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- ---n.-,- f 4,,,,,dll lul -M- , , 15 Xxu X. 6 -inf f 5 fi-x".,-4': J--'f-1 fl fx fx J 5" ff C , Y 1 Q W. 14. JV A, TL .94 C an ' fr KW ,T Q-.Q 1' -Qi .'-5' 7. 1, . Y Q, 'lu 512. .Q . 'ix ng' , 5 5. i , -. f The Arsenal Cannon Technical High School 1968 Volume 541 Indianapolis, Indiana I-30 L Yll B utiful in any season, the Tech campus provides a special wond ld in springtime. The season of renewal brings fort sh bs and trees, a colorful setting for stately Stuart Tower l d k t be 0 l.'8Il'lEIl'1 l'. Peanuts revel 1968. . .the year of Peanuts. . . the year of Charlie Brown sweatshirts, pillows and dolls, the year everyone sang of "Snoopy and the Red Baron". The Peanuts craze swept Broadway and the nation, then the world, with an exhibition in the Louvre. And Peanuts came to Tech. They learned that 1968 was the year of the restoration of the Arsenal, of the 10:53 daily sonic boom, and of the North Central Association evaluation. More important, they watched as 5200 Techites experienced the same fun and frustration of growing up that Tech has seen for fifty-five years. They saw the Charlie Browns who bounced back from every failure, the self-confident Lucys who knew it all, and the Linuses who still clung to their security blankets. Activities nu A 07 C C' ,K x Q 'f 1 av in Tech spirit: Outh, fun, dedication Administration 90 lx ,JN ll si n-"""- -,gn-1 -gi 7' in J Q , .-:Pdf -J 9 Academics X' Xf- 1 yi ivy 1 l L A rfffq in f gli A - Q V ' . ' ffffil ' 'Y 12:4 5 , , K. P af A 12 1, lg ,N 64 ,! qi xx 1 Q The letter from approving the use f h characters, the Peanuts gang, gr f ll support by Snoopy u d Ch 1 Brown. L' Album Advertising 138 170 AVE I gp,-' L f O ,- f I f ' P R: 1 K4 J i 415,55 XX f Q 5 3' '?2f'. Charles Sch 0 is com Tech Charlie Browns, set active pace Following a Techite's daily rountine, the Peanuts watched him run from the Main to get to the Chemistry Building on time, learn logarithms and sentence construction, make friends, accept defeat and success. They saw "freshmen" drop their lunch trays, seniors complain about bookstore lines and cafeteria food, some Techites swarming to the Gym for an assembly while others were behind the scenes quaking with "nerves" Very important-these people of the year- but also important were the fads and fashions which set this year apart from every other. The Peanuts saw girls in culottes, window-pane stockings and hairpieces, dieting to reach Twiggy proportions and boys wearing Levis and pin-striped shirts. 'M x K 'M s. t, .az i t -1- ' V ,w w i' 5 A x .1 . -'ff we , W I .f 1 ,M "Seniorilis" often transforms older, more Top: Anyone for patty-cake? Debbie Kuy- indulging in their own "extra-curricular" sophisticated Techites into frolicking kendall and Nancy Phelps work off tension activities, these Techites take final looks freshmen like senior Ginny Brand, caught during lunch hour with this after-dinner before the 8:07 bell. dancing from the Cafeteria. game. The score? Two hits, no errors! Students passing through Stunrt Hull the first days of memories of months past. For newcomers there is the school notice the excitement in the nir, For those return- feeling of discovery as they dodge traffic to get to ing there is thc fervor of reunion after n summer vucu- class. These are the echoes of Stuart Hull. tion. Early morning sights and sounds bring back 1 -V. .ri-., Luc, '5 i I. .V g 1 . 'VT V2 5 V ' 4 . V '-'Q ' 'V--xg 15 VV , '3' . Qs N V I --V ,, . ,., fi 54 If' Q 5 . V,.i" Q: 4.76 bnvfig' 5 V ,,, V A, 4 x . V V h Vyfp' V, .,f'mQVar?: Viefgfv V :Vaf 'wi ff ig-fir? 3V '- .n'V 1 ' 2 L 'V VVJ,4xf1V.w64"1:'f4?5'rV -' ...f A Vw , , ' . Ill. f , -.5-,-,3VVVVV V,,,fV,.x'Q.V. ,,r,.,f 1, .V..y -. .w Q-Vs, ,'-h1V'f,.,ig1V ',f','.-,-V- . . 1 I, 3 Qilif - V",- -'f--' "" I wT"' f V ,V A C 5- V ' 'Wli V . V VM V - " V-Q,.,: - ,yy ,VV,T:- V ' V V, V V, s ,L -.X , Q V F3 V . 1543-V U 5-R7-Vw. .': A ' J - M' 4' V' V sg: ,vig-' X V, is V V. ff , f- 1 . V 6 JA ,V ,WMV ,,Vf,Vv,, ,VV-Vg., V V , f .h V. q-'-'S' 'V1".f. " -' 3' V' -V. . V: if i ,, ,- Y T. ,Ji yi' ,. 'gwzr-. V , :V ' V- .43 .Q .nVV V V,fVVgLf. , -5: igggggbmre V . V. V V- . .V V '. .QV :.V .. - N V A 2- F' V, Vi ' -"2 V"l.,' I '4 "iff ' Vin "-- ' V1 "-1" ' ' V- -' 1'-e 'i-ff? 'Q-hll , , ,I Vj f . .52-2 '.'2f,V,.jy'i V"'..'-EY ,VJ Z1 V -V' 'TNI x V 3: , V ' ' "yn ' 'fx-if Q-jig.-:---Q , . " -ff PSV.-E+' ..'ifVZ.'-S-' ': ':L'V-V'-3-HV, .V F4 V ff 1 V ',P-1:-.PN -4 +1-'H f- Q 41, .1 -V ,.L' -.F .V-.5VQV. "V-,-. '- Q 3221. ,Lv-2 V"" .. --' VL, 'V 'if V?iV:'?V,: -V VV Vu... V--.-V.--.VV Y , .V f- ,ix V- ,,V, ,1-L.: . 4 I ,V 'VH .,-'VL V nr.:-V ' ,--:-' 1- , .V V -.Vx -..JVM '- , :V , V V V V5V'f,-.lf1EfaVJ- -'fVV"'r 15.15 Q .', ff 1 , ' l V Ng? Vp, -XVVVAAVV-Q ., 3 ', , A .V X :I ,QQ IV V V-7 A 1:71:23 .p.:f::'hi"j' V ff 7V "VV " " :j'?'Vy'fg3fEAx,N"fZfj4i f '- ,- -V ff... -Vi V QV -,gqnf'V"V'. -". ,yn-V' ,ini , S ' ',-.'3.-.g- f', 5 , V -345,1 , 5.1 V, -Q - . f A f j' 'V"3'!':V-.5xI.i- --14.5 43:3 'ii' ' WEEE V , ,Q V' V ,Eff-f'-"?' .V V, - ,. I.. V :, 321: -5 .xg -A A ,E 51,-:Vi 4 , V X VVV A ,---.V V-1 , V - mx, V V., 1 V - -V . I VVAWN 2 ,V,Tfp- VVVQTJV-:V x . . K -V?f'-.:ff'.Vf'qr-'fjf,x'Q yn!! . '35Vf,.'.V5f5 1,1-V , V: '- Y'-1 .gi-'V Vg- . V 5, -gl, , w"'v2V .V '- li' .,4,jVfV'gLVQ3, -T :EQQQ ,f:AV'V-'-5 ".V"f7,1-T 152 'V ' V ' Q-J . -, 'A 1 -Mi Q3 .gf ' ,,,L-1 ,jf '-,f,.-FQVVV1 1-V-Vg:V1V.4:vgnV ,.-+12 ff ,Vw-V V... fu- f V - V - f., -V ., V V5 V. V 1:---MV - -,,,, V, A -V y , ,:V - . - QV, V, - V- V , qw.'-VV'-,i':.VVQVVV::is , V.V , 'ffgtfgifa-.7i'Tx1,f?' . V - - Vu! - '+A . ,V ,-V QV V, ,.V.V' - ,V . X Vw 5 , .,. .L V --V V qi. 4. -ft-"c'VfAul11ViL:fiA4,:??aA-,r , :L ,il-35551 3 : 1 5-V I 3 Z 1 l 'f , . V -iv: I nl! 11155 aux"-,: -21-'-'sv A' :fP'f' H3 t . X . 5 V ,Vg V- aura.. , V .-V,-V r 41.55, WLM.: V V f -5 'Y . A - , . . -'si V. 1,-,p,,ff- K i--. 4' my Y - V . V Nia V V V-V - V- -1. - .wif :V ,qs VAVVV. ,VV V -.',-21 " ' V " 'M "f --1-7 V Q Q. iv wh: V 1' -' 'T '-Vf' V2-V V - - -' . M: .V V - ,V E21 'V ,Q V . V-. is V ,, ,-,F ,h , IL.. V -I K .,:, Q, VV , - - '-'f' ' "W '-'-V K . . ?:53'4V- 'Z ,V7 , A1 ' ' . , , ' ""'-v- - o -- -' " -f'413iz1'3-Qtaig .gf .' V-'FA V. :V 4' 'Tu f is .,'--73. t 2-fi V . ,Mr V V I . Vm- V, I -.,,,V 1-t. av V-.V - ,lpx V - A ,F A , 47- ,, ..w 4. 1' V V V +C-V. . VV: ..- . -a. vs- I -V . VV- 3 -' -1.53 g . , ,, - .. f -+::.VVV V QQ., V elm V .V VIP , -. 'ii 1. l+V.l'x,Vf4. 5.5-3,5-' ' p i.-:- . ', V"ffV7i ' - ..V- - Pi- mf" ' , -'F V VJ4. .4a:f3'?VTV "..- Fw +V S 'X .y-iq: '- ' V- W 2- siqg X ., f , -X V- - .ra V . ypk -, - ' ".,41-v V A 'V . V A-V.- f, V ,gb ,V,,. jhgz' A -1-lf ,' ,V4:.,.1,,,, , 4, gf, V V--l -1 U.. .' -ff., V V, . VjV.-Q41 :..5,',.4 K. V ,. . A Y ' -" ' 1 ff. J 5 -V ,fig V 5: ,V -V. V -: - ' .--- 9: gr,-, ' .v-. ,QINVFLVA Q-, .A -V, V,,,, V -1 - ,V ,df . -N, .-. . , .,x,... ,,,V.4,,, bg- JVV,--. -V, 'f TLA -'-'Vfw ,VV f -:af-..1.Pf7VgV'.VffVe VV- V9 V .. V -. . ,, . - ,. -V43 f , . . . - ,Q - - 5. cf-5 H 'jx 5--Vgr. ' ,, . V q I I XV., ,V,.. -,,e: "-,,- 4 ' ' , M L FJ -Z, -, J 131.57 vi-5 - . ,, , , 1. 5 vga. , ?:,i.:3-Y Uhifig J ,ii J ,Han 1 V " -. "' V, pf.. ' V- a 'x'V5'V lf-1 .Y V' V I! V V 17 -w'v'V-Gif -X . ' -, 'V . ' . GQ,-a.: V f 2 ,gg 555 ,V L N V, V-.-N V ,A xx , -' 5 K K '3- T V QQ,-3'q',' V .13 .XL W: '54 '. V-141, V Q Hg ' .VF f ' ' ' ' .fi'A'3'31 .'h 17cf57"95?5if if 'VV' N Q- .-QVV V'FIV,f" ' V VV 'A , V -"1 ' ' ti'YQ?' -fV":".K'? W Y - ' :S-35,7 g. .-Nw.--:-5 -V V . ,Vw-' '. V'V. " ,-gg-V" fy. fl ff , VV V , ::,,1... Asg-yi -,4 P ,A J, -g V f . 0- Tj -. ' ,V 5 k,.V', JV .3 o,.,..f .s,..-?2-f-V,.'J-- -g.VV,': .V .V '- -1 ' .' V 4-'V ' -N" .XJZ5 Jgx 4' 'F '-Q 'V , T QL 4 .' ' 4,31 . , 'XV , -' Yi-f 'f Q 'T-M 111 'T "' if A g V 'ii R-'N 4' , Vvfg- '-1:-, 1' 'V VV, ', V,-'. -V , , M- 'VV .V-1 Vs -iw ' ' ' V 'V - - Y V ' 1 QV, N , 'V qx ,Vp V V ,NRA V V ' ' ' ' " 4- 13 'Q ., 1 '.,"', .4- '- ' 1 . -,fx N V , . K is 'iff , XS.,-f?, , xl-A 1 '51-S fi " ' ' V 5 - VV-U' E5 9 'xgfax ' 'XT .M ' f'+....,-if-f' 5' 1,354 J A , Q' ' ' g V X' ' , 4- ,A++ ' X Vx :V VV Vff- , 1 4' X f - ' ,. Ai fi , ' xV. V, , X :rf ,hy-N V X ET, ' fr' Yf' Fi--S , ' ,V-jx RZQSHT' Vfif- 1 le: V .,':h5,.q V T-..,4qVz if-" '5 A ' .VV 5. 45: ip. V -,. V. 'fxrvwf-'VV J .V-'4- ,- fT'-f'V'- ,,7'Vl-1- ,I "ff 'Z ' 'f,.,.6V-V Q., ,453-rf: I 1 I X.. cf ,,V, x O .wirib N V xx SJ! it Y ,V 1- .- -,K 1 5 ' . f-'Pri' mg Z. J.. ' . pi' - 9' -V am- 1: . ij.-g:L5.V.x,j V V ' : '- . fggg V1 '14 .L"-- ' .VV . ,, .,V. . . ,, - . V X , n N Vjl. .' xl. x ,,, xg f fax . ' ...N ,V V. V .V mmf: . V V a xx. K A 91.35 X V V- . V4 5, V. H ,, va L . . X ,XM Ageless campus is modern, traditional The most impressive point of Tech and the most frightening for freshmen was the sprawling campus, a maze, a puzzle, a jungle of the unfamiliar. But as the seasons progressed, the campus became a place of freedom to brighten the Techite's daily schedule. A dash through a sudden shower, a leisurely stroll on a springtime lunch hour, a cautious slide across campus on winter ice, good and bad. . . four Seasons and thirteen Tech's "mascots," the many tame squirrels and "adopted" dogs join spiced life at Tech. the pupils in the scramble through the park-like campus. Sunshine and fresh air, with plenty of space in which to enjoy it place stroll across campus before the hell rings to signal the end of a Treadwell Hall and the Arsenal in proper perspective for n fall lunch period. Arsenal renewal begins second century One hundred years of dirt and erosion sandblasted all masonry surfaces, were scraped from the face of the and Sealed the building' Arsenal Building during the summer of 1967. The boom of the hammer and bell Crumbling bricks and deteriorated limestone of the Arsenal Clock bore the effects Of time- will signal the final success of the project. The Board of School Commissioners ' ' ' - With renovation of its three giant faces decided to preserve this historic building. and its Wooden Cogs, An eight-man crew replaced bricks and mortar, 3 fifty-year Silence will bg broken. Q-vu--.... -h-In-inn... Plans for the restoration had begun as early as 1964. Artillery Building, former cafeteria and carpentry shops, over 20,000 bricks were cleaned and stored for possible Arsenal renewal project. When these were later found suitable, 8500 new, matching bricks were purchased to Arsenal's original condition. 4 "Danger" signs marked the area around the Arsenal from May to September while work continued on the 822,000 renovation. Today the Arsenal houses the administrative offices, the Library, the Book- store, several business classes and the IBM facilities. Seen through the arched windows of the Arsenal, these workers, part of an eight-man crew, clean bricks in the structure built in 1865 as a Union Army post. Building and Grounds Division employees added the finishing touches on the exterior trim. When the was razed, use in the to be un- restore the 9 J , v 4. - l, .gf . ' ' . P 45 A ffjffqi .1 - f ., ,. - H.-,Q ,1 5,"',. .. 1 , 1 .-,ji r sfiliirdggqsk. 'G :if ' I -ffl ' P 3 , .',. --' . .M , 14,53 iris!! .f1,'.:f:" 'H :"e ' hfusgfz- V-g "' 'z f 'ffnwffsf . . 'ff F 'eggs 1-avi' ' ,.f,a '74 JL", L- ff, . 'T",. iii ' f 'Q-42-xgx. ' lgf-i"',.1.fx' I 'gif'-fz:,f" 'j'.2-- yr ,Lv f , . ,:,J' , y ,gf 5, ggiv f ,- 5 1 Q M. 1: rx 7.3. Y' " L Q V' ,rg , 1 - ,, A' ' ., ' . - 1 1 . fi 'L ' , 1 k 5 N 5 -,-' , .. gy . if ,, V, -A . 1 I xvNYA .s ,. 5.1.4 , ,. ..k..-.. n:..,... .Tr .i V !1Q Y i V I . 1 A X , . LQ vltgv' is 1 ,g ?!.Q1-K:!"'. , mKut,Q-, V v Qgilixsa-f.."S'Q1.g-rail? 'iv J' f 3 4-1-:QiQif.kJ-'led 1 v..-- ,. V , , - Y - ,. ' , MQ W. 's A M' ' + 'Q ilk? ,V .wth in ! J 1 !f.':i:r.vQ"A,nfx..l-' f Y: Awgifl j'Qlh1Z12! -fx, L. . ' ' -31 Mg. . -Q A 5 , 'I' fi . 1, .Qs .frf - H.. -- Q X-,uf-,Q v - .fxl" ,-..1. -, I! Bit' Q b Ixgwll, I , I A- in .' . ,1 1- 'Z 1 :s4.: 4,'iv'. Z 1.x - X v. ' . 4 - - " A - ' - ' , , .ij,'1344"..., 1 fl .+L .gli ,A .L n ":!' Q , ',1, ' .fi 'g-.:,1 - . K- g lf - J- xx 1,5-:fx . H M i ru. Q -kkv V -'ff' K- r I ?"f:!13Sf+-T -7' 'Jw-" K l Nv! ' My Vp' Yr, 'I la ., HQ, , - ,N A X-S Hfxqxx ' , 4 X Q if, qv, 53 ,Q ..A - 2? 5.1 I 4" L, : R -vx, i . L-ju-H . ,Vx ,, 5 Q 'fn . ,, t ,. , - V .Q , I , x.,.: .mm 3 A Nw 5 Q .A Lx J. Qilxm ' - - -A 44' m X ' . I Vx - ' 'W .5 VU . il ly Hx '-1, J. 4 E' , I - V ivfifl' V ' 1 , . K X L ' ' 'Z S . . , x N fx i1 'I s ' A X xl , ,, .V , L . 1 f rev . f f I 1 X X X Y ' 1 f' :Q-B 'H X" 4 , 5 . N , , , X f. 1-. , f ,fffi4?ii ,9.,L4-1aw.:iH-ii,fa'5?-,:'A . . V x aw. 1- N fi! mix! nl- . qi rf , f.,. .A H inf 'iff' : 1 ' " -In f"f'.?K ' I wx. 'gf ,fl H, .. fy ,, j 5, ' A A 1 ,ff X 1 fff K .Er . N A1 E1 27 -if -' 1, ' 1 '5' ' -QM M fi f '5'- X qi X , , J JN 1 ,, ., 1 , -1 x '- ,-M ' 4 . ,, V' -A 1 V -.,, , ,. 2 vm Below: Students listen attentively as Tim Schneider, junior class representative, gives N his campaign speech for SAO Board. Through its varied extra-curricular program, Tech added fun, friendship and responsibility to the daily routine. The effort of making a 7:30 a.m. meeting or of staying after school was well rewarded by growth in leadership and cooperation. Tech's fifty organizations sponsored spelunking expeditions, chess tournaments, speech meets and public service projects. Titans learned more about future vocations through occupational clubs, earned ham radio operators' licenses, became physics experts with a laser beam, gave expression to their dramatic abilities in the all-school plays, cheered at pre-sectional pep rallies, marched in the ROTC Federal Inspection, hammered nails in Mardi Gras booths, made friends, and coped with insurmountable problems- all through Tech's organizations. Enjoying the soft Hawaiian atmosphere, royalty Patty Taylor and Stanley Neal reign over the Junior Prom. heighten enthusiasm, brighten routine The zany antics of clowns Jim Sutton and Bill Barton brought laughter to the "67" Sketchbook. In recognition of their cumulative 7-point grade average during their high school career, these seniors received white sweaters with green insignia in a special recognition program. They 8I'8, front row: Jerry Troxel, Jon Burroughs, ,lack Seibert, Gary Champion, Stephen Handy, Donn Patterson. Second Row: Neita Waldo, Donna Blount, Linda Hill, Ain Haas, Evelynn Miller, Sharon Koehler, Linda Ingle, Donald Grover, Ann Bartley, Dan Reneau, Chris Russell, Linda Herman. Fred Bremer, Paula Chambers, not pictured. Last summer, Linda Arnett, Anita Belding, Steve Handy, Danny Pride and Donna Blount were chosen for membership in a workshop held nt Indiana University. The girls attended Girls' State, and Steve and Danny went to Boys' Slate, each group for a week. Actual functioning in mock political situations gave them practical experience in government. Commended as an outstanding student hy the National Achievement Scholarship Program, Charles William Johnson looks forward to a college career. Above: Dan Reneau assists in a French class after having acquired an authentic accent, perfected last summer in the l.U. Honors Abroad program. While Dan visited in France, Neita Waldo, below, outstanding Latin pupil, was honored in the same pro- gram with a trip to Italy where she studied. 41529 150 3' 'err . 1 ' Sharon Koehler proudly displays the Free- dom's Foundation plaque denoting Tech's consistent record of citations by the organi- zation since 1951 in interpreting the American Way of Life. Sharon and Miss LaVon Whitmire, Tech art teacher, were this year's representatives for the Valley Forge Pilgrimage. department head. Tech's participants in the Indianapolis High School Science Seminar are shown above. F rom Row: George Blythe, Jr., Dan Auhle, Tim Wand, Rachelle Lee, John Farley, department head. Back Row: Dan Reneau, Ain Haas, Harry Benson, Robert Kares, Keith Williams, Louis Allen, Bright Titans add luster to Tech name Titans of 1968 excelled in many areas to bring honors to Tech. Participation in speech, music, and athletic contests reaped awards for individual and team efforts. Honored for past performance, several Techites attended Hoosier Boys' and Girls' State, while achievement on special tests resulted in commendation for some in national scholarship programs. Tech itself received national recognition as a superior high school and sent Techites across the nation to Philadelphia and Tucson to represent the school at awards programs. Ain Haas and Linda Herman attained the statins of semi-finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Examination. Homecoming queen candidates and their escorts, nominated from each senior roll room, enjoy box seats for the game. Front Row: Jill Armstrong and Tom Adams, Roll Room 1903 Jacqueline Dixon and Joe Eads, Roll Room 1535 Frankie Peters and Danny Pride, Roll Room 400. Second Row: Marlene McCarty and Stuart Lawrence, Roll Room 73 Queen Patty Taylor and Gary Yaeger, Roll Room 6, and Linda Hodges and Bill Hodgson, Roll Room 300. ueen ignites brilliant Homecoming Brisk autumn weather caused many Techites to pull their coats closer as they awaited the beginning of Techis Homecoming Game against Scecina. When the Titans scored a touchdown in the fuust fifteen seconds, many anticipated victory for Tech. Even though the Crusaders went on to win with a score of 35-14, the evening wasn't a complete disappointment for Titan fans. Throughout the game Tech's vivacious varsity and reserve cheerleaders led chants of encouragement for the Titan players. As always during half-time, the band played lively tunes to brighten spirits. Majorettes displayed their talents in a variety of routines. Crowning the Homecoming queen was the high point of the night. The court included Jill Armstrong, Jackie Dixon, Linda Hodges, Marlene McCarty and Frankie Peters honoring Queen Patty Taylor. Bright flaming fireworks that soared upward toward the stars added the finishing touch to an evening that might have been perfect. W ok 431.5 3' FN 4 Pre-game pep talks resulted in a 6-O lead in the first fifteen seconds of the game, but, later, Coach Carlos Bell returns to the bench to urge the Titans to "fight a little harder." Amid the band and maforette corps half-time show, Mr. Long- shore and Karen Darland crown senior Patty Taylor as queen of the 1967 Homecoming. As her most important royal act, Queen Patty lit the fuse to the Key Cluh's S135 firework display. Amusing school spirit and supporting the Titans was the main task of the Tech cheerleaders. Sparking enthusiasm as mem- bers of the varsity squad are Karen Spaw and Jill Armstrong: Patty Taylor, Joann Irwin and Becky Buchanan. Q 9 Bourbon treet draws happ throng Laughter, gaiety and light hearts against a backdrop of autumn leaves prevailed on the night of the Mardi Gras. To begin the festivities, everyone was invited to enjoy an evening meal under the hazy October 7 sky. Upon entering the gym all were swept up in a whirl of fast-paced events. Dumping mud on some unfortunate Boys' Octette member, shaving a balloon, sending a friend to jail, having the future foretold, and racing slot cars , offered amusement to all. Patrons enjoyed the traditional autumn treats- Above: From its Telegraph-a-Techile booth, the Spanish Club, spon- sored by Mrs. Maria Lagadon, contacts missing persons via the public address system. Right: Mr. Douglas Perry suffers the perils of a new teacher as the Boys Octette sells "Mud-in-the-Eye" to a succession of eager rope pullers. cider from a wooden keg and crisp candy apples Victors at the 35 booths rejoiced at winning teddy bears, straw hats, cakes and goldfish. The not-so-lucky were rewarded with rubber insects, colorful leis, whistles and paper umbrellas. Potted plants, "mod" tiger-striped berets, jewelry, and odds-and-ends separated Techites from their tickets. Climaxing weeks of campaigning, the crowning of Miss Treble Clef, Brenda Bailey and Mr. Bass Clef, Randy Brown, by Principal and Mrs. Longshore, was a victory for the band and orchestra lla law QR OM MT Preparations for the Mardi Gras explode as Debbie Kuykendall wears down crayons, misplaces marking pens and splatiers paint in un attempt to finish a Concert Club poster. r l r w QUJIXPD Kfkll Having been caught in her evil deed and thrown into jail, Cindy Lewis pleads to her friends to bail her out. ,.,. is Brenda Bailey and Randy Brown, newly crowned king and queen, bring honor to the band and orchestra respectlvely. Above: Brenda Moore at the local FTA Barber Shop finds that shaving a balloon is harder than it looks. Left: With paper lanterns and streamers creating an uir of gaiety, the Mardi Gras provided popcorn, prizes and laughs for all. 17 Miracle Worker stirs responsive audience The miracle Annie Sullivan brought about in the life of young Helen Keller gave a Tech audience a new insight into the world of the blind, but more than that, a renewed appreciation of the five senses. Blind and deaf since infancy, unable to speak, the rebellious Helen. enacted by a nine year old, posed a small revolution in her family. Drama Club members portraying the heart-broken mother, the indulgent fatherg the firm, persistent. embattled teacher gave the Tech audience a new experience in drama on both sides of the footlights. 54' ' at t, f - j" ifa I if Q f -ar ' J 'V 4 z H. d, q. ,.r,g,3,, ,fs -.wht The Miracle Worker: Front Row-Diane Wright, Patti Wythe, Kim Anderson, Linda Chronis, Pam Phillips, blind girls and pupils of Miss Sullivan. Up the stairs: Cosette Goodrum, Helen Kellerg Patri- cia Polovick, Annie Sullivang Marsha Morgan, Kate Kellerg Mark Hanna, Arthur Kellerg Don Knorr, James Keller: Linda Cornett, Aunt Ev. Top: Mike Moore, Percy: Karol Reed, Martha: Deborah lgflaishall, Viney. Side: William Barton, Agagnosg Paul Keefe, the octor. Contributing to the success of the production, the stage crew under the direction of instructor Ray Tumer work to produce an outstand- ing set for The Miracle Worker. Shown: Michael Boofer, Richard Umbarger, Steve Durham, Le'Mont Purvis, Mr. Tumer, Steve Beck- ham, Philip Graves. Battling for control and obedience of Helen Keller, her father, the captain, and her teacher, Ann Sullivan, conflict over methods of bringing Helen out of her dark world and educating her. Ann's firm discipline won out over the permissiveness of Helen's family. '1- Weeks of bitter, seemingly futile, work are rewarded as Helen Keller learns the meaning of words from teacher Annie Sullivan. Ann pounds the letters for the word water into Helen's willing hand, as she forms the word with her lips in this dramatic scene at the pump climaxing the Tech all-school play production. ,3 X N--......v"' pen house, Thanksgiving Assembl Above: Karen Darland and her mother, Mrs. Jean Darland, chat with a friend during a leisurely dinner. The occasion provided opportunity for parent conferences with teachers and for making new friendships and renewing old ones. Right: As the clock approaches the closing hour of nine, pupils Carolyn Sue Meigs and Billie Winkle pause at the door to chat with Mr. Richard Allen gf the Biology Department faculty and with Mrs. Garlan Howard. Mr. Howard also teaches io ogy. -Y . 4 W V """"" ci! 4 gy , gr ,TM , Principal Howard L. Longshore and Mrs. Longshore enjoy an informal dinner hour among col- leagues, parents and friends. On the Open House menu were chili, baked beans, coneys, potato salad, slaw, apple pie and coffee. Mrs. Harold Deem, instructor in the Evening Division, demonstrates the Print Shop's new color separation enlarger for former pupil Lawrence Miller. The only high school in the country to own this equipment, Tech first printed in full color the photo of Stuart Hall on the cover of the Open House program folder. Q 9 prove How good is Tech? Presenting the all-school Thanksgiving Assembly was the task this year of the Human Relations Committee. Top-Front Row: Paul Glaspie, Linda Chapman, Susie Clark, Marsha Allen. Second Row: Tom Leavell, Margaret Godwin, Comelia Oates, Linda Ingle. Above-Front Row: Steve Woods, Glenn Crawford, Harriet Gooch, David Cooper. Second Raw: Jim Price. Mike Hodason. Marcia Sayles. A surging audience of over 5000 pupils, teachers, and guests return to the day's rou- tine after attending the November 22, 1967, Thanksgiving assembly. Attentively watching the 1967 Thanksgiving Assembly, teachers and pupils alike register looks of interest. Coordinating the program, Mrs. Sarah Ha- mer, covsponsorg Linda Herman, president, and William Guess, co-sponsor, led the group in the panel discussion. King Jack Seibert enjoys a "royal" dance with Queen Judy McCullough at the first semi-formal dance of the year. David Griffin, Gene Wilkinson, Becky Green, ,Tack Seibert, and Evelyn McCorder take a "timeout" for a rest and snack at the "Incense and Pep- permints" dance. Incense, Peppermints song sets theme for SAO dance , , alum- evra' sn' Tim Schneider tries his hand at the interior decorating in preparation for the November 18th CVODI. A big panda bear sits majestically in his stick candy pagoda, sniffing a pot of bum- ing incense and enjoying the evening's activities. Holiday fetes use Latin, U.S. Themes Entertaining "Roman citizens" at the History Cluh's Saturnalia cele- bation, Techites Ain Haas and Warren Burris stage a wrestling ex- hibition on December 14, 1967, in the Cafeteria. Enjoying the festivities of the Satum- alia, Tech History Club members lounge in the Cafeteria. Counterclock- wise are Don Knorr, Linda Lowman, Marilyn Isbell, a guest from Arlington, Gary Etchison, Chris Russell and Sharyl Gaskins, all clad in Roman togas. A visit from Santa Claus tSgt. Fizerl brought the title of king of the ROTC Christmas dance to C!Capt. Robert Hill. Mrs. Howard Longshore adjusts the crown as Sgt. Thomas Dawson, who served as master of ceremonies, and "Santa" look on. Auctioning "slaves', for as much as 38.75, cheering for their favorite wrestler, and witnessing the "murder" of Julius Caesar made guests feel their parts as Roman patricians and plebians at the Saturnalia celebration. Tech History Club members and guests from the Arlington Latin and Howe History Clubs attended the banquet on December 14-. Toy soldiers, flags, and a Christmas tree filled with red, white, and blue lights sparked the Cafeteria with holiday spirit for the 1967-68 Military Ball December 16. Senior Donna Blount receives an early Christmas present, the tiara and roses of queen of the 1967-68 Military Ball from Principal Howard Longshore. Stephen Behlmer's band provided the music for the dance. "Sky7s the limitw for '68 Sketchbook Boarding Sketchbook Airlines for Flight 36. the audience soared to the heights with the 1968 show, "The Sky's the Limit." Using an airline travel theme, the annual student variety show was presented March 7 and 8 in the Boys' Gym. Four impressive backdrops painted bby the Stagecraft Department provided the scenery for the acts located in the New York City Airport, a German beer garden, a Mexican fiesta, aand the Tivola Circus in Copenhagen, Denmark. students in Germany polka-ed in the beer gardeng acrobats clowned at the Tivola Circus while horses, bears and gorillas danced, and the chorus waved good-bye with "Up-Up and Away" to enter tain the "world travellers" in the two-hour "sightseeing trip." Acrobats Debbie Deckard and Karen Darland entertain the audience with their gymnastic skills in a performance at the Tivoli Circus. Another Tivoli highlight was the moment when a tiny clown, played by Harold Lund, was apparently shot through the air hy a cannon. At a dress rehearsal Brenda Bailey and Nikki Hart perform to the beat of modem jazz, unaware that Steve Handy is peeking through the curtain for a sneak preview of their act. f . " , 1 .. . .- . , -.... . , . .vi .. ..-- .- iw if . .QL-1' I A Lf- X-:wa S ,I Y , i Q ...S R M Q X fy Q ! gwwgmfsn V 'l' ,X ".',. 3 5 R ., N A 5 Wk, 'Q 1? Qd!' -k , - Activities Breezing along with Tech's extracurricular program, Snoopy joined Techites in a great variety of activities. Entertainment and education mixed as pupils participated in the many club-sponsored events. Some were leadersg others, followers. Teachers, printers, nurses and radiomen emerged in vocationally related clubs. Techites learned to share with school, community, country and world through the service clubs. Spanish club members, Albert Quintana, Tom Leavell, and Paula Espinosa try their Classfelated Clubs 2111215 at a little music after working on their extended the educational process, nstmas pmm' while other organizations offered outlets for self-expression, relaxation and fun. Q - 52 1 ri,- , ug V, SAO Board-Front Row: Debbi Deckard, Libby Wright, Cladis Gor- Clark, Linda Herman, Tim Schneider, Bill Buckley, Thea Masters, re don, Ani!!! Beldillg, C0rrCS1J0nding secretaryq Karen Darland, Debbi cording secretary: Linda Ingle, Sharon Koehler, Mrs. Martha Turpin Barnes, vice-president, Linda Amett. Second Row: Debbie Roddy, sponsor. Fourth Row: Rex Marshall, Steve Handy, treasurerg Jack S Patty E. Taylor, Cindy Lewis, Vicci Nahas, Donna Blount, parliamen- Seihert, presidentg Danny Pride, Stuart Lawrence, Jerry A. Bean, ser tariang Becky Green, Dora Hart, Cetsy Hopkins. Third Row: Susan geant-at-arms: John Hilton, Gary Champion. Right: SAO Board members and honored guests enjoy the annual Christmas banquet held De- cember 9 in the Student Center. Above: Gary Champion, Rex Marshall, William Buckley, Jer- ry Bean, Tim Schneider, and Stuart Lawrence take time out from waiting on tables to sing for the dinner guests. Below: A corridor in 'The Main' converts to a kitchen as Thea Masters, and Anita Belding prepare dressing for the evening's dinner. The ruffles belong to Susan Clark. A we-rgfuffier E 1 11 fr "v ' :mmf-.Hynix 'tm-at l SAO heads student body, entertains guests Off to a running start with the elec- tion of new members, the Student Af- fairs Organization proceded to a busy calendar of events. Mardi Gras be- hind them, they sponsored Incense and Peppermints, the fall dance. A month later came the Christmas dinner for Board members and their parents. During the week of visitation by a committee of the North Central As- sociation, Principal Longshore and guests briefed the representative body of SAO at an assembly. They then carried the message to their roll rooms. Later, a reception for alumni and finally a May Breakfast rounded out the year's activities. As part of the festive program Santa Claus, impersonated by Cary Champion, presents a Christ- mas planter to Principal and Mrs. Howard Longshore. Before performing a dance routine, Karen Darland and Debbi Deckard patiently await the arrival of Saint Nicholas. SAO Roll Room representatives become attentive as president ,lack Seibert opens a meeting in the Forum. On the stage are Prin- cipal Longshore and members of the North Central Association Evaluation Committee. The educators visited the school for four days during December. Serving a traditional Christmas menu, Jerry Bean, one of seven waiters at the annual Christmas Dinner, mingles among some hundred guests at the Student Center. Club, Council, Committee promote school affairs Combining their energies, the Key Club set forth to provide services. Re- sponsible for collecting foods for needy families, members received assistance from Tech roll rooms. In keeping with their motto, the Key Club also rang bells for the Salvation Army. Expanding friendship and goodwill among Techites was the aim of the Human Relations Committee. At the Thanksgiving assembly, the committee staged a meeting, presenting their reasons for being thankful. Included on the agenda was a visit to Public School 101. Members addressed incoming September freshmen on reasons for staying in school and opportunities at Tech. Held on March 8, the Junior Council election gave juniors the chance to choose those classmates they wanted as representatives. After the 12-member council was chosen they set about or- ganizing an agenda including plans for the Junior Prom and Junior Career Day. Key Club-Front Row: Harry Downing, Kent Sweeney, Larry Borden, Roger Collins, Stephen Handy, president, Martin Toney, Charles Silvey, Roger Lee Stark, Donn Patterson, secretary. Second Row: ,lack King, Robert McClain, Guy Luttrell, Donald Wilkinson, .lack Seibert, Thomas Leavell, Harry Benson, David Rose, Larry Auble, Tim Schneid- er. Third Row: .lack Harmon, Leo Condos, Steve Funke, Steve Whaley, treasurer, Stanley Neal, James Swinford, John Hilton, Larry Peters, Bob Medcalf, Mahlon Carlock, sponsor. Fourth Row: Michael Hodgson, Alan Duckett, Clifton Scott, Richard Baylor, Kent Clark, Larry Briles, William Hodgson, Gary Yeager. Fifth Row: Bill Beck, .loc Eads, Stuart Lawrence, Alvin Lee, Gary Sanders, Tom Adams, Larry Anderson, Russell Nichoalds, Tom Hickey, Allan Roberts, Zoltan Veegh. At the chili supper Key Club members offered their services for a clean- up detail, collecting food trays and delivering them to the cafeteria kitchen. Taking a break from their Open House duties are Jim Swinford, Roger Collins, .loe Eads, and Allan Roberts. 'Y Junior Council-Front Row: Becky Green. Connie Oates, Karen Spaw, Rachelle Lee. Second Row: Cheryl Medlock, Linda Chambers, Gail Collins, Mary Chew. Third Row: Sylvester Ed- wards, Larry Peters, Keith Chaney. Stephen Woods, not pictured. ,ge Human Relations Committee-Front Row: Marcia Sayles, Linda Chapman, Harriet L. As part of a Human Relations project, Paul Glaspie gives junior high pupils an idea of what high school means to him. Human Relations Committee sponsors Mrs. Sarah Hamer and William Guess and mem- bers Paul Glaspie, Susan Clark, Margie Godwin, and Linda Herman are shown at an early moming meeting. Here, they dis- cuss and exchange ideas concerning plans for a trip to Public School 101. At 101 they presented these ideas to eighth grade guid- ance classes. Gooch, Margaret E. Godwin, Marsha Allen, secretary, David Cooper. Second Row: Susan Clark, Stephen Woods, Connie Oates, Glenn Crawford, William Guess, sponsor. Third Row: Linda Herman, president, Michael Hodgson, Paul Glaspie, vice-president: .lim Price, Tom Leavell, Linda Ingle. Not pic- tured: Mrs. Sarah Hamer, sponsor. Left: Steve Handy and Donn Patterson of Tech's Key Club, ring bells for the Salvation Amny Christmas Fund. , s.xiXaa 'Q l l Sports Editor Kurt Grindstaff, posing as Schroeder for the yearbook kick-off, aban- doned both team statistics and piano to dis- tribute peanuts tags to Cannon agents. n 'S , or 35 FFF , fs ,sa I rj ' I ng. ' if f Linda Herman Editor-in-Chief A trip to Franklin College on October 21, 1967 for the Indiana High School Press As- sociation meeting eamed these Cannon Kid- dies new ideas in Joumalism. Attending the annual conference: Margie Godwin, Bill Barton, Mary Loudermilk, Sharon Smith, Twanetta Witsman, Libby Wright, Donna Hartle. Efficienc , devoted effort pa off for Yearbook taff Meeting the March 15 deadline, re- quired effort and hard work from each of the 32 staff members. Photographers took pics of the "happenings" on cam- pus, in classrooms, at games, dances and assemblies. Relating the action was the task of copy writers. Reporting, writing, correcting, and typing fin- ished copy consumed many hours. Ar- ranging pics and copy on the page in the best possible order employed those staffers having a knowledge of layout. Techites new to staff worked in the areas best suited them. Unfamiliar terms such as gutter, spread, scalo- Q32- . i Liege 1 51: Stuart Lawrence Art and Layout Editor graph, flush, and crop became com- monly used by new staffers as they acquired knowledge of yearbook procedure. Cannon kiddies concerned with pro- motion wrote slogans, painted posters, and tied ribbons around peanuts in preparation for the selling campaign. Charlie Brown, Schroeder, Lucy, and Linus appeared in the kick-off skit. To relax between work sessions, staffers enjoyed parties and trips deal- ing with yearbook functions. Press conventions, movies, and parties rounded out the year. Kathleen Woempner, Donna Hartle, Twan- etta Witsman, Senior Editors , O TQ. D is f ,Q I . 55 .. lim .-M. 'B , . IF A K W an ' Q T W if , 'M ff 5 , B v ff, L , 1, A 1 X, ' k ' 2. 3 T ,, mf - . - u N. gy. yr -1 : ,ff Y? . air? v 'ff 5.2111 35 x E 'h ' rv l'-if EQ' wt 5, Q Ayr Ag Wu 519.15 52- -f",x -kc 3.3 ' V ' wyigaxx ' A Ja .1 vm ' ,, .,AA,, J . .VWL A ,Q Qwrgg 1' x 33529: Lively staff creates first-class paper Publishing a weekly newspaper re- quired the combined efforts of report- ers, editors, typists and messengers. With pencils and pads in hand report- ers set out seeking the latest news con- cerning sports, dances, clubs, and vari- ous school events. Editorials presenting the opinions of students appeared in each issue. Sports coverage from the student's point of view gave readers an insight into the reasons for defeat or victory. Keeping pace with school activities, the Cannon weekly reported newsworthy events throughout the year. Pam Hedrick Page One Editor Mary Loudermilk Linda Ingle Editor-in-chief Page Three Editor Sharon Smith Page Two Editor Larry Peters Sports Editor Cannon Weekly Staff-Front Row: Nancy Mackey, Beverly Wood, Betty Van Duyn, Mary Morgan, Debbi Deckard, Brendaana Grundy, Mary Grant, Cecil Tresslar, adviser and director of publications. Second Row: Kay Harrison, Frances Bender, Linda Chronis, Delores Colbert, Debbie Roddy, Carolyn Hand. Third Row: Nina Lusk, D. Scott Smith, Dennis Ingle, Pam Hedrick, Susan Tripp, Cindy Lewis, Barbara Cole. Fourth Row: Nikki Hamilton, Mary Loudermilk, Joe Eads, Bill Bar- ton, Larry Peters, Ginny Brand, Sharon Smith, Linda Ingle. Mary Loudermilk, Secretary of the 1966-67 Indiana High School Press Association, receives a memento for her work from Mrs. Barbara Baynes, 1966-67 faculty division president. This portrait of Miss Ella Sengenberger, Cannon yearbook and weekly adviser, 1919-1959, was unveiled at t11e annual banquet of the Arsenal Cannon Alumni Association. Norman Brinsley, found- er and former president, accepts the painting from Earl Snellen- berger, former Cannon Kiddie and artist. km XX -' . -J-- f M' 'ili M' Quill ami Scroll-Front Row: Margie Godwin, Pamela Hedrick, Libby Wright. Second Row: Sharon Smith, Bill Barton, Linda Herman, Linda ,- With page proof due in the Print Shop, staffers hold a conference Ingle- on capitalization. They are Jon Burroughs, Karen Wetherell, Cor- nilia Oates and Richard Swan. 