina Sims Rita Sims Brenda Smith Deborah Smith Kathi Smith Lori Smith Michelle Smith Lynn Stephenson Deborah Storms Elesha Storey Sherry Strough Michelle Summer Karen Surenkamp Sherry Tingle Phil Tomescu Tamara Travioli Ron Trusler George Tsakiridis Anita Tucker James Turner Angela Tyler Sherry VanLaningh Eduardo Vasquez Ben Vorhees Tracy Wages Juanita Walace Angela Walker Chris Webb Lyn Whitaker Deborah Whitlock Darrel Whitney Goldie Williams ,. D UNDERCLASSMEN SUBSCRIBERS 8: FACULTY Annabelle Adams Dawn Adams Elisa Aguilera Tammy Allen Linda Amonett Anna Amato Carolyn Baker Terri Baker Hiram Bankhead Donald Barton Lydia Bell Kim Bernard Anna Blagrave Brenda Bottoms Debra Bowman Michael Brooks Michelle Brooks Ronald Brown Brenda Burrell Tammy Capps Carolyn Cardis Ethel Carpenter Fred Carpenter Sherry Carpenter Nancy Carter Sarlene Carter Donna Chapman Desi Chastain Sherry Childress Robert Clark 'Sas ' ..- l X J sf A., 1. A it V1 1'-.2 A l ' ' 9 X f ,Y at KN? ll., , .s fllh 'f l:,.l ' l A 1 I , l XIV iapllll wall 'f lllllih A ', .T-3fl"ll ,N 1 - , M , Mill no X1 X 'fwx -JP XS? , 'A TID' qw? , 137 .- 'gi-J 1, 3' -J .Q 5 I If 441 ill 5,4 ,flgtigi l."'90O nl i X X , 94 Wynona Coggins Penny Cooksey Kathy Cooksey Paula Cooper Amanda Covert Robert Covert Tami Curren Thomas Curren Rita Curtis Nancy Deckard Barbara Evans Linda Ferguson Barbara Ferry William Folkening Michael F orsee Lori Gibson Debbie Girkey Tim Graves Jon Hall Mary Hammans Cyntathia Hatcher Martha Haynes Pam Henshaw Cathy Hess Diane Holman Sheila Holt Howard Hoover Sherry Hunter Virginia Jackson Patricia Johnson Connie Jones Scott Jones Julie Justus Gundula Lawrence Jane Lawrence Tammy Lucas Kristy Martin Glenna Massey Joyce Maxwell James McDonald Lisa McDonald Brenda McPherson Margaret McRoy Tina Mercer Francoise Miller Kim Mink Rosemary Moore Paula Morris Tina Mourning Jeff Mumaw Paul Murphy Tanya Northcross Tim Oakes Ruby Ottinger Gordon Owens Kathy Parks Donna Parris Terry Parris Andrea Piety Elizabeth Poindexter Kim Polston Lisa Polston Tina Poor Cathy Pranger Paul Prather Lindy Pruett Norman Randall Donna Roberts John Reed Sharon Sims Deanna Smith Michael Smith Janice Spears Debbie Spellman Mike Spellman Scott Stackhouse Teresa Starks Vicky Stokes Lori Strother Eleni Svolos Diane Taylor Dawn Tremain Denise Ulsh Tammy Vondersuar Gloria Wheeler Irene Wilson Debbie Wagner Leah Walcot Jeanna Walker E. Washington Cleovis West Denise White Regina Williams Alicia Wilson Terri Young Sue Bennett Adams, Annabelle, 156 Adams, Dawn, 76, 156 Adams, Penney, 22,, 23, 91 Adams, T., 118 Aguilera, Elisa, 68, 156 Alcorn, Kevin, 68 Allen, Bryan, 107, 118, 121 Allen, Bryan, 58 Allen, Deester, 23 Allen, Tammy, 50, 51, 63, 73, 156 Allgood, Judy, 23, 150 Amato, Anna, 50, 63, 116, 156 Amonette, Linda, 116, 134, 156 Anderson, Cindi, 49 Anderson, David, 51 Anderson, John, 23, 150 Anderson, Shelane, 76, 91 Anderson, Tracy, 23, 150 Arberry, Darrin, 119 Arberry, William, 107, 119 Armour, Lori, 63, 88 Arms, Joyce, 23, 150 Armstrong, Dawn, 116 Arwine, Becky, 91 Arwine, Nannette, 49 Aron, Denise, 23, 150 Aron, Denise, 150 Arrington, Terri, 23 Aubrey, Lisa, 51 Bacon, Rhonda, 23 Baines, Billy, 90, 122, 124 Baker, Carolyn, 156 Baker, Joe, 68 Baker, Terri, 63, 156 Ballentine, Kevin, 23, 30, 150 Bane, Doug, 14, 23, 30, 50, 51, 83, 146, 150 Bankhead, Hiram, 119, 129, 156 Barker, Renee, 91 Barnes, Ransome, 118 ek Index Bartlett, Twyla, 63 Basham, Douglas, 23, 30 Banks, Kirk, 30 Barton, Donald, 23, 30, 150, 156 Baskins, Belinda, 23, 30, 180 Bates, Raymond, 88 Beard, Fredrick, 30 Beckwith, Donnie, 23, 30 Beasley, Carl, 23, 30 Beavo, Tim, 89 Beckwith, Kenneth, 30 Beckham, Ward, 123 Blewilt, Belinda, 76 Bell, Anthony, 30 Bell, Henry, 30 Bell, James, 121, 123 Bell, Lydia, 156 Bell, Rita, 24, 30, 150 Bell, Scott, 24' Bellamy, Stanley, 114, 117, 128 B9lla'my, Della, 24 Belton, Wanda, 24, 50 Benberry, Jeff, 24 Bennett, Gary, 63 Bennett, Peggy, 24, 150 Bennett, Sue, 63, 90 Bernard, Kim, 156 Biech, Darla, 24, 150 Black, Ladonna, 24 Blagrave, Anna, 156 Blythe, Gloria, 24, 91, 148, 150 Bolden, Allen, 122 Bonds, Lewis, 107, 121, 127, 128 Bonds, Regina, 24, 58, 150 Bonwell, Barbara, 24, 150 Bonner, Joe, 24 Booker, Wayne, 121, 123 Bordon, Edward, 88 Bostic, Bruce, 24 Bottoms, Brenda, 49, 52, 156 Bowman, Debra, 156 Brade, Deborah, 14 Bradley, Margaret, 24 Brantley, Rhonda, 24 Breheim, Thad Brinkley, Kelly, 63 Brooks, Michael, 156 Caldwell, Barbara, 25 Calhoun, Connie, 25, 150 Capps, Tammy, 156 Cardis, Carolyn, 156 Carpenter, Ethel, 156 Carpenter, Fred, 110, 117, 156 Carr, Johnny, 84, 88 Carrathers, J., 118 Carter, Darlene, 63 Carter, David, 58 Chambers, Anita, 22, 25, 150 Chaney, Chris, 58 Chastain, Denise, 68 Cissel, Charlie, 121 Clark, Marty, 115 Clark, Roberty, 122, 124 Clark, Ted, 90, 144 Classpell, Tonya, 150 Clayton, Donald, 84 Cless, Paul, 114 Cline, Ernest, 128 Coffey, Paul, 73 Coffey, Randy, 26 Coggins, Wynona, 56, 91, 157 Coleman, Candy, 26 Coleman, Jerri, 26, 150 Coleman, Jody, 26 Coleman, Syraleigh, 107, 118 Coleman, Terry, 118, 129 Combs, Mary, 26, 151 Combs, Sherri, 26, 151 RICHARD BENNETT 1 vi 5 1 0 X . 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LHS TIIIV1 0 OT Sf1"I NOd1lOD SIHIL Covert, Amanda, 157 Covert, Robert, 114, 157 Coward, Greg, 113, 117 Cowherd, Alice, 26 Crouch, Janis, 26, 151 Crawford, Debra, 26 Crenshaw, Richard, 68, 69 Cunningham, Andre, 122 Cunningham, Terri, 63 Cupp, Charlene, 26 Curren, Tami, 68, 50, 91, 157 cl S 0 Curry, Lynn, 58, 68 Curtis, Rita, 157 Carney, Crystal, 22, 25, 150 Daily, Donald, 137 Dalton, Cynthia, 26 -L Danford, Valerie, 26, 58. 68, 151 Daniel, Ricky, 130 Daniels, Kevin, 121 Daniels, Sarah, 26, 58 .. Y V r 1' ,E , LJ I K. 7' craig, Frank, 9, 121, 123, 129 f . 1 1 - lo . ' Cosbey, Isadore, 14, 26, 123, 151 Curren, Thomas, 13, 50, 68, 157 161 LARGEST SELECTION OF BRAND NAMES IN SPORTING GOODS. . . ANYWHERE! 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Y CORP New Palestlne 14 East WGS1'1IF1Q1Ol'l QW xx f-xl 356 6371 637 5303 . J . I 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 -- 7 7 7 7 . 