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rj yUh o . + V z ■ ' UA,— s irarxscr GENEALOG ' 977.202 IN3ATH ,1930 ( ■1,. .-7 ::5. 6 .■■ X Jsafi ::7tLq(2 : af200. . ftirt i nank± oz LJhs : EniozU± . . fit me td, A cleft in time, a wrinkle in our riinds, a distant, different place ' ---Med... Tech. Tech, the tex from wtiich swirled ir short years of happiness, disappointrient, joy, and elation. The center of t;:e thin is we did, the places we saw, the people we knew... the r.iemories, Tech, you or; anized the big football game, conducted the valuable class, and took me on my first date. ou brought the life-long friends together, taught the well- remembered lesson. Tech, you created the memories , What you gave us is dear beyond words Any volume would be a poor expression of what we vinwe for life. And yet it is the purpose of .s book, to say " Thanks |h, for the memories. " Rxk sotr A, e ?Hidh kank± Ljoz ns : s:mozLs±. Remember way back when plays were given in the Forum? When the library was a hole in the Arsenal? When the girls gym smelled like the shop building it was in? Well think hard because they are no more. Now plays are given in the state ' s most modern auditorium. Books are read in the city ' s most luxurious library. The ladies play in one of the most complete facilities around. But Tech ' s campus gives us more: free- dom, it is a place to bask in the sun on your lunch hour. It ' s a place to enjoy oth- er ' s company. A place to hide from secu- rity guards, it ' s a place to remember. Like an old friend, Tech has grown up with us. Lyj- (Uuz Camfiu± J fi n ( nd Vo(A7. TOP CENTER— From a slope of mud m 1976lolhc enlrance to a cily landmark, the Media Cenler ' s amphilheater is onl one addition to the campus OLTER TOP— Once a grove of woods, then a statue of steel, and now the first swimming pool in the city schools. BOTTO.M- The Lone Hall shows through a skele- ton that has since become the largest and best equip- ped sound stage m Indiana. Titans Have A Good Knight It certainly was a good Knight for the Titans. The minute the band began to play the National Anthem and the foot- ball players broke through the hoop, on their way to a winning game over the Arlington Knights 40-6. At half time the homecoming King and Queen were crowned, they were 640 " s Danny Quintanna and Tracy Paige. The extravagant part of the halftime show was the floats from each of the Senior roll rooms. It was a clean sweep for roll room 640 as their float won. This year ' s theme was. King Titans Will Dub the Knights Sir Losers. The Cheerleaders await the coming of the football players. Boom! The Titans are off to a great game. The fireworks are a big part of Tech ' s homecoming. The crowd roars as TITANS show up on the goal post. Senior band and majorette members do a routing showmg that the class of 80 has A TOUCH OF CLASS. Homecoming King and Queen. Danny Quintanna and Tracy Paige. Titans have Spirit. 640 is » . The winning float. 701 and Tony Bishop show it all off. kank± LJoz n : l4 nozLs± Friends— the nicest word m the English language! When we look back on our high school days, the memories will be of friends. Remembering the day we got caught " helping " each other on a test? Then there was the time we lost our voices yelling at the game. Lunch time was always full of fun — and sometimes suprises. Teachers, we discovered, could be friends too — and human. Fund raising projects were always fun — especiallv car washes. They were fun, that is, unless you were on the other end of the hose. Yes. we ' ll remember friends. Our friends made the games Great, wm or lose. Sweet sixteen and ain ' t love grand. Who could forget their first love ' ' Our buddies were friends forever, and even a squirt at a car wash can ' t change that. . OfOuz xUncl± 1 I ricndship finds peak when vou congratulate the Dther roll rcioni winners. Either we both pass or we both fail. Now here ' s a nasty marshmallow. Play your cards and hit you w hen you lose. If you survive the food, you ' ll enjoy the company. ' 79 Musical Is Memorable March 22. 23. 24 Tech became an inter- section of Broadway as the music depart- ment gave its production of " Guys and Dolls " . Eight weeks of practice became three days of performance as the hard- working cast crew, and orchestra unveiled their project for approval. Approved it was, as all three audiences clapped their dramatic satisfaction. A true crowd-pleaser. the plot centered around two odd couples and a crap game. In need of some quick cash to run his crap game, small-time bookie Nathan Detroit (Kent Smith) places a small wager with super-gambler Sky Masterson (Jeff Rhoads). The bet? . . . can Sky get a date with the puritanistic missionary Miss Sarah Brown (Tammy Marcum). Some- how Nathan loses the bet but still gets the money, and Sky and Sarah get married. But the success of Nathan ' s dice game can ' t save him from the matrimonious grasp of his fourteen-year fiancee. Miss Adelaide (Tina Stewart). Despite meddlesome detectives, and misleading deceptions, both couples live happily ever after in the minds of a thor- oughly pleased audience. Jeff Rhoads bells Marcie Quintana: so why does VI ike look dizzv. Miss Adelaide and Nathan Detroit: voted least likely to be married. 10 You find dolls like this in a playground, not a toy store. Will Sarah Brown upgrade Sky Masterson before he degrades her ' ' ' Duh, which way did he go? Which way did he go? " Two marriages and a happy ending later. Misfortune eets four more victims. m KM m ■ pi ' v fiank . oz fiE :: {EmozU± . . . Thanks. Tech. for the memories of the many and varied experiences you have given us. You introduced us to the sweet sound of applause in our first play. It was hard work and we were so-o-o scared — but — it was worth it. You taught us discipline with our years in R.O.T.C. and pride in ourselves when we won our star. You gave us a glimpse of the world of dance with the performance of the Indian- apolis ballet. We learned about rockets and air- planes; we climbed fences and we had an opportunity to meet the governor of our state. If we never have any of these experi- ences again, we ' ve had them once and maybe that ' s enough. Dance me a story. Governor Bowen meets Tech. If this were bigger I could go to the moon . . . (DfDL Dkn QVs [hid • , • - " 36 im " - ' »i " W £ The air-craft simulator is an experience available only at Tech. As one of the many, each member of the battalion contributes to the winning of a blue star. No gate IS too strong for an infuriated Titan. ■ ' |p ? V ' ft ( M -i; Prom A Night to Remember Every night is special when it is the night of the prom. May 18 was the night of the prom. The evening begins as you walk through the doors of the ball room at the Hyatt Regency. The dim lighting and candle lit tables set the mood for dinner and dancing until 12:00 midnight. As the evening comes to a close each and every person will remember this one special night. jjE BIX hikijT ' ' 3 ni Kjamj tmaj-nsi u " i ii ' mJMBB B B BWBH Somewhere In My Lifetime Top: Senior King and Queen, Terrance Chaney and Cecelia Miller. Junior ro allies. Cynthia Anderson and Tom Going. Tom Going proudly receives his crown. Cecelia Miller smiles as she is crowned by Sharon Maye. Left, The Prom brings smiles to everyone. Kent Smith tries to represent the Class of 1980. Donald Hooper and Denise Nicholes relive the evening with pictures. hank± joz Lj z H lsmozU , . . y j r The purpose of this book is to explore the special spot on Earth where our four years will live forever. In remembering our High School days the child in all of us will stay young. And so. without further ado. let ' s eet on with the memories . . . of — sak 9 9 IT Df anL Doz DL JH mozU Senior Council Overcomes Con tro versies The Senior Government began its year rockily. After the strike delay, the council was plagued by the doubt of the senior class. The ballot taken for officer elections was challenged by much of the class. The names on the ballots were confusing. The confidence of some class members was lost after the Senior Office refused to var- ify the results. But the Class of 1980 was up to the task, and despite early obstacles the senior council did a rema rkable job. Among the obstacles they planned were the Senior Activity Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, and half of the arrangements of the Prom. The elections were held on a new arrangment this year, where officers were elected separately from the representa- tives. SENIOR OFFICERS Left to right, top to bottom: Tina Woods. President; Carla Henson, Vice Presi- dent: David Anderson, Treasurer: Nena Massingale. Secretary Below: The Senior Council pays close attention as Jerard Lorick. Below Right, describes the plan his committee made for Activities Day. Above, Left to Right: Senior Council. Cynthia Anderson. Kevin Brown, Sharon Deatnck. Kathy Ferguson, Nalile Gore, Dennis Haves, Jerard Lorick, Mark Mitchell, Gwen Richards, Eric Wright. Diana Adam Carol Allen Chrisella Anderson Cynthia Anderson David Anderson Debra Arnett Mary Atwood Lisa Aubrey Gloria Austin Jk ft ' jr ' r Alex Avant Debbie Bailey Kevin Bailey Anita Baker Cynthia Baker David Baker Carol Barnett m Robert Barnett Glona Bateman John Bates Eugene Bear Robin Beckwith Elise Bell Marvella Bell Richard K. Bell Theresa Bellamy Sharon Binberry Yvonne Bender Cynthia Bigelow Eddie Bigelow Eric Biggerstaff Anthony Bishop Nancy Blackwell Joyce Blewitt Russell Blythe Mike Bohlser Kenneth Booker Libby Bradley Sherry Brewer Monica Brooks Dellmar Brown Donita Brown Jacqueline Brown Kevin Brown i Randv Brown Stephen Brown Theresa Browning Barton Bryant Loretta Cardis Zetta Burnett Denise Byrd Wanda Byrd Phillip Caldwell Kristina Calvert Debra Campbell Dimita Campbell 21 i i mM Jav Carr Scott Carroll Richard D. Caudill Gary Carter ' ?»=.. Lisa Clark Terrence ClaMon Teresa Clemmons Stanley Cleveland Brenda Cliff Don Close Berzella Cobb Sherry Collins Mark Combs Gloria Conard Richard Cook Elizabeth Coons tl ' i Jeff Covington LarnellCox Terry Cox Tony Crawford Daniel Creech Karia Crouch Mar Cunningham Ronald Curtis Greg Dyke Tine Edens Jerry Edison John Edwards Lisa Edward 701 floats through the homecoming parade 1 V:: pre ' BJHH m (A i Mike Edwards Stephanie Elliot Kathy Ferguson Sioscn 1 ernandez MikeFinkton Dan t-lunchman Linda Floyd Nancy Begley 4 Michael Ford Robert Foxworthy Renita Freeman Paul Gadbury Lonnie Garrett Steven Garner Demctria Ciihson Charles (}ilherl Diane Hall Thomas Hall Julie Hameron Chns Hamilton Kevin Hampton Darrell Hanson Bonnie Harding Robin Hardiman 9%f i . i Jeff Harlan Bnan Hams Jerry Harwell Pam Haskins Fred Hawkins Dennis Hayes Elsa Helms Carla Henson James Hignite Nancy H.gnite Annette Hinds Lashelle Hiser Jeanne Holder Yolanda Holland Cathy Hood Judi Hopkins Warren Hoover Rose Huber Lamont Hudson Barbara Humphrey Phyllis Humphrey Tammy Hunter John Hutson Donald Immel Arthur Ingle Theresa Jacobs Carol James Michelle James Cheryl Jefferson Pamela Jefferson Terreia Jimison Bryan Johnson " 1 Georg Jordan Darryl Keckhaver Mike L. Keller Eva Kemp Michelle Kemper Malinda King Donald Kirby Tim Koger Phyllis Kriner Clarence Lancaster Zonda Lane James Lawrence Kim Lawson Michelle Lawson Bnan Layton Cathy Lee Walter Lee Lauri Leisnng Stephanie Lightfoot Jerard Lorick Debbie Madison Martin Majors Scott Mallott Steve Manis If ■ A Pat Mann Tammy Marcum Rhonda Marlowe Patty Marshall Keith Martin Walter Martin Sheila Massey Nina Massingale Daun lLConn Pam McCrearv Tom McCreary Rita McDonald Kevin McKinne Denis Menard Anthony Mickins Mark Mitchell Cassandra Moore Gary Moore Barry Napier IrisNaverth JuheNesbit Julie Newbold Denise Nichols April Nolan George Dates Renae Osborne 2WmlMt Traci Page Scott Paff Mary Parris Linda Parrish Sherri Parrson Darrell Patton Teresa Pattor Ristoria Perry ' u ' f i Tammie Pipes Darrel Pirtle Clifton Pittman Debra Pittman Lamont Pollard Arthur Porter Diedre Porter Kathy Powell Rodney Powell Bnan Pugh TinaQuintana Tammy Ramsey Roberta Ray LcLi Reed James Rent feresa I m IkMSi .. .■ -j Gwen Richards Melanie Rine Janice Robinson Yvonne Robinson ill Rogers Susan Rogers Willie Rupert Alan Saloh June Sanderson Gary Sanford Rick Saylor Paula Sears ' Kathy Sebastian Joni Shaw Jackie Shanon Carmena Shirley Portia Sholar Cynthia Sims Lynn Sims Stephanie Sims Valencia Simmons Lisa Skillern Angela Smith Ronald Smith Sandy Smith Sarah Smith F idem Stephen Smith Willa Smith Arlene Soots Rodney Sosbe FlnsSotos Keven Spells Gayle Slackhouse Jennifer Starrs Alvin Stewart James Stewart Laurie Stewart Tina Stewart John Stephenson .ie-5n.ii!-;;c atcpnenson L)an iiock Larry Strother Michelle Stuart Teresa Sullivan Shirley Tamper Beth Taylor Joycelyn Taylor Vivian Waddell Dennis Ward Kim Warrenburg Lillian Watson Diana Wells Deborah Wert Jean White Tracy Wilson Cynthia Wolfe Darla Wolfe Darrell Woodruff Tina Woods irrell Woodruff Lisa Wiggens Luvenia Williams Ronald Williams John Williams Lisa Wilson Michael Wilson . 4 l Terry Woods Thomas Wooten Eric Wright Guy Young Kristina Yount Mirtha Zelaya v onne Foley Tina Freeman Tom Lawrence Debra Campbell TERRI DARLENE ABNEY ANTHONY ADAIR: Newspaper. Year- book, Bowling Club. Genealogy Club DIANA ADAM: Junior Council, March- ing Band ANITA ADCOCK JAYAKERS CAROL ALLEN DOUGLAS ALLEN CHRISELLA ANDERSON: Junior Achievement. OEA. Tech 300 Volleyball Team CYNTHIA M. ANDERSON: School Service, OEA president. Fall Plays, Drama Club Plays, Asst. Roll Room Cap- tain. Speech Team, NFL, Thespians, Sen- ior Council DAVID ALAN ANDERSON: Drama Club, Fall Play, Football, Musical, Junior Council, Senior Council JOSEPHINE ARILA ALFRED ARMOUR DEBRAARNETT ADRIANEASREW MARY LOU ATWOOD LISA AUBREY: Techoir, Madrigals, Orchestra, String Ensemble, French Club president. Key Club president. Musicals, Fall Plays, One act plays. Drama Club, Thespians, Yearbook GLORIA AUSTIN ALEX AVANT ALLEN BAILEY DEBBIE BAILEY: DECA ANITA BAKER: OEA, Peer Counselor, Human Relations CYNTHIA BAKER: Stage Craft Club DAVID E.BAKER CHARLES W.BANKS ROBERT BARNETT: Wrestling, Track, DR Dril Exhibition Drill Team JAMES BARTRAM: Track JOHN BARTRAM: Track GLORIA BATEMAN LINDA BAY TAMMY BEACH EUGENE C. BEAR: Bowling Club, ROTC VANESSA LEE BEARD ROBIN BECKWITH: Messenger. Tug-o- War NANCY E. BEGLEY: Spanish Club president. Human Relations Council pres- ident. Drama Club. Thespians, Yearbook. Editor-in-Chief Newspaper, OEA Ambas- sador, Quill and Scroll ELISE C. BELL: Messenger, Tug-o-War JAMES BELL M RVELLABELL RICHARD K. BELL: Football, Baseball THERESA BELLAMY German Club, Cross-country, Team, Male SHARON BENBERRY: Cheerblock YVONNE BENDER: Tug-o-War DONNA BENTLEY: Volleyball, Tennis MILDRED BERRY CYNTHIA BIGELOW: Cannon agent ERIC BIGGERSTAFF: Photo Club, Computer Contest MARLA BIRCH ANTHONY J. BISHOP: Swim Team. Football Captain NANCY BLACKWELL: Bowling Club JOYCE BLEWITH RUSSEL BLYTHE: Human Relations KATHI LYN BOGGS MICHAEL BOHLSEN ANNA BOOKEDIS KENNETH L. BOOKER: Techoir. Madrigals. Track. Cross-country ARCHIE ERIC BOYD STEVEN P. BRADEN LIBBY JO BRADLEY PERRY LEE BRADLEY LUCTRICIA BRANCH REBECCA BRAY SHERRY LYNN BREWER ANTONE BROOKS DANNY BROOKS MONICA L. BROOKS: Tennis. Mu Alpha Theta. Messenger STEVEN BROOKS " ANTHONY BROOKS DELMON K. BROWN DONITA BROWN: Varsity track, OEA. Manager Girls Basketball. Messenger FRECIS R.BROWN JACQUELINE BROWN: Drama Club KAREN M. BROWN KEVIN BROWN: Senior council. Dram; Club. ROTC. Freshman Cross Country One act plays STEPHEN BROWN: Football THERESA BROWNING BARTON BRYAN PAMELA BURGESS ZEETA JO. BURNETT PAMELA BUSH DALE BUTLER DEN1SEBYRD:0EA WANDA BYRD KEVIN CALVERT PHILLIP CALDWELL: Boy " s Concei Club FRANKLIN CALLICOTT JR. KRISTINA CALVERT DEBRA CAMPBELL: Service Club Girls Concert Club. Concert Band, Speech Team DIMEETA CAMPBELL: ROTC Girl Exhibition Drill Team. Girls Color Guarci WILLIAM D.CAMPBELL RONALD CANNON LORETTACARDIS JAY A. CARR: French Club. Chess Club- Brain Game. String Ensemble. Orchestrc; Mu Alpha Theta. Musicals TERENCE CLAYTON: Football. Spar! ish Club. French Club. Techoir. Messeni ger. Bowling Club, Tennis TERESA LASHELLCLEMMONS: Vol levball. Basketball STANLEY E. CLEVELAND DON CLOSE: Tech Radio Club. Securi- ty ' s Crime Walcii Program BEZELLACOBB SHERRI COLLINS TONY COFFER DENNIS COLE MARK COMBS: Freshman Football. Basketball. Track GLORIA CONARD DAVID COOK ELIZABETH COONS: Mu Alpha Theta JEFFREY COVINGTON LARNELLCOX: JA KATHY CRAIG TONYA LYNNE CRAWFORD DAN CREECH JERALD A. CRLIMBO: ROTC Rifle Team GEORGE CRUZ MARY CUNNINGHAM TIM CURRY: Varsity Baseball. Techoir. Octet. Swing Choir. Musicals, Fall Play. Bell Choir, SAO. Chess Club, Key Club. Yearbook RONALD CURTIS: Chess Club RICHARD D. CAUDILL: SAO vice- president. French Club treasurer. Musi- cals. Fall Plays, Techoir, Octet, Orchestra. String Ensemble. Bellchoir, Drama Club. Thespians, Speech team, NFL. Yearbook JENNIFER CHILDERS: Mu Alpha Theta, Latin JODY CLAY: ROTC Exhibition Drill Team MICHAEL R. CUSHINGBERRY: Peer Counselor. Football. Basketball. Track, Bowling Club BARRY DALE LEE DANIEL: Cross country TRACEY DANIEL: Volleyball. Track JOANN DAVIS: Speech KEVIN DAY TERESA DAY VERNON L. DAVIS CARL DAULTON SHARON DEATRICK: Techoir. Musi- cal. SAO. Key Club, French Club ROGER DEBRULER JR: Swim Team. Speech Team. Fall Play. German Club DAVE DELOACH EMILY DENTON SHELLISE DONNERSON: Green Car- pet. Peer Counselor JUDY DOLL PAUL DOUGLAS CAESAR DOYLE KIM DULANEY THELMA DUFF: OEA, YETP BRIAN DULLEN: Basketball. Baseball. Weight Lifting GREGORY DULIN: Basketball. Weight Lifting TERRY DUNLAP JACKDURNIL GREG DYKE TINAEDENS JERRY EDISON: Track JOHN EDWARDS: Track LISA EDWARDS STEPHANIE ELLIOTT ANTHONY ELLIS: Football. Wrestling DENNIS EUBANKS: Newspaper Pho- tographer. Track STEVEN FERNANDEZ: Tennis. Base- ball, Leadership and Development MICHAEL FINKTON: JA THERESA FLINCHUM LINDA FLOYD: OE A, Center for Lead- ership Development, Society Distin- guished American High School Students, Junior Achievement STACY FLOYD: Messentier. Spanish Club GLORIA FORD LESTINEFORD MICHAEL FORD: Wrestling. Wrestling Manager DONALD FOX: Band. Stage Band. Marching Band. Pep Band SARAH FRANKLIN: OEA CHIRMON FRYE TAMMY GAEBEL LAURA GAINES STEVEN GARNER LONNIE GARRETT: Stage Band. Marching Band. National Anthem Bas- ketball. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra SUE GENTRY DEMETRIA GIBSON: Indoor Track. Spring Track, Octet, Techoir Co-pres.. Technician DORCAS GILL: OEA CHEUKGIN NELSON GLADNEY JIMMY GODSEY: Tech 300 football, basketball, baseball. Varsity Baseball TOM GOING: Varsity Tennis. SAO. J- ' % -.9 ' ' i CSa,j CJ Rugby, Key Club, Junior Council. March- ing Band. Pep Band. Musical. Pit Orches- tra KAREN GONDER:OEA NATALIE E. GORE: Hoosier Girl ' s State, Youth Leadership Program. Senior Council. Speech Team. Girl ' s Basketball. Key Club, Track Team, German Club Treas., Volleyball Manager, Track Man- ager SYLVIA FIN KTON DANNY FLINCHUM SAM GRAY CAROLLE S. GRIFFIN: Fall Play, Speech Team. Key Club. Majorette. DECA. Bowling Club. JA. Senate page DALE LYNNEGUNYON: OEA TAMMY HAFLEY: OEA. DECA DIANNE C. HALL: Techoir THOMAS HALL CHRIS HAMILTON: Basketball. Base- ball, Swimming, ICT, Co-op DARRELL HANSON KEVIN HAMPTON: German Club. DECA. Center for Leadership Develop- ment LAREE L. HAMPTON: Fashion and Talent Show. Track BONNIE HARDING: Techoir. Bell Choir. Musicals JEFF HARLAN WILLIAM HARDING: Track, Football. Wrestling BEVERLY HARRIS: YEPT BRIAN HARRIS: ICT JERRY HARWELL: Tech 300 PAMELA HASKINS JERRY HAYER ELSA HELMS: Tech 300. Mu Alpha Theta CARLA HENSON: Techoir. Bel! Choir. Vice President Senior Class, French Club. SAO, Mu Alpha Theta, Chemistry-Phys- ics Club, Spring Musical(77-79) BOBBY HERRON JAMES HIGNITE NANCY HIGNITE: OEA GONZALES HILLMAN: Wrestling JEANNE HOLDER: Cheerblock Techoir JEFFREY HOLMAN RONALD HOLT: ICT CATHERINE S. HOOD: Techoir Orchestra. Marching Band. SAO. Track Library Aide WARREN J. HOOVER: Drama Club, Chess Club. Mu Alpha Theta. Brain Game JUDI HOSKINS: Track and Field ROSE HUBER: FLFFF. Messenger OEA BARBARA HUMPHREY: Cheerblock, Cheerleader. Drama Club. Junior Coun- cil. Senior Council, Techoir, Girl ' s Ensem- ble LAMONT HUDSON PHYLLIS HUMPHREY: Volleyball TAMMY HUNTER: Girl ' s Concert Club, Bell Choir DONALD IMMEL: Genealogy Club ARTHUR D. INGLE: Baseball WALTER JACKSON: OEA THERESA JACOBS: OEA CAROL JAMES: Cheerleader, SAO, Jr Council, Tennis Team, Musicals MICHELLE JAMES: OEA CHERYL JEFFERSON: OEA PAMELA JEFFERSON DEBBIE JENKINS: SAO, Peer Counse- lor, Green Carpet Club, DECA secretary TERREIAJIMISON BRYAN A. JOHNSON: Freshman Bas- ketball, Reserve Basketball, Varsity Bas- ketball GINGER JOHNSON JOHNNY JOHNSON: Wrestling, Band MARYSUE JOHNSON: Majorettes SHEENA .JOHNSON TODD JOHNSON: ROTC Rifle Team Photographer CHARLEEN. JONES CHERYL JONES: OEA ELLIS JONES: FFA. Library Club Honor Club, Student Council, Basketbal (C.V. White High School, Helena Arkan. sas) KAREN ANN JONES SHERRY JONES: OEA GEORGE JORDAN: DECA DARRELL KECKHAVER: Football Wrestling MICHAEL KELLER: Marching Band Pep Band, Fall Play, Musical, Dramj Club, Thespians, Music Contest EVA KEMP: Club TONY KEMPER KIM KENNEDY: Track, Volleyball CYNTHIA KILLEBREW 30 MALINDA KING: Varsity Cheerleader. Tennis, Volleyball. Mu Alpha Theta. DECA. Spanish Club. Genealog Club. Key Club, Musical — Sound of Music SHERMAN KEMP: Basketball, football, track, swimming JERRY KINNEY DONALD D. KIRBY: Bowlmg. track TYWANAKIRK TIM KOGER: Golf. Art Project. Basket- ball PHYLLIS KRINER: Tennis. German Club. OEA. DECA CLARENCE LANCASTER: Stagecraft Design ZONDALANE: DEA KENTL. NKFORD FRANK LASH TOM LAWRENCE: Football, Wrestling KIMBERLY LAWSON: OEA MICHELELAWSON JEFFREY LAYMAN MARK A LEE: Speech Team, Color Guard, Band Guard. Flag Detail. Drill Team. Pep Band. Marching Band WALTER LEE GREGORY LEVELL: Wrestling STEPHANIE LIGHTFOOT I RANDALL LINDSAY ICLIFTON LLOYD JERARD LORICK: Senior Council. Football. Basketball. Track DEBBIE MADISON DONNIE MADISON TED MAJORS RANDY OCHSENRIDER: Ba.seball DAVID OWENS JEFFREY OWENS RONEETA NIXON APRIL NOLAN BARRY NAPIER: ICT. Track. Cross iCountrv. Block T Club jJULIET NESBIT: French Club, Float [Committee DAVID MARTIN STEVE MANIS: Cross Country, Track RHONDA MARLOW: Majorette, Peer Counselor, Messenger PATRICK MANN: Wrestling ROSE LLTTRELL JON FARLAND SHEILA MASSEY: Cheerleadmg, Band JOSEPH MATHENY: Baseball KERMETTJAYES: Football ' MEREDITH MATTHEWS iPATRICIA A. MARSHALL: Yearbook FELICIA McCHRISTIAN: 1979 Fash- ion and Variety Show DAISY MEMBERS MARY MITCHELL: Cheerleader (Arlington). Track. Baseball JOYCE MOORE TAMMY MARCUM: Techoir. Girls Ensemble, Musicals. Cheerleader, Mat- maid, Drama Club, Orchestra, Thespians, Swing Choir MARY JO MURPHY DEBRA MORFORD: OEA TERESA MULLINS: SAO BRIAN MASON GREGORY MASON: Football. Basket- ball. Track. Stagecraft Club SCOTT MALOTT: Chess. Speech MARK S. MITCHELL: Tennis, Bowling. Senior Council. DECA. Yearbook. Youth Leadership Program TONY MICKENS: Bowling. Cross Country DAWN McCONN RITA McDONALD: OEA PAMELA GAYE McCREARY: OEA, lOL DENIS MENARD: Football Golf GARY MOORE: Football. Track GARY McCORKLE: Human Relations Council SCOTT PAFF TRAGI PAIGE: Minority Engineering Program. Homecoming Queen. Spanish Club. Center for Leadership Development KIM PARNELL LINDA J. PARISH: Yearbook Editor. Freshman Cheerleader. Reserve Cheer- leader, Junior Council, Key Club, Cannon Representative, Fall Play 78 MARY PARRIS: OEA DARRELL PATTON TERESA PATTON: Senior Messenger BRIAN PENMAN: Senior Office Mes- senger 31 DERRICK PERKINS RISTORIA PERRY: Marching Band. Stage Band. Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra DENNY PIERCE: Football. WrestUng. Track. Senior Office Messenger. ROTC Drill Team TAMMIE PIPES DARRELLPIRTLE CLIFTON PITTMAN WILLIE PITTMAN: Football. Basket- ball. Track KENNETH POINDEXTER: Wrestling. Football. Cross Country EMMA POLLARD LAMONT POLLARD: Band ARTHUR KEN PORTER: Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Stage Band, French Club. Tennis DEIDRE PORTER: Peer Counselor. OEA, Human Relations Council, Cannon (articles). Leadership Development KELLY POSTON KATHY POWELL: Track. Drama Club, Senior Messenger RODNEY L. ' POWELL: Stage Band, Marching Band. Pep Band, Float Com- mittee, Orchestra, Symphonic Band KEVIN PRICE DAVID PRYOR BRIAN PUGH DANIEL F. QUINTANA: Football, Wrestling TINA QUINTANA; Spanish Club, For- eign Language Messenger, Marching Band, FLFFFF, PE Leaded RON RAINE TAMARA RAMSEY: Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, OEA, Marching Band, All- City Band LOTARIO RANSOM ROBERTA A. RAY: Basketball Man- ager, Volleyball, Cheerleader, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Musicals LELA REED TIMOTHY REED: Basketball, Speech Team DONNA REESE JOSEPH V. REEVES JAMES E. RENT: Baseball. Football LINDA RIGGS: Basketball TRESA RICHARD: lOL, OEA JIM RIGSBEE ANGELIA RILEY: Barber Shop, Choir, Ensemble, Drama Club, Bands A B GARY ROBINSON MARILYN ROBERTSON: OEA, Orchestra. Junior Achievement YVONNE ROBINSON BILLY ROGERS CRYSTAL ROGERS: PE Assistant. Pool Rigbt: Hauline Peters spaces out. Assistant SUSAN ROGERS DANA ROWE MARGUERITE RUDOLPH: Volley- ball. Block T Club. Cheerblock WILLIE RUPERT ALAN SALOH: Stagecraft Club. SAO JUNE SANDERSON: Yearbook-Index Editor, Mu Alpha Theta-President. Quill and Scroll, French Club. Honor Society. Newspaper GARY SANFORD: Bowling. Health Messengeer, S-4 Assistant ROTC RICHARD SAYLOR PAULA SEAY: Cheerblock KATHY M. SEBASTIAN: Majorette. Marching Band, Tug of War, Senior Mes- senger, Youth in Government Day, OEA JACQUELINE SHANNON JONI SHAW: Volleyball, Float Commit- tee, Tug of War FELIcIa SHEAD: Choir, Vocal Ensem- ble (Arlington) LAURA SHEPHERD: YETP WILLIAM SHERLOCK M. SHERRELL: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes CARMENNA SHIRLEY: Techoir. Girls Concert Club, Cheerblock. lOL PORTIA SHOLAR: Speech Team. Drama Club. Spanish Club. Human Rela- tions Council. Junior President, Senior Council RONALD SHROPSHIRE VALENCIA M. SIMMONS: Spanish Club. Bowling Team. Mat Maid, Drama Club. Speech Team. Human Relations Council. Fall Play. Musical LYNN SIMMS: Spanish Club. Cheer- block. Band Drill. Majorettes. Health Center Messenger. Dean of Girls and For- eign Lang. Dept. Messenger CYNThIa SIMS: Volleyball. T-300 MARCELLA SIMS: Volleyball. Basket- ball LISA SKILLERN: OEA ANGIE SMITH: OEA BETTY SMITH FRANK SMITH JEFFREY SMITH KEITH SMITH: Messenger KEVIN SPENCER KIMBERLY A. SMITH: Track. Concert and Glee Club ROBERT A. SMITH RONALD SMITH SANDRA K. SMITH: Mu Alpha Theta, French Honor Society, French Club STEPHEN C. SMITH: Football, Pep Band. Marching Band SUSAN SMITH WILLA SMITH: Track ARLENE SOOTS: Band. Orchestra. String Ensemble. German Club. March- ing Band KEVIN SPELLS DAVUD SQUIRES GAYLE LYNN STACKHOUSE: Major- ettes. Marching Band. Tug of War, Mes- senger JENNIFER STARKS DEBBIE STILES JEFF STEPHENS JOHN S. STEPHENSON; Messenger Float Comm. VICTORIA STEPP; Messenger STEPHANIE STEVENSON: Majorettes, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Girls Ensemble. Symphonic Band. Marching Band. German Club, Orchestra. Musical. DECA ALVIN STEWART DAVID STEWART JAMES STEWART: Float Committee. Tug of War LAURIE STEWART: Volleyball. Tug of War SCOTT STEWART: Fashion Club. Float Comm.. Tug of War TINA STEWART: Musicals. Madrigals. Techoir, Drama Club, Key Club. Spanish Club. Volleyball. Tennis. FLFFFF. Honor Sweater DANIEL STOCK: ROTC Battalion Commander, Yearbook Editor. Rifle Team. Chess Team. Brain Game. Techoir. Boys Octette. Speech Team. NFL, Thespi- ans ALFHONSO STOVALL: Junior Council DEBORAH SULTZER KENNY SWALLERS: Swimming Team SHIRLEY TAMPER: Band, Marching Band RHONDA TANNER: DECA FRED TARDY BETH ANN TAYLOR: Bowline I CRYSTAL TAYLOR: Track. lOL. Float Comm. JOYCELYN TAYLOR: Marching Band. Bell Choir. Techoir. Service Club. Sym- phonic Band. Symphonic Orchestra. Pep Band. Stage Band. Drum Major. Band Captain (Marching Band) MONA TAYLOR : Tech 300 Vollevball PATRICIA TAYLOR SHERRY TAYLOR TYRONE TAYLOR: Chess Team. Tech 300, Drill Team, Flag Detail JULIE TEEPE JANET TENNANT: DECA. Cheer- leader DARRELL THOMAS LATRICIA THOMAS BERNICE THOMPSON BRADLEY THOMPSON: ROTC. Math Day. Minority Engineering Advancement Program JAMES THOMPSON MICHAEL THOMPSON MICHELLE THURMAN RICHARD TIMBERLAKE GERALD S. TOLAN: Chess Team. Mu Alpha Theta. Brain Game, Chess Club FOREST S.TOLIVER JACKIE TOLIVER:OEA PAMELA TOLIVER GREGORY TOWNSEL: Wrestling SYLVIA TRAMELL MANJITTREHAN SATINDERTREHAN NATHANIL TRICE JERRY TRUMAN: Track CHERYL TRUSLER: Key Club. Orchestra, String Ensemble. Techoir KEVIN TUCKER: Wrestling RAVIN TUCKER THERESE TUCKER ANGELOTUPASl: Tennis YOLANDA TURNER VINCENT TWYMAN: Basketball STACEYVALL JUAN G. VASQUEZ: Wrestling ROBERT VAUGHN: Ba.sketball. Year- book BARBARA VEAL MATTHEW VILLES VIVAN WADDELL: Tech 300 Honor Roll Trips. Tech 300 Skating Queen LARRY WAGNER ANDREW WALKER CURTIS WALKER DAVID WARD DENNIS WARD CHARLES WARE LILLIAN WATSON: Track. Pep Club TERRY WATSON: Tech 300 Football. Left: Not much action yet Bottom: A very solemn occasion no doubt Below: Our Guardian of the cars 33 Basketball. Bowling. Playwriting and Act ing TRACEY WATSON Right: An Atomic explosion? No. just homecoming fireworks PATRICIA WEBSTER KELLY WEIDNER DIANNA WELLS: Bell Choir. Concert Below: Why ,s everybody runnmg Club. Senior Messenger B , , . . . - | ,„ DEBORAH WERT: ROTC Messenger. Senior Messenger Below Left: And lives in this castle? mmmmnmn JEFFREY WEST: Football SCOTT WHISN ANT ANNETTE WHITE BYRON WHITE: VICA CHRISTOPHER WHITE JEAN WHITE: Basketball MICHAEL WHITE Top: Sludenls explore career paths Above: The path lo engineering starts here 35 WILLIE WHITESIDE KEITH L.WHITNEY DAVID L. WICKLIFF II: FLFFFF, Spanish Club PAUL WICKLIFF: FLFFFF. Foreign Lang. Award EDNA WIGGINGTON: Messenger. Math Award from XYZ Club, Home Ec. Ribbon LISA WIGGINS: OEA, Y-Teens. Cheer- block, Track DEBORAH WILBURN ERICK WILCOX: Track, Cannon News- paper, Tech 300 Basketball and Football. Track MARGARET WILEY: Majorettes. Sen- ior Council, Bell Choir, Symphonic Band, Girls Concert Club. SAO, Drama Club. Math Club. Service Club. Spanish Club ALEX WILLIAMS DEBRA WILLIAMS JEFFREY L. WILLIAMS: Football, Most valuable Lineman Award for 1979 Season LA VORUS WILLIAMS LAVENIA WILLIAMS NORMAN WILLIAMS RONALD WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIS JANET WILSON KATHY WILSON LISA WILSON MICHAEL WILSON: Musicals, Techoir, Octette. Swingchoir, Spanish Club. Exhib- ition Drill Team ROGER WILSON: Football. Baseball. Key Club, Titan Football Club TRACY L. WILSON: Football. Block-T- Club, Wrestling. DECA. Jr. Council. Track, Football Club RHONDA WIMBERLY Left: Tony Bishop and pet dragon defend Tech ' s honor from 701. Below: Roger DeBruler. Mary Cunningham, Judy Doll. Tim Curry, Teresa Sterk, Jimmy Godsey. Danny Creech from 702 stand over the remains of the knight. Bottom Right: Kevin Helms holds up an Arlington student to help 72 Ts float. 38 THOMAS WITMER CYNTHIA WOLFE: Photography Award JESSE WOLFE ROBERT WOOD DARRELL WOODRUFF: Baseball CHRISTINA WOODS: S.A.O.. Key Club, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Pit Orchestra. Pep Band, Senior Council, Marching Band SPENCER WOODS TERRY L. WOODS: Junior Council. ROTC: Girl ' s Drill Team. Girl ' s Color Guard THOMAS WOOTEN ERIC WRIGHT: Techoir. Boy ' s Octette. Technicians. All-State Honors Choir. All- City Choir. Musicals. SAO. Drama Club, Fall Plavs. Senior Counci LISA WRIGHT DANA YORK: Health Center Messen- ger. Yearbook GUY YOUNG KRISTINEYOUNT MIRTHAZELAYA Top: King Titan will dub the Knights " Sir Loser. " Left: Roll Room 640 ' s float made Arlington run in fright Below: Malinda King and Mike Keller say cheese for our photographers. Legionaires And Honor Students Tech Legion is the Titan version of the National Honor Society. Merit points are awarded to students by their classroom teachers and activity sponsors. After seven semesters points are totalled and the top 10% of each class is inducted. The top 10% of inductees are further honored as captains. The top boy and girl are dubbed co-commanders. Tech Legion points out the finer parts of Tech. Its members have always excelled, if not by grades then by disci- pline and courtesy. Though academics is not a basis for points, many Legionaires have good grades. Bottom Left: Dan Stock receives his Tech Legion pin. Right: Seated — Co-Commander Monica Brooks. Standing— : ptains Elizabeth Coons, Carol James, and Cathy Hood. Bottom, Front Row: Diana Adam, Cynthia Anderson, David Anderson, Lisa Aubrey. Cynthia Bibelow, Russel BIythe. Monica Brooks. Second Row: Natalie Gore, Bonnie Harding. Dennis Hayes, Elsa Helms, Carta Henson, Jeanne Holder, Ronnie Holt, Cathy Hood, Warren Hoover, Rose Huber. Third Row: Patti Marshal, Sheila Massey, Dawn Mccon, Tom McCreary, Julie Nesbit, Julie Newbold, Mary Parris, Ristona Perry, Tammy Ramsey, June Sanderson, Kathy Sebastian. 40 Represent Tech ' s Best Seniors r- ' ' ,¥ ' il ' ' ' ' L V,« Top Left, Front Row: Roger DcBruler, Tiim Going. Jay Carr, Dan Slock, Tom McCreary. Gerald Tolan. Second Row: Tina Slewart. Caria Henson, Carol James, June Sanderson, Sandy Smilh, Teresa Browning. Third row:Cynthia Killebrew, Malinda King, Monica Brooks, Terry Woods, Patty Marshall, Cathy Sebastian. Fourth row: Bonnie Harding, Phyllis Kriner. Margaret Wiley, Kathy Hood. Top, Sealed: Tom McCreary Co-Commander. Standing — Phyllis Kriner, June Sanderson, Cathy Sebastian Left, Front Row: Teresa Browning, Jay Carr, Rich- ard Caudill, Jennifer Childers, Nancy Begely, Liz Coons, Sharon Deatrick, Lonnie Garrett, Tom Going. Second Row: Carol James, Darell Kickhaver, Eva Kemp, Malinda King, Phyllis Kriner, Zonda Lane, Jerard Lorick, Scott Malott, Rhonda Marlow. Third Row: Gayle Stackhouse, Stephanie Stevenson, Tine Stewart, Dan Stock, Beth Taylor, Janet Ten- nant, Vivian Waddell, Margaret Wiley, Terry Woods. Every year the PTA rewards those sen- iors who have maintained excellent marks through six semesters. The class of 1980 had one of the largest groups in recent years as 28 seniors maintained a 7,00 grade point average or better. Honor Sweaters are one way in which Tech tries to promote academic excel- lence. As diploma requirements plummet, continuing efforts to reward good stu- dents become even more important. 41 Seniors Pull Their Own Weight One Day each year seniors get together to match up their strength and endurance. They do this at the TUG-O-WAR. The six senior roll rooms compete for the trophy given out to the champs. The winner this year was 722. They pulled against 702, who put up a good fight. All the roll rooms should be congratulated for good sportmanship. Middle Left: Half ' hail of defeat. .av throueh the ring. 648 fee ls the Above: Stress and strain show on the face of 722 " s Tammy Marcum. Middle Right: Roger DeBruler, Sharon Deatnck, and Kevm Ford hold the ropes on the way to a first round 702 victory. Right: 640 couldn ' t do the big time, but pulled the strmg over 701 on the first day of competition. Seniors Preview Future At Career Day Left: Counselors and council take a break from the action. Middle Left: Seniors searching for opportunities in T.V. talk to this representative from N.B.C. Below: Seniors learn of opportunities from an Air Force representative. Middle Right: Marine Seargenl shows opportunities in service to seniors. Career Day is a time when seniors gel together to learn about opportunities for their future. On career day representatives from several colleges came to Tech H.S. to tell students the opportunities their schools have to offer. Career Day was held in the boys ' gym. There were approx. thirty college and seventy-five other occu- pations represented. We hope that through Career Day seniors were able to tie up their future plans. Sadie Hawkins Keeps People Gawkin Top: A phony official and a sick chick play ball dur- ing half-time of the ball game. Middle: Possibly the most original get-up of the day was the Taste Bud group. These seniors provided the Sadie Hawkins Highlignt. 44 Far Left: Diane Guyinn and Debbie Wert display their Sadie Hawkins Dav Wardrobe. Left: The hard night ' s work preparing costumes shows on the faces of Jeff Williains, Tim Curry, and Kevin Hill. Middle Left: In addition to the official contest. Techoir held its own costume competition. Carla Henson. Sheila Massey, Carol James and Tim Curry wait for thejudges vote. Belo»: Barbara Humphrey and Dan Stock display the ever-popular, Baby Doll and the unique Disco Destroyer aarbs. Bottom: Though distinctly unholy, this trio displays a look " nun " can fault. What were you doing on the night of February 20, 1980? Well, if you were a SENIOR at Tech. you would have been trying to show off your Sadie Hawkins costume. At the basketball game, there was everything from fake officials (Tim Curry) to the Super-Chicken. (David Anderson) and from disco-destroyers. (Dan Stock) to Women Nuns, (Tom Going. Jim Godsey and Tim Koger). Throughout the day. Costumes were judged and winners were announced dur- ing half-time of the game. Winners were as follows: ScoU Middleton, Steve Rich- ardson. Mike Keller and the Taste Buds (Tony Bishop. Johnny Hutson. and Benjie Lvall). Jnank ljox Jfis. i:::A {£.n20%L£.i. aatUzsd PCc£uzs± OfJL Way QVe n l sxs ■ UiaiJ. UT£ U7£Z£. Sciati:tZ£a h.Latuz£Xpf tris- mdzi. ; ' . ' y- ' a om ano izx f;oz • ' ■ ' ( kis time zzuntttsn ££ £ t , Linz: rliilwbyV Ac- ryh nne frt Ara ff nil. ■A70UUI ur£, aouLa ' uxE. ■yi lztnozie. mdt ts hE-autif uL, gnd yzt n l kat ' ± l jiaLnfuL to Z£jn£nil7£.z n l E ±imliLif eficx i.E to J oz eL o it ' 6. tfiE LauqntEZ ute utuL EmEmiJEZ -f , ■■■: and Allen Bej an 48 If classes were the life of the campus, our activities were the soul. Through our endeavors in those groups we learned responsibility, initiative, and the involve- ment needed to excel in the world. Almost ail of us have at some time or another worked with, participated in, or been affected by one of Tech ' s extra-curricular clubs. A little soul for Tech; a lot of soul for each of us. 49 Drama Club Acts Up A Little This year the Drama Club had a special treat. One of the members Susan Maxwell, wrote and directed a one-act play entitled " Your Time is Up! " The play was a big success with the audience and the cast really enjoyed performing it! Susan we ' re proud of you. Keep up the good work! Also performed were the plays " Ask Aunt Fanny " , directed by Susan Price, a take off of Happy Days but with one big differ- ence, an all girl cast. And " Cops and Tod- dlers " directed by Eric Wright, a spin off of " Eight is Enough " which proved eight is about nine too many ! ! Top; Tina, Dagmar, and Dan read the script of " Eight IS Enough. " as Lisa and Rotunya look on. Right; Drama Club officers— Judith McBride spon- sor. Eric Wright Vice-President. Tina Stewart Presi- dent. David Anderson Sergeant-at-Arms, Tammy Marcum, Secretary. Stan Minks Sponsor Above; Drama Club— Front row, Richard Caudill, Mike Keller, Kevin Brown. Tim Graves. Eric Wright, Warren Hoover, Second row, Lisa McDonald, Tina Price. Susan Price. Tina Stewart. Kalhy Mathews. Kathy Brown. Cindi Hatcher. 03gmar Butte, Third row, Delores Simmons, Doug ; ane. Valencia Simons, Fourth row, Portia Sholar, Judith McBnde, Cindy Anderson, Susan Maxwell, Debbie Spellman. Tammy Marcum, Barbara ' iumphrey. Fifth row, Tom McCreary, Stan Minks, .?.uiel Mumaw, Dan Stock, David Anderson, Jeff kiiosdes, Lisa .Aubrey. Thespian Society Honors Actors Actresses Those dramatists who have gained enough Thespian points through acting are inducted into the International Thes- pian Society. The Society is an organiza- tion to honor and promote the performing arts for those who have excelled. Acting is not the only way to gain points; stage hands and make-up person- also gain points. Ten points are required for induction. Initiation itself is something else. After the formal induction, the members haze the initiates by conducting impromtu scenes of such things as a firehydrant when a dog approaches. Refreshments top the day and the inductees go home dream- ing of what to do to next years new-com- ers. ; 9v sl Top: Bonom Row; Barbara Humphrey. Eric Wright, Dan Stock. Janet Mumaw, Tina Stewart, Richard Caudill. Kathy Mathews. Debbie Spellman. Tammy Marcum. Doug Bane, Tim Graves. Second row Portia Sholar. Tom McCreary. Judith McBride and Stan Minks Sponsors. Susan Maxwell. Warren Hoover. David Andenson, Cynthia Anderson. Middle left: Tammy. Janet, Kathy, Portia, Tim, Doug. Dan. and Eric display their Thespian certifi- cates. Middle right: New Thespians hold the centerpiece of the banquet. Left; Mr. Minks, and Miss McBride and the Thespi- ans officers conduct the formal initiation. Fall Play Strikes Gold! Business seemed to be running as usual until an unknown stockholder makes an abrupt appearance on the scene. This " quaint " elderly lady named Laura Par- tridge, which was played by Portia Sholar, makes her entrance while asking some unnerving questions about the dubious procedures and salaries of the unscrupu- lous Board of Directors. In effort to silence Laura with her revealing questions they hire her to come and work with the company. As time passes, Laura ' s name is no longer lost among the millions of stockholders listed in the stockholders directory, instead it is her name which tops the daily agenda. During her working days at General Products, Laura succeeds in upsetting all regular routine, including upsetting the Treasurer, played by Doug Bane, with her outlandish postage bills. The Chairman of the Board, played by Dan Stock, lived under the constant threat of a pay cut. And the other two Directors, Gwen Waterford and Richard Caudill, had other reasons to fear her inquisitiveness. The Board of Directors were not the only ones whose lifestyles were changed. It was Laura who prompted a romance between BeloH left; Treasurer (DOUG BANE) and President (DAN STOCK) with a sneering leer and a greedy eve carefully observe the company model LISA MCDONALD). Right: Laura Partridge (PORTIA SHOLAR) dic- tates to her secretary, Amelia Shotgraven (SUSAN PRICE). her secretary, played by Susan Price, and the deliveryman, played by Jeff Rhoads. Laura also meddles in the life of the famed Edward McKeever, played by Tom McCreary. She rescues him from his ten- sion-filled life with the " d— Senators ' " , and brings him back to his old, presently filled, position at General Products. The threat the Directors face of losing their jobs to McKeever leaves them no other alternative than to fire the troublemaker Laura, but this remedial action is of no avail. Laura, who had won the hearts and proxy papers of the other stockholders. takes her proper place as head of the com- pany. And she thus, fires the other direc- tors. The Solid Gold Cadillac written by Howard Teichmann and George S. Kauf- man in 1953 was surely a " golden " fall play. Mrs. Alice Goodrum was the direc- tor along with Cynthia Anderson who was student director. On the whole, the play was lively, interesting and very enjoyable. Below; The three board member (from left to right) John Blessington (DAN STOCK), Alfred Metcalfe (RICHARD CAUDILL), and Wilma Gillie (GWEN WATERFORD). respectfully surround Laura who is smiling mischieviously. Left; Edward McKeever (TOM MCCREARY) bus- ily signs paper for his secretary. Miss Logan (VALENCIA SIMMONS). Below; Deliveryman. Mark Jenkins (JEFF RHOADS) boyishly asks out the shy young secre- tary, Amelia (SUSAN PRICE). Silence Not Golden For Speech Team Who at Tech High School in his right mind would crawl out of bed at 5 o ' clock in the morning, rush over to the guard- house at Tech. then be transported to a neighboring school where he would then give a speech four times, one that he had been practicing fervently for the last several weeks? This description could only accurately depict a speech team member of Arsenal Technical High School. This dedication to an organization can be cred- ited to the personal rewards attained at speech meets. These include self-confi- dence, self-discipline and the ability to speak profoundly, all of these traits are essential in later life. Speech team, this year, in keeping up with tradition, has resumed its reputation for being an outstanding organization here at Tech. The team placed in 4 of the 5 meets attended to so far this year. This success is surprising since many of the team ' s prominent members graduated last year; however, new members have proved to be numerous and promising. Speech team is an adventure, it is filled with variety. One meets new people as well as encounters many different types of speaking. Categories include Original Oratory, Extemporaneous, Oratorical Interpretation, Dramatic and Humorous Interpretation, Poetry, Prose Reading, Humorous and Dramatic duo. Impromptu, Radio and Television Broad- casting, and Discussion. Speech team: First Row; Anita Roberts. Jonita Coleman. Susan Maxwell, Dawn Trobe, Dagmar Butte. Brenda Bottoms, Sam Greene, Second Row; Kevin Helms. Richard Caudill. Cynthia Anderson, Tammy Allen. Susan Price, Paul Murphy. Carol Griffin, Third Row; Portia Sholar, Stacey B. Greene, Valencia Simmons, Denise Ulsh, Debra Campbell, Cynthia Anderson, Geoffrey Davis Fourth Row; Dan Stock, Roger DeBruler, Renita Freeman, Stephanie Burroughs. Syraleigh Coleman, Tom McCrearv Picture Right; Dawn Trobe