'K 2125 The weekly distribution problem of the Cannon is solved as roll room agents swarm to the little brown envelopes in the Cafeteria .aim -,-.--nun. 1 for their allotment of newspapers. ff-1-N' Don Knorr and Patty Fagan look on as Wil- liam Barton decides the fate of a soul in "Two-Hundred Years to Deck a Hall." The play, one of many William Barton originals, concems the visit of an earth-bound angel. i ii X Thespians-Front Row: Kathy Capshaw, Larry Borden, secretary-clerk-treasurerg Pam Hedrick, Carline Amold, Sylvia Milam, Mar- garet Wilson, Mrs. D. L. Webber, sponsor. Second Row: Marty Bottoms, Don Knorr, Ross A. McCormick, Bobby Camal, Mary Loudermilk, vice-president. Third Row: Bill Dyke, Joe Eads, president: David Griffin, William A. Barton, Mark Hanna, Paul Keefe. Linda Chromls anxiously awaits her debut as Mrs, Hilsby in the "Truly Weds," Drama Club presentation at the Mardi Gras. Play- ing her husband was Gary Wright. Many days spent after school in rehearsals were rewarded in the successful performance of The Miracle Worker. The moving story of Helen Keller's childhood presented her great ambi- tion to overcome the handicaps of deafness and blindness. Members of the cast: Mark Hanna, Don Knorr, Linda Cornett, Cosette Goodrum, Marsha Morgan. Thespians stage serious drama, comedies Personifying the motto of the stage, the show must go on," Tech actors presented their original Mardi Gras plays in Room 402 of the gym at the October 7 festival. Four plays, "The Truly Weds," "The Flunkies," "The Intraitorsf' and "The Spies of Lifef' exhibited Titan writing as well as act- ing abilities. A wiener roast at Mrs. Webber's home and special initiation of Thes- pians were on the fall social agenda. The all-school play "The Miracle Worker" entertained near-capacity au- diences in the Forum, November 16-17. Christmas activities centered on the production of "Two Hundred Years To Deck a Hall," a comedy about an earth-bound angel named Erwin. Wil- liam Barton, junior, wrote the play. cc "Two-Hundred Years"-Kim Anderson, Lar- ry Borden, Patty Fagan, Harold Lund, Mar- garet Wilson, Sylvia Milan, Paul Glaspie, Geneva Lang, Diane Wright, Pamela Phillips. i 5 f Drama Club-Front Row: Diana Biggerstaff, Patti Wythe, Harold Lund, Patty Fagan, Robert Childs, Richard Swan, Margaret Wilson, Linda Quackenbush, Mary Grant, Kathy Capshaw. Second Row: Mari- lyn Isbell, Linda Chronis, Sylvia Milam, Carline Arnold, secretary: Gary Wright, Patsy Ransom, Mary Loudermilk, Cindy Lewis, Kim An- derson, Mrs. Doris Webber, sponsor. Third Row: Larry Borden, Carol Mitchell, Marty Bottoms, Pamela Phillips, Bobby Carnal, Lee Ann Eads, Betty Beverly, Annetta Parnell, Pam Hedrick, Robin Ends. Fourth Row: Don Knorr, Paul Keefe, Bill Dyke, Charles Abernathy, David Griffin, Clark Long, William Barton, presidentg Mark Hanna, Joe Eacls, Ross McCormick. , f Debate Team-Front Row: Mrs. Barbara Machin, sponsor, Gladis Gorden, Karen Van Auken, Alfreda Lee, Kathy Greig, Donna Herring, George Armstrong. Second Raw: Mary Ann Thompson, ,lenette Ezell, Anthony Covington, .lan Morris, Angela Dotson, Mike Trittipo. Third Row: Paul Keefe, Donna Farris, Robert Ingels, co-captain, William Barton, Debbie Kuykendall, Betty Beverly, Mary Loudermilk, co-captain. Speech Team-Front Row: Nancy Mackey, Kathy Greig, Brenda Barringer, Karol Reid, Mark Cosby, Jan Morris, Sally Harding. Second Raw: Wanda Rhodes, Mary Ann Thompson, Marsha Morgan, Debbie Marshall, Mary Loudermilk, Pam Hedrick, Kim Anderson, Mrs. Alice Coodrum, coach. Third Row: Greg Porter, Robert Ingels, Mark Hanna, Kyle F ort, William Barton, Leo Condos, William Buckley. Nina Rogers. l .. A fx In defense of the negative cause, Mary Louder- milk and Robert Ingels prepare their information and work diligently in filing it in the card file. National Forensic League-Front R o w : Nancy Mackey, Kathy Greig, Patsy Ransom, Mary Ann Thompson, David Cooper, .lan Morris. Second Row: Mike Trittipo, Marsha Morgan, Mary Loudermilk, Pam Hedrick, Donald Whitecotton, Mrs. Alice Goodrurn, sponsor. Third Row: Linda Herman, Donna Farris, Greg Porter, Kyle Fort, William Bar- ton, Leo Condos. N -Q , L 1 5 A H ln' 5 , x A 2 f i LSE :3 A .g.. ,W . 'Was 'llama 'MQ isbn. """m ff- -L MU' W PM S bf . x-.i w f A A J ... Techoir-Front Row: Randy Brown, Libby Wright, Tom Adams, Anita Belding, co-presidentg William Moon, direc- torg Jerry Bean, co-president: Debbi Bames, Jack Seibert, Judy McCullough. Second Row: Jo Ann Irwin, Brenda Bailey, Linda Hodges, Vicci Nahas, Linda Chapman, Linda Phillips, Donna Proffitt, Fran Bender, Kathy Woempner, Diana Wright, Patty Wythe, Nikki Hart, Eugenia Smith, Janelle Boykin, Phyllis Brock, Margaret Curry, Linda Fore- man, Debbi Roddy, Maureen Mills, Nikki Hamilton, Rebec- ca Luttrell, Frankie Freeman, Linda Chambers, Karen Beem. Third Row: Teresa While, Mary Reynolds, Lynn Boniils, Sherry Chandler, Donn Patterson, Phil Howard, Techoir seasonal concerts entertain city Members of the 1967 Techoir join in "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" at the annual spring concert at the World War Memorial. From Room 648 the fifth period each day came sounds of guys and gals gaily singing light, airy tunes. Members especially enjoyed taping their annual Christmas record, with lunch at a nearby restaurant. Laughter resounded as customers stopped to view 75 teenagers streaming in the door. The choir went caroling downtown, at Monument Circle, on the escalators of a department store, and at the City- County building, ending with a lunch- eon in Ayres' Tea Room for the hun- gry singers. Heading the agenda of spring ac- tivities was the annual Spring Concert presented at the World War Memorial. Larry Stoltz, Herbert Williams, Kent Sweeney, Don Wilkin- son, Ross McCormick, .lon Burroughs, Rod Lewis, Charles Ahemathy, Dan Reneau, Keith Chaney, Steve Thompson, Kathy Volstad, Cynthia Cooper, Harriet Gooch. Fourth Row: Marty Bottoms, Susan Clark, Thea Masters, Tim Schneider, Thomas Garrett, Clifton Scott, Dennis Alexan- der, Larry Anderson, Steve Kleifgen, Tom Shaughnessy, Mike Griffin, John Hilton, Mike Brummett, Allen Glover, Charles Rice, Jerry Troxel, Steve Whaley, David Griffin, Steve Handy, Virginia Brand, Eva Miller, Terry Boyd. Left: Mrs. Fanning, at the piano, joins Techoir musicians in providing the special effects for the 1967 Christmas record. Above: Caroling on the Monument Circle highlighted the group's Christmas presentations, as the Techoir later spread holiday joy at the City-County Building frightl. Upper Right: Tired Techoir members relax after a day-long recording session during Thanksgiving vacation. This was the fifteenth year the Techoir has recorded their Christmas music, and members sold 1000 copies. Selections on the 1967 disc included a calypso num- ber, "Mary's Little Boy Chile," and the traditional "Christmas Is .... " Girls Ensemble-at piano: Thea Masters, Evelyn Martin, director. Standing: Margaret Curry, Members of the Boys Queue uham it upv in Linda Foreman, -Phyllis Brock, Vicci Nahas, Martha Bottoms, Teresa White, Fran Bender, a practice session for one of their many KathYV01Stadf Lmda ChaPman' programs. David Griffin, Rod Lewis, John Seibert, Phil Howard, and Donn Patterson. Boys Octette-Front Row: Linda Phillips, accompanistg Ross McCormick, .lack Seibert, Phillip gogvaird, Donn Patterson. Second Row: Randy Brown, John Hilton, David Griffin, Clifton Scott, o ewls. He never raises his eyebrows like that when he sings! So what's he doing? He must be responding to one of Mr. Perry's shock- ing statements to the octette, of which Randy Brown is a member. Ensembles warhle through hectic social calendar The Boys Octette is one of the oldest singing groups in Indianapolis. The highlight of the year was the banquet, given by the current octette for the previous members, to renew friend- ships. The Melodayres presented a Christ- mas concert at Greenwood Shopping Center and also at Stoeffer's. They sang "White Christmas" with Miss In- diana of '65 as soloist while Miss In- diana of '67 ice skated. When most of the students of Tech were taking it easy during Teachers' Convention, the Girls Ensemble was busy with a concert at the Marott Hotel. The girls sang a few of their favorite selections which included "More" and '4Blowing in the Wind." Members of the Girls Ensemble are busy learning their parts for the program in the Forum, January 23 and for the vocal con- test, February 3. Melodayres-Front Row: Linda Hodges, Donna Proffitt, Libby Wright, nathy, Thomas Adams, Steve Kleifgeng Jerry Bean, Stephen Handy, Diana Wright, Nikki Hart, Debbi Barnes, Judy McCullough, Linda. Tim Schneider. Chambers. Second Row: Keith Chaney, Dan Reneau, Charles Aher- , .u . . V I , The three besseslof 'the.Melodayres, Keith Chaney, DanfgReriegu, and Charles Aher- nathy, put their. heads together to decipher their part in "fl,ie,new number the group is attempting. ' .' ,fwfr h r 1.-"f-'W 1 ' avi-.. , X' 0 t A Girls' Concert Club-Front Row: Christine Ping, Donna Coverstone, Vickie Hunt, Olevia Gorden, Kathy Greig, Cheryl Medlock, Debby Clark, Marilyn Frost, Sherry Burks, vice-president: Karen Spaw, Rachelle Lee, Sue Sprinkle, Mary Reed, Sandy Cabell, Myra Duff, treasurer. Second Row: Janice Marshall, Claudia Couse, Donna Green, Stella Armour, Sue Rose, .ludy Core, .lanice Clark, Rochelle Lee, Mary Reneau, Judie Walton, Velma Hollowell, Karen Darland, Jerry Above: At the Concert Club Christmas party, members Linda Finchum and Donna Cover- stone make tinsel trimmings to decorate the teacher, Mrs. Fanning, as they celebrate the spirit of the season. Right: Mrs. Fanning directs as Girls Concert Club members give her their best in practice for a performance. Dillahay. Third Row: Sharon Mclntosh, Annetta Purnell, Linda Brady, Frankie Graham, Eileen Hart, presidentg Denise Hickerson, Debbie Kuykendall, Connie Oates, Cindy Lewis, Bonnie Dalton, Mil- dred Mahone, Cheryl Hamilton, Debbie Jones, Linda Finchum, sec- retary. Front: Anna Marie Hinton, accompanistg Mrs. Sandra Fan- ning, sponsor. l t uys, gals vocalize for programs, assemblies To the nervously shaking students backstage, Mrs. Sandra Fanning was a welcome sight. Her pre-performance clowning took away all the bad mem- ories of hard labor for the past two months and replaced them with fun and a feeling of accomplishment. After calming down, the Girls Concert Club opened the Christmas Concert with the lively "Christmas Party." The grand finale was sparked by their version of "Sleigh Ridef' After a brief pause for Christmas vacation, the Girls Concert Club began training again-this time for the Spring Festival. A total of eleven new songs made up their program. Joining with other music groups, the Boys Concert Club participated in the Christmas assembly. Comprising the remainder of their agenda were the All-City Boys' Concert Festival, annual spring concert, and a picnic on campus. Neither sweet and soft nor loud and lusty, Kyle Fortls voice rings out with enthusiasm as he joins the Boys Concert Club in a rehearsal of a Bach Chorale. ,QV ligase' Boys Concert Club-Front Row: Stephen W. Hooker, James Ingram, Smith, Stanley Broadus, William Hart, Phillip Street Johnny Puckett Kenneth Roach, Jeffore Esoh. Bill Buckley, Dale Bowman, Douglas James Brown. Third Row: John Brown David Bailey Billy Taylor Perry, sponsor. Second Row: Guy Luttrell, Clarence Chandler, David Kyle Fort, Alfred Ford, Dennis Huxley, James R Johnson xiffy f t ,ggi 2:1 if X UA :ff Ni, W M le . ' , rv if f ,lin 1 1 'A 4? 5, , A 3 4 ' IQ H 1 X - , " - 1 gg Vg R K , .. . . s , Q ,,f"' si' ..i Y' , -'-u mg , if ' f f ' Vg, gil- fr, 5 , 'MQ , f , , X V' K - 'S W--v--xfwfwm.-v,.Q V. , -mx mg, , A 3, mf V ' Af? L' A. 5 ' x k N"?MQQ,f: V r he ' fi r 'b lf k ' A T Y N ff A wwww ii , 'N mf' I --Ibm. I inns-1 5 if xg 5 mg gp, Q45 Q xi.. " s,kx, ,AES A y nu-..... u YQA 5 -.,,t,. . Q QM ' A Q? Kam we f , ' Z - YLQHT Lf, Q 1 if T91 , .J Y, Lawrence, James Black, Dan Beight, Dun Reneau, Don Wright. Standing: John White, directory Al Watson, James Campbell, Mary Reneau, Larry Parkey, Ken Matthews, Dor- othea Barlow, Marcia Witsman, Jacqueline Luswell. Orchestra, String Ensemble pla for school, eommumt funetmns Under John White, the new director, orchestra members practiced, not only in class, but on their own. Through purchase of many new music selections this year, the group broadened its rep- ertoire. Moreover, many members had the opportunity to observe top orches- tras at work in concerts and music shows. Keeping with tradition, the Orches- tra performed at Eastgate Shopping Center, assemblies and the Band-0r- chestra Concert. Programs, programs! That is a good description of the past year for the String Ensemble. The group took many engagements to help defray the cost of the new outfits. Richard Kem, Tech Orchestra, coaxes mel- low notes from the cello. String Ensemble-Bob Davis, first violing Maureen Mills second violin Cheryl Buck cello Bruce Polson, pianog Hettie Bond, viola. f X 3 f 1 ,Q lg ,. .1 A A rx W 'xg yQ'K . ff , 'H YL ,Q 14, .,, it If QR In 'Na XX V 32 NX 35mm F EK . 4 L- 1 A ' .gf3t1""'Liv:'f' G A V A4fLW,v! N?kg. ,,,f.,, .t'R,4 f ,, , 1 'Xi 4 +: A Q, M'-v-1f-u'g'3f ' in " , 1a :sT,,, xg --, 44, A 9' , 1 :L 7 fx X42 x, f W it , , ' XX X , I ' . -..',-,Q A, j,"fg I EWU, F- 5 X 41. - ix 4. .. Q. . Nw . iiiy ,S ' -mx-Mgfl if 5,0 f?.,..-an L wfL3f,gpiQ 1' Q39 'UO Xpfdi Pi 'av fi? ' ff ww gr-. .? Q' 59" ,,W . my 4, ,jx xx is 5 R37 3 Q Q53-ii, E593 , 1 , MX w5 , E Q 'Q-FX Q- B W if if 5 9 1 iw! .' ,..v if 5,451 36 . . gg 'K W hifi gi ii vs 53332 4 ai iw 'S ai, QK1 ,M Q iff f . 1' -u,QQi, A gf ,NT X 1 X 4 Q?- E N! gf ' .,X -.-. 1 , ,- 'U- 'F . 1, -.p. ..1." 1-. .f. .. ,gn 9 we n x "M ' E? 5 3 5 ug "' gg 23:g:.fLfAsg ENN 3 35... a.A-Q :F Ft? S 2 ff, 4 N' .. , , -L. Y wrwy .3- Nmxh """"l' ,""I- S'-I - ,-un-s--v l If Q 2 -ku ajorettes sparkle in precision routines Twirling barons, marching feet signal another rehearsal of the majorette corps as they perfect a new routine. Front Row: Mary ,lane Peterman, Sherry Burks, Nikki Hart. Second Row: Sharon Smith, Judy McCullough. Each day the ninth period, the Tech majorettes trooped into the girl's gym to prepare routines for the half-time performances at football and basketball games. Twice a week the majorettes were given instructions in new rou- tines by Mrs. Mary L. Chandler. Dis- cussion of problems, practice sessions, and inspection composed the weekly schedule of events. The biggest problem faced by the majorettes was a uniform appearance. To achieve perfection the girls' make-up, hairstyles, and costumes were as similar as possible. Shades of make-up adopted were pink blush, jade green eye-shadow, brown eye-liner, and million-dollar red lipstick. Cooper, Brenda Bailey, Mary Jane Peterman, Eileen Hart. Second Raw: Scott, Linda Cook. Louri K1'UPiCk8, MHFSIIH Sayles. Patty Curtin, BCCM' Terri Sultzer, Sharon Smith, Marilyn Frost, Judy McCullough, Janet Wfighlr CHl'0lYH Hand- Service Club-Front Row: Nancy Bottoms, Libbi Michaels, Janet Doly, Debby Clark, Karen Spaw, Paula Mitchell, Peggy Brown, Rosalynn Roth, Sue Meigs. Second Row: .ludith McBride, sponsor: Sherry Brannon, corresponding secretaryg Joyce Goodwin, Janet Doll, Marsha Shewman, Donna Miller, recording secretary: ,lane Stewart, Barbara Cole, Mary Moore, Rosalind Burns. Third Row: Frances Bender, presidentg Billie Winkle, .lanice Goodwin, Teresa Remmetter, Ivan Johnson, Terry Sands, Linda Spaw, Johnnie Williams, Bill Buckley. Fourth Row: Annetta Parnell, Donna Blount, vice-president: Sharon Koehler, Lee Ann Ends, Vicki Raker, Chris Copeland, Alfred L. Ford, Vickie Kendall, Mary McDonald, Jerry Dillahay. ervice projects expand Tech's influence Emphasizing service to school and community, the Tech Service Club com- bined fun with hard work during the '67-'68 year. In the spring, members prepared for their annual cleanup campaign. "Don't throw itg bag if'- represented their theme. Fall activities focused primarily on Mardi Gras and Homecoming. A "Be hip and sip" slogan attracted customers to the Mardi Gras cider booth. Home- coming mums promoted the game and festivities surrounding it. Combining a membership drive with community service programs, the High School Red Cross sent party boxes to children's hospitals and orphanages. They entertained mental hospital pa- tients and packed the traditional wooden chest sent to Viet Nam. Organizing trips and projects to benefit themselves and others was the primary aim of the Y-Teens. A tour of the Indiana University campus gave the girls an opportunity to have an in- side glimpse of college life. Highlights were browsing through a bookstore and viewing Foster dormitory and its facilities. Christmas caroling and a Yuletide dinner rounded out the year. Lighting a candle of leadership, Ronald Fagan is installed as treasurer of the Tech Service Club. Judy McBride, sponsor, conducted the initiation ceremony held in the Student Center on Tuesday, November 14, 1967. The ceremony was open to all Service Club members and their parents and was followed by a reception. ...,.s..-.-.a-naw. High School Red Cross Club-Front Row: Teresa Freeman, Linda Ford, Cheryl Medlock, Cathy Ressinger, Sally Harding, Eileen Green, Debbi Barnes, vice-president, Linda Hodges, Debbie Rentsch. Second Row: Nina Lusk, Linda Arnett, Linda Rinehart, Danita Carter, Mary Manningham, Peggy Lee, Connie Bennett, Becky Buchanan, treasurer, Rota Campbell, Hester Hale, sponsor. Third Row: Margaret Curry, Patty Kelly, Teresa Strong, ,lane Stewart, Marsha Shewman, Rochelle Lee, Rachelle Lee, Mary Moore, Judy McCullough. Fourth Row: Bar- bara Cole, Linda Foreman, Diana Matthews, Patty Taylor, recording secretaxyg Kris Tomescu, Denise Hickerson, Teresa White, Linda Spaw, JoAnn Irwin, president, Karen Spaw, Phyllis Brock. Fifth Row: Candy Dobkins, Rita Faidley, Beverly Funke, Vicci Nahas, Dorothea Barlow, Pam Roots, Terry Sands, Jerry Dillahay, Thea Masters, Cindy Mentis, Linda Herman, Susan Clark, corresponding secretary. Y-Teens-Front Row: Priscilla Burris, Geraldine Bond, Joan Douglas, Carol Evans, Deborah Thomas, Georgia Miller, Hettie L. Bond, secretary. Second Row: Debra E. Ryle, Bettey Mallory, Pamela Maxwell, Peggy Curtis, Martha Wyss, Susan Bettis, sponsor. Third Row: Diane Dalton, Pamela Marshall, Glenda Palmore, Shirley Carroll, Jenette Ezell, Jearlean Price, Salathiel Burris, program chairman. Fourth Row: Patti Woods, Sandy Green, president, Sylvia Griffin, Willa Mae Price, Donna Ruth Farris, Vivi Cork, Mildred Mahone, vice-president. 'Yr s , , ri QAMQSMA i A r iifzrt s -fe e Q' "Y" 2 X 1 is s Y . . . E Above: Posting advanced publicity on their 3 annual fund-raising drive, members of the Tech chapter of the High School Red Cross Club decorated windows and walls with their "5Oth Anniversity" placards. Left: Awed by the size and beauty of Indiana University, members of the Tech Y-Teens Club joined in the YWCA-sponsored campus tour, led by an I.U. coed, on Thursday, October 26, 1967. 5 E F 1 E 2 1 E , 5 . 3 f Q 2 5 5 3 l 2 3 3 Q 3 5 3 I pm , N 5 x . in Affvxlgrx "' '-J' 'ff' 'V Natural Science Club-Front Row: Christina Bennett, Bonnie Dalton, Kathy Delaney, Marsha Witsman, secretaryg Donna Green, Mary Morgan, presidentg Dick Allen, sponsor. Second Row: Karen Wetherell, Dennis Huxley, Larry Anderson, Ronnie Ellis, Twanetta Witsman, Stephen Decker. Caves, generator intrigue science clubs Equipped with lanterns, flashlights, and helmets, Natural Science students braved through the back-breaker of Sullivan's cave. Ater the M-mile, 4-V2-foot stoop, a narrow corridor led to the mountain room. Students of the Chemistry-Physics Club rebuilt a long-dormant generator. Sanding off corrosion and replacing fanhelt and contacts kept the junior scientists in unbearable anxiety. An- other project was the cave trip, at Wayne's Cave, postponed to February 24. isa Q37 if 5 5 Chemistry-Physics Club: William Tozer, sponsorg Timothy Wand, Robert Kares, Keith Williams Geneva Trotter. 4-Nm!" s Looking for a spark of life, Mr. Allen, de- partment head, visits the Chemistry-Physics Club helping Mr. Tozer prime the pump us- ing a small generator to revive the larger one. Left massive and intricate, the static gen- erator challenges Mr. Tozer and the five members of the Chemistry-Physics Club. Above: An Egyptian mummy case stares enigmatically at History Club visitors in the art gallery on the Indiana University campus. Right: History Club members and guests confer before the Roman Banquet. They are: Marilyn Isbell, Diana Biggerstaff, two guests from Arlington High School, Lisa Schulte, Tech teacher. Facing them: Richard Clutter, Tech History Club sponsorg Michael Schnei- ker, Arlington High School Latin Club spon- i sur. Foreground: Joe Eads and a guest from Arlington High School. History Club-Front Row: Richard Clutter, sponsor, Dorothy Morris, Dorty Hardcsty, Mary Jones, Geraldine Davisson, Chris Russell, Kathy Greig, Linda Lowman, treasurer. Second Row: Diana Biggerstnff, Mary Grant, Debra Pyle, Ruby Davisson, Jan Morris, vice-president, Linda Zupan, Kathy Chrisler, Carol Evans, Sharyl Gaskins. Third Row: Linda Boofer, Patricia Lntrcll, Mary Ann Thompson, Joyce Whobrey, A rainy Saturday is saved by the good cheer of Music Club members at on indoor picnic. Marlena 0'Neil, Linda Chapman, Evelyn Martin, sponsor. 4.9 .S Sandy Bonfils, secretary: Marilyn Isbell, Deborah Aaron, Geneva Jones, historian: Anna McAndrews, Deborah Zupan. Fourth Row: Robin Eads, Jon Burroughs, Paul Keefe, Leo Condos, Allan H. Rob- erts, Joseph N. Ends, William Buckley, Gary A. Etchison, president, Robert Hill, Thomas Wilkerson. Music Club-Front Row: Carolyn Michael, Janine Wallick, Reggie Brown, Margaret Curry, sergeant-at-arms: Kristine McDonald, Linda Chupman, presidentg Beverly Hunt, Libbi Michael, Nancy Bottoms, Evelyn Martin, sponsor. Second Row: Sharon Mclntosh, Rochelle Lee, treasurerg Remitha Edmonds, Teryl Holder, Shirley Clarke, Gerald Alexander, Willa Officer, Rachelle Lee, Barbara Ludwig, Third Row: v Melanie Morphew, Vicci Nahas, James Brown, Tina Hart, Patricia Of- ficer, Donald Wilkinson Jr., vice-president: Teresa White, Ellen An- derson. Fourlh Row: Marlena O'Neil, Comelia Oates, recording secre- taryg Yvonne M. Wagner, Mike Griffin, Ginny Brand, corresponding secreturyg Brenda Polvadore, Cynthia Ann Cooper, Deborah Miller, Mattie Smith. ulture hits music, art, histor groups Sassafras and cider spiced a brief Brown County interlude for members of the History Club, sponsored by Mr. Richard Clutter. Later stopping at In- diana University, Bloomington, mem- bers marveled at a crystal chandelier weighing five tons and stood in awe at a portrait of Lincoln as a young man. Mummies and mummy cases also im- get their own pins, the main project of the year will be realized. Other events included a rainy day picnic on November 11, and a gay Christmas party. On the evening of December 20, the group sponsored a reception in Stuart Tower after the Christmas con- cert. The Art Club year included visits to pressed the tourists. When members of the Music Club Art Club-Front Row: dentg Richard Scudder, the Meridian Galleries and several arts and crafts projects. Debbie Bledsoe, Linda Towler, Hattie Travis, Gail Collins, vice-presi- sponsor. Second Row: Linda Mosier, Julie Stansberry, Mark Hanna, Roy Damron, Patti Thomas, president. Making swinging decorations for the holi- days, Patti Thomas and Mark Hanna work on Christmas mobiles in the Art Club. Spanish Club-Front Row: Geraldine Siefert, Cwenann Taylor, Linda Williams, Georgia Miller, Gail Collins, vice-presidentg Mrs. Maria Lagadon, sponsor. Second Row: Richard Andrews, Janet King, Carol Ecleslon, Patti Wythe, treasurerg Margaret Curry, Teresa Williams, Debbi Deckard. Third Row: Deborah Talley, Debbie Bledsoe, Ellen JCL-Front Row: Harold E. Lund, Cyndi Alexander, Mary Jane Wester, Mrs. Virginia Zimmer- man, sponsor. Second Row: Neita Waldo, Bridgette Ward, Rae Thomas, Carole Thomas, Vicki Morris. Anderson, Teryl Holder, Pamela Maxwell, Barbara Ann Dean, Marilyn Chambers. Fourth Row: Tim Schneider, Tina Hart, historiang James Allen, Alberto Quintana, Paula Espinoza, president, Tom E. Leavell, secretary, Cynthia Ann Cooper, Dottie Panhorst. Left: Haste makes paste for Spanish Club members at work on their Christmas pinata. Joining in the fun are: Georgia Miller, Paula Espinoza, Teresa Williams, Deborah Talley, Debbie Bledsoe, Janet King, Fred Sieferl, Gail Collins, Toni Taylor. l l w Potting plants for the German Club Mardi Gras booth are Roger Stark, Nancy Harris, Shirley Borden, Diane Mathews, and Sally Harding. French Club-Front Row: Mrs. Mary B. Bedell, sponsorg Deborah Gail Thomas, Teresa Freeman, Elaine Diamantidis, Kim Vaughn, treasurerg Diana Wright, Judy Craig, cadet teacher, Second Row: Kathy Diamantidis, Susan Clark, vice-president: Ross A. McCormick, sergeant-at-arms, Dan Reneau, president, Ain Haas, secretary, Robert Hill. Sprechen usted Francais, Crepes suzettes, symphonic music, tacos and a typical Roman Saturnalia gave variety to the year's activities for foreign language pupils. Latin pupils, members of the Junior Classical League, planned a pagan festival in honor of the god Satum as part of their holiday observance. French Club members made much of Christmas in their own way by feasting on such gourmet items as cfepes suzettes, pate de foie gras, and buche de Noel. Outings to Indiana Central College to hear the Zurich Symphony Orches- tra and to a local theatre for a showing of Sound of Music diverted German clubbers and deepened their cultural appreciation. Spanish Club members started their Speaking to the French Club, Judy Craig, I. U. student teacher, reminisces about her trips to places of interest in France. amicus? year with a picnic in Brookside Park. Their mid-year project was the prepa- ration of a Christmas pifiata. The German Club sold potted plants at the Mardi Gras, the JCL told fortunesg French Club operated a pho- tography studio with a Parisian back- ground, and the Sp a n ish Club operated the communications center known as Telegraph-a-Techite. . 1 ,f. German Club-Front Row: Kathy Greig, Mark Cosby, Dortha May, Michael Jones, Frederick Bremer, Allan H. Roberts, William- vice-presidentg Lynne Hunsucker, Mrs. Susanna Underwood, sponsor. Leo Condos, Keith A- WilliHm5, William Bllllkley- Mike PUISOIMQ U68- Second Row: Janice K. Clark, Margaret E. Godwin, Jon Burroughs, surer. not pictured' -' . secretaryg Larry Borden, Cheryl Hamilton, president. Third Row: ,, ,ix r ' - ', A ' ,. was Diversified Cooperative Education-Front Row: Darlene Roberts, Bren- daana Grundy, Donna Foy, Pamela Reed, Janet Doty, Sue Meigs, Sandra Collins, Cheryl Underwood, Brenda Hutchinson. Second Row: Mary A. McCray, Kay Harrison, Teresa Remmetter, Donna Hartle, Eric Boothe, Linda Plank, Sandra Fleetwood, Diane Lowe, John Hamil- ton. Third Row: Rebecca Hurst, Jennifer Hardison, Jacqie Kitts, Janis Richards, Mary McDonald, Brenda Carmichael, Carolyn O. Glover, Jerry Troxel, Steven A. Smith. Fourth Row: Ernest H. Holmes, spon- sorg Roy W. Davis, Gary Champion, Gary A. Yeager, Ralph Dupree, Michael Majors, Isaiah Stansberry, William Lump, Joseph Jacobs. Future businessmen, teachers explore jobs Special speakers and service proj- ects were included in the 1967-68 ac- tivities of the Future Teachers of America, who sponsored two booths at the Mardi Gras. At Christmas, red felt stockings, stuffed with candy, were sent to children in Community Hospital's pediatric ward. The FTA co-sponsored the Valentine Tea for teachers and later presented apples to each in ap- preciation of his efforts. Easter bas- kets were sent to a home for the aged To become a teacher is a challeng- ing job, and the Exploratory Teaching class helped students decide if they would like to undertake the task. Con- sidered a co-curricular activity, Ex- ploratory Teaching was a two-period, one-credit course offered to seniors. Seniors enrolled in this course were assigned to a cooperating teacher from kindergarten to the ninth grade level. Sponsoring Exploratory Teaching was Clyde Smith, Jr. Diversified Cooperative Education, with several large Indianapolis com- panies, offered employment for Tech- ites of junior class standing. After attending school for five periods, Techites then took up their occupa- tional lives. Firms such as Indiana Bell, Community Hospital, and Eli Lilly offered 15 different fields from which to choose. In return for their labors students received wages and school credit. before spring vacation. Future Teachers of America-Front Row: Cathy Ressinger, Glenda Arnett, 'Kathy Greig, secretaryg Patricia Luttrell, Susie Cutshaw, Dorothy Carrol, Marilyn Chambers, Mrs. Ann Hamlet, sponsor. Sec- ond Row: Linda Myers, vice presidentg Shirley Borden, Sandy Spence, Nancy Harris, Deborah Aaron, Sharon Barlow, Diana Matthews, Marsha M. Allen. Third Row: Terry Boyd, ,Ion Paul Burroughs, Cindy Mentis, Karen Wetherell, Norma Crutcher, Dottie Panhrost, historiang Brenda Poluadore, Evelyn Miller, president. Bifkitbtitlflfixtitr 4,,,,,,?-,gg get Exploratory Teachers-Front Row: Kathy Greig, Patty Curtin, Jon Burroughs, Jackie Clevenger, Donna Proffitt, Linda Myers. Second Row: Clyde Smith, Jr., sponsor: Pam Hedrick, Charles Bonnet, Paul Claspie, Don Brown, Vickie Fortune, Beth Puckett. Gary Etchison, Victoria Morris, Neita Waldo, Deborah Witman, not pictured. Returning to her grade school, Public School 368, Vickie Fortune aids first graders in learning how to read through the Unifon method in Mrs. Barbara Loveless' class. Vicky, like other seniors enrolled in Exploratory Teaching, traveled daily to her assignment and actually took over the class for her cooperating teacher several times during the year. Above: Decorating red felt stockings and stuffing them with candy, Norma Crutcher, Susie Cutshaw and Dottie Panhorst cut and paste for the FTA Christmas project which waslsent to the children at Community Hos- pita . Left: As part of their DCE training, Kay Harrison and Jerry Troxcl work at Stokely- Van Camp. Using machines such as the lis- ter and intrepreter, Kay and Jerry gain data processing experience. The interpreter re- cords and interprets information from IBM cards while the lister records the information and types it in roster form. 4 F 81 Girls Intramurals-Front Row: Linda Amorez, Anita Marcum, Geneva Trotter, Janice Vernado, Gloria Mack, Toni Taylor. Second Row: Vicky Fines, Shirley Kerr, JoLynn Gilpin, Ioan Cosby, Hattie Travis, Janine Wallick, Mrs. Mary Wise, sponsor. Third Row: Karen Darland, Paula Clem, Cindy Lewis, Linda Shelton, Carla Abell, Aniker Wade. Girls Athletic Association-Front Row: Cathy Wilson, Geneva Trotter, Dorris Sims, Hattie Travis, Cheryl Howey, Mrs. Sara Ellison, sponsor. Second Row: Brenda Moore, Harriett L. Gooch, Carlis Jones, Patsy Ransom, Jacqueline Casey, Karol Reid. Third Row: Kathy Thomas, Willa Mae Price, Cynthia Toran, Betty Beverly secretary, Sinde Pearson, Dianna Johnson. Tech Varsity Basketball Team had better be- ware as once again the female invades the man's world. GAA members shoot a few baskets the 10th period in intramural com- petition. The girls' gym at Tech converts into a com- mercial bowling alley as GAA members try their hand at 'tspot bowling to improve their regular games. GAA Lettermen excel in sportsmanship p 9 Tech's gymnastic clubs for girls provided many types of sports activi- ties. The Girls Athletic Association of- fered volleyball and spot-bowling plus the chance to earn award letters on the basis of skills and attendance. The newest gymnastic activity was the Girls Intramurals. Members ac- complished such feats as poise on the balance beam, coordination on the parallel bars, and tumbling. Teaming up with the regular cheer- block, the Lettermen's Club organized its own cheering section to back the Titan team. After the Scecina-Tech game the Lettermen sponsored a sock- hop, featuring the Rebel Kind. Finish- ing the agenda was their own spring banquet. Lettermenls Club-Front Row: Lemul Stigler, Victor Breland, Guy Luttrell, Gary Champion, Henry McGraw, Ron Buses, Martin Toney, John Stubbe. Second Row: Howard Gearlds, Roger Payne, Mark Winzenread, Steve Funke, Charles Rice, Jack Seibert, Kevin Lacey, Terry Kim- berly, James Lewis. Third Row: Dennis Alexander, Joe Norton, David Bailey, Glenn Bentley, Jerry Bean, Will Jones, Roland Richardson, Dean Carbone, sponsor. Fourth Row: Sylvester Edwards, Danny Pride, Paul Glaspie, Randell Woods, Nathan Appleton, Walter Grundy, Jr., Tom Hickey, Charles Johnson, James Price. Roger Stark, Jack Seibert, Patty Taylor, Steve Handy, and Thea Masters "keep the faith" at the Lettermen sponsored sock-hop after the annual Sadie Hawkins night. Open to everyone attending the game, the sock hop grooved to the beat of the Rebel Kind. This was the first sock hop held in the Tech gymnasium since the 1966 refinishing of the gym floor. Based on the success of this sock-hop, the Lettermens Club hopes to continue the tradition with more after-game dances. Vying for possession of the basketball during the Key Club-GAA game are GAA's Cynthia Toran KSU, Joyce Washington 4233, Mary Durret 1417, and Key Club challengers Ginny Brand ggi, Donna Blount C34-D, Maureen Mills f25J, and Nina Rogers Library Assistants-Front Row: Lewis Gibson, Janet Middleton, Adelia Butrum, Bruce Polson, Yvonne Johnson, Priscilla Burris, Harold Lund, Paul Stanton, Eddie Russell. Second Row: Barbara Frost, Mary Jones, Shirley Borden, Kathy Greig, Geraldine Davisson, Vicky Fines, Terry Chastain, Anita Marcum, Eileen Green, Sandie Spence, Wendy Ross, Michael Gregory. Third Row: Carolyn Hindman, Ramona Sells, Terri Wong, Deborah Zupan, Deborah Aaron, Joyce Goodwin, Ellen ' 3, ,..,,f" 1-PEW 1 , .,..,,,,.. Anderson, Geneva Jones, June Newsom, Linda Sears, Dianne Thomason. Fourth Row: Joy Caskey, Carol LaFara, Martin McDaniel, Cathy Rott, Bill Eland, James Isbell, Sue Bartley, Joy Richards, Carol Eick- hoff, Debby Hickerson, Ira Mosley. Fifth Row: Ella Stephens, Denise Hickerson, Maxine Wiggington, Betty Carter, Peggy O'Neill, Mike Mullis, Vallerie Elmore, LaCinda Dennemann, Donna Blount, Dottie Panhorst, Karen Sheuman, J an Morris. Math, chess, librar groups Techites didn't have to be Einsteins to enjoy the activities offered by the XYZ Club this year. Brightening their schedule were a Halloween party, and a trip to Allison's Powerama. The Powerama, an exhibit of General Motors achievements fascinated the members. Sharpening their skills in prepara- tion for the International Grand Chess Match, Chess Club members scheduled matches with other schools and among themselves. Robert Burne, one of the six best players in the country, tested the wits and skills of the Tech players. Numbering 67, the Tech library as- sistants proved valuable assets to the librarians. Included in the numerous tasks they accomplished were process- ing and registering books and typing catalog cards. Of course when all else was finished there were always books and shelves to straighten and dust. Cornelius Stravers puules over a. chess move in a. recent practice during a weekly meeting of the Chess Club. The team en- gages in competition with other Indianapolis high schools. Q 7 dig culture Mr. Robert Byrne studies Robert Ingel's move and contemplates his own. Mr. Byrne, Grand Chess master, played some 40 simul- taneous garnes. Challengers consisted of students from area high schools. Library messengers are kept busy carefully processing newly purchased books and mend- ing books already in circulation. Helping to service an average of seventeen books a day or 1,500 a semester are Phyllis Tedrow, Janet Middleton, Dianne Thomason, Joy Richards, and Eileen Green. XYZ Club-Front Row: Mrs. Gwendolyn Jones, sponsorg Missouri Jones, Mary Man- ningham, Alfreda Lee, Johnnie Spears, Gladis Gorden, recording secretaryg Earline Adams, Olevia C-orden. Second Row: Robin Eads, Sherry Brannon, presidentg Mary Moore, Chris Wilson, corresponding secre- tary, David Cooper, treasurer, Raymond Harrington. Third Row: Willie Mae Berry- hill, Bradley Nahas, Larry Fine, Julie Stans- berry, Michael Wilson, vice-presidentg Kenny Schultz, Cynthia Ann Bailey. Robert E. Davis, right, XYZ Club member, answers Robert Scheidts' inquiry about the optical illusions which are the topic of a fascinating display done as a project of the XYZ Club. Chess Club-Front Row: John Kern, sponsor: Eddie Lawless, Jordan Ware, Cornelius Stravers, Greggory Parham, Robin Eads. Second Row: Larry Auble, vice-president: Jerry Brewster, Larry Anderson, treasurer: Charles Brasher, presidentg Robert Ingels. Z 68 Photography Club-Front Row: Michal Slover, sponsorg Fred Seifert, Linda Sears, Robin Eads, Richard Swan, Dennis LecClier, Larry Brake. Second Row: Barry Wand, Paul E, Terry, Joe Eads, president, Ivan Christensen, Annetta Pamell, secretaryg John McKeehan. Radio Club-Front Row: Garold Bramblett, sponsor, Stephen W. Hooker, vice-president: Rosalynn Roth, LaCinda Dennemann, secretary, Johnnie C. Fields, presidentg Stephen E. Thompson. Second Row: Steven Brown, Milton Owsley Jr., Albert L. Blair, treasurer, Charles F. Abemathy, James Edward Holtsclaw, sergeant-at-arms, Preston Tinsley. -F Wig R "'Y5 in -' f '... ,S 'L Printing Club-Front Row: Steven Marrow, secretary-treasurer: Allen Brown, Roselyn Pillow, Darrell Underwood, vice-president: Robert Sapp. Second Row: Clyde S. Armel, sponsor, Barry Wand, Emest Mitchell, Clyde R. Young, president, Annetta Pamell, David Hartson. Prayer Circle-Front Row: Kathy Greig, Chris Russell, Kim Anderson, Kim Vaughn, Carol Brown, Linda Clelland. Second Raw: Ernest Medecalfe, sponsor: Karen Kay Sanford, Jan Mor- ris, secretary-treasurer, Terry Boyd, Johnnie Spears, Sharyl Gaskins, Anna Mary Hinton. Third Row: Don Knorr, Dianna Johnson, Karl Schaefer, William Buckley, Frederick S. Bremer, president, Donna Farris, Nikki Lynn Hamilton, vice-president. Qi. B Gan ,, ff, w ,. 