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X ff rn 4 , e ' .1 X f im x 1 S-X .pl -nl Z ,lf 'M 1 'ff' 41,127 3 di: 4 -Y J as M ,ff W. x . , -- K or ff' ,ff Thi W g 'fl - ,ff , ff! l 5 1 . ,L ' 5 'I-a 1 5 ff!! . ' 5, ff . N, ,, , my f--1, 1 . f ff' It 5 -- . ' 35 - Ja' '. ,ff "" Xkf ar.. :V ." J V QQ?" ff kvut -Q f- J ,K ef. ' fig XIIYIJ. : -gb 4, . - .bl N A :- ,Z X,!,.ff in 1 U 2 7. Ac Sz! pf g o gf M ...zf-- , I 5. .,xkr"' K ' 4, jf! if . Pfxirz I A '-bb - Q'-I-' ' -,L '. ,ff fx.. -- - - f-Q f .- 1. ff' L - V :'-fig- " 59 . ' -'alfa ,,f" . 4, VZ!! L ' , -B ' . R -'51 ' Q. ..-"- Y Xfff' P 4 a--' if 4. 'iS,'!',,.g :K "x.3',:, f f . .t 1' - Q wht' 14571 ,Y . , . , 5, 4 5 A . fd Kklf 'fl T, -sigh' ' I ' 9 I 3 .' 2 .-"' .4 , 3. Q- 12 "fini ff ' ff ff A :sts . ,Q Q -.qfggfjh J - its ,ff ,f ' f --'- - YP'-,L ff? X -. H: .: f .s-1 .. ' , V 0 ix! ix ,X ' V jf . 'XX V , - fufxfff Xxkf' l U f 7 ff Z f ,Y X2 1. . X M1 . ,V ,f V , X, , , - f f!,f , 'V 'fr Y ,XZ of ff I X ,ff Z 2 f , ZZ fi 7 ff I' I ! .fl KX ff ff ,f' ,ff ff' I 1 ,l ,X X!! 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X JJ. . ff .V f' iff ,rf Xl. 72" ,ff ,.-"' ,-X 7 ff' XY ,- wg 6 , '1- , -1- .5 4 1 X ff! vi 2' ' - WM ,Z ,.- X!! -- f a . . X,-Y' Z, 3 M X 1' 4 xy mfs .P . .,, .n 121. 51525 N " 5 A4 xg X XX xx S X X XX -Xxx VUO xx Q JXXX 0 ,xixr Xxxixx f X, C X44 ' vii X' 4 o X 0XXX Qi, 4 55 :Jud WM ,i??g5f5. I Q ' 'N Q x X. 3 V I 'xg i X X T' .f . X. ,Q " gr' A5 h "'f'i..., Qi TTWY ,uh Ffa Q f 0 J W q L9 . :ful 'aw K " X 3' 'N 'z XX, is X Xin XX ,-X Z ,i 2 lflui .ifvlf X 13', 'X 53- I f I ' IX A ' Y ' I Xxf , X . - N V x X P Ff:X- FQ A X , l fx , X , , Y , ,xii i ' VJ W1 1 xgx W w W J' Q X'-X W 'k. X! l gl S' X 1 , J r 'Xi 1 X sg X-, -N - 4. .. 1 xx-Z -LZ -1 '- 'AX g X X . Y V , .., xxx xxx -ll S xg- XSS X S, W r SY fyyw' Nx'9 I 1 Q I I '69 :nl 0?x - ll li ll pf 2 -.1 'xv f . 'VF 'EW of 7 FRE E 6. -- ,,.. , ffm Ze ' 1 6 4 X x QW V Q v ,X "CLI, ','. f 1 :V . '-'V' 1 ZMQHQI Q ,jj . 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If . ... j' .r., ,. . 27'-F , nga.-i4.,T.IgA V " '--.- ' -' , g- 'ag iw- "f-gf'-,z Ulf " - .., ,'-5-- .,, ,Af if .,.'.-Q- '55 1' Ztfhi'-+'4 H . n I H' - ' Q ., p, ,A- Lo 'O 5 9 5. ,. . 'Fi u -.NK ' T . 9 ' " ' .. I Q ll V 'K .. , " V Q v , x r 1 1 ' l '4 A lj," bl' 1" I r .gf 1 'Wi 1 ' ' .gm X 4 W. ,fm ' 's 'U ,al -51 sr. .1 , Q , I . S I .1 ' '.', Lf., ' ,- 'L V, . --. , . , . Ji. l A' -.. .. , .' , 4' s -' Q 1' '."'. F ' 1, . ,.-n-iq:--.- ... ,5gw'6.:' f I 'vw 'F A- 1 'Ghz 2 f K- W A ,5 ' Qx 1, 4. -W , iv dr 5 e " E HUMUDl5lR3SWV!AWllU3llLUC5 I X I if . lg-as it.. Y . ... -. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Bernice Jones,Judith McBride, Gertrude lnsley, Mrs. Lois Csiky, Mrs. Florence Schnakenberg, Rita Corrado, Mrs. Virginia Cassell, Mrs. Cheryl Clark. SECOND ROW: Hester Anne Hale, Mrs. Margaret Hahn, Mrs. Jatinder K. Singh, Karen Hansen, Helen Carter, Mrs. Margaret Clapp, Ann McMillan, M. Eileen Kohut. r G. ir ,.!"Pf'v1fi'j s',s'ssr1f ' XX. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Joan R. Brown, Janet King, Paula E. Lopossa, Mrs Diane Comstock, John R. Takacs, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, Robert Ford Tom Danheiser, department head. FOURTH ROW: Ellen Eads, Kirby Lehman, Emmett F. Hardiman, John Lewis, Louis G. Hill, C. T. Tresslar Stan J. Minks, Craig Roberts, Karen Ackerman. New dogs, wngs 60121 . Phase Dead! Boring! Ugh! ls that the way English Departments are usually de- scribed? Well, the English Department at Tech can now be described as changing, exciting, different and alive. During the fall semester, mini-courses were offered for the first time. Such courses as Oral Interpretation, Heritage Literature, On Stage! and The Political- Merry-Go-Round gave some 500 Tech- ites a new twist to their eighth hour En- glish classes. Hopefully, next fall, this mini-course program will happen on a much larger scale, being called Phase Elective. Beginning a student's sophomore year, he will choose an elective every nine weeks. This means at least twelve elec- tives during a high school career. Fresh- men will continue in a structured class. There will be four phases a student will be able to choose from. The first phase courses will be designed to help those students who have difficulty with basic language art skills of reading, writ- ing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Electives from this phase will be The Mass Media, Tall Tales and Folk Stories, and Pre-English-Phonics. In the Phase 2 program the course will assist students who have an understanding of the basic language art skills but who need to improve and refine them. Greek and Roman Mythology, The Bible as Lit- erature and Journalistic Writing will be a few of the electives. Realism in Literature, Modern Poetry Ill, and Social Protest and Satire will be courses aimed at students who have im- proved their command of the language and whose innate abilities would indicate they could attain a deeper understanding of literature and a keener command of writing skills. This is Phase 3. Phase 4 courses are being designed for the student who has shown a proficiency in the lower phase levels, especially in phase 3. Some electives are Term Papers, Modern World Literature, Advanced Indi- vidual Reading and Creative Writing. It is hoped that students will choose from the phase that best suits their abili- ties. Plans are still tentative, but Thomas Danheiser, department head said, "We are all very excited about it!" ENGLISH ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Mar- ilyn Williams, Barbara Price, Sandra Armes, Ro- berta Bandy. SECOND ROW: Debby Jackson, 9 I H----uv 'ti Mary Wheeler, Donna Pipher, Melody Coryell, Mark Campbell NOT PICTU RED: Bonnie Cam- GFOFI. I.. 5 D v'8"'r 2' 4 14+ 7"', f.. ' 0 P 1 RIGII' if a I I ,m lf' IF mul lb or nm Y TU NUIL 2 VOTE' Vlcrr mvfr Wa.- UOOJ VW, ol QE P5455 I5 YUUR CHQ ALICE GEE presents the issues in IVlrs. lVIar- garet Hahn's English V class during the Novem- ber elections. REHEARSALS are a major part of any produc- tion, right, IVlr. Malloy? Nlini-courses gave a change to eighth-hour English students. IVIISS I-IALE and her eighth hour mini-course students discuss "The Real and The ldeal"! But a Pepsi? Really, lVliss Hale! - i I.. Els dis new mflaliguages This year a new breed of students shattered the language barrier as they plunged clumsily yet determinedly into the pool of foreign languages, customs, and ideals. Was it curiosity? A search for fun, fascination, and discovery? Or could it be the informal classes where only the foreign language is spoken throughout the period? Or what about the language lab, new films, books, and the isolated sound- proof booth that is always open to eager students? Most students agree that the combination of these things made them burst with enthusiasm. All of these things paid off for the Techites. Nevertheless, the Foreign Language de- partment has made quite a splash in the previous years also. Two to seven Tech- ites each year since 1962, have partici- pated in the IU Honors Program. This program allows the students to go to the country where their language is spoken if '29 5,39 they pass a series of extensive tests. Last summer the winner was David Bullington who went to San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Es magnifico, Zno? Oui, c'est magnifique! ZX Ig-Q HU: FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-MTS. Susanna M. Underwood, Mrs. Maria B. Laga- don, David Clapp, Dan Stanley, department head, Mrs. Sheila Young, Mrs. Serine Fine. DANNY HONEYCUTT, Jay Harlan, and Mark McElroy know great satisfaction as they find they can read German magazines land under- stand them tooll ui' ,wiht N-.. 4 il' I fr""!" . l'l'fi11 . 'lil .- 'Wim Ci llller leg retlg ell ,Q 'w3,5i7Y? AH V TD- mu camo et curm ,... mmmululfs L- Ili fr' ,,.. 4 sv . K J IANA R xr Ur'-3 , I W5 l gb MRS. YOUNG'S SPANISH CLASS has fun and games while learning their sports vocabulary. Students are Jerry Lingenfelter, Mike Fagan, Gary Davis, John Camphor, Heddy Hampl, Debra Myers. lSeatedl Teddy Whitmer. CHEFS ANNA YOUNG, Robin Kares, and Charlotte Alexander stir up some crepe suzettes. Sacre bleu, Mr. Stalnley, is this advanced French? i C - . FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDENTS check out the foreign language ou, 5..- ,AVA SPANISH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mike Logsdon, Lydia Riojas, Rene Rob- inson, Ann Ford, Teresa Abernathy, Marianne Williams, Donna Butler, Michelle Tague, Paula Batts. SECOND ROW: Dorothea Lancaster, Libby Quintana, Liesel Strohschein, Brian Martin, Linda Bruer, Brenda Morgan, Q Sheila Tenner, Christi Warner, Leah Hillman. THIRD ROW: Lou Wanna Benns, Vernon Compton, Barba Wooten, Peggy Smith, Susan Parten- heimer, David Bullington, Roselyn Tenner, Pat Wilson, David Clapp, spon- sor. Language dubs outtcvtlieffu Living in two worlds can be confusing and frustrating. But for some people the fun and fascinating experiences make up for it. For at least two hours a week members of Tech's French, Spanish, La- tin, and German Clubs are part of a un - que society. People learning about peo- ple. lf you can't get the club to the coun- try, get the country to the club. And with a little organization and a lot of imagina- tion the members and sponsors do just that! Picture this: a room plastered with posters of bullfighters and Mexican and Spanish advertisements. Popular music being sung in Spanish while students gather around to dance, sing, and read the occasional biographies of the foreign per- formers which are written in Spanish Now imagine a room filled with an excit- ing atmosphere, laughter and plan-making, interrupted only by the consumption of rich, creamy eclairs and numerous tasty morsels. Some groups go to a local theater which features foreign films: others make trips to restaurants where foreign dishes are served in the native manner. There are parties for every occasion and there is al- ways the annual Mardi Gras at which each club participates with a unique pro- fit-making booth or attraction which serves as the source of money for all of these activities. l A' ' fix if: 4 , lr FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Sandy Wester, Rita Hunt, Anna Young, Donna Berry,Jackie Whit- ney, Susan Hill, SECOND ROW: Karen Hughes, Keith Armour,Thomas E. Clayton, Roland A. Wiley, Charlotte Dimmitt. PM Oh! Tannenbauml UN GRANDE ATRACCION es Ia pinata. LE MARCHE AUX PUCES fait un succes. 'Wil D'-A' 1 'Q Q' , Q' " ': 1 : ,f Q. s ' U 1 all J ,An - , X K -Au. B .L I l LATIN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Connie Taylor, Becky Goode, Linda Akers, Debbie Daws, Patti Turner, SECOND ROW: Carolyn Marshall, Helen Wakeman, Serine Fine, sponsor, Debbie Price, Suzy Vaught. ZUR WEIHNACHTEN stellte der Deutsche Klub "Die Krippe Szene" aus. Es was im Schaufenster von Stuart Halle in der Noche des Sprachenburos. SJ .Q.,:iQv,:,-.Ad bbw:-szm GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Susanna Underwood, sponsor, Margaret Brown, Melinda Craw- ford, Carol Randolph, Linda Phillips. SECOND ROW: Marcia Crawford, Nancy Winkle, Susan Hal- stead, Sheila Tenner, Denise Byrd. mm Higher enrollment than ever before was one feat boasted by the Tech Social Studies Department this year. More stu- dents were also taking advantage of the elective courses offered by the depart- ment: classes such as Metropolitan Prob- lems, Psychology, International Rela- tions, and Sociology were of interest to many students. Under William Siedlecki's direction again this year, the department spon- sored several special speakers from time to time. They spoke on a variety of sub- jects ranging from patriotism to juvenile delinquincy, and reflected the idea that social studies is really the study of people and their ideas. A new idea, used in an experimental way, was attempted the second semester by the Social Studies and English Depart- ments combined. Putting a U.S. History ll class and an English Vl class together, the resulting double-period subject was entitled "Histlish". lt allowed a more comprehensive study of both subjects, and many teachers as well as students were enthusiastic about the idea. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW Mrs Barbara Lee VEY l'l6ll393f1 WGS lVlU"Dl'lV Robert lVleVGI' Wllllam lVl0l'S9 Tl'llFlD ROW Betsy Sweet, David Perry, Mary Marthin, Bruce lVIcGea1h John Ka,-muse John Hall William Siedlecki department head William Kimberlin Clyde Ebert W. Smith. SECOND ROW: Pat Commons James E Taflinger Har Smlih Jr William J Farrell Walter DHVIS Bob AVGYS ONE STUDENT LISTENS attentively as Mr. Perry explains the U. S. His- tory lesson in detail. -K , 5 Y' 'I .1 FQ -1-mv I ,l F '-1 ...i ,-,. H in ,JE ,. -1. -I N I ,,,,.,- 1' ll in LHOC 'fa' I ll 7 0. .7 gi ll -M W - MR. DAVIS is paying more attention to the camera than to his students in World History I. 'U 'Q 1 M L .ffl 1 .'f'x..?,,,, GREG PIPHER is in a world of his own as Mr. Farrell explains a point in the world of Social Studies. Nl 'Q , E5LPa0wf01gT80.CflPJt8 Exploratory teaching is a program de- signed to allow students interested in be- coming teachers to get classroom experi- ence. Students participating in the two period one credit course are required to be seniors, have at least 5.0 grade point averages, and be interviewed for place- ment by Duane Blankenhorn, sponsor. The student teacher may choose any grade level lfrom kindergarten to ninth EXPLORATORY TEACHERS-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Kathy Brinkley, Patricia Stomm, Kathy Miller. SECOND ROW: Duane Blanken- gradel, the subject he would prefer to teach, and the school where he would like to be placed. Duties of the exploratory teacher are that he participate and assist his teacher in any way possible. Many ex- ploratory teachers gain satisfaction and fulfillment from the fact that they have contributed something of themselves to help others. The Future Teachers of America, an horn, sponsorg Christi Warner, Donna Pipher, Kathy A. Taylor, Rolando Quintana. ,,., organization open to all students inter- ested in teaching, provides information on the educational system of today through various projects and field trips. FTA also provides students with know- ledge of what teaching is all about. This year, the FTA took a tour of James E Roberts School for handicapped children and attended the Area 5 convention at New Whiteland High School. KATHY MILLER works with Roberts School pupils. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Cathy Stuck, Kathleen Beever, Christi Warner, Kathy Miller, Sally Israel. SECOND ROW: Beverly Huebner, Gus McClendon, Ro- lando Quintana, Aletha E. Willner. THIRD ff ROW: Mrs. Joan Brown, sponsor: Robert L. McPherson, Donna Pipher, David M. Houston, Toni Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Debra San- ford, Teresa Stokes. THE FTA sponsors the ticket booth at Mardi Gras. .xl fxfxl Hx CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mark Fiddler, Mark Short, Richard Moon- eyham, Richard Noerr, Rex Mindach, Heathcliff Hart. SECOND ROW: Byron Stephens, Ron Surenkamp, Richard Wilson, Fred Mindach, Mike 7-6f0'tg,Ctl86S , I -Q A 'T 04 'Emu- , BX 1 rf L 1 - 'lr I . ',fl I fi vm . . tl, f Q'-Q .. A u ,A --w'-I HISTORY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Betsy Burns, Charles Alexander, Kevin Hook, Char- Sweet, sponsor: Glenna Heavrin, Kathy Miller, l0!te Alexander. Roberta Bandy. SECOND ROW: Charles BETSY SWEET, sponsor, and History Club members Jan Bivens and Charles Burns admire their Christmas display in the Main. VfxN il 1 Surenkamp, David M. Houston, John Kern, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Ron- ald Sweatt, James Cupp, Irving W. Washington, Thomas Clayton, Duane Montgomery, Mike Long, Pete Fuhr. epic gewv Under the new sponsorship of Betsy Sweet, Tech's History Club got off to a big start with members selling booster buttons celebrating Tech's 60th year as a high school. Visiting the Art Museum, displaying different Christmas customs around the world, and enjoying a lively ice-skating party were a few of the many activities and projects the club undertook this year. Every Monday afternoon the Tech Chess Club, sponsored by John Kern, meets in Room 135 to learn, play, and enjoy the game of chess. Tech's varsity chess team is composed of five of the highest ranking members, rank being de- termined by points. Early in the season, the club defeated Broad Ripple and Greenfield Central. E? VISITING TECH GRADUATE Steve Leavell gives tips to chess players at a club meeting. U bi . --nh .1-, tj .4--- V--4' - X -W , 'S ,Y ,.f .' 9 ,eil fcwgw N I 1 is ,ev Q 3 Y ' ' gg? HUMAN RELATIONS COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Sandra Armes, Pat McKinney, Kathy Taylor, Gail Jones, Carlos Kirk. THIRD ROW: Clifton Taube, Juanita Froschauer, Karen Senour, Mary Milam, Roberta Bandy, Lovelace, sponsor: Darlene Watts, Doug McDaniel, Kevin Hook, Keith Ar- Carol Randolph. SECOND ROW: Sharon Pugh, Rolando Quintana, Mark mour, Carl Lowery, Bonnie Cameron. New semseoly ' School spirit and the organization of the sophomore class were the main topics of this year's Human Relations Council. Members of the group discussed ways of improving interest in student government, school sports, and school life in general. It was felt that students did not re- ceive enough experience in leadership during their underclass years, thus ham- pering the success of the senior year. Plans to organize the sophomore class, complete with officers, were begun with the help of school administrators. In this way, students would become trained in the ways of leadership and so make the senior year much smoother for both of- ficers and students. School spirit was another problem cry- ing for solutions. lt was discovered that many Juniors did not know the school song. For the Tech-Ben Davis basketball game, the Human Relations Council had the school song printed and distributed in the programs. Council members made their annual trips to feeder grade schools and also con- ducted tours of the campus for the visit- ing eighth graders. The Council l22 members equally numbered by race and sexi usually dis- cusses racial problems as a major concern, but this year pupil indifference topped the list. The council, therefore, strove for involvement. 6 fl, cv Q3 xr Q ,... - .I . A Us ff, KATHY TAYLOR is amused by an "anti-trash" sign while Kevin Hook looks on and Carol Randolph looks to find a laugh of her own! assistamtsoidf l ATTENDANCE DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Rita Tussey, Kathy Miller, Marlyn McDaniel, Marisa Boggs, Leila Epperson, Mrs. Louise Creasser. SECOND ROW: Mariane Hannemann, Denise Stiffler, Michelle Chandler, Fred Mindach, Kristi McKee, Roberta Seats, Gwen Ep- person. HEALTH DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Cassandra Gearlds, Evelyn Moore, Robin Wallace, Edna Hall, Connie Taylor, Kerry McCullough. SECOND ROW: Karen Smith, Starlett Gill, Pamela Evans, Rose Maxey, Judy Bishop, Dora Harrison. THIRD ROW: Mae Ford, Beverly Huebner, Vanessa Robinson, Penny Outlaw, Sandra Weber, Louise Jackson, Pam Waterman. f-rm PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Diana Wong, Michelle Tague, Cathy Stuck, Marilyn Williams, Donna Harts- burg, April Warner. SECOND ROW: Kim Harbin, Jael Perry, Sheila Chap- man, Cathy Gregory, Barbara Price, Sherri Chapman,Sherry Weiglein, Joy LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Patricia Barr, Diane Herrington, Becky Goode, Kathy Richardson, Mark Fiddler, Bryan Akers, Fran Mcguire, Wanda Dodd.SECOND ROW: Patty Holland, Regina McChristian, Marguerite Hayes, Jerry Bilman, Dina Eads, Roberta Bandy, Linda Petrey, Helen Morford, Venus Buses. THIRD ROW: Christi C2 Y' 6 2 Banta. THIRD ROW: Marna Coleman, Jackie McCall, Vicki Wright, Rene Robinson, Geneva Long, Karen June, Cathy Roberts, Mary Wright. FOURTH ROW: Carol Bennett, Aletha Willner, Brenda Johnson, Pamela Thomas, Lagenia Scott, Susie Williams, Debra Caldwell, Rhonda Crockett. Warner, Ron Holloway, Randall Porter, Sandra Zirnheld, Karen Askins, Buddy Harris, Larry Hayes, Carolyn Marshall, Mussetta Smith, Charles Burns. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Urban, Sherry Harmon, Debbie Armstrong, Linda Bruer, Bob DeLoach, Malcom Kirk, Dale Drinnon, Carol Rosebrock, Virginia Lee. I l l l l 'Q 1 ,r F Axyfx 1 A 'v f l MRS. EMMA EVANS demonstrates distillation to her Chemistry Class. ' paid 0661 iw Plug Goa D Keeping up to date on scientific de- velopments makes a busy Physical Sci- ence Department. A current study has been the air-track principle in eliminating friction of a mov- ing object. In another experiment a polar- oid camera made a series of images of a blinking light to measure the rate of movement. These experiments have a practical application and give a better understanding of daily life. Basic studies in chemistry, physics and earth science pointed the way toward the more advanced courses offered from time to time. By studying physical science, the pupil learns about matter and various types of energy. What can top a heart-tracing booth at Mardi Gras? Well, something less roman- tic and more homely might- be an analysis of tap water. What's in tap water? Ask a Chemistry-Physics Club member. These were projects of the club this year. Meanwhile, Mr. May has been busy with his next project-constructing a de- vice to measure brain waves, with pupils as test subjects. What it all boils down to is a club with plenty of challenge, with activity and dis- cussion to give it an outlet. 99339.-1-1 .wr nf X 'if , f- s I ' "stag-'rl i MR. MAY'S Advanced Chemistry Class studies compounds through a spectroscope. Q-Q I I i ig I If lim I ll , 5' ttf' I -TT! if. . ?' rc:-,rifz x A . x Le!!! I - PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Pauline Evans. SECOND ROW: Steven Smith, John Kern, James May, Allen Caldwell, Louis D. Allen, department head: Bruce Turney, Mrs. Erma Smith, Richard Dykeman. " 5 J " MAKING LIGHTNING can be "shocking" MR. DY KEMAN'S class discover the wonders of making rubber. discovers Chemistry Physics Club' CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Linda Sue Phillips, Rich- Dave Reneau. SECOND ROW: David M. Houston, Victor L. Marshall, ard G. Mooneyham, Carol Rosebrock, Helen Wakeman, De De Deatrick, Mike Long, James May, sponsor: Peter Fuhr, Mike Surenkamp. Fi fi, 1 ' '1jigZ.?'q' if Q C. , ,t I I A I I , P mfs iz , I ., I I I 1 sf- v V 1 J 5 rx xiivtfsv- 45' Ax if A "SO THAT'S lT!", Dawn Price exclaims, with help from Mr. Collins. BRAD DYKES, Earl Hopkins, and Joe VanBlaricum are introduced to bacteria culture in Advanced Biology class. O I There are no astounding new methods in the Biological Science Department. Just a lot of straight talk that is leading John Farley and his staff toward their goal. Every day, when you pick up a newspaper, you'll find at least one article on starvation, pollution, and the increase of population, and so on. These are the big problems of today and tomorrow. What can we do about them? "Before you .l i ' omg H BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Robert J. Orth, Mrs. Mercedes Guess, John Wythe Afihul' Kll'Sh, RlCi'13fd Allefl. ROWS Roy Teffeli, John Farleyldepaftment head: David Hon, Robert Collins, G. W. Howard, Mrs. Ruth D. Shannon. r find a solution for any problem,you must understand it. Then when you find a solu- tion you must make sure it is foolproof, that it will create no new problems. That is what we are trying to do in our depart- ment. We research problems and possible solutions. Before you take a stand on that newspaper article, you must understand everything involved. We feel it is impor- tant that you learn about all living things and especially what is going on inside of you, so you can take care of yourself and others," said Mr. Farley. Whether it's a fetal pig's liver or a frog's spleen, you'll get a piece of the ac- tion if you're taking a class in the Biologi- cal Science Department. Most students agree that after that first plunge into the formaldehyde, a whole new world opens to them. ROBERTA BANDY prepares a live mount for microscopic study. I, -1 A 'Ni' ROBERT MCPHERSON prepares a gourmet meal for some bacilli. Q-,REGG SMITH studies a culture from his petri dish Umwwd, ,Q : - -12--12 Business Nlath, Algebra I-IV, General Math, Geometry, Probability and Statis- tics, Unified lVlath-the list of subjects of- fered by Tech's Mathematics department is long and varied. This year, math teach- ers were surprised at the number of stu- dents who elected to take or continue the study of arithmetic. There was such a large number, two new teach-ers had to be added to the staff and more classes in each area created. Students in the Math Department also continued to excel, and Tech sent, as it does nearly every year, its best math scholars to the IUPUI math contest. The department and the school suf- fered a loss when Carl Corbin, a Tech graduate and a math teacher since 1946 at Tech, passed away November 8, 1972. He was truly devoted to Techy one of the many activities in which he was involved was the coaching of students for state math contests. The ideas for which he stood-loyalty to Tech and devotion to work and to people, among many others- will continue to inspire students and teachers alike. 3 'lid HE LPING MR. GLOVER figure his way through some math problems are Paul Daniels, Steve Baxter and Donald Fuqua. SANDRA WESTER decides to attack her math problems without the help of lVlr. Robinson, who is busy with another student, Richard Noerr. X LX Qi HAVE TROUBLE CONCENTRATING ON MATH? Camera shyness doesn't keep Liesel Strohschein from studying her geometry. 1-Q 'wg F H H I ,"'l ' H l Q I I I I . iris. fl . 'diff 3 Q - ,y Y is . 5 ,5 f . . , ' , I . . I., P- ,V -I il, . - u 11711, ' ., Ta.. fir-'fr . , I , ,X ,C- I 4? 4 I. ill' MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Thelma Morse, Mrs. Louise Ridley, Mrs. Elizabeth Chohany, William Wheeler, Richard Glover, Jim Brown, department head, S. Hafize Shah. SECOND ROW: Ireland, Sonja Hancock. Mrs. Judy Feigert, Mrs. Madora Walker, Leon Elder, Don Robinson, Alice Purvis, Mrs. Marian Strickland. THIRD ROW: Carl H. Corbin, Marilyn Hoffman, Nancy Spinks, Arnold Lehman, Charles Walter, p 7- ks a'-X . 'R Mrs. Ron . NN . 1. I - V-J X 'M-1x i ' v. vi" xl five MSG Willie Oliver iret.i MSG Arthur Wilkinson iret.l MSG Thomas Dawson lret.i W 's Lib ' am, W G ' omew ag , Tech received a new instructor due to the loss of SFC Ed Colley who trans- ferred to Arlington High School. Master Sgt. William Oliver instructs the freshman classes and heads the ROTC Rifle Team. This year Tech received its first WAC instructor of ROTC. She is 1fSgt. Marion Crawford, who served with the WAC de- tatchment at Ft. Sheridan. She served for a little over twenty years with time in Vietnam and retired from active duty in 1969. She now instructs two freshman girl classes. At the close of the June '72 semester, Judy Crabtree, sponsor of Tech's ROTC, was chosen among 150 sponsors through- out the city as the city brigade sponsor. Judy's duties were to attend all city drill meetings and help conduct plans for the two coming years. She was accompanied by LTC. Don B. Clark. The first drill meet was held on October 14. 1SG Marion Crawford fs Q5 HCfLt.C Judy Crabtree, city brigade sponsor X X X T if fl lu-A.,,4 COLOR GUARD-HClLt.C Judy Crabtree, C!lSG Earl Schmitz, CllVlaj Kenneth Nichols, CXSFC Jack Tapp, C!Cpl Lance Whitfield. This year's coed class was the largest in the history of Tech ROTC with an enroll- ment of 120. The freshman girls had separate classes, but upperclass girls were assigned with boys taking the same course of instruction. The Girls Drill Team acquired new bright green uniforms this year. Early in the season they indoctrinated three new members and engaged in a series of drill meets. The Color Guard performed at many functions, again proving their patriotism and good citizenship. Along with the usu- al commitments at football games, they marched in parades and appeared at PTA meetings. GIRLS DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Cpl Starlett Gill, HC!2Lt Patricia Wilson, HClCpt Sue Annette Harding. SECOND ROW: SfSgt Janice Bivens, PFC Kim Dupree, PFC Meta Massie. THIRD ROW: Sgt Anita McDonald, HC!2Lt Vickey Booker, Sgt Billie Doty. FOURTH ROW: CO HCXCPT Katria Whitfield. 4... Y Q, Q . , 5 . g s i 4. ...OC 396 -4? is ,bs- RIFLE TEAM-FRONT ROW: C!2Lt David Mathis, ClMaj Joe Little, C!2Lt Chester Pettis. SECOND ROW: HC!Cpt Gloria Rios, Cl2Lt James West, CISFC Jack Tapp, CISFC Michael Dove. ' dai!!! night owtofcgwb The Tech Rifle Team shot it out with many schools this year, demonstrating army marksmanship at its best. A possible 300 point score is every cadet's highest hope. This year the Drill Team has per- formed in meets which demonstrate team work in precision, in step, and in the knowledgable art of spinning an M-14. The team is headed by C!Maj Joe Lit- fb tle, and the instructor in charge is MSgt Arthur Wilkerson. 3 BOYS DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: CfCpt ,VX Brian Morris, ClCpt John Parker, C!Cpt Hillard Hahn, SECOND ROW: HIC Cpt Teresa Grant, Drill Team Sponsor, C!2Lt Robert Hamilton, C!Msg John Heavrin, C!Maj Joe Little. THIRD ROW: C!2Lt Chester Pettis, C!2Lt Von Means, Cl2Lt David Mathis. Not Pictured: Cl2Lt Roy Hamilton. GlRLS ROTC SPONSORS-FRONT ROW: HC!Cpt Teresa Grant, HC!2Lt, Vicki Chalifoux, HC!2Lt Janice Bivens, 1Lt USAR Janice D. Cooper, Faculty Advisor. SECOND ROW: HC!Cpt Gloria Rios, HCl2Lt Vickey Booker, HC!2Lt Patricia Wilson, HC!2Lt Teresa Stokes. THIRD ROW: HC!2Lt Bonnie Cameron, HC!Cpt Katria Whitfield, HC!Cpt Sue Annette Harding. SGT. STEVE DAVIS AND SGT. CINDY BROWN stand at attention While HC! Lt.C Judy Crabtree inspects. ROTC OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: ClCpt Brian Morris, Cl2Lt Von Means, ClCpt Mark Brooks, ClMaj Joe Little. SECOND ROW: C!Cpt Lynn Taylor, C!Cpt John Parker, ClCpt Hillard Hahn, Cl2Lt Kim Brown. THIRD ROW: C!Lt Ray Hamition, C!2Lt James West, Cl2Lt Darrel Feltner, Cl2Lt Lawrence Hicks. FOURTH ROW: Cl2Lt Chester Pettis, Cl2Lt David Mathis, ClMaj Kenneth Nichols, Cl2Lt Robert Hamilton. ROTC Sponsors this year took pride in their instructional program headed by Sgt. Crawford. To qualify as a sponsor, a coed must be able to take orders and have good citizenship. This year the ROTC Battalion was led by C!Maj Joe Little and assisted by CfMaj Ken Nichols. They were helped by their staff. lt was a great year with slight mention of the Officers vs NCO's football game: Officers 49-NCO's 7. This year Tech held its annual Military Ball off campus, at the new Indiana Con- vention Center on March 23. It was an all-city affair. wa! 73" 7 if -Q1 A 8-W--..,,, "-f--Q 1 Jn- jd av 1 f' TONA COSPER rings up items on the cash register while Mrs. Shoemaker and Sarah Standard observe her speed and technique. A f f. ' at , J: Ni 'l. , PHIL COOK and Ruth Crafton pay attention as Nlrs. Parker attempts to explain by use of the over- head projector a few points about career planning. I! M vb FGF JHJ, fgf jhj. Rhythm is more important than speed for beginners. i- l N 1 -gf ,tg ' Q . ' W f - 4 l A 'Q' , ,.' I :ll ' 1 N .1 ii- .. . if v mf' " Ns 5 ' hh- CLASS OF FRESHMEN gets into the swing of things in Miss McVay's Career class. Business Edu pupils begtw The Business Education Department this year has a new program called Ca- reers. The program enables a freshman to take twelve classes in a semester. They have bookkeeping, typing, and consumer- ism the first part of the semester. The last part they have data processing, secretarial practice, and merchandising. In all these classes they actually get to type, use the computer, make sales speeches and do bookkeeping. The Business Education Department in the future has planned a laboratory for in-1 Elm seniors, so that they can polish up the skills they have learned in their four years at Tech. This program requires a new room and new equipment. This program is expected to start the fall semester of '74. g Rf .. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Felisha Edwards, Mrs. Gwendolyn Ohmit, Mrs. Annabelle Adams, Mrs. Cheryl A. McVay, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Alice M. Johnson. SEC- OND ROW: M. Turpin Davis, Keith Kuck, Mrs. Louistine Fields, Joyce L. Freeman, department head: Mrs. Ann G. Cummins, Mrs. Marjorie C. Parker. THIRD ROW: Ellen Martin, William Guess, Ror Hoke, Michael R. Cecil, Dave George, Mrs. Lois Frye, Mrs. Delsie Shoemaker. mi" DECA-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Delsie Shoemaker, sponsor: Pam Sapp, Deb- Booker, Brian Morris, Dissree Goliday, Larry Ross. THIRD ROW: Pamela by Hartsburg, Vicki Harris, Jenny Lupas, Barbara Lewis, Toni Corsaro. Sherrill, Larry Lawless, Grady Hardiman, Claude Harper, Marcos Russell, SECOND ROW: Pam Russell, Annette Hall, Darlene Kennedy, Vicky Marvin Sizemore, Constance L. Lee. Business . skills Distributive Education is a high school program which prepares a person for a ca- reer in the field of merchandising and marketing of goods and services. The seniors in DE attend school in the morn- ings and work in the afternoons. Their classwork is related to their jobs. They are rated by their employers and receive two credits. One credit is for classwork and the other for the job. There is also a junior DE class for those juniors inter- ested in taking it. Although the juniors don't have jobs, they can learn how DE operates. DE is a successful organization in which students can earn and learn. "Where did you file that letter from Peachy-keen Fruit, lnc.? Say, hasn't any- one ever shown you how to put in a new typewriter ribbon? My face can't have carbon on it, when I'm a regular Mr. Clean!" These situations may not come up in the office where you work or plan to work, you can bet your steno pad, though, that if they did, an Industrial Cooperative Training student would know how to handle them. There is nothing like on-the-job experi- ance to bridge the gap between school and the working world. ICT pupils may work as many as 25 hours a week, or as few as 15, punching a time clock and get- ting a paycheck from one of the sixteen Indianapolis companies involved in the Tech program. Most ICT pupils do not plan to go to college but may continue after graduation with careers already begun. ,, if 5 ICT-FRONT ROW: M. E. Holmes, sponsor, Debbie Thorman, Floyd Benberry, Michael West, Joyce Moore, David Holman, Barbara Perry, Deborah Johnson, Margaret New. SECOND ROW: Michael Watson, James Via, Billy Palmore, Steve Herrington, Jeff Ward, Paul Johnson, Jim Under- wood, Steven L. Cook. THIRD ROW: Jimmie Spivey, Jerome Rimmer, George Evans, Dennis Lawrence, Richard Gibson, Mark Zachery, John Drake, Bill Wilson, Samuel Jones. -. '1 COOPERATIVE O F F I C E EDUCATION- FRONT ROW: Patti Bleier, Pamela Roberts, Emilie Frost, Jackie Carson, Adriann Buckner. SECOND ROW: Theresa Herrington, Kim Mc- Manama, Ruth McCIanahan, Paula Greenwell. COE lCooperative Office Educationl is a course for seniors only. Students who want to work in an office as typists, clerk-typists, general office clerks, clerk stenographers or bookkeepers may en- roll in the course, taught by Mr. Ronald Hoke. Secretarial and data processing po- sitions also are offered. This year was the first year for COE here at Tech. Students normally work on the job a minimum of 15 hours weekly, Monday through Friday, and attend classes at least half the day. A major portion of employment is during the regular school COE enables Techites to get iobs and receive credits, too! Christine Ratcliff. THIRD ROW: April Whits- man, Vicky Tisdial, Carol Hammer, Millie Bland, Jean Miller, Ron Hoke, COE Coordina- IOT. day. Students become members of the business organization's staff of employees on a parttime basis, receiving regular wages. COE has 15 students. OEA lOffice Education Associationl celebrated its first anniversary this year. Club membership consists of business teachers, businessmen of the community and students who have decided upon business as their vocational career. OEA is open to all students and meets only once a month to hear the talks of promi- nent businessmen. if NX 1 A1-.3-0-i TECH STUDENTS prepare key punched cards for the computer. OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION- E. Morris, Edward Dunstan, Ron Hoke, spon- FRONT ROW: Donna Rhudy, John Hawn, sorg Marvin D. Sizemore, Kim McManama, Ruth Gus McCIendon, Paula Greenwell, Jean Miller, McClanahan. Marguerite Goergen. SECOND ROW: Brian l-louse Plow ,.,.f'.!' RUBY RICHARDSON and Janet Robinson enjoy their own private joke in Paula Lopossa's House Plan English class. ln the background are Sherry Beaumont, Denise Stiffler, Clarence Payne and Ken- ny Montgomery. lwibseffup Students find a new home in the House Plan. Consisting of freshmen, soph- omores, and juniors, the House Plan be- gan in the spring of 1971 with 400 stu- dents. Since, it has grown to 700 stu- dents, 13 teachers, one counselor, one secretary and House head, John Miner. All House Plan roll rooms begin with 600 and go A-P omitting l and O. The House Plan is an attempt to per- sonalize school students with teachers and administration, and so far, according to Mr. Miner, it seems to have been a big success. 5 iii 'li l ffl if if 1 N , """""'T i i 5,5 HOUSE PLAN-FRONT ROW: Rita Corrado, Robert Orth, Mrs. Judy Feigert, Robert F. Ford, Ebert W. Smith, Mrs. Cheryl A. McVay. SECOND ROW: Patricia Commons, Alice Purvis, John Miner, house head, Paula E. Lopossa, Charles E. Harry, Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman, Craig Roberts. "D rf MIKE SANDERS, Barn Project pupil, adjusts the camera to take student ID photos. STUDENTS STAND around their House Plan English teacher Craig Roberts. EBERT SMITH a House Plan teacher has his- tory in the round with his students. .31 DOTI ' ' DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING lBarn Projectlz Charles Kocher, Lowell McCarty,WiI- liam St. Stewart, William Berger, Lewis A. Marshall, Mrs. Meriam Oldham. l I ,P u:.,g- .,.. What's going on in the Barn these days? DOT lDiversified Occupational Trainingl Industries has its production and sales headquarters there. The activity taking place is essential education de- signed to teach a skill that will place the hand-picked pupils on the job market. Four periods of work earn two credits, with time left over for earning academic credits. The products are jewelry boxes, Christmas wreaths, billy clubs for security guards and ID cards for all Tech Students. ROTC personnel patronize DOT for name tags. Other products are rubber stamps, laminations, lamps, and saw-horses. Workers punch a time clock and other- wise simulate the working conditions of the adult economic world. The Tech pro- ject is one of half a dozen in the nation. b in QF3 X. lil- A . -0-wb,-1 . , "4-,,,,,, "A fe., Home Economics Department-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Mrs. Jane Snow, Mrs. Natalie B. Ransom, Mrs. Marian Moore, department head Mrs Elva Wignall, Mrs. Mary Woolford, Mrs. Carrol Rose. SECOND ROW: Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Odessa Hill, Mrs. Corrine Seelye, Mrs. Sherron Horstman Mrs Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Patricia Amend. Home New programs abounded in the Home Economics department this year as more and more girls entered the world of cooking and home-making. One of these new programs was entitled The World of Work Program and was an introduction to jobs relating to home economics. lt in- volved several areas-food handling, and services, child care, clothing care, health occupations, and personal services. Mrs. Marian Moore began another proj- ect, in which she visited elementary schools 68 and 89 in order to counsel next year's freshman girls on choosing home economics classes for their high school schedules. Classes offered by the department in- cluded Foods I-IV, Clothing I-Vl, Hous- ing and Management, Child Development, Social Arts, Family Living, and Commer- cial Foods. The Home Ec. Department also per- formed several school services during the year. Home Ec. students were responsible for the cooking and serving of meals on special occasions, for guests of the school. They prepared coffee and desert for the visitors from different colleges during Tech's College Day. During the second semester, the cloth- ing classes received visits from repre- sentatives from Power's Modeling School and from the Social Health Organization. fry MM :-',,'-, , Q 9,9 ls. " 'Q I--MJ ' THROUGH HER PROJECTS Kathy Richardson can express herself. . Q 5 gi S . 4, 11 5' x. K0 Q' af Q., 1 HX xxx I X? XX Q Q N A ,, QP! A S nk H 'X l N ' awk Y ss'. .gg Xxx u Q I Nile I I 1 any 'sus 'Q- If n u .sxery 12 A in. Nia "CAN TASTE it already!" is the thought of this group of girls. '-nyhsvx. 1-.. gl Q1 I. lv--lg--4 us -v-vi "Ultima MRS. CODY supervises the clean-up of one of her foods classes. MRS. AMEND emphasizes a point to her Family Living class. GIRL SCOUTS-FRONT ROW: Patricia Barr, Helen Wakeman, Rhonda Hazelton, Debbie Frank SECOND ROW: Cindy Swisher, Peggy Smith, Karin Rader, Michelle Chandler. W lazy? i . i " g I ' ' 4 :...9"'lf DC FS . 5- . , gg .f-. - s .of i . ' ,sua , . 1, I . . 5 ,gg J i Afixuj mm -wrap Prayer Circle, for a few students, is the best way to start the day. Sometimes it brightens the outlook to share a few moments of scripture and conversational prayer before going to classes. This voluntary group is the only club on campus that meets daily. They sometimes go swimming in De- cember. Who? The Girl Scouts at Tech this year. Troop 775 is a first at Tech with Mrs. Zoearline Davis as sponsor. They had a bake sale at Lafayette Square in the fall and made S20.00. They sold brownies, candy, and cupcakes. This summer the Scouts plan to have a Camp-a-Ree for cadets and seniors for all the girls in Indianapolis. Just this last summer they spent three days and two nights on an Ohio River boat, and had loads of fun cruising. They are a very ac- tive group. Y-Teens is a form of Girls Clubs spon- sored by the YMCA. lt's an organization to promote the idea that all teen-agers are not bad. They meet Thursdays after school in room 367. Mary Marthin spon- sors the group of ten or eleven girls. At Christmas they went caroling at nursing and adoption homes. ln the spring they began to sell make-up as a money making project. They have sold happy face but- tons and keyrings. They have a lot of out- ings and parties. The YWCA also gives them free swimming lessons. fx fx ss, A A I l fr. TP N I X N Viv f I PRAYER CIRCLE-FRONT ROW: Donna Montgomery, Christi Warner, Steve Van Cleave, Sonja Hancock, sponsor: Carol Rosebrock, Ann Ford. NOT PICTURED: John Hawn, Sharon Graves, Darell Feltner. C.7 xx 4"" 'X ' A . ' fi t i . fl 1 , Y-TEENS-FRONT ROW: lzera McAfee, Pamela Dowdy, Connie Taylor, Joni Proffitt. SECOND ROW: Donna Rowe, Mary Marthin, sponsor: Vicky Meadors. NOT PICTURED: Bonnie Bell, Janet Waterford, Pamela Thomas, Diane Murphy, Toni Johnson, Toni Bell, Sharon Young. ' gfwups help bniglitewsclwolbgeafv Did you ever buy any good sweets from "Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe" at the Tech Mardi Gras? lf you did, you can thank the Service Club for making all those good things. Service Club is a group of people who want to help serve the school and the community. Judith McBride sponsors the club which meets every other Tuesday in the Senior Office. At Christmas the members visited the Marion County Home and had a party there for the older generation. They also helped the East Side Council of Churches distribute food to the needy families. Among their other activities, the club sold booster buttons and mums for Homecoming, and in February they had a Valentine's Day Tea. Later in the spring they held a spirit slogan contest and a clean-up campus campaign. A world outlook inspired Red Cross girls this year to correspond with service- men and to send them care packages. They also exchanged friendship boxes with other Red Cross girls around the world. Closer to home, they collected books for the Red Cross Book Mobile and had a spring food drive. Their Christmas pro- ject was to dress Christmas dolls provided by Red Cross headquarters and to distri- bute them to children. sponsor Ellen Eads rounded out the year s program Parties, such as an open house for the LD sb SERVICE CLUB-FRONT ROW: Cathy Stuck, Marsha Feltner, Dorothea Lancaster, Jackie Haines 1 Kim Harbin. SECOND ROW: Judith McBride, sponsor: Sandra Armes, Andrea Brinkley, Denise Stif- fler, Sherry Harmon, Marisa Boggs. THI RD ROW: Cora West, Teresa L. Stokes, Doreen Martin, Eliza- beth MacBain, Tim Morse, Nancy Eaton, Dawn Price. RED CROSS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Joni Proffitt, Jackie Haines, Dina L. Eads, Paula Greenwell, An- drea Brinkley, Diane Murphy, Kathy Godwin. SECOND ROW: Jean Miller, Cora West. Carol Rose- brock, Nancy Eaton, Leisa Hayden, Doreen Martin, E. Ellen Eads, sponsor. NOT PICTU RED, Debbie Thorman. gzjfgi' 1- .N A --.lil-'Mft '- " ' -. ln. A DILIGENT WORK SESSION by Red Cross MEMBERS of the Service Club hold a meeting members is supervised by Ellen Eads, sponsor. to discuss various ways of helping Tech and the community. . . iw wins The Junior Council, sponsored by Robert Orth, consists of 11 members chosen by the Junior Class. The Council tackles the job of raising money for the annual Junior Prom. Ways which have proved successful toward this goal are dances and carwashes. Meetings are held every Monday morning the X hour. From these meetings result the well-planned fund raising projects. The Council works hard all year to enable them to say that their Junior Prom was the best ever! JUNIOR COUNCIL members fight to keep awake at one of their early Monday morning sessions. It lc. -,4 v,d4 JUNIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Paula Batts, Mary Wheeler, Leisa Hayden, Cathy Stuck, Margaret Brown, Robert Orth, sponsor. SECOND JUNIOR HONORS-FRONT ROW: Delois Phillips, Marie Pierce, Ruth Mitchell, Vicki Wright, Rhonda Hughes, Susie Hill. SECOND ROW: Mar- gie Turner, Katria Whitfield, Debbie Rhoads, Charlotte Alexander, Marcia in if i fi, 'All ROW: Marna Coleman, James West, Donald Owens, Deborrah Richardson, Karen Smith. NOT PICTU RED: Connie Tucker. McDaniel, Levinia Wright. THIRD ROW: Ralph Howard, Sharon Jenkins, Bradford W. Dykes, Roland A. Wiley, Carl Cooper, Charles Alexander. I , I .. . , ,ff MAJ f"" X! as Qsgbltxn L vm my xl ,XS 'XXX SAO BOARD-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Janell Price. THIRD ROW: Debbie Rhoads, Kim Harbin,Anita Huber,Sandra Armes, Kathy Connie Tucker. Keith AVFTWOUF, Sam Heffefa. Miller. SECOND ROW: Dina Eads, Jeff Ligen felter, Carol Rosebrock, Patricia K. Taube, Av-ibitums ' . ,nv- 14: -0 Robin Kares. 31 5. FL is ,KX 'P-vs EXERCISE IN KNOWLEDGE-FRONT ROW: Wesley J. Murphy, sponsor: Charles Alexander, Kathy Miller, alternate: Charlotte Alexander, Kevin Hook,John Hawn. Marguerite Goergen, alternate. SECOND ROW: TEA- -t-fi If , 5 " R x'wNf,- 1' T.: DANNY RICHARDSON makes a big splash at the Mardi Gras. slwlll The purpose of the 30 year old Stu- dent Affairs Organization is to serve as a link between the students, faculty, and the administration. The SAO also spon- sors and or promotes student activities. Some of their accomplishments were the painting of the school seal on the gym floor, three booths at the Mardi Gras in- cluding "The Big Splash", which was a big hit, and a Pep Session at the opening of the basketball season. These are just a few of the many events that the SAO sponsors. Three members from each class are elected to the SAO Executive Board, and one member from each roll room is elected as a representative. The future plans of the SAO are to keep coming up with successful ideas and improving Tech. It was a disappointing season for Tech's Exercise in Knowledge team as they fell to Decatur Central in their first match by a score of 46-36. The team held its own, though, when, at one time dur- ing the match, they led by 10 points. The show was televised by Channel 13 on Sunday, November 5, 1972 and taped on the Tuesday afternoon before. SOPHOMORE HONORS-FRONT ROW: Hope Stevenson, Jan Berry, Betty Spears, Joyce Brewer, Pat Hamilton, Shelley Hacker. SEC- OND ROW: Leisel Strohschein, Cora West, Pamela Thomas, Lou Wanna Benns, Patsy Mur- ray, Heddy Hampl. THIRD ROW: James Jor- dan, Mark Short, John Parks, Ronnie Pate, Pete Fuhr. NOT PICTURED: Jael Perry, Phyllis Whitney, Keith Armour, Jodi Rady, William Bruder. Pupils returning to Tech last fall were greeted by an unfamiliar set of letters IPSCEC. What do they mean? They are the initials of the new Indianapolis Public Schools Career Education Center located on the Tech campus. Last April the Indianapolis School Board gave final approval to the plan, and lthel Shoemaker was appointed as the first director. lOther administrators are shown on page 142.l The ultimate goal of career education is to prepare each student that graduates from a high school either to enter an oc- cupation for which he is trained, or to go on to higher education or further techni- cal training. At present, nearly 50 teachers and 2,265 students make up the center. Most Indianapolis high schools are represented in the student body. Pupils from other schools receive their career training at the center but retain their identity with their home schools. SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUC- TION, John Laughlin, touring the career center facilities, lends a hand to an auto mechanics pupil. GM INDIANAPOLIS PUBLIC SCHOOL CAREER EDUCATION CENTER- FRONT ROW: Clyde J. Armel, business manager, Mrs. Gwendolyn Ohmit, Robert W. Smith, lthel Shoemaker, director, Sam Dudkowski, pupil per- sonnel services, Fred Keller, Oral E. Henderson, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Harold Elliot, assistant director. SECOND ROW: David Cruser, John C. Hill, Wil- lian Tremp, James K. Gilliland. THIRD ROW: Spencer E. Tuttle, Robert E. Crooke, John P. Mullenax, head of Introduction to lndustry, Gary Mashino, John Tincher, Terry C. Yeagley, Dan S. Malone, John M. Wil- liams, Clifford R. Allen. FOURTH ROW: Burney S. Jackson, H. R. Van Der Maerl, Clif-ton Lovelace, M. O. Woods, industrial coordinator, Wil- Iiam Guess, director of data processing, Norman L. Brinker, industrial coordinator, Charles H. Hylton, Paul E. Oscarson, Jack King. FIFTH ROW: Harold Deem, Dewaine Metcalf, Howard E. Beall, William E. Sharp, Wil- liam Berger, Lewis Pence, Cyril Stock, F. Doug Thompson, Frederick T. Miessen, Robert Bulthaup, Ernest H. Holmes,director of ICT and employ- ment. Ka. 'Nm .v if .fl A su' ADVANCED COMPUTER PROGRAMMING pupils adopt a career outlook. Some are now working on the COE program. Margaret Goergen, Ben Classes opewjobs iw ' Computer Programming, Computer Operations, and Key Punch all come un- der the heading of Data Processing, an- other department of the extensive Career Center. There are approximately 135 stu- dents enrolled in Data Processing courses, including those students from other schools such as, George Washington Northwest, Broad Ripple and Howe. No further training is needed before Data Processing students qualify for the dif- ferent jobs available to them once they have completed the course here at Tech. Some of the Data Processing students now work in offices under the COE. Commercial Foods is a class where students can learn to be chefs, wait- tresses, cooks, bus boys, caterers, and . Y'lllll' 21 S:9'l9"'QEXE!!1i g.. n ' ly: 3, fi . j- I - --e- -Q., Hampton, James Kendrick, Paula Greenwell, John Hawn, Jean Miller. many more. Students are taught to go in- to the food industry. To get into Com- mercial Foods a pupil must be in his third semester and have good attendance. The class lasts four periods and is a two- credit course. Commercial Foods does part of the cooking for the school cafe- teria, and they cook special lunches for guests. W - + ' 5355--JS' 'x . ' C , 'l-T9-zsszfzsnz . r 3 9 5 , -F - g ,.F".F'ri'1'x' PW an T Q f 1' -U . - 's p' - A J '- P mf, lj, - gnaoooooegl N i ,.-v - ' 4-y,x L COMMERCIAL FOODS pupils learn quantity food preparation with the Dora Harrison, Barbara Austin, Henry Watson, Anita Killbrew, Janet Pate, latest equipment. Sidney Zackery, Carolyn Hutcherson, Sandra Barnett, Cecilia Henderson. .'xf- 1 NTI fn. Ts Over two hundred students and six teachers comprise one of the "building blocks" of the Tech Building Trades De- partment. This department offers courses to any student who has completed an Introduc- tion to Industry class and who wishes to continue into one of the areas covered by building trades-Cabinet Making, Carpen- try, Masonry Plumbing, or Painting and Decorating. HELPING with the plumbing are Jay Stinson, Doug Debuer, and Terry Corn. 1 I PWWOGCC KEVIN WISLON and Stan Jones work with wood in Cabinet Making. SHEET METAL is iust one of the many areas of Building Trades. DANNY DILLEHAY enjoys working in the Building Trades Department. E i 50- ,Q 'Z' 1 F' l rx - .ails-" , "- MICHAEL PATTE RSON, Dariel Barley, and Harold Perry prepare a sheet metal project under the supervision of Mr. Brinker. Twdesb1,2gl1tewY I' ' ' Tech's Metal Trades Department helps brighten Indianapolis. The welding shop made snowflakes of thin metal tubing for the Christmas trees on the Circle down- town, and the sheet metal shop made donation pots for the Salvation Army. Tech's Metal Trades Department is divided into five areas: foundry, machine shop, pattern making, sheet metal, and welding. Each year the Metal 1... . , 'nal' "' 1 Trades Department saves our school several thousand dollars by repairing school property, such as lawn mowers, and shop and biology stools. .-'Q ' Q 'Tide' or '. ' DARYL WOODSON, Stanley Brown, and Jesse Washington work at the EDWIN CONNORS works at the crucible while Daryl Woodson looks on. furnace in their foundry class. "You can train a monkey to hang onto won't know what he's straight-forward prov- molds our Auto and a wrench, but he doing." A simple erb such as this Aviation Trades Department into an ef- ficient training center for our future professional mechanics. Auto Trades, a 2 period, 1 credit class, prepares any stu- dent for a high paying professional job. How can this be done in just the allotted class time? With professional training and patience any student can learn to as- semble any car and dismantle it again. And with a little extra time and patience a class can refurbish a whole airplane. Don't you think a high paying profession- al job is worth the extra time and effort? rv .M A-Ns.. 'Vw 'M Mir ' 9 .Q THE REPAIR and upkeep of cars is what auto trades is all about. .06!aut0J!. :WN 5. .i. -. A 5- Q' an . ,W ' la, 5 V W -'11 ':. gig - , Y, Ei lm, . .asq .wwf W' V fw ..,.- r-'H' ' , as-'HA ,V ,, . je,-Q52 . e . Ve mg! .X .QZN s eit. SMI 'M FOSTER MORRIS and Darrel Gunyon work hard in Aviation. S v ll KEVIN WHITE uses his painting skill in aviation class. AUTO TRADES TEACHER William Trent watches as Ricky Evans and a fellow student practice their "tuning up" know-how. 1 ed! 1 . i mine- """"" k "li REPAIRING A BATTERY charger are Tom Reese and Cleotha Lawrence. Q-"QW at-"f . ,sux gl -' -M., F 4 ww , Q . N' Q '. , 4 , nt -i 1. 5. LEROY BEANBLOSSOM and Anthony Highsaw hook up an audio amplifier in the Electrical Trades Depart ment. BYRON RICHARDSON takes a look at some equipment in his refrigeration class at 10:39 a.m. Tech's Electrical Trades Department can't be beat when it comes to vocational courses. A student can choose anything from Basic Electricity to Heating, Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigera- tion if he is interested in electronics. The courses are open to girls as well as boys, of the approximately one hundred stu- dents enrolled in the department, how- ever, Linda Phillips claimed the honor of being the only girl. One of the more interesting and dif- ferent courses offered is Radio and Tele- vision, vvhich teaches students the ser- vicing and repair of several types of radio and television sets. Tech has more courses to offer in electricity than any high school in the city, and several students from other schools enrolled in these courses to learn as much as they could in this interesting field. :Of WA LTER JOHNSON shows his ability to work with the linotype. I Radio . . . . Graphic communications, or printing in layman terms, now consists of ten dif- ferent types of classes, ranging from Cam- era to IBIVI. According to Clyde Armel, department head, printing is a dynamic field, continuously changing and progres- sing. Printing is another division of the Career Center, where students from other schools may come to Tech to have the opportunity to learn in Tech's extensive shop classes, and return to their own schools for the academic courses re- quired. Other classes offered in graphic com- munications are Printing Design, Offset l- IV, Linotype, Printing l-Vlll, Related Graphic Arts, CANNON Production, and Graphics. ,---.I 1 ffl' Mk JERRY LUND, Phil Gates, and Walter Johnson work with the printing of the newspaper, THE ARSENAL CANNON. L. gn at .' g ,pl , Q KI. r V if-'Iii'-vw .. -.' 'H ' if ff. l xx 'FS x if his X 'a 'g it-. 'ff 3, . ' 'fLL. l The introduction of the Career Center located on the Tech Campus, brought new emphases to career education. New course offerings in Introduction to lndus- try presented work in drawing, construc- tion, electricity, graphics, metals and power. . i '...nn.L MR. JACKSON helps a student with his drafting assignment. A project of a practical nature was exemplified by a psychedelic lamp de- signed by senior George Williams in De Wayne Metcalf's Machine Drafting Class. Mr. Metcalf and John Williams are the Career Center's vocational drafting teach- lzdfl ers. Additional courses offered at the Ca- reer Center are Mechanical Drawing I, ll, Ill, and IV, Machine Drafting I-Vl, and Architectural Drafting I-Vl. Pupils can earn a vocational certificate in the de partment tggg . - 1 , , '53, 9 S 2,4 Q r 33" Y , J ' rf! x f ' X ,, A F ff' is ' '-:ff L , dig g Q S " V X i w 250' Q ' ' - V 1 5,2 2 Z 5 I 4. 4 l Cz O 1 ,,,. . , WAVE 1 f m m Q X. ' W? ? 'I' Y K if V w ...Q ,,,.. , " " 1 ' r Q4 LM3lHlIll5Wf'lIME r GIRLS EMSEMBLE members, Teresa Stokes and Marna Coleman fill Room 640 with the SOUND OF MUSIC. to Tech's Music Department sounded off with the production of THE MUSIC MAN, a musical by Meredith Willson. The planning of the musical started at the beginning of the school year and con- tinued till the night of the performance in April. Any student could audition. MUSIC DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Judy Shattuck: departmental assistant: Mrs. Loesje Mendel, Mrs. Sheila Young. SECOND ROW: Edward Evans, Ron Nobles,William Moon: department head, Richard Switzer, William Tatum. the ga The parts were given by talent and ability and not by class. Early in the year candy sales provided new outfits for the various groups. Ticket sales covered the cost of the musical. In the spring the Techoir, augmented by other groups, produced an LP record- ing in place of the traditional Christmas record. Too late to be in the 1972 yearbook, the Music Department production of OKLAHOMA in March, 1972, thrilled audiences with lively music and dance. ' 2 fl x 3 I i - I GIRLS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Sherry Quinn, Sandra Carpen- ter, April Warner, Hope Stevenson, Samantha Overton, Kim Harbin, Sherry Buckley, Theresa Hampton, Christina Chastain. SECOND ROW: Jan Ber- ry, Cheryl Cooper, Susie Williams, Ann Bailey, Kathy Miller, Lisa Hayden, Sheila Tenner, Cathy Drass. THIRD ROW: Cosette Goodrum, Valerie Scruggs, Clara Buckley, Cynthia Graves, Carol Robinson, Miriam Smith, Trina Smith, Mary Ann Hanneman. FOURTH ROW: Julie Lewis, La Don- na Smith, Sheree Canaday, Marlene Grayson, Jackie Dickerson, Cathy Jones, Dawn Price, Cora West, Debbie Morford, Mary Edwards. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Jackson, Sheila Randolph, Alice Lee, Debbie Wiggington, Autumn Blakely, Terry Funke, Andrea Brinkley, Robin Wallace. clubs get abtogetlwfv aw "72" 7 MEMBERS of the Boy's Concert Club laugh and sing it up while sitting in one of their favorite classes. FIRST ROW: Charles Howard, Michael Woodson, Michael Simmons, and Richard Suhre. SECOND ROW: Steve Harris, Phillip Miller, Steve Folson. BOYS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Steven Harris, Michael Simmons, Richard Guiden, David Houston, Michael Murphy, Lawrence Yarrell, Steven Folson. SECOND ROW: Bruce Petree, Robert McPherson, Charles Howard, Phillip Miller, Michael Woodson. THIRD ROW: Rolando Quintana, Charles Southern, Danny Boone, Richard Suhre, Phil Higgenbottom, Randy Biech, Bill Bottoms. William Tatum, director at piano. 1' ,. A-'J' 1-"' ' tk 0 --bl' GIRLS CONCERT CLUB members get it all together while they sing joyously through the school year. SEATED: Margo Woods, Leisa Hayden, Dawn Price, Sherry Quinn. STANDING: Cathy Drass, Kim Harbin, April Warner, Kathy J. Miller, Carol Robinson. Male opinion was practically unani- mous "There ls Nothing Like a Dame" So went the trend in Boys Concert Club as the choral group sang its way through a fun year. For the first time they participated in the Tech Music Department's musical THE MUSIC MAN. They also represent- ed the school in various contests such as the Spring Festival in which they gave a commanding performance. This year the Boys Concert Club has really been on the ball. Membership in this exciting singing group is by audition. Like to join? During your spare time, ask for William Tatum the director. f Busy, busy, busy, best describes this year for the Girl's Concert Club and spon- sor, William Moon. After the hassle in- volved in getting their dresses, the group was busy preparing for Christmas in the Round. Later in the year they performed in the All-City Girls Concert Festival. Fin- ally they wrapped up their year with the Pop Concert in which they performed with the Symphonic Band. . sr , - -..M .Y M.-ff .,.,,--.,,,,....,,..,.,,..,.. ..-,.... .. M., -E ,. ..,..,., - , . ., ., ...........,,,,-... ' x '. """""""""" , -q. .., N 5 . . ljlglllljffllllllllllll'M' dj A 1 i .5 ,i ,Q sd., K M ateiiiiiii' 'Ti . ff. . .