practices with her Extempt. i Outstanding Members Of Speech Team Rate NFL Outstanding members of speech team tion and it is the goal of every speech team are ehgible to become members of the member. NFL, (not to be confused with National Forensic League, a National the National Football League) trains citi- Honor society. It is a pnvilege to be a zens to become more influential and thus, member in such an honorable organiza- successful. In order to become a member of this organization, one must earn twenty-five NFL points at speech contests or through speaking at certain service projects. Picture Left — Dan Stock and Susan Pnce practice a " Ist place — winning " Humorous Duo. Picture Below — Geoffrey Davis gives his original oration on Speech Day. (Also a 1st place-winning speech) If any one person were to be credited with the success of the speech team, it would have to be Mrs. Alice Goodrum, the speech coach and director. During the strike at the beginning of this year, she came in regularly and worked with the students in preparing for the upcoming speech meet. Examples of her dedication to the speech team are endless. Her devo- tion, hard work and effort, certainly reflect the success of the team. Below: Mrs. Goodrum is seen examining some speech team matenal. Below Left: NFL members pictured at left are as follows; First row, Tom McCreary. Portia Sholar, Richard Caudill, Cynthia Ander,son. Dan Stock, 2nd row, Sam Greene, Carol Gnffin. Dawn Trobe. Susan Maxwell. Cynthia A. Anderson. Paul Murphy. Susan Price, Stacev B. Greene, Geoffrey Davis. ' BI Our Best Musicians Put On Their Finest Performances Right: Ron Nobles director of the orchestra directs the orchestra on one of theirjolly Christmas tunes. Middle: Lee Barriclow directs the Symphonic Band and Stnng Ensemble through an old favorite Christ- mas song " Santa Claus Is Coming To Town " . Bottom: Symphonic Band and String Ensemble com- bined to play a medley of old and new Christmas songs. Christmas In The Round 1 979 } f I tr Leftr Boy ' s Odette sings an old German riirisimas folk song during their performance. Below Left: The Melodayers added iheir own flare when the sang Christmas songs from the Classical Period, Below Right: Girl ' s Ensemble not onlv added beautv but good ibrations as well. For the past 30 years Tech High has pre- sented its best musicians in a two hour show featuring Techoir, Boy ' s Octette, Girl ' s Concert Club, Melodarys, Girl ' s Ensemble. William Moon started this annual event which is still being carried on by Paul Prather, Dept. Head. In the past the shows were performed in the Form In Hall, but recently the shows have been held in the new H.H. Anderson Hall. For the past nine years the Bell Choir has performed Christmas tunes during the Christmas In The Round Program. Left: And here are the stars of this years Christmas in the round, Techoir. Below: Girl ' s Concert Club gets help from their director Kandis Brown. Melodayres Reviving An Old Top: The Lady of the manor welcomes the invited guests. Middle Left: Lord Jay Hood serves a delicious cup of wassail to the Christmas celebrants. Middle Right: Lisa, Kenny, and Jay bring the spirit to song. Above: The Lord of Misrule provides a little enter- tainment. Any jester worth his weight would do as much. Right: After his chastisement, Lord Jay dubs the jes- .58 Tradition Top Left: The distribution of the royal songbooks marks the beginning of the music festivities. Top Right: Even a Lord has his bad moments. Jay Hood feigns a smile as the jester watches his pant ' s npl Middle Left: Only top-notched talent could have topped the marvelous meal. Middle Right: Town Crier and the Lady of the manor sing the traditional Christmas announce- ments. Left: The Royal Court. Sitting; Jay Hood (Lord), Tina Stewart (Lady). Mike Keller (Town Crier). Dewayne Hall (Jester). Standing: Margaret McRoy. Janet Mumaw. Ken Booker. Sarah Daniel. Lisa Aubrey, Rosie Woods, Roberta Deckard, Marcev Quintana, Peggy Stanley. This year the Melodayres undertook a difficult task — the revival of the Madrigal Dinner. Missing five weeks because of the teacher strike put pressure on the group, but determination and hard work won out. The end results were excellent, pro- fessional performances. The dinner was held in the Colonel ' s Cupboard. Tech ' s new restaurant. The audience was taken back five hundred years to a simpler time when lords and ladies held candle lit feasts in honor of our " Lord Jesus " during the Yuletide season. Starting a new tradition, or reviving one. was very special to the senior mem- bers. Lisa Aubrey, Tina Stewart, Mike Keller and Ken Booker. It made their last year one to remember. They will always be able to look back and say, " We were the first! " 59 Tech oir Mus t Canim us Ex Animo ' ' . Right: The Techoir thrilled an appreciative audience at the Christmas In The Round. Below: Techoir Officers: Jeff Rhoades. Bass section leader; Lisa Aubrey, Co-President and Alto section leader: Carol James, Secretary and Soprano section leader: Demetria Gibson, Co-President; Richard Caudill. Tenor section leader; Mike Wilson. Trea- Techoir is the main musical organ of Tech. The best singers in the school meet every day during fifth hour to sing their hearts out. Some of the members even take their lunch period for Techoir. The Techoir sings a variety of styles of music including Pop, Spiritual, Religious and Classic. Mr. Prather is the director and Mrs. Kandis Brown accompanies the group. Every year the Techoir is the main attrac- tion at Christmas In The Round, in addi- tion to performing at the spring concert. Left; Treasurer Mike Wilson and Secretary Carol James tal e the daily attendance in Techoir. This is just one of their chores. Below Left: Mrs. Brown keys the parts and strikes the accompaniment to " Exhortation " . Below: Techoir goes under the educated ear of Mr. Prather. Bottom: Techoir: First Row: Diane Hall, Sheila Massey, Jeannie Holder, Susan Price, Tammy Ramsey, Roberta Ray, Cheryl Trusler. Regina Bonds. Angle Lewis. Stephanie Gilliam. Second Row: Joycelyn Taylor, Lashelle Hiser, Valerie Danford. Brenda Smith, Carmenia Shirley, Jeff Martin, Debbie Spellman, Terrence Clayton, Bryan Allen, Sharon Deatrick, Eric Wright, Stephenie Stevenson, Rosie Woods. Third Row: Kathy Matthews. Caria Henson, Bonnie Harding, Chris Davis. Harry Nelson, James Bell. Marc ey Quintana. Mike Keller. Barbara Humphrey, Miranda Bryant. Mike Wilson, Paul Murphy. Karen Smith. Sarah Daniels, Margaret McCroy. Fourth Row: Gizelle Roberson, Ben Vorhees, Jay Hood. Carol James, Dan Stock, Lisa Aubrey, Jeff Rhoades, Ted Clark, Ken Booker, Bill Harding, Demetria Gibson, Kathy Hood, Richard Caudill, Brett Rent. Gary Moore. Dewayne Hall. Teresa Hapner, Tim Curry. 61 Boy s Octet A Misnumber Numerically, the Boy ' s Octet is a little off, but where music is concerned it is almost unmatched. Music contest was Octet ' s game. At district contest the group left much to be desired, but advanced to state regardless. State contest was a differ- ent story, as a near-perfect performance won the guy ' s a First Division Rating. Director Paul Prather works with the fellows sixth hour on their format of Bar- bershop. Folk and Pop music. Tenor I was sung by Eric Wright, Paul Murphy and Tim Curry, while Demetria Gibson, Mike Wilson and Brett Rent did the Tenor II lines. Baritone was the job of Richard Caudill and Chris Davis with Dan Stock, Ben Vorhees. Jeff Rhoades and Ted Clark carrying the Bass. U.iU al Above: The Octet performance at Christmas In The Round was the finest in the past three years. Right: Mr. Prather contemplates the score of a piece during class. Top: Ben, Ted, Jeff, Richard and Tim sing their blues at the Valentine ' s Day Tea. Not pictured: Chris Davis Middle: Practice is the heart and soul of singing, Ted, Paul, Dan, Jeff, Eric, Ben and Mike await Mr Prather ' s criticism. Bottom Right: The Boy ' s Octet: Left Paul Murphy, Eric Wright, Tim Currv, Demetria Gibson, Dan Stock, JefT Rhoades. Right Mike Wilson, Brett Rent, ■!; Richard Caudill. Ben Vorhees. Ted Clark, Melodayres Recreate Ancient Memory, The Melodayres began a new tradition this year by performing the first Tech Madrigal Dinner. Set in the atmosphere of medieval times, the Dinner was the Melo- dayre Highlight. Director Gary Conway works every sixth hour with the group. Sopranos are Janet Mumaw, Sarah Daniels, Margaret McCroy and Rosie Woods. Basses are Ken Booker, Jay Hood, Marcey Quin- tana, Mike Keller and Dewayne Hall. Alto was carried by Lisa Aubrey and Tina Stewart. Top: The Melodayres, Front to Back: Ken Booker, Lisa Aubrey, Jay Hood. Tina Stewart. Marcey Quintana, Margaret McCroy, Mike Keller, Janet Mumaw, Sarah Daniels. Dewayne Hall. Rosie Woods, Roberta Deckard, Peggy Stanley. Left: Practice makes the Melodayres the group that they are. A little work with a lot of talent. Above: Though not in their costumes. !he Melo- dayres still reel in the applause at the Valentine ' s Day Tea. 63 The Way WeWere . . The Way Are • m The Girls Ensemble is a very active singing group made up of 12 girls. They do many voluntary performances for sal- vation army, churches and student assem- blies. Tryouts are held each year for new members to replace the graduating sen- iors. The Girl ' s Ensemble sings mostly pop songs while directed by Mrs. Kandis Brown. Above: Girl ' s Ensemble, First Row: Teresa Hapner Kathv Mathews. Carol James, Valerie Dandford Tammy Marcum. Roberta Deckard. Second Row Mrs. Brown, Sheila Massey, Debbie Spellman, Stephanie Stephenson, Barbara Humphrey, Monica Williams. Top Right: Girl ' s Ensemble goes to a fine finish at State Music Contest. Right: A jazzy move is a typical style for the girls Bottom: The Ensemble put on another sterling show at Christmas in the Round. Young Singers Work Toward Techoir Concert Club is the beginning choir classes for those who aspire to make the senior classes. The Concert Clubs are made up mostly of freshmen or sopho- mores. After learning the basics, members try out for Techoir. Almost all members of the advanced classes were once Club members. Concert Clubs meet second hour for the girls and third for the boys. Mr. Paul Prather, who directs the advanced classes also watches the guys to measure their progress. Mrs. Brown, the Ensemble director, coaches the girl ' s group. 65 Titans Are In Step To The Music mi ' imscmnm Top: Row 1 ; Robin Leisring, Susan Price, Becky Robbins. Teresa Hapner. Rhonda Marlow, Kathy Sebastian. Stephanie Stevenson, Gayle Stackhouse. Margaret Wiley, Juhe Teepe, Jenny Maxwell, Reva Wilkinson, Mane Hendrickson, Delia Bellamy. Row 2 (seated): Valene Hawkins, Zina Van Landingham, Angela pfile. Denise Ulsh, Kathy Hess. Johnna Jordan, Janet Mumaw. Chris Hightower, Tina Woods. Lisa Payton. (Standing left) Tammy O ' Neill. Joycelyn Taylor. Row 3: Mike Payton. Paul Murphy. Ristoria Perry. Marcie Quinlana. Elisa Aguilera. Kathy Brown. Bruce Glover . Julie Harlan. Hoey Folkening. Kathy Jordan. Lisa McDonald. Cleovis West. Keeley Evans. Row 4: Rodney Powell, Bobby Poteet, Robert Dunn, John Sullivan, Mark Lee, Lester Stansberry. Jerry Dodson. Victor Vondersaar. Mark Thompson. ' Stan Jujuga. Len Evans. Lonnie Garrett. Donald Fox. (Standing Right) Karen Nagy. C. Lee Barricklow. Row 5: Jim Homaday. Jay Hood. Chuck Hapner, Harry Nelson. Kevin Alcorn. Scott Stackhouse, Mike Keller, Tom Going, Ken Edwards. Steve Bornman. Ron Brown. Aaron Stansberry. John Kidd. The Marching Band is a group that ranges from 50 to 60 people. The Band plus the Majorettes make up the half- time show during the home games. They have marched in two parades and are going to march in the 500 parade, a once in four year event. Hopefully, the 500 parade will see the Marching Titans all dressed up in new uniforms. Members have been working hard to raise money to achieve this end. The Marching Band is ably directed bv Mr. Lee Barricklow. left: Marching Band in the second of its three parades. Brass and percussion step by on Vet- I ' ljn ' s Day. Sliddi ' e right: Jay Hood is bringing up the rear with his tuba. Uiiiht,: Flutist says practice makes perfect. The Majorettes On Parade The Titanettes are a group of pretty girls who work very hard at what they do. They practice ninth hour and after school to try to keep their arms straight, their knees up and " smile " . The Titanettes are sponsored by Miss Karen Nagy and are headed by three captains, Kathy Sabas- tian. Gayle Stackhouse and Stephanie Ste- phenson. Because of the teachers strike the Titan- ettes have had a slow year of perform- ances, they have performed in two parades and at two home football games. Top: Ear Muffs help ihe Majorettes stay ing Ihe Veterans Day Parade. Left: One. two. three o ' clock four o ' clock rock, five, SIX, seven o ' clock, eight o ' clock rock, nine, ten, eleven o ' clock twelve o ' clock rock. We ' re gonna rock around the clock tonight! Above: The Seniors of the Majorettes show off their class . . . " 80 " . 67 Bands Play Their Hearts Out Above: Row I: Pam Henshaw, Angela Pfile, Cathy Hess, Janet Mumaw. Valerie Danford, Christina High tower, Tina Lefevers Row 2: Cathy Jordan, Ristona Perry, Julie Harlan, Cindy Thompson, Denise Ulsh, Paul Murphy, Tammy O ' Neill, Kelley Evans, Dennis Stokes, Jeff Everling, Dawn McManama Row 3: Cleovis West, Elisa Aguilera, Joey Folkenmg, Jeff Martin, Len Evans, Tom Curren. Stan Jujuga, Joycelyn Taylor, Mark Lee, Victoi Vondersaar, Lonnie Garrett, Donald Fox, Dennis Stokes, Johnny Kidd Row 4: Deanna Smith, Ray Ingram, Marcie Quintana, Kim Jones, Kalhy BrOwn. Standing: Mr. Baricklow. Cornelius White, Kevin Alcorn, Ken Edwards, Scott Stackhouse, Mike Keller, Tom Going, Ronald Brown, John Sullivan. Robert Poteet, Rodney Powell Not Pictured: Tina Price, Jay Hood, Randy Ochsennder. Above: Row 1 : Glenn Sullivan, Lisa Payton, Bruce Glover Row 2: Harry Nelson, Mike Payton, Cynthia Hatcher, Johnathon Thompson, Charles Heagy, George England Row 3: Jerry Dodson, Mark Watts, Lynn Curry, Mark Thompson, Ken Stone, Thad Breheim. Aaron Stansberry, Eric Morgan, Roger Heagn, Robert Dunn Standing: Michael Thurman, Richard Crenshaw, Frank Twitty, Mr. Evans 68 Ring My Bell, Bell Choir - 1 The 1 979-80 Bell Choir has brightened Top Left: " Well u looked like an " A " . many faces throughout this year. While t ■ r ■.■ J . Top Rieht: Bell Choir performs at Christmas in the playing for senior citizens, downtown Round hotels and the Education Center, they have had fun and entertained a great Above: " G " " G " where ' s the " G ' " ' Searching for the _ 1 n 1. 1 ■ correct bell can be a chore. many people. Members are eleven seniors, one junior, and two sophomores. It looks . J . what was that-a " z flat " ? Somethmg like Mrs. Brown will be looking for new must have gone wrong, " ringing " talent next year. 69 Orchestra Pulls The Strings Above: Ron Nobles directs the orchestra during their performance at the Christmas In The Round pro- gram in December of 1979. Right: This picture was taken during rehearsal for the concerto concert which was performed on the nightof Feb. 28, 1980. Bottom: The strings of the orchestra take a com- manding lead during the Concerto Concert. This years orchestra came through again with this years Concerto Concert playing five songs in which Mr. Coway, a teacher here at Tech performed. The Con- certo Concert has been a major produc- tion for the orchestra for the past five years. Ron Nobles, the director has taught and directed for the past ten years. 70 String Ensemble: Strumming Out First From Left to Right, First Ro»: Richard ( aiiJill, Lisa Aubey. Second Row: Julie Wilson, Valerie M.. Cherly Truser, Debbie Spellman. Third Row: Aelean Soots, Margaret Wiley, Ron Noboles, Donna Mathes, Brenda Smith. Fourth Row: Lori Smith, Jay Carr. James Tuner, Ken Este. This picture was taken dunng a recent rehearsal for the Concerto Concert which was held on Feb. 28, 1980. Mr. Gary Conway also pictured was the main event during the concert. Ron Nobles Director of the String Ensemble for the past ten years has received eight first and one second divi- sion rating while participating in the Indi- ana All State Music Contest. He ' s also director of the orchestras at Tech and School 101. The ensemble plays for many grade schools throughout the year, and recently they performed with the bell choir at School 101, On the right hand side of the page is a recent picture of the string ensemble performing at the Valen- tine ' s Dav Tea on Feb. 14, 1980, The String Ensemble was one of the many music groups performing at the Valentine ' s Day Tea in the Arsenal on Feb. 14, 1980. Stage Band: Great Musicians Top: This picture of Pep Band was taken at the Sadie Hawkins Day Basketball game which was played on Feb. 20, 1980. They are being directed by their spon- sor Lee Barrick Low. Bonom: In this picture Jay Hood a member of the pep band plays his tuba durmg their performance for the Girls Basketball game. Pep Band, if you didn ' t know, has played during game time for some time. Their director Lee Barricklow is one of the fin- est band director in the city. The pep band adds class to every home game and we hope they continue the good work. Top of page: Stage Band poses in front of the piano after a hearty worl out session from left to nght are; first row: Donald Foxx. Ristoria Perry, Keely Evans. Jim Hornaday. Scott Slackhouse, second row: Jeff Martin. John Sul- livan. Stan Loopner. Rodney Powell. Victor Vondasaar, Bobby Bote. Lonnie Garret, not pictured: Micheal Keller. Downell Mcnama, Joycelyn Taylor. Middle of page: Lee Barricklow director of the stage band directs the stage band during the Christmas In The Round program. String Ensemble also performed with the stage band dunng a melody of Christmas tunes. Recently Stage Band has given per- formances at various grade schools in the Indianapolis public school system. This year stagehand performed during the Christmas In The Round show. Lee Bar- riklow directs the stage band. 73 Leadership, Discipline Keys To Probably the most under-rated class on campus. ROTC teaches personal qualities that can be used after high school. The two keys to success in ROTC are leader- ship and discipline. These are the two things which have made this year ' s battal- ion one of the best in recent years. As if starting a new tradition, the battal- ion won first place at the Veteran ' s Day Parade for the second year in a row. To further prove their excellence, the ROTC battalion will attempt to earn another Honor Unit star at its Annua! Formal Inspection, hopefully a gold star of Dis- tinction. This year ' s staff has been more func- tional than ever. All battalion activities ranging from weekly inspection to promo- tions have been handled by the student commanders. In addition, the Company commanders and their subordinates began practice early on their sequences. Tech graduated eight new officers from Summercamp ' s Officers Candidate School, and an additional eight were com- missioned by the fall Officers Promotion Board. Having proven themselves by dis- cipline and leadership these young offi- cers hope to become next year ' s com- manders. This year ' s Battalion Commander is C COL Daniel Stock. He will be succeeded by C CPT Dennis Stokes, the Battalion Executive Officer. Right: Battalion officers, 1st row; C CPT Connie Sims. C CPT Terry Woods. C CPT Dianne Guyinn, C 2LT Debbie Wert, 2nd row: C 2LT Karen Brown, C 2LT Maretta Hutton, C 2LT Loretta Hutton, C 2LT Jonita Coleman. 