'Mn-Q., "' ,WMMNMMNMQ A K ' " 4163,-P, 3712 V4 W' X'-.fat A --v , I .:..,. my NVE 'fb 'l xg ,x V' .4 n-...i'--...g Mwwmlww, ,X ,pf f A M? ff' V M., Xi FW 1' A K flat, - A 1 I ,fx ' K? tu A ' 4' ' N 3' " ga' .. K 4' .V Q . ,TL i. . ' N, S , T , 52 au., :-1 T-3 in T ,+,.,,1+ ""--" 3 ' ---.LW ,LLL in ' lN..'i"' - fi gpg pirited cheer squad leads 'Titans-ooo,ahl' Early season play included the Elwood game held in the Tech Gym, and varsity cheerleaders Jill Armstrong, captaing Patty Taylor, Becky Buchanan, Karen Spaw and ,lo Ann Irwin line up to speed the Titan team on to another victory. Their green and white shakers and the Titan badges sold for many games boosted Tech spirit for football and basketball. A Thanksgiving holiday game with Southport dampens Tech spirits somewhat as Karen and Becky watch the Titans. Expectations go down in the first defeat of the season. "Ooh-umgawa! Titans got the powerlv Tech fans chanted for a bas- ketball victory with the help of the varsity cheerleaders. The 1967-68 squad, composed of Iill Armstrong, captaing Becky Buchanan, JoAnn Ir- win, Karen Spaw, and Patty Taylor, was chosen by last year's cheerleaders, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, sponsorg and several faculty members in the spring of 1967. Leadership ability, coordina- tion, and appearance are criteria for selection. Weekly practice sessions through the spring were the first steps toward future perfection in their yells. Attendance in June at Smith-Wal- dridge Cheerleading camp netted honors for .lill and Patty. ln August daily work-outs replaced weekly ses- sions in preparation for the Football Jamboree and the coming sports season. Patty holds her breath and hopes silently while .lo Ann and Jill scream their enthus- iasm for a play by the Tech team in the un- successful North Central game in regular season play. 4 W M 13 "" 2 X -R 5 fi v l f .ffgi?fQ if ,E J , A xhkx Vvvw if Qgih Q, . ' Egg 3 Q at W 'HJ 'M if 2. 5 57 Q Abk s Y . " W- W f Q' I v ' 9 - Q E5 Q Above: Reserve Cheerleaders Cetsy Hopkins, Karen Darland, Susie Cutshaw, Linda Chapman, Marsha Shewman, Linda Rinehart freplacementl, not pictured. Right: Linda Rinehart, a later recruit for the reserve cheerleaders, maintains her balance as Linda Chapman "tops" the act to arouse cheering fans at the Lebanon game. The varsity games traditionally are preceded by the reserve contests. e S ' if Tr outs, drill, games fill cheerleader ear Practice sessions were over and the girls had given their best as they tried out for freshman and reserve cheer- leader positions. In first cuts a total of 51 girls were "Go!" yells Karen as she exercises her fav- orite cheer at a reserve home game. weekly practice sessions with the var- sity. All three teams were seasoned for participation as the sports schedule opened in the fall. The most exciting time of the year judged on appearance and coordina- was the hustle of City Tourney, with tion. Judges were cheerleaders and Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, sponsor. the reserve basketball team winning runnerup and the freshman team win- After elimination, five freshman and five reserve cheerleaders engaged in and Marsha Shewman. ning city championship. Gimme a T! Five of them! Karen Darland, Getsy Hopkins, Linda Chapman, Susie Cutshaw, X Adding a "soul beat" to basketball games, the Tech Pep Band under Briggs, Jerry Harmon, Mark Waggener, David Rose, Bill Reynolds, Mr. Chandler, played at all home contests. Pep Band-Front Row: Paul Terry. Second Row: Randy Auble, Tony Long, Jim Black, Bruce Lambert, Rod Lewis, Don Wilkerson, Marlin McDaniel, Don Don Wrightplim Campbell, James Bowman, Al Watson. Left: Caught in the enthusiasm of victory, Susie CuLshaw and Linda Rinehart cheer at a reserve basketball game. Their squad racked up a noteworthy season, including City Tourney runner- up. Above: Bettering the upperclass records, Barbara Frost, Paula Esch, Libby Michael, Hen- rieta Peterman, and Frieda Mindach cheered their basketball team to the Freshman City Tourney title. Tech's sportsmen fought with the confidence of Lucy, the determination of Linus and the good sportsmanship of Charlie Brown through the 1967-68 seasons. With the bouncing tennis and golf balls of the spring, the spiraling footballs of the autumn, and the dribbling basketballs of the winter, excitement and school spirit kept Tech teams trying. C? A Marshall runner breaks the tackle of Na than Appleton while Sylvester Edwards gives Tech a second chance. The Marshall mud hath occurred on November 3 at Tech WL, ,. - W 1554: H2 ,,.., - E52 WxTYe::' z' 1 gig? in ?!" ' r , A 4A . wafia G ' K X 51 4 ., Q1 Q -avg I gin 1 5 Q Q if l Above: New recruits on the team, Ron Bren- ner and James Jordan, go informal before a game. Right: Jordan studies a putt before shooting for the cup. i-7' i' . , 'S:.gff+.,.'t -.-E i, A . .-.- v. 6 3 Q, 2- X 5 A gf .313 I 1 Q E 42 'iziev' - v 52 ig-?ii 1.7 a nk 4- ya s ,k Q 4 ,Sit in H 'e i Xu pf, x -i' Eg' s A fe 'T s fic X Golf Team' Coach Phillip Quillin Bill De 7' 7' V vitt, Jim Soltau, Roger Vitt, John, Green. '67 golfers battle foes to chalk up 6-7 mark 1967 Tech golfers under the leader- ship of Coach Phillip Quillin battled to a 6-7 mark. The 6-man varsity squad consisted of returning letterman Wil- liam Devittg consistent golfers James Soltau, John Green, and Roger Vittg much improved golfer James Jordan and first-year man Ron Brenner. Number one man on the varsity squad in 1967 was Green who posted a 4-1.5 average, followed closely by Devitt with a 43.5. Other golfers and respective averages were: Soltau- 4-4-.7, Vitt-45.1, Jordan-47.7, and Brenner-4-9.9. High school golf pits each golfer against a nearly-evenly matched op- ponent of the opposing team. Each in- dividual golfer can win a maximum of two points, one for match play and one for medal play, and the number of points of all golfers is the team's score. Right: Green watches a close putt on the sixth hole. Above: Jordan digs out of the rough in a practice session. Mark Winzenread takes aim at a pitched hall from Mr. Bradford. Danny Pride makes a hit in the Attucks game. Bill Mansfield makes the home stretch with a glance back at center field. Diamond dwellers slug out improved 10-6 season record Tech diamond dwellers bounced back after a frustrating 4--11 season in '66 with a 10-6 count in '67. The Titans placed third in city competi- tion. Until defeated by Broad Ripple 2-1, Tech was tied with city rival Arlington for first slot. Bill Mansfield's pitching tallied the most Titan victories. He ended the season 6-4. ,lack Schafer finished 3-1 and Gary Champion, 1-1. The greatest upset was the Tech romp over Wood's Woodchucks by a score of 16-1. The Titans tallied 21 hits to Wood's 4. Jack Schafer was credited with the victory. Tech was defeated 2-1 in the first sectional game by Warren Central, after previously defeating Warren 7-6 in season play. Baseball Team-Front Row: Ricky Roark, .lack Seibert, Steve Funke, Bill Mansfield, ,Toe Wil- son. Second Row: Mike Hickey, William Beck, William Hodgson, Eddie Leavell, John Fogle- man, Howard Gerlds. Third Row: .lack Bradford, assistant coach: Jim McConnick, Danny Pride, Jack Schafer, Tom Hickey, Gary Champion, Ivan Moreman, head coach. 1 Freshman Track Team-Front Row: Lester Trotter, James Thompson, shall, Michael Baird, Kent Clark, Robert Beaty, James Oakley, Fred William Lowe, Jerome Laker, Victor Breland, Claude Mickle, George Luten, Ronald Buses, Byron Terry, Preston Tinsley, Walter Dininger, Amnstrong, Hubert McMillan, James Perkins, Cecil Abner. Second coach. Row: David Walker, Gregg Parham, Danny Richardson, Rex Mar- wove- 1 James Oakley, freshman, attempts to clear the pole vault bar in one of many attempts it takes to make an expert. Kent Clark executes a quick balance in, the long jump. Tech trackmen excel despite handicaps The Titan Track Team which was beset by injuries, graduations and ineligibility, nevertheless, won two dual meets but lost three. They also showed potential by placing third in the city and sectional meets. Among individual stars of the squad was Roger Holder who won the city title in the pole vault and placed fourth in the regional meet. 220- and 100-yard dashes and was Tech's only representative at the state meet. Paul Claspie placed second in the city in the 880 and fourth in the regional track meet. The reserve team was undefeated all season with many of the freshmen on the reserve squad. Freshmen won the city championship. Louis Ford placed second in the Warming up to the fomn that won two blue ribbons during the season, Paul Glaspie, varsity runner, puts a Washington man behind in a pre-season meet. Louis Ford breaks the tape and a grueling 100-yard dash ends. Varsity and Reserve Track Team-Front Row: Jerry Taylor, Charles Taylor, Cleophas Hall, Jess Ealy, Robert Teckenbrock, Henry Cork, Phil Black, Michael Boofer, Anthony Tarratt, Stanley Neal, Steve Grubb. Second Row: Terry Kimberly, Steve Smith, Michael Price, Robert McKinney, Kevin Lacey, Phil Howard, Charles Rice, ,lohn Hilton, James Black, Tom Quintana, Sylvester Edwards. Third Row: Carlos Bell, head coachg Fred McCoy, freshman coachg David Bailey, Will jones, Willie Hawthorne, Paul Glaspie, Roger Holder, Milton Allen, Steve Woods, James Lewis, Wayman Brown, Bruce McGeath, cross country coachg Ernest Medcalfe, assistant coach. Crass Country Team-Front Row: Melvin Bowers, assistant coach: Kevin Lacey, David Bailey, Mike Price, Ron Buses, Harold Giles, Phil Black, Terry Kimberly, Glenn Bentley, Mike Boofer, Paul Glas- pie, Bruce McGeath, coach. Second Row: William McDonald, David Little, Charles Webster, Jerry Laker, James Perkins, Alvin Lee, Warren Tiffany, Fred Luten, Ewing Blue, Gregg Parham, Larry Sut- ton, Pat Kinnaman, Jerry Bass. Third Row: Elliot Varnado, James Hamey, Steve Watts, Ronald Davie, Vince Richardson, Gene Michaels, Mike Dorsett, Cato Cork, Odell Whitfield, Howard Snor- ton, Joe McCowan, Robert Platt, Jim Isbell, Nathaniel Allen. Cross Countr teams capture eit titles Reserve Cross Country runners practice in the foreground of the stadium with the foot- ball team working out in the background. Coach Bowers gives helpful information to the Cross Country runners in a practice session. The Cross Country team under the leadership of Head Coach Bruce Mc- Geath and his assistant, Melvin Bowers, respectively led their teams to city championships in varsity, reserve and freshman competition. The varsity had to share honors with the Cathedral team as they finished in a 61 tie. This tie was the first in the city cross- country history. The reserve showed team balance and varsity potential as they outdistanced the 12-team reserve field easily to capture the city. The freshman team, however, had to fight off a determined Wood combination to take the city championship. The three teams also gave fine per- formances in invitationals as the varsi- ty placed third in the Columbus Invi- tational. The freshmen placed second in the Columbus and second in the Shortriclge lnvitational. The Varsity Cross Country Team led by seniors David Bailey and Paul Glas- pie, led their group to third in the Riverside Sectional, but, hampered by illness, the varsity team was unable to advance into state competition which was won by Muncie Central. Tennis Team-Front Row: Lonnie Cleary, Dennis LecClier, Guy Luttrell, Gary Cartel, Mike Gemmill. Second Row: Dan Maxwell, Dennis Alexander, Arthur E. Simpson, Jr., .lim Osborn, John Eason, coach. Martin Toney, Harry Downey, Donald Robinson, coach, not pictured. Titans net points in first tennis sectional Two hard-swinging Titan racquet men smashed their way to runner-up position in the sectional of Indiana's first state Tennis Tournament last fall. Only Scecina defeated Tech's num- ber one double of Mike Gemmill and Martin Toney, 6-1. Previously Tech's top duo eliminated Southport 10-8, 4-6, 6-4-5 and Howe, 9-7, 6-4. For being runners-up, Gemmill and Toney were awarded red ribbons. Tech's number-two doubles team of Gary Gartrell and Guy Luttrell bowed before a Southport pair, 5-7, 3-6. Tech's tennis men finished the '67 spring season with 9-6 over-all and 8-4 city records. Only Broad Ripple, Arlington, and Kennedy ranked higher. Dennis Alexander compiled a glossy season mark, 13-2, while Arthur Simp- son finished 11-4 and Guy Luttrell, in the doubles during the tennis sectional 10-5. in the fall. Mike Gemmill, above, and Martin Toney, right, of the Titan team, were runners-up Varsity Football Team improving in 967 The Titan varsity football team inched back after a frustrating 1-9 '66 season with a 3-7 '67 season record. Behind s o p h o m o r e quarterback Steve Funke, the Titans won their first two games, defeating Howe 7-6 and Broad Ripple 9-6. The Titans did not find the winning touch again until the next to the last game of the season when they defeated Marshall 46-24. Steve Funke's touchdown pass gave the Titans their first win of the season against Howe. Senior half-back James Carter set up the score when he threw to Mark Winzenread for 20 yards on an option play. Funke then passed to Charles Johnson for the score. Carter paved the way to victory as he passed to sophomore Vic Breland for 45 yards and the score. Randall Woods put the crucial game-winning extra point through the uprights. The Titans padded their leading score when Ripple's quarterback, Gary Larson, was mowed down behind the goal line by Nate Appleton, James Lewis and Will Jones. Junior back Milton Allen broke the school scoring record against Mar- shall when he galloped for six touch- downs. Allen totaled more than 370 yards rushing, during the course of the game. Milt had scoring jaunts of 55, 87, 14, 53, 37, and 67 yards. Vic Breland made the only other score. He had a run of 48 yards late in the fourth quarter. Sophomores practically dominated the starting positions with Steve Funke at quarterback, and Tom Hickey, Vic Breland, Ron Sayles, Kent Clark, and Roger Payne used as regular starters. rg Qk1P3fi',,2R: QfY YT xiii , ?L xiii? itbwffifrft V Q' YK 21 it ' mcaf'ffe', ,gy L ' '5Ma:5?,fe5.t3 ?g::f:z- M -':..- 1 .rf sa- ,.:we:sa3iemazs,- ffemlriri A wi-trf wa 4 WW feillylqgrige. is -it r-...we -sag if- K drier- Ft- , leaf asf. -as 219411 gg . sr f ai ..,.,. . - ...Limp aw. W -t .er 'al-its 5 m X- , Q kg, stil-A res Milfs getmlaf udxpart tfxiilaiki-at an iii is is-aaa? fi at 'A 7 he any gil. ?iF's"'aT lf-sf-9 39,153 A. . tha Q-silica 1' 'L . s . s,,,., swsyig, , - ii rf -V..-11,-if-gQ61.,,., W , , gg, sf' , eff L .igfm K was-:-Q f ,, ,ax , . ,C :Q ' it-Q-gm gi, 5v, .-551.33-as , , -if-1 fa- 'fa' -2,5 .f f , U 1, 4 H 2-52 - 2-if Y sa. Q- Q: 1 -is .5 1 -7-cartfelffe-eiiliY'-4-Tiff . ' ii - - ,a'iEs4:f9'- . ,ffm xldofil' W... . Magik, 'ing M .ag X . . it ,Kai-5 gpg, . t . Q ' -a 4 fi A f 9 i Q K x- s s , sg ,oi 31- .-.9. was sa- , 'taste-sirfeitte-v' Varsity F ootball-Front Row: Jerry Bean, Mark Winzenread, Charles Rice, Howard Ceralds, Walter Grundy, Charles Johnson, Joe Norton, James Carter, Eric Taylor. Second Row: Henry McGraw, John Hilton, James Lewis, Nate Appleton, Sylvester Edwards, Henry Ferguson, Bob Medcalf, Will Jones, Mike Johnson. Third Row: Dan Euler, Jack Harmon. Victor Breland, Kent Clark, Rogert Payne, Rex Mar- shall, Milton Allen, Vestal Harper, Steve Grubb. Fourth Row: How- ard Catt, trainerg Carlos Bell, assistant coachg John Strubhe, Herman Fant, Ron Sayles, Steve Eaton, Steve Funke, Tom Hickey, John Hurrle, assistant coach: Emest Medcalfe, head coach. Right: Three Titan defenders mow down a Ripple quarterback be- hind the goal line for two points. 'E ' 'W ,ef ff 2:5 ,kia EQ! 's :X K Q., 'Ti ,, .ff 'F W , L ,S ? I 9' 4 -f L A .E-4 ai If I ,Q--, l.," TQO LA M' X. 5 6? eg V KL 4 fiwt-L .1 Hg, .. R533 f X' ix, W Reserve Football Team-Front Row: Dan Euler, John Hilton, Steve John Hurrle, coach: Chester Whitaker, student managerg James Grubb, Jack Harmon, Herman Fant, V. J. Harper, Rex Marshall, Bob Thompson, Barry Jeffries, Lester Trotter, Dwight Chrenshaw, John Medcalf. Second Row: John Tabor, John Kirb James Oakl , Da W b Cl kLo d y, y n e ster, ar ng, stu ent manager. Maxwell, William Jones, Steve Funke, Harry Ragsdale. Third Row: Reserve football team has average season Herman Fant makes a secure tackle on a Cathedral nm- ner as other Titan defenders look on. The reserves were downed by the Irish 21-6. The Titan reserve football team came up with a 5-5 season record, an average season for the team. Coach Dininger saw great improve- ment in the boys as the year progress- ed. Many of the boys were able to move up to varsity positions in the lat- ter part of the season. The coaches are counting on many of the boys to fill the empty positions on the varsity squad. Outstanding players on the team on offense were quarterback Rex Mar- shall, J ack Harmon, Steve Grubb, John Hilton, and John Kirby. On defense were V. J. Harper, Dwight Crenshaw, Hennan Fant, Bob Medcalf, and Harry Ragsdale. Most of those players stay in shape throughout the season by participating in other sports. awn avm1m Freshmen bounce back after frustrating start The '67 freshman football team lost the first three games of the season, a morale breaking beginning, but the Little Titans did not lose their spunk. After dropping to Howe, Broad Ripple, and Cathedral they won their next three games, beating Scecina, Creston, and Manual. Washington was the only other team to hand them a defeat. Shortridge needed to beat the fresh- men to become city champs, but failed. The game was scoreless until Steve Breland intercepted a pass and ran it 73 yards for the score, with 73 seconds left in the game, a real cliff hanger. 1 Above: Frosh games consist of as much action and hard tackling as is varsity and re- serve games. Left: Tech's freshman quarterback hands off to one of his backfield men as a hole opens up through the center. Freshman Football-Front Row: Steve Breland, John Rowing, Paul Wilson, Melvin Fagin, Wilburt Moore, Jonathan Gibson, Veman Barnes, Bart Petree. Second Row: Dwight Norwood, Dave Devitt, Mike Stanfield, Doug Priest, Mike O'Hara, Mike Harris, J. G. Oliver. Third Row: Milton Owsley, Mark Davisson, Jerry Neal, Mark Brense, Dennis Washington, Lyndal Tipton, Paul Garderner, King Andrews. Fourth Row: John Koontz, assistant coach: Daniel Camplese, coach, Larry Ward, Kenny Sanders, John Hess, Steve Black, Robert Eaton, student Varsit drop oit , sectional to Washington Defeating the Deaf School, Howe, and Cathedral, the varsity basketball squad earned the right to meet big threat Washington in a struggle for the city title. Trouble began for the green and white in the first quarter when Washington took an eight-point lead. .lump shots and driving layups by George McGinnis spelled ruin for the Titans. Washington finally triumphed 73-60. Three weeks after the city tourney, the Greenclads took revenge on the vis- iting Continentals by a 70-64 victory. Washington led at the end of the first two stops, 17-16 and 37-33. Price had only four points in the first half. In the third quarter, the Titans fought back to a 51-51 tie. Price, Appleton, Caddie, and Pride hit shots from every angle. With only 30 seconds left in the game, the Titans had a two-point lead. Rowland Richardson was fouledg he missed the first of a possible one-and- one. Frank Kendrick tipped it in to ,, ' ,, N -- Qi -r 'Q' - :els ., 1 - .1 fm- ' ' wi f "cf ' il. ns' a w . doa.-.ii Q. ..-Iskra,-t's1.w!R-.-r-' wa- .rf -K F , ' 5 K1 's-yr-L,ol'f-i.swf f 4' air? ?E1',!-Qi--.Q , .vw .-is -sf'i',.-s13g.g:,f.,es-- , ff.- .Y g 5:-21: Nil. .4 369 - 3 Q , ,fa--s , M e if? gs, -sw ,ay ,. g. 5.35 Q- .ri , -is - Qififlj .- . . . H2 . -- - 5 -ry' 'af T wx '- 1 M .f u , . wi.: 1. P-Ea-1 , ,Qs - as ,lv . . , .., :-3 3 -3.9, ,, , V .,-"Y .. .,.,.-5.3.-..-.,,. . , . ztaaifri '-E1t:fft3fe5 af: wg. Ng., .., . . rev... AE.. ., .... ,A ,.. . .. ,,., .. K 4. - - Y --'fe '?a?t"E.Ks?.1!1i5rff 'ff f - Q - :LL-.J 3-I 2. ,. . . , ,. 1- sw- Aces. , We 1, Q- x.,..s--2 --is ...s-ifgrgg-ary' ,gm ,. -s--, jus gi . ,. Hg ., . .ky,i,5iQn-i.n.....,.1-Q-...mga v...-tax.. - ., . , ., ei.. ...t:sx.1', i. g.q25,.:z3"g1f ff lr fe ff .-Vg . ,vp Sf' - L 1 6 31: 5' i -in-if? tl Y a at .,. W . , is . if 1 ' .fi ,gsm , . , s 'Me jgruua A . ,E ' f tif 'ta - " 1 - 1 -aa e ft x 'Q a- as sf tr. me is . i M gg, is rr 1 Q QW W ss- N2 Mfg, ,r , 1 ..-. . fs... E 'Ci . 3 gmftrit as gig? 2 i ,a i 5 1 E 1 I 'li , sf--if 3. eu as 55 .3122 3 -, . ..-f , W, es- . .i H, a 2-A: ' --ek-it-sQ'f?:a u 'vf f N 5fVBy,gi..s rg Q-z sw ' ,f 5 '5 fri 55311519 Fifi' ' 5 ' - ' ' " . ' mwah ' " L ' t 'A ' give the Titans a four-point lead. Bob Gaddie added the last two points on a layup in the closing 10 seconds. The Titans dumped tough Short- ridge 55-53 for their 12th win of the season. The Blue Devils led at the end of the first period 12-9 and at the end of the second 24-20. Behind Price and Appleton, the Titans built up a 41-36 lead at the end of the third quarter. Shortridge's Oscar Evans tied up the game with about 11 seconds to go. The Titans came down the floor and Nate Appleton's shot was off the mark and went out off a Blue Devil's foot. Price was double-teamed on the far side of the court when Rowland Richardson threw the ball in. Appleton was wide open and took the inbounds pass. He took a 20-foot jump shot that went through the net with two seconds to go. Shortridge was unable to get the ball down court before the final gun sounded. The Titans again lost to Washing- ton in the final game of the Hinkle Sec- tional, having beaten Arlington 55-40 and North Central 63-58. Fouls on the Titans in the final game caused Apple- ton, Price, Caddie, and Richardson to go to the bench early in the fourth quarter. With these starters gone, the Titans couldn't handle George McGin- nis and company. The Titans lost the game 70-65. Above: Jim Price is airborne for a layup, jump shot, a Price original, between two Broad Ripple defenders, as the Rockets lose 76-50. Below: Speedy Jim Price blurs the camera as he hauls down one of his 13 rebounds against Shortridge. The Blue Devils fell on a last second shot by Nate Appleton. wal, , . Rowland Richardson, ,lim Price, and Nate Appleton struggle for a tip in a tilt against A I t G dd- d K d - k . d gen Davlff' The Titans .weri olgirgolvergg afllgrerilzpinga Vllzsshiilgton, igkelcaywleaollzlee- Yfhe, Clan? 79-7 ' noe om C m served rest between quarters. A last-half Polmsmt e osmg cause' surge by the Titans gave them a 70-64- victory. Varsity Basketball Team-Front Row: Carl Meditch, assistant coachg letic director, Frank Kendrick, Nathan Appleton, Tom Adams, James Willie Hawthorne, James Price, Danny Pride, David Mitchell, Bob Lewis, Roland Richardson, Jack Bradford, coach. Not pictured: Walter Caddie, Howard Catt, trainer. Second Row: Charles Dagwell, ath- Grundy, Pat Blue. Reserve Basketball Team-Front Row: Willie Hawthorne, Ronald Mason, Jack Harmon, .lames Kugelman, Kent Clark, Tony Hillman. Second Row: Billie Taylor Kyle Fort, Frank Kendrick, Tom Hickey, Ronald Sayles, Carl Meditch, coach. Titan reserve netmen boast The Titan reserves came up with a very respectable 15-7 season record. They were runner up in the city tourney. In the tourney, they beat Northwest, 46-25, Attucks 54-37, Howe 63-46, and lost to Manual 46-41 in the final game. Manual jumped out to a 11-9 first quarter lead, and the Titans were never able to surpass them. Manual had a 22-15 half-time lead. The Titans kept falling behind as the game pro- gressed. The Titans were down by eight, 35-27 at the third quarter stop. The reserves were able to cut the lead to five at the end of the game, 46-41. Willie Booker had 12 points on six fielders to earn high honors for the Titans. Kent Clark was next with 11 points. Manual's high point man had 14 points and their next high had 13 points. A week before the tourney the Titans beat the Redskins 43-41 at Manual. So the tourney game gave the Redskins revenge on the Titan reserves. Many of these reserves will probably advance to varsity to fill the empty positions there next season. Right: James Lewis battles a Washington foe for this basket. The Continentals fell to the Titans 47-30 in a late season game. Tam Hickey aims one of his very crucial free throws. Charity tosses made the difference between victory and defeat in many reserve games. Ili,- Freshman Basketball Team-Front Row: Jerry Hannon, Roy Penn Brad Ramage, Charles Battle, Paul Wilson, Tony Cenrlds, Sam Price Larry Ward. Second Row: Ronald Davie, Steven Watts, Ramond Lacy David Jackson. Gerald Helm, David Devitt, Rob Eaton, Ed Birdsong, , Harry Vaughn. Third Row: Bob Plummer, manager, Shirley Glover, , Kenneth Sanders, Bruce Johnson, Bob Powell, Jim Gilbert, Walter , Thomas, Vernon Boyd, Ernie Cline, coach. Not Pictured: David Baits, head manager. Freshmen tke city title, have 16-2 season Freshman Charles Battle swipes the ball from an Arlington opponent as the rest of the team sprints down the floor after him. Ernie Cline's freshman basketball team captured the city title again this season. In the final game with Shortridge, the frosh took a first quar- ter lead and were never behind the rest of the game. However, they lost a six point lead in the final few minutes that set coach Cline on the edge of his seat until the game ended. The little Greenclads were defeated only twice throughout the 18 game season. They were victims of Attucks, 45-4-1, and Washington 47-45. Wash- ington took revenge on the Titans for the defeat in the second of the city tourney. Coach Cline's starting five usually consisted of Bruce Johnson and Roy Penn at the forwards, Bob Powell at center, and Paul Wilson and Charles Battle at the guards. However, oc- casionally he would place Jim Gilbert, Kenneth Sanders, and Larry Ward in starting positions. Varsity Wrestling Team-Front Row: Larry D. Sutton, Lemul Stigler, land, Ain Haas, John Crenshaw, Will A. Jones, Robert J. Childs, man- Roy Burks, Stephen Handy, William D. Maddox, James A. Black, ager. Rex Marshall, captain. Second Row: John Hurrle, coachg Victor Bre- Frosh wrestlers capture city, reserves second The Titan varsity mat men didn't have as good a season as the reserves and freshmen. The varsity won only three of their 11 matches this season. However, they did have two boys who were runners-up in the city. They were sophomore Rex Marshall who wrestles 138 and Joe Norton who wrestles 180. Ain Haas, Will Jones, and Lemul Stig- ler took third, fourth, and fourth in the sectional toumey. Rex Marshall, who is only a sopho- more, won the outstanding wrestler's award. Rex's record was 16 victories against only seven setbacks. The var- sity is only losing three seniors. They are Ain Haas, Steve Handy, and Joe Norton. The rest of the team will be hack next year ready for action. The freshmen had a very good sea- son, losing only two matches out of the seven matches scheduled. They tied Perry East 24- to 24. The frosh were city champs, and they had four in- dividual city champs. They were Wil- hert Moore who wrestles 127, King An- drews who wrestles 145, and Jerry Neal who is a 154- pound wrestler. The frosh heat out Northwest and Wash- ington who finished second and third respectively. The reserves had a 5-6 season. They finished second in the city and also had four individual city champs. They were Dave Little at 103, Roy Burks at 112, Bill Maddox at 127, and Milton Allen who wrestles 180 pounds. , , - - , V I ' P FTB? .122 1 , -e 1 i 1' - 'I K . i Y 11 Reseree Wrestling T eam-Front Row: Filmore Artis, Jerry Laker, Da- Maxwell, Jerry Harmon, Donald Griffin, Harry Downing, Michael vid Little, James Perkins, Stephen Wilson, Jerome Johnson, David Baugh, Jerome Webb, Benjamine Sayles, Clark Long, manager. Harmon, Jerome Wilson. Second Row: John Hurrle, coachg Danny Freshman Wrestling Team-Front Row: Ricky Keen, Larry Upchurch, drews. Second Row: Dan Camplese, coachg John Rowing, Steven Mike Flack, Wilhurt Moore, Thomas Hall, Melvin Fagan, King An- Breland, Jerry Neal, Mark Brents, John Childs. Referee Bruce Gale watches closely as fresh- man Tam Hall of Tech prepares to defeat D. En lish of Arlington. Hall won the match Tay a score of 9-2. The Tech fresh- men team defeated the Arlington freshmen by a score of 39-13. Arlington was the first opponent of the freshmen this season. , cfgkmgw Administration Conferring on the North Central Evaluation, members of the Steering Committee assem- ble to complete some pressing paper work. Shown are, seated: Vice-Principal Kenneth Puckett, chairmang Principal Howard L. Longshore, Mrs. Barbara Dearing. Standing: C. Gaylord Allen, Vice-Principal Odus Lan- drelh, Robert E. Meyers, Clyde S. Armel. "Our Managers," the members of Tech's administration, "ruled" the campus from the Arsenal. Keeping tabs on all phases of student and faculty life, this year they were particularly concerned with the North Central Association Evaluation Visitation, December 12-15, 1967. The thorough examination of Tech, from the quality of the faculty to the effectiveness of the electric pencil sharpeners, was the subject of numerous tenth-hour administration-faculty meetings. Meanwhile, keeping pupil records up to date, coordinating schedules, and feeding many hungry Techites were year-round jobs of the office and cafeteria staffs. ccv pl-f-Q' -2 .- ..Q ' M- Q 0 Q,-5,5 ' 1 'ge .4 ' h 1 As principal of Tech, Mr. Howard Longshore meets his responsibilities to the community, the school, the staff, and the pupils with friendliness and understanding. His duties to the community include providing a high academic standard for the school and keeping the students and faculty members pursuing an orderly routine. Hiring teachers, helping them, and directing department heads make up some of his responsibilities to the staff. Speaking at athletic awards presentations, scholastic honors programs, and all-school assemblies comprise a few of his duties to the school. Maintaining the academic, athletic, and social standards at Tech fulfills his responsibilities to the students. Many of Mr. Longshore's duties this year have centered around the North Central Evaluation in which Tech has been examined by a hoard of educators from various educational institutions outside the city. School records and procedures have been under review. Principal, aides administer Tech dail activities Teaching algebra, instructing in physical education, and coaching varsity basketball have given Herman Hinshaw a varied hack- ground for his present position as vice- principal. Now in his twenty-fourth year at Tech, he concerns himself with pupil at- tendance and discipline. In his fourth year as vice-principal, Kenneth Puckett has a full schedule. In charge of the school budget, he also is treasurer for extracurricular activities. Mr. Puckett also is in charge of the improvement of school buildings and the maintenance of grounds and equipment. Vice-Principal Odus Landreth, in charge of teacher and office personnel, helps teachers solve their day-to-day school problems. He is also administrative assistant to Mr. Long- shore, the principal. Another of Mr. Lan- dreth's duties is helping new students plan programs. He seldom knows an idle moment. After teaching in the mathematics depart- ment for 28 years, Robert Belding is be- ginning his second year as a vice-principal. Making and rearranging schedules to meet the needs of both students and teachers is only one of his many jobs, Credit evaluation and curriculum add up to'a very busy day for Mr. Belding. Serving as athletic director, Charles Dagwell keeps the pace of Tech's teams moving smoothly. Planning sports events, cheerleader activities, and the "Titan 300" represent some of his achievements. Gaylord Allen, director of guidance, assists college-bound Techites in many fields. Processing college applications, arranging scholarships and administering and interpreting special tests enable Mr. Allen to counsel pupils about future plans. Titan directors engineer smooth organization Helping qualified students find positions through Diversified Cooperative Education Ernest Holmes aids pupils in receiving skill- ed on-the-job training. Encouraging and guiding those with superior academic achievements, Wallace Potter di- rects Special Education. His duties center around the programs and awards honoring outstanding pupils. As assistant director of the Evening School Division, William Lowes spends much of his time at Mallory Technical Institute, 1315 East Washington Street, which is operated by Tech as a division of the Indiana Voca- tional Technical College. Director of publications, Cecil T. Tresslar con- centrates his attention on the Cannon Kiddies. Correcting, rewriting and commenting, Mr. Tress- lar heads the Cannon weekly. Having obtained multiple titles in his ten years at Tech, Robert E. Meyer serves as director of student activities and public rela- Mainiaining the position of audio visual director, G. Kenneth Barr aids in classroom work. Responsible for tapes, recorders, films and other equipment, he designs schedules for their proper use. Helping Evening School pupils plan their programs to meet requirements and achieve goals is the job of James Bor- shoff, director of guidance for Evening School Division. tions and as student assembly coordinator. A participant in many Tech functions, Mr. Meyer helps promote the school image. Left: Primarily interested in keeping Tech clean and neat, and equipment assigned to proper use, is the task of Lewis Mar- shall, director of shops, buildings and grounds. Below: Directing the 2900 pupils participating in the Evening School Divi- sion and maintaining con- trol over extended classes in outlying industry, James Stewart fills his vi- tal place in school admin- istration. Encouraging and guiding those with superior aca- demic achievements, Wal- lace Potter directs Special Education. His duties cen- ter around those with spe- cial problems and those attaining honor as out- standing pupils. I, In hot, sunny weather the number of discip- line problems rises. But, rain, snow or sun, Donald Q. Daily, dean of boys, and his assis- tants are always ready to perform their many duties. Counseling girls, sponsoring extra-curricular activities and providing student messengers may seem a tiring job. But Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean of girls and Mrs. Barbara Dearing, her assis- tant, enjoy this work and think it's a great way to help teenagers find their place in a varied and busy society. Deans, assistants counsel pupils with problems Acting as assistant dean of boys, Mahlon Carlock counsels in the areas of discipline and attendance. Much of his day is spent in- terviewing pupils and parents. Assisting the dean of boys in his daily tasks are counselors for attendance and discipline matters. Seated: Rudolph Wilson. Standing: Emest Medcalfe, A. Ray Reed, Howard Catt. Tech's nurses maintain a healthy atmosphere on campus as they admin- ister first aid for incidental cuts and bruises. Nurses are Mesdames Betty Brodhecker, Shirley Lundgren and Blanche Williams. Assistant counselors in the office of the dean of girls, Judith McBride, Mrs. Dorothy Stout and Sharon Parrett consult daily with Tech girls on personal and school problems. Ready to help inquiring pupils, Mrs. Dorothy Newcomer, Marjorie Schoch, head librarian, and Mary K. Garst provide information for special reports and research papers. They also give gui- dance in outside reading. El Howard Caskey, director of the Neighbor- hood Youth Corps, consults non-profit organ- izations about student employment. Ernest Cline and Floyd Tabrocke, junior high school counselors, advise oncoming freshmen about Rowland Levererlz, school psychomelrist, ad- courses and personal adjustment to campus life. ministers standardized tests to pupils to help counselors in their work. Counselors help pupils plan Tech ears John Miner aids Vice-Principal Robert Belding as assistant of student programming. Majors? Minors? Credits for graduation? Electives? Advising students on their courses of study are sophomore-junior counselors. Front Row: Charles Kocher, Mrs. Mildred McAfee, Patsy Scott. Second Row: Walter Dininger, Richard Shock, Kenneth Bayless, William Craney, John Hurrle, Mrs. Sarah Hamer, not pictured. Pulse normal? Blanche Williams, n u rs e , checks pupil Marlena O'Neil as part of her daily routine in the Health Center. Mesdames LaVerne Stewart, Wilma Durhan and Frances Craig keep order amid the chaotic mob of pupils at the beginning of each semester when the Tech Bookstore is the busiest place on a very busy campus. Social Service workers Frances Eickhoff, Mesdames Carolyn Ray, Wilma On hand to relieve teachers of routine clerical tasks are teacher Sims, and Kay Sutherlin, work with students and parents toward a hap- aides. F rant Row: Mesdames Wanda Moon, Lula Mae Roberts, Miss pier and more successful school life. Marcia Barnett, Mrs. Anna Mary Hinton. Second Row: Mrs. Doro- thy Strong, Frank Renfro, Mrs. Barbara Brown. Office Staff-Front Row: Miss Norma Rodewald, Mesdames Carolyn Elsie Robards, Roselynne Yamell, Miss Patricia Littell, Mesdames Hyatt, Bernadine Pool, Edna Ayres, Fannie Fowler, Dorothy Armel, Helen Harvey, Gloria Robbins, Gene Montgomery, Virginia Cauble, Janice Chadwick, Ann Loyal. Second Row: Mesdames Louise Creasser, Rita Tussey. J gh , J., .gi Q lm . ,- , : Custodians Thomas Walker and Charles Britton head the task force responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of buildings lo- cated on campus. Departmental assistants-Front Row: Mesdames Gwendolyn Huff, Gertrude Russell, Jeannette Fields, Judith Shattuck, Louise Schneider. Second Row: Mrs. Verda Allee, Herschel Cauble, Leo G. Terry, Mesdames Monica Noling, Betty Rowland, Mr. Lowell Dant. Typists, cooks, patrolmen handle Teclfs daily chores Smiling personnel of the Evening School Division office staff are Mesdames Mary Hoffman, Alpha Smith, Eileen Thompson, Mildred Langlatz, Mary Pentecost. Patrolman on official campus duty are offi- cers Robert Lloyd, Jack Heavenridge and Wilbert Gruner. Officers Virgil Gaither, John Nevilles, not shown. Cafeteria Staff-Front Row: Mesdames Laura Merrill, Mary Oster- hout, Sylvia McDonald, Rosa Stelting, Irene Beach, Lola Klein, Myr- tle Kerr, Jessie Elliott. Second Row: Mesdames Leota Brown, Virginia Beniyote, Bessie Curtis, Jean Fogelman, Lola Moore, Ethel Kreis, Mary Coverstone, Gladys Westra, Florence Andrews, Lillian Klier. Third Row: Mesdames Pearline Plant, Audrey Barrett, Lillian Sherwood, Helen Phelps, Genevieve Haigerty, Marie Sutton, Alberta Kames, Christine Still, Esta Parsley. Fourth Row: Mesdames Helen Kames, May Starkey, Opal Sterrett, Mr. Myron Ringland, Mesdames Irene Taylor, Mae Reever, Margaret Garrison, Darlene Renner, Mary Mel- vin, Dorothy Rosemeyer. F ifth Row: Mesdames Goldie Duffy, Florence Cameron, Gladys Thompson, Mr. William Griswell, Mesdames Pauline Wilkinson, Sarah Laubach, Florence Jaus, managerg Gertrude Ray, Elise Sigg, Angie Clearwater, Thelma Gardner. Techites worked hard and polished a few apples as they fulfilled their primary objective- getting an education. Studying for that all-essential piece of parchment, these pupils followed four different courses to prepare for their futures. College prep pupils took advantage of Tech's academic offerings with trig and French IX while future secretaries and businessmen studied clerical practice and computer programming. Specializing in welding or cabinet making, Tech's vocational pupils mastered skills for their future occupations. A diploma and a chance for a higher education awaited each pupil at the end of his four years of study. D i V. .if fli- pf 9 W s f XT 55 :94- A -mf j , My -435 ff 1 wk x it A 4 , f I 1 ,X " -":f9"'5"':'-A, ff! , pw .1 L., A 'xi :gi My-MMZ' ,- ' I . Q " 'f'E' . i, ' N: kklb' S X Wf"f,Lkg,,i use inn- :N gf 'fi?f'i"Af K' I V iQ-.