7 7 7 7 1 ' 1 ' A - 7 7 ' ' 9 s A 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 l 7 7 1 7 ' 7 7 7 7 . , 7 7 , , Davie, Ron, 107, 121 . l 7 7 I 7 7 7 ' 7 7 7 ' 7 , , 7 7 7 7 . . Q, - - I , P. , A7351: PM Open 8 A. M. to 10:00 P.M. Green Carpet Campaign Commmee Arsenal Techmcal Hugh School Tee Keg FIower 81 Novdtg Shop f 350 B 638 264 Xu O E ITIIIIN CONGRATULATIONS' You the class of 1981 have reached an lmportant goal rn your IIVCS the completlon of hrgh school Whatever your plans for the future we at RCA know your many hours of consc1ent1ous studylng Wlll serve you wel11n the years to come Our warmest congratulatlons and wlshes to each of you JACKSON TExACo T5 C Prescrlpfuon Speclcllsfs COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR 3105 Englnsh Avenue RX Department SUN DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT 5460 East 21st Street Zlst and Rrtter 637 2421 353 2593 wen Ann . FUNERALS - HOSPITALS - wsoowss ' ' .r' XIX. -? 21 x- 1 nooxsuoe Pxwv So Dr: ' XX 4 ....,.., I" .5 1 3 INDIAN S. INDIANA 46201 , i 3 ' - E NIA KING DA ,' I 7 9 ' 9 An EQUAF ODDOFIUG-ly gmptgygv Y fx DELBO DRUGS 5 CONGRATULATICNS CLASS 0F 1981 From I the w Senior Members of the r JROTC J W RECORD SHOP 36l8 E 25th Street Phone 542-9695 Lps 45 s 8: tapes Jewelry lst SGT Willis Owner Graduate wishes all the seniors of this year the very best of luck in the future Compliments of Gary Clark Your Herff Jones Representative GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC 1640 Eost Washington Street 636-1566 M 8: M CUSTOM PAINTED T-SHIRTS For information call 356-3888 or 787-1565 JOHN E CAMPBELL Class of 57 4 DICK SOMMERS PLUMBING CO NEW INSTALLATION 81 REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES 81 MODELS vPLllBIIIG 0 WATER IEITERS 0-GARBAGE DISPOSALS 0 DISHWISIIRS o WATER SOFTEIERS 356-3833 NIX DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER 3906 East 10th St Class of 78 CHRISTOPHER B LAUGLE Scecina Senior Class of "81" : GLEN R. LAMB "RAM LAMB" : Drake, Allen, 151 Drake, Deborah, 151 Drew, Dale, 39 Drinnon, Dane, 39 Dudley, George, 68 Dudley, Tonya, 39 Dukate, Donald, 82 Dulen, Greg, 10 Dulin, Ronald, 121 Dullen, Keith, 128 Duncan, Joan, 39 Duncan, Pat, 84 Duncan, Aaron, 39 Dunlay, Cynthia, 39 Durhan, Joan, 39 Gaines, Lawrance, 28, 123 Gallen, Diane, 28 Garvey, Kenneth, 72 Gary, Harry, 49 Gayles, Lawreen, 28, 151 George, Dave, 114, 130 Gibson Charles, 88 Gibson Daryl, 119 Gibson Linda, 28 Gibson Lori, 157 Gilbert, Charles, 28 Gilbert Ronald 28 151 Gill, cfaig, 90 i i Gill, Vanessa, 28, 151 Gilliam, Stephanie, 22, 29, 49, 58, 151 Durick, Todd, 39 Durr, SFC, 51 Edwards, Kenny, 50, 68, 151 Edwards, Kenneth, 39 Elliot, Regina, 39 Elliote, Rochelle, 131 Elmore, Samuel, 124 England, George, 49, 91, 115, 121 Esset, Ronnie, 28, 39 Esteb, Kenny, 84, 89 Evans, Barbara, 157 Evans, Cynthia, 28, 151 Evans, Jesse, 107, 121, 128 Evans, Keely, 68 Evans, Len, 9, 91, 151 Everts, Christy, 28, 151 Ewing, James, 115 Farrow, Edward, 28, 151 Fayotte, Jeff, 115 Ferguson, Linda, 72, 157 Ferguson, Mike, 117 Ferry, Barbara, 157 Fisk, Gene, 89 Ford, Farestine, 28 Ford, Phyllis, 28 Folkening, Joey fWalterj, 68, 157 Forsee, Michael, 157 Fox, Robert, 107, 121, 123 Frank, Lesley, 50, 146 Franklin, Pangela, 131 Freemon, Sharon, 28 Fuller, Joe, 98 Gadbury, Todd, 107, 119, 121 Gaines, Annetta, 121, 122, 123 Girkey, Debbie, 157 Gladney, Constance, 29 Glenn, Mary, 29 Goins, Anthony, 124 Going, Tom, 87 Godsey, Lori, 76 Godsey, Tim, 113 Glover, Phillip, 130 Glover, Mark, 123 Glover, Janice, 29 Glover, Bruce, 66 Goldan, Ronald D. 29, 123, 128 Golightly, William, 107, 108, 121, 128 Golliday, Kim, 29, 134, 151 Goodall, Camradra, 134 Gordan, Ed, 84, 89 Gordan, Riley, 84, 87, 89 Gore, Brian, 121, 123 Gore, John, 121 Gowdy, Don, 29 Gowdy, Tim, 130 Grady, Edward, 107, 121 Graham, David, 121 Graves, Timothy L., 53, 84, 87 Gray, Cynthia, 29 Gray, Franbie, 29 Greene, Sam, 49, 52, 53, 55, 73 Greene, Tiersa, 63, 68, 87 Grimsley, April, 68 Greer, Michelle, 29 Grey, Demetria, 27, 29 Griffen, Dean, 29, 123 Gudwin, Andrea, 58 Guynn, Mary, 30 7 91,157 Guynn, Stephanie, 76 Guynn, Tammy, 76 Haak, Billy, 5, 91, 148 Haak, Mike, 90 Hagedorn, Neva, 30 Halcomb, Dollie, 146 Haley, James, 121 Hall, Desmand, 123 Hall, Jon, 131, 157 Hall, Kenny, 152 Hamans, Mary, 157 Hamilton, Tonita, 63, 84, 87, 88 Hammer, Janet, 30, 152 Hammons, Brian, Channel 6, 115 Haney, Bobby, 30, 113 Hansboro, Andre, 113 Hapner, Chuck, 68 Hapner, Theresa, 30, 58, 68 Harbison, Tim, 121, 123 Harding, Beatrice, 116 Harding, Joseph, 123 Harding, Wilson, 30 Harlan, Julie, 50, 68 Harris, Denise, 30 Harris, Diana, 30 Harris H arris Harris Janet, 30 Jock, 124 Lawrence, 30 Hatcher, Cyntathia, 50, 68, 157, 191 Hawkins, Valerie, 30, 152 Haynes, Martha 49, 88, 157 Heard, Auzzie, 84, 89 Heard, Ozzie, 88 Heas, Jeff, 87, 89 Henshaw, Pam, 50, 58, 64, 65 Herring, Rhonda, 152 Hess, Cathy, 50, 68 Hewlett, Vicki, 68 Hightower, Christine, 152 Hines, Debra, 116 Hinton, Deanea, 22 Hinton, Deana, 152 Hiser, Lashelle, 22, 58 Hofer, Toney, 118 Hoke, Robert, 114, 121 Holder, Carolyn, 152 Holiday, Virginia, 152 Holman, Diane, 68 Holmes, Mary, 152 Hon, David, 115 Hood, Jay, 58, 68, 69, 78, 91, 148 Hooper, Tracey, 152 Hoover, Howard, 112, 158 Hopkins, Eddie, 130 Hopkins, James, 121, 123 Hornaday, Jim, 68 Howard, Troy, 121 Hunter, Darryl, 129 Hunter, Sherry, 152, 158 Hurt, Mark, 114 Hutton, Maretta, 84, 88, 89 Hyche, Joycelyn, 63, 137 Ingram, Raymond, 123, 129 Ingram, Rick, 123 Ireland. Pam, 152 Jackson, Elaine, 68 Jackson, Fred, 130 Jackson, Jackson, Stacy, 14, 76, 152 Jackson, Virginia, 158 Jackson, William, 63, 84, 89 Jahnke, Susie, 134 Jajuga, Stan, 68 James, Carol, 116 James, Eric, 117 Jaskiewicz, Curtis, 147 Jefferson, Brian, 124 Jefferson, Rhonda, 76 Jennings, Joseph, 130 Jones Johnfauno, Jeff, 82 Johnson, Donald, 63, 90 Johnson, Glenn, 63 Johnson, Kim, 152 Johnson, Mackie, 129 Johnson, Pat, 90, 158 Johnson, Prientic, 124 Jolliffe, Bonnie, 98 Jones, Audrey, 152 Jones, Connie, 158 Jones Debra, 134 Jones Jeff, 130 Jones Martin, 110, 117, 127, Jones Ronald, 121, 123, 129 Jones Sandra,58 Scott, 158 Jordem, Kathy, 68 Journey, Blondina, 63 Justus, Julie, 90, 131, 158 Kavanaugh, Greg, 122 Keane, Melanie, 152 Keithley, Rita, 68 Keller, Mike, 51, 107 Kemp, Edna, 49 Kerr, Rita, 152 Keys, Crystal, 131 