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M , '7.. I , "' A . ' '. "VI-'t"!",' "'i"'f'- . - 1 Q 4 -. .1 54.-f'f4Sf-..P If 1 N . 'Q . YJ' 1"-.' "- ,U, .1 if 1 .f' N " ,. ":L'f"A-T-1? 'L Vw Y, -.s,fA.4F --. .'. I, g V . ln' no ,!' n.f. xi. , A rr V - 3' 'fly-skrx--' ' 'jk 'f ,- n.., 'rib U,,f,v,'-T ',l.'.r.'. v ', V i . ' ' L - K . I' ' I- J1'v 1"-nk' tl' ,' b . 'V G -:WTA ' n ' P1 ','f'a-" '..1gWf.'sL'wQ?'f1':' . " ' 4 ,' " fn' -,,y..,-'Jaw' xl" -, " ,... , 1' 'N Q' -.'i-bf' - 'xl' 'ly' 1 FJQ' in' . Q,-ll,-'.f.,5x ,V -AZT I.. x ' " T..' v J v--- --ff 'J -Q1 ff"xm.. '. , - ' ffffi. N -- J fl.: ,"-w',' 'F' f V n 1 dx p -L' ' - V .. -- . . v QV, !'.4Q'41."' xl., ' ,QM I W f . -' L' 'QE.T'nyg s. .5'ifrw'.' ..', 'WH - ' v '15 .i?'145a2-f I,,'K- ylf b "vb . .K ' "Jes", 1. 3 . Hs. . -'f."-- - ' :sf .. ' ,"' ' '-7 U' ."".,."1 -- P Q- 1 Nr 37. Lf '5'Q..if'.fzT ' -ws 'I' YLVA'-'kj' "..',":1A -5 4 I Q .Fw 'flrf'-144' 53. -Ziff. '14, H. .' I . li -',,eA gg, ' mfr: 'V f'lJ1k..- -ft VA.. .ju , -.Hy . . . . . J ...,,., .A w " .','ff-4- -'-.541-'Q .. "If,-' JN "" , r-'.' 'A 'H' 'ur-, rv " . ' " ' " I' ."' -'nf 54. . Y '. ., ' 5.'S"', . '."'4. if 11' I - -' ' ' as... , A. L '70 ' ,IIVWQC - A" .-5. i, ny 1. - Ar, iw..-v , -- E .. . .f ' - 'J-"'x .frtf - .. . 1 ,-I., .' , ,J '- , 1..a ,, . , ,, ' V-1 H13 ,ju --. 'LJ'-J, - gh' L... H . L5-fx " . fl .,f'r Ii' ',f,,.Jq .'- ' I .!.'4 I ' Hfll-'VA f - - K ul. L- Ar -4-j,'s.4.f-, ,ff yy Q .... ' .-.'-,-'-'-5. 0 - 1 - - x a.3..- -. .- , , - 1. ., . .-- . . , . .-,.-,M ...J.--.V-N 4 . ,'j'I:B.x ,iii .Y ,Al N IM, 'EVIF '..?,:.u- 'l D X - 1'. 1 1-f ' 'T .' 1 '. 3 .l1l'1't-'RJ' v-' '. T. Q' Qf I 2. .- y uf' ",' Y' "N - 'Z 'A-1' I - M' N KW' . c , I '.,'7"'t':k . .. gg.. A ,'f,5L" .' 'fi' ' AN fx' X .".r'L,'? ' ,"i.'.s..:,q, J,v...I K" ,'z..A,' ' 1 .,,.-Jw' X .M 4, ' .NJ '-. 21 -.I ,Y , . -'Cu 1' W X r 0? -3 li: '41, -1'-:""' in' 7 - -."! ," ' ' Z ' ' 'ff -' -.'. ' t In F, f'3..HH wah, Q L',A1V ' '.' Q. '. - ...ff L "Q f,.3', Jxw , . 4.7-.-1 IP' 4'5"-ff' . '. mx.--1. - '-U14,!Y- r 5 --,,A- X -Qu. 1. -b ,A 'a 0 Y' ' n an Awng' '- ., ,- 1 .ni , 1.4 , . . .'r '.-,vw .H ef.,'f4'e"ff- , ' x. 4 .,L. , ,:, .., H., .WIN . .L,q','l . ' K. Mg 1, . Lx LJ f. 1 .4 r If J-1 v ,,,,'.y1 i uv ' ff' X 2. 11+ HX- 1, H . .ja . "1 15 . E I I 1 vlv' 7 f r' .,'.v 'f f '.,ojf'4,.,-.. s, ' , A ' . nga: -r lu' n .Q -.x f .ff "N, IJ! -1 l: v , . - 1 . , 1 1 . , 4 . ,A ,1 L' ,, y. .- ,ff 'QQ ,-.1-.4 v 1 xr y ,, '-.. 4 .. ,x ., r,. . , , ' ' 'ju-'1 2. f ' X f Q'-".'. "F""-LL'-f' , --V .- ., N ' TEN: L, , -rm, 'W-fy. ,nu ,A . Pl. lvti '- ,Q Q K . V: 1. .,',, Q .mu- 2 . .5 , f l H ' ". 1 x 1. , . ,. Q NWT...-.. uf- 5' n . my? .4 1 1.. P, I .rm 1.-. -Il. I t f"'fr',67.':11" W 'M -. wif -H. fx 'JL'- LJ3.. -4 L. Jus'-u1f?'g'!1 , -- -1 .3.. - ...., H. -'4."5:'Q Z., QV? V -" mg! ,,L1 L T-7.!!'1.1.'."". ' I4 ,.'- L f.'-nf,-, . X . fr ,'.,4. 1 .,-.,. yu.. 1 I mg ,. N, :af 'a l . 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' A , Sr :"-' 1 x. '. ' , . ' A! .I Ah fn"4-4' ,' - 'J A-' ' ,' , , , 'SNA , M , , , . . .QA t- A ' A ff ' '.3W.- M1 . .V , A . , J: 1- L V..,'Z ,L ' , . 4 1 lx I , "it , -Q .' ' . A 1 .. .Im D A . - A' V, f - 1 A , I , -V .K F .'.'.5 V 'a ', A . .",s .I -'vu' K' ' ' ' A ' 1 ' - ff' F95 A Q A ':'rA.'.?f"1r, A A A , . - :fm MAA' Af , . '- ,I ,As-vo,AL.'.y ,1 X v'44"".l.o'N : V, ' A .A 41.23A I., . ,v I " r'1,r X' ' 1 V "TI 'msgs' A.' ' 'A ' l.' ' 1 ' o f ,. '. A 14't'f"A , LQAJII. .Tux ' . ' , .' ' AIT- " "', , . V. , .5 A 4 'A . A ' ' MIA u' X' , ' -'nv' "z'fQ'1hV. ""AA' r. ' Q -'1::.1 ' j-. 'XA' iyrfp 1',Yl , fx., -,l A rf. V . ' . .. A I . uv A . x . f'g"'A L "',q.a'! . "Ash" .. .. 'AMA .' --v'. . 'A Al.. 14 .Iv- Q u ,4 ,Inf ,s. .::a,. A . , A A A A. " -'nk' 1'-iff C' .Au 1 A - 'A , -A ' lf! fl ' I N A A ' 1 1 ' I Jo ' 8. Kr. -A " ,. IH. -' 1. 'Aix' . 1-' -'- A. ,A 'Q . :A ,ij 'FVV1 r 1 ' N J 'l' A - , L ' ' 'A 4 A 4 ' AA A . pf--,A N-, Xl ,fum sg "nn, ' , ,f',..Vf,'f,,,1L gllvwvcft A 1 -' -,,.. W" '. 44. 'q-,'qY2- . my-E.. if.: A A I I ' 9 M' s X . ' -'Q' V -11? wql.Au.'h Ctkn-.!f'J'y:4'Ja A .' AE- I qA-g-.gv!1'- '47-"An - . f' 'vly. 'sk " 1.'4" " Ali , .yA 3 A! 1:4 if?-9 "My . . -V A-gl .AA- , 'l' ,UK '.1.' F A "Mfr A -A .. A , A ' An, ,L"'f"'. nz. TN A ,Qu ,J ,' ll., -.H ' , Il -, - I HPI' A1 ,G .5 ' 1' . l, 4: yy A 1-' 'PV A, A Aw A' 'u- s Ayrgfyhx' TIA " 'A n' .l..'4 'av' Ii I 1' "' fQL..'..'A' S ' ' .11 ,qw ' IQJXQA 'wr :At 4 --A' W.. lx-'. A- 4. r f..-','f1..f' ,- ,, A,', q' ' ' 4- .. " ' P .il-An A 5 'Q' s A, N 1 M -. 'A A '. ' ,A ' 'Ti' 'A g ' Q "1 E- .,"' '--'Y' r ffff' AfAx,'T,6Zg.7A.7,.".' ." A' .A A 1,f-s.!,s-Ag '. W1 En, 'f A'-.i'.A.'f 1' A Yi-f H, . A nf" A. A' '. .ivff-.'w ' .n JA, 'jfs m,gA. . ,I I vi H ,ying :IMC .rvgrn if A1 PAA' s- Ja A- '.-gf., A. A Y. ' . ' , ., , T, .' A!! A. r "n L:11ql I K . 4 Q I 'A 5 ' ' A " A .4 'I i.ff'.,TfAf 11 A rx ,-' A25 1-A1946 ' . , ,,A.' 1 ,fA, - 1 'A,., Lg".-A-ff -" vf f -A .4T,F'-,A-2'.w . -' ': ' ', , 4 Ivmlnxi .fn I A " .' ,,, M W ., I, -A ,V V1 ' - ,A' A .' X L". ' . , f ..',' A' A-'u JL. ., .1.,.' -A1 ,' -I ,A . j.V's .I 'Nalia..1-A-.,".!!i:N,,. 1- ,. ., 'lu A AA. , -Q: "' .,, W il: 3:. Ar' 4-th 1 -,,. A A. A -3'."A.- Amr 'A' ." 1 !g.'l1:'I:' JF- ffp , L ' 'L.'Y -' ,'A I , .Q 'A-'dn'A:'..f-F15 1.16 ' .iff .A.'m-,lf'fg' -.1 r V . nl .h4Ae,o3y 2' 'C'., 9 , 1 ,",QlZ,'g-' W 1.1-'61 ' lkx' '.,24":v,M',Q W 1,534 - ,L '."1... 1-'LK fc: -. , n ""', ",'. . 1' -0' " ' :iff-I ' f ' ' - Mgr,- , W , "'j:. 4 QI. u - . A . ' 4 r M M AIZQENAL CANN 315 q1"' , F'- I Ln' pus Teclwmalu I-Hgh o o o I Volww 57 Titans battled the computer last fall, but the winner of the match was undecided. The machine threw its first punch when students found themselves with wrong class assignments and five times as many study halls as last year. In assembly line style, Techites migrated to the Barn to be processed for ID cards-complete with code numbers and photos. By school rule, Titans carried the cards and prayed friends didn't ask to see them. Lack of roll rooms frustrated Techites, especially Seniors! Third hour was extended, and a new time schedule furthered the confusion. Some pupils en- rolled in split double period classes, forgot when to go to class and when not to go. lVlany could remain home late, others could go home early, but unlucky Titans got an extra study hall-usually ll-IST what Th9V needed. In the spirit of the times some teachers even called the roll by number. An air of automation threatened the "human" touch which had always been a part of the Tech v'ay of life. Ttaw F... A KS! :qt V, x I il ji lvsi. "V 0 N1-5 ..! 1 . ,-z.4"l1.'Y RIGHT: lnstead of protesting the new time schedule, Sally Harding "gets with it" and displays her unusual watch collection which includes Spiro Agnew, Bullwinkle Moose, Elmer Fudd, Buggs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. ABOVE: Mike O'Hara wears his student code number. To him the whole computer :system seems fu nny. 4 l L zllr. , .4 JS, '.-' 'f 's 'gg lv- ,. . L1 - , . fg, Af . 5 ,,- 1' ..- f I 7, L,. 1- rf .f , L, f .-"nf, A ' 'fr Q -'ff 1 I. .- 7 4 1, 25" Z 4 4 .- 0 A -" " ff- N . .1375 --'I' t 'Me-f 4' Q x 'f ex N NS ,. Q' ve f ' . e f 'J N gf, - 'ajflijkl' Z., af' 1.41--59 x G.. X' .if XZQVF- A A -wifi 'L 'av' ' 3 -,L .Y....g i-f J..T.n fn L -- is f' a 'ss M431 X Q ' , 1-.iil,Jf--L,i"' wh' I, ,Q f I Lyn . I 2 - - 1 A A 532: 5 : -1 - f 5- , I E.jxk-J k Av .X .. , , ff, hir: - l ,ff '. ' I ,ggi - L -l ' . . . .-" vs! ' ,.- . H e rectum' 4-"!'4'fifw-5fff."'fif.,,'gfj'-rf' ,,., .-.- -F. 'pg H'-1" tau- A'- c.' i 9 F,I"E lo. O A I ,... . . 'f ..Ad1 , Inf". "'f'N'3fki" . -,,,.s , P "!f'i 'ynf fx -J:-'f'.f'.rffl-" rx, .-a " Kx - , ka " -if 'fygggf-"r24, +."'t' fn! 'eff . . +1 V wr ff 'uf '. 'flier F if 325' :fin we-, J an Can the scent of spring and the velvety touch of a petal be reduced to a hole in a punched card? Nature eludes the machine. Can a number stand between -friends? A computer may deal with data, but it can hardly express solitude or togetherness. Neither can it number and code the quality of a person Personality is not programmed. These too elude the machine. Each person is himself-an individual-a hu- man being. Titans enjoy people, and no machine can argue with that. 6, s- 44,'1.:e- ,,,,fqm, M-- xut- -.ev-1 - - 4, -.....':.iF.."'-. , ' 1219- r no e ar :Ls Qg 5. :21. M25 uobfabe bg ' In spite of the age of the computer, people, 5,000 strong, remained the most important aspect of campus life. Computerizing hadn't changed homework and the pre-report card worries. Pupils still crammed for tests and did homework in lunch, only to leave it in the locker and do it over again while the teacher wasn't looking. There were still long nights with research papers, Cliff notes, borrowed books and broken typewriters. Everyone still complained about cafeteria food, then rushed like mad to get in line early. The familiar, "Oh, Connie, can you loan me a dime till tomorrow?" still rang in the ears of Techites. There were no computerized lunches to tend to our nutritional and caloric needs according to shape, size, or sex. Our instant potatoes and tuna casserole shall live on forever. Of course, our old fat, faithful, funny, fuzz, Fritz still tyrannized cutters and bubblegum flingers. Fritz is almost as much a tradition as the two cannons. And no, they haven't changed the cannons either. They still sit in front of the cafeteria, decorated with peace signs and various graffiti, to remind us of our Arsenal tradition. So, even with all the confusion and delirium, the important things, our friends, emotions, traditions, and all the tiny faults that endear Tech to us, still remain. ,Ma i i D has .4 LEFT: One cause of hurry and shovlng was elrnnlnated thus year when Tech's bookstore was opened in August. ABOVE: lt took "freshies" three weeks to learn that trays just don't belong on lunch tables. l lj? l 'v .. A l tht, - .f :fl OFFICER Wnlbert R. Grunet, known as Frrtz, as stall on duty to keep the students rn Irne. LEFT: Kevin Nahas, takes advantage of the brught sunny day to crack a book. ABOVE: A tree branch may not be as comfortable as a classroom chaur, but the refreshing air outsrde helps Tonya Bruce enjoy her reading. Qclwolw The ticker-tape of school events clicked off to a promising start with Jamboree, Homecoming, and lVlardi Gras occupying prominent slots. Open House with its Chili-Cha-Cha offered parents an evening of school entertainment as gymnastics, basketball, and music groups performed. Since grades were distributed the same day, parents were ready with questions and comments as they met teachers for first-hand discussions. School events picked up even more after State Teachers' Convention with ROTC Military Ball, and the SAO Board's annual workshop. Here many major activities sponsored by the SAO Board were planned for the entire year. Key Club members distributed and collected contri- butions for the lVluscular Dystrophy Drive, and the Red Cross Club sent their annual Christmas package to Vietnam. Later weeks brought Junior Career Day, Honor Day, Junior-Senior Convocation, ROTC Federal ln- spection, and the Yearbook-Cannonball Dance. Ul- timately, these activities closed the year with a sigh of exhaustion and nostalgia for seniors, for whom the big day of graduation finally arrived. i l .,,, , . I . . as v ,, Y .'..' ,-1 ,L', - '. U , "- 'f . A ,,f V ' N15 - 'KM4 ., . ,. ,J - 1- "7 r 1- n fb? 'Z A ,. X X" ' .vs . xl 4 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS parade around field during halftime at Homecoming following a display of fireworks presented by Key Club. Tl 90 ya' - F4 " El ' V9 - I 5 ALICIA BROWN is crowned Homecoming queen by lVlr. Longshore as Mary Jones and other queen candidates watch on. VICTOR EVANS pauses temporarily during the Homecoming game in which Titans were defeated by Warren Central 20-6. QW? Sz' 1? if-P ti 1 DEBBIE COLVIN is crowned Miss Treble Clef at the Mardi Gras festival. She represented Girls' Concert Club. LEFT: Nlelodayres perform at Open House to enhance the evening's activities. BELOW: The band added more music while parents relaxed in the cafeteria for rest and a bowl of chili. IBM becomes less mysterious as pupils experiment with the modern age key-punch of machines. 'B Fi ' 'flififil' ' - H1 ff SANDIE SPENCE and Carol Beverly "light our fires" during a halftime show at a football game. S E534- s ' -- NOT ONLY are Judo classes fun, they are also hard work for Titans. 'int .M-' .'1w , I aff, - may-a . .- 'ga-u.x'g-4D -In gpm-5n3Pn', ,Vw QI., J. 'J l'i7':.3f,. ."-r.- 414683 A ,gmai- nllxr' , i gl I 1 y L 'W V' 59-"..Tn':'i5ilU5'T'3il typ, 'G 4: 1 fm' ,1-Qu Y f-J'4f'g,ZQQ!L Il, at v ,- uf.. .'t5"b.' ' - '. 3 1 i .LH .b 7 .gr v' f va 32 c' i",'5'3"'l" il ' .iv ' ,,1"' I 'JU-' .F ' Sf-'f rf 1 f..-r., TITAN BAND is terrific while performing at home games, but only after much practice and a bit of "chewing out" by Nlr. Switzer. .Q..g.,...- . .,4 ,Q , 1-'N fig, .5 af V' 'v 5 ?'f'! Ny .eil 6wv6ofvTtans With the opening of school well under way, Titans turned to extra curricular activities for a change of pace. With new courses, homework was plentiful and many hours were divided between themes, math problems, and reading assignments and club groups which gained new esteem this year. The Social Studies Department offered a new course which dealt with urban development and governmental influence over family living. ln the Mathematics Department, Probabilities and Statistics gathered new students and taught pupils principles of logic. In the tenth hour, many girls discovered that a back handspring is not the hardest thing in the world. Gymnastics for girls proved well worth the time, effort and callouses as competition became a real possibility. Titans excelled above the computer and filled the their days with activities of their own choosing. ABOVE: A building trades class continues progress on the house they are building at 1405 East Michigan Street. LEFT: Photography Club members capture the magic of an autumn day on an outing at Turkey Run State Park. ,gf R,-5 ? if 5 N n "-ff 4? f, ,tx WC ff n TQ . gl c 6. 5 5 E I3 S 23 fs' ' R 4? W 1 vw x C C s .......,.,,.., I VICE-PRESIDENT David Batts, Betty Garten, and PRESIDENT Ron Seats try caps and g I i 1 I 3 ,e Va ML 2 A? , , 1 5 YfK?e 'iz ":?'xf"'3 owns for that special "senior" feeling. 71 ' DAVID BATTS makes his first speech as vice-president of the Senior class of 1971 at the first class meeting, October 6. PRISCILLA BUFKRIS represents the 1970 Sen' ior Class as she passes the symbolic torch to 1971 representative Gladis Gorden at the Junior-Senior class convocation last spring. And so, the year brought many changes, and most of all to Tech seniors. After three years of looking forward to senior roll rooms, they returned Septem- ber 8 to find no such thing existed. For the first chaotic month of school, it looked as if the Senior Class of '71 would have no organization at all. However, the first class assembly changed matters. On October 6, seniors of '71 met for the first time and conducted their election of officers. The fact that the top five positions are held by males is a step backward in the Women's Liberation lVlovement. This blow to the girls jolted them into a little political planning. Through the year seniors conducted a class all their own. They could take the initiative to accomplish more than ever before. The individual could submit ideas for senior activities and be a participant rather than a spectator. Yes, the year of the computer meant CHANGE, but time may prove that the mechanical monster has not been so drastic after all. J! Cb "" ' f 4 N NEW OFFICERS of the Senior Council meet i for the first time to discuss the future of the N Ni CIBSS- Qc. Q- A 41 ' .f""'i ' QL- 'HTA a,u'x-,'m-.QA x , hx .EY '1 Q' .-' rr F' E.. 5. if Ji, AL- A-A , ,' I - . 1 .' J 3 ' . f" ' 1 J I' ' ' 7 ,' rl if ll. I. K 5 , tw! W4 ' 1 ' ,' " f f . t 1 2 ,Q . 1 X, , ,J ,ff 11 f f 5 j , , 1 is '51 -Q - f f' " f ,JW .4 ' 1i...... ! ! fl 'LIN 'X "'.."72 ACTIVITIES 1 DEBBIE RHODES, Gary Brinkley, Beth Overbey, Frances Bradley and Greg Boid display a few of the many ribbons and certificates won by the Speech and Debate Team members this year. Qpeakatsltololpwtfljayvfv The Speech Team is a group of ded- icated students specializing in certain catagories of s p e e c h and competing against other schools at speech meets. The catagories include poetry, dramatic interpretation, original oratory, boys and girls extemperaneous speaking, radio and TV announcing, humorous interpretation and impromptu. These areas are divided GARY BRINKLEY passes a convivial moment with W. C. Fields, played by Keith lVlundy, at the Soeeuh Team Halloween party. into novice and varsity. At speech meets, points toward N F L rank are earned by competitors for excellence in their specific areas. The National Forensic League is an organization which all speech team members aspire to join. Students attain NFL membership when they have 25 points. CARL WATERFORD protects an unidentified "Iovely" in a party pic reminiscent of "Our Town." Debate, sponsored by Stanley lVlinks, had its first class in the spring semester. The Debate Team was picked from the students attending the class. After pre- paration, they attended five meets or contests. Each person had a chance to speak about twenty times. BERNICE BROWN and Joyce Hise with Bill Johnson try to guess the identity of two "mystery guests." Dwmaf, Thespians The Drama Club's annual Halloween Party enabled members to express them- selves by way of costumes. Hippies, Mexican dancers, vvitches, and other con- glomerations enlivened the scene. This is just an example of one of the many different activities that the Drama Club offers. All thirty members worked hard at doing their best in such events s Q tl-julia ' as the Christmas play and school play this spring. The Drama Club isn't all fun and games. They have a time for fun, but they also work some serious sessions into their schedule. Thespians is an organization of ad- vanced Drama Club members. I KEVIN SMITH gives the "OK" sign, Jim Brown demonstrates on his head, while Flolando Quintana, in sombrero, and Debbie Viers enjoy the spoof. 1 ,534 ' 'fffff X , , 4m l v I '-.Y SUE BETTIS, sponsor, pours a svvig of cider: Kevin Smith, in vvig, looks self-satisfied. X- V THE DRAMA CLUB Halloween party brought forth assorted characters: Kevin Smith, Jerry Jones, Flobert Gurzo lpistol in handl and Dianne Shaw. CLAUDE LOVVERY, Denver Jordon, and Greg Bold flank Mayor Orden, proceedings in John Steinbeck's play THE MOON IS DOWN played by Gary Brinkley, as Mike Pierce lCaptain Loftl begins trial ffg-A I-31 ff. V ..1f'S'W, 'v...,:41gff-fw- ' , gmt V. L, ' 1. ,- AL. .f.,E,.: v ,VH . f ' wtf' 'A ' "2 .',-: - 4 .. ,JJ-zg.r,i-. ,+ -' e w if IN THE FINAL SCENE Mayor Orden bids the maid lAnna Youngl await the departure. good-bye while guard lF?obert Blalockl and Dr. Winter lWiIliam .lohnsonl me Moon re Down 601219 plat, i lg WILL AND TOM ANDERS lGregory Latimore and Clem Wattsl prepare to leave for England to plan revolt. The meeting with Mayor Orden takes place at the home of Molly Morgan lDebra Moore! MOLLY IMPLORES the mayor not to sen- tence Alex to die before the firing squad. THE MAYOR REASSURES Alex lElIiott Var- nadol before the execution of the convicted citizen. On November 19, 20, the all-school play, THE MOON IS DOWN under the direction of Mrs. Alice Goodrum, was presented to an audience of pupils and teachers. The play, vvhich dealt with the occupation of a small mining tovvn, was based on the novel vvritten by American Nobel Prize winner, John Stein- beck. Auditions were open to the student body. The theme of the play, vvas the impossibility of breaking the spirit of man despite all obstacles. The original production of the play vvas on Broadvvay in 1942. A minor crisis in production vvas met when Stanley Minks, assistant director, smuggled a firearm needed as a "prop" onto campus under his overcoat. .gil 1 l . a 'Q -vi", 1 ri 1 '- .. . 5 wi, '- , iw, ti ,vu , FSR ij: .' dj . 4 D ' . sl .v Q.. , . J. J' fs .l u"' 1: . l ' ' Y l l THE MAYOR kisses his wife lliathleen Wil- lnerl good-bye before losing his life PWOQMPM ,vii i ggi.-fi ., ' .r 159' nig3,.f 108 K' Fgrws x Q :ull 5,..1?'2 ri 'gp .l I--X! Q - 'Split' 'i'ki On the ball this year, the Photography 4 , .iv ? Club en'o ed several interestin field ' 13 . 4 'ti A I Y 9 'A 4 I 2 if , g I trips. 153' i . . . 54.1. .. in , v'.:,.f-F Till? 1:1 ln the fall, a visit to Turkey Run QQM ' 'r ift State Park yielded many beautiful nature g pictures. Some members had their first 5'-,D it ' L f . . . . :rg in 47: My H Q Y 1458. yup. 1 experience in developing color film. ,L ifwf: ws' A A 4 . - ,fgqlk egg Later on, visits to Larry Young Stu- 'gif Q 'fgE,Q.i15.'5g'R,,''E'i'Q:,jQi s 4 N .- ,P ',,k..1" " , , dio, H. Peters Studio, and Creative Cam- , . lv ,g " 'difi5ibi,hf5,?fpwI?P?'?fxX'x era showed members creative methods of i' 'Q f , if . Photography and darkroom techniques. .5-if- 'ical S f' i mf, Lf 'Y A' ' 'Q 'fl 4 ' . " .Af 4236 if- ahh, Members were allowed to use the -1 bf X Q' 5. ln'-i if? .K bk V fe l, M ap .- gf ' fi -hx -ff I darkroom during club meetings if they tax Q WJ? 5' fi' 1 wished. Since the club is small, its i I ' ' members get much individual instruction. f it BEV REED experiments with pop art and makes a bag of potatoes almost X f desirable. 'WM A l, SYMBOLS OF THE GHETTO provide photographic inspiration for camera artist Richard Swan. -1 i Iirlzfiluirliiitip.i'iwi'w 1 1- 'mitli.1ii4af:COrri4, '- in 'raw J T mumfy ii1tii3l.llH .i - ft 4, if :ms zimpri-.wily rv- Bureau of . . " iclua y iwnmiii nfl rliudr- Univer .51 vvvr him' 1 ol mv Crly -. .nxriicl run Wnoeiiu House: Stal! Lf, Addiction Special ii iii.-.ri itidmin lo Phurfnix Hmm!! rho- X "N-.L Yfa Wm V O R BUS 9,121 8 N1 as .t gf f 5L Qf-H 3 f .-Q .. WOR if NY epidr you W an .. Write the New Yi. V lf you would like to lg ,. dollars to Phoenix House Fon' +V wo 'fa SPONSORED B . .n ..m.1.fXa xr, if .- ff n N M. X NHT'-' I gm CAROLING Techoir singers give their best to downtown Indianapolis and director, William F. Moon. CHRISTMAS carolers boost the Tech image as they sing at the central school administrative offices in a stop on their afternoon bus tour. 0014105 seasow Mugs busg 60'lfTOCl10fJlf 1 iilfx 'hr 5-sv-A . ' O WITH TELEVISION CAMERAS recording the scene, Techoir members contribute to the pre- Christmas atmosphere. Later they made a holi- day telecast on another station. 24 Everybody piles into the bus, all 76 eager to go Christmas caroling. So begins one of the big events of the year for the Techoir and director, William Moon. But the Techoir isn't all fun, it's a lot of hard team work from everybody, so that vvhen it's time for the curtains to be opened, the singers not only look professional, in their green robes, but sound professional as well. The Techoir gives about 15 con- certs a year. They raise money for their needs by selling Christmas records and candy, and by working a booth at Mardi Gras. The organization continues to ex- cite interest and support. ON ALL ATTENTION-carolers visited City-County Building and Monument Circle on their rounds. PART OF THE FUN of Techoir caroling is riding a chartered bus about the city. THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING was no annual Christmas record. wif 6 vacation fo' Techoir and their director. Accompanied by the Bell Choir they cut their ,..4ll Q' ri .-,J ll LQ f, N- :XJ 5 . I 8 . 19 if ' sf vt' l' .. DAVID ARME5, Mike Pierce, and Carl Klflg Strive for The Deffelif DOTS- WILLIAM TATUM coaches the Boys Concert Club with Alan Johnson tak ing a back seat to no one. clubs, The Girls Concert Club from which the Techoir gets most of its girl singers has two big programs a year. They are Christ- mas 'Round About and Spring Festival. At the Christmas 'Round About, "Rudolph," and "Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow," and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," were specialties. At the Spring Festival they sang such songs as "I Know Where l'm Going," "Looks Like Spring ls Here," and "One World." The events school more fun and much more happy. Directed by William Tatum, the Boys Concert Club, forty voices strong, exer- cised their talents on a variety of num- bers. They featured special arrangements of "America the Beautiful" and "Okla- homa." Special goals of the season were a spe- cial Christmas program and a Pop Concert at Broad Ripple on April 20. The boys commanded attention in their uniform, dark coats and grey slacks. Stepping out in snappy dark green double-breasted jackets and light beige slacks, the Boys Octette produced enough music with eight voices and a piano to bridge the generation gap. Young and old in their varied audiences at churches and PTA meetings applauded their spirited presentation. Their star appearances were in a con- test at Butler University on February 20 and on TV Channel 6 in the spring. L... L f , ,g 'Miva ' 7' A f .. l, A vibe! i ' GIRLS CONCERT CLUB makes an impression on parents and guests at the annual Open House during American Education Week. MIKE STANFIELD, Dave Devitt, and Jim Scahill, octette members, ham it up for the cameraman. -1 .1 .J - 02 ' L, 'A C 'vi- THE "BETTER HALF" of the Octefie DVSC' tices: Paul Wilson, Denver Jordan, Jim Scahill, Sam Price, and John Masters. M v'Avl X ME LODAYRES MEMBERS enjoy rehearsing and realize that "practice" will make "perfect." ' ws sing, Ensemble shines Under the direction of Mrs. Loesje Mendel, the Burt Memorial Bell Choir performed in many different surround- ings. Not only here at Tech, but at churches, fraternal organizations, and also on television during the Christmas season the Bell Choir displayed their ringing abilities. This is a new group of 14 which began only two and one half years ago and are already quite well known. The Bell Choir was featured with the Techoir in their Christmas program and the Or- chestra in their 'Round the World pre- sentation. In addition to programs for various organizations throughout the year, the Melodayres presented their own fall con- cert, "Evening with the Melodayres," on v ' ,-'yulga 'af .nf ' 1 .YP i ..- 1.4 PART OF THE MELODAY RES GROUP relax a moment off-stage before going on to perform. . Y ,mr Friday, November 13 in the cafeteria. The group performed a medley of Bacharach hits as well as traditional madrigals, ac- companied by their director, Cheryl Walsh. Mrs. Loesie Mendel, Girls Ensemble director, sets the time for the program, and the 12 junior and senior girls climb into their cars dressed in blue-green dress- es. They giggle and hurry, so they won't be late. The girls sing many different types of songs, and get a chance to try just about all of them, at the approxi- mately 4O concerts they give during one year. Some of the songs they enjoy most are: "Close to You," "Camelot," "Up Up and Away," "Do You Hear What I Hear," and "Little Drummer Boy." TINA HART, Don Knorr, Laurel Burns, and Randy Auble pull through with the right note. GIRLS ENSEMBLE rehearse and accomodate the Cannon photographer. For identification see page PERFORMERS at Open House were Bell Choir 105- and Techoir. For identifimtion see page 103. Qs 27 las musw gets plug' F 41 4 wt H-.. .MV af' :Sl in . - ifigltfy fs 1 SAM TAYLOR, Alvin Perkins and Mike Miller, Symphonic Band members, beat the drums for the percussion section. "I hope I made it!" sighed Tech musicians nervously, auditioning for the Symphonic Band. Only the most out- standing and a d v a n c e d instrumental students were allowed to participate. A special event of their year was the first Christmas Pops Concert. Another performing group made up of advanced students was the Concert Band. They worked hard preparing for the annual Spring Music Concert. Partially duplicating the other two groups in membership, t he Marching Band played for half-time shows and at the Christmas tree lighting on Monument Circle. f BEGINNING BAND m e m b e r s rehearse: FRONT ROW-Anita A n d e r s o n, Donita McNealey, Gail Jones, Myra Hagan. SECOND ROW-Kushion Lawrence, George Williams, Dewayne Smith, Joyce Burnett. BELOW: The Orchestra performs at the Christmas Pops Concert, an event enjoyed by numerous parents and friends. I A. 4 XT-ff 'ii' , . f . 'W ,Ca L 1 r l' if' 'I CONCERT BAND members warm up for an X A afternoon session that may extend long after school. ix f 'Ox 5 "Wow, he su r ely isn't o u r new director!" This might have been a comment made by female orchestra members as they v i e w e d their young handsome director, Ronald Nobles, for the first time. Under new leadership, sixty of Tech's top musicians filled the air with various selections from classical to pop. A special event of the year was the December 6th Christmas concert. A high- light of the program was the accompani- ment of the Bell Choir in "The Star Carol." Students who q u a l i f i ed for orchestra this year found their work both hard and rewarding. l i ' l i fr I" X l i ' lllillw SYlVlPHONlC BAND brasses make the big sound that vibrate the floors of Room 642. ' i " timer i ' T ' A i maxi , 4 -.1 STRING ENSEMBLE practices with Mr. Nobles. SITTING: Nolan Hollawell, Teresa Amato, Debbie l-lill, Donna Montgomery, Bessie Harris Dorothy Harris, Darrick Mimms. STANDING: Marcus Russell, John Gurienn. fl? CINDY BENNETT, Wanda Gamble and Mary Jane Marthin, sponsor, plan a downtown meeting of Y-Teens S i ' ALFREDA LEE, Frieda Mindach and Lisa Milender decorate the SAO Christmas tree. Language, clubs ' ln addition to the Spanish Club's traditional pinata booth at the Mardi Gras the year's activities included the November 15 excursion to Indiana Uni- versity. After a dinner of tacos and enchi- ladas, the group, accompanied by Mrs. Maria Lagadon, Mrs. Sheila Young, Mrs. Patricia Schmalz and David Clapp, at- tended a two-hour evening performance of El Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. The latest thing for Tech's Latin stu- dents and especially the Junior Classical League is "Res Geste," a publication available to Latin students used to broad- en the students' use of the language and increase his vocabulary. This year the French Club made a visit to the Chez Jean Restaurant. They learned to eat the French way with bread and utensils held in both hands. Traditionally the French Club had their annual Christmas dinner. The menu included the traditional quiche-Lorraine, cat's tongue and buch de Noel. They also had soft drinks, potato chips, pretzels and other American junk food. While the dinner cooked, members played pool and ping-pong. ff' f it MAGGIE MADDOX in a French Club audience, enjoys a puppet show. Operators taking a bow are Elizabeth Trittipo, Kim Anderson and Jan Hittle. YIM, Q-AO, Pwgwv RON THOMPSON, Lisa Milender, Frieda Mindach and Mary Jones discuss school splflf at SAO workshop. PARENTS CHAT at the SAO-sponsored recep- tion honoring scholastic sweater recipients. X RIGHT: Laurie Lewis congratulates Paul THINGS GO BE-I--I-ER when you Start the day Wilson. with a moment for worship, Prayer Circle members believe. Y-Teens is the high school club for members of the Y.W.C.A. The Tech group entertained children at an orpha- nage in December, as part of their Christ- mas observance. Later in the year they attended a program at Manual High School on women's liberation. Promoting school spirit was a major goal of the Student Affairs Organization. At the annual workshop, held this year in November, members of the SAO Executive Board planned the Board's annual Christmas Dinner, Valentine's Day Tea for the faculty and staff, and the Student-Faculty Game in co-operation with the Service Club and Key Club. Besides the usual annual affairs, the Board, under the direction of their new sponsor, Mr. Karl Schneider, planned for many more pep sessions and after-school dances. Another goal of the Executive Board was to re-write the SAO's constitu- tion, liberalizing the eligibility require- ments, thus allowing a better cross-sec- tion of students to have a chance to join and participate in more school activities. During the past year Prayer Circle did several things. At Mardi Gras they spon- sored a booth. Also, at Christmas time, Prayer Circle along with FTA went to Barton House Nursing Home and sang Christmas carols throughout the building. This was then followed by separate parties. Other activities during the year includ- ed a bowling party, a breakfast and also a picnic late in the year. 