-S: A .X ' A W gg? K- V A A i f X .X X + 'f . ', V '- ,,, N ,.,..,f -f-f,s,...Hf"' .. 1 Q ffsg , X XM Q kbglm' ix ' 'A h , Ni 5 45, 4. if I ' A dk, .X 6 4, xv lx , K - .,, .xx 'F' ,sfigl .X -',g.4,., fg ,fi.a -Q X ,Y 't xx -w'A"h, 'Y , 'fhffwjvi-Tlifw Ly ,W if - -f, QL' f 'ngrgif ,f w - , .-,of x if , 1 - E.f':""ea ' gifuf' M 4, 1 As-?' -'Q 4 '5 ' ,fs , f?'fw.: .g ve " Z.. PET WEP-A Qs' ,S F 'xii . 4 xg K ,YE W . Q ' 1-1,..,."Q4-Q., AQ i ,G ' ff 4 sa R , Tg'xm.iK:'f'AT7Q. ,l Q' . ai, Kg I ,R 5 1 3125 im. un? 4, ii X? 6 A....,, -? i fx 5. L Q A ,VVv, if F " ' if , fi g, bi 1,19 T 4. 165' N . .1 . ' r' X QQ 3 LL, .F K' I , Films, tapes, skits liven English instruction Y Students find the quiet of the Tech library a good spot for researching with an English class or on their own. They make full use of the many facilities offered including the 135 different magazines. Losing sell-consciousness before an audience and having fun at the same time, Nate Appleton impersonates Red Riding Hood, and teacher Mrs. Arvilla Bennett portrays the mother in a classroom skit. Tech English pupils discussed and wrote about topics of current interest and also found outlet for their energies through dramatics, speech, and de- bate competition and work with the Arsenal Cannon. On Honor Day the English Depart- ment presented the Esther Fay Shover Medal for outstanding creative ex- pression. A plaque with names of all past winners is in the Esther Fay Shover Room where teachers showed 83 films this year. The room was named to honor Tech's first English Department head. English Department-Front Row: Bernice Jones, Gertrude Insley. Mesdames June Widmeyer, Barbara Machin, Mr. Jim Beeler, Mary K. Allison, Mrs. Virginia Zimmerman, Robert Maloy, Judith McBride, Anne Greenwood, Mesdames Mary Furry, Barbara Southwick. Second Row: Mesdames Mildred McAfee, Florence Schnakenberg, Miss Hes- ter Anne Hale, Mrs. Paula Winterhalder, Mary Veza, Mesdames Jane Ann Lemen, Alice C. Goodrum, Fred McNunny, Constance Harvey, Martha Gascho, Mrs. Margaret Hahn. Third Row: Mesdames Marjorie Garrett, Doris Webber, Miss Irene Rhodes, department headg Mesdames Joyce A. Hanna, Judy Kothe, Robert F. Ford, Dale Renault, Miss Mary Maillard, Mesdames Margaret Clapp, Arvilla Bennett, Anne Hamlet, Miss Susan Bettis. Fourth Row: James H. Munn, Mrs. M. Gruenewald. Cecil T. Tresslar, John A. Lewis, Emmett F. Hardiman, Margaret Wa- ters, T. L. Danheiser, Mesdames Diane Comstock, Ruth Long. ,R , . PICTURE M: I WYN M AY5 R, rl, twat, E Li On a windy Saturday morning Tech teachers and pupils tum out for a special showing of Gone With the Wind. Seen here entering the theatre are Mr. Tom Danheiser, Vicki Raker, gickie Kendall, Linda Cook, and Richard wan. To add variety to everyday classroom proce- In a tape prepared by the English Illg class, Mike Trittipo states his ideas on Tech's public image while Bob Kares, Kyle Fort, Ken Mullis, Karen Darland, Chester Whitaker, Pat Finnigan, Andy Taylor, and Mary Reneau await their tum. From Bogota, Columbia comes Luis Hernandez, enrolled in Miss Bettis' , English class and learning the strange language with the help of class- mates. Luis is shown with Vernon Seats and John Hess. dures, this English class is watching the ori- ginal screen enactment of Romeo and Juliet in the Esther Fay Shover Room. ive E !' 1-5-if 1-415 k -ff ,,f K Q . ik M 5' i A BQ ,6 I s f 1 ,.....L.. ,' ,...,-nun i ez Mr. Wheelefs Geometry II class concentrates on a difficult quadrilat- Below: George E Edwards and Kathy Holt probably would agree that eral problem. Having failed to solve it at home, students watch the the new method of correcting exercises in Basic Math I with the help board as Mr. Wheeler rescues them from their predicament. of adding machines IS a lot more interesting and fun Computers, astronom offer math challenge One of the modern trends in the Math Department was the possibility of a course in computer technology be- ginning in spring '68. Interested pu- pils would have the opportunity to learn computer language and tech- niques. Future opportunities centered around the possibility of working with the computers at Mallory Technical Institute. In step with many space-age ad- vancements, astronomy was again of- fered as a spring course. Require- ments were one year of math and en- rollment in an English IV class. A descriptive and cultural course, astron- omy dealt with the sun, planets, and stars and seasonal changes with related mathematical applications as class abil- ity permitted. X 1 Above: Practicing conversation in Mrs. Fine's French II class, Ella Stevens and Lonnie Cleary lead a discussion on this poster. Left: Pupils in Mrs. Zimmerman's Latin III class, Mary Helms, Mary Ann Thompson. and Robert Davis study the differences be- tween the Julian calendar, used by the Ro- mans, and the Gregorian calendar, in use today. Below: Mastering everyday phrases to build their vocabularies, Mrs. Platt's Spanish III class perfect their time-telling skills with "teacher" Linda Quackenbush. Foreign Language Department-Front Row: Mrs. Serine Fine, Miss Zimmerman. Second Row: Mrs. Maria Lagadon, Constance Harvey, Rita Sheridan, department headg Mesdames Mary Bedell, Virginia Mesdames Carol Platt, Suzanne Underwood. . . program encourages language students A department-sponsored foreign language honor day highlighted the ef- forts of students enrolled in French, German, Spanish, and Latin. Pre- sented in May, the program awarded certificates to language pupils receiving "A" finals for two consecutive se- mesters. Another high point for the depart- ment was preparation for the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages. Eligible students conferred with teachers, listened to tapes and records and practiced fluency in readi- ness for the December 16 test. After the test, came personal interviews and final decisions. Those chosen for the two-month trip pledged to speak ab- solutely no English while living and studying abroad. Activities in the classrooms were many and varied. Concentrating on ac- curacy, fluency, and pronunciation, language instructors planned grammar drills, impromptu talks, listening com- prehension, and oral testing. Gemtan VI pupils try to assemble a Black Forest cuckoo clock from all-German in- structions. Pupils in Miss Harvey's class are Mike Pinson, Russell Nichoalds, Bill Buckley, Leo Condos, Phil Appleman, Cheryl Hamil- ton, Jon Burroughs, and Cornelius Stravers. Social Studies Department-Front Row: Frances Lyons, Lisa Schulte, lecki, department headg Walter Dininger, Josephine Graf. Third Row: John Kanouse, Karl Schneider, Bruce McGeath, Mrs. Esther Cooper, Richard Clutter, Duane Blankenhom, Leonard Jeffers, Lloyd Wagner, Forrest R. Caldwell, Ebert W. Smith. Second Row: Mrs. Martha June William Kimberlin, Clyde Smith, Jr., Mis. Claudia Clark, Wesley Mur- Bradshaw, Dean Carbone, Robert Meyer, John lVIiner, William Seid- phy. Classes sta e mock legislative sessions Mr. Murphy's psychology class discusses one of the film strips the class has seen concem- ing religion. The class deals with such topics as personal, school and home problems. Shown are: Linda Finchurn, Carol LaFara, Robert Ingels, Charles Johnson, Kenneth Smith, Brendaana Grundy, Linda Russell, Pasthina Williams, Linda Ingle, William Petty, Kathleen Woempner, Marlene McCar- ty, Twanetta Witsman. Maintaining an active pace, the So- cial Studies Department engineered such classroom activities as debates, mock elections and the first session of a Tech Congress. Responsible for the "Congress in Action" theme was Mr. Kanouse. Four United States Govern- ment classes were divided into two miniature replicas of Congress. Each class was designated as a House of Representatives or a Senate. Members chose to represent their own political parties. All steps taken in the actual Con- gress were enacted in a Tech class- room. Bills were introduced, sent to committees, had their second and third readings and were brought to a vote. All bills passing Congress were sent to Mr. Siedlecki who acted as com- mander-in-chief for these legislative sessions. .THE Students in Mr. Ebert Smith's United States History Ilg class watch War. Onlookers are Carl Curtis, Gary Adams, Pam Baker, Ruth Creech, Julia Boone as she traces the routes taken by ships navigating from and James Johnson. The group of 13 is the smallest United States his- the east coast of the United States to Vera Cruz during the Mexican tory class at Tech. 2 Stuart Lawrence, as the Vice-President of the United States, pre- sides over the mock Senate in his govemment class with Cornelia Oates keeping careful records of the meeting. Dr. Fern Stukenbroelcer, a former agent for the FBI speaks to the fifth period social studies classes conceming Intemational Commun- ism and its threat. HW sm Jill Grady assists, as Marie Kathy Baker probes a mussel, looking for such unlikely structures as foot and gills in Mr. Collins' Biology I class. Left: On a spring day, bolany pupils do some spade work on campus to aereate roots of trees. Classes also leam conservation and recognition of wildflowers like the unhloom- ed hyacinth below. Life sciences broaden scope, create interest Biological Science Department--Front Row: Mesdames Judy M. Hunt, John R. Farley, department head. Third Row: Ray Reed, John W. Bonnie A. Farley, Arthur Kirsh, Mrs. Ruth D. Shannon, John Wythe, Kendrick, Howard Cook, Robert F. Collins, Garylord K. Barr, Ward Mrs. Mercedes Guess, Richard Allen. Second Row: Ray K. Terrell, Whalin, J. M. Kleine, Ir. R. Donn Martin, David S. Hon, G. W. Howard, William M. Johnson, Attempting to dissect a worm. in Zoology I can lead to amazing discoveries for Dan Bradley and onlooker Ron Buchanan. Pictured in the background are, second row across: Sherman Harris, William Hart. Third Row: Charles Luther, Bruce Oakley. Operating a microtome are James Richards and Mike Pinson. This device slices materials thin enough to be mounted on microscope slides. Pupils learned to type their own blood in Zoology II this year. They dissected both vertebrates and invert- brates. Springtime found botany pupils walking about the campus examining the trees and flowers. Each student was to be able to identify the different species of trees, by twigs, by leaves, and by bark. Also they were to be able to identify the different flowers. The Biology III class studied bac- teriology and microtechniques. Biol- ogy IV students began the study of the higher vertebrate animals, in contrast to the generalized study of Biology I and II classes. Physical science five-year-plan succeeds Everything goes! Total renovation of outdated physical science rooms was completed in September, 1967. Elec- trical, gas, air, and water systems were completely renovatedg in addition, floors were relaid, and new tables in- stalled. Room 243 was the last of six labs to be redone since the program first got under way five years ago. Also new in the science set is a single concept film projector. Includ- ing lessons in filtration, the three-min- ute projections explain simple concepts in laboratory procedure. A library of such films is anticipated. Slide rules for use by students, a critical analytical balance, and a Mic- helson interferometer were added to the inventory of scientific instruments. And, of course, students dread the safe- ty goggles whose required use has been added to lab rules. Allen Glover and Harry Benson abide by the much disliked law of wearing goggles ln all science laboratories. Physics students Roy Reynolds and Steven Adair tforegroundl, Douglas Hamilton, Jerry Birck, Bradley Rotert, Terry Loux, and Larry Auble time reactions in an experiment. Students are required to keep accurate notes for their reports. Chemistry I students Barbara Ogle and Scott Smith familiarize themselves with new equipment and techniques they will encounter in their study. Such expressions as "flask" and "Bunsen burner" will become part of their everyday vocabulary. Right: Chemistry students work in partners preparing a titration. Rex Marshall cleans the buret with distilled water while Karen Spaw steaclies the equipment. Good team- work! Steve Handy and Donna Blount, seniors, participate in a physics class assignment. Written work based on the text and experi- ments comprise a part of the work. Physical Science Department-Front Row: Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, Tozer, Bruce Turney, James May, Hadley Haworth, Richard Dykeman James A. DeClue, Leo Deming, Mrs. Edna Stewart, William Graney, Steve Smith. Ralph Wolverton, not pictured. Louis D. Allen, Janice D. Cooper. Second Row: John Kern, William Adding a touch of elegance to the Home Economics Department, the reception hall, dining room, kitchenette, and butler's pantry in Room 127 give all good pupils an opportunity to serve in a formal setting. Mattie Moore. Shown practicing are Rebecca Kelley and Patty Kelly. Pupils prepare for The Home Economics department offered multiple opportunities for both boys and girls. Readying themselves for futures as hornemakers, girls in foods classes created everything from main dish casseroles to Christmas cookies. Commercial foods classes benefited boys and girls interested in careers. For seniors, the family living classes Sheryl Blackwell, in a commercial foods class, measures ingredients for those great Tech brownies. dealt with the social, economic, and personal problems arising in married life. Youthful beauticians practiced the art of giving shampoos, haircuts, hairstyles, and facials in cosmotology. Housing and management classes pre- sented ideas for interior decorating. In child care classes, girls received a preview of child-mother relation- ships. Future nurses were given an Helping the cafeteria staff with their daily job of feeding over 3,000 Techites are members of the Commercial Food classes including careers, homemaking idea of hospital situations and ways to cope with them. Basting, hemlines, seams, darts, and linings were terms familiar to those participating in clothing classes. Coats, slacks, dresses, skirts, and for- mal gowns composed many of their projects. The highlight of the year was the style show in which the best crea- tions were modeled by their makers. Leaming advanced techniques of clothing construction from selecting a pattern to finishing a hem is the task of these pupils in Mrs. Holtzclaw's Clothing III class. Front Row: Brenda Petry Kathy Baxter, Kathy Vandermark, Diane Davis, Marnette McChristian. Second Row: Donna Smith, Forestine Love. Standing: Brenda Harper, Kathy Jo Graves, Kathy Herrington, Diana Clyhurn, Jeanette Judkins. Taking time out from their Foods I class, these pupils get a sampling of their culinary abilities. Enjoying the meal in Mrs. Gillette's class are, right table: Shirley Hawkins, Bev- erly Mathis, Jacqueline McTush and Diane Turner. Left table: Martha Wyss, Kathy Hayes, Patricia Hill and Carmella Hardy. Above: Commercial foods pupil, James Yates, adds the finishing touch to brownies prepared for famished Techites at lunchtime. Left: Studying the problems of marriage and adult life, pupils in Mrs. Flesher's Family Living class prepare themselves for life after graduation. Front row pupils are Mark Win- zenread, Mattie Smith, Bobbie Porter and Rena Owen. Home Economics Department-Front Row: Mesdames Ruth Stafford, Mary V. Woolford, Nancy Gillette, Miss Frances H. Smith, Mesdames Judy Flesher, Second. Row: Mas- dames Marjorie McCutcheon, Elva Wignall, Elizabeth Holtsclaw, Marian Moore, Natalie Ran- som, Marian Holly. Third Row: Miss Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Mary Penrod, Miss Hilda Kreft, department headg Mesdames Hollie Hart, Wyolene Cody, Miss Helen F. Callaway, Mrs. Janiece Young. at Business Education Department-Front Row: Edna L. Maley, Velma L. Freeman, Mrs. Phyllis Bryant, Miss Mona Woodward, department Edwards, Mesdames Virginia Jackson, Gwen Ohmit, Deborah Goie, head. Third Row: Gerald Lamkin, William N. Guess, David George, Sarah Hamer, Miss Alice M. Johnson, Mrs. Esther Carpenter. Second John Wiggins, Mrs. Lois Frye, J. C. Harger, M. Turpin Davis. Row: Lois Sink, Lois Smith, Mrs. Marjorie Parker, Keith Kuck, Joyce Computers, ke punch update Business Ed. Over half of the pupils enrolled at Tech elect business education courses. The 2700 pupils enrolled in the de- partment use a total of 325 pieces of equipment, including manual and elec- tric typewriters, computers, adding machines, tape recorders, keypunch machines, interpreters, verifiers, and listers. From these classes, pupils may enter industry and command well-paid jobs as secretaries, accountants, computer and keypunch operators, typists, and bookkeepers. Several advanced Tech pupils tra- velled daily to Mallory's to study com- puter programming, while pupils from other schools studied keypunch and tab equipment using Tech facilities. The department awards certificates each semester for excellence in short- hand and typing, and annually presents the F. H. Gillespie Award to the out- standing senior in the department. Mrs. Iacksorfs experimental Typing II class push for speed using new electric typewrit- ers. Front right: Judy Carroll. Back, left to right: Stephanie Imel, Johnny Robinson, Mrs. Jackson, Paul James, Elaine Petennan, Marcia Sayles. P ,f , X g gg- mi 5 Q X isa: , Vzk' X -if VE, ., r - A W, ?' ,,,,,,,,.,. Y, ,, 3 , af! i f 2 I ff .V tax fx ' Q --i iw- ' R my-. ,MN K Q Y X V Y A LWB. Q K s lx ,6 5.31 63555 N ,Ja Tech artists join in pursuit of heaut Both instrumental and vocal groups fulfilled requested engagements, spreading the Christmas spirit through music. Telecast in color, the tuneful Techoir made its contribution to the joyful holiday season on Christmas Day over WISH-TV. Also observing the Yule season, the group cut and sponsored sale of its traditional Christ- mas record and sang at the annual Christmas assembly. Painting, sculpting, making jewelry and hooked rugs were projects under- taken by ambitious art students. De- cember '67 brought numerous entries in the "Mail Early" poster contest, and Art Department-Front Row: Lorena Phemister, Mrs. Louise Harts, Marion Hamilton, La Von 3 m0l'lfl'l later C!1tI'iCS vied f0l' I'6C0gIli- Whitmire. Second Row: Charles Glore, David Scutter, Kermit Swenson, department headg Ernest tion in the Scholastic Art Awards at Medcalfe, Michael Slover. L. S. Ayres. 1 C An advanced artist, Don Brown, shows off his talent with oils and a still-life Set-up. lm l In craft arts classes, the students release their talents in creative activities. Gary Sprague is laboring over a block print in Mr. Medcnlfe's Craft Art class. Susie Davis is filled with suspense as she develops a picture as part of her class photo- graphy work. Music Department-Front Row: Douglas Perry. Mrs. Sandra Fanning, Evelyn Martin, Richard Orton. Second Row: John White, James Chandler, William Moon, department head. In deep concentration, Maureen Mills watches the movement of the notes on the page as she practices an intricate violin passage. Health and Physical Education Department-Front Row: Misses Sara Ellison, Patsy Scott, Donna Hobbs, Sharon Parrett, Mesdames Mary Wise, Mary Lou Manka, Mr. Howard Catt, Miss Shirley Parrett, James L. Hill. Second Row: Carlos Bell, J. M. Kleine, Ir., Reuben Behlmer, department heady Jack Bradford, Melvin Bowers, Thomas Bames, Roh- ert Woodard. Third Row: Phillip Quillin, John Eason, Charles Dagwell, Ivan Moreman, John Hurrle, John Koontz, E rn est Cline, Daniel Camplese. Physical education stresses health, fitness Tech High School in cooperation with the Medical Services of Marion County administered a tuberculin skin test for all students new to Tech from outside Marion county, all health classes, and all students working in the cafeteria. The purpose of the test was to distinguish those persons in- fected with tubercle bacilli. These tests were conducted to comply with a law enacted in August, 1967. All high schools conducted a similar test. Learning the functions of body organs and their proper care was the primary objective of health education classes. Plastic replicas of essential systems, diagrams, and outlines aided pupils. Additional aids in classroom work were films and talks given by professional people. "Highball High- way" informed pupils of the disasters caused by alcoholism, while other movies told of drug addiction and tuberculosis. One third of the physical education classes participated in a first-aid course every six weeks. Those pupils passing the course were awarded standard certificates. Girls in a Physical Education II class achieve grace and rhythmic movement while enjoying a dance routine together. Left: Timothy L. Poole shows muscular control as he executes a head stand on a new "horse" in a boy's gym class. Above: Larry R. Thomas whizzes past the camera in a hand spring, a mo- ment later, hopefully, landing on his feet. In a demonstration presented by graduate students of Butler College of Pharmacy, a tiny white mouse is injected with a narcotic and the effects are observed by pupils. Brenda Harper washes Janice Johnson's arm with alcohol in reparation for the tuberculin test, P a project of their health class. Drafting Department-Front Row: Stephen Behlmer, Scott Houldson, Samuel Skomp, Bumey iaclgson. Second Row: Floyd Tobroke, Carl Meditch, John Williams, Harold Elliott, department ea . Drawing blueprints for homes, planning Printers, Gaining recognition for educational facilities, teachers, and equipment, the Tech Drafting Department offered many opportunities for interested stu- dents. Eligible pupils were invited to participate in mechanical drawing con- tests. Judging was done by professional draftsmen and certificates were award- ed to entries achieving excellence. Printing proof sheets so Cannon editors can find and correct any errors was the task of pupils like Steve Grable, using the new Van- dercook proof press. housing developments and constructing them in miniature taught pupils the basics of ar- chitectural drafting. Bent over the drawing boards in Mr. Meditch's class are Mike Brummett and Maurice Heitzman. Arsenal Cannon weeklies are printed on one sheet and here Darrell Underwood demon- strates the Seybold Citation paper cutter, that divides the two and prepares the Can- nons to be folded and distributed. " :f E' , t,33I?5:1 fit" draftsmen utilize unique equipment Tech Printing Department acquired eight new pieces of equipment this year. These include a new Miehle off- set press, a Seybold Citation paper cutter, a Durst color separation en- larger, a Baum folder, a new Miehle letterpress, an Original Heidelhurg press, a Ludlow linotype headsetter and a Vandercook proof press. The equipment will he used by all divisions of the Print Shop: offset, letterpress, linotype and composition. With this equipment, pupils will be able to get more technical knowledge of printing and a better start in the trade after graduation. Printing Department--Ralph Clark, Robert Smith, Samuel Skomp, Harold Deem, Floyd Bil- lington, Clyde S. Armel, department head. l Plummer. New equipment purchased in the summer of 1967 included this Miehle offset press. Shown Printing the Cannon weekly on the 830,000 press are Rosalyn Pillow, James Austin and William Auto-Aviation Department-Front Row: Oral E. Henderson, Byron E. Row: Robert E. Crooke, F. Doug Thompson, William R. Berger, Lewis McColly, Fred J. Keller, C. Tim Thompson, H. K. Clark, William J. Pence, William E. Sharp, Dale W. Herrington, Fred Mayer. Tremp, George Mack, Sam A. Dudkowski, department head. Second Would ou believe. . .a multi-colored hot-rod? Paul Harvey of Harvey Ford Agency, a Tech graduate, presents a Ford F-100 to Mr. Long- shore and Mr. Dudkowski. Shown are B. B. Harding, assistant district Ford manager: Morris Gardner, vice-presidentg Mr. Long- shore, Lewis Marshall, director of shop ac- tivitiesg Mr. Harvey and Mr. Dudkowski. Consulting each other on one of their pro- jects in auto trades, William Harris, Howard Gearlds, and Robert McKinney repair an automobile engine in Mr. Tremp's auto me- chanics class. Two unidentified classmates assist their efforts. The query, "Is that a hot rod ?" is voiced by several astonished visitors to the Tech Auto Shop. Actually a Ford F-100 pick-up chassis, this piece of equipment is color-coded for visual teaching. The Ford Motor Company annually has donated instructional manuals on new cars for student use. This year their gift was the machine itself. No pupils are tempted to take a ride, how- ever, as it has no ignition system. Besides a complete course of study in all phases of auto mechanics, the de- partment offers training to some 800 pupils in auto body and aviation. Some pupils are preparing for ad- vanced courses in engineering colleges, others are looking forward to voca- tions in the auto tradesg still others are present or potential car owners who hope to do their own repair and main- tenance work. Pupils in aviation classes recondition an airplane at a cost of 8350. AL work on such u project are Phillip Lynch and Carl P. Grigsby. Thomas McCreary works on an airplane body in an aviation course. A finished fob by the aviation classes, one of six completed this year, stands ouside Morgan Hall Twenty-seven boys worked in the aviation classes under Mr. Pence. Building Trades department-Front Row: Charles Kocher, Rudolph Wilson, Paul Vogt, Paul Oscarson. Second Row: Rayfield Anderson, Morris O. Woods, department heady Howard Beall, Charles Hylton, Raymond Turner. Building Trades class creates steps, red barns, dog houses Buzzing, sanding, slapping of ce- ment, vamishing, and steaming of wall- paper are some of the sounds made by students working and learning in the Building Trades Department. Here boys enroll in a variety of classes to prepare for trades as plumb- ers, electricians, painters and decora- tors, or masons. Equipment used in different classes are leads, trowels, spray painters, sand- ers-hand and power tools. A boy entering a plumbing, mason- ary, or electrical trades class auto- matically has six weeks' experience in each trade. This enables him to see which courses he would like to con- tinue as a vocation. A summer paintshop program of- fered employment for future painters. Jobs painting the interior and exterior of private homes kept them busy. Also scheduled was a project refinishing chairs for local schools. Mr. Beall's first-hour carpentry class is not all serious work. This year's specialities in- cluded building little red hams and dog houses. Charlie Brown and Snoopy apparent- ly feel at home during a recent visit. James Jackson learns pipe threading, an in- teresting skill which may help him in a fu- ture vocation. Such activities become daily routine in plumbing classes. 44 4 5 X, - y 7 '99 X a i s I MM ww VFNH Luminous sparks ily as an unidentified stu- dent, concealed by his mask, experiments with welding techniques. Above: Charles Jackson contemplates the next step toward completing his project with a lathe in the machine shop. Below: Visiting pupils from Waldron llndianal High School inspect equipment in the Tech foundry. Metal Trades Department acquires h draulic press This year has proved to he one of the most successful for the Metal Trades Department. Each of the five distinct trades made great advance- ments in new equipments. Machine shop received a hydraulic press and contour hand saw, filing and polishing machine. Foundary shop gained a new drill press. A completely automatic, self-timing, air operated spot welder was the latest thing in sheet metal classes. Two new arc welders were given to welding shop and five wood lathes to pattern-making. 130 w gk A Q w any 'fo' 1 -- 'M I K Le Y , W V 1 EH. K 3 , Q -f . . -.3 v P Er -v ,ff . J Qfyl if W ,W I x U A fi ' fx? a E 1 4 l t I ? ' H ' . 1 .X K A1 A ,L - K 3 .S 1 W , Wgifgg 4715554g 3'cxucamnf f1 f H J M, 98 3:7 1 . . A if ,M fm. 134 k- 2 . .W W 4 fgfi fu Riu ,gi wi W 4 1, 5 15535 K, , 1 5 Q 5 .J Q N W1ffL, . . Am. .- wi , 1, . 9 .M Y A 9. -+44 f mis ss . g, mm, , 'UQ' iwvfwa Electrical Trades Department-Front Row: J. Kenneth Gilliland, Carold Bramblett, Earl Terry, department head. Second Row: John Mullennax, Charles Farr, William H. Stewart. Charles Brasher concentrates as he utilizes skills leamed in class in repairing his radio. Classes in the department take repair jobs for school personnel and the general public and usually have a wailing list of work. Harry Price and Steve Bucher check the controls of a large scale oscilloscope as part of their class work. gi Electrical shops train technical experts Absarbed in a refrigeration project, class- room workers leam a trade. They are James Hicks, Joseph Hallins, Emie Jones, Bruce Canedy, and Randy Walker. On the day when the electric tooth brush has a short circuit, the can open- er blows a fuse, or the air conditioner leaves the house muggy, call an ap- pliance repairman for service. It is very likely he may be a Tech graduate and former pupil of the Electrical Trades Department. Students can take courses in electricity, electronics, elec- trical maintenance, and refrigeration, radio, and TV service. Every day they may be seen work- ing in the department with modern equipment in a maze of wires, dials, fuses and screens. Making intelligent use of these is the initial step to suc- cess in this occupational field. Conducting tests for voltage and resistance on motor generator Sets, Denzil Shoffner, Fred Parish and Melvin Johnson gain the basic knowledge needed to become skilled electricians. The intricacies of complicated electronic equipment becomes meaningful with textbook instruc- tion, classwork und laboratory procedures. Winfred Turner and Lemul Stigler use classroom procedure in the operation of an oscilloscope to measure the fluctuation of voltage. The fluctu- 134 ROTC Officers-Front Row: CXZLT Stephen W. Hooker, CIILT Roh- CIILT Alfred Ford, ClCapt. Elmer O. Kurhursky, Cf2LT Harold ert Hill, CIILT Roy Davis, CfCapt. Ronald L. Bradley, CfCapt. Mike Russell, CfCapt. Michael Wilson, Cf2LT Kenneth Schultz, Cf2LT Mullis, Cf Capt. Joseph K. Matlock. Second Row: Cf2LT Larry Green, Brad NHHHS, Cf2LT Ronald Fagan. arching, drilling cadets learn discipline Based in the one-hundred year old Barracks, the Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps prepared Tech boys for fu- ture military service, as the cadets marched, drilled and fired through the Federal Inspection, the Veterans' Day Parade and numerous drill team and rifle team meets. Over 4-00 pupils were enrolled in the half-credit course and were divided in- to two batallions with three companies On a cold, rainy Saturday, Tech's Color Guard marches in the Veterans' Day parade: CfSgt. Dan Kurhursky, ClSfc .Terry Steffey, ClSgt. Jerry Brewster, CfSgt. Joe Jones. each. Cadets and sponsors sought pro- motions for academic excellence, disci- pline, character, neatness and service. Sponsors and cadet officers planned the annual Military Ball, held this year on December 16. Awards ahounded in the ROTC de- partment as the Tech unit took second place for the SAI best unit trophy and tied for second place in the Veterans' Day Parade. Below: Appropriately the home of the Tech ROTC unit, the Barracks, now in its second century, once housed Civil War soldiers. ROTC Sponsers-First Row: Hon. C11 LT Kay Harrison, Hon. C12 Lt Linda Herman, Hon. C12 LT Donna Blount, Hon. C12 LT Marsha Allen. Second Row: Hon. C12 LT Linda Amett, Hon. C11 LT Neila Waldo, Hon. C12 LT Linda Hodges. Milita u icers and American Le ion di itaries form the review- VY ff el gn ing board of the 1967 Federal Inspection. Above: Measuring the placement of CXCPT Douglas Boner's brass, Hon. C12 LT Linda Arnett conducts a class inspection with C1Cpt. Michael Wilson. Above: Leading the maneuvers of the Tech Military Department are Mrs. Verda Alloc, assistant, MSG CRetJ Thomas L Dawson, commandantg MSC Arthur Wilkinson, instructor, SFC. Senior Chambers, instructor, SSG Edward Fizcr, instructor. ROTC Sponsers-Front to back, left: Hon. C12 Lieulenants Mary Chew, Melanie Morphcw, Margo Runson, Kris Tomcscu. Right: Deb- bie Deckard, Rachelle Lee, Marilyn Isbell, Julia Boone. Cf2nd Lt. Larry Green and C!2nd Lt. Bradley Nahas respectively co- captain and captain of the ROTC Rifle Team show kneeling and off- hand positions on the range in the Barracks. The team practices two and one half hours a day, four days a week. They fire 36 matches each 'fz 'lc L, 4 51- 4 il, ur 1 il :R I 2 Q X "'76...,R' "' . - 'R w School year using 22 caliber match rifles Au cadets fi - - ' . ' . re .27s m order to qualify for one of three ranks: marksman, sharpshooter, and expert. Ilrsilshfacked UP a 1240-1224 count against Howe in the first city-wide ROTC Drill Team-Front Row: CfSgl. Terry Malone, Cl2nd Lt. Brad ley Nahas, CfSgt. Joseph Smet, Hon. 2nd Lt. Linda Amett, CfCapt. Elmer Kurbursky, Hon. lst Lt. Kay Harrison, Cf2nd Lt. Ronald Fagan, C!Sgt. Timothy Couse. Second Row: C!Sfc. John Tilford, C!Sfc George Vaughn, CfCapt. Mike Wilson, Hon. 2nd Lt. Linda Herman, Cflst Lt. Alfred Ford, Hon. 2nd Lt. Donna Blount, ClSgt. Joe M. Jones, Cl2nd Lt. Kenneth Schultz, Cflst Sgt. Maurice 0. Grooms. ROTC Rifle Team-First Row: Cf2nd Lt. Bradley Nahas, Lt. Stephen W. Hooker, ClSfc. Jerry L. Steffey. Second Row: team captaing Cf2nd Lt. Kenneth Lee Schultz, Cf2nd Lt. Cf2nd Lt. Harold Russell, CfSgt. Johnny Harper, Cf2nd Lt. Larry Green, team co-captaing C!Sgt. Jerry Brewster, Cf2nd Ronald Fagan. ,lumping for joy as graduation neared, senior Techites inwardly reflected on the importance of their senior year. The last year, with senior privileges, special honors, and all the final events of the Class of '68, climaxed the most memorable period of a Techite's life. It was a four-year metamorphosis from a shy, scrawny freshman to a young adult ready to make his own independent mark in the world. Club meetings, basketball games, the first formal dance, all-school assemblies provided the memories of life at Tech. Tech seniors looked forward to the freedom signaled by that piece of parchment, meanwhile realizing the responsibilities as wives, husbands, parents. soldiers, businessmen, college students, and tradesmen that faced them after June 4- Commencement for the Class of '68. ,rx R I ' 1 at A X ' f J -nr t I ., - 140 SPONSORS Miss Marguerige Hardy Mrs. Carol Bean Delbert West Miss Lois Sink Gerald Lamkin Mrs. Christine Bennett 90 13 0 11.00 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY 1- . . see ' l l . 5' -' six '1 1 1 L Z: Anita K. Belding Lewis E. Clark ,fre--gn:-v f- . zef.-.agggngf J Q. 1? V' a, xx . A . ,Q T Qu- YQ X. Ain E. Haas Stephen R. Kleifgen Danny S. Pride Patricia E. Taylor Steve Bucher Donna J. Foy Dora J. Hart V - ' ,' i 51, , WHEAT 4 QQ-4 e I ,V 55 jx . . ga 5 N x we in 5' 11 gg? .W 4 1 'Z ? . eshze. iii 1 f Q ,Jn 5 f..vfii15i1.'d'. - Sharon S. Koehler Darlene Roberts Barry S. Winkle Jill A. Amxstrong Larry C. Briles l Brenda S. Cannichael Gary L. Champion Stephen W. Handy Jo Ann Irwin YR... , ,. . .Q M- 'fu fmt- fire Stuart E. Lawrence Thea J. Masters 2 'au-' Q Jack S. Seibert Janis R. Richards ' ' Ts ai Teresa J. White Jerry E. Troxel SERGEANTS- AT-ARMS Charles Brasher Howard R. Gearlds Charles Johnson Robert E. McKinney ., 1-e, . 4 5 I P ""'f"' 'E 12-.eff 'H' 3 Donn D. Palterson iffif - Q Q: 'f ' ,, 5: Hoa H F ' a I E 1' 2' Win . . a .