Kidd, Melissa, 68 Kidd, Johnny, 68 Kilgore, Keith, 84, 88, 89 King, Aaron, 107, 121 King, Lewis, 68, 90 King, Malcomb, 68 Kleine, Jay, 112, 118 Koger, Tina, 112 Laughlin, Eric, 68 Rodney, 14, 22, 113, 152, 173 128, 152 Lawrence, Gundula, 57, 131, 158 Lawrence, James, 56 Lawrence, Jane, 56, 158 Lawrence, John, 123, 152 Lay, Richard, 58, 115 Lefevers, Robert, 68, 90 Levell, Stephen, 130 Lewis, Angie, 14, 68, 152 Lewis, Michael, 128 Long, Jeff, 114, 121, 123 Lorick, Wilson, 121 Lowe, David, 82 Lucas, Tammy, 158 Mahone, Rachael, 90, 153 Mahurin, Rick, 35, 112, 153 Malone, Stormy, 68 Manis, Vickie, 63 Marlin, Jerry, 123 Marr, Kenneth, 121 Marsh, Kevin, 87 Martin, Anita Martin, Debbie, 35, 58, 63, 90, 91, 122 Martin, Kristy, 158 Martin, Lawrence, 58 Marsee, Mike, 90 Massey, Glenna, 137, 158 Massey, Roy, 35, 153 Mathews, Kathy, 35, 58, 153 Mathis, Donna, 35, 58, 153 Matlock, Lori, 131 Maxwell, Joyce, 158 Maxwell, Susan, 35, 49, 50, 51, 153 McBride, Judith, 50 McCal1ister, Leroy, 129 McCann, Neitra, 134 McConn, Kelly, 35 McCullough, April, 35 McDa1e, Lisa, 35 McDade, Reggie, 35, 84 McDonald, Lisa, 51, 68, 158 McDonald, Jim, 35, 68, 158 McFarland, Barbara, 35 McFarland, Belinda, 35 McFarland, Kevin, 22 McGeath, Bruce, 107, 119, 121 McKinney, Jeff, 58 McManama, Debbie, 50, 76 McPherson, Brenda, 158 McRoy, Margaret, 58, 158 Meaders, Lola, 137 Menard, Dennis, 112 Mercer, Tina, 158 Messenger, Craig, 113 Messer, Richard, 14, 22, 153 Miller, Charles, 98 Miller, Donna, 153 Miller, Francois, 158 Mills, Rodney, 107, 121, 123 Miner, John, 130 Mink, Kim, 158 Minks, Stan, 50 Moore, Rosemary, 158 Moore, Terri, 137, 153 Moreman, Ivan, 113 Morgan, Eric, 68 Morgan, Michael, 121 Morton, John, 121 Morris, Brian, 113, 121, 122, 123, 128 Morris, Mark, 113 Morris, Paula, 68, 69, 158 Morrison, Anita, 153 Mostley, Donnetta, 88 Mourning, Tina, 158 Mullins, Sheila, 153 Mumaw, Janet, 50, 51, 58, 91, 153 Mumaw, Jeff, 158 Murphy, Paul, 58, 158 Murphy, Towandra, 137 Murphy, Wesley, 72, 83 Musgrove, Kenneth, 37, 153 Myers, Valerie, 37, 58, 153 Nelson, Alan, 114, 115, 121, 123 Nelson, Harry, 37, 49, 50, 52, 55, 90, 121 New, Theresa, 37, 153 Newell, Ed, 117 Niekro, Joe, 115 Nolan, Jeff, 37 Osbourne, Vernon, 107, 121 O'Neil1, Tommy, 37, 68, 153 O'Connell, Chris, 56, 83 Paige, Jerry, 121, 123 Palmer, Kenneth, 37 Parris, Donna, 90, 159 Parris, Terry, 159 Parrish, Jacquelynn, 37, 58 Parrish, Renee, 153 Parrott, Tina, 134 Patrick, Connie, 37 Patterson, Lamont, 37, 128 Payton, Lisa, 68 Payton, Mike, 38, 68, 153 Payton, Patrick, 38, 153 Peacher, Keith, 121 Pease, Gregg, 107, 119, 121 Peeler, Edward, 129 Perdue, Anthony, 38 Perkins, Rick, 121 Perez, Danny, 146 Peters, Pauline, 38 Petty, Felicia, 137 Pfile, Angela, 50, 51, 58, 83 Phelps, Janice, 38, 84, 88, 153 Phelps, Sheila, 80, 84, 87 Phelps, Westel, 123 Piety, Andrea, 50, 76, 159 Pillow, Jeff, 38 Ping, Richard, 37 Pitton, Hilton, 38 Poindexter, Liz, 38, 159 Polston, Kim, 90, 159 Polston, Lisa, 159 Polston, Tina, 38, 90, 154 Poor, Tina, 159 Pope, Paula, 38, 154 Pope, Julie, 38 Potter, Dennis, 121, 123 Powell, Terri, 39 Pranger, Cathy, 159 Prather, Paul, 159 Price, David, 91 Price, Debra, 131 58, 68 Price, Susan, 22, 39, 49. 51, 52, 53, 54, 58 93, 154 164 Twitty, Price. Tina, 48, 49, 54, 55, 64, 76 Pruett, C., 159 Pryor, Michael, 121, 123 Purvis, Tina, 39 Quack, Boyd, 39, 154 Qualls, Kevin, 39, 154 Quack, Todd, 56 Quarles, Deborah, 134 Quash, Shannon, 39 Quintana, Marcie, 58 Rainey, James, 84 Rainey, Tracilyn, 39 Ramey, Gary, 90 Ramey, Ron, 49, 84, 89 Randall, Norman, 159 Reaves, Felecia, 39 Rebonack, Russel, 147 Reed, John, 58, 159 Richey, Jerry, 40, 154 Rippey, Marilyn, 78 Rhoads, Jeff, 7, 10, 40, 49, 50, 54, 58, 154, Roach, Fred, 40 Robbins, Becky, 10, 14, 22, 48, 68, 140, 154 Roberson, Gizelle, 40, 58 Roberson, Tom, 58 Roberts, Anita, 40, 49, 88 Roberts, Donna, 159 Roberts, Jacqueline, 40, 154 Roberts, James, 122 Robertson, Rodney, 130 Robey, Larry, 14, 40, 118 Robinson, Calvin, 123 Robinson, Don, 117 Robinson, Johnny, 129 Robinson, Jennice, 63 Robinson, Marcelene, 40 Robinson, Peggy, 40 Robinson, Ronny, 122, 123 Robinson, Suzanne, 137 Rogers, Rene, 40 Role, Linda, 40 Decorating, Art, Business Rumfelt, Chris, 131 Rush, Ken, 121, 123 Rush, Patricia, 40, 154 Rush, Scott, 119 Russel, Kathy, 40 Russell, Kathy, 154 Russell, Keith, 40, 154 Russell, Tim, 40, 154 Sadler, Betty, 41 Salles, Tina, 87 Sampson, Katuna, 41 Sanders, Tony, 124 Sarver, Ed, 121 Sarver, Jerry, 41 Scahill, Jim, 115 Schular, Tony, 112 Scott, Bonita, 41, 154 Shaffer, Roger, 121 Sheldon, Brian, 68 Sherred, Jeneen, 41 Sherrod, Cynthia, 58 Shields, Derwin, 127, 128, 129 Shipman, Bobby, 3 Shotwell, Jane, 134 Shotwell, Jennifer, 41 Shruba, Mike, 112 Simmons, Grie, 107, 121 Simmons, Sharon, 42 Simmons, Valencia, 51 Simms, Avery, 130 Simms, Connie, 84, 154 Sims, Constance, 22, 41, 89, 154 Sims, Diane, 154 Sims, Janet, 41, 154 Sims, Karla, 154 Sims, Katrina, 41, 154 Sims, Rita, 41 Sims, Sharon, 159 Sisk, Timothy, 42 Sledge, Larry, 122, 130 Smith, Anthony, 115 Smith, Brenda, 42, 58, 154 Smith, Cessalyn, 76 Business, Math Minors: Math, Social Studies, Health 8a Minors: Social Studies, Hea1th8L P.E. P.E. HISER, LaShalle Majors: Home Ec., Eng- lish, Business Minors: Social Studies, Health 8c P.E. Activities: Techoir, Volleyball, Jr. Council Cheer Block, Girls' Concert Club HOFER, Diana Majors: Social Studies English, Home Ec. Minors: Business, Health 8L P.E. HOLDER, Carolyn Majors: English Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Business, Math Activities: Girls' Concert Club HOLIDAY, Virginia Majors: Social Stud- ies, English, Business Minors: Math Activities: Junior Council, OEA HOLLOWAY, Terita Majors: English Math, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Business HOLMES, Karen Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Health 8: P.E. HOLMES, Mary Majors: English, Spanish, 9 9 Activities: Girls' Track, Tech Mate, Span- ish Club, Football Manager, Wrestling Manager HOOPER, Tracey Majors: English, Com- mercial Art Minors: Social Studies, Health 8a P.E. HOWARD, Lolita Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Health 8c P.E. HOWARD, Temi-ko Majors: Business, English Minors: Science, Spanish Activities: Orchestra, String Ensemble, D.E.C.A., Spanish Club HUDDLESTON, JoAnn Majors: Social Studies, English Minors: Business, Home Ec. Activities: D.E.C.A. HUDDLESTON, Ronald Majors: English, Social Studies, Masonry Minors: Business HUNT, Aaron Majors: English, Business, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. Smith, Deanna, 50, 90, 159 Smith, Deborah, 42, 154 Smith, Jeff, 68 Smith, Joyce, 92 Smith, Karen, 42, 58 Smith, Kathi, 42 Smith, Lori, 42 Smith, Michelle, 42 Smith, Michael, 159 Smith, Oscar, 42 Smith, Pamela, 42 Smith, Shelby, 42 Snider, Gena, 88 Sommer, Steve, 42 Tsakiri dis, George, 44, 155 Tucker, Anita 44, 155 Tucker , Greg, 82 Turner, Bob, 89 Turner, James, 44, 155 Turner, Landon, 123 Turner, Lawson, 44 Frank, 119 Tyler, Angela, 44, 155 Ulsh, Denise, 49, 50, 51, 52, 63, 68, 73, 91 Vance, Emerson, 44 VanLandingham, Sherri, 22, 44, 58, 155 Vasquez, Eduardo, 14, 44, 155 Vaughn, Lynda, 68 Vibbert, Norma, 68, 87, 89 Vibbert, Vicki, 87, 89 Vondersaar, Victor, 68 Vorhees, Ben, 44, 58, 65, 107, 121, 155 Waders, Joe, 89 Wages, Juanita, 155 Walker, Tina, 44 Wages, Tracy, 44, 155 Wagner, Debbie, 160 Walker, Angela, 44, 155 Wallace, Juanita, 44 Walker, Ken, 122 Walker, Jeanne, 68 Warton, Robert, 130 HUNT, Michelle Majors: Commercial Foods, English Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. Activities: Speech Team, Spanish Club, Junior Council HUNTER, Sherry Majors: English, Home Ec., Business Minors: Social Studies HUTTON, Loretta Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Business, Social Studies HUTTON, Loretta Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Business, Social Studies HUTTON, Maretta Majors: Business, English Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. Activities: Cannon Agent, Girls' Drill Team IRELAND, Pam Majors: Math, Social Studies, English, Business Minors: Health 8: P.E. JACKSON, Elaine Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Business Activities: Cheerleader ffreshman yearj, Majorette JACKSON, George Majors: English, House Construction Minors: Science, Social Studies JACKSON, Kelly Majors: English, Social Studies, Business, Shop Minors: Health, Math JACKSON, Ophelia Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Science JACKSON, Rodney Majors: English, Shop, Art Minors: Business, Social Studies, Math Activities: Baseball, Junior Council, Can- non Agent, Senior Class King Nominee 17215 JACKSON, Stacy Majors: Business, Math, English, Social Studies Activities: Cheerleader, Volleyball, COE, Junior Council, Homecoming Queen, Jun- ior Basketball JAMES, Eric Majors: English, Social Stud- ies Minors: Plumbing, Business Activities: Baseball, Tennis JENKINS, Nolan Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. Activities: Swimming Team JAMES, Lethia Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Business JOHNSON, Dianne Majors: Business, Commercial Foods, English Minors: Social Studies JOHNSON, Harold Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. JOHNSON, Jerry Majors: English, Model Rest. Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. JOHNSON, John Majors: English, Dry Cleaning Minors: Math, Social Studies JOHNSON, Kimberly Majors: English, Service Industries Minors: Math, Social Studies JOHNSON, Teriy Majors: English, Cabi- net Making Minors: Math, Social Studies JOLLIFFE, Anthony Majors: English, Social Studies, Shop Minors: Business JONES, Audrey Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Art, Home Ec. Carolyn Majors: Math, English, JONES, Science, Business Minors: Social Studies JONES, Jackie Majors: English, Home Ec., Social Studies Minors: Business JONES, Leon Majors: Art, English Minors: Math, Social Studies JONES, Martin Majors: Math, English, Science Minors: Spanish, Social Studies Activities: Basketball, Tennis, Track JONES, Rochelle Majors: English, Cosme- tology, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies JONES, Sheila Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Art JORDAN, Jerry Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Shop JORDAN, Mildred Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Math KEANE, Melannie Majors: Math, English Minors: History, Business Activities: Orchestra, String Ensemble, FLUFF KEETS, Sylvia Majors: Printing, English Minors: Home Economics, Social Studies KEMP, Clyde Majors: Auto Mechanics Minors: English, Math KEMPER, Tanya Majors: English, Busi- ness Ed., Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies KENNEDY, Althea Majors: Business, English Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: OEA, Spanish Club, Basketball Team KERR, Rita Majors: English, Foods, Social Studies Minors: Math KING, Carla Majors: Business, English Minors: History, Math KNOX, Vincent Majors: English, Masonry Minors: Math, Social Studies LAWRENCE, James Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Shop, Math LAWRENCE, John Majors: English, House Construction, History Minors: Math, P.E. Activities: Football, Wrestling LAWSON, Candi Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, P.E. LAWSON, Robert Majors: English, Auto Body Minors: Social Studies, Business LEE, Allen Majors: English, Painting 8: Decorating Minors: Social Studies, Math LEE, Glen Majors: Drafting, Math, Eng- lish, Mach. Minors: Social Studies Activities: Track, Football LEVELL, Rocky Majors: English, Art Minors: Math, P.E., Social Studies LEWIS, Angelo Majors: Business, English Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies Activities: Titanettes, Mat Mates, Senior Council, SAO, Techoir, OEA, Cheerblock, Track, Band, Dean Messenden LEWIS, Clyde Majors: Auto Body, Eng- lish, Math Minors: History Activities: Anthropology Club LEWIS, George Majors: History, English Minors: Math, P.E. LEWIS, Michael Majors: English, Social Studies, Masonry Minors: Science, P.E. Activities: Basketball, Football LINDSAY, Travis Majors: English, Math, Social Studies, Welding LIPSCOMB, Patricia Majors: English, Business Minors: Math, Social Studies LOCKETT, Austin Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Art, Math LORICK, Jeannette Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Math, Social Studies LUFRY, Matthew Majors: English, Math, Business