'nf W Mt 1 Atl'-' Active 590111 This year the activities of the Service Club included a tea for senior girls, Christmas dinner, and a food basket project for unfortunate families. Selling mums for homecoming a n d booster badges for games provided funds to pay for the apples which club members gave to teachers and custodians at Thanks- giving time. Service Club also sponsored the clean-up campaign that the campus needs every spring. For the senior girls' tea, the club invited some Tech graduates to return from college to speak with the girls and to give them some idea of what to expect and what things they should take with them. 3 ,W X'7'1"l NIKKI BRUMMETT sells Service Club cider to help support the Mardi Gras. MILDRED MOORE and Aniker Wade prepare to send apples and thank-you's as a Thanksgiving project. KAREN LUCAS goes all out with her display of booster buttons. Here we go 70-71 Titans. n.4q.,J ' We mia i Q, "' .I V Q M x 'KW 'nf i F . if tra lf, J sr , ge t T S Q it sgiix r ,Q 'Ti E -,Wifi . . A ' . Legg ,jigiggl 2, A Q p , Nr:-F Egrggfre, 5155 , ff .W , f l IS' " Q -f,': xg I Z M " , g . , .V 5 iii t i , J, alla- 'ir-4 ,ryawv Egg N 4 r iiliilfi' M 'Rl' E f. . rj-...4.g1 A MARY JONES shows her homecoming spirit by passing out this year's T-mums. Looking on are William Johnson, Andrea Hunt, and Rose Mindach, who helped. . X I ANDREA HUNT, Frieda Mindach, Rose Mindach, and John Whobrey discuss plans with sponsor Judith McBride. l2edOioss,l-l ,l-lLstoigOUub school SAM PRICE and Richard Swan show interest in Human Relations even at 7:30 in the morning. 4 - of .- rj use . X .. ., ' gg . . ' i"i ,F .CTT-f 5 I 4,11 . F- ff' l X 'L .,,1...' V 'L . . 1 . - i LEFT: Ellen Eads, Red Cross sponsor, counts the cIub's money. RIGHT: Terry Grant, Aniker Wade, and Mark Brooks ponder the world in History Club. The visit of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stanley C. Campbell in a rlay long conference with Tech pupils, faculty and parents was a memorable event of the pre-Christmas season. One issue being discussed was the racial balance of the varsity cheerleading squad. The Tech Human Relations Committee conferred with the superintendent and explained the method by which cheerleaders were auditioned and selected. A call was made for all girls to try out. The field was narrowed by successive eliminations, with the Human Relations Committee forming part of a student-faculty board equally balanced between black and white. Another matter under discussion with Dr. Campbell and of interest to the com- mittee was possible reorganization of the school according to a house plan in use by various inner-city schools throughout the nation. The Human Relations Committee conf tinued its project this year of sending guest speakers to fe e d e r junior high schools to talk to prospective Tech fresh- men and to familiarize them with Tech life. The yearly Red Cross Drive showed a total of 3196.00 Members of the Red Cross Club also made a project of sending a gift box to servicemen overseas. They helped Tech nurses by making bandages to be used in the Health Center and by first aid and health classes. Among social affairs, members enjoyed a Christmas party at the home of the sponsor, Miss Ellen Eads. "Ah-32.55. Do I hear 2.6O? Come on folks, this little beauty is from Sweden gives a fine massage." This type of talk is not uncommon at the History Club's Roman Banquet. The club had their ban- quet this year in February. The toga-clad members and their special guests enjoyed ham, baked beans, and other assorted dishes. The evening was made complete when slaves were auctioned to the guests. The money collected went to the History Club's treasury. In the spring of the year, club meme bers took a trip to Chicago. The big event of the day was the trip to the Rosenwald Museum of Science and lndustry. KEY CLUB Santas Steve Cook and Houston Smith are children for a moment among a mountain of toys. 'Q , -u'v . 1 ,Jww,et, ,rag , .. ti The Key Club conducted a goodwill drive at Christmas time 1970. ln addition to bell ringing for the salvation Army at K-Mart Shopping Center, the group col- lected money and gifts to make Christmas a little brighter at Central State Hospital. A few members made a trip there to con- duct a gift shop service so that patients could Christmas shop at no expense to themselves, a n d so r e m e m b er their families and friends. Key Clubbers also sold Cokes at school dances and other school fu nctions. lt's not all work. Members enjoyed a Christmas party at the home of Mahlon Carlock, sponsor. A green sweater-white T indicates var- sity standing in Tech athletics. A white sweater-green T i n d i c a tes additional achievement. T sweaters also symbolize membership in the Lettermen. The Lettermen's Club continued this year its traditional project of manning the basketball booth at Mardi Gras. This year for the first time, Girls Athletic Association met volleyball teams from other schools. Also as fun and games, the girls engaged in intramural basketball, kickball, and baseball. The girls also played the teachers in a volley- ball contest which is becoming an annual tradition. Judo is one of the most exciting sports offered here at Tech. ln each class, held on Mondays there are approximately 25 girls. The sponsor is Miss Shirley Parrett and the instructor is Mr. John Karnes. In this class the object is to work toward the black belt. There are seven different colors on the way up which include white, yellow, yellow tip, orange, green or purple, brown and black. In order to achieve these colors participants master the art of holds, pins, chokes, throws and falls. According to member, Geri Siefert, Judo should be regarded as a sport rather than a defensive practice. BELOW: Mrs. Harding and a few of the girls in GAA have some laughs about their basketball game. RIGHT: Here they are in perfect form at the end of a practice run. Girls Gymnastics. es.t"' .N b I "iv-x,,, A , , ly ' Y 1 - 4- f , 1 il. G Y t . i . g Q, gen X X K x Polly Chapman, sponsor of Girls Gym- nastics, began emphasizing the need for physical fitness by teaching conditioning to interested girls in a tenth-hour session. Learning perfection in timing and ba- iance, the girls stayed with it, although each girl bore the scars of blisters and calluses. Instruction was given on the uneven bars and balance beam, and in floor exer- cise and tumbling. Each girl practiced stunts until perfected, and then worked her more difficult feats into a routine. Lack of equipment kept the gymnastic team from competition, but left them with the hope of competing next year. 'ivnugk t ,S ABOVE: Judo members bend into shape as they prepare for the art of "flips" BELOW: Lettermen engage in an early morning session. Fi lg 1 1 Amt, Painting dis - Clad in blue jeans and other grubs, a troupe of Techites journeyed one Satur- day to the family home ofthe Art Club's sponsor, Susan Humbarger, in Brown County. The club's mission was to cut Christmas trees and sell them as a club project. They netted 32500. At Thanksgiving time the Art Club en- joyed a doughnut-cider social. In January the group visited the lndi- anapolis lVluseum of Art at Oldfields. The year was rounded out with numer- ous meetings enabling members to social- ize and enjoy refreshments together. Basketball anyone? This year's Print- ing Club was triumphant over the "no- torious" kids in the Barn Project. The Printing Club is just one of Tech's extra- curricular activities that participates in intramural basketball. In addition this year the Printing Club made several field trips to printing establishments in order to see how professionals work. This club also earned money by making and selling scratch pads. "WHOSE lVlUlVllVlY?" nobody knows the origi- nal occupant of the ornate case at Oldfields. l . lN CONTBAST to the geometric of the stair- wav labovel is an intricate figure of a mother and child lrightl, sights at the new museum. i', PAULA GREENWELL, Susan Humbarger, sponsorg Brenda Bear and Kim Fallowfield enjoys a social gathering at Art Club. llllllll AN ORNATE WORK of the metal smith js ad- FEW GIRLS become interested in Printing mired by art students. Club, but one is at work on the scratch-pad project. The Chemistry-Physics Club, with the help of sponsor James lVlay, has found itself involved in several interesting pro- jects this year. The members themselves choose ex- periments they want to do. Among the devices they have used this year is an accelaration of gravity device. lt operates on the theory that the heavier an object is and the longer the distance it falls, the faster it falls. The device is actually an extremely accurate clock which mea- sures the time taken for an object to reach to ground after it is released. During the winter the club visited the air pollution center here in Indianapolis, where they got a first hand look at the problem and the work being done to improve it. Spelunking became a major interest in the spring. The club visited an Indiana cave and e x p I 0 r ed rock formations, cracks, and crevices with only slightly damp enthusiasm. CHESS FANS learn fast and rack up rating for intramural and inter-school tournaments. ,J 'f A new organization formed at Tech this year was the ATHS Intramural Bowl- ing League, sponsored by Ed Scahill. The group was met with much enthu- siasm by student bowling buffs liking competition. lVlr. Charles Aydt, manager of Bowl-O-lVlat, in the Twin-Aire Shop- ping Center agreed to host the bowlers each week. Students were formed into ll teams of 4 bowlers each and the group was on its way. Trophies were awarded to the first and second place team, first place individual bowlers, and for sports- manship, the latter by vote of other team members. "LET'S SEE A STRIKEV' Jull Hzirluvv swirl-. llit: ball ciovvn the lane ill Bovvl-O-Nlril. llitirlrei to page l57l I -Y.- tw' KATHY VAUGHN "gets a charge" out of an oscilloscope experiment conducted by Dan lVlorford and club sponsor, James lVlay. we 'ew' lm lw Ever wonder what is meant when someone says "check-mate"? Ask any member of the Tech Chess club and you are likely to get a detailed definition. The object of Chess is to capture the opposition's king without endangering your own sire. The Chess club meets every Thursday after school to pit skills against skills. Sponsor John Kern says "You don't have to know how to play the gameg just come and we'll teach you." The club has approximately 35 mem- bers and is growing rapidly. 6' l J T--s. GENEVA JONES instructs a class at School 101 as part of her Exploratory Teaching experience. 0l4l""lI'i+l DEBRA IVIAHONE "cuts up" a bit when Future Teachers make invitations to the annual Valentine Tea. Business, ' gwups point Many students of Tech have a great misconception of Exploratory Teaching. This year, the group is made up of 15 senior boys and girls vvho have a grade point average of 5.0, a satisfactory citizen- ship record, and are approved by the Exploratory Teacher sponsor, lVlr. Clyde Smith. Great emphasis is placed on the student's desire to be a teacher and his vvillingness to work at his approved post plus his co-operation in attending monthly meetings with lVlr. Smith. The duties of the exploratory teacher are basically that he participate and assist his co-operating teacher in any way possible. The grading system is unusual in that the student-teacher receives his grade from the co-operating teacher. Each grad- ing period, the group sponsor meets with each co-operating teacher, talking vvith him the student's report card. At this time, the sponsor discusses with the co-operating teacher the possible pro- blems of the student and records his progress on the report card at that time. lVlrs. Joan Brown sponsor and David Armes, president work hard to make Fu- ture Teachers an interesting club. At Christmas the club spread the happiness of the season at the Barton House. At Eas- ter they celebrated with a traditional egg hunt. They also attend interesting con- ventions concerning the advancement of teachers throughout the year. ICT is a program in which students are in school half a day and work in a desired occupation for the remaining half day. One class at Tech must be a subject related to their job. Students recieve 2 credits-1 for the realted class, the other from the training station. While on the job they are under the supervision of an adult, who gives the student a grade based on his vvork. To be eligible the student must be 16 years of age and at least a junior. Students must have average grades, good personality traits, and satisfactory attendance. Boys and girls have participated in over 15 occupations while in the program. Students interested in the lCT program should contact lVlr. Holmes, Room D, Arsenal. NANCY ETTINGER serves an English class act- ing as "customers" in Cashiering, a prerequisite of DE. BOTH CO-OPERATING teacher and sponsor grade the student, and the student is able at any time to ask questions concerning his grade and his progress. NURSE AlDE SOLTAU at Community Hospi- tal instructs Tech IC trainees. Edna Hutson in chair, Patty Abbett, Jane llley. Advertising. Transferring. Selling. This is Distributive Education. This is educa- tion pertaining to moving merchandise. DE offers better understanding of the job world of today. DE is in its 25th year, but this is only the second year at Tech. The students enrolled in DE go to dif- ferent places to work to learn about the many processes an object goes through to get sold. Among some of the places that t h i s year's students work are: Zayre's, Burger Chef, Butler Shoes, G. C. Murphy at Fountain Square, lVletho- dist Hospital Food Service, Household Finance, Eisner's Food Stores, and Turn- Style Department Store. To be able to enter into Distributive Education requires senior standing with credit in sales or cashiering. laptaugkbzw Daw, ' i Y eqhx BOYS DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: HCIMAJ Teri Wong, HCfCPT Debbie Rouse, HCXMAJ Mary LaFara. SECOND ROW: CXSFC Tim White, CXSSG Dave Mathis, CXSMG Francis Calhoun. THIRD ROW: CXSFC Mark Brooks, CXMAJ Jim Kegeris, commander, C!2nd LT Gordon Easley. FOURTH ROW: Cflst LT Charles Schultz, Cflst LT Robert Heavrin, Cflst LT Bryan Bloomer. R! .A A 1970 was a year of many changes for Tech's ROTC unit. The spring of the year saw some sponsors in new WAC uniforms, with more added in the fall. Spring also brought a victory for the Girls Drill Team when they won first place in the city drill meet at Ft. Ben- jamin Harrison, plus a. S e c o n d-place victory at Armed Forces Day Exhibition. Boys Drill Team members also took second and third places in knock-out drill on Armed Forces Day. November ll, the annual Veterans Day parade brought Tech a highly covet- ed second place award for their per' formance-a large American flag, plus a comment from Gen. William C. West- moreland, parade marshall, complimenting Tech's fine brigade staff. November 24, the Boys Rifle Team met John Marshall High School for the final match of the year. As a result, members received a trophy for winning second place in the city. Couples danced into a Christmas fan- tasyland for the 25th annual Military Ball, in a cafeteria transformed for a "Peppermint Christmas." The final big event of the school year was the annual Federal Inspection at which all graduating officers and spon- sors were honored. All members of the ROTC unit worked especially this year to restore Tech's Honor Star rating. BOYS RIFLE TEAM-FRONT ROW: CISFC Joe Little, C!2nd LT Bob Ramsey, C!2nd LT Gordon Easley, CXSFC Scott Means. SECOND ROW: CXMAJ Mary LaFara, CIMAJ Steve Black, CXMAJ Pat Turner, CXMAJ Jim Kegeris, CXMAJ David Effler, HCXMAJ Terri Wong. , 1 D. 5' ' - I' .. . ', yr. .f- GIRLS DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: HCXCPT Geri Slefert, HCICPT Debbie Rouse, HCXCPT Alicia Marshall. SECOND ROW: HCXMAJ Aniker Wade, HCXMAJ Terri Wong, HCXMAJ Mary LaFara, HCXMAJ ar, I ,' ,vt-lisif if-'3 , ay 'I 4 - i LQ! V -r , . .1 . - ".. f- -' D,-. N Geneva Jones. THIRD ROW: HCXCPT Mary Ann Thompson, HC!1st LT MAgCHING ,n the annual Veterarys Day Alfreda Lee, HCXCPT Janice Wagner. parade are: Cfcp Clem Watts, Cnnd LT Robert Heavrin, HCXCPT Debbie Rouse, C!2nd LT Easley, Cf2nd LT Kevin Kinder, among many more. 'aku The Varsity and Reserve Cheerleaders play an important part in all athletic events. lt takes skill, hour after hour of practice, a lot of sores and bruises, happy and sad times. To be selected, a Tech cheerleader goes through two practices. The Varsity and Reserve cheerleaders teach the cheers and a few jumps. Candidates practice hard for two weeks then face first cuts. The judges are the Human Relations Club and some teachers. A girl who makes the first cuts comes back a week later and cheers her heart out, then waits to hear whether she was selected. lt's really a lot of fun and exciting for a girl to know that she is representing her school. MAJORETTES turn it on" with smiles and batons. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-DEBBY Colvin, Mary Jones, Vicki Holmes, Doris Douglas and Andy Hunt warm up at the Shortridge game Cltwu , Maj wolwTtaw sp' ' Maj teillstblilw' isowVetwwmsDag ,1- tii' iii lr L . II, NOT THE CHEERBLOCK, but still a happy bunch of Titans. .f' From a spectators point of view, a parade is all glamour. A Nlaiorette may have a different vievvpoint, One of Tech's Titanettes relates her personal experience. Boy, those boots weren't the greatest things in the world to march in. It was a bitter cold day, Veterans Day, the day of my first parade. In the shortest of costumes I joined the major- ettes as they piled sleepily into forma- tion. Above the rumbling of the band, the girls shouted, "Smile, will ya, you're in a parade, not a funeral." The air of confidence as we stood in block band formation, faltered when suddenly, with no warning, the music started. Then came total confusion. Questions entered my mind that I could not answer. There were so many things to do: remember the routine, lift the knee up, keep with the file, and put a smile on your face. Two miles of thisl l would never make it. VVe'd gone only a few yards. Disregarding the stinging blasts of the wind, we kept the pom-pons in a flurry despite the numbness that was swiftly entering our fingers. The end of the parade route was nearing. Could my arms and legs hold up for the few yards left before me? They had to! Each foot felt like a one-hundred pound weight. It was sheer torture every time l lifted my leg. Then just as suddenly as it had begun, the parade ended. Despite the happiness of getting to sit down, I felt sad. It was over! IVIAJORETTES STEP at a b r i s k pace at Veterans Day Parade. rn ...I 'al H! , -4 .A Q ,J Q4 -f I wonldfsmudgedfwiflv ' ' It is sometimes like a three-ring circus in Room 638. In one corner a person may be working on a column, in another corner may be someone working on homework, and in still another corner may sit a person trying to throw paper into the waste basket six feet away. There were more beginners than usual this year on staff. Twenty-four of the thirtyseight were first time staffers. Have you ever wondered how much trouble it is to get the weekly paper out on time? This year the weekly staff brought out 22 issu es. The Cannon weekly staff received first-class honor rating for both semesters of the previous year. Members of the newspaper staff serve as the Newsbureau covering Tech events for the downtown papers. DONNA TAYLOR, page three editor, prepares a bit of page layout. ' .4 ...-nf-"' . CECIL T. TRESSLAR, weekly adviser and director of publications, ponders an editorial decision. DON WHITECOTTON edits page four for a Monday deadline after a week-end of sports. one editor. 1 PAGE TWO EDITOR, Connie Miracle, checks an expression of opinion for the editorial page. DIPPING into a supply of popular football photos, is Robin Eads, photo editor. CONFERRING with editor-in-chief Richard Swan, is Vicki Eaton, page BARBARA LEVERGOOD types some copy for the next issue of the weekly. CHERYL CROUSE, and April Witsman prepare an index file lor "IF I WIN, you do l:iyoutl" Mary Ann Tliortipson, tgoi-tliirir, irrn yearbook ad sales, Cheryl also filed negatives for the photographers. wrestles Bob Benson to seevvlio's thi:"br:ttr:i man " .wi 9: v-Psa' Q 'fs-. g if ' Q i . TONYA BRUCE, yearbook co-editor, tries to laugh off the task of writing copy. SKETCHING A COVER design is no easy task, but Laurel Burns accomplished the feat. no .. C 4"f- ak MARY LAFARA explains a typing job to Debbie Rouse. Mary created most of the paper sculpture used throughout the book. -i xc J 5 BEING STARTLED as Mamie Brown is by the photographer may cost copy a few errors. Meeting deadlines and staying over- time are specialities of the Cannon year- book staff. Starting the year with many new staffers, and suffering from the loss of "oId" experienced workers proved to be a hassle to all involved. Planning the cover, theme, copy, type, and pictures to be used kept staffers busy through the final deadline in March. Unable to contact seniors through senior roll rooms, the staff went via the Senior Office counting on class teachers to help pull them through. Toward the end of a rough year, "Kiddies" made light of their bad times and relaxed before thinking about the job ahead for next year. M 1-Q. 1 ni A '5lu 4.4 D 1 I ' if ' X Q i , pa f N. we , , if ' 5 P , , A' ' "'-7 - Egolf, l , , V ,KJ .W ,, 16.6. L ,L . 3 r M .A 4 " Z' 54 :Ke-' V V wa As, xx Y ' ' ' 'lf eff ' L. Nl., . fly V ' ,i ifk 1 ,,K4vw. :N1x,t, :X ...A ?,,1,w 'A v Lv- , Y,-L'-, VA' f .w unix was ,V ' Q Vi v:-5,5 t ,J A wmqvmmuua N. :va-"1 Q, . 1.1-4"' :Y '. 1 . - ,.., ., A . ., , 4 ,wv X 5 Nw , ., , - ,H .K . 5' '4 2. ., 4. " 1 ' 5, '. I 'O V! i NX 'R - Qw - un. 'E C .. i N ' " NF-ILEUCQ A - in , , ..' nk. ealalwv am Victory over Howe provided the big GOI-F1970 thrill of the season for Titan golfers, according to Mark McKinney, team mem- Tech 10 Shoftfidge 2 ber. John Green as the hero of the match IEC: ll Attucks 1 . A l' rated city honors. ec r 'ngton 10 , . Tech 4M Chatard 7M ln another game, Titans scored points ' . , v Tech 10M Kokomo 4Z against Arlington for the first time. Hope , 1 . Tech 3 Scecina 9 for victory died, however, as Tech lost Tech 4 Howe 8 the match. Nevertheless, their scoreless Tech 9 Manual 3 jinx with the Knights was broken. Ac- Tech 4 Broadrippm 8 cording to Rick Schimdt, the Tech group Tech 4 Ben Davis 8 played the best game of their season Tech 12 Wood O in this match. Tech 2 Northwest 10 The 1970 golf season ended with the Tech 0 Noffh Centra' 12 loss of Coach Phillip Ouillen to another IBC: 2 Cathedfa' 10 Q 1 1 1 school. Bill Moats died in an auto ec 86 Kokomo 64 'dent durin the summer Tech 5 Amngton 10 acc' Q ' Tech 9 Washington 3 City-Tech 14th place Won 7 Lost 10 VY , 'r gba 1-'CS Gif F72 Ylfgymf GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: Mark McKinney, Rick Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Dave Hartson, Kurt Grindstaff, Dave Devitt, Bill Moats, coach Phillip Ouillen. BELOW: John Green. '. ul ' vt, --IL '1 4 JOHN GREEN displays his putting ability. 'x . l. hu I N Z I I -, 'f' A A --1+ PETE BROWN takes a fierce swing at the horsehide. VARSITY BASEBALL 1970 Tech 7 Attucks 0 Tech 13 Warren Central 2 Tech 5 Scecina 6 Tech 3 Howe 4 Tech 3 North Central 10 Tech 4 Arlington 2 Tech 5 Latin School 1 Tech 9 Southport 5 Tech Kokomo lcancelledl Tech 8 Ben Davis 1 Tech Wood lcancelledl Tech 3 Cathedral 4 110 inningsl Tech 7 Northwest 9 Tech 4 Broad Ripple 1 Tech 11 Manual 4 Tech 10 Shortridge 4 Tech 7 Washington 3 Sectional Tech 5 Marshall 3 Tech 5 Scecina 4 Regional Tech 0 Decatur Central 1 Won 12 Lost 6 RESERVE BASEBALL 1970 Tech 7 Warren Central 2 Tech 3 Howe 1 Tech Scecina lcancelledl Tech 3 North Central 4 Tech 1 Southport 2 Tech 6 Ben Davis 10 Tech 4 Arlington 3 Tech 2 Cathedral 0 Tech 3 Northwest 7 Tech Broad Ripple lcancelledl Tech Manual lcancelledl Tech 5 Shortridge 0 Tech Washington lcancelledl Won 5 Lost 4 Q F Vafwttg Batsebaw Team ' ' ...J J- 'T '70 1 the Regional. The Varsity Baseball Team, coached ,AN by Ivan lVloreman, slugged their way into the State Regional. The powerful hitting of Bobby Davis with a .468 batting average was followed by Tom Hickey, .4365 and Charles Hoskins, 412. Hoskins, a sophomore, was the leading pitcher with a 603 record. Paul Wilson, a junior pitched 5-2. The team ended -ff' their season with a 1-O loss against Decatur Central in the first game of ' standing The '70 Reserve Baseball Team pro- duced a backup force for the Varsity. Grady Hardimann and Feon Garrison, Titan pitchers, also dressed Varsity. Jerry Wallace, first base, Garry Rady, second base, Tony Zupan, shortstop, and Gary Spradlin, catcher played Reserve and dressed a few games on Varsity. Tyrone White played right field and some at first base. Kenny Herman started at third base. nf' .. "Hd 7 LECH . x A 1' I t , 183' is 1 - 4' FRCJH TECH TE 1 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Bobby Davis, Larry Ward, Rodger Payne, Steve Funke, Charles Hoskins, Jack Harmon, Jerry Wallace. SECOND ROW: Ivan Nloreman, coach: Sam Pounds, Jeff Haley, Pete RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tim Euler, Jim Branham, Jeff Meeks, Kenny Herman, Grady Hardiman, Larry Ross, Stanley Driver, Gary Rady, Jim Wallace. SECOND ROW: Steve Hugglar, Gary Spradlin, tacit BCH TECH -.A.i,,, , igil K -' ,, ' 1 wi. -Aff Brown, Feon Garrison, Tom Hickey, Paul Wilson, Kevin Loux, Denver Jordan, Carl lVleditch, coachg Ernie Cline, assistant coach. Tony Zupan, Tyrone White, Basil Brinker, Greg Boid, Rusty Fox, Emir: Cline, coach. f 'Y ' 'TE CH X, x Y. f' W f X Twcla Team scones seasow The Reserve Track Team under the leadership of Bruce McGeath tallied up a 5-0 season. At the shot-put event, Houston Smith gained points for both Varsity and Reserve. Cato Cork was a stand-out as high jumper while Claude Lowery starred as a long jumper. At the distance run, Bob Platt and Bob Benson paced the way. The Varsity squad will have many good athletes next season. Mel Bowers and Bob Woodard coached their Freshman Track Team to a city championship and a 2-2 season. Jim Twigg was the Titan high jumper. Jegg Clinton rated highest in the shot- put. Reserve Track '70 Tech 68 Washington VICTOR BRELAND takes 3 lead. Tech 66 Warren Central Tech 75 Southport Tech 106 Shortridge Tech 96 Kokomo p Won 5 Lost Freshman Track '70 'T Nw Tech 56 Manual Tech 81 Washington Tech 75 Crispus Attucks Tech 54 Wood Won 2 Lost .351 I FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-FIRST ROW: Luis Woods, Dewayne Turner, Steve Conwell, Douglas Dickson, Larry Wilkerson, Carl Jones, Thomas Jackson, SECOND ROW: Reginald Berry, Jeff Clinton, Harry Butler, Wayne Carter, Jim Palmore, James Stevens. THIRD ROW: Melvin Bowers, coach: Jim Goodrich, Jose Ingram, James Twigg, Ben Hampton, Charles Black, Kenny Breland, James Kendrick, Robert Woodard, coach. . A 1 'I I -I - Q 6 Q 2 f R T R- A " . Q : 'rx l I V l Y .zjjgj , we 5 if dl -r - . r-H. , , s qv . Y , , Z I 3 3 qt!!! 'xx o - . f . - 45 K , jf! l 'KJ l ---.. . ,l g Q3 we S PW 1 N 7 g , J ,J t - RESERVE TRACK TEAM-FIRST ROW: Steve Cook, Melvin Lasvvell, Alvin Perkins, John Whitthorne, Victor Evans, Everett Stockton, John Williams, John Hogan, Marcus Covington, Liary Caselden, Mike Honeycutt, Dennis Thomas. THIRD ROW: Jerry Hannon, Harvey Brooks, Bob Benson, Harold Hayes, Cato Cork, Rodney Coffer, Claude Lowery, Mike Harris, Melvin Henderson, Henry Rinehart, Jim Smith, Bruce McGeath, coach. The '70 Varsity Track Team, which headlined as one of the best in the state, ran their way to a 7-O record, leading up to the State Tournament, where they placed fifth. A performer who accounted for much of the scoring was Tom Hickey, shot-put. The Mile Relay Team, Fred Walker, Ron Buses, Ron Davie and Fred Luten, ran well during the season but finished a disappointing fifth in the fi- nals. Without third man Anthony Cov- ington, the 880 Relay Team finished third. Members included J. D. Oliver Victor Breland, Fred McGuire, and Shir- ley Glover. Earlier in the season, Steve Ross Tech's pole vaulter, cleared at 'l0'6". Anthony Covington, placed first in both the high hurdles and the 440-yard dash. 'UO 'ti-.. ' no 5,9 X 1 ext-I. .iv 15 JXP---.aa 'I-'rf' '.-4 ,,.. - fa ','f.".. f"r , TOM HICKEY fires the shot. J. D. OLIVER takes off in a. practice sprint, Vwwitg gov to alta 7-0 seasow Tech 91 Tech 84 Tech 73 Tech 74M Tech 94 Tech 87 Tech 96 Won 7 North Central Relays Tech 86M Washington Terre Haute Wiley Bloominton Washington Warren Central Southport Shortridge Lost North Central Lawrence Central Southport Lafayette Jeff 18 25 36 43M 24 31 22 0 44 37 35 33M Tech City Sectional Regional Columbu State bglffga Milla: Tech Invitational 44 s Invitational Gary Roosevelt Lawrence Central Ft. Wayne Southside Crispus Attucks North Central South Bend Washington Muncie Central Champs Champs Champs First Fifth VARSITY TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: Bruce McGeath, coach, Anthony Covington, Jerry Laker, Charles Webster, Fred Walker, Rick Smith Warren Tiffany, Victor Breland, Ron Buses, Dean Myers. SECOND ROW, John Koontz, coach, Virgil Walker, J. D. Oliver, Mike Baird, Tom Moore Lester Trotter, Bob Powell, Steve Breland, Mark Brents, Bruce Turner. 1 r V if Q- .J-E .Q V 40 37 32 THIRD ROW, Walter Dininger, coach, Steve Ross, Nate Allen, Jeff Jacobs, Houston Smith, Fred Luten, Ron Davie, Shirley Glover, Willie Wardell. ti TQ 49 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Chy Tennis-1970 Shortridge Attucks North Central Arlington Marshall Manual Howe Broad Ripple Wood Northwest Washington Scecina Southport Cathedral 9th Place Qptnitedl Ttaw ' ping tutor hw-swsow 4404... L. X DARRYL GARTRELL reaches for a high one. With tennis becoming a two-season sport, Titan racquetmen carried practice through the summer months. Tech leading scorer, Darryl Gartrell went into the Sectional with a 7-10 record and came out with a 9-ll. Darryl says with more planning and practice, the team expects to have a good season next year. Under Coach Don Robinson, the team finished the season with six wins, eight losses. '.!'