-- 1. Joseph T. Wilson Passing of torch begins 68 class activities Marsha Lynn Abbett Marshall Abner Cheryl Lynn Abney Alice Adair Steven Adair Edward Earl Adams Linda Kaye Adams Marie Adams At the Junior Senzor Convocation on May 31 1967 the Class of 1967 passed the torch of leader- ship and loyalty to the Class of 1968 Susan Harvey represented the Class of 1967 while Linda X a - A , 2:1 eg , .t t Q- 1 is Q l fl? gg: Q X ' ' s 55? Q 5 5 5 1 Q' ..A ,fx 1: my .4- "V f f Tom Adams Michael Adcock John R. Akers Dennis Alexander Thomas Alexander Charles Allee Marsha Allen Sherry Allen Gregory Alstott Donna M. Alsum Larry Anderson Nathan Appleton Stella Amiour Linda Arnett Caps, gowns, ribbons signal special year Carline Arnold Gary N. Arnold Larry Auble Brenda Bailey David A. Bailey Terry L. Baker Ethel M. Baldwin Terry Ball Derek Ballinger Shirley Barfell Shirley Barger Debbi S. Barnes David Bamett Judy Ann Barnett Sandra Ballinger E. Ann Bartley .lames Barton John Bauer Jerry Bean Debbie Bear Bill Beasley Lawrence E. Beck Loretta A. Beckwith Linda Bedwell fl K Seniors were measured for ca s and gowns on the first day of tllie second semester. Stretching, Miss Lois Sink, measures the hat size of Wesley Hawk. R f if A fter three years of teasing by upperclassmen, the Class of 1968 iroudly wore their senior colors. Admiring their newly acquired green and w ite ribbons are Linda Hill, Robert Hill, John Hills in Roll Room 300. Kay Harrison, Roll Room 300's colors committee rep- resentative, pins the senior symbol on Ain Haas, the roll room president, in the January ceremony. Michael Beem Daniel Beight Fran Bender Leo P. Bennett Vickie A. Bennett Harry Benson Glenn Bentley Patty Bernard Betty Beverly Bobbie Bigelow Jerry A. Birck Paul Birkla Phil Black Lynda S. Blackwell Albert Blair Bruce J. Bloss Donna Blount Patrick Blue George Blythe Geraldine Bond Sandy Bonfils Charles Bonnet William Boone Eric Boothe Sharon Boothroyd Larry Borden Bonita Bostick Kolaya J. Bougher Russell A. Bowers Janelle D. Boykin Ronald L. Bradley Vicki Brake Ginny Brand Sherry J. Brannon Diana Bratton Fred S. Bremer Phyllis A. Brock Deborah E. Brooks Nancy J. Brooks Donald Brown Ezra D. Brown Norman Brown Robert Brown Rufus L. Brown Steven Brown Wyman M. Brown Carol Brumett Mike Brummett Ann Buchanan Becky Buchanan Cheryl S. Buck Richard F. Buford , -4:4 'E n 1 ,. X, Z. -we . f Q ,- : v .r 1 i ,.,7q K f x K is-A .5 ,ag F 5 QQ? by Ki 'Q 5' tfsfl ' . i- l iifffwv , , S ' ' "3-,.fQ,.L .ww f Thea Masterq and Steve Kleifgcn, vice-president and president, confer on business as the leaders of Roll Room 7's activities. Filling out the many cards and forms at enrollment time occupies Stuart Lawrence and Julia Mangus in Roll Room 7, but Judy Mc- Cullough seems to slyly have everything under control. Catching up on homework or on the latest gossip, members of Roll Room 190 pursue varied activiLies after listening to announcements, filling out endless forms, and planning senior class activities during the daily home room periods. Zi? I' Secretary Jerry Troxel peers over the book catalog in the Library which doubles as Senior Roll Room 6 to read of coming events on the bulletin. William Bullington Sherry Burks Richard L. Burnett Thomas Burnworth Warren G. Burris .lon Burroughs Carolyn A. Busbin Sandra Cabell Drucilla Campbell Reta Campbell Bruce Canedy Judy Cannon Shirley Carroll Danny Carter James A. Carter Pamela L. Carter Steven D. Caudill Paula J. Chambers Senior activities center in roll rooms l Clarence E. Chandler Sherry Chandler James E. Chapman Lyn R. Chapman Margie C. Cheshire Robert Childs .lanice Clark Lawrence Clark Shirley Clark Daniel Clegg Michael W. Clements Jackie Clevenger Michael Clifford Barbara R. Cline Paul Cloyd Barbara Cole Roger Collins Cynthia Ann Cooper Margaret Cooper Vivi Dora Cork Debbie Cottongim Donna Coverstone James Craig Janice Crawford Linda Creech Becky Creech Paul Crenshaw David Crooke Brenda Crowe Victor Croz Mary Cunningham The Senior Parents Reception, held on November 4 in the Cafeteria afforded parents an opportunity to become acquainted with Principal Longshore and the Tech senior class sponsors. Senior Scholarship Committee stalistician ,Terry Troxel, president Donna Blount, and :representa- tive Ann Bartley present the block and gavel Parents, scholarship recognized by seniors for the highest senior roll room grade average to Steve Bucher for Roll Room 190. Patty Curtin Carl Curtis Bonnie Dalton Sue Davis Wanda Davisson Linda Dayhuff Vernon Dean Eleni Diamantidis .Terry Dillahay Arthur Dillard, I r. Jackie Dixon Charlie Dobbs Candy Dobkins James A. Dodson Helen D. Donaldson Jesse Dossey Janet Doty Alan Duckett Myra Duff Ralph J. Dupee Stephen Durham Joe Ends Russell Eavey Remitha Edmonds Gary Edwards Leonard Eldridge Doris Elliott Gary Elliott Marcia Elliott Mary L. Emerson Jim Entwistle Rita Fiadley Ralph W. Fansler Roger Farley Ron Ferry Robert Fields Linda Finchum Sandy Fleetwood Runyon L. Floyd Donna Fogleman Alfred L. Ford Shirley A. Ford Linda D. Foreman Vicky Fortune Donna Franklin Raymond Frink Patty Fullen Beverly J. Funke Marshall Furnish Linda Gabbei Ray Gammon Tom Garrett Vivian Ann Catlin Mike Gemmill William Gilbert, Jr. Leslie Gilson Paul Claspie Jacqueline Glasscock Karen Glore Allen Glover Carolyn Glover Harriett Gooch Georgia A. Goodman Janice Goodwin As proctor for the test, Mrs. Carol Bean, senior sponsor, stands by as Alfred Ford appears to be in shock. Ronald Fegan takes things a little easier and seems to be catching forty winks. Senior roll room officers helped Gaylord Allen, in preparing all 700 of the seniors for the test. Members of Roll Room 153 glance warily at their vice-president Donna Foy as she passes out the test booklets. "Glad it's over, but that test wasn't really zoo bad," smiles Donna Blount of Roll Room 190, discussing with Linda Arnett the I.Q. test given to the entire senior class in the Cafeteria on January 30. The test is required in all Hoosier high schools. Joyce Goodwin Kenneth Gordon Judy Gore Peggy Gourley Dale Grady Frankie Graham Royce Grayson Donna Lee Green Sandy K. Green Emma .lean Greene Kathy Greig Maurice Grooms Albert Grove Don Grover Walt Grundy Patty A. Haase Linda M. Hagerty Linda S. Hall Roger Hangsleben Gerry F. Hannon Marjorie Hardiman Jennifer Hardison enior I.Q.9s tested on January 30 Richard Hardister Nathaniel N. Hardy Mike Hargis Tom Harp Pete Harris Orville Harris Bob Harris Kay A. Harrison Donna Hartle Sandy Harvey Wesley Hawk Wayman C. Haynes Kerry Heath Nancy Heatherly Pam Hedrick Richard Lee Hemphill Gail L. Henderson Keith Henry Senior girls receive D R, ltrusa awards Linda Herman Betty A. Herrington Linda S. Hill Robert D. Hill John Richard Hills Anna Hines Vickie Hobson Linda Hodges William Hodgson Thelma Hallowell Velma Hallowell Sherron Holman s..,, In January, Mrs. Max Barney, from the Irvington chapter of the Daughters l of the American Revolution, presented the DAR Good Citizenship Award to Linda Hill for outstanding dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Linda also received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. X Linda Herman presents the Tech gift to Flowing Wells High School, Tucson, Arizona, at the 1968 Bellamy Award ceremony. Linda also received the Altrusa Award. Betty Hosley Doug Houser Phil Howard Linda Howard Sarah Howard Teresa Howard James Hudson Sue Huffman Waneta Hughes Roxanne Sue Hull Ossie Mary Humphrey Sharon Hunt Vickie Lynn Hunt Rebecca Hurst Richard Huston Gilbert Huxley Donald B. Imel Robert lngels Linda Ingle Mattie Irons Valerie Irvin Allen Irving Charles Jackson Linda M. Jackson Robert Jackson Joseph Jacobs Raymond Jeter Harold Jiles Charles Johnson Derise L. Johnson Donna Johnson J amesetta Johnson Sandra L. Johnson Barbara J . Jones Deborah Jones Ernie Jones Joe Jones Karen D. Jones Nancy E. Jones Robert F. Jones Robert J. I ones Sherley J eau J ones Tommie L. J ones Jim Jordan Barbara J. Karr Janet Keillor Combos, trials enliven roll room periods Bobby Keith Elizabeth Keller Nancy Keller Robert Keller Emily Kelly Robert Kemper Jack King Linda Kinney Bill Kinser Jennifer Kissner Jacqie Kitts Elmer Kurbursky Dimp Lacey Joseph Laderson Carol LaFara Rosalie Lamb Virginia Lannan Maxine Laswell Tom Leavell John Lee Annie Legg Gayle Lewis George Lewis David Light Linda Livingston Michael Lockhart Yea rah, Roll Room 400!" president Danny Pride turns cheerleader as his punishment aftef conviction in a mock l tria . Decorating the library for Christmas, Roll Room 6 officers Jerry Troxel, .loc Wilson, Patty Taylor, and Barry Winkle "deck the halls." Weekly entertainment enlivened each senior roll room. Seniors Ain Haas, Larry Briles and Don Grover take to the Forum stage to entertain Roll Room 300 with their guitars, French folk music and Beatles' songs. Kathleen Logan Michael Long Willa Mae Lott Mary Loudermilk Linda Lowman Jane Luedeman Joan Luedeman Marlene McCarty Deana McClung Kenzie McCormick Ross McCormick Mike McCreary Judy McCullough Catherine McDaniel Mary McDonald Kay McElfresh Sandra McFarland Evelyn McIntosh Candace McKee Nancy Mackey Steve Maddix Denny Majors Michael Majors Julie Mangus Mary Manningham Moibus strip topolo intrigues Reneau Delores Marshall Janice L. Marshall Pamela Marshall Stephen Marshall Cary D. Massa Beverly Mathis Joseph Matlock Dan Matrau Dortha C. May Kay Maynard I eff Mayo Walter Medley J r. Sue Meigs Norman C. Merrifield Toni Michael Mark H. Miedema Donna Miles Eva Miller Senior Dan Reneau makes a study of the Moibus strip. Get paper, paste and a pair of scissors and try it step by step. First Dan takes a thin piece of paper and gives it a one-half twist. Proving that the loop does, indeed have only one surface, Dan draws one continuous line running down the middle of the paper on "both" sides. He never picked up the pencil, but the line goes completely around the loop and both ends meet. Second step in the experiment is joining the two ends, making a loop with one and only one side. Here, Dan cuts the loop in two. He's cutting right down the middle so there should be two separate loops now, right? Wrong! Instead, the loop grows to twice its original size with a full twist in it. So-Don't be discouraged if you didn't figure that out. His next move is to cut the new loop right down the middle. You've caught on now. I will be one very big loop with two twists in it. Do you think so? Evelynn Miller Rosa Miller Susie Miller Stella Miller Victor Miller 'Brenda Mills Maureen Mills Kenneth Minor Lorine Minor Ernest Mitchell Dennis Moffatt Larry Moore May Dean Moore Robert Moore Shirley Moore You're wrong again! Viola! It's two loops, each the size of the loops in the second stage of the experiment, but this time twined together like links of a chain. .lu-jit-su jiu-jut-su Fran tries 'em alll Christine Morehead Janet Morris Vickie Morris Raymond Mosley Mike Mullis Steve Munden Linda Myers Vicci Nahas Stanley Neal John Nevins Dana Jean Newton Bobbie Nicely Shirley Nichols Cathy Norris Stacy Norris Joe Norton James Officer Bradley Oldham Edgar Parido Danny Parker Richard Parker Patricia Parr Alex Parrish Melvia Parrish Steve Parrish George Pedigo Judy Pedlow Karen Pence Jim Perkins Beverly Perry x Senior Fran Bender grabs her assistant instructor in a practice at the Indianapolis School of Ju-jit-su which she attends twice a week. Q S. ' - 1 :, 1' 'tl' il' . die' lar.. . ,FUR 'A ' , 'iai:1'3"'l"i I fi? S lYfllf.,'ni" ah Although learning this dangerous type of defense, Fran spent much of her time in quieter pursuits, like editing a page in the Cannon office. With her opponent down on the mat, Fran has mastered this Oriental art of self-defense in a class with four to eight other pupils. Mary .lane Peterman Frankie Peters Billy Petty Connie Phillips Linda Phillips Roselyn Pillow Linda Plank Nancy Plew Bill Plummer Cynthia Polly Bobbie Porter Jackie Powers Harry Allen Price .lames Price Jearleen Price Donna Proffitt Beth Anne Puckett Le'Mont Purvis Margaret Hagan Carol Raisor Patsy Ransom Mary Reed Pamela Reed Teresa Remmetter Daniel Reneau Priscilla Reynolds Roy Reynolds Sylvia Ann Reynolds Charles Rice Fred Richards Kathy Richards Marlene Ricketts Ellen Risley ., N. 1 N Futures seen through JA, part-time jobs James Roberson Mary Ann Roberson Gerry Ann Roberts Gates Robertson Marjorie Robinson Richard Robinson Jesse Rogers Lonnell Rogers Nina Rogers David Rose Wanda Ross Brad Rotert Roger Roth .lo Ann Rothenbush Joseph Rucker Joseph Rufner Chris Russell Linda Sue Russell Mike Russell Teresa Sands Jerry Scantland Karl Schaefer Bob Scheidt Eugene Schiavarelli Sally Schilling Kent Schrowe Steve Handy sells an all pur pose holder to fellow senior Senior C o r n e l i u s Stravers straightens books as part of Charles Johnson at the Junior Achievement Trade Fair. his job at the Indianapolis Public Library, downtown. Lonnie Scott Betty Servies Mary Shafer Tom Shaughnessy Yvette Shirley Charles Silvey Sheila Slaughter Beverly Smith Eugenia Smith Larry Smith Mary Sharon Smith Mattie Smith Phyllis Smith Boh Smith Roy Smith Steven Smith Phyllis Snow Judith Spangler Dennis Spanik David Spencer Gary Sprague William A. Spurr Jane Lynette Stair Isaiah Stansberry Bennie Stepp Linda Stewart Wayne Stewart Don Stierwalt Roscoe Stone Cornelius Stravers James Strohm John Suesz Clarence Sultzer Gregory Swanigan .lim Swinford Jeffrey Tandy Eric Taylor Herbert Taylor Patty A. Taylor Becky Taylor Elnora Zela Tedrow .lohn Tedrow Rae Thomas Lesley R. Thomas Emma Thompson Ann Tiffany Kurt Eldon Tollen W'4f?q, "Oh, no-not again!" Known to be easily excited, Anita Belding's enthusiasm over something is heard land seenl with another of her famous screams. 700 seniors. . .700 different personalities Emery Toney Martin S. Toney Lona Kay Tuggle Cheryl Underwood Darrell D. Underwood Wayne Urton John Earl Wade Bob Waerner Neita Louise Waldo Mark D. Walker Patricia Wallace Peggy Walters Judie Walton Julie Walton Sir Rene Ware Everyone had a good time at the Junior Mixer held in May, 1967, but Stu Lawrence seems a little angry with the photographer. Snoopy flies again to battle the dreaded Red Baron. ,Ion Burroughs dons Snoopy's goggles for a quick spin around the Cannon Office. Gracefully, Donna Blount strikes a ballerina pose in the Key Club GAA basketball game, and seems to have hexed the ball with her little finger while Gloria Irby and Kathy Thomas look on. i n Steve Warner Marlys Kaye Warren Marnette Washington Steve Waters Kenneth Watson Phyllis Webb Charlene Webster Bonita Wheeler Julie Wheeler Kenneth Whisman Mildred White Maxine Wiggington Roger Wiley Tony Wilkerson Gene Wilkinson David Williams Jesse Williams Pauline Williams Robert Williams Joe Williams Sue Willis Henry Wilson JoAnn Wilson Margaret Wilson Michael L. Wilson Michael W. Wilson Randy Wininger Billie Winkle Mark Winzenread Richard Wischmeyer Debbie Witman 0 ls ,xi fax if n r " rl ' Q 1 I .l P lj Ill! Tech Legion honors 64 senior Teohites Tech Legion-Front Row: Debra Bames, Anita Belding, Daniel Reneau, captainsg Donna Blount, Ain Haas, co-commandersg .Terry Troxel, Linda Hill, Linda Herman, captains. Second Row: Irene Rhodes, Legion Committeeg Donna Proffitt, Beth Ann Puckett, Darlene Roberts, Nina Rogers, Jo Ann Rotherbush, Christine Russell, Jack Seihert, Sharon Smith, Phyllis Snow, Patty Taylor, Teresa White, Maxine Wiggington, Donald Wilkinson. Third Row: Charles Glore, Legion Committee, Linda Ingle, Jo Ann Irwin, Stephen Kleifgen, Sharon Koehler, Stuart Lawrence, Linda Lowman, Robert McKinney, Thea Masters, Evelynn Miller, Maureen Mills, Stanley Neal, Donn N. Twanetta Witsman Raymond Witten Kathy Woempner Beverly Wood Randall Woods Diana Sue Woodward Donald Wright Tim Wycoff Gary Yeager Clyde Young Boys' Gym Tuesday, March 5, 1968. Heading up the 64 seniors in the 1968 Tech Legion, Donna Blount and Ain Haas were honored by being designated as the Legion co-commanders. The Tech Legion was presented at an all-school assembly in the Dorsey Young Francisco Zamora . .top tenth in total merit citations Patterson, Linda Phillips, Margaret Wilson. Fourth Row: Margaret Peterson, Marian Moore, Legion Committee, Joseph Eads, Rita Faidley, Victoria Fortune, Paul Glaspie, Albert Grove, Donald Grover, Stephen Handy, Kay Harrison, Dora Jean Hart, Betty Herrington, Sherry Chandler, Robert Childs, Gary Champion. Fifth Row: Robert Belding, Legion Committee chairmang Howard Longshore, principalg Linda Adams, Larry Anderson, Jill Armstrong, Linda Arnett, Linda Bedwell, Philip Black, Frederick Bremer, Phyllis Brock, Donald Brown, Becky Jo Buchanan, Stephen Bucher, Jon Burroughs, Brenda Carmichael, Paula Chambers. Class of 1968 ABNER, MARSHALL RAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies ABNEY, CHERYL LYNN: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! SAO Representative ADAIR, ALICE FAY: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies! SAO Representative ADAIR, DAIREL RAY: English, Industrial Arts, Social Studies ADAIR, STEVEN MICHAEL: Art, English, Social Studies ADAMS, EDWARD EARL: Building Trades, English ADAMS, LINDA KAY: English, Home Econo- mics! Concert Band ADAMS, MARIE: English, Home Economics ADAMS, THOMAS GEORGE QTOMD: English, Mathematics, Social Studies !Key Club, Bas- ketball, Football, Cross Country, Boys Concert Club Melodayres, Techoir, Cannon agent, SAO Representative ADCOCK, WILLIAM MICHAEL: Business Edu- cation, English, Social Studies! History Club AKERS, JOHN ROBERT: English, Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Baseball, Football, Bas- ketball ALEXANDER, DENNIS MICHAEL: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, Tennis, Techoir, Melod- ayres, Lettemien's Club ALEXANDER, THOMAS ANTHONY: English, Social Studies! Baseball ALLEE, CHARLES DAVID: English, Social Studies ALLEN, MARSHA MAE: English, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee, Natural Science Club! ROTC Sponsor, SAO Represen- tative, FTA, Spanish Club ALLEN, SHERRY JEAN: Business Education, English, Home Economics ALSTOTT, GREGORY LEE: English, Mathema- tics ALSUM, DONNA MARIE: Business Education, English, Home Economies, Social Studies ANDERSON, LARRY DALE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Stud- ies! Key Club, Natural Science Club, Chess Club, Techoir, Tennis, SAO Representative ANGEL, JAMES EDWARD: English, Social Studies APPLETON, NATHAN JR.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Football ARMOUR, STELLA ELIZABETH: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Music Club, Girls Concert Club, Cannon agent, Track ARMSTRONG, JILL ANN: Art, English, Social Studies! Cheerleaders, Tech Representative on Block's Fashion Board, Treasurer of Roll Room 190, Gift Committee ARNETT, LINDA CAROL: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, FTA, Thespians, SAO Executive Board, ROTC Sponsor, Cannon Weekly Staff ARNOLD, CARLINE ROXY: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Thespians, Drama- Speech Club, SAO Representative ARNOLD, GARY NORRIS: Electrical Trades, English! Radio Club, Natural Science Club, Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, Cannon a ent ARTSIS, ANDREA FREDERICK: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Basketball AUBLE, LARRY DAVID: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Chess Club, Concert Band AVERY, THOMAS: Building Trades, English! Football, Wrestling BAILEY, BRENDA JOYCE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Maiorette, Techoir, Girls' Concert Club, Cannon agent BAILEY, DAVID ALLEN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Track, Boys Concert Club, Football, Basketball BAKER, TERRY LEE: Auto-Aviation, English! Baseball, Football BALDWIN, ETHEL MAE: English, Home Ec- onomics! Speech Team BALL, TERRENCE JEROME: Electrical Trades, English BALLINGER, DEREK KEITH: English, Print- ing! Printing Club BARFELL, SHIRLEY ANNE: Business Educa- tion, English! SAO Representative BARNES, DEBRA SUE: Art, English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, SAO Executive Board, Melodayres, Techoir, Girls Concert Club BARNETT, DAVID LEWIS: Building Trades, English BARRINGER, SANDRA KAY: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies BARTLEY, ELIZABETH ANN: English, Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies BARTON, JAMES GILMORE, JR.: English, Metal Trades! Boys Concert Club BAUER, JOHN DAVID: Drafting, English, So- cial Studies BEAN, JERRY ALLEN: English, Social Studies! Lettem1en's Club, Natural Science Club, Foot- ball, SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Melo- dayres, Concert Band BEAR, DEBORAH ANNE: English, Social Studies BEASLEY, BILLY LEE: English, Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Radio Club, Spanish Club, ROTC officer BECK, LAWRENCE ELLIS: English, Printing, Social Studies! Printing Club, Wrestling, Boys Concert Club BECKWITH, LORETTA ANN: Art, English, So- cial Studies! Cheerblock BEDWELL, LINDA SUSAN: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! SAO Represen- tative, Concert Band BEEM, MICHAEL CURTIS: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Baseball, Wrestling BEIGHT, DANIEL ROSS: Drafting, English! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra BELDING, ANITA KAY: English, Home Econ- omics, Mathematics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Techoir, SAO Executive Board, Maiorettes, Girls Con- cert Club, Tech Representative on Wasson's Fashion Board, Sophomore Basketball Queen BENDER, FRANCES FAYE: English, Social Studies! Service Club, Music Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, Cannon Weekly Staff BENNE'I'I', LEO PATRICK: English, Industrial Arts! Art Club, Lettermen's Club, Y-Teens, Tennis, Basketball, Football BENNETT, VICTORIA ANN: Art, English, So- cial Studies BENSON, HARRY CLARK: English, Foreign Language, Mathemati , Science, Social Stud- ies! Key Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Span- ish Club BENTLEY, GLENN ALFRED: Auto-Aviation, English! Letter-men's Club, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling BERNARD, PATTY ANN: English, Home Econ- omics, Social Studies! Library assistant BEVERLY, BETTY JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! FTA, GAA, NFL, Drama-Speech Club, Debate Team, SAO Rep- resentative, Track BIGELOW, BOBBE ELLEN: English, Social Studies BIRCK, GERALD ALLEN: English, Mathematics, Printing, Social Studies! Printing Club, Can- non agent BIRKLA, PAUL SHERMAN: English, Printing! Printing Club, Cannon agent BLACK, PHILIP LEE: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Track, Cross Country. Football BLACKWELL, LYNDA SHARLENE: English, Social Studies BLAIR, ALBERT LEROY: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Radio Club BLOSS, BRUCE JEROME: Electrical Trades, English BLOUNT, DONNA MARIE: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Service Club, School Red Cross Club, Drama-Speech Club, SAO Executive Board, ROTC Sponsors, Girls Concert Club BLUE, PATRICK DEWAYNE: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club, Basketball, Football, Baseball BLYTHE, GEORGE WILLIAM: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Cannon agent BOND, GERALDINE: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y- Teens, Junior Council, Concert Orchestra, Cannon agent BONFILS, LYNN HELENE: English, Music, So- cial Studies! FTA, History Club, .Techoir, Speech Team. BOONE, WILLIAM EARL: Building Trades, BONNET, CHARLES WALTER: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, History Club, SAO Representative. BOOTHE, ERIC DREW: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! History Club, DCE, Drama-Speech Club, Ser- vice Club, Cannon agent, Speech Team BOOTHROYD, MARGARET SHARON: English, Home Economics, Social Studies BORDEN, LARRY STEVEN: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, Key Club BOSTICK, BONITA: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies BOUGHER, KOLAYA JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies BOWERS, RUSSELL ANDERSON: Auto-Avia- tion, English! Basketball BOYKIN, JANELLE: English, Music, Social Studies! Techoir, Cheerleader BRADLEY, RONALD LEE: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, Bas- ketball, Cannon agent - BRAKE, VICKI LYNN: English, Social Studies BRAND, VIRGINIA CAROLYN: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Music Club, Service Club, Techoir, Cannon Weekly Staff, SAO Representative BRANNON, SHERRY JINX: Business Educa- tion, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Service Club, SAO Representative BRASHER, CHARLES FULLER: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, SAO Representative BRATTON, DIANA KAY: Business Education, English, Mathematics BREMER, FREDERICK STANLEY: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Prayer Cir- cle, History Club BRILES, LARRY CHARLES: English, Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies! Key Club BROCK, PHYLLIS ANNE: Business Education, English, Music, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, SAO Representative BRODLEY, PASTHINA CWILLIAMSJ: English, Home Economics BROOKS, DEBORAH EUPHRAZER: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! GAA, Y-Teens, Cannon agent BROOKS, NANCY JO: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies BROWN, BARBARA ANN: English, Social Stud- ies BROWN, DONALD JOSEPH: Art, English! Chemistry-Physics Club! Cannon agent, SAO Representative BROWN, EZRA DEE: English, Social Studies BROWN, NORMAN MAURICE: Building Trades, English! Music Club, Radio Club, NFL, Wres- tling, Baseball, Basketball BROWN, ROBERT LEE: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Cheerblock BROWN, RUFUS LEONARD: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies BROWN, STEVEN: Electrical Trades, English BROWN, WYMAN MARVIN: Business Educa- don, English, Mathematics! Basketball Mana- ger BRUMETT, CAROL: English BRUMMETT, THOMAS MICHAEL: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Techoir BUCHANAN, ANNA MAE: English, Home Ec- onomics BUCHANAN, BECKY JO: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cheerleader, Junior Council, SAO Representa- tive, Cannon agent BUCHER, STEVEN WESLEY: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics BUCK, CHERYL SUE: Art, English! Concert Orchestra, String-Ensemble BUFORD, RICHARD FRANKLIN: Auto-Avia- tion, English BURKS, SHERRY LOU: English, Social Studies! Maiorette, Girls Concert Club, SAO Repre- sentative, Camwn agent BURNETT, RICHARD LEE: English, Social Studies! SAO Representative BURNWORTH, THOMAS ALLEN: Art, En- glish, Social Studies Bmuus, WARREN G., JR.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wres- tling, ROTC Rifle Team BURROUGHS, ION PAUL: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! His- tory Club, German Club, Techoir, Cannon agent, Cannon Weekly Staff, I"l'A BUSI-IIN, CAROLYN ANN: English, Business Education CABELL, SANDRA LEE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Music Club, Spanish Club, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative CAMPBELL, RITA JEAN: Business Education, English, Science, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Cheerleader CANEDY, BRUCE: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! Football CANNON, IUDITH DIANNE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens, Baseball CARMACK, BOBBIE JEAN: English, Printing CARMICHAEL, BRENDA SUZANNE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies CARROLL, SHIRLEY LOVELL: Business Edu- cation, English, Social Studies! Y-Teens CARTER, DANIEL RAY: Building Trades, En- glish, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling CARTER, IAMES A.: English, Industrial Arts, Social Studies! Lettern-1en's Club, Football, Track, Basketball CARTER, PAMELA LOUISE: English, Home Economics CAUDILL, STEVEN DALE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Basketball, Baseball, Concert Band CHAMBERS, PAULA JOYCE: Art, English, For- eign Language, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Service Club, SAO Representative CHAMPION, GARY LEE: Electrical Trades, En- glish, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettennen's Club, Baseball, SAO Executive Board, Football, Basketball CHANDLER, CLARENCE EUGENE: English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club CHANDLER, SHERRY RENEE: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studiesf Techoir, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative CHAPMAN, JAMES ERNEST: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Football, Basketball CHAPMAN, LYN RAE: Business Education, English, Social Studies Cl-IESHIRE, MARGIE CARROLL: Business Ed- ucation, English, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Service Club CHILDS, ROBERT IOE: Drafting, English! Drama-Speech Club! Football, Track, Wres- tlin CLAISC, JANICE KAY: Business Education, En- glish, Foreign Language, Social Studies CLARK, LAWRENCE EVERETT: English, In- dustrial Arts, Social Studies! Concert Band CLARK, LEWIS EDWARD: Drafting, English, Mathematics Science, Social Studies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra CLARK, SHIRLEY ANN: English, Home Econ- omics CLEGG, DANIEL EARL: Auto-Aviation, En- ish CLgllMENTS, MICHAEL WALTER: Building Trades, English! Wrestling, Football CLEVENGER, IACQUELINE KAY: English, Home Economies, Social Studies CLIFFORD, CLAYTON MICHAEL: English, Social Studies CLINE, BARBARA ROSE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Y-Teens CLOYD, PAUL RAYMOND: Electrical Trades, English COLBERT, MICHAEL: Electrical Trades, En- glish, Mathematics, Social Studies COLE, BARBARA ANN: English, Home Econo- mics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, SAO Representative, Can- non Weekly Staff, Cannon agent COLLINS, ROGER LEEN: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club COOPER, CYNTHIA ANN: English, Social Studies! Music Club, Spanish Club, Future Nurses Club, Techolr, Girls Concert Club COOPER, MARGARET DELOBIS: English, Home Economic! Cheerblock CORK, VIVI DORA: English, Home Economics. Social Studies! Y-Teens, SAO Representative COTTONGIM, DEBORAH KAY: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Concert Band, Cannon agent COVERSTONE, DONNA LYNN: English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club CRAIG, JAMES LEON: Building Trades, En- glish! Boys Concert Club CRAWFORD, GLENN CARL: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee, Chess Club, SAO Representative CRAWFORD, IANICE ELAINE: Business Edu- cation, English! FTA, Cannon agent CREECH, LINDA SUSAN: English, Social Stud- ies CREECH, REBECCA LEE: English, Home Ec- onomics CRENSHAW, PAUL ANDREW: Auto-Aviation, English CROOKE, DAVID ELLISON: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies CROWE, BRENDA SUE: Business Education, English, Social Studies CRUZ, VICTOR MANUEL: Electrical Trades, English CUNNINGI-IAM, MARY ALICE: Business Edu- cation, English CURTIN, MARY PATRICIA: Art, English, Social Studies! Maiurette CURTIS, CARL LEE IR.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies DALTON, BONNIE JEAN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Natu- ral Science Club, Girls Concert Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Cannon agent DANIELS, BILLY RAY: Art, English, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Baseball DAVIS, SUSAN ANN: Art, English, Home Eo- onomics, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Service Club DAVISSON, WANDA LEAH: English, Home Economics, Social Studies DAYHUFF, LINDA JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cannon agent, SAO Representative DEAN, VERNON LEE: Building Trades, English DIAMANTIDIS, ELENI: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club DILLAHAY, GERALDINE: Business Education, English, Home Economics! High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Girls Concert Cluh DILLARD, ARTHUR IR: Auto-Aviltion, English, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club, His- tory Club, Radio Cluh, Basketball, Wrestling DITTON, NANCY ELLEN: English, Home Eco- nomics DIXON, IACQUELINE: Business Education, En- glish, I-lome Economics DOBBS, CHARLES PETER: English, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! Cannon agent DOBKINS, NORMA JEANE: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Future Nuises Club, Service Club, SAO Representative DODSON, JAMES ALLEN: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Radio Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Natural Science Club, Basketball, Football, Track DONALDSON, HELEN DARNELL: English, Home Economics! Music Club, Service Club, ROTC Sponsor, Girls Concert Club DORAN, BEVERLY DIANE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. DOSSEY, JESSE: Auto-Aviation, English DOTY, JANET ELAINE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, Cannon agent DUCKETT, ALAN LEE: Art, English, Social Studies! Key Club DUFF, MYRA IEAN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative DUPEE, RALPH JACKSON: Building Trades, English DURHAM. STEPHEN MICHAEL: Building Trades, English, Social Studies EADS, JOSEPH N.: English, Metal Trades, Sci- ence! Thespians, Key Club, Photography Club, Drama-Speech Club, Cannon Weekly Staff EAVEY, RUSSELL EDWARD: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! ROTC Officer EDMONDS, REMITHA ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Music Club EDWARDS, GARY DAVID: English, Social Studies ELDRIDGE, LEONARD DEWAYNE: Art, En- glish! Wrestling, ROTC Officer ELLIOTT, DORIS ANN: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club ELLIOTT, GARY MICHAEL: English, Social Studies ELLIOTT, MARCIA LEE: English, Home Eco- nomic! EMERSON, MARY LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies ENTWISTLE, JAMES LEE: Auto-Aviadon, En- glish! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Can- non agent, SAO Representative ETCHISON, GARY ALLEN: English, Social Studies! History Club FAGAN, RONALD LEE: English, Social Studies! Service Club, XYZ Club, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Colorguard FAIDLEY, RITA JEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, SAO Representative, Cannon agent FANSLER, RALPH WALDO II: English, Social Studies FARLEY, ROGER DALE: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball FERRY, RONALD LEROY: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies! Tennis FIELDS, ROBERT DICKSON: English, Mathe- mati , Social Studies FINCHUM, LINDA sus: English, seem Studies! Girls Concert Club FLEETWOOD, SANDRA KAY: English, Home Economics! Prayer Circle, Y-Teens, Cannon agent FLOYD, RUNYON LOUIS: English, Social Studies FOGLEMAN, DONNA IEAN: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! GAA, Junior Coun- cil, Girls Concert Club, SAO Representative FORD, ALFRED LEE: English, Social Studies! Service Club, Boys Concert Club, ROTC Offi- cer, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard FORD, PAULA MARIE: Business Education, English, Social Studies FORD, SHIRLEY ANN: English, Home Eco- nomic: FOREMAN, LINDA DIANNE: Business Educa- tion, English, Home Economical Red Cross, Music Club, Girls Ensemble, Techoir FORTUNE, VICTORIA LYNN: English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club FOY, DONNA JEAN: English, Scienn, Social Studies FRANKLIN, DONNA LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies FRINK, RAYMOND LEE: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies FULLEN, PA'1'1'Y JO: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies! SAO Representative FUNXE, BEVERLY JEWELL: English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Music Club, SAO Representative FURNISH, MARSHALL EDWARD: Auto-Avia- tion, English! Flag Detail, Track GABBEI, LINDA JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies GAMMON, HAROLD RAY: English, Printing GARRETT, THOMAS: Business Education, En- glish! Boys Concert Club, Techoir GATLIN, VIVIAN ANN: English, Home Eco- nomic: GEARLDS, HOWARD RAY: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studiesl Football, Baseball, Can- non agent. GEMMILL, WILLIAM MICHAEL: English, Mathematica, Social Studies! Tennis GILBERT, WILLIAM, JR.: English, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling GILSON, LESLIE ANN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies GLASPIE, PAUL HAROLD: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! Human Rela- tions Committee, Service Club, Lettem1en's Club, Key Club, Cross Country, Track, Junior Council, SAO Representative, Cannon agent, Cannon Yearbook Staff. GLASSCOCK, IACQUILINE JEAN: Business Ed- ucation, English, Social Studies GLORE, KAREN SUE: English, Home Econom- ics, Social Studies GLOVER, ALLEN EUGENE: English, Mathe- mati , Music, Science, Social Studies! Nat- ural Science Club, Techoir GLOVER, CAROLYN OLIVIA: English, Home Economies, Social Studies GOLDEN, LOIS STEINE: English, Mathematics! Techoir GOOCH, HARRIETI' LEA'I'1'A: Buslnen Educa- tion, English, Home Economim, Mathematics. Music, Science, Social Studies! Human Rela- tions Committee, GAA, Y-Teens, Natural Sci- ence Club, Techoir, Cunnan agent, SAO Representative GOODMAN, GEORGIA ANN: English, Mathe- matics, Science GOODWIN, JANICE KAY: Art, Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! Service Club GOODWIN, JOYCE RAE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Cannon agent GORDON, KENNETH LEE: English, Social Studies GORE, JUDY D: Business Education, English! Girls Concert Club, Cheer Block GOURLEY, PEGGY DIANNE: Business Educa- tion, English GOWAN, GARY LYNN: English, Social Studies GRAHAM, FRANKIE DELORES: English, Home Economics, Music! Future Nurses Club, Ser- vice Club, Girls Concert Club GRAYSON, ROYCE LEE: Business Education, English, Mathematics! Music Club GREEN, DONNA LEE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Girls Concert Club GREEN, SANDRA KAY: Business Education, En- glish, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Y- Teens, History Club, SAO Representative GREEN, EMMA JEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics! Natural Science Club, Music Club, GAA GREIG, KATHY NADENE: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! FTA, Speech Team, Debate Team, Girls Concert Club, History Club GROOMS, MAURICE O'DELL: English! ROTC Office GROVE, ALBERT BAILEY: English, Mathemat- ics, Science, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, NFL, JCL GROVER, DONALD ROBERT: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Stud- ies! Spanish Club, Tennis GRUNDY, WALTER, JR.: English, Science, So- cial Studies! Lettermen's Club, Football, Bas- ketball HAAS, AIN EDUARD: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Letter-men's Club, French Club, Concert Band, Wrestling, Concert Orchestra HAASE, PATRICIA ANN: Art, Business Educa- tion, English! Cannon agent HAGERTY, LINDA MAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies HALL, LINDA SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Science, Social Studies I-IANDY, STEPHEN WILLIAM: English, Math- ematics, Music, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, French Club, History Club, Service Club, Wrestling, Melodayres, SAO Executive Board, Concert Orchestra, Boys Concxrt Club, Techoir, SAO Representative, Cross Country, Track HANGSLEBEN, ROGER DOUGLAS: English, Social Studies! History Club 1-IANNON, GERRY FONTAINE: English, Social Studies I-IARDIMAN, MARJORIE: Business Education, Home Economies HARDISON, JENNIFER LUE: Business Educa- tion, Englisb, Social Studies! DCE HARDISTER, RICHARD ALLEN: English, In- dustrial Arts HARDY, NATI-IANIEL NORTON, JR.: Building Trades, English! Football, Boys Concert Club I-IARGIS, MICHAEL LEE: Art, English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club HARP, THOMAS OWEN: Building Trades, Elec- trical Trades, English, Mathematics, Science! Key Club, History Club, Chess Club, Letter- men's Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football HARRIS, BERNICE: Art, English, Social Studies! Cannon agent, SAO Representative HARRIS, HANS PETER: Electrical Trades, En- glish! Concert Orchestra HARRIS, ORVILLE GERALD: English, Mathe- matics, Metal Trades! Natural Science Club HARRIS, ROBERT E.: English, Mathematics, Science HARRIS, SHIRLEY JOANN: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! SAO Represen- tat-ive HARRISON, KAY ARLIS: Business Education, English, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, DCE, ROTC Sponsor, Cannon Weekly Staff, ROTC Drill Team Sponsor HART, DORA JEAN: English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies! SAO Executive Board, Maiorettes, Techoir, Melodayres, Junior Council, SAO Rep- resentative, Girls Concert Club, Concert Band HARTLE, DONNA SUE: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, DCE, Service Club! Cannon Yearbook Staff HARVEY, SANDRA LEE: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Service Club HASCH, NANCY JANE: English, Social Stud- IBS HAWK, WESLEY DAVID: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies, Basketball HAYNES, WAYMAN CLARENCE: Building Trades, English! Track HEATH, KERRY DRAKE: Drafting, English, So- cial Studies HEATHERLY, NANCY LUREE: English, Science, Social Studies I-IEDRICK, PAMELA DEE LENE: English, So- cial Studies! NFL, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, Cannon Weekly Staff, Debate Team HEMPHILL, RICHARD LEE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! History Club, FTA, Printing Club, Basketball, Baseball, Foot- ball HENARD, JESSE WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation, En- glish! Natural Scienoe Club HENDERSON, CAIL LUCILLE: English, Home Economics! Spanish Club HENRY, KEITH EUGENE: Auto-Aviation, En- glish! Track HERMAN, LINDA SUE: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies! Human Relations Com- mittee, Quill and Scroll, NFL, Thespians, French Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff, SAO Executive Board, Junior Council, ROTC Spon- sor, Girls Concert Club HERRINGTON, BETTY ANN: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies HILL, LINDA SUZANNE: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Science, Social Studies! Concert Or- chestra HILL, ROBERT DOUGLAS: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, His- tory Club, French Club, Chess Club, Track, Football, ROTC Officer HILLS, JOHN RICHARD: Electronics, English, Matlremati HINES, ANNA JEAN: Business Education, En- glish HOBSON, VICKIE LYNN: Business Education, English HODCES, LINDA LOUISE: English, Mathe- matics, Music, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Techoir, Melodayres, ROTC Sponsor, SAO Representative HODGSON, WILLIAM JOSEPH: Business Edu- cation, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Basket- ball, Boys Concert Club, SAO Representative HOLLOWELL, THELMA LOUISE: Art, En- glish, Science! Future Nurses Club, Art Club, Music Club, Concert Orchestra HOLLOWELL, VELMA MARIE: English, For- eign Language, Science, Social Studies! Con- cert Band, Girls Concert Club HOLMAN, SHERRON PATRICIA: Art, English! Art Club HOPKINS, TOMMIE, JR.: English, Social Studies HOSLEY, BE'I'1'Y JEAN: Business Education, En- glish HOUSER, DOUGLAS BRUCE: English, Science! Cross Country, Track HOWARD, CALEB PHILLIP: English! Boys Octette, Techoir, Wrestling, Track HOWARD, LINDA DARLENE: Business Educa- tion, English, Home Economics! Cannon agent HOWARD, SARAH LOU: Business Education, English! GAA HOWARD, TERESA BELL: English, Home Eco- nomics HUDSON, JAMES RAYMOND: Business Educa- tion, English HUFFMAN, SUSAN ELIZABETH: Business Edu- cation, English, Mathematics, Social Studies HUGHES, WANETA: English, Home Economics! High School Red Cross Club, Future Nurses Club, Music Club HULL, ROXANNE SUE: Business Education, English! GAA, Y-Teens, Human Relations Committee HUMPHREY, OSSIE MARY: Business Educa- tion, English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, Music Club, High School Red Cross Club HUNT, SHARON GLENDA: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies HUNT, VICKIE LYNN: Business Education, En- glish, Music! Service Club, Girls Concert Club HURST, REBECCA ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Music! Music Club, Y-Teens, DCE, Natural Science Club, Drama- Speech Club, Girls Concert Club, Speech Team HURT, MARGARET ANN: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies HUXLEY, GILBERT DAVIS: English, Industrial Arts, Physical Education! ROTC Riile Team, Speech Team IMEL, DONALD BLAINE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! History Club INGELS, ROBERT MICHAEL: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Debate Team, Chess Club, NFL, Speech Team INGLE, LINDA LEE: English, Foregin Language, Social Studies! Human Relations Committee, Quill and Scroll, French Club, SAO Executive Board, Junior Council, Cannon Weekly Staff, Cannon agent, Exercise in Knowledge Team IRONS, MATTIE MAE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies IRVING, ALLEN REVERE: Art, English, Printing IRWIN, JO ANN: English, Home Economics, So- cial Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Cheerleaders, Techoir JACKSON, CHARLES EDWARD: English JACKSON, LINDA MARIE: English, Home Eco- nornics! GAA JACKSON, ROBERT LARRY: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies JACOBS, JOSEPH EDMON, JR.: English, Metal Trades! DCE JENKINS, WILLIE LEWIS: English JETER, RAYMOND EARL: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies Jl.LES, HAROLD JEROME: Art, Auto-Aviation, English! Football, Track, Wrestling, Cross Country JOHNSON, CHARLES WILLIAM: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Letter- men's Club, Key Club, Service Club, Football, Junior Council, Track, Basketball, SAO Rep- resentative JOHNSON, DERISE LEN: English, Social Stud- ies JOHNSON, JAMESETFA AVERY: English, Home Economics JOHNSON, SANDRA LEE: English, Foreign Language JONES, BARBARA JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! SAO Representative, Cannon agent JONES, DEBORAH KAY: English, Social Stud- ies! Girls Concert Club JONES, ERNEST KENNETH: Electrical Trades, English JONES, JOSEPH MICHAEL: Electrical Trades, English! ROTC Drill Team JONES, KAREN DENISE: Business Education, English! Y-Teens, Music Club, High School Red Cross Club JONES, NANCY ELIZABETH: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies JONES, ROBERT FRANK: English, Carpentry, Social Studies JONES, ROBERT J., JR.: English, Science, S0- cial Studies JONES, SHERLEY JEAN: English, Home Eco- 110111105 JONES, TOMMIE LEE: English, Metal Trades! Drama-Speech Club JORDAN, JAMES EDWIN: Business Education, English, Social Studios! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Service Club, Golf, Basketball, Football KARR, BARBARA JEAN: English, Social Stud- ics! Physical Education Assistant KEILLER, JANET ELAINE: Business Education, Engilsh, Home Economics KEITH, BOBBY: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Band KELLER, ELIZABETH JANE: English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, JCL KELLER, NANCY SUE: English, Home Eco- HOTBICS KELLER, ROBERT DORAN: English, Metal Trades KELLY, EMILY ANN: English, Social Studies KEMPER, ROBERT LEE: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Mathematics KILCREASE, ALBERT LEE: English, Industrial Arm! Human Relations Committee, SAO Rep- resentative KING, JACK ALLEN JR.: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Key Club, Golf, Debate Team, Cannon Yearbook Staff KINNEY, LINDA SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Social studies KINSER, ARTHUR VVILLIAM: Art, English! Key Club KISSNER, JENNIFER LYNN: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! Carman agent KI'1'I'S, JACQUIE SUE: Business Education, En- glish! DCE KLEIFGEN, STEPHEN RICHARD: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Music Club, Techoir, Melodayres, Boys Concert Club KOEHLER, SHARON SUE: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, SAO Executive Board. SAO Representative KURBURSKY, ELMER OSCAR, JR.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officer, Cross Country LACEY, DIMP, JR.: Art, Business Education, En- glish! History Club, XYZ Club LADERSON, JOSEPH LARNELL: English, Math- ematics, Social Studies LAFARA, CAROL JO: English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies LAMB, ROSALIE ELLEN: English, Home Eco- nomizs, Social Studies! SAO Representative LANNAN, VIRGINIA: English, Social Studies LASWELL, MAXINE L.: Business Education, English, Social Studies LAWRENCE, STUART EDWIN: Art, English, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies! Key Club, SAO Executive Board, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Concert Orchestra, Concert Band LEAVELL, THOMAS EUGENE, JR.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Human Relations Committe, Key Club, Spanish Club, Chemistry- Physics Club, High School Red Cross Club, Football LEE, JOHN DAVID: English, Mem Trades! Cannon agent LEGG, ANNIE MARGARET: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies LEWIS, GAYLE KATHERINE: English, Home Economics LEWIS, GEORGE WILLAIM, JR.: English, Ma- sonry LEWIS, JAMES ROGER: English, Social Stud- ies! Spanish Club, SAO Representative LIGHT, DAVID ALLEN: English, Printing LIVINGSTON, LINDA ROSE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies LOCKHART, MICHAEL RAY: Auto-Aviation, English! Football, Cross Country, Track LOGAN, KATHLEEN MAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies LONG, ELLEN GAIL: English, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club LONG, MICHAEL PAUL: Auto-Aviation, English LOTT, WILLA MAE: English, Home Economics! GAA, Y-Teens, Music Club LOUDERMILK, MARY JANETFE: English, So- cial Studies! NFL, Drama-Speech Club, Thes- pians, Cannon Weekly Staff, Debate Team, Speech Team LOWMAN, LINDA: Business Education, En- glish, Mathematics, Social Studies! History Club LUEDEMAN, JANE ELIZABETH: Art, English, Social Studies LUEDEMAN, JOAN EVELYN: Art, English, So- cial Studies McCARTY, EVELYN MARLENE: English, So- cial Studies! Majorettes, SAO Representative McCLUNG, DIANA ROSE: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, Cannon Weekly agent MCCORMICK, KENZIE HEARD: Business Educa- tion, English! Football, Track McCORMICK, ROSS A.: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama- Speech Club, French Club, Thespians, Boys Octette, Concert Band, Cannon Weekly Staff, Techoir McCREARY, THOMAS MICHAEL: Auto-Avla- tion, English McCULLOUGH, JUDITI-I ANN: Business Edu- cation, English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Maiorettes, Cheerleaders, Mel- odayres, Techoir, Girls Concert Club McDANIEL, CATHERINE: Business Education, English! High School Red Cross Club, SAO Representative McDONALD, MARY ALICE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! DCE, Service Club McELFRESl-I, KAY ELLEN: English, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies! SAO Representative McFARLAND, SANDRA LEE: Art, English! GAA, Art Club McINTOSH, EVELYN L.: English, Home Eco- nomics McKEE, CANDACE: English, Social Studies McKINNEY, ROBERT E.: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies! Cross Country, Track. Cannon Weekly agent MACKEY, NANCY: English, Science, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, JCL. Cannon Weekly Staff, Speech Team MADDIX, STEPHEN PAUL: Building Trades. English MAJORS, DENNY JOE: English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club Class MAJORS, MICHAEL EUGENE: English, Metal Trades! DCE MANGUS, JULIA LEE: Business Education, En- glish! Girls Concert Club MANNINGI-IAM, MARY FRANCES: Business Education, English, Social Studies! High-School Red Cross Club, Music Club MARSHALL, DELORIS: English, Home Eco- 11011115 MARSHALL, ERIC ALONZO: Business Educa- tion, Metal Trades MARSHALL, JANICE LAVAUGI-IN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Girls Concert Club, Speech Team MARSHALL, PAMELA THEODOSIA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Basketball MARSHALL, STEPHEN ALAN: English, Social Studies MARTIN, LEONARD CLYDE: Building Trades, English MASSA, GARY DAVIS: Art, Business Education, English, Social Studies MASTERS, TI-IEA J.: English, Science, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Girls Ensemble MATHIS, BEVERLY JOYCE: English, Social Studies MATLOCK, JOSEPH KEITH: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Techoir, ROTC Officer MATRAU, DANIEL EUGENE: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Science MAY, DORTHA CLAIRE: English, Foreign Lan- guage fLatin, Germanl, Mathematics, Social Studies! German Club, JCL, SAO Represent- ative MAYNARD, KARAN KAY: Business Education, English, Home Economics MAYO, JEFFREY NATHANIEL: Building Trades, English MEANS, LEVESTER: English, Social Studies MEDLEY, WALTER, JR.: English, Printing MEIGS, SUE: Business Education, English, So- cial Studies! DCE, Service Club, Cannon agent, Cheerblock MERRIFIELD, NORMAN CORY: English, So- cial Studies! Marching Band, Intramural Bas- ketball MICHAEL, TONI CAROL: Business Education, English! SAO Representative MIEDEMA, MARK: Auto-Aviation, English MILES, DONNA: Business Education, English, Social Studies MILLER, EVA JANE: English, Home Econom- ics, Social Studies! Techoir MILLER, EVELYNN ANN: Business Educa- tion, English, Foreign Language, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies! FTA, Service Club MILLER, ROSA MARIE: English, Science, So- cial Studies!SAO Representative MILLER, SANDRA SUE: Business Education, English MILLER, STELLA LOUISE: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies MILLER, VICTOR L.: Art, English, Social Stud- ies! Track, Football, Baseball MILLS, BRENDA KAYE: English, Home Eco- IIOIIIICS MILLS, MAUREEN TERESA: English, Music, Social Studies! Music Club, GAA, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, String Ensemble MINOR, KENNETH MERLON: English, Science MINOR, LORAINE: English, Mathematics! FIA, High School Red Cross Club, Human Rela- tions Committee, SAO Executive Board MITCHELL, ERNEST ALBERT: English, Print- ing, Social Studies! Printing Club, Wrestling, Baseball, Cannon Yearbook Staff MOFFATI, FREDERICK DENNIS: Auto-Avia- tion, English MOORE, LARRY EUGENE: Art, English, Metal Trades! Art Club, Spanish Club MOORE, MAY DEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Music Club, XYZ Club, History Club, Cannon Weekly Staff, Scholarship Committee MOORE, ROBERT LOUIS: English, Metal Trades MOORE, SHIRLEY CAROL: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies! Music Club, DCE, High School Red Cross Club, GAA, SAO Representative of '68 MOREHEAD, CHRISTINE MARIE: Business Education, English, Home Economics MORRIS, JANET RACHEL: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Prayer Circle, His- tory Club, Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Speech Team, Debate Team, Cannon Yearbook Staff MORRIS, VICTORIA ANN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, JCL, Y-Teens, SAO Representative MOSLEY, RAYMOND HART: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies, Cannon agent, Cannon Yearbook Staff, SAO Representative. MOSS, BARRY WENDELL: English, Science, Social Studies! Service Club, Natural Science Club, Upward Bound, Lab Assistant, Gym As- sistant, Cannon agent MOTLOW, JOYCE LANE: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies MULLIS, JAMES MICHAEL: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Officer, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team MUNDEN, STEVEN ANTHONY: English, Print- ing! Printing Club MYERS, LINDA KAY: English, Science, Social Studies! FTA, Girls Concert Club, SAO Repre- sentative NAHAS, VICTORIA JEANNE: Art, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Music Club, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, SAO Executive Board, Girls Ensemble, Techoir NEACE, JAMES JUNIOR: English, Industrial Arts! Printing Club, Boys Concert Club NEAL, STANLEY LEROY KSTANJ: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Track, Football, Junior Council NEVINS, JOHN P.: Building Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies NEWTON, DANA JEAN: English, Home Eco- nomics! GAA, Cannon agent, SAO Representa- tive NICELY, BOBBIE JEAN: English, Home Eco- nomics NICHOLS, SHIRLEY JEAN: English, Home Eco- nomics! Future Nurses Club, GAA, Music Club, Y-Teens NICKELS, RICHARD WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Basketball, Football, Track NORRIS, CATHERINE LOUISE: English, Home Economics! Service Club, Art Club NORRIS, STACY WAYNE: Building Trades, En- glish NORTON, JOE, JR.: Drafting, English, Science, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Football, Wrestling, Baseball O'CONNELL, KAREN DIANE: English, Social Studies OFFICER, JAMES WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wres- tling, Boys Concert Club OFFUTT, JUDY LEORA: Art, English, Social Studies OLDI-IAM, BRADLEY E.: Drafting, English PARIDO, EDGAR FRED, JR.: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Chemistry- Physics Club PARKER, DANIEL WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, En- glish PARKER, RICHARD LIONEL: Auto-Aviation, English PARR, PATRICIA ANN: English, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, GAA, Y-Teens PARRISH, ALEX DANIL: Auto-Aviation, English PARRISH, MELVIA LEE: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! FFA, Y-Teens PARRISI-I, STEVENSON ALLEN: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies PATTERSON, DONN DOUGLAS: English, Math- ematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Boys Octette, Techoir PEDIGO, GEORGE R.: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Cross Country, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team PEDLOW, JUDITH ANN: Art, English, Social Studies! GAA, SAO Representative PERKINS, JAMES RICHARD: Auto-Aviation, English! Wrestling PERKINS, JUNE: Business Education, English PERRY, BEVERLY ANN: English, Home Eco- nomies! Cannon agent Class PETERMAN, MARY IANE: Business Education, English! Maioxettes PETERS, FRANKIE LEE: Art, English, Social Studies! Maiomttes PE'1'I'Y, BILLY JAMES: Art, Business Education PHILLIPS, CONNIE GAIL: Business Education, English, Home Economics PHILLIPS, LINDA DIANNE: English, Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! Music Club, Boys Octette, Techoir, Concert Orchestra PILLOW, ERNEST C.: Building Trades, English PILLOW, ROSELYN ANN: English, Mathemat- ias, Printing, Science! Printing Club, GAA, Cannon agent, SAO Representative PI'1'I'MAN, GEHALDLNA ANN : English, Science, Social Studies PLANK, LINDA CAROL: Business Education, English! DCE, Service Club, SAO Represen- tative PLEW, NANCY IO: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics! SAO Representative PLUMMER, WILLIAM EARL: English, Print- ing! Printing Club, Cannon agent POLLY, CYNTHIA SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies PORTER, BOBBIE IEAN: English, Home Eco- nomics! Future Nurses Club, Music Club, High School Red Cross Club POWERS, JACQUELINE CAROLL: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Can- non agent PRICE, HARRY ALLEN III: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! Cannon agent PRICE, JAMES ERWIN: Building Trades, En- glish, Maihematics, Social Studies! Human Re- lations Committee, I..ettermen's Club, Basket- ball PRIDE, DANIEL STEVEN: English, Social Stud- ies! Key Club, I.4ettermen's Club, Basketball, Baseball, SAO Executive Boaxd PROFFITT, DONNA JEAN: English, Music, So- cial Studies! Melodayxes, Techoir, Girls Con- cert Club, SAO Representative PUCKETT, BETH ANNE: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Science, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, German Club, Service Club PUHVIS, LE'MONT CRANSTON: Autc-Avia- tiun, English! Natural Science Club, Wres- tling, Football, Track RAGAN, MARGARET LEDANE: Art, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club RAISOR, CAROL ELIZABETH: Business Educa- tion, Home Economics, English! Future Nurses Club RANSOM, PATSY SUE: English, Home Econom- ies! Drama-Speech Club, GAA, NFL, Speech Team, SAO Representative REED, MARY LOU: Business Education, Eu- glish, Home Economical Girls Concert Club, Cannon agent REED, PAMELA: English, Science, Social Stud- ies! NFL, DCE, Debate Team, Speech Team, SAO Representative, Cannon agent REMETFER, TERESA ANN : English, Home Eco- nomicsl DCE, Serviw Club RENEAU, DANIEL LEE: English, Foxeign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club, Concert Band, Melodayxes, Techoir REYNOLDS, PRISCILLA LOU: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! SAO Representa- tive REYNOLDS, ROY EUGENE: Auto-Aviation, En- glish REYNOLDS, SYLVIA ANN: English, Social Studies RICE, CHARLES NOLAN: Building Trades, En- glish! Music Club, Basketball. Football, Track RICHARDS, FRED MACK, IR.: English, Shop RICHARDS, JANIS RAE: English, Business Edu- cation! Concert Orchestra , RICHARDS, KATHY EILEEN: Englisli Home Economics, Social Studies RICKETFS, MARLENE SUE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies RISLEY, ELLEN LUCILLE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! GAA ROBERSON, JAMES GARY: English, Social Studies! Chess Club, High School Red Cross, Concert Band, Concert Oxchoslm ROBERSON, MARY ANN: English, Social Stud- ies! GAA of '68 ROBERTS, DARLENE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! FTA, Drama-Speech Club, DCE, SAO Representative ROBERTS, GERRY ANN: English ROBERTSON, GATES DENNIS: Electrical Trades, English! Wrestling, Cannon agent, SAO Representative ROBINSON, MARJORIE ELLEN: Business Edu- cation, English, Social Studies ROBINSON, RICHARD FARHIS: Auto-Aviation, English ROGERS, JESSE JAMES: English ROGERS, LONNELL: Building Trades, English ROGERS, NINA MAE: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama- Speech Club ROSE, PAUL DAVID: Art, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Concert Band, Ten- ms ROSS, IACQUELINE LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Music Club, NFL, Speech Team, SAO Repxe- sentative ROSS, WANDA FAYE: Business Education, En- glish ROTERT, BRADLEY ALAN: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! Golf BOTH, ROGER GLENN: English, Printing ROTI-IENBUSH, IOANN: English, Science, So- cial Studiesl Gemnan Club, Techoir, Girls Con- cert Club, SAO Representative RUCKER, JOSEPH: English, Building Trades RUFNER, JOSEPH H.: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Football, Concert Band RUSSELL, ANNA LOIS: English, Home Eco- nomics, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies RUSSEIL, CHRISTINE MARIE: Art, English, Social Studies! History Club, FTA RUSSELL, LINDA SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! SAO Representative, Carman agent RUSSELL, MICHAEL JOHN: Building Trades, English SANDS, TERESA DIANNE: Business Education, English! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Cannon agent SCANTLAND, JERRY WAYNE: Building Trades, English SCHAEFER, KARL HARRY: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! XYZ Club SCI-IEIDT, ROBERT DOUGLAS: English, Math- ematics, Social Studies SCHIAVARELLI, EUGENE: English, Industrial Arts! Wrestling SCHILLING, SALLY ANN: English, Home Eco- numics, Social Studies! SAO Representative SCHROWE, RAYMOND KENT: English, Social Studies SCO'I'1', LONNIE LEE: Auto-Aviation, English SEIBERT, JACK STEVEN: English, Mathemat- ics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Let- termen's Club, SAO Executive Board, Boys Uctette, Baseball, Techoir SERVIES, ELIZABETH LOU: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! GAA SHAUGHNESSY, THOMAS G.: English, Social Studies! Music Club, Techoir SHIRLEY, YVETTE CAMILLE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies SILVEY, CHARLES EUGENE: Art, Drafting, English, Social Studies! Key Club, Wrestling, SAO Representative, Cannon agent SLAUGHTER, SHEILA ANNETTE: English, Music, Social Studies! Cannon agent SMITH, BELINDA: Business Education, English SMITH, BEVERLY JOYCE: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies SMITH, EUGENIA ROSE: English, Music, Science, Social Studies! Techoir, Girls Con- cert Club, SAO representative SMITH, GOVERNOR WILLIS: English SMITH, KENNETH JEROME: Business Educa- tion, English, Science, Social Studies SMITH, LARRY: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies SMITH, MARY SHARON: English, Foreigx Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! Quill and Scroll, Maiorette, Cannon Weekly Staff, SAO representative SMITH, MATTIE FLORENCE: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Music Club, Spanish Club, Natural Science Club ' SMITH, PHYLLIS ANN: Business Education, English! Sbrvico Club, High School Red Cross Club, SAO representative SMITH, ROBERT DAVID: Drafting, English, Mathematics! Football SMITH, ROY COYLE: English, Science! Music Club, History Club, Drama-Speech Club, Base- ball, Boys Concert Club, Speech Team, Cannon agent SMITH, STEVEN A.: Elechical Trades, En- glish, Mathematics! DCE, Track SNOW, PHYLLIS ANN: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies SPANGLER, IUDITH ANN: Business Education, English SPANIK, DENNIS PAUL: Auto-Aviation, English SPARKS, CHERYL LYNN: English, Science, Social studies! GAA, JCL SPENCER, DAVID LEE: Building Trades, En- glish! Photography Club, Radio Club, Ser- vice Club, running Club SPRAGUE, GARY LEE: English, Social Studies! Basketball SPURR, WILLIAM ALEX: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies! SAO representative STAIH, JANE LYNETTE: English, Science, So- ciml Studies STANSBERRY, ISAIAI-I: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Chess Club, DCE Club, Drama-Speech Club, NFL! Debate Team, Speech Team, Cannon agent, Cannon Year- book Staff STEPP, BERNIE ALPHONSO, IR.: Autc-Avia- don, English, Social Studies! Track, Cannon agent STEWART, LINDA: English, Home Economics STEWART, WAYNE EUGENE: English, Metal Trades STIDI-IAM, CARL: Business Education, English, Social Studies STIERWALT, DONALD EUGENE: Building Trades, English STONE, ROSCOE: Building Trades, English, Mathemnti STRAVERS, CORNELIUS DIRK: English,AFor- eign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Chess Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, XYZ Club STROHM, JAMES ANDREW: Business Educa- tion, English SUESZ, JOHN HOWARD: English, Social Studies SULTZER, CLARENCE A.: Business Eduo8li0n, English, Social Studies SWANIGAN, GREGORY R.: English, Metal Trades SVVINFORD, JAMES E.: Drafting, English, So- cial Studies! Key Club, DCE TANDY, JEFFREY LEONARD: Business Educl- tion, English, Social Studies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra TAYLOR, ERIC LEE: English, Auto Body! Foot- ball, Track, Wrestling TAYLOR, HERBERT GARFIELD: English, Auto Body! Photography Club, ROTC Drill Team TAYLOR, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies TAYLOR, PATRICIA ELLEN: Business Educa- tion, English, Foreign Language, Social Stud- ies! High School Red Cross Club, Cheerlead- er, SAO Executive Board, Junior Council, SAO representative TAYLOR, REBECCA MAE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Radio Club, School Service TEDROW: ELNORA ZELA: English, Home Economics TEDROW, JOHN RICHARD: Building Trades, English THOMAS, EVELYNN RAE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Stud- ies! JCL THOMAS, LESLEY BAY, IR.: English, Printing! Football THOMAS, RONALD STEVEN: English, Social Studies THOMPSON, EMMA C.: English, Home Econ- omies TIFFANY, BERNICE ANN: English, Home Ee- onomics TILLMAN, ALFRED: English, Printing TOLEN, KURT ELDON: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Cunnan agent, SAO represen- tative TONEY, EMERY ALBERT: Auto-Aviation, Eu- glish Club TONEY, MARTIN SIDNEY: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Let- terrnen's Club, Chemistry-Physics' Club, His- tory Club, Chess Club, Tennis, Basketball, SAO representative, Golf, Debate Team TROXEL, JERRY EDWARD: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, DCE, Service Club, French Club, Techoir, Boys Concert Club TUGGLE, LONA KAY: English, Home Econo- mics, Social Studies TURNER, DELBERT: Building Trades, English. Social Studies TURNER, DELBERT: Building Trades, English, Social Studies TURNER, SADIE MAE: English, Home Econ- omics! Cannon agent UMBARGER, RICHARD LEE: English, Social Studies, Building Trades! Service Club UNDERWOOD, CHERYL DIANE: English, So- cial Studies! DCE UNDERWOOD, DARRELL DUANE: English, Printing! Printing Club, SAO representative URTON, CHARLES WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics WADE, JOHNNY EARL: English, Auto-Aviation WAERNER, ROBERT WALTER: English, Social Studies, Auto-Mechanics WALDO, NEITA LOUISE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! JCL, ROTC Sponsor, ROTC Rifle Team, Techoir WALKER, MARK DOUGLAS: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies WALLACE, PATRICIA ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies WALTERS, PEGGY ANN: English, Home Econ- omics WALTON, JUDIE BARTLE'l'I': English, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Girls Concert Club WALTON, JULIE BARTLE'I'l': Business Educa- tion, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, 1968 SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT, Ain E. Haas VICE PRESIDENT, Patricia E. Taylor SECRETARY, Anita K. Belding SERGEANT-AT-ARMS, Charles W. Johnson SENIOR COUNCIL COMMITTEES COMMENCEMENT Charles Brasher Larry Briles Brenda Carmichael Donna Foy Ain Haas Nikki Hart Stephen Kleifgen Robert McKinney Janis Richards Joseph Wilson Patricia E. Taylor, Ex-officio GIFT Jill Armstrong Steven Bucher Lewis Clark Howard Gearlds Stephen Handy Stuart Lawrence Thea Masters Darlene Roberts Jerry Trcxel Teresa White Charles Johnson, Ex-officio . PROM Anita Belding Gary Champion JoAnn Irwin Charles Johnson Sharon Koehler Donn Patterson Danny Pride Jack Seibert Patricia E. Taylor Barry Winkle Ain Haas, Ex-officio Social Studies! Spanish Club, FTA, Human Relations Committee, SAO representative WARE, BETTY LAVERNE SIRRENE: Art, En- lish WERNER, STEPHEN BRANCE: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics WARREN, MARLYS KAYE: Business Education, English, Social Studies WASHINGTON, MARNE'I'l'E: English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens WATERS, STEPHEN LEE: English, Auto Body! Key Club, Printing Club, Radio Club WATSON, KENNETH RICHARD: Art, Music! Chess Club, ROTC Rifle Team WEBB, PHYLLIS RAMONA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Art Club, GAA, Y-Teens WEBSTER, omics CHARLENE: English, Home Econ- WHEELER, BONITA KAY: English, Social Studies! Cannon agent WHEELER, JULIE ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! FTA, German Club, SAO representative WHISMAN, KENNETH CARROLL: English, Sn- cial Studies! Service Club, Baseball, Football WHITE, MILDRED LOUISE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! Future Nurses WHITE, PHILL, JR.: Art, Building Trades, En- glish, Social Studies! Wrestling WHITE, TERESA JUNE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, Music Club, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, SAO representative WIGGINGTON, MAXINE RACHEL: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! SAO representative WILEY, ROGER WAYNE: Business Education, English, Social Studies WILKERSON, TONY ORAL: English, Science! Chemistry-Physics Club, Wrestling WILKINSON, DONALD EUGENE, JR.: English, Music, Social Studies! Mruic Club, Key Club, Techoir, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, Boys Concert Club, SAO repre- sentative WILLIAMS, DANNY EDWARD: English, Science, Social Studies! Football, Cannon agent WILLIAMS, DAVID EUGENE: English, Plumb- 5118 WILLIAMS, JEFFERY ALLEN: English, Social Studies WILLIAMS, JESSE LEE: English, Art! Art Club, Track WILLIAMS, PAULINE: English, Business Educa- tion WIILLIAMS, ROBERT EUGENE: English, Auto- Aviation WILLIAMS, RONALD JOSEPH: English, Social Studies! Baseball, Football WILLIS, SUE ELLEN: English, Home Econo- mics! Cannon agent WILSON, HENRY LEE, JR.: English, Auto Mechanics WILSON, JOANN: English, Social Studies! SAO representative WILSON, JOSEPH TYLER II: English, Mathe- mati , Social Studies! NFL, Baseball, Speech Team WILSON, MARGARET ANN: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, Spanish Club, SAO represen- tative WILSON, MICHAEL LEE: Brrsiness Education, English, Science! SAO representative WILSON, MICHAEL WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! ROTC Officer, XYZ Club, ROTC Color Guard, ROTC Drill Team WININGER, RANDY LEE: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies WINKLE, BARRY STEVEN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Stud- ies! Chess Club, Chemistry-Physi Club, Ger- man Club, Radio Club, Tennis, ROTC Officer, ROTC Drill, Debate Team, Junior Council WINKLE, BILLIE CI-IRIS'I'INE: Business Educa- tion, English, Social Studies! Service Club, Natural Science Club, Photography Club WINZENREAD, MARK ELLIS: Drafting, En- glish, Science, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Baseball, Football VVISCI-IMEYER, RICHARD WAYNE: English, Social Studies! German Club, Natural Science Club, Radio Club, Cannon agent WITMAN, DEBORAH ELLEN: English, Social Studies WITSMAN, TWANE'I'I'A LEE: English, Foreign Language, Science! Natural Science Club, Drama-Speech Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff, SAO,representat:ive, Cunnan agent ,Ig WI'I'l'EN, RAYMOND EUGENE: English, Social Studies, Auto Body WOEMPNER, KATHLEEN MARTHA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Drama- Speech Club, Techoir, Cannon Yearbook Staff, SAO representative, Cannon agent, Girls Con- cert Club WOLFENBERGER, LARRY DEAN: Business Education, English WOOD, BEVERLY ANN: Business Educadon, English, Home Economics! Cannon Weekly Staff WOODS, RANDELL DWAYNE: Building Trades, English! Football, Golf WOODWARD, DIANA LEE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, History Club, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club ' WRAY, ALICE JEAN: English, Home Economics WRIGHT, DONALD LEE: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! GAA, Lettermen's Club, NFL, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Brass Sextet WYCOFF, TIM WALTER: Auto-Aviation, En- glish YEAGER, GARY ALLEN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! DCE, Key Club, Base- ball YOUNG, CLYDE ROBERT: English, Printing! Printing Club, Chess Club, Photography Club! Cannon Yearbook agent, Cannon Weekly agent, Football YOUNG, DORSEY EUGENE: Auto-Aviation, English! Track, Cross Country, SAO represen- tative ZAMORA, FRANCISCO S.: Auto Mechanics, English 1968 SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEES CAP AND GOWN Charles R. Brasher .loseph N. Eads Paul H. Glaspie Linda K. Lowman Stanley L. Neal Donald E. Wilkinson COLORS Linda C. Amett M. Patricia Curtin Kay Harrison E. Marlene McCarty Mary J. Pertemran Margaret Wilson CONVOCATIONS Donna M. Blount Eleni Diamantidis Linda L. Ingle Mary A. McDonald Linda D. Phillips Rebecca M. Taylor PICNIC Linda S. Bedwell Rita J. Faidley Linda L. Hodges Ross A. A. McCormick Linda S. Russell Teresa J. White SCHOLARSHIP E. Ann Bartley Donna M. Blount Gary L. Champion Roger Collins Ain E. Haas Linda S. Herman Sharon S. Koehler Evelynn A. Miller Donn D. Patterson Daniel L. Reneau Jerry E. Troxel Phyllis Snow VESPERS E. Ann Bartley Victoria L. Fortune Linda S. Hill Nancy Jones Eugenia R. Smith M. Sharon Smith Even Lucy knows the importance of advertising in the American economy, and Tech's sponsors know the importance of advertising to the teen-aged market. Teen-agers spend over 322 billion a year. half of which they earn themselves. They spend 3300 million on records and make up 50? of the consumersg 3180 million on greeting cards and are 252 of the market. While teen-aged girls are only IZCX: of the American female population, they spend over half a billion annually on cosmetics. Girls arenlt the only big spendersg teen-aged boys dole out over 816 billion annually. The majority of all movie-goers are teen-agers, and half a million have invested in the stock market. Each year one in 25 buys a new car while one in four invests in a used one. Yes. each teen-ager is an important buying force. Even at night, business refuses to stop has nightlife in the downtown business district of Indianapolis beacons transaction. l U P " ,Q 'Q , I' 4 '5x.,3r.a.l .1 9 1 P ll ll ffl 'A f fr: ffl ' Q f 'ff HNIII n f H ' H flcfnv H I I ,gg I I ,rl f an :Il O I I I f NIMH! MN , V flfvl Nfllllfflllll , llllllll MIIIIIMH ftlnfr Photos Fit for a ueen Teohas Lovely ueens Judy McCullough J o Ann Irwin Incense and Peppermints Jamboree Queen .X .. Brenda Bailey Mardi Gras Queen ...Z , .V ,7vQ, - ' 'ilu , .4 0 2 2 1 0 or 2. 