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I 'SL 4 L 4 4 . 'F' ,4 , 'J "4Q..' , ',. 'I . J '.- C, 3 f"' 1 ,'-. T. ' . L, 44 . L- Q4 5 'LH4 g' '. 'XM .4- wf l 4.43 riff-'7 .,,' 1,4 ,f 15 'I 'Aji ,XMI- :"'f.n'. ! 4, 5,4-r ' lf-'4. Q we. 4 . -, 4 infix. , f -':f?' .' kfr'1fif"' F' HSL: ' I f,,J'f:' 1 4,. 4 ze ,L . ,HK . .4 4,4 ' . ,H-4 ' :A .' - -.. . 4 4, A "4 f ' F' , -1 4. B "Inu f1"' ,'., r. -5, 9 -MG ' MF" 4 :af . ,..,:4 V-J... 54 A 4 J, 4 34. M4 jf . it " r . R. 554 x. f. 4: ,v 4 'A 4 4 14 5. 1 - 4 x .jg 4 4 4 V 4 ,r 1 4 4 4 ,' A4"' A e 4 4 , . 4 n. 4 ' 4 ' 4 '44 Q 4 ' 4 4 ,4 44, 444. 4 4 , 4 1 4 4 V4 , 4 5.l:'4 ' V. V' 1' ' 1 ,H I.. ' 1 Al' , 'F iff?" WH? I J . . l ,M .V tl . . , 9 ff 'if' 44, 4,4'--' -,KL L, 'gx lvx. I, . f ' nn. uf 4 .V A , V ,I , X. . 4 ' 1 -D 'YZ' ' - :,. 14- ' 4. fl -"4 n 1 -4'.-11.4 '- -4 j-Oi' I -,f '. , .zu L, I 1 , JV -', 5- . ,ff . ,U 1,0 nj, 41.1 I s 'rf I1,f 0 J N 4 x 4' ' 5 ,a,.4 ,' 4,144 ' 14,349 4 1 4 I 44 44-1 414 if ri A rf ,. ABM Y 'i Aff ' fI,U'rT1i" J 1 x " Y,-Y M. ,ug N ' ,.'r:.w. fu . '- 'fs-3 .figgi A' ' r l . ,.,, f . :vii - 1 I -,..,x f , ,351 ,z J. .2 1 4 1 1 w , , v 1 1. 1 f ,f , f w Y, ,,1: 4 ry, wx M. w , ', V. , 1 4 I X M, f vv 4 L Q J, u :wunsw-1.nn me Th Arsenal Cann 967 Vol. 53 ll ,- 231- 4, f ,,'y,gwfriY-2 . 4- :,a"f , ' ' , h5ajbf!'5: 3, Vai ""' ' 1:1 . ' i f 2 fBi:3i.,',' .45 'i1'2'JSf7iki.-'tail .P 11 ' ' X ,f.,f',,4l,-fjw Tyla Y. if 1. -' ' -,V tw-M f f qv -f Lg.4i:'7f-,- .- '- . Q f',f'yl'z,!Qh3g.. f , 5 L -9'Z"1'Y'S-ii"f 'AP' if A '1i7L,qf"' ' .N IQVI -.Til 53 A K '51 --:f .,:,-4, 1 .1 ,v " 15.-LG, -.FAN AQ.. rn: . Af'-,V i gg-a is l wfaf if i. X v ,. .:-,,- Vfwi 5':,R!"41 1-1-f+.v!f.f-aww , -- .-Q , - s V' if my-M x f .- f :Q .sg vi- ' .'. -1 '- mu - -' 1 :."fg:f:-g1,.1- ??Q2'.l?43'i'f:-?'f'- Q . " 11 1' -.,-he ' Y 1 :fir 2'e,?iii1-2, 6' 'Lf if 2 9 -A . f, we 3, , 5T?Y5Ti-,ri ,- H 1? Z K J-.J 1 , ,,.. C ' 1 S' j H Ee - f, , df 2 'f sf. -J I . , ' fi, . Q , " rgffzihfi K' "1Zi'V5,5-:Sf 'T' A ' 5 +1 . "1 I' 'i'..z, , .,p.,i1'im KE ,f- 5.14 QE, -.Lf-1. 1 by "1 'fn',a,.U A V ' 1 7." L ,. 4 .' . ff, 51156 I 2,131 l vt fl . A fwm its . bis xiii e Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis. Indiana Here's the Tech perspective From far away Arsenal Tech- nical High School is seen as a bustling mass, a great con- glomeration of all kinds of people, each swiftly passing by, lost in a grayness of routines and rules. But, moving up on the scene, coming closer to the school, the onlooker finds that each ofthe 4800 pupils is an in- dividual with distinct problems, personal e m ot io n s, unique merits. dd , ww 1 A - Q .L ,-,wr UVM K' K ...5l'ilQ'q-fu--wyil-".di' A t Q.n-"Nl 9 , ., 'WW -Lf 1 Y W ,-4.4-'5xtf'4lQ . - , f . , y W nl- ' -Q "3 M W ' - '- r, 'Qrll xg, l W 4 A' V ,g. ' X miiffif "Qi A 1 ' ,'E, l ' , fi'- Yn, ,,.. gan vii. ,M .vi -. , .Vi . . ,' ,wal A MUN A ,AWN "2Wf'g owl rf I sf 6 Take a closer look V. ,,k,, Zi by Riff rb Below: Tech's Barn once provided shelter for United States Cavalry horses. It now houses live animals used in biology classes. at tradit' The century-old A r s e n a l Tower has seen innumerable teenagers wander onto the Tech campus, awed by its enormity and its vast loneliness. lt has witnessed the miraculous change ot these Techites from bewildered freshmen to self- contident seniors in a short tour years. At the opening of school, a quick tour of the campus made known the points of interest to each oncoming "freshie." Later, the newcomer realized the true spirit of Tech in a simple smile, a nod of recognition, a genial hello. He studied, participated and matured, and became one of the tens of thousands who proudly call Tech their alma mater. He supported the Tech name in his unique way, at a school where stately tradition and his- tory combined with the spirit of youth. Inside the Arsenal Tower are the cogs and levers that once ran the clock-works. They are accessible by ladder. 551'-' palm 4 'WM'-EP 'ii "1 .Y .Q erm, K ..,14-' "wi, v- -.Qi 'ufiie " L fgyw ,Kr 'Ar A, .., ll T 1 -- A! Aw ff. A s .N f 'iff'-2 5,13 ' . ' V ' 1'ir"zZ'V",'A ' 'Mg' ' f V , 1 ... 71'-v1..'TI, - lg-.I 'J-i,,,,,,- J K. ,, ,f , ,. 4 ,.,4,, -. "-----, ' 'ff 1 '..9"' . ,gn 72.11,-5' fl 'nge -V-dmv.. fit:-:rw-is A.,f- if- V Yi 'f"'f",v- '1""Y is .iff U - " "ff " if,if.f-.,f,,gn 44 .' ' ' 5- ,- - U. ,--f', , .-.sijygf '4,iw-'I--f , """- 4 'T " 2 'i'W"f-"7"'f:',.rf"Fu"D'f','1l.! 6'1IL74?, 111 -,-,Gf,7!1'f A 5' M ,gi -. ,ii 5.-, f--A.g,i1,A, ,. , Wu . ,-- -V, . I.. 4 ' i mg i ul-W' h. ,V ,luis 3' - L 4 i -., ' i ,- w,.,v,kr-new-'Wf 1F", iL"Z""l" 'f5,"'l,.g2,taNg'L . , f ivan fy w.s.w-M' '-9 W"'VlU-'Nr' "'- ' ' -M-mmvm-'QM f.,,,i'. 4- H' ' - ', I mat' "wt ' ' -P 'Yr' l ff i ' ' - ' . g .vg Q 'fm t ff--.Ng +" 'f-, """ Ann . A W ., , , , -ming-ff, Q"Y'2j'?1Z't"i+' ,jp iywisi f1If.H"fg3Nf V "' was Q ' Niki-' L- 1 M. .3 rw - - q,,,,M,,,,va.N,,wf -, is ft 5,g,f .cy , Q4 ,, 4 N 4 lW5A.i,i..41-A yiisffzwitfy W' 'I 1 Q... ky ':1.s. ,wi-,g"". " ,JW ' ' ' ""' fy len X 4. 5,4 M . X , ,. ,Xmas Q ,i.,.,1 wt- i A:s'1f""t':5' , gtg! c,, A , -f ,, , mu, is .1 X-M553--,agp ff.. fx Mc, -,W Rt: Q f, wggfax. x , Awww . s .," ' 51", ,,.LTH ' W' 31 ."'i fr A :ig-' is , A "Jr, Q ', ..-... .skim--we F it ff- fix! as-,Sl .wsmst WW' ,AN " f fwgifgviiwfi MF s H+ 's'1.'w1acss 'HAKSV fc'--f A- -" ' Q . we '37 'c iii -1,:"sQ114-ss--W' :fs ..' .,s,,.i" ,J . ffw. 'nr' W .'ggM,,3Sf,'2 if -nikki. ' Wbwgigg' fc Q, at -'MHZ-'X 'ii ', --rn " X lyk " Sly, U use gikftiffxx' ,Y J 4- 5 Q ,cg of ,V Mix ft V. .Milky ,Wa f A ,. ti. .wr Q4 ww 'Lo .sq stunt I ,gy f - 5 ,Mcfy.. s. ,bw .swag i Mis.. If 3. sw Lfqigifs .XNQSRQS .t v , W .V ,.. ,. -V s ,, .gX. WMQI,-.g Q, -fygy-,wif-isgfgg .1 ww, ,, ",5.3F,, .M I 1 si. ' vt' 'YS ' , 1. f i iw ,,.- WK We. . A . M. 5' M' W- if 1,,'wj.g , f 5 i ' Q. ,l 5, Q -mir... A saw - , . , .1 l K Q . Y l f.. iv 3- ,i--- A tk,,,,,, ryan' is ,. 'N X X 7 J . , , f X L! A H L , ffl, ,. - 1 f2 ,cv s - f ' ' 'fs , 'X gl" is Wal" l , A ,X X , , ,-,L . M W A ' ' fill 'W 4 4' . . ., , , I " f- T . 'TE' ' '53 "" ' sl- uw x ' 1 , ' P kgs. ,W I ., ,E - ' , Z "" Q ,ssl .. . ' i , ffl, ' w-'ff-vs' Q 6 1 ME, .g "Mmm - lx ,J s ff ff N, H his 'W' 'W ,Lx .Q ,L :us . I " ' X ,V "0 " -rsgfu' , fu y , , X .gi prim Eff "All f ' '-ff' F tr, -f . 135521-i,..4 +-N' ' A M 'Ages 2- X . ww. V 1- . + t' ,, ,stew fo.v,'-s- ,, -, 54 ... .it A f A .mga "Plc W1 ' f f - 4 as ' QV V 1 'V -' . rf -' -'-fkgw ' 1 M tres., , Q , we vi' fV,f?'g A M -aw ,, ,-. s'M.miwQQQgQ ' 1.5 1 ,gg gs Sf - +V- , X, A., as ,wx V-.H-4 if -.AA N , .,. 5 , X X... N,-, -1 gm I-we , X -cs: We-V cc .f tw - s 1 'i x ,, 1 2, .. an .Le 'A M?" ,, i fi, cfm ,si'f.,., H: is l 'QW " " t " f iffy flk wf A ivi - new , sffz'zxf?'- ' " -'u fs., W .- 4. ,.-,s in , -fr ff. V . ' cs gf, , r A, ' . is We 'i y G "' M' is 5 I Q 3,2 - gy gf , 'S r - ' f if- ' S' T9'fa.-. w'--p f, mi, - , ., fi -f ,,LQi,ii ff' 'Em "L "L f ' 'f"fi:k"9.'ri: 52: f"',f l. 'fiifa 13: ,. w , , ,. H, .E ,- ,gt-.v, N-V . .,-,, c. 5 If ' I X X 'isps A ,K up T 'H ' Fi dd Right above: The Magazine, often unknown to Tech pupils, was built in i865 to house ammunition for the United States Army. Around the building mounds of dirt were piled for safety in case of an explosion. To keep the powder dry, the walls were built in two rb separate thicknesses. Now all ROTC members from seven Indianapolis high schools visit the magazine to be issued their uniforms. Any ROTC supplies needed are found in this building located far back on the campus. 'il . , U i1'f 1, 'mggpgf Q f W i A KN gl' -7-V-vw., , NA, f ,,4.- i '?rA. wi, ..X I , Q V, W---.g,,eK .4, .- I K V. .ox -IW 4 k q Q s fb A r s,o if - . M nd The library Ioan desk does o brisk business in books for homework sessions cmd those lost long looks before closs. X i 4 limb' , my w M ss. , 5 xxx N E A m,,,,Q,m.A ff D grmggg ,, ki X :JM : - K W gl' W9 classes Behind the mechanics of daily routine came the excitement of discovery - why sodium and chloride make salt, how to re- pair an airplane engine, and what a radical is. Pupils grew through the exchange of ideas and the guidance ot teachers. Left: Susan Cook works in wood in a craft arts class. Left below: Paul Clod learns the intricates of the transistor radio in a vocational radio and television class. Center and right below: Pondering a problem in grammar are Diane Lowe, Lewis Gibson, Jennifer Hylden, and Scott Smith. i i E Qi-Qi .nv fr 2 rb '5Wf'51T' 1 vw? mess- . ' - we 5- , .-54. ,., . .. ,. 'f tftw-Wfmwwi-H . --X -- 1 , ' mf my fi: , . if-1 ' . , -. f' . nr-. X .R 4, , ,, .. . ,sm , . v 'f , 1 ., , 4 - . A ' -2:1 ' ,1 A Q 11' -1 ' Y f , ,, f . , .. g c ,sf 1- .k A 3.9 ' . 'YA 1 J xl sp iw - Y, L ,W"" - e. , i N of X fi. '1 -:A-f , ' A ' x E4 5' activities For the intelligent, the tal- ented or the merely interested, Tech offered a multitude of extra-curricular a c t i v i t i e s to spotter the background of classes with animated colors. Opportunities for self-expres- sion flourished on the 76-acre campus as Techites participated in all-school plays, art competi- tions, the annual Sketchbook, athletic contests, speech meets, and student council. The Techite, breaking out of the comfortable walls of de- tachment into positions of lead- ership, won the honor and re- spect of his peers. From the many problems solved, came understanding and perception to face the decisions of the future. it 5 Lb wg' v,. V .4 gi? Q. .w, A, - f, W iftiiflx IE!! IW iii MN Q. 'lf -fl -f V s WPG' N . ,rr I 5 W I iz Affi' 'lf ' fiw.,,5, .ggi-S , lip. ii .. KA 1 1 1 ,Q , ifis13?Jl'f.." mfsnrsli -.:.'a ff,..N.4 wg rf The Mardi Gras, Tech's annual money-making proiect, transformed the Boys' Gym into a play- ground on October 8. Upper left: Slacks and hair rollers symbolized the afternoon work session, when Techites like Becky Hill decorated the gym for the evening's festivities. Left: Dreaming of life in the South Seas, Gloria Hackman, yearbook staffer, worked in the Cannon's Hawaiian Mardi Gras booth. Right: Reigning as queen and king of the Music Department-sponsored event were Doris Asberry, Orchestra candidate, and Jack Seibert, Boys Concert candidate. ' ya" ' -- I :EP 8 I 3 ri: ll , ln, Q ' 1, myfffr 5.2.1 tl M JT Q Q2 " ta X f . 'Q' is I If 4 'N P Q, ,fu " is ,. x- in L i 5 li V4 ,f W9 'aw 1, 9 jx N ,f .' f ,Q os KX s f 'Qs 'L dd s 'N bl Left: Whirling on a "Carousel" of fun, these couples danced away May 7, I966, at the Junior Prom. Center: Bob Todd practices those sweet notes on the horn to lead the national anthem at athletic events. personal recognition To the freshman gazing through the Michigan Street- gate, apprehensive of begin- ning one of the most important eras of his life, four years loomed ahead like an eternity. When that same gate closed on the graduates after commence- ment, he saw those years as a swiftly passing memory. During his high school life, he had striven for recognition in scholastic, athletic, or personal achievement. He had added to the h o n o r s amassed by his rf as predecessors. ln facing the problems of ap- proaching adulthood, he had sought out companionship to share the moods, memories, and hopes for the future with passing acquaintances and life- long friends alike. He had fulfilled his hopes of success, had become known on campus, no longer fighting a world of anonymity. He had grown as an individual, a vital, active member of Tech. rb ii, UF VY x - if A254 J - G-in ir. X ps 1' --vb, if 5 f J 5 'Q Lili i V L S . ... 4 - 7 . i 5 4 - H- f E1 3' V ,ji .Ioiaf Eleven 1967 seniors fulfilled the dreams of the 1966 Senior Scholar- ship Committee when they received Scholastic Award Sweaters for academic -achievements. Those who received the sweaters are Linda Davis, Susan Newell, Janice Talbert, Linda Downing, Nancee Adams, Cheryl Harding, Jeffrey Mentis, Anne Stewart, Rita Corrado, Gary Ray, and Jeffrey McAfee. S Q R5 '.1 left across page: Roger Holder gives a campaign speech to become a member of the SAO Board. Center: After a summer of study in France, Ain Haas looks wistfully at photographs N- taken there. Below: Mr, Gaylord Allen and Principal Howard Longshore discuss the high scores of Jeffrey Mentis and Gary Ray as they progressed 'ro semi'finalist status on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. l 1 :A I L V xlhk A .1 X if . 9 9 If-I4 sfglfg is vgwMi1 Z -M-M' '15 rb dd A , ,w , ' 1 N .- 'Q' ' ff I 5, fu mgfzzwt 3.55 , ,C ft, 4, ,km xsmgzwibz w. , 3, A Mm, .Wu :.1?S1i , .. 'Wx K Q ww,- v 9 ,, 4 f .cn Wm f . ' A a . - :-14.3 - '21 sr'-" ,f ,rv-: my A . .X f vfv:fy.,.'f H 5: ',- 3.4 ig. " fir : J' v 'I L Lf fx 5... . Lp . , ,gil 114.-+3-A5 K.-. ,z.f1,. 4.11. gl 5- .1: - :H . K -n rf Ing is L.:-,f 1 4' V . 54.4. . ifiJ,A,pi. I ...Q JY. 'lr . a,.. Av I .-0-Q r N11 Q I sa-fn QI' ft' rb Upper left: With college looming in the immediate future, senior Rita Corrado studies the prospects of various schools and scholarships in the Guidance Office. Left: Future businessman, Andrew Fletcher Ileftl, spends many hours on his after-school iob at the Hut. Above: With the rank of major in the Civil Air Patrol, Fred C. Bonnet contributes important community service and at the same time samples what may be his future in military service. Fred is presently state cadet in- formation officer and cadet commander of Indianapolis Composite Squadron IO. outlook Prepared by academic class- es, vocational courses, extra- curricular activities and the ex- periences of co-existing with others, the Techite draws from the past to prepare for the future. Seen from the top of the Ar- senal Tower, lndianapolis and the world beyond beckon to Tech for tomorrow's teachers, businessmen, secretaries, la- borers, homemakers, and lead- ers. A r s e n al Technical High School always strives to meet this challenge. That's the Tech perspective. . . gr? 3 ' I Q Proudly displaying Tech's colors and the Ar- senal building, the Faculty Service Pin recog- nizes members of the teaching and administra- tive staff after completion of five years of service at Tech. At five year intervals different types of stones are added to the pin. Marking a ten year period is a pearl, twenty-five years a bright green stone, and forty years or retirement a royal blue stone. The service pin is a tribute to members of the faculty, symbolic of their hard work and loyalty. 5 . an if Q it , M f. " .4 F .I . , 5. rf ...U 1 .. as V, , , 33 ' X ' 'X , 4 W fat 2 it w ,A ,4 - f... x - it e.uwgf.,.. Vs . . bus! . 65 Z i Q f .': .,.. R s A . 4 1 i lil. ,. ,Q yt - .s 'R SK , 'I T ? 515-fs:-if 2 .De X - Avi , A Q ' as-ssc 3 i ' 1. i iw- so 'A gr fx, - ,V Xl V , v N A ' , -. -xt, f X s X, , -, AX-. , c c iN X . . V , Nfizrixe e-so XXNX - 5-geo-SQ--. M X: six - ,. fu. Presenting -'gt' pm! og 'k ' " fax administration and fclff mf WF .iv- ,, ' ,I : gk, X 'N 1 3 it X 'M x V Sk ,A df' f M 'ff 52 Mfg, QQ A Q51 new , , VA Q :F 5' -5: 1, M, , 3 Q - . -A ,wi- Administrators consider problems of school. pupil From the most imposing and tra- dition-filled building on campus, Tech's Arsenal, the administration di- rected the high school's activities. ln charge of matters of general im- portance to Tech, the vice-principals worked u n d e r Principal Howard Longshore. The directors' iobs were more specialized with activities rang- ing from guidance to athletics, while Tech's counselors provided the link between the school and its pupils. Keeping the work coordinated was the task of the office staff and de- partmental assistants. Wa,- 'Nc c , f"SvT-"xe. JF' Many boys are seen daily by Vice-principal Herman Hinshaw for discipline and counsel. Tech's Evening School Division, with an en- rollment of about 3,000, is directed by Vice- principal James Stewart. r Nou. I -um"f J! ABOVE: Vice-principal Kenneth Puckett heads the finance department and orders all supplies for teachers and classes. Below: Vice-principal in charge of teacher and office personnel, and administrative assistant to the principal, Odus Landreth is always on the move. The massive record office, pupil programs and curriculum keep Robert Belding, new vice- principal, busy much of the time. 'K l PUT llmttl tile James Borshoff direc ing School Division. 3? x15 "Nay ts guidance for lf, . 'if-.. xxx 3 the Even- 1, Total school operation .gl , .am 95' ww, x ,,. '- ,A fax, As the audio-visual director, G. Kenneth Barr takes care of films, tapes and recorders used in classes. :uv-"ns 5 -2 512' Presentations of awards, scheduling of games, cheerleader activities, and the "Titan 300" are the responsibilities of Charles Dagwell, athletic director. ,-Cv' ef' ACL? as-....g.. 2' if ' si 5 Q 45 1 18 Amid piles of books, Miss Mary Garst, Mrs. Dorothy Newcomer and Miss Mariorie Schoch, head Wallace Potter deals with Special Education librarian, work steadily to keep Tech students informed. and with students with outstanding scholastic talents. A keeps directors bu g Although composed of 4800 in- dividual parts, the student body was considered one unit by the directors who were concerned with the gen- eral functions of the school. Prob- lems affecting everyone at Tech, from campus cleaning to the public image of the school were handled by vari- ous directors. The directors of student activities-scholastic extra-curricular and athletic-guided pupils' school- related social life. Evening School Division served the Tech community and was led by one of the Arsenal- based directors. M a n a g i n g the school's publicity through the Can- non weekly and yearbook was the job which fell to the director of publications. K 'pv- Wilt Director of Shops, Buildings, and Grounds lthel Shoemaker manages maintenance, industrial shops, and campus beautification. sf F will -r-- , r fg24,,g4+?isr.3rt47's2S:'5r'g'y 2, HWTE Y "' fb'if'f ' , V R ss?-r 2-1 - : ' gifs? Wat we ' ay 2 rg .fi rms X - Qs, riffs 'Ma tz :QQ -rf J ., ,M ,Y ,1 ,, ng , , -ff g f- , ,4 so Q. . - .- iraq.: 0 fits-tfriyb. f - r f ffrafe t ' il J ,V L . . " ' ff'-tfftft ll 2 ff Q - V, if wwf, I fr e dii?-,t , e xif -, i .. . fr r rfz- . ". ,T 1 ' 553 4 -- W ', Q. T- - fr , t Q3-5' 1- , 1 X gf .Wir 'gif , . cf W, - If 3, T Eli? ' ,W 3:11 756' , . Q Q' , t ' . f lt 2 Fi? . fwtrrprltalig, - , A fr . . U , , ,. sm 1,32-rs Mgffkig , X, I A h,-,.. y,:,..5:3,1,5- . Q E T - . WW---We ,rr -ff ,sw-sr -A 5, - T - . ' ' 1' 'f'2r..'tf'f5i - " ' l. r , X at '-3344, at QQQQQ. 534, if P " 'J ' Z ,':.,, -if-f--X . , P .J ' X ,.: ww r.,.., . ,gm . l . " Q--Q.,-wg .. 't-1 V km 'fr ,Q-"'B'?.f:s 11--F w ly -sy, 1-,Q-,f1r., 1 gufifg,-i if 1 , ..,.?,fi3.w-+4 f- , ggi em:-sir'-'S-' s, ' r. ' -is : ' fit s ,, V- -. V- , . . -1 1 f ,fy -,-se . i.,, Q --, 3' - I -Q 2249 - v I T me l' l , Q .f x '3 1 ' . i i 5 gary-ps-2:22.-". r pe-fflffriizaxats - -- t1i'au.:rqff-5 I I r sv t r 10m sara- 1 -,fs f .1 4 f- my - -rim wr -, ' l l l f r r -ul ' L- - -., ' . , 1 5- A ' W. 1 'f s '- . .- ' ' ' 'T 'f :i'2,' ' ft . Y Q12 'Z-ffl: -' T f X' " of We ' X r aw-' -112521 'A . ft-. ' -t e -s ... f' .s, 1-ea-, 'fs Cecil T. Tresslor, director of publications, guides Cannon kiddies' journalistic efforts. MM Above: William Lowes in his position of as- sistant director of Evening School Division aids James Stewart in conducting night classes. Be- low: Tech's Diversified Cooperative Education program is directed by Jack Longshore. .-gn-. 31 T , . ,wmv-an , l L...-1 I 03 yr-5.-z:r.4'."'?'t3:si, E- ..,- ,, 4. , .,-I fi' ' , K Above: Howard Caskey is consultant for the Neighborhood Youth Corps, a program which enables about 75 Tech pupils to earn school money working for non-profit organizations. Below: Robert Meyer, director of student activ- ities, handles publicity and leads pep-sessions and other extra-curricular events. Dean of Boys Donald Daily and his assistant, Mahlon Carlock, are responsible for discipline and correction. We-1"' x ,. J x Deans. counselors advise on present, future plans Focusing on the individual, Tech's deans and counselors advised pupils on matters ranging from next year's classes to discipline and correction. The adjustment from iunior high to high school life was the first prob- lem faced by counselors. Future plans-whether for higher educa- tion, military service or a vocation- and the foundations for these plans concerned other workers in the guid- ance field. Pupils with attendance or disci- pline problems were referred to the dean of boys, the dean of girls, and their assistants who were in charge of correction. The National Teachers Corps strove to help Tech pupils with scho- lastic problems achieve a better education. V' gf Assisting the dean of boys are -counselors Ivan Moreman, Ernest Medcalfe, and Howard Catt. ill t , Above-Right: Junior high counselors Floyd Tobrocke and Ernest Cline advise oncoming freshmen. Above: Counseling upperclossmen on their choice of subjects are Kenneth Bayless, Mrs. Sarah Hamer, John Hurrle, Richard Shock, Mrs. Mildred McAfee and Patsy Scott. 15- rf I 1 - C. 5 Ne--ar s E W9 -n...i'- College scholarships, applications, and special Testing are areas covered by Director of Gui- dance Gaylord Allen. A whirlwind of activities surrounds Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean of girls. Counseling girls with problems and special needs is only one of her many responsibilities. She gives every opportunity for girls to think through their problems and receive advice according to their abilities. As sponsor of the Student Affairs Organization, she directs many social events. Mrs. Barbara Dearing serves as counseling assistant. QI' Counseling with girls as assistants to Mrs. Turpin are Sharon Parrett, Judith McBride and Mrs. Dorothy Stout. Special classes in mathematics, social studies and biology for slow pupils are offered by the National Teachers Corps. Seated: Delbert West, director, Martha Nye. Standing: Kelly Christy, Robert Bowman, George Dickerson. ian., 1 , ff .-Q if 19 l .i yf i H Office Staff: Front Row: Mesdames Dorothy Armel, Helen Harvey, Miss Norma Rodewald, Mesdames Gloria Robbins, Florence Cox, Virginia Cauble, Ann Loyal, Ruth Berryman. Second Row: Mesdames Patricia Littell, Elsie Robards, Phyllis Reeves, Rosalynne Yarnell, Rita Tussey, Louise Creasser, Janice Chadwick, Caroline Hiatt, Edna Ayres, Fannie Fowler. .J'1. tar i 3 ssistants handle clerical chores Operating a school as large as Tech was a major undertaking, and much of the work was done by office staffs and assistants. The staffs of day school and Eve- ning Division handled the clerical work for over 8000 Tech pupils. The teacher aides and depart- mental assistants helped to relieve the load of paper work on teachers and department heads. The Social Service staff aided needy pupils while the Bookstore staff helped to keep pupils furnished with necessary supplies. Three policemen were assigned to keep Tech safe for its pupils. . 'lf '31 1.3.2 ,yi .. ff 4' . ."sfse 'mg ' . ,, . . 1 vga' fi 2 eg? . 1 V I rv fl ff, A 55 'iff .f fri F47 2 06 ,2 'C-337' Teachers Aides: Mesdames Lula Roberts, Barbara Brown, Spencer Tuttle, Mrs. Leta Buchanan Above, Bookstore Clerks: Mesdames Frances Craig, Wilma Durham, LaVerne Stewart. Right: E. C. Hamilton and Tom Walker, head cus- todians. "W"1f'KW Below Departmental Assistants Front Row Mesdames Louise Schneider Jeannette Fields, Gere trude Russell Betty Rowland Alice Goodwin Second Row Lowell Dont Arthur Cook, Roy Cod- dington Robert Furry Mrs Gwendolyn Huff Right Campus Police Patrolman Wilbert Gruner, Xgs. if -sr" 'Nfxs Nr -his g sl.-.3-1. ' . Q -Q. 't is l 1. , xx Vx f'T':5v ,w 'K HV, , -. , ' - A i.l 1 -1 te -t A ' ,V V -Q Y Af . iv., ay , . .1 , , , 5' . 1- . ' v ix M 15,3 i I1 s Ill iifl l s W9 Above left, Evening Division Office-Front Row: Mesdames Mildred Langlotz, Mary Pentecost, Alpha Smith. Second Row: Mesdames Mory Hoffman, Eileen Thompson. Below left, Social Service Department--Seated: Mrs. Wilma Sims. Standing: Miss Frances Eickhoff, Mesdames Kay Sutherlin, Carolyn Ray. Above: The Arsenal tower serves as home base for night school students. I -- of 4 ICN. Y L' C75., -I Beg' ,M 0afeTeria Feeds 3.000 TiTans dailg Did you know ThoT one Iorge cow, T2 pounds of governmenT lord, T12 pounds of governmenT flour, 8 pounds of powdered milk, 3 pounds of sc1IT, 4 pounds of dried eggs, 3 pounds ond 4 ounces of yeosT, ond 9 gcillons of wc1Ter keep The Tech spiriT olive? The cow is picked from The crecim of The crop To serve The Iunching Tifons. In Tod, The Tech coiTeTerio could be coilled The hcim- burger hoven of The world. Through cc1IcuIoTions, The cofeferio sTc1TT oipproximoTed ThoT Tech sTu- denTs consume 2,977 hcimburgers in one doy. Tech sTudenTs TeosT upon The TinesT pure-bred cow on The moirkeT-400 pounds oT iT in 0 doy To be exdcT! IT is shipped To us in 25 pound bcigs of hamburger To be mixed wiTh Thou- sonds of groiins of sc1IT, pepper, ond monosodium gIuTdmoTe. ATTer The pciTTies ore cooked, They meeT Their pcirTners in business-THE BUNS. A poss Through The worming oven, Then brings Them To The end of The line--iusT To be devoured by rov- enous sTudenTs. I I T 1. X I ,. - f ,-.-,-w-rwfffz win' zlfnw' , - f' . , "V-'EXW' 4' . T., A- ,A-N h wg.: " - "'flf, er"WA" - ' gf 5 . if , 'Aww A m -V . . W ,ta-3,1 ,ss xc .iff-r" -'plz' , 5, A f ' ' ' ar' ' ., X' A' W ff? i' Ayn M., .Q i. ,wth . 1 A CW 2, Qi., ..i Q0 ,.,. ,,., I V A V. , gf sg M l 4 . t i fx K H T f iff! ia. 'N 'T sn, is 1, ' V , 'T 1 is ,. ,U W 'i wx, 'L 90' lv . 7 i 4 if. lj.. 3,5 , or.. gl, v T Y " M'-vfxli . Hx, , , Q- - ki' -g i, . - we l A A y .-. -' 1 r 4' Q f ' ,X f- iv. . ,xp 'aa' 1.1 .. , " 'W e Ns K J 3, Qi. s 1 - W r .. x E . 0 , x A -E g . , 1 T 5 ' A ' l ' 'Pj , .1 4. .FSCQ ' , ' Q- L-si. .. l lrf Y ,Q i if -ef 1 , . Q . gr N ,Q 1 't tk T SEK .asf ' ti' ,1 l , Q., , " ' . V M f " . in fs 'ai A is 1 'A .W g D7-14 1' , 5 vga s gg its , fs 3 xc, " ' .Q .4 . 5 -ft . t- wins K T T N " we ' i V of , ,... s, .i. Xfsszga . .Q . 'f Cafeteria Staff-Front row: Mesdames Lola Klein, Laura Merrill, Helen Schroder, Norma Smith, Mildred Hutchinson, Esta Parsley, Rosa Stilting, Mary Osterhout. Second row: Sylvia McDonald, Marie Russell, Leota Brown, Lillian Klier, Leona Douglas, Lola Moore, Thelma Simpson, Jessie Elliott, Emmil Primus. Third row: Mesdames Mary Melvin, Martha Cook, Susie Rost, Margaret Garrison, Opal Sterrett, Dorothy Rosemeyer, Elsie 1 'ce 4 .Sf is ,I 4 .vgig ,, , tr ff s W9 fu , , jsp.. K .f ,fl rf, 1-ls if ' . 