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ff7 V-f-11.11 fr 'I f 4965441 Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis ndlana S E cANNoN A VI 56 Lf Activities I 6 """"' 0 Athletics 52 v Classes 70 ' Hi Tech . . . What's New? Seniors 96 0 Who's Who l32 ' Advertising l6O 'ioan-'I if :fri " f 4 A., 'A' K. ,il 1' Q nlP',1" . S . . i fn L 1 .--4 -in .x'. .-. g f2.g5"5' 1' f -1- -9 .', What's new in the Year of Our Moon 'Ol? With the landing of American astronauts on the lunar surface last summer, the whole world is repeating the famous phrase of Neil Armstrong, "That's a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind." Only yesterday, men doubted man's ability to con- quer spaceg today commercial airplanes are starting a waiting list for lunar tourists. Tomorrow, who knows what frontiers of earth and space man may conquer yet? In such a world of new beginnings, many feel the old times are gone. 5 is Q, Gag.. Nw as IN THE LIMBO of the Main's fourth floor, an ancient clock with a tortured second hand takes its final time-out. SALLY HARDING SHOWS OFF her extra huge sun glasses in the morning's bright sun light. Sally was often seen in her "bug-eyes". CHERYL LEE and Carolyn Hand show that oomfort and ease were made available for girls when culottes appeared on the '70 scene. at fum-L KY, 3 Y if 1 dia WJJQQQZH ""f5' ef f -.wt .,,, ,, , X W Q , sf ,. W 1 A 71.221 YIPES! STRIPES! Titan's got 'em. Shown above is just one of the many different kinds of striped pants worn on Tech's campus. NEW? WILD? CRAZY? Fashions are about as far out as outer space. Slave bracelets such as this one attract attention. Bold fashions, new look on campu HAIR, HAIR EVERYWHERE and not a lock in place. Hair is the "in" thing this year and it's popping out everywhere-not only on the head, but on the lips and chin as well. . . . and on the Tech Campus? lVlod pavement pounders are new, culottes for girls are new land legalized!! Bells are back-not just tardy bells, but bell bottom pants. . . bright and bold or plain, with flair that's conservative or full enough for elephants. Hair continues to grow . . . Meanwhile, adjusted perfectly for earth vision, bug- eye glasses are out of sight! New! New! New! What's next? Wait and see! irguisgjy , . fzlsp 5' ' ..-851 Y ., ,-M' . A ...J -, ,Q 'R 3 'isqbwva' A, Lil N .. STEPHANIE IMEL lcenterl and Glenda Arnett undoubtedly censor the use of scissors on their ever-growing long hair, while Judy Carroll has given up the struggle. Scissors may apply also to clothing as hemlines continue to climb. Q .. ,i N n-"5 Ns .t pn v WM- 'I Nw-qqgnuv' E "" .U Qrder amid confusion characteriz s Tech life In a world of racial strife, Viet Nam war, LSD, and Laugh-In, much remains the same as before. The sun sends its morning rays through the branches of Liberty Grove. Birds awake as Techites arrive to share a few moments with friends. At intervals, the ringing of the bell triggers an onslaught of people, pouring into halls and walkways-calling 5,000 cheery "hi's" to the rhythm of moving feet. The cafeteria becomes a track where everyone prac- tices the fine art of walking faster than he can run- driven not so much by hunger as by the desire for lei- sure time to spend with friends. A NEW DAY BREAKS on Liberty Grove and the old familiar routine begins again. The trees date from World War I. . . 3,4 "WHAT'S NEW? Where's everyone going in such a rush? New friends say hi and old friends leave me. Gee l wish that I could be a Titan and run like that," a campus mutt seems to be saying. ,ffm i N 499 f J NOT NEW BUT ALWAYS TYPICAL, is the hustle of students as they go to class. HAVE YOU EVER been in the doorway when the bell rings? Good luck! Traffic pours from the Main making headway for the next critical five minutes. , X! .' 1' k 'fn 0 45 IN THE CAFETERIA everything is tongue in cheek-or is it hamburger? Ask Richard Gibson: maybe he knows. APPROPRIATELY HAUNTED BY A STROBE GHOST, the gears of the old clock groan and echo in the dusky gloom. A PERFECT SETTING for a ghost story, the tower stairs of the Arsenal are a little known area on the campus. What's old i new . . . Arsenal Tower Those who want a new experience should visit the oldest spot on the campus. . . Arsenal Tower. Step- ping from Tech's busy modern halls into the Tower is like stepping back into the days of castles and knights. Its cracked and crumbling walls add to the medieval airp and in the shadowy mist of many flights of long darkened stairs the eerie feeling of long ago hangs all around. At the top sit the works ofthe three ancient clocks. The massive gears now provide the power to turn the hands that were once stopped. From this aged alcove we obtain the time that we live by today. 1 A RANK OF RUSTY GEARS mesh their cogs and turn the hands of the three-faced clock. The hundred year old levers help regulate the actions of the clockwork and increase accuracy. LOQKING UP THE TOWER STAIRWELL the infrequent visitor studies the suspension of weights to activate the gears. Renovation two years ago enabled the clock to catch up with the times. ,ff 'K g li. I U lows, Qi, 'AAFTN--.XNQ JK K As 'A Full calendar keep Titan movin :sg in ax i . .gl X SUNNY WEATHER brings band and art classes outdoors to practice their skills. Herman Rich- 'sl ' d t k f der a to el. ,Tr 1 ar son a es re uge un w ' , 5 .J J! A ii 1 'I I ' 5 JZ! A SHIRLEY DAVIDSON finally "gets ir" f 'f 5 1 as Mrs. Pauline Caldwell explains the slide it i M ii " rule. Q ll" s ,LN , bf' A+-.,,, """""'7-rum "IF THlNGS GET IN YOUR WAY-move 'em." This must be the Majorettes' motto as some terrified motorist will soon find out. n wygxgz E. i -f 4311 by 14 E Wpt " 5 5' Q X TRN ,, . - H ,Q -i-- sy x it wits Q, . . 'I " 3" '4 KQV . . , as . . ,A ,Y CWS, - E as ,123 A - . 'W W ,Q 1 AWED BY lT ALL, Carol Beverly keeps her cool at an- other Titan football game. MAJOR ETTES SWING to the call of a summer work-out, perfecting their routine. i I -ff. " 'ii U, ,V,, Q., , 2 X l T 'vrvv ' -ug?-,.'.,. V '15, rg, I lf f ' 5 'Vs ' " . - Q. v ' ' ' 1 B .it NR . V ,'."51?Q fffigwaq gl 59 M M... N -' .2 4' K 4 e..v,,,,q,,. L F r " 545 1' l S I' mx u 4 - P f -af 54121 14. r-5 2" , I ' 0,5 'Z' xmj.-jw,',',"f tg: ' 3 5 4 , Q 7 ' a . ' :ef :lm : 'N '.'-war. . , , . ,Mui .VM ' fi: 2 1. WX 1 fe i ,J ,gi 'iiiii i lf. - rrrr - .A '.D I , 'Q' ll W Illlf dll! ,Y PULLING TOGETHER yearbook staffers take time out from the book to enjoy a day at Broad Ripple Park. And busy times they are! Throughout the school year our campus buzzes with a vast variety of activities. Senior roll rooms design floats for the Homecoming. A botany class hastens to discover the world of plants at first hand before snow appears. Work progresses on the 1405 project of the Building Trades Department. In the Printshop nine male pupils learn to set cold type by magnetic tape. And a new class, Cashiering, "regis- ters" with pupils. If the pupil wants it, Tech has it. linu- TE..- . ...ns 9 - , .. , , .,.,. , , s,,, H.. . gi 12' W 'f ,J ,.,. , J-.. j , - - .gt'?':f ' 1. ' r . I Q TSW: ti. . M if 14 mek. ,.., " - ' we -wi . - . G . ! . .WM SENIOR HONOR SWEATERS-FRONT ROW: Rex Marshall, Phyllis Reynolds, Robert E. Davis, Debbie Deckard, Glenda Arnett. SECOND ROW: Robert Gladden, Henrietta Peterman, Carol Brown, Linda Cook, Donna Miller, Karen Darland. THIRD ROW: Mike Trittipo, Rick Bedwell, Jerry Laker, James Alstott, Marie Greene, Dorothy Panhorst, Linda Celland. FOURTH ROW: Rob- ert Kares, Steve Johnson, Marcia Morgan. Honors, acti it ,dates keep ' 0 Seniors busy The great day is upon us! We are seniors-upper classmen-the priority set of the campus. Our life at Tech is coming to a close. Just four short years ago, we were the fumbling freshmen who were dropping our books and getting lost three fourths of the time. Gradually, we grew, both physically and mentally, until now, we are the elite senior class of Tech High School-the Class of 1970. "Senior"-ority is something special. It is achieved through three years of toil and sweat. lt represents 2,790 minutes of underclass roll room, crowned by achieving senior status. lt is a year of senior activity, quickening at last in commencement. And suddenly from this final viewpoint we realize that our years at Tech have zipped by with dizzying speed. CHRIS COPELAND models for senior pic- ture photographer Max Galloway. , .mm s:,qq:,. '-. M5 . I , DIANE WRIGHT and Steve Wilson spell out their homecoming theme. We-ef N3 wr KS. - an BALANCING THEIR MORTAR BOARDS, Melanie Morphew, Andrew Taylor, Margo Ransom, Gene Honeycutt, Marsha Witsman and Dale Rigglemen find the cap and gown experience a "IeveI-headed" one. 8'1- ?i'C'f-ff QW-if PET, S - il Q I A . W its ,,r . -rv -fy .- , , , X 1 xi' ff 1 A-Tgfr iq 15- "'K '1 fi-'f:+i. BLASTINQ OFF to a great start Roll Room 6 was the winner of float competition with "Rocket to PFNSCI U-A BURRUS gives 3 big Smile f0f the Redskins" for this year's homecoming game. the camera after being crowned Homecoming Queen. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Marsha Rae Morgan, Chris McDonald, Debbie Deck- ard, Dottie Panhorst, Teresa Freeman, Mr. Richard Allen, Mrs. Patricia Schmalz, James Smith, Mrs. Anne Swedeen, Justus Decher, Steve Watts, Jackie Fagan, Judy Sultzer, Mr. John Wiggins, Cyndi Lewis, Ron Buses, Kim Anderson, Randy Auble. Q54 X -if L. 1 If fwww' 1 Ess- -f 1' X ff ,. 5 get 3:5fs02 a QQ A ' sw N ,wifi g s1Qf1f2'a ,igkx s is K j J ,- v Q M 'f- rv if , ,arf it in Z' Z, W r u g 2 : 1 7 'iw sf M4 ,X fc... , P ,, Q 2? T 5 'Z-N ' ,' v fs 1' " r i f i i S if fcfiffi W QQ Qjfil fi iidzi-5E,. n . Q ' Q ai ' I V4 str ., :,,,. l S ,: 1 . ' "' X ,ff If ' ' . A ' 1 , y ' y V i' ' KW f . " 'F' f 4fg " i f 1 V fm? ,A ,ff A fy G r 11 , Af? f mv, 4 fx az f Jw 1 I fx' 4 if 6 f Wm ,f 'Q Q 'Z Iv. il. Friend crowd m mory years 53' , Vi? sf. 5. 'Uv 53 7 HW' ""5Ix'lSmaww.w 'Nwwmmwi f' . '.,'--.f"Qj' T Q 1? 4,..,. . ' .Rhys I .1-:rf ' 'nj Yesterday, today, tomorrow . . . Four years of living and learning. . . in snow, slush and ice of winter, in the lilac fragrance of blossoming spring. And through it all, Tech, you have been ours. . . our friend. You are the tears ofan F on grade day, the smiles of pride in a job well done. . .the friendships remem- bered. You have given us a few short years of laughter, learning, and competition. We thank you, Tech. You are no longera few buildings, and a bell, you are a part of us-a helper for four years, a reminder for the rest of our lives, a memory that will never die. ' M I .X , A X X, i 5 Ill W and ll ' I I li Q A Q 1 o 1 IA I I I I I 0' ' 1 l llll I Ill -1 O l U Ill Ill 'U l'ODlli llffullli, ll All lAlll.l.'.llU'f... Inq 9 , ,,.. aonlulcnlluolllllusl q .. ,. ,, llllllflil H Alllllll ll l 1- .. 'Q asoanlualwl illllellnf' ilgggq scientist!! wslllltll lineman 'lIllll'Qllll llllllfll long U l l Q U 4 Q Q Q Q Q A ne I I I l l li " I a Q lllllll-lil! lllllll, ll.. a 0 Q 1 Q Q Q 0 l 0 l l Vl All Q II' , ,, 1 Q nano llllll - jltlllg ng ls laoalllasata ,llsonl 5 Ugg. Q 0 0 Q 1 0 0 l 0 Q 0 0' a 0 1 Q li 1 . 4 gg g Q g 'lunsa,lQnnuanQ HIIOOQA .,g,..,,, nasal uanasaoioi. D ll A . sl g gg, . 1 . .V lcaalsolsilnio' an U S Q- a 'gg q Q .1 I I I D I O I C O O I ' Q as Q Q- Q Q Q Q Q g g Q Q I ll Q l,l I D 0 9 D ' "' ' A , 1 of 9 0 Q Q 1 il G ll 0 I Q lui If O fn A l 1 - f n 9 H 0 0 o a 1 o 'lfl U iv I Ovlggb Q as Al 1 K s 'QQ Q 0 Q Q All 0 0 l 0 I A ' ll f A K 9 if 0 l l I l 0 o a n Alslbl I I 0 I xi H 'B ' K 8 ff 8 1 ill I D Q l 0 0 ,l 0 Q 0 in H l an 0 il H a I I I ll I 0 an 0 a I l 'All H U U 'P 'S 1' il IA I li l I Q 0 Ag. U lr I lb AA 5 if Q ll H if I ll ' I I Q n 0 Q Al- I U1 If 1' l H ll if 4 G ll!! 0 l a o o c jllninq 2 Al wil' Ill :donna ,All l Q I vm 1 Q 8 Q 8 li K I ll H l I U l el 010.005 fifballllv A 'liwf 'lllllaoaunn litany Q0 liw iv 3 'artisan-an AAIAU! U, all H Ai 9 Q Q, U 9 Q Q 1 H Ill I I I ll Q 1 ' 'S sb in Q :il If 'F I 0 ll I 'f ' 0 jlifl.-.' 'W V 'S A-l 'llll' llhlv Q I AQ!-pai will s ,Clit lllh' 4. gg ,gnu asuvnuwwa Q ,laaaauuh 1 1 ll, UQUUHSUW I if Alllllll- - ln! iflx NQOUWQH lillll I' NAIAQ' Q at Q K Q an in ll!!! aw U I li 'V II 240953529 I. Allllll -f lain 1 Al, A ff -W 'EA-A Q lillll D as v if U I i Alf ' Q, ww! Ill Qi All lla fillAllA ln Ano DHA .'AAAAL I' Ht ll lil -v 1 1 ll QUWOAA xl ASU llllll Awvllli 0 Q, D Q Q lllf U 5 n 1 In u A i ig :' as .ly if HA I I ' if fr 1 5 l l I I 0 QA I 1 an b Q -Q R or as I Al 1 A if A Q 4 Q 0 if Q l s QA as 5 ,,,, 1 n .si I Q Q A ' ff O 0 U as 3 I I o I of W an Q A Q lu .I l 41 I uf u a 3 Q I I I 0 I I 0 Af if Q 5 1 A - if as An 'U A k an I I Q Q 0 o is 'v" QQAI, as as Q lc il If c a ff Q HUUQ S I fill' 0 Q as 1 Tl W AA if ff 1 0 u 4 n n S . 1 ,A A W I I 'P Q I I I Q Q Q 5 ai .ini y V 3 Q Q ff 'VV' as Q Q fs Q I AV 'Q A 3 9 I I I are as ll Q if U f D I Q ,fll ,V.. A ,if "', I it H U A . 9 K . ' . Q H AA AQ ,,,, W 1' :ff U 0 1 A K 3 fb Q N AA O O S 8 I I l Q 'u 'b V.',V ' 5 54 if AZ '11 U-A i S Q f . lit as H Q f A Q a if n I 0 0 UAA J if Q W QE Ainu as , - 0 Q I I lf U H Af I 1. 9 U 'Q 1 I UAA 9 U Q I I I I 0 l B Q, 'T I, Q' I, QA lv. Q U fs 4 as I I IA 0 I Af ,ukq X ji If l I A as A A I I 0 I ',. A i '.A, A is U l 0 I I 0 I D Q G 'A I ' I l l lr U AA,V 9 if 8 xA 'P ll U r as 1: K :A if n vu 1 I l nl 9- . 1 as if wk fs Jgf Q 1 in Q 3 Q Q 5 1 as Q Q Q 5 Q Al ,av Q 0 ll I an an B K K 8 H if 9 I A ' Y I -I- anni M ana min If 4 X' 1 ul ll A B U I 9' S H G I C fi I D - - Ill A al B in Q F U U If 0 Q I 0 0 0 I f M 5 if B ' U Q r as 'A Q Q A Q l l 3 I 4 G K, A,f. A, an it Q lb I A K D 'S 1 C Q i IA lllAl'l 'D ll 1 A till Z cl 'llill ll ,llA' willl lw gill Kill!!! I 'l,i lk gwggg s full SIOII I ljlflll, I I if ll A A as lllll 'Q U ll I I A I A' li Q ill llllll ' I I Ill I ll I l Q I I O Ill! H If I U I I UI A AA I U I ,'l 9 0' V 4 9 I U V " l I can ,li A ll ll 5- ' " ' ' ngnili I is in lf , ll -ll ' li ' Q Q A A' ' as . 1 Q Q- Q an n ml l - 0 - ' - I l Q Q if QQ Q .Q g. - I I . U I Q I if I I I I l -f i ll I gn 1- 1 I l I a - - Q - I I it Q Ill I I 1 a n A 0 A I ,A gg 3 Q 4 I p Q - n 1 u 1 Q lj A I Q I I I 4 0 e 0 I I I I 'l - I u a U - - - o I 0 I I 41 v A I I I I heerleaders put pazz z in Titan pirit The cheerleader spirit campaign is re' ceiving an enthusiastic welcome from the student body. Selling booster badges and booster buttons, the lovelies promoted school spirit and instilled Tech pride. Boosting the various athletic groups is an important job for the cheerleaders. Be- fore each game they decorate the team l NEITHER RAIN nor cold keeps Mary Jones, varsity cheerleader, from showing Tech spirit at sport events for Tech. RESERVE CHEERLEADER Freida Mindach helps yell about the strength of the Titans at reserve and varsity games. rooms and bulletin boards. Occasionally, the boys are surprised by a sack of goodies prepared by the girls. During the games the cheerleaders must change a lifeless blob of people into en- thusiastic Titan fans. They have been re- paid by the joy of creating zest. SITTING AMONG THE DEBRIS of one of the Tech games is Andrea Hunt. Her injury does not subdue her "go-get-'em" spirit. Reserve and Varsity participate jointly during t h e fo o t b a I I season. Reserves sparked the cheerblock during the basket- ball season while Varsity led cheers from the floor. The freshman group, chosen in mid-fall, participated at freshman basket- ball games. WITH LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM and plenty of pep, Jenny Corsaro, varsity cheerleader, helps lead Titan cheers. STARTING THEIR FIRST year at Tech by backing the freshman Titans, are Freshman Cheerleaders, Debbie Hartsburg, Toni Corsaro, Mary Mills, Judy Abernathy, and Sylvia Hanneman. 1 ,pn Q . AI, A g VARSITY AND RESERVE Cheerleaders salute the flag at the opening of the Shortridge football game. lSee page 150.l WY .gil Y' ., 3- is 1 ,Q as .slr is 'V yy' li? wif? s i 5' if I 'fy Q A MARSHA SH EWMAN keeps warm under a cozy blanket during half-time at one of the colder home games. ieB Q L Q. f' aku -'Wi-flag 0 ' 1' ' f,.-fgjye I . . 1 WITH A YELL and lots of nerve, the Varsity and Reserve cheerleaders collapse their popular human pyramid. "THERE MUST BE A WAY . . . " Karen Dar- land and Susie Cutshaw ponder the problem of winning more spirit at a home football game. i", 'wif' 4-Q.. .i"'k, 148. .Q 5. . K1 sf I : Q 1 Q if 2 U .ANJN l xx is it-it l 'E by 1 hum-af.. ei l if E if 9 '35 V fg 'V "lrZ'? f f W W ,ff 31. t 'W af ef ,R 1,gf.2,X dy., . I ' .: Y get s .,,, X DRUIVI IVIAJORS Jim Alstott and Henrietta Peterman step off briskly as they lead the marching band in the Veterans' Day Parade. fi if! EWZ2' E555 1 'M stixx T55 BQ at , .. i, THE TITAN MARCHING BAND frames the Soldiers and Sailors Monu- ment as they near the end of a long hard march in the Veterans' Day Parade. The new uniforms came in the spring. :TE 3 QS gz So mb SS 4.0, 30 33. CDO 35 FL.. 3' FD D! D :. O V5 O -h L O '4 O Q E ID U7 Z J 'H O Q: U' C P+ Pi 3' fD 1 Q U1 F9 O 'h FP J' FD WYWWWMQMM Q 255141 OIKIQIUH WQM Bandsmen, Majorettes feature new togs MAJORETTES Tina Hart and Ellen Anderson relieve their tensions with some baton-play as the band prepares line-up before a football game. THE BAND and majorettes execute a close- order drill during half time at one of Tech's home football games. B we-Q? Earning money for new uniforms was the biggest goal set by the Band this year. The uniforms cost about S110 each, over a hundred were ordered to arrive in time for the 500 Festival Parade. The biggest money-making project was the Chatard game which was declared Band Night. During November, the band made the switch from march music to more serious works. The group played for the Thanks- giving Assembly. Majorettes, too, acquired new uniforms Appearing at the first home game in their new silver outfits, the Titanettes this year, came up with a new idea. Half of the girls did a dance routine while the rest of them twirled batons. The groups alter- nated, injecting more interest into the half time shows. DRUM MAJOR Jim Alstott steps out as the band moves to a new formation. "THlS IS HOW lT'S DONE!" says Majorette sponsor Mrs. Donna Sims as she demonstrates a new routine in after-school practice. "nfl Q es . 5 ii 'S ,Qi fl 1. . I F L ' , L50 -Q . .5 if 4 W-av 'X fa. E lv ii- Y 1 In 'hm Q g r , 5535: - fa 'Hitt X .f ...xl xg. 'V f 'S ,. A , V. V xr .1 K ' x li A 'N Q if fs Yi? A is ' at fl f 'gg , J ,.. .3 . A r ' p W , - ,sl , . - V Er!! V 1 R55 21 .wx I 4721532 1 " - f E A . K l I "Vi 1 ' - A 5 i, 1. .-nu. .. CHERYL WALSH who joined the Music Department second semester, arrived just in time to coach the girls for some of the vocal events in the happily introduces herself by singing to the Girls Concert Club. Miss Walsh State Music Contests. IN A FUN-PACKED PRACTICE SESSION, members of the Girls Concert Club are busy trying to memorize festival music. For two Saturdays in January, Tech was host school for the contests. , - - its X , , 1 4 A, 3 X we t w 4 9 ,, X M we , , file iw AFTER SHEDDING WINTER WOOLENS, and completely unmindful of the 22 degrees below zero weather outside, the Boys Concert Club members warm their souls with peppy songs. . Groups groove toward programs, game xi, , - :'y ,gary f sw' all SAXOPHONISTS RANDY WADE, Paul Richardson and Dennis Weeden strive for perfect harmony during a rehearsal. The 17 piece group enjoyed a growing program of outside engagements. -,, DON KNORR UNDERSTUDIES THE "MUSIC MAN" for a dance band appearance, coaxing hot and sweet sounds from the slide trombone. ln numerous practice sessions, the 53 girls in Concert Club readied for the Christ- mas program for which they donned their new green A-line dresses and sang with other vocal groups. Earl Shay, new director of the Boys Concert Club, prepared the 30 boys for a program to be sung with the Techoir at Christmas time. Class after school? Sure, if you want to be in the Dance Band. Under the baton of director Joseph Bachmeyer, the group re- hearses after school almost every day. The 17 members enjoyed playing in the "big band" style which is currently experiencing a comeback. In its second year, the band played at the Senior Parents Reception and the lVlar- shall High School IVlilitary Ball. Doubling as the pep band for Tech's basketball games kept members busy at work, but they didn't mind the free tickets to games. EARL SHAY, gives the rhythm a physical inter- pretation as he coaches the Boys Concert Club for a program. .ww W.-any-lwv"' ...W ' Orchestra, handbell make Strolling in the second floor of the Cafeteria-lVlusic Building the ninth period, one is likely to hear the Concert Orchestra rehearsing. Under the direction of John White, the orchestra has compiled quite a repertoire, including a number of over- tures, fughettas, and symphonies. While participation is a strenuous job of endless practice, both individual and group, the Q , .W sz. . ' 'wt I V, - .. " i 1,4 Q - 2 f Mwsyw W-rm X A-"' ez? ,a A - MBS. LOESJE MEN DEL demands the coordi- nation that makes the Handbell Choir a thrilling experience. end result is an experience. The group plays for performances at school assem- blies, open-air concerts, and PTA meetings. "Versatility" is one of the key words of the Orchestra. Through the efforts of lVlr. White, the group has mastered tunes from all over the world. If you happen by room 634 sixth per- iod and hear bells ringing, don't worry, ABOVE: DING-DONG BELL takes a breather between "Bongs" on a padded bell table. LEFT: How sweet it is! The music that flows from the bow of Charles Abernathy during Orchestra practice . . . sweet sound you're not doomed to marriage. It is only the Burt Handbell Choir practicing for a performance. Directed by lVlrs. J. Loesje lVlendel, the fourteen members perform for PTA meetings, chuch services, and din- ners. The White Chapel English handbells, donated by lVlrs. Burt LaBerge, came from England and are valued at 33,000 for the 64 bell set. THE BURT HANDBELL CHOIR performs for Open House in the Cafeteria, as parents and friends look On. JOANETTA CARTER and Rose Bond practice a difficult passage during orchestra rehearsal. MAYBE NOT CHIMES, but members of the handbell choir certainly do ring their bells. Caught in action, they perform for the Open House program in the Student Cafeteria. GIRLS ENSEMBLE MEMBERS Sharon Barlow, Kris McDonald, Debby Miller, Andi Hunt, Libbi Michael, Karen Darland, Debbie Kuykendall, Lydia Strong, and Cindy Lewis in new lace- trimmed gowns, add a spot of spirit to the Tech Open House. W yy y yy . .-.X y p lllllllllllll l ls X if ww ,, Saw? 1, . ,R ',,,,,,,...--- . .. . , New people, outfits help Octette, En emble yn: M. J , Q cs QQ 3 WM MRS. J. LOESJE MENDEL gives thoughtful counsel to Ensemble members. SHARON BARLOW, Nancy Bottoms, Carla Abell, Susan Beeson, and Linda Chapman achieve "nice work" as they coordinate rehearsal efforts. v of J 36 2 r l Each year, the Girls Ensemble appears in new outfits. This year, due to various delivery troubles, the girls went on a crash shopping spree, and found several yards of hunter green velveteen, and a skeen of lace. While hands and needles flew, the shoe store, delayed at first, came through with dyed green shoes and matching purses. So outfitted, the girls stepped out ready for a successful season. The group was increased to twelve voices this season, and had the direction ofa new instructor, Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel. ' Al Stepping out in green Edwardian jackets and plaid pants with gold shirts and ties to match, the Boys Octette went swinging with their singing. Although coordination is not a requirement for the Octette, it surely helped this year. The nine members used flinging arms, flying legs, and all the tricks of "staging" to get their messages to the audience. Mr. Earl Shay directed the boys the first semester, and Mr. Moon led them the second semester giving the group excellent opportunity to adopt their new style. Audience response was encouraging. LlBBl MICHAEL and Debby Miller give full attention to a new Ensemble number during a classroom pratice. 6 N W' SAM PRICE AND JOHN MASTERS blend voices in a Broadway musical selection which added to the Octette repertoire. 'VFR . , "ALLEY CAT" proved to be an animated number for Karen Darland and Debbie Kuykendall. Libbi Michael is in the background. ACCOMPANIED BY PAT FINNIGAN, members of the Boys Octette, Mike Stanfield, Jim Farrior, and Tom Hickey run through a few choral numbers in an off-hours practice. XM, ff-M' if .5 Q a Wi in OCTETTE MEN Sam Price, Dave Devitt, and Paul Wilson gather 'round to lend their animated efforts to a new Octette number. Mm,- XW S N fl Q ,.,r A if "Q-N if- Techoir, Melodayres make joyful sound The 1969-70 Techoir opened the year with a bang-and a tape measure. One day of ardent rehearsal was given up to mea- sure the seventy-six members. Eighty new robes were ordered at a cost of S2,023.25. ln an effort to pay for these, the Techoir sold candy, tickets to the Chatardfoot- ball game, and the Techoir Christmas rec- ord, recorded on November 30. Christmas brought a new style to tra- ditional performances. On December 22, the melodious merchants of music boarded buses to carol to downtown listeners. The tour began at the City-County Building, included WFBIVI on Monument Circle, and WISH Studios, and ended in Ayres Tea Room for the annual Techoir Christmas luncheon. Caroling at night is a traditional per- formance of the choir, and December 23 found them bundled up and singing. Shown on December 25, following a CBS special, the Christmas program, "From Our House to Your House", was the cli- max of the season. But, the highlight of the year came on January 18 when the Techoir provided the chorus for the Indianapolis Symphony. Stepping out in new outfits, the Nlelo- daryes performed all around town with songs ranging in style from contemporary pieces to 16th century madrigals. The group, with girls wearing emerald green and royal blue brocade gowns and boys in tuxedos, is the only small mixed ensemble at Tech. A few memorable performances of the Melodayres were for the All-City Teachers Conference at Arlington, Open House, Indiana BeII's Christmas Party, and the Christmas program here at Tech. The group entered the City Vocal Contest held at Tech. Seven of the Melodaryes also entered as soloists. ME LODAYRES REHEARSE sweet music for a Christmas program. They had a full calendar. L L"f'15il'i3k9 XR ggssa M git 4? FLANKED BY THE CODE OF CONDUCT as formulated by a student-faculty committee, the Techoir sings the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" at the annual Thanksgiving assembly while the audience joins in the chorus. .xxx "WE WISH YOU THE MERRlEST" was a Techoir Christmas feature taped by Paul Bender. CAROLING ALL THE WAY, Techoir members ride the escalators in a downtown department store amid the Christmas rush. TECHOIR MEMBERS relax for a bit of by-play during the cutting of their Christmas record the day after Thanksgiving. , I . ,T N if X S A J jr 3 -: 3 . f , -'xii' 5 Us t 'we ,Q NU' AT THE LUNCHEON BREAK William Moon, director of Techoir, enjoys his annual birthday surprise. "LlTTLE BLACK TRAIN" proves to be a peppy Melodayres number of the Open House program in November. s' MRS. ANN SWEDEEN shows great enthusiasm rehearsing her protegees. HOURS OF DEVOTED PRACTICE result in a finished Melodayres performance. lFor identifi- cation of members, refer to page 149i SAO builds spirit, pride in Tech image The Student Affairs Organization is the student government body of Tech. Under the direction of President Ron Buses, members of the Executive Board, and representatives from each roll room, the SAO took on many projects during the year. They sponsored the Spirit Cam- paign, gave a needy family a Thanksgiving basket, and held an all-school dance. To help raise money, the SAO manned four booths at the Mardi Gras and sold booster badges throughout the basketball season. Mrs. Martha Turpin and Mrs. Dorothy Stout provided invaluable advice during the weekly board meetings in the Student Center. SOUNDlNG OFF a strong beat, the Beau River Refuge sets the pace for a successful all-school dance sponsored by the Student Affairs Organization. Y 1 5 i Y ff , 4 5 s E f Q 5 s 5 A MOMENT OF REFRESHMENT livens a SAO Board Meeting. Terri Freeman, standing, Karen Darland, Debbi Deckard, Mary Jones. SLU LAURIE LEWIS enjoys a taffy apple offered at Mardi Gras by SAO. Also offered by this organization was Whirl-a-Paint. AS PART OF ITS SPIRIT CAMPAIGN, the SAO presented a meaningful acrostic. There remained only living up to it. . .. . ii 1 V is ,,,. Nw sa Ka. 3.5. Q fi L ,C"'JMQF'iC!u:!33Ei5' DEBBl DECKARD stands ready to retrieve ping-pong balls and reward a 'lucky winner at Mardi Gras. .,-""'TP.x. WANT A CLOSE SHAVE? Business is booming as an unidentified Mardi Gras participant wields the razor. FAR LEFT: Y-Teens booth-keepers spray more shaving cream on balloons. Groups serve God, community, school PRAYER CIRCLE MEMBERS Cindy Miller, Mary Dunham, Debbie Whitaker, Clifford Mann, and Carol Brown contribute their parts to a New Year's food basket for a needy family. DIANA WRIGHT, Marcia Avery, Fred Luten, Ivan Christensen, and Linda Chapman take a closer look at the newly acquired picture map of the Tech campus. The mosiac was presented to the school as a gift of the Class of 1969. ISI? They sit silently for a few moments as some youth recites a prayer. Methodists and Catholics both repeat the words in their minds. No matter what their denom- ination may be or to what extent their faith influences their lives, pupils find a session in Prayer Circle is the best way to start the day. During the Christmas season, Prayer Circle members, caroling andvisiting nursing homes, rediscovered the joy of giving. Y-Teens helped support the Tech Cheer- block and the fireworks display at Home- coming. They also collected toys for needy children, entertained the elderly, and helped with contributions for UNICEF. The Y-Teens made fu n-times of swimming, parties, slumber parties, and dances. During the 1969-70 school year, the Human Relations Committee worked on three main projects. They made their annual visit to School 101 to talk informally to 8th graders about Tech policies, their responsibilities upon entering Tech, and maintaining the Tech Way. The council hopes to help guide new pupils into four fullfilling years. The main project of the year was the Students Have Their Week program, in which all 9th hour classes visited the Forum in small groups. There they talked about the problems on the Tech campus and sug- gested solutions. The project was unique in that only four adults attended the meet- ings. They were: Howard Longshore, principal, Robert Meyer, director of stu- dent activitiesp and the organization's co- sponsors Mrs. Sarah Hamer, and Mr. Wil- liam Guess. Working with the Social Studies De- partment, the Human Relations Committee also helped write up the new student code. FOOD . . . WONDERFUL FOOD-a host of hungry mouths waited at the French Club Christmas Party. 13,16 Eat RONALD HERRON and Mr. Clapp get a pigata ready for the crowd of customers at Mardi Gras. 7:2 W ,, 1 X JS! 'av 'E X KE! -t ' ,, f" 5 DAVID CLAPP, Spanish teacher, and DeAndre Bell goof up a Santa Claus act. MEMBERS OF THE SPANISH CLUB assemble to make a pifiata for Mardi Gras and another for Christmas. -'Sf "BREAK THE PlNATA! Gifts for all!" This melee added merriment to the Spanish Club party. l Club. SOFT LIGHTS of Christmas provide just the right atmosphere for an evening of gab and plain old- fashioned fun for members of the Tech French Bilingual cholars participate in activities WHO is the German Club's absent-minded pro- fessor? Geneva Jones takes over Bob Kares' role as Kim Anderson intervenes. Have you heard of the absent-minded professor who walked away with a friend's umbrella? Bob Kares played the part in a German Club play and broke up the au- dience. "Der Zerstreute Professof' was one of three short plays enacted by club mem- bers. Other actors were Mee Lun Chew, Henry Bagan, Kim Anderson, and Geneva Jones. The club also enjoyed a Christmas din- ner lGerman menul at the Marott Hotel. Some of their funds were proceeds from the club's flower booth at Mardi Gras. The French Club's highlight this year was their annual Christmas dinner at Mrs. Mary BedeIl's house. While the quich-Lor- raine was cooking members played brain- teasing games and nibbled on potato chips, pretzels, and cat's tongue la French pas- tryl. To top the evening, the group sang Christmas songs in French. The club also went to Turkey Run for a picnic, and had a flea market at Mardi Gras in October. Disadvantaged Mexican children of the Tech area were guests of the Spanish Club for their Christmas party at 704 North Park Avenue. Youngsters enjoyed a Santa Claus com- plete in sombrero, rock music, soft drinks, and cookies. Small gifts showered down from two piffatas. The crepe paper snow man and donkey were made by members at earlier meetings. Members of the Latin club went to Butler University to see a presentation of the play "EIectra." Donna Taylor, president, and Harold Lund took the Latin test for the Indiana University honors program, with a trip to Italy as the prize. The Latin club also celebrated the Christmas season, or Satunalia, by singing such traditional songs as "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" in Latin. MIKE TRITTIPO coaches Jennifer Browning in a game of tilt during the French Club party at the home of Foreign Language Department head, Mrs. Mary Bedell, and Mr. Bedell, FOOD ON ONE HAND, fun on the other, make a lively evening for French Club members Donna Banta, Kim Anderson, Vicki Hutton, and Donna Adams at their Joyeux Noel. owl SUSIE CUTSHAW concerns herself with the weather in a practical sense, UNDER THE SUPERVlSl0N of lVll'S- Wlniffed Johnson, GXPIOFBIOFY not only to chart daily conditions, but to help fasten buttons and zippers teacher PaTl'lCla Luttrell h9lDS kindefgaffen DUDUS at School 54 make of School 15 kindergarteners, soon to face the elements. Thanksgiving decorations for the upcoming holidays. Pupil preview teachin , library work Industrial Cooperative Training, open to both juniors and seniors over 16 years of age, presently involves ten companies with sixteen different occupations. Stu- dents worked at least three hours a day, receiving two hours of ICT credit. lVlost students advanced to full-time work after graduation with no further education needed. Young people that are thinking of teaching as an occupation may find out if they are right for the job. In the Explora- tory Teachers program they went to a nearby grade or junior high school and, under a classroom teacher, learned the trade. Future Teachers of America members sold Christmas ribbon, sponsored dinners for the members, filled Christmas stockings given to children in hospitals, and par- ticipated in a student teaching week dur- ing which they taught Tech classes. Voluntary jobs done by the 57 students in the Tech Library included processing, shelving, and mending, and locating books for special projects. THIS IS NO WAY for Future Teachers to conduct a classroom, but K. Sayles knows that Ring Toss is a big money maker at this year's Mardi-Gras. 1 ,f ' ' fp , S Wt' ff- 9 """- x . X iv xi , l Ak ,::- I Q -Q: W Wg M' wh of fig. M ffl 1, , - , .ah ww ,X P A p MM-' X ,, FM '... ' 'V' ' . of 'C ""w'f"f' t fmt fi? .,,.., 5 X 1 , 1.1! fi f 'J 5, A . 'X 4 'fx ,z ,Y 1 f cm!-W--P .,.....i'f' as if . 5 I I W I 5, We Z im -los 'N 2'f'1f J st 'E ABOVE: STUDENT LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Silvia Hannemann,Sharon Graham, and Frances Maxey mend books and get them ready for the shelves. CAN'T FIND A BOOK? Just ask one of Tech's student volunteers. BELOW: Karen Lucas and Jan Middleton are ready to help. 2 K li If e 'WI I I 5 conf, I iv MELVIN JOHNSON, one of a score of Indust- rial Cooperative Training students, tackles a connection as frameman at Indiana Bell. M :,,R ,., it A RICH SLAVE OWNER enjoys the comforts of the Roman style of living for the evening. AFTER AUCTIONING OFF a load of slaves, Johnny Puckett is captured and sold himself. ,, 55, O -g . Q f .Q ' X Zi YQ 1 X9 " xx if ,Sf a S A Roman Banquet highlights historian ' year ,wi 'vs c ABOVE: Anita Huber strikes a classic pose as Terri Grant looks on. RIGHT: Kirby Lehman serves as the food disappears from the table. The Romans must have lived lavishly. Garbed in togas and seated on cushions, members of several clubs attended the History CIub's Roman Banquet and lived Roman style for two hours. Highlights of the evening were a Charlie Brown Christ- mas play and a slave auction. After some very hot bidding Terri Grant brought the highest price, being sold into slavery for four dollars. Other projects were selling color pic- tures of the Tech campus and taking trips to Nashville, Indiana, Coney Island, and the Cincinnati Zoo. I --1 ...