1 Patty Taylor - ' Donna Blount Homecoming Queen rt. Military Bull Queen Galloway Studio 20 East 14th Street- 635-2200 For a well balanced diet-and fun food besides- Stokely's finest fruits and vegetables Stokely-Van Camp Incorporated General Offices Indianapolis Best Wishes to the faculty and graduating class of 1968. 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Prom Time '68 The First Name in Formal Wear GTHQAIAR 132 East New York Street 634-1583 922 Broadripple Avenue 251-2206 JOEUS MARATHON STATION 2801 Massachusetts Avenue Compliments of ROLL ROOM 143 632-0824 WAT-TER'S REGAL MARKET JOHN FORD'S BARBER at BEAUTY SHOP 1205 N- KeYStone 3205 E. 10th Street 632-5088 639-2181 OLNEY PHARMACY 3432 E. 10th Street 637-4784 DOG HOUSE RESTAURANT 2407 N. Sherman Drive 546-7834- NIGGL'S FLORAL SERVICE 2522 Station Street 546-5911 - 546-5125 ARMIN GRAUL HARDWARE Tools for the Trowel Trades 2506 Martindale Avenue 923-7846 THE SMART SHOPS 3916 Meadows Drive 546-5289 CLIFTON A. ROUSCH Barber Shop 3425 Nowland Avenue 631-0750 Let Herff J ones put a ring around your senior year Commencement announcements too . . . Herff Jones Jewelers 14-01 North Capitol Avenue 635-1554 Get Real Actlon HEY! How 'bout a PIZZA from RANDY'S 'lHlI'l1l" .I I I I I ' I I I l 632-9710 639-0906 0 YOUI' T1'11I'St 705 North Park at Massachusetts 2 O You Ring . . . FREE DELIVERY . . . 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Measuring Up . . . to your drafting needs Indianapolis Blueprint 81 Lithograph Co. 600 East Ohio Street 632-4-4-66 STAR LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 1251 Roosevelt Avenue 638-4004- BETFIS AND DUKE'S CLEANERS 1710 East Tenth Street 638-2311 AMERICAN HANDICRAFTS COMPANY 1716 North Illinois Street 923-3878 GOLDEN IMPERIAL, INC. Gasoline and Oil 1640 East Washington Street 636-1566 when ' THE TECH BOOKSTORE T .Q af X W supplies all of your needs. C 44 ,,, BT Get Out of The Rut Come To "The Hut" For the Sharpest Clothes in Town COHEN BROS. 3712 E. 25th Street 25th Street off Sherman Drive 11-II '--'27 l---I ---I I--Y D l food products, shop your friendly Preston's Super- market. ,'EQatmw4lm 504-2 East 16th Street 5502 East 21st Street 54-6-9969 Cars New Travel Trailers t Trucks 81 Campers For the best in Shurfrne Used GODWIN 81 SONS 4 locations Travel Town V you get a good one from Godwin every time. 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THE FROG POND RESTAURANT AND CATERING SERVICE A FRIEND 9590 North Michigan Road 291-3204 CLASS OF '68 Presents Its Final Performance Theatrical-Masquerade Costumes Caps and Gowns Landes Costume Company 620 North Capitol Avenue 635-3655 , mm I ' A' To 90" L I' LlT?g3lNG! Let S an e'iVRe u S f 7E I BILLV v 'X If go s 'L-ff", 'msusfsme N g I X l :I S .A ease! V 0 Y X in 1' q W ' Burger Chef Q is wma me INF " rg XX B2'F,Qpo9r,0'fN I , mt A- rl WDW- ' , A51 if fee! aw Q -1.13 where It s y E Momm 1 -f -,,, 1 " ' I f GQ? W- Q a ways un Y gli Mm I , ata-ows on t EA'qhgv1'goo 1: j -2-" me -rAm.e.f o ea . Mommy? ' . 4 30 Convenient Locations in Indianapolis and Marion County 1 Q HOME OF THE WORLD-'S GREATEST HAMBURGER .-WJ: Nllrwlffl FranchIsssAvalIable Natlonwldellndlsns olis 46202 Wolfe Shell Service MAPLEHURST 5 Dairy Products 374-5 Farnsworth Street Indianapolis, Indiana 24,4-2481 For the finest in dairy products. 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Washington Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 Midnight Phone orders, call: 356-2613 ie t ti gg! misses" Pupil Index Aaron, Deborah: 56,60,64 Abell, Carla: 62 Abemathy, Charles: 25,37,40, 43,66 Abner, Cicil: 76 Adair, Steven: 114,141 Adams, Earlinez 65 Adams, Gary: 111 Adams, Linda: 46,48,141,163 Adams, Thomas George fTomJ: 14,49,43,85,l68,30 Adcock, Michael: 141 Alexander, Cynthia Rae: 58 Alexander, Dennis: 40,79 Allee, Charles: 141 Allen, James: 58 Allen, Marsha Mae: 21,31,60,135 Allen, Milton: 77,80,81 Allen, Nathaniel: 78 Alstott, James: 48 Amorez, Linda: 62 Anderson, Ellen: 46,58 Anderson, Kim: 18,37,38,66 Anderson, Larry: 35,40,54,55, 65,163 Andrews, King: 83,89 Andrews, Richard: 46,58 Appleman, Philip: 109 Appleton, Nathan: 72,80,84,85, 119 Annnur, Stella: 44 Armstrong, George: 38,76 Armstrong, Jill: l4,15,68,69,140, 163 Amett, Glenda: 60 Arnett, Linda: 2B,53,135,137, 141,149,163 Arnold, Carline: 36,37,142 Arnold, Gary D.: 142 Artist, Fillmore: 48,89 Auble, Larry: 30,48,65,114,142 Auble, Randy: 48,71 Austin, James: 125 Bailey, Brenda: l6,17,24,40,50, 172,142 Bailey, Cynthia Ann: 65 Bailey, David: 45,77,78,119,l42 Baird, Michael fMikeJ: 76 Baker, Kathleen QKathyJ: 46,112 Baker, Pam: 111 Baker, Terry L.: 127,142 Baldwin, Ethel: 142 Ball, Terry: 142 Ballinger, Derek: 142 Barfell, Shirley: 142 Barger, Shirley: 142 Barlow, Dorothea: 46,53 Barlow, Sharon: 60 Bames, Debra Sue CDebhiJ: 25, 28,40,43,53,142,162,l66 Barnes, Vernon: 83 Barnett, David: 142 Bamett, Judy Ann: 142 Barringer, Brenda: 38 Barringer, Sandra: 142 Bartley, Elizabeth Ann: 12,146 Bartley, Sue: 64 Barton, James: 142 Barton, William CBilD: 11,18,32, 34,35,36,37,38,39,59 Bass, Jerry: 78 Battle, Charles: 87 Baugh, Michael: 89 Bayer, John: 142 Baylor, Richard: 30 Baxter, Kathy: 116 Bean, Jerry Allen: 28,29,40,43, 80,142 Bear, Debbie: 142 Bear, Kenneth lKennyJ: 48 Beasley, Bill: 142 Beaty, Robert: 76 Beck, Lawrence: 142 Beck, William: 30,75 Beckham, Steven fSteveJ: 18 Beckwith, Loretta A.: 142 Bedwell, Linda: 142 Bedwell, Linda: 163 Beem, Karen: 40 Beem, Michael: 143 Beight, Daniel QDanJ: 46,48,l43 Belding, Anita: 28,40,140,160, 162 Bender, Frances fFranJ: 34,40, 42,52,143,156,157 Bennett, Christina: 55 Bennett, Connie L.: 53 Bennett, Leo P.: 143 Bennett, Viclde A.: 143 Benson, Harry: 30,143 Bentley, Glenn: 78,143 Bernard, Patty: 143 Berryhill, Willie Mae M.: 65 Beverly, Betty Jean: 37,38,62, 143 Bigelow, Bobbie: 143 Biggerstaff, Diana: 33,37,48,56 Birck, Jerry A.: 143 Birdsong, Ed: 87 Black, James: 48,71,77,88 Black, Phillip CPhill: 77,78,163 Black, Romona: 46 Black, Steven QStevel: 83 Blackwell, Sheryl: 116 Blair, Albert L.: 66 Bledsoe, Deborah QDebbieD: 57, 58 Blount, Donna: 12,23,28,52,63, 64,115,135,137,146,149,161 162,163,164,l72 Blue, Ewing: 78 Boggs, Michael 1MikeJ: 131 Bolan, Rex: 46 Bond, Geraldine: 46,53 Bond, Hettie: 46,47,53 Boner, Douglas: 135 Bonfils, Lynn: 40,56 Bonnett, Charles: 61 Boofer, Linda: 46,56 Bogfer, Midiael lMikeJ: 18,77, 8 Boone, Julia Uulielz 46,109,135 Boothe, Eric: 60,61 Borden, Larry: 30,36,37,59 Borden, Shirley: 58.60,64 Borden, Terry: 64 Bottoms, Martha lMartyl: 36, 37,40,42 Bottoms, Nancy: 52 Bowman, Dale: 45 Bowman, James: 48,91 Boyd, Terry: 33.40,48,60,66 Boyd, Vernon: 87 Boykin, Janelle: 40 Bradley, Dan: 113 Bradley, Ronald: 134,190 Bradley, Sharon: 119 Brady: Linda: 44 Brake, Larry: 66 Brand, Virginia lGinnyJ: 4,34, 40,63 Brannon, Sherry: 52,65 Brasher, Charles: 65,132,140 Breland, Stephen CSteveJ: 83,89 Breland, Victor: 76,80,88 Bremer, Frederick 1Fredl: 12, 59,66,67,163 Brenner, Ronald: 76 Brense, Mark: 83 Brents, Mark: 89 Brewer, Marcella: 46 Brewster, Jerry: 65,134,137 Briggs, David lDaveJ: 48 Briggs, Donald CDonJ: 71 Briles, Larry. 30,153 Broadus, Stanley: 45 Brock, Phyllis: 40,42,53,163 Brown, Allan: 68 Brown, Addrey: 46 Brown, Carol: 46,48,66 Brown, Donald fDonJ: 61,163 Browm James: 45 Brown, John: 45 Brown, Peggy: 52 Brown, Randall CRandyQ: 18,17, 40,42,46 Brown, Stephen: 66 Brown, Wayman: 77 Brummett, T h o m a s Michael fMil:eJ: 40,124 Buchanan, Becky Jo: 15,53,68, 69,163 Buchanan, Ronald lRonJ: 113 Bucher, Steven Wesley CSteveD: 132,140,1-17,163 Buck, Cheryl Sue: 46,47 Buck, Kay: 48 Buckley, William: 2B,38,45,52, 56,59,66,109 Birck, Gerald: 114 Burks, Roy: 88 Burks, Sherry Lou: 44,50,51 Bums, Rosalind: 52 Burris, Priscilla: 53,64 Burris, Salathiel: 53 Burris, Warren: 23 Index Burroughs, Jon 12,56,60,61,109, 161,163 Buses, Ronald: 76,78 Butarn, Adelia: 64 Cabell, Sandra fSandyl: 44 campbeu, James: 46,48,71 Campbell, Reta: 53 Canedy, Bruce: 33 Capshaw, Kathy Ann: 36.37 Carmichael, Brenda: 60,140,163 Camal, Robert L. 1BobbyJ: 36, 37 Carrol, Dorothy: 60 Carroll, Judy: 118 Carroll, Shirley: 53 Carter, Becky: 64 Carter, Danita: 53 Carter, James: 80 Casey, Jacqueline: 62 Caskey, Joy: 64 Chambers, Linda: 25,3l,40,43, 48 Chambers, Marilyn: 25,58,60 Chambers, Paula: 12,163 Champion, Gary: l2,28,29,60, 61,75,140,163 Chandler, Clarence: 45 Chandler, Sherry R.: 40,163 Chaney, Keith: 31,40,43 Chapman, Linda: 2l,31,40,42, 56,70 Chastain, Terry: 64 Chew, Mary: 31,135 Childs, John: 89 Childs, Robert: 37,88,163 Chrisler, Kathy Ann: 56 Christensen, Ivan: 33.66 Chronis, Linda: 18,34,36,37 Clark, Deborah lDebbyJ: 44,52 Clark, Janice K.: 44,59 Clayton, Stephanie: 46 Cleary, Lonnie: 79,108 Clelland, Linda: 66 Clem, Paula: 62 Clevenger, Jacqueline fjackiel: 61 Cline, Barbara: 119 Clyburn, Diana: 116 Coffee, Diana: 119 Colbert, Delores: 34 Cole, Barbara: 34,52,53 Collins, Gail: 25,31,57,58 Collins, G. Rufus: 54 Collin, Roger: 30 Collins, Sandra: 60 Condos, Leo: 30,38,39,56,59,109 Conner, Johnny: 131 Cook, Linda: 33,50,105 Cooper, Cynthia Ann: 40,58 Cooper, David: 21,31,38,65 Cooper, Pamela 1Par-nl: 50 Copeland, Christinia fChrisJ: 33,52 Cork, Cato: 78 Cork, Henry: 36,77 Cork, Vivi Dora: 53 Comett, Linda: 18,25 Cosby, Mark: 38,59 Cottongim, Deborah Kay CDeb- biej: 48 Coverstone, Donna: 44,119 Covington, Anthony: 38 Couse, Claudia: 44 Couse, Timothy: 137 Crawford, Glenn: 21,31 Creech, Ruth: 111 Crenshaw, John: 88 Crenshaw, Dwight: 82 Cnitcher, Norma: 60,61 Curry, Margaret: 33,40,42,53,58 Curtin, Mary Patricia fPattyl 81 Clark, Kent: 30,76,80,B6 Clark, Lewis: 46,48,140 Clark, Susan QSusieJ: 21,28,31, Curtis, Carl: 111 Curtis, Peggy: 53 Cutshaw, Susan Lynne KSusiel: 40,46,48,53,59 60,61,70,71 Lee Ann Eads and Eleaner Stewart keep their rain gear at a mini- mum, a happy arrangement as long as the precipitation also stays that way. Saddle oxlonls? You're kidding," giggles Candy Dobkins. Her reac- tion is typical as her classmates tease Bev Funke about her new shoes. Dalton, Bonnie: 33,44,55,167, 190 Dalton, Diane: 53 Damron, Roy: 57 Darland, Karen: 15,20,24,28,29, 44,62,70,105 Davie, Ronald: 78,87 Davis, Diane: 116 Davis, Jeffery: 129 Davis, Kevin: 48 Davis, Robert E. fBobJ: 33,46, 47,65,108 Davis, Roy W.: 60,134 Davis, Susan Ann CSusieJ 121 Davisson, Geraldine: 56,64 Davisson, Mack: 83 Davisson, Ruby: 56 Dawson, Stevette: 48 Dean, Barbara Ann: 58 Deckard, Deborah K. fDebbiJ: 24,28,29,34,58.135 Delaney, Kathleen M. fKathyJ: 55 Dennemann, LaCinda: 64,66 Devitt, David QDavo7 83,87 Devitt, William: 76 Diamantidis, Eleni 1ElaineJ: 59 Diamantidis, Katherine lKathyJ: 59 Dillahay, Geraldine Uerryb 44, 52,53 Dixon, Jacqueline: 14 Dobkins, Norma J. lCandyJ: 53,119 Doll, Janet: 52 Dorsett, Hike: 78 Dotson, Angela: 38 Doty, Janet: 52,60 Douglas, Joan: 53 Downey, Harry: 79 Downing, Harry: 30,89 Duckett, Alan: 30 Duff, Myra: 44 Dupree, Jeffrey: 131 Dupree, Ralph: 60 Durham, Stephen CSteveJ: 18 Durret, Mary: 63 Dyke, William QBillJ: 36,37 Eads, Joseph Nathaniel Hoey: 14,30,34,36,37,54,56,6B,163 Eads, Lee Ann: 33,3752 Eads, Robin: 37,56,65,66 Ealy, Jess: 77 Eaton, Robert: 83,87 Eaton, Steven M.: 80 Ecleston, Carol: 58 Eckerty, Sarah: 119 Edwards, George E.: 107 Edwards, Sylvester: 31,72,77,80 Eickhoff, Carol: 64 Eland, Bill: 64 Ellis, Ronald E. lRonnieJ 55 Elmore, Vallerie: 64 Esch, Jeffere V.: 45 Esch, Paula: 71 Espinosa, Paula: 25,27,58 Espinoza, Richard: 25 Etchison, Gary: 23,56,61 Euler, Daniel F. lDanJ: 80,82 Evans, Carol: 53,56 Ezell, Jenette: 38,53 Faidley, Rita: 53,119,163,l64 Fagan, Jacqueline lJackieJ: 50 Fagan, Patricia 1PattyJ: 38,37 Fagan, Ronald: 52,13-4,137,148 Fagin, Melvin: 83,89 Fant, Her-man: 80,82 Farris, Donna Ruth: 38,53,66 Ferguson, Henry: 80 Fields, Johnnie: 66 Fincbum, Linda: 44,110 Fine, Larry W.: 65 Fines, Vicky A.: 62,64 Finnigan, Patrick lPatJ: 105 Flack, Mike: 89 Fleetwood, Sandra: 60,61,190 Fogleman, John: 75 Ford, Alfred: 45,52,134,137,148 Ford, Jimmie L.: 46 Ford, Linda: 53 Ford, Louis: 77 Ford, Kyle: 38,45,86,105 Foreman, Linda: 40,41,53 Fortune, Victoria lVickieD: 61, 163 Foy, Donna: 60,61,148 Freeman, Frankie: 40 Freeman, Teresa: 53,59 Frost, Barbara: 64,71 Frost, Marilyn: 44,50 Funke, Beverly: 53 Funke, Steven fSteveJ: 30,75, 80,82 Gaddie, Robert CBobJ: 84,65 Gaffe, Linda: 119 Garderner, Paul: 83 Garrett, Thomas: 40 Gartrell, Gary: 79 Gaskins, Sharyl: 23,56,66 Gearlds, Howard: 75,80,126,140 Gearlds, Tony: 87 Gemmill, Frank: 131 Gemmill, Michael fMikeJ: 79 Gibson, Lewis: 64 Gibson, Jonathan: 83 Gilbert, Jim: 87 Giles, Harold: 78 Gilpin, Jolynn: 62 Gladden, Robert: 48 Glaspie, Paul: 21,31,37,61,77, 78,163 Glover, Allen: 40,114 Glover, Carolyn O.: 60 Glover, Shirley: 87 Godwin, Margaret QMargieJ: 21, 31,32,33,35,59 Gooch, Harriet: 21,31,40,62 Goodwin, Janice: 52 Goodwin, Joyce: 52,641,190 Gordon, Gladis: 28,38,65 Gorden, Oleviaz 44,65 Gore, Judy D.: 44 Grable, Steven M.: 124 Grady, Jill Lynn: 112 Graham, Frankie D.: 44 Grant, Mary: 34,37,56 Grant, Sharon: 46,48,67 Graves, Kathy Jo: 116 Graves, Phillip: 18 Green, Becky: 22,28,31 Green, Donna: 44,55 Green, Eileen: 53,64,65 Green, John: 48,76 Green, Larry: 134,136,137 Green, Marie: 48 Green, Sandra lSandyJ: 53 Gregory, Michael: 64 Greig, Kathy N.: 38,39,44,56, 59,60,61,66,84 Griffin, David: 22,36,37,40,42 Griffin, Donald: 89 Griffin, Douglas Michael fMikeJ: 40 Griffin, Sylvia: 53 Grigsby, Carl P.: 127 Grindstaff, Kurt: 33 Grooms, Maurice: 137 Groth, Debra lDebbiel: 33 Grove, Albert: 163 Grover, Donald: 12,153,163 Grubb, Steven Alan: 77,80,82 Grrmdy, Brenaana: 34,60,l10 Grundy, Walter: 80 Gulley, Dennis: 119 Ham, Ain: 12,23,40,48,59,88, 143,153,162 Haas, Marika: 48 Hall, Cleophas: 77 Hall, Thomas: 89 Hallins, Joeseph: 133 Hamilton, Cheryl: 44,59,109 Hamilton, Douglas: 114 Hamilton, John: 60,61 Hamilton, Nikki Lynn: 34,40,46, 48,66 Hampton, Larry: 129 Hand, Carolyn: 34,50 Handy, Stephen CSteveJ: 12, 28,30,31,40,43,88,115,14O, 158,163 Hanna, Mark: 18,36,37,38,39,57 Hannon, Jerry: 87 Harding, Sally: 38,53,58 Hardesty, Dorothea L. QDortyJ: 56 I-Iardison, Jennifer: 60 Hardy, Carmella: 117 Harmon, David: 89 Harmon, Jack B.: 30,80,82,86 Harmon, Jerry L.: 48,71,89 Hamey, James: 78 Harper, Brenda: 116,123 Harper, Johnny Wade: 137 Harper, Vestal 1V.J.J: 80,82 Harris, Deborah: 60 Harris, Hans Peter QPeteJ: 46 Harris, Mike: 83 Harris,.Nancy: 58 Harris, Shirley: 119 Harris, William: 113,126 Harrinton, Raymond: 65 Harrison, Kay: 34,60,135,137, 143,163,167 Hart, Eileen: 44,50 Hart, Dora fNikkiJ: 24,25,28, Pig tails, modeled by Cindy Lewis, were great on rainy days. 40,43,50,51,163 Hart, Tina: 58 Hart, William: 45,113 Hartson, David: 66 Hartle, Donna: 32,323.60 Hawk, Wesley: 142 Hawkins, Shirley: 117 Hayes, Kathy D.: 117 Hawthorne, Willie James: 77,85, 86 Helm, Gerald: 87 Hendrick, Pamela fPamJ: 34,35, 36,37,3B,39,61 Helms, Mary: 108 Heitzman, Maurice: 124 Henard, Jesse: 54 Henderson, Gail: 61 Herman, Linda: 12,2l,28,3l,32, 33,35,38,53,135,137,141, 15l,162,164,l91 Hernandez, Luis: 105 Herring, Donna: 38 Herrington, Betty: 61,119,163 Herrington, Kathy S.: 48,116 Hess, John: 83,105 Hickerson, Debby: 64 Hickerson, Denise: 44,53,64,190 Hickey, Michael CMikeJ: 75 Hickey, Tom: 30,75,80,86 Hicks, James: 133 Hill, Eddie: 129 Windawpane stockings came as a fad, but stayed all year. Hill, Patricia: 117 Hill, Linda: 12,46,142,l50,162 Hill, Robert: 23,56,59,134,142 Hills, John: 142 Hilton, John: 28,30,40,42,77,80, 82 Hindmen, Carolyn: 64 Hinton, Anna Mary: 66 Hodges, Linda: 14,40,43,53,135 Hodgson, Michael QMike7: 21, 30,31 Hodgson, William lBil17: 14, 30,75 Holder, Roger: 77 Holder, Jeryl: 58 Hollowell, 'I'helma: 48 Hollowell, Velma: 44,48 Holmes, L. Jonathon: 129 Holt, Kathy: 107 Holtsclaw, Robert: 66 Hooker, Stephen W.: 45,66,134, 137 Hnpklm, Getsy: 33,28,70 Howard, Dan: 131 Howard, Phil: 40,42,77,166 Howey. Cheryl: 62 I-Iimsucker, Lynne: 59 Hunt, Viclde: 44 Hurst, Rebbecca: 60,61 Hutchinson, Brenda: 60,61 Huxley, Dennis: 45,55 Jones, Debora KDebbioJ: 42 Jones, Emie: 33 Jones, Geneva: 56,64 Jones, Joe: 134,137 Jones, Mary: 56.64 Jones, Michael: 59 Jones, Missouri: 65 Jones, William: 77,80,82,88 Jonson, Jerome: 89 Jordan, James: 76 Judkins, Jeanette: 116 Kares, Robert KBobD: 54,55,105 Keefe, Paul: 18,36,37,38,56.113 Keen, Ricky: 89 Keith, Bobby: 48 Kelley, Rebecca: 116 Kelly, Patricia QPattyJ: 53,116 Kendall, Vickie: 33,52,105 Kendrick, Frank: 84,65,86 Kern, Richard: 46,47 Kerr, Shirley: 62 Kimberly, Terry: 77,78 King, Jack: 30 King, Janet: 58 Kionamon, Patrick lPatl: 78 Kirby, John: 82 Kitts, Jacqie: 60 Kleifgen, Stephen lstevel: 40, 43,144,162 Knight, Lila: 33 Tech's own Phyllis Diller lwith certain improvements, of course!J Mrs. Shattuck laughs at a Music Department office joke. Imal, Stephanie: 118 lngels, Robert: 38,64,65,110 Ingle, Dennis: 34 Ingle, Linda: 12,21,28,34,35, 110,162 Ingram, James: 44 Irby, Gloria: 161 Irwin, JoAnn: 15,40,53,68,69, 162,165,172 Isbell, William QBillJ: 54 Isbell, James W. CJimJ: 64,78 Isbell, Marilyn: 23,37,56,l35 Isham, Brenda: 48 Israel, Jeanne: 119 Jackson, Charles: 130 Jackson, David: 87 Jackson, James: 128 Jacobs, Joseph: 60 James, Paul A.: 118 Jeffries, Barry: 82 Johnson, Bruce: 87 Johnson, Charles: 80,110,158 Johnson, Dianna: 62,66 Johnson, Ivan: 52 Johnson, Janice: 123 Johnson, James: 45,111 Johnson, Melvin: 133 Johnson, Michael lMikeJ: 80 Johnson, Yvonne: 64 Jones, Carlis: 62 Knorr, Don: 18,23,36,37,66 Koehler, Sharon: l2,13,25,28, 52,162 Kofas, John: 25 Knrpicka, Lourl: 50 Kugelman, James: 86 Kurbussky, Dan: 134 Kurbursky, Elmer: 134,137 Kuykendall, Debra Sue QDeb- biejz 4,17,38,44 Lacey, Dimp: 119 Lacey, Kevin: 77,78 Lacy, Raymond: 87 Lafara, Carol: 64,110 Laker, Jerome: 76,78,89 Lambert, Bruce: 48,71 Lambert, Larry: 48 Lang, Geneva: 37 Larson, Gary: 80 Laswell, Jacqueline: 46 Laswell, John: 48 Lawless, Eddie: 65 Lawrence, Stuart: 14,28,30,32, 33,46,48,111,144,160,162 Leavell, Eddie: 75 Leavell, Thomas l'l'omD: 2l,27, 30.31.58 LecClier, Dennis: 66,79 Lee, Alfreda: 38,65 Index Lee, Alvin: 30,78 Lee, Peggy: 53 Lee, Rachelle: 44,46,53,135 Lee, Rochelle: 44,53 Legg, Annie: 119 Lewis. CY11thia tCindyD: 17,28, 34,37,44,62 Lewis, James: 77,80,85,86 Lewis, Rodney QRodJ: 40,42, 46,48 Little, David: 78,89 Long, Clark: 37,82,89 Long, Anthony lTonyJ: 48,71 Lonsom, Patsy: 62 Loudermilk, Mary: 32,34,35,36, 37,38,39 Loux, Terry: 39,114 Love, Forrestine: 116 Lowe, Diane: 60,190 Lowe, William: 76 Lowman, Linda: 23,56,l62 Lump, William: 60 Lund, Hamid E.: 24,37,58,64 Lusk, Nina: 34,53 Luten, Fred: 76,78 Luther, Charles: 113 Luttrell, Guy: 30,4539 Luttrell, Patricia: 56,80 Luttrell, Rebecca: 40 Lynch, Phillip: 127 Lynn, Ernie: 131 McAndrews, Anna: 56 McCarty, Marlene: 14,50,110 McChi-istian, Marnette: 116 McClain, Robert: 30 McCorder, Evelyn: 22 McComtick, James Ulmlz 75 McCormick, Ross: 36,37,40,42, 46,48,59 McCowan, Joseph Uoel: 78 McC1eary, Thomas: 127 McCullough, Judith Uudyl: 22, 25,40,43,50,5l,53,144,172 McDaniel, Martin: 48,64,71 McDaniel, Michael KMikeJ: 46, 48 McDonald, Kristine fKrlsJ: 48 McDonald, Mary: 52,60 McDonald, Sylvia: 101 McDonald, William: 78 McGraw, Henry: 80 McGray, Mary A.: 60 Mclntosh, Sharon: 44 Mclieehan, John: 66 McKinney, Robert: 77,126,162 McMillan, Hubert: 76 Mc'1'ush, Jacqueline: 117 Mack, Gloria: 62 Mackey, Nancy: 34,38 Maddex, William D.: 88 Majors, Michael: 60 Malone, Terry: 137 Malone, Mildred: 44,53 Mallory, Bettey: 53 Mangus, Julia: 144 Manningham, Mary: 53,65 Mansfield, William lBillJ: 75 Marcum, Anita: 62,64 Marrow, Stephen: 66 Marshall, Deborah: 18,38,39 Marshall, Janice: 44.61 Marshall, Pamela: 53 Marshall, Rex: 2B.76.80,82,88, 115 Mason, Ronald: 86 Masters, Thea: 28,40,41,53,144, 162 Matthews, Daniel lDanD: 46 Matthews, Diane: 53,58,60 Mathis, Beverly: 117 Matlock, Joseph: 134 Maxwell, Pamela: 53,56 Maxwell, Daniel lDanJ: 79,82, 89 May, Dortha: 59 Medlock, Cheryl: 44,31,53 Medcalf, Robert tBobJ: 30,80, 82 Meigs, Carolyn Sue: 20,52,60, 190 Mends. CYDthia lCindyJ: 53.60 Merrifield, Norman: 48 Michael, Elizabeth Unlbbllz 52, 71 Michaels, Gene: 78 Mickels, Claude: 76,129 Middletown, Janet: 64,65 Milam, Sylvia: 36,37 Miller, Donna: 50,52 Miller, Eva: 40 Miller, Evelynn: 12,60,162 Miller, Georgia: 53,58 Miller, Kathy: 48 Miller, Lawrence: 20 Mills, Maureen: 40,46,47,63, 121,162 Mindach, Frieda: 71 Mitchell, Carol: 37 Mitchell, David: 85 Mitchell, Ernest: 66 Mitchell, Paula: 52 Montgomery, Patricia: 46 Moore, Brenda: 17,62 Moore, Kathy: 119 Moore, Kathleen: 119 Moore, Mary: 52,53,65 Moore, Mattie: 116 Moore, Mike: 18 Moore, Wilburt: 83,89 Morgan, Marsha: l8,36,38 Morgan, Mary: 34,55 Moiphew, Melanie: 46,135 Mon-is, Dorothy: 56 Morris, Janet Uanl: 3B,39,56, 64,66 Morris, Victoria QVickiJ: 58,61 Mosley, Ira: 64 Mosley, Raymond: 131 Mosier, Linda: 57 Mullis, Mike: 64,134 Mullis, Ken: 48,105 Muscatel, Sharon: 61 Myers, Linda: 60,61 Nahas, Bradley: 65,13-1,136,137 Nahas, victoria qviceip: 28.40, 42,53 Neal, Jerry: 83,89 Neal, Stanley: 11,30,77,162,169 Newldrk, Debbie: 48 Newsom, June: 64 Nichoalds, Russell: 30,109 Norton, Joe: 80 Norwood, Dwight: 83 Oakley, Bruce: 113 Oakley, James: 76,82 Oates, Cornelia: 21,31,35,44, 111 Ogle, Barbara: 33,114 O'Hara, Mike: 33 Oliver, Franklin: 54 Oliver, J. G.: 63 Q'Neil, Marlena: 46,99 0'Neil, Maureen: 56 0'Nelll, Peggy: 64 0sborn,,James Ulmj: 79 0wen,,Rena: 117 Qwsley, Milton: 66,83 Palni0l'0::Glendh: 53 Panhorst, Dorothy 1DottieJ: 58, ,60,61,64 - Pai-hnmcregg: 65,76,78 Parker, Kathryn. lKathyl: 33 Parkey, Larry: 48,48 ramen, Akasa.: av,-:4,s2,ae 11m:s,,r:ea:.1aa I Parrish: Donna: 62 " Psgcaim, new 12,30,31,40, 5, 142.163 ,: , Payne, Roger: 80, Pearson, GynthlaaSClndyJ: 62 Pehdleton,'Rand' tltandyj: 39 Penn, Roy:g87 t- ,- Perldns,.James:f'16,'l8,B9 I retemw,-James: 50,118 Peternian,h1-Ienrietta: .46.48,71 Petdlmifli Mary 50,51 P65931 Fra'nHex:14,50 ' l I 15eters,iIJar?y:'30,31,34 ,- ' . Peterson, Diana:1:1l3' Petree, Bart: 83 Pctry, Brenda: 116 Petty, William: 110 Phelps, Nancy: 4 Phillips, Linda: 40,42,162 Phillips, Pamela fParnJ: 18,37, 46 Pillow, Roselyn CRosieJ: 66,87. 125 Ping, Christine: 44 Pinson, Michael QMikeJ: 59,109 113 Plank, Linda: 60,61 Platt, Robert: 78 Plummer, Robert fB0bJ: 87 Plummer, William: 125 Poynter, Vicky: 119 Polovick, Patricia: 18 Polson, Bnrce: 46,47,64 Sandford, Karen: 66 Sands, Teresa CTerryJ: 52,53 Sanders, Gary: 30 Sanders, Kenny: 83,87 Sapp, Robert: 66 Satterwaite, Robert: 131 Sayles, Beniamine: B9 Sayles, Marcia: 21,31,50,l18 Sayles, Ronald fRonJ: 80,86 Schafer, Jack: 75 Schaffer, Linda: 66 Scheidt, Robert: 65 Schiavarelli, Eugene: 131 Schmidt, Barbara: 119 Schneider, Timothy 1Timj: 11, 22,28,30,40,43,58 Schulm, Kenneth: 65,134,137 Faculty Index 75,84,152 Umbarger, marina: 18 Poole, Timothy: 123 Polvadore, Brenda: 60 Porter, Bobbie: 117 Porter, Gregory fGregJ: 38,39 Powell, Bob: 87 Price, Jearlean: 53 Price, James fJirnJ: 21,31,84,85 Prioe, Harry: 132 Price, Michael: 77,78 Price, Sam: 87 Price, Willa Mae: 53,62 Pride, Daniel fDannyD: 14.28, Priest, Douglas fDougJ: 83 S cott, S cott, S cott, Scott, S cott, S cott, S ears, Clifton: 30,40,42 Janet: 50 Lonnie: 159 Paul: 48 Paula: 46 Richard: 131 Linda: 64,66 Seats, Vernon: 105 Seibert, Jack: l2,22,28,29,30,40, 42,162,166 Sells, Ramona: 64 Shaughnessy, Thomas fTomJ: 40 Shelton, Linda: 62 Sheuman, Karen: 64 Shewman, Marsha: 52,53 Proffitt, Donna: 40,43,6l,162 Puckett, Beth: 54,61,162 Puckett, Johnny: 45,48 Purvis, Le'Mont: 18 Pyle, Debra: 56 Quackenbush, Linda: 37,108 Quintana, Albert: 27,58 Wade, Aniker: 62 Quintana : Ragsdale Raker, V Z I Tomas fTomJ: 77 Harry: 82 cki: 52,105 Ramage, Brad: B7 Ramsey, anlce an:l19 1 U J Ransom, Margo: 135 Ransom, Patsy: 37,38 Reed, Karol: 18,138.62 Reed, Mary: 44 : Reed, Pamela fPamJ: 39,60' -' Remmetter Teresa: 52 60 61 - nnnenn, Daniel qnnnpl 12,25,'5' 1' 40,43,46,48,49,59,154,155,ifi' 162 ' ' X f ff':. Reneau, Mary: 44,4e,4s a Q T: Shoffner, Denzil: 133 Siefert, Fred: 58,66 Siefert, Geraldine: 58 Silvey, Charles: 30 Simpson, Arthur: 79 Sims, Doris: 62 Smet, Joseph: 137 Smith, David Scott: 34,114 Smith, David: 45 Smith, Donna: 116 Smith, Eugenia: 40 Smith, Gary: 129 Smith, Mettie: 117 Smith, Mary Sharon: 32,34,35, 50,51,162,179 Smith, Roy: 190 Smith, Steve: 60.6l,77 Snorton, Howard: 78 Snow, Phyllis: 162 Soltau, James: 76 Spaw, Karen: 15,3l,44,52,53, 68,69,115,168 Spaw, Linda: 52,53 S ears ohnnie- 65 66 Rentsch, Debbie: 53 .':1-.Y.E.g- -4 swinger, cnmy: 5a.eo .wif , Reynolds, wiuinm 1BlllJ: 4e,.,:, 1, 48,71 . 1- wc, Reynolds, Mary: 40 4' ., .','ff,I .lf - Reynolds, Roy: 114 , , ll., Reynolds, sylvan: 158 ' ' 'Y , Rhodes, Wanda: 38 , .- xfzullg- runs, Charles: 40,77,80,1-58 ,gjqggs Richards, Janis: 60, J L25 'A Richards, Fred: 158 Q l, Richards, James: 113 'fog' 4' , ' 1unl:nras,1ny:4s,e4,es ,, 1.11. li Richards, Kathy Eileen:'1-'58 ZQP' lift P . I - . Spence, Sandy: 60 Sprague, Gary: 121 Sprinkle, Sue: 44 Stafford, Linda: 46 Stanfield, Mike: 83 Stansberry, Isaiah: 33,39,60 Stansberry, Julie: 57,65 Stanton, Paul: 64 Stark, Roger: 30,58 Steffey, Jerry: 134,137 Stephens, Ella: 64,108 Stewart, Eleanor: 33 Stewart, Jane: 52,53 Richardson, Danny: 76 lQ'1.IgQl,,:g Richardson, Herman: 46,48 'E Fly, , . Richardson, Rowland:h84,85"' 1--J'T 1 Richardson Vince: 78 Mr- i , runermt, Linen: 5a,1o,71 , ,fflfg-Qi' Roach, Kenneth: 45 ,j EQ." ' Roark, Raymond lllickylz 75 P, , 111 Roberts, Allan H.: '30,56,59fv- 5.3 4-41,- Roberts, Darlene: 602162: N Robinson, Donalcl:'77' I.: f.. , f' Robinson, Johnny: 1,18 'PA' 1:1-3 Roddy, Deborah cpeblnappep, f 34,40 :' Wg, ' 3 Rogers, Nina:.38,63,1621 5.5" 553. ,. Roots, Pam: 53' , ,-'ilfsj ,l 1. -f nm, David: 30,46,46:ZI,.Q,: - Rose, Sue: 44 : , ES" fbi, 3 Ross Wand : 64 ' ' " "" . 1' .,. Rotelf. Bradley fBra47f3'l31'4i thx' Rott, Kathy: 64 Li, '1 7:11 Roth, Rosalynn: 52,6?-,,,""'ix-L, -fi" Rothenbush, JoAnn:3 82-' ' Eg' Rowing, Jnhnnsaiss - .. is nnsseu, Christine5fChrisJ:' 12, 1 9-3,543,436,132 . E1 Russell, Eddie: 64 r :' -, ' Russell, Harold: 134,137 Russell, Linda: 110,19Q ' Russell, Sandra: 119. Ryle, Debra E.: 53 X w l ' .: l S' I Stigler, Lemul: 88,133 Stolu, Lany: 40 Stravers, Cornelius: 64,65,109, 158 Street, Phillip: 45 Strong, Teresa: 53 Strubbe, John: 80 Sultzer, Teresa: 50 Sutton, James Uimj: 11 Sutton, Lar-ry: 78,88 Swan, Richard: 35,37,66,105 Swan, Robert: 66 Thomas, Carol: 58 Thomas, Deborah: 53,59 Thomas, Kathy: 62,161 Thomas, Patti: 57 Thomas, Rae: 58 Thomas, Larry: 123 Thomas, Walter: 87 Thomason, Dianne: 64,65 Thompson, Emma: 119 Thompson, James: 76,82 Thompson, Mary Ann: 38,56,108 Thompson, Stephen: 40,66 Tiffany, Warren: 78 Tilford, John: 137 Tinsley, Preston: 66,76 Tipton, Lyndal: B3 Tomescu, Kristine lKrisJ: 53,135 Toney, Martin: 30,79 Toran, Cynthia: 62,63 Towler, Linda: 57 Travis, Hattie: 57,62 Trimmer, Burl: 54 Tripp, Susan: 34 Trittipo, Mike: 38,39,l05 Trotter, Geneva: 55,62 Trotter, Lester: 76,82 Trnxel, Jerry: 12,40,60,145,146, 153,161 Turner, Diane: 117 Tumer, Winfred: 133 Underwood, Cheryl: 80 Underwood, Darryll: 66,124 Upchurch, Larry: 89 VanAukin, Karen: 38 Vanderrnark, Kathy: 116 Van Duyn, Betty: 34,190 Varnado, Elliot: 78 Vamado, Janice: 62 Vaughn, George: 137 Vaughn, Harry: 87 Vaughn, Kim: 46,59,66 Veegh, Zoltan: 30 Vitt, Roger: 76 Volstad, Kathy: 40,42 Waggener, Mark: 46,48,71 Waldo, Neita: 12,58,6l,135 Walker, David: 76,119 Walker, Randy: 133 Wallick, Janine: 46,62 Walton, Judie: 44 Wand, Barry: 66 Wand, Tim: 33,55 Ward, Bridgette: 39,58 Ward, Larry: 83,87 Ware, Jordon: 65 Washington, Dennis: 83 Washington, Joyce: 63 Watson, Al: 46,71 Watts, Steve: 78,87 Webb, Jerome: 89 Webster, Charles: 78 Webster, John: 82 Weeden, Dennis: 48 Wester, Mary: 46,48,58 Wetherell, Karen: 35,55,60 Whaley, Steve: 30,40 Whitaker, Chester: 82,105 White, Teresa: 40,42,53,162 Whitecotton, Donald: 38 Whitfield, Odell: 78 Whobrey, Joyce: 56 Wigginton, Maxine: 64,162 Wilkinson, Donald Eugene lDonJ fGenej: 22,30,40, 46,48,56,71,l62 Williams, Fay: 46 Sweeney, Kent: 30,40,48 Swinford, James fJimJ: 30 Taber, John: 82 Tarratt, Anthony: 77 Taylor, Andy: 105 Taylor, Billy: 45,86 Taylor, Charles: 77 Taylor, Eric: 80 Taylor, Gwenann: 58 Taylor, Jerry: 77 Taylor, Patty: 11,14,15,28,53, 68,153,162,169,172 Taylor, Toni: 46,58,62 Teckenbrock, Robert: 77 Williams, Herbert: 40 Williams, Linda: 58 Williams, Johnnie: 52 Williams, Keith A.: 55,59 Williams, Pasthina: 110 Williams , Teresa: 58 Wilson, Catherine fCathyJ: 62 Wilson, Chris: 65 Wilson, Joseph Uoej: 75,153 Wilson, Margaret: 36,37,163 Wilson, Michael: 65,134,135, 137 Wilson, Paul: 83,87 Wilson, Stephen: 89 Winkle, Barry: 153 Winkle, Billie: 20,52 Tedrow, Phyllis: 65 Ten-y, Byron: 76 Terry, Paul: 48,66,71 Winzenread, Mark: 75,80,ll7 Witman, Deborah: 61 Witsman, Marsha: 46,55 Witsman, Twanetta: 32,33,55, 110 Woempner, Kathleen C Kathyj: 32,33,40,110 Wong, Teny: 64 Wood, Beverly: 34 Woods, Patricia fPattiJ: 53 Woods, Randall: 80 Woods, Steve: 21,31,77 Woodson, Grant: 131 Wooldridge, David: 48 Wright, Becky: 50 Wright, Diana: 40,43,46,48,59 Wright, Diane: 18,37 Wright, Don: 46,48,7l Wright, Elizabeth QLibbyJ 28, 32,33,35,40,43 Wright, Gary: 36.37 Wyss, Martha: 53,117 Wythe, Patricia lPattiJ: 18,25, 33,37,40,58 Yates, James: 117 Yaeger, Gary: 14,30,60 Young, Clyde: 66,119 Zupan, Deborah: 56,64 Zupan, Linda: 56 Abel, Pascal: 106 Allee, Mrs. Verda: 100,135 Allen, C. Gaylord: 91,94,148 Allen, Louis: 115 Allen, Richard: 20,55 Allison, Mary K.: 104 Anderson, Rayfield: 128 Andrews, Mrs. Florence: 101 Armel, Clyde S.: 66,91,125 Armel, Mrs. Dorothy: 100 Ayres, Mrs. Edna: 100 Bar-nes, Thomas E.: 122 Barnett, Marsha: 99 Barr, G. Kenneth Dr.: 95 Barrett, Mrs. Audrey: 101 Bayless, Kenneth: 98 Beall, Howard: 128 Bean, Mrs. Carol: 148 Beash, Mrs. Irene: 101 Bedell, Mrs. Mary B.: 59,109 Beeler, Jimmie: 104 Behlmer, Reuben: 122 Behlmer, Stephen: 23,124 Belding, Robert: 93,98,163 Bell, Carlos: 14,77,80,l28 Benlyote, Mrs. Virginia: 101 Bennett, Mrs. Arvilla: 104 Bennett, Christine D.: 106 Berger, William R.: 126 Bettis, Susan: 53,104,105 Billington, rrnya: 125 Blankenhorn, Duane: 110 Boots, Mrs. Florence B.: 117 Borshoff, James: 95 Bolinger, Mrs. Connie F.: 106 Bowers, Melvin: 78,122 Bradford, Jack: 75,85,122 Bradshaw, Mrs. Martha June: 110 Bramblett, Garold: 66,132 Brinker, Norman: 131 Britton, Charles: 100 Brodheclrer, Mrs. Getty: 97 Brown, Mrs. Barbara: 99 Brown, Harold: 106 Brown, Mrs. Leota: 101 Bryant, Mrs. Phyllis: 118 Caldwell, Forrest R.: 110,115 Callaway, Helen F.: 117 Cameron, Mrs. Florence: 101 Camplese, Daniel: 83.89.112 Carhone, Dean: 110 Carlock, Mahlon: 30,96 Caskey, Harry: 97 Catt, Howard: 80,85,96,122 Cauble, Herschel: 100 Cauble, Mrs. Virginia: 100 Chadwick, Mrs. Jancie: 100 Chambers, Simon: 135 Chandler, James: 48,49,12l Clapp. Mrs. Margaret: 104 Clark, Mrs. Claudia: 110 Clark, H. K.: 126 Clark, Ralph: 125 Clearwater, Mrs. Angie: 101 Cline, Ernest: 87,98,122 Clutter, Richard: 56,57,110 Cody, Mrs. Wyolene: 117 Collins, Robert: 112 Comstock, Mrs. Diane: 104 Cooper, Mrs. Esther: 110 Cooper, Janice D.: 115 Corbin, Carl: 106 Coverstone, Mary: 101 Craig, Mrs. Frances: 99 Craig, Judy: 59 Creasser, Mrs. Louise: 100 Crooke, Robert E.: 126 Cruser, Emanuel: 131 Curtis, Mrs. Bessie: 101 Dagwell, Charles: 85,944,122 Daily, Donna Q.: ee Danheiser, Thomas L.: 104,105 Dent, Lowell: 100 Davis, Turpin, M.: 119 Dawson, Sgt. Thomas: 23,135 Dearing, Mrs. Barbara: 91,96 Declue, James A.: 115 Deem, Harold: 125 Deem, Mrs. Harold: 20 Deming, Leo: 115 Dininger, Walter: 98,110,78 Dudkowski, Sam: 126 Duffy, Goldie: 101 Durham, Wilma: 99 Dykeman, Richard: 115 Eason, John: 79,122 Elckhoff, Frances: 99 Elliott, Mrs. Jessie: 101 Elliott, Harold: 124 Ellison, Mrs. Sara: 62,122 Fanning, Mrs. Sandra: 41,44,,45 121 Farr, Charles: 132 Fields, Mrs. Jeannette: 100 Fine, Mrs. Serine: 108,109 Fizer, Sgt. Edward: 23,135 Flesher, Mrs. Judy: 117 Fogelman, Mrs. Jean: 101 Ford, Robert F.: 104 Fowler, Mrs. Fannie: 100 Furry, Mrs. Mary: 104 Gaither, Virgil: 101 Gale, Bruce: 89 Garner, Mrs. Thelma: 101 Garrett, Mrs. Marjorie: 104 Garrison, Mrs. Margaret: 101 Garst, Mary K.: 97 Gascho, Martha: 104 Gentry, William M.: 106 Gillette, Mrs. Nancy: 117 Gilliand, Kenneth: 132 Glore, Charles: 120,162 Glover, Richard: 106 ' Goodrum, Mrs. Alice: 38,39, 104 Graf, Josephine: 110 Graney, William: 98,115 Greenwood, Anne: 104 Griswell, William: 101 Gruenwald, Mrs. Marjorie: 104 Gruner, Wilhert: 101 Guess, William: 21,119 Hahn, Mrs. Margaret: 104 Haigerty, Mrs. Genevieve: 101 Hale, Hester: 53,104 Hamilton, Marion: 120 Hamer, Mrs. Sarah: 21,98 Hamlet, Mrs. Ann: 60,104 Hanna, Mrs. Joyce A.: 104 Hardiman, Emmett F.: 104 Hardy, Marquerite: 117 Hart, Hollie fMrs.J: 117 Harts, Louise: 120 Harvey, Constance: 104.109 Harvey, Mrs. Helen: 100 Haworth, Hadley: 115 Heavenridge, Jack: 101 Henderson, Oral E.: 126 Herrington, Dale W.: 126 Hill, James L.: 122 Hill, John C.: 131 Hinshaw, Herman: 93 Hinton, Mrs. Anne Mary: 99 Hobbs, Donna: 122 Hoffman, Mrs. Mary: 101.106 Holly, Mrs. Marian: 117 Holmes, Ernest: 60,61,94 Holtsclaw, Mrs. Elizabeth: 117 Houldson, Scott: 124 Howard, Garlan: 20 Huff, Mrs. Gwendolyn: 100 I-lurrle, John: 80,82,88,89,98, 122 Hyatt, Mrs. Carolyn: 100 Hylton, Charles: 128 Insley, Gertrude: 104 Ireland, Ronald G.: 106 Jackson, Burney: 124 Jackson, Mrs. Virginia: 118 Jaus, Mrs. Florence: 101 Jeffers, Leonard: 110 Jones, Bernice: 33,104 Jones, Mrs. Evaleen: 106 Jones, Mrs. Gwendolyn: 65,106 Kanouse, John: 110 Karnes, Mrs. Alberta: 101 Karnes, Mrs. Helen: 101 Keller, Fred J.: 126 Korn, John: 65,115 Kerr, Mrs. Myrtle: 101 Kimberlin, William: 110 Klein, Mrs. Lola: 101 Kleine, Julius Jr.: 122 Klier, Mrs. Lillian: 101 Kocher, Charles: 98,128 Koontz, John: 83,122 Kothe, Judy: 104 Kreff, Hilda: 117 Kreis, Mrs. Ethel: 101 Kriese, Maurice: 106 Lagadon, Mrs. Maria: 16,58,109 Langlotz, Mrs. Mildred: 101 Landreth, Odus: 91,93 Lauback, Mrs. Sarah: 101 Lehman, Arnold W.: 106 Lemen, Mrs. Jane Ann: 104 Leverenz, Rowland: 98,106 Lewis, Iehn A.: 104 Littell, Patricia: 100 Long, Mrs. Ruth: 104 Longshore, Howard: 15,20,23,29, 91,92,126,148,l63 Lowes, William: 94 Lloyd, Robert: 101 Loyal, Mrs. Ann: 100 Lundgren, Mrs. Shirley: 97 Lyons, Frances: 110 McAfee, Mrs. Mildred: 98,104 McBride, Judith: 52,97,104 McColly, Byron: 126 McCoy, Fred: 77 McCutcheon, Mrs. Marjorie: 117 McDonald, Mrs. Sylvia: 101 McGeath, Bruce: 77,78,110 McNanny, Fred: 104 Machin, Mrs. Barbara: 104 Mack, George: 126 Maillard, Mary: 104 Malay, Robert: 104 Manka, Mrs. Mary Lou: 68,122 Mann, James H.: 104 Mansfield, Betty: 106 Martin, Evelyn: 4,56,121 May, James: 115 Mayer, Frederick: 126 Medcalfe, Emest: 66,77,B0,96, 120,121 Meditch, Carl: 85,813,124 Melvin, Mrs. Mary: 101 Merrill, Mrs. Laura: 101 Meyer, Robert E.: 91,95,110 Miner, John: 98,110 Montgomery, Gene: 100 Moon, Mrs. Wanda: 99 Moon, William: 40,121 Moore, Mrs. Lola: 101 Moore, Mrs. Marion: 117 Moreman, Ivan: 75,112 Mullenax, John: 132 Murphy, Wesley: 110 Nevilles, John: 101 Newcomer, Mrs. Dorothy: 97 Index Noling, Mrs. Monica: 100 Orton, Richard: 121 Oscarson, Paul: 128 Osterhout, Mrs. Mary: 101 Parrett, Sharon: 97,122 Parrott, Shirley: 122 Parsley, Mrs. Esta: 101 Pence, Lewis: 126,127 Penrnd, Mrs. Mary: 117 Pentecost, Mrs. Mary: 101 Pentecost, Morris: 131 Perry, Douglas: 16,42,121 Peterson, Margaret: 163 Phelps, Mrs. Helen: 101 Phemister, Lorena: 120 Plant, Mrs. Pearline: 101 Platt, Carol: 108,109 Pool, Mrs. Bernadlne: 100 Potter, Wallace: 94,95 Puckett, Kenneth: 91,93,190 Qulllin, Phillip: 76,122 Ransom, Mrs. Natalie: 117 Ray, Mrs. Carolyn: 99 Ray, Mrs. Gertrude: 101 Reed, A. Ray: 96 Reever, Mrs. Mae: 101 Renault, Dale: 104 Renfro, Frank: 99 Renner, Mrs. Darlene: 101 Rhodes, Irene: 104,162 Ringland, Myron: 101 Robards, Mrs. Elsie: 100 Roheru, Mrs. Lula Mae: 99 Robinson, Donald E.: 79,106 Rodewald, Norma: 100 Rosemeyer, Mrs. Dorothy: 101 Rowland, Mrs. Betty: 100,190 Russell, Mrs. Gertrude: 100 Sare, Dale W.: 106 Schnakenberg, Mrs. Florence: 104 Schneider, Karl: 110 Schneider, Mrs. Louise: 100 Schoch, Marjorie: 97 Schulte, Lisa: 58,110 Scott, Patsy: 98.122 Scudder, David: 120 Seidleeki, William: 110 Sharp, William E.: 126 Shattuck, Mrs. Judith: 100 Sheridan, Rita: 109 Sherwood, Mrs. Lilliam: 101 Shock, Richard: 98,106 Sigg, Mrs. Elise: 101 Simmons, Phylis A.: 106 Sims, Mrs. Wilma: 99 Sink, Lois: 142 Skomp, Samuel: 124,125 Slouer, Michael: 66.120 Smith, Mrs. Alpha: 101 Smith, Clyde Jr.: 60,6l,110 Smith, Ebert: 110,111 Smith, Frances H.: 117 Smith, Harry: 106 Smith, Robert: 125 Smith, Steven W.: 115 Soendlln, Richard Robert: 106 Southwick, Mrs. Barbara: 104 Stafford, Mrs. Rught: 117 Starkey, Mrs. May: 101 Stelting, Mrs. Rosa: 101 Sterett, Opal: 101 Stewart, Mrs. Edna: 115 Stewart, James: 95 Stewart, Mrs. LaVeme: 99 Stewart, William H.: 132 Still, Mrs. Christine: 101 Stoeekinger, John H.: 106 Stout, Mrs. Dorothy: 97 Striddand, Mrs. Marion: 106 Strom, Mrs. Dorothy: 99 Sutherland, Mrs. Kay: 99 Sutton, Mrs. Marie: 101 Swenson, Kennit: 120 Taylor, Mrs. Irene: 101 Terry, Earl D.: 132 Terry, Leo G.: 100 Thompson, Charles Tim: 126 Thompson, Mrs. Eileen: 101 Thompson, F. Doug: 126 Thompson, Mrs. Gladys: 101 Tozer, William: 55,115 Tresslar, Cecil: 34,95,104 Tremp, William: 126 Turner, Ray: 18,128 Turney, Bruce: 115 '11u'pin, Mrs. Martha: 96,28 Tussey, Mrs. Rita: 100 Underwood, Mrs. Susanna: 59, 109 Veza, Miss Mary: 104 Vogt, Paul: 128 Wagner, Lloyd: 110 Walker, Madora D.: 108 Walker, Thomas: 100 Waters, Margaret: 104 Webber, Mrs. Doris L.: 36.37, 104 Westra, Mrs. Gladys: 101 Wheeler, William R. 106,107 Whetstine, Verl: 131 White, Mr. John: 46,47,121 Vlfhitmire, Miss LaVon: 13,120 Widmeyer, Mrs. June: 104 Wignall, Mrs. Elva: 117 Wilkinson, Arthur: 135 Wilkinson, Mrs. Pauline: 101 Williams, Blanche: 97,99 Williams, John: 124 Wilson, Rudolph: 96,128 Winterhalder, Mrs. Paula: 104 wise, Mary: 82,122 Wolverton, Ralph: 115 Woodard, Robert: 122 Woods, Morris O.: 128 Woolford, Mrs. Mary V.: 117 Yarnell, Mrs. Rcsalynne: 100 Young, Mrs. Janice: 117 Zimmerman, Mrs. Virginia: 58, 104,108,109 FRIENDS OF TECH Barney, Mrs. Max: 150 Baynes, Mrs. Barbara: 35 Boyd, Kenneth: 67 Boyd, Mrs. Kenneth: 67 Brinsley, Norman: 35 Brown, Charlie: 2,3,32,72 Byrne, Robert: 64 Chandler, Mrs. Mary L.: 51 Darland, Mrs. Jean: 20 Goodmm, Cosette: 18,36 Harvey, Susie: 141 Harvey, Paul: 126 Howard, Mrs. Garlen: 20 Linus: 32,72 Longshore, Mrs. Howard: 16,20 23,29 Lucy: 2,32,72,l'l4 Miller, Larry: 190 Mottem, Col. Robert: 67 Sengenberger, Ella: 35 Snellenberger, Earl: 35 Stukenbroeker, Fem, Dr.: 111 Red Baron: 2 Schroeder: 32 Schultz, Charles: 3,190 Snoopy: 2,3 Appreciation is . . March 15, 1968--the date which seemed so distant 11 months and 192 pages ago came sooner than expected. Suddenly, it's time to say good-bye to Charlie Brown and all our new-found friends. At the end of a year of Saturday press conferences, 7:00 evening work sessions, missed deadlines, and missing pictures, we, the 1968 Cannon staff, owe our thanks to all who have helped us. First and most important is Charles Schulz, without whose creative genius we'd have never met the Peanuts gang. We are also indebted to Newsfoto Publishing and its repsentative Richard Kennardg Kenneth Puckett for his financial assistanceg our advertisers for theirtimportant supportg our professional photographer Max Gallowayg Root Studios for many campus shots, Larry Miller for his sports pictures, William Wheeler for basketball team pictures, and the U.S. Secret Service for "okaying,' our use of the picture on page 158. Typing Form 19's, distributing Cannons, handling subscription cam- paigns, and generally keeping the disorganized Cannon Office in order, Mrs. R. was friend, confidante, and mother to many kiddies. Identified by their tiny "peanuts" pins, roll room agents began selling the yearbook in November. The top ten salesmen of the 1968 Arsenal Cannon yearbook were lbottoml Betty VanDy'ne, Sandra Fleetwood, Bonnie Dalton, Denise Hickerson, Diana Lowe, and fbelowl Joyce Goodwin, Linda Russell, and Sue Meigs, Ronald Bradley, Roy Smith. 