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t V ' K K NT K K 5 • ' Vf ' a i f -.i ' ■J ,;H 1 [genealogyJ 977.202 , IN3ATH ■ 1978 i. ' -r " X T- ICC- T Ait x ??= : :: , " i? y ' %. -. i-. J% : ' ■r % ■-- ■- ? ' u A ■ . ■ v. ' if y ' ' I ' i iinMJiirffmnifroMiiMiB p diu -TLC Xd c " t 2- ' ■r C. .4 l.rVfri- , - w « .-J: ' x ■ Ft- i ■ !;i Si y -f v U ' i ' «fc : ) ; -. " | . 5r - ■;-,. 1p 1: -1 . 2ESneii3aais N N N o q f-H ' . m C8 ' Si c; « t- !« !« 5 10 •» mm i 1 1 ' AV " ' Activities Sports Classes 106 Seniors 122 Faculty TECH IS BEAUTY " " f ■ . BB Kn ■ ' ' ' , 0, « .• V ' ' . ■ ' ' 1 1 1 : , ' iT • TECH IS STUDENTS You! The ardent students of Techni- cal high. You ' re what Tech ' s all about. Through you people become aware of the pride and educational capability of our school. Without us, the students, Tech couldn ' t have an existence. Tech moves in a cycle. Every year a new group of students comes in and an old group moves on. If this cycle should ever stop, then our 75 acre campus would just be an empty lot. We as the students of Tech and the life support system of this large and great school, are responsible for the image that people have of Tech. If this image is a good reflection of Tech, then we the students must keep the reflection clear to shine on forever. If this image is a bad reflection of Tech, then we the students must also solve the problems that falsely and mistakenly cripple our school. So to the incoming class I say start now with your part in making Tech your proud school. For those who are soon going to leave, I say to you, " You have been here for four years, the improvements and prob- lems should be familiar to you. " So set your final goal here at Tech to make the school what it can be and the school it should be. TECH IS PROGRESS Coming back to school in Septem- ber, we were met with some changes. The new buildings on the Arsenal ground were all opened. A new pack of freshmen were all here, and a good percentage of Tech ' s staff. There were a few new teachers and a few return- ing for the second year. And, of course, many of those better known teachers were back. Will Tech produce a promising young politician who could become president? Will Tech ' s teaching take a change to a college-like curriculum? Will Tech teachers all be required to have PHD ' s? If these things happen at Tech, they will happen at all IPS Schools, but where and why are these types of changes initiated? They start as ideas of each individual school to meet that school ' s needs. Being big, Tech has lots of needs. We must all pitch in to offer our share of ideas so that when we leave, our marks of strength will be here to help others in the future strive for improvement. Reinovated Boys Gym. New Girls Gym and Swimming Pool New Auditorium. Soon to be filled with rows and rows of books. The n ew Media Center nl " An added attraction to the boys gym. For reading comfort. WHAT IS TECH: EDUCATION Tech is . . . different things in the eyes of many people. To some it is devoting their time and efforts to sports and other extracurricular activi- ties. To others Tech is interesting because of the unique classes it has to offer. Meeting new faces and opening minds is what Tech is all about to the teachers. Tech is learning and growth with new teachers, students, and buildings, helping to educate present and future generations. Tech is above all a great school. It has graduated such prominent people from artist to a Municipal Court Judge and will hope- fully keep giving students a good push toward their goals. AGELESS AND EVERGREEN PROM 77 Ageless and Evergreen was the theme of the 1977 Junior and Senior Prom. The Prom was on Friday, May 6, 1977. It was held at the new Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown. Although the entire building was not yet completed, the Regency Ballroom where the Prom was held was completed. Now of course the entire building is complete. Many people who attended last year ' s Prom were bedazzled by the array of foods which would definitely be out of place at Tech ' s caf- eteria. More than just the fun night, the Prom is also a night to socially uplift yourself. 12 SOUTH PACIFIC MUSICAL 1 977 SOME SCENES K- ' tltr ' ' H H. ■ J smtemmBmaasim TECH IS DISCOVERY Mill Titans discover their career talents. Titans discover Tech spirit. 14 15 TECH IS TOGETHERNESS . . . Campus beautiflcation group. IT f P T p w rn M HvM H ■H ■ m 1 II H :;-; s- ■ ■■:_■ ■---■ ' _i mb|bL.v H R H ,. " ■ ' - . X ik l «-4 % 1 t ' HiH V K?; ■ - -.--Si - H I ACTIVITIES 19 The Marching Titans . • . Front Row: Theresa Hamilton, Debbie Troxail, Kathy Ferguson, Kathy Upchurch, Laura Myers, Wonder Thompson, Yvonne Hodge, Darlene Woods, Sandy Hannemann, Pam Alcorn, Stephanie Stevenson, Gayle Stackhouse, Kathy O ' Neill, Angela Piety, Michelle Mahurin, Robin Urban, Nancy Davis. Second Row: Tracie Woods, Anita Denkins, Valerie Hawkins, Vickie Jones, Lori Leisuring, Tammy O ' Neill, William Goodall, Kim Long, Debbie Evans, Mike Cheatman, Sherra Gains, Janet Mumaw. Third Row: Diana Evans, Jeff Berry, Robert Freeman, Rodney Powell, Larry Wagner, Joycelyn Taylor, Caren Stinger, Buster Atkins, John Wilkerson, David Bruer, Jerry Wagner, Glen Jones, Ray Akers, Mr. Lee Barricklow, Miss Karen Nagy. Marching Band 1977 Tech ' s marching Titans strut- ted through another fine season under the direction of Lee Bar- ricklow. Entertaining at pregame and halftime at football games was just one of the bands activities. They also marched in the Veter- ans Day Parade. Get those knees up and snap those corners were words often heard from Drum majors Jeff Berry and Diana Evens. Because of their demands for perfection and long hours of practicing, the marching band had many prob- lems with ended the season with thirty-eight hard working dedicated players and eighteen Titanettes. « LI ' H 1 V ;-, : J " Fourth Row: David Evans, Alex Strickling, Rhonda Heyob, Donald Hapner, Tom Going, Cathy Hood, Mike Payton. Jr. Drum Major Diana Evans. Drum Major Jeff Berry. 21 Titanettes . . . . Front Row: Pam Alcorn, Sandy Hannemann, Darlene Woods. Second Row: Nancy Davis, Kathy Ferguson, Debbie Troxail, Kathy Upchurch, Michele Mahunn, Teresa Hamilton. Third Row: Stephanie Stevenson, Gale Stackhouse, Kathy O ' Neill, Yvonne Hodge, Wonder Thompson, Angle Piety, Robin Urban, Laura Myers. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Smile! Straighten those arms out! Pick up those knees! These are familiar words to the Titanettes who practice every day during the ninth hour and after school. The Titanettes, headed by three captains who are Pam Alcorn, Sandy Hannemann, and Darlene Woods, have had an exciting year. They performed at every home game; pre-game and half-time. They also appeared at Market Square in December for the Tech v. Mooresville game. Being a Titanette is a lot of hard work and discipline, but it is more than worth it. Sandy Hannemann, Darlene Woods, Pam Alcorn Kathy O ' Neill, Robin Urban, Debbie Troxail, Kathy Upchurch, and Laura Myers all snap to the beat. Maiorettes practice a routine. Seniors Pam Alcorn, Sandy Hannennann, Wonder Thompson, and Darlene Woods show their Twirling ability. Sponsor Karen Nagy gives some advice to Teresa Hamilton 23 Front Row: Joycelyn Taylor, Donald Fox, Chris Gartrell, Jeff Berry, David Evans. Second Row: Caren Stinger, David Bruer, Jerry Wagner, Lonnle Garrett, Mike Keller. Third Row: Lee Barricklow (Director), Larry Wagner, Bob Freeman, Brian Osborn, Glen Jones, Wayne Watson, Frank Brown. Stage Band . The Stage Band is made up of sev- enteen players. They entertain at schools and P.T.A. meetings. This year the band is composed of the most ambitious and talented players ever. They play all types of music that is liked by both young and old. Director Lee Barricklow has great expectations for the band. He is hop- ing for a first place at contest. Stage Band performs at Open House. Brian Osborn, Caren Stinger, and David Bruer study their notes. 25 Symphonic Band . . Row 1: Stacey Greene, Tracie Woods, Tina Woods, Diane Long, Debbie Evans, Mike Cheatham Row 2: Ristoria Perry, Mary Campbell, Kathy Hong, Margaret Wiley, Lori Leisrmg, Sherra Gams, Julie Newbold, Ruth Brown, Sheila Massey. Row 3: Diana Evans, Arthur Porter, James Wilson, Tammy Ramsey, David Briccetli, David Evans, Donald Fox, Chris Gartrell, Jeff Berry Row 4: Caren Stinger, Lonnie Garrett, Greg Dyke, Jerry Wagner, David Bruer, John Wilkerson, Joycelyn Taylor, Glen Jones, Larry Wagner, Brian Osborn, Bob Freeman. Row 5: Mr. C. Lee Barricklow, Duane Williams, Mike Keller, Tom Going, Paul Haydn, David Bostic, Daryl Jones. Not Pictured: Laura Heaverm, Paula Malloy, Anita Denkins, VIcki Jones, Chris Lasley, Olev Isak, Donald Hapner. And Symphonic Orchestra . Row 1: Susie Johnson, Caria Dickson, Sherrie Jones, Valerie Myers, Renae Osborne, Lori Smith, Cathy Hood, Lisa Aubrey. Row 2: Vicki Shaffer, Michael Stigler, Arlene Soots, James Turner, Tina Woods, Diane Long, Debbie Evans, Michael Cheatham, Laura Hockman, Cheryl Trusler, Susan Ragu, Richard Caudill, Chris Poteet. Row 3: Jay Carr, Alicha Anderson, Karen Riggin, Judy Wilson, Chris Gartrell, Brenda Smith, Jeff Berry, Donna Mathis, Mary Campbell, Stacey Greene, Tracie Woods, Diana Evans, Ken Porter, Sheila Massey, Teresa Kemp, Tammy Marcum. Row 4: James Wilson, Tammy Ramsey, David Briccetti, Jerry Wagner, David Bruer, Joycelyn Taylor, Caren Stinger, Robert Freeman, Brian Osborne, Larry Wagner, Daryl Jones, Melvin Mays, Kim Gardner. Standing: Mr. Nobles, ' Tom Going, Swayne Williams, Mike Keller. Not Pictured: Marilyn Journey, Melannie Keane, Lisa Hornsby, Linda Leach, Harold Britten, Anita Denkins. Bell Choir . . . The Bell Choir is very unique at Tech High School. It is composed of 1 5 fine musicians and they perform at various schools and civic func- tions in the community. They played last fall for the Indiana State Principals Association at the Atkin- son Hotel and for the Hobby Show at the fairgrounds. Row Front: Mrs. Kandis Brown, Karen Edwards, Dina Harding, Cammie Henson, Beverly Garrett, Diana Evans, Johnna McCullough, Tracie Woods. Second Row: Caria Henson, Kate Taube, Gary Bull, Jerry Wagner, Fred Lane, Raymond Wilson, Michael Cheatham, Debbie Evans, Diane Long. Concert Band . . . f f yr jw " yVt- h 1 m f _i tPw -i pl % l » ■fjbh i i tjl yrW |. - jgC M Concert Band— Row |- Tina Woods Diana Adam, Vienna Brinkley, Christine Hightower, vaiene uantord, Janet Mumaw, Carol Barnett. Row II: Joyce Moore Stephanie Stevenson Randy Mills, Tina Quintana, Arlene Scots, Tammey O ' Neill. Row III: Brian Whipple, Johnny Miller, Charles Reynolds, Tommy Curry Kathy O ' Neill John Hinners, Rodney Powell, Cliffton Lloyd. Row IV: Carry Russell, Jimmy Bowers, Ronald Cannon, Mr. Evans. 27 String Ensemble . Front Row: Susie Johnson, Caria Dickson, Alicia Anderson, Richard Caudill, Chris Poteet, Lisa Aubrey. 2nd Row: Dana Meyers, VIckl Shaffer, Karen Riggin, James Turner, Mr. Nobles Conductor, Valerie Meyers, Michael Cheatham, Renee Richardson, Michael Stigler, Kim Gardner. The String Ensemble is not one of Tech ' s larger groups, but it is defi- nitely as popular. Consisting of nine new members and eight veterans the group plays violins, cellos, basses and piano. They played at the Festival of tables at Christ Church Cathedral in December, and a recital at Butler in January. Closer to home the String Ensemble played for Tech ' s new build- ing dedication dinner, and were seen on the Annual Christmas special. The group had a very prosperous year and are looking forward to a better one next year. The Ensemble strings up for Open House. 29 30 Mm ' ' 31 Techoir . . . Row I: Janice Ross, Dennis Robinson, Kay Going, Ricky Bailey, Charlene Stewart, Gaylen McKiney, Mrs. Kandis Brown, Mr. Wm. Moon, Dina Harding, Franl Meid, Annamarie Crider, Ramond Wilson, Kathy Hong, Joe E. Brown, Sherra Gaines. Row II: Jerry Wagner, Eric Wright, Gary Bull, Tim Curry, Laura Heavrin, Mike Keller, Anita Denkins, Micheal Wilson, Richard Caudill, Sharon D. Maye, Susie Johnson, Tina Stewart, Calvin Lee, Rodney Sosbey, Cammie Henson, Sharon Detrick, Dana Myers, Donald Hapner. Row III: Leeann McCroy, Larry Wagner, Joycelyn Taylor, Ruth E. Brown, Paula Malloy, Marry Harris, Beverly Garrett, Bonnie Harding, Jackie Thomas, Lisa Caulk, Jodi Crouche, Walter Smith, Robin Shitman, Robert Hyche, Tony Lee, David Bruer, Karen Edwards, Lorine Harwell. Row IV: James Wilson, Benita Felder, Carol James, Sharrie Northington, Dewight Woodson, Tracie Woods, Johnnan McCullough, Janet Wilburn, Kathy Hood, Darrel Johnson, Charles Miller, Lisa Aubrey, Donna Wooten, Jackie Carruthers, Eric Greene, MaryCambell, Shelia Massey, Fred Lane. Techoir Officers — Dennis Robinson — Junior rep., Kay Going — resident artist, Ricky Bailey — Sergeant of Arms, Charlene Stewart — Secretary, Gaylen McKinney, Co-President, Mrs. Kandis Brown — accompanist, Mr. Wm. Moon — director, Dina Harding — Co-President, Frank Meid — Treasurer, Annamarie Crider — Hostess, Raymond Wilson — artist, Kathy Hong — Junior Rep. Mr. Moon gives instructions before a performance. Room 648 during the 5th period holds the finest group of young women and men at Tech. With their voices, the Tech choir has brought praise to themselves and their school. " Canimus Ex Amino " is their goal. Translated it means " Sing From the Heart. " William Moon is their director, and he teaches in green not black and white. This is what makes them num- ber one! The choir gets ready for a performance. 33 Front Row: Kathy Hong, Suzie Johnson, Kim Colvin, Mrs. Kandis Brown (sponsor), Janel Wilburn, Carol James, Sharon Denkins. Back Row: Karen Edwards, Sherra Gaines, Laura Heavrin, Benita Felder, Johnna McCullough, Charlene Stewart. Girls Ensemble . . . Twelve count them twelve! That ' s right they ' re twelve of the school ' s fin- est voices. These twelve voices go together to make up the " Girls Ensem- ble. " The girls were very busy performing at other schools and facilities outside of Tech. Mrs. Kandis Brown directs and accompanies. Kathy Hong pauses for a smile! Octette Has Twelve? Front Row: Tim Curry, Mike Wilson, Calvin Lee, Richard Caudill. Second Row: Eric Wright, Fred Lane, David Bruer. Third Row: Eric Greene, Frank Meid, Gaylon McKinney, Walter Smith. Not Pictured Charles Miller. Boys Octette sings their heart out! Which music group contains twelve members, yet has an eight member name? The Boys Octette. This year the group was expanded to develop new voices to take the place of those that will leave. This year they have been studying a more serious type of choral music under the direction of Mr. Paul Prather. 35 Melodayres Share Their Melody Donning tuxedos and elegant for- mal wear, the Melodayres went all the way this year. Singing for groups such as the Brookside Masonic Lodge, and other local Groups. The Melodayres, as do all the other advanced choral groups, perform at contest. The group consists of six young ladies, and six young men. It is directed by the music department head Mr. Bill Moon, and accompanied by Mrs. Judith Shadduck. Left Row: Raymond Wilson, Mike Keller, James Wilson, Don Hapner, Dennis Robinson, Darrell Johnson. Right Row: Janice Ross, Mary Harris, Dina Harding, Anna Crider, Tracey Woods, Lisa Aubrey. 37 1 iB -■: i n m flpi ' ' ' ' i f , UWW»««fl o.„ „ _ ' Music DepU FLFFFF Foreign Language Fun For Flight Fare 39 Indianapolis Ballet in Anderson Auditorium South Pacific — 1977 40 Fall Play— ' ' Our Town ' ' Leads: Emily — Paula Mallov George — Dave Briccetti 41 DECA — Row 1: Kathy O ' Neill, Jody Crouch, Lisa Caulk, Melodie Michals, Janet Riggins, Paula Parish. Row 2: Donna Wooten, Mike Durick, Paulette Duff, Tommie Wilson, Lynette Noel, David Parsons. Row 3: Richard Miller, Christopher Madden, Laraine Campbell. Row 4: Steve Calhoun, Lori Milburn, Ronald Sedam, Stanley Smith. Row 5: Mrs. Shoemaker, Cody Herron, Willie Cameron, Kevin Owens, Christopher Bartley. DECA Award Winners — Row 1 : Willie Cameron, Tommie Wilson, Jody Crouch, Kathy O ' Neill — 2nd place Parliamentary Team. Row 2: Paula Parish — 1st place Cashiering, David Parsons — 4th Food Marketing, Lisa Caulk — Honorable Mention Food Services, Melodie Nichols — Fashion and Apparel, Laraine Campbell — 2nd place Job Interview, Richard Miller — 2nd Parliamentary Procedure. Row 3: Stanley Smith — 1st place Advertising Services, Cody Herron — Honorable Mention Petroleum Services, Christopher Madden — Honorable Mention Advertising Services. OEA — Row 1: Maria Wallace, Debra Gibson, Dons Koweii, uonnie Wartield, Saundra Smith, Carole Baugh, Ella Daniels, Martha Hendrichson, Saundra Thacher, Terry Pritchard Row 2; Dwight Woodson, Steve White, Frankie Pinkston, Brenda Ladell, Brenda Ross, Maria Haynes, Kim Haywood, Laura Banks, Carmen Bankhead Row 3: Robert Stowers, Chenita Wilson, Michael Smith, Pam Alcorn, Jodie Jackson, Tyra Dennis, Electra Moore, Mary Oakley, Donna Biggerstatf, Sandy Hannimann, Arlene Frost, Mary Morrison Row 4: Vickie Cook, Patty Morris, Sherr Northington, Donna Jordon, Amelda Butler, Laura Heavrin, Kim Page, Donna Moore, Connie Wallace, Tina Beasley, Kathy Keller, Debbie Madson, Valerie McNew Row 5: Judith Pope, Yolanda Chowning, Mrs. A. Cummins, Sharise Whitsey, Maria Apple, Georgia Butts, Corniece Watson, Yvette Grant, Mildred Pryaer, Trina Beck, Vickie Page, Carolyn Rudford Not Shown: Rickie Bailey, Angie Brown, Jessica Woodson, Bernaditte Bellamy, Tonya Childers, LaDonna Rick. COE — Row 1: Arlene Frost, Marlene Baxter, Mary Morrison, Donna Biggerstatf. Row 2: Steve White, Brenda Ledell, Michael K. Smith, Chenita J. Wilson, Pamela Alcorn, Debbie Madsen, Kathy Kenner. Row 3: La Donna Rick, Brenda Ross, Dwight D. Woodson, Electra Moore, Christina M. Coffman, Rickie A Bailey lOL— Row 1: Trina Beck, Mildred Pryuer, Kim Page, Georgia Butts, Sherry Northington, Corniece Watson. Row 2: Patrice Miller, Laura Heavrin, Yvette Grant, Vickie Page, Donnie Warfield, Martha Hendrickson. Row 3: Valerie McNew, Saundra Thacker, Amelda Butier, Patricia Bell, Ella Daniels, Debora Walker, Judith Pope. 43 Dennis Robertson sings. Pedro Porras, our Venezuelan exchange student, strums. Pianists pore over keytxiards. 