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S 4-:M ,Cb 7 , ' ZXTQQ 'fffff L"3I'fY'f3'Y ,W" , ' Xwwjgiffa 0 QQ B? W A QWV?g6Q Yf35QQig?iig?Sf9g5 eff! io kggfsbqib is 'W 7.95wJ Q5 Six M 55505555 QfSi?5?Yi5 V 3Qis2 1 ww X, 'Qkygilf' X Qifbigbwfvifbivfpfiiffqu 53? Giiffwfwif xy SLI SWQ W2f'N fii5ffwy WW QBQXL5-?qgywJfMl 'M i if' E? iiB J f O ,A V QAM MSL JAX i'3fJi?QiQQy,M flu U aff' My + 'XL ci E fm 65 cf -,I f IN ' Q L! ff, ff M M 46 JC on xxx 'DOG yr Cf' W , fp ,AP Q! C"bgxQ wWw?M Af QfW'? 3a ,' 5' RX QOX9! 7WxP'Vi,9' fQ?FfEb4S V if ,jr QQ, 646. V Sb KQ4 yfwf wb ww w '70 6 . I 1 ,a. 1 , . , K ' K U T 'N ' L ,ply we X ' 'Wf' -5 ' ,1 , ,png 6 6175 Cf V W. P CP50 ff? A OW, X Q ff? A E5 ., ,J ,wo Y A lfgfw4wAmm, 25,2 M w M n QQ! he CONTENTS Opening Classes Activities Athletics Seniors ARSENAL CANNON I 976 Vol. 62 ARSENAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL T500 East Michigan Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 2 I 6 52 98 T28 Faculty Subscribers Ads I Index Closing 197 6 The Cornerstone Year CORNERSTONE fkor-n e r-stonln 1: a stone forming a part of the corner of a Wall, usually lying at its foundation. specif: such a stone laid at the formal inauguration of the erection of a building, usually inscribed with the date, and often hollowed out to receive records, documents and relics 2. the event, fact or thing that forms the principal foundation or support upon which an achievement is based, orfrom Which a development makes its beginning. Three new cornerstones were laid at Arsenal Technical High School during this bi-centennial year. A body of 5,000 pupils and teachers witnessed the progress of a program that will bring the buildings on the campus to a total of 15- old and new-dedicated to the education of present and future generations. On what shall we build? What will give strength to the structure of our lives? What have we to give so that future generations will know what we were? We have written the answer with our daily lives. Tech pupils in 1976 are like those first ones in 1912, they are con- -cerned with building a future. They need a cornerstone on which to build. If 1976 is different from 1912, one reason is that young people today are more independ- ent in their seeking because they want a new foundation for their lives. One foun- dation for a good life is self-development. And the opportunity for it was here this year. May Techites be courageous in their continued search. May 1976, the bi-centennial year, be remembered as the year of the new cor- nerstone. Ground Breaking May 22, i975 was a day of excitement with ground breaking for the new Audito- rium, lnstructional Media Center, and Girls' Gymnasium. The day started with breakfast, the rais- ing of a garrison flag, a cannon salute, and then moved on to reveille and the ground breaking ceremonies. Mayor Lugar, Superintendent Karl Kalp, State Superintendent Harold Negley, Principal A. Ray Reed, School Board President Paul Lewis, Denver Jordan, former student, and President of SAO Julie Lewis were present. ' Afterwards retreat was sounded and refreshments were served. The date was also Supreme Day. Hon- ors were presented to outstanding pupils who have shown achievement at Tech. ABOVE: Mayor Lugar presents A. Ray Reed, principal, the Ground Breaking Medal- lion. BELOW: Mrs. Paul Lewis, Mrs. Martha McCardle, entering president of School Board, Mayor Lugar, and Paul Lewis, former president of the School Board chat before ceremonies. LEE BARRICKLOW directs the Symphonic Band at Ground Breaking Ceremonies. ABOVE: Anderson Certificates. BELOW: The Lewis clan-Debbie, Glorina, lAnderson Award recipientj Paul, Julie and Dave-really digs Tech. TECH PUPILS watch ground-breaking ceremonies. LEFT: Mayor Lugar signs autographs. A. RAY REED, Mayor Lugor, Lewis Marshall, Wallace Potter, Jim Borshoff, Robert Stockard, Paul Lewis, James Stewart, Ward Whalin, Fred Kelly, Dorothy Stout, and John Miner dig in at ground breaking. C onsfrucfion What's new? Construction. Returning to school in September, pupils noticed the Portable was missing, they had to find their way through a maze between Woodruff and campus, the sidewalk north of the cafeteria had been moved and nar- rowed, fences had risen across campus, and the student parking lot was on the other side of Oriental. Along with this, big yellow monsters, commonly known as bulldozers, had moved in, fences, foundations and the resemblances of buildings had sprouted. ln about another year Tech will have grown to 15 buildings. Along with the buildings will come dressing rooms, stage craft classes, a first aid office, lecture rooms, and reflecting ceiling panels in the Auditorium. The Girls' Gymnasium!Natatorium will house a swimming pool, laundry center, and two volleyball courts. ln the Instructional Media Center there will be a new bookstore, a lobby, a com- puter seminar, and a new library, with reflecting panels as a special feature. The Boys' Gymnasium will be ready for action with new lockers and showers installed. The old Girls' Gymnasium will become a career center with a beauty shop, a barber shop, laundry and dry cleaning labs, and lecture rooms. lf you think this is a lot, it's only a partial list. Techites, be patient because you have about another year to wait. ..-.awmf .. .. was-and mL.i..M,1, , , -,NSF K 1 sf k Yay i W X A M-Hwfwm' ' M T , Q 0 11 lf'N1d' Homecoming commemorates Bicentennial The night of September 26 was a night of victory and defeat. lt was the night of Homecoming when Varsity Football Team fought it out with Chatard, Tech Marching Band presented musical numbers, the sen- ior roll rooms competed in the float con- test, and a Homecoming queen was cho- sen. Also roll room officers were announced and Key Club presented a fire- works show. All was not well at half time as Chatard led the game 20-0. As the whistle was blown, Tech Marching Band sounded off with Holtz March, Whiplash, When Johnny Gets Blue, and the Tech Student. Next the i975 Homecoming floats rolled out on the field with queen candi- dates aboard. Leading the floats was Roll Room l9O with their float which was a covered wagon. Second in line was Roll Room 153 with a cake and candles for the birthday of America. Third was Roll Room 6 with a rocket and the Statue of Liberty. After 6 was Roll Room 7 with an eight-foot eagle representing the national bird and a cannon, a marker of the Revolutionary War. Second to last was 400, the winner of the contest, with a float representing the heritage of America. Last was 648 with a covered wagon and live horses. After the floats the Homecoming queen was crowned. The candidates included Terry Dawson, Gaye Wilson, Delores Reed, Kathy Ingles, Jackie Maxwell, and Diane Cornforth. The Homecoming queen was Jackie Maxwell of Roll Room 7. Next fireworks were presented by Key Club. And after halftime activities the foot- ball game went resulting in our loss 26-0. Other wise the night was filled with ioy. T ,, 1 f , fjsgm I if 10 Excuses, escapes, escapades Although l976 Techites are searching and seeking for identity, a typical day at Tech would not be complete without excuses and escapes. But past, present and future Techites are unique because they have their own cam- pus where they can escape to places beyond belief and give some of the wildest excuses lwhether forgiven, forgotten or "that's tough"j for their escapades. Even though people tend to take excuses and escapes cs small unimportant parts of their lives, they are actually part of the struc- tures on which they build. And what better place can we find to test ourselves than at our own Arsenal Technical High! Hopes and Our dreams I W mi - 5 aff-if ' Alumni make great achievements in life William E. Anderson, Frank Fisse, Frank Kendrick, John C. Christ, Hector Garcia, and William Justice. What do all these people have to do with Tech? They're Tech Alumni. William Anderson of the Indianapolis Star has "covered every maior crime in Indianapolis in the past 25 years". He and two other reporters covered police corrup- tion which resulted in over 400 stories. For the stories they received local, state, and national awards. Also they won the high- est award in iournalism, the Pulitzer Prize, for investigative reporting, also the AP and UPI awards for top reporting in the state. At Tech Mr. Anderson went to school with John C. Christ, Winston Churchill, and Robert Meyer. Mr. Meyer, a school admin- istrator, was "one of the finest football players Tech ever had" according to Mr. Anderson. William Anderson received his diploma from the Army in I944 but "proudly considers himself a Tech gradu- ate". . Frank Fisse, also working for the Star as a photographer, has photographed six presidents which include Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyn- don Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford. For the past 25 years he has photo- graphed the Indianapolis 500. He has won several awards with his photography. He is also an Hanson H. Anderson Award recipient. He has many friends here at Tech, Anna Parker, Wally Potter, Howard Catt, Ernie Cline, and Ivan Moreman. Frank Fisse graduated from Tech in l945. Frank Kendrick, a I97O graduate, has played on the Indiana All-Stars. He received the Star of Stars trophy after this game. From I974 to l975 he played with the Golden Gate Warriors of San Fran- cisco. He is presently playing with the Bal- timore Claws. He graduated from Purdue in I974 with a degree in Radio-Television. He was also named most valuable player in his junior and senior years at Purdue. He was the captain of the team. He has trav- eled to South America and Hawaii playing basketball. John C. Christ, a Municipal Court Judge for four terms from l957-l970, was a I944 Tech graduate. He was also a candi- date for mayor of Indianapolis in the I975 Democratic primary. As a Tech student he was on the debate team, in Service Club, and helped organize the Student Affairs Organization. He also presented the Sen- ior class present, the two marble benches in Stuart Tower. He can remember the days of riding the old Michigan street car to school when he could afford it. If he couldn't afford it the student would walk, even if it were several miles. Hector Garcia, an artist and medalist graduated from Tech in 1952. He is the designer of the State of Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Medal. He works with wood, ceramics, plaster, concrete, and stained glass. Ever since he was seven years old he has been working with clay. Before his 40th birthday he had acquired several awards and commissions. He now lives in Fort Wayne Indiana, where he teaches. William Justice, a l93l graduate, works with WED Enterprises in California. This company works with Walt Disney Stu- dios. He himself specializes in animation and converting animation into mechanics. He has programmed the 26 mechanical presidents in Disneyland, along with several other animated characters. He also designs costumes for Mickey Mouse and Pluto and several other characters. He has attended John Herron Art School here in Indianapolis which made him Alumnus of the Year in 1974. He has been nominated for four Academy Awards. He has also worked with shows like Mary Poppins. He says that everything he learned at Tech and John Herron has been very helpful. Tech is very proud of alumni who have made something of themselves and hopes that all of us make the best of our lives. And who knows, maybe someday a Tech- ite will be President of the United States. THE STATE OF INDIANA American Revolution Bicentennial Medal designed by Hector Garcia. O c ar' 5.4 A 'L Q - if Al" Z 5 Q i ii Q il 5 Q 16 I Those Who Are Willing . . . CLASSES New classes add class to art efforts This year 25 percent of Tech's student body created works of art in the Art Department. To be exact, 1,150 students were enrolled this year in art at Tech. Also the art students had three new classes: macrame, basketmaking, and weaving on a hand loom. The qualifica- tions for enrollment in ceramics with glass formulations were: to be an advanced art student and receive an A from previous art classes. Classes the Art Department offered this year were Exploratory Art, Basic Art, Advanced Art, Craft Design, Stage Design, Sign Painting, Commercial Art, Jewelry and Metal Craft, Sculpture, and Art Appreciation. llf there were enough students to form a classl. This year the Art Department had a new addition to the faculty, Paul Sinclair. The Art Department staff of 9 members repre- sented a range from 25 years to l year of experience. JEFFERY RHOTON is serious about his work in a Craft Design class. RICK MOORE'S poster combines themes of ecology and space. JUDY SUlT'S painting is called The Broken Bridge. Both students were in Mrs. Emma gee Wcshington's class. JOE COX continues his work despite on interruption by the photographer. N I I S we Business Education Department offers careers "SMILE, Miss Freeman, it's only a typing class." Are you preparing for a career? Each semester the Business Education Depart- ment offers over 25 courses from which to choose, some of which are offered by no other high school in the city. Among these are classes in computer, key punch and cashiering. Joyce Freeman, head of the depart- ment, points out that since none of the courses are required, only truly interested pupils enroll. Miss Freeman likes to talk with pupils individually about planning their careers. Special advanced courses offered are Distributive Education lall about retoilingl Intensive Office Laboratory lexperience orientedl Cooperative Office Education lactual experiencel and data processing lactual application of computer coursesl. Typing, accounting and business law rate high with boys and girls alike, while COE is a favorite among the girls. GWENDOLYN OHMIT checks the work of Gloria Carroll. DONNA WHITE likes to stick to her data processing and get it done. -'skiing' 'EE-1 pwsiafi' 5 if 3' E - mi , QE? A '-' .,....,. ...,,.,,., .s ,..,.,,,..x .,., , ..,.,,.. , fig? !ZJi?:ILf7 K is Q ll W Q ,af ,. , is E112 E ig? ? Q 2 ng ff 1 self of the p is goo i How ii . ix -Lif i' M --' .II f S a K , 3 ai wwwiwgiizii E ERIC STUBBS captures ihe spirit of "The BuiIders" in his prize-winning poster. 500 Ari Fair, 1975. Eric was a siudent of Mrs. Emmagee Washington. Print Shop produces much material for Tech TOMMY STONE and Kenneth Bradley take printed material off a small offset press. Way down in the basement at the south end of the Old Shop Building, you might see some funny looking machines. They are the many pieces of equipment used in the Print Shop available to stu- dents at ATHS. The head of the department is Clyde Armel. Mr. Armel feels his department offers a wide variety of vocations for the students. Some of the courses offered by the Printing Department are printing-cold type and printing-hot type which have to do with the setting of type. Printing experience is the actual experi- ence of using the equipment. Along with production classes, some of the different machines used are letter- press, offset press, Baum Folder, IBM Mag- netic Tape Selectric Composer. Some of the proiects taken on by the Print Shop are meeting deadlines for the ARSENAL CANNON, print work for the Music Department, and different PTA items. Printing is iust one area of the many courses offered at Tech. LARRY GRIFFIN and James Heavrin operate IBM Compositor. ANNA TAYLOR and Debra Edmonds use an automatic stitcher. Drafting offers careers Did you ever consider how the multitude of products that are available which make our lives a little easier and more comforta- ble came about? Practically all products and buildings began as an idea in some- one's mind. These ideas were then devel- oped on paper by draftsmen using a lan- guage of lines, views, and notes to fully describe the originator's idea. Finally other workmen possessing many different tal- ents, using the information on the drawing, produced a product or building which ben- efits the user. Drafting is one of the vocational areas available to students at Tech. Following a brief exposure to drafting in the Introduc- tion to Industry course, students are encouraged to continue with Related Drafting I and II, which is a 2 semester I period V2 credit course. Advanced classes in Architectural and Machine Drafting are available for students who display some talent for this type work in the beginning courses. Several of Tech's advanced drafting stu- dents brought favorable recognition to the school and the Drafting Department dur- ing the spring semester 1975, by placing in competition sponsored by organizations concerned with drafting and the prepara- tion of future draftsmen. Jerry Tennant won honorable mention in Architectural Competition sponsored by the Indianapolis Chapter of the American Institute of Archi- tects. In the Machine Drafting Competition sponsored by the IPS Design and Drafting Advisory Committee, Kevin Simonton won first place in Class A Competition, and Michael Beach won first place in the Class B Competition. Kevin also won third place in Machine Drafting in the state-wide Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Competition in which Tech was host school. One of the primary goals of the Tech Drafting Department staff is to help pre- pare students who have an interest and some talent in drafting for a cafeer which will be challenging and financially reward- ing. CHRISTOPHER STUBBS draws his lines straight and neat. RICHARD MILLER checks out building sketches. Electronics looks toward the future Electronics is the field of the future, a field which is drawing more interest of young men and women due to the fact that oil and gas supplies are coming to an end. Electronics is one of the four fields in the Electrical Trades Department which our school offers to train students. The other three are electricityg radio and television, and air conditioning, heating and refrigeration. A student may be trained for a iob after high school. ln a field such as electronics the student may have to go to college for further training. SEAN MURRAY and Danny DeBurger man work sta- tions for a proiect in electronics. . , , . . . .. ...Mmm htm.-.mswmmwmwwwwat GLEN LAMB and Joel Adams make calculations In their workbook. E 2 if F2 2 2 Q i VERNEL RANDOLF, Gordon Lair, and Harold Davis use the table saw, one of the many machines used by students in the Building Trades Department. Saw, hammer, brush- fools of building trades It you are interested in carpentry, masonry cabinet-making, painting, deco- rating or plumbing, building trades is the department for you. In building trades, the student not only learns to make something from nothing but learns maintenance and upkeep that is useful at home and on the iob. If a student proves to be worthy the senior year, he lor shel may win the Lewis H. Ewing award, which is S25 in tools. ZELLIE ALLEN sands a table top until it's smooth as glass. Auto Mechanics-savings for your budget People complain about prices these days! Well, right here in our own school a car repair service is operating with'the only charge for parts used for repair or replacement. Many courses are offered in the Auto Trades Department, such as Engine Sys- tems, Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Avia- tion, and Service Station classes. Pupils can learn everything from how to change a tire up to rebuilding an entire engine. Pupils learn how to paint a car or repair a good sized dent. Service Station Attend- ant classes are offered also. This class offers everything a service station attend- ant would do in a normal working situa- tion. Now after knowing what the Auto Trades Department offers, if you're still complaining about prices, stop your cry- ing, and learn how to work on a car of your own. RICKY CANNON dismantles a tire from the rim. BRAD HELM and David Gervis replace a piston in their Auto Mechanics class. WILLIE McDOWELL, Charlie Hibbet, and William Kerr get the camshaft out of on engine they're overhauling SHARl WILSON and Benita Kennedy enjoy cooking in their Commercial Foods class. Career cooking Commercial Foods was in full swing this year teaching students quantity cooking. This is a class located in the Cafeteria Building which instructs students how to cook for large groups of people, such as luncheons, and also gives them a chance to make a profession of it. There are several fields in commercial cooking pupils can enter, such as management, cooking, or becoming a chef. The class is kept up to date with a micro- wave oven and a convection oven which was iust installed this year. The class cooks for retired teachers' and principals' lunch- eons, and other special occasions through- out the year. They also bake and sell birth- day cakes, cookies and brownies to fac- ulty and members of the class. To get into the class a pupil must be in his third semester and accepted into the class. If he remains in the class for six semesters, the maximum, he may receive a vocational certificate with two more credits from family living, housing and manage- ment, or child development. CHARLOTTE KIRK makes sure the measurements are right English classes "phase in " Bicentennial The English Department personnel really involved themselves in this Bicentennial year. They held a contest which included all English classes. Each month offered another opportunity to win the contest in different, varied forms of English compos- ition. The most popular forms of English that were used in the contest, were essay, short story, free verse, and drama. The Pupil Curriculum Council, which is active in electing and choosing phase TAMMIE WILLIAMS, Henry Boyd, and Allison Kimbrough take an interest in Mr. HiIl's English l class. CHARLOTTE DIMMlTT and Mary Clegg discuss the yearbook in a skit given to open the sales campaign. courses, worked hard this year. They put their ideas together to form new and inter- esting types of English classes. They also made a list of suggestions and proiects for the Bicentennial year for participation by the student body. New classes offered this year were iour- nalism, speech, performing theater arts, minority literature, and essentials of Eng- lish. Science Fiction, which was a new course class. offered in English last year, is still a lead- ing favorite among the students. Mrs. Sally Choate is a new teacher in the English Department, also involved in teaching Spanish. This Bicentennial year has made an increase of ambitious activity and ambitious work in the English Depart- ment. Changing ideas for better student development is a goal that the English Department is reaching. SOMETHING SPOOKY'S AFOOT with Tim Fuller and Bruce Pillow in Supernatural CHARLOTTE AND MARY are approached by salesmen Tracy Woods and Teresa class. James. The skits were written acted and produced by Judith McBride's Theatre Arts Foreign Language Fun for Flight Fare is a 'Monster Smash' Singing-Dancing-A cting The Foreign Language Department was at it again this year with a bustling, busy and exciting schedule of activities. The students in the foreign language classes served various dishes with each language group contributing dishes repre- senting its ethnic specialty. The food was served at the International Center on West 42nd Street. French students planned to go to Purdue University early in the year to receive advance information about foreign lan- guage classes there. The highlight in the department's calen- dar was Foreign Language Fun for Flight Fare IFLFFFFI. The event is becoming an annual tradition. This year's comedy sketches ballyhooed horror features regu- Iarly heard and seen on TV. This third year of the production was enioyed by the audi- ence and participants. Funds so raised help to finance language study abroad for a student. Last year Donna White, a senior maioring in Latin, went to Italy with the help of FLFFFF funds. The department gave serious thought to starting a new course. An exploratory experiment which involved seven French students took place one day each week this year. These students taught in the elementary and iunior high schools of the community. If the program becomes permanent, each student instructor will receive one credit per semester. PER VAGE, exchange student from Norway sings I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND in German. FLFFFF CAST members assemble for curtain call after the performance as the audience applauds appreciatively. 32 I M' P. BILL COX IFrankensteinj sings a love song for his MARIO SERNA exchange student from Acapulco sweetheart. going to Washington High School smgs VAGABUN DEAR ABOVE: PER VAGE rises from his coffin as Tracy Davis, Lori Milburn, and Teresa Long help. CENTER TOP: Dynamint Eric Stubbs shoots the Tic Tacs on stage. TOP RIGHT: Cecile Wickliffe lRomulusl tries to frighten the audience. BOTTOM CENTER: Rick Miller helps Ronald Sedam with his costume. BOTTOM RIGHT: Advertising sign for FLFFFF. Gym and health classes keep students fit One of the big responsibilities of keep- ing the Health and Physical Education Department going falls into the ever-open hands of Mr. James Leap. Under his direc- tion are the Boys' Physical Education, Girls' Physical Education, Health Depart- ment, and the Health Center. T lf you happen to head down to the Boys' Gym, you'll be surprised at the activ- ity schedule. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you'll find air hockey, weight room workouts, bumper pool and foosball on the lower deck. Upstairs you'll find bas- ketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, ping- pong, quoits, and indoor horseshoes. Later in the school year, tournament time rolls around. Tournaments are held on a one- on-one basketball competition, ping-pong, air hockey, and bumper pool. Medals go to the winner in each class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, come basic gym days, where hard running and exercise make the day, along with tests such as push-up, pull-up, 100 yard dash, mile run and others. ln the health area, classes stress mainly the basics of good health education, trying to discuss more of the mental and physical problems which concern students of today. The Girls' gym follows up with running and exercise for the girls. An occasional dance is learned. In the building plans a new girls' gym and a swimming pool are included next to a remodeled boys' gym. DONNA SHAFFER hits the ball across the net as Linda Dowdy and Mary Young watch. What' cookin '? And sew on , , "A stitch in time saves nine," so the say- ing goes. And the clothing classes at Tech are living proof of it. Mrs. Kathy Evans is one of the seven clothing teachers at Tech. She teaches Clothing Exploratory l and Clothing Ill. "The requirements are to make a wool skirt and two complete outfits such as pants and a iacket, or a dress. The girls are encouraged to professionalize their garments more than they did in Cloth- ing l. Much emphasis is placed on pressing and finishing, resulting in more tailored outfits." "Lost year the girls had slides taken while they were modeling their garments. Then the slides were shown at a PTA meet- ing. That way more girls could participate and have their outfits shown in less time." With the cost of living the way it is these days, the price of clothing sky-high, more often than not it can be cheaper to make clothes than to buy them. "A stitch in time saves nine." Nine dollars maybe? The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Many girls realize that and are learning the basics of good meals. Mrs. Jane Snow, foods and nutrition teacher, comments on the Foods l class she taught, "ln Foods l the girls became acquainted with the basics of cooking and prepara- tion. They learn to prepare cereal break- fasts, soup and salad lunches, quick breads, vegetables, cookies, and various types of cakes." "The girls usually work four to a kitchen, and each one is assigned certain duties such as washing and drying dishes, cleaning the sink and stove, and disposing of garbage. With everyone doing her assigned share of the work, the results are an efficient working kitchen." There are several males enrolled in Men's Foods this year, going on to Com- mercial Foods the next year. Commercial Foods is a three period, two credit class. AMY MICHAEL pulls some goodies from the oven. Let's eat! i fa E 4 ? 5 Mcith pupils zero in on numbers game QUINTIN AVERY ponders the problem Mr. Ireland gave him. CHARLES ERNESTES bites his tongue over a geome- try proposition. Hey! Arsenal Technical High School has its own private numbers racket--the Math Department. Enrolled in its classes are some 3,000 students. Over the past three years, enrollment has remained constant, but enrollment in classes such as geome- try, trigonometry and advanced math has risen. Introductory Math I and Basic Math I are the lowest levels of math offered at Tech. Incoming freshmen have six different lev- els to choose from, according to ability. The highest level of math offered is Advanced Math I which is equivalent to first-year college math. James Brown, department head, holds a master's degree and is iust 30 hours short of a doctorate. He has I8 years' experi- ence as math department head, 5 of which have been at Tech. The department con- sists of I9 qualified teachers within the department. - The Carl Corbin Award is given each year to the graduating senior with the most outstanding achievements in math, determined by the Math Department. The graduating senior must also have the best record, and the highest grade-point aver- age in math, over a period of four years. This year there is a great deal-of emphasis on the more capable students, by encouraging them to enroll in higher maths, such as Trigonometry I and II and Advanced Math I and II. One method of encouragement is to present to the student body, students already enrolled in the higher maths, by putting individual photo- graphs of each advanced student on a bul- Ietin board. KIL SOON PARK from Korea will be a candidate for college when she becomes accustomed to English and when her school credits arrive. Meanwhile she is in Mr. Glover's algebra III class. Howto Succeed in Business wins audience The Arsenal Technical High School Music Department performed its fourth consecutive musical, How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, March 2l and 22, l975. With directors Stan Minks, drama director, William S. Tatum, vocal music director, Mrs. Kandis Brown, assist- ant music director, Ronald Nobles, orches- tra director, Patricia Heinz, costuming director, Ray Browne, technical director, Tony Lewis and Kathy Miller, choreogra- phy directors, and Robert Bulthaup, sound director, the musical was off to a good start. But this was only the start. After two days of try-outs students in the Music Department were selected to play the characters of the play. Some of the lead- ing parts were played by Randy Biech, J. Pierrepont Finch, Teresa James, Rosemary, Mike Thomas, J. B. Biggley, Orron Cole- man, Bud Frump, Kathy Miller, Hedy, and Lesa Morrison, Smitty. Other parts were played by Bill Cox, Bill Johnson, Jeff John- son, Tom Witsman, Jeff Davis, Dave Lewis, Tom Howard, Robert Hood, Fred Lane, Bruce Chaney, Beth Wiley, Samantha Overton, Patty Rocks, and Janet Wilburn. The orchestra pit contained Robin DeBurger, Janet Deatrick, Michael Chap- man, Mariorie Darden, Timothy Fuller, Michael Stigler, violin, Keith Armour, Val- erie McCray, viola, Joe Huber, Ronnie Wagner, trumpets, Leonard Cox, tenor sax, Carl Michaelis, Pasquale Amato, Beth Aubrey, cello, David Braden, Stephen Scott, bass, Robert Greene, percussion, Tom Harvey, bass clarinet, baritone sax, Cheryl Cooper, french horn, Shelley Hacker, Debbie Evans, Gary Davis, flute- piccolo, Tracey Woods, Elizabeth Newell, Richard Miller, clarinets, Robin Bruer, alto sax, David Carr, and Tony Miller, trom- bones. The numbers played by the orchestra were the "Overture", "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying", "Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm", "Coffee Break", "The Company Way", "A Secre- tary ls Not a Toy", "Been a Long Day", "Grand Old Ivy", "Paris Original", "Rosemary", "Cinderella, Darling", "Love from a Heart of Gold", "I Believe ln You", "The Yo-Ho-Ho", "Hedy's Fanfare", and "Brotherhood of Man." Other pupils involved were: Jan Berry, Alex Hong, Lesa McClung, Debbie San- ford, Donald Hapner, Vickie Carson, Kim Weber, Sharon Denkins, Roberta Wade, Anna Porter, Debbie Lewis, Kim Graves, Vivian Wise, and Dina Harding. The audiences of both performances were very pleased and showed their grati- tude with a large response after each scene. After the Saturday night perform- ance roses were presented to Mr. Minks, Mr. Tatum, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Nobles, Mrs. Heinz, Miss McBride, Jan Berry, and Kathy Miller. Upon receiving her rose, Miss McBride presented Kathy Miller with four roses representing the four musicals she has been involved with. Kathy was the only senior who has done this. Afterwards trophies were presented to Mike Thomas and Kathy Miller for best actor and actress. Also atrophy was given to Gerald Murray for being the technical director. After the Saturday night performance a cast party was given at the Riverside Com- munity Center. I ORRON COLEMAN, Jeff DGWS, Wlllilim JOIWHSOU, Dave LeWlS, Befh Wll9Y1 Robefl Hood, Randy Biech, Brad Witsman, Tom Howard, Lisa McClung, and Mike Thomas sing and dance. J B BIGGLY gets instructions from his wife J. PIERREPONT FINCH and J. B. Biggly speck of dedication to the iob before J. B goes to play golf. DEBBIE LEWIS, and Teresa James cry and moan over matching dresses. i 5 ' 5 BUD FRUMP walks in on J. B. Biggly and Heddy LaRuel. FINCH speaks fo J. B. Biggly's secretary, Miss Jones. Tech 's junior ROTC unit largest in city Again this year, Tech has come up with the largest iunior ROTC unit in the lndian- apolis Public School System. The cadet battalion, commanded by CXLTC Tolla L. Freeman was comprised of approximately 280 members, nearly a third of whom were distaff ifemalel members. Colonel Freeman was assisted by a staff of six cadet officers. They prepared correspond- ence, posted entries in the cadet records, kept training records on individual cadets, trained iunior cadets, maintained school and government property, and insured the Barracks is kept in a high state of "spit and polish" cleanliness. TONY CHAPMAN practices right shoulder arms in TSG Willis' class. IST BATTALION STAFF-FRONT ROW: CXCPT Steve Wrenn, CXLT Thomas Buchanan. SECOND ROW: CILTC Tolla Freeman, Cf2LT Mike West, C! 2LT Joe Deslauriers. ROTC OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: CXCPT Steve Wrenn, C!LT Thomas Buchanan, C!2LT James McRoy, CICPT Butch Jones. SECOND ROW: CXLTC Tolla Freeman, C!2LT Mike West, Cll LT Casper L. Brown, C!2LT Joe Deslau- riers, C!2LT Keenan Jacobs. ROTC CADETS raise a Garrison flag donated by the Military Order of World Wars COLOR GUARD-FRONT ROW CXPFC Mark Johnson COXSSG Jerry Childs CO! at the Flag Ceremony, November lO. SGT Mike Glick, CXPFC Alfred Officer CXSFC Marvin Marshall Color Guard presents colors for Rockefeller 2LT Mike West was commander of the Tech Color Guard from the outset of the 1975-76 school year. Other members included C!2LT Joe Deslauriers, C!2LT Kennan Jacobs, CXSFC Marvin Marshall, CXSSG Jerry Childs, CXPFC Mark John- son, and CXPFC Alfred Officer. The Color Guard presented the colors at home sports