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.nf '1 ai' I ' , rs J A 4 x cm F. ' I I ' A 1 I , 1 ,fb ,si 19" l ,v 5? EE. L ? f F g E '? gl? N A It-7 0 Q2 U? f 1? -'E q c?, k A W f x Q l ,Il xo b 1- : 3 X g l 1 k g 1 - - 1 Xx..Z Qs R., Qc 9' X!! 4 D - 'f f 1 QE. sa, 52, .Nj -S si? ,. . A 1: l 2 S " Yi "lf xi '0 iff SE Q2 '-eye 9 Q 0 Q. Q . - Q Q N? e 1" 1 Q TX.f vi :W ? xx- v, 6 Tb va "ll SEZ V x6?Z, :EE 52 :El-i: si" ,:gL::: -5 -': ef H, 6 Q , a . , Q Ts ? ,f w , e Q 2 NN ff' Y a r f 3 5 . , , .4 - 1 ,W f - if J 2 1 . 71 2 1 1 Q 2 Q ff K' ffl 'N-,H Q X., gy N-f Q P s w S X-,' EH, va 6 1 Faces, smiling faces, sad faces, angry faces, friendly faces, excited, frightened, studious faces. Faces, black, vvhite, yellovv, brovvn, thin, heavy, old, young, plain and beautiful. Faces of people working together, laughing together, learning together, crying together, growing, achieving success and suffering failure together, experi- encing life together. 5 ' N sl' N E V rf A-"" I ,x ,X f? ,'u. I 1 'X if 'XXX- I, . uv K 2 .I . 5 1 T' U" , 'M "' ' Q" .. dv':Fr " ' ' Q 8 - ' V VV I . ' '. ' :I-' -1 .I - . ,I JR- M Hg- we-. I-J., ,H v ' 'cf'V 'v','. 3,7 gwVVI'Iv,'- 7. I . . 4 . V' V v'-1 ft I V 1, "1IuC k. ' 1 I 'Fi ll 'Q It .r,-',1.'.!'-5' ' 'Nw , nbnu ' ' 5' " . ,l . x Vi. V..V .IV.IVVVI .KJ . ,, V I V VV V 'V V 1 I. I .V . V PVC VV! IVVVNJVV .V.Vf:,.VV V 1 I. ox 0 -q D V V ' ,, ' A , . I ,. . I , . I V I I '. . V 'NVE 1 . - . I, 5 h YV AVVVV V ' V . V I 'V V, 'VJ ' ,, V. 'I ' Tyr- ' .V-QV V' - I' I, fn! ' JN ,' Uv, 'Q' 'J Q ' u - V -'VVFI 'IIA' IRI 'p nu VV V V XIII, -. 4, s. .u- V LV VV xI.VJn 4 lf .V In A VXI: ax g V :V . v - , ., 1 11 - .- I r . Q., I I . QI 'VV 1 X . ,ps in ,14 I W -J -M- f ,gn P. -4 " '- - '.'T,I- . f' -' .-- -- ' "' -P 4,4 u -- - ,I fs ,- ' ' - VBN' V.lqfVI'f1Ijj9'! -' vi A' ' JI' f ,I .' +I ' f f'- 'W-' '.'11oa" - .- 4 41. I . '..,,a,If ', ' ,fy ,'h,,'x,I'II.I,' 0' I M - ,N-4 ,.N . ,VV I A V IV. VV I . I.. V :LI I nhfxdf , v 1 a lv . . - - v- ' W- I' 1 a '.' 4 - ' ' x In xg g, by 1 . , 'Il h stu by 13 v' I X Yi-, I F -1 'nl ' -' l'1, A ' ' I ' 5' I : 5'-"fa-' ' ' v, "' " SV' 4 3' L 1 0 90 'A K' 'X .5 ' 3 E ' v' ' ,' 'c V S, , I va' E Qxnil swf 15 ' V' '.f,, ' , . I 4,I""' " 'V .1 X , I. E ' 4-IX ' I, Is . IV' .-.- Mil, A a '- - " ..-- .r , . I ,, v 4 B' . Q V 2 VLV .. . I' Q .l I 'fl' ,Hx ' "Q '3' E q so 5 Q ll' ' -Y1.V'lVI 'III Vu' I-' x 8 . 5 V II' V '..V '. .5 Jfbfsol ut, . ' ' I It I ' J QQ., -1 ,.V,lVuk V stu, I Il' 'V.l .SV '1I."is. ., .--l x VVQI ., , V . , VV. V -V I . , 1 V ,'N fx' V 5.-at V .J 'V.V5V,qV'. ,I .'v..V:a'-MII' '- N- . s 7 V IVV I 'Q A. I.QVv,.V1, II V s .1 V VV., s I-' 04" 4 I , ' . ff' L.. , 4' -, ' . K ' Q.: V 'V Y n-0 'S N V Q 1 ' V, 'V V, , . H ' V. 94 4 1 ' x . b qx lg' 4 U ,fx 71 1 . V ' - X A ' . :gf -' ' . . Y x Q ? ' 2 - f'L54i9"'If. ' " -5 - V11 " I- ' I Iww HI I E I QQ, V31 V . 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N:.OlT18.'ECOI'14 i si , - v f ,,,,.5 , . . -, '-a .A A it 'fa is it Yr - ' 4-1 A-if ' ,F ' -N' Mb it 'M i A sw A. . .iv saw o1'g.',Q- .Ja if i i , N ' 'I S0 Ak .w'q ' ' xy .ik f ' , fy a,'l"!q I ,' . q' lf. . ' kr qs A A xi '- . ' i "DraFn'a' JJ: -gs 'k'l'7l'.'ig, Q ' fda ' 1'-"inf - . 1 . Y -, ,QQV f',' 1'A.4o,' -0-- 'ix , U ' ' DJ .W H -i i ali f-4 i 'mi' 'ty' o 'tg' wil? Q I . X , .is V5 - '. 4 I ai' 5'1" ' 1,4 1 2 . ,A .l v ,A 5. V Art fx ,ht ,A ' A H K mf ii ,I MUSIC h , df M .,, .'Nwv,.-Q ' V ,i Cheerleading '4 1' ' is il- -,Q 4 1" iii'-4fg..fii.i es V 2 k if -M , -- '-fnvol0" 4Lh'EI ' - 1 4: .4 'A ' Healt 1" 'W' ' haf' 9 if ' 'O,,,, " 'LF'-"9 'Q1Wif':"9 ciubf' ' H ,,. , , , ' 5 ' Cross eens, Library Assistants. 9 'Health Assistants!! Engiish Assistants i A it Service Club Q , ' A Fl O T C :M-."-75321-Qeflff -1 U 'ws .3-wS.f""?"" . W, 5 1 I-'L E --. 1 . . in nz' 1 ' in V I ' 'n"" ,ago ul Y . I , . Seniors ' . ' L .A ' V ' ,s F' r A ' .. i 19701 -.Ki 1 .'-9" . Administration and staff ' - In Q Uasasisaatf is ?,S'i?,F,b'f?.g'f'f rf- 1'-in Er in 1' 21, ,N A Ads . i ' ' 1"'5i-'t"Yl"f3'Jcai'.6Q' y' -FMS. A -Iva, if 1 i 4:f1is9'r'-rf L 'I '1 L i s ' i 3 .1 I, 3 F f E ? 3 X' '11 Q 'ff Q -, ,. W Q ff, Q q, LD 'SP 28? -143 my ? 5 F- ? '13 - l six ' f X- .,, Qfw 1, 1 13 f 44 O58 . g : : : 1 - 2' 1 V -1 ' J L, s 71 V yt JL, X If s V W Q ss N , s ss to 52 52 E 2 1 ,E H 12 5 it - is 2 S ' :P -g , E' 4 F-1 X--E . S201 S: rf xv! Techites greeted the 1971-1972 school year with a surge of confidence. Old grievances had been smoothed over, and new ones were slow to arise. The months ahead were like a clean board on which we could write anything we wished. As always, student personalities and emotions were mirrored in our fashions. Patriotic toes wriggled in red, white, and blue footgear, some Techites strolled in original sandals, and good ole suede. Weathered jeans and patches reflected carefree attitudes. A new face in the crowd suddenly appeared on jewelry, notebooks, sweatshirts and any other possible place, he was the happy-day face-flashing a grin at us all. 'iT"W?:f?'2l'f'EE?1,',iwg.mi lf .- as 1 . A , rf'-,I -1' ' If ' i ' A 5 - - - , .."5 - .1 UR P 9 .fb I f QQ:,l1x-'QQ K F. 53- x ,xx xx s ! ff "X f f....2-..L.. L 1 l N V Q i -? E -: H? -5 'E' 5' 3 :- E ET , O Q . 9 fa V1 9 9.03 0 f K QE 'o "F '51 Nj Sl fb xc' gg 'Q + - IQVX.-4 Hi A-. fa. e e 6 o sv .9 Q2 2 T : ff f: , - ' ., 5 Q v"1 v Aw 'T S-x., 5 X-f xii Contrary to popular belief of parents and teachers, youth is not always a time of laughter and levity. Tech pupils are involved in important current issues. Young people showed their concern for children with birth defects when some Techites braved blisters and sore muscles in the 25 mile Walk-a-Thon to raise money for the lVlarch of Dimes. The work of art students mirrored their protest of the Viet Nam War. Service Club members gathered articles for Thanksgiving baskets for poor families. Techites participating in the world premier of A SONG OF IVIANKIND expressed their concern for the state of humanity and their faith in man's best dreams. But dreams do not always become reality. We talk of brotherhood, but we don't always practice it. For brotherhood is a big word and a big goal for Tech. lt means caring for everyone-black and white, freshie and senior. It means walking in the other person's shoes. When we experience a relationship that is based on true understanding and friendship, we've climbed one more step towards brotherhood. For young people that day will be a happy one when some of today's dreams of a better world become the reality of tomorrow. THOMAS BRICCETTI directs the SONG OF MANKINO. Techoir members participated in the fest. Y "" 'K,,p.-f ff! is , CARL LOWERY, Flick Reneau and Beverly Reed have just completed the 25-mile walk for the lVlarch of Dimes. Numerous Techites pound' ed out miles in the foot-warming event. 1 . 1 Q4 . 'fglfh-Cv' , 'I 43 ' E gf. VC: L- T T 5 25 T E Ef T5 ED? 5? 222 at-7,5 67-,, tg- E ? X E: Q? PE. Q I ,l f , l, i Er A-1' V s sf s .W , , M C The House Plan, located on the third floor of the Main, expanded to about 650 students and 17 teachers this year. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors involved spent from 1 to 5 periods a day in the House taking English, social studies, science, math, or business classes. The majority of students felt being in the House Plan did not limit their campus freedom or interfere with the rest of their schedules. Loss cards, schedule changes and other problems or conflicts were taken care of by simpler and quicker methods than those in the office. Some students spending several periods in the House developed closer ties with the administration. However, students spending only one or two periods a day there didn't really have the chance to find out if it would benefit them. Some felt that the program should be expanded to include more classes and activities. Un- fortunately, lack of funds prevented the provision of a media center for students, and methods such as team teaching. 'i 2 E f. s f 0 :eg T5- ? 'i 1 fl MDE 2 Q T -' ', To S x r: ::-. X1 v 7 HOUSE PLAN FACULTY-FRONT ROW: Deborah Barnett, lVlrs. Cheryl lVlcVey, Patricia Commons, lVlrs. Sandra Lauderdale, secretary, Nlrs, Susan Lockwood. SECOND ROW: Robert Ford, Dean Carbone, Craig Roberts, Ebert Smith, Robert Orth. THIRD ROW: John Nliner, head, Louis Hill, Robert Collins, Alice Purvis, Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman, Charles Harry. -.1 f CRAIG ROBERTS conducts a test in his English I class. awww- , , Q N-1 ,-. - X . 9 G C9 Q Q o QD o G5 GB fa. X f E ? ? t ? ve 71 N"' Q X., Q' x., S19 6' x.,- 91 UCF Q-L3 5 IT' O vi f L, b X., ROBERT ORTH emphasizes a point in his Applied Life Science class. L- 'AU Q l 'Q 7-5-' 9 L i rm A" -- v 'Q I E' s,rX 1 it lv l 1 -+: 1 - f '1.. Q! -g-,.L41 .-. NILES FOREIVIAN must have found what he was looking for in the microscope in Mr. Collins' Biology I class. 'A ai! ' xxvfk If". ., . f. 'stun-v -vw-.-, "C H- " " ,W-4 Y' I W , - a-,.-.myvgl -N42-3 . " H r- 9'-1 - .:v""i'.u" ' -Jn-f-2--'sry-xem.. ' W --'H ws .f-Lf'L' 94. eff' ., Q H' .gf ,pf 4 43" ,- f N'x, -1.1 f 1 X -, 'N S X 5 , ,uv 'o. ..' 'ui af 1 '1 .- r'- "' 'sn ul! X N I , 3,1 - ' .3 R75-lQN"f' S Yu 4" ' NL .,!g,.-'9", An 'W' -' , , Eu .,.1'- .X 6,5 ,1 ' 11- ' A ,N . -- W - 22577. 1' , 1 v ,QL wk 0' v-nl .14 I 334-- up -an -0 an-.fn 54- ff-Q L f L 'G , " cz: 5:7 ? iv? ? Ja SXJ 1' V Q V: -rams EWS' E ZS, 2 - I 2 -: ' Q .. M - 5 2 5 ?s 7 ?D C5 , 9 .Q 9 E if ' I E: Sy, 57' ? NI gl 5 ex 'X-fl X pi 14 5 E QE eg 5 F 3 Q L. w o' A fx? 9 C2 9 , u QQ 1-111-1- :rf EL? E E G 3 -S - 9 1 1 E' ? 3 -s X, xc ff Q .,, Q ' X-. ' 5 A S 'fl 3 6 'a ,-r' , - - -: - -. - 'Z - 9 3 113 5 '9 6512 S ? 'vf S E 'fa Q 1, vi W S: 6, xv X' Xdy 5 E E f ' If 2 5 2 QUE 9 Q Q G9 9 C9 C9 O 0 7. : ? i ? 'm J 7 4' H SZ, 5 . si Q 1, ' J' E' N14 wi sf , . 'F W V, , ' 9 -1 5 lf ig? ,C-if gina' b f' iiwfzf' . . 12? 1113 ig "fx" ' :ff ,wf,.:5 F12 ,f , ,Q-1, .wi w,,L1, H ,Y , K5 f -. .. A ,w,'qy,gQ3f, 'A 'Aw f -,,,,fi ,mn ,, "' ' 4. I 0 af, A . ,. , , lf, 5 gf 1 I ,4 9 , S 9 I f 54 Q 7 V ,, 4 'V ,ar USF- . 'z '- .-neg, ,Q M41 - '-, 5 u p - G:?L1g?Q' 5 - Z Z :.' -: f -9 Q - : - F - J fr ? : Q A ll A 'El ' -' f 2 I- ': L- Q Y' flv ' " : VJ x : - A 2 X" "ll 6 "ff Q c ' - Xi' ? E e v S 70 5.9 'Q if A I. n," , 3 Q, 1 C9 x P Q0 rY,S sr , JVVO' . K NWuuammClll,l'!9 V-'hbzfl AQ ' Aiel? Q. 'S 1 . f 5 X ll ll lil V H 1 fxrj 4 C, P . 'XZ f If' v " g J ' Luv lk' ,my '. 1 J air , r ' 'xx LI X,4.i1'.'-x7'1Lb.f::U-5 -f' .?2"1'ofw C' .- " ' .VV " 'V L' y . Vaio Vw nj ,JU "' 1' 'J AAIA A o ' , ,M "-boo' 'vi . ' ,N C Q fo I 12,5-3 31 nlglzjd x 2, x x 4-' 4. I Y' , f, 't ll Lt' 9 ,I X . fl . -1 n ' 1 f ? 2 's u E ' - - 2 v X: cw, .- -, 0, N-I X K-564' E1 fd- READING LABORATORY is an excellent place to improve technique and increase comprehension, according to English pupils being assisted by a substitute teacher for Mary Kohut. X . get M L-..........,. . ffr .M :fi , V , , 154.5 0' l fu. if , , ENGLISH Vlll class of lVlr. Danheiser, directs itself to the business at hand. ROW1 Lilly Skudrovskis,vEIvvood lVlcReynolds, Joyce Hise. BACK ROW: SEATED ACROSS FRONT: Laurel Burns, Jan Hittle, Randy Loux. NIBYUU Laubach, TONY 'Vl3l0fS, IVIBYQHVST Maflfllflg- SECOND ROVV: Sandra Clyburn, Elizabeth Trittipo, Milt Pappas. THIRD tl T7 14 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Bernice Jones, Gertrude lnsley, Robert Maloy, Mrs. Cheryl Clark, Judith McBride. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Margaret Hahn, Ann McMillan, Mrs. Susan Lockwood, Mrs. Jatinder Rai, Mrs. Marjorie Garrett, Hester Hale. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Alice Goodrum, Robert Ford, Mrs. Jean Brown, Fred McNanny, Mrs. Florence C7 1-p v' X Schnakenberg, Mrs. Virginia Cassell. FOURTH ROW: M. Eileen Kohut, Mrs. Diane Comstock, Kirby Lehman, Judy Kothe, Karen Hansen, Tom Danheiser, Irene Rhodes, department head. FIFTH ROW: Ellen Eads, Stan Minks, John Lewis, C. T. Tresslar, E. F. Hardiman, John Takacs, Craig Roberts. owing ' ins' Qislv Mrs. Irene Rhodes, head of the English Department, works with a staff of thirty- one teachers and twenty assistants. This is something new for the English Depart- ment. Combining the talents of the teachers and their assistants constitutes a new and different innovation for Tech students. The assistants do in fact earn M credit for assistance. Beginning last September, the teachers began a more concentrated effort in teaching composition, creative writing, and literature. Another addition is a more effective visualaaids department. Technically speaking, the assistants do help teach, but not in the same sense as a regular teacher. The teacher must direct themselves to the group whereas the assistant can work individually with the students having difficulty. As a whole the English Department is upholding a tradition, not necessarily changing drastically, but gradually to meet the needs of the Tech Students. iff? in Li . V ' 1 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Regena Rowland, Karen Wright, Cathy Whitfield, Susan Evans, Sharon Howard, Wanda Jones. SECOND ROW: Joyce Neal, Jill Jessup, Darlene Lewelling, Roger Laughlin, Robin Kares, Janice P. Wagner, Lou Ann Black. .1 I ' PART OF THE FUN of studying Spanish happens when class members put audience includes Janell Price, Steve Price, Jacqueline Carson and Genny on a play. Actors are: Cathy Stuck, Patrick Gaines, Juanita Froshaeur, Browning. Debbie Rosebrock, Ralph Howard, and John Cruz. The appreciative 41 ' MRS. FINES' Latin pupil gets his drill in green and white. L WY 'N- IN GERMAN lll class students really dig in to learn the German Marcia McDaniel lhiddenl, Linda Miller. THIRD ROW: Cornelius Martin, language. Students are: FIRST ROW: Cynthia Cox, Mae Ford, Henrietta Rhonda Hughes lhiddenl, Paula Green. NOT PICTURED Debra Stutzman. Banta, Sherry Chapman. SECOND ROW: Tyla Jordan, Juanita Wagner, Teaclwfw, Pupils 'Live It Up' tw Fowu Languages FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT: Mrs. Maria B. Lagadon, Mrs. Serine Fine, Mrs. Mary B. Bedell, department head: David Clapp, Mrs. Sheila Young, Mrs. Susanna Underwood. :gl Q' I I Top activities in the Foreign Language department this year involved teachers as well as pupils. Now, who would think a teacher does anything in his spare time but grade papers and send out smoke-ups? Yet teachers staged an international dinner. Each brought a dish representing the oountry whose language he teaches. Hus- bands and wives were invited. ln May the teachers attended a tea at which over a hundred language teachers from all over the city took part. Last summer three Tech pupils spent the summer in France, studying the language and living with the people. The students were Jan Hittle, Richard Decker and Elizabeth Trittipo. DEBBIE RHOADS and Miriam Smith prepare to dine at a French Cafe as the garcon, Joe Van Blaricium takes their order in Frencn. 1 an--"" 1 SPANISH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Wanda Dodd, Linda Farley, Teresa Abernathy, Janell Price, Dorothea Lancaster, Jan Berry, Cubith Neely, David Clapp, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Christi Warner, Brenda Morgan, Debbi' Burger, Rolando Ouintana, Ricky Cosby, Debbie Deatrick, Patt V A Wilson, Julia Johnson. THIRD ROW: Everett Stockton, Lon Edison John Drake, Kevin Hook, Greg Miller, David Bullington, Mike Wilber: Debbie Celardy, Tom Norman. 'I -L--3,3 FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Hope Stevenson, Sandy Wester, Venus Buses, secretary, Theresa Amato, Patty Holland, Patricia White, Cindi Smock, Linda Calvert, Mrs. Maria Lagadon, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Jackie Whitney, Anna Young, treasurer, Marie Pursley, Sharon Bottoms, 5 33141311 1 - Pamela Thomas, Carolyn Walker, Donna Berry, vice president, Sherry Green. THIRD ROW: Doreen Martin, Karen Hood, Nancy Eaton, Eliza- beth Trittipo, president: Thomas Clayton, Maggie Lee Maddox, Jan Hittle, Robin Kares, Roland Wiley. ABOVE: MRS. MARIA B. Lagadon enjoys the French Club dinner as she takes a break for the camera. RIGHT: Deep discussion is the name of the game as French Club members enjoy the weather at Turkey Run. i MR. CLAPP supervises as a Spanish Club mem- ber readies a sign for Mardi Gras. GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Carol Randolph, Debbie Stutzman, Mae Ford, Cynthia Cox, Linda Miller, Mrs. Susanna Underwood, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Henrietta Banta, Bruce Petree, Robert Blalock, Irving W. Washington Jr., Shiela Randle, Danna Richey. mme aiu, Sa may The foreign language clubs provided extra activities for language students. Starting the year was the Mardi Gras, with the clubs sponsoring booths. Christmas brought several activities. The Spanish Club went caroling, and French Club had a Christmas party, complete with French cuisine. German students decorated a tree in one of the corridors in Stuart Hall. French Club enjoyed fall weather when they took a Saturday picnic trip to Turkey Run State Park. A trip to Indiana University kept the Spanish Club busy. Some members sponsored a taco sale at a Tech home football game. MARCIA MCDANIEL, Bernice Wagner, and Cornelius Martin make a corner of Stuart Hall decorative by putting up a Christmas tree. ociolf ' gaiw A new addition to the Social Studies Department is a course in black history and cullture, termed Social Problems. Mr. Siedlecki, who teaches the class, has made remarkable progress in teaching blacks as well as whites the importance ofthe black man in American history. Students cover black leaders from Toussaint L'ouverture, liberator of Haiti, to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the Negro's part in U.S. history such as the founding of the country and the industrial revolution, up until our present involvement in Vietnam. Also discussed is the civil rights move- ment from its beginnings to the full blown struggle for rights which developed in the sixties. During the past year the course has steadily gained popularity. lt is offered as an elective to seniors who are inter- ested in learning about black history on an in depth, personal level. M 1 aa. i I s . W i -'gym' V , -,Muir . , ik , ' A , , t I . . haf V fd r M3 5, K s. f P 'tl' f .L-A . fi ' - . . ,. lr fr r -YF? . .L 2 , in - Y-4,12 .1 .-'ata' f "AW, ,N ef- ff sf 'j i l LOCATING AUSTRALIA for their class are John Feigen, Gertrude Powell, Darlene Kennedy and Carl Jones. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Betsy Sweet, Mary Harvey Hallagan, Robert E. Meyer, William D.Siedlecki, department head. Marthin, Bruce McGeath, Patricia Commons, Mrs. Barbara Lee. SECOND FOURTH ROW1 William J- Farrell. William A- Kimbeflifl. l-l0YCl VV39f19f. ROW. Ebert W. Smith, Mrs. Martha June Bradshaw, James E. Taflinger, Clyde Smith, JI'-, Walfef Davis. John Kanouse. THIRD ROW: Wes Murphy, Dean Carbone, Mike Perry, it " 'M' Y ' " " - ujsff' MR. TAFLINGER emphasizes a point to his class. 4 - CHARLES KIEFER, Reginald Moody and Marsha Hurt get together on a U.S. History assignment. 414. V' I i i Q ,yig . 2,7 -P I' 3 , ' I 1 5 3 il 'X if-ff, ' ff' ,fir MR. MURPHY leads his government class in one of their many stimulating group discussions. temp keguotesl-l The Human Relations Council was originally organized to promote better relations between blacks and whites. With few inter-racial incidents at Tech these days, the committee has had time to branch out into other interests. One project was sponsoring Black History Week, a salute to outstanding Black Americans and their works. Another was recognition of Jewish holidays in the fall. The group also set up a Human Relations Shelf in the Library to display and offer books, periodicals and pamphlets. The usual trip to Tech feeder School 101 was a big job, trying to explain the Tech Way to someone who has never seen it in action. 4 I 'S 1 ' XXJ " I XX- - 'N'-X if I 0 l xy as-Xe C K l y Nun xx Q O ' iopgf.-ff' f' f qflxr KJ O-if if 'Q DOUG McDANlEL, Carol Randolph, Wanda Snow, and Debbie Shaw, members of the Human Rela- tions Committee, discuss activities at an early morning meeting. l C.. 1 l HUMAN RELATIONS-FRONT ROW: Wanda L. Snow, Niki Brummett, Douglas Dickson, Michael A. Pierce, Claude E. Lowery, vice-president, Carlos Kirk, Jim Branham, Debbie Kay Shaw, secretary, Carol Randolph. William E. Johnson, David C. Armes, Victor Evans, Jr., NOT PICTU RED: SECOND ROW: Millie Moore, president, Kathy A. Taylor, Debbie Janice Wagner,assistant secretary. Rhoads, Joyce Hise, Mark A. McKinney, Toni Nix. THIRD ROW: -Lf -., , .. .E , - -: ..--.-,- .f- -f-v-'-- - -' -L L ANTHROPOLOGY CLUB- FRONT ROW: Bruce Turner, student: Mrs. Susan Kern, Mrs. Jean Hesselgrave, Mrs. Barbara Mikesell, Connie Begley, student: David C. Armes, student. SECOND ROW: Koby Kern, Paul Oscarson, William E. Sharp, Jack King, John Tincher. Awdvmopologg debut, 5 . K s .4 LON EDISON greets guests at the History Club reception on audio-visual aids. fv' Tb 77 Y? f.!,., HISTORY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Bruce Turner, Lon Edison, Michael Dove, Darlene Llewelling. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Alexander, president: Kevin Hook, vice-president: Charles Alexander, secretary-treasurer: Mrs. Barbara Lee, sponsor. hosts VOTE! VOTE! All you could see. . . The History Club's year began with a campaign for the eighteen-year-old vote. Every where you looked "vote" posters told the story. Tech's History Club this year has set out to improve its' image with a more active program. ln November came a Pilgrim Day with everyone dressed in colonial costume. The Club also helped in the planning of a school wide trip to Washington D.C. in March. D The Mathematics Department, with its accent on youth, is one of the best in the city. The teachers, vvho are ever- conscious of the pupils, are constantly looking for better vvays of teaching mathematics. -There are tvvo innovative programs being tried in the Mathematics Depart- ment. One of these, team teaching, com- bines the talents of tvvo young teachers. The other program uses expendable materials in all ofthe freshman classes. RITA MCCURRY ponders a knotty problem in Mrs. Strickland's General Math l class. ll. ,li J Q' fi i," f' ,ful ,v - in ARNOLD LEHMAN barricades himself to grade a set of math papers. MR. WALTER presides over a basic math class with pupils hard at work. MISS WIDOLFF'S ALGEBRA I CLASS does its board work. Apparently there are no bored pupils. fx L, my MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Louise Ridley, Jane Widolff, Mrs. Elizabeth Chohany, S. Hafize Shah. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marion Strickland, Judy Feigert, Richard Glover, Jim E. Brown, department head, William Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Alice Purvis, Leon I .X , ,I Elder, Mrs. Madora Walker, Don Robinson, Rowland Leverenz. FOURTH ROW: Sonja Hancock, Charles Walter, Ron Ireland, Arnold Lehman, Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman. XA fwfb IJ, 1. . I -417 f t , :Auf "P ai J,-N...-f fx . .Y xfg " .uf I. I "TA 8 lr PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTIVIENT-FRONT ROW: Louis Allen, SECOND ROW: Nlrs. Pauline Caldwell, Bruce Turney, James IVlay, Allen department head: John Wythe, John Kern, Steven Smith, IVIrs. Erma Evans. Smith, Richard Dykeman. Plujsicala ' '-flu' Olrflw Classes offered in the Physical Science Department give meaningful explanation to every day occurrences. Students dis- cover why things happen. Why does plastic make a better pot handle than metal? For what reason does your tran- sistor radio make music? Why does your car rust? How does your car derive power from gasoline? How does a rocket thrust men to the moon? How can man destroy his whole world in a matter of seconds? These are a few of the practical questions which are answered in the Physical Science Department. So next time someone asks, "Why take science?" say "To understand the worId." KEVIN BREWER does work on the board as physics students study speed, velocity, their difference, and the effects of gravity upon them while IVIrs. Pauline Caldwell looks on. 5 I 'i - -pigment S- Q . 17 CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Kathy Vaughn, secretaryg' Steven Leavell, Beth Trittipo, vice-presidentg Carol Rosebrock, Anna Young. SECOND ROW: Victor Marshall, Hoy M. Long, James May, sponsor, Daniel Morford, presidentg Kevin Jay Brewer, sergeant-at-arms. Each Tuesday the tenth hour the Chemistry-Physics Club takes adventures in the realm of science. This year the major project of the club has been the building of a digital computer. Another project has been the building of various kinds of lasers, simple single wavelength light amplifiers. There followed the mak- ing of holograms, three dimensional photographs using laser light. Then came the construction of a photoplethysmograph, which measures arterial blood pressure. In conjunction with the project, the club studied Boolean Algebra, a mathe- matics for logic systems. They also studied electrical and electronic binary logic, the basic components of the computer. DANIEL MORFORD, James May, Victor Marshall, and Kevin Brewer discuss Boolean Algebra and binary logic at a recent meeting. REMEMBER SEEING this wavy line at Mardi Gras? lt is the tracing of the photoplethysmograph, which measures arterial blood pressure. .1 .11 MR. HON explains the body structure of a tapeworm to a seemingly interested Biology class. I O O U50 QPP Do you want to learn about the metric system? Instead of reading about it in a book, use it in class to measure things. This is the approach used by Applied Life Science I and Il classes. Conforming to prescribed curriculum in the Indiana state course of study, the revamped program offers a practical as contrasted with a pure science approach. For more academically inclined pupils, Biology I and Il are offered. . ABOVE: JEFFERY HARLOW and Margaret Williams compare their work on an experiment. BE LOW: CLARENCE MCCAULEY takes ad- vantage of his class period to prepare a write-up. Af' 677 BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT-FRONT BOW: Mrs. Judy M. Hunt, Mrs. Mercedes Guess, Roy Terrell, Mrs. Ruth D. Shannon. SECOND FIOW: Garlan W. Howard, Robert F. Collins, Jay Kleine, William M. Johnson. l-lolwflls gwups Iglflnmhni-n-i '1ff"T' 'j f til "' I " faiai'f!s'2"""-4'?.e1"".. az:-. i , , -- sf . I-"f'S'i:'E-.Q-is Q51 'fx -:, I f . PN -QIH1 S "f"'?"! .l , JY ,. , g . ,, Q0 hype! 1.1.1,-.ina-' "" " ' - ' ' 41 IZLQQS? Q A ' .- 15531 2l'9.t:, .Q Q 0 ', , .. j' X neun : - -' A - , 4 i . E is . Q . U V 1 .. gd gin, qr 6 - Q S .- ,. xo o 1 be , U9 W nl: C9 ' , P ' 1, 0 n Qc. ' , A A 0' l -, ,' 'I , A ' N ' " Y 1,1 ' Q ea, ,I Y l ' f , 1 . l -- Q. fu rl 1 ' f-I l --gf --w Hi - l - 1 -7' W' ' , .A ' I I igH'B':lL I V 1 -l . IR . l SENIOR HONOR SWEATER RECIPIENTS-FRONT ROW: Becky James, Grace Hedderich, Cheryl Hammond, Vicki Baxter, Brenda Mathis, Frankye Johnson, Becky Buckley, James Branham. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Trittipo, Janet Soltau, Gay Lawson, Karen Lemmons, Milt JUNIOR HONORS GROUP-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Kathy Brinkley, Teresa Grant, Marsha Brown, Wanda Snow. SECOND ROW: John Hawn, Carol Rosebrock, Patricia Taube, Silvia Hanneman. THIRD ROW: Stevan Hamilton, Gregory Boid, Carol Hammer. NOT PICTURED Doug McDaniel, Michael West, Mildred Bland. l sl I in .. Pappas, Vicki Hutton, Kathy Vaughn, Sandra Clyburn. Laurel Burns. THIRD ROW: Martin Laubach, James Scahill, Michael Wood, Janice Hittle, Connie Miracle, Denver Jordan, Debbie Minton, Steve Ross, Deanna Minton, Rose Mary Folson, Kevin Brewer, David Armes. A EXERCISE IN KNOWLEDGE TEAM-FRONT ROW: Sandra Clvburn, John Hawn, Daniel Morford, alternate, Jim Branham, alternate, Marguerite Goergen, alternate. SECOND ROW: Wesley Murphy, sponsor, Charles H. Alexander, Kevin Hook, alternate: Charlotte Alexander. 'Y' f":'f '., , soPHolvioRE HONORS GROUP-FRONT now: Delois Phillips, Lisa wise, Rhonda Hughes, Vickie Wright. SECOND ROW: Weyant Clouse, Ruth Mitchell, Janice Welch, Margie Turner, Gladys M. SCIENCE SENHNAR. J h H D M , Pierce, Ann Bailey, slielia Gully, Charles Alexander. Tl-llirlo ROW: Larry Fineli, Roland Wiley, f d K . B U ' 0 n Mn' an O' Larry Buttery, Charlotte Alexander, Joy Tuttle, Levlnla Wright, Celestine Wolf, Sharon Jenkins, Carl or ' evm fewer Cooper. NOT PICTURED Deborah Rhoads. 1 w jf' 22 x fab Mgfafi wif Ko 1 55 EE 'I-E 17 1' : '-F L E 2 : is EE. 5 Q 3 3 542 wb, 6 if Q V . AQ j r 2 5 2 S-YN? E J L, S f V - Q' , f YL 0 xw 91 Q P1 V ,,, X X-Q X a Q x., 9 'ff Q 01 9 4 , K Gina- sl 1 'I' 59 Q 99" o 60 fo loo 5 O 10 O o oo 1 6 O W U' -.l 1. RED CROSS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Paula Greenwell, secretary, Susie Morris, historian, Carol Rosebrock, Dina Eads, vice-president, Beth Overbey, Rhonda Crockett, historian, Debbie Thorman, corresponding secretary: Gloria Humphrey. SECOND ROW: Jean Mil- ler, Rose Bond, Joyce Hise, Ellen Eads, sponsor, Mary Beaty, Mildred Moore, Lynda Brady, treasurer, Janice P. Wagner. NOT PICTURED Elmarmae Brown, president: Betty Humphrey. Real , F-'IZA cof-spomsofu , Have you ever wondered what happens ' to the money that Techites contribute to .g the Red Cross Club each year? lt is used I to finance various community oriented if , projects throughout the year. Most of the 5 1 A i - ' f ' 250 dollars collected this year was used R to purchase items for gift boxes which 'A "', ' , ' gifs' ,. ,,-+1560 the group sent to servicemen who had V .wg I :Q J' R. 1 f graduated from Tech. Other projects in- A f- 1' 'T ' 1 . if 1 ., jk , A cluded a visit to a local nursing home H A ' I. vga where the group had a party, complete 1 M I X if -"' 5 ,I in with singing and snacks for the residents. ' ' 1 ' . , ' 2' c ' 'i The group participated in the annual Val- l A Q f entine tea given for Tech teachers, and ' , , J M -5 Q also assisted the school nurses by prepar- 1 I ing bandages and peffofming Owe' liE..T,U.'