-I", M. ' Q. ss, AN AIR OF EXCITEMENT prevails as the crowd gathers and cushions are arranged by Cannon photographer, John Pryor. Pat Taube iin robei chats with Chris Wilson and Paula Espinosa. A i 'I 2 I ia ii is 4'6- PROSPECTIVE SLAVES are herded onto a platform for the slave auction, but they don't seem worried about the outcome. DeANDRE BELL and her friends pool their money to outbid the com- petition as auctioneer Puckett keeps business humming. y X J - Q ,U P n,' If , r I . , . Y ,lv U Q v 1 'I 1 4 ALFREDA LEE mans the cider kegs for Service Club. Thirsty Mardi Gras customers made business good. .g gli ,x E . AFTER OTHERS HAD GONE HOME for Thanksgiving vacation, Service and Red Cross Club members stayed behind to remove traces of vandalism from the walls and "Tell It Like It Could Be." Becky Buckley, above, wields a sponge. LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF A HORROR STORY, John Wiggins, business education teach- er, serves as a squirt-gun target for Red Cross Club customers at Mardi Gras. "HOLD THAT CEILING UP," the boys chant as they prepare for an exciting volleyball game-Key Club vs. GAA. MIXING FUN WITH WORK, members of the Red Cross Club turn their thoughts to the joys of Christmas as they fill stockings with goodies. Service club promote pupil in olvement New members and new ideas joined forces this year to make the Key Club go! With Mahlon Carlock as sponsor of the all-boy g r o u p , everything happening proved to be fun and worthwhile. Mem- bers escorted the evening school gradu- ates last June, presented fireworks at Homecoming, gave a Christmas basket to a needy family, and collected money to buy toys for patients at a local mental institution. Among projects in its "Spirit Cam- paign" the Service Club was especially enthusiastic over 350 collected coat hang- ers. With the approach of Christmas, members experimented with making Santa's, wreaths, or other novelties of the hangers. Mum was the word to all Techites at- tending the annual Homecoming. Over 150 traditional T-mums were sold. Members helped the needy, and performed service within the school. A chit-chat with girls at the Indiana Girls' School, an all-city Red Cross Club tea, dances at Flanner House, and a scrub- up campaign, "Tell It Like lt Could Be," in cooperation with Tech's Service Club were activities involving the Red Cross Club this year. Members filled 82 stockings with Christmas presents, packed a chest to send overseas to servicemen, and made Easter party packs in the spring. -W N' 14 Qxep ks 40 ' f? sgsfff 1 'G 'ff' -Qg- " KURT GRINDSTAF F, yearbook sports editor. Tonya Bruce, yearbook period 1 editor. CREATING A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE in the Cannon Office is the avocation of Mrs. Betty Rowland, Secretary. Cannon Staffs go to press, then pressure i lifted ' Cecil T. Tresslar, better known as has served his eleventh year as director of publications. This year the paper went to a four-column width and tried to use more pictures than in previous years. The staffers, whose various jobs include re- porting and photographing, play an im- portant part in preparing the paper. Over 2500 papers were printed and distributed this year. Harold Deem, print- ing instructor, and his pupils saw to the printing of the paper. Among some of the activities of the Cannon weekly were ISHPA conferences at Franklin and at Indiana State College, press day, and a spring dinner with the Cannon Yearbook. Clement Watts, yearbook photographer. YEARBOOK SENIOR EDITORS: Cathy Rott, features: Connie Tucker, album. YEARBOOK photographer, Barry Wand gets an assignment he can enjoy, "shooting" weekly reporter, Donna Taylor. Almost a full school year is devoted to composing copy, figuring layout, taking photos, and typing material for the Arse- nal Cannon yearbook. Long afternoons and some evenings are spent trying to get pages together in an effort to meet dead- lines. After all deadline are met, and the final inspections are made, the Cannon Office becomes a place of contentment and a degree of relaxation. Several times a year parties are held to help staffers un- wind, but the greatest moment in the life of a Cannon Kiddie is when the yearbooks are received and he can see the results of 1: . much hard work. vi. - -s YEARBOOK TYPIST, Pat Walton, weekly typist Linda Ford, weekly cartoonist, Jim Nolan, weekly reporter, Terri Wong. , . A 'iz CHRIS COPELAND, yearbook layout editor, desperately tries to fit copy and pictures. . V, ,.4uy.t.nns-" . Ari- 4-...-,ff ,... .4 Lal-1' - Iciff.. ..- ll ef- 5 4 rf.. ig 6 ,O 'Tru ' SN -qif 1 as J-..n W Q 1 ,gd ly, Q YEARBOOK STAFFERS confer early in the year: Kurt Grindstaff, sports editor, April Witsrnan, Teresa Grant, reporters: Bernice Jones, adviser, Debbie Kuykendall, copy editor, Ivan Christensen, photographer. 910, Jw' DON WHITECOTTON, weekly staff assistant sports editor, holds the secret key to success as Vicki Eaton, weekly staff, composes copy. STEVE WILSON, and Jim Alstott confer on a difficult spread. 1 . ,, x if X' X X mx ROBIN EADS, weekly photographer. . J' 9 f X N v E i,k'Xw,, s , J CECIL TRESSLAR, director of Publications, proof reads Cannon weekly. .hsf E ,314 Kqtmif K Fw.: 57? 5' ,E CANNON WEEKLY EDITORIAL STAFF-FRONT ROWI Debbi Deckard, CODY 9diI0l'1 Betty Van Duyn, editor-in-chief, Beverly Hunt, page 2 editor. SECOND ROW: Delores Colbert, page 3 editor, Cindy Lewis, page 1 editor, Richard Swan, page 4 editor. fi' fl CELEBRATING AT THE PUNCH BOWL after Thespian initiation cere- monies are Debbie Rosebrock, Carol Rosebrock, Jim Noland, Patty Stomm, and Sylvia Milam. liz? K' M-wr-14:03 wwlwof Kfaanwfif fm W 0 5 i"" 1 " ll' K-van L 'M ENJOYING THEMSELVES at the Thespian initiation are Peggy Shane, Laura Dwigans, Kim Anderson, and Peggy Curtis. LEFT: Laura Dwigans plays "twister" with fellow Thespians at the initi- ation party in Stuart Tower. BELOW: Gary Brockman tries to buy the P4 magic hat from Jim Branham, but finally steals it. ,, ax l 4 .Q ,Y i Q DEBBIE ROSEB ROCK enjoys the attention of David Bullington, made possible by the magic slippers. Invisible Gary Brockman sneaks up on him as Sylvia Milam watches. Actors, The pian enjo full eason "ws 'ms fr Ffa P ,,yV 090 .. . One of the most talented clubs at Tech is the Drama Club. Here a student may prove his skill in the acting field. To be- come a member of this group, one must attend three c o n s ec u t i v e meetings. Through participation in plays and other activities, members receive points, ten of which earn a certificate and membership in the elite Thespians. Something new for the drama fans was the early, early show in the Forum in Jan- uary. ln spite of snow and zero tempera- tures, a morning audience assembled at 7:30 to see "The Wonder Hat"- The 0119- act play, an amusing fantasy, concerned a magic hat of invisibility and magic slippers that attracted friends to the wearer. The play had been postponed after school closed a half day early for Christmas vacation. GARY BROCKMAN, wearing the wonder hat, watches unnoticed as David Bullington is held under the spell of the magic slippers worn by charmer Sylvia Milam. ESM THE HAPPY DAY is here! Geraldine Seifert and Pam Phillips anxiously prepare themselves for the simple wedding as Robert Stewart, Mr. Webb, W LOOKlhlG LONQINGLY into each other's eyes, Mark Grubbs and Vickie Eaton join hands in an expression of love. Jim Branham ties the knot. lends courage, faith, and foresight to Emily the bride-to-be, portrayed by Vickie Eaton. t"'3URX'h. DR. GIBBS, portrayed by John Masters, has a little fatherly counsel with his son George, played by Mark Grubbs, on the morning of the bug wedding. Drama fans witness 'Our Town' April 9 and 10, drama fans witnessed the Tech debut of OUR TOWN. The play, written by Thornton Wilder, centered on typical small town life in America around 1900. Setting was no problem for the Stage Craft Department because the only props used were two ladders and a few chairs. Costuming was a major means of relay- ing ideas from actors to audience. The authentic gowns were supplied by the Drama Club. Among some of the out- standing ones were the remade wedding formal and a few Edwardian suits. One actress had her share of troubles cast in the part of a child-there wasn't a child's cos- tume small enough to fit! Jim Branham portrayed the stage man- ager-the chief interpreter of the play, while Vicki Eaton starred in the role of Emily. Other cast members were: Mark Grubbs as George, Robert Stewart and Pamela Phillips as Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and John Masters and Peggy Curtis as Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs. 1-W' ' . 'if Q .sts X V .. M ff 1 l f . 1... s 1 . g ' al... LEFT: Mark Grubbs and Geraldine Siefert as brother and sister, contemplate the moon and muse on the mysteries of life. ABOVE: Over an imaginary strawberry soda, Mark ponders the changes in the character of George Gibbs that Emily Webb would like to see, as Vicki tells it. CHAMPION DEBATE RS Bryan Miller, Marsha Rae Morgan, and Mahershall Gardner inspect their tropies in the display case. . ,,,.,-, , ...Nl-unsrnunups y Z 5 1 DEBORAH MOORE, Mary Ruth Gibson, Evelyn Woodson, Rose Folsom, Donna Farris, Dan Richardson, and Kathleen Wilner proudly pose with newly acquired ribbons won at a speech meet. Speec , FL, Debate compete, win again Meetings of the 80-member Speech Team are held every two weeks at Mrs. Alice Goodrum's home. A memorable soc- ial event was a masked Halloween party and weiner roast. The Speech Team arises early on Satur- day mornings traveling to different high schools in the state to participate in speech meets. One meet was held at Lafayette Jefferson. Members of the team have won an average of nine ribbons per contest in categories including broadcasting, improm- tu, humorous, and boys' and girls' extem- poraneous. The National Forsenic League, also sponsored by Mrs. Goodrum, is a very active club at Tech. Members must earn 25 points in debate or speech meets to qualify for membership. Speech Team members predominated in STAGE DOOR, the fall all-school play directed by Mrs. Goodrum. Taking 80'Zi of their rou nds, Tech's De bate Team has won recognition through- out Indiana and received many invitations to debate in different schools. Not only high schools vied for Tech's presence, but the University of Pittsburg asked the team to take part in an invitational debate. The team consists of 13 members, but only seven have taken part in meets. They won many ribbons, but the greatest thrill was to win a trophy in November for being undefeated at Culver Military Academy. BRYAN MILLER and Denver Jordan tape a re- hearsal. The trophy represents their victory in a debate at Culver Military Academy. ALETHA WILLNER returns from Hollywood and is greeted by her old friends in the all-school production of STAGE DOOR. """"'x LW ff STEPHANIE IMEL, Bernice Brown, Martha Robertson, Laura Dwigans, Beth Overbey, Peggy Curtis, Donna Farris, and Robin Kares play a night scene in STAGE DOOR. A LEE SIBLEY as the father discusses a problem with his daughter, po rt ra y ed by Deborah Marshall. B ' al! STAGE-STRUCK YOUNG GIRLS concentrate ALETHA WILNER holds forth on the glamour on a mysterious letter. of Hollywood life. READY-SET-GO! Mrs. Alice Goodrum gives the signal as her assistants "turn on" Station WATS atop Stuart Tower. .B Y, ff ' ,,,. ' Y 0 A LITTLE PINK FOOD COLOR and a lot of sugar are whipped as Chemistry-Physics Club creates the tasty, sticky wonder of cotton candy at Mardi Gras. THROUGH THE MUD and over the rocks we go, not to Grandmother's house, but through Sullivan's Cave. " r 5 X , , 1. X 2' 7 X VAT . N X . Q-swf, if V ' f jfs . f gm 'Wai is 5 iw 5 few .V S X A - t ' Q ' 5 -' ,- , nn 'i at K y W T W T LESTER TROTTER makes a super sale of his pink product to Barbara Levergood. A31 em!!! X, si. Aw tt Q . Q ,QT ' ft ,fi 'N-W xg 'tx wt Nw ,ff 'M .ss .-sv? ' ef' A 'Ti i l i JOHN MULLENAX defines the dits and dots of telegraph talk as he JEFF HARLOW presides over Printing Club members Carl Corlett, Mike Fairgrief and Jerome Oakley. coaches a future operator. Hobby clubs spark interest for future use "MY MOVEl" Two studious opponents struggle with each other over a chessboard as the after- school session approaches check. H If you happened to see a Tech Printing Club member deep in thought drawing strange designs, you need not worry about him. He was probably competing in the club's layout designing contest, open to any interested club member with talent. Quite a few fine prizes were given to win- ners. Members also scheduled a trip down- tovvn to the Bowers Envelope Company to learn about large scale publishing and pro- ducing. Spelunking was a very popular activity with the Chemistry-Physics Club. In the fall of the year the club went to SulIivan's Cave. There the members studied rock for- mations and investigated passageways. The club also performed experiments. This year they worked mainly with gyroscopes and hallograms. On April 11, the State Chess Contest was held at Tech, and approximately 50 teams from around the city participated. Chess, a sport interesting more boys than girls, drew more members to Chess Club this year than ever before. Mr. Kern, the sponsor, computes the points of 25 active members to determine the five varsity team members who go to different schools each week to compete. Dit-da-dit. The gentle taps of Morse Code sing from an oscillator to the ear of a member of the Tech Radio Club. The club worked hard by spending over half its time practicing Morse Code and theory to make a ham out of each member. After passing a test approved by the Federal Communications Commission, the novice ham can begin under the supervision of their sponsor Mr. Mullenax, using the radios housed in the Hamshack. ART CLUB provided decor and were guests of History Club at the Roman Banquet. T 'S ww f wer' N 1 ' g x me becasue -. DEBBIE IVICCUFIRY decorates herself and the U M. canvas at the Art Club Paint-In. A , physical culture offered by club EDDIE BREEDLOVE, MIKE O'HARA, and PAULA ESCH battle against time and famine after an afternoon of traveling throughout Nashville with the Art Club. JOHNNY PUCKETT realizes it's not simple just to sit down and make a perfect pot or bowl of clay. The scene is Brown County. Culture, experience and appreciation of art are the main objectives of the Art Club. Tours of beauty and pleasure await each member. Nashville, Indiana, John Herron Art lVluseum, and the Bethlehem Lutheran Art Festival offered interesting tours. A Paint-In was an innovation this year. Individuals produced a series of paintings. These were then combined into one piece of modern art. The "biggest" game of the year, the Key Club-Girls Athletic Association basket- ball game, is becoming an annual event. During Open House, those students with a strong desire to become graceful and agile demonstrated their own routines on the parallel and uneven bars, balance beam, springboard and sidehorse. Some- thing different done this year was free exercise, which is tumbling to music. Something new has been added! Boys! This year the once all-girl Judo Club has been invaded by boys. Working together once a week with their instructor, lVlr. John Carnes, they learn the difficult ma- neuvers of Judo. lVluch practice and deter- mination are needed in order for each member to maintain the needed skills. This sport has certainly taken "hold" in the past two years. Eager learners have been known to fall for it. 1- A BIG EVENT of the season for GAA was their volleyball game with Key Club. Warm up, girls. "AND TAKE THAT, you nasty rascal." Binky Ramsey seems determined to be ready for the unexpected, as she throws an opponent. ll MQ! ,, ,T fl 3 . "N , . 4 t Q M. MI? K ,.....,i.-Y X 2-s..,Mh,,v .f I f ... """'--A.. 1 5 . I , ,n ., -2 KEY CLUB AND GAA prepare to battle it out. Key Club won a hotly contested encounter. A WARIVI, FRIENDLY HANDSHAKE can sometimes prove hard on the back, if the other party is a judo instructor. .ai Q I if W ,f ' .1--' fi' . 44" I ..- .M mlb .. . K 'vim "wh, ' ms., -- ....,. N- A' N ' -A Q. 'i "BUT NOW lT'S MY TURN." John Carnes, Judo Club instructor, demonstrates a throw on Binky if M I' ::---- Eff A , ,I V U QW has after letting her attempt it. JUDO CLUB warms up with exercises before starting work for a black belt. Surprisingly, perhaps, most of the members of the group are girls. 4 .lil I:I?'V I?'q:I- ' " If i-Q-n.l'a.u'u.a.n.n.n.u-a.p'a.p.g.i. : ""'1':I'.":1" .:.E'I:I:2:IEIg.:I:Z:I:I-I'I'Z'I-I-Z-Z-I'Z'I-I-I-I-I-' I.I.I- s ' l u I.I.I.I.I'I.If.I.I.I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:l:I:I:l:I:l:l: l-f'l.l 'Tk F I'IhI-I.I.I.I.I'I.I.I.I'I'I.I.I.I.I.I'I.I.I.I.I.I. I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I In I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.l.I.I.I'l' .:2.:I:::.:.:I:.:.:.:.:.:..:I:..:.: ..g.:.- "'- 'Z'I'Z'Z-.'.'.'.'.-.'.'.'.'.'.-.-.-. : i:l:l:l:l:l:l:l:l:l:l'l'l:l:l'u' ' .':':':":':':':'.'. ' ."."." .g.::::::::::::::g:g:::::5:-53:5 ,:3:5:3: ' 'f:5:f:f:f. .' I'l.l.l'I.I.l.l.l.l' ,fn ' -Eu' 1' u'n'u'fs'u ' ' n 'I:I:I:I:I:I:l. . N 1 ' I:l:. I 'l'I I: 1. I:I:I. . - I .e:U :-:4-:-:-:-:- ' ' :1': '. :-:-.- - n' .I'I.I.IjI.I.I A 'I' Q' I 1 ff: 'jtfn' ' . a' .'.' Q: :i:l:l?:l-Izl. ' ' I ,.:n:n:a:o:a: I.I. ' 'u' ' ' .1 I.l.I.I l , . 'I ao.: n U-I-3. . 'ai' . ' - .. I I I Q n 0 D .I-I I'l.' 4 I 0 . ...: .. t E M 2' ' I af A' Q 1 1 Jl,H - - W' me -1 Q - I- " af 0 4 'Q I E "' I I I P' .. , ' l 1 l I " I 1 I I I V, I I ' s ' 8 'I I ' I 'I 'OI lf' ' I I ' Yf' l I 'il' If If I-I " . ' Q I I IIII I on-l I- ll ll I In Ally Dol .ox-1 my .Q g I I ...QI 'II 1, Dial II .'II I D II I 'aa DIIIQ I I,l., IIII fl 0 clnalll III Il II IIIIII II IIIIII' ' .I I II'l',lI0 lil!! 1 QIIIIID ,I II 'I II 3' IIIII dl II I IIII IIIII - II ll I'III as IIIII ' II I Illlla IIII nl-w-1 l I I IIIIA ,IIIII Q --if 1 0 IIIIII-IIIIII enrol " I QI II IIIIIIIIxII alibi? .Q 1 llv' IIIIIIIII ,A UIIUO4 ol I -no I - IIIIIII Ilil O- I-If II 'I IIIIIII 0 abulj Q l an lj 'III4I,Vl,II-I 9 0 ,V Q ' I so l QIIIIMIIIIII 1' I AA,A ,Iv ' lla! I IIII'III I I II 0 I IIIIIIIII 'I ' 'D 'I . ll II III III af! 1 Ola b I I II II-II IIII ,II l'lf"4f G I Il II IIII III I II ' - f l II! 3 I Illini ' I U ' 0 I IIII ,III II ' A II l'I IIAII' .III Q " f I lil le fl ,III IIIOI fl V ' II oIO'0 0 'I 5 II ,.IAII as 5 Ill Ilan I II ' II I 4 IIII III! I ' ,I I .II I . ,I ll-III 0' In-lv II II ,I 4 II, IIIIIIII, Ill I II 9 s IIII III IIII 'O 'Ill v I VII!! 001 nuns - on I 6 a I Il II II 'I IISI IU 'I ' an I INIII 1 II ll ll lvl I I ' ' II II IIIIII III 'I III II Q i' I IIIIIII II1 I l' .. I.o' :cf in I' ' i I:I.l:I:I:I:l:l.l.I u i .: I ' ' f ' f I Q I.I ' ' ' l'."'l .' n 'a'o'u'n'n':' I I u . Q. I. . . f I , . ll. I.I.I.I.l.I'I' I. . -I .I .IdI.I.I "' ' I I .,.I?: I .I.I.I.I.I.I.' - . .-.l.-:-g-:-:- a -.T:l.' -. .-:1':5:?-:1':'f:3:5'1 ,I'I'I an .il I I I l.l.I I.l . 4. I- I.I':.I -I '21 llllil ll - IllaoolIll.cA IIIII I.IIIIIIII II I IIIII I III II I l I I I IIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I- IIIIIIIIIII I I III I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I II II I I 'IIII'II II'II'I II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIII' IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'II IIII - ' IIIII--,-Ill! Ill llllll llllll I I- I-IE:-:-: "'-:-T:-:-ii:-513:-7:3:3:-'3:5:3" :- ":-:1'- - - .-4 .' . :-:-:-:- -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-. ' - -: :-:Q :3:3:3f3f3:3f" :ff3E3353552353:73f5f5:f:1".f3:-":3.::3' :3f3f" ' if 1 33215 -'- '.3:3:-'E5:2:5.2:5:5:1-':-1:2:'5:5.1'-fl'-:1"' ".3:' 1:1':'I:f':'f1' .I - . I I I.l.l.l.l.l'l.l-l.l.I-I-l.l.l.l ' I, I ' l.l . l'l I' I n u . o I I I l.l.l.l.l I I-I.I.I I A . I '. :' 3: 'I i.l.l.l.l.:.:. I'I':'I ' ' ' I .4.l.l.l.l't I h.I.I. l.l.l.l I l'l.l'l.O I. canons- 'Ill lllll I :I'I'I. ' ..n n:::, : :::l.l l.l. I gl I .l.l. I l.l 1 I I I . Q. .:g' lgU.'l. 'fn l'l , Q' ' , " ' ' I Q I , I I.I.I'I'I I' ' I - ' -'Wfa ' u'. I ' I .l:l:::l. l:l:l:O.l' in A. ' 'zu' ' M... .uza I : . I.I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I' . - I!! go 1- ' ' '.'n'a'I'I'n' I llllllll ll II'I " "" . 'I- I l:l.l.l.l.l: . l.l:Q: :Ins . .iss-I ' I I I I I I'I I as if tug. s. I I- .I::.I 'uses I' 'I.:: ' 'X " ' I l'l:l: 1 ' ' - 'I' I I " .I:lgl. . I I I 'I' 'xl I:I' . 'I Q .I: . I'q .I.o'I. . - I-sq.: n. ..l'lV l' . - css' .Inu I I :IFQIZJQ 1 I " QI . .lI:I - . . ' ' . :-:3:3. -' .- 3:-L' . , f:E: "f "':?-':1':-.- .U l gl ' 8 .l'l. W Q .l.l.l.l.:,:.:.: .-: -3.32 'G ' ' ..l:l:l. Q N T l:l:l:l:l:l:l. . .':': . 'i ' ' 2 .U 'l.l-U.l.igl'l' I I d.l.l.l I'I.I.I.I.I. I. nfulul ' :I:Q:f:l.V I Nl:l:i:Q:l!l: Pl:l.l:l.l. . - . I ' l:l:l:l: .I .I: 'I l'l: 'I 'I:I:g.I:g:':g'j.g:g.g:g. . .l:l: . I.a:u'n:a. I- ' :I I l:l:l. . I PI' .l.l.l .I- l'l.l. - . . . . ' l.l I I I .l.I-I-..l -' 'I I' ' . , ' ,.g:5:g:g. :g:g:g-:5 1, -1 . . -' ' . I o':.o'n. . ' '.' . ".""' 'U' l.'.l.l'I.I.n a'I I.I ,' ' , ' I . . '0.' ,U ' ' . . 'Lq.F.:. I l.l:l-I :lTi:I?I:i:I:I:o:I :1.f.,.,. I-:'5:i " '.::5:g., 1' . gjgf .i:2f?-f .' lfl:l.l.l' I.I.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.I. .l.l.l-H.. l.l GOLF TEAM Tech 9 Shortridge 3 Tech 12 Attucks 0 Tech 9 Washington 3 Tech 0 Arlington 12 Tech 7 Chatard 5 Tech 8 Kokomo 7 Tech 3.5 Scecina 8.5 Tech 4 Howe 8 Tech 10 Manual 2 Tech 3 Speedway 9 Tech 5 Broad Ripple 7 Tech 4 Ben Davis 8 Tech 10 Wood O Tech 1.5 Northwest 10.5 Tech 3 Cathedral 9 Tech 8 Kokomo 7 '69 GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: David DeVitt, John Green, Felix Ricks, Rick Schmidt, Phillip Ouillen, coach. SECOND ROW: Dave Hartson, Kurt Grindstaff, Russ Nichoalds, Ken Phillips. Not pictured, Jim Johnson. Golfers rack up best season,win eight The '69 Titan Golf Team won more matches during the season than any other team that Coach Ouillen has instructed. The team won eight matches against eight defeats. The team was led by three-year letter- man John Green. Jim Johnson and Felix Ricks played numbers two and three re spectively. The remaining spots were filled by Dave Hartson, Dave DeVitt, Ken Phil- lips, Rick Schmidt, Kurt Grindstaff, and Russ Nichoalds, One of the Titans' roughest victories was against Chatard. Freshman Rick Schmidt won the match in the pouring rain by chipping in on the last hole for a par to give the Titans a 7-5 victory. Five returning players, three of whom are lettermen, will play on next year's team. JOHN GREEN wedges up an approach shot on the first hole during a match. a,,,,.. ' QUIET SURROUNDS THE GREEN as Dave Hartson and John Green watch Coach Quillen prepare to slam home a birdie putt during a practice session early in the season. l-...,. . - .' -.. '69 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Randy Crane, Sam Pounds, Bob Davis, Jerry Andrews, Jim Richards, Steve Funke, Jack Har- mon, Roger Payne, Tom Hickey, Bill Beck. SECOND ROW: Carl Nleditch, coach: Charles Hoskins, lVlozelI Gowdy, Charles Pullin, lVIorse Coleman, arsity ba eballers win nine, lose eight The '69 varsity baseball team enjoyed excellent pitching from Ray Roark who won six games. Charles Hoskins is credited with two games, and Paul Wilson, a single. The team's 9-8 season tally included a 21-3 win over Attucks, and a 33-0 victory over Wood, the latter a no-hitter pitched coach. .,,. VARSITY BASEBALL Tech 21 Attucks 3 by Ray Rgark, Tech 6 Warren Central 6 The team will have eight returning Tech 0 Hmfvfued' 9 'nnmgsy 3 Iettermen who will compose all of the in- :II-'een 3 Latin School 3 field and most of next season's pitching. -I-ish 1 Qglfftggntra, 3 Ray Roark, the winningest pitcher of the Tech 35 S0UThD0"T 0 '69 team and Bill Beck were the only two Eg: 9 Elgrffedy 2 Iettermen lost. Coach lVloreman expects 190: 3 Sceging I 4 to have a good pitching staff with Wilson -I-ish 6 gg, 83:25 3 and Hoskins returning, and a good infield :ll-'ech 3 Nortlgvig-Qst ' 3 and outfield with Tom Hickey, Sam T222 1 agaual 'pp e 5 Pounds, Steve Funke, Jack Harmon, Roger Tec: 3 Koktgmo 1 Payne, Larry Ward, and Kevin Loux to Egh 2 mgfsggaton 5 back the pitching up. lsectional tourneyl , .E f ' ' -'W-ftffrf-ef' it - it "i'f"f?N ..... p -- 1-Fifi f i ft X ' ' I fs --. . -S,. A -.,. - of -Q A Qty k... v-4 p ---?7"..itH"f -.--e .. ,..- : .X -1 A, T gt if 2 .W ' A 'idgiftgwhy 1' 331, " 3 - T Q' gt ,,,, , M, ,i4,g,,Qi.t ., 1 XL, .:.p-5.,-',:.. Q, W mgtg- it ' ' , 3. A V' "., lx' J ff 3 -A-""':',.,,g. in. ,Q ' i,Q',,, K M " J ' out ' Qty. Q., ,, , " V' ,T'qf1i3L" - . - ' ' .-..::t.g-P' ' ' 2 . X J L' of V- 5,394 t , V Q H f . X ,"m,, ' ! 'jj l. 5-.1-fm ,AV '-.. -5- , -1 X W :Aa N.. " s',xg"l W x ,W ' A els i f' ' Q' , X1 'J . f ,L e ff 5,7 ' 'vi' ..: . N 6 f 1,4 14 AX xi bf, 1 .. .xg X . - A, f , "if E ,X - - ,.. ,I 755 X' X X 4 4 f . . 7.5 . xx M I . I fx. eff, , !,3-'Xxx X! is g Y Mg- xxx f,f.X,,.,. gif, . -H it M ., A x N -' -1 is 45-2' --N. '41 pe-35?-,-" .: P A-. gc- " il 1 Pete Brown, Ray Roark, Terry Loux, Kevin Loux, Paul Wilson, Chester Whitaker, manager: Larry Ward, Ernest Cline, coach: lvan Nloreman, head if K-f iivsff M , , , ,,.t- Lp-us.,-,Jn-'wand K- -,ew -JUM-0. ,ef it A,Q,.hNy,.7 i . K I iw ' ,t ,. ' - ll- 5 'W . , -4 -. - f ---1 " , s " 'f,. -j 5-?',-.xg-iv 1' a - , ' ft,-rigidly ' ' ' , '- ' ' 4 -. L K f- 42' ' " ,if-J'--Q A - A 4-' , " Y!1" ff s ,any 4 vm 1 , ,,.,. "" . it '-N, - A ' an ' , qt...- M,u,o',siSm,!f ,NWQQ .ng 9241" ,,f'42f f -f'."'-V fri- V - f1":."'n'fL f"'l.k' M V -1,249 'I,.i5f. fx- gfdgifq """ Wise V ' Q A, f , . , X, f mv f . . ,UT fel Wkgfi, ,axe T mfg," A , G. ,Shih 4355, J,-'faq af'mAx 1 '3557-f'Lf' li, I ,.'.w Q. any . ,yi 41,3 . K. R .V X Q Yaqtv. ' .. f . Q ' 1 -4-gay xl---. T ls..- . -fa ,. t, , w ., . ". 1, "o'Q,4'w-" ,XX-1 ' 'Q ' ' - . - fvdlfaei-422.151 ' v ' I1 cv- ,:!.,t,,1 f'..-Wal i3,." :nw ,,,i. .,'-'WP' ft. VJ Qi'-V'-sit , ' ff,--4-51- 4 , ' .P ' .J ' ',,..'Q,-malj ' 2-w...lsfg 1.-'agen 1 ,-b'.t""l', ' 'Q' K, tvgt---552' 'itil V""',L," V ff! " " f -4 I .figs f. jpg, - . 1 - . , , '.,. .1 A A 1 , ,F .I 'A'-lf"1f9'T'sL .Lu ' ...I4-?Q'.:.",m' 4' .zkftra ABOVE: Paul Wilson, one of Coach Moreman's returning pitchers, fires a fast ball against Howe. The Hornets dumped the Titans, and Wilson was credited with the unfortunate loss. LEFT: Tom Hickey swings at a high-hard pitch in an attempt to advance Steve Funke on first base. 55 Four firsts, City fall to va rsity trackmen The '69 Track Team, with one state champ hurdler and several other outstand- ing runners, boasted four firsts in multi- school meets including their second con- secutive city title. The Titans vvere undefeated through their dual team meet season and placed first in the North Central Relays, the Tech Invitational, the City meet, and the City- County meet. In the Sectional North Cen- tral placed first ahead of the second-place Titans, the first time any team placed higher than the Titans thus far in the season. Ron Sayles, completing his first year on the team, vvon the State competition in the high hurdles, and he also broke the school high hurdle record. Other records fell at the mercy of Alvin Lee who broke the 880 record, and Mike Baird vvho tum- bled the high jump record. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech VARSITY TRACK Marshall Washin ton Southport Shortridge Kokomo 95 76 g 83 Warren Central 73 84 64 1st in North Central Relays 1st in Tech Invitational 1st in City 1st in City-County 2nd in Sectional 4th in Regional 4th in State 1 STATE CHAMP Hurdler Ron Sayles breaks the tape at the end of his record breaking run. 4 af , S I F 't . . . -V :uni , . f ' ' G' - 5 are i f 5 - A 1 - , sang? . i . . 'Ailzrf' A Q . ' i - f"P.!'f. S QU is V it- J? 5-5, " l I ' 1? ' A "" , -. Q , 1 . W gg T '- ,.: 2 .x",.. A J , ' V S4 lj S ax AW X Q ..,: '57 X' s l"v- ff ' 3 . S 1 "' - A :ZI ' . .tk Q31 ff Bk '- . . mf 2, 3 - 5:35 ! X, -JW ef f --'sf ,. - ' . : - . f-ici . " i T' ' " 'T .AAA -2 ...'4Z7J, --,, S i H R g V l J ' ,.,, I f . 3,0 f Q' iff I. ' , , !,,-W' ,,,.t, is l fl 2- f i t f ,c, , N A C mag, -I so l , 'W-is 'Y 5' N. 5, it f, -hem' ' 'l ,Ut l .Q .ws-si Qsfcgsw ' 1 ll v ,sw K JI: stiff " 'QT' F '69 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Dexter Harney, Oscar student manager: David Smith, Brad Petree, Don Wilson, Charles Jones, Turner, Joe Simanton, lra Jones, James Hedrich, George Taylor, Anthony Roger Henderickson, Robert Woodard,' assistant coach. FOURTH Walker, Alfonso Johnson. SECOND ROW: Victor Evans, Jerry Hannon, ROW: Claude Lowery, Charles Schlutz, Clifton Jones, Author Johnson, Rodney Coffer, Ronald Pate, Harvey Brooks, Steve Ross, Jeff Jacobs, Jim Moore, Jerome Clarty, Mark Jarrett. Alvin Perkins. THIRD ROW: Melvin Bowers, head coach, Willie Wardwell, ' l Y W 2 'vi Y ,1"'M'A . 3 nu4'2vUf9N 's.A""" , Z, the Titans won. '15 W wisvem 'X ABOVE: Ronald Davie starts his last la in the 5 , D mile run against Shortridge. RIGHT: Ron Buses gets down to the nitty gritty with a Shortridge runner as they approach the tape at the end of the half mile. M ,I if ,,. VICTOR BRELAND wins the 100-yard dash in a close 7' ' -r W, L ,N -I-an A......0-Qsiuusvuvf' wwf 4' ..- race during the North Central Relays which ' S In f ,.,, 4 . .r my Q15 is , if W sf-1199 'na' .ss Q5 ge QM, in ' . I . , 2 :vm I. rfx Q A . N' x . 3 ,. vp , ""'L 51 is 1 ' ' f. 1 E .Qjlvr '69 VARSITY AND RESERVE TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Claude Mickle, Victor Breland, Fred Walker, Rickey Smith, Warren Tiffany, Ron Buses, Anthony Covington, J. D. Oliver, Charles Webster, Bruce Price. SECOND ROW: Fred Luten, Steve Corner, Mark Brents, Ron Sayles, James Lewis, Alvin Lee, Sylvester Edwards, Ronald Davie, Mike Baird, Shirley Glover, Walter Dininger, assistant coach. THIRD ROW: William Lowe, Ricky Butler, David Little, Bob Powell, Bruce Johnson, Greg Par- ham, Bob Benson, Bob Platt, Ewing Blue, Nate Allen, Cato Cork. FOURTH ROW: Bruce McGeath, head coach: James Perkins, Steve Watts, James Watson, Mike Dorsey, Steve Breland, Elliott Varnado, Jerry Hannon, Huston Smith, Tom Taylor, Harold Norwood, Steve Wilson. .., 'Wir'- 0' . -r .F- ' x. nl .' D gf W . fi ' '4 fx if 5 M 4,34 .wk ', N JN' ,W ,g . - M' ' S' 7 mi gn I. 5' Yjfn M M 5 , N ,. 4 " ,. , I' 3 ' 6 YQ h I -' .551- A ""3,aL'-ig,.g,,,,.,. , X N is if 2 . A ' f - TY, sfwiaii, v "- V:-4' 35 ? xf sig' X ig 5 .K fs 2 is '33 'T Q --v.-.- l..,, '69 TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Mark Price, Bill Hart, Kyle Fort, Gartrell, Darryl Gartrell, Bob McClain, Mark Waggoner. Louis Turner. SECOND ROW: Don Robinson, coach: Guy Luttrell, Gary Agia ,.. Tennis team wins seven, I ' wa if Q mi 58 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech DARRYL GARTRELL swoops down low to Tech return a served ball in one of last season's matches. ished third. The '69 Tennis Team with Don Robin- son as coach completed the season with a 7-8 record. In the fall Sectional none of the players were able to advance past the first day's competition, and the team fin- Guy Luttrell was the team's number- TENNIS Broad R ipple Wood North Central Manual Arlington Washington Attucks Shortridge Southport Northwest Howe Cathedral Marshall Kennedy Scecina 5 0 6 4 6 0 0 3 7 3 4 2 4 0 6 oses eight one man during the season. He had an in- dividual record of 10 wins against 7 losses. Guy also advanced to the semi-finals of the city tourney. The team scored shut-out victories against Wood, Washington, Attucks, and Kennedy, all by the score of 7-0. MARK WAGGONER smashes a serve to one of his opponents. Mark is the only returning let- terman on the team. J Varsity harriers place fifth in State Coach Bruce IVIcGeath's varsity Cross Country Team produced an outstanding season. The seven-man team vvas com- posed of senior runners Ron Buses, Charles Webster, Rick Smith, Jerry Laker, and V9.1 1 . Warren Tiffany, and juniors Ron Davie, and Bruce Price. The team collected an undefeated dual and triangular meet sea- son and firsts in the City, Sectional, Re- xx S ,f.,,...:v ,gf 5' . gional, and Columbus Invitational, and finished fifth in the State. In the cold rain during the State meet the Titans couldn't quite find the winning combination. Ron Davie finished ninth individually and was 4 the only Titan to place in the top fifteen. North Central won the State, but they were defeated three times during the course of the season by the Titans. wah CHARLES WEBSTER and Ronald Davie battle it out for sixth and seventh places in the Columbus Invitational. 'I T k i . SENIOR RON BUSES takes out in front of the Q55 ' pack at the beginning of the City meet. Buses lost two positions sometime during the race and finished third. ma: Allis-al CROSS COUNTRY TEAIVI-FRONT ROW: Bruce NlcGeath, head coachg Jerry Laker, War- ren Tiffany, Ronald Davie, Ricky Smith, Ronald Buses, Bruce Price, Charles Webster, Melvin Bowers, assistant coach. SECOND ROW: Brad Petree, Robert Platt, Bob Benson, Charles Schultz, Rick Butler, Virgil Walker, Steve Ross, Dennis Thomas. THIRD ROW: Nlelvin Lange, Roy Logan, Tom Brummett, Jeff Lingenfelter, Jim Rosier, Charles Carnel, Rolanda Quintana, Rayfield Campbell, Roger Laughlin. f . i A . I . -., n signer .-Jil", 3 , zsevgigy. A I -. '1'.'.' . .11 S - Q 'ig V . E f , Q ri 6121 3 xii . fT4Q C , t I s " ' 7' Y x 'I' My YI. If t . ,Q-' Ni x fi i' . X 6 ,rf 5 i ft.. :qi : s if , 'I . its v 7 "Q av , fx' i lb :E La, K 4992 xE 'rhql MQ 40" ,Q 3 . , A . i N' ' 3 Q. . " A I ,. - , , ' I , ri- M ,,,, i-'YMR 1.-Ag r efs, 'Q A Q ttf Q ,, 1 , sg, it H 1 or '.- tim K 3 W ' , 1:5 SE? ' ,j C' 4 ,. N "3 " -,V 'I 1 V31 Qi ,if YW ' il is I . illfitls K ,, ll :S , A J we A A. ,J If W H, Q 5, K Lum 1 X 9 Z fr JT 4 , 5 5 6 , F3 A We ,K W , QI I ' W i lf' VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Anthony Covington, Rex Marshall, Jack Harmon, V. J. Harper, Denny Griggs, Ron Sayles, Steve Funke, Kent CIark,Tom Hickey, Vic Breland. SECOND ROW: J. D. Oliver, Tim Couse, Robert Beaty, John Crenshaw, Dave Morrow, Steve Breland, Mark Brents, Wilburt Moore, Shirley Glover, Paul Wilson. THIRD ROW: Bob Coffin, Anthony Willis, Rob Eaton, Harold Norwood, Dave Devitt, Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech VARSITY FOOTBALL Howe Broad Ripple tle Cathedral Scecina Warren Central Manual Southport Chatard Marshall tie Shortridge Mike Stanfield, Larry Esslinger, John Whitthorne, Keith Hall, Elliot Var- nado. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Medcalfe, head coach: William Wheeler, equipment manager: Carlos Bell, assistant coach: John Koontz, assistant coach: Dean Carbone, trainer: Walter Dininger, assistant coach: Chester Whitaker, student manager: Milt Pappas, assistant manager. fourth minus season For the fourth consecutive year, a win- ning season eluded the varsity Titan grid- ders This season showed the best produc- tion of wins and the least number of losses in four years They did have a 3-5-2 record as games were lost on critical mis- takes in the closing minutes of play. The three victories came on 19-0 de- and edging Shortridge 13-12 in the final quarter The Titans tied Broad Ripple who finished the season ranking second in the City and Marshall, who was also ranked very high. The Titans led from the outset in the Warren Central and Manual games, but had to stage a come-from-behind victory over Shortridge. Ron Sayles scored the final touchdown on an 11-yard pass from Paul Wilson, and then Tom Hickey kicked the game-winning extra point with about O O Mlsq ue hand Va rslty Tech . 93 feats of both Warren Central and Manual, I ' I 0 13 - 6 . 7 . 19 0 19 0 6 14 ' 0 20 8 8 I I 13 12 five minutes left in the game. Coach Medcalf said that the players were about the hardest working bunch of guys that he had ever coached and that they played as hard as they could during every game, although he too had antici- pated a winning season. Injuries and criti- cal mistakes dissolved that anticipation. Out of 23 lettermen, only eight will re- turn next year. Many trophies were award- ed at the end of this season. Tom Hickey received one for the outstanding defen- sive lineman, and he also made all-city team for defensive end. Kent Clark was the outstanding defensive back. Jack Har- mon was the most improved player. Vic Breland was the best offensive back. John Crenshaw received a trophy for the out- standing offensive lineman. Steve Breland was the outstanding linebacker because he made 111 tackles this season-more than Howe's Tom Marendt. . F!! game of the season. PAUL WILSON waits for a Steve Funke pass to come down in his arms against Shortridge. Paul was in- terferred with and dropped the ball, but the Titans received a fifteen-yard penalty against Shortridge. 'nm'c Ama' xfvlarlhtbtwbr nifle' :Ncnl.xiS1x1l!Hm!mKs'APilll1Eniimnani12l:uiQ1w12'i4:Izlz .ix'!Fx'1Drn.r . - - J- 'FQ X' sK111al'.Pv.rf U .-1 :Q YN1 Annum rf 'ral LEFT: Senior defensive end Tom Hickey get his 6'-4" 200 pounds struc- ture high into the air in an attempt to block a pass by Shortridge's Randy Strand. ABOVE: J. D. Oliver turns the corner on Howe's tough defense. The undefeated Hornets beat the Titans in the last few minutes of the first xrrrwfxwmmwamwex-vs vsffww gy, - Mgcw- r fi f- M:-W r-fr s"w:1vv'ff fr-ff :-w-'wf- M. in more erm mai' 02:3 ff' 'Wi 5 1""'TT P'K ', ,tsa ' Ngtw ?5y,,is'5'x ,. ,FM Ur as if' ' . 5 A .Q My X,-, if' f "St ' . S t .Q".'3i5'f S., Q, ygvawy ' 'H ' 4 rgfhfc, ,I ' A ,. .eye .A .F . T -f 52.6. H.-'N - ry ':..:Qi,5?-.tasssln-Ii K if n. 4, 'if ' -. ,. ,ef 3 . r .