5 ' o ESflH B ki= .. ' -ii HKP ? l j-y 45 Thespians Row 1: Amy Michael, Tina Stewart, Joe E. Brown, Mr. Stanley Minks, sponsor. Row 2: Fred Lane, Tracie Woods, Miss Judy lyicBrlde, sponsor, Charlene Stewart, Frank Meld. Row 1 : Warren Hoover, Ruth Brown, Tina Stewart, Amy Michael, Margaret Wiley. Row 2: Mary Fuller, Eric Goldsmith, Kathy Skillern, Fred Lane, Tracie Woods, Charlene Stewart, Joe E. Brown. Row 3: William Pritchard, Tracy Davis, Richard Caudill, Barbara Humphrey, Miss Judith McBride, sponsor, Mr. Stan Minks, sponsor, Frank Meid. Drama Club 47 Newspaper Tracie Woods EditorlnChief Reporters: Nancy Forbes Penny Adams Debbie McDougall Stacey B, Greene Mike Dobbratz Mike Harris Not Pictured: Report- ers: Anthony Adair Dan Stock Bruce Tetrick Edwin Marshall: Page Editor, Keith Powell: Page Editor, Anita Wilburn: Page Editor Reporters: June Sanderson, Loretta Coggins, Jackie Bender, Yvette Grant, Joyce- lyn Taylor, Sharon Freeman, Dennis Eubanks Seated Left To Right: Dwayne Carter, Stanley Graves, Gary Davis, Loretta Coggins, Linda Parish, Ruth E. Brown, Standing Left To Right: Bill Carlson, Michael Polston, Caren Stinger, Diane Long. Mollis Evans, Sports Editor — DeWayne Craig, Editor m Chief — Bruce Lee, Photography, Seated: Tracy Woods, Linda Parish, S ' Marshall, Mollis Evans, DeWayne Craig DeWayne Craig helps Kathy Upchurch, Activities Editor. 49 Row I: Ruth E. Brown, Sharon Maye, Natalie Gore, Beth Webber. Row II: Scott Malott, Portia Sholar, Bridget Reeves, Linda Evans, Angie Watson, Joe E. Brown, Amy Michael, Jesse Beard. Row III: Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, Renae Osborne, Cynthia Anderson, Deborah Campbell, Roger DeBruler, Eric Goldsmith, Gina Durham, Christine Webb, Mrs. Alice Goodrum, sponsor. The Tech Speech Team is a volun- tary extracurricular group open to any Tech student. It takes dependability, self-expression, self-discipline, hard work and desire. Dedicated members of the team drag themselves out of bed early on Saturday mornings ten to twelve times a year in the hopes of this time, bringing home a ribbon, the visi- ble sign of achievement. There are a number of catagories of speech from which prospective speak- ers may choose. Whatever your inter- ests are, the Speech Team has some- thing for you. Speech Team — Winners! Scott Malott in his first speech meet. Mike Click tells It like it IS. The National Forensic League is an honorary organization for student speakers. Membership and advanced degrees are attained by earning points through competing in speec h meets, entering speech contests, or working in the school radio. Tech ' s chapter of N.F.L. was hon- ored this year by being named Lead- ing Chapter for the Central Indiana District by the national organization. Our school was presented with a large plaque in recognition of this award. Bridget Reeves, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, Beth Webber, Angie Watson, Joe E. Brown, Amy Michael, Ruth E. Brown, Mrs, Alice Goodrum, Sharon Maye, N.F.L. — Honors Bridget Reeves emotes in a dramatic cutting. Joe Brown and Amy Michael wins a ribbon for dramatic duo. 51 The Latin Club has done a num- ber of things related to Roman life this year. It has had a Saturnalia party at Christmas time with Roman refreshments. It has dressed up in Roman togas, and members have put on several skits in Latin. Seated Top To Bottom: Susan Ward, Barbara Humphrey, April McCullough, Tammy O ' Neill, Joanie Jessie, Debbie Whitlock, Harry Nelson, Frankie Howard. Standing: John Kimbley, Judy Wert, Anthony Kendrick, Hollis Evans, Miranda Bryant, Mrs. Fine, Jennifer Chllders. Latin Foreign Language Clubs . . . French The French Club will be really get- ting into the swing. In March there was a Crepe Fete; in April, a tasting Bee for the fourth year. The Highlight of the year was an International Din- ner and the International Center for all foreign language clubs. Row 1: Lisa Aubrey, Charlene Stewart, Ruth Brown, Richard Caudill. Row 2: Sandra Smith, June Sanderson, Kate Taube, Mr. Stanley, Jay Carr, Caria Henson. There was always fun and good fel- lowship when members of the German Club got together. Among their activi- ties were many parties, including a Halloween party which included food and laughter. Members of the German Club smile for tfie Birdie. German A very active group, the Spanish Club participated in FLFFFF along with other language clubs, as well as having unique activities. The Highlight of the year was the trip to Mexico which many of the mem- bers made last summer. Look at all tfie senoritas — never mind the senors! 53 Chess Team Row 1 : Team A Jay Carr, Matt Carter, Gerald Tolan, Kevin Bailey. Row 2: Team B. Mile Miller, Steve Wright, Mark Short, Dale Drew. XYZ Club Seated: Mrs. Medora Walker, sponsor, Margaret Wiley, Bruce Herring, Trade Woods, Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman, sponsor. Reclining: Frank Meid. We Honor Our Good Students Row 1: Rina Stewart, Malinda King, Phyllis Kriner, Elizabeth Coons, Carol James, Margaret Wiley, Phyllis Barnes. Row 2: Terry Woods, Dan Stock, Warren Hoover, Jay Carr, Row 3: Caria Henson, Russell BIythe, James Bartram, John Bartram. Row 4: Sharon Deatrick, Linda Parish, Tom Going, Sheila Massey Bill Stiffler, Duane Williams, Karen Riggin, Kim Gardner, Bryan Osborn, Nance Davis, Dianne Evans, Caren Stinger, Diane Long. 55 ' - L Vi , i.. 57 Future Educators Keep Busy ICT Is Active Key Club Row 1: Amy Michael, Kate Taube, Cianne Evans, Donna Teckenbrock, Marilyn Lucas, Joann Teepe, Kathy Skillern, Sharon Deatrick, Lisa Aubrey, Row 2: Tracie Woods, Caren Stinger, Tina Stewart, Frank Meid, Gina Durham, Paula Parish. Row 3: Linda Parish, Tom Going, Gaylon McKinney, Dianne Long, Mike Glick, Mr. Arnold Lehman, Sponsor. Key Club provided many worthwhile services this year. They sold programs at each of the home football and bas- ketball games, and also provided the fireworks at this year ' s homecoming. The fireworks had to be the most spectacular of all. At the end, the word we all love " TITANS " was lit up on the football field while the spirited crown roared with applause. Probably noticeable around town were the posters for Christmas Seals. Key Club also sponsored a TOYS FOR TOTS program which assisted in getting presents for the handicapped children. They also could be seen wearing funny little aprons saying " I am an Arsenal Technical High School bell ringer for the Salvation Army . . . " Mr. Arnold Lehman, the sponsor said of this year that it has been the busiest and best represented year he ' s had. He urges all to come and |oin Key Club for it is truly a rewarding experience. A quote from Tracie Woods, secre- tary, sums It all up. " Just seeing the glowing faces of all the handicapped kids when they woke up and saw that Santa came makes it worthwhile. " 59 Row 1: Mrs. Betty Sanders, sponsor, Tracie Woods, Frank Meid, Penny Adams, Carol James, Nancy Davis, Sharon Deatrick, Christine Webb, Marilyn Lucas. Row 2: Mike Glick, Gaylon McKinney, Robert Longston, Ron Sedam, Charles Miller, Chris Poteet, Richard Caudlll. Not pictured: Tina Woods, Cheryl Trussler, Vanessa Simmons, Nancy Forbes, Scott Mallott, Sharon Maye. SAO. . . Student Affairs Organization — What IS It? What did they do? Well the year began with a " Pep Poster " con- test sponsored by the SAO and Key Club for the " homecoming game " . And from there they were rolling from a Rocka-Thon to a Christian Concert. They also organized a school wide campus clean up. Plus a Thanksgiving and Christmas food drive. But per- haps the biggest achievement was re- entering of the State and National SAO Council. The officers are Tracie Woods, pres- ident, Frank Meid, vice-president, Marilyn Lucas, treasurer, and Carol James, Secretary. One of the most active clubs in school. The Service Club is just what its name implies, engaged m service to the school and the community. Christmas and Thanksgiving food bas- kets are only one of the many service projects that keep members busy and useful throughout the school year. s e r V c e Club 61 ' ' SlU tfMjy 63 Flag Detail— Row 1: C CPT John Wilkerson — Commander, C ILT Shawn Hinton— Executive Ofticer. Row 2: C SSG Tony Burks, C SGT Linda Grove. Row 3: C CPL Dennis Stokes, C CPL James Via, C SFC Denny Pierce, C SSG Berry Mallory. Row 4: C SFC Bradley Thompson, C CPC Roger Feltner. Row 5: C MSC Daniel Stock. Band Guard— Row 1: C CPT Steven Bush, C SGT Linda Grove, C CPT Juanlta Clark, C MAJ Michael Biper. Row 2: C SSG Eugene Bear, C SFC Rodney Brown, C SFC Tammy Sims, C CPL James Via. Row 3: C ILT Jonathan Beatty, C CPT Charles Bear. Battalion Staff Officers — C COL William Vollmer— Commander, C LTC Tim Bedgood — Executive Officer, C CPT Jackie Carruthers — S-1 , C MAJ Michael Piper— S-2, C CPT John Wilkerson— S-3. Boy ' s Infantry Drill Team— C CPL Ronald Stiers, C ILT Shawn Hjnton, C CPI Dennis Stokes, C CPT John Wilkerson, C SSG Berry Mallory, C MSG Daniel Stock, C CPL James Via, C CPT Steven Bush, C MSG Fred Trj ' ock, C SSG Tony Banks, C CPL Denny Hoit— Commander, C SSG Michael Barr 65 Brigade Officers — C BG Darlene Woods — Brigade Commander, C MAJ Duane Williams — Deputy Brigade Commander. SGM Harold E. Eby — Senior Army Instr., MSG James B. McDaniel — Army Instr., SFCGresterW. Earles English Office — Row 1: John Decker, Sandra Poe, Jeff Franklin. Row 2: Leon Jones, Ruth Brown, David Baker. Those Who Serve Counselor Office — Row 1; Randy Brown, Gary Gray, Elsa Coleman, Row 2: Cindy Barr, Phil Ryder. Row 3: Mark Spencer, Nita Bright. Row 4: Lydia Phillips, Pam Maxwell. Health Center— Row 1: Mrs. Phillips, Anita Baker, Marilyn Journey, Treva Lloyd, Gina Cousin, Betty Sadler, Michelle Hunt. Row 3: Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller, Roxanne Hayes. Row 2: Loretta Coggins, Cynthia Evans, Brodhecker, Steve Pitts, Vickie Williams, Cathy Lee, Tracy Marbley. 67 69 Cheerleaders Say " Give Me Varsity — Left To Right: Lavetle Hill, Tammy Williams, Blanche Washington, Kathy Hong, Trina Beck, Tammy Marcum. Kathy Hong, Sheila t assey and Lavette Hill give us a cheer. 70 A Yahr Who are those six young ladies who yell and |ump up and down at our sports events? The Tech cheerleaders. There are three squads. Freshmen, Reserve, and Varsity. To be a Tech cheerleader it takes more than good looks. It takes trying out with an original cheer in front of a panel of judges. This years Varsity was all new and they did a good |ob! Reserve — Going Up: Sheila Massey, Linda Parish, Patricia Phelps, Shirley Williams, Debi Adar Freshman — 1st Row: Vanessa Williams, Harry Nelson, Elaine Jackson. 2nd Row: Erin Masters, Lisa Hornsby. Top: Stacy Jackson. 71 The Games We Play ATHLETICS H 73 Varsity Track Team Goes Undefeated: 7-0 Eric Stubbs takes the lead. Varsity Track — 77 The Titans climaxed an outstanding season with their third consecutive third place finish in the State meet. Tec h was undefeated in dual meets and captured the City title once again. Madison Miller was the top individ- ual performer on this year ' s team. He set school records in the 100 yd. dash, 9.6, 220 yd. dash— 21.0 and 440 yd. dash — 49.2. Madison topped off a fine season by winning State championships in both the 100 and the 200. Dale Henderson won the City title in the shot put with a throw of 60 ft. Dennis McGuire vaulted 13 ' 5 " to win the City championship. The Titan 880 relay team with the three Miller brothers, Gary, James, and Madison along with Terry Pritch- ard pulled away from all City teams to easily capture the City championship. VARSITY TRACK 1977 Tech 109 Attucks 1 8 107 Washington 20 93 South port 34 77 Warren Cent. 50 97 Perry Mer. 30 74 Kokomo 53 101 Shortridge 26 Varsity Track — Front: Graig Priest (mgr ), James Trotter, Jerome Mendez, Gary Miller, Terry Pritchard, Antonia Rudolph, Dennis McGuire, John Roberts, Glenn Smith, Victor Stuart (mgr.). Row 2: Mike Ray, Frank Beard, Fred Beard, Pale Herderson, James Bell, James Miller, Charles Jackson, Mike Shelton, Melvin Washington, Anthony Lee, Greg Rainy. Row 3: Bruce McGeath (coach), Dwayne Tirsley, Herb Alston, Steven Guynn, Andra McCallister, Harold Simmons, Eric Greene, Chris Stubbs, Anthony Kendrick, Ken Cousin, William Graves, Ed McDowel (coach), Robert Woodard (coach). ji-n p Doug Taylor, James Trotter, and Nicky Edwards worked to defeat Southport 93-34. Titans vaulted to a 1 09- 1 8 victory over Attucks. Mike Shelton leaps for another Titan first. 75 Reserve Track Team Has A Good Season; 6-1 Reserve Track — Front Row: Charles Miller, Dave Bruer, Robert Wilson, Stan Parish, Dave Patterson, John Roberts, Darryi Malone, Alfred Officer. Second Row; Chauncey Anderson, Fred Beard, Dwayne Craig, Antonio Rudolph, James Miller, Chuck Jackson, Mike Shelton, Rhonal Peacher. Third Row: Dave Newsome, Kevin Hill, Frank Beard, Steve Guynn, Harold Simmons, William Grayes, David Whitney, Anthony Kendrick, Melvin Washington, Lawrence Diltman. The 1977 Jr. Varsity Track team went for a 6-1 season last year. The Reserves gave a spectacular show of strength, which will hopefully benefit Bruce McGeath ' s 1978 Varsity track- sters. Since there is not a special tourna- ment or invitational for the Reserve team most of the runners are looking forward to the 1978 Varsity team. There they can really gain recognition for their achievements. BOYS ' RESERVE TRACK 1977 Tech 113, Attucks 9 Tech 95, Washington 29 Tech 95, Southport 27 Tech 63, Warren Central 64 Tech 63, Perry Meridian 43 Tech 75, Kokomo 52 Tech 117, Shortridge 10 The boys freshman track team came out on top this 77 season with a 3-1 record and first place in the city meet. A few of the strong runners were Daryl Swanigan who set a new fresh man 220 record. Greg Mason was City champ in shot put 22.9, and Richard Frosh Track Team: Bad ! Merryfield who won the city in pole vaulting. Mark Combs shows his style in the shotput. The freshman out for another victory. 1st Row: Gary Moore, Ray Akers, Daniel Gay, Pat Bartram, Mike Bartram, Mike Cushingberry, Robert Barnett, Richard Merryfield. 2nd Row: Stephan Mams, Denny Pierce, Darrel Keckhaver, Daniel Quintara, Tracy Wilson, Demetria Gibson, David Anderson, Barry Napier, Mike Hardv 3rd Row: Coach Don Robinson, James Thompson, Kenneth Booker, Malk Coombs, Hoover Brown, Grey Mason, Gerald Lorick, Bill Harding, Darzl Swanigan, Greg Dike, Coach John Hall. 77 ra ra EE t o E.2 o5 «! « E ?M " One lis Q.i.2 E Se 111 ■£ c . .t; 0) c E5 ™ « E EO) - c u c (U (5 » " ,! " IJ DC ,-- a , i2 ii| so™ O (0 KZ iS o S152 ,7s: Girls Track: First Place — City Champs a ' rf k — I ' -■, ' Linda McFarland and Crystal exchange baton in the 440 relay. The Girls ' Track Team had a fantas- tic season. This is the result of much hard work and a lot of talent. This year ' s team had many strong runners such as Wanda Smith, Debra Arnett, Dalphia LaLand, and Lmda Dowdy. The girls placed 2nd in State in the 880 relay. They were City Champs, Sectional Champs, 2nd in the Regional and 7th in the State. Asst. Coach Arnie Lehman com- mented, " With losing only one Senior, Charmeine Fletcher, we anticipate an even better season this year and pos- sibly placing at the top of the State. " Wanda Smith; first for Titan Victory. 79 1st Row: Richard Briles (Manager), Rob Goode, Bobby Bruce, Roger Rebenack, Kathy Upchurch (Batgirl) 2nd Row: Rob Rady, Ron May, Bill Smith, Marlon Harris, Bob Meyers, Gaylon McKinney 3rd Row: Leon Quarrels, Terrance Chaney, Rawleigh Searcy, Greg Brooks, John Gore, Lawerence Hooks, Fred William- Varsity Baseball Has 10 ' 16 Season Techs ' Varsity Baseball Team started their season w ith enthusiasm but soon slacked off. They won 1 and lost 16 games. The coach, Ivan Moreman thought team concentration and attitudes were the key factors for the bad luck our team suffered. There were several good players this year. Buddy Quarries was the leading hitter with .345 and Larry Hooks followed with .320. Leading fielders with the least number of errors were Gaylon McKinney and Fred Williamson. Good promising athletes will be returning this season to make way to many Titan victories. They are catcher Infielder; Buddy Quarries, 3rd base- man Terrance Chaney, Pitcher; Ron- nie May, 1 St Base; Gaylon McKinney. Varsity Baseball 1977 Tech Visitor 7 Howe 2 8 Wash. 3 Warren 1 4 Marshall 12 Perry Mer. 5 7 Scecina 4 Howe 1 3 Pike 2 7 Arlington 9 Kokomo 8 14 Wood 3 3 Roncalli 3 Ben Davis 7 2 Cathedral 7 13 Broad Ripple 9 6 Attucks 9 2 Manual 3 9 Southport 10 6 Attucks 5 Invit. 