Minors: Spanish, Social Studies Activities: Mu Alpha Theta, Fall Play LUSTER, Earnest Majors: House Con- struction, English Minors: Art, Social Studies LYLES, Perlisha Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Home Ec. LYNN, Nancy Majors: Cosmetology, Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec. Activities: Dean Messenger, Senior Float Committee MACDONALD, Tim Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, P.E., Drafting MACK, Gregory Majors: English, Auto Mechanics, History Minors: Math MACLIN, Albert Majors: English, Shop, Band Minors: Social Studies MACY, Darryl Majors: English, History, Painting Minors: Math, Business MAGEE, Charles Majors: English, Dry Cleaning, Social Studies Minors: Art Activities: Track, Football MAHONE, Rachael Majors: Business, English Minors: History, Math Activities: Track, Stage Props MAHURIN, Rick Majors: English, Auto Mechanics, Math Minors: German, Social Studies, P.E. Activities: F.C.A. CFel1owship of Christian Athletesj, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Golf. Senior Council, Speech Team, German Club, Fall Play MARTIN, Anita Majors: Business. English Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec., Math Activities: Tech Mates, Concert Club. O.E.A. MARTIN, Deborah Majors: Business, English, History, Math Activities: Concert Club, Bell Choir, Senior Council, Key Club, DECA Club Ctrea- surerj, Techoir MASSEY, Roy Majors: Auto Mechanics. Business, English Minors: History Activities: D.E.C.A., Basketball, Track MATHEWS, Kathy Majors: English, Busi- ness, Music Minors: French, Math, Social Studies MATHIS, Donna Majors: Math, English, Business Minors: Music, History Activities: Orchestra, String Ens., Choir, Pit Orchestra MAXEY, Pauline Majors: English, Com- mercial Foods Minors: History, Home Ec. Activities: Volleyball, Track, Freshman Cheerleader MAXIE, Phillip Majors: English, Dry Cleaning, Social Studies Minors: Business, P.E. Activities: Track MAXWELL, Susan Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: French, Math Activities: S.A.O., Drama Club, Speech Team, Key Club, Orchestra, Newspaper, Upward Bound McCONN, Kelly Majors: English, Math, Business Minors: History MCCORKLE, Marlene Majors: English, Cosmetology Minors: Social Studies, Business MCCULLOUGH, April Majors: English, Business, Art Minors: History, Math Activities: Latin Club, Cheerblock MCDADE, Lisa Majors: Business, English Minors: Art, History McDADE, Regina Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Science MCFARLAND, Barbara Majors: English, Business Ed. Minors: Health, Social Studies MCFARLAND, Belinda Majors: English, Home Ec., Business Ed. Minors: Social Studies, Health 8: P.E. MCFARLAND, Keven Majors: English, Computer Processing, History, Spanish Minors: Math, Music Activities: Spanish Club MCGINTY, Joyce Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Business MCKINNEY, Robin Majors: Commercial Foods, English Minors: Science, Social Studies MCNEAL, Regina Majors: English, Art Minors: Social Studies, Business MESSENGER, Craig Majors: English, Art Minors: Science, Social Studies Activities: Varsity Baseball, Football MESSER, Mark Majors: English, Cabinet Making Minors: Social Studies, French Activities: Youth Leadership Program MESSER, Richard Majors: Math, Science, English Minors: Social Studies, Business MEXNER, Paula Majors: Business, Eng- lish Minors: Health 8: P.E., History Activities: Junior Council, Cheerleader, O.E.A. MILBROOKS, Herman Majors: English, Foundry, Cabinet Making Minors: Math, Social Studies MILES, Burnita Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Home Ec. MILLER, Carol Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Home Ec. MILLER, Donna Majors: Business, Eng- lish Minors: Math, History MILLER, Marilyn Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Business, History MONROE, Thomas Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Wrestling MONTGOMERY, Chet Majors: English, Dry Cleaning Minors: Math, Social Studies MOORE, Paul Majors: Math, English, Social Studies Minors: Science Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball MOORE, Tersa Majors: Business, English, Social Studies Minors: P.E. Activities: Genealogy Club, Anthropology Club, Key Club, S.A.O., O.E.A. MORGAN, Eric Majors: English, Art, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Marching Band, Orchestra MOSBURG, Larry Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: P.E. MULLINS, Sheila Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies, Art MUMAW, Janet Majors: Music, English, German Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Marching 8: Symphonic Band, Techoir, Madrigals, German Club, Drama Club, Newspaper, Thespians, Jr Council, Pep Band MUNDEN, Robert Majors: English, Shop Minors: Social Studies, Business MURPHY, Debra Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Math, Social Studies MUSGROVE, Kenny Majors: English, House Con., Social Studies Minors: Math, Health 8: P.E. Activities: Football MYERS, Valerie Majors: English, Social Studies, Math Minors: Home Ec., Science, French Activities: Jr Council, Techoir, String Ensemble, Orchestra, French Club NEAL, Studies Michael Majors: English, Social Welding Minors: Math, Science NEAL Robert Majors: English, Social Studies, Electricity Minors: Math NELSON, Harry Majors: English, Joc. Music, Commercial Foods Minors: Social Studies Activities: Techoir, Marching Band, Latin Club, Newspaper, Yearbook NELSON, Lendain Majors: English, Auto Mech. Minors: Social Studies, Art NEW, Theresa Majors: Business, English Minors: Math, History Activities: O.E.A. NOLAN, Jeff Majors: English, Auto Mech., Social Studies Minors: P.E. NORFOLK, Timothy Majors: English, Cabinet Making Minors: Math, Social Studies OCHSEURIDER, Rick Majors: Electron- ics, English Minors: History, Math O'NEIL, Tammy Majors: Latin, Math, Sci- ence, English Minors: Social Studies Activities: Symphonic 8: Marching Band PALMER, Kenneth Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies, Science PARKER, Carole Majors: English, Art Minors: Math, Social Studies PARRISH, Jacquelyn Majors: English, Math Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. Activities: Techoir PATRICK, Connie Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Science PATTERSON, Lamont Majors: English, Business, Woodshop Minors: Social Studies, Math Activities: Varsity Basketball PAYTON, Michael Majors: Music, His- tory, English Minors: Science, Math Activities: Marching Band, Junior Council, Pep Band PAYTON, Patrick Majors: English, Math, Business, Social Studies Activities: O.E.A. PEAY, James Majors: English, Barbering, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. Activities: Chess Club, Football PERDUE, Anthony Majors: Math, Eng- lish, Commercial Art Minors: Social Studies, Business PETERS, Pauline Majors: Math, English, History, Business Minors: P.E. Activities: Yearbook PETERSON, Teresa Majors: English, Bus- iness, Social Studies Minors: Math PETTYJOHN, Victoria Majors: Social Studies, English Minors: Math, Health, Home Ec. PHELPS, Janice Majors: Business Ed., English Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. Activities: Commander R.O.T.C., Girls' Drill Team, Volleyball, Cheer Block PHELPS, Westel Majors: English, Spanish, Math, Business Minors: Social Studies Activities: Football, Track, Letterman PIERCE, Pamela Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Health, History, Home Ec. PILLOW, Jeffrey Majors: English, Elec- tricity Minors: History, Math Activities: I.C.T. PIREAY, Richard Majors: English, Math Minors: Spanish, History Activities: Speech, Wrestling, R.O.T.C. PITTMAN, Hilton Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., P.E. POINDEXTER, Elizabeth Majors: Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Spanish, Math Activities: Spanish Club, Human Relations Council, Float Committee, FLFFFF, Newspaper Staff, Tech 300 Volleyball, Yearbook POLSTON, Tina Majors: English, Social Studies, Home Ec. Minors: Math POPE, Paula Majors: English, History, Art Minors: P.E. Activities: Cannon Yearbook PORTER, Tammy Majors: Home Ec., Business, English Minors: Social Studies POSEY, Levester Majors: English, Social Studies, House Construction Minors: Math PRICE, Susan Majors: English, Math, Bus- iness Minors: Social Studies Activities: Speech Team, Fall Play, Techoir, Junior Council, D.E.C.A., Mu Alpha Theta PUGH, Marie Majors: English, Business, Social Studies Minors: Math PURIRS, Tina Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Math QUACK, Boyd Majors: Architecture, Eng- lish Minors: Math, History QUALLS, Kevin Majors: English, Electric- ity, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Math QUASH, Shannon Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: History, Math Activities: Tech Mates, Cheerleader Squad QUERTERMOUS, Gus Majors: English, Electricity, Social Studies, Small Engine Repair Minors: Math RAINEY, Tracilyn Majors: Business, Eng- lish Minors: Art, Social Studies, Math Activities: Girls' Track Team, O.E.A. RANDALL, Norman Majors: English, Shop, Social Studies Minors: History, P.E. REAVES, Felecia Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Home Ec. Activities: Track REED, Jacqueline Majors: English, Model Rest. Minors: Social Studies, P.E. REUTER, Lucretia Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Health 8: P.E. REYNOLDS, Renee Majors: Social Stud- ies, English Minors: Math, Business Ed., Home Ec. Activities: Key Club, Junior Council, Human Relations, Gong Show RHOADS, Jeffrey Majors: Math, English, Electronics Minors: Social Studies Activities: Techoir, Musicals, Thespian, Speech Team RHODES, Willie Majors: English, Paint 8: Decorating Minors: Social Studies, Math Activities: D.E.C.A. RICHARDS, Donna Majors: Cosmetol- ogy, English, Business Minors: Social Studies RICHEY, Jerry Majors: English, Air Con- dition 8: Refrigeration Minors: Social Studies, P.E. Activities: I.C.T. RICHEY, Terry Majors: English, House Construction Minors: Social Studies, P.E. Activities: I.C.T RIDER, Richard Majors: Commercial Art, English Minors: Math, Social Studies RISEMAS, Steve Majors: English, Math, Radio 8: TV Repair Minors: Social Studies ROACH, Frederic Majors: English, Social Studies, Electronics Minors: P.E. ROBBINS, Becky Majors: Social Studies, English, Math Minors: Home Ec. Activities: Majorettes, Techoir, Girls' Con- cert Club ROBERSON, Deborah Majors: Cosmetol- ogy, English Minors: History, Home Ec. ROBERSON, Gizele Majors: English, Art Minors: History, Business Activities: Choir ROBERTS, Anita Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies, P.E. Activities: Speech Team, R.O.T.C., Drill Team ROBERTS, Jacqueline Majors: Math, English, Home Ec., Business, Social Studies Activities: Junior Council, Track, Math Club, YETP, Senior Council ROBERTSON, Robert Majors: Adv. House Construction, English Minors: History, P.E. ROBEY, Larry Majors: English, Aeros- pace, Social Studies Minors: Science, P.E. Activities: Swimming, Cross Country, Track, Homecoming Court ROBINSON, Jenneice Majors: English, Dry Cleaning Minors: Home Ec., P.E. ROBINSON, Marcilene Majors: English, Business Minors: Math, History, Health 8: P.E. ROBINSON, Peggy Majors: English, Model Rest. Minors: History, P.E. ROBINSON, Ricky Majors: English, Radio 8: TV, Social Studies Minors: Health Activities: Football ROBINSON, Ronnie Majors: Auto Body, English, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Football, Track ROLF, Linda Majors: English, Math, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies ROYSTIR, Danny Majors: History, Eng- lish Minors: Math, P.E. RUSH, Patricia Majors: English, Business Minors: Math, History Activities: Girls' Concert Club RUSSELL, Kathleen Majors: English, Art Minors: Math, Social Studies RUSSELL, Keith Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Foundry, Math, P.E. Activities: Football RUSSELL, Timothy Majors: English, House Construction Minors: Social Studies, Business Activities: School Service SADLER, Betty Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Frehcn, Math Activities: Junior Council, O.E.A., Health Center Assistant SAMPSON, Katrina Majors: History, Eng- lish, Business Minors: Math Activities: O.E.A. SANDERS, Annette Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Home Ec., Health 8: P.E. SARVER, Geraldine Majors: Home Ec., English Minors: Social Studies, Business