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-9' - E , VV 'fir . .Q ffiw X XV 241' X! WJ' .V Ip 'Nt' i .L x' f ,X 2 , f X ' ff' 'V wx A tj, fy N AL . 1. , A 'gff yy-xl 6 Kp '1 ' v ,A FJ ,MM 'J' ff Q - bf ,Yi My XJ ill-fx X? W ' 42" I? YJ A 1, 3- 'Lf 3.1 My , Aw, ig , 1 Q' M Q 5' . j-fx fy X NV C--ig Q K 1 'K ,J Q X J d X A , K iv KJ Lv lib, X 35,5 iv' -, X L? if? dl g? Q we ' K' ,A fu 'fu ,Jef by y M W yv A 5 V, , E A. f- cf - ,rg vw, I X Aw JJ 9 , ,JJ 56 fl-,K gf? kg A Q, Q- I :ku Mqnfy' JAY, "xx X 'c'- xelz, 152 27' T' w itil' - , .1 5 41- ,uk KX Ng L., -f sph .xx Q 9 gy .rg V, , Q f I Q, .V 4 .,.,,., Ae, X Y -aux f, 1 V65 V' v N Lf Q0 14' 'zu ki, we x, . ww M Wy -J, fi f be my V N +P , 'Hi if fri LVLJ, cgi' Tifyvi Q C'-.le v C Q f" 'if ,Bk my -K r , rg. XKYA ff , - :H 2 "f,f I "2-x asf 429- :rf v Q42 JO 3 CZ, QD.. X fu-' ff..-'-2 'CN-9 W X xg, T. I j Arsenal Cannon Tech's student body is made up of 4,700 individuals, there are those who love the school, respect the chance to be able to learn and grow. These are the stu- dents who give a day of their time to clean the campus of its trash, or volunteer some kind of service to put a little into the school that they have gotten so much out of. These students realize what an opportunity they have and wish that they had more time to take more classes. These students also can be found partic- ipating in the organizations on campus while carrying a full academic load. These are the students that realize the advan- tage they have. They come to classes on test day, they learn in spite of the ones who sit in the back of the classroom and sleep or pop their gum making disturb- ances for the others. When tests come around the students who care are ready, while others yell familiar phrases such as: "I wasn't here that day," or "Hey, get on, man." One can see there are many types of people at Tech, but most do care. l , Q 2 1 5 l arm iw-2 ff f' hy, f ark, wareness I ,.l 4rW""W M' -M F 6 1, . . . On a nationwide level, we have seen a great breakdown in morals in the past 15 years. Drugs, alcohol, and pre- marital sex seem to be laying out a future in which we will get away from religious strengths, the united power of the family and the freedoms that have built our soci- ety. Now is the time to question these practices, as we must remember "a democracy is only the luxury of a disci- plined society." So let us stop, look at ourselves and our peers and question what we do and how we do it. We must take the proper steps today in order to attain our desires for our future. Look at reality, return to humanity, before it is too late! l 35 "JE , 1 -'Mi ' yy? S W sm 1 ' 1- 4 vt- NM, in ' WW ' -gl " 'QW' QL -Lkwgif , ,WWQY A rm. -ww 'W".?"' 509' 9"?""M'M" V , ,, N.wi,1w'Ei'Mii"'1WF!F 45 ' -, is ir r.l around us, the atmosphere we learn in I IO s IW1125535Z555'MS?2Pi1321!SZ51155355I65?iili5515?3'53E2EH2I6EEffiiiiiQEii-45iiii2iS1tE?E4e52iiiHiQ5ii?:EHEi?"1iSSL'L 7 "f'Mw1,,..,,-1' 'lwwiflww -.IfIZ"A'W'xRSLW?E??m.....,KW?wwimiU1Ti ?2'XL1'T' vw 4 f ,M C3 If-1.1515 gf, ,ff gag 2, wif f iii .an 4 'T va, c Q1 Wm 3,3 r :W 2 r My W if 5-AN W gm W M ,J W J 'M M' 'lmsil-fm an vm mg W'?z,w'5?2f 5 f .. ' mffu,,,.:45f,,g,g If 9,53 ML F 5 f 11,5 if n f "'E1v-ff M , 'UNK fu., :W 1, 2 , NM a J, , :' ,, ' , ffw4'wf g, K w 5 hfmpii V' ilk ,If Qgg ., " j ' ?'W ig? L 5' , ,, .X f Q 1 A V if-v . it . , , V I: 4 gym, Q , 2? 'RTL 'fi ' f "' 1 ' R I 3 , . . Q' 9-5, IQUWA L, 1g,,,i ? 35 ' 4, 231 If an Y my 5 fu ' KW JSM N f - V , X , f , - V, q -. .'f' Qfi I . iw ,i VJ. V K in ,VA , S 1 ff X : fat T hx -- , V g f pf wfs.ei"7w 712 ' .fm ' F517 24?-H J .wzgfi "sy 1" f " fllrmfe I ,. :Wy A ,- Digg. 5 , :V A , gy., 5, R ,, , Wi 7 'mf W' 23QQ?f.':'- Ml7Sf'f3 3932, f figs K Q f' L ""f1X"l '1 2' W'f2f5fffvf35" iff -'t1iSL1,.'h,m,IvQf 'Hf J7'1mlMf3l iii: A 2 'X W " 'A-A v 4 ."we'Q,mwf:g:'Mx'-, WPG. 1- fffwfigf ,Mamma 5 3 Nam -3 :if Q A W V ,.k,, . bg g?6lj,fi'.5,w,li,., W , ., 6 fg-QQ 3 1- W QM g " 4 , if f f- nf M 4 uf f, ng, Q 4 as, , ft? 1.1 X, Yg 3 A. , I saga? wif' 5 Q 9-Q. 'Q 4 5 ' ' ' H551-LM:nS'5s3,,q,:f , Af Hvmecoming honors Tech Qi 1 A www '. XP' X l 6 , A v f! , ' 1 1 A Q v- "0 u N avi' GREG LAYNE and Neil Ulsh stand prominent. DIANE GADBURY overwhelms Evan Allseitz with her comments. PAT GROTH grubs the food at the cast party. DIANE GADBURY with Evan Allseitz seems to think something is funny. I 14 School plays show talented Titans ln the spring of 1976, students on Tech campus had the chance to see their fellow students take up the acting roles as school plays were presented throughout the semester. These plays were: OUR AMERICAN COUSIN, THE SCHEMING LIEUTENANT, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Robert Maloy, now retired, coached these produc- tions, working with the students after school many nights. The plays, shown in the forum for all to see, were sponsored by the Social Studies Department. English classes also attended showings of the Bicentennial presentations. ELLEN GADBURY and Matthew Fuqua hit the fridge at the cast party. AMAZEMENT crosses Diane Gadbury's face as she speaks to sister Ellen. BELOW: Belinda Doyle pounds on the piano following PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. l GREG LAYNE pours drinks for Evan Allseitz and himself. ELLEN and Neil Ulsh seem to have something in common, with a bed-board between them. Musical on a mattress scores triumph l i THE MINSTREL lOrron Colemcnl, the iesler lDove Lewisl and the mule king lAnson Freemanl discuss love problems. THE WIZARD Uoe Brownl and Queen Aggravain lCarol Harlonl plan evil trickery. THE CAST ioins in support of Princess Winifred lCl'1eryl Cooperl against the queen. xwm 3. li This year's musical turned out to be one of the funniest, and best acted musicals put on by Tech students in a few years. ONCE UPON A MATTRESS had many super-dramatic moments: the crying of Mike Thomas and the sleeping of Cheryl Cooper. From the halls of Normandy to the bells on Dave Lewis' head, the show had the humor desired by two screaming audiences. The story centered around a sad prince who wanted a bride. Along came Princess Winifred to battle the queen for her son's hand in marriage. In the end, the princess won after squelching evil plots of cheating by the minstrel, the iester, and the mute king. TOP LEFT: Darcy Rhoads, Mike Thomas, and Cheryl Cooper catch a bite to eat before dress rehearsal. TOP RIGHT: Although it appears these actresses are doing nothing, they are actually rehearsing doing nothing. LEFT: Per Vage and Dina Harding seem to be discussing something. BELOW: Fiddling around while Cheryl sings are Mike Chatman and Susie John- son. c v o 76Prom: Evening of E nloyme nt Spring of l976, also brought the Junior- Senior prom. This was the third year that the two classes held it together. The prom was held at the beautiful Marriot Hotel where a dinner and dancing were part of a full evening of enjoyment. Crowned as Junior Prom King and Queen were Mike Thomas and Tammie Seats, while Teresa James and Dwayne Engram were selected by the Seniors for their royalty. The prom was held on Thursday, April 15. Much to the surprise of many students, however, it turned out to be c beautiful evening for everyone. As the night ended all the well- dressed couples went their own ways, some to be back next year, others to go on into life. A iw 'W K. ii 3 gg e,,, ,,,aa ,tgg ,L 823222 www b-f- Life on campus goes outside and in Have you ever taken a look at the cafe- teria during the first week of school? Notice how it always seems to say, Tech is going to be overcrowded this year. But Tech isn't overcrowded. It is wholesomely populated with talented people such as Rick Moore '76 who has ventured forth to a career of acting. lBit part in KING KONG., And where did it all start? That first week of school in a cafeteria that cried out for mercy under the heavy traffic of fresh- men who thought they knew where they were going, and those few upperclassmen who did not intend for the freshmen to find out where they were going. It was all in fun. Tech is bigf therefore a relationship with people isn't more profound than the loy- alty Titans have for the school. The beauty of Tech's college-sized campus and the varying architectural design of the build- ings are enough to pull a person away in a fantasy world that only a place like Tech can provide. ffm WWA, g lfwiffwes K -aizgmll' K 4 f ::':':1::z:x:q ,, ., 5 5 if i 'S "gg A " ' 1-1.5,,, K-,k ,,:,,f ,. , - -.,:-f, Q-.1 --b- 1 W,.- 3 - QS. slzm Saga - V , , .. , ,. . N- , 1g"' ',,: WM . , X 12 M 1. ' ff Y . ..,AW .Sd . W l B? X 59 H EQ- I . PN-.A if jaw . hm AHWW F3 Wx? S ecology 'kts febate - S .2 Num agents' S QS 2, MX .? W. gn' .Qs promises .M WE! tergatg qleigry cr'L'lgbqYU 59 Q 1 s S S2 -b' 'y me s :It wsglxvin rggy mgggvfm E 0 X ' Q W WWE Nation Y V , . ' . ' ,., Xlwig AY, ' ,. VSEVH? il. ,K WL ilu W' VH ,4,i H H, QV yn 21 if 'L .:::.LeM:::f::w.-:'12JA?E"Ff?""jWkkia NL-U: 'QI .,.:x..:rf ,gk-ygfv-M .ra-'ff-5' V - ,R X VG W- fp wif' -f -l,'.,, fp: . F3 I g 5 : . ,Z 'L A j',1fx'?::3i?x 2 'i 1 1 - wfffw- fs HW iuivfifg-1 1x,L+!41 A , 1 v- awe rg if Assn, 2, LJ 'gh " 4 5-S gg si fum' HU: .5 3 M - ff sh M' w 5 f fq , Vw fri ff 23 2' ' 52 Ai 15 sQT!E5'4s'1 in ff .N ' 3 ff"' 3. - -,-- f-,1 V !S gl, ! 'A A , , 2 56 ' Hunger does not stop when you take Q pic ture of it. It is a mystery that birds can sing. That men can fly and reach the moon and then return to earth. It is a mystery that one can see, That one can hear, that we have minds, that we can think and plan. lt is a mystery that we can speak and share our thoughts with others, and through TV Our thoughts spread everywhere. It is a mystery that we can write and share our thoughts with those unborn Who take our places here on earth. lt is a mystery that we are born, that we can live, that we can grow, that we can die. lt is a mystery that in our own genes is found the pattern of all living things, the gene that tells each cell its duty. It is a mystery that we get warmth, light and power stored in iet black coal, Sunlight came to earth countless years ago. It is a mystery we have the earth, we see the moon and all the stars, stars which are the suns of other galaxies than our own in the unmeasured depths of space. Are all these mysteries for me? I wonder how. I wonder why. Was all the cosmos made for earth-bound man alone? It cannot be, on other planets circling other suns There must be life, perhaps a life more sentient than our own. A signal, then, a radio message send To see if we can bridge the distance we're apart. We wait reply, we wait, alas, in vain, For answer to our call would come Two-thousand years since we're dead. I wonder when it all began. I wonder how it all will end. Charles F. Teeters, former Tech vice-principal, was ninety-five years old when he wrote these poems recently. He retired thirty years ago but is still remembered by Tech friends, some of whom were his pupils. ABOVE: Lee Barricklow directs the Symphonic Band at Christmas in the Round. BELOW: Members of the Symphonic Band present their part. an :ff 1 1 rm fs 1, , 37? 3? TECHOIR prepares for the "Halleluiah Chorus" on the Monument Circle. 7 lt's Christnias at Tech again Christmas time came to Tech in the hearts of all. It seemed as though the entire campus changed during the two to three weeks moving up to Christmas. The season was started by the Music Department's annual presentation of Christmas in the Round, which features most of the major music groups at Tech. Keeping in stride with the merriment, the different organizations had their individual activities. lce skating was sponsored by the SAO, while the 300 program sponsored a roller skating party. During all this, the Sen- ior Council featured a dance on December l 3 in the Cafeteria. Key Club, with SAO assistance, completed a successful Toys-for-Tots drive on campus, adding more to the true feeling of the season. Other club activities took place in the Service Club, XYZ Club, and SAO. Then on the last Friday before vacation the Techoir embarked on a city-wide caroling spree, bringing a wonderful sound to many downtown business people and shoppers, followed by caroling to friends of Tech on the Monday after. However, the Tech Christmas was not over until the Techoir Christmas Special was seen on TV on December 24. lt's obvious that the Christmas spirit was at Tech. ABOVE: Channel 8 photographers prepare to film the "Techoir Special." BELOW: Anna Porter, Terri Hill, and Cindy Wells bring a Christmas card to all. vim ' mqgf ..w 1.-V my .,,. . EDWIN MARSHALL, Orron Coleman, Chris Warrenburg, and Joe Brown aid Mike Thomas during a crying fit. ABOVE RIGHT: Cece Carter, Mike Thomas, and Alfenia Martin "spill it all out." JOE BROWN looks surprised as Mike Greene enioys the latest news. W? Fall November 'IO the Forum. Students gath- ered from all corners of the campus. The lights dimmed, the curtains opened, and suddenly, before all eyes appeared the great fall play, THE ODD COUPLE. Fea- tured in the title roles were Mike Thomas as Felix and Mike Greene as Oscar. Other performers were Edwin Marshall, Orron Coleman, Chris Warrenburg, Joe E. Brown, Cecilia Carter, and Alfenia Martin. new-W'-Y play's an odd one The play was a takeoff on the popular tel- evision program. For those who didn't see the play, it was about a man who ioins his separated buddy after his marriage fails. ln the end the perfectionist finds romance with not one, but two young females and leaves his distraught partner to return to the life of being a slob. " . . .AND MAMA always told me gamblin' was illegal. Saluting JER:-:ATS comme ction Tech has a very special neighboring school. Some of its students take a few classes here at Tech. Which school does this? The James E. Roberts School, of course. The Roberts School was formed for the purpose of teaching handicapped children and giving them physical and occupational therapy. The school runs on the same schedule as all city public schools. Every child is trans- ported by bus to and from the school. There are three special buses assigned iust for the students in wheel chairs. These buses have a lift on the side that raises the chairs onto the base of the bus. The chairs are then tied down and the students have safety belts to hold them in. This year, Roberts School will be send- ing us six graduates. These seniors are enrolled in a senior roll room and all take at least one class here at Tech. Some of these classes include biology, house con- struction, child development, and classes in the Career Center. There are also other Roberts students attending here from freshmen to seniors. ABOVE: Dan Bradley is raised into a bus with the aid of an automatic lift. Dan is also the only student at the Roberts School who uses the lift on the hydrotherapy tank pictured on this page. UPPER RIGHT: One type of physical therapy is the hydrotherapy tank. This seat is used to lift the student into the pool and allows him to sit in the water. RIGHT: Richard Cook smiles at the camera while he works out on a stationary bicycle. FLFFFF flies higlitolielp students travel abroad How did we get to see such great shows as HEE HAW, WELCOME BACK, KOTTER, MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN, or STARSKY AND HUTCH, with only a little change in name? Through the courtesy of the Foreign Language Department's pres- entation of the annual FLFFFF show. Not only were there famous television shows, but they were interwined with Band-Aid, McDonald's, Alka-Seltzer, and Dial deodorant commercials. THE PRICE IS RIGHT, the EVENING NEWS, HAPPY DAYS, and many others were also pre- sented in the student version. The purpose of the presentation was to assist students in making a trip to another foreign country for the summer. It's an ideal format for student involvement and entertainment, a great program. KATE TAUBE, Charlene Stewart, Beth Aubrey, Bill Cox, Sharon Deatrick, Lisa Aubrey, Janet Deatrick, Vicki Carson. IN THE HEE-HAW PART of the show, it takes a lot of thought to ever figure out who this famous used car salesman is. J . ' JEFF JOHNSON was noticed many times on this par- ticular day. . MIKE THOMAS FIXES Lori Milburn up. Us he a dentist or a make-up artist?l 11ffffzifggffzgtjfzzmfggffsawiiail , ,sf 'ff' 'f ff" Slimillll MW N0 SLHTQW y Perhaps one of the greatest natural happenings of our four years at Tech took place during the year l977L Let us never forget the great snow of January. Temperatures dropped to record-brealo ing lows with wind chill factors around 60 below zerop snow drifted up to three and four feet with some parts of Indianapolis having ctr' it V- .ef , I ff ec? : M, -,.. snow in higher proportions. School wyasclosedfor I 1 days. while the city was urged to cut back on heating. Athletic schedules were revised, and the first semester was extended one week. A GLASS SQUIRREL sits by a close-range frosty window w L i F F .4 x - x . is fa: M ., ,, .,,..,,..,. 54 SSS . 11 A ls s me f ES , ., ,YQ .,.,: rw: z .f --EZ? 355 ss 'S L We is Q N FE? mths 1: a D .- in .E mms, Brian Laughl id Mi , Dav Evans David Beatty, Officer, Jonathan Ferguson, Yvonne Wright, Alfred W: Teri Hi Amy Piety, Gwen Morris, Stacy Webb, Debbie Greenwell, Darlene FRONT RO BAND- MARCHING c GS C 0 C .x- :ES age Nt- sf ol-C Q00 UC :rem woo -5-53 55 21? moo .s!Z" Dc.. og? ergo gin: CSE 15,5 ?E"" QB.: 3F13 11.59 --13: .2511 :ag 552 07915 ESE EQ-3 .Co 1000 22" Qgu U s 133 UC S15 o"s i7 225 856 -JUN C : S52 U50 on. ,pi- veit Ea: 458 xo! oe, ima, :-25, 'fans info-I :O .CCC camo 305 .JKU .... t in :gg 9 1. 'u .s4"' .ood o -sag at 'ago O05 Iwi, ll C N .25 o 5:3 .25 gina: ma.-C Edu QT: 9 .E 33.2 .422 .u. SEE' E",o U..-I C C32 aOo 1:15 P-Qs E55 V185 Cgndl o ... in.-9 :ge .van u.W- ef-5 s2E'S ,Eo- 424 ggi :42 O05 'ig-1 .Eu-6 z--3 0.5, a-ci 5.23 35" .JDE 'o af? 1:2 Zzm ne Evans, Mike Malloy. Dia Goodall, Rhonda Heyob, Willie Cameron, Curtis Lasley, : Stephanie Stevenson, Ellen W RO Brucler, Beth l.yall. THIRD UVY gton, M Nelson, Sherra Gaines, Joan Pennin I Marching Band Maiorettes Whoop it up The Titanettes twirled and punched their way through another year under the direc- tion of Kim Ferguson, Pom-Pon captain, and Donna Adam, Twirlers captain. The girls performed at every home football and basketball game?-both pre-game and halftime. They also appeared at the Shortridge game at Market Square Arena. ln the fall they marched with the band at the James Whitcomb Riley parade at Greenfield Indiana. They took part in the CYO march ing contest and the opening of the new inner loop of Interstate 70. The co-captains made up all routines, and by practicing both during and after school, the girls perfected their perform ances. . I Working on SNAP and SMILE, the girls looked forward to participating in the State Maiorette Contest in March and the 500 Festival Parade at the close of the year. The Marching Band had another suc cessful year playing at all of the home football games, the most exciting and ful filling performance being at the Homecom ing game. The two drum maiors are Robin Bruer and Jeff Berry. LTR ff? .1 3 .il rigs .HE X, If il? I X CURTIS LASLEY and David Mimms display the second largest drum in Indiana. View POM-PON-FRONT ROW: Pam Alcorn, Kim Ferguson, Sandy Hanneman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Upchurch, Robin Burt. THlRD ROW: Teresa Hamilton, Laura Myers, Julie Brenton, Kathy Lane, Yvonne Hodge, Marcella Page, Shirley Hill. TWIRLERS--Staci Webb, Debbie Greenwell, Kathy O'Neil, Amy Piety, Teri Hill, Gwen Morris, Tammy Seats, Shelly Rich, Darleen Woods. CENTER: Donna Adam, captain. BELOW LEFT: Donna Adam, Twirler head. BELOW RIGHT: Kim Ferguson, Pom-Pon head. Q CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: Ruth Brown, Jerome Mendez, Brenda Newell, Paula Malloy, Diane Curtis. SECOND ROW: Vicki Jones, Mary Bruder, Stephanie Stevenson, Leon Jones, Brian Laughlin, David Mimms, Jeff Berry, Jackie Bender, Robin Chapman. THIRD ROW: Alan Bartley, Tommy Curry, Caren Stinger, Kathy O'Neil, Joycelyn Taylor, David Evans, Mark Jefferson, Larry Wagner. FOURTH ROW: Curtis Lasley, Keith Brown, Ricky Cumberland, Edward Evans, conductor. Concert Band for a start Concert Band is mode up of ambitious young musicians, on their way to the top. They can read music and take pride in improving their performance. Meeting the eighth period each day under the direction of Edward Evans, they are making their way to Symphonic Bond and Orchestra. The group includes clarinets, flutes, trumpets, trombone-the usual instru- ments to provide band experience. ' I I 4 1 1 ,A I x iiirt A if THE PEP BAND plays at one of the home basketball games. THE CONCERT BAND plays during class period. LISA AUBREY practices before a Pep Band perform- GFICS. P p Band builds spirit This year the Pep Band was the largest ever. With about 40 students forming the group, the band helped to entertain and liven up the fans at our four home basket- ball games. PEP BAND INCLUDES: Lisa Aubrey, Johnathon Beatty, Jeff Berry, David Bostic, Mary Bruder, Robin Bruer, Willie Cameron, Ricky Cumberland, Tommy Curry, David Evans, Diane Evans, Bob Freeman, Donald Fox, Sherra Gains, Rhonda Heyob, Donold Hapner, Olev lsak, Glen Jones, Vicki Jones, Michael Keller, Christine Lasley, Curtis Lasley, Diane Long, The group played during half-time while the Maiorettes did a musical routine. To be part of the group, all one had to do was come to all practices and all per- formances. Michael Malloy, Paula Malloy, Randy Miles, David Mimms, Earnest Nelson, Willie Nelson, Brenda Newell, Rodney Powell, Tammy Ramsey, Michael Rhynes, Stephen Smith, Caren Stinger, Antoni Taylor, Joycelyn Taylor, Jerry Wagner, Tina Woods, Tracie Woods, Yvonne Wright. Symphonic and Stage SYMPHONIC BAND-FRONT ROW: Michael Cheatman, Debbie Evans, Diane Long, Alexandria Hong, Ernest Nelson, Tina Woods. SECOND ROW: Tracie Woods, Roberta Wade, James Wilson, Steve Douglas, Anna Porter, Sheila Massey. THIRD ROW: Sue Ingersoll, Alfred Officer, Caron Lasley, Glen Jones, Brian Osborn, Robert Freeman, Terry Wagner, Arthur Porter, Diana Evans, Stuart Laughlin, Robin Bruer. FOURTH ROW: Katherine Hong, Mary Campbell, Anita Denkins, John Wilkerson, Antoni Taylor, David Bruer, Jerry Wagner, Olev lsak, Chris Gartrell, Audrey Armes, Mike Malloy, Tim Harvey. FIFTH ROW: Willie Cameron, Donald Hapner, Duane Williams, Alvin Pitts, Lee Barricklow, director. bands are tops in music The Symphonic Band is the highest rank- ing of all the bands. Most of the people in the group help make up the Orchestra. It helps to form the Marching Band and Pep Band. Over the year, the group participated in spring organizational contests, a spring concert and the graduation. There are approximately 50 students in How many of you knew Tech has a dance band? Well we do, and it's com- posed of some of the most skilled musi- cians we have. ln fact, it's so talented that last year the band auditioned for, and received an invi- tation to Ball State's Jazz Festival. At the festival, Wayne Watson, our band's lead- ing guitarist, put the other bands to shame with his guitar solo that won him The Out- standing Guitar Solo Award. The 23 members of the band demanded everyone's attention at the Gift and Hobby Show on November 9, and touched people's hearts at Tech's Open House on November 12, and of course they auditioned for Ball State's Jazz Festi- val again this year. the band this year. STAGE BAND-FRONT ROW: Chris Gartrell, Alfred Officer, Robin Bruer, Stuart Laughlin, Audrey Armes. SECOND ROW: Willie Cameron, Olev lsak, Antoni Taylor, David Bruer, Jerry Wagner, Timothy Brown. THIRD ANTONI TAYLOR and Jerry Wagner practice for a Stage Band performance. ROW: Alvin Pitts, Michael Dobbratz, Wayne Watson, Michael Malloy, Robert Freeman, Terry Wagner, Glen Jones, Lee Barricklow, director, Thomas C. Harvey. W 3 8 KAREN EDWARDS and Kufe Taube play games whsle MIKE CHAPMAN more or less, wlshes he were a country boy Bells, strings orchestra, give variety The String Ensemble is a group of fine musicians, who show their outstanding qualities when they perform. They engaged in many activities, enter- taining at dinners and private parties. The first event was a principals' meeting at the downtown office of the Indianapolis Public Schools, attended also by members of the School Board. Bell Choir had a successful year with many programs including, WISH Televi- sion show, Childrens Pavilion, Sherwood, Senior Citizens, Indianapolis Hilton and many churches. The choir has a membership of I6 per- sons, adding one to last year's attend- ance. The orchestra one of our largest musical groups. It has instruments ranging from a bass to a bass clarinet from a flute to a drum. This year we had a special instru- ment, a harp, played by a student teacher, Curn. Orchestra had a one-half hour program on Channel 8 on the Exercise in Knowl- edge show. BELL CHOIR-FRONT ROW: Mike Malloy, Michael Cheatham, Mike Thomas, Terry Wagner. SECOND ROW: Debbie Greenwell, Kate Taube, Karen Edwards, Beth Aubrey, Janet Deatrick, Mrs. Kandis Brown, director, Tracie Woods, Dina Harding, Debbie Evans, Beverly Garrett, Diane Evans, Cammie Henson. THE BELL CHOIR carols the Christmas spirit here on campus. STRING ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW: Fannie Cox, Sally Gessner, Vicki Carson, Karen Riggin, June Lorick, Susie Johnson, Janet Deatrick. SECOND ROW: Ron Nobles, director, Chris DeHoff, Michael Cheatham, Dana Myers, Lisa Aubrey, Angie Mobley, Beth Aubrey, Kim Gardner, Ellen Holmes. NOT PICTURED: Michael Chapman, Michael Stigler. nhl 'lb' Octette finds new spirit Which music group contains eight young men who tend to create many ludi- crous performances which keeps their audiences roaring? That's right, the Boys' Octette. The group really had an enioyable year. Many of their musical performances included imitating reindeer, posing as girls and pretending to get lost before pro- grams. The iob of being a new director seemed to be no problem for Paul Prather who guided the Octette through the past year. BOY'S OCTETTE-CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Tom Harvey, Joe Pitts, Dennis Robertson, Fred Lane, Anson Freeman, Bill Cox, Mike Thomas, Frank Meid, David Lewis. Laughter sets Ensemble tone Four sopranos, four seconds, four altos, a few songs, a few dances, and a lot of cheer and happiness. Combine all of these and you'll get the Girls' Ensemble. The girls were very busy this year. They performed at schools and the Art Show at the Fairgrounds. Members from a high school in Ohio came to visit Tech early in the yeor, and the Ensemble showed their appreciation by staging a return visit on March 25. Mrs. Kandis Brown directs and accom- panies the group. OCTETTE DIRECTOR Paul Prather works with members before Christmas in the Round. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Mrs. Kandis Brown, director, Alexandria Hong, Vicki Carson, Jody Crouch, Suzie Johnson, Roberta Wade, Roschelle Maior, Kathy Hong, Johnna McCullough, Debbie Lewis, Benita Kennedy, Charlene Stewart, Sharon Denkins. s 3 i Melodayres sings at Naval Reserve The Melodayres is a combined group of six boys and six girls. The ensemble sings mostly madrigal type music. Their performances this year included a program for the Naval Reserve and a tele- vision taping for the show Roads to Learn- ing. William Moon directs the group and Mrs. Judith Shattuck accompanies the tol- ented group on the piano. "W MELODAYRES-Gina Foster, James Wilson, Mary Harris, Raymond Wilson, Dina Harding, Orron Coleman, Tracie Woods, Robert Hood, Lisa Aubrey, Don Hapner, Anna Porter, Chico Johnson, Angela Mobley, Mrs. Judith TRACIE WOODS and Dina Harding sing and do a dance rounne. Shattuck, accompanist. i CHICO JOHNSON, Anna Porter, Raymond Wilson, and Gina Foster perform at o program. ORRON COLEMAN, Dina Harding, Don Hapner, and Lisa Aubrey sing at Open House. 39 Techoir-The Great 'Race' When people walk into Room 648 dur- ing the fifth period they see 60 of Tech's finest young men and women. These young people compose the Techoir. Here are 60 of the finest high school voices in Indiana. This was confirmed by Tech's win- ning first place in 1975-76 state competi- tion. "Canimus Ex Aminus" is the motto and purpose of the Techoir. Translated, it means "Sing From the Heart." Techoir is not merely an organization, but it is a family of young people who do not consider each other black or white but green. William Moon is the director. He spends his time, money, and energy making Techoir number one. Officers in Techoir are: Bill Cox and Beth Aubrey, co-presidents, Alex Hong, secretary, Anson Freeman, treasurer, Roschelle Majors, hostess, Fred Lane and Jody Crouch, junior representatives. I SINGING SONGS of Christmas on Monument Circle are members of the Techoir. TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: Anson Freeman, Mike Thomas, Orron Coleman, Bill Cox, Mrs. Kandis Brown, accompanist, William Moon, director, Beth Aubrey, Alex Hong, Rochelle Maior, Jody Crouch, Fred Lane. SECOND ROW: Dina Harding, Gerri Graham, Vicki Carson, Janice Ross, Debbie Greenwell, Gina Foster, Laura Heavrin, Beverly Garrett, Johnna McCullough, Donna Adam, Angela Mobley, Anita Denkins, Kim Colvin, Mary Harris, Carol Keithley, Camilla Henson. THIRD ROW, Tracie Woods, Kim Graves, Benita Thelger, Teresa Morrow, Teresa Lee, Charlene Stewart, Sharon Denkins, Janet Wilburn, Liz Benningfield, Denise Browning, Susan Johnson, Sherri Gaines, Cindy Wells, Sharon Hooks, Sherry Northington. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Robertson, Derrick Jones, Joe E. Brown, Galon McKinney, Anthony Lee, Frank Meid, Mike Chapman, Raymond Wilson, Mike Malay, Joe Pitts, Anna Porter, Debbie Lewis, Roberta Wade, Kathy Hong. FIFTH ROW: William Johnson, Larry Wagner, James Wilson, Wendell Stewart, Robert Hood, Eric Green, Avery Johnson, Don Hapner, Ricky Bailey, Dwight Woodson, Teri Hill, Lisa Aubrey. BEING WARM under the pants is very important to Bill Cox. 211545 f ,' : ,i.,:f2:.,: , , , HAVING ENOUGH ROOM in her purse for cosmetics will never be a problem for Mrs. Candi Brown. s THESE CHOIR MEMBERS try to stay warm, while they wait fo begin the taping of the Christmas show. PREPARING FOR THEIR PREPARATION in Christmas in the Round are the Techoir members. Music classes, right on tune SUSIE JOHNSON, Vickie Carson, and Mike Chapman keep fiddlin' around. As one looks through this section about Tech's music department, it becomes obvi- ous that much is offered. But what classes lay behind these students who show their talent successfully? Well let's start at the beginning and work up. There are band classes which range from beginning band to symphonic band. There also specialization classes of Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion. Orchestra grabs a line in there with results in String Ensemble. Moving on, there are chorus classes which work up through the ranks to Techoir and the small ensembles. But most important are such classes as Music Theory, Conducting, Black Music and Jazz. These all teach the basic funda- mentals up to the advanced music knowl- edge to the student. These classes are important for music maiors and those who will seek college degrees. LISA AUBREY keeps one eye on the score. CANDY SALES consumed much time for all music students, Jim Heavrin is a good W example. N MRS. BROWN uses the "Mother" piano in instructing this class. ALVIN GAMBLE concentrates deeply on this set of keys. Piano Lab tuning in on key mwmwmwk The Tech Music Department has always been an explosive department. There are many classes to be taken, and this past year Tech added something new, a Piano Lab with 24 individual units and one mas- ter control unit at a cost of over S20,000. The lab is open to all-freshmen to sen- iors, expert pianists and people who don't even know where middle C is. Based on a programmed learning sys- tem, the lessons vary. Each lesson offers a different goal. Until this goal is reached, the pupil doesn't move on. The classes don't get into technicalities because the piano units aren't set up for that, but they do focus on the different music forms. ln the first semester all students were together, but in the second semester, classes were expanded from four to six to accommodate students in respect to their skills. In these classes enrichment of skills was a goal. . Instructors were newcomers, Karen Nagy and Paul Prather, and Mrs. Kandis Brown, a veteran teacher at Tech. ln the words of Mr. Prather, "lt has been a suc- cess." CENTER: Tammy Hafley seems excited over this song, while, BOTTOM: Tuning in on the course is Margaret Lunn. 5 43 Concert Club prepare for Techoir Boys Concert Club! What is it? Well, according to Paul Prather, director of the group, it's the best, large, boys' vocal group here at Tech. The group is composed of about 24 tal- ented young men froughly six on each of the four parts, first tenor, second tenor, baritone and bassj. Most are sophomores and iuniors, with iust a couple of seniors for spice. They've been working, and hop- ing for promotion to Techoir. Other than that, Boys' Concert Club LAURA HEAVRIN, Charlene Stewart, Dina Harding, Linda Spradlin, Cammie Henson, and Angie Mobley sit and talk while waiting to tape the Celebration show at Market Square Arena. sang at Tech's Open House, on November l2 which was the group's first perform- ance of the year. Later performances were Christmas in the Round and All City Festi- val held at Arlington High School in the spring. For the All City Festival the Boys' Con- cert Club had a few new faces. To make it easier on some of the first tenors, Mr. The Girls' Concert Club is a group of girls who learn more about improving their voices preparing themselves for a possible Techoir position. There are four vocal parts, soprano, second soprano, alto, and second alto. The girls learn how to read music and are able to perform music better. Their programs included Christmas in the Round, Girls' All-City Concert Club Program, and their annual Spring Concert. Prather brought in some freshman first ten- ors with better ranges. He also brought in a freshman bass singer to help out. With Mrs. Judith Shattuck playing piano and William Moon directing, the girls had a good year. BOYS' CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Gary Bull, Jonathan Beatty, Gary Bottoms, Calvin Lee, Barry Hall, Gary Davis, Tony Allender, Ray Robison. SECOND ROW: Maurice Bobbit, Jerry Childs, Charles Miller, Phillip Weaver, Jackie Thomas, Orlando Prevot, Mark Hodges, Dave Bruer. THIRD ROW: Paul Prather, director, James Adams, Darrell Johnson, Melvin May, Kevin Barker, Robet Hyche, Basil Foley, Victor Stewart, Jeffrey Davis, Kenneth Parker. GIRLS' CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Cecile Wickliffe, Brenda Newell, Debbie Wood, Sharon Maye, Bonnie Harding, Tammy Hunter, Chris Durham, Joycelyn Taylor, Connie Wallace, Lisa Caulk, Sharon Deatrick, Janet Taylor, Tina Stewart. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Heyob, Lee Ann McRoy, Sheila Massey, Angie Nicholson, Paula Malloy, Alison Grayson, Winsome Clarke, Tracy Davis, Donna Wooten, Cece Carter, Robin Shipman, Mary Campbell, Kim Antle. THIRD ROW: Maria Apple, Cynthia Wallace, Ruth Brown, Carol James, Nancy Bull, Tina Cooper, Karen Musgrove, Yvette Grant, Dana Myers, Cathy Hood, Karen Edwards, Beth Green, Hazel Maxwell, Jackie Carruthers. STAGE CRAFT works towards completed scenery. "South Pacific"makes some enchanted evening What was happening in the Forum on March I8 and I9? The Music Department exhibited one of its top musical produc- tions, SOUTH PACIFIC. Starring in lead roles were: Bill Cox as Emile DeBeque, Vicki Carson as Nellie, Mike Thomas as Joe Cable, Alex Hong as Bloody Mary, and Anson Freeman as Luther Billis. These stars combined with a fine chorus to pro- duce a show which offered the audience something new. The cast of selected, musically talented pupils- put in eight four-day weeks to rehearse for the presentation. Also attest- ing to their dedication were the Pit Orches- tra and the Stage Craft Club. Directors were Stan Minks, Paul Prather, Mrs. Kandis Brown, Judy McBride, Mrs. Pat Heinz and Ron Nobles. ANSON FREEMAN as Luther Billis, and Vicki Carson as Nellie Forbush, swing together for "Honey Bun." KIM GARDNER and Ellen Holmes work out the Bass fiddle part with Kandis Brown. 2 S Bun." YPENQN fi.. aa... , 25. 