4, si Z sa 3, Xf If X v f S' M0 X Roberts, Christine Gunter, Nora Prendergast. Fourth row: Gwendolyn Ratliff, Goldie Duffy, Marie Sutton, Elise Sigg, Thelma Garner, Gertrude Ray, Alberta Harnes, Helen Karnes, Mae Reever, Norma Coffey. Fifth row: Florence Cameron, Flossie Sanders, Angie Clearwater, Sarah Lau- bach, Florence Jaus, manager, Gladys Thompson, Fred Chrisler, Mes- dames Mae Starkey, Emma Bockweg, Lillian Sherwood, Irene Taylor. lt f --is Wwllmllwmi A T Pills. ,,, if x 3' ...sf dd Beginning left to right across the page: Mrs. Gertie Ray mixes and shapes the dough for the buns while Mrs. Marie Sutton weighs it. Mrs. Mildred Hutchinson then takes the prepared sv iw meat and passes it through the Hollymatic machine which presses it into patties, The hamburgers then enter into a stage of "purge atory", awaiting their fate on the metal shelves, They again meet their "maker" as they are passed into the oven for the final step. Shown removing the meat is Mrs. Helen Karnes. Top pictures show the students passing through the lunchline and then sitting down to enioy a satisfying hamburger. Picture at direct left shows the final touches being put 1 My , 2: r on one of Techs' famous strawberry custard pies to top off the meal. iw 295, gf Looking in on ieachers The Tech perspective focuses on doy To doy clossroom procedure- fhe minutes ond hours of concen- Trofion, inspirofion, opplicofion onol frusjrofion thot odd up To educofion. 1 Lf 'Luv'- ,E and classes ,sq Left: Preparing an Open House display on Indiana's Sesquicentennial, Mrs. CIapp's English Il class. Right: Studying Mrs. Clapp's display are Phyllis McCutcheon and Robert Henderson decorate the blackboard in English ll pupils Jgmes Woods' Lee Ellis and Rebecca Hill. gl 'Engli New ideas sharpened the aims of The English Department. Through use of the tape recorder, speech pupils heard clearer speech patterns, Dramatics and debate played a malor role in building con- fidence and skill. Films of Macbeth offered cultural enrichment to English QI' h i the Keg to Living' Vlll pupils. On the practical side, projects en- Iivened classes. Some pupils made Christmas cards to soldiers in Viet- nam. Other potential writers found self-expression by participating in a paragraph contest on "English is the Key to Living." English Ill, V, and VII classes used the facilities of the library to pre- pare research papers. ln an effort to improve instruction, teachers participated in a series of demonstrations on The teaching of paragraph development. A? English Department-Front row: Bernice Jones, Jim Beeler, Mesdames Margaret Hahn, M. Sue Emry, Mildred McAfee, Judith McBride, Mrs. Barbara Machin, Gertrude lnsley, Robert D. Maloy, Mrs. Mary E. Furry. Second row: Mrs. Barbara Southwick, Martha Gascho, Hester Anne Hale, Dale Renault, Tom Danheiser, Mesdames Arvilla Bennett, Linda Vaughn, Virginia Zimmerman, Jane Ann Lemen, Mrs. Marjorie Garrett. Third row: Susan Bettis, Mesdames Florence Schnackenberg, Irene Rhodes, department head, Lionel Porter, Margaret Nessler, Mrs. Alice C. Goodrum, Robert F. Ford, James H. Mann,' Mrs. Margaret Clapp. Fourth row: Carol LeVee, Mesdames Joyce A. Hanna, Allie B. Howe, Paula Knoebelg Emmett F. Hardiman, Lloyd H. Wagner, C. T. Tresslar, Mrs. Nancy Highley, Margaret Waters, Mesdames Carol Bean, Diane Comstock. W.-.,.., v, f""""' f G 5 2 ti Left: Celebrating our state's 150th birthday, Miss Insley's English Vlg class prepared booklets to commemorate famous Indiana authors, Right: Freshman George Myers uses a tape recorder and overhead projector in Mrs. Hahn's English ls class. D16 M Q time V -58' 'BP' . ,,,5fQxQ6s,,,,,-" , QV r x KW 1,1 XM , ,,..-new , E if "S.t...,,,,hWwn-mth: f , Y -1'-' , - ,.o. gr Upper left: A need for information for a research paper or a history report sends many Techites thumbing through the library files. Above: Jay B. Campbell avails himself of library facilities for research. Left: Making Christmas cards for Vietnam was a project of Mrs. Webber's English l class. ..J-"U,-fu ,,,ii,,.Q 1: Sq 5 em fs' ' r A Q -f 4 .ii 'man W ss. 1 29 s vi mf 336 b4"'.4A, gl' Mathematics figures all angles With John Stoeckinger as the new depart- ment head this year, the mathematics classes continued to modernize. Classes ranging from General Math I to Analytic Geometry, Business Math to Astronomy prepared pupils for college careers or future occupations. Two-period experimental classes in Alge- bra I were introduced in an ettort to better prepare pupils for Algebra ll. Upper left: Compass, book, slide rule and ruler represent mathematical problems. Upper right: Trigonometry students, Louis Clark and David Gross survey the height of the smoke- stack. Right: Geometry II presents brain-tease ing wonders for Richard Scott in Mr, Wheeler's class. we ff .i ii t 5 3 .Q . A , l il X f " l 6 2 if l . .- i'9'E'Q's ii in. Q 1 A 1, .fy ,.......,..,, if' ms v-in 19' AX A 1 ,iw ,in fx: j Q Q. mf ' an-a -+4 Mcth Department--Front row: Mrs. Christine Bennett, Harry Smith, Dan Lea Mansfield, William R. Wheeler. Third row: Mrs. Gwendolyn Jones, Robinson, Dale W. Sare, Richard Glover, Harold S. Brown. Second row: Maurice Kriese, Ronald Ireland, J. H. Stoecinger, department head, Mildred Corrie, W. W. Welch, C. H. Corbin, Phyllis A. Simmons, Betty Rowland Leverenz, Richard O. Shock, Mrs, Marion Strickland, Left: "Ge-ometry's no problem" . . . "That's funny!" . . . "What's your angle?" seem to be the three sides of the question as others study in Mr. Wheeler's Geometry II class. Above: James Ennis expounds on steps in solving angle problems as Mr. Kriese and the Applied Math class listen. Linguists 'go places' even staging at home Sprinklings of different dialects and accents pattered Through The corridors of The Tech Foreign Lan- guage DeparTmenT as pupils goT ac- quainted with new equipment. PorT- able headsets in regular classrooms were a new device for students of French, Spanish, and German. Class- es prepared The pupils for funda- mental work in grammar and con- versation and Then advanced inTo literature. Latin also offered basic cultural advantages. Mr. Chomar acquaints his Spanish class with proper intonation. .Qs-A - WWF lf r fllflllfff, iilii , .:, I I, rw an i J Above: German pupil, Teresa Strong, delivers an impromptu speech on she brought back from summer study there as a winner in the Indiana a daily life situation in Miss Harvey's German ll class. Top at center: University Foreign Language Department Honors Abroad Program. Cheryl Harding, dressed in Mexican garb, models the souvenir clothing lift' ., . J 'H 'li' fi ll A L .F XF' 3' 1 Tw , 5' et' A: X 1 1 ,. , i aa, J 'i 2 c- ,i , S 5 tif' Q . w ' X pls. 4 1 r gy: i 1 . .. 1 V N emi i ii Be VB, ,A 4' .V .W 1, . f A'-35515 FF"""kmfZ. 1934: 51191, my 1 Above left: In the foreign language labora- tories, students are aided in pronunciation and gi oral comprehension, while Mrs. Bedell and as- sistant Ain Haas look on. Wei Above right: In Mrs. Zimmerman's Latin I class, ' the tape recorder brings the students their own voices as they listen to selected readings. Left: Spanish students use a mobile laboratory with wireless headphones and a recorder in their classroom. Below left: Ain Haas reads a French exercise in a classroom laboratory. wg x .N-we rb Foreign Language Department-Seated Serine Fine, Rita Sheridan, department head, Mrs. Mary Bedell. Standing: Orlando Chomar, Constance Harvey, Mesdames Susanna Underwood, Maria Lagadon, Virginia Zimmerman. l E W crffkaeiesfefkvld A ,qs . ,V . -g BBB 3 can U, sgeet, S an fi H.. MIS r"4 Ave. ,fm 3 47" nl 12 'it' Social Studies Department-Front row: Patricia Loftus, Esther Cooper, Smith, William Siedlecki department head Walter Dinmger Robert E Forrest, R. Caldwell, Mrs. Claudia O. Clark, Bruce McGeath, Lisa Schulte, Meyer, John Miner, Delbert West Fourth row Wesley Murphy Leonard Frances Lyons. Second row: Karl Schneider, Josephine Graf, Dean Jeffers, William Kimberlin Clyde Smith Jr Lloyd Wagner Carbone, Mrs. Martha Bradshaw, John Kanouse. Third row: Ebert W. gf i X , I VL f tif!!! gl' ,-2, if et il Above: Pupils in Rita Sheridan's Latin American History class learn about life south of the border, and look the part. Posing in native costumes are: Linda Hill wearing a rebozo from Mexico, Glenn Collins wearing a gorrita lcapl and chompa lsweaterl from Peru, Cheryl Harding in native fiesta dress from Honduras, Larry Briles with u Mexican serape, and Glenn Crawford in gorrita 'and chompa. The Latin American History class is one of two in the United States taught at the high school level in the Spanish language. Across pager-Above: Ron Brenner points out pre-election slogans in a mock campaign booth reminiscent of political rallies a half century ago. Below: For a brief moment Sherry Burks looks from her United States history book to think about what she is reading. Classes span continents. centuries A state-required pre-election unit was stressed this year by the Social Studies Department, and Tech history pupils participated in many election activities. Typical campaign displays with posters and pamphlets were set up in Treadwell Hall. Some pupils conducted voter surveys while others worked at the polls in their precincts. Mock ballots were taken to preview election night results. Throughout election week, history classes received an intensive course on the democratic system with em- phasis on political leaders of looth parties at the national, state, and local levels. T." "W if ,fn 1."Eg.rfyf 9,9 do! W' ife is probed pondered, perpeTuaTed The renovaTion of The Barn, pre- paring iT Tor scienTiTic use, conTinued To be The big proiecT Tor The Biologi- cal Science DeparTmenT. The animal room in The basemenT was equipped by building Trades classes which de- veloped The venTilaTing and plumb- ing sysTems. A culTure room Tor lower planTs and animals was developed To make Q! The sTudy of proTozoa and algae possible. Higher planTs were sTudied in The greenhouse. New demonsTra- Tion desks, Tile Tloors, and TlourescenT lighTs were insTalled. OTher new equipmenT included a bacTeriology microscope, an over- head proiecTor and duplicaTe models and charTs. QV Ql' rf Campus maintenance becomes a pracfical phase of Mr. Kendrick's landscaping class Tor Mike Eubanks as he goes abouT The iob of Tall pruning. Center above: The fate of This frog is in The hands of The sTudenT as she The wonder of 'Efe is epiTomized in one cell. Accordingly, Newman sTudies iTs anatomical construcfion. Debra Jefferson performs The surgery. Monfgomery conTronTs The familiar and The unknown as he dissecfs an egg in biology class. 1 .ft 3 t it 1 1 22 . J 4 J I 2 fffql r ii are 5 1 If r- t , . f 2 ' ,- and aliyyxra. e l .Si QQ F' r Biological Science Department-Front row: Fred McCoy, John Spahr, Arthur Kirsch, David Hon, John Wythe, Mrs. Mercedes Guess. Second row: William M. Johnson, Scott McCoy, G. Kenneth Barr, Garlan W. QI' 'N- .-12"-1 .., - .'21i'TF'i+2f:. - sjzrzwqifglw.-:.:1-Q-', i?:53":3':7Q7f72.g' - sg-L..-2 .aw .::v.1x? 1 .- f s:...,5,E,e ni rg- - .- 4,.f.-rrxqg w Spa- "2-QF!" " . ff.--gr X- .x 1 N . wgifig- , X I Q MW .--""""" 6,-44" ...p""' Not vegetation from another planet, but familiar bread mold demonstrates life processes as seen under the microscope. nf to f J J , in t l A f I 9 w . , . 4- 1 l W Y' " . . . l www l P Vg Wwe' ,'.?,S,,x .14 Q nv" fs pi xv' se-Ga M. X Howard, Joanna S. Guss, Roy K, Terrell, John R. Farley, department head. Third row: Ray Reed, M. Ward Whalin, John W. Kendrick, Michael Simmons, Robert F. Collins, Howard L. Cook. Above: Looking into a microscope without squinting is a technique recently mastered by Steven Campbell. V., ... ,s 2 ,Q gil 2 . : 5 3 ,,-mm if. 4 V. eg, T 5 4 'M af es.4m?" 5:: V. -- 1 x f . - X: :A V t " E 1.72 . -. If P i M , if . g 21, s f ,as 1 - . 4,-4525. . . ' Q nw ' , Q qu-B 359, 2 " 3 ffgfsii N M T if , t s ., .,, ,gl , ees- 'iff il me . ' ul ,ro-. ff-5" ,pa-, -wx mn .4-sk Physical Science Department-Front FOWI MVS- -l0I'1lC9 D- COOPER David William J. Graney. Third row: Hadley Haworth, Ralph Wolverton, James E. Beeson, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, Leo Deming, Louis D. Allen, depart- Mqy, William R, Hawley, Richgrd B, Dykemgr-l, ment head. Second row: John Kern, John R. Kasting, William Tozer, Phgsical scientists xplore laser beam General science, earth science, chemistry, and physics were taught to the l,OOO pupils enrolled in the Physical Science Department. The department was proud ot the addition ot a new piece of electronic equipment, a laser. Tech thus be- came one ot a tew privileged high schools to own one. The device, a model of the machine used to bounce light beams oft the moon, L fl. , ' 5 T i 4 4 q was used by pupils in Physics ll and Advanced Physics for grading and diffraction of light rays. Mr. Beeson and Mr. Tozer con- ducted experiments to explore its possibilities. Further discussion is given on page 39. W- f 1, . W -N .X fs .f:4cu-- 4, .- t ,tx-1 mga...-. .wwys 4 ,s W ss Q .-,.st.s, ss, ,Y 4 5. f ' 'ff ts Jgfisiii .lsifkll . X zz s .Q 'J if .. gs .71 7 vwg. 1 "A ff . .s f-::,,:..g'g,f5Q ' - W ' 1 , ss sbt J -is ,tg X x ' - ' ff 'Lf 'fl'g.-riifsfs " V . , . , . I t Left: Pupils in Mr. Kern's Earth Science class examined minerals and compared their respec- tive weights. At the microscope is Jim Os- borne. Across the table are Donna Green and Mary Franklin. Working on the writeups is Neica Wells. WWW TWT x -M rj ffl i A X Q tt is Above: The process of making iodine in a test tube and of writing the experiment is accom- plished by Dale Grady and Ron Foster in Mr. Beeson's Chemistry ll class. Left: In Mr. Beeson's Chemistry Il class, Jerry Bean tests for water hardness and calculates the effectiveness of methods of softening it. Below: In Mrs. Caldwell's Physics I class, Ron Rady calculates the efficiency of various pulley systems. William Watson is shown in the back- ground. When mother and father were younger, they went to the movies to see their hero, Flash Gordon, pos- sessor of a disintegrator. Then, space travel and ray guns were dreams of man's mind, today they are reality. The disintegrating gun of today is an electronic device called a laser. By means of ruby rods and flash tubes or gas, it produces a beam of coherent light of one frequency, that is, one whose waves are in phase with one another. Now in the ex- perimental stage, the laser will be put to many practical and scientific uses. One of these is the making of holograms. lA hologram negative made the picture shown below.l Op art? No, the whorls, blobs and specks shown below are a photograph printed from a photograph negative, but different from other negatives because the picture was not taken with a camera. Instead, in a dark room the film was exposed to a laser beam in a project under the direction of Mr. Beeson, and the result was the hologram negative used to make the positive print shown here. In actual use the laser would be proiected through the negative and would result in an actual 3-D image in space, not a picture on a plane. Only the negative has the odd op-art appearance. KYQQ- M?"--I ' M wgzs, 'ls 'siiiffif , , S X 'iftik 'Home Economics Add Up To. . .' i With pride, girls in Mrs. Holtzclaw's Clothing V class model the garments they have completed. They are: Anna Reed, Rebecca Laing, Bonnie Green, Brenda Perry, Peggy Phillips. , 3, H, r ?iwl, Above: Karen Spaw, Teresa White, and Mary Bryant model their handiwork in Mrs. Wignall's Clothing lll class. Right: In Clothing Ill class Lillian Sanders watches Vickie Morris and Patricia Huddleston at sewing machines. .. "Home Economics Adds Up To" . . . was the theme of the Home Eco- nomics Department this year. To finish this sentence, various courses were offered. In clothing classes girls learned to design and choose clothes best suited for them. Cosmetology taught make-up and hairstyles as a part of good grooming. Young cooks concocted everything from to snacks, to full course dinners. Milli- nery classes created headwear and stuffed animals. Seniors learned of the problems of married lite in tami- ly living classes. mc Sq,-.sell dd dd JOM' N5 ,....x i ii . I E ,ff 1 l A it l.' A frost l i I fl .I 1 'ff ar. Rf' 5 I A ' ' ' lr rn . Z n is f , Q -V iii, L- x ev L, A -.waging :E -. 'N s J' i x 'V 4 n Y 'X fC V' 'gk . , l eff , , V I .Jr , , , :mm ati fffax , 1. 9 ' l ' rv , , V' , 11 ' " vs if 0 i , V' f V f i- ,,i - 1 I .41- QQ, I v ,N VV VV A-PM I 5 If V l X 45 Mi glia . -t .. ll? vm., l 'fe 'fa V ls tw . , ff l Q i fis 4 K W ll 1- ' 1 1 q " 1 . t ' f I , ...J ws: .,. , ,- 1 ,Q I ,V V ' ' if A iw? A .. ' . , ,"".j.l6:Zifi7' " 'iw -I 'nz j"'g.' . r i J 'ii taht' '- 52 ' . "ig: t 1 355553 Q' A f - he 54' A 7 I 1:-' . . Q ai : . t i .NQ E i 4 V ' ' - A " . I -s Eggfg . L- Q t - 513392 ' , HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Miss Frances Smith, Mesdames Mildred Wallace, Nancy Gillette, Judy Flesher, Florence Boots. Second Row: Mesdames Elva Wig- nall, Mariorie McCutcheon, Mildred Eccleston, Natalie Ransom, Marian Holly, Marian Moore. Third Row: Mrs. Ruth Metcalf, Miss Marguerite Hardy, Mesdames Elizabeth Holtsclaw, Janiece I Young, Wyolene Cody, Miss Hilda Kreft, department head. gf Fe 5 X A X fx A A , f SQ, X 4 X 0 5 f x f VN f W , sf X . ,B wil-ska! .4 . fi , ' ' f A f f V W , N f if ,f w . X , it M ,S - Q X xl' i I 7:6 , f "Lf 2, px 1 . if Tl X I A ,Vi ,. X y 3 r Q lg: f f 5 E 4 ."'W',. I 5 'QQ rf J I wzrpfgga' 4 7 - 9. s s v gg, 3, v y 'G W 5, 1 fy QQ EK S3 'Qiikzjy 4' fmt! 1 lx' B Wwe? YF v ,Qi x lie Q -if Q, L . ' '4 , gt gall r A X ,TQ ix 1 S 'll 4 'I 6 Size .ff'w-fgfb l flffy., C 'K 41, ta ' a 3' Q 5' f c. S' , it , 5 I H ' ' . 3 Q ' 4 VV- QQ V b I .l - 'R :A 4 nu ' if " if . K' I 'G 'Q 1 I ', , . it rf Tap: Under the watchful eye of Pauletta Hamp- ton, Ozzie Banks and Marie Louise Kemp, good things emerge from the oven in Foods lc and llc classes. Center across page: Jacqueline Casey cuts a garment in Clothing lll class with Patricia Huddleston and Mary Jekel. Left above: Thomas Wilkerson inspects equipment in a commercial foods class taught by Mrs. Stafford. Above: Peggy Jones learns kitchen procedure in a foods class. Left: Kathy Richards enjoys a shampoo by one of her classmates in Mrs. Young's cosmetology class. ' 1 'Ne-'.. X l is . ,r ' i 41 Students di plag business skills To keep up with the demands of the business world for trained typists, bookkeepers, clerical work- ers, secretaries, and key punch op- erators, the Tech Business Education Department, headed by Miss Mona W o o d a r d, offers "job-training courses in those skills that add up to economic competence." Outstanding pupils qualified for awards in typewriting at 30 words per minute, shorthand at 60 words per minute, and in filing. The out- standing senior business maior was presented the F. H. Gillespie Award at Supreme Day. ln addition to a vocational certificate in bookkeep- ing and secretarial training, plans were made to offer certificates in data processing in the near future. This year five teachers were added to the staff. Top left: ln an advanced business education class, Carol Gregory types using her shorthand notes. Top right: No errors? Leota Tex looks over her work. Center right: ln Tabular Equipment class stu- dents study the intricacies of their equipment. Judy Story and Carol Hicks work together. Right: In Tabular Equipment class lforegroundl are Perry Office, Chuck Schuster, Ronnie Mas- sey, Sue Sprinkle, Judy Johnson and Mary E. Collins. Among Tabular Equipment pupils some come to Tech for part of the day from other schools. Business Education Department-Front row: Margaret Peterson, Alice Kenneth M. Bayless, Mona Woodward, department head, Mrs. Gwen M. Johnson, Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Deborah Swager. Second row: Ohmit, Lois Sink. Fourth row: Mrs. Phyllis Bryant, M. Turpin Davis, Mesdames Ester Carpenter, Mariorie Parker, Lois Smith, Velma Edwards, William N. Guess, John Wiggins, Mrs. Lois Frye, J. C. Harger, Mrs. Edna L. Maley. Third row: Mrs. Sarah F. Hamer, Joyce L. Freeman, Anne L. Wilson. Left above: Gloria Hackman learns the techniques of modern business in a data processing class. Center: Darlene Roberts builds up typing and transcription skill. Above: Mattie Irons analyzes a record in data processing. Left: Joyce Baker and Carolyn Bunnell operate modern equipment in key punch class. Uniforms Special events of The Music De- partment's year included the arrival of new band uniforms and The presentation of Amchl and the Night Visitors. After years of untiring efforts and great anticipation, Tech band mem- bers received new uniforms. Faces lit up with broad smiles as The bright, new outfits were unpacked in Time for football games and parades. Something new and different hap- pened at this year's Christmas as- sembly. Amahl and the Night Vis- itors provided Techites with a new view of the many assets of the Music Department. Special training in music theory and directing gave interested stu- dents a chance to broaden their abilities. rf , t opera make music news rf The great day arrives! Rod Lewis and Lewis Clark carry boxes of band uniforms from the receiving department to the band room. X' F rf Chris Petree proudly examines her new drum maiorette uniform. . PT Q., , ' C K ill? V Above left: Tech, Tech, Tech! the new green T plastrons on band uniforms seem to say. .X f S ,, S g' rms Above right: Mrs. Fanning and Mrs. Safman take girls' chorus classes on a tour of the campus singing Christmas carols. Music Department-Front row: Mrs. Sandra Fanning, William Moon, department head, Mrs. Phyllis Safman. Second row: John White, Richard Orton, Robert Simpson, Raymond Brandes. -'I -f 4 . i xt 1 ' v x x R , 'Y . 'NAV if KA xx B if Y 3, . F r' 'fax 1 r FQ? 1 ggi' , K: 'Q " Q I! i -5 x A K U it E My K -i 5 ' V A ? xt -I x gr dd ni' -1y K . if- f y i ir i Q ..i i , tra t ., '21, J, .zzi txt - ft - .. T' imfP'wf?'," f'-P-6 it f 1 w . s if ,fill -1 - wggifi galli' si A 1 i x'ff i . . af. x I , --., 1, i A J A Q V,.,:ViA '- i 'V" zff, h' Q M 5 t , N I ., q - , , y Q :,i . M J 2 be U i S' "8 -5 ,, M A it Q 'qii H- -1 "' " i mu 4 ' , QI 9 it -.-...,. za.-.7 During the Veteron's Day parade the Tech Band marches proudly displaying their new uniforms. rf 45155 :wa J.-Ns Q W s 3254.53 ,S :SN . ,AA ,ws ST DP' if ,F J f i 'iff Above: In the Music Department cloak room the band uniforms are hung for the very first time. Left: Dennis Alexander, Chris Sipf, and Jeff McAfee stand dressed in their grand robes portraying the kings in the production of Amnhl and the Night Visitors. 1 Mr. Phillip Quillin displays one of the department's newest assets, a master recorder which shows the students' reactions to driving situations. Miss Anna Parker instructs Roger Willey and Margaret Reecer in one of Tech's sight-saving classes. Tech is the only high school in the city with this type of aid program. ig' Q .,, . Q s Q 0 1 Strenuous activities develop stronger, healthier Titan boys and girls 0 'Hao Qf T l tif l J g I ' 'l ' ' ' ' ss: Q -- t r 2 r f if . - inf A E 1 t ,,. V 3 L ,Jes 1 of 1 ,j. " 'iii . 4 , 'Fx ' , it 4,3 L' 1' . 59' AQ M- f 5' " fr cc- , , , A V l , 5 L, ,...:. A , 1 : 3.1: K. J f V, Q - i for J. 1, tale .2 M. ? ,y rf., ,Qf'i3v. .. , Q, W I' A is Lg. rl. , LM, ., . 4. ' U' an 'X- .1 r ., fx 1 , gg, A , I 1 i 'vw V lg 'hw 'ty' . cv fgyigfz' if if i 1 " P rw" ' Q3-sr 1- Xu. Health and Physical Education Department-Front row: Jane Anne Stultz, Eason, Thomas Barnes, Jack Bradford, Daniel Camplese, Reuben Behlmer, Patsy L. Scott, Shirley Parrett, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, Sharon Parrett, department head, Paul E. Meyers. Fourth row: Bruce C. Gale, Charles Mrs. Mildred A. Johnston. Second row: Howard J. Catt, Carlos L. Bell, Dagwell, athletic director, Ivan Moreman, John Hurrle, Ernest Cline. Melvin L. Bowers, Robert Woodard, James L. Hill. Third row: John Inside The driver education Trailer, The pupils of Mr. Quillin's class receive Training as if in individual cars. Healih classes meei varied needs The dream of becoming a driver turns To realiTy as Donald FousT learns The skills needed in The driver education Trailer. Q Plush louckeT seaTs and modern "select-shifT" Transmission made a descripTion of The new driver edu- caTion Trailer in The HealTh and Physical E d u c a T i o n DeparTmenT sound like an adverTisemenT for a 1967 car. Replacing an older model, The new faciliTy auTomaTically indicafed errors as They occurred To make pos- sible immecliaTe correcTion. lm- provemenTs were made in The seaT- ing arrangemenT so ThaT The 12 pupils could have a beTTer view of The screen. The new movie proiecTor simulaTed driving siTuaTions To TesT pupil reacTions which were regis- Tered on The insTrumenT panel. Also included in The Healfh and Physical Educafion DeparTmenT were gym classes for girls and boys, class- es in alcohol educafion, and special sighT-saving classes for The visually handicapped. Minnie McCurry polishes a piece of iewelry in a lapidary proiecf, MM gas if W r.l, 22334 'Q ! Q Drucilla Ccmpbell's nimble fingers shape a Reflection or likeness? Vicci Nahas models a self portrait in a sculpture class. I I Iq ' CI- I - I dd Harold Jiles puts the finishing Touches on an oil painting in one of Miss Phemisrer's ad- vanced art classes. paper ange or a C risfmas isp ay in a cass Taughf by Miss Phemister. 0 is ,c s ,Q I '-s fl i in s. I 'Nw my Q' Barbara Lyle sets a stone in a ring-her project in iewelry making. Nm'-i-.. , ,,,. I , :av ,W , ,. , ing. Anita Varber points out a display of work done in advanced art classes, iillui Il-..'xQ.fa-V, ,e,3E,.Y,i?:, , , 'wr 9 Y. is , Q Vg wi? or--we ,.,, . .. A xii-. - A dd nv, , Art Department--Front row: Lorena Phemister, La Von Whitmire, Mesdames Louise Harts, Louise Schneider, assistant. Second row: Kermit Swenson, department head, David Scudder, Edward Ring, Michael Slover, Charles Glore. Tech Michelangelos trg 'new' department New was the word for the Art De- partment with a new assistant, three new teachers, and Kermit Swenson beginning his tirst year as head of the department. The acquisition of T7 paintings gave a new look to the Robert Craig Gallery. Found in the basement of the Ar- senal last summer, a painting, The Arsenal Bell was restored by Oakley Richey, retired Art Department head, and was displayed in the east end ot the Arsenal. The oil painting was done by Otto Starks, former Tech teacher in l9l4. ll F. N 7 ,. 8 M x? N 1 .-3' V H, 'fill lf! 'Tig I rf if Es 3 5 i.. l J il l X -A i 3 . ,Ei fans, VX W. " ,f""'L 'sm ber ,qv- iri- Qu,-,WMM Auto Trades Department-Front row: Oral E. Henderson, Sam Dudlowski, department head, Jim Thompson, Byron McColly. Second row: Stephen Behlmer, Fred Mayer, Doug Thompson, Robert Cooke, William Tremp. Third row: J. R. Furry, Dale Herrington, Lewis Pence, William Berger. Not pictured: Donald Miller. Auto mechanics put wheels in their heads Most teen-age boys are fascinated by cars and their mechanics. The Auto Trades Department offered a chance to learn more about the fas- cinating subject, and 800 boys were enrolled in auto mechanics and auto body. Actual work on cars gave pupils an insight into iobs as auto mechanics, specialty mechanics, shop foremen or parts managers. This year the department acquired new automatic transmission equipment. Aviation mechanics also was in- cluded in the curriculum. Left: James Young takes notes while Harry Todd and Gerald Ledford start on the big iob of getting on airplane off the ground, with some vital assistance from James Graves. 'rw-"' I in-v, Top Left: Michael Lockhart pulls a motor in the process of overhauling. new if SX rt NM ... - ,ov ,N .3 wmx.. 