..L"F"" si, KYLE FORT, '70 graduate, takes command of the court. f vw J fgzf'N:v:' 1 if -..-K+ l his P l . -.- Vg, 1 , .O Y :alfa . 5. V is , H ' " 1.25 ,ff f f l W - if-wtf Q 'txt' - .MIP . A . U V, M032 Q' an , , f . NM .x.4xr.a' .y 1.- , l Q t,, tg?-f,t. " ' , .X 1 " S:-60' 5, 1 N X5 nw- - 'Q '22 kt - l ' I xx 1 -'H 5 a t I N Y ' f' fi e , 4 I. ' 5 4' ft - v x , r i 5 .t Q C0 rf' at .df L . 1 lj+++: ' v F5 1-4-fat . 6 .Al ' ll mlm et ewan' L-4 ,ff-v ,..l-Lj-i- H-'L+' A+' r+e qi .,,, ,. - -- lf- + t tt. 1970 TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Pat Turner, Mark Price, Tom Neal, Greg Smith, Anthony Dawson. SECOND ROW: Don Robinson, coach, Darryl Gartrell, Mark Waggoner, Kyle Fort, Tom Clayton, Rick Reneau. NOT PICTURED Roland Wiley. TeclvOwss we l. ir The Varsity Cross Country team ran their way to many medals and trophies. Leading up to the State finals, Ron Davie paced the winning Titans. Davie was first in the City, Sectional, Regional, and ninth in the State. lt takes a team effort to win as a team. Virgil Walker, Jeff Lingenfelter, Larry Buttery, Bob Platt, Charles Schultz and Willie Ivy earned their Letter sweaters. Walker was second in the City and 17th in the State. Tech has two very impressive records. The team has run four con- secutive firsts in City and two consecutive first in the Regional. Reserves joining the returning lettermen should make a very tough team next season. Varsity Cross Country Tech 22 Ben Davis 40 Wash. 72 So'port 22 Tech 43 Cathedral 65 Tech 21 Lawrence Cen. 40 Howe 71 Tech 18 Manual 37 Washington lnvitationalfFirst Place Tech 15 Arlington 49 Marshall lnvitationalAFirst Place Tech 22 Northwest 33 Columbus lnvitationalfFirst Place City ChampsffRon Davie, Individual Winner Sectional Champs--Ron Davie, Individual Winner RegionalfThird PlaceeRon Davie, lndividual Winner State Finals--Ninth Place A 1 0 1 5 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRYAFRONT ROW: Virgil Walker, Jeff Lingenfelter, Ron Davie, Willie Ivy. SECOND ROW: Charles Schultz, Bob Platt, Larry Buttery, Bob Benson, Bruce McGeath, coach, COACH NICGEATH and Ron Davie show one of their many trophies. THE CROSS COUNTRY team starts at the State finals. is , . .Q xl ,-55 n Q ' . A -5 -' 3-4" ' f 'fb' 4-1 ' i 7 Vwwitg Football wins one Mme Plrew Plas The Tech Titan football team record- ed a very depressing season, winning only one game out of the scheduled ten weekends. lVIany injuries put the Titans out of the running. Steve Harlow and lVlark Brents were injured for the season: each wore his foot in a cast. After the first three games, Tech lost quarterback Paul Wilson to iniuries, but they both finally returned to the line-up. While Wilson was injured, James Twigg took his place. The Titans' only victory of the season was against Scecina to a score of 14-7. Tech defense was really the winner. A blocked punt recovered in the end-zone and an interception PAUL WILSON pitches pigskin to Harvey Brooks. halfback J. D. Oliver, and first-string scored the two touchdowns. I 'T i .if V "', l . 'f ' , 'V .2 . F . Qty.. nf. I ':. I .. -. t 1 k V f , ig : 'TCW ' W it s A 1 .J - .: Y 1' ' .- . .sw - f ' r' ? ' 11 ' Q. U -Axcyn I-ml' ' ' 'uns ' .1 ' S 1 "" -' -.fc Tk' 5- X .5 x 9 - L. F a .Mi - 1 F' ' ' wo? M N ,JANS '32 N 41 I VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Elliott Varnado, J. D. Oliver, Anthony Willis, Steve Breland, Paul Wilson, Nlike Stanfield, Dave Devitt, Harold Norwood, Dave Beany, Wilbert lVloore, Ray Bannon, Steve Harlow. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Van Auken, John Whitthorne, Kenneth Breland, Larry Eslinger, Victor Evans, Fred lVlcGuire, Nathan Rush, Mark lVlf:Kinney, Gary Spradlin, Harvey Brooks, Bob Coffin. Varsity Football l THlRD ROW: James Twigg, Sam Elmore, Vernon Pipkin, Claude Lowery, Harry Butler, Tom Jackson, Jerry Hubbard, Greg Smith Anthony Dawson, Bruce Turner, Willie Wardell, manager. Howard Catt, trainer, Carlos Bell, head coach, John Hurrle, John Koontz, assistant coaches. Rick Walker, manager. r Tech 6 Howe 28 Tech O Broad Ripple 32 Tech 0 Cathedral 21 Tech 14 Scecina Tech 6 Warren Central 21 Tech 0 lVIanual 42 Tech 8 Madison Heights 20 Tech 6 Chatard 42 Tech 16 lVlarshall 40 Tech O Shortridge 24 KENNY VAN AUKEN tackles a rugged opposition. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech CARL KING passes off the ball. 9 . maiJbMwuslwUf The Reserve football team also had a very depressing season, l-7-1. Their only win was against Marshall, 22-6, and they tied Howe, 8-8. The Titans scored against Marshall when James Twigg threw two touchdown passes and Larry Coe scored on a quarterback sneak. The freshmen, like the varsity and reserve had a very poor record, 2-8. They beat Scecina 18-14, and Broad Ripple 16-6. Reserve Football . Z1 H9 . . 8 Howe 5 i S . I N rx i Qi, O Broad Ripple ' -I F , - 7' , - T 6 Cathedral , 57 ' . 5 " L", ' "Je, ,IRR , , 8 Scecina H - ' 'HJ 'Q . 1' - ' , ' ' 6 WarrenCentral K 5 ' 1 f 'Ti' ' .',1t . , J-,1,,, 'f ,lt I . - ' X"flQx O Manual 2 4 'N 1 "av: ' .y iii Sl - ti ' 5.5 5 1 'Q' -, f R 6 Chatard ,ly i - " ', i X T- Q' r 5 22 Marshall ' X F 1? , l - " J' Ai . 'D "l 7 . : '. X - .,i-- qv .- - . O Shortridge KJ ' it ,ri .a" T a'b"YT i "4 L.. R s " - Freshman Football l I L ll! -1 - ' A I i H A ' 6 Howe A , S Z .' T" . , shark - W 5 V. X' 16 Broad Ripple F W ui' 5 '-' Qt" ' 1 8 Cathedral 18 Scecina FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Robert Lawrence, Gary Moore, James West 6 C e t Kevin Pacilly, Fred Hembree, Ray Anderson, Fred Mindach, Anthony l-lighsaw, Sherman Lacey 0 Mr E OT SECOND ROW: Harrison Shaffer, Michael Roberts, Earl Schmitz, Jack Tapp, Charles Hollingsworth 2 S a :wa t Stanley Fuqua, Henry Parrish, Earl Hopkins, Anthony Ware, John Keen. THIRD ROW: Darnell Hill 8 Ciut 20" William Brewer, Sam Carson, Riley Bonwell, Fred Browne, Nathaniel Brooks, Richard Knoller 6 Maasigll Jeffrey Robinson, Dennis Wall. Student manager, Danny Hickey. Bob Woodward, Ivan Moreman r h . 6 Shortridge C086 es - l l A , J 5- T Q ' 4 ' C- ,- It , ". 5 -- ff -'il I' A A - r i 'K' .53 .fl-f, 'f' :E g 'J I - i Q. I" A' N It .1 1 ' ' - ll' NT ' L , 1. - -. U, . ' I , .. Y E, INN . gn, Lg' . , -s Q' . z f i Q. Qt' l,,-,.. a'.:k ,fl 2' i .p -4 'I - RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROWi Tom Rush, Student Carl King, Carl Jones, Jeff Tabor, Robert Turner, Dean Carbone, coach manager, Byron Richardson, Bill Dalmore, Paul Pryor, Melvin Lagwell, THIRD ROW: Willie Blanchard, Stanley Lawrence, James Russ, Wayne Toni Spratt, Ronald Cooper, Jay Scheidt, George Taylor. SECOND Cafief. Joe Black, Steve HOWEFV. Jlmmv Ad3lTlS, Laffv COE. Cal' ROW: Dave Smith, Albert Coleman, William Marko, Gary Buckley, LOW9fv,fVl9lVif1W6IS0f1- x Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech City Tourney Tech 7 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Sectional Tech Tech Tech Regional Tech Tech Sem i-State Tech windup iwQw1wivQi4ateew Varsity Basketball Warren Central Southport New Albany Anderson Ben Davis Attucks Madison Heights North Central Muncie Central lovertimel Howe Manual Arlington Shortridge Shortridge Cathedral Richmond Broad Ripple Kokomo Washington Scecina Arlington North Central Washington Brownsbu rg Cathedral Bloomington At the beginning of the Sectionals, hardly anyone gave Tech a chance to go far. lAfter all, the Titans had been outshot in 13 of 20 contests.l But after a slow start against Arlington l48-45l, the Titans eliminated North Central and highly re- garded Washington, as the city looked on amazed. In the Regionals, the Titan team, headed by coach Ernie Cline, mauled Brownsburg l82-50l and Cathedral l83- 66l to move into the "Sweet Sixteen." In the Semistate, though, Blooming- ton's fast guards stole the ball too often and the Titans went to the sidelines after seven straight wins. There were many reasons for the late surge. Seniors Bruce Johnson and Jim Gilbert provided outside shooting. Senior Paul Wilson aided with his cool ball handling and crucial free throws. Juniors Art Johnson and Mike Harris took down rebound after rebound. Bruce and Art led Tech in scoring. All in all, it was a fantastic tournament for the underdog Titans. 'Y Hula, In "Sweet Sixteen" action, high flying Jim Gilbert fires over Bloomington's Bill Sibbitt l13l and Mike Miller l23l. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Gary Spradlin, Tony Mike Harris, Bob Powell, Bruce Johnson, Ernie Cline, coach: Jack Bradford, Gearlds, Larry Ward, Harvey Brooks, Paul Wilson, Charlie Battle. SECOND athletic director. ROW: Howard Catt, trainer, Jim Gilbert, Shirley Glover, Arthur Johnson, Paul Wilson fades away and shoots. Mike Harris turns and fires a jump shot. 'J' Hs A 11-er-j's .gs ' ' r41...52lZ. 'A' 1 . '-ff M ' r-. .VV U A 1 .4 w ' u ,Q f v , ' ' ' "' N P nb" Q' K QM ., f , :V 6 X f L x ur' , S 1: -eg . Q, M. 1 , V ' 'f V: I 3 i Jive, A . if 5' ft f X? '1 ' Q Via." .X -g. Y A la , Art Johnson shoots over everyone. Bruce Johnson kicks to get his shot off. Baslwtbawf Team splits 1 0-Q 5 V eww.. .W . .M . . F6 CHARLES lGUMBYl BLACK fights for re- bound against New Albany. ANTHONY WOODS fires an assist through the defense of Ben Davis. The Reserve squad of the 1970-71 sea- son finished with a 10 win-9 loss re- cord. The Reserve team did not have a one-man team. There was only one man who scored an average over ten points a game. Charles Hoskins scored 11.1 points a game. Four other team- mates shot very high averages: Tom Alexander, 9.2, Claude Lowery, 8.95 Ga- ry Spradlin, 7.85 and Ben Hampton, 6.8 points a game. Three men of the top five scorers were the rebounders. Ben Hampton had 9.5 pulls a game, Claude Lowery, 9.1, and Tom Alexander, 8.5agame. Reserve Basketball Tech Warren Central Tech Southport Tech New Albany Tech Anderson Tech Ben Davis Tech Attucks Tech Madison Heights lovertimel Tech North Central Tech Muncie Central Tech Howe Tech Shortridge Tech Chartard Tech Manual Tech Cathedral Tech Richmond Tech Broad Ripple Tech Kokomo Tech Washington Tech Secina RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Bobby Anderson, SECOND ROW: Jay Kleine, Coach, Jim TWi99, Bob Alexander student manager, Roger Laughlin, Dave Watkins, Denver Jordan, Regnald Robert Davis, Claude Lowery, Charles Black, Ben Hampton, Jack Har Berry Anthony Woods. gitt, Vincent Killebrew, student manager. XXV: 4 ftECH E 457' EC it 111011 3- 'llfk tif FBESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT lub hwy ROW3 Mike GIBSDV. RSV John Washington, Harold Cox. THlRD BOW: Glen Allen, James Miller, Mike Henry, Mike Woodson, William Bqydl Mike Trotter' Manager. Spencer, Eli Johnson, Fred Brown, Nat Brooks, Edward McDowell, Coach SECOND BOW: Travis Green, Manager Reuben Miller, Larnell Johnson, Fftesltmaw Nefteus MIKE GLASPY lays up the ball past a man from Attucks. ' with mje fly Freshman Basketball The Freshman Titans ended a good season this year with a record of 12.6. Their leading scorer was William iBubblesl Boyd who averaged 12.4 points per game. He was followed closely by Reuben lFiubel Miller with a 11.4 average. Eli lFlyl Johnson, leading rebounder, aver- aged 8 points per game, with a lot of help on the outside from John lJohnnyl Wash- ington and the ball handling of Bay iPlay boyl Miller. As a whole, the team had good balance and played well to- gether. A very strong bench also helped the team. The squad showed good pro- mise and is expected to have several excellent addition to the varsity and l'BS8l'V8 teams next VEST. Freshman Basketball Scores Tech 46 Southport 60 Tech 63 Attucks 43 Tech 65 Woodview 63 Tech 45 Arlington 61 Tech 45 Marshall 50 Tech 55 Wood 37 Tech 53 Manual 45 Tech 58 Broad Ripple 40 Tech 66 Chatard 31 iovertimel City Tourney Tech 69 Chatard 26 Tech 52 Scecina 45 Tech 38 Arlington 39 Tech 58 Scecina 56 Tech 53 Washington 49 Tech 54 Howe 50 Tech 49 Attucks 57 lovertimel Tech 47 Cathedral 58 WILLIAM BOYD fires a jump shot in City Tournament. The opponent is Serzina. F' ' 'S vxmsitv WRESTLING-FRONT now: Wilbert Moore, Jeff Frost, Jose Rush' Teffv ESS'i'T9e'f Sam E'm0'ef Sfeve Bfelandf Kefmv Bfeland The Ingram, Petie Price, Bug Whittaker, Steve Floss. SECOND ROW: Nate mas Jackson. John HUl"'l9,C0aCi'1- Ttaw topping 60411 We W The Varsity Wrestling Team, under the leadership of Coach John Hurrle, grappled their way to a 7 win - 4 loss record and a victory in the Sectionals. The outstanding wrestler was senior Wilbert Moore 1132 poundsl who placed first in his weight class in the Sectional after taking the city runner-up in the THE BRELANDS, runners-up, show how it can be done with a winner, Wilbert lVloore. I 0 Washington Invitational. Adding luster to the team, Ken Bre- Iand, sophomore, took the Sectional run- ner-up position and Larry Eslinger, jun- ior, third. Tony Whittaker, a freshman, wrestled both Freshman and Varsity. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Varsity 18 35 16 25 19 12 24 26 13 5 13 Wrestling Washington Broad Ripple Cathedral Wood Arlington IVlanual Shortridge Howe Lawrence North Central Ben Davis City 8th-Sectional 5th Washington Invitational 34 points STEVE ROSS spins away from his man. gl N., LD RESERVE WRESTLING-FRONT ROW: Tony Brummett, Phil Gates, Greg Smith, Anthony Dawson, Dave Wallen, Willie Blachard, Carl Loucy, Jay Scheidr, Jim Schahill, Mark McKinney, John vvade. SECOND Row: Jav Stlson, Dwight McGee. John Koontz. The Freshman Wrestling Team coach- ed by Dean Carbone lost three matches and won one, mainly due to the loss of 12 team members when grades came out. Also there was a very small turn-out for the team. In spite of this discourage ment, two matmen finished in the city, Niles Foreman and Glen Stratton, who both placed fourth. Reserve Wrestling Tech Broad Ripple Tech Cathedral Tech Wood Tech Arlington Tech Manual Tech Shortridge Tech Howe Tech Lawrence Central Tech North Central Tech Ben Davis A Tech wrestler meets opposition head on. .z, , -Ql1l.p,' 15:1 af" FRESHMAN WRESTLING-FRONT ROW: Paul Smith, Anthony Highsaw, Tony Whittaker, Ray Anderson, Luke lVlcKinney. SECOND ROW: Paul Smith, Miles Foreman, Jeff Robinson, Earl Schmitz, Glen Stratton, Dean Carbone, coach. Despite ragged appearance, Tech had less than a shabby season. l. 1. 'R .Jr '-'-fn J '4'4-1:1541-ua . v hrs.. 1' ,,,,.qd9""'-'vuim J CLAQQEQ :this 7 ' , .1 1,1 413.4-'N ,A nr., :mg-ts - - ,ffl 5?fTx',:l' I ' ".'1'5.'.-i. 'ii . .,,, ,, , . V '42xf1'J'4ef."4 n?f,t:M'-'!s'g,.: ..7fZii'Yfi'i ',.',y.5.., WE ' FRF7' i -ws, 5, . X si U 3 ', ., . 5' .A - - - viii' U" WINNERS in the English Department paragraph contest select their prizes. Jodi Chastain, Linda Goin, John Havvn, Larry Lawless, Jim Isbell, Nikki Brummett. Newspapers gm English classes 'wwf Qoobf "Wanted-one male, tall, dark, and 'TIE'-3' Planning, QVOCCVV SIWODDIVIQ, WSWS handsome, between the ages of Sixteen collecting, fashion, and sports. lVlrs. Anne and nineteen," Who would think ygu Ehle and lVlr. Lloyd Anderson came from could hear or read this in an English the INDIANAPOLIS STAR to talk to the class? lt's happening! T h i s year six- different classes and shovv slides. teen English "s" classes u s e d the Among other guests this year, IVIrs. INDIANAPOLIS STAR in class, and, in Ruth Kothe of the John Herron Museum fact, were being provided copies of these of Art came to talk to different English from the INDIANAPOLIS STAR-NEWS. classes about early American art as it Some of the things that were discussed relates to t h e i r literature. She also in these studies vvere: job hunting, brought film strips to illustrate the talks. MEMBERS of Mrs. Lancia Vaughrfs Speech Arts class try the mncrophone to hear them- selves as others do. At mrke and ready to read are: Make Henry, Harold Cox, Altec- Hatcher, Rosemary Wllluams, Mmgaletta Mt:D.mrels. NOT ALL INSTRUCTION Comes out of fa textbook. Members of Emmett HUICTIITTMITIS class ciuscover mmd-appml IIT rwwaqaxrues. fini, ln..-.,,mm in as PUPILS in Metropolitan Problems study a map of greater Indianapolis. Bob Jeter, Mike Stanfield, Alicia Marshall, Dave Devitt, David Effler. :- ROBERT KONKLE addresses a group of social studies classes on "What's good about America." READY with the answer? Pupils in Metropolitan Problems offer their views. Mr. Siedlecki escaped the cameraman. gr 17- - manga' 14" Wliabsnmwuvsocialb tudies This year the Tech Social Studies Department really got things going with a nevv course called Metropolitan Problems or lVletro-Prob. This course was designed to acquaint and familiarize students with present-day problems that are in our ovvn societies or world wide problems. Among the many things they studied about vvere: housing, c r i m e, racial tension, drug addiction, and different types of pollution. The class was open to sophomores, i'l F.: .J Q l V 1? ,Q fX sr-1 -5' l F 'sl , qi rg. J il i ,. ,. fill - ,AY ' ffgiil, YW , ati i Q s . Pwb juniors, and seniors. People from the local level government and mayor's office came to talk to the students, The students studied situations that exist and for- mulated vvhat could be done to solve these problems. I -N UL! MRS. MARTHA BRADSHAW talks election politics backed by an "equal time" bulletin board. lVlRS, BARBARA LEE assists Clyde Smith in a United States History I class. Front row seats are occupied by Terry Burks, Jeff Griggs, Stephanie Bates and Vickie lVlcGuire. GERMAN CHRISTMAS CARDS provide part of the bulletin board decoration in a German classroom. DERIVATIVES pupils learn to increase the English vocabulary. Instructor Mrs. Serine Fine and Gwenann Taylor demonstrate for classmates Vicki Bannon, Brenda Bear and Brad Petree. ge ff" Pwiwfs lwewew December 5, 1970 four Tech students went to Indiana University at Blooming- ton for tests enabling them to go to France for eight weeks over the summer. The four students, all juniors, are David Armes, Richard Decker, Janice Hittle and Elizabeth Trittipo. Following first cuts, there were also a second and still a third elimination. Tech's French students faithfully passed the exams and are now all able to go to France and study with a French family. They will speak no English during their stay. Spanish pupils this year produced a classroom newspaper entitled EL TITAN. Journalists taking French hit the news- stands with their version entitled LES BRIBES de TECH. Each newspaper re- ported school events in the foreign language. EL TITAN staff members stop for an editorial conference. STANDING: Vicki Bannon, Ellen Anderson, Bob Platt, Steve Maffatt, Madonna Barnes. At typewriter, Barbara Medley. f' -Q. sz' X , ,fr we F "W-.- iq Matlvgoes Have there been any changes in the lVlath Department in the last three years? The answer is yes. The biggest change has involved about 1,000 students in basic mathematics classes. lnstead of books, pupils use sheets that have a lesson on one side and practice on the other. The teacher goes over the lesson with the students, and afterwards they work alone for practice. The students have a workbook at home, and each night they do the problems for that lesson. The teachers feel that this process is working very well. The student has no book to bring to class or to forget to + .art pabaarmj, Qtaiistics bring. All materials are already in the classroom. This course has been broken clown into two sections which take two semes- ters to complete. The student receives a test at the beginning of the semester and then again at the end to find out if he has imporved. The final test usually shows a great improvement over the first test. These mimeograph sheets are printed by Clem Watts, Spencer Forman, and John Lander, messengers, working on their free time from school and jobs at community centers. 5930 ' The Probability arwl Statistics class was another innovation. Though the pre requisrty was Algebra Il, seniors pretlorni nated. The textbook was orirfnterl for college, but material could be selectrsrl on the high school level. Topics studied were permutations, combinations, the br nornial theorem, general probability for discrete sample spaces, random variables, variability and joint distributions, Pupils elect the course because of its many applications to business and to daily life. ..-"1 ,- P 55,501 I "gan- ADVANCED MATH Students investigate probability and Statistics, McCullough, Cindy Mentis, Debbie Hickerson, Brenda l-lagtin, Mary FRONT ROW: Randy Wade, Keith Hines, Jim lsbell. SECOND ROWZ Gibson. OTHERS in the photo: Sharon Green, Diane Newsom, David Harold Lund, Jim Scahill, Daniel Morford. STANDING: Dorothy Jones, Matthew Laubach,Carlalnglrr. Amt, Musto swing fogetliwv Added to the many activities of the Art Department this year, which included photography, sign painting, stagecraft, and jewelry and craft art, among others, is the craft of batik d e sign. Smith Robinson, new to Tech, introduced this Indonesian method of handvprinting tex- tile by coating parts of the fabric with dye-resisting wax. This ancient skill was offered within some of the regular art classes. A variety of musical notes and song- sters' voices floated through the air as Tech musicians practiced their talents. Among the musical highlights of the year was the annual Mardi Gras on October 3 in which lVlr. Bass Cief and lVliss Treble Clef were elected. The other main event came on December 6 in the form of the Christmas Pops Concert, The musicians' hard work was rewarded by knowing they had helped cheer many Techites' days with their joyful sounds. if . 'rg 4,,, L. -v -4-f ' "N-4-vzfgt 3 L ' .v - pei- 4 J TN 4-1- STANDING infront of finished designs, Dennis Sipf, Carolyn Wilson, Linda Ervin, Ray Anderson, and Kevin Miles work at the batik process. .1 I' 'if' ff W . sl Q I af' ' 4-4' ,X"!'i iv-p., .,. ' I ' 1 I I I ' : ..,e ' - - l ,ff N A f V , Il . M , , A . ,J 4,5 - ' . ' I r i A' i - ' I r V11 A I - ,ff I ,g p IC'- Ill I 'S' 'i 1 - .. I -si--. ' N, 1 - . 3 q.,d,Q.x1 , . . . '-Q, mf ' iv-.'JN' ' , 'r I'-f, s. -"5-I 1 vm yr A R , x --' 54' A IVIARCHING TITANS display their new uniforms in their annual Veterans Day trek in downtown Indianapolis. Y. nur' I . "xxx I ,JI J RICHARD DEUSSER, left, and Ronald Seats look on as Fmma Sommers PEGGY CURTIS Ellen Anderson and Rnlw Cobiwll ns , . . I' I ie' creates in Ray Brovvne's Sign Painting class. " " Gras loot. 1 if! the llqliircli I LEFT: JAKIE, Alfie's "stand-in" poses for a photography class. ALFIE DISPLAYS his sneaky personality in a Biology Department interview. "l'm going to faint!" That was a girl yearbook reporter's first reaction to a five-foot long boa constrictor, a guest of the Biology Department. "Alfie," though very attractive, lacked the etiquette one usually expects of a guest. He had barely arrived when he pre- pared to shed his skin. lVloreover, he stuck out his tongue at his admirers- whether from hunger or curiosity, one could not say. But the forked organ was vibrating fast enough to give everyone the "raspberry." Then, swaying gently, he fastened a glazed look upon the reporter. She was too terrified to run away in spite of assurances that Alfie is really a "nice guy." the boa-constrictor what it means to be a little SCIENCE I studerits IVlelvin Lange, Janis: lVlillr:r .inrl Nir.liol.i-, ll!l.irlrl1:n i learn lo extract copper and lead lrorri ores. f J. J-'. ivl' ' .l,. . ,- A L4 ,ao- "'-'Y ,' . ' ,J Qwke8,sw0lw' logs' Many man-made devices such as the iron, mixer, toaster and the smoking machine inspire a bit of Titanic interest in the Science Department. The iron, mixer and toaster are used to measure voltage and amperage in the Physical Science classes. The Smoking machine does its bit for Titan research on tar and nicotine, as a chemistry project. Offered in the Physical Science Depart- ment are Chemistry, I-IV, Physics I, ll, RHEA GREEN and Everett Stockton keep the home fires burning in chemistry. 'N ' 'L YW? DEBBIE MENDEZ and Rhea Green try a little teamwork in Chemistry class, Earth Science, l, ll, and Science I, Il which all constitute one-credit courses. "Chemistry and Physics along with math are basic to the study of all engineering and technological courses," as stated by lVlr. Louis Allen, head of the Physical Sciences Department. As for the smoking machine, if it gets hooked don't mind, the smoke-filled halls are all for the advancement of Science, IVIRS. EDNA STEWART explains the slide rule to Rick Schmidt and Bill Johnson. Business .. ..-W XX . ix. , ..,p---1 ,,.:4" JANET JAMES scans her print out to be sure everything came out A-OK in Computer Programming class. kim . . Nevv, in the Business Education De- partment this year vvas a course entitled "Business Opportunities and Practices." The course is helpful to pupils vvith reading, speech or social problems, who are willing to work to help themselves. Among the not-so-nevv courses, pupils find the data processing course most interesting. After a one-semester course, Introduction to Data Processing, Techites may take such courses as Keypunch, Computer Operations a n d Computer Programming. ln these classes, students actually work with the computer, key- punch machines, sorter and interpreter. They learn hovv and why the computer "thinks" and works as it does. A student taking business courses at Tech can expect to find a good job in his field, after graduation, without attending business college. Tech's busi- ness department is as well equipped and staffed as most colleges, and pupils re- ceive the same training. Techites may prepare for secretarial vvork, computer vvork and other business-related jobs. -Y .M-. 1 nu--1' LINDA JOYNER gathers punched cards from the Sorter's stackers during a session in Computer Operations. The cards will be fed into the computer after checking for accuracy. 'Q i i S 15- KAREN SMITH measures a garment while Cathy Wagner and Jeannette Wallick do a little pinning. Kathy Cooper is just preparing for work in an advanced clothing class. 6owcor-edsmadefiwl-lomefEo. Home Economics is a busy depart- ment. Family living, a v e r y popular course among seniors, is designed to teach pupils how to get along with their fami- lies and friends. It also enables the students to have a better understanding of themselves. ln Cosmetology classes, an extra head was lying around. The girls, who are seeing what it is like to be beauticians, received a mannequin head in order to do special projects. Around Christmas time commercial foods pupils were baking thousands of cookies and dozens of fruit cakes. After the rush they kept busy by making those famous Tech brownies for the cafeteria. The hum of sewing machines could easily be h e a r d as girls in clothing classes sewed their creation together. Also, girls in millinery classes designed hats to make. Many junior and senior boys and girls achieved the art of good manners this year by taking social arts. ii . S- . A' 'Q rgf 1 H4 -if -.Q SS '41 'ld' u ' .QA gs ANTOINE WILSON stitches the interfacing to the collar of a suit she will be wearing soon ROBERT CROOKE checks an engine tune-up done by auto mechanics pupils Basil Brinkley, Charles Jones Thomas Ledford and Ollie Manual Veon Garrison holds the tach-dvvell meter. Tech! . 90.503 . OW . Can you spell "carburetor?" lVlore im- portant, can you adjust one? Auto trades pupils do their bookvvork, studying texts and manuals. Then they are ready for re- pair jobs in the auto shops. Both pupils and teachers take advantage of the econo- my and service, paying only for the parts used. Auto trades pupils do body and fen- der vvork and repair and service on me- chanical parts as well. Tech also boosts an aviation shop that builds and rebuilds airplanes for the public. LEWIS PENCE supervises aviation pupils Ernest Kincy and Richard Doran. H ..... to .i .t R We e-Arranf-:,,,"z,,,. X... .M A 'RQ' 4 ff' S Without the kind of skill offered in the Metal Trades Department, modern indus- try would be unable to produce most modern appliances and machines. For example, the refrigerator which is now keeping a soft drink cold has involved the five metal crafts taught at Tech. Sheet metal workers bend sheets of metal, as for the thin doors and sides of the refrig- erator. The welding shop joins two pieces of metal. The machine shop smooths rough surfaces and shapes larger pieces. The pattern shop creates the shapes need- ed for various parts, and the foundry molds the shapes according to patterns. Each of these trades requires some blueprint reading, drafting, mechanical drawing and math of all kinds, especially geometry. With salaries up to and exceed- ing seven dollars per hour, the field holds excellent job opportunity. NORMAN BRINKER instructs his sheet metal class while demonstrating to Garry Hazelton, Richard Grayson, Mark Samuel and Ambrose Adams. Y Yflv HC.. sa-I '35,--. -Q wrggix 'gy 1 ,Q -sw' W 4. ul L Y, - ,V ,xv V N41-71 ry. . 0 'MF' F .- ' e O S2 .O .I .O gl 'C gl .O .O gl Q0 22 33 22 33 Ji C 'I D "l'l l Y ' IES wifwfscliooff PA Sgsfluw I 1 . . fa -V - -.-A, Q , M, . . f 3 - rt O - . " I 'I ' , . 'fl . 'Oil Q 5. Soi UWC' ,.O. O 76 Have you ever had a class on the fourth floor of the Nlain or roamed the tunnels under the campus? That's exactly what the advance electronics classes did this year. They received on-the-job train- ing reassembling the p u b I ic address system. They saw portions of Tech which few students or even teachers have seen. An outside professional electronics contractor installed new amplifiers and a terminal board in the radio broadcast studio, Room 375, and the electronics classes completed the work from that point. They strung new cable and wire throughout the campus, installed new terminal boards and speakers and checked and rechecked the system. The original cable, which has served well, was installed by electronics students about 35 year ago. These students received experience on a professional level, which they would not be able to attain in any other way. Operating the television and radio repair shop and replacing amplifiers at the football stadium are all in a day's work for them. This is just a glimpse of the comprehensive courses one can receive at Tech, courses which few schools in the country offer. DONNIE CRABTREE and Kevin Kinder test a wave pattern on an oscilloscope. i, T J 1. .-. Al 'fr' Z' RODNEY KIIVIBLE solders a resistor to a television set in Electronics class. PAUL NIORSE works on aligning a police radio. 'Nt YN ex J- .Mt . tg 1 si - ii BUILDING TRADES students work on the brick veneer finishing for their house. During the '68-'69 school year and the previous year, the pet project of the Building Trades Department has been the constructing of a house and garage at 1405 East Michigan Street. Techites have undertaken the construction of the build- ing from the ground up. Finally, they were able to put the finishing touches and see the end-result of their blood sweat and tears. The house is offered for sale to the public. This year, carpentry classes invested much of their time in the building of mini-barns. The buildings are replicas of the type normally seen in barnyards, but are made on a miniature scale. When sold, customers found various uses for the barns-lake c a b i n s, playhouses, storage places. The money obtained from sales was used to buy material for more barns. 