?.'E..IF.'??E'i'i'.i'.O.5.f.EZf'3!2.'?,5E.'iL2.'1T 5'.2Yi.XlZ23Z.f0SE25i.c5e'SEZwY'?.f.i?3??Vi?.?.TE.T ChOl'GS- Sglletrgnl.. McPherson, Jr, Peter K. Brooks, David C. Armes, president, Edward J. Gannon, Rolando The FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA, an organization open to stu- dents interested in teaching, gives infor- mation on current trends in education. The most important activity of the year was the Area Convention on Decem- ber 4. The Tech chapter was the host in charge. Sixteen schools and approximate- ly 100 persons attended. David Armes, Tech chapter president, presided over the six-hour session. A luncheon in the cafe- teria was included. Techites Wanda Jones, Aletha Willner, and Rolando Quintana were nominated for different political positions. Another State Area Convention was on March 25 at North Central. Tech as- . t 4 I b FTA 'gted ' ' th ' I PATRICIA WHITE and Paula Greenwell serve guests at the Valentine Tea sponsored ioint y y SI In preparmg e Convemmn Red Cross, SAO Board, Key Club and Service Club. 1 . l... fmt. l fP.19,.1r'aTfQ4 1 Qtuftfncl e:.'l:. ' f','3QJg'-C5-::.- 'l'n Q' qi 34:3 .u?.'.vJ .mu ,T .Ks ,. .-.f,c3,, cm ,-'ir rx' '- . -r,-5.1 -ALL' .,, .- ,- ? WI. .:ic,fjgj,. EXPLORATORY TEACHERS FRONT ROW Robin Grant Sandy Bradshaw Rose Mindach, Toni Nix Alicia Marshall Vickie Baxter SECOND ROW Clyde Smith sponsor David Armes, Steve Exploratory teaching is a program designed to allow students who have an interest in becoming teachers to gain a first hand classroom experience on the other side of the desk. The only require- ments students must meet to take the two period, one credit course are that he is a senior, have at least a 5.0 point grade average, have a sincere interest in the teaching profession, and be interviewed by the sponsor, Clyde Smith Jr., for placement. Providing the factors can be co-ordinated, the student may choose any grade level from kindergarten to ninth grade, the subject he would prefer to teach, and the school where he would like to be placed. Exploratory teacher's grades are based on the co-operating teacher's recommendation, providing the student attends a monthly meeting with the group's sponsor. -I LEARNING is an adventure Mindach as their teacher. for kindergarten tots at School 3 with Rose ALICIA MARSHALL exploratory teacher at James E. Roberts School helps a young man take his coat off. 37 ow 6. Imam We now have an Office Education Association at Tech! Club membership consists of students who have declared business as their vocational career, busi- ness teachers and businessmen of the community who have sought professional membership. The O.E.A. club benefits U8 The club met once every month to hear the talks of prominent business men. Club plans and projects were also discussed at such meetings. A climax of the year was the club's first banquet, which was held this spring. Special awards were given to outstanding business indi- members in many areas. Leadership, un- recognition, competition, competence, confidence, and the spirit of belonging are just a few of the rewards derstanding, viduals. The unique thing about the for- mation of the O.E.A. club was that the business pupils themselves asked for, chartered, and made a success of it. O.E.A. members receive. i'R"' -T cw. . OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION-FRONT ROW: Marguerite Goer- gen, Cheryl L. Crouse, Mary Sayles, Darlene Delois Kennedy, Vivian Reeves, Jane Cook, Paula Wright, Kathie Vanston, Sharon Coombs. SECOND ROW: Susan Evans, Brenda Mathis, Glenda Bowers, Paula Greenwell, Gail Garcia, Bonnie Rector, Sheila Epperson, Jennifer Robin- son, Patricia White, Wanda Gamble. THIRD ROW: William Guess, 56? ,Q :T J is 4 O, L an--'Sq ' 'nfl .Q .I sponsor: Sharon Riley, Mary Ann Apastalakis, Rhea Green, Rosalind Kennedy, Hilda Batts, Carolyn Mosley, Janet Smith, Jean Miller, Margaret Shaw. FOURTH ROW: Ron Hoke, sponsor: Mike Kidener, L'Tanya Grooms, Tona Cosper, Phyllis Bell, Virgie Osborne, Brad Turner, James Kendrick, Mary Dorsey, Edwina Broach, John Hawn. OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION-FRONT ROW: Teresa Cooper, Sharon A. Ingram, Vicki Hutton, Yvonne Bradley, Joyce M. Wilson, Donna K. Haley, Lana Turner. SECOND ROW: Anthony Walker, Isaac Spencer, Mary Gibson, Marasha Rhodes, Marilyn J. Beins, Paul Caudle, Betty Hall, Addie Burt. THIRD ROW: Alice Benson, Deborah Moore, Dan lnskeep, Rodney Coffer, Mark Jarrett, Dorothy Mahone, Jacquie Bougher, Kevin Carr, John Drake. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Russell, Debra Starks, Larry Ross, Gwen Culp, Paul Powell, Larry Baldwin, Tom Kendall, Terry Jones, Douglas Dickson. RI 7 xi BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENTHFRONT ROW: Deborah A. department head, Mrs. Cheryl McVay. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ann Cummins Barnett, Mrs. Gwen Ohmit, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Cramon J. Myers, Alice Ellen G. Martin, William Guess, Ron Hoke, Mike Cecil, Dave George, Mrs M. Johnson, Mrs. Joy Brindle. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Annabelle Adams, Lois Frye. Mrs. Marjorie C. Parker, Keith V. Kuck, Turpin Davis, Joyce L. Freeman, -ni 9 Q K .u i .5 - I 's f 'Qu 1 - . 1 ' l I ' THE CHILDHOOD GAME of playing "store" comes alive as some students pose as customers while others act as cashiers in Mr. Kuck's cashiering class. 'i I .vw v i , I I i MR. GUESS' computer operations class helps to train young people for jobs of the future. .i ,,,.. I I INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING-FRONT ROW: Pamela Ouillan, Sheila Epperson, Larry Rushton, Kenneth E. Ward, Mrs. Carol Helms, Brenda Scott, James Via, Lloyd Burnett, Vonda Collins. SECOND ROW: Wanda Brice, Hervey Guerin, Margaret Manning, Bill Marko, Matthew Hudson, Chester Pettis, Robert Bonds, Shirley A. Wilson, Dennis Vfxfx 1' DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Mary Cammack, Norma Boyd, Steve Spall, Virgie Osborne, Leslie Taylor. SECOND ROW: Roger Edwards, Paul Powell, Tyrone White, Michael Williams, James Gadis. I 5. N . IN R. Hardwick. THIRD ROW: Ernest Holmes, adviser, Robert Gordon, Richard Grayson, Charles Schultz, Steven Skaggs, Mark Zackery, Jr., El- wood Reynolds, Darrell DeBruhl, John R. Hancock. NOT PICTURED: Michael Shea, Joseph Via. DARRELL DeBRUHL, an ICT plumber trainee at Eli Lilly and Co., checks out his equipment. DE, I Cl' mewbms ok 0:18 i BRENDA SCOTT and Shirley Wilson, ICT unit clerk trainees at Community Hospital, hold a conference over the files. Qi Two of Tech's smallest departments introduce students to the business world through a combination of classroom in- struction and practical on-the-job training. Distributive Education presents to stu- dents careers in distribution, marketing, and sales management. DE students study sales theory in the classroom and receive practical experience in the marketing fields. Students in DE attend school in the mornings and work part-time during afternoons. Many businesses favor hiring DE students because of their comprehen- sive education. Prerequisites for the course are sales and merchandising or cashiering at the junior level. All students enrolled in DE must be seniors. Tech is also a member of Distributive Education Clubs of America, the only na- tional youth organization operating with- in the nation's schools to attract young people to careers in marketing and distribution. The second course offering the com- bination of theory and experience is ln- dustrial Cooperative Training. This class introduces students to careers in industry. ICT students receive on-the-job training in Indianapolis factories and offices as well as classroom study. Students study many forms of business from billing to refrigeration. They also go to school half days and go to work the other half. Those enrolled in ICT usually are non-college bound and at least 16 years of age with junior standing. They must have a C aver- age or higher grades. A student selected for either program earns one credit for related classroom in- struction and one credit for part-time each semester. ' Trades tis into busg gewv Students in the Electrical Trades De- partment work at varied jobs. Students completed the electrical system. in the house which the Building Trades Depart- ment has been building on Michigan Street. At the beginning of the year, these same students rewired the refreshment stands in the football stadium adding extra electrical outlets, made necessary when the Athletic Department began running the concession, now operating on electricity instead of gas. Students also keep all electrical equip- ment on the second floor of Morgan in good repair and maintain all lighting sys- tems on this floor. They repair small elec- trical tools for the other departments. ln addition the department also offers electronics courses. Students have a per- manent task of keeping Tech's public address system repaired. They also service electronic equipment belonging to stu- .dents and teachers. They study electronic theory as well. This year the electrical Trades Department underwent reorgani- zation with Mr. John Mullennax replacing the retired Earl Terry as department head. RIGHT: MIKE WILES, Charles Brown, and Steve Ross install new electrical outlets in the stadium refreshment stands. BELOW: Ml- CHAEL LAIR, Donald Gillenwater and Melvin Watson check the characteristics of an amplifier circuit. ,I yy' f ' 1 R ELECTRICAL TRADES DEPARTMENT J. K. Gilliland, Leroy Hubble, Robert Bulthaup, John Mullenax, Dale Dougherty. i 1 1 l 1 . il ,ri . I.. J ,lvjxfk J 3,9 .. Luau ' .,,al' 'IH J' Ll -K' .'::' , if-P if . rf,-4 .Y,,. 1 'I 7 3 ,,""' UF: ' 7. 2- . ,um .-'si X f o 4,5 ef- an -Law '73 AUTO AVIATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Oral E. Henderson, Fred Keller, Sam Dudkowski, Robert Crooke, Dan Malone. SECOND ROW: George Mack Jr., Clifton Lovelace, Clifford Allen, William Tremp, THIRD ROW: Bob Palma, Doug Thompson, Louis Pence, William Berger, Herb Van Der Moere. Woneafs Lib kits Auto-A ' "Right on, Auto Trades!" This might have been the cry of liberated girls on the campus when the second semester antici- pated the opening of a new course. For girls only, the study prepared pupils for the accidents and maintenance problems that might result from operating a car. They "hit the books" to learn how an au- tomobile operates so that no service ga- rage could sell them unnecessary repairs or overcharge them for essential ones. Me- chanical work performed by girls was limited to learning to change a tire. Young men of the department con- tinued learning about automobiles and airplanes. Theoretical and practical in- struction, enabled pupils to service and repair all mechanical systems and do body work. Pupils rotated through the various aspects of the course to discover the field they liked best. Those who learned the trade were ready for job openings as skilled mechanics and body repairmen. PUPI LS CHECK the ignition system of a car. MR. KE LLE R'S AUTO MECHANICS Ill class dismantles a carburetor and studies proper adjustment. Q' Q! MR. BE RGER'S aviation class examines an airplane engine. xi If . ga ,J P l all DAVID ROBINSON learns the fundamentals of ERFIAC HALE demonstrates the hand sander for carpentry pupils. plumbing. is . 5 X4 MR. TINCHEFVS BUILDING TRADES class learns to refinish desk tops. 'Q' K ' 1 4 ,ik gs -'Dir fl ,Mp ,ff y lphn -S' Al Ty.. - 1 -:f"'f"-'W 3 .dv-5' il 'Q -L ir ZF' LEARNING TO USE a power saw is the object of a demonstration in Mr. Beall's Carpentry class. l-Iousimg fakes slwpe iw buiaoiiug pupils 15 BUILDING TRADES DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Paul Oscarson, Ed Eaton, William Sharp, J. lx. King. SECOND ROW: Morris Woods, department head, Howard Beall, Fredrick Miessen, Charles ylton. Building trades is a one-credit two- period course, offered to students in the Building Trades Department. Beginning students in carpentry, build a scale-model house. Advanced students do more work on the full size house, learn to hang doors, build stairs and do cabinet work. Great occupational oppor- tunities are available to students success- fully completing vocational cabinet making. Other courses offered are: carpentry, cabinet making, masonry, painting and decorating, and plumbing. pwpaw to build WHAT?! No refrigerators! No automo- biles! No stoves, printing presses, air conditioners! Oh no-what's happening? This place would be in a real mess with- out these things. So metal trades are pretty important. Matter of fact, the men would not have reached the moon with- out the help of metal trades. The Metal Trades Department here at Tech consists of five separate subdivi- sions. They are: foundry, machine shop, pattern making, sheet metal, and welding. The value of equipment in our Metal Trades Department is about S'360,000. It is kept up-to-date with new equipment and facilities. The only qualification that a student must have is the willingness to work to be able to take a metal trades class. This department does various good deeds for the school. They help in main- tenance, do certain work for faculty, such lipf xi : R BILL BRUDER practises acetylene welding while in the background Mr. Cruser shows James Reid the correct way to adjust a flame for proper welding. -!"r' 0 is METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Emanuel J. Cruser, Cyril J. Stock, Norman L. Brinker, depart- ment headg John C. Hill. as repairing broken lawnmowers, and also do some repair work in the Print Shop. In these classes students are able to become familiar with the trade and dif- ferent tools used in the trade. Therefore, after a metal trades student has graduated, he is pretty valuable to industry. Salaries in this field are very good for a skilled person. 'Pb' 1 il 'ka-m X ,Wg JOHN HILL assists Marvin Holland in taking a mold for bookends out in foundry class. . Xf' 'a..., inn... LOUlS STANICH instructs students in a Mechanical Drawingl class. Can you imagine an automobile being manufactured with just verbal or written instructions? Kind of hard, right? lt is up to draftsmen to communicate the idea through a good, concise drawing. Tech offers four basic mechanical drawing courses. After these are success- fully completed, any student that displays some talent and interest in this subject may major either in architectural or me- chine drafting, thus preparing for possible employment in this area of work follow- ing graduation. LARRY MAXEY appears engrossed in his work in mechanical drawing as Burney Jackson leads the class. 45 A l - -ADL lwskillb ln these drafting classes students are taught the steps to become a draftsman and they become familiar with the tools used. The Drafting Department has received considerable new equipment during the last few years. Added to the department fairly recently was the Friden Electronic Calculator. This helps students solve math problems involved in drafting. This ma' chine saves students valuable time, pro- vides a practically instaneous, correct answer and gives the student practical experience in its use, thus helping prepare the student for industry. Salaries for well-trained draftsmen, are very good. DRAFTING DEPARTMENT-Gary R. Tomey, Burney S. Jackson, Howe K. Clark, Harold Elliott, department head. I .tvs wg Q 1 0166x069 Printing is a subject in which students take a lively interest. Printing thus be' comes a part of school life! A printing student is preparing him- self for entry into the fifth largest in- dustry in America, with 45,000 plants or shops, and ranking eighth in the country in salaries and wages paid to more than 780,000 workers. The Print Shop here at Tech takes an active part in the school. The CANNON weekly is one of the items that the Print Shop prints. They also print those cool things that some students are very familiar with- tardy slips. These are done on the presses in the print shop. A newer machine that is used in the Tech print shop is the l.B.lVI. cold type composition system. What qualifications should a student have who intends to study for the graphic arts? A person needs ambition, desire, abundant energy, perseverance, and will- ingness to work hard. He also must have knowledge of the hand tools lwrench, hammer, etc.l, good eyesight, steady nerves, and ability to perform tedious, precise operations. Moreover, he needs to know grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and he needs a good background in basic math plus some knowledge of Physics and Chemistry. Finally, he should have an appreciation of basic art principles, including form, balance and perspective. Do you, by any chance, qualify? lf so, talk to lVlr. Armel in the Print Shop. PRINTING DEPARTMENT-Robert W. Smith, Floyd W. Billington, Terry Yeagley, Harold Deem, Clyde J. Armel. TAKING INSTRUCTIONS on the Heidelberg Platen Press in Printing V are John Wiley, Norman Bennett, Floyd Billington, instructor, and Debra Walker. MICHAEL NORTHRUP and David Logsdon look interested as they demonstrate cutting paper on an automatic 42-inch cutter. 'P BARN PROJECT-Charles Kocher, John Williams, department head, John Wiggins, William H. Stewart, Lowell McCarty. Project S The Barn-is that where animals are kept? No, the Barn is where it's happen- ing on the Tech campus. The Barn Project got off to a swinging start with approxi- mately 50 members. The purpose of the Barn Project is to prevent dropouts. The people to be in the Project are hand-picked and then included by their own choice. The program is on a four-period basis. During this time the pupils have one class in Related Information, and the other time is spent in production classes. Their roll rooms are located in the Barn also. Included in the Barn is an actual office with a real, live time-clock! A product manufactured is the elec- trical component transistor which all schools in Indianapolis use. It is a type of night alarm system. Jewelry boxes and other types of boxes also are manufactured. Have you noticed all the little cards, the ones with the funny pictures on them, floating around? They're called lD's. These also are taken care of by the pupils in the Barn Project. Name plates, ROTC name tags, and rubber stamps are produced by Barn pupils as well. The people in the Project are mostly freshmen and sophomores. When pupils sign up, it is usually for only one year. Credits earned may go toward graduation either in business or in industrial arts. One particular counselor, Mr. Kocher, takes charge of advising 'the pupils of the Barn Project. WILLIAM MOORE looks through his goggles as he turns night sticks or billy clubs. 'S-v va - YT' Y 3.--T 9 -Wi.. KENNY MONTGOMERY prepares a jig for a metal shop project, l-lomeEeo66msjob " , people Home Economics, bridging the gap between vocational preparation and per- sonal development, offers a variety of classes. Commercial foods classes prepare food for such social functions as Retired Teachers meeting at Tech, and Foods Ill and IV set the tables and serve the food. The students in Clothing I learn the basics of sevving, and the students in Clothing VI make their graduation clothes. Child development classes visit fresh air schools and study marriage, having children, and the family. Home nursing classes learn hovv to take care of illness in the home. The students in housing and manage- ment discuss buying a home, furnishing it, and budgeting the income. Q9 ...J ,,- J' 1 C? any 43. 5711 -- fi if' Freshman girls vvho enroll in social practice learn about the girl at home, in the community, and the girl herself. Social arts is open to junior and senior girls and men vvho are interested in manners for everyday living. Home Economics offers vocational learning and paves the way to personal development. HOME ECONOMICSHFRONT ROW: Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Mrs. Mary V. Mrs. Linda Bunton, Mrs. Marjorie McCutcheon. THIRD ROW: AMarguerite Woolford, Frances H. Smith, Mrs. Shirley Hembd. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hardy, Hilda Kreft, department head, Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Patricia Ament, Elva Wignall, Mrs. Carrol Rose, Mrs. Natalie B. Ransom, Jane N. Snow, Mrs. Marian Moore. ,gn EU. ,gf TERRY JOHNSON, Larry Coe, Paulette Holmes, and Billie Whitfield remove hot rolls from the oven to serve Retired Teachers luncheon. them. 'Q TERRY JOHNSON and Herbert Thompson drain fritters before serving g ...hugs ik"- PHYLLIS BROOKS fits a suit for Linda Phillxps. lt's a nice refiectuon on both pupuls JOYCE MOORE and Mary Dorsey lay out a pattern in an advanced clothing class. MARY BUTLER uses a tailors' ham to press a collar for her garment. 5, S ,-.ff -ru I ,H , an --a--will 5 5 g W agzfg -End Q E 5 ? 2 2 5 5 , 2 EN ? 7, vp? 5:70 mix-5 ax-,Vx LXJ X SX., -7 gray S.L xg- Q is 17 E E' E E 2 XX J- xg! I' px jx mf Qvf 'X L ff wx' J bfrjjqgxf I' X K 1 Of ,V 440151 J fN9 "A 'Q kj ' I xl ' -' f..f' 4 A v,,...-smuQlWIllIll0lIun,,." i' QX Q O O X Tecldtes displog A hit of the Christmas season, THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL was an appro- priate gift to English classes from the Drama Club. It was presented December 14, the eighth period. The play turned out well, but only a few English classes were allowed to see it. Even though its spring production try-outs were open to the entire student body, the Drama Club drew most of the cast for ARMS AND THE MAN from its own membership. Directed by Robert Maloy, the play, a classic by George Bernard Shaw, drew an appreciative audi- ence for an afternoon and an evening showing on Thursday and Friday, April 15 and 16,1971. The Drama Club is made up of any students who wish to learn, or have a talent for acting. After a few meetings have been attended candidates are voted upon. Those members who have acquired 10 service points or more and who are good at acting are able to become Thespians. Both Drama Club and Thespians pre- sented plays at Mardi Gras. ROBERT BLALOCK, Bradford Dykes, and Debbie Deatricke after the shooting scene of THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: Anna Young, Debbie Kay Shaw, Jim Branham, Dianna Shaw, Robert Maloy, director. SECOND ROW: Debbie Rosebrock, Kathy Taylor, Robert Blalock, Rolando Quin- tana. NOT PICTURED Mary Maillard, sponsor. gf . if X Y7 DRAMA CLUB-FRONT ROW: Denise Shaw, Anna Young, Debbie Kay Shaw, Debbie Deatricke, Dianna Shaw, Ann Marie Hahn SECOND ROW: Rolando Ouintana, Debbie Rosebrock, Kevin Smith, Robert Blalock, Kathy Taylor, Jim Branham. A :els 1'-," S BRADFORD DY KES, Debbie Deatricke and Robert Blalock converse over tea in THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. A. in! rf . I ' , A l riff u I ' V' v ,. I - 'J' fl- M 1 g 1 ., t , J .. 'J' '-gil " 59 ,Ngij 'I ' Y :- at i ' ,F-'f ' 'I ' 77' Y . fa. 1 -I ' Qxx I l 1 . an 4 . Z .lf .. , " Q -N i ABOVE: THE THESPIANS and Drama Club members confer on acting problems at a meeting. LEFT: ROBERT BLALOCK, Bradford Dykes, and Debbie Deatricke enact the shooting scene from The Marriage Proposal. ive LEFT: The cast of ARMS AND THE MAN: Darrell Wright, Anna Young, David Bullington, Debbie Rosebrock, Robert Blalock, Jim Branham, Patti Phillips and Jim Brown. ABOVE: Debbie Rosebrock, Robert Blalock and Jim Brown in Arms and the Man. 55 Cwwow Q: WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE the motive for murder? Jim Pullon confronts "victim" Mike Fagan. ELIZABETH WRIGHT lKathy Taylorl believes in Kovey, but her boyfriend, IGreg Boidl is not convinced. DR. CALDWELL lDarrell Feltnerl is attacked when it is found that he ignored the call from school when Billy fell. OTHER PARTICIPANTS in the play were: Pat Stomm, Deloris Williams, Lee Sibley, Pearline Montgomery, Tyrone Carney, Rolando Quintana, Robin Kares, Charles Alexander, Joyce Hise, Claude Lowery, Charlotte Alexan- der, Louise Van Cleave, Aletha Willner, Sharon Guerin, John McCray, Hope Stevenson, Darrell Fuqua, John Masters, and James Sherill. THE CREW INCLUDED: Lon Edison, Mike Brown, Henry Cox, Terry Bell, Ronald Sweatt, Vera WilIiams,Myra Hogan, Carl Lowery, Kathy Brinkley, Patty Fagan, Karin Rader, Vera Vin- cent, Bernice Brown, Judy Bishop, Steve Cook, Carl Cooper, and Kevin Hook. P IM' On November 18, 19, the all-school play, "The Remarkable Incident at Car- son Corners," directed by Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, was presented to an audience of parents, pupils, and teachers. The play dealt with the trial of the high school janitor for murder of one Billy McGinnis, a student at the school. The theme of the play was the question, "Who really cares?" Everyone in the play was too busy looking out for himself, that is why Billy was killed. The business man was more concerned with earning a fast dollar than with the safety of the school. The teacher was forgetful and didn't want to get a nice man in trouble. The building inspector was bored with his job and was casual about things too important to be passed over so lightly. "The Remarkable Incident" was written by Reginald Rose and arranged for stage by Kristen Sergal. X 1 'K u- 9 1 1 ' 4 ' A 4 , , f s . I - i i 5 fi L tg ,, 5 ' i N' I l il I 1 will uf, Q I is lil' rl .gg fl 1 .l , I as t 9 ,L . Q 4 , 1 A ' ' 'll 'Illini-an-qv X 'H' .4 I. -fl" I I L. M 'T 1 W' ba"e L, Q. 1 . V ' W- 3 UU th.: Qa,'ff5" M . kk PM Ap A., 2:43-- -, .U 31: 1 . K . , 212' 13: . una. ' fl J r 'af ' 1 4: 0? Qpeeclv Team For the first time in eleven years, Tech hosted a speech meet. Saturday, October 30, participating teams from nineteen Marion County and central Indiana schools met for the day's rounds held in three buildings on campus. Walking away with 62 points, Tech outclassed Lawrence Central, the nearest contenderjby 24 points. Some 30 pupils ollytalimds skwieolylwwis acted as student hosts. Nearly all the par- ticipating Titans were members of the NFL as well as the Speech Team. NFL is a national organization that Speech Teams members may join after they have obtained 25 speech points ob- tained during speech activities and meets. Special awards may be won for additional NFL points. The Debate Team worked out an ac- tive season participating in a full schedule of Saturday meets. The topic was, "Should there be a substantial change in The iurv System?" Speakers could defend the status quo, or respond affirmatively or negatively. The touchy part was de- fining terms. SPEECH TEAM-FRONT ROW: Kathy Brinkley, treasurer, Gloria Brown, Judy Bishop, Bettie Manning, Beth Overbey, Patti Wienke, Judith McBride, cosponsorg Helen R. McDowell. SECOND ROW: Kathie Vanston, Debbie Kay Shaw, Tyrone Carney, Patricia Stomm, Mary R. Gibson, Anna Young, Aletha E. Willner, Dianna Shaw, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, sponsor, Stan Minks, co-sponsor. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Willner, Carl A. DeLawter, Debbie Rhoads, Jim Branham, Robin Kares, Debbie Wiggington, Kathy A. DEBBIE MOORE, Debbie Rhoads, Mike Pierce, Patty Stomm, Greg Boid, Kathy Taylor, Martin Laubach and Betty Manning proudly display first place ribbons. Taylor, Donna Hutchens, Lynda Brady. FOURTH ROW: John A. McCray, Janice P. Wagner, Maggie Lee Maddox, Deborah A. Moore, Joyce Hise, Jackie Schuh, Charles H. Alexander, Cindy Gibbons, Denver Jordon, Rose Folsom, Bernice Brown. FIFTH ROW: Leeortis Sibley, Jim Pullen, Michael A. Pierce, William Johnson, first vice-president: Gregory Boid, second vice-president, Robert Blalock, Dan lnskeep, Earnestine Colvin, John Masters. THIRD PLACE SPEECH team winners are-Robert Miller, Kathy Brinkley, Bryan Miller, NOT PICTUR ED George Yarbrough. 