'mhs - ., X- K'-'IC Top left: Joseph Russell watches the photographer as Gerald Smith, Richard Spann and David Campbell in- dustriously work at grinding wheel hubs and putting in brake shoes. Above: Robert L. Jackson, Michael P. Long, and Lemont C. Purvis are in the act of doing a little paint up, fix up, clean up on a car body in sore need of "medical" attention. ct,:'s.,w.v... .,,,Jf,.:ybQ'f?:zftmr 2 A , X -s .F -mai-cesx, - -993: ' R ,gf r X 2 fxi if f Q , wr' 571 ' "fm, -R V Ronnie W. Romans and William H. Woo sand out a rough spot on o car body before spray painting. Roy Eugene Reynolds and Robert Lee Kemper carefully go about the iob of remounting the engine of the airplane which they are overhauling. Drafting. printing offer training for skilled jobs With the addition of Electron II, the Tech Printing Department, the largest of its kind in Indiana, also becomes the most modern. Only one other high school in the country uses this most advanced linotype machine. Printing pupils must have a basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, math, art and design. After about two years of study, the pupils are al- lowed to run the entire print shop and develop qualities of leadership, initiative, and responsibility. Printing has so many varied fields that innumerable iob opportunities are available for Tech pupils upon graduation. Pupils enrolled in the Drafting De- partment learn that drafting has played an important part in bringing many ideas into reality. With courses ranging from mechanical drawing to advanced drafting, the pupils pro- iect themselves and learn from prac- tical experience. Starting the semester with an en- rollment of 700, teachers and de- partment heads began a remodeling program, installing new and more advanced equipment including the Vemco V-track drafting machine. One class proiect was a home de- velopment plan where the pupils plotted the roads and designed and positioned the houses. gf 4 be -me EH- bay! 'll . ,,, 52 . ...................n. 3' rf Mark McCarty and Stephen Brown, linotype students, inspect the Arsenal Cannon weekly at the offset press. X ' S9156 ' Left Center: William Plummer and Ray Gam- mon, looking like professionals, prepare the Kluge Automatic Press for operation. Above: Ray and William are seen close-up at the Klugge Press. Left: Jeff Zander, Damon Davis, and Robert Walker become familiar with the operation of the 500 Davidson Press. . B V al mf t V! fx. 63 Q : Q an f i My ,:-3, , 6' in tw? 41 1 r 9' ' 'Im nm.. ' . t " ' sf' 4 ft , , , -:aw 5-"tt if Q t 7 f ig! u ti Q Y . 'Q ,Q Q E i of 4 M., I sl lar ' ,ww ..,, ' ,, al Qf Printing Department--Seated: Clyde Armel, department head. Standing: Ralph Clark, Robert Smith, Floyd Billington, Harold Deem, Samuel Skomp. rb Drafting Department--Front row: Harold Elliott, department head, Samuel Skomp. Second row: Stephen Behlmer, John Williams, Burney Jackson, Floyd Tobrocke, Carl Meditch. fl?-Q:?:5Q:.'f'?' H4 Yin ,f-'ra' mtl, W' t""4-Q-. - 4 gf x tiff? ,.L?1w2?,,f 5, , V . Above: Roger Collins demonstrates the use of drafting equipment while Mr. Elliott confers ff xv K X in y ,A lly, wrt ":' with Cl pupil in the background. Roger Collins concentrates on a project in drafting. TOP len? Jeff Zcndef Gnd Ronald Bake' Opemle punch and binding equipment in the Printshop. Future builders learn problems of trade The Building Trades Department is important to over 500 students. It operates with seven teachers, teach- ing thirty-nine classes a day in car- pentry, cabinet making, plumbing, masonry, painting and decorating. The students work two or four periods a day. Not only did the boys prepare for the future, but they did iobs of present importance such as putting in sidewalks, finishing cabi- nets, applying e x t e r i o r finishes, painting classrooms, and installing drainage systems in order to im- prove and beautify the Tech campus. '-W--mug , . 3 , 't..,,C- Left above: Not a watch band or slices of toast, but stacks of stepping stones made and sold by Cement Shop boys, intrigue the Can- non photographer. Left: Richard Johnson, Fred Carpenter and Jerry Steffey in Mr. Oscarson's Carpentry I class literally raise the rafters in a construction pro- 'ect. lAbove: Charles Taylor refinishes a table in Mr. Hylton's painting and decorating class. 44 sw ,A -Q, . Mfr'-'-wa,-i N,-Q 'WN-C' - our ', A i 4.31 afghc -40' Wi bw , 4 rg Building Trades Department-Front row: Paul M. Vogt, Paul E, Oscarson, Morris O. Woods, depart- ment head, Howell E. Beall. Second row: Charles Kocher, John Obst, Ernest H. Holmes, Phillip High. DQ . . 41 f i I,-' Lf Left: Paul Robinson, Charles Rice, Terry Jor- dan and Patrick Blue learn to cut, paste and hang wallpaper in painting and decorating class. ff' ,, , ,fp . ff M- V. t f X ff: ' ' ff. tem . , '- - "J I -M i lll l ll. Left Center: Finishing a iob in sidewalk con- struction outside the Driver Education Trailer, Lonnell Rogers, John Nevins and Robert Senour gain practical experience in Mr. Kocher's ma- sonry class. Above: After the job is finished, Thomas Eckerty, Cornelius Bullock and James Stevenson clean the cement mixer. i AF' Metal trades pupil cast lot in industrg Without trained workers in the five maior fields of metal trades, space capsules, automobiles, and vacuum sweepers would be non- existent. The Tech Metal Trades Depart- ment classes in pattern making, sheet metal, welding, foundry and machine shop used new machinery recently installed to keep methods and techniques up-to-date. The demand for metal workers has tripled in the last few years, salaries are high and are continuing to rise, according to Norman Brinker, department head. Right: Joe Jacobs, observes safety precautions as he turns a pattern for a metal base. Below: Patternmaking involves various pro- cesses as demonstrated by Larry Martin, band- saw, Raymond Mosley, metal lathe, Ernie Lynn, wood lathe, Joe Jacobs, wood lathe, James Franklin, and Byron King, sanclers. swiss nw msn l ,: .1, rg. f' sfs,'ggfgVyyff ff:.':.:1.f,- imma, 4 " . I' F -t " ' :, g X " -gamut H F ....,,, Metal Trades Department--Front row: John C. Hill Jr., William Johnson, Norman Brinker, depart ment head. Second row: Verl Whetstine, Emanuel Cruser, William Sharp. -' N 3? , Q f, 4 - N " L fpl, U fi l N 5922 I 1: i it Q if v 5 L 54 3 I , ff l 1 N y xg ds 1 ef fw fa ,gf li' b 7 'liwifff Q, 4 f K' I H . WP :ZIMQ . in-' -.:.-'ff':-'2+v.:"1'1'. - ii' - 21: 43.91 l"13-f13W"?i"b' ' fl. -Q " X x 2 . 4 ' ff Above: Working their wood into shape by sanding and planing, pattern making pupils are James Mitchell, Lawrence Echols, Russel Anderson, Lloyd Williams. Across page-center: ln their foundry class, Gregory Swonigan and King Johnson pour molten metal. Far left, top, across page: Jerry E. Owsley, Charles G. Walters, and Tommie Jones look like men from Mars as they do a welding project in Mr. Cruser's class. l 4",., Af, ' F- -4,. f 1 S: 5 P 3' ,M -7, M r ,,.,,v L.-...mfs-s-H .Hip-, ,.- -'J 1 - -,.f"' Electrical Trades classes enjoy their own air conditioning. Bruce Conedy installs a new unit in Room 564. Albert Blair watches employee Maryellen Sum mers on a recent visit to the Bell Telephone Company by the Radio and TV Vlll class. W9 Watts going on in electrical shop? Edmond Davis efficiently adjusts a motor STGFTEF. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the men who repair your radio or television set were gradu- ates of Tech's E I e ctr i c al Trades Department? This is only one ot the four basic areas ot vocational and technical training. The radio and TV course prepared the student tor entry into this service trade. Refrigeration pre- pared the student for a iob in the area ot domestic or commercial re- frigeration and air conditioning, and electricity prepared him tor electrical construction and industrial p l a nt electrical maintenance. Electronics, a new program started this year, covered the basic electronic circuits and their testing procedures which are used for a multiplicity of appli- cations in commercial, industrial, and domestic equipment. KH 3 beatxf .K is , x ix X X is X xx lllxxl ix A X Dan Bowers is shown above working with the many complications of the television in his electronics class taught by Mr. Gilliland. N L, , x -J 2' ,Ni .M lb W. Q X . . ,ya ,, Q ,, ,., if f"'f Electrical Trades Department-Garold Bramblett, Stewart, Lewis A. Marshall, department head. gg U 'Sym A., I-'owl Jive 1 t Earl D. Terry, J. Kenneth Gilliland, William H. hw 1 ' ""' , . H rf James Willner reconstructs the internal parts of an electric motor. N.f"' L... . Power supply and audio amplifiers attract the attention of Brad Rotert, Doug Hamilton, Wes- ley Grimes, and Ronnie Marsden in their electronics class. Far left: Robert Cosby, Charles Garnett, and Bruce Canedy inspect new air conditioning equipment. Across page-center: Busy hands learn the trade by daily experience. Left: William Gouge operates the controls in Stuart Tower, relying on training received in vocational classes. rf' f C i S 5 l I i l "4 l -r 5 i ROTC Officers-Front row: Mai. Michael Moran, Capt. William Lane, lst Lt. Robert Spencer. Second row: lst Lt. James Hylton, lst Lt. James Mullis,, lst l.t. Robert Hirschy. Third row: lst Lt. George Wilson, Capt. Myron Rance, lst Lt. Joseph Mills. Fourth row: lst Lt. Joseph Matlock, lst Lt. Russell Eavey, lst Lt. Ronald Bradley. Fifth row: lst Lt. Steven Grimes, Capt. Hans Sigg. , Y , , . ... ..x. -..,.-.1 1-121 ..' Color Guard-Sfc. Alfred Ford, 2nd Lt. Michael Wilson, 2nd Lt. Daniel Combs, S!Sgt. Joseph Quintana. Gflicers lead Tech Tech's Reserve Officer Training Corps practiced military life and par- ticipated in many drill and rifle meets. The Drill Team started the year by winning the October City Tournament. New capes and hats were pur- chased for the fifteen ROTC sponsors who made their own white A-line skirts. Leff across page: The cenTury old Barracks provides housing Tor The ROTC classes. Righi below: Tech ROTC CadeTs march down- Town in The VeTerans' Day parade. sponsors ROTC corps This year's corps worked To maTch The record seT by The T965-66 group ThaT won The Trophy for The ouT- sTanolihg cadeT corps in The ciTy. Ma- ior Charles Bussey, PMS of The ln- dianapolis ROTC sysTem, iudgeol and awarded The group The 38Th Division and The SAI Trophies. Federal inspecTion was held in May. l ' f f, i , Q T T is ' 1 T ,,. Q ll A: ',VA-: W-feb ROTC Sponsors-FronT row: 2nd LT. Linda Hodges, CapT. Hallie Williams, 2nd LT. Linda ArneTT. Second row: CapTs. Paulette Suggs, Marcia Monfgomery, 2nd LT. Marcia Allen. Third row: CapT. Diane RoberTs, 2nd LTs. Kay Harrison, Neifa Waldo. Fourth row: CapTs. Susan Newell, Linda Downing, Marilyn Lucas. Fifth row: 2nd LT. Linda Herman, Capf. Anne STewarT, 2nd LT. Donna BlounT. QI' .fw ,gf E.,-ff" K .X f W W. ,,..,,,,. ,f . 2 W ,lx ffv 4,1 N' ruff T ' f f 4 f 4 ROTC cadets practice militarg life ' Q Kyra , ,.,: ,u ??Wf" DRILL TEAM-Front row: Hon. Capt. Marcia Montgomery, Pvts. Terry Bow- man, George Armstrong, lst Lt. George Wilson, Comdr. Second row: Hon. Capt. Paulette Suggs, 2nd Lt. Daniel Combs, Sgt. Allen Irving, Sfc Harry Todd, 2nd Lt. Elmer Kurbursky. Third row: Hon. Capt. Dianna Roberts, 2nd Lt. Michael Wilson, S!Sgts. Joseph Quintana, John Tilford, lst Lt. Robert Hirschy. Fourth row: Hon. 2nd Lt. Donna Blount, lst Lt. James Hylton, Stc. Alfred Ford, S!Sgts. Jerry Debow, Ronald Fagan. Tech cadets relax after engaging in a drill team match on Saturday morning. rb ROTC Stuff-Sfc. Robert Martin, Mrs. Verda Allee, MfSgt. Thomas Dawson, Sfc. Charles Rieves. 4, M! 'Yiwu J SWT? AWMFWR Top: John Rouse represents the ROTC Rifle Team at practice in the basement of the Barracks. Above: Rifle Team-Front raw: 2nd Lt. Neita Waldo, Capts. Hallie Williams, Linda Downing, Paulette Suggs, 2nd Lt. Linda Hodges. Second row: Sgt. Steve Taylor, Cpl. Michael Luke, Capt. Hans Sigg, S!Sgt. John Rouse, lst Lt. Robert Spencer. The Boys Gym obounded in Tech- iTes ond Tun oT The onnuol Mcirdi Gros, sponsored by The Music De- porTmenT on OcTober 8. MosT Tech clubs operoTed booThs ond oTTered everyThing in Tood from cider ond doughnuTs To coke ond pizzoi ond everyThing in Tun Trom TurTle roces To "Mud in Your Eye." OrgonizoTions eorned money for TuTure proiecTs while members proTiTed in Tun ond experience. dd Q3 Top: The ponoromic view of The Mordi Gros is dominofed by The popcorn booTh of The Girls Ensemble. Above: The cheerleaders and moioreTTes moke cn big hit wiTh The crowd os Jill ArmsTrong demonsTroTes. Leff above: Y-Teens provide fun for all comers. Left below: Colvin HcirdesTy is "iT" in The Boys OcTeTTe booth. Joining organizaiion lf N"?"""'-np-,f, if qfmr ,of YT S! left: Techites win stuffed toys at the Natural Science Club booth, being decorated by Susan Davis. For left: Key Club members sponsor a slot car race on the stage. For left below: Letterman Mike Hickey puts up the net for the basketball throw. Middle: The Melodayres' "Mad Store" offers a variety of "white ele- phants" for sale. Below: lris Williams and Becky Hill work in the cheerleader booth. Bot- tom: "Batman and Robin Meet the Riddler and Cat Woman" is presented by Drama- Speech Club starring Marty Bottoms, Steve Meid, Jim Sutton and Bobby Carnal. K ' ' n A 2 'L , 5 , 4 3 f f Q , l W 5 ji Q W! ,, X 5, 44,....,., fa: ,,,w is .z ,. me ' f W 't W S, gfttw 1 s 9 ' W' ' . . C, Y, , V, ,V .4 , - ft' - f A A .: , if Xi if Safer. -I , gy' 75 f gh' ,:-P f' x.Q2m.rfA,: rf- V26 r f A k yi K AWA li jflwq., . , K, i, , ,.7, I M, gb Q . , x H X Q I2 ' ,G 4 1',f, "i g', ,5,c , ,,w, X P ' 4 V - vsgw "Q- 5 if 3 N' ,gy A124 y 14 tt ' .,,, .Wi use AQ , X r -', 3.,:N , : ,, ,,,,, . f .11 Q , ., - ' .. , fx . ,mv gp as f a if ' C i B 53, h Q. VN Stage-struck Titans dramatize roles -. we-'QM A Aww Y., .5 -3, ,... -ff' K yi QL.. ,... ...f .fr E me 5 .2 i' Fit ' 5 X Thespian Society-Front row: Linda Kay Cornett, Mary Loudermilk, Nancy Adams, president, Pamela Hedrick, Kathleen Karol, Second row: Mrs. Doris Webber, sponsor, Marty Bottoms, Steve Meid, Jeffrey Oliveira, vice-president, Linda Herman. Third row: William Barton, David Griffin, George Eads, secretary-treasurer-clerk, Joseph Eads, James Sutton. . .. sm, .Cy ,. ., , . .. .. 1. , rM3,fx . . 1. Dramatics scored with pupils in the Drama-Speech Club this year. Original one-act plays earned money for the club at Mardi-Gras, but the major production of the year was the all-school play, Tom Jones, pre- sented November T8 and l9. ln a later production, members assumed the roles of such famous characters as Scrooge and Tiny Tim in Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Deadeye Dick was planned for the spring play. A Christmas party and spring picnics rounded out the club's activities. Pupils who excelled joined the Na- tional Thespian Society. X i- ws'-4--, H' ' :m,q's-- -:-m.'.,.1 4: u.'..p, s--ry 0 L-VX fs. ,. N, - Q .rf .Q N 4 . X-lrifvrf . 'wiv - . V .M 3 . ta' , bill in H .1 '1 t . is ., -,. ., V- x sr. s- - .Q ' , . .V, ,cr . .. - .fs . ,V ,rf ,x 1 1 fT'f 5 ' ' " u Q . Q. Ni. ,r , Vs- . gc- pf M . J. .V 5 M ww, V, - sera..-f ri-.- y. :gy 4 A :V -- if ,X ., -A - ,-w X-we V was, tw. ' sf-sr S JV . . .igsgsf ,ff L, n 4 'Y ,fr W V, sw.-, ss f , ., . L .. f 'if ' 1 V- . V F , . 'L'-lays an "M V , .i . V S4311 -.ff . V is f ,Q .33 L Tw . . Q V .px -ws few- .JV avi -VW: Q , f i ' js' ,, . if 13 'gi '5Xf'.,1'f' , K X' ' ' 7 51,2253 5 L' 'E in V ' . iw ' n ' ,.f, me - . .Q , 1 ,-fs f . E' "X" :Ev ' - , , - .r ' for f S 'Q M -N g it iz" D K , 5 t: . l .Qgr ', ' 5 6 J . . K 3,5 ' ' "' , ' "ti Y9:ElV2T,.".:- ' , f., ,rf , 5- '-as ,V V X., - . X ,qi , ,,gi5Q3. " 1 1- "'-' 5' H J S -ti -' iff V -' f" iV ?.k'g1. V ' .. fi' - j fs-Q .95 . - V Y " V 5. V F, I, , - V,..V ax - . I 1 1 R ,wx FT AF-A 2. 1 :L , ' " 5, ry 'Q' 1 - i ' f., ' ' V as ' nr Vs - Q S,,.n!PV.. wi. xv , , , . X. .. v X , , V .V . . VV . - sy-sc ,M ews MV , .5 -r ,Q 2 H l- tW7"b'3"' " S V V ,V V V . ' i t " 1 is 1 V U 55 if.. 5 ' ' V it- if ,V , if S , .. . ww . we -Vw . 1 Q . Vx A - .Va . fi --ic V on ..f.,. sr V 3 1- V 4 ., . ' 2. V mr. i 'f "' -- Q' 'M g -2:1 : ss' ' . - -,i 1' ' '.v.VgfV .s Q VV V- 3,32 V 4 1 V HZ 'ff Igifffi fi- "i1i3s. 354 A . V ws' . figs if -V, fi. sf:Qk s::'? .5 ' . 1. f c. Hs, 1 E, ,. .G 5 5 - S 'YJ ' rf ' 3 . , ' r ':- Q . 3g, , r:?21i, ' if ' lf: 2 ' if S ?+G. 11fx.v -- ' V ' , sv 5 ,L ' V. --ii - SV t V ,? iaLh sl1' V 9' Q T iff .5 ,. L ,V , ' 115. 4 gf V . -f A 99, , , 2 . .,. f 1 1 ,,. ' . fig. ' it - V ' ' , x 5 " if s. - 3. -1' KQV ,, S - f f 'Q' ' if' V Si ,S , .f QT-V at 5 V f '- V V: -" ' if f ,, f z. 12 ' - - J Qfift 5 -5 VV. , ., . 2 . .,.. V . as ' .P ,y K ,,.,., i .M 1, " .L 5 jg ' 1 , .M as xi. 'M ' K 'oak ,QQ ai- .:, tl ..... .,...A- Drama Club-First row: Robert E. Davis, Sylvia Milam, Beverly Tunstall, Rachelle A. Lee, Cindy Lewis, Kathleen Karol, vice-president, Mary Ann Burns, Pamela Hedrick, Bridgette Ward, Linda Chronis, Patsy Ransom, Margaret Martindale, Mrs. Doris Webber, sponsor. Second row: Judy Armour, Gary Wright, Linda Cornett, Linda Quackenbush, Carol Mitchell, Paula Rowing, Peggy Cornett, Larry Borden, Donald Brown, Jan Heather- ly, Annetta Parnell, Harriet L. Gooch. Third row: Cora L. Brown, Linda , 3 . lm., up --Aw . '71, .QQ f w 93. Herman, Carline Arnold, Susan Powell, Marty Bottoms, Ross A. McCor- mick, Lois Barley, Dave Black, Nancy Adams, Lee Ann Eads, Steve Patterson, Mary Loudermilk, secretary, Rochelle Lee. Fourth row: Mattie Martindale, Steve Meid, president, Jeffrey Oliveira, Gary Arnold, Betty Stockton, Bill Dyke, William Barton, Bradley Byrd, George Eads, David Griffin, Joseph Eads, James Sutton, Marvin Miller, Betty Beverly. I i if if X x H ,I :Eg if . l l , s I ,, 1 Q 31. V if 3. 5 , is V An appreciative audience applauds The cast of Tom Jones. Shown on Linda Cornelf, Sieve Patterson, Larry Borden, Steve Meid, Bradley Byrd, stage are George Eads, Jeffrey Oliveira, Carline Arnold, Kathy Capshaw, Eric Boofhe, David Griffin, Nancy Adams, Lee Ann Eads, Pamela Hedrick. Pai Frazier, Sylvia Milam, Annelfa Parnell, Linda Herman, Jimmy Sutton, Noi shown are William Barton, Bill Dyke, Beverly Tunstall, Gary Wrighi, Above: Supersalesman Jeffrey Oliveira sells Mr. Western lGeorge Eadsl a Ticket to his own performance in Tom Jones. Below: Linda and Sieve rehearse Their roles. , Across page, left: Steve Patferson and Linda Cornett put some feeling into their Tom Jones roles. Righi: Sieve and Jim Sutton duel over The aifenlions of a fair lady. Above: The lovers in Tom Jones experience a 'render moment. f-' .Q , ,- ,ef NJ? I e National Forensic League-Front row: Lillie Mae Cross, Kathleen Karol, vice-president, Linda Herman, Mary Loudermilk, Pamela Hedrick, president: Susan Powell. Second row: Mrs. Linda Vaughn, spon- sor, Jeffrey F. Oliveira, Nancee Adams, secretary, George Eads, William Barton, Bob lngels, Mar- garet R. Nessler, sponsor. an of SEQ Speakers make "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dark of night . . This saying could well be the motto of Tech's speech and debate teams. Under the guidance of Mrs. Linda Vaughn and Miss Margaret Nessler, team mem- bers braved all seasons to get to their appointed rounds on time. On Saturdays from October to February, speakers and debaters rose as early as four in the morning to get to meets all over the state. Members traveled to New Castle, Kokomo, Marion, Muncie, Lafayette, and Logansport, as well as to schools sem- NM , LGF. Speech Team-Front row: Jeanie Kinney, Kathleen Karol, vice-presi- dent, William Buckley, Susan Powell, George Armstrong, Dawn Tolen, Linda Kay Cornett. Second row: Gary Wright, Linda Herman, Gregory Porter, Lee Ann Eads, Larry Peters, Marty Bottoms, Pamela Hedrick, Mrs. Linda Vaughn, sponsor. Third row: Mary Loudermilk, Bob lngels, Bill Dyke, George Eads, Glenn Rufus Collins, Nancee Adams, Jeffrey F. Oliveira. rf f 1 -s Il '5- 0 5 Q l fe l .K . ..J...-v' , - 3 I " .Qifw :L NN kk VI Above: Nancee Adams, veteran of half a dozen school plays, practices a dramatic tech- nique. Left: Their skill in debating the con- troversial issue, should United States foreign aid be limited to non-military assistance, won Pamela Hedrick, Robert lngels, Paul Keefe, and Mike Trittipo the third-place trophy at the Marion High School Invitational Debate. b u g schedule in Indianapolis, to compete with other Hoosier pupils. Speech and debate meant more than lust rounds of dramatic, humor- ous, or poetic presentation. The ex- perience introduced members to new friends and gave them many mem- ories. There was the day three team members won first places. There was the "over-night" when half the time was spent in talk and the other half in nervous agitation. The elements of suspense and s u c c e s s made speech work rewa rding to its dedicated members. Kathy Karol gives an award-winning smile at the conclusion of a humorous presentation. kk Participating in a humorous interpretation at a speech meet are Gregg Porter and Patsy Ransom. rb In the 'I966-67 season the Speech Team won several awards, among them three first place ribbons shown above. Also shown are Debate Team awards. M J 'ffm M5 ,.. .T A h . i M, -1 X '1 1 - L H is f - -,W M, .,., .W 3 3 i 'T ' sd f L 2 :fc rd Ts , .I 3 . bc ., ."'- 'S , 6:70 '11 snr ' T g f Q13 Jails pf' azfu V . .fz'.'ff' - it-ci .sigalf 5 0 1 'i' .15 'K W .J Q T 323' 115 irvanllft elif i g g Debate Team-Front row: Margaret R. Nessler, sponsor, Shirley A. Monday, Michael A. Trittipo Cornelia Oates, Pamela Hedrick, Cynthia Kern. Second row: Mary J. Loudermilk, Jeffrey F. Oliveira vice-president, Isaiah Stansberry, Joseph N. Eads, William Barton, Bob lngels, captain, Larry Borden Paul Keefe not pictured. er - the 0 .Www ' v ' ' cv: , 'ww' 'wif Cannon Yearbook Staff-Front row: Linda Monroe, Elizabeth Wright, Jack A. King Jr., Judith Story, Rebecca Griffith, Suzan Kirby, Kathleen Karol. Second row: Bernice Jones, adviser, Bruce Lambert, David Black, QI' rb i i i , , .si .au t if .-M 'ffl ' qw Fred Bonnet, Linda Herman, Ronald Foster, Gloria Hockman. Third row Paul Terry, John Hilton, James Jacobs, Tom Mattingly, Carl Pearson Ronald Brenner, Gary Rott. QI' i Q ta 'KMA W l. 1-'- W9 WN.,kW . .N ,., 'qw -- 1 tt 2.5515 TEC 2' Proving outstanding ability at the Indiana University High School Jour- nalism lnstitute during the summer of 1966, Gary Rott, staff photographer, and Linda Herman, copy editor, won gold medal first-place awards. Right: Ronald Brenner, staff photographer does some photo editing for the yearbook index. lil- V' f . ,u-umm:-s. f - V' A v- A ri-if-5h ' ll l :rw-. f J Q f 't l9 iAd "' 'if f S V . . "' V f . , . - - . 4 . W ii' ,,t , y,.,V,,,,. . i 4 . J ,..,-f i no .rn 3.1! 9' -4. .fl ' 16 at it in t Carl Pearson Editor-in-chief, first semester Deadline met: gearbookers fulfill aim Yearbook staffers didn't get time cmd a half for overtime, but they did realize their ambition of seeing ideas take tangible form in the 1967 year- book. Working with adviser Miss Jones, copywriters, photographers, and editors contributed their talents and kept Room 638 busy, often after school hours. Representing 4800 pu- pils, the staffers have tried to cap- ture in pictures and copy, a close-up of Tech life, 1967. rf Thomas Mattingly Layout editor "ww" John Hilton Managing editor 1 A J, xy x..'-M ii M rf Above: Judith Story, Linda Monroe assistant senior editors, first semester. Linda, senior edi- tor, second semester. Left: Suzan Kirby, se- nior editor, second semester. i ' Z' James Jacobs Sports editor rb Rebecca Griffith Photo secretary 3 rb Yearbook staffers who entered the second semester: Front row: Barry Wand, Joe Ecl- wards, Margaret Godwin. Second row: Ivan Chrsitensen, Tim Wand, Larry Pryor. Donna Hartle, not pictured. xX. . ww- Nancee Adams Editor in chief Ednor ln Chlef Copy editor . is fs, , N? Z -1-,YA ' 35 , ""w. James Jacobs inspects his new cannon sweat er, iust presented by Principal Longshore who chats with Alumni president, Donny Doan Sports editor 0 '--vs, fic' ' . me Jw ng ' .. gr Staff teamwork page off producing Cannon weeklg me M JA The clock on The Cannon Office wall says ll:O7. Page three is due at the print shop in eight minutes, 'i ss T ,W , , 4 fi J S Ts V, Q,,,.Tt 'wines . V - sw.. yet there are still five headlines to be written, the lead story has been mis- placed, andthe page editor discovers a glaring 7-inch hole in the page dummy that must be filled. T lt is now what Teamwork pays off, in N . as Three Cannon "kiddies" set about I r V y cr sw' scribbling headline possibilities on .1 B 'll': ' The chalkboard, two others decipher E X 'il'l"i T ,' H y and re-type copy, and still another in V A leaves to get information for a story V? E X .T X T A MSM to fill the 7-inch hole. A student g , .gv J ' i"i T T' u p ,,r' , i,i- A from the print shop brings in a wet A page proof to be checked for errors. Tfff. HI ' , rrfr X 'f'i liii" '-'tit' 1 "' f Two more staffers read proof, dis- ,W ,T covering too late that they can also ,,,,, T. read the page from their ink-strained Ihyl yzzz ,Za I 'llil arms. This is the scene during a nor- , T TT TT TTTTTT T. T,T..T T T ii' ' if ' ""i' T. T mal day in room 638, Cannon Office. Keeping Cannon wheels rolling are Mrs. Betty Rowland, secretary, Cecil T. Tresslar, director of publications, Bernice Jones, yearbook ad- viser. Y my an it Cannon Weekly Staff-Front row: Rita Corrado, Brendanna Grundy, reporters, Mary P. Collins, cartoonist, Necia Wells, reporter, Phyllis Marks, Typist, Sandra McFarland, agent, Linda Arnett, Frances Bender, reporters. Second row: Kay Harrison, reporter, Pam Hedrick, assistant page 3 editor, Mary Jean Moore, Dennis lngle, Cornelia Oates, re- porters, Beverly Jones, typist, Susan Powell, Marilyn Maxwell, reporters. Y, l s Third row: Janice Talbert, page 2 editor, Susan Newell, associate editor, Sharon Smith, copy assistant, Nancy Adams, chief copy editor, Mary Loudermilk, page 3 editor, Linda lngle, Phil Appleman, reporters. Fourth row: Danny Doan, sports' editor, Steve Ferguson, Jim Griffin, reporters, Jim Ennis, agent, Steve Grimes, assistant sports editor, William Bar- ton, reporter, William Gouge, Jeffrey F. Oliveira, photographers. Spelunking Techites go 'bat-tg' For setting up an organized func- tioning body of active high school s t u d e nts, the prerequisites are simple. The activity must be enter- taining, it must have educational qualities in keeping with the goals of the school, it shoud be helpful in the student's social development. The Natural Science Club with its 75 active members, has enioyed a varied program visiting the Museum of Science and lndustry in Chicago and swimming in Lake Sullivan at 50 degrees during a trip to Sullivan Cave. Enhancing the educational as- pects of the club, members toured Allison's plant in January. Looking on the lighter side, mem- bers were active in party preparation at Christmas time. Mr. Simmons has been the club sponsor ever since its origin. Its true meaning was made evident to every- one in his statement, "The club is organized not merely for pursuit of science, although we do go to places of scientific interest. We organized a social club with scientific orientation. Ability to get along with one another is lust as important as formal learning." Also sharing in a cave trip expedi- tion was the Chemistry-Physics Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Beeson and Mr. Tozer. Adding to their fes- tivities, the students worked on separate science proiects, learned the proper use of a slide rule and learned the functions of a laser. For the Mardi Gras, the club constructed a miniature planetarium. Looking with anticipation to their guest speakers, their visits to various points of interest to the students, and their club picnic at the end of school, the XYZ Club members were bubbling with enthusiasm. Besides participating in the Mardi Gras, the club also held its yearly May tea to honor all the math teachers, club members and their parents. I 9' H ,A I ae ?ei Natural Science Club--Front row: Richard Oliver, Sue Davis, Jackie Fagan, Marilyn Isbell, Bonnie Dalton, Sherry Fagan, Marsha Whitsman, Mary Morgan, Denice Gilbert, Michael Simmons, sponsor. Second row: Neica Wells, Candace Purvis, Cornelia Oates, Deborah Abernathy, Vurl Trimmer, Linda Ross, Rebecca Hurst, Marsha M. Allen, Donna Hartle. NN wi K .