-i , ' v' t...,.ywf'...:s .i amqigiiig L-. a . .i A. .1 - GLW. "A-ge 1 4.1. --Jin 'L-9:81 ABOVE: Jack Harmon picks up speed during a punt return against Shortride. LEFT: Paul Wil- son and Steve Breland hit low in an attempt to stop Howe's Larry Scharbrough from making a first down. 61 K . X . , ef. X. N-xs iw J 3 3 M x an if X fra " Q 'Ut' gf' ...if . Mi P'vA' if " W 'vvx -, . cf P Q 5 Ti il Q I M x fgg H 6 w 1 ,sv f' ' LH. 5 sf I gh if it f 51 if 1 if .1 'K 4 - -, fl v Q ' 'T if f g 1 P 1. wh g , W' ,Sv RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Dave Devitt, Gordon Hall, John Whitthorne. THIRD ROW: Walter Dininger, coach: Melvin Easley, Mark Jarrett, John Masters, Bob Coffin, Jeff Jacobs. SECOND Laswell, manager, Elliot Varnardo, ,Gary Offet, Claude Lowery, Nathan ROW: Bert Williams, Tim Euler, William Moats, George Taylor, Keith RUSh,5hil'l9V GIOVGLWIHY Wardwell, manager- Reserve has first losing season ince '66 RESERVE FOOTBALL Tech 14 Howe 12 Tech O Broad Ripple 12 Tech 0 Cathedral 26 Tech 16 Seceina 18 Tech 6 Warren Central 0 Tech 12 Manual 13 Tech 0 Southport 8 Tech 8 Chatard 16 Tech 1 Marshall 0 iforfeitl Tech 1 Shortridge 0 iforfeitl PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Reserve foot- ballers found that out as they ran through plays like these every day after school. They repeated maneuvers until they had them down pat. The reserve football team had their first losing season since 1966 when they dropped seven games, and won only two. The team, coached by Walter Dininger won four games against six losses. Two of the victories came on forfeits by Marshall and Shortridge. The other two wins were a 14-12 edging of Howe, and a 6-0 defeat of Warren Central. Keith Hall led the team in scoring from his running back position, and Coach Dininger thinks he might make a good varsity prospect next season. Jeff Jacobs and Denver Jordan alternated as this year's signal callers. John Whitthorne and Harvey Brooks were also outstanding running backs. The reserve defensive team was led by Nathan Rush, Mark Jarrett, Bob Coffin, and Elliot Varnardo. Coach Dininger thinks many of these boys will be good varsity prospects able to fill the positions left by the 13 graduating seniors. an tie' '3!"W" ' 'Z in .Ja W-L 'W R Q' 1. X S.. W J ' f ., .1504 Q V ,Q I .mv , , ' A in: 1 . A r . A gy , .1 , - .aeggw , 5- in f , g Q ' r iS' 'Q . ' ' P J M fx' ,I U H ,s fu" . " FQ K , l i 1 . ,IIV 1 I V, 2 is 1. A lx' uf., gh A e A ,M ., ... - .ir . V 8, mf U I Y el, Sa, 5 V 5,1 F' ww' if-,l'4' 'rfffwfa T - V . 1 . .k....A. ... . it- . 'ls 1' ' .. 5 ' 1 'ki :QQ HQW' -5 . J ,asf . F M cecina, Marshall hi hlight 2-5- eason The freshman football team under the direction of coach John Hurrle stumbled to a 2-5-1 season record. The highlights of the two win season were a 16-0 rout of Scecina, and a 22-6 thrashing of Marshall. Kenny Breland led the Frosh in scoring with three touchdowns from his end position. Other outstanding players were backs James Twigg, Fred McGuire, and Louis Woods. Darryl Williams was an out- standing lineman, and Stan Lawrence an outstanding end. Coach Hurrle said that ineligibility might have been one reason for the disap- pointing season, as he lost seven starters due to failing grades. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Howe Broad Ripple Cathedral Scecina Creston Manual ltiel Chatard Marshall FRESHMAN OUARTERBACK, James Twigg tries to elude a Scecina defender in a passing attempt. AFTER HAULING IN A JAMES TWIGG PASS, Kenny Breland rambles down the field on his way to scoring the only Titan touchdown against Manual, and one of his three touchdowns during the year. , 'B we 8 ,A fi' if 'Q .5 .J ,2Q -lil lilkflii - l Qui X W FRESHMAN F OOT B A L L TEAM-FRONT ROW: Bryon Richardson, Louis Woods, Sam Elmore, Darryl Williams, Thomas Jackson, Ver- non Pipkins, James Duzan, Richard Smith, Gary Buckley, Willie Blanchard. SECOND ROW: James Goodrich, Jeff Tabor, Ken Bre- land, Steve Howery, Bill Palmore, Greg Smith, William Sanford, Tom Clayton, Mark McKinney, Carl Lowery. THIRD ROW: James Dumes, Larry Wilkerson, Willie lvy, Albert Coleman, Fred McGuire, Norrell Bryant, Jerry Byrd, Anthony Dawson, Jim Evanson, James Twigg, John Hurrle, head coach. FOURTH ROW: Stan Lawrence, Tony Spratt, Doug Dixon, Harry Butler, Mike Callahan, Carl King, Don Williams, Jeff Harlow, Rick Walker, Robert Woodard, coach. l M A Q I gs: v A 4-,. ' , mg- 2 - f T i . Eb U . Q A - ,of . XY - - ' ' .f ' ,S . " R ' -'A ? Y 5 Al as -Q Q? f v- iJ11H 111211 .-ilk xv- . -m4'B Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tec Tech VARSITY BASKETBALL Warren Central Southport New Albany Anderson Ben Davis Attucks Madison Heights North Central Muncie Central lcity tourneyl Howe lcity tourneyi Attucks lcity tourneyl Howe Manual Shortridge Cathedral Richmond Broad Ripple Kokomo Washington Scecina North Central lsectionalsl Shortridge lsectionalsl Attucks lsectional finalsi V 'ty tt 53 56 63 69 . 89 61 59 57 94 ' 77 60 62 67 ' ' 54 77 91 67 ' 66 Tech 85 Scecina 45 ea G 63 ' 57 69 76 71 69 62 51 65 73 76 78 73 77 56 74 75 64 51 81 69 90 82 75 69 60 64 upset Shortridge in sectional The "impossible Dream" came true for the varsity Titan netters on Saturday, February 28. Shortridge, ranked eighth in the state, picked to win the State title by several sportswriters, boasting a 19-4 sea- son record and the city championship, fell at the hands of the Kendrick-led Titans. Behind by 16 points at halftime, and as much as 20 in the second quarter, the Titans recovered in the second half to take a 75-69 victory. The second-half come- back was spurred by a 31-point showing of possible All-Stater Frank Kendrick. Frank helped foul out the Blue Devils' two big guns, George Tandy and Charles Jordan. After they were gone Shortridge's doom was near. In the final game of the sectional the Titans met the Attucks Tigers. Twice the Tigers had beaten the Titans, once by two points and then again by twelve in the city tourney. During the first half with Attucks, the Titans took up where they left off against Shortridge. At halftime the Titans led by four and almost owned the boards. But during the second half it looked like a different team playing Attucks. Tech could not get any rebounds and so Attucks bounced back to take a four-point victory. Tech's first upset of the sectionals came against county champs North Central. Earlier in the season the Panthers had dumped the Titans by 14 points. But, this time it was all Tech from the outset. Tech was ahead by nine at halftime and by 19 at the end of the third stop. The reserves took over in the fourth quarter and North Central tried to stage a comeback to no avail. The victory was led by Frank Kendrick's 35-point rampage. Junior guard Larry Ward contributed 20 points, and Kyle Fort put in 17 in a reserve role. The Titans finished the season with a 15-9 record-much better than last year's 10-11 record. Frank Kendrick was the main work-horse throughout the season. He averaged 29 points per game and scored 702 during the season, breaking the old record held by former star Jim Price. Frank received help from juniors Larry Ward and Bruce Johnson, and occasionally Tom Hickey or Kyle Fort would come up with a game scoring more than 10 points. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Fred Luten, managerg -Bruce Johnson, Bob Powell, Kyle Fort, Frank Kendrick,.Tom Hickey, Charles Battle, Harvey Brooks, Larry Ward, Paul Wilson, Willie Booker, Jim Arthur Johnson, Ernest Cline, assistant coach, Jay Kleine, assistant coach. Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Howard Catt, trainer: Carl Meditch, head coach, LARRY WARD, a junior guard, drives around a Seceina opponent. Ward was the Titans playmaker during the season. SENIOR CENTER Kyle Fort steps around Charles Jordan of Shortridge and lays up two points. The Titans beat the Satans 75-69. l l BRUCE JOHNSON DRIVES through Shortridge's Dave Speckman in an attempt to score two points. Johnson should be back to lead the team next year. FRANK KENDRICK LEAVES George Tandy flat-footed as Frank goes up for two points. Frank scored 35 points against the Blue Devils. Good start help Reserves ave 7-3 season 11....l,.,.. . Wi , .ia gl Q ig, t gi RESERVE BASKETBALL Tech 40 Warren Central 36 Tech 60 Southport 42 Tech 75 New Albany 60 Tech 75 Anderson 58 Tech 65 Ben Davis 52 Tech 39 Attucks 41 Tech 40 Madison Heights 36 Tech 64 North Central 44 Tech 40 Muncie Central 69 Tech 66 Chatard 43 lcity tourneyl Tech 41 Attucks 46 lcity tourneyl Tech 58 Howe 49 Tech 59 Manual 50 Tech 64 Shortridge 54 Tech 53 Cathedral 33 Tech 50 Richmond 33 Tech 57 Broad Ripple 41 Tech 54 Kokomo 48 Tech 54 Washington 51 Tech 55 Scecina 38 ARTHUR JOHNSON and Bob Powell battle for a rebound against Richmond. Johnson led the team in rebounds with 186 for the season. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tony Gearlds, Tom Alexander, Tony Zupan, Charles Hoskins, Harvey Brooks, Gary Spradlin, Denver Jordan, Milt Pappas, manager. SECOND ROW: Howard Catt, trainer, Bob Plummer, manager: Melvin Henderson, Claude Lowery, Mike Harris, Arthur Johnson, Shirley Glover, Jim Gilbert, Ernest Cline, coach. . The Titan reserve basketball team un- der coach Ernest CIine's su pervision started the season with five straight victories and went on to finish with a 17-3 record. The team was led in scoring by Shirley Glover who dumped in 220 points for an 11 point average. Right on Glover's heels for the scoring lead was Harvey Brooks who put in 218 points for a 10.9 average. Glover also led the team in shooting per- centage, hitting 49.7 percent from the floor and 75.6 percent from the charity stripe. Arthur Johnson led the team in re- bounding with 186. He hauled in 25 in the city tourney game against Attucks. Balanced scoring and a 1-2-1-1 zone press were the biggest assets to the team this season. As a team they hit 39.9 per- cent from the field. Probably the best game the team played all season was a 20 point shellacking of City Champ Cathedral. Coach Cline said that they "blew them out of the gym" during the last three quarters with their zone press. JUNIOR GUARD Tony Gearlds, far ahead of his Richmond opponent, lays up two points on a fast break. .Q . ., s- Mm-fv-r-1 fxsvwc' xm FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Ken Herman, manager:John Jones, Tony Doughty, Don Williams, Roger Laugh- lin, Barry Scott, Anthony Woods. SECOND ROW: Reginald Barry, Dave Watkins, John McPherson, Carl Watterford, Jerry Hubbard, Grady Hardiman, James Kendrick, James Twigg. THIRD ROW: Dave George, assistant coach: Vincent Killebrew, Jack Hargitt, Stan Lawrence, Charles Black, Gary Davis, Jeff Clinton, Ben Hampton, Harold Hayes, Jay Kleine, coach. Freshmen cagers have 7-9 season Coach Jay Kleine's freshman basketball team lost five straight games during the early part of the season, then lost three Tech FRESH MAN BASKETBALL 29 Attucks BELOW: Charles Black, the team's second leading scorer, drives in for two points from his center position against Attucks. straight at the last of the season to finish with a 7-9 record. Coach Kleine said the main reason was the shooting percentage. He said that there were several games where they did not hit over 25 percent. He also said that if they had hit a little over 30 percent they prob- ably could have won six more ball games. Donny Williams was the team's leading scorer with an 11.2 average. Behind him were Charles Black and Ben Hampton with 9.7 and 921 averages respectively. Hampton was the team's leading rebounder with 141 for the year, and Black was right behind him with 136 rebounds. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 41 61 Woodview 56 61 Arlington 46 44 Wood ' 49 39 Manual 41 28 Broad Ripple 36 33 Chatard 42 52 Chatard 51 lDouble overtime, City tourneyl Attucks lCity tourneyl Marshall Attucks Scecina Shortridge Washington Howe Cathedral 44 45 48 24 50 49 50 ' 48 59 ' 39 43 ' 48 34 46 41 47 COACH KLEINE gives his freshman basketball team instructions between quarters. Rex Marsh Rex Nlarshall, a senior 145-pound wres- tler, took all the marbles this year as he won the state championship in his weight class. Rex was picked to win the sectional and he did. ln the final match he beat the North Central Conference champ who had a 16-1 record. In the afternoon match Rex pinned his Richmond opponent who was the North Central Conference runner-up. During the final match of the regional Rex was pitted against a wrestler from Brownsburg who 1 'ae-...i , ,' 2 :it,,:i:5fi ""- 2 K- - , .. .. . 1, ., --1-me . 'Wm Et' " ' .M .A tl X .X ' 4 . 5 f ?f52m:!v,?E X453 . 1 ' 'gf , - . .wa wr . ' , A X - A N, X M ,.-4 f .. ,:a 5 ,szafj . '-MS ,Q .., ' " ' - ..-Wi r. " 9 '13 . F" s- s im? K.. W- A . W V V f- ,, f W swf se.. H 0 A f wzfa- -. g ' Mr-t '14-sw Q in-f a s REX MARSHALL 145-pound state champ. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-Roger Farral, Price Petty, Robert Davis, Jr., Jeff Frost, Wil- bert Moore, Victor Breland, Rex Marshall, Steve Breland, Harry Downing, John Williams, Larry Esslinger, Mike Stanfield, John Hurrie, coach, LEFT: Rex Marshall grasps his North Central opponent's leg. This match was one of the two times Rex lost. Il I4 -pound state champ held an 18-1 record. Rex defeated him 10-4 and thus moved on. West Lafayette's undefeated 145 pound matter was Rex's match in the afternoon of the State. He had won the sectionals three years in a row, but he also fell at the mercy of the Tech Titan. Rex's final op- ponent from South Bend Washington had lost with only one minute left in the match. In just fifteen seconds Rex scored three points to win 4-0 and collect the state championship. Rex's three year varsity record was 55 wins against 13 losses. He won the City in both 1968 and 1969. He was Washington Invitational champ in 1968, 1969, and 1970. He finished this year with a 24-2 record losing only to North Central and Ben Davis. Junior Steve Breland, a 155-pound wrestler, also won the sectional, but was defeated in the regional. X2 RESERVE WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Gary Hoskins, Jay Scheidt, Harry Butler, John Witthorne, Derrick Ruffin. SECOND ROW: James Scahill, Tim Euler, Steve Ross, Nathan Rush, John Hurrle, coach. 1 '-1 6-, FRESHIVIEN WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: Mark Brooks, Vernon Donny Driggs, Rick Walker, Jeff Lingenfelter, Ronald Herron. THIRD ROW: Plpkins, Dave Wallen, Jose lngrem, Tom Jackson, Kenny Breland, LaRue John Koontz, coach: Willie Blanchard, Sam Elmore, David Clegg, Greg Offer. SECOND ROW: Jeff Harlow, Dwayne Turner, Anthony Dawson, Boid, Mark Zachary, Gregg Smith, Carl Lowery. l QI H n IVT i Q ' 'vm 1 . 'V 1- nr Kkin taubrukggfa Qlmiiilillin lfiffilllf "Q'll asn lid 'f aK0cun ' '9lna ' Axial! ' 'UIQI Q IQ!!! K iilltliiggg Kiatmivavltllnll-i l4u llfillffililillljillllt lllllllrun4elv4lsinlQ1Q,llll!1 Dltliiiwnnicllinnuqan noun ilillillliilhiltltlltl iiillliflllllllllf iiliiiillt Ill!! WHQQQQH lliw K Qlznl-if uuusnpnilisru ur-aa'lanauoa n XG kussnaniasaapaq lllitllnillllliilinlilifu ianlnaanaausinnono uauuunnnnunen discuss: unf nxa , lkllitliij, ll!! iruzl9nnn RQKO asnannsnainnaa , lvpmnrniannunsninsnns ' nnnniunnuunnnasn :panoramas ana: ll l U I lQll.i Q! filly! 'l'!ill, SIUKUIKQIL l lllilll I an ls Q K sf li 0 U I U I I I ' U Q l l 1 H I f I I Q l C I l I I I I I I I I I I O l I C l f I I l l I I I l l l I l L! il I I l I I I I I I lh lm I I I I I U I I Q I I Dil li li O 8 Q l I I Y I 1 Q I I C U I Q U C U O 8 9 Q. awk 0 Q m if an as xnxx sts. nl 0 R I Q Q H Ci 5 16003131 xiii' 10's anal in 4 as :newsvine fanmgnnne el eviviksli ll ill! 4G6Qavnnne ggqaqpuvue caaaoi 'G uQ ul!! duff il ffllli X- ggyggillii X'ggin ' ll fl in as il I 1 A Ol ggsssan ur pill!-chili A gut! 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I l I S 1 I I I S 0 I D Y K l I l in Q n 1 Q o o n assassin ulluullnnisnn IIVIQQIIAIQIKI llllflllllllml nnnlduaXnlu nlnlnllnnfaxpi llllililA Ilan 1 4 O Qi I C 9 l it 'UKY ll il! l I U limi F Ai Q U Q xv K All Q! G 0. no! I I l I I I I 1 1 I I l 1 I I I I I U I x X I I I U O I I O I I I I G I U I I I l 6 5 9 O 0 I I I l 6 Q i A Vi 0 I 9 I I C C O l.llll ll ll .Illia Ill I I I I I I I I I I I U I I Ill I I ' lllll ll I I ' II -n we .M , l Q N Wi'-:QF A U H-HP' ALTHOUGH visual aids are important, nothing replaces teachers, Tom Danheiser, in this case. WORDS-PER-MINUTE increase as Reading Lab pupils discover the importance of the pacer. issf. s ' f f- 1 ..' fi ' ' 'ii " K " s' ' . - 5 --"- "" - . . ' . 1 1. ,, -' ' , , I . ' I , O 'J A 'Q' k"'-: 1 if ,. -.- Q , ' s Ld gsih f-' I rt gli? ,.,: 1 .,.,,.- 1 t 72' ' sf f 9 X f 9 5 ,f Q' GETTING THE IDEA ACROSS for English W 3 " ' I ' rdf 9 pf VIII pupils, Mrs. Arvilla Bennett uses the film- V v ny, 1 A strip projector. T h e s u bject was English A A Qjlsdf. . XM- ' ' romantic poets of the Nineteenth Century. ?.?-Es if x USE OF THE OVERHEAD PROJECTOR in English class makes an assign- field, Bruce Oakley, Pamela Roots, and David Quackenbush observe the ment easier. Terri Wong demonstrates as classmates Bob Platt, Mike Stan- progress of a lesson in paragraph development. , AGAIN, visual aids play a most important role in advertising the English Department play, STAGE DOOR. lrwwn! I fzfzfloff f fmifm M23 ef? r'ff'f' 1 Qui Visual aids active in English Department WITH THE AID of the Craig Reader, Billy Mayhew receives eye training to improve his reading speed and comprehension. l "This year we are concentrating on get- ting the idea across with the use of more visual aids," said Irene Rhodes, head of the English Department. The visual aids she was speaking of are the Craig Reader, and probably most familiar to all, the overhead projector, filmstrip projector, and motion picture projector. The filmstrip projector was most effec- tive in dealing with the lives of poets pre- sented in "g" classes. The overhead pro- jector, u s i n g transparencies, stressed writing techniques. The Craig Reader, used both in English classes and in the Reading Lab, stressed the meaning of the whole sentence, guiding the reader into an easier understanding of what he read. Still striving for individual understand- ing, the English Department has intro- duced another innovation this year, speakers. Students have heard informed lectures on such subjects as poetry and the arts. 2 S i 5 5 E avi A DEAN CARBONE points out the Rio Grande, as he explains the Mexican War to his U.S. History I class. .I-an ,-- X ' -......,4f"' ANGIE DOTSON, Harriett Anderson, Paul Keefe, and Mike Ray have mixed reactions to Mr. Murphy's lecture on sociology. INTROVERT? EXTROVERT? AMBIVERT? During Psychology, Wesley Murphy presents the functions of the mind to his class which wishes to pry into mysteries of human personality. ,r 3 ,-,,.Ww-iff' ' wWM,,,,,,,.s.,,..w-,ffw- is ,,,,,,.,.wW-fm" X i sm 4-vwehH""'w"' ' . .' 3 S. ., A M., fs. 5 A Nag Tj VN ,i 05 f- x t i ,Eff Q i ' 52 : V v A A ' t 1 .,,, ,W-f--"'f"""'T' hs 1 K SL,,:,,.,Ms ,:W,,,,Q,,...f,.....q--'ff I nw Q L '- S' 'I :WA ir M :ta 'Q Social studies teaches man's relationships FERN STUKENBROEKER, on one of his annual trips to Tech to speak to third period classes about Communism, arouses interest of a few pupils. CODE UI-' CONDUCT YOU ARE A TECH STLIINT SHOW YOUQ l-UXESTY AND LUYALTY TU YQXR SU-lOL1... ST RIVE EU? HMAN lN'JEl?STANDlNG. REPUQT l'ROl"PTLY AND PHEPAHEIJ FOR CLASSES. RESPECT ALL PROl"EllTY. NEVER USE LOlD CI? l'll0F'AlNE LANGUAGE IN CAPPUS. BE A GOCD SPCRT lN WCTCMY CR IJEFEAT. OBSERVE CAF'ETElllA REOLLATICNS. WALK T0 Tl-E RIGHT AND BE CGJHTEOUS IN CHOWUEU SIT UATIONS . HE PROUD OF YOU! SCHOOL AND l'R0l'l0TE THE TECH IMACE. COOPERATE WITH FELLOW STUDENTS, TEACHEHS, AND OTHER SCHOOL l'EfHf3ONsEL. P . ga K My-A M W is, ,, L M355 ' gel , ...a , ig ,tx N ' M-si W3 ..... ., .J 55 -SME l 5 l "For too many years, helpful sugges- tions about problems of cultural develope ment have gone unrecognized, but now the way is open as a result of Unigov," says lVlr. Wm. Siedlecki, head of the Social Studies Department. Under lVlr. Siedlecki's direction, a new course at Tech in Cultural Development is taking shape. Open to juniors and seniors, the new course will concentrate on getting the INDIVIDUAL interested in HIS government, and HIS community's problems. As yet, the new course is still on the drawing-board, but it is hoped that within the near future, plans will move into full swing toward comple- tion, and high school students will have a greater chance to develop an interest in current urban problems. In addition to planning the new course, Tech's history department isconcentrating on discussing in depth, current problems and historical issues, in an attempt to help the pupil relate the two. STUDENTS IN SOClAL STUDIES may be learning only about the past, but they surely have good ideas for the present and future as they build the "Code of Conduct" for Tech High students. LEFT: Students learn more through video aids in John Miner's Economics class when conducted in the movie room. ABOVE: Drama or romance? History becomes alive again as actors portray John Marshall and his wife in a film shown for history students. 2 ' i 1 N. 3 S W 1 www 3 , , I - L A . gif AQ 3 s X' 9 ,z ' 1: i 1 3 vw? W AK' ai? ' J. : DEBBIE HAGER points out a city in Germany for- her class, while Steve Shafer gives an assist SANDRA CLYBURN and Jon Kofas as Lucy and Charlie Brown drop kick the football in a skit Y 7' X LUCINDA LOTT background ponders a solution in French Class while Jeanine Haigerty and Joyce ie QQ, , l Hnse translate a quiz , Q' 1 Capers, quizz s develop language skills Speaking English is hard enough for some students at Tech, but many find it fun and fascinating to discover and ex- plore a new language. Students begin by learning the fundamentals of the new language, practicing fluency, accent, spel- ling, and pronunciation. Later they work their way up to writing short stories, giving speeches, and acting out small skits for their classmates. Teachers instruct their students with patience and hope that their knowledge of the language will soon be transferred to the many Techites, who are "foreign" to the new language. Many hours are put in by the language instructors to prepare exercises and tests which will be challenging, but not too complicated. mmf , . pi -.. fi i 3 is ld -'N' I Viv N H. i V ,ff ... KM U M X i 35 :umm nw: X 3 SHARON GREEN helps her Latin class to re- create the Seven Hills of Rome, the Forum, and the Circus Maximus. Language study help pupils understand basic ideas of our own civilization. Q X 1- sa MRS. EMMAGEE WASHlNGTON'S craft art pupils design covers for portfolios. Jacqueline Amos, Sandra Mears, Isaiah Flias. Wl LLIAM LOCKER'S commercial art pupils produce a silk screen poster of the Beatles designed by Jim Noland. Art pupils go lapidaryg Techoir sings opera An Art Gallery at Tech? It's not impos- sible, we do have a professional gallery, backed by student work from our art classes. The most basic classes are Art I-Vlll, craft art, commercial art, and sign painting. Jewelry, photography, stage craft, metal crafts, sculputre and art appreciation are offered also. The vocational program is being empha- sized more and more by the department. It is possible to receive a vocational certif- icate in commercial art, sign painting, jewelry, and starting this year, photography. Perform! That's the word for Tech's busy Music Department. With 1,050 pupils enrolled in the various classes, the depart- ment takes up almost all of the second floor of the Cafeteria-Music Building. There are ten performing groups, ranging from the 90-member band to the 14-mem- ber Burt Handbell choir. Besides providing music for school programs, the musical or- ganizations present a total of 150 outside performances each year. To train mem- bers, classes in chorus, orchestra, and band are offered. Besides these standard music courses, special classes such as music appreciation, directing, and four years of music theory are offered as career courses. ELLEN ANN MOFFATT and Richard Guiden work on Christmas posters in different languages. Qs wk' l 5403 ' ANNIE BEATY and Patty Meigs polish stones for ornamental use in a lapidary project. MISS MARION HAMILTON guidesSharon Ann Jones through a step of her leather project. ? if , . ' " ,. 5 . f Q -' V l 9 ---A - 2 .,:. ,I .. TECHOIR GIRLS rehearse the Indianapolis Symphony appearance. FRONT ROW: Toni Taylor, Geneva Trotter, Libbi Michael, Andi Hunt, Chris Ping, Nancy Bottoms, Mary Wester, Debbie Hager. SECOND ROW: lfaces showingl Sharon Barlow, Jodi Chastain. TECHOIR BOYS loin soloists with the Symphony in the rousing chorus from CARMEN. Paul Wilson, Kevin Brewer, Bart Petree, Tom Hickey, Dave Devitt, Doug Moore, Jim Allen, Edward White, soloist, Jim Farrior, Jo Elyn McGowan, soloist, Mike Stanfield. THE DAVE BAKER QUINTET performs in the Forum. Members are Dave Baker, string bass, Kim Hutchcroft, sax: Phil Johnson, drums: Shelby Janes, piano: and Larry Wiseman, trumpet. The performance was sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company. l1 fi. " if L Q l.l' --..'-.fe If KN ' V .v t .sv V f , V V Q XZ- , . ,J 'T " X ' .. 'S ' V -'N fm Y - .a K 'Vx 1 is, . QQ., N .4 -3: S , . Q 551 ' 1 1 N t -hfzgvu bl., T, 0 ,4 fs, 2 if . . A. iz. -2vaP..f 1' f x f . ' 4. "' 1 .. Q , 'fin'-'f1.v-1 ' . is 1 K Y a Q , y-1117 'I 3 , 'X-no--1' 5:5 " i 1 1, A e- -, " 42 Q 1 .-4-"""' JOSEPH BACKMEYER and William Switzer lead the Tech Band in a practice session. l l l at C4 ' 3 if 7 'QQ t Lag- .,' 'l V K ' ffiavy HENRIETTA PETERMAN, Jim Scahill, and James Alstott help each other to adjust to Tech's colorful new convertible band uniforms. 4 eF"""' W 1 SOME STUDENTS WORK SITTING DOWN but Yvonne Hacker and Math teacher, shows them a special formula. Test time will find them back George Williams take to the chalkboard as Betty Mansfield, their General at their seats with their books closed, BOARD WORK in geometry is not boring when pupils work in teams. PRACTICAL MATH pupils learn the art of pushing buttons to get an ' accurate answer. 2 E s 5 A f ff-W, 5 1 I g V , Z f W, 'K L 5 1 "5-sl, N353 M i Y QW- , Yu ! i f'.....!'E INTERESTED Basic lVlath students listen while Richard Glover explains not only the "how" but the "why" of a difficult problem. Pupils solve new problems with old figures ea., l STUDENTS ponder over troublesome problems in General Math class while Mr. Hafize Shah, exchange teacher from Pakistan, lends a hand. Starting this year the lVlath Department is offering three new courses, unified math, applied statistics and senior arith- metic. Although this program is a city project, it was first originated at Tech. Another change will be the one made in the business math courses. The students will be working with new materials such as workbooks and worksheets. A time schedule will be worked out dividing class time into two sections. The first half will be for discussion while the last half will permit the student to work out the actual problems. Through the efforts of the faculty and students, Tech will truly earn a reputation as a progressive school ac- cording to John Stoeckinger, department head. I- is xi M I 2 X.,- Q-" :jf 6"'m WLM -r , 5 , . GARY RAIDY and Rose Mindach get down to the nitty gritty of zoology, hoping to find a hidden pearl in their specimen mussel. LOOKING LIKE PROFESSIONAL MICRO- TECHNICIANS, Kyle Fort and Russell Nic- hoalds study the development of an embryo in zoology, Science pupils gather practical data M f'lS THE SECRET ON THE BOTTOM?" Debbie Hager, Clarence Dehoniesto and Sally Harding try identifying conifers. Who collects dust samples? The Physical Science Department, that's who. Cooper- ating for their second year with the Bureau of Air Pollution, several students in the chemistry and physics classes collected dust samples and prepared reports to help determine pollution in Indianapolis. Advanced chemistry classes developed techniques in qualitative and quantitative analysis. Advanced physics pupils used so- phisticated equipment including the laser. Biology, too, can really be interesting, especially for the advanced pupil. Making slides for microscope study is a very in- volved. and fascinating process. Embry- ology deals with the development of un- born organisms. The bacteriology pupil may grow his own cultures. A good memory and a bad nose are needed in Biology IV, ninety-nine per cent of the course involves dissecting. H5 M ll' i Y X IN MR. MAY'S CHEMISTRY lll CLASS, Russell Nichoalds, Karen Shewman, and Richard Bedwell join forces to measure the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. fig' Y P L Mi' FRONT ROW: Elliot Varnardo, Chris Wilson, Ron Phembly. SECOND ROW: Larry Meads, Mary Ann Thompson, and Gary Spradlin members of Mr. Tozer's Physics I class "sweat it out." T-R X' 'W g Wm Ulf., if A MACHINE familiar to most Chemistry stu- ALTHOUGH NOT OUESTIONING the measurements of an analytical balance, lvan Christensen, dents, the magnet stirrer does its thing, Marsha Morgan, Eugene Steele, and Norman Lower check, and even triple check their final weighings t e vm ,,,,, , . .,,,:....x ' F W xr?" 5 Q V1 ROSENIARY FREEMAN looks over a piece of pastry she has just decorated, NIOSETTER HANDLE UTBKBS her millinarv Df0i9CT worthwhile, diSDlBVif19 making sure everything is right for Christmas. hats at the Hobby Show, then giving them for Christmas. rg """ "ROCK A BYE, BABY." Girls in Nursing class learn how to is attended by Claudette O'NeaI, Janice Johnson, Judy Carrell, place one in bed. Acting as the patient is Elizabeth Brooks. She and Gail Lawrence. in - x PRACTICAL EXPEFHENCE in food preparation includes dressing chickens in Mrs. Natalie Ransom's class. 5 y -l"'f'lv .,,.. .......f . , 3 1 f I M"'sm..,,,..4 , - . .,,,, ... ,, ' A' Q VIVIAN REEVES demonstrates cutting a whole chicken as Sarah Massey observes. The girls will be ready to help with Sunday dinner. Tomorrow's homemakers prepare today lf you would like to become a beautic- ian, but are not really sure, take cosme- tology. Cosmetology, open to all girls, teaches good grooming and shows the girls what the profession ofa beautician is like. Girls also use new equipment for straight- ening hair. "'...LT."9!. Cooking classes are called upon many times to prepare and serve food for guests who visit Tech for luncheon or tea. The humming of sewing machines isn't an unusual sound in sewing class. Girls work earnestly to complete dream outfits of their own creation. Classes in child care and nursing give training for practical experience in home- making. Government pamphlets are used as texts. Housing and Management and Com- mercial Foods round out the Home Eco- nomics Department curriculum. ..4E'.4f'f 'i f 4.3 W ff ' ' .fi f,. V, Av WX gf' K v., gx a 7 K rf, ' i S W0 nl M- is T . L .... .H GIRLS IN CLOTHING CLASSES experience the thrill of creativity making their own dream outfits from lengths of cloth, ideas and work. Joane Sullivan, Sherry Davidson, Ira McAfee, Flita McFall, and Patricia Monday. Tickets, tape fly as pupils play store "Half-gallon milk, 5902 one dozen doughnuts, 72d5 quart of orange juice, 39d. Looks like breakfast! Will that be all, ma'am?" Common everyday talk has now become a part of the Tech Way. Room 15 in the Arsenal building has been converted into a small-scale supermarket to accomodate the Cashiering class new this year to the Business Education Department. Four of the latest models of cash registers have been set up with shelves and shelves of groceries surrounding them. ln an effort to attract new cashiers and clerks to the grocery business, members of the Indiana Retail Grocers Association, such as Stokely Van Camp, have supplied the class with authentic containers. Also, radio time has been bought to encourage 8, A , . -as Y 'af " F4 is Wi 5 other indianapolis citizens to enroll at Tech in the cashiering class. The floor is covered with wall-to-wall green carpet, and tables and chairs are available for work not done with machines. Books to aid students, and films on cashier- ing are visual aids for the pupils enrolled. The class is also offered in the Tech Evening School Division. ri he f A 6 ',sv Q x -.4 N ::1f"??4i':e.iaW2c 5 ,ff-'Hi it i. ani? 5 Qt 5,5535 e we . , :wi 5'-wi i. flagged W' 3 Ulu' it ' RIGHT: Computer Operations, also new, gives Debbie Coffman and Lester Trotter a chance to watch an electronic computer do its thing. RIGHT BELOW: As in all classes, book work is required in Cashiering. Getting assistance from William Peterson is Sandra Robertson while Beverly Dicks and Rozetta Moore study in the background. BELOW: Familiar to all is a gro- cery checkout line, this one in Tech's new Cash- iering class. After shopping, Mattie Martindale gets checked out by Connie Green at the cash register while Stephanie Moore sacks the items. W 3 ,V sf. 55 X 5 1 it 'K Ft E gmjf, if ' ' 'W C T , - tx ,X-. V it ,4,. ,T , 3 cfm E ,s g ass- f ' 1-wt , 1 ,fm t, , ,. x,,.Ms,. hm ,, 'Viv f 14" 1555 ,Q ing ' w if-1 - .Q .s,. X if Q "f:5:.-.F'?P" f..'. . Yi' W5 Z 13' he if .J if Q sw x Veil , SqM'fYyy,.if3 UQ Q Q, N6 I, i X 5 I -HMT iwl ii - ,' ' yu, - B . is 3 ,, S 5 l K ,f-N K S VV HQ' r -PM in-nw' ff as CYRI L STOCK explains to his Machine Shop class the workings of the metal lathe. 491, KENNY WHITECOTTON tests his cutting torch before getting down to business. Mechani , metal workers acquire skills mu,- ABOVE: Johnnie Pullen prepares to make a mold pattern with the recently acquired 3-D mill in his Patternmaking class. RIGHT: The metal casting lbackgroundl is an exact copy of the wooden pattern sitting in front of it. "Would you like to have a solid steel copy of an egg?" "lmpossible!" Not so with Tech's Metal Trades De- partment. With the new Bridgeport 3-D Mill a machinist can copy any three-di- mensional object in solid steel. This is just a part of the story of what's happening in the five metal trades shops. Courses are patternmaking, described above, foundry, casting metal objects, machining, making very accurate parts, sheet metals, forming ductwork and metal furniture, and weld- ing, transforming two pieces of metal into one. Any Techite interested in a high-pay- ing vocation may prepare himself. The Auto Aviation Department is one of the busiest places on campus. Classes in auto mechanics, auto body and aviation are offered. Anyone interested in learn- ing to put new fabric on an airplane or re- build auto air conditioning systems will find his place in this department. Other skills developed are engine tune-up, body painting and electrical work. lndustry has lucrative positions waiting for pupils holding the vocational certifi- cate from this department. Sam Dudkow- ski, department head, commented, "The day of the shade tree mechanic is over. You can no longer repair a car with a hair- pin and screwdriver. Auto repair has become a highly technical business." I t -A ,sw MM! 23'-K . KELLY KINSER APPLIES the final coat of paint on a repaired fender in his auto body class. .shi DONNIE CRABTREE, Ronnie Holt and Hugh Abel cover the wing of an airplane they are reconditioning. PHILLIP HARRISON INSTALLS insulation in a small private plane. JEFF BUCHANAN PUTS masking tape over engine parts before he paints a repaired fender. JEFF SEATON TESTS the fitting of a new bumper in auto body shop. BUILDING TRADES lays the sub-flooring for the house they constructed. 1. "Tift Building, Electrical Trades create dream MORRIS WOODS prepares tqtyrn the first THE iNvEN'rivENEss of the sfegeerafr class Shovel Of dirt for the Student-built house as Mr- resulted in these decorations for the southwest I-OHQSTIOYG and MY- MOYGF lOOk On- entrance of Treadwell Hall., For years pupils in the Building Trades Department built houses in the shop, only to tear them down and build again. Last year, carpentry pupils built dog houses and mini-barns for permanent use. This year the dream of several years is realized: the Building Trades Department has ac- quired a plot of ground across Michigan Street from the campus, and pupils are constructing a house to be sold as a dwelling. Metal and Electrical Trades Departments cooperated, f Qi MJ! fmwfmhmyp was-W sw. ,gl 1 if ' W""""""'1us-ww-.--,,.,,,,,-MQWWMWM - 'M-vwfmwag-are . f '3 'M ' ' I il' w-.