events, PTA meetings, some Indianapolis School Board meetings, and regional and state slporting events at which Tech acts as host. Probably one of the most memorable performances of the color guard was the posting of colors at the teachers' meeting at the Murat Temple when Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller was in attendance. FLAG DETAIL-FRONT ROW: CXPFC David Ken- nedy, CXSGT Roxanne Hayes, CXPFC Tamara Sims, CXSGT Juanita Clark. SECOND ROW: CPT O. Butch Jones, PFC Alfred Officer, SGT Robert Smith. THIRD ROW: Thomas Fowlkes, Charles Bear, C!SGT Ricky Gwin, CXPFC Mark Johnson. Team enjoys shoulder to shoulder matches The Rifle Team competes in several matches a year. Intramural matches are held on the Tech rifle range, located in the basement of the Barracks. Postal matches are fired on the Tech range, the targets are mailed to the school hosting the match for scoring. The most enioyable matches for the cadets are the "shoulder to shoul- der" matches. Cadets travel to nearby schools to participate in these matches. Cadet commander of this season's team was CXLTC Tolla Freeman. SMAJ Harold E. Eby, senior Army instructor acted as adviser. VARSITY EXHIBITION TEAM-FRONT ROW: C! SGT Kenneth Robinson, PFC Billy Devine, C!2LT Eric Walker, CXSSG Jonathon Beatty. SECOND ROW: C XMSG Kevin Roberson, CXPFC Tim Pryor, CXCPL David Evans, CXSSG Tim Bedgood, CXMSG George Haliburton. BAND GUARD group photo on page 185 Exhi i tion teams perform The I975-76 Boys' Varsity Exhibition team was co-commanded by C!2LT Thomas Buchanan and CXSGT Donald Pat- rick. The team has an extensive schedule of competition with other ROTC units. The Boys' IDR lregular-type drilll was operated under co-commandership of C! 2LT Mike West and C! MSG Gene Waters. Both teams were advised by ISGT Neris Willis, Army instruct'or. This year's Girls' Exhibition Team was under the sponsorship of SGTI C Olive Miller, Army instructor. Two second year cadets, CXSGT Che- nita Wilson and CXSGT Mignonette Woods, co-captain, put the cadet girls through their paces. The girls' team also traveled extensively to attend drill meets. IDR SQUAD-FRONT ROW: SGT Robert Smith, SFC William Vollmer, PFC Shawn Hinton, PFC Darryl Howard, PFC John Tyner. SECOND ROW: C!2LT Mike West, CIMSG Gene Waters, CXSFC Marvin Marshall, CXSSG Davis Ezra, CXPFC Charles Bear, CISFC Richard Miller. I 1 GIRLS' EXHIBITION TEAM--FRONT ROW: CXPFC Victoria Bryant, C! SGT Juanita Clark, C! PFC Debbie Dove, C! SGT Darlene Woods, Drill Team commander. SEC- OND ROW: C! SGT Corniece Watson, C! PFC Bonnie Stevens, C! PFC Kathy Wood, C! SGT Jackie Carruthers, C! SGT Rita Jones, C! SGT Chenita Wilson, assistant Drill Team commander. SG MAJ EBY demonstrates how to handle a rifle. " 45 Farley urges students to fake science With two years as head of the Tech Sci- ence Department, John Farley urges stu- dents to take as many science courses as they can, because the field of science is wide open for those who want to work and earn money. Such fields are medicine, which offers many opportunities, and engi- neering which involves electrical, industrial and nuclear work. Mr. Farley says, "There is a tremendous opening for technicians." Mr. Farley also says that "most students are not prepared for society because of the lack of knowledge in science, and ecol- ogy." He says these are important, but people iust don't know that much about them. The chemistry classes this year were larger than they have ever been. It seems that the classes of '76 and '77 are taking advantage of this Wide Wide World of Science! DAVID HON, instructor, helps Keenan Jacobs with an experiment in Biology I. Q l Z H., ,kz,k,.. l , , ,,,,, ----'Q 1 2,,,gm112g TOP: MIGNONETTE Woods takes a look at a worm as Corniece Watson takes a closer look at a specimen in a iar. RIGHT: Mark Hoke dissects a worm for a class experiment JIM CARR keeps a close eye on his experiment in Chemistry. Tech's science department has many different types of equipment that students are able to use. LORI MILBURN smiles with closed eyes after she has iust finished dissecting a worm CARSON LASLEY and John Lair work in the chemistry I lab testing reactions in Mr. Hon's Biologyl class. ,r"A-4 JUSTICE CREDULOUS and his wife Bridget ask Doctor Rosy for a cure for poison. Social Studies Department sponsors 18th century play One big event of the Social Studies Department was the presentation ofa Bicentennial play on the afternoon of November 26 in the Forum. The play was entitled THE SCHEMING LIEUTENANT, it was written by the great English play- wright Richard Brinsley Sheridan, and directed by Robert Maloy of the tech Eng- lish Department. Students who participated were: Neil Ulsh, Lieutenant O'Conner, Dale Slater, Doctor. Rosy, Ellen Gadbury, Loretta, Tracy Woods, Bridget, Mike Thomas, Jus- tice Credulous, Sheldon Shaw, John, and Larry Medsker, Sergeant Flint. The play takes place in i776 in the town of Dublin. The play was written because an actor' in one of Sheridan's other plays THE RIVALS was so good, people begged Sheridan to write a play for him. While Sheridan was in Parliament he wrote many speeches to help the American colonists. This makes the play appropriate for the Bicentennial observance. And what a better place for Tech pupils to salute America than in our own Social Studies Department with William Siedleck as the commander. Mr. Siedlecki and the other fine teachers in the department have recognized America's birthday by having essay contests for history students and having a wide research of George Rogers Clark. Harvey Hallagan who teaches in the Social Studies Department went on the Freedoms Foundation trip along with Tech senior Barb Taube. The trip is basically a historic tour in Valley Forge, Pennsylvan- nia, and Washington D.C. Barb and Mr. Hallagan toured such places as Valley Forge Park, Fort Mchenry, the White House andthe Capitol. On their trip, Tech's representatives got recognition for the school in the Freedoms Foundation Awards competition. LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR impersonates Honest Humphrey. mmm, X ,. ,-f11,., 1 :,, X, ,,, ,ff G , fl i Jfffs .ffm I MEL HOUSTON attempts to block counselor Butch Penn from making a basket. MANY TECH 300 STUDENTS show fancy footwork at the Extravaganza dance sponsored by the Tech 300. Tech 300 is responsible and open-minded Swimming, expeditions exploring caves, visiting Franklin College for an all day out- ing, enioying the Indiana State Law Library, and studying nature, namely, win- ter scenes in Camp Dellwood, sparked up a fire of interest in Tech 300. As students and teachers involved them- selves together in athletic events, plays, musical performances, and weekend out- ings, personal interest grew. All this fun is happening because Tech 300 did activities together. RICHARD RUSSELL and Dennis Wright, counselor, show togetherness between student and faculty. Open-mindedness and responsibility are the key words that express this team of out going, hard working teachers and stu- dents. They shared, worked, and planned together to set a goal for their accomplish- ments. Participation and open communica- tion were what put go-power into Tech 300's program. They didn't sit around, but actively put their words "responsible and open-minded" into action. This benefits both the student and the teacher. Mr. Orth, director of Tech 300, was highly pleased with the outcome and those who sponsored the program didn't have their spirits dampened, since Tech 300 has had another successful year. With the Lilly Endowment Fund and per- mission from Indianapolis Schools under the approval of the Mayor's office, Tech 300 has come out on top from any view- point. l i l LESLIE YARRELL blasts sky high with a boost from Mark Brock. Wes Coleman watches the take-off. GILES ALVIES is going to have ta jump a little higher to get the ball before W. L. Jackson. House Plan students find second home .fr T 3. in . .sit ilk. I we ww if it If -ge we s ' it it I it MATH seems easy to Martin Grigsby as he leans comfortably on his hand. BRENDA RUSS, Denise Drain, Michael Smith, Jonna Edwards, Debbie Ford, and Ricky Bailey have fun as they work in their history class. The House Plan is not as it sounds, the plan for building a new home. But it IS a kind of home. Actually it is a group made up of Tech students who were chosen at random for a special purpose, to bring teachers and pupils closer together. The House Plan is now finishing its sixth year. There were two changes this year. In the staff, Kent Demmary taught biology replacing Robert Orth lnow heading Tech 3001. The other changes were in the facilities. Instead of the usual combined home room in the cafeteria, half of the House Plan home rooms were in Stuart Hall, and the other half in Treadwell Hall. TYRONE WILSON listens intently to teacher Patricia Commons. IN READING LAB is Matt Mexner ahead of the light or behind it? ,, Those Who Are Acfive . I. . ACTIVITIES MARCHING BAND-FRONT ROW: Darlene Woods, Terri Hill, Debbie Miler, Won- der Thompson, Ann Moore, Rose Cruz, Mary Morrison, Bonnie Thompson, Reba Sears, Kathy Messer, Amy Piefy, Norma West, Kim Ferguson, Debbie Greenwell, Tammi Seats, Susie Gessner, Anna Taylor, Donna Adams, Laurita Smith. SECOND ROW: Vickie O'Neill, Robin Bruer, Orville Jones, Julian Gammons, Caron Lasley, Terri Day, Charlotte Dimmitt, Michael Cheatham, Diane Long, Paula Malloy, Janice Waters, Debbie Evans, Yavonne Hodge, Anita Denkins, Vicki Jones, Tracie Woods, Lee Barricklow, director. THIRD ROW: Beth Lyall, Alfred Officer, Kathy Upchurch, Randy Miles, Mary Bruder, Anna Porter, Earnest Nelson, David Mimms, Stuart Laughlin, Brian Laughlin, Jeff Berry, Audrey Armes, Diane Evans. FOURTH ROW: Bob Freeman, Larry Wagner, Jeff Routh, Kathy O'Neill, Patti Rocks, Mark Williams, Jerry Wagner, Antoni Taylor, John Wilkerson, Tommy Curry, Warren Quirk, Tracy Warren, Jim Wilson, Cheryl Cooper. FIFTH ROW: Terry Wagner, Darlene Litteral, Willie Cameron, Curtis Lasley, Peter Holmes, Mike Arnette, Tim Cooper, Lisa Cooper, Mike Malloy. 'Flip-side' of Marching Band is little known Many people may believe that the only thing that the Marching Band does is per- form during half-time at home football games. If they only knew how wrong they arel During the course of the year, the mem- bers went to many contests. The contests were sponsored by the Catholic Youth Organization and the Indiana State Music Association. They also participated in the Veterans Day parade and went to lndiana Central University and performed during one of lCU's football games. The band, which is always accompanied by Maior- ettes, marched in the 500 parade. The group, which is directed by Mr. Lee Barricklow, consisted of 64 people. Forty- three members of the ensemble were rook- ies this year. Several people in the group didn't even know how to play an instru- ment one year before they started in the band. This only goes to prove that a person can learn how to play an instrument fast and be good enough to ioin in the fun of being in the Marching Band. MARCHING BAND performs downtown in the Veter- ans Day parade. SYMPHONIC BAND-FRONT ROW: Michael Cheathman, Debbie Evans, Alexan- dria Hong, Vicki O'Neal, Mark Franklin, Alfenia Martin, Janice Waters, Earnest Nel- son. SECOND ROW: Darlene Litteral, Alfred Officer, James VWlson, Tracy Warren, Cheryl Cooper, Charlotte Dimmitt, Steve Douglass, Julian Gammons. THlRD ROW: Roberta Wade, Susie lngersol, Lisa Cooper, James Buckley, Terry Wagner, Tom Harvey, Audrey Armes, Stewart Laughin, Robin Bruer, Julie Watts, Tracie Woods. FOURTH ROW: Orville Jones, Kathy Hong, Teresa Day, Warren Querk, David Brewer, Olav Isak, Antoni Taylor, Jeff Routh, Patty Rocks, Mark Williams, Mike Mal- loy. STANDlNG: Randy Lowe, student teacher: Alvin Pitts, Donald Hapner, Peter Holmes, Tim Cooper, Willie Cameron, Lee Barricklow, director. Symphonic Band shows wind power PETER HOLMES Bonnie Thom son and Debbie Evans show their Bicentennial s irit. 1 P 1 P RIGHT: The band entertains at Open House. The Symphonic Band, directed by Lee Barricklow, has really worked hard to achieve a good performing sound. Theyyperformed at Christmas in the Round, and many concerts. Many of the contests which they went to were small and solo contests. The band won first place in this type. In large ensem- ble competition they won second place. All members are drawn from the Con- cert Band or Band E. Selections are made from auditions. POM-PONS-FRONT: Stacy Webb, Bonnie Thompson-head, Rose Cruz. SECOND ROW: Mary Morri- son, Gwen Morris, Wonder Thompson, Ann Moore, Teri Hill, Debbie Miller, Darlene Woods. BONNIE THOMPSON, Pom-pon head. MAJORETTES get ready to march in the Veterans Day parade. ar 51 rf W in 5 by .Hg if 1 or fb -f isiss ..3m. ' , . X fy 114: ' .,,,,, . , -: V . , 1 W, ,,,., Q . Q L ' .qi Q31 gigjs. . 131545 " ,Q , .Ld .L A new-5 s gtk I H " . ly M 'W 4-' A ' V ia, N ar si .. n m ,J AV V L , K , W .EI .K V ,I K ? ,Vi x V, , , f .4 ,i , A ." 'V o, .... s. ,Q . . rx- .uw -,,: 1 1- ' ,- , -fi 1 V . .. . :qua-fo. . . if, f , , ., . .. f ' , , . :w ' iii :T iff - . Qvvnfff 'K n .eu 'a , , ., . Aw :f fm milf? "'w Qw , , Y , ,,,f:,',4 3' I 1,5 ,gg 1. H f .V 11321, ""'. - ,' 1: " .. :1' f' iq, ' ..,f -f " G I I -1 .,,... all . V- " 4'iAA' 'fy I, ,fn ,sgzfiff iefz-1 - - a -"- fa f ' 4 fkv,f'1' 4.25 ., . f - X 4' W f ,,,. - 1 L l . . , 5. fiii - fi-li. 1 ff . KM , ,,.. ef ea 1 1- . Aff'- , ii ,,.. ,is . , - Q Q ' 1 "' ,rg Jiehflif' 'f ' H-v ,,,,, . I IAWV , :qw W, TWIRLERS-FRONT ROW: Norma West, Donna Adam, Reba Sears-head, Kathy Messer, Kim Ferguson. SEC- OND ROW: Debbie Greenwell, Tammy Seats, Anna Taylor, Lorita Smith, Amy Piety, Susan Guessner. REBA SEARS, Twirler head Twirlers, Pom-Pons, show style in routines Ever wonder who all those beautiful girls performing in front of the Marching Band are? Well, they're none other than our own Maiorettes. The high-stepping group gave one of their best performances of the 1975 marching season in November at the Foot- ball Highlights. The Titanettes entertained the audience with their flashing routines of GOING HOME and WHIPLASH. Every three years Tech gets to march in the 500 parade and this was their year. Even though there were many new members of the Titanettes this year, they had hardly any trouble learning all their routines under the direction of Sheila Sulli- VCU. Stage and Pep bands liven up music sound One of our liveliest musical groups is the Stage Band. Their finger-snapping and toe-tapping music is enioyed by many. They play basically all pop music. Their performances this year included Open House, Christmasjn the Round, and a con- cert which was given here in January. They also played at an Indiana Central basket- ball game. The money they received for their per- formances went for the payment of trans- portation, concert fees, and outfits. All members are drawn from the Sym- phonic Band. The Pep Band is also a very lively group. They play at all our home basketball games and at pep sessions. It's very simple to become a member of the band. All you have to do is be part of the band program and come to all the meetings and practices. That's all, and you're in the group. PEP BAND tunes up for an evening at the basketball game. STAGE BAND-FRONT ROW: Alfred Officer, Robin Bruer, Stewart Laughlin, Audrey Armes. SECOND ROW: Peter Holmes, Terry Wagner, Mike Malloy, Glen Jones, Lee Barricklow, director. THIRD ROW: Tim Cooper, Tom Harvey, Steve Scott, Jeff Routh, Antoni Taylor, Mark Williams, Olev Isak, David Brewer. STAGE BAND plays their version of "Silver Bells." 3 l TRING ENSEMBLE FRONT ROW Janet Deatrick Vicki Carson Marjorie Darden Nobles, director, Mike Chapman, Tim Fuller, Christopher Detloff, Per Vage, Mike 5 - 1 , , , Susan Johnson, Valerie McCray, David Braden, Pat Amato. SECOND ROW: Ron Stigler, Fannie COX, Be1hAUbrey, Kim Gardner- Sfring Ensemble doesn 'f just fiddle around Which music group has 16 of the best only did they play along with the orches- during the Strawberry Festival downtown. string instrumentalists in the school? Who tra, but they had many of their own per- They also played at the Festival of else but the String Ensemble. formances. Tables, Christmas in the Round, and at the The group was very busy this year. Not During the summer of 1975 they played PTA Honors Tea in Stuart Tower. THE STRING ENSEMBLE plays "Christmas Song" at Christmas in the Round. PASQUALE AMATO and David Braden entertain many at Open House. Meloddyres get into sing of things The Melodayres were really on the move this year and their voices kept them going. . . 4 Not only does the group sing madrigals, but they also sing pop and classical music. T The group performed at many affairs. They ,sang for the Hobby and Gift Show, Open House, Metropolitan Office for Women's Programs and many other occa- sions, , ,The ensemble consists of first sopranos, second sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones, and basses. . A Under the direction of William Moon, the group also adds step routines to accompany their songs. MELODAYRES-FRONT ROW: Jackie Oliver, Anna Porter, Darcy Rhoads, Cheryl Cooper, Robin Bruer. SECOND ROW: Brad Witsman, Orron Coleman, Robert Hood, William Johnson, Jeff Summers, Per Vage. NOT PICTURED, Beth Wiley. Ensemble, Octette friends in rivalry GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Rochelle Maiors, Alexandria Hong, Vicki Carson, Serita Stevenson, Teresa James, Susan Gessner, Linda Wickliffe, Debbie Lewis, Roberta Wade, Kim Weber, Sharon Denkins, seated, Mrs. Kandis Brown, director, Susan Johnson. The Boys' Octette is a very entertaining group. Their sublime music is enioyed by all. The group participated not only in activ- ities here at school such as the annual Variety Show, Open House, and the Christmas in the Round program but they also sang at organizations like the Ameri- can Red Cross and the Salvation Army. ln May they went to an annual singing contest organized by the Indiana School Music Association. The Octette has won first place in the state competition for the past three years. During the course of the year they have had two different accompanists, Tom Har- vey and Beth Aubrey. ney, William Cox, David Lewis, Anson Freeman. Which group has l2 of the best female singers in the whole school? The Girls' Ensemble of course. The girls sang at the Open House, Christmas in the Round, and a concert in January in which all the small ensemble groups participated. In early October, they had a car wash along with the Boys' Octette to help raise money to buy their outfits. The group sings all types of music from pop to classical. There were six new girls added to the group this year. Mrs. Kandis Brown, director of the group said, "The girls really have a good blend." BOYS OCTETTE-Thomas Harvey, accompanist, Mike Thomas, Fred Lane, Rex Mindach, Jeff Johnson, Bruce Cha- THE GIRLS' ENSEMBLE entertains students and parents at Open House. MIKE THOMAS doesn't realize that he's next in line to get a wet sponge. 9 ,O - V ei A' ' 5: ., I, ,.. x ,f l., jg X li Q H F V l sw J 'Q l 1 -if 5 "fSff 1 i GIRLS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Dina Harding, Pam Harris, Gerri Graham. Ellen Williams, Gina Foster, Rose Cruz, Laura Heavrin, Tina Bradt, Linda Spradlin. SECOND ROW: Brenda Jones, Vivian Wise, Ann Taylor, Kim Colvin, Johnna McCullough, Jaye Marcum, Teresa Long, Mary Harris, Lisa Caulk. THIRD ROW: Bar- l 5 e bara Pipher, Camilla Henson, Laureen Harwell, ldella Barner, Liz Benningfield, Caron Lasley, Sherry Northington, Paula Maloy. FOURTH ROW: Jackie Carruthers, Tami Wardrip, Loretta Burt, Wanda Guerin, Janet Wilburn, Kathy Sullivan, Kathy Parish, Cece Carter, Valerie Davis. Girls' Concert Club-Boys' Concert Club After being very busy making their beautiful dresses the Girls Concert Club began their year of joyful singing. The group consists of about 40 sopranos, sec- ond sopranos, and altos. The girls went Halloween carolling around the campus singing songs such as "Pumpkin Bells," and "Great Pumpkin's Coming to Town." They also participated in the Christmas in the Round Show and their own annual Spring Concert. The Boys Concert Club consists of about 35 first tenors, second tenors, baritones, and basses. They participated in the All- City Boys Concert Club Festival and the Bicentennial program at the Market Square Arena. Both groups meet fourth period. The girls meet in Room 648 and are directed by William Moon. The boys meet in Room 632 and are directed by William Tatum. The concert clubs are full of enthusiastic students with hopes of going on to Techoir next semester or next year. BOYS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: James Wilson, Vern Cox, Gary Bottoms, nett, Gentris Moore, Ricky Bailey, Gary Bull, William Tatun, director. THIRD ROW: Larry Wagner, Henry Carter, Tony Allender, Michael Smith, Raymond Wilson. SEC- Richard Russell, Andre McCallister, Robert Hyche, Jeffrey Davis, Dale Slater, Jackie OND ROW: Victor Stewart, James Adams, Jerry Childs, Mark Hodges, David Bar- Thomas, Tony Lee, Frank Meid, James Collins, Ronnie Briggins. CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: Bonita Thompson, Kim Graves, Kimberle Long, Anita Lewis, Mark Taylor, William Graam, Larry Wagner, Glen Jones, Robert Free- Annamarie Porter, Sue Ingersoll, Caron Lasley, Kimberly Ferguson, Betty Wheeler, man. THIRD ROW: Michael Arnett, Ricky Cumberland, Robert Bruce, Edward Theresa Jordan, David Mimms. SECOND ROW: Stephen Guynn, Caren Stinger, Hagan, James Adams, Jeffery Oliver, Edward Evans, instructor. Concert Band is moving on up BOBBY BRUCE proves you have to be able to move fast to play the xylophone. GLEN JONES AND ROBERT FREE- MAN practice for perfect tone on their trombones. Another one of the bands in the Music Department is the Concert Band. It's very obvious that the group really practiced hard because their tone quality has improved. The group combined with the Sym- phonic Band for the commencement pro- gram. The band practices, under the direction of Edward Evans, with each member pre- paring himself for higher bands. Step aside Beethoven-the Orchestra 's here One of our largest musical groups is the Orchestra. They were very busy during the past nine months. Their biggest and most exciting perform- ance was a program at Clowes Hall in which three high school orchestras per- formed. lt was part of a Bicentennial pro- iect given for the Butler American Music Festival. Only American music was played. Another one of their large perform- ances was at Market Square Arena where they participated in a mass orchestra con- sisting of all the high school orchestras in the city. The co-concert masters this year were Janet Deatrick and Mike Chapman. The group plays all different styles of music. Everything from Russian romantic to modern pop. The backbone of the orchestra is the string section with violins and cellos. There are also woodwind, brass, and percussion sections. Director, Ron Nobles said of the group, "This was the most exciting and most important year in a long time. The group was better than in past years." ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW: Michael Chapman, Janet Deatrick, Sharon Evans, Christopher DeHoff, Charles Rent, Valery McCray, Beth Aubrey, Pat Amato. SEC- OND ROW: Susan Johnson, Tim Fuller, June Lorick, Lisa McClung, Michael Cheat- ham, Debbie Evans, Alexandria Hong, Vicki O'Neal, Teresa Lee, Per Vage, Char- main Fletcher, David Braden. THIRD ROW: Mariorie Darden, Vicki Carson, Cynthia McRay, Cornelia McKay, Paulette Duff, Alfred Officer, Sue Ingersol, Roberta Wade, Beth Lyall, Rick Miller, Tracie Woods, Robin Bruer, Audrey Armes, William Nixon, MR. RON NOBLES directs the Orchestra at Christmas Terry Sherrod, Angela Mobley. FOURTH ROW: Mike Stigler, Fannie Cox, Toni Sluss, Cindy Rush, Delisa Keller, Karen Riggin, Tracy Warren, James Wilson, Cheryl Cooper, Mark Williams, Jeff Routh, Antoni Taylor, Terry Wagner, James Buckley, Mike Malloy, Robert Freeman, Carol Boyd, Faith Glover, Kim Gardner, Christopher Poteet, Terrance Hayes. FIFTH ROW: Marva Moore, Carol Harlan, Vickie Shaffer, Sally Guessner. STANDING: Ron Nobles, director: Tom Harvey, William Cameron, Peter Holmes, Tim Cooper. in the Round in the cafeteria. BELL CHOIR Terri Wagner David Braden Mike Thomas Thomas Harvey Orville Cooper Lisa McClung Carol Harlan, Charlotte Dimmitt, Tracie Woods, Mrs. Kandis RED B k G d Bell Choir rings out message loud and clear Tech is a very fortunate school to have a special music group like the Bell Choir, equipped with imported bells donated by Mrs. Ruth Laburge in honor of her parents. This was one of the busiest years for the group. The members were constantly rush- ing to a performance. E Last year several people auditioned for the choir and eight made it, bringing the total to 15. Members were chosen for their musical ability and their willingness to take responsibility. The ringers and their bells were seen and heard at many churches where they played mainly classical music. The group also entertained for Open House, the American Business Women's Association, and the indiana School Women's Lunch- eon. BELL CHOIR plays "Silent Night" at Christmas in the Round. i TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: Orron Coleman, Darcy Rhoads, Rex Mindach, Cheryl Cooper, William Moon, director, Mrs. Kandis Brown, accompanist, Bruce Chaney, Teresa James, Brad Witsman, Alexandria Hong, SECOND ROW: Beth Wiley, Roc- helle Majors, Serita Stevenson, Vicki Carson, Kim Weber, Debbie Sanford, Jody Crouch, Donna Adams, Susan Johnson, Jennifer Faulk, Becky Goode, Carol Harlan, Carol Keithley. THIRD ROW: Debbie Greenwell, Teresa Lee, Jackie Oliver, Charlotte Dimmitt, Sharon Denkins, Susan Gessner, Teresa Morrow, Cathy Pettigrew, Libby Quintana, Robin Bruer, Denise Browning, Beth Aubrey, Linda Wickliffe. FOURTH ROW: Kim Graves, Fred Lane, Galon McKinney, Mike Chapman, Ted Cumberland, Terri Hill, Anna Porter, Roberta Wade, Debbie Lewis, Cindy Wells, Sharon Hooks, Tracie Woods, Mike Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Anson Freeman, William Johnson, Wen- dell Stewart, Tim Cooper, Jeff Johnson, Robert Hood, Jeff Summers, Tim Ellis, David Lewis, Bill Cox. Listen-Techoir sings from the heart "Canimus ex anime" means "Sing from the heart" in Latin, and that's exactly what the Techoir does. They sang on the Monument Circle in December at the True Lighting Ceremony. They also made their annual film at WISH TV station. They went Christmas carolling around the downtown area. The Techoir did something special dur- ing their performance at Christmas in the Round. As they sang the song, "If I Had a Hundred Christmases" many members would gradually go out into the audience and kiss or hug friends and relatives. This is the largest vocal music group, which consists of about 65 people. Wil- 2 liam Moon directs the group and Mrs. Kan- dis Brown accompanies on piano. THE TECHOIR sings "Joy to the Words" at Christmas in the Round. 4 K 5 P i, L - it-7 1 L 1 6 What 's new? Black Music and Guitar The Music Department offered two new classes this year, Black Music History, and Guitar. In Black Music History class students trace the history of iazz back to Africa where it all started. They learn how this music came to America and compare how the styles of black music have changed through the years. Combined with the history class is a course called Jazz. Students learn the his- tory of iazz from the early l900's up to the present. ln the Guitar classes students learn the basic steps of playing a guitar. Special films are seen which show how certain chords are played and how they should sound. l 1 I KRISTIE SENOUR learns how iazz got started NICKY EDWARDS shows that playing the guitar isn't as easy as it looks. DARRELL NEBLEIT finds out how Black Music origi- noted. RANDY WARREN takes part in the guitar class. l Music Department-busiest around "One of the busiest departments in the including I2 performing groups. whole school which brings great enioy- ln September many groups sold candy. ment to both young and old is the Music Later in the year almost everyone in the Department. Music Deparment sold candles. They were There are about 20 different music classes raising the money to buy an. electronic piano center, so multiple piano lessons may be given next year. The Music Department ended their year with their annual musical. ONCE UPON A MATTRESS was this year's choice. Chorus foo . . Even though the chorus classes don't perform, they are still very busy learning how to sing in parts and how to harmon- ize. Many chorus classes went Christmas carolling around the campus. There are both male and female cho- ruses. Mrs. Kandis Brown directs the girls and Mr. William Tatum directs the boys. KIM SMITH, Karin Johnson, and Melinda Keillor prac- tice with hopes of being in Techoir. IOL : training, COE -1 experience COOPERATIVE OFFICE EDUCATION-FRONT ROW: Lovie Sykes, Carolyn Maxwell, Donna White, Carolyn How- ard, Clara Beeker, Ruty Keeker, Ermine Robinson. SECOND ROW: Gloria Carroll, Diana Hayden, Anita Shotwell, Polly Cunningham, Karen Askins, Pamela Lord. THIRD ROW: Linda Gray, Alice King, Ruby Brown, Bryan Evans, Teresa Franklin, Kathleen Hayes, Ruth Reck, Mrs. Mariorie Parker, coordinator. INTENSIVE OFFICE LABORATORY-FRONT ROW: Rhonda Huff, Marsha Feltner, Della Johnson, Teresa Day, 'Ann Ford, Teresa Price, Mary White, Donna Porter. SECOND ROW: Lois Whitfield, Kathy Richardson, Melinda Craw- ford, Rhonda Crawford, Polly Cunningham, Shirley McCreary, Tannis Harrison, Annie Martin. THIRD ROW: Cindy West, Debbie Ferguson, Deloris Bridgewater, Deborah Sweatt, Mary Gladney, Doris Bailey, Marlyn McDaniel, Sherry Hammer. FOURTH ROW: Doris Harney, Kaye Jones, Sharon Cox, Sondra Jones, Debra Smith, Karen Massa, Cathy Dean, Darea Russell, Karen Scott. FIFTH ROW: Diane Valentine, Loretta Thomas, Elaina Collins, Jan- ice Marshall, Mary Robinson, Debra Cofer, Barbara Murry, Alice Bartlett, Virginia Lere, Henrietta Bolden. Pupils and teachers should get to know a club at Tech called OEA, Office Educa- tion Association. The group numbers about 80, all girl students. Most are members of IOL and COE classes. The girls competed in February contests covering various fields of business. Typing, filing, shorthand, math, spelling and busi- ness principles were involved. The first ranks of competition were in district meetings. Winners advanced to state competition. "Fun things" included dances, field trips, and at the end of the year, a ban- quet-not all social activity, but profes- sional training as well. COE has centered attention on leader- ship from the election of officers to leader- ship conferences at Perry Meridian High School. One topic of interest was fund raising. The group decided upon the sale of historical and inspirational place mats. Club members also contacted resource people in business administration. At Christmas, club members called upon eld- erly patients in local nursing homes. Leadership? Enthusiasm, wisdom and understanding are the name of the game. Maef- . Cp Af XJ fini 'tfv f.ffZP,,,,y aiuifs DAVID HARWELL, a Distributive Education student and donkey rider displays a basketball shirt that was sold to the student players. FACING PAGE: Talking about pushy teachersl Mrs. Rita McDowell gives Debbie' Hagadorn's donkey a firm shove to get it moving. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-FRONT ROW: Deborah Smith, Mary White, Lois Whitfield, Kathy Hickman, Ruthie Crafton, Marie Jordan, Kathy Jones, Patricia Thomas. SECOND ROW: Vickie Brinkley, Barbara Mertz, Melissa Connell, Dianne Counforth, Janet Hickman, Vickey Meadors, Ross Smith, Joseph Jone, Cynthia Stone. THIRD ROW: Sherry Hammer, David Harwell, Barbara West, Cece Carter, Teresa Thomas, Diane Davisk, Rita Jones, Pam Stewart, Debby Hagadorn, Darlene Meyers. FOURTH ROW: Robert Phillips, Wilhelmena Cameron, Barbara Morris, Barba Wooton, Martin Buchanan, Jay Harlan, Lisa Stinson, Thomas Howard, Cynt- hia Carter, Daryl Newman, Delsie Shoemaker, Jackass B-ball not for faint-hearted For the third consecutive year, Distrib- utive Education sponsored the Donkey Basketball Game. lt was held November 7 in the Boys' gym. The evening began with female students opposing female teachers and donkeys opposing everyone. After much encour- agement and a few threats they carried the faculty ahead at the half. Then came the half-time show with par- ticipants pinning the diaper on the donkey -for the benefit of ecology! Winners in this exercise were Ed McDowell, coach, and Antonio Martin. Another caper was billed "Musical Don- keys." Becky Goode was crowned Miss Jackass of 1975. DE, however, is not all play. Pupils are enrolled in classes that place them in retail marketing jobs where they receive grades as well as pay. They participate in regional, state and national functions with other DE groups. Radio Club is tuned in Members of the Radio Club were tuned in and heard messages from other radio stations located far and near. Not only did they contact various amateur stations in the United States, but they also received messages from other countries via satel- lite. Excitement grew as they heard differ- ent languages being spoken to them. Until the station received its FCC lFederal Com- munications Commissionl license, radio club members could not send messages, but it was still intrigueing to receive them. The twelve members could get their indi- vidual Iicenses by taking a variety of tests- VICA Top pupils in the Career Center become members of VICA, which this year num- bered l5. Members paid a membership fee of Sl 3.00 which helped to pay expen- ses of pupils who represented the school at vocational contests. Top winners -com- peted for a trip to Miami, Florida. During the year, members enjoyed breakfast and luncheon meetings. sending and receiving, Morse Code. Tech- nician or General license required passing a test on electronic theory. Tom Barley and Robert Reuter, members of Radio Club, have their own individual licenses, others that studied to get their licenses were Larry Dotson and Glenn Smith. Some members of the club were interested in owning and operating their own home stations, which they could build for S300 or more. Radio Club members met at 7:30 a.m. on Thursdays, or during periods three, four or six. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA- FRONT ROW: Eric Jones, Brian Alvies, Mike Page. SECOND ROW: Clifton Lovelace, sponsor: Michael Payne, Hascull Shaffer. RADIO CLUB-Tim McGuire, Glen Smith, Larry Dotson. Chem- Physics Would you pay S500 to test your pow- ers of ESP? lextrasensory perceptioni? SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN printed the test. Members of Chemistry-Physics Club tried it. Then they tested the test itself and decided to keep the 5500. At other meetings pupils traced heart patterns on an oscilloscope and recorded them on a chart. They also recorded brain waves. In January they erected a hanging wooden pendulem to study the dynamics of motion. CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB?-FRONT ROW: John M. Wright. SECOND ROW: Victor Sanderson, Theresa Barnes, James May, sponsor. THIRD ROW: John Eastham, William Lund, Rhonda Hazelton. NOT PIC- TURED: Bill Clem, Tom Witsman. Sfagecraff designs sets for school plays The plays that are performed at Tech would be less effective if it weren't for the Stage Craft classes. This is a group who designs the stage settings for plays that are performed at Tech. They also help with lighting, stage management, and sound. The crew helped with the IMAGINARY INVALID, TEN LITTLE INDIANS, THE SCHEMING LIEUTENANT, FLFFFF, the Drama Club three one-acts, and the musi- cal. They also put the finishing decorations on the snowmen that were designed by the Metal Trades Department, and displayed on the Circle. They prepared the Forum for the Honors Day program, painted the yard lines on the football field, and built a gate that was used in the stadium to block peo- ple off from getting behind the bleachers. Some of the outstanding students were Dennis Hicks, who did stage designs and worked as a stage manager, Frank Farris, who worked with construction of the sets and Jerry Hill who operated the spot lights during performances. BONNIE BULL makes a few final touches on a stage setting for the FLFFFF program. sti sitl I 'a , sl i ,,tss tffs J slits 5 15 5 1 , S. ,I I , , se i' M M STAGE CRAFT CREW takes o break and tries out the flat for the FLFFFF program. I i STAGE CRAFT CREW-FRONT ROW: Dennis Hicks, Linda Philpot, Anita Jones, Cheryl Gossett, Mark Bennett. SECOND ROW: Robert Clay, Joseph Jake, Kim Stout, Ellen Lampher, Becky Goode. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Bull, Tim Pryor, Cornell Perry, .lerry Hill, Frank Farris, David Hindman, Theodore Cumberland, Ray Browne, instructor. Imaginary In valid scores real success THE IMAGINARY INVALID, the Tech spring play, was performed here April 24 and 25, l975. Robert Maloy, English and drama teacher, chose and directed the play. The set was designed by Gerald Murray who was also the technical direc- tor. Other back stage workers were Frank LaFara, stage manager, Deborah Dea- trick, and Eva Hill, make-up, Michelle Michaelis, Kathy Gossett, Debbie Evans, and Mrs. Phillip Early, costumes. Performing were Joe E. Brown playing the part of the imaginary invalid, Argan. Others were Ellen Gadbury, Toinette, Cecilia Carter, Angelique, T. Allen Dupri- est, Monsieur Fleurant, Beth Wiley, Beline, David Hollaway, Monsieur DeBonneforY -3', Neil Ulsh, Cleante, Mike Thomas, Monsieur Diaforirus, Vern Cox, Thomas, Teresa Shinkle, Louisan, Sheldon Shaw, Beralde, and Gary Bull, Monsieur Purgan. After the Friday night performance the cast and stage crew were invited to a party at Mr. Maloy's house. l CAST for IMAGINARY INVALID take their bows. JOE E. BROWN, the imaginary invalid, keeps his women straight. V MIKE THOMAS, Joe E. Brown, and Vern Cox per form. I TRACIE WOODS, Jay Harlan, Mike Thomas, Greg Layne, Ermine Robinson, llying downl, Dale Slater, and Orron Coleman try to figure out the mystery. TEN Ll TTLE INDIA N5 remains mystery TEN LITTLE INDIANS, by Agatha Christie, was selected as the fall play this year. This was a murder mystery which was a change for Tech's audiences: "It was a much more mature play for teen- age viewers," Mrs. Alice Goodrum, the director said afterwards. Helping Mrs. Goodrum were Charles Bergelt, assistant director and student teacher, and also Ruth Reck, student direc- tor. The set was designed by Dennis Hicks who also was the stage manager. Make- up and costumes were handled by Mary Maillard. Publicity was taken care of by Judith McBride. The stage setting was done by Ray Browne and the Stage Con- struction class. The cast consisted of Greg Layne, Rog- ers, Ermine Robinson, Mrs. Rogers, Gary Bottoms, Fred Narracutt, Valerie McCray, Vera Claythorn, Mike Greene, Phillip Lom- bard, Orron Coleman, Anthony Marston, Mike Thomas, William Blore, Joe E. Brown, General Makenzie, Tracie Woods, Emily Brent, .lay D. Harlan, Sir Lawrence War- grave, Dale Slater, Doctor Armstrong, and the secret voice, Tim Flanigan. Others who helped with the play were Beth Wiley, Alfenia Martin, LaDonna Reck, Tony Miller, Debra Sanford, Carol Young, Mary Clegg, Rick Sinclair, Eric Stubbs, Charlotte Dimmitt, Frank LaFara, Patrick Groth, Carol Keithley, Vern Cox, Patricia Phelps, Alberta Cousin, Kathy Sullivan, and the Performing Theatre Arts classes. The cast party was held at Ruth Reck's home where refreshments and snacks were served. bout the murders. ERMINE ROBINSON and Greg Layne quarrel while the guests are out. VALERIE MCCRAY and Mike Greene sit and talk a I Speech Team takes home ribbons, trophies l l 'L l l SPEECH TEAM-FRONT ROW: David Harwell, Kim Ferguson, Lois Whitfield, Beth Wiley, Deborah Lewis, Yvette Grant. SECOND ROW: William Porter, Gary Bottoms, Joe E. Brown, Dwayne Mason, Tonya Jackson, Mike Thomas, Stephanie Rodrigues. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Alice Goodrum, sponsor, Ruth Reck, LaDonna Beck, Cecelia Car- :r,lCynthia Carter, Kathy Parish, Ermine Robinson, Karen Hughes. FOURTH ROW: LouAnn Heifner, Jay D. Harlan at y Sullivan, Frank LaFara, Michael Greene, Dale Slater, Anthony Stevenson, Alfenia Martin, Charles Bergelt: assistant. -Ti I l s RANDY PORTER and Stephanie Rodriques take a break between rounds at the Tech Speech Meet. Tech's Speech Team is a very active group with over 55 members that go out on Saturdays and compete with other schools state wide. The team is the highest ranking Indianapolis public school in speech and is the only Indianapolis school that holds a speech contest. This year there were thirteen categories in which to compete with Dramatic Duo and Prose Reading as new entries. At the first meet, hosted by Tech, the team brought home a first-place trophy and many ribbons. At the Seymour meet they took a third place trophy and I8 ribbons. At Ben Davis and North Central the team took home several ribbons but did not take any trophies. Other meets were held at Lawrence Central, Terre Haute South, Lafayette Jeff, Terre Haute North, and Warren Central. The team financed their trips through a book sale which was held twice last year. At the end of the year a banquet was held which was a formal social event that mem- bers and iudges were invited to attend. The banquet is an annual affair of the Speech Team which is held at very nice banquet houses and is enioyed by all who attend. Senior awards are presented here and seniors receive all ribbons and tro- phies they have,won through the Speech Team. President of the Speech team was Ruth Reck. SPEECH TEAM sold Indian dolls to help pay for expenses and advertise the play, TEN LITTLE INDI- ANS. SPEAKERS display ribbons won at the Tech speech meet. Mike Thomas, president of NFL, holds the trophy won for the total points acquired by the team. National Forensic League honors speakers NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: Kim Ferguson, Lois Whitfield, Beth Wiley, Deborah Lewis. SEC- OND ROW: David Harwell, Karen Hughes, Joe E. Brown, Mike Thomas, Cecelia Carter, Stephanie Rodrigues. THIRD ROW: William Porter, Ruth Reck, Jay D. Harlan, Michael Greene, Alfenia Martin, Kathy Sullivann, Mrs. Alice Goodrum, sponsor. An honorary group of the Speech Team is the National Forensic League that any member of Speech Team may join by earn- ing points at speech meets. To qualify, a member must earn 25 points. There are four degrees that can be earned in NFL. They are Membership, Honor, Excellence, and Distinction. As each degree is earned, a seal is added to the honor certificate. Distinction is the highest degree a speaker in NFL may earn. Officers are chosen according to rank- ing in points. Mike Thomas was president with Ruth Reck as vice-president. Other officers were Randy Porter and Mike Greene. N Drama Club does comedy, melodrama Drama Club had a very large group this year compared to last. This year was also very exciting and rewarding to them. They performed three one-act plays and also received fourteen new Thespians. The three one-acts were AFTERSHOCK, written and directed by Rick Moore, GIVE MY REGARDS TO BAVARIA, written and directed by Joe E. Brown, and HAPPY DAZE, written and directed by Kathy Sulli- van. Drama Club members who performed in DALE SLATER, Joe EV. Brown, Carol Keithley, and Mike Thomas are served dinner by Danny DeBurger. RICK MOORE is very neighborly to Charlene Stewart in HAPPY DAZE. Rick's play were: Mike DeBurger, Frank LaFara, Rick Briley, Delores Reed, Beth Wiley, Vern Cox, Pat Groth, Esther Carter, and Rick. ln Joe's play were: Mike Thomas, Carol Keithley, Dale Slater, Tra- cie Woods, Dan DeBurger, and Joe. Those in Kathy's play were: Vern Cox, Rick Moore, Frank Meid, Pat Groth, Charlene Stewart, Mike DeBurger, Patricia Phelps, Carol Keithley and Kathy. To keep the audience amused, members who weren't busy backstage did between- the-scenes skits. The skits were CHARLIE CHAPLIN, FATHER AND SON, THAT 'lit 89 LAWNMOWER, and DANCE- DANCE-DANCE. After the plays, Thespian points were tallied and the club found it had fourteen new Thespians. They are: Tony Miller, Jay Harlan, Pat Groth, Danny DeBurger, Carol Young, Tracie Woods, Frank Meid, Greg Lane, Joe E. Brown, Ellen Gadbury, Carol Keithley, Kathy Sullivan, Dale Slater, and Bruce Pillow. THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: Beth Wiley, Michelle Michaelis, Becky Goode, Mike Thomas. SECOND ROW: Judith McBride, sponsor, Ermine Robinson, Frank LaFara, Mike DeBurger, Rick Moore. DELORES REED helps Esther Carter off stage while Vern Cox, Rick Moore and Rick Briley argue in AFTERSHOCK. CAROL KEITHLEY, Mike Thomas, and Joe E. Brown sing and dance to GIVE MY REGARDS TO BAVARIA. DANNY DeBURGER, Dale Slater, Carol Keithley, and Joe Brown are heart-broken over Mike Thomas' lite story in Joe E. Brown's play. RICK MOORE, Carol Keithley, Frank Meid and Pat Groth have a slight problem in HAPPY DAZE. DELORES REED and Beth Wiley are amazed that Rick Moore returned from the roof in AFTERSHOCK. DRAMA CLUB-FRONT ROW: Ermine Robinson, Carol Young, Mary Clegg, Ellen Gadbury, Beth Wiley, Carol Keithley. SECOND ROW: Judith McBride, sponsor, Delores Reed, Joe Brown, Mike Thomas, Becky Goode, Frank Meid, Bruce Pillow. THIRD ROW: Greg Layne, Rick Moore, Mike DeBurger, Frank LaFa,ra, Brian Park, Dale Slater, Danny DeBurger, Kathy Sullivan. Y' YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW: Michael Rhodes, Lonnie Watson, Michael Polston, Rick Moore, Mike Deburgsr, Frank LaFara. SECOND ROW: Gary Bottoms, Robert Stowers, Edwin Hartle, Kenneth Lee, David Lewis, Brad Witsman. THIRD ROW: Bernice Jones, adviser, Doris Phillips, Mariorie Darden, Ermine Robinson, Kathy Par- ish, Delisa Keller. FRANK LaFARA, editor-in-chief, smiles as he does layout on a page for the yearbook. GARY BOTTOMS, ad salesman for the yearbook takes a break from dialing phone numbers and talk- ing to ad managers. Yearbook is also CANNON The most exciting office to be in this year is the Cannon Office. In this room the students, under the guidance of Mr. Tress- lar and Miss Jones, go to work planning the weekly newspaper and the yearbook. The students get a first hand look at how a publication office is run. The students, along with the teachers, are dedicated to achieve the output of these two publications. DORIS PHILLIPS smiles at the photographer, but con- tinues to work with the index cards. Newspaper staff produces paper bi-weekly K l ' ' i BARB WOOTEN, Editor-in-chief of Cannon newspaper, searches for copy as her NEWSPAPER STAFF-FRONT ROW: David Harwell, Martha Hendrickson, Barba page-one deadline approaches. Barb and the rest of the staff produce the school Wooten, T. Allen DuPriest. SECOND ROW: Cecil Tresslar, adviser, Beth Lyall, Mic- newspaper every two weeks except during vacations. hella Michqelis, Deborah Lewis, Donna Adam. DAVID HARWELL, page-two editor, types a piece of copy that a reporter has turned in to be edited and published. QUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW: Rick Moore. SECOND ROW: Barba Wooten, Frank LaFara, Michelle Michaelis, Donna Adam, Michael DeBurger, Beth Lyall, THIRD ROW: David Harwell, Delisa Keller, Mariorie Dar- den, Deborah Lewis, David Lewis, Kathy Parish, Kathy Sullivan. Language clubs go for fancy foreign food German Club started the year with a car wash to raise money. They then made plans to .visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On the way to their destination, they stayed in Chicago overnight, bought tokens, and vis- ited German shops. Hotels, delicious food, and a special German church service added to their memorable experience. French Club had a grand time preparing French food and dishes for the public at the International house. They also dined at LaTour. Another feature of the French Club year was a Tasting Bee held November I7. Members prepared food according to their favorite French recipes and offered a taste to visitors at the bee. Spanish Club members had a taco party which included all foreign language stu- dents. It turned out to be a success and a lot of fun. Deluxe cooking apparently is the appetite a appeaser of foreign lan- guage buffs. FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Salinda Trittipo, Pamela Alcorn, Jennifer Faulk, Debbie Snow, Carol Keithley. SEC OND ROW: Paul Kuehl, Electra Moore, Beth Aubrey, Janet Deatrick, Kathy Sullivan, Frank Meid. l LATIN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Gary Bottoms, Caren Stinger, Frankie Howard, Mike ABOVE: Barb Tuabe and Paul Kuehl prepare the French Dinner. BELOW LEFT: T ' tt. SECOND ROW: A h ' ' ' ' rave nt ony Kendrick, Tracie Woods, Fred Lane, Mrs. Serine French Club stages a Tasting Bee. RIGHT: Spanish Club has a quiet meeting. Fine. NOT PICTURED: Beth Wiley, Michelle Michaelis. I ABOVE: Melody Rohrman and Per Vage enioy Mike Chapman's ioke as they leave for Milwaukee. ABOVE: Charles Ernestes, Alan Ulsh and David Bruer enioy their bus ride. GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Tracey Taylor, Caron Lasley, Tracy Davis, Beth Weber, Mary Dickerson, Cathy Levi. SECOND ROW: Shirley Roots, Paula Kriner, John Eastham, Stuart Laughlin, Kathryn Taube, Teresa Long, Per Vage. THIRD ROW: Alan ulsh, Charles Ernestes, Dwight Woodson, Ron Sedam, Dwight Stinson, Chuck Stinger, Lori Milburn, Dale Griffin. I , SPANISH CLUB-FRONT: Fred Lane. SECOND ROW: Eric Stubbs, Mary Fuller, Chenita Wilson, Libby Quintana Darla Briggs, Debra Arrington. THIRD ROW: Eric Goldsmith, Sheila Sullivan, sponsor, Michele Haley, Terri Sher rod, Johnna McCullough. FOURTH ROW: Dale Slater, Robert Stowers, Nickolus Quintana, Frank Meid. l as I XYZ CLUB-FRONT ROW: Debbie Snow, Janice Ross, Dennis Jackson, Jae Humston, Carol Keithley. SECOND ROW: Paul Kuehl, Lisa Arterberry, Stella Bennett, Debora Gunn. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Madora Walker, sponsor, Kathy Sullivan, Robert Stowers, Dale Slater, Tracie Woods, Frank Meid. Two plus two equals XYZ The XYZ Club was very busy this year. To start the year they began money-mak- ing proiects. In September they had a car wash, then they sold booster buttons which said, "Right on Titans." They were raising the money so they could go to a Math convention. ln January they held a Math Exposition in the Stuart Tower. Many students taking math classes made a proiect pertaining to the subiect. After being on display, the proiects were iudged by selected teachers. Many outside activities the group did included a Christmas Party and a trip to Kings Island. Sponsors of the group are Mrs. Madora Walker and Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman. To end the year they gave.away math awards to all the outstanding math stu- dents. Art Club 's old-but still going strong One of the oldest clubs at Tech is the Art Club. This year they did something really special for the whole school to enioy. In December the group started a proiect of painting a' mural. lt is located at the west end of Stuart Hall on the third floor. Each student drew a picture of his ideas, then the club voted on the drawing that ART CLUB-Nancy Davis, Ann McGuire, Salinda Trit- tipo, Joseph Simmons, Gloria Roney, Dwight Wood- son, Maiestic McDuffie. they liked best. Everyone in the club helped to create the painting. They had a pizza party so all the mem- bers could get acquainted, and they also went on tours to neighboring colleges and museums. Pupils must have a B average to get in the club and have interest in all types of art. Paul Sinclair, who is in his first year as a sponsor, said that he is really proud of the club. "They really know how to express their ideas to the rest of the group." JUNIOR HONORS--FRONT ROW: Kim Ferguson, Donna Adam, Vicki Carson, Alexandria Hong, Salinda Trittipo. SECOND ROW: Teresa Long, Thomas Harvey, Joy Roberts, Diana Reynolds, Valerie Kennedy, Carol Keithley. THIRD ROW: Jeff Alexander, Debbie Miller, Franeine Whitfield, Audrey Armes, Roschelle Maior, Robin Bruer, Janet Deatrick. FOURTH ROW: Amy Piety, Denise Browning, Dennis Hicks, David Mimms, Shawn Senour, Beth Aubrey. FIFTH ROW: Victor Sanderson, Bill Cox, Rick Adams, Marlon Harris, David Lewis, Thomas Darden, Alan Ulsh. EXERCISE IN KNOWLEDGE-FRONT ROW: Wesley Murphy, sponsor: Audrey Armes, Sue Ingersoll, John Wright. SECOND ROW: William Porter, Dale Slater, Joe Humston, William Lund. Quiz Team SOPHOMORE HONORS-FRONT ROW: Sheila Nance, Sue Ingersoll, Mary Morri- son, Janetta Wade, Susie Johnson, Angie Brown, Susan Miller, Frankee Howard, Patty Morris. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Simonton, Chenita Wilson, Mignonette Woods, Pamela Alcorn, Kathy Rogers, Paula Malloy, Kathy Keller, Arlene Frost, NMlliam Vollmer. THIRD ROW: Dana Thompson, Valerie McNew, Donna Tecken- brock, Electra Moore, Debbie Madsen, Julie Brenton, Jeff Owens, Jan Abel, Blanche Washington, Carla Jeffries. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Coffer, David Bruer, Lori Milburn, Tracie Woods, Frank Meid, Randy Polston, Brad Newman, Donald Surenkamp, Donna Biggerstaff. FIFTH ROW: Wonder Thompson, Michael Cheatham, Freddie Beard, Robert Freeman, Kenneth Sebastian, Ronald Stuckey, Bill Lund, Mike Rhodes, Richard Miller, Vernice O'Neal. Honors Groups Committee digs human relations Human Relations Council has active stu- dents with good appetites. A Christmas breakfast brightened up the season for them and candy was the item they sold to raise funds. To fire up the interest of freshmen who would be coming to Tech, the members of Human Relations Council conducted tours during the spring for three days. In memory of Martin Luther King, mem- bers showed their spirit. The sell-out Janu- ary I5 and I6 of Martin Luther King medallions and keychains was an enthusi- astic accomplishment in the black leader's honor. To top the year off, Human Relations Council looked forward to a Spring ban- quet and a visit to the Indiana Repertory Theatre to see a delightful, spicy play. Last came their own maneuvers to have a film shown here for students. AS PART of her Exploratory Teaching experience, Barba Wooten helps a young stu- dent at James E. Roberts School. HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE--FRONT ROW: Joyce Steele, Beth Wiley, Norma Edwards. SECOND ROW Georgetta Stamps, Janet Steele, Barbara Taube, Barba Wooten. THIRD ROW: Clifton Lovelace, sponsor, Jay Har- lan, Gina Foster, Dwayne Mason, Mrs. Lois Csiky, sponsor. Exploratory Teachers 'psych out' pupils After eleven years of going to school, how does it feel to face the class from the other side of the teacher's desk? Tech pupils spent part of the day at neighboring schools finding out. They enrolled in Exploratory Teaching, an opportunity to be a teacher in a real classroom for credit as well as experience. Some may now choose teaching as a career. EXPLORATORY TEACHERS: Kathy Ingels, Jennifer Faulk, Clara Lou Beeker, Peggy Clegg, Carol Harlan. NOT PICTURED: Doris Phillips, Barba Wooten. Future Educators try tutoring, visiting Future Educators of America started the school year with I7 members with a new president, Charlotte Dimmitt and sponsor Mrs. Joan Brown. Club members began tutoring third and fourth graders at Westminster Presbyte- rian Church. The proiect was designed to help children develop their skills in learn- ing the basis of math and English. On October I5 the club made their first trip to the Indiana School for the Blind. In December members visited Sarah's Nurs- ing Home to liven up the Christmas spirit for the senior citizens by singing Christmas songs. Afterwards there was a party at Mrs. Brown's home. Plans for the rest of the school year were a visit to the Deaf School, a money- making proiect of having a couple of car washes, the State Convention, and a pic- nic at Eagle Creek State Park. The main part of FEA is to introduce members to the field of teaching, whether it is to be their endeavor in life, or not. N WILLIAM NIXON and Valerie Davis play after-school word games as part of a tutor- ing program. Ruth Brown and Debbie Sanford find reading practice can be fun. FUTURE EDUCATORS OF AMERICA--FRONT ROW: Valerie D. Davis, Debra Sanford, William Goodall, Deborah Lewis, Peggy Clegg, Ruth E. Brown, Mary Clegg. SECOND ROW: Ceceila Carter, Cynthia Carter, Peter Holmes, William Nixon, Jimmie Mays. THIRD ROW: Melvin Mays, David Harwell, Mrs. Joan Brown, sponsor, Charlotte Dim- mitt, Phyllis Newton. NOT PICTURED: David Lewis, Raphael Prevot, Janice Waters. MRS. DEE YULE of Westminster Presbyterian Church is assisted by Rosemary Jugg in preparing refresh- ments for tutoring sessions. Key Club finds key fo success in '76 Key Club members once again drove themselves to do the best iob they could in service for others. Riding in a.Bike-a-Thon helped raise funds for diabetes patients. The guys sold peanuts, and the girls ioined them selling Bicentennial license plates to build up the funds in their treas- ury. Sponsor Arnold Lehman andfmembers provided the booms and dazzles of fire- works for Homecoming, as is their annual custom. Planning the events took much time and patience. Buying corsages for canldidates and roses for the Homecoming queen were among the pleasant tasks that the Key Club performed for Homecoming. During the Christmas season members were busy ringing bells for the Salvation Army. They also gathered "Toys for Tots" and distributed posters for Christmas seals. They sponsored food and donation drives, gym clean-ups, and recreational programs on Saturday, the mixture for Key Club was fun and concerned involvements which made the outcome an outstanding success. KEY CLUB presented cheerleaders with Homecoming mums, and Sherry Noerr tries to help Nancy Bull pin hers on. KEY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Marlyn McDaniel, Sherry Harmon, Caron Lasley, Lisa Cooper, Barba Wooten. SEC- OND ROW: Bonnie Thompson, Alice King, Wilhelmena Cameron, Debbie Wimsatt, Dave Griffin, Ermine Robinson. THIRD ROW: Thomas Harvey, Dwayne Mason, Dale Griffin, Dwayne Engram, Alan Ulsh. FOURTH ROW: John Wright, Martin Buchanan, Darla Russell, Dale Slater, Janet Riggin, Jay Harlan, Arnold Lehman sponsor. and ice-skates. DEBBIE HOOD, Teresa James, and Bonnie Thompson tumble in a heap of mittens O , Slick year for SA O E I brings heaps of fun WITH SAO IN CHARGE, ice skating is a challenging sport for all to enjoy with smiles spread from sparkling eyes to shining skates. STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION BOARD-FRONT ROW: Debbie Miller, Donna Adam, Mrs. Rita McDowell, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Lisa Browning, Susan Gessner, Debbie Lewis, Jae Humston. THIRD ROW: Barba Woo- ten, Tracie Woods, Dave Lewis, Rex A. Mindach, Dale Griffin. NOT PICTURED: Alice King, Teresa James, Bonnie Thompson, Donna Wooten, Janice Ross, Wonder Thompson, Tom Curry, Amy Piety, Angie Piety, Anna Taylor, Sally Gessner, Denise Browning, Dwayne Engram, Dwayne Mason, Mike Thomas, Janice Godwin, Dave Griffin, Keith Hawkins, Bill Farrell, sponsor. Getting involved and expressing ideas are two of the main purposes of the SAO. Whose ideas? Yours, of course! SAO went as a group to participate in the March of Dimes Super-Walk. After the walk the tired trotters retired to Dave and Debbie Lewis's house for a cookout. One of the continuing proiects through- out the year was the Woodruff Cleanup on Saturdays, which was always followed by a free lunch at Burger Chef. On November 14, after Open House, an Ice Skating party took place at Ellen- berger Park. This, too, was sponsored by the SAO. The big proiect of the year was a cam- paign to raise money for a flagpole to hold our new garrison flag. This year's officers were Bonnie Thomp- son, president, Teresa James, vice-presi- dent, Dave Lewis, secretary, Debbie Lewis, treasurer, and Rex Mindach sergeant-at- arms. If you'd like to become involved or have an idea to express, the club has meetings every week. Attend three meetings or spend six hours on a club proiect, and you're in. I 89 Service Club welcomes new members SERVICE CLUB-FRONT ROW: Elsa Coleman, Karen Keane, Cathy Simon, Belinda Doyle, Mary Fuller. SECOND ROW: Debbie Wimsatt, Nancy Callahan, Juanita Clark, Marsha Feltner, Maureen Schmidt, Roxanne Hayes. THIRD ROW: Sherry Harmon, Caron Lasley, Dorothy Reck, Yvette Grant, Marlyn McDaniel, Alan Ulsh. FOURTH ROW: Delisa Keller, Kate Taube, Cece Carter, Ermine Robinson, Cynthia Carter, Wilma Hall. FIFTH ROW: Darla Russell, Curtis Lasley, Michael Polston, Linda Crocheron, Donna Wooten, Rhonda Hazelton, Janet Riggin, Ann Phillippi, sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Rex Mindach, Stephanie Rodrigues. Service Club started out the year with a big welcoming party for all the new mem- bers who joined this past year. Old members sponsored and provided all the pastries and snacks for the party. In addition, all members, old and new, were eligible to vote for officers. Held later was the formal candlelight installation of the elected officers. Service is exactly what this club was active in. When Thanksgiving came around, members participated in providing food for a needy family. Also, Service Club had campus clean ups, and donated money and needed materials to worth- while organizations. There was a fun variety of activities in which the club members themselves got involved. They ioined Key Club for a hay ride. Then came Christmas dinner, ice skating, horseback riding, and swimming. The group sold basketball buttons to finance club proiects. Later in the year came pitch-in dinner, the Valentine Tea for teachers, College Day, and an Easter egg hunt for children's hospital. There you have it-a busy fun- filled year! Judith McBride poses as medium for Y- Teens Maybe you haven't heard but with Pres- ident Debbie Graham, Vice president Sharon Mayo, Treasurer Shirly Hill, and Secretary Kathy Lane, the Y-Teens were really on the move this year along with the helping hand of sponsor Mary Marthin. They kept themselves active during the Halloween season by having a seance with Judith McBride posing as medium. Who knows, maybe she coniured up Edgar Allan Poe! During the Christmas Holidays they made Christmas decorations and gave a party for the Junior Jills, a group of small girls between 6 and l2, who also are associated with the YWCA. During other months they kept very busy trying to learn how to swim-"without much suc- cess," adds Miss Marthin. Besides all the fun activities, they've had serious moments. Speakers came in to talk with them on such things as human rela- tions and racism. For all you girls who have nothing to do, Y-Teens is for you, have fun and learn. I DEBRA GRAHAM, president of Y-Teens, starts a "God's Eye" as Miss Marthin, sponsor, looks on. 5 2 JUNIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Joy Middlekauf, sponsor, Rochelle Major, Teresa Long, Donna Adam, Kim Ferguson, Alexandria Hong, Ann McMillan, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Eva Campbell, Stayce Jackson, Gina Foster, Staci Webb, Shawn Senour. THIRD ROW: Denise Browning, Tonya Jackson, Amy Piety, Valerie Kennedy, Loletta Brinkley, Melody Middleton. FOURTH ROW: Steve Douglas, Valerie McCroy, Mary Sykes, June Lorick, Joel Brown, Fannie Mae Cox. FIFTH ROW: Lisa Shotwell, Jeff Johnson, Kenneth Banks, Steven Powell, Orron Coleman. Juniors plan active year Adorable baby pictures adorned a Christmas tree in the corridor of the Main during the holiday season. Who were these babies? None other than members of Junior Council. The Sweetheart Dance and Talent Show was looked forward to with anticipation as Junior Council and associate members planned to sell '77 class buttons and candy to raise money for activities and future projects. These were just a few ideas to take shape with help of the sponsors, Ann McMillan and Mrs. Joyann Middlecoff. Junior Follies was a big hit again this year. All juniors could participate in this event and show their talent. As this is pro- posed to be produced every year, Junior Follies is expected to be a fun-filled, suc- cessful event. The Junior Prom combined with the Sen- ior Prom was a night looked forward to with excitement. Anthropology Club visits Tincher Site, Illinois Tech's Anthropology Club, sponsored by John Tincher, really digs artifacts. And planning trips to Tincher Site in Illinois jnamed after a certain club's sponsorj, a buried city in Kentucky, Dickson Mounds in Illinois, and various sites here in Indiana is no small job, as Mr. Tincher and the club's members will testify. - A Shelbyville farmer's field yielded jamong other thingsj a stone that had been shaped to resemble an animal's tooth, and had a small hole in it so that it could be worn as a piece of jewelry. Carol Cole is now the owner of this relic from the past. This first trip of the year was arranged and accompanied by Charles Kocher. Among various activities planned, some have already been put into action. Besides the Shelbyville field trip in November, the club had a Christmas party in December. ln' January, a lecture by John Williams on his trip to Peru was a special highlight. Many more trips and plans are being if 'unearthed' every Wednesday at 3515 by this stimulating and enjoyable group. ANTHROPOLOGY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Steven Fox, Randy Polvadore, Debra Sanford, John Tincher, sponsor SECOND ROW: Theresa Jordan, William Gary, Dennis Murray, Robert Mendenhall, Orville Jones. Tech hosts largest chess Tournament Chess Club hosted the State Tourna- ment for chess clubs from around the state. It was the largest high school tourna- ment and possibly the largest of all chess tournaments in the country. lt had an attendance of over 170 schools. Tech's team of 22 players contended with 14 other schools around the city throughout the year. At away games they were able to use the bus, a new acquisi- tion, to get there. John Kern, sponsor, has been with the team for ll years. He says he will play iust about anyone and at any time, but also admits he loses frequently. The team's top players this year were Jim Carr, Mark Cook, Robert Sargent, Joe Wiley, and Jim Surenkamp. WHlTE moves bishop to heighten the battle for the center squares in a well-known opening. BOWLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Donna Tecken- brock, Mike Webb, Lori Johnson, Gail Hubbard, Bruce Herring. SECOND ROW: Kent Demmary, spon- sor, Jae Humston, Bobby Bruce, Gary Tennatt, AI Plummer, Ellen Eads, co-sponsor. CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Larry Dotson, William Smith, Donald Surenkamp, Larry Offitt, Brad Newman. SEC- OND ROW: Floyd Hone, Mark Hoke, Jim Louis Surenkamp. THIRD ROW: John Kern, sponsor, Nickolas Quintana Tyrone Wilson, Robert Sargent, Jim Carr. Team teaches how to bowl Bowling Team is a group that is organ- Members bowl against each other. The ized to teach students how to bowl and to team also challenges teams from other help them to perfect their game. The team schools. The sponsors of the club are Ellen bowls at the Twin-aire Bowl-O-Mat. Eads and Kent Demmary. 1 Hiking Club fries many new activities Hiking Club has tried a few new activi- ties this year including backpacking, clean- ing Pogue's Run, and going on a picnic. Also John Williams, sponsor, and Frank LaFara visited Canada during the summer. The first outing was a hike of the Ten O'Clock Treaty Line. It is a rugged cross- country hike representing the Ten O'clock Treaty Line between Yellowood State For- est and Brown County State Park. The next trip was the backpacking trip in the Hoo- sier National Forest. The group that went on this trek didn't follow any trails, but were led by the experienced hiker Mr. Wil- liams. Mike Cecil also accompanied the group on this outing. On the second day out they went through a small cave in the area before going home. Next they cleaned Pogue's Run where it crosses Tech's campus. this was a ioint project with SAO. Donald Daily also invited them to have a picnic on his farm in Southern Indiana near Madison. Other outings were spelunking, canoe- ing, and tobagganing. HIKING CLUB-FRONT ROW: Thomas Harvey, Janet Deatrick. SECOND ROW: Frank LaFara, Rick Moore, Craig Priest, Mary Fuller, Mary Clegg, Dennis Hicks, Mike DeBurger, Salinda Trittipo. THIRD ROW: Tim McGuire, Pasq- uale Amato, Brad Witsman, Cheryl Cooper, Beth Wiley, Alberta Fields, Danny DeBurger, John Williams, sponsor, Ginger Stewart. Photographers visit Chicago, help with ilm Photography Club visited Turkey Run State Park early in the year to start their schedule of activities. The group visited Format Studios, Chicago, took a bike trip, and helped Rick Moore with his film, PER- FECT EARTH. Several members also ioined the outings that Hiking Club had and pho- tographed the areas. The group was spon- sored by Mike Slover. Group photo on page 97. x HIKERS JOHN WILLIAMS, Mike DeBurger, Mary Clegg, Rick Moore, Dennis Hicks, and Rick Briley find their way through the Hoosier National Forest. LIBRARY MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Kathy Hong, Tommy Curry, Beth Weber. SECOND ROW: Barbara Barr, MR. EASTERLY, sponsor, leads a discussion in Prayer Karen Keane, Romona Wilson, Mary Fuller. THIRD ROW: Alice Bartlett, Cathy Decker, Shawn Hinton, Lori Milburn, Circle to clarify a passage in the Bible. Beth Green. Prayer Circle, Library Messengers active Hymns flow out of Room 275 and echo through the Old Shop Building halls to announce the beginning of another Prayer Circle meeting. The group of students and teachers that meet daily, form a large cir- cle, share hymnals and study books, and follow the leadership of James Easterly. This was the third year Mr. Easterly has sponsored this activity and he warmly wel- comed all students to loin in the informal, interesting discussions and inspirational singing. Meetings were held every school morn- ing at 7:30. PRAYER CIRCLE-FRONT ROW: Deborah Calvert, Rhonda Calvert, Shelly Rich, Ermine Robinson. SECOND ROW: Mark Williams, Steve Morrow, Larry Medcalfe, Jeff Williams, James Easterly, sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Ronald Williams, Gary Bottoms, Margaret Lunn, Teresa Hamilton, Cecil Tresslar, Jesus Christ lbut always presentl HEALTH OFFICE MESSENGERS--FRONT ROW: Mrs. Shirley Lundgren, Donna Grayson, Lucila Saferight, Rosie Tillman, Patricia Tunstall, Resa Robinson, Judi Johnson. SECOND ROW: Gary Logan, Jack Brown, Fre- dye Hampton, Stacye Jackson, Pamela Harris, Valerie McAfee. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Doll, Angel Boyd, Loretta Coggins, Toni Finch, Michael Polston, Rex Mindach. Messengers ATTENDANCE OFFICER MESSENGERS--FRONT: Carrie Demoss. SECOND ROW: Cathy Simon, Linda Freemont, Sandy Hannemann, Donna Biggerstaff. THIRD ROW: Theresa Jordan, Gina Foster, Vicki Cooper, Cathy Pettigrew. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Feltner, Nancy Callahan, Nancy Davis, Shirley Pow- ell, Angela Mobley. DEAN OF GIRLS' MESSENGERS--FRONT ROW: Melody Middleton, Rose Cruz, Debbie Collins, Diana Hamilton, Doris Phillips. SECOND ROW: Renita Elliott, Angela Piety, Mary Shaffer. THIRD ROW: Sheila Spall, Brenda Dowdy, Wilma Hall, Debbie Evans, Wonder Thompson, Talanda Wilson, Jennifer Tom. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Sims, China Shaffer, June Lorick, Ellen Lampher, Brenda Bobbit. .1 I E I i I I 5 I 1 COUNSELORS' MESSENGERS--FRONT ROW: Tony Boyd, Steve Lewis, Tim Fuller. SECOND ROW: Reckie L. Cummings, Terri Day, Barbette Cox, Phyllis Newton, Valerie Sholar, Cindy Wells, Nancy Callahan. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Toulman, Paul L. Kuell, Rhonda Calvert, Glenda L. Brown, Tannis Harrison, Vicki Adams, Barbara McNeely, William Goodall. FOURTH ROW: Marva Cherry, Hazel Maxwell, Karla Wells, William Gary, William Nixon, Roy Scruggs, Ellen Lampher, David Boucher, Charlotte Dimmitt. I I I E s I I I I I E I i E I I I E I i L I E I I I GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSISTANTS AND LOCKER GUARDS--FRONT ROW: Barbara Gentry, Patsy Stanley, Debbie Snow. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Jones, Connie McKay, Ida Williams. THIRD ROW: Janet Riggin, Eva Manuel, Leslie Greene, Susan Hunter, Helen O'Neal. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSISTANTS--TOP TO BOTTOM: Ricky Cannon, Lester Quinlin, Kenneth Lee, Darryl Kirk, Tim Bedgood, Willis Jackson, Tim McGuire, Robert Russell, James Asmus, Steve White, Lewellyn Williams. 96 3 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mike DeBurger, Randy Porter. SECOND ROW: Mike Slover, sponsor, Rob- eri Siowers, Carla Thompson, Frank LaFara. THIRD ROW: Rick Briley, Charles Jaskiewicz, Rick Moore, Janet Dea- trick. FOURTH ROW: Melbourne Barnefl, Danny DeBurger, CURRICULUM COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: John Takacs, sponsor: Kathy Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Gerri Graham, Beth Wiley. THIRD ROW: Lori Mil- burn, Eric Slubbs. Volunfeers add to school scene HOUSE PLAN MESSENGERS--FRONT ROW: Susie Johnson, Camilla Henson, Terry White, Lori Johnson, Karen Turner. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Hodge, Teri Hill, Winfred Shelton, Sheryle Cline, Charlene Troher, Barbara Butler. TECH 300 MESSENGERS-Lydia Phillips, Sue Inger soll. , yr. 1 f , 2.X'w . ' J . Q W S 0 S 5 ' K '1 , G Luna! ,fmt V I 13 si b ll if X ,Ji , ,.:.p,,,m 3,3 6 1 1 L ' A , 'm,h - 1: 1 5 3 5' 11 515 3 1 ? 1 ,511 ' -' A I 1113? L7 X3 1 l i 1 44 ,V 1-L Q Q 1 3 l xt , 4535! H it 11 :PLE It If Ns 1 . H Q ' 131 1111111111111 A 0 " Q A , , 1 - Q ig 4 f was-r LBBKII A 4121312151 1 - 5 ik I I 5 V U "" ""-1""' I X . ' 111111111 ,um f 5 llmmn ocawnrg a 1. H ll ----- ---- ---- 1 1 2 1 1 : I- '- 1 ji. Q E Loaav .1 1 , 1 """' 1 A , I - i L- ... '51 ...L 2.1 :L ' 1 1 A 4 A 3 a x A I .4 ,1 . 1' . 1 f 1 X 1 S ' I ,-ggp. 'run.l1' EQ. I 1 3 ' 15 - 'swf 3 SW 4 .:',,,:-.. 1 5 1 E 0 : : 1 Z : 5 mn' ' in I ' i U -4 3 """"""'7" ' 5 nuugnc I.. 5 2 3 0, g . 8 1 f E , annual - : ' VI 3 3 1... """""7' 7 YI! 3 ' lQ"f" 441 ,f SDU C' 1 X' ann' "-fu:-1' 0' goi ng 1 4 0 g 1, I 3 - .I I E I -, t U -h - In nun I . I u , """ '-- 2 2 0 f 3 0117ou.l1' 'Q : .'AA , -My 5 A1 L Q Q90 Q UEJCI " I Y' 1 r' . 1 ""g U 1 2 """"4' T""" if-T' 'T' ., - 1 .4 1 , 5 2 Loaav ' ' 1 I S 'N 1 17 ' I 3 ,,,,,,,,,, ,own ,--..,-N-,,m 7 ' 1 3 """""""""" . V A :M : 4 111111111 Sf 'wall 1 1 C igln-Isyfx X-M... .,..1 P-'f -""'w"""'-"""-""l num-r DFFICI 10111-lf' M ' A,u Q Q . :Atv LDGKIJ -1 in l""l-'-- 1 vw- W' Tit-:'M"""'? 1'---F ""' 5043" I' 5 1. 13 i Ei if ' E ,W.,. ,W,. . 1 A 3 v X I EW r I .Hnwn ugh, .... I , 0 T M Looman sa H31-U33 ::::::::::::: 0 a s noon I' -z ............ n 'f ml. 4 . um E cannon an Q nl ass-so s A-ru 5 ,mom 2 1 1 9- . xuv Q 4 1 I 1 . U 5 1 5 L K .... ... 4 X. L... ... ...1 T g , w.e.ms1'nuc:-ruofusg STDWAQ' f' 1 5 g ' U 2 ,, , ... ...,.... .., . i I4 X s ' if 1 X ,f T I I 8 4 -4 Q K :Y I U33 t , H ug a 1 W' aus T , Q B. a ,,,M T 1 !4"2" Y I W TI f communal 1 5 H ' i - T as 49 ATQE S nu :nu Q rowsns ll - - " ' " 'mm' 5 calms V moon ' gunman Il'EEII31'!Z1 0 G gsm T 5 """""' 'QUT U6 A 2: ,T 5 Those Who Are Aggressive . . . ATHLETICS RECOGNITION Jerry Hill, Madison Miller Sfafe Low, High 300 Yard Dash Hurdles Indoor Nafional Champ Record MADISON M JERRY HILL Track has record-setting season I 975 VARSITY TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tom Darden, Sam Seals, Lloyd Mason, Dwayne Mason, Madison Miller, James Trotter, Andrew Abernathy, Tim Fuller, manager. SECOND ROW: James Bell, Earl Moore, Anthony Thomas, Kenny Lee, Oliver Taylor, Chris Stubbs, Kenneth Hendrickson, Andrew Smith. THIRD ROW: John Brinkley, Mark Miller, Nate Rabb, Jilill, Glenn Smith, Eric Glenn, Frank Kelly, Mike Fagan, John Akers. FOURTH ROW: Bob Woodard, assistant coach, Henry Williams, George Chatman, Tam Witsman, Steve tt, John Smith, Wesley Holland, Eric Stubbs, Nathan Harris, Bruce McGeath, head coach. NOT PICTURED: Greg Tuck, Joe Burton, Ed McDowell, assistant coach. The Varsity Track Team did some school record setting this year, having a highly successful season. They went 9-0 in dual track meets. They won the City Track Meet, and placed second in the Sectional and the Regional, with a third place in the State. Firsts in the city included Jerry Hill in the high and low hurdles, John Brinkley in the high jump, and Madison Miller in the I00 yard and 220 yard dashes. School records broken were Jerry Hill's time on the high hurdles of l3.7 seconds, along with a I9.4 seconds record on the low hurdles. John Brinkley, jumped OIOVAH in the high lump, setting a school record, and the 880 relay team of Madison Miller, John Akers, John Smith and Jerry Hill set a school record. Jerry Hill also placed first in the high and low hurdles. Madison Miller placed 4th in the 220 yard dash and the 880 relay team placed 2nd, all in the State Track Meet. All state participants will return except John Akers ofthe relay team. UP AND OVER goes Glenn Smith in the high iump. WESLEY HOLLAND smiles as he breaks the tape Freshmen show triumphant track season This year's Freshman Track Team had one of its best seasons ever. Assistant Coach John Hall, returning after being out last season because of sickness, and coach Don Robinson put their heads together bringing about an undefeated season, along with a city championship. The team shows at least twelve potential varsity men. Records broken during the season were Harold Simmon's time of l5.l sec- onds on the hurdles, while the half mile relay team broke a school record with a time of l minute-35.7 seconds. The reserve squad had a 4 and l record, losing only to Kokomo, in a close meet. Reserve track teams aren't really a separate team as they are in other sports, but instead, a reserve squad consists of freshmen showing the ability for more competition, and for men not competing in varsity meets. Records are not kept in reserve competition, also no city track meets or invitationals are planned for reserve teams either. The outlook for the '76 season looks favorable. STARTING quickly off the blocks is Dwayne Craig. NEIL COWARD grimaces in the running broad iump 1975 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM--FRONT ROW: Gary Miller, Nicky Edwards, Mike Webb, Fred Beard, Terry Pritchard, Dwayne Craig, Jackie Thomas. SECOND ROW: Steve Lewis, John Adams, Mike Brown, Steve Bruer, Lewis Mosley, Bryan Holman, Dennis McGuire, Don Robinson, Coach. THIRD ROW: John Hall, coach, Tim McCann, Herb Alston Derrick Pate, Jeff Lorick, Andrew McCalister, Dale Henderson, Neil Coward. NOT PICTURED: Harold Simmons, Charles McKay. Girls rush fo victory PUSHING HARD Charmaine Fletcher nears the finish line. l975 GIRLS TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Susan Hunter, Stephanie Killebrew, Susan Jahnke, head coachy Benita Kennedy, Kathy Dean. SECOND ROW: Linda Leech, Janice Norris, Janet Allen, Rochelle Floyd, Loleeta Brinkley, Carolyn Janes. THIRD ROW: Anna Taylor, Helen O'Neal, Betty Hill, Roselyn Norris, Paula Malloy, Anny Martin, Teresa White, Charmane Fletcher. FOURTH ROW: ldella Barner, Henrietta Bolden, Fannie Cox, Lisa Shotwell, Les- lie Green, Ada Johnson, Lovie Sykes, Carol Boyd, Maxine Carlis. , ANNY MARTIN works hard to get the lead over the last hurdle. -W T.. sf- M 4 zz ,-., K ,KVKL ,,, . K K "" as ' 'r" f' "k:"k k"W' 'f" F "A' ' felis-.t -1,.: afiziiiiii ..,,. if r"A1 .Esieatttti1iT tttsKiMeSt3e. iies a liill A ' 'l'ii' f -"i V22ifE?iS5f i iiil I f iiie oriss s Z irrif l.,e 5,92 lf? 52SSF?5ie2122lf?f2glQ?iiij g..xsixK Q sfssxf fifsvKsff l e sheff ggeasenAE ngh.QgeFs r -,Y "The team next year will be one of the best Tech will ever have," Coach Susan Jahnke was quoted in talking about this year's Girls' Track Team. They had a 5 win-2 loss season. The team was extremely young as it consisted of almost all freshmen and sophomores. The success of the squad showed as six girls went to the Regional. Janet Allen, a freshman, ran the 880-yard dash. Anny Martin, a iunior, ran the hurdles. Ada Johnson, Roselyn Norris, Loleta Brinkely and Lovie Sykes made up the 880-yard dash relay team, which placed first in the Sectional with a time of 1:49 which also set a record. Lovie Sykes also competed in the Regional in the high iump. The team placed 6th in the City Track Meet and 7th in the Sectional. ADA JOHNSON leaps high and nigh. LESLIE GREEN uses everything in the shot put. Golfers work on attitude, winning form "Chargin"' that was the familiar phrase which came from the 1975 golf team under the coaching of Jay Kleine. "Char- gin"' came about whenever a golfer on the team performed a creditable task on the golf course. The golf team turned out an 8-13-l sea- son. They have lost members because of graduation. Tim Ray, Dave Heaton, and Phil Cook graduated in January, 1976. Those three will miss out on future plans of the Tech Invitational in which many local schools from the inner-city will participate. Golfers at Tech are starting to develop a tradition for future golfers, but there is always a need for more interested team- members. Athletes who are looking for something to do over the summer should look toward golf, and help Tech build a winning team. E i l l975 GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: Brad McCall, Buddy Justus, Larry Johnson, Dave Lewis SECOND ROW Jay Kleine, coach, Dave Heaton, Tim Ray, Phil Cook. ,fx egg ,X 1 5 ,fri 1 A" TIM RAY uses his size for his swing. BRAD MCCALL is happy about his shot A N Wg? ,. i, ,ill is M, I , for , K I wi. C155 B Q , if-'sf" xi' ' I 'f2 ' I gg ,L.L M an Q :Mg pf! 1975 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Donna Adam, batgirl, Vactor Bur- reserve coach. THIRD ROW: Ernest Cline, assistant coach, Dan Boone, Lawrence gess, John Parks, Dave Griffin, Joe Burton, Marcella Smith, batgirl. SECOND ROW: Hooks, Hubert Teeter, Greg Brooks, Tim Flanagan, Steve Morrison, Ivan Moreman, Steve Fox, manager, Robin Coleman, Tom Bruce, Roger Rebennack, Dave George, coach. -Late start + I desire + hustle I 2 victory The Varsity Baseball Team gave the city a lesson this year "Howto Play Baseball in the Last 3 Weeks of a Season." Getting off to a slow start, this year's team found a hot wire and started produc- ing at the end of the season. Coach Ivan Moreman felt the team's attitude, desire, and hustle improved more than in any other team he had ever coached before. In regular season the team had a 6-I4 record, but in the Sectional they turned that around and went to the Semi-final. The team also had many close losses, four of them by only one point. The team lost only three starting play- ers, everyone else will return. Coach Moreman had praise for the whole team feeling it was a team's effort, rather than one man's. AS IF IN PAIN, Kirby Baird goes for strike three. I V ,- eserve batman breaks record in so-so season 1975 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM--FRONT ROW: Dale Keller, Bob Bruce, Gayland McKinney, Bill Smith, Craig Priest, manager. SECOND ROW: Bob Linder, Rocky Golden, Robert Ross, Tony Boyd, Willie Strong, Bud Quarles. THIRD ROW: Dave George, coach, Tom Collins, Tony Carver, Robert Goode, Avery Johnson, Marlin Harris, Larry Boffo, Darryle Toles. T 5' t - s 1 - 5 1' 1 , Q K, fx, Y R f TONY CARVER puts his body behind this one going for another hit. The Reserve Baseball Team had a disap- pointing season this year, winning a mere five games compared to twelve losses. Coach Dave George felt inexperience hurt his squad more than anything else. They played many squads which con- sisted of almost all iunior players, com- pared to the 12 freshmen and 5 sopho- mores on the Titan squad. Coach George felt two of the most exciting games of the season were against Cathedral and Wash- ington. In the Cathedral game, which they won 12-5, the Greenclads collected 'IO hits and committed no errors. Larry Boffo was the winning pitcher, pitching an entire game which included 6 strikeouts, for the first time in his high school career. Tim Flanigan delivered a triple to the Irish while Bob Bruce threw in two doubles and a walk. Against Washington, with the score 7-5, Washington, Coach George protested a triple and won the appeal, putting a spark in his players who ended up winning the game 8-7. BALL + BAT 2 Run, Bud Quarles checks it out. Girls find tennis their fun racket l975 GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Sally Gessner, Melody Middleton, Lisa Cooper, Kim Ferguson. BACK ROW: Beth Lyall, Kate Taube, Pat Wilson, Barb Taube, Jackie McCall, Mrs. Bea Harding, coach. if 91 PAT WILSON returns the ball with a graceful charm BARB TAUBE'S concentration is all on the game. despite iniury. The Girls' Tennis Team had a new expe- rience this past season, going through their second year of city-wide competition. They competed in I2 matches this year com- pared to 3 last season. Coach Bea Har- ding felt it was a season of learning how to handle competition, improving techni- que, and applying new strategy. The team showed some weaknesses such as not going to the net enough. Coach Harding stressed serves throughout the season. In the City Tourney Melody Middleton and Pat Wilson both went one round, while in the Sectional Melody Middleton and Sally Gessner combined as a doubles team and moved to the semifinals before losing. Wilson also was chosen MVP, win- ning 8 of I2 matches. The team loses Jackie McCall and Pat Wilson. Sally Gessner who now has one year under her belt will return. Barb Taube, Lisa Cooper, and Melody Middle- ton, all singles players, return. All doubles players except McCall return. LISA COOPER'S racket is faster than the eye as she serves to the opponent. l ..5..1, MNH E BOYS' TENNIS TEAM--FRONT ROW: Chris Poteet, Tim Fuller, Jim Surenkamp. SECOND ROW: Don Robinson, coach, Dennis Hicks, Marlon Harris, Bill Smith, Howard Catt, athletic director. NOT PICTURED: Pat Amato, Joe Phillips, Terrance Chaney. i -I -3 f-I-xlivmiiQ-aging-43, - q,uy,.1'i-:,' -twell,-nw'!.f.'j-..Ls.,-gm.-gg ,A . 1 s i - s '- f'1::w's.+s.,. - . I -2. - 1 ' S S .. Ksfrife 1 is f T " Vfi-f'fQi5ilk4' .. , , . - ., . . . :'f'.itlsz"?Q A xt 1 i E A .35?:,3.4L.ik,A,5,,m ,YN A 1' - If .,..g,.M.', if-1 r v K 'sq L L' +217,L:5:ff3?f5Qf's1Effx1i'iieia-w.'-fp-,'.. . . ., , ' , X, vY,,1Q1,.,,.ajg,.,j,,..,ig.z,A,, , ,sv 'if K . . . .,,..n ,Q..,3'.t:'ffq:4fggig5?QM , I 4, 'K ' ''HY-.:.3..'.5.E5Giggx 5 , Urfuf . ,'....4,.,J:Vbk nga, fV.,5',M. 2- ' "9ff.2:il'-sm. ff-f' A . Q... 3... , , . - 1 1 ' ,+G is .sm-:.f1:'4E5's1213-wgaw-:2W.g1.wr 1, i..'f,, .L-E. if rf- f.-1s?ii,i'M'f,f2:f-his-'Ss 5 . . s. .- 't.i'.fff: . .. 1 :niggayiiiiggigcisgyaxifgrcwxhfgrsf.., 5 ..,,i,., .- - A"i-:f . ,,-5,-lL12ww,w'r,z' -1-ml.-?.y:, " 1:23 '....sT1: v. . - ..-'-'L'.M-5:f3r'v12'1x'!f'-ffmwh - .f':x'fff'. . 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Lack of experience seemed to bring the Titans under, against opponents who showed outstanding experience. Volleying could have been better, but all in all, the team did show a creditable season, finish- ing with an 8-4 record. One of the closer matches was against Manual with Joe Philips and John Suren- kamp playing numbers one and two respectively. They lost their matches. The other three matches had to come through, and they did, the doubles team of Hicks- Fuller, pulling them through on the last match. DENNIS HICKS shows off his serving style. Frustrating football season ends 5-5 "We finally started playing the last three games of the season, the way we shouId've played all year," said Coach Willie Martin of the I975 Varsity Football Team. This year's team finished the season with a 5-5 record. Coach Martin felt the defense contributed much to the team this year as they were on the field almost 75 percent of the time. One problem was a practically all new offensive line. But a vet- eran backfield of Kenny Lee, Jerry Hill and John Brinkley, with Greg Miller quarter- backing, worked hard to overcome oppo- nents' defense. Jerry Hill led the team in scoring with 58 points. lHiIl missed three games during the season.l Lee followed with 56 points. In the tackling department Alan Miller led the team for the second season with 85 tack- les and 62 assists, almost tripling the clos- est in statistics. One of the closest games of the year was the first against Cathedral, which the Titans won 8-7. Cathedral scored first on a hard-hitting drive after blocking Roger Rebennack's punt. Then the Titans went into action, moving to the I-yard line where Jerry Hill went over for the score. Hill then went in for the 2-point conver- sion. The Titans held on and won after rain fell on the two teams, slowing the action. 1975 VARSITY FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: Gary Miller, Madison Miller, Gregory Miller, Larry Griffin, Clarence Thompson, Dewayne Mason, John Clayton, Dave Griffin. SECOND ROW: Thomas Darden, Jackie Thomas, Herbert Jones, John Wythe, Alan Miller, Anthony Lee, James Bell, Terry Pritchard, Tim Ellis. THIRD ROW: Tyrone Wilson, James Buckley, Mark Breland, John Halliburton, Jerry Hill, John Kit- coff, John Gore, Charles Ernestes, Gaylon McKinney, Larry Hooks. FOURTH ROW: JERRY HILL leaves the opposition in the shade as he carries the ball for the Titans. "No sweat!" says Hill. Larry Dalton, assistant trainer: Marvin Smith, Steve Powell, Tim Flanigan, Charles Jaskiewicz, Dale Henderson, Kenneth Cousins, John Brinkley, Steve Douglas, Roger Rebennack, Kenneth Lee, Hugh Warner. FIFTH ROW: Howard Catt, athletic director: VWIIie Martin, head coach: Gregory Brooks, Jeff Lorick, Andrew Smith, Anthony Green, George Chatman, Donald Turner, Melvin Bowers, Francis Knue, assistant coach: Robert Woodard, assistant coach: John Hall, trainer. """"T"' I I I I ,ff Parochial schools bring reserves defeat Under the direction of coaches Mel Bowers and Francis Knue, the reserve squad had a 5-4 season, losing all four games to parochial schools. Three of the losses were by 2 points. They did win their three last contests, giving them a winning balance. The Celtic Green Gods had a strong defense, backed up by a brilliant passing attack under the quarterbacking of John Gore with IO touchdown passes. On the receiving end of most of those passes was Jackie Thomas. "A winning team," says Coach Mel Bowers, "consists of strong desire to win, mixed with a good attitude, strong funda- mental football, and a team effort." Coach Francis Knue said about his defensive squad, "l'm never satisfied on the job of the defense, unless the score for our opponents is zero. lf you have a good defense, you should go with it." Probably the best game, the last game of the season, was against Perry Meridian. Terry Pritchard crossed the line three times Gary Miller having one touchdown and Jackie Thomas finding pay dirt one time, too. The final score 38-O. I G i RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM--FRONT ROW: Dwayne Craig, Gary Miller, Larry Catlett, Ron Gill, Terry Pritchard, Madison Miller, Larry Griffin, David Wythe, Tony Gamble, Victor Stewart. SECOND ROW: Tyrone Wilson, .David Brewer, Jackie Thomas, 'lim Ellis, John Gore, Charles Ernestes, Charles McKay, John Kitcoff, Gayland McKinney. THIRD ROW: Howard Catt, athletic director: Mel Bowers, coach: Jeff Louck, Heign Marner, Dale Henderson, Kevin Cousins, Marvin Smith, Andrie McCallister, Anthony Garrett, Francis Knue, coach. LARRY CATLETT looks at the referee asking "What is it, buddy?" COME ON, COACH! ls practice over yet?" SEPT. k A t HOWE WOOD CHA FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM--FRONT ROW: Tony Alvies, Ed Cushinberry, Calvin Lee, Antonio Rudolph, Stan Hutson, Kevin Edwards, Robert Wilson, Varnon John- son. SECOND ROW: James Miller, John Lorick, Ben Sarver, Randy Fox, Duane Wil- hams, Gary Mitchell, Joe Simmons, Aaron Robinson, John Roberts. THIRD ROW: Chauncey Anderson, Paul Jones, Ron Johnson, Steve Gruynn, Rick Jones, Theron Kirk, William Tardy, Dave Bostic. FOURTH ROW: Howard Catt, athletic director, John Hurrle, coach, Matt Davidson, Ken Farr, Kermit Wilson, Bryan Dodd, Armond Patterson, Rex Marshall, coach, Conway Hill. Winning last 5 turns frosh season around THE FRESHMEN hustle for the ball, wherever it is. Seasons change, leaves fall, and a new flock of freshman footballers comes around, adding new prospects for varsity on the roster. Picking a team from all those anxious, rarin'-to-go boys is no easy iob. But after each boy is checked out a team surfaces from those faces. Under the direction of John Hurrle and Rex Marshall, this year the freshman team had a 7-3 record. Strong points showed in an offense, which moved the ball well. Running and scoring of Antonio Rudolph were outstanding. He had 44 points for the season. Ed Cushinberry followed with 32 points. Other outstanding players were Armond Patterson, Ron Johnson, and Cal- vin Lee showing varsity potential. The team did win its last five games with morale picking up as the season contin- ued. Against tough Perry Meridian the Greenclads showed the will to win can tri- umph, they won 14-0. Another outstand- ing game was against Broad Ripple. The Titans won 28-0. Young varsity runners building fast Riffs' VARSITY AND RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY-FRONT ROW: Michael Webb, Samuel Seals, James Trotter, Michael Grever, Howard Catt, athletic director. SECOND ROW: Herb Alston, Fred Beard, Charles Jackson, Nickey Edwards. THIRD ROW: Bruce McGeath, coach, James Adams, Kenneth Hendrickson, Tom Witsman, Gerald Fowlkes, Willie Strong, Jay Kleine, assistant coach. The Cross Country team this year fin- ished first above .500 for the season, run- ning with a very young team of tour soph- omores, one iunior and one senior. James Trotter, the captain of the team and also the MVP, was the only junior on the squad. James Adams, Nicky Edwards, Herb Alston, and Willie Strong, were all sophomores and Lettermen returning for next year. The Varsity loses Brad Witsman, who was the only senior on the squad. The Varsity improved throughout the season and gained valuable experience with a climax of placing second in the city at the end of the season. Lack of experi- ence did hurt the team. Coach Bruce McGeath felt the team has potential for next year. "With the return- ing squad we'll have, we should turn outa highly competitive season-with alittle work!" A QUICK LOOK as Tech's Cross Country team, starts one of their dual meets. l CHARLES JACKSON shows running a long time isn't all fun. Frosh squad dominates invitationals and city The Reserve squad served time with a season of learning this year. Top runners for the Reserves were Fred Beard, Kenneth Henderson and Mike Webb. These three showed top quality to make next year's varsity squad a tough team. Mike was the top runner for the Reserves in the City Cross Country Meet finishing in twelfth place. As a whole, the team fin- ished third inthe city. The frosh squad had a dominating sea- son placing first in the Washington and Columbus invitationals and winning the City Championship. All home meets for Varsity, Reserve, and Freshman squads are run at Brookside Park, while other meets are held through- out city parks and golf courses. FRESHMAN CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM-FRONT ROW: Richard Legle, Winford Herron, Charles Jack- son, Dan Brownler. SECOND ROW: Tracy Landrum, Gregory Rainery, Dewayne Tinsley, Gerald Fowlkes, Floyd Home, Michael Ray. 52855 A XEQQS1? 'Vi' 1 ss VARSITY 2ND RESERVE WRESTLING-FIRST ROW: Howard Catt, athletic director, Jimmie Rhynes, Terry Pritchard, Tom Darden, Garcia Poole, DeWayne Craig, Andrew Fowlkes. SECOND ROW: Barry Williams, Bobby Rogers, Richard Johnson Frank Beard, Fred Beard, James Bell, John Hurrle, head coach. THIRD ROW: Ken- 1 Elf' neth Cousins, Cosy Herron, Ronald Clark, John Clayton, Kenneth Lee, Bryan Whit- field, manager, Rex Marshall, assistant coach. FOURTH ROW: Dale Henderson, James Buckley, Eugene Johnson, Ray Robison, Dwayne Engram, Glen Smith, Pat Hart, Tom Lee. Varsity Wrestlers Grab 3 Semi-State Firsts VARSITY TECH MATES-FRONT ROW: Lisa Cooper Darlene Litteral, Sherry Harmon. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Rodrigues, Anna Taylor, Mariorie Darden, Carol Felstein, sponsor. STATE CHAMP Dwayne Engram works on a knock- down drag-out. Eugene Johnson, city champ, Dwayne Engram, city champ, Andrew Fowlkes, city champ, and all were semistate champs too. Ray Robinson, Tom Dardin, James Bell, and Richard Johnson also proved to be the tougher of many opponents. With these and other dedicated wrestlers mak- ing up the varsity team, coach John Hurrle wrapped up another successful season. Engram had a 23-O record going into Regionals. Coach Hurrle felt with the new facility for next year in comparison to the facility of this year, the only step to take is still up! The team will lose Kenny Lee, Engram and Johnson, but has other talented wres- tlers to fill in. The Reserve Team showed they are ready to follow in the footsteps of other great Tech wrestlers. In the city meet Glen Smith, James Buckley, and Ron Clark placed first, also in the city the team placed second. The team shows much potential for next year as it consisted of half reserve and half freshmen, who would prove valuable. Pin and win, through Freshman season Our Freshman squad, coached by Fran- cis Knue, showed that they refuse to be pinned by anyone else by charting a 6-2 record forthe regular season, taking advantage of coach Knue's offer of a Coke to anyone who pinned his opponent. Gerald Fowlkes, Antonio Rudolph and Kevin Edwards all placed first in the city championship. The freshmen made a strong show in city competition by grab- bing 9 places. Two freshmen placed in the Reserve City Tournament while seven grabbed frosh spots. With a third place in the city competition it appears that the freshman grapplers were not pushed around. f if .Q ff' l975-76 FRESHMAN WRESTLING TEAM-FIRST ROW: Randy Fox, manager, Dar- ryl Howard, Danny Rice, Stanley Graves, Bennie Sarver, Jose Webb, Dane Griffin, Danny Brownlee. SECOND ROW: Mark Patterson, Robert Keithly, Rick Legale, Qiggg Y an iis- Q iiri llgmffi V ROW: Howard Catt, athletic director, John Hurrle, varsity coach, Dwayne Williams, Kevin Edwards, Gerald Fowlkes, Tracy Landrum, Ricky Jones, Rex Marshall, reserve coach, NOT PICTURED: Francis Knue, head coach. Steve Guynn, Kenny Farr, Johnny Roberts, John Lorick, Antonio Rudolph. THIRD OND ROW: Chenita Wilson, Melody Middleton, Alfenia Martin, Debbie Wimsatt NOT PICTURED: Annie Martin, Rochelle Floyd. BENNIE SARVER begins his next match, against his Pike opponent. - l 1975-76 RESERVE TECHMATES-FIRST ROW: Paula Parish, Vickie Martin. SEC- Girls power- volley through season 73: if yy' ln? -'27 ife. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Loletta Brinkley, Valerie Kennedy, Pam Stewart Sylvia Espinoza EECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, coach, Helen O'Neal, Leslie Green, Ada Johnson, Howard Catt, athletic irector. JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Rochelle Floyd. SECOND ROW: Reedeth Randolph, Jonna Edwards, Dorothy Maxwell, Lavette Hill. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, coach, Sherise Walker, Phyllis Shot- well, Lisa Shotwell, Howard Catt, athletic director. POWER VOLLEYBALL what is that? Power volleyball is the way that volley- ball is played in the high schools today. Power volleyball is a much more difficult way of officiating. Many iudgment calls are forced throughout the contest. Coach Mary Lou Manka felt this year's team had a good season even though their record showed otherwise. It was a season of building, as next year's team will have five returning letterwomen. They lost two seniors, Helen O'Neal, and Pam Stewart. If all the girls return and put work into the sport, we should have a highly compe- titive team. A Reserve Team was in action for the first time, also, this season. It gave the girls a chance to get experience and get ready for next year. Expenses were o problem for the Reserve Team, too. With the addition of the Reserve Volley- ball Team, it looks as though the girls' sports are really picking up! HELEN O'NEAL iumps to block while coach Manka looks on. Girls Bring Semistate Crown To Tech In the first year of a Girls Basketball State Tournament our team won the semis- tate at Ben Davis by conquering Mt. Ver- non. "The season was great," were the feelings of coach Sue Jahnke. Some of the top players for the team were Benita Ken- nedy and Maxine Carlis, who were guards and excellent outside shooters. Leslie Greene, Ada Johnson, Helen O'Neal and Bernice Trotter combined with the two guards to make an unstoppable running attack. The team took advantage of the fast break to wear down many opponents. Also the outside shooting broke up many zone defenses. The team was one of the tallest teams around, an asset for the team. Defensively, the team used a zone defense mixed with switching off and basic man-to-man principles. With Indianapolis being one of the toughest areas in the state we know Tech has to be one of the best. I I LESLIE GREEN practices her reboundhxg style in the Girls' Gym. 1975-76 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW: Susan Jahnke, coach, Laureen Harwell Benita Kennedy Janice Kennedy, Sophia Thomas, Wanda Turner. SECOND ROW: Bernice Trotter, Maxine Charlis Betty Hill Lisa Shot well, Helen O'Neal, THIRD ROW: Leslie Greene, Ada Johnson, Diane Patterson, Lois Moore Sherese Walker Teresa Boggs. Helen O'NeaI fast breaks for two in a practice session Number I ranking marks successful year Perhaps you saw coach Ernie Cline off the bench, or maybe it was George Gilbert letting a long pass fly, only to have Anto- nio Martin on the receiving end to drop it in for two points. Whatever you saw, it was the 1975-76 Varsity Basketball Team. The team showed for the third year in a row that they were one of the tougher teams in the state, having a number one ranking for a maiority of the season. But in their bid for their third city crown the Greenclads were outdone by a classy Broad Ripple crew in an overtime contest in which Zellie Allen dropped a free throw with five seconds to go to put it in overtime where Ripple went on to win. Antonio Martin led the team with a 24.3 scoring average and a 13.6 rebounding average. George Gilbert averaged 15.1 in the scoring column and somewhere around 7 assists a game. George Chat- man, perhaps the most improved player on the team, clicked on a 11.3 average while holding a 10.9 rebounding average. One of the most exciting games was against Northwest in which the Titans had to go into overtime after holding off a wild comeback by Northwest, the Titans won by an 84-81 count. The team loses its entire starting lineup along with three substitutes. Returning will be three to four lettermen. Taking into account that the Titans held a 12-O record before their loss to Ripple, and the fact that they were starting to pick up at the close of the season, coach Cline felt the team stood a strong chance in the Sectionals. 1975-76 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Howard Catt, athletic direc- tor, Dave George, assistant coach, Tim Fuller, manager, Tony Bartlett, George Gil- bert, Eddie Hannon, Lucas Graham. SECOND ROW: Steve Fox, manager, Don COACH CLINE gives his team directions as Tim Fuller looks on. itil Tu ., John Brinkley, Johnny Sykes, Mike Cecil, trainer, Ed McDowell, assistant coach. THIRD ROW: Rex Mindach, statistician, Greg Barnett, George Chatman, Antonio Martin, Landon Turner, Zellie Allen, Ernest Cline, head coach. GEORGE GILBERT flies into the crowd, or was it a shooting star. W Q f - . V 6 P f ...LL ,..k A If 3: 1 M if A 7 xx M Eli? F r .4 A sb gif is Q My - S X X. sk 43 . -fx, R 1975-76 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tim Thomas, Paul Steve Powell. THIRD ROW: Ed McDowell, head coach, Avery Johnson, Andrew McMichael, Larry Griffin, Jackie Thomas, Howard Catt, athletic director. SECOND Smith, Gregory Brooks, Theodore Fox, Steve White, manager. ROW: Victor Stewart, manager, Leonza Quarles, Anthony Boyd, Jimmy Davis, Reserves struggle through tough season The purpose of the Reserve squad is to get experience for varsity play. Coach Ed McDowell's team did exactly that. With six iuniors and six sophomores making up the team they gained valuable experience. Although Coach McDowell felt the team should have produced more, along with the "off and on" basketball play, he felt they had a pretty good season. The team started with- a 5-I record before lacking desire hurt them. McDowell felt that Greg Brooks appeared as the most improved player on the squad and had much praise for Larry Griffin who led the team in scoring. With six iuniors and some sophomores competing to move up to varsity, the reserves should pretty well answer the call. I TED FOX puts it up for two with a splendid iump shot. GREG BROOKS controls the tip-off Frosh power, sure ain 'f sour i ABOVE: Ed Thomas sets it up for another successful play. MIDDLE: Eric Greene skies to score two more. RIGHT: Brent Fields prepares to put the move on his Southport opponent. Ending with a regular season record of I5 wins and 3 losses this year was the tally for the Freshman Basketball Team coached by Dave George. Leading in scor- ing for the freshman squad were Eric Greene and Paul Allen, Greene also aver- aged l3 rebounds a game. The team showed great abilities, as in the Stoney Brook game when they trailed by five points with thirty seconds remain- ing, only to win by a twelve point advan- tage in overtime. Coach George felt the team had a strong defensive game and also a well disciplined offense. "The group was the best group of boys to coach l've ever had," were the feelings of George at season end. E X XE, Cf A BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW Howard Catt athletic Brown Ron Johnson Brooks Sedam manager. THIRD ROW: Dave George, coach 1975-76 FRESHMEN : , , , , director' Emmanel Childs Jim Fox Darrel Roberson, Dennis Allensworth, Brent Greg Raney, Ed Thomas, Anthony Rowe, Eric Greene, Kermit Wilson, Armond Pat Fields, l-foul Jones. SECOND ROW: l-'aul Allen, Martin Grigsby, Kent Cooper, Keith terson. 