- af' "I, nam IEW-- Third row: Stephen Decker, Relis Cline, president, Allen Glover, Otis Hasty, Sam Helfferich, Gary W. Barr, Twanetta Witsman, Richard Rand, Mahlon R. Arnett. Fourth row: Christian Sipf, Steven Campbell, G. Rufus Collins, Larry D. Anderson, Joseph Eads, William W. Watson Jr., Frank- lin Oliver, Jesse Henard, Le' Mont Purvis, Bill Isbell. ll j f 93 . 1 ' f" gg ' ff ' ai' rf, -4 ..:' ' ' I fa ' ,-I 'I V? XYZ Club-Front row: Mrs. Gwendolyn Jones, sponsor, Judy Frantzreb, cor- responding secretary, Faye Hausz, Marcia Montgomery, president, Diane Lowe, Jo Ann Wilson, David S. Smith. Second row: Sherry Brannon, treasurer, Faye Frost, vice-president, Linda Stafford, Cheryl Hamilton, Paulette Suggs, Susan Bright, Donna Huebner. Third row: Jerry Traxel, Robert Spencer, sergeant-at-arms, Mike Wilson, Joseph Eads, Robert Hirschey, Barry Winkle, Theresa Lawson. y g x,,.....x' Chemistry-Physics Club-Front row: William Tozer, co-sponsor: Donald Brown, Neita Waldo, Stephen Hooker, David Beeson, co-sponsor. Second row: Donald Brown, Edgar Parido, Thomas Leavell, Harry Benson, Timothy Wand. fl . , ,v , 4' t 'i i cl Above: Learning the limestone wonders of the "underworld" in Buckner's Cave, spelunkers take time out to rest. Shown attired in cave fatigues are: Front row: Mr. Tozer, Eddie Parido, Donald L. Brown. Back row: Timothy Wand, Robert Kares. Above left: The XYZ Club presents by visual means an explanation of mathematics decorating a show case in Stuart Hall, Across page left: Members of the Chemistry Physics Club unload cars in preparation for a trek in Buckner's Cave, Right: Mem- bers of the Natural Science Club, also spelunkers, prepare to enter Sullivan Cave on a fall trip there. Below: Sponsoring spelunkers, William Tozer, John Kern, Michael Simmons, David Beeson. :fs V l XT -J' 1 54 'T ' ' ll 1 , T V f I, K 5 ig f :ww-. ,Q it ,N . , A. y . y 4 Art . music. radio divert fans I ', i ugh L --' i Art Club-Front row: Mary P. Collins, Gail Johnny James Puckett, James Brown, Christian Collins, Patti Thomas, Minnie McCurry, Sher- Sipf, Isaiah Stansberry, Mildred Stansberry, ron Holman, Sandra McFarland, Mary L. Frank- lin. Second row: Michael Slover, sponsor, gr 'v-, Above: Mike Lumpkin, Thornton Van Sickle, Er- nest Mitchell, and Darrell Underwood prepare 0 souvenir booklet recognizing National Print- ing Week. The production was sponsored by the Future Printers. Below: Chris Sipf, Art Club member, brushes up on technique as he maps out a current proiect. ' 'il Phillip Parks. Stop! Hold that pose! The Art Club is open to all students with an open mind and a large eraser. Although sketching consumed most of the ses- sions, John Herron Art Institute and Museum became the club's favorite haunt on field trips. Members also visited the Clowes home and art ex- hibit. The motto of the Future Printers Club is "Expand knowledge in fields of graphic arts." The purpose is to make pupils better informed of the numerous technical developments in the field. Printers are in great demand, sur- prisingly, girls are needed as well as boys. W9 so 1. . VESW. ., XS SMH Q.Vl'll. G . .. if P l --' - "-A X get QZJVU , ff'5f'li'5 fel, 'ii H" ' XHPJ iii' .2 KU "" "1" i 071479 il fits i E 5-lll3?""! , ,.n'79 n 2 1- U W W9HFQ, Tech's Radio Club, receives cards identifying other clubs in all parts of the world who have tuned in the Tech station. Future Printers Club-Front row: Robert W. Smith, co-sponsor, Steve Gilman, Barry Wand, Jerry Thomas, Ernest Mitchell, Darrell Underwood, Gary Covey. Second row: Bruce Baldwin, Lawrence Miller, Lawrence Beck, Mike Lumpkin, co-chairman, Thornton VanSickle, co-chairman, Clyde Young. Clyde Armel, sponsor, not pictured. I With help ot classes, the Music club presented the opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors. Bach, Beethoven, and the Beatles provided tare tor other club meetings. -.-. --.- This is the sound heard by the one who enters the Radio Ham Shack in Morgan Hall every Friday after school. It is the headquarters of Tech's Amateur Ra- dio Club, WQHFQ. This year members interested in getting their licenses received instruc- tion in Morse Code. Mr. Bramblett, assisted by Larry Pryor, held classes in radio theory, while John Mayfield manned the controls in the shack. "W's.,'e 2 I ' ,yogi ' sf' ttiilu. I 39 if, 9 nz 5 "T'x..g Rfzf, 125' 4983 ,..,, ff Practicing Amahl and the Night Visitors, an opera which was produced for the Christmas program are William Watson, Jr., Dennis Alexander, Chris Sipt, Jett McAtee, Randy Brown, and Dianna Caldwell. 1 Music Club-Front row: Sheila R. Posey, Earline Adams, Maureen Mills, Debbie Roddy, Debby Clark, Randy Brown, secretary, Claudia Couse, Linda Lomax, Cheryl Medlock, Francis Bender, Rickey Lynn Rozzell, Sandy Mendez. Second row: Rachelle A. Lee, Brenda Polva- dore, Preston E. Goodrich, Vicci Nahas, Patti Michael, Beverly Funke, Linda Foreman, Kris Tomescu, Linda Brady, Sarah Gross, Mrs. Phyllis Safman, sponsor. in .Qi T m Q if-31 Third row: Roy C. Smith, Rochelle A. Lee, Brenda Thompson, Mary Jean Moore, Cornelia Oates, David Wooldridge, Marty Bottoms, Nikki L. Hamilton, Sylvia Milam, Loretta Krupicka, Denise Hickerson. Fourth row: James Brown, Dianna Caldwell, William W. Watson, Jr., Ginny Brand, vice-president, Charles F. Abernathy Jr., Ronny Bradley, David Griffin, treasurer, Steve Kliefgen, Jeff Mentis, president, Christian Sipf, Lee Ann Eads. Larry Pryor operates the telegraph key in the Hamshack. W9 -Lai Radio Club-Front row: William Smith, vice- president, Larry Pryor, president WAQMFF, John Fields, sergeant-at-arms, WN9SZL, Al- bert Blair, treasurer, Steve Hooker, secretary. Second row: Mr. Gerald Bramblett, W9POF, sponsor, Donald DeBruhl, James Holtzclaw, Charles Abernathy, Larry Haltzclaw, Preston Tinsley. E t Above: Techoir members stop for a "time-out" during their downtown Christmas caroling tour. Bottom: At the City-County Building Techoir members await ci cue from Mr. Moon. .. M ..... FH Techoir-Front row: Ricky L. Rozell, Donna Proffitt, Patty Michael, Elaine Illey, Nancy Chapman, Landa Darland, Iris Williams, Roger Holder, Dianna Caldwell, William Moon, sponsor, Mrs. Sandra Fanning, accompanist, William Devitt, Rebecca Hill, Calvin Har- desty, Elizabeth Wright, Linda Hodges, Debra Barns, Maureen Mills, Cheryl Harding, Juanita Silvey. Second row: Brenda Bishop, .lo Ann Rothenbush, Janelle Boykin, Linda Phillips, Anita Belding, Anne E. Stewart, Kathryn Fogleson, Deborah Moody, Lorraine Hunt, Susan Newell, Chris Petree, Nancy Adams, Brenda Bailey, Susan Clark, Dora Hart, Susan Harvey, Phyllis Brock, Libby Hogan, Linda Forman, Thea Masters. Third N l i Melodayres-Front row: Chris Petree, Deborah Moody, Donna Proffitt, Nancy Adams, Susan Newell, Kathryn Fogleson, Dora Hart. Second row: William Lane, Danny Doon, Dennis Alexander, Thomas Adams, Robert Todd, .left McAtee, Ronald Rady, Chester Bowman. dd , 'L'!!K. l"'LQ in 4 li l 1 Techoir. Melodagres entertain The Madrigal Singers, with a new sponsor, Mrs. Sandra Fanning, and a new name, the Melodayres, filled numerous outside singing engage- ments. These sixteen selected boys and girls entertained at school activi- ties such as the Homecoming dance and the Christmas assembly. The Techoir, under the direction of William Moon and accompanied by Mrs. Fanning, sang many times this year. School assemblies at Thanks- giving and Easter were settings for special programs for the Techoir. They appeared Christmas caroling at the governor's mansion, the City- County Building, and downtown de- partment stores. They cut a Christ- mas record and telecast a special holiday show. A party topped off the year's activities. 4 .fQs,wifi1'f'i9lf 'A'V 'f l " " A Q fan.. I? J A A ,4. - - n ,, ,gif 1. A . A i I 4, ,. .. X lv Y row: Dollie Reese, Jeff McAtee, Robert Todd, Tim Taylor, Edmund Davis, Chester Bow- Mr. Moon di,-eds 0 recofding Session ns -the Tecnon CUTS ns man, Ron Rady, James Jacobs, William Watson, Jr., Chris Chronis, Dennis Alexander, Qnnunl Cnnsfmns record. Jerry Dockery, Danny Doan, William Lane, Don Wilkerson, Steve Handy, Donn Patter- son, Randal Brown, Donald Brown, Mary Lynn Pfeiffer. Fourth row: Virginia Bond, Paul Davis, James Osborn, Chris Sipf, Richard Byrd, Hans Sigg, Fred McDonald, Ross Furry, William Adams, Tom Adams, Jim Soltau, Jeffrey Mentis, Steve Kleifgen, Grant lmel, Dan Reneau, Stephen Meid, Jerry Bean, Max Roe, Linda Guillion. Carol Gregory, not pictured. 6 5. Lonraine Hunt makes with the red nose as she gives a reasonable imi- Front row: Linda Foreman, Thea Masters, Phyllis Brock, Cheryl Harding, tation of Rudolph, the fabulous reindeer. Members of the Girls Ensem- Lorraine Hunt, Dianna Caldwell, Linda Darland, Patti Michael, Nancy ble, caroling at the City-County Building, look on in mock amazement. Chapman. 4 . M.-nf - Girls Concert Club-Front row: Lillie Mae Cross, Doris Asberry, Donna Reed, Eugenia Smith, Doris Elliott. Third row: Linda Proffitt, Eileen Hart, Coverstone, Judith Story, Vicki Hunt, Kathy Greig, Donna Green, Janice Lynn Helene Bonfils, Terry Boyd, Vicki Fortune, Eva Miller, Wilma Farral, Clark, Kathryn Volstad, Linda Monroe, Connie Collins, Margaret Curry, Linda Herman, Julie Mangus, Elizabeth Kern, Donna Fogleman, Sherry Judy McCullough, Frances Freeman. Second row: JoAnn Irwin, Cynthia Chandler, Cynthia Cooper, Kathleen Woempner, Linda Sue Finchum, Burton, Teresa White, Beverly Jones, Cornelia Oates, Mary Reynolds, Paula Williams, Neita Waldo. Vonda Harper, Shawnee Jones, Nancy Barlow, Juanita Byers, Mary ... Q-Q,-C?9 if-fc.1imf-.f.x.i.c:u i Boys Concert Club-Front row: Charles Hubbard, Pat Harmeson, president, Dennis Lewis, librarian, James Neace, Robert Curry, Herbert Williams, Roy Smith, Jon Burroughs. Second row: Charlie Grant, Danny Lowhorn, Joe Matlock, Clarence Chandler, Clifton Scott, David Smith, Mike Brummett, Rod Lewis, Thomas Garrett, Third row: Phil Howard, Lawrence Buckholter, James Barton, Ken Rynard, Larry Anderson, Bill Hodgson, sergeant-at-arms, Jack Seibert, vice-president, Randy Win- 1 inger, Jim M. Johnson, Allen Glover, Larry Hill, secretary-treasurer. dd f 1 Right above: Mrs. Fanning gets the attention of the Girls Concert Club at the Christmas Con- cert, December 2l. , Right: Boys Octette-Calvin Hardesty, Donn Patterson, Max Rowe, Chris Sipf, William Wat- son, James Jacobs, William Devitt, Randy Brown. Linda D. Phillips, accompanist. Vocal groups put Tech in spotlight Tech vocal groups chalked up a colorful year. Fresh cmd new could have de- scribed Tech's Girls Concert Club in 1966 under new director, Mrs. San- dra Fanning. The girls ioined with the Techoir and the Boys Concert Club at the Thanksgiving assembly and with the Girls Ensemble and the Melodayres for the special Christmas concert. The girls changed the traditional uniforms of dark skirts and white blouses for new green wool dresses. With Mrs. Phyllis Safman, as their new sponsor, T2 girls combined their voices to continue the reputation of the Girls Ensemble. They performed at the Homecoming dance and at the Christmas and Easter assemblies. io W9 -'U Sir-l.a:4 ' 'lag-1.41 The Boys Concert Club ioined the choir in the gymnasium when the opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors, was presented. After the play, the boys caroled at school and down- town on the Circle. On April 28, they participated in the All-City Boys Con- cert Festival. The annual spring con- cert was held in the Forum and com- bined the Girls and Boys Concert Clubs. To end the year the boys had a spring picnic on campus. The Boys Octette staged about 35 programs during the year. The Oc- tette performed at other schools, dinners and conventions. The group appeared on television December T9 with the Techoir on a special half- hour program. On December 22, the Octette caroled on the mall of the Greenwood Shopping Center. The annual banquet was held in the spring for this year's Octette, new members and alumni. Girls Ensemble-Thea Masters, accompanist, Mrs. Phyllis Safman, sponsor, Rebecca Hill, Linda Foreman, Phyllis Brock, Cheryl Harding, Lorraine Hunt, Dianna Caldwell, Linda Darland, Iris Wil- liams, Patti Michael, Nancy Chapman. P .. 1 F i,31.,x o l 'ITQCH HIGH SCHOOL "1 Above left: Trimming the Girls Concert Club Christmas tree was a pleasant task for Jo Ann Irwin, Terry Boyd, Margaret Curry, Doris Elliott, and Lillie Mae Cross. Left: For one of their favorite numbers, "The Birth of the Blues", boys of the Octette really put feeling into the finale. Shown "hamming it up" around William Devitt lcenterl are: Cal- vin Hardesty, Donn Patterson, Max Rowe, Chris Sipf, William Watson, James Jacobs, and Randy Brown. Cheryl Buck waits for her cue on the cello in on orchestra performance. -Q, 5 dx 4-53 - Rf? ' M wi Z' L ,, ca I-,,,... AKG! """"'n 19,5 Randal Brown, with his class, drills his fingers and practices his bowing techniques under the direction of Mr. Brandes. Looking like the bass section of a cool combo are Marsha Witsman, Jacqueline Loswell, Larry Pryor, Kent Brinkley. ,PW U LOD 025210 DQ-02,2 fp 3am m7UO"'1 --rn:-"' ef 0 egg-52 1-C315 -. ETCUCQR -OQKB 1- EUQQI sc 21' 133530 -xLOm.5 0.5125 - . m,.q z7C5ZE0 om-QE 330 " ..-o-o 0.0-5.915 FEP755 z',2fi.14m 291m,Uo 'sQ.:lQ3 L. 143,0- man Q. 3-+1945 '4mEw3 UJI 5 QQ0 4 020 9v5.:,:C gvnsm . 0.4,-,3- :o-fn I3-'Qt 3 cn o.Q53'c Q Dom wCE.O ..-. forum: FQ,-'RSQQJ H Q-O -:P-gsm I E33 azfrf 3' NCD 35hf'5"3 small .. Q. g:l3-. mann? R:-.I 562051 1:..:S a.s oo- 7s"5Jg' LEQQIQ Porfg m gg Clogs 00435 F3--3-L5' rnf"."'Q. www wwe sys-A : '52 'qgpaoarvi-v""'uwffM-V ' V A i M H 3 , . , 2 all "' y ' A Larry Parkey, Gerald Ledford, James Sutton, James Entwistle and Dan Beight join in producing the big sound of brasses and drums. Vlqzrl i i X x Orchestral cs, is ,cy group make f-'eff MMM' ' S New' Reese, Cheryl Buck, Faye Williams, Roger Vitt, John Tackacs, Pamela Phillips, Larry Pryor, Karen Wetherell, Donald Wright, Janis Richards, Paula Scott, Kerry Brinkley, Jeffrey McAtee. Fourth row: Lewis Clark, Bob Wilson, Ain Haas, Gary Ray, Stuart Lawrence, Kent Brinkley, Hans Sigg, Bradley Byrd, Steve Waggoner, Dan Reneau, James Sutton, James Griffin, James Entwhistle. - 3 , 3 . ' 3, 3 1 Above String Ensemble Kris Tomescu center discusses Mozart with Kim Vaughn Robert Davis Hettie Bond Richard Kern while they prepare for all city concert ,gf fm headlines As pupils entered the Boys Gym for this year's all-school assemblies, the big boom of Tech's orchestra set the pace for a spirited ceremonial oc- casion. Directed by Mr. Brandes, the musicians played "Officer of the Day" for the presentation of the American flag. The orchestra performed with the band at the annual spring concert April 21. The Tech String Ensemble per- formed for school activities, includ- ing the Senior Parents' Reception, and accommodated outside engage- ments in their schedule. we 2 Z at t , - - Shiny instruments vibrate to the bright per- formance of Donald Wright and Roger Vitt. Eye contact is in evidence as all focus at- tention on the conductor. Shown are Front row: Lewis Clark, Robert Junge, Jeff McAtee, Bradley Byrd. Second row: Ain Haas, Nickie Hamilton, Ronald Foster. Third row: Gerald Ledford, James Sutton, James Entwistle, Dan Beight, Dan Reneau. 1 ,G 4 5 K f , we 5 , W .A ,L ,' 4, W sift' My, ""'t ssunu ,Q I Q 'VF i Ns-.., 84 gf Drum Maior Don Reneau and maiorette Thea Masters help set the rhythm for Tech in the Veterans' Day Parade. gf Right to left: Gary Ray, James Griffin, Stuart Law- rence, and Jerry Backus, weary from the long march, keep plodding on for the Tech Band. Tech Band-Front row: Steve Waggoner, Jim Griffin, Jeff McAttee, Jim Sutton,'Bob Wilson, Gary Cox, Charles Dinkins, Gerald Ledford, Thelma Hollowell, Ron Foster, Bob Junge, Dan Reneau, Jerry Backus, Roger Vitt, Lewis Clark, John Tackacs, Tom Parker, Gary Ray, Lawrence Broadus, Brenda lsham. Second row: Bradley Byrd, Kristen McDonald, Jane Stewart, Terry Boyd, James Entwistle, Dan Beight, Sharon Clark, Don Wilkinson, Ross McCormack, Rodney Lewis, Marcia Haas, Deb New- kirk, Jeffrey Tandy. Third row: Nikki Hamilton, Cheryl Adams, Mary Wester, Mary Reneau, Sandra Stanfield, David Rose, Mike McDaniel, Diana Wright, Manuel Espinosa, Elisha Madden, James Black, Stuart Lawrence, Larry Auble, Linda Adams, James Campbell. Fourth row: Dave Woolridge, Evelyn Miller, Tony Long, Bruce Lambert, Paul Terry, Larry Parker, Ralph Hand, Kevin Davis, John Webster, Don Wright, Ray Robinson, John Green, Tom Reynolds, Jerry Harmon, Mark Waggoner. ,if , W V0 , A. ,V,:,q,q W S ,X V , , M, ,,, .1.,,,- Qi 1, l t Il I X' '-'35 ii: ,. W "....i """ this 9.2 view f'-4 gf h WH Q, gr Above, Front to back: Steven Waggoner, Laurence Broadus, Mary Reneou, and Ron Foster march up Meridian Street on Veterans' Day. Tech musicians parade in hard-earned uniform With CI roll of drums the Tech Band stepped out onto the field wearing new green and white uni- forms. First displayed during half- time shows at football games, they added zest and color to the per- formance. Members had earned money for the purchase by selling candy and 9- Lv' serving in the cafe at the Mardi Gras. Fans chanted cheers of encourage- ment to the accompaniment of the pep band at all basketball games. Quiet settled over the gym at the presentation of the colors in pre- game ceremonies. Not only was the organization a marching band, but a concert band as well. Keeping up with tradition, they presented a spring concert in coniunction with the orchestra, play- ing selections ranging from show tunes to classics. Left above: Jerry Backus raps out a smart beat letting Indianapolis know Tech is in step with the times. Dance Band-Front row: Susan Clark, Roger Vitt, Cary Cox, Gary Ray, Rod Lewis. Second row: Robert Wilson, James Griffin, Stuart Law- rence, Larry Auble, James Black, Dan Reneau. Back row: Donald E, Wilkinson Jr., Stephen R. Behlmer, sponsor. .ad-K 9'3- Exploralory Teachers-Front row, Ann Wischmeyer, Juanita Silvey, Marcia Bowers, Kathryn Fogleson, Susan Bright, Mr. Clyde Smith, sponsor. Second row: Susan Powell, Diane Roberts, Harold Moore, f ,xy - . .f t 5 mi L: 7, 'M Y ,tw - Mln.,,?,,,3,3 W4 in if ...ff Janice Talbert. Third row: Jeffrey Oliveira, Carol Esarey, Carl Pearson, Gar Rott Nanc Ad Larry Pryor. Y f Y 0mS, Helping Allen Hughes with the mysteries of Algebra I is Ann Wischmeyer, studying under Mr. Stoeckinger as an exploratory teacher. Future Teachers-Front row, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, sponsor, Marcia Miner, Darlene Roberts, Linda Ford, Janice Crawford. Second row: Dianna Roberts, president, Jon Burroughs, Marcia Bowers, secretary, Kathy Fogleson, Kathy Greig. Third row: Evelyn Miller, vice-president, Linda Herman, Carol Esarey, historian, Betty Beverly, Mary Loudermilk. Joumy grcdumefopped apples express Teacher Frederick Bremer introduces Gary Etchison who salutes the men who died at Pearl Harbor on the 25th anniversary of this day of infamy. appreciation through the FTA. 'H' " R 'f as 994' 1 ' "' .1 'Z' ' Q33 - 31 .. WM, . -So fa df. History Club-Front row: Kathy Miller, Chris Russell, treasurer, Barbara Ludwig, Paul Keefe, Janet Morris, Gregory Cavanaugh, Kathy Greig. Second row: Larry Borden, Gary Etchison, president, William Buckley, Eric Boothe, Roger Hangsleben, Raymond Floyd, Dean Carbone, sponsor. Third row: Roy Smith, Linda Davis, historian, Leonard Skarer, Linda Rush, Sandra Gilkey, Jon Burroughs. Fourth row: Donald lmel, Cary Cox, Joseph Eads, G. Rufus Collins, Christian Sipf, Frederick Bremer, vice-president. Janet Hicks enioys the adventure of learning new skills on her DCE iob as long distance operator at Indiana Bell Telephone Company. Techites interested in learning skilled occupations applied for iobs through Diversified Cooperative Edu- cation. In learning and working at their tasks they obtained school credits, one for the related class, and one in the department to which the iob applied. Hardworking pupils got positions at such industries as Eli LiIly's, Stokely-Van Camp, Indiana Bell Telephone Company, and Com- munity Hospital. Lab technicians, long distance operator, nurses' aid, printer, and data processor were only some of the iobs offered. The tw e n t y -tw o teens participating worked mornings or afternoons. Past inspires: future beckons Helping those younger than them- selves, Tech seniors found explora- tory teaching a rewarding experi- ence. Techites bridged a large age span as they took over kindergarten classes in finger painting and gave instruction in high school math. Getting pupils interested in the teaching profession was the goal of Future Teachers of America. They dis- cussed the profession at meetings, and expressed interest in young people by making felt gloves and filling them with candy for children in hospitals. if far-in s 'Q f 4- 1' M 'L YB 3 ,F Q '59 oe 'la , Q, 5 ' 5 9 ..-og .I is A Distributive Cooperative Education Club-Front row: Sandra Louise Clary, W .- ..,'xL'.?..4..A. 7' A H +.",v K . History Club members designed their year's activity to promote a general interest in history. They planned trips to points of historic interest in the state and conducted roll call broadcasts to commemorate historic events. Social affairs rounded off the calendar. Champion, Margaret McCord, Larry Wilkerson, Bill Tracy. Third row: Janice Wallick, Kathy Woods, Donna Maurer, Don Buchanan, Linda Bruce Collester, Jim Osborn, Jim Handy, president, Joe Rufner, David McKinney, secretary, Janet Hicks, Sandra Thomas, vice president. Second row: Jack Longshore, sponsor, Joe Peterman, Terry Franklin, Gary Greenwell, Doug Palmer, Patricia Kiesel. fi French Club-Front row: Rita Corrado, David S. Smith Stephen W. Hooker, Elaine Diamantidis, Kim Vaughn, treasurer, Linda C. Wong, Mrs. Mary B. Bedell, sponsor. Second row: Linda Cook, Kris Tomescu, Jerry Troxel 1 I Susan Newell, Susan Clark, secretary, Candace Purvis. Third row: Linda Ingle, vice-president, Sharon Smith, Ross McCormick, Dan Reneau, sergeant-at-arms, Ain Haas, president, Vicki Roker, Linda Herman. Languages expand world knowledge Baked snails became the diet of strong-stomached French Club mem- bers at their Christmas party in Mrs. Bedell's home. Taffy-pulling and a gift exchange were also parts of the program. Members made and sold piggy banks and tote bags for Mardi Gras. Ain Haas, who studied in France last summer, told the mem- bers of his experience. Club members began German their year with plant-potting parties in preparation for Mardi Gras. Their booth offered potted plants and ar- tificial corsages. Mardi Gras sales were so good that participants en- ioyed a dinner in the Stockholm House as a bonus for their activities. Besides the traditional pinata, the Christmas fiesta of the Spanish Club included tacos, tamales, and other south-of-the-border specialties of Mrs. Lagadon. An October picnic in Brookside Park with a pie-eating contest, and Cheryl Harding's ac- count of her trip to Mexico made up other programs of the year. The Junior Classical League strove to make Latin come alive for the members. Throughout the year the club displayed Latin obiects in its showcase in Stuart Hall. For Mardi Gras, the JCL members manned a gypsy fortune-telling booth. ii li I it Qf:fffi'v.Whsitswfm'R., ""1z'T1, ' T' .M H' J -.--..4,.g9s.,W-,f'f'f""' W S E: g V., ?. i,A?v.'jlgg d, v fi.. J fbbifffif ' me 1 . Z ' 1 ' 1 ' f - 'g -- 5 ' 1 ' ,all iq 'file M, QM., 2, wg .. s 2 'L- ist Jr 'sn .Y 4' " -" - -' 12, lg .N . . vi -i r -'-'J German Club-Front row, Mrs. Susanna M. Underwood, sponsor, Kathy Fogleson, president, Dianna ,. ijgrf.. A , All Roberts, Jon Paul Burroughs, Cheryl Hamilton, Dortha May. Second row: Steve Borden, treasurer, R., ?,,',', .kgiaw ar , i, . . ' N V r i . ', Rita Jane Boyd, Carol Esarey, Norman Hiselman, sergeant-at-arms, JoAnn Rothenbush, secretary, if-li.'ff,ll, -5 ,-ig . ,' , , , , " ' V 151 ', "I L 1 V' ' KW ' Barry Winkle. Kathy Borden, vice-president not pictured. --ff E ,Ql,','o',l, 'lf' " ,.- ' , H y' 4 u' ,HIV -' ., Uk -I A-ra, .Lc6":f' 1,4 .- if 'Hi , 'f 'fl-it Q i 5 v N' in F -Wpvfzjl' 33 . fc. Q ,gl 32 4 i. asa " it' 1 , ul ' , 1 ' in r .' 1 Q gi' ta 'Q " r ' Q 4- . ,, ' 5 litiarfs 5, , 'Q' , i, fo.. aw , -3 r , M, AQ' "tz,o' 63.53" f fo' 2' ' -of W, " ,I 1' . Q 5' -ef .3 ...C'.4.U'xpll,I1 1 c, 1 Lgzff-pf, 5 5 9 -K J, ' ,,- 5 J. 5 s y.pQo ' '1 ' :xyszf Q: , 4 . ,L E " . . ,Q .5 7 , s Q 'O ' " N." w s s ' '4 88 ya s s ,, as ., ...., 5 V mi 2 L ,-.1-1'r!ff 't . f 3 Y 'L 1655? W , 'xi i ., Hi Y 4,9 levi The camera registers varied expressions as pupils have a taste of French cuisine. Jerry Troxel's hesitation results in a thorough inspection of the curious food. Preparing to stab the strange morsel, Jennifer Bonnet "N lr . f wg v - 2":':f". -,5.:s4-1:c- s ,jk f Spanish Club-Front row: Karen Scarbrough, Kathy Scarbrough, Gail Collins, Margaret Curry, Mary Morgan, treasurer, Norma Lines, Mrs. Maria Lagadon, sponsor. Second row: Shirley Ann Mallory, Cheryl Harding, Patricia Johnson, secretary, Dottie Panhorst, Linda Weilhammer, Marilyn Chambers, Barbara Ann Dean. Third row: Leonard Jones, Sandy Stanfield, historian, Paula Espinoza, Thomas E. Leovell, Harry Benson, sergeant-at-arms, Timothy Schneider, president, Marleen Bosworth. wif: ide l . f fl ,' J " , xl ,.i"ffjf' " . svtgggil .r is , E 1 ' i f i? nf-" 'C "1 L Y. 1 -,'::,QK1,. -Q ' km ' X: ggirigyfi' 'Wa J" 'K , " ei-.' R 1 .W wrvml . 5 ,i Ali Q. . Mrs' 0.5, Q f . 5, Hgi.. A R i i AW it AHL' ",. - J-,,,f wi 'xv' 3 ' ,. l tK:fih . " ' ll -' A as x ,i,,L,,, ,mp K ,,, A iist WSH A ,',- 2 X228 J 1.. , Q We evinces disgust. Courage fortifies members Ross McCormick and Cynthia Smith as they eat their snails. ., Q, ' af" ,. ' 1' .,.. . W wg .rf Above: Ferociously guarding its candy con- tents, "Carmelita," a 20-pound papier mache pinata, created by Gail Collins for the Christ' mas fiesta becomes the Spanish Club's mascot. Across page center: Potting plants for sale at the Mardi Gras, JoAnn Rothenbush, Cheryl Hamilton, Steven Borden and Rita Jane Boyd prepare for the German Club booth. JCI.