-M--ww-iff 76 P I' h CURTIS COLWELL adjusts his instruments as he tests a circuit for flaws. DWIGHT SIMMONS, Richard Carmony, and Thomas Zachary assemble a system during a lab. Surrounded by wires, switch boxes, fuses, and the reading materials to make this maze meaningful, elementaryelec- tricity pupils learn simple wiring. They then proceed to master more complicated circuits. The advanced student electricians wire up complicated switches in the early stages, and later learn how to repair tele- visions and radios. Classes give pupils vocational and practical training. FRONT, Leonard Russell. BACK, Kirby Smith, Vernon Pipkin, beginners JOE HALLINS and Robert Henderson check out a compressor in their in electricity, find out the problems in wiring a circuit. refrigeration class. Q tr' ,E 3 -Q ntl! ' it W ' ,ll Q X ' Ai iW4nr'1 ,w h -',1, fi Q ,gn-' I , .. Q- "' , SKU -:j ,' L, , w wf .' and km RIGHT: Printshop pupils working on an IBM coldtype composition project are George Myers, Robert Sapp, Terry Lowe, King Andrews, and John Smith. BELOW: John Williams instructs a mechanical drawing class using an overhead projector. PHILIVIORE HUTCHINS, Nathaniel Booker, Greg Buckley, Steven Grable, and Sherry Clem of Harold Deem's class, do their work in the offset press department. siv- ,gui 'K-. lk HAVING SEEN EXAMPLES on the overhead projector, members of John Williams' class strive to improve their work. Printing, drafting teach varied vocations 4, mt ,aawwi , 5 f .,.,.,L :., I If i , 5 s , h f iff Ann-ur 'Q . Q CM: f , qAve'v?9"ln 4 Ss tx 1 f grams " ,WWW aim AY, We 2 il R 5,-1, . tgyffw sg, ...I 'hns.... il QW? Last year the idea emerged to build a house using only Techites as the builders. To do this would take the co-operation of every vocational trade to make the struc- ture a real house with all the necessary features. The first step in making the dream come true was to put the idea on paper. The advanced Architectural Draft- ing class did this. Working under lVlr. Wood, the class completed its part of the project by transferring the ideas to paper and de- signing the house. The designs were sent to be blueprinted and distributed to the various departments that would put these ideas into a tangible form. When pupils at Tech read their weekly newspaper, they saw the results of the newest printing techniques available. The paper was produced by pupils in Tech's large printshop. Equipment ranges from handsetting cases used by beginning stu- dents to the IBM tape-setting machines. The CANNON newspaper comes off the latest linotype equipment and is printed on one of several offset presses. The printshop also produces the forms used in keeping records at Tech, the English Drill Book for the English classes, and various commercial jobs for non- school customers. """-tv "l'VE GOT TO GET TO THE OTHER SlDE!" This message seems obvious as Mark Zachery "walks" his way across the parallel bars in physical education. HANGING SUSPENDED on a pegboard seems to be a favorite activity of Willard Beard who proves he has strength and a smile both. G m creates strong minds and bodie PHYSICAL EDUCATION IllG isn't a mandatory subiect, yet these girls seem to enjoy silly games as Tonya Bruce, assistant, looks on. Q Chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and now peg-ups become a part of the boys' physi- cal education world. A pegboard becomes a mountain when the only means of climbing it is to hang onto a small peg and place another one in a hole for progress upward. Counting helps, as it is necessary to go from one to twenty- four in numerical order. Nleanwhile, on the other side of cam- pus, girls participate in some of the wackiest games when apparatus work is put aside. Normally doing work on skills, pupils enjoy games that imaginative physi- cal education teachers dream up to relieve tension and build better bodies. Drill team cop title at invitational 51 BOYS DRILL TEAM MEMBERS Dean Myer, Michael Butchee, Dan Kurbursky, David Crabill, and Charles Schultz execute an s-manual exchange. GENEVA JONES, Priscilla Burris, Mary LaFara, Kathy Scarbrough, Melanie Morphew, and Terri Wong perform a 42-count manual exchange. Q-no---as - The cadets of Tech's ROTC unit are especially fortunate, for they have original Civil War army barracks. This creates a military atmosphere and a sense of historic pride. The purpose of the Reserve Officers Training Corps is to teach young men to become responsible soldiers when they later enter the service. Cadets learn that neatness, respect, and a good character are important in military training as well as in ordinary life. Tech's ROTC is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. The unit now has newly formed girls' drill and rifle teams. Both drill teams have brought honor to their school this year. At the North Cen- tral Invitational Drill Meet, the Boys Drill Team came in first place in exhibition and squad drills. They were presented with two trophies for their performance. The Girls Drill Team came in third place, and also received a trophy. This year, Tech's ROTC had SFC Edde Colley, a Vietnam veteran, added to the staff of instructors. CHARLES SCHULTZ and Michael Butchee ex- ecute a straight-manual exchange during compe- tition at the North Central Invitational drill meet. 'in-Q11- 95 1 -2:1 09-Wi' :ff Y '-' . 1' ' If ' 1:1 - :-,333.X.f:, -.ff Fi ff?--. X j . . . l n NI Q Q5 ' ' , 'lay 1 'k " ' 'fa'-' + Q'Q.' 4 5 " 'I' ' 'x Q - uvofs. I' Nl.-' A' Av. a s. I I .Pe s-s "v ..: '. I o'l. 'I ' , Q. 3' ' " 'P . ' N , 3" ,- A 'x.g':'f?: :'u't'- 1 A' ,,' 'I' cz . ' 'H' -'f.-'. 'I-'35 F- " :.'.'.x +'- ' ' -' ' '. 'l-.-- ' Z-'-If'-3 1.3. . .:.-gg .- X -. 14,54 Q9A -'52 , nc? rlc I b , "fin ' N 49.1 - I c'.sT il. - - .- 4- 4.-. ":':': ' 0- , -,- ' . .'f4'fI'l 3 '." , , , ' , " ' '.fI""'f:12f'1 '55 ..CC'f',' ' . Q - -, 4.i':P' I'I'.. f'f,'f"i E 1' . nulvyg ff Af- :zz-, ..:..:: 3 ' 'd' l::::.:' "fm .v '. Q: ' . , ' 'ZZSPC ' 'I'f'ff'2'f" . I ." jg.: ' 4 on 'O ,'l' ' ', .gpm I .I w a . 8 'N in Q ':."a'n". ..' ':' 'R ft.: 'T' I 5 .. 3 Q . .o l3'::. Q.. o o Q.. . . :.:.l 0.9. I . ".. '.'. , V. . ' . I 6 ' g'i's l.l'-.- I-!" -'-'f ' ' -.gI:2:-Q12-Z ' .'.:. f-'-' 43 ' ' I I .P K, Q E 5 'T v' Y r , 4 A O I' 0 I l , . ' '.'. ' ' u.o' 1, "'. I I l . ' ' . --I . I ' , I. 7 F. U I 1.0.1, . .. . -f '5'f -.'f'I'Z J-' ' ' J "SPV" -N- o 0 o . l . 0 . ' '.. .' n D .' ' so s , ' f I l n ' . '.'.', , . gg-X? '.'.:.:. RQ, Etffhl' ' ',f I ?:s:. a . ' ', . .Kite :l. . .l'l.l ' ..o. l Q ' -.- l 1'l ' L 4 . vga. ..-: ::.l ..: . . 5 ' - . . "n n 6.4 ' . Lf . " '- :Z I-.. 4 . .j.:. nn -'jf . . ' .:.:. 1 Q3 L- ' - .-:3:3'3:' . if- P - 2 3:5293 . " X6 l:l:g. ' .lbzutig 3.31 IA ER. :QQ . :'.l'! .W ':'.l'u' - ?,, .X: 1' ,"' . 'Iwi ' . l .gn-233. 2513. . 'IL Q' 55 - .S .Q . . lf' 0 0 ' D I n - , -,Q :G"' .:.Qgf T:f:Q ' I l.' . ' :g Q 'P scsi. , ai' .Q .--I-2-I-:-:-. . U- B+' Q . '-'-:-iff:-nf:-1 .r I' 0: .:'o , o 0,:0:j:,' . ww - - . :-:-:-:-' -:-:- :-' f-:3:3:T-tl:-:PPT-I-SSE:-:-: '- U l I I 1 Q ,'.'.'.0.l.l I-0- 'i'I'1'I'I" '-'-'-' '7-'-:-:-:-: ,-132-Z-I-' :"3'Z7'-I-2 lllg ..,-- If Iss " 5 713, . ' Q, ,- ii xy A 1:1 'E , f-ar N N x' :vi A , QF.. -' J gr, PR ESI DENT Cynthia Moore SECR ETA R Y Victory Breland M' TR EASUR ER Jack Harmon Vx SE RGEANT-AT-AR MS Linda Chapman cf I 9 0 VICE-PRESIDENTS RECORDERS SPONSORS Carrie Brown Jim Alstott Miss Marguerite Hardy Harry Downing Debbie Deckard Miss Janice Cooper Linda Hall Sherman Harris John Kanouse Cynthia Lewis Jerome Laker Miss Lois Sink John Smith Cathy Rott Richard Allen Toni Taylor Roger Stark Mrs. Blanche Penrod sf 35 , m Xfi- ,, ' B sf , X N xX V if - 3, in X f X '5 v .fit J 'di ,yyvgdh ,jfgwaf ,nv W WH 4 O V Y- '41 , in Q- " up 'vi L 7 Q35 . i' sg xxws X K hx X s 9 Vis X P Mr ., s, M s an ., X gs. ,ffxxzii-1 willifm zgwfivig, s,5 , r' .cifzfg f' ' xv ' .vllifs v . if if ,,LL.i3Za",i'S, sf . 1,.f...?.ff 'Wi ' ,-ex-, g, ,. , , ,, 'il lynvinf gels MQW! rf fhq 'Wu f, . xmas .1 1, .fff23"'g,lg, g lgf1i5iv'5vS Fwfil U1 'Q I- J S' Y 'F 5 H-' iiwhkiiili, il wiv si in .mw,-Mfswslm i' Mlm' Debbie Aaron Carla Renee Abell Charles Abernathy Cecil Abner Pat Abney Donna L. Adams Doris J. Adams Earline Adams Cyndi Alexander Linda D. Allen Rex Allen Robert Lee Allen Seniors step ahead into bold new decade z,.,.- V . 'Sk 3-f i QAYMM Y' 'X X V -Q-3 N Q-x Teresa Allen Jerry L. Allison Shirley C. Amis Linda M. Amorez Harriett Anderson Mark A. Anderson Anita Apostolakis Cathy Arms Glenda Arnett Larry Austin Leroy Averett Sharon A. Averitte Marcia Avery Cynthia Ann Bailey Mike Baird Larry Alan Baker Kathy Baker Lloyd D. Bales Debbie Ballard Michael Bandy Patti Bandy Barbara Bardwell Margie Barfell Sherry Barker ', fx.. .,.. W V in Floats, frolics fill gala H mecomin half Sharon Barlow Dale Barnes Gale Barnes Joanie Barnett Sue Bartley James Bates Mike Baugh Kathy Baxter , , 'Why X ie ef 7 l as Lyndell Beamon K ff Dwight Bear Annie Beaty Robert Beaty Perry Bedwell Rick Bedwell Ida Begley :'i:g:..5 ' YZ' I-N ,, fi? x SIX LOVELY MAIDENS all in a row. Roll Room 7 displays its beauty during halftime at Homecoming. Ya ,,::,.,: V, as 'U f ' Q f X "UW C9 A f .v ,WS M :af X , 'st 5 f sfw..i.J sl Xl 'Sf 4 WW ' , Q.. N f LAUGH-IN. "HERE I GO AGAlN", says Steve Wilson as he starts to tip over. His "taIent" amused the crowd as he imitated g X L A 1 Ffa., P? Neff- ,, sq 9 ,nl ,G if Q, "hem ' f f' -le: K x.,i 9 ZA' fi' ' 'rf' f 'af' xi., , L slr. -H kat' Us wk GEORGE TURNER AND CAROLYN WORLEY do their part in preparing Roll Room 300's float for the big event. 521- ra vane -if 1, af X' Q I ff I X qi X4 X Y 'f i New r X f i, ' ' ' 11" .T - N 'W 1 like A ., af., U, Jig, ,,x' I W, , .,, ., nl f we -.W '-ff., gig we-22 G, sz, 7'4'E fvfil Z Fw: ,579 :V ,Qz Q fm: 3' ---552,-aw, 'YI' 1' 92' ' 'W "'f' O Q XA l 1 if EXPRESSIONS OF STUDENTS from Roll Room 400 show they are in paradise during the activities at' Homecoming. - 'wx 2. ru., i, 'f' W' , W ef W.. M f J In ,f W .V , :,, 1 -If 1' M it .i.,. rqg :f:g?9'?'-1:-. ,fm 13 fr ' Yak sl, ' I -'Nun in-fx A mm' 'NYT ' . , , Xwfwmw ..a 'fs:,.:1xe.w.: .iA3W5 ixxS A "A X .5 vi i' . X Y I 5, X SS :Si our NJ 11,3 9055, w. . fi Q, . X -.- DeAndre' Bell Dianne Bell Jacquie Bell Nancy Bell Walter Bell Linda Berry Lionel Bishop Rick Biszantz Debra Bledsoe Sandra Bonds Leila Bostick Bill Bowman Beverly Bradley Dan Bradley Regina Bradley Gerry Brannon Eddie Breedlove Sandra Breedlove Jeanie Brengle Debbie Brewer Jerry Brewster Paul Brinker Jan Brinkley Rhonda J. Broadnax Elizabeth Ann Brooks Carol J. Brown Garland Brown Jim Brown Janice Brown Gayle Brown Peggy S. Brown John E. Bryant Brenda Buckner Howard Buford Charlene L. Burgin Elroy Burke, Jr. Priscilla Burris Gerald Burrows James Burton, Jr. Flon Buses Debra K. Butler Dianna Butler Rick Butler Shelia Butler Jessie Ann Byrd Pam Cabell Joel Cagle Rita Capien James Carey, Jr. Judy M. Carrell Christy L. Carter Richard Carter William Caselden Lorenzo Caver lvlarilyn Chambers Terry Chastain Ivan Christensen Linda Chronis Kent T. Clark .vans ,,,,:f.v::l' . I Ffa'-NKQ yr X ,Q ,. 1' f f ' Q wr S fs we as ff X ' X f Y 5 1491: , f ,t A .X 7, 2 wfwf- 4 v A . . , - , . ,. K. .N f.. I ig, .33 , 7 W 'Q is s .. ,, s. ..,. ,,,. , I . 6 . Q , 5, I "- - -Q W . ,K V ,SSA -,-in-I '5 iff' .W ff W W 5 il l-.-cfm H-.M if v C- - f :if ., I N- gi . ' . ' V . , ,,,., 1 5.1 - .f , Q "'-i X . ,. ,A , my S ft-J, em' 5. Wl fwlf KNCA, ,f X 1 F' Y V , JFK' vans- ..,. f X ic ' ' ffk ' ' , 7 W5"V' yy 2 ...aff by "CHEESE" Danny gives the camera a smile before he begins his long journey on his tricylce, during roll room entertainment. if YNY ' A H 'AWK' Q 5 is, x 5 .JSE . M w 'fbi' writ 1 'wx if W3 X Iwi! maya We ww.,-Q """"' 9 ik . ft ig, -1.-, :Ki """ g if' SM' i t Danny lends many talents to senior scene eww L asf'-' NOBODY . . . but nobody can hold a candle to Danny Richardson at the Mardi Gras. Nothing dampened his enthusiasm, either, as he helped the Red Cross. , 9 tv, ,., ,,, X ,, ,, 2 3 E 3 2 i HERE COME THE INDIANS! Here come the Indiansl Danny holds a sculpture he made of his grandfather who was a Sioux. ,-pa? 'xt- Stephanie Clayton Lonnie Cleary Linda Clelland Paula Clem Mike Cochran Sharon Coffman Delores Ann Colbert Carolyn Coleman Ida D. Coleman Morris Coleman Thomas Collins Curtis Caldwell, Jr. Linda Marie Cook Debra Ann Cooper Jack Cooper Peggy Cooper Chris Copeland Connie Coppage Peggy Cornett Jackie A. Corsaro Jenny Corsaro Coun Joyce M. Cotton Tim Couse Gary Covey Anthony Covington Phyllis Cowherd David L, Cox JoAnn Cox Dave Crabill Nancy Jean Creech Shirley Cropper Sharon Cross Kerry Cummins Susan L. Cutshaw Harold E. Dalton Pauline Daniels Karen E. Darland Clara Darty Thomas M. Davie Kevin Davis Robert Davis, Jr. Bob Davis Barbara Dean . Justus M. Decher Patricia Dobbs Janet Lee Doll Ricky Dorris Linda Doss Angela Dotson Joan Douglas Tom Drinkut il, reception begin good year t I ' 5' i Qt f . .., 'Y' - -on A 1970 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS COUNTER CLOCKWISE beginning front left: Linda S. Chapman, Toni L. Taylor, Cynthia L. Moore, Cynthia C. Lewis, Cathy J. Rott, Linda D. Hall, Deborah K. Deckard, Carrie M. Brown, Jack B. Harmon, James D. Alstott, John A. Smith, Harry E. Downing, Roger L. Stark, Sherman Harris, Victor C. Breland, Jerome Laker. is Vt," .,., xl, ,f J , fs ...Q 5 s 2 ali X " K X 'WZ f x f 4 'X N A Q ' s W ATB as fm- 5 f K f sz if ,gf gs f X 4, S3 r f M ala ., s ' li ' f We A 'S 3 3 ' fa' W Aww W fri. 1 Ni feigg W A M fi si- ,Qs 0' 4 ,liffflf l WRX l.l-gi I SENIORS AND THEIR PARENTS line up to be served refreshments at the Senior Parents Reception. 3 Freida L. Driver Debbie Dugger Mary A. Durrett 0, . ' , w5!f3l 3 r V ' 3 VA. fan, f"',1Z-'W ' ' xgzw. 4 ru g fv. ws' 2:1 'sa X 5 H 'I 4 . ' . , y . :.v a,.- 'A '77 I: , E W - . assist iiiftfr? 2 1 MR. LONGSHORE A N D H I S WI F E get DURING THE BUSINESS SECTION of the Senior Parents Reception Mr. Longshore speaks acquainted with guests at the Reception. with the senior council officiating. eff " I595gg1.,'if ' - - -5 W W 3 QA ff Mawr .FT-My we ,A f :Sw 1' 'rv-' -fu! f ,,'.y 5 X 9333 p M, if -N. ,, 2, X . Steve Eaton Sarah Eckerty Carmen Edwards Jim C. Edwards Deborah England Paula Espinoza Margaret M. Etheridge George Evans Jothea Evans Wilda Evans Pat Ewing Jenette Ezell Jackie Fagan James Farrior Donna Farris Marty Farris Vicky Fines Gary Fines Patrick T. Finnigan Linda Floerke James E. Folsom Phyllis A. Folsom Jimmie Lee Ford Linda Ford Kyle Fort Barbara K. Foster Bobbie Foster Michael Frame Barbara Franklin Donna Franklin Terri Freeman Barbara Frost Terry Fullen Steve Vincent Funke Steve W. Funke Pearleen Gaines Mahershal Gardner LaWanda Garrison Reva Gartin Candida Marie Garza Richard J. Gibson Earnestine Givens Robert Gladden Debbie Glore Larry J. Goergen Suzann Gordon Jerry Wayne Gordon Terry D. Gordon Frank Goss Mozell Gowdy, Jr. Steve Grable Jill Lynn Grady Tom Graff James Grant Mary Grant Kathy J. Graves Tony Green Debra Ann Green John Green Laura A. Green Marie Greene Petey Greene Danny Griggs Hattie Grimes Kurt Grindstaff Larry W. Grubb if' ll 5 PROM COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Toni Taylor, Cynthia Moore, Cynthia Lewis, Carrie Brown. SECOND ROW: Harry Downing, John Smith,tJack Harmon. Prom Committee ponders dance plan V 1' I .... . .. :A D en n is G U I 'ey , , N y ' GeorgeF.Guyinn Mak Qif ' . . . awr y, I -A Kathleen Hahn V . ,A i i 'f' ' Jeff Haley L Q' ' 'A A -' Thomas E. Hall an . 5 5 L' 'f,, j W J Nbz, Charles Hamilton R 5 2, K I .--, I X , 'P'a,. L gg 1 if WMM if L! 1 Della M. Hamilton Larry J. Hampton Carolyn Hand Dorty Hardesty Alma Hardimon David L. Harmon J Roseann Harp X Brenda Harper N' ' B Rose Harper V. J. Harper Bernard Harris Cheryl Harris fra- fi, ,Q 3-rg.. z . f Donald Harris Linda Harris Debby Harrold William Hart David Hartson Ronnie Hawk Esther R. Hatcher Willie M. Hawkins Maurice A. Heitzman Randy Helmick lris A. Henderson Lenise Henderson Kathy S. Herrington Tom Hickey Jim Hicks Alvene Hill Eugenia Hill Mike R. Hill Debbie Hodge Diana L. Hodges Clayton J. Hogston Teryl A. Holder Gene Honeycutt Getsy A. Hopkins Fred Hoskins Becky Hougland David House Kay Houser Diana J. Howard Pat Howard Marcia Huber Jerry L. Hubert Sandra Hudson Isaac Hughes Ricky A. Hughett Sharon Kay Humphrey - . ik. 117 , ,. ' " figs: . V . -Vw Y 2. Q, .. Q- 5 A 3 4 Qs f l? 1 F ,. 2 v Q ,I 1 4 i-mE.h....w.W.-'m 41 3' 5. ' ' 'imma 4 Q x 4 , xt Q 2 ak. 5 H13 Y' J if YE . sv . E. M- I H K J, xx.,-., Q h X . f . Q- f . .l W f 'sm ff ' GQW Y - I W' ""' ft 'lnrvvff " Ea.: -'ss' 44 ,P X 1-QW , , ,r.-M., XZ KE W Rm , 5 X, .W 1 4' 1 41 f , "-fel? ' , 4 X95 is 4 24 K 4. f95 M QQ f s 7 4 " .M U? - 'Nur' iw, lV,,,,, lx p f 11+ Q F . Ar s 41 'J S .1 Ni' ll. n Vg, , .4 W H 114 + 4 f 2 A , l 4. xy fl Qi , iggfm, Ji' Q ii --.:- V I 1 ,J 5 X ess' 4 if ' 4 fa, X A2 'Wh 5 f f 1 5' 'NK' aa 4, .J it ,. X if frm X, xwqg ,... K .:,,Q., A ffl' W 'Q HEY. HEY, Two bits, four bits - - - Susie CUT- "TlTANS HAVE GO POWER," yells Linda "PEEKA BOO, I see you". It's nota cheer, but Shaw YEHS 0'-If 009 Of the new Chef-BVS loud and Chapman, through a chilly game in Tech's Karen Shewman got a few laughs with her track clear. stadium. The crowd gave quick response. Cold fails to stop bold Titan c eers X ' V-fx.: .- ,Q ' 5 , it , -ff." rg " , rw 2 4 .. ff? ..... i Q x::,- Q i, 55 WELL, what do you know? We got a touchdown. The camera finally catches Karen Darland out of action as November winds blow. f. . WQsY'i'75 Q! s A EQ fa ,A .le 4 4 A sk gif 3. 'alv- , :J K' we ivvz ,Mn W. .., wnvd "BOO, bet I scared you, ha, ha!" Jenny Corsaro dressed in a poncho shows some "ghostly" spirit. Too bad we lost the game. 'NV' ,V . we , Ag e 4 lg ,V 'f 3. . ' ,, 'F ea.. A 5... -5 2 3 33 3 'I E VS i, I 'X mn, 5- 5 f 'Q , V MJ, .. X .-.-.4-w , gl 6 V ' . ' , +2 p A' 1- . .T 'E' 'gpm H .N-0... xtliiiiiiiim ' fs..f75..: 1:55. ' six: Qgi' tiiiiil fw s ff films! wr'-'us '1i""P Omega Hutcherson Stephanie Imel Charles Irby Jeanne L. Israel Marilyn Isbell Charles E. Jackson Nora M. Jackson AI Johnson Clarence W. Johnson Dianna K. Johnson Francine E. Johnson G. Stephen Johnson Ivonne Johnson Jackie Johnson Jerome Johnson Melvin Johnson Yvonne Johnson Cheryl Diane Jones Jenny Jones Kathy Jones Leonard Jones Patricia Jones DeWitt Jordan Jan Judkins Robert Kares Kathy Karr Paul Keefe Steve Kelley Maria Kemp Vickie Kendall Frank E. Kendrick Fred Kennedy Gary Kerr Donald Kiesler Debbie Killebrew Byron King Betty Ruth Kinnel Jeanie A. Kinney Herschel Kirk Greg Koers Kathy Kitts James Kugelman Dan E. Kurbursky Debbie Kuykendall Larry Lambert Brenda Lange Jacqueline Lasvvell Doris Lawrence Roshella Lawrence Dennis LecClier Cheryl Lee Michael E. Lewis Debra Lipe Tom Lohman James Lomax Tony Long Clark Long Kevin Loux Forestene Love Terry Lowe Barbara Ludwig Frederick Luten Patty Luttrell in-uae gp. GIFT COMMITTEE: Linda Hall, Debbie Deckard, Jerome Laker, Victor Breland, Cathy Rott, Jim Alstott, Roger Stark. Q 'Fa V riff SW: .q,v. . V :, r , F Q , by .s f N ia. T g Y, .f e X it 422' .,,,.,.- 'sex' is I I N w: 1 X he 371' -'f4ane.'::5 , M -ai ww 'VZ' wif Q T t 2 . ,, Jia un... A J xy 'Je E all . .. ., ff 3.3355 ,IGMP stsat e A, V ,I .l K . .. my ',. If ' fs ' 5 Q A-ii 5 'X Q.,-ra. sg I 2 Juni.. Q' 3 . "" GD' ,4 Maxe Lee McClard Karen McClellan James E. McClung Kristine McDonald Alice McGee h Marlene McGuire Patrick McKnight James McReynolds Gloria J. Mack Dewayne H. Mahon Charles Mansfield Velora Mansfield Gift, Convocation committee detail plan :, t....:,,j?Y Q sf 4 'f V 'gs' . - M3 ' K. fr Lvl' - ooro 'X . f 4 X i x . ll 1 , .M ax fs, , S.-4: wk . 'X ,sf if-se ft t, 5. 3 V, Wilfred CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Margo Ransom, Chris Copeland, Carol Brown. SECOND ROW: Steve Wilson, Marsha Morgan. Not pictured, Marilyn Isbell. Stephen M. Marrow Deborah Marshall Rex Allen Marshall Alecia M. Martin Mattie Martindale Daniel Lee Maxwell Pamela Maxwell Patricia Ann Meigs Norma J. Middlebrook Janet L. Middleton Sylvia A. Milam Donna Carol Miller Georgia L. Miller Kathleen J. Miller Larry E. Miller Marcia E. Miner Donna J. Minton JoAnn Mitchell Patricia Montgomery Barbara L. Moore Brenda S. Moore David Moore Mattie Jean Moore Runzetter Moore Steff Moore Noe A. Moraley Marsha Rae Morgan Melanie Morphew Davie Morrow Linda Mosier Dean Myer George R. Meyers Barb Neal Russell Nichoalds, Jr Peggy Lee Nickels John Oakley Tommie Odom, Jr. George O'Haver Dan O'Neii Cindy Orman Donald Owens Mosiozell Owens Curt D. Owsley Dottie Panhorst Judy Parham Kathy Parker Mary Parker Roger A. Payne Gwen Peck Tom Pence Don Pender .he- .. ..W,,., ,TQQW k QS' 1 for -f L? tw-I ,,...,. f' 3 ,gg ..e. 4 .J 9 A A A ji 4 A ., , ' ' mr., 1,1 .fl 'Lei' ,L Q ..-.-- : f. 1-4-.ft 5 ' M.. ' Ewa. A .f :Wwe 7-ww-Q, ,.g..,z5.,4:5..... ' Mei warg. -wo' I nil-ag, WHO ME? Jackie is caught off guard while browsing about at the annual Mardi Gras. FLAMING SCHISHKEBAB? No, Jackie's baton is on fire! Her halftime show proved very hot! ,.. , n. fs 1 8. 4 4.1 .Nq r ,V ,fx X t 'x fs ,1.. , v ' W in-4 .. X . .- .wr xi 'Vu -aww.. fy. Vs- sw 421 2 " S, -FA LVM Q - K. ' 2. " f 'iw ff 'Y Sf! 44 l .SM w ..,,-. Q x .-.-nf l , .Vx se 'G' XX. , " f' ' N:- 'Yv if , ...,,,. '11 Q va- ff - Q x ' -"""" l Kawai ,Vg 1 ,,,A,-,.a- 'iff 'fiixyrsif' - : t m ' - , Tm W Sf A 1, "ll l ' AWN- J' cy 1- A 'L James Perkins, Jr. Carol Sue Perry Henrietta Peterman Diana Peterson Pamela K. Pettigrew Nancy M. Phelps . Carl Phillips Pamela K. Phillips Jack L. Phoenix Charles D. Pierce J. Christine Ping Becky L. Plummer Steve Polk Brenda S. Polvadore Terry L. Posey Janet L. Powell John H. Pryor Diana L. Puckett Johnny J. Puckett Johnnie A. Pullen Annie P. Pulliam Candace G. Purvis Linda S. Ouackenbush William C. Ouackenbush A. Jean Quarles Jacqueline L. Rackley David Radford Colors Vcspcrs active emor committee Glenn S. Rady Rex R. Rainbolt Jerrie S. Ramage Margo R. Ransom James R. Ray Othella Reed Pamela Jo Reed Karol D. Reid Mary A. Reneau Bobbie J. Reynolds Debra D. Reynolds Freida J. Rice James M. Richards Dan Richardson Herman E. Richardson Dale Riggleman Diana K. Ripberger Barbara J. Robertson Charles Fl. Robinson Jacqueline D. Robinson Jesse Robinson Anna R. Roth Raymond J. Ruffin Bonita A. Rush Joe M. A. Rush Pamela Rush Phyllis D. Rush Agnes M. Russell Patti Russell Deborah E. Ryle Robert W. Sapp Matilda Satkamp Benjamin Sayles Ronald Sayles Kathy A. Scarbrough Carlene C. Schiller Catherine A. Schowengerdt Norman L. Scott Paul R. Scott Janice L. Scurlock Leroy Seats, Jr. R. Kay Sells l 'sv p :,.,.. - J Q '11'Q 5 .I M rr-"'r:v' te X x 1' X. 1 35 if ,f B' 1 X. 43 COLORS COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Geneva Trotter, Janice Brown, Carolyn Hand, SECOND ROW: Linda Chronis, Marcia Miner, Nancy Phelps. VESPERS COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Diana Wright, Linda Quackenbushg SECOND ROW: Ron Buses, Steve Johnson, Daniel Maxwell. Not pictured, Karen Darland. iQ Q J " ,, fix .i , w bj f wj ""5 X . by J 1 . xx Q L , . . a??1Wff-",, . 'f -V Q ' ,X V a- hx ,Af nl Business Cong. llllSlNESS CI - Phone 634 Q XXI5l R '40 I ll I8 I 24 25 2 .w.....1,-atm if-an X , '4' 1.2. 1 s':fx':+r'f-sv f .. mv, Wav Q-avi' 'un . ,iii ,N-1 - ,' 2 . X , .' iw , f':f57 -3 Denise Shauman Bruce Shearer Linda Shelton Karen Shewman Marsha Shewman Frank Shirley - Alice Smith Rick Smith Barbara Smith Connie Smith Gary R. Smith Janett Smith Leon Smith Mike Smith Vickie Snapp Michael P. Snow Ricky Spall Linda Joy Spaw John R. Spears Mary F. Spencer Linda Stanford Larry Stephens Napoleon Stewart Cap and Gown Committee ha imagination Diane K. Stiffler Lydia A. Strong Deloris Sturdivant Jeffrey Suggs Lavenia Summers John D. Taft Andrew R. Taylor Lillie M. Taylor Thomas R. Taylor Tomye J. Taylor Nancy K. Tedrow Marcia A. Terry Carole L. Thomas Larry R. Thomas Leslie M, Thomas Patti L. Thomas Terri J. Thomas Stephen E. Thompson Robert E. Thornburgh Brenita Thruston Rose A. Thurman Barbara J. Tillman Deborah K. Tinsley Cynthia R. Toran Susie Tripp Michael A. Trittipo Geneva Trotter vfvsw.-" -ff ss " ii' ,sr v ' , s .. ' .-1 " "V 'B ,X ',." . iL , Q X ww, Q53 ,Q id A . L Qi. sf x K ff! QQ? .sit-s:Z::,.s' t' .5 . . 'qw '-uri ,ug f .fa.fy :J wt" A A Y , as "" it . M ac: J' M +A -1 N ku' an-.Qt mar? we-' ., K ...F CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Glenda Arnett, Marie Greene. SECOND ROW: Roger Payne, Fredrick Luten, Tim Couse. Not pictured, Michael Trittipo. 1:7 1 fag' 3 '-WW 1'-'lv an nw .. ...X g W 5 cv f mmf Q, k if 'fm' A .QW vfw' 1-ww X ,T gag, 1 fi DEBBIE DECKARD and Tim Couse are crowned king and queen of the Military Ball. Lester L. Trotter Paul D. Troxell Constance L. Tucker George L. Turner, Jr. Kathyrn C. Turner Virginia D. Turner Karen D. VanAuken Betty J. VanDuyn Anthony L. Vaughn Honor, travel hi hlight senior year ' I i i i T C T 1 MARK' WAGGONER was honored to represent Tech at the LINDA QUACKENBUSH dances with a Tyrmean Bellamy Award Ceremony at Holyoke, Massachusettes. during her summer trip to Europe. Mildred Vaughn Mark S. Waggoner Evelyn C. Walker Frederick Walker Juanita M. Walton Patricia A. Walton Jordan E. Ware, Jr. Eugene Warsaw Joyce Wahington Linda L. Waters Kenneth P. Weaver Mark Weber Vicki L. Weber Dennis R. Weeden Robert C. Wells Mary J. Wester Chester A. Whitaker Deborah L. Whitaker Cynthia A. White Larry L. White William A. White Sherman D. Whittington Sampson Wilburn, Jr. Andrew M. Wilks Hazel L. Williams Johnnie A. Williams Annette D. Wilson Cynthia D. Wilson Jerome Wilson Linda K. Wilson Lionell K. Wilson Lynn S. Wilson Patricia L. Wilson Randall K. Wilson Stephen L. Wilson Paula L. Wimsatt Bonita G. Winkle Larry C. Winston Karen L. Winters ak ive Q it if ANDY TAYLOR AND Steve Wilson kick out the jazz" as they "rock" Roll Room 300 . Dfw 1' 5 AN IMPASSIVE STATUE overlooks Eve- lyn Woodson as she entertains in Roll Room 6. She continued undaunted and the seniors found her quite comical. Marsha Jo Witsman Marcia E. Wood Flay Milton Wood Brenda D. Woodfork .lefferey L. Woods Rhonda L. Woods 1 Z Evelyn L. Woodson David L. Wooldridge va-' Carolyn Ann Worley Marilyn Sue Worley Barbara J. Worth ' Bruce Fl. Wright Entertainment Committee coordinates activities Diana Jo Wright Diane L. Wright "x.qim'3T Carol A. Young ", Stephen M. Young Y, il 'kk L WJ.. 1 .. ,M .sl James M. Zeigler Deborah K. Zupan Ronald Barnes Sharon Beasley Walter Bell Lazell Brimmage Patricia A. Brown John Carter Sharon Colbert Charles Colmen Primus Cook Paula Esch Debra Guy Terry Hall B H Q A Y X fy X X YA 43531 A, 1- . 1' Q Q aff QCP y . Q5 X me Joseph Hollins Donald Hollowell James Hughes .5 :,, i Gordan Jenkins '. " Edward Lay Judy McClure A f af ,- A 2 wma ,S s J 1 Thomas Manning , Timothy Mayo ,Q 'S -4 Mary Moran ,v rf 4 .ug V was f f E Terrance Murdoch . ft' ,Q James Oakley V PM Richard Oliver . f .1 . is Edna. X 5 s : , . , z ' 0 egion names three Commanders TECH LEGION-FRONT ROW: Cynthia C. Lewis, Rex Marshall, Dorothy R. Panhorst, Nancy M. Phelps, Michael A. Trittipo, captains. Carol J, Brown, Karen Darland, Harry E. Downing, commanders. SECOND ROW: Brenda S. Polvadore, Diana Lynn Puckett, Linda S. Ouackenbush, Mary A. Reneau, Frieda J. Rice, Cathy J. Rott, Robert W. Sapp, John R. Spears, Roger L. Stark, Toni L. Taylor, Patti L. Thomas, Geneva Trotter, Lester L. 1 gX Q Trotter, Mark S. Waggoner, Vicki L. Weber, Mary J. Wester, Diana Jo Wright.THlRD ROW: G. Stephen Johnson, Yvonne M. Johnson, Patricia S. Jones, Robert J. Kares, Debra S. Kuykendall, Jerome Laker, Frederick B. Luten, Patricia A. Luttrell, Daniel L. Maxwell, Donna C. Miller, Marcia E. Miner, Marsha R. Morgan, LaCinda R. Orman, Henrietta M. Peterman. Mrs. Marion Moore, Irene Rhodes, Floyd Tobrocke, Tech Legion Committee. ,ff . W A. f- I .4 R, 4 " -qf 6' 'X:3'T.2' 'X J ' ' 1 ... ri t ,tt ' .. f .. .s 5 . ,'9 da Q 1 YW If 0, 4 My ff? ,,. , wg Ji? FOURTH ROW: Howard L. Longshore, principal, Richard Elliot, Jacalyn S. Fagan, James W. Farrior, Kyle F. Fort, Teresa L. Freeman, Barbara J. Frost, Robert E. Gladden, Marie E. Greene, Kurt D. Grindstaff, Linda D. Hall, Jack B. Harmon, Bernard Harris,Sherman Harris, Kathy S. Herrington, Stephanie E. lmel, Marilyn J. Isbell. Robert V. Belding, Tech Legion Com- mittee Chairman. FIFTH ROW: James D. Alstott, Glenda C. Arnett, Michael '- V eg Leonard Pate Michael Pierce Bruce Paston Linda Priddy Alice Robertson Karen Rush Georgia Stewart Robert Stewart Preston Tinsley Walter Thomas Charlette Wimbley Clarence Wright Simon Yarrell Joan Cosby COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Linda Chapman Carrie Brown, Cynthia Moore. SECOND ROW: Cathy Rott, Roger Stark Jerome Laker, John Smith. R. Baird, Richard B. Bedwell, Nancy C. Bell, Victor C. Breland Jerry R Brewster, Ronald Fi. Buses, Judith M. Carrell, Marilyn E. Chambers Linda S. Chapman, Linda K. Chronis, Linda D. Clelland, Anthony Covington Susan Cutshaw, Robert E. Davis, Barbara A. Dean, Deborah K Deckard Angela D. Dotson. SENIORS gather at halftime to make a pyramid. CAVEGIRL Chris Seniors strike poses for Sadie Hawkins 5 X. gs- 'RQ w e 'x ,CN DW -. ,s 'A GROOVY Gonzales and Grover Q. ,QM Ov' :Vi 'Q Q gg! 5 624 'zkiff . 4 Qi vw! 2? 4, ,, . a 56, Q mf? , -Q 1 . 1 f Q ' .' is . 31 KQ- 1 5 . 'af' GANG-BUSTER Gary I " 'W S TE R R I Terrie-Terrific MINNIE Margo gl" 55 o,0'g " 0 .s . I 0 's 3 A 'E' .F f E C.: -A 1 CUTE COOKIE Cooper SUGAR Sharon Senior Roster I9 O ALL GRADUATES have majored in English AARON, DEBORAH: Social Studies!FTA, Red Cross, History Club ABELL, CARLA RENEE: Business Education, Social Studiesflntramural Sports, Concert Club, Band, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, SAO Represen- ative ABERNATHY, CHARLES F.: Social Studies! Chess Club, Drama-Speech Club, Radio Club, Melodayres, Techoir, Band, Concert Club ABNER, CECIL R.: Mathematics, Science, So- cial Studies!Service Club, Track, SAO Represen- tative, CANNON Weekly Staff ABNEY, PATRICIA: Home Economics!GAA ADAMS, DONNA LEE: Business Educations! Music Club, Drama-Speech Club, GAA, Photog- raphy Club, Service Club, Thespians, Concert Band, SAO Representative ADAMS, DORIS: Home Economics ADAMS, EARLINE: Mathematics, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies ADAMS, MICHAEL: Industrial Arts, Social Studies ALEXANDER, CYNTHIA R.: Social Studies! JCL ALLEN, DWIGHT: Industrial Arts ALLEN, LINDA D.: Home Economics, Business ALLEN, LINDA SUE: Business Education ALLEN, REX: Business Education, Social Stu- dies ALLEN, ROBERT LEE: Art, Business Edu- cation!SAO Representative, CANNON agent ALLEN, TEREASA L.: Home Economics, So- cial Studies ALLISON, JERRY L.: Auto-Aviation ALSTOTT, JAMES D.: Mathematics, Printing! Ouill and Scroll, Concert Band, CANNON Year- book Staff, SAO Executive Board, Recorder Senior Roll Room 190, Gift Committee, Enter- tainment Committee AMIS, SHIRLEY C.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!Music Club, History Club, Girls Concert Club, Techoir 9s..f "YOU CAN'T GIVE ME A TlCKET!" says Tricky Dicky. 'This is only a three-on-thefIoor." AMOREZ, LINDA M.: Home Economics, So- cial Studies!High School Red Cross Club, History Club, Intramural Sports, Music Club, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble ANDERSON, HARRIETT: Home Economics, Social Studies ANDERSON, MARK A.: Metal' Trades!lCT Club ANDREWS, KING: Mathematics, Printing APOSTOLAKlS,ANlTA S.: Home Economics! CANNON agent, Nurses Aid AR MS, CATHY: Business Education ARNETT, GLENDA C.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Repre- sentatives AUSTIN, LARRY: Electrical Trades, Social Studies AVEFIETT, LEROY: Social Studies AVERITTE, SHARON ARLENE: Business Ed- ucation, Home Economics, Social Studies AVERY, MARCIA ELAINE: Home Economics, Mathematics!German Relations Committee, Y- Teens, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative BAILEY, CYNTHIA A.: Home Economics. Social Studies BAIRD, MICHAEL RAY: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studieslliey Club, Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Track, CANNON agent BAKER, LARRY ALAN: Electrical Trades BAKER, MARIE KATHLEEN: Business Edu- cation, Mathematics, Social Studies!Concert Or- chestra, CANNON agent, String Ensemble BAKER, RONNIE L.: Art, Social Studies BALDWIN, ROOSEVELT: Industrial Arts BALES, LLOYD D.: Auto-Aviation BAELARD, DEBRA S.: Art, Business Edu- cation BANDY, MICHAEL EUGENE: Metal Trades! Football BANDY, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education, Social Studies BARDWE LL, BARARA M.: Business Educa- tion, Mathematics, Social Studies BARFELL, MARJORIE J.: Business Education, Foreign Language!SAO representative BARGER, LONNY: Business Education!Drama- Speech Club, ROTC Rifle Team BARKER, SHERRY D.: Business Education, Home Economics BARLOW, SHARON S.: Home Economics, So- cial Studies!Future Teachers of America, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, SAO representative BARNES, DALE MARIE: Home Economics, Social Studies BARNES, GALE H.: Building Trades, Social Studies BARNES, RONALD W.: Building Trades, So- cial Studies!CANNON agent BARNETT, JOAN M.: Home Economics, So- cial Studies BARTHOLOMEW, MICHAEL L.: Auto-Avi- ation, Mathematics BARTLEY, BRENDA SUE: Business Educa- tion, Social StudieslFrench Club, SAO repre- sentative BASS, JERRY N.: Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, Cross Country, CANNON agent BATES, JAMES: Business Education, Drafting BAUGH, MICHAEL E.: Social Studies!Baseball, Football, Wrestling, SAO representative BAXTER, KATHY S.: Home Economics BEAMON, LYNDELL: Auto-Aviation BEAR, DWIGHT ALAN: Art, social Studies BEASLEY, SHARON LOUISE: Business Edu- cation, Social StudieslDistributive Education, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Y- Teens BEATY, ANNIE Y.: Social Studies!Y-Teens, CANNON agent BEATY, ROBERT: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Basketball, Football, Track BECKHAM, STEVEN G.: Art BEDWELL, PERRY L.: Social Studies BEDWELL, RICHARD B.: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies BEEVER, THERESA: Home Economics BEGLEY, IDA: Business Education,SociaIStu- dies!Service Club BELL, DEANDRE' DENISE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, History Club, High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, CANNON Weekly Staff BELL, DIANNE S.: Home Economics, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America BELL, LESLIE JACOUELINE: Business Edu- tion, Science!Future Teachers of America, SAO representative BELL, NANCY C.: Business Education, Social Studies BELL, WALTER: Business Education BELLE, ELVIN L.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!ICT BENNETT, STEPHEN LEWIS: Social Studies BERRY, LINDA J.: Business Education, Social Studies!CAN NON agent BINGHAM, PAMELA: Art!Y-Teens BISHOP, LIONEL C.: Building Trades BISZANTZ, RICHARD C.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!CANNON agent BLACK, RAMONA E.: Home Economics!ICT Club, Concert Orchestra, SAO representative BLACKWELL,SHERYL RAE: Business Educa- tion BLEDSOE, DEBRA: Art, Social Studies BOHANNON, CHESTER? Metal Trades BONDS, SANDRA K.: Home Economics BOOKER, DOROTHY A.: Business Education, gfzrgie Economics!SAO representative, Music u BOOKER, GWENDALYN YVONNE: Social Studies!Y-Teens, Service Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative, SAO Executive Board BOOKER, WILLIE: Auto-Aviation, Social Stu- dies! Lettermen's Club, Basketball BOSTICK, LEILA A.: Home Economics!Y- Teens BOWEN, JOYCE DIANE: Business Education, Social Studies!Cannon agent, SAO representa- tive BOWMAN, WILLIAM R.: Science, Social Stu- dies!Key Club, Cross Country, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club, Techoir BRADLEY, BEVERLY G.: Business Education, Home Economics BRADLEY, DANIEL J.: Social Studies!Key Club, Wrestling BRADLEY, REGINA: Business Education!Bell Choir, Girls Concert Club BRANNON, GERRY S.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!ROTC officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard BREEDLOVE, EDDIE H.: Art!Art Club BREEDLOVE, SANDY K.: Business Education, Home Economics BRELAND, VICTOR: Electrical Trades, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies BRENGLE, JEANIE M.: Home Economics, So- cial Studies BREWER, DEBBIE D.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!Chess Club BREWSTER, JERRY R.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies!Chess Club, ROTC officer, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Color Guard BRIMMAGE, ANNA M.: Business Education lsee Chandlerl BRIMMAGE, LAZE LL: Business Education, Home Economics lsee Taylorl BRINKER, PAUL: Metal Trades BRINKLEY, JANEY E. IJANI: Home Eco- nomics BROWN, CARRIE: Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies!Vice-President, Prom Committee, Commencement Committee BROWN, CORA LEE CLAYTON: Home Eco- nomics!CANNON agent, SAO representatives BROADNAX, RHONDA JEANNE: Business Education!GirIs Concert Club ' BROOKS, ELIZEBETH ANN: Mathematics, Social Studies BROWN, CAROL JUNE: Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!Prayer Circle, Bell Choir, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, Convocation Committee BROWN, GARLAND: Auto-Aviation BROWN, JAMES L.: Social Studies!Art Club, History Club, Music Club, Boys Concert Club, Techoir BROWN, JANICE EILEEN: Foreign Language, Social Studies BROWN, LEONA GAYLE: Social Studies BROWN, PEGGY SUZANNE: Business Educa- tion BRYANT, JOHN ERIC: Mathematics, Printing, Social Studies!JCL, Printing Club, SAO repre- sentative BUCHANAN, RONALD L.: Auto-Aviation, So- cial Studies BUCKLEY, GREGORY: Printing, Social Stu- dies!Printing Club BUCKNER, BRENDA: Home Economics BUFORD, HOWARD L.: Auto-Aviation!Basket- ball BURGIN, CHARLENE LOIS: Social Studies BURGIN, CHARLES: Drafting, Mathematics! ROTC Rifle Team BURKE, ELROY: SocialStudies!ROTC officer, Concert Band, Dance Band BURNETT, JEAN LOUISE: Home Economics, Social Studies BURRIS, PRISCILLA: Home Economics, So- cial Studies, Future Teachers of America, Y- Teens, ROTC Officer, ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Girls Con- cert Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative BURROWS, GERALD: Metal Trades BURRUS, RONALD LEE: Building Trades! Cross Country BURTON, JAMES: Social Studies, Building Trades! ROTC officer BUSES, RONALD LEE: Drafting, Social Stu- dies!Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Track, SAO Executive Board BUSIC, AUSTIN LEON: Social Studies!Drama- Speech Club, Thespians, Boys Concert Club BUSS, DIANA SUE: Art, Home Economics BUTLER, DEBRA KAY: Home Economics, So- cial Studies BUTLER, DIANNA M.: Business Education BUTLE R, RICKY ALLEN: Social Studies!Cross Country, Track, CANNON agent BUTLER, SHELIA A.: Business Education, Social Studies BYERS, EARL: Auto-Aviation BYRD, JESSIE ANN: Business Education BYRD, WILLIE BERNARD: Building Trades, Social Studies CABELL, PAME LA: Business Education, Social Studies CAGLE, JOE DENNIS: Industrial Arts CAPIEN, RITA M.: Business Education CAREY, JAMES W.: Electrical Trades, Mathe- matics!lCT Club, History Club CARRELL, JUDITH M.: Business Education, Social Studies, SAO representative CARROLL, ROY PIERRE: Building Trades! Football, SAO Representative CARTER, CHRISTY L.: Building Trades!Base- ball, Wrestling, CANNON agent CARTER, JOANN: Home Economics, Social Studies CARTER, JOHN W.: Building Trades CARTER, RICHARD CLARK: Social Studies! Radio Club CASE LDEN, WILLIAM W.: Electrical Trades CAVER, LORENZO: Auto-Aviation!Service Club, ROTC officer, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team CHAMBERS, MARILYN ELAINE: Foreign Language, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, Spanish Club CHAPMAN, LINDA SUE: Music, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee, Gymnastic Club, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, Cheerleaders, SAO Ex- ecutive Board, Junior Council, Senior Council, Senior Commencement Committee CHASTAIN, TERRY: Social Studies CHRISTENSEN, IVAN G.: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies!Human Relations Com- mittee, SAO representative, Photography Club, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff CHRONIS, LINDA: Art, Social Studies!Drama- Speech Club, Thespians, Girls Concert Club, Majorette Corps, SAO Executive Board CLARK, KENT THOMAS: Social Studies!Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Junior Council CLAYTON, STEPHANIE: Social Studies!ICT Club, History Club, Concert Orchestra CLEARY, LONNIE: Social Studies!CANNON agent, Tennis CLE LLAND, LINDA D.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Spanish Club CLEM, PAULA J.: Home Economics, Social Studies!Concert Band COCHRAN, MIKE L.: Art COFFMAN, SHARON: Business Education, Social Studies!FTA, Bell Choir, SAO repre- sentative COLBERT, DELORES ANN: Social Studies! GAA, Quill and Scroll, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON Weekly Staff, CANNON agent COLBERT, SHARON E.: Social Studies COLEMAN, CAROLYN J.: Home Economics! Music Club, Girls Concert Club COLEMAN, DELORES IDA: Business Edu- tion, Social Studies!DE, GAA, High School Red Cross Club, School Service, SAO represen- tative COLEMAN, MORRIS D.: Mathematics, Social Studies!BasebalI, Concert Band COLEMAN, CHARLES: Social Studies COLLINS, TOM: Auto-Aviation!lCT Club COLWELL, CURTIS JR.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies CONSTANTINE, BARBARA J.: Mathematics, Social Studies!FTA, Speech Team, Exploratory Teaching COOK, LINDA MARIE: Social Studies, Bus- iness Education!French Club, Majorette Corps, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative COOK, PRIMUS: Business Education, Science COOPER, DEBRA ANN: Home Economics! School Service COOPER, JACK: Auto-Aviation Concert Band COOPER, PEGGY L.: Business Education, So- cial Studies COPELAND, CHRISTINIA K.: Foreign Lan- guage, Science, Social Studies!Service Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, School Service, Sen- ior Entertainment Committee, Senior Convoca- tions Committee COPPAGE, CONNIE SUE: Home Economics CORNETT, PEGGY: Business Education, For- eign Language, Social Studies CORSARO, JACOUELINE A.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Music Club CORSARO, VIRGINIA: Mathematics, Social Studies!CheerIeaders, CANNON agent, SAO re- presentative COTTON, GARY WAYNE: Electrical Trades, Social Studies ' COTTON, JOYCE MARIE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies COTHRON, JERRY D.: Auto-Aviation COUSE, TIMOTHY A.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Football, ROTC officer, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, Senior Cap and Gown Committee COVEY, GARY LEE: Printing!Printing Club, ROTC officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, CANNON agent COVINGTON, ANTHONY: Art,SociaI Studies! NFL, Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Debate Team, Speech Team COWHERD IREYNOLDSI, PHYLLIS L.: Busi- ness Education, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, FTA, Debate Team, Speech Team, Explor- atory Teaching COX, DAVID L.: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies COX, JOANN: Home Economics, Social Stu- dies CRABILL, NOEL DAVID: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies!Chemistry-Physics Club, History club, Natural Science Club, Service Club, Wrestling, ROTC officer, ROTC Drill Team CREECH, NANCY JEAN: Home Economics! School Service, SAO representative CRENSHAW,JONATHAN D.: Electrical Trades, Social Studiesflntramural Sports, Lettermen's Club, Football, Wrestling ' CROPPER, SHIRLEY: Business Education CROSS, SHARON: Home Economics!GAA CUMMINS, KERRY W.: Auto-Aviation!CAN- NON agent CUTSHAW, SUSAN L.: Social Studies!FTA, High School Red Cross Club,.CheerIeaders, Girls Concert Club DALTON, HAROLD E.: Art, Mathematics, So- cial Studies DAMRON, ROY: Business Education, Social Studies DANIELS, PAULINE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies DARLAND, KAREN E.: Foreign Language, So- cial Studies!CheerIeaders, Girls Ensemble, Tech- oir, SAO Executive Board DARTY, CLARA JEAN: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, Y-Teens, SAO representa- tive. DAVIE, THOMAS M.: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies!FootbaII DAVIS, KEVIN: Building Trades, Social Stu- dies!Concert Orchestra, Pep Band DAVIS JR., ROBERT C.: Auto-Aviation, Math- ematics!Let'termen's Club, Baseball, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club DAVIS, ROBERT E.: Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, JCL, Key Club, Music Club, Quill 84 Scroll, Bell Choir, Concert Orchestra, Melodayres, String E nsemble, Techoir, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative DAY, JAMES ALEXANDER: Industrial Arts, Social Studies DEAN, BABARA ANN: Mathematics, Social Studies!GAA, Spanish Club DECKARD, DEBORAH K.: Business Education, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! FTA, Quill 8: Scroll, Spanish Club, ROTC Spon- sor, ROTC Girls Drill Team, Junior Council, CANNON agent, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative, Senior Gift Committee, Record- er Senior Roll Room 153 DECHER, JUSTUS M.: Science, Social Studies! Printing Club, ROTC officer, Tennis, ROTC Drill Team, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, CANNON agent, Exercise in Knowledge Team DEHONIESTO, CLARENCE: Business Educa- tion DEUSSER, ROGER: Building Trades DOBBS, PATRICIA ANN: Home Ecnomics DOLL, JANET LEE: Home Economics, Social Studies!Service Club, Concert Band, CANNON Yearbook agent, SAO representative DONELSON, JAMES I. JR.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Cross Country DORRIS, RICKY LEE: Art!CANNON agent DOSS, LINDA SUE: Business Education, Soc- ial Studies HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK you're doing anyway? Judy Carroll peeks out from under the bleachers in the gym after being discovered by a photographer. Senior Roster I 970 DOTSON, ANGELA DENISE: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, NFL Debate Team, Speech Team, SAOrepresentative DOUGLAS, JOAN: Business Education, Home Economics!Judo Club, Y-Teens DOWNING, HARRY E.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Football, Wrestling,CANNON Agent, Vice-President Senior Roll Room 153, Senior, Prom Committee DRINKUT. THOMAS A.: Metal Trades DRIVER, FREIDA LYNN: Home Economics, Social Studies DUGGER, MARY DEBORAH: Art, Social Studies!CANNON agent DURRETT, MARYALICE: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA EASLER, TONY: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies EATON,STEVE: Social Studies!Baseball, Foot- ball ECKERTY, SARAH: Business Education EDWARDS, CARMEN: Business Education, Social Studies EDWARDS, DELIA M.: Business Education, Social Studies EDWARDS, JIM C.: Electrical Trades ELLIOT, RICHARD: Foreign Language, So- cial Studies, ELLIOT, ROBERT E.: Social StudieslSpanish Club ELLIS, EARNESTINE L. ISMITHI: Home Economics, Social Studies!Y-Teens ENGLAND, BEBORAH ANN: Art, Business Education, Social Studies ESCH, PAULA: Art, Social Studies!Art Club, Cheerleaders, Girls Concert Club, CANNON agent ESPINOZA, PAULA MARIE: Business Educa- tion, Foreign Language, Social Studies!French Club, GAA, Natural Science Club, Spanish Club, Senior Ring Committee ETHERIDGE, MARGARET MARIE: Home Economics, Social Studies!School Service EVANS, JR., ALONZO: Auto-Aviation EVANS, GEORGE: Metal Trades, Social Stu- dies EVANS, JOETHEA: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies EVANS, WILDA MACHELL: Home Economics EWING, PATRICIA ANN: Home Economics! Service Club 861253: 'K-3? .rr-r2 THE MODEST Lester Trotter utters his favorite word, "People! " as he shows how 131 yearbooks look. That was his winning record in the sales campaign. EZELL,JENETTE: BusinessEducation!Drama- Speech Club,JCL,NFL, Y-Teens, Debate Team, Speech Team FAGAN, JACALYN S.: Art, Business Educa- tion, Social Studies!Art Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Drama-Speech Club, Natural Science Club, Majorette Corps, Speech Team FARRIOR, JAMES WILLIAM: Business Edu- mation, Social Studies!Key Club, Boys Octette, Techoir FARRIS, DONNA RUTH: Business Education, Social Studies. Mathematics!Drama-Speech Club, French Club, NFL, Y-Teens, Prayer Circle, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, Debate Team, Speech Team, SAO Representative FARRIS, MARTHA A.: Home Economics! Judo Club, SAO Representative FINES, VICKY: Business Education, Foreign Language!GAA, CANNON agent FINES, GARY: Auto-Aviation!Wrestling FINNIGAN, PATRICK THOMAS: Business Ed- ucation, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Boys Octette lAccompanistI, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff FLOERKE, LINDA: Business Education, So- cial Studies FOLSOM, JAMES E.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!Football, SAO Representative FOLSOM, PHYLLIS A.: Business Education, Social Studies!SAO Representative FORD, JIMMIE LEE: Electrical Trades, Mathe- matics!Y-Teens, Concert Orchestra FORD, LINDA N.: Social Studies!FTA, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON WE'ekly Staff, SAO Representative FORT, KYLE FREDRICK: Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics!Drama- Speech Club, Key Club, Lettermen's Club, NFL, Basketball, Tennis, Junior Council, Boys Con- cert Club, Techoir, Speech Team, CANNON agent, SAO Representative FOSTER, BARBARA K.: Home Economics, Social Studies!FTA, Exploratory Teaching FOSTER, BOBBIE JEAN: Business Education, Home Economics!SAO Representative FRAME, MICHAEL ROBERT: Drafting, Math- ematics, Social Studies FRANKLIN, BARBARA FAY: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies FRANKLIN, DONNA KAY: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics FRANKLIN, ROSALINDA: Home Economics! Judo Club, Y-Teens, Service Club FREEMAN, TERESA: Foreign Language, So- cial Studies!FTA, Majorette Corps, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Repre- sentative, Exploratory Teaching FROST, BARBARA J.: Business Education! Cheerleaders FUERTES, NELSON DAVID: Building Trades, Social Studies!Concert Band FULLEN, TERRY W.: Mathematics, Social Studies FUNKE,STEVEN VINCENT: Building Trades! Football FUN KE,STEPHEN W.: Printing,Social Studies! Art Club, Drama-Speech Club, Key Club, Let- termen's Club, Printing Club, Baseball, Basket- ball, Football GAlNES,PEARLEEN: Business Education, So- cial Studies GARDNER, MAHERSHALL A.: Business Education, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, Spanish Club, Speech Team GARRISON, LAWANDA: Business Education, Home Economics!History Club GARTIN, RENA ANTIONETTE: Home Eco- nomics!GAA GARZA, CANDIDA MARIE: Business Edu- cation, Foreign Language GAYLES, MARY LEE: Business Education,So- cial Studies!Y-Teens GIBSON, RICHARD J.: Mathematics,Science, Social Studies GIBSON, ROSIE MAE: Home Economics GIVENS, EARNESTINE: ' Home Economics, Social Studies GLADDEN, ROBERT EARL: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Concert Band, Marching Band, Brass Choir, SAO Representative GLORE, DEBRA KAY: Business Education, Home Economics!Majorette Corps GOERGEN, LARRY J.: Printing,Social Studies GORDON, ELLEN SUZANNQ Home Econom- ics, Social Studies!School Service GORDON, JERRY WAYNE: Building Trades! ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officer GORDON, TERRY D.: Science!Service Club, School Service GOSS, FRANK: Mathematics, Science, Sociai Studies GOWDY JR., MOZELL: Art!BasebaIl, Cross Country GRAB LE, STEVEN M.: Mathematics, Printing GRADY, JILL LYNN: Home Economics, Soc- ial Studies GRAFF, THOMAS ALLEN: Drafting, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Service Club GRANT, JAMES EVERETT: Drafting, Social Studies!Key Club, Cross Country GRANT, MARY: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Music, Science, Social Studies!Drama- Speech Club, History Club, Music Club,Quill 84 Scroll, Latin Club, CANNON Weekly Staff, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representatives GRAVES, KATHY JO: Social Studies GRAVES, MARTHA A.: Social Studies GREEN, ANTHONY: Industrial Arts GREEN, DEBRA ANN: Business Education, Music!CANNON agent GREENE, JAMES P.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies!Football GREEN, JOHN D.: Auto-Aviation, Mathe- matics, Science!Lettermen's Club, Golf, Concert Orchestra GREEN, LAURA ANN: Business Education! DE GREEN, THERESA ANN: Mathematics, Social Studies GREENE, MARIE: Social Studies!Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, CANNON Newspaper Staff GRIGGS, DENNY: Business Education, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, SAO Representative GRIMES, HATTIE: Art GRINDSTAFF, KURT: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Key Club, Ouill 81 Scroll, Golf, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative GRUBB, LARRY W.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies GULLEY, DENNIS MICHAEL: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies GUY, DEBRA: Business Education GUYINN, GEORGE F.: Electrical Trades HAAS, MARIKA: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies HAHN, KATHLEEN J. IKATHYI: Social Stu- dies HALE, KENNETH EDWARD: Auto-Aviation HALEY, T. JEFFERSON: Building Trades Mathematics, Social Studies!Judo, High School Red Cross, Service Club, Baseball HALL, LINDA D.: Foreign Language, Home Economics, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America, Exploratory Teaching, SAO Represen- tatives HALL, TERRY: Building Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!SAO Representative HALL Ill, THOMAS E.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Wrestling HAM, JOHN MICHEAL: Metal Trades, Social Studies!Judo, High School Red Cross Club HAMBRITE, ARTHUR JAMES: Social Studies HAMILTON, CHAR LES R.: Business Education HAMILTON, DELLA M.: Business Education, Home Economics HAMPTON, EVELYN M.: Business Education! GAA HAMPTON, LARRY J.: Building Trades, Social Studies HAND, CAROLYN: Mathematics, Social Stu- dies!Majorette Corps, Girls Concert Club, CAN- NON Weekly Staff, Senior Colors Committee HARDESTY, DORTY: Business Education, So- cial Studies!CANNON agent HARDIMAN, ALMA: Business Education Home Economics!GAA HARMON, DAVID L.: Mathematics, Social Studies!Wrestling, Track HARMON, JACK B.: Mathematics, Social Stu- dies!Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Football, SAO Executive Board, Senior Class Treasurer,Senior Prom Committee, Senior Convocations Committee HARP, ROSEANN: Home Economics!Photog- raphy Club HARPER, BRENDA: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA, Service Club HARPER, ROSE: Business Education, Home Economics!High School Red Cross Club HARPER, V. J.: Printing!Football, Wrestling, Baseball HARRIS, BERNARD: Building Trades, Draft- ing, Mathematics, Metal Trades, Social Studies HARRIS, CHERYL L.: Home Economics HARRIS, DONALD: Mathematics, Music HARRIS, LINDA LOU: Home Economics,So- cial Studies HARRIS, SHARRON K.: Home Economics, Science, Social Studies HARRIS, SHERMAN: Printing, Social Studies! Senior Recorder HARRISON, PHI LLIP S.: Auto-Aviation HARROLD, DEBBY: Business Education HART, WILLIAM S.: Mathematics, Music, So- cial Studies!Tennis, Melodayres, Techoir HARTSON, DAVID R.: Printing!GoIf HARWELL, RONNIE C.: Art, Social Studies HATCHER, ESTHER R.: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies!lCT HAWKINS, WILLIE MICHAEL: Business Edu- cation, Mathematics HEATH, JODY M.: Home Economics HEITZMAN, MAURICE A.: Drafting, Social Studies!Chess Club, ICT Club, Drama-Speech Club, XYZ Club HELFRICH, WILLIAM V.: Foreign Language, Social Studies!ROTC Officer HELLMER, DAVID G.: Printing HELMlCK,WALTER RANDAL: Auto-Aviation HENDERSON, IRIS A.: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA I HENDERSON, LENISE: Home Economics, Mathematics!Y-Teens, SAO Representative HENDERSON, ROBERT T.: Electrical Trades, Social Studies, Refrigeration!History Club HENDERSON, TIMOTHY ALLEN: Art HERRINGTON, KATHY SUE: Home Econom- ics, Social Studies!Band HICKEY, THOMAS LEE: Drafting, Music Social StudieslKey Club, Lettermen's Club, Base- ball, Basketball, Football, Track, Boys Octette, Techoir, SAO Executive Board HICKS, BENJAMIN LOUIS: Building Trades, Drafting!WrestIing, CANNON agent HICKS, JAMES ALLEN: Electrical Trades, Music, Refrigeration!Boys Concert Club, CAN- NON agent HILL, ALVENE: Business Education, Home Economics HILL, EUGENIA: Business Education, Home Economics HILL, MICHAEL ANDREW: Auto-Aviation HILL, MICHAEL: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Science, Social StudieslKey Club, Wres- tling HITE, ROBERT EUGENE: Foreign Language HODGE, DEBRA KAY: Business Education, Home Economics HODGE, TERESA LYNN: Business Edu- cation, Home Economics HODGES, DIANA LYNN: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Drama-Speech Club, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative HOGAN,WlLLARD LEE: Art, Drafting, Math- ernatics HOGSTON, CLAYTON JERRY: Electrical Trades, Mathematics HOLDER,TERYLALYENE: Foreign Language, Social Studies!Music Club, Spanish Club, Melo- dayres, Techoir HOLLINS, JOSEPH SAMUEL: Electrical Trades, Mathematics HOLLOWAY, ULYSSES LARRY: 'Auto-Avi- ation HONEYCUTT, CHARLES E.: Science, So- cial Studies!FootbaII, Golf, Wrestling, SAO Representative HOPKINS, GETSY A.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Y-Teens, Cheer- leader, CANNON Staff, SAO Executive Board HORNE, LARRY: Auto-Aviation, Metal Trades HORTON, MILTON: Electrical Trades, Music! Wrestling HOSKINS, FREDERICK: Electrical Trades, Mathematics!Chess Club HOSKINS, KIM K.: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies HOUGLAND, REBECCA: Art!GAA, Music Club, CANNON agent, CANNON Yearbook Staff HOUSE, DAVID: Art!Boys Concert Club HOUSER, KARLYN: Art, Social Studies!lCT Club, SAO Representative HOWARD, DIANA: Art, Home Economics HOWARD, PATRICIA: Business Education, Social Studies!History Club, NF L, Speech Team, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO Representative HUBER, MARCIA: Business Education, Home Economics HUBERT, GERALD L.: Welding HUDSON, SANDRA KAY: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, SAO Representative HUGHES, ISAAC M.: Auto-Aviation!Music Club HUGHES, JAMES M.: Social Studies HUGH ETT, RICKY ALLAN: Electrical Trades, Social Studies HUMPHREY,SHARON K.: Business Education! Y-Teens, CANNON Agent, SAO Representative HUTCHERSON, EARL J.: Auto-Aviation, So- cial Studies HUTCHERSON, LARRY W.: Building Trades, Mathematics ,fn JOHNSON, IVORN: Home Economics, Social Studies!Service Club JOHNSON, JANICE: Home Economics, Social Studies JOHNSON, JEROME: Building Trades, Social Studies!Wrestling JOHNSON, ME LVIN L.: Electrical Trades,So- cial Studies!lCT Club L JOHNSON, MICHEAL D.: Auto-Aviation, Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies JOHNSON, STEPHEN: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Vespers Committee JOHNSON, YVONNE: Social Studies!Service Club, Y-Teens, SAO Representative, CANNON Yearbook Staff JONES, CHERYL DIANE: Art JONES,JENNlFER: Home Economics!Y-Teens JONES, KATHY: Business Education, Social Studies JONES, LEONARD R.: Mathematics, Social Studies JONES,PATRICIA: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, Drama-Speech Club JORDON, DEWITT: Drafting, Mathematics! ICT Club JUDKINS, JEANETTE R.: Home Economics! ICT, CANNON Yearbook Staff KAMMERLlNG,CALVlN: Social Studies!Boys Concert Club KARES, ROBERT J. D.: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Chemistry- Physics Club, German Club, SAO Representative, CANNON agent PRINCIPAL LONGSHORE, Mayor Lugar, Tom Hickey, and Ernest Medcalf pose after Mayor Lugar presented Tom the award for all-city defensive end. It was a proud moment for Tom and Tech. HUTCHERSON, OMEGA: Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA, SAO Representative IMEL, STEPHANIE E.: Home Economics, Science, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, SAO Representative IROY, CHARLES: Building Trades ISRAEL, JEANNE L.: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!DE, CANNON a- E I IJSIBELL, MARILYN JOYCE: Business Educa- tion, Social Studies!History Club, Natural Sci- ence Club, ROTC Sponsors, SAO Representa- tive, CANNON agent JACKSON, CHARLES EDWARD: Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies, Mathematics JACKSON, DONALD: Electrical Trades, Math- ematics, Social Studies JACKSON, NORA M.: Business Education!DE, CANNON agent JAMES, ANNA: Home Economics JENKINS, GORDON M.: Building Trades JOHNSON, ALFORD: Home Economics JOHNSON, CLARENCE W.: Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies!French Club, Concert Band, SAO Representative JOHNSON, DIANNA KAY: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics!GAA, Concert Band JOHNSON, FRANCINE ELAINE: Business Ed- ucation, Home Economics if 0' DURING A PRACTICE SESSION of the Girls Ensemble, Lydia Strong awaits her cue. KARR, KATHY A.: Home Economics, Social Studies KEEFE, PAUL D.: Mathematics, Science, So- cial Studies!Drama-Speech Club, NFL, History Club,Thespians, German Club, Football, Debate Team, Speech Team KELLER, MARVIN: Auto-Aviation KELLEY,STEVEN: Art!Chess Club KEMP, MARIA: Home Economics!SAO Repre- sentative KENDALL,VICKIE: Business Education, Math- ematics, Social Studies!French Club, Service Club, Maiorette Corps, Cannon Agent, SAO Representative KENDRICK, FRANK EDWARD: Business Ed- ucation!Drama-Speech Club, History Club, Let- termen's Club, Service Club, Baseball, Basket- ball, Track KENNEDY, FREDERICK: Business Education KERR, GARY: Auto-Aviation!History Club, Boys Concert Club KEYS, LONNIE S. L.: Business Education, Social Studies!Human Relations Committee KIESLER, DONALD: Electrical Trades!Hu- man Relations Committee KILLEBREW, DEBORAH E.: Home Econo- mics!High School Red Cross Club, Debate Team KING, BYRON: Industrial Arts KINNEL, BETTY RUTH: Home Economics, Social Studies KlNNEY,JEANIE A.: Art, Business Education, Social Studies!JCL, Y-Teens, Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, SAO representative RITA CAPIEN is measured for cap and gown for June graduation. KIRK, HERSCHEL: Electrical Trades, Social Studies KOE RS, GREGORY: Mathematics, Social Stu- dies KITTS, MARY K.: Business Felucation, Home Economics, Social Studies!Serx e Club KOFAS, JAMES: Building Trades KUGELMAN, JAMES: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies!lCT Club, Basketball, Football KURBURSKY, DAN E.: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies, ROTC!Chemistry-Physics Club, History Club, ROTC Officers Club, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officers, ROTC Color Guard KUYKENDALL, DEBRA S.: Social Studies! NFL, French Club, Quill 81 Scroll, Drama- Speech Club, Music Club, Girls Ensemble, Tech- oir, CANNON Yearbook Staff LAKER, JE ROME: Drafting, Mathematics! Cross Country, Track, Wrestling, Recorder-7, Gift Committee LAMBERT, BRUCE W.: Social Studies!Dance Band, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, CAN- NON Yearbook Staff LAMBERT, LARRY D.: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Chess Club. Concert Band LANGE, BRENDA F.: Business Education Home Economics, Social Studies!Y-Teens LANTRIP, MICHAEL W.: Building Trades LASWE LL, JACOUELINE: Music, Social Stu- dies!Drama-Speech Club, Concert Orchestra, Speech Team, CANNON agent LAWRENCE, DORIS E.: Home Economics, So- cial Studies LAWRENCE, ROSHELLA F.: Home Economics LAY, EDWARD L.: Building Trades LECCLIER, DENNIS B.: Printing, Social Stu- dies!Printing Club, Photography Club, Intra- mural Sports, Music Club, Tennis, Wrestling LEE, CHERYL ANNE: Home Economics, So- cial Studies!GAA, Intramural Sports, Y-Teens, SAO Representative, CANNON agent LEWIS, CYNTHIA CAROL: Music, Social Stu- dies!OuiIl 84 Scroll, Drama-Speech Club, SAO Executive Board, Girls Ensemble, Cannon Weekly Staff, Techoir, Girls Concert Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Roll Room 7, Senior Prom Com- mittee LEWIS, MICHAEL F.: Auto-AviationlCAN- NON agent LINVILLE, KELLIE K.: Home Economics! SAO Representative LIPE, DEBRA: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics!CANNON agent LITTLE, DAVID C.: Mathematics, Social Stu- dies!Lettermen's Club, Wrestling LOFTON, GENE: Auto-Aviation!BoysConcert Club LOFTON,STEVE: Building Trades, Social Stu- dies!BasketbaII LOHMAN, THOMAS M.: Auto-Aviati.on, Social Studies!BasketbalI, Football, Wrestling LOMAR, JAMES A.: Building Trades, Social Studies!Cross Country, Wrestling, Track LONG, ANTHONY: Business Education, Math- ematics, Social Studies!Concert Band, Dance Band, Concert Orchestra LONG, CLARK MITCHELL: Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, History Club, Intramural Sports, Service Club, Thespians, Football, Wres- tling, Speech Team, CANNON agent LOUX, KEVIN: Science, Social Studies!Letter- men's Club: Baseball, Basketball LOVE, FORESTENE: Home Economics, Social Studies!FTA, GAA, Judo, Music Club, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, SAO Executive Board, SAO Representative LOWE, TERRY: Printing!lCT Club, Printing Club LUDWIG, BARBARA J.: Mathematics, Social Studies!History Club, Music Club, Girls Con- cert Club, Speech Team, CANNON agent, SAO Representative LUTEN, FREDERICK: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Human Relations Committee, Judo,JCL, Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Track, ROTC Officers, Senior Cap and Gown Commit- tee LUTTRELL, PATRICIA: Social Studies!FTA, History Club, High School Red Cross Club McCLARD, MAXE LEE: Business Education McCLELLAN, KAREN: Business Education, Home Economics McCLUNG,JAMES E.: Building Trades, Mathe- matics, Science!ROTC Officers, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team MCCLURE, JUDITH: Home Economics McDONALD, KRISTINE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Music Club, High School Red Cross Club, Concert Band, Girls En- semble, Techoir McDOWELL, JOHN: Building Trades, Science! Baseball McGEE, ALICE: Home Economics!GAA McGEE, WALTER M.: Building Trades McGUIRE, MARLENE ANN: Business Educa- tion, Social Studies!GAA, History Club, Judo, JCL, Music Club, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Y-Teens I McKNIGHT, PATRICK H.: Auto-Aviation! Basketball, Football, Track McREYNOLDS, JAMES R.: Art, Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies . MACK, GLORIA J.: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, History Club, High School Red Cross Club MAHON, DEWAYNE I-I.: Building Trades! History Club, ROTC Officers Club, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard, CANNON agent 1 MANN, CLIFFORD ALLEN: Social Studies! Service Club, Key Club, Prayer Circle, CANNON agent, SAO Representative ZIIANNING, THOMAS HOWARD: Social Stu- ies MANSFIELD, CHARLES H.: Building Trades, Mathematics! Football, Wrestling MANSFIELD, VELORA: Business, Home Eco- nomics!GAA MARROW,STEPHEN M.: Printing!Chess Club, Printing Club, Pet Care Club, Wrestling, Tennis, Cross Country MARSHALL, DEBORAH D.: Business Educa- tion!Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Speech Team MARSHALL, REX ALLEN:. Art,SociaI Studies! Lettermen's Club, Wrestling, Football, Track, SAO Executive Board MA RTIN, ALECIA M.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!Majorette Corps MARTINDALE, MATTIE W.: Art,SociaI Stu- dies!GAA, History Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club MASSIE, DAVID C.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies MAXWELL, DANIEL LEE: Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies!FootbaII, Tennis, Wrestling, CANNON agent, Vespers Committee MAXWELL, PAMELA: Social Studies!Art Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Drama-Speech Club, GAA, History Club, Natural Science Club, Pho- tography Club, High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens. SAO Executive Board MAYO, TIMOTHY D.: Building Trades!SAO Representative MAYS, FRANKIE L.: Masonry MEDCALF, MICHEAL L.: Metal Trades MElGS,.PATRlClA A.: Art, Social Studies! CANNON agent MICKLE, CLAUDE T.: Social Studies!Letter- men's Club, Basketball, Football, Track MIDDLEBROOK, NORMA J.: Business Edu- cation!DE, Senlice Club, CANNON agent MIDDLETON, JANET L.: Foreign Language, Social Studies!School Service MILAM, SYLVIA A.: Art!Drama-Speech Club, GAA, History Club, Service Club, Thespians, Y- Teens, Girls Concert Club, Speech Team MILLER, DONNA C.: Business Education,So- cial Studies!lCT Club, Service Club, Jr. Council, Majorette Corps, SAO Representative MILLER, GEORGIA L.: Foreign Language! Spanish Club, Y-Teens, SAO Representative, School Service MILLER, HARRY M.: Building Trades MILLER, KATHLEEN J.: Business Education, Social Studies!FTA, Concert Club MILLER, LARRY E.: Electrical Trades!Base- ball, Cross Country, Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Track, Wrestling MILLS, STANLEY: Auto-Aviation, Social Stu- dies E I , EQ Ym- DONNA MINTON poses after receiving replicas of a diploma and cap in Roll Room 7 spoof. MINER, MARCIA E.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!Jr. Council, CANNON agent, SAO Representative, Colors Committee MINTON, DONNA J.: Art, Business Education MITCHELL, JAMES E.: Auto-Aviation MITCHELL, JOANN: Business Education MITCHELL, STEVE: Business Education, So- cial Studies MITCHELL, TERRY L.: Drafting MONTGOMERY, CONNIE: BusinessEducation, Home Economics, Social Studies MONTGOMERY, PATRICIA: Social Studies! GAA, Concert Orchestra MOODY, PATRICIA ANN: Art MOORE, BARBARA L.: Social Studies!CAN- NON agent, SAO Representative MOORE, BRENDA S.: Art!GAA, Girls Con- cert Club MOORE, C..DAVlD: Art MOORE, CINDY: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, Judo, Senior Class President MOORE, MATTIE JEAN: Home Economics MOORE, RUZETTER: Home Economics, So- cial Studies MOORE,STEPHANIE: Business Education, So- cial Studies MORALEZ, NOE A.: Business Education MORAN, DANIEL F.: Building Trades, Social Studies MORGAN, MARSHA RAE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Speech Club, NFL, Debate Team, Exploratory Teach- ing, Speech Team, Concert Band, CANNON-a- gent, Senior Convocations Committee, Senior Entertainment Committee MORAN, MARY ANN: Home Economics MORPHEW, MELANIE GAY: Business Edu- cation, Mathematics, Social Studies!History Club, Music Club, ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Girls Drill Team Commander, Concert Orchestra MORROW, DAVID J.: Social Studies!ArtClub, FTA, Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Radio Club, Football MOSIER, LINDA: Business Education, Social Studies!Art Club, Techoir, Girls Concert Club MOSS, RONNIE: Social Studies MUNN, GLENDA: Business Education!French Club, Service Club MURDOCH, TERRENCE R.: Mathematics, Social Studies MYER, DEAN: Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, Track, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team MYERS,GEORGE R.: Printing, Social Studies! Track, Concert Band NEAL, BARBARA: Home Economics, Social Studies!Service Club NEAL, CARREY R.: Auto-Aviation, Business Education, Science!Track, Cross Country, Bas- ketball NICHOALDS, RUSSELL T., JR.: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Key Club, Golf, SAO Representative NICKELS, PEGGY LEE: Business Education, Home Economics NUSSBAUM, MIKE: Aviation OAKLEY, JAMES, JR.: Drafting, Mathematics Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Track, Foot- ball, Wrestling, CANNON agent, SAO represen- tative OAKLEY, JOHN: Foreign Language, Math, Science, Social Studies ODOM,TOMMIE L. JR.: Industrial Arts!ROTC Drill Team O'HAVER,GEORGE: Electronics!ServiceClub School Service, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team OLIVER, RICHARD: Foundry!Natural Science Club O'NEIL, DAN: Auto Trades, Mathematics, So- cial Studies ORMAN, LACINDA ICINDYI: Mathematics, Social Studies!Chemistry-Physics Club, Radio CIub,ServiceClub,Concert Orchestra,CANNON Yearbook Staff OWENS, DON: Auto Trades OWENS, MOSIEZELL: Metal Trades OWSLEY, CURT DEXTER: Auto Trades PALMORE, GLENDA: Business Education! Y-Teens, FTA, History Club PANHORST, DOROTHY IDOTTIEI: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!FTA, Spanish Club, Library Assistant, ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Girls Drill Team, SAO Executive Board Senior Roster I9 O TERRI FREEMAN gives a big grin before her performance with other majorettes at halftime. PARHAM, JUDY: Business Education, Social Studies PARISH, FRED: Electrical Trades PARKER, JEFF: Business Education PARKER, KATHRYN IKATHYI: Business Ed- ucation, Social Studies!French Club, ICT Club PARKER, MARY: Home Economics PATE, CLARENCE LEONARD: Industrial Arts PAYNE, ROGER ANTHONY: Painting and Decorating!Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Football, Wrestling V PECK, GWEN: Business Education, Foreign Language, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, GAA PENCE,TOM: Building Trades PENDER, DON: Auto Trades PERKINS, JAMES, JR.: Business Education, Social Studies!Track, Cross Country, Boys Con- cert Club PERRY, CAROL S.: Home Economics PETERMAN, HENRIETTA M.: Business Edu- cation!Drum Major, Marching Band, Concert Band PETERSON, DIANA: Social Studies PETTIGREW, PAMELA: Business Education, Home Economics!CANNON agent PHELPS, NANCY: Mathematics!FTA, Explor- atory Teacher, SAO Representative, Senior Co- lors Committee PHILLIPS, CARL: Art PHILLIPS, PAMELA: Foreign Language, Math- ematics, Science, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club,Thespians, Concert Orchestra,SAO Repre- sentative PHOENIX, JACK: Building Trades PIERCE, CHARLES DAVID: Mathematics, So- cial Studies PIERCE, MICHAEL R.: Business Education, Social Studies!Human Relations Committee, Techoir, Boys Concert Club, SAO Representa- tives PING,JUDITH C. ICHRISI: Business Education, Social Studies!Girls Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON agent PLUMMER, BECKY: Foreign Language, Math- ematics, Social Studies!FTA, Exploratory Teach- er, SAO representative POLIVICK, PATRICIA J.: Business Education, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club POLK, STEVE: Electrical Trades POLVADORE, BRENDA: Home Economics, Social Studies!FTA, Music Club, Exploratory Teacher, SAO representative POSEY, TERRY LEE: Auto Trades POSTON, BRUCE: Machine Shop POUNDS, SAMUEL L.: Auto Trades!Baseball, Wrestling, SAO representative N POVINELLI, JOSEPH: Auto Trades, Mathe- matics!Wrestling, Tennis POWELL, JANET L.: Business Education! French Club, Red Cross Club, CANNON agent, SAO representative PRICE, KAREN L.: Business Education PRICE, MICHAEL L. IMIKEI: Social Studies PRIDDY, LINDA L.: Business Education PRYOR, JOHN H.: Aviation, Mathematics! CANNON Yearbook Staff PUCKETT, DIANA LYNN: Business Education, Home Economics!NaturaI Science Club, SAO representative PUCKETT, JOHNNY JAMES: Music, Social Studies!Art Club, History Club, Music Club, Service Club,Concert Band, Boys Concert Club, Dance Band PULLEN,JOHNNlE: Patternmaking PULLIAM, ANNIE P.: Home Economics PURVIS, CANDACE G.: Mathematics, Social Studies QUACKENBUSH, LINDA: Business Education, Social Studies!Drama-Speech Club, Majorette Corps, SAO representative OUACKENBUSH, BILL: Auto Trades OUARLES, JEAN: Home Economics, Social Studies!Track, SAO representative RACKLEY, JACKIE: Home Economics!Art Club IRAIDFORD, DAVELL: Electrical Trades!Foot- a RADY, GLENN S. IGLENNIEI: Electrical Trades RAINBOLT, REX R.: Electrical Trades, Mathe matics, Social Studies RAMAGE, JERRIE: Home Economics RANSOM, MARGO R.: Business Education! DE, Service Club, ROTC Sponsors, Junior Coun- cil, SAO representative, Convocation Committee RAY, JAMES R. IJIMI: Serivce Club RAY, MICHAEL W. IMIKEI: Business Educa- tion, Social Studies!History Club, Yearbook Staff, Football, CANNON agent REED, OTHELLA: Home Economics, Social Studies!GAA REED, PAMELA JO IPAMI: Social Studies REID, KAROL: Home Economics, Social Stu- dies!Drama-Speech Club, GAA, High School Red Cross Club, Speech Team RENEAU, MARY: Social Studies!FTA, Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Techoir REYNOLDS, ,BARBARA JEAN IBOBBIEI: Business Education, Home Economics REYNOLDS, DEBRA DARLENE IDEBBIEI: Social Studies!Majorette Corps RICE, FRIEDA JANE: Business Education, Social Studies!Junior Council RICHARDS, JAMES M.: Science, Social Stu- dies!BasebalI, Cross Country, Track Basketball RICHARDSON, DAN: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Human Relations Committee, Key Club, Music Club, NFL, Red Cross Club, SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Speech Team, Junior Council RICHARDSON, HERMAN: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Wrestling, Dance Band, CANNON agent RIGGLEMAN, DALE: Industrial Arts!CAN- NON agent: Cheerblock RIPBERGER, DIANA KAYE: Business Educa- tion, Mathematics, Social Studies!CANNON agent, SAO Representative ROBERTSON, BARBARA: Mathematics, So- cial Studies ROBlNSON,ALICE: Home Economics!Y-Teens ROBINSON, CHARLES R.: Art, Social Stu- dies!lCT Club, SAO representative ROBINSON, JACKIE: Home Economics, Sci- ence!ICT Club, Girls Concert Club, SAO Repre- sentative ROBINSON, JESSE L.: Electrical Trades ROLLINS, DIANNE: Business Education, So- cial Studies ROSSMAN, SANDRA: Business Education, Social Studies IN THE VALLEY of the jolly . . . Chris Copeland tries the green giant style. ROTH, ROSIE: Business Education!Chemistry- Physics Club, Radio Club, Service Club, CAN- NON agent, Girls Concert Club ROTT, CATHY JANELL: Foreign Language, Social Studies!German Club, CANNON Year- book Staff, SAO representative, Senior Recor- der-400, Senior Gift Committee, Senior Enter- tainment Committee, Senior Commencement Committee RUFFIN, RAYMOND: Social Studies RUSH, BONITA: Home Economics RUSH, JOE M. A.: Mathematics RUSH, KAREN: Home Economics RUSH, PAM: Business Education!SAO repre- sentative RUSH, PHYLLIS: Business Education, Home Economics!Service Club RUSSELL, AGNES MARIE: Home Economics RUSSELL, PATTI: Art, Home Economics! SAO representative RYLE, DEBORAH: Mathematics, Social Stu- dies!History Club, Y-Teens, CANNON agent SAPP, ROBERT: Printing!Printing Club SATKAMP, MATILDA: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies SAYLES, BEN: Electrical Trades!Chess Club, Wrestling SAYLES, RON: Building Trades, Mathematics! Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Basketball SCARBROUGH, KATHY: Social Studies!Span- ish Club, ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Girls Drill Team, SAO Representative SCHILLER, CARLENE: Business Education, Social Studies!lCT Club SCHOWENGERDT, CATHY: Social Studies! CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative SCOTT, NORMAN: Aviation!Track, Basketball SCOTT, PAUL R.: Social Studies!Concert Band, Track SCOTT, STUART REX: Building Trades SCURLOCK, JAN: Home Economics!Girls Concert Club SEATON, JEFFREY: Auto Body, Social Stu- dies SEATS, LEROY, JR.: Social Studies!Concert Band, Techoir, Boys Concert Club SELLS, KAY: Business Education, Home Eco- nomics SHAUMAN, DENISE: Home Economics SHAW, JIM: Auto-Aviation, Social Studies! Basketball, Football, Track SHEARER, BRUCE: AviationlHistory Club SHELTON, LINDA: Home Economics, Social Studies!Judo Club SHEINIVIAN, KAREN: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Twirlers, Majorette Corps SHEWMAN, MARSHA: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cheerleaders SHIRLEY, FRANK: Painting and Decorating SIMMONS, DWIGHT: Electrical Trades!Track, Wrestling SMITH, ALICE: Business Education, Social Studies SMITH, RICK: Building Trades, Social Studies! ICT Club, Lettermen's Club, Cross Country Track, CANNON agent, SAO Representative SMITH, BARBARA: Home Economics SMlTH,CONNIE: Social Studies!German Club, Senior Cheerblock SMITH, GARRY R.: Drafting, Mathematics! CANNON agent, SAO representative SMITH, JANE'l'I': Art, Social Studies!Cheer- Block SMITH, JOHN A.: Printing!CANNON agent SAO representative, SAO Executive Board, Sen- ior Prom Committee SMITH, LEON: Art!CANNON agent, SAO Representative SMITH, MIKE: Building Trades!Football, SAO representative SNAPP, VICKIE: Business Education, Mathe- matics, Social Studies SNOW, MICHAEL P.: Social Studies!School Service SPALL, RICKY: Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies!Chess Club, SAO repre- sentative SPAW, LINDA JOY: Business Education, Sci- ence!Service Club, Techoir, Majorette Corps, Twirlers SPEARS, JOHN R.: Mathematics, Social Stu- dies!Chemistry-Physics Club SPENCER, MARY F.: Home Economics, Social Studies STANDFORD, LINDA F.: Business Education, Home Economics!Y-Teens STARK, MYRA L.: Home Economics, Social Studies!Music Club, Girls Concert Club, Techoir STEELE, EUGENE L.: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies STEPHENS, LARRY W.: Social Studies!School Service, Concert Band, Marching Band STEWART, DONALD R.: Auto-Trades, Social Studies STEWART, NAPOLEON: Building TradeslICT Club, CANNON agent STEWART, ROBERT C.: ElectricalTrades, Sci- ence, Social Studies STIFFLER, DIANE K.: Foreign Language, So- cial Studies!History Club, SAO Representative, Exploratory Teachers, Entertainment Commit- tee STAKES, ROSIE LEE: Home Economics STARK, ROGER L.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!NFL, Key Club, Speech Team, SAO Executive Board, Senior Council, Marion Coun- tv Teen Guide Council STONE, JOSEPH: Building Trades STONE, MABEL: Business Education, Mathe- matics!CANNON agent STRONG, LYDIA ANN: Business Education, Home Economics!Girls Concert Club, Girls En- semble, Techoir, SAO representative STURDEVANT, DELORIS A.: Home Econom- ics SUGGS, JEFFREY: Building Trades SUMMERS, LAUENIA: Social Studies!Track SUTTON, LARRY D.: Social Studies!Cross Country, Wrestling, SAO representative TAFT, JOHN D.: Metal Trades, Social Studies TAYLOR, ANDREW R.: Mathematics, Social Studies, Senior Entertainment Committee TAYLOR, LIUIE MAE: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, Speech Team TAYLOR, THOMAS RAY: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Track TAYLOR, TOMYE SEAN: Social Studies TAYLOR, TONI LYNN: Foreign Language, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, History Club, Mus- ic Club, Spanish Club, Vice-President-300, Techoir, SAO Executive Board TEDROW, NANCY KAY: Home Economics, Social Studies - TERRY, BYRON ALAN: Science, Social Stu- dies!Football TERRY, MARCIA ANN: Business Education, Home Economics!SAO Representatives THOMAS, CAROLE LYNN: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies!JCL, Bell Choir, CANNON agent THOMAS, JAMES WILLIAM: Social Studies, Shop THOMAS, LARRY ROBERT: Business THOMAS, LESLIE MAE: Home Economics THOMAS, PATTI LYNN: Art, Home Econo- mics!Art Club, Girls Concert Club, SAO Repre- senative THOMAS, TERRI JEAN: Foreign Language Social Studies I THOMAS, WALTER L.: Industrial Arts, Social Studies!BasketbaII, Track, ROTC Officers, SAO Representative THOMPSON, RONALD: Business Education THOMPSON, STEPHEN EILIS: Building Edu- cation!Radio Club, Wrestling THORNBURGH, ROBERT EARL: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!CANNON agent THURSTON, BRENITA EARNESTINE: Math-- ematics, Social Studies!Music Club, Techoir, Girls Concert Club, SAO representative THURMAN, ROSE ANNA: Home Economics, Social Studies!Future Teachers of America TIFFANY, WARREN LEON: Science, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Track TI LLMAN, BARBARA JEAN: Home Econom- ics, Social Studies!GAA, Y-Teens TINSLEY, DEBORAH KAY: Business Edu- CZIIIOTI TINSLEY, PRESTON LEE: Electrical Trades, Social Studies!Radio Club, Concert Band, Track TORAN,CYNTHIA RUNA: Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies!GAA, FTA, Service Club, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO Represent- ative TRIPP, SUSAN KAY: Science, Social Studies! GAA, Natural Science Club, CANNON Year- book Staff, CANNON Weekly Staff, Biology Lab Assistant TRITTIPO, MICHAEL ALLEN: Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! NFL, French Club, Debate Team, Speech Team, Cap and Gown Committee TROTTER, GENEVA: Mathematics, Social Studies!GAA, Chemistry-Physics Club, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Techoir TROTTER, LESTER L.: Business Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies!Chemistry- Physics Club, Spanish Club, Prayer Circle, CAN- NON agent, Cross Country, Junior Council, SAO Executive Board TROXELL, PAUL DOUGLAS: Metal Trades TUCKER, CONSTANCE LEE: Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies!Natural Science Club German Club, GAA, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative MARSHA MORGAN, Jackie Bell, and Susan Beeson huddle around Frank Kendrick. TURNER GEORGE LOUIS' Auto-Aviation TURNER: KATHRYN CLEO: Home econom- I 9 O ics, Social Studies TURNER, VIRGINIA DENISE: Art, Home Economics VADEN, JEFFERY LYNN: Art, Mathematics, Social Studies!BasketbalI VANAUKEN, KAREN D.: Social Studies!lCT Club, Drama-Speech Club, CANNON agent VANDUYN, BETTY JANE: Foreign Language, Social Studies!Ouill and Scroll, FTA, Spanish Club, CANNON Weekly Staff, SAO represen- tative, CANNON agent VAUGHN, ANTHONY LEONARD: Science, Social Studies VAUGHN, HARRY THYRONE: Industrial Arts!BasketbaIl VAUGHN, MILDRED: Business Education WAGGONER, MARK STUART: Drafting, Mathematics, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Concert Band, Tennis, Junior Council WAGNER,JAMES MICHAEL: Building Trades MARSHA SHEWMAN, escorted by Kent Clark, cries out with joy after hearing her name. WALKER, EVELYN CAROLYN: Home Ec- onomics!History Club, Red Cross Club WALKER, FREDERICK HARRISON: Social Studies!Track, Football WALLACE, JOHNNY: Industrial Arts WALTON, JUANITA MARIE: Home Econom- ics WALTON, PATRICIA ANN: Business Educa- tion!Judo, History Club, Music Club, Techoir, Girls Concert Club, CANNON Yearbook Staff, SAO representative WARE, JORDAN EUGENE JR.: Auto-Aviation! ROTC Officers WARSAW, EUGENE: Business Education, Mathematics, Social Studies!Distributive Edu- tion WASHINGTON, JOYCE: Business Education, Social Studies!GAA, Cheerleaders, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra WATERS, LINDA LOUISE: Home Economics, Social Studies WATSON, WILLIAM LOUIS: Industrial Arts WEAVER, KENNETH PUAL: Business Edu- cation, Mathematics!XYZ Club WEBER, MARK: Auto-Aviation WEBER, VICKIE LYNN: Business Education, Social Studies!CANNON agent WEBSTER, CHARLES H.: Social Studies! Cross Country, Football WEEDEN, DENNIS R.: Business Education, Science, Social Studies!Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, Pep Band WELLS, R 0 B E R T CLAYTON: Electrical Trades, Social Studies! Football WESTER, MARY JANE: Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies!Concert Band, Tech- oir, CANNON Weekly Staff WHEELER, ROBERT WAYNE: Industral Arts! Wrestling, SAO Representative WHITAKER, CHESTER ANDREW: Drafting, Social Studies!Lettermen's Club, Basketball Man- ager, Football Manager, Baseball Manager WHITAKER, DEBORAH LYNN: Home Ec- onomics!Drama Speech Club WHITE, CYNTHIA ANN: Business Education, Home Economics WHITE, LARRY LEE: lndustrail Arts!CAN- NON agent, SAO representative, Baseball, Cross Country, Track WHITE, ROBERT LEE: Building Trades WHITE, WILLIAM A.: Auto-Aviation!Basket- ball, SAO representative WHlTTlNGTON,SHERMAN DOUGLASS: Au- to-Aviation!SAO representative FRIENDS CONGRATU LATE Marsha with hugs and kisses after being crowned. WI LBURN, SAMPSON, JR.: Business Education, Social Studies!DE, ROTC Officers WILKS, ANDREW MARCELL: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies!Distributive Education, CANNON agent WILLIAMS, HAZEL L.: Business Education! Service Club WILLIAMS, JOHNNIE A.: Art!Service Club WILLIAMS, JUDITH BELL: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics WILLIAMS, REGINALD CHARLES: Auto- Aviation!Judo Club, Photography Club, SAO Representative WILLIS, ROBERT: Building Trades WILSON, ANNE'I'l'E D.: Business Education Social Studies!Spanish Club WILSON, CYNTHIA DENISE: Business Ed- ucation, Home Economics WILSON, JEROME: Auto-Aviation, Mathe- matics!Wrestlinq WILSON, LINDA KAY: Business Education, Home Economics WILSON, LIONELL KEITH: Art, Social Stu- dies WILSON, LYNN SUEZETTE: Business Edu- cation WILSON, PATRICIA LEE: Home Economics WILSON, RONDALL KEITH: Business Edu- mtion, Social Studies WILSON, STEPHEN LEE: Art, Social Stu- dies!Art CIub,WrestIing,Track, CANNON Year- book Staff, Entertainment Committee, Convo- cations Committee WIMBLEY, CARLETTA ROBERTA: Business Education WIMSATT, PAULA L.: Business Education, Social Studies WINKLE, BONITA GALE: Social Studies!lCT Club WINSTON, LARRY CHARLES: Printing!Print- ing Club, ROTC officers WINTERS, KAREN LOUISE: Business Edu- cation, Social Studies WITSMAN, MARSHA JO: Business Education, Social Studies!History Club, Natural Science Club, Concert Orchestra, CANNON agent, SAO representative WOLFE, MARSHALL EDWARD: Electrical TradeslBoys Concert Club, Techoir, CANNON agent WOOD, MARCIA E.: Business Education, So- cial Studies!DE, Natural Science Club, Girls Concert Club, Techoir, SAO representative WOOD, RAY MILTON: Mathematics, Science, HAPPY MARSHA poses with her flowers and crown as the 1970 Basketball Queen. Social Studies WOODFORK, BRENDA DIANE: Business Education, Home Economics WOODS, JEFFEREY L.: Drafting, Social Stu- dies WOODS, RHONDA L.: Business Education, Social Studies!lCT WOODSON, EVELYN LORENE: Social Stu- dies!Drama-Speech Club, Service Club, NFL, Speech Team, SAO representative WOOLDRIDGE, DAVID LEE: Music, Social Studies!Boys Concert Club, Concert Band, Tech- our WORLEY, CAROLYN ANN: Social Studies WORLEY, MARILYN SUE: Social Studies WORLEY, MARVIN KEITH: Social Studies WORTH, BARBARA JOANN: Home Econom- ics, Social Studies WRIGHT, BRUCE RANDLE: Auto-Aviation WRIGHT, CLARENCE D.: Auto-Aviation! Wrestling, Concert Band WRIGHT, DIANA JO: Science, Social Studies! French Club, Human Relations Committee Music Club, Concert Band, Melodayres, Techoir, Vespers Committee WRIGHT, DIANE LYNN: Art, Home Econom- ics!Art Club, Drama-Speech Club, Thespians YARRELL, SIMON: Social Studies YOUNG, CAROL ANN: Social Studies!Judo YOUNG, JAMES OSCAR: Auto-Aviation, So- cial Studies!Basketball YOUNG, STEPHEN MURRY: Art, Social Stu- dies!Art Club,Track, Wrestling, CANNON agent ZEIGLER, JAMES MICHAEL: Auto-Aviation ZUPAN, DEBORAH KAY: Business Education, Social Studies!History Club, SAO representative U I I lsr' ill Kill Q!! Q lil lllllllll lllllflll ll QR ll I IIIKIU Illlll I I U I I U lil I l I I I III!!! lllllll UUUUUUIIUUUUUUUU UUUIUIIUUUUUUUUU I U U I lUI I I U U U U U U U I U U I I I H I I I I U U U U U U U I U UPU I I I l I l I I I I U U U U U U U U I I I I I I I I I I I I U U U U U U U U UAU U I I I I I I I IU! 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I ll'l,ll I llII'IIl IIII. 1.151 III: lnllll ll 'Ill , ll I I I I u I I I Ulf' ll ll ll I I ll I I QQ -Ili-llllll II n an - u u I I IIIQI llllllllluIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I II lllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllllll Ullllllllllll llllllllllllll ulllllll IIIIIIIIIIIII . lllllllllllll I IIIII I llllllllllll ll Iaannalpunnuuu I ll'lIl I IIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIII I 'llll I l' IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Qu IIIIIC Iuissnnaunl IIII Ill IIIIII - 'I llvl ix 'll"--'AAN l-lAAl,l-I- .QA manual---I U -I --.Q ,, ,. Who's Who . . . Principal, Vice-Principals N JAMES STEWART, vice-principal, is in charge of Tech's evening school. mv xx, "C...?' "ull, af fjiwgdff QZZ !-. ROBERT V. BELDING, vice-principal, finds time to say hello in the midst of arranging schedules for pupils. and the State Department of Public Instruction. I -w ,-...,,f,-w-m,.,,,N 'HL-og ' Q "K """""W"mQ In'....,., -ll. lm.. IFF! ill Q92 .fi A I 1 'A fxyvxicv zrr Yr- VICETPRINCIPAL KENNETH PUCKETT is re- VICE-PRINCIPAL DONALD OLDHAM, new at HERMAN T. HlNSHAW,vice-principal in charge sponsuble for financial matters. Tech, is responsible for pupil attendance. of staff personnel supervises the faculty. ,. PRINCIPAL HOWARD L. LONGSHORE, besides assuming the top administrator's duties, is con- cerned also with the relations of the school with the local school board, the North Central Association, RAY REED moved into the post of dean of men to supervise discipline and personal coun- seling of students. ffSn, ts Qwest' NX .f '2 Qies 1 ASSISTING THE DEAN OF MEN are Mahlon Carlock and Robert T. Stockard. Mr. Carlock also sponsers the Key Club. .-ang, FOR COLLEGE-BOUND TECHITES, Gaylord Allen, guidance director, arranges scholarships, and administers special tests. l , MRS. MARTHA TURPIN, dean of women and her assistant, Mrs. Barbara Dearing preside over the activities of the Student Center. They counsel girls on attendance and personal problems. JUDITH MCBRIDE, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, and Sharon Parrett assist with counseling in the office of the dean of women. ill A33 1 '-N... llln'lng'. ii 9 il W 'gsm .e?,-4-JA ,ti bf' ENCOURAGING ST U D E N TS with superior achievement, Wallace Potter directs special edu- cation with attention on programs and awards. SERVING AS DIRECTOR of student activities and public relations, Robert E. Meyer promotes the school image. JACK BRADFORD, director of athletics, sched- ules the sports events for all of Tech's sports. HAPPY WITH THE SUCCESS of the new cash- iering course offered this semester is IVlr. Will- iam Peterson, organizer and instructor for the course and director of DE. ,-.N ,fu-N -oxxyl f I MARJORIE SCHOCH, head librarian, keeps track of all the books and materials in Tech's 28,000-volume library. IVIRS. NIARJORIE IVICCUTCHEON, director of audio-visual education enjoys her responsibility of handling Tech's audio-visual equipment. f iw, , HEADING TECH'S Neighborhood Youth Corps CONDUCTING INDIVIDUAL TESTS in coop- involves working with many young students for eration with the Guidance Department is Row- lVlI'- Donald DENY- land Leverenz, school psychometrist. we-ww-are HEADING UP PUBLICATIONS is Cecil T. Tresslar, who concentrates on bringing out the best in his Cannon Kiddies. H i'?, KEEPING TRACK of many students, keeps Er- nest Holmes quite busy as director of the In- dustrial Cooperative Training program. LEWIS A. IVIARSHALL, director of Shop Ac- tivities, Buildings and Grounds, is entrusted with Tech's historic surroundings. 6 I STX UNDERCLASS COUNSELORS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mildred McAfee, Mrs. Sarah F. Hamer, William Graney. SECOND ROW: Charles Kocher, Richard Shock, Ernest Cline, John Hurrle, Duane Blanken- horn, Floyd Tobrocke. JOHN MINER, program counselor, shares re- sponsibility for class scheduling. JAMES BORSHOFF is the assistant director of the Evening School. Q! QW A e' S f t . 3 '35 x VSN- MRS. MARY STATEN counsels juniors and sen- iors with respect to their post high school plans, both educational and occupational. BLANCHE VVILLIAMS, head nurse, keeps health battles at bay with the help of Mrs Betty Brodhecker and Mrs. Shirley Lundgren. 'Ch-1.1 DELBERT WEST is a counselor in the area of special education. Who's Who . . . Directors, counselors ww " 'KYB KENNETH BAYLESS is the guidance director for Tech Evening School. 'SA -"'w""""'hT"'s,,ffNl'i-17.2" ,i8fl"3vAw-A t it ' ig gig a f ff fy' if 'P H. I- fist If W ll t i JM!!! ff? t - OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Elsie Robards, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, Norma Rodewald, Mrs. Rosalynne Yarnell, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Virginia Cauble, Mrs. Rita Tussey, Mrs. Gene Mont- gomery. SECOND ROW: Patricia Littell, Mrs. Jacqueline Patterson, Charleyne Stinger, Mrs. Caroline Wh 0, S Hyatt, Mrs. Helen Harvey, Mrs. Bernadine Pool, Mrs. Martha Thomas, Mrs. Fannie Fowler, Mrs. Flor- Staff ence Cox, Mrs. Janice Chadwick, Mrs. Louise Creasser, Mrs. Edna Ayres. ' ' W A 231-' Svfmmair S"f'?s-Q, f x-rxliin--:bu4..w,N-N " 'N--- 4-W May: few DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Betty Rowland, Mrs. Louise Schneider, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Mrs. Jeannette Fields. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wanda Moon, Mrs. Gwendolyn Huff, Herschel Cauble, Mrs. Judith Shattuck, Theron Ferguson. th.-2.541 SOCIAL SERVICE WOR KERS-SEATED, Mrs. Kay Sutherling STANDING: Mrs. Rosa L. Toot- le, Mrs. Lois Cowles. Mrs. Carolyn Ray. BOOKSTORE-Mrs. LaVerne Stewart, Mrs. Frances Craig, Mrs. Wilma LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-Mrs. Judith A. Hamilt0rl,S6l'8 Porter Durham. E 2 t g. gn 'QW . X' lx S 4554! 5 'mf' x W 'TF' me 'Q' Ib .iff - if '4"'::-w. Ain? HEAD CUSTODIANS: Charles O. Britton and Thomas Walker. Hs. Q75 EMERSON MURPHY has charge of Tech's busy Receiving D e pa rtm ent where deliveries are routed to the various departments. Robert L. Lloyd. CAFETERIA STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Lola Klein, Mrs. Parncella Calahan, Mrs. Jean Fogelman, Mrs. Mary Coverstone, Mrs. Leota Brown, Mrs. Lillian Klier, Mrs. Elsie Alyne, Mrs. Mildred Hutchinson, Mrs. Laura Merrill, Mrs. Mary Osterhout. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Florda Wimsatt, Mrs. Ruth Rady, Mrs. Pearline Plant, Mrs. Florence Andrews, Mrs. Jessie Elliott, Mrs. Betty Sipole, Mrs. Emily Dzelme, Mrs. Gertrude Ray, Mrs. Helen Karnes, Mrs. Marie Sutton, Mrs. Dee Westfall. THIRD ROW: Mrs. 4 . 1 Q- ,h 14,351 - ,QQ Q ,xg 2.0 aff" Nw. M . .. EVENING DIVISION OFFICE STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Margaret Potter, Mrs. Eileen Bales. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Pentecost, Mrs. Mary Hoffman, Mrs. Mildred Langlotz. SECURITY OFFICERS: George S. Martin, Jack Heavenridge, Bill lTinyl Swindle, Wilbert R. Gruner, Mattie Dinkins, Mrs. Genevieve Haigerty, Mrs. Mae Reevers, Mrs. Laura Turner, Mrs. Tellous Lane, Mrs. Virginia Bruen, Mrs. Pauline Camplin, Mrs. Elva Eastridge, Mrs. Goldie Duffy, Mrs. Audrey Barrett. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Mary Melvin, Mrs. Orene Johnson, Mrs. Opal Sterrett, Ray Oualken- bush, Mrs. Florence Jaus, Fred Crisler, Willie Osborne, Mrs. Norma Coffey, Mrs. Angie Clearwater, Mrs. May Starkey, Mrs. Irene Taylor. .. X ,A Q . f "' if' wif f QS' div -na Lf I V . ' -- .I - -n 33- ntl 2 ff' 'fi lf' 3 t .!,,,., ,... - 5 A A L 'H A xx . 4 ' A . l : , .3 g Q . 'Zg,yy,11m fr., , ' .4 -nu gl '..! :i,1,L:,,5y -V gsm' .3 'L . will: is x V I U . J I? F' f .Q . ' .. yr li? Q -ll I ' NN, - E - N A it ti sy - , J ,L Ji 0 9. lx is 1, - 1 a f L- w . - AT" I t. . T fl W aww 3' ,,:-- Z x ,Q ' 1 If M . 'Q A 2 I 1 s E Y X T3 r I T C 2 + C . , . f I cf - J I F J Q V I L., Q JY ' F . by I C X . ' ' ?w , ' . 3 N Y E Q V 'N f Q , I . l il Yi ' 1 ' 1 L, ,,. X gf MVA X .. easy" U 5 ,W 'is A 4- ' I X . A 1 I Q.. ' W' . WS? ' 4' A 6 ,K ' .1 V 'vnu- .f H ix fl ww' Q 1 5 ' ' :3 ' rv e 5 1 45:21 115: 2 2 I 1 2 I + ' fl 2 S- x x . f Q . E wen' S NXXQ I 5 , , A -iff Q I as 55:2 jx? Q ' if pg 2. 1- fx 4 , ., ,, . .W -,gg 1 I ,ara 1. . , ., : -'-- : it if X 02 i 25 f .,. . an 4 if 4. N 1 4, up ,X . , rg f wwf S, .. . H on ., Y E? D , ' ba V.. 5. I I .,if. I l MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Betty L. Mansfield, Judy DeKemper, Mrs. Madara Walker, Richard Glover, Mrs. Elizabeth R. Chohany, S. Hafize Shah. SECOND ROW: William R. Wheeler, Donald E. Robinson, Carl H. Corbin, M. A. Kriese, Mrs. Marion Strickland, Mrs. Gwen Jones. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Hoffman, Sonja Hancock, Ronald Ireland, Steve Kaeuper, John Stoeckinger, department head: Arnold Lehman, Alice Purvis. Not pictured, Rowland Leverenz. '50 103- S-X13 .J As .v2:':'. SQCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Frances Lyons, Mrs, John Miner, W. Pokai, K. Hage, John Eason, Wes Murphy, Dean Carbone. Lisa Lehman, Esther Cooper, Patricia Russell, James E. Taflinger. SECOND FOURTH ROW: William Kimberlin, Leonard Jeffers, l-l0Yd H- Wagner. ROW: Walter Dininger, Karl Schneider, Bruce McGeath, Mrs. Martha June Clyde Smith, Jr., Duane Blankenhorn, William D. Siedlecki, department Bradshaw, John Kanouse, Ebert W. Smith. THIRD ROW: Robert Meyer, head. 1,5 ai We HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Woolford, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Frances Smith, Mrs. Marjorie McCutcheon, Mrs. Arthurine Litiskas, Mrs. Mildred Wallace, Mrs. Carrol Rose. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Sheila Miskuf, Mrs. Jane Snow, Mrs. Marian Moore, Ruth Grogean, Mrs. Rat Amend, Mrs. Elva Wignall. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Natalie B. Ransom, Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Odessa Hill, Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Nancy Bell, Hilda Kreft, department head: Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw. Not pictured, Mary Staten. Wh0'S . . . Faculty if gf 'fi la 32' f U, gs 'hz 1 - 'S .. 1 j- s Q.. ,Z 'FQNY -U5 . 1 'V gg avr.. ,2'-lf' "5 ii I' . N uf"""'P i 2 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Bernice Jones, Judi McBride, Mrs. Florence Schnakenberg, Robert Maloy, Mrs. Virginia Cassell, Mrs. Margaret Clapp, Mrs. Arvilla Bennett, Mrs. Beverly Acheson, Mrs. June Widmeyer, Mrs. Susan Merritt. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Barbara Machin, Mrs. Barbara Southwick, Paula E. Lopossa, Mrs. Jatinder K. Rai, IVIFS. Anne Hamlet, Mrs. Linda Vaughn, Hester Anne Hale, Mrs. Mildred McAfee, Mrs. 25- 'aa Margaret Hahn. THIRD ROW: Thomas Danheiser, Mrs. Marjorie Garrett, Mrs. Doris L. Webber, Irene Rhodes, department head: Dale Renault, Kirby Lehman, Martha Gascho, Robert F. Ford, Fred McNanny. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Joyce A. Hanna, Mrs. Diane Comstock, Marsha Kriegbaum, Cecil T. Tressler, John A. Lewis, Emmett F. Hardiman, Patricia L. Otten, Mrs. Sue Cooper, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum. '. I . ' H 4 . I .laws BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Audrey Corne, Richard Allen, Arthur Kirsch, Robert J. Orth, Judy M. Hunt. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mer- cedes Guess, G. W. Howard, Mrs. Ruth K. Shannon, John Farley, depart- ment headg David S. Hon.THIRD ROW: William M. Johnson, M. W. Whalin Howard L. Cook, Robert F. Collins, Roy K. Terrell. 1 f 3, 2 ' J ' BUSINESS E D U CATION DEPARTMENT- FRONT ROW: Mrs. Deborah Gioe, Mrs. Gwen Ohmit, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Mrs. Ester B. Car- penter,AIice M.Johnson.SECOND ROW: Edna L. Maley, Mrs. Annabelle Adams, Mona Wood- ward, department head: Mrs. Sarah F. Hamer, William F. Peterson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Mar- jorie C. Parker, Mrs. Karen Davison, Keith V. Kuck, Dave George, Turpin Davis. FOURTH ROW: Ellen G. Martin, William N. Guess, John Wiggins, Mrs. Sandi Jones, Mrs. Lois Frye, Joyce Freeman. A'Yt"W' mmf' PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Steven W. Smith, William Tozer, Louis D. Allen, department head: Mrs. Edna D. Stewart, Mrs. Pauline CaldwelI.SECOND ROW: John Kern, Ralph Wolverton, Bruce Turney, James May, Richard Dykeman, Hadley Haworth. sg . J, , 6 M , 65, X ? X 5' S' f I 142 ,Jag HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, Mrs. Donna Sims, Polly Chapman, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, Shirley Parrett, Bea Harding. SECOND ROW: Carlos Bell, Robert Woodard, Thomas Barnes, Reuben Behlmer, Jack Bradford, Howard J. Catt. THIRD ROW: Melvin Bowers, Eugene B. Keliikuli, John Koontz, Ivan Moreman, Daniel Camplese, Jay Kleine, Phil Ouillin. Who's Who . .. Faculty :FQ DRAFTING DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: ,mn , Harold Elliott, Floyd Tobrocke, John Williams, Frederick Kelly, Sr. SECOND ROW: Sam M' Skomp, Burney Jackson, Scott Houldson, Ro- . 557 bert smckard, can Mednch. FOREIGN L A N G U A G E DEPARTMENT- FRONT ROW: Mrs. Maria Lagadon, Mrs. Patri- cia Schmalz, Mrs. Carole Platt, Mrs. Susanna Underwood. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Bedell, David L. Clapp, Constance Harvey, Mrs. Serine Fine. 1 ... 1 f. A2-fs! F... 'msg -. -,fi gf :. I' 5- . , . - I MUSIC DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel, Earl R. ART DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Marian Hamilton, Ernest Medcalfe, Shay' Mrs. E. Ann Swedeen. SECOND HOW: John White, Richard William Locker, LaVon Whitmire. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Adamay Alexander, Switzer, Joseph Backmeyer Wmiam Moon. Kermit L. Swenson, Lee A. Ransaw, Michael Slover, Lorena Phemister. ' Not pictured, Mrs. Emmagee Washington. 351 AXA H'-sr. ' E '-I1 I 51. I AUTO-AVIATION DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Oral E. Henderson, H. K. Clark, Jr., Robert J. Palma, William Tremp, Robert Crooke. SECOND ROW: Fred Keller, Clifford Allen, Herbert VanDer- Moore, Dan S. Malone, Sam Dudkowski, department head. THIRD ROW: Doug Thompson, Clifton Lovelace, Lewis Pence, William Berger, George Mack. MSW ELECTRlCAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Kew neth Gilliland, John Mullenax, William Stewart, Robert Bulthaup, Leroy Hubble, Earl Terry, de- partment head- METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Verl Whet- stine, Emanuel Cruser, Cyril Stock, John C. Hill, Jr., Norman Brinker, department head. BUI LDING TRADES DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW: Charles Kocher, John Fincher, Charles Hylton, Paul E. Oscarson. SECOND ROW: Morris Woods, department head, Howard E. Beall, Frederick Miessen, William E. Sharp, Ray Turner. l l ? ROTC STAFF-Mrs. Martha Thomas, assistant: MSG. lRetl Thomas L. Davison, commandantg SFC. lRetl Edde Colley, MSG. Arthur Wilkin- son, instructors. PRINTING DEPARTMENT: Clyde Armel, de- partment headg Spencer Tuttle, Harold Deem, Terry C. Yeagley, Robert W. Smith. 5 .fl , ,,, x , ,BJ fn I we e,,,q J. . KU, ,ff J ff' 7. .,, A I, ,V , , 1 X ' ' X "1-, ' -if Vx le .1 4 . . .- is ii fkubl 1. ,? f, ,A 'Q 1 .f ,V. 3 yffi, if Af fn A x ,A 7' ,sf X 1 V ' , Q NA- . -x W . X K X My "aff Kiwi +' p .-,bib x s A X, 1-V , V if. 9: ,f :Q- f : r e- .h A .' L .4 , ,L 1 A V' Q if ' ,gk Q 1 if V,- T Q gt ' haf? A ' X t !fa'1L,s'd-Q .V 1' v 1 Y Af! ,f A-, i xl 4 f km..-I-AV i K E1 , :A . .V . ,A y r ,,-h ' 4, 'Qi F' Jifikx Q run ' Q.-Q. :ji Us Q 1 - 7 :ir ,V .. wits? 5 , ' ' . 5' . li Mfwsx W." , fx F, nu. . J .31 X V ' ,un - ' 9 1 . if Aw ' V ww V,-Q. ilk! 5 1 J QJQN .1111 ,. if XXKIX I 'NM my xr- 2.5,-, I , up fi 5 ,I M . - ' ' V '. ' V ' we af Mk-.Vm?"g '17 ' M, IQ' if A 'sf ' 'A 7+ 1-fi? Y' 1 V '--, 5 me vj.,,,L,fA2"L V4 f. we V V9 9 , xi-z' Ti. T Q. 'Rafi QRHS, if X Vw A 1. ,f"vQq,'f,:,., kai ,M Vv 3-L -N 'fr ' .M 51 .Q f,e'.x'5, '-'31, ,3-' L, I V3 Vw, L, ,Q 14 , bf V 5 , A-V'.sV-c -Q, ii, r :Q 5 9,559-vizwej, V4 V is .V ,ggeqrv ' - ' V '1 , - ,' 5 Y, ' ' V. 7 A if "" If A Y' W ml- k!'m"1,"w"Q r""k'x"v!q': AJ. v, '7 ', L z N4 J YJ. n., .dr , , "' .Vw 1 V 'f . 9- 'f . V: -2' " fi XY. V3 .X Vw , rf . . -,Q V- -9.1 f vw 2' ' ' Ve lx- 1 ' -' . 1 -5' 91 My is . , Q ge ' 3 5 'il' ' fe rf? xx E 'xfn V., 5 .ip rigs: V Ex AN ' 'Ax 1., qw 4 I K , Q' f W V 4, , L 2 if-K .Q I MN, lf, it an h V I' , .Mg -. r 1 M ' V ' , 9 9. :B ,gt ' tfgu ff, - ,. 12V-fy' 1.2 4f',,, ff if V-5q'grgf,N:vf Lf-I-'?H,.,. 1 -f 'H 45-V aiwfk .411-'-1-,,x, fr'ip-,.,, 9 'feaffiy 'iq V, .-,k ,V A ,- ,QV Q -.4 , Xing., V .sw-k'9Ew.6+g. 8 -, V -. 'AA' W' g "i',K'i Z" L ' -4: .f ., , .5 1 ' f' - ,nl Q V-V .,- ,4 .ww , , ' "' I , 1-5 f 'TSP -:.....,,,. i R 4, ".'gk, A x 9 9 .,eK . 7 --'Qin -J -X 'fs Pfz itum ,a x Mr. Ralph Wolverton Tech Teacher I 942- l 969 A 1' ",Al vi, W5 '14 EXPLORATORY TEACHERS-FRONT ROW: Susie Cutshaw, Terri Freeman, Linda Clelland, Linda D. Hall, Priscilla Burris. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Hand, Barbara Constantine, Jack Harmon, Patty Luttrell, Mary Jane Wester. THIRD ROW: Becky Plummer, Mary Reneau, Brenda Polvadore, Diane Bell, Nancy M. Phelps, Clyde Smith, Jr., sponsor. Not pictured, Marsha R. Morgan, Mary Grant. v FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: Phyllis Luttrell, Susie Cutshaw, Vickie Baxter, Betty Van Duyn, Priscilla Burris, Doro- thy Carroll, Barbara Foster, Glenda Arnett, Mrs. Karen Davison, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Patri- cia Cole, Sally Harding, Becky Plummer, Nancy M. Phelps, Tammy Aaron, Patty Luttrell, vice- president: Linda D. Hall. THIRD ROW: Bar- bara Constantine, Rosaline Burns, Deborah Aaron, secretary-treasurer: DeAndre Bell, Jill Jessup, Darlene Watts, Sharon Gadis. FOURTH ROW: Leslie Bell, Dianne Bell, David Morrow, David Armes, Connie Green, Brenda Polvadore, president: Mary Reneau, Richard Andrews. Who's Who . . . Clubs DIVERSIFIED EDUCATION-FRONT ROW: Jeanne Israel, Nora Jackson, Patricia Jones, Patricia Butcher, Diana Hodges, Gloria Mack. SECOND ROW: Marcia Wood, Laura Green, Norma Middlebrook, Margo Rochelle Ransom, Ida Delores Coleman. THIRD ROW: Andrew Wilks, James Bates, Jr., Sampson Wilburn, Eugene Warsaw. INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE EDUCATION- FRONT ROW: Rhonda Woods, John Bryant, Harold Lund, Melvin Johnson, Thomas Collins, Terry Lowe, Carlene Schiller. SECOND ROW: Carrall Evans, Jacqueline D. Robinson, treasurer: Stephanie Clayton, Kathy Parker, vice-president: Barbara Ann Dean, Esther Hatcher, secretary: Ernest Holmes, coordinator.THlRD ROW: Kay Houser, Donna Miller, Maurice A. Heitzman, DeWitt Jordan, Phillip Fowler, Ramona Black, Charles R. Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Arnold Smith, James Carey, Jim Kugelman, Napoleon Stewart, David Veney, William Spenser, Mark Anderson, David Harmon, president. Who's Who 'U' O TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: William F. Moon, director: Diana Wright, co-president, Sam Price, Jr. representative: Karen Darland, hostess: Jim Farrior, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Nola Reynolds, Lydia STYOUQ, Chris Ping, Andrea Freeman, Carrie Smith, Cindy Lewis, Carla Abell, Marcia Wood, Brenda Cooper. THIRD ROW: Pat Walton, Susan Beeson, Brenita Thruston, Jodi Chastain, Mary Reneau, Joy Richards, Sharon Barlow, Linda Spaw. FOURTH ROW: Bart Petree, Denver Jordon, James Allen, John Masters, James Brown, Jeff Jacobs, LeRoy Seats, Randy Wade. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Polson, Dave Devitt, Mike Stanfield, Bill Hart, Bruce Oakley, Kyle Fort, Tom Hickey. Clubs in TECHOIR-FRONT ROW: Ellen Anderson, Jr. Representative: Linda Chapman, Secretary: Bob Davis, Co-President, Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel, Accompianist. SECOND ROW: Toni Taylor, Carol Brown, Geneva Trotter, Debbie Hager, Nancy Bottoms, Andrea Hunt, Libbi Michael, Kris McDonald. THIRD ROW: Anita Beight, Frieda Mindach, Shirley Amis, Donna Farris, Debbie Kuykendall, Debby Miller, Myra Stark, Jan Hittle. FOURTH ROW: Linda Mosier, J. D. Oliver, Bill Bowman, Doug Moore, Mike Adkins, Vernon Harwell, Kevin Brewer, Dave Wooldridge, Don Knorr. FIFTH ROW: Mary Wester, Teryl Holder, Melvin Brown, Paul Wilson, Randy Auble, Ken Gividen, Charles Abernathy, Marshall Wolfe, Tom Abel, Bruce Price. Not pictured, Danny Richardson. I BOYS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Robert Hall, Jim Brankam, Robert Goode, Mike Brown, Mike Pierce, Richard Andrews, Elliott Varnado, James Siegel. SECOND ROW: Doug Pettigrew. Al Johnson, Gregg Hally, Perry Broadnax, David Armes, Claude Lowery, Donald Whitecotton, Sampson Wilburn, Ronnie White. M., I , 5 y .A , -U , V i , ,. .. 'E , 'm pn. mm' .. 1 l-163 N X -wi 1, r 5 -. , 2 " , E , .W Q - -' 5 S v f' I I 6:1 .'