1 1 if ,, fs' JERRY WAGNER and Antoni Taylor tune in with the pit orchestra. CAROL JAMES, Dina Harding, and Charlene Stewart work out choreography for "Honey if IOL, COE, takin' care of business There is an organization at Tech that very few students are aware exists. This year-round organization is Cooperative Office Education, ICOE for shortl. COE is designed to give students with above average grades in business education, a chance to practice and sharpen their skills here at school and actually use them on a iob each day after school. Along with cash pay, each student also receives four credits per year. The students, who must be seniors and business educa- tion maiors, are taught to be businesslike and quite professional. This year's COE group participated in many competitive events. Preparation for these gave them further experience. Another organization of student interest is IOL-Intensive Office Laboratory. This is a senior business course headed by Mrs. Anne Cummins. The program is designed for prospective office workers and further experimenting with their business skills and office pro- cedures. For a person looking for a good business opportunity, look to IOL. INTENSIVE OFFICE LABORATORY-FRONT ROW: Robin Bruer, Barbara Sparks, Deleana Cooney, Linda Broadus, Linda Mills, Michelle Johnson. SECOND ROW: Melody Rohrman, Cyndy Perdue, Penny Gilliam, Tommie Rhoades, Sharon Johnson, Patricia Ferrell. THIRD ROW: Sharon Hooks, Staci Webb, Melvina Sweatt, Barbara Thomas, Rebecca Grigsby, Mattie Smith, Gina Foster. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Greenwell, Cindy Wells, Phyllis Thompson, Karen Evans, Charmeine Fletcher, Robbie Chatman. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn D. Radford, Janet Hubbard, Leatha James, Tami Seats, Cassandra Thompson, Christine Graham, Sheila Spall. SIXTH ROW: Deanna Surber, Linda Jackson, Veronica Russ, Sonya Harris, Vicki Storey, Robin Strickling. SEVENTH ROW: Mrs. Ann Cummins, coordinator: Faith Glover, Joyce Tyner, Karen Webb, Rapheal Prevot Jr., Cynthia Rush, Alfenia Martin, Adele Long, Marcella Hone. COOPERATIVE OFFICE EDUCATION-FRONT ROW: Lisa McClung, Cheryl Hale, Hiromi Goya, Arlene Frost. SECOND ROW: Mary Morrison, Tonya Jackson, Sherry McDade, Sue Garten, Debbie Miller, Loletta Brinkley. THIRD ROW: Teresa Long, Mary Clegg, Joy Roberts, Karen Seats, Audrey Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Hill Darla Briggs, Michelle Edison, Marcia Gray, Rhonda Reynolds, Ermine Robinson. FIFTH ROW: Dwight Woodson, Joe Wiley, Brian Mukes, Mark Burris, Sandra Hill Warren Quirk, Brenda Dowdy. 1 1 PHONE WORK is vital to Sharon Johnson during her time in the IOL program. Distributive Education offers work, play DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Stayce Jackson, Kathy Byers, Marsha Coryell, Patsy Stanley, Fredye Hamilton, Diana Hamilton, Jeff Alexander. SECOND ROW: Patrick Hogan, DeWayne Slaughter, Brad Newman, Tina Bradt, Jaye Marcum, Marilyn Johnson. THIRD ROW: Rita L. Jones, Linda Johnson, Jerome Mendez, Cindy Carter, Stuart Laughlin. FOURTH ROW: Amy Piety, Denise Browning, Lisa Caulk, Anita Lewis, Linda Allen, Elizabeth Henderson. FIFTH ROW: Susan Hunter, Liz Benningfield, Barbara West, Diana Reynolds, Tony Trotter, Cindy Carter, Gary Beever. SIXTH ROW: David McGuire, Shawn Senaur, Kevin Russell, Theresa Durnil, David K. Watson, M. Barker. SEVENTH ROW: Dave Kinghorn, Anthony Stevenson, Bernie Kahl, Mark Newgold, Lisa Arterberry, Sherry Lickliter, Rob Duncan, Mrs. Delsie Shoemaker, sponsor. NOT PICTURED: David P. Lewis. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-defined as a study or course in the channel of marketing goods and services to the consumer. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA-an organization which provides fun, involvement, respon- sibility, and education for a student interested in busi- ness marketing. Well, guess what! Tech has one of the top DECA chapters in the state of Indiana. In the past two years Tech's chapter has placed second and fourth in state competition respectively. But, not only is the chapter active on a state level, they also play an active role right here on the campus. Who can forget the success- ful "Titan Shack" which was sponsored by the group? This was iust one thing that this chapter accomplished during the year. The guidance of Mrs. Delsie Shoe- maker and the chapter officers ended a great year. Another area of interest is the Vocation Industrial Clubs of America, which centers around the Career Center. Students with an interst in a vocational career find their interests lodged in this group. THE SUCCESSFUL "TITAN SHACK" was available to all students in the cafeteria. VOCATIONAL-INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Clifton Lovelace, sponsor, Theron Mayes, Paul Fields, Darrell Asher. SECOND ROW: Charles Mills, Conroy Westmore, Tim Johnson, Gary Meadors. 47 Key Club unlocks hearts Did you know that the Key Club at Tech is one of the few in the nation that allows girls to be members? Did you also know that Key Club sponsors many of the major events on campus? Well, if you didn't you do now. The Key Club started the year by spon- soring the annual Homecoming activities which included a fireworks display, king and queen elections, and float competi- tion. . y, Key Club also sponsored the Toys for -I Tots drive, and organization of football and basketball program bulletins. Other activities included ringing bells for the Sal- vation Army, chairing the Valentine Tea, and sponsoring the Student-Faculty Bas- ketball Game. President Tom Harvey attended the International Key Club convention over the summer in Anaheim, California as a voting delegate. Key Club members also repre- sented the school at their district conven- tion at French Lick, Indiana. TERESA LONG and Tom Harvey take a "breather" during the Toys-for Tots prolect KEY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Angie Brown, Debbie Chalifoux, Teresa Long, Cathy Simon, Donna Shaffer. SECOND ROW: Caron Lasley, Gerri Graham, Paula Kriner, Kate Taube, Vicki Shaffer. THIRD ROW: Diane Long, Caren Stinger, Alan Ulsh, Raymond Wilson, Thomas C. Harvey, Keith Hawkins. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Hicks, Rickey Bailey, Ron Sedam, Orron L. Coleman, Gaylon McKinney, Dale Griffin, Arnold Lehman, sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Tracie Woods, Frank Meid. TOM HARVEY shops for toys given to tots by Key Club f 1976-77 SAO EXECUTIVE BOARD-FRONT ROW: Keith Hawkins, Nancy Davis, Margo Wiley. SECOND ROW: Rita McDowell, sponsor, Arlene Frost, Jody Crouch. THIRD ROW: Debbie Miller, Jessica Woodson, Dane Griffin, Sally Gessner, Karen Edwards, Dale Griffin. FOURTH ROW: Mike Thomas, Debbie Lewis, Carol James, Marilyn Lucas, Michelle Many. FIFTH ROW: Dwight Woodson, Brian Whipple, David Lewis, Ron Sedam, Tracie Woods, Dennis Hicks. ABOVE: SAO members Nancy Davis and Teresa Long get ready for a night of skating. LEFT: Secretary Tracie Woods seems to be canned herself. RIGHT: Bill Smith, Robin Hood, and Dennis Hicks show the differ- ence between two types of foot cover. Y "' iii' -I Y SAO works for student organization What's happening in the Student Affairs Organization? Well, after a tough period of rebuilding, things began to pick up. The year began with a maior recruitment of new members, this was followed by a homecoming pep session sponsored by the SAO. They continued working to get stu- dents involved for the student body's good. They sponsored the basketball, track, and iamboree queen competitions, an ice skating party, the organization of a student representative council, and a very successful canned food drive, and assisted the Key Club in the Toys-for-Tots drive. Many of the members were also seen in the concession stand at all the home ath- letic events. But perhaps the greatest achievement of the year was the organiza- tion of a representative student committee which met with the administration to confer on campus activities and problems. The officers were David Lewis, presi- dent, Debbie Lewis, vice-president, Tracie Woods, secretary, and Marilyn Lucas, treasurer. Things are looking up for the SAO, but they still and always will need the student body's cooperation. I l l WANDA LEWIS and Bessie Walker select goodies at the Service Club Halloween tea. Service Club lt's free! What's free? Fun, friendship, excitement and much more! The Service Club has got it and you can have it! Some of the activities the club has been doing are selling Homecoming mums, and sponsoring a Thanksgiving canned goods drive in which the SAO participated also. They also had a canned goods drive for Christmas. They reached the hearts of many shut-ins with their Christmas carol- ing, letting people know someone really cares. In the spring they sponsored a college tea for the iuniors and seniors with speak- ers from different colleges. For a kick-off they entertained new and prospective members ata tea. JESSICA AND DWIGHT Woodson discuss Tech Eng- lish classes with eighth grade students at School lOl . JE SERVICE CLUB-LYING: Barbara McNeely. FRONT ROW: Janice Beecher, Penny Gilliam, Audrey Armes, Caron Lasley, Margaret Wiley, Frankie Pinkston. SECOND ROW: Kate Taube, Linda Mills, Wanda Lewis, Bessie Walker, Mary Fuller, Laura Heavrin, Amy Michael. THIRD ROW: Vicki Shaffer, Melody Rohrman, Stephanie Rodrigues, Chris Poteet, Cathy Simon, Francine Miller. FOURTH ROW: Waller Smith, June Lorick, Ermine Robinson, Dwight Woodson, Michael Polston, Marcia Perkins, Mrs. Ann Perry, sponsor. Human Relations Council The Human Relations Council again this year sponsored the Performing Arts Festival. One day out of January, February, March and April, during the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th periods for twenty minutes, anyone who wished to express his talents, could contact the Human Rela- tions Council for an audition. February was held by individuals and organized groups. January, March and April, how- ever, were booked completely by the Wrestling Team, the Drama Club and the Home Eco- nomics classes, who held a Fashion Show. . W A HUMAN RELATIONS COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Laura Heavrin, Gina Foster, Ronda Foster, Edwin Marshall. SECOND ROW: Jessica Woodson, DeWayne Craig, Sherry A. Noerr, Mary Fuller. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lois Csiky, sponsor: June Lorick, Neil Ulsh, Dwight Woodson, Clifton Lovelace, sponsor, Rugby team takes county Tech won its first state Rugby Tourna- ment Thursday November 4. Four teams competed for top spot. The first game started at 7:00 with Marshall beating Warren I0-8. Tech beat North Central in overtime 16-12, then after a short inter- mission Tech played Marshall for the championship and won 8-6. The names of the players are Dennis Hicks, Bill Smith, Chris Poteet, Marlon Harris, Mike Glick, Dane Griffin, Gaylon McKinney, Denny McGuire, and Tom Harvey. BILL SMITH watches as Tom Harvey brings his opponent down. BOWLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Norman Blunk, Floyd Hone, Donna Teckenbrock, Cathy Levi, Bernie Kahl. SECOND ROW: Denny Donahue, Jerome Aendez, Bruce Tetrick, Jeff Clelland. THIRD ROW: E. Ellen Eads, co-sponsor, Thomas Harvey, Dennis W. James, Robert Harmon, Gary Sanford, Kent Demmary, sponsor. Spinnin' pins got to go down The Bowling Club was knocking the pins down at Bowl-O-Mat in the Twin-Aire Shopping Center. With Ellen Eads and Kent Demmary as sponsors the club had three members on each team. The average of the three was usually around 1,100 pins, the best team's average was a little higher, and the not-so-good teams a little less. The pins were really falling this year. CATHY LEVI shows the true bowling spirit. Drama Club brings action to the lights After five weeks of rehearsals, finding costumes, filming, and stage designing, the Drama Club showed many students what the club is all about. On December 14, the group presented their annual show of one act plays. This year's plays were CANNON CAMERA written by Tracie Woods, directed by Tra- cie and Frank Meid, MASQUES directed by Mike DeBurger, FLIGHT I3 TO NOWHERE written for the Carol Burnett Show, directed by Carol Keithley and Kathy Sullivan. Many Thespians points were earned by all members during the plays. These are earned by acting, writing, directing, doing stagework, or any type of work associated with the stage or performing. Ten points will allow a person to become a member of the International Thespian Society, an honorary organization for actors and actresses. Stan Minks and Judith McBride sponsor the group. ORRON COLEMAN waits for Amy Michael to get off this call as the show goes on. FRANK MElD helps pick fhlFt9S UP- DRAMA CLUB-FRONT ROW: Judith McBride, sponsor, Tracy Davis, Patricia A. Phelps, Beverly Garrett, Margaret Wiley, Tina Stewart, Stan Minks, co-sponsor. SECOND ROW: Amy Michael, Charlene Stewart, Mike Thomas, Rebecca Surenkamp, Ruth Brown, Kris Yount, Fred Lane. THIRD ROW: Debbie Hicks, Carol Keithley, Nancy Davis, Joe E. Brown, Cynthia Beverly, Mary Fuller, Pam McCreary, Rick Briley. FOURTH ROW: Orron Coleman, Tracie Woods, Mary Clegg, Ermine Robinson, Kathy Sullivan, Frank Meid, Danny DeBurger, Joseph Cox. CHARLENE STEWART and Mike DeBurger put on a dramatic display in MASQUES. THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: Stan Minks, co-sponsor, Joe E. Brown, Carol Keithley, Mike Thomas, Mike DeBurger. SECOND ROW: Judith McBride, sponsor, Kathy Sullivan, Ermine Robinson, Frank Meid, Tracie Woods, Rick Briley, Danny DeBurger. LEFT-MIKE THOMAS and Amy Michael put on a very dramatic display. ABOVE-JACK BROWN flies his plane in FLIGHT TO NOWHERE. 9 53 Debate Team ets ready Tech's enviable record at speech meets the last few years always has been won without the participation of a debate team. Soon that deficiency is to be remedied. A small, select group, encouraged by two coaches, has been studying this year's topic, criminal iustice. Sessions of maga- zine reading and of observing other debate teams in action should get the Tech unit ready for active service by September, 1977. DEBATE TEAM-FRONT: Amy Michael. SEATED: Sharon May, Scott Mallott. STANDING: Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, Diane Huston, coaches. Pizza pie in the sky for XYZ The XYZ Club took a trip to the stars this year. The group actually visited the Broad R' I H' h S h ol PI to ' i XYZ-FRONT ROW: Carol Keithley, Janice Ross, Edwin Marshall, Tony Chapman, Bruce Herring. SECOND ROW: 'pp e Ig C O one num Yolanda Chowing, Alfred Officer, Johnathan Beatty, Deborah Gunn. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman, sponsor, Dwight Woodson, David Evans, Tracie Woods, Frank Meid, Mrs. Madora Walker, sponsor. I The group sat in total darkness gazing up at the stars and constellations as a mys- terious voice from nowhere told how strange figures and stars related to Indian Folklore. In Indian Folklore they believed that a group of stars assembled in the shape ofa bear signified a real bear that was flung there by an angry giant. may 4 ,L """"'1't' Mrs. Madora Walker, sponsor, and the members of the club were fascinated with the maior part that folklore has played in astronomy, a study related to math. THE APPETITES of XYZ'ers nearly put a new constel- lation in the sky when they indulged at a pizza party at one of their meetings. Honors groups reflect good 'vibes' FRESHMAN HONORS-FRONT ROW: Paul Wickliff, Diana Adam, Sharon Deatrick, Julie Nesbit, Theresa Browning, Scott Paff. SECOND ROW: Carla Henson, Joycelyn Taylor, Patrica Marshall, Randy K. Smith, Jacquline Brooks, Monica Brooks, Phyllis Kriner. THIRD ROW: M. June Sanderson, Tina Woods, Tammy Ramsey, Carol James, Malinda King, Tina Stewart, Margaret Wiley, Arthur Porter. FOURTH ROW: Thomas E. Witmer, James Rent, Johnny Hutson, Mark Mitchell, Gerald Tolan, Frank Lyall, Russell Blythe. FIFTH ROW: Catherine Hood, David Baker, Darrel Hubbard, Lisa Aubrey, Cheryl Kinsley, Brad Thompson, Tom Lawrence, Daniel Stock. SOPHOMORE HONORS-FRONT ROW: Kathy Hong, Robbie Randall, Paula Kriner, Misty Shaw, Donna Jones, Diane Long. SECOND ROW: Kerri Taylor, Nancy Davis, Linda Dowdy, Flora Golliday, Alta Scott, Mary Bruder, Karen Riggin, Ann McGuire. THIRD ROW: Caren Stinger, Vicky Mclntyre, Ann Newsom, Dennis Jackson, Janet Taylor, Bill Stitfler, Dalphia LaLand, Chris Poteet, Kim Gardner. FOURTH ROW: Angela Piety, Anthony Warfield, Tim Donahue, Thomas Spearman, Christopher DeHoff, Duane R. Williams, Jeff Stroude, Michelle Many. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Bull, Charles F. Bear, John M. Wilkerson, Vanessa Simmons, David Whitney, Dwight Woodson, Frankie Pinkston, Jimmie Walker, Winfred Herron. JUNIOR HONORS-FRONT ROW: William Vollmer, Randy Polston, Angie Brown, Lori Milburn, Donald Surenkamp, Donna Biggerstaff. SECOND ROW: Susie Johnson, Donna Teckenbrock, Julie Brenton, Mary Morrison, Debbie Evans, Craig Priest, Susan Miller. THIRD ROW: Joe E. Brown, Anthony W. Kendrick, David Bruer, Michael Cheatham, Tracie L. Woods, Stanley Smith, Kenneth Sebastian, William B. Lund..NOT PICTURED: Robert Freeman. Y Students learn more about teaching Exploratory Teaching is a program designed to give students actual classroom experience as well as academic credit toward graduation. Nine of Tech's stu- dents are taking advantage of this class and are really enioying it. Alan Ulsh is the only male exploratory teacher. KAREN KEANE keeps her students interested in their work. The program is designed not only to encourage students to enter the teaching profession, but also to give students prevo- cation experiences to help them decide whether or not they have the abilities necessary to become successful teachers. The purpose of the Future Educators of America is to give students who want to go into teaching help in teacher relations, to show them better teaching methods and how to use those methods, and try to give them examples of a better teacher-student relationship. FEA is sponsored by Mrs. Joan Brown. EXPLORATORY TEACHING-Duane Blankenhorn, sponsor, Sherry J. Noerr, Gerri Graham, Debbie Benedict, Karen M. Keane, Cece Carter, Sharon Hooks, Cindy Carter, Tina Stafford. NOT PICTURED Alan Ulsh. FUTURE EDUCATORS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Linda McFarland, Audrey Johnson, Dewayne Craig, William Goodall, David Parsons. SECOND ROW: Stacye Jackson, Hyman Smith, Yvette Grant, Melody Rohrman, Ruth E. ALAN ul-SH the on' male teacher makes Ieami G Brown, Vicki Shaffer. THIRD ROW: Terri Sherrod, Elizabeth Martin, Alan Ulsh, Cindy Carter, Cece Carter, Johnna fun process' Y ' ng McCullough, Janet Wilburn, FOURTH ROW: Melvin Mays, Jodie Jackson, Linda Hill, Mark Breland, June Lorick, Mrs. Joan Brown, sponsor, Rapheal Prevot Jr. Y TEENS-FRONT ROW: Harriet Watson, Francine Whitfield, Cheryl McNary, Lisa Wiggins. SECOND ROW: Denise Williams, Patricia Goodner, Phyllis Hampton, Teresa Hughes. THIRD ROW: Mary Jane Marthin, sponsor, Stephanie Rodrigues, Danette Simms, Linda Evans, Cheryl Gray. Prayer Circle starts day right '32- DON'T READ THIS! Aha! Caught your attention, didn't we? And now that we have it, guess what is happening four days a week at 7:30 a.m. in Room 275. A prayer circle, that's right, a prayer circle. James Easterly, sponsor, who teaches physical sciences, is also interested in Bible sciences. The group meets school days except Tuesday for three specific things-pray- ers, fellowship, and Bible study. The goal of the Prayer Circle is to get to know Jesus Christ better, and to make Him known. Meetings open with prayer and singing, and close with prayer. On Monday the only activity is prayer. The group prays for one another, the faculty of Tech, the students and their par- I r ents. Wednesday the group studies various topics of the Bible. Thursday and Friday the members study a certain book of the Bible at home bring- ing into the group ideas to share what they have learned. Tuesday is "Evangelistic Day" members invite people to the Prayer Circle, so actu- ally Tuesday is the day for membership drive. There are no dues because there are no outside activities. Bibles and Songbooks are provided by the sponsor. The Prayer Circle was founded three years ago with the permission of Mr. Wal- lace Porter, vice principal, as an extracurri- cular activity. B+ .2 Fun means Y-Teens Y-Teens is an organization of high school women that is affiliated with the Y.W.C.A. Its purpose is to provide educa- tion for young women on important issues that concern them, recreation, service pro- iects and iust plain fun. Activities have included a first of the year wiener roast and a party, and swim- ming lessons at the Y.W.C.A. facilities. Members also helped decorate pumpkins for young children in the hospitals around the city. Bowling has been another recrea- tional activity of club members. Films and discussions have been some of the educational activities. Guest speak- ers on child abuse and self-defense were planned for the spring semester. v--if 1 rfwk ' . Effi: - if Wife? -Q22 we: nm. WHIP? x me-ff I. vw wp ji DEBBIE AND RHONDA Calvert enioy refreshments at the Prayer Circle Christmas party. PRAYER CIRCLE-STANDING: James Easterly, spon- sor, Debbie Benedict, Lucas Graham, Cleo Williams, Marcia Gant. SEATED: Brenda Ross, Amelda Calvert, Amelda Butler, Rhonda Calvert. Brain Game different name but still the same October 16, 1976 was the day when Tech and Scecina faced each other to bat- tle their wits. Channel 13 was the place and the event was the Brain Game. The Brain Game group practiced a few mornings every week with the assistance of the club sponsor, Wesley Murphy. The contestants would answer questions and study all different subiects to help prepare themselves for that special day. The group's efforts were all in vain though because Scecina won with a score of 58-48. Junior Council cut its membership from 27 last year to 18 this year because it is said to be easier to work with a smaller group. They got started somewhat late due to a surprise blizzard that closed schools. When they got organized, they went straight ahead to make up for lost time. Headed by Ann McMillan and Mrs. Joy- ann Middlekauf, the group assisted with BRAIN GAME-FRONT ROW: William Lund, Audrey Armes, Victor Sanderson. SECOND ROW: Wesley Murphy, sponsor, Rose Boggs, Sue Ingersoll. Junior Council begins spring planning plans for the Junior-Senior Prom held this year at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel down- town on May 6. To raise money Juniors sold Reese Cups, a pleasant change from the caramel candy so familiar to supporters of Tech projects. Also, the group sold iunior buttons which bore the proud slogan, "The Class of '78 was meant to dominate." Of course, only iuniors are members of the Junior Council, but not automatically. Candidates must qualify with a C average, the recommendation of the roll room teacher, and of classroom teachers. Candi- dates must not have a disciplinary record in the office. They are nominated by peti- tion and elected by the Junior Class. They planned a special party to mark the end of the school year. JUNIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Donna Teckenbrock, Joe E. Brown, Paula Parish, Sherry Noerr, Trina Beck, DeWayne Craig, sergeant-at-arms, Rochelle Floyd. SECOND ROW: Theron Mayes, Ada Johnson, Lori Milburn, Fred Lane, Cheatham. treasurer, Sylvia Espinoza. THIRD ROW: Leslie Greene, secretary, Keith Mosley, Raymond Wilson, vice-president, Ricky Bailey, president, Jackie Carruthers, Michael Speech Team: dedicated, h SPEECH TEAM-FRONT ROW: Sharon Maye, Stephanie Rodrigues, Cindy Carter, Thomas C. Harvey, Amy Michael, Edwin D. Marshall. SECOND ROW: Bridget A. Reeves, Tonya C. Jackson, Kim Ferguson, Yvette Grant, Mike L. Thomas, Twila Saferight, William Lund. THIRD ROW: Arthur Porter, LaDonna Reck, Kathy Parish, Cece Carter, Joe E. Brown, Cynthia Beverly, Ruth E. Brown. FOURTH ROW: Melvin Mays, Barbara McNeely, Marlon Harris, Alfenia Martin, Michael Robylay. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, sponsor, Kenneth J. Armstrong, Avery Maurice Johnson, Michael W. Greene, Dwight Woodson, John Smith ll. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: Stephanie Rodrigues, Cindy Carter, Amy Michael, Michael L. Thomas. SECOND ROW: Kathy Parish, Tonya Jackson, Kim Ferguson, Yvette Grant, Angelia Watson, Twila Saferight. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, sponsorg Cece Carter, Alfenia Martin, Michael W. Greene, Joe E. Brown, Marlon Harris. rdworklng The Tech Speech Team is a voluntary extracurricular group open to any Tech student. It takes dependability, self expression, self discipline, hard work and desire to be a member. These qualities must be emphasized greatly if one truly wants to become a top winner. Dedicated members of the team drag themselves out of bed early on Saturday mornings ten to twelve times a year in hopes of carrying home that almightly blue ribbon, the sym- bol of excellence. Categories include Dramatic, Humor- ous, Original Interpretation, Poetry, Origi- nal Oration. Also for those who think quickly there are Impromptu, girls and boys Extemporaneous and Radio Broad- casting. Speech meets are not all work and no play. As a matter of fact, they seem to provide an enioyable emotional outlet for the participants. Speakers have a chance to meet and make friends with people from all over the state. Some 80 to IOO students here at Tech are involved with the Speech Team yearly. Points earned in speech contests lead to a life-time membership in the National For- ensic League, an honor society for out- standing speakers. MIKE GREENE, Mrs. Alice Goodrum, and Mike Thomas display the trophies and ribbons that they received at the Tech Invitational Speech Meet. Radio Club introduces the ham operator ln this age of the crowded citizen band radio frequencies, there are still those radio users who are not plagued with this sort of problem. These are the licensed amateur "ham" radio operators. In order to receive an amateur license, the applicant must pass a written test along with a code key test. The written Chemistry Physics Club sets up radar During the spring you may have noticed some strange looking equipment out by the Oriental Street gate. You were actu- ally seeing the Chemistry-Physics Club at work. Through the year the club designed a system by which they could determine how fast cars driving down the street are going. In other words, they created a speed trap. Through the use of lasers, mirrors and a stopwatch, the group attempted to prove that a human holding a stopwatch record- ing speed, is accurate. examination includes questions on elec- tronic ,theory and general radio knowl- edge. Speed and accurary of transmitting Morse Code are tested on the code key test. The Radio Club was formed to offer the pupil with an interest in this form of com- munication a means of acquiring the knowledge and practice needed to receive a license. It also offers the student the facilities and equipment to broadcast voice and code across the airwaves and allows the "ham" operator to venture miles away without ever leaving the seat of his chair. RADIO CLUB-Glen Smith, Dwayne Carter, Don Close, Lawson Clark. , s s y VICTOR SANDERSON and Dennis Hicks work with the instruments used for the Chemistry Club speed trap set-up. CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Marcia Gant, Duane Williams. SEC- OND ROW: Bill Lund, Victor Sanderson, James May, sponsor. ABOVE: The first maior climb to the inner cave of Budda Cave. BELOW: lsn't i amazing what photography club members take. t Hiking-Photo Clubs pull big switch This year the Photography Club and the Hiking Club have done something excitingly new. They have combined to form the Hiking- Photo Club under the sponsorship of Michael Slover. The club is a little larger than was anticipated, but this makes for a more active group. The groups trips range from a weekend in the middle of the woods with back packs, to an afternoon in a cave with a flashlight and hard hat, and no doubt there is always a camera or two at hand. The club's activities included ice skating, hiking, bicycle trips, photography proiects, and iust about anything a physically active and photo-oriented person would go for. So no matter where the club goes or what they do, variety in activities may tend to make them one of the more unique and inter- esting groups around. i THE CAMERA VIEW of Budda Cave. HIKING-PHOTO CLUB-FRONT ROW: Dane Griffin, Robert Keithley, Karla Thompson, Ginger Stewart, Mike Slover, sponsor: Mike DeBurger. SECOND ROW: Janet Deatrick, Dennis Hicks, Carrol James, Marilyn Lucas, Dale Griffin, Mary Fuller, Sheldon Shaw, Elaine Allen. THIRD ROW: Sally Trittipo, David Boucher, Rick Briley, Mike Sullivan, Danny DeBurger. Xa xx Qi ......, , . Q2 5' G 3' X. 5. E ,,,..,,, ,... ,. zzzcxnifgsii I , E . ' ',, ' '77ll2:Fl if: as Q, ,ye ii ' -. . . fe.. -. tml .-f--- 1 -5, P I M I I . , ' tl tiff" ' egfy' get as as . fag? if Q La in . 4 K 15 fe X x 1 91+ J X 'L -IL-qggi u wif if " E wb -' :ff 2' in -Ia11 2if 1aaef5gg.'fR is 45, Fiiim 'I I SEQ "l 'w Q X ki' X X . .55-I visas. Q, iq X E 1 gig Ns 52,52 Q we as J , 'fi 159-sq ,. K 'Y' ' We X f ew. X ff 'W' ' - ,, ' I' 4 1 Z ' W Big' A " .,,. E, ' ,, , Q 1 V313 Q 1 L xg H H I Haw X-,L S gene? -'N , 015. x Q 3 I 'S iifwg I f ,gp QE 4 .. K V kj 0 -5 ff-wfggexm vggiszf 5-if-s1TE: .ss.,.:.,-sea so we 'XX ....s em.. irrh 5 .ii iiii M ' -W'LW' BERNICE JONES, adviser, and Janice Ross discuss RICK BRILEY checks up on some information about WITHO T THE HELP of Mrs. Betty Rowland the Can- howto lay out a page. photography. H00 Office W0Uld be Chaos- Yearbook started early Once again amid interviews, photo schedules and deadlines, the yearbook staff combined their sincere efforts and got the yearbook that you are now holding completed in time. Dedicated staffers worked not only during class periods but also came a few Saturdays and on some school vacation days. Plans for this year's book started forming even before the school year began. Decisions on what the theme would be, what the cover should look like, and what clubs and classes are on which pages were decided by the second week in September. Under the direction of Bernice Jones all problems were faced and our goal, the 1977 yearbook, was achieved. YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW: Jessica Woodson, DeWayne Craig, Gary Bottoms. SECOND ROW: William Goodall, Edwin Hartle. THIRD ROW: Dwight Woodson, Charles Stinger, Gerri Graham, Donnell Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Sullivan, Kathy Parish, Hollis Evans, David Lewis. FIFTH ROW: Bemice Jones, adviser, Rickey Briley, Mike Polston. DEWAYNE CRAIG sizes up a picture as Jan Abel types up copy. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Dave Lewis constructs the layout for one of his pages. ewspaper is all together lt's l l:00 and the newspaper staff must have the layout for the front page at the Print Shop in 30 minutes. But there is a four inch gap in the very middle of the page, the feature story needs a headline and the names of the people in a picture are unknown. But no one panics. The editor starts thinking of a headline, a reporter runs out to get a story to fill the gap and everyone near is asked, "Do you know who these people are?" With the assistance of Cecil Tresslar, the newspaper staff had a successful year des- pite their share of minor problems. DONNA ADAM, page editor, concentrates on writ- ing a story. NEWSPAPER STAFF--FRONT ROW: Cecil Tresslar, adviser: Beth Lyall, Donna Adam, Edwin Marshall. SECOND ROW: Victor Sanderson, Eva Campbell, Debbie Lewis. THIRD ROW: Tracie Woods, James Heavrin, Loretta Coggins, Chris Graham. 9 "' , we - M, ....,.-.4-' CECIL TRESSLAR, adviser, gets caught off guard by a photographer. QUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW: Beth Lyall, Donna Adam, David Lewis. SECOND ROW: Kathy Sullivan, Tracie Woods, Debbie Lewis, Kathy Parish. LEFT: BETH LYALL, editor-in-chief, works with her nose to the grindstone. BELOW: DEBBIE LEWIS takes time out to smile at the cameraman. Chess Team "check" moves of progress Every Wednesday in Room 305, a group of about 30 to 40 guys fond one girlj met for a session of concentrated effort. lt was the Chess Club, headed by John Kern. According to a first-hand account, being the only girl was very awkward at first. She reported that observers imalei were always watching her game, and if she made a bad move, she could hear the guys whispering to each other. Now they regard her as any other com- petitor to be check-mated. Participants win points for pairings and for tournament play. Check-Mate? Anthropology Anthropology is the study of man and his development. Many students on cam- pus find an interest in studying this area 'of science, and in so doing find their way to the Anthropology Club. This group tours different sites of exploration such as 'lincher Site in Illinois, which is named for the club's sponsor, John Tincher, Mounds State Pork, and Dickson Mounds Museum in Illinois, along with other spots through- out the state. The club has also heard many experts in the area of anthropology. A picture of this club can be found in the index. CHESS CLUB-STANDING: Anthony Warfield, Mark Short, Anita Wilburn, James Carr, Floyd Hone, John Kern, sponsor, Don Stock, Bill Smith, Scott Mallot, Mike Keller. SEATED: Nicholas Quintana, Mike Crover. NOT PICTURED: Ed Hartle. Edwin Hartle ponders his next move. SENIOR OFFICE MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Tami Seats, Amy Piety, William Goodall, Charles Parris, Kathy Ferguson, Earnest Nelson, Alexandria Hong. SECOND ROW: Cindy Wells, Debbie Benedict, Audrey Armes, Kathy Byers, Caron Lasley, Melody Rohrman, Janice i z Beecher. THIRD ROW: Steve Douglas, Kathy Lane, Sharon Johnson, Thomas Darden, Ermine Robinson, Kim Ferguson. FOURTH ROW: Alan Ulsh, Murth L. Ramsey II, Rapheal Prevot Jr., Kenny Banks, Eva Campbell, Nancy Tabor. Many serve as Tech messengers i BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: David Parsons, Greg Ford, Gregg Carter, Steve McNary. SECOND ROW: Steve Grider, Anthony Alexander, Danny Jones. THIRD ROW: James Buckley, Anthony Kendrick, John C. Anderson, Melvin Mays. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSISTANTS AND LOCKER GUARDS--FRONT ROW: Karen McNeal, Ann McGuire, Regina Lewis. SECOND ROW: Michele Mahurin, Sherese Walker, Dalphia LaLand, Eva Campbell. TECH 300 MESSENGERS: Donna Shaw, Sharla Hasty, Mary Bruder. Qs' , ' IWTLU DEAN OF GIRLS MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Sheila Smith, Lesley Williams, Kathy Thomas, Brenda Pittman, Dametrice Bell. SECOND ROW: Michele Mahurin, Margaret Wiley, Debbie Buck, Sheila Spall, Bessie Walker. THIRD ROW: Sheila Massey, Tina Stewart, Teresa Boggs, Ellen Lampher, Sherry Hart. Messengers perform useful services ...X ROTC MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: CXSSG Brenda Moorefield, CXSSG Katherine Wood, CXSFG Joyce Hunter, CXMSG Juanita Clark. SECOND ROW: C! SFC Charles F. Bear, CXSGT Tony E. Chapman, C!2LT Timothy Bedgood, SGT David Evans. THIRD ROW: CXCPL Timothy Hale, C!2LT Duane R. Williams, CISFC Shawn Hinton. 4ff""""'0DNnaW HEALTH OFFICE 'MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Darlene Matthews, Wendy White, Victoria L. Bryant, Valerie McAfee, Emma Wells, Loretta Coggins, Janet Wilburn. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Shirley Lundgren, nurse: Judy Davidson, Renel C. Ervin, Regina Morris, Joyce Tyner. NOT PICTURED: Janice Justice, Mildred Stidd, Melenda Keillor, Kim Keller, Ronald Clark, Maureen Schmidt. HOUSE PLAN MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Cynthia Anderson, Frankee Howard Sue Ingersoll, Gloria Carter, Darrell Mark Wetzel. SECOND ROW: Julie Brenton Marcella Page, Shirley Hill, Linda Beever. THIRD ROW: Larry Mulryan, Darrell Hutchison, Herbert Alston, Tyrone Wilson, Tom Terry. CAREER CENTER MESSENGERS: Betty Wright Charles Hibbitt, Barbara Sparks. Messengers earn school service recognition "Wls.,,,, K Vx qfv 1 l ATTENDANCE OFFICE MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Nancy Davis, Dana Thompson, Sandy Honnemonn, Gwen Morris, Connie Hendrickson. SECOND ROW: Cathy Simon, Diana Reynolds, Yvette Grant, Donna Shaffer, Theresa Hendrickson. LIBRARY MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Karen M. Keane, Ginger Lee Stewart. SECOND ROW: Catherine Hood, Vicki Shaffer, Tom Bauerle, Natalie Gore. COUNSELORS' OFFICE MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Patrick Seats, Sue Ingersoll, Amy Michael, Robert Foxworthy. SECOND ROW: Becky Lickliter, Pom Maxwell, Martin Means, Evan Allseitz. THIRD ROW: Mary Morrison, Rick Adams, Steve Vaughn. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Ruth E. Brown, Joe E Brown. SECOND ROW: Stanley P. Smith, Michael A. Brown, Timothy A. Curry, Dennis Jackson. 2? 5? ii' 1: 59 5 Q Qs E S 3 5 2 F Minds return to Math The minds of Tech students are being developed by the Math Department. First the department takes over where the jun- ior high school left off. Classes teach stu- dents l +I 2 2. Then ax b : cin Alge- bra I. Advanced Classes concern triangles, and theorems. Algebra Ill and IV teach howtoproveaxb 2 candl + IF 2. Advanced Math educates students to graph sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant. The more ambitious person may take one of the new courses, Computer Math, Calculus, or Computer Laboratory. MICHELLE MAJORS demonstrates how a proof is written in Geometry. HAFIZE SHAH proves that calculus can be interesting. KATHY HONG, Mark Hill, and Willie Nelson listen closely in class. MRS. FRANCOISE MILLER, Bill Smith, Tom Darden, Joe Wyley, Marlon Harris seated, Kathy Lane discuss Computer Math. . Wigs. ., .V , . . . -- l fzs. it ll V . yi ' i . . -A12 .,,,...1f.. . ,. .v ,N-z ,- . i var. :.",..,","9"". - if I All S r as R E, ,x.-su. .wk- KSW 1 . ' t 'wwiifiiii .jg1figii'iiEz2Zi3:l' 2 1 2 :v E fs M - -Q s Q- W'-uvwii' iiifievvsfiziifir , . w ' ..,... .. , get 2.1 ff ss.: cs.,-.. A iff?.i.s:-'1ggg.21ie2z.i-igh, M -'R-ram s... f- K wlii i ' wifi? 3412 52 ,.- " fa-f, Qsg i 'i ' ' W ',,. gag, .... f- ,gig LL.f.1f.2r1251'wgfiiiiilseqHiiizaigikrtew... ., seg -5 Qfegfs s N g g .,s 'E53q sul? gi: A EQEM x .4 1 5, .Y Q 1 x gi Q f Q f Q .. i 1 -. QQ? x , N sin? ,sqgwdhg Q1 ag l FAQ! iw Mg k il l l L w K fe- XR M m M EQ rig ' WR H9 s hir Vg: K Q, .-.,f- f ' l 45 X tl. z sl . S S5 s ,T Bm- x , ll be of Fi if ,ss Rmb N Q J new-H ...L . , , , ,, . ..... s. 0 ..,... f -A A A . ..,.. K '- 1 .f gg -ML , g Jfzfqgk -ff: if-ss 1 11- . , ..,.,.. 2 , T Q B s sassmizsii, QL sm K, X 3 ,fe English Department silently progresses This year the English Department has added a class which gives a whole new concept in teaching, a class which com- bines three present classes to make a dif- ferent new one. This class combines litera- ture, history, and art, and forms a new class called Humanities. This class gives the students a chance to see how art may relate to literature, as they could not real- ize when the classes were separate. The class is for two credits and is two periods. The credits may be used in two of the three subiects, but may not be used in the same subiect. Each year the English Department may not show any drastic changes, but changes little by little gradually to meet the needs of Tech students. The two pictures with the funny box in them, which look like speakers, are two- way radios. Indiana Bell Telephone Com- pany markets these boxes, used as class- room transmitters. A pupil, who can not come to school for a long period of time because of an illness or surgery uses this transmitter at home. The teacher goes to the English Office every day and trans- ports the companion box to class. The stu- dent listens and follows along with the tex- tbook and also participates in class. This is a good way to get a credit if the pupil must be out for a long period of time. MRS. ELIZABETH WILSON uses C two-way r0dl0 in CIOSS to help G student sick ut From her home, GWENDOLYN RICE listens intently to Mrs. Wilson in a class discus- home. BRUCE HERRING does a "show and tell" of his fig- ures depicting an encounter with police in Social Pro- test class. sion. KEVIN BARKER looks up a definition in Greek and Roman Mythology. REBECCA SURENCAMP raises hand for a question as Linda Parish pays close attention. wry? ANGELA ANDREWS and Latonia McGill discuss a problem in Consumer Business. Careers, The Business Education Department has many advantages for any student. It pre- pares a student for a career and offers a variety of classes. It helps the pupil cope with the problems of his vocation, while building his vocabulary in this field. Seniors are offered classes in Intensive A-. ,Mm ,A,.a- -an 'gr .,1,,-'ft , - . f , . . ,1,w,z.,- 111: i HARRIET WATSON solves problems with the help of CHARLENE MO'l'l'ER recomputes her figures. her calculator. CCIl'9el"S Gnd l11OI'e CCll'eel'S Office Laboratory, Distributive Education, Cooperative Office Education, and Cashi- ering, plus all other classes offered to other students. They must qualify to get into these clubs. Some other classes are General Busi- ness, Careers, Accounting, Data Process- ing, Typing, Business Law, Key Punch, and many others that have to do with a career in business. If a student can not decide what career is wanted, he can take several business courses and choose the most interesting ones. 'NR-L. We if STEVE POWELL seems very interested in typing class. KATHY HANNER removes finished paper to check for errors. Social Studies presents past, present, and future The Social Studies Department keeps students informed about events happening around the world. The variety of classes offered by this department proves that times are changing. Some of these classes are required by the state of Indiana, while others are for ambitious students to elect. Required courses are: U.S. History, U.S. Government, and Economics, for introduc- ing the problems of money as they touch both government and the individual per- son. Other courses offered are: World Civili- zation, Introduction to Social Studies, Psy- chology, Indiana History, World Geogra- phy, and Sociology. The more ambitious pupil may take Humanities, discussed on page 7l . DEANNA ROZZEL studies the text in United States History Ill, an advanced class. DAVID BRUER really gets into United States Government. --.....,. X BRIAN NEVIN and Larry Catlett study a mimeographed exercise. JANE ALLEN and Roy Barnett read an assignment in United States Government class. report. SCOTT HILLMAN and Debbie Benedict start homework while Una Bradt recopies a Art has many opportunities A student has many classes to choose from in the Art Department. Exploratory Art is for freshmen only. This class involves all types of art and gives the new student a chance to discover which art class he likes best. Craft Design is a class which involves using the hands with a variety of media. Jewelry and Metal Craft teaches the stu- dent how to make jewelry. Commercial Art is a special class in which the 'student designs record covers, book covers, and fashion display. ffffi ' 'A++' V PORTIA SHOLAR and Tammy Hunter work in Craft Design. MIKE THOMAS won honorable mention at the Scho- lastic Art contest with this ink drawing titled "Portrait ofa Seashell". KATHY FERGUSON paints in Mrs. Susan Lambertus' class. ALAN SALOH exhibits some snowflakes that his class made. RUTH GESSNER draws in Exploratory Art. DAVID HINDMAN screws a bracket on to connect two flats ofa stage set. .ff if ,Q it E BERT HANNEMAN checks to make sure a flat is level. Stagecraft, Photography The Stagecraft Class may not be heard of very often but signs of their work are seen a lot. The Class' main purpose is to design sets for the school productions such as FLFFFF, the fall play, and their biggest iob, the school musical. The Stagecraft Club picks up where the class lets off. Anything left unfinished on a stage set, the club finishes. Taking pictures, developing film, print- ing pictures, then displaying the final prod- uct is what the photography class is all about. Students have the opportunity to learn more about professional photography and the techniques that make photography work an exciting career. E 2 2 X .. STAGECRAFT CREW-FRONT ROW: Linda Philpot, Charlene Thornburg, Anita Jones, Michael Kobylarz, Mark Bennett, Kenneth Hardin. SECOND ROW: Frank Meid, Michael Davis, Gloria Roney, Linda Wilson, Ivan Benson, Robert Clay, Bert Hanneman, David Hindman, Mike Evans. WITH THE PICTURE THAT HE TOOK, Rick Briley shows how a spider web can be interesting. CYNTHIA CARR holds the blue ribbon that her poster won in a contest sponsored by the AAA. Q A Science Department moving forward The most unsanitary class at Tech is held first and second periods in Room l94. The Advanced Biology class and teacher, Gar- lan Howard grow germs the first nine weeks of the first semester. The class is designed for students who want to go further into biology after Biol- ogy l and ll. The first nine weeks are devoted to microbiology or bacteriology. The second nine weeks' are given to histology. The opening half of the second semester is for embryology, and the last half-what we have been waiting for-comparative anat- omy. Part of this study is dissecting. Pure cultures, petrie dishes, and broths full of pathogenic, or harmful germs are all part of the scene in microbiology. The class studies bacteria and other micro- organisms by growing them. The pupils are given nine unknown bacteria, and Mr. Howard wants the pupils to identify them. By running tests, such as stains, motility slides, spore slides, amylase production tests, tests for the liberation of hydrogen, sulfide and others, pupils gather enough information to identify the germ. Pupils learn to make tasty broths and agars for the bacteria they grow. Students are also taught methods of sanitation, of course, although growths do become con- taminated. if dill il iiiiwrgaggg , T 2- i. ,L One broth is used to determine whether bacteria do or do not need oxygen to grow. Another group of broths are of dif- ferent sugars. 'lhey are used to determine the PH, or percentage of hydrogen ion of the bacterium. The class also learns about the families which different microorganisms belong to, if they are harmful or helpful to plants and animals including man, and how they can be controlled. Maybe those nine weeks are the busiest part of the class, but Advanced Biology is interesting. lf you have iust read some heavy words, take the class and find out what they mean. DlSCUSSlNG THE EARTHWORM is Gloria Morgan. That's Mr. Hon's arm IS JAMES MAY offering you a cup of coffee? JEFF CROCKETT diagrams the onnelida. BELOW: Tony Boyd, Ccron Lesley, ond Joe Cox physically work it out. l l l SHAWNA THOMAS becomes the center of ahenlion in Physics class. Pants Factory teaches skills of production As a result of a summer workshop, Mrs. Carrol Rose came out with a study pro- gram which did away with most book reading. It was called Pants Factories. This was started in the early fall with her Career Clothing I class. Barely any of the students knew each other, but does an employer usually know the employee? First, they filled out applications which had names and telephone numbers for recom- mendations. A speaker from the Indiana Employment Service, Mrs. Ann Day, came to talk with the girls. Mrs. Day spoke to them about the qualifications for getting a iob. Some were: good attendance, willing- ness to work and not waste time, and skills in the area of work. She also talked about the minimum wage and laws of employ- ment. After understanding employment, twelve people were chosen for the factory Each factory had a president and a name A few of the names were Famous Jeans, I Plain Pants, Blue Jeans, and Campbell's Company. The companies had to figure the cost of equipment, and each person chose a style of pants. Then there were problems, and some people had to be laid off or fired. This showed the girls problems of the employ- ers as far as firing and hiring are con- cerned. Next, the girls had to figure out the labor cost for making ieans. They multi- plied hours worked times the minimum wage for the total labor cost for one pair of jeans. They kept records of all hours, produc- tion, and spending. They were graded on points in ten dif- ferent areas. A few of the higher points were: l. Skills: sample isix pairs correctly model 60 2. Construction of ieans Excellent 75 Very Good 70 Good 60 Poor 50 Irregular 30 Reiect 0 3. Cost-Profit available 40 4. Employee evaluation: Attitude Social Relations Care of Equipment 45 The total possible was 310 points. PANTS FACTORY employees Teresa Wibley and Karen Jones have tallied labor costs and now begin production. KEVIN DAY, Andrew McElroy, David Price, and Jef- fery Ridley measure sugar for the making of future snacks. INTENT AND SERIOUS about work, Dianne Guynn matches pattern and material. ANTHONY ELLIS and Chuck Gin mean business when preparing their food. Q.. lf- ROTC BRIGADE OFFICERS: CXCPT Keenan Jacobs, CXCPT Mignonette Woods. FIRST BATTALION OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: BNCOICXCPT Eric Walker, BNXOXC !CPT Joseph P. DesLauriers, Sl !C!2LT Duane R. Williams. SECOND ROW: S2!C! 2LT William Vollmer, CXLT Michael Glick, CICPT Keenan Jacobs, C!lLT George Haliburton. ROTC officers proud of achievements From June 27 to July 9, Army ROTC units from the I I Indianap- olis high schools and some members from the Marine ROTC of Muncie, Southside went to Central Indiana JROTC Summer Camp Atterbury in Edinburg, Indiana. Approximately 200 cadets 150 femalei went to camp to study marksmanship, patroling tactics, compass reading and other skills necessary for war games and actual combat. Everything was strictly army, from PT lphysical training, to getting up at 0430 hours. Five Tech cadets earned officer commissions from the Officer Candidate School IOCSJ where NCO's lnon-commission officersj go to become officers. The five from Tech were: C!CPT Darlene Woods, C!2LT William Vollmer, C!2LT Mike Pipes, C!2LT Ezra Davis. Cadets that successfully complete the two weeks are advanced one rank. Battlefield promotions were earned C!2LT Duane Wil- liams and C!2LT Derrick Jones. The cost was 530.00 for the two weeks which included meals, ammo, shelter, insurance-everything except personal supplies and spending money at NCO Club, PX and Big Roby's Concession Stand. ROTC OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: CICPT Eric Walker, CICPT Joseph P. DesLauriers, Cf2LT Duane R. Williams. SECOND ROW: C!2LT William Vollmer, CXLT Michael Glick, CXCPT Keenan Jacobs, CXILT George Haliburton. THIRD ROW: CXCPT Mignonette Woods, C!2LT Timothy Bedgood, C!2LT Michael Pipes, C!2LT Derrick B. Jones. 9 Precision, perfection and expertise Precision, perfection, and expertise. That is the goal of the IDR drill team. All these qualities are definite requirements for the team since they must go by the book, FM 22-5 lfield manuali none of the fancy drill that the boys and girls Exhib- ition Drill Teams perform in their routine. The team is commanded by C!2LT Wil- liam Vollmer an OCS IOfficer Candidate RIFLE TEAM-FRONT ROW: CXMSG Jerry Childs, CXSGT David Evans, CIILT George Haliburton, SECOND ROW: BNCOXCXCPT Eric Walker, CXCPT Joseph P. Deslauriers, CO!C2LT Michael Pipes, CXCPT Keeman Jacobs. EXHIBITION TEAM-FRONT ROW: CXSGT Jonathan L. Beatty, CXCOX ILT George Haliburton, C!XO!CPT Eric Walker. SECOND ROW: C!2LT Timothy Bedgood, CXSFC Alfred C. Officer. THIRD ROW: Cf2LT Michael Pipes, CISSG Bobby L. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: CXSFC Charles F. Bear, CXSGT Tony Chapman. FIFTH ROW: CXSGT David Evans, CXCPL Shirley Atkins. Schoolj graduate. Vollmer, a junior here at Tech, has had command of the team since March, 1976. The team has been impor- tant to him since his freshman year. The teams XO lexecutive officerj, the second in command, is CXSFC Denny Holt, a sopho- more. Holt has been on the team since his freshman year. Last year was the first time the IDR went out for competition. They have been here for five years. No awards have been won yet, but a lot of effort and team work have been put forth on all levels. The team practices all the school year for two sets of drill meets, one in the fall and one in the spring. Other special events are scheduled for Armed Forces Day and Annual Federal Inspection. ROTC IDR SQUAD-LEFT SIDE: C!2LT William Vollmer, PVT Michael Barr, CXSSG Mark Culp, PVT Joseph Mills, CXSGT Charles Hampton, C!2LT Ezra Davis, CIPVT Ellgen Bear, Jeff Davis. RIGHT SIDE: SFC Denny Holt, PVT Jeffrey Layman, CXSFC John Wilkerson, CXSFC Shawn Hinton, CXSFC Robert Smith, CISSG Gaylan Owens, PVT Daniel Gary. l GIRLS' EXHIBITION TEAM-FRONT ROW: C! PVT Dimeta Campbell, C! PVT Terry Woods, C! CPT Migonette Woods, commander, C! PVT Karen Brown, C! PVT Mary Murphy. SECOND ROW: CXSSG Lara Sheldon, CXSGT Rosie Tillman, CXSSG Alice Fletcher, CISFC Chineta Wilson. THIRD ROW: CXSGG Katherine Wood, CISFC Jackie Carruthers, CXSGT Elaine Harris, CXSGT Bonnie Stevens. v- x , fx COLOR GUARD-FRONT ROW: CISGT David Evans, CXCOISFC Jerry Childs, C! XOXSFC Alfred C. Officer, CXSSG Mark Culp. SECOND ROW: CISSG Charles E. Jackson, CXCPL Kevin L. Franklin, CISFC Charles F. Bear. THIRD ROW: CISSG David Kennedy, C! CPL Timothy Pryor, C! SSG Michael Shelton. BAND GUARD-FRONT ROW: PVT Michael Barr, C! SGT Mark Culp, CXSGT Tony Chapman, PVT Karen Brown. SECOND ROW: CXSFC Alfred C. Officer lll, C!UT Derrick B. Jones, CXSFC Joyce Hunter, CXSGT Charles Hampton. THIRD ROW: Rhule Beck, Kevin Barker, Mark Bennett, Bonnie Stevens. FOURTH ROW: C! SSG Charles E. Jackson, CIPVT Eugene C. Bear, Charles F. Bear, Juanita Clark. FIFTH ROW: Micheal Pipes, Joseph P. DesLauriers, Duane R. Williams. Flag Detail The flag detail under the command of CXMSG Juanita Clark and C! XO! SFC Alfred Officer, has the duty of raising the American and State flag every morning lweather permittingl and taking it down in the evening. Also the detail raises the gigantic garrison flag on special occasions. An American flag, it measures 20 x 30 feet. GIRLS' COLOR GUARD: CISFC Sheri Jolliffe, CXSGT Stella Cousin, CIMSG Juanita Clark, CISGT Tammie Sims, CXSSG Brenda Moorefield. FLAG DETAIL-FRONT ROW: C! SSG Bonnie Stevens, CISSG Mark Culp, C! SSG Darryl Malone, C! SSG Katherine Wood. SECOND ROW: C!SFC John Wilkerson, C!SFC Reese Greer, C! CPL Timothy Hale, CXSFC Shawn Hinton. THIRD ROW: CXPFC Rhule Beck, Jr., CXSSG Charles E. Jackson, CIMSG Juanita Clark, CXPVT Jeff Davis. FOURTH ROW: CXSFC Alfred C. Officer, CISFC Charles F. Bear, CISSG David Kennedy, CXPVT Daniel Gary. "Lookin' good" in student polls It was Election Day at Tech for those 14 years or older. The young people finally got their chance to voice an opinion in American politics by pulling the lever under the name of the candidate of their choice. This election took place in the Barn which is on the east side of the campus by the Woodruff gate. There were slight simi- larities between this mock election and the real election as they both took place on Tuesday, November 2, and Jimmy Carter was the president-elect in both. We have the Tech 300 to thank for this opportunity of voting before we are I8 years old and iust giving us a chance to see who the stu- dent body prefers for president. LEFT: Bud Toliver enioys himself at 300's skating party. RIGHT: Tech 300's Halloween party offered one popular entertainment. 2 i 5 l il YOU ASKED FOR A VARIETY: Tech 300 has it at the Extravaganza House is home for many The purpose of the House Plan is to bring students closer together. lt is done by choosing at random the incoming freshmen who will participate and placing them in the House Plan. Some 700 pupils now are in the House, and they have I4 regular teachers, one dean, one counselor and the head, Mr. Miner. The group assets are that there are fewer drop-outs and better attendance than in regular classes, according to Mr. Miner. Attend- ance helps student grades and achievement. Parents feel that this organization benefits their children in their need to communicate with teachers and counselors. The plan has been in practice for five years. ' ik " i' " +1.1- -1-- ,.,--11 gi-ll .g-1-1 "' l , 6.11- ,,,,,........ 14. 'i' u Y ,.-..4..-1- ' - ,....-1 I .3111-1 3.11. -4- wb ' JE . .,,u LAX, A -- mm' be Tech's not gettin' olcler, it's gettin' better THE GIRLS' NEW GYM-lookin' good! During the last I8 months many changes have been underway on Tech's campus. These include a new gym for the girls and a new swimming pool. The old Boys' Gym has been remodeled. The swimming pool and Girls' Gym are modern and artistic. The racing lanes of the pool measure 75 feet long and 45 feet wide. The diving tank is 36 feet long and 36 feet wide. The pool has a high dive and a low dive, both springboards. The archi- tect's work is of the latest design. The Boys' Gym has been restored. The floor has a new surface. The old fold-up bleachers are completely redone. The area which once was the stage has been enlarged and converted into a wrestling room for practice and for meets. WW W gjfamw ,Xmy.zggiimxffr4,vQ1ni:s':1iafsizg5:1 awgfugzsiaauwgl. f y, ' f5'+fi2f+22f'f'i' ' , ,,, fm I-1 ff M- 6"gfM,1?'l A 1. 4 Qfilfiiff' 'I 2,43 M Graf Y, ff ,, lB3.q,,5.f,t5,ggg ,vwgf Wjvgfxif J ' f' N f n- 1 M., .QM +1 - if. yd sf 'f f'3t"1 lT?'.,,,M .ff My ' an ,,.Q,.....,ggl,g,q+5,.?,ggf ,,,fw , 131, m, gwiifiw ,,m,,,,-,gy w 5:-W M ,WW f f , jf 2' my pl' I 'SW f is ,W I 1 f QZII W Q sm 'Ii' Z , ,' ff, 4, , f' 3 29' if v. 55,1 Q Q4 N gn I ' ff I We f F E Z' Q. 1 I. I ...L ...L Jai ina E1 ' H , Q I I. wi I ' ...ll fl Tfai., 5, .i.. .l.ifi.1 .....l..i..... i ....... as .I - 412i f?1' '.ii. "l.,,i.' I A I YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY. EVEN A HIGH DIVEI GOING FOR SIXTY! I I EXERCISES-part of a day's work. Art, music, clance enliven languagescene I "ALL IS NOT GOLD that glitters," proclaims Carla Dickson, displaying decoration for her Spanish class- FOOD1. The Foreign Language Department ended last year and started this one with the visit of Vicki Carson, Bill Cox and Janet Deatrick for an eight-week stay in France. The three, now seniors, were juniors and French students-the first qualifications needed to apply for the IUPUI Honors Abroad Program, which is open in the four languages taught at Tech. Six steps are entailed in getting the appointment. The applicant must write a letter stating his reasons for applying, he must pay a fee to be tested in comprehen- sion of the chosen language. Then the applicant must request numerous recom- mendations. He gets a personal interview with a native speaker of the chosen lan- guage to determine whether he can repre- ent his country, himself, and his school in 1 foreign country. Vicki, Bill and Janet were able to do this. They had an exciting summer speak- ing and listening to French and touring the country. Members of the department, headed by Dan Stanley, express pride in the accom- plishment of the three who were honored upon their return by a reception and pro- JANET DEATRICK, Lisa and Beth Aubrey and Bill Cox show how it's done. Lisa and Beth are quick to pick up the folk dances the others learned last summer in France. Lessons? At the International House dinner November I 3. gram in the Forum. Foreign Language Fun for Flight Fare is definitely an annual event now. This year's production spoofed television shows. I The Spanish Club did a take off on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. The German Club brought tears with MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN. HAPPY DAYS and STARKSY AND HUTCH provided inspira- tion for the French Club. The Latin Club prepared a heart rending piece entitled LIFE CAN BE PUTRID. Proceeds from the show were used to help honor pupils with their expense abroad. THE EYE OF GOD is a traditional Mexican handicraft. ., . -a,111-mt.m..,,.... , wwwif-1--wzzzrzuglgzgg. 2 .,.. il t' I..,..,.f.t.f,-1.t.gM-' L. ,.f,-, 1 imxifm. geemg I .15-1i1i..zrr1:1Yiii with 3 . IXQI. 1 ED HARTLE ponders a paper in German. Dwight Woodson volunteers the answer. Language clubs, cooks, artists, and . . . Who says that only the French can cook? Get together a French Club, French recipes and your taste buds-two out of the three are American-and prove to yourself that French recipes American style are iust as good as the real thing! Well, Tech did iust that the last Monday in October. A French Tasting Bee was held in Stuart Tower. Members of the French Club and Mrs. Maria Lagadon, sponsor, made the scrumptious delicacies following French recipes. For 75 cents, pupils and teachers enioyed French foods such as quiche Lor- raine, crepes, pain Francais, eclairs and pate. Non-believers went away convinced, and many went back for more. The German Club has more to offer to Tech students than they realize. The Ger- man Club consists mostly of German stu- dents, but anyone can ioin. The club wasted no time at all getting reorganized this year: they met the second week of school. The club, which is headed by Paula Barbour, planned field trips for the year. The first trip was to Columbus, Ohio, for two days midway through November. FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Maria Lagadon, sponsor, Kate Taube, Karen Riggin, Julie Nesbit, Sharon Deatrick. SECOND ROW: Vicki Carson, Sandy Smith, Bill Lund, Janet Deatrick, Salinda Trittipo, Carol Keithley. THIRD ROW: Jessica Woodson, Janetta Wade, M. June Sanderson, Arthur Porter, Ruth E. Brown, Charlene Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Pamela Alcorn, Lisa Aubrey, Bill Cox, Beth Aubrey, Kathy Sullivan, Alan Sanderson. l BILL COX can't seem to decide which delicacy to try first at the French Club Tasting Bee. Bee, GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Karen Davis, Tracy Davis, Beth Weber, Phyllis Kriner, Norman Blunk, Ellen Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Paula Kriner, Caron Lasly, Alon Ulsh, Helen Borciak, Tracey Taylor, Cathy Levi, Santus Gore. THIRD ROW: Debra Harris, Christopher DeHoff, F. Randolph Brown, Shirley Roots, Dale Griffin, Raymond Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Harlan, Dwight Woodson, Lori Milburn, David Nelson, Charles Stinger, Joe Burton, David Baker, Kathy Lane, Paula Barbour, sponsor. SHARON DEATRICK samples a crepe at the Tasting STUART LAUGHLIN and Jim Raub play an exploding balloon game at the German Club Halloween party, Just plain fun and togetherness If you happened to be around Room 335 in Stuart Hall anytime this year, you probably noticed the room was ever- increasing in beauty. This was a year-long effort by the Spanish Club to beautify their room. Sheila Sullivan, sponsor of the club and the teacher who is in the room most, got the class into the idea. The club, together, made one large wall hanging and each member put something on it to represent himself. Also some of the mem- bers made ornaments to decorate the room. This was not the kick-off though. The Spanish Club started the year with a Taco Dinner at Mrs. Maria Lagadon's house fol- lowed by a visit to the Ballet Folklorico at Clowes Hall on Thursday October 21, 1976. In FLFFF, whose theme was A DAY IN . V Tasting Bee. THE LIFE OF TELEVISION, the Spanish Club did "The Price is Right". The club also took part in the International Dinner, November 13. Plans are under way for a ten-day trip to Mexico this summer. As a fund raiser, aside from Foreign Language Fun for Flight Fare, the Spanish Club sold suckers and bubblegum-a pleasant change from all those milk choco- late bars, but bad competitive pressure. lT'S FINGER LICKIN' GOOD says Cecil Tresslar and Mrs. Betty Rowland about the SPANISH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Donnell Lewis, Dioinisa A. Walker, Madgalena Thurman, Margaret Wiley, Anthony Warfield, Amy Michael. SECOND ROW: Nancy Davis, Chenita Wilson, Cynthia Anderson, Tina Quintana, Ola Gradall, Mary Fuller, Tracy Davis. THIRD ROW: Martin F. Waddell, Tina Stewart, Tonya Childers, Rebecca L. Surenkamp, David Parsons, Eva Kemp, Debbie Nicks, Johnna McCullough. FOURTH ROW: Eric Goldsmith, Sheila Sullivan, sponsor, Nicolas Quintana, Orron L. Coleman, Frankie Pinkston, Fred Lane, Seiora Wyne. LATIN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Serine Fine, sponsor: Raymond Kavanaugh, Frankee Howard, Edwin Marshall. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Sparkman, John Lorick, Michael Kobylarz, Tracie Woods. TALK, TALK, TALK, tell us some of it, Melody Rohrman and Kate Taube at a German Club meeting. Industrial interested individuals in ICT What, a UFO? No the ICT which stands for Industrial Cooperative Training. It con- sists of twenty-nine young men at least I6 years of age and in their iunior or senior year of high school. It began before the present sponsor, Ernest Holmes, ioined the staff in 1967, as assistant coordinator. Some of the occupa- tions included are Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Electrical Repair, Electronics Motor Training, and Pipe Fit- ting. The participants in ICT work three hours in school every day, and after school they work part time. They receive a grade in class, and a grade in on-the-job training. They receive two credits. Some of the iobs at which they work are at Naval Avionics, Community Hospital, Haog's Warehouse, Indianapolis Rubber Company, and many others. The hourly wage 'ranges ' from 52.00 to 53.50. The' main purpose of the program is to receive training on the iob. Mr. Holmes mentions that the applicant must have had two years of industrial training, and the main requirements which he looks forward to are average grades and good attendance. BELOW LEFT: Chris Love as an electronic repair trainee with Scherer Electric. BELOW RIGHT: Don Hooper is a fire inspector trainee with Naval Avion- ics. INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING-FRONT ROW: Scott Hillman, Bob Troxel, Mark Hof, Jim Vlhtmer, Jerry Holman. SECOND ROW: Randy Polvadore, Christopher Love, Patrick D. Wong, G. Joe McDougall, Terry Barnes. THIRD ROW: Elmond Turner, Maiester McQuffie, Jeff Williams, Erwin W. Smith, David Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Kurtis Jacobs, David Moore, Keenan Jacobs, Dewayne Walker, Brian O. Alvies, Brian Whitfield. FIFTH ROW: Gary Nicholas, Dave Pratt, Zellee Allen, John Blakey, Keith Jacobs, Christian O. Nielson, Ernest Holmes, ICT coordinator. NOT PICTURED: Tom Nance, Donald Hooper. E, 3 mi ..,. 5 Here's where they put it o The Printing Department is unique. The big machines are similar to those machines the INDIANAPOLIS STAR uses downtown. Many are the same machines. Some are: Vandercook Proof Press, Michle Offset Press, Seybold Citation Paper Cutter, Original Heidelburg Press, and Ludlow Linotype Headsetter. One part of the department teaches stu- dents to print the school newspaper, the ARSENAL CANNON, with all the big machines. The second part teaches students to be professional printers, using all the up-to- date equipment. This part shows the correct way to hand- set type, return it to the proper case, take proofs, read the proofs, and print the cop- ies needed. n paper DAVID MIMS etches a blueprint for the CANNON 2 1 i THERON KIRK uses the Seybold Citation Papercutter. JOEIDESLAURIERS uses the Michle Offset Press Auto Mechanics One for the road The Auto Mechanics Department is a continually busy place with students inter- ested in their work. This vocation is a fine one as there are a lot of automobiles out on the road breaking down every day. The list of repairs ranges from bad dis- tributor caps to tune-ups with an occa- sional thrown rod. Repairs for all these are taught in the Auto Mechanics Department. Engine Systems I and II teaches the bas- icsg III and IV handles more complicated repairs. Auto Mechanics is not only for the guysg Tech now has a powder-puff course for interested young ladies. There is a lot of business out there. Go get it, auto mechanics maiors. DEBBIE THOMPSON of the powder-puff corps repairs o lawn mower engine. A CAREFUL WORKMAN behind safety goggles remains unidentified as he sands down a door to be primed. TECH HAS ITS OWN "Car Wash". This is the vacu- uming detail. DANE GRIFFIN copies his dream home of the future. Somewhere you have to draw the line The Tech Drafting Department students are developing houses, architectshave never dreamed of. The floor plans are uni- que. The dreams of a student's house are going onto paper and becoming a reality for a few moments. ties, and how to draw the footage of a Drafting involves many skills. Some of wall. these skills are: reading blue prints, know- ing how to recognize the symbols, includ- ing those for a door, or bathroom facili- There are many tools in drafting. The T square, triangle, and rulers for drawing lines are a few. A BUSY DRAFTSMAN puts on the final touch. FOR PERFECT ION, David Price erases a line. KENNETH SEBASTIAN puts a circuit together with a soldering iron. GLEN SMITH checks the loose connection in a TV. Electronics a shocking experience Electronics is one of the fastest growing fields of today which is drawing more and more interest. Electronics is one of four fields offered by Tech in the Electrical Trades Department. Other courses include radio and television, air conditioning, and heating and refrigeration. A student may be trained at Tech for an electrical trades iob after high school. In a field such as electronics a student may have to go through college for further training. LAWSON CLARK checks the voltage ofa circuit Hopeful chefs cooking up tasty future Going to be a bachelor for awhile after school? Then take a cooking class. First the pupil signs up for Foods I and ll. Going to seek a career in food prepara- tion? Then the pupil may sign up for Com- mercial Foods l and ll in the Career Center. After all this training, he may take Advanced Commercial Foods. Such training might begin a wonderful career in foods. A chef might start this way, continuing after high school in a vocational school. Some graduates may become restaurant managers. Food is a maior factor of the American Way, and taking classes in the foods area might make a guy for girll a pretty good cook. NOTHIN' SAYS LOVIN' like something from the oven as Patti Jolliffe and Barbara McNeely can tell very well. MELISSA McDAY and Judy Smith remove some tea cookies from the rack, sweet and hot. I t Put down the books, pick up the tools Metal Trades is a very interesting field that allows the student to put away the books and be creative with his hands and bring out his hidden talents. Metal Trades is a three period, two credit class offered both semesters. It includes pattern making, foundry, sheet metal and welding. Last year Metal Trades made the giant metal snowmen on our downtown Circle. This is iust one of many proiects done by the metal tradesmen of Tech. BRUCE OLIVER cuts a pattern very carefully. BRYAN LAUGHLIN operates a grinder to sharpen a piece of metal. I KEVIN HILL tends foundry furnace melting hot metal. CALVIN LEE and David Bridgewater get sand for next iob FRED TRULOCK lines up a block of wood to cut. Building Trades prosper The Building Trades Department of the Career Center develops students who are interested in the art of building structures. Small barns, dog houses, and tables, such as end tables are built in the classroom. Courses teach the student some carpentry and masonry work, also a person might build a house some day, the way some stu- dents built the house on Michigan Street a few years ago. This is another one of the Career Center's fine departments which help make students from Tech prosperous men. 1' ERIC GOLDSMITH sprays paint on wood frames. HOWARD BEALE, instructor, and Erwin Smith repair a bandwagon for the Parks Department. Mags 'fi ang Y L,1L VL,- H , gf, :'.,E,mt2a , ,. Vkrrk Nat 5 rf' 'f QI 'kffnazili . D I K gl 1. 4 . 9 1 ,', 'lf3f'i'f i 175.1 'L Qs '.,-, -:Q as W 3 iff' 9 5 2 E 5 5 S E E 5 E ? 