3rd row; C CPT Dennis Stokes, C CPT Todd Johnson. C MAJ Mark Lee, C COL Dan Stock, 4th row; C 2LT Curtis Chapman, C 2LT Steve Richardson, C 2LT Robert Barnett. C 2LT Charles Taylor, 5th row: C 2LT Duane Hall, C 2LT Auzzie Heard, C 2LT Robert Munden, C 2LT Tyrone Taylor, 6th row; C 2LT Gary Sanford, C 2LT Eugene Bear, C 2LT Rodger Heagy, C CPT Reginald McDade, 7 th row; C 2LT Jerald Crumbo, C 2LT Anthony Thompson. Below right: Company officers, front row; C 2LT Eugene Bear. ACoXO; C CPT Terry Woods, ACoCO; C ILT Steve Richardson, BCoXO; C CPT Reginald McDade, BCoCO; back row: C 2LT Anthonv Thompson, ACo2ndPTL; C 2LT Auzzie Heard, ' AColstPTL; C 2LT Jerald Crumbo, BCo2ndPTL; C 2LT Robert Barnett, BColstPTL. Above: Battalion staff, from left; C COL Dan Stock, BNCO; C 2LT Curtis Chapman, BNS-5: C CPT Dianne Guyinn, BNS-4: C MAJ Mark Lee, BNS-3; C CPT To ' dd Johnson, BNS-2; C 2LT Maretta Hutton, BNS- 1 ; C CPT Dennis Stokes, BNXO Right: A traditional part of ROTC, this parade in the Annual Formal Inspection won Tech ' s battalion an Honor Unit rating. ROTC Success Left: Led by the Slaff and the Color Guard, a well disciphned Tech battalion marches past the review- ing stand to first place. Below: Girl ' s Color Guard, kneeling; C PFC Pau- line Byrd. C PFC Chris Rumfell, C PFC Teresa Streeval. C PFC Lauri Armour, C 2LT Jonita Cole- man: 2nd row: C CPL Robin Becklv, C PFC Nata- lie Ervin, C PFC Dawn White, C SGT Betty Leo- nard, back row: C SSG Barbara Evans, C PFC Ing- borg Willis, C CPT Terrv Woods Above left: Boy ' s Color Guard, kneeling: C 2LT Robert Barnett. ' C MAJ Mark Lee, C SFC Joseph Arrington, standing: C 2LT Anthony Thompson, C CPT Reginald McDade, C SSG Jerald Hickey, C SSG Bobby Farmer Left: Discipline and leadership lead to recognition and advancement. Here C CPT Dan Stock receives a medal for achievement. The Tech Color Guards are one of the inost visible activities on campus. In addi- tion to performing at all home athletic events, both the boy ' s and the girl ' s color guards also do service to the flag on invi- tation. Both color guards owe thanks to the ROTC instructors who transport them to their assignments. The Tech color guards have always dis- played precision in drill and a much- needed pride in the national colors. The girl ' s unit was commanded by C SSG Barbara Evans, while the guy ' s group was headed by C CPT Regmald McDade, Practice And Precision Make II n HP Practice is what characterizes the boy ' s exhibition drill team and the rifle team best. Both groups worked during the teacher ' s strike to get ready for the season, and the fruits are already evident. The boy ' s team has competed in one early drill meet and showed itself very well. Precision is their game, for that is what is needed to preserve their rifles and Right: A moment where expertise and faith make the man and the effort; drill team commander Mark Lee freezes as his team tosses a pair of 15-pound rifles over his head. Below; Bov ' s e.xhibition dnll team, kneeling; C 2LT Curtis Chapman, C 2LT Dewavne Hall, C CPT Reginald McDade XO, 2nd row; t MAJ Mark Lee CO, C PFC Kimber Buck, C 2LT Robert Harnett, C SSG John Holcolm, C 2LT Auzzie Heard, 3rd row; C SSG Donald Clayton, C SGT Darin Granger, C PFC David Murry, C SSG Jay Akers N Far left; MSG James MacDaniel instructs C PFC Jeffery Hess in the offhand position. MSG MacD- aniel ' s close work with the rifle team is one major reason for its success. Near left: Rifle Team, 1st row; C PFC William Rent, C PFC Jeffery Hess, C PFC Bill Shepard, 2nd row; C 2LT Jerald Crumbo, C PFC Teresa Streeval, C CPT Todd Johnson CO, standing; C PFC Richard Hogue, MSG James MacDaniel, sponsor, C COL Dan Stock reputations. The exhibition drill team is the defending champ of the state-wide Fort Benjamin Harrison Drill Meet. The rifle team lives or dies by its accu- racy: this year they lived indeed. In both of their first two matches they have fired 200 points over last year ' s marks. Most of this is due to an outstanding crop of fresh- men who have fired well above average for first-year cadets. Tech is the defending city champ this year. Teams Perfect, w yj Left: Girl ' s Exhibition Drill Team, From left; C SSG Barbara Evans XO, C SGT Anila Roberts. C CPL Robin Becklev. C PFC Dawn White, C72LT Marella Mutton, C 2LT Jonila Coleman, C CPT Terrv Woods CO, C PFC Chris Rumfelt, C PFC Teresa Streeval, C SGT Betty Leonard, C SGT Mary Guyinn, C 2LT Loretta Hutlon. C PFC Joyce McGintv Below; IDR Drill Team, from left; C SFC William Jackson, C PFC Roger Love, C PVT Jim Hornadav, C PFC Ken Esleb, C SGT Jerrv Dodson, C CPT Dennis Stokes CO, C SSG .Andrew Munden, C PFC Jeff Graves, C PFC David Munden, C SSG Ed Gordon, C SSG Keith Kilgore Above left; Drill team commander Terry Woods sets her members in a new formation, C CPT Woods designs all the choreography for the team. Left: C CPT Dennis Stokes inspects C SSG Keith Kilgore ' s weapon. As commander. Dennis Stokes must insure team members have perfect uniforms and excellent military knowledge, in addition to pre- cise drill execution. The girl ' s exhibition drill team is a dif- ferent type of drill. Because they perform without weapons their drill sequence must be perfectly executed. The drill sequence is designed by the commander, and may contain many different steps and maneu- vers. The more complex the sequence is, the more likely it is to win if presented correctly. The team members practice in the mornings before school almost every morning. The Infantry Drill Regulation Team covers perhaps the greatest scope of mili- tary factors. This team has a standard sequence which all IDR teams use; because every team does the same things, the competition is to see who does it per- fectly. The sharp snap of pivots and the synchronized crack of rifles is everything to the IDR team. In addition, the team is inspected at every drill meet. For this rea- son. IDR must have impeccable uniforms and complete mastery of aM military knowledge. School Service, Teaching And Tech can show its professionalism and earn recognition for the school. Tech ' s first-place march is usually done in 30° weather. Tech ' s most important occasion of the year comes in the spring with its Annual Formal Inspection. This is the true test of the battalion ' s ability. Drill expertise, mili- tary knowledge and military courtesy are tried to determine if the unit is proficient. The best 10% of the schools become Honor Units with Distinction: this is the goal of your ROTC battalion. Few realize the contributions that Right; Bandguard. kneeling; C 2LT Auzzie Heard CO. C 2LT Curtis Chapman, C SSG Ed Gordon. C PFC David Munden. C SFC Joseph Arnngton, C SSG Andrew Munden, C SSG John Holcomb, C 2LT DeWayne Hall XO, 2nd row; C 2LT Robert Munden. C CPT Dennis Stokes, C PFC Roger Lowe, C SSG Jerald Hickev, C PVT Jerry Buckner C SSG Kevin Marsh, C MAJ Mark Lee, Jra row; C SFC William Jackson, C SSG Keith Kilgore, C SGT Darin Granger, C SSG Donald Clayton, C SGT Damon Simms Below right; The flag detail is one of the most impor tant but least appreciated services performed by the ROTC battalion. Here the detail raises the national colors in the morning. Below left; Flag Detail, kneeling: C MAJ Mark Lee CO. C CPT Reginald McDade XO. 2nd row; C PFC Kimber Buck, C 2LT Curtis Chapman. C PFC Jeff Graves, C 2LT Robert Bamett, C SSG John Holcomb, 3rd row: C SSG Keith Kilgore, C 2LT Auzzie Heard. C SGT Darin Granger, C SFC Joseph Arrmgton, C SFC William Jackson. ROTC makes to the school and its stu- dents. One of the most prominent is the Tech bandguard. The bandguard can be seen at any home athletic game. The members help maintain order at games and keep the floors and fields clear. Though lacking the recognition it deserves, the flag detail is another of the ROTC service groups. The detail raises and strikes the national colors every morning in clear weather and evening after school. What few know is that the flag detail members often run through the rain to lower the flag if the conditions sud- denly sour. Ceremonies Part OfROTC. Left: Decorations prove the pomp and reward of ROTC are present and available to those who try. Below: School service is found at ballgames with the bandguard. Here C 2LT Dewavne Hall pays out rope to secure the playing floor. Above Left: Punishment is as much a part of the mil- itary as awards. During a court marshall. C SFC Keith Kilgore (who was not charged) testifies to an alleged crime. Left: Every cadet must teach a class on some subject. Here C 2LT Connie Sims delivers her lesson. ROTC class is different because it requires that the student replace the instructor. Each cadet must prepare and deliver a class; the idea is to develop an ability to communicate effectively, as this is essential to good leadership. As cadets advance, they may be called upon to teach their class a subject taught in previous years, without the benefit of preparation. This promotes a working grasp of knowl- edge and a feeling of ease in front of crowds. Leadership is further developed by placing cadets in positions of authority and giving them practice at commanding tactfully. Even marching a squad builds confidence and ability. To develop man- agement ability, those who have excelled are trusted with running the battalion ' s business. Besides their work, staff mem- bers also train a cadet to replace therrj. 79 Lively Dances, picy Foods Highlight Spanish Club Year, The Spanish Club is an active group at Tech. Many new friendships are made by means of sharing Spanish culture and ideas, traditional dances, and the helpful use of written and spoken Spanish. The Spanish people, as well as the Spanish Club at Tech, are well known for their customary foods. The Spanish Club had its annual Tasting Bee as before in Stuart Hall. A variety of Mexican foods was offered for the cost of $ .75. The menu consisted of churos, (a footlong donut-like pastry), tostadas and enchilada sauce, minature tacos, tamales, pasteles, pasteles de boda (mexican wedding cakes), turon de p latanos (banana fritters), leche que- mada (carmel sauce) with fresh cut apples. Many people attended and enjoyed the variety of foods. Several of the students helped out in preparing tacos as the taco fiesta was underway. Tacos were prepared as crispy tacos-regular shells, and soft tacos-tortilla Top:Officers are from left to right; Darryll Whitney, Sargent-at-Arms; Valencia Simmons, Vice- President; David Wickliff, Treasurer; Margie Herra, Secretary and seated Nancy Forbes Begley, President. Upper Middle: Back Row: Margie Herra, Rhonda Herring. Lorraine Murrell, Valencia Simmons. Second Row: Denise Harris, Lynn Simms. guest Patrisha Murrell. Portia Sholar. Front Row: Darryll Whitney. Anna Blagrave and Nancy Begley. Below: A traditional Spamsh dance is being learned and performed. Right: Denise Harris. Margie Herra, Paula Dotson and Nancy Begley are helping prepare tacos for the Taco Fiesta. Bottom Right: Elvira and Armando Yaciofano from Argentina visit Spanish Classes during a normal school day. shell. To attend the taco fiesta this year you had to have a reservation. Elvira and Armando Yaciofano from Argentina visited Tech ' s campus to see what teenagers here do during their school day. They were in Indianapolis visiting Mrs. Cheryll Wyne, a Spanish teacher at Tech. They visited Tech because Mrs. Wyne wanted her pupils to know Elvira and Armando and their way of living. Elvira commented, " We like being with you and knowing first-hand about life in the United States. " 80. Parle-tu Francais?-French Club j Does Several French Club members and stu- dents in a French class journeyed to Can- ada during Spring break, April 1-5. Before the students left to Canada, they learned to sing " O Canada, " Canada ' s National Anthem. While in Canada the group learned the history of Musee du Fort, took a romantic ferry boat ride across the St. Lawrence River (over 250 feet deep); that afternoon they went to Ste.-Anne-de- Beaupre, Montmorency Falls, the Grande Hermine, and tasted hot bread fresh from the oven. While at the hotel, gourmet din- ners were prepared. An evening sleigh ride through the city street of Old Quebec and the plains of Abraham was breathtaking for the group. Back Row: Cleovis West, Stan Jajuga. Rena McCaslin. Dawn Harris, Mr. Stanley. French 3 teacher; Middle row: Rod Stevens, Tammy Allen. Denise Ulsh. Lottie Anderson; Front row: Tina Price. Nanette Arwine. Phillip Warner. Second picture: As the club members are gathering around making popcorn. They are Denise Ulsh, Barb Bendig, Tammy Allen, Cynthia Anderson, and Pam Hunt. Third picture: Mrs. Wyne and James Turner are demonstrating " meringue aux fruits. " Fourth picture: Tammy Allen and Cleovis West are also demonstrating the mermgues. Fifth picture: Kim Clark and James Turner are mak- ing a pinata for the " Piiiata Busting Contest " on Valentines Day. Guten Morgen Meine Freunde The German Club has been planning a tnp to King s Island along with the other foreign language clubs. The German classes have studied the language and borne down heavily on Ger- man customs. Much time has been spent in the lab hstening to conversations and verbal responses in German. The German Club has been tasting a variety of foods. The dishes the students enjoy the most are German sausages and pastries. The officers for 1979-80 are as follows: Janet Mumaw, President; Sarah Feltner, Vice-President; Julie Harlan, Secretary; and Tina Soots, Historian. The Advanced German class look as though they are really studying hard. They are as follows: Front Row: Mike Hughes, Tom Curren. Back Row: Paul Wickliff and Janet Mumaw. The German Club gets together in a semi-circle as they prepare a German treat. From left to right they are: Mr. Stanley, Sponsor; Janet Mumaw, President; Tina Soots, Historian; Steve Wells; Leo Spearman; Julie Harlan, Secretary; and Robert Wright. Going Toga In Latin Club Mrs. Fine ' s Latin classes seem to be active quite often in their classes. The stu- dents had a toga fashion show and a toga party afterwards. Latin classes have par- ticipated in several activities such as: songs and plays in Latin, GREEKO instead of BINGO, and Latin concentra- tion. Latin classes have also had Gladiator shows and chariot races. Latin speakers seem to really enjoy festivity and social functions. Top, In front: John Choriatis display.s his toga. Sec- ond Row: Dana Gray, Lucretia Reuter. Cindi Hatcher, Chnsty Everts, Suzanne Dodson and Mrs. Fine. Third Row: Angie Pfile, Richard Calhoon, Eric Hill, Lxiri Simmons and Edna Kemp. Above Left: Mrs. Fme, Lucretia Reuter. Dana Gray, Cmdi Hatcher, Christy Everts and Angie Pfile enjoy the Toga party after the Toga Fashion Show. Above: Mrs. Fine, Sponsor of Latin classes and Latin Club, parades around in her toga costume. 8i Key Club Has The Key Key Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. It ' s various functions include providing fireworks for Homecoming, painting campus trash cans, and raising money for various service oriented organi- zations. One of it ' s major activities is the bell ringing for the Salvation Army. Members of the club volunteer their own free time to help raise money, so others who are less fortunate than they can have a Christmas too. This year Tech ' s Key Club raised more money for the Salvation Army than any other club in the state. Key Club has helped in the solution of many of today ' s problems. Right: Key Club Officers; Paula Dotson, Treasurer; Lisa Aubrey, President; Bobby Poteet, Vice-Presi- dent; Cheryl Trusler, Secretary. Below: Key Club, First Row; Carol Gnffin, Debbie Quarries, Natalie Gore, Janet Sims, Terri Moore, Sherry Strough. Second Row; Deane Hinton, Jane Doe, Tina Stewart, Malinda King, Susan Maxwell, Cheryl Trusler. Third Row; Tom Going, Bobby Poteet, Deidre Hinton, Arnold Lehman, sponsor Right: The Key Club ' s efforts this year won it the second-place trophy in its division. ai. Math Club Monopolizes Titans The Mu Alpha Thela Math Club is the youngest club on campus, yet it ' s mem- bers total over 40. To be eligible for this club you must be enrolled in a math course and carry a B or above average. The MATH Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:45 a.m. The MATH Club is also a very active club. They have sponsored a monopoly tournament, a trip to King ' s Island, and numerous math contests. It looks to be one of the most promising clubs on cam- pus. Left: Some of the club compete in the Monopoly Tournament that Mu Alpha Theta sponsored. Middle Left: President June Sanderson pauses to smile at the camera durine a meeting. Above: Mu Alpha Theta; Front, Robert Robinson, Curtis Robinson. Second Row, Stephanie Gilliam, Elsa Helms, Denise Hams, Cammille Gillium, Carol Holiday, Anita Chambers. Third Row: Julie Wilson. Brian Gore. Leo Spearman, Steve Wells. Monica Brooks. Bonita Scott. Steve Jones. Pam Ireland. June Sanderson. James Turner. Chris Hightower. Fourth Row, Warren Hoover. Ilias Sotos. Jay Carr. Jenny Childers. Mr. Ireland (sponsor). Carla Henson, Denise Ulsh. Mrs. Hoffman (sponsor). Alicia Wilson. Dagmar Butte. Elizabeth Coons. Left: Angela Phile practices with a calibrated tele- scope. This instrument is used in trigonometry. Human Relations Improve Through Planning The Human Relations Council consists of regular members and associate mem- bers. To be a regular member of the Human Relations Council one must: (1) Be a student of Tech, (2) attend meetings regularly, and (3) participate in activities of the Council. To become an associate member one must: (1) Be a student of Tech and (2) willingly participate as a committee member on special projects of the Council. Regular members must attend all meetings unless excused. Asso- ciate members should attend as many meetings as possible and keep in contact with members of the Council. The Council is meeting with the Peer Counseling group and focusing on " the good and bad of each individual. " The seniors have started meeting with fresh- men to help solve some of the problems here at Tech that freshmen have. Posing for a " fa mily " picture, left to right: Paul Mur- phy, Lori Armour, Ted Clartc, Deana Hinton, Mr. Griffin, Co-Sponsor, Mrs. Bradshaw, Co-Sponsor, and Nancy Begley. Right: A group shot with a few of the members. From left to right: Ted Clark, Deana Hinton, Lori Armour, and Paul Murphy. Below: Mrs. Bradshaw, Co-Sponsor: Daryll Whit- ney, guest: Deidre Porter: Anita Baker: Ted Clark, Secretary: Nancy Begley, President: Tina Collins, guest: Paul Murphy, Treasurer: Deana Hinton. and Lori Armour. Far Bottom: The Council designs a new slogan for the entire school and community on the bulletin board in the student cafeteria. ViSKsnics m Office Education Association Prepares Students For Office Occupations, The vocational laws of the United States say that each vocational program must have its own youth organization. The Office Education Association (OEA) is the youth group for students in business and office education. The Office Education Association was established in 1966 as a non-profit voca- tional student organization. It is a co-cur- ncular activity that serves as an integral part of the educational program. Designed to develop leadership abilities, interest in the American business system, social awareness, and competencies in office occupations, OEA has served the needs of thousands of students from across the country in obtaining their occu- pational objectives. As a co-curricular activity, OEA has the ability to enhance student participation in professional, civic, service, and social endeavors. Pride is taken in achieving the OEA goals: Self-improvement, Commu- nity understanding. Career development. Fund raising. Student recruitment. Public relations. Student cooperation. Safety and health. :i!i«% RSCNAL TECHNICAL HIGH S Anthropology Club Seeks Beginning Of Man Anthropology Club studies man, this year ' s Anthropology Club has been devot- ing itself to the study of mankind, and what has made us out to be. For some of us. that seems to be impossible to figure out, but Tech ' s anthropologists are trying very hard to come up with some of the answers while having fun. Top of page: Club members from left to right are: front row: Jackie Kavanaugh, Terry Moore, Sherry Strough. Back Row; David Deloch, Jeff Martin, sponsor. Mr. Tincher. Bonom of page: Club officers are from left to right: Tom Harris. Ron Truster. Clyde Lewis. WATS Tells It Like It Is " On the Radio, " the title of a recent song and the descriptive phrase for WATS. Every day during roll call they do their best to keep Tech students informed about what ' s at and around Tech. They read the daily bulletins and keep students and teachers up to date. WATS has done a fine job. and a,s the only high school radio station they ' re the best in the city. Left: WATS, Tammy Allen, Tom Harris, Sam Greene, Stacey Greene, Jeff Rhoades. Below Left: The broadcast crew being just a little wild and crazy. Above: A natural in front of the microphone, Stacey reads her section of the show. Left: The machinery involved with sound is as com- plicated as it can be. tlvv ' i SAO Works For Students The Student Affairs Organizations is the one group at Tech which is specifically to benefit Tech. Something like a student council, the SAO sponsors the student- faculty basketball game to raise money for the scholarship fund. The SAO kids also conduct the Basketball Queen competi- tion. Anyone may join the Student Affairs Organization by attending their meetings on Friday mornings. Right: The SAO. First Row, Susan Maxwell, Teresa Moore, Michelle Smith, Denise Ulsh. Second Row, Janet Sims, Tammy Lucas, Sherry Strough, Mrs. Sanders (sponsor). Third Row, Carol James, Richard Caudill, Eric Wright, Tim Curry. Below Right: Eric Wright reads a report by his com- mittee. Below: SAO officers. Front to Rear; Susan Maxwell. Secretary; Eric Wright. Sargeant-at-arms; Richard Caudill. Vice-President; Carol James. President. Not pictured. Tom McCreary. Treasurer. Genealogy Digs Up Roots Genealogy is the study of the descent of a person or family. That is exactly what Genealogy Club studies. Members of the club trace their family history back as far as Adam and Eve. The club ' s sponsor is Mrs. Wilson, who has traced some of her family history and IS a big help to the students. T he club goes on frequent trips to libraries and the State House in hope that they will find more information about one of their families. Members have found many interesting facts about their family. You never know. You might be related to George Washington. Top: Geneology Club; Michelle Smith, Joe Fuller. Debbie Whitlock, Mrs. Wilson (sponsor). Left: Joe Fuller finishes the product of his research. Putting the leaves on his family tree completes his work. Left: Don Immel, Joe and Debbie display finds from Above: Research is more than the nam of the game, the state library. As Michelle and Debbie smjie their prot.f, gerseology Yearbook and Newspaper Capture Ever wonder how the book you ' re read- ing came to be? Well there ' s a group of Titans who work in class and on their lunch periods to put together the Arsenal Cannon Yearbook. Yearbooking is like a few kinds of journalism. Planning is the key ingredient. The yearbook begins the spring of the preceed- ing year as the staff chooses a theme, lay- out styles, and a standard operating pro- cedure. Pages are sent to the publisher in groups by certain deadlines. The rough drafts come back for correction and the final touches are applied. Then the book goes to press. Sponsor Mrs. Joan Brown works with the industrious staff in the afternoon and often after school and on weekends. Some staff members worked four days over Christmas vacation. Right: Malinda King lays out the Math Club page. Lilce many, Malinda worked on weekends. Below: Section Editors, First Row, Leah Wolcott, Activities Co-editor; Dan Stock, Editor-in-Chief; June Sanderson. Index Editor. Second Row, Daw- nelle McManama, Assistant Index Editor; Jay Hood. Sports Co-editor; Tina Stewart. Activities Co- editor; Lenny Evans, Sports Co-editor; Chris Davis, Photography Editor .4bove: Layout editors. First row, Susan Price, Right: Photographers. Tim Graves, Billy Haak. Richard Caudill. George England. Second Row, Ronnie Ramey. Joni Shaw Bobby Poteel, Malinda King, Eric Wright. Not pictured, Tim Curry Memories And News Lefr: First Ro». Alicia Wilson. Denise Ulsh. Karen Holmes. Chris Webb. Anna Blagrave. Second Row. Gloria BlMhe. Roberta Lowe. Anthony Joiner. Neva Hagadorn. Nona Coggins. Dagmar Butte Below: Newspaper staff. First Row: Kim Bernard. Cindi Hatcher. Rena McCaslin, Sharon Pipher, Second Row: Susan Farle . Rene Hawkins, C ' leo West. Taniniv .Allen The Arsenal Cannon newspaper is the major news organ at Tech. Though tech- nically a part of the English Dept., news- paper is like no ordinary class. Like a professional newspaper, staff members must do their own interviews, write their own stories, take their own pic- tures, and layout their own pages. The paper is published on a bi-weekly basis, so deadlines are more lengthy, but the Can- non shows professionalism in that it can get stories late-breaking and get them to their audience hot-off-the-press. Mr. C. T. Tresslar is the Newspaper sponsor and works during the afternoon periods with the staff. Anthony Adair was this vears Editor-in-Chief. Above Left: Editors. Penny Adams. Pg. 2 editor: .Anthons Adiar. Editor-in-Chief: Dennis Hayes. Sports editor: Nancy Forbes Begley. Pg. I editor. Left: Mrs. Brown presents June Sanderson with her Cannon Alumni Sweater. This sweater is awarded annually to many seniors who have excelled in either Yearbook or newspaper. Chess Team Contends For City Title This years Chess Team is favored to win the city chess tournament, with only one loss this year. The team members are pictured at the bottom of the page. Mr. Kern, sponsor of the Chess Club and team is a lover of the game which has been sponsored here at Tech for some time. The club picture is at the top of the page. Top: Seated; Howard Hoover, Donald Alonzo McCaullev. Scott Mallott Second Row: James Turner. Gerald Tolan. Dole Drew. Jeff Johnfuno. Tod Campbell, John Kern sponsor. Third Row: Tim Curry, Mike Forsell. Doug Chapman, Jay A. Carr. Mark Whitney. Bottom: Varsity team, Jerry Tolan, Alonzo McCaulley, Jay Carr, Mark Whitney. Braingames Finest Year Is A Shot At in r The Finals PIC 1. Top Right: The Braingame Team is practic- ing for their first up coming T.V. appearance. From left to right are: Doug Bane. Gerald Tohn, Don Stock, and Jay Carr. PIC 2. A cameraman at WTHR ch. 13. Braingame headquarters catches Jay Carr ' s winning smile for the T.V. viewers. PIC 3. Middle Left: Bob Gregory weatherman for WTHR and host of the Braingame varifies score as Lawrence North and Tech watch in suspense. PIC 4. Bottom Right: Tech poses with Bob Gregory and team sponsor Wesly Murphy, after defeating Lawrence North. K 1 ■ s n» 1 j tk H ' 1 Hi ■ - m H ¥i 1 1 Since ch. 13 has had a quiz show Tech has been represented. Some of the bright- est students at Tech have been on the team. Wesly Murphy a Social Studies teacher at Tech has been the sponsor of the Braingame for some time. Unfortu- nately Tech has only one win in ten years under its belt. But this year has been a turn for the best. With three victories and a shot at the semi-finals prove to be prom- ising WATCH FOR THEM ! Cheerleaders Keeping Spirits High Right: Caught in the midst of action. Debbie Spell- man cheers her team on to a victory. Bononi Right: Stacey Jackson trying to keep the morale high at Market Sqiiare Arena. Belo»: Upcoming Varsity Cheerleader? Bottom Left: Judy Wilson. Debbie Spellman. Vanessa Williams. Dawn Adams, and Stacey Jackson The cheerleaders at Tech High School are not just ordinary cheerleaders. They are the ones who lead the cheers at every sport event. Being a cheerleader is consid- ered a high honor. In rain, snow or sun- shine the cheerleaders are there leading the school to victory. If you are looking for the average Tech cheerleader, just look for the student with the biggest smile and the most enthusiasm toward school spirit. 