2 Wash. 6 Invit. 23 Shortndge 7 3 Northwest 13 3 Latin 3(12ln) 7 Wash. 8 11 Arlington 6 City Chatard 6 City Attucks 8 Sect. Rebenack puts one over. 80 Boys Baseball — Reserve, Freshman 1977- 78 Reserve and Freshman Baseball 1977 The Reserve Baseball Team 1977 had their ups and downs in ' 77, and came out on the down side 611. There was one player from the freshman team of the year before. thus giving coach Dave George a whole new team to work with. The highlights of the season, came at the end when Freshman Joe Math- eny pitched two consecutive 1 1-0 shutouts over Latin School and Wash- ington. The win over Latin School was a no-hitter and Washington got only one hit. The Freshman defeated Marshall with eight players and came out with a 4 2 record. Reserve Baseball 1977 Tech. 6 Secina 10 Tech. 3 Broad Ripple 4 Technical Tech. 15 Tech. 1 Tech. 3 Washington 1 Tech. Tech. Tech. 3 6 Howe Pike Arlington 8 15 10 Tech. Tech. Tech. 7 2 3 Attucks Manual Northwest 10 1 1 1 Warren Cent. 1 1 Tech. 2 Roncalli Tech. 1 1 Latin School Marshall 16 Tech. 3 Ben Davis 2 Tech. 1 1 Washington Tech. Perry Mer. 9 Tech. 4 Cathedral 13 f f » Baseball Reserve— Freshman— Front: Sheila Massey, Kevin Watts, Man Viles, Roger Gornev, Tracy Jackson, Tim Currey. Second: Diana Adam, Marilyn Lucas, Dean Kelson, Ted Burgin, Jay Hooks, Joe Mathey, Boh Baker. Third: Tom Currey, Gilmer Davis, Jon Rhoads Mark Sherrell, Jeff Bailey, Steve Fernandez, Bill Corlson, Charles Sear fmaq.) Dave George (Coach). Get Back In The Swing Goiters 4-23 Golf 1977 The 1977 Golf Team unfortunately met their defeat last spring with a dis- astrous 4 and 23 season. Also this team had a lack of experience as it was built only on underclassmen. Number one player was Lonnie Hockman; Number two, Donny Madi- son; Number three, Tim Kroger; and Number four Tim Freeman. Two are returning for sure says coach Mr. Cline. He also spoke on the fact that Tech being an inner city school. The atmosphere is not right for golf. There IS a definite lack of interest. More should try out for golf. Lettermen in golf are: Lonnie Hockman, Donnie Madson, and Tim Freeman. Front Row: Bruce Tetrick, Donald Madson, RoMrt Keithly. Second Row: J. Cline (coach), Lonnie Hockman, Tim Koger. 83 GirW Tennis: A Bright Future Confident is Rochelle Floyd. Phyllis Kriner goes after it. Anita Wilburn shows determination. The Girls ' Tennis Team had a rebuilding year last season. The team was a young one consisting of 4 fresh- man, 2 sophomores, 2 juniors, and only 1 senior. Also no. 1 player Sally Gessner was lost, who was a main asset to the team. Coach Bea Harding commented, " Carol James, Phyllis Kriner, and Monica Brooks all showed potential for freshmen and should be great asset to the team the next few years. We are definitely looking forward to a very bright future. " In the city tournament Kate Taube went to the semi-finals in 2 singles, and acted as Captain of the Girl ' s Ten- nis Team. Acting as Manager was Anita Wilburn. Kate Taube; ready for a battle. Girl ' s Tennis, Front Row: Rochelle Floyd, Monica Brooks. 2nd Row: Leslie Williams, Melinda King. 3rd Row: Carol James, Phyllis Kriner, Kate Taube, Valerie Kennedy, Anita Wilburn, Kim Gardner. Boys Tennis Team Breaks Even: 7-7 First Row: Bill Anderson, Chris Poteet, Mark Spencer, Martin Jones. Second Row: Kip Foltz, Mike McDugal, Keith Mosley, Don Robinson (Coach), Third Row: Chris Gartrell, Bill Shinnamon, Harry Fox, Terrence Chaney. The Boys ' 1977 tennis team was a virtually young team losing only one senior, to return stronger and more confident next year. MVP and No. 1 player was Terrence Chaney, who went to the city finals and last to the eventual city champ. This year ' s team ended up in fourth place in the city. Boys ' Tennis Tech 3 Attucks + 5 Ritter 2 Arlington + 4 Northwest Scecina 1 Shortridge Howe + 3 Broad Ripple + 3 Manual 2 Marshall Warren Central Cathedral + 5 Wood No. 2 player was Harry Fox, and No. 3 player was Chris Poteet. No. 1 Dou- bles this year was Jimmy VanHorn and Chris Gartrell. Harry Fox gets Into it. Terrence Chaney shows his style. 85 Varsity Cross-Country 77-78 Titans are fast starting at the gun. Coach McGeath gives pep talk. Varsity Cross-Country Tech Visitors 24 Ben Davis32, Shortridge85 42 Southport 48, Perry M. 48 20 Lawrance Central 41 15 Manual 49 15 Attucks49 20 Northwest 40 Other Events: Washington Inv. 2nd Tech Inv. 1st Columbus Inv. 4th City 2nd Sectional 4th Regional 9th Runner-up in the city Titans Show Strength In 1977-78 Season Tech ' s Varsity Crosscountry team went undefeated in the 1977-78 season. Making vast improvements in strength and speed the Titan ' s beat such teams as Southport and Ben Davis by large margins. The team also placed 2nd in the Washington Inv. and placed 1st in the Tech Inv. The team led by Nicky Edwards muscled their way to place 2nd in the City which was no surprise to anyone. Coach McGeath says there are some runners return- ing and he has a lot of expectations for next years team. Varsity Cross Country — Row 1: Steve Napier, Charles Jackson, Kenny Booker, Anthony Barnett. Row 2: Coach Bruce McGeath, Herbert Alston, Greg Rainey, Nickey Edwards, John Mannis, reci Beard. Row 3: James Adams, Anthony Kendrick, Dewayne Tinsley, Gerald Fowlkes. 87 Reserve-Frosh Cross Country 1977-78 Titans snap to the gun in hopes of finishing first. The Freshman Cross-Coun- try Team along with the Reserve team showed strength and experience in the 1977-78 season. They placed 4th in the Tech Invitational and moved up from 7th (last years place) to 6th place this year in the Columbus Invitational. They also placed 3rd in the Mar- shall Invitational. Coach Jay Kleine says that many of the runners show varsity potential. Reserve and Frosh Cross-Country Tech Opponent 39 Ben Davis 20 61 Southport 32, Perry M. 39 17 Northwest 40 Tech Inv. 4th Columbus Inv. 6th Marshall Inv. 3rd Freshman Cross Country-Jay Kleine (coach), Syrleigh Coleman, Don Brady, Charles Kinnel, Todd Durick, Bobby Shipman. BS 89 Varsity Football Varsity Football 1977 The Varsity Football Team under coach Willie Martin ended up with a 4- 6 final record. Most Valuable Player was Jackie Thomas who was also Hon- orary co-captain along with Jeff Lor- ick. Best underclassman was Antonio Rudolph. Individual talent was Jeff Lorick and Jackie Thomas who played for the all-city team. This year ' s team was basically young and looks forward to a brighter future. s storms down the sideline. Varsity Football 1977 Scores of scheduled contests: Tech Tech 14 Broad Ripple 46 Attucks 14 12 Marshall 33 1 6 Wood 8 Manual 11 1 (O.T.) 22 Scecina 29 16 Cathedral 26 Chatard 13 22 Shortridge 14 8 North Central 27 90 v.. e i 4... iwi r-» I X " CATHEDRAL I Varsity Football— Front: T. Pritchard, W. Tardy T Wilson T Garret D Anderson, J Thomas, D Griffin, A Rudolph, C, Anderson, G, ' Miller Second Row: R. Robinson, J. Robert, B. Surver, D Keckhaver R Bill J Williamson, F. Williamson, R. Johnson, T Gamble, E Cushenberry (coach) A. Moore. Third: T Wilson, D. Wythe, G. Moore, K. Mills, M Shenard B Roger, T. Colliver, A. Ellis, S. Guynn, C, Mays, J, Lorick Row Four ' D Quntana, D. Henderson, T. Mason, T. Lee, M. Cushenberry C Ernest G McKinney, K. Smith, T. Lawerance, T, Rent, J Miller, J Smith Row Five ' - A p, H. Catt, (head coach) W. Martin, (asst, coach) B Woodard F Smith J Lorich, S. King, D. Anderson, B. Hardy, C. Wilson, G, Davis Row SIx- ' m Smith, J. Lorick, C. Patterson, (manager), J, Bigelow, (manager) K Jone C Blanchard, (trainer) Mr. Hall, Jackie Thomas is on own in the backfield. Mr. Hall takes care of a minor miury tor John lc Rrst Row: J. Roberts, W. Tardy, T. Wilson, R. Bell, D. Anderson, E. Cushingberry, M. Cushingberry, D. Griffin, S. Smith, K. Mayes. Second Row: D. Quintana, T. Mason, D. Keckhauer, K. Mimms, J. Williams, J. Bigelow, G. Moore, A. Ellis, J. Rent, J. Lorrick, C. Anderson, T. Collier. Third Row: A. Patterson, J. Lorrick, M. Sherrell, W. Martin (coach), F. Williamson, E. Morgan, K, Wilson, R. Jones, P. Anderson, J, Hall (trainer), T. Lawrence, B. Harding, Al Moore (coach). Reserve Football Walks On Attacks; 26-0 Reserve Football 1977 This year ' s Reserve Football team had a sparkling season ending with a 8-1 record. The man behind this fabu- lous team is coach Al Moore who believes in: " No excuses when mis- takes are made, just get the job done. " Mr. Moore also commented, " These guys have worked hard and learned the things it takes to win. " Offensive linemen are: John Lorrick and Tony Ellis at guard, with Tom Law- rence and Joe Bigelow at Center. Ends are Jeff Lorrick and Darryl Anderson. On Defense were Mark Sherrell and Sherman King on Ends; William Tardy and Dane Griffin, safety, Terry Mason and Kermit Mays, tackle; Darryl Keck- haver and Keith Mimms, middle guard; Dan Quintana and Mick Cush- ingberry , corner, and Jerad Lorrick and Tom Lawrence are the lineback- ers. Reserve Football 1977 TECH 14 Marshall 8 28 Manual 6 12 Cathedral 6(ot) 14 Shortridge 26 Attucks 22 Scecina 12 Chatard 15 16 Howe 12 -npr--„ji ,4_ : Titans sweep left for 6. Kermit Wilson out in front with the pass. 92 Freshmen go after a fumble. Fresh Foot- Bailers Make A Comeback Freshman Football The Freshman Football team for 1977 started out slow, losing their first four games. The freshman, how- ever; did not give up and came back to win four of their last five games. The team showed potential and that they weren ' t going to quit. Individual talent was Geoffrey Davis, team captain, and Ira Cannon who won the " Most Valua- ble Player " award, and was also the score leader for the 1977 season. Halfbacks were Isodone Cosby and Joe Williams; Geoffrey Davis, Quarter- back; and Ivy Cannon, Fullback. . 2 MARSH IUU 6 CATHEDRAL n ATTUCKS Ivy Cannon makes a stop. Front Row D Drew M Wright S Middleton, R. Bluitt, L. Gaines, J. Dale, F. Woods, I. Cosby. Second Row: M. Mann, K. Davis, J. William, D. Burns, J. Hol nd, D. Borton, R. Robinson, R. Carter, G. Davis. Third Row: P. Marery, W. Phelps, J. Lawrence, D. Griffin, R. Robinson, E. James, J. Wright, D. Bostic. Fourth Row: F. Knue, L Turner, R. Powell, M. Lewis, I. Cannon, J. Harding, A, Yates, R. Gadis. 93 Varsity Basketball 1977- 78 The 1 977-78 Varsity basketball sea- son was an exciting one. The Titans ran the fast-break offense to perfec- tion and their defense proved extremely stickly to many foes. With a nucleus of four (4) returning letterwin- ners and two (2) non-letterman from last year ' s 19-5 city championship team, it promised to be another good year for the Titans. Returning letterman included three year varsity player Landon Turner, Tech ' s second high school " All Ameri- can " . Other lettermen returning from last year ' s team are: Jackie Thomas, Paul McMichael, Avery Johnson, Leonza Qurales, Anthony Boyd. The Titans were led by a balanced scoring attack with Landon Turner, Paul McMichael, Jimmy Davis Paul Allen scoring in double figures. Jackie Thomas, Tim Thomas and Eric Greene were usually close behind in excellent relief support. Turner takes it away Varsity Basketball — Front Row: Steve White (Mgr), Anthony Boyd, Brent Fields, Tim Thomas, Paul McMichael, Jackie Thomas, Glen Lamb (Statistician), Theron Mays, Second Row: Howard Catt (Athletic Director), Ed McDowell (Asst. Coach), Jimmy Davis, Armond Patterson, Paul Allen, Landon Turner, Eric Greene, Avery Johnson, Buddy Quarreles, Ernie Cline (Coach). Bobby Knight discusses Titan possibilities with an assistant. J- Thomas lays it in. Varsity Basketball 1977-78 Turner — the peak of perfection. Allen — leaps over the Irish in a single bound. Titans cool- up a scheme and defeat Scecina 99-72. 95 Reserve Basketball 1977-78 — Front Row: Ed Morgan (Mag ), Darrell Roberson, Dennis Allensworth, LaMorl Patterson, Austin Lockett, Bryan Johnson, Kent Looper, Tony Allerder (mag). 2nd Row: Howard Catt (A.D), Frank Smith, Gerald Smith, Tim Reed, Mark Sherrell, Jerard Lorick, David Price, Ron Johnson, Edward McDowell (coach). Austin Lockitt goes up for two! Reserve Basketball 1977-78 The 1977-78 Reserve Basketball team had a fantastic season with a current record of 15-2. The team is composed of four juniors, eight soph- omores, and one freshman. Mr. McDowell commented, " This is a really good group. Well rounded, they work good together as a team. It ' s impossible to pick out three or four main players. This is the best all around team since I coached Gilbert and Martin. I put each man on the floor to do his job and each man has done a fine job. I also feel there are many good prospects for Varsity next year, as there will be eight spots open on next year ' s team. " Reserve Titans rally to end the victors. 96 Freshman Basketball 1977-78 The 1977-78 Basketball Team met their unfortunate defeat last season with a final discouraging record of 6- 1 1 . Coach Dave George commented, " We had no big kids this year. They actually were the weakest freshman team I ' ve had since I ' ve been at Tech. This group lacked fundamentals, and along with poor shooting and mis- takes at key times, we had a bad sea- son. " Front Row: Roy Massey, Jan Davenport, George Lewis, Ray Blultt, Ben Vorhees, Charles Gilbert. Second Row: Dave George (coach), William Gollghtly, Ira Cannon, David Hacktt, Rodrick Townsen, Don Gowdy. Third Row: Kenneth McCallister, James Wright, Rich Mahunn, Darrell Price, Larsen Turner, Martin Jones. 97 Girls Varsity — Reserve Basketball 77-78 Girl ' s Varsity Basketball — Front Row: Teresa Clemmons, Laureen Harwell, Opal Brinkley, Sue Carson, Wanda Turner, Janice Kennedy. Second Row: Coach Susan Jahnke, Maxine Carlis, Leslie Greene, Karen Woodard, Ada Johnson, Sheresa Walker, Miranda Bryant. Girl ' s Reserve Basketball — Front Row: Linda Gibson, Monique Harwell, Eugina Long, Jacqueline Bender, Becky Robbins, Tina Edens, Donna Baker. Second Row: Donna Fancer, Casandna Goodall, Brenda Marsh, Dorothy Quarrels, Teresa Boggs, Stacey Greene, Natalie Gore, Brenda Pittman, Kathy Boggs, Coach Teresa Williams. Girl ' s Vars ty Basketball Tech Opponent 59 Washington 43 62 Attucks 35 89 Marshall 32 56 North Central 51 43 Arlington 34 63 Scecina 28 73 Cathedral 32 61 Warren Centra 42 68 Broad Ripple 45 75 Ben Davis 41 60 Manuel 23 72 Marshall 18 70 Wood 41 49 Northwest 29 63 Ritter 15 51 Chatard 48 63 Northwest 36 65 Arlington 36 Varsity — Reserve Scores Girl s Reserve Basketball Tech Opponent 33 Washington 19 29 Attucks 9 48 Washington 24 29 North Central 26 41 Marshall 19 31 Warren Central 23 49 Arlington 9 39 Ben Davis 25 48 Cathedral 8 38 Marshall 16 39 Broad Ripple 7 38 Northwest 30 32 Manual 24 Leslie Greene; A Natural Titan ' s show talent on the courts Laureen Harwell shows style Varsity — Reserve Basketball The varsity — reserve Titan girl ' s basketball team ' s boast many well known and talented players. Among those are 1977 All-City choices seniors Laureen Harwell, Leslie Greene, and Maxine Carlis. Leslie and Maxine were also elected first team all-state. Both were 1976 All-City and 1977 All- Metro choices along with senior Ada Jonson. Laureen was also elected 1976 All-City. Other top players include juniors Janice Ken- nedy and Sherese Walker. Beginning the season with a 62- 35 victory over Attucks, the varsity continued on to finish the season undefeated as did the reserve. 