?5'f'x , ,A ., X, ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW: Juanita Howard, Nancy Jarrett, Hilda Batts, Kathy Vaughn, Sharon Guerin, Kathy Baker, secretary: Mary Jane Wester, Mike Finnigan. SECOND ROW: Linda Lawson, Henrietta Peterman, Toni Aix, Melanie Gay Morphew, sergeant-at-arms, Claudia Kimbrough, Roy G. Crabill, Rose R. Bond. THIRD ROW: Richard Andrews, Justus M. Decher, Elizabeth Trittipo, Kim- berly Anderson, Mary Reneau, Clarence Eugene Lewis, Carol Rosebrock. FOURTH ROW: Rose Fol- som, Joyce Hise, Joanetta Carter, Terry Fullen, Jan Hittle, Denise Y. Harden, Leroy Seats. M: E Q Q17 S S , K- J f . K ' ev , ' ' s M - It fr ' 2 ' 3 ,s 5 f'i5": G Kia 'IT s, a I I , M 2' W 'lir I . : : , Q ,,,,, ,,,,,, Al v , . M , If , 1 I 1 ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW: Geneva Trotter, Carol Brown, Linda Amorez, Toni Taylor, presi- dent: Mary Jane Wester. SECOND ROW: Clar- ence E. Lewis, Jr., Marcella Brewer, Anita R. Beight, Stephie Cooper, Marsha Witsman, Kris- tine McDonald, Dennis R. Weeden. THIRD ROW: Cindy Orman, Diana Wright, Marie Greene, Mike Miller. FOURTH ROW: Doug McDaniel, Randy Auble, Tony Long, Martin 'vw' McDaniel, James Scahill, Don Laswell, Roy G. Crabill, DANCE BAND-FRONT ROW: Roy Crabill, Paul Richardson, Jerry Mouser, Dennis Weeden, Don Knorr. SECOND ROW: Randy Wade, Doug McDaniels, Randy Auble, Don Laswell, THIRD ROW: Elroy Burke, Martin McDanieIs, Tony Long, Charles Abernathy, Charles Black, Mike Jones. TECH BAND-FRONT ROW: Carol Brown, Anita Huber, Betty Gorten, Jerry Laswell, Stephie Cooper, Ken Herman, Vicki Hutton, Victoria E. Irvin, Marsha Brown. SECOND ROW: Willie Johnson, Kathy Herrington, Anita R. Beight, Paula Clem, Teresa Cooper, Robert E. Gladden, Kevin Jay Brewer, Dianna Johnson, Janet Doll, Emilie Frost. THIRD ROW: Vernon A l Ann Harwell, Don Knorr, Don Laswell. Randv Auble, Barbara Coons, Marie Greene, Mike Jones, Jim Alstott, Deanna Henley, Kathy Brinkley. FOURTH ROW: Elroy Burke, Daniel lnskeep, James D. Allen, Charles Black, Kevin Davis, Clarence Johnson, Bill Coons, Jerry Hubbard, Morris Coleman, Roy G. Crabill. QL - Q. TECH BAND-FRONT ROW: Jerry Mouser, Marilyn Williams, Kathy Mil- ler, Lonnie Price, Karen Sanford, Kris McDonald, president: Dorothy Mclver, Mike O'Neill, Mike Miller. SECOND ROW: Paul Richardson, Mary Jane Wester, Henrietta Marie Peterman, Doug McDaniel, James Scahill, Diana Wright, hostess: Jeff Lingenfelter, Janine Wallick, Donna Riddell, Kim McManama. THIRD ROW: Roscoe Taylor, Jr., Clarence D. Wright, Mary Reneau, Darlene Lewelling, Dave Wooldridge, Marsha Rae Morgan, Martin McDaniel, Lawrence W. Stephens, Joyce Washington, Bryan Miller. FOURTH ROW: Dennis R. Weeden, Clarence Eugene Lewis, Jr., Jane Allyn McPherson, Preston Lee Tinsley, Paul Scott, Steve Schafer, Leroy Seats Jr., Tony Long, Randy Wade, Johnny James Puckett, Jr., John W. Pennington. 14, A .qu A' Q z 5,2 gf . LA.-,Y ." A I... ' V , If Y-A 1 9 Q A 'fx K gg Q. . ' f za f l 'L' ' A ' f.. 4 N b ' A, 1 X X. ' 5 . V: Mu., " " X? , ' 1 it in th e Y iii' in mfs f K . - or i . ff . iff . , -. 1 if ,' ". 'E Q5 wi J 4 J -fi 'ffl 1 ig t N - .ZZ fs. 1 I V V gil Vi ,i in S I 1 -f g ,.. h - Al 4 ,X an V .feng , .,..A, ln K I I rf , E :lt -:V , ' X 5 I .. ,, J 1 it - tt t T , J ,g is astrt .J t., . , is ,J g LL 4 fn' GIRLS CONCERT CLUB-FRONT ROW: Debby Colvin, Susie Cutshaw, Mary Grant, Zina Parker, Carolyn Hand, Gwenann Taylor, Priscilla Burris, Dorothy Mclver, Marlene McGuire, Jeanne Duncan. SECOND ROW: Karen Sanford, Gladis Gorden, Nancy Ettinger, Kathy Vaughn, Barbara Ludwig, Sandie Spence, secretary: Diana Hanlon, Beverly Hunt, Pamela Thompson, Margie Costelow, Mrs. E. Ann Swedeen, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Karol Lemmons, Dolores Johnson, Madonna Barnes, Donna Riddell, Debra Free- man, Elaine Thrasher, Eva M. Beard, Brenda Moore, Linda Lawson, Peggy Curtis. FOURTH ROW: Regina Bradley, Rosie Roth, Debbie Coffman, Darlene Lewelling, Alfreda Lee, Pati Thomas, Karen Lemmons, Rhonda Broadnax, Linda Chronis, Janet Soltau, Shirley Borden. FIFTH ROW: Lau- rel Burns, vice-president: Diana Matthews, Beverly Washington, Tina Hart, president: Jane McPherson, Sylvia Milam, Cindy Mentis, Laurie Lewis, Dorotliy Mahone, Shirley Clarke. Who's Who . . . Music Groups ,-xx .,. - , .9 ff of . Q., f ' QQ. N F 1' Z' 1 vu ' s"'-QQ, " Q - VM ii . W , "' 4 1 A W if Pl .Q Y. .V A Y ,A N f F4 i , 1, vs , . 4. . . .zzl 'H V M y V ,,,. ,f . 'M . , . 2 "', . ,X "' " ' V ,',, W E ,M ,. . 1 1 3 bxesfl l . -4 - 'Z AZQM 'I Y i' 'A V E " , - ff 7 ' i ' TV , ,.,,.. -s, . si sr, m,f,g.a was .ef . . ff 'gf ., .. 5+ . , , ., Q li. I A, l , , in . K . .Q 5 E. X L an , ., V, ff: li -Q A I W I ,J KK, s 4, A K, , f . . ix f 3 ,M ti , 41 Y ' rl A 'fn 'K 1 X4 dj N, 4 , A f ff rr is A 53 9 , if 1 J , . ss y hr if F- A K-ff re., N - , - 4 M , is L .- sf. i ' . . -X we ff vi ,ff MELODAYRES-FRONT ROW: Brenda Cooper, Jodi Chastain, Diana ROW: Bob Davis, Melvin Brown, Bruce Polson, William Hart, Charles Wright, Jan Hittle, Jody Richards, Ellen Anderson, Nola Reynolds. SECOND Abernathy, Jr., Bruce Oakley, Randy Auble, Don Knorr. ri 9 , ef ,J gt: .X GIRLS ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel, director, Debbie Miller, Debbie Kuykendall, Sharon Barlow, Cindy Lewis, Karen Nancy Bottoms, Kris Mac Donald, Andrea Hunt, Carla Abel, Lydia Strong, Darland, Linda Chapman, Libbi Michael. I BELL CHOIR-FRONT ROW: Donna Parrish, Mike Finnigan, Dorothy Mclver, Sharon Coffman, Carol Brown, Marlene McGuire, Mrs. J. Loesje Mendel. SECOND ROW: Andrea Freeman, Richard Andrews, Andrea Hunt, Jan Soltau, Randy Wade, Carole Thomas, Regina Bradley, Bob Davis. BOYS' OCTETTE-FRONT ROW: David Devitt, John Masters, Denver Jordan, Sam Price. SECOND ROW: Kenn Gividen, Tom Hickey, Mike Stanfield, Paul Wilson. Who's Who. . . 3 Clubs l ofif- R f l fire - 1 , A ..,"" 4 . E b 5, uw 1 E Q -K FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-FIRST ROW: Mary Nlills, Judy Aber- nathy.SECOND ROW: Silvia Hannemann, Toni Corsaro, Debbie Hartsburg. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Vickie Holmes, Doris Douglas, Freida lVl'd h,Ad H ,ow up VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-FIRST Row: Marshashewman,susieCur- m ac n 'ea um e 'ecovm . shaw, Karen Darland. SECOND ROW: Jenny Corsaro, Linda Chapman, Mary Jones. . - . l M . Aviv, ,, A K l- A ,:.'-,,- iii, +2 ,avi 'l"'f' 1 fwrm 5491 5 fffr .,,,. , .. "'f if X' . if 437 ,-rye 1438.-ft'If'. - 'V ' --14-m,,f ?f' 1' lf 5,453 .f 'f :Sm ,I 'C . ' 1 , x 'Q .L L MAJORETTES-FRONT ROW: Carolyn Hand, Debra Wells, Linda Ouack- Andel'S0n- THIRD ROW! Alecia Marlin. Karen Snawfnan. Laufia Lewis. enbush,AIicia Brown,Terri Freeman.SECOND ROW: Carol Diane Beverly, VlCKi9 Kendall. Cindv lVlanfiS. Linda 5DaW, Deb0l'ah Pipes- KNEE'-'NG 'N Sandie Spence, Patty Fagan, Tina Hart, Joy Richards, Linda Chronis, Ellen FRONT! Jackie Fagan, head: DOnna Miller, assistant head. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-FRONT ROW: Cindy Bennett, Sandy Bennett, Geneva Trotter, Marian Rush, Teresa Holt, Gloria Humphrey, Wanda Snow, Mrs. Bea Harding, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Deborah Anderson, Brenda Scott, Hattie Travis, Eva Mae Behld, Gail Jones, Bonita Earlene Embry, Mary Herald, Juanita Howard. THIRD ROW: Toni Johnson, Joyce Richardson, Sheila Matthews, Cynthia Lampkin, Joyce McRoy, Mona Thomas, Vickey Booker. FOURTH ROW: Mira Tolliver, Shirley Wilson, Barbara Rush, Cynthia Toran, president: Betty Humphrey, Jacqueline Newbern, Barbara Adams, Pamela Maxwell not pictured. LETTERMEN-FRONT ROW: Larry R. Ward, John Green, Rex Marshall, Harry Downing, Jack Harmon, Victor Breland, J. D. Oliver, Jr., Robert C. Davis, Jr., Dean Carbone, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Samuel Pounds, Bruce Price, Arnold Smith, Anthony Covington, Steve Funk, Roger Payne, Ron Buses, Charles Webster. THIRD ROW: Willie Booker, Fred Luten, Jonathan Crenshaw, Paul G. Wilson, Kent T. Clark, James Oakley, David Devitt, Mark Waggoner, Steve f Breland, FOURTH ROW: Chester Whitaker, I 4 Mike Baird, Shirley Glover, Kyle F. Fort, Frank Edward Kendrick, Thomas Lee Hickey, Ronald J. Sayles, Claude Thomas Mickle. . E L "1 .. A Q -munril"1t .1-f.z......:3 Q I ' -itat. L .,xg132v - i HZ, , iw 5 4 dl , - X . R ,1 sf, , . I fg,5::m'g.QQ ' - ui an I ! I' 'fi rrsmsrfifi CANNON WEEKLY STAFF-FRONT ROW: Mary Grant, Dorothy Mclver, Carolyn Hand, Barbara Ludwig, Betty Van Duyn, Debbie Deckard, Cecil T. Tresslar, adviser and director of publications. SECOND ROW: Beverly Hunt, Jeanne Israel, Cynthia Holt, Delores Colbert, Karen Jeffries, Terri Wong. THIRD ROW: Laura Dwigans, Richard Swan, David Wooldridge, Cecil Abner, Patricia Howard, DeAndre Bell, Donna Taylor, Connie Miracle. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Lewis, Marie Greene, Jan Judkins, Don Whitecotton, Cynthia Toran, Mike Ray, Tom Abel. Not pictured, Vicki Eaton, Jim Nowland, Elaine Davidson, Linda Ford, Robin Eads, Mary Wester, Donna Donenfeld, Kathi Timmons. Q 2, 4 ' .. If ... . Q M .1,,,i 15: N l 5 is CANNON YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW: Teresa Grant, Brenda Mathis, Linda Cook, Cathy Rott, Tonya Bruce, Cheryl D. Jones, Terri Freeman, Glenda Arnett, Bernice Jones, adviser. SECOND ROW: Cathy Schowengerdt, Susan Tripp, April Witsman, Patricia Walton, James Lingen- felter, Steve Wilson, Mary Ann Thompson, Rebecca Houghland. THIRD il: b 9 T. ,J v 'S' N,,,Y f '-,: -' ' , -fl? eff' 1 ' 1 , sim: . T . 15' 'ii' ,. 't'l W,,xT53'K ' ,I -- 4 x is . ff- . ff -:sf 4 . .., ,,, . l . . . . , rv, ' A... , , , . ' J ' ' . " ' si J es .af I I 'A ,,,', fi n 4' Xxw KAN. ' f " my NEWS BUREAU: Vicki Eaton, Debbi Deckard, Betty Van Duyn. I 2' 3, ff? sf HA 4 Q K Q . ROW: James Alstott, Debbie Kuykendall, John Pryor, Clement Watts, Christina Copeland, Kurt Grindstaff, Ivan Christensen, Connie Tucker, Patrick Finnigan. Not pictured, LaCinca Orman, Bruce Price, Barry Wand, Thomas Kendall. I t 2 X 39 K 3 Q X-is . "t- -'T' .T .. x E v ...Q Q 1: n.,,..,,,,'-,,,,,,,.g ei MW.. 5 'L ,,,,,-, i . L ii, ' V' OUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW: Delores Colbert, Betty Van Duyn, Debbie Deckard, Mary Grant. SECOND ROW: James Alstott, Kurt Grind- staff, Debbie Kuykendall, Cindy Lewis, Bob Davis. '54 PRAYER CIRCLE-FRONT ROW: Gloria Owens, Rose Mary Harper, Marsha Brown, Cindy Miller, secretary: Marlene McGuire, Sharyl Gaskins, Anita Marcum. SECOND ROW: Kathy Vaughn, Bruce Turner, Phyllis Bell, Bill Harrell, Richard Andrews, Carol Brown, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Jill Jessup, Joyce Neal, Elizabeth Trittipo, Jim Alstott, Pamela Maxwell, Carol Ann Chambers. FOURTH ROW: Debra Jo Smalling, Lester Trotter, Janice Hittle, David Armes, Clifford Mann, president: David Morrow, Mary Dunham, vice-president: Debbie Whitaker, sergeant-at arms. Not pictured, Deborah Ryle. if 3. F 4 ' ' A S- 1 , . as---Sq x. , X' "" -fr: "C G 1 I L' 4" -2- ,,,: P .127 ., I , I X b b xi. , K ,, 55 7 ,: , ' " ' 1 3- mix 3, ,N ,I ,l ' .AM F 'R 5, H, , A . if 5 S, MSL! ' I T 4,154 ,f ' - K4 I. nf , - , 5 Y 1 L 1 - g ' J., 39' ' ' ji my f I We ggi gr 'I " f' I , X tl, " J Ks " Q 235- w ,' 'i ,2 . , - f.,-. A -. ' ..w ,- ' I. 5, 'gf 'Q B- fs.. I W? "1 ' V, i'zfj1' NSF, M ig kilt A ii, I Q l mbifif - ai-. -w 3 S+- ' IJ RX 'i in as , IQ" -...-w f 2 l .. " la A' ' 'AVI Q .a .'v! I M 'wx Y Q fn 0, f f 9 :iff if : Q X . ,xr I j - , I 4 rf fi ' . if, I ' 1 2 ' ,I I. . I A i i 4411 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Venus Buses, Brian Morris, Marla Richey, Candida Garza, Katie Frances Maxey, Diana Wong, Wanda Jones, Jan Middleton. SECOND ROW: Susan Evans, Doris Hobbs, Sherry Graves, Becky Buckley, Vickie Baxter, Henry Ragan, Gwenann Taylor, Sharon Graham, Debbie Allen. THIRD ROW: Deborah Cole, Emilie Frost, Jill Burch, Gayle Hager, Janet Eicks, Karen Lucas, Janice Thompsen, Karen Bratcher, Deborah Smith, Debby Hickerson. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Hutton, Grace Hedderich, Dorthea Harper, Madelene Crumpton, Carol Rosebrock, Jill Jessup, Deanna Henley, Silvia Hannemann, Jim Branham, Geneva Jones. FIFTH ROW: Mike Wood, Kathleen Willner, Darlene Watts, Dennis Hardwick, Eddie Breedlove, David Armes, Milvin Brown, Danny lnskeep, Jan Hittle, Reta Corlett, Kathy Taylor. Who's Who . . . Clubs HEALTH ASSISTANTS-FRONT ROW: Don- na Taylor, Shirley Jackson, Jana Hearerin, Deb- orah Sanford, Edna Hutson, Brenda Ivory, Shirley Wingo. SECOND ROW: Audrey Wil- liams, Susan Beeson, Beverly Wright, Landall Surrell, Brenda Barnett, Paula Sanford, Michael Ragan, Beatrice Sledge. ,ns rs FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Marla Richey, Deborah Cole, Vicki Eaton, Bonnie Rector, Niki Jo Brummett, Venus Buses, Teresa Grant, Jennifer Browning. SECOND ROW: Donna Berry, Jennifer Taube, Donna Banta, Kimberly Anderson, Wanda Brice, Patricia Taube, Kathy Vaughn, secretary: Mrs. Patricia Schmalz, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Keven Jay Brewer, Janice Hittle, vice-president: Paula Espinoza, David Armes, Dwayne Grant, Michael Trittipo, president: Elizabeth Trittipo, treasurer. Who's Who . . . Clubs SPANISH CLUB-FIRST ROW: Dana Sente- ney, Linda Clelland, vice-president: Judy Winz, DeAndre' Bell, Betty Van Duyn, Mrs. Carole Platt, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Vickey Booker, Consuelo Espinoza, secretary: Mattie Martindale, David Moore, Kathleen Willner, Daniel Dinkins, Pamela Maxwell, historian. THIRD ROW: Ann- ette Wilson, Denice Glover, Paula Espinoza, president: Denise Harden, Lester L. Trotter, Gary Mohr, Ronald Herron. GERMAN CLUB-FIRST ROW: Margerite Goergen, James Ford, Henry Ragan, Mee Lun Moy, treasurer: Charla Anne Bare. SECOND ROW: Con- stance Harvey, sponsor, Kimberly Anderson, president: Robert Kares, vice- president: Earnestina Colvin, Geneva Jones, publicity agent. :A 1 2: , A A. we BEE!! gggfs. 'Q ' +14 . 'fl no W ia sg X P, m ji it li fl fig Vg s .sig Y 5 - A . nun.-."".12 if it LATIN CLUB-FIRST ROW: Gregory Donenfeld, Kathy Miller, Jan Et- tinger, Margie Costelow, Cyndi Brady, Sandy Sedam, Sharon Green, Von Means, Michael West. SECOND ROW: George Evans, Christine Ratcliff, Deanna Minton, Donna Taylor, president: Roger Edwards, Rita Coreett, Debby Minton, Karen Williams, Kathy Wickune, Sharon Graham, lVlrs. Serine Fine, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Bill Moats, David Erwin, Diane Miller, Ronnie White, Victor Evans,Jr., Carole Thomas, Ella Emerson, Marl Grubbs, Kerry Conwell, secretary. xl ix! SERVICE CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mary Jones, SAC Representative, Mee Lun Moy, Libbi Michael, recording secretary, Venus Buses, Becky Buckley, HUMAN RELATIONS CONIMITTEIE-FRQNT RQW7 Mm P39935 Linda Judith McBride, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Beverly Hunt, corresponding Chapmanf SeC"et3fYI I-'Vida Clem' Dlana Wflghff Rlchafd Swan. Ja"""? Wal' secretary, Darla Richey, Rose Mindach, Niki Jo Brummett, Karen E. Lucas, lick,GladlsGorden,Mrs. Sarah -F.Hamer, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mildred Gladis Gorden. THIRD ROW: Aniker Wade, Alfrieda Lee, Sylvia Milam, Moore, Linda Burns, Frederick Luten, Sam Price, Enerst KI-ncy, Ivan Chris Copeland, president, Janice Hammock, Rosalind Burns, Sylvia Christensen, Marcia Avery, Dan Richardson, president, Mike Pierce. Not Cisneros. pictured, William Guess, co-sponsor. HISTORY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Lisa Lehman, sponsor, Teresa Grant, Sharyl Gaskins, trea- surer, David Crabill, president, Aniker Wade, -Q,-if vice-president, Evelyn Carolyn Walker, Wanda I Jones, Duane Blankenhorn, co-sponsor. SEC- OND ROW: Jim Pritchard, sergeant-at-arms, Patricia Stomm, secretary, DeAndre Bell, pub- licity chairman, Crystal Sultzer, sergeant-an arms, Mattie Martindale, LaWanda Garrison, Pamela Maxwell. THIRD ROW: Foster B. Hart, Chris Wilson, Jim Isbell, Johnny James Puckett, Hugh Abel, Carol Hammer, Robin Kares. Not pictured, Sylvia Milam, vice-president. N ' with KEY CLUB-FRONT ROW: Bob Davis, sergeant-at-arms, James Scahill, Robert Goode, Steven Cook, Jack'Harmon, Danny Bradley, Roy G. Crabill, SECOND ROW: John Wiggins, co-sponsor, Don Harbin, Ron Buses, Roger Stark, Dan Richardson, Tim Euler, David Morrow, Randy Auble. THIRD ROW: Randy D. Beck, Tim Couse, Harry Downing, Bob Benson, Gary Spradlin, John Masters, Mark Grubbs, Mahlon W. Carlock, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Steve Watts, Randy Wade, Steve Funke, Kurt Grindstaff, Jim Isbell, treasurer: Martin McDanieI,Pat Finnigan. FIFTH ROW: Darryl L. Gartrell, James W. Farrior, Kyle F. Fort, Russell Nichoalds, Claude Lowery, Tom Hickey, Mike Baird. Not pictured, Gary Mohr. .fl l DRAMA CLUB-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Anita Marcum, Doris Hobbs, Vicki Eaton, Dian- na Shaw, Brenda Troxell, Geraldine Siefert, El- marmae Brown, Diana Wong, Karen Adams. SECOND ROW: Nancy J. Nichols, Geneva Jones, Pamela Maxwell, Debbie K. Shaw, Patri- cia Stomm, Gail Garcia, Sharian Murray, Karen Lucas, Ruth Ann Gorham, Mrs. Doris L. Web- ber, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Eunice Brewer, Alicia Marshall, Laura Dwigans, Donna Taylor president: Debbie Rosebrock, Carol Rosebrock Vickie Anderson, Patti Phillips, Debby Swinford. FOURTH ROW: Sylvia Milam, Kathy Taylor Jim Noland, secretary-treasurer: David McAn- drews, David Bullington, Paul A. Turner, vice- president: Gary Brockman, Janice Hittle, Roger Hendrickson, Kimberly Anderson, Brenda Buck- ner. I I Who's Who . . . Clubs 2-Q SPEECH TEAM-FRONT ROW: Wanda Jones, Jacqueline Laswell, Barbara Constantine, Jeanie Godwin, Darla Richey, Kathy Brinkley, Beth Overby, Gregory A. Donenfeld. SECOND ROW: Victoria E. Irvin, Anna Young, Bernice Brown, Gladis Gorden, Stephanie Scruggs, Angela D. Dotson, president: Patricia Stomm, Evelyn L. Woodson, Vicki Eaton. THIRD ROW: Barbara Williams, Alfreda Lee, Donna Lynn Donenfeld, Mary Ann Thompson, Debbie Kay Shaw, Sylvia Milam, Kimberly Anderson, Suzette Clayton, Kathy Blakley, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, spon- sor. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen Willner, Bryan Miller, Gary Brinkley, treasurer: Anthony Cov- ington, Gregory Boid, Deborah Marshall, vice- president: Mark Cosby, Roger L. Stark, Rose Mary Folsom. FIFTH ROW: Donna R. Farris, Marsha Rae Morgan, secretary: Mike Pierce, Claude Lowery, Clark Long, Kyle F. Fort, Wil- liam Johnson, Deborah Moore, Earnestine Col- vin. MUSIC CLUB-FRONT ROW: Linda Amorez, secretary: Debbie Thorman, Gary Hopkins, Claudia Kimbrough, president: Mike Finnigan, treasurer: Brenda Thompson, Toni Taylor, vice- president. SECOND ROW: John White, spon- sor: Ronald Sweatt, Larry J. Stewart, Herbert L. Thompson, Jr., Daryl D. Garrett, Denise Y. Harden, Joyce Hise, Robin Childs. ART CLUB-FRONT ROW: William Locker, sponsor: Paula Esch, Jackie Fagan, Steve Wilson, Peggy Spears, Paula Greenwell, Vickie Baxter. SECOND ROW: Phyllis McCurry, Linda Mosier, Jack Harmon, Deloris Williams, Patti Thomas, Debbie Dugger. THIRD ROW: Dave Morrow, Jeff Briggs, Connie Green, Tom Hickey, Kyle Fort, Mike O'Hara, Eddie Breedlove. THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: Vicki Eaton, Debbi Shaw, Donna Taylor, DEBATE TEAM-FRONT ROW: Alfreda Lee, Marsha Morgan, Bryan Mil- Sylvia Milam, Patti Phillips, Patty Fagan. SECOND ROW: Kimberly Ander- Ier, Angela Dotson. SECOND ROW: Floyd Tobrocke, coach: Roger Stark, son, James Noland, Paul Turner, Gary Brockman, Mrs. Doris L. Webber, William Johnson, Mike Pierce, Denver Jordan. sponsor. 5 wif iijfitilfleiifdiji J-W it NATIONAL FOIRENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: Donna Donenfeld, Brown, Kimberly Anderson, Deborah Marshall, vice-president: Michael BarbaraConstantlne, Angela Dotson, president: Victoria Irvin, Vicki Eaton, Trittipo. THIRD ROW: Donna Farris, Marsha Morgan, secretary: Mike Evelyn Woodson, Mrs. Alice Goodrum, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mary Pierce, Claude Lowery, Kyle Fort, Debbie Kuykendall, Mark Cosby. Ann Thompson, Bryan Miller, Gary Brinkley, Anthony Covington, Bernice CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS-FRONT ROW: Geneva Trotter, secretary-treasur- er: Kathy Vaughn, Elizabeth Trittipo, Rosie Roth. SECOND ROW: Michael Trittipo, president: Cindy Orman, Robert Kares, vice-president: Lester Trotter, William Tozer, sponsor. Who's Who . . . Clubs CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Sharyl Gaskins, Laura Dwigans, Debra Brewer, Isaac Spencer, Richard Dunkin,James Ford, Doug Heath, John Kern, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Irving Washing- ton, Foster Hart, Chris Wilson, Norman Lower, Steven Kelley, Jack Linville, Radney Coffer. THIRD ROW: David Batts, Randy Auble, Mar- tin McDaniel, David Veney, Jim Isbell, Richard Skudrovskis, Calvin Wood. GIRLS' DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Lt. Col Melanie Morphew, commander. SECOND ROW: 1st Lt. Priscilla Burris, 1st Lt. Terry Wong. THIRD ROW: 1st Lt. Aniker Wade, 1st Lt. Mary LaFara. FOURTH ROW: 1st Lt. Geneva Jones, 1st Lt. Cathy Scarbrough. FIFTH ROW: 1st Lt. Dotty Panhorst, Capt. Debbie Deckard. JUDO CLUB-FRONT ROW: Tina Smith, Shir- ley Ann Doss, Linda Troxell, Lindora Robert- son, Geri Siefert, Joane Sullivan, Martha Robert- son. SECOND ROW: Wanda Brice, Debra Scott, Judy Wenz, Jennifer Taube, Patricia Taube, Stephanie Bates, Leoli Henderson, Aretha Glenn. THIRD ROW: Linda Joyner, Martha Farris, Debbie Rosebrock, Vicky Booker, April Wits- man, Addie Burt, Cynthia Moore, Sharian Mur- ray, Binky Ramsey, Shirley Davidson. ll,-,g-Q-ww, yy 'N I' --M-'wb ,ard Lit- "1:.,,.: X it 'I RADIO CLUB-Cindy Orman, Gregory Boid, Clement Watts, George Yar- brough, Dave Morrow, Rosie Roth. r"""""' Y' 1 1, t vhwi.-'+""'Tw""""" .. .gf'1,,.:'Z?, fig f' Ly ,. gb -. f . .Q 97 ' -' r'. ' 1 1 Q +fI'a."?' -, .f , , M , , 1K3 -3 . .Lge I .g r'fZw':wff"'w ,. ,,. . . , I X' - ' -2561 8' 'fl 5 Hs : . :-.- .f.f-- , ' .. ' 4" a 1 ,"4Qf,, A .QQjT't,,w? , wi 2 V J' A .Xi 'f , , 'lt' A. , Xt f '- ' L. , I W. .. , f- .G -.44 f 585 .. A y " gf. .. -'Q ,,...'f?f9.? pg ' " '- 'hai-"f -553 f, tx rv . i A ' ' 2 51 x M .. are A . 11 "" K YQSH 1 "5. C I1 ,X lil., J" f 54+ 3 lx.:-X 'I ' M "W is 5 "5" ll 5 M, egg, , ,Q .. ' if " 'Z DJ, l f " ROTC OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: C!Maj. Fred Luten, C!Maj. Tim Couse, C!Maj. Jerry Brewster. fp SECOND ROW: C!2nd Lt. Larry Winston, CXCPT. David Crabell, C!Capt. Dan Kurbursky, ClCapt. H, Johnny Harper, C!Capt. Sampson Wilburn. THIRD ROW: ClLt. Stephen Bennett, Cflst Lt. Jerry ' S. Brannon, ClCpt. Gary L. Covey. FOURTH ROW: C!2Lt. Jordan Ware, C!Capt. Dewayne Mahone, . , E Cf1Lt. Lorenzo Caver, CI1 Lt. James McCIung. FIFTH ROW: Cl2Lt. James E. Smith, C!2Lt. Hubert T2 ..,,. Robinson, C!2Lt. Terry D. Gordon, C!2Lt. James Burton Jr., C!2Lt. Jerry W. Gordon. ' ' ' ' F ' " 'j' S:: .:,- , ' "'W'h1,. 'ff at J J: -39 3,3 , B Eli . U? Q ROTC SPONSORS-FRONT ROW: ClLt. Aniker Wade, ClLt. Terri Wong, H!Lt. C Melanie Morphew, Cl1st Lt. Kathy Scarbrough, C!1st Lt. Priscilla Burris, HCICPT. Debbi Deckard. SECOND ROW: 1st Lt. Mary LaFara, CILTC. Margo Ransom, 1st Lt. Dottie Panhorst, Cl1st Lt. GenevaJones. BOYS' RIFLE TEAM-FRONT ROW: C!Lt. Col. Melanie Morphew, Harper, C!Maj. Jerry Brewster, C!M.Sg. Steve Black, C!Capt. Johnny C!S.Sg. Paul Turner, Cl1st Lt. Lorenzo Caver, Cl1st Lt. Priscilla Burris. SFC Clement Watts C S SECOND ROW: Cl1st Lt. Mary LaFara, , I g. Basel Brinkley, CISFC David Effler, C!Capt. Gary Covey, Cl1st Lt. Terri Wong. ,f , ,Q . 5:5 Sn! I .115 rw A6 COLOR GUARD-Cl1st Lt. Dwayne Mahone, ClCapt. Dan Kurbursky, C!Maj. Jerry Brewster, ClMaj. Dean Myer. BOYS' DRILL TEAM-FRONT ROW: HCXLTC Melanie Morphew, ClCapt. Dan Kurbursky. SECOND ROW: HCILTC Margo Ransom, MSG Dean Myer, HC!1st Lt. Dottie Panhorst, Capt. David Crabill, HC!Capt. Debbie Deckard, Capt. Gary Covey, HCl1st Lt. Priscilla Burris. THIRD ROW: CIMSG Justus Decher, CISFC Michael Butchee, CISGT Charles Schultz. FOURTH ROW: CISGT Bryan Bloomer, CISFC Melvin Brown, CISFC Jim Kegeris. EQ' :SV :Wh 159 Who's Who . . . Clubs 13- STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION-FRONT ROW: Mary Jones, Lin- da Chapman, corresponding secretary: Karen Darland, parliamentarian: Alfreda Lee, Terri Freeman, vice-president: Linda Chronis, Patricia Stomm, Alicia Marshall, Gladis Gorden, Debbi Deckard. SECOND ROW: J. D. Oliver, Frieda Mindach, Ronnie White, Cindy Lewis, recording secretary: D-'Q ,- R J 'hs S 'Rex Marshall, treasurer: Dottie Panhorst, Jack Harmon, sergeant-at-arms: Jim Alstott, Bill Moats, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, assistant sponsor: Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Ron Buses, president: Lester L. Trotter, Paul Wilson, William Johnson, Tom Hickey, Sam Price, Cindy Mentis, Laurie Lewis, Roger Stark, Getsy Hopkins. Y-TEENS-FRONT ROW: Alice Robinson, Sharon Evans, Jennifer Robin- son, Priscilla Burris, Marlene McGuire, Eva Beard, Doris Barringer, Cindy Bennett. SECOND ROW: Wanda Gamble, Joan Douglas, reporter: Wanda Sebree, Paula Barnes, Gloria Patton, Gladis Gorden, Brenda Lange, secre- taryg Patricia Otten, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Pamela Maxwell, Nancy RED CROSS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Linda Amorez, corresponding secre- tary: Debbie Thorman, E. Carolyn Walker, Deborah Cole, Dianna Shaw, Pamela F. Anderson, Brenda Thompson, Toni Taylor, president. SECOND ROW: Libbi Michael, Aletha Willner, Debby Hickerson, Pamela Maxwell, Rhonda Crockett, Claudia Kimbrough, Pamela Thompson, Mrs. Susan Mer- Nichols, Glenda Palmore, vice-president: Mattie Martindale, Sharon Hum- phrey, Deborah Ryle, Pamela Bingham, Debra Mahone, chaplain. FOURTH ROW: Alfreda Lee, Sylvia Milam, Claudia Terry, Pati Woods, Margaret Clayton, Marcia Avery, Donna Farris, Getsy Hopkins, TuWanda Fields. ritt, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Patty Luttrell, Jill Jessup, DeAndre Bell, treasurer: Barry J. Thompson, Landall Sorrell, Frieda Mindach, recording secretary: Deborah Roberts, Andrea Hunt, vice-president. Not pictured, Denise Duff, Janice Carpenter. JUNIOR COUNCIL CANDIDATES-FRONT ROW: Sandie Spence, Patty Fagan, Gladis Gorden, Mary Jones, Patricia Baker, Alfreda Lee. SECOND ROW: Libbi Michael, Stephanie Cooper, Ella Emerson, Sharon Gadis, Willa Price. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Thompson, Terri Wong, Sam Price, lil gl QV' 31, Q 3' - 'Z' N""!ikx.,f Michael Jones, J. D. Oliver, Ricky Coleman. FOURTH ROW: Steve Breland, Linda Clem, Steve Watts, Ronald Evans, Steve Black, Robert Platt, Steve Moffat. Index Friends of Tech Baker, Dave 79 Bedell, I. G. 33 Bender, Paul 28 Carnes, John 50,51 Galloway, Max 12 Hutchcroft, Kim 79 Janes, Shelby 79 Johnson, Phil 79 Faculty, Staff Acheson, Mrs. Beverly 141 Adams, Mrs. Annabelle 141 Alexander, Mrs. Adamay 142 Allen, Clifford 143 Allen, Gaylord 135 Allen, Louis D. 141 Allen, Richard 14,98,124,141 Alyne, Mrs. Elsie 139 Amend, Mrs. Pat 140 Andrews, Mrs. Florence 139 Armel, Mrs. Dorothy 138 Ayres, Mrs. Edna 138 Backmeyer, Joseph 23,79,142 Bales, Mrs. Eileen 139 Barnes, Thomas 142 Barrett, Mrs. Audrey 139 Bayless, Kenneth 137 Bedell, Mrs. Mary 33,142 Behlmer, Reuben 142 Belding, Robert 134 Bell, Carlos 60,142 Bell, Mrs. Nancy 140 Bennett, Mrs. Arvilla 72,141 Blankenhorn, Duane 137,140,155 Borshoff, James 137 Bowers, Melvin 56,59,142 Bradford, Jack 136,142 Bradshaw, Mrs. Martha June 140 Britton, Charles O. 139 Brodhecker, Mrs. Betty 137,142 Brown, Mrs. Leota 139 Johnson, Mrs. Winifred 34 Lugar, Richard 127 Marendt, Tom 60 McGowan, JoEIyn 79 Strand, Randy 61 Stukenbroeker, Fern 75 White, Edward 79 Wiseman, Larry 79 Bruen, Mrs. Virginia 139 Calahan, Mrs. Parncella 139 Caldwell, Mrs. Pauline 141,164 Camplese, Daniel 142 Camplin, Mrs. Pauline 139 Carbone, Dean 60,140,151,74 Carlock, Mahlon 135,155 Carpenter, Mrs. Esther B. 141 Cassell, Mrs. Virginia 141 Catt, Howard J. 142,166 Cauble, Herschel 138 Cauble, Mrs. Virginia 138 Chadwick, Mrs. Janice 138 Chapman, Polly 142 Chohany, Mrs. Elizabeth 140 Clapp, David 32,142 Clapp, Mrs. Margaret 141 Clark, H. K. 143 Clearwater, Mrs. Angie 139 Cline, Ernest 55,137,66 Cody, Mrs. Wyolene 140 Coffey, Mrs. Norma 139 Colley, SFC lRetl Eddie 143 Collins, Robert F. 141 Comstock, Mrs. Diane 141 Cook, Howard L. 141 Cooper, Esther 140 Cooper, Janice 98 Cooper, Mrs. Sue 141 Corbin, Carl 140 Corne, Audrey 141 Coverstone, Mrs. Mary 139 Cowles, Mrs. Lois 138 Cox, Mrs. Florence 138 Craig, Mrs. Frances 138 Crisler, Fred 139 Crooke, Robert 143 Daily, Donald 136 Danheiser, Tom 72,141 Davis, Turpin 141 Davison, Mrs. Karen 141 Dawson, MSG iRetl Thomas L. 143,163 Deem, Harold 40,92 DeKemper, Judy 140 Dininger, Walter 57,60,62,140 Dinkins, Mrs. Mattie 139 Duffy, Mrs. Goldie 139 Durham, Mrs. Wilma 138 Dykeman, Richard 141 Dzelme, Mrs. Emily 139 Eason, John 140 Eastridge, Mrs. Elva 139 Elliott, Harold 142 Elliott, Mrs. Jessie 139 Evans, Sharon 160 Farley, John 141 Ferguson, Theron 138 Field, Mrs. Jeannette 138 Fine, Mrs. Serine 142,154 Fogelman, Mrs. Jean 139 Ford, Robert F.141 Fowler, Mrs. Fannie 138 Freemen, Joyce 141 Frye, Mrs. Lois 141 Garrett, Mrs. Marjorie 141 Gascho, Martha 141 George, Dave 67,141 Gioe, Mrs. Deborah 141 Glover, Richard 140 Goodrum, Mrs. Alice C. 47,141, 156,157 Graney, William 137 Grogean, Ruth 140 Gruner, Wilbert 139 Guess, Mrs. Mercedes 141 Guess, William N. 141, 155 Hage, W. Pokai 140 Hahn, Mrs. Margaret 141 Haigerty, Mrs. Genevieve 139 Hale, Hester Anne 141 Hamer, Mrs. Sarah 137,141,155 Hamilton, Mrs. Judith A. 138 Hamilton, Marian 142,78 Hamlet, Mrs. Anne 141 Hanna, Mrs. Joyce A. Hanna 141 Hancock, Sonja 140 Hardiman, Emmett F. 163,141 Harding, Mrs. Bea 142 Hardy, Marguerite 98,140 Harvey, Mrs. Helen 138 Harvey, Constance 142,154 Haworth, Hadley 141 Heavenridge, Jack 139 Henderson, Oral E. 143 Hill, Mrs. Odessa 140 Hinshaw, Herman T. 134 Hoffman, Mrs. Marilyn 140 Hoffman, Mrs. Mary 139 Holmes, Ernest 136,145 Holtsclavy, Mrs. Elizabeth 140 Hon, David S. 141 Hoskins, Charles 55 Houldson, Scott 142 Howard, G. W. 141 Huff, Mrs. Gwendolyn 138 Hunt, Mrs. Judy 141 Hurrle, John 63,68,69,137 Hutchinson, Mrs. Mildred 139 Hyatt, Mrs. Caroline 138 Ireland, Ronald 140 Jackson, Burney 142 Jackson, Mrs. Virginia 141 Jaus, Mrs. Florence 139 Jeffers, Leonard 140 Johnson, Alice M. 141 Johnson, Mrs. Orene 139 Johnson, William M.141 Jones, Bernice 41,141,152 Jones, Mrs. Gwen 140 Jones, Mrs. Sandi 141 Kaeuper, Steve 140 Karnes, Mrs. Helen 139 Kanouse, John 98,140 Keliikuli, Eugene B. 142 Keller, Fred 143 Kelly, Frederick 142 Kern, John 141 Kimberlin, William 140 Kirsch, Arthur 141 Kleine, Jay 67,142 Klein, Mrs. Lola 139 Kleir, Mrs. Lillian 139 Kocher, Charles 137 Koontz, John 60,69,142 Kreft, Hilda 140 Kriese, M. A. 140 Kriegbaum, Marsha 141 Kuck, Keith V. 141 LaBerge, Mrs. Burt 24 Lagadon, Mrs. Maria 142 Lane, Mrs. Tellous 139 Langlotz, Mrs. Mildred 139 Lehman, Arnold 140 Lehman,'Kirby 36,141 Lehman, Mrs. Lisa 140,155 Leverenz, Rowland 136,140 Lewis, John A. 141 Litiskas, Mrs. Arthurine 140 Littell, Patricia 138 Lloyd, Robert L. 139 Locker, William 142,157,162 Index Faculty, Staff Longshore, Howard L. 90,127,134 Lopossa, Paula E. 141 Lundgren, Mrs. Shirley 137 Lyons, Frances 140 McAfee, Mrs. Mildred 137,141 McBride, Judith 135,141,155 McCutcheon, Mrs. Marjorie 136, 140 McGeath, Bruce 57,59,140 McNanny, Fred 141 Machin, Mrs. Barbara 141 Maley, Edna L.141 Maloy, Robert 141 Martin, Ellen G. 141 Manka, Mrs. Mary Lou 142 Mansfield, Betty L. 80,140 May, James 83,141 Marshall, Lewis A. 136 Martin, George S. 139 Medcalfe, Ernest 60,127,142 Meditch, Carl 55,142 Melvin, Mrs. Mary 139 Mendel, Mrs. J. Loesje 24,26,142, 146,149 Merrill, Mrs. Laura 139 Merritt, Mrs. Susan 141,160 Meyer, Robert E. 90,135,140 Miner, John 75,137,140 Miskuf, Mrs. Shiela 140 Montgomery, Mrs. Gene 138 Moon, Mrs. Wanda 138 Moon, William 29,142,146 Moore, Mrs. Marian 140 Moreman, Ivan 142,55 Mullenax, John 49 Murphy, Emerson 139 Murphy, Wesley 74,140 Ohmit, Mrs. Gwen 141 Oldham, Donald 134 Orth, Robert J. 141 Osborne, Willie 139 Osterhout, Mrs. Mary 139 Otten, Patricia L. 141 Palma, Robert J. 143 Parker, Mrs. Marjorie C. 141 Parrett, Sharon 135,142 Parrett, Shirley 142 Patterson, Mrs. Jacqueline 138 Penrod, Mrs. Mary 98 Pentecost, Mrs. Mary 139 Peterson, William 87,136,141 Phemister, Lorena 142 Plant, Mrs. Pearline 139 Platt, Mrs. Carole 142,154 Pool, Mrs. Bernadine 138 Porter, Sara 138 Potter, Mrs. Margaret 139 Potter, Wallace 135 Puckett, Kenneth 134 Purvis, Alice 140 Ouackenbush, Ray 139 Ouillen, Phillip 54,142 Rai, Mrs. Jatinder K. 141 Ransom, Mrs. Natalie 85,140 Ray, Mrs. Carolyn 138 Ray, Mrs. Gertrude 139 Rady, Mrs. Ruth 139 Reed, Ray 135 Reevers, Mrs. Mae 139 Renault, Dale 141 Rhodes, Irene 141 Robards, Mrs. Elsie 138 Robbins, Mrs. Gloria 138 Robinson, Donald E. 58,140 Robinson, Jennifer 160 Rodewald, Norma 138 Rose, Mrs. Carrol 140 Rowland, Mrs. Betty 40,138 Russell, Mrs. Gertrude 138 Russell, Patricia 140 Schmalz, Mrs. Patricia 14,142,154 Schnakenberg, Florence 14 Schneider, Karl 14 Schneider, Mrs. Louise 138 Schoch, Marjorie 136 Shah, S. Hafize 81,140 Shannon, Mrs. Ruth K. 141 Shattuck, Mrs. Judith 138 Shay, Earl R. 23,142,162 Shock, Richard 137 Siedlecki, William D. 140 Sims, Mrs. Donna 142 Sink, Lois 98 Sipole, Mrs. Betty 139 Skomp, Sam 142 Slover, Michael 142 Smith, Clyde, Jr. 140,145 Smith, Ebert W. 140 Smith, Frances 140 Smith, Steven W. 141 Snow, Mrs. Jane 140 Southwick, Mrs. Barbara 141 Stafford, Mrs. Ruth 140 Stewart, Mrs. Edna D. 141 Stewart, James 134 Stewart, LaVerne 138 Stinger, Charleyne 138 Starkey, Mrs. May 139 Staten, Mrs. Mary 137,140 Sterrett, Mrs. Opal 139 Stock, Cyril 88 Stockard, Robert T. 135,142 Stoeckinger, John 81 ,140 Stout, Doroty 160,135 Strickland, Mrs. Marion 140 Sutherlin, Mrs. Kay 138 Sutton, Mrs. Marie 139 Swedeen, Mrs. Anne 14,29,142, 148 Swenson, Kermit L. 142 Swindle, Bill 139 Switzer, Richard 79,142 Taflinger, James E. 140 Taylor, Mrs. Irene 139 Terrell, Roy K. 141 Thomas, Mrs. Marsha 143 Thomas, Mrs. Martha 138 Tobrocke, Floyd 137,142,157 Tootle, Mrs. Rosa L. 138 Tozer, William 83,141 Tremp, William 143 Tresslar, Cecil 40,41,136,141,152 Turner, Mrs. Laura 139 Turney, Bruce 141 Turpin, Mrs. Martha 135,160 Tussey, Mrs. Rita 138 Underwood, Mrs. Susanna 142 Vaughn, Mrs. Linda 141 Wagner, Lloyd H. 140 Walker, Mrs. Madara 140 Walker, Thomas 139 Wallace, Mrs. Mildred 140 Walsh, Cheryl 22 Washington, Mrs. Emmagee 142 Webber, Mrs. Doris L. 141,156, 157 West, Delbert 137 Westfall, Mrs. Dee 139 Whalin, M.W.141 Wheeler, William R. 60,140 White, John 24,142 Whitmire, LaVon 142 Widmeyer, Mrs. June 141 Wiggins, John 14,39,141,155 Wignall, Mrs. Elva 140 Wilkinson, MSG Arthur 143 Williams, Blanche 137 Williams, John 92,142 Wimsatt, Mrs. Florda 139 Wolverton, Ralph 141,144 Woodward, Mona 141 Woodard, Robert 56,63,142 Woods, Morris 90 Woolford, Mary 140 Yarnell, Mrs. Rosalynne 138 Pupils Aaron, Debbie 99 Abel, Hugh 89,155 Abel, Tom 146,152 Abell, Carla 99,146,149,26 Abernathy, Charles 24,99,146, 147,149 Abernathy, Judy 18,150 Abner, Cecil 98,152 Abney, Pat 99 Adams, Barbara 151 Adams, Donna 33 Adams, Karen 156 Adkins, Mike 146 Alexander, Tom 66 Allen, Debbie 153 Allen, James 79,146,148 Allen, Nate 57 Alstott, James 12,20,79,98,148, 152,153,160 Amis, Shirley 146 Amorez, Linda 147,156,160 Amos, Jacqueline 79 Anderson, Deborah 151 Anderson, Ellen 146,149,151 Anderson, Harriett 74,99 Anderson, Kim 14,33,42,147,154 156,157 Anderson, Mark 99,145 Anderson, Pamela F. 160 Anderson, Vickie 156 Andrews, King 92 Andrews, Jerry 55 Andrews, Richard 146,147,149,153 Armes, David 146,153,154 Arnett, Glenda 5,12,152 Auble, Randy 147,149,14,146, 148,155 Avery, Marcia 155,160 Barnes, Paula 160 Baird, Mike 56,57,151,155 Baker, Kathy 147 Banta, Donna 33,154 Bare, Charla Ann 154 Barfell, Margie 100 Barker, Sherry 100 Barlow, Sharon 26,79,100,146, 149 Barnes, Dale 100 Barnes, Gale 100 Barnes, Madonna 148 Barnett, Brenda 153 Barnett, Joanie 100 Barringer, Doris 160 Barry, Reginold 67 Bartley, Sue 100 Bates, Hilda 147 Bates, James 100 Battle, Charles 64 Baugh, Mike 100 Baxter, Kathy 100 Baxter, Vickie 153,157 Beamon, Lyndell 100 Bear, Dwight 100 Beard, Eva M. 148,160 Beard, Willard 94 Beaty, Annie 78,100 Beaty, Robert 60,100 Q-Q W' 'ik 'mx lab? EE. C INTERESTED in a demonstration? Mr. Locker prepares for onewith his poster, "I Luv Mr. Locker." E MUSIC instructor Earl Shay rumbles to school each morning on his trusty cycle. Beck, Bill 55 Beck, Randy D. 155 Bedwell, Perry 100 Bedwell, Richard lRickl 12,83, 100 Beeson, Susan 26,146,153 Begley, lda 100 Behld, Eva Mae 151 Beight, Anita 146,147,148 Bell, DeAndre 32,37,101,154,155, 160, Bell, Diane 101,145 Bell, Jackie 130 Bell, Phyllis 153 Bennett, Cindy 151,160 Bennett, Sandy 151 Bennett, Steven 159 Benson, Bob 57,59,155 Berry, Donna 154 Beverly, Carol Diane 11,151 Bingham, Pamela 160 Black, Charles 67,147,148 Black, Ramona 145 Black, Steve 159 Blanchard, Willie 63,69 Blakley, Kathy 156 Bloomer, Bryan 159 Blue, Ewing 57 Boid, Gregory 69,156 Bond, Rose R. 25,147 Booker, Mathaniel 92 Booker, Vickey 151,154 Booker, Willie 151,64 Borden, Shirley 148 Bottoms, Nancy 79,146,149 Bowman, Bill 146 Bradley, Dan 155 Bradley, Regina 101,148,149 Brady, Cyndi 154 Branham, Jim 42,146,153 Brannon, Jerry S. 159 Bratcher, Karen 153 Breedlove, Eddie 50,101 ,153,157 Breland, Ken 63,69 Breland, Steve 57,60,61,151,68 Breland, Victor 57,60,98,151,68 Brengle, Jeanie 101 Brents, Mark 57,60 Brewer, Debbie 101 Brewer, Eunice 156 Brewer, Kevin 79,146 Brewer, Marcella 147 Brewer, Kevin J. 148,154 Brewster, Jerry 159,101 Brice, Wanda 154 Briggs, Jeff 157 Brinker, Paul 101 Brinkley, Basel 159 Brinkley, Jan 101 Brinkley, Gary 156,157 Brinkley, Kathy 148,156 Broadnax, Perry 146 Broadnax, Rhonda 102,148 Brockman, Gary 42,156,43, 157 Brooks Brooks I Brooks, Brown, Brown, Elizabeth 84,102 Harvey 56,62,64,66 Mark 69 Alicia 151 Bernice 156,157,47 Brown, Carol 12,102,146, 147,148,149,31,153 Brown, Carrie 98 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, 159 Brown, Brown, Brown, Elmarmae 156 Garland 102 Gayle 102 Jim 102,146 Janice 102 Marsha 148,153 Melvin 146,149,153, Mike 146 Peggy 102 Pete 55 Browning, Jennifer 33,154 Bruce, Tonya 94,152 Brummett, Niki Jo 154,155, 154 Brummett, Tom 59 Bryant, John E. 102,145 Bryant, Norrell 63 Buchanan, Jeff 