1 'u ,- l ffjif- , 'l l TT' i ' Gr" 9 i ljifii NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Alice Goodrum, sponsor: Kathie Vanston, Patti Wienke, Debbie Kay Shaw, AIethaWillner Gloria Brown, Kathy Brinkley. SECOND ROW: Stan Minks, co-sponsor Bettie Manning, Patty Stomm, Kathleen Willner, treasurer: Debbie Rhoads, Kathy Taylor, Donna Hutchens, Mary Gibson, Anna Young, Beth Overbey DENVER JORDAN and Rose Folsom display fourth place ribbons. THIRD ROW: Jim Branham, Bernice Brown, Cindy Gibbons, Joyce Hise, Denver Jordan, Jackie Schuh, Debbie Moore, Rose Folsom, Carl DeLawter. FOURTH ROW: John Masters, Leeortis Sibley, Jim Pullon, Dan lnskeep, Earnestine Colvin, Gregory Boid, Claude Lowery, William Johnson, Robert Blalock, Michael Pierce. DEBATE TEAM FRONT ROW: Sheree Beever, Kathy A. Taylor, Donna Hutchens, Gloria Brown, Judith McBride, co-sponsor. SECOND ROW: Stan Minks, sponsor: Steve Bales, Denver Jordan, Jackie Schuh,'Debbie Rhoads. NOT PICTURED Greg Boid, Bryan Miller, Cindy Gibbons. J FIFTH PLACE WINNERS Mary Gibson and Claude Lowery pose for the cameraman. lx ,Au THOMAS HOLLOWE LL waits for Ralph Feerer to make a critical move in a practice game. , A' X I I il l i ll CHESS CLUB FRONT ROW: Mike Theard, Richard Wilson, Isaac Spencer, Timothy Morse, Miriam Smith, secretary: Tommy Hollo- well, John Kern, sponsor. SECOND ROW: David Lee Kerr, Bart Stansberry, Ronald Sweatt, Anthony Walker, Jr., Rodney Coffer, president, Fred Mindach, vicepresident. THIRD ROW: Duane Montgomery, Kenneth Nichols, Jodie J. Davis Jr., Thomas Clayton, Gus Anderson, Calvin T. Wood, Irving W. Washington, Jr. wbs Q 0,0 PRAYER CIRCLE-FRONT ROW: Janet Eickes, Sharon G raves, Steve Leavell. SECOND ROW: Dan Morford, Elizabeth Trittipo, Sandra Clyburn, Sonja Hancock, sponsor, Kathy Vaughn. RADIO CLUB-Victor Marshall, Randy Porter, Linda Phillips. The Tech Prayer Circle prepares to face each day with the help of the Bible. At 7:30 each morning a selected member from the group reads scriptures from the Bible, then the group closes their meeting with a moment of prayer. The Tech Radio Club meets every Wednesday in the Ham Shack, Room 580 of Morgan Hall. Members spend most of their time learning the International Morse Code and studying the rules that govern amateur radio. After all this activ- ity, club members take a test given by the Federal Communications Commis- sion qualifying the student for a federal license to become a true "ham" operator. Stage Craft is one of the most active and creative classes around Tech. They build sets for plays and musicals and also design the hoops the Titan ball players run through during pep sessions. "This year's big assignment was the Music De- partment's presentation of OKLA- HOMA", says Mr. Browne their teacher. In April the Tech Chess Club spon- sored the largest statewide high school chess meet in the United States, with ap- proximately 400 participants. Represen- tatives of 50 schools attended. This was the fifth year Tech has hosted the event. About 25 active members of the Tech club extended welcome in Room 135 weekly to all who enjoy the game or wished to learn it. Early in the season Tech won victories over Broad Ripple and Howe, tied Arling- ton and lost to North Central, last year's state champion. Top individual players in the season were Duane Montgomery, Bartholomew, Tom Hollowell, and Fred Mindach. 42" STAGECRAFT CREW-ON LADDER: Sam Beverly. BENEATH LADDER: Kennety Johnes, John Kennedy. TO RIGHT OF LADDER: Robert Anderson, Henry Cox, Terry Bell. November 20 and 21, students in Smith Fiobinson's Craft Art class partici- pated in the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, at the fairgrounds. Throughout the day, they demonstrated their skills in the art of batik. Art Club members began their year's projects by making colorful crepe paper flowers to sell at the Mardi Gras. Later, during November, the group visited the John Herron gallery to view the exhibition by Harry Davis, an Indianapolis artist specializing in paintings of well known buildings, done with acrylics. The Yule season found members on Miss Kern's father's farm in Brown County. The students spent the day busily chopping pine trees which they sold for Christmas. A warm-up session in a cabin, complete with hot chocolate and popcorn, ended the day. As of this year, Tech has the distinc- tion of being the only high school in the midwest equipped with a complete color darkroom. The color photography course, taught by Michael Slover, is a four-period two-credit course involving the theory and practice of color processing and printing. Students must have completed one semester of black and white photo- graphy to qualify for the course. The Photography Club began its activities with a day's outing at McCor- mick's Creek State Park. Shutter-happy photographers returned home with sore muscles and aching feet, but many fine prints to show for their efforts. Later the group visited Format Studio to observe professional advertising techniques. 3 Q w Aw- PMQQMPM RAINY NlGHTS and loneliness seem to go hand-in-hand. Pic by Holly Wolfe. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB-Glenn Rippy, Rick Reneau, Lynn Wright, Holly Wolfe, Bob Stafford, Katria Whitfield, Dave Kerr, Mike Brown, Tim Morse. Not Shown: sponsor, Michael Slover, Jeff Jacobs, Bev Reed. I' I . HOLLY WOLFE creates interesting patterns by combining trees and a girl x ' in silhouette. ' V" EVEN STREETLIGHTS can be used to create unusual effects. Pic by Bev 5 - ' Reed. I L- CONNIE REYNOLDS, craft art student, works on batik at the Gift and Hobby Show. A SAMPLE of some of the intricate wire sculpture done in Mrs. Washing! ton's Craft Art class. T -A ll g .myer- MISS PHEMlSTER'S Art 5,7 class students learn the techniques of duplicating body movements on paper. iff? ART CLUB-FRONT ROW: Lon Edison, Charles Alexander, Holly Wolfe, Dennis Sipf, Peaches Wolfe. SECOND ROW: Debbie Rosebrock, Paula Greenwell, Jean Miller, Nathan Harris, Steve Harris, THIRD ROW: William La Fara, Mrs. Susan Kern, sponsor: Bobby Dickerson, Paul Spears. FOURTH ROW: Donald Owens. ART DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Louise Schneider, secretary, Mrs. Emmagee Washington, Mrs. Wilma Battey, Mrs. Susan Kern. SEC- OND ROW: Lorena Phemister, Kermit Swenson, department head: Ray Browne, Smith Robinson, Marion Hamilton. T Twlwtes aw wD lt was an OKlahoma season for the Music Department with presentation of this popular Rogers and Hammerstein musical. Sponsored by the Music Depart- ment, the presentation was held in the cafeteria in March. Auditions were held in January and parts were given according to ability, not class. All students were eligible to try out for parts. Mardi Gras and the Candy Sale also had their place in the Music Department's list of events. Every year the department sponsors these projects to raise money for band instruments and the general needs of the department. HANDING OUT CANDY to music students is one of Mr. Moon's easier jobs as department head. Robin Grant and Leroy Thomas get ready for the sale. Q7 MUSIC-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Judy Shattuck, secretary: William F. Moon, Mrs. Loesje Mendel, Mrs. Susan Lockwood. SECOND ROW: Ronald Nobles, William Tatum, Richard Switzer, Edward Evans. .L-fe ,A we ,,,...J g,,,,.J .sured rv-"""1 I Alf.-" 4 SWT' Six JANICE HITTLE impersonates John Wayne. D I MELODAYRES-FIRST ROW: Gwen Culp, Dolores Johnson, Lorraine Laswell. SECOND ROW: Janice Hittle, Brenda Troxell, Beth Overbey, Nikki Brumett. THIRD ROW: Carl King, Melvin Brown, Lynn Taylor, Mike Finnegan. FOURTH ROW: Tom West, Tony Jackson, Mike Pierce. "l'VE BEEN FRAMED," is Lynn TayIor's cry from the Melodayres' jail at the Mardi Gras. pi I 'f I iff' :ev "SWlNG YOUR PARTNER do-side". Lorraine Laswell, Beth Overbey, Melvin Brown, Darlene Llewelling, and Lynn Taylor, swing into action. Sounding great is the name of the game for this year's Melodayres. Directed by Mrs. Susan Lockwood, everyone came out a winner. Most of their music is a cappella, meaning without accompani- ment. A few years ago the Melodayres a- dopted this name to indicate their new style of pop and madrigal. Membership in this select group is by audition. JAIL f .. e e e :ffl F 9. , .- il " l X T, l Z J , GIRLS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Renita Misser, Patricia White, Linda Troxell, Susan McMahon, Ann Bailey, Pat McCance, Cheryl Polin, Patricia Riley, Debbie Thorman, Sandy Wester, Lis Wythe. SECOND ROW: Carol Mclntosh, Anna Young, Ardranda Holland, Kathy Cun- ningham, Lisa Hayden, Aletha Willner, Rhonda Crockett, Marianne Hardester, Sherry Quinn, Mary Richardson, Clara Buckley, Gayle Hager. THIRD ROW: Marie Pierce, Annette Hall, Cindy Brown, Pam Anderson, 0 YS 0 ,Q ' LaDonna Smith, Vicki Brandshaw, Nancy Drass, Kathy Peterman, Debby Jackson, Trina Smith, Dorothy Tuggles, Carol Robinson, Cyle Pettigrew. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Williams, Bonnie Ashworth, Anita McDonald, Mary Edwards, Rhonda Tucker, Marna Coleman, Cynthia Graves, Maggie Vllcaddox, Silvia Hannemann, Miriam Smith, Jacqueline Dickerson, April itsman. lwwlwvpwclv if 36 Qi-J GIRLS ENSEMBLE-SEATED: Mrs. Loesje Mendel, director. STANDING: Mee Lun Moy, Doris Douglas, Darlene Lewelling, Mary Beaty, Laurie Lewis, Cathy Coons, Gwen Culp, Susie Beeson, Teresa L. Stokes, Andrea Hunt, Anita Huber, Elmarmae Brown. AFTER THE PERFORMANCE that the Girls Concert Club gave at Christmas, the members relax with refreshments. JUST THINK, only a year till the next one. Good Grief!! Girls Ensemble Mardi Gras booth is ready. 0 , Mil: T I DOUG DICKSON and James Segal await their cue in Christmas in the Round. gm. gi- 5,-I.. . Va- fi , Z ,.. ' -f s -- " fl. L' I , , J l ' Q . 1 X 'i' ,J ': 'if -5 1. . tl 1 ': ' It lv 9' if 1 ., ' 'iii 5 mfr' ' A- iff' Q-Jul' -4 ' S2355 ' sounds Boys Octette and Girls Ensemble were in a flurry of activity throughout the year. Programs one after another head- lined this season's agenda. Mr. William Tatum is director of the Boys Octetteg Mrs. Loesje Mendel, director of the Girls Ensemble. Boys and Girls Concert Clubs partic- ipated in a variety of activities, high- lighted by Christmas in the Round. The Spring Festival was also an important event. Director of the Girls Concert Club is Mr. William Moon. William Tatum is director of the Boys Concert Club. BOYS OCTETTE-James Scahill, Doug Dickson, John Happersberger, Mark McKinney, James Branham, Robert Hall, Mike Woods, Dave Wallen, James Segal BOYS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Dennis Sipf, Billy Lunn, Carl DeLawter,. Phil Higgenbottom, Ronnie Allender, Brad Dykes, Fred Min- dach, David Wilson, Robin Childs, Roger Childs. SECOND ROW: Greg Boid, Tony McGee, Richard Guiden, Charles Southern, Frederick Graves, , 9-.. . .A 'wt ' orc, A I .ti Q Robert McPherson, Anthony Batts, Dale Gilbert, Randall Beight, Jeff Ward. THIRD ROW: Perry Broadnax, Carl Lowery, Richard Henry, GeJuan Delay, Charles Howard, Gregory Moses, Allen Johnson, Gary Davis, Michael Woodson, Charles Starks, Stanley Jones. ' FT Xytxr I 3 4 L TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: Anita Huber, Claude Lowery, Doris Douglas, William F. Moon, director: Beth Overbey, Mrs. Loesje Mendel, accompanist: Melvin Brown, James Branham, Stanley Lawrence. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Mclver, Michael Green, Brenda Troxell, James Segal, Teresa Stokes, Delores Johnson, Elmarmae Brown, Mee Lun Moy, Jeannie Duncan, Marcia Brown, Roscoe Taylor, Kathy Brinkley, Jerry Landers. THIRD ROW: Judy Abernathy, Robin Grant, Kevin Brewer, Kathy Vaughn, Andrea Hunt, Lorraine Laswell, Mark McKinney, Robert Hall. Jill Jessup, Robin Kares, Mike Finnegan, Blossom Bryant, Denise Jacobs, James Scahill, FOURTH ROW: Dave Wallen, Debra Smalling, Brad Petree, Kathy Coons, Judy Crabtree, Jeff Meid, Carl King, Douglas Dick- son, Anthony Jackson, Jackie Newburg, Toni Nix, Rose Bond, Darlene Lewelling, Charles Black. FIFTH ROW: Kevin Nahas, Janet Soltau, Mike Pierce, Janice Hittle, Tom West, Laurie Lewis, John Happersberger, Law- rence Hicks, Mary Beatty, Arthur Johnson, David Bullington, Rose Fol- som, Gwendolyn Culp, Don Harbin, David Armes, Lynn Taylor. , ,ll01'l-dfw0fLl?f, :eclwifv The highlights of this year's Techoir were the Christmas in the Round, and the annual Techoir Christmas record. Caroling at the Circle and singing on television were also part of the yearly routine. Each of the 67 members combined en- thusiasm, practice and hard work to make a successful choir. RIGHT ABOVE: Mr. Moon confers with recorder Bob Wycoff and accompainist Mrs. Mendel before making the annual Techoir platter. RIGHT BELOW: Techoir does its part to make Christmas in the Round a success. S 'fl 31 ill' W I This year, the Burt Bell Choir brought happiness to appreciative audiences in the school and community. The Tech Retired Teachers enjoyed the group at a luncheon meeting. Other engagements included SAO Board Christmas dinner and Christ- mas in the Round. Ensemble Top string players made up the String Ensemble, directed by Ron Nobles. These performers made up the base of the orchestra string section. The group played at the Hobby Show and appeared in the all-department presentation, Oklahoma. w O HANDBELL CHOIR-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Loesie Mendel, director, Janet Soltau, Toni Nix, Susie Beeson, Andrea Hunt, Dorothy Mclver, Theresa Amato, Kathy Dobbs, Sandy Wester. SECOND ROW: Melvin Brown, David Bullington, Claude E. Lowery, John Happers- berger, Roy Gilbert Crabill. STRING ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW: Donna Montgomery, Sharon Guerin. SECOND ROW: Myra Hagan, Theresa Amato, Wanda Snow, Carl l l i Nlichaelis, Deloris Williams, Janet Soltau, Rose Bond. S Q , Qgwplwmw Bcwwif g The Tech Orchestra, directed by Ron Nobles, is open by audition to players of string instruments. The wind and percus- sion sections are made up of band mem- bers who join the orchestra at the end of the marching season. Christmas in the Round provided an early opportunity for the group to per- form, with OKLAHOMA providing the highlight of the spring season. Contests for individual performers came in Jan- uary. Another second-semester event was the Spring Concert. Of nine instrumental ensembles at Tech, the Concert and Symphonic Bands are two of the major performing groups. The Concert Band is directed by Edward Evans, and the Symphonic Band is direct- ed by Richard Switzer. Membership in these bands is by audi- tion and is based on playing ability. Members of either band may also play in Stage Band and Pep Band. , Small groups from Symphonic Band joined vocal groups and Bell Choir in a Christmas TV presentation on Channel 8. JAMES SEGAL peers from the bus window before taking off for Pep Band activities. I -. 1. 'sr' I 1.-.-.1471 1'-if P '- - f i .. .s., -- C:!,,:,,.l ip..,.,- ,,,...- .' 4 . "- li .Atv " ' --, '. .'..-...':'.- ',-- I . . V . V ABOVE: ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW: Sharon Guerin, Kathy Vaughn, Anna Young, Robin DeBur- ger, Wanda Snow, Janice Hittle, Rose Folsom, Rose Bond. SECOND ROW: Donna Montgomery, Ruth Mitchell, Paula Batts, Mary Wheeler, Dorothy Mclver, Barbara Coons, Marcia McDaniel, Anita Huber, Delois Phillips, Bonnie Cameron, Joyce Hise, Carl Michaelis. THIRD ROW: Myra Hagan, Denise Jacobs, Julie Wildrick, Sandy Wester, Teresa Cooper, Linda Miller, Kathy Brinkley, Cindy Brown, Patricia Taube, Phillip Caudill, Ronald Taylor, Eddie Scott, Gladys Daniels, Teresa Hagan. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Amato, Steve Van Cleave, Elizabeth Trittipo, Carol Rosebrock, Susan Halstead, Pamela Thomas, Donna Butler, Bryan Miller, Roy Crabill, Doug McDaniel, Robert Hall, Don Lasher. STANDING: Ron Nobles, director: Darlene Lewelling, Jon Landers, Mike Miller, Regi- nald Maxwell, Deloris Williams, Marcus Russel, Odella Brame, Benito Sherrod. BELOW: SYMPHONIC BAND-FRONT ROW: Anita Huber, Marcia McDaniel, Barbara Coons, Roscoe Taylor, Gary Davis, Shelly Hacker, Levinia Wright, Dorthy Mclver. SECOND ROW: Lillie Skudrovskis, Linda Troxell, Sherry Beaumont, Kathy Brinkley, Linda Miller, Teresa Cooper, Jeff Lingenfelter, Theresa Sovern, Walter Laswell, Marilyn Williams. THIRD ROW: Sandra Wester, Cindy Brown, Kevin Brewer, Ronald Taylor, Phillip Caudill, Patrica Taube, Bradford Dykes, Luren Dalton, Irving Washington, Cora West, Marsha Brown. FOURTH ROW: Doug McDaniel, Roy Crabill, Bryan Miller, Yolanda Price, Tom Hawkins, Bill Bardwell, Willie Johnson, Roger LaValley, Mike Burris, Robert Hall, Don Lasher, Robert Stafford, Linda Bruer, Danny lnskeep, Scott Swisher. ROW FIVE: Darlene Lewelling, John Lander, Alvin Perkins, Mike Miller, Reginald Maxwell. N BRENDA TROXELL takes "five" at Band rehearsal. I ., 1.. -,--Q-f ---- - - I n ri, 4 ' ,ggi-4 CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: Jackie Whitney, Patty Holland, Robert McPherson, Joyce Montgomery, William Hackett, Patricia Green, Denise Brantley, Jackie Newbern. SECOND ROW: Joseph Farris, Kristi McKee, Melody Coryell, Renaldo Riohas, Wayne Carter, Carl Michelis. THIRD ROW: Lorretta Thomas, Roberta Seats, Maria Watts, Patty Hamilton, Debbie Reedy, James Segal, Charles Jones, David Carr, Charles Brown. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Kiesler, Elizabeth Newell, Dianna Coffman, David Ball, Pat McGuire, Larry Worley, Ronnie Wagner, Richard Ford, Robert Segraves. FIFTH ROW: Mike Brown, Larry Benns, Roger Hart, John Hurst, David Phillips, Brenda Troxell, Edward Evans, director. ' , ,Damwbmwls ' 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8- this is the rhythmical chant that every Titan Marching Band member knows by heart. The all-volunteer group worked diligently with the Titanettes perfecting the half- time shows that brightened the football games. Under the direction of Richard Switzer and Edward Evans, the group also presented to Tech students and parents a new attraction,-football highlights,-a re- flection of the songs and routines done in the marching season. Honor sweaters and pins were given to seniors serving at least two marching seasons with the band. Year pins and awards for the most outstanding upper- class girl and boy marchers were won by Anita Huber and Roy Crabill respectively. Best rookie marcher award was won by Kevin Nahas. The rookie-sign award was won by Irving Washington, during the summer practice season. Another band that works equally hard, but perhaps with less glory, is the Concert Band. They sharpen the tones of the brass section and get the right sounds out of the percussion instruments. Performing annually at band competition is a main event. "People in Concert Band are candi- dates for Symphonic Band later on." said Mr. Evans. Some modern rhythms performed by the group were, "For Once in My Life" and "I'll Be There." A song called "Rum- ba Numba" is one of the band's pet numbers, but they leave the pronuncia- tion up to their fans. Under the direction of Richard Swit- zer, the Dance band delights not only Techites but the students and parents from other schools. STAGE BAND-FRONT Row. Luren Dalton, Irving Washington, James McDaniel, Fiev Crebill- THIRD ROW1 Mike Finnegan, Mike Miller. Mike Segal. SECOND ROW: Robert Hall, Don Lasher, Joe Huber, Doug WOOG. NOT PICTUREDI Kevin GBfTI'9ll.CBlVif1 Weed. N 5 VY'- A1 'Sl 5 IS THIS THE WAY the audience will remember Mr. Switzer? Maybe. The lovlies in the background are Darlene Levvelling, co-drum major and Debbie Wells, head majorette. DOUG MCDANIEL waves a casual hello to anyone who cares to look as Rita McFall enjoys the antics. Others in the picture are Linda Stires, Debbie LecCleir, and Lilly Skudrovskis. 1 9 If f L' BARB COONS diligently scrubs her spats while Marilyn Williams gives the cameraman a subtle little smile. Both are members of the Marching Band. CO-DRUM MAJOR William Johnson stands ready to put forth the commands to send the Titan Marching Band into a rousing half-time performance. , Maj liwlp Qwewlbclv spvwb "Say it loud, ooh! Titans are proud!" yell the Varsity and Reserve Cheerleaders to liven up the Titan fans. Cheerleaders are selected by the Human Relations Council, along with the cheerleaders' sponsor, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka. They are selected for their ability, enthusiasm, appearance, and school spirit. Along with cheering the team on to a victory, they have other duties such as selling booster badges, putting up booster signs all through school, and learning and perfecting new cheers. The Tech Maiorettes, better known as the Titanettes perform at every home football and basketball game. The 20 girls ranging from sophomores to seniors are selected for their enthusiasm, coordi- nation in marching and skill in presenting routines. Music Department head William Moon, Band Director Richard Switzer, Majorette sponsor Sheila Young and Head majorette Debbie Wells all select the girls who enroll in Band Drill class, and constitute future Titanettes. Tryouts for the Band Drill class which prepares girls for maiorettes are held every fall. Only the girls in the Band Drill class may try out for Majorettes in May of the follow- ing year. FROM THE EXPRESSION on Andy's face she probably could have asked, "Why didn't you catch that pass?" - :Qwe- VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-FRONT ROW: Judy Abernathy, Vicki Holmes, captain, Phyllis Bell. SECOND ROW: Doris Douglas, Andrea Hunt, Mee Lun Moy. .. ...innnam ,, RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-FRONT ROW: Cathy Stuck, Debbie Hartsburg, captain, Ramona Carter. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Cameron, Vicki Rowley, Christine Frazier. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Paula Rush, Brenda Johnson, Sherri Chapman, Sheila Chapman, Kim Harbin, Donna Hartsburg, 1 fi, :fs I. ur. 42 x ' ' 'ttf' 1' f ,' ' ' ' x , v .A K ww f ' Q Y fn' ff fl 'daily' ,bl T sg! .-L I A-ff A gg .F-'Q VARSITY AND RESERVE TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Bruce lVlcGeath, coach, Charles Battle, Ron Davie, J. D. Oliver, Jerry Hannon, Mark Brents, Steve Breland, Robert Platt, Cato Cork, Shirley Glover, Robert Benson, Houston Smith, Robert Powell, John Koontz, coach. SECOND ROW: Larry Bingham, Fred McGuire, Jeff Jacobs, Arthur Johnson, Victor Evans, John Whitthorne, Virgil Walker, Steve Ross, X. . H mn l I rf, . I. L-. 1 :EIR . l I . JEFF JACOBS clears the bar in a pole vault event. Charles Jones, Larry Jordan, David Smith, Steve Leavell, Jeff Lingenfelter. THIRD ROW: Dean Carbone, coach, Kenneth Breland, Ben Hampton Carl Jones, Reginald Berry, Sam Elmore, Charles Black, Douglas Dickson Larry Buttery, Stan Lawrence, Jeff Clinton, Larry Wilkerson, Willie lvy, Louis Woods, Bruce Turner, manager. I 1971 Varsity Track Results r Tech Opponent 102 Brebuf 34 Attucks 12 70 Washington 48 81 Ben Davis 35 Warren Central 32 64 Southport 54 93 Shortridge 25 73 Kokomo 45 North Central Relays 2nd place Tech Invitational 4th place City Tourney 1st place Sectionals 1st place Regionals 1st place State 5th place 1971 Season Highlights Undefeated in dual meets 4th consecutive city champs 5th in State competition meet 2nd consecutive sectional championship 2nd consecutive regional championship 880 RELAY TEAM-J. D. Oliver, Larry Bing- ham, Fred lVlcGuire, Shirley Glover, 3rd in state meet. Shirley Glover-5th place in state for high hurdles, 4th in state for low hurdles. New School R ecords Mile run-Ron Davie 4119.2 High Hurdles-Shirley Glover 14.4 ities recordl ' KEUH tt? 1? ..,.,.f- xA Y. 2. ., W 'N ' ' 5, w V .A X fu, 4 3 -J A i 3 1 1 I S -s- , X. N. Y"",,:,'?"'sY, , J. K .Ah -. - K 's Q .4 x .vs A X - Y SOPHOIVIORE LARRY BUTTERY strides ahead of his opponents in a varsity track meet. l-lwwlles, shot-puts, , W , 0 3 3 I' 1 ,25' tl A E , ' VJ Ai ' . TITAN SHOT-PUTTE R Houston Smith shows his talent while an unknown track man takes note. T"" LARRY JORDAN makes a well aimed leap in an attempt to capture the lead in the hurdles. all pmt o6vTeclu .KNKIX uxxx xv- il tu x f ,. ' fd- , 1-fi - fps, . ,M ve 1 . , :QQ I- N 5 - N fr.. , 1, f vllzriqf E- .. .i .hah r JM' ..ii.- .AQ:,: . 1' - tying-V, . ,,, ..7'.J'fN Q xv , '7"x 1.1 , ' ' "'L2l'Y -, "' ' 7.5" im 4 ' V- --4-A 1 ',5hi'f7'5:lB"2',Q 'V , ' xi'-A' H . . if f".,234 ..i:.. an fiijrliaffffllirfr' ROBERT POWELL is determined to win while excited onlookers wait in anticipation. Lip, witlvs seasow l L' 9 1 'I ' ,I ls' l Ip" : .1 :J I " V . W ,Q I I i EL' ' X 4. , R' N I' I ' i 1 ? x , I , I AN '., X CHL W , l'l Washington, Ray C. Anderson, Nick Illief, Willie Bonner, THIRD ROW: FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Michael Harney, David P. Wilson, James Robinson, Marvin Fields, Dennis Hill, Darrell Williams, McKinley Harris, Kevin Harris, SECOND ROW: Mel Bowers, coach, Earl Hopkins, Rickie Hicks, Joseph Perkins, Donald Owens, Gary lmel, David FRESHMAN TRACK, 1971 WINS Manual Marshall Invitational SECOND PLACE Southport, Cathedral Howe, Belzer Washington Invitational LOSS Washington Ted Browne, Darnell Hill, Sidney Zackery, Joe Van Blaricum, Harrison Shaffer, Eli Allan Johnson, Niles Foreman, John Norwood, James E, Spencer, Robert Woodard, coach. 1' .fx s3 Wins over Manual and Marshall high- lighted the freshman score sheet. It is sometimes said that freshmen get rather run over and walked on, but it's plain to see the freshmen of the Titan track team weren't put down by anyone. They had a season of two wins, three second places and one loss. X .1 F fl K 1 k V : A ',z ' . , -4-' I , I ,xx 'Jr .R QM, f l K fi. 1' GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: Michael Green, David Devitt, Mark McKinney, Ricky Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Jay Stinson, Larry Coe, Don Driggs, Kirby Smith, Jay Kleine, coach. NOT PICTURED James Scahill, Tntawgolgmsswiwigfiita , Ollie 'f PM Although the golf team's season was Golf Scores Spring, 1971 highlighted by only few wins, the spirit was exceedingly high. The team just Tech Opponent wasn't up to par whegn igcamelto the city in 332399 1726 tournament, w ere t e -itans swingers M Kokomo KM placed twelfth out of fifteen teams. But 5 Arlington 11M they turned the season brighter when 5 Ritter 7 they shot their way into the sectional and 6 Sceclna 5 placed ninth out of twenty-two teams. 0 Howe 12 Th T' d fft th th' 4 Mama' 8 e itans tee o o ano er season .is 0 Broad Ripple 10 year. Hopefully, the score sheet will 8 Wood 2 equal their spirit. 4 Ben Davis 8 0 Northwest 12 City placed 12th of 15 teams 102 Wood lk 4M Cathedral 7M 10 Washington 2 8 Attucks 0 Sectional placed 9th of 22 teams Tech 4 0 6 0 0 4 0 4 O 2 7 4 0 7 7 5 O 0 Tennis Scores Spring, Opponent Wood Shortridge Attucks Nort h Central Arlington Marshall Howe Manual Broad Ripple Northwest Seceina Cathedral Southport Washington Fall, 1971 Wood Marshall Arlington Howe 1971 7 4 +7 7-FL' .... .ff J ' N. 'Q 'Gi mtordouble seasow This year Titan students vvatched the tennis team practice long hours after school in preparation for the nevv fall season. Fierce backhands returned serves, and if one listened hard enough he could hear the players call something like deuce and love, both scores or terms used in tennis. The turn-out of men for this year's team vvas really encouraging, first and second places being filled by Daryll Gar- trell and Tom Clayton respectively. The highlights ofthe spring season came vvhen the Titan team tromped over both Wash- ington and Scecina to a score of 7-Og the spirit vvas abounding. The nevv season, hovvever, brought many problems. Players had not been active for most of the summer, and the result vvas a lot of sore limbs. LEFT TO RIGHT: Daryll Gartrell, number one scorer, prepares to slaughter his opponent with a lightening-fast serve. lt's hard to slip a ball past number tvvo player, Tom Clayton. Fresh- man Gary Davis returns with a strong forehand. As the expression on Mike West's face explains, "it's no sweat" for him to return a serve. if ,-., 41311 tis "' t,f!"i,2' " UI, ,gf ll fc, '! Q 5 -hi . my 'f i xiii! 9 v -,,,,-.--9--.Q -.. V on 82 T r .gag ', va' ,ff A.. , ',43 -- Q-1 r-'TF I' L pl L -J -A ' "" Paul Wilson ranked first and Charles Hoskins second in this year's Titan Terrifics. Grady Hardi- man pitching added a little extra zest to each game. Also in the spot- light were Anthony Zupan and Veon Garrison. The season was highlighted by victories over Howe and Southport. The team slugged their way into the City Tourney and into the Sec- tionals, but lost the first game to Beech Grove. They returned this spring for another "swinging" try minus Sen- iors Paul Wilson, Russell Fox, Jerry Wallace, and Larry Ward. K JV.- I -V- , . , x.,- N '.f uf.: 4 GARY SPRAD LIN catches the ball right on time, much to the opponent's dismay. wiv ' mobs ' bows to I VARSITY BASEBALL Tech Opponent 12 Attucks 1 Warren Central 0 Warren Central Scecina 4 Howe 4 North Central 11 Latin School 1 Arlington 9 Southport 2 Kokomo 12 Wood Floncalli City Tourney 2 Scecina 2 Ben Davis 5 Cathedral 7 Broad Ripple 2 Manual 9 Shortridge 2 Northwest 4 Washington Sectionals 3 Beech Grove 4 8 10 lrainl 1 8 1 2 3 5 1 lrainl 4 7 1 10 8 8 i8 inningsl 3 l11 inningsl 2 A HP' fl Q it 1. N4 MW. J 2 i 4 , at f' I 1 K Q 'wa M.: . 9' VEON GAFIRISON eyes the batter with a gleam of revenge as he pitches the ball. W0 a . . -4 .. . . r - .ig ' L fi-'5 l.k'J:-Q55-'sip , - .A'1v'E".4' 'iv I . . ive .- Q' tg. I BI-MH ' ' ' M' ' :CH T'5CH'1ECH ,' 'gulf liid ' - 1. nq - f il.- Qu 1- 4 , tn' jf TECH -'Sh . .. .M wel VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Garry Rady, Grady assistant coach, Jeff lvleid, Anthony Zupan, Veon Garrison, Gary Spradlin, Hardiman, Russell Fox, Stanley Driver, Kenny Herman, Charles Hoskins, DSYWGV J0fd8n, TYYQUG While, Larrv ROSS, Jerrv Wallace. Paul VVNSOV1, Larry Ward, Steve Huggler. SECOND ROW: Ed, managerg Ernie Cline, Ivan Nloreman, coach: Jack Bradford, athletic director. H ' 5314 L.,-1 1 -- 'sz'- , .-.M f-'fm-f-s sr- 0 , P ,wer ge ' - A . are 1' -v"'.' M o nv-' 'JX r 5 -4.---nr . Q wqvg.-.U. --cabs" T' ' 'ad T W V I ' A L L . 4-..:-. , iii, Snr- , - S tif "f'!ll'1:.. 'ra L f A .. FRUSTRATION REIGNS as Tony Zupan is tagged by a Hornet player. RESERVE BASEBALL i, v 4 Tech Opponent 9 ii , Q Q' 1, 2 Warren Central 32 X , '- ' ' 5 Howe 15 X 'TE U A I - "Wi 5 L f - ' ' I 1 ' ' . 