SAVER, Guerin Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Music SCOTT, Bonita Majors: Math, Clothing. English Minors: Business, History, Science Activities: Math Club SHAFFER, Betty Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math Ec., Business Activities: School Service SHEPERD, James Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies, P.E. SHERROD, Cynthia Majors: English, Math, Business Minors: Spanish, Physical Ed., CSocial Studies?J Activities: Spanish Club, Key Club SHERWOOD, Timmy Majors: English. History, Auto Body Minors: Math, P.E. SHIELDS, Derwin Majors: English, Auto Body, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Basketball Team, Jr. Prom Court SHIPMAN, Bobby Majors: Aerospace, English Minors: Math, History Activities: Musical tGuys 8: Dollsj, Techoir, Melodaires SHOTWELL, Jennifer Majors: Business, Math, Home Ec., English Minors: Social Studies Activities: Orchestra, School Service SHRUBA, Michael Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, Math, Health, Busi- ness Activities: Golf Team, Wrestling SHULER, Anthony Majors: Business, Commercial Foods, English Minors: Social Studies Activities: Golf Team, Jr. Council, SAO SIMMONS, Lorri Majors: Health, English Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: Upward Bound, ALFE SIMMONS, Sharon Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, P.E. SIMMONS, Daniel Majors: Business, Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Math SIMS, Constance Majors: Science, Mathe- matics, English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Health 84 P.E. Activities: Track, Cross Country, Volley- ball, RCA Minority Engineering, Hoosier Girl State SIMS, Dianne Majors: Business, English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies SIMS, Janet Majors: Business, English, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Key Club, SAO, O.E.A., Anthropology Club, Service Club SIMS, Karla Majors: English, Business, Clothing Minors: Social Studies, Math Activities: Tech Style Show, D.E.C.A., School Service SIMS, Katrenia Majors: English, Social Studies, Cosmetology Minors: Math Activities: Junior Council, Key Club, Span- ish Club, Anthropology Club SIMS, Pamela Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Business SIMS, Rieta Majors: English, Clothing, Social Studies Minors: Math SMITH, Anthony Majors: Art, English, Social Studies Minors: Math SMITH, Brenda Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Health Activities: Techoir, Girls Ensemble, String Ensemble, Orchestra SMITH, Joyce Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, P.E. SMITH, Karen Majors: English, Business, 1 1 History Minors: Math Activities: Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, Float Committee, O.E.A. SMITH, Kathi Majors: English, Business, Home Ec. Minors: Math Activities: Advanced O.E.A. SMITH, Tony Majors: English, Social Studies, Science, Shop Minors: P.E. SMITH, Lori Majors: Business, English Minors: Music, History Activities: Marching Band, String Ensem- ble, Orchestra SMITH, Michelle Majors: Social Studies, Math, English, Art Minors: P.E. Activities: Genealogy, S.A.O. SMITH, Oscar Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Math, Science SMITH, Pamela Majors: Cosmetology, English Minors: History, Math, P.E. Activities: Volleyball SMITH, Deborah Majors: Business, Eng- lish Minors: Math, History, Home Ec. Activities: O.E.A. SMITH, Shelby Majors: History, English Minors: Science, Home Ec., Math Activities: Track SOMMER, Steven Majors: English, Math, Science Minors: Business, Electronics, Social Stud- ies SOOTS, Tim Majors: Radio 8: TV, English Minors: Social Studies, Business, P.E. SOTES, Ilias Majors: Math, English, Social Studies, Computers Activities: Math Club, Key Club STOKES, Dennis Majors: English, Music Minors: Art, Social Studies, Math STONE, Helen Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Science, Business STONE, Kenneth Majors: Music, English, Social Studies Minors: Business Activities: Band STOREY, Elesha Majors: Math, Business, English Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. Activities: Majorettes STORMS, Deborah Majors: English, Social Studies, Photography Minors: Home Ec. STROUGH, Sherry Majors: English, His- tory, Math, Business Activities: Key Club, Anthropology Club, SAO, Bell Choir, Girls' Concert Club STARKS, Lisa Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Math, P.E. STEARNS, Darryl Majors: English, Serv- ice Station Minors: Math, Social Studies, Art STEPHENSON, Lynn Majors: Vocational Printing, English Minors: Math, History Activities: Track Team, Junior Council, Messenger, Senior Float Committee STEPP, Joyce Majors: Barbering, English Minors: Math, History Activities: Messenger, Senior Float Comm. STEWART, Brenda Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies, Home Ec. STEWART, Lisa Majors: Clothing, Eng- lish Minors: Business, Social Studies STICRS, Ronald Majors: English, Social Studies, Welding Minors: Business Activities: R.O.T.C., Marching Band STINNETT, Viola Majors: English, Cloth- ing Minors: Social Studies, Science SUMMERS, Christopher Majors: English, Art Minors: Social Studies, Business, Health 8a P.E. SUMMER, Michelle Majors: Business, English Minors: History, Home Ec. SURENKAMP, Karen Majors: History, Math, English Minors: Spanish SUTTON, Stephanie Majors: Business, Math, English Minors: Art, Social Studies TACKETT, Craig Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: History, Mathematics TALOR, Earl Majors: Auto Mechanics, English, Social Studies Minors: Math, P.E. TATTEN, Daniel Majors: English, Auto Mechanics Minors: Social Studies, P.E. TEMPLE, Byron Majors: English, Auto Mechanics, History, Computers Minors: Math Activities: Swimming TETRICK, Teri Majors: English, Math, Social Studies Minors: Business, P.E. THOMAS, Daphne Majors: English, His- tory, Commercial Foods Minors: Math, Home Ec. THOMAS, Charles Majors: Adv. Auto Mechanics, English, Social Studies Minors: P.E. TINGLE, Sherry Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Spanish TOMESCO, Phil Majors: Science, Math, History, English, French TONEY, Darrell Majors: English, Foundry Minors: Math, Social