1 H14' ,wk L L , I . X-NI Us H .A- l -if-fv .I ,,,fs'Q ., 1 J, LEROY THOMAS, Roland Simpson, and Travis Hodges learn the hovv and why of cabinet making in Nlr. Woods' class. i' V-,J TECH carpentry crew prepare to do their part on the house. masons ease housing swings E CHARLES HILTON gives pointers to Allen Yarbrough, Gerald Kelley and Mike Rossman on table finishing. RIGHT: A student and instructor check pages two and three of the weekly as it comes off the offset pr es s. BELOW: A small "Davidson 500" offset press is operated by Charlie Battle. :sim 4 f if ll 'ff w1fi+1efDw6w1e WMP QMPW UWA Did you ever stop to think that the very chair you're novv sitting in was designed by someone vvho started in classes similar to those offered here at Tech? Nearly every item you can name was once just lines on a piece of paper. The modern jet airliner pre-supposes at least 65,000 dravvings. Machine and archi- tectural drafting prepare young men and women interested in a career in the drafting line. The draftsman is the key member of the engineeringand architectural team. "When you get printers' ink in your blood, it's hard to get it out." Many Tech printing pupils discover the fascina- tion of acquiring nevv skills, and so prepare fo r good jobs and lifetime careers. So many courses are offered that four years of enrollment would not use all the possibilities. The advanced subjects include printing design, offset, camera, coldtype and graphic arts. A lot of energy is put fourth to put out such things as our weekly CANNON, absence blanks and various forms and records. RANDY VANWYE shows his skill at operating a blueprint machine in the Drafting Department. , Pltgstcalb build student bodg The proverbial skeleton in the closet is "for real" in health classes. He lives in a cabinet and cheers the spirits of pupils who are learning all about the human body from the inside out. Gym classes had another kind of fun in store for those who enjoy physical fittness in action. And speaking of action-how about driver education? In this class even rank beginners learned the skills needed to be responsible behind the steering wheel. Part of the fun was in using mock-up cars in the trailer. Pupils reacted to driv- ing situations and checked the accuracy of their performance. Drill teams, rifle team, and color guard are just a few of the interesting activities students in ROTC may be undertaking. These students are taught leadership and respect for other people through classes which are held in the Barracks. The cadets enter into individual competition each week during inspection. Then, on a larger scale, city wide competition is held between drill teams. ROTC helps prepare young men for their future years in the S9l'VlC9. 1 RIGHT: Mark Brooks was voted Cadet of the Month which is a city-wide honor. BELOW: Getting in step before starting their long trek in the Veterans Day parade are ROTC troops led by Francisco Riojas and David Erwin. t X . ' '7fi' . . 1.- 1- ., - It . .-.-WI?" .7-3. Y , -the D 4 , . ,' 'rg ies. -ze - - -.x , - s - , YF. 5-' - .. 1 , -xv. , .Q N1,,, .-... ,gli-.-M A A I I 1 x A' ' 1 1 ni V 3" i-, ar: .Tl ' Q. 53. -i'i,,,..", .-L.. if pie "lVlY FRIEND! l knew him well. He took too many diet pills." So says John Wisdom. .-if LEFT: Learning the ropes is hard for freshman girls. ABOVE Playing cageball keeps boys' gym classes active, DIIZE-CTOIZY yrflf' 1 95:5 P 'XP V 1.4-433123 x-Q -'ffm if 4 .. , M-A ' -K ' H- If, KW' ' V .IJ -in ,. v.. ML. ff vihw 'fff .. QQ:--f' 'Av -'fr 'Q .,, , . ..-Q 4. ' L... U f -2 '4' ..4.4... .. o vr 3 f -dz I' U I I F 1 New 9 .ai "b , 'I . nl,,. '-if I J. . .i I' ,VM tl :Nyq- L K L4.. HH H lj I Vw-P ' ' KR X Je- iv- sir, 3,4 FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS, Howard L. Longshore, principal, has had charge of all activities, of administrators, faculty, staff, and pupils. wx! VICE-PRINCIPAL Robert V. Belding must really like kidsg he solves their schedule problems, DONALD OLDHANI is vice-principal in charge of pupils and their problems. JAMES E. STEWART is vice-principal in charge of directing the Evening School. .wnsmyusa HERIVIAN T. HINSHAW is vice-principal in charge of teacher and staff problems. KENNETH P U C K E T T is vice-principal in charge of financial matters and physical plant. WALLACE POTTER, who is in charge of special education, helps students with their problems. 13 'S' ERNEST HOLMES, is in charge of Industrial Cooperative Training and employment. 11.-'-.- ,-L f ,- V- ,ff ,a, ,- i . 'A"'.- ,-'i ,L . ' ' .. 7'5- fx,-r.- 'iii I 'Q " X . I , M-ig 'F'- :ni 1- gf.,-5 4' 5 - h 'W rf 1 ' i iiffff s -- -'- ' ia? '5 ?::..g:. - " 'M' . 'Eli-..':f' s,A-q -and ROBERT E. MEYER heads student activities, public relations, and News Bureau. f . U ' i JACK BRADFORD, director of athletics, has all teams and coaches under his supervision. 1, ,fi . fmiiglfi -45 w ' ' 1. fu- I I X , if . 1, I YE - .lil 'F I' I X su if ,I w,4 'R r' . ,X , ills AS DIRECTOR of publications, Cecil T. Tres- slar heads the activities of the CANNON Office. it Q-1' WILLIAM PETERSON directs activities in the area of distributive education. if ,- lffgi, C. GAYLORD ALLEN, guidiance director, helps students prepare for college. 65' LEWIS MARSHALL superintends shop activi- ties, buildings and grounds. ,- , L L A' !i' ,Z . F a K- rrrx 9A'i ihlidcga C 5 , MRS. MARJORIE MCCUTCHEON is in charge of all eq u i pment and supplies for visual education. ,.B- "'--.-. A. RAY REED, dean of boys, handles disciplinary problems for you ng male Techites. IB ir fl' , ,bf gg.,- N Xmliar L Miiisgf' MRS. MARTHA TURPIN, dean of girls is seconded by Mrs. Barbara Dearing, counseling assistant. f' 'Ngf' .f"s.. -H-ii ,,, fini' , H, g', ,y,. U' ...A A Ama ,X Y .1 I up " 'V ' V 2 is ,mann ,,..a. MAHLON CARLOCK and Robert Stockard share duties as counseling assistants to the dean of boys. 4.23 f X5 f gs, xl?-sz, .N :- lf- YJ 'E COUNSELING ASSISTANTS to the dean of girls are Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Zoearline Davis, Mrs. Dorothy Stout. M las- ,. A FRESHMAN COUNSELORS prepare junior high school pupils for SOPHOMORE-JUNIOR COUNSELORS are Floyd Tobrocke, Mrs. Mil- Tech. Mrs. Sarah l-lamer, Richard Allen, Dwayne Blankenhorn, Charles dred McAfee, Ernest Cline, John Hurrle, Richard Shock, William Graney. Harry. v LIBRAFHANS: Mrs. Judith Hamilton, Mrs. Geraldine Ward, Sara Porter. . 'Iii Q-Q DONALD Q. DAILY, work training consultant of the National Youth Corps helps pupils find iobs. fi V ' I if i . X U JAMES BORSHOFF is assistant director of the Evening School. M7 'A Williams. JOHN MINER, junior class sponsor and assis- tant to the viceprincipal. v-"' df? KENNETH BAYLESS is director of guidance for the Evening School. xqfz -Q NURSES: Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, Mrs. Shirley Lundgren, Blanche X1 ll, .z.!, ',,,, ' I 4 ROWLAND LEVERENZ, psychometrist, tests pupils for counseling and parent conferences. Deans N fstauts OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Fannie Fowler, Mrs. Jacqueline Patterson, Mrs. Berna- dine Poole, Mrs. Caroline Hyatt, Charleyne Stinger, Mrs. Martha Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Janice Chadwick, Mrs. Helen Harvey, Mrs. Louise Creasser, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Florence Cox, Mrs. Gene Montgomery. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Edna Ayres, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, Patricia Littell, Mrs. Virginia Cauble, Mrs. Verda Allee, Mrs. Elsie Robards, Norma Rodewald. NOT PICTURED, Mrs. Rita Tussey, Mrs. Rosalynne Yarnell. lil X. SOCIAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT: Mrs. Carolyn Ray, Mrs. Rosa Tootle, Mrs. Kay Sutherlin, Mrs. Ermalene Rodrigues. DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS: Mrs. Gwen- dolyn Huff, Mrs. Wanda Moon, Mrs. Judith Shattuck, Leo Terry, Mrs. Betty Rowland, Mrs, Jeannette Fields, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Mrs. Louise Schneider. GT! QQ il is ti H.-ff' fx' we X1- 5 . . ...wh-ff..-X fr V 4' , 1 -. . KMWE uw, . - "' mA ,.... W ..,, Q .again 1 . r fi f ' 1 Y . . 'i f QC? any J , . ' ' it 'fi 4 av 'U V ,l, L . ,,' 1 --f'-ffegg -S. - V ,-.,JiW'.:r--2:54 . V x 1 H ,. X , figkg.. Mtg' 1, X-,I -. ' .52 V W R. 1 X , M' "za" , gf Q 12", ' 5 H' 4. 5 -.f 5, finial I gal' ' 4 1-at lQi2.:.?i'5'i':Tf r. I 'f"Qc"' f' gf + will BOOKSTORE: Mrs. Frances Craig, Mrs. Laverne Stewart Mrs Wilma Durham. "-- itil?-,ill , M i ,Gaia HT -4 '. .N Z Q g r W ' 'S' for-B lg, 15 xus If , .4 X gfi'f'z.'i Gb Q li ,-.v Y X '5 . fav- 'IJ F? , I A on 2 'I Q 'H 5' 'i'f..' as me if I Q s Y. . Z 0 "V ' - ' 1 x A S? I Q.. ' i I I ., 5, .A t 5 y Farsi' os. ' r CAFETERIA STAFF-FIRST ROW: Mrs. Laura Merrill, Mrs. Ruth Rady, Mrs. Lola Klein, Anna McGlynn, Mrs. Alice Steleblak, Mrs. Mildred Hutchinson, Mrs. Elsie Alyne, Mrs. Edna Harper, Mrs. Mattie Armour. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jessie Elliott, Mrs. Esta Parsley, Mrs. Bessie Curtis, Mrs. Gladys Westra, Mrs. Mary Coverstone, Mrs. Jean Fogelman, Mrs. Mattie Dinkins, Mrs. Lillian Klier, Mrs. Rosa Sims, Mrs. Annie M. Gibson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Betty Sipole, Harriett - -N '-4'h,yl?i "i!'Q!iLl'xkx ff X ff'-' 'n 1. 'ks' 'UI' ,QC V J' -Q - - " fi? 'P 'lf' Fl f 'Ejrfflf EVENING SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Mildred Langlotz, Mrs. Halcomb, Mrs. Mary Richardson, Mrs. Laura Turner, Mrs. Christine Toran, Mrs. Tellous Lane, Mrs. Audrey Barrett, Mrs. Mary Melvin, Mrs. lvory Carpenter, Mrs. Florence Andrews. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Norma Coffee, Mrs. Gertrude Ray, Mrs. Opal Sterrett, Mrs. Angie Clearwater, Mrs. Florence Jaus, headg Fred Crisler, Mrs. May Starkey, Mrs. Agnes Dobbs, Mrs. Irene Taylor, Mrs. Marie Sutton. if HEAD CUSTODIANS-Merrill Smith, Evening Eileen Bales, Mrs. Margaret Potter, Mrs. Mary Hoffman, Mrs. Mary School:ThomasWalker. Pentecost. 5 G5 I st- 4 Q5l . Q .Q Q - 'W . Y I i I 1 ' X SECURITY FORCE--FIRST ROW: Tim Frye, Benjamin Clark, Marjorie Small, Wilbert Gruner. SECOND ROW: Forrest Eulers, Robert Lloyd, 1 Thomas Neims. T H i R 0 eovv. Jack Heavenridge, Sergeant George Martin, Lloyd Carson. ' - .1 lf I 'I ' . I I . . 4 V , I . , 5,1 ,c ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Cheryl Clark, Bernice Jones, Martha Gascho, Joyce M. Johnson, Mrs. Margaret Hahn, Mrs. Virginia Cassell, Gertrude Insley, Judith McBride, Mrs. Florence Schnaken- berg. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Linda Vaughn, Mrs. Mrs. Jatinder K. Rai, Mrs. Joan R. Brown, Margaret Clapp, Irene Rhodes, department head: Fred McNanny, M. Eileen Kohut, Mrs. Marjorie Garrett, Robert . 1 ' I 5 ... il' 5- g . , n I .'l I pl . Al f? 9-Q C5 M 'ii S f 'I Maloy. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Doris L. Webber, Dale Renault, Robert F. Ford, Tom Danheiser, Ellen Eads, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, E. Craig Roberts, Mike Rowls, Hester Anne Hale. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Diane Comstock, Alice Fraker, Kirby Lehman, Emmett F. Hardiman, John A. Lewis, C. T. Tresslar, Stan Minks, Mrs. Nancy Sutton, Mrs. Judy Kothe, Paula E. Lopossa. K I-, ' e T ' ab fi i SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENTVFRONT ROW: Mrs. Patricia Max- well, Mary Jane Marthin, Mike R. Phillips, Mr. William Siedlecki, department headg Patricia Commons, Karl E. Schneider, William R. Morse. SECOND ROW: Ebert Smith, James E. Taflinger, Mrs. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT- FRONT ROW: Mrs. Patricia Schmalz, Mrs. I I Shelia Young, Mrs. Maria B. Lagadon, Mrs. Susanna M. Underwood. SECOND ROW: David Clapp, Mrs. Mary B. Bedell, department head, Mrs. Serine Fine. :Qu -., J CT A-J C' Martha J. Bradshaw, Dean Carbone, Bruce McGeath, John Kanouse, Harvey Hallagan. THIRD ROW: Wesley J. Murphy, Walter J. Davis, William A. Kimberlin, Lloyd H. Wagner, Clyde Smith, Jr., John Miner, Robert E. Meyer. I Y' l ,-5 4-Xvydik , ' O .', 1 4 i X. Xx I v A Rh as f-fs I '- ..I J 7,2 V ,. , 'ox ' ' ' H U. 1 .,1'f' "+' f ff- . XX nn: i 'X -Q T1 Q4 Nl 'W 5 x 5. 1 PHYSICAL sclemce DEPARTMENT-FRONT novv: steven w.smsm, Caldwell, Robert J- Offh. Mrs- Erma J- Evans- SECOND ROW Mrs. Edna Stewart, Louis D. Allen, department headg Mrs. Pauline John Kern,Allen H. Smith, James May, BruceTurney,RiChard Dykeman. J r 5 1' i . x v.-y I-I BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Miss Audrey E, Cornel Garlan W. Howard, Milton W. Whalin, Robert F. Collins, William Mrs. Mercedes Guess, Arthur Kirsch, John Farley, department head, JONUSOVLROV TerreII,J0hn WYfh9- Mrs. Ruth Shannon, Mrs. Judy Hunt. SECOND ROW: David Hon, 9-0 ,Q Q1 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: S. Hafize Shah, Mrs. Louise Ridley, Richard Glover, Mrs. Judy Feigert, Ed Scahill, Mrs. Elizabeth Chohany, Betty Mansfield. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Gwen Jones, Mrs. Marion Strickland Mrs Madora Walker, Alice Purvis, Mrs. 5,-..f"Ys , .. ,ii i -EJ . f Marilyn Hoffman, Don Robinson, William R. Wheeler, THIRD ROW Carl H. Corbin, John H. Stoeckinger, department head, Ronald G. Ireland Charles K. McGrath, Charles .I. Walter, Arnold W. Lehman. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Woolford, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Mrs. Authurine Litiskas, Mrs. Carrol Rose, Frances Smith, Mrs. Mildred Wallace, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jane N. Snow, Mrs. Natalie B. Ran- som, Marguerite E. Hardy, Mrs. Sheila K. Miskuf, Mrs. Elva Wignall, Mrs. Marjorie McCutcheon. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Patricia Amend, Mrs. Odessa Hill, Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Hilda Kreft, department head: Mrs. Marian Moore. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Janiece Young, Mrs. Mary Staten. Qs I""T4-'E L- 1,-r L... Q., P" .f'X -VI A .gifs I HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Blanche Williams, Mrs. Beatrice Harding, Shirley Parrett, Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Donna Sims, Mrs. Shirley Lundgren, Anna Parker. SECOND ROW: Polly Chapman, Carlos Bell, Jack Bradford, Melvin Bowers, Howard J. Catt, Robert Woodard, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka. THIRD ROW: Thomas E. Barnes, Eugene B. Keliikuli, John E. Koontz, Ivan Moreman, Reuben D. Behlmer, department head, Daniel Camplese, Edward McDowell, Jay Kleine. -J .m...... , 5 Q 92 . I I X X. . R I BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Joy Brin- William F. Peterson, Mrs. Lois Frye, Turpin Davis, Joyce Freeman, dle, Edna L. Maley, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Mrs. Annabelle Adams, department head, Mrs. Gwen Ohmit. THIRD ROW: Mike Cecil, Mrs. Marjorie Parker, Alice M. Johnson, Mrs. Esther Carpenter, Deborah Ron I-loke, Dave George, Mahlon Carlock, Williams Guess, Ellen G. Barnett. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Karen Davison, Mrs. Sandi Jones, IVlartin,Keith V,Kuck, 5 3 ' I I I I 1 - I ...J -4 .Q- .,, 4.-4.1. X L.J V we Q-Q, 'N 1' x.! 4 I. QA N I I I , , l ' . I I 'a .4 .W . S ly ART DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: LaVon Whitmire, Mrs. Emmagee Washington, Susan Humbarger, Lorena Phemister, Marian Hamilton, Mrs. Louise Schneider, assistant. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ada May Alexander, Michael Slover, Ray Browne, Kermit Swenson, department head, Smith Robinson. C'5 'S "? '1- flX'Q6 PRINTING DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Floyd M. Billington, Clyde S. Armel, department head: Robert H. Smith. SECOND ROW: Spencer E. Tuttle, Terry C. Yeagley, Harold Deem. MUSIC DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Wil- liam Moon, department head, Cheryl Walsh, Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel. SECOND ROW: Ron Nobles, Richard Switzer, Joe Backmeyer, ,- William Tatum. '3 Y, ,kv 1 DRAFTING DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Robert T. Stockard, Fred erick Kelly, Sr., H. K. Clark. SECOND ROW: Harold Elliott, department head:Sam Skomp, Burney Jackson, Richard Gira. vf 'Q V, 'cr iz I F52 I AUTO AVIATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Oral Henderson, Robert Palmer, Fred D. Thompson, Lewis J. Pence, William Berger, Sam Duskowski, department head: Dan S. Malone, Clifford R. Allen, Clifton Lovelace, Herbert R. Van Der Moere. Robert E. Crook, Fred J. Keller. SECOND ROW: George Mack, Jr., ff . . Ave' 1 . I ,r . r , : , 2' ' W ' 7:57 I M gi V' 2 Z .1 . D , I fr it rf g Q i r , M ' I p 55 . 4 X i A. 1 ' "il . ' ' .L K, Q if ' T If . .7 , i ,.x-- ., ' ,V , A' 1 'F Q - ' V. I Li' 5 N ,I 5 ' L Q 1 . ' M I , - 'I ,A ,g Q. .475-' , - "L . I , 'ff ,. f 'wk . . Q ' ! K . N-I I yt haf 'X ' Y pi lg! . , 4 I -QW! f : t , vii 1 , - I I . X . . U, ' Y . J 'V 1.-' g X l I H ' ' S I " ' I V Ns , nil I , x ,I ' BUILDING TRADES-FRONT ROW: Roger Pearson, Paul Oscarson, Raymond F. Browne, William E.Sharp, John M. King. John Tincher, Charles H. Hylton, Howard E. Beall. SECOND ROW: Herschel Cauble, Morris Woods, department head: Frederick Miessen, 165-I 5,4 -.2 x f 1- : 13, . 3- ,JH V .4 '5 - N-,-Q . fif Q , , I 4 U. X 2 ' . ian- 'f M ., , H -.- . Y. 1 METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT: John Hill, Cyril J. Stock, Scott Houldson, Norman Brinker, department head: Emanuel Cruser. 7' lf' I - 3 'I 1 I' 1 -.4 ELECTRICAL TRADES DEPARTIVIENT-Dale Dougherty, J. Kenneth Gilliland, Leroy Hubble, Robert Bulthaup, John P. Nlullenax, Earl D. Terry, department head. I i yi!-S ', 'YN nv-sq I X! fax! CL 5 n.l?4. ,I X, ,I ,..7,. 1Q.Zf7L'hJ5: DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING-FRONT ROW, Charles Kocher, Theodore Stiffler, Susan Bettis. SECOND ROW, John Williams, head, William Tremp, John Wiggins. RESERVE O F F IC E RS TRAINING CORPS I f " INSTRUCTORS-IVISG Arthur Wilkinson, MSG Thomas Dawson, commandantg SFC Edde D. Colley. 75' .Ati A FAR LEFT: John Williams heads DOT other K' g wise known as the Barn Project. LEFT Ti 1. I It Hi. I I X' - H. 7 .gn ' , I--1.5 'RF , ' V X . , T ,. Isfdbafgggii P' . X , -- ,Win nglfb . I X, ily .., .Y-Q x ., rs , Z QQ, F:.:',x'xS1l, K "2 L A ,-, "1 1. ' . -. . Charles Kocher is counselor for the project. INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING- FRONT ROW: Jane llley, Frances Montgom- ery, Jerry Bales, Leon Williams, Joann Bayer, Ernest Holmes, coordinator. SECOND ROW: Patricia Abbett, Edna Hutson, Keith Hines, Carroll Evans, Aniker Wade, Alfredia Gibson. THIRD ROW: Joe Cochran, Deborah Sanford, Phillip McGhee, Robert Bonds, Hervey Guerin, Dennis Nichols. FOURTH ROW: John Van- dermark, Howard Catellier, Stephen Peters, David Veney, Darrell DeBruhl, Douglas Moore. EXPLORATORY TEACHERS-FRONT ROW: Gwenann Taylor, Janine Wallick, Linda Clem, Mary Ann Thompson, Debbie Coffman, Beverly Hunt, Andrea Freeman, Clyde Smith, Jr., spon- sor. SECOND ROW: Kerri Smith, Geneva Jones, Gary B ri n k I e y, Don Whitecotton, Houston Smith, Martin McDaniel, Mary Dun- ham, Carol Eickhoff. SCIENCE SEMINAR-Bruce Oakley, Kevin Brewer, Pamela Roots, Daniel Morford, Matthew Laubach. Qclwolb I-lawns, Co- ' ' 1' viv' .5 V Y We L 'WK EXERCISE IN KNOWLEDGE TEAM-Carol Eickhoff, Don Knorr, Donna Taylor, Jim Isbell, Wesley Murphy, sponsor. H. qv DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-FRONT ROW Marsha Junge, Melinda Kein, Mary McMahon, Doris J. Barringer, William F, Peterson, director. SECOND ROW: Ruthann Perdue, Laura Dwi- gans, Jayne Heath, Marcella Brewer, Wanda Anderson, Everline Garrett. THIRD ROW. Beverly Wright, Stephen Watts, Michael Price, Mary Wilson, Anna Skele. JUNIOR HONOR STUDENTSfFRONT ROW. Brenda Mathis, Rebecca Buckley, Karen Wil- liams, Pamela G. Hedderich, Cheryl Hammond, Frankye Johnson, Connie Miracle. SECOND ROW: Janice Hittle, Sandra Clyburn, Janet Soltau, Rebecca James, Elizabeth Trittipo, Kathryn Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Martin Laubach, Kevin Brewer, Jarnes Scahill, W. Michael Wood, James Branham, Steve Ross. FOURTH ROW: Denver Jordan, Dennis Hardwick, David Armes. SOPHOMORE HONOR STUDENTSJFRONT ROW: Wanda Snow, Kathy Brinkley, Marsha Brown, Paula Greenwell. SECOND ROWQ Barbara Levergood, Patricia Taube, Ricky Cos- by, Darlene Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Steve Herrington, Millie Bland, Gregory Bold, Stevan Hamilton, Doug McDaniel. Fr 5 t x i R . l. N S? is B. 1 l T F! x I SENIOR HONOR SWEATER RECIPIENTS FRONT ROW Martha Clark Patricia Guffev Stephanie Cooper, Andrea Freeman, Geneva Jones Terry Johnson Harold Lund SECOND ROW Rebecca Barrett Peggy Curtis Carol Eickhoff, Cynthia Mentis, 5 3: iw 1' Vi CANNON WEEKLY STAFF-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Geraldine Siefert, Vickie Cox, Sherrie Bland, Donna Taylor, Vicki Eaton, Dana Senteney, Cecil Tresslar, adviser. SECOND ROW: Karen Jeffries, Cheryl Hannon, Elaine Jones, Debbie Shaw, Terry Powers, Cynthia Holt, Robin Grant, Patti Wienke. THIRD ROW: Dina Eads, Richard Swan, Barbara Levergood, Robin Kares, Connie Miracle, Cindy Gibbons. ii it .i....Lih Joyce Neal, Willie Wardell, Tim White. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Ennenga, Mike Northrup, Bob Stafford, Martin McDaniel, Don White- cotton, Claude Lowery, Tom Abel, Ron Thompson, Lynn Wright, Jim Noland. NOT PICTURED: Ernie Smith, Denise Harden, Robin Eads, Ernest Smith, Tim White. ,iv Wk x f' 1 'tif rf ah! 'igggfzsl X 1, 'NE CANNON YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW: Cheryl Crouse, Teresa Grant, Brenda Mathis, Jill Burch, Sharon Riley, Beverley Reed, Cheryl Hammond. SECOND ROW: Mark Brooks, Bonnie Rinehart, Laurel Burns, Kathy Taylor, Tonya Bruce, Yvette Carr, James Bales, Bernice Jones, adviser. THIRD ROW: Bill Freemont, Mamie Brown, Steve Q 'Nts' Si 3'2" zieiifi NEWSBUREAU-Donna Taylor, Debbie Shaw, Geraldine Siefert, Barbara Levergood. Brown, Clem Watts, Richard Watts, Kenny Herman, Mary Ann Thompson. Not pictured: Gary Hicks, Vonda Collins, David Collins, Robert Benson, Thomas Kendall, Mary LaFara, Debra Rouse, Vicki Holmes, April Witsman. OUILL AND SCROLL-Richard Swan, Vicki Eaton, Tonya Bruce, Brenda Mathis. , L . I -rt Qpeeclv Team NFL, Debate ... - , i ,A DEBATE TEAMf'Bryan Miller, Denver Jordan, H ' Michael Pierce, Stanley Minks, sponsor. .ITT NATlONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, sponsor, Kathy Brinkley, Patricia Stomm, Beth Overbey, Aletha Willner, Gladis Gorden. SECOND ROW: Earnestine Colvin, Stephanie Scruggs, Bernice Brown, Suzette Clayton, Debbie Kay Shaw, Kathleen Willner. THIRD ROW: Bryan Miller, vice-president, Denver Jordan, president, William Johnson, Gregory Boid, Claude E. Lowery, sergeant-at-arms, Michael Pierce, Rose Folsom. SPEECH TEAM-FRONT ROW: Kathy Brinkley, Gloria Brown, Patricia Stomm, Bettie Manning, Aletha Willner, Patty Wilson, Gladis Gorden, Anna Young, Beth Overbey, Frances Bradley. SECOND ROW: Stan Minks, assistant-sponsorg Patti Wienke, Mae Ford, Patty Fagan, Robin Kares, Janice Wagner, Suzette Clayton, Deirdre Cobb, Debbie Kay Shaw, Kathleen Willner, secretary, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, sponsor, 'x i -N, I Bob Conner, THIRD ROW: Vickie Cox, Earnestine Colvin, Debbie Rhoads, Cindy Gibbons, Carl DeLawter, James Pullen, Kathy Taylor, Jim Brahman, Bernice Brown, Bo nnie Ashworth, Sheila Epperson. FOURTH ROW: Stephanie Scruggs, Joyce Hise, Dan lnskeep, Denver Jordan, William Johnson, Gregory Bond, Claude E. Lowery, viceepresident, Michael Pierce, Paul Turner, Rose Folsom, treasurerg Bryan Nlillor. Dwmof, Plow, Ant dubs Tiwspirms DRAMA CLUB-FRONT ROW: Gregory Donenfeld, Sally Swan, Deborah Viers, Patti Phillips, Dianna Shaw, Vicki R. Eaton, Susan Bettis, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Reynaldo Riojas, Debbie Kay Debbie Kay Shaw, vice-president, Bonnie Ashworth, Debbie Rosebrock, president, Kris Weber, Kevin Eugene Smith, Callie Journey. THIRD ROW: James S. Brown, Peggy Curtis, Kathy Taylor, David Bullington, recording secretary, Robert Garza, Jim Branham, Rolando Quintana. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Paul Siefert, Bev Reed, vice ART CLUB-FRONT ROW: Brenda Hellickson, Brenda Bear, co- presidentg Rick Reneau, Holly Wolfe, secretary, Michael Slover, sponsor. PH-2SidGr1T: Jean Nliller, Aubrey J0hr1S0n, Vicki lVlclVlichaeI, Paula Green- SECOND ROW: David L. Batts Ill, Robin Eads, Eddie Shepherd, well, business manager. SECOND ROW: Andy Bartholomew, Susie Clement Watts, president: Larry JoeSluder. Morris, Linda Stone, Michael Brown, Kim Fallowfield, co-president, Sheri Johns, Susan Cole. fx ' 5' flgggilf STAGECRAFT CREW-FRONT ROW: Carmen E. Golder, Dave Denny, THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: Vicki R. Eaton, Patti Phillips, president, John E. Gilmore, Henry L. Cox. SECOND ROW: Herschel Cauble, Patty Fagan, Debbie Rosebrock, Debbie Kay Shaw. SECOND ROW: assistant, Mike Smith, Darryl Coleman, Jim Stevens, J. W. Patterson, Robert Maloy, sponsor, Kathy Taylor, secretary-treasurer, Paul Turner, Raymond F. Browne, sponsor. David Bullington, Jim Branham. 1 CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Sheryl L. Gaskins, Jim Pritchard, David Wilson, Andrew Bradburn, James Ford, Walter Riley, Dannie Engram. SECOND ROW: John Wiggins, co-sponsor, Jerry W. Lander, Doug Heath, Isaac Spencer, Bart Stansberry, John Everett Whobrey, Fred Nlindach, John Kern, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Anthony Walker, Rodney Coffer, 'f'7'U I' :-3 RADIO CLUB-FRONT ROW: James Underwood, Weyant Clouse, Mike Brinley. SECOND ROW: John lVIulIenax, sponsor, Richard Suhre, Jerry Townsend, Greg Boid, secretary, George Yarbrough, president. NOT PICTURED, Clem Watts, Bonnie Bell. lj. 1. PRINTING CLUB-FRONT ROW: Les Mobley, Charles Burns, Carl Corlett, Frankie Williams, William Richardson, Spencer E. Tuttle, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Randall Beight, secretary-treasurer, Travis Green, David Clegg, Jeff Harlow, presidentg Norman Bennett, vice-president. Timothy lVlorse, Joe Catellier, Paul Lewis, Guy Anderson, Randy Auble, Carl King. FOURTH ROW: Irving W. Washington, Jr., Jim Isbell, treasurer, Clem Watts, Paul Spears, David Veney, Phil Scott, Thomas Clayton, Duane IVlontgomery, Donald Gillenwater. CHEIVIISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-Anita lVlarcurn, Kathy Vaughn, Kim Anderson, Jim Bushfield, Beth Trittpo, Daniel Nlorford, James IVlay, sponsor. 0 I I ' -Pkgsics, dating dhxbs FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Jennifer Browning, Venus Buses, Roland Wiley, Niki Brummett, D o nna Berry, secretary: Anna Young, Deborah Cole, Anita Marcum, vice- president. SECOND ROW: Patricia Taube, Deborah Viers, Robert McPherson, Patricia Bowers, Robin Kares, Wanda Brice, Mrs. Patri- cia Schrnalz, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Kimberly Anderson, Tim White, Magdalene Maddox, David Armes, Thomas Clayton, Jan Hittle, president: Richard C. Decker, Beth Trittipo, treasurer. GERMAN CLUB--FRONT ROW: Marguerite Goergen, secretary-treasurer, Debbie Flowers, James Ford, Geneva Jones, publicity agent: Mee Lun Moy, vice-president, Mrs. Susanna M. Un- derwood, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mae Ford, Steve Huggler, Michael L. Jones, Houston Smith, Thomas M. West, Debbie Roberts, Kimberly Anderson, president. Wswew as SPANISH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Vera Vin- cent, Dana Senteney, Judy Wenz, historian: Betty Sue Mouser, Cyle Pettigrew, David Logs- don.SECOND ROW: Teresa Abernathy,Christi Warner, secretary: Consuelo Espinoza, president: Juanita Froschauer, Vicky Booker, Kathleen Willner, David Clapp, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Rolando Quintana, Anita Worley, Gary Mohr, Sofia Novarro, Richard C. Decker, Jerry D. Slaughter, Michelle Y. Evans. NOT PICTURED Karen Chandler. 67 LATIN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Donna Reese, Michael West, Sharon Graham, Margie Coste- low, Sharon Green, Louise Van Cleave, Von Means, Mrs. Serine Fine, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Jan Ettinger, Kathy Miller, Rose Min- dach, George Evans, Rose Bond, Karen Wil- liams, Christine Ratcliff. THIRD ROW: Brad Dykes, Claudia Kimbrough, Deanna Minton, Holly Wolfe, Nancy Larkin, Rita Corlett, Deb- by Minton, Terry Conwell, president. S.A.O. EXECUTIVE BOARDWFRONT ROW: Karl E. Scheider, sponsor, Elmarmae Brown, Mary Jones, corresponding secretary, Nancy Bottoms, Patricia Stomm, Lisa Milender, Libbi Michael, Teresa Grant, Wanda Jones. SECOND ROW: J. D. Oliver Jr., sergeant-at-arms, Sandie Spence, Laurie Lewis, Freida Mindach, parlramentariang Mary Ann Thompson, Alfreda Lee, 1 'U' 'fav fi lg?-... TT G Q .-f . ' L14 ,A 71191 T ' If-. U. -I 1' .' Irriiie' SERVICE CLUB-FRONT ROW: Rebecca Buckley, Libbi Michael, presi- dent: Sharon Holland, Mee Lun Moy, treasurer, Niki Brummett, Grace Hedderich, Darla Richey, Mary Jones, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Alfreda Lee,Gladis Gorden,Sylvra Crsneros,Nancy Dillahay, Kathy Dobbes, 4.5, I HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE-fFRONT ROW: Mrs. Hamel, SDODSOVL Carol Randolph, Gladis Gorden, Carol Eickhoff, Janine Wallick, Linda Clem, Betty Garten, Robert Stockard, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Debbie Kay Shaw, J. D, Oliver, Jr., Doug McDaniel, Richard Swan, Sarah F. if I J 1 corresponding secretary, Margo Woods, Gladis L. Gordon, Alicia Marshall THIRD ROW: Ronnie White, president, David L. Batts Ill, Samuel Euqf-ne Price, treasurer: Paul G. Wilson, Michael J. Stanlueld, Ernest L. Kincy, Wil' liam Johnson, Ronald Thompson, Cindy Mentis, vice-president, Genrqe Yarbrough, Jr. NOT PICTURE Dt Mildred Moore. e-fx JT .JI I' -f-"'-Z E' John Everett Whobrey, Teresa Stokes, sergeant-at-aims, Karen E. Lucas THIRD ROW: Mildred Moore, Janice Wanger, Andrea Hunt, Frieda Min' dach, Joyce Hise, Ronnie White, Barbara Coons, Rosalind Burns, Rose Mindach, recording secretary. I 1 : 'r Linda Burns, Alfreda Lee, Ellen Anderson. THIRD ROW David Arnir-'s Michael Pierce, Ernest K. Kincy, William Johnson, Bruce Onlrlvy-, Snnuf- Eugene Price, Victor Evans, Jr. NOT PICTU RED Claude Lowr-ry. Teaclwis woes ww FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, secretary: Kathy Brinkley, Vickie Baxter, Patricia Stomm, Carlene Morris, Karen K. Sanford, Peggy Shane, treasurer: Mrs. Joan Brown, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Joyce Neal, Jill Jessup, Debbie Coffman, David E. Armes, president, Robin Kares, Sharon Gadis, Deanna Henley. X HISTORY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Cathy L. Stuck, secretary: Aniker Wade, president: Mark Bfooksf Se'9ea"f'af'a'mSP Tefesa Gfamf 'ma' HIGH SCHOOL RED ceoss CLUB-FIRST Rovv: Debbie Thermen, treasurer: Petrie oreenwen, surer. SECOND ROW: Chris Wilson, vice- president, Hugh Abel, public relations: Charles Alexander, Charlotte Alexander. NOT PIC- TURED Patricia Commons, sponsor. Aletha Willner, recording secretary: Rhonda Crockett, president: Dina L. Eads, Patricia Stomm, corresponding secretary: Kathy Brinkley. SECOND ROW: E. Ellen Eads, sponsor: Debbie Kay Shaw, Susie Morris, Terri Pippins, Deborah Roberts, Jean Miller, Anita Huber. L , v-' l-all J-HJ LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Margaret Brown, Teresa Raney, Deborah Cole, Vickie Baxter, Zina Parker, Venus Buses, Debra Stoddard, Diana Herrington. SECOND ROW: Susan Evans, Debbie Gearlds, Dina L. Eads, Kathy Willner, Carol Rosebrock, Vickie Hutton, Rose Thompson, Rebecca Buckley. THIRD ROW: Dorothy L. McCullough, Sharon K. Riley, Debbie Shelton, Pam Waterman, Mae Ford, Margie Etters, Tina Smith, Geneva Jones. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Hardwick, Maureen McGrath, Jim Branham, Jan Hittle, David Armes, Peter Brooks, Reta Corlett, Silvia Hannemann, Marie Crumpton. I music y ,an 1 ' I I ! ,a'L,tsii4,"., ' I s t . - - . 1, . ' , s x. . Q., ' V .ON . V ' 1 u I bf,-X: 1 ...: . 13' ' 555 g . stu , . .' :I A , I c , . ' "of'4swoU:s' """' men 5 , , STAGE BAND-FRONT ROW: Luren Dalton, Irving Washington, John Rogers, Ken Herman, Mike Jones. SECOND ROW: Mike Wood, piano, Mike Miller, drummer, Don Laswell, Robert Hall, Don Lasher, Randy X X ,G x , :bg I as ,N Z fs LQ cy 1 If,-1-M .,,,, V Auble. THIRD ROW: Clarence Lewis, Jr., Don Knorr, Jerry Mouser, Bryan Miller, Roy Crabill, Doug McDaniel, Joseph Backmeyer, director, Martin McDaniel. pi -5-fl. HANDBELL CHOIRAFRONT ROW Kerri Smith, Susan Beeson, Kathy Dobbs, Melvin Brown, Janet Soltau, Andrea Freeman, Dor- othy Mclver. SECOND ROW J. D. Oliver, Andrea I-Iunt, Jane McPherson, Ken Herman, Jill Cooper, Toni Nix, Richard Andrews. STRING ENSEMBLE- FRONT ROW Deloris P. Williams, Sharon Guerin, Donna Montgom- ery, Theresa Amato. SECOND ROW Richard Andrews, Myra Hagan, Janet Soltau, Ron Nobles, sponsor. SYMPHONIC BAND-FRONT ROW: Anita Beight, Anita Huber, Marcia McDaniel, Jean- nine Wallick. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Cooper, Dorothy Mclver, Kathy Brinkley, Lin- da Miller, Betty Garten, Phillip Caudill, Donna Reese. THIRD ROW: Teresa Cooper, Jeff Lingenfelter, Theresa Sovern, Marilyn Williams, Mary Dunham, Charles Block, Marcia Brown, Mike Jones. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Mathis, Marvin Sizemore, Linda Troxell, Walter Las- well, Lillie Skudrovskis, Victor Evans, Melody Coryell, Roger LaValley, Jerry Townsend, Wil- liam Bardwell, Jerry Laswell. FIFTH ROW: Darlene Lewelling, Mike Brown, Alvin Perkins, John Lander, Don Briggs, John Pennington, Mike Miller, Samuel Taylor, Jim Scahill. FRONT ROW RIGHT SIDE: Barbara Coons, Roscoe Taylor, Gail Sumlar, Carol Chambers, Patricia Green. SECOND ROW: Bill Coons, Patricia Stomm, Donna Riddell, Patricia Taube, Karen Sanford, Sandra Wester, Vernon Har- well, Cindy Brown. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Herman, John Rogers, Luren Dalton, Don Lasher, Roger Laughlin, Robert Hall, William Johnson, Don Knorr, Don Laswell, Randy Auble, FOURTH ROW: Willie Johnson, Jerry Mouser, Kevin Brewer, Yolanda Price, Bryan Miller, Roy Crabill, Douglas McDaniel, I -3 1 .I QW 'GQ' ss-2 gym 'F ' v I O ! Q 'Q 'Q ISS . 2 g wg," r lil 1 Martin McDaniel, Alan Ferguson, Thomas Haw- kins, Charles Burnette, Linda Bruer. FIFTH ROW: Dave Wallen, Mike O'NeiIl, Gary Buck- ley, Clarence Lewis, Richard Switzer, director: Joseph Backmeyer, assistant director. Bands, Owlwsbiaf Qi 5 as CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: Marcia McDaniel, Jackie Newbern, Sherry Chapman, Denise Brantleys, B e t t y Mouser, Robert McPherson. SECOND ROW: Sandra Wester, Cynthia Kitchens, Joseph Farris, Levina Wright, Roy Purivs, Wayne Carter, Holly Pierce, Phillip Caudill, Karen Sanford, Ponna Parrish, Carlos Kirk. THIRD ROW: Maria Watts, Michael Free- man, James Siegel, Steve Harlow, Irving Wash- ington, Bradford Dykes, Luren Dalton, Mike Plummer, Virgil Colbert, Terry Bryant, Robert Stafford, Don Lasher. FOURTH ROW: Cheryl O'Neill, Michael Green, Larry Newsom, Janet Eicks, Wanda Gamble, Mike Burris, Clara Buck- ley, Lloyd Jackson, Harold Rodgers, Robert Hinton, Ken Griffin, Dan Vaughn, Chris Ball, Robert Plummer, Linda Bruer. FIFTH ROW STANDING: Paul Caudle, John Hurst, James Brown, John Whitthorne, Jeffrey Briggs, Scott Swisher, Joseph Backmeyer, director. NOT PICTURED K a r e n Jeffries, Daryl Garrett, Herbert Thompson. it D I I966 II U filllll il I i 31- I '..1 If f .ai-5.45131 NM, i i if-+f11'.gi.+ff, P-Q-E.. . 'www'-"4 K- v 5 ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW. Myra Hagan, Sharon Guerin, Ruth Mitchel, Pricilla Gaines, Mary Wheeler. SECOND ROW1 Debbie Svvinford, Anna Young, Antony Wilson, Janice Parr. THIRD ROW: Kathy Vaughn, Debra Purcell, Svlvia Willes, Denise Jacobs, Elizabeth Trittipo, Carol Rosebrock, Donna Montgom- ery, Roger Childs. Standing: Ron Nobles director, Denise Hardin. ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW, RIGHT SIDE: Janice Hittle, Richard Andrews, Rose Folsom, Rose Bond. SECOND ROW: Steve Van Cleave, Teresa Amato, Delores Phillips, Wanda Snow, Joyce Hise, Joanetta Carter. THIRD ROW: Judy Abernathy, Delores Williams, Mike Finnigan, Jennifer Taube. :SQA SEAL Ons eclwifv, , clubs 15' Y C3 TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: Susie Beeson, Carrie Smith, Tina Hart, William Moon, director: Jodi Chastain, Sam Price, Mrs. Loesje Mendel, accompanist, Mike Stanfield, Paul Wilson, Jeff Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Libbi Michael, Robin Grant, Beth Overbey, Ellen Anderson, Vicki Eaton, Kathy Vaughn, Diane Burch, Jeannie Duncan, Niki Brummett, Anita Beight, Donna Riddell, Andrea Freeman, Dorothy Mclver, James Segal, Debbie Hager, Robert Miller. THIRD ROW: Melvin Brown, Nancy Bottoms, Delores Johnson, MeeLun Moy, Jill Jessup, J. D. Oliver, Janet Soltau, Gladis Gorden, Laurel Burns, Jim Branham, Richard Andrews, Kevin Brewer, Peggy Curtis, Debbie Coffman, Andrea Hunt, Jacqueline Newbern, Dave Wallen. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Mentis, Debbie Miller, Alfreda Lee, Janice Hittle, Laurie Lewis, Freida Mindach, Don Whitecotton, Debbie Freeman, Brad Petree, Jim Scahill, Mike Finni- gan, Bob Goode, Denver Jordan, Mike Brown, Elliott Varnardo, FIFTH ROW: Madonna Barnes, Bart Petree, Beverly Washington, Don Knorr, Don Harbin, Bruce Oakley, John Masters, Patty Woods, Claude Lowery, Stanley Lawrence, Charles Black, Allan Mays, Michael Trent, Vernon Harwell, Randy Auble, Roscoe Taylor. tqaifs.-I g,,,,!N--,' MELODAYRES-FRONT ROW: Cheryl Walsh, director, Jodi Chastain, Beth Overbey, Janice Hittle, Ellen Anderson, Tina Hart, Laurel Burns, Beverly Washington. SECOND ROW: Mike Finnigan, Melvin Brown, Vernon Harwell, Robert Goode, Don Knorr, Randy Auble, Bruce Oakley. IA 35 BOYS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Richard Guiden, Lynn Taylor, Doug Heath, James Wingo, Gary Purdue, Tim White, Jerry Lander, William Tatum, director. SECOND ROW: Carl DeLawter, John Nance, Richard Henry, Carl King, Jeff Meid, Roger Childs, Robin Childs, Mark McKinney. THIRD ROW: David Armes, George Porter, Charles UH Q 6:3 N lab. we-J GIRLS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Donna Parrish, Debbie Colvin, Gwenann Taylor, Davieda Covington, Catherine Cunningham, Brenda Troxell, Marsha Brown, Debbie Thorman, Elmarmae Brown. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Walsh, sponsor: Denise Jacobs, Lorrainne Laswell, Kathy Brinkley, Patricia Stomm, Doris Douglas, Judy Abernathy, Janet McCullough, Karen Sanford. THIRD ROW: Charmaine Young, Jill Cooper, Rhonda Eads, Cindy Sanderson, Sylvia Hannemann, Rhonda Elf C3 Q -5 A Q lvN .-- GIRLS ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW: Libbi Michael, Gladis Gorden, Nancy Bottoms. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Loesie Mendel, director, Mee Lun Moy, Debbie Hager. THIRD ROW: Andrea H-int, Madonna Barnes, Kim Smith. FOURTH ROW: Frieda Mindach, Laurie Lewis, Peggy Curtis, Susie Beeson. Q45 as -D6 ' Starks, Douglas Dickson, Ernest Shearer, Tom West, Harold Hayes, Carl Lowery, James Kendrick. FOURTH ROW: David Bobbs, Richard Suhre, Perry Broadnax, Mike Pierce, Arthur Johnson, Gary Davis, Paul Lewis, John Harpersberger, David Bullington. 7-Q I I Q..-J T Crockett, Karol Lemmons, Karen Lucas, Claudia Kimbrough. FOURTH ROW: Miram Hamler, Debra Smalling, Barbara Levergood, Brenda Scott, Dorothy Mahone, Mary Beaty, Debbie Pipes, Mildred Moore, Darlene Lewelling, Robin Kares. oi i V I , - 4, 6 1 I '51 'px ' fiy Q W 'f 'Thx ' -. W ! i , A V P Y l' 2 :T ifiqfxfk 1. l 2 e w-' 'q- BOYS OCTETTEfFRONT ROW: James Scahill, president, Paul G Wilson. SECOND ROW: Kenn Gividen, Denver Jordan, John S. Masters. THlRD ROW: Mike Wood, Samuel E. Price. FOURTH ROW David A Devitt, Mike Stanfield. 'll KEY CLUB-FRONT ROW: J. D. Oliver Jr., Robert Goode, Steven Cook, Vernon Harwell, Ronnie White, Brad Petree, Roger Laughlin. SECOND ROW: John Wiggins, sponsor: Barry Thompson, Gary Mohr, Mark Grubbs, Jim Scahill, Stephen Watts, DeWayne Watson, Roy G. Crabill. THIRD ROW: John Masters, treasurer: Gary Spradlin, Martin McDaniel. Victor Evans Jr., David Armes, Bob Benson, sergeant-at-arms Jim Isbell, president: Randy Auble. FOURTH ROW: Houston Smith David Batts, Don Harbin, Randy Beck, Jeffrey Clinton, Claude Lowery Stan Lawrence, Ron Thompson, Randel Wade. AN , 1-1 A H ., , ., LETTERMEN-FRONT ROW: Rick Schmidt, J. D. Oliver, Anthony THIRD ROW: Paul Wilson, Harold Norwood, Bruce Johnson, Darryl Willis, Larry Ward, Dean Carbone, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Virgil Walker, Charles Hoskins, Larry Esslinger, Charles Battles, Steve Breland. Gartrell, Mike Stanfield, Dave Devitt. l ' i i T w l 4 - MAJORETTES-FRONT ROW: Debbie LecCIeir, Ellen Anderson, Alicia Brown, Tina Hart, Sandie Spence, Laurie Lewis, Patty Fagan, Debbie Wells, Cindy Mentis. SECOND ROW: Debbie Pipes, Toni Nix, Rhonda Crockett, Susie Morris, Carol Beverley, Carol Eickhoff, Mary Sayles, Rita McFall, Alicia Marshall. f 0' X X . ? f- J ,- ,fur 1,4 at - L 111 ' W . E+, T .-3' 511 ffgi' , Q , , i -.mi sd gals iw 'TJ ": -- -,1',"' f- A- V 'L ,- gg-h3'q!4"N""W' 'i V' "'ff'?.,?, .., ,,.,3:.if:.LS', is v.. .. I g'if:,.r"5W'i' Sv: " . .1:. . . V- Q - V .C , : 1 5 .S Q U J '.3-,,:- N ' N' if ' - . " Mi .f ,n I. . , -wi . S . -1 - ,. - f-191w4rQ'--L hifi , I ,.. -. xg. -,W su, 'J Hp r. iii, 1,5 1 rxgi . 4:4 115 " .. ,. - -S .-'-215151 J 1-iDffi?5'?f2i fs. ,452 " 'V' -1- . 1 " - f ' ' 3' ' ' " 3- E Vffv .hi " lv" - ,.. : .fe'.. 'fivcimrl VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOIVI: Mary Jones. SECOND ROW: Doris Douglas, Andrea Hunt, Vicki Holmes. TOP: Debby Colvin. -5 5. 1 . . .Qt Ning" TECH X Keg , , Maj , Clxwv FRESHIVIAN CHEERLEADERS-FRONT ROW: Theresa Spencer, Vicki Peters. SECOND ROVV: Christine Frazier, Cathy Stuck, Kathy Krueger. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-F R O N T ROW: Debby Hartsburg, Libby Veney, IVlee Lun IVIoy Patty Taube. TOP: Vicky Roley. 1 .g- Wii ' Q- Li - 2 l ii " . ,G F 4 err- W , xw'Y""' ink'- GIRLS DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Rhonda Crockett, Susie Morris, Teresa Grant, Geri Siefert, Deborah E. Pipes, Patty Fagan. SECOND ROW: Carol Beverly, Mary Ann Thompson, Terri Wong, Geneva Jones, Alicia Marshall. THIRD ROW: Laurie Lewis, Debra Rouse, Chris Wilson, Mary LaFara, Alfreda Lee, Aniker Wade, Tina Hart, Cindy Mentis. ll .7 11. 3 ROTC OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: CfCapt. David Effler, CfCapt. James Kegeris, C!Capt. Steve Black, SECOND ROW: C!Capt. Paul Turner, C!Capt. Hubert Robinson, Cfl Lt. Ronell Evans. THIRD ROW: C!2 Lt. Clem Watts, C!2 Lt. Raymond Harrington, C!2 Lt. David Ervvin. '71 I-'N ROTC SPONSORS-FRONT ROW: HCf1 Lt. Geraldine Siefert, HCf1 Lt. Debbie Rouse, HC!1 Lt. Alicia Marshall. SECOND ROW: HC!Capt. Terri Wong, HC!1 Lt. Mary Ann Thompson, HC!Capt. Geneva Jones. THIRD ROW: HC!Capt. Mary LaFara, HCI2 Lt. Janice Wagner, HC!2 Lt. Alfreda Lee. Not pictured C!Capt. Aniker Wade. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-BOTTOM OF T GOING BACK: Linda Meritt, Valerie Hovvard, Sherie Kennedy, Rhonda Henderson, Christine Frazier, Debbie Meadors, Toni Johnson, Sharon Donaldson, Lagenia Scott, Shirley Wilson, Teresa McGee. TOP OF T: Sharon Howard, Marilyn Williams, Emily Morris, Glory Hamphrey, Debbie Clark, Mona Thompson, Shirley Albertson, Jeannie Clayton, Donna Berry, Stephanie Turner, Vicki Colvin, Doris Hobbs, Mary Sayles, Cynthia Blue, Teresa Gill, Frances Williams. Y-TEENS-FRONT ROW: Paula Sweatt, Patti Wienke, Sharon Evans, treasurer, Charlene Harmon, Dorothy Trice, Mary Jane Marthin, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Cindy Bennett, president: Vickie Cox, Deborah McGwen, Rose Thompson, Zandra Colbert, Linda Bockover. THIRD ROW: Juanita Froschauer, Danna Richey, Pam Waterman, Cynthia Cox, Brenda Boyer, TuWanda Fields, Wanda Gamble, secretary. JUDO CLUB-FRONT ROW: Joyce Edwards, Susan Cole, Margie Turner, Chris Riewer, Sheila Tennex, Patty Boswell. SECOND ROW: Wanda Brice, co-president: Rose Mindach, recording secretary: John Whobrey, Sharian Murray, Danna Richey, Kathy Vaughn, co-president: Judy Wenz, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Barb Levergood, Anita Worley, vice-president: Cosetta Morris, Cindy Gibbons, Pam Toney, Vicky Booker, Susie Morris. ROTC COLOR GUARD-C!S.Sgt. Donnie Crabtree, C!M.Sgt. Charles Schultz, C!S.Sgt. David Kein, C!S.Sgt. Lonnie Crabtree. GIRLS GYMNASTICS-Gay Lawson, Rosemary Williams, Patty Taube, Anita McChristian, Vicki Peters, Vicky Roley, Diana Wong, Linda Stires, Teresa Spence, Cathy Stuck, Kim Franklin, Jenny Taube, Tonya Bruce, Tina Powers, Millie Bland. ado f Gu -fir ic Q99 1 ' ji I u I f I Y r rf-v-1- 0,- ,ii FI' UOZOI QENIO CLAQQ OF1971 Ronald Seats President ...auf lub- 1 David Batts Ernest Kincy James Lingenfelter Randall Auble Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms - r w' ' ' 'li' '- QM Q . fifyafi , , , LL 1 ., W Marguerite Hardy Janice Cooper John Kanouse Lois Sink Jlldifh MCB"ide Mrs. Mary Penrod Q 'Sr- Jodi Chastain Stephanie Cooper David Devitt Ella Emerson Q? ws -4' ,Tj "fx 'sn 'Q' IN James Isbell Mary Jones James Lee Cynthia Nlentis 4. Q. Sh I 445 6' I 5 l ',x 25311 N Bruce Oakley Sandie Spence Paul Wilson Terri Wong Patricia Abbett Hugh E. Abe' L. Tom Abel Ronnie E. Abner Barbara J. Adams Barbara L. Adams Rhonda M. Adams Amie L. Allen James D. Allen Michael E. Allen Jacqueline O. Amos Deborah B. Anderson Ellen K. Anderson Kimberley S. Anderson Pamela K. Anderson Wanda M. Anderson Richard E. Andrews Augustine Bacon Gregory Bacon William A. Bailey, Jr. James Baker Patricia A. Baker Jerry L. Bales Sue A. Bales Raymond L. Bannon Vickie Bannon Mark A. Barnard Madonna L. Barnes Vernon A. Barnes Rebecca S. Barrett Doris J. Barringer Dvvaine Bartlett Charles A. Battle Michal Baumia Jo Ann Bayer Brenda L. Bear Kenny P. Bear Connie Beard James E. Beasley Martha J. Beatty Garry P. Beaven Randy D. Beck A J- A"-. 1 i t ,y , . 5 . 'J em. 'af xal fa, Q, 1971 34' C fr-7 Amanda Beech Anita Bought Estelle Bell Robert Benson Steven Bergman Naornl Berry Carol Beverley Steven Black Fannle Blake Diana Blakey Kathy Blakley Julia Bloss Louvon Blunt Donna Boone Shirley Borden Robert Boswell Nancy Bottoms Jane Boyd Frances Bradley Colvis Bradshaw 34? Y M 6- Q-,,.. I po Steven Breland lVlark Brents Eunice Brewer Marcella Brewer Don Brlgqs RnchardBr1nker Gary Brinkley Brenda Brooks Alrcra Brown Barbara Brown Delores Brown Gladys Brown Jantns Brown Judy Brown Kathy Brown Lunda Brown LOIS Brown Manure Brown Steven H. Brown Winifred E. Brown Tonya L. Bruce Michael Buckner Denise E. Burns Rosalind Burns James C. Bushfield Michael W. Butchee Mildred Byrd Carolyn J. Campbell Faye Carey Paula A. Carr Paula J. Carr Dorothy S. Carson Rena R. Carson Joanetta E. Carter Kenneth A. Carter Robert Carter, Jr. Pamela Casserly Howard Catellier, Jr Shirrin Chambers Rickey N. Chapman Susan Charlock George R. Cheesebourough Charles D. Chrisley Martha Clark Shirley Clarke Linda Clem Karen L. Clinton Deirdre Cobb Joey L. Cochran Debra Coffman Brenda A. Cole :".rfrX 'uf' 5 RANDY AUBLE joins other notables on his visit to Mt. Rushmore, Lead, South Dakota, to re- ceive the Francis Bellamy Award. Qi', iv... Q--g wry:-P i..,..a.2. 1'..l..... ...Mm f Patricia Cole Clifford E. Coleman Cynthia Coleman Ricky Coleman Betty lvl. Collins Darrell Collins Kathie J. Collins Debra Colvin Katherine Colwell Teri L. Conard Charlesetta Cook Henrietta Cook Joyce A. Cooksey William F. Coons Kathy L. Cooper Stevie J. Cooper Willie Corbin Cato K. Cork Margie E. Costelow Howard Cotham Deborah Cousin Davieda Covington Jackie R. Crawford Daphne Crowe Sandra Cruthird Peggy E. Curtis Lucinda Dalton Janet L. Daughtery Virginia Davenport Sherry Davidson Shirley Davidson Ronald Davie Ruby Davisson Ronald Denney David Denny Deloise Dodd Richard Doran Robin M. Dowdy Lex A. Driver Denise Duff Janet Duke Mary Dunham Barbara Dunlap James Dwigans Laura Dvviggans L. Denise Dyke Robin B. Eads Roseanna Eckert Janice K. Eckerty David Effler Carol L. Eickhoff Dana A. Eisenhut Sandra Elston Dennis Esslinger Margie Etters Nancy Ettinger Albert Evans Carroll Evans Joel Evans Ronell L. Evans Sharon D. Evans Patty Fagan Stanley Faidley Patricia Farris Norman D. Fenner Ruth Feutz De Attre Fields Tu Wanda Fields Janice Fisher Elaine Flake Debbie Flovvers Sheila G. Floyd Janice F. Ford La Donna Foster Jim E. Fox Joseph Fox Russell Fox Vickie E. Franklin Andrea Freeman fr 'il sa nl W' 5,111 --Mi VERNON BARNES is the Tech candidate for a scholar- ship awarded by Merchants Bank to further education in banking. 1 ,exif .nfs lQi uv. ,at we-r ' i ,YJ AH r' G' fxbr I t wir if '54 'Q fi' Vi MARY LAFARA finishes one of her many projects as a Tech artist. lin C 1 L' ,A xx I .fy I1 .1 Phillip Frost Sharon Gadis Richard A. Garrnany Everline Garrett Betty Garten Sharyl Gaskins Wayne Gearld Tony Gearlds Alfreda M. Gibson Jonathan W. Gibson John E. Gilmore Nancy L. Gilson Ken Gividen Mary Gladden Mary Gladney Shirley Glover Carmen Golder Gladis Gorden Milton Graham Connie Green Delene Green Eileen F. Green Michael Green Sharon K, Green Patricia Guffey Kevin Hagan Michael Hagans Debbie Hager Sandra Hand Erika Hansen Donnie Hardin Sally Harding Steve Harlow James Harney Connie Harrington Raymond Harrington James Harris Nancy Harris Rovester Harris Yvonne Harris Tina Hart Vernon Harwell Jackie Hatcher Kathy Hayes Vickie Hayes Clifford Hazelton Jayne Heath Jana Heavrin Robert Helfrich Dennis Henderson Waymon Henry Ronald Herald Carolyn Herrington Debby Hickerson Alberta Hicks Linda Hill Robert Hite Teresa Hodge Travis Hodges Linda Holmes Joy Hopper James Hueber Andrew Hughes Arander Hughes Beverly Hunt Richard Hunt Philmore Hutchins Edna Hutson Jane lliey Carla Ingle Ella Ingram Sylvia Jackson Charles Jacobs Norman James Phyllis James pf We X l i 5 GLADIS GORDEN'S assembly line technique comes in handy at Junior Achievement where she is treasurer of her company. MW I X X -J tr Y Q-9 I s up .A t new ' .L l . F' .. . PAUL WILSON and friends cruise in the Techoir bus. His other activities included a trip to St. Louis with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Q T' James A. Jeter B. Kent Johnson Bruce L. Johnson Catherine J. Johnson Donna M. Johnson James E, Johnson Robert Johnson Yvonne Johnson David M. Jones Dennis M. Jones Geneva Jones llean Jones John M. Jones Martin Jones Michael Jones Sandra D. Jones Jack Jordan Marsha Junge Raymond Kashon Ricky A. Keen James E. Kegeris Timothy Kehoe Cynthis Kelly Melinda S. Kern Shirley J. Kerr Wanda Kimball Louann Kincaid Donald Knorr Lilia Kurbursky John W. Kyer Mary K. LaFara Diane Lambert Nancy Larkin Darlene Lashbrook Rodney Lasley Don Laswell Linda Lawrence Rometta Lawrence Alfreda Lee David Lee, Jr. Paulette Leggs David L. Lewis Paul L. Lewis Christopher Liford Marshall Lloyd Deborah Long Michael F. Louden Caroljean Love Marchell K. Love Mary F. Lovett William Lowe, Jr. Norman C. Lower Bobby F. Lowery Frances Lumpkin Lidia E. Luna Harold E. Lund Charles E. Madden Timothy Mahnesmith Deborah A. Mahone Dean S. Mangus Anita Mracum Daniel Marshall Guy V. Marshall Diana L. Matthews Katie F. Maxey Linda Maxwell James Maye, Jr. William Mayhew Alan D. Mays David McAndrews Frederick McCaskey Joseph McCowan, Jr lil a-'ll x..g ' l Jar. -335 I . lr if DEBBY COLVIN, Miss Treble Clef and Arthur John' son, Mr. Bass Clef smile jubiantly after being crowned Debby likes roses while Arthur prefers his teddy bear, - t V!-if -1 WX f Michael J. McCreary Dorothy L. McCullough Martin McDaniel Priscilla McDougald James McFarland Catherine McGhee Mary McMahon Jane McPherson Danny Means Michael Messenger Libbi Michael Terry Miles Cynthia Miller Deborah Miller Frederick Miller Rowena Miller Gail Mills Frieda Mindach Jo Lynn Minor Barbara Minton Carrie Montgomery Frances Montgomery Doug Moore Thomas Moore Wilbert Moore William Moore Tom Moralez Brenda Morgan Paul S. Morse Ira Mosley Fred Myers Keith Myles Elaine Neal Diana Newsom Dennis Nichols James Noland Vicki Nunley Gregg Oakley Robert Offenbaker Michael O'Hara Steven R. Oler J. D. Oliver Marlene O'Neal Gloria J. Owens Milton Owsley Rebecca Page Zina Parker Denyse Parrish Donna Parrish Annie Patton Gary Perdue Ruthann Perdue Jerome Perkins Pat Perkins Stephen Peters James Douglas Pettigrew Mike Phillips Rosemary Phillips Robert Platt Robert Plummer Pamela Porter George Powell Mary Powell Robert Powell Cynthia Power Elizabeth Prewitt Mike Price Sam Price Willa Price David Ouackenbush Larry Ouackenbush Marlene Reedy Richard Reeves Debra Rentsch Barbara Rhodes Joy Richards Donald Richardson Vince Richardson David Ricketts Rick Riewer Walter Riley vs STEVE BRELAND spins a record as IVI. C. at a talent show sponsor- ed by his church youth group. 5 fx ini? Ls GSI NANCY LARKIN, winner of the Betty Crocker homemaker award, pops a casserole into the oven. Glenda Roberson Hubert Robinson Mae Robinson Frederick Roney Pamela Roots Karen Ross Mike Rossman Debra A. Rouse Anthony L. Rush Joe M. A, Rush B. Kaye Russell Gregory Russell Deborah Sanders Maretha Sanders Maureen Sands Deborah Sanford Karen K. Sanford Ella J. Satkamp Jack G. Satkamp Brenda A. Scott Deborah Scott Francis Scott Phillip D. Scott Betty Sebree Dana Senteney Edward R. Shepherd Vivian L. Shook Wanda S. Shreve Geraldine S. Siefert Ruth A. Silas Wilma L. Simmons Dorris M. Sims Anna Skele Calvin Skipper Richard Skudrovskis Michael Slayton Larry Sluder Cynthia A. Smith Houston Smith K. Kimberly Smith Patricia Smith Phyllis B. Smith Rosa Smith Michael Snorden Peggy A. Spears Diane Speed Michael Stanfield Paul Stanton Dennis Stevenson Barbara J. Stewart Donald R. Stewart Olga Stigler Linda Strong Crystal J. Sultzer Barbara Sutton Richard J. Swan Karen Tackett Jennifer Taube Donna L. Taylor Donna S. Taylor Gwenann Taylor Samuel I.TayIor Dennis Terry Margaret Thacker Jesse Thomas Lois M. Thomas Cynthia M. Thompson Jayne F . Thompson 'P' 0- T? Ui 'Y ll .l'N L. TERRI WONG reflects her Chinese ancestry, wearing a native hand- embroidered wedding gown, a valued family possession. Techites know Terri better as she looks in the companion picture. For a third costume, see p. 110. in XR V' 'I I RL 'J f X r 'lx S Qi bf 'rr ,-1 ,ff I . 1 . Mary Ann Tlrornpsorr Ronald R, Thompson Lynclal J, Tipton Shirley Trsdial Darlene Toliver Russell G. Tracey Robert Trent Berta Turner Constante Turner Dennis L. Turner Larry Turner Paul A. Turner Stephen Turner' Sheryl D. Tvvrtty Sharon VanCIeave John Vandermark Sylvia VanSickIes Elliott Varnado David H. Veney Janice M. Vernardo Jacqueline M. Via Melody A. Vittetovv Aniker Wade Douglas WagerS Anthony Wagner Kathleen G. Wagner Jerry Wallace Janine Wallick Jeanette E. Wallick Barry Wand Deborah L, Ward Larry R. Ward Ricky Wardvvell Beverly Washington Brenda Washington Cynthia Washington Dennis Washington Herman Washington Katherine Washington Marian Watson Clem E. Watts Stephen P. Watts Mary L. Webb Raymond R, Webb Newell D. Weeks Ronald E. White Donald Whitecotton Edward A. Wildrick Charles Wiley Ben L. Wilkerson Barbara Williams Floyd Williams Linda D.Williams Linda K. Williams Anthony Willis Antonie Wilson Christina L. Wilson CO LO RS Ellen Anderson Linda Clem Anita Marcum Frieda Mindach Pamela Roots Jennifer Taube CAP AN D GOWN Carol Eickhoff Robert Benson Cynthia Miller Martin McDaniel Janine Wallick Patricia Woods PROM Randall Auble David Batts, Chairman Frances Bradley Mary E.Jones Joe McCowan Willa Price Jennifer Taube Paul Wilson COMMENCEMENT Stephanie Cooper Ella Emerson Ernest Kincy Cynthia Mentis Bruce Oakley Sandra Spence 1 Tf 'sf' 4 4 A FRONT ROW: Geneva Jones, Paul Wilson,Terri Wong, captains, Harold Lund, co-commander. SECOND ROW: Bruce Oakley, Robert Platt, Sam Price, Pam Roots, Debbie Rouse, Wilma Simmons, Sandra Spence. THIRD ROW: Ellen Anderson, Brenda iCooperi Holloway, Keith E. Hines, Beverly Hines, Jim Isbell, Bruce Johnson, Sandra Jones. FOURTH ROW: Kim Anderson, Peggy Curtis, Janet Daughery, Mary Dunham, Dave Devitt, David Erwin, Patty Fagan. FIFTH ROW: Frieda Mindach, Madonna Barnes, Vernon Barnes, Rebecca Barrett, David Batts, Anita Beight, Carol Beverley. , 4 J elif ,,, is tw we A - 342 ,. ,J 5 ,. James Wilson Mary E. Wilson Shirley Wingo Barbara Winkle John Wisdom David Wiseman QM, Dennis Wood Patricia Woods Beverly J. Wright Darrell E. Wright ,iv Patrick Wright Marian Yates J " W r' l 'a . FRONT ROW: Mary Jones, co-commander, Carol Eickhoff, Stephanie Cooper, Randy Auble, captains. SECOND ROW: Donna S. Taylor, Mary Ann Thompson, Ron Thompson, Stephen Watts, Edward Wildrick, Christina Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mary LaFara, Valdis Lerchs, Anita Marcum, Dorothy McCullough, Martin McDaniel, Cindy Mentis, Cindy Miller. FOURTH ROW: Andrea Freeman, Sharon Gadis, Gladis Gorden, Sharon Green, Brenda Hagan, Michael Hagans, Sally Harding, Tina Hart. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Blakely, Nancy Bottoms, Judy Brown, Martha Clark, Linda Clem, Debra Colvin, Kathy Cooper. Not shown: Gary Brinkley, James Birchfield, Wanda Shreve, Neita Williams. VESPE RS Madonna Barnes Shirley Borden Tina Hart Elizabeth Michael Stephen Watts Ronald Thompson CONVOCATIONS Debbie Colvin Peggy Curtis Geneva Jones Alfreda Lee Samuel Price Robert Plummer GIFT Jodi Chastain David Devitt James Isbell, Chairman James Lee James Lingenfelter Terri Wong ACTIVITIES James Isbell Sylvia Jackson James Lingenfelter Brenda Scott David Veney Janine Wallick ' 1971 ALL SENIORS have majored in English. Num- bers indicate number of semesters participation in a group or activity. ABBETT, HARRIETT PATRICIA IPATTYI1 Business Education, Home Economics!lCT Club 2, Y-Teens 2, Cheer Block 1, School Play ABEL, HUGH E.: Auto-AviationlHist0ry Club 4, CAN- NON agent ABEL, LOUIS TOM: Social Studies!Boys Concert Club 2, Techoir 1, CANNON WEEKLY Staff 5 ABNER, RONNIE E. ADAMS, BARBARA J.: Business Education Social Studies ADAMS, BARBARA LYNN ADAMS, MICHEAL EUGENE IWOODCHUCKI: Mathe- matics, Building Trades ADAMS, RHONDA MARIE: Science, Social Studies ALLEN, AMIE LOUISE: Science, Social Studies ALLEN,JAMES DARNELL: Social StudieslSpanish Club, Cheer Block, Track, Techoir, Concert Band ALLEN, MICHAEL EUGENE IMIKEI: Auto-Aviation ALLEN, NATHANIEL R. INATEIZ Building Trades, MathematicslCross Country, Track ALSUM, TERRY L. AMOS, JACOUELINE OUINITIA: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA 6, Judo 1, SAO Representative ANDERSON, DEBORAH: Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA 4 ANDERSON, ELLEN K.: Foreign Language, Music, Social StudieslHuman Relations Committee, Concert Or- chestra, Melodayres, Majorette Corps, String Ensemble, Techoir, CANNON agent, SAO Representative, Senior Colors Committee ANDERSON, KIMBERLY SUE IKIMI: Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies!Chemistry-Physics Club 3, Drama Club 6, French Club 4, German Club 6, History Club 1, NFL 6, Thespians 6, Concert Orchestra, Debate Team, Speech Team, School Play ANDERSON, LLOYD lMAURlCEI: Building Trades, Sci- ence, Social Studies ANDERSON, PAMELA KAY IPAMI: Business Education, Home Economics ANDERSON, WANDA MARIE: Social Studies!Concert Band ANDREWS, RICHARD ELVIN: Music, Social Studies! Drama Club 3, Future Teachers of America 2, History Club 2, Music Club 4,Spanish Club 4, Prayer Circle 7, Bell Choir, Boys Concert Club, Concert Orchestra, String En- semble, Techoir, CANNON agent ASHLEY, HARRY T. AUBLE, RANDALL CRAIG: Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!Chess Club 7, Key Club 6, Junior Council, Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, Melodayres, Techoir, CANNON agent, SAO Representative, Senior Council, Prom Committee, Sgt.-at-Arms of Senior Class BACON, AUGUSTINE BACON, GREGORY EUGENE IGREGI: Auto-Aviation! ROTC Drill Team BAILEY, CYNTHIA A. BAILEY, WILLIAM A., JR.: Auto-Aviation, Drafting BAKER, JAMES MICHAEL IMIKEI: Art, Social Studies BAKER, PATRICIA ANN: Home EconomicslJunior Council, SAO Representative BALES, JERRY L.: Building Trades!lCT Club, Basket- ball, Track BALES, SUE ANN: Home Economics, Science BANNON, RAYMOND L. Il BANNON, VICKIE LYNN: Foreign Language!GAA 2, Spanish Club 1, CANNON agent, SAO Representative BARBER, JANICE M. BARNARD, MARK A. BARNES, MADONNA L.: Foreign Language, Home Eco- nomicslGirls Concert Club 2, Girls Ensemble 1, Techoir, Senior Vespers Committee BARNES, PAULA E. BARNES, VERNON A.: Business Education, Social Stu- dies!DE 2, Cross Country, Basketball, Football, Track, Concert Band. BARNETTE, OLESTA J. BARRETT, REBECCA S.: Art, Business Education, So- cial Studies BARRINGER, DORIS J.: Business EducationlDE 1, GAA 1, Printing Club 1, Y-Teens 2, Gymnastics 1 BARTLETT, DWAINE: Building Trades BATTLE, CHARLES A.: PrintinglLettermen's Club 3, Basketball, Track, CANNON agent BATTS, DAVID LOUIE: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Key Club 3, Photography Club 2, Student Athletic Manager lBasketballI, SAO Executive Board, Vice President of Senior Class, Prom Committee BAUMIA, MICHEAL: Building Trades, Painting and Decorating BAYER, JOANN: Science, Social StudiesllCT Club 2 BEAR, BRENDA LEIGH: Social Studies!Art Club 2 BEAR, KENNETH PAUL IKENNYI: Art!Concert Band BEARD, CONNIE SADIE IKANZIDIAI: Business Edu- cation, Home Economics, Science!Track BEASLEY, JAMES: Building Trades BEATY, MARTHA J.: Home Economics BEAVEN, GARRY PHILLIP: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Scoial Studies BECK, RANDY DAVID: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies lKey Club 3, Techoir 1, CANNON agent 1 BEECH, AMANDA R. BEIGHT, ANITA RUTH: Music, Social Studies!Concert Orchestra, Techoir, SAO Representative, Concert Band BELL, ESTELLE: Business Education, Home Economics, Mathematics BENSON, ROBERT IBOBBYI: Art, Mathematics, Key Club, History Club, Cross Country, Track, CANNON Year- book Staff, Senior Cap and Gown Committee BERGMAN, STEVEN R.