3 4 3 u 3 I I 1A, A , .r,.1 l .. ,I g ,., A1'k I f l 1976 VARSITY TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Craig Priest, manager, Kenneth Lee, Westley Holland, Tom Witsman, John Smith, George Chatman, Eric Stubbs, Andrew Abernathy, John Brinkley, Jerry Hill, Tim Fuller, manager. SECOND ROW: Rex Min- dach, manager, George Pitano, Madison Miller, Harold Simmons, Kenneth Cousins, James Trotter, James Bell, Joel Brown, Glenn Smith, Thomas Darden, Terry Pritch- RECORD BREAKER Jerry Hill proves himself King of Hurdles. ard, Frederick Beard. THIRD ROW: Bruce McGeath, coach, Gary Miller, Andrea McCallister, Derrick Pate, Herbert Alston, William Cox, Dale Henderson, James Adams, Willie Strong, Frank Beard, Dennis McGuire, Edward McDowell, assistant coach, Robert Woodard, assistant coach. VARSITY TRACK 1976 69 Kokomo 58 59 North Central 68 TECH OPPONENT Gary Invitational 3rd 1 1 1 Attucks 16 96 Shortridge 31 94 Washington 33 Tech Invitational 3rd 82 Warren Central 45 City 1st 71 Southport 56 Sectional 2nd 83 Perry Meridian 44 Regional 2nd North Central Relays 2nd State 2nd WESTLEY HOLLAND and Nicky Edwards depend, on timing for a good handoff. KENNY LEE has lots of concentration in the shot-put event. TERRY PRITCHARD leaps high in the sky. UP, UP AND AWAY goes Tech's Glenn Smith. Track Team has right ingredients for 1976 When the smell of track season is in the air, Tech becomes the most heard and talked about team in the city. Other high schools in the city know that this is the team for whom they must once again, lay all their talent, knowledge, and strategy on the line. This year their strategy failed. Tech had all the right ingredients for the 1976 city championship. The Titans put all of the talent they had forward in one tight bundle, but when the bundle became too tight with talent, they let it go. The Titans were on the loose again! Tech dominated the season's City's Best. There were Madison Miller, 100 yd. dash 9.8, Madison Miller, 220 yd. dash 21.9, Nicky Edwards, 880 yd. dash 1.56, Jerry Hill, high hurdles 13.8, Jerry Hill low hurdles 19.2, John Brinkley, high iump 6- 6, Kenny Lee, shot-put 57-11, 880 relay 1:29.7, mile relay 3:26. All of these were the best in the city. Although the Tech Track Team was num- ber one in the city, Tech was runner-up next to North Central, in the Sectional, Regional and State competition. North Central dominated the county polls. North Central also happens to be one of Tech's biggest rivals every year. This time they slipped past the sharp blade of the Titan's sword. The Tech Track Team, win or lose, is a respected team, known by every coach and school in the state of Indiana. Beating the Titans is not an easy iob, and this is what gave them the position they strive to keep each year. 1,2,3,4, that's how these Titans score. 1976 RESERVE TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Fred Beard, Dewayne Craig, Mark THIRD ROW: Bruce McGeath, coach, Ed McDowell, assistant coach, Andrea Breland, Glen Smith, Tom Darden, Jerome Mendez, Terry Pritchard, James Trotter, McCallister, Jeff Lorrick, Chris Stubbs, Herbert Alston, Ken Cousins, Frank Beard, Joel Brown. SECOND ROW: Robert Clark, Richard Legle, Michael Webb, Jackie Ken Hendrickson, Bob Wood'ard,assistant coach. Thomas, Harold Simmons, Cody Herron, Tony Lee, William Strong, Tim Groth. eserves undefeated The Tech Reserve Track Team shifted to fourth gear, and really turned the power on as they went on a winning streak from the beginning of the track season to the very end. One surprising win came against the Attucks Tigers, when the Titans defeated them lO8-l . There is not any kind of city tournament for the reserve team, but they are active in any kind of tournament given by any high schools throughout the city. The reserve team was made up mostly of iuniors and sophomores last season, who will be back hopefully to carry on their winning streak as most of them advance to the varsity team. it X.. FRED BEARD gets the signal to reach outf Off it if A , ii h e baton from Tim Ellis in the 880 relay. DANNY RICE may make it over in the pole vaulting event. 1976 RESERVE TRACK TECH OPPONE 108 Attucks 81 Washington 70 Warren Central 77 Southport 86 Perry Meridian 82 Kokomo 70 North Central 99 Shortridge FRESHMAN MILE RELAY TEAM shows off first place ribbons. FRESHMAN ERIC GREEN 5l0WlY Spflnls 'n lo the fm ish line. Tech Frosh take city crown Tech's Freshman Track Team began their first year at Tech on the right foot, as they defended their City Championship Crown. The freshmen of the 1976 season put away all of their school troubles that always seem to pile up for the beginning student, and established an undefeated season. Together Coach Don Robinson and Assistant Coach John Hall worked together to produce freshman record- I976 BOYS FRESHMAN TRACK breaking trackmen, whose attitudes and W d OPPONENT team spirit made them a winning team. 91 Wgghingmn These trackmen have returned this season, 106 Sunnybrook but not as freshmen. As sophomores this 78 Pe"Y Mefldlm' I spirited team has added their talent to the lsl place CIW lofi A rest of Tech's Reserve and Varsity teams. 1976 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Charles Jackson, Anthony War- field, Bill Goodall, Rohnal Peacher, Danny Rice, Mike Herron, Ricky Coin, Antonio Rudolph, John Roberts, Mike Toliver. SECOND ROW: Richard Dishman, Stanley Parrish, Larry Officer, Therron Kirk, William Tardy, Mike Shelton, Phillipe Wynn, Charles Wilson, James Miller, Gerald Fowlkes, Sam Walton. THIRD ROW: Charles Bigelow, Greg Rainy, Ray Beverly, Charles Whitney, Dewayne Tinsley, Lewis Allen, Eric Green, Mike Ray, Kent Looper, Melvin Washington, Steve Gwin, Don Robinson, head coach, John Hall, assistant coach. Kimura-Q .- M M-:W V I976 GIRLS TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Linda Johnson, Linda McFarland, Eliza- Wanda Smith. THIRD ROW: Arnold Lehman, assistant coach, Theresa Boggs, man beth Martin, Jo Ann Johnson, Theresa White, Pam Johnson, Charmeine Fletcher, ager, Kim Smith, Sherese Walker, ldella Barner, Ada Johnson, Leslie Green, Patrice Linda Dowdy, Sandra Muse. SECOND ROW: Denise Walker, Jane Allen, Janet Stowers, Ramona Radford, Regina Lewis, manager, Fannie Cox, Sue Janke, coach. Allen, Dalphia Laland, Loletta Brinkley, Opal Brinkley, Helen O'Neil, Anne Martin, BEFORE THE MEET BEGINS the girls rally around Coach Susan Jahnke to discuss their strategy. THE TEAM ALWAYS BEGIN their meet with a lap around the track. TESTING HER SPEED on the track is freshman Wanda Smith. l PAM JOHNSON practices the softball far-throw. ANNE MARTIN competes with one of her biggest competitors Tech girls have winning track season 1976 The Girls Track Team of i976 was a team of speed, strong relays and quick aggressive freshmen. The girls defeated all of their regular season opponents except 'for the defending state champions from Washington High School. The team did not expect to win the City crown, yet they went on to become Sec- tional Champions, take second place in the Regionals and eighth in the State com- petition. The girls also made their season great by defeating Marshall High School for the first time in two years. The Girls Track Team lost four senior members last season, but this loss will not weaken their team because of the strong freshmen who will be returning this sea- son, according to Coach Sue Jahnke. 1976 GIRLS TRACK TECH OPPONENT Chatard Wood Washington Lawrence Seclna Marshall Shortrrdge KIM SMITH puts all her power into the shot-putting event Ist City Tourney lst Sectional 2nd Regional 8th State 55 50 . 83 ' 37 55 50 B5 Arlington I9 70 Attucks 35 55 50 92 l 3 83 . 50 43 ' 62 I976 VARSITY BASEBALL-FRONT ROW: Dicky Briles, assistant manager: David lon McKinney, Roger Rebennack, Robert Rady. THIRD ROW: Ernest Cline, assistant Griffin, Steve Fox, manager, statistician: Tammy Seats, Linda Freemont, Donna coach, Victor Burgess, Tim Flanigan, Rawleigh Searcy, Leon Quarles, Tom Bruce Adam, bat girls. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Hooks, Tony Boyd, Bobby Bruce, Gay- Ivan Moreman, coach. O Varsity Baseball Team has I4-I 3 season lf the game were started 30 minutes late because one umpire hadn't arrived yet, and then he had to leave early, you would have troubles too. This was the situation as the Tech Varsity baseball team played in the first round opener of the City Champi- onship games. Tech defeated their first round opponent, Northwest, 2-I . The next round for the Titans was against defending champs, Chatard. Champs they stayed, as they defeated Tech IO-2. Tech rounded out their season with I4 wins and I3 losses. To Ivan Mooreman, coach of the varsity squad, the season was an enioyable one. He also stated that the attitudes of the players were very good, they all seemed to have a lot of fun, and a game of fun makes a pleasing time for all. The team played 27 games-the most games they have ever played in one sea- son. In the first game of the Sectional, North Central defeated Tech 8-4 in one extra inning. In the bottom of the seventh with North Central ahead by 2, Titan Roger Rebennack blasted a home run with one on to tie the game at 4. ln the overtime inning North Central scored 4 runs with 2 outs accompanied by 5 Tech errors. A 5 6 0 2 6 5 5 I 7 8 3 2 3 9 9 I 2 2 LEON QUARLES steps and swings for a good hit. I976 VARSITY BASEBALL TECH OPPONENT Pike 5 Washington 9 Warren Central 9 Bloomington 8 Perry Meridian 3 Scecina 7 Howe I0 North Central 4 Latin School 5 Arlington l Kokomo 7 Wood 0 Roncalli 4 Ben Davis 5 Cathedral 0 Broad Ripple 9 Attucks I Manual 8 Shortridge 0 Washington I0 linvitationall Shortridge 3 Northwest 4 Washington 5 CITY TOURNAMENT Northwest I Chatard I0 I l i 1 1 i l RESERVE BASEBALL 1976-FRONT ROW: Kathy Upchurch, batgirlg Bill Vollmer, Goode, Ron May, Ken Farr. THIRD ROW: Mark Hill, Gaylon McKinney, Marlon Har manager, Dewayne Cottongim, Bob Green, Dane Griffin, Ted Borgin, Donna Teck- ris, Bob Myers, Rick Davis, Fred Williamson, Terrance Chaney, Tom Collins, Dave enbrock, batgirl. SECOND ROW: Bob Bruce, Tom Curry, Bill Smith, Brian Dodd, Rob George, coach. Reserves find winning season Tech's reserve baseballers came up with a IO-9 record, following a couple of bad seasons. After losing the first four games of the season, the Titans came back strong by winning five of the last six games. The coach of the Tech Reserve Baseball Team, Dave George, commented that inexperience was a team problem. He sometimes started as many as six fresh- men, but they compensated for inexperi- ence by working very hard. He also pointed out that this was one of the best teams of reserves he had coached at Tech in a longtime. Some baseball action and personalities included a key pitching performance by Robert Myers, who pitched a no-hit game against Arlington. Ron May led Tech in pitching. A strong hitting attack was led by Terrance Chaney, Robert Bruce, Marlon Harris and Robert Goode, who pushed the Titans above .500. SURE OF A GOOD HIT is Bobby Bruce. 1976 RESERVE BASEBALL Roncalli 8 TECH OPPONENT Ben Davis 5 l Pike 13 Cathedral 9 0 Perry Meridian IO Broad Ripple 5 5 Secina 9 Attucks 4 6 Howe 8 Manuel 5 7 North Central 6 Northwest .2 9 Latin 5 Shortridge lforfeitt 15 Arlington O Warren Central 8 3 Southport 7 Washington 5 4 l Girl tennis players end with good season The Girls Tennis Team finished their sea- son with five wins and eight losses. The top players were: number l, Sally Gessner, 2, Barb Taube, 3, Kim Gardner, 4, Lisa Cooper, 5, Dana Thompson, and doubles, number l, Kate Taube and Barb Gentry, 2, Melody Middleton and Kim Ferguson. ln the City Tennis Tournament, Tech placed sixth out of thirteen. In the Section- als Tech placed fifth out of thirteen, and in the Sectional Singles, Sally placed fourth. The Tennis Team showed great potential last season. ln five singles, Dana Thomp- son had o winning season. The two dou- bles also were winners. Seniors Barb Taube and Lisa Cooper BARB TAUBE uses her tennis talent on the court. were great assets to the team according to Coach Bea Harding. 5 Anucks I 4 Marshall 3 2 Howe 5 3 Manual 4 2 Manual 5 3 Our Lady of Grace 4 1976 Girls Tennis 0 Lawrence Central 6 3 Chatard A Tech Opponen, 2 Broad Ripple 5 5 Scecina 2 3 Broad RlPPle 4 5 Ritter 2 8th Clit' 6 Wood 1 l2th Sectional KIM GARDNER shows her own style of playing te nis. n- l 976 GIRLS TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Barb Gentry, Sally Gessner, Dana Wilburn, Lisa Cooper, Barb Taube, Kate Taube, Kim Gardner, Mrs. Bea Harding, Thompson, Melody Middleton, Kim Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Beth Lyall, Anita coach. .uxwx 1976 BOYS' TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Richard Smith, Chris Gartrell, Bill Terrance Chaney, Don Robinson, coach. Smith, James Van Horn. SECOND ROW: Harry Fox, Marlon Harris, Chris Poteet, Boys Tennis Team racks 8-5 season The Boys' Tennis Team racked up an 8-5 season as they finished 9th in the City and advanced to the second round of the Sec- tional. Outstanding achievers, and seeded for the City Tourney were tennis players, Jim Surrenkamp lmost valuablel, Terrance Chaney, Bill Smith, and Marlon Harris. Earning maior awards for their talented ability for the sport of tennis were James Surenkamp, Dennis Hicks, Terrance Cha- l 976 Boys Tennis Tech Opponent 2 Marshall 3 4 Wood 1 5 Northwest 0 l Manual 4 0 Shortridge 5 2 Broad Ripple 3 3 Marshall 2 5 Arlington 0 3 Attucks O 3 Cathedral 2 3 Scecina 2 4 Arlington A l Shortridge 4 ney, Bill Smith, Marlon Harris, Harry Fox, Richard Smith, and James Van Horn. Hopefully, since there were no seniors leaving the team, all the players will return to better their season this year. Playing a very major part in the success of the team is coach Don Robinson. From his players come hearty thanks. CRlTlCAL ANTICIPATION is the racket for Coach Don Robinson and friend. E i BILL SMITH plays an aggressive style of tennis WITH A MIND of his own, the pigskin goes the other direction. NO ONE GETS AWAY from the quick pursuing Titans. OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM and roaring to go is Armond Patterson. HARD NOSE football is Jeffrey Lorick's game. VARSITY FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: Terry Pritchard, Brad McCall, John Kitcoff, Gary Miller, Larry Griffin, Roger Rebenack, Antonio Rudolph, James Miller, Charles Ernestes. SECOND ROW: John Lorick, Tony Garrett, Steve Gwen, Thomas Darden, Calvin Lee, Randy Bounds, David Wythe, Mike Glick, Tony Gamble. THIRD ROW: Tony Alves, Fred Williamson, Tyrone Wilson, John Gore, Gaylon McKinney, Murth Ramsey, Tony Lee, Steve Douglas, James Bell. FOURTH ROW: Howard Catt, athletic ii director, Ed Morgan, Dale Henderson, Jackie Thomas, Kevin Smith, Andrew Smith, Armond Patterson, Mark Breland, Ron Johnson, James Buckley. FIFTH ROW: John Hall, trainer, Willie Martin, head coach, Ron Clark. SIXTH ROW: Greg Brooks, Jeffrey Lorick, Steve Pyle, Tim Flanigan, Marvin Smith, Kenneth Cousins, Al Moore, assistant coach, John Hurrle, assistant coach, Bob Woodard, assistant coach. Tech Football Team splits season WHOOPSI I missed. Fumbles and parochial schools plagued the Tech Varsity Football Team last sea- son. The Titans split their competitive sea- son with five wins and five losses and duplicated their season of l974. The Titans were put to the test as they competed against some of the toughest teams in the city. The team kept their heads above water and pushed on to prove that hard nose football is Tech's game. Even though Tech is not victorious in the ratings of the football polls, we are recog- nized for having one of the most outstand- ing backfields in the city. Tech will be losing sixteen fine players this year, all who are graduating seniors. These seniors have contributed much of themselves and their energy for our team. l Although the football team has lost some good talent, this loss will not cripple the rest of the squad. This season we have i I more pro career hopefuls who will spread their talent all over the field to build a green and white path to Titan victory for 1976 vmafy Football o charm: I9 I 977- Tech Opponent 0 Washington 24 20 Cathedral 21 20 Roncalli 21 37 Howe I7 34 Broad Ripple 26 I2 Scecina I5 36 Marshall I 0 32 Wood 6 I4 North Central 36 Q . ,VVQ FEW RESERVE FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: Dane Griffin, John Garrett, John Roberts, Randy Bounds, Kevin Edwards, James Miller, Antonio Rudolph, John Lorick. SECOND ROW: Charles Ernestes, Steve Gwin, Jimmy Anderson, Gaylon McKinney, David Wythe, Mike Glick, Bobby Rogers, William Tardy, Aaron Robinson. THIRD ROW: Ed Morgan, Robert Wilmoth, Frederick Williamson, Ricky Bailey, Ricky Courtney, Tony Brown, Robert Wilson. FOURTH ROW: John Hall, trainer, John Hurrle, coach, Arnell Gilbert, Tony Anderson, Kermit Wilson, Kevin Smith, Ron Johnson, Calvin Lee, Armand Patterson, Chauncey Anderson, Al Moore. eserve Football Team has tough season The 1976 Reserve Football season was filled with bad luck for our Titan team. The Reserves ended their season with a 2-5 record with one tie against Chatard. The team's first victory came against Marshall High School, in which the Tech Titans blew away the Patriots 30-0. Although bad luck gave the Titan team a rough time, we all hope that the Reserve Football Team in the fall of '77 will be more mature and beat the record of the 1976 season. The Reserve Team received a new coaching staff last fall, John Hurrle, coach, and assistant coach, Al Moore. Coach Hurrle who had been, through recent years, coach of the Freshman Football Team, replaced Melvin Bowers, who resigned as coach of the Reserve Team, and ended his teaching career at Tech. , ,,., ........ ..-. it. Kwan-semwumus. PRACTICING HARD as one team are reserve and varsity players. 1976 Reserve Football I4 Washington 26 0 Roncalli I4 Tech Opponent 30 Marshall 0 0 Howe i4 I8 Perry Meridian 36 O Scecina 14 6 Chatard 6 2 GTll wail .. r if TMA .li News .........?' Y" gg l - J' ' g iiffwzi FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tracy Jackson, Frank Smith, David Anderson, Tim Curry, Terrance Clayton, Anthony Ellis, Danny Quintana. SECOND ROW: Robert Thurman, .lay Hooks, Kermit Mayes, Terry Mason, Joe Matheny, Darrell Keckhaver, Mack Alley, Tom Lawrence. THIRD ROW: David Pittman, Philip Goss, Tracy Wilson, Mark Sherrell, Randall Lindsey, Jerard Lorick, Gary Robinson Danny Pierce. FOURTH ROW: Francis Knue, coach, Bill Darding, Mike Cushinberry, Hoover Brown, George Mitchell, Kenneth Booker, Jeffery Williams, Mark Combs, Rex Gaddis, assistant coach. NOT PICTURED Greg Mason. I Frosh footballers, promising athletes The Freshman Football team proved that they were ready for participation in high school athletics this season by earn- ing themselves a 4-5 season. For some of the freshmen on the team this was the first sport they had ever participated in on the high school level. Since are more competitive demand more from the the freshmen had to changes. The freshmen started their season by winning the first few games. A few people thought that the Tech Freshman Football Team was on its way to a victorious sea- son, but as it sometimes goes when you have your hopes too high, things don't always go the way you had expected them to. Halfway through the season, and unde- feated at that time, the team lost to Cha- tard. There were other wins after this defeat, but following close behind was more defeat, tagging behind like a six- year-old child who wants to follow the teen-agers. Win or lose, Tech's Freshmen Footballers actually did end their season with a seal of approval-good promising athletes. high school sports and the coaches athletes, some of get used to the 1976 Freshman Football 0 Chdtdfd 8 6 Washington 34 Tech Opponent 6 Roncalli 32 20 Howe 6 6 Broad Ripple 24 I8 Scecinq 6 2 MOI'Sl't0ll 30 Wood 6 8 Perry Meridian 0 TRACY JACKSON, 25, goes out for a sweep with Frank Smith, 45, preparing to clear the way. QUARTERBACK TRACY WILSON steps out for a pass play. 5 3 .V ..,... . ,,...-.,- VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-FIRST ROW: Fred Beard, James Trotter, Nicky Cris Stubbs, Gerald Fowlkes. NOT PICTURED: James Adams, and Greg Rainey Edwards. SECOND ROW: Bruce McGeath, coachy Dewayne Tinsley, Herbert Alston, Varsity Cross-Country City Runner-up The 1976 Varsity Cross-Country Team ended their season with a 4-4 record. Despite the split record of the team, the Titans made outstanding achievements in the tournament action. The team placed 4th in the Washington I 976 Varsity Cross-Country Tech Opponent 40 Ben Davis I5 40 Washington 82 82 Southport I 9 82 Perry Meridian 43 42 Lawrence Central 28 42 Howe 52 24 Manual 31 25 Arlington 55 25 Attucks 56 28 Northwest 28 Washington Invitational 4-th Tech Invitational 3rd Columbus Invitational 7th City Tournament 2nd Sectional 6th Invitational, 3rd in the Tech Invitational, and 7th in the Columbus Invitational. In the City Tournament the Tech team was runner-up, but when sectional time rolled around Tech was close in the run- ning and received 6th place. ' :V 5' A -s'eiss 'E izi .f J .. . , df i gm I RUNNING HARD for the team is Fred Beard. USING A STEADY PACE is Herb Alston 1976 FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY TEAM--FRONT ROW: Ray Akers, Jeff Webb, Kleine, coach, Ed Buses, Steve Braden, Greg Dyke, Patrick Davis, Demetria Gibson Barry Napier, Darrel Thomas, Steve Manis, Gerald Mickens. SECOND ROW: Jay Darryl Anderson. Freshman Cross Country Team forfeits two The Tech Freshman Cross Country Team ended their season with a 6-2 record. The team gave away the chance for an unde- feated season when Tech was forced to forfeit meets to Southport and Perry Meridian high schools. The forfeit is a rule in the simple ideal of fair play. When a team does not have enough runners for a meet, they must turn the meet over to the opponents, giving them the victory for that meet. This was the situation when Tech met Southport and Perry Meridian. Although the Titans gave away two eas- ily won victories, the forfeits did not turn out to be a depressive influence for the team. They won the rest of their meets. The freshmen placed 4th in the Wash- ington Invitational and 7th in the Colum- bus Invitational. 1976 Freshman Cross Country Arlington forfeit Tech Opponent Northwest forfeit 15 Washington 45 2nd City Tournament forfeit Southport Ath Washington Invitational forfeit Perry Meridian 5th Tech Invitational 18 Howe 37 7th Columbus Invitational 22 Manual 29 Attucks forfeit FOR THESE FRESHMEN it's a long stretch to the finish line. fn, 'OM ANDREW FOWLKES fighfens his hold. DALE HENDERSON is careful about his moves. Wrestling GERALD FOWLKES heads for a fake down. COACH HURRLE, Howard Cah and Mike Cecil observe the match. 31, I ka W wa A 1976-77 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Jerry Wagner, Andrew Francis Knue, assistant coach, Dale Henderson, Murth Ramsey Frank Beard Steve F lk GI S ' ' ' - A ' ow es, en mnth, Barry Williams. SECOND ROW. James Bell, DeWayne Craig, Gwin, Howard Catt, athletic director. Kevin Edwards, Ray Robinson, Stanley Graves. THIRD ROW: John Hurrle, coach, Fowlkes takes city title The 1976-77 Varsity Wrestling Team closed the season with a 7-5 record. During the season of 1975-76, they had captured the state title with the very impor- tant aid of Andrew Fowlkes, DeWayne Engram and Eugene McGuire. Fowlkes, who placed 4th in the state, returned to the state finals this year, but unluckily was defeated in the first round at Southport February 26. Before the state competition, Fowlkes had made other exciting triumphs. He cap- tured the city title, placed first in the Sec- tional, and Regional and second in the Semi-State. For this graduating senior, it's been quite a season! 1976-77 Varsity Wrestling 21 Perry Meridian 38 Marshall Tech Opponent 40 Washington 51 Broad Ripple 8 49 Attucks 62 Broad Ripple 12 25 Ben Davis 30 Cathedral 26 City Tournament 4th 22 Chatord 30 Sectional 2nd 24 Howe 47 Regional 5th 20 Arlington 41 61 Manual 3 59 Wood 10 PROUD COACH. Proud Fowlkes! is 1 slfil l 1976-77 RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Russel Toliver, Gaylon Owens, Antonio Rudolph, Fred Beard, Ben Solver, Bobby Rogers. SECOND ROW: Francis Knue, Coach, Dean Allen, Charles Blancher, Anthony Warfield, Gene Brown, Gerald Fowlkes, James Pollard. Reserves roll to 3rd in city! The year of 1976-77 was a season of excitement for the varsity wrestling hope- l fuls as they ended their season with a 7-2 l record and a 3rd place in the city tourna- ment. A lot of future talent was unchained during the wrestling season which may have some effect on the varsity team for next year. City champions for the Reserves this season were Gerald Fowlkes and Antonio Martin. Placing second were wrestlers, Dwayne Craig, Gene Brown, and James Pollard' DEWAYNE CRAIG takes his opponent straight to the mat for two points. 1976-77 Reserve Wrestling USING IMPRESSIVE PINNING MOVES wrestler Gerald Fowlkes works his way toward State Finals. Tech Opponent 54 Broad Ripple 24 20 Howe 29 37 Arlington 28 66 Manual 10 72 Wood 4 forfeit Warren Central forfeit forfeit Lawrence forfeit 52 Attucks 1 3 1 1 Ben Davis 54 City Tournament 3rd place Freshmen wrestlers are aggressive The fall season was a very decision making part of the beginning year for some freshmen here at Tech as they tried their hands at wrestling. Some freshmen found out that the sport was a trying experience for them. But they discovered that wrestling can also be a challenge when they were taught ways of conquering their opponents. The Freshman Wrestling Team ended their season with a 5-1 record and placed 5th in the City Tourney. Earning an individ- ual championship was Ray Akers, and placing second was Dean Kelso. Freshman Wrestling Tech Opponent 60 Attucks 9 19 Broad Ripple 17 31 Howe 42 41 Manual 21 84 Arlington O - Forfeit 31 Pike 29 Howe Invitational 6th place Freshman City Wrestling Meet GONZALES HILLMAN works for a pin Ray Akers 1st 155 STUCK DEEP IN TIGHT is Greg Lavel. Greg Lavell 3rd 90 Tony Ellis 3rd 177 Dean Kelso 2nd 132 Darrell Keckhaver 4th 126 Daniel Gary 3rd 119 FRESHMAN WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Michael Ford, Anthony Ellis, Kevin THIRD ROW: Rex Gaddis, assistant coachg Jay Hooks Daniel Quintana Ray Akers Tucker, Gregory Lavell, Gonzales Hillman. SECOND ROW: Tracy Wilson, Robert William Harding, Jerry Edison, Richard Merrifield Daryl Keckhaver Willie Martin Thurmon, Gregory Townsel, Robert Barnett, Patrick Mann, Dean Kelso, Tony Cline. coach. Volleyball Team has good SENIOR PLAYER, Tonya Jackson. SENIOR PLAYER, Loletta Brinkley. potential Tech's Girls' Volleyball Team lost only two players from their 1975 season, leav- ing Tech with a 1976 veteran team. The girls had a lot of talent, experience and skill, but they iust did not give a 10021 effort. Competition came against Marshall, to whom we lost in both rounds of action. The team got back on the track when they defeated Howe, at that time rated number 2 in the city polls. In the sectional competition all of the girls were ready physically, but not men- tally, and that's where the problem struck in the second round against Perry Merid- ian High School who was undefeated. Returning talented players for next sea- son's team will be: Leslie Green, Ada Johnson, and Cynthia Graham. The team has also lost one player, Teresa Clemmons, and two players are to graduate, Tonya Jackson and Loletta Brinkley. 1976 carlo' vooley Volleyball ls, 15 Wood 6, 9 Tech I976 G"'S Resme Volleyball, mm 4' ls' ls Broad RiPP'e l5' 4' 12 15, I2 15 Lawrence Central 8 10 Tech Opponent 11, 15, 9 Manual 15, 8, 15 I5 15' Cathedral 9' 10' 15, I5 Lawrence Central 6, s 15, 14 Howe 11, 9 O Q2 Ahucks I 3 15 15, I6 Cathedral 9, 14 ls, 14 Noflhwosi 0,6 12, 11 9 Aflaogloo 3 15 15 13, 1 Attucks 15, 15 13, 4 Warren Central 15, 15 13' 0 ' Scecina I3 I3 6, I5, 15 Arlington 15, 2, 8 10, 5 Shortridge 15, 15 15' I5 Washington 9 32 7, 9 Scecina 15, 15 4, 14 Franklin Central 15, 16 15' 7 16 Marshall I5 15 I4 15, 15 Washington 7, 3 9, 11 Chatard 13, I5 151 ,g Howe 7 32 ' '21 I5 M"'Sh"" '51 17 11, 15, 14 Nonhwosl ls, 9, 8 1I,1O Chatard 15,15 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Reedeth Randolph, Marquerite Graham, Janice Steinmetz. THIRD ROW: Sheresse Walker, Phyliss Shotwell, Leslle Rudolph, Rochelle Floyd, Melinda King, Tracey Daniels. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Greene, Patrice Stowers, Ada Johnson, Lisa Shotwell, Don Daily, coach. Lou Manka, coach, Lori Stewart, Valerie Kennedy, Dorothy Maxwell, Cynthia fm:--rf f61'- 4 i --'-' u 1976 GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: Lonnie Hockmann, Robert Keithley, Todd Free- Dave Lewis, Jack Gross. Not pictured, Jay Kleine, coach. man, Bruce Tietrich. SECOND ROW: Mark Johnson, Brad McCall, Larry Johnson, First year for Tech golf invitational Tech's Golf Team had their first lnvita- Jack Gross, number four man Dave Lewis tional Tournament last season at Eagle and number five man Lonny Hockmann. Creek Park for all city teams, in which Tech The Team was a good golf team with received third place. lots of potential and was better than the The number one man for Tech's Golf team from the season before. Five iuniors Team was Brad McCall for the 1976 sea- son. Other top players were number two golf team to a victorious season. man Larry Johnson, number three man hopefully return this season to lead th 6 DAVE LEWIS shows his own style of golfing. LONNIE HOCKMANN practices on his putting. 1976 GOLF TECH OPPONENT 187 Shortridge 204 233 Chatard 208 258 Marshall 206 401 Kokomo 323 257 Ritter 205 266 Howe 205 234 Manual 239 21 3 Wood 256 224 Ben Davis 191 249 Roncalli 233 1 78 Wood 1 72 213 Cathedral 196 232 Perry Meridian 193 410 Arlington 344 235 Northwest 227 164 Shortridge 192 181 New Palestine 194 255 Attucks 285 Attucks Forfeit 401 Arlington 344 Scecina Forfeit 213 Broad Ripple 240 410 Kokomo 328 164 Washington 212 'I976-77 VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: Laureen Harwell, Jackie Bender, Opal Brinkley, Wanda Turner, Teresa Clemmons. SECOND ROW: Sue Carson, Bernice Trotter, Sherese Walker, Ada Johnson, Lisa Shotwell, Maxine Carlis, Susan Jahnke, head coach. NOT PICTURED: Leslie Greene. I976-77 RESERVE GIRLS BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: Jean White, Alberta Johnson, Tracy Daniels, Natalie Gore. SECOND ROW: Marcella Bryant, Donna Fancher, Terry Boggs, Patrice Sfowers, Linda Leach, Teresa Williams, assistant coach. i S A R BOTH TEAMS wait for the ball's outcome. LESLIE GREENE battles as she gets the tip. 1976-77 Varsity Girls Basketball Tech Opponent 78 North Central 43 76 Scecina 38 71 Warren Central 62 58 Wood 20 61 Scecina 29 62 Washington 41 64 Northwest 48 63 Chatard 39 52 Washington 31 58 Marshall 45 72 Cathedral 32 59 Perry Meridian 42 57 Manual 20 54 Park Tudor 22 47 Scecina 31 57 Northwest 32 47 Howe 41 69 Warren Central 45 50 Carmel 41 65 Franklin 57 54 Mt. Vernon 57 SENIOR PLAYER, Leslie Greene. Tech girls stronger and more confident After making it to the Girls' State Bas- ketball Finals last season, the girls were red hot for the 1976-77 season, capturing their second straight Sectional and Regional titles. Last season the girls had a few losses during regular season play but soon became notoriously dangerous after knocking off highly rated Ladywood- undefeated until that time, and riding high on a cloud. The girls won the hearts of many this season as they were the favorite to win the state championship. But in the final round of the Semistate final, the Titans were bumped off by the Mount Vernon Marau- ders-Tech's only loss for the season. ln the first round action of the Regional Tourney, the Titans were up against fast- breaking Warren Central which prides itself on man-to-man defense. But Tech was stronger and more confident. ln the final game against Carmel in the Regional, the Titanettes really had their work cut out for them. But they kept cool heads and defeated Carmel 50-41 when the oppo- nent began to fold in the third quarter. Mk l ,.,. K EDDIE-WHO!! Dyn-o-miie 122 w I TI G THE DOMINATOR!! FOX!! LUCAS!! . W 3 TECH T H 4 1976-77 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Glenn Lamb, manager, Eddie Hannon. THIRD ROW: Howard Catt, athletic director, Ed McDowell, assistant Theron Mays, manager, Jackie Thomas, Larry Griffin, Paul McMichael, Steve White, coach, Avery Johnson, Zellee Allen, Landon Turner, Greg Brooks, Ted Fox, Ernie manager. SECOND ROW: Leonza QBuddyl Quarles, Tony Boyd, Lucas Graham, Cline, coach. Tech blasts Rockets, Hornets get stung In the Sectional Tournament Tech handed Ripple their third defeat by the Titans Q59-531 in one season. The Tech team also gained revenge on the Rockets for last season's Sectional loss. In the next round of action in the Sec- tional Tech was upset by the underdog, the Arlington Knights 70-69 on a bad case of fouls with a few seconds left in the game. The Tech varsity basketball team took the blast out of the Broad Ripple Rockets and the sting out of the Howe Hornets, as the big green machine ended their season with a 119-51 record, and the city champi- onship for 1977. The championship was the third for the Titans since 1974. The excitement really crept in when the Titans took their revenge on the Rockets for a big upset from last season when the Varsity Basketball 77 Broad Ripple 70 77 Washington ' 73 T6Cl1 Opponent 86 Kokomo 75 66 Shortridge 47 81 Scecina 74 71 Newcastle 58 74 Muncie Central 80 88 Southport 79 94 Manual 81 70 New Albany 65 City Tourney 96 North Central 83 65 . Roncolli 52 94 Crispus Attucks 74 96 Scecina 58 64 Northwest 52 66 Broad Ripple 63 64 Ben Davis 68 79 Howe 63 66 Brebeuf 51 Sectionals 73 Howe 75 59 Broad Ripple 53 71 Cathedral 63 69 Arlington 70 ao Raghmond 91 Won-1 9 Lost-5 Rockets eliminated the Titans from the city championship semi-finals and again in reg- ular season play. This time Tech turned the wheels and eliminated Ripple from the 1977 city championship semi-finals 66-63. The Titans then shielded themselves from the sting of the Howe Hornets, who earlier in regular season play had defeated them 75-73. The Titans force held strong and the Hornets quickly broke down to nothing but harmless bumble bees. With one big stump the Titans smashed the Hornets and their 13-0 record 79-63. The Tech Titans took the city crown that was so eagerly wanted by Howe. WWA Y, C L 1976-77 BOYS RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Glen Lamb, Theron Catt, athletic director, Marvin Smith, Paul Allen, Jimmy Davis, Armond Patterson Mays, Brent Fields, Robby Green, Tim Thomas, Steve White. SECOND ROW: Ron Johnson, Ed McDowell, coach. Dennis Allensworth, Kent Looper, Darrel Roberson, Jeff Carr. THIRD ROW: Howard eserve Titans capture city title The 1976-77 Reserve Basketball team ended their season with a 17-5 record and the city championship. The Reserves followed close behind the varsity this season as they defeated Wash- ington 52-37 in the finals of the Reserve PAUL ALLEN fights for the ball. City Tourney. The Titans iumped out to a quick win- ning start as they went 5-0 before their first defeat by North Central 66-68. The team of the 1976-77 season proved that they were big, strong, and quick. COACH MCDOWELL coaches from aisle. wfn.f:ffn..,HiwLfff'iAt Reserve Basketball Scores Tech Opponent 32 Shortridge 29 51 Newcastle 49 52 Southport 46 48 New Albany 42 36 Ben Davis 31 66 North Central 68 57 Attucks 35 55 Northwest 37 44 Brebeuf 35 62 Howe 57 55 ' Northwest 37 54 'Shortridge 53 45 'Wood 41 52 'Washington 37 28 Richmond 47 52 Broad Ripple 48 55 Washington 54 69 Kokomo 49 36 Scecina 35 47 Muncie Central 50 53 Cathedral 57 '67 Manual 69 '-City Tourney SEC!! EIS 3 hui' E ll' S48 X lumix FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Troy Oberley, Chris Hamilton, Howard Catt, athletic director, Jerrard Lorick, Vincent Twimen Mark Cheryl Greg Gerald Smith, Brian Johnson, Alston Lockett, Richard Briles, manager. SECOND Mason,Tim Reed, Darryl Swanigan, David Price, Dave George coach ROW: Fred Hamilton, Phillip Gross, Mike Cushenberry, Mark Combs. THIRD ROW: Freshmen finish in mixed figures The T976-77 Freshman Basketball Team ended their season with a I5-3 record. At the beginning of the season the freshmen had a bit of the starting-season iitters when they were defeated by Wood- view 47-49. It was the first game of the season. But getting in tune did not take long for the new team. They lust washed away the butterflies and shifted into vic- tory gear, and headed on their way. From the talent shown by these fresh- men, the future reserve and varsity should have no problems finding players. TIM REED leaps for the ball. Freshman Basketball Scecina Stonybrook Tech Opponent Shortridge 47 Woodview 49 Washington 5l Southport 38 Attucks 62 Attucks 33 Marshall 53 Lawrence Central 48 Howe 42 Ritter 35 Cathedral 55 Arlington 43 City Tourney 47 Wood 36 Cathedral 55 Manual 38 Broad Ripple 43 Broad Ripple 33 Northwest 42 Chatard 40 USING HIS TRIPLING ABILITY is Brian Johnson. 1 . 5 7ffQ:Jfff+f' H, . ., Www ..,.... ..,,r.. .s.s,..,,W,mN News ,,,- .iff A-v... 1, - f. .- if ' T T. tim W Cheerleaders moving for school spirit Who is full of yells and great school spirit? Who supports our basketball and football teams? The Cheerleaders. They are at every game giving our teams their fullest support. They cheer when they get there until the minute they leave. In trying out for the Cheerleading squads a girl or a guy is required to have VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM: Denise Browning. LOWER MIDDLE: Lisa Browning, Alex Hong, Jaye Marcum. UPPER MIDDLE: Gina Foster. TOP: Sherry Noerr. an original cheer. After all interested indi- viduals have tried out, a selected commit- tee of teachers and students selects the new cheerleaders. The six who make up each of three squads are always reminded of how they appear before the crowd as they will receive criticism on what they do. The squads work along the same line as Melinda King. TOP: Rhonda Hale. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM: Debbie Adam, Kathy Hong, Trina Beck. MIDDLE: Yvette Grant, Tammy Williams. TOP: Lavette Hill. the athletic department with a Freshman, Reserve, and Varsity squad cheering respectively. This year's varsity squad will lose four seniors: Alex Hong, Gina Foster, Jaye Marcum, and Denise Browning. Three of these four have been on the varsity squad for three years. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Tracie Shiniman, Shirley Williams, Linda Parish, Carol James, TAMMY WILLIAMS, LaVette Hill, Kathy Hong, and Debbie Adam get in the Titan spirit. JAYE MARCUM pleads for another point. Vk,,J, W A LOOK OF DISGUST crosses Debbie's face. GINA FOSTER and Denise Browning laugh as victory becomes obvious. -T V5 S-n Q sv-n 3 5 i Sb i Many things take place for us to remem- ber, electing Senior Council, Homecoming, tug-o-war, Sadie Hawkins, and the prom. But the most important event of the year is graduation, the moment when the class president leads the entire senior class in the tassel ceremony. This is the moment when it is too late to turn back. We Q-LQ Tech graduates. Senior officers-pride of '7 7 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-SEATED: Kim Ferguson, president, Fannie Cox, secretary. STANDING: Raphael Prevot, vice-president, Lawrence Hooks, treasurer. F , . me M- - ,I f WM SSS , we 1 ' , ,,,. ,, f X 4 as if 1 79. E M ,xiii ,I if 3 . , 3 " I f 4 5 5 Mrs. Nancy Sutton 190 1 vorol roroloooz -1 Janice Cooper Mr. John Kanouse 153 6 Lois Sink 7 Judith MCB,-ide Mrs. Mary Penrod 640 643 SENIOR COUNCIL IROLL ROOM OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: Donna Adam, secretary 190, Kim Ferguson, president 153, Debbie Miller, treasurer 7, Jayetta Marcum, president 7, Loletta Brinkley, president 190, Rochelle Major, vice-president 7, SECOND ROW, Mrs. Nancy Sutton, sponsor, Charmaine Fletcher, 153, Vicki Stoup, treasurer 648, Teresa Lee, secretary 7, Fannie Cox, secretary 153, Tonya Jackson, president 6, THIRD ROW: Stephanie Rodrigues, treasurer 640, Teri Hill, secretory 6, Ermine Robinson, secretary 640, Alan Ulsh, secretary 648, Mike Thomas, president 648, Mary Sykes, vice- president 648, FOURTH ROW: Steve Powell, president 640, Raphael Prevot, vice president 640, Lawrence Hooks, treasurer 6, Kenneth Banks, vice- president 190, Mike Greene, treasurer 6, Steve Douglas, vice-president 153, Mark Burris, treasurer 190. Donna Adam Rick Adams Vicki Adams Jeffery Alexander Ken Alexander Linda Allen Ruthie Allen Sandra Allen Zellee Allen Brian Alvies John Anderson Michael Ardizzone Audrey Armes Sandra Arnold Lisa Arterberry Beth Aubrey Michael Austin Jard Avery Charlee Bailey Kenneth Banks Mike Barker Nikita Barker Barbara Barner Idella Barner Terry Barnes Melbourne Barnett Galen Batts Janice Beecher Gary Beever James Bell Billy Belton Debbie Benedict Ernest Bennett Mark Bennett Stella Bennett Liz Benningfield Michael Berry Alberta Berryhill Almelyia Black Keith Black John Blakey Steven Blane Terrie Blewitt Maurice Babbitt Rose Boggs Phyllis Bolton Marion Bonner Troy Bonner Helen Borczak Julie Borelly Mary Ann Boylen Daniel Bradley Michael Bradley Ruby Bradshaw Tina Bradt Mark Breland Ronnie Briggins Darla Briggs Richard Briles Rickey Briley Loletta Brinkley Tim Britton Linda Braadus Greg Brooks Billafonte Brown Joel Brown Mary Ann Brown Sandra Brown Denise Browning Robin Bruer James Buckley John Buckley Eric Burdine Mike Burke Mark Burris Vernell Burse Loretta Burt Deborah Butler Gladys Butts Kathy Byers Barbara Calhoun Mildred Callahan Debbie Calvert Rhonda Calvert LIZ BENNINGFIELD looks back as she waits for senior attention Eva Campbell Luetta Campbell Betty Cannon Ricky Cannon Cynthia Carr James Carr Rose Carruthers Vicki Carson Cecelia Carter Cynthia Carter Phyllis Carter Larry Caflett Michelle Chambers Mike Chapman Robbie Chatman James Clanton Sonya Clanton Avanette Clark Clarence Clayton Mary Clegg Sheryle Cline Orron Coleman Deleana Cooney Kenneth Cousin Fannie Cox Joseph Cox William Cox Keith Crawford Steve Crouse Michael Cunningham Marcia Dale Diane Damron Thomas Darden Margaret Davidson Patsy Davis Dianna Dean MIKE GREENE introduces the senior officer skit in a plea for senior dues. Linda Dean Janet Deatrick Mike DeBurger Deborah Deloach Sharon Denkins Debra Denton Sherry Desso Sandra Dobbs Steve Douglas Brenda Dowdy Dennis Drew Beniamin Drinnon George Dupee Theresa Durnil Sharon Dyke Michele Edison Michael Ellis Renel Ervin Deborah Etheridge David Evans Edward Evans Karen Evans Sharon Evans Phillip Farley Susie Fenton Kim Ferguson Patricia Ferrell Kathy Ferry Shelly Fischer Joseph Fitzgerald Kathy Fitzgerald Tim Flanigan Charmeine Fletcher Dwayne Fletcher Gina Foster Towana Foster Ted Fox Troy Frazier Anson Freeman Randy Freeman Linda Freemont Ellen Gadbury Joyce Gadis Robert Garrison Linda Gaskey Brenda Gerholt Penny Gilliam Cheuk Gin " :riiiiiiifliii F 'ijt-,'Efzr. V if 3 if ,..k,fi we ...all -we b , a 427- F f A Q wr 1 N 5 'Nth E rrsr, 2 5' we iiitlsr stiitst 2 crsr E1 sti T .:111. rf- K f P 7 'Yiifli-fit. if 1 L MM.-if ies ., , N, - nr wazzeswgql , 353, ex A.. L: , ,L . Save, " i f ES' "T . 'ga ' sfzzilfgsie .- .Q si .: . x :- . . . . .kk t, A 3 ,iw 3 L X 4 xi, 3 I' f hw vm Y K l S Q Q E X l 4 'l X H 5 5 . R5 far X, W ,Wm ,. K Q- FQ 5' 1 L Nx K EEE w a Qt. r X M nl .3 I if A 5 Q rw X' 1155 X "' w fl '1b1t, . Af s Y .si ROLL ROOM 153 prepares for the bahle ofthe ropes. O R '2'1Qs1::,: : , 4 -S EQ : .bf 'lO J J ' 1' 232 EE, r SL .fl-'El ' fh-N.. ,,,,, , :lm "' I OOOO Octavia Gipson Donna Glass Faith Glover Pam Goergen Peggy Goldman Blonnie Goliday Roberi Goode Patricia Goodner Robin Gordon John Gore Hiromi Goya Chrisiine Graham Gerri Graham Kim Graves Marcia Gray Palsy Gray Michael Greene Debra Greenwell Dale Griffin Larry Griffin Keith Grigsby .lack Gross Deborah Gunn David Gurvitz Cheryl Hale George Haliburton Wilma Hall Diana Hamilton William Hammans Fredye Hampton Marchelle Hampion Bert Hanneman Vanessa Hardiman Sandy Harp Debra Harper Laurie Harris Marlon Harris Pamela Harris Sonya Harris Clarissa Harrison Edwin Harlle Thomas Harvey Kirf Havlin Linda Hawkins Merle Hawkins Katherine Heady James Heavrin Brant Helm Elizabeth Henderson Kenneth Hendrickson Sfarlel Herron Charles Hibbiff Debra Hicks Dennis Hicks Lisa Hicks Garry Hill Linda Hill Robert A. Hill Sandra Hill Shirley Hill Teri Hill Gregory Himes David Hindman Mark Hof Palrick Hogan Deborah Holland Danny Holloway Ellen Holmes Paula Holmes Darla Holt Edward Holtsclaw Marcella Hone 5 K s x Qligfigefiexggeezw- j J ,. ,.., ig, ., 'r - in L is ' ,,.. :g f F N :,, 2 we iii CHERYL HALE and Dale Griffin seem lo have some fun of Their own. .,:i' 1 3 ' " 1 -"i " i Q 12-' , ,,,,,.:., ,...,. 1 Vs. W me 1 -El!-k fn. .gef1:-:,2ffie2f,iif gkggs, ' 1 ff' 592 Mm., A---A-sm of 'was s a M f :nfl stalk: X 'N 3 ' E 1 'WP ills., il X Y 4 ' Jw Q as 1 'fa E mf , ,tg K ss mass? A so Si ,. s sf. S L, 1' 11 'I X aff nb J i THAT'S WHAT IS KNOWN as a little pull. Alexandria Hong Robert Hood Lawrence Hooks Sharon Hooks Donald Hooper Darlene Hostetler Cynthia Howell Janet Hubbard Susan Hunter Sheila Hurst Sherry Hutchins Linda lvy David Jackson Linda Jackson Michael Jackson Rickey Jackson Stacye Jackson Tonya Jackson Keenan Jacobs Keith Jacobs Kurtis Jacobs Leatha James Dennis Jennings Larry Jines Audrey Johnson Chico Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Judi Johnson Kenneth Johnson Linda Johnson Lori Johnson Marilyn Johnson Michelle Johnson Pamela Johnson Sammie Johnson Sharon Johnson Sheri Jolliffe Keith Jones Lorna Jones Pam Jones Randy Jones Rita Jones Kim Jordan Bernard Kahl Richard Karr Tim Kavanaugh Karen Keane Carol Keithley Valerie Kennedy Marcella Kent William Kerr Charlotte Kirk John Kitcoff Wallace Kreiger Kenneth Lacy Kathy Lane Caron Lasley Stuart Laughlin Daniel Lawrence Sharon Ledell Rhonda Lee Sedric Leslie Cathy Levi David Lewis Debbie Lewis Ray Lewis Werner Lewis Sherry Lickliter Adele Long Teresa Long June Lorick Chris Love David Lufcy William Lund Beth Lyall Mike Madden Roschelle Maior Latonia Maiors Michael Malloy Jaye Marcum Alfenia Martin Joyce Mason Lloyd Mason, Jr. Valerie McAfee H? 2' 'Z I 35 ff wma 'fliifmsizi 1 - --,nga . -. 1:5252 K , .,,,,.,. M3-535 W l sw: ew X' . Sgfilifgfv ., i igi u E Hg . Z S 'li le ln S L lx , . ,,.., s.,,. 1 Q . ., 3 ., J 11 g lk it 3 1 K lf- A Nftl........l,.e . - -- f- asv: s . in it , .x,..1,. ,.!hfy551.t .. 1521? D rifle? ses S i , 'g 4 Q si? it 5 'R pg pl JS f' J .f sz .' 5251 Q if 1 P5 x 5' aqpizcf- ,px rrs, r J J K P "iill -N. 1 ' " " SZ," 1, , i5?'1f':'f v- -S, ' F it ... Rv :eg :sk ' rpg :z.,'1f" I " 3 -55 sffzgszezes 1 i . . , . i ' ' N i ..-We ff. ifMizfff, fri,-.-is :er-'S i i'WEii!i5i?iLif: "ii"iW' 1I-Eililflii?15?Qi'E5'sffT5i?5f?-fi Y 'isil ' l ff- . rlll, K '-"' h-,. .sr.. ,,i,1i,ii, ,i,-i1 ,L ' "" ' fl.: i.1i2f:S?'QZs5ii . ' w P me x gi!!! 32 12 al i J X 'REQ' 1-1 ' ' ,,f:1s1f1s2ih ,. , .s,,, ., .M a " N efzsv:1zs:ne2s,e'ssfs2 5 J ',.f,2f1.:mngg5g3ffQ . K rsrs M S - L , .. "" "s"ss's " .. f ww 3 X F5 aft b l ls 4 l QW il s ' 4 I is 'Sai Q 5 . li QB r' Q 1 5 W ' ,315 1 if l X N Q I Q fuk Am 1 I . Q "4 ai , , aw' 'WEL , Emffv 1 l . 'L . we :fn-f ef- mag. ' gfP5:ilj'- 13, sf, ' l WSF r 1 1 F f xvv s- m Ca, t g Y . si g , lg? S 'L i is f A , M5 :N 1.2. " fi Siziiillfi' f'. ,- L. wav- x www w f -My .12 Sgfifixwl-M z fl K4:Q,'?M'feM5g1 'qi min, E5 1, 45-1-A .,, . M., T 1 . 1- 1 if K I wgfiegiff' 5,31 -'P fM.g'ixw4o A' .K 1 Iiiiiilyf . Wi ,I in , 1, sag: 1' , r zrffh 'fi'-5122fs2fssi'12il 1 - .2 R EFLE Vfliizll' rsss 1 i i'ti Brad McCall Lisa McClung Annie McConis Mellesa McDade Charlotte McElroy David McGuire Cornelia McKay Barbara McNeely Martin Means James Melton Jerome Mendez Sharon Messer Melody Middleton Debi Miller Francine Miller Madison Miller Richard Miller Charles Mills Landa Mills David Mimms Eve Minton Robin Mitchell David Moore Gentris Moore Leston Moore Robert Moore Thomas Moore Shirley Moreland Regina Morris Brian Mukes TWO HUNGRY SENIORS go to it in the Senior pie eating contest. Seniors on the rise! Randall Murphy Cindy Murray Dennis Murray Robert Myers Earnest Nelson Sue Nelson Brian Nevins Gary Nicholas Anthony Nicholson Barbara Norwalt Cheryl Oates Timothy L. O'Neil Marietta Page Kathy Parish Paul Parker Charles Parris Charles Patton Deborah Peavey Joe Pence Cynthia Perdue Calvin Peterson Amy L. Piety Alvin Pitts William Polin Randy Polvadore Johnny Powell Judy Powell Steven Powell David Pratt Rapheal Prevot A JOYOUS SENIOR R.R. 640 displays tug-o-war champion- ship trophy. 567759 Seniors ROLL ROOM 7 charges into action at the Homecoming pep session. lea ss xx X X Hs , sw 'I asm f , ml S EET X lin WL 'V M , 'iiff Tiff as ,HX es,1fWgs,if1 . ?ise1g5,S4sfg.v- . Wziigf 1 , 'f ' f -Mr 2' 'H he K . gym .lg X ' ,Q qi S J Q X T 4 X QL? X . na- l S! R .s . , 5 -t , R e,a-fyS.:g5p- s:L,5, it - 'fi 1m.,.,.. Q . 'QNX 3 W ,f R 2fEf5X 5i?:i'11ff frhi. lx .fn ,111 1g uyfmsgzrlx ' ml 'Bi xxx - -, , V -- fe -zzmzsrzsszsx ig is S Matthew Pyles Warren Quirk Robert Rady Mary Rainford William Ramsey Allen Ray Joe Reaves Roger Rebennack Charles Rent Alvin Reynolds Diana Reynolds Rhonda Reynolds Tammy Rhoades Darrell Rice Denise Rice Tina Richardson Kelvin Roberson Daniel Roberts Joy Roberts Ermine Robinson Harley Robinson Peorline Robinson Debra Roddy Stephanie Rodrigues Melody Rohrman Margaret Rose Patricia Rose Deana Rozzel Cynthia Rush Veronica Russ Kevin Russell Terry Russell Twila Soferight Dennis Sanders Victor Sanderson David Sanford Michele Schwartz Tammi Seats Shawn Senour Cynthia Shannon Sherri Sharp Joe Shelton Denise Shobe Mark Short Lisa Shotwell Cathy Simon Maurice Sims Wanda Sims David Skaggs Latonya Skelton DeWayne Slaughter Andrew Smith Erwin Smith Hyman Smith Judith Smith Mattie Smith Will Smith William Smith William P. Smith Cornelius Snorden Sheila Spall Stephanie Sparkman Barbara Sparks Anita Spells Mariorie Spivey Tina Stafford Patsy Stanley Joyce Steele Linda Steinmetz Anthony Stevenson Ginger Stewart Reginald Stewart Wendell Stewart David Stiffler Charles Stinger Robin Stoner Vicki Storey Robin Strickling x W ffffis 2 l Qs 4 ' K if 1 v it . gg, N . ,gi ---f,gggt,eag f f xii My av i -wa: H, s'-elm:-flzs Q .ze- Seniors "77" F' .Q ,.tt l , ""i . .W , ,. t "-- 3 .--- ii Y 2 g ft u -,,' , ' . Q' ff-'N il 1255! A 5237 'i': A ""' A 31 N 21 T3ifE:f?E5i We 1' g lst ,S 'Q T . ii six ,, it, Ut -I ' r ea: 'kf,xT1l'fifaf:fsz11g 5,15 xv. .gif 1: lsrr A srelteet , ge sri "', it Q' m 1 . 14 ' fs' ea Mb .tt. JS 755 :V Mt is 1.-no weed ,K , ,J , -.- ' f ia.. -15. Jeannette Strode Chris Stubbs Kathy Sullivan Michael Sullivan Albert Summers Deanna Surber James Surenkamp Tanya Swanigan Melvina Sweat? Mary Sykes Deborah Danasovich Antoni Taylor Oliver Taylor Tracey Taylor Debra Teater Gary Tennant Carol Thacker Berry Thomas Linda Thomas Mike Thomas Cassandra Thompson Diane Thompson Mark Thompson Phyllis Thompson Mike Tobin Marcia Toliver Salinda Trittipo Bernice Trotter Robert Troxel Denean Turner Karen Turner Tom Turner Patricia Tyler Joyce Tyner Alan Ulsh Martin Waddell Roberta Wade Terry Wagner Vanessa Walden Eric Walker Hugh Warner Cynthia Washington Rhonda Washington David Watson Harriet Watson Karen Webb Staci Webb Cynthia Wells Kenneth Wells Barbara West Mike West Conroy Westmoreland Constance Wethington Angela Wharton Betty Wheeler Darala White Jeff White Patricia White Percy White Terry White Brian Whitfield Francine Whitfield Joseph Wiley Barry Williams Cleo Williams Denise Williams Denise Williams Jeff Williams Mary Williams Brenda Williamson Linda Wilson Rick Wilson Debbie Wingo Robert Womack Patrick Wong Denis Woods John Wright Carol Young Rachelle Young Isezmeft ' ' - 1 - K I 1. 1ww1':,1u:et-'zzszw , , - -I-,gwggd :.w-1:-W ,Wt s- ni. - ,,f-eygffgsgxg 9 .af-.4, gf. ,, v- , f ' me will 4 , vii? '99 f , Q' W 1 4 s ki E at E , g, jade X QL, ,, ' W Mswiz, " , . ,-sf' fsifi1i:fawggf1'1', sage Zilfkgfegt H W5 ,V ,M ,.,,.. L, V V .4553 t ' H . . .M -s1f2"i' ,- I Q 1 ,.: ' , Zi at A S1 - 4 r,,, , ,W J W. fall 'Cf Y I " Aw Q5 ii? mt . by -ffiiiszt. ww 1 17 . 5 '5 s U . X 3 ,. , K 5, 4, B ' ef' , ff 'fd' ' 4 4 Hi gf S 523+ . Q '5 fl? .4 WP ,z e fa? T2 W 5 tw J ggi? 2 :ef ,,. o n e . he t H Q 1 -", ekfze'.'w.-1 - , I ,,.,,, A r - , ag, V1 fffi ' E . 555:56 in A . .. , if H ef iz' x ' 11, F 5 'n 1 .-. mf' s v p:geffw.:fff.f so l ki .Mft . ji . X Q ' -lima 9 2 '5 N , w . ab llfii was Q, ,- msflo- . E 5 1 V . ii 1 , ji.: ' "3 lzyififyfzizz gl: f l v is ,wi it in 1 Ml' 1 " v .z 4 K Si ' 't ,, .E wwe- , ,. , 1 . GARY NICHOLAS, Dave Moore, and Jeff Johnson prove to be suckers leading up to Homecoming. '7 7' Super-Seniors indeed, honors prove TECH LEGION I977-FRONT ROW: Joy Roberts, Ermine Robinson, Stephanie Rodrigues, Melody Rohrman, Kevin Russell, Victor Sanderson, Glenn Smith, Kathy Sullivan, Antoni Taylor, Mike Thomas, co-commander, Salinda Trittipo, Alan Ulsh, Roberta Wade. SECOND ROW: Caron Lasley, Dave Lewis, Debbie Lewis, Teresa Long, Chris Love, William Lund, Elizabeth Lyoll, Alexandria Hong, captain, Jayetta Marcum, Lisa McCIung, Charlotte McElroy, Debbie Miller, Shirley Moreland, Brian Mukes, Amy Piety, captain. THIRD ROW: Janet Deatrick, captain, Sharon Denkins, Brenda Dowdy, Kim Ferguson, captain, Tim Flanigan, Gina Foster, Cheuk K. Gin, Debbie Greenwell, Rebecca Grigsby, Marlon Harris, Tom Harvey,- Dennis Hicks, Tonya Jackson, Sharon D. Johnson, Valerie Kennedy, Francine Whitfield. FOURTH ROW: Donna Adam, Jeff Alexander, Audrey Armes, captain, Beth Aubrey, Debbie Benedict, Rose Boggs, Rickey Briley, Denise Browning, Robin Bruer, Mark Burris, Wcki Carson, co-commander: Cecilia Carter, William Cox, Thomas Darden, Diane Reynolds. r SENIOR HONORS-FRONT ROW: Alex Hong, Donna' Adam, Jayetta Marcum. SECOND ROW: Chuck Gin, Debbie Greenwell, Beth Lyall, Debbie Miller, Audrey Armes. THIRD ROW: Roschelle Maior, Debra Hicks, Teresa Long, Vicki Carson, Jeff Alexander. FOURTH ROW: Amy Piety, Denise Browning, Valerie Kennedy, Darla Briggs, Phyllis Carter. FIFTH ROW: Tonya Jackson, Carl Keithley, Jay Roberts, Robin Bruer, Chris Love. SIXTH ROW: Marlon Harris, Dennis Hicks, Diane Reynolds, Salinda Trittipo, Beth Aubrey. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Cox, Janet Deatrick, Tom Harvey, Victor Sanderson, Brian Mukes. EIGHTH ROW: Jim Carr, Mark Burris, Kevin Russell, Dave Lewis, Rick Adam, Tim Flanigan. 4 C197 7 Senior Roster ADAM, DONNA LYNN: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Quill and Scroll, Batgirl, Maiorette, lTwirlerl, lPom-Ponl, Junior Council, Sen- ior Council, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON Newspaper Staff, SAO Executive Board, SAO Repre- sentative, Secretary Roll Room I90, Prom Commit- tee, Review Board, Cap and Gown Committee, Date Scheduling ADAMS, RICKY WAYNE: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies ADAMS, VICKI KAY: Business Education! DE ALEXANDER, JEFFERY ALAN: Business Education, Social Studies! DE ALEXANDER, KENNY: Industrial Arts ALLEN, DARRYL RAY: Industrial Arts! CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent ALLEN, LINDA LOU: Home Economics, Social Studies ! DE ALLEN, PAMELA JANE: Business Education, Social Studies ALLEN, RONNIE C.: Industrial Arts! Chess Club, Key Club ALLEN, RUTHIE E.: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies! COE, Y-Teens, SAO repre- sentative ALLEN, SANDRA MICHELLE: Home Economics! Girls' Concert Club ALLEN, ZELLEE: Industrial Arts! ICT, Block T Club, Basketball ALVIES, BRIAN ALLEN: Industrial Arts, Social Studies !ICT AMMON, PENNI JEAN: Home Economics ANDERSON, HANNAH DEBORA: Home Economics, Social Studies ANDERSON, JOHN A.: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies ANTHONY, MARK L.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ARDIZZONE, MICHAEL SALVATORE: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies ARMES, AUDREY M.: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! German Club, Service Club, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Stage Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Exercise in Knowledge ARMOUR, ALFRED: Business Education ARMSTRONG, KENNETH: Social Studies ARNOLD, SANDRA DARLENE: Business Education, Social Studies ARTERBERRY, JUDY: Business Education ARTERBERRY, LISA RAE: Business Education! DE, Service Club, Spanish Club, XYZ Club, Concert Band, CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent AUBREY, BETH ANNE: Foreign Language! French Club, Drama Club, Bell Choir, Boys' Concert, Club, Boys' Octette, Concert Orchestra, Girls' Concert Club, String Ensemble, Techoir AUSTIN, MICHAEL AVERY, JARD: Industrial Arts BAILEY, CHARLEE: Business Education BAKER, STEVEN D.: Mathematics, Social Studies! Anthropology Club BANKS, KENNETH: Business Education, Mathematics ! ROTC Officers, Junior Council, Senior Council, CANNON yearbook agent BARBER, ELIZABETH ANNETTE: Home Economics, Social Studies BARKER, MICHAEL F.: Social Studies BARKER, NIKITA LYNN: Social Studies BARNER, BARBARA DENISE: Home Economics! Speech Team BARNER, IDELLA: Home Economics, Social Studies! Track, Girls' Concert Club BARNES, TERRY A.: Industrial Arts! Anthropology Club, ICT BARNETT, MELBOURNE: Art! Photography Club BARNETT, RICHARD D.: Industrial Arts, Social Stud- ies BATTS, GALEN ALBERT: Industrial Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies BEACH, TIMOTHY: Social Studies BEECHER, JANICE FAY: Business Education, Social Studies BEEVER, GARY LEE: Business Education! DE, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff BELL, DERRICK: Social Studies BELL, JAMES L.: Art, Social Studies! Block T Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Junior Council BELTON, BILLY R.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies BENEDICT, DEBBIE JANE: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies! Prayer Circle, Exploratory Teachers, SAO repre- sentative BENNETT, ERNEST: Industrial Arts BENNETT, MARK: Art! ROTC Band Guard, Stage Club, messenger I BENNETT, STELLA MARIE: Social Studies! Drama Club, XYZ Club, SAO representative ' BENNINGFIELD, ELIZABETH ANN: Social Studies! DE, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON year- book agent, messenger BERRY, MICHAEL: Industrial Arts, Social Studies BERRYHILL, ALBERTA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies BLACK, ANNIE ALMELYIA: Business Education, Social Studies BLACK, EDWARD: Auto-Aviation BLACK, KEITH: Industrial Arts, Mathematics BLAKEY, JOHN LUTHER: Auto-Aviation! ICT BLANE, STEVEN L.: Social Studies BLEWITT, TERRIE: Social Studies BOBBITT, MAURICE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Boys' Concert Club, messenger BOGGS, ROSE ELAINE: Social Studies! Service Oub, Exercise in Knowledge, CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent, Cinderette BOLTON, PHYLLIS LAVERNE: Social Studies BONNER, MARION BONNER, TROY: Metal Trades BOOKER, LARRY: Social Studies! Prayer Circle, Foot- ball, Track, ROTC Rifle Team BORCZAK, HELEN: Business Education, Foreign Lan- guage! German Club, messenger BORELLY, JULIE ANN: Art BOYLEN, MARY ANN BRADLEY, DANIEL J.: Social Studies BRADLEY, MICHAEL ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Baseball, Cross Country, Track, ROTC Officers BRADSHAW, RUBY: Social Studies BRADT, TINA MARIE: Social Studies! DE, Girls' Con- cert Club BRELAND, MARK VALENTINO: Printing! Future Edu- cators of America, Football, Track, Wrestling BREWER, MARCUS: Industrial Arts BRIGGINS, RONNIE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Art Club, Football, Boys' Concert Club BRIGGS, DARLA DENISE: Business Education, For- eign Language, Social Studies! COE, OEA, Spanish Club, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, messen- ger, CANNON newspaper agent, Cheerblock BRILES, RICHARD: Social Studies! Baseball BRILEY, RICKEY: Art, Mathematics! Drama Club, Hik- ing Club, Photography Club, Thespians, Exploratory Teachers, Cannon Yearbook Staff BRINKLEY, LOLETTA LYNETTA: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! COE, Girls' Volleyball, Block T Club, Track, Junior Council, Senior Council, Sophomore Honors, SAO representative, Concert Orchestra BRITTON, TIMOTHY: Industrial Arts BROADUS, LINDA: Business Education, Social Stud- ies BROOKS, GREGORY RANDOLPH: Drafting, Social Studies! Key Club, Block T Club, Baseball, Basket- ball, Football, SAO representative, messenger BROWN, BILLAFONTE: Foreign Language, Social Studies! Latin Club, ROTC Flag Detail BROWN, JOEL WILLIAM: Industrial Arts, Mathemat- ics! Track, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors BROWN, KAREN ANNETTE: Business Education, Home Economics BROWN, MARY ANN: Business Education, Social Studies BROWN, SANDRA BROWNING, DENISE D.: Mathematics, Social Stud- E Q B ll I ies, Science! DE, German Club, Human Relations Club, Key Club, Cheerleaders, Junior Council, Sopho- more Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, SAO representative, SAO Executive Board, messenger BRUER, N. ROBIN: Business Education, Music, Social Studies! IOL, OEA, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Stage Band, Girls' Concert Club, Melo- dayres, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, messenger, Concert Orchestra BRYANT, MONA: Home Economics! Girls' Basket- ball, Girls' Concert Club BRYANT, WILLIAM: Business Education, Social Stud- ies BUCKLEY, JAMES: Electrical Trades, Social Studies! Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Block T Club, Foot- ball, Wrestling, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, mes- senger, Concert Orchestra BUCKLEY, JOHN: Social Studies! NFL BURDINE, ERIC: Mathematics, Science BURKE, MICHAEL J.: Art BURNETT, WALTER: Industrial Arts BURRIS, MARK: Business Education! COE, OEA, Sen- ior Council Treasurer l90, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Band BURSE, DARNELL: Auto-Aviation! Speech Team BURSE, VERNELL: Home Economics, Social Studies BURT, LORETT A EACHON: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies! Junior Council, Girls' Concert Club BUTLER, DEBORAH: Art BUTLER, GREGORY: Building Trades, Social Studies BUTTS, GLADYS: Home Economics BYERS, KATHY JEAN: Business Education! DE CALHOUN, BARBARA JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies CALLAHAN, MILDRED: Home Economics CALVERT, DEBORAH: Home Economics, Mathematics ! Prayer Circle, Y-Teens, messenger CALVERT, RHONDA: Mathematics, Science! Prayer Circle, Y-Teens, messenger CAMPBELL, EVA: Home Economics! Cheerblock, Jun- ior Council, CANNON Newspaper Staff, SAO repre- sentative, messenger CAMPBELL, LUETTA: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! XYZ Club CANNON, BETTY: Home Economics! Stage Club CANNON, RICKY L.: Industrial Arts CARR, CYNTHIA: Art! Art Club, Stage Club CARR, JAMES E.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Chess Club, Senior Honor Sweater CARRUTHERS, ROSE: Business Education, Social Studies CARSON, KATHI: Business Education CARSON, VICKI LYNN: Foreign Language, Music! French Club, Girls' Concert Club, Girls' Ensemble, String Ensemble, Techoir, Concert Orchestra, Tech musical, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honor Sweater CARSON, WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation CARTER, CECELIA: Business Education! DE, FEA, NFL, Service Club, Spanish Club, Speech Team, Girls' Concert Club, Exploratory Teacher, SAO representa- tive, WATS broadcast CARTER, CYNTHIA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies CARTER, PHYLLIS JEAN: Home Economics CATLETT, LARRY DARNELL: Social Studies! Football CHAMBERS, MICHELLE LYNN: Social Studies ALEX HONG and Orron Coleman, Techoir's best dressed girl and boy? CHAPMAN, MICHAEL: Foreign Language, Music! Tennis, Boys' Concert Club, String Ensemble, Techoir, messenger, Concert Orchestra, Tech musicals CHATMAN, ROBBIE ELIZABETH: Social Studies! IOL, OEA, Tennis, Marching Band, Pep Band, messenger CHILDS, ANTHONY MICHAEL: Metal Trades CLANTON, JAMES: Industrial Arts CLANTON, SONYA S.: Social Studies CLARK, RONALD: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wrestling CLARK, RONALD L.: Industrial Arts CLARKE, AVANETA: Social Studies! XYZ Club CLAYTON, CLARENCE: Social Studies! Football, Wrestling CLEGG, MARY BETH: Business Education! COE, Drama Club, FEA, Hiking Club, Spanish Club, Thespi- ans, CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative CLINE, SHERYLE: Mathematics! CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative COLE, TYWANDA: Business Education, Social Stud- ies COLEMAN, DARLENE: Social Studies COLEMAN, ORRON: Foreign Language, Social Stud- ies! Drama Club, Key Club, Spanish Club, Football, Wrestling, Junior Council, Boys' Concert Club, Melo- dayres, Techoir, CANNON newspaper agent, SAO representative, messenger, Tech musical COONEY, DELEANA M.: Business Education! IOL, OEA, CANNON newspaper agent, messenger COOPER, BALINDA: Social Studies COUSIN, KENNETH: Auto-Aviation! Block T Club, Football, Track, Wrestling COX, FANNIE M.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Block T Club, NFL, Speech Team, Track, Junior Council, Senior Council, String Ensem- ble, SAO representative, messenger, Concert Orchestra, Secretary of Senior Class COX, JOSEPH K.: Art, Mathematics! Bowling Team, Drama Club, Stage Club, Stagecraft Crew, SAO rep- resentative, messenger COX, VERN ALLEN: Art, Mathematics! Drama Club, Speech Team, Thespians, Boys' Concert Club, Stage- craft Crew COX, WILLIAM E.: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! French Club, Tennis, Track, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Boys' Concert Club, Boys' Octette, Techoir, Exploratory Teachers, messenger, Tech musical CRAWFORD, KEITH: Industrial Arts, Mathematics CROUSE, STEVE R.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! DE, German Club, Radio Club, Baseball CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL: Auto-Aviation, Mothe- matics DALE, MARCIA YVONNE: Home Economics! DE DALE, PRINCESS A.: Business Education DAMRON, DIANE: Home Economics DARDEN, THOMAS E.: Mathematics, Printing, Social Studies! FEA, Block T Club, Football, Track, Wres- tling, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater. messenger DAVIDSON, MARGARET ANNE: Foreign Language, Social Studies! CANNON newspaper agent DAVIS, BARRY LEE: Social Studies! Concert Orches- H0 DAVIS, HAROLD: Building Trades, Mathematics DAVIS, PATSY: Home Economics, Social Studies! messenger DAVIS, RICKY L.: Auto-Aviation! CANNON Year- book Staff DAVIS, SANDRA: Business Education DAVIS, VALERIE DENISE: Music, Social Studies! FEA, Girls' Concert Club DEAN, DIANNA LEE: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics! Vice-President at James E. Roberts Student Body, Secretary of James E. Roberts Student Body DEAN, LINDA: Social Studies! IOL, OEA DEATRICK, JANET ELIZABETH: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! French Club, Hiking Club, Bell Choir, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble DEBURGER, MICHAEL: Art, Mathematics, Science! Drama Club, Hiking Club, Latin Club, Photography Club, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Concert Band, Marching Band, Exploratory Teachers, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CANNON Yearbook Staff, mes- senger DELOACH, DEBORAH: Business, Social Studies DENKINS, SHARON LEE: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! Sophomore Honors, Girls' Concert Club, Girls' Ensemble, Techoir DENTON, DEBRA L.: Social Studies DESSO, SHERRY L.: Home Economics, Social Studies ! Stagecratt Crew DINGLE, JERRY: Business Education, Mathematics DOBBS, SANDRA SUE: Social Studies DOUGLAS, STEVE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science! Block T Club, Football, Wrestling, Concert Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Orches- tra, Junior Council, Senior Council, Prom Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Publicity Committee, Consti- tution Committee, Review Board DOWDY, BRENDA: Business Education! COE, OEA, Sophomore Honors, messenger DREW, DENNIS ALLEN: Business Education DRINNON, BENJAMIN: Social Studies! SAO repre- sentative DULLEN, DIANE: Home Economics, Social Studies DUNCAN, ROBERT WAYNE: Business Education! Anthropology Club, DE DUPEE, GEORGE BRIAN: Building Trades DURNIL, THERESA L.: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics! DE, SAO representative DYKE, SHARON L.: Business Education! IOL, OEA EDISON, MICHELE: Business Education! COE, OEA ELLIS, MICHAEL D.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band ERVIN, RENEL: Social Studies! messenger ETHERIDGE, DEBORAH: Business Education! IOL ESSETT, KATHLEEN: Home Economics, Social Studies EVANS, CLAYTON M.: Business Education, Social Studies! FCA, Baseball, Basketball, Track EVANS, DAVID ROY: Social Studies! CANNON newspaper agent EVANS, EDWARD: Social Studies! Service Club EVANS, KAREN O.: Business Education, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! OEA EVANS, ROBERT: Social Studies EVANS, SHARON RENE: Art! messenger, Concert Orchestra FARLEY, PHILLIP A.: Social Studies! ROTC Flag Detail, ROTC IDR Squad, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Exhibition Team FELDER, MARITA ANN: Business Education, Social Studies FENTON, SUSIE: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Vice President of Roberts High School Student Body FERGUSON, KIMBERLY J.: Foreign Language, Math- ematics, Social Studies, Science! Block T Club, NFL, Speech Team, Y-Teens, Tennis, Maiorettes iTwirler, Pom-Ponl, Junior Council, President Senior Council, Sophomores Honors, Junior Honors, Concert Band, Marching Band, messenger, WATS broadcast FERGUSON, TOM: Social Studies FERRELL, PATRICIA A.: Business Education, Home Economics! OEA FERRY, lKEEKERl KATHY JO: Business Education, Home Economics! Spanish Club, CANNON newspa- per agent, CANNON yearbook agent FISCHER, SHELLY L.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! CANNON Yearbook Staff FITZGERALD, JOSEPH A.: Business Education, Math- ematics, Social Studies! Photography Club FITZGERALD, KATHY: Home Economics FLANIGAN, DANIEL TIMOTHY: Social Studies! FCA, Block T Club, NFL, Speech Team, Baseball, Basket- ball, Football, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, WATS broad- cast FLETCHER, CHARMEINE NYOKO: Business Educa- tion, Mathematics! Human Relations Council, Block T Club, OEA, Track, Junior Council, Senior Council, Concert Orchestra g FLETCHER, DWAYNE LAWRENCE: Business Educa- tion, Social Studies , FOSTER, GINA COLLETTE: Business Education, Social '77 Roster Studies! Human Relations Council, IOL, OEA, Span- ish Club, Speech Team, Cheerleader, Junior Council, Girls' Concert Club, Melodayres, Techoir, SAO repre- sentative FOSTER, TOWANA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics FOWLKES, ANDREW: Auto-Aviation! FCA, Track, Wrestling, Stage Club ' FOX, THEODORE: Art, Industrial Arts, Social Studies ! FCA, Basketball FRAZIER, TROY LYNN: Industrial Arts! ROTC Offi- cers FREEMAN, ANSON JAMES: Business Education! Human Relations Council, Boys' Concert Club, Boys' Octette, Techoir, messenger FREEMAN, ANTHONY LAVERN: Industrial Arts, Social Studies FREEMAN, RANDALL: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Spanish Club, VICA, Baseball, Football FREEMONT, LINDA MARIE: Home Economics! CAN- NON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent, messenger FRIESON, SHIRLEY: Home Economics! Girls' Concert Club FUGATE, ERNEST: Social Studies FUNK, VICTOR: Building Trades, Social Studies FUQUA, DARRELL: Metal Trades GADBURY, ELLEN M.: Foreign Language, Mathemat- ics! Drama Club, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CAN- NON newspaper agent GADIS, JOYCE Y.: Business Education, Mathematics GARRISON, ROBERT L.: Mathematics, Social Studies GARRISON, VIDA: Home Economics GASKEY, LINDA S.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative GENTRY, JEROME: Social Studies GERHOLT, BRENDA: Business Education! Girls' Con- cert Club, SAO representative GILBERT, ANTHONY: Industrial Arts GILBERT, CURTIS DWIGHT: Industrial Arts! Track GILBERT, TERRY: Social Studies GILL, RONALD E.: Building Trades GILLIAM, PENNY ANN: Business Education, Mathe- matics! IOL, OEA, Service Club, messenger GIN, CHEUK K.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Senior Honor Sweater, messenger GIPSON, OCTAVIA: Business Education GLADNEY, GAIL: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies GLASS, DONNA: Social Studies GLOVER, FAITH LOUISE: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Science! Concert Orchestra GOERGEN, PAMELA SUE: Business Education! OEA, COE GOLDMAN, PEGGY RUTH: Home Economics, Social Studies! Secretary of James E. Roberts School Stu- dent Body, President of James E. Roberts School Stu- dent Body GOLIDAY, BLONNIE MAE: Business Education, Social Studies GOODE, ROBERT DAVID: Mathematics, Social Stud- KISS-Bert Hanneman and Leston Moore, Sadie Hawkins Highlight. I4 '77 Roster ies, Science! Baseball, Basketball, Sophomore Hon- ors, Junior Honors, SAO representative GOODNER, PATRICIA A.: Business Education, Home Economics! Y-Teens, Tennis GORDON, ROBIN D.: Social Studies GORE, JOHN PAUL: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Key Club, Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Concert Band, Marching Band GOYA, HIROMI: Business Education! Art Club, COE, OEA, Concert Orchestra GRAHAM, CHRISTINE: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, OEA, Quill and Scroll, CANNON Newspaper Staff, messenger GRAHAM, GERRI CHERYL: Business Education, Music ! Drama Club, Key Club, Curriculum Council, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, Exploratory Teachers, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff, CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative, messenger GRAHAM, LUCAS N.: Social Studies! Prayer Circle, Basketball, Track GRAVES, KIM MARIE: Home Economics! Junior Council, Concert Band, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative, messenger GRAY, MARCIA LYNN: Business Education, Mathe- matics! COE, OEA GRAY, PATSY A.: Home Economics, Social Studies GREENE, MICHAEL W.: Electrical Trades, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! NFL, Speech Team, Cross Coun- try, Track, Senior Council, Vice-President Roll Room 6, Concert Band, Marching Band, messenger, WATS broadcast, Prom Committee GREENWELL, DEBRA ANN: Business Education! IOL, OEA, MUIOYGIISS lP0""P9"'l, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Bell Choir, Girls' Concert Club, Marching Band, Techoir, SAO representative, messenger GRIFFIN, DALE ANDREW: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Science! German Club, Hiking Club, Key Club, Speech Team, Baseball, SAO Execu- tive Board, SAO representative, messenger GRIFFIN, LARRY EUGENE: Mathematics, Printing, Social Studies! FCA, Block T Club, Football, Basket- ball, Concert Band GRIGSBY, KEITH: Industrial Arts, Social Studies GRIGSBY, REBECCA GAIL: Business Education! IOL, OEA, SAO representative GROSS, JACK: Auto-Aviation! Golf GROTH, TIMOTHY J.: Social Studies GUNN, DEBORA KAY: Business Education, Mathe- matics! .Latin Club, XYZ Club, messenger GURVITZ, DAVID: Art, Auto-Aviation HACKER, TIMOTHY: Building Trades, Social Studies HALE, CHERYL ANN: Business Education, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! OEA, COE, Cheerleader, CAN- NON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative HALIBURTON, GEORGE E.: Building Trades, Social Studies HALL, WILMA LEE: Home Economics! Service Club, ROTC Girls' Exhibition Team, messenger HAMILTON, DIANA KAY: Mathematics! Service Club. SAO representative, Band Drill, Cinderette HAMMANS, WILLIAM J.: Building Trades! Bowling eam HAMPTON, FREDYE G.: Business Education! DE HAMPTON, MARCHELLE: Home Economics, Social Studies! Girls' Concert Club HANNEMAN, BERT: Art! Basketball, Football, Stage Club, Stagecraft Crew HANNO-N, EDDIE: Social Studies! FCA, Block T Club, Basketball HARDIMAN, VANESSA: Art, Home Economics HARDIN, KENNETH: Art, Mathematics! Art Club HARP, SANDY: Business Education, Social Studies! Maiorettes IPom-Ponl HARPER, DEBRA LYNN: Business Education, Home Economics! Girls' Concert Club HARRIS, LAURIE JEAN: Social Studies , HARRIS, MARLON R.: Foreign Language, Mathemat- ics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, NFL, Speech Team, Baseball, Tennis, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Band, Stage Club, Stagecraft Crew, SAO Executive Board, SAO representative, WATS broadcast HARRIS, PAMELA: Home Economics, Social Studies! Girls' Concert Club, messenger HARRIS, SONYA: Business Education! IOL, OEA HARRISON, CLARISSA M.: Home Economics HART, DAVID S.