1 Below: Kathy Matthews helps rile the Tilan spirit. In the background the other Reserve Cheerleaders do the same. O n» Middle Left: Freshman Cheerleaders; Left: Christy Wilson. Belinda Blewilt, Pam Henshaw Right: Tina Price. Tanya Northcross. Denise Ulsh. Left: Reserve Cheerleaders; Bottom; Lori Godsey, Tammy Guyinn. Kathy Mathews Top; Monica Williams. Cynthia Anderson. Cynthia Dickerson. Junior Council Of 1 980 Every year Junior Council lends a help- ing hand to the Senior Council with the annual Junior Senior Prom. They also choose the class motto which is: RUNNIN ' WILD AND HAVIN ' FUN WE ' RE THE CLASS OF " 81 Their sponsor is Marsa Storms Juniors Council Officers are. left to right: Sgt. of Arms Lisa Bryant. Pres. Vanassa Williams. Sec. Penny Adams. Vice Pres. Geoffrey Davis. Tres. Cynthia Dickerson. Council members are; John Anderson. Rosalyn Brown. Anita Chambers. Crystal Carney. Michael Craig. Roberta Deckard. Deborah Drake. Janice Glover, Chnstina Hightower. Rhonda Herring. Rodney Jackson. Althea Kennedy. Jeannette Lorick. Susan Maxwell. Janet Mumaw. Rick Mahurin. Valerie Myers, Renee Parrish. Michael Payton. Rhonda Perkins. Susan Price. Jackie Roberts. Becky Robbins. Katrina Sims. Lynn Stephenson. Sherry Strough. Teri Tetrick. Ben Vorhees. Darrly Whitney. Judy Wilson. Deborah Whitlock. Council members not pictured are: Donald Barton. Rita Bell, David Benedict. Barbara Bonwell. April Butler. Kenneth Edwards. Len Evans. Sharon Freeman. Farlstine Ford. Mark Glove. Demetria Gray. Amy Groth. Denise Harrism. LaShalle Hiser. Virginia Holiday. Michell Hunt, John Lawrence. Patricia Lipscomb. Paula Mexner, Teresa Peterson. Dorothy Quarles. Betty Sadler. Anthony Shuler. Brenda Smith. Eduardo Vasquez, Maggie Wiley. Rosie Woods. Quill Scroll Encourages Scribes, , " Above Left: June Sanderson admires her new Honor Sweater after Mrs. Brown presented it to her for her journalistic achievement. Above: Second-year members: Anthony Adair. 8th semester; Nancy Begley, 8th semester; June Sander- son, 6th semester; Dan Stock, 6th semester. Left: The Quill and Scroll: Anna Blagrave, Chris Davis, Nancy Begley, Anthony Adair, June Sanderson, Dan Stock, Leah Woicott, Jay Hood, Kim Bernard, Len Evans. Tina Woods, Cindi Hatcher, Tim Curry, Nona Coggins, Tom Curren. The Quill and Scroll is the honorary unit of the International Honorary Soci- ety for High School Journalists. Members are inducted after showing exceptional prowess in journalism, either yearbook or newspaper. Inductees must have a 5.2 GPA and have 6.5 average on staff. In addition, per- sons must have three semesters on a jour- nalism staff. Distinguished members who have been on staff for five semesters, have a 6.5 GPA, and a 7.0 staff average are fur- ther awarded with the Cannon Alumni Honor Sweaters. Left: June and Dan administer the Quill and Scroll pledge to the new initiates. Stage Craft Makes The Show The Stagecraft Club was very busy this year with a variety of activities including constructing sets for drama club and the spring musical, silk screening T- shirts and planning a " Muppet Show " . The club, which is sponsored by Ray Browne of the art depart- ment, had about twenty active members this year. Officers for this year were Clarence Lancaster, Presi- dent; Harvey Lancaster, Vice-President; and Marel L. Hayes, Secretary-Treasurer. The club meets every Thursday in Room 704 at 3:30 p.m. besides con- structing sets and props for the various theatrical per- formances at Tech, the members silk screened club shirts with the club design on the front, and then designed their own logo for their names on the back of the shirts. They also made plans to construct a puppet stage and designed their own " Muppets " . The club hopes to work up an act and maybe take the show on the road and perform for some children ' s hospitals and day care centers. Right: Clockwise Mr. Ray Brown, Nona Coggins, Elaine Svolos, Cindi Hatcher, Jane Lawrence, Chris O ' Connor, Harvey Lancaster, Renee Peasly, Marell Hayes. Below, Left to Right: Ray Brown, Elaine Svolos, Jane Lawrence are show n working on scenery. Bottom Right: Putting the finishing touches on their work are left to right: Jane Lawrence, Cindi Hatcher, Nona Coggins, Elaine Svolos. W) Tech Titans Train With LC.T. I.C.T. Industrial Cooperation Train- ing is composed of twenty-eight Jun- iors and Seniors. The students have maintained a B average and a good attendance record. I.C.T. represents over twelve cooperations. Front Row. Left to Right, Top Left: Mr Ernest Holmes, I.C.T. Coordinator and Ronald Holt, President. Row 2, Left to Right; Barry Napier, Vice-President; Arthur Ingle, Treasurer; Chuck Fairchild, Secretary; George Gates, Parliamenta- rian. Front Row, Left to Right: Kevin Ballenline, Gregory Cobb, Brian Hams and Ronald Holt. Row 2, Left to Right: Arthur Ingle, Anthony Mickens, Michael Thompson, Jeff Pillow, Jerry Richey, Gregory Dyke and Donnie Madisen. Not Pictured: Darrell Allen. Richard Brooks and Chns Hamilton. Front Row, Left to Right: Anetta Unseld. Barry Napier, Juan Vasquez, Vernon Davis and Isadore Cosby. Row 2, Left to Right: Chuck Fairchild, Michael Bohlsen, Curtis Gilbert, Lawrence Gaines, Gregory Dulin and George Gates. Not Pictured: Dean Gnffin, Boyd Quack, and David Ward. Tech Messengers Are Really Go- Getters Top right hand side; Row 1: Thomas Monroe, Andy Williams. Row 2: Tim Esteb. Jerry Yates. Right hand center of page: Row I: Ingeborg Willis, Joseph Uberto, Mark Thompson. Bottom of right page: Row 1: Deborah Bowman, Connie Jones, Sherry Wheathers, Cynthia Smith, Lyn Stephenson i(a BeloH: Nurses Messengers, Bottom Row, Kathy Brown, Cjrand Dragon, Ron Ramey, Some Dude. Upper Row.Big Lips, Betty Broadsomelhing. Sam " reene Above: Nurses Messengers continued. First Row. Karen Worthless. Private Peon. Your Breath. Smells Bad. Top Row, Lanky Laura. Ron Williams. Gary Whimp. Nurse Hot Lips. - .; 103 Ilan ± o% fi M ozU± . . Varsity Finishes Second In Sectional!!! The 1979 track team finished the season with a dual meet record of 6 wins and 1 loss. They finished 2nd in the Sectional, and 3rd in the Regional. There was 1 school record broken last season, and that was by Michael Shelton in the high jump. Michael jumped 6 ' 9 " to break his old record of 6 ' 7 " . Johnny Roberts was the only member of the team to place in the state meet, with a 5th place finish in the hish hurdles. Individual city champions were Anto- nio Rudolph in the 100, Ronnie Robinson in the shot put, and Martin Jones in the discus. This years squad will be the most inex- perienced in years with only 5 returning lettermen: Ronnie Robinson (Shotput), Martin Jones (Discus), Westel Phelps (Sprints), and Steve Manis (Distance). The team will compete in six indoor meets at Indiana University beginning January 26th. The outdoor season begins with a meet at Attucks on March 26th. This years team is not expected to have the power of teams over the past few sea- sons, but if some of the young athletes develop as expected, we should have a respectable season. rr™™ " " • ' " ' " • " " T- " " ' ' " ' 1 ■T -mss " ' : t ' -. ■ 1 Iph 1 A.9 ' ' Row 1: Johnny Roberts, Stanley Parish. Westel Phelps, James Miller, Anthony Rudolph. Barrv Napier, Robert Wilson, Charles Miller Row 2 Alfred Officer, Michael Ray, Syraliegh Coleman Arthur Whittington, Michael Shelton, Grey Moore Gerald Edison, Steve Manis, Steve Ramey Ro» 3. Coach McGeath, Coach McDowell. Duane TinsleN Joe Harding, Gregg Mason, Martin Jones, Jerard Lorrick, Melvin Washington, Coach Woodward John Edwards, Bill Harding Right: Anthony Rudolph lets everyone know he ' s numero uno. Top: Melvin Washington stretches away from his opponent. VJ( .g Reserve Runs With The Best! ■ " ff 9 - rVv Demelna Gibson, Bobby Evans, Roberl Barnctl, Darrly Whitney, Phillip Ma.son. Charles Magee, Gary Moore, 2nd Row: Don Brady, Ben Vorhees. Harry C. Nelson. Gerald Brooks, Barry Napier. Denny Pierce, Jerry Edison, 3rd Row: Coach Bruce McGealh, Martin Majors, Bruce Bostic, William Golighl, Coach McDowell, Chris Jones, Arthur Miller, Frankie Woods, Coach Woodard, Bill Harding Top: Johnny Roberts gives up a tough win. Above left: Up and over, it ' s Varsity High-Jumper Mike Shelton. Above: Martin Jones (Discus) towers above his opponents. : j ' Frosh Track Team Shares City Title!! The frosh track team had a good season this past spring, they tied with John Mar- shall High School for the city title. The team had three city champions, they were: Robert Fox (shot put), Aaron King (dis- cus), and Lewis Bonds (high jump). Coach Robinson has worked hard with these three young men, and the whole team. The spirit was high last year, and so were the scores. Outstanding members of var- sity calibre are the three city champs, Jes- see Evans, Raymond Quinterro, Scott Rush, Joe Wilson, and Calvin Robinson. Good job and good luck! Row 1: Mark Dartis, Bryan Allen, Willie Arberry. Ray Quintero, Roy Weinger, James Evans Row 2: Don Robinson (coach). Edward Grady, Wayne Booker, Rodney Mills. Micheal Thurman, Rodney Powers. Robert Palton. Row 3: Francis Knue (coach). Vernon Osborne, Leroy McCallisler, Joe Wilson. Warner Collyer. Robert Fox R ow 4: Jesse Evans, Lewis Bonds. Scott Rush. Aaron King Right: Frosh half miler Raymond Quinterro turns it Above: The face of a tired runner. li)S I Guys Track Team Is On The Move A i " Abo e left: I wo Iitans strike a pose for the Canon photographer. Above: Don ' t hit that bar. Ijefl: Raymond Quinlerra hands the baton to his team-matel!! i " -- jli iw GirPs Track Win City, And Fourth In State Titans preparing for future meets. This year was very exciting for girl run- ners. Not only did they win the city for the fourth year straight, but finished fourth in the state. They also placed two girls in the state finals. Linda Dowdy finished 2nd in the high hurdles while Dalphia Laland finished 5th respectfully. Coached under Susan- Jahnke and Arnald Layman, the girls won four tro- phies throughout the very exciting year. Winning the North Central and Gary Invitational, they also were the 1979 Regional Champs. Congratulations to both coaches and the 1979 girls track team. Row 1. Vicki Hewlett, Rhonda Brantly, Constance Simms, Blondina Journey, Jonita Coleman, Lynda Dowdy, Linda Gibson Row 2. Lvnn Stevenson. Lydia Bell, Rachael Mahone, Marie Hendrickson, Connie Carson, Kathv Hood. Row 3. Coach Jahkhe, Netta Gains, Tina Parrit, Dalphia Laland, Yevett Perry, Wanda Smith, Shelby Smith. Row 4. Loren Anderson, Lorrie Smith, Janet Day, Cynthia Squires, Maranda Bryant, Phillis Criner, Dorothy Peterson. Some Action!!! Top Left Hand Side. Miranda Br anl runs die dislance lor the TITANS. Patrice Stowers aives a bis and mean throw. Linda Dowd make.s it look in Girl ' s Prove To Get Pretty Mean ' ■ A. 1 ' ' .1« ■■ ■ . i, ' . :»■, " A Top Right Hand Side, come on in out of the rain. Ready, set, go. m .0 t ' ' ? ? -lit fi , x- rR-A,..5t i Getting closer to the line. Where ' s everybody going? sen e player. Randy Ochsenrider. is ready for a i cr - •«• ■ - Varsity Baseball 1979 Pretty Good Look 8-11 The varsity had one of the most disci- phned teams in their history. Although their record shows a 8-11 year; they played much better. Losing a few ball- games late was the difference in the stand- ings. They also managed to reach the sec- ond round of both the city and the state sectionals losing the games by close mar- gins. Terance Chaney was the man with the hot bat this year finishing with a .667 batting average. Dunng the first 5 ball games he was 19-20 (950). Tom Curry and Joe Matteney supplied the powered pitch- ing game. Joe also threw 2 no-hiters while Tom managed a couple of 1 and 2 hit games. With the returning players this year (4) the varsity will be a rebuilding year. Row 1: Joe Malhaany, Bob Haney. Jim Moses, William Thomas Curry. Jr.. Jan Roads. Bill Carlasom. Steve Farnadas. Row 2: Ivan Mormenen, Jim Godsey, Fred Williamson. Mark Pettigjew. ivCjiir. l.ooper, Ron May. Tarance Changy. 113 Reserve Baseball Winning More 5-11 This years Reserve baseball team fin- ished the season at 5-11. They have a great deal of talent, with a promising year in 1980 with a lot of players moving to var- sity. One of the biggest problems for the team was getting behind early, but key hits and good fielding were factors in the wins that were accomplished. Jeff Rhoads and Randy Ochsenrider (who connected for 4 home runs) pro- vided the backbone of this hitting club. Tim Curry and Darrell Woodruff shared honors for highest batting average with an outstanding .416. Reserve hurlers, Craig Messanger and Mark Morris did an excel- lent job for this years Titans. The team definitely has a promising future and every fan can expect a fun and winning season. Row 1 : D ave George, coach. Randy Ochsenrider, Darrell Woodruff, Rodney Jackson, Jeff Thompson, Row 2: Dicky Briles. manager, Roger Wilson, Tim Curry, Dave Benedict, Craig Messenger, Row 3: Mark Morns, Steve Harns, Andre Hansborough, Jeff Rhoads. - - ■f 1 ' " 4 - ■ ' ' . ■ ' . ,-» ' .Sfc Rhoads rounds third and heads for home. Come on Guys, my feet hurt! Out of the park. 14 Freshman Have Hard Year 1-7 Row 1 : Paul Clegg, Phillip Herron, Derick Miles, Frank Haskins. Jeff Marin, Kevin Warner, Robert Poteel, and Brian Wheeler, Top Row: Scott Slackhouse, Mark Hurt, Jeff Long, John Adams, Earl Griffin, Anthony Thompson, Tracey Atcles, coach. fcl ? m IF, - 9. A Aft er a hard and discouraging year, the freshmen baseball team could only fork out a record of 1 win and 7 losses. The team ' s record did not do total justice to the quality of the team. Pitcher Robert f )teet said, " The team had loads of talent but wejust lost some close games. " Outstanding players on last years squad included first baseman Robert Covert and short stop Jeff Thomas. Reserve player Craig Messenger looks to steal sec- ond. lU GirVs Tennis Team Has Oft Year Have you ever seen beautiful young ladies at Brookside, running around, try- ing to hit a yellow ball? Well, you have just met our Girls Tennis Team!!! With not a very impressive record, (3-8) the girls did show some talent in swinging a racket. Highlights during the season were when Moncia Brooks went two rounds in the City and Carol James went three rounds in the Sectionals. With only two starters gone, the Girls Tennis Team should improve greatly this year. Top: Anita Wilburn looks pretty mean. Right: Melinda King gets set for the smash. Far Bottom: What a swing made by Carol James. Girls Tennis Anita Wilburn, Marilyn Lucus. Anna Amato, Carol James, Monica Brooks, coach: Bea Harding, Lynn Marton, Tammy Guynn, Phyllis Kriner. Lori Johnson, Canandra Goodall, not pictured: Melinda King Lots Of Action From The Girls And Boys Tennis Teams Left: Who is it, it ' s Not Jimmy Conners. and its not Chris Evert. ITS, ITS, Ken Porter! Bottom Left: Tom Going giving a smash serve. Below: Two of a kind. Boys Have Rough Season In Tennis 4-9 With the Boy ' s Tennis season already over, they finished at 4-9. Last season they finished with a 11-4 record. An almost complete opposite season from the one in 1978. The teams that the Titans did beat were Shortridge, Northwest. Ritter, and Broad Ripple. Yet the total record doesn ' t repre- sent the skill of the tennis team. Four of their losses came with a score of 3-2. The tennis men finished eighth in the city. But they had a short life in the Sectional when they lost the sectional champs to Moores- ville. Martin Jones was voted the MVP. He was a singles player, the number one singles player, and had a record of 7 wins and 6 losses. Row 1. Fred Carpenter. Stanly Bellamy. Martin Jones, Brian Phillips. Row 2. Coach John Robinson, Tom Going. Tim Townsend. Mark Toliver. Angelo Tupasi, Not pictured. Mark Mitchell. Anthony Smith. Bill Gibson, Ken Potter. Tim Townsend gets jammed, Mark Toliver gets a smashing serve. V Boys Golf Gives Best Swing In ' 79 13-20 Left: Danny Henson has one of the best swings on the Titans team. (l-r) Tim Roger. Mike Schruba, Howard Hoover, Danny Henson, Tony Schular, Coach J. Klein. Right: Mike Schruba takes practice swmgs m the boys gymnasium. This year ' s golf team showed improve- ment, due to the fact that the team had a lack of experience and was limited to underclassmen. Coach Kleine stressed that Tech, being an inner-city school the atmosphere is not nght for golf. This makes things difficult in forming a strong team. The golf team got off to a slow start, but things changed after the Arlington Invita- tional, by winning eight out of the last ten matches. The team ' s season record was thirteen and twenty. Returning lettermen were Mike Shruba and Denis Menard. Homecoming Win Highlights Varsity Season TOP: Where the ! + did the ball go MIDDLE: O.K., here we go again guy The Varsity Football Team won their homecoming for the second year in a row. Jeff Davis, (QB) and Isador Cosby, (FB) produced exciting plays throughout the entire season. With the most exciting game being at North Central, Tech almost caused North Central Panthers to be knocked out of the playoffs. Tech did make its homecoming more delightful with a 40-6 victory over tired and beaten Arlington, along with its amazing floats. Note: Congratulations to 640 for hav- ing this years " Best Homecoming Float " . With players returning from this year (4- 6), Tech will be a tough competitor for next years city teams. Good Luck Titans. Gathering around for PRAYER? 1,20 Varsity Football Starts Out On Winning Note And Ends Up 4-6 On Season Top Left Hand Side: Who knows who got the ball. Bottom: Varsity Cheerleader Dawn Adams looks on in disgust. Bottom Left: Good Luck Guys! Ro» 1: Robert Fo.x, Westal Phelps, Rav Ingram. James Rent. Roger Wilson, Rickey Bell, Tony Ellis, .Mark Glover, Ronnie Robinson. Jerard Lonck. Tracy Wilson. Danny Quintaine, Isadore Cosby, Kermett Mayes. ' Row 2: Darrell Kechkaver, Dean Griffin, Geoffery Davis. John Lawrence. Lawrence Gaines. Keith Russell. Kenny Musgrove. Curtis Jaskiewicz, Frank Callicut, Calvin Robinson. Denis Memard. Wayne Booker. James Wnght. Jeffrey Williams, Bill Harding. Row 3: Manager Mary Holmes, Annetta Gains. Mike Wright, Greg Manson, Coach Frank Craig, Coach Jerry Marlin, Donald Barton, Joseph Harding, Manager Denny Pierce. Mark Sherrell. Terry Mason. Coach F. Knue, Coach James Scahiil. Tom Lawrence. Gary Moore. Coach R. Woodard. Reserve Football Has A So So Season Right: Row 1 : Warner Colyer. Jesse Nealy, Vincent Robinson. Harry Nelson, Ricky Perkins. Frank Poventud. Dallas Pitts. Michael Brown. Jeff Long. Robert Poteet. Dan Rothwell. Row 2: Donald Barton. Lawrence Gaines. Brian Morrk. Michael Pryor. Rodney Mills. Derek Miles, Keith Peacher. Michael Craig. Robert Dotson. Dennis Potter. Robert Hoke. John Adams. Row 3: Coach Jerry Marlin. Coach John Scahill, Coach Francis Knue. Coach Kenny Davis. Coach Frank Craig, Curtis Jaskiewiez, Kenny Musgrove. Wayne Booker. Manager Michael Wright. Annette Gains. Mary Holmes. Denny Pierce. Coach Bob Woodard. The Reserve Football Team this year, losing one less game than varsity, (4-5) will provide young, enthusiastic players for varsity team next year. Each player kept the winning attitude throughout the entire season, with the help from their coach, F. Knue. Lead by Alan Nelson, (QB) the Reserve were better than four of their opponents this year. Congratulations Reserves. Above: Reserve Players look on from the side lines as their team gets fired up. Right: Freshman Quarterback Alan Nelson drops back for a long sidelme pass. Freshman Football Has A Hard Time Finding The End Zone With a disasterous season of 1-7. the Freshmen will have to work together next ear to achieve a better record for the reserve team. The lack of will and incenti e to pla could eaily ha e been the reason of a poor season. Hopefully, the incoming freshmen will produce a better season. iHORTRlDGl ATTJCKi Above: Downed Titan finding il hard to get up. Left: Row 1: David Hon. Jim Hornaday. David Graham. Charles Cissell. Bubby Dowlen. John Apostolakis. Herman Thompson. Roger Shaffer. Gerald Yates. Clyde White. Ro» 2: Manager Annetta Gaines. James Hopkine. John Morton. Bruce Brown. .Marcus Brown. .Alan Nelson. James Banks. Wilson Lonck. David Menard. Brian Gore. Manager .Mary Holmes. Ron 3: Coach Kenny DaMs. Coach Jerry Marhn. Coach James Scahill. Coach Francis Knus. Manager Denny Pierce. Jerry Paige. Coach Frank Craig. Ron Jones. Edward Sarver. Manager Mike Wright. Coach Bob Woodard. Varsity Cross Country Has Tough Year The 1979 cross country team finished with a dual meet record of 3 — wins and 7 — losses. They finished 7th out of 15 teams in the city meet, and 6th out of 12 teams in the sectionals. This years squad was led by senior Steve Manis. who was captain of the team. Steve advanced to the semi-state meet, but fell just short of his goal to place in the state meet. Letter winners on this years team, in addition to Manis, were: Syraleigh Cole- man — Jr., Barry Napier — Sr., Johnny Hutson — Sr.. Ceroid Brooks — Jr., Ben Vorhees — Jr., and Bryan Allen — So. Above: Led by Steve Manis. the runners begin their 2 1 2 mile run. Top Right: Ben Vorhees runnin ' wild and havin " fun! Above Right: Barry Napier rounds the corner for the finish. Right: Steve Manis crosses the line m victory. Cross Country , . . Always In The Running Varsity Rosier Bryan Alien, Johnny Hutson, Barrv Napier, Syraleigh Coleman, Ben Vorhees, Steve Mams, Don Brady. Gerald Brooks, Coach Bruce McGeath Girls Roster Lori Armour, Linda Gibson. Constance Sims, Coach Bruce McGeath Left: Coach McGeath looking over his runners. Upper Left: Who says girls can ' t take it? Above: Running for a touchdown! Oops wrong sport! 