4 North Central 25 X l ' 4 , 1, H' J' I-ry, , h 2 Arlington 14 ' V ' ,W 'T -- Q O Southport 10 'sp Q" i 3 " U- , - i ,- 1 Broad Ripple 7 V, i ' I I K 9 Northwest 16 ' V " , , ' W , 2 Cathedral 11 Z ' LC H' ' L ' -4' L -rg N' rf 3 Manual 12 , ' 'r ff' 5 4' i J 19 Shortridge 10 jr J K ky, ' .J Q ,r "ra . Tb K 14 Washington 6 sv " . ' 1 4 Q "5 -' -, Roncalli grainy gg., . -1.5 , .in l . 4 Scecina 0 C. E, f' H 'Q 1 1 'ul O Ben Davis 11 A . ,. ' . , ,V " ' A - . - f Wood frainj RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Anthony Highsavv, Rick Cosby, Billy Geralds, David Graham, Mike Schwartz, Robert Warshon, Steven VanCleave, Melvin Hall. SECOND ROW: Larry Goethals, student teacherg Jesse Scott, Robin Woodcock, Mike Henry, Myron Davenport, Vincent Killebrevv, David Clegg, Ed Scahill, coach. li' 30 Vx., Y Q f. Q A V A . Q A A 1 LIS' arf-- 'ef' 'ff-4. T' r .,. Q Q ,Q - g T rw" l E I -435 4, '. -N 1' f' DQ XX - MIX '-Q X Riffs l,--- -5 4 S 'K 'Mini pd. ,il ig .Z if-. f VARSITY AND RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-FRONT ROW: Jack Bradford, athletic director: Virgil Walker, Larry Buttery, Darrell Williams, Willie lvy, Jeff Lingenfelter, Bruce McGeath, coach. SECOND A -48" .4 --. ,A '- -'fg,1fI-l" 'L'- ' - , V.-.-,:. -If . '. ' f ,--."'Q.- . ,f, 14" Wuxi,-. ,,- I .ik JEFF LINGENFELTER is blurred as he runs at a Cross Country meet. 'flu 511 ROW: Melvin Lange, Charles Jones, Douglas Dickson, Charles Black, Charles Shultz, John Cruz. THIRD ROW: Harold Black, Rolando Quin- tana, David Mathis, Mike Burris, Greg Bell. 1'5- 'QQ fs, 1.1 VIRGIL WALKER and Larry Buttery "take in the air." Q54 2 'ff l A. R+ "I'M TIRED", Jeff Lingenfelter is thinking as he finishes at a meet. o Into! o "Their biggest accomplishment, of course, was to win the city championship for the fifth consecutive year," com- mented Coach Bruce McGeath about this year's Varsity Cross Country Team. "Their biggest disappointment was that they didn't make it to the state competi- tion, but of course there's only one sectionals. The reserve and freshman teams also kept the pace with the winning Varsity Team. The Reserve Team was the first in the city competition with 38 points while the Freshman Team scored a first place in the Marshall and Columbus invita- tionals, came in second in the city, only senior on the whole team." The team placed first in the invitationals at Wash- ington and Marshall high schools and to be defeated by Howe who came in first in the city. The overall season was in the traditional Tech style of winning! placed a very high second place in the 'U 1 'O It Y nr- as e Varsity Cross Country 1971 Manual 42 52:52.1 Total Time Tech 19 Tech 29 Northwest 45 Washington 71 Washington Invitational Tech 18 Ben Davis 37 Techwfirst place 42 points Ben Davis-second 50 points Columbus invitational Southport 24 Anderson-third 97 points Tech-second out of nineteen Cathedral 78 teams Tech 41 Arlington 50 Tech 15 City-first place 41 points Howe 40 Sectional-second place Lawrence Central 67 Marshall Invitational 57 points Tech 25 Tech-first of eight teams . 'xx . I' If L-T. ef X 'A 1 N . . t . , may .- X, , .- . ' -' ity :J f :- 4 H V 'w.x5 7 - - of r '.x.- -,. vi' L I ' N f f . - .lax N '.g ' 'I vj, . 5 .. , ' . -', .. , Ll ' 'Z 'k,V"'ls. 'A ' ' , fs. , 5 V, j X., 'lp -' QI ' P 4 '- Q . T 'Wig A, , 12.51, 'SCH Q I 'XECH 'XUTH FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-FRONT ROW: Jackie Maxwell, Lambert. SECOND ROW: Dwight Peavey, Byron Bose, Rick Buttery, Leslie Hogue, Robert Greene, Larry Edwards, Jerry Lingenfelter, Dennis Robert Hogan, Ronald Noerr, Robert Stuck, Ed McDowell, coach. .. gt .J , 4 S Q p,.st . ..-I: + E9 A "lf I . L f-E: L2 ' " Q l Q ! v A alti- NS' A t ,ff - ,Q Q" ' In Y xv " 'X Y n ie--A-fl SD VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Harvey Brooks, Kenny VanAuken, Bob Hoffen, John Whitthorne, George Taylor, Gary Spradlin Keith Hall, Dave Clegg. SECOND ROW: Kenny Breland, Nathan Rush: Larry Esslinger, Jerome Williams, Victor Evans, John Williams, Arthur Johnson. THIRD ROW: Claude Lowery, Harry Butler, Mark McKinney, Sam Elmore, Anthony Dawson, Larry Bingham, Jeff Tabor, Carl Lowery. Vwtsrhj balla- '-5 ri a, JUNIOR GUARD, William Scott helps cover a fellow Titan. FOURTH ROW: William Scott, Greg Smith, Stanley Lawrence, Byron Richardson, Larry Jordan, Tom Jackson, Bill Palmore, Vernon Pipkins, Willy Blancher. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Hubbard, Nick llieff, Wayne Carter, David Graham, James Twigg, Daryell Williams, Robert Turner, Carlos Bell, coach: Dean Carbone, assistant coach: Gene Keliikuli, assistant coach. OPP OWS" This year's varsity team brought Titan spectators the best season since 1965. Titans cheered the team on through rain and bitter cold weather, umbrellas and blankets dotted the stadium seats, and everyone loved it. The varsity gridders ran home a 4-5-1 season winning the Homecoming game against Manual. During the two afternoon games against Attucks and Shortridge, Titans filled the seats to capacity, leaving only standing room for roving students. This year's team, under the direction of coach Carlos Bell, had many difficulties, but the team, nevertheless, played as a unit and kept the spirit always rising. 4 X ,U l , X N N I l' ' - ' i3iii1:1:-I:':-.:.?- 5 B v ' X 1 i52323523255ff:""'A"'W':iZ1' 'if5ifiiii2i222E?5i?i3iE2i25f'i' ' l ' :22z:212:a:212e2? 212a2222:a:z12fe' :262e2s:2:5i ' ' 'ia:a121Ea2aEa2a1a: :a22:s:z1212z22i' ' ' u 52323233513 2323232335255 gEg1g:5gEg23E3Eg131 I i .:Es2a"'1' a:2a2a2a2222Es2a4.. ' ' 'ii2121..,, 52212222222a2s2a22:2a:1-1...1..21222225223215222222 ' - ' QZEEEEEEEQEQEQQ 25i5i3E5E32Q22E25fi5E5E3EQEQE?i3i5E3EQEQEf5i3i5235222225 1 l ' ':fiQEiQiiQiQiQ2 2222222522122222222233122222EQEi3iQtQiQif223i3 i ' ' Q 22212131E11312:it2:atE1-l'3:QtQ:E1E1:32Q12:i. A .3i:C:1:3:-.-.'.. """ ""' :-:4:-1-1-.- Q f i2fE1f122.21' EQ2f21QQQ.fZf1j1 I Nwil1E5i3E5i3E31 ..2E22122222?2EEi2i22i2?2.... iiiiiiiiiiiifiii ..... 2222119 f' R ''i'Zifizi:21212121222322212:21212222:21212121222IEQ:Q1Q:Q:Q:2:2ZEi:11544 """ ' I L . . .,... , ,,,, ,, . I xx xx .- 512.3 if U 1 Q , VJ,H,,..A . ,V - , -9,270.2 .i I, -. s' M if fa . AMID A FIELD OF FOES Larry Bingham runs the ball for the Titans. Varsity Football Tech Opponent 6 Howe 14 42 Broad Ripple 14 O Cathedral 35 14 Scecina 28 28 Muncie North 12 16 Manual 8 ,Q 8 Madison Heights 26 ' 6 Attucks 6 34 Marshall 8 1 8 Shortridge 22 KEITH HALL side-steps a Howe opponent as he protects the pigskin. t - BI, Freshman Football L- ' 'F""i' ri JW' I 1 gn -tt -I 'E .. fri :QQ 1 gg Serine: 0 w t - .V c - - 4' ' -f ' 1 it ,L 9 .4 0 ' '3 , A - 1- 'f ' w"'30- 26 Broad Ripple 0 - ,, ,t --M 9 14 Cathedral 12 ' " Arg - 3 i G 21 Scecina 6 ' Muncie North 25 Manual 6 , 25 Southport 6 'WMS 39 Attucks 0 37, R 14 Marshall 0 'Q 33 Shortridge 0 Reserve Football Tech Opponent 0 Howe 6 12 Broad Ripple 14 O Cathedral 36 O Scecina 27 RESERVE EOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT Rovv: Anthony Hysol, Lacy Sherman, Jay Stinson, steve 0 Noah 22 Howery, Larry Wilkerson, Louis Woods, Roger Jones, John Fagan. SECOND ROW: Earl Hopkins, Madison Heights Gary Moore, Stanley Journey, Ralph Howard, Ray Anderson, John Keen, Darnell Hill, Anthony Ware, 46 Attucks 0 Curtis Roots. THIRD ROW: Earl Schmitz, Jack Tapp, Carl King, Dennis Hill, Jerry V. Williams, Fred O Marshall 0 Hembre, Glen Stratton, Jeff Robinson, Luke McKinney. FOURTH ROW: Rick Walker, Dennis Wall, Henry Parrish, Ivan Moreman lcoachl. Ffwslvg dilute Freshmen are widely noticed for the clumsy, obviously ridiculous antics they produce on campus, but not so with our Freshman Football Team. Freshman foot- ball jerseys could be seen being displayed by any proud freshman gridder. The antics of clumsy freshmen, if they were there to begin with, disappeared on the gridiron. The freshman team exhibited excellent ball-handling and great team spirit. Loyal friends and families cheered the team on to a perfect 9-0 season and the city championship. The Titan reserve team had a hearty spirit and the will to win, but unfortu- nately the team's record sheet was not as exciting. The reserve score sheet showed a 1-8 season. ' We Shortridge I A ff f i- ' Q T555 S'- 5 . nf F - . . FFL n . t 551'-vw JN' ,, 'L -we r -- 1 Hf'ei:ft eg ' i an 9 9 , it ,i V g 9 Q - - P fr il -,, , - X: E P 1-ri A lf 'fir tsfii-'fha I-if 4 . .fp h.,x,l-9, ,Emp ' fl X '1 -l 7 kvfs-5 0 "r , sf" , 5 . X 15 Wilgglig 6'l1l , if l FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Anthony Taylor, Stephen Rodrigues, Bob Bell, Frank Kelly, Ben West, John Akers, James Hopkins, William Dinkins. SECOND ROW: Tim Lucius, Mike Fagan, Sam Herrera, Finis Shobe, William Hackett, Delbert Brooks, Curtis Holland, Mike Cheurier, Burnett Barlett, Darryl Grenyon. THIRD ROW: Leonard Cox, Floyd Gibson, Harvey Byrd, Earl Moore, Richard Davenport, Gus Cruz, John McCray, Curtis Parsons, Kenneth Morgan, Keith Armour, manager. FOURTH ROW: Melvin Bowers, coach: Reginald Fletcher, Allen Gamby, Larry Barringer, Sheldon Jones, Randy Lucas, Robert Woodward, coach. FIFTH ROW: Tim Wood- manser, John Cunningham, John Kennedy, Keith Kelly, Clayton Clark, Steve Smith, Von Wilson, Brian Chambers, Gregg Tuck, Kevin Simmton, Bob Kelly, Lance Whitfield. Q FRESHIVIAN FOOTBALLERS are temporarily downed by the opposition. n 1 T ,,, . of P is A Irmt- A .-me 'zz 5- ' - Y-.. . TITANS DEBATE the ownership of the ball on the 30-yard line against Shortridge. if? .....,,. A TITAN gridder spurts ahead of the opposition to gain a touchdown for his team. "WE WON!" shouts a Titan as a team member congratulates the opponents. THE END of a very long season comes with a much deserved display of relief, as freshman gridders proclaim that they are city champs VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROWS Dafmv Engfam. Price coach, Kenneth Breland, Samuel Elrnore, Lawrence Esslinger, Nathan Petty, Melvin Lange, John Wade. SECOND ROW: Thomas Jackson, Rush, David Clegg, manager. Vernon Pipkin, Hosea Engram, David Wallen. THIRD ROW: John Hurrle, Kenny Breland placed second in the state wrestling tournament competing in the 155 pound weight class. Sam Elmore, also entered state competition, but failed to come out a winner. This year's Titan matmen really don't "jive" when it comes down to the busi- ness of wrestling. Wrestling is hard busi- ness but the team pulled through the city meet just fine taking fifth place. The team will be losing five fine se- niors such as Larry Esslinger, Price Petty, and Steve Ross. 'Wrestling is different because of the scoring," says John Hurrle, "but it is very interesting." Men wrestle according to their different weights, and there are twelve weights in all. After the usual joy of winning fifth place had passed, the men decided to try harder next year. FRESHMAN WRESTLING Tech Opponents 36 Howe 36 41 Arlington 26 33 Manual 33 28 Pike 34 City placed sixth 15 Marshall 40 51 Roncalli 12 mites -upiwsfate 1 l li 1,11 51 hm LARRY ESSLINGER struggles for a pin as the opponent tries to free himself. VARSITY WRESTLING Tech Opponents 34 Washington 14 Broad Ripple Cathedral 42 Wood 45 Arlington 18 Manual City 5th 39 Shortridge 77-2nd place Washington 20 Howe 20 Lawrence Central 5 North Central 22 Ben Davis Sectional 2 first, 3 second places Regional team placed fourth 2 first places RESERVE WRESTLING Tech Opponents 39 Cathedral 48 Wood 39 Arlington 40 Manual City finished first-77 points 30 Shortridge 36 Lawrence Central 15 Ben Davis 24 18 28 30 30 21 32 1. 1? Rewwes place 6mtiw ' , limeslmewfalwsmtlv "If you think you're beat, you are." With the reserve matmen holding the city title, one can hardly say they thought they were beaten. The season consisted of seven wins, two losses, and one tie. The reserve wrestlers had one of the best seasons ever. Bryan Richard- son, Tony Dawson, Willie Blanchard, and Carl Lowery were among the top scorers. The team, under the direction of Mr. Hurrle, is looking forward to an even better season next year. "I admire the freshmen athletes that go out for wrestIing." The hard-won words of Coach Dean Carbone express the difficulties of wrestling. The freshmen team captured fifth place in this year's city meet at Cathedral. Those who placed second were Steve Rodrigues and Earl Moore. Placing third was Randy Lucas, with Anthony Taylor and Sam Herrera placing fourth. .Q C4 ,-A-all . FRESHMAN WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROWZ Darrell Holland, THIRD Roll' Dean C3l'b0f'l9. coach: Randi! LUC35. Lance Whitfield, Darrell Fuqua, Sam Herrera, Steve Rodrigues, Eric Glenn. SECOND ROW: Reginald Fl6iCh6l', D930 Clem, Af1th0f1Y TBVIOY- Robert Stuck, Edwin Kennedy, Mike Fagan, Floyd Gibson, Earl Moore. U' '5 vi i. 1 P A 4 I l t " , , Q4 X51 RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: David Manning' John ROW: Coach Hurrle, leff Robinson, Anthony Dawson, Willie Blanchard, Feign, Ray Anderson, Don Duncan, Mike Stigger, Phil Gates. SECOND CBT' I-OWCYY, Bvron RiCh8I'dS0f1. Garv Smith- Tntaiwmidsplws wztlvs VARSITY BASKETBALL Tech Opponent 79 Wood 66 Southport 78 New Albany 67 Anderson 70 Ben Davis 77 Attucks 57 Madison Heights 67 North Central 78 Muncie Central 70 Howe 77 Manual 69 Shortridge Sa MIKE HARRIS and Alan Johnson aid Art Johnson as he puts the ball in the air. Wm' -Q' , ,,2,. ., Cathedral Richmond Broad Ripple Kokomo Washington Scecina City Marshall Shortridge Sectional North Central Broad Ripple Arlington Regional Attucks ,yi Overtime spelled disappointment in the opening game of the Regionals with Tech defeated by Attucks, 65-61. The last few points were just too much for the Titans, who had come up ten points from behind. Tech, however, brought home another Sectional crown with defeats against North Central, Broad Ripple, and Arlington. Ending his high school basketball career with graduation, Art Johnson com- piled l006 points total during his seasons on the Varsity team. While tying for fourth place for all-time scoring at Tech with Dave Harvey, Art averaged 23.3 points per game during his senior year. This year was the second consecutive year Art was chosen for all-Regional team. Besides the loss of Art from next years line-up, Titans will miss seniors Gary Spradlin, Mike Harris, Charles Hos- kins, Harvey Brooks, Tom Alexander, and Claude Lowery. ART JOHNSON worries the Tigers as he tries for two points. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Mike Trotter, manager, Mike Burris, John Washington, James Spencer, Glen Allen, Nate Brooks, Mike Henry, Roger Laughlin, Grady Hardiman, Ray Charles Miller, Michael Travis Green, Reuben Miller, Jay Kleine, coach. Glaspy. SECOND ROW: David George, trainer, Mike Green, manager, wsefwe COQPJLS shoot out b seasow REUBEN MILLER "stands on air" for a try at the basket at a reserve game. Although the reserve team did not go too far in their efforts in the city tOur- ney, the season was pretty well split be- tween wins and losses. Overwhelming teamwork is what the reserve squad portrayed at the Tech-Howe game, winning 63-53. The Titans pulled down 42 rebounds to the Hornet's 23. The weekend wasn't over with that game, however, until the team downed Manual 58-52. Next year's varsity team is already showing promise. RESERVE BASKETBALL Tech Opponent 59 Wood 48 39 Southport 52 63 New Albany 54 52 Anderson 56 49 Ben Davis 43 37 Attucks 42 46 Madison Heights 60 46 North Central 47 57 Muncie Central 61 63 Howe 53 58 Manual 52 City 34 Shortridge 46 54 Shortridge 42 52 Cathedral 55 47 Richmond 59 55 Broad Ripple 50 Pfceslvmawiwbsquanlfalzes cvtg The freshman netters lall 18 of 'eml brought to Tech the first city victory the freshman have won in ten years by de- feating Wood 56-48. The Manual game highlighted the tour- ney play as Tech executed strong defense and kept pace with Manual throughout the entire game, Tech winning by two points. Second-year coach, Ed McDowell, em- phasized the fact that the team was very well balanced, meaning no one player was the star. Instead teamwork told the story of success. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Tech 52 Southport 47 49 Attucks 57 62 Woodview 64 53 Arlington 36 51 Wood 61 50 Manual 59 62 Broad Ripple 36 40 Chatard 39 City 60 Shortridge 38 49 Howe 27 45 Manual 43 56 Wood 48 40 Scecina 42 56 Shortridge 44 42 Washington 49 62 Marshall 45 65 Howe 31 54 Attucks 49 Cathedral This basket was an easy reach for Titan CHARLES COOPE R. :nl vnl XEEH QR FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROWg Frank Kelley, Rich- Allen, Danny Boone, Rick Buttery, Roscoe Kendrick, Jerome Williams. ard Dawson, Alfred Brown, Duane Smith, Ben Moore, Claude Oliver, Ron- THlFlD ROWZ Ch6fl0S COODGF, Greg J0fd00, Dave Lewis, Aflth0nY nie Wagner. SECOND ROW: Kevin Plummer, manager, Greg Hayes, Curtis HOWBVCI, Von WNSOI1. Bob KGHGY. Edward McDowell, coach. ll Q x :rf .F XE- g .3 Ay In , . 1 I Ci: 1 -II GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-FRONT ROW: Cynthia Blue, Linda Kennedy, Bettie Manning, Michelle Dyson, Mary Sayles. THIRD ROW: Phillips, Wanda Dodd, Meta Mossie, Marilyn Williams, DeAnne Means, Mrs. Lexie Shockley, Toni Johnson, Shirley Wilson, president, Marna Coleman B. Harding, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Profit, student teacher, Stephanie Kilibrew, Bettie Jordan, Benita Embry,vice president. Margaret Shaw, Mona Thomas, Patricia Wilson, Terri Bell, Darlene i I F Mi :QI x. L.. . +. lv "'5.4'T' 5, ,rl THE HOWE "HONEYS" and Tech's GA participate in a sizzling game of TECH BOWLING TEAM members relax while fellow team mates take volleyball. their turns. Y v 'i 'YUWC BOWLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: D. M. Perry, sponsor: Tootie Gill, Melvin Buckles, Philip Chambers, Gus McClendon, Dana Jones, Kevin Mitchell, Tommy Boswell. SECOND ROW: Tom Goodyear, John Cruz, Ron Lair, Jess Froschauer, Danna Richey, Juanita Froschauer, Gus Cruz, Susie Woodcock, Theresa Sovern. THIRD ROW: Tim Woodmansee, James Farrell, Johnny Whitthorne, Bo Bo Coffin, Danny Howard, Karl Abbott, Steve Bobo, Karen Hood, Roland Wiley. FOURTH ROW: Mary Edwards, Jeffrey Meid, Rodney Coffer, Kevin Smith, Eldon Bailey, Jeff Harlow, Peter Brooks, Rita Knox, Jerome Williams, DeWayne Graham, Norman Cosby. FIFTH ROW: Bill Embry, Marchell Knox, Marvin Coffer, Ronald Sweatt, Thomas West, Jodie J. Davis, Thomas Clayton, Larry Coe, Don Lasher, Garry Hampton, Harrison Shaffer. 1 All-IQ "Okay Iet's see a strike" or "Oh, only a spare", are familiar phrases to any member of the Bowling Team. The club acquired a new sponsor this year, Mike Perry, who reports that th'e club is moving very efficiently and effectively. Not only is bowling a fun sport, but it is also great exercise. Ask anyone who lifts the heavy ball and rolls it down the alley. The club has approximately 35 very active members and meets every Tuesday night at the Twin-Aire Shopping Center. The club plays on a handicap basis and has co-ed leagues. GAA's activities throughout the year centered around volleyball competitions. The girls hit mean serves to other high school clubs around the city, and also to Tech groups such as Key Club and ROTC. Judo Club really flips! Beginning group members learn and practice limbering ex- ercises and correct falling positions to prevent injury. As their skills improve, members master flips and holds, progres- sing from simple to more difficult ones. Every Tuesday and Wednesday after- noon finds gymnastics team members practicing back flips, forward rolls, using the balance beam and the parallel bars. The team has had a very good showing in competition this year, proving themselves to be one of the most limber groups of girls in the city. gwups tw stgle A if as V5 ,X i T ' ' GIRLS GYMNASTICS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Diana Wong, Sharon K. Williams, Emily Morris, Samantha Overton, Wanda Dodd, Renee Robinson, Terri Bell, Michelle Dawson, Vera Williams. SEC- OND ROW: Pat Wilson, Kathy Stuck, Frances Love, Renetta Constantine, Penny Doss, Sherry Chapman, Shelia Chapman. THIRD ROW: Kathy Kitcoff, Rosemary Williams, Dorthy Lancaster, Terry Greer, Millie Bland, Deloris Williams. Vnff I -1 I ma, JUDO CLUB-FRONT ROW: Vickey Booker, David Kerr, Wanda Brice. SECOND ROW: Linda Phillips, Michael Murphy, Anita McDonald, vice president. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Vaughn, Sue Harding, Robin Burger, Dale Bullard, GeJuan DeLay. KATHY VAUGHN leisurely gives Geauan Delay a flip during judo warm-up BELOW: Diana Wong perfects her routine on the uneven parallel bars. ,, L XY' - . 1 .4- xt v ,ii i,,,. 4 0 l Q l Q h , Cliwv Bloch school spuiib 1 I . ki -'fi CHEERBLOCK FRONT ROW Robin DeBur ger, Samantha Overton Bettie Manning, Terri Bell Mary Sayles Cynthia Blue Nlanna Cole man Constance Lee Diane Walker SECOND ROW Debbie Stiles Cathy Drass Phyllis Battle Linda Ray Bobby Dickerston Ruth Mitchell THIRD ROW Diana Gross Emily Morris Miss Debbie Barnett sponsor Theresa McCloud Cathy Gregory Beth Chambers Bren da Johnson Bonnie Kumberlin Coatteana Beard Linda Brewer Shella Garrett Sherry Greer Cheryl Daulton Lagenia Scott TECH CHEERLEADERS boast the crowd's spirit during a pep rally. LETTERMEN-FRONT ROW: Dean Carbone, sponsorg Garry Rady, James Scahill, Larry Jordan, Jay T. Scheidt, Bobby Coffin. SEC- OND ROW: Thomas B. Jackson, Kenneth D. VanAuken, Harvey H, Brooks, Hosea Engram, Johnny F. Whitthorne. Tl-HRD ROW: Bruce Turner, Mark A. IVlcKinney, Gary Spradlin, Thomas Clayton, Charles Hoskins, Jeff Llngenfelter. 9IQ5.5'I 3 -,,.,4uur-sv:-4' ' :PF .-19 1 .Minsk-....J .. t Y X A . s - " it .,,,, 1 XX P sf yi s I 4 1- 'L QX N H THE BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION class goes through its daily routine. Can you spot four fellows who don't understand what to do? Bags' ' ' p edf dasses ' 1 S ' ' 1 PF. A-T ALCOHOL EDUCATION CLASS with Mrs. Sims as instructor views a tilm as part ot its class work. +-. A l "What did you get out of boys' physi- cal education?" "Who, me? Sore muscles." "Hot." "Tired." "A B!" No, seriously, what did you get?" Well, boys' physical education is fun, but it is more than that. Boys learn all about teamwork. They also learn their ovvn strengths and weaknesses. Every six weeks the members are tested on pull-ups, burpees, and quarter- mile runs. That's where the sore muscles come in. Seventeen sections of boys' phys. ed. were offered in the fall semester. Each male pupil is required to take the course for two semesters. Among the activities in girls' physical education, square dancing and exercises on the uneven bars proved most interest- ing. Girls learned personal grooming and care of equipment, and part of their grade was based on daily inspection. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Blance Wil- liams, Mrs. Betty Broadhecker, Shirley Parrett, Mrs. Donna Sims, Mrs. Beatrice Harding, Mrs. Polly Chapman. SECOND ROW: Howard Catt, department head, Carlos Bell, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, Daniel Camplese, Jack Bradford, Mrs. Shirely Lundgren, Sharon Parrett. THIRD ROW: Robert Woodard, Ed McDowell Jr., Eu- gene R. Kelukuli, Melvin Bowers, Arthur Cook, Walter Eagleson. O f 'f"" 5 I, 13 3 ' i,,, " Jfhi , QVN X Q X A 1 1 ' l N ff' 1 I N I x ff J fl 'W ' I X L Qu' n I l xg- . - e Q f QA' 'Cv' ' fx W I .fi I 4 'I . f 9 ' s 1 0 . Y ' ' mr, ' MQ' 0:11 9 W' 0 lt 'N--,f!,4'A 1' Af if X ' ""Q f f IIA' N gk, 0 in , F r . in 2 657 x v 4A 4x XX X , X -2 l ,f i-'JA i A ' ,fda -Q, s OUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Brenda Mathis, Sharon Riley, Beverly Reed, Robin Grant. SECOND ROW: Debbie Shaw, Robin Kares, Steve Leavell, Dina L. Eads, C. T. Tresslar, DEBBIE SHAW, newspaper editopgf-,-Ch5ef pon- sponsor. 'vc-'lusts e 1.4: ., , ,M- 9,15 NEWS BUREAU-Mark Brooks, Dianna Shaw, Kathleen Willner, Robin Kares, Debbie Kay Shaw, chief editor, Robert Meyer, director. ders a layout problem. wav, , , . ff J flu u WANDA JONES, page one assistant, gives Grace Hedderich, typist, a bit of help. ,...,.-l CANNON NEWSPAPER STAFF-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Patti Wienke, Dianna Shaw, Debbie Shaw, Danna Richey, Robin Grant. SEC- OND ROW: Dina Eads, Mike Roberts, John Hawn, Robert Goode, Kevin Brewer, Robin Kares, Steve Leavell, THIRD ROW: Jim Branharn, Cindy I7 C' Gibbons, Mike Brown, Roy Purvis, Lynn Wright, Carl Cooper, sponsor C. T. Tresslar. NOT PICTURED: Claude Lowery, Theresa Stinson, Charles Starks, Thom West, Travis Green, Bob Stafford, Lilly Skudrovskis, Kathy Willner, Tony Jackson, Grace Hedderich, JAMES BALES, yearbook ad manager, lines up a new prospect. Stalls "Someone put those football prints on the dryer!" "Miss J., what margins should I use when I type this?" "Has anyone seen the scalograph lately?" "CongratuIate me, everyoneg I just sold a half page ad!" "As soon as you file those negs, you can put these pages in the blue book and throw those envelopes in the drawer." "Someone answer the phone. Mrs. Fl's gone." "Hey T., did you notice that the Majorettes' cutline was under Mr. Reed's picture?" "Will someone PLEASE answer the . N A v I. s X 'if bn! CARL COOPER, weekly staff reporter, and Kevin Hook, yearbook sports editor, do a bit of research. phone?" "Who typed my copy with the carbon paper in backwards?" "Stop! Stop! Whew! That was close. You almost got fluoresent orange paint on your blue denim seat from those wet posters!" "The green phantom has returned! Beware!" "The phone is still ringing!" "You'd think that a guy could find a pencil around a place like this when he needs one." Ah, another typical day in the Cannon Office. Visitors stand bewildered amid the noise and confusion, wondering if any- one actually has an idea of what's hap' , 39014300121 pening. But the initiated know and un- derstand. The language, frustrated personalities, and general madness of the staff all make the Cannon Office operate as only the Cannon Office could. Con- trary to popular belief, a thread of sanity really does run through the day's activities. For this seemingly disorganized hustle and bustle produces the CANNON Weekly and the CANNON Yearbook- more or less efficiently. When it seems that no one can possibly survive one more day's worth of chaos, it is discovered that everything is finished and the staffs can relax and unwind lfor five minutes any- way-the next deadline is coming!! "Answer the phone!" 4-5 7 CANNON YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW: Cheryl Hammond, Bonnie Rinehart, Tim Morse, Maggie Maddox, Kevin Hook, April Sandra Holtsclaw, Theresa Stokes, Beverly Reed, Yvette Pollard, Brenda Wirsrnan. KGIIW THVIOV, Sharon RUBY- NOT PIC!-UREDi Richard WGIIS. Mathis, Jane Long, Bernice Jones, adviser, SECOND ROWg Bill Laliaral Lawrence Hicks, Darnell Wilburn, Deborah Jackson, Debra Stutzman. Mark Brooks, Janice Wagner, Vicki Holmes, Jim Bales. THIRD ROW: 4 STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION-FRONT ROW: Teresa Grant, Margo Woods, Lisa Milender, Robin Grant, Carol Randolph Wanda Jones. SECOND ROW: Jan McCullough, Dina L. Eads, Alicia Marshall, recording secretary, Andrea Hunt, Patti Wienke THIRD ROW: Jeff Lingenfelter, Debbie Rosebrock, Robin Kares, Debbie Rhoads, Jim Branham, sergeant at arms: Julie Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Bernice Brown, Janice P. Wagner, David C. Armes, William Johnson, president, Laurie Lewis, parliamentarian' 1 Millie Moore, vice president: Michael R. Cecil, sponsor. I I I num ' " I 1 3 I I l me 1 T i!.!. '! !!l 'UM ' KEY CLUB-FRONT ROW: James Bales, Steve Howery, Murray Benson, James Scahill, Jim Branham, Gus Cruz, Roy Gilbert Crabill. SECOND ROW: Steve Cook, secretary, Walter Michel Wood, Gary L. Mohr, John S. Masters, president: Donald L. Harbin, Dennis K. Thomas, Kevin Jay Brewer, Mark McKinney. THIRD ROW: Mahlon W. Carlock, co-sponsor, David C. Armes, Ralph Wade, vice-president, David Smith, Claude Lowery, Stan Lawrence, treasurer: Victor Evans Jr., Tony Brummett, John Wiggins, co-sponsor. JN KEY CLUB AUXI LIARY: Susie Morris, Sherri lson, Laurie Lewis, Alicia Marshall, Lisa Millender. r KEY CLUB members Tony Brummett, Don Harbin, Randy Wade and Steve Cook collect litter from a yard in the Tech vicinity. SAO, Keg The Key Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30. The members ranging from freshmen to seniors are very active, not only with school activities but also in our local area. The homecoming fireworks are pro- vided every year by the Key Club. Several after-school dances kept them busy while their sponsor, Mr. Carlock, scheduled trash pick-ups and canister collections for Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclero- sis. Not only did the members collect toys for mental patients at Central Hos- pital, but they also rang bells for the Sal- vation Army and provided Christmas bas- uni'-'-'-' v' iw Illali Y-TEENS-FRONT ROW: Belinda Barnes, Wanda Gamble, Linda Bock over, treasurer, Patricia White, secretary. SECOND ROW: Mary Marthin sponsorg Bonnie Bell, Martha Allen. , Y-Teams aid sclwolb, kets filled with food for two needy families. Anyone who wants to enter Key Club is welcome to apply. Dues are 32.00 for National and 51.25 for State. The desire to do good for the benefit of others is helpful in becoming a loyal Tech Key Club member. Sponsored by Miss Marthin, the Y- Teens had a full schedule this year. Open- ing the year were swimming lessons. The girls progressed from sinking like rocks to floating like feathers. Since cold weather and wet hair don't go together, the les- sons were postponed until March. SAO ANNUAL CHRISTMAS DINNER provided happy moments for Elmarmae Brown, Janice Wagner, Lisa Milender, Mr. Cecil and Mildred Moore while decorating the Faculty Cafeteria in the Christmas spirit for the dinner. A highlight of the year was the annual Christmas party. Also during the year the girls reviewed books recommended by the librarian and heard a talk given on sex instruction. SAO activities of the year began with reopening the doors of the Girls' Locker Room in the Main, in hope of eliminating the crowding. At the Mardi Gras the student govern- ment body had a special booth-The Water Splash where students threw balls to dunk teachers and students into the water. All Board Members received boxes for the solicitation of money for UNICEF. Goals reached by the SAO this year in- cluded sponsoring pep sessions, revising the Student Affairs Organization con- stitution, and reviving the Sketchbook talent revue. Basketball Queen elections and the Annual Christmas Dinner cele- brated traditional SAO activities. They added something new to the Student- Faculty game, all participants rode on donkeys. Civ' HEALTH OFFICE ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Marguerite Goergen, Darlene Montgomery, Annette Hall, Dollie Edwards, Philip Chambers. SECOND ROW: Bev Huebner, Karen Smith, Paula Sanford, Michelle Anderson. Qelwbaf with .44 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Rebecca Buckley, Vickie Mae Ford, Vicki Hutton, Dina Eads, Aletha E. Willner, Roberta Bandy. Baxter, Janice Cline, Leah Hillman, Linda Bockover, Barbara Nickels, THIRD ROW: Dennis Cole, Christi Warner, Kathleen Willner, Victor Christina Chastain, Diana Herrington, Mickie Baxter. SECOND ROW: Marshall, Reta Corlett, Janice Hittle, David C. Armes, Hoy Long, Cindy Carlos Kirk, Mary Ann Holland, Carol Rosebrock, Bab York, Eva Hill, Swighelgshelia Gulley, Mrs, Gertrude Russell, librarian. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Diana K. Wong, Linda Steirs, Emily Morris, Metta Thurman, Doris Hobbs, Susan McMahon, Sharon Howard, Marilyn Williams, Cathy Stuck, Lisa Wise. SECOND ROW: Mee Lun Moy, Jan McCullough, Vicki Wright, Teresa Esslinger, Rochelle Williams, Darlene Delois Kennedy, Marguerite Maddox, Rosalyn Turner, Libby Willner, Cathy Roberts, Debbie Carolyn Bateman, Toni Johnson Millie Bland, Sharon Longshore,' Betty Hall, Carol Smith. 'XA l Veney, Rosemary Williams, Aletha E. LecCIier, Meta Massie. THIRD ROW: Angelia Edwards, Brenda R. Barnett, Bonnie Cameron, Marna L. Coleman, J ' ', ' ,smile l SERVICE CLUB-FRONT ROW: Chris Riewer, Jan McCullough, Sandra Armes,'Dorothea Lancaster, Rebecca Buckley, vice-president: Judith McBride, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Charlene Harmon, Andrea Hunt, president, Nancy Dillahay, Rose Mindach, Teresa Stokes, Mee Lun Moy, corresponding secretary: Katie Day. THIRD ROW: Sherri lson, Mildred Moore, treasurer: Joyce Hise, secretary: Tim Morse, Barbara Coons, Janice Wagner, sergeant at arms. l JUNIOR COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Diana K. Wong, Cynthia Blue, Mary Sayles, Bettie Manning, Mark Brooks, Carol Randolph, Wanda Snow. SECOND ROW: Suzette Clayton, Deborah Viers, Ricky Cosby, Douglas Dickson, Charles Black, Kenneth Nichols, Stephanie Hoke, Jeff Lingenfelter. D -- " A I . "- - ' - ga. ' . X -qv-1 LAURI LEWIS mans the hose while Sherri lson scrubs a dirty hub at an early fall Service Club car wash. Service Club kept on the move this year! Activities included a car wash, a Thanksgiving basket, a Stockholm House Christmas party, a Valentine tea, and a spring clean-up campaign. A highlight of the year was the tea for college-bound senior girls. Graduate members of the Service Club returned to inform the girls on how to adjust to college. The Service Club also sponsored the Spirit Slogan contest to boost Titan enthusiasm during the basketball season. A spirit kit was awarded to the winner. This green and white decorated prize contained a shaker, a booster badge, a sectional derby, a bag of popcorn, and a 20 ounce coke. The Junior Council saw a disappointing year. The council failed in its efforts to sponsor the first after-game dance since 1966 due to lack of participation from the student body. However, the Junior Prom proved successful. RICHARD ORTH sponsors the Junior Council. SERVICE CLUB MEMBERS Sherri lson and Janet McCullough serve punch and smiles at the club's annual installation. O2 Cofeob class gives dimems' The ROTC is on the move to improve -with its doors swinging wide open to the ladies. The co-ed class, begun a year earlier, was recognized for the first time last fall as a half-credit course. Girls learned basically the same material as men. Included as units were map reading, military manners, and rifle shooting. One freshman coed, Bonnie Cameron ranked with freshmen boys on the range. Formerly, ROTC sponsorship was not open to cheerleaders or majorettes, but since the coed class is offered for credit, cheerleaders and majorettes are not dis- qualified. All sponsors are recruited from the class. L ROTC INSTRUCTORS: SFC Eddie Colley, MSG Arthur Wilkinson, MSG Thomas L. Dawson. ROTC COED CLASS-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Delois Phillips, Brenda Stone, Kim Harbin, HCf2Lt Teresa Grant, HC!2Lt Vicki Eaton, Nelda Jones, 1Lt Janice Cooper, faculty adviser. SECOND ROW: Maria Valentine, Starlet Gill, HC!2Lt Judy Crabtree, HC!2Lt Margie Turner, Ruby Caldwell, Teresa Stokes, HC!Maj Alicia Marshall, Janice Bivens, CN Ivy, Blossom Bryant, Robin Kares, Cindy Brown, HC!2Lt Gloria Rios, Mary Wheeler,alternate sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Jackson, HC!2Lt Katria Whitfield, Anita McDonald, Connie Tucker, Bonnie Cameron, HC!2Lt Sue Harding, HC!Cpt Janice Wagner, Callie Journey, Vickey Booker. Girls with rank shown are sponsors. HCl2Lt Vicki Baxter. THIRD ROW: Billie Whitfield, Julie Lewis, Brenda ROTC OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: C!2Lt, Brian Morris, Cf2Lt. Mark Brooks, C!2Lt. Hillard Hahn, C!2Lt. Donnie Crabtree, C!2Lt, David McGuire, C!2Lt. John Parker, C!2Lt. Joe Little. SECOND ROW: C!2Lt. Scott Means, C!Maj. Louis Turner, C!1Lt. James Thomas, C!Cpt. Dennis Thomas, C!Cpt. Gordon Easley, C!2Lt. Lonnie Crabtree, C!Cpt. Robert Ramey. THIRD ROW: C!2Lt. Mark T. Everts, C11 Lt. Charles Schultz, Cl2Lt. Kenneth Nichols, CfCpt. Bryan Bloomer, C!2Lt. Jodi J. Davis, Jr., C!Cpt. Robert Heavrin, C!Cpt. David Lee Kerr, C!Cpt. Brad Turner. ROTC GIRLS DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: HCf2Lt. Vicki Eaton, SGT. Billie Whitfield, CO HCf2Lt. Katria Whitfield, HC!2Lt. Vickie Baxter, XO HC!2Lt. Teresa Grant. SECOND ROW: Corp Holly Wolfe, HC!2Lt. Sue Harding, PFC Anita McDonald, PFC Shirley Jackson, PFC Vickey Booker, PFC Janice Bivens. PRESENT ARMS! This is the command the Boys Drill Team exhibits in the City Drill Meet. THE QUICK PRECISION step of the Coed-Drill Team looks perfectly executed for their first competition. MENS ROTC DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Cf2Lt. Hillard Hahn, Cl2Lt. Scott Means, CISSG David Mathis, CO ClCpt. Bryan Bloomer, XO CfCDt. Robert Heavrin, CISFC Chester Pettis, CfCpt. Robert Flamey. SECOND ROWS HCl2Lt. Margie Turner, HC!2nd Lt. Sue Harding, C!2Lt. Joe Little, C!2Lt. Brian Morris, HC!2Lt. Katria Whitfield, HC!2Lt. Teresa Grant. O i 'U' L F4 'Q X1- X i x I 'X'- ROTC RIFLE TEAM-FRONT ROW: CXSSG David Mathis, C!2Lt. Joe Little, C!2Lt. Scott Means. SECOND ROW: HC!2Lt. Gloria Rios, sponsor, CXSSG Jim West, CICPT. Robert Ramey, CXCPT. David Kerr, C!Sgt. Jack Tapp. COLOR GUARD-C!Sgt. Jack Tapp, C!2nd Lt. Lonnie Crabtree, C!2nd Lt, Donnie Crabtree, CXSSG Eddie Milton. llll ill -i.S .A 'U YT Eng..- , 'E FQ Ticlv Many students found it difficult to adjust to the celebration of Veterans' Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, on October 25 instead of the annual November 11. However, Tech's ROTC unit had no problems getting involved in ow Vetwwms, Dag the patriotic atmosphere. Anyone would have given Tech a first place rating had he seen the excellent precision step of high school's largest ROTC unit. Leading the unit was Major Louis Turner, brigade commander with HCfMaj Alicia Marshal as brigade sponsor. The sponsors and cadets had perfect reason to be stepping high with the accompani- ment of the fantabulous Arsenal Techni- cal High School Marching Band. A PLATOON OF TECH ROTC marches on parade downtown with C!Cpt. Robert Ramey on platoon leader and HC!Cpt. Janice Wagner as sponsor. Carrying the platoon flag is ClSgt. David Mathis. yi! fi SEN Z Q3 sl V , C r UTC- + 'VH - u 0 C Q . , 'Q ,ez Ga EVE-29 :J W A' ,. E 2 : Q -: ' - K- -,1 Um :E A9 O , 6 CD XLS ,fx C'rW ' jf A - U . ' ,. l - X 4- : ? 'Z Q x. -9 ' ' :- ' -1 v ff ' X wl 4 og '72 'Jill SENIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Carlene Morris, Debra K. Wells, Doris Jonathan Lander, Callie Journey, Jim Branham, Johnny Whitthorne. NOT Douglas, sergeant at arms, Sandra Clyburn, Carolyn Darden, Beth Overbey, PICTUREDI Elmafmae Brown, Df65id6f1Ii Emerv DGYNGIS, Secretarv. treasurer, Loraine Laswell. SECOND ROW: Dexter Harney, James Scahill, 99 PQ it I xg 'i John Kanouse Lois Sink I ii: il I ,,vL Janice Cooper Q V f f E51 I' 1 Marguerite Hardy Mrs. Mary Penrod Judith McBride Sri tg: Ar, I SENIORS COLORS COMMITTEE-Darlene Lewelling, chairman: Janet Soltau, Vickie Baxter. NOT PICTURED: Janice Hittle, Donna Haley, Chuck Schultz. I 1 1 3 X Y' WU- w bi Q"'9 Tamara J. Aaron Thomas L. Alexander Lizabeth A. Anderson Robert K. Andrew Archie Actward David C. Armes Ron Bader Eldon Bailey Isaac J. Baker Viola V. Baker Donna Bales Brenda R. Barnett Katherine Barr Dorothy A. Bateman Stephanie L. Bates Hilda C. Batts Vickie A. Baxter Michael R. Bays Virgil J. Beamon Audrey E. Beckwith William E. Bedwell Susan J. Beeson Alice F. Benson Richard Bentley Sherrie A. Bland Bryan Bloomer Roger C. Bobbitt Denise L. Boggs Koetta J. Bougher Sherry G. Bowen Glendora Bowers Norma J. Boyd Yvonne Bradley Sandra K. Bradshaw Lynda D. Brady James P. Branham Cindy L. Breeden Kevin H. Brewer Wanda K. Brice Walter J. Brinkley Edwina Broach Perry D. Broadnax Harvey Brooks Marvin J. Brooks Phyllis G. Brooks E. Gregory Brown Elmarmae Brown Louis E. Brown Melvin Brown Jennifer L. Browning Niki J. Brummet Faith E. Bryant Rebecca A. Buckley Theresa J. Buckley Glenda J. Buckner David A. Bunch Terry E. Burks Manoah L. Burns Addie M. Burt Judy N. Butler Randall W. Butrum Jesse V. Butts Rita J. Byrd Theresa E. Byrd Jimmy O. Calhoun Marv H. Cammack Donald L. Cantrell Patricia A. Cantrell M. David Carson Kathy L. Carter Peggy M. Carter Gary M. Caselden 444 Z' lk 5 idxl if 61. . .KTA ff 3 vs 49 1 ,1 Y 532 . 1 , 'w 3 -.1 N ' K G.. .Ar L.,-3: 'gk , , 00, ue' f fy l SENIOR SWEATER COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Karen Jeffries, Beth Overbey, Brenda Rochelle Barnett, Darla Richey. SECOND ROW: Jerome Williams, Larry D. Coe, Dexter Harney, Johnny F. Whitthorne, chairman. M. R r ' rf pb Q1 3, l pf ' i N. ' SCNNI SENIOR SWEATERS invaded the Tech campus, first time this century! 1X Carol A. Chambers Karen L. Chandler Patricia A. Chaney Sylvia A. Cisneros Madonna Clayton Sherry L. Clem Sandra K. Clyburn Larry D. Coe Rodney D. Coffer Robert H. Coffin Jacqueline Colbert Virgil S. Colbert Darryl D. Coleman Toni Y. Coleman Willis L. Coleman Vonda G. Collins Kerry M. Conwell Steven C. Cook Sharon A. Coombs Barbara A. Coons Deborah C. Cooper Kuzava D. Cooper Reta D. Corlett Desiree A. Cornner Marcus Covington Roy G. Crabill Donnie H. Crabtree Lonnie D. Crabtree Larry Crawford Joseph P. Critchlow Marc T. Crumpton Gwendolyn R. Culp Mae Cunningham Larry J. Dalton Emery P. Daniel Gwendolyn C. Daniels Carolyn F. Darden Joyce L. Darden Marilyn K. Darden Emma M. Davis Jodie J. Davis Darrell R. DeBruhl Carl A. De Lawter Sara B. Donahue Larry O. Donel Lavenia D. Donel Debra A. Dorsett James C. Doss Doris J. Douglas Kenneth E. Drexler Elizabeth A. Duncan Jeanne M. Duncan Arleatha Ealy Gordon R. Easley Vicki R. Eaton Roger L. Edwards George P. Elliott Terry Ellis Benita E. Embry Beverly J. Emmitt Sheila D. Epperson Consuelo M. Espinoza Lawrence J. Esslinger Donna F. Eubanks Victor Evans Jr. Mark T. Everts F i EMILY REYNOLDS, Jodie Davis and Darnell Wilburn discuss their senior year. ' 1 ., , ,X . - f - V- Melinda J. Ewing Michael G. Fairgrief Roger Farral James T. Farrell Stella M. Farris Alan Ferguson Duane A. Ferguson Jill C. Fittzgerald Rose M. Folsom S. v . .X . t ' a .E-Z-9 1 In 5 A s ' l 'I ., T- ful' X if W ,arp 'fl Fm- 4 ' ' -I -X' Q' A 4s..' 'Y C7 '55 T f '3 5 2 SENIOR CAP AND GOWN COMMlTTEE-Dorothy Mclver, chairmang Elizabeth Trittipo, Marilyn Darden, Barbara Coons, Elaine Jones, Gloria Patton. Spencer D. Foreman Connie M. Francis Deborah A. Franklin Paula J. Franklin Theodore R. Frankli Rosemary Freeman George R. Fritch Eric C. Fuqua James C. Gadis Joan L. Gaither Joseph M. Gallen Wanda J. Gamble Veon Garrison Darryl L. Gartrell Mary R. Gibson Pamela L. Glaspy Clarence Gomillia Robert L. Goode Robert R. Gordon Sonja S. Gordon William M. Gordon Ruth A. Gorham Carolyn S. Gosser Sharon L. Gourley Robin C. Grant Darlene Graves Michael D. Gray Richard Grayson Judy Ann Green Randy E. Green D Rhea E. Green Selenar G. Grimes Jacqueline Grundy Harvey Lee Guerin Sharon E. Guerin Patricia A. Hahn Jeanine M. Haigerty Donna K. Haley Gregg E. Haley Barbara J. Hall Betty Jo Hall Keith Hall Melvin O. Hall Robert L. Hall Elsie Hamilton Cheryl L. Hammond John R. Hancock Cheryl l. Hannon Donald L. Harbin Dennis R. Hardwick Debra L. Hargis Dexter L. Harney Michael J. Harris Monica Y. Harris Wayne E. Harrison Carl E. Hasch James A. Hatton Robert L. Heavrin Pamela Grace Hedde Leslie W. Helmick rich .pa- -'Q' ' 'S lv' . W' -an GHS? .Li Null A al E : 5 . 3 '. - 'L f 1' I -' , .- ' , . . , , li l I ,.,5, ' t fp, ' 5 V. . :L f ' . ' .4 if L : CJ ifgif 3. ti 2 69' '- s 1 gb .. .- y . .. ,. f 1 V ,M 1 .. l 5' ' , ,g.. 1 Q - . ......- , . ef ' . ,-.--' " -se.: V 2 i .A G Q: i l V 44 f l . 3 7, ft Z 3 x 9 2. 3 if ' Q 3 1- 1 sq 455 i A .5212 , 5 1 -X xv ,. Yit- lf J 4, .,l 4 1, A X ., SENIOR CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-Frankye E. Johnson, Gary L. Mohr, David C. Amres, Janet Soltau, Kathy Cunningham. 'Q 3,-4 if Q-5, Q Nd' Z7 I l Nl l"i,f'-ll COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Elmarmae Brown, Loraine Laswell, Beth Overbey, Carolyn Darden, Debra Wells, Doris Douglas. SECOND ROW: Jim Branham, Emery Daniel, Jon Lander, Dexter Harney, Johnny F. Whitthorne, Callie Journey. 'M A Edward Lee Henderson Leslie L. Henderson Roger L. Hendrickson Deanna Henley Russell A. Hill Sharon Hill Robert Hinton Joyce Hise Janice A. Hittle Johnny Devoe Hogan Mary Ann Holland Victoria L. Holmes Cynthia L. Holt Michael R. Honeycutt Daniel J. Hook Debra A. Horsley Charles E. Hoskins Dawn C. Houze Danny A. Howard Karen R. Howard Sharon R. Howard Eddie Hubbard Jr. Milton E. Hubbard Stephen J. Huggler Andrea Rae Hunt John L. Hurst Vicki S. Hutton Deborah F. lnclenrock Sharon A. Ingram Daniel lnskeep William T. Jackson Jeffrey L. Jacobs John H. James Rebecca J. James Karen M. Jeffries Jill B. Jessup Arthur M. Johnson Charles E. Johnson Delores L. Johnson Frankye E. Johnson Janice L. Johnson William E. Johnson Charles Davis Jones Jr. Elaine Jones Estelle Jones Eugene E. Jones lra C. Jones Sylvia A. Jones Terry E. Jones Bettie R. Jordan Denver C. Jordan Callie Rae Journey Patricia L. Karr Thomas A. Kendall June A. Kendrick Richard Kendrick ., 4 'ui . L. mi Jr. Y 1, - if-' S 1 ,X l n' f fs 3' aa, 7 . air, sq L1 7' 'X-1 l 5 gun ' -1 rlnrrlf, i SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE- SECOND ROW: Jim Branham, Rosalind A. Kennedy Christene Kerr David L. Kerr Edwina L. Killebrew Rodney Brian Kimble Jerry W. Lander Jonathan W. Lander Kathleen D. Larkin Nlary E. Lasley Loraine Laswell Kushon Lawrence Gay C. Lawson A A A 4? 4 FRONT ROW: Elmarmae Brown, Loraine Laswell, Beth Overbey, Debra Wel Emery Daniel, Dexter Harney, Jon Lander, Johnny Whitthorne, Carolyn Darden. rr" T in -aw , 6 I 4- V' Doris Douglas 4' 1-1-1 s las-l E- lm- . PROM COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Elmarmae Brown, Loraine Laswell, Doris Douglas, Debra Wells, Lisa Milender, Carolyn Darden. SECOND ROW: Beth Overbey, Debbie Rose- brock, chairman: Nita White, Johnny Whitthorne, Reta Corlett, Emery Daniel. l -1 - V L':.f"-- 1 2 s vi .bi-. -Ml! af' If Jb- all 46 Z" ' Vik. F' 2 f"'T7 1 Steven T. Leavell Karen L. Lemmons Darlene Lewelling Bessie L. Lewis Laurie A. Lewis Terri Lewis Clarice J. Long Glenda P. Long Randal B. Loux Tommy L. Love Claude E. Lowery Ira Jean McAfee Patricia L. McCance Sandra Kaye McClellan Randall A. McCoy Jan S. McCullough Aquila McDougald Helen R. McDowell Rita S. McFall Dwight L. McGee Teresa Ann McGee Dorothy J. Mclver Patricia A. McKeage Elwood McReynolds Dorothy D. Mahone Margaret P. Manning William S. Marko Alicia R. Marshall Kerri E. Marshall Anna L. Mason Darrell E. Massingdale Brenda J. Mathis Julius Matthews Theresea Ann Maxwell Sandra S. Mayhew Debbie J. Mendez Lisa A. Milender Velma R. Millbrook 4 4-' I Bryan D. Miller Michael D. Miller Paul E. Miller MILDRED MOORE, JANICE WAGNER, and Pat Taube serve guests at the Senior Parents' Reception. Debra Sue Minton Connie Miracle Marzella Y. Mitchell Michale L. Mitchell Dennis G. Mobley Gary L. Mohr Sandra L. Montgomery Deborah A. Moore Frederick J. Moore James G. Moore Mildred A. Moore Miguel J. Moralez Daniel E. Morford Carlene E. M. Morris Carolyn J. Mosley Mee Lun Moy Carl L. Nash Joyce A. Neal Dorothy M. Nelson Jacqueline E. Newbern Larry F. Newson Toni L. Nix Nola Fl. Nooe Victor N. O'Bannon David Oliver Virgie Osborne Gwynn L. Owsley Roderick Parr Judy L. Parrish Gloria J. Patton Donald J. Pence Linda Marlene Pender Donnie Fl. Perdue Alvin O. Perkins Kathryn Perkins Gloria G. Peterman Deborah F. Milliken Rose M. Mindach Deanna Lou Minton 003 -Yfiiv -u-f' i'J swam -. ,,. -1"D i .Yr 5,41 ,r' X QM ,lx ,wi "HT S xl uf' x Q1 jlar in l. il? d, -. .1' SENIOR ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE-Emery Daniel, Mildred Moore, chairman, Herbert L. Thompson, Donna Bales, Benita Earlene Embry. NOT PICTURED: Gary Rady, Jeff Jacobs. 'V . , 'T ' Qi A '1 .1 f ll' Thomas C. Peterson Bradford G. Petree Price Petty Ill Denia M. Phillips Linda K. Phillips Patti M. Phillips Michael A. Pierce Johnnie R. Pinkerton Deborah E. Pipes Yvetta M. Pollard C. Paul Powell Lillie R. Powell Patricia A.,Powell Kays B. Pringle James K. Pritchard Paul W. Pryor Marie F. Pursley Pamela A. Ouillen Garry L. Rady Sharon A. Rainey Robert A. Ramey Stephan R. Ramsey Karen B. Ray David E. Rea Beverly J. Reed Donna E. Reese Vivian Reeves Jim Reid Sandra Rethmeyer Emily Reynolds Marsha Rhodes lsiah Rias Ethel Rice Theresa Rice Paul Richardson Robert Richardson Darla Richey Rene Ridley Sharon Riley Bonnie Rinehart Margaret Roads Dan Robbins Kenneth Robertson Debra Robinson Jeanette Robinson Jennifer Robinson Joseph Robinson Lendora Robinson Phillip Robinson Shirley Robinson John Rogers Debra Rosebrock Steven Ross Regena Rowland Nlary Rupert Ronald Rush Larry Rushton Marcia Russell Willie Sanders Paula Sanders Jim Scahill Jay Scheidt -an !F"' '.., X i 2- eh af ,A +0 '-T' F 4 ,-Cr. "?'KY"3W ff Q, . IE :Pi r -1 Rick Schmidt Charles Schultz Brenda Scott Debra Shaw Margaret Shaw Kenneth Shelby Gary Shelton Lori Sherrill Lexie Shockley Leeortis Sibley Jane Sicle James Siegel Hitt f Joseph Simonton A-' Steven Skaggs Lilly Skudrovskis Debra Smalling David T. Smith Delman Smith 'UI . Q J Diana Smith James Smith Janet Smith ,,:., Shirley Smoot Janet Soltau Stephen Spall TECH LEGION 1972-FRONT ROW: Charles Henry Schultz, Lori Ingrid Sherrill, Debra Jo Smalling, Janet Lynn Soltau, Mona Delisa Thomas, Elizabeth Ann Trittipo, captain, Kath- ryn Amelia Vaughn, captain, Randel Dean Wade, Kathleen Ann Willner, captain, Shirley Ann Wilson, Walter Michael Wood, Karen Sue Wright. SECOND ROW: Lisa Antoinette Milender, Bryan Douglas Miller, Deanna Lou Minton, Debra Sue Minton, Gary Lee Mohr, Deborah Ann Moore, Carlene Edna Morris, Mee Lun Moy, Toni Lynn Nix, Nola Dean Nooe, Miltiades H. Pappas, Sharon Kay Riley, Debra Jean Rosebrock, captain, Steven Lee Ross, Larry Alan Rushton, James Norman Scahill. THIRD ROW: Dexter Leon Harney, Pamela Grace Hedderich, Joyce Hise, Janice Ann Hits tle, co-commander, Andrea Rae Hunt, Vicki Sue Hutton, Rebecca Joan James, Frankye Eileen Johnson, William Edward Johnson, Bet- tie Rae Jordan, Denver Christian Jordan, co- commander, Darlene Lewelling, Claude Eugene Lowery, Alicia Rae Marshall, Brenda Joyce Mathis, Janet Sue McCullough, Rita Susan McFalI, Dorothy Jean Mclver. FOURTH ROW: David Carl Armes, Vickie Ann Baxter, James Paul Branham, Kevin Jay Brewer, captain, Elmarmae Brown, Niki .lo Brummett, Rebecca Ann Buckley, Sandra Kay Clyburn, Steven C. Cook, Roy G. Crabill, Emery Preston Daniel, Sara Beth Donahue, Doris J. Douglas, Rose Mary Folsom, Mary Ruth Gibson, captain, Sheryl Lynne Hammond. NOT PICTURED: Phyllis Gail Brooks, Shelia Darlene Epperson, Dennis Ray Hardwick. Ricky Spangler Wanda Spears Charlotte Spears Roy Spells Isaac Spencer Raymond Spencer Gary Spradlin Richard Stallings Debra Starks Larry Stewart Michael Stewart Everett Stockton Joane Sullivan Gary Sumlar Freida Taylor George Taylor Jeffery Taylor Joyce Taylor Leslie Taylor Roscoe Taylor, Jr. Elnora Terry Dennis Thomas Donna Thomas Leroy Thomas Mona Thomas Rosemarie Thomas Herbert Thompson Jody Tilford Jerry Townsend Phebe Townsend Elizabeth Trittipo Orvil Tucker Rhonda Tucker ll SENIORS REBBECA JAMES, Denver Jordan, and Janice Hittle relax in their newly acquired honor sweaters. ,rx fa' .1 . wi., mi T ? 1 3 Dorothy J. Tuggles Verna Tunson Bradley E. Turner Carl Turner Kristina F. Turner Lana Turner Louis E. Turner Maria A. Valentine Kenneth D, Van Auken Louise B. Van Cleave Wanda J. Van Cleave Kathleen R. Vanston Charles I. Vaughn Kathryn A. Vaughn Daniel P. Veerkamp Joseph E. Via Connie L. Viers Flandel D. Wade Janice P. Wagner Anthony Walker Kenneth E. Ward, Jr. Chestelle A. Washington Kathy E. Washington Andrea D. Waters Dallus Watkins DeWayne Watson Melvin Watson, Jr. Qfnthia E. Wayman Betty J. Webb Jewell D. Webb Rick Alan Weber David A. Webster Clarence L. Wellington Debra K. Wells Diane Wells Nita M. White Patricia A. White Tyrone White Cathy R. Whitfield 0 Johnny F. Whitthorne - Charles A. Wickware . Darnell L. Wilburn - - Michael E. Wiles , Q' 'O Bert D. Williams Donald W. Wilkerson is . -, "1 12, Y me Jerome O. Williams Karen L. Williams Michael Williams Richard Williams Edna A. Willis Monroe P. Willis Kathleen A. Willner Clarissa Michelle Wilson Joyce Wilson Shirley A. Wilson Sandra Wimsatt Calvin T. Wood w. Michael wood f v.i. g 'ii' ' I as Debra K. Wray - ff' is l I , 3- Karen S. Wright N, in Sandra Wright .f , ' """' George Yarbrough Jr. Thomas L. Zachery X I Marva A. Zackery O I 972 AARON, TAMARA JO: Business Education, Home Economics!Future Teachers of America ABEL, BRADFORD C.: Mathematics, Social Studies ALEXANDER, THOMAS LEE: Electrical Trades, So- cial Studiesllntramural Sports, Radio Club, Basketball ANDERSON, LIZABETH A. iLizyl: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics!CANNON agent, SAO Representative ANDREW, ROBERT K.: Auto-Aviation ANDREW, RICHARD ELVIN: Music, Social Studies ACTWARD, ARCHIE: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies!CANNON agent ARMES, DAVID C.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!French Club 5, Future Teachers of America 8, Human Relations Council 4, Key Club 4, Boys Concert Club 3, Techoir 2, SAO Executive Board 1, Convocation Committee AUSTIN, DONALD: Building Trades, Social Studies AUSTIN, RONALD: Building Trades, Social Studies BADER, RONALD W. lRonl: Drafting, Mathematics BAILEY, ELDON LYNN: Mathematics, Metal Trades, Social Studies!Bowling 3 BAKER, ISAAC JAMES: Art, Industrial Arts BAKER, VIOLA Nernital: Home Economics, Social Studies BALES, DONNA J.: Art, Social Studies!French Club 4, Concert Orchestra, SAO Representative 2, Entertain- ment Committee BARNETT, BRENDA ROCHELLE: Home Economics, I Ir' t ,N My 15 X t I Mathermtics, Social Studies!SAO Representative, Senior Sweater Committee BARR, KATHERINE lKatl: Business Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies BATEMAN, ANDREW D.: Building Trades BATEMAN, DOROTHY A.: Home Economics!SAO Representative BATES, STEPHANIE LEA: Social Studies BATTS, HILDA CORINE iDinal: Mathematics, Social Studies!OEA 2, Spanish Club 2 . BAXTER, VICKIE ANN: Foreign l.anguage, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America 6, ROTC Sponsors 1, ROTC Girls Drill Team 2, SAO Representative 3, Senior Color Committee BAYS, MICHAEL R. lMikel: Social Studies, Industrial Arts BEAMON, VIRGIL lSupremel: Auto Mechanics!Foot- ball, Wrestling, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative BECKWITH, AUDREY ELAINE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies BEDWELL, WILLIAM E. lBilll: Social Studies! Wrestling BEESON, SUSAN J. lSusiel: Music, Social Studies! Service Club 2, Bell Choir 3, Girls Ensemble 1, Techoir 2 BENNETT, LEONARD WAYNE: Printing BENSON, ALICE FAYE: Business Education, Social Studies!OEA 1 BLAND, SHERRIE A.: Business Education, Home Economics!Cannon Weekly Staff 1 BLOOMER, J. BRYAN iJ. B.l: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies!History Club 2, ROTC Officers 1, ROTC Drill Team 2, CANNON agent 3 BOBBITT, ROGER CARL: Mathematics, Social Studies BOGGS, DENISE L.: Mathematics, Social Studies! Spanish Club 3, SAO Representative 1 BONDS, ROBERT WAYNE: Metal Trades BOUGHER, KOETTA JACOUELINE lJacquiel: Busi- ness Education, Social Studies!OEA 2 BOWEN, SHERRY GALE: Home Economics, Social Studies BOWERS, GLENDORA lGlendal: Home Economics, Social Studies!OEA 2 BOYD, NORMA JEAN: Business Education, Home Economics!DE 2 BRADLEY, YVONNE: Business Education, Home Economics!OEA 2 BRADSHAW, SANDRA KAY lSandyl: Printing, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, Spanish Club 4 BRADY, LYNDA DIANE lL. B.l: Home Economics! Drama-Speech Club 2, High School Red Cross Club 2, Speech Team 1,Cap and Gown Committee BRAND, BRUCE: Metal Trades BRANHAM, JAMES P. lJiml: Foreign Language Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club 4, Human Relations Council 2, Key Club 2, NFL 3, Thespians 4, Techoir 2, Cannon Weekly Staff, SAO BREEDEN, CINDY L.: Business Education, Home Economics BRELAND, TILLIS MAURICE: Social Studies, Shop BREWER, KEVIN JAY: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Chemistry-Physics Club, Drama-Speech Club 3, French Club 3, Key Club 2, Music Club 2, Techoir, Concert Band, CANNON Weekly Staff BRICE, WANDA K.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!lCT 2, French Club 5, Judo 8, CANNON agent 1 BRINKLEY, WALTER GERALD: Printing BRITT, EVE J.: Business Education, Social Studies BROACH, EDWINA: Home Eoonomics!Music Club 2, OEA 2, Girls Concert Club 1, Techoir 2 BROADNAX, PERRY DeLEON: Shop!Chess Club 1 BROCKMAN, GARY LEE: Social Studies BROOKS, HARVEY LYNN: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Football, Track BROOKS. MARVIN J.: Auto-Aviation BROOKS, PHYLLIS G.: Businec Education, Home Economic BROWN, ANDRE: Auto-Aviation BROWN, BERNICE: Mathematics, Social Studies! Drarmspeech Club 4, Spanish Club 2, SAO 6, Speech Team 1, SAO Executive Board 2, Prom Committee BROWN, ELMARMAE: Businec Education, Home Economic!DrarrmSpeech Club 3, High School Red Cross Club, Girls Ensemble 2, Techoir, SAO Executive Board 3, Senior Class president , BROWN, LOUIS E.: Building Trades, Social Studies BROWN, MELVIN: Art, Mathematic!Music Club 1, Bell Choir 3, Melodayres 1, Techoir 2 BROWNING, JENNIFER L.: Foreign Language, Mathematic, Science, Social Studies!French Club 4, Smnish Club 2 BRUDER, JUDSON KENNETH: Business Education, Social Studies BRUMMETT, NIKI JO: Foreign Language, Mathe- rmtic, Science, Social Studies!French Club 6, Service Club 8, Melodayres 1, Techoir 2, CANNON agent 3, Human Relations Council 5 BRYANT, FAITH ELLEN: Business Education, Social Studies BUCKLEY, REBECCA ANN: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Service Club 8, SAO representative BUCKLEY, THERESA J.: Business Education, Social Studies BUCKNER, GLENDA JUNE: Home Economics BUNCH, DAVID ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation BUR KS, TERRY E.: Social Studies!Boys Concert Club 1 BURNETT, LLOYD MICHAEL: Metal Trades BURNS, LAUREL LEE: Art, Foreign Language, Social Studies!Melodayres, CANNON Yearbook Staff BURNS, MANOAH: Building Trades BURROUGHS, DEBORAH: Business Education, Home Economic, Social Studies BURT, ADDIE M.: Home Economic, Social Studies! Judo, OEA, Service Club BUTLER, JUDY N.: Social Studies BUTRUM, RANDALL WAYNE: Electricl Trades, Mathermtic, Science, Social Studies!Drarna-Speech Club BUTTS, CALVIN J., JR.: Building Trades BUTTS, JESSE V.: Industrial Arts, Mathematic, So- cial Studies BYERS, BENNIE: Metal Trades BYRD, RITA JOYCE: Business Education, Home Economic BYRD, THERESA ELAINE: Business Eduction, So- cial Studies CALHOUN, JIMMY: Drafting, Mathematic CAMMACK, MARY HELEN: Home Economics, Math- ematic!DE, French Club CANTRELL, DONALD: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies CANTRELL, PATRICIA ANN: Home Economic CARLISLE, HELEN JACOUETTA: Social Studies CARMER, DAVID MITCHELL: Mathematics, Social Studies CARPENTER, ERMSTON IButchI: Electrical Trades! Football, Wrestling CARR, KEVIN: Business Education, Social Studies! OEA CARSON, DAVID M.