99 Varsity Wrestlers Place 1st In Sectional Individuals: Stanley Graves; Sectional Champ, City Champ, Regional, 3rd place Semi State: 25-1 Gerald Fowlks; City Champ, Sectional Champ: 23-2 Dale Henderson; 18-7 Frank Beard Fred Beard Ray Robinson; Runner-up City, Car- mel Invit. Russal Toliver Congratulations to Tech ' s Varsity Wrestlmg Team! With their 11-2 record and their very well earned: City Tourney (2nd Place), Carmel Invit. (1st Place), Sectional (1st Place), Regional (3rd Place). Tech can only say to you the varsity team of 77-78. We Thank-you for all you done. Dan Quintana on the take down. Front Row: Mike Ford, Vicki Martin, Sherry Thompson, Linda McFarland, Liz Martin, Janetta Wade, Chenita Wilson. Row 2: Danny Quintana, Stanley Graves, Russell Toliver, Ray Robinson, Gerald Clark, Fred Beard, Gerald Fowlkes, Kerry Kaelin. Back Row: John Hurrle, coach, Frank Beard, Dale Henderson, Anthony Ellis, Charles Blanchard, Stephen Gwynn, Francis Knue, Bobby Rogers, Jim Scahill. Jimmy Rhymes has his opponent In pain. Frank Beard plans for Dale Henderson has it all wrapped up. 101 Reserve Team Takes It To The Mats! Row 1: K. Mayes, R. Barnett, J. Lawrence, D. Bunten, G. Hillman, G. Levell, B. Server. Row 2: L. Kent, I. Cosby, W. Sarver, D. Barton, D. Allen, A. Warfleld, D. Drew. Row 3: S. Williams, R. Robinson, T. Lawrence, B. Johnson, M. Majors, G. Clark. Row 4: J. Garnett, F. Knue (Coach) R. Powell. Champions All! The reserve 1978 wrestling team placed number two in the city last season with a final team record of 12-1. The reserve had two to place 1st in the city. They were Greg Levell and Gonzales Hillman. Also was Dean Allen and Benny Sarver who placed third in the city, with Tracy Wilson and Tom Lawrence, fourth. Some acknowledgeable records were Greg Levell, 14-1; Gonzales Hillman, 14-1; Beeny Sar- ver, 14-3; Dean Allen, 13-2; and Kermit Mayes, 9-2. Coach Francis Knue gave an opinion of " Tech had many fine wres- tlers this year, and I feel during a normal year most of the guys could make it on Varsity, and even place in the city tourney. " Reserve Wrestling Freshman Take City Title Tech Frosh Wrestling On the night of February 7, 1978, the Titan Freshman Wrestling team was crowned City Champions by amassing a total 136 ' 2 points and five individual champions. The victory was outstanding because the runner-up team from Washington only accumulated 87 points; many dual meets were cancelled because of inclement weather; many schools were closed. Two frosh wrestlers even had death in their families. In spite of the weather and other adversities, our Freshmen showed dedication and devotion by practicing almost every day. The Titans entered the tourney of 16 city teams with only 1 1 of the 14 weight classifications. Some of the Frosh wres- tlers were eliminated by grades, others because of the demands and disciplines required of Wrestling. Yet, those who endured were very special. They are without a doubt one of the classiest groups ever to win the Frosh city tour- ney. Following are members of the team: Tech Frosh Wrestling 90 lbs. Douglas Bunten 98 lbs. Syraliegh Coleman 105 lbs. Henry Cotton— 4th place 112 lbs. No entry 119 lbs. Gerald Clark— 1st place 126 lbs. Isadore Cosby — 1 st place 132 lbs. Scott Middleton 138 lbs. Joe Williams— 1st place 145 lbs. Jesse Beard — 1 st place 155 lbs. Donald Barton 167 lbs. Joe Harding 177 lbs. Ralph Powell — 1 st place 185 lbs. Powell Porter Hwt. no entry Other team members John Lawrence Ricky Robinson Darrell Burrus Coach Willie Martin N - -»« HKi -M ' M -- ' ). 1 r ' 1 V, ■ Freshman Wrestling Row I: Jesse Beard, Gerald Clark, Joe Williams, Isadore Cosby, Ralph Powell. Row II; Coach Wdlie Martin, John Lawerance, Henry Cotton, Scott Middleton, Ricky Robinson, Rex Gaddis, Row III: Linda Mcfarland, Liz Martin, Jenetla Wade, Dale Drew — Manager. 103 Girls ' Reserve Volleyball — Row One: Shelly Smith, Roberta Ray, Constance Sims, LaShalle Hiser, Tonya Claspell, Stacy Jackson. Second Row: Tina Stewart, Erin Masters, Brenda Marsh, Dorthy Quarles, Polly Poston, Stacey B. Greene, Tern Arrington. Girls 1977 78 Volleyball Girls ' Varsity Volleyball — Dorthy Maxwell, Malinda King, Marguerite Rudolph, Tracy Daniels, Rochelle Floyd, Lareen Harwell. Secona mow: Lynn ivictlroy, Wanda Smith, Patrice Stowers, Ada Johnson, Leslie Greene, Sherese Walker. Swim Assistants In a school that is primarily known for basketball, football, and wrestling, Tech has a new sport. Swimming. The swim team consists of nine guys and one girl. Although the team was new it showed a lot of promise for next year with many underclassmen returning. Many of the people on the swim team help- ing as pool assistants. They hand out swim suits and towels. There is also going to be a ballet class, teaching ballet in the water. Hopefully we will have enough stu- dents to have a competitive team. Pool Assistants 1978— Sitting On Deck: S. Mallot, B, Weber, M. Bruder. In Chairs: M. Bryant P Ireland V Rogers- Row 3: P Decker, R. Decker, K. Taube, J, Maxwell, E. James. Last Row: D. McGuire, D Hodges C Fairchild, Mr. Kennedy, B.Atkins, R. Debruler Mr Farrell ' u B, Weber, M. Bruder Maxwell, E. James. L arrell Swim Team Vl i 1st Row: James Wilson, Beth Weber, Larry Robey. 2nd Row: George Fultz, Joe Anderson, Chuck Fairchild. 3rd Row: Paul Maheron, Dennis McGuire, Chris Hamilton, Roger Debruler, Mr. Farrell (coach). ' S fR 105 The Tech Way Classes if f iMt In 4 i tl!J English Department . . . Math Department . . . 109 Career Department , . . I ' O Social Studies Denurtment . . . Art Department . . . 1 12 Stagecraft , , . m 1 — i J -ic. SPHB mmMMV ' fl« ■JK..T-.,. n ir! :1a IH _| _| liT y Ljf%fi 1?: h aL iir r- 1 J ' - ; . .. . • i ,.:«r. N 1 . ■■ . .... _ .4: ygJe - :--:v -■- ■vaaii 113 Music Department , , . Science Department 115 Auto Mechanics . . . 116 Drafting Department , , , V -■ tUffaaAK . 117 Electronics . . . Cooking • . . 119 Metal Trades , , , Building Trades . . . Sim0»mm ' i 121 FAR 122 E OUT N O 78 R CD 123 Charlie Ernestes — show off mnerself? No Comment. Past vs. Future? Bill Shipman shows off his Sunday best. Dale, Gaylon, Tony — The businessman ' s Oreo! ■ ' ;) l P H W Hn H -- jL ' JH j HE I r Sh Hf i m Which person is wearing the mask — Craig. . . or Lori? Som e people |ust don ' t understand my fantasy (John Brooks). 24 Close encounter of the fourth kind. Man IS Truly dog ' s best Friend. Retired dean of girls? 19 Life ' s a Drag. Alice ' s reunion in Wonderland. Overwhelmed students acting like their loving teachers. What-a-WonnanI 125 Row 1: Donna Biggerstaff, Angie Brown, Joe E. Brown, Dave Bruer, Mike Morrison, Brad Newman, Randy Polston, Craig Priest, Kenneth Sebastian, Cheatham, Jody Crouch, Debbie Evans. Row 2: Lori Milburn, Mary Stanley P. Smith. Row1:RobertFreeman,ArleneFrost, Sue Ingersoll, Sue Johnson, Anthony Donna Teckenbrock, William Vollmer, Blanche Washington, Mignonette Kendrick, Glen Lamb, Johnna McCullough. Row 2: Donald Surenkamp, Woods, Tracie Woods, Dwight Woodson. Senior Career W J l Day 127 The Tech Legion is an honorary organiza- tion for members of the senior class who have been outstanding in Leadership, Citizenship, and Cooperation, Throughout their high school career, students have the opportunity to earn merits for these qualities. In the last semester of the senior year, the top 10% of students are elected to the Tech Legion. The boy and girl with the highest number of merits become the co-commanders and the top 10% of the Legion members under the command- ers become captains. TECH LEGION 1978 Co-Commanders: David Bruer, Donna Biggerstaff, Captains: Deborah Evans, Mike Cheatam, Angie Brown, Jody Crouch. Not Shown: Mignonette Woods Members: Pamela Alcorn, Frank Beard, Freddie Beard, Julie Brenton, Joe E. Brown, Debra Chalifoux, Dewayne Craig, Penny Decker, Tyra Dennis, Timothy Doss, Lori Ford, Robert Freeman, Arlene Frost, Eric Goldsmith, Leslie Greene, Dina Harding, Frankee Howard, Suzanne Johnson, Kathy Keller, Anthony Kendrick, Paula Malloy, Johnna McCullough, Gaylon McKinney, Lee McRoy, Frank Meid, Lorelei Milburn, Patrice Miller, Richard Miller, Electra Moore, Mary Morrison, Brad Newman, Randy Polston, Nicolus Quintana, Kenneth Sebastian, Vicki Shatter, Tern Sherrod, Stanley Smigh, Kathryn Taube, Donna Teckenbrock, Wonder Thompson, William Volmer, Janetta Wade, Blanche Washington, Steven White, Donald Williams, Chenita Wilson, James E. Witmer, Dwight Woodson, Tracie Woods. s e n 1 o r S P o n s o r s Floyd Tobrocke John Kanouse Mrs. Madora Walker Judith McBride AARON. TERRY English. Social Studies. Shop Math ADAIR, ANTHONY: English, Hisloiy PE and Health. Business ADAMS, JAMES English. An, P,E , Math Track Cross Country, Choir ALCORN. PAMELA Business. English. Math, Social Studies. French. Music Science. French Club. Sophomore Honors. Maiorene, COE OEA, Marching Band ALLEN, JANE English. Social Studies, Math P E . Health. Track ALLEN, JANET English. Home Economics Social Studies, P E , Health. Track ALLEN, KENNETH English, Math Social Stud les. Business ALLEN KENNETH C : English, Math Social Studies, Business ALLEN, MARVIN English, Business Social Studies, Math, Track ALLENDER, TONY English, Social Studies, Math. Business, Football. Basketball (manager) Spanish Club. Human Relations Council ALLEY, JOE Auto Mechanics, English, Math, Social Studies ALSTON, HERBERT Auto Mechanics, English. Math, Social Studies, Cross Country, Track AMMON, PENNIE English. Home Economics. Social Studies, Business ANDERSON. GERALD English, Shop. Math, Social Studies ANDERSON. JEROME English. Social Studies, Science. Math, Spanish. Electronics ANDREWS. JANICE Business. English. Math. Social Studies, French Club, Senior Ofdce Mes senger. Cannon Staff, SAO APPLE MARIA Business, English, History. PE,, Girls Concert Club ARMOUR, ALFRED English, Business, Math, Social Studies ARRINGTON, DEBRA English, History. Math, Spanish, Health. Messenger, Spanish Club BACKUS, STEVEN English. Shop. Social Stud les. Math BAILEY, RICKEY Math, Business, English, Social Studies, Music, Football, Techoir, Junior Council, Junior Class President, Senior Council, Roll Room Vice President 701. COE, Key Club, Boys Concert Club, SAO, Yearbook Agent BAKER, KEITH An, English. Math, Social Stud les. Health, Senior Messenger BALLENTINE, RANDALL Art. English. Math, German, Social Studies BANKHEAD, CARMEN English. Social Studies, Business, Math BANKS, LAURA Business, English, Social Stud les. An BARBER, PHYLLIS: Business. English, Social Studies, Home Economics BARNES, BRENDA Business, English, Home Economics, Social Studies BARNETT, DAVID Auto Mechanics, English. Social Studies, Math BARR, CYNTHIA English, Art, Math, Social Studies, Messenger, Service Club BARRICK, RICK An. English, Science. Social Studies BATEMAN. LARRY English, Shop, Social Stud BAUERLE. SUE English, Business, Social Stud les. Math BAUGH, CAROLE English. Social Studies, Math, Business. Messenger, OEA BAXTER, MARLENE Business, English, Math, Home Economics, Social Studies, Science, COE BEARD, FRANK English, Math, Machine Draft ing. An, Social Studies, Science, Track, Wres tling BEARD, FREDDIE English, Math, Business, Sci ence. Social Studies, Wrestling, Cross Country, Track, Dean of Boys Messenger, Freshman and Sophomore Honors BEASLEY, DENICE Home Ec, Social Studie English, Math, Phys Ed , Speech, Cheer Block BEASLEY. TINA Foreign Language. Busines English, Social Studies, German Club, OEA BEATTY, JONATHON Social Studies, English, Business, Math, ROTC Officers Candidate School, Rifle Team, Band Guard, Drill Team, Math Club XYZ, Marching Band, Pep Band, Soys Concen Club, SAO Rep BECK, TRINA English, Business, Social Stud les. Math, Clothing, Varsity Cheerleader 77 78, Reserve Cheerleader 76 77, Junior Council 76 77, lOL BEDGOOD, TIMOTHY: Art, English, History, Phys. Ed. Assist., Messenger, SAO Rep., DnII Team BEEVER, LINDA: English, Home Ec , Social Studies, An BELL, FORT, English. Shop. Math. Social Stud- ies BELL. REGINALD: English. History, Math, Shop BELTON. LINDA: English, Home Ec . Social Studies. Business. Girls Basketball Team BENBERRY. KENNETH Auto Mechanics, Eng- lish. History, Math BENEDICT, BOBBY English, Social Studies. Shop. Math BERRY, JEFFREY English, Machine Dratling. Music, An, Math, Social Studies, Spanish, Con cen Club, Chorus, Pep Band, Concen Band. Symphonic Band, Orchstra, Stage Band, March ing Band, Jr Drum Ma|Or, Senior Drum Major 8IGGERSTAFF, DONNA: History, English, Busi ness. Math, German, FLFFFF, COE, SAO Rep,. Cannon and Yearbook Agent. Messenger at the Attendance Des ' ' . BINGHAM. RICKY English, Math, Social Stud les. Science. Shop BLj»,CK. EDWARD. English. Shop, Math Social Studies BLAIR, MARK Auto Mechanics, English Math, Social Studies, 75 Concen Club BL RE, MARKHAM. English, History. Science Math BLEIER, JOHN: Commercial Arts and Fine Ans. Social Studies, English, Health. Phys, Ed., Bas ketball, Rugby BLEWITT, DEBRA English, Home Ec, Math, Social Studies, Business, Messenger BOLTON, JAMIE: History, English, Math, Sci ence. Business BOOKER, GAIL English, Social Studies, Math, BONE, KEVIN: English, Social Studies, Math, BOTTOMS. GARY Math. English. Science. Social Studies. Speech Team. Drama Club. Yearbook. Photography Club BOYD. ANTHONY Math. Electronics. English. History. Science. Basketball. Baseball BRADLEY, TERRY L English, Business, Social Studies, Health, Track Speech BREWER, DEBORAH Math, English, Science, History, COE BREWER, MARCUS English, Shop, Social Stud les. Science BRICCETTI, DAVE Math, Science, English, His tory. Business, Spanish, 1st Place Science Fair, 1st Place Tech fi ath Day Homecoming King Fall Play, Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Coun cil. Band, Orchestra, Drama Club. All City Band All City Orchestra. Pit Orchestra BRINKLEY. OPAL English, Business, Socia Studies, Math, Basketball, Track BROCK, MARK History, Business, English, Sci ence. Math, Messenger BROWN, ALLEN English, Aviation, Math, His tory BROWN, ANGIE: English, Social Studies, Busi ness. Science, Math, Senior Council, Senior Secretary, COE Secretary, OEA, Key Club, Sen lOr Honors, Junior Honors, Freshman Honors, Sophomore Honors, Recipient of Scholarship to attend Hoosier Girl State, Senior Sweater, Can non Yearbook Salesman, Business Awards, Eco nomics Awards BROWN, CURTIS: English, Math, Social Studies BROWN, FRANK English, Math, Art, Social Studies, Music BROWN, JOE E English, Social Studies, Math, French, Speech Team, NFL, Drama Club, Techoir, SAO, WATS Radio Station, TV Quiz Team, Junior Council, Senior Council, Thespi ans. Honor Student, Boy ' s Concen Club, Three Musicals. Six Plays BROWN, MICHAEL A English, Social Studies, Math, Shop, English Office Messenger, Spanish Club, Track, Cross Country, Speech Team BROWN, ROBIN English, Business, History, Math BROWN, SONYA English, Home Economics, fifeth. Social Studies, Track and Field Helper, Volleyball BROWN, VANESSA English. Business, Social Studies, P E , Health BROWN, WILLIE English, Printing, Business, Social Studies, Marching Band, Pep Band, Con cen Band BROWN, WYNTHIA English, Business, Social Studies, Home Economics BRUER, DAVID English, Social Studies, Music, Math, Health, Spanish, Football, Wrestling, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Hon ors. Track, Symphonic Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, Boys Octette, Techoir, Pep Band BRYANT, BYRON English, Art, Math, Social Studies BRYANT, CHARLES English, Business, History, Math, PE BRYANT, WILLIAM: English, Shop. History. An, Business. Science. Photography. Newspapei Staff BUCK, DEBRA En glish, Home Economics, Math, Social Studies, Dean of Girls Messenger BULL, GARY English, An, History, Physical Ed , Health, Techoir, Bell Choir BUNNELL, AMY English, Math, History, Span ish BURGESS, BOBBY English. Welding, Math, History, French BURSE, JACQUELINE DENISE English, Home Economics, Math, Social Studies, Talent Show Tech 300 BUSH, RITA English, Business, History, Home Ec, Dean of Girls Messenger, Library Messen BUTLER. AMEDLA Business. English. Home Economics. Math, History BUTTS, GEORGIA: English, Home Economics, History, PE Health CAMERON, WILLIE English. History, Science. Math. Concen Band. Symphonic Band. March ing Band, Pep Band, Swing Choir, Stage Band, Symphonic Orchestra, DECA Treasurer CAMBELL, LEW Printing, English, Math, His tory CAMBELL, LORAINE: English, Business Ed., Social Studies, Health, Student Council. DECA Club CAMBELL, PHILLIP: English. Social Studies. Science, Football CANNON. JOYCE: English, Home Ec. Business. Social Studies CARLIS. MAXINE. Math. English. Social Stud- ies. P.E., Business, Varsity Basketball. Track CARR, JEFFREY: Math. Social Sludies. English, Business, Science, Health, Reserve Basketball, Freshman Basketball Mrs, Mary Penrod 129 SENIOR CLASS ' ' J 978 " Blanche Washington. T H E First Row: Terry Pntchard, Yvette Grant, Dewayne Craig, Michael Smith, Chenlta Wilson, Kathy Skillern. Second Row: Ricky Bailey, Dave Breccetti, Michael Cheatam, Gaylon McKinney, Nicholas Quintana. c H A M P S First Row: Angle Watson, Rochelle Floyd, Sherra Gaines, Joe E. Brown, Ada Johnson, Johnna McCullough, Blanche Washington. Second Row: Steve White, Anthony Kendrick, Keith Mosley, Fred Lane, Leslie Green. 30 James Adams Pamela Alcorn ■ Kenneth C Allen Fr eddie L Beard ' ' ' ■ ' r i Debra B. Arnnglon i Sue E. Bauerle " Tinxjthy L. Bedgood L Laura A Banks Frank C Beard 13! ■ rl .