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies BERRY, NAOMI: Business EducationlY-Teens1 BERRY, WAYNE E.: Auto-Aviation BERRYHILL, WILLIE MAE: Art, Home Economics, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!CANNON agent REALLY GETTING THINGS TOGETHER at the Sadie Hawkin's after-school dance are, left to right, Alfreda Lee, Gladis Gorden, and Aniker Wade. '.. , . ' s If Q I ,I X'- LOOKING AS "PEACE"-full as possible, Ron Thompson signals his greetings and message to the photographer. BEVERLEY, CAROL DIANE: BusinessEducation, Social Studies!Chess Club 2, High School Red Cross 3, Service Club 2, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Majorette Corps, Assistant Head Majorette, SAO Representative BLACK, STEVEN L. lSTEVEl: Printing, Social Studies! Chemistry Club, Printing Club, Football, Wrestling, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Color Guard, Junior Council, Techoir, CANNON Weekly Stall, SAO Representative, CANNON agent BLAKE, FANNIE BLAKEY, DIANA L.: English Home Economics Social Studies!History Club 2 BLAKLEY KATHY LYNN: Business Education Social Studies BLOSS, JULIA: Home Economics, Social Studies!CAN- NON agent BLUNT, LOUVON: Business Education, Social Studies! CANNON agent BOLTON, RlCHARD W. BOOKER, ROBERT D. BOOKER, NATHANIELZ PrintinglPrinting Club BOONE, DONNA FAYE lDONUTl: Business Education, Social Studies!SAO Representatives BORDEN, SHIRLEY ANNE: Business Education, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America 4, High School Red Cross Club 1, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent, SAO Representative BOSWELL, ROBERT L.: Social Studies!Wrestling BOTTOMS, NANCY ANN: Social Studies!Service Club 2, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, SAO Execu- tive Board, SAO Representative BOYD, JANE ANN: Home Economics!Cheerblock, SAO Representative BRADLEY,FRANCESCHARLENE: BusinessEducation, Social Studies!Drama Club 2, GAA 2, NFL 2, Speech Team, Senior Prom Committee BRADSHAW, CLOVIS: Mathematics, Social Studies BRELAND, STEVEN L. Auto-Aviation, Science, Social Studies!Human Relations Committee, Intramural Sports, Lettermens Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Junior Coun- cil, SAO Representative BRENTS, MARK A.: BREWER, EUNICE: Business Education, Social Studies! Drama Club 2, GAA, Intramural Sports 1, Judo, Track, School Play, CANNON agent, SAO representative BREWER, MARCELLA Business Education, Social Stu- dies!DE 1, Intramural Sports I, Service Club 1, Concert Orchestra 6 RRIDGES, DON LA MORRIS: Social Studies BRIGGS, DUN: Drafting, Mathematics!Concert Band BRINKER, RICHARD ROLAND lRlCKIz Metal Trades BRINKLEY, GARY ALAN: Science, Social Studies!NFL 6, School Play, Speech Team, Exploratory Teachers BRISTOW, CHERYL ANN: Art, Business Education, So- cial Studiesll-listory Club BROADNAX, JONATHAN IJOHNI Auto-Aviation, Music, Science, Social Studies!Chess Club, CANNON agent BROOKS, BRENDA KAY Home Economics, Social Studies BROWN,ALlCIA ANN Home Economics, SocialStudies! Majorette Corps, CANNON agent BROWN, BARBARA JANE Business Education!Music Club. BROWN, DELORES ANN, Home Economics!Track,SAO Representative BROWN, GLADYS JUNE' Business Education, Social Studies BROWN, JANTISL Business Education, Science!Y-Teens 2, SAO Representative BROWN, JUDY FRANCES. Art, Business Education! SAO Representative, CANNON agent BROWN, KATHY ANN. Business Education!Service Club, Debate Team BROWN, LINDA LEE Business Education, Social Studies BROWN, LOIS' Business Education, Social Studies! CANNON agent BROWN, MAMIE R.: Business Education, Social Studies! Service Club 3, CANNON Yearbook Staff BROWN, ROBBIE JEAN: Home Economics BROWN, STEVEN H. lSTEVEl: Auto-Aviation!Radio Club 3, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative BROWN, WINIFRED BRUCE, TONYA Business Education, Social Studies! Ouill and Scroll 3, Gymnastics 4, CANNON agent, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff BUCKNER, MICHAEL: Social Studies!BasketbaII, Foot- ball, Track BURGIN, CHAR LES W. BURNS, E. DENISE: Business Education, Home Econo- mics, Social Studies BURNS, LINDA IDARLENEI: BusinessEducation, Home Economics, Science,Social Studies!Human Relations Com- mittee 4, SAO Representative BURNS, ROSALIND: Foreign Language, Social Studies! Future Teachers of America 2, History Club 4, Service Club 8 BUSHFIELD, JAMES CARL lJlMl: Electrical Trades, Mathematics!Chemistry-Physics Club BUTCHEE, MICHAEL W.: Building Trades, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!lCT Club 2, Intramural Sports 2, Bowling Club, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC Rand Guard, CANNON agent BYRD, MILDRED: Business Education, Home Econo- mics, Science!Service Club CAGLE, JOEL CAMPBELL, CAROLYN JO: Music Social, Studies CAREY, FAYE ANITTA: Business Education!CANNON agent CARPENTER, ERMSTON CARR, PAULA ANN: Home Economics CARR, PAULA JEANNE: Home Economics CARSON, DOROTHY SUE: Home Economics CARSON, RENA ROXANNE lRENEl: Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies!Music Club, Natural Science Club, Junior Classical League, Future Nurses Club, Concert Orchestra CARTER, JOANETTA E.: Business Education, Music, Social Studies!Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, String Ensemble CARTER, JOHN W,: Building Trades, Mathematics CARTER, KENNETH: Building Trades, Mathematics, Sci- ence CARTER, RICKY DAVID: Social Studies!Football, Boys Concert Club, SAO Representative, CANNON agent CARTER, ROBERT JR.: Auto- Aviation, Science, Social Studies CASSERLY, PAMELA A.: Social Studies CASTANE DA, PAUL MARTIN: Social Studies!Judo 2 CATELLIER, HOWARD J. JR. lJOEl: Building Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!Chess Club 2, ICT Club 3, SAO Representative 2 CATLETT, MARY A. CHAMBERS, SHIRRIN ANN: Social Studies CHAPMAN, RICKY NEWELL lRlCKl: Printing CHARLOCK, SUSAN CAROL: Home Economics, Social Studies CHASTAIN, JODI MARIE: Mathematics, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Melodayres Techoir, Senior Council, Senior Gift Committee CHEESEBOUROUGH, GEORGE F,, JR.: Metal Trades! Senior Prom Committee CHRISLE Y, DAVID: Mathematics Science, Social Studies ClVlLS, WILLIAM CLARK, MARTHA L,t Business Education, Social Stud- dies!SAO Representative CLARKE, SHIRLEY RAMELLE: Science, Social Studies! Drama Club 3, Music Club 2, School Play, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative CLEM, LINDA Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee, Junior Council, Exploratory Teachers, CANNON agent SAO Representative. Senior Colors Committee CLEGG, MICHAEL: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies CLINTON, KAREN L.. Music, Social Studies!SAO Representative COBB, DEIRDRE RENAY: Business Education, Social Studies!Speech Team, Concert Orchestra COCHRAN, JOEY L: Social Studies!lCT Club 2 COFFMAN, DEBRA SUE Business Education, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, History Club, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, SAO Representative, Exploratory Teachers, School Play, CANNON agent ITop Tenl COHEN, TONY ERVIN: Auto-Aviation, Business Educa- tion!Fnotball COLDMAN, CHARLIE P: IHIN I Hill "GERALDlNE" puts in her appearance at the Sadie Hawkins dance, making sure everyone heeds "her" vvarning. ,Ur ,JI BRUCE OAKLEY, Randy Auble, Don Knorr and Mike Stanfield manage to take time out from the Techoir Valentine's Day party to pose for the camera. ft 3 A rs, 5-ti ff ,- , 133 I . R ov' THAT THE SADIE HAWKINS dance was a big success is obvious in these seniors' faces. COLE, BRENDA: Mathematics, Social Studies COLE, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education, Social Stud- ies!Future Teachers of America 4 COLEMAN, CLIFFORD EUGENE: Industrial Arts COLEMAN, CYNTHIA KAY: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA 6 COLEMAN, RICKY L.: Auto-Aviation, Building Trades! History Club, Intramural Sports, Baseball, Tennis COLLINS, BETTY M.: Business Education, Home Eco nomics, Mathematics!GAA COLLINS, DARRELL RAY: Art COLLINS, KATHIE J. COLVIN, DEBRA KAY: Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies!Cheerleaders, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent, SAO Representative COLWELL, KATHERINE CONARD, TERI LEE: Home Economics COOK, CHARLESETTA: Business Education!Concert Band COOK, HENRIETTA: Art COOKSEY, JOYCE A.: Art, Home Economics COONS, WILLIAM FREDERICK: Electrical Trades!Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra COOPER, GARY L. COOPER, KATHY L. COOPER, PATRICIA COOPER, STEPHANIE ANN ISTEPHIEI: Art, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Junior Council, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, SAO Representative, Se- nior Council Representative, Senior Commencement Com- mittee COOPER, STEVE J. KSTEVIEI: Drafting CORBIN, WILLIE: Building Trades CORK, CATO KEPLER: Auto-Aviation, Building Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!Junior Classical League, Pro- grammer's Club, Cross Country, Track, SAO Representa- tive, House Planning Committee COSTELOW, MARJORIE ELLEN: Art!Art Club COTHAM, HOWARD: COURTNEY, JOHN: Art, Mathematics COUSIN, DEBORAH MARIE: Home Economics, Mathe matics!SchooI Play COVINGTON, DAVIEDA: Music, Social Studies!Track, Girls Concert Club CRAWFORD, JACKIE RAY: Social Studies CROWE, DAPHNE A. CRUTHIRD, SANDRA CHRISTINE: Home Economics, Music CURTIS, PEGGY E.: Music, Social Studies!Chess Club 3, Drama Club 4, Thespians 3, Y-Teens, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, CANNON agent, SAO Repre- sentative DALTON, DIANNA: Business Education, Home Econo nomics, Social Studies DALTON, LUCINDA MAIRE lCINDYl: Business Edu- cation DANIEL, ELAINE: Business Education, Home Economics DAUGHERTY, JANET LEE: Business Education DAVENPORT, VIRGINIA GAYLE: Mathematics!String Ensemble, CANNON agent, SAO Representative DAVIDSON, SHERRY L. DAVIDSON, SHIRLEY E.: Social Studies!Judo 4 DAVIE, RONALD IRONI: Building Trades, Social Stud- ies!Lettermen's Club 7, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Cannon agent DAVISSON, MARK S.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling DAVISSON, RUBY LANE: Business Education, Social Studies DEAN,THEODORA NEVA IANN MARIEI: Business Ed- ucation, Social Studies!SAO Representative DENNEY, RONNIE: Social Studies!Concert Band DENNY, DAVID BRUCE: Art!Art Club, Baseball, Foot- Ball, Golf, School Play, CANNON agent DEVITT, DAVID ALAN: Social Studies!Key Club, Let- termen's Club, Music Club, Basketball, Football, Golf, Boys Octette, Techoir, SAO Representative, Senior Coun- cil, Senior Gift Committee DODD, DE LOISE: Business Education!SAO Representa- tive DORAN, RICHARD: Aviation, Social Studies DORSETT, MICHAEL E.: Metal Trades!Cross Country, Track DOWDY, ROBIN MARIE: Mathematics, Social Studies DRIVER, LEX A.: Mathematics, Printing DUFF, DENISE E.: Business Education DUKE, JANET: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!SAO Representative DUNHAM, MARY: Social Studies!Prayer Circle 6, Explor- atory Teachers, Concert Band DUNLAP, BARBARA: Home Economics, Music, Social Studies DUNSON, CAROL JEAN: Home Economics, Science DWIGANS, JAMES ALAN: Business Education, Social Studies!SociaI Committee James E. Roberts School DWIGANS, LAURA ANN: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!Chess Club 2, DE 1, Drama Club 1, School Play, CANNON agent, CANNON Weekly Staff DYKE, LORA IDENISEI: Business Education, Social Studies EADS, ROBIN BRUCE: Art, Social Studies!Drama Club, German Club, History Club, Intramural Sports, Photo- graphy Club, CANNON Weekly Staff ECKERT, ROSEANNA: Home Economics, Social Stud- ies! SAO Representative ECKERTY, JANICE K. IROBINSONI: Home Econo- mics EDWARDS, JACK D.: Industrial Arts, Mathematics! CANNON agent EFFLER, DAVID P.: Business Education, Social Studies, !ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Color Guard, SAO Representative, CANNON agent EICKHOFF, CAROL LEE: Foreign Language, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies! Human Relat- ions Committee 2, Majorette Corps, SAO Representative, Exploratory Teachers, Quiz Team, Senior Cap and Gown Committee EISENHUT, DANA A.: Social Studies! CANNON Year- book Staff FOOD WAS AS PLENTI FUL as the wild costumes at the Techoir Valentine's party. Choir members enjoying a snack are Bart Petree, Pati Woods, Sam Price, Elliott Varnado, and Mike Stanfield. I g.. XPQ, 5, fx I l VTP? -, .. fEI:I'7"3'f7' - ' 'J T' 'f' , W -,,, A 'og KC 0 l cl ELSTON, SANDRA LEE: Home Economics, Social Studies! Judo 1, High School Red Cross 'l, SAO Repre- sentative EMERSON, ELLA MAE: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Junior Council, SAO Representative, CANNON agent, Senior Council, Senior Commencement Committee ERWIN, WILLIAM DAVID: Foreign Language, Social Studies! D E, JCL 6, Natural Science Club, ROTC Offi- cers, SAO Representative ESSLINGER, DENNIS M. IDENNYI: Printing ETTE RS, MARGIE M.: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! Service Club, Cheerb lock ETTINGER, NANCY: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! Music Club 6, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representa- tive, CANNON agent EUBANKS, WILLIAM C,, JR. EVANS, ALBERT: Auto-Aviation! Wr9Slllr19, ROTC Officers, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Band Guard, CANN- ON Weekly Stall EVANS, CARROLL G.: Metal Trades! ICT 3 EVANS, FLOYD EVANS, JOEL: Auto-Aviation ! Wrestling lManagerl EVANS, RONELL: Social Studies! ROTC Officer, ROTC Band Guard EVANS, SHARON DONITA: Business Education, Home Economics! Y-Teens FAGAN, PATRICIA L. IPATI'Ylz Business Education, Social Studies, Drama Club, NFL, Thespians FAIDLEY, STANLEY M. FARRIS, PATRICIA JEAN IPATI2 Business Education FENNER, NORMAN D.: Auto-Trades FEUTZ, RUTH ELLEN: Business Education, Home Economics FIELDS, DEATTRA ELOISE: Social Studies FIELDS, RONALD MICHAEL: Auto-Aviation, Science FIELDS, TUWANDA: Home Economics! Y-Teens FIGURES, PEARL MAE ITIYAI: Mathematics, Social Studies FINNERAN, JOE: Electrical Trades, Social Studies FlSHER,JANlCE MARIE: Art,SocialStudies FLAKE, ELAINE T. ILAINEYI: Social Studies! Cheer- block, Gymnastics, GAA, Judo FLOWERS, DEBRA LOUISE IDEBBIEIS Science, Social Studies! German Club FLOYD,SHElLA G.: Home Economics FORD, JANICE FAYE: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! D E FOSTER, LADONNA ANN: Art,Social Studies FOWLER, ROGER ALLEN: Printing FOWLKES, JANICE L.: Science!GAA1, Track FOX, JAMES EDWARD IJIMII Auto-Aviation, Social Studies FOX, JOSEPH ALPHONSO: Auto-Aviation,Social Stud- ies! Intramural Sports FOX, RUSSELL CHARLES: Business Education, For- eign Language, Science, Social Studies! Baseball, CANN- ON agent, SAO Representative FRANKLIN, JOHN L. FRANKLIN, RONALD: Social Studies FRANKLIN, VICKIE ELAINE: FREEMAN, ANDREA SUE: Foreign Language, Social Studies! Bell Choir 2, Girls Concert Club, Techoir 1, Exploratory Teachers 3 FROST, PHILLIP JEFFREY IJEFFI: Social Studies! Track, Wrestling, CANNON agent GADIS, SHARON JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies!FTA GARDNER, PAUL DONALD: Mathematics, Social Stud- ies GARMANY, RICHARD ALLEN, JR.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies GARRETT, EVERLINE IEVELYNI: Art, Business Ed- ucation, Mathematics, Social Studies! CANNON agent 2 GARTEN, BETTY JEAN: Business Education, Music, Social Studies! GAA, Human Relations Committee, Band Orchestra, Pep Band, SAO Representative GASKINS, SHARYL LYNN: Art! Chess Club, GAA, History Club 6, Spanish Club, Prayer Circle, CANNON AGENT, SAO Representative GAYLES, LEONARD, JR.: Auto-Aviation, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies GEARLD, WAYNE C.: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics, Science GEARLDS, ANTHONY KEITH ITONYI: Business Ed- utation, Mathematics! Basketball GlBSON,ALFREDlA GIBSON, JONATHAN W.: Electrical Trades, Science! Football GILLENWATE R, JAMES GlLMORE,JOHN GILSON, NANCY LEE: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! High School Red Cross, President of JuniorSenior Class at James E. Roberts School, Social Committee, Constitution Committee, Vice-President of Roberts Sch- ool Student Body GIVIDEN, KENNETH PAUL, JR. IKENNI: Foreign language! Techoir, Boys Octette GLADDEN, MARY JANE: Business Education, Home Economics! SAO Representative GLADNEY, MARY LOIS: Art, Home Economics! Art Club, Drama Club, SAO Representative GLOVER, SHIRLEY: Auto-Aviation, Drafting, Math- ematics, Science, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club 5, Basketball, Football, Track GOLDER, CARMEN EDWINA IPEACHESI: Art, Home Economics, Stagecraft School Play GORDEN, GLADIS L.: Business Education, Mathermt- ics! History Club 4, Human Relations Committee 4, NFL 6, High School Red Cross 1, Spanish Club 2, Y-Teens 6, Jr. Council, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, Debate Team, Speech Team, SAO Executive Board ' I97I - 1 p.fl. EVERYBODY JOINED IN the fun for Sadie Hawkins-it was a great opportunity to really GRAHAM, MILTON H.: Auto-Aviation! CANNON agent GREEN, CONSTANCE ANOLA ICONNIEII Art, FTA 1, Girls Concert Club GREEN, DELENE TERESA: Home Economics, Social Studies! GAA 1, Track, SAO Representative, CANNON agent GREEN, EILEEN FRANCES: Business Eduwtion, Home Economits! FTA 1, High School Red Cross 1, Library Messenger 1 GREEN, MICHAEL O'SHAY1 Auto-Aviation, Science, !Football GREEN, SHARON KAY: Home Economics, Mathemat- ics, Science, Social Studies! SAO Representative GUFFEY, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education, Social Studies HAGAN, BRENDA MARIE: Mathematics, Scientm! House Plan Committee HAGAN, KEVIN P. HAGANS, MICHAEL EDWARD IMIKEI: Auto-Aviation, Building Trades, Mathematics! Baseball HAGER, DEBORAH JEAN IDEBBIEI: Art,Social Stud- ies! Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, SAO Representative, CANNON agent HALLOWAY,BRENDA F.: HAM, PATRICIA JEAN: Home Economics! SAO Repre- sentative HAMMOCK, JANICE E.: Business Education, Social Studies! DE,Service Club,SAO Representative HAND, SANDRA KAY ISANDYI: Business Education, Social Studies HANKINS, ALFRED D.: Building Trades HANNON, JERRY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! ln- tramurul Sports HAMSEN, ERIKA VEGA: Art, Home Economics, Social .4 3.14, . l be yourself-whether dancing or building pyra- mids. Studies! Historian of Student Body, James E. Roberts School HARDIN, DONNIE: Auto-Aviation, Science, Social Studies HARDING, SALLY JAYNEt Social Studies! German Club, High School Red Cross Club, FTA HARLOW, STEPHEN: Business Education, Social Stud- ies! Lettermen's Club HARNEY, JAMES C., JR.: Electrical Trades, Mathemat- its HARRINGTON, CONNIE JO ANN: Home Economics HARRINGTON, RAYMOND VICTOR. Social Studies HARRIS, JAMES W. IJIMMYIZ Auto-Aviation, Math- ematics, Social Studies HARRIS, NANCY ANN: Business Education HARRIS, ROVESTER: Business Education, Home Econ- omits HARRIS, YVONNEIVONIZ Business Education HART, CONSTANTINA ITINAII Mathematics! Music Club, Spanish Club, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Girls Concert Club, MeIodayres,Ma1orette Corps, Techoir, SAO Repre- sentative, Senior Vespers Committee HARWELL, VERNON M.: Music, Social Studies! Key Club, Concert Band, Melodayres, Techoir, SAO Repre- sentative, CANNON agent HATCHER, JACKIE LYNETTE Home Economics! SAO Representative, CANNON agent HATFIELD, LARRY' Industrial Arts, Metal Trades! ROTC OfflC6r HAYES, KATHY: Home Economics HAYES, VICTORIA ANN IVICKIEI Business Educat- ion! History Club HAZELTON, CLIFFORD GENEICLIFFI Auto-Aviation ! ROTC Drill Team HEATH, JAYNEE: Business Education, Home Econo- mics! High School Red Cross, CANNON agent, SAO Rep- resentative HEAVRIN, JANA R.: Business Education, Home Econ- mics! High School Red Cross HELFRICH, ROBERT LANCE IBOBII Foreign Lang- uage, Social Studies! German Club HENDERSON, DENNIS LEE: Building Trades HENRY,WAYMON HENTON, ALMA LEE: Home Economics, Business Ed- ucation HERALD, RONALD EUGENE: Auto-Aviation! SAO Representative, School Service HERRINGTON, CAROLYN L.: Home Economics HICKERSON, DEBRA lDEBBYl: Social Studies! High School Red Cross HICKS, ALBERTA L.: Business Education, Home Econ- omics, Social Studies!GAA, CANNON Weekly Staff, CANNON agent HILL, JAMES V.: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics, Social Studies HILL, LINDA G.: Business Education, Home Economics HINES, KEITH E.: Mathematics, Science, Social Stud- ies! ICT Club, NFL, Speech Team, SAO Representative HITE, ROBERT EUGENE: Foreign Language, Math- ematics! Basketball HODGE, TERESA LYNN ITERRYI: Home Economics, Business Education HODGES, TRAVIS D.: Building Trades!CANNON agent HOLMES, LINDA A.: Home Economics! Y-Teens, GAA, Girls Track HOPPER,JOY LEE: Business Education HOWARD, DANNY A.: Building Trades HOWARD,JERRY L.: Auto-Aviation HUBBARD, TERRY ANTHONY: Auto-Aviation, Busi- ness Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Intramural Sports, Basketball HUDSON, CARL L. HUEBER, JAMES MICHAEL IJIMI: Auto-Aviation, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies HUGHES, ANDREW DWIGHT IANDYI: Prlnting,Social Studies! Pinting Club, High School Red Cross, Baseball, School Play, Cheerblock HUGHES, ARANDER M.: Building Trades HUGHES,JAMES G.: HUNT,BEVERLY K. HUNT, RICHARD L. HURLEY, ARABELLA: Studies! School Play HUTCHINS, PHILMORE S. JR.: Printing! Printing Club 3 Business Education, Social HUTSON, EDNA RUTH: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies! ICT Club 2, School Service 1 ILLEY, JANE: Home Economics, Social Studies! ICT Club, School Service 1 IMEL, JAMES D.: Social Studies! SAO Representative INGLE, CARLA JEAN: Business Education, Math- ematics, Social Studies INGRAM, ELLA LOUISE: Home Economics ISBELL, JAMES WILLARD: Mathematics, Science, Soc- ial Studies! Chess Club 4, History Club 4, Key Club 6, Cross Country, Senior Council, Chairman Senior Gift Committee JACKSON, DEBRA L. JACKSON, JAMES ELIHU: Metal Trades JACKSON, SYLVIA A.: Business Education! CANNON agent JACOBS, CHARLES E.: Social Studies! School Play JAMES, NORMAN, JR.: Intramural Sports ' JAMES, PHYLLIS DIANE IRUSHI: Business Education, Home Economics! GAA, High School Red Cross, Service Club,SAO Representative JENKINS, CALVIN JETER, JAMES A.: Drafting, Electrical Trades, Social Studies! Radio Club, Track JOHNSON, BURL KENT: Metal Trades, Social Stud- ies JOHNSON, BRUCE L.: Building Trades! Human Rel- ations Committee, Lettermenzs Club, Basketball, Track, SAO Representative JOHNSON, CATHERINE JO: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies, CANNON Weekly Staff, Sch- ool Service JOHNSON, DONNA MARIE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies JOHNSON, JAMES E .1 Auto-Aviation, Social Studies JOHNSON, ROBERT LEE: Printing! Printing Club JOHNSON, TERRY BRIAN: Mathematics! Constitution Committee, Honor Roll Sweater, Silver Pin JOHNSON YVONNE: Social Studies JONES, DAVID MICHAEL: Mathematics, Science, Soc- ial Studies JONES, DENNIS M. JONES, GENEVA: Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies! German Club 7, History Club 4, ROTC Spon- sor, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Speech Team, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative, Exploratory Teachers, Junior-Senior Con- vocation Committee JONES, ILEAN: Home Economics, Science JONES, JOHN MICHAEL: Building Trades JONES, MARTIN: Business Education, Industrial Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies! Track JONES, MARY ELLEN: Mathematics, Social Studies! History Club 2, High School Red Cross 2, Service Club 6, Cheerleaders, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative, Junior Council JONES, MICHAEL: Business Education,SociaI Studies,! Concert Band, Dance Band JONES, MICHAEL LYNN: Foreign Language, Printing! Pflmlng Club 2, German Club 7, SAO Representative JONES, ROSALYN MARIE: Home Economics O JONES, ROXIE LOUISE: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies JONES, SANDRA DIANN: Business Education, Home Economics JONES, WILLIE F. JORDAN, JACK LEE: Auto-Aviation! CANNON agent JORDAN, WALTER GEORGE WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation IROTC Drill Team JUNGE, MARSHA BEVERLY: Business Education! D. E., School Service 3 KASHON, RAYMOND L. IRAYI: Science! Wrestling KEEN, RICKY A.: Electrical Trades! Track, Wrestling, SAO Representative KEGERIS, JAMES E. IJIMI: Auto-Aviation, Social Stud- ies, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team KEHOE, TIMOTHY J. ITIMIZ Printing, Social Studies KELLY, CYNTHIA J. KE RN, MELINDA SUE: Business Education, Social Studies! Service Club 2, SAO Representative, CANNON agent KERR, SHIRLEY J.: Business Education, Home Econ- omics! Intramural Sports,SAO Representative KIMBALL,WANDA: Business Education,SocialStudies KIMBERLIN,ELLEN: SocialStudies KINCADE, SHEILA LOUANN: Social Studies! High School Red Cross KINCY, ERNEST L.: Aviation, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee 6, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC Band Guard, SAO Representative, SAO Executive Board KINSER, KELLY JAY: Auto-Aviation KNORR, DONALD L. IDONI: Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Drama Club 8, Thespians 8, School Play, Concert Band,Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, Melodayres, Tec- hoir KNOX, ANTHONY RAYITONYI: Auto-Aviation KNOX, KENNETH K. IKELVINI: Building Trades, Elec- trioal Trades, Mathematics, Science! History Club, Radio Club, Basketball, Speech Team KURBURSKY, LILIA DELL: Business Education, Home Economics KYER, JOHN W.: Drafting, Electrical Trades, Mathe- matics, Science LA FARA, MARY KATHRYN: Art, Social Studies! ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Girls Drill Team, CANNON yearbook Staff, SAO Representative, CANNON agent LA FOLLETTE, DANIEL J.: Music LAMBERT, DIANA: Business Education, Home Econ- mics, Social Studies! History Club 3 LANE, JEROME SCOTT: Building Trades, Social Stud- ies LARKIN, NANCY LYNN: Social Studies, SAO Repre- sentative LASHBROOK, DARLENE: Business Education, Social Studies! Y-Teens 1,SAO Representative 1 LASLEY, RODNEY E.: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies LASWELL, DON LEE: Auto Trades! History Club 2, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band LAUBACH, MATTHEW GEORGE IMATTI: Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club LAWRENCE, LINDA ANN: Home Economics, Social Studies! SAO Representative LAWRENCE, ROMETTA G. LEAVELL, DAVID L.: Social Studies! Track, CANNON agent LEE, ALFREDA LEE, DAVID, JR.: Metal Trades LEE, JAMES KENNETH: Electrical Trades, Foreign Language! CANNON agent LEE, JOSEPH: Building Trades LERCHS, VALDIS Z.: Drafting, Foreign Language, Social Studies LEVELL, DANNIEL E.: IDANNIEI: Art LEWIS, DAVID L.: Industrial Arts,Social Studies! Foot- ball LEWIS, FORREST R.: Art LEWIS, PAUL LEON: Electrical Trades! Chess Club 3, Track, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club LIFORD, CHRISTOPHER A. ICHRISI: Auto-Aviation! SAO Representative LINGENFELTER, JAMES E. JR.: Drafting,Social Stud- ies!Senior Class Treasurer LLOYD, MARSHALL MARION: Building Trades! Cross Country, Wrestling, School Play, CANNON agent LONG, DEBORAH: Social Studies! DE, CANNON agent SAO Representative LONGSHORE, DEBRA ANN IDEBBIEI: Science, Social Studies LOUDEN, MICHAEL F. IMIKEI: Electrical Trades LOVE, CAROLJEAN ICAROLI: Business Education, Social Studies! GAA, Judo, High School Red Cross, Ser- vice Club, Track, Junior Council, CANNON agent, SAO Representative LOVE, MARCHELL KAYE: Home Economics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross, Treasurer of Junior- Senior Class at James E. Roberts School, Red Cross Dele- gate, Vice President of Student Body, Historian of Stu- dent Body, Prom Chairman at Roberts School LOVE, MONA ANN: Mathematics,Science, Social Stud- ies LOVETT, MARY 1971 LOWE, WILLIAM JR. IBILLI: Art, Social Studies! Track LOWER, NORMAN C. INORMI: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Chess Club 3 LOWERY, BOBBY F.: Social Studies LUELLEN, RONALD L. IRONNIEI: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies LUMPKIN, FRANCES SUE: Business Education, Home Economics LUNA, LIDIA E.: Home Economics LUND, HAROLD E.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! ICT Club 2, Drama Club 4, JCL 9, Thespians 6, School Play 4 MACK, LINDA K. Home Economics MADDEN, CHARLES HOWARD JR.: Science, Social Studies!ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard MAHNESMITH, TIMOTHY LEE: Social Studies MAHONE, DEBORAH ANN IDEBBIEI: Home Econ- omics, Social Studies!FTA, History Club, Y-Teens, High School Red Cross, Prayer Circle, Cheerblock MALONE, ROSALYN: Science MANGUS, DEAN S.: Business Education, Science, Social Studies!lCT Club, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club MARCUM, ANITA: Foreign Language, Science, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Chemistry Club 3, Drama Club 2, French Club 3, History Club 1, Natural Science Club 1, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO Representative, CANNON agent, Senior Colors Committee MARSHALL, DANIEL B.: Auto-Aviation, Science MARSHALL, GUY MASON, TERRY JOE: Building Trades MATTHEWS, DIANA LEE: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, FTA 3, High School Red Cross 2, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO Representative MAXEY, KATIE FRANCES IFRANCESI: Art, Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies! Senior Messen- ger MAXWELL, BEVERLY RUTH: Business Education Home Economics, Social Studies MAXWELL, GERALD E. MAXWELL, LINDA L.: Social Studies JAMES JR.: Art, Science, Social Studies! Art u IVIAYHEW, WILLIAM E.: Electrical Trades, Social Stud- ies MAYS, ALAN DALE: Music, Social Studies! Chess Club 1,Techoir MCANDREWS, DAVID B.: Building Trades, Mathe- matics! Drama Club 1 -1 IT'S ONLY a snowball fight! 