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club CARTER, KATHY LYNN: Social Studies!CANNON agent, SAO representative CARTER, PEG: Art CASELDEN, GARY: Business Education!Cross Coun- try, Track CAUDLE, PAUL L.: Business Education!OEA, ROTC Drill Team, Concert Band CHANDLER, KAREN LYNETTE: Social Studies! Stnnish Club CHANEY, PATRICIA ANN: Home Economic, Social Studies CISNEROS, SYLVIA ANN: Social Studies, Business Education!Service Club, Track, SAO representative CLAY, EDDIE RUTH: Business Education, Home Economic CLAYTON, MADONNA: Home Economic!Basketball, Football CLEM, SHERRY L.: PrintinglGAA CLYBURN, SANDRA K.: Foreign Language, Mathe- rmtic, Science, Social Studies!Senior Council COE, LARRY lBaby Namathl: Social Studies!Football, Golf COFFER, RODNEY D.: Art, Business Eduction, So- cial Studies!Chess Club 8, Intramural Sports 2, Letter- men's Club 1, OEA 2, Football, Track, SAO representative COFFIN, ROBERT H.: Mathematic, Social Studies, Industrial Arts!Lettermen's Club, Football COLBERT, JACOUELINE: Home Economic, Social Studies COLBERT, MARVIN K.: Social Studies!FootbaIl COLBERT, VIRGIL S': Auto-Aviation, Social Studies COLE, MILLICENT RENE lMilIiel: Home Economics, Social Studies COLEMAN, DARRYL D.: Art!CANNON agent , COLEMAN, TONI YVONNE: Business Education, Social Studies!High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative, Cap and Gown Committee, Prom Committee COLEMAN, WILLIS L.: Printing!SAO representative COLLINS, VONDA GAILE: Social Studies COLVIN, EARNESTINE: Business Education, Social Studies!DrarnaSpeech Club, German Club, NFL, Speech Team, CANNON agent, SAO representative CONWELL, KERRY MICHAEL: Social Studies!History Club, XYZ, Latin Club, Cross Country, Tennis COOK, STEVEN CARL: Social Studies COOMBS, SHARON ANN: Business Edu tion, Social Studies!OEA COONS, BARBARA ANNE: Music, Social Studies, Business Education!Service Club, Concert band, Con- cert Orchestra, CANNON agent, Cap and Gown Com- mittee COOPER, BETTY: Horne Economic, Social Studies COOPER, DEBORAH CHRISTINE: Social Studies COOPER, KUZAVA D.: Auto-Aviation CORLETT, RETA DARLENE: Business Education, Social Studies CORNNER, DESIREE: Business Education CORRINGTON, MARK: Art, Social Studies!Track CRABILL, ROY GILBERT: Music, Social Studies! German Club, History Club, Key Club, Bell Choir, Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band CRABTREE, DONNIE H.: Electrical Trades!ROTC Officer, ROTC Color Guard CRABTREE, LONNIE D.: Electrical Trades!ROTC Officer, ROTC Color Guard CRAWFORD, LARRY D.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies CRITCHLOWQJOSEPH P.: Art!Chess Club CRUMPTON, MARC: Drafting, Social Studies!Junior Council CULP, GWEN RENE: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics!OEA, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir CUNNINGHAM, CATHERINE: Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA, Music Club, Girls Concert Club DALTON, LARRY: Metal Trades, Social Studies DANIEL, BERTA: Home Economic, Social Studies DANIEL, EMERY: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics, Social Studies!SAO Representative, Senior class secretary, Gift Committee, Prom Committee, Entertainment Commit- tee, Cap and Gown Committee DANIELS, GWENDOLYN: Home Economics, Social Studies!Junior Council DARDEN, CAROLYN: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!RolI Room 153 Vice- president DARDEN, JOYCE: Business Education DARDEN, MARILYN: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies!Cap and Gown Committee DAVIS, EMMA: Social Studies DAVIS, JODIE: Art, Social Studies DEAN, ALICE: Art DeBRUHL, DARRELL: Building Trades!lCT, 4 VICA, 2 DECKER, RICHARD: Foreign Langua9e!French Club 7, Spanish Club 6, Roll Room 153 Recorder DeLAWTER, CARL: Mathematic, Science, Social Studies!Drarm-Speech club 4, NFL 2, Boys Concert Club 2, Speech Team 1 DICKERSON, DONALD: Building Trades DINKINS, DANIEL: Electrical Trades!Spanish Club DONAHUE, JEANNE: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies DONAHUE, SARA: Business Edumtion, Social Stud- ies!OEA 2, SAO Representative A DONEL, LARRY: Art, Social StudieslArt Club DONEL, LAVENIA: Home Economic, Social Studies DORSETT, DEBRA: Home Economic, Social Studies! GAA 3, Judo 2, Red Cross Club 3, Service Club 1, Span- ish Club 2, Y-Teens 2, CANNON agent, Homecoming committee, SAO Representative 1 DOSS, JAMES: Business Education, Metal Trades DOTSON, LEWIS: Mathematic DOUGLAS, DORIS: Home Economic!Drarna-Speech Club 1, Cheerleaders B, Girls Concert club 2, Girls En- semble 2, Techoir 2, Cannon Agent 1,SAO Representa- tive 6, Senior Council DREXLER, KENNETH: Mathematic, Science, Social Studies!Chess Club 1 DRIVER, STANLEY: Social Studies DUNCAN, ELIZABETH: Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, 2 GAA 1, Y-Teens 1, SAO Representative 6, Li- brary Messenger 6 DUNCAN, JEANNE IJEANEEI: Mathematic!Girls Concert Club, Techoir EADS, DENISE WEST: Business Education, Social Studies EALY, ARLEATHA: Home Economic, Social Studies EASLEY, GORDON: Auto-Aviation!ROTC Officer, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team EATON, VICKI: Music, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club 2, French Club 1, NFL, OEA 1, Thespians 2, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Cannon week- lv staff 3 EDWARDS, DOLLIE: Business Edu tion, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies EEWFRDS, ROGER: Auto-Aviation, Mathematic! ELDRIDGE, REBBIE: Business Education, Social Studies ELLIOTT, GEORGE: Drafting Mathematic ELLIS, TERRY: Building Trades, Mathematic EMBRY, BENITA: Home Economic, Social Studies! GAA 8, Entertainment Committee 3. EMMITT, BEVERLY: Business Education EPPERSON, SHEILA: Busines Education, Home Eco- nomic, Social Studies!ICT, NFL 2, OEA 2, Speech Team, Junior Council 2 ESPINOZA, CONSUELO: Business Education!History Club 2, Spanish Club 7, Track 1 ESSLINGER, LAWRENCE: Business Education,Social I 3 ,..... Studies!L.ettermen's Club 6, Football 1, Wrestling 2 EUBANKS, DONNA: Busines EducationlSAO Rep resentative EVANS, VICTOR, JR.: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Hurnan Relations Council 6, JCL 2, Lattermen's Club 4, Key Club 6, Football 4, Track 1, Jr. Council, Congert Band 2, Concert Orchestra 7, SAO Representa- tive EVERTS, MARK: Auto-Aviation!Wrestling 2, ROTC Officers 1 EWING, MELINDA: Home Economic, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Human Relations Council, Judo, High School Red Cross Club, Track, Junior Council, Speech Team FAIRGRIEF, MICHAEL: PrintinglPrinting Club 2 FARRAL, ROGER: Social Studies, ShoplBasebaIl, Wrestling 2 FARRELL,JAMES: Metal Trades!BowIing FARRIS, JOSEPH: Building Trades, Social Studies! ROTC Officers FARRIS, PATRICIA: Business Education, So- cial Studies FARRIS, STELLA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomic!ICT, GAA, Judo, OEA, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Track 3, CANNON agent 1, SAO Representative 2, Girls Athletic Sweater FERGUERSON, ALAN: Electrical Trades FERGUSON, DUANE: Building Trades, Social Studies FINNIGAN, MICHAEL: Music, Social Studies!Music Club 1, Bell Choir 2, Concert Orchestra 4, Dance Band 2, Melodayres 4, Techoir 4, SAO Representative 2 FITZGERALD, JILL: Social Studies!Bell Choir, Girls Concert Club FOLSOM, ROSE: Foreign Language, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Concert Orchestra, Girls Con- cert Club, Techoir, Speech Team, SAO representative FOREMAN, SPENCER DARNELL: Social Studies! Senior Prom Committee FRANCIS, CONNIE M.: Business Education, Home Economic, Social Studies!OEA FRANKLIN, DEBORAH A.: Home Economic, Social Studies!Track, SAO representative FRANKLIN, PAULA JO: Home Economic!SAO representative FRANKLIN, THEODORE R.: Building Trades, Social Studies FREEMAN, ROSEMARY: Home Economics, Social Studies FRITCH, GEORGE RALPH: Metal Trades, Social Studies .5 4' di van, 'I KENNETH SHELBY leads the Black Lightning Express in the Battle of the Bands dance. 'S' . . I3l FUOUA, ERIC C.: Building Trades GADIS, JAMES CURTIS: Business Education, Social Studies!DE V h , GAITHER, JOAN LYNETTE ISissieI: Art, Social Studies!SAO representative GALLEN, JOSEPH M.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies GAMBLE, WANDA IJeanniel: Social Studies!French Club, Judo, OEA, Service Club, Y-Teens, Concert Band GAREY, KEITH ROGER: Building Trades!Music Club Boys Concert Club GARRISON, VEON: Auto-Aviation, Industrial Arts! Lettermen's Club GARTRELL, DARRYL L.: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies!Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Tennis, Concert Band GIBSON, MARY RUTH: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!OEA, Speech Team GIBSON, ROY: Metal Trades GLASPY, PAMELA LYNN: Business Education, Home Economics GLOVER, DENICE ANN lGringal: Art, Business Education!Spanish Club GOMILLA, CLARENCE: Building Trades, Social Stud- ies!Music Club GOODE, ROBERT LESLEY IBobl: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!German Club, Key Club, Track, Melodayres, Techoir GORDON, ROBERT RONALD IRonnieI: Auto-Avia- tion!lCT GORDON, SONJA SUZETTE IWilliamSl: Social Studies GORDON,WlLLlAM lBilll: Business Education, Mathematics GORHAM, RUTH ANN: Social Studies!High School Red Crow Club, Drama-Speech Club GOSSER, CAROLYN lCaroll: Social Studies GOURLEY, SHARON: Business Education GRADY, RAYFORD JOHN: Printing, Social Studies GRANT, ROBIN CAROL: Mathematics, Social Studies! Techoir, Cannon Weekly Staff, SAO Executive Board GRAVES, ANTHONY EARL: Social Studies GRAVES, DARLENE: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies!DramaSpeech Club, Judo, NFL, High School Red Cross Club, Speech Team, SAO representative GRAY, MICHAEL D.: Building Trades, Social Studies GRAYSON, RICHARD: Social Studies, Industrial Arts! ICT GREEN, JUDY ANN: Business Education, Social Studies GREEN, RANDY EDWARD: Auto-Aviation!Cross Country, Track, Wrestling GREEN, RHEA S.: Mathematics, Social Studies!His- tory Club, OEA, Spanish Club GRIMES, SELENAR GAY: Business Education, Home Economics GRUNDY, JACQUELINE: Home Economics, Social Studies!CANNON agent GUERIN, HERVEY L.: Industrial Arts, Metal Trades, Science, Social Studies!lCT, CANNON agent, SAO representative GUERIN, SHARON E,: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Concert Orchestra, String En- semble, CANNON agent GUFFEY, DONNIE: Auto-Aviation HAHN, PATRICIA ANN: Foreign Language, Social Studies HAIGERTY, JEANINE MARIE: Business Education, Social Studies!OEA HALEY, DONNA KAY: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies HALEY, GREGG E.: Social Studies, Plumbing!CAN- NON agent HALL, BARBARA J.: Home Economics, Social Studies EIQLL, BETTY JO: Business Education, Social Studies! A HALL, KEITH: Industrial Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Football, Track HALL, MELVIN ODELL: Auto-Aviation, Science HALL, ROBERT L.: Music, Social Studies!Dance Band, Boys Octette, Techoir HAMILTON, RICHARD J.: Social Studies HAMMOND, CHERYL LYNNE: Business Education, goiifil Studies, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook ta TICQNCOCK. JOHN R.: Auto-Aviation, Industrial Arts! HANNON, CHERYL IRENE: Home Economics!CAN- NON agent HARBIN, DONALD L. JR.: lDonl: Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Techoir HARDWICK, DENNIS RAY: Foreign Language, Math- EITIHUCS, Science, Social Studies!lCT, German Club HARGIS, DEBRA LYNN: Social Studies HARNEY, DEXTER LEON: Social Studies!Cross Country, Track HARRIS, MICHAEL JAY: Auto!Lettermen's Club, Basketball HARRIS, MONICA YOLANDE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Cannon Agent, SAO representative HARRISON, WAYNE EDWARD: Building Trades HASCH, CARL E.. Auto, Social Studies HATCHETT, RANDOLPH: Building Trades! Cross Country, Track, Wrestling I 972 HATTON, JAMES ALLEN: Industrial Arts!BasketbalI, Football HEAVRIN, ROBERT: Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Officers, ROTC Drill Team HEDDERICH, GRACE: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies!Service Club, CANNON agent, CANNON Weekly Staff, Prom Committee HELMICK, LESLIE WAYNE: Printing HELMS, CAROL ANN: Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, ICT Club, History Club, Intramural Sports, Concert Band, Cannon Agent HENDERSON, EDWARD LEE: Auto, Social Studies! Chess Club HENDERSON, LESLIE LaVERNE: Art, Home Eco- nomics!Judo HENDRICKSON, ROGER, L.: Aviation, Mathematics, Social Studies!FootbalI, Track HENLEY, DEANNA JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies!FTA, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, SAO representative, Homecoming Committee, Entertainment Committee HILL, RUSSELL ALLEN: Auto HILL, SHARON LOUISE: Social Studies!DE, High School Red Cross Club HINTON, ROBERT: Mathematics, Social Studies!Con- cert Band HISE, JOYCE: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies!Hu- man Relations Council, Music Club, NFL, Service Club, Concert Orchestra, Speech Team, SAO representative HITTLE, JANICE ANN IJANI: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, French Club, Concert Orchestra, Melodayres, Techoir HOGAN, JOHNNY D.: Art!Track, Wrestling HOLLAND, MARY ANN: Art HOLMES, VICTORIA L. IVICKII: Art, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies!Cheerleader, Speech Team, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff HOLT, CYNTHIA L.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies!Future Teachers of America, History Club, Y-Teens, CANNON agent, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO repre- sentative, Senior Homecoming Committee HONEYCUTT, MICHAEL: Business Education, Social Studies!Track, Football, Wrestling HOOD, CASHA M.: Social Studies HOOK, DANIEL J. IDannyl: Science, Social Studies! Baseball HORSLEY, DEBRA ANN: Home Economics HOSKINS, CHARLES EDWARD: Social Studies, Industrial Arts!Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Basketball HOUSE, ALEXAN DE R: Building Trades, Social Studies HOUZE, DAWN C.: Business Education!DE HOWARD, DANNY A.: Metal Trades HOWARD, JUANITA LEE: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, Judo, String Ensemble, Basketball, SAO representative, Junior Council HOWARD, KAREN R.: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, CANNON agent HOWARD, SHARON R.: Social Studies!GAA, SAO representative, Gym Assistant, Senior Entertainment Committee HUBBA R D, E DDIE: Building Tradesllntramural Sports, CANNON Weekly Staff HUBBARD, MILTON E.: Social Studies HUBER, KU RT K.: Business Education, Social Studies I-IUGGLER, STEPHEN: Foreign Language, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies!German Club, Baseball HUMPHREY, BETTY: Business Education, Social Studies!Red Cross Club HUNT, ANDREA IAndyl: Music, Social Studies! French Club, Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cheerleader, Girls Ensemble, SAO Executive Board HURST, JOHN L.: Art, Social Studies!Concert Band, Marching Band HUTTON, VICKI SUE: Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club, OEA, Concert Band, Speech Team, SAO representative INCLENROCK, DEBORAH F.: Business Education, Home Economics INGRAM, SHARON ANN: Business Educati0n!OEA INSKEEP, DANIEL: Business Education, Social Stud- ies!D.E., Drama-Speech Club, NFL, OEA, Concert Band, Speech Team IVY, DENNISt Electrical Trades JACKSON, CLIFTON LEON: Building Trades, Social Studies JACKSON, WILLIAM T:: Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wrestling JACOBS, JEFFREY IJeffl: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies!Football, Track, Techoir, Senior Entertainment Committee JAMES, JOHN H.: Building Trades JAMES, REBECCA IBeckyl: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!SAO representatives, Junior Achievement, Senior Homecoming Committee JEFFERSON, JAMES IUnil: Mathematics, Social Studies JEFFRIES, KAREN: English, Social Studies!History Club, Cannon Weekly Staff, Senior Sweater Committee, Senior Homecoming Committee JESSUP, JILL: Social Studies!Red Cross Club, Techoir, SAO representative, Girls Concert Club, Senior Home- coming Committee, Senior Prom Committee JOHNSON, ARTHUR M.: Auto TradeslLettermen's Club, Basketball, Football, Techoir JOHNSON, CHARLES E.: Social Studies!FootbalI JOHNSON, DE LORES: Foreign Language, Social Stud- ies!Techoir, Meoldayres, Concert Band, Senior Home- coming Committee JOHNSON, FRANKYE E.: Business Education, Social Studies!Y-Teens, SAO representative, Junior Council, Senior Convocation Committee, Senior Homecoming Committee JOHNSON, GENE R.: Social Studies JOHNSON, JANICE LEE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!Red Cross Club, CANNON agent JOHNSON, THELMA: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies!BasebaII, Basketball, Football, Track JOHNSON, WILLIAM: Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, French Club, Human Relations Council, NFL, SAO Executive Board, Speech Team, Junior Council, Dance Band, SAO representative, Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Senior Sweater Committee JONES, CHARLES D.: Auto Trades, Social Studies! Track, Cross Country, Concert Band JONES, ELAINE: Business Education, Social Studies! Senior Homecoming Committee, Senior Cap and Gown Committee JONES, ESTELLE: Social Studies JONES, EUGENE E.: Building Trades, Social Studies JONES, IRA C.: Art, Social Studiesllntramural Sports, Track, SAO representative, Senior Homecoming Com- mittee, Senior Prom Committee JONES, SYLVIA A.: Social Studies JONES, TERRY: Business Education, Social Studies! Intramural Sports, OEA JORDAN, BETTY: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Science, Social Studies!GAA JORDAN, DENVER: Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, Key Club, Lettermen's Club, NFL JOURNEY, CALLIE RAE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, ROTC Girls, SAO representative KARR, PATRICIA LYNN: Home Economics, Social Studies KELLEY, GERALD IJen'yl: Building Trades KENDALL, THOMAS ALLEN lToml: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies!OEA 2, CANNON agent, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff KENDRICK, JUNE ALICE: Business Education, Home Economics, Business Education, Social Studies KENDRICK, RICHARD: Auto!Basketball, Football, Track KENNEDY, ROSALIND ALETA: Business Education, Social Studies!OEA KERR, CHRISTINE IChrisl: Home Economics KERR, DAVID LEE: Building Trades!Chess Club, Judo, Photography Club, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, CANNON agent, Color Guard KILLEBREW, EDWINA LOUISA: Home Economics, Social StudieslY-Teens MILT PAPPAS, a native Greek student at Tech has taken five years of Spanish and English, three of French and one of Russian. He is also a poet and enjoys studying philosophy, mainly Aristotle. KILPATRICK, WILLIE JAMES: Auto, Social Studies! Track KIMBLE, RODNEY BRIAN: Electrical Trades!Drama- Speech Club, History Club, High School Red Cross Club KINDER, KEVIN B.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!ROTC Officers LAFARA, ORVELLE H.: Drafting, Social Studies! Cross Country, Track, Wrestling LANDER, JERRY WM.: Science, Social Studies!Chess Club, Radio Club, Basketball, Boys Concert Club, Techoir LANDER, JONATHAN WALTER: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Boys Concert Club, Con- cert Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Roll Room 7 recorder, Senior Council, Gift Committee, Prom Committee LARKIN, KATHLEEN DELLA: Business Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Spanish Club LASLEY, MARY: Business Education, Home Economics LASWELL, LORAINE: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Melodayres, Techoir, SAO Execu- tive Board, Senior Council, SAO representative, Gift Committee, Prom Committee LAUBACH, MARTIN IMartyl: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Debate Team, Speech Team, SAO representative LAWRENCE, KUSHON: Industrial Arts!BasketbalI, Track LAWSON, GAY CHERIE: Foreign Language, Social Studies!GAA LAY, RAYMOND H.: Social Studies LEAVELL, STEVEN THOMAS: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Chess Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Ouill and Scroll, Cross Country, Track, CANNON Weekly Staff, Roll Room 7 Entertainment Committee LEMMONS, KAREN LEE: Art, Social Studies!GirIs Concert Club LEWELLING, DARLENE: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies!French Club, History Club, Music Club, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, CANNON agent, SAO representa tive, Senior Colors Chairman Committee LEWIS, BESSIE: Home Economics LEWIS, LAURIE ANNE: Business Education, Social Studies!Key Club, Girls Enesmble, Majorette Corps, Techoir, SAO Executive Board LEWIS, TERRI LYNN: Foreign Language, Social Studies LIDDELL, DONELL: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies LINVILLE, WAYNE JACKSON: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Chess Club LONG, CLARICE JANE: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies!OEA, CANNON agent, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative LONG, GLENDA: Social Studies!Track LONG, NORRIS: Building Trades LOUX, RANDAL: Mathematics, Social Studies LOVE, MONA: Home Economics, Social Studies LOVE, TOMMY: Auto-Aviation LOWERY, CLAUDE E.: Music, Social Studies!Key Club, Lettermen's Club, NFL, Basketball, Football, Techoir, Speech Team, Senior Sweater Committee LOY, SUSAN: Mathematics, Social Studies McAFEE, IRA JEAN: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA MCCANCE, PATRICIA LEA lPatl: Social Studies! Girls Concert Club MCCLELLAN, SANDRA KAYE lSandyl: Business Education, Social Studies!OEA MCCORKLE, DANDY MORRIS: Building Trades MCCOY, RANDALL A.: Auto Trades McCULLOUGH, JANET SUE lJanI: Social Studies! Key Club, Service Club, Girls Concert Club, SAO Executive Board MCDANIEL, MARGALETTA B. IMargiel: Social Stud- ies!Junior Council, SAO Representative MCDOUGAL, AQUILA: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies McDOWELL, HELEN R.: Social Studies!Debate Team MCFALL, RITA SUSAN: Mathematics, Social Studies! Maiorette Corps, SAO representative McGEE, DEWIGHT: Welding!Wrestling McGEE, TERESA ANN: Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA MCGRAW, KADRIN CLYDE: Building Trades MclVER, DOROTHY JEAN: Music, Social Studies! Bell Choir, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Cap and Gown Committee MCKEAGE, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education, Social Studies!SAO representative McREYNOLDS, ELWOOD lDagwoodl: Social Studies! ICT, Basketball, ROTC Officers, SAO representative MAHONE, DOROTHY D. lDee Deel: Business Edu- cation!Music Club, OEA, High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, GirlS Concert Club, CANNON agent MAJORS, ANTHONY: Radio T.V., Social Studies! Concert Band MAJORS, ANTHONY WAYNE: Art, Social Studies MANNING, MARGARET PEARL: Home Economics, Social Studies MARKO, WILLIAM STEVEN ll lBillI: Printing, Social Studies!lCT Club, Football, Printing Club MARSHALL, ALICIA R.: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies!Drama-Speech Club, Key Club, Y-Teens, Majorette Corps, SAO Executive Board, ROTC Sponsors MARSHALL, KERRY: Social Studies MASON, ANNA: Business Education, Home Econom- ics, Social Studies IVIASSINGALE, DARRELL: Building Trades . 'TWU +L..-- ia ,yr- AN EXAMPLE of Ira Jones' ceramics done in Miss Pheimister's Art 7 class. MASTERS, JOHN SCOTT lDutchI: Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Key Club, NFL, Thespians, Boys Octette, Speech Team, Techoir MATHIS, BRENDA JOYCE: Busines Education, Social Studies!OEA, Quill and Scroll, Concert Band, CANNON Yearbook Staff MATTHEWS, JULIUS: Auto!Junior Achievement MAXWELL, THERESEA ANN ICookiel: Home Eco nomics!0EA MAYHEW, SANDRA SUE lSandyl: Art, Social Stud- ies!CANNON agent, SAO representative MEANS, SCOTT ALLEN: Auto-Aviation!ROTC Offi- oers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, Wrestling MEDSKER, KEITH: Auto-Aviation, Science, Social Studies MENDEZ, DEBRA J. IDe-bbiel: Foreign Language, Social Studies MERRIWEATHER, MAE lBa-Bal: Home Economics, Social StudieslJudo, Y-Teens MILENDER, LISA ANTOINETTE: Mathemat- ics, Science, Social Studies!Key Club, CANNON agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO representative, Prom Committee MILLBROOK, VELMA R. Nall: Home Economics MILLER, BRYAN DOUGLAS: Mathematics, Science! German Club, Thaspians, Speech Team, Debate Tesn, Concert Band MILLER, DEBORAH FREEMAN: Art, Social Studies MILLER, FLENNERY lFlenl: Auto-Aviation!Judo, Cross Country, Basketball, Track MILLER, MICHAEL D.: Industrial Arts!Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band MILLER, PAUL E.: Mathematics, Science, Social StudieslKey Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative, Asistant MILLIKEN, DEBORAH F.: Business Education, Social Studies!Track MINDACH, ROSE: Business Education, Social Studies! Judo, Service!CANNON agent, SAO representative, Messenger MINTON, DEANNA: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies!Latin Club, GAA MINTON, DEBBY S.: Business Education, Foreign Langiage, Social StudieslLatin Club MIRACLE, CONNIE R.: Social Studies!CANNON gent, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO representative MITCHELL, MICHAEL L.: Business Education!OEA MOBLEY, DENNIS G.: Building Trades, Social Studies MOHR, GARY L.