-Front row: Mrs. Virginia Zimmerman, sponsor, Ruthanne Miller, Jan Heatherly, trea- surer, Elizabeth Wright, secretary, Susan Ru- pert. Second row: Paula Rowing, Sandra Gil- key, Jeffrey F. Oliveira, Paulette Suggs, presi- dent, Neita Waldo, vice-president. rrfwfsui I 'I' Y-Teens--Front row: Marilyn Maxwell, Debra Lyle, Pamela Maxwell, Mary L. Franklin, Glenda Pal- more. Second row: Susan Bettis, sponsor, Ollimaria Jackson, Mary Hite, Sandy Green, acting secre- tary, Salathiel Burris, Donna Rowley, Carol Evans. Third row: Mildred Mahone, Annetta Parnell, Paula Espinosa, Dollie Reese, president, Donna Farris, Laura Puler. , ,.,: - ' 1 V Q A V 1 .. 'v f aft, x in W., wx., io Above: Fred Bonnet contemplates his next play in a match against Howe High School. Right: The Renaissance chess set is a luxury feature of the Chess Club, but good moves can be made with less elaborate equipment. Chess Club-Front row: Steven Morrow, Larry Lambert, David Wooldridge, Henry E. Woodson, Fred Hoskins, Gregory Cavanaugh. Second row: Steve Gilman, Harry Benson, Jeffrey F. Oliveira, Barry Winkle, Bradley Nahas, Larry Auble. Third row: Robert Ingles, John Beem, Fred Bonnet, Larry D. Anderson, William B. Smith, Robert Lee Spencer, Isaiah Stansberry. fy-Q Bill Devitt proudly wears the Tech emblem as a member of the Lettermen's Club. io Across Page Right: Nancy Mason and Deborah Perkins get off a fast play in an afterschool volleyball game. , 1 Lettermen's Club-Front row: Fred D. McCoy, sponsor, Calvin Hardesty, Teckenbrock, Jack Schafer, Mike Hickey, Bill Mansfield, Jessie Ealy, Bill Johnny Fogleman, secretary, Jim Osborne, Mark Minzenread, William Devitt. Third row: Leroy Mason, Grant lmel, vice-president, James Price, W. Watson Jr., Jim McCormick, Barry Hammond. Second Row: Bob Danny Pride, president, Glen Bentley, Roger Holder. Clubs score in fun. service. honor Y , 152322 il. 'ci ' A X ,NO e For brains, brawn, backbone and honor, four clubs on the Tech campus can fill the need. Girls Athletic Association provides intramural volleyball, golf, tennis, bowling, and track. Sponsoring the group this year was Miss Patricia Loftus, exchange teacher from Eng- land. Representing both backbone and brawn, are Tech's athletes who have won the Block T, the Lettermen's Club. Their basketball shot project in the Mardi Gras netted a profit to send cheerleaders to summer camp. The Y-Teens collected funds for UNICEF at Hallowe'en and sent let- ters and packages to Vietnam at Christmas. The brainy Chess Club pulled down fourth place in city competi- tion, and displayed their usual acu- men in the first state tournament, held at Arlington High School in April. M 1 ' , ' , , ' ", -- ., New Q A f , , . , up? V y J , A tg' 3 , N f . A , .J .,:'l': fP 'J ' A372 if r V , . J ' . . 31 ' fi? ' 5 J . ' ' "i' ' ' flzzllliffrlflli 1 .1 . .. ,. . W ,, 5,422 H , ? f . 3-:S X f f' ' S . i , l ' g g- i l l R ig A ' I 'L ' ' ' 5 2 i M55 ' l i ri fe, '. ...Q 1-1. Girls Athletic Association-Front row: Omega Hutcherson, Emily Moss, Sandra McFarland, Deborah Perkins, Delores Colbert, Juanita Byers, Geneva Trotter. Second row: Nancy A. Mason, Linda C. Wong, vice-president, Reva A. Gartin, Wanda Lackey, Patsy Ransom, Gwendolyn Peck, Harriett L. Gooch. Third row: Mildred Stransberry, Sylvia Ann Wade, Charlene Thomas, Violet Davis, presi- dent, Debroah Patton, Betty Beverly, treasurer, Donna Smith, Edith Reese. :X-.zfz Hy' 'J' , fm K' Key Club-Front row: Kent Sweeney, Stephen Handy, Don Buchanan, Bill Beck, Guy Luttrell, Charles Silvey, Leo Condos, Donn Patterson. Second row: Mahlon Carlock, sponsor, Ron Rady, Jack Seibert, Dan Polson, Jim Osborn, Martin Toney, Jeffrey Oliveira, Chris Chronis, presi- dent, Donald Wilkinson Jr. Third row: Gary Champion, Richard Baylor, Keg Club. SAO Board log event Key Club members began their year with the Homecoming half-time show complete with floats and fire- works. The year continued with Christmas bell-ringing at Meadows Shopping Center for the Salvation Army, the spring Turnkey Dance, and the campaign for "Join the Bunch That Walk to Lunch." A milk parade around the Circle in cooperation with the Milk Foundation, marked the end of the year. The Student Affairs Organization relied on the talents of its members to sell tickets, prepare dinners and decorate for social affairs as it sponsored the Homecoming Dance and provided four booths for the Mardi Gras. The Christmas Dinner, the Student-Faculty Game and the Campus Clean-up Campaign were other activities of the group. ,Q c X., Gary Ray, Steve Whaley, John Hilton, Cary Cox, Darrell James, Stan Neal. Fourth row: Larry Auble, Jim Jacobs, Bob Clelland, Grant lmel, Joseph Eads, Gary Sanders, Gary Rott, Jim Handy, vice-president. Fifth row: Allan Roberts, Danny Pride, Jerry Dockery, Ross Furry, Mike Hickey, Bill Funke, Jack Schafer, Roger Holder. gf Left: The SAO Board makes special table decorations for the Homecoming dance. Left center: Lending a hand with peeling potatoes and washing dishes, Elizabeth Wright, Susan Harvey, Rebecca Green, and John Hilton, SAO Board members, get ready for the annual Christmas dinner to which parents are in- vited as guests. Below: James Jacobs and Cheryl Harding add finishing touches to the organizations Christmas tree. gr io QQ Across page: Helping the Salvation Army at their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children were Key Clubbers Kent Sweeney, Jim Han- dy, Bill Funke, Jack Schafer, Gary Sanders, Charles Silvey, and Jim Swin- ford. Mai. Harold W. Hatfield directed the program held in the State- house. Star-spangling the November 4 sky, the Homecoming fireworks were presented at the half-time show by the Key Club. Above: SAO Board Front row: Linda Arnett, Nancy Chapman, Cheryl 96-.T W, Wir . Harding, Linda Darland, vice-president, Shawnee Jones, Marcia Mont- gomery, Elizabeth Wright, Debbie Barnes. Second row: Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor, Susie Newell, Carolyn Bunnell, Janice Talbert, recording secretary, Becky Green, Susie Harvey, corresponding secretary, Chris Petree, parliamentarian, Iris Williams, Third row: Vicci Nahas, Donna Blount, ,Thea Masters, Gary Champion, Jack Seibert, Steve Handy, Anita Belding. Fourth row: Roger Holder, John Hilton, Grant lmel, Mike Hickey, Jessie Ealy, Jim Jacobs, Ron Rady. ,rm 'wwf HIGH SCHOOL RED CROSS-Front Row: Cathy Ressinger, Judy Mc- Cullough, recording secretary, Reta Campbell, Susan Rupert, Becky Taylor, Becky Buchannan, Debbi Barnes, treasurer. Second Row: Linda Arnett, JoAnn lrwin, Cheryl Medlock, Patty Taylor, corresponding sec- retary, Cindy Lewis, Jill Armstrong, Bettina Sue Bailey. Third Row: Cheryl Harding, vice-president, Mary Jean Moore, Vicci Nahas, Mari- anne McKnight, Beverly Funke, Kris Tomescu, Janice Talbert, president. Fourth row: Paulette Suggs, Susan Clark, Linda Herman, Rita Faidle Linda Russell, Thea Masters, Linda Phillips, Denise Hickerson. Y, Library Assistants-Front Row: Nora Jackson, Vicky Hynar, Joy Caskey, Janet Doll, Lewis Gibson, Frankie Freeman, Pat Harmeson, Martha Graves, Sue Bartley. Second Row: James Duckett, Jon Burroughs, Rita Boyd, Donna Blount, Terry Boyd, Diane Lowe, Denise Hickerson, Iris Egelhot. Third Row: Cecil Abner, Becky Keutzer, Steven Ettinger, Patsy Colter, Randy Busic, Robert Hirschy, Jennifer Hylden, Fred Bonnet, Bar- bara Keers. Library Assistants-Front row: Larry Brake, Dee Butrum, Linda Clelland, Wendy Ross, Sherry Tackett, Rebecca Wright, Dann Bright, Helen Stephens, Toni Taylor. Second Row: Karen O'Connell, Linda Sears, Deb- orah Newkirk, Dottie Panhorst, Donna Miller, Paula Mitchell, Jan Morris, Linda Quackenbush, Karl Schaefer. Third Row: Maxine Wiggington, Patty Wilson, Keith Williams, John Picot, Hans Sigg, J. Michael Mullis, Connie Tucker, Jackie Zeigler, Darlene Thompson. Judy McCullough and Debbi Barnes prepare a Red Cross box for mailing to Vietnam. ',,-- l as f t 1 3 Service Club-Front row: Judith McBride, sponsor, Frances Bender, re- cording secretary, Marcia Sayles, Ronald F. Rucker, Linda Monroe, Teresa White, Jeff Haley. Second row: William W. Watson Jr., trea- surer, Marsha Shewman, Judy Story, corresponding secretary, Paula Mitchell, Janet Doll, Linda Towler, Debby Clark, Paulette Suggs, Linda Scarbrough. Third row: Donna Miller, David S. Smith, Teresa Remmetter, it--ii .ZQQTZ 755 - F rs- X. -is S ' .. XJ or f Sherry Brannon, Marcia Montgomery, Judy Ann Frantzreb, Annetta Parnell, Shawnee Jones, board representative. Fourth row: William Buckley, Eric Boothe, Terry Gordon, Jerry Troxel, Jerry W, Gordon, Lee Ann Eads, Sue Meigs, Deloris Asbery. Fifth row: Karen Kreiger, Vicci Nahas, Anita Belding, Donna Blount, Robert Spencer, sergeant-at-arms, Becky Hiatt, president, Sherrie Jones, vice-president, Sharon Koehler. Clubs serve school. communitg, world The Tech Service Club's activities activities on Steve Ferguson's win- Above: The Service Club sells mums to gain enthusiasm tor the homecoming game. Below: Library assistants do much work keeping library in order. tw 'r began in September when freshmen tound members waiting to help them through their tirst day. Operating the Mardi Gras C.l.D.E.R. booth, sell- ing Homecoming mums, helping send overseas boxes, filling Christ- mas baskets, and timing debates were some ot the club's tall and win- ter activities. Spring proiects included the faculty Valentine Tea, the Easter help drive and the Clean-up Cam- paign. The Human Relations Committee sponsored its annual slogan contest in November and based the year's ning slogan, "Better Human Rela- tions is the Stairway to a Better Tomorrow." The High School Red Cross spread Tech's influence across the seas by sponsoring school chests tor Viet- nam. Active in city Chapter House meetings, the members also pro- vided birthday boxes tor childrenfs parties. Library assistants helped to keep the Tech Library running smoothly by working at the desk, checking out books, cleaning the rooms, and repairing and shelving.books. Cao sw?- , J . .J f ' D' ref . . ' U 2 5. 'l nm -w , . 5. ,. vig: Wil? ieliirgi-?"'::. '::Q'25-:?:':9?rf1 ,giziiilicz r '-fifE?:k9lf' ii Human Relations Committee-First row: Mrs. Dorothy Stout, sponsor, Marcia Sayles, Faye Frost, Mark Sanders, Lillie Mae Cross, William Guess, sponsor. Second row: Marsha M. Allen, secretary, Ron Rady, William M. Lane, Cheryl Harding, president, Linda Herman. Third row: Charles Thomp- son, Gerald Sears, James Price, Paul Glaspie, Jessie Ealy, vice-president, Albert L. Kilcrease. Closing in on Tech aihleiics N95 iw 45,1 '1 S ' V' 235, ru. . , P 1, . X W' " 4 ,, - if " , QW " 5 ' ,:f:Q4M?' ' 1 wa I . " A Q Z ,k59l" I w 1 . Xbffrl' , ag 4 Sis 'O .-21 . 3 S luv: fs 'xf-Y . ,g. ,J ,I f 1 r 1, 1 T' f .5 if tlyy 'Q' 2 . X 4 55 V . . . E i . its . TECH 'a .X 0, X- ml iffltlfi ?2Ef.EH'2 l , X, . X 5, fs. f2 .fx' Z . ff: V V S 2 :W TECH! 'Qi 4 ll T 5 O sv- 'K 6.5 2 if RQ f :W iv, ffss-asa we .Q- 'mfl Q fgflqfivfifsl 'V -3 AT T' Jerry Ferguson tees off. Golf' team gets in 'swing' of things Spring not only brings out the beauties of nature, but also the Titan golf team. The golf clubs are taken from the closet, polished up, and the boys get back in the 'swing' of things. The players polished up their game as they try to reduce the num- ber of strokes to the green. The '66 golf team, with Phillip Quillin as their coach, accumulated 7 wins, 8 losses this season. A per- son's golf score can vary greatly from game to game, and the Tech golfers couldn't always hit good scores when they needed them. But several of Tech's victories show the possible strength of the team as they beat Attucks 12-O, Shortriclge 11.5-.5, Kennedy l2-O, and Wood l2-O. Jerry Ferguson, Mike Ensminger, and Frank Renfro, three of the 66 varsity golfers, keep a record of their strokes. Lack of experience handed The '66 Tech Tennis Team 9 losses maTched wiTh only one win. The Tifans losT Three in a row before narrowly de- feaTing cily rival Howe 3-4, and Then dropped The remaining six games. IT was a young Team wiTh The ma- joriTy of The boys being underclass- men. Coach John Eason hoped ThaT These deTeaTs and The experience The boys gained from playing would help Them produce a beTTer record in 4 4. I . . 4 u . Y The '67 season. . A .., Lf-,,.-A ' N. . gf, fvimv, Always imporioni is The player's serve ,fyggffy fy J . ,, TECH il T555 V Tvmzsiiw remwsf s s Kokomo L ryi l ' pAfll'19l0fT rlsi T Sacred Hedff 6 "fMcmtJel. V if smmadger 3 Howe xi: v . 'T V3 i'g Cerfffffll, Q , Q3 is 1 , VW' " . fs .X 1 Mike Gemmill shows The balance needed in returning This served ball. K1 J i ',,..-- i A ,1 I r I ' 1 , Hglsliui ' fx -. ' A if' 1' Y -..e-. If -.-1 A KX X f , A if - '- A ff,- . fem , . ,, qs A I ,V,, . .. .. ,.,,, - 1-xwh . pi ennis couris Iivelgg sure sign of spring The Tech players work hard To improve Their game. Milf fr. ...q f M f '-1-gy... x ---ve.-........ Kurs I Slow season for Bat-men ., V. 1.5. Ed Montgomery llettl and Gary Champion lbelowl keep in practice at bat and in the field as they await the busy spring schedule. Xb xxx XQN- . X xi- X NJEQTSQ x row 4. C'-...,ww,s-Q' 6751+ 4 ,- f p I 1-as , I ' . f f wf ix-,sis mrfxfzis.2:'essai9'? .1 ,f H., ,sw . . i ..s,,. 1" ,,-gm," .,,,,- . , ' . f . , ' rp f asv -5, ::'::-is :mf '1 .. i si-3 7 fluff 253 sfikfiff is 'BW iff' ' - . wx: ff na' vw :fri sw Ass :Sir X sfalsff rf' ff -ls A we - T g i .. X f P nf ,ig 'JM J ig -My .35 ,Qu gf -Y -.3xYv ,,,,3,Yjj ' 'ob,iI?f', lfii c , , r ,..V . Byrrgzfrifkbg-Ri? Tech's diamond dwellers, better known as baseball players, struggled Through a tough schedule to produce a 4-ll season record. The '66 Titan team lost many games in the field, as costly errors gave their opponents valuable runs. Tech also lacked an experienced pitcher at the outset ot the season. Bill Mansfield developed his pitching skills through the year with Coach Ivan Moreman's assistance. Bill did some pitching for the '67 team and, along with other returning players, hoped to make a big improvement with the new season. isis' f + reef My fe vs 2.-me wi. was 1 X MSW ' A - 5:'."fg2f35'l',QQ,liEllis A i. 1 y , gssgscql Q .cg Nw ,W,f.,:.4 ,. M swung? we AQ .Q ' X in .- ' 'o wif asm ?'i'i1 iff, as tio? W' 'fw'i.-VKX? ' 1 - it-4aW,,.,. ' T IT seems ThaT "TirsT place" was an acTive ThoughT in The minds of The boys on The '66 TiTan Track Team. The record books show Their achievemenTs as They won eighT for eighT dual meeTs, Took TirsT place in The NorTh CenTral relays, and beaT ouT school rival Wash- ingTon by a narrow half-poinT margin Tor The ciTy championship. Besides The Team eTTorT, several individual school records were broken. Marion Casey seT a new school pole vaulTing record by clearing 13' 5.5". A new shoT-puT mark of 56' 10.25" was seT by John JarreT, and Jerry RoTh broke The old school records in The mile and Two-mile runs. A TasTer mile relay Timing was given by Ron Johnson, Earl Lee, Glen BenTley, and Relix Townsend. Coached by Carlos Bell, The Ti- Tans worked hard To achieve such an ouTsTanding record. Pole vauller, Roger Holder, clears The bar aT ThirTeen Teef. D - 6. ' 3 'A ' 1 s. ' -..,.. MT" L3T"" Tm- 6 'uf N "" l f ....... "FM" 5- M- W.. T we T gl, ' . Wm T 1 ' IT' 'TTJ-TTT"--T--,T - i' I 'z ll: i 1 "YP----L . 'L 1.41 3-fifih-i ."'4, if "'I2"' A ' 'Q' T v........,UT:rz: .0 ,M 'vm . A V R J A TT V ' A ,fx -Q , ,- widen.. - MwE.B.,,,m-, " .M - " ' ': T., w:f.:'.-- V . 4- .'L4:ff" ' - f 1 :On-.' , , .., V "YZ-1-rm' 4, s Ns -.-af! ,hs A . ,s is , , - , .-4. 3--ew 's.,.,, r , V f ' 5 'F .,. f7Qf'g'LW"'-:af " . ' - 'Ni .u. 'JN an Bill Waison Turns corner for lasT lap in The mile. ' il VARSITY TRACK TECH V' 79 Ben Davis -42 y ,y yy , .sqprhporf 27 N 99 V J 'ArlingTon 19 TECH 72 Washington A 8 TECH 97 Warren CenTral 21 TECH X, Shortridge 22 TECH if 'i", 8 0' ' ' SouThporT' 38 TECIH'pic1Ced'firsT in NorTh Cenfrol relays. TECH ' 80 Kokomo 38 1 ,TECH placed 4th in .Kokomo relay. TECH TWH iss in City, Meer. y ' T32 ' Franklin 36 Talenfed Tiians Take Track Tiile Ron Rudy shows deTerminaTion in catching WashingTon opponenT on hurdles. To Felix Townsend. Half of the record-breaking, 1966 relay Team, Ron Johnson passes The baTon 101 ,QS ,fm W. ,W I vw 1 " f :A 4 4 9 1 If 'gl xiiif i f f rf I2 My w'+s'p"c gif em, ,:. XV- -s-f:"-51112 HE' X "5 ?fgf,,:,'jX ' QW LP, Xf'g,2,, 5 A U 'jldmf A 1 s gf", f if-fi x 2. Y :"9'- , Thi W4 'X iz' fi"fvn?,'!9f1S K " "f'x7Y4-'9f'5fS if X' 'fl ' . "lp ' ,amz ' q V,-', Q gl' .-n ?x,"',,. . , , 1' Q AMN? .-"M ,ff ,f ff ,Q ' .- V amz?-' -91?yfff4Ak.'w1ffme fm-Qgiffif. 3 V, ,frfzkyfw 4 . .- gsyxgfg ,i 4 any Q3:.,,v-.422-5.4, ., Q. , ze. . wwf U - . p. 1, -. ,,1g,4wl,,q.gf1z' eg, 5,31-may W. K, Rfk 5 L ,f,5.,.5, Q -. X, ,,4g-fl, W ,ff ,.. S1 Q , ,zswriya , -QQ. YG, 1 " 38 'M' in , 'asvme-f9f,,e,ff,wb.M:ff-2vig,-132 , 3 . ,f 4 ' -,,51..1f N 5343, Zh, ,Syf V , ,f,5QgM,145,,'Zli-Sw 15, 5,150 . V ,, , ,, HU-,I , Hi .I R H. ,a :!v4.9y,l2ii',,? . . x ,, ' ,f'1i4Q' W ' .vsQfW'wfqf,wLgf' " "4 'MWQWQI V raqgv f , Qffggf. MQ, ,jg V jqfrgjg 1 A ,xg-'A,1f':2,Qys,1vf"Lj ,gMQ?j,1f,, gg? 41 'x X fwff' - M Q f' f ' . , .,,, Q , 1:3 'U-' -:I Titan-back crashes through the line for precious yards ITANSJ f AN I Varsity Football-Front row: Roger Holder, Eddie Leavell, Bill Funke, Bill Mansfield, Grant lmel, Louie Clark, Bill Devitt, Steve Beck, Sam Helffer- ich, Robert Childs, manager. Second row: Rick Nichols, Jay Reno, Walter Grundy, Charles Rice, Dwight Blue, Ron Rady, Vic Miller, Bob Medcalfe, Howard Catt, trainer. Third row: Coach Ernie Medcalte, Howard Geralds, The Titan varsity football team searched all season for the winning touch, but had little success as they lost nine and won only one game. Coach Medcalfe and his boys faced a plague of iniuries to the starting team. At one time during the season eleven starting offensive and defen- sive players were sidelined with in- iuries. All-State halfback for '65, Jessie Ealy, received leg iniuries in the second game and was unable to play the rest of the year. Starting fullback, Bill Mansfield also had leg injuries and saw action in only four games. With these two key backfield men iniured, starting quarterback, Roger Holder, was moved to a running back position, and Junior quarter- backs Ron Rady and Preston Abbott alternated running the team. Also dd ..tf1ezs'w. I , ll-'s,Q..w. .gh 4 7725! ,:w1""- mwmc ,,,,,., . ""' h""""""4"l'? x TlTAKql AN Nc in 'I 'lui-was t..,t.?l5 T rtrms Trims , T in the backfield were Milton Allen and Dwight Blue. Allen who is only a sophomore did a fine iob of filling the shoes of the iniured Jessie Ealy, He led the Titans scoring attack with four touchdowns. All the boys were out to win, but inexperience took its toll with the Titans scoring a total of only 65 points while their opponents tallied 296. Tech's lone victory was held till last, as the Tech gridders dug in to beat Shortridge 6-O the last game of the season. It was a cold, wet day and the field was mud from goal to goal, but that didn't keep the spirit from climbing to a peak. Time and time again, Fullback, Bill Mansfield, would somehow find footing in the muddy field and bull out long yards. But it was an intercepted pass and run to the 3-yard line by Dwight Blue Titans brave cold, muddy conditions to down Shortridge 6-0. Left: Jo Ann Irwin witnesses Titan victory despite wintry blast. Dennis Alexander, James Carter, Milton Allen, James Swinford, Bruce Cannedy, John Strubbe, Coach Carlos Bell. Fourth row: Coach Walter Dininger, Coach Ivan Moreman, Mark Winzenread, Solomon Varnardo, Bill Maddox, Jeff Beck, Gerald Franklin, Sylvester Edwards, Joe Norton, Wyman Brown, manager. that set up the Titan touchdown. Two plays later Bill Mansfield crossed the goal line with only 25 seconds re- maining in the game. It was an ex- citing victory for the varsity squad and the Tech fans. This victory add- ed a glamorous touch to an other- wise unlucky football season. Coach Medcalfe talks on sidelines with quor- terback Preston Abbott. . 3' A .A H9195 as Reserve Football-Front row: Richard Nichols, Dennis Alex- ander, William Maddox, Charles Rice, Victor Miller, James Swinford, Sylvester Edwards, Robert Strubbe, Jeffrey Beck, Solomon Varnardo. Second row: Howard Geralds, John Hilton, Eric Taylor, Bruce Cannedy, Steve Grubb, Gerald TTT fc Q 5, 165 TRU A Cox, Mike Johnson, Robert Medcalfe, Tom Avery. Third row: Coach Walter Dininger, Ronald Thomas, James Massa, Barry Jeffries, Gerald Franklin, Robert Gaddie, Don Griffin, Steve Wood, Coach ivan Moreman. Reserve. frosh prepare for varsitg positions Another season of rough gridiron action passed for the Reserve grid- alers and their coaches, Ivan More- man and Walter Dininger. With boys constantly being moved up to fill the varsity iniury list, the team never really was settled enough to play gooal winning ball. Consequently, the season ended with the reserves holding a 2-7 record. Preparation is a key factor for the reserve footballers, as they look ahead to the tough iolo of holding varsity positions. Combining with the large number of underclassmen that held varsity spots this year, the reserve Titans show signs of bring- ing Tech a great season in 1967. Vic Miller kicks out of reach of the on-rushing opponents. rb iv R .A,,,. l 5 rb Sylvester Edwards races down the field on kick-off return. .V if ' W - m a i X fwfr 2' isVisp-,Vg-.,.z.g5s,'-vfis'g Ng rsay fwrmf? is ' se ' ' X, . - QQ - M-: X. .4 5 f , ww ' eye sx:,v-255Jif.r- K i r , gs ' .5 f was-X -pe E7 we .dtgifihnfegvgtg'Qi:1'fgy"1'ft , , Kisses ge n- . .Q gf ASQ J, ' ,yfifsp :sf 5wyx3f5.vsi9V" W ' wig .. -N gs S '.." 'b1S, 1+1s?:- , - Hswfwfl-ffffift I in Maia 1. fs f fvsvi- 'swf-if:-is siJffvi'1giRf5f:f?e?fS . ew s-f.i.s?f1 , .Q A 1, -- wife 1 :rfv:ftgff'fsi5 tfw.ssg2Qs X ,f ' r 'X me t . ' e tvs- li :Pi - - nw- . -. 'V M Q- M. -ffl , iT32Fg'.w .QWMl'SiSi'1?s?Qv,??s2Swift'3'tw . JP' 5132! .., ,in f wfw. ' ' " 'Wag PS? is ww- ri ' 5,-9 'xl , V "M rt " g' . it is 4-if' 'kiiiffgfl - f"5f1l-fiH,2a'?l?'5 I' ". . P' st tif . ' ' T- tvfzigi-iff '-ffidfit-:4f5t'f?fs . 'fi - 1 ' Sr 535 - riwff ' st , X? . f , R+ it qs 41 ta 5... ei ,- zwfsfsmf.e-s,,s.r:v.2.,.se.,,2ftsgewfsgffws, iw, -V . -,. .. we -' , .. " ifiitailffb Q 95.."5H,,yfi1'ge' they fern W tg - ' ' 'T Wl'Eli1it-N.,,ik-f5 :ii- ' ,fit .ni.ssl-m,ss+w91fs?ivf3rw X., tw H 3 ' .i . v.m,a.iMsfsti:,55.1r ,Jwfy-f ez, 'winepswf1igs,,,,miwswssfinivris1' , rdfblgfi , f ' 1, ' 45 K. WJ 1, 5263.9's'-.-ff:i3551f5.,j,gf'igfs53.zge,g:z,4sz,4 ' . V if - , w w , . sgwgfm: wsts'fzsfisW?l555 " 2 f ,milf We-'i+"r'f5?iwf,fire . 2 , - '--it , G: si T-I , sw, :yy .,, , '. V 1 T- r r if . ' Vila. wx ' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL A ' .M -P 'Q TECH 8 Howe 3 W 'lbw TECH o Broad Ripple T.. TECH 7 Cathedral 'wr 'M'-'f I TECH 6 Scecina , K is TECH 32 Creston Q TECH 14 Manual 1 TECH o cmfafd WMD f TECH 27 washington TECH 6 Shortriolge ,.,, N NM .,. g in , is ,M db Ball carriers were stopped for short gains by the Tech frosh gridders. Right: Tech gridders play a dusk game. The Freshman gridders showed hopeful glimpses of Tech's future chalking up five wins, Three losses, and one tie. The boys tackled the iob of adjusting to the rugged game and shaping into a strong team. Steve Funk, at The helm showed enough potential as quarterback To appear with The varsity in The Short- ridge game. Operating behind The quarterback were Jack Harmon at halfback and Vic Breland at fullback. Both These boys played a big part in getting Tech on The score-board. Har- mon's hard running paid off as he pulled frosh high scoring honors with five touchdowns. Another key scorer for The frosh was end Bob Beatty. Passes from Funk To Beatty often were rewarded with T.D.'s Coaches looked to the frosh team for future varsity personnel. Freshman Football-Front row: Henry Carter, William H. Jones, James Owens, John Kirby, Jerry Reno, Rex Marshall, Steve Funk, Tom Hickey, Victor Breland, James Folsom, Steve Caton, Claude Mickel, Charles Mansfield. Second row: Tom Wilker- son, Manager, Harold Rogsdale, Mike Bandy, Kent Clark, Denny Griggs, Steve Ettinger, Jim Oakley, Jack Harmon, Vestal Harper, James Thompson, Larry Herring, Alfred Watson. Third row: John W. Hurrle, coach, Robert Beatty, Byron Terry, Charles Jarrett, Fred Walker, Roger Payne, James Greene, Al- fred Watson, Charles Brownie, Rick Wharton, Jerry Whitaker, manager, Daniel Camplese, coach. c T6 Tifanei-les perform new rouhnes Under The firsf-year direcTion of Sponsor Jane Ann STulTz, The major- eTTes presenTed Tech wiTh many color- ful and sparkling half-Time shows. An expecTed parT of all fooTbaIl and baskeTball games, The girls perform- ed new rouTines each week. Head-maioreTTe, Chris PeTree led The girls as They presenTed The flags aT aThleTic conTesTs and as They marched wiTh The Tech band. The TiTaneTTes liT up The aThleTic events wiTh Their special Talenfs. Colorguord Anita Belding Thea MasTers, Shawnee Jones, Becky Laing. Trumpeteers Sherry Burks Karen Spaw, Libby Hogan, Marlene McCarty. Cross Couniry Team-FronT row: Paul Glaspie, David Bailey, Kevin Lacey, BVUCS MCGGOHW Third POW! -lefome l-Ukef, Bob MCKTUVWEY, Phil BlGCk, Glenn BenTley, Michael Boofer, Bob Teckpnbrock. Second row: Coach Larry DSO, David Cooper- F0Ul'fl"' ROWS GVQQ P0flW0m, l-GUY SebGSfiGF1, Fred McCoy, Alvin Lee, Mike Price, Terry Kimberly, Jerry Taylor, Coach l-GUY RiCh0rdS,JGrr1eS LOrf1GX,Fred Lvier- During The fall season, very few days wenT by ThaT The Tech harriers couldn'T be found running across The campus, Mile aTTer mile was covered, all in preparaTion Tor The Two mile races ThaT compose The sporT cross- counTry. WiTh coaches Bruce McGreaTh and Fred McCoy pushing The boys on, The Team won Two of Three dual meeTs, had Three second places in Triple meeTs, and placed Third of 24 in The Columbus lnviTaTional. Leading The Team was senior Bob Teckenbrock backed by a goodly number of per- sisTenT hard runners. For The second year in a row, Tech's Trosh runners gained aTTenTion by carrying The TiTan banner high againsT sTaTe compeTiTion. They showed greaT promise as They raced To a TirsT place of 14 Teams in The Columbus Freshman lnviTaTional. TiTan harriers race bg opponenTs JV. or, 92, X Bs . wi. vi . W . 't 5' Q .b- N wif X ,ne Q wr 1 'XWQTYQBE-T 'T S' ' ,g 2 4'T'Tf+2'2if iifgwifr A QQ- " ' Left: Shown pracricing on The TiTan Track are Bob Teckenbrock, Kevin Lacey, and Glenn Bentley. Above: Running on campus are Ken Town- send, Glenn BenTley, .Jerry Taylor, Bob McKinney and Greg Parham. 