Studies TOWNSEND, Micheal Majors: English, Business Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: D.E.C.A. TRAVIOLI, Tamara Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec., Business TRUSLER, Ron Majors: Welding, English Minors: History, Math Activities: Football, Anthropology TSAKIRIDIS, George Majors: English, Language, Science, Math Minors: Business TUCKER, Anita Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Home Ec., Social Studies TURNER, Larsen Majors: English, Com- mercial Foods Minors: History, Business Activities: Football, Basketball, Track, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes TURNER, James Majors: Math, Music, English, Social Studies Minors: French Activities: Chess Club, Spanish Club, String Ensemble, Orchestra, Yearbook TYLER, Angela Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, Math VANCE, Emerson Majors: Auto Mechan- ics, English, Social Studies Minors: Math VAN LANIGHAM, Sherri Majors: Music, English Minors: Math, Clothing, Social Studies Activities: Techoir, Bellchoir, Girls Ensem- ble, Float Comm. VARAEL, Victoria Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Home Ec. VASQUEZ, Edwardo Majors: English, Aerospace Minors: Social Studies, Science VORHEES, Benjamin Majors: Auto Mechanics, English, Math, Science Minors: History Activities: Cross Country, Track, Techoir, Octete, Swing Choir WAGES, Walter Majors: English, Air Con- ditioning, Social Studies Minors: Math, Business WALKER, Angela Majors: Clothing, Eng- lish, Photo Minors: History, DE WALKER, Angela J. Majors: Business, Social Studies, English Minors: Math WALKER, James Majors: Math, English, History Minors: Record Keeping, P.E. WALKER, Paula Majors: Math, English, Social Studies Minors: Clothing WALKER, Tina Majors: Clothing, English Minors: Science, Social Studies WALLACE, Juanita Majors: English, Clothing, Social Studies Minors: Math WAKEMAN, William Majors: English, Math, Social Studies, Electricity WASHINGTON, Sonya Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Art WEATHERS, Sherry Majors: Basic Foods, English Minors: Math, Social Studies WEAVER, Mona Majors: Math, English, Clothing Minors: History, Social Studies WEBB, Brenda Majors: English, Photogra- phy, History Minors: Math Activities: S.A.O., Newspaper Staff, Key Club, Basketball, Float Committee WECLELINGTON, Robert Majors: Eng- lish, Social Studies Minors: Math, Science WERT, Judy Majors: English, History Minors: Business, Latin WESTMERELAND, Gina Majors: Eng- lish, Clothing Minors: Math, History, P.E. Activities: Gym 8: Pool Assn. WHEATCRAFT, Paul Majors: English, Social Studies, Foundry Minors: Math WHEELER, Cherlyn Majors: English, Business, Social Studies Minors: Math WHITAKER, Wanda Majors: English, Business, Social Studies Minors: Math WHITE, Cynthia Majors: English, Busi- ness, Social Studies Minors: Health, Math WHITE, Elaine Majors: English, Dry Cleaning, Social Studies Minors: Home Ec. WHITEHEAD, Lisa Majors: English, Social Studies Minors: Math, Business WHITLOCK, Deborah Majors: English, Business Minors: Social Studies, P.E. Activities: O.E.A., Genealogy Club, Latin Club WHITNEY, Darryl Majors: English, Span- ish, Social Studies Minors: Math Activities: Track, Spanish Club, Junior Council, Pool Assn., Float Committee WHITNEY, Mark Majors: English, His- tory, Business Minors: Math Activities: Chess Club WILCOX, Randy Majors: English, Elec- tricity Minors: Social Studies, P.E. WILLIAMS, Geneva Majors: English, Business Minors: Math, Social Studies Activities: D.E.C.A. WILLIAMS, Goldie Majors: Home Ec., English, Social Studies Minors: Math WILLIAMS, Joseph Majors: English, Adv. Mechanics, Social Studies Minors: Science Activities: Wrestling WILLIAMS, Kenneth Majors: Art, Eng- lish Minors: Math, Social Studies WILLIAMS, Steve Majors: Heating 8a Air Conditioning, History, English Minors: Math WILLIAMS, Vanessa Majors: Clothing, Photo, History, English, Social Studies Minors: Business, Math, P.E. Activities: Cheerleader, Jr. Council WILSON, Judy Majors: English, Math Minors: Clothing, Spanish, Social Studies Activities: Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Jr. Council WOODARD, Karen Majors: Social Stud- ies, English Minors: Art, D.E. Activities: Track, Basketball WOODS, Frankie Majors: Auto Mechan- ics, Social Studies, English Minors: Health 8L P.E. WOODS, Marnita Majors: English, Busi- ness Minors: Social Studies, French, Math, P.E. WOODS, Rosemary Majors: English, His- tory Minor: Music, Math Activities: Techoir, Madrigals, Girls Con- cert Choir, Girls Glee Club WOODSON, Roy Majors: English, House Construction Minors: Science, Social Studies WOOLER, Phylis Majors: English, Home Ec. Minors: Social Studies, Business, P.E. WRIGHT, Constance Majors: English. Business, Math Minors: Social Studies Activities: O.E.A. WRIGHT, James Majors: English, His- tory, Business Minors: Math, P.E. Activities: Football, Basketball, Track WRIGHT, Jimmy Majors: English, Social Studies, Business Minors: Auto Mechanics WRIGHT, Michael Majors: English. Social Studies, Aerospace Minors: Math, Science Activities: Football Manager, Basketball Manager WYNN, Jerry Majors: English, Machine Shop Minors: Social Studies, P.E. YATES, Albert Majors: English, Foundry Minors: Social Studies, Science YARRELL, Timmy Majors: House Con- struction, English Minors: Business, Social Studies l 0 0 0 0 ASS!- Adviser Joan Brown Secretary Gloria Wheeler Publications Director C. T. Tresslar Editor-in-Chief Senior Editor Asst. Activities Editor Asst. Sports Editor Asst. Index Editor Special thanks go out to Vincent Bryant Asst. who donated the picture for the 1981 Arsenal Cannon yearbook cover. Photography Editor Asst. Co-Business Managers Layout Editors: Pam Henshaw, Karen Holmes, Debra Martin, Connie Jones, Lewis King, Kim Polston, Tina Polston, Deanna Smith. Len Evans Billy Haak Leah Walcott Tom Curren Susan Price Dan Stock George England Jay Hood Tim Graves Debra McManama Ron Ramey Pat Johnson Cindy Hatcher Dagmar Butte Photographers: Donald Johnson, Mike Haak, Gary Ramey, Debra Girkey, Ted Clark, Mike Marsee. WE ARE FA ILY l -. san I ' o a-J O 5 awe L, 0 'Q L... l

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