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Spanish!CANNON agent, Con- vocation Committee MOODY, REGINALD S.: Refrigeration MOORE, DEBORAH A.: Busines Education, Social Studies!Drama-Speech, NFL, OEA, Speech Team, SAO representative MOORE, FREDERICK J.: Busines Education, Social Studies MOORE, JAMES G.: Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, Track, Concert Band MOORE, MILDRED IMilIiel A.: Business Education, Social Studies!History Club, Human Relations Council lPresidentl Service CIub!Junior Council, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Executive Board IVice Presidentl MORALEZ, MIGUEL J.: Social Studies MORFORD, DANIEL: Mathematics, Science, Social StudieslChemistry-Physics Club, Speech, CANNON qent, SAO representative MORRIS, CARLENE EDNA MAE: Busines Education, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, OEA, Jr. Council, CANNON agent, SAO representative, Senior Council, Gift Committee MORROW, RICKY: Building Trades, Social Studies MOSLEY, CAROLYN JEAN: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!OEA MOY, MEE LUN: Foreign Language, Social Studies! German Club, Service Club, Cheerleaders, Girls Ensem- ble, Techoir NASH, CARL LEE: Social Studies NEAL, JOYCE ANN: Business Education, Social Studies!Prayer Circle, Future Teachers of America, CANNON agent, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO represen- tative, Cap and Gown Committee NELSON, DOROTHY MAE: Home EconomicslJudo, Track NELSON, SARA ANNE: Home Economics, Social Studies NEWBERN, JACQUELINE ELAINE lJacquel: Busi- ness Education, Social Studies!Concert Band, Girls Con- cert Club, Melodayres, Techoir NEWSON, LARRY FREDERICK: Business Education, Social Studies NIX, TONI LYNN: Home Economics, Music!History Club, Human Relations Council, Exploratory Teachers, Bell Choir, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, Majorette Corps, SAO representative NOOE, NOLA JEAN IReynoldsl: Busines Education! Girls Concert Club, Melodayres, Techoir - O'BANNON, VICTOR NICHOLAS lVicl: Building Trades!Judo, Radio Club O'GARA, KATHLEEN MARIE lKathyl: Business Education OLIVER, DAVID: Drafting, Social StudieslSAO representative OSBORNE, VIRGIE: Business Education OSCARSON, EDNA MARIE: Foreign Language, Social Studies OVERBEY, BETH ANNE: Foreign Language, Mather matics, Social Studies!Drama-Speech, NFL, High School Red Cros Club, Melodayres, Techoir, Speech Team, Senior Treasurer OWSLEY, GWYNN LaCARR: Business Education! Mesenger PAPPAS, MILTIADES HARRY lMiItI: Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies!Chess Club, Human Relations Council, Spanish Club, Debate Team PARR, RODERICK lRickl: Building Trades, Social Studies!Ches Club PARRISH, JUDY LORRAINE: Home Economics, Social Studies PATTON, GLORIA JEAN: Busines Education, Home Economics, Social StudieslY-Teens, SAO representative, Cap and Gown Committee PENCE, DONALD JEFFERY IDonl: Drafting, Social Studies PENDER, LINDA MARLENE: Business Education, Social Studies PERDUE, DONNIE RAY IDonI: Electrical Trades PERKINS, ALVIN OWEN IAIIZ SOCial StudieslCr05 Country, Track, Concert Band PERKINS, KATHRYN IKathyl: Business Education, Social Studies PETE RMAN, GLORIA GENE: Social Studies PETERSON, THOMAS O. lTommyl: Building Trades PETREE, BRADFORD GIFFORD: Foreign Languqe, Social StudieslFuture Teachers of America, Key Club, Cross Country, Track, Boys Concert Club, Techoir, SAO representative 4 ' I 972 If STEVE LEAVELL dons his attire in preparation for the long cycle ride home. PETTY, PRICE III: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Wrestling PETTY, THOMAS WM., JR. ITommyI: Auto-Aviation PHILLIPS, DENIA M.: Business Education, Mathematics PHILLIPS, LINDA KAY: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies PHILLIPS, PATTI MARIE: Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, Thespians PIERCE, MICHAEL ANTHONY: Social StudieslDra- ma5peech Club, Human Relations Council, NFL, Melo- dayres, Techoir, Speech Team PINKERTON, JOHNNIE RAY IJohnI: AutcrAviation PIPES, DEBORAH ELAINE IDebbiel: Home Eco- nomics, Social StudieslGAA, Girls Concert Club, Major- ette Corps, CANNON agent, SAO representative Con- vocation Committee POLLARD, YVETTA IYvetl: Art, Home Economics, Social StudieslGAA, CANNON Yearbook Staff POWELL, CHESTER PAUL: Business Education, Social Studies! DE, OEA POWELL, LILLIE ROSE: Home Economics POWELL, PATRICIA IPatI: Home Economics PRICE, MARK ALLEN: Social StudieslFootball, Ten- nis, Track, Wrestling PRINGLE, KAYS BERNARD: Auto-Aviation PRITCHARD, JAMES KEVIN: Art, Social Studiesl Chess Club, History Club, SAO representative PRYOR, PAUL HESLEY: Auto-Aviation, Social Stud- ieslHistory Club, Football PURSLEY, MARIE FRANCES: Social Studies, Mathe- maticslFrench Club QUILLEN, PAMELA ARLINE: Business Education, Social StudieslICT Club, SAO representative RADY, GARRYz Busines Education, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Entertainment Committee RAINBOLT, REX ROLAND RAINEY, SHARON ANN: Social Studies RAMSEY, ROBERT ALAN: Mathematics Social Stu- dieslROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team. ROTC Drill team RAMSEY, STEPHAN RAY: Mathematics, Social Studies RAY, KAREN BRATCHER: Businas Education REA, DAVID EUGENE: Auto-Aviation, Social Stud- iadSAO Representatives - REED, BEVERLY JANE: Social StudieslPhotography Club, Quill and ScroIIlCANNON agent, CANNON Year- book Staff, SAO representative REESE, DONNA ELAINE: Businm Education, Social StudieslOEA, Prayer Circle, Concert Band, CANNON agent, SAO representative REEVES, VIVIAN KAE: Busines Education, Home EconomicslOEA REID, JAMES MARVIN IJimI: Social Studies RETHMEYER, SANDRA KAY: Business Education, Social Studies REYNOLDS, EMILY FRANCES: Business Education, Social Studies RHODES, MARSHA JOYCE: Business Education, Social StudieslFrench Club, GAA, OEA RIAS, ISIAH1 Social Studies RICE, ETHEL JEAN: Home Economim, Social Studies SICE, TERESA ANNETTE: Home Economics, Social tudies RICHARDSON, BOBBY RAE: Art, Social Studies RICHARDSON, PAUL COLEMAN: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social StudieslHistory Club, Cross Coun- try, Track, Wrestling, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band RICHEY, DARLA JEAN: Social StudieslService Club, Speech Tam, CANNON agent, SAO representative, Sweater Committee RIDLEY, RENE DENISE: Home EconomicslGAA Track RILEY, SHARON KAY: Business EducationlOEA, Quill and Scroll, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO alternate RINEHART, BONNIE JEAN: Social StudieslCheer- leaders, Girls Concert Club, Maiorette Corps, CANNON gent, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative ROADS, MARGARET: Home Economics ROBBINS, DANIEL L.: Social Studies ROBERTSON, KENNETH EUGENE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ROBINSON, ACIE ROGER: Social Studies ROBINSON, DAVID WAYNE: Industrial Arts ROBINSON, DEBRA SUE IDebbieI: Home Economics ROBINSON, JEANETTE HELEN: Home Economics, CANNON Weekly Staff, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative ROBINSON, JENNIFER R.: Business Education, Social StudieslOEA, Y-Teens, SAO representative ROBINSON, JOSEPH: Industrial Arts ROBINSON, LENDORA: Home Economics, Social StudieslJudo ROBINSON, PHILLIP WALLACE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ROBINSON, SHIRLEY: Home Economics, Social StudieslGAA, Track ROBINSON, THELMA lBelII: Home Economics, Social StudieslHistory Club ROGERS, JOHN PAUL: Mathematics, Social Studies! Basketball, Wrestling, Concert Band, Dance Band ROSEBROCK, DEBRA JEAN: Home Economics, Social StudieslDrame-Speech Club, Judo, Theqaians, Prayer Cricle, SAO Executive Board, SAO representa- tive, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Colors Committee ROSS, GREGORY LAVON: Printing ROSS, STEVEN LEE: Electrical Trades, Mathematics! Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling ROWLAND, REGENA LOUISE: Business Education! GAA, Y-Teens RUPERT, MARY ALICE: Busines Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies RUSH, NATHAN LEO: Mathematics, Social Studiesl Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Wrestling RUSH, RONALD LAMONT: Art, Building Trades RUSHTON, LARRY ALAN: Printing, Social Studies! ICT Club RUSSELL, BLANCHE KAYE: Social Studies RUSSELL, MARCIA ANN: Busines Education, Social StudieslOEA, SAO representative SANDERS, WILLIE: Social Studies SANFORD, PAULA DENISE: Foreign Language, Social StudieslService Club SARGENT, ANDREW LELAND IDrewI: Drafting SCAHILL, JAMES N.: Mathematics, Science, Social StudieslKey Club, Lettermen's Club, Golf. Boys Oc- tette, Techoir, Senior Council, Gift Committee, Prom Committee SCHEIDT, JAY: Building TradeslLetterrnen's Club, Football, Wrestling, SCHMIDT, RICKY DEAN: Business Education, Social StudieslLettermen's Club, Golf SCHULTZ, CHARLES HENRY: Auto-Aviation, Social StudieslICT Club, Letterman's Club, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, ROTC Officers ROTC Drill Team, SAO representative, Color Committee SCOTT, BRENDA: Busines Education, Social Studies! ICT, Music Club, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent, Messenpr SCURLOCK, ANNA: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies SHAW, DEBBIE: Mathematic, Social StudieslKey Club, Quill and Scroll, Drama Club, Speech Team, Human Relations Council Thespians, NFL, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON Weekly Staff. SHAW, MARGARET: Home Economics, Social Stud- ieslGAA, OEA SHEA, MICHAEL: Auto-AviationlICT SHELBY, KENNETH: Building TradeslBasketball, Track, Dance Band SHELTON, GARY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies SHE RRILL, LORI: Business Education, Social Studiesl Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, CANNON agent, Library assistant SHOCKLEY, LEXIE: Home Economics, Social Stud- ieslGAA Junior Achievement SIBLEY, LEEORTIS: Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, French Club, History Club, Speech Team SICKLE, JANE ELOISE: Mathematics, Social Studies SIEGEL, JAMES: Music, Social Studies!Boys Concert Club Boys Octette, Concert Band, Dance Band, Techoir, Marching Band SIMONTON, JOE, JR.: Building TradeslTrack SKAGGS, STEVEN: Electrical TradesllCT SKUDROVSKIS, LILLY: Busines Education, Social StudieslOEA, Concert Band, CANNON agent, CAN- NON Weekly Staff SAO representative SMALLING, DEBRA JO: Business Education, Social StudieslService Club, Prayer Circle, Girls Concert Club, Techoir SMITH, DAVID: Social Studies SMITH, DAVID MICHAEL: Art SMITH, DAVID TERRY: Building Trades, Mathe- matii:lFootball, Track, CANNON agent SMITH, DEBORAH IWrightl: Business Education, Home Economics SMITH, DELMAN O.: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Education!Chess Club, Latin Club SMITH, DIANA MARIE: Home Economics SMITH, ERNEST J.: Business Education, Social Stud- ieslDrame-Speech Club, Track, CANNON Weekly Staff SMITH, JAMES EARL: Electrical Trades, Social Studies SMITH, JANET L.: Business Education, Home Eco nomicslOEA SMITH, KAREN MARIE: Social Studies SMITH, LARRY: Business Education, MusiclDE SMOOT, SHIRLEY L.: Home EconomicsJSAO repre- sentative SOLTAU, JANET LYNN: Mathematics, Social Stud- ieslSpanish Club, Bell Choir, String Ensemble, Techoir, Colors Committee, Convocation Committee SPALL, STEPHEN ALLEN, lStevel: Auto-AviationlDE SPANGLER, RICK: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies SPEARS, WANDA LEE: Business Education, Social Studies!OEA SPEER, CHARLOTTE ELAINE: Home Economics SPELLS, ROY E.: Social StudieslROTC Officers, CANNON agent, SAO representative SPENCER, ISAAC CLEVELAND: Busines Education, Mathematics, Social StudieslChess Club, lntranural Sports, OEA, Spanish Club, Wrestling SPENCER, RAYMOND ROBERT: Auto-Aviation SPRADLIN, GARY OTIS: Mathematics, Social Stud- ieslKey Club, Lettem1en's Club, Football STALLINGS, RICHARD ALLEN: Industrial Arts STANDARD, WILLIAM JR.: Social Studies STANSBERRY, BART: Building TradeslArt Club, Chess Club, Intramural Sports STEWART, LARRY JAMES: Social Studies!CANNON agent, SAO representative STEWART, MICHAEL C. IAcel: Auto-AviationlSAO Executive Board, SAO representative STOCKTON, EVERETT: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social StudieslSpanish Club, Track STROHSCHEIN, ROSA: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies SULLIVAN, JOANE E.: Home Economics, Social Studies!Judo, Spanish Club SUMLAR, GARY WAYNE: Industrial Arts TAYLOR, FREIDA MARSHALL: Home Economics, Social Studies TAYLOR, GEORGE DAVID Ilinock-Outl: Building TradeslFootbaII, Track, Cros Country TAYLOR, JEFFERY IJeffl: Auto-Aviation TAYLOR, JOYCE ANNE: Home EconomicslSAO representative g . ff ' DORIS DOUG LAS, homecoming queen, and escort, Veon Garrison, pose for the cameraman. TAYLOR, LESLIE ROXANNE: Art TAYLOR, ROSCOE, JR. lScobyl: Business Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Techoir Symphon- ic Band TERRY, ELNORA ALVIS: Business Education, Home EconomicslOEA THEARD, MIKE R.: Building TradeslChess Club THOMAS, DENNIS KENT: Social StudieslKey Club, Cross Country, Track, ROTC Officers THOMAS, DONNA KAYE: Social Studies THOMAS, JAMES: Building Trades, Social Studies, ROTC Officers, ROTC Drill Team THOMAS, LEROY: Building Trades!Concert Band THOMAS, MONA DELISA: Art, Business Education! GAA, OEA, CANNON agent, SAO representative THOMAS, ROBE RT: Industrial Arts THOMAS, ROSEMARIE: Art, Home Economics THOMPSON, HERBERT LYTEL, JR.: Commercial FoodslFrench Club, Judo, Cross Country, Wrestling, Concert Band TILFORD, JODY LEE: Social Studies TOWNSEND, JERRY M.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Judo, Photogrmhy Club, Concert Band, March- ing Band, CANNON agent TOWNSEND, PHEBE: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies!SAO representative TRITTIPO, ELIZABETH ANN: Foreign Languge, Mathematics, Science, Social StudieslChemistry-Physics Club, Drama Club, French Club, Prayer Circle, Concert Orchestra, CANNON agent, SAO representative, Cap and Gown Committee TUCKER, ORVIL LAY: Social Studies TUCKOR, RHONDA MARIA lBoo Bool: Business Education!GAA, Track, ROTC Girls, Girls Concert Club TUGGLES, DOROTHY JEAN lGIuml: Home Eco- nomics, Social StudieslTrack, Concert Club, CANNON agent TUNSON, VERNA E. lVernl: Social Studies!Girls Chorus TURNER, BRADLEY E.: Business EducationlOEA, ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, SAO representative TURNER, BRUCE ALLEN: Industrial Arts TURNER, CARL R.: Social Studies, Auto-Aviation TURNER, KRISTINAZ Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies TURNER, LANA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Social StudieslOEA, Track TURNER, LOUIS E.: Social StudieslChess Club, Color Guard, Tennis, ROTC Officer VALENTINE, MARIA ANNTONETTE: Businless Edu- cation, Home Economics, Social Studies!ROTC Girls VANAUKEN, KENNETH DALE: Industrial Arts. Social Studiesllntramural Sports, Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Football, CANNON agent VANCLEAVE, LOUISE BELL: Social Studies VANCLEAVE, WANDA JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies VANSTON, KATHLEEN ROBERTA lKathiel: Social Studies!NFL, OEA, Speech Team, SAO representative VAUGHN, CHARLES IChicol: Art, Social Studies! Cross Country, Track VAUGHN, KATHRYN A. lKathyl: Mathematics, Science, Social StudieslChemistry-Physics Club, French Club, Judo, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, SAO representative VEERKAMP, DANIEL P. lDanl: Auto-Aviation!Art Club, ICT, Key Club VIA, JOSEPH E. IJoeI: Printing!lCT VIE RS, CONNIE LOUISE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies WADE, RANDEL D. lRandyl: Aviation, Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Bell Choir, Dance Band, Techoir WAGNER, JANICE PEARL: Social Studies!Drame- Speech Club, History Club, Human Relations Council, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, ROTC spon- sor, Junior Council, SAO Executive Board WALKER, ANTHONY ITonyl: Business Education, Mathematics, Science!Chess Club, Intramural Sports, OEA, Track, Wrestling WALKER, CARL: Building Trades!Wrestling WALKER, DON: Social Studies WALKER, VIRGIL: Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Cros Country, Track WALLACE, JEFFERY BERNICE: Busines Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!BasketbalI, Football, Track WARD, KENNETH EUGENE, JR. lKennyI: Auto- Aviation, Social StudieslICT WARDELL, DAVID EMMETT: Industrial Arts WARSAW, THEOPHLEUS: Art WASHINGTON, CHESTELLE ANNETTE WASHINGTON, KATHY E.: Home Economics WATERS, ANDREA DENISE: Home Economics, Social Studies WATKINS, CORSELL RICKY: Industrial Arts WATKINS, DALLUS: Building Trades WATSON, DEWAYNE IDeel: Printing!Key Club, Radio Club, Service Club, CANNON agent WATSON, MELVIN, JR.: Art, Electrical Trades, MathematicslCross Country, Football, Track, Chas Club WATTS, RICHARD C. lRickyl: Social StudieslCAN- NON Yearbook Staff WAYMAN, CYNTHIA ELAINE lCindyl: Home Economics WEBB, BETTY JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies WEBB, JEWELL DINAHN: Business Education, Home Economics WEBER, RICK A.: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studieslwrestling WEBSTER, DAVID ALLEN: Auto-Aviation WELLINGTON, CLARENCE LAMONT: Industrial Arts! Basketball WELLS, DEBRA KAY lDebbiel: Social Studies! French Club, Junior Council, Majorette Corps, Roll Room 300 recorder, Prom Committee, Gift Committee WELLS, DIANA: Social Studies WELLS, RENE: Industrial Arts, Social Studies WHITE, NITA MARIE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!SAO representative, Senior Prom Committee WHITE, PATRICIA ANN IPat or Pattyl: Business Education!French Club, OEA, High School Red Cross Club, Y-Teens, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent WHITE, TYRONE KEITH: Business Education, Social StudieslDE, Baseball, Basketball, Football WHITFIELD, CATHY R.: Art, Social Studies!Spanish Club WHITTHORNE, JOHNNY F.: Building Trades, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Concert Band, Jr. Council, Sr. Council, Vice President of Roll Room 300, Sweater Committee, Prom Committee, Gift Committee WHOBREY, JOHN EVE RETT: Industrial Arts WICKWARE, CHARLES ANTHONY: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!BasketbaIl WILBURN, DARNELL L. ILarryl: Social Studies! Baseball, ROTC Drill Team, CANNON Yearbook Staff WI LES, MICHAEL EUGENE IMikel: Electrical Trades! CANNON agent WILKERSON, DONALD WAYNE lDonl: Drafting, Social Studies WILLIAMS, BERT DOUGLASS: Auto Trades!Foot- ball, Wrestling, CANNON agent WILLIAMS, JEROME O.: Mathematics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Football, Wrestling, SAO represen- tative, Senior Sweater Committee WILLIAMS, KAREN LOUISE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies WILLIAMS, MICHAEL VANCE: Business Education, Social Studies WILLIAMS, RICHARD CEDRICI Industrial Arts, Social Studies WILLIS, EDNA ANN: Home Economics, Social Studies WILLIS, MONROE: Drafting, Industrial Arts, Social Studies WILLNER, KATHLEEN ANNE: Foreign Language, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Spanish Club, Speech Team, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO representative WILSON, CLARISSA: Social Studies WILSON, DON MILTON: Art, Track WILSON, JOYCE MARIE: Busines Education, Social StudieslJudo, OEA, Track WILSON, PATRICIA ANNE: Social Studies WILSON, SHIRLEY ANN: Mathematics, Social Stud- ieslICT Club, Drama-Speech Club, GAA, SAO representative WIMSATT, SANDRA KAYE: Business Education, SocielStudias WINKLEMAN, GEORGE LARRY: Industrial Arts, Social Studies WOOD, CALVIN THOMAS: Mathematics, Science, Social StudieslChess Club, French Club, Concert Band, Dance Band, Marching Band, Pep Band WOOD, WALTER MICHAEL: Music, Science, Social StudieslKey Club, Boys Octette, Dance Band WOODS, MICHAEL GARY: Social Studies WRAY, DEBRA K. IDebbieI: Home Economics, Social Studies WRIGHT, KAREN SUE: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies WRIGHT, SANDRA lSendyI: Business Education, Home Economics WRIGHT, VERA ARLENEi Mathematics YARBROUGH, GEORGE: Social Studies ZACHERY, MARVA ANN ZACHE RY, THOMAS L. JR.: Electrical Trades ZUPAN, ANTHONY L.: Building Trades!Lettermen's Club, Baseball THIS CLAY SEAHORSE was created by Joe Critchlow in Miss Phemister's Art VII class. 6 RL I I J W v w 4 3-'32 - ht, if. 'Z '.," '- .,,-... ' g , " A-3, db- x - 4 - f P , N H1- l : : Y Y - Q U - I 2 ? E '- x., s v, Q- .,, Q x. ' Q ' , YT ' ' ' ' nstTeclv's ' ,fl of We RAY REED, after serving one semester as acting-principal, is novv in charge of all activities, pupil administration, and staff as Tech's new principal. I Wien v JAMES E, STEWART is vice-principal in charge of directing Evening School. WALLACE POTTER, assistant principal, is in charge of personnel and instruction. 1 .gb ROBERT V. BELDING, viceaprincipal, is in charge of curriculum, programs, records, in- struction and schedule problems. ROBERT STOCKARD, vice-principal, is co- ordinator of pupil personnel. QF' DONALD OLDHAM is the new vice-principal in charge of finance, buildings, and grounds. 1 JACK BRADFORD heads all teams as director of athletics. , I LEWIS MARSHALL is director of shop activi- ties, building and grounds. , 3 . All JIM BORSHOFF is assistant director of the Evening School. DONALD DAILY is work training consultant for National Youth Corps. XII! ,. 1. GAYLORD ALLEN conducts group tests as guidance director. RICHARD SHOCK is director of special edu- cation. . Z ERNEST HOLMES heads the Industrial Co- operation Training and the Employment Office. JOHN WILLIAMS heads the Diversified Oc- cupational Training program. I u s ROBERT MEYER, director of student activi- ties also heads the News Bureau. Q G CECIL T. TRESSLAR is director of publi- cations and heads the CANNON weekly. ti is Y - X 14: i :fi " CRAMON MYERS is the new director of distributive education. MRS. MARJORIE MCCLJTCHEON is director of audio-visual education. Dem, mimi combat S ,Wham ii IVAN MOREMAN is counseling assistant to the dean of boys. ....-f""" FRED KELLY is the dean of boys. l l l 7 41 MAHLON CARLOCK, assistant dean of boys, is ' also in charge ofthe Key Club. sl 365 1"'V"" 6' id tv-A ,,. -"1 .1 f- -x, .2 1 .- COUNSELING ASSISTANTS to the dean of girls are Sharon Parrett, Mrs. MRS. MARTHA TURPIN, dean of girls is seconded by Mrs. Barbara Dofotlw Stout, Mrs, Zoearlune Davis. Dearing, counseling assistant. . "Y ' E -Lb A ig KARL SCHNEIDER is an assistant and sched- ules pupil programs. JOHN MINER, head of the House Plan looks pleased at the success of the project. I O ' , H8 47TH O.lSIH Ml 0 Val Z"lll -1-ri I J MRS. JUDY KOTHE, Mrs. Judith Hamilton, head: and Mrs. Geraldine Ward operate the library. . . . i ' 1 li l. lf 1 BLANCHE WILLIAMS, Mrs. Shirley Lundgren and Mrs. Betty Brodhecker maintain the Health Center. JOHN WHALIN is an assistant to the principal. 61' L...-f KENNETH BAYLESS is Evening School guidance director. 4 U ' Pwilww 417,14 WILLIAM GRANEY DUANE BLANKENHORN JOHN HURRLE MRS, SARAH HAIVIER Freshman, Sophomore, Freshman, Sophomore, Freshman, Sophomore, Freshman' Sophomore Junior counselor Junior counselor Junior counselor Junior Counselor 46 V1 N 5 X 4 ,Ms ROWLAND LEVERENZ MRS. IVIILDRED IVICAFEE Freshman, Sophomore, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior counselor Junior counselor ROBERT COLLINS, Mrs. Carolyn Ray and Kay Sutherlin, social workers. 1 "' ' fa gin' V f 1 4 s 'Wff X f . ' Nr ' f AX N fl I ,,. f ' N 1 ' gi- I iw ERNEST CLINE CHARLES KOCHER Freshman,Sophomore, Barn Project Junior counselor DEAN CARBONE CHARLES HARRY House Plan House Plan AN EARLY-MORNING cafeteria employee keeps an assembly line of submarine sandwiches moving, George Martin, Floyd Carson. o o o I DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Louise Schneider, Mrs. Jeannette Fields, Mrs. Gwendolyn Huff, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Mrs. Wanda Moon. SECOND ROW: Ted Ferguson, Mrs, Judith Shattuck, Leo Terry, James Wells, James Albers, Mrs. Betty Rowland. I. r zz' ' -1 OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Fannie Fowler, Mrs. Charleyne McArdIe, Mrs. Caroline Hyatt. SECOND ROW: SECURITY OFFICERSAFRONT ROW: Leon Martin, Robert Lloyd, Mrs. Eugenia Briggs, Benjamin Clack, Wilbert Gruner. SECOND ROW: Tim Frye, Sgt. Jack Heavenridge, Albert Spaulding, Sgt. outs 4 I- -? 4435. B?',f EVENING DIVISION OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Margaret Potter, Mrs. Eileen Bales, Mrs. Mary Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Pentecost, Mrs. Mildred Langlotz. .. Q X - .F- I '. MRS. SHIRLEY KILGORE, switchboard operator. BOOKSTORE CLERKS: Mrs. LaVerne Stewart, manager, Mrs. Wilma Durham, Mrs. Frances Craig. Mrs. Martha Thomas, Mrs. Louise Creasser, Mrs. Helen Harvey, Mrs. Florence Cox, Mrs. Sandra Lauderdale. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Verda Allee, Mrs. Elsie Robards, Norma Rodewald, Mrs. Janice Chadwick, Mrs. Bernadine Pool. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Gene Montgomery, Patricia Littell, Mrs. Rita Tussey, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, Mrs. Edna Ayres. i il' dx. new ir-f 7-X 1 f ' 1 4 rr FH: H FI ll YI ll ll ll N21-'ln x E Nb O ,ji ix Z3 B X T f!jjQ5'jfx N"- ' X XX J' 1' 1 X 1 i f ,r xx 1 f , , 3' X I 1-A , X S K 1 ,I I X A f I. ' -:Q 'QI 'qc' -.5 p 1 ?f4Qpf0..QaMf! , , ,lf x X f ,W , bg.. -09 X X K X I f aQ,. 4 ' N N X x ' L 5 f I ' If X nf' XXX 'x I 1 1 X K f L yr W f if ,ks is ?g,T?fLff 2-35 322: 111'-:EE?'i1:'g': QD: gc 5 Q yt? ,ff5, , 35 R58 V X53 858855 if f .5 I U O f nl jf "wx xi L15 14 46 DWI N CO. SALES - SERVICE o RENTALS Happy Daze? Buy books, Supplies and Novelties at your ATS Bookstore GODWIN CO. VAN SICKLE RADIO SUPPLY C0 FORK TRUCK 4131 North Keystone 846 N. HAMILTON Gene Vansickle 637-7939 INDIANAPOLIS. Class 012124 637-3325 INDIANA 46201 Indiana's Pioneer Supermarket of everything in electronics GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC. 1640 East Washington 636-1566 r f 1 Qty, Arsenal Cannon Alumni Association ARSENAL TECHNICAL SCHOOLS Adult Evening School James E. Stewart Vice-Principal, Director 1 U 1 Linwood Square Banking Office 4215 East 10th Street 356-7255 Brightvvood Banking Office 2355 Station Street 547-3481 ARIVIIN GRAUL Department Store 2506 Martindale Avenue 923-7846 EIVI-ROE SPORTING GOODS COIVIPANY Indiana's leading Sporting Goods Store IVIFIS. CHAS W. BALES L. "Wh AFNB The American Fletcher National Bank 2120 East Tenth Street 633-2340 VlNCE KILLEBREW and Teresa Stokes conduct bank business with teller Mrs. Leona Kelso. it's the real thing FRANK MEID Black and Decker Central Cleaning Systems 1026 N. Beville Avenue 636-4561 YOUR SIGN OF BEST QUALITY DEARBORN GYM AND HOTEL 3208 East Michigan Street 636-3441 14 E! 6 HOME OF AFFORDABLE FURNITURE Trademark fO Ity RICHARD BENNETT 58045 rw rr gr 356 7211 for those who believe in tomorrow SHELB ER SHELBY STREET FEDERAL SAVINGS AND l0AN ASSOCIATION 1525 Shelby Street-118 N. Delaware SPORTSMAN'S CLEANERS 15N th SLI SI 12 6318232 Arth ttlhie ltenllietrislielin iblf lf1lll4lll'lI'tlW rum! thllhiilq sllhillpie ill llllil as llinilitlilmipiullisr elieslfgjll 1I4!lllFt!ll' Does a TV set really have to look like a pox? l RCA thinks not. That's because RCA is "thinking tomorrow" in the video and audio products vve're designing today for you, to puy tomorrovv. l The -ounge Module --X shovvn at right, for :T-"Q examp e, is a self- contained vvor X T of entertainment. A rollaround lounge chair vvith X X W vvo 'V sets, FlVl-AIVI radio and 8-track U stereo-all built in! l What looks like an u tra-modern lighting concept tleftl XY is the Video Satellite. That spherical chrome pall actually contains a JA 5-inch diagonal TV screen' t-was i T S, 5 km N design leadership is reflected ,,f ' VX inthesetand many other "Generation Ill" experimental design concepts novv on t l RCA's commitment to display at the nevv RCA Design Center. Drawing on innovative shapes, materials and moods, this collection marks a dramatic departure in sight and sound electronics. l For a fascinating glimpse into the future of home entertainment, you're invited to plan a group tour through the RCA Design Center, Sherman Drive 8 Michigan Street. rmgxffg :EF " """ CHEERS FOR TECH! MAX GALLOWAY STUDIOS 20 EAST 14TH STREET Grinsteiner Funeral Home Inc. Thoughtful Service Harold D. Unger, Pres. Beautiful New Chapel Seating Over 200 1601 E. New York Street nlnnial .-1 S i 632-5374 F. ' 5-3 Baking 55, CARTER'S GULF gf 5 SERVICE STATION :Et 5, - --'Q'-J' 1844 East 10th street 632-2254 L ., 5 - ' - - - g s ' BRIGHTWOOD BEAUTY SALON 2356 North Sherman Drive 546-2835 REYNOLDS TREE SERVICE Trimming Take down Spraying Feeding 547-1496 ,AC I MURAT We're with you, Tech! DE-DE CARDS AND GIFTS Twin-Aire Shopping Center 632-7754 Inside and outside dining Complete carry-out service Two locations. . . Tenth Street at Emerson 5255 Southeastern Liberty f' Freedom Equality and Patriotism I THE TECH HISTORY DEPARTMENT tix? LANMAN FLOWER SHOP 4108 East Michigan Street 356-6371 RICHARD A. NE LL Metropolitan Life Insurance 1010 East 86th Street 846-1632 We sell lite insurance, but our business is life. You've Pepsi-com 0' " 91' to Ilve! 49 RIVOLI THEATRE 3155 East 10th Street 636-1297 KLEIN'S FLOWERS 2213 East 10th Street 638-1122 RICHARD'S SHOE STORE 6138 Hillside Avenue 253-6848 WIVI. F. STECK Plumbing 81 Heating 23 North College Avenue 255-5451 SEARS MERRIWEATHER CLEANERS 3514 North College Avenue 924-1934 SALON D' BLEU 3223 East 10th Street 639-2788 KINNEY DEPT. STORE 4302 East New York 357-4171 TEXACO GAS 5460 E. 21st Street KLINE VOLKSWAGEN INC. 6901 East 38th Street 545-421 1 I 5 l iQ I Eat Drink Be Merry -4 f' DAIRY QUEEN if -'ee' BRAZIER BURGER , 'lKW'?"3r 1. 'Xe ,lr ' -.GUN-5x41 the 3906 East 10th Street ---1-"f" W. Jack Clouse Larry Esslinger and April Witsman ' HATFIELD FORD Compliments of DON AND ROS'E 623 North Capitol Avenue YARNELL 6395581 """ I C I, t f PRESTON'S JOHN A. PATTON omp :men s o MRS. MARY G. HOFFMAN SUPER MARKETS FUNERAL HOME, INC 6 Compnmems of Convenient Locations MR. AND MRS. DON LEACH H Where every family New Whiteland, Indiana Where Customers Deserves and receives Classes of 1937 and 1941 Send The" F"ef'dS The finest service -For Possible The Fmest Name 3447 North College in Meats Compliments of MR. AND MRS. WALLACE POTTER J I PAULCfRnEp'irf:.ents of Congratulations on the 60th M RI 'TER HALE Anniversary of this Arsenal of in emory of Aunt Ella Education 4 CINDY'S DRESS SHOP 4119 North Keystone Compliments of MR. AND MRS. KENNETH BAYLESS Compliments of TOM AND LOUISE CREASSER Compliments of the RECORD ROOM Compliments of TOPS FOR OUENCHING A TALL THIRST V ,. A---M.,,i:x ,, I ls.. 9 1 his -1--v,-A"?4etf-.,-:.'-.,. - 5- f wma ".'15' - I. .I I in 1 ff f NJ X-Sfolk FAN :AMN V f I ' ',4v HARR Gigi . VTHIRS1' QUENCHF X MR. AND MRS. WARREN W. HARVEY Class of 1937 BEN'S BARBER SHOP RlCHARD'S 4304 East New York MARKET Street BASKET 357,05-,gg 4401 East New York Street MCCLENDON AUTO SALES, INC. New 81 Used Cars "Gus Says"-"Get Our Car With A Future" 3726 East 10th Street 635-8585 BROWN COLLEGIATE Dance Programs-Gifts 61 West 34th Street 926-2241 E rrrr CHATZ ' 1 ,film fit, Llvffeju HOUSE OF JAMES BEAUTY COLLEGE Enroll Now Become a Licensed Beautician Stylist Day and night classes Budget Terms Free Placement Service Northside Eastside Westside Southside Northeast Eagledale Whiteland 251-9269 359-5339 241-9368 786-2208 898-8456 923-6351 535-7191 Topic liwlw Acknowledgements 65 Anthropology 27 Arms and the Man 54,55 Art 63 Art Club 63 Auto Aviation 42,43 Band 70,72,73 Barn Project 49 Baseball 82,83 Basketball 92,93,94,95 Black History 24 Biology 32 Bookstore 143 Bowl ing 96 Boys Octette 67 Building Trades 44 Business Education 39 Cannon Newspaper 102 Cannon Yearbook 103 Carpentry 44,45 Cheerblock 98 WHAT'S MORE WEIRD than A. Poe? Rick Reneau doing impersonation. Cheerleaders 74 Chess Club 60,61 Concert Band 70 Counselors 140,141,142 Cross Country 84,85 Deans 140 Debate Team 59 Departmental Asst. 143 Directors 139 Distributive Education 40 Drafting 47 Drill Team 109 Electrical Trades 41 English 18,19 Exercise In Knowledge 33 Exploratory Teachers 37 Evening School 141,143 Football 86,87,88,89 Foreign Language 21 French 21 French Club 22 Future Teachers of America 36 German 21 Girls Athletic Assoc. 