125 Wrestling Needs More Support ' 79 State Champion Wrestling team fin- ished the year with a 10-3 record. Despite this impressive record, the team feels it doesn ' t get the support it deserves from the Tech students. Coach John Hurrle feels there is a lack of support in most sports here. According to Coach Hurrle, Tech has a fine team and one of the best wrestlers in the state, Greg Levell. Tech also took second in the City Tour- ney and third in the Carmel Invitational. Above: Greg Levell gets ready for another win. Row 1: Jerry Frost, Juan Vasquez. Gonzales Hillman. Dave Stigger. Greg Levell. Row 2: Joe Williams. John Lawrence, Eduardo Vasquez, Mike Craig. Row 3: Kennett Mayes, Anthony Ellis, Tom Lawrence, Donald Barto n, Coach John JHurrle. Above: This Titan ' s got spirit. Right: They look tired don ' t they! GregLevell; A State Champion This year ' s Wrestling Team, even though they may not be able to retain their state championship title for their overall performance, has a great deal of talent. One of the bright spots has to be Greg Levell. Greg Level is undefeated and the win- ner of the state championship, and runner up last year in his weight class 98 lbs. The amazing thing about Greg is that he has only been defeated once in his entire var- sity wrestling career. Greg is a senior, the only bad thing about him. He will leave Tech and go on to bigger and better things. The other wrestlers are already wailing in line to fill the gap, so don ' t worry Greg. Good going and much success in the future. Top: Showing his stats. Above: Greg Levell waiting for his chance. 127 Wrestlers Come To Grips With Opponents Right: Titan wrestler gets the important one point lake-down. Middle: Robert Dotson lifts his opponent to try for the take-down. Bottom: Robert Fox shows the pain of Greco- Roman wresthng. Below: Robert Fox goes for the important 3-Count pin. Reserves are not known around school as well as Freshmen or Varsity, but this years team changes that theme. Reserve is a step above Freshmen and a step below Varsity. Boys wrestle on Reserve until Coach Herle feels they are ready. Then they go on to Varsity, but this years team could go on Varsity already. Frosh Wrestlers Have Good Year Wrest ling at Tech is a sport with a vari- et of participants, varsity working con- stantly to better their records, reserve try- ing to become varsity. The most interest- ing of ail the wrestling groups is freshman wrestling. The freshman team is still young and they have plenty of time to become better stronger and more successful. But already they are a group of very talented wrestlers. Top: Freshmen at pracllce. Left: A Freshman ' s big chance agamsl Levell. Middle: An uneven match. Above: Final cuts for reserve. 129 Manual Win Highlights Varsity Season Below: The Titan bench watches as their teammates achieve a victory over Shortndge at MSA. Bottom, Right: Jerard Lorick fmesses his way to the hoop. Rigbt, Upper Right: Tim Reed batthng the boards for the rebound. " Losers can ' t be winners and neither can the Tech Varsity Basketball Team " the opinion of most of the city ' s spoots writers. This is not true as the varsity team proved when they defeated one of the city ' s highest ranked teams. Manual SI- SI. Despite their unimpressive record. Tech ' s team does have talent. Most of the games we lost were much closer and better than the record indicated. One of Tech ' s players has been consistently among the city ' s top scorers, Bryan Johnson. Jerard Lorick has been cited as one the city ' s best basketball players. The recood wasn ' t great in everyone ' s eyes but there were valid reasons among them, the constant changing of the start- ing line-up. Maybe next year . . . Titans Have Trouble Finding The Hoop!! Above: Row 1: Mike Wright. Bryan Johnson. Johnny Robinson Standing: Frank Craig. Howard Catt, Derwin Shields . David George. Jerard Lorick. Mark Sherrell. Mart Jones. Henry Bell. Tim Reed, William Goliehllv. Ernie Cline, Ward Beckham L ' pper Left: Derwin Shields takes a jumper for twol Upper Right: William Golightly uses his " ' hands up " defense on his opponent. Left: Mark Sherrell takes time between quarters to cool off. and listen to Coach Cline. Reserve Players Have Good Season ■V l J ' {K88S: " ■ " r % The Reserve Basketball team, like the other basketball teams have nothad a very good season. Coach Frank Craig has worked hard with the guys this year. He was transferred here from Arlington High School where he was a Reserve coach also. In addition to being a coach he is a Health teacher here at Tech. Row 1 I — r; Stanley Bellamy, Mark Glover, Erwin Sheilds, Eric Simmons; Row 2; Dave George, Lewis Bonds, Jesse Evans, Scott Rush, Rick Mahuron, Vincent Day, Coach Frank Craig. Far Right: Jesse Evans gives Titans control of the baU. Right: Vincent Day takes technical shots against Howe. Top: Lewis Bonds skillfully takes his foul shot. 132 rosh B-Ballers Miss Net But Have Good Year — Win City Tourney!!!!! This years Freshman basketball team was not doing well at the beginning of the year, but came back and won the City Tourney. Under the guidance of Ward Beckham did the impossible. Just like the girls rolled off the City Tourney, and Sec- tionals. Good going guys and good luck next year. Row 1; Brain Gore, Kenneth Rush, Derrel Hunter, Rober Kindricks, Mackie Johnson, Row 2; Ward Beckham, Ronnie Jones, Edward Peeler, Michael Stone, Hiram Bankhead, Russel Rebenack, Clyde White, David Bennett, David George. Far Left: Hiram Bankhead watches the foul shot go in and out. Bottom: David Johnson skillfully shoots a fantastic jumper. Left: Arlington gets control as Michael Stone watches. 133 Girls Prove To Be No ' ' 1 " In City Tourney Right: Row 1: Stacy Green, Natalie Gore. Canadra Goodall, Tina Parott, Laressia Brinl ly. Trina Avery, Row 2: Coach Susan Jahnke, Kathy Reed, Jane Shatwell, Karen Woodard. Nicole West, Deborah Quarries, Assistant Coach Teressa Williams, Not pictured: Miranda Bryant Forth Time Lucky, an old cliche. But the Tech Girls Basketball Team has proven that statement is not only true, but after the fourth time you can go on win- ning. For the fourth straight time they have captured the City Championship Crown. In the sectional Play-offs Tech was billed as the underdog, due to the loss of our 6 ' 4 " forward. They proved everyone wrong by not just winning one or two games but by taking the sectional title. The Tech team has accomplished these feats with the help of such standouts as Karen Woodard. Canadra Goodall, Mir- anda Bryant, and the rest of our talented team. Despite the odds they managed to win and hopefully will be able to do it again next year, good luck. Top: Stacy Green blocking out two at a time. Right: Coach Jehnke gives last minute instructions. Under Dog Ends Up On The Top Of Pile Top Left: Varsity girls Basketball shows off iheir cily tropfiy. Left Middle: night snoozes, and the team loses. Bottom Left: Miss Jahnke cutting down victors net. Right Middle: Block tried but not successful. Tech Swimmers Make Big Splash Coming off a remarkable second season, with one city title under the old belt, the Tech Swim Team proved it could muster an excellent encore. Starting the season with a new coach and plenty of hope, they wasted no time getting down to work. On a balmy Oct. 15, the team made their debut at practice, one worthwhile. Most swimmers, who had not swum since last season, made a habit of huffing and puffing after each stroke. After a month of practice, they were ready for their first meet against the Howe Hornets. As sure as the sun rising, the Titans were going to break some records, and they did. They won that meet and didn ' t stop winning until their loss to a tough Beech Grove Club 84-81, a menial four point margin. At the end of the season, the Titans boasted a record of 1 1-5. Outstanding senior Roger DeBruler, was the teams most valuable swimmer. Roger owns a number of school records. Junior Nolan Jen- kins also had an excellent season, placing tenth in the Perry sectionals, this was also the team standing. Top Right: Is Roger smiling for the camera, or just getting a drink of water. Row 1: Coach Hall, Tern Young. Janice Stuck. Pam Ireland. Tree. Row 2: Barry Young, Kenny Swaalers. Charles Fairchild. Damon Tinsley, Roy Wemger, Larry Robey. Bjlly Jolliffe. Row 3: Christer R. Davis, Jimmy Maples. Tony Bishop, Quincey DeBruler. Nolan Jenkms, Roger DeBruler. Marty Corpuz, Robert Poteet. Top: Chuck Fairchild shows muscles? Middle: Swimmers prepare for 5000 yard butterfly? 136 Left: Pam Ireland lane 3. shows outstretch arms at the beginning of the 200 yd. race. - 1 V Middle Left: Sitting on the ropes is against the pool rules, where are the guards? Middle Right: Roger DeBruler. Chuck Fairchild. and Pam I reland rest after events. Left: Noland Jenkins shakes hand of famed Coach Hall? The 1979 Bumpers, Setters And Spikers, Giving Their All Starting off on the wrong foot for 1979. the Varsity Volleyball Team ended up with a not so hot season. 8 wins and 1 1 losses. Although the record is not enough to speak of, the team is young, losing only " 2 " seniors: T. Dan- iles, M. Rouldoph. Each girl put out all effort and came out with a letter. Next year it looks even better for our girls. Look out Indiana cause here comes a city crown! LETS GO GIRLS! " 80 " Above: M . Bryant slams the ball back in their faces Middle: D. Quarles spikes back for 1 more point. Right: T. Claspel in process of a powerful spike. Reserve Volleyball Showing Their Stuff Having an off season, the Reserve vol- leyball Team put their record at a 5 win, 10 loss standing. One has to admit this team has potentials, and next year it ' s sure to pay off. The team had a lot going for it, but somehow it just wasn ' t quite enough — this time! Better Luck Next Year, Girls! Top: Grace Stigger in quick action. Row 1: Thelma Harris. Kim Johnson, Debbie Jones, Neilra McCann. Grace Stingger, Dawn Harris. Row 2: COACH Donald Daily. Yevette Sanders, Tina Parott. Loren Anderson, Deidrrg Baits. Lydia Ball. Not Pictured. Karen Holmes. Middle Left: Mrs. Manka concentrating on her score book. Middle Right: Coach Daily telling his girls to go out and get " em. Left: Dawn Harris sending her ball sailing over the net for a fast ooint. 1.30 1978-80 Sports Season Results FOOTBALL— VARSITY— 1979 RESERVE VARSITY BOYS TRACK 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Scores of scheduled contests: Varsity Tech 95 Tech 110 Tech 82 Wash. 77 Tech 78 Tech 97 Won 5 Lost 1 Reserve Tech Tech Tech Wash. Tech Tech Won 5 73 107 81 74 86 97 Lost 1 Southport Attucks Perry Mer. Tech Kokomo Shortridge Southport Attucks Perry Mer. Tech Kokomo Shortridge 32 13 45 50 45 24 43 8 42 53 41 30 Scores of scheduled contests: Shortridge Scecina Chatard Broad Ripple Roncalli Northwest Attucks North Central Ritter 20 26 27 32 20 26 6 9 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 7 6 24 12 Won 3 Lost 6 VARSITY BASEBALL 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech Shortridge Scecina Chatard Tech Roncalli Northwest Tech North Central Tech (Homecoming) Won 4 RESERVE VARSITY BOYS TRACK BOYS FROSH TRACK 1978-79 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech 58 ' : Washington 68 ' 2 Tech 66 Perry Meridian 61 Tech 79 Stoney-brook 48 Won 2 Lost i GIRLS TRACK 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Howe 41, Chatard 10, Tech 59 (Reserve) Howe 36. Chatard 20, Tech 69 (Varsity) Arlington 47, Tech 58 North Central 63, Lawrence Ct. tral 25, Tech 46 Washington 54, Broad Ripple 7 Tech 73 Scecina 17, Shortridge 32, Tech 84 Northwest 32, Tech 72 Marshall 29, Tech 76 Won ii Losti FOOTBALL— RESERVE— 1979 Cathedral 6 Tech 6 Tech 8 Tech 12 Broad Ripple 14 Tech 8 Tech Attucks 20 Tech 16 Arlington 6 Lost 6 GOLF 1978-79 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech 199, Marshall 184 Tech 188, Shortridge 192 Tech 190, Chatard 165, Shortridge 191, Arlington 180 Tech 381, Kokomo 343, Arlington 34 1 Tech 175, Scecina 166, Ritter 155 Tech 234, Shortridge 237 Tech 231, Howe 266, Marshall 227 Tech 230, Manual 220 Tech 227, Ripple 256 Tech 223, Ben Davis 210 Tech 207, Northwest 180 Tech 224, Roncalli 227 Tech 157, Attucks 210 Tech 160, Cathedral 157, Shortridge 177 Tech 185. Perry Meridian 154, New Palestme 185 Tech 172, Marshall 175, Shortridge 185 Won n Lost 20 BOYS TENNIS 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Shortridge Scecina Attucks Howe Ritter New Palestine Manual Arhngton Cathedral Warren Central Broad Ripple Northwest Mooresville Won 4 Lost 9 GIRLS TENNIS 1978-79 Scores of scheduled contests: Wins — Loss — Attucks 4- 1 Park Tudor 0-5 Ritter 3-2 Southport 1-5 Shortridge 4-1 Manual 2-3 Marshall 0-5 Howe 0-5 Board Ripple 0-5 Chatard 0-5 Lawrence Central 0-5 Won 3 Lost 8 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Sectional Tech City Tech City Perry Meridian Scecina Howe Pike North Central Arlington Southport Roncalli Kokomo Ben Davis Warren Central Cathedral Broad Ripple Attucks Cathedral Wash. Cathedral Attucks 3 Northwest Won 8 Lost 1 1 RESERVE BASEBALL 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 6 3 10 12 2 5 9 Won 5 Perry Meridian Scencina Howe Pike North Central Arlington Southport Roncalli Ben Davis Warren Central Cathedral Broad Ripple Attucks Manual Northwest Washington Lost 1 1 7 4 12 19 5 8 3 1 6 4 10 8 1 7 4 12 14 10 3 10 2 17 7 9 10 7 1 4 3 7 2 BASEBALL— FRESHMAN 1978-79 No. of Participants : Start 20 End 19 Scores of Scheduled Contest: Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Southport Marshall Stoneybrook Roncalli Marshall Manual Howe Roncalli Won I Lost 7 FOOTBALL Frosh 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech 0, Shortridge 18 Tech 0, Scecina 18 Tech 6, Ritter 12 Tech 14,Chatard32 Tech 14, Broad Ripple 8 Tech 6, Roncalli 28 Tech 18. Northwest 58 Won I Lost 6 VARSITY WRESTLING 37 Roncalli 12 Broad Ripple 21 Cathedral 36 Chatard 14 Arlington 27 Manual 20 Marshall 15 Washington 30 Ben Davis 48 North Central 54 Warren Central 24 Lawrence Central 23 Attucks 43 Perry Meridian Won? Lost? BOYS BASKETBALL Varsity 1979-80 Scores of scheduled contests: ECH: 57 New Castle 62 Southport 46 Washington 72 Ben Davis 53 North Central 42 Attucks 68 Northwest 64 Brebeuf 59 Howe CITY TOURNEY 55 Scecina 70 Cathedral 69 Scecina 57 Broad Ripple 51 Kokomo 67 Chalard 63 Shortridge 61 Arlington 52 Manual 67 Muncie Central on 5 Lost 14 GIRLS BASKETBALL Varsity 1979-80 Scores of scheduled contests: No. Central 54, Tech 47 Attucks 54, Tech 48 Warren Central 56, Tech 41 Tech 56. Ben Davis 54 Southport 70, Tech 58 Tech 71, Washington 46 Tech 66, Marshall 42 CITY: Tech 58, Scecina 40 Tech 73. Manual 47 Tech 53, Attucks 42 Tech 66, Arlington 64 Arlington 41, Tech 36 Tech 73, Cathedral 53 Tech 83, Broad Ripple 32 Perry Meridian 62, Tech 42 Tech 65, Scecina 50 Manual 47, Tech 43 Tech 69, Shortndge 29 SECTIONALS: Tech 55, Northwest 37 Tech 55, Attucks 47 Tech 75, Scecina 63 REGIONALS: Warren Central 49, Tech 39 WON 14 LOST 8 60 61 78 51 101 BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Varsity 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Ben Davis 2 1 , Washington 50, Tech 62 Southport 15, Tech 49 Lawrence Central 29, Howe 38. Tech 68 Manual 19, Tech 38 Tech 20, Attucks41, Arlington 69 Northwest 20, Tech 36 Chatard 24, Lawrence North 45, Tech 68, Arlington 114 Won 3 Lost 9 RESERVE WRESTLING Tech 0pp. 19 57 Roncalli 63 18 Broad Ripple 45 40 Cathedral 26 27 Ch dtard 51 24 Ar ineton 48 17 Manual 33 32 North Central 49 51 Warren Central 28 18 La ATence Central 12 3 At ucks 19 24 Perry Meridian 45 Won 7 Lost 4 47 26 BOYS BASKETBALL Reserve 1979-80 TECH: 33 New Castle 47 Southport 34 Washington 34 Ben Davis 32 North Central 70 42 Attucks 79 26 Northwest 71 48 Brebeuf 69 31 Howe 68 CITY TOURNEY 48 28 Roncalli 88 38 Cathedral 67 46 Scecina 63 51 Broad Ripple 45 Kokomo 51 Chalard 63 55 Shortridge 64 34 Arlington 78 46 Manual 67 12 Muncie Central 83 Won 9 Lost 10 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Varsity 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Southport 14-16,6-15 Ritter 15-4. 15-10 Lawrence 8-15. 4-15 Broad Rippel 15-5. 15-8 Cathedral 4-15. 10-15 Attucks 15-0.9-15. 10-15 Arhngton 11-15. 9-15 Scecina 8-15.9-15 Washington 13-9. 15-9 Marshall 9-15. 13-8.2-15 City Tourney Roncalli 7-15, 12-15 Manual 15-9. 13-15. 15-6 Howe 15-11.7-15. 15-10 Northwest 13-7. 16-14 Shortridge 15-6. 14-16, 14-6 Warren Central 16-14.8-15. 14-16 Franklin Central 1-15.4-15 Chatard 15-8. 17-15 Sectionals Beech Grove 10-15.9-15 Won 8 Lost 11 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 121 105 121 142 118 94 51 47 109 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech SEASON RECORD 11-5 107 90 72 SWIMMING Howe Westfield Arlington Washington Marshall Sheridan Beech Grove Decatur Central Center Grove Franklin Central Plainfield Marshall Indian Creek Howe Washington Hamilton S ' Eastern 42 64 47 28 51 78 88 143 36 128 124 57 72 59 58 100 CROSSCOUNTRY Reserve 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Ben Davis 16. Tech 47 Southport 15. Tech 48 Lawrence Central 18, Tech 54, Howe 81 Tech 15. Manual 45 Tech 25. Northwest 30 Won 3 Lost 3 FRESHMAN WRESTLINCi 0pp. Tech. 54 R incalli 27 18 Shelbyville 60 Tech. 19 M anual 45 14 32 North Central 50 57 30 Pike 45 27 17 Cathedral 50 39 21 W ashington 52 54 21 Shortrid ' ee 54 34 Won 7 Lost 1 31 2! 42 BOYS BASKETBALL 72 Freshman 1979-80 29 TECH: 34 Broad Ripple 50 48 Woodvicw 63 37 Southport 39 38 Attucks 37 43 Lawrence Ccnlral 33 44 50 Ritter 38 32 55 Arlington 62 47 48 Northwest 34 36 56 Stoneybrook 49 27 37 Chatard 24 34 52 Cathedral 37 38 44 Manual 43 21 44 Scecina 55 33 53 Shortridge 40 42 Washington 55 30 54 Attucks 52 37 (double Ot) 32 48 Marshall 50 43 40 Howe 42 47 CITY TOURNEY 31 42 Shortridge 36 36 45 Howe 38 40 49 North West 46 49 80 52 Marshall CITY CHAMPS 41 Won 14 Lost 8 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Reserve 1979 Scores of scheduled contests: Southport 10-15-4. 15-4-15 Ritter 15-15 5-8 Lawrence Central 9-7 15-15 Broad Ripple 15-5-15 7-15-8 Cathedral 13-2 15-15 Attucks 15-12-7 10-15-15 Arlington 15-13 17-15 Scecina 2-9 15-15 Washington 15-9 13 5-15-15 Marshall (frosh) 15-15 2-8 Marshall (res.) 12-8 15-15 Manual 15-15 8-2 Howe 10-15-12 15-3-15 Northwest 15-15 2-13 Chatard 2-3 15-15 Won 5 Lost 10 (o rn We Baste, Barber, And Beautify In Right: Barbering class is one of the trades most taken. Here a ulented Gerard Lorick trims Chet Montgomery. Below Right: Cosmetology class teaches the use of make-up. Student Cassandra Bell performs some facial art on Marlisa Wadkms. Below: Commercial foods class functions as a real restaurant. Here a student prepares food for a fac- ulty. 1.44 Consumer Trades Left: Cleaning clothes is more than just pressing and washing. Here Dawn lounger prepares a pair of pants to be dr -cleaned. Far Bottom: Just one of the valuable consumer trades. dr -cleaning also proxides Titans with a use- ful service at an ine.xpensive price. Here Antonio Ball and Lamell Cox work durmg class. Bonom: Commercial Foods teaches the cullinar ' ans used m the trade. This student works on just this. i Consumer Trades is one of the most beneficial departments here at Tech. Its cumculum prepares students to fill good jobs after high school. Classes include barbering. cosmetology, dry-cleaning, commercial foods, and the Model Restau- rant. Bookwork is not the tool of learning in these classes. The Titans actually do what they would be expected to do in business. Every noon the model restaurant prepares food for sale to faculty members. Dry- cleaning class does work for Tech stu- dents. Barbering, and cosmetology per- form their ser ices too, and at a reduced price. Classes meet in the morning for advanced students and in the afternoon for beginners. Transfer students a: so attend the consumer trades, and ma also earn vocational certificates. 