1975-76 Scores 1975 VARSITY TRACK TECH OPPONENT 94 Washington 82 Southport 88 Perry Meridian 70 Kokomo 70 North Central 103 Shortridge North Central Relays-3rd Gary Invitationa l-4th Tech Invitational-3rd 7 '3 '1 City-1 st Sectional-2nd Regional-2nd 1975 GIRLS TENNIS TECH OPPONENT 0 Lawrence 6 Scecina 5 Attucks 3 Attucks 0 Manual 0 Manual 3 Howe 3 Howe 6 Wood 5 Marshall 3 Broad Ripple 3 Broad Ripple City-8th Sectional-7th 1975 VARSITY BASEBALL TECH OPPONENT 0 Warren Centra 3 Bloomington 1 Howe 0 North Central 7 Latin School 10 Arlington 5 Wood 1 Roncalli '1 Arlington 3 Scecina 0 Manual 3 Ben Davis 3 Perry Meridian 4 Cathedral 8 Broad Ripple 14 Attucks 7 Shortridge 10 Northwest 4 Southport Washington Beech Grove V Howe City Sectional 1975 RESERVE TRACK TECH OPPONENT 82 Washington 70 Southport 85 Perry Meridian 60 Kokomo 99 Shortridge 1975 FRESHMAN TRACK TECH OPPONENT 122 Wood 87 Washington 84Vz Manual 74 Perry Meridian City-1 st 1975 GIRLS TRACK TECH OPPONENT 71 Chatard 91 Wood 30 Washington 61 Lawrence 72 Arlington 69 Howe 40 Attucks City-6th Sectional-7th 1975 RESERVE BASEBALL TECH OPPONENT 0 Warren 1 Scecina 4 Howe 1 N. Central 2 Latin School 8 Washington 1 Attucks iforfeitl 1 Shortridge lforf 5 Ritter 2 Roncalli 7 Arlington 2 Manual 3 Ben Davis 0 Perry Meridian 1 2 Cathedral 1 Broad Ripple 1 Northwest 1975 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TECH OPPONENT 6 Marshall 4 Marshall 1 Perry Meridian 1 Howe eitl 36 45 37 67 22 1 40 31 V2 50 34 1 3 75 44 33 42 40 22 8 14 11 3 7 O 0 9 4 8 0 12 8 5 8 11 1 7 5 3 1975 GOLF TECH OPPONENT 228 Marshall 220 238 Chatard 236 367 Kokomo 334 367 Arlington 344 1 76 Attucks 21 8 1 76 Cathedral 1 64 370 Howe 31 5 238 Manual 204 169 Broad Ripple 183 169 Wood 198 220 Ben Davis 21 3 180 Washington 208 230 Shortridge 245 21 7 Northwest 233 1 81 Scecina 1 81 243 Roncalli 237 225 Wood 240 1 74 Cathedral 1 52 225 Perry Meridian 203 376 Arlington 345 376 'Kokomo 335 362 Attucks 442 City-12th Sectional-14th 1975 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TECH OPPONENT 58 Ben Davis 15, Washington 57 75 Southport 17, Perry Meridian 47 60 Lawrence Central 18, Howe 62 26 Manual 29 34 Crispus Attucks 46, Arlington 53 34 Northwest 34 Washington Invitational-10th Southport Invitational-1 1 th Columbus Invitational-8th City-2nd Sectional-9th 1975 RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY TECH OPPONENT 58 Ben Davis 15, Washington 65 73 Southport 28, Perry Meridian 36 V2 Lawrence Central 17 , Howe 0 16 Manual 47 27 Northwest 28 1975 FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY TECH OPPONENT Ben Davis, Washington iforfeitl 40 Southport 39, Perry Meridian 41 22 Howe 51, Belzer 56 Manual Iforfeitl Attucks, Arlington fforfeitl Northwest ltorfeitl Washington Invitational-1 st Columbus Invitational-1 st Southport Invitational-4th City-1 st 1975 VARSITY FOOTBALL TECH OPPONENT 8 Cathedral 1 2 Howe 6 Scecina 44 Wood O Chatard 1 8 Roncalli 6 Washington 36 Broad Ripple 28 Marshall 38 Jennings County 1975 RESERVE FOOTBALL TECH OPPONENT 0 Cathedral 16 Howe 14 Scecina 1 2 Chatard 20 Washington 12 Roncalli 34 Broad Ripple 1 2 Marshall 38 Perry Meridian 1975 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TECH OPPONENT 28 Broad Ripple 1 2 Marshall 14 Perry Meridian 0 Cathedral 6 Howe 12 Scecina 16 Wood 0 Chatard 12 Washington 14 Roncalli 1975 BOYS TENNIS TECH OPPONENT 5 Attucks 1 Shortridge 3 Manual 5 Wood 0 Marshall 4 Attucks 5 Broad Ripple 0 Howe 5 Scecina 3 Northwest 2 Marshall City-5th Sectional 0 North Central 5 1975-76 FRESHMAN WRESTLING TECH OPPONENT 30 Attucks 45 Broad Ripple 45 Howe 27 Scecina 43 Manual 33 Pike 41 Cathedral Arlingtonlforfeitl O 0 2 0 5 1 Olforfeitl 5 O 2 3 1975-76 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TECH OPPONENT 66 Woodview 50 Southport 45 Attucks 42 Belzer 56 Ritter 58 Arlington 61 Wood 40 Manual 46 Ripple 61 Stoneybrook 29 Chatard 49 Cathedral 56 Scecina 58 Shortridge 42 Washington 54 Marshall 50 Howe 45 Attucks City Tournament 46 Chatard 58 Marshall 43 Northwest 1975 VOLLEYBALL TECH Opponent 14 Attucks 15,7,10 Arlington 15, 11, 11 Scecina 15, 15 Washington 11,11 Marshall 15, 15 Wood 1 1, 15 Manual 13, 6 Broad Ripple 6, 15 Howe 15, 15 Northwest 7, 15 Shortridge 1 3, 1 3 Warren Central 15, 8, 6 Franklin Central 15, I5 Chatard City Tournament 15,3,7 Manual Sectional 8,1 5,5 Roncalli 1975-76 VARSITY WRESTLING TECH OPPONENT 43 Broad Ripple 35 Shortridge 23 Cathedral 23 Chatard 22 Howe 46 Arlington 34 Manual 54 Wood 39 Marshall 50 Washington 20 Perry Meridian 17 Lawrence 51 Attucks 17 Ben Davis City-4th State-1 st 1975-76 RESERVE WRESTLING TECH OPPONENT 66 Broad Ripple 44 Howe 56 Arlington 33 Manual 8 North Central 18 Ben Davis 21 Lawrence Central City-2 nd 39 29 42 30 24 23 37 50 45 49 30 35 27 55 62 41 44 39 41 31 50 16 1o,15,15 1,15,15 3,11 15,15 8,13 13,17 15,15 15,13 8,5 7,13 15,15 9,1o,15 4,10 13,15,15 15,7,15 21 36 37 42 39 21 27 15 26 43 35 41 14 42 5 24 15 33 49 43 42 1975-76 RESERVE TECH '44 48 43 48 44 41 38 53 60 32 39 44 53 42 41 56 61 45 55 City Tournament 1975-76 VARSITY TECH 70 83 95 79 70 74 84 82 78 72 ' 68 ' 74 60 80 54 61 67 73 77 78 74 Sectional 66 BASKETBALL OPPONENT Shortridge Wood Southport New Albany Ben Davis Attucks Northwest North Central Brebeuf Howe Howe Cathedral Broad Ripple Richmond Kokomo Washington Scecina Muncie Central Manual BASKETBALL OPPONENT Shortridge Wood Southport New Albany Ben Davis Crispus Attucks Northwest North Central Brebuef Howe Howe Roncalli Broad Ripple Cathedral Broad Ripple Richmond Kokomo Washington Scecina Muncie Central Manual Lawrence Central "-City Tournament 1975-76 GIRLS BASKETBALL TECH 51 73 46 47 64 51 55 51 69 73 51 85 60 67 Sectional 56 54 62 OPPONENT Scecina Attucks North Central Wood Washington Marshall Arlington Ladywood Broad Ripple Perry Meridian Attucks Manual Park Tudor Shortridge Ritter Attucks Scecina Attucks Invitational-3rd Cheerleaders show much form during games VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM: Blanche Washington, Gina Foster, Jayette Marcum, Alexandria Hong. MID- DLE: Diane Carnforth. TOP: Kathy Jones. RIGHT: Gina Foster, Alex Hong, and Jayette Marcum show patriotic spirit during the National Anthem. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM: Denise Browning, Trina Reck, Vic Smith, Val- FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM: Tammy Williams, Kathy Hong, Nancy erie McNew. TOP: Sherry Noerr, Patrice Miller. Bull, Debbie Adams, Patricia Phelps. TOP: Tammy Beach. ' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS do one of their many spirit builders. C-H-E-E-R-L-E-A-D-E-R-S, Cheerleaders, Cheerleaders, ours are the best. That wasn't a chant heard by the 1975-76 Cheerleading squads, but they had many chants that brought about the spirit at Tech High School. The cheerleaders partici- pated in many of their own activities this year, starting with a candle sale to raise money for new Varsity and Reserve outfits. Following this the cheerleaders were host- esses for Varsity Football and Basketball nights. Other small things the girls did to boost spirit were to make cakes, cookies and candy for the basketball players. DIANE CORNFORTH, Valerie McNew, Alex Hong, and Patrice Miller say cheese during our national anthem. JAY MARCUM shows her spirit. SHERRY NOERR and Denise Browning sock it to Chatard. -My ff' . 2 K .W .,,,M 9 F , my-199 ffijig, w U wav' fn K M JSJW ., if .1 ' +9 ww., K.. s,i.F952?"' , lL jg- 'Www 5 if 35 W, . Q WWF ' r' ,1 g 5 wig , , , 1, M., f , x, "'f . Gs f I mil? "-1 - l ,f ,W 'Eff' , ' f' ' NM gy ,wi V gp, M5-51-, QQ' A M I i , MM ' .4591 J KA, ,J MQ? w V. E . 32 g WE ,fn J' I I 'N w uk 'Wk rf pxwh K ' I . , . :fr , J, ,YV , M. , w . S, 'M 5 - ,gjqlg-5' f V A A ' x 'Elf-615-2 K 17- Mr' In , I 1, Wi? F , , 7k,, W, wx' 7 Ahwm . , me ,Q 1 - ,MA nf X 4" V K ,k Mae., '-15, -A255-:,:':' A f y H ' 7 K 'f N. wyw.-'Lk I ., iifgnwy , e I xl K , V.-fg,,.Q , - 55 H fn - smyw Jaw ,Huw in W. P i - f -' ,ff Q Awfiw, M F7 . , . -J , W g .M .1 f sf ,. . 12 ,, Q :sef?5wm.i.4 ' . f ' we Vx K V' 3? h 'fd' N5 f5?f51',5.w xffiqv' I X ,fri -X V Vw, ,J fm www' f, F ,,,V M, y ' , "' M ,M MMM-fav eehe K mf Those Who Are Achievers . . . SENIORS Class of ' 6 picks officers with spirit Libby Quintana Dwayne Engram Class President Class Vice-President Charlotte Dimmitt Anita Shotwell Class Secretary Class Treasurer SENIOR COUNCIL IROLL ROOM OFFICERS1-FRONT ROW, Marlyn McDaniel, 7, treasureiy Dwayne Mason 7, president, Barbara Taube, 648, secretary, Barba Woo- ten, 648, treasurer, Bonnie Thompson, 648, vice president, SECOND ROW: Dave Griffin, 6, president, Kathleen Hayes, 6, treasurer, Teresa James, 6, secretary, Karen Hughes, 6, vice-president, Anita Shotwell, 400, treasurer, Daryl Newman, 400, vice-president, Jacqueline Oliver, 400, secretary, Libby Quintana, 400, presi- dent. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Dimmitt, 153, secretary, Mariorie Darden, 153, presi- dent, Dwayne Engram, 153, vice-president, Diane Davis, 153, treasurer, Mrs. Nancy Sutton, sponsor, Theresa Barnes, 190, treasurer, Vlhlhelmena Cameron, 190, vice-president, Ruby Brown, 190, secretary, Martin Buchanan, 190, president. NOT PICTURED, Benito Kennedy, 7, vicepresident, Rex Mindach 7, secretary, Donna White, 648, president. Andrew Abernathy Clyde Adair Betty Adams Larry Alexander Mike Alexander Rubye Alexander Billy Allen Pasquale Amato Lou Anderson Michael Arnett Karen Askins Ruby Austin Doris Bailey Emily Baldwin Aaron Banks Diana Barker Theresa Barnes Greg Barnett Alice Bartlett Tony Bartlett Dwayne Beasley Tanya Beouford Clara Beeker Mike Bennett Linda Berry Bertha Bess Debbie Bible Vanessa Blanchard Henrietta Bolden Betty Booker Deborah Boyd David Braden Clarice Braxton NMllie Brewer Delores Bridgewater John Brinkley Wckie Brinkley Arie Brown Charlotte Brown Cheryl Brown Jeffrey Brown Kevin Brown Ruby Brown Shelia Brown Tom Bruce Francis Bruder Martin Buchanan Jamie Buckley Bonnie Bull Vactor Burgess Lovie Burl Rhonda Burnett Larry Burroughs James Burton Nancy Callahan Wilhelmena Cameron Mike Campbell Olen Carnahan Diane Carroll Gloria Carroll Charles Carver John Cavanaugh Bruce Chaney George Chatman Marva Cherry Lorna Clapper Ronald Clark Peggy Clegg Merceda Clifford Jeffery Coe Lori Coe Debra Coffer Carole Cole Joseph Coleman Elaine Collins Donna Collins Melissa Connell Todd Cook Sandra Cooksey Cheryl Cooper Lisa Cooper Timothy Cooper Vicki Cooper Roselyn Cornett Dianne Cornforth Ronnie Couch Heston Cousin Barbette Cox Rick Coyle Ruthie Crofton David Crane Melinda Crawford Terry Creech Linda Crocheron Jerry Crouch .159 il - jim ' HQ - F 'f ,X ,gi 1 Q it I , f f en '. T W .MW ' fri, 5 'E I! el QM it . .4 43' zf Qs Ei. Theodore Cumberland Reckie Cummings Polly Cunningham Kenneth Curtis Darrell Daniel Felicia Daniel SENIOR OFFICE MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Cindy Well, Teresa, Day, Debra Sanford, Nancy Callahan, Patti Turner. SECOND ROW: Ron Woods, Debbie Hood, Norma Edwards, Valerie Sholar, Mary Schultz. THIRD ROW: Dian Davis, Karen Scott, Charlotte Dimmitt, Rex A. Mindach, Phyllis Newton. FOURTH ROW: Roy Scruggs, William Ellis, Eugene Johnson, Karla Wells, Linda Crocheron, William Nixon,Jr. Marjorie Darden Debbie Davidson Cynthia Davis Diane Davis Janice Davis Phil Davis Barbara Davisson Debbie Daws Terry Dawson Betty Day Rickie Day Teresa Day , Cathy Dean Lanney Dean Bob Deloach Michael Dicks Larry Dotson Pamela Dowdy Debra Driggs Diane Dullen Terry DuPriest Vlhlliam Durham John Dyke Michelle Eaton Jeffery Edison Norma Edwards Gerald Ellis William Ellis Isabel Espinoza Julia Fairgrief Jennifer Faulk Jeffery Faulkner Cheryl Fayette Marsha Feltner Steve Ferguson Karen Fields Michael Finch Wilbert Finkton Terri Fischer Franchester Floyd Therese Foley Ann Ford Pamela Ford Debra Foster Steven Fox Larry Franklin Mark Franklin Teresa Franklin Marlene Frazier Daniel Freeman Tolla Freeman Terry Frye Timothy Fuller Matthew Fuqua Vicky Fuqua Dorothy Gadis Janet Gales Julian Gammons William Gary Susan Gessner Dennis Gibson Rex Gibson Mike Gifford Anthony Gilbert Gerald Gilkey Vesta Gillard Jerry Gilman Mary Gladney Brenda Glinsey DeLynn Glover Emma Goldsmith Tina Gander MELVIN TAYLOR, senior shows how important one's diet is to good health and body building l l MELVIN builds his physique as a guest of the Indianapolis Police Academy. Melvin has also iudged Boy Scout troops in weight lifting. Becky Goode Phyllis Goodnight Robin Gordon Calvin Gowdy Regina Gowdy Debra Graham Tony Graves Linda Gray Rhonda Green David Griffin Denise Grimes Elizabeth Gunyon Vhlliam Hackett Debby Hogedorn Edna Hall John Haliburton Dennis Hamilton Margy Hammans George Hammer Sherry Hammer Priscilla Hancock Brenda Hardin Carolyn Harlan Jay Harlan Sherry Harmon Doris Harney Perry Harrison Tannis Harrison David Harwell Turner Havely Brian Hayden Diane Hayden Gregory Hayes Rhonda Hazelton Sharon Heath Daniel Heidelberger Lou Ann Heifner Pamela Helfrich Ernest Herrera Kathy Hickman Shirley Hicks Gregory Hill Sherry Hill Timothy Hodge Eddie Hoke Rita Holden Peter Holmes Louise Holt Debra Hood Martin Hoskins Bonita Howard Thomas Howard Geth Huckaby Rubie Hudson Rhonda Huff ' Karen Hughes Barbara Hutchins Ronnie Hutson Henry Hyche Kathy lngels Keith Isenberg Althea Ivory Richard Jackson Steve Jacobs Joseph Jake Kevin Jamerson Teresa James V Ji ,uJ...,... ,lf ,kfxffllwfi 62,1151 I H V r3f,r.pv lf' . .Mi'iCi'fY1wffe ff M fcf563?.fw fwo K, , 5656, DWAYNE MASON wins a ribbon at the Tech Math Expo. With him is Mrs. Madora Walker. Dwayne also won the title Mr. JA of Central Indiana. Chuck Jaskiewicz James Jennings Barbara Johnson David Johnson Della Johnson Denisa Johnson Eugene Johnson Joseph Johnson Kenneth Johnson Larry D. Johnson Larry H. Johnson Phyllis Johnson Sharon Johnson Norman Jolliffe Brenda Jones Fay Jones Garrett Jones Kathy Jones Orville Jones Patricia Jones Sandra Jones Terri Jones Terry Jones Marie Jordan Rickey Jordan Theresa Jordan Sandye Kalias Ruth Keeker Robin Keithley Delisa Keller Timothy Kendrick Benito Kennedy Casaundra Kennedy REBA SEARS and Teresa James display their fashions for 1976 Sadie Hawkins Day Carol Kent Helen Kilpatrick Eric Kinsey Alice King Kimberly King Betty Kirby James Kirby Malcolm Kirk Marie Kirk Paul Kuehl Toni Landrum Dianna Lay Keith Ledford Karen Lee Kenneth Lee Virginia Lee Catherine Legg Joseph Lewis Luther Lewis Sherry Lewis Shellie Liford Darlene Litteral Brenda Lofton Emily Lund Margaurite Madison Carolyn Marshall Janice Marshall Annie Martin Debbie Martin Elisa Martin Jo Anne Martin Dwayne Mason Karen Massa Patricia Matthews Stharnell Matlock Carmelita Maxwell Carolyn Maxwell Jackie Maxwell Peggy McAdams Shirley McCreary Carl McCutchen Marlyn McDaniel Mark McElroy Cecilia McGill LaNeIta McGraw Fran McGuire Rochelle McGuire Tim McGuire MR. AND MRS. Sadie Hawkins of 1976, Rick Moore and Lisa Cooper. Mark McMichel Deborah McNear Vickie Meadors Cathy Means Barbara Mertz Kalhy Messer Darlene Meyers Michelle Michaelis Rodney Mickens Anfhony Miller Brian Miller Delores Miller Fred Miller. Greg Miller Mark Miller Ronnie Miller Thomas Miller Jim Milliken Anthony Mills Brian Mills Jeffery Milton Rex Mindach Mary Miracle Charles Mitchum Greg Mohr Andrea Moore Ann Moore Lula Moore Marva Moore Rick Moore Helen Morford Barbara Morris Mamie Morris Sharon Moulder Mark Mowrey Barbara Murry Darrell Neblett Barbara Nelson Daryl Newman William Newman Phyllis Newton William Nixon Charlene Oakley Doreen Oatts Jacqueline Oliver Jeffery Oliver Helen O'Neal Vickie O'Neill Michael Page Candy Patterson Michael Payne Emmitt Perkins William Pervine Julie Petrey Cathy Pettigrew John Petzl Donald Phelps Doris Phillips Joe Phillips Teresa Pierce Bruce Pillow Bryon Pillow Anthony Pittman James Pittman Wesley Pittman Mickey Polimeno Donna Porter Randall Porter Darrell Powell John Powell Shirley Powell TERESA JAMES and Jay Harlan portray a Titan and the Statue of Liberty on Roll Room 6's Homecoming float. HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES-FRONT ROW: Terry Dawson, Gaye Wilson. SECOND ROW: Delores Reed, Kathy Ingles, Jackie Maxwell, Diane Carnforth. Denise Ramsey Dale Rebennack Ruth Reck Delores Reed Judy Reeder Pauline Reevs Jackie Reuter Darcy Rhoads Kathy Richardson Sharon Rickman Charles Roberson Ben Roberts Mike Robertson Denise Robinson Mary Robinson Patricia Rocks Michael Ross Jeff Routh Mike Rush Darla Russell Eileen Russell Gina Rutland Mavonne Rutledge Cassandra Sanders Kerry Sanders Reggie Sanders Debra Sandford Robert Sargent Diane Scott Karen Scott Steven Scott Samuel Seals Reba Sears Kristi Senour Connie Sewell Hascall Shaffer Linda Shepherd Valerie Sholar Michael Simmons Patricia Simmons Sherleyn Simmons Dave Simon Douglas Sims Phillips Sims Rick Sinclair Gwen Slone Debra Smith Debra Smith Debra Smith Dinah Smith Irie Smith Kevin Smith Laurita Smith - Ross Smith Timothy Smith Jerry Spurlock Debra Stader Georgetta Stamps Fred Stark Rodney Stearns Terry Steele Kathy Stephens Serita Stevenson Gary Stewart Pamela Stewart Lisa Stinson Ted Stites Cynthia Stone Tony Strickling Eric Stubbs Ella Sullivan Jeffery Summers Sherri Sumner Kathleen Surenkamp Regina Swanigan Deborah Sweatt Johnny Sykes Lovie Sykes Bryon Tanner Barbara Taube Cheryl Taulman Anna Taylor Carletta Taylor Glenda Taylor James Taylor ROLL ROOM 6 pulls mightily to win the Tug-of-War. Nice going' Tanya Taylor Jerry Tennant Debbie Thacker Caroline Thomas Janet Thomas Loretta Thomas Patricia Thomas Steven Thomas Teresa Thomas Bonita Thompson Clarence Thompson Dennis Thompson Kyle Thompson Melody Thompson Michael Thrush Robert Tibbs Adonias Tipton Charles Tom Jennifer Tom Jerome Towner Sheila Tramell Marilla Trotter Deborah Tucker Patti Turner Bradford Tuttle Diane Valentine David VanHorn Kevin VanHorn Doris Wagner George Walker Kevin Wallace Donna Warren Tracy Warren Zefta Washington Hurley Waters Janice Waters Robert Watkins David Watson David Watson Dennis Watson Lonnie Watson Benjamin Webb Kevin Webb Greg Weber Kim Weber Cynthia West Norma West Peggy Wheeler Darrell White Donna White Mary White Richard White Tanya White Lois Whitfield Denise Whitney Linda Wickliffe Steve Wiggington Marsha Wilburn Bethany Wiley Alicia Williams Joy Williams Mark Williams Victoria Williams Mark Willis Gaye Wilson Kaye Wilson Shari Wilson Valerie Wilson Barbara Wimsatt Forest Winkle Geneva Winkle Nancy Winkle Vivian Wise Mark Wishart Robert Witmer BENITA KENNEDY'S pie eating skill did not equal her bas ketball record, but she made a good showing for her team. Steve Lampher Anthony Thomas Cindy Walker Brad Wistman Delphine Woods Gregory Woods Regina Woods Ronald Woods Barba Wooten Catherine Wright Wanda Wright Sarah Wyss Steven Yarberry NiIean'Young Gwen Jones PTA presents honor sweaters to top seniors S1 5 'Tag w-"H" SENIOR HONORS-FRONT ROW Carletta Taylor Theresa Barnes Debra Sqn- our, Donna White, Carolyn Harlan, Pasquale Amato. FOURTH ROW Charlotte ford Linda Berry SECOND ROW Clara Beeker Teresa James Marlyn McDaniel, Brown, Martin Buchanan, Irie Smith, Jr., Daryl Newman, Timothy Smith Teresa Ruth Keeker Barbara Taube Carole Cole IRD ROW Marie Jordan, Kristi Sen- Franklin. I 976 Senior Roster ABERNATHY, ANDREW LOUIS: Auto-Aviation!Block T Club, Crass Country, Track, Wrestling ADAIR, CLYDE EARL: Printing!Marching Band, Messenger ADAIR, SUSAN: Foreign Language, Business Education ADAMS, BETTY J.: Business Education, Social Studies ALEXANDER, LARRY: Metal Trades ALEXANDER, MICHAEL: Social Studies! Football, Track, Wrestling, ROTC Officer, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, Stage Band, Pep Band ALEXANDER, RUBYE L,: Social Studies ALLEN, BILLY: Social Studies! Baseball, Messenger AMATO, PASQUALE: Drafting, Mathematics, Science! Hiking Club, Block T Club, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Wrestling, Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble AMMONS, STACEY O:: Home Economics, Social Studies ANDERSON, LOU: Business Education ARNETT, MICHAEL ANTHONY: Social Studies!Concert Band, March- ing Band, Pep Band ASKINS, KAREN L.: Business Education! COE, OEA, CANNON News- paper Agent, CANNON Yearbook Agent, Messenger AUSTIN, RUBY J.: Art, Home Economics BAILEY, DORIS MARIE: Business Education!IOL BALDWIN, EMILY: Home Economics BANKS, AARON: Social Studies!Cross Country, Football BARKER, DIANA L.: Home Economics BARNES, THERESA: Business Education, Mathematics, Science!Chem- istry-Physics Club, Junior Council, Senior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Treasurer of Roll Room I90, Date Scheduling Committee, Administrative Turnabout Day Committee BARNETT, GREG: Business Education, Social Studies!FeIlowship of Christian Athletes, Basketball BARTLETT, ALICE: Business Education!IOL, OEA BARTLETT, TONY: Business Education, Social Studies!FeIlowship of Christian Athletes, Basketball BAXTER, JACKIE: Business Education!Speech Team BEARD, LENELL: Social Studies BEASLEY, DWAYNE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Baseball, Football, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Messenger BEAUFORD, TANYA RENEE: Home Economics BEEKER, CLARA HATTIE LOU: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathematics!COE, Service Club, Speech Team, Junior Honors, Sopho- more Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Exploratory Teachers BEERS, RANDY: Printing, Social Studies BENNETT, MIKE: Metal Trades BERRY, LINDA: Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies!Sopha- more Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater BESS, BERTHA J.: Business Education, Home Economics BIBLE, DEBBIE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Messenger BLACKWELL, RUSSELL ALAN: Auto-Aviation!German Club, Track, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, SAO Representa- tive, Messenger i BLACKWELL, SHIRLEY: Social Studies!Swimming BLANCHARD, VANESSA SUE: Home Economics, Social Studies BOLDEN, HENRIETTA: Business Education, Home Econamics!Girls Bas- ketball, IOL, Track, Sophomore Honor, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON, Yearbook Agent BOOKER, BETTYJ.: Home Economics BOYD, DEBORAH: Business Education BRADEN, DAVID: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies!Sopha- more Honors, Bell Chair, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, SAO Representative BRAXTON, CLARICE: Home Economics, Social Studies BREEZE, THOMAS: Social Studies BREWER, WILLIE ISONNYJ: Dratting!Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band BRIDGEWATER, DELORIS: Business Education!IOL BRINKLEY, JOHN ISWEETWATERI: Art, Social Studies!FelIowship of Christian Athletes, Block T Club, Basketball, Football, Track BRINKLEY, VICKIE: Business Education, Social Studies!DE BROWN, ARIE W.: Drafting!CANNON Yearbook Agent, Messenger BROWN, CHARLOTTE E.: Social Studies!Junior Honors, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Messenger BROWN, CHERYL LYNN: Home Economics BROWN, JEFFREY: Social Studies BROWN, KEVIN TYRONE: Social Studies BROWN, RUBY L.: Business Education!COE, Senior Council, CANNON Yearbook Agent, Roll Room I90 Secretary, Fund Raising Committee, Roll Call Activities Committee, Administrative Turnabout Day Commit- tee, Junior-Senior Convocation Committee BROWN, SHELIA: Business Education BROWN, SHARYN D.: Mathematics, Business Education!GirIs Concert Club, Speech Team, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball Team BRUCE, TOM: Mathematics, Social Studies!DE, Block T Club, Baseball, Football, Junior Honors, Sophomore Honors, Stage Band, Symphonic Bond, SAO Representative BRUDER, FRANCIS J.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Chess Club BRYANT, ROBERT: Social Studies BUCHANAN, MARTIN: Business Education, Mothematics!DE, Key Club, Junior Honors, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Sen- ior Council, Messenger, President of Roll Room I90, Date Scheduling Committee BUCHANAN, THOMAS: Industrial Arts!Anthropolagy Club, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team BUCKLEY. JAMIE DIANE: Home Economics BUCKNER, PHYLLIS M.: Social Studies BULL, BONNIE: Art!Future Educators of America, Stagecraft Crew, Exploratory Teachers, Messenger BURGESS, VACTOR: Social Studies!Baseball, Bowling, Messenger BURL, LOVIE JEAN: Business Education, Home Economics!Messenger BURNETT, RHONDA: Home Economics, Social Studies!Messenger BURNETT, WAYNE: Industrial Arts BURROUGHS, LARRY: Printing BURRUSS, ANNETTE: Mathematics!Girls Concert Club, Messenger BURTON, JAMES: Business Education, Social Studies!CANNON Newspaper Agent CALLAHAN, NANCY: Business Education!IOL, Service Club CAMERON, WILHELMENA IMENOJ: Foreign Language, Social Studies !DE, Key Club, Spanish Club, Senior Council, Concert Orchestra, CAN- NON Newspaper Agent, CANNON Yearbook Agent, Messenger, Roll Room I90 Vice-President, Senior Activities Committee, Review Board Committee, Junior-Senior Convocation Committee, Administrative Turn- about Day Committee CAMPBELL, MICHAEL: Building Trades, Social Studies!Messenger CANNON, GEORGIA: Home Economics CARNAHAN, OLEN: Printing CARROLL, DIANE: Business Education, Home Economics CARROLL, GLORIA: Business Education!COE CARTER, HENRY: Industrial Arts!Chess Club CARTWRIGHT, LYNETTE: Social Studies!BasketbalI CARVER, CHARLES: Industrial Arts CAVANAUGH, JOHN: Social Studies CHANEY, BRUCE EDWIN: Business Education, Mathematics!Boys Con- cert Club, Boys Octette, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir CHATMAN, GEORGE: Social Studies!Black T Club, Basketball, Foot- ball, Track, Messenger CHERRY, MARVA: Business Education!Messenger CHILDS, MORRIS: Social Studies CLAPPER, LORNA P.: Business Education, Social Studies CLARK, RONALD L.: Industrial Arts CLEGG, PEGGY: Mathematics!Future Educators of America, Explora- tory Teachers, CANNON Yearbook Agent CLEM, WILLIAM B.: Mathematics, Science!Chess Club, Chemistry-Fhys- ics Club, Football CLIFFORD, MERCEDA: Business Education CLIFFORD, SARAH J. IWYSSI: Business Education CLINE, GARRY A.: Social Studies CLINE, LARRY JAY: Business Education, Mathematics COE, JEFFERY: Auto-Aviation COE, LORI: Social Studies COFER, DEBRA M.: Business Education, Social Studies!IOL,OEA COFFER, LANGSTON: Auto-Aviation COHEN, TERESA: Business Education COLE, CAROLE: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science!Anthrapology Club, Key Club, Speech Team, Tennis, Sopho- more Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, CANNON News- paper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative COLEMAN, JOSEPH HAROLD: Mathematics, Social Studies!Chess Club, ICT, VIOA, Bowling, Stagecraft Crew, SAO Representative COLLINS, ELAINA MARIA: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!lOL, OEA COLLINS, DONNA: Social Studies CONNELL, MELISSA A.: Business Education, Social Studies COOK, TODD: Building Trades COOK, PHILLIP: Electrical Trades COOKSEY, SANDRA E.: Mathematics!Tennis, Track, CANNON News- paper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative, Mes- senger COOPER, CHERYL L.: Music, Social Studies!Hiking Club, Cheerleaders, Junior Council, Bell Choir, Girls Concert Club, Melodayres, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, CANNON Yearbook agent, CAN- NON Newspaper agent, SAO Representative, Concert Orchestra COOPER, LISA IBABY JANEI: Music, Social Studies, Science!Key Club, Lettermen, Tennis, Tech-Mates, Junior Council, Senior Council, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger COOPER, TIMOTHY: Music!Concert Band, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger, Techoir COOPER, VICKI D.: Business Education!Messenger CORNETT, ROSLYN: Social Studies CORNFORTH, DIANNE J.: Business Education, Social Studies!DE Serv- ice Club, Cheerleaders, Junior Council COUCH, RONNIE JR.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies COUSIN, HESTON EDWARD: Industrial Arts, Social Studies COX, BARBETTE: Social Studies COX, SHARON R.: Business Education, Home Economics!IOL, OEA, Messenger COYLE, RICK: Auto-Aviation!VlCA, Football, Messenger CRAFTON, RUTHIE L.: Business Education!DE, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Messenger CRANE, DAVID E.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Concert Band, March- ing Band CRAWFORD, MELINDA: Business Education, Social Studies!lOL, OEA CRAWFORD, RHONDA E.: Business Education, Social Studies!lOL, OEA CREECH, TERRY: Home Economics!ROTC Officer, Messenger CROCHERON, LINDA: Mathematics, Social Studies!Service Club, SAO Representative, Messenger CROUCH, JERRY G.: Social Studies!ROTC Officers CUMBERLAND, THEODORE RAY: Art!Boys Concert Club, Techoir, Stagecraft Crew CUMMINGS, RECKIE L.: Social Studies CUNNINGHAM, POLLY: Business Education, Social Studies!COE, IOL CUPP, SHIRLEY: Business Education, Social Studies CURTIS, KENNETH: Social Studies DANIEL, DARRELL: Business Education, Social Studies DANIEL, FELICIA: Social Studies DARDEN, MARJORIE D,: Mathematics, Social Studies!Ouill and Scroll, Tech-Mates, Junior Council-associate, Sophomore Honors, Junior Hon- ors, Senior Honor Sweater, Senior Council, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger, President of Roll Room I53, Fund Raising Committee Chairman, Junior-Senior Convocation Commit- tee, Administrative Turnabout Day Committee DAVIDSON, DEBBY: Home Economics, Social Studies DAVIS, CYNTHIA J,: Science DAVIS, DIANE: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Senior Council, CANNON Yearbook agent, Treasurer of Roll Room I53, Review Board, Fund Raising Committee, Junior-Senior Convocation Committee, Administrative Turnabout Day Committee DAVIS, JANICE L.: Home Economics, Social Studies DAVIS, PHIL: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics DAVISSON, BARBARA: Art DAWS, DEBBIE: Business Education!Latin Club DAWSON, TERRY L.: Social Studies!Concert Band DAY, BETTY: Business Education, Social Studies!Messenger DAY, DEBBIE: Home Economics DAY, RICKIE: Art, Mathematics DAY, TERESA: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies! IOL, OEA, Concert Band, Marchiing Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger DEAN, CATHY: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!lOL, OEA DEAN, LANNEY: Social Studies DELOACH, BOB: Drafting!Bowling DICKS, MICHAEL A.: Mathematics DIMMITT, CHARLOTTE ANNETTE: Music, Social Studies!Droma Club, French Club, Future Educators of America, Photography Club, Bowling, Junior Council, Senior Council, Concert Bond, Girls Concert Club, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, Stagecraft Crew, Messenger, Class Secretary, Cap and Gown Committee Chairman, Jun- ior-Senior Convocation Committee, Administrative Turnabaut Day Committee: DOLL, BONNIE: Social Studies!Concert Band, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger. DOTSON, LARRY: Social Studies, Radio-Television!Chess Club, Radio Club, Bowling DOWDY, PAMELA: Business Education!IOL, OEA, Y-Teens, Tech- Mates, Junior Council, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent DRIGGS, DEBRA L.: Social Studies DULLEN, DIANE: Home Economics DUPRIEST, TERRY: Industrial Arts DURHAM, WILLIAM: Industrial Arts!lCT DYKE, JOHN: Building Trades DYKES, DAVID: Social Studies!ICT, Tennis, Sophomore Honors, Con- cert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, CANNON Weekly Staff, Messenger - DYSON, MICHAEL: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies!Anthropology Club, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, 75 Senior Council, CANNON Yearbook Staff, Messenger EASTES, GLENN E.: Metal Trades EATON, MICHELLE: Business Education, Home Economics!IOL EDEN, CARLA: Business Education!Sophomare Honors, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent EDISON, JEFFREY: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Spanish Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messen- ger EDMONDS, DEBBIE: Printing EDMONDS, SHARON: Home Economics EDWARDS, NORMA: Art, Social Studies!Art Club, French Club, Human Relations Council, Service Club, Junior Council, Senior Council- Associate, SAO Representative, Messenger ELLIS, GERALD: Auto-Aviation ELLIS, WILLIAM E.: Music!Boys Concert Club, Concert Band, Marching, Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, Messenger ELZY, REGINALD: Building Trades!BasebalI, Track ENGRAM, DWAYNE A.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, Block T Club, Football, Wrestling, CAN- NON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative, Messenger, Senior Coun- cil, Senior Class Vice-President, Roll Room Activities Committee, Fund Raising Committee, Date Schedule Committee ESPINOZA, ISABEL: Foreign Language, Social Studies!GirIs Basket- ball, Senior Council-Associate EUBANKS, PAMELA: Social Studies EVANS, BRYON W.: Business Education!COE EVANS, LINDA: Social Studies!Spanish Club FAIRGRIEF, JULIA A.: Social Studies FARRIS, FRANK: Social Studies FAULK, JENNIFER LYNN: Music, Social Studies!French Club, Service Club, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Exploratory Teachers, SAO Repre- sentative, Messenger FAULKNER, JEFFERY WADE: Business Education, Mathematics FAYETTE, CHERYL ANN: Home Economics FEERER, RALPH: Social Studies FELTNER, MARSHA: Business Education, Social Studies!lOL, OEA, Service Club, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Messenger 146 , FERGUSON, DEBBIE: Business Education, Foreign Language!lOL, OEA FERGUSON, STEVE: Social Studies!SAO Representative, Messenger FERGUSON, THOMAS: Social Studies FIELDS, IMREN GARLAND: Business Education, Social Studies FINCH, MICHAEL ALAN: Social Studies!DE FINKTON, WILBERT A.: Business Education, Social Studies, Science FISCHER, TERRI: Social Studies FLOYD, FRANCHESTER L.: Home Economics!Girls Concert Club FOLEY, THERESE: Business Education FORD, ANN: Business Education, Social Studies!IOL, OEA, Prayer Cir- cle, Spanish Club, Speech Team, CANNON Weekly Staff, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative FORD, PAMELA S.: Business Education!COE, German Club, OEA, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger, SAO Representative FOSTER, DEBRA: Social Studies FOX, STEVEN: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Anthropology Club, Block T Club, Baseball, Basketball, Junior Honors, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Messenger FRANKLIN, LARRY: Social Studies FRANKLIN, MARK A.: Building Trades!BasketbaIl, Track, Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band FRANKLIN, TERESA LONG: Business!COE, OEA, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Band FRAZIER, MARLENE: Foreign Language, CANNON Yearbook agent FREEMAN, DANIEL K.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics FREEMAN, TOLLA: Social Studies!ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Girls Drill Team FRYE, TERRY: Social Studies FULLER, TIMOTHY E.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Block T Club, Bas- ketball, Football, Tennis, Track, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, Messenger FUQUA, MATTHEW: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies FUQUA, VICKY R.: Home Economics, Social Studies GADIS, DOROTHY M.: Art, Home Economics GAINES, DARWIN: Industrial Arts, Social Studies GALES, JANET: Business Education, Home Economics!Messenger GAMMONS, JULIAN C. V.: Art!Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger GARY, WILLIAM LESLIE: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies!Anthropology Club, Service Club, Messenger GESSNER, SUSAN M.: Foreign Language, Social Studies!Maiorettes lTwirler, Pom Poml, Junior Council, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Marching Band, Techoir, SAO Executive Board GIBSON, DENNIS L.: Industrial Arts GIBSON, REX: Social Studies!Drama Club, German Club GIBSON, WALLACE C.: Mathematics, Social Studies GIFFORD, MIKE: Business Education GILBERT, ANTHONY: Industrial Arts GILBERT, GEORGE: Business Education, Social Studies!Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Block T Club, Basketball, Track GILKEY, GERALD: Metal Trades GILLARD, VESTA: Business Education, Mathematics!Girls Concert Club GILMAN, JERRY: Social Studies!Faotball, Messenger GINN, LEROY: Building Trades GLANDNEY, MARY ANN: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! IOL GLINSEY, BRENDA JOYCE: Social Studies GLOVER, DELYNN: Metal Trades GODWIN, MURRAY: Social Studies GOLDEN, CECILIA: Social Studies GOLDSMITH, EMMA J.: Home Economics, Social Studies!Girls Basket- ball GONDER, TINA: Business Education GOODE, BECKY SUE: Business Education, Art!Drama Club, Hiking Club, IOL, Latin Club, OEA, Quill and Scroll, Service Club, Thespians, Cheerleaders, Junior Council, Bell Choir, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Stagecraft Crew, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CANNON Newspaper Agent GOODNIGHT, PHYLLIS: Business Education GORDON, ROBIN S.: Social Studies!Messenger GOWDY, CALVIN: Electrical Trades, Mathematics!lCT GOWDY, REGINA C.: Business Education, Home Economics GRAHAM, DEBRA: Business Education, Home Ecanomics!Service Club, Y-Teens, Messenger GRAVES, TONY WRAY: Building Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies GRAY, LINDA C.: Business Education!COE GREEN, ANTHONY: Industrial Arts!BIock T Club, Football GREEN, DAVID WAYNE: Social Studies GREEN, RHONDA: Home Economics GREVER, MICHAEL: Social Studies, Industrial Arts!Cross Country GRIFFIN, DAVID: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Block T Club, Baseball, Bowling, Football, Senior Council, Presi- dent Roll Room 6, Fund Raising Committee, Roll Room Activities Com- mittee, Junior-Senior Convocation Committee GRIMES, DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies GUERIN, WANDA: Business Education!Girls Basketball, Girls Concert Club GUNYON, ELIZABETH: Business Education, Social Studies!German Club, IOL, OEA HACKETT, WILLIAM: Music!Speech Team, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Football :AiAN, EDWARD: Metal Trades!Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep an HAGEDORN, DEBBY: Business Education!DE HALL, EDNA E.: Social Studies!Y-Teens, CANNON Yearbook agent HALL, TIM: Building Trades, Mathematics HALLIBURTON, JOHN T. ISLICKI: Metal Trades!Block T Club, Football, Track, Wrestling HAMBY, JOHN: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies HAMILTON, DENNIS A:: Auto-Aviation HAMMANS, MARGY: Home Economics HAMMER, GEORGE D.: Social Studies!Bowling, Track, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger HAMMER, SHERRY L.: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Human Relations Council, IOL, Key Club, OEA, Junior Council, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative HANCOCK, PRISCILLA: Art, Foreign Language, Mathematics!Art Club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Messenger HARDIN, BRENDA: Home Economics HARLAN, CAROLYN S.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Ger- man Club, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Bell Choir, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, Exploratory Teachers, CAN- NON Yearbook agent, CANNON Newspaper agent, SAO Represent- ative HARLAN, JAY D.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Chemistry-Physics Club, DE, German Club, Human Relations Council, Key Club, NFL, Speech Team, Bowling, Senior Council-associate, CANNON Yearbook Agent, CANNON Newspaper Agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representa- tive, Messenger HARMON, SHERRY: Art, Home Economics, Mathematics!Key Club, Service Club, Tech-mates, Messenger HARNEY, DORIS: Business Education, Home Economics!IOL, OEA HANNEY, JOE: Building Trades!lCT, Wrestling, CANNON Newspaper Agent, SAO Representative, Baseball HARRIS, BUDDY: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama Club, Thespians, SAO Representative, Messenger HARRIS, RICHARD: Building Trades HARRISON, PERRY D.: Building Trades HARRISON, TANNIS: Business Education!IOL, Messenger HARWELL, DAVID: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Future Edu- cators of America, Key Club, NFL, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, CANNON Weekly Staff, Messenger HAVELY, TURNER C:: Social Studies!Football, Track HAYDEN, BRIAN KEITH: Art!Art Club, Chess Club, Swimming Club, Stagecraft Crew HAYDEN, DIANA: Business Education!COE, OEA, Concert Orchestra HAYES, GREGORY L.: Auto-Aviation!Baseball, Basketball, Track HAYES, KATHY: Business Education, Social Studies!COE, Human Rela- tions Council, NFL, OEA, Speech Team, Senior Council, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative, Treasurer Roll Room 6, Review Board, Fund Raising, Senior Activities HAZELTON, RHONDA LYNN: Mathematics, Social Studies!Chemistry- Physics Club, Service Club, Junior Honors HEATH, SHARON KAY: Social Studies!Art Club HEIDELBERGER, DANIEL: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Wrestling HEIFNER, LOU ANN: Home Economics!German Club, Speech Team, Track, Messenger HELFRICH, PAMELA: Social Studies!Drama Club, Speech Team HELMS, BRENDA: Home Economics HERRERA, ERNEST R.: Auto-Aviation, Industrial Arts, Social Studies! SAO Representative HICKMAN, KATHY: Business Educatian!DE, Maiorettes lPom Poml HICKS, SHIRLEY: Home Economics HILDEBRANT, JOHN B.: Business Education, Social Studies!Key Club, Football HILGENBERG, MARY JO: Social Studies HILL, DANIEL: Art!Stagecraft Crew HILL, GREGORY: Industrial Arts HILL, JERRY: Art, Social Studies!Football, Track HILL, SHERRY ELAINE: Home Economics HODGE, TIMOTHY CARL: Social Studies HOKE, EDDIE T.: Building Trades, Social Studies!Track, Junior Honors, Sophomore Honors HOLDEN, RITA FAY: Business Education, Social Studies HOLLAND, WESLEY: Horticulture!Track, Basketball HOLMES, PETER V. M.: Business Education, Mathematics, Music!Future Educators of America, Wrestling, Concert Orchestra, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band HOLT, PATRICIA ILOUISEI: Social Studies!Cheerleaders, CANNON Newspaper agent, Messenger HOOD, DEBRA: Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science!French Club, Key Club, Speech Team, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Rep- resentative, Messenger HOSKINS, MARTIN: Social Studies!Bowling HOUSTON, DAVID C.: Building Trades!FootbaIl HOWARD, BONITA: Home Economics!Messenger HOWARD, CAROL: Business Education!COE HOWARD, THOMAS: Foreign Language, Social Studies!DE, Spanish Club, Track, Junior Honors, Boys Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger HOWELL, ANTHONY T.: Business Education, Social Studies!SAO Rep- resentative HUCKABY, GETH: Home Economics HUDSON, RUBY NELL: Home Economics, Social Studies HUFF, RHONDA: Business Education!German Club, IOL, OEA, ROTC Officers, ROTC Girls Drill Team HUGHES, KAREN D:: Social Studies!French Club, IOL, OEA, Speech Team, Curriculum Council, Junior Council, Senior Council, Messenger HUMPHREY, TERRI D,: Home Economics!Stagecraft Crew HUTCHINS, BARBARA A.: Business Education, Home Economics HUTSON, RONNIE: Metal Trades HYCHE, HENRY: Building Trades, Mathematics!lCT A INGELS, KATHY J.: Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science!Human Relations, Speech Team, Exploratory Teachers, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative, Messenger ISENBERG, KEITH: Building Trades, Social Studies IVORY, ALTHEA A.: Home Economics, Social Studies JACKS, DARRELL: Social Studies!Messenger JACKSON, KARL: Social Studies JACKSON, RICHARD: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies '7 6 Roster JACOBS, STEVE: Business Education JAKE, JOSEPH: Art, Business Educatian!DE JAKE, MACK: Social Studies JAMERSON, KEVIN WAYNE: Business Education, Social Studies!Bas- ketball JAMES, TERESA M.: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathemat- ics!Tennis, Moiorettes lPom Poml, Junior Council, Senior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Girls Con- cert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, SAO Executive Board, SAO Repre- sentative, Secretary Roll Room 6, Chairman Date Scheduling Commit- tee, Junior-Senior Convocation Committee, Administrative Turn-about Committee JASKIEWICZ, CHUCK JR.: Art, Social Studies!German Club, Photogra- phy Club, F otball o JENNINGS, JAMES: Auto-Aviation!Bowling, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team JOHNSON BARBARA FAYE: Business Education, Social Studies JOHNSON, DAVID: Social Studies, Auto-Aviation!lCT JOHNSON, DELLA: Business Education!lOL, OEA JOHNSON, DENISA J.: Home Economics, Social Studies JOHNSON, EUGENE: Auto-Aviation!Block T Club, Wrestling, Messen- ger JOHNSON, JOSEPH S:: Business Education, Social Studies!Block T a Club, Footb ll, Sophomore Honors JOHNSON, KENNETH: Social Studies!Stagecraft Crew JOHNSON, LARRY: Building Trades . JOHNSON, LARRY D.: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Block T Club, Golf JOHNSON, LARRY H,: Electrical Trades, Mathematics!ICT, Radio Club, Wrestling JOHNSON, LEROY: Social Studies!Wrestling JOHNSON, MICHAEL KEITH: Auto-Aviation!Baseball JOHNSON, PATRICIA ANN: Home Economics!CANNON Weekly Staff, Messenger JOHNSON, PERCY: Metal Trades!Baseball JOHNSON, PHYLLIS L.: Home Economics!CANNON Weekly Staff, Messenger JOHNSON, SHARON K.: Social Studies JOINTER, BOB: Mathematics!French Club JOLLIFFE, NORMAN D.: Drafting!VlCA, Swimming, CANNON Weekly Staff, Messenger JONES, ALAN S.: Building Trades JONES, BRENDA FAYE: Home Economics!Girls Concert Club, CAN- NON News paper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent JONES, FAYE L.: Business Education!lOL JONES, GARRETT: Business Education, Social Studies!CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent JONES, GWEN: Social studies JONES, HERBERT W.: Business Education, Social Studies!Football JONES, JAMES: Industrial Arts!Chess Club JONES, KATHY: Art, Foreign Language!DE, Key Club, Spanish Club, Cheerleaders, Junior Council, Concert Band, SAO Representative, Mes- senger JONES, LITA: Business Education, Home Economics JONES, ORVILLE B.: Music!Anthropology Club, ROTC Officers, ROTC Drill Team, Bell Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Sym- phonic Band, Messenger JONES, PATRICIA: Business Education, Social Studies!CANNON Newspaper Agent, SAO Representative JONES, SANDRA MARIA: Business Education, Mathematics!IOL, OEA, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative JONES, TERRI L.: Home Economics JONES, TERRY LYNN: Mathematics, Social Studies JORDAN, MARIE A.: Business Education, Mathematics!DE, Key Club, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater JORDAN, RICKEY: Business Education, Social Studies JORDAN, THERESA: Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!Anthropol- ogy Club, Concert Band, Messenger KALIAS, SANDYE: Business Education, Social Studies!Girls Concert Club KEEKER, RUTH: Business Education, Social Studies!COE, OEA, Sopho- more Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Messenger KEITHLEY, ROBIN E.: Art, Home Economics!Maiorettes lPom,Ponl, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Marching Band, CANNON News- paper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative KELLER, DELISA ARNEZ: Social Studies!Quill and Scroll, Service Club, Y-Teens, Bowling, Junior Council, Concert Orchestra, CANNON Year- book Staff ' KEMP, RONNIE: Metal Trades KEMP, TAMARA SUE: Home Economics KENDRICK, INES LORENE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!DE KENDRICK, TIMOTHY W.: Metal Trades!Melodayres, Techoir KENNEDY, BENITA L.: Home Economics, Printing!GirIs Basketball, Black T Club, Senior Council, Vice-president Roll Room 7 KENNEDY, CASAUNDRA: Business Education KENT, CAROL S.: Business Education, Social Studies KILPATRICK, HELEN J.: Business Education!COE, Girls Basketball, IOL, ROTC Rifle Team KINCY, ERIC D.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Messenger KING, ALICE L.: Business Education, Social Studies!COE, French Club, Key Club, NFL, Speech Team, Junior Council, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative, Messenger KING, KIMBERLI: Home Economics, Social Studies!Messenger KIRBY, BETTY: Business Education KIRBY, JAMES E.: Building Trades!ROTC Drill Team, Stagecraft Crew KIRK, MALCOLM ESTON: Printing!Art Club, Boys Concert Club, SAO Representative KIRK, MARIE ANNETTE: Home Economics KUEHL, PAUL D.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Chess Club, French Club, XYZ, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger ' 6 Roster LAFARA, FRANK E.: Social StudiesfDrama Club, Hiking Club, NFL, Photography Club, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, Thespians, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Year- book agent, Messenger LAIR, JOHN: Industrial Arts, Social Studies, Science!CANNON News paper agent, Messenger LAMPHER, STEVE: Social Studies, Auto-Aviation!Chess Club, ICT LANDRUM, TONI: Social Studies!Art Club, Messenger LANDRUM, SHERRI: Social Studies LANTRIP, CHRIS: Drafting LAY, DIANNA: Home Economics, Social Studies LEDFORD, KEITH: Building Trades, Social Studies LEE, KAREN DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies LEE, KENNETH S: IHULKJ: Metal Trades, Social StudiesfFeIlowship al Christian Athletes, Block T Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, CANNOIN Yearbook Staff LEE, VIRGINIA: Business Education, Mathematics!lOL, Girls Concer- Club, Messenger LEGG, CATHERINE ANN: Home Economics!Girls Ensemble LEWIS, JOSEPH A.: Social Studies LEWIS, LUTHER H., JR.: Social Studies LEWIS, SHERRY ILOHRMANI: Business Education, Social Studies!Mes senger LEWIS, THOMAS: Social Studies LIFORD, SHELLIE M.: Social StudiesfGirls Basketball, Girls Tennis LITTERAL, DARLENE: Music, Social Studies!Key Club, Track, Tech mates, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger LITTLE, STEVE: Building Trades, Social Studies!ROTC Officers, Messen ger LOFTON, BRENDA JOYCE: Social Studies LOVETT, BOBBY: Art, Social Studies LUND, EMILIE: Social Studies MADISON, MARGAURITE: Social Studies!Messenger MAJORS, RONALD: Social Studies MARCH, KENNETH: Industrial Arts MARSHALL, CAROLYN: Social StudiesfDrama Club, Human Relation Council, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, Thespians, Techoir CANNON Newspaper Staff MARSHALL, JANICE IJ. J.l: Social Studies!IOL, Messenger MARTIN, ANNIE: Business Education!lOL, Track, Tech-mates, Messen ger MARTIN, ANTONIO IHUCKI: Business Education, Industrial Arts!Bas ketball MARTIN, DEBBIE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Girls Concert Club MARTIN, ELISA: Business Education!OEA, IOL, Messenger MARTIN, JO ANNE: Home Economics MASON, DWAYNE L.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Stud ies!Human Relations Council, Key Club, NFL, Speech Team, Baseball Football, Basketball, Track, Junior Council, Senior Council, CANNOT' newspaper agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative, Presi dent Roll Room 7, Chairman Board of Review, Junior Senior Convoca tion Committee, Senior Entertainment Committee MASSA, KAREN BELINDA: Business Education, Social Studies!lOL OEA MATHEWS, PATRICIA: Home Economics, Social Studies MATLOCK, STHARNELL: Home Economics MAXWELL, CARMELITA S.: Home Economics MAXWELL, CAROLYN MARIE: Business Education!COE, OEA, Messen ger MAXWELL, JACKEY: Home Economics!Track, Gymnastics MCADAMS, PEGGY: Social Studies, Science MCCRAY, VALRIE: Mathematics!NFL, Speech Team, Tech-Mates String Ensemble, Orchestra, SAO Representative, Messenger MCCREARY, SHIRLEY: Business EducationflOL, OEA, CANNON News paper Agent, CANNON Yearbook agent MCCUTCHEN, CARL: Metal Trades MCDANIEL, MARLYN: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathe matics, Social Studies!IOL, Key Club, Service Club, Spanish Club, XYZ Bowling, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater Messenger, Roll Room 7 Treasurer MCELROY, MARK E.: Mathematics, Social Studies!BasebaII, Football MCGILL, CECILIA RAE: Home Economics MCGRAW, LENELTA: Home Economics, Social Studies!Human Relo tions, SAO Representative, Messenger, I975 Torch Bearer MCGUIRE, FRAN: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies MCGUIRE, JAN: Social Studies MCGUIRE, ROCHELLE: Business Education MCGUIRE, TIM: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Hiking Club, Radii Club, Track, Wrestling, Messenger MCKINNEY, JOYCE MARIE: Home Economics MCMICHEL, MARK A.: Industrial Arts, Mathematics MCNEAR, DEBORAH GRIFFIN: Home Economics MCPHERSON, STEVEN J:: Printing!lCT, VICA MEADORS, VICKEY L.: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Y-Teens MEANS, CATHY: Business Education MERTZ, BARBARA: Business Education, Social Studies!DE MESSER, KATHY: Business Education, Social Studies!IOL, Maiorette ITwirlerI, Messenger MEYERS, DARLENE: Social Studies!DE, Messenger MICHAELIS, MICHELLE ELAINE: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies!Dram Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, CANNON Newspapc Staff, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger MICKENS, RODNEY: Building Trades MILLER, ALAN: Auto-Aviation, Science!Fellowship of Christian Atl Ietes, Block T Club, Football MILLER, ANTHONY: Social StudiesfDE, Key Club, NFL, Speech Team, Junior Council, Boys Octette, Stage Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, SAO Executive Board, Concert Orchestra, Drama Club MILLER, BRYAN: Auto-AviationfFootbalI MILLER, DELORES: Business EducationfMessenger MILLER, FRED LEON, JR.: Auto-aviation, Social StudiesfFootball MILLER, GREG EUGENE: Social StudiesfBlock T Club, Football, Wres- tling MILLER, KEVIN: Printing, Social Studies MILLER, MARK A.: Social Studies!WrestIing MILLER, RONNIE E.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Baseball MILLER, THOMAS C:: Printing MILLIKEN, JIM: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies MILLS, ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation MILLS, BRYAN: Mathematics, Social Studies!Concert Band, Marching Band MILTON, JEFFREY E.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Chess Club, Mes- senger MINDACH, REX A.: Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!Chess Club, German Club, Key Club, Block T Club, Service Club, Basketball Man- ager, Track Manager, Junior Council, Senior Council, Boys Concert Club, Boys Octette, Techoir, Exploratory Teachers, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative, Messenger, Secretary Senior Roll Room 7, Senior Roll Room Activities Committee MIRACLE, MARY: Foreign Language MITCHELL, RUBY: Home Economics, Social Studies!Messenger MITCHUM, CHARLES ROBERT: Business Education, Social Studies! CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent MOHR, GREG A.: Building Trades MOORE, ANDREA D.: Social Studies MOORE, ANN: Social Studies!Key Club, Service Club, Track, Maior- ettes IPom-ponl, Marching Band, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messen- ger MOORE, GWENDOLYN: Home Economics, Social Studies MOORE, LULA M.: Home Economics MOORE, MARVA: Business Education!Speech Team, Concert Orches- tra MOORE, RICK: Art!Drama Club, Hiking Club, Photography Club, Thes- pians, CANNON Yearbook Staff MORFORD, HELEN E.: Art!Drama Club, Stagecraft Crew MORRIS, BARBARA JEAN: Social Studies MORRIS, MAMIE: Social Studies MOULDER, SHARON LEE: Business Education, Social Studies!Girls Concert Club, Techoir MOWREY, MARK J.: Printing MURRY, JOHNNY J.: Social Studies MURRY, BARBARA: Business Education!lOL, OEA NEBLETT, DARRELL DEANDRE: Printing NELSON, BARBARA: Mathematics!Speech Team, CANNON Newspa- per Staff, CANNON Yearbook agent NEWMAN, DARYL L.: Business Education, Foreign Language!DE, Sen- ior Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Marching Band, Concert Band, CANNON Yearbook Staff, Cap and Gown Committee, Review Board, Administrative Turnabout Committee NEWMAN, WILLIAM: Business Education NEWTON, PHYLLIS C.: Business Education, Social Studies!Prayer Cir- cle, Messenger - NICHOLLS, JOHN: Business Education NIXON, WILLIAM G. III: Music, Social Studies!DE, Future Educators of America, Concert Orchestra, Messenger NOEL, SANDRA: Home Economics!Girls Ensemble OAKLEY, CHARLENE Y,: Home Economics OAKLEY, CHARLES: Printing, Social Studies!FootbolI OAKLEY, JOHN IFREDDYI: Social Studies OATTS, DOREEN F.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies OLIVER, JACQUELINE D:: Business Education, Home Economics, Math- ematics!Senior Council, Girls Concert Club, Melodayres, Techoir, Cap and Gown Committee OLIVER, JEFFERY: Metal Trades O'NEAL, HELEN: Business Education!GirIs Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Block T Club O'NElLL, VICKIE RAE: Business Education!DE, Hiking Club, Spanish Club, Tennis, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger OWENS, ERVY L.: Industrial Arts PAGE, MICHAEL L.: Auto-Aviation!VlCA, Track PARKS, VICKIE IPELFREYJ: Social Studies, Business Educotion!Service PATTERSON, CANDY: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies PAVNE, MICHAEL: Auto-AviationfVlCA PERDUE, BEVERLY: Social Studies PERKINS, EMMl'I'l': Industrial Arts PERVINE, WILLIAM: Building Trades, Social Studies!Hiking Club, Bowl- ing, Tennis PETREY, JULIE: Music, Social Studies!Human Relations Council, Girls Concert Club, Marching Band, Pep Bond, Symphonic Band, SAO Rep- resentative, Messenger PETTIGREW, CATHY: Business Educatian!Spanish Club, Bowling, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Messenger PETZL, JOHN J.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies PHELPS, DONALD: Auto-Aviation PHILLIPS, DORIS JANE: Mathematics, Social Studies!Junior Council, Sophomore Honors, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative, Messenger, Concert Orchestra, Exploratory Teachers PHILLIPS, JOE: Business Education!Block T Club, Tennis PHILLIPS, ROBERT: Social StudiesfDE PIERCE, TERESA: Business EducationfIOL, OEA PILLOW, BRUCE: Social Studies!Dramo Club, Messenger PILLOW, BRYON EDWARD: Printing PITANO, GEORGE: Foreign Language!Track, Cross Country PITTMAN, ANTHONY R.: Auto-Aviation!Messenger PITTMAN, JAMES E.: Auto-Aviation PITTMAN, WESLEY: Art PLUMMER, ALFRED: Business Education!Bowling PLUMMER, BRYAN J:: Industrial Arts!VlCA, Boys Concert Club POLIMENO, MICKEY ROYLENE: Business Education!CANNON News- paper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative, Mes- senger POLIN, KEVIN A.: Social Studies POLIN, LISA M.: Social Studies PORTER, DAVID S.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies! Senior Honors Sweater PORTER, DONNA L.: Business Education!IOL, OEA PORTER, RANDALL: Social Studies!Drama Club, NFL, Photography Club, Radio Club, Speech Team, Junior Council, CANNON Newspaper Staff, SAO Representative, Exercise In Knowledge POWELL, DARRELL JEROME: Industrial Arts!Chess Club, Golf, ROTC Officers POWELL, JOHN C.: Industrial Arts POWELL, SHIRLEY BERNICE: Social Studies!ROTC Officers QUINLIN, LESTER: Business Education!Basketball, Cross Country QUINTANA, LIBBY: Business Education, Foreign Language!Drama Club, Key Club, Spanish Club, Senior Council, Techoir, Girls Concert Club, President Roll Room 400, President Senior Class RADFORD, RAMONA: Home Economics!GirIs Basketball, Concert Orchestra, Messenger RAMSEY, DENISE: Mathematics, Social Studies!Service Club, Senior Honors Sweater RATLIFF, TERRY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies RAY, LINDA DENISE: Social Studies RAY, SHERI L.: Business Education REBENNACK, DALE ALLEN: Business Education, Social Studies!Boys Concert Club RECK, RUTH LILLIAN: Business Educotion!COE, NFL, OEA, Speech Team REED, DELORES YVETTE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Drama Club, Speech Team REEDER, JUDY: Business Education!CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative REEVES, CHRIS: Business Education!Girls Concert Club REEVES, PAULINE: Business Education REILLY, DENNIS: Industrial Arts REUTER, JACKIE: Foreign Language, Home Economics, Social Studies, ROTC Officers, ROTC Girls Drill Team RHOADS, DARCY: Ar1!Girls Concert Club, Melodayres, Techoir, CAN- NON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Represent- ative, Messenger RICE, NATHAN LEE: Music!Concert Bond, Stage Bond, Pep Band, Sym- phonic Band RICHARDSON, DAVID: Metal Trades!FootbalI, Wrestling RICHARDSON, KATHY R.: Business Education, Home Economics!IOL, Girls Concert Club, Messenger RICKER, MICHAEL: Industrial Arts RICKMAN, SHARON: Home Economics ROBERSON, CHARLES: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ROBERTS, BEN: Printing, Social Studies ROBERTSON, MIKE: Mathematics ROBINSON, DENISE: Home Economics ROBINSON, MARY M.: Business Education, Home Economics ROBINSON, TERRY F:: Building Trades ROCKS, PATRICIA K.: Social Studies!Girls Concert Club, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techoir, SAO Representative ROSS, MICHAEL JEROME: Auto-Aviation ROUTH, JEFF: Business Education, Music!Hiking Club, Track, Concert Orchestra, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger RUSH, MIKE: Electrical Trades!lCT, Wrestling, ROTC Officers RUSSELL, DARLA: Business Education!GirIs Basketball, IOL, Key Club, OEA, Service Club, Tennis, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative, Messenger RUSSELL, EILEEN: Home Economics, Social Studies!Messenger RUTLAND, KEITH: Building Trades RUTLAND, GINA: Social Studies!Y-Teens, Messenger RUTLEDGE, MAVONNE: Social Studies SANDERS, CASSANDRA ELIZABETH: Home Ecanomics!SAO Repre- sentative SANDERS, KERRY: Industrial Arts SANDERS, REGGIE: Social Studies SANFORD, DEBRA: Music, Social Studies!AnthropoIogy Club, Drama Club, Future Educators of America, Service Club, Junior Honors, Soph- omore Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Messenger SARGENT, ROBERT LEWIS: Mathematics, Printing!Chess Club SCOTT, DIANE: Social Studies SCOTT, KAREN LORENE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!lOL, OEA, Y-Teens, Messenger SCOTT, STEVEN H.: Foreign Language, Music SEALS, SAMUEL: Industrial Arts!Chess Club, Key Club, Cross Country, Track, ROTC Officers SEARS, REBA: Business Education, Mathematics!Maiorettes ITwirlerI, SAO Executive Board SENOUR, KRISTI JO: Foreign Language, Music!Y-Teens, Junior Coun- cil, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, CANNON Newspaper Staff SEWELL, CONNIE: Home Economics!CANNON Newspaper agent, Messenger SHAFFER, HASCALL L.: Printing, Social Studies!VICA, Bowling SHEPHERD, LAVON: Building Trades, Social Studies SHEPHERD, LINDA: Home Economics!Messenger SHOLAR, VALERIE ANNETTE: Home Economics!Y-Teens, Messenger SHOTWELL, ANITA C.: Business EducationfCOE, OEA, Senior Council, Fund Raising Committee, Treasurer Roll Room 400, Treasurer Senior Class SIMMONS, MICHAEL: Music!Boys Concert Club, Concert Band, Melo- dayres, Marching Band, Techoir SIMMONS, PATRICIA: Home Economics!GirIs Concert Club SIMMONS, SHERLEYN: Home Economics!GirIs Concert Club SIMON, DAVE: Business Education, Science SIMS, DOUGLAS E.: Drafting, Social Studies!ICT, Football, Wrestling SIMS, PHILLIP M.: Social Studies SINCLAIR, RICK: Art!SAO Representative SLATTER, MARSHA: Business Education!Girls Concert Club, Techoir SLONE, GWEN A.: Home Economics SMITH, DEBBIE: Business Education, Social Studies SMITH, DEBBIE L.: Business Education!DE SMITH, DEBRA ANN: Business Education!OEA, IOL SMITH, DINAH R.: Home Economics SMITH, ELLA FAY: Business Education!Girls Concert Club SMITH, IRA J.: Building Trades SMITH, IRIE L. JR,: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science!Chess Club, Bowling, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band SMITH, JOHN D.: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies!Track SMITH, KEVIN J.: Metal Trades SMITH, LAURITA IRITAI: Business Education, Social Studies!Y-Teens, Maiorettes iPom-Pon, Twirlerl, Marching Band SMITH, ROSS: Business Education!DE SMITH, TIMOTHY: Anfsmhmpsiogy Club SNYDER, SCOTT G:: Auto-Aviation SOBEL, LISA: Mathematics, Science SOUTHWORTH, DAVID: Industrial Arts SPURLOCK, JERRY CRAIG: Social Studies STADER, DEBRA KAY: Business Education, Social Studies STAMPS, GEORGETTA R.: Mathematics!GirIs Basketball, Human Rela- tions Council, Track, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Newspaper agent, Messenger STANSBERRY, ERIC: Printing!Chess Club, Prayer Circle, ROTC Officers STARK, FRED: Social Studies STEARNS, RODNEY: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration STEELE, TERRY L: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Human Relations Council STEPHENS, KATHY SUE: Social Studies STEPHENS, SHELDON E.: Social Studies STEVENSON, SERITA: Social Studies!Cheerleaders, Girl Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir STEWART, BARTLETT H.: Industrial Arts STEWART, GARY LEE: Business Education!FootbaIl STEWART, PAMELA JEAN: Business Education!DE, Girls Basketball, Block T Club, Junior Honors, Volleyball STINSON, LISA ANN: Social Studies!DE, Drama Club, Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Messenger srircs, Teo A., owning STONE, CYNTHIA DENISE: Home Economics, Social Studies!DE, Girls Basketball, Track, CANNON Newspaper agent STRICKLING, TONY JR.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies STUBBS, ERIC ANDREW: Art, Foreign Language, Science!Block T Club, Spanish Club, Track, Curriculum Council, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger SULLIVAN, DEBRA SULLIVAN, ELLA R.: Home Economics SUMMERS, JEFFERY DELYNN: Social StudieslDE, Boys Concert Club, Melodayers, Techoir SUMMER, SHERRI: Business Education, Social Studies!Art Club, Bowl- ing, Messenger SURENKAMP, KATHLEEN A.: Foreign Language, Social Studies!Key Club, Spanish Club, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, SAO Executive Board, Messenger SWANIGAN, REGINA F.: Home Economics SWEAT, THEODORE: Auto-AviationfFootbalI SWEATI, DEBORAH CARLENE: Business Education, Home Economics! IOL SYKES, JOHNNY: Social Studies, PIumbing!Black T Club, Basketball SYKES, LOVIE L.: Business Education!COE TANNER, BRYAN DOUGLAS: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies TAUBE, BARBARA CLARICE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science!French Club, German Club, Human Relations Council, Key Club, Block T Club, Service Club, Spanish Club, Tennis, Seniaf Council, Sophomore Honors, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, CANNON Newspaper agent, SAO Representative, Messenger, Secre- tary Roll Room 648 TAULMAN, CHERYL FAYE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Messen- er TAYLOR, ANNA JO: Mathematics, Printing!German Club, Y-Teens, Track, Tech-Mates, Maiorettes ITwirIerJ, Girls Concert Club, SAO Exec- utive Board TAYLOR, CARLETTA LUCILLE: Business Education, Social Studies!Sen- ior Honor Sweater TAYLOR, GLENDA LYNN: Home Economics TAYLOR, JAMES WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies!French Club, Messenger TAYLOR, MELVIN FRANSIS: Business Education TAYLOR, TANYA: Social Studies TENNANT, JERRY A, JR: Drafting!Chess Club, ICT, VICA THACKER, DEBBIE KAY: Business Education!lOL, OEA, Service Club THOMAS, ANTHONY: Social Studies!Track, Football THOMAS, CAROLINE MARIE: Home Economics THOMAS, JANET LOUISE: Business Education, Home EconomicslIOL, OEA THOMAS, LORETTA PEARL: Business Education, Social Studies!IOL, OEA, Cheerleader, Junior Council, CANNON Newspaper agent THOMAS, PATRICIA A.: Business Education, Home Economics!DE THOMAS, STEVEN: Auto-Aviation THOMAS, TERESA YUVONNE: Business Education!DE, Key Club THOMPSON, BONITA LOUISE: Business Education, Music, Social Stud- ies!IOL, Key Club, Maiorette ITwirIer, Pom-Ponl, Senior Council, Con- cert Band, CANNON Newspaper agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative, Vice President Roll Room 648, Date Scheduling Com- mittee, Administrative Turnabout Committee THOMPSON, CLARENCE LEON: Metal Trades, Social Studies!Base- ball, Football THOMPSON, DEBRA LOUISE: Social Studies THOMPSON, DENNIS EUGENE: Business Education, Social Studies THOMPSON, KYLE LYNN: Social Studies!Maiorette iTwirlerI, Girls Ensemble, Marching Band, Techoir, Messenger THOMPSON, MELODY ANN: Social Studies THOMPSON, ROSE MARY: Home Economics, Social Studies THRUSH, MICHAEL: Mathematics TIBBS, ROBERT KELLEY: Auto-Aviation, Social StudiesflCT, Football, Messenger TIPTON, ADONIAS MARIE: Social Studies TOM, CHARLES JEFFREY: Printing TOM, JENNIFER ANN: Business Education, Home Economics!Sopho- more Honors, Messenger TOWNER, JEROME LEE: Social Studies TRAMELL, SHEILA ANN: Social Studies TROTTER, MARILLA: Home Economics TUCKER, DEBORAH KAY: Business Education, Home Economics TUCKER, SHARON YVONNE: Home Economics, Social Studies TURNER, DONALD LEE: Social Studies!FeIlowship of Christian Ath- letes, Basketball, Football TURNER, MILTON W.: Auto-Aviation TURNER, PATTI ANN: Business Education!Concert Band, Marching Bond, Messenger TUTTLE, BRADFORD H.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!ICT, VICA URBAN, EDWARD D.: Social Studies!Messenger, German Club, Con- cert Orchestra VAGE, PER: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies!Melodaryes, String Ensemble, Techoir VALENTINE, DIANE MICHELLE: Home Economics!IOL, CANNON Newspaper agent, SAO Representative VAN HORN, DAVID WAYNE: Business Education!Bowling, Wrestling VAN HORN, KEVIN JAY: Mathematics!Bowling, Wrestling, Messenger VAUGHN, JERRY THOMAS: Foundry WAGNER, DORIS JEAN: Home Economics, Social Studies!GirIs Bas- ketball, Girls Volleyball, Maiorettes ITwirler, Pom-Poni WALKER, CINDY: Home Economics WALKER, GEORGE LEE: Mathematics, Social Studies, Electrical Trades WALLACE, JOSEPH: Metal Trades, Business Education WALLACE, KEVIN E.: Business Education!Prayer Circle WARD, MICHAEL: Business Education, Social Studies WARREN, DONNA JO: Business Education, Horne Economics WARREN, TRACY L.: Building Trades, Music, Social Studies!Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Messenger WARWICK, VICKIE: Home Economics, Social Studies WASHINGTON, BOBBY: Building Trades WASHINGTON, ZETTA: Home Economics WATERS, HURLEY EUGENE: Social Studies, Commercial Foods!ROTC Drill Team WATERS, .IANICE D.: Home Economics, Mathematics!Future Educators of America, Y-Teens, Junior Council, Senior Council, Sophomore Hon- ors, Concert Band, Girls Concert Club, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Exploratory Teachers, Messenger WATKINS, ROBERT J.: ShopfTrack WATSON, DAVID ALLEN: Social Studies WATSON, DAVID BRIAN: Social Studies WATSON, DENNIS J.: Drafting, Mathematics WATSON, LONNIE J.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Speech Team, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON Yearbook agent WEAVER, PAMELA: Mathematics, Social Studies!CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent WEBB, BENJAMIN: Social Studies WEBB, KEVIN: Auto-Aviation, Business Education, Social Studies WEBER, GREG: Mathematics, Social Studies WEBER, KIM ELAINE: Social Studies!Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensem- ble, Techoir, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent WEST, CYNTHIA: Business Education, Social Studies WEST, NORMA DARLENE: Art, Social Studies!Maiorette ITwirIerI, Messenger WHEELER, PEGGY: Business Education!lOL, CANNON NEWSPAPER STAFF, MESSENGER ' 6 Roster WHITE, DARRELL: Industrial Arts!Basketball, Football WHITE, DONNA R.: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies!COE, NFL, OEA, Speech Team, Junior Council, Sen- ior Council, Junior Honors, Senior Honor Sweater, CANNON Newspa- per agent, Messenger WHITE, MARY: Business Education!DE, OEA, Messenger WHITE, RICHARD A.: Building Trades, Social Studies WHITE, TANYA MARIE: Home Economics WHITECOTTON, ROBERT D.: Auto-Aviation WHITFIELD, LANCE D.: Social Studies!FootbalI, Wrestling, ROTC Offi- cers, ROTC Drill Team WHITFIELD, LOIS: Business Education!DE, IOL, Key Club, NFL, OEA, Speech Team, Junior Council, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Newspa- per agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger WHITNEY, DENISE: Business Education, Social Studies!Y-Teens, Soph- omore Honors, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative WICKHAM, NANCY LYNN IHAPNERI: Business Education, Home Eca- namics, Concert Band, Girls Concert Club, Marching Band, Pep Band, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, Messenger WICKLIFFE, LINDA SUE: Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies !Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir WIGGINGTON, STEVE CLAY: Industrial Arts WILBURN, MARSHA L,: Home Economics, Social Studies WILEY, BETHAY: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies!AnthropoI- ogy Club, Hiking Club, Human Relations Council, Latin Club, NFL, Speech Team, Thespians, Curriculum Council, Concert Band, Girls Con- cert Club, Melodayres, Techoir, SAO Representative, Exercise in Knowledge, Messenger WILLIAMS, ALICIA: Home Economics!Messenger WILLIAMS, DARRLYLL: Industrial Arts WILLIAMS, GWENDOLYN: Home Economics WILLIAMS, JOY ELAINE: Home Economics!Messenger WILLIAMS, MARK EVAN: Business Education, Music!Prayer Circle, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Stage Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, C agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Representative, Messenger WILLIAMS, VICTORIA DENISE: Social Studies!Messenger WILLIS, CHARLES JUAN: Social Studies, Baseball WILLIS, MARK EDWARD: Art WILSON, GAYE MARIE: Art WILSON, KAYE ARLEEN: Business Education, Social Studies WILSON, SHARI E.: Home Economics WILSON, VALERIE J.: Home Economics WIMSATT, BARBARA LEE: Home Economics!GirIs Concert Club WINGO, JANET: Home Economics WINKLE, FOREST: Building Trades, Mathematics WINKLE, GENEVA: Business Education, Social Studies WINKLE, NANCY K.: Social Studies WINN, JESSIE: Auto-Aviation WISE, VIVIAN LYNN: Business Education, Social Studies!GirIs Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent WISHART, MARK: Printing WITMER, ROBERT J.: Auto-Aviation!lCT, VICA WITSMAN, THOMAS BRADLEY: Electrical Trades!Chemistry-Physics Club, Hiking Club, Block T Club, Cross Country, Track, Melodayres, Techoir, CANNON Yearbook Staft WOODS, DELPHINE A.: Home Economics!Key Club, Tech Mates, Girls Concert Club, Messenger WOODS, GREGORY V.: Auto-Aviation!Messenger WOODS, REGINA MICHELLE: Home Economics WOODS, RONALD: Business Education!ExpIoratary Teachers, Mes- senger WOOTEN, BARBA LEE: Business Education, Foreign Language!DE, Human Relations Council, Key Club, Quill and Scroll, Service Club, Spanish Club, Junior Council, Senior Council, Girls Concert Club, Marching Band, Exploratory Teachers, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CANNON Newspaper agent, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO Execu- tive Board, SAO Representative, Messenger, Treasurer Roll Room 648, Fund Raising Committee, Administrative Turnabout Committee WRAY, IVAN: Auto-Aviation!VICA WRENN, STEVEN MICHEAL: Social Studies!Chess Club, Chemistry Physics Club, Speech Team, Football, ROTC Officers, Messenger WRIGHT, CATHERINE ANITA: Social Studies WRIGHT, WANDA KAY: Home Economics, Social Studies YARBERY, STEVEN: Social Studies YOUNG, KAREN: Mathematics YOUNG, NILEAN: Business Education!IOL Senior Aufographs Senior Sponsors T90 T53 Janice Cooper John Kanouse Lois sink Judith McBride Mrs- Mew Penrod Tech Legion 1976 TECH LEGION-FRONT ROW: Teresa A. Franklin, Theresa L. Barnes, Ruth L. Craf- ton, Doris J. Phillips, Debra S. Sanford, Patricia Jones, Wrginia Lee, Becky S. Goode, Carole Cole. SECOND ROW: Marlyn McDaniel, captain, Janice D. Waters, Vivian L. VWse, Marva J. Moore, Delores Y. Reed, Phyliss C. Newton, Kathy D. Rich- ardson, Robin Keithley, Dianne J. Cornforth, Cheryl L. Cooper, Linda M. Berry, Mar- iorie D. Darden, Barbara C. Faube, captain. THIRD ROW: Teresa M. James, captain, Susan M. Gessner, Karen I. Askins, Alice L. King, Reba J. Sears, Donna R. White, Betty A. Day, David Q. Harwell, Marie A. Jordan, Lois J. Whitfield, Kathryn P Jones, Debra L. Hood, Lisa J. Cooper, captain, Dwayne L. Mason. FOURTH ROW: Karen D. Hughes, Kristi J. Senour, Bonita L. Thompson, William L. Gary, Ricky Moore, Timothy P. Smith, Clara L. Beeker, David C. Griffin, Carolyn S. Harlan, Jen- nifer A. Tom, Mlliam Newman, Steven H. Fox, Elizabeth A. Qihtana, captain, Dwayne A. Engram. FIFTH ROW: David Braden, Rex A. Mindach, Sherry L. Ham- mer, Kathleen Hayes, Delisa A. Keller, Eric A. Stubbs, Thomas B. Witsman, Mark E. Vhlliams, Bruce Chaney, Martin Buchanan, captain, Henry A. Hyche, Wilhelmena Cameron, Daryl L. Newman, Pasquale Amato, co-commander, Ruth Reck, co-com- mander. NOT PICTURED, Henrietta Bolden, Charlotte Brown, Cynthia J. Davis, Cathy Dean, Ruth A. Keeker, David S. Porter, Stephen M. Scott, Debra A. Smith. X ..f,. 515.1 pw M W , 1" - rv fum' 5 ,I-11. .wk ,f ' , -W mf k 'V k f 4.51 ! V ,' .zk Mg' K ' , "K ,-o f 'elif J,-415 W' 1, Q Ay 1+ 4 5 ,igagjr Those Who Are Educators . . . FACULTY . .,, A. RAY REED M. WARD WHALIN P"i"CiPf-1' Assisfanf to the Principal WALLACE R. POTTER Vice-Principal, Teachers T A irzaf AAA .T PWHCIPGI, s D .s s . . A dmini5ffUf0f5 ii ITHEL SHOEMAKER JIM N. BORSHOFF Director IPS Career Education Center Business Manager -U JAMES E. STEWART ROBERT V. BELDING ROBERT T. STOCKARD Vice-Principal Director Adult-Education Division Vice-Principal, Programs ViCS-Prir1CiPCIl, Pupils ,Afxivw ' K 4 ii T -A ' ttf. ' 1 Qt X4 5.4 ..., :H . ,rt ,, . . Y i F , t ffiffiiffu f- T73 IT! Q , 9 Sur 4'5gi5.iQwii fs"5i2v.g,f'?Eff - L' L ki ,,LL,L it V E - . ,.sgg3gsgg::f.1':szgsxiffv. iflfiif- if" -2 gf. ' ,msg ix I. , 1fslzzstsbsezezzsfsqz,ag ,New - Jw 'K it :gn ,-get , gt: L A fa NL mi gi, S aww. gi, ffsg D? s, nigga at td A ,iw TSN x ,1 is qxgfgg U , N t 4' 'Ln T K 8:2 Ltr, higfiig x ELS- 3 K ijt: 5 55115 S H i it fag as f 1 3 x ,jf in . ski Q 1, 9 52' KEY T . 1 1 if! .Z Q 1, M. 3 B if A H sw H if Wi , MW eg 3 L wi ,tw up Q :ggi 1 5' w tg ,,.. ,. . . ,. .. tm t.i:i.i.t?n lg, AW ,..,. 1 , .,,. xr? Q.. Q 1 ' 7 was ai .213 x L s Reef - HOWARD CATT MRS. MAJORIE McCUTCHEON C. GAYLORD ALLEN Athletic Director Audio Visual Director Guidance Director i T i KARL SCHNEIDER ROBERT E. MEYER ERNEST HOLMES Assistant for Programming Student Activities Director Industrial Cooperative Training Director "Ms 'H-t. ,y 1 va 5 5 7 V. ,, ' ,. 5 XS" :J 5-fffaaiewm.-W, . , E H x 3 ROBERT ORTH ' JOHN MINER RICHARD SHOCK Tech 300 Program Director House Leader SPGCIGL EdUCUf'0n DifeCf0f Kenneth Bayless Adult Education Guidance Director Mrs. Delsie Shoemaker Distributive Education Coordinator NOT PICTURED Mrs. Roberta Johnson Neighborhood Youth Corps Director W Lewis Marshall Mrs. Maiorie Parker William Guess Buildings and Grounds Cooperative Office Education Dafa Processing Director Coordinator Director Mrs. Ann Cummins Intensive Office Laboratory Coordinator Cecil T. Tresslar Hester Hale Publications Director Assistant Librarian Mrs. Judith Hamilton Sam Dudkowski lvan Moreman Head Librarian IPS Career Education Center Drug Education Coordinator Assistant Director Pupil Attendance Deans, counselors Frederick Kelly 'I Je Mohlon Carlock J0l'1f1 HUl'I'l6 Assistant Deans of Boys Dean of Boys Mrs. Barbara Lee Sharon Parrett Mrs. Dorothy Stout Dean of Girls l v Eileen Kohut Lgu Mann Counseling Assistants to the Dean of Girls Assistant Deans of Girls Lewis Pence Edward McDowell Counseling Assistants to the Dean of Boys Mrs. Zoeorline Davis Assistant Dean, House Plan NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Donna Anderson, John Kennedy, Deans' Office Counselors for TECH 300. Q- 1, Q. had sf 4 al . X i X .1 , , ,.,,. iii ! -ra 1 - Am ' W. , Q- ez. , . firm H , 'gel-452.2 A -Q ybiixiis , A. ,. Q V. In ,, q,Qm?,V ..,.f K I 3 , , '12 ""LL, ll' ,ming I A Duane Blankenhorn -. . ls Qu 4: l l A ll ff .Vx wi- Qi yy 1 4, 4.11: Q ,fl ew' if ,:' wi' . ','L 4: 5. a,1, +V,,Xfx1'X.,' ,Ld f , 1,4 P' ggi ill" gi' .A 4 4 5 mg 1 1-fr -egg' M . M . s K X 4. m f 'R W, -K' r QQ M , . J , fx Q All Q 5 or A. usjmla 3 le Q fn , 9 Q?" lf, w. af' 7: 2 W fi P nw 'X' -l N 1' Q .R 0 4, 131 Q ' W' 1 ' K 'Z , M.: kn,,,f,s ig' th 1' in il +1 ry, t M, Ernest Cline ., xiwl b xg' i' fe w W Ii W al F " CM . Mrs. Sarah Hamer Charles Harry C0U"1S9l0f, Tech 300 Counselor, House Plan Staff includes ,, ,,r,,rrr,r. is ., .. ..ff. ML, . f5ii:s1gzzs'zz: 5- .1-"s .Q '- m-1 '1- l Donald Daily William Graney Floyd Tobrocke Guidance Counselors Mrs. Belly Brodhecker, head Mrs. Shirley Lundgren Nurses counselors, clerks BOOKSTORE CLERKS--Mrs. Joyce Maxwell, Mrs. LaVerne Slewarf, Mrs. Jane Min- . , V 1 1 V x ' ' ' iii 1 .wiv dach. SOCIAL SERVICE--Robert Collins, Mrs. Barbara Nicholson, Mrs. Carolyn Ray KC, -wr ssisfan ts OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bernadine Pool, Mrs. Jane Fuller, Mrs. Debby Simpkins, Mrs. Janice Chadwick, Mrs. Martha Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wilma Durham, Mrs. Caroline Hyatt, Mrs. Louise Creasser, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Shirley Thomas. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Florence Cox, Mrs. Rita Tussey, Mrs. Verda Allee, Mrs. Elsie Demus, Patricia Littell, Mrs. Gene Montgomery. SECURITY OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: Officers Calvin Turner, Luther Cox, Jr., Sgt. Eugenia Briggs, Officer Catheryne Brooks, Sgt. Thomas Nelms. SECOND ROW: Officers Leon Martin, Lawrence Vaughn, Fred- erick Cook, Floyd A. Wilson, Randy Busic, Glen Rich- ardson. DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS: Albert McFall, Mrs. Wanda Moon, Mrs. Louise Schneider, Mrs. Judith Shattuck, Mrs. Eileen Bales, Mrs. Betty Rowland. ADULT EDUCATION DIVISION OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Margarette Potter, Mrs. Alberta Follis, Mrs. Mary Hoffman, Mrs. Mildred Langlotz. TOM WALKER, head custodian: Merill Smith, night custodian. gg .sfi A ,, 'li QA is Tech 300 Ziiii, , L y , H, 5iiiEiEif i l l , 9, , E, Eigl lia i3 12 l . l 2lQ l1i1l1 ii2 3 gi P3 '1 . t V . - wi, 1-1 '-f' -2-I .1 wgfesihm f.-211g-. . ' 0 so sz I ,.',- m'Lm'k' , . f Q uf, it . .,,. ssti .... -"- 34 A I , .. F """ M 455' -,i .Q 41.-ia i. ' - w " ' -" -H ',. .. " " V 921 f k.h. .,,., 1 . KT 2 6, .WSI , ' -A . . 1, .. ' M - I I W4 I ltfw eff N , ,,.., , . . L ., . 23. 1, ,cog .. C ,.i:.,,lLnLh.,,1,Yp15 .gy ir 1- ' I ar Q, Q., . 6, ,,, .5 -fgegf fi ?1?i..M..,. . - I - u I"-R -ffzw. - : 211' . . -' is 519:41 .A 2 ' Fl .'lv504+ wiv HQ. rfftieiill? TECH 300--TOP ROW: Helen Carter, Mrs. Carolyn Collins, Mrs. Marylou Ewen, Mrs. Mrs. Margaret Rawlings, Mrs. Nancy Roberts, Charles Walter, Mrs. Elizabeth Wil- Sarah Hamer, Ronald Ireland, ROBERT ORTH, Francis Knue, Arnold Lehman, Mrs. son. Karen Finney. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary McConahay, Ann Phillippi, Sally Peck, TECH 300 COUNSELORS--FRONT ROW: Jerry Dunn, Mrs. Margaret Rawlings, McCowley, Cindy Mears, Betsy Baltz, Vicki O'Neal. THIRD ROW: Melvin Johnson, Francette Kennedy, Katie Akin, Anna gray, Mrs. Sally Peck, Sharon Kramer, Sharon Mrs. Wilhelmeto Gaulden, Dennis Wright, Mrs. Donna Anderson, Ron Dorsey, Daryl Hiner, Valerie Hamm. SECOND ROW: John Kennedy, Henri Etta Wallace, Mrs. Mason, Roger Davis, John Halliburton, Drew Bosso, Bill Smith, Chris Baltz, Paul Fitz- Cynthia Sargent, Lorenzo Penn, Armando Forias, Cornelius Snorton, Tom gerald. Special Education SPECIAL EDUCATION--Mrs. Medarda Pope, Mrs. Betty Ellis, Pamela Hering, Mrs. .loyann Middlekouff, Arvine L. Wright, Henry Wright, RICHARD SHOCK, Mrs. Carol Felstein. THE FOLLOWING teachers in other departments also have special education classes: Dorothy Bingham, Melvin Bowers, Mrs. Winona Bowers, Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Esther Dass, Walter Eagleson, Mrs. Sherron Horstman, Paul Oscarson, Anna Parker, Herbert Van Der Moere, William Wheeler. I I g 4- .B . , ss., . 1251.4 I f House plan ff ., . F' e : -',-' ff i f Q"- , W, . A wifi D ' Fi .' i ""L . 1 . 1 552121 5 'Y' -4 'H . .. to :ffi5fii,.l ,,'b I 1...., ' - ""Wiiti!Y:i.,i 'i . K M 'i .N in Q. ,lf 1 W -. ,Q . we-453-':25i:E?f'Q5fsZ :a ' ' ' Sf' - Hex ' 'H if 3' f: f . X 9 v2'5fS.: :,ff"' -I ,. k-.,, ' A' , K , H K , ., ,.kV V ,.,,. I I ' A, 1 a I W if ii W I , . i - W- ' er U Q' kia 5: HOUSE PLAN--TOP ROW: Louis Hill, Robert Collins, JOHN MINER, Patricia Com- mons, Rita Corrado, Jean Hillenbrand. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Zoearline Davis, Kent Demmory, Mrs. Judith Feigert. THIRD ROW: Robert Ford, Charles Harry, Mrs. Mari- lyn Hoffman, John Malin, Mrs. Cheryl McVay, E. Craig Roberts, Ebert Smith. NOT PICTURED: Joseph Brown, Wesley Murphy. IPS career education center J I . i .gn :,:,,m ., -,W :Ii ,,.:,.,, ...,,,W, w,:,s,,,,:1,,,A:f wif.: ' . f ,iw f"- 'see .- .iw-V.. 1:-.1-:fi ffm: -'vi' ' "'i i,'.' 5' cf i"' 5 7 .. . ,.-- ' I ' 'JV' I - , i s. , , M. .. .., ,.,,.. . . . .., , .. , ,Qu . - 'f' I il? . . i'i9?' "" .'.w"'5f J fl? Q V if' J i if' V, 1 ' " """ ' 5' - 5 51' 'T' A fl ' '53 'L . .ne . I .,, . . . , M ,, .,., M, ,. . . . A I I Jllll ' 9 . ll I f . r s 1 .. . "-i f . 5 ' i-' 5 - I ' i I 'yst 2 P 1 ,L .figfgfff i 1,53 2 ,R iff K K ' ,, .5uV 1, ,:. Jn' K K N. F: .1 . -I if ---s , . S ' 1- V ' ' if 551: . . Ji'-f ' rf -1 '- 7 : ?if:,:.'Q , , ' is .w ide :Mile ,,W,.y,,, M Lyyy miwgww .,,. - . . V +, . W - ' .' - ,. . r se e ssr s 1 ' K' 1: I . ' " f ilst K .Q ., , , .,,' : , i -P .,.,,, f .L .' ' I f " ' fi -f., efsff "ig fi' f f J iifigsg, .an ' W Jirs .'i'YsflQr' ' -.Qi ' '- J .qi ,521 :,:L M 3, .1451 4 L. ,Z A bv. 5.5: - :g if "-s'A i , ssr S ' , ,itils rfstti ' I . . : -'.f- f' 25251, 1 f i ' . ,. . 1 H" - itr - N-' in I 1 . 4 -i'. f I IPS CAREER EDUCATION CENTER--TOP ROW: Robert Smith, Clyde Armel, Howard Beall, William Berger, Robert Bulthaup, David Cruser, Harold Elliott, Oral Hender- son, John Hill, Ernest Holmes. SECOND ROW: Charles Hylton, Burney Jackson, Frederick Keller, Charles Kocher, Jimmy Lamb.hWilliam Stewart, Clifton Lovelace. THIRD ROW: Dan Malone, Lowell McCarty, Dewaine Metcalf, Frederick Miessen, John Mullennax, Paul Oscarson. FOURTH ROW: Lewis Pence, Dale Riggs, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Cyril Stock, Tim Terrell. FIFTH ROW: John Tincher, William Tremp, Herbert Van Der Moere, John Williams, Morris Woods. NOT PICTURED: Earl Boss, Robert Crooke, Fred Thompson. English 75: . QQ 4 Q H af' S X QQHH. t uf QTS' 4 a 'Mu 1 fi 'HRW' . g ,,. , . , t 325353 f-.. - . ,-1L ff. lf fl -115,55 .t Em' , . -:qw ' -sg-39:5 fm I - If' I it - , ,f:, . I , 7..1.,. .- , is iw M A,,1 , I i , 1 if - , ' I fx. ,se - ie. ' ae 1 'T '-1 - , B t I '-N "":I" "' ' ' W- .-ses: . -. liens: fsz?5f2-e'.ii::.'f'f" ' "'W 22222 ' .,. SWL :-'s:f:::w-iT .- Q.. I I M I L'! . - -, Y ' w 1 . ...m... k Wgwy - , gy- , 5 , -:X 1 I . AAi' Ev sl Am. , B , . -- .. A 'iii ' .IIS l f 1 A ' or j : -I ' - M .- -V1-QV?-ii if' 'fi' L:'L W' . .- S' ' ' 1 i ,K R 1. iiii a V " . I' ' ' H - A U" f .:i. . , 2 - - , K gli , -f f'- f, ' fffffi- -:',f . ,.. 2' silsifsii ::.g:: . f I I I R - N ' . ' . , V L' ' ' -. is is I B .T :V ' K A' I 1 'g ' Q Y- fl -51 LLLgL . be 'Qviw 'Q-Ziff L- . 1 f sv , ' X 1- ' . . . 1. .rw1:f4?11 - 9 -1-: A fat' K"'A" 1 .Miz 'H ' 'fr ' -I ' ' I 7 Z1--LK' 1 'ffsit x a' fit' - I vi -2 iff: 5 .4 .Wvlfai - Ni? - ENGLISH DEPARTMENT--FIRST ROW: Louis Hill, Mrs. Joan Brown, Mrs. Alice Good- rum, TOM DANHEISER, Mrs. Karen Finney. SECOND ROW: Helen Carter. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Virginia Cassell, Mrs. Sally Choate, Mrs. Margaret Clapp, Mrs. Diane Comstock, Mrs. Lois Csiky, Ellen Eads. FOURTH ROW: Marylou Ewen, Mrs. Cynthia Fields, Ann McMillan, Robert Ford, Mrs. Margaret Hahn, Emmett Hardiman, Jean Hillenbrand, Bernice Jones, Eileen Kohut, John Lewis. FIFTH ROW: Mary Maillard, John Malin, Robert Maloy, Judith McBride, Mary McConahay, Mrs. Rita McDowell, Mrs. Joyann Middlekauff, Stanley Minks, Sally Peck. SIXTH ROW: Ann Phillippi, Margaret Rawlings, Craig Roberts, Mrs. Jatinder Singh, Mrs. Nancy Sutton, John Takacs, Cecil Tresslar, Mrs, Elizabeth Wilson, Arvine Wright. Ari ,awww -we , 4: .zssf .fi-,.v.z,. ' 11. -. g ...,.,. .,.i.. . It I L IT iieii tiii .... L it iii' f i S I'Ii me i'ii' I ir" g .. ' J' frli L... I Mil if i:i'ii 'H' jg issdr . ' ART DEPARTMENT--FIRST ROW: KERMIT SWENSON, Ray Browne, Marian Hcmil ton, Lorena Phemister, Wendrel Price, Rex Marshall. SECOND ROW: Paul Sinclair, Michael Slover, Mrs. Marsa Storms, Mrs. Emmagee Washington. Health and physical education 1-573?"7fffi35f.Il55lflff5fl5lKQSQ,?55Sfii57lfl'?zfilf'5f'izl:'i 5-lf, :'f ':.: 1: ':' . ha f ' ..5!!5-EN: , -:few " ' : I h h. 1 'YW . ' i'i-fl'iiff'f?2:1If'?w 'f' ,.2?iif'-.,.i- , .,,. . 1 , ,. -. A ., T... :ur lwfz. ' ' L' "" "".fm f .. ., V ,w.:' mf. we ,xl fs., - 1- ,yi ,::gg.,.g I ig' F Q Tim? I4 1: Hg? .f,.:,.,.:.,. Q.. .:fsff:g5J5:..gff.x yy. gf ,,,--- M fxlfffvfx, ff Y fi fits? ,e?11l...1Ef' I ".' .Hifi - fq::f..:g::.,g:fggl ,il , : ,. ,,,.,,,.V ,..,4-:ff -..,,,,,,.f' f nf. ' nas' mf:-1 -.., -fl... .ww -V -M., ., .3 -1 M 8 K. V Mu g .fn T, J ME 1 H f l v2f.,fflfffi,15'. A le-fs1:.,.:f.,:,:zl:1Q :...:.a:f'fi 1 -- ,K 1113 l.f19"l-,z ,, H- ilk, 1-:a -afl --alf I :Q I W will Q ' T 1 f ' I i ' A K . ,,a1 A 'fi' ' ' a'-a '- ,'ha A . B " -. f e ' mp 1 " ' gf' is ' HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Melvin Bowers, MUHIKC, Willie Mdffifl, EdWClfd McDowell, Ivan MOFEMOHI Anno Pflfkeff 5hl"leY PCI'- JAMES LEAP, Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, Howard Catt, John Hurrle, Susan Jahnke, Jul- felt, Robert Woodard. NOT PICTURED: Carlos Bell, Walter Eagleson, Mrs. Beatrice ius Klein, Franics Knue, Mrs. Shirley Lundgren. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Lou H0Vdln9- Foreign language ff .... -M, . :. 1. -... ,. .1 .. .M .,.. as ' -f M..f1.'ve:ls-'V 'X S : f!Eil':,- wifi, , ii Eriwfp? ' . full? . " r . M .r 3. 5 .fs . ' r in ig? , E s if iz' f-:HSE lfif fl -ifiifiilwfigzm , ,Z :Gi ' 'Ei TVX? A . :rf 1. 1- , "K . T. is gf, :f":.m:ffA Ijtgg- ' 2. I - f 55: .a :gy ,.., Q, . ,, f mf, 7- H , iifzffs--' 'f A " f. pg if QW' vig j ji i 1 -'iw 'I ,i .1 1:11 .:, li 'iili f,ffffla,. if Wi qw 2 'wif . if lr 1 f I' , v' .aH5.,.,' --.::..,1f:f.,:svf-'.... -fm , .1 . 1 , , ROTC FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Mrs. Serine Fine, DAN ROTC--SGM Harold E. Eby, SFC Olive M. Miller, ISG Neris Willis. . STANLEY, Mrs. Sally Choate. SECOND ROW: Sheila Sullivan. NOT PIC- TURED: Paula Barbour, Mrs. Maria Lagadon. Mafhemafics B -' . ,, .,... J . A- , .ff 11. -1,,:fLg I K 2' cefigsmf- il. . . .il . n f "' .,1azs1xx:-iw fi R5 . ., , , . . , . . , , 2. s, .-4 . H :--H' '- ' ' ,gy 211 ,H 2 'I ri: ' 'Y ,- ff .pig - ..-' f 'i 'lf ' ., ' -.55 1 K '12, J ilij.g'f:i I, fr L 9 V iss 1. 133.9 s sp l .W li: .ll is F ll xg p Q 3? 17' TW V-, ,.,, . .... . , if ..,V nw V,., ,,, ,. Q., A ...N I 1 ,, -JW E' " ' ' " '2- ' i fs ., A . ff eff " -' M fi' ilu Q 2 ml ' 5 A. .?QfigfQZifllIifgE'i'T1'ilf'iQ'E.lEEQ5E'l4E?2'i ' .. . fu 5. J ,I .444 'IB ,, ,,, : Lv If v 1 ww , .Mr H515 fl'-'gym W up 'V H . ,V?f,, .g f I . 5 . , il MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Mrs. Medarda Pope, Mrs. Esther Dass, Miller, Mrs. Thelma Morse, Mrs. Louise Ridley. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Nancy Robe Will Davies, Leon Elder, JIM BROWN, Mrs. Judith Feigert, Richard Glover, Arnold Donald Robinson, Haflze Shah, Mrs. Madora Walker, Charles Walter, William ' ' l . NOT PICTURED: Jose h Brown. Lehman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman, Ronald Ireland, Mrs. Francoise Whee er p rts Social sfudies -, av: . t . i V. " " K , '- ' L lssli .M A 2 , . , '-W' . -. 'l f' fi K Q 7 K ft A , .E - I K 9 V' : K f : T K' ' . Q.: f , gg! ,Z f :i'f.Q1:f:5g5K fi,-55 52: -' 553.55 K ,. "." 'YK ' -H ig i? -HQ H . V if .: .K.. 1 .. :H , ' ,3- ' 4' KKK! -L '," , ,.-,. e ' I - . ' fK ill 5' F' . .V H' ." 53559551 2-, fri 'ff" W'7YfK K' ,. 2 , YV I E. . V A Smflig r w 4 A' - - ' s ' ' ff .V s -'ff ' 4 Z 'g,h , - '.-g- r , ai ' 1' Ziff- f 'lv 'K ' . W V e f .1 , ,, fda... Q h. "K" ' ' , Q ,M K f K L f L ' A I , i -fe f my.: ,121 - . -. f f -1 f f z i fi? KT T' 'A -:L QE ' : ' Y l if: . .,., ,., 1935, .312 '1,r.i::5. , f. K Q .- L V., L E K g If K i ' i . S ' f, l , , ,, K lp I I l .,.. , 2 if -. X- -4.- .XT1 f lf? .- 1-.Sli :ff . ,g r:, . , wk :yf1ig,Jqwi.1k SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Robert Ayers, Mrs. Martha Bradshaw, Patricia Commons, Pamela Dabner, WILLIAM SIEDLECKI, Walter Davis, Mrs. Betty Ellis, William Farrell. SECOND ROW: Carol Felstein, Roosevelt Griffin, John Hall, Harvey Hallagan, Charles Harry, John Kanouse. THIRD ROW: Mark King, Mary Marthin, Bruce McGeuth, Robert Meyer, William Morse, Clyde Smith Jr., Ebert Smith, James Taflinger. NOT PICTURED: William Kimberlin, Wesley Murphy. Music ' K A ,,,, . . ' ,.,.' i i"i ' N ' , Lee, f Q r "4 i:'fR.1 : 'kkirki f 2 . ' 'Y ' '--' :K H: 'ff 5? if if .fr f. f if MUSIC DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: WILLIAM MOON, Lee Barricklow, Mrs. Kandis Brown, Edward Evans, Mrs. Carolyn Collins. SECOND ROW: Ronald Nobles, Sheila Sullivan, William Tatum. Home economics 1' ..:. , A' iihiio Lie' " KK'KK lv. : :lf Q ifliif' 1. f E,"3?:k4. . : Iv. ' K X 'K K 'K :gal K. N :Ag A ' . - f ge... - sesi ,Qin i, - 1 mfr. . . ,Q TK .gig rj: 2-is KHQSBQ . K . . 'J f ,,., .. Ks f .L i ' , i5E'fQ:??'2?!:.. l 12?fjf5i: i , A , -, .,.,. i f azz dia . . .- i 1 wi, asia. 'iei . L its HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: MRS. MA Pa Patricia Heinz, Mrs. Odessa Hill, Mrs. Sherron Hortstman, Marquerite Hardy. SEC- RIAN MOORE, Mrs. OND ROW: Mrs. Mariorie McCutcheon, Mrs. Mary Pence, Mrs. Mary Penrod, Mrs. tricia Amend, Dorothy Bingham, Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Kathleen Evans, Mrs. Natalie Ransom, Mrs. Carrol Rose Mrs. Corrine Seelye, Mrs. Jane Snow. I Science H .1 -K"L . M y A? k,. , .-,- , , I ,ef . A A F gag.: .. "' if - s :.,":'. :W f 29? Q E 9 is iii? . LV . Zm m 1 ',,A " V 32 :Q ' .Q M . 93 1. 'J L-1 , A V . f '-'- in ' ,. . ff? . . A... W we f- If . l 1 5 E? fr -... 'A P . .J ' N' f :R . .,. ik a . "' f:-- ' 1 ' . ' ff ,, 1 . 33 ink 1 ' .f ' , K" Q: .ii 5 jf .,..,if I I , Q ' .A I - 1.4 1 - l . 1 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: JOHN FARLEY, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, Richard Guess, Garlan Howard, John Kern, Arthur Kirsch. FOURTH ROW: James May Allen Allen, Robert Collins, Janice Cooper, David Hon. SECOND ROW: Kent Demmary, Smith, Steven Smith, Roy Terrell, Henry Wright, John Wythe. Richard Dykeman, James Easterly. THIRD ROW: Carol Felstein, Mrs. Mercedes O O Business education A ' , if sn: Wifi 3 U: an . 'FK X x ,. ,,,, Q, A v k H ,.ir " :gif 1' . vi, S . , . H as V . f X iiii i ,ies ' E J A in f h 5 . ,, is 2 . i'-i ., .9 we ..,s f 'B . - : I 2 .1 - -,.- 1 ,swf , ,,i: ...-rv f"-s K '+ 1 -. " :Y . :Sf BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT--TOP ROW: Lois Sink, Mrs. Annabelle Adams, Mrs. Cheryl McVay, Mrs. Winona Bowers, Mrs. Leatha Buckley, Mrs. Barbara Cavallo, JOYCE FREEMAN. SECOND ROW: Michael Cecil, Mrs. Ann Cum- mins, Mrs. Felisha Edwards, Mrs. Louistine Fields. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lois Frye, David George, William Guess, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Alice Johnson, Lou Mann. FOURTH ROW: Ellen Martin, Mrs. Gwendolyn Ohmit, Mrs. Mariorie Parker, Mrs. Del- sie Shoemaker, Mrs. Nancy Watson, Mrs. Elizabeth Goertemiller. , Subscribers MARJORIE DARDEN, first place yearbook agent, 89 sales ERMINE ROBINSON, first place yearbook agent, 89 sales Jan Abel, Andrew Abernathy, Debra Adam, Donna Adam, Betty Adams, Ricky Adams, Vicki Adams, Pamela , Alcorn, Jeffrey Alexander. Brian Alvies, Pat Amato, Lou Ander- son, Mike Ardizzone, Audrey Armes, V. , 1' 'fihbr Leah Arterberry, Lisa Arterberry, 3 5 Karen Askins, Beth Aubrey. ,Wf:'f.1t1 -v Lisa Austin, Ruby Austin, Charlee Bai- ley, Doris Bailey, Lenee Bailey, Emily Baldwin, Randall Ballentine, Aaron Banks, Diana Barker. Theresa Barnes, Alice Bartlett, Charles Bear, Clara Beeker, James L. Bell, Debbie Benedict, Jeffrey Berry, Bertha Bess, Deborah Bible. Donna Biggerstaff, Amelyia Black, Jeffrey Blackwell, Vanessa Blanchard, Maurice Bobbitt, Patricia Bogard, Teresa Boggs, Phyllis Bolton, Terry Bolton. . , ,.,, , ai' vt ., ,H 2 I: if if ri E " ,ev ' 7 .l:.' .l.i . - A 1 'fl Photo- un, Rick Moore 's hobby, future career IN OBSERVANCE of the Bicentennial, Rick Moore, yearbook photographer, impersonates an ancestor in a Photography class proiect. On the following pages are other photos by Rick, depicting his amateur movie making which has won him national recogni- tion. RICK CREATES his own sets and props. PEERING from behind a living room chair is Rick's handiwork, the little visitor who stars in Rick's film THE TWELVE-INCH NIGHTMARE. r 12fi:1f9 ' T . .,.. . 2, 11 YF N Hifi X -ry, 1, - fl-' ,,.. . its 1, Q 5 'f -fee fry- .iii liti '.,. " in V 'l e l ,. ,,.. X i f ,.., A , ,,, .. ,. - r - r iw 2 Ubi. 3.5, it t -Sill 5 am' ' B' li ,X E k .2 " We X N A U fflif-11: :ff xiifems - - W ffrrvsiyrf ,sf .5 ' ' 4 .vs-.., ,fzgfcfr-A-' mf' 1 ss. 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Jeffery Coe, Lori Coe, Loretta Coggins, Kim Colvin, Melissa Connell, Henry Cook, Deleana Cooney, Lisa Cooper, Roslyn Cornett. Dianne Cornforth, Ronald Couch, Bill Cox, Joe Cox, John Cox, Melinda Craw- ford, Terry Creech, Linda Crocheron, Jerry Crouch. Jody Crouch, Steve Crouse, Rose Cruz, Theodore Cumberland, Polly Cunning- ham, Darrell Daniel, Ezra Davis, Janice Davis, Patsy Davis. Phillip Davis, Barbara Davisson, Terri Dawson, Betty Day, Teresa Day, Cathy Dean. Lanney Dean, Janet Deatrick, Danny DeBurger, Mike DeBurger, Penny Decker, Becky DeHart. Christopher DeHoff, Sharon Denkins, Debbie Denton, Michael Dicks, Larry Dot- son, Steve Douglas. Deborah Dove, Debbie Driggs, Karen Driggs, Brenda Durham, David Dyer, John Eastham. Laura Eaton, Jeff Edison, Norma Edwards, Dianna Elliot, Dwayne Engram, Isabel Espinoza, Deborah Etheridge, David Evans, Debbie Evans. Diane Evans, Sharon Evans, Donna Ever- ling, Julie Fairgrief, Jennifer Foulk, Cheryl Fayette, Marsha Feltner, Kim Ferguson, Alberto Fields. Karen Fields, Mike Finch, Shelly Fischer, Rochelle Floyd, Roger Fogle, Mike Fogle- man, Betsy Foltz, Anita Foor, Ann Ford. Debbie Ford, Lori Ford, Debra Foster, Gina Foster, Mark Franklin, Marlene Fra- zier, Daniel Freeman, Randy Freeman, Robert Freeman. Tamara Freeman, Tolla Freeman, Arlene Frost. Mary Fuller, Tim Fuller, Matthew Fugua. Vicky R. Fugua, Joanna Gabbei, Dorothy Gaddis. Mary Galan, Janet Gales, Tony Gamble. Julian Gammons, Loretta Garland, Wil- liam Gary, Linda Gaskey, Brenda Ger- halt, Susan Gessner, Vesta Gillard, Penny Gillian, Octavia Gipson. Mike Glick, Becky Goode, Robert Goode, Phyllis Goodnight, John Gore, Regina Gowdy, Hiromi Goya, Tommie L. Grabbe, Gerrie Graham. Yvette Grant, Kim Graves, Linda C. Gray, Leslie Greene, Rhonda Green, Mike Greene, Debbie Greenwell, David Griffin, Larry Griffin. Rebecca Grigsby, Wanda Guerin, Debra Gunn, Beth Gunyon, Ricky Gwin, Jennifer Hacker, Cheryl Hale, Diana Hamilton, Teresa Hamilton. Mary Hammons, Fredye Hampton, Sandy Hanneman, Jay D. Harlan, Sherrt Ham- mon, Doris Harney, Marlon Harris, Tannis Harrison, Edwin Hartle. 5. RICK PREPARES a set for his film PERFECT EARTH. Where's Rick? Behind the cam- era. I Benito Kennedy second place yearbook agent, 84 sales. Diane Davis third place yearbook agent, 41 sales. . sf it bf? , ' bi', - 3 h L . ox Subscribers me I - I gg. in Ss y 'E is '36 1L+f1112if2S"2ifTi11 "7 "', s'5i? :55" 'W' " . . ..,. ,.,. . -- V ' ' "':i' . L L t i t g l J s ' L ' i ii .K :F ,wg . H., ., P 7 5151 ,. Ag '---.. .5 slit-2 ky: . in ifiifkfl' IW: r'i' X 9 8' s ig - -:wk-1--.. K - f ii A t r f " P it,. . E J .-io ,, J' iiii' ' I 1 1 i"' J -- L' . .:. 1 P io,i ' J f " ' ' i"i A .. J b q . .,.. "AV I -. -' . ' . - L i f . 'eri S - . S S 1 Q B ., .rw 5 K ,z ji. 1 1 M ,k.h Q V 5 1 g . ' 1 l' " - . 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Mike Malloy, Paula Malloy, Michelle Many, Jaye Marcum, Carolyn Marshall, Alfenia Martin, Annie Martin, Barbara Martin, Debra Martin. Elisa Martin, Norma Martin, DeWayne Mason, Karen Massa, Patricia Mathews, Carmelita Maxwell, Carolyn Maxwell, Jackie Maxwell, Jack Mayes. Martin Means, Wade Means, Vickey Medors, Jerome Mendez. Barbara Mertz, Kathy Messer, Amy Michael, Michelle Michaelis. Rodney Mickens, Bryan Miller, Debra Miller, Francine Miller. Greg Miller, Mark Miller, Richard Miller, Richard J. Miller. Rick Miller, Thomas Miller, Tony Miller, James Milliken. Anthony Mills, Brian Mills, Linda Mills, Jeffrey Milton. 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Deborah Peavey, Marcia Perkins, Cathy Pettigrew, Doris Phillips, Joe Phillips, Teresa Pierce, Amy Piety, Angela Piety, Bruce Pillow. Byron Pillow, Charles Pittman, Alfred Plummer, Mickey Polimeno, Lisa Polin, Mike Polston, Randy Polston, Randy Pol- vadore, William R. Porter. Tanya Beauford, eighth place yearbook salesman, 25 sales. John Wright, ninth place yearbook salesman, 24 sales. Kathryn Taube, tenth place yearbook salesman, 23 sales. Henrietta Bolden, eleventh place yearbook salesman, 20 sales. Subscribers Ark' K- X N 4- N., ,, Shirley Powell, Steven Powell, Cynthia Pressel, William Pritchard, Wilma Pritch- L- "'1 ff ' ard, Teresa Pryor, Warren Quirk, Libby . gk -: Quintana, Mary Rainford. 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Rick Sinclair, Deborah Smith, Debra Smith, John Smith, Judith Smith, Kathe- rine Smith, Laurita Smith, Mattie Smith, 'Em Smith. Debbie Snow, Barbara Sparks, Linda Debbie Stader, Spradlin, Jerry Spurlock, Sherry Stader, Tina Stafford, Serita Ste- venson, Dana Stewart. Gary Stewart, Pamela Stewart, Caren Stinger, Charles Stinger. Dwight Stinson, Robin Stoner, Vicki Sto- rey, Robert Stowers. Eric Stubbs, Becky Suiters, Kathy Sullivan, Sherri Sumner. Kathy Surenkamp, Johnny Sykes, Bar- bara Taube, Anna Taylor. Antoni Taylor, Carletta Taylor, Glenda Taylor, Donna Teckenbrock. Joni Teepe, Debbie Thacker, Anthony Thomas, Berry Thomas, Loretta Thomas, Mike Thomas, Teresa Thomas, Bonnie Tl1ompson, Dana Thompson. Karla Thompson, Wonder Thompson, Charlene Thornburgh, Darryle Toles, Greg Tom, Jeff Tom, Jennifer Tom, Jerome Towner, Salinda Trittipo. Mike Trivett, Becky Tucker, Debbie Tucker, Deborah Turner, June Turner, Mic- helle Turner, Thomas Turner, Joyce Tyner, Alan Ulsh. Kathy Upchurch, Edward Urban, Per Vage, Diane Valentine, Kenneth Vaughn, Janetta Wade, Roberta Wade, Terry Wagner, George Walker. Sherese Walker, Connie Wallace, David Ware, Donna Warren, Monty Warren, Tracy Warren, Robert Watkins, Harriet Watson, Lonnie Watson. . ,. 'ki K,' Q ' , ' x .,. -, , . ,, . s as-1 --t- -21: . .N ' .-:azz 'H 1 --1:1 , .1 - -mga ' W," et-t .S .ssc J ecls J i i f Jil' ,If T- Q -iff' ijkfe I , ,lift . L ' 3-"3 3--31 5 2 11. ::!t1sEe22t..fzi?Q-iEifif2::2-T4-22: ,331 313133: , ' , - ' ,, ' T 'Q' Mi fiifliii' K' S' ,A z z K t , , Q W . 3- .,.. T221 ' A.A1.Z5g , " T - ,.,. . , - . if t-'.., 3 f - J- J I t Q H. r"- I , E Ng- at ,li ,M T 1 iff-ix ef A L- .g 3 A .. .. e .,-'-k" --le ' - y , . Q C , 2. ' . . . v K 1' , Tift .. . "Q ' , . X53 ' ' 5 ' ' -'e' ' 5 ' ,.'i A ' 3.33. ' 'A ' 'tt - jf' "'- is ., . ' ' T , '. 'I 11:1--' .1 32 . 3 4. K i .kV. 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Eli fe 2,: TLQ: f ii '34 A Y' yy . ,,,,.,,.., , , ., ,- ' t!Z,!W'W' ,pt 4 l M ,Y V' G3 it J to H in sir ' " " .te-my Mt 212.2-,1f.1f,:f: ,,,,,, Vigv 1., ii,i .,i,, i,1 " gg it A.. if r 5 It an .,,,. 1 Q' lk 4' 47.1 Vg. ' 1 . - fi Rosetta Watson, Beniamin Webb, Kevin Webb, Mike Webb, Staci Webb, Eliza- beth Weber, Greg Weber, Cynthia West, Linda West. Michael West, Norma West, Tanya White, Brian Whitfield, Lance Whitfield, Lois Whitfield, Denise Whitney, Linda VWckliffe, Janet Wilburn. Donna Wildrick, Bethany Wiley, John Vtmkerson, Alicia Williams, Denise Wil- liams, Duane Williams, Jeff Williams, Joy VWlliams, Mark Williams. Mark Willis, Chenita Wilson, Denise Wil- son. Gaye Wilson, Gregory Wilson, Rick Wil- son. Deborah Wimsatt, Janice Wingo, Vivian Vlhse. Brad Witsman, Denis Woods, Mignonette Woods. Tracie Woods, Barba Wooten, Donna Wooten. Steve Wrenn, Betty Wright, Catherine Wright. Wanda Wright, David Wythe, Carol Young. Ronald May, Tommy Raia. Subscribers Need Money? See ADVERTISING ARRANGER Q. Q I Fouk sEAsoNs X FLORIST S D 1830 East 30th SI. b I 924-4241 EX i - SOUTHEASTERN AUTO PARTS 3420 Southeastern Ave. WILLIAM R' MORSE 356-2404 mcelendan into Yalat, .91w. MR GUS SAYS: "GET OUR CAR WITH A FUTURE" l . NEW A 3726 EAST IOTH STREET USED CARS INDIANAPOLIS. IND 462oI 635-8585 5AAA0DhPhi2n:rSvrIInu15 l I' I I - Academy of AnImal AchIevement" : : ALL PHASES OF FRAMING FOR ALL BRE DS I I : 7 WE HAVE CLASSES FOR DOG 81 OWNER OR WE I I CAN TRAIN YOUR DOG I SECURITY 81 GUARD , DOG TRAINING E is CD CDX UD TRACKING CONFORMATION CLASSES II , -.xv i , M 5 - .- 5? ok. -I ew 3 v fix ' 1 Ah. fe .1 , ' k t I ',. 15 : II ' . ' ' ll ' X 925-4400 I II ' ' ' ""'b 3760 N. ILLINOIS ' A l Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Potter Kawasaki Motorcycles from the best FUN CLUB KAWASAKI 2400 Conner - Noblesville For a Good Deal 773-6000 FRANK L. MEID CENTRAL CLEANING SYSTEMS 1026 North Beville 636-4561 632-3817 Roof helps you fo remember . . . Roof Photographers ' I 131 W. 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Floyd Gibson, Vice-President Beautiful New Chapel Seating Over 200 THE TROPHY CENTER 1601 E- New Yofk St' 41 1 Massachusetts Avenue 532-5374 635-9662 45 E , ., Y 9 T CHRY LER 1 - I f 1' if M COHPOSATION DUDGE yi yy k cmrot Danes lh gum m s li Quality Cars 1 US Highway 36 Avon, Indiana 4343 West 38th Stree 296-6220 839-2556 ARMIN GRAUL DEPARTMENT STORE ' l Avenue TEE-KAY FLOWERS 3501 Brookside Parkway South Drive 638-4264 1216 West 86th 844-3687 2506 Martinda e 923-7846 QUALITY BAKERY 3815 English Avenue 356-2374 gigtg Qjeans 06 gun JAMES L secretary and field manager P.O. Box 50217 Rm-PH R. Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 REEDER ond 9330 Hague Road fOf1f.If1C. 13171849-6313 NOT ONLY BOOKS, BUT OTHER "GOODIES" Your ATS Bookstore Q V .sv , I bbbps SULLIVAN '97eQQow9Iup and Qenvice dlnsenall Cannon dwumiii DEB'S PIZZA GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC. BUESCHER 2719 East Michigan 1640 East Washington FLORIST YOUR SIGN OF BEST QUALITY BEST OIL A 4 412 South Ritter 357-.1 131 L. S. C. DISTRIBUTING CO D. B. A. Leonards 463 North LaSalle Street CB Radios and Equipment S TOK EL Y'S GA TORA DE ROUGH RIDERS mc:-IA RD BENNETT QZSII'E'.fST11?LC2Ei'?.'Sff,lL""'U'e 56-721 1 INDIANAPOLIS' OLDEST BLACK MOTORCYCLE CLUB STEWART-CAREY Glass, paint, mirrors, wallpaper 5333 N. Keystone 251-1221 3295 N. Shadeland S45-2341 WASHINGTON AUTO PARTS MACHINE TOOL SERVICE AND 21 13 E. Washington 6364481 4322 East Michigan 357-8747 A EASY TERMS AUTO SALES 1701 East New York 637-9869 C ONGRA TULA TIONS, SENIORS from Instructors, Staff and Cadets of Arsenal Tech Junior ROTC Army ROTC, a Pragram at Tech since 7919 LEARN today-LEAD tomorrow CONGRATULATIONS! You, the class of 1976, have reached an important goal in your lives - the completion of high school. Whatever your plans forthe future, we at RCA know your many hours of conscientious studying will serve you well in the years to come. Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to each of you. An equal opportunity employer 1,1114 Presented EBM SI 423556:,Q,?ll5rS House of Jayne Charm and Fashion Center Charm, Modeling, Ballet Fashion Boutique Male and Female Fashions Custom Designs Jayne Brown, Proprietor 107-109 East 34th Street 924-6313 KINNE Y DEPAR TMEN T STORE 4302 E. New York St. 357-4171 5-4: ll 5130 East 10t 356-0996 5255 English 357-8387 h GILPIN 'S CASUAL AND PA TIO SHOP TROY BONNER AND JOHN CAVANAUGH admire the mural in th lobby of Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana, headquarters for its nationwide insurance o erations The are the sons of Mrs Constance p . y . Robinson, an employee of the company. STANDARD LIFE OF INDIANA 4401 E. 21st 359-8233 Castleton Square Shopping Center 300 E. Fall Creek Blvd. lndianapolis ln. 46205 849-7614 Phone: 923-2425 182 l From your friends at EAST TENTH BANKING CENTER 2122 E. 10 h Harry M. St. ' 633-2340 Campbell, Manager AMERICAN FLETCHER NATIONAL BANK AFNB Best Wishes fo Seniors of 1976 PAINT 8 AUTO SUPPLY CORP. use 13gYgfgJsPE'i3 H Cantor's Lemma: Since the Bicentennial celebrat revolutionary cause, it becomes nece when civil war within a country beco the ancient Succession Myths of prim that one order may be overthrown by authority, and intelligence are on t whether it is the accession of Mardu es the victory of a ssary to elucidate mes justifiable. Studying itive cultures we read another when power, he side of the new. k in the Babylonian Enuma Elis, Osiris in the Egyptian Book pf the Dead, Jahweh in the Palestinian Qld Testament, or by Hesiod all promote law and order and minimizing the repression of the It is in allowing and fostering this sustains its control over the people liberty Cwhich causes repressions of will quite naturally revolt against Thus the secret to good government i there must beg and what feeds change conflict there is no progression. Wh is intelligence and wisdom mated wit ergies of youth represent powerg the the authorityg and genuine intellect Universitiesl the intelligence. with behind a revolutionary cause, no opp of our successful revolution we dedi of ancient and modern learning: Zeus in the Greek Theogony by allowing creativity darker instincts of life. freedom that a government , but, tamper with a people's animal instinctsl and they the 'unchanging' order. s orderly changeg but change is benevolent strife. Without at tolerates benevolent conflict h authority and power. The en- procedural forms of bureaucracies ual skills Cnot degrees from these three forces of violence osition can persevere. In honor cate the following two specimens sal Val ' 0 1' Q Opk apo uovvov env Epmpwv yevo S I S V clot ovw- tnb ucv Kev endtvnos s, dll' cn1 vdidv is vonoas, DI S W n:6'en1pwpntn- 61o,6'dv61Xd Bu tnv 5',gT6DUV npotspnp pcv sys 0 Bnks os piv Kpovions uwigpyos, S vdins sv picpoi, kai aV6DGGl W ll sv: I 1591 nts koi dndkauov neo ouws ani Let fO,f1,f2,... be functions such that numbers into fO,1l. mapping the natural not equal to any of Proof Define flil I 1 - flfii. The f is fl for every 1. pov exouoiv... 0 S 9 f ivgro Nui goeBevvn, atgcpl vqiwv, oklov gustvw- I bpvov evc1psv. Hesiod Works and Days Clines ll-EOD any countable sequence of each fl maps the natural There is a function f numbers into fO,ll that is tbe fl. n ffti as flftl. S0 Q.E.D. Armes, Audrey 54,55,58,64,85 Armour, Kieth 40 Arnette, Mike 54,63 Art Department 18,19,162 Arrington, Debra 83 Askers,John 101 Askins, Karen 70 Asmus, James 96 Arterberry, Lisa 84 Attendance Messengers 95 Aubrey, seth 4O,59,61,64,65,66,82,85 Auditorium 4 Avery, Qunitin 39 AYERS, ROBERT 164 Bailey, Doris 70 Bailey, Ricky 51,62 BALES, MRS, EILLEN 159 BARBOUR, PAULA 163 Barley, Tom 72 Barner, Idella 62,104 Barnes, Theresa 72 Barnett, David 62 Barnett, Greg 120 Barnett, Melbourne 197 Barr, Barbara 94 BARRICKLOW, LEE 4,54,55,5B,164 semen, Alice 70,94 Bartlett, Tony 120 Battalion Staff 42 Bayless, Kenneth 156 Beach, Michael 24 Beach, Tammy 126 Bear, Charles 43,45 Board, Frank 116 Beard, Fred 85,103,1 14,1 15,1 16 Beatty, Jonathan 44 BEALL, HOWARD 161 Bedgood, Tim 44,96 Beeker, Clarice 70,86 BELDING, ROBERT V. 154 BELL, CARLOS 163 Bell Choir 65 Bell,Jomes 101,110,116 BERGELT, CHARLES 75,76 BENNETT, MARK 54 Bennett, Stella 84 Benningtield, Liz 62 BERGER, WILLIAM 161 Berry, Jan 40 Berry, Jeff 54 Biech, Randy 40 Biggerstafl, Donna 85,95 BINGHAM, DOROTHY 160,164 Black Music History 68 BLANKENHORN, DUANE 15B Bobbit, Brenda 95 Boffo, Larry 107 Boggs, Teresa 1 19 Bolden, Henrietta 70,104 Book Store 158 Boone, Dan 106 BORSHOFF, JIM 5,154 BOSS, EARL 161 Bostic, Dave 113 Bottoms, Gary 62,76,80,82,94 Boucher, David 96 BOWERS, MELVIN110,112,160,163 Boyd, Angel 95 Boyd, Carol 64,104 Boyd, Tony 96,122 Boys Octette 61 BOWERS, MRS. WINONA 160,165 Braden, David 40,59,64,65 BRADSHAW, MRS. MARTHA 164 Bradley, Kenneth 23 Breland, Mark 1 12 Brenton, Julie 85 Brewer, David 55,58,1 12 Burt, Loretto 62 Burton, Joe 101,106 BUSIC, RANDY 159 Business Education Department 165 CALDWELL, MRS. PAULINE 165 Callahan, Nancy 90,95,96 Calvert, Debra 94 Calvert, Rhonda 94,96 Cameron, Wilhelmena 71,88 Cameron, Willie 54,55,64 CANNON Office 80 Cannon, Ricky 28,96 Career Center 29 Carlis, Maxine 104,119 CARLOCK, MAHLON 157 Carroll, Gloria 70 Carr, David 40 cun,J1m 47,92 Carruthers, Jackie 45,62 Carson, Vicki 40,59,61,64,66,85 Carter, Cecelia 62,71 ,74,76,77,87,90 Carter, Cynthia 71 ,76,87 X Carter, Esther 78 CARTER, HELEN 162 Carter, Henry 62 Carver, Tony 107 CASSELL, MRS. VIRGINIA 162 Catleltt, Larry 1 12 CATT, HOWARD 109,110,112,113,114,116,117,l1B,120,122 ,1 23,155,163 Caulk, Lisa 62 CAVALLO, MRS. BARBARA 165 CECIL, MICHAEL 92,120,165 CHADWICK, MRS. JANICE 159 Chaney, Bruce 40,61 ,66 Chaney, Terrance 109 Chapman, Michael 40,59,64,66,83 Chapman, Tony 42 Chatman, George 101,110,120 Cheatham, Michael 54,55,64,B5 Cherry, Marva 96 Childs, Emmanuel 123 Childs, Jerry 43,44,e2 CHOATE, MRS. SALLY 30,162,163 CHRIST, JOHN C. 14 Christmas in the Round 61 CLAPP, MRS. MARGARET 162 Clark, Juanita 43,45,90 Clark, Ronald 116 Clay, Robert 73 Clayton, John 110,1 16 Clegg, Mary 78,87,92,93 Clegg, Peggy 86,87 Clem, Bill 72 CLINE, ERNEST 106,120,I58,163 Cobb, Marilyn 37 CODY, MRS. WYOLENE 160,164 Cofer, Debra 70 Cotter, Kathy 85 Coggins, Loretta 95 Coleman, Elsa 90 Coleman, Joe 189 Coleman, Lisa 90 Coleman, Orron 40,60,66,75 Coleman, Robin 106 COLLINS, MRS. CAROLYN 164 Collins, Debbie 95 Collins, James 62 COLLINS, ROBERT 158,161,165 Collins, Tom 107 Color Guard 43 Colvin, Kim 62 COMMONS, PATRICIA 161,164 COMSTOCK, MRS. DIANE 162 Concert Band 63 Connell, Melisa 71 Construction 6,7 DABNER, PAMELA 164 DAILY, DONALD 93,158 Dalton, Larry 1 10 DANHEISER, TOM 162 Darden, Mariorie 40,59,64,80,81,1 16 Darden, Thomas 85,101 ,1 10,1 16 DASS, MRS. ESTHER 160,163 Davidson, Matt 1 13 DAVIES, WILL 163 Davis, Diane 71 Davis, Gary 40 Davis, Harold 27 Davis, Jeff 40,62 Davis, Jimmy 122 Davis, Nancy 84,95 Davis, Tracy 33,83 Davis, Valerie D. 62,87 DAVIS, WALTER 164 DAVIS, ZOEARLINE MRS, 157,161 Dawson, Terry B Day, Terri 54,55,70,96 Dean, Kathy 104 Dean, Karen 70 Dean Messengers 95 Deatrick, Deborah 74 Deatrick, Janet 40,59,64,65,82,85,93 DeBurger, Danny 25,78,79,93 DeBurger, Michael 78,79,80,81,92,93 DeBurger, Robin 40 DeHoH, Christopher 64 Decker, Cathy 94 DEMMARY, KENT 92,161,165 Demoss, Carrie 95 DEMUS, MRS. ELSIE 159 Denkins, Anita 54 Denkins, Sharon 40,61,66 Deslauriers, Joe 42,43,44 Detoff, Christopher 59 Devine, Billy 44 Dickerson, Mary 83 Dimmitt, Charlotte 30,54,55,65,66,B7,96 Doll, Bonnie 95 Dotsan, Larry 72,92 Douglass, Steve 55,1 10 Dove, Debbie 45 Dowdy, Brenda 95 Dowdy, Linda 34 Doyle, Belinda 90 Drain, Denise 51 DUDKOWSKI, SAM 156 Duff, Pauline 64 DuPriest, Allan 74,81 Durham, William Ricky 189 DURHAM, MRS. WILMA 159 DYKEMAN, RICHARD 165 ,Dykes, David 189 EADS, ELLEN 92,162 EAGLESON, WALTER 160,163 EARLY, MRS. PHILLIP 74 EASTERLY, JAMES 94,165 Eastham, John 72,83 EBV, HAROLD E. 44,45 Edmonds, Debra 23 EDWARDS, MRS. FELISHA 165 Edwards, Jonna 51,114 Edwards, Kevin 1 13,117 Edwards, Nicky 68,103,1 14 ELDER, LEON 163 ELLIOTT, HAROLD 161 Elliott, Renita 95 ELLIS, MRS. BETTY 160,164 Ellis, 'rim 66,110,112 English Department 162 Engram, Dwayne 88,89,1 16 Ernestes, Charles 39,83,1 10,1 12 Espinoza, Sylvia 118 Evans, Brian 70 Evans, David 44 lnde EVANS EDWARD 63 164 N EVANS MRS KATHLEEN 36 164 Evans Sharon 37 64 Ezra Davis 45 Exercise In Knowledge 85 Exploratory Teaching 86 Fa ul 161 ,---f og 1 FARLEY, JOHN 47,165 Farr, Kenny 117 Farris, Frank 73 FARRELL, WILLIAM 89,164 Faulk, Jennifer 66,82,86 FEIGERT, MRS. JUDITH 161,163 FELSTEIN, MRS. CAROL 160,164,165 Feltner, Marsha 70,90,95 Ferguson, Debbie 70 Ferguson, Kim 54,57,63,76,77,85,108 Fields, Alberta 93 Fields, Brent 123 FIELDS, MRS. CYNTHIA 162 FIELDS, MRS. LOUISTINE 165 FINE, MRS. SERINE 82,163 Finch, Toni 95 FINNEY, MRS. KAREN 162 Fisse, FRANK 14 Flag Detail 43 Flanigan, Tim 106,1 10 Fletcher, Charmane 64,104 Floyd,, Rochelle 104,117,118 FOLLIS, MRS. ALBERTA 159 Ford, Ann 70 Ford, Debbie 51 Ford, Eugene 26 FORD, ROBERT 161,162 Foster, Gina 62,B6,95,126 Fowlkes, Gerald 114,115,117 Fowlkes, Andrew 116 Fox, Jim 123 Fox, Randy 1 13,117 Fox, Steve 106,120 Fox, Theodore 122 Franklin, Mark 55 Franklin, Teresa 70 Freeman, Anson 61 ,66 Freeman, Bob 54,63 FREEMAN, JOYCE 21,165 Freeman, Robert 64,85 Freeman, Tolla 42,44 Freeman, Tom 44 Freemont, Linda 95 French Club 82 Freshman Cross Country 1 15 Frost, Arlene 85 FRYE, MRS. LOIS 165 FULLER, MRS. JANE 159 Fuller, Mary 83,90,92,94 Fuller, Tim 30,40,59,64,96,101,109,120 Future Teachers 87 Gadbury, Ellen 74,78,79 Gamble, Tony 112 Gammons, Julian 54,55 GARCIA, HECTOR 14 Gardner, Kim 59,64 Garrett, Anthony 1 12 Garris, Marlon 109 Gary, William 96 Gentry, Barbara 96 Gentry, Gerome 189 German Club 82 mf ' , . I , I EWEN, MARY LOU 162 ' I' L ' 2 -:ra-'UC . Brewer, Robin 54,66 Bridgewater, Delores 70 Briggins, Ronnie 62 Briggs, Darla B3 BRIGGS, EUGENIA 159 Briley, Rick 78,93 BrinkIey,John 101,110,120 Brinkley, Loleta 104,1 18 Brinkley, Vickie 71 BRODHECKER, BETTY MRS. 158,163 BROOKS, CATHERYNE 159 Brooks ,Greg 106,110,122 Brown, Angie 85 Brown, Casper L. 42 Brown, Glenda L. 96 Brown, Glenda L. 96 Brown, James 39,163 BROW N, MRS. JOAN 87,162 Brown, Joe E. 74,76,7B,79 BRUNNJOSEPH 161,163 BROW N, KANDIS MRS. 40,61,65,66,69,164 Brown, Keith 123 Brown, Mike 103 Brown, Ruby 70 Brown, Ruth 87 BROW Browni NE, RAY 40,721,162 ng, Denise 66,85,B9,126,1 27 Browning, Lisa B9 Brownlee, Dan 115,117 Bruce, Bruce, Bruder Bruer, Bruer, Bruer, Bruer, B ant Bob 63,92,107 Tom 106 , Mary 54 David B5 Robin 40,54,58,6O,64,66 Robin 55,58,60,85 Steve 103 Victoria 45 'Y I Buchanan, Martin 71,88 Buchanan, Thomas 42,44 Buckley, James 55,64,I 10,116 BUCKLEY, MRS. LEATHA 165 Bull, Bonnie 73 Bull, Gary 62,74 Bull, N BULTH ancy 88,116 AUP, ROBERT 40,161 Burgess, Vactor 106 COOK, FREDERICK 159 Cook, Phil 105 Cooper, Cheryl 40,54,55,60,64,65,66, COOPER, JANICE 165 Cooper, Kent 123 Cooper, Lisa 54,55,88,1 08,1 l 6 Cooper, Tim 54,55,58,64,66 Cooper, Vicki 95 Corbin, Carl lAward1 39 Cornerstone 2 Carnforth, Diane 8,71 ,1 26,1 27 Couselors Messengers 96 Cousins, Kenneth 110,1 16 Cousins, Kevin 112 Cowherd, Felicia 37 Cox, Barbette 96 Cox, aiu 33,40,61,66,85 Cox, Fannie 59,64,104 COX, FLORENCE MRS, 159 Cox, Joe 1 9 Cox, Leonard 40 cox, LUTHER 159 Cox, Sharon 70 Cox, Vern 62,74,78 Cox, William 61,66 Coward, Neil 103 Crofton, Ruthie 71 Craig, Dewayne 103,112,116 Crawford, Melinda 70 Crawford, Rhonda 70 CREASER, MRS. LOUISE 159 Crocheron, Linda 90 CROOKE, ROBERT 161 Crouch, Jody 66 CRUSER, DAVID 161 Cruz, Rose 54,56,62,95 CSIKY, MRS. LOIS 86,162 Cumberland, Ricky 63 Cumberland, Theodore 66,73 CUMMINS, MRS. ANN 156,165 Cummings, Reckie L. 96 Cunningham, Polly 70 Curry, Tam 54,89,94 Cushinberry, Ed 1 13 Custodians 159 DE 70 Evans, Debbie 40,54,55,64,74,95 5,,,,,,, Diane 5,4 GEORGE, DAVID 106,107,1 20,1 23,165 BAND GUARD-FRONT ROW: PFC James Howard, SSG Darryl Howard, Alfred Officer, PFC Mark Culp, SFC William Vollmer. SECOND ROW: PFC Billy Devine, MSG Gene Waters, SGS Debbie Dove, SFC Richard Miller, 2LT Mike West, SGT Juanita Clark. THIRD ROW: SSG Jerry Childs, PFC Mark Johnson, SGT Mike Glick, C! SGT Ricky Gwin, C! CPT Steve Wrenn, 2LT Keenan Jacobs, C!2LT Joe Des- Lauriers. Gervis, David 28 Gessner, Sally 64,89,108 Gessner, Susan 54,57,61,66,88,89 Gilbert, George 120 Gill, Ron 1 12 Girls Ensemble 61 Girls Exhibition 45 Girls Gymnasium 4 Girls Tennis Team 108 Girls Track 104 Gladney, Mary 70 Glenn, Eric 101 Glick, Mike 43 Glover, Faith 64 GLOVER, RICHARD 39,163 Godwin, Janice 89 GOERTEMILLER, MRS. ELIZABETH 165 Goldsmith, Eric 83 Golf 105 Goodall, William 87,96 Goode, Becky 65,66,73,78,79 Goode, Robert 107 GOODRUM, MRS. ALICE 76,162 Gore, John 1 10 Gossett, Cheryl 73 Gossett, Kathy 74 Gowdy, Calvin 189 Graham, Carri 62 Graham, Debra 90 Graam, William 63 GRANEY, WILLIAM 158 Grant, Yvette 76,90 Graves, Kim 40,62,66 Graves, Stanley 1 17 Gray, Linda 70 Grayson, Donna 95 Green, Anthony 110 Green, Beth 94 Greene, Leslie 96,104,118,119 Greene, Michael 76,77 Greene, Robert 40 Greenwell, Debbie 54,57,65,66 Grever, Michael 114 Griffin, Dale 83,88,B9 Griffin, Dane 117 Griffin, Dave 8B,89,106,110 Griffin, Larry 23,110,112,122 GRIFFIN, ROOSEVELT 164 Grigsby, Martin 51,123 Groth, Pat 78,79 Ground Breaking Ceremonies 4 Ground Breaking Medallion 4 Guerin, Wanda 62 GUESS, MRS. MERCEDES 165 GUESS, WILLIAM 156,165 Guidance Counselors 158 Gunn, Debora 84 Guynn, Steven 63, 1 17 Gwin, Ricky 43 Hacker, Shelley 40 Hagadorn, Debbie 70,71 Hagan, Edward 63 HAHN, MRS. MARGARET 162 HALE, HESTER 156 Haley, Michele 83 Haliburton, George 44 Hall, Barry 35 HALL, JOHN 103,110,164 Hall, Wilma 90,95 HALLAGAN, HARVEY 48,164 Halliburton, John 110 HAMER, MRS. SARAH 158 Hamilton, Diana 95 HAMILTON, MRS. JUDITH 156 HAMILTON, MARIAN 162 Hamilton, Teresa 94 Hammer, Sherry 70,71 Hampton, Fredye 95 Hannemann, Sandy 95 Hannon, Eddie 120 Hopner, Donald 40,55 HARDING, MRS. BEA 108,163 HARDIMAN, EMME1'l 162 Harding, Diana 40,62,65 HARDY, MARGUERITE 164 Harlan, Carol 64,65,66,86,B8 Harlan, Jay D. 71 ,75,76,77,78,86 Harman, Sherry 8B,90,116 Harney, Doris 70 Harris, Marlin 107 Harris, Marlon B5 Harris, Mary 62 Harris, Nathan 101 Harris, Pamela 62,95 Harrison, Tannis 70,96 HARRY, CHARLES 158,161,164 Hart, Pat 1 16 Hartle, Edwin 80 Harwell, David 70,71 ,76,77,8l ,87 Harwell, Laureen 62,119 Harvey, Joe 189 Harvey, Tom 40,55,58,6l,64,65,85,88,93 Hawkins, Keith 89 Hayden, Diane 70 Hayes, Roxanne 43,90 Hayes, Kathy 70 Hayes, Terrance 64 Hazelton, Rhonda 72,90 Health Messengers 95 Heaton, Dave 105 Heavrin, James 23 Heavrin, Laura 62 Heifner, LouAnn 76 HEINZ, MRS. PATRICIA 40,164 Helm, Brad 28 Henderson, Dale 103,110,112,116 Henderson, Kenneth 115 Hendrickson, Kenneth 101,114 Hendrickson, Martha 81 HENDERSON, ORAL 161 Henson, Camilla 62 HERING, PAMELA 160 Herring, Bruce 90 Herron, Cosy 116 Herron, Wintord 1 15 Hibbet, Charlie 28 Hickman, Janet 71 Hickman, Kathy 71 Hicks, Dennis 73,85,92,93,109 Hill, Betty 104,1 19 Hill, Eva 74 Hill, Jerry 73,100,101,110 HlLL,JOHN 161 Hill, Lavette 1 18 HILL, LOUIS 161,162 HILL, MRS. ODESSA 164 Hill, Shirley 90 Hill, Terri 54,56,66 HlLLENBRAND,JEAN 161,162 Hindman, David 73 Hinton, Shawn 45,94 Hodge, Yavonne 54 Hodges, Mark 62 HOFFMAN, MRS. MARILYN 161,163 HOFFMAN, MRS. MARY 159 Hoke, Mark 46,92 Holland, Wesley 101 Holloway, David 74 Holman, Bryan 103 HOLMES, ERNEST 155,161,189 Holmes, Peter 54,55,58,59,64,87 Homecoming 8,9 Home Economics 37,164 Home, Floyd 115 HON, DAVID 46,165 Hone, Floyd 92 Hong, Alex 40,55,61,64,66,85,126,127 Hong, Kathy 55,94,126 Hood, Debbie 89 Hood, Robert 40,60,66 IOL 70 IRELAND, RONALD 163 Isak, Olev 55,58 Jacob s, Ruan 42,43,46 JACKSON, BURNEY 161 Jackson, Charles 114,115 Jackson, Dennis 84 Jackson, Stacye 95 Jackson, Tanya 76 JACKSON, MRS. VIRGINIA 165 Jackson, Willis 96 JAHN KE, SUSAN 104,119,163 Jake, Joseph 73 James, Teresa 3O,40,41,61,66,88,89 Jaskie wicz, Charles 110 Jeffries, Carla 85 Johnson, Ada 104,118,119 JOHNSON, ALICE 165 Johnson, Avery 122 Johnson, Bill 40 Johnson, David 189 Johnson, Della 70 Johnson, Eugene 1 16 Johnson, Jett 40,61 ,66 Johnson, Judi 95 Johnson, Karim 69 Johnson, Larry 189 Johnson, Larry 105 Johnson, Lori 92 Johnson, Mark 43 Johnson, Richard 116 JOHNSON, MRS. ROBERTA 156 Johnson, Ron 113,123 Johnson, Susan 59,61 ,64,66,B5 Johnson, Varnon 113 Johnson, William 60,66 Keller, Dale 107 Keller, Delisa 64,80,81,9O KELLER, FREDERICK 161 Keller, Kathy 85 Keller, Melinda 69 Kelly, Frank 101 KELLY, FRED 5,157 Kendrick, Anthony 82 KENDERICK, FRANK 14 Kennedy, Benito 29,104,1 19 Kennedy, David 43 Kennedy, Janice 1 19 KENNEDY, JOHN 157 Kennedy, Valerie 85,118 KERN, JOHN 92,165 Kerr, William 28 Killebrew, Stephanie 104 KIMBERLIN, WILLIAM 164 King, Alice 70,88,89 KING, MARK 164 Kincy, Eric 20 KIRSCH, ARTHUR 165 Kirk, Charlotte 29 Kirk, Darryl 96 Kirk, Malcolm 189 Kirk, Theron 1 13 Kitcofl, John 112 Kleine,Jay 105,114,163 KNUE,FRANCES 112,117,163 KOCHER, CHARLES 161 KOHUT, EILEEN 157,162 Kriner, Paula 83 Kuehl, Paul 82,B4,96 LaFara, Frank 74,76,78,79,80,81,93 Lair, Gordon 27 Lair, John 47 Hooks, Lawrence 106 Jone, Joseph 71 I-AGADON, MRS. MARIA 163 Hooks, Sharon 66 Jones, Anita 73 I-cmb, GISH 25 Hooper, Don 189 JONES, BERNICE 80,162 LAMB, JIMMY 161 HORSTMAN, MRS. SHERRON 160,164 House Plan 161 Howard, Caroline 70 Howard, Darryl 45,1 17 Howard, Frankie 82,85 HOWARD, GARLAN 165 Howard, Tom 40,71 Hubbard, Gail 90 Huber, Joe 40 Huff, Rhonda 70 Hughes, Karen 76,77 Human Relations Council 86 Humston, Joe 84,85,89,92 Hunter, Susan 96,104 HURRLE, JOHN 113,1 16,1 1 7,157,163 Hutson, Stan 113 HYATT, MRS. CAROLINE 159 Hyche, Henry 189 Hyche, Robert 62 HYLTON, CHARLES 161 Imaginary Invalid 74 IDR Squad 45 lngels, Kathy 86 lngersol, Susie 55,,63,64,85 Instructional Media Center 4 Jones, Brenda 62 Jones, Carolyn 96,104 Jones Eric 72 Jones, Glenn 58,63 Jones, Herbert 110 Jones, Kathy 71,126 Jones, Kay 70 Jones, Orville 42,43,54,55,65 Jones, Paul 113,123 Janes, Ricky 117 Jones, Rita 45,71 Jones, Sandra 70 Jones Vicki 54 JORDAN, DENVER 4 Jorda Jorda n, Marie 71 n, Theresa 63,95 Junior Honors 85 JUSTICE, WILLIAM 14 Justus, Buddy 105 KALP, KARL 4 KANOUSE, JOHN 164 Keane, Karen 90,94 Keillor, Melinda 69 Keeker, Ruth 70 Keithley, Carol 66,78,79,82,B4,85 Lampher, Ellen 73,95,96 Lampher, Steven 189 Landrum, Tracy 115,117 Lane, Fred 40,61 ,66,82 Lane, Greg 78 Lane, Kathy 90 LANGLOTZ, MRS, MILDRED 159 FLFFFF 32 Lasley, Caron 47,54,62,63,83,88,9O Lasley, Curtis 54,90 Latin Club 82 Laughlin, Brian 54 Laughlin, Stuart 54,55,83 Layne, Greg 75,79 LEAP, JAMES 34,163 LEE, MRS. BARBARA 157 Lee, Calvin 113 Lee, Kenny 80,96,101,110,116 Lee, Teresa 64,66 Lee, Tom 1 16 Lee, Tony 26,62,1 10 Lee, Virginia 70 Leech, Linda 104 Legle, Richard 115,117 LEHMAN, ARNOLD 88,163 BLOCK T CLUB-FRONT ROW: Steve Fox, Tim Fuller, Pat Amato, David Griffin, Alan Miller, Brad McCall, Dave Lewis, Rex Min- dach, Jerry Hill. SECOND ROW: Greg Brooks, Jim Surenkamp, Dennis Hicks, Herbert Alston, Larry Johnson, Roger Rebennack, George Chatman, Loletta Brinkley. THIRD ROW: Andrew Smith, Steve Powell, Willie Strong, Mark Breland, Anna Taylor, Helen O'Neal, Maxine Carlis, Brian Whitfield. FOURTH ROW: Greg Miller, John Clayton, Valerie Kennedy, Charmaine Fletcher, Leslie Green, Betty Hill, Alfenia Martin, Herb Jones. FIFTH ROW: Clarence Thompson, Larry Griffin, George Gilbert, Joe Johnson, Johnny Sykes, Benito Kennedy, Don Turner. SIXTH ROW: Andrew Abernathy, Anthony Lee, Lisa Cooper, Barb Taube, Antonio Martin, Dwayne Engram, Edo Johnson, Eugene Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: Steve Douglas, John Brinkley, Thomas Darden, James Buckley, James Bell, Andrew Fowlkes, Kenny Lee, Richard Johnson, Ray Robinson. Lewis, Dave 4,40,61 ,66,80,B1 ,85,87,89,105 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES-FRONT ROW: Roger Rebenack, Alan Miller, Tony Bartlett, George Gilbert, Dave Griffin. SECOND ROW: Kenny Lee, Don Turner, John Brinkley, Johnny Sykes, Tom Darden, Larry Griffin, James Adams, Greg Barnett, George Chatman, Antonio Martin, Landon Turner, Zellie Allen, Dwayne Engram, Ernest Cline, sponsor. Lewis, Anita 63 MARTIN, LEO 159 Martin, Vickie 117 Vickie 64 Lewis, Debbie 4,40,41,61,66,76,77,81,87,89 LEWIS, MRS. GLORINA 4 LEWIS, JOHN 162 Lewis, Joseph 31 Lewis, Julie 4 LEWIS, PAUL E. 4 Lewis, Steve 96,103 Lewis, Tony 40 Levi, Cathy 83 Linder, Bob 107 Litteral, Darlene 54,55,116 LITTELL, PATRICIA 159 Logan, Gary 95 Long, Diane 54 Long, Teresa 33,62,83,85 Long, Kim 63 Lord, Pamela 70 Lorick, John 113,117 Lorick,Jeff 103,110,112 Lorick, June 64,95 Louck, Jeff 112 LOVELACE, CLIFTON 72,86,161 Lowe, Randy 55 LUGAR, RICHARD E. 4,5 Lund, Bill 72,85 LUNDGREN, MRS. SHIRLEY 95,158,163 Lunn, Margaret 94 Lyall, Beth 54,64,81,108 McAfee, Valerie 95 MCBRIDE, JUDITH 40,78,79,90,162 McCall, Brad 105 McCall, Jackie 108 McCalIister, Andre 62,103,112 MCCARDLE, MRS. MARTHA 4 MCCARTY, LOWELL 161 McClung, Lisa 40,64,65 McCullough, Johnna 62,83 MCCONAHAY, MARY 162 McConn, Tim 103 McCroy, Valerie 40,59,64,75 McCreary, Shirley 70 MCCUTCHEON, MRS. MARJORIE 155,164 McDaniel, Marlyn 70,88,90 MCDOWELL, ED 71,101 ,1 20,1 22,157,163 MCDOWELL, MRS. RITA 70,89,1 61 ,162 McDowell, Willie 28 McDuffie, Maiestic 84 MCFALL, ALBERT 159 MCGEATH, BRUCE 101,114,164 McGuire, Ann 84 McGuire, Dennis 103 McGuire, Tim 72,93,96 McKay, Charles 103,1 12 McKay, Connie 96 McKay, Cornelia 64 McKinney, Galon 66 McKinney, Gayland 107,110,112 McMichael, Paul T22 MCMILLAN, ANN 162 McNeely, Barbara 96 McNew, Valerie 85,126,127 McPherson, Steve 189 McRay, Cynthia 64 McRoy, James 42 MCVAY, MRS. CHERYL 161,165 Madsen, Debbie 85 MAILLARD, MARY 162 Maiors, Rochelle 61 ,66,85 MALIN, JOHN 161,162 MALONE, DAN 161 Malloy, Mike 54,55,58,64 Malloy, Paula 54,62,85,104 MALOY, ROBERT 74,162 MANKA, MRS. MARY LOU 118,163 MANN,LOU 157,165 Manuel, Eva 96 Marching Band 54 Marcum, Jayette 62,126,127 Marner, Heign T12 Marshall, Janice 70 MARSHALL, LEWIS 5,156 Marshall, Marvin 43,45 MARSHALL, REX 1 16,117,162 MARTHIN, MARY 164 Martin, Alfenia 55,76,77,117 Martin, Annie 70,104,1 17 Martin, Antonio 71,120 MARTIN, ELLEN 165 MARTIN, WILLIE 110,163 Massa, Karen 70 Mason, Dwayne 76,86,88,89,101,110 Mason, Lloyd 101 Math Department 163 Maxwell, Caroline 70 Maxwell, Dorothy 1 18 Maxwell, Hazel 96 Maxwell, Jackie 8 MAXWELL, MRS, JOYCE 158 MAY, JAMES 72,165 Mayo, Sharon 90 Mays, Jimmie 87 Mays, Melvin 87 Meadors, Vickey 71 Medcalfe, Larry 94 Meid, Frank 62,78,79,82,83,84,B5 Melodayres 59 Mertz, Barbara 71 Messer, Kathy 54,57 Metal Trades Department 26 METCALF, DEWAINE 161 Mexner, Matt 51 MEYER, ROBERT E. 155,164 Meyers, Darlene 71 Michael, Amy 36 Michaelis, Carl 40 Michaelis, Michelle 74,78,81,82 MIDDELKAUFF, MRS. JOYANN 160,162 Middleton, Melody 95,108,117 MIESSEN, FREDERICK 161 Milburn, Lori 33,47,83,85,94 Maier, Debbie 54 Miles, Randy 54 Miller, Alan 1 10 Miller, Debbie 56,85,89 MILLER, MRS. FRANCOISE 163 Miller, Gary 103,110,112 Miller, Gregory I 10 Miller, James 113 Miller, Kathy 40 Miller, Madison 101,110,112 Miller, Mark 101 Miller, Olive 45 Miller, Richard 45 Miller, Richard 24,33,40,64,85 Myers, Robert 189 Nance, Shelio 85 Nance, Tom 189 NFL 77 Neblett, Darrell 68 NEGLY, HAROLD 4 NELMS, THOMAS 159 Nelson, Earnest 54,55 Newell, Elizabeth 40 Newman, Brad 85,92 Newman, Daryl 71 Newton, Phyllis 87,96 Nicholas, Gary 189 NICHOLSON, MRS. BARBARA 158 Nixon, William 64,87,96 NOBLES, RONALD 40,59,64,164 Noerr, Sherry 88,126,127 Norris, Janice 104 Norris, Roselyn 104 Northington, Sherry 62 Nurses 158 Officer, Alfred 43,54,55,58,64 Oltitt, Larry 92 OHMIT, MRS. GWENDOLYN 21,65 Oliver, Jackie 60,66 Oliver, Jeff 63 O'Neol, Helen 96,104,118,119 O'Neal, Vernice 85 O'Neal, Vicki 54,55,64 O'Neil, Kathy 54 ORTH, ROBERT 155 OSCARSON, PAUL 160,161 Overton, Samantha 40 Owens, Jeff 85 Page, Mike 72 Page, Rodney 189 Park, Soon Kil 39 PARKER, ANNA 160,163 PARKER, MRS. MARJORIE 70,156,165 Park, Brian 79 Parks, John 106 PARRETT, SHARON 157,163 PARRETT, SHIRLEY 163 Parish, Kathy 62,76,80,81 Parish, Paula 117 Pate, Derrick 103 Patterson, Armand 123 Patterson, Diane I 19 Patterson, Mark 1 17 Payne, Michael 72 PECK, SALLY T62 PENCE, LEWIS 157,161 PENCE, MRS. MARY 164 PENROD, MRS. MARY 164 Pep Band 58 Perry, Cornell 73 Pettigrew, Cathy 66,95 PHEMISTER, LORENA 162 Phelps, Patricia 78,126 PHILLIPPI, ANN 90,162 Rhynes, Jimmie 116 Rice, Danny 117 Rich, Shelley 94 RICHARDSON, GLEN 159 Richardson, Kathy 70 RIDLEY, MRS. LOUISE 163 Riggin, Janet 8B,90,96 Riggin, Karen 64 RIGGS, DALE 161 ROBERTS, CRAIG 161,162 Roberts, John 113,117 Roberts, Joy 85 ROBERTS, Roberson, Roberson, ROBBINS, Robinson, ROBINSO ROBINSO Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, MRS. NANCY 163 Darrel 123 Kevin 44 MRS. GLORIA 159 Aaron 113 N, DAN 103 N, DONALD 109,163 Ermine 70,75,76,78,80,88,94 Kenneth 44 Mary 70 Ray I 16 Resa 95 Phillips, Doris J. 8O,86,95 Phillips, Joe 109 Phillips, Robert 71 Phaipoi, Linda 73 Piety, Amy 54,57,B9 Rocks, Patty 40,54,55 Rodriques, Stephanie 76,77,90,1 16 Rogers, Bobby 1 16 Rogers, Kathy 85 Rohrman, Melody 83 Roney, Gloria 84 Roots, Shirley 83 ROSE, MRS. CARROL 164 Ross, Janice 84,89 Ross, Robert 107 Routh, Jeff 54,55,58,64 Rowe, Anthony 123 ROWLAND, MRS. BETTY 159 Rudolph, Antonio 113,117 Rush, Cindy 64 Rush, Mike 189 Russ, Brenda 51 Russell, Darla 20,70,88,90 Russell, Richard 62 Russell, Robert 96 Saferight, Lucila 95 Sanderson, Victor 85,72 Sanford, Debra 40,66,87 SAO 4,89 Sargent, Robert 92 Sarver, Ben 113,117 Scalf, Michale 35 Science Department 165 Scheming Lieutenant, The 48 Schmidt, Maureen 90 SCHNEIDER, KARL 155 SCHNEIDER, MRS. LOUISE 159 Scott, Karen 70 Scott, Stephen 40,58,1 01 Scruggs, Ray 96 Seals, Sam 101,114 Sears, Reba 54,57 Seats, Tammy 54,57 Sebastian, Kenneth 85 Sedam, Brooks 123 Sedam, Ronald 33,83 SEELYE, MRS. CORRINE 164 Piety, Angela 85,89,95 Pillow, Bruce 30,78,79 Pipes, Michael 44 Pipher, Barbara 62 Pittman, James 189 PITTS, ALVIN 55 Plummer, A192 Polston, Michael 80,90,95 Polston, Randy 85 Senour, Kristi 6B Senour, Shawn 85 Serna, Maria 33 Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer, China 95 Shaffer, , Donna 34 , Hascull 72 , Mary 95 Pom-pons 56 POOL, Poole, POPE, Porter, Porter, Porter, Porter, MRS. BERNADINE 159 Garcia I 16 MRS. MEDARDA 160,163 Anna 40,54,60,63,66 Donna 70 Randy 76,77 William 85 Miller, Miller, Patrice 126,127 Susan 85 Miller, Tony 40,78 MINDACH, MRS. JANE 158 Mindach, Rex 61,66,89,90,95,120 Mimms, David 54,63,85 MINER, JOHN 5,155,161 MINKS, STANLEY 40,162 Mitchell, Gary 113 Mobley, Angela 64,95 MONTGOMERY, MRS. GENE 159 MOON, MRS. WANDA 159 MOON, WILLIAM 66,164 Moore Moore Moore , Ann 54,56 , Earl 101 , Electra 82,85 Moore, Gentris 62 Moore, Lois 119 MOORE, MRS. MARIAN 164 Moore, Marva 64 Moore, Rick 19,78,79,80,81,92,93 MOREMAN, IVAN 14,106,156,163 Morris, Barbara 71 Morris, Gwen 56 Morris, Patty 85 Morrison, Lesa 40 Morrison, Mary 54,56,85 Morrison, Steve 106 Morrow, Steve 94 Morrow, Teresa 66 MORSE, MRS. THELMA 163 MORSE, WILLIAM T64 Mosley, Lewis T03 MULLENNAX, JOHN 161 Murray, Gerald 40,74 MURPHY, WESLEY 85,161,164 Murray, Sean 25 Murry, Borba 70 Music Department 54,55,56,57,58,59,6O,6l ,62,63,64,65,66,67- ,68,69 Musical 40,41 POTTER, MRS. MARGARETTE 159 POTTER, WALLACE 5,14,154 Poteet, Chris 64,109 Powell, Steve 110,122 Powell, Shirley 95 Prevot,Raphael 87 Price, Teresa 70 PRICE, WENDREL 162 Priest, Craig 93,107 PRITCHARD, TERRY 103,110,112,116 Pryor, Tim 44,73 Quarles, Bud 107,122 Quirk, Warren 55 Quinlin, Lester 96 Quill and Scroll 81 Quirk, Curry Warren 54,55 Quintana, Libby 66,83 Quintana, Nickolas 83,92 Robb, Nate 101 Rainey, Gregory 1 15,123 Randolf, Vernel 27 Randolph, Reedeth I 18 RANSOM, MRS. NATALIE 164 Ratz, Kevin 35 RAWLINGS, MRS. MARGARET 162 - RAY, MRS. CAROLINE 158 Ray, Michael 115 Ray, Tim T05 Rebennack, Roger 106,110 Reck, LaDanna 76 Reck, Ruth 70,76,77,9O Reck, Trina T26 Redfern, James 26 REED, A. RAY 4,154 Reed, Delores 78,79 Rent, Charles 64 Reserve Football I 12 Reuter, Robert 72 Reynolds, Diana 85 Rhoads, Darcy 60,66 Rhodes, Mike 80,85 Rhotan, Jeffery 18 SHAH, HAFIZE 163 SHATTUCK, MRS. JUDITH 159 Shaw, Sheldon 74 Sherrod, Terry 64,83 Shinkle, Teresa 74 SHOCK, RICHARD 155,160 SHOEMAKER, MRS. DELSIE 71,156,165 SHOEMAKERJTHEL 154 Sholar, Valerie 96 Shotwell, Lisa 70,104,119 Shotwell, Phyllis 1 18 SIEDLECKI, WILLIAM 164 Simmons, Harold 103 Simmons, Joe 84,113 Simon, Cathy 90,95 Simonton, Kevin 24 Simonton, Phyllis B5 SIMPKINS, MRS. DEBBY 159 Sims, Douglas 189 Sims, Tamara 43 Sims, Wanda 95 SINCLAIR, PAUL 84 SINGH, MRS. JATINDER 162 SINK, LOTS 165 Slater, Dale 48,62,75,76,78,79,83,84,85 88 SLOVER, MICHAEL 93,162 Sluss, Toni 64 SMITH, ALLEN 165 Smith, Andrew 101,110,122 Smith, Bill 107,109 SMITH, CLYDE T64 Smith, Deborah 70,71 SMITH, EBERT 161,164 Smith, Glenn 72,116 Smith, John 101 Smith, Kim 69 Smith, Laurito, 54 Smith, Lorita 57 Smith, Marcella 106 Smith, Marvin 110,1 12 SMITH, MERILL 159 Smith, Michael 51,62 Inde CAREER COUNSELORS: Nancy Vin- ton, career specialist, Vicki Buchanan, career guidance director, Mrs. Wanda Brittain, job-placement coordinator. Index Smith, Robert 43,45 SMITH, ROBERT 161 Smith, Ross 71 SMITH, STEVEN 165 Smith, Vic 126 Smith, William 92 Snow, Debbie 82,84,96 SNOW, MRS. JANE 36,164 Social Service 158 Social Studies 164 Spall, Sheila 95 Spanish Club 82 Special Education 160 Speech Team 76 Sprodlin, Lindo 62 STAFFORD, MRS. RUTH 161 Stage Band 58 Stamps, Georgette B6 STANLEY, DAN 163 Stanley, Patsy 96 Steele, Janet 86 Stevens, Bonnie 45 Stevenson, Anthony 76 Stevenson, Serita 61,66 Stewart, Charlene 78 Stewart, Ginger 93 STEWART, JAMES 5,154 STEWART, MRS. LAVERNE 155 Stewart, Pom 71,118 Stewart, Victor 62,112,122 Stewart, Wendell 66 STEWART, WILLIAM 161 Stigler, Michael 40,59,64 Stinson, Dwight 83 Stinson, Lisa 71 String Ensemble 59 Stringer, Coren 63,82 Stinger, Chuck 83 STOCK, CYRIL 161 STOCKARD, ROBERT 5,154 Stone, Tommy 23 STORMS, MRS. MARSA 162 STOUT, MRS. DOROTHY 5,157 Stout, Kim 73 Stowers, Robert 80,83,84 Strong, Willie 107,114 Stubbs, Christopher 24 Stubbs, Eric 33,22,83,101 Stuckey, Ronald 85 Suit, Judy 19 Sullivan, Kathy 62,76,77,78,79,81,82,84 SULLIVAN, SHELIA 57,83,163,164 Summers, Jeff 60,66 Supreme Day 4 Surenkamp, Donald 85,92 Surenkamp, Jim 92,109 SUTTON, MRS. NANCY 162 Sweott, Debra 70 SWENSON, KERMIT 162 Sykes,Johnny 120 Sykes, Lovie 70,104 TAFLINGER, JAMES 164 TAKACS, JOHN 162 Tardy, William 113 TATUM, WILLIAM 40,62,66,69,164 Toube, Barb 86,108 Toube, Kate 83,90,108 Taulman, Cheryl 96 Taylor, Anna 23,54,57,62,89,104,1 16 Taylor, Antonio 54,55,58,64 Taylor, Mark 63 Taylor, Oliver 101 Taylor, Tracey 83 Techoir 66 Teckenbrock, Donna 85,92 Teeter, Hubert 106 Tenannt, Gary 92 Tennant, Jerry 24,189 Tennis Team Boys 109 TERRELL, TIM 161 TERRELL, ROY 165 Thomas, Anthony 101 Thomas, Ed 123 Thomas, Harvey 61 Thomas, Jackie 62,IO3,110,112,122 Thomas, Loretto 70 THOMAS, MRS. MARTHA 159 Thomas, Mike 40,48,61,65,66,74,75,77,78,79,89 Thomas, Patricia 71 Thomas, Teresa 71 Thomas, Tim 122 THOMAS, MRS. SHIRLEY 159 Thomas, Sophia 1 19 Thompson, Bonnie 54,55,56,63,88,89 Thompson, Clarence 110 Thompson, Dana 85 THOMPSON, FRED 161 Thompson, Wonder 54,56,85,89,95 Tibbs, Kelley 189 Tillman, Rosie 95 TINCHER, JOHN 161 Tinsley, Dewayne 115 TOBROCKE, FLOYD 158 Tales, Darryle 107 Tom, Jennifer 95 TREMP, WILLIAM 161 Trotter, James 101 Track Teams iVarsity, Reserve, Freshman 100,101 ,102,I03 TRESSLAR, CECIL T. 81,94,156,162 Trittipo, Salinda 82,84,85,93 Trivett, Mike 82 Trotter, Bernice 119 Trotter, James 114 Tuck, Greg 101 Tunstall, Patricia 95 Turner, Calvin 159 Turner, Donald 110,120 Turner, Landon 120 Turner, Wanda 1 19 TUSSEY, MRS. RITA 159 Tuttle, Brad 189 Twirlers 57 Tyner, John 45 Ulsh, Alan 83,85,88,9O Ulsh, Neil 48,74 Upchurch, Kathy 54 Voge, Per 32,59,60,64,83 Valentine, Diane 70 VAN DER MOERE, HERBERT 160,161 Varsity Baseball Team 106 Varsity Exhibition Team 44 Varsity and Reserve Cross-country 1 14 VAUGHN, LAWRENCE 159 Vollmer, William 45,85 Wade, Janetto 85 Wade, Roberta 40,55,61,64,66 Wagner, Jerry 54 Wagner, Larry 54,62 Wagner, Ronnie 40 Wagner, Terry 54,55,58,64,65 Walker, Eric 44 WALKER, MRS. MADORA 84,163 Walker, Sherise 118,119 WALKER, TOM 159 WALTER, CHARLES 163 Wadrip, Tammy 62 Warren, Hugh 1 10 Warren, Randy 68 Warren, Tracy 54,55,64 Washington, Blanche 85,126 WASHINGTON, MRS. EMMAGENE 162 Waters, Gene 45 Waters, Janice 54,55,87 Watson, Corniece 45 Watson, Lonnie 80 WATSON, MRS. NANCY 165 Watts, Julie 55 Webb, Jose 117 Webb, Mike 92,103,114,115 Webb, Stacy 56 Weber, Beth 83,94 Weber, Kim 40,61 ,66 Wells, Cindy 66,96 Wells, Karla 96 West, Barbara 71 West, Cindy 70 West, Mike 42,44,45 West, Norma 54,57 WHALIN, WARD 5,154 Wheeler, Betty 63 WHEELER, WILLIAM 38,160,163 White, Donna 21,70 White, Mary 70,71 White, Steve 96,122 White, Teresa 104 Whitfield, Bryan 1 16 Whitfield, Francine 85 Whitfield, Lois 70,71,76,77 Wicklifte, Lindo 61,66 Wilburn, Janet 40,62 Wiley, Beth 40,60,66,74,76,77,78,79,82,86,93 Wilkerson, John 54 Williams, Barry 116 Williams, Duane 113,117 Williams, Ellen 62 Williams, Henry 101 Williams, Ida 96 Williams, Jeff 94 WILLIAMS, JOHN 93,161 Williams, Lewellyn 96 Williams, Mark 54,55,58,64,94 Williams, Tommie 30,126 WILLIS, NERIS 45 Wilson, Chenita 45,83,85,1 17 WILSON, MRS. ELIZABETH 162 WILSON, FLOYD A. 159 Wilson, Gaye 8 Wilson, Jim 54,55,62,64 Wilson, Kermit 123 Wilson, Pat 108 Wilson, Raymond, 62 Wilson, Romana 94 Wilson, Robert I 13 WILSON, SHARI 29 Wilson, Talanda 95 Wilson, Tyrone 51,92,110,1 12 Wimsatt, Debbie 88,90,1 17 Wise, Vivian 40,62 Witmer, Robert 189 Witsman Brad lToml 40,60,66,72,8O,93 101 1 14 Wong, Patrick 189 wood, icqihy 45 WOODWARD, ROBERT 101,110,163 Woods, Darlene 45,54,56 Woods, Mignonette 45,46,85 WOODS, MORRIS 161 Woods, Tracie 30,40,48,54,55,58,64,65,66,75,78 82 84 8 5,89 Woodson, Dwight 83,84 Wooten, Barba 71 ,81,86,88,89 Wooten, Donna 89,90 Wrenn, Steve 42 WRIGHT, ARVINE L. 160,162 WRIGHT, HENRY 160,165 Wright, John 72,85,88 WYTI-lE,JOHN 110,112,165 Young, Carol 78,79 Young, Mary 34 YULE, MRS. DEE 87 AUTOGRAPH INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING-FRONT ROW: Tom Nance, William Ricky Durham, Patrick Wong, Larry Johnson, Jae Harvey. SECOND ROW: David Dykes, Rodney Page, Robert Witmer, Don Hooper, Kelley Tibbs, Steve McPherson. THIRD ROW: Joe Coleman, Calvin Gowdy, Brad Tuttle, Mike Rush, Robert Myers, Jerome Gentry, Malcolm Kirk. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Holmes, coordinator, Jerry Tennant, David Johnson, Douglas Sims, Steven Lampher, James Pittman, Henry Hyche, Gary Nicholas. NOT PICTURED Timothy Hall. I .,.,-...-,.,.., - , . 4A A 1 ,,.,.., l, E 5 .1 5 if Q if Sen 1 X fx as 2, ,L Q 55 2 is if S 5 S? if as W Wmamwwf-mmm Es 3 2 is 1 6. 3 i Q ii Q , S E 5 E Q 2 Q ii is 2 K if 5 4 Q ei ff Si 1? , 1 5s H 59 lx xx H E 5 Q if 5 5 23 S H 53 is 25 '22 E 5' 5 5 5 fx Q fi fx 3 If sr if 5 Q H Q gf if 2 S if gs Q5 5' K2 sn es xx Q F , 2 3 Q if Aff gg Qi H E K sa Q Q Q 5? 52 YV 5 if Q Q 5 gg ai Q ns in qi 5? S 55 Q 1 2 Q fe Q A fx 2 2 R 2 2 Q 3 E Q. 51 51 555 15 5 1 -9 W m ss Q 5 sl it n ff 5? E 5 Q i Q we. W WMM my 373 Wk X. X1 Qxwvm QV W ,Q W , f .k . W YTJWMV S, WVV it Q XVXQJ fy VS rw - 'Q N Q QQSQQ if W 52 f U wx Q r ' 'N S X g jx 3' B r Q, w , S K MQ DR EAA S Il Q fx Uk Nw Saw -SQFEKQLX May W X - Nqgigmgls . vi Mxgvm NS X JE :: ,XQ 'J I 1 QQ L6 'fox ji E ii S292 SEE? Of? OW WNS , , EMM Qgfkff EN M my Nw 3 SX L 'F Y , Q.. , X u .4 rl if il ffvfi- ,-43 m 1 L K . X '

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