■4tX Hr ,a mji Sonya R, Brown Wtliiam K.Bryant Debra L Buck Bobby J Burgess Jacqueline Burse Amelda Butler m k Willie L. Cameron Larame Campbell Lew E. Campbell 132 Ki Michael Cheathan- (imberlv K. Colvin Sharon K. Coons Wi s - Marsha M. Coryell Christopher Cratton 133 Ronald Davenport Cassandra Davis Timothy Davis Tracy A. Davis Tanya DavKSon Penny J. Decker kV , V! Tyra A. Dennis Albert Dorsey Timmy P. Doss rw i Michael Durrick Jonna E. Edw ards Karen L. Edwards Nicky A. Edwards Renita Y. Elliott Syd C. Fancher Alberta J. Fields I h n Charles Ernstes II Rochelle Floyd David A. Evans Deborah M. Evans Doreen L. Evans M ii, H Basil Anthony Foley Jr. Debbie S. Ford Gregory S. Ford 134 Anthonv K Gan Melodv A. Gertz W i ' ' Leslie Greene Martha Hendnckson i: Scott D Gregory rN ' Uureen M Han Robert R Freeman Deborah 0. Gibson Ki K,- Arlene F Frost Wl Tammie L Grabbe Nathan C Hall Ef Marie A Haynes Lonnie 8. Hockman •- IF ' Sandv Hannemann Loreha J Garland psr |HRI jtv t!t ,- ' w Si . Sfa 1 Donald E Hapner 135 Pull. . .Pull. . .Pull Hang in There Mel L. Houston Frankee E Howard James D. Howard Mark H. Howard Debora D. Hunter Shelia Hutcherson Oarrell Hutchison Howard D, Ingram Delores Jackson Jodie Jackson Nettie Jackson Beverly G. Jenkins Catherine S. Johns Ada M. Johnson Avery M. Johnson ■uJj Suzanne Johnson William T.Justus i36 s ? Brian T. Laughlir Donnell M Lewis Brian W Lawrence lV Hazel E, Maxwell Ronald Ma)rwe!l GlenisR, Lamb W Vickie L Martin i-l I Anthony Kendnck rl ' 4 ' Brenda A Ledell Christopher Madden P i ' i Cheryl Manhews Donna J Maxwell m3 Johnna McCyllough Oieryl McDougall ;A3rlc-ns Y. wcGri 137 Ji Dennis M. McGuir Gaylon A. McKinney Gary W. Meadors Frank L. Meid J i Robert Mendenhall Donna L Middleton Lorelei L. Milburn Richard A Mille Denton R. Mjnk Donna J. Moore 1 38 m Edward D Morgan Gloria J Morgan Melodie Nichols KrU ' iym,:-. Vernice L- Oneai Keith A. Powell % Kimberly D Page f ■if± ' - Janice A Norns VIcki Page Paula J. Parish Joyce Presswood 139 Iln William Pritchard Leonza Queries William R. Quick RicK L. Quinnene Ladonna A, Reck prr—-- Donna Richardson ' Janice Y.Ross Lawanna F. Rush Richard Russell Donald R. Rutherford William J. Shipman James A Singleton Douglas W.Skiles 140 KathyM Skillern Debra J- Stearns Jackie E. Thomas tS ' f Vivian L Smith James D. Stemmetz f Linda M Stites Willie J Strong Ronald L Steward Robert J Stock Karia D. Thompson Sherry L. Thompson Wonder E, Thompson Michael K Smith Sandra L, Smilh V { w P DanaC Stewart Charles M. Siiglei James J Slower; Robert N Slower; Charlene Thomburgh 141 Deborah S. Turner Landon M. Turner Margaret E, Turner Kenneth L. Vaughn Mane Wallace Donnie M Warefield Christopher Warrenburg Blanche Washington Kathleens, White Steven A. White Charyse R Whitsey Janet Wilburn i42 r V Kasandra Willie WF « 3 ' 0 fK Dwight Woodson Jessica L Woods ' Brenda Durham Chenita J Wilson Gale Hubbard Tracie L Woods 143 CARRUTHERS, JACKIE English, Spanish, Busi- ness, Social Studies, Health, Girls Drill Team CARTER, GLORIA English, Home Ec, Art. Social Studies CARTRETTE, REGINA English, History. Math, Gym, Health, Gym AssI , Senior Manager CAULK, LISA Business, English, History, Math, Library Messenger, House Plan Messenger, Concert Club, Techoir, DECA CHALIFOUX, DEBRA English, History, Busi ness. Science, French, Math, Key Club, French Club, SAO Rep CHEATAM, MICHAEL A English, Business, Math, Music, Social Studies, Science, French, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra. Pep Band, Pit Orch , Bell Choir, String Ensem- ble, Junior Council, Senior Council, French Club, Sophomore Junior Senior Honors, SAO CHILDS, LATASHIA English, History, Business, Math CHOWNING, YOLANDA English, Math, History, Business, lOL, Home Economics, XYZ Cl ub, Cheerblock CLARK. JUANITA L English, Art, Math His lory, ROTC Girls Color Guard, ROTC Girls Drill Team, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Flag Detail, ROTC Battalion Staff, ROTC Messenger, Service Club CLARK, LISA M English, Business, Home Ec, Biology CLEM, CHARLES English. Drafting, History. Math COE, LYLE ANTHONY English, Social Studies, Math COFFER, AARON English, Electricity, Math, History COFFER, KATHY English. Math. History. Art. Science COFFMAN. CHRISTINA M English, History. Math, P,E COFFMAN, PATTI R English, Home Econom- ics, History, Phys Ed COLEMAN, JOEL English, Shops, History, Phys Ed COLLINS, JAMES L English, Autobody, Math, History COLLINS, THOMAS H English, Autobody, His- tory, Math, P E , ICT COLVIN, KIMBERLY English, Spanish, Math, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, Social Studies CONNELL, TIM Enahsh, Carpentry, Social Stud- ies, Health P E , ICT COOK, VICKY: Home Economics, Business, English, History, Math, OEA COOLEY, PAMELA D Home Economics, Eng- lish, Social Studies, Math COONS, SHARON Business, Home Ec , Eng lish, Histon, ' , Yearbook 77. DE COOPER, ARNETTA Business, Home Econom- ics, English, History CORYELL, MARSHA English. Math. Social Stud les Home Ec COULSON. RONALD Math. English. Shop, Sci- ence, History COURTNEY, RICKY English, Cabinet Making, Math. Social Studies, Football COUSIN, MELVIN English, Shop, Math, Social Studies COWERD, CORNELIUS English. Shop, P E . Social Studies COX, CLARENCE English, History, Math, Busi- . English, Social Studie Enghs COX. JOHN A. Pi Math CRAFTON, CHRIS Auto Mec History. Math CRAIG. DEWAYNE E Business, Social Studies. English, Publications, Speech. Wrestling. Track. Junior Council. Senior Council. SAO. Human Relations Council, Yearbook Staff, FEA CRIDER, ANNAMARIA Music. English, Math, Business, Singing, Swimming CROCKETT, DAVID LAMONTE English, History, Math, Welding CROCKETT, JEFFREY LEE History, English, Math, Practical Arts CROUCH, JODY: English, Spanish, Math, Sci ence. Social Studies, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, SAO, DE, Honor Student, Two Tech Musicals. FLFFFF GULP, JAMES English, Shop, Math, Social Studies CUMBERLAND, RICKY English, Social Studies, Business, Shop CURD, KEVIN DEWAYNE English, History, P E , Science, Speech, Math DANIELS, ELLA English, Business, Math, Social Studies, HomeEc DAVENPORT, RONALD English. Industrial Ed Math, Social Studies DAVIS, CASSANDRA English, Social Studies, Business, Home Ec DAVIS, DEXTER English, Shop, Social Studies, P E , Health DAVIS, GILMER Math, English, Cabinet Mak ing. History, P E , Science, Football, Baseball DAVIS, JAMES English, Social Studies. Science Industrial Arts. Chess Club, Art Club, ICT DAVIS, PATSY English, Home Ec , Social Stud les. Math DAVIS, TIMOTHY English, Shop, Social Stud , PE , alth DAVIS, TRACY A German, English, Math, His lory, P E Health, German Club, Drama Club, Service Club, Senior Float Comm , Girls Concert Club, SAO Rep DECKER, PENNY Social Studies, Math, Eng- lish, Science, Swimming Pool Asst DENNIS, TYRA A Math, History, Engli Accounting, Business, OEA, lOL Treasurer DORSEY, ALBERT English, History, Ma Autobody, Business DOSS, TIM: Math, Histon , Science, Busint Health, Rugby DOWDY, PATRICIA ANN English, Busine Social Studies DRAKE, ROBERT L Auto Mechanics, Engli Social Studies, P E Health DUNN, QUINTON English, Social Studies, Math, Industrial Arts DRIVER, ANTHONY: English, Social Studies, Math, Business DURICK, MICHAEL S.: English, Histon , P E. Health, Business, DECA EARLY, MONICA English, History, Spanish Math EASTHAM, JOHN Science, Math, English, Social Studies, German, German Club, Chemis try Club EDWARDS, JONNA E . English, Social Studies, French, Home Ec , Science, SAO, Volleyball, Cheerblock, French Club, Cooking Club, Prayer EDWARDS, KAREN English, Math, Business, Social Studies, Science, Techoir, Bell Choir, Girls Ensemble, SAO, Girls Concert Club EDWARDS, NICKY A English, Business, Math, Social Studies. Track. Cross Country ELLIOTT. REBECCA LYNN English. Business. Science. History ELLIOTT. RENEE English. History, Math, Ger man. Science ELLIOTT, RENITA: English, Business, Social Studies, Home Ec ERNSTES, CHARLES N . Math, English, History, Architectural Drafting, Football Letterman, SAO, German Club, Bowling Club, Counselor Messen ger. Tug o-War ESPINOZA, OLIVIA English, Math, Comm Foods, Social Studies, Spanish Club ESPINOZA, SYLVIA Spanish, Art, English, Math, Social Studies, Spanish Club, Volleyball Team, Basketball Team ESSETT, MICHAEL English, History, Art, Shop, Math EVANS, DAVID English, Printing, Math, Sci ence. Social Studies, Phys Ed Health, XYZ Club. Marching Band EVANS. DEBORAH Math, English, Music, Clothing, Spanish, History, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Pit Orchestra, Bell Choir, Marching Band, Senior Sweater EVANS, DOREEN Math, English, Art History Tug-o War EVANS, TONY Art, English, Math, Health, P E FANCHER, SYD English, Home Ec , Math, Social Studies FARRINGTON, WILLIAM English, Social Stud les. Math, An FEEDER, BENITA English, Music, History, Math FIELDS, ALBERTA: Architecture, Math, English, Art, History, Secretary ICT, Hiking Club, SAO Rep FIELDS, PAUL J Autobody, English. History. Math. Health. Bowling Club, ICT, VICA, ROTC, SAO Rep FLOYD, ROCHELLE: Business, Math, English, Spanish, Home Ec , Physical Ed.. Science, Social Studies, Junior Council, Senior Council, Volleyball, Tennis, Techmates, FEA, SAO FOLEY, BASIL A English, Business, French, Math, Social Studies FORD, BOBBY English, Math, Social Studies, Business FORD, DEBBIE SUE: English, Social Studies, Home Ec , Math, Business, Yearb ook and News paper Agent FORD, GREGORY English, History, Art, Health and P E , Math FORD, LORI Business, English, Phys Ed., Home Ec , Social Studies, DE, Yearbook Agent, Senior Roll Room Float Committee, Tug of War Team, SAO in Junior year FOSTER, RONDA L Art, English, Math, Social Studies, PES. Health, Human Relations, SAO Rep , Senior Float Comm FREEMAN, ROBERT R English, Math, Music, Social Studies, Science, Stage Band, Symphonic Band and Orchestra, Pep Band, Marching Band, Junior Senior Honors FROST, ARLENE Business Ed , Science, Eng lish. Math, History, SAO, COA, Yearbook Agei Senior Float Committee, Honor Sweater, Juni Honors FRYE, STEVIE Masonry, English, P E , Math, History GAINES, KEITH: English, Shop, Social Studi Science GAINES, SHERRA MARIE Math, English, Busi ness. Music, History, Ensemble, Techoir, Band, Pep Band, M arching Band, Human Relations Council, Service Club, Senior Council, SAO Cheerblock, Musical, Cannon Staff, lOL GAMBLE, TONY English, Math, Business Social Studies, Football GARLAND, JESSIE LORETTA English, History, Math, P E , Business GARRETT, ANTHONY K English, Mechanic (Shop), Social Studies, PE Health, Footba Baseball, Basketball, Tennis GIBSON, DEBRA D Math, English, History, Typing, lOL, Data Processing, OEA GILL, KEVAN D Math, English, Shop, Social Studies GILLIAM, ARTHER L , JR Math, Woodshop, English, History GILLUM, BEN English, Radio TV, Science, GILMORE, WILLIAM English, Shop, Social Stud les. Math, P E Health GLASCO, RAYO English, Shop, Math, Social Studies GLENN, ROBERT, JR Offset Printing, English, Math, Social Studies, KeytKiard CLICK, MICHAEL L History, English, Shop, Math, Football, Key Club, SAO, Senior Editor- Yearbook, Fall Play, Photographer, Musical— 1978 GLOVER, MARY JEAN English. Studies. Cabinel Mkg . Spanish. Malh. Clothing, Voca lional Certificate— Cabinel Mkg . Human Rela lions Council. Dean of Girls Messenger. Praver Circle. Girls Basketball GOING. KAY Math. History. English. Art. Sci ence. German, Techoir, Key Club. SAO GOLDEN. LINDA English. Business Math Social Studies, Home Ec GOLDSMITH, ERIC English, Art, Spanish, Social Studies. Spanish Club. Drama Club. Ger man Club. Speech Team GRABLE. TAMMIE English. Math. History. Bus iness. German. Rhys Education. DE GRANT. YVETTE Home Economics Business English. Hislory. Math. Cheerleader. Senior Council. Service Club. Spanish Club. Speech Team. Human Relations Council. FEA. Cheer block. Newspaper Slalf. OEA. SAO GRAVES. WILLIAM English. Shop. Malh Social Studies. Track Field GRAY. JERRY Auto Mechanics. English. Math. Social Studies GREEN. BETH Clothing. English History Malh. Business GREENE. LESLIE English. Math. History. Bust yball. Ba T, FCA. ■tball. Tr Coun Speech Tea Council GREGORY. SCOTT Sheet Metal. English. His lory. Math GRIDER. STEVE Printing. English. Malh. Social Studies. Gym Assistant. Dean of Boys Messen ger GROSS, SHEILA English. History. Phys Ed . Business. Home Ec GUESS. KENNETH English. Hislory. Science. Math. Sheet Metal GWIN. RICKY English. Building Trades. His lory. Malh. Cross Country Bowling HACKNEY. CHARLES English. Business. Math. Social Studies HAGERTY. MICHAEL English. Home Cnst . Malh. Social Studies. Spanish HALL. NATHAN Business. History. English. Music. Chess Club HAMMANT. FRANCES, Engli Masonry Math HAMMER, PAM Math, English, Busi ness HAMMER. STEVE English. Math. Business. Social Studies. Drafting HANKERSON. WILLIE English, Shop, Social Studies. Science HANNEMANN. SANDY English. Math, Busi riess. Spanish. Science. Chemistry. Biology, History. Maiorettes. Messenger — Senior Office and Attendance Desk. OEA HAR DING, DINA MARIE Music. English. Span ish. Math. Social Sludies. Bell Choir. Melo dayres. Techoir. Spanish Club. Drama Club. Musicals (4 yrs ). All City Choir. State Contest Piano. Vocal Group Solos, FLFFFF. ROTC Drill Team. Messenger HARSTON. MEL Auto Mechanics. English. His tory. Business. Band HASNER, RONALD EDWARD English. Math Social Studies. French. Techoir. Melodayres Symphonic Band. Marching Band. Pep Band HARRIS, MARY ELAINE English, Business Social Sludies, Business, Phys Ed Health Drill Team, Melodayres, Techoir HARWELL. LAUREEN English. Social Studies Math. Business. Volleyball. Basketball. Track HAYDEN. FRANCES English. Home Economics Math. Social Studies HAYES. BRIAN Machine Shop. Math. English Social Studies. Machine Drafting HAYNES. MARIA A Business. History. Math English. Cheerblock, DE HAYWOOD. KIM DENISE Business. English Malh. Social Studies. Cheerblock. OEA. Girl; Chorus Class. SAO. Messenger. Science Depi Assistant HEBBIE. JOHN F J History. English. Sen Business HEAVRIN. LAURA LYN English. Business History. Math. Techoir. Girls Ensemble. Concert Band. Symphonic Band. Girls Concert Club, . Englisl !Slling Home Ec lOL. OEA. Human Relations Council. Cheer block. Music Messenger. SAO Musical HENDERSON. DALE V English. History. Print ing. Math. Football. Track. Wresllmg HENDRICKSON. MARTHA. Business, English, Social Studies, Malh. Human Relations Council. Service Club. Cheerblock. Cannon Newspaper. Messenger HENSON. CAMMIE L English. Business. Music. History. Math. Techoir. Bell Choir. Musi cal. Messenger HERRON. CODY. JR Auto Mechanic An. Malh. Social Sludies. Track Wri HESTER. JENNIE History. English Malh. Keyboard HILL. LAVETTE English. Studies Sri ence. P E Health HIMES. JACQUELINE English. Business Home Ec. Math. Social Studies HITTLE. TIM English. Cabinet Making. PE. HOCKMAN. LONNIE B English. Shop. Offset Printing. Math. Hislory. Golf HOKE. MARK English. House Construclion Math. History. Amateur Radio Club. Apprentice Carpenter at lyy Tech. ROTC. Chess Club. Span ishClub. Yearbook Staff HOLLAND. DONALD English. Commercial Foods. Social Studies, Ind Arts HOLANDSWORTH. FLOYD A English. Social Studies. Shop Autobody. Health HOLMAN. BYRON KEITH English. Business. Math. Social Studies. Track HOOVER. SCOTT Offset. English. History P E HOWARD. FRANKEE Latin. Malh. English. Health. Science. Lalin Club. XYZ Club. Girls Slate Representative HOWARD. JAMES: Drafting. English Social Sludie . Malt HOWARD. MARK English. History. Auto Shop Science. Math HOWLAND. CHARLENE English. Social Stud les. Math. Business HUBBARD, MABEL GALE Hislory. English. Health. Math. Bowling League HUCKABY. ORRIE English. Shop. P E Social Sludies ■ Eco Shop. HUMPHREY. BARBARA English. H nomics. Malh. Social Studies HUNT. RAMEY English. Social Stud Math HUNTER. DEBRA English. Social Sludies. B ness. Home Ec HUNTER, SHIRLEY English, Social Stud Science. Home Ec HUTCHERSON, SHELIA English, Home Eco nomics. Health, History HUTCHERSON, DARRELL English. Malh. Sci ence. Social Studies. Electronics, Key Club, Service Club, Newspaper Salesman, Yearbook Salesman, Messenger HYCHE. ROBERT Auto Mech . English. Soc Studies. Heallh INGERSOLL. SUE English. Spanish. Malh. His tory. Quiz Team INGRAM. HOWARD English. Social Studies. Health. Business. Yearbook Advertising Busi ness Manager INGRAM. RHONDA English, Social Studies, Math, Home Ec , Cannon Agent ISAK. OLEV English. Social Sludies. Electron ics. Malh ISBELL. MARK English. Social Sludies. Health, ScK Engl, JACKSON. DEBORAH Busines Heallh. P E . Social Sludies JACKSON. DELORES English. Business. Social Sludies. Home Ec , Yearbook Staff JACKSON. GAIL English. Social Studies. Home Ec . Business JACKSON. JODIE English. Social Studies. Spanish. Business. Science. Home Economics, FEA. Cheerblock. OEA. COE JACKSON. NETTIE Social Studies. English. Home Economics. Math. Basketball, Yearbook Agent JAKE. GEORGE English. Shop, Home Econom ICS Business. Math. Social Sludies JENKINS. BEVERLY English. Business. Social Studies. Home Ec JOHNS, LATHERINE Hislory Busi ness. Home (a. . P E JOHNSON, ADA Malh, Science. Business, tno iish. Phys Ed 4 Heallh. History. Volleyball Track. Basketball. Senior Council. Junior Coun JOHNSON. AVERY English, Social Studies Physical Education, Malh, Key Club, SAo! Techoir, Human Relaiions Council. Basketball, Speech Team, Messenger JOHNSON. DARRELL E English. History. Busi ness, Malh, Melodayres, Techoir, Concert Club, Homecoming King Candidate JOHNSON, JAMES CAWELL Autobody Repair. English. Malh. Social Studies. Football JOHNSON. MISCHELL ELAINE English Home Ec . Business. Social Sludies, SAO Rep JOHNSON, SUZANNE Music, English Hislory Math, Key Club. Techoir. Girls Ensemble. Orchestra. Swing Choir. String Choir JONES. CAROLYN An. English. Spanish. Malh. Social Studies. Messenger. Track. Gym