1 'I07 In rough city competition Tech's wrestling team produced two city champions, two runners-up in the city meet, and two sectional winners. Calvin Hardesty and Steve Dildine pushed by Their opponents to take honors as city champs in their re- spective weight classes. The Titan city runners-up were Barry Hammond and Edmund Davis. ln sectional competition Calvin Hardesty again emerged victorious along with Louie Clark. Both boys were defeated in the regional meet. s Exhausled from practice, Hardesty get advice from s tr ,ll seniors Barry Hammond, Steve Dildine, and Calvin coach John Hurrle. Wrestlers come to grips with foes -S We -Snfwm we M: Z9 sw we r 'rc sv:-X K ff Sym safe 'w4fWf9Z1' ew 4.1. Kar iwwui sw iw were M 'r.w1seWNQ4,v.wv,XWS ZX My susan 1 ewes he 5 we WN 44 eww W 'L sv, D, Q ,mws .www me fe we ws as -wg. H.-.ww mv as ZW We gf.. ,X Q. .wssfk we me st ..,, .W ,. V, . W ,s 1, "S5',.1xW.57'45 - -31 'W 9 725 9,510-kf'fi fl ew,,SfYfiZN' 35 0'-x 5'f'i5WE'f'9a.?'TzSl?. 50 U 4. J as we ge QM, X 5 . Q , ' rv SWF! f , WSW: 's"3vftfmN if X ' ' -P f- ze P ,Q,fMs0sasf-- H265 ,gases o Cx'-.Q 2.x-QNQ. , mx Vex. ...QS S393 42: vim f s 'T all QT, HQNZSY2 se , - 4''fQ,2cj , , WA f:,g's5Q3r'iw,t5, .1 , . , ,s - 'awww . 1 .1 Wenssii? x ga.,e'a5s wk. . r X, 5 Qvsmfbxi ??rss.,Qms .-as--as-1 . way A 'L S. N013 -f s Q? 66.3 .sf :wa-liz.. ni A: ,H A 1. fs ' E. v E 'Sf ' f , t ems? ' tQQsztwr?ts"'-- ' " Sw ssikifws-45 as .. AN was N , . .., .s?:9x SQ? .gywSQvNzeSf2q,, We ws S .3 9 ' if :Z X gf cesr'eg?AQgw,.s -,'s2mi.tsQv... ,s ,it ,f. Y .s V. ,Q ,. y,yq,,1? X V tmgysek-wg , ' 'ow Q: .. ,, ge Q. 9 ,-s,,g:.:..fQW - 3 12923, 'I . 'wwf KWQN - Q! Qs X , gas New 1 as sf . Msn. . neose- ., , wiv . . . . wee-il ,, " . X.. ,, ,fda 1 f s, sez: S, Q- Qfiijvffgiwikoewgn ess ENE A gn fs C:- , gigyasmf 1 5-1 'vhgiwa :f..s,+,, go .wxww snNQsses,f,,- , ws Q .vlpywSQf. sw .Q f,gaef.s?ehws-Q. gsewmwf . r 4 asain fe me is. .V Q :X .i'Qf-.gsagffwfewa WSW, 4. . age A X' Varsity Wrestling-Kneeling: Lemuel Stigler. Front row: Calvin Hardesty, Eric Taylor, William Mad- dox, Barry Hammond, Don Buchanan. Second row: Steve Dildine, Edmond Davis, Joe Norton, Louie Clark. Calvin Hardesty, Tech's City Champ in the 120 pound class, muscles his man into position for a pin. s l City Champ, 133 pound Steve Dildine shows no mercy on this Howe opponent. Becky Hill is 'high' with enthusiasm over the Titan Team. "Titan team! Sure looks good to me! Hey, hey, hey!" Tech's varsity cheerleaders encouraged all Tech fans to cheer the Titans to victory. The varsity five with the help of the reserves, never tailed to get the fans' attention as they kneeled to form their human pyramid. And it was a breathless crowd that watched the girls collapse to the floor, but walk away unharmed. The group was sponsored by Mrs. Mary Lou Manka. 1' 4 i X ! fy 5 K M , . '4 l xr' ,lla 41 2,1 V4 X , , L, , 5 4 2 T mr lx 'fszzwffrz K, X y 2 N' Varsity Cheerleaders: Susie Harvey, Iris Williams, Becky Hill, Jill m strong, Patty Taylor. Cheerleaders scream for victorg i li i it si tl N are .il f , ,,. wwf A E, 1 Pi gi X' . 'sr we-..:m . 'L-4217 ' 315 "iff ' Mc, ,X As the human pyramid collapses, things don't always fall the right way! i's QQ ,mf if 4 ,V 1 is 1- f A Q The T966-67 TiTan baskeTball Team followed righT in The sTeps of lasT year's STaTe Runner-up Team and gave The Tech fans anoTher season of Thrills. CompleTing The year wiTh a 23-4 record, The boys again Took The SecTional crown, buT bowed ouT of The enTicing sTaTe TournamenT aT The hands of ShorTridge in The final game of Regionals. The baskeTball season was a Thrill- er from beginning To end as The ciTy compeTiTion gave The TiTans reason To be on The ball. ln The second game of The schedule, Tech baTTled neck To neck wiTh SouThporT Through one overTime and finally beaT The souTh- siders in The second overTime. One of The mosT hearT-breaking momenTs Tor TechiTes was The loss To ShorTridge in The ciTy Tournamenf. IT was The final game of The ciTy meeT and The Teams were evenly maTched for four quarTers. Three overTimes laTer, ShorTridge came ouT on Top, de- feaTing The TiTans 82-77. The follow- 3 Tilan couch Jack Bradford's changing expressions reflecT The many moods of a hardwood coach, ThoughTful, confident, nervous, disgusTed. y l 1 'TWT , 'AYUQ T-i Jumping high above Their opponenis, Jim Price T301 and NaThan AppleTon reach for The ball. ing week, Tech again played ShorT- ridge and Took revenge on The Blue Devils by beaTing Them 67-54. In secTional compeTiTion, Tech de- feaTed Broad Ripple who earlier in The season had beaT The TiTans by one poinT. Afiucks and WashingTon Then fell To The TiTans and anoTher SecTional TiTle belonged To Tech. The following week-end in Regionals Tech Trounced Plainfield buT was ouT- scored by ShorTridge in The evening game as The Tech players couldn'T find The buckeT for an enTire half. The highesT scoring average for The Team belonged To Gerald Sears, and following close behind was Jim Price. Doing a sTrong iob of rebound- ing was senior Ross Furry and under- classmen NaThan AppleTon and Ro- land Richardson. All The boys on The Team played To win, and iT was evi- denT as The TiTans, under Coach Jack Bradford, kepT up ThaT winning Tra- diTion. Tech rabs secfionalsg Nathan Appleton l54l and Gerald Sears i241 geT in The rough rebounding acTion. an fm KE E if ' l 1 5 ., -' , fr , .t l its t X V X ' x lt f . 3 N l, f My , ' 1' 'ilifrl' lk Cf ri l ' 14 am fig? . psalm i! , Eval lb M.. :all Varsity Basketball-Front row: Jim Price, Marvin Tardy, Gerald Sears, Catt, Assistant Coach Carl Meditch, Roland Richardson, Nathan Appleton, Danny Pride, Edward Glass, Ray Roark. Second row: Trainer Howard Ross Furry, Dennis Korres, Jerry Dockery, Coach .lack Bradford. has Q -4 season record The Titans listen to Coach Bradford quietly during half-time and then return to the floor for more exciting action. Ross Furry takes the rebound as Jim Price looks on in this game against Howe. db Foul shots were essential to Tech victories. The Titans work The bull against cz sticky Soufhport defense. Plover V. 1 f T f 9A3KE?3?f1K!3!f A T , hjj1iIEQQ!'i "-- 02 QV y:f:.5 lwdffen fC9f1tfi2?f'2If4f3' v , V e ee ee fdQvbfee'f .evefeeie T i f-TECH, ff eeieh ' e'-Q f Q,' 5 43551 ,"le '21 ' 45 ihr, T if !iQif33??5 Xbee '5M9Tf2Ci9.i7iC?2fiif'f3I 67, v-v, ,.7- T T V f F e 'f ' i 4 ,e X b 5 LV i Avay MSM,,.,.,.57!,f, ., , ,, , z, V ,i gi ,f , ., X-if 2. ' X f 1 if-' '-Vt? fzggifx 'nfirf - V .:,. if ,,, A,Q, V... ,.,, . -Q 1 j2,gv:vcxw 2 'gdkfsm ' zynef, ' . ic? Je ff W Q ri 0 I NL f f V ffffwf Q' -:QM Q: .- fr 24-g,t2","--2+ V -ffg,iiw.:,g gN:i.-ez:EwXe4.'-5131-'?.1.e3 LVL 4 X Yf?!t'lf:?QfgiJ " " "uf " ' f me- ' f Z 4Viv'f?ZV'X-Ye-Faifa?-iuiiiy 'K-Gwf T191 X',SNffiwf,-rx,-.SisW' -ff-. - 42,0-2 fggm, A . - .VWW5 Y f-Annie sg... . f., - 2 44 We ,-1eQ,QSgQ?if4w 'jeu 1. 31:53, 2,-f4sgfg,,' 4-fffgigem iv. 275: il- ' -1 ' .fifl', 5' - if,Z?fQZ'1-?Tf. 13, "TM K "' xi fin, 7fj"f'i'3:fz! 59533 5 Ti- was . wifi." '- - 'Q Wfwwf+::'C Q. ffm. Q Q g f. few' Q4 f,r'vn- 3' wifi fi 'ef-f 'W ' We' 'ffm Sf?-ff?-i ',f,m.Qf3fmise, 1, .QM ,ff.ff'.w eww si, f' ia- vi A v- A -mvqwf r. J. vw f r ' 'X ",1':'s9X if Trainer Cuff ropes i i., i i i bl Aflucks Lecivell-s Tech Though Price is on the ball. Senior mnioreftes perform of The Sadie Hawkins game. f Vi 'W sm ge up Jimmy while Nofhcn and Ross prepare for c game. if Ax r I ,. I LJ-' ' E i K NAL. sf i l It was a common sight to see the Tech gymnasium crowded with fans to see the Titan teams in action. There to greet them was the reserve team, hustling up and down the hardwood with their competition. The reservers played before the varsity basketballers and usually got the X I t fl .V l 9 Q -'Q in-ff' It Reserve Cheerleaders-clockwise: Becky Buch- anan, Janelle Boykin, JoAnn Irwin, Getsy Hopkins, Rita Campbell. v . . X 'ex' ' . ff, " .f ' '- cs' . ' ft' - F x 'F' C 'Q Reserve fans cheer their Titans to victory. y a 1 if . by ir t l X 5. -il N crowd plenty excited with their en- thusiastic urge to win. They split their season with ten wins and seven losses, lout they worked for improvement in team and individual scoring as the year pro- gressed. Behind the boys, as their chief adviser was Coach Carl Me- ditch. Net reserve wins balance losses A TECH TECH TECH TECH f Yffiffflaf Q ' IECH "rl,'. ' ",X L Q' sweets C' X 4 ffm fg. , 2 5 si r.rr tl T 38 735 .53 hill f 15.1. 5?l??'Q?90 ' C Ben, Davis f f Aifffscks 1 5 s ' "l' Ceiifiql Lebevoh 1 f X Centra! i Q r ' ' -Manish! T 34 39 'i,. W26, 29 CST. , sac 49 37 44 41 Reserve Basketball-Front row: Charles Rice, David Mitchell, Tim Schneider, manager, Robert Gad- 1 die, Tony Hillman. Second row: Coach Carl Meditch, Billie Taylor, Willie Hawthorne, James Lewis, John Hilton. . CH , 'iyt ,:g,,5e-,rf ffi,. gf, .:ff -' 4 aol ' fzfsflneamszvw 1 R X '.i" r 45- - -trr C7553 r.i'. T s teen 1..' ,c,' qs 6' . Frosh games have all the speed and excitement of varsity games. Freshman Basketball Front row Roger Stark Charles Coleman, Fred Luten, manager. Third row: head manager Danny Nooe Ronald Mason Jack Mike Willivms. l'leV1"Y CUVTEF, Kyle Fort, Tom Harmon James Thompson Second row Chester Hickey, James DOr1ElSOl'1, COOCl'1 Ernest Cline. , i .-11?,.i..5.g 1 We i Frosh chalk fast bucket season Competition was plentiful as the freshman hardwooders had a hard time convincing several teams that they weren't losers. It was Coach Ernest Cline's job to choose his players from the many that tried to make the team, and then to mold them into an organized ball-club. Several boys advanced to the reserve team before the season was over. For them next year could hold another step up the ladder as Tech athletes. TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH Darla nd, Marsha Shewman. Frosh Cheerleaders: Susie Cutchaw, Linda Rhinehart Linda Chapman Karen rb Titan trophies: State Basketball Runner-up, 1966, City Track Champ, 1966i Howe Invita- tional Wrestling Champ, 1966. rb Athletes. fans bring honor to Tech Many factors characterize the Ath- letic Department at Tech. The out- standing athletes and their will to compete are the major assets, but other items complete the picture: hardworking coaches, always behind the boys, the high-spirited school body cheering for victory, the maior- ettes, pep band, and cheerleaders devoting their time and talents to the athletic events. The reward is great for all. The trophies pictured on this page are only symbolic of the Titan victories. It's a great honor to receive such awards. But the school spirit, deep pride, and feeling of having ac- complished something far exceed the value of the trophies. Along with victory, is defeat. To accept defeat in a good, sportsman- like manner is an accomplishment, in itself. The Sectional Championship at Hinkle Fieldhouse tell to the T967 Basketball Team. Back at the Tech gym after the game, team members Jerry Dockery, Ross Furry, and Jim Price and Coach Bradford enjoy their victory at a special pep rally. The Class of '67 was organized in The spring of 1966 when the torch was passed from one senior class To The next, Right: Danna I-Iant, '66, passes The Torch to Jeffrey McAtee and Janice Talbert, representatives of The Class of '67, Middle: Seniors march to that final moment when they will become graduates of Tech High School. Bottom: Seniors modeling their academic gowns are Fred Bonnet, Brenda Hightower, Jim Mc- Cormicl-A, Gary Rott, and Mary Stuart. i i .l Looking head As The sun rises over The compus, symbolizing The beginning of cidult life, Bonnie Fuller gncl Jim McCor- mick of The clcxss of '67 pouse for ci lost remembrance of oloys of Tech. 2 gi ,. ,S - 4. .-195 .-To ., 7' ' -fm... 'T't,,v7g-s ,bfi u., . 1 ,GJ wiih fhe class of '67 be " W ,XM ,,..,,., JM, , ,gzkfiwi cf-, c SPONSOR Miss Marguerite Hardy fu 'I ' ff,-una? ,, :Z 95 ' it ' 13 A f ,-... yi f5f,:,, ' QL ' "1 ,mlm iivfssfv-,. .rg w g 3 i,.:....-L y ,i-gg,1g.,.3.,'jf. 5,4-,iz .gzzargzgmirfgc f x,',- f1:..C :HIT-11' --'Z:::11v... i ,u i Al ff'fT"flf??p i- ffzck'1E5?i::::lEl1:SE3ra-.. 'wi-'2 Mrs. Carol Bean 34 K 'M E P" Q' z J i bf' Miss Mildred Corrie Miss Lois Sink fun Mr. Gerald Lamkin J we 1 All wg '1 ' it q WY Q.. all L irylv , JV Mrs. Christine Bennett 190 153 300 400 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Steve Brown Marcia Bowers +4 if R 1- it-4 My ia.: t. 3 Bill Devitt Linda Downing .lim Jacobs Susan Harvey I ,. ., V, WW. C., A A iw f :E.""l, H: K. l .. A I 2? Q y I . ' .ii ' ' bg . 4 y 4 In .I T r- ll Jeff Mentis Patti Michael 4-,.....-is 15. V yi i : bf-:'Q3e' Susan Newell Daniel Polson H5525 . 1 142153 jf , il!" fl vig , 'Q N 5325 Iris Kay Williams Robert W. Todd SECRETARY TREASURER SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Bob Brewer Kathy Borden Jim Amato X x R S19 Janine Fogleman Louis Clark Bill Funke 2. 5 Michael S. Hickey Becky Hill James Handy ,ff.s,s.,1. ""' - gf' ' 1. ij ' is .O Ron Morris Jeffrey L. McAfee Marcia Montgomery Gerald Sears Janet L. Plummer Jack Schafer 9 K , W grin! 2 Q 'mul '9 , , Q . MN :ll NV! ' R . 1 Janice Talbert Charles W. Thompson Timothy Taylor Kal' -'agp-, . '. M A 3:13 fl '1!H'v:.,: '. s- Mya, -1 ii . 1 .E-:SLN ' 'ss . ' 5Tfe4,3 E' 3 . 3 x 1 me 'BF' . if Qi 5 4 ,gy . 15 ' Q9 . Q as ' The six gavel-wielding presi- dents of senior sponsor rooms include Stephen Brown, 1907 Bill Devitt, 1537 and Jeff Men- tis, 7. 437' Mike Abbott Bill Adams Nancy Ann Adams -6 ...dudv Nw' WA f-.-5. 1-nn.. if 'Y ' ww' 1 4 'K f -t 44,5 -2 ,eww 4 dang "QQ i"9WQl-M , 54" as 1, x 'Y 4 Qi of A, Y If 4 'ar-W f 1"f"3-""Ri, Evvr' --...... .Q 79 ,. ., '67 Susi Adams Kay Albright Rita E. Allen Paulette Anderson Clifford Armstrong Mahlon Arnett Roselyn Artist Doris Asberry Vicki A. Austin Jerry L. Backus Lela A. Bagby Alan Baker Joyce Baker Ronald Baker Perry Ball Tom Bare Jesse Barger Joyce L. Barker Nancy A. Barlow Gary W. Barr Shirley Barringer Dianna Bartholomew Donna Bates Ronald Baugh Steven Beck Mick Bemis Paul Bender Greg Bennett Chester Berry John Birge Brenda Ann Bishop Carol Bloom Dwight Blue Libby Bonds Fred C. Bonnet Terry Borgan Danny Bowers Chet Bowman Merle Bowman Hollie Allen Boyd Jim Boyd Ruby Boykin Ron Brenner Patti Ann Brenson Ronnie Bridwell Susan Bright Kent Brinkley Kerry L. Brinkley Lawrence Broadus Louise Brooks Charles E. Brown Donald Brown Jimmy Brown Stephen V. Brown Janet Brummett Mary Ann Bryant Don Buchanan Sharon Buchanan Carolyn S, Bunnell Greg Burgett ' 5? V avr X E f -gy,-.-, :li 4-"- , ' if ff Nd 2Vxg,w,'i3?s r Q , , -vizxgytgh.,-,jx t 'K J -ff-,sro ,.,v.,s..,za far 'Inf Across page above: Jeff Mc- Atee sternly keeps order in Roll Room 7. Center: Linda Monroe clowns with Jeff Men- tis, Bottom: Studying doesn't seem most important as Jeff Mentis and Dick Sexson ioke in the library. Top: Janice Talbert, secretary, reads the day's announcements in Roll Room 6. Center: Jeff Mentis, and Marcia Montgomery carry on the business of Roll Room 7. xb- Mr! ll 4 ft, M if A Y rf sie'-fsf' g Ag .:. - ,, 353 Zfgsf-ga: -1 A were ..,,-f Q, . .. . W . . s. i A 1 - 1 "' Q ,.. , .,!,. ,ruin -1 , Q 'T 3 A ,-.-.. KV? -,v W- . ' it A Q ,fm , t . , . , 4 Z ,, X L . J: if up .Q . .-,, A M y 158 . 5 gk .I,1.wQ- J X If .- git: ' 5 t QQ I 5 5- .. . , 4, .sm .5 " ,Z 'T . ' fad' iq-ggnr 'nw 11179 '--eq. l 15 at, :I .-1:52. x ' wifi?-E s., 4 04 t .4 V 1 Y., Je, ., ,. "- fs- .. I 4 7 I "vs,-'11 sz, f 1 if V- N.. f 5 Y N -W 6 en- ,Qf f if N fn 4 , V54 " 'St if Q' ar 1 R 28" S 4 . , My ,f 'fsrssifm-'Q 12' Q W -M -nr 4 .. 4 f ! r if 1 -, 'E K 4 4 K X9 1 4 if was xl 5 t i 4 Q AW ,I ii f rf, . ... gf "'1'3' , 4 '- T Eli ' 7" ,f JB .' V494 ., if wigs. -"-1 we ' . ' 35? A .f 5' We .. I 2 1 'If . , 1, , Q1 7 A111 'fit mi 1 . f ,NES 53 .A 3. 51 'wp 9 ' 3 4 1 'L 1 X, 1 .AX I Mary A. Burns Stella F. Burris Martha Jane Burse Cindy Burton Randy Busic Juanita Byers Bradley Byrd Edward Cabbell Stephanie Cabbell Elizabeth A. Cabell Agnes Cager Charlotte Cagle Randy L. Cagle Diane Caldwell Jerry Canatsey Joyce E. Campbell Marcella Carey Fred Carpenter Jacqueline Carpenter Mary Carter Mary Casey Gary Casserly Carol Catellier Viola Caudle Gregory Cavanaugh Kenneth Chambers Roscoe Chambers Nancy Chapman Doris L. Chappell Charles K. Chris Chris Chronis Bonnie Clark Sandra Clary Robert Clelland Bonnie Cline Relis D. Cline Jr. Jerry L. Coe David Lawrence Coffey Jerrold Coleman Bruce Collester Connie E. Collins Glenn R. Collins Jerry Mitchell Collins Mary Elizabeth Collins Mary Paula Collins Patricia Lou Collins Patsy Colfer Beverly Compton Gerry Conner Mary Conry Alice Cook Larry W. Cook Susan A. Cook Jerry D. Cooper Janet G. Copas Marilyn J. Copeland Henry Cork Rebecca Joan Corley I X 955 L 4 K' V Q J W v . , .fx ,,,. ..,, 7 . . . , ff, Mfg Dior. sax. '55 X "' SNA MEM, all up , Q l Q. S' 1 ' F K Being measured for cap and gown is only one of many dreams that become reality for seniors. 2 visv .A '- f ' . --",. Sf if lg. i , J X A Q, . . A. ' 7' We Q lsf, 'sm 42 ,Aw no ,WM F f .1 , 7. , . ..- 1,5 db V Roll Room 7 seniors find that entertainment, organization, and a sense of belonging all combine to make a senior roll room something special. Shown above Kathy Karol, lin backgroundl Becky Laing, Marianne Mc- Knight. rx 'FFR' A '-- jhf.z.jsQ,,qI F W s 4. . 1,,.,,s .QI 1 self? Q. we ' N's..s-ef 1 Rita Corrado Geraldine Cotton Linda Courtney Linda Cowger Cary Cox Ph K aw, ,vw l I I , 'ijrgffr-2 .. 3 hr Y I 4 5 Lihle green and white 1967 ribbons are treasured possessions that indicate the high status of senior. uv N J v f pf 4 A 'fs rs X il X. X 5 4 F , Xt fe-ans A, ,BAP ' "":1 'fr w , 'SWK -fb mdk 'I K ls 5 2 X iq, Y 'yr ,,,i X G W 4 Er' sway' Wi" TW' Gary Craighead Marilyn Crandall Lillie Mae Cross Mary Dalton Damon Davis Ed Davis Gloria Davis Linda S. Davis Paul C. Davis Violet Davis Stephanie Dawson Brian S. Dean Julia Dearmin Debbie Decker Max Decker Milton Dickerson Steve Dildine Terry Dillahay Charles Dinkins Gene Dishman Danny Doan Lorra Dobbs Jerry Dockery Kathleen Donoghue Henry Dorsey Roberta Dotson Gary Drinkut Valarie Duerson Patricia Sue Duncan George Eads Frances Elliot Michael E. Elliott Ruby Ellison Art Enlow Carol Esarey Floyd L. Evans Rose Marie Evans Judy C. Farley Norman Ray Farrior Austin Fleming Andrew Fletcher Claudia J. Floerke Kathy Fogleson Ernest Lee Foley Ronald Foster Nick Fougerousse Darryl Franklin Madelyn Franklin Mary C. Franklin Terry L. Franklin Judy Frantzreb Paula Frazier Faye Frost Bonnie Fuller -W.. -me ff df WX ,.,,.-e 4' '-29' sid! 2. ,. 5 YCHOL Lf -'uw Q "To study or not to study, That is the question." is r ff f wwf? M 1. 3 :X f- 5 133 i f' . Rv 4. fr .1 Ac... ,, 'w N lnusq human-4......., """""'-mush .gg llllnqgfwh 'W ' . lg Qmyir' , -2 -A. .f..... "Whether 'tis nobler of the mind To read of the books or to dream of the boys 10,1 , V I f' -c -v. 3 4' ng 1 lr L 5:2- 1 sei iv- ,Q J '.....f -.,..1 G. V, 1 LQ Ifhhffiigii, l ' fl im " ies, .V . Q,-., And by opposing fail The finals." 'fir si., if Q x ., N Aff ff f ?'5bx A iff, fl Q-f y ,,.,..,, 1 " "bt , vb v A 45 1 v :QQ A I .sy S2 me If .,,. . . f x ' 94 We X 2 I 391. A ff, , Sys Q Av , Q1 f g my 5 K L f f , f, f 1 Q, f X Q f -,Q-,,....... ........,,.......,...M.-,,.,.. .,. V4 W -wi Q4 -vga-wg-w....,,-... 5 Q 4 4 Q 'Q Hmm-mv! L, 9255, f. ' Jim 'Sufi ' ' ' l -V V-mg k . ,W ff s 1 'z lr' xi, gill' A ,ff -iii... ' ,FN R xii 1 l A 2' n'x Ross Furry Pat Gaalema Larry Gabbei Pamela J. Gardner Phyllis M. Gardner Vicki Jean Gorey Edward Glass lvan Glasscock Ann Goode Fay Gordon William Gouge Margarer A. Gourley XA., ,-39" Jan? art .. W- , l. "" Vmxvmvwfnwme V Omg The best laid schemes of students and teachers . . Tlod:gZ?nY'r:grfqrZnce To pass V ,Zi T7 v .. C 2 1. ' S' if 1 ,fi fr L 0 M i-. i 1 ,fi L , -, . 'Y- ? is W . Q 5 lg L Q uf 50. I e if an . W 6 I f-arena. . .---.-4-.- Joyce Gravens William Gray Bonnie Green Diana Green Melvin R. Green Ora Mae Green Dave Greenwell Carol Jean Gregory James W. Griffin Becky Griffith Gregory G. Grimes Steve Grimes David Gross Michael L. Grubbs Robert E. Gulley Linda Gullion Cleophas Hall Jr. Gina Hamby Barry Hammond Darrell Hannon Calvin Hardesty Barbara Harding Cheryl Harding Patrick Harmeson Y ,,,2rsw1S E ., 5 Www 1 r. if ,. M Q, '9 . 4.7, 5 t y ce,-pc. iii Zsmsc 'ti 'X , twiflg Q r 3 . '- R ,Wag 5' . . A Ax? -Nw. , 1 ",,:.- jkfi .... 1 , me X 0 rf Participation in the 1967 National Scholastic Arts Awards Contest, spon- sored in Indianapolis by L. S. Ayres and Company and the Indianapolis Star, netted awards for several Techites. Ron Foster received a Gold Key from Wilmer Counts at the ceremony lbelowl for the photograph shown above. r b f5"fKYU35'W,f' 7, V 7. , f M W yn -lpn! 'J 5 I .f . . .S ks .Y wwf :gmt ,fc ' 'Ziff f'-JZ' i .P ,.:?.-.' 2 . . , B if M- ff , W ww f ' ez fm. . ' '.t,,2:- - ,g V ...rr ,. .,w. - . .fe , i ' f . . I .- 1 ,i In ...X .At...,,..,f.-,3w31,.:: ...z:,,. .A Mary Harris Cora D. Hartwell Stephen L. Harvey Jackie H. Hassenzahl Otis M. Hasty Sharon Kay Hedderich Linda Heitzman Glenn Heldman Sam Helfferich Cynthia B. Herbert Sherri L. Hessman Becky L. Hiatt Janet Hicks Brenda Hightower Marketta J. Hines Robert Hirschy Norman Hiselman Gloria J. Hockman Libby Vernaye Hogan Roger Alan Holder Carrie N. Hollowell Mary Holmes Larry M. Holtsclaw Scott Hon Barbara Horton Duane Howard Leon F. Howard Denver D. Howlett Dennis Hubbard Peggy Huber Glendell Hudson Linda S. Hudson Raymond E. Hull Lorraine Arm Hunt James Hylton Elaine A. Illey Grant Imel Mickie Ingalls Tom lngalls William H. Ingram Bernesfine Irby Floyd Ireland Brenda A. Jackson Steve Jackson Sue Jackson Charles James Cheryl James Darrell James Michael T. James Debbie Jefferson Bill Jefferson Gerald Jobe Anna Johnson Donna Johnson Janice Johnson Judith A. Johnson Judy Johnson Richard Johnson Russell Johnson Wayne Johnson Beverly Jones Menfha Jones Robert L. Jones Shawnee Jones Sherrie Jones Carolyn L. Jordan Charles W. Jordan Dennis J. Jordan -Z.. ds 'Qi . , if dl - . 5542 VA ss ::'.:zg., f 12-- ko- - ' W: 4' - - -.zz I, 1 .'4.' . , ,Y x Q fx .ff 1 F v XX fy HQ K dd ff sm I 5 Q A . . X xi 4 ,fic " KW X '84 Y 'hal' As Tech's representative to The annual Bellamy Award ceremony, Jeff Mentis presents an Arsenal Cannon yearbook to the 1966 recipient, Cherry Creek High School. f ll it 3 , e X Bw il X I' Il 1-17 Q ,p V . W His exceptional work in English merited Jeff Mentis the honor of being a runner-up in the ninth annual National Council of Teachers of English Awards program. Miss Gertrude lnsley, contest chairman, presents the certificate to Jeff. S 4 E S s S 5 ? s gl' Keeping up on current events, Susan Newell pre- pares for participation in the Hearst Senate Youth Program. Right: Anne Stewart's accomplishments were recog- nized by the DAR Citizenship Award. OW' 'K alwfyvlfwa xo'-94' ' fa'r-In, it L rfxggff xfs Q Q Stir -A' 2? M X, QI' ' M ' .4-new-' Jose Joven Jim Joyce Bob Junge Kathleen Karol Dennis Korres Joyce Kashon Doris Kelley Rick Kelley Sherry Kelly Elizabeth Kern Sylvia Kern Becky Keutzer Sueann Kidd Pat Kiesel Gary King Suzan Kirby Sharon Kissee Mike Kitchens Doris L. Knox Michael Kramer Michael Kulik Paula Lacey Becky Laing Debbi Lane '67 Beverly J. Leveque Edward Lewis Stephen F. Light Richard Liming William Lindsey Evelyn Livers Diana L. Livingston Alan Long Samuel Lott Danny Lowhorn Michael Long Sue Lucas Gary Ludwick Janet Luedeman Mike Lumpkin Patricia Lund Brenda Lyles Mark McCarty Diana McClary Linda McClary Margaret McCord James McCormick Joseph A. McCormick Eugene McCullough WV? 1 Q 0 X I Els Y -db .J s X .par X cs x N + si s ws KW K X N E X ' - - h MS ' i s 4 ark msgs A- , W., , U l Y s, fy ' . ' ,,:rr, , W, , . ,.-...ref . Za , - '-1121iLs 'f - ' MQ, . . .Ip-1 ., U, ,, sv , ..:rr . . se f . A 'W 'ilk A i Q 1 fe .Ah..:.'i-,L .', 42. P P i. 'Cl S .' ..w,.,.'c,-, L. - is by s ,, rf l rf Top: Susie Harvey began her reign as Senior Basketball Queen and went on to rule as Tech's Basketball Queen of Queens. Above: ln an all-chool election Becky Hiatt was chosen to represent her school in the Indian- apolis Christmas Parade as Tech's Princess of Light. ui 'Sw' Z- r J ff, rf w -W7 EM. X W fl l rf Top: Senior Becky Hill ruled over the November 4 Homecoming Game festivities. Above: As the Concert Orchestra's candidate, Doris Asberry served as Mardi Gras queen early in October. Minnie McCurry Fred McDonald Libbie McEvoy Tawanna McGee Chet McGill Mark Mclntire Donald W. McKinney Linda McKinney Marianne McKnight Marty McPhearson Celina Madden Patsy Mahurin Shirley Mallory Bob Malone Linda Malone Gary Mansfield Linda Mansfield Bill Mansfield fm Phyllis Ann Marks Gary D. Marsh Phil Marshall Doris' face records the excitement, surprise and thrill of being elected Mardi Gras queen as Student Activities Director Robert Meyer announces the 1966 royalty. Thomas Martin Charles Martindale Joe E. Mason Charles E. Mathes Thomas Mattingly Donna Maurer Marilyn B. Maxwell Linda F. Mayes Larry D. Mays Carol J. Meade Stephen L. Meid Sarah L. Merrifield gs, :Eff -239513.-if iff. F? " . 1, . f S2"1:1.if 5: '-Q 'ii " ":- '- 1 puffy,--: ,, , , ,. i.. , .. N KPN 1 N' .-fi 1 ' - 'Q as V 'R li V iwfg K . 'il' ffw- 1' 2' I '. -ri 2 'gg ff ' ' . -1, ' -V my . . . ' 1 ' ' " . few- ,-Aiijgff V' W 'L , 2' .,.i. . 5 .vi,. , .4 , , I sf-fumes.-':"':-" fs J fr. ' V, "XJ - 'f " Q-1: E Y' z I .7 Ve " at-'frimz ' -.M lr ' 1 an . 1, P l If ft. :ffl-l .rtyr Q, f , ensu- -,Q y, V- f 1 ,Q 21,24 Q . aw? A g. am. , - . lj . 1 f-' Q ' ,Af 1, .',. 1, iff 1 ' i" T . ., . 3,1 fg X4-.'f,, .3 fy, f: ,'1,r. gf The 1966 Junior Prom was the first event of the Class of '67. Above right: Prom Chairman Jim Jacobs counts the coathangers that the junior SAO Board members collected to finance the dance. Right: The exciting hard work of decorating the Cafe- teria for the Prom falls partly to balloonman Bill Devitt. Above: All plans completed, the Junior Prom was presented on May 7. NT wan lvl, S ,IW YN A fp! F ffrs , , S Stiff X ..,c C ,..., X 34.4 f f s .ffyff .L rr F55 IFS if X 5. X A --ii s is Z.. L .ur ,W-mvhuomqam es. 1' Continuing the transformation from cafeteria to ball- room, Carl Pearson ltopl and Dick Sexson mount ladders to decorate the ceiling. '- 1 'T , it 'ffffjffi 1 i i i m A i 4 J 'Q ' 1 3 A v , v 1 i V,-..,:.,...,, .. t "A' if- VL?:,f.2 . 2 Q 0 If ,D .904 .L 1, I ey, 1 N r 46 If - ,Z-:'ff , -N -f :k.f5f-'FQ' xx: 4-qua ffzigrg -w?.f-55151 'I ' " , C .. 4 ' f 1s.'. M, , Iwi- w f a-'nw' ref - ,. .V 'fu 1- lx-1 -93- yf i . f- , ,ft-W.-M X. ,- . 5,3613 'I.P"fj A . 'a-.A .r V '44 aw, 2, ' w 4 1. f X ,eiigrvig . ' V 7' ' I Q:- Q l1g'WnwY cf , Y. ,f -3-:rw fvxwi y f We ...auf . ' f -'l,..Jl,,,,sl"'f.' 'lil ' ,Wav aff' .vii , X .it ,Xt rx C x,,. N V L 1 ' iii I A to ff i 5, .V 5, I A rlgjifi .'?2.",ii'L:',. . 1- I qi v wg 55 tm Lawrence Miller Ruthanne Miller Joseph L. Mills Sharon D. Mimms Donald G. Mitchell William Monday Linda Monroe Deborah Moody Charlotte Moore Harold Moore David Morgan Chris Morton Charlotte M. Mosley Robert L. T. Mosley Linda Moulder David Mullinix Rebecca Muse Linda Myers Karen Newkirk Pat Nichols Carol J. Noakes Robert Norris Leo D. Odom Jeffrey Oliveira Franklin Oliver Lawrence O'Neil Jim Osborn Jacquelyn D. Owens Doug Palmer Mike Palmer Bonnie Parker Phyllis Parker William Parker Carl Pearson Michael Pedigo Laura Peeler Steven Pendleton Brenda Perry Joe Peterman Christine Petree Mary Lynn Pfeiffer Linda J. Phillips Michael Phillips 1s.,. ,,,- a ' ' I , W. K 1 , emma wwf ' 'Q'-'n tri 1655 Z' 3 Jer- W f '- i , .4 x ,f l i. l I Football King Gary Rott reigned over Roll Room 400's Homecoming float. f ,.,. fg5?Q:25.gfraQr ,X I 4-'Mhz .1 fl ff Q - ii 'dum-wr 3-1 My Yr 1' 'S 'M "' 'rw , , 44 1 1 . 