145 Art Class The Outlet Of Creative Titans One of the more diverse departments on campus is the Art Department. Classes are many and range from the commercial to the pure appreciation of art. Jewelry and Metal Craft, Craft Design, and Exploratory Art are a few of the classes which teach the various skills that true artesians love. Photography and Commercial Art are a group which prepare the student to prac- tice his craft in the professional world. Commercial Art provides the knowledge of how to use art in advertising and other marketing means. Photography, which offers advanced courses, teaches both the basics and the tricks necessary to journal- istic or commercial endeavors. But perhaps most of all. Art offers a life-long hobby, an enjoyable pastime, and a much-needed form of expression. Top: Mr. Brown instructs the Stagecraft class. Stage- craft benefits the kids and the school by preparing for productions. Above left: Professional photography is the aim of Commercial Photography. Here a student practices portrait shots. Right: Jewelry and Metalcraft is interesting and leads to a profitable career in jewelry design. Above Right: An unidentified student puts the finish- ing touches on her ceramic work. English Required But Still Desired • H « Left: Aw c " mon Miss Maillard. Performins; Theater Arts class can ' t be that bad. Below: Erie Wright designs a page in Vearbook Pub- lications. Page la out. photographv, and writinc are a new breed when connectedVilh yearbook pubUca- tion. Above: Is Janet .Vlumaw using Paul Wickllffe as a human crib sheet ' ' Probably not. as Tom Curren doesn ' t seem to find his English that hard. Left: No. Sam Greene isn ' t a soldier in love: he ' s a student in Performing Theater Arts. His dramatics are watched closely by his classmates. The most important class offered here at Tech is English. Tech has a wide variety of EngHsh classes; there is something here for everyone. The freshmen coming into Tech are required to take EngHsh I and 2. As a student here at Tech you are required to take six credits in English, but most stu- dents have a lot of fun taking English. We also have a wide variety of English teach- ers, one for every kind of student and class. Tech has one of the largest English departments in the city. Tech has some very odd English classes that are very be benefiting for the students that take them. One of them is Social Protest and Satire, taught by either Mr. Tackas or Mrs. McBride. The class teaches you to spread your opinion and not to be ashamed of it. As you can well see we have a lot to offer here at Tech and we are proud of it. Construction Trades Build Future Right: House construction is one of the most tal en classes at Tech. The use of hammer and nail is one of the lessons learned. Below: Decorating and Painting teaches the skills of house painting. Mr. Hylton instructs his students in Above Right: Masonry lays the foundation for a good career. Mixing concrete is an exacting chore to learn. Far Right: Cabinet making is an almost extinct skill. Tech ' s class helps keep the trade alive. Using a saw carefully is a must. Unique to Tech is its construction trades department. Offering training com- parable to that of the industry, construc- tion trades prepare Titans for future careers hke no other school can. Classes include Cabinet Making, House Con- struction, Masonry, and Painting. Instruction here is done " hands on. " Students actually build houses, lay con- crete, construct furniture, and paint interi- ors. In fact, Tech students actually built and finished a house to be sold. All work was done by the Titan builders except the wiring. Most classes meet first, second, and third hour for advanced students. Begin- ning classes meet during seventh, eighth, and ninth. Some students in construction trades aren ' t Titans at all but transfer to Tech because it is a magnet school. For those students who earn vocational certifi- cates the placement rate is high. 148 Mories, Left: Darin Granger takes time out from his lathe to smile at the camera. Dann takes cabinet making 7th, 8th, and 9th. Below: James Rata makes a metal framework. He uses a sandblasting gun to accomplish his task. Left: Tony Johnson pratices a dymg art. His finished cabinet will be as good as any one bought in a store. 149 nank± oz _ £ Emo%LE± % y Administration Earns Its Keep Ray Reed. Principal Ward Whalin, Assistant-to-the-pnncipal James Stewart, Vice-principal of Evening School % Wallace Potter. Vice-principal of Personnel Robert Stockard, Vice-principal of pupils Mahlon Carlock. Business Manager vijr " Karl Schneider. Programming Director Kenneth Bayless, Director Robert Meyer.Director of Richard Shock. Director of Ithel Shoemaker. Director of Guidance Student Activities Special Education of IPS Career Center John Miner. Director of the House Plan Cecil Tresslar, Director of Publications Ernest Holmes. Director of Industnal Elizabeth Baltz. Tech 300 director Training Howard Catt Athletics director Alice Goodnim. Speech director Ivan Moreman. Pupil Attendance director Lewis Marshall. Director of Buildings and Grounds Marjorie Lapping. Audio-visual Judith Miessen. Media Center director William Guess. Director of Data Processing Delsie Shoemaker. Di ' j ' .i- buli ' Education dir ' ;clor Duane Blakenborn. Programming Director William Graney. Counselor Donald Dailey, Counselor Ernest Cline, Counselor Janice Cooper. Counselor Tyra Phipps. Career Guidance Job Placement Coordinator Frederick Kelly, Dean Of Boys Dorothy Stout. Dean Of Girls ' : Zoeariine Davis, House Plan Assistant John Hurley. Assistant Dean Of Boys Sharon Parrot. Assistant Dean Of Barbara Lee, Assistant Dean Of Girls Dean Girls iS4 t:M ' ) Ann Cummins. lOL Coordinator I© : V ' V Marjorie Parker, COE Coordinator Lewis Pence, Eileen Kohut, JoAnne Williams. YEPT l)arr. l ( (irk AssiManl Counseling Assistant Counseling Assistant Director Director Michael Corcoran. Job Carolyn Ray, Social Counselor Service Robert Collins. Social Hester Hale. Assistant Service Librarian Guards Nurse and Staff SGT Thomas Nelms SGT Eugenia Briggs Officer John Curlin Officer Fred Cook Officer Doris Dalton Officer Kenny Davis Officer Liliaberdia Parson Officer Glen Richardson Officer .Jerry Smith Officer Calvin Turner L=;.5 Elsie Demus Fredia Douglas Alberta Follis Mary Alice Jefferies Patricia Littel Joyce Maxwell Jane Mindach Gene Montgomery Polly Nobles Margaret Potter Office Staff Gloria Robbins LaVerne Stewart Martha Thomas Rita Tussey NOT PICTURED: Jeanmarie Guess, Betty Thome, Judith Samuelson, Carol Wood. Brenda Allen. Donna Badger. Dorothy Bruer, Robert Cleveland. Arthur Cook. Louise Creasser. Flo Dea Kyne. Judy Gibson. Harold J. Hall. Dallene Harpold. Vera Miller, Bernadine Pool. Shirley Thomas. Jeanette Thompson, Gloria Wheeler, Zona Wong, Rosalynne Yarnell, Yvonne Brooks Even those who work behind the scenes enjoy a little Christmas. Here two staff members decorate the fac- ulty cafeteria. Tech 300 Project John Fisher John Halliburton Beverly Hochradel Karl Mandcrs Mar Jane McConahav Wayne Palmer Helen Phillips William Smith Cornelius Snorten Mike Weinniann Green Carpet The Tech faculty gathers every year Tor various social occasions. Here is the 1979 Retired Teachers Ban- Providence Benidict, Olga Jefferson. Alan McDaniel, Rochelle Sutton, NOT PICTURED: Piccola Barnes. Christine Barnetl. Ward Beckham. Charlotte Buehler. Melinda Bucham, Maria Cesnik. Susan Disbrow. Julie Evans, Mary Lou Ewen. Donald Gaither. Niki Girls. Jerry Glass, Doris Colder. Herb Henry. Lelha Holton. Sandra Leonard, Jerry Marlin, Brenda Miles. Alismarie Miller. Barbara Mohr. Shirley Pyatt, Murth Ramsey, Suzanna Rea, Peggy Scott, Michael Silver. Rutha Sims, Glenda Stewart. Betsy Sweet, Paula Wiseman, Gwen Allen, Royce Allen, Phyllis Bhend, Robin Blanton, Willie Blow, Wanda Boynton, Francette Calvin, Dons Campbell, Thomas Crowdus, Calvin Davis, Sara Davis, Chip Ellis, Brian Faust, Rich Fuhs James Harris, Ellie Holland. Laura Kelly. Willie Kirsch, Herman Humbles, Warren Marsden, Kim Massing, Cindy Mears, Lonnise Roberson, Julia Russel. James Scahill, Robin Shields, Alfreda Smith, Audrey Smith, LaVerne SuUon, Lionel Williams. Gale Woods. Paul Allen, Snellen Jackson Boner, John Ryan, Artricia Chandler, Elizabeth Clark. Cath Cryer, John Fuller, Wanda Guerin, Luther Hicks, Kathy Killion, Debbie Lampkins, Gary Larson, Willa Lolla, Tom McCawley. Susan Moynihan, Bettv Norfleet. Pam Scott, Cassandra Williams. House Plan Joseph Brown, Diane Carter, Robert Collins. Walter Davis. Zoearline Davis, Judith Feigert, Robert Ford. Charles Harry, Willard Heath, Louis Hill, Marilyn Hoffman, David Hon. Rita McDowell. Ann McMillan. Cheryl McVay, Wesley .Murphy, Robert Orth, Craig Roberts, Clyde Smith Jr.. Special Ed, Paula Barbour. Carlos Bell, Wyolene Cody, Marsha Crouch, Marguerite Hardy. Deborah Mackey, Don Mason, Vickie Noel, Paul Osci ■.■:un. Anna Parker. Dilynn Phelps, Lindy Prueit, Ricn rd ,Si-.ock, David Tess. Herbert Van Dei Moer William Wheeler, Lynn Whittemore, Leslie Wright, 157 Reserve Officers Training Corps Department ISG Neris Willis, Senior Army Instructor SFC George Durr Music Department Mr. Reed and others enjoy the company and comp anionship of the Pancalce Breakfast. The Pancake Breakfast is an annual affair at the beginning of the year. Paul Prather, Department Head Karen Nagy Ron Nobles 158 Business Department Joyce Freeman, Department Head Add Cummins LouLsJne Fields Lois Frye Elizabeth Coertemiller William Guess Virginia Jaclcson Bill McCrearv Cheryl McVay i Delsie Shoemaker Dave George Lewis Robertson 159 Math Department Francois Miller Thelma Morse Louise Ridley Donald Robinson Esther Sangar When Loise Schneider retired as Art Department f, Assistant, some art students conspired to spoof her ' i , ' ii , -d " . . ' h these trick photography posters. Other similar posters can be found later m this section. William Wheeler Home Economics Department Marian Moore, Department Head Carrol Rose Corrine Seelve Belinda Turner Building Metal Trades Departments L .MiM :ilk ' : ' iif(l Charles Hvllon Charles Kocher Morris Woods, Department Head Lowell McCarty Fred Miessen Cyril Stock John Tin ' iier m English Department Tom Danheiser, Department Head Diane Comstock Lois Csiliy Karen Finney Alice Goodrum Margaret Hahn Emmett Hardiman Auto Aviation And Electric Trades John MuUenax, Department Head Oral Henderson Judith McBride Rita McDowell Ann McMillan Craig Roberts Betty Sanders Jatinder Singh Clifton Lovelace Mr. Orth serves and creates food galore al the pan- cake breakfast. Mr. Kimberlin risks an ulcer and tries his concoction. William Stewart Douglas Thompson H. Van Der Moere t 163 Lester Woolard Science Department John Farley, Department Head Mercy Guess James May Robert Orth Dilynn Phelps Allen Smith Roy Terrell Language Department These are the new faces in Tech ' s faculty this year. Tech ' s new teachers are, front row: Vickie Noel, David Tess, back row: Barbara Haskett, Rosie Bing- ham, Jean Guess, Lindy Pruett, Lynn Whittemore, Frank Craig, Lloyd Scherich Dan Stanley. Department Head Maria Lagadon Cheryll Wyne Art Department Marsa Storms Emmagee Washington Teresa Williams yS FOUOHT THE f GHI, Th£ BATTl S Service Occupations Department Tom Davis, Department Head Gordon Owen Margaret Smith 165 Social Studies Department Roosevelt Griffin William Siedlecki, Department Head Urn Willard Heath -— J 1 w i 1 . John Kanouse William Kimberlin Bruce McGeath Robert Mever William Morse Wesley Miuphy Amia Parker Clyde Smith James Taflinger A sight seen by few, the bell from the top of the Arse- nal. The bell and clock were rebuilt following a light- ning strike. Harvy Hallagan Debbie Mackey Dilynn Phelps Drafting And Printing Trades Dept, .k1. mm Ernest Holmes CJ. Murphy Harold Elliot. Department Head Morris Woods Walter Mendel Health And Physical Education Dept, James Leap, Department Head Mar LouMaiika Ann McMillan Ivan Moreman Shirley Parrett Robert WoodanJ HefdN e ' " Shirley Lundgren Nurse 16? Our Subscribers Anita Adcock Tammy Allen Anna Amato Linda Amonette Cynthia M. Anderson Marshall Ash Lisa Aubrey Cynthia Baker David Baker Terri L. Baker Doug Bane David Benedict Kimberly Bernard Sondra Bloomer Gloria Blythe Sherry Bollinger Barbara Bonwell Brenda Bottoms Rhonda Brantley Fonda K. Brown Mark Bush Tammy Capps Fred Carpenter Darlene Carter Nancy Carter Richard Caudill Sherry Childers Nona Coggins Sherri Collins Robert Covert Thomas Curran Valerie Danford Gale Dean Nancy Deckard Pamela Dinkins Paula Dotson Sheri Dunkerson Debra Durham Kenny Kdwards George England Barbara Evans Belinda Ferry Walter Falkening Michael Forsee Pamela Franklin Charles Gilbert Johanna Gordon Tim Graves Tammy Guynn Bill Haak David Harp Linda Haynes Pamela Hensbaw Carla Hcnson Jeanne Holder Karen Holme ' i 169 David Hon Cathy Hood Howard Hoover Sheila Howard Melissa Hurst Vicki Irvin Cheryl Jones Martin Jones Patricia Johnson Teresa Jones Melanie Keane Kevin Keller Frank Lash Gundula Lawrence James Lawrence Jane Lawrence Robin Leisring April Lynn Tamera Lucas Deborah Martin Roy Massey Margaret McRoy Craig Messenger Paul Miller Nena Massingalc Kalhy Matllicws Lisa McDonald Brenda McPherson Leodis Moore Shelia Mullins Janel Mumaw Alan Nelson Karen Paff Linda Parish Delores Phelps Sandra Pierce Margaret Pike Lisa Polston Paula Pope Cathy Pranger Dedra Price Susan Price Tina Price Marcellino Quintana June Sanderson Gary Sanford Carmena Shirley Portia Sholar Janet Sims Ron Ramev Jeff Rhoad ' s Becky Robbins Chnstine Rumfell Keith Russell ).?! Dennis Potter Kathi Smith Karen Smith Lon Smith Carrie Smock Debbie Spellman Bonnie Spivey Scott Stackhouse Teresa Starks Lisa Stewart Tina Stewart Lynn Stephenson Theresa Streeval Dan Stock Lon Strother John Sullivan Teresa Sullivan Eleni Svolos Francine Swanigan Deanna Smith Diane Taylor Teri Tetnck Tamara Travioli Dawn Trove Richard Saylor Anne Vandevander i J . V-V - Sherry Van Landingham Tamara Vandersar Ben Vorhees Vivian Waddell Juanita Wallace Kini Warrenburg Celeste Webster Steven Wells Cleovis West Chnslv Weslenhaver Cherlyn Wheeler Margaret Wiley Reva Wilkinson Monica Williams Julie Wilson {73 ' Autographs V- v " ' • ' Vjt ■s , , 9? BURGER CHEF 4401 E. 10th Indpls.. Ind. 46201 Congratulations Class of " MOMMA ' S PIZZA ( $ 1.00 off anv Pizza with Tech l.D.) Pizza Stroniboli • Hoagie • Ham Cheese FREE DELIVERY To this area 51 St N a: PROSPECT SUN. 4 p.m. to 1 1 p.m. MON.-THUR. 1 1 a.m. to 1 1 p.m. FRI. SAT. 1 1 a.m. to 1 a.m. 357-9195 3806 E. Washington Corner of Sherman Washington Congratulations to the class of " 1980 " From the ARSENAL CANNON YEARBOOK STAFF ...J ' i m Root helps you to Remember . . . oot Photographers 1 131 W. Sheridan, Chicago fMcDonaldis Have A Full Summer EAT HERE MCDONALD ' S 1610 E.Washington Indianapolis, Ind. Birthday Parties Tours Through Store J. S. RECORD SHOP 3618 E. 25th Street Phone 542-9695 Lps,45 ' s tapes Jewelry IstSGT. Willis, Owner. ISTOpTooking C 0. HENRY CAREFUL DRIVER ' S INSURANCE AGENCY RATES TOO HIGH? CAN INSURE ANY DRIVER! AGE 16 TO 85 AT SPECIAL LOW RATES PAY MONTHLY LOW RATES SR 22 ' 8 FILED SAME DAY OPEN MON THRU FRI 9 AM TO 6 PM SAT-9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM TWO LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE YOU 632-9223 " 882-0291 AFTER HOURS C 290jEASnOTHj WE SELL INSURANCE ON ■ AUTO FIRE ♦ BOATS TRAILERS CAMPERS MILITARY PERSONNEL MOBILE HOMES HOME OWNERS MOTOR HOMES LOCAL LONG HAUL TRUCK ' NS 1( DUMP TRUCKS INSURANCE ON BOBTAIL UNITS COMMERCIAL-BUSINESS ACCOUNTS AFTER HOURS CALL 881-0522 8636 S. Maridisn (State Rd. 1361 Indianapoli . Ind Green Carpet Campaign Committee Arsenal Technical High School 1500 E. Michigan St. Indianapoiis. Ind 46201 177 CONGRATULATIONS! You, the class of 1980. have reached an important goal in your lives — the comple- tion of high school. Whatever your plans for the future, we at RCA know your many hours of consci- entious studying will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and wishes to each of you. ncii An equal opponumiy empio LITTLE INDY BOWL 320 S. College Lowest Bowling prices in town Daytime Bowling Monday thru Friday to 6:00 p.m. 60 f a game Saturday Sunday evenings and Holidays 70C a game " 632-2879 FLOWERS ARRANGED FOR AUL OCCASIONS FUNERALS — HOSPITALS — WEDDINGS Tec Ka»j Flower Novelti) SUo| 3501 Brookside Pkwy So Dr 638 264 INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA -46201 THELMA KING DAVID ELDER DELBO DRUGS Prescription Specialists 3105 English Avenue Rx Department Open 8 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 637-2421 SWAFFY ' S INSTANT PRINTING COMPANY Congratulations Graduates Ray Swafford Owner Help Helping Helped 1957 Tech Grads Ray M. Nellie R. Swafford 7023 E. 35th St. (off Shadeland) 546-4966 iTB Catering available Good Luck Class of " 1980! " We have the sound and personality to make your party great! Mike Hawkins HALLELUJAH HOUSE 2401 E. 10th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 634-8858 Christian Books and Supplies Bicycles and Accessories Wheel Work KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 2303 E. Tenth Wednesday Sp.ecial 1.95 save 40C Colonels Day Special Kcntucki ; fried LANMAN FLOWER SHOP 4108 E. Michigan 356-6371 And 955N.Fenton 899-3990 More • than • a • gift • shop . . . De De ' s . . . Fine • Gifts • Need • Not • Be • Expensive! Twin • Aire • Shopping • Center FOOD STOP MARKET -m. 3432 E. 10th St. Jtowet Skep COMPUTE HORAL SEOVICi 631-1244 637-5369 A PIZZA HOUSE 3006 E. 10th BEECH GROVE KENNELS Boarding, bathing. All Breed grooming 2730S. Ritter Indpls.. Indiana 356-7712 Congratulations Seniors Woodside U.M.Y.F. Good Luck Seniors of -1980 " Compliments of: Gary Clark Your Herf Jones Representative 79 RICHARD BENNETT Home of Affordable Furniture 5804 East Washington 356-7211 5130E. 10th 356-0996 ,t . a STEER- IM y CU RB AND CARRY Herilage House o Indianapolis 4990 SOUTH EAST STREET -U.S. HIGHWAY 31 SOUTH INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46227 TELEPHONE: AREA CODE 317 - 783-9388 Banquet facilities for school functions and organizations of 25 to 500 IBO CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1980 Seniors of Jr. ROTC Row 1 c CPT Mary Murphs. C ILT, Steve Richardson, C CPT Terrv Woods. C 2LT Robert Barnett Row 2 c 2LT Eugene Bear. c COL Dan H ' c jl! Gary Sanford. c 2kl Jerald Crumbo row 3 c sgt Jay Akers. c maj . ' v(a.; c 2!l Jody Clay. ISGT. Neris Illis Index ADAM, Dawn 121 ADAM, Diana 21 DAMS, Annabelle (faculty) 159 ADAMS, John 115, 122 ADAMS, Penny 98 ADCOCK, Anita 168 AGUILERA. Elisa66 AKERS, Jay 76 ALCORN, Kevin 66 ALLEN. Bryan 61, 108 ALLEN, Carol 21 ALLEN, Gaylord (faculty) 15 ALLEN,Tammy54, 81, 168 AMATO,Anna 116, 168 AMONETT, Linda 168 ANDERSON, Chrisella 21, 87 ANDERSON, Cynthia A. 54, 55, 81 ANDERSON, Cynthia M. 14, 21, 50, 51, 54,55,87, 168 ANDERSON. David 21, 44, 50, 51 ANDERSON. John 98 ANDERSON, Loren 1 10 ANDERSON, Lottie 81 APOSTOLAKIS, John 23 ARBERRY, Willie 108 ARILA, Josephine 87 ARMOUR, Lori 75,86,103 ARNETT,Debra 21,87 ARRINGTON, Joseph 75,78 ARWINE. Nanette 81 ASH, Marshall 168 ATCLES. Tracey (faculty) 115 ATWOOD, Mary21 AUBREY, Lisa 2 1 ,50,59,60,6 1 ,63,7 1 , 1 68 AUSTIN, Gloria 21 BAILEY, Debbie 21,87 BAILEY, Eddie 157 BAILEY, Kevin 21 BAKER, Anita 21, 86 BAKER, Cynthia 21, 168 BAKER, David 21, 168 BAKER, Terri 168 BALL, Antonio 145 BALTZ, Elizabeth (faculty) 153 BANE, Doug 50, 51.52, 95, 168 BANKHEAD. Hiram 133 BANKS, J ames (faculty) 123 BARBOUR, Paula 157 BARNETT, Carol 21 BARNETT, Robert 21, 107 BARRICKLOW, Lee (faculty) 56, 66, 158 BARTON, Donald 121, 122 BATEMAN, Gloria 21 BATES, John 21 BAYLESS, Kenneth (faculty) 152 BEALL, Howard (faculty) 161 BEAR, Eugene 21, 74 BEGLEY, Nancy 23, 86, 87 BELL, Carlos (faculty) 157, 167 BELL Cassandra 144 BELL, Henry 131 BELL, James 61 BELL, Lydia 110 BELL, Marvella21 BELL, Rickey 121 BELLAMY, Delia 66 BELLAMY, Stanley 118, 132 BELLAMY, Theresa 21 BENDER, Yvonne 21 BENDIG, Barb81 BENEDICT, Dave 114, 168 BENEDICT, Providence (staff) 157 BENNETT, David 133 BERGER, William (faculty) 162 BERNARD, Kimberly 168 BIGELOW, Cynthia 21 BIGELOW, Eddie 21 BIGGERSTAFF, Eric21 BINBERRY, Sharon 21, 87 BINGHAM. Rosie (faculty) 164 BIRCH. Darla 87 BISHOP, Tony 7, 21, 87 BLACKWELL, Nancy 21 BLAGRAVE, Anna 80 BLAKENHORN, Duane (faculty) 154 BLEWITT, Joyce 21 BLOOMER, Sondra 168 BLYTHE, Gloria 168 BLYTHE, Russell 21 BOHLSER, Mike 21 BOLLINGER, Sherry 168 BONDS, Lewis 108, 132 BONDS, Regina 61 BONWELL, Barbara 87. 168 BOOKER. Ken 21, 59. 61. 63 BOOKER. Wayne 108. 121. 122 BORNMAN. Steve 66 BORSHOFF. Jim (faculty) 160 BOSTOC. Bruce 107 BOTTOMS. Brenda 54. 168 BOWERS. Winona (faculty) 159 BOWMAN. Deborah 102 BRADLEY. Libby 21 BRADSHAW. Martha (faculty) 86. 166 BRADY. Don 107 BRANNON. Pam87 BECKHAM. Ward (faculty) 131. 133 BECKLY. Robin 75. 77. 168 BECKWITH. Robin 21 BRANTLEY. Rhonda 1 10, 168 BREWER, Sherry 2 1 BRIGGS, Eugenia (security) 155 BRILES. Dicky 114 BRINKERHOFF, Steve (faculty) 162 BRODHECKER. Betty (faculty) 103. 156 BROOKS, Gerald 107 BROOKS, Monica 21, 85, 116 BROWN. Bruce 123 BROWN. Dellmar 21 BROWN. Donita 21. 110 BROWN. Fonda K. 87, 168 BROWN. Harold (faculty) 162 BROWN. JacqueUne 21 BROWN. Jim (faculty) 160 BROWN. Joan (faculty) 162 BROWN. Joseph (faculty) 157 BROWN, Kandis (faculty) 57, 61, 64, 158 BROWN, Karen 74, 87, 103 BROWN, Kathy 50, 66, 103 BROWN, Kerry (faculty) 165 BROWN, Kevin 21, 50 BROWN, Marcus 123 BROWN. Michael 122 BROWN. Randy 21 BROWN. Ron 66 BROWN. Rosalyn 98 BROWN. Scott 21 BROWN. Stephen 21 BROWNE. Raymond (faculty) 100. 165 BROWNING. Theresa 21 BRYAN. Barton 21 BRYANT. Lisa 98 BRYANT. Miranda 61. 1 10. 1 1 1. 138 BUCK. Kimber76. 78 BUCKNER. Jerry 78 BULL. Elise21 BURNETT. Zetta 21 BURRIS. Linda (faculty) 156 BUSH. Mark 168 BUTTE. Dagmar 50. 54 BYRD, Denise21.87 BYRD. Pauline 76 COLLYNER. Warner 108. 122 COMBS. Mark 22 COMBS, Mary 87 COMBS, Sherry 87 COMSTOCK, Diane (faculty) 162 DEATRICK, Sharon 22, 42, 61 DEBRULER, Roger 22, 42, 54, 55, 136, 137 BYRD. Wanda 21 CALDWELL, Phillip 21 CALHOON. Richard 83 CALLICUT, Frank 121 CALVERT, Kristina 21 CAMPBELL, Debra 21, 27, 54, 87 CAMPBELL, Dimitra 21 CAPPS, Tammy 168 CARDIS, Loretta21 CARLASON, Bill 113 CARLOCK, Mahlon (faculty) 152 CARNEY, Crystal 98 CARPENTER, Fred 6, 1 18, 168 CARR,Jay22,71,85,95 CARROLL, Scott 22 CARSON, Connie 110 CARTER, Darlene 168 CARTER, Diane (faculty) 157, 162 CARTER, Gary 22 CARTER, Helen (faculty) 162 CARTER, Nancy 168 CATT, Howard (faculty) 131, 153 CAUDILL, Richard 22, 50, 51, 52. 54, 55, 60,61,62,71.168 CECIL, Michael (faculty) 159 CHAMBERS, Anita 98 CHANEY,Tarrancel4, 113 CHAPMAN, Curtis 74, 76, 78 CHESTNUT, Debbie (faculty) 156 CHILDERS, Jenifer 85 CHILDERS, Sherry 169 CHOATE, Sally (faculty) 162 CHORIATIS, John 83 CISSELL, Charles 123 CLARK, Kim 81 C LARK, Lisa 22 CLARK, Ted 22, 61, 86 CLASPEL, Tanya 138 CLAY, Jody 87 CLAYTON, Donald 76, 78 CLAYTON, Terrence 22, 61 CLEGG, Paul 115 CLEMMONS, Teresa 22 CLEVELAND, Stanley 22 CLIFF, Brenda 22 CLINE, Ernest 131, 154 CLOSE, Don 22 COBB, Berzella 22, 87 CODY, Wyolene (faculty) 157, 161 COGGINS, Nona 100, 169 COLEMAN, Fannie (faculty) 159 COLEMAN, Jonita 54, 74, 75, 77 COLEMAN, Syraleigh 54, 106 COLLINS, Robert (faculty) 155 COLLINS, Robert (faculty) 157. 164 COLLINS. Sherry 22. 169 COLLINS, Tina 86 CONARD, Gloria 22 CONWAY, Gary (faculty) 63, 158 COOK, Fred (faculty, security) 155 COOK, Richard 22 COONS, Elizabeth 22, 85 COOPER, Janice (faculty) 154 CORCORAN, Nichael (faculty) 155 CORK, Darryl (faculty) 155 COSBY. Isadore 121 COVERT, Robert 169 COVINGTON, Jeff 22 COX, Florence (faculty) 156 COX, Larnell22, 145 COX, Terry 22 CRAIG, Frank (faculty) 121, 122, 123, 131, 132, 164 CRAING, Michael 98, 122 CRAWFORD, Tony 22 CREECH, Daniel 22 CRINER. PhillisllO CROOKE, Robert (faculty) 162 CROUCH, Karla 22 CROUCH. Marhsa (faculty) 157 CRUMBO,Jerald74,76 CRUSER, Dave (faculty) 161 CSIKY, Lois (faculty) 162 CUMMINS, Ann (faculty) 87, 155, 159 CUNNINGHAM, Mary 22 CURLIN, John (security) 155 CURRAN, Thomas 169 CURRY, Wilham Thomas 1 13 CURRY, Tim, 22, 45, 61, 62. 