5 , , Work with Cannon staffers five periods a day, Saturdays, Sundays, and afternoons can be a little trying even for a devoted sponsor. The simple, uncomplicated, important philosophy of Peanuts fascinated readers around the world. "Happiness is . . . " kite-eating trees, baseball games, the Red Baron showed Titans that each had a little Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus in him. I 1 CHARLES M. SCHULZ un corn: um: April 19 , 1967 I IIIAITOPOL. CALIFORNIA I Mi ss Linda Herman I Arsenal Technical High School 1500 East Michigan Street Indianapolis 7, Indiana 46207 I Dear Miss herman: You certainly may have permission to use any of the Peanuts characters you wish in your forthcoming yearbook. I am flattered that you should wish to do so. Kindest regards. ,sincerely yours, A if I f ' -,i lah' L11 5.3 sm harles li. Schulz -Q M M45 l ' , 4354 - 19514, ,- Lost in thought, Linda Herman ponders an- other editorial decision in a frantic pre-dead- line scramble for finished, and proofread copy. 5- Good grief Good-bye GC-3 'N-x.......-4 ,216 , ug N ff , 'I 1 - X Aj ff , Q fx -K' ' .K xiii, 1 A' Ii? 'f I 5 f' , XA I n,71?0'f JR? . 1, J' v 'Q Q IJ' f-'xml 1 X, XR.-f fn, . 4' Q7 O N 6 KG , V13 If rgv. .WN ,Agni 'cvvvg 444, ' v - I' ARSENAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL E X C E L L E N T S C H O L A R S H I P tThe Senior with the highest scholastic average receives a key set with a diamondg ftthe second highest an emerald. The following pupils are awarded gold keys for maintaining a 7.0 or higher grade point average through their entire High School careers: Elizabeth A. Bartley Donna M. Blount Frederick S. Bremer Gary L. Champion Donald R. Grover Ain E. Haas? Stephen W. Handy Linda S. Hermantf S C H O O L FOUR-YEAR Terrence J. Ball Anita K. Belding Donna M. Blount P E R F E C T Linda S. Hill Linda L. Ingle Sharon S. Koehler Evelynn A. Miller Donn D. Patterson Daniel L. Reneau Jack S. Seibert Jerry E. Troxel S E R V I C E PIN GUARDS Janet R. Morris Kathy E. Richards Priscilla L. Reynolds A T T E N D A N C E SENIORS - 1968 Larry D. Anderson Ronald L. Bradley Becky Buchanan Richard Burnett Jacqueline Clevenger Elaine Dramantides Sandra Fleetwood Betty Herrington Linda Howard Dennis Spanik C O M M E N C E M E N T H O N O R R O L L The following pupils in the Class of 1968 have earned an average grade of B or above throughout their high school course: Linda C. Arnett Shirley A. Barfell Elizabeth A. Bartley Linda A. Bedwell Patty A. Bernard Philip L. Black Donna M. Blount Frederick S. Bremer Steven W. Bucher Jon P. Burroughs Brenda S. Carmichael Paula J. Chambers Gary L. Champion Sherry R. Chandler Janice K. Clark Roger L. Collins Rita J. Faidley Donna J. Fogleman Victoria L. Fortune Donna J. Foy Patty J. Fullen Leslie A. Gilson Donald R. Grover Ain E. Haas Stephen W. Handy Dora J. Hart Kay A. Harrison Pamela D. Hedrick Linda S. Herman Betty A. Herrington Linda S. Hill Linda L. Hodges William J. Hodgson Velma M. Hollowell ruff mjwvffia- , , -V wy- N xv' -YQ ' w 1' " A Linda L. Ingle Charles W. Johnson Stephen R. Kleifgen Sharon S. Koehler Carol J. LaFara Stuart E. Lawrence Thea J. Masters Joseph K. Matlock Daniel E. Matrau Dortha C. May Evelynn A. Miller Donn D. Patterson Donna J. Proffitt Beth A. Puckett Margaret L. Ragan Daniel L. Reneau Janis R. Richards Darlene Roberts Gerry A. Roberts JoAnn Rothenbush Christine M. Russell Jack S. Seibert Mary A. Shafer Eugenia R. Smith Mary S. Smith Phy'1.1iS Ac Snow Patricia E. Taylor Jerry E. Troxel Charles W. Urton Julie B. Walton Julie A. Wheeler Maxine R. Wiggington Margaret A. Wilson Deborah E. Witman has " ' AF, '41 qu y I' 'fwm , 1 f --., w,wwffL'Y:: if fwAW Zag? J -N 7. tv"""g' Ii? , f, X., X,X 1 NV, A- A aww 1 .5 v ' ,cfs N 9 x, , my , .. A ni! Q11 In gif? QL rf- .1 H A 'W Uh 3 A il S - '- ' -f1'A'ffH1f. I ' A flu' atm! will ,W JP V7 Y - N y 'i X .. 9 68 Suvrama Du Avvf-was AIQSIENAIL TIECIIWNIICEAL II'1IllEl'1 SCEIHOOIL HANSON H. ANDERSON SCHOLARSHIPS FACULTY SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT Lindo S. Herman lack S. Seiben Linda S. Herman Ain E- Haas MILO H. STUART SCHDLARSHIPS RILEY Lnagmu, ARTS MEDALS Donna M. Blount Ain E. Haas ,Linda S. Hill. Donna M. Blount DBWITT S. MORGAN SCHOLARSHIPS RALPH V, YENNE TECHNICAL MEDALS Anita K. Belding Daniel L. Reneau Steven W. Bucher Darrell D. Underwood CECIL L. MCCLINTOCK SCHOLARSHIPS PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION AWARDS Linda K- 111919 7911? E- Tfoxel Linda S. Hill Roger L. Collins BARTON BRADLEY SCHOLARSHIPS ALUMNI AWARDS Eugenia R. Smith Paul H. Glcsple Nina M. Rogers GQYY L- ChUmPi0H Adelia I. Butrum SCHOOL SERVICE THREE-YEAR CERTIFICATES Cathy Ressinger The following pupils were awarded certifi- cates for maintaining a 7.0 or higher grade point average during their Freshman and Sophomore years: Joy L. Caskey Deborah S. Clark Daniel E. Clegg Alfred L. Ford Marshall E. Furnish John R. Hills Mary E. Morgan Janet R. Morris Deborah J. Newkirk 'Liar i A M , lf! '1 l - ae Marlene S. Ricketts Susan Rupert Timothy P. Schneider David S. Smith Lona K. Tuggle Richard Umbarger Julie A. Wheeler Maxine R. Wiggington Twanetta L. Witsman EXCELLENT SCHOLARSHIP The following pupils were awarded scholas- tic sweaters for maintaining an 7.0 or higher grade point average through their Junior year fsix semesterslz Elizabeth A. Bartley Donna M. Blount Frederick S. Bremer Jon Burroughs Paula Chambers Gary L. champion Donald R. Grover Ain E. Haas Stephen W. Handy Linda S. Hernmn The following pu ls Linda S. Hill Linda L. Ingle Sharon S. Koehler Evelynn A. Miller Donn D. Patterson Daniel L. Reneau Christine Russell Jack S. Seibert Jerry E. Troxel Neita Waldo are awarded silver pi pins for maintaining a 7.0 or higher grd point average through their Junior year Qfive semesters I: william A, Barton Julia L. Boone Stephen L. Borden William R. Buckley Joy L. Caskey Susan L. Clark Anita G. Clevenger Belinda G. Collins Ieonidas G. Condos Linda M. Cook David A. Cooper Margaret E. Godwin Cheryl L. Hamilton Jennifer R. Hylden Rachelle A. Lee Michael A. Pinson Allan H. Roberts Wendy C. Ross Kristine E. Tomescu Rebecca K. Vaughn William A. Barton Julia L. Boone Stephen L. Borden Joy L. Caskey Susan L. Clark Belinda G. Collins Leonidas G., Condos David A. Cooper Margaret E. Godwin Cheryl L. Hamilton Jennifer R. Hylden Rachelle A. Lee Michael A. Pinson Allan H. Roberts Wendy C. Ross Kent Sweeney Kristine E. Tomescu Rebecca K. Vaughn The following pupils were awarded certifi- cates for maintaining a. 7.0 or higher grade point average through their Freshman year: Richard Bedwell Carol Brown Linda Clelland Anita Clevenger Linda Cook Karen Darland Deborah Deckard Kyle Fort Marie Greene Marika Haas George Johnson Robert Kares Jerome Laker Rex Marshall Terry Mitchell Dorothy Panhorst Robert Sapp Kathy Scarbrough Michael Trittipo ART ELIZABETH IASPER AWARD Donald I. Brown .500 FESTIVAL OF ARTS CONTEST Blue Ribbons. .... . . . . .Patricia Been ned Ribbons. . . . Rex Marshall Sandra St anfield . . .Debbie Bledsoe Donald J. Brown Dwayne Dixon Ronald J. Floyd Rex Marshall Stanley Real Isaiah Stansberry White Ribbons. . . . . . .C. Diane Jones Peggy Thomas SCHOLASTIC Alu' AWARDS SHW Finalist and Gold Key. . . . KeyllllOOlOIIlOOllll Honorable Mention........ Patricia Meigs Joseph Eads Linda Adams Gail Collins Anthony Covington Ruth Creech Larry Dea Joseph Eads Mark Keefe Fred Seifert Sandra. Stanfield Debbie Stiffler POSTOFFICE CHRISTMAS "MAIL EARLY" POSTER CONTEST First Place Certificate of Merit..................Linda Towler Second Place Certificate..Patr:lc:La Johnson nomar sag Demonstration and ibitlGllI.OOlOCOllIlOOlDona1d J. INDIANAPOLIS PARK BOARD SICRI CONTEST Second Place. . .. . . .. ...Sandra Stanfield JOHN HERRON SCHOLARSHIP Donald J. Brown ATHLETIC AWARDS mb' LJ .Z VARSITY BASKETBALL Greensweater Robert Gaddie ' Frank Kendrick David Mitchell Gold T Nathan Appleton Roland Richardson Belt Buckle James Price Danny Pride T.H.S. Thomas Adams T.H.S. fPreviously receivedl Patrick Blue Walter Grundy James Lewis RESERVE BASKETBALL TOHISI Willie Booker Tony Hillman Kent Clark James Kugelman Kyle Fort Ronald Mason Billie Taylor T.H.S. fPreviously receivedl Robert Beaty Willie Hawthorne Jack Harmon Thomas Hickey Ronald Sayles if 1 X - I hx X DYER MEDAL James E. Price FRESHMAN BASKETBALL A.T.S. Charles Battle Roy Penn Tony Gearlds Robert Powell J ames Gilbert Samuel Price Shirley Glover Brad Ramage Bruce Johnson Walter Thomas Raymond Lacy Harry Vaughn A.T.Sg. QPreviou.slL-receivedl Vernon Barnes Kenneth Sanders Ronald Davie Larry Ward David Devitt Steve Watts Robert Eaton Paul Wilson 5' X. . ,' "Wm V-var: N44 ff Cb at i 4 Y S x X' VARSITY BASEBALL T.H.S, Thomas Hickey T.H.S. Qreviously received,- Eddie Leavell Raymond Roark Green Sweater Gary Champion Jack S. Seibert Gold T Austin Fleming James L. McCormick John Fogelman Danny S. Pride Michael Hickey Jack Schaffer Mark Winzenread Belt Buckle William Mansfield VARSITY FOOTBALL RESERVE BASEBALL A.T,S. Jerry L. Andrews Randall E. Crane T.H.S. Steve Eaton Michael Hodgson Steve Funke Dszvid Little Jack Harmon Mike Longest Vestel Harper Roger A. Payne T.H.S. QPreviously receivedl Howard Gearlds Terry Loux William Hodgson Robert Madcalf' Joseph Wilson Henry Ferguson Ronald Sayles T.H.S. Qpreviously receivedl Steve Eaton Mike Johnson Green Sweater Jerry Bean Will A. Jones Victor Breland James Lewis Kent Clark Henry McGraw Sylvester Edwards Roger Payne Steve Funke Charles Rice Howard Gearlds John Strubbe Tom Hickey Eric Taylor Charles Johnson Randall Woods Q White Sweater Nathan Appleton Gold T Milton Allen Walter Grundy J sms Carter Belt Buckle Mark Winzenread MANAGERS A.'1'.S. Ernest Mitchell er' s Medal Wyman Brown Joe Norton RESERVE FOOTBALL . T.H,S. George Armstrong Rex Marshall Robert Beatty D8-D MBJCWGJ-1 Anthony Covington Randall Crane John Crenshaw J ames Oakley Harold Ragsdale Danny Richardson Steve Ettinger J0hn Tab0r Dan Euler BYTOU Terry Herman Fant James Th0mpS0n John Kirby Lester Trotter John Webster T.H.S . LP:-eviously receivedl Dennis Alexander John Hilton Steven Funke Barry Jeffries Steve Grubb William H. Jones Jack Harmon Robert Medcalf Vestal J. Harper Stephen Woods FRESHMAN FOOTBALL King Andrews Vernon Barnes Steven Black Steven Breland Jerry D. Neal Harold D. Norwood J. D. Oliver Milton E. Owsley Mark Brents Michael 0'I-tara Mark S. Dazvisson Bart Petree David Devitt Doug Priest Melvin Fagan John A. Rowing Paul. Gardner Kenneth Sanders Jonathan Gibson Mike Stanfield Mike Harris lyndal J. Tipton John Hess Larry R. Ward Wilbert D. Moore Dennis Washington Paul Wilson Ja Z G o L F Q' X vt 1 A.T.S. receivedlglgv ,W Randall Woods ' T.H.S. R011 Brenner James Jordan Green Sweater John Green James Soltau Roger Vitt Gold T William Devitt TENNIS A.T.S. Lonnie Cleary Dennis Lecleir A.T.S. receivedl Harry Dovming Daniel Maxwell T.H.S. Gary Gartrell 'J.'.H.S. receivedl William Gezmmill Green Sweater Dennis Alexander Arthur Simpson Guy Luttrell Martin Toney Gold T James Osborn VARSITY - RESERVE T R A C K T.H.S, Victor Breland Anthony Parrott Caleb Howard Juan Quintana Kevin Lacey Steven Smith Claude T. Miekle Charles Tqrlor T.H.S . reeegledl James Black Terry Kimberly Phillip Black Alvin Iee Jr. Gerald Cox James E. Lewis Jessie Ealy Robert McKinney Sylvester Edwards Stanley Neal Steve Grubb Michael Price Cleophas Hall Charles Rice Willie Hawthorne James Swinford John Hilton Kenneth Townsend Will Jones Stephen Woods Green Sweater David Bailey Louis Ford Henry Cork Jerry Taylor White Sweater Milton Allen Michael Boofer Paul Glaspie Belt Buckle Roger Holder Robert Teckenbrock FRESHMAN TRACK A.T.S. Cecil R. Abner Ronald L. Buses George R. Armstrong William Lowe Michael R. Baird Hubert M. McMi1lian Preston Tinsley A.T.S . .fPreviousl.y-receliledl Gregory L. Parham Robert E. Beatty Kent Clark Jams Perkins John Kirby Danny Richardson Jerome Laker Frederick B. Luten Rex A. Marshall James Oakley Lawrence Sebastian Byron A. Terry Lester L. Trotter James E. Thompson CROSS COUNTRY A.T.S. Nathaniel Allen Robert Benson Ronald Davie Mike E. Dorsett James C. Harney James Isbell T.H.S. Ewing M. Blue Patrick D. Kinnaman Jerome Laker Frederick B. Luten William H. McDonald Joseph McGowan Jr. Robert L. Platt Vince Richardson Howard A. Snorten Elliott Varnado Stephen P. Watts Gregory L. Parham James Perkins Jr. Larry D. Sutton Warren Tiffany Charles H. Webster T.H.S. QPreviou.sly recedvedl Glenn A. Bentley Philip L. Black Harold J. Jiles Alvin Lee Jr. David C. Little Michael A. Price BLOCK "T" Green Sweater Ron L. Buses Terry Kimberly Gold T David A. Bailey Paul H. Glaspie Keven H. Lacey B mg? S' .A X' ' 3 WRESTLING Green Sweater James Black Ain Haas Roy Burks Steve Handy Rex Marshall White Sweater Victor Breland Gold T Will Jones Lemul Stigler - Belt Buckle Joe Norton RESERVE WRESTLING T.H.S. Filmore Artis Michael Baugh Harry Dovming David Hall David Harmon Michael R. Hill Steve Marrow Jerome Webb Jerome Wilson Steve L. Wilson Jerome G. Johnson T.H.S.. .CP1-eviously 1-gem-2111 Milton S. Allen William Maddox John Crenshaw Daniel Maxwell Donald Griffin James Oakley Jerry Harmon James Perkins J erry Laker Charles Silvey David Little Larry D. Sutton FRESHMAN WRESTLING A.T.S. Michael Flack Ricky A. Keen Thomas Hall Larry D. Upchurch A.T.S, receivedl King Andrews John D. Rowing Melvin Fagan Mike Stanfield Wilburt D. Moore Steve Breland Jerry Neal Mark Brents M A N A G E R s BUSINESS EDUCATION 1-'RESHMAN BASICETBALL ATS 4.4.4 David Bates RESERVE BASKETBALL TQ-LS. receivedl Frederick Luten S SS Chester Whitaker VARSITY BASKETBALL Green Sweater Tim Schneider Tie Clasg wyman Brown FRESHMAN WRESTLING AITUSC James Ehilds RESERVE WRESTLING T 'Hes C Clark Long VARSITY WRESTLING White Sweater Robert Childs FOOTBALL MANAGERS A.T.S. Robert Eaton Clark Long T.H.S. Chester Whitaker Belt Buckle Wyman Brown CHEERLEADERS A.T.S. Paula Esch Elizabeth Michael Barbara Frost Frieda Mindach Mary Jones Henrietta Peterman T.H.S. Linda. Chapman Getsy Hopkins Susie Cutshaw Linda Rinehart Linda Darland Marsha Shewman Sweaters Becky Buchanan Jo Ann Irwin Karen Spaw Gold Megaghone J ill A. Armstrong Patty E. Taylor TYPEW F. H. GILLESPIE AWARD Linda S. Bedwell R I T I N G SPECIAL CERTIFICATES OF PROFICIENCY Secretarial Tra.'Lnig5 Jennifer R. Hylden. . ..First Place .... 70 wpm Janice R. Richards. . . .Second Place. . .65 wpm Darlene Roberts ...... .Third Place .... 61 wpm Tygwritig-lg IV Kristine E. Tomescu...Fi.rst P1ax:e....7O wpm mnda so Hi11ecucnocooSec0nd P1-aCecoo66 wpm Linda mglenaoooecoascmm P1a.ce....63 wpm tig III Sha-ron Mc Rrduegqocoomrst P1aCeoono61 wpm muce Batesoooooooooocsecond Placeaacsa wpm Deborah L. Rodd,v......,Second P1ace...52 wpm Robert E. David.......Third Place....5O wpm it1g II Deborah Deckard.......First Pla.ce....6O wpm Linda M, Cooke........Second P.'Lace...52 wpm Virginia C. Brand.....Third Place...J-+9 wpm Peggy so meecocnosoqomrd Placegggghg wpm i'lZ-ig I Linda Rinehart. o o 0 o -n o .First Geraldine Clevenger. Rae T COQOOI0Oll Raymond E. Floyd. . . . Kathy Herrington. . . . T Y P E W CERTIFICATES 70 Net Words Per P1ace....1+1 wpm ..Second P1ace...37 wpm ..Second P1ace...37 wpm ..Third Place....35 wpm ..Third P1ace....35 wpm R I T I N G OF PROFICIENCY Minute - 10 minutes Jennifer R. Hylden 60 Net Words Per Kristine E. Tomescu Minute - 10 minutes Linda A. Courtney Sharon M. Perdue Linda S. Hill Janis R. Richards Linda. Ingle Darlene Roberts 60 Net Words Per Minute -p5 minutes Deborah Deckard 50 Net Words Peg- Minute - 10 minutes Jerry Bean Bruce Bates Nancy Jones Linda Kinney Bobbie Bigelow Jacqie Kitts Kolaya Bougher I-hyllis Brock Patricia L. Collins Robert E. Davis Betty A. Herrington 50 Net Words Per Rebecca Laing Deborah L. Roddy Marlys Warren Maxine Wiggington Margaret A. Wilson Minute - 5 minutes Linda Cook Sharon M. Perdue no Net Words Per Minute - 10 minutes Beverly J .I Barnett Linda Boofer Carolyn A. Boykin Sharon Bradley Rita J. Faidley Frankie L. Freeman Juanita L. Hernandez Karen J one Becky Bachanan Anna McAndrews S. Sue Buchanan Shelia D. McColly Fleta Byford Donna. McGaha Sandra S. Cable Nancy Mason Betty Carter Cheryl Medlock Janice Clark Donna C. Miller Geraldine Clevenger Rosa Miller Barbara Cline Shirley A. Monday Barbara Cole Beth A. Puckett Vickie Collier V Janet Scott Janice E. Crawford Debra J. Smock Kathy Delaney Cheryl Sparks Norma J. Dobkins Geraldine A. Stanley Carol Evans Linda. J. Zupan ho Net Words Per Minute - 5 minutes Deborah Abernathy Olevia Gorden Connie Arm Michael Grubbs Bruce Bates Debbie Groth Rick Bedwell Michael R. Hill Ida M. Bagley Stephen W. Hooker Anita K. Belding Clifford Bennett Jennifer L. Bonnet Stephen L. Borden Virginia C. Brand Nancy J. Brooks Juzhr Carrell Kathy A. 'Chrisler Diana Cllyburn Brenda L. Colbert Karen Darland Robert E. Davis Getsy A. Hopkins' Peggy Lee Nina. Lusk Beclqr McAtee Mary E. Morgan L. Rinehart Sanndra. K. Stephens Eleaner J. Stewart Ruth Stockton Ruth Thomas Kathryn H. Volstad Joseph T. Wilson INDIANAPOLIS RJSINIBS EDIBATION CCIJNCIL A Certificate of Merit . An Outstanding Business Student Evelyn Miller SHORTHAND SPECIAL CERTIFICATES OF PROFICIENCY Patricia Collins ..... First Place .... 1140 wpm lhrgaret A. Wilson. . .Second Place. . .120 wpm Jennifer Hardison. . . .Second Place. . .120 wpm 1140 Words Per Mlmzte - 3 minutes Patricia Collins 120 Words Per Minute - 5 minutes Margaret A. Wilson 120 Words Per Minute - 3 nlinutes Jennifer Hardison 100 Words Per Jennifer I-Ulden Minute - 5 minutes Linda S. Bailey Betty Herrington Kolaya Bougher Nancy Jones Carolyn Boykin Priscilla Reynolds Sandra P. Cable Janice Yates Janice Clark Linda J. Zupan 100 Words Per Minute - 3 urlnutes Rita. J. Faidley Bo Words Per Minute - 5 minutes Judith Carrell Sharon Combest Kathleen Delaney Norma Dobkins Frankie Freeman Joyce B. Goodwin Shelia McColly Donna C. Miller Evelynn A. Miller Debra Smock BOOKKEEPING CERTIFICATES Shirley A. Barfell Annie M. Legg Linda S. Bedwell Elizabeth L. Servies Phyl'l.:!.s A. Smith AMERICAN SOCIETY OF WOMEN'S ACCOUNTANTS Bookkeeping Award Certificate Shirley A. Barfell BUILDING TRADES LEWIS H. EWING AWARD Iames L. Craig .,, if - ,. H 39. Q ' if f YA .. .,iSl-:-.ii- ' ' X 3, . ,I r ,I sgggrig, fifffp I AUTO TRADES AUTO MECHANICS Charles W. Urton DRAFTING A In Immu n """'l .ll mllll'l'II " will IMIIII I' wmv mll'ullulxllY ll Ill Ill' ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING MACHINE DRAFTING Charles E. Silvey Roger L. Colliins MECHANICAL DRAWING CONTEST WINNERS Spring Semester, 1967 , Mechanical Drarwigg I W:LJJ.ia.mH.NoII.ler....... ..... Da.nnyM. Nooe .... ..... ..... . n Je Davisbill0liO0lO!fll0DUOIl Eugene B. Price. . . . . .lst Honorable Clarence Dehoniesto. .2nd Honorable Pamela D. Hedrich .... 3rd Honorable Mechanical. Drawig II Michael Johnson ....... . .... . ..... . . Kevin J. Davis .................... Richard Bedwell ................... Jerome Laker ......... lst Honorable Richard D. Hurt ...... 2nd Honorable Eugene B. Price ...... 3rd Honorable Mechanical III Denver D. Howlett................. George P. Wigg1ngton.............. Clayton J. Hogston................ Gustave L. Hitzeman. .lst Honorable Delbert Turner. . . . . . .2nd Honorable Robert E. Gulley. .... 3rd Honorable Mechanical Mig IV . .First . Second . .Third Mention Mention Mention . .First . Second . . Third Mention Mention Mention . .First . Second . .Third Mention Mention Mention Robert E. Harrison...................First Terry L. Mitchell...................Second lQIlCll!OCQOOllCClIl0l John T. Hilton. . ..lst Honorable Mention MECHANICAL DRAWING CONTEST WINNERS Fall Semester, 1967 Mechanical Drawing I Carl E. Faucett................... Jimmy R. Shepherd................. Ronaldl.. Buses ..... Michael J. Ste.nfield.lst Honorable William F. Coons,III.2nd Honorable Dennis J. Washington.3rd Honorable Mechanical Drawing II ShB1'mB!1H81'T5. ...... ........ . RichardGibson .... Richard Rottinghaus. .lst Honorable William D. Maddox. . . .2nd Honorable Walter M. McGee. . . . . .3rd Honorable Mechanicpl. Draw-.1.ngIII Michael Johnson................... Jerome Laker ........ ...... nOOlll0OlllIblO9I Michael B. Messenger.lst Honorable . .First . .Second . . .Third Mention Mention Nbntion . .First . Second . .Third Mention Mention Mention . .First . Second . .Third Mention Nbchanical Drgggng IV ldchael Johnson ...................... First Kerry Heath.........................Second Danny' M. Nooe .... .....Third ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT HARRY MARKUS Sieven W. Bucher ENGLISH ESTHER I-'AY SHOVER AWARD Linde: S. Herman NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH Achievements Award Ain Haas ....................... Certificate 'fHis essay was published in Twenty-two Young Indiana Writersl FREEDOMS FOUNDATION Distinguished Service Award WISH-TV PANEL Youth Looks at Literature William A. Barton Susan L. Clark Pamela D. Hedrick Linda S. Herman Kristine C. Tomescu Stephen K. Woods SKYLINES All-City Anthology of Student Writing B. Gail Collins Robert Kares Stuart E. Lawrence Barbara F. Medley SHBISCH ARLINGTON HIKHI SCHOOL SPEECH TOURNAMENT Pamela D. Hedrick. . . . . . . . . . .Second, Girls ' Pamela Reed........ Isaiah Stansberry. . . . Extemporaneous . . . .Third, Original Oration . . . .First , Discussion SPEEDWAY HIGH SCHOOL SEECH TOURNAMENT Tech Team.......... Isaiah Stansberry. . . . . . Pamela Reed............ Fifth Place , Finals Trvphy First, Discussion Fourth, Original Oration INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY SPEECH TOURNAMENT Mary J. Loudermilk. . . . .Superior , Girls' Gregory A. Porter. . Joseph T. Wilson. . . Mark S. Hanna. ..... . . . . Deborah D. Marshall. . . . Wanda Y. Rhodes. . . . 'Brigette E. Janet R. Morris....... Katlw N. Greig.... Extemporaneous Superior, Humorous Interpretation Superior, Radio Announcing Excellent, Poetry Excellent, Poetry Excellent, Poetry Excellent, Dramatic Interpretation .Excellent , Dramatic Interpretation .Excellent , Original Oration WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH TOURNAMENT Pamela Reed. . . .... . .... Gregory A. Porter .... William A. Barton. . . . . . . .Third , Original Oration . . . .F0urth, Humorous Interpretation . . . .Fif'th, Humorous Interpretation JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH TOURNAMENT Pamela D. Hedrick ...... Janet R. Morris ..... . . . . .Third, Girls' Extemporaneous . . .Fifth, Original Oration NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH TOURNAMENT Mary J. Loudermilk ........ . . .Second , Girls' Extemporaneous INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FORENSIC ASSOCIATION ELKS ORIGINAL ORATORY CONTEST SECTIONAL SPEECH TOURNAMENT Pamela Reed Pamela D. Hedrick ..... . . .Th:Lrd, Girls ' Extemporaneous Pamela Reed. . . 4 a Q 4 n Q . .Fifth, Oration S Angela n. notson .... ....F1fth, Oratorical Indiana High chool Sports Broadcasting Joseph T. Wilson. . . . .... Announcer from Tech Interpretation Terry, A. Loux. . . ........ Announcer from Tech INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FORENSIC ASSOCIATION REGIONAL SPEECH TOURNAMENT Pamela D. Hedrick ..... . . .Fourth, Girls ' Extemporaneous Angela D. Dotson. . . . . . . .Fourth, Oratorical Declamation Pamela Reed.-. .. ...E1ghch, Original PUBLICATIONS Oratory INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FORENSIC ASSOCIATION STATE SPEECH TOURNAMENT Mdryl- Loudermilk Pamela D. Hedrick ....... .Fourth, Girls' Extemporaneous NATIGUAL IORENSIC IEAGUE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT ELLA SENGENBERGER SCHOLARSHIP P8118 Hedrick. . .... . . ....... Third, Gi1'1S' fgr gxcellence in Cannon wgrk Ertemporaneous Pamla Reed. ....... Third, Original Oration Linda 5, Herman AMERICAN LEGION ORATORICAL CONTEST THE SIGMA PHI Pamela Reed. . . . .... Runner-up, Indianapolis TA KEY Finals Mary s. smith N OPTIMIST CLUB ORIGINAL ORATORY CONTEST Msfrk E. Cosby ,..... ........... F ourth Place SIGMA DELTA CHI KEY Douglas Priest ................ Runner-up Ronald E. whine. . . . . .Runner-up Stuart E- Lawrence xorrcmrs or COLUMBUS oEIGINAL omromz CONTEST CANNON NEWSPAPER SAI-ES AWARDS Mark S. Hanna .................. Second Place Gold Pin Carolyn S. Meigs VETERANS OF FOREIG-N WARS Silver Pins ORIGINAL ORATORY CONTEST Ronald L. Bradley Harry A. Price III Terry A. Loux ................. First Place Claudia J. Couse Cathy Ressinger Randall Pendleton ............. Second Place Walter W. welter ROTARY CLUB ORIGINAL ORATORY CONTEST Bronze Pins Pamela Reed ................. b .... First Place Jon P. Burroughs Alvin Lee Jr. Margaret L. Curry Bertha M. Medley George Greenwalt Linda S. Russell ROTARY CLUB AREA CONTEST Gerald L. Helm Janet S. Scott Pamela Reed ........... First Place, Original John T. Hilton Betty J. Van Duyn Oration Linda L. Ingle Elizabeth A. Wright ll, ,,,, .l Top Yearbook Salesmen fbased on subscriptions soldj Linda S. Russell Carolyn S. Meigs Ronald L. Bradley Linda J . Ingle Bonnie J. Dalton Denise Hickerson Harry A. Price III Sandra. K. Fleetwood Joyce R. Goodwin Betty J. VanDuyn STUART E. LAWRENCE book cover design and Scroll Press High School. placed third in year- at Marion County Quill Day, Lawrence Central MARY J . LOUDERMILK completed her year as Student Division of the secretary of the Indiana High School Press Association. Roy C. Smith Diane Lowe Recipients of Cannon Alumni Sweaters William A. Barton M. Sharon Smith RATDIGS Arsenal Cannon Newspaper First-Class Honor Rating. . ..... . ........... Detroit Student Press Assoc. Excellent Honor Rating ............... . ..... Ball State University Critique Arsenal Cannon Yearbook - 1967 First-Class Honor Rating ................ ... Columbia Scholastic Press Assoc. First-Class Honor Rating ..... . ............ . National Scholastic Press Assoc. HONORS W ON The newspaper received a Certificate of Achievement from Columbia Scholastic Press Association in the annual Marion County TB Association contest. IVAN CHRISTENSEN won Honorable Mention in yearbook photography at Marion County Quill and Scroll Press Day, Lawrence Central High School. LINDA S. HERMAN received the following honors: First place in yearbook theme copy at Marion County Quill and Scroll Press Day, Lawrence Central High School. Bronze Medal for editorship from the Indiana University High School Jour- nalism Institute. Honorable Mention for news reporting in Indiana University High School J ournal- ism News Conference. First runner-up for Arbutus Scholarship to Indiana University School of Jour- nalism. N QUILL AND SCROLL INITIATES Newspaper Yearbook William A. Barton Bonnie J. Dalton Kay A. Harrison Margaret E. Godwin Cornelia Oates Timothy Wand Larry V. Peters Elizabeth A. Wright M. Sharon Smith CIARA RYAN AWARD Dramatics Margaret A. Wilson SPEECH Pamela D. Hedrick FOREIGN LANGUAGE N I A N LATIN Linda C. Arnett FRENCH Daniel L. Renecru GERMAN Fredrich S. Bremer SPANISH Linda S. Hill FOREIGN LANGUAGES The following students qualified to apply as Honors Candidates in the Indiana Uni- versity Honors Program in Foreign Langu- ages for High School Students: French Susan Clark Mike Trittipo Kim Vaughn German William Buckley Michael Rinson Margaret Godwin Allan Roberts Latin Rachelle A. Lee Wendy C. Ross Spanish Keith Chaney Margaret Curry The following students were chosen as Honors Students during the summer of 1967. French--Dan Reneau Latin--Neita Waldo Spanish--Larry Briles HOME ECONOMICS EMILY MCCULLOUGH AWARD Evalynn A. Mills "CERTIFICATE OF MERIT" Awarded by Indianapolis Home Economists in Business Anita K. Belding -X- TECH BETTY CROCIER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Linda S . Hill ae HOME ECONOMICS PLAQUES Patty A. Bernard Victoria L. Fortune Rita J. Faidley Evelynn A. Miller MATHEMATICS Ain E. Haas Certificates of Achievement were awarded by the Mathematics Department to the fol- lowing students for excellence in first semester algebra for the semester ending in June, 1967: Cindy Dennemann Karen Sanford Harold E. Lund Robert Sapp Richard Swan Certificates of Achievement were awarded by the Mathematics Department to the fol- lowing students for excellence in first semester algebra for the semester ending in January, 1968: James D. Alstott Kim Anderson Carol Eickoff Kathy Hawk Valdis Lerchs Anita Marcum Bruce Oakley Robert Platt Jay Richards Johnie Spears Sandie Spence Gary R. Smith ' S MUSIC Iucmito E. Hirschy Donna I. Proifiti Donald E. Wilkinson TECHOIR SERVICE AWARD Tom Adams JoAnn Irwin Dennis Alexander Larry Anderson Brenda Bailey Debra Barnes Jerry Bean Anita Belding Virginia Brand Phyllis Brock Michael Brummett Jon Burroughs Sherry Chandler Cynthia Cooper Linda Foreman Allen Glover Stephen Handy Dora Hart Phil Howard Steve Kleifgen Thea Masters Ross McCormick Judy McCullough Eva Miller Maureen Mills Victoria Nahas Donn Patterson Linda Phu Donna Proffitt Dan Reneau Charles Rice Jack Seibert Eugenia. Smith Jerry Troxel Theresa White Donald Wilkinson Katlw Woempner 1 TECHOIR MEDAIS Tom Adam Debra Barnes Jerry Bean Anita Belding Phyllis Brock Dora Hart Phil Howard Thea Masters Judy McCullough Maureen Mills Donn Patterson Linda Phillips Donna Proffitt Dan Reneau J ack Seibert Don Wilkinson CCNCERT BAND SERVICE AWARD Linda Adams Lewis Clark Deborah Cottongim AinHaas Velma Hollowell Stuart Lawrence Ross McCormick Norman Merrifield au CONCERT BAND MEDAIS Linda Adams Ross McCormick Lewis Clark Dan Reneau Stuart Lawrence Don Wilkinson Don Wright CONCERT ORCHESTRA SERVICE AWARD Geraldine Bond Cheryl Buck Linda Hill Thelma Hallowell Maureen Mills CONCERT ORCHESTRA MEDAIS Cheryl Buck Linda. Hill Maureen Mills DISTRICT SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTEST FIRST RATING Charles Abernathy. . . ..... . . . . . . .Vocal solo James Alstott. . Randy Auble . . . . Jerry Bean .... Hettie Bond. . . Lewis Clark .... Susan Clark .... Robert E. Davis. . ' Donna Proffitt . .......Tuba solo . . . . .Trombone solo . . . . . .Vocal solo . . . . .Viola solo . . . . .Flute solo . . . . .Piano solo . . . .Vili solo . . . . .Vocal solo Melgglies Charles Abernathy Dora Hart Thomas Adams Steve 1Cl.ei.fgen Debbie Barnes Judy McCullough Jerry Bean Donna Proffitt Linda Chambers Daniel Reneau Keith Chaney Timothy Schneider Stephen Handy Diana Wright Elizabeth Wright Girls' Large Ensemble Carol Brown Jacqueline Robinson Georjan Heatherly Elaine Taylor Diana Hodges Valorie Twymau Wanda Rhodes Mary Jane Webster Bog' Small Ensemble Phil Howard Donn Patterson Jack Seibert Flute warts-tn Linda Adams Marie Green Anita Beight Velma Hollowell Clarinet Choir Linda Chambers Chris McDonald. Sharon Grant Debbie Newkirk Mary Webster Flute Trio Lewis Clark Marika Haas Diana Wright St Quartet Ellen Anderson Rex Bolan Richard Andrews Joy Richards Barbership Qu-g.-rtet Charles Abernathy Dan Reneau Jerry Bean Timothy Schneider Girls' Small Ensemble Linda. Chambers Judy McCullough Dora. Hart Donna Proffitt Diana Wright INDIANA STATE SOLO AND ENSEMIBLE CONTEST FIRST RATING Charles Abernathy ............... Vocal solo Randy Auble ......... .... T rombone solo Lewis Clark ....... .... Fl ute solo Donna Proffitt ..... .... V ocal solo Meliyies Dora Hart Steve Kleifgen Judy McCullough Charles Abernathy Thomas Adams Debbie Barnes Jerry Bean Donna Proffitt Linda Chambers Daniel Reneau Keith Chaney Timothy Schneider Stephen Handy Diana Wright Elizabeth Wright Flute Trio Lewis Clark Marika. Haas Diana Wright Clarinet Qlzii- et Terry Boyd Nikki Hamilton Carol Brown Ross McCormick Barbershop Qlartet Charles Abernathy Dan Reneau Jerry Bean Timothy Schneider Girls' Small Ensemble Linda Chambers Judy McCh1llough Dora Hart Donna Proffitt Linda. Chambers STATE ORGANIZATION CONTEST Concert Band ..... . ............ First rating Concert Orchestra. . . . . . . .Second rating Techoir .......... . . . . . . .... First rating Girls' Concert Club. . . . . . . .First rating CONCERT BAND SWEATER WINNERS Linda Adams Ross McCormick Lewis Clark Dan Reneau Ain Haas Dave Rose Velma Hollowell Don Wilkinson Stuart Lawrence Don Wright CONCERT ORCHESTRA SWEATER WINNERS Hettie Bond Thelma Hollowell Julia Boone Richard Kern Randal Brovm Paula Scott Kim Vaughn MENT Outstandlng 1nd1v1dual achlevements in WILLIAM R EDDY AWARD Composltlon presented bv the Craftsmen's IEITERPRESS BINDERY Pin Certificate Pin Certificate Pin Certificate James D Alstott Pin NIMM Rogers Gmyl' Champlon Robert W Sapp Certificate RMAL INSPECTION Michael Wilson Indianapolis News Award Frederick Luten Indianapolis Service Club Medal Charles W Burgin Reserve Officers MUYYI Loudernulk Association Medal George Adams, lst year I Veterans of Anthony Vaughn, 2nd year l....Foreign Wars Elmer Kurbursky, 3rd yearl Medal George Vaughn ........... . . . .National Guard Association Medal Justus Decher, lst year I Junior Jerry Brewster, 2nd yearl.........Superior Alfred Ford, 3rd year I Cadet Award James McFarland, lst yearl Princ1pal's Timothy Couse, 2nd year I ....... . .... ROTC Bradley Nahas, 3rd year J Courtesy Award Elmer Kurbursky, hth yearl Walter G. Jordan, lst year J.Instructor's Timothy A. Couse, 2nd year P Award Kenneth L. Schultz, 3rd yearl Jerry L. Steffey ...... . .Commandant's Medal Dan Kurbursky .... . .... Cadet 0ff'i.cer's Club Award Frederick Luten ............ American Legion Scholarship Excellence Award Robert Hill. . . . . . . .American Legion General Military Excellence Award I FORMAL INSPECTION May 17, .1967 R. 0. T. C. Elmer Kurbursky .............. llth District American Legion Medal Linda Downing I ......... Senior Sponsors Award, Speedway Post, V.F.W. Marilyn Lucas I Marcia Montgomeryl Susan Newell D Dianna Roberts J Paulette Suggs D Anne Stewart P Hallie Williams J PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT CHARLES L. BROSEY AWARD Donald B. Grover CLARE Cox ARTHUR c. HOFFMAN AWARD AWARD Donna I. Foy lack S. Seibert BAUSCH AND LOMB SCIENCE AWARD Donald R. Grover -x- INDIANAPOLIS HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE SEMINAR PARTICIPANTS Larry D. Auble Robert J. Kares Harry C. Benson Rachelle Lee George W. Blythe Daniel L. Reneau Ain E. Haas Timothy Wand Keith A. Williams INDIANAPOLIS HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE SEMINAR PARTICIPAMS ROBERT J. KARES received Meritorious Recognition for Perfect Attendance and Highest Cumulative Test Score among all high school representatives from the city and county. Certificates Larry D. Auble Timothy Wand Rachelle Lee Keith A. Williams Other Participants Harry C. Benson Daniel L. Reneau George W. Blythe Ain E. Haas FREEDOM FOUNDATION TRIP SOCIAL STUDIES MARIE K. BINNINGER AWARD we Evelynn A. Miller Fredrick S. Bremer LILLY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Linda S. Hill .................. First Place Linda L. Ingle ..... . . . . . . . . . . . Second Place BELLAMY AWARD CEREMONY Linda S. Herman Cvalley Forgel Sharon Koehler D.A.R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD Linda S. Hill Don Patterson EXERCISE INTO KNOWLEDGE TEAM William Barton Pam D. Hedrick Ain E. Haas Linda L. Ingle 'Mike Pinson CHRYSLER YOUTH GOOD CITIZEN AWARD Nina Mae Rogers Jack S. Seibert INDIANA BOYS STATE John Hilton Timothy Schneider INDIANA GIRLS STATE Becky Green Elizabeth Wright BINNHWGER MEDAL AWARDS Frederick S. Bremer Evelyn A. Miller MARION COUNTY TEENAGE COUNCIL Gary L. Champion YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT DAY Don Patterson Nina Mae Rogers GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Donna J. Foy Joe Wilson SPECIAL HONORS Optimists Luncheon. . . . . . . . . Stuart Lawrence Franklin College. . . . . . . . . . . . .Ain Haas Mathematics Day Jerry Troxel National Council of. . . . English Teachers' Award . . .Ain Haas Kiwanians Honors. . . . . . . . fSportsD Indianapolis PIA Council. . Representative Betty Crocker Award. . . . Altrusa Award. . . . . . . Danforth Award .... . . . HI Dare Youn Charle s Johns on Cscholarshipl Jill Armstrong I Cheerleader H Judy McCullough Jon Burroughs . . . .Linda Hill . . . .Susan Clark . Patricia Taylor Stephen Handy C C ' ' E' 411 F I

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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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