5 I ' Q sm J . L- so v 1 ' yn-we A 'ls Qi' g, 4 f X I -.-4.,..,,y FK-3 TC Above: Room 153 admonishes the Titan football team to Turn Knights Into Daze at the Homecoming game against Arlington. Below: Winning first place for their homecoming float, these Techites represented Roll Room 300. I .W , L ' ' Peggy Phillips 'filff' wif t sf-'f' ' lm- 'l Dixie Phoenix ff' V Q-1,1 .JP A 'L' 3 Pat Pierson 'J Viv' 1 Janice L. Ping A rm ' A Wanda Pipher K N M Neil Placek -Q-Q 1 - Q W1 X 1 , 3 T if 1 ,Xl A Mary Lou Polk Billie Polston Carleen Pope Jerri Potter Doug Powell Susan Powell V'-"'2PP'4l Ps J? Roll Room 190 leads fhe 'mon feom in "bUHdozing" fhe Arlington Making their boast for Tech, Tom Mattingly, Patti Michael, Linda Monroe, Linda Knights. McClary, and Ron Morris, man Roll Room 7's float. Q 3 23' I 5' fi W ,- 'v ' ' ef' fllfri .3 iff L . W " i I sligaiamf SLM it Q Expressing high spirits and great hopes, Roll Room 400's Homecoming float Intending to saw through the opposition Roll Room 6's float shows the is symbolic ofthe Tech will to win. rugged determination of the Titan team, Janice Price Tom Price Frank Proctor Barbara Pruett Dennis Pruitt Chester Pryor Larry Pryor Sheryl Purdue Steven Rader Bill Ragsdale Belinda Ransom Gary Ray Dollie Reese Linda Kay Reeves Tommie Lee Reives Lu Reynolds Annie Rice Rosemarie Rice William Rice Gary Richardson Sandra Richardson Maria Riding '67 we swag' It-new . ,fi , , i. . guy, 'repo 'Qui gc -, -' '-:.:..-:rf ,. '- . ff a-fs. i -fe-w .' - , zz: , :.. ,. I 1. ff' l f'i . wg' if ,M 1-V ,K c ,ff V' ,M . . . , +1 6 1 4 ' -in 3 Y .i Q23 QW 'Pi x 5 Fred Riley Bob Rinehart Dianna Roberts Ray D, Robinson Louise Robinson l"SW"'3' gl' Senior Picnic Committee-Front row: Linda Heitz- man, Chris Petree, Susan Bunnell. Second row: Rita Corrado, Clyde Tittle, Libby McEvoy. 4.1- Xmmum-. 1 Senior Scholarship Committee-Front row: Marcia Montgomery, Jeffrey McAtee, Rita Corrado. Second row: Nancy Adams, Susan Newell, Dianna Roberts. Third row: Jeffrey Mentis, Cheryl Harding, Lorraine Hunt, Linda Davis. Above right: Representatives of the Scholarship Committee pre- sent the Block and Gavel to Roll Room 300, awarded to the senior roll room with the highest grade point average. sr i 417' gl li mnlmqmvlu U1 xl 'xw Q Convocation Committee: Jim Sutton, George Eads, Cheryl Harding, Juanita Silvey, Tom Mattingly, Fred Bonnet. '67 Below left: Cap and Gown Committee- Front row: Deborah Moody, Mike Abbott, Sylvia Taylor. Back row: Chris Chronis, Gary Ray. Below right: Vespers Committee -Front row: Diana Roberts, Lorraine Hunt, Dianna Caldwell. Back row: Jerry Dockery, Jim Soltau, Steve Meid. :Q i ,si i 5 , fc V 2 wk is '52 lit . , .C-51' f . 1,2 5 X vu if X X K sw-W' Sr? .. . L .,,,, J .L .,.., V to -WW :fi A Max Roe Michael Rogers Michael Roney Dennis Ross Linda G. Ross Claudia Rossman f ' 1As,eg,1f,31 c if 1, R 1 , wi., 4 sf . ,ss . .. ' - m v , Kia gig! C , A ,c , X. i. Q f NZ? x , ., .,.i, ,Q W Gary Dean Rott se Q 1, s it ' gy F2 255 John Rouse gb Rickey Lynn Rozzell Ken Rynard Q- sf , ii-L ,,,. , John RUSS 52 ,S L 5 14.2. "1 im! u,r4,1,5z C 4-NQ.,:.'!' f .1 rf '31 Gt Rainelle Rutherford Harold W. Slater Pam Sanders Chester Satkamp Tom Saunders Linda Scarbrough Rebecca Schultz Bob Senour Cheryl Settles Richard Sexson Dean Shanklin Roger Shockley Bill Sickle Hans Sigg Juanita Silvey Arthur E. Simpson Christian E. Sipf Harold Skudrovskis Donna Lee Smith Nita Smith Mike Smith Robert D. Smith William B. Smith William H. Smith Howard Snorden James Soltau Becky Spalding Karen Spanik Sharon R. Sparks Jerry Spaulding Kathy Spellman Robert Spencer Charles Sprankle Noah Spurr Roger Stallings Regina Stanton Jo Ann Steele Anne Stewart Jerry Stewart Sandra Stine Judy Story Garland Stovall Daniel Strubbe Mary Stuart x . . ,Vs ,. -, M. ,.,: ,- ,if is my ' ,rf 3 ,,,. :SWT -S, ,qgw Q y 1 N F .Q " 5-S Q3 - Qi .-s. x . it sf , WC ,,,., Y .,,, . W, we 1 -'asf ' 1 i, . SWNQS , .,,s ' ' ' ' ' f' ww if if' E, . ' , , 'J 55, ' -fi 3 if t w ig ?vai'a,. f ---' , ,q 'iw-2 -f ' A M ' 31 Q ' ' Q, .,,,,,,,. Q as-l X iii-'zf ig I-,E S :,' - "ff'-.!fjf"f15i:fQQfQfEQs,' i , 5,72 5 7f?f,w21'2'1 . 6. f:. 5 J , ..,, v 1 f, , 2."': '- l. Wm ,- J fg if 7 , V r ,, if Senior Colors Committee: Bonnie Clark, Rebecca Muse, Jim Griffin, Paulette J- ' Suggs, Linda McKinney, Susan Bright. lkightl Prom Committee: Front row: Marcia Montgomery, Becky Hill, lris Williams, Janice Talbert. Second row: Steven Brown, William Devitt, Marcia Bowers, William Funke. iv- Q f ft? Si gg, ' 'if ., .X .- , X K Y 3 K, Kg ,Q .1 Ng W hi :P-'Es - " logs? firm X K ,, Q ,.,yvz..-M-1 'E w gk .W -"' 4 my ,A - K ' ll5"'3"i, ff Q X ,,.4.," .. 4, ii L14 ,- uo" "' fha-" 1. -3, ..,- - - -i, ,. ' 'Ji 5, - J . .+ 1- , . . X i , as---, 2- .Q 'WBT 95 ll-, 3.. f- :HT ll.?:-:Www 7 H' ., . -. .- . .L -, -. -- l. .,'E?.-.gM. W,-,f,.,Q5fx J., -' fi T.,-"'f7'f 4 'IVE ..4. '- 'M I, ..A, xl. - ,-:yy ww., , Qu- Gui ,. L-.. 'Af' aw-3' . we . in,-i iw! it e"5f.v:T'SL' ' as ". V, - W? 4 ml w.,.s3', M H, ,W ,. , '35 4'-549-, .- - Q . iB,,,N",,-N1 519. '5m..,".- 1 ',"'V",.' 'NMI . -1' -' ' Nw iam'-'.'i -LL..-0-' i J Aff' "ft'i1Y' iv-:J 1..,.- "-' -.U'-ww 'WfllZ..:.:'1'-1,.f' 'P' .--'mg fJ.fQfr..M:tft 1 l,,,,,., ,,. I I We .. 4 I , l. , ,,,N,. E WM , K, , J 3, ,-AXQW-, v-eh. Y-Q.,-Uw.v.A IF--Us .5 Va., v..954,gg, wi,,F5fQ,,i,g,, f T A k, X V-W. ip" 'N 'f 1' 35,533 1-,, '," 'Q 1 - 1 ,s":S2" '-,f . ' V , JH , v ,' t V-, f- ..- , 532 A .Y-.,,y'.,,-Q ."" -s lf , E. ' . 42553 1, ' ' "" '- w.1'.,l,:,'5 ""f,,s- Sigh--1. , . " - Q- - 1: ""?,552'f,5.-,ffrfgbf-1 " A-, " ' X 4- W- '- A'T3"fnf':X1FA'f1'3"f':f'?:'if'!f'-T ft' li ' L" -i- ' " ' ' 'J! f" . fi-SWIG-f--,:1" , 3711 J- V- vw i if 4. i - Y. i .- ...ea -,..,,,-Q..,y . i, ,.,,,. -- 41, M. If ,. -.- v J - wi 5 1- . N ' ' N izff. .-'tg-ti?-ff' ..,, , " ' H ,,a.1"f?- fi. ' :Nj--F L vigxiifft . - .. -:H 4 ., ' Q5 , 4: 4Qf:",:.t-,,.,:-el. ' . -rw ,-'26 'fe e, .5 1-elsif 1 i.',1t1fv?H4qll-mu , ,--1:-' if i , P' swf- js. ' 'Q L-A4441 82 "' Link.-grie f'-g'-' ' '- C N , , Ai -,Wjni-,..vsu f 1 , . - , -. .. .' 5 h , 4 ., ' '-'r as ' ifq issiit-tliuiri r 1 -12.21-v-,,i 61' -' K ' '1 mi? X ' . 6 W . V. ,5g..y,, ., , gp- ., Aw A if V: Al M F - V 4 33.123 4f,iX:c?H?W?5,ipisi. J H ? Q Q V 1 Qi 5 , K vEE.,J. 'li - A I ,.WKa32'e.: - 49.1 :git V, ,,-.fg gggj k ' , ' ' ,, ',1 fr-lj,-:N X ,, .,"f 'Hg .' ' '44 ' 'sa X- 546' J -X uf. W: ' 1 -1' , .Ph ,g 4 - ,wi di Q. 4vK,..., .il W ,. ,, ., ,fr , f '- A . Ta Gm' '- .g 3,5 , . aga r :LN t .2 is f ' is .. -1. 1 ' - ug .Jffghf 4551. it if ,,,,sef' J A -:Ll M" ws Semor Gift Committee Janet Plummer, Louis Clark Jim Amato Susan The Class of 'I967 .35 ,5 -1-"""r I WK ll '35 if i 'F -Lvl ll of X presented a bronze seal as its gift to Tech. , 1 4 rm ,f :ISL we-.gfxw X y X f N I l Q aes f ' '- fy iw' tl M, N k 'L J :ri an vie w 1 wwf W ww I f y ."-ml.-Q '6 . ME qs: ,Ccf.9!" Darlena Varnado Roger Vitt Steve Waggoner Karolyn Waid Eugenia Walker Regina Sturges Paulette Suggs Steve Sullenger Jim Sutton Marvin Tarcly Jerry Taylor Peggy Jean Taylor Sylvia Taylor Bob Teckenbrock Marilyn Thiry Elaine Thomas Sandy Thomas Virginia Thompson Marsha Thorndike Cylde Tittle Harry Todd Kenneth G. Townsend Bill Tracy Betty J. Trotter Raymond Tunstall Howard VanCleave George VanSickles Judy VanWye Frank Varble J 1 Dave Walker Leroy Walker Linda Walker Sherian Walker Janice E. Wallick Wanda J. Walters David R. Waltman C. Stephen Waltman Matthew E. Wand Lois Washington William Watson Ora Lee Webb Charles E. Weber Patricia Wabster Jerry E. Welch Carolyn Welter Lee Ann Wendel James Westmoreland David White Jeannette White James A. Whitfield Marilyn Wilkerson Larry Wilkerson Hallie Williams Herbert L. Williams Thomas E. Williams Jim Willner Steve Willoughby George Wilson Randy Wilson 7 , 1.-WV.. 536. Q, . , we - ,- ' ' , ' , V-,i f 'P . 1 , -siefffs. ' , .. ,Q Kgs r X ., JK' X FX nf:'1c:r t 1 it ., sf. nw I if "1 y ,il , Mi 9' if ll .'-i X'-" 1 , .,'.i . lk' 1 ,:- 'W 'x" ' A RQ .lk lx RN li 9, Ne, , . A... QA V-H' ,.,s.,,.,: i 1 ,K :.-..:,,s,. 5 , it 4 v w X - X N L . ,L A iss X Tech Legion-Front row this page: Captains Nancy Adams, Susan Harvey, Susan Newell, Co-commander Cheryl Hard ing. Second row: Larry Pryor, Gary Ray, Dianna Roberts, Gary Rott, Gerald Sears, Juanita Silvey, James Soltau Anne Stewart. Third row: Principal Howard Longshore, Elaine llley, Grant lmel, Linda McKinney, Marianne Mc vi 4 5 , I Knight, Stephen Meid, Marcia K. Montgomery. Fourth row: Carol Ann Esarey, Janine Fogleman, Anna Fogleson, Wil- liam Funke, Carol Gregory, Louis R. Clark, Linda Heitz- man. Fifth row: Frederich C. Bonnet, Marcia Bowers, Susan Bright, Dianna Lee Caldwell, Nancy Chapman, Chris Chronis, Bonnie Mae Clark. l ,- Q i wi if is X RX? Ag , x XX X MA 1-uf sgfel, , ' VY ew stil' ,Qs Tech Legion induots new recruit Front row this page: Co-commander Jeffrey Mentis, Cap- Son- FP'-"Th WW: Michael HlCkeY, -le"fY D0Cke'Y, R0b9ff tains Janice Talbert, Paulette Suggs, Jeffrey McAtee. Hl"5Cl'iY,N0l'm0Y1 HiSelmCf1. Gl0fiC1 H0Ckm0Y1, l-lbbY HOQUU, 5egond row: James Suffonl Sylvia Rae Taylor, Cp-,Cries Linda Sue Hudson, Lorraine Hunt. Fifth row: Mary P. Col- Thompson, Iris Williams, Ann Wischmeyer, Lindo Wong, lins, Rita Corrado, Linda S. Davis, William Devitt, Rebecca Third row: Deborah Moody, Rebecca Muse, Jeffrey Oliveira, Hill, HenfY D0f5eY, 5390799 50135, -595556 L- EGIY- Michael Palmer, Carl Pearson, Colleen Petree, Daniel Pol- Marybefh Wilson Larry D. Wilson Michael Wilson Ramona Wilson Robert Wilson Stanley E. Wilson Van Wilson Ann Wischmeyer Linda C. Wong Daniel R. Woo William H. Woo Keith Woodard Linda Woodcock Kathy Jo Woods Henry E. Woodso Donna K. Worley Samuel Worth Philip Wyeth Janice T. Yates Dorothy Young Jim Young John E. Young Western Young Wilma Young L egg, D Class ol 1967 ABBOTT, MICHAEL J.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, Basketball. ADAMS, NANCY A.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Thespians, NFL, Drama-Speech Club, Quill and Scroll, Speech Team, Cannon Weekly Staff, Melodayres, Techoir. ADAMS, SUSAN J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. ADAMS, WILLIAM RICHARD: English, Music! Boys Octette, Techoir, Boys Concert Club, Concert Band, Cannon agent. ALBRIGHT, LORRY KAY: Business Education, English. ALLEN, RITA ELAINE: English, Home Economics, So- cial Studies. AMATO, JAMES VINCENT: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics. AINLDERSON, PAULETTE MARIE: English, Social Stu- 'es. ARMSTRONG, CLIFFORD ARNOLD: Electrical Trades, English. ARNETT, MAHLON RONNIE: Auto-Aviation, English! National Science Club. ARTIST, ROSELYN: English, Home Economics. ASBERRY, DORIS SUE: Business Education, English, gacgal Studies! Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert U . AUSTIN, VICKI ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. BACKUS, JERRY LEE: Art, English, Social Studies! Concert Band. BAGBY, LELA ARNETT: Business Education, English, SAO Executive Board, Music Club. BAKER, ALAN KEITH: Auto-Aviation, English Mathe- matics, Social Studies. BAKER, JOYCE ANN: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies. BAKER, RONALD LEWIS: English, Printing! Letter- men's Club, Football, Track, Basketball. BALL, PERRY ARNOLD: Business Education, English, Social Studies. BARE, JOHN THOMAS IToml: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. BARGER, JESSE JOE: English, Social Studies. BARKER, JOYCE LYNN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. BARKER, NANCY L.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. BARLOW, NANCY ANN: English, Home Economics! Girls Concert Club. BARR, GARY WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. BARRETT, JOHN WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English, Wrestling. BARRINGER, SHIRLEY A.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens, High School Red Cross Club, CANNON agent. BARTHOLOMEW, DIANNA: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics! Canon agent. BATES, DONNA KAY: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. BAUGH, RONALD LEE: English, Social Studies. BECK, STEVEN E.: English, Social Studies! Letter- men's Club, Football. BEEM, JOHN J.: Auto-aviation, English! Chess Club. BEMIS, MICHAEL DALE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Future Teachers of America, Service Club, Baseball Basketball, Football. BENDER, PAUL DONALD: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Cannon agent. BENNETT, GREGORY ROBERT: Auto-Aviation, English. BERRY, CHESTER LAMAR: English, Science! Basket- ball. BERRYMAN, DAVID WAYNE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. BICKLEY, STEVE R.: Business Education, English. BIRGE, JOHN EDGAR: Business Education, Electrical Trades, English. BISHOP, BRENDA ANNE: English, Music, Social Stu- dies! Music Club, Spanish Club, Techoir. BLOOM, CAROL ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. BLUE, DWIGHT PHILLIP: English, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling. BLUITT, EDDIE: Auto-Aviation, English! Football. BOLAN, LORETTA GAIL: English, Science. BONDS, ELIZABETH ANN: Business Education, En- glish, Mathematics, Social Studies! Music Club. BONNET, FREDERICH C. III: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Cannon Yearbook Staff. BORDEN, KATHRYN MARY: Business Education, En- glish, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Stu- dies! German Club, Future Teachers of America. BORGAN, TERRY LOUIS: Building Trades, English. BOWERS, DANIEL ROBERT CDANNYJ: Electrical Trades, English. BOWERS, MARCIA KAY: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Future Teachers of America, Messenger. BOWMAN, CHESTER ORVAL: English, Social Studies! Techoir, Melodayres. BOWMAN, LEE JOSEPH: Business Education, English! Football, Cross Country, Baseball. BOWMAN, MERLE LEE: Building Trades, English. BOWMAN, RONALD L.: Auto-Aviation, English. BOYD, JAMES HANSFORD: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. BOYKIN, RUBY M.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens, High School Red Cross Club. BRENNER, RONALD LEE: English, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club, Lettermen's Club ROTC Officers, Football, Boys' Concert Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff. BRENSON, PATRICIA ANN: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, High School Red Cross, Y-Teens. BREWER, ROBERT LOUIS: Drafting, English, Social Studies. BRIDWELL, RONALD LEE: English, Metal Trades! Chemistry-Physics Club, Drama-Speech Club, Na- tural Science Club. BRIGHT, SUSAN KAY: English, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Service Club. BRINKLEY, KENT LEAN: Auto-Aviation, English! Ten- ms. BRINKLEY, KERRY LYNN: English, Music, Social Stu- dies! Future Nurses Club, G.A.A., Concert Or- chestra. BRINKMAN, BETTY J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. BRITT, RITA DARNELL: Business Education, English, Social Studies. BROADUS, LAWRENCE JR.: Building Trades, English! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. BROOKS, LOUISE MARIE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. BROWN, CHARLES E.: Electrical Trades, English. BROWN, DONALD: English, Mathematics, Social Stu- dies! Chemistry-Physics Club, Drama-Speech Club, History Club, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Techoir, Boys Concert Club, Concert Band. BROWN, JIMMY: Drafting, English, Mathematics. BROWN, MADELINE JOY: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies. BROWN, STEVEN MICHAEL: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. BROWN, STEPHEN VINCENT: English, Printing, Social Studies. BRUMMETT, JANET K.: Business Education, English! Drama-Speech Club. BRYANT, MARY ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. BUCHANAN, DONALD E.: English, Printing! Key Club, DCE Club, Wrestling. BUNNELL, CAROLYN SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board. BURGETT, GREGORY V.: English, Science. BURNS, MARY ANN: English, Home Economics! Dra- ma-Speech Club. BURRIS, STELLA FRANCES: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. BURSE, MARTHA JANE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. BURTON, CYNTHIA LOUISE: English, Music, Social Studies, Music Club, Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Girls Concert Club, Cannon agent. BUSIC, RANDALL STEVEN: English, Social Studies! History Club, Spanish Club, Service Club. BYERS, JUANITA: English, Home Economics! GAA, Girls Concert Club. BYRD, BRADLEY ALAN: English, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies, Drama-Speech Club, Thes- pians, Techoir, Concert Orchestra, Concert Band. CABBELL, EDWARD WINSTON: Auto-Aviation, En- glish, Social Studies! Wrestling, Football, Track. CABBELL, STEPHANIE RUTH: English, Home-Econ- nomics. CABELL, ELIZABETH ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. CABLE, MICHAEL JAMES: Auto-Aviation, English. CAGER, AGNES MAE: English, Home Economics! Basketball. CAGLE, CHARLOTTE E.: English, Home Economics. CAGLE, RANDAL LEE: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Wrestling. CALDWELL, DIANNA LEE: English, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies! Music Club, Techoir, Girls Ensemble. CANATSEY, WILLIAM GERALD: English, Social Stu- dies! Cannon agent, Cross Country. CAMPBELL, JOYCE ELAINE: English, Home Economics. CAREY, MARCELLA J.: English, Home Economics. CARNEY, DAVID LEE: Electrical Trades, English. CARPENTER, FREDDY D.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! German Club. CARPENTER, JACQUELINE: Business Education, En- glish. CARTER, MARY L.: Business Education, Social Studies! Y-Teens. CARTER, SHARON MARIE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Y-Teens. CASEY, MARY ANN: Art, English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies. CASSERLY, GARY LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. CATELLIER, CAROLYN SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. CAUDLE, VIOLA PRICILLA: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies. CAVANAUGH, GREGORY: Drafting, English, Social Studies! History Club, Chess Club, Service Club. CHAMBERS, KENNETH WARREN: English, Metal Trades! French Club, History Club, Radio Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball. CHAMBERS, ROSCOE BUCHANON JR. Ill: Building Trades, English! Basketball, Boys Concert, Concert Band, Music Club. CHAPMAN, NANCY ELAINE: English, Home Eco- nomics, Mathematics! Techoir, Girls Ensemble, SAO Fun fest of the year, Sadie Hawkins Night marks the end of the basketball season ond provides seniors their moments of mod merri- ment. CHAPPELL, DORIS LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. CHILDRESS, SANTHA LEVELL: English, Science. CHRIS, CHARLES KENNETH: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies. CHRONIS, CHRIS STEPHEN: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, German Club, Tennis, Techoir, Boys Concert Club. CLARK, BONNIE MAE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. CLARK, LOUIS ROBERT: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Ser- vice Club, Football, Wrestling, Cannon agent. CLARY, SANDRA LOUISE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! DCE Club. CLELLAND, ROBERT LAWRENCE: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Key Club. CLINE, BONNITA ANNE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! GAA. CLINE, RELIS DEMPSEY II: Business Education, En- glish, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Na- tural Science Club. COE, JERRY LEE: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. ' COFFEY, DAVID LAWRENCE: English, Metal Trades. COIEEAIQAN, JERROLD EDGAR: Building Trades, En- g is . COLLESTER, BRUCE: Drating, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! DCE Club, Natural Science Club. COLLINS, CONNIE E.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Girls Concert Club. COLLINS, GLENN R.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Natural Sci- ence Club, Service Club, History Club, Spanish Club, Wrestling, Cannon agent, Speech Team. COLLINS, JERRY MITCHELL: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies! Cannon agent. COLLINS, MARY ELIZABETH: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Spanish Club. COLLINS, MARY PAULA: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Cannon Weekly Staff. COLLINS, PATRICIA L.: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies. COLTER, PATSY DIAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! History Club, Library Assistant. COMPTON, BEVERLY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. CONNER, LUCIAN GERRY: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. CONRY, MARY B.: English, Home Economics. COOK, ALICE: English, Social Studies. COOK, LARRY WAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Track, Cross Country, Basketball. COOK, SUSAN A.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! High School Red Cross Club, SAO Executive Board. COOPER, JERRY DALE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. COOPERWOOD, CLAUDETTE: English, Home Eco- nomics. COPAS, JANET GAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. COPELAND, MARILYN J.: English, Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies. CORK, HENRY HAYDEN JR.: Auto-Aviation, English! Track. CORLEY, REBECCA JOAN: Business Education, En- glish! Service Club. CORRADO, RITA A.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club, Concert Orchestra, Cannon Weekly Staff. COTTON, GERALDINE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. COURTNEY, LINDA: Business Education, English, So- cial Studies. COURTNEY, RONALD CHARLES: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Golf, Tennis. COWGER, LINDA: English, Social Studies. COX, CARY: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, History Club, Concert Band. CRAIGHEAD, GARY: Art, English. CRANDALL, MARILYN FAITH: Business Education, BOYD, Home ALLEN: English, Social studies. Boafd- English- QE Q6 CROSS, LILLIE MAE: English, Social Studies! NFL, High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, Girls Concert Club, Debate Team. DALTON, MARY: Business Education, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Cannon agent. DAVIS, DAMON HUBERT: English, Printing. DAVIS, EDMOND P.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Track, Wrestling, Boys Con- Cent Club, Techoir. DAVIS, GLORIA: English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, High School Red Cross Club, Y-Teens. DAVIS, LINDA SUSAN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! History Club, German Club. DAVIS, PAUL CRAIG: English, Social Studies! Na- tural Science Club, Techoir, Boys Concert Club. DAVIS, VIOLET JEAN: English, Home Economics! GfAA, Future Nurses Club, High School Red Cross Cub. DAWSON, STEPHANIE LOIS: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. DEAN, BRIAN STANTON: Building Trades, English. DEARMIN, JULIA BELL: Art, English, Social Studies. DECKER, DEBRA ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, DCE Club. DECKER, MAX D.: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. DELK, NENA SUE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. DEVITT, WILLIAM J.: English, Social Studies, Letter- men's Club, Key Club, Football, Techoir, Boys Oc- tette, Golf, Wrestling. DICKERSON, MILTON: Art, English. DILDINE, HERBERT STEVE: English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Wrestling, Football. DILLAHAY, TERRY: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. DINKINS, CHARLES WILLIAM: English, Social Stu- dies! Concert Band. DISHMAN, GENE B.: English, Printing! Service Cl b. DIXOJN, STEPHEN: AutcrBody, English, Social Studies! Chess Club. DOAN, DANNY EUGENE: English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies! Key Club, Quill and Scroll, Cross Coigcttry, Track, Melodayres, Techoir, Cannon Weekly Sta . DOBBS, LORRA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. DOCKERY, JERRY: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Basketball, Techoir, Baseball, Concert Band, Cannon agent. DONOGHUE, KATHLEEN: English, Home Economics. DORSEY, HENRY: Art, English, Science! Art Club, SAO Executive Board. DOTSON, ROBERTA: English, Home Economics. DOWNING, LINDA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! ROTC Sponsor, Cannon agent. DRINKUT, GARY: English, Mathematics. DUERSON, VALARIE: Englsh, Home Economics. DUNCAN, PATRICIA SUE: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies. DURBIN, VIRGINIA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. EADS, GEORGE: Auto-Aviation, English, Science! Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, NFL, Speech Team. EALY, JESSIE LEWIS: English, Mathematics, Metal Trades, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, SAO Executive Board, Human Relations Committee. ELLIOT, FRANCES: English. ELLIOTT, MICHAEL: Electrical Trades, English. ELLISON, RUBY: Business Education, English. ENLOW, ARTHUR: Electrical Trades, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Wrestling. ESAREY, CAROL: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! FTA, Ger- man Club, Drama-Speech. EVANS, FLOYD: English, Printing! Lettermen's Club, Football, Basketball, Track. EVANS, MARIE: Business Education, English. FARLEY, JUDY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. FARRAL, WILMA: English, Home Economics! Girls Concert Club, Cannon agent. FARRIOR, NORMAN RAY: Auto-Aviation, English. FIELDS, MARVIN CHARLES: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. FISSE, FRANK PATRICK: English, Social Studies. FLEMING, AUSTIN, JR.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Baseball. FLETCHER, ANDREW: English, Social Studies. FLOERKE, CLAUDIA, J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club. FLOERKE, DONALD LEE: Building Trades, English! Chess Club, Natural Science Club, Chemistry- Physics Club, Basketball, Football, Tennis. FOGLEMAN, JANINE GAYE: English, Social Studies! GAA, Drama-Speech Club, Maiorettes, Cannon Year- book Staff, Cannon agent. FOGLEMAN, JOHNNY: English. FOGLESON, ANNA KATHRYN: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies! German Club, FTA, Drama- Speech Club, Melodayres, ,Techoir, Girls Concert Club, Debate Team, Speech Team. FOLEY, ERNEST LEE: English, Science, Social Studies. FOSTER, RONALD E.: English, Social Studies! Key Club, Concert Band, Cannon Yearbook Staff. FOUGEROUSSE, NICHOLAS DAVID: Art, English. FOWLER, JOE: Building Trades, English. FRANKLIN, DARRYL: Business Education, English. FRANKLIN, MADELYN C.: Business Education, English. FRANKLIN, MARY CATHERINE: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. FRANKLIN, TERRY L.