1 L.. 322. MCCALL, RUSSELL Auto-Aviation, Drafting, Mathe matics, Science, Social Studies MCCASKEY, FREDERICK IFREDI Building Trades! Baseball, Track MCCLOUD, IRMA JEAN Home Economics, Matlte matics, Music, Social Studies MCCOWAN, JOSEPH, JR. Uurvion Joel An, Auto Aviation Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! lntra' mural Sports 2, Cross Country 2, Football I, Track 2, SAO Representative 2 MCCREARY, MICHAEL J IMIKEI Social Studies, Auto-Aviation MCCULLOUGH, DOROTHY LORAINE Art, Soctal Studies MCCURN, STEVE Building Trades, Science MCDANIEL D. MARTIN Mathematics, Music, Social Studies! Chess Club 4, Key Club 4, School Play, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, CANNON Weekly Stall, SAO Re- presentative, Exploratory Teachers, Concert Band, CAN- NON agent MCDOUGALD, PRISCILLA MCFARLAND, JAMES IJIMI. Electrrml Trades MCGHEE, CATHERINE ICATHYIL Business Educztton! GAA 2, Track MCGI-lEE,PHlLLlP' Auto-Aviation MCMAHON, MARY G.. Home EconomrcS!DE I MCPHERSON, JANE ALLYNI Social Studies! Drama Club 2, History Club I, Bell Choir Concert Band, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative MEANS, DANNY ELMER IBUTCHIEI' Metal Trades, Social Studies MEANS, LARRY: Drafting, Social Studies MEDLEY, BARBARA FAYE IBARBI1 Foreign Lange uage, Social Studies! SAO Representative MENTIS, CYNTHIA ELAINE ICINDYI: S0ciaI Studies! FTA 2, High School Red Cross 2, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Girls Concert Club, Malorette Corps, Techoir, SAO Exe- cutive Board, Senior Council, Commencement Committee MERRIWEATHERJACKIE S, Building Trades MERRIWEATHER, PATRICIA K. IPATTYIi Home Economics, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Tennis, SAO Representative MESSENGER, MICHAEL BRENT: Auto-Aviation, Math- 9l'Tt6tlCS MICHAEL, ELIZABETH LAVERNE ILIBBII: Art,Mus- ic, Social Studies! Music Club 4, High School Red Cross 4, Service Club 8, Cheerleaders, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, SAO Executive Board MILES, TERRY: Building Trades MILLER, CYNTHIA LOU: Business Education, Social Studies! Prayer Circle 7, Cheerblock 2, CANNON Weekly Staff 1, SAO Representative 2, Senior Cap and Gown Committee MILLER, DEBORAH E.: Music, Social Studies! FTA 2, Music Club 2, Girls Concert Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir MILLER, FREDERICK MILLER, ROWENA: Home Economics MILLS, GAIL MAVIS Art, Business Erlucation, Social Studwsl CANNON agent MINDACH, DONALD MAIIIIICI IIJONI Social Stud res! History Club I, Pltotoqraplty Club 3, School Play IVIINOACH, FRIEOA J Torvtqrt Lartqtiaqr:,! Social Stud res! High School Red Cross, Sl'tvrci- Club, CItI'tflIt'.l1If'fS, Gtrls Concert Club, Glrls Enserttblo-, Tr-choir, CANNON agent, SAO Executive Board, Senior Colors Corttrttittr-v MINOR, JO LYNN Business Education, Social Studn-s! GAA, FTA MINTON, BARBARA L, Home Economics MOFFATT, STEVEN M, Foreign Language, Matltertta tics, Social Studies! Spanish Club, CANNON agent MONTGOMERY, CARRIE ANN Business EKIUCIJIIUII, Home Economics! Girls Track MONTGOMERY, FRANCES ANNE Home Ecvnonttcs !ICT Club! CANNON agent, School Service MOORE, ANITA L.' Home Ecortonttcs MOORE, DOUGLAS A. IDOUGI Drafting! ICT Club, Boys Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON agent MOORE, THOMAS W., Drafting, Metal Trades MOORE, WILLIAM L. Building Trades, Social Studies MOORE, WILBE RT D, Foreign Language, Mathematics! Football,Wrestling MORALEZ, THOMAS J. CANNON agent MORGAN, BRENDA L. Art, Home Economics! Girls Track, CANNON agent MORSE, PAUL S.. Electrical Trades, Social Studies! Radio Club, Concert Band, Techoir MOSES, DEBORAH IDE BBIEI: Art, Business Education, Science MOSLEY, IRA: Social Studies MURRAY, LARRY R.: Building Trades MYERS, FREDDY J,: Auto-Aviatron,Social Studies MYLES, KEITH M.1 Auto-Aviation! Football, Wrestling, ROTC Officers, CANNON agent NEAL, ELAINE LOUISE Home Economics, Science, Social Studies NEWSOM, DIANA JEAN AUDREY Business Education NICHOLS, DENNIS: Art, Drafting, Social Studies!lCT Club NICHOLSON,CHARLOTTE ELAINE Home Economics Social Studies NOLAND, JAMES E.: Art!Drama Club, History Club, Thesprans, School Play, CANNON Weekly Staff, CANNON agent, Boys Concert Club, SAO Representative NOLLE R, FRED O.: Electrical Trades NORWOOD, HAROLD DWIGHT: Aut0-AvtatrOn!Let- termen's Club, Football, Track NUNLEY, VICKI LYNNE: Business Education, Social Studies!Y-Teens OAKLEY, BRUCE: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee, Melodayres, Techoir, SAO Representative, Senior Council, Senior Vespers Committee OAKLEY, GREGORY LEWIS: Printing, Social Studies OFFENBAKER. ROBERT D. IBobl. Auto'Aviation, Social StutlrUS!ROTC Orill Ttfarrt, ROTC Hand fmarrl, CANNON agent OFFUT, GARY U O'HARA, MICHAEL O IOBAI Art, Sotial Sturlnfs Art Club, Football OLE R, STEVEN ROBERT Auto Aviation OLIVER, J D, JR Drafting, Maths-rriatics'Human Hula tions Cornrnrttrftr, Intramural Sports, Key Club, L.I'IIl.'I mans Club, Bell Choir, Baskl-tball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Junior Council, Boys Concert Club, Ti-tnurr, Speech Team, SAO Executive Board, SAO Rr-pri-sr-ritatlvr,-, CANNON agent O'NElL, MARLENA OONOVA Social Stutlitfs' Club 2, Natural Science Club 2. Spanish Club 'l,Concert Orchestra, SAO Representative O'NElLL, PEGGY LEE ArtlChrfss Club, French Club, SAO Representative OVERTON, KENNETH OWENS, GLORIA J Home Econorrucs, Science, Sol tal Studies!Hustory Club 1, Prayer Circle OWSLEY, MILTON E, JR Auto Aviation, Matherrta- tncs!Football PAGE, REBECCA J IBECKYI Business Education, Home Economrcs!CANNON agent PALMER, LONNIE E PARKER ZINA L. Business Education, Home Econo mics!CANNON aqent PARRISH, DENYSE K. Business Education, Home Eco nomtcs!Cannon agent PARRISH, DONNA MARIE Music!GAA 2, Bell Choir, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Girls COnc6rtCluIJ PATTON, ANNIE C Business Education PERDUE, GARY PHILLIP Social Studtes'ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Band Guard, Boys Concert Club PERDUE, RUTHANN M. PERKINS, DARRYL WAYNE Mathematics, Science PERKINS, JEROME ANDREW Building Trades.i'CAN' NON agent PERKINS, PATRICIA Mathemattcsv'CANNON agent PETERS, STEPHEN A, ISTEVEI Mathematics, Social Studies!lCT Club PETREE, BARTON LEWIS IBARTI Drafting, Electri- cal Trades, Social Studiesll-listory Club 1, Judo, Key Club 2, Letterman's Club, NFL, High School Red Cross 1, Service Club 1, Baseball, Basketball, Football, School Play, Boys Concert Club, Techoir, SAO Representative, CANNON agent PETTIGREW, JAMES DOUGLAS IDOLJGI Building Trades!SchooI Play, Boys Concert Club, CANNON agent PHILLIPS, FLORENCE REGINA Business Education PHILLIPS, MICHAEL J.1 Art!High School Red Crossl PHILLIPS, ROSEMARY, Art, Social StudleS!CANNON Yearbook Staff PHOENIX, MORRIS S. Auto-Aviation . in A 'Q 41 7- 'Q "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!" Betty Garten seems to be saying as she "takes care" of Gwenann Taylor. PILLOW, ORATHA Printing PLANK, ROBERT J Auto-Aviation PLATT, ROBERT L Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies'Cross Country, Track PLUMMER, ROBERT G Social Studies!Baseball, Bas- kt'lb.ill-rnana er 4, Concert Band, Junior-Senior Convoca- -9 non Committee POLSON, BRUCE H Social Studies!Tech0ir POPE, DENNIS R PORTER, PAMELA D Business Education, Home Economics POWELL, GEORGE L Auto-Aviation, Mathematics, Svcial SILIOISSICANNON agent POWELL, MARY Business Education, Home Economics POWELL, ROBERT H. Art, Mathematics, Science, Social SILlCil6SfB8Sk9Ib8ll, Track POWER, CYNTHIA KAY ICINDYI Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies PREWITT, ELIZABETH M. Business Education, PRICE, DARRELL FLOYD Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies'CANNON agent, SAO Representa- tive PRICE, MICHAEL, Social StudIes!DE 2: Basketball, CANNON agent, SAO Representative PRICE, SAMUEL ISAMI Mathematics, Music, Social Studiesll-luman Relations Committee, Golf, Junior Coun- cil, Boys Octette, Techoir, SAO Executive Board PRICE, WILLA MAE, Business Education, Home Econo- mics, Social Studies!GAA Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Junior Council, CANNON agent, SAO Representative, Prom Committee, House Plan Committee OUACKENBUSH, DAVID W, Social Studies OUACKENBUSH, LARRY: Auto-Aviation, Drafting REEDY, MARLENE A. Business Education, Home Economics, Science, Social Studies REEVES, RICHARD Mathematics, Metal Trades, Social Studies RENTSCH, DEBRA IDEBII: Business Education, Social Studies REYNOLDS, KEITH Social Studies!Basketball, Boys Concert Club RHODES, BARBARA JEAN Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies RICHARDS, JOY' Music Concert Orchestra, Girls Con- cert Club, Melodayres, Techoir, SAO Representative RICHARDSON, DONALD F.: Printing RICHARDSON, VINCE L. RICKETTS, DAVID F. RIDDE LL, DONNA J.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!Track, Junior Council, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON agent, SAO Representative RIEWER, RICK S. RILEY, WALTER L. Electrical Trades, Mathematics, ROBERSON, GLENDA A5 Business Education, Social Studies ROBERTS, JEFFERSON. Building Trades!High School Red Cross ROBINSON, HUBERT, JR. Building Trades, Social StudIes!ROTC Officers ROBINSON, MAE FRANCIS Home Economics, Busi- ness Education!SAO Representative RONEY, FREDERICK Social Studies ROOTS, PAMELA A: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Senior Colors Committee ROSS, KAREN Social Studies ROSSMAN, MIKE Building Trades, Science ROUSE, DEBRA ANN IDEBBIEIt Business Educa- tion, Mathematics, History Club, School Service, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Cannon Yearbook Staff, SAO Representatives RUSH, ANTHONY LARRY: Art, Metal Trades RUSH, JOE MORELAND ANTHONY RUSSELL, B. KAYE. Home Economics, Social Studies RUSSELL, GREGORY' Auto-Aviation, Social Studies RUTLEDGE, ROBERT: Drafting, Building Trades, Metal Trades, Social Studies SAN DE RS, DEBORAH: Business Education, Home Economics SANDERS, MARTHA D.: Home Economics SANDS, MAUREEN K.: Social Studies SANFORD, DEBORAH: Business EducationllCT Club, School Service SANFORD, KAREN KAY: Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!FTA, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Con- cert Band SATKAMP, ELLA JO: Home Economics, Social Studies SATKAMP, JACK G.: Mathematics, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics SAUNDE RS, THOMAS C. SCOTT, BRENDA A.: Home Economics, GAA SCOTT, DEBORAH A. lDebbieI. Social Studies SCOTT, FRANCIS E. IMouseyI: Metal Trades, Social Studies SCOTT Studies SCOTT SEATS PHILLIP DUANE IPhill1 Metal Trades, Social ,Chess Club, Judo RONALD: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies RONALD E.: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies SEBREE,BETTY: Business Education, Home Economics, Science, Social Studies SENTENEY, DANA L.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Spanish Club SHAW, CAROLYN J. SHAW, EMMA JEAN McCLOUD: Home Economics, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies SHEPHERD, EDWARD RAY IEddieI: Art, Photography Club SHOOK, VIVIAN L. ma Club, School Play, ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Officer ROTC Girls Drill Team, ROTC Girls Rifle Team, Judo SILAS, RUTH ANN: Home Economics SlMMONS,WlLMA L. lSnookieI: Business Education,So- cial Studies SIMPSON, ROLAND: Building Trades SIMS, DORRIS MAE SKE LE, ANNA SKIPPER, CALVIN: Electrical Trades, Science, Social Studies SKUDROVSKIS, RICHARD IRickI1 Business Education, Social Studies, Chess Club 2 SLAYTON, MICHAEL A. SLUDER, LARRY J. SMITH, CYNTHIA ANN: Business Education, Home Economics, MathematicslGAA SMITH, HOUSTON lBearl: Foreign Language, Sci- ence, Social Studies, German Club, Key Club SMITH, KAREN M.: Home Economics, Social Studies SMITH, KERRI KIMBERLY lKimI: Home Econo- mics, Social Studies SMITH, MICHAEL D. SMITH, PATRICIA ALICE: Business Education, Home Economics SMITH, PHYLLIS B.: Home Economics, Science SMITH, ROSA L.: Home Economics, Social Studies SNORDEN, MICHAEL L.: Electrical Trades SPEARS, PEGGY ANN: Home Economics, Art Club SPEED, DIANE: Business Education SPENCE, SANDRA E. ISANDIEI: Foreign Language, Social Studies!FTA, School Service, Girl's Concert Club, Majorette Corps IHeadl, SAO Executive Board, Explora- tory Teachers, Senior Council, Senior Commencement Committee STANFIELD, MICHAEL J.: Business Education, Draft- ing, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social StudieslChemistry- PhysiCS Club 2, Lettermen's Club 4, Key Club 8, Football Track, Wrestling, Boys Octette, Techoir, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative STANTON, PAUL, Jr. STEVENS, JAMES DANIEL IJIMI: Auto-Aviation, School Play - STEVENSON DENNIS L. STEWART, BARBARA JEAN: Home Economics!Y- Teens STEWART, CHARLES E. STEWART, DONALD R. IUNCLE DUCKI: Auto- Mechanics STEWART, GEORGIA A. STIGLER, OLGA ELIZABETH ILlZIi Business Educa- tion, Social StudieslJudo, SAO Representative STRONG, LINDA: Business Education, Home Economics SULTZER, CRYSTAL JENISE: Business Education, Social Studies SUMME RS, EMMA JEAN Art, Social Studies ZUETON, BARBARA ALICE: Home Economics, Social tu ies Social studiesfchess Club, Photography Club, Concert SHREVE. WANDA SUE ISL-Sielr Business Education. gand Home Economics ROARKV MICHAEL RAY- Socgaigtudms SIEFERT, GERALDINE S.: Business Education, Dra- ...I """ H. -uv 'o "' I' 4 it Q Q . Jn ' - ' .' L 0 ,Q - . o ' L . QT- x i A Q I 'ini' CAUGHT AT LAST! Don Whitecotton catches the camera catching him at Mardi Gras. , I 47.4 4. 4 JENNY TAUBE, Bruce Oakley, Linda Clem and Ron White assemble senior ribbons for the Colors Committee. SWAN, RICHARD JAY' Foreign Language, Social Stu- dies!Human Relations Committee 3. Photography Club 2, Ouill and Scroll 2, Tennis, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO Representative TACKETT, KAREN ISUSIEI. Business Education, Sci- ence, Social Studies!Y-Teens 3, German Club 1 TAUBE, JENNIFER ANN' Foreign Language, Math- ematics, Social Studies!French Club 4, Gymnastics 4, Con- cert Orchestra, CANNON agent, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Colors Committee TAYLOR, DONNA LOUISE: Business Education!SAO Representative TAYLOR, DONNA SUE Foreign Language, Science, So- cial Studies!Drama Club 6, History Club 2, JCL 6, Natural Science Club 2, Thespians 4, School Play, Speech Team, CANNON Weekly Staff, CANNON agent, SAO Represent- ative TAYLOR, GWENANN: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies!FTA 2, Spanish Club 4, Li- brary Assistant 7, Girl's Concert Club, Exploratory Teachers TAYLOR, SAMUEL I.: Building Trades!Concert Band, Concert Orchestra TERRY, DENNIS: Social Studies!CANNON agent THACKER, MARGARET ROSE: Business Education, Social Studies THOMAS, JAMES W. THOMAS, JESSEE: Building Trades THOMAS, LOIS MARIE: Home Economics THOMAS, ROBERT: Art, Auto-Aviation THOMPSON, CYNTHIA MARIE ICINDYI: Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies, CANNON agent THOMPSON, JANE F. THOMPSON, MARY ANN, Science, Social Studies! History Club 4, JCL 2, NFL 5, Photography Club, School Service, ROTC Officers, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC GirI's Drill Team, Debate Team, Speech Team, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Repre- sentative, SAO Executive Board, Exploratory Teachers, CANNON agent, Principals Advisory Committee THOMPSON, RONALD ROSS IRONI: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies!Key Club 4, Bov's Concert Club, SAO Executive Board, Senior Vespers Committee TIPTON, LYNDAL J.: Electrical Trades!Football TlSDIAL,SHlRLEY A, TOLIVER, CHERYL ELAINE ICHERII: Art, Home Economics, Social Studies TOLIVER, DARLENE DENISE Business Education, Home Economics. Social Studies TRACY, RUSSELL G, Auto-Aviation, Mathematics! Radio Club TRENT, ROBERT K: Industrial Arts, Social Stu- dies!Cross Country TRIMBLE, KARL N. Mathematics. Science. Social Studies!History Club 4, SAO Representative TROTTER, CHARLES EDWARD: Auto-Aviation TURNER, BERTA MAE: Home Economics TURNER, CONSTANCE McKEE TURNER, DENNIS L.: Auto-Aviation TURNER, LARRY E. TURNER, PAUL A. IPATI. Social Studies!Drama Club 4: NFL 2, Thespians 3, Tennis, ROTC Drill Team 2, ROTC Rifle Team 4 TURNER, STEPHEN D Foundry TWITTY, SHERYL D.: Home Economics VANCLEAVE, SHARON LYNN. Home Economics, Social Studies!FTA VANDERMARK, JOHN. Printing, ICT Club VANSICKLES, SYLVIA JUNE: Home Economics, So cial Studies!SAO Representatives VARNADO, ELLIOTT Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club. Intramural Sports, Cross Country, Football, Track, Wrestling, School Play, Boys Concert Club, Techoir, SAO Representative VENEY, DAVID: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!ChessClub, ICT Club, Football, ROTC Drill Team, CANNON agent VERNARDO, JANICE MARIE: Home Economics!GAA, Y-Teens, CANNON agent, SAO Representatives VIA, JACOUELINE MARIE IJACKIEI: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics, CANNON agent VITTETOW, ME LODY: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics, Science, Social Studies WADE, ANIKER: Social Studies!ICT Club, GAA, History Club, Service Club, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Girls Rifle Team, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC Girls Drill Team, SAO Representative WAGERS, DOUGLAS R, lDOUGIi Building Trades! Wrestling WAGNER, ANTHONY RICHARD: Industrial Arts, So- cial Studies WAGNER, KATHLEEN GRACE: Home Economics, So- cial Studies!GAA, CANNON agent WALLACE, JERRY LEE: Printing, Physical Education! Chess Club, Baseball, SAO Representative WALLlCK,JANlNE E.: Foreign Language,SociaI Studies! Human Relations Committee, School Service, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, SAO Representatives, Explora- tory Teachers WALLICK, JEANETTE E. WAND, BARRY lClass of 197OI WARD, DEBORAH LYNN: Business Education, Home Economics WARD, LARRY R.: Auto-Aviation, Science, Social Stu- dies!Human Relations Committee, Intramural Sports, Let- termen's Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, ROTC Offi- cers, SAO Representatives WARDWELL, RICKY' Printing, Social Studies!Printing Club WASHINGTON, BEVERLEY YVONNE: Business Edt-- cation!Girls Concert Club. Melodayres, Techoir, WASHINGTON, BRENDA S.: Business Education, Math- ematics, Science, Social Studies!GAA, History Club, SAO Representatives WASHINGTON, CYNTHIA D.: Business Education, Home Economics!GAA, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON agent, SAO Representatives WASHINGTON, DENNIS JAMES' Electrical Trades! Football, Track WASHINGTON, HERMAN, Auto-Aviation WASHINGTON, KATHERINE L, IKATHYI, Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies WATKINS, CORSELL R5 Building Trades WATSON, MARIAN Cy Home Economics WATTS, CLEMENT E Foreign Language, Social Stu- dies!Chess Club, NFL, Photography Club, Radio Club, ROTC Officers, ROTC Band Guard, School Play, Speech Team, CANNON Yearbook Staff, CANNON agent WATTS. STEPHEN P. ISTEVEI. Business Education, So- cial Studies!DE, Key Club, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Boys Concert Club, SAO Representative, Senior Vespers Committee WAYMAN, HENRY Auto-Aviation, Science, Social Studies WEAVER, PAULETTE Home Economics, Science, So- cial Studies WEBB, MARY L. Home Economics, Social Studies!SAO Representatives WEBB, RAYMOND R.. Mathematics, Metal Trades WEBSTER, ANTHONY M. Social Studies WEEKS, NEWELL D. Printing WELLS, AARON Auto-AviationlSAO Representatives wulre, ALAN G. WHITE, RONALD E Social Studies!History Club, Ser- vice Club, Boys Concert Club, Speech Team, SAO Execu- tive Board WHITECOTTON, DONALD Lg Social Studies!History Club, Intramural Sports, Photography Club, Ouill and Scroll, Techoir, Speech Team, CANNON Weekly Staff, Exploratory Teachers WHOBREY, JOHN EVERETT: Building Trades, Drafting, Chess Club, Judo, Service Club, Boys State, Wrestling, SAO Representatives, CANNON agent WILDRICK, EDWA'RD ALLEN IEDDIEI Social Studies' SAO Representatives, CANNON agent WILEY, CHARLES L.. Social Studies!ROTC Band Guard WILKERSON, BEN LEE WILLIAMS, BARBARA N.: Business Education, Home Economics!GirIs Track WILLIAMS, CRAIG S.r Social Studies WILLlAMS,FLOYD Auto-Aviation WILLIAMS, LEON WI LLIAMS, LINDA D.: Business Education, Social Studies WILLIAMS, LINDA Kg BusinessEducation!Spanish Club, Girls Track, CANNON agent WILLIAMS, MARION Social Studies, Commercial Foods WILLIAMS, MILTON. Metal Trades!Intramural Sports, Football, Wrestling WILLIAMS, NEITA WALDO WILLIAMS, SYLVESTER' Social Studies WILLIS, ANTHONY WILSON, ANTONIE ITONIEI Home Economics, Music School Service, Concert Orchestra WILSON, CHRISTINA LOUISE ICHRISI Business Edu- cation, Home Economics, Social Studies!Chess Club, His- tory Club, Service Club, XYZ Club, ROTC Girls Drill Team, SAO Representative WILSON, JAMES IJIMI Drafting, Social Studies WI LSON, MARY ELIZABETH Business Education, Home Economics WILSON, PAUL GREGORY. Mathematics, Science, So- cial Studies!Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball, Boys Concert Club, Boys Octette, Techoir, SAO Exec- utive Board, SAO Representatives, Senior Council, Prom Committee WINGO, SHIRLEY R, Home Economics!SchooI Play WINKLE, BARBARA FAYE Social Studies WISDOM, JOHN P Social StudieslHistory Club WISEMAN, DAVID H. Social Studies WONG, TERRI Business Education, Social Studies Drama Club, Natural Science Club, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, Junior Council, School Play, CANNON agent, SAO Representative, Senior Class Council. Senior Gilt Committee, Principals Ad- visory Committee, House Plan Committee WOOD, DENNIS Mathematics Social Studies Chess Club, Football WOODS, PATRICIA JUNE IPATII Home Economics, Social Studies!Music Club 2, High School Red Cross I, Service Club 1, Y-Teens 4, Cheerblock 4, Girls Concert Club Techoir, SAO Representative, Senior Cap and Gown Committee WRIGHT, BEVERLY JEAN Business Education, Home Economics!DE, GAA WRIGHT, DARRELL EUGENE Mathematics, Science, Social StudiesiCANNON agent WRIGHT, PATRICK Foreign Language, Social Studies- Boys Concert Club YARBROUGH, ALLEN Building Trades YATES, MARIAN. Business Education YATES, PEGGY ANN Business Education YOUNG, GARY R Auto-Aviation ZOOK, RONALD O Auto-Aviation lvtclw Topics Art 68,91 ,98 Art Club 36 Athletics Director 83 Auto-Aviation 74,92 Band 12,2829 Barn Project 93 Baseball 46,47 Bellamy, Francis Award recipient 118 Bell Choir 25,27,29,103 Biology 70,89 Bookstore 86 Bowling 37 Boys Concert Club 26,107 Boys Drill Team 39 Boys Physical Education 79 Boys Rifle Team 39 Building Trades 13,92,77 Burt Memorial Bell Choir 25,27, 29,103 Business Education 72,90 Cafeteria Staff 87 Cannon Dance 10 Cannon Weekly 42,96 Cannon Yearbook 43,96 Career Day 10 Cashiering 38 Cheerleaders 40,109 Chemistry-Physics Club 37,99 Chess Club 37 ,99 Concert Band 28,104 Counselors 84 Cross Country 51 Custodians 87 Deans 84 Debate Team 18,97 Derivatives 66 Distributive Education 38,83,95 Diversified Occupational Training 93 Drafting 78,91 Drama 19,98 Driver Education 79 Electrical Trades 76,93 English 62,88 Ensemble 27 Evening School Office Staff 87 Exercise in Knowledge Team 94 Exploratory Teaching 38,94 Football 52,53 Foreign Language 88 French 66 French Club 30,100 Future Teachers of America 38, 102 GAA 35,110 German Club 100 Girls Concert Club 11,26,107 Girls Drill Team 39,110 Girls Ensemble 27,107 Girls' Physical Education 79 Girls Gymnastics 34,111 Golf 46 Health 79 Health, Physicz-xl Education 90 High point yearbook agents 158 History Club 33,102 Homecoming 10,11 Home Coming Oueen 119 Home Economics 73,90 Honor Day 10 Human Relations 33,101 Intramural Bowling 37 Industrial Cooperative Training 94 Jamboree 10 Judo 12,34,35,111 Junior Honor Students 95 JuniorSenior Convomtion 15 Key Club 10,34,108 Latin Club 30,100 Lettermen's Club 34,35,108 Library Assistants 102 lvlajorettes 40,41 ,1 08 Marching Band 28 Mardi Gras 10,24,125 Mathematics 12,6789 Melodayres 11,27,106 Metal Trades 75,92 Military Ball 10 Monument Circle 28 Moon is Down 19,20 Music 68,91 National Forensic League 18,97 Newsbureau 96 Octette 26,107 Office Staff 86 Open House 11,27 Orchestra 28,104 Photography Club 13,22,98 Physical Science 71,89 Play 20 Pops Concert 28 Prayer Circle 31 Principal 82 Printing Club 36,99 Printing 78,91 Publications 83 Ouill and Scroll 96 Radio Club 99 Red Cross Club 33,102 ROTC 10,39,79,93,110,111 Sadie Hawkins 132,1 33,134,135 Sao Executive Board 101 Science Seminar 94 Security Force 87 Senior Council 115 Senior Honor Sweater recipients 95 Senior Officers 114 Senior Roster 132-139 Senior Sponsors 114 Seniors 114-126 Service Club 32,101 Social Service 86 Social Studies 12,64,65,88 Sophomore Honor Students 95 Spanish 66 Spanish Club 30,100 Special Education Director 83 Speech 63 Speech Team 18,97 Spring Music Concert 28 Stage Band 103 Stagecraft Crew 98 String Ensemble 29,103 Student Affairs Oranization 30,31 Symphonic Band 28,29,104,105 Techoir 24,25,106,133,134 Tennis 50 Thespia ns 19,98 Track 48,49 Vice-Principals 82 Visual Education Director 83 Y-Teens 30,31,111 I Adams, Mrs. Annabelle so Alexander, Mrs. Adamay 91 Allee, Mrs. Verda 86 Allen, Clifford 92 Allen, Gaylord 83 Allen, Louis 89 Allen, Richard 84 Alyne, Mrs. Elsie 87 Amend, Mrs. Patricia 90 J 'I Y! AU. "DLI 1 it L- K C 'Qu lf xl-" ,Y N-gn. ' 4 ', 'M L L ABOVE: Happily Bruce Johnson cuts the net that brought the Titans victory over Washington to win the Sectionals Sectionals were rough 'n tough but Titans got 'em down: that is the Panthers, Knights, and Continentals. "Sorry George," was a word of appreciation, says cartoonist John Hurst. 4 'V as l st , ff 4 ll 'gg A 5 . gt ' A f fffi' i ig! QR Kixh-A,.1N Y " S , 5 K A Q, 8 4 . - o ' . O if Andrews, Mrs. Florence 87 Armel, Clyde S. 91 Armel, Mrs. Dorothy 86 Armour, Mrs. Mattie 87 Aydt, Charles 37 Ayres, Mrs. Edna 86 Backmeyer, Joseph 91,104,105 Bales, Mrs. Eileen 87 Barnes, Thomas 90 Barnett, Deborah 90 Barrett, Mrs. Audrey 98 Bayless, Kenneth 85 Beall, Howard E. 92 Bedell, Mrs. Mary 8.88 Behlmer, Reuben 90 Belding, Robert 82 Belding, Steven 144 Bell, Carlos 90 Berger, William 92 Bettis, Susan 19,93,98 Billington, Floyd M. 91 Blankenhorn, Dwayne 84 Borshoff, James 85 Bowers, Melvin 48,90 Bradford, Jack 55,83,90 Bradshaw, Mrs. Martha 65,88 Carson, Lloyd 87 Cassell, Mrs. Virginia 88 Catt, Howard 52,55,90 Cauble, Herschel 92,98 Cauble, Mrs. Virginia 86 Cecil, Mike 90 Chapman, Mrs. Polly 35,90 Clapp, David 88,100 Clapp, Mrs. Margaret 88 Clark, Mrs. Cheryl 88 Clark, H.K.91 Clearwater, Mrs. Argie 87 Cline, Ernie 47,5534 Cody, Mrs. Wyolene 90 Colley, SFC Edde 93 Collins, Robert 89 Coffee, Mrs. Norma 87 Commons, Patricia 88,102 Comstock, Mrs. Diane 88 Come, Audrey 89 Cox, Mrs. Florence 86 Creasser, Mrs. Louise 86 Crisler, Fred 87 Curtis, Mrs. Bessie 87 Coverstone, Mrs. Mary 87 Craig, Mrs. Frances 86 i o!"f"" THE MOMENT OF VICTORY: SECTIONAL CHAMPS-FRONT ROW: Jim Gilbert, Bruce Johnson, Paul Wilson, SECOND ROW: Gary Spradlin, Larry Ward, Charlie Battle, Tony Geralds, Bob Powell. THIRD ROW: Bob Plummer, Vincent Killibrew, Arthur Johnson, Harvey Brooks, Mike Harris, Charles Hoskins. Brown, Mrs. Joan 88 Browne, Raymond 69,91 ,92,98 Brindle, Mrs. Joy 90 Brinker, Norman 75 Brodhecker, Mrs. Betty 85,90 Brown, Mrs. Joan 102 Bulthaup, Robert 93 Caldwell, Mrs. Pauline 89 Camplese, Daniel 90 Carbone, Dean 53B8,108 Carlock, Mr. Mahlon 84,90 Carpenter, Mrs. Esther 87 Carpenter, Mrs. Ivory 87 Crooke, Robert 92 Daily, Donald 85 Danheiser, Tom 88 Davis, J. Walter 88 Davis, Turpin 90 Davis, Zoearline 84 Davison, Mrs. Karen 90 Dawson, MSG Thomas 93 Dearing, Mrs. Barbra 84 Debbs, Mrs. Agnes 87 Deem, Harold 9 Dininger, Walter 49 Dinkins, Mrs. Mattie 87 Dougherty, Dale 93 Durham, Mrs. Wilma 86 Dudkowski,Sam 92 Dykeman, Richard 89 Eads, Elizabeth Ellen 33,88 Elliot, Harold 91 Elliot, Mrs. Jessie 87 Eulers, Forrest 87 Evans, Mrs. Erma 89 Farley, John 89 Fields, Mrs. Jeannette 86 Fine, Mrs. Serine 66,88,100 Fogelman, Mrs. Joan 87 Ford, Robert F.88 Fowler, Mrs. Fannie 86 Fraker, Alice 88 Freeman,Joyce 90 Frye, Lois 90 Garrett, Mrs. Majorie 88 Gascho, Martha 88 George, David 90 Gibson, Mrs. M.Annie 87 Gilliland, J. Kenneth 93 Gira, Richard 91 Graney,William 84 Gruner, Wilbert lFritzl 9,87 Goodrum, Mrs. Alice C. 88,97 Guess, Mrs. Mercedes 89 Guess,William 90 Hahn, Mrs. Margaret 88 Halcomb, Harriett 87 Hale, Hester 88 Hallagan, Harvey 88 Hamer, Mrs. Sarah F. 84,101 Hamilton, Mrs. Judith 85 Hamilton, Marian 91 Hardiman, Emmett 63,88 Harding, Mrs. Beatrice 35,90 Hardy, Marguerite 90 Harper, Mrs. Edna 87 Harry, Charles 84 Harvey, Mrs. Helen 86 Heavenridge,Jack 87 Henderson, Oral 92 Hill, John 75 Hill, Mrs. Odessa 90 Hinshaw, Herman T. 82 Holmes, Ernest 83,94 Hoke, Ronald 90 Hoffman, Mrs. Mary 87 Hon, David 89 Howard, Garlan 89 Hubble, Leroy 93 Huff, Mrs. Gwendolyn 86 Humbarger,Susan 36,91 Hunt, Mrs. Judy 89 Hurrle, John 52,58,84 Hutchinson, Mrs. Nildred 87 Hyatt, Mrs. Caroline 86 Hylton, Charles H. 77,92 lnsley, Gertrude 88 Jackson, Burney 91 Jackson, Mrs. Virginia 90 Jaus, Mrs. Florence 87 Johnson, Alice Johnson,Joyce 88 Johnson, William 89 Jones, Bernice 88,96 Jones, Mrs.Sandra 90 Kanouse, John 88 Karnes,John 34 Kern,John 37,8999 Kimberlin,William88 Kirsch, Arthur 86 Keller, J. Fred 91,92 Kleine,Jay 56,90 Klein, Mrs. Lola 87 Klier, Mrs. Lillian 87 Kocher, Charles 93 Kohut, M. Eileen 88 Konkle, Robert 64 Koontz, John 49,52,90 Kothe, Mrs. Judy 88 I Kreft, Hilda 90 Kuck, Keith 90 Lane, Mrs. Tellous 87 Lagadon, Mrs. Maria 88 Lanslotz, Mrs. Mildred 87 Lee, Mrs. Barbra 65 Lehman, Kirby 88 Leverenz, Rowland 85 Lewis, John A. 88 Litiskas, Mrs. Authurine 90 Littel, Patricia 86 Lloyd, Robert 87 Longshore, Mrs. Howard 145 Longshore, Howard 10,82,145 Longshore, Howard Sr. 145 Lopassa, Paula K. Lovelace, Clifton 92 Lundgren, Mrs. Shirley 85,90 McAfee, Mrs. Mildred 84 McBride, Judith 32,88,101 McCutcheon, Mrs. Marjorie 83,90 McDowell, Edward 57,90 McGeath, Bruce 48,49,51,88 McNanny, Fred 88 Mack,George Jr. 92 Maley, Edna 90 Malone, Dan S. 92 Maloy, Robert 88,98 Manka, Mrs. Mary Lou 90 Marshall, Lewis 83 Marthin, Mary Jane 88,111 Martin, Ellen 90 Martin, George 87 Maxwell, Mrs. Patricia 88 May, James 89,99 Meditch, Carl 47 Melvin, lVlrs. Mary 87 Mendel, Mrs. J. Loesje 27,91,106 107 Merrill, Mrs. Laura 87 Meyer, E. Robert 88 Miner,John 85,88 Minks, Stanley 18,21 ,88 Miskuf, Mrs.Sheila 90 Montgomery, Mrs. Gene 86,94 Moon, Mrs.Wanda 86 Moon, William 24,91,106 Moore, Mrs. Marian 90 Moreman, Ivan 47,90 Morse, R. William 88 MulIenax,John 93,99 Murphy, Wesley 88,94 Nelms, Thomas 87 Nobles, Ron 29,91 ,103,104 Ohmit, Mrs. Gwen 90 Orth, Robert 89 Oscarson, Paul 92 Parsley, Mrs. Esta 87 Palma, Robert 92 Parker, Mrs. Majorie 90 Parrett, Mrs. Sharon 84,90 Parrett, Shirley 34,90 Patterson, Mrs. Jacqueline 86 Pence, J. Lewis 92 Peterson, William 83,90,95 Pentecost, Mrs. Mary 87 Phemister, Lorena 91 Phillips, R. Mike 88 Porter, Mrs.Sara 85 Potter, Mrs. Margarette 87 Potter, Wallace 83 Poole, Mrs. Bernadine 86 Puckett, Kenneth 82 Ouillen, Phillip 46 Rady, Mrs. Ruth 87 Rai, Mrs. Jatinder 88 Ransom, Mrs. Natalie 90 Ray, Mrs. Carolyn 86 Ray, Mrs. Gertrude 87 Reed, Ray 84,145 Rhodes, lrene 88 Richardson, Mrs. Mary 87 Robards, Mrs. Elsie 86 Robbins, Mrs. Gloria 86 Roberts, E. Craig 88 Robinson, Smith 91 Rodewald, Norma 86 Rodriques, Mrs. Ermalene 86 Rose, Carrol 90 Rowland, Mrs. Betty 86 Rowls, Mike 88 Russell, Mrs. Gertrude 86 Scahill, Ed 37 Schmalz, Mrs. Patricia 88,100 Schnakenberg, Mrs. Florence 88 Schneider, E. Karl 31 ,88,101 Schneider, Mrs. Louise 86,91 Shannon, Mrs. Ruth 89 Shattuck, Mrs. Judith 86 Shock, Richard 84 Siedieckrwiiiaam 64,88 Sims, Mrs. Donna 90 Sims, Mrs. Rosa 87 Sipole, Mrs. Betty 87 Skomp, Sam 91 Slover, Michael 91,98 Small, Marjorie 87 Smith, Allen 89 Smith, Clyde 65,88 Smith, Ebert 88 Smith, Mrs. Frances 90 Smith, Robert H. 91 Smith, Steven 89 Snow, Mrs. Jane 90 Stafford, Mrs. Ruth 90 Starkey, Mrs. May 87 Staten, Mrs. Mary 90 Stewart, E. James 82 Stewart, Mrs. Laverne 86 Stiffler,Theodore 93 Stinger, Mrs. Charleyne 86 Steleblak, Mrs. Alice 87 Stewart, Mrs. Edna 89 Stockard, Robert 84,91,101 Stout, Mrs. Dorothy 84 Sterrett, Mrs. Opal 87 Sutherlin, Mrs. Kay 86 Sutton, Mrs. Marie 87 Sutton, Mrs. Nancy 88 Swenson, Kermit 91 Switzer, Richard 12,23,91,105 Taflinger, E. James 88 Tatum,William 26,91,107 Taylor, Mrs. Irene 87 Terrell, Roy 89 Terry, Leo 86 Terry, D. Earl 93 Thomas, Mrs. Martha 86 Thompson, D. Fred 92 Tobrocke, Floyd 84 Tootle, Mrs. Rosa 86 Toran, Mrs. Christine 87 Tremp, William 93 Tresslar, Cecil T. 42B3,88 Turner, Nlrs. Laura 87 Turney, Bruce 89 Turpin, Mrs. Martha Tussey, Mrs. Rita 86 Tuttle, Spencer, E.91,99 Underwood, Mrs. M. Susanna 88,100 Van Der Moere, Herbert 92 Vaughn, Mrs. Linda 63,88 Wagner, H. Lloyd 88 Wallace, Mrs. Mildred 90 Walsh, Cheryl 91 ,27,106 Ward, Geraldine 85 Washington, Mrs. Emmagee 91 Webber, Mrs. Doris 88 Whalin, Milton 86 Allen, Glen 57 Allen, Nate 49 Amato, Teresa 29,103,104 Whitmire, LaVon 91 Wiggins, John 93,99,108 Wignall, Mrs. Elva 90 Westra, Mrs. Gladys 87 Wilkinson, MSG Arthur 93 Williams, Mrs. Blanche 85,90 Williams,John 93 Woodard, Bob 90,48,53 Woods, Morris 92 Wythe, John 89 Yarnell, Mrs. Rosalynne 86 Yeagley,Terry C. 91 Young, Mrs. Janice 90 Young, Mrs. Shelia 88 als Abbett, Patricia 94 Abel, Hugh 102 Abel, Tom 96 Abernathy, Judy 