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies HARTLE, EDWIN ARTHUR: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Anthropology, Chess Club, Ger- giargf Club, Quill and Scroll, CANNON Yearbook ta HARVEY, THOMAS C.: Mathematics, Music! Bowling Club, Drama Club, Hiking Club, Key Club, NFL, Speech Team, Bowling Team, Tennis, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Bell Choir, Boys' Octette, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Bond, messenger, Concert Orchestra HATCHER, JEROME: Auto-Aviation HAVLIN, KIRT DOUGLAS: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies HAWKINS, LINDA KAY: Home Economics HAWKINS, MERLE: Building Trades, Social Studies HAYDEN, MALCOLM D.: Building Trades, Mathemat- ics HAYES, TINA M.: Mathematics! Speech Team HEADY, KATHERINE IRENE: Mathematics, Social Studies EIFATH, WILLIAM DARNELL: Social Studies! Chess ub HEAVRIN, JAMES LYLE: Printing! ROTC IDR Squad, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Exhibition Team, CAN- NON Newspaper Staff HELM, BRANT D.: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics! Cross Country HENDERSON, ELIZABETH K.: Mathematics! DE HENDRICKSON, KENNETH: Building Trades, Social Studies! Cross Country, Track HERRON, STARLET: Business Education HIBBITT, CHARLES E.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! messenger HICKS, DEBRA LYNN: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Drama Club, FEA, Spanish Club, Senior Honor Sweater HICKS, DENNIS K.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Science! Chemistry-Physics Club, Hiking Club, Key Club, Block T Club, Photography Club, Radio Club, Tennis, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Stagecraft Crew, SAO representa- tive, SAO Executive Board, Rugby Team, Soccer Club HICKS, LISA KAY: Art HILL, GARRY LAMONT: Industrial Arts HILL, LINDA MARLENE: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! COE, FEA, OEA, Latin Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative, mes- senger HILL, ROBERT ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation, Business Education HILL, SANDRA KAY: Business Education! OEA, COE, messenger HILL, SHIRLEY YVONNE: Social Studies! Y-Teens, Pom-Pon, Marching Band, messenger HILL, TERI ANN: Mathematics, Social Studies! Serv- ice Club, Spanish Club, Maiorettes, IPom-Pon, Twir- Ierl, Girls' Concert Club, Marching Bond, Techoir, messenger, Senior Council Secretary Roll Room 6, Review Board, Cap and Gown Committee, Fund Rais- ing Committee, Publicity Committee HILLERBY, PATRICIA LYNN: Home Economics HILLMAN, SCOTT LEE: Mathematics, Social Studies! ICT HIMES, GREGORY E.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies, Auto Body! VICA HINDMAN, DAVID: Art! Stagecraft Crew HOF, MARK: Social Studies! ICT, CANNON Year- book Staff, messenger HOGAN, PATRICK NEIL: Business Education, Social Studies! DE HOLLAND, DEBORAH LYNN: Social Studies HOLLAWAY, DANNY JOE: Auto-Aviation HOLMAN, JERRY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies HOLMES, TRYPHENA ELLEN: Business Education! Human Relations Council, String Ensemble, SAO rep- resentative, Concert Orchestra HOLMES, PAULA HOLT, DARLA JO: Home Economics HOLTSCLAW, G. EDWARD: Mathematics, Social Studies HOLTSCLAW, GORDON: Social Studies HONE, MARCELLA ANN: Business Education! IOL, OEA, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON news- paper agent, messenger HONG, ALEXANDRIA: Mathematics, Music, Social Studies! Cheerleader, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Con- cert Band, Girls' Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Techoir, SAO representative, messenger, Concert Orchestra HOOD, ROBERT CLARK: Mathematics, Social Studies ! Bowling Team, Melodayres, Techoir, messenger HOOKS, LAWRENCE EARL: Mathematics! Block T Club, Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Senior Class Treasurer, Concert Band, SAO representative HOOKS, SHARON LEE: Social Studies! FEA, OEA, Y-Teens, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, Exploratory Teaching HOOPER, DONALD GENE: Business Education! ICT, VICA HOSTETLER, DARLENE SUE: Social Studies HOWARD, JEANNE M.: Business Education HOWELL, CYNTHIA J.: Business Education HUBBARD, JANET MICHELLE: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL HUNTER, SUSAN MARY: Business Education! DE, Y- Teens, Track, CANNON newspaper agent, CAN- NON yearbook agent HURST IMILLSI, SHEILA DIANE: Business Education! IOL, OEA, messenger HUTCHINS, SHERRY: Home Economics! Track, CAN- NON newspaper agent HYCHE, RODERICK: Industrial Arts, Social Studies IVY, LINDA RUTH: Home Economics! messenger IVY, WESLEY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies JACKSON, DAVID: Printing, Social Studies! Bowling Team ROBIN STONER and Terry Wagner portray the Un cola era and the Elvis era. JACKSON, LINDA CHIRRISE: Business Education, Home Economics! IOL, OEA, Concert Band JACKSON, MICHAEL A.: Metal Trades! Bowling Team, Football, Wrestling JACKSON, RICKEY: Social Studies JACKSON, STACYE ANTIONETTE: Business Educa- tion! DE, Junior Council, CANNON newspaper agent, messenger JACKSON, TONYA CHARISSE: Business Education, Mathematics, Foreign Language! COE, Girls' Volley- ball, Block T Club, NFL, OEA, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, Junior Council, Senior Council, Presi- dent Roll Room 6, Prom Committee, Fund-Raising Committee, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Sen- ior Honor Sweater, Concert Band, CANNON News- paper Staff, SAO representative, WATS broadcast JACOBS, KEENAN L.: Business Education, Social Studies! ICT, ROTC Flag Detail, ROTC Officers, ROTC IDR Squad, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC City Brigade Staff, SAO representative JACOBS, KEITH A.: Social Studies! ICT, messenger JACOBS, KURTIS LEE: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics! ICT JAMES, CURTIS: Industrial Arts, Social Studies JAMES, DAPHNE: Home Economics, Social Studies JAMES, LEATHA: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL. OEA JAMISON, GYNDOLA: Home Economics, Social Studies JENKINS, VIRGIL RAY: Electrical Trades, Football JENNINGS, DENNIS: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies JENNINGS, ROBERT EUGENE: Printing, Social Stud- ies - JEWELL, JOHNNY: Auto-Aviation! Stage Band, Brain Game JINES, LAVERAL L.: Metal Trades! Chess Club JOHNSON, AUDREY J.: Business Education, Social Studies! COE, OEA, FTA JOHNSON, DAVID CHARLES: Building Trades, Social Studies! ICT JOHNSON, FENTON: Metal Trades JOHNSON, JEFFREY: Music, Social Studies! Track, Boys' Concert Club, Boys' Octette, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, SAO representative, messenger, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors JOHNSON, JUDI A.: Business Education! messenger JOHNSON, KENNETH DAWAYNE: Building Trades JOHNSON, LINDA: Business Education! DE, Track, messenger JOHNSON, LORI JO: Foreign Language, Social Studies! Bowling Team, messenger JOHNSON, MARILYN: Business Education! DE JOHNSON, MICHELLE: Business Education, Home Economics! IOL, OEA JOHNSON, PAMELA D.: Business Education, Home Economics JOHNSON, SAMMIE G.: Business Education, Build- ing Trades! messenger ' JOHNSON, SHARON DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, OEA, messenger JOHNSON, WILLIAM K.: Music, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Tennis, Wrestling, Boys' Concert Club, Melodayres, Techoir, CANNON yearbook agent, messenger JOINTER, WILLIE: Industrial Arts! Radio Club, Bas- ketball JOLLIFFE, SHERI LYNN: Mathematics! Swimming, ROTC Girls' Color Guard JONES, ANITA: Art! Stagecraft Crew JONES, DENNIS G.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies JONES, ERIC: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! VICA, ROTC Flag Detail, ROTC Officers, ROTC IDR Squad JONES, KEITH: Electrical Trades, Social Studies! messenger JONES, LORNA A.: Home Economics, Social Studies JONES, PAMELA D.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! Stagecraft Crew JONES, RANDY ALLEN: Auto-Aviation, Social Stud- res JONES, RITA L.: Business Education! DE JORDAN, KIM R.: Business Education, Social Studies ! messenger KAHL, BERNARD J.: Printing! Bowling Team, DE, Hik- ing Club, Latin Club, Photography Club, VICA KARR, RICHARD: Electrical Trades! Hiking Club, VICA KAVANAUGH, TIMOTHY ALLEN: Building Trades, Drafting KEANE, KAREN MARIE: Business Education, Mathe- matics! Service Club, Exploratory Teachers, messen- ger KEITHLEY, CAROL JANE: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Science! Drama Club, French Club, Thespi- ans, XYZ Club, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, Stage- craft Crew, SAO representative, messenger, Sopho- more Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater KENDALL, DENNIS: Building Trades KENNEDY, VALERIE: Business Education, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! Volleyball, Latin Club, Block T Club, CANNON newspaper agent, Tennis, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater KENNY, JAMES H.: Industrial Arts KENT, MARCELLA: Home Economics, Social Studies KERR, WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies KING, TONY E.: Industrial Arts! CANNON newspa- per agent, messenger KIRBY, WILLIAM JACK: Auto-Aviation KIRK, CHARLOTTE N. J.: Home Economics! Girls' Ensemble KIRK, JAMES W.: Science KITCOFF, JOHN: Social Studies! Block T Club, Foot- ball KREIGER, WALLACE EDWARD: Industrial Arts LACY, KENNETH JEROME: Building Trades, Social Studies! Boys' Concert Club LAIR, WILLIAM: Art, Social Studies LALAND, LANCE DEMAR: Art, Building Trades, Metal Trades LANDRUM, WILLIAM H.: Business Education, Social Studies LANE, KATHY EUNICE: Mathematics, Science! Ger- man Club, Y-Teens, Maiorettes IPom-Ponl, Sopho- more Honors, messenger LASLEY, CARON A.: Foreign Language, Mathemat- ics, Science! German Club, Human Relations Coun- cil, Key Club, Service Club, Concert Band, Girls' Con- cert Club, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, SAO representative, messenger LAUGHLIN, STUART: Business Education, Mathemat- ics! DE, German Club, Key Club, Track, Concert Band, Stage Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, SAO Executive Board, Concert Orchestra LAWRENCE, DANIEL: Auto-Aviation LEDELL, SHARON: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies LEE, CAROL: Social Studies LEE, RHONDA: Social Studies! DE LEE, TERESA M.: Business Education! DE, Block T Club, Service Club, Senior Council Secretary Roll Room 7, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, messenger, Concert Orchestra LESER, RICHARD: Industrial Arts LESLIE, SEDRIC JEROME: Building Trades, Social Studies LEVI, CATHY JO: Business Education, Social Studies! Bowling Team, German Club, Hiking Club, Tennis, SAO representative, messenger LEWIS, ANITA M.: Social Studies! DE, Concert Band LEWIS, DAVID PAUL: Business Education, Social Studies! DE, Hiking Club, FEA, Block T Club, Quill and Scroll, Football, Golf, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Tech musicals, Hoo- sier Boys State Delegate, National Bellamy Award, Indianapolis Youth Congress Delegate, Council on World Affairs Delegate, Boys' Concert Club, Boys' Octette, Concert Band, Techoir, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative, SAO Executive Board, Basketball LEWIS, DEBORAH S.: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies! Hiking Club, FEA, NFL, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, Girls' Concert Club, Girls' Ensemble, Techoir, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO representative, messenger, Band Drill, Tech musicals LEWIS, ANTHONY RAY: Auto-Aviation LEWIS, WERNER: Social Studies LICKLITER, SHERRY LOUISE: Business Education, Home Economics! DE LOFTON, THOMAS: Building Trades, Social Studies! Football LONG, ADELE: Home Economics, Mathematics! IOL LONG, TERESA CHERYL: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! COE, German Club, Key Club, OEA, Prayer Circle, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Girls' Concert Club, CANNON yearbook agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO representative LORICK, JUNE DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies! Human Relations Council, FEA, Service Club, Junior Council, Orchestra, String Ensemble, messenger, Cheerblock , LOVE, CHRISTOPHER WESLEY: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies! ICT, CANNON year- book agent LUFCY, DAVID D.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics! CANNON yearbook agent LUND, WILLIAM BAYCE: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club, French Club, Speech Team, Sophomore Hon- ors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Band, CANNON yearbook agent, Brain Game, MIKE DEBURGER, Rick Briley, and Rick Davis imitate the Marx brothers. '7 7 Roster FLFFF LYALL, ELIZABETH ANN: Mathematics, Music! Quill and Scroll, Tennis, Sophomore Honors, Junior Hon- ors, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, CANNON News- paper Staff, CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent, Concert Orchestra MADDEN, MIKE E.: Building Trades! Golf MAJOR, ROSCHELLE: Home Economics, Science! Key Club, Y-Teens, Junior Council, Senior Council Vice-President Roll Room 7, Sophomore Honors, Jun- ior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Girls' Concert Club, Girls' Ensemble, Techoir, Fund Raising Commit- tee, Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Prom Commit- tee MAJORS, LATONIA DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies! Art Club MAJORS, RONALD: Social Studies MALLOY, MICHAEL: Music, Social Studies! German Club, Bell Choir, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, Concert Orchestra MANUEL, EVA M.: Social Studies MARCUM, JAYE: Business Education, Music! DE, Key Club, Cheerleader, Senior Council President Roll Room 7, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Girls' Concert, SAO representative, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Publicity Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Date Scheduling Committee MARTIN, ALFENIA J.: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, NFL, OEA, Speech Team, Techmates, Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative, WATS broadcast MASON, JOYCE ANN: Home Economics! Brain Game, messenger MASON, LLOYD JR.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Football, Track MCAFEE, VALERIE KAY: Social Studies! messenger MCCALL, BRAD: Mathematics, Social Studies! Block T Club, Football, Golf MCCLUNG, LISA MARIE: Business Education! COE, OEA, Bell Choir, Concert Orchestra MCCONIS, ANNIE MARIE: Social Studies MCDADE, MELLESA FRANCIS: Home Economics MCDOUGALL, GARY JOE: Social Studies! Anthro- pology Club, ICT, ROTC Officers, CANNON newspa- per agent, messenger MCDOWELL, WILLIE JAMES: Auto-Aviation! French Club, Baseball MCDUFFIE, MAJESTER CAVIN: Auto-Aviation! ICT, Cross Country, Track, ROTC Flag Detail MCELROY, CHARLOTTE ANN:,Business Education! IOL, OEA, Cheerblock, CANNON newspaper agent MCGHEE, BAY RAY: Metal Trades, Social Studies MCGUIRE, DAVID MICHAEL: Social Studies MC KAY, CORNELIA F.: Music, Social Studies! Girls' Volleyball, Concert Orchestra, messenger MCNEELY, BARBARA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics! Service Club, Speech Team, CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent, Cheerblock MEANS, MARTIN: Auto-Aviation! Service Club MELTON, JAMES: Drafting MENDEZ, JEROME R.: Social Studies! Bowling Team, DE, Track, Marching Band, messenger MESSER, SHARON DENISE: Business Education! IOL, Girls' Concert Club MIDDLETON, MELODY: Business Education, Social Studies! Tennis, Techmates, Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, messenger, Junior Council MILLER, DEBI: Business Education, Mathematics! COE, OEA, Maiorettes lPom-Ponl, Senior Council, Treasurer Roll Room 7, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, SAO Executive Board, SAO representative, messenger MILLER, ELOIS: Social Studies MILLER, FRANCINE: Business Education, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! Service Club MILLER, LEON: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies MILLER, MADISON: Social Studies! Football, Track MILLER, RICHARD ALEN: Foreign Language, Social Studies! German Club, Speech Team, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, SAO representative, SAO Executive Board, messenger MILLER, SUSAN: Business Education MILLICAN, JOYCE: Business Education, Social Stud- ies MILLS, CHARLES: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies MILLS, LINDA ANN: Business Education! IOL, OEA, Service Club, Cheerblock MIMMS, DAVID D.: Art, Printing! Sophomore Hon- ors, Junior Honors, Concert Band, Marching Bond, Pep Band, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent MINTON, EVE MARIE: Home Economics MITCHELL, GLENN: Building Trades, Social Studies! Wrestling ' MITCHELL, ROBIN: Home Economics, Social Studies MOORE, DAVID RAY: Social Studies! ICT MOORE, GENTRIS O'HARE: Auto-Aviation! Wres- tling '77 Roster MOORE, LESTON S.: Drafting! Hiking Club, Base- ball, Football, messenger MOORE, ROBERT DARRYL: Auto-Aviation MOORE, THOMAS DARRLY: Auto-Aviation, Mathe- matics, Social Studies MORELAND, SHIRLEY ANNE: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Y-Teens, Sophomore Honors MORRIS, REGINA KAY: Art, Home Economics MUKES, BRIAN: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! COE, OEA, Human Relations Council, messenger, Senior Honor Sweater MURPHY, RANDALL: Auto-Aviation! Chess Club, Wrestling MURRAY, CINDY ARLENE: Social Studies! CAN- NON newspaper agent MURRAY, DENNIS WAYNE: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Anthropology Club, Service Club, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Track, Boys' Concert Club, SAO representative, messenger MYERS, ROBERT A.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! Bowling Team, ICT, Baseball NANCE, THOMAS C.: Art! ICT NELSON, EARNEST LEE JR.: Printing, Social Studies! Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, messen- ger, Concert Orchestra NELSON, SUE NEVINS, BRIAN: Social Studies ISENLVBOLD, MARK: Social Studies! DE, Photography u NICHOLAS, GARY: Electrical Trades! ICT NICHOLSON, ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation NORWALT, BARBARA ANN: Business Education! messenger OATES, SHERYL: Business Education, Home Econom- ics, Mathematics OATES, TERESA: Home Economics O'NEIL, TIMOTHY LEE: Electrical Trades! messenger PAGE, MARIETTA: Social Studies PARISH, KATHY: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! NFL, Speech Team, Quill and Scroll, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO rep- resentative, WATS broadcast PARKER, PAUL: Social Studies PARRIS, CHARLES: Mathematics! String Ensemble, CANNON newspaper agent, messenger PATTON, CHARLES J.: Auto-Aviation! VICA PEAVEY, DEBORAH DEANA: Social Studies! Bowl- ing Team PENCE, JOSEPH: Business Education! Spanish Club, CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent, messenger PERDUE, CYNTHIA: Business Education! IOL PETERMAN, RANDALL: Business Education, Social Studies PETERSON, CALVIN: Industrial Arts PHILLIPS, CLIFTON N.: Art, Building Trades PIETY, AMY LOUISE: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics! DE, German Club, Service Club, Maiorette lTwirler, Pom-Ponl, SAO representative, CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent, Junior Council, Senior Honor Sweater, messenger PITTS, ALVIN JOE: Music! Bowling Team, Boys' Octette, Concert Orchestra, Stage Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, CANNON Newspa- per Staft POINTDEXTER, JOHN: Social Studies POLIN, WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation POLVADORE, RANDY: Building Trades, Social Stud- ies! Anthropology Club, ICT POWELL, HAZEL ELIZABETH: Business Education POWELL, JOHNNY F.: Metal Trades POWELL, JUDY ANN: Business Education, Social Studies POWELL, STEVEN: Mathematics, Social Studies! Block T Club, Basketball, Football, Symphonic Bond, Prom Committee, Publicity Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Cap and Gown Committee PRATT, DAVID: Auto-Aviation! ICT PREVOT, RAPHEAL: Business Education, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! FEA, IOL, OEA, Senior Council Vice-President, Prom Committee, Pub- licity Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Review Board, Cap and Gown Committee, Sophomore Hon- ors, messenger PRITCHARD, WILMA: Social Studies PUGH, TERESA: Social Studies PUGH, TOM: Electrical Trades PYLES, MATTHEW QUIRK, WARREN: Business Education! COE, OEA, Track, Wrestling, ROTC Rifle Team, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band RADY, ROBBY: Business Education! Baseball, Bowl- ing Team, Football RAINFORD, MARY: Business Education RAMSEY, MURTH L. JR.: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Football, Wrestling, messenger RAMSEY, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER: Social Studies RAY, ALLEN JOE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies Q . REAVES,J EH..Art REBENNACK, ROGER PAUL: Electrical Trades, Math- ematics, Social Studies! Baseball, Football, Wres- tling MIKE THOMAS and Tom Harvey-alias Elton John and Merlin the Magician. SEE? MARILLA T.: Home Economics! Girls' Concert u REED, WILLIAM S.: Industrial Arts RENT, CHARLES EDWARD: Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra REYNOLDS, ALVIN LEON: Industrial Arts REYNOLDS, DIANA KAY: Business Education, Social Studies! DE REYNOLDS, RHONDA: Business Education! COE RHOADES, TAMMY: Business Education! IOL, OEA RICE, DARREL ANTHONY: Social Studies RICE, DENISE J.: Business Education, Home Econom- ics, Social Studies! Y-Teens RICHARDSON, TINA: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies RIOJAS, MARTIN: Art ROBERSON, KELVIN: Foundry! Service Club, ROTC Flag Detail, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Exhibition Team, messenger t ROBERTS, DANIEL GREGORY: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ROBERTS, ROBERTA JOY: Business Education! COE, OEA, Concert Bond, Marching Band ROBERTSON, JERRY: Building Trades! Football, Track, Boys Concert Club ROBINSON, ALVIN: Building Trades, Social Studies ROBINSON, ERMINE LOUISE: Business Education, Social Studies! COE, Drama Club, Key Club, Prayer Circle, Service Club, Thespians, Senior Council, Sec- retary Roll Room 640, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper ent ROBINSON, HARLEY: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ROBINSON, PEARLINE: Social Studies ROBINSON, SHARON: Home Economics, Commer- cial.Foods RODDY, DEBRA JEAN: Home Economics RODRIGUES, STEPHANIE LOVELLA: Business Educa- tion, Mathematics, Social Studies! NFL, Service Club, Y-Teens, Techmates, ROTC Girls, Senior Review Board, Constitution Committee, Fund Raising Commit- tee ROHRMAN, MELODY ANN: Business Education, For- eign Language, Mathematics! IOL, OEA, German Club, Service Club, SAO representative, Sophomore Honors, messenger ROSE, MARGARET P.: Business Education! Block T Club, messenger ROSE, PATRICIA DARLENE: Business Education ROZZEL, DEANA DANNELL: Mathematics, Social Studies! CANNON newspaper agent, CANNON yearbook agent RUDOLPH, FRANK: Art RUSH, CYNTHIA MARIA: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, OEA, Concert Orchestra, messenger RUSOMORAVA, GORICA L.: Home Economics, Social Studies RUSS, VERONICA LATORA: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, OEA RUSSELL, KEVIN DOTSON: Business Education, Social Studies! DE RUSSELL, ROBERT R.: Industrial Arts RUSSELL, TERRY: Business Education, Home Econom- ics RUTLAND, KEITH B.: Industrial Arts SAFERIGHT, TWILA PEARL: Social Studies! Speech Team, NFL, ROTC Girls, ROTC Girls' Drill Team, mes- senger, SAO representative, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent SANDERS, DENNIS: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! VICA SANDERSON, VICTOR ALLEN: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Chemistry- Physics Club, French Club, CANNON Newspaper Staff, Exercise In Knowledge SANFORD, DAVID SAINTER: Social Studies! Chess Club, Bowling Team, CANNON Yearbook Staff SCHMIDT, DARRELL A.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies ! Track, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team SCHMIDT, MICHAL A.: Auto-Aviation SCHWARTZ, MICHELE LYN: Social Studies SEARCY, RALIEGH: Auto-Aviation! Baseball SEATS, KAREN MAXINE: Business Education! COE, OEA SEATS, TAMARRA SUE: Business Education! IOL, OEA, Maiorettes, messenger SENOUR, SHAWN ILEEN: Business Education, For- eign Language! DE, OEA, Y-Teens, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, SAO representa- tive I SEXTON, DAVID KEITH: Drafting SHAFFER, CHINA ANN: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies SHANNON, CYNTHIA ROSE: Business Education SHARP, SHERRI ANN: Business Education! OEA, Girls' ROTC SHAW, SHELDON SCOT: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, Photography Club SHELTON, JOSEPH JR.: Industrial Arts, Social Stud- res SHERFICK, JOE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies SHOBE, DENISE: Home Economics SHORT, MARK: Business Education, Social Studies! Chess Club SHOTWELL, LISA C.: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics! Girls Basketball, Block T Club, Girls Volley- ball, Track, Junior Council SIMON, CATHERINE L.: Business Education! Key Club, Service Club, SAO representative, messenger SIMS, MAURICE: Social Studies SIMS, WANDA F.: Home Economics! Service Club, Y-Teens, Girls Volleyball SKAGGS, DAVID A.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies SKELTON, LATONYA DENISE: Home Economics SLAUGHTER, DEWAYNE: Business Education! DE, Boys' Concert Club SMIDDY, KEITH: Auto-Aviation SMITH, ANDREW: Business Education! Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track SMITH, DARRYL: Building Trades, Social Studies SMITH, ERWIN: Building Trades, Mathematics! ICT, messenger SMITH, GLENN: Mathematics, Social Studies, Radio- and TV! Block T Club, Radio Club, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling, SAO representative SMITH, HYMAN: Electronics, Social Studies! FEA, Wrestling, Marching Band SMITH, JUDITH: Home Economics! Spanish Club SMITH, MATTIE: Business Education, Home Econom- ics, Social Studies! IOL, OEA SMITH, WILL ALLEN: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies SMITH, WILLIAM A.: Business Education, Mathemat- ics! Hiking Club, Key Club, Block T Club, XYZ Club, Tennis, Stagecraft Crew, SAO representative, SAO Executive Board, messenger SMITH, WILLIAM PATRICK: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies! Bowling Team, Chess Club SNORDEN, CORNELIUS: Art SPALL, SHEILA: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, OEA SPARKMAN, STEPHANIE R.: Business Education! Latin Club SPARKS, BARBARA A.: Business Education, Social Studies! IOL, OEA SPELLS, ANITA: Home Economics! Girls Concert Club SPELLS, MILTON: Building Trades! Football SPIVEY, MARJORIE: Business Education STAFFORD, TINA MARIE: Business Education, Social Studies! Hiking Club, Symphonic Band, Exploratory Teachers STANLEY, PATSY ANN: Business Education! DE STEELE, JOYCE ANN: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies! Human Relations Council, CANNON yearbook agent, SAO representative STEINMETZ, LINDA SUE: Social Studies STEVENSON, ANTHONY: Business Education, Social Studies! DE, Speech Team, Marching Band STEWART, GINGER L.: Social Studies! Hiking Club STEWART, REGINALD: Building Trades! Basketball STEWART, WENDELL E.: Social Studies! Art Club, Speech Team, Track, Swimming, Boys' Concert Club, BETH AUBREY, Janet Deatrick, Teresa Lee, Gerri Graham and Roberta Wade wait for their costumes to be iudged. Techoir, SAO representative STIFFLER, DAVID C.: Business Education, Mathemat- ics! Anthropology Club STINGER, CHARLES RICHARD, JR.: Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies, Mathematics! Bowling Club, German Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent STOKES, GEORGETTA R.: Social Studies STONE, JANET L.: Business Education STONE, TOMMY: Printing STONER, ROBIN DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies! messenger STOREY, VICKI ELAINE: Business Education, Mathe- matics! FEA, IOL, OEA, Treasurer Roll Room 648, Senior Council, Prom Committee, Fund Raising Com- mittee, Publicity Committee, Date Scheduling Com- mittee, Cap and Gown Committee, Girls' Concert Club STRICKLING, ROBIN: Business Education! IOL, OEA STRODE, JEANNETTE: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies STUBBS, CHRISTOPHER J.: Drafting, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics! Block T Club, Cross Country, Track SULLIVAN, KATHRYN L.: Social Studies! Drama Club, French Club, NFL, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, Thespians, XYZ Club, Curriculum Council, Sophomore Honors, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON yearbook agent, CAN- NON newspaper agent, messenger, Tech musical SULLIVAN, MICHAEL LOUIS: Social Studies, Auto gtechanics! Hiking Club, Photography Club, messen- SULTZER, ELIZABETH: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics SUMMERS, ALBERT C.: Patternmaking! VICA, Foot- ball SURBER, DEANNA J.: Business Education! IOL, OEA, Spanish Club, messenger SURENKAMP, JAMES: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, Tennis SWANIGAN, TANYA: Home Economics! messenger SWEATT, MELVINA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics! IOL, messenger SYKES, MARY LOUISE: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Junior Council, Senior Council, Vice-Presi- dent Roll Room 648, Review Board, Prom Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Date Scheduling Commit- tee, SAO representative TABOR, NANCY LEE: Social Studies! messenger TANASOVICH, DEBORAH SUE: Social Studies ' TAYLOR, ANTONI: Art! Concert Orchestra, March- ing Band, Symphonic Band TAYLOR, CONNIE J.: Business Education! IOL TAYLOR, MARK A.: Social Studies! Baseball, Con- cert Band TAYLOR, OLIVER D.: Social Studies! Track TAYLOR, TRACEY M.: Social Studies! German Club, SAO representative TEATER, DEBRA JEAN: Social Studies TENNANT, GARY W.: Business Education, Social Studies! Bowling Team THACKER, CAROL J.: Social Studies THIRY, LLOYD JOSEPH II: Auto-Aviation! Football, Boys' Concert Club THOMAS, BARBARA RENE: Business Education! IOL, OEA, messenger THOMAS, BERRY: Drafting, Mathematics! Concert Band THOMAS, LINDA MARIE: Home Economics! CAN- NON yearbook agent THOMAS, MICHAEL LEE: Art, Social Studies! Art Club, Drama Club, NFL, Photography Club, Speech Team, Thespians, Junior Council, President of Roll Room 648, Senior Council, Prom Committee, Public- ity Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Bell Choir, Boys' Concert Club, Boys' Octette, Techoir, Stage- craft Crew, SAO representative, SAO Executive Board, Tech Musicals, Tech Plays, WATS Broadcast THOMPSON, CASSANDRA D.: Business Education! IOL, OEA, Service Club, Spanish Club, Junior Coun- cil, Sophomore Honors, messenger THOMPSON, DIANE: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies THOMPSON, MARK A.: Art THOMPSON, PHYLLIS D.: Business Education! IOL, OEA, Sophomore Honors, messenger TOBIN, MICHAEL PATRICK: Social Studies, Science! Bowling Team TOLIVER, MARCIA LYNN: Home Economics, Social Studies! Girls' Basketball, Maiarettes lPom-Ponl TRITTIPO, SALINDA JEAN: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies! Art Club, French Club, Hiking Club, Photog- raphy Club, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Sen- ior Honor Sweater, messenger TROTTER, BERNICE: Business Education, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! Girls' Basketball TROTTER, JAMES EDWARD: Social Studies! Basket- ball, Cross Country, Track TROTTER, TONY L.: Business Education, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! DE, Boys' Concert Club TROXEL, ROBERT ELLIS: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! ICT TURNER, DENEAN SHERISE: Business Education, Home Economics! COE, OEA TURNER, KAREN: Social Studies TURNER, THOMAS R.: Social Studies! ROTC Flag Detail, CANNON yearbook agent TURNER, YOULANDPHAS: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies TYLER, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education TYNER, JOYCE M.: Business Education, Mathematics ! IOL ULSH, ALAN ROY: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! French Club, FEA, German Club, Key Club, Service Club, Secretary Roll Room 648, Senior Council, Fund Raising Committee, Public- ity Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Review Board, Prom Committee, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Exploratory Teach- ers, SAO representative, messenger VINCENT, KERRY LEE: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies WADDELL, MARTIN: Art, Foreign Language, Mathe- matics! Spanish Club, messenger WADE, ROBERTA J.: Music! Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, messenger, Concert Orchestra, Pit Orchestra, Tech musicals, Sophomore Honors WAGNER, TERRY: Music, Social Studies! Bowling Team, Football, Wrestling, Bell Choir, Concert Band, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, messenger, Concert Orchestra, Pit Orchestra WALDEN, VANESSA JOY: Business Education! Ten- nis, SAO representative WALKER, ERIC: Mathematics, Metal Trades, Social Studies! VICA, XYZ Club, ROTC Flag Detail, ROTC Officers, ROTC IDR Squad, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Exhibition Team, SAO representative '77 Roster WARNER, HUGH ALAN: Drafting, Social Studies! Football, messenger WARREN, RANDALL: Building Trades, Social Studies WASHINGTON, CYNTHIA: Social Studies WASHINGTON, RHONDA MARIE: Home Econom- ics, Social Studies WATSON, DAVID K.: Business Education! DE WATSON, HARRIET ANITA: Home Economics! Y- Teens WATSON, RONNIE: Auto-Aviation WATTS, THOMAS: Auto-Aviation, Business Educa- tion, Social Studies! OEA WEBB, KAREN JANE: Business Education! IOL, OEA, messenger WEBB, STACI RICHELLE: Business Education! IOL, Maiorettes lTwirIer, Pom-Ponl, Junior Council, March- ing Band, messenger WELLS, CYNTHIA LOUISE: Social Studies! IOL, Girls' Concert Club, Techoir, messenger WELLS, KENNETH RAY: Social Studies WEST, BARBARA M.: Business Education! DE, Maior- ettes lPom-Ponl WEST, MICHAEL R.: Social Studies! Football, ROTC Officers, ROTC IDR Squad, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Band Guard, ROTC Color Guard WESTMORELAND, CONROY FRENDIN: Auto-Avia- tion! VICA, CANNON yearbook agent WETHINGTON, CONSTANCE L.: Home Economics, Mathematics WETHINGTON, RICKY N.: Metal Trades WHARTON, ANGELA: Home Economics! Cheer- leader, CANNON yearbook agent WHEELER, BETTY L.: Art, Business Education! Art Club, Concert Band, Stage Club, messenger WHITE, DARALA STAR: Business Education, Social Studies WHITE, JEFFREY M.: Art WHITE, PATRICIA A.: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies WHITE, PERCY: Building Trades WHITE, TERRY: Social Studies! Latin Club, German Club, messenger WHITFIELD, BRIAN DOUGLAS: Building Trades! Football, Wrestling, ROTC Band Guard, messenger WHITFIELD, FRANCINE: Business Education, Home Economics, Mathematics! Key Club, Y-Teens, Sopho- more Honors, Junior Honors, Girls' Concert Club WILEY, JOSEPH: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, COE, Key Club, OEA, Spanish Club, XYZ Club, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent, SAO representative WILLIAMS, BARRY: Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Service Club, Football, Track, Wrestling WILLIAMS, CLEO: Business Education, Social Studies ! Baseball, Basketball WILLIAMS, DENISE J.: Business Education, Home Economics! Y-Teens, Junior Council WILLIAMS, DENISE R.: Business Education! IOL WILLIAMS, FREDERICK: Social Studies! SAO repre- sentative, messenger WILLIAMS, JEFFREY L.: Electrical Trades, Social Stud- ies! German Club, ICT, Prayer Circle, CANNON newspaper agent, SAO representative, messenger WILLIAMS, MARY: Home Economics WILLIAMSON, BRENDA YEVETTE: Home Economics! CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent, messenger, Cheerblock WILSON, LINDA D.: Home Economics! messenger, Cheerblock WILSON, RICK W.: Mathematics, Social Studies WINGO, DEBBIE: Home Economics! Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent WISE, SARAH A.: Home Economics WOMACK, ROBERT WALTER: Social Studies WONG, PATRICK DENNIS: Electrical Trades, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! ICT WOODS, DENIS WRIGHT, JOHN M.: Social Studies! Chemistry-Phys- ics Club, Key Club, Exercise In Knowledge, SAO rep- resentative, CANNON yearbook agent, CANNON newspaper agent YARBERY, LEASA: Home Economics YOUNG, CAROL L.: Home Economics! Drama Club YOUNG, RACHELLE EFFIE: Business Education ZDENEK, VALARIE: Social Studies SHIRLEY HILL, Teri Hill, Judy Arterberry, Lisa Arterber- ry, Twila Safewright and Debbie Lewis pose fora Sadie Hawkins picture. Faculty N-mai" I rdenaflchnicaf Shoo! 1500 EAST MICHIGAN STREET, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46201 Ox-'rrcs or THE PRINCIPAL October 6 , 1976 WHAT IT' I I I I I SLKETOBEAPMNCDAL In he must IIT are most room tea administ . I re spectiv HY and abili co-exist RRfgr doing whatever it is that a principal does, I feel that lgeep in mind the following concepts: he elements of trust and faith in the abilities of others important: trust and faith in the abilities of class- chers, and the custodial, cafeteria, clerical, native, and supportive staffs -- to fulfill their e jobs within the schoolhouse setting. ou must have confidence in students and their desire ty to achieve an education. The school does not Iwith students -- the school exists f-gg the students." e sp tfully , I I H a cipal as?" M, Ward Whqlin Wallace R. Potter Assistant to the Principal Vice-Principal, Teachers A"m3fd Principal, Administrators Robert V. Belding Robert T. Stockard James E, Stewart Vice-Principal, Programs Vice-Principal, Pupils Vice-Principal Director Adult-Education Division Mahlon Carlock Ithel Shoemaker Karl 5Chr1eideI' Business Manager Director IPS Career Education Center Assistant for Programming Howard Catt Mrs. Mariorie Lapping C. Gaylord Allen Athletic Director Audio-Visual Director Guidance Director Lewis Marshall Robert E. Meyer Ernest Holmes Building and Grounds Student Activities Director lfIdUSffiGl C00peI'GtiVe Training Director Director i.iii, E L l A ' Qfifisailifizlsffffii2 A A 5 . Iiffff H 'Q John Miner Richard Shock Sam Dudkowski House Plan Leader Special Education Director IPS Career Education Center Assistant Director Kenneth Bayless Adult Education Guidance Director Cecil T. Tresslar Publications Director William Guess Data Processing Director Elizabeth Baltz Tech 300 Program Director Mrs. Delsie Shoemaker Distributive Education Coordinator sw Mrs. Judith Miessen Head Librarian Mrs. Maiorie Parker lvan Moreman Cooperative Office Education Drug Education Coordinator Coordinator Pupil Attendance D 2 I.. Mrs. Ann Cummins Hester Hale Intensive Office Laboratory Assistant Librarian Coordinator Mrs. Roberta Johnson Mrs. Alice Goodrum Neighborhood Youth Corps Speech Activities Director Director - ,am Frederick Kelly Mrs. Dorothy Stout Dean of Boys Dean of Girls Deans and counselors Mrs. Zoearline Davis Assistant Dean, House Plan John Hurrle Mrs. Barbara Lee Sharon Parrett Assistant Dean Assistant Deans of Girls NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Donna Ander- son, John Kennedy's Deans' Office Counselors for Tech 300 Lewis PGHCS Edward McDowell Eileen Kohut l-OU M000 Counseling Assistants to the Dean of Boys Counseling Assitants to the Dean of Girls is im ik by f 5 X 5 1 Fx Mrs. Sarah Hamer Charles Hurry Counselor, Tech 300 Counselor, House Plan Duane Blankenhorn Jim Borshoff Ernest Cline olr ' S it -,,r , Donald Daily William Graney Floyd Tobrocke Guidance Counselors Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, head Mrs. Shirley lundgren Nurses Counselors, Clerks Robert Collins Mrs. Barbara Nicholson Mrs. Carolyn Ray Social Service Tom Walker Merill Smith Head Custodian Night Custodian ADULT EDUCATION DIVISION OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Zona Wong, Mrs. Margar ette Potter, Mrs. Alberto Follis. DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS-Mrs. Betty Rowland, Theron Furguson, Mrs. Wanda Moon, Mrs. Judith Shattuck. 'om BOOKSTORE CLERKS-Mrs. Joyce Maxwell, Mrs. Jane Mindach, Mrs. LaVerne Stewart. ssistants OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Jane Fuller, Mrs. Debby Simpkins, Mrs. Martha Thomas, Mrs. Verda Allee. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bernadine Pool, Patricia Littell, Mrs. Carolyn Hyatt, Mrs. Eileen Bales, Mrs. Louise Creaser, Mrs. Florence Cox, Mrs. Wilma Durham, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Rita Tussey, Mrs. Elsie Demus, Mrs. Flo DeaKyne. SECURITY GUARDS-Officers Leon Martin, Calvin Turner, Jerry Smith, Mrs. Doris Daltun, Anne Shellabarger, Glenn Richardson, Floyd Richardson, Sgt. Thomas Nelms. Tech 300 1- ' ' :,.' -.Hsin I ifsbii' " f me s ..-i- 1 sg? +. O ,, 1 ,Q iw lm fl 'H QL., .N ., fa: :iss - ill? lk TECH 300-TOP ROW: Mary Abdulla, Susan Ball, ELIZABETH BALTZ, Davis, Diana Griffy, Barry lzask, Velma Janes, Mrs. Alismarie Miller, Margo William Bellinger, Wanda Boyton, Charlotte Buehler, Elizabeth Compani- Ransel, William Seikaly, Elaine Taylor, Mrs. Nancy Graves, substitute, Tabrizi. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Sally Choate, Mary Lou Ewen, Mrs. Karen James Randall, substitute. Finney, Arnold Lehman, Margaret Rawlings. ALSO IN TECH 300: Edmond 300 SUPPORT GROUP-FRONT ROW: Brenda Harris, Carolyn Waters, Barry J. Abdullah, Roger Davis, Bill Bellinger, Mrs. Arlene Crawford, Liz Compani-Tabrizi. lzsak, Susan Ball, Donald Welton, Saunnie Yelton. SECOND ROW: R.W. Fague, FIFTH ROW: Debra Kay Shaw, Mrs. Valerie Jones, Mrs. Velma Jones, Mrs. Robert Johnson, Katie Akin, Sharon Hiner, Charlotte Buehler, Doris Campbell. Wilhelmeta Haulden, .John Halliburton, W. J. Watkins, Lawrence Vaugh, William THIRD ROW: S0llY Bflker, Deborah Holland, Edmcnd Ddvis, Carol Smith, MGl'g0 Seikaly. SIXTH ROW: Mrs. Debra Lampkins, David Jose, Wanda Boynton, Bill Smith, Ransel, Mrs. Mary McConahay. FOURTH ROW: Terris Winstead, Robert Tapp, Mary Henri Etta Wallace, Scott Thomas, Patrick Lay, Dennis Obergfell, Chris Baltz. PAUL PIERSON takes a break from the fun and Hal- MRS. MARY MCCONAHAY and Arnold Lehman ham it up at the Tech 300 Hallow- lowe'en party activities. e'en Extravaganza. 1 fws l - - -, fgwli ms English .iw WE --me: ENGLISH DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Mrs. Joan Brown, Helen Carter, Mrs. Virginia Cassell, Mrs. Diane Comstock, Mrs. Lois Csiky, TOM DANHEISER, Ellen Eads, Rob- ert Ford, Mrs. Alice Goodrum, Mrs. Margaret Hahn, Emmett Hardiman. SECOND ROW: Diane Haston, Louis Hill, Jean Hillenbrand, Bernice Jones, Eileen Kohut, John Lewis, Mary Mailiard, John Malin, Judith McBride, Mrs. Rita McDowell. THIRD Foreign Language .sr or-ss. - .. 4, ...mira -S....:::1 :e.:.:::f' F ji?:?'1?1,,1 ' 'szlissasfi 'IIf:e:ff5fsl! .:Tffs:!f , J-Y .,,ev,x7 ' 1 1 '- gig' 'eg 1' gy K , 1" ' f: . :v: 521 A ' FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Paula Barbour, Mrs. Serine Fine, DAN STANLEY, Mrs. Maria Lagadon. SECOND ROW: Sheila Sullivan, Cheryll Wyne. A ROW: Ann McMillan, Stan Minks, Mrs. Ann Perry, Craig Roberts, Mrs. Betty San- ders, Mrs. Jatinder Singh, Mrs. Nancy Sutton, John Takacs, Cecil Tresslor, Mrs. Eliz- abeth Wilson. ALSO lN ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Mrs. Susan Ball, Mrs. Charlotte Buehler, Mrs. Sally Choate, Mrs. Karen Finney, Diana Griffy, Mrs. Joyann Middle- Kauff, Mrs. Margaret Rawlings, Arvine Wright. ROTC I' ROTC-SGM Harold Eby, SFC Olive Miller, ISG Neris Willis. l' 1 ""'1 ART DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: Raymond Browne, Marian Hamilton, Mrs. Susan Lambertus, Lorena Phemister, Wendrel Price, KERMIT SWENSON. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Harriet Richardson, Michael Slover, Mrs. Marsa Storms, Mrs. Emmagee Washington, Teresa Williams. Business Education , i . N , x,1A1 N , 225529 s :eff . 1 , , S S2552 sisi . ,K, .,f.:1 ' --i?i:zgg,s H 5. V Q m -.. l .ff -3 I BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: Mrs. Annabelle Adams, Mrs. Winona Bowers, Mrs. Leatha Buckley, Mrs. Barbara Cavallo, Michael Cecil, Mrs. Ann Cummins, Mrs. Felisha Edwards, Mrs. Louistine Fields, JOYCE FREEMAN. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Lois Frye, David George, Mrs. Elizabeth Goertemiller, William Home Economics Guess, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Alice Johnson, Lou Mann, Ellen Martin. THIRD ROW Mrs. Cheryl McVay, Mrs. Gwendolyn Ohmit, Mrs. Shoemaker, Lois Sink, Mrs. Nancy Watson. Mariorie Parker, Mrs Delsie .. ..,. , ,N ii, wifi? 0 r. -Q 5. lt' f ' i'l-if sf ,.-1 :Q ' 'wtf t l rbi - 7 .5: xl' S' Q- ii HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: MRS. MARIAN MOORE, Mrs. Sherron Horstman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mariorie Lapping, Mrs. Mary Pence Patricia Amend, Bonnie Beaman, Dorothy Bingham, Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Mrs. Mary Penrod, Mrs. Natalie Ransom, Mrs. Ermalene Rodrigues, Mrs Carrol Kathleen Evans, Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Patricia Heinz, Mrs. Odessa Hill, Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Corrine Seelye, Mrs. Jane Snow. House Plan '- .fs 1- 5' ., . 5 -2. -1. - sf .aw , K 1' K . 1 . is 5 "si 1 3.1: 9 1' Eg' " , " L 'L . t L' .Q fi: - , ,fifi-2? sy : HOUSE PLAN DEPARTMENT-Robert Collins Patricia Commons Mrs. Zoearline Davis Mrs. Judith Feigert Charles Robert Orth Ebert Smith JOHN MINER. ALSO lN HOUSE PLAN DEPARTMENT: Joseph Social Studies- Robert Ford English- Louis Hill English- Jean Hillenbrand English- Mrs. Harry, Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman Brown, Math, William Farrell Virginia Jackson, Business Education, John Malin, English, Mrs. Rita McDowell, English: Mrs. Cheryl McVay, Business Education: Wesley Murphy, Social Studies, Craig Roberts, English. get Ax t M if X X ix YM ,H 'fa - ,, 3 S , -f M -A ,ls wi 'H ea- , if X , 53 i - F gt ,.,. ,s . it L, . ff: -W - -'-'f 1 1 Qs Mathematics scss s E ' E W .. E' A., . Ss.. . sis.. .Ii ,M Q U N. W1L - 'm' I . II ' I 1A le. XFVWST , wifes I 3 A I 1946 WU 5 zl- its I N wars ,PHA 4'-QV . Eh qw-'EU' A s.. 1 I. ,xii-1 L- -4 ' -yy .X . . at I QKL' W. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: JIM BROWN, Will Davies, Leon Elder, Richard Glover, Ronald Ireland, Mrs. Francoise Miller, Mrs. Thelma Morse, Mrs. Louise Ridley. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nancy Roberts, Donald Robinson, Ester Sangar, Hafize Shah, Mrs. Madora Walker, Charles Walter, William Wheeler. ALSO IN MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Joseph Brown, Mrs. Judith Feigert, Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman, Mrs. Li-Yen Johnson, Arnold Lehman. Social Studies .I . ..,. ,.,,,., . - -'-' - H ...R , ,.,, , .... A use xii- A . ,--. .s I f..1Mgfcam'i' A wt V ...,.,,, I II ,I .IV II .I I I ,I Q I .. . I .I I . I I 31 . li "'- H 'I' .. , I x - K 3 I. QI' 1 will - 552,511 I I . f AAII eeis ' M' . ' ws 1 I I. I . I l"l ' I 0 mi I 1 K ' S- f I r 'rr" -' ' M It 1 52 2 I icI...fiwIr A is . ' -"-li'I- I .I I. . 'f1.qg.?fvI'g. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENTPTOP ROW: Ralph Bailey, Mrs. Martha Bradshaw, Pamela Dabner, Walter Davis, William Farrell, Roosevelt Griffin, John Hall, Harvey Hallagan, WILLIAM SIEDLECKI, John Kanouse. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Marthin, Bruce McGeath, Robert Meyer, William Morse, Music iw 11 'WLS5 -I I I. ssh " II" MUSIC DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: WILLIAM MOON, Lee Barricklow, Mrs. Kandis Brown, Edward Evans. SECOND ROW: Karen Nagy, Ron Nobles, Sheila Sullivan. ALSO IN MUSIC DEPARTMENT: Paul Prather. Wesley Murphy, Clyde Smith Jr., James Taflinger, Mrs. Arzella lMlIiams. ALSO IN SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT: Mrs. Patricia Mclntire, Mrs. Betty Ellis, Carol Felstein, Charles Harry, William Kimberlin, Ebert Smith. Special Education ff:aI.i12.W.I tm l f cs-,gs ' ' "-' K ,II V '- 1 ' . I - .-1 SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: Mrs. Betty Ellis, Carol Felstein, Mrs. Li-Yen Johnson, RICHARD SHOCK. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Joyann Middlekauff, Arvine Wright, Henry Wright. ALSO IN SPECIAL EDUCATION: Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Walter Eagleson, Mrs. Deborah Feick, Rex Gaddis, Dewaine Metcalf, Mrs. Thelma Morse, Paul Oscarson, Anna Parker, Mrs. Corrine Seelye, VWlliam Siedlecki, William Stewart, Herbert Van Der Moere, Mrs. Nancy Watson. 4 Career Center ' - e i N M , "fe fiffji gf, - "':..- Q '- ,Q-..,g " g ' . .,g , B33 is '- j ki, , ,, 'f e ffqfifa' J in 'N'3'eS'u :IRQ J51i!:55'ffi3, -. ' f i griiffi' iii. .W i' if ' My ' 'zjfs'-5-s,QQ152f - T ,W , ' - ' T , 15 I I -in - ' i y : 1 is fi. ,B .A I ,- . S K A .. 'lsiffiff if 1 5 I it I, 21 - -HZ' ,V 1 Q it . '- ,-. . ffifxffugi 'ff I - 5,21 21 , s-fp-2, 11 sr . A I ' 'P 1 I Es . 1 Q H?" , ,f 5-. -fg- M. ., A - ---- - I 1 , it ' ' 5 9 'fi A - 'ii ..,. -. ' gf' , 'www . . . . ,. . . ..,. r,,e . , . C ,, , . . . - ' -, 1 . N L I 'I If I I 'I - I -I .I ' I ei 3 s . . 5 f its . .JS .zexfs Tk 5 S ' ff '- . -- 'r" ef-ffft Ilffff ' 1 1 1 L ,,g.ps1,,, fy. ,gy mzg,as2.,-.-4,4 3,1 f s.,- Miessen, Alfonza Moore, Paul Oscarsoli, Lewis Pence, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Cyril Stock. FOURTH ROW: John Tincher, John Tremp, Herbert Van Der Moere, Mrs. Sherry Whitfield, John Williams, Mrs. Joanne Williams. ALSO IN CAREER CENTER: Bonnie Beaman, Earl Boss, Ernest Holmes, Dewaine Metcalf, Robert Smith, William Stewart, Fred Thompson. IPS CAREER EDUCATION CE TER-TOP ROW: Clifford Allen, Howard Beall, William Berger, Robert Bultha p, Robert Croake, David Cruser, Oral Henderson, John Hill, HAROLD ELLIOTT, Charles Hylton. SECOND ROW: Burney Jackson, Tom Jones, Fred Keller, Charles Kocher, JOHN MULLENNAX, Jim Lamb, Clifton Lovelace, Dan Malone. THIRD ROW: MORRIS WOODS, Lowell McCarty, Fred Health and Physical Education - ---- I -. . . ..... ' " ' BS'- M -, ., ' F f-it -. - i ,I i A V. 55' W . 1 ' 'K-. . -M. ' s r, .S . 1-irvzies.. wizfigtifiez H K L - 23 2,-w x, H 11 1 fs ' K 1 . 5 I' Q' iz-zggptgsggisiesg-11: ,zz 4 ' ,fww fr' If ' 5" iizssifi .T QJJEFS' 'WT -. 'iilil' - in iiiffiii Q- .I 'Q Qi . 'iii . , QR. .,.l,,,, . . . . .. ., Z5 me 1 me F ii xv: ,'-Q , Qiiiilf' -ff' 'f1 , .,,2E ra. - Fx . if - 4- .2252 r V . Jiang 1, is " .. -- -Q fl? E . L lgffk 313 I' at .if . f -kg I iii' if Eli' -I 'T , , - , ,, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW: JAMES LEAP, Carlos Bell, Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, Howard Catt, Rex Gaddis, Mrs. Beatrice Harding, John Hurrle, Julius Kleine, Francis Knue. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Shirley Lundgren, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, Willie Martin, Edward McDowell, Ivan Moreman, Anna Parker, Shirley Parrett, Robert Woodard. ALSO IN HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Walter Eagleson, Susan Janke. ..,,..,,em1 f M.,..w i Science -- vt ""' 1 ',.' W. .ml ..x.g. ,.,.,,,i . ,., ,..,, ,. ,,LA -- .. . .,., . .,i., L... . :ia ,-'- we .- is 'sflisr . 3551, ,. 1 2- " 1-'sm' L4 tier I . 2 if - ,zufls ' 1- fi - f.f.ii 'Q til its , f '- . , " ' '- 'I 21, - Q fit." tv . -I . - " . . H - ' 'J I t S mV,. K . "m'L. KKm"' I . I it ' . I , I 1 sq .. f-f1,. ,g 1 A Vf-. .. If A -eiigsfgfftqg I. A , SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-TOP ROW, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, Janice Cooper, Kent Demmary, Richard Dykeman, James Easterly, JOHN FARLEY, Mrs. Mercedes Guess, Garlon Howard. SECOND ROW: John Kern, Arthur Kirsch, James May, Allen Smith, Steven Smith, Roy Terrell, John Wythe. ALSO IN SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Richard Allen, Robert Collins, Carol Felstein, David Hon, Henry Wright. Teachers must work hard to fulfill duty Each citizen must discover his own potential and try for self fulfillment. He must confront preiudice and live with a fair concern for others. Gaining a new concept of himself, the slum child can overcome his deprivation. Freed of defeatism and bitterness, the black pupil can 'avail himself of new opportunity. Aware of the enormous possi- bilities of human personality, the handi- I I I t I ROBERT FORD is ready for a rainy day with his windshield wiper equipped glasses. capped can expand his limitations. Recog- nizing society's need for wholesome lead- ership, the young rebel can channel his independence. Maintaining his individual- ity, the gifted can, in turn bestow his gifts. Youth needs ideals without hypocrisy, criticism without loss of faith, devotion to country' without militant nationalism, respect for work without sacrifice of the ioy of living. JAMES TAFLINGER models his deputy sherif'f's uni- form that he wears as a bailiff in court. It is in these areas that a teacher tries to help young people explore through the process of education. The task is difficult but full of hope. Young people repay honesty with confi- dence, responsibility with self-discipline, respect with respect. It is when they react courageously to the search for a better life that I am glad I am a teacher. JOHN MINER, in his classy attire, takes a minute to relax from his daily work. Subscribers Debra Adam, Dianna Adam, Pamela Alcorn Jeff Alexander, Elaine S. Allen, Jane Allen, Kenneth Allen, Hannah D. Anderson Kathy Apostolakis, Leah Arterberry, Lisa Aubrey, Lisa Austin, Steven Backus Debra Bailey, Cynthia Baker, Keith Baker, Pamela Baker, Kenneth Banks Carole Bough, Freddie Beard, Jacqueline Ben- der, Donna Biggerstaff, Edward M. Black, Jef- fery Blackwell, Jamie Bolton, Jimmy Bowers Rebecca Bradt, Dave Bricetti, Allen W. Brown, Frank Brown, Karen Brown, Robin Brown, Ruth E. Brown, Robin Bruer Tresa Bunten, Ted L. Burgin, Amelda Butler, Dale Butler, Mildred Callahan, Kristina Cal- vert, William Carlson, Dwayne Carter Regina Carterette, Lisa Caulk, Debbie Chali- foux, Michelle Chambers, Michael Cheatham, Tonya Childers, Jerry Childs, Eric Clanton Jeffery Clelland, Brenda Cliff, Loretta Cog- gins, John Cox, Mary A. Cunningham, Julianne Cutteridge, Mary Davenport, Ronald Davenport Ezra Davis, Karen Davis, Nancy Davis, Terri Day, Sharon Deatrick, Danny DeBurger, Penny Decker, Becky DeHart Christopher DeHoff, Carl Despain, Sherry Desso, Vickie Dillard, Debora Dove, Linda Dowdy, Brenda Durham, John Eastham Karen Edwards, Jimmie Embry, Sylvia Espi- noza, Deborah Etheridge, Christina Euliss, Clayton Evans, Deobrah Evans, Diana Evans in 355 iii.: '3 it ilk: X ' N vi Q ' eq, fl 'F :CESQ V Ermine Robinson First Place l l l Sales .. .M -mm ,. - - vases? -Ps 't :'jg:Z,z.., f.. .1 ttenifwgz SK J Sf '15 'ii r f , A 80" 'Z x My . if Barbara McNeeIy Second Place 98 Sales Hollis Evans, Sharin Evans, Bernita Ewing, Pam Farris, Ellen Ferguson, Paul Fields Tammy Fields, James Fitzgerald, Basil Foley Debbie Ford, Gregory Ford, Ronda Foster Cynthia Frazier, Angela Freed, Robert Freed- man, Tanya Fugate, Mary L. Fuller, Darrell Fuqua Joyce Gadis, Loretta Garland, Michael Glick, Mary Glover, Tammie L. Grabbe, William Graves, Alison Grayson, Leslie Greene Steve Grider, Rebecca Grigsby, Cheryl Hale, Kimberly Hammontree, Angela Hardiman, Marlon Harris, Pam Hayes, Dale V. Hender- son Theresa Hendrickson, Camilla Henson, Carla Henson, Bruce L. Herring, Starlet Herron, Winfred Herron, James Highnite, Mary Hill- man Lonnie B. Hockman, Yvonne Hodge, Kathe- rine Hong, Catherine Hood, Robert Hood, Rose Huber, Stella Hutcherson, Johnny Hut- son Sue Ingersoll, Olev Isak, Gail Jackson Jodie Jackson, Carol James, Sonny Jessie, Linda Johnson, Sheila Johnson, Cathy Jones Teresa Jones, Timothy Jones, Janice Justice William Justice, Darrel L. Keckhaver, Robert Keiser 1 Kathy Keller, Michael L. Keller, Valerie L. Kennedy, Malinda King, Tim Koger, Sheri Kraning Paula Kriner, Phyllis Kriner, Johnno Landers, Caron Lasley, Christine Lasley, Rhonda Leis- ring Subscribers David Mimms Third Place 40 Soles Roxanne L. Lewis, Wanda J. Lewis, Rebecca Lickliter Robert Logston, Marsha L. Long, Marilyn Lucas William Lund, Thomas McCreary, Lyn McElroy Linda McFarland, Ann McGuire, Gaylon McKinney Lee McRoy, Debbie Madsen, Michele Mohurin Paula Malloy, Scott Malott, Tamara Marcum, Edwin Marshall, Alfenia Martin, Joyce Mason, Sheila Massey, Debbie Massingale - 1mvrs:"fr:Es9L :f.f-s Nena Massingale, Mary Moxie, Ronald May, l - Lisa Meadors, Paul Mertz, Amy Michael ' el! f'-.wma P - . .,.., ,.,. . .. . . Lori Milburn, Delores Miller, Charles Miller, gf' . . . . . "B' ' Debra Miller, Francine Miller, Patrice Miller .rs 1 .,,y, .Q ,.,.,., Z Susan Miller, Edward Morgan, Gloria Mor- gan, Pamela Morgan, Mary Morrison, Brian Mukes will axrl Q r ee-1 --ff' -ms . .4 L at ,pg ix A ie- 33 if ' ' E T QL l X wi 3 4 J X 1 X l ' ss- ' ' 1 mi ' 'iii 1- .stir T ,. - 95 , . . ..,..,. . .. R. Arlene Frost Fourth Place 29 Sales sw. T551 on i 4 + Q in Q sb F K metres vii- sifezierasesfi -ffm tiesafavssszifss 'Q 11? is X f Y L rf i.f,.i,m,g -iff t X M ll X al v ,V Q' 'ffisiffs 2 , Y-1-Qi . W' - fifgffasefziffiii ' 552:-'ik -- ', Ricky Bailey William Vollmer Fifth Place Sixth Place 25 Sales 24 Sales Laura Myers, Barry Napier, Mark D. Napier, Brian Nevins, Brenda Newell, Brad Newman, Melodie Nichols, Sherry Noerr Alfred Officer, Brian Osborn, Renae Osborne, Kevin Owens, Linda Parish, Paula Parish, David Parson, Joan Pennington Dale Peters, Denny Pierce, William Polin, Michael Polston, Doris Powell, Hazel Powell, Rapheal Prevot, Paula Price William Pritchard, Clementina Quintana, Donna Reynolds, Jan Rhoads, Sherri Rice, Lisa Richard, Kimberly Richardson, Kelvin Roberson Margaret Rocks, Stephanie Rodrigues, Vir- ginia Rogers, Lisa Rollin Gary Sanford, Alta Scott, William Scott Michele Shadday Misty Shaw, Terri Sherrod, Phyllis Simonton, Kathy Skillern Katherine Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Smith, Sandra Smith, Sandra Smith, Sheila Smith, William P. Smith, Gayle Stackhouse Sheri Stader, Debbie Stearns, Janice Stein- metz, Dana Stewart, Tina Stewart, Caren Stinger, Dwight Stinson, Daniel Stock Robert Stock, Jeff Stroude, Rebecca Suiters, Antoni Taylor, Beth A. Taylor, Joycelyn Tay- lor, Kerri Taylor, Donna Teckenbrock Joann Teepe, Julie Teepe, Bruce Tetrick, Michael Thacker, Shuana Thomas, Karla Thompson, Wonder Thompson, Charlene Thornburg Michael Tobin, Deborah Turner, Neil Ulsh, Robin Urban, Kenneth Vaughn, Joyce Wag- ner, Terri Wagner, Vanessa Walden Subscribers Denyse Walker, Eric Walker, Sherry Walker, Connie Wallace David Ward, David Ware, Rosetta Watson, Jeff Webb Elizabeth Weber, Dianna Wells, Linda West, Brian Whipple Trudy White, David Whitney, Anita Wilburn, Janet Wilburn Chenita Wilson, George Wilson, Lisa Wilson, Raymond Wilson Tracy Wilson, Tyrone Wilson, Christina Woods, Michael Woods Mignonette Woods, Jessica Woodson, Donna Wooten, Yvonne Wright Kate Taube Seventh place 23 Sales l ill it 2 "i, if l ie i , , ,,,. 1' ffl., , ,,,,l 2 . ,A ,f f 1 M 1 G Q-"wi: 4 ' 1 if y gi: 1 '50 ms "-2' 'ff ew tb ! as X 1 I David Boucher ' 'E g Eighth Place f' A' 22 Sales 5 PM I E , I l A 5 My . -W T A Theresa Tennant Ninth Place 21 Sales Q , 1 a ,.f'??fi?i5f "Yf Q i,5,.mg:, ,A rw -,'. , ,, . :L H ,ig anzzsesffgzie 2 g ,ff ?ff,2,!3.2fi9?l' V. H J, v s 'F fi? .V aff' x 1 if A I 'I f ,,.. V. qi' ,v,s 2 its grew' MW 1,6 s Angie Brown Tenth Place 17 Sales The National Bellamy Award The National Bellamy Flag Award was established in 1942 under the leadership of an indefatigable lady Dr. Margarette S. Miller, biographer of Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Mr. Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892 for the National Public School Cele- bration of Columbus Day, commemorating the four-hundredth anniversary of the dis- covery of America. The purpose of the Bellamy Award is two-fold: to give recognition to the author IIJQLSU 4,w,J.Qa.u.Z.'1v-EJVA-3sA.4.ff'j mhfwt-5-WMWQQW' ,M mcg Mmm-M ' FRANCIS al:l.l.AMv - 1892 ORIGINAL PLEDGE in 1892 "I know three things must always be To keep a nation strong and free. One is a hearthstone bright and clear With busy, happy, loved ones near. One is a ready heart and hand To love and serve and keep the land. One is a worn and beaten way To where the people go to pray. So long as these are kept alive Nation and People will survive. God, keep then always, everywhere: The Hearth, the Flag, the Place of Prayer." honoring Tech since 1947 and perpetuate his memory and to encour- age the teaching of patriotism and good citizenship in the schools of our nation. Throughout the history of our country the schools have performed a real and splendid iob in fostering the students a realization of the advantages and respon- sibilities that go with Americans citizen- ship. Each year since 1942 an outstanding secondary school in a different state has been elected to receive this coveted award on or near Columbus Day. Presentation of the Flag flown over the Nation's Capital on May 18, birthday of Francis Bellamy, is made by Dr. Miller to the chosen school. Tech received this award in 1947 and now holds the longest record of attend- ance at Bellamy Award presentations throughout the country. lt is up to all true Titans to maintain in their daily endeavors the spirit of this award. May we all be inspired to redouble our efforts, not only to maintain our Ameri- can way of life, but to extend it as well. FRANCIS BELLAMY, author of the pledge Recognition JIM BURKES, representing the American Legion, presents David Lewis with plane tickets for Montana where David represented Tech at the National Bellamy Award program. David also served as vice-president of the Indianapolis Youth Congress. IN NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIPXGOMPETITION, Victor Sanderson made it to a finalist while Bill Lund, Beth Lyall, Vicki Qarson, and Tom Harvey were commended students. X STUDENTS REPRESENTING Tech surround alumnus Nathaniel Alexander Owings as he received the Indiana Arts Award. tt' I lt vt.,-.lie - ROBERT BELDING presents Kim Ferguson and Valerie Kennedy with certificates of recognition for their achievement in the National Achievement Scholarship Program for Negro Students. Kim also won the Betty Crocker Award from Tech. THESE STUDENTS represented Tech at a program with the Indianapolis Police Department promoting a stronger understanding among citizens. DEBBIE LEWIS served as state auditor on February I6 in a student in government role, she also served as secretary of the Indianapolis Youth Congress. Tech 300 As the Tech 300 program moves through its third year, new and exciting things are happening. The educational experiment, originally funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc. is gaining nation-wide attention. During a recent evaluation, Dr. Richard Kunkel, Chairman of the Department of Education, St. Louis University, called the program "one of the most exciting, chal- lenging efforts in urban education today." Staff personnel operate within four work specialty areas: ll l youth worker, I2l supportive educator, l3l programmatic coordinator, and l4l social service person. Assignment of specific duties of proiect personnel is accomplished through the use of conventional horizontal programs. The scheduled work day extends from 8:00 A.M. through 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. In addition, personnel are involved in many student activities after school, eve- nings and weekends. Staff personnel are involved in an inten- sive tutorial effort both during and after class with emphasis on the basic areas of mathematics, reading and citizenship. In addition, much informal counseling is done during cafeteria and hall duty assignments and through supervision of student activi- ties including educational field trips, out- door activities, cultural events, self-devel- opment proiects, and intramural athletics. draws national recognition CONFEREES REPRESENTING PRESIDENT CARTER AND TECH 300: Mrs. Betsy Baltz, Bob McGee, Harv Ostdyk Silvia Vella, Don Carmody, and .Ierry Bennett. Recognition I DUANE WILLIAMS and William Lund are inducted into the French Honor Society by RAY THOMPSON, president of James Associates, and a Tech grad of '47 presents Wckie Carson and Bill Cox. ' ' a tapestry to A. Ray Reed to honor the opening of the new Girls' Gym. d ertising w A In H SUPER MAIIKETSEI ii2s2440r1AfAri11f UNIVERSAL STAMP AND COIN SUPPLY SHOP 3232 East 10th Street 634-2326 NEW YORK FLOWER SHOP 2838 East New York Street 636-2313 GRINSTEINER FUNERAL HOME INC. Thoughtful Service I Harold D. Unger, President F. Floyd Gibson, Vice-President Beautiful New Chapel Seating Over 200 1601 East New York Street 632-5374 To my friends: Life is a celebration, So Celebrate! KINNEY'S DANCEWEAR 4302 East New York Street 357-4171 Best Wishes to Seniors of 1977 PAINT 8 AUTO SUPPL Y CORP. 2114 East Washington 637-5303 Your most valuable possessions are those things you do not own. TEE-KAY FLOWER AND NOVELTY SHOP 3501 Brookside Parkway, South Drive 638-4264 FRANK L. MEID CLEANING SYSTEM 1026 North Beville 636-4561 632-3817 GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC. 1640 East Washington Street 636-1566 CASH BARGAIN CENTER 25th and Sherman Drive 'A Bargain Hunter's Paradise" L TEXACO COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR ' JAcKsoN Sun Diagnostic Equipment 5460 East 21 st Street Just call your neighborhood Merchants Man or Woman for "Green Briefcase" expertise on any financial matter. l T Member FDIC Congratulations to all '7 7 Graduates 21 st and Ritter Friends of Hemophilia of Indiana 353-2593 Cglge r E 81 E SPEED AND CUSTOM SERVICE 61 12 East Washington Street Indianapolis 46219 357-5667 Kawasaki Z-1 National Record Holders M3647 WM WW TECH HEALTH oFFlcE Good Luck To The Class of '7 7 CI.EVERLEY-LOCKHART secretary and field manager P.O. Box 50217 RHLPH R. Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 5550 North Keystone Ave. REEDER Gnd 9330 H R d , fonf.lnc. 13171 823553155 255 155' lt's been the best year, Super-Seniors, because the Super-Senior Team of Mike West and .lim Heavrin were in it. BIG JOHN'S MARKET AQUA POOI.-N-PATIO 231 1 East Michigan Street 2881 East 56th Street 635-2226 253-1601 ARMIN GRAUI. AND CO. INC. WILLIAM R. MORSE 2506 Martindale Avenue 923-7846 A Salute from Tech ROTC DELBO DRUGS Prescription Specialists 3105 English Avenue , Rx Department Open 8 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 637-2421 QUALITY BAKERY Wm. E. Moore-Owner 3815 English Avenue 356-2374 Room 75 Counselors I was what I was. I am what l am. I shall be what I shall be. I have no regrets. HAl.l.El.UJA HOUSE is-xx -Qt? 2401 E. 10th Street Fl 634-8858 I il f I ll nd you large AM.- chfasfaqn I H 4108 East Michigan Books and 'Eff 356-6371 5ii?g'11-b Supplies it 1 ge .mit l-self, E lllkzffl 1,'N CONGRATULATIONS! You, the class of 1977, have goal in your lives-the completion of high school. reached an important Whatever your plans for the future, we at RCA know your many hours of conscientious studying will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to each of you. An equal opportunity employer To my enemies: You cannot destroy That which is me. McCLENDON AUTO SALES, INC. 3726 East Tenth Street 635-8585 c AND G ounet sroize BU RTRON POULTRY 2422 North Sherman Drive , , P.O. Box 447 Noblesville, Indiana 46060 217112 ,l,!, ,,,, 5 1-' xlm ilill W !,x, - , , li :iw . 4 ' ll'l I if V ll L s' l l I fllil'llf1lll" in is-3535? SINK 8: EDWARDS, iNc. 5 W V I, liz" Il 1 Ji 621 East onto Street W il' Q lx' indianapolis, indiana 46202 ,Nyl I Qllif r it 984-3807 773-1480 7' fc if fnf 'nf we My C10 G! Q Be Wise Remember MACHINE TOOL SERVICE AND SUPPLY CO. Your ATS Bookstore for School Supplies o . 'xl . - , .1 ,X lg . ',-V AJ .' i ,A' XJ' Z .Ni 1, iv x V. . , I, .W .4 J .V ,I K, -' 4322 East Michigan Street 357-8747 STUCK'S BEST OIL CO. 412 South Ritter Avenue 357-1131 O 1 ' 'S 'QEW O' Tl A' M1 ' ' T ,J J . 17 X 5--gil. Xwhxb S-" . Mr -- ' .f ,?52Nf"N S N 3 st url eerlliife x 5130 E. 10th 356-0996 BUESCHER FLORISTS The Very Last Butterfly 503 East Southern Thdflk You 784-2457 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Harvey In I " ' Q N W I 1, I 1,12 1 If M . d Mrs. Wallace Potter ' 54 ? ,"f'L' W ' "" E 7 A 3, AUTO PARTY ,f - . BEN'S BARBER SHOP U5 Highway 36 4304 East New York St. Avon, Indiana 357-0588 839-2556 RICHARD BENNETT Home of Affordable Furniture 5804 East Washington 356-721 I Root helps you to remember ROOT photographers - 1131 W. Sheridan - Chicago Heritage House of 9ncIianapoIis 4990 SOUTH EAST STREET-U.S. HIGHWAY 31 SOUTH INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46227 TELEPHONE: AREA CODE 317 - 783-9388 Banquet facilities for school functions and organizations of 25 to 500 gd Ga ff?-11.9 '22 6' Wi ki 6 , .T-I, :J I A 71. JL, es i florists owers for Life ' 637-3525 ca RADIOS ' ' TELEVISION Guardian gnierpnses SALIS 81 SERVICE 4201 E. 10TH ST. R. E. IEOB1 ELLIOTT INDIANAPOLIS. IND. 46201 OWNER l317D 356-9806 House of James Beauty Colleges 6 locations in Indianapolis Area Phone 844-3351 Godwin Company, lnc. Forlc Lift Trucks 1175 W. 16TH STREET o INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA 46202 Congratulations to the '77 Graduates from Environment Control 5415 North College ll PHONE C3171 637-3325 GREEN THUMB A Garden in the City Market West Mezzanine Level 634-3729 I MARION KAY THOQZZQE ghA2:,JFiElg3:l2lTED Spices and Extracts SOUTHEASTERN AUTO PARTS IN THE MALL benefit Cannon Honor Sweater 3420 50Ufl1eGSf6fr1 Avenue 356-5785 Fund 356-2404 257-0674 Dedication The Yearbook Staff hereby dedicates all the work put into this yearbook to a great and truly dedicated lady in Miss Bernice Jones. Miss Jones has dedicated her years at Tech to the publication of the school's yearbooks. She will be remembered in the heart of all for years to come. Now as she retires let us honor her in this publication. To you, Miss Jones, we dedicate this book. Bernice Jones Acknowledgements The 1976-77 Yearbook staff would like to extend many thanks to the following persons and organizations for their con- tributions in the publication of this year- book: The Indianapolis Star!News and the Republican State Headquarters for their contributions to the political section of the book, Mrs. Mary Churchman for help in the Alumni Page, Mrs. Margaret Thorn- burgh for contributions to the National Bel- lamy Award page, Mr. Mark McDaniel for PTA photography, H. Lieber and Co. for special photography development on the cover, Vicki Carson for the cover picture, Wood High School Publications Depart- ment for assistance on the recognition page, and Mrs. Paul Lewis for PTA assist- ance. Alumni never leave Tech Consisting of 80,000 members but only 15,000 current addresses, the Tech Alumni Association has gone through some very heavy reorganization. When the associa- tion started, it consisted of few members. This number grew over the years until Tech's campus became too small to handle it. ln 1972, a lady by the name of Mary Churchman contacted the association about having a 10-year reunion. Of the 540 graduated in '62, only 6 current addresses were on file. Mrs. Churchman contacted the associa- tion about starting a committee to locate its members by 1974. Some 80,000 per- sons had to be located, but because of the vast number and small staff, only 15,000 of the addresses are accurate. ln May of 1973, Mrs. Churchman was asked to be president of the association. She accepted and as her right hand she appointed Mrs. Susan Lebo. Since 1975, Mrs. Lebo has been presi- dent. Under these two ladies the associa- tion has accomplished a lot of things. Aside from bringing the membership back up, reorganizing the files, getting commit- tees started, starting new proiects, the association has done something more spectacular. Because of its size and the need for a more adult atmosphere, the association moved off Tech campus and ATHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION-FIRST ROW: Mrs. Mary Riner Churchman, vice-president, Mrs. Susan Forkner Lebo, president, Mrs. Opal Sullivan Brewer, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Patsy Seats, Nick Seats, Mrs. LaVerne, Doty Stewart, business secretary, Mrs. Jane Sharp Hendrickson, Margaret Way, recording secretary, Mrs. Sandy Mertz McCormmack, Mrs. Margaret Walker Clapp, Gloria Brewer. THIRD ROW: Bob Hendrickson, Tom Brethauer, Howard Campbell, vice-president, Mrs. Barbara Hobbs Hays, Mrs. Marilyn Hicks Hoffman, John Hoffman, Mrs. Delores Miller Franklin, Mrs. Evelyn Lamy Sutton. 