Assist JONES. DARYL E Hislor,, English. P E Busi ness. All City Band JONES. ELAINE English. History An PE Health JONES. ELYAH English. Printing. Health His lory. Malh JONES. HARRY English Social Studies Busi ness. Health JONES. KAREN English. Business, Social Stud les. P E Health JONES, PATRICIA English. Home Ec . Math. Social Studies JORDAN. DONNA English. Business, Home Ec , Social Sludies JUSTUS, WILLIAM T B Malh, English. History P E Heallh KEISER. EDWARD D English. Shop History Math KEISER. ROBERT English. History. Shop. Math KELLER. DALE English. Malh. History. PE Baseball KELLER. KATHY English. Business Hislory Malh. COE. OEA KELLY. REGINA G History. English Business HomeEc KENDRICK. ANTHONY WADE Malh Latin Phys Ed . English. Social Sludies. Science. Shop (Auto). Track Field. Cross Country. Sen lOr Council, Roll Room President, Latin Club KIRBY, WILLIAM English, Shop, Social Sludies, Business KIRK, DARRYL E Social Studies, English, Health, Business KIRK, WILLIAM J Shop, English. Social Stud les. Business. Band LAMB. GLEN Malh. Electronics. Social Studies. P E , Basketball. Chess Club. Lettermans Club. Fellowship of Christian Athletes LANE. FRED Spanish. Music, Math, English, Science, History, Latin. Drama Club. Junior Council. Senior Council. Treasurer ol Junior Class. Spanish Club. Techoir. Boys Octette. Bell Choir. Swing Choir. Service Club. Human Rela lions Council. Techoir Junior Representative. Thespian. Junior Prom King. All Slate Choir. All City Choir. Musical (4 yrs ). Cheerblock LARKINS, TERESA M Home Ec , English, Busi ness, Malh, Social Studies, Health Center Mes senger LASLEY, CURTIS W Business, English, His lory, P E , Marching Band, Track. Service Club. German Club. Pep Band. Lifeguard. Gym Assist ant. SAO. DE LAUGHLIN. BRIAN Business. Social Studies. English, PE , Band, DE LAWRENCE, LEWIS W English, Dratting, His tory. Math 145 LEDELL. BRENDA Hon . Malh Engl, LEE, ANTHONY Foundry. English. Social Stud les. Malh, Foomall. Track. Choir. Leitermans Club LEGG, LINDA English. History. Home Ec , Busi ness Ed . Senior Messenger LEVEBINGSTON. PERNELLA English. Busi ness Malh. Social Studies LEWIS. ANTHONY English. An. History. Math LEWIS DONNELL MICHELL Malh. Foreign Lan guage. Business. English. Social Studies, Health. Soanish Club. Y Teens. SAO Rep . Year book Newspaper Agent LEWIS. TERRY English. Shop. Math. Social Sludies. Science LEWIS. WANDA JEAN English. Business. His lory. Math LONG. WANDA English. LORICK, JEFFERY D English. Barbering. Social Studies. Business Ed LUNN. JAMES F English. Shop. Social Sludies. Art. P E LUSK. ANNA Business. English. Social Studies. PE MADDEN. CHRISTOPHER Business Ed . His lory. English. Science. Malh. DE MADSEN, DEBORAH A. English, Business Ed , Social Studies. P E MALLOY. PAULA C Social Sludies. Math. Eng lish. Music. Science. Spanish. Sophomore Hon ors Concert Band. Concert Club. Techoir. Sym phonic Band. Drama Club. FLFFFF. Fall Play MARSHALL. FRED H An. English. History. Shop MARTIN. VICKIE LYNN English. Music. Busi ness History. Wrestling Techmates MASSINGALE. DEBRA English. Social Studies, Business Math, Foreign Lang MATTHEWS, CHERYL English. Business. Span sh. Art. Science. Social Studies MAXIE. MARY English. Social Studies. Home Ec . Business. Math MAXWELL, DONNA English. Business. History. Health MAXWELL. RONALD H Ayiation. English. Social Sludies. Science MAYES. THERON Malh. Science, English, Auto body. Social Sludies. Basketball. Junior Council, Vice Pres — VICA. SAO Rep . Letterman Club, FOCA MAYS. DEBRA Business. English. History, Home Economics MCCALLISTER. ANDRE English. An. Malh. Shop. History MCCONN. TIMOTHY English. Malh. Social Studies. Spanish. Track. FLFFFF MCCULLOUGH. JOHNNA English. Math, Span ish. Social Studies. P E MCDOUGHALL. CHERYL English. Social Stud . Hon . PE MCGRAW. MARLETTA English. Home Ec . Math History. Messenger MCGUIRE. DENNIS English. Math. Printing. History. Track MCKINNEY. GAYLON Math. English. History. Business. French. Phys Education. Rugby. Football. Baseball. Key Club. Senior Council. SAO. Techoir. Boys Octetle. FOCA. Hoosier Boys Slate MCNEW. VALERIE English. Business. Clothing. History MCROY. CYNTHIA English, Business, History, Math, Orchestra, All City Orchestra MCROY LEE ANN Spanish, English. History, Malh. Music. Business Ed . Girls Concert Club. Techoir. All City Choir. Speech Team. NFL MEADORS. GARY English. Autobody. History. Math. P E . BoyyIingClub MEANS. WADE English. History. Shop. Science. Bowling Club MEIO. FRANK Malh. English. Business. Social Studies. XY2 Club. Key Club. Drama Club. Odette. Techoir. Techoir Ollicer, All Stale Choir, Drama Club Pres , SAO— V Pres , Musi MENDENHALL. ROBERT English. An. Social Studies. Business MICKENS. BARBARA English. Math. Business. History. Physical Ed . Home Economics. Senior Messenger MIDDLETON. DONNA Business. History. Eng lish. Math. P E . Messenger WILLIAM. WANDA English. History. Home Ec . Senior Office Messenger. Math MILBURN. LORI Science. Math. English. Busi ness. Social Sludies. For Language. Spanish Club. German Club. Junior Council. English Cur-iculum Council. DE. FLFFFF MILLBROOKS. KATHY English. Business Ed . Science. Social Studies MILLER. DEBRA E English. Home Ec . Social Studies. P E MILLER. DELORES English. Home Ec . History. PE MILLER. GARY English. Shop. Social Sludies. PE MILLER. JELONDIA English. Social Sludies. PE . Business MILLER. PATRICE English. Business. History. Health. OEA MILLER. RICHARD A English. Math. Drafting. Social Studies MILLER. RICHARD J English. Shop. Math. Social Sludies MILLS. KEITH English. Shop. Social Studies Science MILLS. MICHAEL S History. English. Malh. Health. Science MINK. DENTON Math. English. Arts. Mechan ics. History. P E MOON. JAMES English. Shop. Art. Social Stud les. Wrestling MOORE. DONNA J English. Business. Social Studies. P E MOORE. ELECTRA DELECE English. Business. French. Clothing. Math. Social Studies. Y Teens. French Club. COE. SAO. Cheerblock MOORE TONJA English. Social Studies. Busi ness. P E MOOREFIELD. BRENDA English. Business. Math. Social Studies. Home Ec MORGAN. EDWARD DOUGLAS Malh. English. Masonry. Social Sludies. P E . Football Man ager. Basketball Manager MORGAN. GLORIA Business. English. P E . Social Sludies. Track. Cheerblock MORGAN. MARK A English. History. Math. P E MORRIS. LEE ESTHER English. Home Ec . Math. History. Senior Office Messenger MORRIS. PATRICIA English. Business. History, HomeEc MORRISON. MARY C : English. Social Studies. Business. Math. P E . Pom Pom Girl. COE MOSLEY. KEITH C Math, Science. English. For eign Language. Social Studies. Chess Club. Junior Council. Senior Council. Boys Tennis. Homecoming King R R 722. President R R 722. Leitermans Club MOSLEY. LEWIS G History. English. Math. Business MOSLEY. TIMOTHY English. Social Studies. An. Math MUNDY. JACKIE English. Social Sludies. Busi ness Ed . HomeEc MUSE. SHERRY ROBERTA English. Home Ec . History, P E . Business Ed . Gym Assistant. Clothing Style Show Contest MYERS. DEWAYNE English. Shop. Social Stud les. Math NAPIER. LORETTA History. English. Home Ec . Business Ed NEFFLE. CYNTHIA English. An. Social Studies. Science. Math NEFFLE. THOMAS English. Shop. Social Stud les. Math NELSON. DAVID English. History. Math. Busi NELSON MAMIE English. Home Ec . History. P E NEVINS. CARLA Social Studies. English. Busi ness. Malh NEWMAN. BRAD English. Math. Shop. Busi ness. Social Sludies. Freshman Football. Chess Club. DE NEWSOM DAVID English. Social Sludies. Busi ness Ed . Math. Track NEWSOM. MARY English. History. Home Ec . Math NICHOLS. MELODIE Business. English. Malh. History. P E . DE NIELSEN. CHRISTIAN A Shop. English. Busi ness. Social Studies NOEL. LYNETTE M Business. Home Ec . Eng lish. History. Cheerblock. Messenger NOERR. SHERRY A History. English. Science. P E Home Ec . Freshman Cheerleader. Messenge Re Var Ch ' Basket Human Relations Council. Sopho ball Queen. Junior Prom Oueen NORRIS. JANICE English. Home Ec . Social Sludies. Math NORRIS. ROSALYN English. Home Ec . Social Studies. Business Ed NORTHINGTON. SHERRY Business. Social Studies. English. P E . OEA. Techoir NUNLEY. CHRISTINE M Business. English. Math. History. An OAKLEY. MARY Home Ec . English. Social Studies. Math. OEA OAKLEY. VALERIE JEAN Business. English. Home Ec . Social Sludies NEAL. VERNICE Spanish. English. History. Math. PE PAGE. KIMBERLY English. Business Ed . Home Ec . Social Studies. Math PAGE. VICKI English. Business. Home Ec . Social Studies. P E . lOL PARISH. PAULA J English. Business. Malh. Social Studies. Key Club. DE Techmates PARKER, DERRICK English. Social Sludies. Malh. An PARKER. ROBERT English. Social Studies. Math. Business PARKER. THOMAS E English. Social Studies. Malh. Health PATE. DERRICK L Shop. English. Social Slud les. P E . Basketball PATTERSON. STERLING A English. Social Sludies. Shop. Business Ed . Sports. Chess PERKINS. JONATHAN English. Shop. Science. Social Studies PERKINS. MARCIA English. Social Sludies. Business Ed . Home Ec . Math PETTY. VICKI English. Home Ec . Business Ed . Malh. Social Sludies. Art PICOT. DANIEL R English. Offset Printing. Math. Social Studies PIPES. MICHAEL English. Shop. Social Studies. Science. Track. Rille Team. Drill Team. Band Guard PITTMAN. BARBARA English. Social Sludies. P E . HomeEc PITTMAN. LAWRENCE English, Welding. Social Sludies. An. Junior Achu Track POLLARD, JAMES English. Shop. History. Sci ence. Math. Wrestling POLSTON. MICHAEL English. Shop. History. Science. Service Club POLSTON. RANDY Social Studies. English. Math. Business. DECA. SAO Representative. Honor Sludenl POPE. JUDITH English. Business. Home Ec . History. Math POPE. ROBERT English. Shop. PE. Social Studies PORTER. DARRYL J Social Studies. English. Shop. Foreign Language POTTER. MICHAEL English. Shop. Malh. POWELL. DOROTHY English. Business Ed . Math. Social Studies. OEA. lOL POWELL. KEITH ANTHONY Malh. Architecture English. Hislory. French. P E . Service Club. Junior Achievemenl. Cannon Stall POWELL. KENNETH English. Shop. Math. His POWELL. THEODIS English. Social Sludies. Shop. P t POWELL. WILLIE PEARL English. Home Ec . Math. Social Sludies. Business Ed PRESSWOOD. JOYCE English. Home Ec . Malh. Social Sludies. Business Ed PREVOT. RODERICK Auto Mechanics. English. History. Math. Basketball (1 year). Track (1 year) PRICE. PAULA English. Cabinet Making. Malh. Social Studies PRICE. SHARON English. Social Studies. For Language. Math PRIEST. CRAIG English. Science. Math. Phys Ed . Social Sludies. Hiking Club. Track. Man ager. Rugby Team PRITCHARD. TERRY English. Math. Business. Spanish. Social Studies. Football. Wrestling. Track. R R Treasurer. Senior Council. COE PRITCHARD. WILLIAM English. Home Ec . Social Sludies. Math, Drama Club. One Club Play PRYOR. LISA English. Business. Hislory. lOL. OEA PRYUER. MILDRED A Business. English. Home Ec . Social Studies. P E . lOL. OEA. Senior Messenger PUCKETT. BECKY English. Business. Printing. Social Studies OUALES. ANTHONY Auto Mechanics. English. Social Studies. P E GUARLES. LEOZA English. Math. Social Stud les. Shop QUARLES. RONNIE English. Social Sludies. Shop. Malh OUICK. WILLIAM English. Shop. Social Studies. P E QUINTANA. NICOLAS Math. English. Archilec lure. Spanish. History. Chess Club. Bowling. Spanish. Key Club RADFORD. CAROLYN DENISE Business. Eng lish. Math. P E . Social Studies. Cheerleader. Volleyball. FEA. Secretary Senior Class RAINEY. JESSE English. An. Social Studies. P E RALSTON. VICKI English. Business. P E . Social Studies RANDOLPH. VERNELL English. Shop. Malh. Social Sludies RECK. LA DONNA A Business. English. Malh. Social Studies. Speech Team. COE REED. VICKIE R English. Printing. Social Stud les. Math RENT. KURT Art. English. Social Studies. Shop. Math. French REYNOLDS. DEBORAH Business. English. Social Sludies. Malh. Home Ec RHOADES. ALBERTINA English. Social Slud les. Malh. Science. Foreign Language. P E RHYNES. JIMMY JR Electricity. Social Sludies. English. Math. ICT. Wrestling RICE. DAVID English. Social Sludies. Math. Business Ed RICE. GWENDOLYN Business. English. Malh. Social Sludies RICE. KAREN Business. English. Social Stud les. Math RICH. JEFF English. Shop. Malh. Social Sludies RICHARDSON. BILLY RAY Art. English. Sci ence. Social Studies ger RIGGIN. JANET S English. Math. Business. Social Sludies. Gym Assistant ROBERTS. BEVERLY English Home Ec Busi ness Ed . P E . Social Studies ROBERTSON. MARVIN English. Social Studies. ROBINSON. ALBERTA English. Home Ec . Math. Social Studies ROBINSON. KENNETH English. Cabinet Mak ing. P E . Social Sludies. Wrestling ROBINSON. RAY English. Shop. Math. Social Studies ROGERS. KATHY KAY English. Business. Home Ec . Social Studies ROGERS. ROBERT English. Shop. Math. Social Studies. Wrestling. Football ROMERO. SYLVIA English. Math. Social Stud les. For Lang . Puerto Rican Club ROOTS, SHIRLEY English. German. History. Malh Home Ec . German Club Pres . Service Club. FLFFFF. SAO ROSS. BRENDA Business. English. Math. Social Studies. Spanish. Service Club. Y Teens 146 ROSS. JANICE Y English. Malh. Business Sci ence. Social Sludies. Girls Concert Club, Techoir. Melodavres. Speech Team. NFL. Math Club. Junior Achievements. SAO, RCA Engi neenng Program. Library Messenger, Musical (South Pacific) ROSS. ROBERT English. Social Studies. Math. Shop. Baseball RUNYON, SHIRLEY Enghsh. Social Studies. Business Education. Home Economics BUSH. GERALD Social Sludies. English. Sci ence. Shop. Football. Wrestling BUSH. LAWANNA F English. Social Studies, Home Economics. Math, Business. Cheerblock. Tug ol War. Float Committee RUSSELL. RICHARD English. Commercial Foods. Science, Social Sludies RUSSELL. TONY English, Art, Social Studies Science. Junior Achievement RUTHERFORD, DONALD R English Electron ics. Social Studies, PE SCOTT, MARK VANPELT English. Shop. Math, History SCOTT. TONYA DENIENCE English. Business. Math, Social Studies, Home Economics, SAO SEALS, JAMES English, Social Studies, Math, Science SEBASTIAN, KENNETH E Math, English, H.s lory. Electricity. Science. Senior Honors SEDAM. RONALD M English. History. Math. Business Education. P E , SAO, Key Club, Foot ball SHAFFER. VICKI Home Economics, English, History. Music, String Ensemble, Orchestra. FEA SHELTON. WINFRED T English. Social Stud les. Business. Math. Junior Achievement SHEPARD. EDDIE G . JR English. Shop. Art. Social Studies SHERROD. TERRI English. Math. Science. Bus iness Education. Spanish. History. Orchestra. Spanish Club. FEA, Y Teens. Senior Messenger SHIPMAN. WILLIAM JAMES Printing. English, Social Studies, Math, OEA, DE. Float Comm , Tug ol War SHORT, MARK English, Business, Social Stud les. Science, Chess Club SIMMONS, ALBERT English, Shop, Social Stud- ies. Math SIMMONS. HAROLD English. Shop. Gym. Math, Social Studies, Tracl SIMMONS. JOSEPH B Social Studies, English, SIMONTON, PHYLLIS T English, History, Math, Gym, Junior Achievement. Dean ' s Office Messenger, Girls Concert Club, Tug ol War SIMS, TAMARA English, Home Eci lory. Math, Gym, Girls Color Guard SINGLETON, JAMES English, Shop. Social Studies. Math SHELTON. JERRY English, Shop, Social Stud les. Math SKILES, DOUGLAS English, Shop, Social Stud les, Malh SKILLERN, KATHY M English, Math, Business, History, Service Club, Senior Office Messenger, SAO. Key Club. Secretary ol Roll Room SMITH. CATHY An. English. Social Studies. Gym SMITH. KEVIN English. Social Studies. Busi ness. Gym. Football Block T SMITH, MARVIN W English, Shop, Football, Basketball SMITH, MARY H History, English. Math. Band, Business. Track and Field SMITH, MICHAEL J English Shop Social Stud les. Math SMITH, MICHAEL K Social Studies, Gym, Busi ness Ed , English. Senior Council. Concert Club, COE SMITH. SANDRA English. Business. Math. Social Studies SMITH. STANLEY P Malh. English. Science. Social Studies, Business. Machine Drafting, Chess Club. Chem Physics Club SMITH, VIVIAN Home Economics, English, Math, Business Ed , Freshman and Sophomore Cheerleader SPELLS, CONNIE Home Ec , English, Malh, Social Studies SQUIRES. ADAM C English Shop. Social Stud les. Math STADEN. SHERl D Business, English, Social Studies. Math STAGGS. RICKY English. Shop. Math. Social Sludies STARK. LAURA English. Math. History. P E STEARNS. DEBRA English, Shop, Math. P E STEINMETZ. JAMES English. Shop. History. Math STEINMETZ. LINDA SUE English. Social Stud les. Business Ed . Math STEPHENS. TONY Auto Mechanics. English. Math. History STEWARD. RONALD L English. Printing. Social Studies. Math. Business STEWART. DANA CHARLENE English. French. Social Sludies. Music. Business. Math. French Club. FLFFFF. Drama Club Thespians. Fall Play. Musicals. Girls Concert Club. Techoir. Girls Ensemble. SAO. Senior Float Comm Chairman STEWART. VICTOR Masonry. English. Math, Social Studies. Foolball. Track. Basketball. Band. Boys Concert Club. Industrial Ans STIGLER. CHARLES MICHAEL English. Math. History, Shop, Science. String Ensemble, Sym phonic Orchestra, Lilly Foundation ' s Accounting Workshop Rep , All City Orchestra, Summer Music Camp, PilOrch STINSON, DWIGHT Shop, English Malh Social Studies. German German