104,107 Abernathy, Teresa 100 Adams, Ambrose 75 Albertson, Shirley 110 Alexander, Bob 56 Alexander, Charles 102 Alexander, Charlotte 102 Anders, Tom 21 1 Anderson, Bobby 56 Anderson, Ellen 66,101 ,106, 108 Anderson, Guy 99 Anderson, Kimberly lKiml 99,100 Anderson, Ray 53,64 Anderson, Wanda 95 Andrews, Richard 103,104,106 Armes, David 26,66,95,100,101, 107,108 Arthur, John 69 Ashworth, Bonnie 98 Auble, Randy 27 ,99,103,105, 106,108 Bales, James 96 Bales, Jerry 94 Ball, Chris 104 Bannon, Ray 52 Bannon, Vicki 66 Bardwell, William 104 Barnes, Madonna 66,106,107 Barrett, Rebecca 95 Barringer, Doris J. 95 Bartholomew, Andy 98 Bates, Stephanie 55 Battle, Charles 55 ,78 ,80 Batts, David 14,15,98,101 Baxter, Vickie 102 Bayer, Joann 94 Beany, Dave 52 Bear, Brenda 36,66,98 Beaty, Mary 107 Beeson, Susan 103,106,107 hug 1 A v I ff E IIVIPOSSIBLE? Never! Not for the clever Clem Watts after four semesters of training. Beight, Anita 104 Beight, Randall 99 Bell, Bonnie 99 Bennett, Cindy 111 Bennett, Norman 99 Benson, Robert 43,48 ,51 ,96,108 Berry, Donna 100,110 Berry, Reginald 48,56 Beverley, Carol 12,108,110 Black, Charles 48,56,106 Black, Steve 110 Blalock, Robert 20 Blanchard, Willie 53 Bland, Melanie 111 Bland, Millie 35,95 Bland, Sherrie 96 Block , Charles 104 Bloomer, Bryan IB Blue, Cynthia 110 Bobbs, David 107 Bockover, Linda 111 Boid, Gregory 18,20 ,95,97,99 Bond, Rose 100,104 Bonds, David 75 Bonds, Robert 94 Bonwell, Riley 53 Booker, Vicky 100,111 Boswell, Patty 111 Bottoms, Nancy 101,106,107 Bowers, Patricia 100 Boyd,WiIIiam 57 Boyer, Brenda 111 Bradburn, Andrew 99 Bradley, Frances 18,97 Branham, James lJiml 95,98,102 106 Breland, Kenny 48,52,58 Breland, Steve 52,58,108 Breland, Victor 48,49 Brents, Mark 49,52 Brewer, Kevin 94,95,105,106 Brewer, Marcella 95 Brewer, William 53 Brice, Wanda 100,111 Briggs, Don 104 Briggs, Jeffrey 104 Brinkley, Gary 18,20,94 Brinkley, Kathy 95,97,102,104, 107 Brinkley, Mike 99 Broadnax, Perry 107 Brooks, Harvey 48,52,55 Brooks, Mark 79,96,102 Brooks, Nate 57 Brooks, Peter 102 Brown, Alicia 10,108 Brown, Bernice 97,18 Brown, Cindy 105 Brown, Elmarmae 101,107 Brown, Fred 57 Brown, Gloria 97 Brown, James 19,104 Brown, Mamie 43,96 Brown, Marcia 95,107 Brown, Margaret 102 Brown, Melvin 103,106 Brown, Michael 98,104,106 Brown, Pete 46,47 Brown, Steve 96 Browne, Fred 53 Browning, Jennifer 100 Bruce, Tonya 9,43,96,111 Bruer, Linda 104,105 Brummett, Niki 32,62,100,101 Bryant, Terry 104 Buckley, Clara 104 Buckley, Gary 105 Buckley, Rebecca 95,102,101 Bullington, David 19,98,107 Burch, Diane 106 Burch, Jill 96 Burkes, Terry 65 Burns, Charles 99 ROBIN EADS, experienced sports photographer for the Cannon news- paper, caught this fantastic scene with his camera. Robin has other out- standing pictures in the yearbook. Burns, Laurel 43,96,101,106 Burnett, Pierre 75 Burnette, Charles 105 Burris, Mike 104 Burris, Priscilla 15 Buses, Ron 49 Buses, Venus 100,102 Bushfield, Jim 99 Butler, Harry 48,52 Buttery, Larry 51 Calhoun, Francis 39 Carr, Yvetta 96 Carson, Sam 53 Carter, Joanetta 104 Carter,Wayne 48,53,104 Caselden, Gary 48 Catellier, Howard 94 Catellier, Joe 99 Caudill, Phillip 104 Caudle, Paul 104 Chambers, Carol 105 Chandler, Karen 100 Chapman, Sherry 104 Chastain, Jodi 62,106 Childs, Robin 107 Childs, Roger 104,107 Cisneros, Sylvia 101 Clark, Debbie 110 Clark, Martha 95 Clayton, Jeannie 110 Clayton, Suzette 97 Clayton, Thomas 50,99,100 Clegg, David 99 Clem, Linda 94,101 Clinton,Jeff 48 Clouse, Weyant 99 Clyburn, Sandra 95 Cochran Joe 94 Coe, Larry 53 Coffer, Rodney 48,99 Coffin, Bob 52 Coffman, Debbie 94,102,106 Coin, Linda 62 Colbert, Virgil 104 Colbert, Zandra 111 Cole, Deborah, 100,102 Cole, Sheri 98 Cole, Susan 111 Coleman, Darryl 98 Collins, David 96 Collins, Vonda 96 Colvin, Debby 11,40,69,107,109 Colvin, Earnestine 97 coivin,vicka11o Conner, Bob 97 Conwell, Steve 48 Conwell, Terry 100 Cook,Steve 48,108 l Pupils Coons, Barbara 101,105 Coons, Bill 105 Coopef,Jiii1o3,1o7 Cooper, Kathy Cooper, Ronald 53 Cooper,Stephanle 95,104 Corlett, Carl 99 Corlett, Reta 100,102 Cork, Cato 48 Coryell, Melody Cosby, Ricky 95 Costelow, Margie 100 Covington, Anthony 49 Covington, Davieda 107 Covington, Marcus 48 Cox, Cynthia 111 Cox, Harold 57,63 7? RICHARD SWAN won five gold keys in the Scholastic Photogra- phy Awards. Besides being an ex- cellent photographer, Richard is an interesting subyect for the cam- era as well. lndw Pupils Cox, Henry 98 Cox, Vickie 97,111 Crabill, Roy 103,105,108 Crabtree, Donnie 76,111 Crabtree, Lonnie 111 Crockett, Rhonda 102,107,108, 110 Crooke, Robert 74 Crouse, Cheryl 96,43 Crumpton, Macie 102 Cunningham, Catherine 107 Curtis, Peggy 95,106,107 Dalton, Luren 102,104,105 Davie, Ronald lRonl 49,51 Davis, Bobby 47,56 Davis, Gary 107 Dawson, Anthony 50,52 Decker, Richard 66,100 DeLawter, Carl 97,109 Denny, Dave 98 Deusser, Richard 69 Devitt, Dave 26,46,52,64,107, 108 Dickson, Douglas 48,107 Dillahay, Nancy 101 Dobbs, Kathy 103,101 Donaldson, Sharon 110 Donenfeld, Gergory 98 Doran, Richard 74 Douglas, Doris 40,107,109 Duncan,Jeannie 106 Dunham, Mary 94,95,104 Dwigans, Laura 95 Dykes, Brad 100,104 Eads, Dina 96,102 Eads, Rhonda 107 Eads, Robin 42,96,98,143 Easley, Gordon 39 Eaton, Vicki 42,96,98,106 Edwards, Joyce 111 Effler, David 64,110 Eickhoff, Carol 94,95,101,108 Frazier, Christine 108,110 Freeman, Andrea 94,95,103,106 Freeman, Debbie 106 Freeman, Michael 104 Freemont, Bill 96 Froschauer, Juanita 100,111 Frost, Jeff 58 Funke, Steve 47 Fuqua, Stanley 53 Gadis, Sharon 102 Gaines, Pricilla 104 Gamble, Wanda 104,111 Garrett, Daryl 104 Garrett, Everline 95 Garrison, Veon 47,74 Garten, Betty 14,101,104 Gartrell, Darryl 50,108 Garza, Robert 98 Gaskins,Sheryl 99 Gearlds, Debbie 102 Gearlds, Tony 55 Gibson, Alfredia 94 Gibson, Mary 67 Gibbons, Cindy 96,97,111 Gilbert, Jim 55 Gill, Teresa 110 Gillenwater, Donald 99 Gilmore,John 98 Gividen, Kenn 107 Glaspy, Mike 57 Glover, Shirley 49,55 Goergen, John 29 Goergen, Marguerite 100 Golder, Carmen 98 Goode, Robert 106,108 Goodrich,Jim 48 Gorden, Gladis15,97,101,106 Griffin, Ken 104 Griggs, Jeff 65 Grindstaff, Kurt 46 Grubbs, Mark 108 Guerin, Hexey 94 Guerin, Sharon 103,104 Guffey, Patricia 95 Guiden, Richard 107 Gurzo, Robert 19 Hagan, Brenda 67 Hagan, Myra 103,104 Hager, Debbie 106,107 Haley, Jeff 47 Hall, Robert 103,105 Hamilton, Stevan 95 Hamler, Miriam 107 Hammond, Cheryl 95,96 Hamphrey, Glory 110 Hampton, Ben 48,56 Hannemann, Sylvia 102,107 Hannon, Jerry 48 Harbin, Don 106 Hardiman, Grady 47 Harden, Denise 96,104 Harding,Sally 5 Hardwick, Dennis 95,102 Hargitt, Jack 56 Harlow, Jeff 99 Harlow, Steve 52,104 Harmon, Charlene 111 Harmon, Jack 47 Harrington, Raymond 110 Happersberger, John 107 Hart, Tina 106,108,110 Hartson, Dave 46 Harris, Bessie 29 Harris, Dorothy 29 Hedderich, Pamela G. 95 Hellickson, Brenda 98 Hembree, Fred 53 Henderson, Melvin 48 Henderson, Rhonda 110 Henley, Deanna 102 Henry, Mike 57 Henry, Richard 107 Herman, Kenny 47,96,103,105 Herrington, Diana 102 Herrington, Steve 95 Hickerson, Debbie 67 Hickey, Danny 53 Hickey, Tom 47 Hicks, Gary 96 Hill, Darnell 53 Hill, Debbie 29 Hines, Keita 67,94 Hinton, Robert 104 Hise, Joyce 18,97,101,104 Hittle, Janice 66,95,100,102,104 106 Hobbs, Doris 110 Hodges, Travis 77 Hogan, John 48 Holland,Sharon101 Hollowell, Nolan 29 Hollingsworth, Charles 53 Holmes, Vicki 40,109 Holt, Cynthia 96 Honeycutt, Mike 48 Hopkins, Earl 53 Hoskins, Charles 47,108 Howard, Valerie 110 Howard, Sharon 110 Howery, Steve 53 Hubbard, Terry 52 107 Harris, Mike 48,55 Huber, Anita 102,104 Graham, Sharon 100 Hartsburg, Debby 109 HuggIer,SteVe100 Grant, Robin 96,106 Harwell, Vernon 105,106,108 Hunt, Andrea 40,103,101,106, Grant, Teresa 33,96,101,110 Hatcher, Alice 63 10711 09 Green John 46 Hawkins, Thomas 105 Hunt, Beverly 94 Green, Michael 104 Hawn, John 62 Hurst John 104 Green, Patricia 105 Hayes, Harold 48,107 Hut50',-,I Edna 94 Green, Rhea 71 Greene, Sharon 100 Green, Travis 57,99 Greene, Sharon 67 Greenwell, Paula 95,98,102,36 Hazelton, Garry 75 Heath, Doug 99,107 Heath, Jane 95 Heavrin, Robert 39 Hedderich, Grace 10l Hutton, Vicki 102 llley,Jane 94 Ingram, Jose 48,58 Isbell, James 62,94,108 lnskeep, Dan 97 Eicks, Janet 104 Elmore, Sam 52,58 Engram, Dannie 99 Ennenga, Theresa 96 Epperson, Sheila 97 Ervin, Linda 64 Erwin, David 110,79 Espinoza, Consuelo 100 Esslinger, Larry 52,108 Esslinger, Terry 58 Etters, Margie 102 Ettinger, Jan 100 Evans, Carroll 94 Evans George 100 Evans Ronell11O Evans, Sharon 111 Evans,Susan102 Evans, Victor 11 ,48,52,101,104, 108 Fagan, Patty 97,98,108,110 Fallowfield, Kim 36,98 Farris,Joseph 104 Ferguson, Falan 105 Fields, TuWanda111 Finnigan, Mike 104,106 Flowers, Debbie 100 Folsom, Rose 97,104 Ford, James 99,100 Ford, Mae 97,100,102 Forman,Spencer 67 Fort, Kyle 50 Franklin, Kim 111 AT A RECEPTION in the Krannert Room at Clowes Hall honoring Mr. and Mrs. Howard Longshore, Mrs. Long shore displays a gift made for her by the Tech Metal Trades Department. At the extreme right is Mr. Longshore's father, Howard Longshore, Sr. haf ,.-bm Isbell, James 99 lvy,Willie 51 Jackson, Lloyd 104 Jackson, Thomas 48,52,58 Jacobs, Denise 104,107 Jacobs, Jeff 49,106 James, Janet 72 James, Rebecca 95 Taylor, Kathy 97 Jeffries, Karen 96,104 Jessup, Jill 102,106 Jeter, Bob 64 Johnson, Alan 26 Johnson, Arthur 55,107 Johnson, Aubrey 98 Johnson, Bruce 55,108 Johnson, Delores 106 Johnson, Eli 57 Johnson, Frankye 95 Johnson, Larnell 57 Johnson, Terry 95 Johnson, Toni 110 Johnson,WilliamlBilll18,20,97, 101,105 Johnson, Willie 105 Jones, Carl 48 Jones, David 67 Jones, Charles 74 Jones, Claine 96 Jones, Geneva 39,94,95,100,102, 110 Jones, Jerry 19 Jones, Mary 10,31 ,40,101,109 Jones, Michael L. lMikel 100,103, 104 Jones, Wanda 96,101,102 Jordan, Denver 20,26,47,56,95, 106,107 Journey, Callie 98 Joyner, Lynda 72 Junge, Marsha 95 Kares, Robin 97,100,102,107 Keen, John 53 Kegeris, James lJiml 39,110 Kein, David 111 Kein, Melinda 95 Keelley, Gerald 77 Kendall, Thomas 96 STEVE BELDING, son of Robert Belding, presents a portrait of Howard L. Longshore, to be dis- played with other pictures of past Tech principals. Acting Principal, Ray Reed accepts the gift from the class of 1965. Kendrick , James 48,107 Kennedy, Darlene 95 Kennedy, Sherie 110 Killebrew, Vincent 56 Kimble, Rodney 76 Kimbrough,Claudia 100,107 Kincy, Ernest 74,101 Kinder, Kevin 39 King, Carl 26,53,99,107 King, John M. 92 Kirk, Carlos 104 Kitchens, Cynthia 104 Knorr, Don 27,94,103,105,106 Krueger, Kathy 109 Lacey, Sherman 53 LaFara, Mary 39,95,96,110 Laker, Jerry 49 Lander, Jerry W. 99,107 Lander, John 67,104 Larkin, Nancy 100 Lasher, Don 103,104,105 Laswell, Don 103,105 Laswell, Jerry 104 Laswell, Lorrainne 107 Laswell, Melvin 48 Laswell, Walter 104 Laubach, Martin 95 Laubach, Matthew 67,95 Laughlin, Roger 56,105,108 LaValley, Roger 104 Lawless, Larry 62 Lawrence, Robert 53 Lawrence, Stanley 53,106 Lawson, Gay 111 LecCleir, Debbie 108 Ledford, Thomas 74 Lee, Alfreda 39,101 ,106,1 10 Lemmons, Karol 107 Levergood, Barbara 42,95 ,96,107, 111 Lewelling, Darlene 104,107 Lewis, Clarence 103 Lewis, Laurie 31 ,101 ,106,107,108 110 Lewis, Paul 99,107 Lingenfelter, Jeff 51 Logsdon, David 100 Loux, Kevin 47 Lowery, Claude 20,48,52,56,96, 96,97,106,107 Lucas, Karen E. 101, 107 Lund, Harold 67,95 McChristian, Anita 35,111 McCullough, Dorothy 67,102 McCullough, Janet 107 McDaniel, Doug 95,105,101 McDaniel, Marcia 104 McDaniel, Martin 96,103,105,108 McDaniels, Margaletta 63 McFall, Rita 108 McGee, Teresa 110 McGhee, Phillip 94 McGlynn, Anna 87 McGrath, Maureen 102 McGuire, Fred 49,52 McGuire, Vickie 65 McGwen, Deborah 111 Mclver, Dorothy 103,104,106 McKinney, Mark 46,52,107 McMahon, Mary 95 McMichael, Vicki 98 McPherson, Jane 103 McPherson, Robert 100,104 Maddox, Magalene 100 Mahone, Dorothy 107 Mann, Carl 75 Manning, Bettie 97 Manual, Ollie 74 Marcum, Anita Marko,William 53 Marshall, Alicia 64,101 ,108,110 Masters, John 26,106,107,108 Mathis, Brenda 39,95 ,96,104 May, James 37 Mays, Allan 106 Meadors, Debbie 110 Means, Von 100 Medley, Barbara 66 ivieid, Jeff 107 Mentis, Cynthia 95,67,101,106, 108,110 Merritt, Linda 110 Michael, Libbi 101,106,107 Miessen, Frederick 92 Milender, Lisa 31,101 Miles, Kevin 44 Miller, Bryan 97,103,105 Miller, Debbie 106 Miller,Jean 98,102 Miller, Kathy 100 Miller, Linda 104 Miller, Mike 103,104 Miller, Ray 57 Miller, Reuben 57 Miller, Robert 106 Mimms, Darrick 29 Mindach, Frieda 31 ,101,106, 107 Mindach, Fred 53,99,101 Mindach, Rose, 100,101,111 Minton, Debby 100 Minton, Deanna 100 Miracle,Connie 42,95,96 Mitchel, Ruth 104 Moats, Bill 46 Mobley, Les 99 Moffatt, Steve 66 Mohr, Gary 108 Montgomery, Donna 29,103,104 Montgomery, Duane 99 Montgomery, Frances 94 Moore, Douglas 94 Moore, Gary 53 Moore, Mildred 32,101,107 Moore, Wilbert 52,58 Morford, Daniel 37,67 ,94,99 Morris,Carlene102 Morris, Cosetta 111 Morris, Emily 110 Morris, Susie 98,102,108,110, 111 Morse, Paul 76 Morse, Timothy 99 Mouser, Denise B.104 Mouser, Betty S. 100 Mouser,Jerry 103,105 Moy, Mee Lun100,101,106,107 109 Mundy, Keith 18 Murray, Sharian111 Nahas, Kevin 9 Nance, John 107 Neal,Joyce 96,102 Neal, Tom 50 Newbern, Jackie 104,106 Newsom, Diana 67 Newsom, Larry 104 Nichols, Dennis Noland,Jim 96 Nix, Toni 103,108 Northrop, Mike 96 Norwood, Harold 52,108 Oakley, Bruce 94,101,106 O'Hara Michael 5 Oliver,J.R. 49,52,101,102,103, 104,108 O'Neill, Cheryl 104 O'Neill, Mike 105 Overbey, Beth 18,97,106 Pacilly, Kevin 53 Palmore,Jim 48 Parker, Zina Parr,Janice104 Parrish, Donna 104,107 Parrish, Henry 53 Patterson,J. W.98 1 Payne, Roger 47 Pearson, Roger 92 Pence, Lewis 74 Pennington, John 104 Perdue, Ruthann 95 Perkins, Alvin 48,104 Peters, Stephen 94 Peters, Vicki 35,109,1 11 Petree, Bart 106,108 Petree, Brad 66,106 Pettigrew, Cyle 100 Phillips, Delores 104 Phillips, Patty 98 Pierce, Holly 104 Pierce, Michael 26,97,101,107 Pipes, Debbie 107,108,1 10 Pipkin, Vernon 52 Pippins, Terri 102 Platt, Bob 48,51 ,66 Plummer, Mike 104 Plummer, Robert 104 Porter, George 107 Pounds,Sam 47 Powell, Bob 55 Powers, Jerry 96 Powers,Tina 35 Price, Mark 50 Price, Michael 95 Price, Petie 58 Price, Sam 33,26,101,107 Price, Yolanda 105 Pritchard,James 99 Pryor, Paul 58 Pullen, James 97 Purcell, Debra 104 Purdue, Gary 107 Purvis, Roy 104 Quintana, Rolando 98 Rady, Garry 47 Randolph,CaroI101 Ratcliff, Christine 100 Raney, Teresa 102 Reed, Beverly 22,96,98 Reese, Donna 100,104 Reneau, Rick 50,97,18 Rhodes, Debbie 18,97 Richard, Knoll 53 Richardson,William 99 Richey, Danna 111 Richey, Darla 101 Riddell, Donna 105,111 Riley,Sharon 96,102 RiIey,Walter 99 Riewer, Chris 111 Rinehart, Bonnie 99 Rinehart, Henry 48 Riojas, Francisco 79 Riojas, Reynaldo 98 Roberts, Debbie 100,102 Roberts, Michael 53 Robinson, Hubert 110 Robinson, Jeffrey 53 Rodgers, Harold 104 Rogers, John 103,105 Roley, Vicki 109,111 Roots, Pamela 94 Rosebrock, Carol 102,104 Rosebrock, Debbie 98,104 Ross,Steve 49,5895 Rossman, Mike 77 Rouse, Debbie 39,110 Rush, Nathan 52,58 Rush, Tom 53 Russ,James 53 Russell, Marcus 29 Samuel, Mark 75 Sanderson, Cindy 107 Sanford, Deborah 94 Sanford, Karen 102,104,105,107 Santeney, Dana 96 Sayles, Mary 108,110 Scahill, James 29,67,95,104,106, 107,108 Smith Ernest 96 I Smith Houston 34,94,100 Smith, Jim 48 Smith, Karen 73 Smith, Kevin 98,19 Schmidt, Rick 46,108 Smith Mike Q0 Schmitz, Earl 53 Schultz, Charles 51,111 Scott, Brenda 107 Scott, Lagenia 110 Scott, Phil 99 Scruggs, Stephanie 97 Seats, Ronald lRonl 14 Segal, James 106 Senteney, Dana 100 Shaffer, Harrision 53 Shane, Peggy 102 Sharp, William E.92 Shaw, Deanne 19 Shaw, Debbie Kay 96,97,98,102, 101 Shaw, Diana 98 Shearer, Ernest 107 Shelton, Debbie 102 Shepard, Eddie 98 Siefert, Geri 34,96,110 Siefert, Paul 98 Siegel, James 104 Simpson, Roland 77 Sizemore, Marvin 104 Skele, Anna 95 Skudrovskis, Lillie 104 Sluder, Larry Joe 98 Smalling, Debra 107 Smith, Carrie 106,94,103,107 Smith, Greg 50,52 Smith Smith Rick 49 Tina 102 Snow, Wanda 95,104 Sovern, Theresa 104 Soltau, Janet 95,103,106 Sommers, Emma 69 Spears, Paul 99 Spence, Sandie 12,101,108 Spence, Theresa 111 Spencer, Isaac 99 Spencer, James 57 Spencer, Theresa 109 Spradlin, Gary 47,52,55,108 Spratt, Tony 53 Stafford, Bob 96,104 Stanfield, Mike 26,52,64,101,106, 107,108 Stansberry, Bart 99 Starks, Charles 107 Stevens, James 98 Stires, Linda 111 Stockton, Everett 48,71 Stoddard, Debra 102 Stokes, Teresa 101 Stomm, Patricia 101,102, 105,107 97 Stone, Linda 98 Stuck, Cathy 102,109,111 Suhre, Richard 99,107 Sumlar, Gail 105 riff? . ti ,if XX, gf Q-'grass 'nf u It Swan, Richard 22,23,42,101,143 Swan,Sally 98 Sweatt, Paula 111 Swinford, Debbie 104 Swisher, Scott 104 Tapp, Jack 53 Taube, Jennifer 104,111 Taube, Patricia 35 ,95,100,1 05,109, 111 Taylor, Donna 96,94,42 Taylor, Gwenann 66,94,1 07 Taylor, Kathy 96,98 Taylor, Lynn 107 Taylor, Roscoe 105,106 Toney, Pam 111 Townsend, Jerry 99,104 Trend, Michael 106 Trice, Dorothy 111 Trittipo, Elizabeth 99,100,104 66 95 Trotter, Mike 57 Troxell Brenda 107 Troxell Linda 104 Turner, Bruce 52 Turner, Dewayne 48 Turner, Margie 111 Turner, Pat 39 Turner, Paul 97,98,110 Turner Stephanie 110 . " W 'N-A -tv Ct! 7 ' xv" xl is xx "-rf .14 'Q 5 .fi ' ,L -.. 'U Aw. A f'f. 5 Q ll . ' 'Ft X- . V7 mt? t Q KJ li is x g 'I A it . 5, 5 xi' bis ' 'N x, l 't .2 k ' . 5 7915" ' f- ' :Q x " X ' 'lyk' 'N ' A Q 1 ' 1 . 4 i :tr ' rx 4, A F p 'W ex r. 7 V I ' ASQ -Q , 5 .Q 'f, "1 "S", Q21 of . 5 4. if' - 'G 1- K ' Q , 'wx' ' 0 o "'. ' Q I J.. r x . ' A if mf, A , 'G' -A' A-, ' - :A -.,, ,' P-1: . 1 at -- ,,. it A - -' N A ' t .rl V S. , 1. i .,- ,, g V xiii 1, . . Y 15,1 -- rsh' ' Taylor, Samuel 104 Tennex,Shelia111 Thomas, Dennis 48 Thomas, Leroy 77 Thompson, Barry 108 Thompson, Herbert 104 Thompson, Mary Ann 39,94,96, 101,110 Thompson, Mona 110 Thompson, Ron 31 ,96,101 Thompson, Rose 102 Thorman, Debbie 102,107 Tincher, John 92 Twigg, Ja mes 48,525 3,56 Van Auken, Kenneth 52 Underwood, James 99 VanCleave, Louise 100 Va nCIeave, Steve 104 Vandermark, John 94 VanWye, Randy 78 Varnado, Elliott 21 ,52,106 Vaughn, Dan 104 Vaughn, Kathryn 37,95,99, 104,106,111 Veney, David 94,99 Viers, Debbie 19,98,100 Vincent, Vera 100 Wade, Aniker 33,94,102,101,110 Wade, Randy 66,67 Waggoner, Mark 50 Waggoner, Cathy 73 Wagoner, Janice 97,101,110 Walker, Anthony 99 Walker, Fred 49 Walker, Virgil 51,108 Wall, Dennis Wallace, Jerry 47 Wallen, Dave 105,106 Wallick, Janine 94,101,104 Wallick, Jeanette 73 Ward, Anthony 53 Ward, Larry 47,55,108 Wardell, Willie 96,49 Warner, Christi 100 Washington, Beverly 106 Washington, Irving 99,103,104 Washington, John 57 Waterford, Carl 18 Waterman, Pam 102,111 Watkins, Dave 56 Watson, DeWayne 108 Watson, Melvin 53 Watts, Clement 20,39,96,98,99, 110,142 Watts, Maria 104 Watts, Richard 96 Watts, Stephen 95,108 Weber, Kris 98 Wells, Debbie 108 Wenz, Judy 100,111 West, James 53 West, Michael 100 West, Thomas M. 100,107 Wester, Sandra 104,105 Wheeler, Mary 104 White, Ronnie 101,108 White, Tim 39,96,100,107 White, Tyron 47 Whitecotton, Donald 42,94,96, 106 Whithorne, John 48,52,104 Whittaker, Buzz 58 Whobrey, John 111 Whobrey, Everett 99,101 Wienke, Patti 97,111 Wiley, Charles 75 Wiley, Roland 50,100 Wilkerson, Larry 48 Woods, Anthony 56 Woods, Buis 48 Woods, Margo 101 Wools, Patty Woodson, Daryl 75 Woodson, Mike 57 Worley, Anita 111 Wright, Levina 104 Wright, Lynn 96 Wright, Beverly 95 Yarbrough, Allen 77 Yarbrough, George 99 101 Young, Anna 20,97,100104 Zupan, Tony 47 T- I 1' ' ' ,f ru, ,v Y 1' I . , 1 I ' , U", K 3 1 1' ' , 1 111-. ,H ,Z-' 72. , J . N' , 4 'al' f' 'Q 'e ,' 1 .N -F I 1 ff' ' up fn' I Q Q 14 PJ' 1 7 ' ill 1 , f ' v I . " I Y A 11, 'f 'f' "f l"..fl' Willes, Sylvia 104 Williams Deloris 103,104 Williams, Frankie 99 Williams, John 48 Williams, Karen 95,100 Williams, Leon 94 Williams Marilyn 104,110 Williams Rosemary 35 Williams Williams Frances 110 Rosemary 111,35 Willis, Anthony 52,108 Willner Aletha 97,102 winner, Kathleen 21 ,97,100,102 Wilson, Antoine 73,104 Wilson, Carolyn 64 Wilson, Chris 102,110 Wilson, David 99 Wilson, Mary 95 Wilson, Paul 26,31 ,47,52,55, 95,101 ,106,107,108 Wilson, Patty 97 WiIson,Shirley 110 Wingo, James 107 Wisdom, John 79 Witsman, April 43 Wolfe, Holly 98,100 Wong, Diana 111 Wong, Teri 39,110 Wood, W. Michael 95,103,107 . 5 '.t Q A ' 1' u- Q u ' 3 IB 'Y . . I F gg 3 IIDY 'mug' r n Y , big H ' laik, .J I bfi nw' il: 1 . -Q '74, , .. .luv . ", dh A-5-v 5 E 'QQ ! HOWARD L. LONGSHORE TECH TEACHER 1940-1962 TECH PRINCIPAL 1963-1970 MAX GALLOWAY STUDIOS 20 East 14th Street 635-2200 WE'VE COME A LONG WAY FROM THE LITTLE DOG AND HIS HORN. A long way since 1906 when the Victrola' phonograph was introduced. And Nipper heard His Master's Voice. Now it's the 70's and we haven't even stopped for breath. Our latest milestone is Dimensia Ill stereo. A com- plete audio center for the home. Stereo phonograph, AM! FM Stereo radio, and tape cassette recorder. All in one. Sealed Cushionaire speakers give such power and depth to the bass, they can actually blow out a match. The Computer Crafted radio tuner is designed to pull in hard-to-get signals and separate crammed-together stations. We back all this up with an amplifier of 200 watts peak power. Dimensia lll. You've neverseen anything like it before. As for Nipper, he'd never have thought of it in his wildest dreams. But Dimensia lll stereo isn't all we have in sound. YOu'Il find many other phonographs. tape instruments and radios in the RCA line. ln all sizes and shapes. And all in the RCA tradition of quality that stretches back 64 years. We got our start in sound. And we haven't lost our voice. Not by a long shot. New vibrations from an old master. lllll lllllmll C I' I f omp :men s o lVlr. and IVlrs. Charles W. Bales KOEHLEB DISTBIBUTING COMPANY 2340 East Tenth Street 636-2345 SHADELAND FLOWER SHOPPE "Flowers Come By The Bakers Dozen" 4525 North Shadeland Avenue 545-2311 TUCHIVIAN CLEANERS 1832 East 10th Street 545-4321 'I ,v 4. Y r-5 I a l 5, ":1i::.Q,f+ l--lf 1 'y Ei Y 'Tlx ul-,Q ::::::::::::::::f .51 . ..... : ..., uwgvy mm., I, .. . um 3, fl H C. I' INDIANAPOLIS BLUEPRINT AND LITHOGRAPH, INC. 600 East Ohio Supplying professional and amateur alike, vve have stereo, tape, phono, CB, ham and many other components on display. 4131 North Keystone Avenue open 9 to 6 VanSickIe Radio Supply Sweaters, pens, penants, pins, rings, paper, pamphlets, ARSENAI. TECHNICAL W Z dx , BooKsToRE- ,, ,533 The store for all your ,ul J ape urs v i text books- YOU CAN ALSO GET ALL YOUR TECH YOUR SIGN OF BEST QUALITY SOUVENIRS n I i and other goodies! QI- Buy the best for less at RICHARD'S MARKET BASKETS 3 fine supermarkets 2350 East 52nd Street. at Keystone 4401 East New York Street at Euclid 3701 East 38th Street at Sherman Drive 38th and Sherman store open 24 hours ARMINGRAUL BRIGHTWOOD HARDWARE INC. BEAUTY SALON 2506 Martindale 2356 North Sherman Drive 923-7846 546-2835 DEARBORN HOTEL Harold G. Engelhardt Class of '22 CARAVAN IMPORTS GIFT SHOP, Congratulations, Seniors 2209 East M'Ch'9an from a Secret Admirer 636-9084 THE SMART SHOP For the big date or for any place Meadows Center Esquire Plaza Greenfield Bev Reed, Jane Shuff, Yvette Carr THE ALICE SHOP TERRY'S POODLE EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS Buy for the Entire Family GROOMING 209 West Washington Street 2108 East 10th Street 1129 North Beville Avenue 634-3446 632-1934 636-7124 GOLDEN IMPERIAL INC. S. R. D. RURAL PHARMACY 1640 East Washington Street was here 2801 East Michigan Street 636-1566 632-5506 GATQRADE The Vigor Drink For Titanic Titans of all sizes STOKELY FORK TRUCK Sales, Service, Rentals 2222 East 10th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 637-3325 Gardner Electric Company, Inc. 2313 East Michigan Street Industrial Commercial Domestic N CC. First Class Workmanship Quality Material 638-5532 ,AML faulty Con, if BEAUTY COLLEGE House OF JAMES Enroll Novv Become a Licensed Beautician-Stylist Day and night classes Budget Terms Free Placement Service Northside Eastside Westside Southside Northeast Eagledale Whiteland 251-9269 359-5339 241-9368 786-2208 898-8456 923-6351 535-7191 HOME OF AFFORDABLE FURNITURE RICHARD BENNETT FURNITURE 5804 East Washington Stre t 356 7211 PE PSI-COLA You've Yimfggige QOH' AMERICAN FLETCHER to NATIONAL BANK 2122 East 10th Street 633 2340 live! gf" if!-v 3 'lanman ,flomrr Shop, lm. 1? ' VEFIA'S FOOD IVIAFI KET 2106 East 10th Street 4108 East Michigan Street 632-5191 356-6371 SEARS CARTEFVS GULF AND EEEQKWQEQTHER ?8E4IZfVEis5 ?CItI:ISI?eIeIt 3514 Syrah Couege 632-2254 9 ue 924-1934 COMPANY ROBERT T. MULLIN AGENCY si'5iz1siuiA'ri'S CI-EMER ' -, X, ! INSURANCE 631 East 86th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 257-6565 SPORTSMAN'S CLEANERS G 15 North State Street Funeral Home Inc. 631-8232 Thoughtful Service Harold D. Unger, Pres. it E A new and larger Chapel PROFESSIQNAL 3 BOWLING BALL INC. 6 Q 3 1601 E. New York Street 5142 Nladiggn Avenue 4' 4 ' 786-4329 il 632-5374 For the Best in Meat . . . Shop at Shorty's Fairway Market. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Shorty's Fairway Market 1610 Roosevelt Avenue 636-7104 Inside and outside dining Complete carry-out service Two locations. . . Tenth Street at Emerson 5255 Southeastern 020 eautg 8 3azKez offege 2970 CENTRAL AVENUE PHIJNE 924-2152 INDIANAPEILIS, INDIANA -I I TEE-KAY 1,-f -. ,jf 1' Q 54, FLOWER 51-'Op RIVOLI THEATRE 'C '91 0 5-3 1 3524 East 10th Street 3155 East 10th Street I 'I ff x 638-4264 636-1297 F Y is Y 'Im 4 4 ni I Z LOTT'S PRIZE 4, ,ff TRIANGLE PRINTING CO. SANDWICH SHOppES '18 4 sjaf , ' 5 I , 4004 lVlHd'S0f1 Ave- 2831 East 38th street 'e 3. ' 788-3488 547-9305 Carol Don 0 M A T 2 The Tech Bowling ' I Club Welcomes ' tt,., You Every I Tuesday 4 to 5 P.M. W' BCWL-O-MAT Manager Charles Aydt Just Roll Around to 2950 Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive 638-3458 I- I! I, Q an - 'E 37 4' -'n V 0 Q Sincere Thanks To Those Who Lent ci Helping Hand On completion of the 1971 Arsenal Cannon, yearbook staffers extend appre- ciation to the following: Richard Kennard, for helpful advice and color shots . . . Max Galloway Studios for constant services . . . Senior Office for use of caps and gowns and help in con- tacting seniors . . . Don Knorr for work with IBM in developing our theme . . . Bill Guess for his patience with our experimentation . . . Ivan Christensen for special photos . . . Faculty members for reading bulletins and assisting with senior data sheets . . . Club sponsors and teachers for allowing invasion of class- rooms by photographers.. . Bill Bolander, for help at Photo Clinic in August. William M o o n, for donating music rooms for group photos . . . Kenneth Puckett, for financial advice. . . The many advertisers for support and kts xxa 1 W: -F T sets? X Vs ,xii "P HIGH POINT YEARBOOK AGENTS-FRONT FOW: Grace Hederich, Patty Fagan, Mary LaFara Margaret Brown, Peggy Curtis, SECOND ROW: Willa Mae Price, Martin McDaniel, Bryan Bloomer Dennis Thomas, Debbie Coffman. Not pictured Debbie Long. CHATZ I J .... .. C. HAMILTON PRINTING CO. 2112 East 10th Street 636-4066 if ,, , . 'X ARSENAL CANNON ALUMNI l-lansow l-l. Hanson H. Anderson represented Tech at its best-Tech as the smallest, newest high school in Indianapolis, Tech during its growing and maturing years, Tech today, He was one of the first eight faculty members when the school opened in 1912. He later became head of the Mathematics Department, and was principal from 1937 till 1958. During these years, the school grew to an enrollment of over 7,000, and was named by the James Bryant Conant Report in 1959 as a nation-wide model for the com- prehensive high school. During his years at Tech, Mr. Anderson built a reputation for excel- lence, professionally and personally. Among faculty and students alike 1888-1971 he inspired a zest and loyalty that called forth the best in each. His ideals were the highest, his leadership confident, his discipline firm, and his friendship warm and abiding. After his retirement in 1958 his support of Tech remained unflagging. On many occasions he visited the campus, chatted with teachers and pupils offered never failing support for all that was best at Tech, He was a familiar, loyal figure at athletic events and assemblies. On February 3, at 83, Hanson H. Anderson ansvvererl his last roll call. His school will miss him, but he will remain our constant friend. I ll Qu...-." 0 4 -S Y HCHH Q,-1. Men + -4.- -vs- ...- ,ml JVM' ,APY wj .. 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V-41 rf' '.,' . ff kf 'IA ," -.o-',wX,- 1 . 4q,. -,D -I Y. 4 , .g-A'-N.:-..'.,J5. .itz-1473. ,, KLA ,pw N ft , ,l l ' 1.-1 If 'LJ--,-rw' - i v--W v- .W-...-"rv-4-'Vu ,, ,J '.' 4 1-4 1".1'.l- ff 1. - , L. .JM , Vt!..5,, ,I ,,.,- A ,,y ,V,v,gi, , '-.4-, J:m'4...' , 9 ' 1 - ' I' ' '1 711 4 1 - ' F'x,:g.'v-'Wu -A--N '-Q-U.:-,491 ' '.4r'.. l V' .1, ry I' .4-" ly 'h ' '.. f' 'r L H 'Q -I X .' 'Y' v..'---, 'HV ' A ' P ' V ': 4 ,. , . -Q-xp .'.' v sq.. nj. .Q .yn-'-"+f bfv -vw ,. . - 'A X , . .jg ,,.4-Nigzhd. '. .,,' . -. n ' 1- ' j. ,,. . 4 4 f ., x ,' .,,, , 'flf' - ' 2.-If v , ',k.1w. ' '. , -.-,'g,-bw I , .vu A , 14' 1, 1 M w. ,p'f.'1 pg, . ."', " ,X , ,. Ku- A, df 1' ,A ., -V ,N ,:1,, -' . 1 9 .L xx 71,57-tv '-,. llwafnx ,K -V, ji ffx ,vw .' JM N VA, f M V1 :N-W,-N 4 JN: .N ll. ., w ', . ' "V A ' 1' if . -A ' ':'1 1 xx .U 'fix A.. x 57' AA 1 ,114 V 4r,,- at 4 wx, l, 4. A.--,H -r' .: , A 4 - ,4 - . P . - , . - 4- f 4 4 , ff rx ,lyvyt I .. 1 v , V , , - A 4 ,Sq , ,4 x. Y -.aug , I' A , 4 --- f' .',- an , - ,'1.- .x-, - , il' 1 f IT: . 1 .A W A l , 4 K I . ,t, 1 , ,' , 'F . 4 H LA its! I x i ,' ',,, "I I 'f 'vu ,, .N ' V3,,.! ', . 'V I 4 . A' , -Q ' .':2 I , v . ' ' .-, ' ', ,wf ' k x ,, , .9 x . 1 . 2 ' I Y' y . ,,'1 1' ' . 1' xsl. .h 4 4 Q., AXA, 'N .Q 1 xx. 1 4 . - .-3 . L 1. .. 4 X . 4 , , , 'V . , -rn f. , , J' .. '- w ' , . X ,-4 . V 1.-Jtha' ,vp . .vp .fffv Y ' . 4 . , -,. , .,. V 4 .. - fr, , - ,V . 5- v W, A . -Q -1' '14 'v .V g. it ' . 'qw ,, 4 . i - - f 4 ' .,. ' 'f' .I 1, ,.k My hx . ',, - ' ' ,-1'..Lw ' N.- H rf? .X I 4 - 1 '1 'F'-A-2 'I w,.-.U- 1 F. mf". iw-, . 'Av I V ' . A-3 , . ,. yi' j, 5, .wlv ' M jf!-. .N Ivvyff ' 4 'V . . 7- 4-'f"'L '3' 'Z Q 'r ,w 15" - 2 xr, ,I .gl N yfQ4Q.,fL Y . A .' ' ..,.-- 5 A ,gt-. ,, - . qv. , ' W. ,.'1'r1-'.g-3-1' .A', . A -I , . -si U A' y.,:W-.V !,:,MqV,.A H3 if k V -'u iw -"-'Q ' .' '14, .- t . - ' ' -M, X v- . '. ,, V .- 1.4-A - .. , f QQ, i W f ' 11' Aff . ' I . 'V ' ' ' lxY,'. ,la Qt ' -J. Hu. v K .VI AIX J N A ' ff :QQ 1,""' 5iV, ,- L- ,. j ' F Q, .f , ... -f,,. AV A' A. vf- .L 1,7 q ... - " 4 W, : vi' I ' H , I V ' 5 1 A' 4 I -' , X . 1 A V ', ... ,,, ' ':f"'w' ' - " f 3: ., . L K, rv, 'H L I jf-' ,vnu - A 4 ll. K, .1 LH g,',':.4 ,H V I I, NX I Ap'-3"" , 'Q pl? , , - 1 . 5-111- , , wg , U ' D an-'1, 'ii -6. ,. 'e w..v - x A ',' 1. , 2 A,,,' 4 N' '4 ' ' Tx--M 3+ f.1.x,jf-'Q ,g. Mfg 4 A. j,:Qn"t,l3"V,, ' 4 f- 1. - 1- "- , !.' ,. .A ,K . ., 4 , Q -, ' '- ' ,- II ,A - '. . w.. .', W '-"'.' 1 1.1' ' .V nf' ' 5, Y 1' . '11, . QR ' w V I . S . ,??.."? " .g , ' . ,V . , -A v'.'. X'--, ., l 58. ,V I . 1 up 5. ' . , .x 'Y -' ,- 4 , x"ii"."'::1,Q,! ' ,,:,., 2 ,FL 4 ,iw 3' .. u 1 1. . '-4 ' 4 -1: V:uV ,A,IA W ' v-,N ,. Y .wwf ww aw ' if fp ' M- ' --- -' vJ,i'I. .---,, .m if 3 ..q'-w , nyl- 1 " 1'-' '.g' 'a1"'1- l "'?'3,W'lm' -1i.'fy4":' 'f ' W' A' -"'5f'L QL' f 'QM 'f 4.,!""."' 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