96 Girls Concert Club 66 Girls Ensemble 66 Girls Gymnastics Team 97 Golf 80 Hand Bell Choir 69 Health 99 Homecoming 14,15 Home Economics 40 Honor Sweaters 33 House Plan 10,11 Human Relations Council 26 Industrial Cooperative Training 40 Junior Council 107 Judo 97 Key Club Auxiliary 104 Key Club 104,105 Latin 20 Librarians 141 Library Asst. 106 Lettermen 98 Majorettes 74 Marching Band 72 Mardi Gras 23,31 ,64 Marriage Proposal 54,55 Mathematics 28,29 Melodayres 65 Metal Trades 46 Nurses 141 Office Education Association 38 Office Staff 143 Oklahoma 61,64,70 Orchestra 71 Pattern Making 46 Photography Club 62 Physical Education Asst. 106 Physical Education 99 Physical Science 30 Play 56 Plumbing 44 Prayer Circle 61 Principal 138 Printing 48 Quill and Scroll 102 Radio Club 61 Refrigeration 46 Remarkable Incident At Carson Corners 56,57 Retired Teachers 50 Rifle Team 110 R.O.T.C.108,109,110,111 Science Seminar 33 Security Officers 143 Service Club 107 Spanish 20 Spanish Club 22 Speech Team 58,59 Social Studies 24 Song Of Mankind 9 Stage Band 72 Stage Craft 61 String Ensemble 69 Student Affairs Organization 104,105 Symphonic Band 70,71 Tech Choir 68 Tennis 81 Titanettes 75 Track 76,77,78,79 1 TWO DELILAHS give hair care where it's needed: Millie Moore for Bill Johnson, Bev Reed for Rick Reneau. Veterans Day Parade 111 Vice-Principals 138 Walkathon 9 Welding 46 Wrestling 90,91 Y-Teens 105 gk X4 F lndw Adams, Annabelle 39 Albers, James 143 Allee, Mrs. Verda 143 Allen, Clifford 42 Allen, Gaylord 139 Allen, Louis 30 Ament, Mrs. Patricia 50 Armel, Clyde 48 Armel, Mrs. Dorothy 143 Ayres, Mrs. Edna 143 Bales, Mrs. Eileen 143 Barnett, Deborah 10,39,98 Battey, Mrs. Wilma 63 Bayless, Kenneth 141 Beall, Howard 45 Bedell, Mrs. Mary 21 Belding, Robert 138 Bell, Carlos 99 Berger, William 42,43 Billington, Floyd W. 48 Borshoff, Kim 139 Bowers, Melvin 99 Bradford, Jack 83,84,99,138 Bradshaw, Mrs. Martha June 24 Briggs, Mrs. Eugenia 143 Brindle, Mrs. Joy 39 Brinker, Norman 46 Broadhecker, Betty 99,141 Brown, Mrs. Jean 19 Brown, Jim E. 29 Browne, Ray 63 Bulthaup, Robert 41 Bunton, Mrs. Linda 50 Caldwell, Mrs. Pauline 30 Camplese, Daniel 99 QUEEN VICKI BAXTER dances the night away with King Louie Turner at the Military Ball. Carbone, Dean 10,24,76,86,98 Carson, Floyd 143 Carlock, Mahlon 105,139 Cassell, Mrs. Virginia 19 Catt, Howard 99 Cecil, Mike 39,104 Chadwick, Mrs. Janice 143 Chapman, Polly 99 Chohaney, Mrs. Elizabeth 29 Clapp, David 21 ,22,23 Cline, Ernie 83 Cody, Mrs. Wyolene 50 Colley, Eddie 108 Collins, Robert F. 10,32 Commons, Patricia 10,24 Comstock, Mrs. Diane Cook, Arthur 99 Cooper, Janice 108 Cox, Mrs. Florence 143 Craig, Mrs. Francis 143 Creasser, Mrs. Louise 143 Crooke, Robert 42 Cruser, Emanuel J. 46 Daily, Donald 139 Danheiser, Tom 18,19 Davis, Turpin 39 Davis Mrs. Zoerline 140 Davis, Walter 24 Dearing, Mrs. Barbara 140 Dawson, Thomas 108 Deem, Harold 48 Dudkowski, Sam 42 Durham, Mrs. Wilma 143 Dykeman, Richard 30 Eads, Ellen 19 Eagleson, Walter 99 Eaton, Ed 45 Elder, Leon 29 Elliott, Harold 47 Evans, Edward 64,70,72 Evans, Mrs. Erma 30 Gilliland, J. K. 41 Feigert, Judy 29 Ferguson, Ted 143 Fields, Mrs. Jeannette 143 Fine, Mrs. Serine 20,21 Ford, Robert 19,10 Fowler, Mrs. Fannie 143 Freeman, Joyce 39 Frye, Lois 39 Frye, Tim 143 Garrett, Mrs. Marjorie 19 George, Dave 39 Glover, Richard 29 Goodrum, Mrs. Alice 19,56,58,59 Gruner, Wilbert 143 Guess, Mrs. Mercedes 32 Guess, William 38,39 Hahn, Mrs. Margaret 19 Hale, Hester 19 Hallagan, Harvey 24 Hamilton, Mrs. Judith 141 Hamilton, Marion 63 Hancock, Sonja 29,61 Hansen, Karen 19 Hardiman, E. F. 19 Harding, Mrs. Beatrice 96,99 Hardy, Marguerite 50 Harry, Charles 10 Harvey, Mrs. Helen 143 Heavenridge, Jack 143 Hembd, Mrs. Shirley 50 Henderson, Oral E. 42 Hesselgrave, Mrs. Jean 27 Hill, John C. 46 Hill, Louis 10 Hoffman, Mrs. Marilyn 1O,29,143 Hoke, Ronald 38,39 Holmes, Ernest 139 Hubble, Leroy 41 Huff, Mrs. Gwendolyn 143 Hunt, Mrs. Judy 32 Hylton, Charles 45 lnsley, Gertrude 19 Ireland, Ron 29 Jackson, Alice 39 Jackson, Burney, S. 47 Johnson, William M. 32,73 Jones, Bernice 19,104 Hyatt, Mrs. Caroline 143 Kanouse, John 24 Kelley, Fred 42,43,139 Kelukuli, Eugene 86,99 Kern, John 30 Kern, Susan Mrs. 27,63 Kilgore, Mrs. Shirley 143 Kimberlin, William A. 24 Kocher, Charles 49 Kohut, Mary 18,19 Koontz, John 76 Kothe, Mrs. Judy 19,141 Kreft, Hilda 50 Kuck, Keith 39 Lagadon, Mrs. Maria 21,22 Langlotz, Mrs. Mildred 143 Lauderdale, Mrs. Sandra 10,143 Lee, Mrs. Barbara 24,27 Lehman, Arnold 29 Lehman, Kirby 15,19 Leverenz, Rowland 29 Lewis, John 19 Littell, Patricia 143 Lloyd, Robert 143 Lockwood, Mrs. Susan 10,19,64, 65 Lovelace, Clifton Jr. 42 Lundgren, Mrs. Shirley 99,141 McArdle, Mrs. Charleyne 143 McBride, Judith 19,58,59 McCarty, Lowell 49 McCutcheon, Mrs. Marjorie 50, 139 McDowell, Edward 85,99 McGeath, Bruce 24,76 McMillan, Ann 19 McNanny, Fred 19 McVey, Mrs. Cheryl 10 Mack, George 42 Malone, Dan 42 Maloy, Robert 19 Manka, Mrs. Mary Lou 74,99 Marshall, Lewis 139 Marthin, Mary 24,104 Martin, Leon 143 Martin, Ellen 39 Martin, George 143 Maxey, Larry 47 May, James 30,31 Mendel, Mrs. Loesje 64,67,68,69 Miessen, Frederick 45 Meyer, Robert E. 24,102,139 Mikesell, Mrs. Barbara 27 Miner, John 10,141 Minks, Stanley 19,58,59 Montgomery, Mrs. Gene 143 Moon, Mrs. Wanda 143 Moon, William 64,67,68,74 Moore, Mrs. Marian 50 Moreman, Ivan 83,88,139 Mullenax, John 41 Murphy, Wesley 24,25,33 Myers, Cramon 139 Nobles, Ron 64,69,71 Ohmit, Mrs. Gwen 39 Oldham, Donald 138 Orth, Robert 10,11,107 Oscarson, Paul 27,45 Palma, Robert 42 Parker, Mrs. Majorie 39 Parrett, Sharon 99,139 Parrett, Shirley 99 Pentecost, Mrs. Mary 97 Perry, Michael 24,96,97 Phemister, Lorena 63 Pool, Mrs. Bernadine 143 Potter, Mrs. Margaret 143 Potter, Wallace 138 Purvis, Alice 10,29 Rai, Mrs. Jatinder 19 Ransom, Mrs. Natalie B. 50 Reed, A. Ray 138 Rhodes, Irene 19 Ridley, Mrs. Louise 29 Robards, Mrs. Elsie 143 Robbins, Mrs. Gloria 143 Roberts, Craig 10,19 Robinson, Don 29,81 Robinson, Smith 63 Rose, Carrol 50 Rowland, Mrs. Betty 143 Russell, Mrs. Gertrude 106,143 Schnakenberg, Mrs. Florence 19 Schneider, Mrs. Louise 63,143 Schneider, Karl 141 Shah, S. Hafize 29 Shannon, Mrs. Ruth D. 32 E THE ixcvgmifsiigk Al .ZFX -- 06352 . . KIRBY LEHMAN, Freedom's Foundation sponsor, and Jim Branham, absorb a little pa- triotism at Valley Forge, Pennsyl- vania. 5? 5' :rr-rs. ,sis THU ' ' lA2l""?M Lv ' D flbum .Nh '55 ' in , I- -. L, -g --.R 1- l l JUNIORS attend a College Day Seminar. I ' i' N 4 Sharp, William E. 27,45 Shattuck, Mrs. Judy 64,143 Shock, Richard 139 Siedlecki, William D. 24 Simms, Mrs. Donna 99 Slover, Michael 62 Smith, Allen 30 Smith, Clyde Jr. 24,37 Smith, Ebert W. 24 Smith, Frances H, 50 Smith, Robert W. 48 Smith, Steven 30 Snow, Jane N. 50 Stafford, Mrs. Ruth 50 Stanich, Louis 47 Stewart, Mrs. LaVerne 143 Stewart, James 138 Stewart, William H. 49 Stockard, Robert 138 Stout, Mrs. Dorothy 140 Strickland, Mrs. Marian 29 Sweet, Betsy 24 Swenson, Kermit 63 Switzer, Richard 64,70,74 Takacs, John 19 Taflinger, James E. 25 Tatum, William 64,67 Terrell, Roy 32 Terry, Leo 143 Thomas, Mrs. Martha 143 Thompson, Doug 42 Tincher, John 27,44 Tomey, Gary R. 47 Tremp, William 42 Tresslar, C. T. 19,102,139 Turney, Bruce 30 Turpin, Mrs. Martha 140 Tussey, Mrs. Rita 143 Underwood, Mrs. Susanna 21,23 VanderMoere, Herbert 42 Wagner, Lloyd 24 Walker, Madora Mrs. 29 Walter, Charles 29 Ward, Mrs. Geraldine 141 Washinton, Mrs. Emmagee 8,63 Wells, James 143 Whalin, John 141 Wheeler, William 29 Wiggins, John 49 Wignall, Mrs. Elva 50 Williams, Blanche 99,141 Williams, John 48,139 Wilkinson, Arthur 108 Woods, Morris 45 Woodard, Robert 79,99 Woolford, Mrs. Mary V. 30 Wythe, John 30 Yeagley, Terry 48 Young, Mrs. Shelia 21 IL liwlw Abbott, Karl 96 Abernathy, Judy 68,74 Abernathy, Teresa 22 Allen, Martha 105 Allender, Ronnie 67 Alexander, Charles H. 27,33 Alexander, Charlotte 27,33,63 Amato, Theresa 22,69,71 Anderson, Gus 60 Anderson, Michelle 106 Anderson, Ray C. 79,88 Apostalakis, Mary Ann 38 Armes, David 15,27,33,37,68, 104,106 Armes, Sandra 107 Armour, Keith 88 Bailey, Ann 33 Bailey, Eldon 96 Baldwin, Larry 38 Bales, Steve 59 Bales, Jim 103 Ball, David 72 Bandy, Roberta 106 Banta, Hank 21,23 Bardwell, Bill 71 Barlett, Burnett 88 Barnes, Belinda 105 Barnett, Brenda 106 Barringer, Larry 88 Bateman, Carolyn 106 Battle, Charles 76 Battle, Phyllis 98 Batts, Anthony 67 Batts, Hieda, Dina 38 Batts, Paula 71 Baxter,Mickie106 Baxter, Vicki 33,37,106,108,109 Beard, Coatteana 98 Beatty, Mary 68,67 Beaumont, Sherry 71 Beeson, Susie 67,69 Beever, Sheree 59 Begley, Connie 27 Beight, Randall 67 Benns, Marilyn J. 38 Bell, Bob 88 Bell, Bonnie 105 Bell, Greg 84 Bell, Phyllis 38,74 Bell, Terri 96,97,98 Bennett, Norman 48 Benns, Larry 72 Benson, Alice 38 Benson, Robert 76 Berry, Donna 22 Berry, Jan 22 Berry, Reginald 76 Bingham, Larry 76,86,87 Bishop, Judy 58 Bivens, Janice 109,108 Black, Charles 68,76,84,107 Black, Harold 84 Blalock, Robert 23,58 Blancher, Willy 86 Bland, Mildred 33,97,106 Blaricium, Joe Van 21,79 Bloomer, Bryan 108,109 Blue, Cynthia 96,98,107 Bobo, Steve 96 Bockover, Linda 105,106 Boid, Greg 33,56,58,59,67 Bond, Rose 68,69,71 Bonner, Willie 79 Booker, Vickey 97,108,109 Bose, Ryron 85 Boswell, Tommy 96 Bougher, Jacquie 38 Bottoms, Sharon 22 Bowers, Glenda 38 Bradley, Yvonne 38 Bradshaw, Sandy 37 Bradshaw, Vicki 66 Brady, Lynda 58 Bran ham, Jim 15,26,33,58,67,68 102,104 Brantly, Denise 72 Brame, Odella 71 Breland, Kenneth 76,86 Breland, Steve 76 Brents, Mark 76 Brewer, Kevin 30,31,33,68,71, 102 Brewer, Linda 98 Brice, Wanda 97 Brinkley, Kathy 33,58,59,68,7l Broach, Edwina 38,66 Broadnax, Perry 67 Brooks Delbert 88 Brooks Harvey 86,98 Brooks, Mark 102,103,107,108 Brooks Peter 96 Brooks, Phyllis 50 Brown, Bernice 104 Brown, Charles 72 Brown, Cindy 66,71,108 Brown, Brown, Elmarmae 67,68,105 Gloria 58,59 Brown, Marsha 33,68,71 Brown, Melvin 64,65,68,69 Brown, Mike 62,72,102 Brown, Ted 79 Browning, Genny 20 Bruder, Bill 46 Bruer, Linda 71 i i -Q i BRIAN BLOOMER takes a third place in a Saturday drill meet. Brumett, Nikki 26,65 Bryant, Blossom 68,108 Buckles, Melvin 96 Buckley, Becky 15,33,106,107 Buckner, Adrian 75 Bullard, Dale 97 Bullington, David 22,68,69 Burger, Debby 22 Burger, Robin 97 Burns, Laurel 15,16,33 Burris, Mike 71,84 Burt, Addie 38 Buses, Venus 22 Butler, Donna 71 Butler, Mary 51 Butler, Harry 86 Byrd, Harvey 88 Buttery, Larry 33,76,78,84 Buttery, Rick 85 Caldwell, Ruby 108 Calvert, Linda 22 Cameron, Bonnie 71,74,106,108 Carney, Tyronne 58 Carr, David 72 Carr, Kevin 38 Carson, Jacqueline 20 Carter, Ramona 74 Carter, Wayne 72,86 Caudill, Phillip 71 Caudle, Paul 38 A l 3 u 12 luv r. 158 X vo- DT' TECHOI R members carol their way through the Christmas season. Chambers, Beth 98 Chambers, Brian 88 Chambers, Philip 96,106 Chapman, Sheila 74,97 Chapman, Sherri 21 ,74,97 Chastain, Christina 106 Cheurier, Mike 88 Childs, Robin 67 Childs, Roger 67 Clardy, Debbie 22 Clark, Clayton 88 Clayton, Suzette 107 Clayton, Tom 22,60,81,98,96 Clegg, David 83,86 Cline, Janice 106 Clinton, Jeff 76 Clouse, Weyant 33 Clyburn, Sandra 15,18,33,61 Coe, Larry 50,80,96 Coffer, Marvin 96 Coffer, Rodney 38,60,96 Coffin, Bobby 96,98 Coffman, Dianna 72 Cole, Dennis 106 Coleman, Marna L. 96,98,106 Colvin, Earnestine 58 Constatine, Renetta 97 Cook, Jane 38 Cook, Steve 37 Coombs, Sharon 38 Coons, Barbara 71,72,73,107 Coons, Cathy 67,68 Cooper, Carl 102 Cooper, Teresa 38,71 Cork, Cato 76 Corlett, Reta 106 Coryell, Melody 72 Cosby, Rick 22,83,107 Cosper, Tona 38 Cox, Leonard 88 Crabill, Roy 37,69,71,72 Crabtree, Donnie 108,110 Crabtree, Judy 68,108 Crabtree, Lonne 108,110 Crockett, Rhonda 66,75 Crouse, Cheryl 38 Cruz, Gus 88,96 Cruz, John 20,84,96 Culp, Gwen 38,64,67,68 Cox, Cynthia 21,23 Cunningham, Kathy 66 Cunningham, John 88 Dalton, Luren 72 Daniels, Gladys 71 Daulton, Cheryl 98 Davenport, Myron 83 Davenport, Richard 88 Davie, Ron 76,77 Davis, Gary 67,71 ,81 Davis, Jodie 60,96,108 Dawson, Anthony 86 Dawson, Michelle 97 Day, Kathie 107 Deatrick, Debbie 22 DeBurger, Robin 71,98 DeLawter, Carl 58,67 DeLay, GeJuan 67,97 Devitt, David 80 Dickerson, Bobby 63,98 Dickerson, Jacqueline 66 Dickson, Douglas 26,38,67,68,76, 84 Dillahay, Nancy 107 Dinkins, William 88 Dobbs, Kathy 66,69 Dodd, Wanda 22,96,97 Dorsey, Mary 38,51 Doss, Penny 97 Dougherty, Dale 41 Douglas, Doris 67,68,74 Dove, Michael 27 Drake, John 22,38 Drass, Cathy 98 Drass, Nancy 66 Drexler, Ken 81 Driggs, Don 80 Driver, Stanley 83 Dykes, Bradford 67,71 Dyson, Michelle 96 Eads, Diana 102,104,106 Easley, Gordon 108 Eaton, Nancy 22 Eaton, Vicky 108,109 Edison, Lon 22,27,63 Edwards Angel ia 106 Edwards, Dollie 106 Edwards, Larry 85 Edwards, Mary 96 Eickes, Janet 61 Elmore, Sam 76,86 Embry, Benita E. 66,96 Embry, Bill 96 Engram, Hosea 98 Epperson, Sheila 38 Esslinger, Larry 86 Esslinger, Teresa 106 Evans, Susan 19,38 Evans, Victor 76,86 Eversts, Mark 108 Fagan, John 88 Fagan, Mike 56,88 Farley, Linda 22 Farrell, James 96 Farris, Joseph 72 Feerer, Ralph 60 Feigen, John 24 Feltner, Darrel 56 Fields, Marvin 79 Finch, Larry 33 Finnigan, Mike 65,68,72 Fletcher, Reginald 88 Folsom, Rose Mary 15,33,58,68 71 Ford, Mae 21 ,23,1 06 Ford, Richard 72 Foreman, Niles 11,79 Fox, Russell 82,83 Frazier, Christine 74 Froshaeur, Jess 96 Froshaeur, Juanita 20,96 Gaines, Patrick 20 Gamble, Wanda 38 Gamby , Allen 88 Garcia, Gail 38 Garrett, Sheila 98 Garrison, Veon 82 Gartrell, Daryll 81 Gartrell, Kevin 72 Geralds, Billy 83 Gibbons, Cindy 59,102 Gibson, Floyd 88 Gibson, Nlary 38,58,59 Gilbert, Dale 67 Gill, Starlet 108 Gill, Tottie 96 Gillenwater, Donald 41 Glover, Shirley 76 Goergen, Marguerite 33,38 Goethals, Larry 83 Goode, Robert 102 Goodyear, Tom 96 Graham, David 83,86 Graham, DeWayne 96 Grant, Robin 37,64,68,102,104 Grant, Teresa 33,104,108 Graves, Cynthia 66 Graves, Frederick 67 Graves, Sharon 61 Green, Michael 68,80 Green, Patricia 72 Green, Paula 21 Green, Rhae 38 Green, Sherry 22 Greene, Robert 85 Greenwell, Paula 38,63 Greer, Sherry 98 Greer, Terry 97 Gregory, Cathy 98 Grenyon, Darry 88 Gross, Diana 98 Guerin, Sharon 69,71 Guiden, Richard 67 Gully, Shelia 33 Hackett, William 72,88 Hacker, Shelly 71 Hagan, Myra 71 Hagan, Teresa 71 Hager, Gayle 66 Hall, Melvin 83 Hale, Errac 44 Haley, Donna K. 38 Hall, Annette 66,106 Hall, Bettey 38,106 Hall, Keith 86,87 Hall, Ha-ben 67,68,71,72 Hahn, Hillard 108,109 Harbin, Don ea Q I ll K J l l L-. 4, f' 1,1-' 1-f" LATIN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mrs, Serine Fine, sponsor, Roberta Grace, Linda Bockover, Vivian Darty, Secretary, Anita Green, Dwight Peavey, Victoria Maddox, Karen Williams, President. SECOND ROW-Carlos Kirk, James Underwood, Theresa Wilson, Holly Wolfe, second vice president, Charles Alexander, secretary-treasurer, Delman Smith sergeant at arms, Bonnie Cameron, Brad Dykes, first vice-president. Harbin, Kim 74 Hardiman, Grady 82,83 Halstead, Susan 71 Hamilton, Patty 72 Hamilton, Stevan 33 Hammer, Carol 33 , I , Hammond, Cheryl 15,313,103 RICHARD AND RONALD Noerr lend their talents to making the sets for the Footlite Musical production of Hampton, Ben Hampton, Garry 96 Hannemann, Silvia 33,66,75 Hannon, Terry 76 Happersberger, John 68,69 Harbin, Kim 108 Harding, Sue 97,108,109 Harlow, Jeffery 32 Harmon, Charlene 107 Harney, Michael 79 Harris, Kevin 79 Harris, McKinley 79 Harris, Nathan 63 Harris, Steve 63 Hart, Roger 72 Hartsburg, Debbie 74 Hartsburg, Donna 74 Hawkins, Tom 71,75 Hawn, John 33,38,102 Heavrin, Robert 108,109 Hedderich, Grace 15,33,102 Hembre, Fred 88 Hendricks, Janet 75 Henry, Mike 83 Henry, Richard 67 Herman, Kenny 83 Herrera, Sam 88 Herrington, Diana 106 Hicks, Lawrence 68 Hicks, Rickie 79 Higgenbottom, Phil 67 Highsaw, Anthony 83 Hill, Darnell 79,88 Hill, Dennis 79,88 Hill, Eva 106 Hillman, Leah 106 Hise, Joyce 18,26,71,107 ff Hittle, Janice 15,18,22,33,64,65, -an f 71,106 Hobbs, Doris 106 Hoffen, Bob 86 Hogan, Robert 85 Hogue, Leslie 85 Hoke, Stephanie 107 Holland, Curtis 88 Holland, Mary Ann 106 Holland, Marvin 46 Holland, Patty 22,72 Hollowell, Tommy 60 Holmes, Paulette 50 Holmes, Vicki 74,103 Holtsclaw, Sandra 103 Hood, Karen 22,96 Hook, Kevin 22,27,33,103 Hopkins Carl 79,88 Hopkins, James 88 Hoskins, Charles 82,83,98 Howard, Charles 67 Howard, Danny 96 Howard, Garland 32 Howard, Ralph 20,88 Howard Sharon 19,106 Howery Steve 88 Hubbard, Jerry 86 Huber, Anita 67,68,71 Huber, Joe 72 Huebner, Bev 106 Huggler, Steve 83 Hughes, Rhonda 21,33 Hunt, Andrea 67,68,69,74,104, 107 Hurt, Nlarsha 23 Hurst, John 72 Hutchins, Donna 58,59 Hutton, Vicki 15,33,38,106 Hysol, Anthony 88 Illief, Nick 79,86 lmel, Gary 79 Ingram, Sharon 38 lnskeep, Dan 38,58,71 lson, Sherri 107 Ivy, Brenda 108 lvy, Willie 76,77,84 Jackson, Shirley 108,109 Jackson, Tom 86,98 Jackson, Tony 65,68 Jacobs, Denise 68,71 DARNELL, who's your g friend? irl Jacobs, Jeff 76 James, Becky 15,33 Jarrett, Mark 38 Jessup, Jill 68 Jessup, Jim 19 Johnson, Allen 67 Johnson, Arthur 68,76,86 Johnson, Brenda 74,98 Johnson, Dolores 64,68 Johnson, Eli Allen 79 Johnson, Frankye 15,33 Johnson, Julia 22 Johnes, Kennety 61 Johnson, Jerry 50 Johnson, Toni 96,106 Johnson, Willie 71 Johnson, William 26,104 Johnson, William 58 Jones, Carl 24,76 Jones, Charles 72,76,84 Jones, Dana 96 Jones, Luel 66 Jomes, Nelda 108 Jones, Rodger 88 Jones, Sheldon 88 Jones, Stanley 67 Jones, Terry 38 Jones, Wanda 19,33,102,108 Jordon, Bettie 96 Jordon, Denver 15,33,58,59,183 Jordon, Larry 76,78,86,98 Jordon, Tyla 21 Journey, Callie 108 Journey, Stanley 88 Kares, Robin 19,22,58,68,108, 102 Keen, John 88 Kelly, Bob 88 Kelly, Keith 88 Kendell, Tom 38 Kendrick, James 33 Kennedy, Darlene 24,38,96,106 Kenny, John 88 Kennedy, Rosalind 38 Kern, Koby 27 Kerr, Lee David 60,62,97,110 Kern, John 60 Kerr, David 180 Kidener, Mike 83 Kiefer, Charles 25 Kiesler, Shirley 72 Killebrew, Stephanre 96 Killebrew, Vincent 83,147 Kimbelin, Bonnie 98 King, Carl 65,68,88 King, Jack 27,45 Kirk, Carlos 26,106 Kileff, Kathy 97, Jay 32,108,180 Knox, Marchell 96 Knox, Rita 96 LaFara, William 63,103 Lair, Peggy 66 Lair, Michael 41 Lairm, Ron 96 Lambert, Dennis 85 Lancaster, Dorthea 22,107 Lander, John 71 Landers, Jerry 68 Lange, Melvin 84 Lasher, Don 71 ,72,96 Lane, Debra 66 Laswell, Walter 71 Laswell, Lorraine 64,65,68 Laubach, Martin 15,18,33,58 Laughlin, Roger 19 LaValley, Roger 71 Lawrence, Stan 68,76,86 Lawson, Gay 15,33 Leavell, Steve 31 ,61 ,76,102 Leavey, Dwight 85 LecClier, Debbie 73,75,106 Lee, Constance 98 Lemmons, Karen 15,33 Lewis, Laurie 67,68,75,107,104 Lewis, Julie 108 Lewelling, Darlene 19,27,64,67, 68,71 ,73 Lingenfelter, Jerry 85 Lingenfelter, Jeff 71 ,76,84,98, 104,107 Little, Joe 108.109,110 STEVE COOK reveals his true identity to all on Sadie Hawkin's Day Logsdon, David 48 Long, Jane 103 Long, Hoy M. 31,106 Longshore, Sharon 106 Loux, Randy 18 Love, Frances 97 Lowery, Carl 9,67,86 Lowery, Claude 26,58,68,69,86 Lunn, Billy 67 Lucas, Randy 88 Lucuis, Tim 88 McAuley, Clarence 32 McCance, Pat 66 McClendon, Gus 96 McCloud, Theresa 98 McCray, John A. 58 McCullough, Janet 104,106,107 McDaniel, Doug 26,33,71,72,73 McDaniel, Marcia 21 ,23,66,71 McDonald, Anita 108,109 McDowell, Helen R. 58 McDonald, Anita 97 McGee, Tony 67 McGuire, David 108 McFall, Rita 73,75 McGuire, Fred 76 McGuire, Pat 72 Mclver, Dorothy 68,69,71 McKee, Kristi 72,75 McKenny, Mark A. 98 McKinny, Mark 26,67,68,80,86 McMahone, Susan 66,107 McPherson, Robert 67,72 McReynolds, Elwood 18 Maddox, Maggie Lee 22,103 Maddox, Marguerite 106 Mahone, Dorothy 38 Majors, Tony 8 Manning, Betty 58,59,96,98,107 Manning, Margaret 18 Marshall, Alicia 37,75,104,108, 111 Nlarshall, Victore31,61,106 Martin, Cornelius M. 23 Martin, Doreen 22 Massie, Meta 106 Masters, John 58 Mathis, Brenda 15,33,38,103,162 Mathis, David 84,109,110,111 Maxwell, Jackie 85 Maxwell, Reginald 71 Means, DeAnne 96 Means, Scott 8,10,109,110 Meid, Jeff 68,83 Messer, Peggy 75 Meyers, Robert 102 Michaelis, Cari 69,71,72 Milender, Lisa 104 Miller, Bryan 58,59,71 Miller, Greg 22 Miller, Jean 38,63 Miller, Linda 21,23,71 Miller, Mike 71,72 Miller, Robert 58 Milton, Eddie 110 Mindach, Fred 60,67 Mindach, Rose 37,107 Minton, Deanna 15,33 Minton, Debbie 15,33 Miracle, Connie 15,33 Mitchell, Kevin 96 Mitchell, Ruth 33,71,98 Montgomery, Darlene 106 Montgbmery Donna, 69,71 Montgomery, Duane 60 Montgomery, Joyce 72 Montgomery Kenny 49 Moody, Reginald 25 Moore, Earl 88 Moore, Deborah 38,58 Moore, Gary 88 Moore, Joyce 51,104 Moore, Millie 26,105,107 Moore, William 49 Morford, Daniel 31 ,33,61 Morgan, Brenda 22 T' Morgan, Kenneth 88 Morman, Tom 22 Morris, Bryan 108,109 Morris, Emily 97,98,106 Morris, Susie 75 Mossie, Meta 96 Morse, Timothy 60,62,104,107 Moses, Gregory 67 Mosley, Carolyn 38 Moy, Mee Lun 67,68,74,106,107 Murphy, Michael 97 Nahas, Kevin 68 Neal, Joyce 19 French Club members enjoy themselves at a party. 06- Twin Freshies Sherri and Sheila Chapman, get themselves doubly lost. Neal, Tom 81 Neely Cubity 22 Newal, Elizabeth 72 Newburg, Jackie 68,72 Nichols, Kenneth 60,107,108 Nickels, Barbara 106 Noerr, Ronald 85 Nix, Toni 26,37 ,68,69,74 Norman, Tom 22 Northrup, Michael 18 Nonfvood, John 79 Overton, Samantha 97,98 Oliver, J. D. 76 Osborne, Virgie 38 Overbey, Beth 58,59,64,65,68 Owens, Donald 63,79 Palmore, Bill 86 Pappas, Milt 15,18,33 Parker, John 108 Parrish, Henry 88 Parsons, Curtis 88 Pence, Louis 42 Perkins, Alvin 71 Perkins, Joseph 79 Petree, Brad 68 Petree, Bruce 23 Pettis, Chester 109 Phillips, David 72 Phillips, Delois 33,71,108 Phillips, Linda 50,61 ,96 Pierce, Gladys M. 33 Pierce, Marie 66 Pierce, Mike 26,58,65,68 Pipes, Debbie 66,75 Pipkins, Vernon 86 Platt, Robert 76,77 Porter, Randy 61 Powell, Robert 76,78 Powell, Paul 38 Price, Janell 20,22 Price, Steve 20 Price, Yolanda 71 Pullen, Jim 58 Purvis, Roy 102 Pursley, Mari 22 Quinn, Sherry 66 Quintana, Rolando 22,84 Rady, Garry 83 Ramey, Robert 108,109,111 Randle, Shiela 23 Randolph, Carol 23,26,107,109 Ray, Linda 98 Rector, Bonnie 38 Reed, Beverly 9,102,103 Reedy, Debbie 72 Reeves, Vivian 38 Reneau, Rick 9,62,81 Reynolds, Connie 63 Rhoads, Debbie 21,26,33,58,59 104 Rhodes, Marsha 38 Richardson, Byron 86 Richardson, Mary 66 Richey, Danna 23,96,102 Riewer, Chris 107 Riley, Sharon 38,102,103 Rinehart, Bonnie 66,75,103 Rios, Gloria 108,110 Sanford, Paula 106 Sayles, Mary 38,75,96,107 Scahill, James 15,33,67,68,8O Scheidt, Jay 98 Schmidt, Ricky 80 Schmitz, Earl 88 Schwartz, Mike 83 Schuh, Jackie 59 Scott, Eddie 71 Scott, Jesse 83 Scott, Lagenia 98 Scott, William 86 Seats, Roberta 72 Segal, James 67,68,71,72 Segraves, Robert 72 Shaffer, Harrison 79,96 Shaw, Deanna 58 Shaw, Debbie 26,58,59,102,104 Shaw, Margaret 38,96 Sherman, Lacy 88 Sherrod, Benito 71 Shobe, Fines 88 Shockley, Lexie 96 Shultz, Charles 84,108 Sibley, Leeortis 58 Siegel, James 72 'g. if A GROUP OF HAPPY Sadie Hawkinsers model their duds for the cameraman. Simmton, Kevin 88 Sipf, Dennis 67 Skudrovskis, Lilly 18,71,73 Smalling, Debra 28 Smith, Steve 88 Smith Carol 106 Smith Greg 81,86 Smith, Karen 106 Smith, Miriam 60,66 Smith Kirby 80 Smith Houston 76,78 Smith, Trina 66 YVETTE POLLARD -and Claude Lowery look beautiful for Sadie Hawkins. 6 2 Smock, Cindi 22 Smith, David 76 Smith, Miriam 21 Snow, Wanda 26,33,69,71,107 Soltau, Janet 15,33,68,69 Sovern, Theresa 96 Spears, Paul 63 Spencer, James 79 Spencer, Isaac 38,60 Sprddlin, Gary 82,83,86,98 Stafford, Bob 62,71 Stansberry, Bart 60 Starks, Charles 67 Starks, Debra 38 Stevenson, Hope 22 Stiers, Linda 73,75,106 Stiles, Debbie 98 Stinson, Jay 80,88 Stockton, Everett 22 Stokes, Teresa 67,68,103,107, 108,147 Stomm, Patty 56,58,59 Stone, Brenda 108 Stork, Cyril 46 Stuck, Cathy 20,74,106 Stuck, Robert,'85 Stutzman, Debbie 23 Swan, Sally 66 Sweatt, Ronald 60 Swisher, Cindy 106 Swisher, Scott 71 Tabor, Jeff 86 Tapp, Jack 88,110 Taube, Patricia 33,71 Taylor, Anthony 88 Taylor, George 86 Taylor, Kathy 26,56,58,59,75 103 Taylor, Lynn 64,65,68,75 Taylor, Ronald 71 Taylor, Roscoe 68,71 Theard, Mike 60 THREE DRESSED DOWN seniors make their way through the gym during the Sadie Hawkins game. , fa. I l f 'i Y J RICHARD DECKER, otherwise known as the gorilla, finds a healthy screaming victim in Kathleen Willner. Thomas, Dennis 108 Thomas, James 108 Thomas, Leroy 64 Thomas, Lorretta 72 Thomas, Mona 96 Thomas, Pamela 22,71 Thompson, Herbert 50 Thorman, Debbie 66 Thraston, Carolyn 66 Thurman, Metta 106 Trittipo, Elizabeth 15,18,22,31, 33,61 ,71 Troxell, Brenda 65,68.72 Troxell, Linda 71 Tucker, Connie 108 Tucker, Gre 88 99 Turner, Brad 38,108 Turner, Bruce 27,76,98 Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner Lana 38 Louis 81,108,111 Margie 33,108,109 Pat 81 Robert 86 Rosalyn 106 Tuttle, Joy 33 Twigg, James 86 Valentine, Maria 108 VanAuken, Kenny 86 VanBlaricium, Joe 21,79 Van Cleave, Steven 71,83 Vanston, Kathie 38,58,59 Vaughn, Kathy 15,31,33,61,68 71,97 Veney, Libbey 106 Viers, Deborah 107 Wagner, 107, Wagner, Wagner, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wall De Janice 26,103,104,105, 108,111 Juanita 21 Ronnie 72 Anthony 38,60 Caroline 22 Deborah 48 Diane 98 Rick 82 Virgil 76,84 nnise 88 Wallace, Jerry 82,83 Wallen, Dave 67 ,68 Ward, Jeff 67 Ward, Larry 82,83 Ware, Anthony 88 Warner, Christi 22,106 Warshon, Robert 83 Washington, David 79 Washington, Irving 60,71,72 Watson, Melvin 41 Watts, Darlene 75 Watts, Maria 72 Welch, Janice 33 Wells, Debbie 73,74,75 West, Cora 71 West, Jim 110 West, Mike 33,81 West, Thomas 65,886 Wester, Sandy 22,69,71 Wheeler, Mary 71 ,73,108 White, Patricia 22,38,105 White, Tyrone 83 Whitfield, Billie 50,108,109 Whitfield Lance 88 Whitfield: Kathrine 62 Whitfield Katria 108,109 Whitfield: Cathy 19 Whitthorne, John 76,86,96,98 Whitney, Jackie 22,72 Widolff, Jane 29 Wienke, Patti 58,102,159 Wiggington, Debbie 58 Wilben, Mike 22 Wildrick, Julie 71 Wiley, John 48 Wiley, Roland 22,33,81,96 Wiles, Mike 41 Wilkerson, Larry 76 Wilkerson, Steve 88 Williams, Williams, Darrell 79,84,86 Deloris 69,71,97 Williams, Jerome 86,87 ,88,96 Williams, John 86 Williams, Margaret 32 Williams, Marilyn 71,73,96,106 Williams, Rochelle 106 Williams, Rosemary 97,106 Williams, Sharon K. 97 Williams Vera 97 Willner, Aletha E. 58,59,66,106 Nillner, Kathleen 59,102,106 Wilson, David 67,79 Wilson, Joyce 38 Wilson, Pat 22,96,97 .p-ng DEBBIE SHAW and Bev Reed give Darnell Wilburn the works as Miss Jones looks on in awe. GRACE HEDDERICH proudly displays her Sadie Hawkins day attire. Wilson, Paul 82,83 Wilson, Richard 60 Wilson, Shirley 96 Wilson, Von 85 Wise, Lisa 33,75,106 Witsman, April 103 Wolfe, Holly 33,62,63,109 Wong, Diana 94,106,107 Wood, Calvin 60,72 Woods, Margo 104 Wood, Michael 15,33,72 Woodcock, Robin 83 Woodcock, Susie 96 Woodmansee, Tim 88,96 Woods, Louis 86 1 .I QQ 45 fl I, 1' V Woods, Mike 67 Woodson, Michael 67 Worley, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Larry 72 Karen 19 Levinia 33,71 Lynn 62,102 Paula 38 Vickie 33 Wycoff, Bob 68 Yarbrough, George 58 York, Bob 106 Young, Anna 22,31 ,58,59,66,71 Young, Sheila 74 Zackery, Sidney 79 Zupan, Anthony 82,83 -ii in X gd 'Del +1 4 I ici fare? ss 'AQ' TOP-TEN YEARBOOK AGENTS Kerr, Michael Wiles, John Hawn. Q 4 i W.: V 53 . 1 BOB STAFFORD, photographer, ducks under the deadline with a strip of film-printable thank goodness! KATHY TAYLOR and a friendly pooch keep each other company in the CANNON Office. z , QD 72 .G 2 gg Q be Q Gig, xv' -fu NN 'f I EJ S?x.,y' K- 'o XV? rg N I F 3 fvx' 5, if 1 ' 1 H ,,, e 'fee .. xg .. - FRONT ROW: Vicki Wright, Karen Hood, Silvia Hanneman, Patricia White. SECOND ROW: Mike Brown, David Lee L A L 'E li. ' 'ra fl "-, it '3 A T3 -. 4 , l REJECTS FROM LAUGH IN? Not quite! Brenda Mathis, April Witsman and Debbie Stutzman "escape" for a breath of fresh air. ij! X 1 h llln 'i':i'lE :LE Q ' Q Q 3 -v v QL - 'E ' :- . , E 3 12 3 Q : 1 ' E : 3 7 Q 2- C '9 R 'll xx 'rf , . , Q" Q Xl Q' Ya ' uf ' ' Our thanks to: The administration for cooperating in scheduling photos. Department heads, sponsor teachers and classroom teachers for relaying messages and being inconvenienced by photography during class time. Club sponsors for cooperation in news gathering and picture taking. Max Galloway Studios, Michael Slover and William Wheeler for taking most of the group photos. The Music and Athletic departments for lending the use of rooms for group photography. Richard Kennard, Newsfoto Yearbooks for advice and lending of equipment. The Tech Printshop and Harold Deem for photo reduction of some headlines. ' Francis Fox for the cover and end-paper design made in Mrs. Emmagee Washington's Art IV class. John Hill for color photos of the campus used on pages 12 and 13. Mrs. Gloria Robbins for typing innumerable bulletin notices-many of them submitted on hair's breadth timing. The custodial staff for after-hours accommodations. The CANNON weekly sports staff for sharing photos and information. The rollroom agents who took time and responsibility to make the sales campaign a success. Our advertisers for providing experience in the busi- ness world and affording financial support. The Bookstore and the Financial Office for help in the sale and distribution of yearbooks. Many members of faculty and staff who help every year with distribution at the Yearbook Dance. , C I ,-.4,,+... "' 'frfffn DARNEl7L WILBURN released from the CANNON Office for a moment regains his sanity on the campus. STAFFERS Jane Long, Bonnie Rine- hart, Ricky Watts, Bev Reed and Vicki Holmes, become "Super CANNON Kiddies" in the midst of a diligent work session. 1 0 S K 4 QQ .2 SD H . K I f' X Q fl ll QQ r' Q? fmif Q il 00 UQ x 0 2 cf L, J 29'-al Q L Q, A 1.8 gf J X 0 I rf' ' Q9 Q fi ll! X rags F4 m 0 . I Q 00 005 fi mx, Q Q 1 1 3 5' E9 3 Z ' Ei ' .EFJ 'I 'E 'E : E ? ? - - 1 X , ,I -4' S Sag Saw S.X-1 1s-, ff sei, XJ Q 1' f DCK KEIZZAFID-V Y 225133255 .P . W ol ' I, u" . "0 4 I , o I B Ju N M' 1 1 Q' 1 I o v' X. W. I 'Y , 4 .X .L .- lisa-A - ll 8 In V lv ..- 78. 5 MM f y .x. 1, -1 .3. , I 4.. . . ,, x O . ' I .'.l 'LJ- s . x I . X' . in , L L w i Ja It C ' 2 P f 9 ,fl v1".', Afg -. 2 - f xv? M 0 v .l. 1, I, , ...,. 1-rv .5 , " in ff if I A' V ' PH," N wt, .ifww rw I' ' 5.'Jfh:'.' xl- ' fs-'-'-' "'Aif'fT'1' , yi. N Ep' Luv.: -, I, lx-,J l fqmwmgvy , A ' 'fb -', 1- lt Q . A' . Nl , ' 1,.' i ., ' -'..'. ' 1 tr J. . I i V, , , Mm, I 1 r- 1 x , . 1 4 ' SSE'vmIplb.."" 'I P. .-ge r 1 x af, rl I 3.x 'F

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