Club STITES. LINDA English. Business. Social Stud les. Malh STOCK. ROBERT JOSEPH, Electronics. Malh. English. Social Studies. Chess Club, Chemislry ' Physics Club, Qui; Team, Assistant Soundman in Auditorium STONE, LOLETTA English, An. Malh Social Sludies STOWERS. JAMES. JR House Construclion. English. Math. Social Studies STOWERS. ROBERT NATHANIEL Malh. Eng lish. Social Studies. Spanish. Science Business Spanish Club. Key Club. FEA. OEA. COE STRONG. WILLIE Auto Mechanics. English. Sci ence. Hislory STUCKEY. RONALD A Math. English History Business Ed SUITERS. REBECCA GRACE English. Clothing Malh. Social Studies SURENKAMP. DONALD Malh. English. History. Auto Mechanics TAUBE. KATHRYN E Math. History. English. French. German. Science. French Club. German Club. Key Club. Service Club. Human Relations Council. Bell Choir. SAO. Musicals. FLFFFF. Messenger. Cannon Agent TAYLOR. MARK A History. English. Shop. Sci TAYLOR. WALTER R . JR English. Hislory. Commercial Foods. Business. Shop TECKENBROCK. DAVID Math, English Social Sludies, P E , Bowling Club, Baseball. Cross Country TECKENBROCK, DONNA Spanish, Math, Eng lish. Science, Business, P E , Hislory, Home coming Queen, Jamboree Queen, Bowling Club, Mat Maid. Baf Girl. Junior Council. SAO Rep Cannon Agent. Key Club. FLFFFF. Float Comm , Honor Society TETRICK. BRUCE English. Dralting. Hislory. Spanish. Golf. Bowling Club TEWELL. LARRY Business. English. Math. His lory. Speech Team THACKER. MIKE Art. English. Malh History Science THACKER. SAUNDRA Business Education. English. Foreign Language. Social Studies. Gym. OEA. House Plan Messenger THOMAS, JACKIE English. Shop, Math, Social Studies, Football, Basketball, Baseball THOMAS, TIM English. History, Shop, Math, Basketball THOMPSON, KARLA English, Art, Hislory, Home Ec , Photo Club, Hiking Club THOMPSON, SHERRY English, Business. Home Ec , History. Wrestling Mat Mates THOMPSON. WONDER English, History, Art, Math, Majorettes, SAO, Key Club. Band. Drill. Messenger (Dean of Girls and Senior Office) THORNBURGH. CHARLENE English. An. Math. Hislory. Business. Stage Club THURMAN. PAMELA English. Home Econom ICS. History. Science TILLMAN. ROSIE English, Home Economics, Health, History TINSLEY, CARLOS Math, English, Art, Hislory TOLWER, AUDREA KAY English, Clothing, Math, French, Social Sludies TOLIVER, BETTY English, Business, Gym, Math, Social Studies TOLIVER, BUD Cabinet Making, English, Gym, Social Studies TURNER, CHARLOTTE English, Home Eco nomics. Business Education, Social Studies TURNER, DEBORAH S English. Gym, Busi ness. Social Sludies TURNER, ELMOND S English, Shop, Math, Social Studies TURNER, JEANETTE English, Social Sludies, Science, Business Education TURNER, LANDON English. Art, Shop, Math, Social Studies, Gym, Basketball TURNER, MARGARET English, Home Econom ics. Math, History TURPIN. LATRICIA DENISE English, Math, Gym, Science, Social Sludies ULSH, NEIL English, Gym, Math, Social Sludies VANHORN, (MCDOUGALL) CHERYL English, Home Economics, Gym. Business. Social Slud VANLANDINGHAM. JAMES ROBERT English. Art. Math, Pattern Making, History VAUGHN, JEFFREY L Machine, English, Math, Social Studies VAUGHN, KENNETH English. Math. History. Gym. Art VAUGHN. STEVE English. An. Math. Social Studies VAUGHN. TIMOTHY English. House Const . Science. History. Malh VOLLMER. WILLIAM Malh. English, Electricity. German. Science, Chemistry Physics Club, ROTC, BN CO WALE, JANETTA: English. Math. Business. French. Clothing. Hislory. French Club. Tech Mate. Cheerblock WAGNER. JOYCE English. Business. History. Art WALKER. DEBORAH DENISE English. Busi ness. History. Home Economics. OEA WALKER. DEWAYNE English. Shop. An. Social Studies. Basketball. Foolball WALKER. ERIC English. Math. Shop. Social Sludies WALKER. LUE English. Shop. Malh. Social Studies WALLACE. CONNIE Hislory. English. Malh. Sci e.T-e Business Education, lOL. OEA. Tech 300 Messenger. Girls Concert Club. SAO Rep WALLACE. CYNTHIA English. Malh, Business Education, Social Studies, Home Economics. Concert Club. Senior Messenger. lOL. OEA WALLACE. MARIA English. Business. Health, Home Economics, Social Sludies, lOL, OEA, Senior Messenger WARE, DAVID English, Shop, Malh, Social Sludies WARFIELD, DONNIE M English, Business. His lory. Home Ec . OEA. Senior Messenger. House Plan Messenger WARRENBURG, CHRISTOPHER English. Shop. Social Sludies. Business Ed WASHINGTON. BLANCHE English. Business. Latin. Science. Math. Social Sludies. Home Ec . Freshman Cheerleader. Latin Club. Freshman Basketball. Freshman Honors. Sophomore Hon ors. Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Honors, 78 Senior Class President, Senior Honor Sweater, Exchange Student, DECA, Speaker at Dedica lion Program WATSON, ANGELIA English. Math, Social Slud les. Clothing, National Forensic League, Speech Team, Senior Council WATSON, CORNEICE L Business Ed , English, Home Ec . History, Malh, P E , OEA, ROTC Drill Team WATSON, MARIA English Business Ed Home Ec , Social Sludies. PE WATSON. ROSETTA English. Home Ec , His lory, Malh WATSON, WAYNE E English. Music. An. Social Studies. Stage Band WATTS. RAYMOND V An, English, Social Stud les. Shop, Math WEBER. ELIZABETH English. Foreign Lang. Science. Home Ec . Social Sludies. P E WESTMORELAND. REGINALD English. An. Social Studies. P E WHIPPLE. BRIAN Home Ec . Hislory. Science. Social Studies. SAO. Messenger. Concert Band. Cannon Agent WHITE. DARRYL English. Social Sludies. Malh, Shop WHITE, KATHY S English, Social Sludies, Busi ness Ed , An WHITE, STEVEN A Radio Television Commu nicalions. English. Math. History. P E . Senior Council. Speech Team. COE. Center lor Indus trial Radio Television. National Forensir League. Baskelball (Mgr ). Gym Assislani. Fel lowship ol Christian Alhleles. WATS Radio Sla lion. Two Plays WHITE. THERESA Business. English. Social Sludies. Spanish. P E . Girls Reserve Track WHITNEY. CHARYSE English. Business. Malh. P E . Social Sludies. lOL. OEA WILBURN. JANET LOUISE Music. English. His lory. Math. Girls Concert Club. FEA. Techoir. Girls Ensemble WILLIAMS. DONALD English. Shop. Business. Malh WILLIAMS. JAMES D TV Radio. English. Social Sludies. Malh WILLIAMS. KASANDRA English. Home Ec . Math. Social Sludies WILLIAMS. KIM English. History. Business. Home Ec WILLIAMS. LINDA Home Ec . English. Social Studies, Business WILSON, CHENITA J Business, Malh, English, Social Studies, Spanish, Senior Council, COE, Techmates, Spanish Club, Girls Drill Team, ROTC Officer, Sophomore Honors, OEA WILSON. GEORGE English. Math. Shop. Social Studies. Art WILSON. JAMES D English. Hislory. Music. Math. Spanish WILSON. RAYMOND English. History. Foreign Language. Malh. Science. Techoir. Bell Choir. Melodayres. Cross Country, Junior Council. SAO. Spanish Club. German Club. Key Club. All State Choir. All City Choir. Junior Class VP. Can non Stall. Distinguished American High School Students. Sludenl Enchange. Musicals WILSON. TYRONE English. Aulobody. Social Studies. Gym. Foolball WIMBERLY. THOMAS An. English. Malh. P E . Social Sludies WINGO. DIANE English. Home Ec . Social Slud les. P E WITMER. JAMES English. Printing. Malh. Social Studies WOODS. MIGNONETTE English. Malh. Science. Social Sludies, For Language WOODS, TRACIE L Science, Math, English, Latin, Social Studies, Newspaper (Editor in Chief), SAO, Key Club, Drama Club, XYZ Club. Latin Club, Techoir, Bell Choir. Melodayres. All City Band, Symphonic Band and Orch , Pep Band, Marching Band, Pit Orch , Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Hoosier Girls Stale, Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Honors WOODSON, DWIGHT D Malh, English, Social Sludies, German, Techoir, Yearbook Staff, Can non Newspaper Agent, An Club, German Club, Human Relations Council, SAO, XYZ Club, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honors, Musical ( 1 976), Speech Team, OEA. Boys Concen Club WOODSON. JESSICA English. Science. Malh. History. French. Business. French Club. Human Relations Council. Newspaper Yearbook Stall. SAO. COE OEA WRIGHT. DONNA English. Social Sluda-s. Home Ec . P E . Float Comm . Tug o War WYTHE. DAVE English. Science. Social Sludies. Math. Shop, foolball HAWKINS. KEITH English, Business Ed . Social Sludies. Phys Ert . SAO Ren . Key Club. Human Relations Council 1% ■% f c,« I I £ i ll Those Who 148 ADMINISTRA TION AND FACULTY Lead 149 Principal Administrators Ray Reed Principal M. WardWhalln Assistant to the Principal Wallace R. Potter Vice-Principal, Teachers Robert V. Belding Vice-Principal, Programs Robert T. Stockard VIce-Prlnclpal, Pupils i50 MahlonCarlock Business Manager Ithel Shoemaker Director IPS Career Education Center Karl Schneider Assistant for Programming James E. Stewart Vice-Principal Director Adult-Education Howard Cati Athletic Director " a»- Mariorie Lapping Audiovisual Director Gaylord Allen Guidance Director Kenneth Bayless Adult Education Lewis Marshall Building Director Rotiert Meyer Student Activities Director Ernest Holmes industrial Training Director Cecil T. Tressla r Publications Director John Miner House Plan Leader Richard Shock Special Education Director Sam Dudkowski IPS Career Assist. Director William Guess Data Processing Director Dr. Judith Samuelson ■ " " i Marjorie Parker COE Coordinator Ivan Moreman Pupil Attendance Delsie Shoemaker DE Coordinator Ann Cummins lOL Coordinator Judith MIessen Head Librarian Alice Goodrum Speech Director Dorothy Stout Dean of Girls Zoearline Davis Assistant Dean, House Plan Sharon Parett Assistant Dean Lewis Pence Counseling Assistant John Hurrle Assistant Dean Edward McDowell Counseling Assistant Eileen Kohut Counseling Assistant Ernest Cline Counselor Lou Mann Counseling Assistant Duane Blankenhorn Counselor I Km e " i SF Hi Y x ' ' -r- ' 153 Floyd Tobrocke Counselor Robert Collins Social Service Carolyn Ray Social Service Tom Walker Head Custodian Counselors Clerks Bookstore: Mrs. Joyce Maxwell, Mrs. LaVerne Stewart. Officers Assistant — First Roll: Mrs, Jane Fuller, Mrs. Shirley Thomas, Mrs. Sandra Barnard. Second Roll: Mrs. Bernadine Poll, Mrs. Wilma Durham. Third Roll: Mrs. Elise Demus, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Verda Allee, Patrica Littell. Security Guards — Off. Richardson, Sgt. Nelms, Off. Cook, Off. Wilson. Back Row: Off. Turner, Off. Parsons, Sgt. Briggs, Off. Dalton. ROTC Department officers are SGT Harold Eby, SGT James McDaniel, and SGT Grester W. Earles. 155 Science Dept. — Front Row: Robert Orlh, John Wythe, Richard Allen Second Row: Garlon Howard, David Hon, John Farley, John Kern, Pauline Caldwell. Third Row: Henry Wright, Kent Demmary, Robert Collins, Roy Terrell, James May, James Easterly, Steven Smith, Richard Dykeman, Allen Smith. Social Studies Dept. — Front Row; Martha Bradshaw, Patricia Mclritire, Mary Jane Hill. Second Row: Bruce McGeath, James Taflinger, Robert Meyer, Wesley Murphy, Debra Smith, Deborah Mackey, John Kanouse. Third Row: Walter Davis, William Farrell, Ralph Bailey, William Siedlecki, Clyde Smith, William Kimberlin, William Morse, Harvey Hallagan. 56 House Plan— Front Row: Marilyn Hoffman, Jean Hillenbrand, Judith Feigert, Rita McDowell, Patricia Commons, Zoearline Davis. Second Row: John Miner, Robert Orth, Joseph R. Brown, Cheryl McVay. Phys. Ed.— Front Row: Howard Catt, Ca rlos Bell, Willie Martin, Second Row: Shirley Parrett, Susan Jahnke, Bea Harding, Jean Hillenbrand Third Row: Rex Gaddis, James Leap, Robert Woodard, William Farrell, Francis Knue, Mary Lou Manka, Anna Parker. 157 K H [ ' - ' ' fl m v- H Bk ' ' H P ' Hk ' ' . kS W - .+v mt F K J I B J B ' ' ■- ' Hftv. j 1 J I ■ ' i J fl W " -A ' 1 L 1 Ll ii Mm[ ' i ' ' ii £ B HH Ik c lV - ' Home Economics — Front Row: Dorothy Bingham, Kathleen Evans, Corrol Rose, Mary Pence, Marguerite Hardy, Pat Heinz. Second Row: Jane Snow, Odessa Hill, Patricia Amend, Wyolene Cody, Marian Moor, Dept. Head; Natalie Ransom, Bonnie Beaman. ■ BWW P ' ' Wl -If p .si jl ( " f i SKB Head Nurse, Betty Brodhecker Nurse, Shirley Lundgren. 15f 159 Career Center — Row 1: Howard Beall, John Hill, Oral Henderson, Fred Keller, Fred Miessen, William Berger, Dan Malone, Alfonza Moore. Row 2: Asst. Director; Sam Dudkowski, William Stewart, John Tremp, Ruth Stafford, Joanne Williams, Sherry Whitfield, Robert Crooke, David Cruser, Charles Hylton. Row 3; John Williams, Burney Jackson, Robert Smith, Lowell McCarty, Robert Bulthaup, Clifton Lovelace, John Tincher, Fred D. Thompson, Paul Oscarson, Ernest Holmes, John Mullennax, Lewis Pence, Morris Woods, Herbert VanDerMoere, Jim Lamb, Cyril Stock. English Dept. — Front Row: Alice Goodrum, Jean Hillenbrand, Ann Perry, Rita McDowell, Ernesline Jackson, Dept. Head, Thomas Danhelser, John Takacs. Second Row: Virginia Cassell, Judith McBride, Elizabeth Wilson, Joan Brown, Ann McMillan, Sally Choate, Cecil Tresslar, Stanley Minks. Third Row: Nancy Sutton, Craig Roberts, Robert Ford, Helen Carter, Emmitt Hardiman, Diane Comstock, John Lewis, Lois Csiky, Louis Hill, John Malin, Jatinder Singh, Ellen Eads, Eileen Kohut, Joyann Middlekauff, Leslie Wright. English Dept. — Deanne Hasten, Mary Maillard, Betty Sanders, Hester Hale, Margaret Hahn. 160 Math Dept. — Front Row: Ester Sangar, Ronald Ireland, Will Davies, Leon Elder, Arnie Lehman. Second Row: Thelma Morse, Li-Yen Johnson. Third Row: Donald Robinson, Jim Brown, Francoise Miller, Richard Glover, William Wheeler, Hafize Shah, Louise Ridley, Nancy Roberts, Madora Walker, Charles Walter. Business Dept. — Front Row: Fannie Coleman, Virginia Jackson, Delsie Shoemaker, Elizabeth Goertemiller. Second Row: Michael Cecil, Lois Frye, Annabelle Adams, Lou Mann, Gwendolyn Ohmit, Mariorie Parker, Dave George. Third Row: William Guess, Ellen Martin, Cheryl McVay, jo f.e Freeman, Dept, Head; Lisa Buckley, Alice Johnson, Winona Bowers, Ann Cummins, William McCreary. 161 Music Dept. — Front Row: Ron Nobles, Karen Nagy, William Moon, head; Kandis Brown, Paul Prather. Second Row: Lee Barricklow, Edward Evans, Special Ed. — Front Row: Ernestine Jackson, Dons Baird, Carol Golden, Debbie Feick. Second Row: Henry Wright, Deborah Macky, Richard Shock, Joyanr Middlekauff, Arvine Wright, i62 Art Dept. — Front Row: Wendrel Price, Lorena Phemister, Marsa Storms, Louise Snyder, Emmagee Washington Second Row: Ray Browne, Michael Slover, Kermit Swenson, head; Marian Hamilton, Dorothy Crenshaw. Foreign Language— Front Row: Sheila Young, Cheryl Wyne, Serene Fine, Maria Lagadon Second Row: Dan Stanley, Paula Barber. 163 Our Subscribers Michael Fmklon i64 Dana Halibunon Cru Andrew Hansbrouqh Donna TecKenbrock 165 Donald Imel ]66 167 Teresa M Pryor Maria L Pugh i6S Elaine Riggin Karen Riggin Sherne Rimmer Gizele Roberson Patricia Roberson Jacqueline Roberts Aaron Robir Jenneice Robinson Marcele Robinson Ricky Robi Renee Rogers Vicky Rogers Linda Roll Lisa Rollin Mellana Rolli d- )!it Manha Sanderson Geraldine Sarver Tonya Scoti Beverly Sechrest Glenda Sheperd Cynthia Sherrod P Sholar Dennis Stokes Jeffrey Stn }69 1 1 1 1 ik r - k Michael Woods 170 Beckv Robbins Mignonen Wood HT r " LT T B L- !H n2 t. mk p 1 7] Ji. Flowers for Life • 637-3525 CONGRATULATIONS! You, the class of 1978, have reached an Important goal in your lives — the completion of high school. Whatever your plans for the future, we at RCA know your many hours of conscientious studying will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and wishes to each of you. RCil An equal opporiunriy employer Community Support 72 Best Wishes to Seniors of 1 978 PAINT AUTO SUPPL Y CORP. 21 14 East Washington 637-5303 HALLELUJA HOUSE 2401 E. 10th Street 634-8858 Christian Books and Supplies Ifc: f JESUS CHRIST .nd lo-str H.m i kavt toil tvtrythlnj. 