- .11 I - , ma. BOYS OCTETTE-Douglas Dickson, Greg Boid, Charles Black, Samantha Overtong accompanist, Kevin Hook, John Happersberger, Mark McKinney, Fred Mindach, David Wallen. P f lwepswuwfw Keeping with what could be called a tradition, the Girls Ensemble sold pop- corn at the Mardi Gras, and it seems that their schedule was really popping. Per- formances at Open House, Brookside United Methodist Church, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, and Lafayette Square were just a few of the many programs the girls gave. Christmas brought a party at the home of pianist and director Mrs. Loesje Mendel. The girls got their sound together and made it an enjoyable year for those who heard them. As students in 7th hour lunch shov- eled dovvn their food, the Boys Octette gathered in Boom 632 and used the pe- riod to practice such songs as THIS GUYS IN LOVE WITH YOU, BLACK AND WHITE, THE BIRTH OF THE BLUES, AND SOMETIMESI FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD. Lafay- ette Square was the setting for the Octette's first Christmas performance, with several other programs following. The members really enjoyed the per- formances and effectively conveyed the enjoyment to the audience. GIRLS ENSEMBLE-Anita Huber, Linda Akers, Sherry Weiglein, Teresa Stokes, Kathy Coons, Marna Coleman, Mrs. Loesje Mendel, director, Mary Beatty, Beth Chambers, Debbie Jackson, Marcia McDaniel, Marie Pierce, Wanda Dodd. ws, gwup, 3 B' DARLENE SPARKS and Jeff Ward fight thirst at the Mardi Gras. C C 4-Sm -4' A , S ll l. lim Tech's oldest musical group, the Melo- dayres, along with five other groups in the Music Department, cut the first stereo album at Tech. The new album replaced the annual Christmas record. Melodayres usually performs tra- ditional songs but also includes some pop and religious numbers in its reper- toire. Audiences that enjoyed the sweet sounds of this mixed group were the Knights of Columbus and personnel at the Fort Harrison Christmas pany. The group also participated in the spring concert, and members appeared in MUSIC MAN. Girls looked appealing in baby blue formalsg the boys wore tuxedos with blue ruffled shirts. Old or new, what this group has is unique quality, the ability to please not just the young, but older audiences as well. This was their purpose all year as they became seasoned performers. Cf'-J Q-r ! Qi' l. 8 rx ' a W , ' l MELODAYRES-FRONT ROW: Linda Troxell, Patricia A. White, Anna SECOND ROW: Lynn Taylor, Dennis Sipf, Jeffrey Ward, David Bulling- Young, Debra Lane, Rhonda Crockett, Darlene Sparks, Brenda Troxell. ton, Thom M. West, Carl L. King, Tony Jackson. li. TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: Eli Johnson, Junior representative: Cathy Coons, junior representative: Tony Jackson, sergeant-at-arms: Anita Huber, hostess: Douglas Dickson, co-president: Mrs. Loesje Mendel, accompanist: William F. Moon, director: Brenda Troxell, co-president: Carl L. King, trea- surer: Linda Troxell, secretary. SECOND ROW: Rose Bond, Judy Aber- nathy, Denise Jacobs, Marie Pierce, Marianne Hardester, Gayle Hager, Pa- tricia Riley, Sally Swan, Cyle Pettigrew, Patricia White, Debby Jackson, Kathy Brinkley, Cheryl Polin, Marcia McDaniel, Aletha Willner, Sandy Wes- ter. THIRD ROW: Darlene Sparks, Rhonda Crockett, Blossom Bryant, Robin Kares, Debra Lane, Debbie Stutzman, Teresa L. Stokes, Wanda +32 Dodd, Donna Montgomery, Linda Akers, Beth Chambers, Brenda Buss- berg, Sherry Weiglein, Cindy Brown, Anna Young. FOURTH ROW: Marna Coleman, David Wilson, Jeffrey Ward, Randall Beight, Kevin Nahas, David Wallen, Fred Mindach, Ronnie Allender, Mark A. McKinney, Lawrence Hicks, Lynn Taylor, Roger Childs, Keith Armour, Judy Crabtree. FIFTH ROW: Bradford Dykes, Joe Huber, Thomas Stone, Mike Green, Thom West, Stan Lawrence, Charles Black, John Happersberger, Gregory Boid, Kevin Hook, David Bullington, Dennis Sipf, Jeff Meid, Mary Beaty. NOT PICTU RED: Marcia Brown, Maggie Maddox. - eclww . W bu . Q Frustration. Satisfaction. Disappoint- ment. Success. These are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the feeling a Techoir member experiences during the fifth hour. The Techoir is a collective group that produces a great sou nd! And that great sound keeps a busy schedule. Sunday, December 10, the Te- choir performed at the annual Christmas In the Round. Then December 17, the taping of the annual Techoir Christmas Show occurred ON the Tech campus for the first time. The last day of school be- ANITA HUBER and Mark McKinney discover a new way to use a life-saver at the Techoir Kick-Off Banquet. Lynn Taylor and Marcia McDaniel "take notes!" fore Christmas vacation brought caroling downtown. Caroling the following night, the Techoir concluded the holiday season by wishing loyal Tech patrons a Merry Christmas through song. The pace slowed after Christmas, but didn't stop. A first for the choir came later in the spring with the recording of Tech's first LP album. A trip to Ball State University and the annual spring concert at the World War Memorial con- cluded the year's engagements. SINGING TECHOIR members try to keep warm as a Channel 8 camera follows every move. 19" ' Ge, Ct'-Offlf sound gwaiv 1 in CK' 'M ga., STRING ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW: Teresa Hagan, Carl Michaelis BACK ROW: Paula Batts, Theresa Amato, Donna Montgomery, Ruth Mitchell, Myra Hagan, Keith Armour, Bonnie Cameron, So inspiring is the performance of Tech's Bert Bell Choir that other schools are following their example. After a per- formance at John Marshall High School, pupils expressed interest in starting their own group. The bell ringers made numer- ous appearances including one at Cente- nary Christian Church and the holiday "bit" in Christmas in the Round. The String Ensemble consists of the top string players. Two violas, four vio- lins, two basses, and two cellos harmonize to present classical music. The group olayed at Graham Electronics as a demon- :tration for tape recording equipment. Other engagements were the Hobby Show and the board of directors dinner of the Indianapolis Association of Administra- tors, Supervisors and Consultants. Sally Swan. r T - f p i -nfs 'pq ,A gif' i ' . 5 W ,x I. Q s r 5 i - ,jr it E iii 5 -J: . . Y ' A at Y ., V Ul v Tp- Q I ' , .J V I' , V '3 - ' ' ' . '5 - 5? -, is - .L ll 4 ' '3 A , f l "' E 4 s ly . -gi., l ff .sm .. 1 Q fr , - s . -., - r Q 1 1 ' .fi if fi I ' 5' 1 ' A T " ff V' 2 A? ...T ' ' ll 3' u I 3' , ? ' i - :W b Y' T' - ' i' 1 U 5 X 1 Q z 1? 353 19" ' . .. i N' , " 4' A A F V 'lf . 4, 1. f. + -'. .12 i Q0 X1 ' - , . - F 9 ' 7 L' ' -'. . ' ' Q ' l -- . 'N' r - T 5 ' -- .Q 1 1 - A . e . r ' w K ' lf 14- I-.,.,' fl v7 Y.. '- ,. . ' , , .H M - , , N , X - r - l . .K x 1 A " X ' .gl fy :Y1 Y 'Q g 1 l BURT M E M O R I A L HANDBELL CHOIR- FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel, director, Sally Swan, Myra Hagan, Linda Bruer, Kathy Dobbs, Patricia Taube, Theresa Amato, Sandy Wester, Silvia Hannemann, Marcia McDaniel, Samantha Overton. SECOND ROW: Carl Michaelis, David M. Houston, David Bullington, Carl L. King, John Happersberger. THE BELL CHOIR gives a ring-a-ding-ding for Open House visitors. ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW: Terry Amato, Robin DeBurger, Anna Young, Carol Rosebrock, Delois Phillips, Keith Armour, Teresa Hagan Carl Michaelis. SECOND ROW: Myra Hagan. Paula Batts, Doris Phillips Mary Wheeler, Lavinia Wright, Kathy Brinkley, Linda Miller, Gary Davis, Marcia McDaniel, Valerie Narvvell, Bonnie Cameron, Billy Bruden, Pat Amato. THIRD ROW: Donna Montgomery, Denise Jacobs, Debbie mewibms The Tech Orchestra, directed by Ron Nobles, consists of viola, violin, cello, and obligation he has to fulfill. The Orchestra performed in the Christ- 1 Spears, Tim Fuller, Teresa Cooper, Sandy Wester, Cindy Brown, Linda Bruer, Cathy Jones. FOURTH ROW: Donna Butler, Linda Knox, Pam Thomas, Cheyell Cooper, Phil Carbin, Pat Taube, Tom Hawkins, Joe Huber, Doug McDaniel, Don Lasher, David Carr, Tony Miller, Carl Jordan, Ron Nobles, director. NOT PECTURED: Lesa Morrison, Steve Vancleve, Ruth Michell, Sally Swan, Benito Sherrod, Stephen Scott, Sherry Linville. 1 1 , bass players. Wind and percussion players also play an important part in the sound of the Orchestra. Each player has an f A - - l :. 1. 'W 1 ,f f CLF S 1 llll mas-in-the-Round program, orchestra contest held in the spring, and Vespers at the end of the school year. m -1 .1 14,1-. A in M ,,,,. , Z 3613? Q .1 Ei . i A i . f fill s Wzrll - ff . at gg. " ' . J , ft? 'Sl ' Y 3 grim t v A 1 , Q 1 ' V l . El ORCHESTRA SWEATE RS: Denise Jaoobs, Myra Hagan, Carol Rosebrock, Anna Young. DELOIS PHILLIPS and Keith Armour make music as members of the violin section of the Tech Orchestra. if i ponder their music. A' STEPHEN SCOTT and Sally Swan pause to bmwb smppmg to mwsw The Concert Band, directed by Edward Evans, has a great sound this year. The members worked hard to achieve that sound, and it comes across when they perform. Members of the band are considered as candidates for the Symphonic Band if they excel in the playing of their instru- ments, the members may also play in the Pep Band or the Marching Band if they wish. "The Concert Band is a training group mainly, it provides the student the ex- perience of playing with a large group." says Mr. Evans. "Our main program each year is the Spring Concert, which gives the band members a chance to show what they've learned." MEMBERS OF THE CONCERT BAND practice for perfection every day during the eighth hour. i 1 iii ii ' . +1 'll llli ' ff' I 1 S ' T ' il ' f f is f l 5' E ' . " - i ' .,, . Witty' 1 i , 1 L fb L 1 ' ., . - , E 0, . 2 i " V fi P 4 l " Vf .- is A I 5.-ive, at - Ant' i 1 : ,J -1 T A 3, ,D iii 'W ' Q-M .. , i il., wifi., 1'-1, si if 6 , ' - 1 . 21 Q . , r . V q - ll V I kj : i HE-il 1-4,212 l: ' x - ,' '- , U . . , 1. . -. 4 ,.-wi Ji ll, , saw. I ,Ll N., ,F 1. I M' I A i-7"1 I ' by .L nil, AX' qv ' i Ji : il ' N .D E IA' , ', V I ei - -- ' ,I 'lim Q5 A xl. . I. CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: Terri Dawson, Patricia Jackson, Robert McPherson, Teresa Franklin, Bethann Wiley, Joe Farris, Kristi McKee, Roberta Seats, Lisa Cooper, Teresa Day, Kristi Senour. SECOND ROW: Nancy Hapner, Pat Hamilton, Dianne Coffman, Elizabeth Newall, Darlene Litteral, Patty Turner, Renaldo Riojas, Julian Gammons, Loretta Thomas, Nathan Rice, Dewayne Smith. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Dim- mitt, Orville Jones, Foster Hart, Daryl Newman, Mark Williams, Daniel Vaughn. Clara Buckley, Ronald Wagner, Russel Gorbett, Dewayne Grahm, Claude Oliver, Greg Radford, Keith Allen. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Linville, David Wilson, Mike Brown, Timothy Cooper, Michael Simmons, Edward Evans, director. -- .JQ " umm re . -Illia a- ,F is ui . . f ,si ,r +55 .i 40. . B , , . ,V , . , 4 'W J ' Ki as STAGE BAND-FRONT ROW: Dewayne Smith, Kevin Gartrell, Irving Tom Bruce, David Carr, Bob Stafford, Tony lVliller, Roger Hart. THIRD Washington, Charles Black, Luren Dalton, Michael Woods. SECOND ROW: ROW: Chris Ball, Douglas lVlcDaniel, Tom Hawkins, Carl Nlichaelas, Rich- ard Switzer, director. Stage, Pep bands slump worth oaw be plag Ever heard of the Tech Stage Band? Well, it consists of sixteen musicians. They are all selected from Symphonic Band, with the exception of four. The instruments played in the band include a piano, a rhythm guitar, five saxaphones, four trombones, four trumpets, and a drum set. The Pep Band plays at all home bas- ketball games, and practices six hard hours a week. The musicians can volun- teer to be in the band as long as they can make it to all the games and stay after school three nights a week. DOUG McDANlEL belts it out. REYELI-5 PEP BAND-FIRST ROW: Sherry Linville, Jackie Whitney, Julie Watts, Evans, director: Luren Dalton, David Carr, Cindy Brown, Clara Buckley, Orville Jones, Bobbie Seats, Levina Wright, Marylin Williams, Jeff Routh, Carl Jordan. Stanley Brown, Bill Bardwell, Reginald Maxwell. SECOND ROW: Ed X El z '7- lag-.fsx ' 'flax sz.. lt' U' 3 I1 MAJORE-I-TES-pRON-f ROW: Jan Berry' Lisa Wise' Diane Herrington, LecClier, Julie Lewis, Doreene Martin SIXTH ROW: Kristi McKee, Janet Hendrickson SECOND ROW: Dyrica Shelton, Rhonda Crockett Daflene Watts SEVENTH ROW5 Slllfia Hannemann E'GHTH ROW3 THIRD ROW: Linda Stiers, Renetta Constantine I-OURTH ROW: Adriann Kathv TBYIOF- Buckner, Kathy Miller, Betty Manning, Susie Morris FIFTH ROW: Debbie boofsawmadelolv ' Whether the score is 20-0, or 0-20, it is techniques a Titanette needs to know, always a pleasure to see those "eye-pop- and prepares them for "second cuts" ping" Titanettes put their boots into held in the spring which determine who action during ball games. The girls spend will be the majorettes for the next year. hours of practice during and after school With all of this work to find out who are and at their own homes. Their halftime the most talented for these positions, it is - shows are proof of their dedication. "lt no wonder that these girls are great! As is such hard work," said one veteran one might guess, this is a time of excite- l Titanette to a rookie during summer ment for some, tears for others. practice, "but when you see how the All in all, it is hard work and long crowd reacts to a good halftime show, it hours for Sheila Young, Titanefte SDOFU' lg Wglrth all Of the effgf-tl" SOl', Kathy Taylor, head Tltaflette, Silvia Tryouts for Majoreffestake place twice Hannemann, assistant head lshown at a year. In the fall, girls wishing to be flghfl and' Of COUVSGI The QMS- We OUT' Titanettes go through "first cuts" to see Sldefs lust look on in amalemenf and who will take Band Drill in the Spring- wonder what we would do without those Band Drill teaches the girls the basic TWCHIY Curvaceousloveliesl SYMPHONIC BAND FRONT ROW: Marcia McDaniel, Gary Davis, Shel- ley Hacker, Jackie Whitney, Patty Holland, Vicki O'Neill, Levina Wright. SECOND ROW: Linda Miller, Kathy Brinkley, Sandra Wester, Phil Car bin, Cheryl Cooper, Bruce Chaney, Pat Taube, Liesel Strohschein,Melody Coryell, Mary Coryell, Cindy Kitchens, Cindy Brown. THIRD ROW: Theresa Cooper, Jeff Lingenfelter, Marilyn Williams, Cheryl O'Neill, Tom Bruoe, Irie Smith, Don Lasher, Bob Stafford, David Carr, Brad Dykes, Kevin Gartrell, Luren Dalton. FOURTH ROW: Julie Watts, Sherry Beau- mont, Roger LaValley, Jeff Routh, Patty Rocks,Tom Hawkins, Doug Mc- Daniel, Joe Huber, Chris Ball, Lonnie Price, Bill Bardwell, Tony Miller, Linda Bruer, Scott Swisher. FIFTH ROW: Roger Hart, Reginald Maxwell, Mark McLung, Richard Switzer, director: Sherry Linville. NOT PIC- TURED: Mike O'Neill, Carl Jordon, Anita Huber, Kevin Nahas, Linda Troxell,Theresa Sovern, Marsha Brown, lrving Washington, Debra Stutz- man, Philip Caudle. The Symphonic Band consists of 60 1 fag E , ,,,, pupils who have attained above average X ' Q- , performance in music. These pupils put A 1 Q if gig, 4, , ,.vf s 2 ,V -i in many hard hours after school practic- Q? ig ff! , Y, g m ing for contests and concerts: in addition S., Q' , .as ' T i .iz ,h 3 s. H r y 4,.f they meet one period daily at school. - X . l t f , ,T '- S ., iw, A Q. Examples of their hard work are Y -7i'?sX h it M AO QVAA 1 if' Christmas-in-the-Roundwhich L X if 1 1 3 P was put on by the Music Department, N N' Q 3 X .b The Spring Concert, band contest at Ben t,'i.Z9 a A A V! ,I i ' 'J ,L Davis in March, and commencement at L ' V S v 3 i the end of the year. i v - Q Q When band members are not playing 2 T' Q - 'W their instruments, they are busy selling i BAND HONOR SWEATER RECIPIENTS- FRONT ROW: Marsha Brown, Marilyn Wil- liams, Anita Huber, Rhonda Crockett, Patty Taube, Lonnie Price, Adrian Buckner. SEC- OND ROW: Janet Hendrickson, Tom Haw- kins, Jeff Lingenfelter, Bill Bardwell, Susie Morse, Teresa Cooper, Linda Troxell. THIRD ROW: Kathy Taylor, Doug McDaniel, Mike O'NeiI, Irving Washington, Reginald Maxwell, Darlene Watts, Sylvia Hannemann. THE MARCHING BAND does wonders for Tech, and hours of practice do wonders for the Marching Band. ix qv ' '1 9 E - 'l T' candy for fund raising tickets to all their paid performances. Proceeds help to buy material so that band mothers can make dresses for girl members. Lf... .Adel .Ai .4 L - ... 1 Q O y 1 I I i I 'I 'Q WIND INSTRUMENTS sound off while Cindy Kitchens, Cindy Brown, Irving Washington, and Marsha Brown practice. cg PRACTICE! Gary Davis knows what the word VM A LONELY ROOKIE! Kathi' Nlillef looks means as he plays his flute. over her fellow members of the Marching Band. Q". .4,' IWC Marching in step, careful not to miss the count, the Marching Band moves into place on the home field, with Richard Switzer directing. The all-volunteer band cheers up every home game with their Titan green uniforms and sparkling instru- ments, to lead our team to a victory. Practicing night after night for hours at a time, rookies, middle classmen, and upper classmen come through with a rou- tine and entertainment every time. No matter whether it's a parade, a game or a contest, the Marching Band manages to reflect credit on the school. Some awards of the season made at Band Highlights were Rookie of the Year lJan Berry, Carl Jordanl, Best Rookie Sign lSherry Beaurnontl, and Most Out- standing Upperclass Boy and Girl, Ilrving Washington, Kathy Taylorl. MARCHING BAND: William Bardwell, Sherri Beaumont, Kathy Brinkley, Cindy Brown, Mar- sha Brown, Linda Bruer, David Carr, Cheryl Cooper, Teresa Cooper, Mary Coryell, Melody Coryell, Shelly Hacker, Roger Hart, Patty Hol- land, Anita Huber, Joseph Huber, Carl Jordan, Cynthia Kitchens, Donald Lasher, Roger La- Valley, Sharon Linville, Reginald Maxwell, Marcia McDaniel, Mark McCIung, Douglas Mc- Daniel, Kevin Nahas, Cheryl O'Neill, James O'NeiII, Yolanda Price, Jeff Routh, Theresa Sovern, Patricia Taube, Linda Troxell, Irving Washington, Julie Watts, Cora West, Sandra Wester, Jacqueline Whitney, Marilyn Williams, Levinia Wright, Tony Miller, Vickie O'Neill Phillip Carbin, Keith Allen, Michael Brown, Clara Buckley, Dianna Coffman, Lisa Cooper, Orville Jones, William Ellis, Robert McPherson, Loretta Thomas, Roberta Seats, Mark Wil- Iiarns, Sharon Linville, David Wilson, Elizabeth Newall, Darlene Litteral, Nancy Hapner, Kristi McKee. IFor other photos see pages Q and 72.l y. .I alan 9- 7 i I Kermit Swenson's Advanced Art class, Sheri Reck's Craft Art I class and Smith Robinson's Advanced Craft Art class have been reawakening a few of the ancient arts. Mr. Swenson's class has been studying the French method of sculpture. His stu- dents are doing self-portraits using mir- rors and photographs. This method dates back to the Renaissance. The student first does his head in clay and then literally throws plaster over it to make a mold. After the clay is removed, model- ing plaster is poured into the mold which is finally broken off. Ms. Reck's Craft Art I class has been creating beautiful wall hangings and belts with macrame. Macrame is the ancient art of tying knots. Fishermen used it to make their nets, and in their spare time they created new knots and made sculp- tures, jewelry and clothing with them. Mr. Robinson's Advanced Craft class has been busy with batiks. Batik is an old Javanese art of dying cloth. The design is drawn on the cloth, and everything that the artist does not want dyed is waxed. The wax is then cracked and the cloth is dipped in the dye. After it is dry, it is ironed to remove the wax. The finished piece may be used as a wall hanging. ART DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Nicewanger, Lorena Phemister, Marian Hamilton, Mrs. Emmagee Washington, Mrs. Louise Schneider, departmental assistant. SEC- OND ROW: Michael Slover, Smith Robinson, Raymond Browne, John F. Nall, Kermit L. Swenson,department head. NOT PICTURED: Ms. Sheri Reck. 'Y 'T :, 9' N ,,,5f Q. 5' v 0 X I 'J ' . F.: W' , ' 'ms-5 Hitzpy' i ,Q f .v nf iw classes, The Art Club enjoyed many exciting activities through the year, but highlight of 1972 was the Art Club-Faculty Easter Party. Invitations were made out to each faculty member in the Art Department. Every person who attended was required to wear paper "bunny ears" which the Art Club had made beforehand, and each teacher had a chance at the Easter egg plnata filled with candy. Picture Mr. Swenson blindfolded with his bunny ears on, taking a swing at the brightly colored egg with his broom handle. Some of the other various activities were taking visits to the Art Museums, making paper flowers for the Mardi Gras, and having other parties. Ill MRS. SCHNEIDER assists among the artifacts. ff" ART CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Nicewanger, sponsor, Kathleen McCray, Marsha Newkirk, Robin Wallace, Sally Israel, Susan Newkirk, SECOND ROW: Paula Wallace, Diane Murphy, Jean Miller, Heddy Hampl, Janie Stewart. THIRD ROW: Paula Greenwell, Luangela Wolfe, Susan Cole, Charles Sims, Patricia Fitzwater, Terri Taylor. NOT PICTURED: Daniel Willis. , Y l s.,-...hx J--.Q-.,, .... ' PUPILS string along with macrame. ,vt 'wgld ?" I 0 -ai' f vw' -Q--..., ,.... X "'5.,,.n.K KATRIA WHITFIELD uses a mirror to capture her features as she sculpts herself in clay. vl- y Xi ' KRISTI IVIcKEE adds just the right touch to her masterpiece in oils 'gk ' -,A ' up ,Iwi , Q w . ,' s H... Y 0 ' A 'x J h . 1 7 X152 I " 9A" 'Qa I I X, ,J ij, 4. , ,. -f,' pei, LISA LEWIS demonstrates "batiking." ' I W' V '4 ' ' A , ' ' x 1 I xii, X8 ' l .Av 1 Q, I " fl SPEECH TEAM-FRONT ROW: Don Applegate, Kathy Brinkley, Pat- ricia White, Kathy Miller, Mark Fiddler, Kathy Godwin, April Warner. SECOND ROW: Anna Young, Carol Bennett, Linda Ervin, Sharon Bot- tom, Louise Jackson, Aletha E. Willner, Anthony Godwin, Carol Randolf. T Y"'3' Q'-:v THIRD ROW: Steve Fiddler, Patricia Stomm, Jimmie Sherrill, Charlotte Alexander, Julie Lewis, Robin Kares, Dina L. Eads. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Grayson, Charles Alexander, Carl Waterford, Gregory lVl. Boid, Steven Harris, John lVlcCray, Steve Bobo. flewefsg ,bubQpeeclvTemwoaslwstw lt was an exciting and exasperating day for the Speech Team. Tech was host- ing a Speech Tournament involving over 300 visitors from schools in central ln- diana. All participants had arrived early that Saturday morning December 2, some rehearsing speeches, others helping to greet guests. Others chatted with friends and refreshed themselves with doughnuts and soft drinks. At the end of the day Tech came out with the second place sweepstakes trophy and 48 points. Too late last spring to be reported in the 1972 yearbook, Tech's top debate team went into State Finals. This year's activities started in Septem- ber with over 20 Techites at the Butler Debate Clinic studying the difficult topic: "How can the federal government best provide equal educational opportunities for all students?" And so it went. Many Saturdays repre- sented moments of victory after dedi- cated preparation, for members of the Speech and Debate teams. Q lf NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: April Warner, Kathy rill, Steve Fiddler, Anna Young. THIRD ROW: Steve Bobo, Carl Cooper, Brinkley, Kathy Miller, Carol Bennet, Linda Irwin, Kathy Godwin. John lVlcCray, Gregory Boid, Carl Waterford,Charles Alexander, Charlotte SECOND ROW: Aletha Willner, Patricia Stomm, Robin Kares, Jim Sher- Alexander. 9353 Q kiiw fi 5 I 'J A A . ,- y ,"-'vuv 'dxf 1 1-'-:BV Tx" .4 75 ,I f?'31-", ' 'K in ,. CONFIDENT, apprehensive, or just plain goofy, team members await the outcome of the speech meet. IN A CROSS-EXAMINATION PERIOD during a practice debate the affirmative speaks and the nega- tive takes notes. MRS. ALICE GOODRUM, Speech Team coach, takes a breather from the fortune telling booth at the Mardi Gras. it -X ,... f X. . , x ,- ' I M 4. - I. 4 '-' 'L Il, ,FY 1 C3 F903 I ' I X f S v- ,. I , Y MARY WHEELER examines Carl Cooper? No, DEBATE TEAM-FRONT ROW: April Warner, Kathy MiIIer,Sharon Williams, Carol Bennett, Sherre a piece of Speech Team art work at the Mardi Beever. SECOND ROW: Debbie Rhoads, Jackie Schuh, John McCray, Gregory Boid, Stan Minks, Gras. sponsor. Ageless pwbieuw pmhwrgeab iw law The 1972 fall, all-school play, REBEL ' WITHOUT A CAUSE, was presented in the Forum, Thursday afternoon, Novem- ber 9, and Friday night, November 10, during Open House. The play, written by ' Stewart Stern, dealt with Jim Stark, played by John lVlcCray, trying to win acceptance in a new town. The play in- cluded such incidents as a mugging, a ' knife fight, and a chicken run. fl Other members of the cast were: Boy , 5 Trotter, Foster Hart, Alan Cambell, Don " Applegate, Anthony Godwin, Jim Pullon, Debbie Bhoads, Steve Fiddler, Liesel Strohschein, Greg Boid, Bose Bond, Tyrone Carney, Lois Whitfield, Ann Ford, Carol Bennett, Christine Bynum, Charlotte Alexander, Charles Alexander, Carl Cooper, Ruth Beck, and Daryell Williams. The production staff was: Lighting-Allen DuPriest, Jim Pul- lon, Ronnie Sweatt, Roy Trotter. Sound-Cosette Goodrum, Robin Kares. Properties-Robin De Burger. lVlake-up-Kathy Brinkley, Jackie Schuh, Sharon Williams. Posters-Charles Alexander, Carl Cooper. Stage Crew-The Cast. Director-Nlrs. Alice C. Goodrum. Student Director-Charlotte Alexander. i fi i 4 E ' g 1 E l Q 1 i 1 3 l CAST OF REBEL relax during a break. Sitting-Christine Bynum, Carol Bennett. Standing-Alan Campbell, Don Applegate, Tony Godwin, Foster Hart, and Debbie Rhoads. Q Si E, -i LENDING A HELPING HAND with the props were Cosette Goodrum, Robin DeBurger, Kathy Brinkley, Kathy Taylor, and Ronnie Sweatt. if DEBBIE RHOADS, John McCray, and Steven Fiddler explore an old mansion. I Tw-14", Xxsb akmiij WORKING WITH THE LIGHTS were Roy Trotter and Allen DuPriest. 3, K 4 .x . L.. 1 I Illilllf I a I I I lil A Q H , I I I -- A-12+-5'-'i-'T '-'-A--f---- ----I Am- ... JUVENILE COUNSE LOFI, Greg Boid, talks with Debbie Rhoads as Steve Fiddler, Liesel Strohschein, and Jim Pullon look on. V ' PI A I- - I 1' I I I H I a 'J' ff , . I I gi LECTURER, Charles Alexander, gives a talk on the stars as Miss Hannington, Charlotte Alexander, scolds Jim Stark, John McCray. myff' II I I I JUDY, Debbie Rhoads, argues with her father, Carl Cooper, and her mother, Ruth Fleck. Behold diese ,fm N l 's...,,-i l 'K fm f' if' ff- 'rf U N l Y i' 1 THESPIANS-Helen Chastain, Anna Young, Rolando Quintana, Kevin E. Smith, DeDe Deatrick, Teresa Abernathy. vv v v v w, . Q i"F2g1',g" '. 1, R 0 T :Q 'i "it , "1f"'g ,"- - - z- ' a i ' -'I mi ll lm get, be one True, not everyone in Drama Club is dreaming of becoming a great actor or actress, nor every Thespian, but they are possessed with the desire to express or lose themselves in a character on stage. These are our dreamers-the ones who will eventually be the housewives, truck drivers, doctors, lawyers, and even actors of tomorrow. They need a place to go where others share their dreams and am- bitions, that place is at Drama Club. This year the members are working under the direction of lVlr. Kirby Lehman. lVlr. Leh- man is helping them reach the 10 service points needed to become Thespians, an honor achieved only by those who work hard not only in acting, but in make-up, props, and stagecraft. To a stranger, a meeting would consist of silly games, such as pushing or pulling an invisible object, discussing plays and movies the group has seen, and laughing about silly little stunts. But to a member, the "silly games" are serious tests of their acting ability, the discussion and laughter are merely their way of voicing the insecurities and mistakes they share with other actors. These disciplines make the school plays more professional, more fun, and more real. 'P-7 C' 4-7 DRAMA CLUB-FRONT ROW: Debbie Jones, Samantha Overton, Helen Chastain, Joni Proffitt, Shelley Hacker, Hope Stevenson. SECOND ROW: Debra Basham, Janell Price, Liesel Strohschein, Anna Young, Diane lVlur- phy, Leah Hillman, Libby Quintana. THIRD ROW: Teresa Abernathy, Luangela Wolfe, Dave Reneau, Robin DeBurger, De De Deatrick, vice presi- dent, lVlarion Westerman, Denise Denney, Rick lVlooneyham. FOURTH ROW: Kirby A. Lehman, sponsor, David Houston, Charlotte Alexander, Kevin Smith, Keith Armour, Carl Cooper, Charles Alexander, Robert Nlc- Pherson. my 4 1 g that r EEK, - I Ml 4 BOB BLALOCK urges Teresa Abernathy to awake and solve the mystery of the two ghosts-Patti Phillips and DeDe Deatrick. 'Qpwb' ' ' as ow TERESA ABERNATHY as Madame Arcati attempts to entrance Helen Chastain. THE WONDER HAT: DeDe Deatrick as an old eddler ives a hard luck stor to a s m athetic Shel- D 9 Y Y P ly Hacker and a disdainful Teresa Abernathy. stage BLYTHE SPIRIT, last year's spring play, gave an interesting twist to conven- tional school plays. In a nutshell, Robert Blalock was the leading man, a middle aged author named Charles who was in the process of writing a book on mediums and seances. He decided to get a first- hand view of the situation by inviting an absent-minded medium fTeresa Aber- nathyl to his house for a demonstration of her abilities. lVluch to the dismay of his second wife, Ruth, iPatti Phillipsl a seance turned up Charles' first wife, Elvira, lDebra Deatrickl. She had but one thing in mind-to get rid of Ruth. However, she hadn't figured on Ruth's returning as a haunting ghost also. How could Charles get rid of them both? The answer to that question offered a delightful ending to the play. Other performers were Carl King and Kris Weber as lVlr. and lVlrs. Bradman, and Helen Chastain as the zany maid. That's quite a nutshell, but it was quite a play. This year the Drama Club put its right foot forward by presenting the play THE WONDER HAT which gave five amateur Tech actors a chance to work in the foot- lights. David Bullington, Shelley Hacker, DeDe Deatrick, Dennis Sipf, and Teresa Abernathy displayed their acting ability within the play's framework of romantic shenanigans, the plot involved a Wonder Hat, which when donned caused some comic cases of invisibility. With this magical prop and the imaginations of the audience, the cast and crew provided an entertaining evening for all. WQHFQ There is a big blue sea, with sand in front, and on the beach there stands a house where a girl stays all summer. That's a girI's dream in Stagecraft. Mem- bers of the class think of what they would like to do, then they design a place to do it. First they cut a shoebox in half. Then they use any kind of mater- ial they can think of to make a setting. The result is a miniature stage. Pupils of the Stagecraft class also do many things for our school. They painted our basketball poles, and made the ring the boys ran through. The biggest job was painting the stage for the musical THE MUSIC MAN. pubaio . . l in-at t MARDI GRAS crowds enjoy the Wheel of For- tune at the Radio Club booth. RADIO CLUB-FRONT ROW: James Jordan, Linda Phillips, Richard Suhre. STANDING: John Mullennax, sponsor: Brad Witsman. F.-'m ' MIKE TROTTER and Mr. Browne have fun with a papier mache representation of the instructor. iifff A 4 ' f.,,-,Q-,fell 4 Y? Have you ever wanted to talk with West Germany by short wave? Or Bis- marck, South Dakota: or Fort Lauder- dale, Florida? Members of Tech's Radio Club just might be able to. A group of Tech students meet every Monday at the Hamshack, an amateur radio station in Morgan Hall. The first task for members is to get a Federal Communications Com- mission license. One must be able to send and receive Morse Code, five words a min- ute and also pass a 25 question test. The only legal way to operate a ham radio is as a public service. In their ham operation the group has contacted 45 states and West Germany. In their training, members visit Chan- nel 6, to see how a professional station operates. As a fund-raising project this year, the Radio Club operated the Wheel of For- tune at the Mardi Gras. All the money they earned they gave back to the school. They bought school- sponsored items, contributed to Thanks- giving and Christmas baskets, and do- nated to the fireworks fund for Home- coming. At Christmas, members enjoyed a Christmas party. STAGECRAFT CREW: Robert Coombs, Ron- ald Sweatt, Michael Trotter, Jeff Lingenfelter. LF! M' ' :- V 5 Try . V--:,-1-s......, W...- . li I E if lr? 1 , - lv Adv' ' '41 ,Ihr . , 'L' O ' Q0 'X N, s - T Af i i LETTERMEN-FRONT ROW: Dannie Engram, Alvin Lange, Veron Pip- Dawson, Mark McKinney. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Breland, Larry Jordan, kin, Dave Wallen, Carl Jones, Jeff Lingenfelter, Rolando Quintana, Mel- Jim Twigg, Thomas Clayton, Stan Lawrence, Jeff Clinton, David Graham, vin Lange. SECOND ROW: Larry Wilkerson, Hosea Engram, Dave Clegg, Jerry Hubbard. Ricky Cosby, Grady Hardiman, Larry Buttery, Carl Lowery, Anthony fr is Q 'T' ..- . W, Q,"-4 r" if HOME EC. pupils sort foods for Key Club Christmas baskets. i. KEY CLUB AND AUXILIARY-FRONT ROW: Arnold Lehman, sponsor: Michael P. West, Robin Kares, Murray Benson, Nancy Eaton, Dina L. Eads, Linda G. Farley. SECOND ROW: Mark A. Mc- Kinney, Kenneth Nichols, Jeff Clinton, Stan Lawrence, Irving vilashington, Keith Armour. NOT PICTURED, Tony Brummett, Doug McDaniel. A "T" that athletes work for four long years to get-football, Cr0SS-Country, golf, tennis, track, basketball, wrestling- this T is the crowning reward, the big moment to recognize varsity achieve- ment. It is also the magic membership badge to Lettermens Club. The green sweater with the white T marks first rank: the white sweater with the green T marks additional achieve- ment: the gold T pin marks more superior achievement. The belt buckle and gold charm are the highest, given to seniors. Amazed by the decision making and responsibilities involved in the job, never- theless, the new sponsor of Key Club, Ar- nold Lehman radiated alertness and en- thusiasm. First major activity, Homecoming, fireworks, can be described in no words less extravagant than astonishing and beautiful. "Make a joyful sound" was the theme of the Christmas season. Members took their bells in hand for the Salvation Army. K-Mart shoppers on Eash Washing- ton Street will long remember the din. Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis, which backs and supports our Key Club, hon- ored President Stan Lawrence, at a ban- quet downtown. Girls-faculty basketball games, and some just messing around have made this club a tradition as well as a symbol. The story of the Arsenal Cannon Newspaper and Yearbook is endless, after one deadline is finally met, the never- say-die staffers realize that the next one is not very far away . . . "Hey, Dina! Have you seen my page dummy? l left it on the desk a minute ago!" "No, I've been busy typing up this story." "Kris, have you seen my dummy?" "No, l'm working on my yearbook copy." "lf I don't find that dummy, l'll die!" "Don't say that-we're supposed to be 'never-say-die' staffers!" "Sorry, I forgot. Oh, here it is-I found it! There-now l'm finally fin- ished!" "No you're not-you have to get those stories in tomorrow." "You're kidding-!" Somehow, in spite of deadlines, Ce- cil T. Tresslar as newspaper adviser, Ber- MIKE LONG, Carl Cooper, Roy Purvis, and Wanda Jones show that hard work is what meets the newspaper deadlines. "WHO GETS the first slice?" is the question asked as John Hawn and Mrs. "R" do the honors. 7 A .-v- nice Jones as yearbook adviser, and all the "Cannon Kiddies" manage to assem- ble everything into two organized publi- cations. Benefiting themselves as well as the newspaper and yearbook, several staffers attended workshops for publications at Franklin College and Northwest High School during the year. Altogether, deadlines, workshops, and Cannon Kiddies make Room 638 the cen- ter of disorganized organization at Tech. ff? I NEWSPAPER STAFF-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Sherry DeMichieli, Eaton, Mike Brown, John Hawn, Robin Kares, Bab York. THIRD ROW: Jackie Whitney, Leisa Hayden, Dina L. Eads, Dianna Shaw, Vicky Mead- C. T. Tresslar, adviser, Mike Long, Tony Jackson, Thom West, Roy Pur- ows, Kathy Miller. SECOND ROW: Karin Rader, Doreen Martin, Nancy vis, Lynn B. Wright, Carl Cooper, Dale Drinnon. ,gg e- " , I i ' i ' '4--ld' NEWS BUREAU-Charlotte Alexander, Kevin Hook, Sheila Carey, Katria Whitfield. -., 12 fijX q mai OUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Dianna Shaw, John Hawn, Dina L. Eads, Law- rence Yarrell. SECOND ROW: Robin Kares, Michael Brown, Carl Cooper, Kevin Hook. mi' R CANNON KIDDIES Bob Stafford, Debbie Price, and Keith Armour "fix up" the Cannon booth for Mardi Gras. 1 Lg O 4 ' -.-a ' 111, YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW! BGFFWCB JOUGS, 6dViSGl'2 Cafhv Price, Alice Goodman, Roberta Bandy, Marianne Hardester. THIRD ROW: Stuck, Lana Gibson, Gloria Simpson, Lawrence Yarrell, Susie Williams, Tim Morse, Lon Edison, Kevin Hook, Bob Stafford, Kenny Nichols, Ron- Ann Ford, Cynthia Kitchens. SECOND ROW: Nancy Joyce Nichols, Linda ald Sweatt, Scott Swisher Keith Armour Charle Alex nd r. , , s a e Holsapple, Pam Waterman, DeDe Deatrick, Charlotte A'exander, Debby KEKDUWLFIEWU ME ,L I p K if ,. rim A r '- xfv 'A 3' 1 , ,.,,1g! VARSITY-FRONT ROW: Melvin Lange, Rolando Quintana Jeff John Cruz Alvin Lange Greg Bell Larry Buttery Darrell Williams Bruce Lingenfelter, Charles Black, David Mathis, Willie lvy SECOND ROW lVlCGeath coach On your mark, get set, go! The Titans got off on the right foot, ran well all season and ended with a first place in the city! Moreover, it was Tech's sixth straight city triumph. Headlining these glowing results, Jeff Lingenfelter, senior, was captain of the team. Among other front runners, Larry Buttery placed second in the city meet. ln addition, Eric Glen, lreservel won the individual city championship. Titans kept up with their record by winning a second in the Washington and Marshall invita- tionals. The freshman team marked up five out of seven wins as they lived up to their expectations. Holding a second place in the Marshall invitational and a third in Washington and Columbus invitationals, the "greenies" must have had a great year. OUT FOR A LITTLE PRACTICE, John Cruz, Willie lvy, Darrell Williams, and Jeff Lingenfelter. Q. 38 'U' li-1 O RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY-FRONT ROW: Mike Trotter, George Pitano, Ray Smith, Eric Glenn, Denny Lambert. SECOND ROW: Alphonso Gibson, Charles Simm, Mike Burris, Tim Brown, Bruce McGeath, coach. 1 '. Q' 58, A- as 1 x . 4 -xv: 'px r '- A A X 4 4 9 ' ,QD A Q 6 A I J :Ja .- g ix f' 'l " , -- " af H - f - A, Q Y, I I E '-PC ' r. 'Wil 4 1' Iv 1 ' aw . ,...,.- E.. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY-FRONT ROW: Sam Seals, Steve Parker, Chester Napier, Andrew Abernathy. SECOND ROW: Jay Kleine, coach, Mike Ricker, Steven Scott, Lester Ouinlin, David Ray mer. 0' 1 8 ff Varsity Cross Country TQ!!! A f--- Opponent 37 Ben Davis 19 Washington 80 39 Southport 16 29 Howe 30 Lawrence Central 78 20 Manual 43 15 Arlington 50 24 Northwest 33 1 Washington Invitational 2nd .Nlarshallslnvitational 2nd Columbus tnvitatiorgal 3rd jCity 1st 1 'S 'tfohal 4th Reggj 10th I Country: 1 I :,1L. 1972 VARSITY TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Victor Evans, John Hogan, Fred McGuire, John Whitthorne, Virgil Walker, George Taylor, Steve Ross, Rodney Coffer, Charles Jones. SECOND ROW: Douglas Dickson, Larry Jordan, Carl Jones, Louis Woods, James Twigg, Kenneth Breland, Larry Wilkerson, Melvin Lange. THIRD ROW: Reginald Berry, if, Dennis Hill, Jeff Clinton, Sam Elmore, Mark Jarrett, Larry Buttery, Darrell Williams, John Cruz. FOURTH ROW: Bruce McGeath, head coach, Dean Carbone, assistant coach: Larry Bingham, Charles Black, Jeff Lingenfelter, Willie Ivy, Ben Hampton, Mel Bowers, assistant coach. ,vw- Q' 'mv NE 4 1 2 1972 RESERVE TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Stanley Robinson, Greg Bell, Darnell Hill, Sidney Zackery, Ricky Hicks, Joe Perkins, Dennis Hill. SECOND ROW: Bruce McGeath, coach: Dean Carbone, coach: '51 ar. iii' I .-.S - - 1 "U 1" 1 x- ,4- .I A I 'Q li , hp. 'ii " Mir -- 1. w , - K! - f .. sf SZ, xr fa? I Mike Trotter, Rolando Quintana, Joe Blakey, Charles Black, Gus Anderson, William Scott, John Cruz, Mel Bowers, coach. 4 . TIC!!!-I ' y X4 :I 'E' slush 1972 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Frank Kelly, Charles Moore, Keith Armour, Nathan Harris, Leslie Hogue, John Akers, Richard Davenport, Mike Baker. SECOND ROW: Don Johnson, Floyd Gibson, Danny Burt, Mike Fagan, Dennis Lambert, Roger Hart, Jim Brown. THIRD ROW: Gerald Lingenfelter, 'Henry Russell, David Thomas, fiitnrflg ' fr U h . ,. -:IB U A i L O. . Herbert Easley, Jeff Collier, Brian Chambers, Ken Heatherly, Sam Herrera. FOURTH ROW: Benny West, Charles Sims, Eric Glen, John Underwood, John Cunningham, James Donaldson, George Pitano, Rick Buttery. FIFTH ROW: Ed McDowell, coach: Earl Moore, Steve Rodrigues, Curtis Parsons, Pete Fuhr, Bob Kelly, Robert Woodard, coach. "Winning the city for the fifth con- secutive time had to be the biggest high- light of the season," says varsity and reserve coach Bruce NIcGeath. Those that broke all school records were Larry Jordan in the 440, running it in only 49.4 seconds, and pole vaulter Jeff Jacobs who jumped 13 feet 6 3X4 inches. Last year's Titan track team ran, jumped, and put their way into the sectionals where they placed second. Those that went on to the state were Larry Jordan in the 440 and Fred IVlcGuire in the 100. The Z-mile relay team also made it into the state finals. The freshman track team of 1972 had an undefeated season. The spirit was enough to carry the men to the city championship where they won. These Titans left a trail of broken records behind them. Among those the freshmen tucked under their belt were city records in both the one mile relay and the M-mile relay. Coach Edward IVlcDoweIl said, "lt's hard to tell about next year's season, but the men that came off the freshman squads will certainly be great candidates for varsity and reserve next year." THE THRILL of victory electrifies Nlelvin Lange as he proclaims himself the winner. JEFF JACOBS touches the sky with aid of a vaulting pole. I I A . ,235 wiki 1' , AAA. :skew 1. 1 A , I , ,....In. , , ' V ' l , - , naw' 1 I . ' - . , W1 Mb '-' 1 . s"'Qk.f1,!-A . W4 SHOT PUTTER Sam Elmore use winner as he puts the heavy ball. S5105-pub, pole Gddf tof habla N ...X K .,, , ,.. ff+"'LT'. ,-.vs "' ' at,-'f . I Vw , - . Q V' - ,g,, v. , 1' A ' w. Y ' Q. , . . TECHITES Rodney Coffer, John Hogan and Victor Evans crowd around an opponent in the high hurdles. -..-.-.,,..a,u..,..,, s the form of a si. -up-....-an l 'U-bv... RELAY RUNNER Jeff Lingfelter passes the baton to Reginald Berry. X X ' f '- , ' 3 if 1' Y 'f will 'R llumwl S ' J v"" 13" JOHN CRUZ and Rolando Quintana represent Tech in a field of Washington foes. is Q. r X .qi -1 , rm--1-1-v 'xl N 4 - . 77- 5 ' I Qu. ' . -4- 4 J - -.,y,,,,,-. - .i -' 'Ni-' -. .NTU .- .1- -, nqq-,. -- 2' Q '. -W-,t :A -t x, 'ip . 1' K. ' N. X. at .K I 4' ' . , . I , . , '." , s ,' u at 1.7 .2 ,.vv',?"' hu: ' ' ' L" ' , 1' X .. , A 7 -ki A LEWIS WOODS, broad jumper, sprouts wings. ,fg .A , , Y i1"'s TX i ,: Q ' '-'jg '1 -.ez 6 aff' Q , 71 ,hy f ' ' sq. f , Is 5, . I' 1 'tl 5. '.', L jrf, yxw.. iqkrg '54-. K . .N --,1"n,' 1 - if i ' V V ' Y -1 l,x' CKYJQGQ , 5.1 ' erjvzafiif ' :Y ge..-.'tQ+.'-7'-53 In Y . 1 , ff ,. f a' --,if 1s,q 'a ,Q l 1 fill , f gf - N Q' J." 4 ' ' . ly' x .' QQ' ,,:-- A "f , Q '.fv" - l . , , Q . -- t ,a Q , . ,ea I ' '- -mg, M . 4, 1:-nf' :Ji 5 -:Img V., --. A X r 2. ,,.-,fy I iffy- X: . f :F ' ,jx , -'. N H' T - 6 was u,"ga ' 'l f. 1 'l1 'Ar-J .V 4 1 I f K Xi .,. V 1 II.. lr iff. v Q ,J JAMES TWIGG puts it all together in the high jump. l l 900696590660 ' s seasow Hard practice-9 or 18 holes a day-plus improvement on fundamentals paid off as the Titan "Swingers" captured an 84 standing beside other inner-city golf teams. The highlight of the season was the victory over Manual by one stroke. The team placed 11th out of 16 teams in the all-city, but with new and returning players the Titans hope to be more up to par next year. Mark McKinney, captain, and one of the leading scorers on the team, summed up the season by calling it Tech's most successful. Mike Green, a member of the team, comes from a family of golfers, his father is a pro, and his brother was a former star of the Titan team. According to Coach Kleine, the lead- ing scorers were Mark McKinney, Ricky Schmidt, Mike Green, and George Fritch. fi X Q0 I ,,,.,su-an-sf 72423 3- L. 1- - .fv- if 5 A a 19: 1972 GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tom Reese, Tim Ray, Kirby Smith SECOND ROW: Jay Kleine coach: Carl Corlett, George Fritch, Mike Green, Mark McKinney. GO LF 1972 Tech 1 74 .K l r 7- 19ig,TENNlS I , '-Uiditridggf ' A Manuglf ' Northwest ,od bad Ripple cecina Arlington Howe Wpgtrqhak' ,Q -S '. me ,lor de- . W . ,1.Afv.,y,, ui 'Z' -, mn I W Q 314' f ffl . .I 3. TENNIS, FALL 1972-FRONT ROW: Mike Long, David Dykes, Byron Stevens Joe Phillips Jim Pullon. SECOND ROW: Don Robinson, coach, Tom Clayton, John Johnson Roland Wiley Brad with ' 7-2 We can't all be Mark Spitz's, but Titan tennis players did well on dry land during their '72 season. They swatted their way to a 7-2 record, losing only to Broad Ripple and Howe. With the coachmanship of Don Robin- son, they advanced to the finals in sec- tional play. Earlier, Shortridge was swamped in seven lovely Titan points. Another big splash downed Arlington for a count of 2-5. In fall play, Tech reached the finals in the city meet, taking the runner-up posi- tion for the first time in five years. Top players were Gary Davis, Tom Clayton, and John Johnson. JOHN JOHNSON, city runner-up, bats away for Tech. I baseball lam soma, wb alle lt vvas a team effort that brought Tech its finest baseball season in years vvith a sparkling record of 17 vvins and 5 losses. In a ten-game vvinning streak, Tyrone White batted over .500! He finished the regular season leading the team with a .412 average. Charlie Hoskins hurled a no-hitter against Broad Ripple. Altogether, team batting at the end of the regular season vvas an outstanding .307! Charlie Hoskins vvas selected first all- city pitcher along with all-city pitcher- first baseman Grady Hardiman. Left- fielder Veon Garrison, rightfielder Tyrone White, and catcher Gary Spradlin were selected honorable mention. A disappointing loss to Marshal closed the season for the Titans. Although the year proved disap- pointing for the Reserves, next year should be better. The team started with four freshmen and played schools almost solid with juniors. Said coach David George, "lVlistakes beat us most of the time!" TITAN CHARLES HOSKINS, who pitched a no-hitter game against Broad Ripple, fires up. s W ' r T . as ' ' TM . Q K Tis sob . ffm Q4 gl K rj gr' xiii xt 7' I " s.. 'Y' 1 ' ' X 4 A g g, A , T N -'YE T: ,ti CH ,f"N.,,g, Fl' f ' A if 'A JJ. i P or l ' -"A-5' . 4. .2 T' 2 sf-' . A . ,, .J , ,f ,Q . 'I 5 f 1 1 .., ,.. 1 VA', i 1 E LH 'att SH as 'Y JH. ti ti . f T f siaaa . . . A . r A sf - ,A -M ' A - ' 'M f a ws I Q ,q X. Ayala. , ae' 1-Q ' T W ' 1 '- ' ' . eff' Xt' , ,H J Ar ' tx .fl l 453. 'l 4 5 . , ' , N T tru W YL ut l -.U ga f . . J I '72 1972 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM FRONT Row Jeff Ivleld Ricky Denver Jordan, Garry Radv- THIRD ROW Rav Reed principal Ernie Cosby Robert Hall Michael Schwartz Dennis Graham SECOND ROW: Cline, assistant coach: Veon Garrison Charles Hoskins Tyrone White David Clegg manager Vincent Killibrevv Larry Ross Robin Woodcock, Grady Hardiman, Garv Spfadlin, Ivan Nloreman C03Ch f A.. TECH? TECH Via' I N inf' 1 LH EQ r N , Y-3' hw 3 an 1972 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Steve van cleave, Steve Morrison, Bruce Seagraves, Bvrori Davenport, Luke McKinney, Kertis Roots, Ken Taylor, Danny Boone, Greg Hayes, Irvin Brimmage, Leonard Cox, Clay Clark, Dean Clem, Elliot Segal, student teacher, David Skelton, Harold lVlurry, SECOND ROW: Dave George, coach: Marshall Ford,manager. NOT PICTURED Von Wilson. 1-m-www-asv-r r ow --4' 1 , 1Q1w,i."FhN . 1 v fu 1 i- ,R wut Y W"""'-ff-ewsillx Ffesi T J ""g'gim 2 VARSITY BASBTALL 721'-WI'-i 'S-'FZ T' ' -rw A ,- .g, ,,...f .eg Q AODQQHQVWVV A 2-'E'fe3i::?.i.Fe ' A 'A' ""Q"i' - viltfsf Atfucks is gm? JA. ,, Z 0 'Warren Qentral .2 .Q X'5 D ' S '4 SCeC'n3"Y' City Tournament Qi5'H.,fr-'Ev f f 'ml' ee' ' o Hom, -rrr it ,- 2 ' Q La.p",vD. .R o - ' Tiff 3" :faTLEtf,3i?:3:i:f: E ' :L E is iifllafgilqifiief ig 1 2 Qgffhwjst 2 +4 f4'1QZ-Tfi- Wi' 5 Southport , .S 2 W" 90 ,- M gi..- 6 in ,Q Ss 3 Kokqmq 12 2 Arlington 133:-'ef 0.-'i A 2' T 8 wopdesf -rr 0 l . . fag: ag 233 a 0 ' 1, MM innings, SECUOQB A 5 Qs gl, 'n 1 f-' A, arf X Qytk QQYFQ1 Q JJ, .W l . 1-Di 3 ,346 2 CamE:gmk54?E:4 0 Marshall H 5 it ' eo ,ve 1, W . . a 'ff Sew rsefffe, 3 1 rr EFR'1'5f.."A-r! 14 .YT 10 Broad Bappiglt o laiinsnqsi, f 1 nf ,gg VE. 2 5 in 5 Manual 42 4 - T14 , -' a' 2 9 Shortridge 8 ,, ' " ' Ca led 6 Northwest ,F 5 l 18 Washington 5 READY TD "bat it out of the park" is Gary Spradlin. - u 1 -' CHARLES HOSKINS connects the bat with the ball at a Titan game. - ,--z u-n.Q .M- E129 ll l GS VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, FRONT ROW: Stan Lawrence, Samuel Elmore, Carl Jones, Thomas Jackson, Louis Woods, Daryell Williams, Jerry Hubbard, Antony Dawson, Wayne Carter, Roger Jones. SECOND ROW: James Twigg, Willie Martin, varsity assistant, William Scott, Billy Palmore, Larry Bingham, Kenneth Breland, Mark McKinney, Gregg Smith, Willie Blanchard, Byron Richardson, Larry Jordan, Carl Lowery, David Graham, David Clegg, manager. THIRD ROW: Nick llieff, Anthony Ware, 7,EU,f,4 5 S79 2 '79 Byron Davenport, Earl Hopkins, Ray Anderson, Fred Hembree, Mike Fagan, Richard Davenport, Jeffrey Robinson, Von Wilson, Stephen Rodrigues, Sam Herrera, Robert Woodard, varsity assistant: Carlos Bell head coach. NOT PICTURED: Tim Morse, managerg' James Stratton, Richard Clem, Luke McKinney, Bobby Kelly, Vernon Pipkin, Niles Foreman, Marchell Knox. 7 ltriple John K agar, JAMES TWIGG draws back for a pass as Larry Bingham holds the line. Spfftifi ' lv SQ05044, TITANIC TITANS triumph trying their treacherous tackling techniques. This year's Titan varsity gridders still couldn't find the winning touch as the team posted a 3-7 record. After a 13-6 loss to Howe in the opening game, the team bounced back to beat Wood and Cathedral. After that, the team couldn't get themselves together as the Titans gave up four straight games, won over Crispus Attucks, then lost their last two games. The best game the Titans played was the Cathedral game which Tech won by a 6-0 score as the Titans plagued the Irish with first downs, interceptions, and re- covering fumbles. Although this may have plagued the Titans themselves, the team worked together to keep up the spirit and never quit. . ' , . , .. K W 4. . ..... ,, 'uw 4 .-.q ,Q 4 " 516- ' v,s.,I, ' ' """t- Q. .-.T "U " gwvv Y . ..- ,.. . ,,,l,,,',k.- I' . L, .4 , Y, ' . ","""""', +5 -'ew V .y I - -in-,-.-,... 7.1. . '- an Q-vs-4.q,.a-...,,.,',,-''..-K 2 .. g- . . ' A I I ' U-fb -my-. ,, , 4 " ' .... . . "U - .... . , ' "Wav I-f '- 'qv-sq-3 W 'gg ' - - .Q ,. .. V. ' - -- --- ----. -A.-...u-:-rf...-4 -.,.,,.,,,,,,j:, ..I .I 5 ""'v-r-'-vga - . - .. - .. -- ---+0 g.f - . ' . a". A Uifi'-R8 'NN ' ' keanu... 'ith agp . si- I I -f Y . .g,.....,..,. Nitin- uv.,- Im 40905-Hr r-,-uv,,..,,N- v . ,YL f ' 1,-,. - mfg' 'I' 10 'EVQL WSG? wvdltrc TWTSF5 ,,."" 5 gg fl lu... ,. 45 P - ar .,,,, 1-'l. . r ..,,,J,5 urn? ' .AJ l A V' ' '.m"-.4u.,, .a. jf .,, - 6 " , ,fl ...- v .-, Q .. P LL- -'M - ,, R ifi' 1 vlil- I 1 A 1-,Lf 1,5956 '- - I 5 I' 4, 0 4,- .' -'l' -0 , 1 , - V ,,' n- . f' . ' -'W' - ., f- -. ,,-,..,. --- t . , - 1, 4,1 W 1 . .I ., , -'T ', , ' ..JQlulJ . V "' ' ' 11' - ' ' ' -rv . , v 3. I . . 1 . - . i L- - f , . ' fn . ' 4 Q' 1' - 4 A, O: h' I tn '1 To -is b .!' nf, f I ia TITAN OFFENSIVE TACTICS are well up to par as Larry Bingham blasts through the line. Na . ,, Rt. ln xxx . 1 f ,D X v-5 Www X .png h,,. ...r L I 67 p., fl - if - - i N . 3G - I: 33 : .3-4,,'.w,sQ .g V: I xi . , I Ni ll.. I ' , i lf' - W ' Q 'X x. :ng 7 - Y - .3 .. - . g..A -.. filly- A . , l ... 4 .. - ' , -A ":1' .' -- V . . " g . .. .' 1-f--'-'..u .2 '- ' I If 7- 'l.. '. ' - . '.,L'.u.,x'..1',r. ...fu N lb-gs. 2. - A. . . RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Gary Moore, Reginald Fletcher, Frank Kelly, Curtis Parson, Bruce Seagraves, Anthony Highsaw, Kemp Shobe, John Akers, William Hatchett, Tim Morse, student manager. SECOND ROW: Larry Bracken, Floyd Gibson, William Dinkins, Darnell Hill, Dennis Hill, Steve Baxter, Earl Moore, Gary Williams, Ralph Howard, Jack Tapp. THIRD ROW: Max Donaldson, Anthony Beverly, Luke McKinney, Lance Whitfield, Niles Foreman, Steve Smith, Joe Smith, Benny West, Larry Barringer, Ivan Moreman, coach. , l:fc08lvwfeolfbe6l7l5e0m8 img This year's Titan titanic reserve grid- ders ran off with an near-perfect 6-0-2 record. The only ties came against Cathe- dral and Warren Central. However, the record was good enough for the reserve gridders to take home the city crown. lt was the best season since 1966. Backed by lightning-fast offense and beefey defense of spirited players, Coach Bowers' Freshman football team went to ---..-.,-. .i.......:----va.. . . ..-. 'Uni - . , 'E 'L ev 0' . 1, -. ,Q , 1 , Epi? -f np , eg, ' 7 ' n P A 5 l El - Q D W Q .- -,ki few fB",Q9 1, FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Earl Elmore, Jerry Gilman, David Griffin, Fred Miller, Dwayne Engram, Roby Rady, Albert Summers, David Davis, Gregory Miller. SECOND ROW: Gary Stewart, Pasquale Amato, John Halliburton, Chuck Jaskiewicz, Alan Miller, Bryan Miller, Dale West, Clarence Thompson, Dewayne Mason. THIRD ROW: Mike Alexander, Jim Booth, Russell Gorbett, Mark McElroy, Steve Miller, David Willis, David Richardson, Avery Gipson, Tom Bruce. Kelley Tibbs. FOURTH ROW: David Jarrett, Tom Alstott, Steve Coleman, Donald Turner, Alvis Wade, Jerry Hill, Ronald Murray, Richard Hall, Joe Johnson, Delbert Randolph, Douglas Sims. FIFTH ROW: John Hurrle, coach: Darrell White, Kenny Lee, John Brinkley, Tony Radford, Douglas Prewitt, Greg Radford, George Chatman, Danny Eaton, Dennis Watson, Mel Bowers, coach. a perfect 8-0 record, winning the city championship by a landslide. The 1972 Titan team was one of the best freshman football teams ever undefeated. What more can be said? , ugh' Tir' h li' . -' W' . i...,,,E r r . 'L Tech 'Opponent ' 42 P' 130 26 , 28 36 14 21 24 Q Vwwfba swivels Offs The Varsity Wrestling Team had an ex- cellent season with a city championship and a 7-1 record. Four outstanding seniors that helped win this title were: Wins Losses Ties Kenny Breland 48 6 1 Sam Elmore 52 13 1 Thomas Jackson 43 11 1 Carl Lowery 35 6 1 These are all four-year records, and, hopefully, some underclassmen will be able to display records like these next year. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: David Clegg, manager, James Edwards, Dannie En- gram, Phil Gates, Melvin Lange, David Wallen, Ray Anderson,Vernon Pipkin.SECOND ROW: Willie Martin, assistant coach, Hosea Ingram, Kenneth Breland, Sam EImore,Thomas Jackson, Carl Lowery, Willie Blanchard, John Hurrle, coach. Varsity Wrestling Tech 48 67 34 36 30 55 39 60 LOSSES 3 7 7 2 4 4 2 2 7 3 0 IS THOMAS JACKSON getting ready to wres- tle or does he just look like that all the time? 1 3 KENNY BRELAND takes a stance to show off 1 his muscles. 3 3 0 SAMUEL ELMORE takes a running start to beat his opponent. 1 yi' . i V 72 Wodd Fr- 98 98 Fr-105 132 Steve ., Qi? LOST I 2 2 1 4 1 3 Fr-185 Dave HWT Robin Whisman ' HWT Jeff Robinson ' Undefeated O uf, . 3. 1 ' J F l l I RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: Darryl Fuqua, Alvin Lange, Eugene Johnson, Dean Clem, Michael Fagan. SECOND ROW: Ron Lovett, Earl Moore, Steve Rodrigues, Eric Glenn, David Manning, Joe Perkins. THIRD ROW: Willie Martin, coach: Jeff Robinson, Robert Halbert, Glen Stratton, William Dinkins, Sam Herrera, Robin Whisman. ,Pfwslv 2. takewnmli... 8 0 4 2 The reserve wrestling season was con- sidered a success. The team worked ex- tremely hard, practicing 3-4 hours each night. They not only conditioned and trained, they had to shed many pounds to wrestle at certain weights. All during the season each man exhibited interest, desire, and dedication to the sport. Wrest- ling is not only a strenuous sport physic- ally, it demands mental and emotional stamina as well. Our varsity team was en- dowed with many good seniors but we feel that our reserve team will move up and continue to be outstanding next season. Several individuals have the po- tential to be state champions. Freshman Wrestling Team had an average season with three wins, two losses and no ties. The team placed second in the city, losing by a half a point to Chatard. With city champs Dwayne Engram, Eugene Johnson and David Willis, representing the wrestling teams, the out- look for wrestling at Tech looks bright. FRESHMAN WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: Mike Rush, Steve Parker, Greg Miller, Dwayne Engram, Gerald Terry, Daniel Heidelberger. SECOND ROW: Kevin VanHorn, Murray Godwin, Pas- quale Amato, Andrew Abernathy, Tim McGuire, Eugene Johnson. THIRD ROW: Robert Woodard, coach: John Halliburton, Russell Gorbett, Peter Holmes, Steven Coleman, David Willis, Jerry Hill. ' Ol IS 7 LOOKING like half of a spider, Allen Johnson triumphs over the opposition. The Varsity Basketball team has had quite a rough season this year, but in spite of difficulties it kept a very good average of 68 points a game. The team had some exceptionally strong starters. Two that deserve special mention are Allen Johnson and John Washington. Both of these players have maintained above a 15 point game average throughout the season. However team work is the main thing and with all but three members being juniors, it appears that the team is build- ing up a warehouse of Titan Power. The foundation of this warehouse is the strategic plans of Coach Ernie Cline. More power to you, Titans! Manual Arlington B road Richmond Broad -wi.. gg MIKE HENRY soores two as a Wood Chuck attempts to Joi-IN wAsHiNGToN desperately makes e run fer af. mock' Q xl iq .,, ,T gr T I , 7 A- I ' Q' A if 5 -iii' ' ,' , ' '81 V 2' l if li 5 g il 9 . 5' as If K Fi ' l I 't l- VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Leonard Burnette, Manager, Charles Black, Nate Brooks, Eli Allen Johnson, Glen Allen, Ben Mike Henry, John Washington, Ray C. Miller, Walter Laswell, Ernie Cline, HBFTIPTOF1, L8rf1ellJ0hf1S0f1, Mike BUffiS- coach: Howard Cart, athletic director. SECOND ROW: Mike Plummer, Sl 41' l imlfg 1 'xi CA' Reserve Basketball Results TECH OPPONENT 47 Wood 56 44 Southport 3 t 52 New Albany 47 , 37 Ben Davis 48 A 54 Attucks 34 34 Northwest 29 45 North Central 43 55 Brebeuf 51 37 Muncie Central 30 2 42 Howe 39 38 Manual 34 65 Scecina' 31 H ' 28 Northwest ' 27 ' 54 Attucks' 62 , . 65 Shortridge 31 3 7 54 Cathedral 48 . H - FL... 35 Richmond 37 -n ' i"" I . 43 Broad Ripple 33 'f l i 60 Kokomo 43 -' if 'I . 112 42 Washington 41 1 1 Scecina ff 4 ., 1 -'w-4, -' -. w V ,V -Y Y " City Tourney RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Danny Boone, Greg Gordon, Bob Kelly, David Lewis, James Spencer, Michael Trotter, manager. SECOND ROW: Jay Kleine, coach, Ben Moore, Greg Hayes, Duane Smith, Gerome Williams, Claude Oliver. NOT PICTURED: Anthony Howard. Reswwe, Fwslv basketball at Reserve Basketball had a very good season with a sixteen-win four-loss record. Jay Kleine, the coach, commented that they don't have much of an advantage as far as height is concerned, but one sure advantage is that the team hustles and has an exceptionally good defense. The team had a late season winning streak of nine in a row, and maybe next year these hard- fighting Titans will be backing the varsity team. Freshman Basketball Results TECH OPPONENT 54 Southport 38 63 Attucks 40 59 Woodview 29 59 Arlington 65 54 Wood 36 84 Broad Ripple 46 58 Manual 44 67 Chatard 30 71 Scecina ' 35 55 Shortridge ' 42 57 Washington ' 64 60 Attucks ' 43 58 Scecina 42 55 Shortridge 42 55 Howe 43 57 Attucks 42 51 Cathedral 41 ' City Tourney With a record of fifteen wins and only two losses, the Freshman Basketball Team had an exuberant season. Probably the biggest disappointment was to lose the city title by four points in overtime. The team has pretty well balanced scorers, and like the reserves, can move when they have to. Keep it hustlin', Titans! I 2 inf hi E061 'QEC5' 1555 ggffu I0 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Homer Walker, Tony Bartlett, Lester Quinlin, George Gilvert, Alvis Wade, John Brinkley. SECOND ROW: Greg Barnett, Wesley Holland, Anthony Green, Johnny Sykes, Kevin Jamerson, Kirby Baird, Brian Plummer, manager. THIRD ROW: Darrell Jacks, manager, Thomas Stone, Antonio Martin, Gary Rowe, Donald Turner, George Chatman, Ed Mc- Dowell, coach. I I I I I I I I 108 I-lealtlvlial At last! A rec program for all! The lunch time recreational program has all sorts of activities: basketball, baseball, softball, kickball, skate board, frisbie flying and two-square. Kids at lunch can participate in just about every kind of activity you can think of. Tech is the only school in the city that has a program like this. lt is a new thing. Pupils come during their lunch hour or after school until four o'clock. In the fall, they have classes in first-aid, riflery and weight lifting. In the winter, check- ers, ping-pong and movies have their day. Danny Richardson is the organizer of the program. He graduated from Tech in 1969. It is his hope to expand the student program into a year-round center for the adult community as well. lSee picture in Index page 163.l The Health and Physical Education Department started the year with a new head of the department, James Leap. This department offers a variety of infor- mative and exciting classes that range from Home Nursing to Alcohol Educa- tion. It includes classes for the visually handicapped. LIONEL JOHNSON and William Pervine dis- cuss their homework briefly with Miss Parker, who gives a helping hand. HOME NURSING STUDENTS gather around to see a fellow student take the pulse of the class dummy. Ew',bodg "THOSE ARE THE FACTS, man,"say pupils of Mr. Bowers' Alcohol Ed. class. Sharon Donaldson, Timothy Green, Frankie Williams, and Donna Babb point out the information in chart form. 2, te ' "3 ?.' S1 5 3 I 2 , 'Z , -2 'I 6' ' ." ' I ' ' ' J.. ' 1' ' , f " ., ,W I .-. ' -ffl - J, 1 E' il:i,?g!5 7 511. In h - I i", 'Y '. I 'S f , - 'J ur ' , I 4 5 ,Q , M fa... T x . . 1 X ,Q EX, 5 I N H ' if '1,,-Q93 .f'....K K. I X ' V S 2' , 02: 9 F I PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Anna Parker, Sharon Parrett, How- ard Catt, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, Walter Eagleson, Willie R. Martin, Polly Chapman, Shirley Parrett. SECOND ROW: Steve Creech, Jay Kleine, Edward McDowell, Jim Leap, department head, Melvin Bowers, Robert Woodard, Carlos Bell. , -rr- 4m x if "- ing a X .Q , -. , v. ' Y v Ilif- I , . I f ' 11 ff" '- : I J ' .- 5, 11 Og . IX , bi " Q," 1.5 l, l': i ', . K I gl- -as ,ez x, , ff 9. , 1 '14 -,"', .' jfs All I HIKING CLUB-FRONT ROW: James Stroud, Cheryl O'Neill, Liesel ROW: Dave Reneau, Rick Noerr, Richard Reneau, Jack Tapp, Michael Strohschein, DeDe Deatrick, Beverly Huebner, Sally Swan. SECOND Clark,Linda Bruer,John WiIIiams,sponsor. 0 I Hiking Club is a brand new group at Tech this year. The members get together with their sponsor, John Williams, and plan hikes, canal trips, and camping trips. They also discuss projects to help the ecology. Ironically, the greatest need of the hikers was cars and drivers-to take them to points throughout the state where outings were to begin and end. Tech's Bowling Team has provided fun and pleasure for Tech students for three straight years now. The team mem- bers bowl against each other, and at the end of the season, trophies are awarded to teams and individual members. Among these are trophies for sportmanship, most- improved bowler, and highest over-all average. 9 JN li G ' L il X 'f N I N 33. E ,ix L A l BOWLING-FRONT ROW: Mike Logsdon, Ron Holloway, Denise Denny, Mike Glenn, Marion Wes- terman, Heathcliff Hart. SECOND ROW: Mike Perry, sponsor: Theresa Sovern, Ronald Surenkamp, Peter Fuhr, Gus McClendon, Danna Richey. THIRD ROW: Kevin Smith, Thom West, Thomas Clay- ton, Harrison Shaffer, Hascall Shaffer, James Ford. NOT PICTURED: Mike Surenkamp. ff' 'NYC' CHEERBLOCK-FRONT ROW: Linda Robinson, Pam Virden, Edith Cosper, Becky Goode, Jessie Cosby, Kim Weber, Mary Wiseman, Margaret Brown. SECOND ROW: Katrina Smith, Denise Byrd, Kathy Messer, Janie Stewart, Alberta Cousin, Mary Kirby, Melinda Crawford, Marcia Crawford. THIRD ROW: Alice Purvis, sponsor, Ruth Mitchell, Jana Morris, Mary Blane, Lagenia Scott, Debbie Armstrong, Laurita Smith, Sheree Cannedy. There is a group of people at every Tech football and basketball game who help bring out that old Tech spirit in everyone. The Tech Cheerblock is a group of students who are proud of Tech. Its members know all the cheers, and they help the rest of the student body to learn them. I I Q. I I I l l I I I E:-A-. I' in-N , ...iT.,i-nl? Chilli" - S JOHN CRUZ shows his style as a member of the Bowling Team. nf' T VOLLEYBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Manka, coach, Frances Love, Marilyn Williams, Sheree Cannedy, Pam Stewart, Frances Williams. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Lott, Gail Grayson, Pat Wilson, Toni Johnson, Patsy Murray, Vickie Parrish. vo-Wegbawfeam wins If you haven't heard about girls' vol- son, Patsy Murray, and Vicki Parrish. Ieyball, how about this? The new team It was a great start for inter-school closed its regular season unbeaten and girls' sports at Tech. looked forward to a win in the sectional The Girls' Gymnastics Team competed tournament. High scorers were Toni John- with other schools this year for the first AWARDS for an undefeated season were presented by Flay Reed, principal. time. scale bars, They were judged on a ten point in these events: Uneven parallel vaulting, free exercise, and balance beam. To be qualified for the team the girls first had to be on the intramural team, and the most promising ones were then picked by Miss Chapman. Fe 1' GIRLS' GYMNASTICS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Barb Price, Julie Fair- grief, Anna Taylor, Jackie Maxwell, Myra Beard, Michelle Burris, Cathy Stuck, NOT PICTURED: Diane Cornforth, Jeannie Crouch, Polly Chap- man,coach. lv, s Lai' 4' l l JULIE FAIRGRIEF does a front hip circle. -.ef 1' 73' 1-ui FH! 2-Bal -cyan.-pnnn-I I-ws-If :W ,,?,U1",-w" . . I , as-Fif ' 'f-,., ' . F. f .LV . KIM HARBIN, Susie Williams, and Cathy Stuck scrub up. u -iff . I .Ir . 54x-4' J ' A. ,I :. l.1.,- . J 'X Y ' 1 I, rg -Vik. VJ" rf I '. -.N-4 . " ' FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Terry, Diane Cornforth, Jeannie Crouch, Cheryl Cooper. TOP ROW: Beverly Clarke, Donna Wildrick. , -.-1,f:r 4. 'Q' '-' ,, Y, M w qaiyr, ve, Q . 5-ni.-sparc. g, 1 2.2l:lf5": 41.-.Q 'f " Q -7f",: I A -'ii " Q' , .. ' 'ff .jg ,"'4,.,.l.:fF?J-arse' . u' firguns-'V- 'avi 1464713-."'r" ,.-'-.7l-- L 1Q,7L' f"',. 'I' W1 e- ..f-',,"f'r ' 'fn'-lg, -I ' -'. '. , f . i- .-e-'F' - --, - '- - f . . ' Q5.mw2i-f'-f'vf:f-,-,- .. R . ,, , i ' RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Susie Williams, Sherry Wieglein, Paula Rush, Donna Hartsburg, Kim Harbin, Brenda Johnson. I-Iwjs to Titcwu "Spirit! Spirit! Let's hear it!" chant the Tech Cheerleaders as they strive to promote enthusiasm at football and basketball games. The varsity and reserve squads held practices during the summer from three to five times a week. They also gave up many Saturdays in order to hold carwashes, to earn money for their i I A. i. 1:4 .. .. M, A.. . 'fi Q 2: ..v:w-1'1"-.fff f . 1 -gi-?f"i"-.Ak -A -v-ri sq- . . -.-'- V- 46 -'S ,. ., . . , .. ch-14 . 40330960118 uniforms. Cathy Stuck, varsity, Kim Har- bin, Donna Hartsburg, Paula Rush and Sherry Weiglein, reserve cheerleaders at- tended a cheerleading camp in Syracuse, Indiana during the summer. The camp helped those who attended in their tum- bling, cheers, and precision. All in all cheerleading is no easy job but it's fun! 1" ui-.iz If . w'wf'f . - VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Sherri Chapman, Judy Abernathy, Debbie Hartsburg, Mona Carter, Sheila Chapman. TOP: Cathy Stuck. O 9 f' SLUJWAlWAlIING UUE? Sponsors Marguerite Hardy Janice Cooper John Kanouse Lois Sink Mrs. Mary Penrod Judith McBride Chairmen Thomas E. Clayton Myra A. Hagan Carl Jordan Mark A. McKinney Rolando Quintana Kathy Ann Taylor Recorders Mary J. Beaty Hillard O. Hahn Robin L. Kares Jeffery L. Lingenfelter Susan M. Morris Patricia A. Stomm ol, '72 salutes ' ,spomsofus Ns! 949 President Executive Vice-President Ricky J. Cosby Chester A. Pettis 'NG' 'YW-ww rv' A 'I Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-At-Arms Dina L. Eads Anita L. Huber Kathy J. Brinkley -I' I t an -- , 'X lt 'M . .v 'A 5 al A M' l V J 'QA ' ....-"' fue auth Q Tl TW! ff" - ic' .,a, 1' 1--rv Q16 ?"'S .4 -- '05 ,.p r 1-J I ix t 'N 5' SENIOR COLORS COMMl'lTEE-FRONT ROW: Silvia Hannemann Trina Smith, Patty Taube. SECOND ROW: Gail Jones, Darlene Watts Ricky Cosby, Janice Lee. "'-' 'Ll Ji 1 f an I.. A ,gn .1 + 'sd T." Judy K. Abernathy Teresa A. Abernathy Martha J. Allen Donald Amis Jerry Anderson Pamela Anderson Robert Anderson Sharon Anderson Yvonne Anderson William Andrew Mary Ann Apostolakis Nyrita Armstrong Wilma Asher Michael Ashley Ernest Atwood Barbara Austin Denise Bacon Loretta Baldwin Danny Ball Becky Banks Dorthy A. Barbee William Bardwell Arnetta Marie Barnes Deborah Ann Barnes Deborah L. Barnes Diane M. Barnett Walter Barnett Debra Batts Karla Batts Debra Kay Baugh Gerald Beamon Judy C. Beaty Marilyn Joe Beins Bonnie Bell Serena Bell Terri Jean Bell Nathaniel Belton Patricia Kay Bennett Norman Benson Donna Kay Bernard Donna L. Berry Reginald J. Berry Cynthia E. Berryhill Samuel E. Beverly Larry Bingham Janice D. Bivens Charles Black Lou Ann Black Barbara J. Blackledge Joe R. Blakey Jr. Robert T. Blalock Willie J. Blanchard Mildred F. Bland Patricia A. Bleier Cynthia Ann Blue Arthur D. Boggs Greg Boid Barbara J. Bolden Rose R. Bond Vickey Booker Robert Borelly Michael D. Bradshaw Joseph Brantley Kenneth H. Breland James D. Brewer Barbara Brooks Mark S. Brooks Constance T. Brown Hellen M. Brown Kim M. Brown Marsha J. Brown Paula C. Brownie A -9 is A 1 'V arm l s. K ' Q ...QV 3 Stl ?x,,f f""'sv' iv--V T7 sf, V, All Cz, -Y ' 5 '50 SENIOR SWEATER COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Carol Randolph, Carl Jones. SECOND ROW: Frankie Williams, Roger Laughlin. THIRD ROW: Thom West, Theresa Grayson, Ricky Cosby. 'Gr' K X W li r L. ' -Q, hd" , 'gi va Li bln' We QQX.: .ik in X SENIOR ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE-Janice Bivens, L'Tanya Grooms Kathy Taylor, Ricky Cosby, Larry Wilkerson, Doris Hobbs, Jeff Harlow Betty Manning, Thomas Perry, Chester Pettis. 'ix 27' I Q f 1' GC' 1 ni 3 I , . ff 5 . . i Yi m- rf by Q unv- iv -wi 'ivy i v--jp than 4..'1'., 'gr F31 V' '-af Li fever. -at William A. Brummett Blossom S. Bryant Gary Buckley Pamela S. Buckley Adriann Buckner David M. Bullingtgn Ralph C. Burks Pierre W. Burnett Venus K. Buses Dorlan Busic David Butler Harry D. Butler Mary E. Butler Cassandra J. Byers Phyllis Lorraine Byrd Rayfield Campbell Robert L. Camphor Wayne L. Carey Charles L. Carnal Sandy K. Carpenter Mary J. Carruthers Jacqueline S. Carson Wayne Carter Pamela L. Case Elizabeth A. Chambers Wayne A. Chandler Elsie L. Chatman Suzette Clayton Dave W. Clegg Jeffrey A. Clinton Diane Cole Carol J. Coleman James L. Coleman Jr. Dianna M. Collins Sherry Collins Patsy Colyer Mike Connell Robert Coombs Ronald Cooper Teresa Cooper Winford Cork Carl Corlett Vickie Corn Toni Corsaro Tona Cosper Cheryl Crawford Rhonda Crockett Cheryl Crouse Karen Cummins Belinda Dalton Mike Dalton George Darty Leavell Davis Robert D. Davis Steven Davis Anthony Dawson Sherry DeMichieli Douglas Dickson Kathy Dobbs Resenda Dodson Sharon Donaldson Mary Dorsey Cathy Downs John Drake Nancy Drass Don Driggs Bridget Dullen Ellaweese Dumes Wylene Dunnivan J n Edwards Mary Edwards Janet Eicks Gwendolyn Ellis Thomas Ellis IRVING WASHINGTON, Patsy Colyer, and Pam Russell look fonrvard to graduation as they try on their caps and gowns. XE' 'ini-Ra' M . N x l A QQ 5 ifvpl' f S l sig. Q X, W vztfff 3. Wm W .fer Pm WCOQWSHS ' f":'g', ' uf" '.4"-- S ' ' ' ,T S . 1 , .dj , 'YK Iiyxx lv r s -'. ' . S 6 .7 X, ' fx , Z ' 1' ' A L - 1 'Tia . , IQ. X 'v - u- '. 0 A. fn it J as mt. so 1- x Lf ' '- -'7 if 'K li 'fa r S Lf A , L- ' ' i 1 " LHP " ' LJ ,E , K r . H ' l 'l I SENIOR ACADEMIC HONORS-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Wanda Snow, Jacqueline S. Carson, Susan Evans, Kathy J. Brinkley, Teresa Grant SECOND ROW: Robin Kares, Pat Taube, John Parker, John Hawn, Deb bie Roberts, Kathy Miller, Paula Greenwell. THIRD ROW: Ricky Cosby, Carol Hammer, Doug McDaniel, Gregory Boid, Millie Bland, Joyce Moore Carol Rosebrock, Silvia Hannemann. NOT PICTURED: Sharon Pugh, 'Steven Hamilton. i .mai E" 'li --5 gf- 5 wan -v 1-uuq -J it I 'Q-5 ref, Hosea Engram Linda Erwin Janice Ettinger George Evans Michelle Evans Rickie Evans Susan Evans Jimmie Evers Carla Ewing Connie S. Faidley Linda Farley Robert Farley Madonna Federle John Feigen Deborah Fields Robert Fields Ernestine Franklin Emilie Frost Audra Fuqua Mark Gardner Donna Garten Billy Gearlds Alice Gee Richard Gibson Donald K. Gillenwater Barbara Gleason Michael Glenn Marguerite Goergen Dissree Goliday Richard Gorbett Ricky Gowdy David Graham Sharon Graham Teresa Grant Barbara Graves Cynthia Graves Sharon Graves Shirley Gray Theresa Grayson Frankie Greene Paula Greenwell Carolyn Grioe Kenneth Griffin L'Tanya Groorm Katherine Guess Gayle Hager Ann Hahn Terry Haines Errac Hale Bette Hall Stevan Hamilton Carol Hammer Benjamin Hampton Silvia Hannemann John Happersberger Jackie Hargett Jeffrey Harlow Karen Harmon Bessie Harris Henrietta Harris Marsha Harris .O Tbg. . N-11 sg' Oi Y' Ji -wg. Y-:1 arms "W CHESTER PETTIS, Ricky Cosby, John Parker, and Greg Boid talk over the prospects of entering service academies. 'M 5152, J-6 xl? N- ,-.Qi -Ji '72 gwds seek I 1 3 .- 3 ' GV PRETTY Darlene Watts was Tech's representative for Ayres' Fashion Board. S., 1 lb kn- 1 Nl , I Q41 5, W . 4 X ff '3 'TT10 I-A L fe ,L- if QQ' L 'S ' A . 4 l . l 1 T 'r"'r3' ,il I ' .1-z YD: ,.. Qs A I .4 I!" Mud' fi. E' + AU-is gf. Y 2 43 A . sig' s ., ' Vickie Harris lFosterl Foster Hart Deborah Hartsburg Jeannie Hatton lPurnelll John Hawn Sheila Hazelwood Janet Hendrickson Richard Henry Melva Herrera Steve Herrington Theresa Herrington Ronald Herron Lawrence Hicks Lugene Hilliard David Hite Doris Hobbs Kenneth Hodges Tim Hof Stephanie Hoke Robert Holder Dwight Holman Paulette Holmes Johnny Holt Rose Hone Gwynna Hoover Timothy Howe Steven Howery Erma Hubbard Jerry Hubbard Stanley Hunt Marsha Hurt James Irby Sheryl lson Sally Israel Willie lvy Anthony Jackson Louise Jackson Shirley Jackson Denise Jacobs Mark Jarrett Brenda Johnson Carl Johnson Ollie Johnson Paul Johnson Terri Johnson Toni Johnson Carl Jones Carl N. Jones Gail Jones John Jones Kenneth Jones Roger Jones Samuel Jones Wanda Jones Blake Keillor Karen Keithley Frankie Keller James Kendrick Darlene Kennedy Daniel Maurice Killebrew Vincent Charles Killebrew Bertha King Carl L. King Darlene Kay Kirk Michael W. Lair Diane Jean Lauderdale Roger A. Laughlin Roger Dale LaValley Larry A. Lawless Dennis Lawrence Stanley Lawrence Debbie Sue LecClier Constance Levine Lee Gloria Lee Janice K. Lee Barbara Lewis Pamela Denise Ligon Joe Little Harold Livingston Bill Lockhart Lucille Logan Roy C. Logan Marilyn Long Robert Charles Long pr? .WM 5'-I' -cr' S. No' 4 13" of 'EY RN. 21117 'YU L , W L w 'bv K 1 .'.. 5 jg wifi fi W- 'J L . '.l. '37 t A X il , ,Vx ga: ' . Ib ky! ll 'Z' ,np-, 'W' Q. . .,,,,x ..., li fi at, . ' 1 4- r - 4.1, P Fw L..... . - 7.77 -uf Hoppe dass Qs I , .. QQ CTS, Lv- Carl Lowery Bonita McBrady Ruth McClanahan Gus W. McCIendon Judith Annette McCloud Doug M. McDaniel Robert McDaniel Anita McDonald Cathy McFarland Rochelle McGee Lainie Mclntosh Deborah E. McKeage Kim McManama Michael McPherson Robert E. McRov Jr. Nick Madden Maggie L. Maddox Marsha Lee Mahan Bettie C. Manning Donna Kay Martin Terry D. Martin David Mathis Carol Matthews Sheila Matthews Jamie Maxey Kathryn Maxey Larry Maxey Reggie Maxwell Jeff Meid Linda Merritt Dewayne Merriweather Deris Miller Diane Miller Janie Miller Jean Miller Kathryn A. Miller Madie Miller Randy Millican Howard Mills Anita Mitchell Lynn Mobley Ellen Moffatt Duane Montgomery Joyce Moore Brian Morris Tim Morse James Mote Leslie Murphy Sharian Murray Kevin Nahas Sofia Navarro Marsha L. Neal Thomas A. Neal Margaret New Kenneth Nichols Nancy Joyce Nichols Margaretta S. Nicholson Jerome M. Oakley Michael G. Oliver James M. O'Neill Donald Page John L. Parker Victoria Lynn Parrish Marsha Lynn Peebles Barbara J. Perry Thomas Perry Mose Person Holsey Pervine Gwendolyn D. Petty Frieda H. Phelps David Phillips James Pipes Donna Jean Pipher Vernon Pipkin Linda Polin Linda Porter Gertrude Powell Mary Powell i ad 986- .15-, 'Q' f' Wi 'T '5- 45 as 'Ill H"7' 'ef-" 3 l......q. V49 - VW 5' , ' r 'QM QT? in FQ 157 A fe? I 1 QYQYJTYQ -aww ,Jitsiitg ,YI ,A if .4-.hs 4' ,lb .lv , Ulf" er, fi .. 'A '.X :nnwfva M11 'vh- 'feta 'wi hex f.-T95 : -s Wai? X ip xi ,,.. Tina Power Vickie S. Poynter Barbara Price Janell Price Yulanda J. Price ,, Sharon H. Pugh fu' Roy Purvis Wanda J. Ouackenbush Sherry Quinn Tim Rainey Carol Randolph "' Christine Ratcliff Teresa Reeves Richard A. Reneau Karen Reynolds -.- Mary L. Rias ' I' Byron Richardson A Elroy Richardson K' f.. l . . A11 -' 3, Mary Richardson Peter A. Richardson William Richardson Marla Richey Michael David Richmond Patricia A. Riley Jerome Rimmer Reynaldo Riojas Judith A. Roach Deborah Roberts Pamela Roberts Brenda Robertson Debra Robertson John Howard Robertson Wesley C. Robertson 53,6-. - Carol E. Robinson Miguel Rodrigues Harold D. Rogers i 1 W1 1 f 1 1 Carol A. Rosebrock Larry D. Ross Shari Routh Lillian Rupert John J. Rush Marcus Russell Pamela Russell Linda Sanders Pamela Sapp Mary Sayles Veronica Schnippel Barry Scott William Scott Stephanie Scruggs Beverly D. Seats Dianna Lynn Shaw Juverna Shepherd Pamela Sherrill Rose Shewman Cliff David Shumaker Marvin Size more Henry Skinner Bobbi Smith Gregory Smith Herman Smith Jerald W. Smith Kirby Smith Miriam Irene Smith Trina V.Smith Vicki Lynn Smith Edward Smoot Wanda Snow Paul E. Spears Roberts E. Spells Debra Spradlin Jim Sprague Antonio Spratt Shirley Starks David Steenbergen .FF-1 I 6- frail .in 'bf' x 5,2 ,A 3 5-f 6' iz Qi 'rv 'Q' X i ? . B. ,yy x -lb Q' M sw- 111 A XX 'T vs' ,'-as it 'VK MEMBERS of the Gift Committee confer with Miss Sink. -'sa ff-v K-, '05 .1-1-1 i 495 1,4 X . P 3 .AXA APRIL SHOWERS? No, April Witsman on her way to class. "IP wi Stl so v-' 4-'15 Michael Stigger Jay C. Stinson Ronnie J. Stocks I. S fl Teresa L. Stokes Joseph Stoops Gail Sumlar S.. All X 6-v 'hs 'qs vc ' 1, Fi? AND THE BEAT goes on as Kathy Taylor strikes up another victory. ,N Ye,- bv' Ronald Sweatt Debra L. Swinford , Jeff Tabor Leslie Tague Patricia K. Taube Joyce Taylor Kasaundra Taylor Katherine L. Taylor Lynn K. Taylor Susan Taylor Terri Taylor Carolyn L. Tedrow Jane Thacker Michael Thacker Loretta Thomas R 1 Michael Thompson Deborah Thorman Kenneth Thurston Vicky Lynn Tisdial -..-.. Diane Tonge Z. Anne Townsel Brenda L. Troxell L- Linda S.TroxeIl -1 Sl Carl Turner , N Duane Turner .' at ,. Priscilla Turner Robert G. Turner Rosalyn Turner James Twigg N-1 Kelly Jean Underwood Randy VanWye Daniel W. Vaughn 1 Ks Elizabeth Veney 7 James Benton Via -r Deborah Elaine Viers f-' jf 'cv A fu? i' ii Vera Vincent Barbara A. Virden --...Q Johnny Wade Juanita Wagner Neal Walker Rick A. Walker David Wallen Marla Walter Jeffrey Ward Christianne Warner Irving W. Washington Jessie Washington 'es Y can Waterford , T' ' Darlene Watts N Connie Wayman Berdia Wells Mike West Thom West Carolyn Wheeler Patricia White Tack 1972 TECH LEGION-FRONT ROW: Jeff Lingen- felter, Wanda Snow, Patricia Stomm. Captains: Patricia Taube, Dina Eads, Ricky Cosby, Co- commander, Kathy Brinkley. SECOND ROW: Carol Tedrow, Jean Miller, Kathryn Miller, Linda Troxell, Carol Hammer, Theresa Herring- ton, Jacqueline Carson, Teresa Cooper. THIRD ROW: Diana Wong, Donna Berry, Charles Black, John Hawn, Vickie Harris, Silvia Han- nemann, John Parker, Deborah Thorman. FOURTH ROW: Douglas McDaniel, Teresa Abernathy, Susan Evans, Douglas Dickson, Hosea Engram, Janice Bivens, Norman Benson, Robert Blalock,John I-lappersberger. . , 7' . , Y F, if K A W, X ws . 4' as 1 1 5 , 5 .t ae.: U s 5 ' was S ik? - . .V -i N- E '77 ff: is- .... " If tm H kffxfu in Q J x gg ' fa 4, Y I Z, " Ig., fl N N ff 'Q Q.--wav 4 xv , fav 5 wa. - -. e,""'s". ."' . '. f nm- s mi ...: . MA 'ln 3 ., tr 3 hi A sn -Q Kenneth Whitecotton .5 Gary Wiggington , John Wiley 4-6'-9 Bert Wilkerson Lloyd Steve Wilkinson Daryell Williams To if Deliria Williams Deloris Williams Frank Williams -..Q George D. Williams Larry Williams Leslie Jo Williams Lizzie B. Williams Marilyn A. Williams Nennetta Williams Aletha E. Willner Carl Edward Wilson Donald Wilson Kevin Wilson Melody A. Wilson James W. Wingo Richard L. Winkle April L.Witsman Diana K. Wong Susan K. Woodcock Karen W. Woods Louis D. Woods 'C-' Sheila Woods Daryl M. Woodson Laura Wright Tech L ' i972 TECH LEGION-FRONT ROW: Co-command- er Irving Washington. Captains: Paula-Green- well, Aletha Willner, Carol Rosebrock. Vera Vincent, Darlene Watts, Connie Wayman. SEC- OND ROW: Marguerite Cathy Goergen, Frieda Phelps, Donna Pipher, Yolanda Price, Rolando Quintana, Mildred Anna Young, Pamela Sher- rill. THIRD ROW: Linda Farley, Emilie Frost, Doris Hobbs, Anita Huber, Paul John- son, Robin Kares, Carl King. FOURTH ROW: Venus Buses, Marsha Brown, Mildred Bland, Gregory Boid, David Bullington, Cassandra Byers, Kenneth Breland. NOT PICTURED: Madonna Federle, Teresa Grant, Deborah Mc- Keage, Kim McNanama, Bonnie Rector, Deb orah Roberts, Deborah E. Viers. Lynn B. Wright Paula Wright Larry Yates Anna Young Martin Young Michael Young loft 'QPCV 772 0 ABERNATHY, JUDY KAY: Business Education, Social Studies! Cheerleaders, Techoir ABERNATHY, TERESA ANN: Foreign Language,Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Drama Club, Spanish Club, Thes- plans ALLEN, MARTHA Home Economics, Social Studies! Y Teens ALLENDER, SHE LIA: Home Economics,SociaI Studies AMlS,DONALD Auto-Aviation ANDERSON, GUS: Building Trades, Social Studies! Chess Club, Football, Track ANDERSON, IVAN: Auto-Aviation! Basketball ANDERSON,JERRY. Auto-Aviation,Social Studies ANDERSON, PAMELA: Business Education, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club ANDERSON, ROBERT: Social Studies! Basketball ANDERSON, SHARON: Home Economics, Social Studies ANDERSON, YVONNE lVonI: Business Edumtion, Social Studies ANDREW, WILLIAM IFisI'iI' Building Trades APOSTOLAKIS, MARY ANN: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies! OEA ARMSTRONG, NYRITA: Home Economics, Social Studies ASHER, WILMA SUE: Business Education, Social Studies ASHLEY, MICHAEL DENNIS lMikel: Business Education, Printing ATWOOD, ERNEST ILadl. Social Studies!Baseball AUSTIN, BARBARA Business Education, Home Economics BABB, DONNA SUE Home Economics, Social Studies BACON, DENISE DARLENE IPunkinl: Mathematics,Social Studies!Concert Band, Speech Team, SAO representative BACON, JAMES ARTHUR lTinkl1 Auto-Aviation, Social Stu- dies BAKER, BRUCE WAYNE IBerryI2 Industrial Arts BAKER, VIOLA' Home Economics,Social Studies!Y Teens BALDWIN, LORE'l'l'A: Business Education!English Office Messenger BALL, DANNY M.: Social Studies BANKS, BECKY' Business Education, Social Studies BARDWELL, WILLIAM. Business Education, Music, Social Studies!Concert Band BARGER, LONNIE Business Education,Social Studies BARKER, CHARLES WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, Science, So- cial Studies BARNES, ARNETTA MARIE' Business Education, Social Studies! Y-Teens BARNES, DEBORAH ANN IDebbielz Business Education, Home Economics, Mathematics! SAO representative BARNES, DEBORAH L, lDebbiel' Home Economics! Track BARNETT, DIANE M. Business Education, Home Econom- 7 I 4'0- aff, ,AEP M ' -' 4. Q - .35,, :,, ' .5-Q, 2 4 ,- ,nfl It-: - F : .Z r D I ,VL y . i - ' Q . ' .V - E' A I , h' Q --'J -1' - I . .'-we-Iiifi si' SENOR, this is Sadie Hawkins oav, says David Bullington as Marsha Brown eyes the camera. fd vez! Mark Zackery Jerry Ann Gayles -..- icsl CANNON agent BARNETT,WALTER: Building Trades! Basketball BARTLEY, PATRICIA JO: Business Education, Home Eco- nomim, Social Studies BATEMAN,CAROLYN: Home Ewnomics BATTS, DEBRA: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies BATTS, KARLA: Social Studies BAUGH, DEBRA KAY lDebbiel: Home Economics, Social Studies BEAMON, GERALD IHercl: Building Trades BEATY, JUDY C.: Foreign Language, Social Studies! German Club BEATY, MARY JO lJodiel: Business Education, Social Studies! OEA, Red Cross Club, ROTC Girls, Girls Concert Club, Girls Enserrble, Techoir, CANNON agent, SAO representative, class recorder, sweater committee BEEVER, THOMAS M.: Business Education, Social Studies! DE, FTA. SDE-lnish Club, Wrestling BEINS, MARILYN JOE: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics BELL, BONNIE: Home Economics!Y-Teens BELL, SERENA: Home Economics BELL, TERRI JEAN: Home EoonomicslGAA, Girls Volley- ball, Gymnastics, CANNON agent, SAO representative BE LTON, NATHANIEL: Building Trades, Social Studies BENNETT, PATRICIA KAY: Home Economics, Social Studies BENNINGFIELD, DONALD TERRY: Industrial Arts, Social Studies BENSON, NORMAN: Social Studies BERNARD, DONNA KAY: Business Education, Social Studies BERRY, DONNA LYNETTE: Foreign Language, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies!French Club, GAA,SAO representa- tive BERRY, REGINALD J.: Auto Aviation! Basketball, Track BERRY, WARNER: Industrial Arts, Social Studies BERRYHILL, CYNTHIA ELAINE: Home Economics, So- cial Studies BEVERLY,SAMUEL E.: Art BINGHAM, LARRY: Building Trades, Social Studies BIVENS, JANICE DEAN: Business Education, Home Eoo- nomitsl Drill Team, History Club, High School Red Cross Club, ROTC Girls, ROTC Sponsors BLACK, CHARLES lGumbyl: Art, Music, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Basketball, Boys Oc- tette,Techoir BLACK, LOU ANN: Social Studies BLACKLEDGE, BARBARA lCatellierl: Social Studies BLAKEY, JOE R. JR.: Building Trades, Social Studies! Football, Track BLALOCK, ROBERT T. lBobl: Foreign Language, Social Yr""5Y CQ 2 I HI Y'ALLl says Kathy Brinkley as she clowns around on senior dress-down day. THE UNRECOGNIZABLES Debbie Thorman, Jean Miller, Mark Jarrett, Jeff Meid, and Steve Herrington pose on Sadie Hawkins Day. Studies!Drama Club, German Club, NFL, Thespians, Speech Team BLANCHARD, WILLIE J.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling BLAND, MILDRED F. IMillieI: Business Education Home Economics! COE, Gymnastics, OEA BLEIER, PATRICIA A. IPattiel: Business Education, Social Studies!COE,OEA BLUE, CYNTHIA ANN IBluel: Business Education Social Studies!GAA, Junior Council, SAO representative,Colors Committee of Senior Class BOGGS, ARTHUR DEVON: Art, Industrial Arts, Social StudieslPhotography Club, Tennis BOID, GREG: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science BOLDEN, BARBARA SEAN: Home Economics!Track BOND, ROSE RENEE: Mathematics, Social Studies!Chess Club, High School Red Cross Club, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, Techoir BOOKER, VICKEY: Foreign Language, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Judo Club, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Girls Drill Team, SAO representative BORELLY, ROBERT lBobl: Industrial Arts,SociaI Studies BOYD, LORNA: Home Economics, Social Studies BRADSHAW, MICHAEL DALE: Industrial Arts, Studies Social BRANDON, CALVIN: Business Education, Social Studies! JER student body president BRANTLEY,JOSEPH1 Metal Trades! Intramural Sports BRELAND, KENNETH: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics! Let- termen's Club, Football, Track, Wrestling BREWER, HOWARD: Building Trades, Social Studies! His- tory Club BREWER, JAMES DENNIS: Business Education, Social Studies! Intramural Sports BRINKLEY, KATHY JEAN: Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama Club, FTA, NFL, High School Red Cross Club, Symphonic Band, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Speech Team, SAO representative, Sergeant-at Q-1 WUI' Ii-I I 1. tl- awp!! l m i ISPLAYING only a senior's talent are a few of Tech's graduating "stars" led by Super-Senior Ricky sby. arms ol Senior Class BROOKS, BARBARA Social Studies BROOKS, MARK STEVEN: Social Studies! History Club, Wrestling, Junior Council, CANNON Yearbook Stall BROWN, CHARLES E. Electrical Trades, Baseball, Basket- ball, Football, Boys Concert Club, Concert Band, Dance Band BROWN, CONSTANCE TERESA IConnteI Bustness Educa- tton, Soctal Studtes BROWN, HELLEN MARIE' Business Education, Home Eco- nomnc. Social Studies BROWN, KIM: Building Trades! ROTC Ofltcers BROWN, MARSHA: Foreign Language, Mathemattc, Soctal Studies! Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Techotr BROWNlE,PAULA. Social Studies BRUMMETT, WILLIAM ANTHONY Mathematic, Social Studies! Key Club, Wrestlrng BRYANT, BLOSSOM SHERMANE Music! Mustc Club, Girls Ensemble, Techorr BUCKLES, ME LVIN' Building Trades BUCKLEY, GARY' Building Trades, Social Studies! Football, Golf. Concert Band. Marching Band BUCKLEY, PAMELA SUE' Art, Social Studies BUCKNER, ADRIAN LAVERNE. Business Education, For- eign Language, Social Studies! COE, OEA, Matorette Corps BULLINGTON, DAVID' Foreign Language,SoctalStudtes! Drama Club, FTA, Spanrsh Club, Thesptans. Bell Choir, lglelodayres, Techotr, Cap and Gown Committee ol Senior lass BURKS, RALPH: Electrtcal Trades BURNETT, PIERRE: Metal Trades BURNETTE, LEONARDt Social Studres!Basketball BUSES, VENUS KAY: Business Education, Forergn Lan- guage, Social Studies! French Club, OEA, Prayer Circle, Service Club, SAO representative BUSIC, DORLAN1 Auto-Aviation, Social Studies BUSSERG, BRENDA: Home Economic BUTLER, DAVID: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! lvlarchrng Band, Concert Band. Dance Band BUTLER, MARY: Business Education, Social Studies! Ser- vttr Club BUTLER, HARRY D.: Auto Avtatron, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wrestling BYERS, CASSANDRA J.: Business Education, Home Eco- nomic. Soclal Studies BYRD. PHYLLIS L.. Home Economic. Social Studies CAMPBELL, RAYFIELD Metal Trades CAMPHOR, ROBERT L.: Social Studies! Basketball CAREY, WAYNE LEE Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies CARNAL, CHARLES LEE IChtckl. Business Education, lndustrtal Arts! Cross Country, Track, Boys Concert Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative CARPENTER, SANDY KAY Mathematics, Social Studres CARRUTHERS, MARY JEAN: Business Education, Mathe- matics! Track CARSON, JACOUELINE SUE lJackrel: Bustness Education, Foreign Language! COE, OEA, SAO representative CARSON. TANYA T.. Bustness Educatton, Mathematics, Social Studies! DE, Drama Club CARTER. WAYNE: Art! Photography Club, Football CASE, PAMELA LElGHi Busrness Education, Soczal Studres! German Club CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH ANN: Foreign Language, Mathe- matic, Social Studres! Girls Concert Club CHANDLER, WAYNE ALLENI Aut0AAvtatt0n, Soctal Studies Cl-IATMAN. ELSIE L.: Home Eoonomtcs CLARK. LOUISE: Home Economic, Soctal Studies! CAN NON agent CLAYTON, SUZETTE: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Speech Team, Junior Council, SAO feoresentattve, Colors Committee ol Senior Class CLAYTON, THOMAS E.: Mathematic, Social Studres!Chess Club, French Club, Bowling, Lettermen's Club, Football, Tennis, Chairman ol senior roll room 190 CLEGG, DAVID' Pnnttng! Lettermen's Club, Prrnttng Club, Baseball, Wrestling, Football CLINTON, JEFF' Drafting, Social Studies! Key Club, Let- termen's Club, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, CANNON agent, SAO representative COFER,PHYLLlS: SocralStudtes COLE, DIANE: Business Educ:-mon, Home Economlq, 50. ctal Studies COLEMAN. CAROL JEAN Social Studres ne -L igw !":'J-, I wb rr' sf! t .4 TWO SADIE Hawkins Day celebrants stop their celebrating long enough to say hi! COLEMAN, JAMES LEE JR.: Art, Social Studies COLLINS, DIANNA M.: Business Education COLLINS, SHERRY: I-Iome Economic, Social Studies COLYER, PATSY CAROL: Business Education, Home Eco- nomic, Social Studies! SAO representatrve CONNELL, MIKE: Auto Aviation, Drafting CONNER ERWIN L.: Metal Trades,SoctaI Studies COOK,STEVEN L.: Social Studies! ICT COOMBS, ROBERT C.: Social Studies! ROTC Drill Team COOPER, RONALD LYNN: Building Trades, Social Studies! Football COOPER, TERESA ANN: Busrness Education, Home Eco- nomlc! OE A, Symphonic Band, Concert Orchestra CORK, WINFORD: Industrial Arts, Socral Studres CORLETT,CARL' Prrntrng,Socral Studies! Goll CORN, VICKIE: Home Economics, Social Studies! SAO representative CARSARO, TONI LOU' Business Educatron, Socral Studies! DE, Cheerleaders, Bowling Team, CANNON agent, Float Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Dance Committee, Prom Committee COSBY, RICKY J,: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studtes! Chemlstry Club, Intramurals Sports, Let- terman's Club, Spanish Club, President ol Senior Class COSPER, TONA' Business Education, Home Economics, Mathematic, Social Studies! OEA COX,l-IENERY Art CRAWFORD, CHERYL Home Economic, Social Studies CROCKETT, RHONDA GAYLE' Music, Social Studies, Physical Education! German Club, High School Red Cross Club, ROTC Grrls Dull Team, Matorettes, Girls Concert Club, Melodyres, Techorr CROUSE, CHERYL LEE Business Education, Social Studies! OEA, CANNON Yearbook Stall CUMMINS, KAREN E. Home Economic DALTON, BELINDA JOYCE Buslness Education, Social Studies DALTON. MICHAEL DEAN Industrial Arts, Soctal Studies DAVIS, LE AVE LL Electrical Trades, Social Studies DAVIS, ROBERT DARRELL Auto-Aviation, Social Studies DAVIS, STEVEN Social Studttrs DAVISSON, MARK Auto-Avtatton, Social Studies! Football. Wrestling DAWSON, ANTHONY Art, Social Studu:s!Lr:ttr'rrrl:n's Club Football, Tennis, Wrestling DAY, DALE NIi1lh9fT18IlC's,Ir1dustrIillArls DE BRUHL, MARY ANN Business Education, Socral Studies DEMICHIELI, SHERRY LYNN Business Etluultton, Socral Studies! CANNON Newspaper Stall DICKSON, DOUGLAS WYNN Business Education, Mathr- matrcs, Socral Studies! Lettermerrs Club, OEA, I-lurmn Relations Council, Cross Country, Football, Track, Juruor Council, Boys Concert Club, Boys Octuttrf, Techotr DOBBS, KATHY ANN Business Educatron, Music! Service Club, Brrll Choir, Girls Concert Club. SAO represrrntatrve Cap and Gown Committee ol Senior Class DODSON, RESENDA Business Education DONAHUE, SHARON Business Education, FU""fI" I--I" guage, Social Studies DONALDSON, SHARON Social Studtrfs DORSEY, L MARY Business Education, Home Eurnornrci. Social Studres! GAA, OEA DORSEY, VICTOR JR Social Studies' History Club, Bowl ing Club DOTY, RUTH Ietlltrgl Home Economlc'-, Social Studies." Prayer Circle, Spanlsh Club, Glrls Vollr-yball, ROTC Grrls, ROTC Girls Drrll Team DOWNS, CATHY LYNN Business Education DOWNS, JEROME Business Education, Printing DRAKE, JOHN P. Busrncss Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies! ICT, Spanish Club DRASS, NANCY SUE Business Education, Home Eco- nomic, Music! COE, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent, SAO Representative, Acrtvtttes Committee ol St?rtlrJr Class DRIGGS, DONNIE LEE lD0nl Social Studies, Football. Golf, Wrestling DUE, MARCIA Home Economics, Social Studllfs DULLEN, BRIDGET E Business Education, Home Eco nomic DUMES,ELLAWEESE DUMES, JAMES EARL Auto-Avratroll, Soclal Studtr-s Football DUNNIVAN WYLENE Art,SocraI Studies DURHAM, V, LEE JR Industrial Arts, Social Studies EADS, DINA LYNN Mathematics, Social Studies." Key Club, NFL, Ourll St Scroll, High School Red Cross Club, Speech Team, CANNON Newspaper Stall, SAO Executive Board EDWARDS, ALVIN Industrial Arts, Social Studresr Baseball. Basketball, Concert Band EDWARDS, JEAN ANTIONETTE IJeanrtrf:l Horne ELO- nomic, Social Studies EDWARDS, MARY E. Social Studies! GAA, High School Red Cross Club, Y Teens, Bowllng Club, Track, Glrls Concert Club EICKS, JANET E Mathematics, Social Studies! Prayer Circle, t-ltgh School Red Cross Club, Concert Band ELLIS, GWENDOLYN DENISE Business Education, Home Economics, Mathematics! Drama Club, CANNON Newspa- per ELLIS, THOMAS W. Industrial Arts, Social Studies ELMORE, SAMUEL Building Trades, Business Education ENGRAM, HOSEA Industrial Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies! Intramural Sports, Lettermen's Club, Wrestling ERVIN, LINDA lKayl Social Studies.-' NFL, Radlo Club Speech Team, CANNON agent, SAO representative ET-TINGER, JANICE MARIE SOClal Studlesr' Lalln Club EVANS,GEORGE H. Social Studies' Chess Club, ICT EVANS, MICHELLE Spanish Club, Soclal Studies, Science. Art Club EVANS, RICKIE Auto-Aviation, Social Studies EVANS, SUSAN DIANNE Business Educatlon, Social Studres!ICT, OEA, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative EVERS,JIMMlE Auto-Aviation EWING, CARLA ELAINE Home Economlcs, Social Studies FAIDLEY, CONNIE SUE Social Studies FARLEY, LINDA G. Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studles!Kc'y Club, Spanish Club, CANNON News- paper Stalf, SAO representatlve, Colors Cornmltter: ol Se- nior Class FARLEY, ROBERT M AulO-Aviation FEDERLE, MADONNA JO Business Education FElGEN,JOHN Scrence!Football,Wrestllng FIELDS, DEBORAH ANN Buslness Educatron, Social Studies FIELDS, ROBERT W.. Business Education, Social Studies FORD, RICHARD Industrial Arts' Concert Band FFIEEMONT,WlLLlAM Auto-Avratton FRANKLIN, ERNESTINE Business Education, Social Studies FROST, ENIILIE JANE. BLISIFIQSS EduC.3tlor1, SOCIIII Studies-' COE, OEA, Concert Band FUOUA, AUDRA Business Educatron, Home Economic GAMBLE. GARY Burldrng Trades, Social Studies GARDNER, MARK' Science, Social Studres! Wrestllng GARTEN, DONNA KAY Business Educatron, Social Studlrzs GAYLES, JERRY ANN Business Educatron, Home Eco nomic GEARLDS, BILLY M. Business Educalton-' Baseball GEE, ALICE M. Home Economics! Speech Team GIBEAUT, RICHARD LE ROY Social Studies GIBSON, LAWSON Building Trades GIBSON, RICHARD L. ILeel Electrical Tradesr ICT GILKEY, LARRY N.. Building Trades GILLENWATER, DONALD K Electrical Tradesl'Chr'ss Club GLEASON, BARBARA JEAN Business Education, Home Economlcs!Praver Circle GLENN, MICHAEL E Burldrng Trades, Social Studies- Htkrng Club, History Club, Baseball, ROTC Rtllr- Team. Bowling Team GOERGEN, MARGUERITE CATHERINE ICatl'tyl Business Edumtlon, Social Studres!COE, German Club, Hiking Club, OEA, SAO representative GOLIDAY, DISSREE KAY Busrness Educ.1tron,Homt3 Eco- nomics, Social Studtcs!DE GORBETT, RICHARD E. IRtckI Building Trades GOWDY, RICKY Prlnttr1g,S0clalSludtes GRAHAM, DAVID Metal Trades, Social Studres!FootbaII, Wrestlrng, SAO representative GRAHAM, SHARON SUE Business Educatron, Social Studnfs GRANT, TERESA LYNN Social Studtes! French Club, Hts- tory Club, Hugh School Ri-d Cross Club! ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Girls Drull Team, SAO Executive Board, Colors Committee ol Senuor Class GRAVES, BARBARA Business Educatuon, Socual Studues! DE GRAVES, CYNTHIA Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studues! Music Club, Gurls Concert Club GRAVES, SHARON MARIE Home Economics, Social Studies! Prayer Circle GRAY, SHIRLEY Business Education GRAYSON, THERESA Business Education! COE, Drama Speech Club, OEA, Speech Team, SAO representative, Chairman ol Sweater Committee of Senuor Class GREEN, TIMOTHY Socual Studies GREENE, FRANKIE Home Economics! GAA GREENWE LL, PAULA KAY Business Education, Art! Art Club, COE, OEA, Hugh School Red Cross Club GRICE, CAROLYN Business Educatuon, Home Economics GRIFFIN, KENNETH WAYNE' Mathematics, Social Studies GROOMS, L'TANYA lTinyl Business Education, Home Eco- nomucs, Socual Studues!COE, OEA, SAO representative, Senuor Activity Committee, Regional representative of OEA GROSS, REBECCA lBeckyl Home Economics GUESS, KATHERINE D. IDarlenel. Home Economics, So- cual Studies GUIDEN, RICHARD W IRuckI Art!Boys Concert Club GUYINN, JOHN Industrial Arts HAGAN, MYRA ANN Business Educatuon!Bell Choir, Con- cert Orchestra, Strung Ensemble, Senuor Councul 19729 ' HAGER, GAYLE ANN' Social Studies!Gurls Concert Club, Techoir,CANNON agent HAHN, ANN MARIE' Socual Studues!Drama Club HAHN, HILLARD' Auto4Avuatuon!ROTC Officer, ROTC Drull Team, CANNON agent, Senuor Class Recorder HAINES, TERRY LYNN: Business Educatuoru,Socual Studues! Service Club HALE, ERRAC A.: Building Trades, Social Studies HALE, MICHELE IYancyl: Mathematics, Social Studies HALL, BETTE ANNETTE lNettal' Business Educatuon, Home Economics, Socual Studues!DE, Girls Concert Club JUST ANOTHER NORMAL DAY at Tech as Pat Taube, Mark McKinney, Irving Washington, and Doug McDaniel dance to class. HAM, MARK Socual Studies HAMILTON, STEVAN EDWARD: Mathematics, Pruntung, Social Studues! German Club, Pruntung Club, CANNON Newspaper Staff HAMILTON, RICHARD J. INappvl: Business Educatuon,So- cial Studies HAMILTON, ROBERT LEWIS JR. IKung Parachutel. Auto- Avuatuon,Socual Studues!ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team HAMILTON, ROY EUGENE. Auto-Aviation, Socual Studies! ROTC Officers, ROTC Drull Team HAMILTON, THOMAS MARSHALL1 Printing HAMMER, CAROL S.: Business Education, Socual Studies! COE, History Club, OEA HAMPTON, BENJIMIN. Auto-Aviation, Business Education! NFL, Basketball, Track HANNEMAN, SILVA' Mathematics, Social Studues! Bell Choir, Maiorette Corps, SAO representative HAPPERSBERGER, JOHN CARL: Foreign Language, Social Studues! Bell Choir, Boys Octette, Techour HARDIMAN, GRADY' Socual Studies! Baseball, Basketball HARDlMAN,JIMl SoCiaIStudies HARGETT, JACKIE: Metal Trades, Socual Studies! Basket- ball HARLOW, JEFFERY EUGENE IJeffI: Pruntung, Socual Studues! Pruntung Club, Baseball, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club HARMON, KAREN L.' Business Educatuon, Home Econom' ics! SAO representative HARRIS, BESSIE R. IReneal' Home Economics! Track, Strung Ensemble HARRIS, DENISE ANN: Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies HARRIS, HENRIETTA IEtial1 Business Educatuon, Socual Studies HARRIS, MARSHA ELAINE Home Economics HARRIS, VICKIE LIANNA: Business Educatuon, Home Ecoa nomics,SocuaI Studies! DE, SAO representative HART, FOSTER B.: Industrial Arts, Socual Studies! Chess Club, Radio Club HARTSBURG, DEBORAH IDebbyl: Business Education, Home Economics! DE, Cheerleaders, SAO representative HATFIELD, BARBARA: Home Economics HATTON, JEANNIE MARIE' Home Economics HAWN, JOHN' Business Educatuon, Mathematics, Social Studues! OEA, CANNON agent, CANNON Newspaper Staff, SAO Executive Board,SAO representative HAZELWOOD, SHEILA LYNN: Home Economics! Red Cross Club HENDERSON, PHILLIP W,: Art, Building Trades HENDRICKSON, JANET LYNN: Home Economics, Social Studues! Senuor Office Messenger, English Assistant,Maior- ette Corps, SAO representative, Prom Committee, Actuvu- ties Committee of Senior Class HENRY, RICHARD: Art! Football, Boys Concert Club, SAO representative HERRERA, MELVA MARY: Home Economics HERRINGTON, STEVE: Industrial Arts, Mathematics! ICT HERRINGTON, THERESA JEAN. Business Educatuon, Home Economics! Service Club HERRON, RONALD lRonl: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Wrestling HICKS, LAWRENCE E.: Art! ROTC Officers, Boys Concert Club, Techour, CANNON Yearbook Staff HILLIARD, LUGENE: Electrical Trades, Social Studies HITE, DAVID L.: Social Studies HOBBS, DORIS H.: Socual Studies! GAA, Intramural Sports, Service Club, Basketball, Track, SAO representative HODGES, KENNETH LEONARD IKennylI Building Trades, Socual Studies HOF,TIM: Printing HOKE, STEPHANIE: Mathematics, Social Studues! Volley- ball, Junior Council, CANNON agent, SAO representative HOLDER, ROBERT WAYNE IBobl. Auto-Aviation HOLLINS, MARVIN: Metal Trades HOLMAN, DWIGHT: Electrical Trades HOLMES, PAULETTE: Home Economics HOLT, JOHNNY: Building Trades HONE, ROSEMARIE ANN lRosel: Business Education! Drama Club HOOD, KAREN FLO: Socual Studies! Drama Speech Club, French Club, History Club, Y-Teens, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff HOOVER, GWYNNA K.: Socual Studies HORNE, L, JEFFERY. Socual Studies HOWARD,JAMES lJ.C.l1 Auto-Aviation HOWE, TIMOTHY DONALD ITir'ril' Business Education, ln- dustrual Arts HOWELL, JOSEPH: Socual Studies HOWERY, STEVEN My Drafting, Mathematics, Socual Studues! ICT, Key Club, Football HUBBARD, ERMA1 Home Economics! Track HUBBARD, JERRY THOMAS: Business Educatuon, Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Socual Studies!Chemustry Club, ICT, Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Radio Club, History Club, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Concert Band HUBER, ANITA LYNN: Music, Socual Studues!Hugh School Red Cross Club, Girls Ensemble, Techour, SAO Executive Board, Senuor Class Treasurer HUDSON, MATTHEW L.: Electrical Trades, Social Studues! ICT HUGHES, JOHN W,: Art HUNT, STANLEY E. lStanl: Auto-Aviation, Socual Studies HUNTER, RONNIE WAYNE: Auto-Aviation HURNS, MINNIEI Socual Studies HURT, MARSHA F.: Business Educatuon, Home Economics HUTCHERSON, CAROLYN ELAINE lHenryl: Business Ed- ucation, Socual Studies IRBY, JAMES ALLEN: Building Trades ISON, SHERYL DIANNE iSherrll: Business Educatuon, So- cual Studues! Key Club, Service Club, SAO representative ISRAEL, SALLY ANN: Business Education, Socual Studues! FTA, Art Club IVY, BRENDA JOYCE' Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Socual Studues! ROTC Girls IVY, WILLIE C.: Building Trades, Business Education! Cross Countrv, Football, Track JACKSON, ANTHONY JAY lTonyl: Art, Socual Studues! Drama Club, French Club, History Club, Boys Concert Club, Melodayres, Techour, CANNON Newspaper Staff JACKSON, DARI: Socual Studies JACKSON, LOUISE: Business Educatuon, Home Economics! Drama Club, Speech Team JACKSON, SHIRLY YOVNNE: Business Educatuon, Home Economics! High School Red Cross Club, ROTC Girls, ROTC Girls Drull Team JACKSON, THOMAS B. IShanel: Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Football, Wrestling, SAO representative JACOBS, DENISE ANN: Business Educatuon, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Techoir JARRETT, MARK CONRAD: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Socual Studies! Lettermen's Club, OEA, Football, Track, Wrestling JEFFERSON, ALLAN ISaluphanel: Art JOHNSON, BRENDA KAY: Home Economics JOHNSON, CARL A.: Drafting JOHNSON, DEBORAH ANN: Home Economics! ICT, Track JOHNSON, JOHNNY J.: Drafting, Social Studies!Tennis, ln- tramural Sports JOHNSON, OLLIE: Auto-Aviation JOHNSON, PAUL: Auto-Aviation, Socual Studues! ICT JOHNSON, TERRY: Home Economics, Socual Studies JOHNSON, TONI S.: Business Education, Social Studues! GAA, FTA, Y-Teens, Girls Volleyball JOHNSON, WILLIE A.: Auto-Aviation! Concert Band JONES, CARL: Building Trades, Social Studues!Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, SAO representative JONES, CARL NELSON: Art, Social Studies JONES, DARRELL: Printing, Social Studies JONES, GAIL DENISE: Social Studies! GAA, Human Rela- tions Council, Spanish Club, Colors Committee of Senior Class JONES, JOHN D.: Auto Aviation! Basketball JONES, KENNETH EDWARD: Business Education! Football JONES, LUEL1 Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, SAO LIKE A babe-in-arms, so is a Titan in the eyes of her friends! representative, CANNON agent JONES, ROBERT EARL: Building Trades JONES, ROGER S,: Auto-Aviation! Lettermen's Club, Foot- ball, ROTC Officers JONES, SAMUEL: Business Education, Socual Studies JONES, WANDA: Socual Studies! History Club, Quill and Scroll, FTA, SAO Executive Board, CANNON Newspaper Staff, CANNON agent JORDAN, CARL: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Chairman of senior roll room JORDAN, LARRY: Building Trades, Social Studies! Letter- men's Club, Football, Track KARES, ROBIN LEE: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! French Club, Key Club, NFL, Quill and Scroll, ROTC Girls, Techoir, Speech Team, CANNON Newspaper Staff, SAO Executive Board, Cap and Gown Committee, Senior Council, Recorder Roll Room 6 KEILLOR, BLAKE JOSEPH: Art, Printing KEITHLEY, KAREN KAY: Business Education, Social Studies KELLER, FRANKIE LEEi Building Trades, Social Studies! ROTC Officers KELLER, HENRIETTA: Home Economics! Track KELLER, STEVEN: Social Studies! CANNON agent KENDALL, RICHARD: Building Trades KENDRICK, JAMES: Business Educatuon, Mathematics! Bas- ketball, Track, Boys Concert Club, OEA KENNEDY, DARLENE DELOIS: Business Education, Math- ematics, Social Studies!GAA, OEA, Girls Volleyball, SAO representative KILLEBREW, DANIEL MAURICE: Building Trades KILLEBREW, VINCENT CHARLES: Electrical Trades, So- cual Studies! Chess Club, Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Bas- ketball KING, BERTHA L. IB.L.l: Business Education, Social Studies KING, CARL L.: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! Bell Choir, Melodayres, Techoir, Football, Wrestling KING, DWIGHT JOEL: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies KIRK, DARLENE KAY: Social Studies KNOX, MARCHELL: Building Trades! Bowling, Baseball, Basketball, Football LAIR, MICHAEL W.: Electrical Trades ROBIN KARES is just a big baby at heartl LANGE, MELVIN. Building Trades! Cross Country, Track, Wrestling LAUDERDALE, DIANE JEAN IThe Loverl Home Econom- sex. Socsal Studies LAUGHLIN, ROGER A: Mathematics, Social Studies! Ger- man Club, Key Club, High School Red Cross Club, Cross Country, Basketball, Concert Band, Float Committee, Sweater Commsttee LAVALLEY, ROGER DALE Printing! Concert Band LAWLESS, LARRY A ILorenzol' Social Studses!Kev Club, DE, French Club, History Club, Float Committee of sensor class LAWRENCE, DENNIS. Prsntsng, Socsal Studies! ICT LAWRENCE, STANLEY Art, Mathematics, Socsal Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Techoir, Prom Committee LAY, WILLIAM T.: Industrial Arts, Socsal Studses LECCLIER, DEBRA SUSAN lDebbie Suel Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Maiorette Corps LEE, BEVERLY ANN Bussness Education, Social Studies LEE, CONSTANCE LEVINE Business Education, Mathe- matics, Socsal Studies! DE, Cheerblock, CANNON agent, SAO representative LEE, GLORIA J. lGlorsal. Home Economics LEE, JANICE K. Business Education, Horne Economics, So- cial Studies! OEA, Colors Commsttee, Float Commsttee ol senior class LEWIS, BARBARA lBobbs Jol Social Studses LIGON, PAME LA DENISE Home Economics, Social Studies LINGENFELTER, JEFFREY. Drafting, Social Studies! ln- tramural Soorts, Lettermen's Club, Cross-country, Track, Wrestling, Junior Council, SAO representative, SAO Execu- tive Board, CANNON agent, Senior COUOCII LITTLE, JOE Electrical Trades! ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle SAO representative MADDEN, NICHOLAS lNsckI Electrical Trades MADDOX, MAGGIE SOCIBI Sludsesl French Club, Sps:srt.h Team, CANNON Yearbook Staff, Tsrchoir MAHAN, MARSHA LEE Business Education, Socsal Studies! OEA MANNING, BETTIE C Socsal Studies! Drama Speech Club, GAA, Junior Council, Masorette Corps, Speech Team, Sie mor Class Committee MARTIN, TERRY D. Business Education, Social Studies! OEA, COE! SAO representative MARTIN, DONNA KAY Home Economics! ROTC Girls MATHIS, DAVID JEROME IPawl Electrical Trades! Track, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team MATTHEWS, CAROL ANNE Home Economics, Socsal Studies! CANNON agent MATTHEWS, SHEILA DENISE Foreign Language, Social Studies! GAA, Cheerblock, Spanish Club, SAO represents live MAXEY, JAMIE SUE Business Education, Home Econom ics, Social Studies MAXEY, KATHRYN L SOCsal Studies MAXEY, LARRY Drafting, Mathematics MAXWELL, REGGIE Art! Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Band MEANS, VON S. lZekeI Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Officers, ROTC Drsll Team MEDCALF, CARMEN. Business Education, Social Studies MEID, JEFFREY L.. Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies! Bowling, Baseball, Boys Concert Club, Techoir MERRIWEATHERH MAE E 2 Home Economics, Socsal Studies! JCL, Y-Teens NIERRIWEATHER, WAVERY DEWAYNE lDewaynel. Auto' 'Y fa' A HAPPY CREW sings dress-down blues. Team, ROTC Drill Team LIVINGSTON, HAROLD O'NEAL: Auto'Avsation, Socsal Studies! Boys Concert Club, Track LOCKHART, WILLIAM GENE Art, Socsal Studleslwrestlsng LOGAN, LUCILLE' Home Economics LOGAN, ROY C.: Electrical Trades, Socsal Studies!Cross Country LONG, CHRISTINA' Art!GAA, Track, CANNON agent LONG. MARCHE LE Business Education, Home Economics LONG. MARILYN' Business Education, Socsal Studies LONG, ROBERT CHARLES. Socsal Studies LONGSHORE,SHARON KAY LOWERY, CARL' Electrical Trades! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Human Relations, Football, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club LUCAS. LESLIE Industrial Arts LUPAS, JENNIFER' Business Educatson! DE, Float Coma mittee of sensor roll room MCB RADY, BONITA: Social Studies! Service Club MCCLANAHAN, RUTH. Business Education, Social Studies! COE, OEA MCCLENDON, GUS W. Business Education, Industrial Arts, Socsal Studies! FTA, OE A, Float Committee of senior class MCCLOUD, JUDITH ANNETTE Business Education, Home Economics MCDANIEL, DOUG M. Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies! Human Relations Council, Key Club, Symphonscs Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band MCDANIEL, ROBERT lBurtl Social Studies MCDONALD, ANITA Socsal Studies, Spanish Club, ROTC Girls, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Concert Band, Girls Concert Club MCFARLAND, CATHY Social Studies MCGEE, ROCHELLE Business Education, Socsal Studies, Science MCGHEE, BETTY JEAN: Business Education MCINTOSH, LAINIE lCarolI' Business Education! Service Club. Girls Concert Club.Ma1orette Corps, SAO representa- IIV9 MCKEAGE, DEBORAH E. Business Education, Socsal Studies MCKINNEY, MARK A Social Studies!Human Relations, Kev Club, Lettermerfs Club, Music Club, Spanish Club, Football, Golf, Wrestling, Boys Ocrgtrgl Tgchoiy' SAQ representative, Sensor Council, Chairman 01 gemor rgll f00m. Cao and Gown Commsttee of senior class MCMANAMA, KIM L. Business Education, Social Studies! COE, OEA, Concert Band MCPHERSON, MICHAEL Building Trades!Cher-nistry Club, Lettermen's Club, Radio Club, Baseball, Basketball MCROY, ROBERT E. JR. Social Studies!CANNON agent, Aviation METZGER, KIMBERELY lWsegandl. Socsal Studies!Speech Team MILLBROOKS, ROBIN: Home Economics MILLER, DEF-IIS LYNN: Business Education, Home Econom- ics, Socsal Studies! Messenger MILLER, DIANE: Home Economics, Socsal Studies MILLER, JANIE MARY: Art, Social Studses!SAO representa- tsve MILLER, JEAN MARIE. Business Education, Mathematics! Art Club, COE, OEA, Hsgh School Red Cross Club Y 4. GUESS who? 19723 ' MILLER, KATHRYN A Foreign Language, Sorszsl Slurllrfzi FTA, History Club, CANNON agent, SAO rffprsfsi,-vrtatiw: MILLER, MADIE MARIE Business Education, Horns- Eff, rsomlcs, Social Studies!Trar:k MILLER, ROGER LYN Electrical Trades MILLICAN, RANDY LEE lrldusIrlr1llAYI5 MILLS, HOWARD Business Education MITCHELL, ANITA E Business Education, Social Slutlllfu MOBLEY, LYNN CHERYL Business Etlucatiors, Home Eco nomics! GAA, Track' Junior Council MOFFATT, ELLEN ANN Art, S0c.sal Sludses! CANNON agent MOFFITT, TOBY GAIL Socsal Studies MONTGOMERY, DUANE MICHAEL Art, RABIOEUIBIILT-, S0 cial Studies! Chess Club, Baseball MOODY, REGINALD Electrical Trades MOORE, DAVID HENRY Mathematics, Sclrfnuf, Social Studies! Spanish Club MOORE, JOYCE ANN Business Education, Home Econom ICS! ICT MORAN, DANIEL JOSEPH Socsal Studies MORRIS, BRIAN ELLIOT lBrsanl Business Education, SO' cial Studies! DE, GAA, OEA, ROTC Offscers, ROTC Boys Drill Team, SAO representative MORRIS, SUSAN lSuslel Home Economics, Mathematics, Socsal Studies! Art Club, Key Club, High School Red Cross Club, ROTC Girls Drsll Team, Masorette Corps, SAO repre- sentative, Recorder of sensor roll room MORSE, TIM lCool Timl Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Chess Club, Intramural Sports, Photography Club, Service Club, Football, Athletic manager, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative MOTE, JAMES RICHARD Auto-Aviation, Social Studies MUNN, SHELIA: Art, Socsal Studies! Art Club MURPHY, LESLIE. Home Economics MURRAY, GREGORY: Building Trades MURRAY, SHARIAN LYNN. Social Studies! Drama Club. Music Club, ROTC Girls, Girls Concert Club NAHAS, KEVIN GENE' Social Studies! Key Club, Concert Band, 'Iechoir NAVARRO, SOFIA. Socsal Studies! Spanssh Club, Y-Teens NEAL, MARSHA: Business Education NEAL, THOMAS: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies! Tennis, SAO representative, Commencement Committee of sensor class NEW, MARGARET EDESEL: Business Education, Social Studies! ICT NICHOLS, NANCY JOYCE: Social Studie-s!Drama Club, Commencement Commsttee of sensor class NICHOLSON, MARGARETTA S.. Business Education!Span' ish Club OAKLEY, JEROME M. IJerryl: Printing OFFUTT, LARUE K.: Auto-Avlation!Football,Wrestling OLIVER, MICHAEL G, lMikeI: Social Studies O'NEILL, JAMES MICHAEL: Social Studies PAGE, DONALD: Auto-AviatsonlBaseball, Basketball, Foot- ball PALMORE, BILLY JOE: Auto-Aviation, Socsal StudieslICT, Intramural Sports, Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track PARKER, JOHN L.: Mathematics, Foreign Language, Social StudIes!ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard PARMAN, DENNIS lPeanutl: Socsal Studses!German Club, SAO representative PARR, DARRYL fthe Pearllz Art, Socsal Studies!Art Club PARRISH, VICTORIA LYNN IVickieI' Business Education, Social StudieslHigh School Red Cross Club, Girls Vollev- ball PEEBLES, MARSHA LYNN: Business Education, Home Eco- LEG ART a la Sadie Hawkins inspires viewers. L ' Yl- :ff -5 'mais rv. 3'T 3 'J' : "fe-' 7' rs, " LTI Q' 1 i. pa- ' X noniics PERRY, BARBARA JEAN Business Education, Home Eoo- nomics, Social Studies!ICT, Junior Achievement, SAO repress-ntativr PERRY, THOMAS Industrial Arts!Activities Committee of senior class PERSON, MOSE Art, Auto-Aviation!Activities Committee ol senior class PERVINE, HOLSEY lMichaeIl Building Trades PETTIS, CHESTER A . Mathematics, Electrical Trades!ICT, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team PETTY, GWENDOLYN D, lDianel' Business Education, Printing! Track, CANNON Newspaper Staff PHELPS, FRIEDA H: Mathematics, Foreign Language, So- cial Studies!SAO representative, Colors Committee of se- nior class PHILLIPS, DAVID LEE Art, Social Studies PIPES, JAMES E Industrial Arts!CANNON agent PIPHER, DONNA JEAN' Social Studies!FTA, CANNON agent PIPKIN, VERNON Electrical Trades! Lettermen's Club, Football,Wrestling PLUNKETT, CRIS ALLEN Electrical Trades, Science, So- cial Studies POLIN, LINDA JEAN: Social Studies PORTER, LINDA JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies POWELL, GERTRUDE: Business Education, Home Econom- ics POWELL, MARY HE LEN' Business Education, Social Studies POWELL, MICHAEL JEFFE RY: Social Studies POWER, TINA YVONNE: Home Economics! GAA, Track, Girls Ensemble POYNTER, VICKIE Sf Art PRICE, BARBARA C , Social Studies PRICE, JANE LL lJuanal' Foreign Language, Social Studies! Drama Club, History Club, Service Club, Spanish Club, Prayer Circle, ROTC Girls, CANNON agent, SAO Execu- tive Board PRICE, YULANDA J.: Business Education, Science, Social Studies! OEA PROFITT, GERRY l.:: Business Education, Home Econom- ics PUGH, SHARON H. lPeachesl: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Human Relations Council, OEA PURNELL, JEANETTE: Social Studies PURVIS, ROY: Social Studies!French Club, Cross Country, Concert Band, CANNON Newspaper Staff OUACKENBUSH, WANDA J.: Home Economics, Social Studies OUINN, SHERRY D.: Home Economics OUINTANA, ROLANDO lRoIliel: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Drama Club, FTA, Human Relations Council, Lettermen's Club, Spanish Club,Thespians, Cross Country, Track, Boys Concert Club, SAO Executive Board, SAO representative, Chairman of senior roll room RADER, WAYNE ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics RAINEY, TIM: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies RANDOLPH, CAROL: Business Education, Social Studies! Drama Club, German Club, Human Relations Council, Junior Council, Speech Team, SAO Executive Board, Se- nior Sweater Committee RASCOE, JOYCE ANN Home Economics RATCLIFF, CHRISTINE Y. lChrisl: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!COE, OEA RECTOR, BONNIE SUE: Business Education, Social Studies REDD, ROBERT1 Industrial Arts REEVES, TERESA. Business Education, Social Studies REID, MARCY C. lTaylorl2 Social Studies!Track RENEAU, RICHARD A. lRickl: Art, Social Studies! Hiking Club, Lettermen's Club, Photography Club, Tennis REYNOLDS, KAREN SUE: Home Economics, Social Studies RIAS, MARY L.: Home Economics, Social Studies RICHARDSON, BYRON L. lLevelIl: Industrial Arts! Football Wrestling RICHARDSON, ELROY: Industrial Arts RICHARDSON, JAMES: Social Studies! Drama Club, Span- ish Club RICHARDSON, MARY Kg Business Education, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club RICHARDSON, PE i'ER A' Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Wrestling, Cap and Gown Committee it we -'.-v maui. wus. . 1 .I x s H ' -v Q- lQ72Q ' RICHARDSON, WILLIAM PAUL lBillvl: Printing, Social Studies RICHEY, MAR LA J.: Social Studies! French Club RICHMOND, MICHAEL DAVID: Industrial Arts RILEY, PATRICIA ANN: Home Economics! Music Club, Girls Concert Club, Techoir RIMMER, JEROME: Industrial Arts RIOJAS, REYNALDO: Social Studies! Concert Band ROACH, JUDITH lJudVl: Home Economics ROBERTS, DEBORAH: Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Girls Concert Club, SAO representative ROBERTS, DONALD: Mathematics, Social Studies ROBERTS, PAMELA: Business Education! OEA, COE ROBERTSON, BRENDA: Home Economics ROBERTSON, DEBRA: Art ROBERTSON, JOHN HOWARD: Social Studies ROBERTSON,WESLEY: Auto-Aviation ROBINSON, CAROL lCookiel: Social Studies! Girls Concert Club ROBlNSON,JAMES: Building Trades RODRIOUES, MIGUEL: Business Education, Social Studies! Vandalism Committee, President Student Body, Junior and Senior Class President, Vice-President Student Body, Red Cross Delegate, all at James E. Roberts School ROGERS, HAROLD: Auto-Aviation!Concert Orchestra ROSEBROCK, CAROL A.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club, Prayer Circle, High School Red Cross Club, Concert Orchestra, SAO Executive Board RON, LARRY DEAN lL.D.l: Business Education, Social Studies! DE, OEA, Baseball ROUTH,SHARI LEE: Foreign Language RUPERT, LILLIAN iBitl: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies RUSH,JOHN: Printing RUSSEL, MARCUS: Social Studies! DE, Concert Orchestra RUSSELL, PAMELA: Business Education, Social Studies! DE SANDERS, LINDA: Home Economics, Social Studies SAPP, PAMELA: Business Education, Social Studies! DE SAYLES, MARY KAY: Business Education! GAA, OEA, Junior Council, Majorette Corps SCHNIPPEL, VERONICA J. lVickiel: Business Education, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies SCOTT, BARRY: Social Studies! History Club, Intramural Sports, Baseball, Basketball SCOTT, WILLIAM RONALD: Industrial Arts! Football, Track, Wrestling SCRUGGS, STEPHANIE: Social Studies! Drama Club, NFL, Speech Team SEATS, BEVERLY D.: Home Eoonomics, Social Studies SHAW, DIANNA LYNN: Business Education! Drama Club, Prayer Circle, Ouill and Scroll, High School Red Cross Club, Thespians Club, Speech Team, CANNON Newspaper Staff SHEPHERD, JUVERNA: Business Education, Home Econom- ics SHERRILL, PAMELA ADRIENNE lPaml: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics, Social Studies! DE, OEA SHEWMAN, ROSE E.: Home Economics, Social Studies! President of Junior and Senior classes and Secretary of Student Council all at James E. Roberts School SHUMAKER, CLIFFORD DAVID lCliff Davidl: Art SIEFERT, PAUL M.: Photography Club, CANNON News- paper Staff SIZEMORE, MARVIN D.: Business Education! OEA, March- ing Band SKINNER, HENRY CHARLES: Social Studies SLUDER,TERRY: Art A NEWCOMER at Tech would get quite a zap! F? . "2 SMITH, BOBBI JEAN: Home Economics, Social Studies! SAO representative SMITH, GREGORY MARTIN lFarmerl: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Football, Tennis, Wrestling SMITH, HERMAN L.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies SMITH, JERALD WAYNE: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies SMITH, KIRBY JOE: Social Studies! Golf SMITH, MIRIAM IRENE lMimil: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Chess Club, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent SMITH, PEGGY: Social Studies! Majorette Corps SMITH, STEPHANIE: Social Studies SMITH, TRINA V.: Business Education, Home Economics! Girls Concert Club, SAO representative, Colors Committee of senior class SMITH, VICKI LYNN: Business Education, Social Studies SMOOT, EDWARD: Building Trades, Social Studies SNOW, WANDA T.: Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, CANNON agent SPEARS, PAUL ERVIN: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!Art Club, Chess Club, French Club, History Club SPE LLS, ROBERT EARL: Social Studies, Building Trades SPRAD LIN, DEBRA LYNN: Social Studies SPRAGUE, JIM E.: Business Education an '- .Q wr , M, . x..-vig-Q . s X I' -A is x- ,, -if 'A 4's 3. 5 x ii ii P' -- ,fi i?'g1., I SUPERSENIORS, clowns, kooksl Did someone mention class? Yes, Class of '73! SPRATT, ANTONIO: Social Studies STANDARD, SARAH: Social Studies STARKS, SHIRLEY ANN: Social Studies STIENBURGER, DAVID RAY: Auto-Aviation! CANNON agent STEPHENS, JAMES M.: Art, Industrial Arts! Track STEWARD, ALBERTA: Home Economics STEWART, PAULETTA lCookiel: Business Education, So- cial Studies STIGGER, MICHAEL JEROME: Metal Trades!Wrestling STINSON, JOY C.: Building Trades, Social Studies! Foot- ball, Golf, Wrestling STOCKS, RONNIE JEROME lSpiderl: Building Trades, So- cial Studies STOKES, TERSA L. lBIushl: Business Education!Radio Club, Service Club, Y-Teens, FTA, ROTC Officers, ROTC Girls, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Drill Team, Concert Orchestra, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, CANNON agent STOMM, PATRICIA IPattyl: Social Studies!Speech Team, History Club, NFL, High School Red Cross Club, Concert Band, SAO Executive Board, Recorder senior roll room STONE, ROBERT LEE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies STONE, THOMAS lTonyl: Music, Social Studies!Concert Club, Techoir STOOPS, JOSEPH: Social Studies SUHRE, RICHARD: Electrical Trades!Radio Club, Boys Concert Club SULLIVAN, JEANE PATRICE1 Social Studies!Service Club, Spanish Club SUMLAR, GAIL CLARICE: Social Studies !Drama Club, Concert Band, Speech Team SUMMERS, MAYNARD, JR,: Social Studies SWEATT, RONALD WADE: Auto-Aviation!Chess Club, Bowl- ing, CANNON Yearbook Staff, Prom Committee of senior class SWINFORD, DEBRA LYNN IDebbyl: Home Economits,So- cial Studies!COE, Drama Club, Concert Orchestra, CAN- NON agent, SAO representative SYKES, OLLIE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies TABOR, JEFFRY IJeffl: Electrical Trades, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wrestling, Concert Band 5- Nw' ,, .A I ' . . P . MAMAS and papas have their day. TAG UE, LESLIE Bussness Educatson, Home Economscs TAUBE, PATRICIA KATHLEEN IPatI Mathematscs, Socsal Studses, ScsencelFrench Club, GAA, Human Relatsons Councsl, Cheerleader, Concert Band, SAO Executsve Board, Colors Commsttee of sensor class, Bell Chosr TAYLOR, JOHN ED Industrtal Arts TAYLOR, JOYCE DUMES Home Economscs, Mathematscs. Socsal Studses TAYLOR, KASAUNDRA Home Economscs TAYLOR, KATHERINE LEE IKathyI Bussness Educatsorl TAYLOR, KATHY ANN' Scsence, Socsal StudseslDrama VANWYE, RANDALL IRandVI Dra1tsng,SocsalSludses VAUGHN, DANIEL WAYNE Auto Avlats0rt!CANNON iiqlflll VENEY, ELIZABETH ANNE ILsbbyI Home Eoonorvtscs, Socsal Studses! Cheerleaders, CANNON Yearbook Stalt, SAO representatsve VIA, JAMES BENTON Electrical Trades!ICT VIERS, DEBORAH ELAINE Bussness Educatson, Socsal Studses! Drama Club, French Club, Junsor Councsl, SAO representatsve VINCENT, VERA ANN Socsal Studses! Drama Club, FTA, GAA, Spanssh Club VIRDEN, BARBARA ANN Socsal Studses WADE, JOHNNY Aut0'Avlatson! Wrestlsng WAGNER, JUANITA ROSE Foresgn Language, Home Eco- nomscs, Socsal StudseslGerman Club WALKER, NEAL A Busldsng Trades, Scsence WALKER, RICK Bussness Educatsonl Football, Wrestlsng, Prom Commsttee of sensor class WALLEN, DAVID A, Mathematscs, SOcsaI Studses! lntrae mural Sports, Lettermen's Club, Tennss, Track, Wrestlsng, Boys Concert Club, Boys Octette, Concert Band, Techosr, Prom Committee ol sensor class WALTER, MARLA LORRAINE Socsal Studses! Track WARD, JEFFREY VAN Auto-Avsatson, Socsal Studses! ICT, Boys Concert Club, Techosr WARNER, CHRISTIANNE IChrsstsI Foresgn Language, Mathematlcs, Socsal Studses!FTA, Prayer Csrcle, Spanssh Club, Exploratory Teachers, SAO representatsve WASHINGTON, IRVING W., JRJ Mathematlcs, Socsal Studses, Mussc, Chess Club, German Club, Key Club, Baseball, Concert Band, Dance Band WASHINGTON, JESSIE J ' Foundry WATERFORD, CARL, Mathematscs, Socsal StudseslNFL, Photography Club, Spanssh Club, Basketball, Speech Team, CANNON agent, SAO representatsve WATKINS, DAVID E.: Art, Socsal StudseslBasketball WATSON, MICHAEL Kf Industrial Arts!ICT WATTS, DARLENE JOi SOClaI StudseslMasorette Corps, Human Relatsons Councsl, Ayres Fashson Board-Tech rep- resentatsve, Colors Commsttee of sensor class WAYMAN, CONNIE. Home Economscs WEBER, SANDRA JEAN IDELANEYI ISandyI' Bussness Educatson! OEA WELLS, BERDIA IBsrdseI: Home Economscs, Socsal Studses WEST, MICHAEL PHILBE RT IMskeI Mathematics, Science, Socsal StudsesllCT, Intramural Sports, Latsn Club, Key Club, Tennss, Wrestlsng WEST, THOMAS lThomI' Mathematlcs, Scsence, Socsal I VI,4?gT Lt I T I . -A I- I ' I - ' 5 I - 'DI ,A ' , S B' t "' T X 1 Z T ' ' ' 'Q r ' ' , . " I 1' I x . ' Yv , N I I- A u 5 I EVEN SADIE would find it hard to believe. . Club, German Club, Human Relatsons Councsl, NFL, Thespsans, Majorette Corps, Speech Team, CANNON Year- book Staft, Prom Commlttee, Commencement Commsttee of sensor class TAYLOR, LYNN KEVIN Socsal Studses! ROTC, Boys Con- cert Club, Melodayers, Techosr TAYLOR, RONALD LAMONTA Auto-Avsatson!Concert Band. Concert Orchestra TAYLOR, SUSAN ISweetseI Socsal Studses! Track, Mes- senger TAYLOR, TERRI, Art, Home Economscs TAYLOR,TERRYg Auto-Avsatson TEDROW, CAROLYN LOUISE, Bussness Educatson, Home Economscs, THACKER, LISBETH JANE ICookI Bussness Educatson, Socsal Studses! OEA, CANNON agent, SAO representatsve THACKER, MICHAEL DAVID Auto-Avsatson THOMAS, LORETTA Home Economscs, Socsal Studsess' Concert Band THOMPSON,MICHAEL AutoeAvsatson THORMAN, DEBORAH LOU Socsal Studses!ICT, Hsgh School Red Cross Club, Gsrls Concert Club, SAO represent tatlve THURSTON, KENNETH Prsntsngs' ROTC Offscers TISDIAL, VICKY LYNN TE RESA Bussness Educatson' COE TONGE, DIANE Bussness Educatlon TOWNSEL, Z, ANNE Bussness Educatson TROXELL, BRENDA L Home Economscss'Drama Club. Gsrls Concert Club, Melodayres, Techosr TROXELL, LINDA SUE Bussness EducatsonIGsrls Concert Club, Melodayres, Techosr, Symphonsc Band TURNER, CARL R Auto'Avlatson, SOClal Studses TURNER, DUANE Auto-Avsatson,'Football, Track, Wrestlsng TURNER, PRISCILLA LOUISE Home Economscs, Socsal Studses TURNER, ROBERT Bussness Educatsons Basketball, Foot- ball TURNER, ROSALYN Home EconomscssCANNON agent SAO representatsve, Gsrls physscal educatson asssstant TWIGG, JAMES L. IJss-nl Socsal Studses.