1 14 CURTIS, Ronald 22 CUSHINGBERRY, Michael 22 DAILEY, Donald (faculty) 154 DALTON, Doris (security) 155 DALY, Trudy 22 DAN FORD, Valerie 61, 64, 169 DANHEISER, Tom (faculty) 162 DANIEL, Lee 22 DANIELS, Sarah 59, 61, 63 DANIEL. Tracey 22 DARTIS, Mark 108 DAVIES, Will (faculty) 160 DAVIS, Chris 61 DAVIS, Edward (faculty) 156 DAVIS, Geoffrey 54, 55, 98, 121 DAVIS, Kenny (faculty) 122, 123 DAVIS, Kenny (security) 155 DAVIS, Linda (faculty) 162 DAVIS, Tom (faculty) 165 DAVIS, Vernon 22 DAVIS, Walter (faculty) 157, 166 DAVIS. Zoearline (faculty) 154, 157 DAY, Janet 110 DAY, Teresa 22 DAY, Vincent 132 DEAN, Gale 169 DECK ARD, Nancy 169 DECKARD, Roberta 59, 63, 98 DEMMARY, Kent (faculty) 164 DEMUS, Elsie (faculty) 156 DICKERSON, Cynthia 98 DILLARD, Vickie 22, 87 DINKINS, Pamela 169 DODSON, Jerry 66. 77 DODSON, Suzanne 83 DOLL. Judy 22 DONNERSON. Shellise 22 DOTSON. Paula 80, 169 DOTSON, Robert 122, 128 DOUGLAS, Fredia (faculty) 156 DOWDY, Linda 110, 111 DOWLEN, Buddy 123 DRAKE, Deborah 98 DUFF, Thelma 22 DULANEY, Kim 22 DULIN, Greg 22 DUNKERSON, Sheri 169 DUNN, Robert 66 DURDEN, Elizabeth 22, 87 DURHAM, Debra 169 DURR, George (faculty) 158 DYE. Jenny 22. 87 DYKE. Greg 22 DYKEMAN, Richard (faculty) 164 EADS, Ellen (faculty) 162 EASTERLY, Jim (faculty) 164 EDENS, Tina 22 EDISON, Gerald 22, 1 06, 1 07 Tim Reed makes a nice Shot. im .. EDWARDS. John 22, 106 EDWARDS, Ken 66, 169 EDWARDS, Lisa 22 EDWARDS, Mike 22, 23 ELDER, Leon (faculty) 160 ELLIOT, Harold (faculty) 167 ELLIOT, Stephanie 23 ELLIS, Tony 121 ENGLAND, George 169 ERVIN, Natalie 75 ESTEB, Ken71.77 ESTEB,Timl02 EVANS. Barbara 75, 77, 169 EVANS, Bobby 107 EVANS, David (faculty) 162 EVANS, Edward (faculty) 158 EVANS, James 108 EVANS, Jesse 108, 132 EVANS, Keeley 66 EVANS, Len 66 EVERTS, Christy 83 FAIRCHILD, Chuck 136. 137 FALKENING, Walter 169 FARLEY, John (faculty) 163 FARMER, Bobby 75 FEIGERT, Judith (faculty) 157. 160 FERGUSON, Kathy 23, 87 FERNANDEZ. Steve 23. 87. 1 13 FERRY. Belinda 169 FIELDS. Louisine (faculty) 159 FINE. Serine (facultv) 83. 164 FINKTON.Mike23 FINNEY. Karen (faculty) 162 FISHER. John (facultv) 157 FLINCHUM. Teresa 87 FLOYD. Linda 23 FLUNCHMAN. Dan23 FOLEY. Yvonne 27. 87 FOLKENING. Hoey66 FOLLIS. Alberta (faculty) 156 FORD. Kevin 42 FORD. Michael 23 FORD. Robert (faculty) 157. 162 FORSEE, Michael 169 FOX. Donald 66 FOX. Robert 108. 121. 128 FOXWORTHY, Robert 23 FRANKLIN. Pamela 169 FRANKLIN. Sarah 87 FREED. Angela 87 FREEMAN. Joyce (faculty) 159 FREEMAN. Renita 23. 54 FREEMAN. Tina 27 FRYE. Lois (faculty) 159 GADBURY. Paul23 GAINES. Lawrence 121, 122 GAINS. Annetta 1 10. 121. 122. 123 GARNETT. June(faculty) 165 GARNER. Steven 23 GARRETT. Lonnie 23. 66 GEORGE. Dave (faculty) 114. 131. 132. 133. 159 GIBSON. Bill 118 GIBSON. Demetria 23. 60. 61. 62. 107 GIBSON. Linda 110 GILBERT. Charles 23. 169 GILBERT. Curtis 23 GILL. Dorcus23. 87 GILLIAM. Camille 85. 103 GILLIAM. Stephanie 61. 85 GILLIAN. Regina 23 GIN, Chuck 23 GLADNEY. Nelson 23 GLOVER. Bruce 66 GLOVER. Janice 98 GLOVER. Kimberly 103 GLOVER. Mark 121. 132 GLOVER. Richard (faculty) 160 GODSEY.Jim23. 113 GOERTEMILLER. Elizabeth (faculty) 159 GOING. Tom 14, 23. 66. 1 17, 1 18 GOLIGHTLY. William 107. 131 GONDER. Karen 23. 87 GOODALL, Canandra 116 GOODRUM. Alice (faculty) 55. 153. 162 GORDON. Ed 77, 78 GORDON. Johanna 169 GORE. Brian 123. 133, 185 GORE, Natalie 23 GOSS, Phillip 87 GRADY. Edward 108 GRAHAM. David 123 GRANEY. William (faculty) 154 GRANGER. Darin 76. 78. 149 GRAVES. Dwight 23. 87 GRAVES. Jeff 78 GRAVES,Tim50. 51. 169 GRAY. Dana 83 GRAY. Sam 23 GREENE. Sam 54. 55. 103 GREENE. Stacey 54. 55 GRIFFIN. Carol 23. 54. 55. 87 GRIFFIN, Dean 121 GRIFFIN, Earl 115 GRIFFIN, Rossevelt (faculty) 86, 166 GRUJDY, Tempest 87 GUESS, Jean (faculty) 164 GUESS, Mercy (faculty) 164 GUESS, William (faculty) 153. 159 GUYIN. Dale23. 87 GUYIN. Dianne23.45.74 GUYIN. Mary 77 GUYIN, Tammy 166, 169 GWEN,Ohmit (facultv) 159 HAAK, Bill 169 HAHN, Margaret (faculty) 162 HALE, Heste r (faculty) 155. 162 HALE. Rhonda 23 HALL. Dewayne 59. 61. 63. 74. 76. 78. 79 HALL, Diane 23, 61 HALL, John (faculty) 137 HALL, Thomas 23 HALLAGAN, Harvy (faculty) 166 HALLIBURTON, John (faculty) 157 HAMER, Sarah (faculty) 159 HAMILTON, Chris 23 ' HAMPTON, Kevin 23, 87 HANEY, Bobll3 HANSBOROUGH, Andre 1 14 HANSON, Darrell 23 HAPNER, Chuck 66 HAPNER,Teresa61,64, 66 HARDIMAN, Emmett (faculty) 162 HARDIMAN, Robin 23 HARDING, Bea (faculty) 1 16 HARDING, Bill 61, 106, 107, 121 HARDING, Bonnie 23, 61 HARDING, Joe 106 HARDING, Joseph 121 HARDY, Elizabeth (faculty) 165 HARDY, Marquerile (faculty) 157. 161 HARLAN. Jeff 23 HARL.A.N, Julie 66 HARP. David 169 HARRIS. Brian 23 HARRIS. Dawn 81 HARRIS. Denise 80. 85 HARRIS, Steve 114 HARROD. William (f acuirv ' i: HARRY. Charles (facv j ; I ■ ' ■ ' i HARWELL. Jern 23 HASKETT. Barbara (faculty) 164 HASKINS. Frank 115 RASKINS. Pam 23 HATCHER. Cindi 50. 83. 100 HAWKINS. Fred 23 HAWKINS. Valerie 66 HAYES. Dennis 23. 87 HAYES. Marel 100 HAYNES. Linda 169 HEAGY, Rodger 74 HEARD. Auzzie 74. 76, 78 HEATH. Willard (faculty) 157. 166 HELMS. Elsa 23 HELMS. Kevin 54 HENDERSON, Oral (faculty) 162 HENDRICKSON. Mane 66. 1 10 HENSHAW. Pamela 169 HENSON. Carla 23. 45. 61. 85. 169 HENSON, Danny 119 HERRA. Margie 80 HERRING, Rhonda 80, 98 HERRON. Phillip 115 HESS. Jefferv 76 HESS, Kathy 66 HEWLETT, Vicki 110 HICKEY,.Ierald75,78 HIGHTOWER, Chris 66, 98 HIGNITE, James 23 HIGNITE, Nancy 23 HILL, Eric 83 HILL, Kevin 45 HILL, Louis (faculty) 157, 163 HINDS, Annetta 23 HINTON, Deanea 86 HINTON, Deidre 103 HISER, Lashelle23, 61 HOCHRADEL, Beverly (faculty) 157 HOFFMAN, Marilyn (faculty) 85, 157, 160 HOGUE, Richard 76 HOKE, Robert 122 HOLCOLM, John 76, 78 HOLDER, Jeanme 23, 61, 169 HOLLAND, Yolanda 23 HOLLIDAY, Carol 85 HOLLIDAY, Virginia 87 HOLMES, Ernest (faculty) 153, 167 HOLMES, Karen 169 HOLMES, Mary 121, 122, 123 HON, David 123, 170 HON, David (faculty) 157 HOOP, Cathy 23, 61, III, 170 HOOD,Jay59, 60, 61,63,66 HOOPER, Donald 15 HOOVER, Howard 119, 170 HOOVER, Warren 24, 50, 51, 85 HOPKING, James 123 HOPKINS, Judi 23 HORAN, Sarah 23 HORNADAY, Jim 66, 77, 123 HOWARD, Shelia 170 HUBER, Rose24. 87 HIDSON.Lamont24 HUMPHREY. Barbara 23, 45, 50, 51,61, 64, 173 HUMPHREY, Phillis 24, 87 HUNT, Pam 81 HUNTER, Derrel 133 HUNTER, Tammy 24, 87 HURLEY, John (faculty) 154, 167 HURST, Melissa 170 HURT, Mark 115 HUTSON,John24 HUTTON, Loretta 74, 77 HUTTON, Maretta 74, 77 HYLTON, Charles (faculty) 148, 161 IMMEL, Donald 24 INGLE, Arthur 24 INGRAM, Rav 121 IRELAND, Ronald (faculty) 85, 160 IRELAND, Pam 85, 137 IRVIN, Vicki 170 JACKSON, Rodney 98, 114 JACKSON, Virginia (faculty) 159 JACKSON, William 77, 78 JACOBS, Theresa 24, 87 JAMES, Carol 24, 45, 60, 61, 64, 1 16 JAMES, Michelle 24, 87 JAHNEE, Susan (faculty) 1 10, 135 JASKIEWICZ, Curtis 121, 122 JEFFERIES, Mary Alice (faculty) 156 JEFFERSON, Cheryl 24, 87 JEFFERSON, Pamela 24 JEFFERSON, Olga (faculty) 157 JENKINS, Debbie 87 JENKINS, Nolan 137 JIMISON,Terreia24 JOHNSON, Alice (faculty) 159 JOHNSON, Bryan 24, 131 JOHNSON, David 133 JOHNSON, Lori 116 JOHNSON, Mackie 133 JOHNSON, Mary 24 JOHNSON, Patricia 170 JOHNSON, Todd 24, 74, 76 JOHNSON, Tony 149 JONES, Cheryl 24, 87, 170 JONES, Chris 107 JONES, Connie 102 JONES, Ellis 24 JONES, Karen 24 JONES, Martin 106, 107, 1 18, 131, 170 JONES, Ron 123, 133 JONES, Rose 24 JONES, Sherry 87 JONES, Thresa 24, 170 JORDAN, George 24, 87 JORDAN, Johana 66 JORDAN, Kathy 66 JOURNEY, Blondina 110 JUJUGA,Stan66,8I KAELIN, Kerry 87 KANOUSE, John (faculty) 166 KEANE, Melanie 170 KECKHAVER, Darryl 24, 121 KELLER, Fred (faculty) 162 KELLER, Kevin 170 KELLER, Mike 24, 50, 59, 61, 63, 66 KELLY, Frederick (faculty) 154 KEMP, Edna 83 KEMP, Eva 24, 87 KENPER. Michelle 24, 87 KENISON, John (faculty) 165 KENNEDY, Althea 98 KIDD,John66 KILGORE, Keith77, 78, 79 KIMBERLIN, William (faculty) 163, 166 KINDRICKS, Rober 133 KING, Aaron 108 KING, Melinda 24, 87, 116 KINSER, Paul (faculty) 162 KIRBY, Donald 24 KIRSCH, Arthur (faculty) 164 KLEINE, Jay (faculty) 1 19, 167 KNUE, Francis (faculty) 108, 121, 122, 123, 167 KOCHERM, Charles (faculty) 161 KOGER,Tim24, 119 KOHUT, Eileen (faculty) 155. 163 KRINER, Phyllis 24, 87, 116 LAGADON, Maria (faculty) 164 LALAND, Dolphia 1 10 LANCASTER, Clarence 24 LANCASTER, Harvey 100 LANE,Zonda24, 87 LAPPING, Marjorie (faculty) 153 LASH, Frank 170 LAWRINCE, Gundula 170 LAWRINCE, James 24, 170 LAWRENCE, Jane 100, 170 LAWRENCE. John 121 LAWRENCE, Tom 27. 121 LAWSON. Kim 24. 87 LAWSON. Michelle 24 LAY. Tonya 87 LAYTON. Brian 24 LEAP. James (faculty) 167 LEE. Barbara (faculty) 154 LEE. Cathy 24 LEE. Mark 66. 74. 75. 76. 78 LEE. Walter 24 LEHMAN. Arnold (faculty) 160 LEISRING. Lauri24 LEISURING. Robin 66. 170 LEONARD. Betty 75. 77 LEWIS. Angle 61. 87 LEWIS. John (faculty) 163 LIGHTFOOT. Stephanie 24 LITTEL. Patricia (faculty) 156 LONG. Jeff 122 LOOPER. Kenny 113 LORICK.Jeannette98 LORIC. Wilson 123 LORRICK, Jerard 24. 106, 121. 131. 144 LOVELACE. Clifton (faculty) 163 LOWE. Roger 77. 78 LUCUS. Marilyn 116 LUCAS. Tamera 170 LUNDGREN, Shirley (faculty) 103. 156 LYNN. April 170 MACDAN! EL. James (faculty) 76. 158 MACKEY. Daborah (faculty) 157. 166 MADISON. Debbie 24 MAGEE. Charles 107 MAHONE. Rachale 110 MAHURIN.Rick98. 132 MAJORS. Martin 24. 87. 107 MALLOTT. Scott 24 MANDERS. Karl (faculty) 157 MANIS. Steve 24. 106, 124 MANKA. Mary Lou (faculty ) 167 MANN. Lou (faculty) 159 MANN. Pay 24 MARCUM.Tammv MARIN. Jeff 115 MARLIN. Jerry (faculty) 121. 122, 123 MARLOW. Rhonda 24. 66 MARSH. Kevin 78 MARSHALL, Lewis (faculty) 153 MARSHALL. Patty 24 MARTIN. Deborah 170 MARTIN. Jeff 61 MARTIN. Keith 24 MARTIN. Walter 24 MARTON.Lynn 116 MASON. Don (faculty) 157. 160 MASON. Greg 106. 121 MASON. Phillip 107 MASON. Terry 121 MASSEY. Roy 87. 170 MASSEY. Sheila 24. 45. 61. 64. 87 MASSINGALE. Nena 24. 87, 171 MATHRNY.Joe 113 MATHES. Donna 71 MATHEWS. Kathy 50. 51. 61. 64. 171 MAXWELL. Jonny 66 MAXWELL. Joyce (faculty) 156 MAXWELL, Susan 50. 51. 54. 55. 98 MAY. James (faculty) 164 MAY. Ron 113 MAYE, Sharon 14 MAYES. Kermit 121 MENARD. David 123 MENARD. Denis 25. 121 MENDEL. Walter (faculty) 167 MESSENGER. Craig 114. 115. 170 MEYER. Robert (faculty) 152. 166 MEYERS, Valerie 71 MICKINS, Anlhmv25 MIESSEN,Ered(facukv) 161 MEISSEN, Juditv (faculty) 153 MILES, Derick 115, 122 MILLER, Arthur 107 MILLER, Cedilla 14 MILLER, Charles 106 MILLER, Frangois (faculty) 160 MILLER, James 106 MILLER, Paul 170 MILLS, Rodney 108, 122 MINDACH, Jane (faculty) 156 MINER, J ohn (faculty) 153 MINKS, Stan (faculty) 50. 51. 163 MITCHELL, Mark 25, 87, 118 MONROE, Thomas 102 MONTGOMERY. Gene (faculty) 156 MOORE, Cassandra 25 MOORE, Gary 25. 61, 106, 107. 121 MOORE, Joyce 25 MOORE, Leodis 171 MOORE, Marian (faculty) 161 MOORE. Teresa 87 MORAN, Etta (faculty) 159 MOREFORD, Debra 25, 87 MOREMAN, Iran (faculty) 1 13. 153. 167 MORRIS. Betty 25 MORRIS. Mark 114 MORRK. Brian 122 MORSE. Thelma (faculty) 1()0 MORSE. William (faculty) 166 MORTON. John 123 MOSES. Jim 113 MULLENAX. John (faculty) 162 MULLINS. Shelia 171 ML ' LLINS. Teresa 25 MUMAW. Janet 50. 51. 59. 63. 66. 98. 171 MUNDEN. Andrew 78 MUNDIN. David77.78 MUNDEN, Robert 74. 78 MURPHEY, Mary25 MURPHY, C.J. (faculty) 167 MURPHY. Paul 54. 55. 61. 62. 66. 86 MURPHY. Wesley (faculty) 95. 157. 166 MURRAY. Charlizza 87 MURRELL. Loraine80 MURRELL. Patrisha 80 MURRY. David 76 MUSGROVE. Kenny 121. 122 MYERS. Valerie 98 McBRIDE. Judith (faculty) 50. 51. 163 McCALLISTER, Leory 108 MCCARTY, Lowell (faculty) 161 VICCASLIN.RenaSl MCCONAHAY. Mary Jane (faculty) 157 MCCONN, Dawn 25 MCCREARY. Bill (faculty) 159 MCCREARY. Pam 25. 87 TCREARY. Tom 25. 50. 51, 53, 54. 55. S7 ■CCROY. Margarcio! ' ••• ' CDADE. Regina ' : ' • 75. " i, S MCDANIEL, Alan (faculty) 157 MCDONALD, Lisa 50, 52, 66, 171 MCDONALD, Rita 25. 87 MCDOWELL, Rita (faculty) 107, 157 MCDOWELL, Edward (faculty) 106, 107 MCFARLAND, Barbara 87 MCGEATH, Bruce (faculty) 106, 107, 125, 166 MCGINTY, Joyce 77 MCKINNEY, Kevin 25 MCMILLAN, Ann (faculty) 157, 163. 167 MCPHERSON, Brenda 171 MCROY, Margaret 59, 63, 170 MCVAY, Cheryl (faculty) 157, 159 NAGY. Karen (faculty) 66, 158 NAPIER, Barry 25, 106, 107, 124 N AVERTH, Iris 25 NEALY, Jesse 122 NELMS, Thomas (faculty, security) 155 NELSON, Alan 122, 123. 171 NELSON, Harry 61, 66. 107, 122 NESBIT, Julie 25 NEWBOLD. Julie 25 NICHOLES. Denise 15,25 NOBLES, Polly (faculty) 156 NOBLES, Ron (faculty) 56, 71. 158 NOEL, Vickie (faculty) 157, 164 NOLAN, April 25 OATES, George 25 OCHSENRIDER. Randy 1 13, 1 14 O ' CONNER. Chris 100 OFFICER, Alfred (security) 106 O ' NEAL, Tammy 66 ORTH. Robert (faculty) 157, 163, 164 OSBORNE, Renae 25 OSBORNE, Vernon 108 OSCARSON, Paul (faculty) 157 OWEN. Gordon (faculty) 165 PAFF, Karen 171 PAFF. Scott 25 PAIGE. Jerry 123 PAIGE, Tracie 7. 25 PALMER. Wayne (faculty) 157 PARISH, Londa 25, 87, 171 PARISH, Stanley 106 PARKER, Anna (faculty) 157, 166 PARKER, Marjorie (faculty) 155 PARRETT, Shirley (faculty) 167 PARRIS, Mary 25, 187 PARRISH, Renee98 PARRIT, Tina 110 PARROT. Sharon (faculty) 154 PARRSON. Sherri 25 PARSON, Liliaberdia (faculty, security) 155 PATTON, Darriel 25 PATTON, Robert 108 PATTON, Teresa 25 PAYTON, Lisa 66 PAYTON, Mike 66, 98 P. YTON, Patrick 87 PEACHER. Keith 122 PEASLY, Renee 100 PEELER. Edward 133 PENCE, Lewis (faculty) 155, 161, 163 PERKINS. Rhonda 98 PERKINS. Ricky 122 PERRY, Ristoria 25, 66 PERRY, Yevett 110 PETERSON, Dorothy 110 PETERSON, Teresa 103 PETTIGREN. Mark 113 PFILE, Angela 66, 83 PHELPS, Dilynn (faculty) 157, 164, 166 PHELPS, Delores 171 PHELPS, Westel 106, 122 PHEMISTER, Loma (faculty) 165 PHILLIPS, Brian 118 PHILLIPS. Helen (faculty) 157 PHIPPS, Tyra (faculty) 154 PIERCE. Denny 107, 121, 122, 123 PIERCE. Sandra 171 PIKE, Margaret 171 PIPES, Tammie 25 PIRTLE, Darrel25 PITTMAN. Clifton 25 PITTMAN. Debra 25 PITTS, Dallas 122 POLLARD. Lamont 25 POLSTON. Lisa 171 POPE. Paula 171 PORTER. Deidre 25. 86 PORTER, Ken 25, 118. 177 POTEET.Bobby66. 115. 122 POTTER, Dennis 122. 172 POTTER, Margaret (faculty) 156 POTTER, Wallace (faculty) 152 POVENTUD, Frank 122 POWELL, Kathy 25 POWELL, Rodney 25, 66 POWERS, Rodney 108 PRANGER, Cathy 171 PRATHER, Paul (faculty) 60, 61, 62, 158 PRICE, Dedra 171 PRICE, Susan 50. 52, 53, 54, 55, 61, 66, 98. 171 PRICE, Tina 50, 81, 171 PRICE, Wendrel (faculty) 165 PRUETT, Lindy (faculty) 157, 164 PRYOR. Michael 122 PUGH, Brian 25 QUARLES, Debra 138 QUINTANNA, Danny 7, 121 QUINTANA, Marcie 10, 59, 61, 63, 66, 171 QUINTANA, Tina 25 QUINTERRO, Raymond 108, 109 RAIA, James 149 RAINEY, Greg 106 RAINEY,Tracilyn87 RAMEY, Ron 171 RAMSEY, Tammy 25, 61, 87 RANDALL. Shirley 103 RANSOM, Natahe (faculty) 161 RAY, Carolyn (faculty) 155 RAY, Michael 106 RAY, Roberta 25, 61,64 REED, Ray (faculty) 152, 158 REED, Tim 131 RENT, Brett 61. 62 RENT, James 25, 121 RENT, William 76 REUTER. Lucretia 83 RHOADS,Jan 113 RHOADS, Jeff 10, 11, 50, 53, 60, 61. 62, 114, 171 RHODES, Willie 87 RICHARD, Teresa 25, 87 RICHARDS. Gwen 26. 87 RICHARDSON. Glen (faculty, security) 155 RICHARDSON. Steve 74 RIDLEY, Louise (faculty) 160 RINE. Melanie26 ROBBINS, Becky 66, 98, 171 ROBBINS, Gloria (faculty) 156 ROBENACK, Russel 133 R0BERS0N,Gizella61 ROBERTS, Anita 54, 77 ROBERTS, Craig (faculty) 157, 163 ROBERTS. Jackie 98 ROBERTS, Jonny 106, 107 ROBERTSON, Marilyn 87 ROBERTSON, Lewis (faculty) 159 ROBINSON, Calvin 121 ROBINSON, Don (faculty) 108, 1 18, 160 ROBINSON, Janice 26 ROBINSON, Jonny 131 ROBINSON, Ronnie 121 im ROBINSON, Vincent 122 ROBINSON, Yvonne 26 ROGERS, Bill 26 ROGERS, Susan 26 ROSE. Carrol (faculty) 161 ROSE, Lela 25 ROTH WELL, Dan 122 RUDOLPH, Anthony 106 RUMFELT. Chris75, 77. 171 RUPERT, Willie 26 RUSH, Kenneth 133 RUSH, Scott 108, 132 RUSSELL. Keith 121. 171 SADIER. Betty 87 SALOH. Alan 26 SAMPSON. Katrina 87 SANDERS. Betty (faculty) 163 S. NDERSON.June26.41.85.92. 171 SANFORD. Gary26. 74. 103. 171 SANGAR. Esther (faculty) 160 SARVER. Edward 123 SAYLOR. Rick 26 SCAHILL. James (faculty) 121. 122. 123 SCHERICH. Lloyd (faculty) 164 SCHNIEDER. Karl (faculty) 152 SCHNEIDER. Loise (faculty) 260 SCOTT. Bonita 85 SEARY. Paula 26 SEBASTIAN, Kathy 26, 66, 87 SEELVE, Corrine (faculty) 161 SHAFFER, Roger 123 SHANON. Jackie 26 SHAW, Debra (faculty) 157 SHAW. Joni 26 SHEILDS. Erwinl32 SHELBY, Shawn 103 SHELTON, Michael 106, 107 SHEPARD, Bill 76 SHERRELL, Mark 121, 131 SHIELDS, Derwin 131 SHIRLEY, Carmenna 20, 61. 87, 171 SHOCK, Richard (faculty) 152, 157 SHOEMAKER, Delise (faculty) 87. 153. 159 SHOEMAKER, Ithel (faculty) 152 SHOLAR, Portia 25, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 80, 171 SHULAR,Tony 119 SHRUBA, Mike 119 SIDLECKI, William (faculty) 166 SIMMONS, Delores 50 SIMMONS. Eric 132 SIMMONS, Lori 83 SIMMONS. Valencia 26. 50. 53. 80 SIMMS. Constance 110 SIMMS, Damon 78 SIMMS, Danny 87 SIMMS, Lynn 26, 80 SIMS, Connie 74, 79 SIMS, Cynthia 26. 87 SIMS, Janet 87, 171 SIMS, Katnna 98 SIMS. Stephanie 26 SINGH, Jatinder (faculty) 163 SKILLERN.Lisa26. 87 SLOVER, Mike (faculty) 165 SMITH. Allen (faculty) 164 SMITH. Angela 26. 87 SMITH. Anthony 118 SMITH.Brenda61.71 SMITH. JR.. Clyde (faculty) 157. 166 SMITH. Cynthia 102 SMITH. Deanna 172 SMITH. Debra 87 SMITH. Jerry (faculty, security) 155 SMITH, Kathi 172 SMITH, Kent 10, 11, 15 SMITH, Lori 71, 172 SMITH. Lorrie 110 SMITH. Margaret (faculty) 165 SMITH. Robert (faculty) 167 SMITH. Ronald 26 SMITH. Sandy 26 SMITH. Sarah 26 SMITH, Shelby 110 SMITH. Stephen 26 SMITH. Wanda 110 SMITH. Willa 26 SMITH. William (faculty) 157 SMOCK. Carrie 172 SNORTEN. Cornelius (faculty) 157 SNOW. Jane (faculty) 161 SOOTS. Arlene 26. 71 SOSBE. Rodney 26 SOTOS. Elias 26, 85 SPEARMAN, Leo 85 SPELLMAN. Debbie 50. 51. 61. 64. 71. 112. 172 SPELLS. Kevin 26. 87 SPIVEY. Bonnie 172 SQUIRES. Cynthia 110 STACKHOUSE. Gayle 26. 66 STACKHOUSE, Scott 66. 1 15. 172 STAFFORD. Ruth (faculty) 165 STANLEY. Dan (faculty) 81, 164 STANLEY, Peggy 59, 63 STANSBERRY, Aaron 66 STANSBERRY, Lester 66 STARKS, Teresa 172 STARRS. Jennifer 26 STEPHENSON. John 26 STEPHENSON. Lynn 98. 102. 1 10. 172 STEVENS. Rod 81 STEVENSON. Stephanie 26, 61, 64, 66 STEWART. Alvin 26 STEWART, James 26 STEWART, James (faculty) 152 STEWART. Laurie 26 STEWART. LaVerne (faculty) 156 STEWART, Lisa 172 STEWART. Tina 10. 1 1. 26. 50. 51. 59. 63. 172 STEWART. William (faculty) 163 STOCK, Cyril (faculty) 161 STOCK. Dan 52. 74. 75. 95. 55. 54. 172,,45.62 STOCKARD. Robert (faculty) 161 STOKES. Dennis 74. 77. 78 STONE, Michael 133 STORMS. Marsa (faculty) 165 STOUT. Dorothy (faculty) 154 STOWERS. Patrice 1 1 1 STREEVAL. Teresa 75. 76. 77. 172 STROTHER. Larry 26 STROTHER. Lori 172 STROUGH. Sherry 98 STUART. Michelle 26 SULLIVAN. John 66. 172 SULLIVAN. Teresa 26. 172 SUTTON. Rochelle (faculty) 157 SVOLOS, Elame 100. 172 SWANIGAN. Francine 172 SWENSON. Kermit (faculty) 165 TAFLINGER. James (faculty) 166 TAMPER. Shirley 26 TANNER. Rhonda 87 TAYLOR, Beth 26 TAYLOR, Charles 74 TAYLOR. Crystal 87 TAYLOR, Diane 172 TAYLOR. Joycelyn 26. 61. 66 TAYLOR. Mona 27 TAYLOR. Richard 172 TAYLOR, Sherry 27 TAYLOR, Tyrone 27, 74 TEEPE, Julie 27, 66, 87 TENNANT, Janet 27, 87 TERRELL, Roy (faculty) 164 TESS, David 157. 164 TETRICK. Teri 98. 172 THOMAS, Darreil 27 189 THOMAS, Latricia 27 THOMAS. Martha (faculty) 156 THOMPSON. Anthony 74, 75. 1 15 THOMPSON. Douglas (faculty) 163 THOMPSON. Herman 123 THOMPSON, Jeff 114 THURMAN, Michael 108 TIMBERLAK. Richard 27 TINCHER. John (faculty) 161 TINSLEY. Duane 106 TOLAN, Gerald 27. 95 TOLIVER. Jacqueline 87 TOLIVER. Mark 118 TOWNSEND. Michael 87 TOWNSEND.Tim 118 TRAVIOLI, Tamara 172 TRESSLAR, Cecil (faculty) 153. 163 TROBE. Dawn 54, 55. 172 TRUMAN, Debbie 27 TRUMAN, Jerry 27 TRUSLER, Cheryl27.61.71 TUCKER. Kevin 27 TUCKER. Therese 27 TUPASl. Angelo27. 118 TURNER. Belinda (faculty) 161 TURNER, Calvin (faculty, security) 155 TURNER. James 71. 81. 85 TURNER. Yolanda 27 TUSSEY, Rita (faculty) 156 TWYMAN, Vincent 27 UBERTO, Joseph 102 ULSH, Denise54, 66. 81 VAN DER MOERE. Herbert (faculty! 157. 163 VANDERSAAR. Tamara 173 VANDEVANDER, Anne 172 VAN LANDINGHAM, Sherry 173 VAN LANDINGHAM, Zina 66 VAOL. Stacey 27 VASQUEZ.Juan27 VONDERSAAR, Victor 66 VORHEES, Ben 61, 62. 98. 107. 124. 173 WADDELL, Vivian 27, 173 WALKER, Andrew 27 WALKER. Curtis 27 WALKER, Damon 27 WALLACE, Juanila 173 WALTER, Charles (faculty) 160 WARD, Dennis 27 WARNER, Kevm 115 WARNER, Phillip 81 WARRENBURG, Kim 27. 173 WASHINGTON, Emmagee (faculty) 165 WASHINGTON, Melvin 106 WATERFORD, Gwen 52 WATSON, Lillian 27 WEBSTER, Celeste 173 WEINGER. Roy 108 WEINMANN, Mike(faculty) 157 WELLS, Diana 27 WELLS, Steve 85, 173 WERT, Debbie 27, 45, 74 WEST,Cleovis66, 81, 173 WESTON HAVER, Christy 173 WHALIN, Ward (faculty) 152 WH LATHERS, Sherry l ' 02 WHEELER, Brian 115 WHEELER, Cherlyn 173 WHEELER, William 157, 160 WHITE, Annette 87 WHITE,Clydel23, 133 WHITE, Dawn 75. 77 WHITE. Jean 27 WHITE. Penny 27 WHITLOCK, Deboeah 98 WHITNEY, Darryl 80, 86. 98. 107 WHITTINGTON. Arthur 106 WICKLIFF. David 27. 80 WICKLIFF. Paul 27 WIGGENS. Lisa27. 87 WILBURN, Anita 116 WILEY, Margaret 66, 71, 173 WILKINSON, Reva 66, 173 WILLIAMS, Andy 102 WILLIAMS, Jeffery 45. 121 WILLIAMS. JoAnne (faculty) 155 WILLIAMS, John 27 WILLIAMS, Luvenia 27 WILLIAMS, Monica 64. 173 WILLIAMS, Ronald 27. 103 WILLIAMS. Teresa (faculty) 165 WILLIAMS, Vanassa 98 WILLIAMSON, Fred 113 WILLIS, Ingbrog 75, 102 WILLIS, Neris(faculty) 58 WILSON, Alicia 173 WILSON. Elizabeth (faculty) 163 WILSON. Gene 173 WILSON. Joe 108 WILSON. Julie 71. 85, 98, 173 WILSON, Lisa 27 WILSON, Michael 27, 60, 61, 62 WILSON, Nancy 103 WILSON, Robert 106 WILSON, Roger 117, 121 WILSON, Tracy 27, 87, 121 WITTEMORE, Lynn (faculty) 157, 164 WOLCOTT, Leah 173 liplJ - 1 f l l L it fli k l B 11 r H ( 190 WOLFE. Dark 27 WOOD, Kim 173 WOODARD. Robert (faculty) 121,123,167 WOODRUFF, Darrell 27, 1 14 WOODS, Frankie 107 WOODS, Morris (faculty) 161, 167 WOODS, Rosie59,61,63 WOODS, Terry 27, 74, 75, 77. 87 WOODS, Tina 27, 66 WOOLARD, Lester (faculty) 163 WOOTEN, Thomas 27 WRIGHT, Arvine (faculty) 163 WRIGHT, Eric 27, 50. 51,61.62 WRIGHT, James 121 WRIGHT, Leslie (faculty) 157 WRIGHT, Mike 121, 122, 123. 131 WYNE.Cheryll (faculty) 81, 164 YATES. Gerald 102. 123 YAUNT. Kristina27,87 YOUNG, Guy 27, 173 YOUNGER, Dawn 145 ZELAYA, Mirtha27 vn Layout Editors; Malinda King. Tina Polston, Miranda Bartlett, Delia Bellamy. Robert Poteet, Tim Curry, Eric Wright, Nancy Begley, Richard Caudill, Cindy Hatcher, Roneeta Nixon, Gizelle Roberson, Susan Price, Tina Stewart Photographers: Billy Haak, Dave Benedict, George England, Ron Ramey, Tim Graves, Harry Nelson, David Wickliff, Joni Shaw, Allen Drake, Brian Layton, Vincent Vaughn g B«» ti m il l ll P) JS l jlir ; l lM )i ;iH!P ' - 4- (y - 5 r n c .5 - ( «-i3 77 ' ■k X ,C " krJv ' . -fj- - .,fl ' V fi Iv W •-J, . _ LVd- ' J , ■ i :i ' 0 - - 4b V -UUl.v. ' iUiv.iM ' iVK tlvt-Uw -; vM( te A a l(vtt A Si i (ui h i(vA (,, A (aa, ; S c. V ll n- " dyUaJA P YaxAj A- ' i -MUj 03.. dJUy Ato 2 JjjjL - g. !j; ' jN ' ' K ' i ., ' ' i m

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