2401 E. 10th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 634-8858 Christian Books and Supplies Bicycles and Accessories Wheel Work Is Nice ADVERTISING ' 72 us Highway 36 Avon, Indiana 839-2556 TEE-KAY FLOWER AND NOVELTY SHOP 3501 Brookside Parkway, South Drive 638-4264 . RALPH R. REEDERond on , inc. JAMES L SULLIVAN Secretary and Field Manager P.O. Box 502 17 Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 9330 Hague Road (317)849-6313 BURTRON POULTRY P.O. Box 447 Noblesville, Indiana 46060 984-3807 773-1480 JACKSON TEXACO COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR Sun Diagnostic Equipment 5460 East 2 1st Street 21standRitter 353-2593 LANMAN FLOWER SHOP 4108 East Michigan 356-6371 New Location 995 N. Fenton 899-3990 GRINSTEINER FUNERAL HOME INC. Thoughtful Service Harold D. Linger, President F. Floyd Gibson, Vice-President Beautiful New Chapel Seating Over 200 1601 East New York Street 632-5374 i74 STEER-IN r CUBB AND CA-1 •■ ' " ■ ' ■V ' 5130E. 10th 356-0996 i chai )3ennett Vr J yUhrdabh 5804 East Washington 356-7211 Heritage House oj nJianapolis 4990 SOUTH EAST STREET -U.S. HIGHWAY 31 SOUTH INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46227 TELEPHONE: AREA CODE 317 - 783-9388 KENNETH WALKER— MANAGER Banquet facilities for school functions and organizations of 25 to 500 r " ' Asking for a loan used to enSarrass me until I went to Indiana NationaLThey made me realize that I was doing them the favor. " Walking through our front door is the biggest favor you can do for us. From there, it ' s up to us to " sell you " on using our loan services. Right now we need to make loans. So ' ]iyou need money, there was never a better time than right now to come to Indiana National. pM-8m-i ' pM»H As MDIANA NATIONAL TAR ASPHALT GRAVEL SHINGLE BUILT UP ROOFS BLACKMORE BUCKNER ROOFING INCORPORATED SINCE 191 9 (OUR 58th YEAR) INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL BONDED APPROVED ROOFERS RESIDENTIAL NEW REPAIR 1 256 ROOSEVELT AVENUE INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 4621 8 633-3377 cT li .;; 1 ' ...ll ' m-- Lori (Trudi) Best Buddies from the start and will be until the end. Love Sheila (Myrtle) Sheila Well we made it. Senior! Accomplished it together. Friends Forever Love ya Lori CASH BARGAIN CENTER " Indy ' s Fun Place to Shop " 25th Sherman Drive MuttHutt 2929 E. 10th, Rear Dog Grooming Pet Photography BE WISE REMEMBER YOUR ATHS BOOKSTORE FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES New Location Lower Level Media Center 805 A pizza house AND SNACK SHACK SERVING TECH HIGH SCHOOL HOURS: SUNDAY AND WEEKDAYS 2PM to MIDNIGHT Fri. and Sat. 2pm to 2am CLOSED Tuesdays 637-5369 3006 E. 10th 631-1244 To: 1977-78 FRESHMEN School is for everyone . . . . . .AND TECH IS FOR YOU! Citizens Green Carpet Campaign Committee Congratulations to the Senior class of 78! Science Dept. To all the Seniors of 1978 don ' t stop working now. Keep on keeping on. 77 100% MORE VISION ON BLIND SIDE WHEN BACKING WITH FLEX-VIEW lEW FOR SAFER DRlVm FLICK A SWITCH - SEE TWICE AS MUCH COMPARED TO STANDARD REAR VIEW MIRRORS Flex-View comes completely assembled, available in pairs or separately, specify right or left side. Switch included for use on 12 volt system. In most cases, Flex-View can be installed on existing brackets. Heated head model also available for Flex-View Mirrors The all new Flex-View Mirror is designed for easy viewing of vehicles in blind spots, merging lanes of highways or checking to pass. Also can be used for backing and checking turning radius of trailers, motor homes, etc. manufactured by L GODWIN PRODUCTS INC. 11 75 W. 1 6th Street Area Code (31 7) 637-3325 Indianapolis, IN 46202 Godwin Company, Inc. ■ V T Fork Lift Trucks 1175 W. 16TH STREET INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46202 PHONE ( J17) 637-33. ' 5 •f78 Just call your neighborhood Merchants Man or Woman for " Green Briefcase " expertise on any financial matter. Merchants Bank Member FDIC To the Class of 1 979 the Class of 1 978 wishes to encourage you to make your graduating class the best that you can. 179 - . I , bervo.civi H - f mtue;ayv oeople -t ' rcuaW :lCVv. xtit,tu C-4 ' ' ' ' ' i ' wc iv ' tv( coTf (finun ( atiovis Corrupt " Qcodi yYNBnncrS " 80 FRANK L. MEID CLEANING SYSTEM 1026 North Beville 636-4561 632-3817 In Remembrance of John Ed Washington " Superstar " Tech Varsity Basketball Team BIG JOHN ' S MARKET 231 1 East Michigan Street 635-2226 Latina est mater studirum et artium. Vivat Latina! BEN ' S BARBER SHOP 4304 East New York St. 357-0588 Congratulations 1978 Seniors Happiness and Good Health SOUTHEASTERN AUTO PARTS 3420 Southeastern Avenue 356-2404 Farewell Juniors! We will miss you. CB RAD.oa Quariian Snierprises = = ' " ° SALES a SERVICE aOI E. 10TH 6T. R. E. (BOB) EUUIOTT INDIANAPOUIS. fND. 6201 °wNe« (317) 356-8S06 Good luck fellow senior classmates. Especially Senior Council Farewell Tech High School BUESCHER FLORISTS 503 East Southern 784-2457 Its been real. Its been fun Its been real Fun! Hollis and Diana GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC. 1 640 East Washington Street 636-1566 J. H. Even though you owe us one, we owe you one for being you. O S i32 )83 Index Established by an Act of Congress in 1862. this arsenal furnished munitions for U.S. Forces until 1903. It became the home of Arsenal Technical High School in 1912. xS ii Aaron, Terry 131 Adair, Anthony 48 Adams, James 93 Adams, Penny 48 Akers, Ray 20, 76 Alcorn, Pam 20, 22, 23, 131 Anderson, Alicia 28 Allen, Jane 131 Allen, Janet 131 Allen, Kenneth 131 Anderson, Bill 84 Anderson, Chauncey 75, 92 Anderson, Cynthia 50 Anderson, David 76, 91, 92 Anderson, G. 91 Anderson, P. 92 Andrews, Janice 93 Antler, Kim 143 Apple, Maria 131 Arnett, Debra 79 Arrington, Debra 131 Atkins, Buster 20 Aubrey, Lisa 28, 37 Austin, Debra 143 Avintara, Daniel 76 Backus, Steve 1 43 Bailey, Rickle 131 Baker, Keith 131 Banks, Laura 131 Barnett, David 131 Barnett, Robert 131 Banram, Pat 76 Barr, Cynthia 131 Baugh, Carole 131 Bsurle, Sue 131 Baxter, Marlene 131 Beard, Frank 75, 131 Beard, Fred 75, 131 Beard, Jesse 50 Beasley, Tina 131 Beck, Tnna 131 Bedgood, Timothy 131 Bell, Fort 131 Bell, Reginald 92, 131 Belton, Linda 131 Benberry, Kenneth 132 Bender, Jackie 48 Berry, JeH 20, 21, 132 Berton, D 93 Bigelow, Joe91,92 Biggerstafi, Donna 1 32 Bill, R. 91 Blanchard, C. 91 Blane, Markham 132 Bleier, John 132 Blewitl, Deborah 132 Bluitt, R. 93 Bolton, Jamie 132 Booker, Kenneth 76 Bostic, David 93 Bottoms, Gary 132 Boyd, Anthony 132 Bradley, Terry 132 Brock, Mark 132 Brown, Allen 132 Brown, Angela 132 Brown, Curtis 132 Brown, Frank 132 Brown, Hoover 76 Brown, Joseph E. 50, 132 Brown, Michael 132 Brown, Robin 132 Brown, Ruth E. 50 Brown, Sonja 1 32 Brown, Willie 132 Bruer, David 20, 35, 75, 132 Bryant, Byron 1 32 Bryand, Charles 132 Burris, D. 93 Buns, Georgia 132 Cameron, Willie 132 Campbell, Deborah 50 Campbell, Laraine 132 Campbell, Lew 132 Campbell, Phillip 132 Cannon, Ira 93 Carr, Jeffrey 1 32 Carruthers, Jackie 1 33 Carter, Gloria 133 Carter, R. 93 Cartrette, Regina 133 Caudill, Richard 28, 35 Caulk, Lisa 133 Chahfoux, Debra 138 Chaney, Terrence 84 Cheatham, Michael 20, 28, 133 Chowning, Yolanda 133 Clark, Juanita 133 Clark, Lisa 133 Clem, Charles 133 Coe, Lyie 1 33 Coffer, Aaron 133 Coffman, Patti 133 Coggins, Loretta 48 Coleman, Joel 133 Collier, T. 91,92 Colvin, Kimberly34, 133 Connell, Timothy 133 Cook, Vicky 1 33 Coombs, Malk 76 Coons, Sharon 133 Coryell, Marsha 133 Cosby, 1.93 Cox, Clarence 133 Cox, John 133 Crafton, Christopher 133 Craig, Dewayne 76, 133 Crider, Annamarie 37 Crouch, Jody 133 Curry, Tim 35 Cushenberry, E. 91, 92 Cushenberry, Mike 76, 91, 92 Dale, T. 93 Dass, Timmi 134 Davenport, Ronald 134 Davis, Dennis 134 Davis, Gilmer 90, 93 Davis, Nancy 20, 22 Davis, Timothy 134 Davis, Tracey 134 Dawson, Tanya 134 DeBruler. Roger 50 Decker, Penny 1 34 Denkins, Anita 20, 34 Dennis, Tyra 134 Dickson, Caria 28 Dike, Greg 76 Dillman, Lawrence 75 DobraU, Michael 48 Dorsey, Albert 1 34 Drew, D. 93 Durham, Brenda 134 Durham, Gina 50 Durrick, Michael 134 Edwards, Jonna 134 Edwards, Karen 34, 134 Edwards, Nicky 134 Ellis, A. 91,92 Elliott, Renita 134 Ernest, Charles 91, 134 Eubanks, Dennis 48 Evans, David 20, 134 Evans, Debbie 20, 134 Evans, Diana 20, 21 Evans, Doreen 1 34 Evans. Linda 50 Fancher, Syd 1 34 Fields, Alberta 134 Felder, Laura 34 Ferguson, Kathy 20, 21 Floyd, Rochelle 134 Foley, Basil 134 Foltz, Kris 84 Forbes, Nancy 48 Ford, Debbie 134 Ford, Gregory 134 Ford, Lori 135 Foster, Fhonda 135 Fox, Harry 84 Freeman, Robert 20, 135 Freeman, Sharon 48 Frost, Arlene 135 Gaines, L. 93 Gaines, Sherra 20, 34, 135 Gamble, T. 91 Gardner, Kim 28 Garland, Loretta 135 Garrett, Anthony 135 Garrett, T. 91 Garten, Sue 143 Gartrell, Chris 84 Gay, Daniel 76 Gertz, Melody 135 Gibson, Deborah 135 Gibson, Demetria 76 Gilliam, Arthur 135 Gilmore, William 135 Ghck, Mike 50, 135 Glover, Mary 135 Going, Kay 135 Going, Tom 20 Goldsmith, Eric 50, 135 Goodall, William 20 Gore, Natalie 50 Grabbe, Tammie 135 Grant, Yvette 48, 135 Grass, Carrie 143 Green, Beth 135 Greene, Eric 35 Greene, Leslie 135 Greene, Stacey 48 Gregory, Scott 135 Greyes, William 75 Griffin, Dane 91, 92,93 Gross, Sheila 135 Gwynn, Steve 75, 91 Hall, Nathan 135 Hamilton, Teresa 20, 22 Hanneman, Sandra 20, 22, 23, 135 Hapner, Donald 20, 37, 135 Harding, Bill 76, 92 Harding, Dina 37 Harding, J. 93 Hardy, B. 91 Hardy, Mike 76 Harris, Mary 37, 143 Harris, Mike 48 Hawkins, Valerie 20 Heavrin, Laura 34 Henderson, Dale 91 Heyob, Rhonda 20 Hill, Kevin 75 Hodge, Yvonne 20, 22 Holland, T. 93 Hong, Kathy34 Hood, Cathy 20 Jackson, Charles 75 Jackson, Tonya 6 James, E. 93 Johnson, Darrell 37 Johnson, R. 91 Johnson, Susie 28, 34 Jones, Glen 20 Jones, Martin 84 Jones, R, 92 Jones, Vickie 20 Keckhaver, Darrel 76, 91 Kegraver, R. 91 Keiser, Edward 137 Keiser, Robert 137 Keller, Dale 137 Keller, Kathy 137 Keller, Michael 37 Kelly, Regina 137 Kendrick, Anthony 78, 137 King, S. 91 Kirk, Darn I 137 Kirk, Johnny 137 Knue, F. 93 Lamb, Glenis 137 Lane, Fred 6, 35, 137 Larkins, Teresa 137 Lasley, Curtis 137 Laughlin, Brian 137 Lawrence, Brian 137 Lawrence, T. 91, 92, 93 Leach, Linda 137 Leddell, Brenda 137 Lee, Calvin 35 Lee, T. 91 Legg, Linda 137 Leisuring, Lori 29 Leverington, Pern 137 Lewis, Donnell 137 Lewis, Wanda 137 Lewis, M. 93 Long, Diann 20 Long, Wanda 137 Lorick, Gerald 76 Lorick, Jeffrey 137 Lorrick, John 71, 92, 93 Madden, Christopher 137 Madsden, Deborah 137 Mahurin, Michele 20, 22 Majors, Rochelle 12 Malone, Darryl 75 Mallott, Scott 50 Malloy, Paula 137 Mams, Stephan 76 Mann, M. 93 Marery, P. 93 Marshall, Edwin 48 Marshall, Fred 137 Mason, Greg 76 Mason, T. 91,92 Massmgale, Debra 137 Matthews, Cheryl 137 Maxwell, Donna 137 Maxwell, Hazel 137 Maxwell, Ronald 137 May, Theron 137 Maye, Sharon 50 Mayes, K. 92 Mays, C. 91 McCullough, Johnna 34, 137 McDougall, Cheryl 137 McDougall, Debbie 48 McDougal, Mike 84 McFarland, Linda 79 McGraw, Marietta 137 McGuire, Dennis 138 McKinney, Gaylon90, 91, 138 McRoy, Lee Ann 138 Meadors, Gary 138 Means, Wade 138 Meid, Frank 35, 138 Mendenhall, Robert 138 Merrifield, Richard 76 Meyers, Dana 28 Meyers, Valerie 28 Michael, Amy 50 Mickens, Barbara 138 Middleton, Donna 138 Middleton, S. 93 Milam, Wanda 138 Milburn, Lorelei 138 Miller, Debra 138 Miller, Charles 75 Miller, Gary 91, 138 Miller, James 75, 91 Miller, Patrice 138 Miller, Richard 138 Mills, K. 91 Mills, Michael 138 Mimms, Keith 92 Mink, Denton 138 Moore, Donna 138 Moore, Electra 139 Moore, Gary 76, 91, 92 Moore, Sonia 139 Morgan, Edward 92, 139 Morgan, Gloria 139 Morris, Lee 139 Morris, Patricia 139 Morrison, Mary 139 Mosley, Keith 84, 139 Mumau, Janet 20 Muse, Sherry 139 Myers, Laura 20, 22, 23 Napier, Barry 76 Nevlns, Caria 139 Newman, Brad 139 Newsom, David 75, 139 Nev lon, Cynthia 139 Nichols, Melodie 139 Noerr, Sherie, 139 Norris, Janice 139 Norris, Rosalyn 139 Oakley, Mary 139 Officer, Alfred 75 Oneal, Vernice 139 O ' Neill, Kathy20, 22, 23 O ' Neill, Tammy 20 Osborne, Renee 50 Page, Kimberly 139 Page, Vicki 139 Parish, Paula 139 Parish, Linda Parish, Stan 75 Parker, Robert 139 Patterson, A, 92 Patterson, C. 91 Patterson, Dave 75 Payton, Mike 20 Peacher, Rhonal 75 Perkins, Marcia 139 Phelps, W, 93 Picot, Daniel 139 Pierce, Denny 76 Piety, Angela 20, 22 Pittman, Barbara 139 Pittman, Lawrence 139 Polston, Randy 139 Pope, Judith 139 Poteet, Chris 28, 84 Powell, Dorothy 139 Powell, Keith 48, 139 Powell, Rodney 20, 93 Powell, Theadis 139 Presswood, Joyce 139 Prevot, Roderick 139 Price, Paula 139 Pritchard, Terry 91 Pritchard, William 140 Prior, Lisa 140 Pryuer, Mildred 140 Puckett, Becky 140 Quarles, Leonza 140 Quick, William 140 Quinnette, Rick 140 Quintana, Danny 92 Reck, Ladonna 140 Reed, Vickie 140 Reeves, Bridget 50 Rent, Kurt 140 Rent, J 91, 92 Rhines, Timmy 140 Rice, Gwendolyn 140 Richardson, Donna 140 Richardson, Renee 28 Riggin, Janet 140 Riggin, Karen 28 Rol)erts, Beverly 140 Roberts, John 75, 91, 92 Robinson, Alberta 140 Robinson, Dennis 37 Robinson, Kenneth 140 Robinson, R, 91, 93 Rogers, B 91 Rogers, Kathy 140 Roots, Shirley 140 Ross, Brenda 140 Ross, Janice 37, 140 Rudolph, Antonio 75, 91 Runyon, Shirley 143 Rush, Lawana 140 Russell, Richard 140 Rutherford, Donald 140 Sanderson, June 48 Scott, Tonya 1 40 Sebastian, Kenneth 140 Sedam, Ronald 140 Shatter, Vicki 28, 140 Shelton, Michael 75 Shelton, Winfred 140 Shenard, M, 91 Sherrell, M. 92 Sherrod, Tern 140 Shinnaman, Bill 84 Shipman, William 140 Sholar, Portia 50 Simmons, Harold 75 Simonton, Phyllis 140 Sims, Tamara 140 Singleton, James 140 Skelton, Leroy 140 Skiles, Douglas 140 Smith, F, 91 Smith, K. 91 185 Smith, M. 91 Smith, S. 92 Smith, T. 91 Smith, Walter 35 Smith, Wanda 79 Spencer, Mark 84 Stackhouse, Gale20, 22 Stevenson, Stephanie 20, 22 Stewart, Charlene 34 Stigler Michael 28 Stinger, Caren 20 Stock, Daniel 48 Stricklmg, Alex20 Surver, B. 91 Swanigan, Daryl 76 Tardy, William 91, 92 Taylor, Joycelyn 20, 48 Tetrick, Bruce 48 Thomas, Jackie 91 Thompson, James 76 Thompson, Wonder 20, 22, 23 Tinsley, Caria 142 Tohver, Bud 142 Tomes, Carol 34 Tone, K.91 Troxail, Debbie 20, 22, 23 Turner, Deborah 142 Turner, James 28 Turner, Landon 93, 142 Turner, Margaret 142 Turpin, Labricia 142 Ulsh, Neil 142 Urban, Robin 20, 22,23 Upchurch, Kathy 20, 22,23 Vaughn, Kenneth 142 Vaughn, Steve 142 Volmer, William 142 Wade, Janetta 142 Wagner, Jerry 20 Wagner, Joyce 142 Wagner, Larry 20 Walker, Deborah 142 Walker, Dewayne 142 Walker, Lue 142 Wallace, Conny 142 Wallace, Cynthia 142 Wallace, Mane 142 Ware, David 142 Warefield, Donnie 142 Warrenburg, Christopher 142 Washington, Blanche 142 Washington, Melvin 75 Watson, Angie 50, 142 Watson, Corniece 142 Watson, Maria 142 Watson, Rosetta 142 Wans, Raymond 142 Webber, Beth 50, 142 Westmoreland, Reginald 142 Whipple, Brian 142 White, Kathleen 142 White, Steven 142 Whitney, David 75 Whitsey, Charyse 142 Wilburn, Anita 48 Wilburn, Janet 34, 142 Williams, James 92, 93, 142 Williams, Kasandra 143 Williams, Kim 143 Williams, Linda 143 Williamson, F, 91,92 Williamson, J. 91 Wilkerson, John20 Wilson, Chenita 143 Wilson, George 143 Wilson, James 37, 143 Wilson, K, 92 Wilson, Michael 35 Wilson, Raymond 37, 143 Wilson, Robert 75 Wilson, Tracey 91, 92 Wilson, Tyrone 143 Wimberly, Thomas 143 Woods, F, 93 Woods, Tracie 20, 37, 48, 1 43 Woods, Darlene 20, 22, 23 Woodson, Dwight 143 Woodson, Jessica 143 Wright, Donna 143 Wright, Eric 35 Wright, J. 93 Wright, J. 93 Wright, M. 93 Wythe, David 71, 143 Yates, A. 93 Young, Mary 143 Teachers Amand, Patricia 159 Adams, Annabelle 153 Babor, Paula 155 Baird, Dons 154 Bayers, Winina 153 Bauicklov , Lee 1 54 Beall, Howard 152 Bell, Carlos 157 Berger, William 152 Brodhecker, Betty 159 Bingham, Dorothy 159 Brown, Jim 153 Brown, Joseph R. 1 57 Brown, Kandis 34, 1 54 Brown, Ray 155 Buckley, Lisa (Dept. Head) Cart, Howard 157 Cecil, Michael 153 Cody, Wyolene 159 Coleman, Fannie 153 Crenshaw, Dorothy 155 Croole, Robert 152 Cruser, David 152 Cummins, Ann 1 53 Davis, Zoearline 1 57 Dudkowsky, Sam 152 Dultharp, Robert 152 Elder, Leon 153 Evans, Edward 154 Evans, Kathleen 159 Feich, Debbie 154 Feigert, Judith 157 Ferson, Bonnie 159 Fine, Jerene 1 55 Freeman, Joyce 153 Frye, Lois 153 Gaddis, Rex 157 George, Dave 153 Glover, Richard 153 Goertemiller, Elizabeth 153 Golden, Carol 154 Goodrum, Alice 50 Guess, William 153 Hall, John 76,91,92 Hamilton, Marian 155 Harding, Bea 157 Hardy, Margerente 159 Heinz, Pat 159 Henderson, Oral 152 Hill, John 152 Hill, Odessa 159 Hillenbrand, Jean 157 Hoffman, Marilyn 157 Holmes, Ernest 152 Hylton, Charles 152 Ireland, Ronald 153 Jackson, Burney 152 Jackson, Ernestine 154 Jackson, Virginia 1 53 Janke, Susan 157 Johnson, Alice 153 Johnson, Le-Yen 153 Keller, Fred 152 Knue, Francis 1 57 Lamb, Jim 152 Leap, James 157 Lehman, Arnie 153 Lagadon, Mans 155 Lovelace, Clifton 152 Lundgren, Shirley 159 Macky, Deborah 154 Malone, Dan 152 Mann, Lou 153 Manka, Mary Lou 1 57 Martin, Ellen 153 Martin, Willie 91, 92 Martin, Willie 157 McCarty, Towell 152 McCreary, William 153 McDowell, Rita 157 Mclntire, Patricia 157 Nagy, Karen 20, 23 Ohmit, Gwendolyn 153 Orth, Robert 157 Oscarson, Paul 152 Parker, Anna 157 Parker, Mar|orie 153 Parretl, Shirley 157 Pence, Lewis 152 Pence, Mary 159 Phemister, Larena 155 Prather, Paul 1 54 Price, Wendrel 155 Ransom, Natalie 159 Ridley, Louise 153 Roberts, Nancy 153 Robinson, Don 76, 84, 153 Rose, Carrol 1 59 Sanger, Esther 153 Sash, Hafize 153 Shock, Richard 154 Shoemaker, Delsie 153 Slover, Michael 155 Snider, Louise 155 Snow, Jane 159 Stafford, Ruth 152 Stanley, Dan 155 Stewart, William 152 Smith, Robert 152 Stock, Cyril 152 Storms, Marsha Swenson, Kermit 155 Tincher, John 152 Thompson, Fred 152 Tremp, John 152 Walter, Charles 1 53 Walker, Medora 1 53 Wasiiington, Emmagee 155 Williams, Joanne 152 Williams, John 152 Wilson, Elizabeth 50 Wheeler, William 153 Whitfield, Sherry 152 Woodard, Robert 91 Woods, Morris 152 Wright, Arvine 154 Wright, Henery 154 Wyne, Cheryl 155 Van Der Moore, Herbert 152 Young, Sheila 155 188 The Faculty Gets Around J. . r tographs ' y{ Z J -.f [XK y ' I ; - -0 Y o u 189 " o . « ? c9 vO. £;c.x l -X - ZF h. ¥ V Jt jL a..v-oL JcW .y L-t L Xtf (LxiW . (g xnW 19 ' r . ' ' V — ? " ' -■-- Z ' = a . ' ' .% . il£ " A d r 2 ' -€5 , r " ._. J ,. - s ijfi iir j -1. - ' -- z ' k " - l L A, U 7 ¥ ..V 1 - i HZ -« a A V ,H " ,A ' ' ■■ ' i ■A A : ■ w y r..W v, , 4 • -■ " 0- f ,f li IY ' A

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