-'Lettermen's Club. Basketball, Football, Track UNDERWOOD, KELLY JEAN Home Economscs Studies! Melodayres, Techosr, CANNON Newspaper Staff WHITE, BARBARA Bussness Educatson, Socsal Studses WHITE, PATRICIA IPattyI Bussness Educatsonf French Club, OEA, Hsgh School Red Cross Club, Y-Teens, Melo- dayres, Techosr, Speech Team WHITE, VE RNA MAE, Home Economscs WHITECOTTONKENNETH Auto-Avsatson WHITNEY, JIM' Socsal Studses WIGGINGTON, GARY Bussness Educatson, Mathematscs, Socsal Studses WILES, ALANi Mathematscs, Foresgn Language, Socsal Studses WILEY,DEBBlE Art WILEY, JOHN Prsntsng! Cross Country, Wrestlsng WILKERSON, BERT Draftsng, Socsal Studses! Baseball, Ten- DIS WILKERSON, LARRY JAMES Foresgn Language, Indus- trsal Arts, Mathematscs, Scsence, Socsal Studses! Chess Club, Chemistry Club, Lettermen's Club, Spanssh Club, Basketball, Football, Track WILKINSON, LLOYD ISteveI Auto-Avsatson! Track WILLIAMS, DARYELL ANTHONY IDurnptruckI Bussness Educatson, Socsal Studses! Lettermens Club, Football, Wrestlsng WILLIAMS, DELORIS P ILoddseI Art, Socsal Studses! Art Club, Gsrls Gymnastics, Concert Orchestra, Strsng En- semble, Actsvstses Commsttee of sensor class WILLIAMS, DELIRIA IDeeI Socsal Studses WILLIAMS, FRANK Auto-Avsatson, Socsal Studses! Sweater Commsttee of sensor class WILLIAMS, GEORGE DONALD, JR Draftlng, Socsal Studses WILLIAMS,LARRY Art WILLIAMS, LIZZIE B Bussness Educatson, Home Econom- scs, Socsal Studses! Track WILLIAMS, LESLIE JO Home Economscs, Socsal Studses! CANNON agent, SAO rrzpresentatsve WILLIAMS, MARILYN ANITA Mathernatscs, Socsal Studses! GAA, Gsrls Volleyball, Concert Band WILLIANIS, NENNETTA Bussness Educatson! Track WILLIAMS, PATRICIA ANN Bussness Educatson, Home Economscs, Socsal Studses WILLNER, ALETHA EDNA Bunssssf-,-, ErIur.gtsrsrs, S0r,s.gI Studslfsf Drama Club, NFL, Hsqh Snlsrml Hsrrl Crry,-, t,lssI,, FTA, Techosr, Spvl-ch Trzam, SAO Fxvsutsvs' Hmsrrl, Lars and Gown Cornmsttsfrr ul gsgrslrgr r Iu'.'. WILSON, CARL EDWARD Srlrlill Sltsrlslfufstrs-sfsll Il-.urs SAO rs-prfssuntatsvr' WILSON, DONALD LE ROY Auto AvluIlt1tI,S0rl.1I Slsstlllsz WILSON, KEVIN JOE Socsal Sturls---. WILSON, ME LODY A Sr,srfrsr,r- WINGO, JAMES W Irtriuilrsal Art'.IBOy'. Corus-rl Clsllr, CANNON Nrfwspapvr StaII WINK LE, RICHARD L Electrical Tradrfs WITSMAN, APRIL L Bussnr-ss Eduoalsorl, Socsal Sturlssf-,I COE, OEA, Ousll arlrl Scroll, GsrI'. Corltrsrt Club, CANNON Yearbook Stall WONG, DIANA K Art, Socsal Studses ffiyrnrsa-.tsp-., GAA, Jurssor Councsl WOODARD, EARL WILLIAM Auto Avlatson WOODCOCK, SUSAN K Socsal SrurIsr:s!SAO reprrzsvfntarlvr-, Float Commsttee of srfrssor r0II room WOODS, KAREN WRAY Business Educatson, Horns' Eco rsomscs! SAO rrfpresentatsve WOODS, LOUIS DEAN Busldsrsg Trades, Socsal Studses! Lrft termars's Club, Football, Track WOODS, ANTHONY SOCIBI StuIIls:S WOODS, SHE LIA Home Economscs, Socsal Studses WOODSON, DARYL Metal Trades WRIGHT, CON RAY Industrsal Arts, Socsal Sturisrfs WRIGHT, LAURA LOUISE Art, Bussness Educatson WRIGHT, LYNN BURTON Mathr:r'natscS, Socsal Sludsr:-., Scsence! Intramural Sports, Photography Club! CANNON Newspaper Sta1l,Bowlsng WRIGHT, PAULA JEAN Bussness Erlucatson, SOcsaIStllr1lf:s YATES, LARRY Bussness Educatson lSwr:alf:rs Commsltef- of sensor class YOUNG, MARTIN VICKERY Socsal Studses, Scsrfnug YOUNG, MICHAL ALLEN Track, ROTC Rslle Team, SAO representatsve YOUNG, MILDRED ANNA Foresgn Language, Socsal Studses! Chemistry Physics Club, Drama Speech Club, French Club, History Club, NFL, Prayer Csrcle, Thespsans, Concert Orchestra, Melodayres, Speech Team ZACKERY, EDWARD MARK Socsal Slutlsrfsf ICT, Fool ball, Track, Wrestlsng DONALD DUCK remains anonymous. I v ,Q is. rff if 45 J pq,-:Sw shi 3.4 1- I .,' - 4 . J 1 1 V I ' ' 5 "slr 9: Aw' ff ff' Vu-1vf'4?'bX A vii Aw . " fr " Q., ' I -' 1 f .. 4-h?i:i,ff:',viBN'J , I -vid: 1 Q L." 'x P 1. x7N"' ', 9'1" K iS""f?a4"" ' JS F, we' . 'SO Nl. , 'Q' J , V ' ' x I n 1 1 NY I I J . L 4 -sv ' - 1 . V l l g1 , . ,Q , v,',. '1 '-, -5 .-ri f s 5, sn? . s- "-tk.. - -41 . 'I . ,. . ,., -, iii.. - a Qrlnil. . . 'A i 1" ,I , 4-gh '..,-. , .J .-. gl ' '.'., fi -,Il n I,'.' .4-.1 -' . 1' --1 .- 2 .4 . T I AA ' -..,- r' 4 I . I' u ,.., A ' -'7.,'.Ao I 'UF' vt "K: ' ll ' ' 1 . -. i '- . . 9'-,. g.- ,rf N' v , , A . . I . . . . Y . 1 1 4 ,-1" .. . .5l . L I 1 .' . a . - fx' '-.., f'-:. xA-.. ., .Q it . ., H . , - . . , l .I , . . . n .1 '-f' I. .34 . - , f t. Y' .. . .3351-, - "gi -j".r',1'!. .31 I' . 'p ' 1 ' I big' .f if ' , -- . ,', T. f ,l ,S gf -, , . 'ffl 114' .i-Tr 'll 9. Bd 213 it ROBERT STOCKARD, vice-principal, is coor- dinator of pupil personnel. lj? WALLACE POTTER, in charge of personnel and instruction, is one of Tech's five vice- principals. 1 ff xii' Q im, 3 RAY REED, completing his second year as Tech's principal, is in charge of all activities, pupil administration and staff. 'Teclv's" ,' " ,.-4' . ,.,.4-""""' ,A-f" -Q. 1-ff ROBERT V. BELDING, as a vice-principal, is in charge of curriculum, programs, records, instruction and schedule problems. JAMES E. STEWART, as a vice-principal, DONALD OLDHAM, vice-principal, is in charge directs Adult Education Division. of finance, buildings, and grounds. I . keep - Q Z IVI. WARD WHALIN is administrative assistant to the principal. KARL SCHNEIDER is the assistant to Nlr. Belding. IVIRS. MARJORIE MCCUTCHEON is the visual education director. Q ' n-,xl all Stays. i""' . f'f"' I ROBERT MEYER is director of student acrivi- JOHN IVHNER is the HOUSE- leader. ties and public relations. . 1 f I ii E' ' sf' 6-A -F.. CECIL T. TRESSLAR is publications director HOWARD CATT is the athletic director. and adviser of the newspaper. . .fi .V ' fy U - ki I - E ,E 5 ig!! ' - ' N ....-99' ' 1 1 GAYLORD ALLEN is the guidance director. RICHARD SHOCK is the sD9Ci8l education director. 'R' h . Jn f '! 4 5. in-.,,.,, S FREDERICK KE LLEY, dean of boys 'is x -K ,I X NI Q IVAN MOREMAN, Mahlon Carlock, counseling assistants to the dean of boys 'Q I A" as U s 'I is A . LL, . ,. 2 I' . ' 9 I . U-."' ..i - I 43- nw,-I A ,- , N' ' I Q I ,hug ARNOLD LEHMAN, Lewis Pence, Edward McDowell, counselors 4. A MRS. DOROTHY STOUT, dean of girls I I ., "-jail? A .,,.LA. in slrr iiisss A i MRS. ZOEARLINE DAVIS, Mrs. Wilma Battey, counseling assistants to the dean of girls V I ' AA - X X 1' f .gigunxf If I 5 -9 fr l . :Q ' 'aux M- z 5 X L.: - 3,4 I 1 N nnnz N Y U Q EILEEN KOHUT, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Barbara Lee, counselors SOCIAL SERVICE: Mrs. Carolyn Ray, Robert Collins, Mrs. Barbara Nicholson. NwuSe8, ' ' v-I Q., re' XX I fi, I X If Q E xx. N . GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Floyd Tobrocke . ,,o HOUSE PLAN GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Charles Harfv GUIDANCE COUNSE LOR Ernest Cline MII' 'tgk I vnu LIBRARIANS: Mrs. Geraldine Ward, Mrs. Judith Hamilton, head. , alms I l i l I GUIDANCE COUNSE LOR Duane Blankenhorn GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Mrs. Mildred McAfee GUIDANCE COUNSE LOR John Hurrle I 3 'DQ' ,hi - 5 .9 ' I .4 I ,. l I I I X NURSES: Blanche Williams, headg Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, Mrs. Shirley Lundgren. omlfgef school GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Mrs. Sarah Hamer 'I - 5. GUIDANCE COUNSE LOR William Graney DISTRIBUTIVE OCCUPATIONAL TRAIN- ING COUNSE LOR Charles Kocher lo K- IPS 3 Di ITHEL SHOEMAKE R, director. CLYDE ARMEL, business man- ager. ,. . 'Q Y 1 N W ERNEST HOLMES, industrial co- operation training and employ- ment. , NYC JOHN MULLENNAX, head, in- troduction to industry. :Jaws 1 "fiQg ll! g . 55. NORMAN BRINKER, industrial coordinator. ci, iigd ' L i f I-iv ji f . 'Z , I X V .,A' ix it X if I f x ' 'f fy ,i 7 ,. nr' . I Z- 'LM X ,fy A r I fi, Mg A.. 1, i K SAM DUDKOWSKI, pupil person- HAROLD ELLIOTT, assistant di- nel services. l'eCt0I'. ff linux' . x '1 L X' ' A 5 ri . 1 f f . BILL GUESS, data processing. - , M Qi .gifs Q JAMES BORSHOFF, assistant di- rector, Adult Education Division. figs, , , 5 f H 5,5,E,i.,Q ,-. , C ,I f in -...' ' I,vil"Sfi, " . ' x 4 " 0 I ' ' 45 - asf "QA Q LEWIS MARSHALL, diversified occupations training. - I 7 ,r-di , lf . ' '41 F A ' .Q 'ff 'if ff - I '7 QQ. his E15 KENNETH BAYLESS, guidance director, Adult Education Divi- sion. I ' , is . . u , I 59. , J 5 , N , I, ' 4 .97 ' " ,1c,.. L. H S gf- .4 I .. 1 . ' ff - i it f .V L-: Q11 :Q ,-, I 5, 4 , an ' ' w, ,M -' qw! . ,, iq, .W '5 Rift fir'-.-3 " f " 'G il: f s-i f .- f , Si- 7. - ' 'S' MORRIS WOODS, industrial co- ordinator. i s ff r "" ' ' WAY. A, Aiuv ' MRS. DELSIE SHOEMAKER, distributive education. RON HOKE, coordinator, coop- erative office education. DONALD Q. DAILY, director Neighborhood Youth Corps. Qfallf .--1 air.. 'Q -Q. y. .uf i i in OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Fannie Fowler, Mrs. Caroline Hyatt, Mrs. Charleyne McArdle, Mrs. Sandra Lauder- dale. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Florence Cox, Mrs. Martha Thomas, Mrs. Bernadine Pool, Mrs. Edna Ayers, Mrs. Dorothy Armel. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Rita Tussey, Norma Rodewald, WPG ' Q7 'Q 4, A ,Z - -Ai! Xxlf . Mrs. Louise Creasser, Mrs. Janice Chadwick, Mrs. Gene Mont- gomery. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Littell, Mrs. Rosalynne Yarnell. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Shirley Kilgore, Mrs. Elsie Robards, Mrs. Virginia Allen, Mrs. Gloria Robbins. OW R Jlfldgf' ' :ini '-- ' ' I DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS: Mrs. Louise Schneider, Mrs. Jeannette Fields, Mrs. Betty Rowland, Mrs. Wanda Moon, Mrs. Gertrude dolyn Huff, Mrs. Judith Shattuck, Jerry Smith. Russell, Mrs. Gwen- 1.4.-Q r 4-9 X ' 'Vx ,fx .VI 'S-5' S EVENING SCHOOL OF FICE STAFF' Mrs Mary Pentecost Mrs Mar Hoffman Mrs Mar ret Potter, Mrs. Eileen Bales, Mrs. Mil- . . , . y , . ga dred Langlotz. SECURITY OFFICERS: Mrs. Catheryne Brooks, Mrs. Eugenia Briggs, John Clanton, Sgt. Jack Heavenridge, Sgt. George Martin, Thomas Nelms, Leon Martin, Wilbert Gruner, Carl Boger. NOT PICTURED: Margaret Murphy, Donald Palmer, Robert Sangster. L - . vi . , .gn If np. , on vfrlwnp- ,nov uf. 4 av nn- no ensu- gg-an-on 4 as num 1 J,-Q-. PW ' KH c' ,Biff A 5. . oalrff' , " 4 QOH XQXRUWXSIFSTFUSHUUG Max Galloway Photographer 635 2200 YOUR SIGN OF BEST QUALITY Compliments of MR. and IVIRS. CHARLES BALES TEE KAY FLOWER SHOP 3501 Brookside Parkway South Drive 638-4264 Compliments of MR. and NIRS. DONALD STAFFORD G 8I G OUTLET STORE 2347 Station Street 546-441 1 Compliments of L CANNON ALUIVINI CASH BARGAIN CENTER 3712 East 25th Street 546-4606 Compliments of MR. and IVIRS. vvAI.LY POTTER M HEI 1 - - - - I F Furniture . N KATE'S BEAUTY BAR Stripping N 3704 East 25th Street -2 wx' and 547-3265 3- ' Refinishing -. R Bix Furniture Service ,L R 3711 East 10th Street I GOLDEN IMPERIAL i 632-3483 A W Says x I 1 I V . A. x wr ' I ' , Congratulations K W Graduates! ' A Q BRIGHTWOOD BEAUTY SALON 2356 North Sherman Drive 546-2835 SHRL CONWELL'S SHELL SERVICE 2108 North Emerson X' V- 357-3450 ELSNER-ROBERTS FLORIST 622 South Keystone Avenue 632-1021 Grinsteiner Funeral Home Inc. Thoughtful Service Harold D. Unger, Pres. Beautiful New Chapel Seating Over 200 1601 E. New York Street 632-5374 it's the real Ri ff Compliments of BURGER CHEF 'K' ' i mrnav xr Q23 mmm, Q-...E 0-F-mf in gf IDN Q ' T Books For Your Studies Tickets to the games Sweat shirts too! A.T.S. BOOKSTO R E your headquarters JAMES E. STEWART Vice-Principal, Director Adult Evening Division Arsenal Technical High School 35 Indianapolis, Indiana Aswsizis ,riof JL 2-53 riff' 20 ACRES or 4 'iff LATE Moon wREcxs !.'L 49 'O' '65 3' iooo s. Killey E353 lNoiANAPous, IND. QC? E- 9,4 -'dv 45 -mf JOHN GRANDE AND SONS F LOR ISTS Wygrning 2401 Wegtglagsgwiggton St. Bust, 733 West Tenth St. ' 243-9375 em eww No other profession offers so much with as little as 9 months Training lncome-Glamour- Travel-Independence Enroll Now Become a Licensed Beautician- Stylist Day and night classes Budget Terms Free Placement Service For complete information call 844-3351 Today! JOHN FORD'S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP 3205 East Tenth St. 631-9925 l ggi QZEILILUIFIQE 1 ' LML 5 L,,,,,vpev I " mv F- ,guinea .Seaway TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS clean an " o num 9 , swim . q ' " " custo I finish ,f-1 H 5 C L- -r -- 1--3 F Y , X LAUNDRY l ' ' A oP:N Mon, sn um roam SERWCE . . H l " ' '7 Q! ms 926 3626 'HZ 638 9708 I n 5.404 19,35 LL Martindale ' Churchman ' 2 Valdes Ivy DICKS BROS. FURNITURE 3202 East 10th Street 638-1439 CARTER'S GULF 1844 East 10th 632-2254 Careers ahead! to match job opportunities with job skills MALLORY TECH 1315 East Washington 632-8421 Doris Powell and Joanna Lee CAPITAL DODGE 45 VAV DD CHRYSLER MOTORS CURPUPATION Ouality Cars 4343 West 38th Street 293-6220 MBNTIOIIIBI' 1 JOHN iviARco's BEAUTY SALON , , -gk P O Box 1078 Ill 4556 North shadeiand Indianapolis, Indiana 46206 V In Jos Guldggs 'ggggpmg Center X 3 SN - X K Specialize in Long Hair 81 Wag, FRANK MEID Haircuts f BLACK AND DECKER "Always First In Fashions" Central Cleaning Systems 1026 North Beville Avenue 636-4561 i 'i4vaFf4444su .Wglj ' - ' SPUITSHANS TCLEMER .W 'M Qsmsv' Ti'LH1i-ii:ifr'i ci.gmue Auenmans 1, 11,14 g.x,h:iN ,V gkfr- 'B' , .f -ff: . Q? 'iff mrs:-111 'J A. N. GOLDEN HEALTH FOODS City Market 632-5266 WASHINGTON AUTO PARTS 2113 East Washington St. 636-4481 TROPHY CENTER 411 Massachusetts Ave. 635-9662 Cl NDY'S DRESS SHOP 15 North State Street 631-8232 4121 Keystone 546-1883 PRESTON'S SUPER MARKET 6 Convenient Locations "Where Customers Send Their Friends" I Forthe if ,ff Finest Name in Meats 7 1: E32-CGS . - "FLORIST" TO TITAN SUCCESS Betty's House of Beauty 545 East 38th Street 925-7349 CHURCH'S CHICKEN 21st 84 Ritter 356-2028 JACKSON TEXACO 21st 84 Ritter 353-2593 , f 4' l , , - , 1 AX I' , Mu' M , ' x' N' ,- rf", ! .. i . , t ,f 1 ' -f "' ,- , K, ' I. il-..Q-,gf L , .. i ff A :nfl ,-rggzz' -1? 'Y l K 4,-f M .f . zf:.vii.sf - - , ,-A" "-w,s-f,' I' - is f4,.,-f"' , , lt's already tomorrow at RCA! ln our new Consumer Electronics Design Center here in indianap- olis, we are developing today the product innovations that you will be enjoying tomorrow. Shown here, for example, is a prototype of what we call the Lounge Module, which offers built-in color television for one or two viewers, plus FlVl!AlVl stereo radio, plus 8-track stereo tape equipment, plus the comfort of a lounge chair. Futuristic planning such as this is a part of our continuous effort to assure that RCA will always bring you the finest in electronic home entertainment! 11+--41 U1 RICHARD BENNETT, HOME OF AFFORDABLE FURNITURE 5 EX 5804 East Washington 355-7211 mx -M ,TT, ..---2-t,-E.s.,E 1 ' ww- ALVINS HOUSE OF SOUND F-fx S H I 0 S S . Hrs. Tues-Sat :H 11:00-11:00 , A E., ..1, . ..-, -,,, mf. ,M ,,,. 5,-fwfr Monday 1 1:00-9:00 4143 College 923-8839 Records, tapes, Incense Paraphernalia, Lights - f' 5 g -is 5 74, 5 Q 1 " i! RUSSELL'S FASHIONS '- Where Ladies Go for Quality Clothing RlCHARD'S MARKET BASKET 2350 E. 52th Street A Q. Q 1 ., 251-9263 :EJ-:" :::1. ' .,,::-f?t:: 1 - 2 Orme? kgs- 5423 East 11 Omg ' 15271 1,,Q 38th Street ji C I- eww? mamma www Me ' TECH RECORD Roonvl E Y' A '1.-.-.-1n ""' . 92 .4 I 'fin M, LN .ll ,Q L '51 -9-an J f an i "Ind H KENNEY'S ACCESSORIES 4145 College 923 9771 JEWELRY FOR THE MIND AND BODY BEE WISE IN -Electronics- QQ ' 1 Buy Your Books and Kits ' Hi-Fi-Stereo ' Amplifiers ' Microphones C-B 8: Ham Gear Tape Recorders Direct from VanSickIe Radio Supply Co. Whore The lest In Lus- i-F 4131 N. Keystone Ave. Hn. 9:30-6200: Sur. 9:00-4:00 4 1 I fix sl ' I4 it S rxg Pk ', ?!'g3.g,422?L'5Q1 A 4 ' ef x ' f , x RICHARD NELL METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE 1010 East 86th Street 846 6121 ianrs Omni all Mol RICH 5-Steno Dul0r" I QQQ GPEIIV AND amen-noon -tbj- Ph One 1'fFy,lQk' 11,445 7Z41'5wf2se- -- Zlffkffb 011 ffrlf ? X I E094 'gg 'D 5' A Em Bisfig am!U,4fvy if ,125 50 52s,vf9m319fg,4f Ziff? fvf7fA7f?Q I I A5514 -A565 JAXQ XAW2 Fa!! Eflffwl jfg. Mr 'CU' jpg of Nab w fm ffazfmfff 7411 Yip-pf WW! 7502 fyqyf ffv fgdy, 5140755 I-0-'ff75ff '52AW'a5'7! 0705 A if . X-562 fffofffyf W 81A FUND RAISING CO. 5474053 rvn n gfxdd PO B 19302 Kenny Breland, Sam Elmore, Thomas Jackson STOKELY VAN CAMP NA '50 vp.. 'IL :J '- - --" an 3 I I IB' J jf, "5 S'0kely 75-af R H RST qua:-4C"' b .. TN A - 3. 'Y . , , . 'ff -T ""' . "w Q"'5'f1 ' - X , I., .Q 1 'i 'W' .VN TA:-4.. b ' I T I E ' "- '.,.j'e. '- .V , AW 4-V.: """ I f R.IlDU AFNB THE AMERICAN FLETCHER NATIONAL BANK 2122 East Tenth Street 633-2340 Robert IVI. Young, Mgr. Richard C. Hornberger, BRASS BUCKET 1513 E. Michigan POSTERS, INCENSE, Asst. Mgr. BLACKLITES, PATCHES, Brad Witsman, Ralph Howard CANDLES CH AT Z QP I 4 W., I- gif 3 41:1-:W Topic l mdw Acknowledgements 166 Art 74 Art Club 74 Attendance Department Assis- tants 143 Auto Aviation 56 Barn Project 45 Baseball 96,97 Basketball 104,105,106,107 Bell Choir 67 Biological Science 32,33 Bowling 109 Boys Concert Club 63 Boys Drill Team 38 Boys Octette 64 Building Trades 54 Business Education 40,41 Cannon Newspaper 84 Cannon Yearbook 85 Career Center 52 Cheerblock 109 Cheerleaders 111 Chemistry-Physics Club 30,31 Chess Club 27 Color Guard 37 Commercial Foods 53 Concert Band 69 Cooperative Office Education 43 Counselors 140,141 Cross-Country 88,89 Data Processing 53 Deans 140 Departmental Assistants 143 Debate Team 76,77 Directors 139,142 Distributive Education 42 Diversified Occupational Training 45 Drafting 59 Drama Club 80 Electrical Trades 57 English 18,19 English Assistants 18 Evening School Office Staff 143 Exercise in Knowledge Team 51 Exploratory Teachers 26 Football 98,99,100,101 Foreign Language 20,21 French Club 22 Future Teachers of America 26 German Club 23 Girl Scouts 48 Girls Concert Club 62,63 Girls Drill Team 37 Girls Ensemble 64 Girls Gymnastics 110 Girls R.O.T.C. Sponsors 39 Golf 94 Health 108 Health Department Assistants 29 Hiking Club 109 History Club 27 Home Economics 46,47 House Plan 44,45 Human Relations Council 28 Industrial Cooperative Training 42 Introduction to lndustry 59 Junior Council 50 Junior Honors 50 Key Club 83 Latin Club 23 Lettermen 83 Librarians 141 Library Assistants 29 Mathematics 34,35 Marching Band 72,73 Melodayres 65 Metal Trades 55 Music 62,63 Music Man 62 National Forensic League 76 Neighborhood Youth Corps 45 Nevvsbureau 85 Nurses 141 Office Education Association 43 Office Staff 143 Orchestra 68 Pep Band 70 Physical Education 108 Physical Education Assistants 29 Physical Science 30,31 Prayer Circle 48 Principal 138 Printing 58 Quill and Scroll 85 Radio Club 82 Rebel Without a Cause 78,79 Recreation Program 108 Red Cross Club 49 'Rifle Team 38 R.O.T.C. 36,37,38,39 R.O.T.C. Officers 39 Security Officers 143 Service Club 49 Social Studies 24,25 Sophomore Honors 51 Spanish Club 22 Speech Team 76,77 Stage Band 70 Stagecraft 82 String Ensemble 67 Student Affairs Organization 51 Symphonic Band 72 Techoir 66 Tennis 95 Thespians 80 Titanettes 71 Track 90,91 ,92,93 Vice-Principals 138 Volleyball 110 Wrestling 102,103 Y-Teens 48 Typ!--A-H7-f' , ' - , is-'+"f" , 1' ' H If 141 1 ,muff S "7 'Q 4419 , ' ' AUTUMN of our lives reflects in a mere puddle. if-I I, swf l my l Ackerman, Karen 18 Adams, Mrs. Annabelle 41 Allen Clifford R. 52 Allen Gaylord 139 Allen Louis D. 31 Allen, Richard 32 Allen, Mrs. Virginia 143 Amend, Mrs. Patricia 46 Armel, Clyde 52,58,142 Armel, Mrs. Dorothy 143 Ayers, Bob 24 Ayers, Mrs. Edna 143 Bales, Mrs. Eileen 143 Battey, Mrs. Wilma 140 52 I Q , I 'ini-f- 'iggili' .h 3 L55 TX ,ff , if . . fw -'Rik-xi 7-1 xx. AFTER THE FIRE, a crane the six-story tower. Beall, Howard E. 52 Belding, Robert V. 138 Bell, Carlos 98 Berger, William 45,52 Blankenhorn, Duane 26,141 Boger, Carl 143 Bowers, Mel 90,101 Briggs, Mrs. Eugenia 143 Brinker, Norman L. 52,142 Brodhecker, Mrs. Betty 141 Brooks, Mrs. Catherine 143 Brown, Jim 35 Brown, Mrs. Joan R. 18,26 Browne, Raymond 74 Bulthaup, Robert 52 Caldwell, Mrs. Pauline 31 Carbone, Dean 90 Carlock, Mahlon 140 Carter, Helen 18 Cassell, Mrs. Virginia 18 Catt, Howard 139 Cecil, Michael R. 41 Chadwick, Mrs. Janice 143 Chohany, Mrs. Elizabeth 35 Clanton, John 143 Clapp, David 20,22 Clapp, Mrs. Margaret 18 Clark, Mrs. Cheyl 18 Cline, Ernie 96,141 Cody, Mrs. Wylene 46 Collins, Robert 32,141 Commons, Patricia 24,44 Comstock, Mrs. Diane 18 Corbin, C. H. 35 Corrado, Rita 18,44 3.1 ."' Q J -I ,'1'f, V ,,...,- 3, ., 5 I T . was used to remove the 450-pou nd bell from Cox, Mrs. Florence 143 Crawford, Marion 36 Creasser, Mrs. Louise 143 Crooke, Robert E. 52 Cruser, David 52 Csiky, Mrs. Lois 18 Cummins, Mrs. Ann G. 41 Danheiser, Tom 18 Davis, M. Turpin 41 Davis, Walter 24 pf-J.. f X F -Q13 1 ,q THE EARLY MORNING HOURS of August 3, 1972 proved unlucky for the Arsenal Tower when lightning struck the Civil War Arsenal and caused 860,000 damage! -. '.,. .,. .i .. 5. 7 . l . -km 5 - .M 2.-.3 A- l l 1 ' l 1 l ,,. . X - DAMAGE TO THE TOWER was not as great as to the roof, where the support legs of the bell were destroyed! Davis, Mrs. Zoearline 140 Dawson, Sgt. Thomas 36 Deem, Harold 52 Dudkovvski, Sam 52,142 Dykeman, Richard 31 Eads, E. Ellen 18,49 Edwards, Mrs. Felisha 41 Elder, Leon 35 Elliott, Harold 52,142 Evans, Edward 62 Evans, Mrs. Erma 30,31 Farley, John 32 Farrell, William J. 24 Feigert, Mrs. Judy 35,44 Fields, Mrs. Jeannette 143 Fields, Mrs. Louistine 41 Fine, Mrs. Serine 20,23 Ford, Robert F. 18,44 Fowler, Mrs. Fannie 143 Freeman, Joyce L. 41 Freeman, Joyce L. 41 Frye, Mrs. Lois 41 George, Dave 41,97 Gilliland, James K. 52 Glover, Richard 35 Goodrum, Mrs. Alice C. 18,78 Graney, William 141 Gruner, Wilbert 143 Guess, William 41 ,52,142 Guess, Mrs. Mercedes 32 Hahn, Mrs. Margaret 18 Hale, Hester Ann 18 Hall, John 24 Hallagan, Harvey 24 Hamer, Mrs. Sarah 141 Hamilton, Mrs. Judith 141 Hamilton, Marian 74 Hancock, Sonja 35,48 THE 100-YEAR OLD BELL rests on the ground instead of the third floor of the Arsenal. That's where it would have ended up if the roof had given lf'l. Y Q9 V 1 , . .. 'fi' I .I 14. N 'rf-ugkig . . H' 'ff'..f75?eg'.:' 'il' 'ss5:'.-'+1:.lf1r":-1'..- ' ' e-F '..f:k,.:?.. 1 r wha' .Hsu - "SL '.. Q73 . '- ' - .s ' . ' liwlw Hansen, Karen 18 Hardiman, Emmett F. 18 Hardy, Marguerite 46 Harry, Charles E. 44,141 Heavenridge, Jack 143 Henderson, Oral E. 52 Hill, John C. 52 Hill, L0uiS G. 18 Hill, Mrs. Odessa 46 Hoffman, Mrs. Marilyn 35,44,143 Hoke, Ron 41 ,43,142 Holmes, Ernest H. 52,142 Holmes, M. E. 42 Hon, David 32 Horstman, Mrs. Sherron 46 Howard, G. W. 32 Huff, Mrs. Gwendolyn 143 Hurrle, John 101,141 Hyatt, Mrs. Caroline 143 Hylton, Charles H. 52 Insley, Gertrude 18 Ireland, Ron 35 Jackson, Burney 5.52 Jackson, Mrs. Virginia 41 Johnson, Alice M. 41 Jones, Bernice 18 Kanouse, John 24 Kelley, Frederick 52,140 Kern, John 27,31 Kilgore, Mrs. Shirley 143 . " rl 1' 2 Ill' iv as A- 5 x fx- -. - -45 t M X A ' 'af -.J 5, A 'La' ,Q I A f, ' N g' 'Q W' '- .- ' S 4 'CV .g ,xi I" VL W' pit. .W . . - I -1, - T K We ,- k xk . Q Y.: ,gk ,N , 1. i' . X . . . f , t I X J' Q x H 2 . v 'L 8 r .ll 'Y-uv YK 3 -. 1 5,4 .. .Q -Ax. t . - 2 Q .Y vb q ng and -It 'Q' - , .A f. M A 1 "9 Xfire ag, SANTA lMr. Moonl waves at his many fans while being chauffeured by the Indianapolis police- ,I af' N A", ,df THE GIRLS ENSEMBLE dance to the music as Mrs. Mendel plays the piano. Kimberlin, William 24 King, Jack 52 King, Janet 18 Kirsh, Arthur 32 Kleine, Jay 89,94 Kocher, Charles 45,141 Kohut, M. Eileen 18,140 Kuck, Keith 41 Lagadon, Mrs. Maria B. 20 Langlotz, Mrs. Mildred 143 Lauderdale, Mrs. Sandra 143 Lee, Mrs. Barbara 24,140 Lehman, Arnold 35,140 Lehman, Kirby 18 Lewis, John 18 Littell, Patricia 143 Lopossa, Paula E. 18,44 Lovelace, Clifton 52 Lundgren, Mrs. Shirley 141 McAfee, Mrs. Mildred 141 McArdle, Mrs. Charleyne 143 McBride, Judith 18,49 McCarty, Lowell 45 McCutcheon, Mrs. Marjorie 139 McDowell, Edward 90,140 McGeath, Bruce 24,88,89,90 McMiIlian, Ann 18 McVay, Mrs. Cheryl A. 41,44 Malone, Dan S. 52 Marshall, Lewis 45,142 Marthin, Mary 24,48 Martin, Ellen 41 Martin, George 143 Martin, Leon 143 Mashino, Gary 52 May, James 31 Mendel, Mrs. J. Loesje 62,64,66 67 Metcalf, Dewayne 59 Meyer, Robert 24,139 Miessen, Frederick T. 52 Minks, Stan J. 18 Minor, John 44,139 Montgomery, Mrs. Gene 143 Moon, Mrs. Wanda 143 FJ' iffy' 'XHJRK l., A ' -if-ni . .Vi D-ui AH 'J ,UTQQ1 - -f ... '101' I". FQ JL A. J Y.-1 .. K f Y res I A i l,fi f 1 ' , 'I MRS. ANN MCDANIEL representing PTA, Mr. Reed, and Mr. Stockard an- nounce winners of door prizes at Open House. Moon, William 62,66 Moore, Mrs. Marian 46 Moreman, Ivan 96,101,140 Morse, Mrs. Thelma 35 Morse, William 24 Mullenax, John 52,142 Murphy, Margaret 143 Murphy, Wesley J. 24,51 Nall, John F. 74 Nelms, Thomas 143 Nicewanger, Mrs. Mary 74 Nicholson, Mrs. Barbara 141 Nobles, Ron 62 Ohmit, Mrs. Gwendolyn 41,52 Oldham, Donald 138 Oldhum, Meriam 45 Oliver, Willie 36 Orth, Robert 32,44,50 D' Oscarson, Paul E. 52 Palmer, Donald 143 Parker, Mrs. Marjorie C. 41 Parrett, Sharon 140 Pence, Lewis 52,140 Pentecost, Mrs. Mary 143 Perry, David 24 Phemister, Lorena 74 Pool, Mrs. Bernadine 143 Potter, Mrs. Margaret 143 Potter, Wallace 138 Purvis, Alice 35,44 Ransom, Mrs. Natalie B. 46 Ray, Mrs. Carolyn 141 Reed, Ray 96,138 Ridley, Mrs. Louise 35 Robards, Mrs. Elsie 143 Robbins, Mrs. Gloria 143 Roberts, Craig 18,44 Robinson, Don 35,95 Robinson, Smith 74 Rodevsmld, Norma 143 Rose, Mrs. Carrol 46 Rowland, Mrs. Betty 143 Russell, Mrs. Gertrude 29,143 Sangster, Robert 143 Schnakenberg, Mrs. Florence 18 Schneider, Karl 139 Schneider, Mrs. Louise 74,143 Seelye, Mrs. Corrine 46 Shah, S. Hafize 35 Shannon, Mrs. Ruth D. 32 Sharp, William E. 52 Shattuck, Mrs. Judith 62,143 Shock, Richard 139 Shoemaker, Mrs. Delsie 41,42,142 Shoemaker, lthel 52,142 Siedlecki, William 24 Singh, Mrs. Jatinder K. 18 Underwood, Mrs. Susanna M. 20, 23 Van Der Moere, H. R. 52 Walker, Mrs. M. 35 Walter, Charles 35 Ward, Mrs. Geraldine 141 Washington, Mrs. Emmagee 74 Whalin, M. Ward 139 Wheeler, William 35 Wignall, Mrs. Elva 46 Wilkinson, Arthur 36 Williams, Blanche 141 Williams, John M. 52,59 Woodard, Robert 108 Woods, Morris 52,142 Woolford, Mrs. Mary 46 Wythe, John 32 Yarnell, Mrs. Rosalynne 143 Yeagley, Terry C. 52 Young, Mrs. Sheila 20,62 al l Abernathy, Andrew 89 Abernathy, Judy 66,111 Abernathy, Teresa 22 Akers, John 90,101 Akers, Linda 23,64,66 Akers, Bryan 29 Alexander, Charles 27,5O,51,79, 85 Alexander, Charlotte 21 ,27,50,51, 78,79,85 Alexander, Mike 101 Allender, Ronnie 66 Alstott, Tom 101 Amato, Pasquale 101 Amato, Theresa 67,68 Anderson, Gus 90 Anderson, Ray 98 Applegate, Don 78 Armes, Sandra 18,28,49,51 Armour, Keith 22,28,51,66,67 68,85,90 Armstrong, Debbie 29 Askins, Karen 29 Austin, Barbara 53 Bailey, Ann 62 Baker, Mike 90 Ball, Chris 70,72 Bandy, Roberta 18,27,28,29,33 85 Bardwell, Bill 70,72 Barley, Dariel 55 Banta, Joy 29 Barnett, Sandra 53 Barr, Patricia 29,48 Barringer, Larry 101 Batts, Paula 22,50,67,68 Baxter, Steve 34,101 Beaty, Mary 64,66 Beaumont, Sherry 44,72 Beever, Kathleen 26 Beight, Randall 66 Bell, Bonnie 48 Bell, Greg 88,90 Bell, Toni 48 Benberry, Floyd 42 Bennett, Carol 29,78 Benns, Lou Wanna 22,51 Berry, Donna 22 Berry, Jan 51 ,62,71 Berry, Reginald 90,93 Beverly, Anthony 101 Beicht, Randy 63 Bilman, Jerry 29 Bingham, Larry 90,98 Bishop, Judy 29 Bivens, Janice 27,37,39 Black, Charles 64,66,70,88,90 Blakely, Autumn 62 Blakely, Joe 90 Blanchard, Willie 98 Bland, Millie 43 Bleier, Patti 43 Boggs, Marissa 29,49 MISS MCBRIDE introduces Olympic star Marvin Johnson and guest to her class. Slover, Michael 74 Smith, Allen 31 Smith, Clyde 24 Smith, Ebert W. 24,44,45 Smith, Jerry 143 Smith, Robert W. 52 Smith, Steven 31 Snow, Mrs. Jane 46 Spinks, Nancy 35 Stafford, Mrs. Ruth 46,52 Stanley, Dan 20,21 Stewart, James E. 138 Stewart, William 45 Stock, Cyril 52 Stockard, Robert 138 Stout, Mrs. Dorothy 140 Strickland, Mrs. Marian 35 Sweet, Betsy 24,27 Swenson, Kermit L. 74 Switzer, Richard 62,70,72 Taflinger, James E. 24 Takacs, John R. 18 Tatum, William 62 Terrell, Roy 32 Thomas, Mrs. Martha 143 Thompson, F. Doug 52 Tincher, John 52 Tremp, William 52 Tresslar, Cecil T. 18,139 Tobrocke, Floyd 141 Turney, Bruce 31 Tussey, Mrs. Rita 29,143 Tuttle, Spencer E. 52 . ul' Gee, A C3rnDbell, Alan 78 Bord, Greg 64,6679 Bond, Rose 66 Soolter, Vickey 37,39,42 Boone, Danny 63,97 Booth, JirT1101 BOUOHYS, Bill 63 Bracken, Larry 101 Breland, Kenneth 90,98 Brewer, Joyce 51 Brewer, Linda 68 Brimmage, Irvin 97 Brinkley, Andrea 49,62 Brinkley, John 101 Brinkley, Kathy 26,66,68.72,78 Brooks, Mark 39 Brown, Cindy 39,66,68,70.72 Brown, Jim 90 Brown, Kim 39 Brown, Margaret 23,50 Brown. Marsha 66,72 Brown, Mike 84 Brown, Stanley 55,70 Carbon, Phil 68,72 Carpenter, Sandra Carr, David 68,7O, Carson, Jackie 43 Carter, Mona 111 Carter, 'Nayne 98 Casper, Toni 40 Candle, Phillip 72 Chalifoux, Vicki 39 Chambers, Beth 64,66 Chambers, Brian 90 Chandler, Michelle 29,48 Chanex, Bruce 72 Chapman, Sheila 29,111 Chapman, Sherri 29,111 Chastain, Christina 62 Chatman, George 101 Childs, Roger 66 Clark, Clay 97 Clarke, Beverly 111 Clayton, Tom 22,27,95 Clegg, David 96,98 Clem, Dean 97 62 72 Crafton, Ruth 40 Cranford, Marcia 23 Crawford, Melinda 23 Crockett, Rhonda 29,65,71,72 Crouch, Jeanne 111 Elmore, Earl 101 Elmore, Sam 90,92,98 Engram, Dwayne 101 Epperson, Gwen 29 Epperson, Leila 29 DID YOU HAVE a lot to give at the SAO ring toss to win a Pepsi? Bruce, Torn 72,101 Bruden, Billy 68 Bruder, William 51 Bruer, Linda 22,29,67,72 Bryant, Blossom 66 8uCkley, Clara 62,70 Buckley, Sherry 62 Buckner, Adriann 43,71 ,72 Bullington, David 22,65,66,67 Burns, Charles 27,29 Burris, Mike 89 Burt, Danny 90 Buses, Venus 29 Bussberg, Brenda 66 Butler, Donna 22,68 Buttery, Lsarry 88,90 Buttery, Rick 90 2 Byr1urr1,ChrlS1m9 78 Byrd, Denise 23 Caldwell, Debra 29 Cameron, Bonnie 18,28,39,67,68 Campbell, Mark 18 Camphor, John 21 Cannedy, Sherre 62 Clem, Richard 98 Clinton, Jeff 90 Coffer, Rodney 90,92 Cole, Susan 74 Coleman, Marna 29,50,62,64,66 Coleman, Steve 101 Collier, Jeff 90 Compton, Vernon 22 Conners, Edwin 55 Constantine, Renita 71 Cook. Phil 40 Cook, Steven L. 42 Coons, Cathy 64,66 Cooper, Carl 50,79 Cooper, Cheryl 62,72,111 Cooper, Lisa 69 Cooper, Tersa 68,72 Corlett, Carl 84,94 Cornforth, Diane 111 Corsaro, Toni 42 Coryell, Mary 72 Coryell, Melody 18,72 Cruz, John 88,90,92 Cunningham, John 90 Cupp, James 27 Dalton, Luben 70,72 Daniels, Paul 34 Davenport, Byron 97,98 Davenport, Richard 90,98 Davis, David 101 Davis, David 101 Davis, Gary 21 ,68,72,95 Davis, Steve 39 Daws, Debbie 23 Dawson, Anthony 98 Dawson, Terri 69 Day, Teresa 69 Deatrick, De De 31 DeBurger, Robin 68,78 Deloach, Bob 29 Q Evans, George 42 Evans, Pamela 29 Evans, Ricky 56 Evans, Victor 90,92 Fagan, Mike 21 ,90,98 Feltner, Darrel 39,48 Feltner, Marsha 49 Fiddler, Mark 27,29 Fiddler, Steve 78,79 Fitzwalter, Patricia 74 Fletcher, Reginald 101 Folson, Steven 63 Ford, Ann 22,48,85 Ford, Mae 29 Ford, Marshall 97 Foreman, Niles 98,101 Frank, Debbie 48 Fritch, George 'x WONDER IF Charles Howard and his girl friend are planning to have some fun at the Mardi Gras. DeMichieli, Sherry 84 Dickerson, Jackie 62,69 Dickson, Douglas 64,66,9O Dirnmitt, Charlotte 22,69 Dinkins, William 101 Dobbs, Kathy 67 Dodd, Wanda 29,64,66 Donaldson, James 90 Donaldson, Max 101 Dove, Michael 38 Dowdy, Pamela 48 Drake, John 42 Drass, Cathy 62,63 Drexler, Ken 95 Drinnon, Dale 29,84 Dunstan, Edward 43 Dupree, Kim 37 Dupriest, Alan 79 Dykes, Brad 32,50,66,72,95 Eads, Dina L. 29,49,51,84 Easley, Herbert 90 Eaton, Danny 101 Froschauer, Juanita 28 Frost, Emilie 43 Fuhr, Pete 27,31 ,51 ,90 Fuller, Tim 68 Funke, Terry 62 Fuqua, Donald 34 Gammons, Julian 69 Garrison, Veon 96 Gartrel Gartrel Gates, I, Daryll 95 I, Kevin 70,72 Phil 58 G rlds, Cassandra 29 lice 18 Cosby, Ricky 96 Cox, Leonard 97 Crabtree, J udy 36 ,37 ,39 ,66 Eaton, Nancy 49,84 Edison, Lon 85 Edwards, Mary 62 Gibson, Alphonso 89 Gibson, Floyd 90,101 Gibson, Lana 85 Gibson, Richard 42 Gill, Starlett 29,37 Gilman, Jerry 101 Gipson, Avery 101 Glen, Eric 89,90 Godwin, Kathy 49 Godwin, Tony 78 Goergen, Marguerite 43 51 53 Goliday, Dissree 42 FRENCH CLUB customers stop to look in the flea market. Goode, Becky 23,29 Goodman, Alice 85 Goodrum Cosette 62,78 Gorbett, Russell 69,101 Graham, David 98 Graham, Dennis 96 Graham, Dewayne 69 Grant, Teresa 38,39 Graves, Cynthia 62 Graves, Sharon 48 Grayson, Marlene 62 Green, Mike 66,94 Greenwell, Paula 43,49,53,74 Gregory, Cathy 29 Griffin, David 101 Guiden, Richard 63 Gunyon, Darrel 56 Hacker, Shelley 51,72 Hagan, Myra 67,68 Hagan, Teresa 67,68 Hager, Gayle 66 Hahn, Hillard 38,39 Haines, Jackie 49 Hall, Annette 42 Hall, Edna 29 Hall, Richard 101 Hall, Robert 96 Halliburton, John 101 Halstead, Susan 23 Hamilton, Pat 51,69 Hamilton, Robert 38,39 Hamilton, Roy 38,39 Hammer, Carol 43 Hampl, Heddy 21 ,51 ,74 Hampton, Ben 53,90 Hampton, Theresa 62 Hannemann, Mariane 29,62 Hannemann, Silvia 67,71 ,72 Hapner, Nancy 69 Happersberger, John 64,66,67 5 A I 1 XLJNX IL Harbin, Kim 29,49,51,62,63,111 Hardester, Marianne 66,85 Hardiman, Grady 42,96 Harding, Sue Annette 37,39 Harlan, Jay 20 Harmon, Sherry 29,49 Harper, Claude 42 Harrington, Steve 42 Harrington, Theresa 43 Harris, Buddy 29 Harris, Nathan 90 Harris, Steven 63 Harris, Vickie 42 Harrison, Dora 29,53 Hart, Foster 69,78 Hart, Heathcliff 27 Hart, Roger 72,90 Hartsburg, Debby 42,11 1 Hartsburg, Donna 29,11 1 Hatchett, William 101 Hawkins, Tom 68,70,72 Hawn, John 43,48,51,53,84 Hayden, Leisa 49,50,62,63,84 Hayes, Greg 97 Hayes, Larry 29 Hayes, Marguerite 29 Hazelton, Rhonda 48 Heatherly, Ken 90 Heavrin, Glenna 27 Heavrin, John 38 Henbree, Fred 98 HETTY HAMPL finds the Art Club Excedrin Headache number 343. , B 4 ' . ' 1 V H t ' , . R 4 r . , ' '- 1 -ii LX 5 -if .