1976-77 PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION-FRONT ROW: Paul E. Lewis, Mrs. Paul E. Lewis, co-presidents, Ray Reed, principal. SECOND ROW: John D. Malin, treasurer, Mrs. Hurley Waters, vice-president, Mrs. Lewis Mosley, secretary. Mrs. Harry Harmon, vice-president. NOT PlCTURED: Mrs. Paul Miller, corresponding secretary, Mrs. William Douglas, vice-president. now is in the process of incorporating. As proiect for the year, the association is starting a fund to renovate the West Res- idence. The yearly scholarship will be increased from its 30-year run of S200 to possibly 5750. In the words of Mrs. Mary Riner Church- man, class of '62, president 73-75, Tech's association is a group of people who care about Tech, who recognize what a good education you get at Tech. The association gives Techites the opportunity to keep in contact and see the people they once knew so well. PTA concern: student needs The PTA at Tech works diligently to sup- port Tech young people. They began the school year taking school pictures, award- ing honor sweaters, keys, and certificates to students who have maintained a 7.0 average throughout high school. PTA held a chili supper, sold license plates, pub- lished a newsletter, worked in the Book- store and provided aid whenever needed. They also provide funds for worthy school causes. At the end of each semester, the PTA awards blue and red ribbons to honor roll and honorable mention students. They proudly give two 5100.00 awards to graduating seniors as well as 525.00 to any student maintaining straight A's throughout high school. Through the year students at Tech are their main concern. We are fortunate in having many wonderful parents who will- ingly give of their time. 4 Index ABDULLAH, MARY 160 Abernathy, Andrew 98 Acknowledgements 182 Adam, Debbie 126, 127 Adam, Diana 32, 55 Adam, Donna 32, 33, 40, 63, 104, 130 ADAMS, MRS. ANNABELLE 162 Adams, James 44, 98, 1 12 Adams, Rick 67 Adult Education Division Office Staff 158 Akers, Ray 1 13 Akin, Katie 160 Alcorn, Pamela 32, 33, 86 Alexander, Anthony 65 Alexander, Jeff 47 ALLEE, MRS. VERDA 159 ALLEN, CLIFFORD 164 Allen, Elaine 61 ALLEN, GAYLORD C. 155 Allen, Jane 102 Allen, Lewis 101 Allen, Linda 47 ALLEN, RICHARD 165 Allen, Zellee 88 Allender, Tony 44 Alley, Mack 1 1 1 Allseitz, Evan 14, 36, 67 Alston, Herbert 66, 98, 100, 1 12 Alves, Tony 109 Alvies, Brian O. 88 AMEND, PATRICIA MRS. 164 Anderson, Alisha 36 Anderson, Chauncey 1 10 Anderson, Cynthia 66, 87 ANDERSON, DONNA MRS. 157 Anderson, John C. 65 Anderson, Darryl 1 13 Anderson, David 1 1 1 Anderson, Jimmy 1 10 Anderson, Tony 1 10 Andrews, Angela 72 Anthropology Club 187 Antle, Kim 44 Apple, Maria 44 Armes, Audrey 32, 35, 36, 50, 65 Armstrong, Kenneth J. 59 Art Department 74, 161 Arterberry, Lisa 47 Asher, Darrell 47 Atkins, Shirley cf cpl 80 Attendance Office Messen ers 67 Aubrey, Beth 36, 37, 40, 86 Aubrey, Lisa 34, 36, 37, 39, 40, 42, 55, 86 Auto Mechanics 90 Auxiliary Office Messengers 186 Bailey, Ralph 163 Bailey, Ricky I 10 Baker, David 55, 86 Baker, Sally 160 BALES, MRS. EILEEN 159 BALL, MRS. SUSAN 160, 161 BALTZ, CHRIS 160 BALTZ, MRS. ELIZABETH 156 Band Guard 81 Banks, Kenneth 65, 130 BARBOUR, PAULA 86, 161 Barker, Kevin 44, 71, 81 Barker, M. 47 Bamer, Idella 102 Barnett, Roy 73 Bams, Terry 88 Barr, Michael 80, 81 BARRICKLOW, LEE 25, 35, 163 Bartley, Alan 34 Baseball, Reserve 105 Baseball, Varsity 104 Bauerle, Tom 67 Bayless, Kenneth 155 BEALL, HOWARD 95, 163 Beaman, Bonnie 162, 164 Bear, Charles F. 55, 66, 80 Bear, Eligen B0 Bear, Eugene C. 81 Beard, Frank 98, lm Beard, Fredrick 98, 100, 1 12 Beatty, Jonathan L 32, 34, 44, 54, B0 Beck, Rhule 81 Beck, Trina 126 Bedgood, Timonthy 66, 79, 80 Beecher, Janice 50, 65 Beever, Linda 66, 67 Bell, Charles 164 Bell Choir 37 Bell, Dametrice 66 Bell, James 98, 109 Bellinger, Bill 160 Bender, Jackie 34 Benedict, Debbie 56, 57, 65, 73 Bennett, Mark 81 Benningfield, Liz 40, 47 BERGER, WILLIAM 164 Berry, Jeff 32, 34 Beverly, Cynthia 52, 59 Bigelow, Charles 101 Biggerstaff, Donna 55 Bingham, Dorothy 162 Blakey, John B8 BLAKENNORN, DUANE 56, 158 Blunk, Norman 50, 86 Blythe, Russell 55 Bobbit, Maurice 44 Boggs, Teresa 66, 102 Booker, Kenneth 1 1 1 Bookstore, Clerks 159 Borciak, Helen 86 Borgin, Ted 105 BORSHOFF, JIM 158 BOSS, EARL 164 Bostic, David 34 Bottoms, Gary 44, 62 Boucher, David 61 Bounds, Randy 109, 1 10 BOWERS, MRS. WINONA 162 Bowling, Team 51 Boyd, Carol 36 Boyd, Tony 77, 104 BOYNTON, WANDA 160 Boys', Concert Club 44 Boys', Tennis Team 107 Bracken, Steve I 13 BRADSHAW, MRS. MARTHA 163 Bradt, Tina 47, 86 Breland, Mark 56, 100 Brenton, Julie 33, 55, 66 Bridgewater, David 94 Briggs, Darla 46 Briley, Rick 52, 53, 61, 62 TE Briles, Dicky 104 Brinkley, John 98, 99 Brinkley, Loletta 46, 102, 1 18, 130 Brinkley, Opal 102 Britton, Harold 36 Broadus, Linda 46 BRODHECKER, MRS. BETTY 158, 164 Brooks Brooks , Greg 109 , Jacqueline 55 Brooks, Monica 55 Brown, Angie 48, 55 Brown, Jim 163 Brown, Joe E. 16, 26, 40, 52, 53, 55, 59, 67 BROWN, MRS. JOAN 56, 161 Brown, Joel 98, 100 Brown, Joseph 162, 163 BROWN, MRS. KANDIS 37, 38, 40, 163 143, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, 86 Brown, Karen 80, 81 Keith 34 Michael A. 67 Randolph 86 Ruth 34, 44, 52, 56, 59, 67, Timanthy 35 Brown, Tony 1 10 BROWNE, RAYMOND 161 Browning, Denise 40, 47, 126, 127 Browning, Lisa 126 Browning, Theresa 55 Bruce, Bob 104, 105 Bruce, Tom 104 Bruder, Mary 32, 34, 55, 65 Bruer, David 32, 35, 36, 44, 55, 73 Bruer, Robin 32, 35, 36, 46 Bryant, Victoria L. 66 Buck, Debbie 66 Buckley, James 109 BUCKLEY, MRS. LEATHA 162 BUEHLER, MRS. CHARLOTTE 160, 161 Building Trades 95 Bull, Nancy 44, 55 BULTHAUP, ROBERT 164 Burgess, Victor 104 Burnett, Carol 32 Burris, Mark 46, 1 30 Burt, Robin 32, 33 Burton, Joe 86 Business Education 72, I 13, 162 li cu '3 mm Butler, Amelda 57 Byers, Kathy 47 , 65 CALDWELL, MRS. PAULINE 165 Calvert, Debra 57 Calvert, Rhonda 57 Cameron, Willie 32, 34, 35, 36 Cambell, Dimeta 80 Campbell, Doris 160 Campbell, Eva 63, 65 Campbell, Mary 35, 44 Career Center Messengers 66 CARLOCK, MAHLON 154 Carr, James 64 Carruthers, Jackie 44, 80 Carson, Vicki 4, 36, 37, 38, 40, 42 85, 86, 182 Carter Carter , Cecilia 26, 44, 47, 56, 59 , Cindy 47, 56, 59 Carter, Dewayne 60 Carter, Gregg 65 CARTER, MRS. HELEN 161 CASSELL, MRS. VIRGINIA 161 Catlett, Larry 73 CAT1', HOWARD 109, 155, 164 Caudill, Richard 36 Caulk, Lisa 44, 47 CAVALLO, MRS. BARBARA 162 Cecil, Michael 162 CUMMINS, MRS. ANN '162 Chalifoux, Debbie 48 Chaney, Terrance 105, 107 Chapman, Michael 36, 37, 40, 42 Chapman, Tony 54, 66, 80, 81 Chatman, George 98 ' Chatman, Mike 17 Chatman, Robbie 34, 46 Cheatham, Michael 32, 35, 36, 37 55 Cheerleaders, Reserve 126 Cheerleaders, Varsity 126, 127 Chemistry-Physics Club 60 Chess Club 64 Childers, Tonya 87 Childs, Terry 44, 80, 81 CHOATE, MRS. SALLY 160, 161 Chowing, Yolanda 54 CHURCHMAN, MRS. MARY 182 Clark, Juanita 66, 81 Clark, Lawson 60, 92 Clark, Robert 100 Clark, Ronald 66, 109 CH FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES-FRONT ROW: Steve White, John Kitcoff, .lddtie Thomas, Larry Griffin, Paul McMicheI Ron Johnson, Rob Rady. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Hooks, Leanza Quarles, Ahlhvhy 50Yd, I-UCC! Gf0l'l0"'b Eddie 11000901 R999 Rebennock, John Gore, Steve Powell, Theron Mayes, Annond Patterson. THIRD ROW: Glen Lamb, Emie Cline, sponsor, Avery Johnson, Zellee Allen, Landon Tumer, Greg Brooks, Ted Fox, Paul Allen, Steve Douglas, Tony Campbell, DENNIS Hicks- 1 Clarke, Winsome 44 Clayton, Terrance 1 1 1 Clegg,-Mary 46, 52 Clelland, Jeff 515 CLINE, ERNEST 104, 158 Close, Don 60 CODY, MRS. WYOLINE 162, 163 Coggins, Loretta 63, 66 Coleman, Orron 16, 26, 39, 40, 48, 52, 87, 186 Coin, Ricky 101 COLLINS, ROBERT 158, 162, 165 Collins, Tom 105 Color Guard 81 Colvin, Kim 40 Combs, Mark 1 1 1 COMMONS, PATRICIA 162 Computer Math 70 COMSTOCK, MRS. DIANE 161 Concert Band 34 Concert Club, Girls 44 Cooney, Deleana 46 Cooper, Cheryl 16, 17 COOPER, JANICE 130, 165 Cooper, Lisa 106 Cooper, Tina 44 Cooperative Office Education 46 Coryell, Marsha 47 Cox, Bill 38 CSIKY, MRS. LOIS 161 Cottongim, Dewayne 105 Counselors Office Messengers 67 Courtney, Ricky 1 10 Cousins, Kenneth 98, 100, 109 Cousin, Stella 81 Cox, Bill 40, 85, 86, 98 Cox, Fannie 36, 37, 102, 130 Cox, Mrs. Florence 159 Cox, Joe 52, 77 Craig, Dewayne 56, 62, 100 Crawford, Mrs. Arlene 160 CREASSER, MRS. LOUISE 139 Crockett, Jeff 77 Crooke, Robert 164 Cross Country, 1976 Freshman 1 13 Cross Country, 1976 Varsity 1 12 Crouch, Jody 38, 40, 49 Crouch, Mike 64 Cruser, David 164 Culp, Mark 81 CUMBERLAND, RICKY 34 CUMMINS, MRS. ANN 165 ' Curry, Timonthy A. 67, 1 1 1 Curry, Tom 32, 34, 105 CURTIS, DIANE 34 Cushinberry, Mike 1 1 1 DABNER, PAMELA 163 DAILY, DON 1 18, 158 DALTUN, MRS. DORIS 159 DANHEISER, TOM 161 Daniels, Tracy 1 18 Darden, Thomas 65, 70, 98, 100, 109 Darding, Bill 1 1 1 ' DAVIES, WILL 163 Davis, Barry 36 Davis, Edmond 160 Davis, Ezra 80 Davis, Gary 44 Davis, Jeff 44, 80, 81, 186 Davis, Karen 86 Davis, Nancy 49, 52, 55, 67, 87 Davis, Patrick 1 13 Davis, Rick 105 Davis, Roger 160 Davis, Tracy 44, 52, 86, 87 DAVIS, WALTER 163 DAVIS, ZOEARLINE MRS. 157, 162 Davidson, Judy 66 Day, Kevin 78 DEAKYNE, FLO MRS. 159 Dean of Girls Messenger 66 Deatrick, Janet 36, 37, 61, 85, 86 Deatrick, Sharon 44, 55, 86 Debate Team 54 DeBurger, Danny 52, 53, 61 DeBurger, Mike 53, 61 Dehoff, Christopher 36, 37, 55, 86 DEMMARY, KENT 51, 165 DEMUS, ELSIE MRS. 159 Denkins, Anita 32, 35, 40 Denkins, Sharon 38, 40 Department Assistants 159 Deslauriess, Joseph P. 79, 80, 81, 89 Dickson, Carla 36, 85 Dishman, Richard 101 Distributive Education 47 Dobbmatz, Miclael 35 Dodd, Brian 105 Donahue, Donny 51, 92 Donahue, Tim 55 Douglas, Steve 35, 36, 65, 109, 130 DOWDY, BRENDA 46 Dawdy, Linda 55, 102 Doyle, Belinda 15 Drafting Department 91 Drama Club 52 DUDKOWSKI, SAM 162 Duff, Paulette 36 Duncan, Rob 47 Durham, Chris 44 DURHAM, WILMA MRS. 159 Durnil, Theresa 47 Dyke, Greg 1 13 DYKEMAN, RICHARD 165 EADS, ELLEN 51, 161 EAGLESON, WALTER 163, 164 EASTERLY, JAMES 57, 165 EBY, SIMAJ HAROLD 161 EDISON, MICHELLE 46 EDWARDS, MRS. FELISHA 162 Edwards, Karen 37, 44, 49 Edwards, Kevin 1 10 Edwards, Nicky 98, 99, 1 12 ELDER, LEON 162, 193 Electrical Trade Department 92 ELLIOTT, HAROLD 164 Ellis, Anthony 78, 1 1 1 ELLIS, MRS. BETTY 163 English Department 67, 71, 161 Engram, Dwayne 18 Girls' Ensemble 38 Ernestes, Charles 109, 1 10 Ervin, Renel C. 66 Evans, David 32, 34, 54, 66, 80, 81 Evans, Debbie 32, 35, 36, 37, 55 Evans, Diana 35, 36 Evans, Diane 32, 34 EVANS, EDWARD 34, 163 Evans, Hollis 62 EVANS, KAREN 46 Evans, Kathleen 162 Evans, Linda 57 Evans, Sharon 36, 186 EWEN, MARY LOU 160 Exhibition Team, Girls 80 Exploratory Teaching 56 Fague, R. W. 160 Fall Play-Odd Couple 26 FARLEY, JOHN 165 Farr, Ken 105 FARRELL, WILLIAM 163 FEICK, DEBORAH 163 FEIGERT, JUDITH MRS. 162, 163 FELSTEIN, CAROL 163, 165 Ferguson, Ellen 32, 86 Ferguson, Kathy 65, 74 Ferguson, Kim 32, 33, 59, 65, 106, 130 Ferguson, Theron 1 59 FERRELL, PATRICIA 46 Fields, Paul 47 FIELDS, MRS. LOUISTINE 162 FINE, MRS. SERINE 87, 161 FINNEY, MRS. KAREN 160, 161 First Battalion Officers 79 Flag, Detail 81 Flanigan, Tim 104, 109 Fletcher, Alice 80 Fletcher, Charmeine 46, 102, 130 Floyd, Rochelle 1 18 Foley, Basil 44 FOLLIS, ALBERTA MRS. 158 Foods Classes 93 Football Team, Freshman 1 1 I Football, Reserve 1 10 Football, Varsity 108, 109 Ford, Greg 65 FORD, ROBERT 161, 162 Foreign Language 28, 85, 161 Foster, Gina 39, 40, 46, 126, 127 FOX, DONALD 34 Fox, Harry 107 Fox, Steve 104 Faxeworthy, Robert 67 Fowlkes, Gerald 101, 1 12 Franklin, Kevin L. CICPL 81 Freeman, Todd 1 19 Freeman, Anson 16, 38 FREEMAN, JOYCE 162 Freeman, Anson 40 Freeman, Robert 32, 34, 35, 36, 55 Freemont, Linda 104 French Club 86 Freshman Cheerleaders 126 Freshman Honors 55 Freshman Track Team 101 Frost, Arlene 46, 49 FRYE, MRS. LOIS 162 FULLER, MRS. JANE 159 Fuller, Mary 50, 52, 61, 87 Fuller, Tim 98 Fuqua, Matthew 15 Future Educators of America 56 Gadberry, Diane 14 Gadburry, Ellen 15 GADDIS, REX 111,163,164 Gaines, Sherri 32, 34, 40 Gamble, Alvin 43 Gamble, Tony 109 Gant, Marcia 57, 60 Gardner, Kim 36, 37, 55, 106 Garrett, Beverly 37, 40, 52 Garret, John 1 10 Garrett, Tony 109 Garten, Sue 46 Gortrell, Chris 35, 107 Gary, Daniel 80, 81 Gentry, Barbara 106 GEORGE, DAVID 105, 162 German Club 86 Gessner, Ruth 74 Gessner, Sally 36, 37, 49, 106 Gibson, Demetria 1 13 Gilbert, Arnell 1 10 Gilliam, Penny 50 Gin, Chuck 78 Glick, Mike 51, 79, 109, 110 Glover, Faith 36, 46 GLOVER, RICHARD 163 GOERTEMILLER, MRS. ELIZABETH 162 Goldsmith, Eric 87, 95 Golf 1 19 Golliday, Flora 55 Goodall, William 32, 56, 62, 101 Goode, Rob 105 Goodner, Patricia 57 GOODRUM, MRS. ALICE C. 59, 156, 161 Gare, John 109 Gore, Natalie 67 Goss, Phillip 1 1 1 Goya, Hiromi 46 Gradall, Ola 87 Graham, Christine 46 Graham, Cynthia 1 18 Graham, Doris 63 Graham, Gerri 48, 56, 62 GRANEY, WILLIAM 158 Grant, Yvette 44, 56, 59, 67, 126, 186 Graves, Kim 40 GRAVES, NANCY MRS. 160 Gray, Cheryl 57 Gray, Marcia 46 Grayson, Alison 44 Green, Bob 105 Green, Eric 40, 101 Greene, Leslie 102, 1 18 Greene, Michael 26, 59, 130 Greenwell, Debbie 32, 33, 37, 40, 46 Greer, Reese 81 Grider, Steve 65 Griffin, Dale 48, 49, 61, 86 Griffin, Dane 49, 56, 61, 91, 105 Griffin, Dave 104, 1 10 Griffin, Larry 109 Griffin, Roosevelt 163 Griffy, Diana 160 Grigsby, Rebecca 46 Gross, Jack I 19 Groth, Pat 14 BLOCK T CLUB-FRONT ROW: Marvin Smith, James Miller, Madison Miller, Ron Johnson, James Trotter, Kenneth Cousins. SECOND ROW: Terry Pritchard, Gary Miller, Tyrone Wilson, James Adams, Nickey Edwards, Harold Simmons, Herbert Alston. THIRD ROW: Howard Catt, sponsor, Dwayne Tinsley, Tony Gamble, John Gore, John Kitcoff, Roger Rebennack, Rob Rody, Steve Powell, Steve Douglas, Lawrence Hooks. Groth, Tim 100 GUESS, MRS. MERCEDES 165 GUESS, WILLIAM 155, 162 Guidance Counselors 158 Gunn, Debron 54 Guynn, Diane 78 Gwynn, Steve 101, 109, 110 Hafley, Tammy 43 HAHN, MRS. MARGARET 161 Hale, Cheryl 46 HALE, HESTER 156 Hale, Rhonda 126 Hale, Timothy 66, 81 HALIBURTON, GEORGE 79, 80, 160 Hall, Barry 44 HALL,JOHN101, 109,110,163 HALLAGAN, HARVEY 163 HAMER, MRS. SARAH 158 Hamilton, Diana 47 Hamilton, Fredy 47 HAMILTON, MARIAN 161 Hamilton, Teresa 33 Hampton, Charles 80, 81 Hampton, Phyllis 57 Hanneman, Sandy 32, 33, 67 Hanner, Kathy 72 Hapner, Donald 34, 35, 39, 40 HARDIMAN, EMMETT 161 HARDING, MRS. BEA 106, 164 Harding, Bonnie 44 Harding, Dina 17, 37, 39, 40 HARDY, MARGUARITE 162 Harlan, Carol 16 Harlan, Jeff 86 Harmon, Robert 51 Harris, Brenda 160 Harris, Debra 86 Harris, Elaine 80 Harris, Marlon 51, 59, 70, 105, 107 Harris, Mary 40 Harris, Sonya 46 HARRY, CHARLES 158, 162,163 Hart, Sherry 66 Hartle, Edwin 62, 64, 85, 187 Harvey, Thomas C. 35, 36, 48, 51, 59 HASTON, DIANE 54, 161 Hasty, Sharla 65 Haudlen, Wilhelmeta 160 Hawkins, Keith 48, 49, 186 Health and Physical Education Faculty 164 Health Office Messengers 66 Heavrin, James 42, 63 Heavrin, Laura 40, 50 HEINZ, MRS. PATRICIA 162 Henderson, Dale 98 Henderson, Dale 109 Henderson, Elizabeth 47 HENDERSON, ORAL 164 Hendrickson, Connie 67 Hendrickson, Ken 100 Hendrickson, Theresa 67 Hof, Mark 88 I HOFFMAN, MARILYN MRS. 54, 162, 163 Hogan, Patrick 47 Holland, Deborah 106 Holland, Westley 98 Holman, Jerry 88 Holmes, Ellen 36, 37 Holmes, Ernest 88, 155, 164 Holt, Denny 80 Home Economics Faculty 162 HON, DAVID 165 Hone, Floyd 51, 64 Jackson, Jodie 56 Jackson, Stayce 47, 56 Jackson, Tonya C. 46, 59, 63, 1 18, 130 Jackson, Tracy 1 1 1 JACKSON, MRS. VIRGINIA 162 Jacobs, Keenan 79, 80, 88 Jacobs, Keith 88 Jacobs, Kurtis 88 James, Carol 44, 49, 55, 61, 126 James, Dennis W. 51 James, Leatha 46 James, Teresa 18 Hone, Marcella 46 JANKE, SUSAN 102, 164 Jefferson, Mark 34 Hong, Alexandria 35, 36, 38, 40, 65, 126 Hong, Katherine 35, 38, 40, 55, 70, 126, 127 Hood, Catherine 36, 44, 55, 67 Hood, Robert 39, 40 Hooks, Jay 111 V Hooks, Lawrence 104, 130 Hooks, Sharon 40, 46, 56 Hooper, Donald 88 Horn, Tin Van 107 HORSTMAN, SHERRON MRS. 162 House Plan Faculty 162 House Plan Messenger 66 HOWARD, GARLON 165 Howard, Frankie 87 Howard, Frankee 66 Hubbard, Darrel 55 Hubbard, Janet 46 Hughes, Teresa 57 Hunter, Joyce 66, 81 Hunter, Susan 47 Hunter, Tammy 44, 74 HURRLE, JOHN 109, 1 10, 157, 164 Hutchison, Darrel 66 Hutson, Johnny 55 HYATT, CAROLYN MRS. 159 Hyche, Robert 44 HYLTON, CHARLES 164 INDIANAPOLIS STAR-NEWS 182 Industrial Cooperative Training 88 Ingersoll, Sue 35, 66, 87 I P S Career Education Faculty 164 Intensive Office Laboratory 46 IRELAND, RONALD 163 lzsak, Barry J. 160 lsak, Olev 34, 35 JACKSON, BURNEY 164 Jackson, Charles E. 81, 101 Jackson, Dennis 55, 67 Jelton, Saunnie 160 Johnson, Ada 102, 118 JOHNSON, ALICE 162 Johnson, Audrey 46, 56 Johnson, Avery 40 Johnson, Bobby L. 80 Johnson, Chico lWiIliamI 39 Johnson, Darrell 44 Johnson, David 88 Johnson, Jeff 28 Johnson, Jo Ann 102 Johnson, Larry 119 JOHNSON, LI-YEN MRS. 163 Johnson, Linda 47, 102 Johnson, Marilyn 47 Johnson, Mark I 19 Johnson, Michelle 46 Johnson, Pam 102, 103 Johnson, Robert 160 Johnson, Roberta 156 Johnson, Ron 109, 110 Johnson, Sharon 46, 65 Johnson, Susie 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 55 Johnson, Tim 47 Johnson, William 40, 186 Jolliffe, Patti 93 Jollife, Sherri 81 JONES, BERNICE 62, 161 Jones, Danny 65 Jones, Derrick B. 40, 79, 81 Jones, Donna 55 Jones, Glen 32, 34, 35 Jones, Karen 78 Jones, Leon 34 Jones, Rita L. 47 Jones, Tom 164 JONES, MRS. VALERIE 160 JONES, MRS. VELMA 160 Jones, Vickie 32, 34 Jose, David 160 Journey, Marilyn 36 Junior Honor 55 Justice, Janice 66 Kohl, Bernie 47, 51 Kanouse, John 138, 163 Kauanaugh, Raymond 87 Keane, Karen M. 56, 67 Kechhaver, Darrell 1 1 1 Keillor, Malenda 66 Keithley, Carol 40, 52, 53, 54, 86 Keithley, Robert 1 19 KELLER, FRED 164 KELLY, FREDERICK 157 Keller, Mike 34, 64 Kemp, Eva 87 Kendrick, Anthony 65 Kennedy, Benita 38 Kennedy, David 81 Kennedy, John 157 Kennedy, Valerie 1 18 Kent, Steven 187 KERN, JOHN 64, 165 Key Club 48 KIMBERLIN, WILLIAM 163 King, Melinda 55, 118, 126 Kinghorn, Dave 47 Kinsley, Cheryl 55 Kirk, Theron 89, 101 KIRSCH, ARTHUR 165 Kitcoff, John 109 Kleine, Jay 113, 119, 164 KNUE, FRANCIS 111,164 Kabylarz, Michael 87 KOCHER, CHARLES 164 KOHUT, EILEEN 157, 161 Kriner, Paula 48, 55, 86 Kriner, Phyllis 55, 86 LAGADON, MRS. MARIA 86, 161 Laland, Dalphia 55, 65, 102 LAMBERTUS, SUSAN MRS. 161 LAMB, JIM 164 Lampher, Ellen 66 LAMPKINS, DEBRA MRS. 160 Lane, Fred 38, 40, 52, 87 Lane, Kathy 33, 65, 70, 86 LAPPING, MRS. MARJORIE 155, 162 Lasley, Caron 32, 35, 48, 50, 65, 77, 86 Lasley, Christine 34 Lasley, Curtis 34 Latin Club 87 Laughlin, Brian 32, 34, 94 Laughlin, Stuart 32, 35, 36, 47 Henson , Cammie 37, 40 Henson, Carla 55 Herring, Bruce 54, 71 Herron, Cody 100 Herron, Mike 101 Herron, Winfred 55 Heyob, Hibbitt, Rhonda 32, 34, 44 Charles 66 Hicks, Debbie 52, ar Hicks, Dennis 43, 49, 51, 60,61 Hiking, Photo Club 61 Hill, Jerry 98, 99 HILL, JOHN 164 Hill, Kevin 94 Hill, Lavette 126, 127, 161 Hill, Lin da 46, 56 HILL, LOUIS 162 Hill, Mark 70, 105 HILL, MRS. ODESSA 162 Hill, Sandra 46 Hill, Shirley 33, 66 Hill, Teri 25, 32, 33, 40,130 HILLENBRAND, JEAN 161,162 Hillman, Scott 73, 88 Hiner, Sharon 160 Hinton, Shawn 66, 80, 81 Hackman, Lonnie 119 Hodge, Laura 32, 33 Hodge, Yvonne 33 Hodges, Mark 44 AUXILIARY OFFICE MESSENGERS-FIRST ROW: Orron Coleman, John Lorick, Jeffrey L. Davis, Keith Hawkins, Dennis Murray, William Johnson. SECOND ROW: Yvette Grant, Amy Michael, Kathy Thomas, Sheila Smith, Phyllis Simonton, Bessie Walker, Sharon Evans, Tracie Woods. Index Lawrence, Tom 55, 1 1 1 Lay, Patrick 160 Laymann, Jeffrey 80 Layne, Greg 14, 15 Leach, Linda 36 LEAP, JAMES 164 Anthony 40, 100, 109 Lee, LEE, MRS. BARBARA 157 Lee, Calvin 44, 109, 110 Lee, Kenneth 98, 99 Lee, Teresa 130 Lee, Calvin 94 Lee, Theresa 40 Legle, Richard 100 LEHQAISAN, ARNOLD 48, 102, 160, Levi, Cathy 50, 86 Lewis, Anita 47 Lewis, David 16, 38, 47, 49, 62, 63, 1 1 9 Lewis, Debbie 38, 40, 76 Lewis, Donnell 62, 87 Lewis, John 161 LEWIS, MRS. PAUL E. 182 Lewis, Regina 65, 102 Lewis, Wanda 50 Library Messengers 67 Lickliter, Becky 67 Lickliter, Sherry 47 Lieber, H. and Company 182 Lindsey, Randall 1 1 I LITTELL, PATRICIA 159 Long, Adele 46 Long, Diane 32, 34, 35, 48, 55 Long, Teresa 46, 48 Looper, Kent 101 Lorick, Jeff 100, 108 Lorick, Jerard 109, 1 1 1 Lorick, John 87, 109, 110, 186 Lorick, June 36, 37, 50, 56 Love, Christopher 88 LOVELACE, CLIFTON 47, 164 Lucas, Marilyn 49, 61 Lund, William B. 55, 59, 60, 86 LUNDGREN, MRS. SHIRLEY 66, 158, 164 Lunn, Margaret 43 Lyall, Beth 32, 63, 106 Lyall, Frank 55 Mahurin, Michele 65, 66 MAILLARD, MARY 161 Maior, Roschekke 40, 1 30 Maiors, Michelle 70 MALIN, JOHN 161, 162 Mallby, Mike 37 MALONE, DAN 164 Malone, Darryl 81 Mallot, Scott 54, 64 Malloy, Mike 32, 35, 36, 40 Malloy, Paula 34, 44 Manis, Steve 1 13 MANN, LOU 157, 162 Many, Michelle 49, 55 Marching Band 32 Marcum, Jaye 47, 126, 127, 130 Marshall, Edwin D. 26, 46, 59, 63, 87 MARSHALL, LEWIS 155 Marshall, Patrica 55 MARTHIN, MARY JANE 57, 163 Martin, Alfenia 46 Martin, Anne 102, 103 MARTIN, ELLEN 162 Martin, Elizabeth 56, 102 Martin, Leon 154 MARTIN, WILLIE 109, 164 Mason, Terry 1 1 1 Massey, Sheila 32, 35, 36, 44, 66 Mathematics Faculty 163 Matheny, Joe 1 1 1 Matthews, Darlene 66 Maxwell, Dorothy 1 18 Maxwell, Hazel 44 MAXWELL, JOYCE MRS. 159 Maxwell, Pam 67 MAY, JAMES 60, 76, 165 May, Melvin 36, 44 Maye, Sharon 32, 44, 54, 59 Mayes, Kermit 1 1 1 Mayes, Theron 47 Mays, Melvin 56, 59, 65 McAfee, Valerie 66 MCBRIDE, JUDITH 33, 52, 130, 161 McCall, Brad 109, 119 McCallister, Andrea 98, 100 MCCARTHY, LOWELL 164 McCONAHAY, MARY MRS. 160 ANTHROPOLOGY CLUB--FRONT ROW: Randy Polvadore, Robert Mendenhall. SECOND ROW: John Tincher, sponsor, Edwin Hartle, Charles Truax, Lee Melton, Steven Kent. McCreary, Pam 52 McClung, Lisa 46 McCullough, Johnna 38, 40, 56, 87 McDade, Sherry 46 MCDANIEL, MARK 182 McDay, Melissa 93 McDougan, G. Joe 88 McDOWELL, EDWARD 98, 100, 157, 164 McDOWELL, MRS. RITA 49, 161, 162 McDuffie, Maiester 88 McElroy, Andrew 78 McFarland, Linda 56, 102 MCGEATH, BRUCE 98, 100, 112, 163 McGill, Latonia 72 McGuire, Ann 55, 65 McGuire, David 47 McGuire, Denny 51, 98 McINTYRE, MRS. PATRICIA 163 Mclntyre, Vicky 55 McKinney, Gaylon 40, 48, 51, 104, 105, 109, 1 10 MCMILLAN, ANN 161 McNary, Cheryl 57 McNary, Steve 65 McNeal, Karen 65 McNeely, Barbara 59, 93 McRoy, Cynthia 36 McRoy, Lee Ann 44 McVAY, MRS. CHERYL 162 Meadors, Gary 47 Means, Martin 67 Meid, Frank 38, 40, 48, 52, 53, 54 Melodayres 39 Melton, Lee 187 Mendenhall, Robert 187 Mendez, Jerome 34, 51, 67, 100 Metal Trades 94 METCALF, DEWAINE 163 MEYER, ROBERT E. 155, 163 Michael, Amy 50, 52, 54, 59, 67, 87, 186 Mickens, Gerald 113 MIDDLEKAUF, MRS. JOYANN 161, 163 Middleton, Melody 106 MIESSEN, FRED 164 MIESSEN, JUDITH MRS. 156 Milburn, Lori 28, 55, 86 Miles, Randy 34 MILLER, ALISMARIE MRS. 160 Miller, Charles 44 Miller, Debbie 46, 49, 130 Miller, Francine 50 MILLER, FRANCOISE MRS. 70, 163 Miller, Gary 98, 109 Miller, James 101, 109,110 Miller, Madison 98, 99 MILLER, SFC OLIVE 161 Miller, Susan 55 Mills, Charles 47 Mills, Linda 46, 50 Mills, Joseph 80 Mimms, David 32, 34, 89 MINDACH, JANE MRS. 159 Mindach, Rex 98 MINER, JOHN 155, 162 MINKS, STAN 52, 53, 161 Mitchell, George 1 1 1 Mitchell, Mark 55 Mobley, Angela 36, 37, 39, 40 MOON, WANDA MRS. 159 MOON, WILLIAM 40, 163 Moore, Alfonze 109, 1 10, 164 Moore, David 88 MOORE, MARIAN MRS. 162 Moorefield, Brenda 66, 81 MOREMAN, IVAN 104, 156, 164 Morgan, Ed 109, 110 Morgan, Gloria 43 Morris, Gwen 32, 33, 67 Morris, Regina 66 Morrison, Mary 46, 55, 67 Morrow, Theresa 40 MORSE, MRS. THELMA 163 MORSE, WILLIAM 163 Motter, Charlene 72 Mukes, Brian 46 MULLENNAX, JOHN 164 Mulryan, Larry 66 Murphy, Mary 80 MURPHY, WESLEY 162, 163 Murray, Dennis 186 Muse, Sandra 102 Musgrave, Karen 44 Musical 16, 17 Music Department 42 Music Faculty 163 Myers, Bob 105 Myers, Dana 37, 44 Myers, Laura 32, 33 NAGY, KAREN 163 Nance, Tom 88 Napier, Barry 1 13 National Forensic League 59 Nelms, Thomas 159 Nelson, David 86 Nelson, Earnest 32, 34, 35, 36, 65 Nelson, Willie 34, 70 Nesbit, Julie 55, 86 Nevin, Brian 73 Newell, Brenda 32, 34, 44 Newgold, Mark 47 Newman, Brad 47 Newsom, Ann 55 Newspaper Staff 63 Nicholas, Gary 88 Nicholson, Angie 44 NICHOLSON, MRS. BARBARA 158 Nielson, Christian O. 88 NOBLES, RON 36, 37, 163 Noerr, Sherry 56, 126 Northington, Sherry 40 Nurses 158 Obertell, Dennis 160 Octette 38 Office Staff 1 59 Officer, Alfred 32, 35, 36, 54, 80, 81 Officer, Larry 101 OHMIT, MRS. GWENDELYN 162 Oliver, Bruce 94 O'Neil, Hellen 102 O'Neil, Kathy 32, 33, 34 Orchestra 36 ORTH, ROBERT 162 Osborn, Brian 35 OSCARSON, PAUL 163, 164 Owens, Gaylon 80 Paff, Scott 55 Page, Marcella 33, 66 Pants Factory 78 Parish, Kathy 59, 62, 63 Parish, Linda 71, 126 PARKER, ANNA 163, 164 Parker, Kenneth 44 PARKER, MRS. MARJORIE 156, 162 PARRETT, SHARON 157 PARRETT, SHIRLEY 164 Parris, Charles 65 Parrish, Stanley 101 Parsons, David 56, 65, 87 Pate, Derrick 98 Patterson, Armond 108, 109, 1 10 Peacher, Rohnal 101 PENCE, LEWIS 157, 164 PENCE, MRS. MARY 162 Pennington, Joan 32 PENROD, MRS. MARY 130, 162 Pep Band 34 Perdue, Cyndy 46 Perkins, Marcia 50 PERRY, MRS. ANN 50, 161 Phelps, Patricia A. 52 PHEMISTER, LORENA 161 Physical Education Assistants 65 Piano Lab 43 Pierce, Donny 1 11 Piety, Amy 32, 33, 47, 55 Piety, Angela 55 Pinkston, Frankie 50, 55, 87 Pipes, Michael 79, 80, 81 Pitano, George 98 Pittman, Brenda 66 Pittman, David 1 1 1 Pitts, Joe 35, 36, 40, 51 Polston, Michael 50, 63 Polston, Randy 55 Polvadore, Randy 88, 187 Pom-Pon 33 POOL, MRS. BERNADINE 159 Porter, Anna Marie 25, 32, 35, 36, 39 Porter, Anna Marie 25, 32, 35, 36, 39, 40 Porter, Arthur 35, 55, 59, 86 Index Poteet, Chris 36, 50, 51 , 55, 107 PO1'TER, MRS. MARGARETT POTTER, WALLACE R. 154 Powell, Rodney 32, 34 Powell, Steve 72, 130 Pratt, Dave 88 PRATHER, PAUL 44, 163 Prayer Circle 57 Prevot, Orlando 44 Prevot, Raphael 46, 56, 65, Price, David 78, 91 PRICE, WENDREL 161 Priest, Craig 55, 98 Printing Department 89 E158 130 Pritchard Terr 98, 99, 100, 109 1 Y Prom, 1976 18 Pyle, Steve 109 Pryor, Timothy 81 Quarles, Leon 104 Quill and Scroll 63 Quintana, Danny 1 1 1 Quintana, Nicolas 64, 87 Quintana, Tina 87 Quirk, Warren 46 Radford, Carolyn 46 Radford, Ramona 102 Radio Club 60 Rody, Robert 104 Rainy, Greg 101, 1 12 Ramsey, Murth 109 Ramsey, Tammy 34, 55 Randall, James 160 Randall, Robbie 55 Randolph, Reedeth 1 18 Ransel, Margo 169 RANSOM, MRS. NATALIE 162 RAWLINGS, MRS. MARGARET 160, 161 Ray, Beverly 101 RAY, MRS. CAROLYN 158 Ray, Mike 101 Rebenack, Roger 104, 109 Reck, LaDonna 59 REED, RAY A. 154 Reeves, Bridget 59 Rent, James 55 Republican State Headquart Reynolds, Diana 47, 67 Reynolds, Rhonda 46 Rhoades, Tommie 46 Rhodes, Darcy 17 Rice, Danny 100, 101 Rice, Gwendolyn 71 Rich, Shelly 33 Richardson, Floyd 159 ers 182 Richardson, Glenn 159 RICHARDSON, MRS. HARRIET 161 Ridley, Jeffery 78 RIDLEY, MRS. LOUISE 163 Riggins, Karen 36, 37, 55, 86 ROBBINS, MRS. GLORIA 159 ROBERTS, CRAIG 161, 162 Roberts, John 101, 1 10 Roberts, Joy 46 ROBERTS, MRS. NANCY 163 Robertson, Dennis 38, 40 Robinson Robinson 1 30 Robinson , Aaron 1 10 Robinson, , Ermine 46, 50, 52, 53, 65, , Gary 1 1 1 Robinson, Don 101,107,163 Ray44 Roblay, Michael 59 RODRIGUES, ERMALENE MRS. 162 Rodrigues, Stephanie 50, 57, 59, 130 Rogers, Bobby 1 10 Rohrman, Melody 46, 50, 56, 65 Roots, Shirley 86 ROSE, CARROL MRS. 162 Ross, Brenda 57 Ross, Janice 41 , 54, 62 ROTC 161 Rozzel, Deanna 73 Rudolph, Antonio 101, 109 Rudolph, Morquerite 1 18 Rudolph, Randy 1 10 Rugby, tournament team 51 Rush, Cynthia 46 Russ, Veronica 46 Russell, Kevin 47 Saferight, Twila 59 Saloh, Alan 74 SANDERS, MRS. BETTY 161 Sanderson,'M. June 1 Sanderson, Victor 60, 63, 86 Sanford, Gary 51 Sangar, Ester 163 SAO Executive Board 49 Schmidt, Maureen 66 SCHNIEDER, KARL 154 Science Department 165 Scott, Aita 55 Seats, Karen 46 Seats, Patrick 67 1 Seats, Tammie 18, 32, 33, 46, 65 104 Searcy, Rawleigh 104 Sebastian, Kenneth 55, 92 Security Guards 159 Sedam, Ron 48, 49 SEELYE, MRS. CORRINE 163 SEIKALY, WILLIAM 160 Senior Class Officers 1 30 Senior Council 1 30 Senior Office Messengers 65 Senour, Shawn 47 Service Club 50 Shaffer, Donna 36, 48, 67 Shaffer, Vicki 36, 48, 50, 56, 67 SHAH, HAFIZE 70, 163 SHATTUCK, MRS. JUDITH 39, 15 Shaw, Donna 65 Shaw, Mary 55 Shaw, Sheldon 61 Sheldon, Lara 80 Shellabarger, Anne 159 Shelton, Michael 81, 101 Sherrod, Terri 36, 56 Shiniman, Tracie 126 9 SMITH, ALLEN 165 Smith, Andrew 109 Smith, Bill 51, 64, 70, 105, 107, 160 Smith, Carol 160 SMITH, CLYDE 163 SMITH, EBERT 162, 163 Smith, Edwin W. 88 Smith, Erwin 95 Smith, Frank 1 1 1 Smith, Glenn 60, 99, 100 Smith, Hyman 56 Smith, John 59, 98 Smith, Kevin 109, 1 10 Smith, Kim 102, 103 Smith, Marvin 109 Smith, Mattie 46 SMITH, MERRILL 158 Smith, Terry 159 Smith, Randy K. 55 Smith, Richard 107 SMITH, ROBERT 80, 164 Smith, Sandy 86 Smith, Shiela 66, 186 Smith, Stanley P. 55, 67 Smith, Steven 34, 165 Smith, Walter 50 Smith, Wanda 102 SNOW, MRS. JANE 162 Social Service 158 Social Studies 73 Social Studies Faculty 163 Sophomore Honors 55 Spall, Shielo 46, 66 Spanish Club 87 Sparkman, Stephanie 87 Sparks, Barbara 46 Sparks, Hibbitt 66 Spearman, Thomas 55 Special Education Faculty 163 Speech Team 59 STAFFORD, MRS. RUTH 164 Stafford, Tina 56 Stage Band 35 STANLEY, DAN 161 Stanley, Patsy 47 Steinmetz, Janice 1 18 Stevens, Bonnie 80, 81 Shipman, Robin 44 SHOCK, RICHARD 155, 163 SHOEMAKER, MRS. DELSIE 47, 156, 162 SHOEMAKER, ITHEL 154 Sholar, Portia 74 Short, Mark 64 Shotwell, Lisa 1 18 Shotwell, Phyliss 1 I8 SIEDLECK1, WILLIAM 163 Simmons, Harold 98, 100 Simmons, Vanessa 55 Simms, Danette 57 Simon, Cathy 44, 50, 67 ROTC Brigade Officers 79 ROTC Exhibition Team 80 ROTC IDR Squad 80 ROTC Messengers 66 ROTC Officers 79 ROTC Rifle Team 80 ROWLAND, BETTY MRS. 6 2,159 Simonton,-Phyltis 186 SIMPKINS, DEBBY 159 Sims, Tammie 81 SINGH, MRS. JATINDER 161 SINK, LOIS 130, 162 Slaughter, DeWayne 47 SLOVER, MICHAEL 61, 161 Stevenson, Anthony 47 Stevenson, Stephanie 32, 34 Stewart, Charlene 32, 38, 40, 86 Stewart, Ginger Lee 61, 67 STEWART, JAMES E. 154 STEWART, MRS. LAVERNE 159 Stewart, Lori 1 18 Stewart, Tina 44, 52, 55, 66, 87 Stewart, Victor 44 Stewart, Wendell 40 Stewart, William 163, 164 Stidd, Mildred 66 Stiffler, Bill 55 ' Stigler, Michael 36, 37 Stinger, Caren 32, 48, 55 Stinger, Charles 62, 86 STOCK, CYRIL 164 Stock, Daniel 55, 64 STOCKARD, ROBERT T. 154 Storey, Vicki 46 STORMS, MRS. MARSA 161 STOUT, MRS. DOROTHY 157 Stoup, Vicki 130 Stowers, Patrice 102, 1 18 Strickling, Robin 46 String Ensemble 37 Strong, Willie 98, 100 Stroude, Jeff 55 Stubbs, Chris 100, 1 12 Stubbs, Eric 98 Sullivan, Kathy 52, 53, 62, 63, 86 Sullivan, Mike 61 SULLIVAN, SHEILA 87, 161,163 Surber, Deanna 46 Surenkamp, Donald 55 Surenkamp, Rebecca L. 52, 71, 87 SUTTON, MRS. NANCY 130, 161 Sweatt, Melvina 46 SWENSON, KERMIT 161 Sykes, Mary 130 Symphonic Band 35 Tabor, Nancy 65 Tabrizi-Compani, Liz 160 TAFLINGER, JAMES 163 TAKACS, JOHN 161 Tapp, Robert 160 Tordy, William 101, 1 10 Taube, Barb 106 Taube, Kate 37, 48, 50, 86, 106 Taylor, Antoni 32, 34, 35, 36 Taylor, Elaine 160 Taylor, Janet 36, 44, 55 Taylor, Joycelyn 32, 34, 44, 55 Taylor, Kerri 55 Taylor, Tracey 86 Tech 300 82, 100 Tech 300 Support Group 160 Techoir 25, 40 Teckenbrocke, Donna 55, 105 Tennis Team, Girls 106 TERRELL, ROY 165 Terry, Tom 66 Tetrick, Bruce 51 Thelger, Benito 40 Thespians 53 Thomas, Barbara 46 Thomas, Darrel 1 13 Thomas, Jackie 44, 109 Thomas, Kathy 66, 186 THOMAS, MARTHA MRS. 159 Thomas, Mike 17, 18, 26, 28, 37, 38, 49, 52, 59, 74, 130 Thomas, Shawna 77 Thomas, Scott 160 Thompson, Brad 55 Thompson, Cassandra 46 Thompson, Dana 67, 106 Thompson, Debbie 90 THOMPSON, FRED 164 Thompson, Karla 61 Thompson, Phyllis 46 THORNBURG, MRS. MARGARET 182 Thurman, Madgalena 87 Thurman, Robert 1 1 1 Tietrich, Bruce 1 19 Tillman, Rosie 80 TINCHER, JOHN 164, 187 Tinsley, Dewayne 101, 112 Tolon, Gerald 55 Toliver, Budd 82 Toliver, Mike 101 Track, Reserve 100 Track Team, Girls 103 Track, Varsity 98 TREMP, JOHN 164 TRESSLAR, CECIL 63, 155, 161 TOBROCKE, FLOYD 158 Trittipo, Sally 61, B6 Trotter, James 98, 100, 1 12 Trotter, Tony 47 Troxel, Bob 88 Truax, Charles 187 Trulock, Fred 95 Turner, Calvin 159 - Turner, Elmond 88 TUSSEY, RlTA MRS. 159 Twirlers 33 Tyner, Joyce 46, 66 Ulsh, Alan 48, 56, 65, 86, 130 Ulsh, Neil 14, 15 Upchurch, Kathy 32, 33, 105 Vage, Per 17 VANDERMOERE, HERBERT 163, 164 Vaugh, Lawrence 160 Vaughn, Steve 67 Vocational-Industrial Clubs of America 47 Volleyball, Girls 1 1 8 Vollmer, William 55, 79, 80, 105 Waddell, Martin F. 87 Wade, Janetta 86 Wade, Roberto 36, 38 Wagner, Jerry 35, 36 Wagner, Larry 32 Wagner, Terry 32, 35, 36, 37 Walker, Bessie 50, 66, 186 Walker, Denise 102 Walker, Dewoyne 88 Walker, Dionisia A. 87 Walker , Eric 79, 80 Walker, Jimmie 55 WALKER, MADORA MRS. 54, 163 Walker, Sheresse 65, 102, 1 18 Walker, Tom 158 Wallace, Connie 44 Wallace, Cynthia 44 WALLACE, HENRI ETTA 160 Walter, Charles 163 Walton, Sam 100 Warfield, Anthony 55, 87, 101 Warrenburg, Chris 26 WASHINGTON, MRS, EMMAGEE 161 Washington, Melvin 101 Waters, Carolyn 160 Watkins, W. J. 160 Watson, Angelia 59 Watson, David K. 47 Watson, Harriet 72 WATSON, MRS. NANCY 162, 163 Watson, ,Wayne 35 Weaver, Phillip 44 Webb, Jeff 1 13 Webb, Karen 46 Webb, Michael 100 Webb, Staci 46 Weber, Beth 86 Wells, Cindy 25, 46, 65 Wells, Emma 66 COULD MAN'S BEST FRIEND be woman's best friend too? Anita Wilbum's needle- point is from Needle Arts class. Welton, Donald 160 West, Barbara Westmoreland, Conroy Wetzel, Darrell Mark 66 WHALIN, WARD 154 Wheeler, William 163 Whipple, Brian 49 White, Teresa 102 White, Wendy 66 Whitfield, Brian 88 Whitney, Charles 101 Whitney, David 55 Wickliff, Paul 55 Wicklifte, Cecile 44 Wilburn, Anita 106 Wiley, Joe 46, 70 Wiley, Margaret 49, 50, 55, 66, 87 Wilkerson, John 32, 35, 55, 80, 81 Williams, Arzella 163 Williams, Duane R. 35, 36, 55, 60, 66, 79, 81 Williams, Jeffery 88, 1 1 1 Williams, Joanne 164 Williams, John 164 Williams, Lesley 66 Williams, Shirley 126 Williams, Tammy 127 Williams, Teresa 161 Williamson, Fredrick 105, 109, 110 WILLIS, ISG NERIS 161 Wilmoth, Robert 1 10 Wilson, Charles 101 Wilson, Chenita 80, 87 WILSON, MRS. ELIZABETH 71, 161 Wilson, James 35, 36, 39 Wilson, Kermit 1 10 Wilson, Raymond 39, 48, 86 Wilson, Robert 1 10 Wilson, Tracy 1 1 1 Wilson, Tyrone 66, 109 Winstead, Terris 160 Witner, Jimi 88 Witmer, Thomas E. 55 Witsman, Tim 98 Wong, Patrick D. 88 WONG, ZONA MRS. 158 Wood, Debbie 44 Wood, Katherine 66, 80, 81 Woodard, Bob 98, 100, 109 Woods, Darlene 32, 33 Woods, Mignonette 7 9, 80 WOODS, MORRIS 164 Woods, Terry 80 Woods, Tina 35, 55 Woods, Tracie 32, 36, 37, 39, 48 49, 54, 55, 63, 87, 186 Woodson, Dwight 40, 46, 49, 50, 54 55, 59, 62, 85, 86 Woodson, Jessica 49, 62, 86 Wooton, Donna 44 WRIGHT, ARVINE 161, 163 Wright, Betty 66 WRIGHT, HENRY 163, 165 Wright, Yvonne 32, 34 Wyne, Cheryll 87, 161 Wynn, Phillips 109, 1 10 WYTHE, JOHN 165 Yearbook Staff 62 I x J I V 5 1 I 5 S, Q H ii, ii gf, ec! 11.5.-fMl:lzzlzzwi-,,.-lgig ,..W,ff,f-f S: ,ifin,,,,,,,l,,zf,,i,m, 5, ,A immnu, ,3,,iE,55,,. W4 ,fim- , L4 -iiwl ff V, 7 Mfr, I -gh ,ff f, ., 'f,.L gr '- . . 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