89 Buckley, Becky 39,153,155 Buckley, Gary 63 Buckley, Greg 92 Buckner, Brenda 102,156 Buford, Howard 102 Bullington, David 43,156 Burgin, Charlene 102 'Burch, Jill 153 Burke, Jr., Elroy 102,147, 148 Burns, Laurel 148 Burns, Linda 155 Burns, Roseland 155 Burris, Priscilla 13,102,145, 148,159,160 Burrows, Gerald 102 EMMETT HAR DIMAN, reading specialist, smiles around his Mark Twain moustache in keeping with the current trend. Burton, Jr., James 102,159 Buses, Ron 14,57,59,102, 151,155,160 Buses, Venus 153,154,155 Butchee, Michael 95,159 Butler, Debra 102 Butler, Harry 63,69 Butler, Ricky 57,59 Byrd, Jerry 63 Callahan, Mike 63 Campbell, Rayfield 59 Capien, Rita 128 Carmony, Richard 91 Carnel, Charles 59 Carpenter, Janice 160 Carrey, David 145 Carrnel, Judy 84 Carroll, Judy 5,125 Carter, Joanetta 25,147 Caver, Lorenzo 159 Chambers, Carol Ann 153 Chapman, Linda 31,98,146, 149,150,155,160,26 Chastain, Jodi 79,146,149 Chastain, Terry 126 Childs, Robin 156 Christensen, lvan 31,41,83, 152,155 Chronis, Linda 148,151,160 Cisneros, Sylvia 155 Clark, Shirley 148 Clarty, Jerome 56 Clark, Kent 60,151 Clayton, Margaret 160 Clayton, Stephanie 145 Clayton, Suzette, 156 Clayton, Tom 63 Clegg, David 69 Clelland, Linda 12,145,154 Clem, Linda 155 Clem, Paula 148 Clem, Sherry 92 Clinton, Jeff 67 Clyburn, Sandra 77 Coffer, Rodney 56 Coffin, Bob 60,62 Coffman, Debbie 87,148 Coffman, Sharon 149 Colbert, Delores 41,152 Cole, Deborah 153,154,160 Coleman, Albert 63 ff , f l,,.,,,.a.f .N Q Mtn-' AFTER FINISHING THEIR DECORATING, Mary LaFara and Sgt. Thomas Dawson have a fling before the Military Ball. Index Pupils Coleman, Morris 55,148 Collins, Thomas 145 Colvin, Debby 148,150,154 Colvin, Ernestine 156 Colwell, Curtis 91 Constantine, Barbara 145,156,157 Conwell, Kerry 154 Cook, Linda 12,152 Cook, Steven 155 Coons, Barbra 148 Coontz, Bill 148 Cooper, Brenda 146 Cooper, Teresa 148 Cooper, Stephanie 147,148 Copeland, Chris 12,41 ,130,1 52, 155 Corlett, Carl 49 Corlett, Reta 153,154 Corsaro, Jenny 18,150 Corsaro, Toni 18,150 Cosby, Mark 156,157 Costellow, Margie 154 Cork, Cato 57 Corner, Steve 57 Costelow, Margie 148 Couse, Tim 60,155,159 Covey, Gary L. 159 Covington, Anthony 57,60,151, 156,157 Crabill, David 95,155,159 Crabill, Roy 147,148,155 Crabtree, Donnie 89 Crane, Randy 55 Crenshaw, John 60,151 Creasser, Mrs. Louise 138 Crockett, Rhonda 160 Crumpton, Madelene 153 Curtis, Peggy 42,47,148 Cutshaw, Susie 19,34,145,148, 150 Darland, Karen 12,19,26,27,30, 146,149,150,160 Davidson, Elaine 152,164 Davie, Ronald 57,59 Davis, Gary 67 Davis, Kevin 20,148 Davis, Robert E. 12,55,149,152, 155 Davis, Robert G., Jr. 151,68 Dawson, Anthony 63,69 Dean, Barbara Ann 145 Decher, Justus 14,147,159 Deckard, Deborah 12,14,30,41,98 152,159,160 Dehoniesto, Clarence 82 Devitt, David 27,54,60,62,79, 146,149,151 Dicks, Beverly 87 Dinkins, Daniel 154 Dixon, Doug 63 Donenfeld, Donna 152,156,157 Donenfeld, Gregory A. 154,156 Doll, Janet 148 Dorsey, Mike 57 Dotson, Angela 74,156,157 Doughty, Tony 67 Douglas, Doris 150 Douglas, Joan 160 Downing, Harry 98,151,155,68 Driggs, Donny 69 Duff, Denise 160 Dugger, Debbie 157 Dumes, James 63 Duncan, Jeanne 148 Dunhan, Mary 31,153 Duzam, James 63 Dwigans, Laura 42,47,152,156 Index Pupils Eads, Robin 41,152 Easley, Gordon 62 Eaton, Rob 60 Eaton, Vicki 152,154,156,157 Edwards, Roger 154 Edwards, Sylvester 57 Effler, David 159 Eicks, Janet 153 Elmore, Sam 63,69 Embry, Bonita Earlene 151 Emerson, Ella M.154 Epperson, Sheila 164 Erwin, David 154 Erwin, Victoria E. 148 Esch, Paula 50,157 Espinoza, Consuelo 154 Espinoza, Paula 37,154 Esslinger, Larry 60,68 Ettinger, Jan 154 Ettinger, Nancy 148 Euler, Tim 62,69,155 Evans, George 154 Evans, Susan 153 Evans, Victor, Jr. 56,154 ,Evanson, Jim 63 4 SHEILA EPPERSON shies away from a playful bee as Toni Nix gives her a shove. Fagan, Jackie 14,151,157 Fagan, Patty 151,157 Farral, Roger 68 Farrior, Jim 27,79,146,155 Fargis, Donna 46,47,146,156,157, 60 Fields, TuWanda 160 Finnigan, Mike 147,149,152,155, ' 156 Finnigan, Pat 27,152 Folsom, Rose Mary 46,147,156 Ford, James 154 Ford, Linda 40,152 Fort, Kyle 58,64,82,146,151,155 156,157 Fowler, Phillip 145 Freeman, Andrea 146,149 Freeman, Debra 148 Freeman, Rosemary 84 Freeman, Teresa 14,30,129,145, 151,152,160 Frost, Emilie 148,153 Frost, Jeff 68 Fullen, Terry 147 Funk, Steve 151 Funke, Steve 55,60,61,155 Garcia, Gail 156 Gardner, Mahershall 46 Garrett, Daryl D. 156 Garrison, Lawanda 155 Gartrell, Darryl 58,155 Gartrell, Gary 58 Garza, Candida 153 Gaskins, Sharyl 153 Gearlds, Tony 66 Gibson, Richard 7 Gibson, Mary Ruth 46 Gilbert, Jim 64,66 Gividen, Kenn 146,149 Gladden, Robert 12,148 Glover, Denice 154 Glover, Shirley 60,62,151,66 Godwin, Jeanie 156 Goergen, Marguerite 154 Goode, Robert 146,155 Goodrich, James 63 Gorden, Gladis 148,155,156,160 Gordon, Jerry W. 159 Gordon, Terry D. 159 Gorham, Ruth Ann 156 Gorten, Betty 148 Gowdy, Mozell 55 Grable, Steven 92 Graham, Sharon 35,153,154 Grant, Dwayne 154 Grant, Mary 145,148,152 Grant, Teresa 36,41 ,152,154,155 Graves, Sherry 153 Green, Connie 87,157 Green, John 54,151 Green, Sharon 77,154 Greene, Marie 12,147,148,152 Greenwell, Paula 157 Griggs, Denny 60 Grindstaft, Kurt 40,41 ,54,1 52,155 Grubbs, Mark 154,155 Guerin, Sharon 147 Guiden, Richard 78 Hacker, Yvonne 80 Hager, Debbie 76,79,82,146 Hager, Gayle 153 Haigerty, Jeanine 77 Hall, Keith 60,62 Hall, Linda 98,145 Hall, Robert 146 Hallins, Joe 91 Hally, Gregg 146 Hammer, Carol 155 Hammock, Janice 155 Hampton, Ben 67 Hand, Carolyn 145,148,151, 152 Hanlon, Diana 148 Hanneman, Silvia 18,35,150,153 Hannon, Jerry 56,57 Harbin, John 155 Harden, Denise 147,154,156 Hardiman, Grady 67 Harding, Sally 82 Hardwick, Dennis 153 Hargitt, Jack 67 Harlow, Jeff 49,63,69 Harmon, David 145 Harmon, Jack 55,60,61,98,145, 151,155,157,160 Harney, Dexter 56 Harold, Norwood 57 Harper, Dorthea 153 Harper, Johnny 159 Harper, V. J. 60 Harper, Rose Mary 153 Harrington, Cathy 148 Harris, Mike 66 Harris, Sherman 98 Harrison, Phillip 89 Hart, Bill 58,146 Hart, Tina 148,151 Hart, William 149 Hartsburg, Debbie 18,150 Hartson, Dave 54 Haswell, Vernon 146,148 Hatcher, Esther 145 Hayes, Harold 67 Heaverin, Jana 153 Hedrich, James 56 Hedderich, Grace 153 Heitzman, Maurice 145 Henderson, Melvin 66 Hendrickson, Roger 56,156 Henderson, Robert 91 Henley, Deanna 148,153 I-lerald, Mary 151 Herman, Ken 67,148 Herrell, Bill 153 Herron, Ronald 32,69,154 Hickerson, Debby 153,160 Hickey, Tom 55,60,61,79,127, 146,149,151,155,157,160, 27,64 Hise, Joyce 77,147,156 Hittle, Jan 147,149,153,154,156 Hobbs, Doris 153,156 Holder, Teryl 146 Holmes, Vickie 150 Holt, Ronnie 89 Holt, Teresa 151,152 Honeycutt, Charles Eugene IGeneI 13 Hopkins, Gary 156 Hopkins, Getsy 160 Hoskins, Charles 55,66 Hoskins, Gary 67 Hougland, Rebecca 152 Howard, Juanita 147,151 Howard, Patricia 152 Howery, Steve 63 Hubbard, Jerry 67,140 Huber, Betty 148 Humphrey, Betty 151 Humphrey, Gloria 151 Humphrey, Sharon 160 Hunt, Andrea 18,41,79,146,149, 150,160,26 Hunt, Beverly 41,148,152,155 Hutchins, Philmore 92 Hutson, Edna 153 Hutton, Vickie 33,148,153 lmel, Stephanie 5,147 lngrem, Jose 69 lnskeep, Danny 148,153 Irvin, Victoria E. 156,157 Isbell, Jim 155 Israel, Jeanne 152 Ivory, Brenda 153 Ivy, Willie 63 Jackson, Shirley 153 Jackson, Thomas 63,69 Jacobs, Jeff 56,62,146 Jarrett, Mark 56,62 Jarrett, Nancy 147 Jeffries, Karen 152 Jessup, Jill 153,160 Johnson, Al 146 Johnson, Alfonso 56 Johnson Arthur 56,64,66 Johnson Bruce 57 Johnson, Clarence 148 Johnson, Delores 148 Johnson, Diana 148 Johnson Janice 84 Johnson, Jim 54 Johnson, Melvin 35,145 Johnson, Steve 12 Johnson, Toni 151 Johnson, Johnson, William 160 Willie 148,156,157 Jones, Charles 56 Jones, Cheryl D. 152 Jones, Clifton 56 Jones, Gail 151 Jones, Geneva 33,153,154,156, 159 Jones, lra 56 Jones, John 67 Jones, Mary 18,150,155,160 Jones, Mike 147,148 Jones, Sharon Ann 78 Jones, Wanda 153,155,156 Jordan, Denver 46,62,66,146, 148,149,157 Jordan, DeWitt 145 Judkins, Jan 152 Kares, Robert 12,33,154 Kares, Robin 47,155 Keefe, Paul 74 Kegeris, Jim 159 Kendall, Thomas 152 Kendall, Vickie 151 Kendrick, Frank Edward 64,151 Kendrick, James 67 Killebrew, Vincent 67 Kimbrough, Claudia 147,156,160 ELAINE DAVIDSON and Martha Clark experiment withacceleration on an inclined plane in Mrs. Cald- well's Physics I class. Kincy, Enerst 155 King, Carl 63 Kinser, Kelly 89 Knorr, Don 23,146,147,148,149 Kofas, John 77 Kugelman, Jim 145 Kurbursky, Dan 95,159 Kuykendall, Debbie 27,41,146, 149,152,157,26 LaFara, Mary 159,163 Laker, Jerry 12,59,98 Lampkin, Cynthia 151 Lange, Brenda 160 Lange, Melvin 59 Laswell, Jacqueline 156 Laswell, Jerry 148 Laswell, Melvin 62,148 Laughlin, Roger 59,67 Lawrence, Gail 84 Lawrence, Stan 63,67 Lawson, Linda 147,148 Lee, Alfreda 39,148,155,156, 157,160 Lee, Alvin 56,57 Lemmons, Karen 148 Lemmons, Karol 148 Levergood, Barbara 48 Lewelling, Darlene 148 l Palmore, Bill 63 Lewellyn, Darlene 148 Lewis, Cindy 14,26,41,98,146, 149,152,160 Lewis, Clarence E. 147,148 Lewis, James 57 Lewis, Laurie 30,148,151,160 Lingenfelter, James 152 Lingenfelter, Jeff 59,69,148 Little, David 57 Logan, Roy 59 Long, Clark 156 Long, Tony 147,148 Lott, Lucinda 77 Loux, Kevin 55 Loux, Terry 55 Lowe, Terry 92,145 Lowe, William 57 Lower, Norman 83 Lowery, Carl 69,63 Lowery, Claude 56,62,66,146, 156,157 Lucas, Karen 35,153,155,156 Ludwig, Barbara 148,152 Lund, Harold 145 Luten, Fred 31,57,64,151,155, 159 Luttrell, Guy 58 Luttrell, Patricia 34,145,160 McAf'fee, Ira 85 McAndrews, David 156 McClain, Bob 58 McClung, James 159 McCurry, Debbie 50 McCurry, Phyllis 157 McDaniel, Doug 147,148 McDaniel, Martin 147,148,155 McDonald, Kris 14,146,147,148, 149,26 McGuire, Jim 63 McGuire, Marlene 148,149,153, 160 McFall, Rita 85 Mclver, Dorthy 148,149,152 McKinney, Mark 63 McManama, Kim 148 McPherson, Jane 148 McPherson, John 67 McRoy, Joyce 151 Mahoney, Debra 160 Mahone, Dewayne 159 Mahone, Dorothy 148 Mann, Clifford 31,153 Marcum, Anita 153,156 'fm ..-manevemkg-wiv CHEERLEADER Karen Darland daydreams during a rest on a summer afternoon. Marshall, Alicia 156,160 Marshall, Deborah 47,156,157, Marshall, Rex 12,60,151,68,160 Martin, Alicia 151 Marshall, John 75 Martindale, Mattie 87,154,155, 160 Massey, Sarah 85 Masters, John 27,62,146,149,155 Mathis, Brenda 152 Matthews, Diana 148 Matthews, Sheila 151 Maxey, Frances 35,153 Maxwell, Pamela 131 ,151,153, 154,155,156,160 Mayhew, Billy 73 Meads, Larry 83 Means, Von 154 Mears, Sandra 78 Meigs, Patty 78 Mentis, Cindy 148,151,160 Menton, Debbie 154 Meyer, Dean 95 Michael, Debbie 156 Michael, Libbi 26,79,149,155,160 Mickle, Claude 57,151 Middleton, Jan 35,153 Milam, Sylvia 42,43,148,155,156, 157,160 Miller, Bryan 46,148,156,157 Miller, Cathy 148,154 Miller, Cindy 31,153 Miller, Debbie 26,146,149 Miller, Diane 154 Miller, Donna 12,145,151 Miller, Mike 147,148 Mills, Mary 18,150 Mindach, Freida 18,146,147,150, 160 Mindach, Rose 82,155 Minton, Diana 154 Miracle, Connie 152 Moats, William 62,154,160 Moffatt, Ellen 78 Mohr, Gary 154,155 Molier, Linda 146 Monday, Patricia 85 Moore Moore I 1 Brenda 148 Cynthia 98,99 Moore, David 154 Moore, Deborah 46,156 Moore, Doug 79,146 Moore, Jim 56 Moore, Rozetta 87 Moore, Stephanie 87 Moore, Wilbur 60,68 Morgan, Marsha 13,14,46,83,129, 145,148,156,157 Morphew, Melanie 13,147,159 Morris, Brian 153 Morrow, Dave 60,153,155,157 Mosier, Linda 157 Mouser, Jerry 148 Moy, Me Lun 154,155 Murray, Sharian 156 Myer, Dean 159 Myers, George 92 Neal, Joyce 153 Newbern, Jacqueline 151 Nichoalds, Russell lRussl 54,82, 83,155 Nichols, Nancy J. 156,160 Nix, Toni 147,164 Noland, Jim 4O,42,78,152,156 157 Nonfvood, Harold 57 ,60 Oakley, Bruce 72,146,149 Oakley, James 151 Offet, Gary 62 Offet, Larue 69 O'Hara, Mike 50,157 Oliiqegbi D. 57,60,61,146,151, O'Neal, Claudette 84 O'Neil, Mike 148 Orman, Cindy 147,152 Owens, Gloria 153 Overbey, Beth 156,47 GLOCKENSPIEL! We can spell it, Mary Renaeu can play it. Kettledrum is no problem for Jim Scahill. Palmore, Glenda 160 Panhorst, Dorothy 12,14,124,159 160 Pappas, Milt 12,60,155 Parham, Greg 57 Parker, Kathy 145 Parker, Zina 148 Parrish, Donna 149 Pate, Ronald 56 Patton, Gloria 160 Payne, Roger 55,151 Pennington, John W. 148 Perkins, Alvin 56 Perkins, James 57 Peterman, Henrietta 12,20,79,147, 148 Petree, Bart 79,146 Petree, Brad 56,59 Pettigrew, Doug 146 Petty, Price 68 Phembly, Ron 83 Phelps, Nancy M. 145 Phillips, Ken 54 Phillips, Patti 156,157 Pierce, Mike 146,155,156,157 Ping, Chris 79,146 Pipes, Deborah 151 Pipkins, Vernon 63,69,91 Platt, Bob 57,59,72 Plummer, Bob 13 Polson, Bruce 146,149 Polvadore, Brenda 145 Pounds, Sam 55,151 Powell, Bob 57,64 Price, Bruce 57,59,146,151,152 Price, Lonnie 148 Price, Mark 58 Price, Sam 146,149,155,160,27 Pritchard, Jim 155 Pryor, John 37,152 Puckett, Johnny 36,50,148,155 Pullen, Johnnie 88 Pullin, Charles 55 Ouackenbush, David 72 Ouackenbush, Linda 124,151 Quintana, Rolanda 59 Rady, Gary 82 Ragan, Henry 153,154 Ragan, Michael 153 Ramsey, Binky 51 Randle, Mosetter 84 Index Pupils Ransom, Margo 13,159 Ratcliff, Christine 154 Ray, Mike 152,74 Reader, Craig 73 Rector, Bonnie 154 Reeves, Vivian 85 Reneau, Mary 145,146,147,148, 165 Reynolds, Nola 146,149 Reynolds, Phyllis 12 Rias, lsaiah 78 Richards, Jim 55 Richards, Joy 146,149,151 Richardson, Bryon 63 Richardson, Danny 46,124,146, 155 Richardson, Joyce 151 Richardson Paul 147 148 Richey, Daila 155,156 Richey, Marla 153,154 Ricks, Felix 54 Riddell, Donna 148 Rigglemen, Dale 13 Roark, Ray 55 Roberts, Deborah 160 Robertson, Sandra 47,87 Robinson, Abie160 Robinson, Charles R. 145 Robinson, Hubert 159 Robinson, Jacqueline 145 Roots, Pamela 72 Rosebrock, Carol 42,147,153,156 Rosebrock, Debbie 42,43,156 Rosier, Jim 59 Ross, Steve 56,59,69 Roth, Rosie 148 Rott, Cathy 40,98,152 Ruffin, Derrick 69 Rush, Barbara 151 Rush, Marian 151 Rush, Nathan 62,69 Russell, Leonard 91 Ryle, Deborah 153,160 Sanford, Deborah 153 Sanford, Karen 148 Sanford, Paula 153 Sanford, William 63 Sapp, Robert 92 Sayles, Ron 56,57,60,124,151 Scahill, James 69,79,147,148,155, 165 Scarbrough, Kathy 159 Schafer, Steve 148,76 Scharbrough, Larry 62 Scheidt, Jay 69 Schiller, Carlene 145 Schlutz, Charles 56,59,95,159 Schmidt, Rick 54 Schowengerdt, Cathy 152 Scott, Barry 67 Scott, Brenda 151 Scruggs, Stephanie 156 Scurlock, Janice 146 Seaton, Jeff 89 Seats, Leroy 146,147,148 Siebree, Wanda 160 Sedam, Sandy 154 f , li it ,t Q 'S et 5 7 NOW lT'S ALL OVER-Tech life has becomea bookful of memories as an u n identified Techite expresses a senior's mood. Sells, Kay 34 Senteney, Dana 154 Shane, Peggy 42 Shaw, Debbie K. 156,157 Shaw, Dianna 156,160 Shewman, Karen 83,151 Shewman, Marsha 19,150 Sibley, Lee 47 Siefert, Geraldine 156 Siegel, James 146 Simanton, Joe 56 Simmons, Dwight 91 Sledge, Beatrice 153 Smalling, Debra Jo 153 Smith, Arnold 145,151 Smith, Carrie 146 Smith, David 56 Smith, Deborah 153 Smith, Greg 69,63 Smith, Houston 57 Smith, James 14,159 Smith, John 92,98 Smith, Kirby 91 Smith, Ricky 57,59,63 Snow, Wanda 151 Soltau, Janet 148,149 Sorrell, Landall 160 Spaw, Linda 146,151 Spears, Peggy 157 Spence, Sandie 148,151 Spenser, William 145 Spradlin, Gary 66,83,155 Spratt, Tony 63 Stanfield, Mike 27,60,68,72,79, 146,149 Stark, Myra 146 Stark, Roger 98,155,156,157,160 Steele, Mike 83 Stevens, Lawrence W. 148 Stewart, Larry J. 156 Stewart, Napoleon 145 Stromm, Patricia 42,155,156,160 Strong, Lydia 127,26,146,149 Sullivan, Joan 85 Sultzer, Crystal 155 Sultzer, Judy 14 Surrell, Landall 153 Swan, Richard 41,152,155 Sweatt, Ronald 156 Swinford, Debby 156 Tabor, Jeff 63 Taube, Jennifer 154 Taube, Patricia lPatl 37,154 Taylor, Andrew 13 Taylor, Donna 40,152,153,154, 156,157 Taylor, George 56,62 Taylor, Gwenann 148,153 Taylor, Kathy 153,156 Taylor, Roscoe Jr. 148 Taylor, Tom 57 Taylor Toni 79,98,146,147,156, 16 ci Terry, Claudia 160 Thomas, Carole 149,154 Thomas, Dennis 59 Thomas, Mona 151 Thomas, Patti 148,157 Thompson, Barry J. 160 Thompson, Brenda 156,160 Thompson, Herbert L. Jr. 156 Thompson, Janice 153 Thompson Mary Ann 83,152,156, 157 Thompson, Pamela 148,160 Thorman, Debbie 156,160 Thrasher, Elaine 148 Thurston, Brenita 146 Tiffany, Warren 57,59 Timmons, Cathy 152 Tinsley, Preston Lee 148 Tolliver, Mira 151 Index Pupils Tucker, Connie 40,152 Turner, Bruce 153 Turner, Dwayne 69 Turner, George 101 Turner, Louis 58 Turner, Oscar 56 Turner, Paul 157 Twigg, James 63,67 VanDuyn, Betty 41,152,154 Varnado, Elliott 57,60,62,83,146 Vaughn, Kathy 146,148,153,154 Venery, David 145 Wade, Aniker 155,159 Wade, Randy 23,146,147,-148,149, 155 Waggoner, Mark 58,151 Walker, Anthony 58,56 Walker, Evelyn Carolyn 155,160 Walker, Fred 57 Walker, Rick 63,69 Walker, Virgil 59 Wallen, Dave 69 Wallick, Janine 148,155 Walton, Pat 146,152 Wand, Barry 40,152 Ward, Larry 55,151,64 Wardell, Willie 56,62 Ware, Jordan 159 Washington, Beverly 148 Washington, Joyce 20,148 Watkins, Dave 67 Watterford, Carl 67 Watson, James 57 Watts, Clement 40,152 Watts, Darlene 153 Watts, Steve 14,57,155 Webster, Charles 57,59,151 Weeden, Dennis 23,147,148 Wells, Debra 151 West, Michael 154 Wester, Mary Jane 79,145,146, 147,148,152 Whitaker, Chester 55,60,151 Whitaker, Debbie 153 White, John 156 White, Ronnie 146,154,160 Whitecotton, Don 41,146,152 Whitecotton, Kenny 88 Whitthorne, John 60,62,69 Wilburn, Sampson 146,159 Williams, Barbara 156 Williams, John 68 Willner, Aletha 46,47,160 Willner, Kathleen 46,153,154, 156 Williams, Audrey 153 Williams, Bert 62 Williams, Darryl 63 Williams, Deloris 157 Williams, Don 63,67 Williams, George 80 Williams, John 68,93 Williams Karen 154 Williams Marilyn 148 Willis, Ahmony eo Wilson, Annette 154 Toran, Cynthia 151,152 Travis, Hattie 151 Tripp, Susan 152 Trittipo, Elizabeth 147,153,154 Trittipo, Michael 12,33,154,157 Trotter, Geneva 79,146,147,151 Trotter, Lester 48,87,153,154,160 Troxell, Brenda 156 Wilson, Chris 37,83,155 Wilson, Don 56 Wilson, Paul 27,55,60,61,64,79 146,149,151,160 Wilson, Shirley 151 Wilson, Steve 12,41 ,57,99,1 52,157 Wing, Judy 154 Wilkerson, Larry 63 DAYLIGHT STREAMS IN on a once-noisy and overflowing cafe- teria. These silent walls prepare for a new batch of happy Titans. Wickune, Katy 154 Wingo, Shirley 153 Winston, Larry 159 Witsman, April 152,41 Witsman, Marsha 13 Wolfe, Marshall 146 Wong, Diana 153,156 Wong, Terri 40,72,152,159 Wood, Marcia 146 Wood, Mike 153 Woods, Anthony 67 Woods, Louis 63 Woods, Pati 160 Woods, Rhonda 145 Woodson, Evelyn L. 156,157,46 Wooldridge, Dave 146,148,152 Worley, Carolyn 101 Wright, Beverly 153 Wright, Clarence D. 148 Wright, Diana 12,31,146,147,148, 149,155 Young, Anna 156 Zachary, Mark 69,94 Zachary, Thomas 91 Zupan, Tony 66 PHOTO-BUG Ivan Christensen shoots from a cardboard perch in the Cannon Office. , .Q ,,,,,. I ndex Topics Arsenal Tower 8,9 Art 78,142 Art Club 50,157 Astronaut 3 Athletic Director 136 Audio-Visual Director 136 Auto Trades, Aviation 89,143 Band 20,21,148 Baseball Team 55 Basketball, Reserve 66 Biology 82,141 Bookstore 138 Boys Concert Club 22,23,147 Boys Octette 26,27,149 Building Trades 11,90,91,143 Buildings and Grounds 136 Business Education 86,87,141 Cafeteria 139 Cannon 40,41 ,152 Cashiering 86,87 Cheerleaders 18,19,150 Chess Club 49 Chemistry 83 Chemistry-Physics Club 48 Code of Conduct 28 Counseling 137 Cross Country 59 Custodian 139 Dave Baker Quintet 79 Dance Band 147 Dean of Boys 135 Dean of Girls 135 Debate Team 46,157 Diversified Cooperative Education 145 Departmental Assistants 138 Drafting 93,142 Drama Club 43,45,156 Electrical Trades 90,91 ,143 English 72,73,141 Evening School 137 Exploratory Teaching 34,145 Fashions 5 Football 60-63 Foreign Language Department 142 French 77 French Club 33,154 Future Teachers of America 34, 145 German 76,77 German Club 33,154 Girls Athletic Association 39, 50,51,151 Girls Concert Club 22,148 Girls Ensemble 26,27,149 Golf 54 Guidance 136 Guidance Director 135 Hand-Bell Choir 24,149 Health Office-137,153 Health, Physical Education Department 142 High School Red Cross Club 39 History Club 36,37,50,155 Home Economics 84,85,140 Homecoming 13 Honor Sweaters 12 Human Relations Committee 31, 155 Indianapolis Symphony 79 Industrial Cooperative Training 34,136,145 Jazz Band 23 Judo Club 50,51 Junior Council Candidates 161 Key Club 38,39,155 Latin 77 Latin Club 154 Liberty Grove 7 Library 34,136,153 Machine Shop 88 Majorettes 21,151 Mardi Gras 30,32,48 Math 80,81,140 Melodayres 28,29,149 Metal Trades 88,89,143 Military Ball 163 Millinery 84 Music 79,142 Music Club 156 National Forensic League 46,157 Neighborhood Youth Corps 136 News Bureau 152 Office Staff 138 Open House 25 Orchestra 24,25,147 OUR TOWN 44,45 Physical Education 94 Physical Science 82,83,141 Prayer Circle 31,153 Principal 134 Printing 92,93,143 Printing Club 49 Publications Director 136 Quill and Scroll 152 Radio Club 49 Roman Banquet 36,37,50 ROTC 95,143,159 Service Club 39,155 Social Service 138 Social Studies 74,75,140 Spanish 77 Spanish Club 32,154 Speech Team 46,156 Special Education Director 135 Stagecraft 90 STAGE DOOR 46,47 Student Activities Director 135 Student Affairs Organization 30 Sullivan's Cave 48 Techoir 28,29,146 Tennis Team 58 Thespians 42,43,157 Track Team 56,57 Vice-Principals 134 WATS 47 WONDER HAT 43 Y-Teens 31 .rift ABOVE: Titans take their time between classes, happy that sum- mer is back. BELOW: Two dis- carded manhole covers keep each other company in the warm sun. . , 1 has S2757 'TL4' eds' if 'FN 1? 19 E 4 ts , . . 1? we Q 1' Vi' 'Wie s, , 'Q wi 'v'f",' 1,64 .7-ww? . K D I I 4 , . , I ' M N, - . Gil I '...... , A I'I. ... . .. ... Q I as v R I . I'I.I I.I I.I I,5'4+l9.c,.,5. , Q X . I 0.11 0.0 50.1.0 Inv I.I I I I I I I I I I I 4 " . t . ' . ' . ' I' . ' . 'Ill-I.I.I'I.I-I.I.I' .I if I .ll..l..I.D.l-l.lII IVIIIIIIIIIIIII ' '- I I I-I I.I. .JIQI -'I.I.I.I.l.I.I.I.I.I. . '. IIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIII g I IIIII IIII Ipggggggg , " ."I.I..lIIIIII' I ' " I I I I I I I I Q I I I -,',',9,','.'.""".'.xr.: I I I I I I I I I I . I I In I I -v IIIII'IlIIl II.I.. .'.g'g' Q ""' s .I i I.: I I sg I I. Q.l.l u ' , K '.l 0' 1.0. .SQ I I l'q' K. '- Y' , 'c' l IIII -' FQ... L5 .k.,, I , . A . . I I 0 O I.l x' 'I' Km Wgbxl 'wig' Q ,. - . . .g:.:-:':. I ' ' " D I I I I --Q- I I " - .,,' , 5 3 "I ' I Q 1 wal ' i as A Q" ' . an-an---' - il " A + . E Q .xt '?s,. 1 I . -.':' I x -'f ,:.':.1:- 14- ' ' f - Q.y.' '-P-f f . . 'Q . cet.-rg Q I ,"'fg'f,',i,W . I 'g'I. :buf W 6 B 6 I RQ I I la .I.I.I.I.I'I' I I I L, 4, - v I - IQ- ' .I'I.I.I. .I Q Q- U 4 -..Q 4 IIIII5 N . 5 id Q Q Q axe 8 -inane I 5 , I.I, I.I.l.I V I ' I I I I I I I lk I . . 4 5 my AX L , It I.I...I.I lg W f I Sq, Q I I -I I I I I I 1 a- Q Q 8 W I U " if Q I 1 H I I I I I 1 1 if 73:11 f Q Il ' gig. Q ,,'.T:x,.:IlILI I'...A. I '.,.i I:I.I.I.I 'l. . all I I I"'Y:IaE: . ' ,1-IJl, o'Qlxn .- M .BA :I.I:I II IIYI I I 1',W' I g I.ll ' 'lnl I I.I'I'I I ' ' 'I I If . ' , I I I I I. 'I' :I:I:I:I:I:l:I:fA . :I:I:I:I:I:O:I:l2I.I.I.I.I.I'Q' 'I . I'g'gdI' I'I.I'I.I.....n.I.: I I I I .l.I.I.I.I. .I 3.U".'.Vl.Ic'l'l,'l.I.I I I I I I I I I. I. ,I.I'I. I'I'I.I Inlvlfbl I I. I I . I 'l'l'l? I I I I I I I I I I I-I I I I I.d'I.I. I I I I I l.I'I.I'I.l. .I.I 1 I.I.I.I-I.I.I.I I I I I I I I I I I I I-I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - . ..-I.I.I I .IIII II K I I IDI.I.I. . Q f I I I I U I I - ' I I I I I I I I.v I I I gs'Q ' , x If , . C ,If I II,,.,!,-!:IL.Il?'.l-'E-5. 5' 'f' P' 1 I . I ' Q 1 'Q ' U Q .. . 0 if llc Qlp 0 0 0 0 l 0 Q 0 ' - l 1 Q o 0 l l 0 Q- 0 0 0 o o Q '..' 'F ' .'I'f'I 1 5 .'.gI'I'f'f ' f . , 'Ei :IZIQI ' '. : af: 4- '- l 'V' 4. . -:3:f :1:- ... . ' T' ' ..-: .o:o:o:a:'o's.u. I 'o'o ' : . . ,.'.' , .vi Q' .. -.- -1572-fZ Z3Z'f3i3Z3g -. - ' '7 :l:l.4l. Q 'a'o o .n.c.o 'o'o'o'9,fn " ' H if 'c'n ' L S I at W n'n:oi:c:s'o.o:o:o.irozszoztzectlzlb .n:s: . 0 qu - b I ima.-l'O.l.l.Oxl.l.l :,. . I , 3.0. M ": . Ill-I olllslolo 0 af' . E- 0 v -v I 1 A::i1 H , Z ' ?" .,y.:.:.:.:'n :.:.i o n ui, .. .Q f' 'H'lOl'x.".'. ' 'W' . w ' . 'simon' lil,-l"n' Q N 0 , ' 'M ' 'J-'w i swf- . '-:-:-: . :5'5252E':-:- Q . ' sg- I i'a'g! 4 'Q' ':.:.I.l' ' 'l.l.l. .U 0.0 V' A .img 0.1 l.l-uh' .I 'N 5.1.3. 'j.g'g 'l- - n.l.l'o'u.l'a'u.l.o'u.c's.n.o'i.i'l'a'Va .s'i'l -I. I U. .l.l.l.0.0.Q-I-:-l.l'lil'l.l.l,l-l.l.l.!'U't. Q.l.l'lhl I ll- Q I., .l.l.l.lF'lN l'l.i.l.l.0.0-l.g.l.l.l' 'Q' 'g'g'g' - 'II I '- :vn u-menus n so nonasafcs qng:'n'g'g'q'g'.' ' in . .-.-:-:-ri.-:.-:-:f'Cf:-.:':,-c-:-:-:gg-3 -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-4 1 - :-'-'-:g:g:- .-3:-:g.-:-:-:L-, .: ' ' - '-:-:-:, "' P3 2 - ' . -:-:-:-"" . ':': o. iz,-:QI - . .fig .I ..:'l l s:u:l.l ' I I.:- g, 5.3.2. "' v J . ..:.:3.:.:.......'.j.g.: - Q-c 1-ff - -Q. . -. 1- . :l's.n'l.c'plg.g4..:l J . fr-wr l':l:.l . . .. .. .. '. . - i.i.x','a'n-t- I . 3 K 'T ' 0 - . . 'Vg 'I' 'il' IQX 'E' 4Dl..l-I h'n.' f0.sxli'.':'Xa' a+- 'EEZ' I I-lf A A 1 0 an g , ' '. . U, Q. sv I 0 Q 5:11. ' ':Ta5.p'-: ' I' .:h'l:l Ullwlil-lla. Q A .,,x U - Q - Q . - sl Y .0 I , S . PA Here's to your health, from Stokley Van Camp Freeman Upholstery 2832 East Michigan Phone: 636-4680 A Great Place to buy a car Abels Auto Co. 1030 N. Meridian You're Batting 1.000 with 'a Q. OJ D. if Gardner Electric --X Company, Inc. Pocket Billards Fun for the 2313 East Michigan street emlm fam"V Industrial. 3g2z2i:s'a' , cs Mr. 2 QUZTifJa5iall?la'ima"Sh'p MISS Cue 638-5532 5612 East Washington 353-1561 TEE-KAY FLOWERS SHOP 1401 Olney 638-4264 WICKLIFF CLEANERS 802 North Delaware Call: 634-9271 l GOLDEN IMPERIAL, INC. Gasoline and Oil 1640 East Washington Street 535-1555 Come on in, help us help you! Joi-IN SCHOWENGERDT Stl'EEt Federal Wall Washing-Paper Cleaning Painting Contact: 639-9726 1525 Sheiby I Come to Walt's where you'II find a l , . t wide selection of foods and brands A along with friendly, courteous service. , ' ' Flowers for sunzn MARKETS a,, OCCaS,0,,, Members of the "500" Supermarket Club 2401 West Washington Street 9 Friendly, Convenient Locations Around Town Call 637-3525 for flowers MAX Galloway Studio Portrait-Photographer-Commercial 20 East Fourteenth Street ess-2200 For the big date-or for any place! 'lugs'-? Your neighborhood Full-Service service station Wolfe Shell 1845 East Michgan Crown Laundry and Meadows Center DVY Cleaners Esquire Plaza w EEST VV3SI"lll'lQ'lIOl'l Greenfield 111 0 Shoes for the little ones, and big ones too! MARTlN'S BOOTERY Arlington Plaza BEN'S BARBER SHOP 4304 E. New York St. Wanna know a secret? For better parts, see WASHINGTON AUTO PARTS ll Baked goods of Distinction" HASSE'S BAKERY 3316 East Tenth St. CARTER'S GULF STATION 1844 East Tenth St. 357-0588 2113 E. Washington 636-4481 swppw-309 Fresh-cm W' AT Meat Just for you . . . O O , Jack s Market Come in and give us a try 1136 East Ninth Street 637-4684 The Tech Bookstore Books-Supplies 4 Class Jewelry things gg b ti ewiith , ..DE C .... Q ig Drink I MAXIMUM PUFIQF Cbllege OZIQVS 1013 OPPORTUNITY . . CAREER COURSES Deferred Tuztzon Loans WOMEN 'X!Execut' Secretarial i Loan Made Directly to Student-Not Parents X! 1 U IBM Business Machines Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Business Schools FOR YOUNG MEN 'X!Busine Ad inistration O RTE R S N! Transportation-Manageme t g g .4 O L L' E 6 E V IBM Computer-Programming 'ms 1360 Computer on Locationl 48 MONUMENT CIRCLE 0 INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46204 o Phone, 639-2505 Draftsmen all agree-that for the best buy in pre- cision equipment Indianapolis Blueprint is the place to go. Indianapolis Blueprint and Lithograph, Inc. :Qi so soo East ohio 24I9 East 56th Inside and outside dining For all your banking Complete carry-out service needs, come to us for complete, reliable service A.F.N.B. a Full-Service Bank American Fletcher Two locations. . . National Bank Tenth Street at Emerson 2122 E6St Tenth Street Bowl your way into pleasure, fun, and excitement Bowl-O-Mat Manager: Bob Strebeck Just roll around to. . . 2950 Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive Phone 638-3458 5255 Southeastern FOFESEEEL?-IAJRgE'gPAND LITTLE GIANT AUTO SALES "A Glance Around the World" ,The F ,I I t t H 1428 East washington street CARQYFQNSLVCTPORTS ami ypace os op ,, - ,, 2209 East Michigan Street W h h f . 3205 East Tenth Street B ave t e Car just or you 636-9034 You Never Outgrow your Need for Milk Drink at least three glasses a day . . . every day. VE RA'S MARKET 2106 East Tenth Street Dearborn Hotel Dearborn Gym Great delivery service. 632-5191 BRIGHTWOOD BEAUTY SHOP 3618 East 25th Street Call 546-2835 3208 E- Michigan CHARLES L. WALKER 638-4860 DRY CLEANERS , 1841 East 46th Street Great service at Peafbom Phone: 251-9481 Dry goods, hardware, linoleum, paint, glass, shoes, and sporting goods. Your neighbor- hood store for over 75 years. ARMIN GRAUL HARDWARE 2506 Martindale Avenue NlGGL'S FLORAL This space compliments of SERVICE 2522 Station Street The Preston Supermarkets Supplying professional 38th 84 Shadeland 38th 84 Post Rd. 71st 81 Keystone 21st 84 Ritter 73rd 81 Keystone 16th 84 Emerson and amateur alike, we have stero tape, phono, CB, Ham and many other components on display "Where customers send their friends" Your Bank Americard Welcome Van Sickle Radio Supply Compliments of Berkshire Life Insurance Co. James E. Bettis Compliments of RURAL PHARMACY 4131 North Keystone 2801 E. Michigan Original Mambo Sauce 3 Avas 4 PM W '. 4-18? Shoulder Chicken Ribs Hot Links Haitian Ham Pigs Feet Side Dishes zerfs Ill Bar-B-Q 38th at Keystone Call 923-0920 for Carry-Out KLEIN'S OUALITY FLOWERS 2213 E. Tenth St. 638-1122 Wii ' I Y I I -I 2 Lettermen know-Sportsman's is the place to go! Sportsman's Cleaners is North stare street 631-8232 K I! I lkttldfll l Getting an education isn't the easiest thing inthe world. lt's hard work. lt's expensive. lt takes time. But it pays otf in big dividends for everybody. Indiana is one big campus. From Michigan City to Madison . from Richmond to Terre Hauteelndiana boasts hundreds of educational institutions of every size, teaching every subject imaginable. RCA knows this. lt's one of the reasons why RCA's home is in Indiana. We're always looking for top-flight people to help keep us in the forefront of the dynamic, ever-changing world of electronics and communications. Education is not only the framework on which society is built but the measure of its progress as well. Education also helps determine the accomplishments of the individual. That's why we hope that if you're in school-youll stay there. Both of us will be richer for it. X ggiirincdlialiman, QQJMGQEEQW RCA is an equal opportunity employer YOUR SIGN OF BEST OUALITY Get out ofthe Rut Come to the Hut For the Sharpest Clothes in Town Cohen Brothers 3712 East 25th 25th off Sherman Drive 546-9969 CHARLES B. CAMPBELL, REALTOR 209 West Washington Street 441 East Ohio 1137 North Layman Street Equipment for hunting and 635-0934 fishing and most other sports. Call 356-9555 'Ulugh .....,....,,,-Wm-mu-A .Q , r ,gs , , ra, . . mwms. asM,,,,4, Ng - , h .bv " 5 Come in and chat awhile . . . you'II soon find that Central Business College is the place to go for almost any kind of business education. Central Business College The Indiana Business College of Indianapolis 802 N. Meridian Street Phone: 634-8337 C. T. Butz, CPA, Pres. C. R. Gant, Dir. of Admissions J. L. Basey, Prin. TRIANGLE PRINTING COMPANY 4004 Madison Avenue Call 786-3488 For the Best in Meat . . . Shop at Shorty's Fairway Market. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Shorty's Fairway Market 1610 Roosevelt Avenue 636-7104 Congratulations and 2340 East Tenth Street Good Luck to the Class of 1970 U Wholesale Food Oo., Inc. Lincoln Motor Hotel 117 West Washington 6344361 COMPLIMENTS OF A F5 gl Grinsteiner Funeral Home Inc. Thoughtful Service Tech's Girls 1601 E. New York Street fx i-2 Harold D. Unger, Pres. A new and larger Chapel 632-5374 THE: THINGS 1 LIKE... lllg' 1 iii., so is,o,.,.i.. Q. .o.s,..i . i.i, V ' 'C V I me 0 s - .ss 5 : ' I 9 .,,. , My , .5-, ,. vp, iw 3 .B E P '--"nv Q -J' - ' ' is A ' X rnzucii mfs A . . that are render mae iimauasfns . . . with a special open-flame-cooked taste + SIIIKES . , . thick enough tor spoonin' + and crisp outside 4 t gr y 0 JS QR oa.r - N -I 1 1 APPLE TURNUVERS . . . with flaky crusts and BIG SHEFS . . . with two juicy hamburgers FISH .with the best-tastin' ' firm-tender, sweet hlling A and secret sauce HNDWICMES tsh llets go g i ii J st like the other things you like . . . homecoming . . . having I - U f finals behind you ...spring break . . .that special someone in I B r er Chef knows what turns you on. g your eight o'clock c ass. u g i ' Like food good enough to leave home for. Stop by B.C. soon. Food good enough to leave home for FOUR COLLEGES IN INDIANAPOLIS Day and Night Classes Free Placement Service Dormitory for Out-of-Tovvn Students - K I 4 .... , 5 1 - -. l .Bsaufy damages EN ROLL NOW: Become a Licensed Beautician and Stylist 6901 East Washington Street 8939 E. 38th Street 2728 South Madison Avenue 359-5339 898-8456 786-2208 6169 North College Avenue 2768 Lafayette Road 21 North Lynhurst Drive 251-9269 925-0121 241-9368 CONGRATULATIONS- CLASS OF 1970 La ndes Cap and Gown THE TECH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SAYS... Congratulations Class of I 970! Annual Reunion held each year . . . 50th and 25th Anniversary Classes are Honored-Are you a member? Division of Oak Hall 1210 North Pennsylvania Richard Watts, a new staffer, learns layout Thanks to those who h Iped- CLEM WATTS, staff photographer, pushes all types of buttons in the darkroom to make the picture come out pe-r-r-r-fect. TERRI FREEMAN, ad manager, looks through her ad files to investigate a prospect. ADVISER Bernice Jones is at witsend during the final deadline rush. .ln THANKS . . . to our staff for meeting every deadline, . even though the task required after- school sessions to our photographers for producing the hundreds of pix needed for this book to Mr. H. M. Smith for the great color shots in the opening to Tower Studios for stepping in and helping out at a moment's notice to the teachers at Tech for putting up with an endless parade of photographers into their classes and finally, we would like to thank the custodians who co-existed with our odd hours without a single complaint. WOW, what a jui-cee shot! Barry Wand makes JAMES ALSTOTT, managing editor, looks quite the most of it. serious correcting copy for the yearbook. ... HIGH POINT YEARBOOK AGENTS-FRONT ROW: Stephanie lmel, Annie Beaty, Debbie Colvin, Patty Meigs, Linda Berry, Janet Doll. SECOND ROW: Lester Trotter, Jim Bales, Herman Richardson James Grant, Dwayne Mahone, Debbie Coffman. ww is Q 5 6 V . .. Q Wmgmwwwf Q i 3 l h f it 5 DURING THE VefY C0ld weather, l-Ydia SUOUQ MARTY ROBERTSON wears her maxi-coat, a OLD GLORY WAVES proudly in the breeze Takes advantage Of 3 new D"'Vl'999 and WGSYS new fad that caught on during the cold winter. from the new stainless steel flag pole erected slacks. last summer. New, Newer, Newest . . . it's at Tec X ...xx 'asm I NEW UNIFORIVIS caused much excitement this year. Displaying new band uniforms are, LE FT: Jim Alstott, Jim Scahill, Carol Brown, and Henri Peterman. BELOW: Debbie Deckard, Margo Ransom, and Melanie Morphew try out their new WAC-style uniforms as ROTC sponsors. l A TECHITE is silhoutted by gleaming rays of the sun as he studies at the window on the fourth floor of the Main. . . . so that's what's new, huh? Well, great. But what about maxi-coats, girls' slacks on campus, the new ROTC and band uniforms, the new flag pole, the latest moon- shot? Even though this book has gone to press and back, things are still changing. As soon as news comes off the press, it's old. So even though we've tried as best we can, the question still stands. . . Hey Tech, What's new?? -us- ROOM 636 apparently is hurriedly deserted as students rush out into summer vacation. A FAMILIAR SIGHT on campus, a squirrel watches the world go by from a comfortable perch and wonders about it all. SENIORS BETTY VanDUYN and Glenda Arnett gaze at the wonder of a new summer and plan for a life ahead. ll! 0 U U in 4 , ff S l 6 l 0 if in A 1 5 Q TQ? is I Q in 5 W Q Q Q A Vw . Q 'P' 1 is in a ' -Q Q l A QS 3 1 ff Q T' ' Q . 5 Q 1 I , ' za m ' D 4 sa Q l Q Q a an 'Q 3 i Q 1' 8 as Q K I 9 if L, ar I 0 I I Ca is vi mf as we is 0 5 0 if 1' ' 1 in Q U It 76 as ,il 1, Azzvu . y me af an Q sl next? 1 ' S' 4: N, is 1 Q sp 91 :An nf i ,1ii2 Q.v lin an fm a Q .x a u s as I fi 2 I If ji Q 'Q 0 1 A Q 3 up 49 my Q iz l 3 I 0 Q An ? I I .I XO Q0 If If Q an Q 0 n -sr 0 0 fs. O O l l Q ww Q 2 .J I I i U l S ' 8 l I S as U as 2 n 1 o v 'w as l 1 0 U iff il l I Q U I I Q 1' I l I 8 I R 6 N f 1 ww O U I 0 G 1 W l C I l i U U - l 1 0 I l I 0 Q I 0 Q . x If Q as l 1 1 4 1 U Q 3 I I I U H U w 1 Q Q O :ae I W a nv u , f is I an I I in I I Q I ws 9 0 I I I l I 1 an I I I I fs an w Q Q.: if 4 G l I I ,,QliFfQl.1,.ll4n..m-Aa-on-an ' I nu , I1 515.1 1 11 1, ,-yn, 1 Y., v. V 1' 11 1.-l'1,1' 1 1, 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' 1'!,,!,H X, 1 1 1, If 1' 1 1,-1 951: x t V -J X11 r'-'1 I wx" 1 f, 1 ,V VP' 11 -. """Y'5" I ' 4 '-1' L ' 1 I , 1 ff I r Y . 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 , Q N1 Ju! X! 21- 5244. . 21, ' 'fe ' 1 O , 1 3 1 V ' 1 1 Q v 'U X .gif 'T V Y 1 o la w 'f7'v i ' Y Y VT W I

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