-.- 5:2 ' ff' " 2 " 4 ' . ', K ' '- 3 1' ' ' MM W' 6 , f f 7 f"j-'Tjifi wean, , - r :gn sf .3 . f 'gavage i . f -' 4 fe ? xf , - g , .7 -31, JJ:-" , 3, Sa w.2'Qw , ' - west . ' -V f-. ' fav' -4' '. - uw: 'r'J'vrme, ' 9v Q, w --it f 'sw 2 7' 'lirhtans--f . 4 ' -' .ne ,tt :,",,,:: fs ,ef 21.1-. ' t, sr- .,:.-f , b. ,. , .,51 te, H,-V,sg.n.3,,S7i'f"7f'j,.:' :fi :ax .4 '- - S1 if A' 5 5 I . at , f,',.5wif tf WAX Pwris X' X 1 r D' W 7 1 1 J fe . .,,,,,-ae I . 2 ,,, N l 2 MILLIE BLAND, Sandra Carpent- er, and Suzette Clayton pose hap- pily with Linda Barney, Miss Black America. Henderson Cecilia 53 Hendrickson, Janet 71,72 Herrera, Sam 51 ,90,98 Herrington, Diane 29,71 Hicks, Lawrence 39,66 Hicks, Ricky 90 Higgenbortom, Phil 63 Higshaw, Anthony 101 Hill, Darnell 90,101 Hill, Dennis 90,101 Hill, Jerry 101 Hill, Susan 22,50 Hillman, Leah 22 Hogan, John 90,92 Hogue, Leslie 90 Holland, Patty 29,72 Holloway, Ron 29 Holman, David 42 Holsapple, Linda 85 Honeycutt, Danny 20 Hook, Kevin 27,28,51,64,66,85 Hopkins, Earl 32,98 Hoskins, Charles 96 Houston, David M 26,27,31,63, 67 Howard, Charles 63 Howard, Ralph 50,101 Hubbard, Jerry 98 Huber, Anita 51,64,66,72 Huber, Joe 66,68,72 Huebner, Beverly 26,29 Hughes, Karen 22 1? gmt' Hughs, Rhonda 50 Hunt, Rita 22 Hutcherson, Carolyn 53 llieff, Nick 98 Israel, Sally 26,74 Ivy, Willie 88,90 Jackson, Carolyn 62 Jackson, Debbie 18,6-4,66 Jackson, Louise 29 Jackson, Jackson Patricia 69 Thomas 98 Jackson, Tony 65,66,84 Jacobs, Denise 66,68 Jacobs, Jeff 92 Jarrett, David 101 Jarret, Mark 90 Jaskiewi Jenkins, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson ncz, Chuck 101 Sharon 50 Brenda 29,111 , Deborah 42 , Don 90 , Eli 66 , Joe 101 Paul 42 r Johnson, Toni 26,48 Johnson, Walter 58 Jones, C Jones, C Jones, C arl 90,98 athy 62,68 harles 90 Jones, Gail 28 Jones, Orville 69,70 Jones, Roger 98 Jones, Samuel 42 Jones, Wanda 26,51 ,84 Jordan, Jordan , Carl 68,70,72 Denver 96 40' 'W -4:-:JY Q-:'fS:.,-4, , .4 , ',::s:.f5L-.-..-1-,, Q f ' 4' i......'-.....,' f"""'.' 4 , ,w::f1,5f',..: L f V - ' lriiie, ,'.g,safa1f2gf 15 I 1943-' fi il : FL l Jordan, James 51 Jordan, Larry 90,98 June, Karen 29 Kares, Robin 21,51 ,66,84 Kelly, Bob 90,98 Kelly, Frank 90,101 Kendrick, James 53 Kennedy, Darlene 42 Killebrew, Anita 53 Killebrew, Vincent 96 King, Carl L. 65,66,67 Kirk, Carlos 28 Kirk, Malcom 29 Kitchens, Cindy 72,85 Knox, Linda 68 Knox, Marchell 98 Lambert, Dennis 89,90 Lane, Debra 65,66 Lanecaster, Dorothea 22,49 Lange, Alvin 88 Lange, Melvin 88,90,92 Lasher, Don 68,72 Lavalley, Robert 72 Lawless, Larry 42 Lawrence, Dennis 42 Lawrence, Stan 66,98 Leavell, Steve 27 Lecclier, Debbie 71 Lee, Alice 62 Lee, Constance L. 42 Lee, Kenny 101 Lee, Virginia 29 Lewis, Barbara 42 Lewis, Julie 62,71 Lingenfelter, Gerald 21,90 Lingenfelter, Jeff 51 ,72,88,90,93 Linville, Sharon 69 Linville, Sherry 68,70,72 ..itteral, Darlene 69 Little, Joe 38,39 Logsdon, Mike 22 BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT AS- SISTANTS-Marcia Naab, Mi- chael West. J ff 5,14 2 .v J X I . gn -09 f 5 f W ff? 135117 L H f?'J!"S?if4 ,gf .rl I, , .-A i X i nf! is- Long, Geneva 29 Long, Mike 27,31 ,84 Lovelace, Clifton 28 Lowery, Carl 28,98 Lund, Jerry 58 Lupas, Jenny 42 MacBain, Elizabeth 49 McAfee, lzera 48 McCall, Jackie 29 McChristian, Regina 29 McCIanahan, Ruth 43 McClendon, Gus 26,43 McCray, John 78,79 McCray, Kathleen 74 McCullough, Kerry 29 McDaniel, Doug 28,68,70,72 McDaniel, Marcia 50,64,66,67,68, 72 McDaniel, Marlyn 29 McDonald, Anita 37 McElroy, Mark 20,101 McGuire, Fran 29 McGuire, Fred 90 McKee, Kristi 29,69,71,75 KIM HARBIN is crowned sopho- more queen amid smiling eyes and faces of Techites. U 3 s -f ,. 4. L.,-5 -- 'T l Wlfll THE TITANS plan to wipe up the floor with the opposition. Martin, Doreen 49,71 ,84 Martin, Willie 98 Marshall, Victor L. 31 Mason, Dewayne 101 Massie, Meta 37 Mathis, David 38,39,88 Nlaxey, Rose 29 Maxwell, Reginald 70,72 Meadors, Vicky 48 Meadows, Vicky 84 McKinney, Luke 97,98,101 McKinney, Mark 28,64,66,94,98 McLung, Mark 72 McManama, Kim 43 McPherson, Robert 26,33,63,69 Maddox, Maggie 66 Manning, Betty 71 Marshall, Carolyn 23,29 Marshall, Victor L. 31 Martin, Brian 22 Nl88I'1S, Von 38,39 Meid, Jeff 66,96 Michaelis, Carl 67,68,7O Milam, Mary 28 Miller, Alan 101 Miller, Bryan 101 Miller, Fred 101 Miller, Gregory 101 Miller, Jean 43,49,53,74 Miller, Kathy J. 26,27,29,51,62, 63,71 Miller, Linda 68,72 Miller, Phillip 63 Miller, Steve 101 Miller Tony 68,72 Mindach, Fred 27,29,64,66 Mindach, Rex 27 Mitchell, Ruth 50,67,68 Montgomery, Duane 27 Montgomery, Donna 48,66,67,68 Montgomery, Kenny 44 Mooneyham, Richard G. 27,31 Moore, Charles 90 Moore, Earl 90,101 Moore, Evelyn 29 Moore, Gary 101 Moore, Joyce 42 Morford, Debbie 62 Morford, Helen 29 Morgan, Brenda 22 Morris, Brian E. 38,39,42,43 Morris, Foster 56 Morris, Susie 71 DANNY RICHARDSON SUPE R- Iunch time recreation pro- vases gram. I ll ir, 'Vl wifi: 31111 ,l"' ,Q :iii if W '-1, sf ,dim Morrison, Lisa 68 Morrison, Steve 97 Morse, Morse, Susie 72 Tim 49,85,98,101 Murphy, Diane 48,49,74 Murphy, Michael 63 Murray, Patsy 51 Murray, Ronald 101 Murry, Myers, Harold, 97 Debra 21 J l Nahas, Kevin 66,72 Napier, Chester 89 Narvvell, Valerie 68 New, Margaret 42 Newall, Elizabeth 69 Newkirk, Marsha 74 Newkirk, Susan 74 Newman, Daryl 69 Nia, James 42 Nichols, Kenny 37,39,85 Nichols, Nancy 85 Noeer, Richard 27,34 Oliver, Claude 69 O'Neill, Cheryl 72 O'Neill, Mike 72 O'Neill, Vicki 72 Outlaw, Penny 29 Overton, Samantha 62,64,67 Owens, Donald 50 Palmore, Billy 42,98 Parker, John 38,39 Parker, Steve 89 Parks, John 51 Parsons, Curtis 90,101 Partenheimer, Susan 22 Pate, Janet 53 Pate, Ronnie 51 Patterson, Michael 55 Payne, Clarence 44 Perkins, Joe 90 Perry, Barbara 42 Perry Harold 55 Perry, Jael 29,51 Petree, Bruce 63 Petrey, Linda 29 Pettigrew, Cyle 66 Pettis, Chester 38,39 Phillips, Delois 50,68 Phillips, Doris 68 Phillips, Linda Sue 23,31 Pierce, Marie 50,64,66 Pipher, Donna 18,26 Pipher, Greg 25 Pipkin, Vernon 98 Pitano, George 89,90 Polin, Cheryl 66 Porter, Randall 29 Prewitt, Douglas 101 Price, Barbara 18,29 Price, Dawn 49,62,63 Price, Debbie 23,85 Price, Janell 51 Price, Lonnie 72 Proffitt, Joni 48,49 Pugh, Sharon 28 Pullon, Jim 79 Purvis, Roy 84 Ouinlin, Lester 89 Ouinn, Sherry 62,63 Quintana, Libby 22 Quintana, Rolando 26,28,63,88, 90,93 Rader, Karin 48,84 Radford, Greg 69,101 Radford, Tony 101 Rady, Garry 96 Rady, Jodi 51 Rady, Toby 101 Randall, Sheila 62 Randolph, Carol 23,28 Randolph, Delbert 101 Ratcliff, Christine 43 Ray, Tim 94 Raymer, David 89 Reese, Tom 94 Reck, Ruth 79 Reneau, Rick 31,95 Rhodes, Debbie 50,51 ,78,79 Rhudy, Donna 43 Rice, Nathan 69 Richardson, Byron 98 Richardson, Danny 51 Richardson, David 101 Richardson, Deborrah 50 Richarson, Kathy 29,46 Richardson, Ruby 44 Ricker, Mike 89 Riley, Patricia 66 Rimmer, Jerome 42 Riojas, Lydia 22 Riojas, Renaldo 69 Rios, Gloria 38,39 Roberts, Cathy 29 Roberts, Pamela 43 Robinson, Carol 62,63 Robinson, Janey 44 Robinson, Jeffery 98 Robinson, Rene 22,29 Robinson, Stanley 90 Robinson Vanessa 29 Rocks, Patty 72 Rodrigues, Steve 90,98 Roots, Kertis 97 Rosebrock, Carol 29,31 ,48,49,51, 68 Ross, Larry 42,96 Ross, Steve 90 Routh, Jeff 70,72 Rowe, Donna 48 Rush, Paula 111 Russell, Henry 90 Russell, Marcus 42 Russell, Pam 42 Sander, Mike 44 Sanford, Debra 26 Sapp, Pam 42 Seagraves, Bruce 97,101 Seals, Sam 89 Seats, Roberta 29,69,70 Segal, Elliot 97 Senour, Karen 28 Senour, Kristi 69 Schmitz, Earl 37 Schwartz, Michael 96 Scott, Lagenia 29 Scott, Steven 68,89 Scott, William 90,98 Scruggs, Valerie 62 Shaw, Dianna 84 Shelton, Dyrica 71 Sherrill, Pamela 42 Sherrod, Benito 68 Shobe, Kemp 101 Short, Mark 27,51 Simm, Charles 89 Simmons, Michael 63,69 Sims, Charles 74,89,90 Sims, Douglas 101 Sipf, Dennis 65,66 Sizemore, Marvin D. 42,43 Skelton, David 97 Stuck, Cathy 26,29,49,50,85,111 Stutzman, Debbie 66,72 Suhre, Richard 63 Summer, Albert 101 Surenkamp, Mike 27,31 Surenkamp, Ron 27 Swan, Sally 66,67,68 Sweatt, Ronnie 27,78,85 Swisher, Cindy 48 Swisher, Scott 72,85 Tague, Michelle 22,29 Smith, Deway ne 69,70 Smith, Gregg 33,98 Smith, Irie 72 Smith, Joe 101 Smith, Karen 29,50 Smith, Kirby 94 Smith, Ladonna 62 Smith, Miriam 62 Smith, Mussetta 29 Smith, Peggy 22,48 Smith, Ray 89 Smith Steve 101 Smith, Trina 62 Southern, Charles 63 Sovern, Theresa 72 Sparks, Darlene 65,66 Spears, Betty 51 Spears, Debbie 68 Spivey, Jimmie 42 Spradlin, Gary 96 Stafford, Bob 72 Standard, Sarah 40 Stephens, Byron 27 Stevenson, Hope 51,62 Stewart, Gary 101 Stewart, Janie 74 Stiers, Linda 71 Stiffler , Denise 29,44,49 Tapp, Jack 37,38,101 Taube, Patricia K. 28,51 ,67,72 Taylor, Connie 23,29,48 Taylor, George 90 Taylor, Kathy 26,28,71,72,78 Taylor, Ken 97 Taylor, Lynn 39,65,66 Taylor, Terri 74 Tenner, Roselyn 22 Wakesman, Helen 23,31 ,48 Walker, Virgil 90,91 Wallace, Paula 74 Wallace, Robin 29,62,74 Wallen, David 64,66 Ward, Jeff 42,65,66 Ware, Anthony 98 Warner, April 29,62,63,76 Warner, Christi 22,26,29,48 Washington, Irving W. 27,70,72 Washington, Jesse 55 Warerford, Janet 48 Waterman, Pam 29,85 Watson, Dennis 101 Watson, Henry 53 Watson, Michial 42 Watts, Darlene 28,71 ,72 Watts, Julie 70,72 Weber, Sandra 29 Weiglein, Sherry 29,64,66,111 Tenner, Sheila 22,23,62 Terry, Bonnie 111 Thomas, David 90 Thomas, Loretta 69 Thomas, Pamela 29,48,51,68 Thompson, Clarence 101 Thorman, Debbie 42,49 West, Benny 90,101 West, Cora 49,51 ,62,72 West, Dale 101 West, James 38,39,50 West, Michial 42 West, Thom 65,66,84 Wester, Sandy 22,34,66,67,68,72 Stokes, Teresa L. 26,39,49,62,64, 66 Stomm, Patricia 26 Stone, Thomas 66 Stratton, James 98 Strohschein, Leisel 23,35,51,72, 79 Tibbs, Kelley 101 Tisdial, Vicky 43 Trotter, Mike 89,90 Trotter, Roy 79 Troxell, Brenda 65,66 Troxell, Linda 65,66,72 Tucker, Connie 51 Turner, Donald 101 Turner, Margie 50 Turner, Patti 23,69 Twigg, James 90,93,98 Underwood, Jim 42 Urban, Eddie 29 Van Blaricum, Joe 32 Van Cleave, Steve 48,68,97 Vaughn, Daniel 69 Vaught, Suzy 23 Wade, Alvis 101 Wagner, Ronald 69 Wheeler, Mary 18,50,68 White, Darrell 101 White, Kevin 56 White, Patrica A. 65,66,76 White, Tyrone 96 Whitfield, Katria 37,39,50,75 Whitfield, Lance 37,101 Whitmer, Teddy 21 Whitney, Jackie 22,70,72,84 Whitney, Phyllis 51 Witsman, April 43 Whitthorne, John 90 Wiggington, Debbie 62 Wildrick, Donna 111 Wiley, Beth 69 Wiley, Roland A. 22,50,95 Wilkerson, Larry 90 Williams, Darrell 88,90,98 Williams, Gary 101 Williams, George 59 MR. TATUM gets "up in arms" if-.. HERE ITIS Pogue's Run! Would you believe this is on Tech's campus! s J -I wr.-ua' l ' r ,, 76-4 .1 an directing Boys Octette. I- Williams, Williams Williams Williams Willis, D i., :J . 4'3" is Av. . A .,-. . WE'VE got a piece of the rock! Marianne 22 , Marilyn 18,29,70,72 , Mark 69 , Susie 29,62,85,111 aniel 74 Willis, David 101 Willner, Aletha E. 26,29,66,76 Wilson, Bill 42 Wilson Wilson, Wilson Wilson, Winkle, , David 66,69 Patricia 22,37,39 , Richard 27 Von 97,98 Nancy 23 Wise, Lisa 71 Wolfe, Luangela 74 Wong, D iana 29 Woodard, Paul C. 98 Woodcock, Robin 96 Woods, Louis 90,93,98 Woods, Margo 63 Woods, Michael 70 Woodson, Daryl 55 Woodson, Michael 63 Wooten, Barba 22 Wright, Levinia 50,68,70,72 Wright, Lynn B. 84 Wright, Mary 29 Wright, Vicki 29,50 Yarrell, Lawrence 63,85 York, Bab 84 Young, Anna 21,22,65,66,68,76 Young, Sharon 48 Zackerry, Mark 42 Zackery, Sidney 53,90 Zirnkeld, Sandra 29 High Point Yearbook Agents-Front Row: Margaret Brown, Glenna l-levrin, Diana Her- rington, Cathy Stuck. Second Row: Connie Lee, Norman Benson, Bab York, Bill La Fara. Wanda Snow, Leslie Hogue, Connie Taylor, Caron Bruce. :yi in N N if '1 TLS., , ,.,., W .3 'J 08" -1 A o o Nobody knows what it takes to make a yearbook except the kooky, busy loaf- ers, the wise, nutty, harried, worried, foolish, anxious, hurried, leisurely, in- sane gang that makes up the yearbook staff. But a lot of other people helped: The faculty at Tech, department heads, club sponsors and custodial force who tolerated our comings and goings. The Bookstore who handled subscription materials and tickets, advertisers who bailed us out of the red, and Beverly Studios who provided complimentary basketball photos. lVlax Galloway and staff who provided photos, and most of all, the subscribers-who ordered during the campaign and who are pictured on the following pages. CHEER LEADERS dazzle their audience at the Yearbook Kick-Off meeting. ' -x 166 fi 1' 'L , Maw- .1-H' YEARBOOK staffer Kris Weber is bent on finishing her typing. P - 'R Ns 'X :nv , X .X V 4 g 5 fr A 4 x. . 'W 4 ' ' xx ' fa , Ah 'hf4f 4' ' S A ,711 are Q rf . KP if , lv i K 2.11, 5 j B! . X ssc 1 f wtkf . T fx. , if ff' T in 'X me 2 . f ff we s f' 1' . f' . -my Ek Q -,,' ' f 343 I 4:14. 1 fy '. C V .I 4 t i., if A, , ,am QhliiL'E.:.?, ' 73 ' ' 1' 2 'J ' ' 'T 'Ni f' f'f?ft-. ' K 2' ' ARIN x 579 4-"qi" wif f .M ,Q -' f , at .W-.Y If 1 Gvgff' f K A tk- 19' 3 gfsff 'gf I 6 , is f ,I V if 1 'Ia .4 A 'fu-.ti in 1---, ff -Q' - 'ir .sf H' . -f .1 git' 1 ' . 1' 5 I, 1 I X ' ' i 1 . NRI' L I . - it r, 'Q' ' 1 r 3 N x ' '. :vga 41 fi , 1 N i - q ' I : -.4 L- .' 4. lx ,Q 4 v . it A L 14, xx in 'l x V 2' , f ai. it ' 'ai-ff , . AT A YEABBOOK PARTY, Ann Ford tries to get a lotte Alexander and Pam Waterman time her. AL ll , A M , A , ' lr i N-N 3 X -it", 3 fx .tt 1 1' l A .-, A- .v ,, .- C! A X '1 W ball into a pan. Charles and Char- 9 w .,' 5, A -4 K ix i i i - ll - X . x'f A Q F, X3 , fi .L 9 'XE lc? 'A rv ' Y. ' Q , - Q V' 9 X, f I X .""' V . , . ' a ri! l . i ' . 4 , X . Q i?E, Teresa Abernathy, John Akers, Charles Alexander, Charlotte Alexander, Leonard Allseitz, Pasquale Amato, Theresa Amato, Kathy Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Don Applegate, Sandra Armes, Keith Armour, Debbie Armstrong, Nyrita Armstrong, Michael Ash- ley, Bonnie Ashworth, Karen Askins, Ann Bailey. Michael Baker, Loretta Baldwin, Bobbie Bandy, Joy Banta, Charles Bar- low, Belinda Barnes, Deb- orah A. Barnes, Deborah L. Barnes, Sandra Barnett. Patricia Barr, Mickey Bax- ter, Sherry Beaumont, Connie Begley, Bonnie Bell, Serena Bell, Carol Bennett, LouWanna Benns, Jan Berry. Debbie Bible, Carole Big- bee. Barbara Bishop, Judy Bish- op. Charles Black, Greg Boid. Terry Bolton, LaTanya Bonner. Dorothy Booker, Jim Booth. Frances Bostic, Gary Boy- len, Calvin Brandon, De- nise Brantley, Richard Briles, Andrea Brinkly, Kathy Brinkley, Vickie Brinkley, Mark Brooks. Arie Brown, Cindy Brown, James Brown, Margaret Brown, Michael Brown, Roy Brown, Shelia Brown, Theresa Brown, Tim Brown. Caron Bruce, Tom Bruce, Francis Bruder, Linda Bru- er, Norma Bryant, Pam Bryant, Charles Burns, Mike Burris, Athena Buses. 1 .6 Karen Butrum, Denise Byrd, Linda Callahan, Mike Callaway, Debbie Capps, Rose Carnicom, Da- vid Carr, Ramota Carter, Phillip Caudill. Anna Cavender, Ricky Chalifoux, Vicki Chali- foux, Beth Chambers, Mi- chelle Chandler, Wayne Chandler, Sherry Chap- man, Chris Chastain, Helen Chastain. Marva Cherry, Chester Pet- tis, Katrina Childers, Flog- er Childs, Pete Christo- pher, Deborah Clardy, Bev- erly Clarke, David Clegg, Dean Clem Debbie Clendening, Mer- ceda Clifford, Wyant Clouse, Bobby Coffee, Cathy Coffey, Diana Coff- man, Carol Cole, Marna Coleman, Flenetta Con- stantine. Julia Cook, Marilyn Cook- sey, Raymond Coonce, Carl Cooper, Cheryl Coop- er, Lisa Cooper, Vickie Cooper, Mary Coryell, Mel- ody Coryell, Linda Cotton, Cindy Cox, Linda Cox, David Crane, Marsha Crawford, Melinda Crawford, Sindy Creech, Terry Creech, Jeanie Crouch. Marvin Crouch, Harold Crowder, Terri Daniels, Debbie Daws, Ellaweese Day, Kathladena Davis, Te- resa Day, Robin DeBur- ger, Linda DeMichieli. Denise Denny, Charlotte Dimmitt, Wanda Dodd, Bonnie Doll, Linda Dot- son, Michael Dove. John Drake, Catherine Drass, Debbie Driggs, Di- nah Drinnon, Donnie Dun- can, Bill Durham. Bradford Dykes, David Dykes, Glenn Eastes, Nan- cy Eaton, Jeff Edison, Lon Edison. Leland Edwards, Norma Edwards, Debbie Eicks, William Ellis, Janet El- more, Dannie Engram. Cecilia Ernestes, Claricia Ernestes, Terry Esslinger, Greg Evans, Kim Eward Mike Fagan. of . ,f E ' - ya ,Q ' A H f ' -- - , . 1 , V . . - . br f 3' V, " , x,,y2K l, fir- ai - if is -r if --H X . '- x - -1 V .1 1 -'gl I V , P ,A 'xi-. 11 X'7A f ,, " ' . ' "" Y. V ' ' 3 Q . ' "W S .. 4 l li.. in az' A 1 6 h x 4 il I xt A ll.-. '4 Jw' Q 1 ' f 0 :-f'.1"?-ii X is B . .. .1 - A 2-an I . .4 C A I -5 V3 ' '25 .,, 4- MSW ' -- '- A , . f -. - - .N 4 4,5 .N C L .. .M . 5: l ' X ,, W L.. , S 'H N' "A li ,.1"':-",-iDB.v-. . if-.ii - , .V 5 -3- X .- , 'nt 1611.53 N A In l , 5 K , W 3- - 1 fi -- , r 1 M' .1 ,mfg .,,, ,Q . A , My L Q 1 , 2 V I f -,?,g,..:gi3g, f ' . ' 2 . 4 a .. A , E 9 ' L " , 5, 3' ' " Q , A-I 'Q .,, 1 Y- x h -W ' nL,l -g t F H X it ,. in ., f 5 i -My Y- ',, Q , ,y A , A, 7 Q W, I: l6,v,V , I tx f ' ' 44 1 as-57 M A , .-i' s 155' Ri' C 1 wif. Q ln. ' -s ff A - 13.7, y . L .H Ag'f'1'J ' 1 v .. , H- 1 ...J :., 6 . 0 mx A A , X A . A .gg .Q ' LV X A , QA: ' - - A fr' ' V t . 1, XTX, I .f 1 , rl'-. k it ' K 117' - rg , ,LA ku. ,W ,J 1:61. .4 - . ,E I ,., Y. simlfik l B3 L. Q 'f .fi ki-Kaffe B A Q NX i s ' 3. , , ' ' , 5,f"'gL"g Bos STAFFORD makes a big S 1 splash on campus. H4 3 4 1 ' -s f- "ff . Q -.1 y , - - - . , X ,- 2, . F w 1 f X , r A 5 lj -' , it ,X . W 'yr ' byx 1 va 4--. .x I 1 ,::' X V ' 1 :Wi gf - " is v ,. ., ' I K , ,t, X ', A A J". - . ri, K .y V , X 1 A f.X., 1 i "N'f.f YK, R aj 'Q,f 13- -1 - , 1 ,Ht l ,s 1. ,rv ,Q I- , Q 1 'T gl 9 4, a Q-Ei li iii' A ay 1 1 ,S .--'M 1 0 ' lv ' C i ' H -. 7.3 5 'ruff-N 4 ' Lum 6 silk 'l '- g 'lx 'I I '- tw . , s. wr I: Q .. . V l S- I j ' , ' wx 4 Ax R H 1 x , '? li .Pi il ' . -'Vg 1 n9', X 4 ii-1' ' S. if 5 i if - , . lf 1 GENE WESTERMAN AND DENISE DENNY ileftl lay Mr. and Mrs. P Santa Claus with goodies they raised money to buy. rx l I 9 .4 i x fl , it A 'L I 3 J. lf' ' , r Q Cl XN3.'l.l 4 X is rl X i N ll ff' ,W 1 Q I t' .ir V 1 ' -f ' M , ak . ' 'Q I' K A: ' V xx Yx I s , is 44 l l M ' X X 'ia y , , .1 -. 3 a-.4 , ' 4 i ' 4' V5-f i- it .A fl- X A A ' ' ,. 5 gn ffl, V- .. ,Ex A X . i " ff, ' - . A-xv lil dh K Q g ,lux--3 K ix ,Iris X " K ' f . X -X fa - -7 - X . gl..-3. ,Tv 1 Q A G PN Ci Q 'V li ' J L Xu . ?'ii?f4fi if? , . l - I. t . n kit. ' Q M is ra ll ,bi Julie Fairgrief, Patrick Fairgrief, Rita Fairgrief, Ralph Feerer, Marsha Felt- ner, Steve Fiddler, Terri Fischer, Patricia Fitzwater, Lynnell Fleener. Valerie Floyd, Ann Ford, Jim Ford, Pam Ford, Deb- bie Foster, Pete Fuhr, Ju- lian Gammons, Debbie Geralds, Richard Gibeaut. Starlett Gill, Jerry Gilman, Susan Gioscio. Dissree Goliday, Eric Glenn, Michael Glenn. Kathy Godwin, Cathy Goergen, Alice Goodman. Cosette Goodrum, Debcr rah Gorbett, Richard Gor- bett. Russell Gorbett, Regina Gowdy, Tony Graves. Linda Gray, Rodney Gray- son, Paula Green, Paula Greenwell, Donald Gregor, Cathy Gregory, Debbie Griffin, Darlene Grim, Debbie Guffey. Marc Gunyon, Shelley Hacker, Vicky Haley, Su- san Halstead, Larry Hamil- ton, Mabel Hamilton, Pa- tricia Hamilton, Sherry Hammer, Calvin Ham- mond. Heddy Hampl, Silvia Han- nemann, Nancy Hapner, John Happersberger, Kim Harbin, Marianne Hardes- ter, Grady Hardiman, Car- olyn Harlan, Charlene Har- man. Sherry Harman, Kathy Harmon, Larry Harrell, Betsy Harris, Henrietta Harris, Richard Harris, Dora Harrison, Heathcliff Hart, Tony Hauser. Leisa Hayden, David Haynes, Annette Helms, Cecilia Henderson, Julia Herrera, Diana Herrington, James Herron, Frankie Hestand, Susan Hill. Leah Hillman, Kathy Hit- tle, Patty Holland, David Holman, Linda Holsapple, Kevin Hook, Earl Hop- kins, David Houston, Bon- nie Howard. Ralph Howard, Thomas Howard, Steve Howery, David Hudson, Anita Hu- ber, Joe Huber, Beverly Huebner, Rhonda Hughes, Sandy Hughes. Barbara Hutson, Margie Irons, Sandra Isaacs, Rick lsner, Francis Jackson, Louise Jackson, Denise Ja- cobs, Teresa James, Sharon Jenkins. N 'Q x .A -S xl X X46 .. 'fs ' -is w , in ii fl! 1x ' KA X J- tail? Q ni , it gh X 1 lene Kennedy TECH CHEERLEADERS ham it up for the camera man at one of their fund-raising car Robert K n o r r, Frank LaFara, Michael Lair, Den- ny Lambert, Melvin Lange, Don Lasher, David Law- rence, Joanna Lee, Eddy Lewis. Julie Lewis, Melea Lind- say, Jeff Lingenfelter, Jer- ry Lingenfelter, Sherry Linville, Darlene Litteral, David Logsdon, Mike Long, Frances Love. Emilie Lund, lzera McAfee Carol McAuley, Tom Mc- Colly, Regina McChristian Gus McClendon, Carol Mc- Clure, Karen McCloud, Vanessa McCombs. 1 Paul McCoy, Jessie Lee Mc' Cullough, Rita McCurry, Doug McDaniel, Mark Mc- Elroy, Pat McGuire, Carol Mclntosh, Kristie McKee, Carolyn Marshall. .4 - its 5 Shirley Kiesler, Vincent Killibrew, Cindy Kitchens, Kathy Kitcoff, Hetty Knipe. i i I ,.. i 1' 4' 'N x l V W xii' x 77 l K. ew si ,. 2' E. , F L , ,Q -,,, fa., f v 2' ' .i, . xgv P E. J A X I X ,yi kt N X i 1 rf Dawn Johnson Lionel Johnson, Terri Johnson Anthony Jones Brenda Jones Gail Jones Linda Jones, Luel Jones Patricia Jones Terri Jones Valerie Jones. Carl Jordan James Jordan Theresa Jordan, Cindy Keller Dar C.--1? ,,. XV-5 , N I X skim A x if " 5 'LL I ll I A E- I.. I.. ' S ML ' ' " J"-l t ' ' ' liz ' 7 - I fu ,, i , .. . In if Q x 'x 1 l ' 'J I x? 4 Q l y X t 'QL' -' .N I t'-, n f l it i X-1 .P 1 . l i Q , i Q- --P iii' i qfr' '55 ' ?xX Fx 'Jus 1-it If . -'Y s ' Oil s R' J - ' x it X f l ' I 1 r I ' fuss 7.3 i Q f N" fx N V .. X4 f' " .. i J ' 4 l r' ' 1 ,K 'ty' W 1. All -EL L- Elf 1,5 A 4 Q! 'lib Q. NX' 4- pg. , :L 3 " . . Q ' X i x I l 1 4 X ffl, 1 X v J .. 2 W-Q I sz- I V :Q , .ri Q ' ,fi 1 , X N L A ,' ll i .Z 1 1 ,l BOBBIE BANDY AND FRIEND entertain one A K .rs I 3 C 1 il in "F, v. la. - -1 A x? l' W I X :A ,N.' lx .- .os '1 , nl- 'Y V of Mr. Terrell's biology classes. f 2. ,.j . J Elisa Martin, Karon Massa, Susie Matthews, Vickey Meadows, Cindy Mendez, Karen Mertz, Mary Milam, Doris Miller, Kathy J. Mil- Ier. Jean Miller, William Mil- ler, Randy Millican, James Milliken, Fred Mindach, Rex Mindach, Donna Montgomery, Ann Moore, Evelyn Moore. Jorga Moore, Mark Moore, Dan Moran, Helen Mor- ford, Brenda Morgan, Emi- ly Morris, Kathy Murray, Carol Napier. William Neal, Elizabeth Newell, Daryl Newman, William Newman, Kenny Nichols, Debra Oliver, Cheryl O'Neill, Vickie O'Neill, Kevin Osburn. Samantha Overton, Mi- chael Page, John Parks, Vickie Parks, Mark Par' rish, Suzan Partenheimer Dwight Peavey, Donna Per- kins, Harold Perry. 1 Gwendolyn Petty, Joe Phillips, Linda Phillips, Barbara Platt, Kevin Plum- mer, Linda Pollin, Dawn Price, Debbie Price, Joni Proffitt. Deborah Purcell, Libby Quintana, Maria Quintana, Rolando Quintana, Wanda Quackenbush, Karin Rad- er, Jodi Rady, Bobby Ransdell, Tim Ray. Ruth Reck, Judy Reeder, David Reneau, Deborrah Richardson, Kathy Rich- ardson. Danna Richey, Kevin Ridge, Henry Rigney, Glo- ria Rios, Harold Roach. Doug Roberts, Mike Rob erts, Tina Robertson, Lin- da Robinson, Swansy Rob- inson. John Rush, Paula Rush, Darla Russell, Deborah Sanford, Mike Schwartz. Roberta Seats, Karen Se- nour, Sherrie Sergent, Nan- cy Shackelford, Dianna Shaw. James Sherrill, Doug Sims, Gloria Simpson, Dennis Sipf, Dennis Smalling, Ani- ta Smith, Debra Smith, Donna Smith, Karen Smith. Kevin Smith, Linda Smith, lVlussetta Smith, Patricia Smith, Peggy Smith, Timo- thy Smith, Edward Smoot, Wanda Snow, Te- resa Sparks. Betty Spears, Paul Spears, Angela Stansberry, Byron Stephens, Janet Stephens, Hope Stevenson, Bart Stewart, David Stewart, Lillie Stewart. Denise Stiffler, Lisa Stin- son, Liesel Strohschein, James Stratton, James Stroud, Debbie Stoddard, Cathy Stuck, Robert Stuck, Stephen Summer. Linda Swift, Debbie Swin- ford, Jack Tapp, Patricia Taube, Anna Taylor, Car- Ietta Taylor, Connie Tay- lor, Debbie Taylor, Bar- bara Taube, Hubert Teater, Earl Tedro, Roselyn Tenner, Bonnie Terry, Debbie Thacker, Jane Thacker, Bonnie Thompson, Rose Thomp- son, Judy Tipton. Linda Trimmer, Marjorie Trittipo, Connie Tucker, Debbie Tucker, Tanya Tunstill, Denise Turentine, Priscilla Turner, Diane Tu- IBS. Kelly Underwood, Joseph VanBIaricum, Daniel Vaugh, Carolyn Vaught, Leslie Wages, Helen Wake- man, Bonnie Walker, Paula Wallace, Robin Wallace. Darrel Walton, Donna Waltz, April Warner, lr- ving Washington, Carl Wa- terford, Janet Waterford, Pam Waterman, Dennis Watson, Julie Watts. .T , Q., M i- - I , rl ,B 1 " xx I 4 M ' . . .... J. ,S .1- S3 X , X U in '?i 1: if 1 ta -so qt i,,. J., f 4 .Y 5- , I -L 0- 9 .M , ' "wi - , -,A X' 1 as A Q LA -I I 5:3 i N 9. J 'M . 4, ' C s ' 53 cf ' '- . , . D f-S! .,,. s. Ki .fit , i N 0 '- V if , Q-S.l!,sxx!fv. Y Y Wag? xiii -- ', h :f E KC C . -: -MT 'A ' 1 .- "ii 'i S . T K ,Q ' T A ' W I A NK i ' Ng iff . Q K , 'A .' A LQ, 5 ,fs ' .Q .- 'M , , " " . .. "4 j XL " , 'if-h ' - F' Q i .a , A Y L X tb f 15, A ig, J 'W J v ,ill . L J 4, .- Q 3 ' ' 4, , t. ,, .ff , ,jj l V A ' Q - - x --r . an Q J Q -i ,. 1 , H A " -, fi ff-, ii a' i ' 1 +1 t N ,rf .. x X' R 'VA .. f I f , -:Q '. 4 'J ' " -- , -3 S I . .,. -tj at Lf- Q' .' ' N A Q, ' T LL J ' 1 r - F tx-.Q T . an I, t ' X ' - N -.4f - 5 r ,H Q i 5 XIX Y Q' 'd 5 H f, Z wi C, B k .X A F: ' . 1- ,I . it ' , fbi' 4 I" gif A fy l 1 5 ft- ' h Q ' X '3 t x ' ' i , , 5 i . ' N IVIAJOBETTES step high during Homecoming activities. A .3 i 'I B.. fi X L. T l if N l an A Q xl, t l . A '. - J' '- ., . ,t , 1, A. . i' -' Iv f 'J' ' 1' .. - f , ,X .ll -ix '. Q. ,f CANNON kittie takes a nap. 5 ..- ..- . A L " bxjffi L i 7' . Q. I ' " , ,' - A' ' . ' ' 5 -9 'gl if - 91 XTX if ' i 1 U Y . 5 ' 1 fx ' X - my Q ' , . ft' .-it l L 2' Q -ff A lf' 3 R kfhl. at-A 'KN K - 4 1 jf " 1 Q A . -lnig I o .QQ "1 v Fi L LL f-fa Pam Weaver, Charles Webb, Sherry Weiglein, Janice Welch, Cora West. Jim West, Norma West, Sandra West, Thom West, Sandra Wester. Marion Westerman, Vicky Whitaker, Mary White, Sara White, Katria Whit- field. Teddy Whitmer, Jackie Whitney, James Whitney, David Whobey, Patti Wien- ke. Debbie Wiggington, Donna Wildrick, Julie Wildrick, Beth Wiley, Mark Wilder- son, Darryl Williams, Jim- my Williams, Marianne Wil- liams, Mark Williams. Sharon Williams, Mark Wil- lis, Steve Willis, Richard Wilson, Nancy Winkle, Lisa Wise, Tom Witsman, Deb- bie Wolfe, Luangela Wolfe. Shelia Woods, Tina Woods, Daryl Woodson, Barba Wooten, Conray Wright, Lynn B. Wright, Mary Wright, Vicki Wright, So- phia Wyss. Steven Yarbery, Larry Yates, Bab York, Anna Young, Carl Jones, Darcy Rhoads, Jeffrey Routh, Lagenia Scott, Delores Wis- dom. ,x It - yi xv LEFT: A stagecraft pupil adds the finishing touch to his project. RIGHTI Mafian H8milf0f1'S iewelrv C1355 DYSSSHIS 8 Olav. w E .I pf 4. I 1 . X if' f :Yam SQ ' W Q---fn--QQMQ va T0CtvLU0-8wLl0fM0f0dlPJ2fSCtl00Ltl08ba0JC!2f eber phillip carbin cosette S- 9-.1 o rf FP CD Q. CD x D 3 Q. ID 3 Z' CD S. 5 U' Q Q ar 3 0 GD WE. CD 3 ID Q. Q. o x G D' DI :L 3 2 0 x N 3 Q CD '1 5 3 CD 9 10 Q 3 5 'I 'I -4 -4 N 1 3 2 'E Q 2. N 2. 3 'Q ID Q D 3 D :. N 3 D CD 3' N W Q. KD I0 FP CD 3 Q. CD Q' EI CD 'Q 2. O CD Q W an scott swisher kristi goodm 3 SHCI-3 mark durick cindy kitchens bill lafar an CEU Dam Watefm e dietrick ron sw ed fford ld 5 bob sta 3 P III :- .C O-I CU O L. 3 Q E L. GI .C f: 0 X 2 Q .C .9 C :- C C 0 1 KD W L. Q E E '5 :- -Q C G .Q CU t CD .Q Q I- O O ': Q .2 .Q .Q 0 'Q I- CD P ID CD -Q I- KD .C CD C C N ': KU E C Q 10 Q. E '17, Q ': 2 D1 'ci L L. CU r n L. L. 2 C Q .2 C .9 5 3. 5 T? 3 wabpoofvamzbvwtsa SSIJWU XOPPPLU 9!559U-1 P10011 U!A9Pl JSPUEXSIE 9110!-'WU ! ssgux 1olAe1 Aqleag sumq sapeqa Auep uegAgA uosqgo euel alooesloq epugl sloqo iii! 3 D '4 2. 3 3 O 'I ID co nr cu 3 3 -4 2. o 3' 2 U5 wr 2. lf 3' m i 3 O c 3 5. 3' -4 VI F5 c n Jr U' O U' ID F0 m 'N 'H O '1 Q. Q Q Q. an 9: cn F9 2. n ar W O 3 UI E Q nv 53 1: m 3 E an FO Q 2 3 3 na Q Jr Q. c I. o Jr Q. 3 Q. -4 5 FO O 3' cu 3 U5 uoos uemupoofi angle eJe4e4 Hgq Azns uun.npoo5 auasoa ugqJeo dgngqd .laqam gzsgnq .uaqsgms ue swegllgm p1o4 u gogned Jauml laeqogw Aaueu ueL.us1gM pe.lq aqnel e n!u fl. 'G-ug. xl ' A -an ,y : Q ,, QMS 4 Mfg!! 4 , O lf. . I In . -'. ,A sa. I f ff ' v I 9 I I vt V . . . .. I 1' X " Q , 'K r X .S , . A Q 4' , ,,.. le V V N ' , , s' .' '.-.r ' . ,I , ' 1 j..' Sv! . . . ,. I s.'. , . 1 yrf ,yu 5. X. , -41 ol 15, .'v I . N .. Q . ,J k " . ! I . ,i.,., .4- Ii . , -1.1 I T. 9 Ng .hw . .1 .4,V. 1 rf ,Ji ' . f 1. 1 1" ..,f C N .-W fr ,fv' -02 ,4 C" ' L' fi, ' I .xv t V. .' Q. -0 '4 "n , ' 'L . . 4 if . L' .151 ,v . ' A 'T AJ. . 1

Suggestions in the Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

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