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! DCE Club, High School Red Cross Club. FRANTZRED, JUDY ANN: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Service Club, High School Red Cross Club. FRAZIER, PAULA ELIZABETH: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Home Economics, Social Studies! Spanish Club, GAA, Service Club, Cannon agent. FROST, FAYE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Service Club, Cannon agent. BONNIE, LOU FULLER: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. FUNKE, WILLIAM RUSSELL: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Football. FURRY, ROSS D.: English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Key Club, Basketball, Techoir. GAALEMA, PATRICIA R.: English, Home Economics. GABBEI, WILLIAM LARRY: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. GANNON, JOHN STEPHEN: Auto-Aviation, English. GARDNER, PAMELA JEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club. GARDNER, PHYLLIS MARIE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. GAREY, VICKI JEAN: English, Home Economics. GART2, JANICE EVONNE: Business Education, En- g is . GLASS, EDWARD: Building Trades, English! Cross Country, Basketball. GLASSCOCK, IVAN LEE: Drafting, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club. GLENN, MICHAEL JOHN: Drafting, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies. GOODE, BERTHA ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. GORDON, MARGARET FAY: English, Social Studies. GOUGE, WILLIAM RAY: Electrical Trades, English! Radio Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Natural Science Club, Cannon Weekly Staff. GOURLEY, MARGARET ANN: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Science. GRANT, CHARLES MEADE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club. GRAVENS, FRANCES JOYCE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. GRAVES, JAMES MICHAEL: Auto-Aviation, English! Basketball, Football. GRAVES, PHILIP GREGORY: Business Education, En- glish! Basketball, Football, Track. GRAY, WILLIAM JOSEPH: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Basketball, Baseball, Football. GREEN, BONNIE GENE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. GREEN, DIANA: English, Social Studies. GREEN, MELVIN RICHARD: Art, English. GREEN, ORA MAE: Business Education, English. GREENWELL, DAVID LEE: English, Printing! DCE Club, Marching Band. GREGORY, CAROL JEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Music Club, High School Red Cross Club, Techoir, Cannon Weekly Staff, Cannon agent. GREIDER, MICHAEL: Auto-Aviation, English! Radio Club, History Club, High School Red Cross Club, Basketball, Tennis. GRIFFIN, JAMES W.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Band, Cannon Weekly Staff, Con- cert Orchestra. GRIFFITH, REBECCA: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Cannon Yearbook Staff. GRIMES, GREGORY: Business Education, English, So- cial Studies. GRIMES, STEVEN L.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! SAO Executives Board, Cannon Weekly Staff, ROTC Officers. GROSS, DAVID: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. GROSS, VELMA SUE: English, Social Studies. GRUBBS, MICHAEL LYNN: English, Social Studies. GULLEY, ROBERT EUGENE: English, Metal Trades. GULLION, LINDA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Music Club, Techoir. GUTHRIE, JOYCE: English, Mathematics. HALCOMB, GARY L.: English, Social Studies. HALL, CLEOPHAS, JR.: Drafting, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Track, Wrestling. HALL, DEBRA LOU: English, Social Studies. HAMBY, GINA: Art, English, Foreign Language, Sci- ence, Social Studies! Art Club. HAMMOND, BARRY: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Wrestling, Cannon agent. HANDY, JAMES C.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, DCE Club, Cross Coun- try, Track, Techoir, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. HANNON, DARRELL: Electrical Trades, English! Radio Club. HARDESTY, FLOYD CALVIN ll: English, Social Stud- ies! Lettermen's Club, Wrestling, Boys Octette, Techoir. HARDING, BARBARA L.: Business Education, English! Cannon Weekly Staff. HARDING, CHERYL ANN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Quill and Scroll, High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, SAO Execu- tive Board, Cannon Weekly Staff, Girls Ensemble, Techoir, Human Relations Committee. HARMESON, PATRICK A.: English, Social Studies! French Club, Boys Concert Club. HARPER, VONDA: English. HARRIS, JOHN: Building Trades, English. HARRIS, LORIN: English, Printing, Social Studies! DCE Club, Cross Country. HARRIS, LYNDA C.: Business Education, English, So- cial Studies. HARRIS, MARY ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HARTWELL, CORA: English, Science, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. HARVEY, STEPHEN LENN: Art, English, Social Studies! Football, Track, Wrestling. HARVEY, SUSAN ELIZABETH: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Ser- vice Club, SAO Executive Board, Cheerleader, Techoir. HASSENZAHL, JACQUELINE: English, Social Studies. HASTY, OTIS M. JR.: Drafting, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. HECKMAN, BRUCE R.: English. HEDDERICH, SHARON KAY: English, Home Eco- nomics. HEITZMAN, LINDA J.: English, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies. HELDMAN, GLENN: English, Social Studies. HELFFERICH, N. SAMUEL: English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Football. HENRY, KAREN A.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. HERBERT, CYNTHIA B.: Business Education, English, Home Economics. HESSMAN, SHERRI L.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club. HIATT, REBECCA L.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, Cannon agent. HICKEY, MICHAEL S.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, SAO Executive Board, Baseball, Basketball. HICKS, CAROL SUE: Business Education, English. HICKS, JANET LEE: Business Education, English, So- cial Studies, DCE Club. HIGHTOWER, BRENDA J.: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. HILL, ARTHUR L.: English, Shop. HILL, EARL J.: Building Trades, English! Football, Wrestling. HILL, LARRY WAYNE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club. HILL, REBECCA: English, Social Studies! Music Club, High School Red Cross Club, Art Club, Cheer- leaders, Girls Ensemble, Techoir. HINES, MARKETTA: Business Education, English, So- cial Studies. HIRSCHY, ROBERT: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! XYZ Club, German Club, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officers. HISELMAN, NORMAN: Electrical Trades, English, Foreign Language! German Club, Football, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team. HOCKMAN, GLORIA J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cannon Yearbook Staff, Quill and Scroll, Natural Science Club. HOGAN, LIBBY VERNAYE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Ma- iorettes, Techoir, Girls Concert Club. HOLDER, ROGER ALAN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Music Club, Football, SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Track. HOLLOWELL, CARRIE: English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, History Club, Music Club, Girls Concert Club. HOLMES, MARY: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. HOLTSCLAW, LARRY: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Radio Club. HON, TOM SCOTT: Art, English, Social Studies. HORTON, BARBARA: English, Home Economics, So- cial Studies! GAA, Y-Teens, Spanish Club. HOWARD, DUANE: Building Trades, English. HOWARD, LEON: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. HOWLETT, DENVER D.: Building Trades, English. HOYT, CHRISTINA: English, Home Economics. HUBBARD, DENNIS: English, Printing. HUBER, MARGARET: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Concert Orchestra. HUDSON, GLENDELL: Drafting, English, Mathematics. HUDSON, LINDA S.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HUDSON, VERNON: English, Metal Trades! Music Club, Radio Club. HULL, RAYMOND: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HUNT, LORRAINE ANN: English, Music, Social Stud- ies! Girls Ensemble, Techoir. HYLTON, JAMES EARL: English, Shop, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, ROTC Drill Team. ILLEY, ELAINE ANNETE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Techoir. IMEL, GRANT CHESTER: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Football, Techoir, SAO Executive Board. INGALLS, MICKIE: Art, English. INGALLS, TOM: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies. INGRAM, WILLIAM H.: Building Trades, English. IRBY, BERNESTINE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. IRELAND, FLOYD: English, Science, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Chess Club. JACKSON, BRENDA: English, Home Economics. JACKSON, STELLA JEAN: Business Education, English. JACKSON, STEVEN WALLACE: English, Mathematics. JACKSON, SUE CAROL: English, Home Economics. JACOBS, JAMES EDWARD: English, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Boys Octette, SAO Execu- tive Board, Cannon Yearbook Staff. JAMES, CHARLES JR.: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies! History Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Frenah Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Football, Trac . JAMES, CHERYL J.: English, Home Economics. JAMES, DARRELL JOE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Concert Band, Key Club. JAMES, MICHAEL TODD: Art, English! Art Club, Football. JEFFERSON, DEBRA ALEXIS: Business Education, English, Social Studies. JEFFERSON, WILLIAM BRADLEY: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics! Spanish Club. JETT, SUSAN KAY: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. JOBE, GERALD RAYMOND: English, Social Studies. JOHNSON, ANNA LUCILLA: Art, English. JOHNSON, DONNA MARIE: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Twirlers, Maiorettes. JOHNSON, JACQUELINE: English, Social Studies. JOHNSON, JANICE ELAINE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. JOHNSON, JUDITH ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Cheerblock. JOHNSON, JUDITH ELAINE: Business Education, English. JOHNSON, RICHARD LEWIS: Building Trades, English. JOHNSON, RUSSELL MEREDITH: Building Trades, English. JONES, BEVERLY ANN: English, Social Studies, Girls Concert Club, Cannon Weekly Staff. JONES, MENTHA LEE: English, Home Economics. JONES, ROBERT LEE JR.: English, Social Studies. JONES, SHAWNEE JONES: Businescs Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Maiorettes, SAO Board, Girls Concert Club. JONES, SHERRIE ALLENE: Business Education, En- glish! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club. JORDAN, CAROLYN LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cannon Weekly Staff. JORDAN, CHARLES WILLIAM: Electrical Trades, En- glish, Social Studies! Radio Club, Chemistry-Phys- ics Club, Chess Club. JORDAN, DENNIS JEFFRY: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Radio Club, Chess Club, Football. JOVEN, JOSE CHARLES: English, Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Natural Science Club. Sadie Hawkins Nlght is enlivened, as are all home basketball games, by the inspired fool- ery of the Pep Band. JOYCE, JAMES ALLEN: English, Science Social Stud- ies! Key Club, Wrestling. JUNGE, ROBERT LEE: English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, German Club, Concert Band, Wrestling, Concert Orchestra. KAROL, KATHLEEN: English, Social Studies! NFL, Thespians, Drama-Speech, Speech Team, Cannon Yearbook Staff. KARRES, DENNIS VON: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Basketball. KASHON, JOYCE: Business Education, English. KEESEE, LARRY LEE: English, Metal Trades. KELLY, DORIS CAROL: English, Home Economics. KELLY, RICHARD O"NEAL: English, Social Studies. KERN, ELIZABETH ANN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Drama-Speech Club, Future Teachers of America, Girls Concert Club, Cannon agent. KERN, SYLVIA JEAN: English, Social Studies! Service Club, Spanish Club. KEUTZER, REBECCA LOISE IBECKYI: Business Educa- tion, English. KIDD, SUE ANN: English, Home Economics. KIESEL, PATRICIA JANE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! DCE Club. KING, GARY LEROY: Auto-Aviation, English. KIRBY, MARGARET SUZAN ISUZANI: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Concert Band. KISSEE, SHARON LEE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. KITCHENS, MICHAEL GARRY: English, Social Studies. KNOX, DORIS: Art, English, GAA. KRAMER, MICHAEL: Business Education, English, Science! Service, ROTC Rifle Team, Golf. KULIK, MICHAEL: English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies! Track, Wrestling, Cross Country. LACEY, PAULA LOUISE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. LAING, BECKY: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Drama-Speech Club, Service Club, Maiorettes. LANE, DEBBI: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. LANE, GARY: Art, English. LANE, WILLIAM: English, Foriegn Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Music Club, French Club, ROTC Officers, Melodayres, Techoir, Human Re- lations Committee, Football, Wrestling, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Rifle Team. LANGLOIS, ELLEN, English. , LASWELL, JO-ANN: Buisenss Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. LAWSON, TERESA: Business Education, English! Music Club. LEAVELL, EDDIE NELSON: Business Eduaction, En- glish, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Football, Baseball, Cannon agent. LEDFORD, GERALD: Auto-Aviation, English! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Wrestling, Pep Band. LEMONS, EDWARD: English, Metal Trades. LESNET, CHARLES: Business Education, English. LEVEQUE, BEVERLY: Business Eduaction, English, Home Economics. LEWIS, EDWARD A.: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. LIGHT, STEPHEN F.: English, Printing, Social Studies. LIMING, RICHARD ALLEN: Auto-Aviation, English! Chemistry-Physics Club. LINDSEY, WILLIAM: English, Social Studies. LIVERS, EVELYN: English, Social Studies. LIVINGSTON, DIANA L.: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. LONG, G. ALAN: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Radio Club. LOTT, SAMUEL: Building Trades, English. LOWHORN, DANNY: English, Science, Social Studies! Boys' Concert Club. LUCAS, MARILYN SUE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! GAA, Service Club, ROTC Sponsors, Maiorettes, Cannon agent. LUDWICK, GARY: Auto-Mechanics, English, Social Studies. LUEDEMAN, JANET: English, Home Economics, So- cial Studies. LUMPKIN, MICHAEL A.: English, Printing, Social Studies! Future Printers. LUND, PATRICIA: English, Home Economics! Future Teachers of America, Y-Teens. LYLE, BARBARA ANN: Art,- English, Social Studies. LYLES, BRENDA FAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. LYNCH, FREDERICK M.: English, Science, Social Studies. McATEE, JEFFREY L.: English, Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! Spanish Club, History Club, Concert Band, Melodayres, Techoir. MCCARTY, MARK: English, Printing. MCCLARY, DIANA LYNN: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. McCLARY, LINDA JOYCE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. MCCORD, MARGARET LOUISE: English, Social Stud- ies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. MCCORMICK, JAMES LEO: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Baseball. MCCORMICK, JOSEPH A.: English, Metal Trades. McCUliLCaUGH, EUGENE MALCOLM: Auto-Aviation, Eng is . MCCURRY, MINNIE P.: English, Social Studies! Art Club, Y-Teens. McDONALD, FREDRICK GEORGE: Drafting, English! Techoir, Boys Concert, Cannon agent. McEVOY, LIBBIE ANNA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cannon agent. McGEE, TAWANNA JEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies. McGILL, CHESTER L.: English, Metal Trades! Cross Country, ROTC Drill Team. MCGOWAN, JOE D.: Art, English. MCINTIRE, MARK CLAUDE: English, Printing. MCKINNEY, DONALD W.: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. McKlNNEY, LINDA L.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! DCE Club, Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Cannon agent, Concert Orchestra. McKNIGHT, MARIANNE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Spanish Club. MCPHBAIESON, MARCIA KAY: Business Education, Eng is . MADDEN, CELINA: English,'Home Economics. MAHURIN, PATSY: English, Home Economics. MALLORY, SHIRLEY ANN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Spanish Club, Drama-Speech Club. MALONE, BOBBY K.: English, Foreign Language, So- cial Studies! German Club, History Club, Natural Science Club, Wrestling. MALONE, LINDA M.: Business Education, English. MANSFIELD, GARY LEE: Auto-Aviation, English. MANSFIELD, LINDA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. MANSFIELD, WILLIAM C. JR.: Drafting, English, So- cial Studies! Lettermen's Club, Service Club, Foot- ball, Baseball, Wrestling. MARKS, PHYLLIS ANN: Business Education, English! Cannon Weekly Staff. MARSH, GARY D.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. MARSHALL, PHILIP L.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Marshall, Robert Lewis: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. MARTIN, THOMAS E.: Electrical Trades, English. MARTINDALE, CHARLES: Auto-Aviation, English, So- cial Studies. MASON, JOE E.: English, Auto Body. MATHES, CHARLES EDWARD: Art, English, Sci- ence, Social Studies. MATTINGLY, THOMAS T.: Art, English! Cannon Yearbook Staff, Basketball. MAURER, DONNA: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! DCE Club. MAXWELL, MARILYN B.: Business Education En- glish, Foreign Language! Y-Teens, Cannon Weekly Staff, Tennis. MAYES, LINDA FAYE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. MAYS, LARRY DEWAYNE: Auto-Aviation, English! Chemistry-Physics Club, German Club, History Club, Football, Basketball, Track. MEADE, CAROL JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! History Club, Service Club. MEID, STEPHEN L.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, Music Club, Techoir. MENTIS, JEFFREY W.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Music Club, Techoir, Boys Concert Club. MERRIFIELD, SARAH L.: Business Education, English, Home Economics. MICHAEL, PATRICIA A.: Art, English, Music, Social Studies! Music Club, Service Club, Art Club, Drama-Speech Club, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, Cannon agent. MILLER, LAWRENCE L.: English, Printing! Future Printers of America. MILLER, RUTHANNE B.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! JCL, Service Club, Cannon agent. MILLS, JOSEPH LYNN: English, Printing! ROTC Of- ficers Club. MIMMS, SHARON DIANA: English, Home Economics. MITCHELL, DONALD: English, Social Studies! JCL, Natural Science Club. MONDAY, WILLIAM RAY: Auto-Aviation, English! Key Club, Natural Science Club, Service Club, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Wrestling. MONTGOMERY, MARCIA K.: Business Education, En- glish, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Service Club, Future Teachers of America, High School Red Cross Club, ROTC Sponsors, SAO Executive Board, Cannon Weekly Staff. MONROE, LINDA DARLENE: English, Science! Service Club, XYZ Club, Girls Concert Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff. MOODY, DEBORAH J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! History Club, GAA, Future Teachers of America, Melodayres, Techoir, Cannon agent. MOORE, CHARLOTTE DEBORAH: English, Home Economics. MOORE, HAROLD WAYNE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. MORGAN, DAVID A.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. MORRIS, RONALD J.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Football. MORTON, MARILYN CHRISTINE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! French Club, Service Club, Future Teachers of America. MOSLEY, CHARLOTTE MARIE: Business Education, En- glish Foreign Language, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, High School Red Cross, JCL. MOSLEY, ROBERT LEE T.: Drafting, English, Music! Track, Cross Country. MOSS, MICHAEL O.: English, Metal Trades! Track. MOULDER, LINDA KAY: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club. MULLINI, DAVID L.: English, Social Studies. MURRAY, RALPH: English, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board. MUSE, REBECCA: English, Home Economics, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, SAO Executive Board, Cannon agent. MYERS, LINDA: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies. 43" i 1 NEWELL, SUSAN: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Quill and Scroll, French Club, Cannon Weekly Staff, Melodayres, Techoir. NEWKIRK, KAREN S.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! GAA. NICHOLS, PATRICIA ANN: English, Home Econom- ics! Future Nurses Club, GAA, Music Club, High School Red Cross Club. NOAKES, CAROL JEAN: Art, English, Social Studies. NORRIS, ROBERT ALLEN: English, Social Studies! Wrestling. ODOM, LEO DARNELL: Auto-Aviation, English, Sci- ence. OLIVEIRA, JEFFREY F.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Quill and Scroll, Drama-Speech Club, Chess Club, JCL, NFL, Thespians, Cannon Weekly Staff, Speech Team, Debate Team, Cannon agent. OLIVER, FRANKLIN DEAN: Building Trades, English! Natural Science Club. O'NElLL, LAWRENCE JOHN: Electrical Trades, En- glish, Social Studies! Radio Club. OSBORN, JAMES WILLIAM: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Key Club, DCE Club, Techoir, Tennis. OWENS, JACALYN DENISE: Business Education, English. PALMER, DOUGLAS WAYNE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! DCE Club, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Track. PALMER, MICHAEL WARREN: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathemaitcs, Science, Social Studies! Ger- man Club. PARKER, BONNIE: Business Education, English. PARKER, PHYLLIS FAYE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. PARKER, WILLIAM MILLARD: English, Social Studies! Concert Band, Wrestling, Concert Orchestra. PARKS, CLARENCE H.: English. PARRISH, ANDREW: English, Metal Trades. PATTERSON, MARSHA: English, Home Economics. PEARSON, CARL: English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies! Quill and Scroll, Drama-Speech Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff. PEDIGO, MICHAEL OWEN: English, Social Studies. PEELER, LAURA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Y-Teens. PENIDLhETON, STEVEN LESLIE: Electrical Trades, En- g is . PERKINS, RONALD MAX: Auto-Aviation, English. PERRY, BRENDA JOYCE: English, Home Economics. PETERMAN, DONALD JOE: English, Mathematics, Metal Trades! DCE Club. PETREE, CHRISTINE: English, Music, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, Maiorettes, Melodayres, Techoir, History Club. PFEIFFER, MARY LYNN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, History Club, Drama- Speech Club, Techoir, Girls Concert Club. PHILLIPS, F. MICHAEL: English, Mathematics! Ser- vice Club, Key Club, JCL, Basketball, Football Track. PHILLIPS, LINDA J.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Twirlers, High School Red Cross Club, French Club. PHILLIPS, MICHAEL L.: English, Science, Social Studies! Service Club, Spanish Club. I ea-.s.i":" I've got it! No, I've got itl Amid giggles the famous parymid dissolves in the fun of Sadie Hawkins Night. Right: Happy fans enjoy the informality of a gala night. Class of I 967 PHILLIPS, PEGGY J.: Business Education, English, Home Economics. PHOENIX, DIXIE DIANE: Business Education, En- lish. PIEKETT, J. THOMAS: Auto-Aviation, Electrical Trades, Metal Trades! Radio Club, Chemistry-Phys- ics Club, Service Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football. PIERSON, PATRICIA YVONNE: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Service Club. PING, JANICE LOUISE: Business Education, English, Home Economics! SAO Executive Board. PIPHER, WANDA: English, Mathematics, Music, Sci- ence, Social Studies! Future Teachers of America, Drama-Speech Club, Girls Concert Club. PITTS, NEVVTON MONTAGNET: English, Printing! Cross Country. PLACEK, NEIL A.: English, Social Studies! Basket- ball, Tennis. POLIVICK, STEPHEN LEE: Art, English. POLLE, MARY LOU: Business Education, English. POLSON, DANIEL CARL: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club. POLSTON, BILLIE JO: Business Education, English. PLUMMER, JANET LOUISE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. POPE, CARLEEN: Business Education, English. POTTER, GERALDINE: English, Home Economics. POWELL, DOUGLAS: English, Science, Social Studies! Chess Club, French Club, History Club. POWELL, SUSAN WANDA: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! History Club, Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, Cannon Staff. PRICE, THOMAS EDWARD: English, Prniting, Social Studies, Future Printers Club, History Club, FTA, Golf, Basketball. PRICE, JANICE KAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. PROCTOR, PENNY ANN: English, Home Economics. PRUETT, BARBARA JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cannon agent. PRUITT, DENNIS RAY: Auto-Aviation, English. PRYOR, CHESTER A.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathe- matics! Chemistry-Physics Club, Radio Club, Let- termen's Club, Track, Basketball, Cross Country. PRYOR, LARRY DAVID: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! Radio Club, Concert Orchestra, Can- non Yearbook Staff. PURDUE, SHERYL JANE: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. QUIETT, WILLIAM JOSEPH: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies. RADER, STEVEN TED: Electrical Trades, English! Basketball. RADY, MICHAEL LOWDELL: Business Education, En- lish. RAZSDALE, WILLIAM ELI: Auto-Aviation, English. RANCE, MYRON A. JR.: Building Trades, English! ROTC Officers, ROTC Drill Team. RANSOM, BELINDA DENISE: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Spanish Club, Cannon agent. RAY, GARY LEO: English, Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. REED, ANNA MARIE: English, Home Economics. REESE, DOLLIE LEE: English, Foreign Language! Y-Teens, GAA, Spanish Club, Techoir, Concert Orchestra. REEVES, LINDA KAY: Business Education, English! GAA, Future Nurses Club, Cannon agent. REIVES, TOMMIE LEE: English, Social Studies. RENO, JAY LAWRENCE: Auto-Aviation, English! Football, Basketball, Track. REYNOLDS, LUCRETIA ANNE: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. RICE, ANNABELLE M.: English, Mathematics! Music Club, SAO Executive Board. RICE, ROSEMARIE: English, Home Economics, So- cial Studies. RICE, WILLIAM LEON: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies. RICHARDSON, GARY MACK: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Future Teachers of America, Natural Science Club, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Speech Team. RICHARDSON, SANDRA LEE: English, Home Eco- nomics. RIDING, MARIA LASHONNE: English, Home Eco- nomics. RILEY, FRED C.: English, Mathematics! Chess Club. RINEHART, ROBERT PAUL: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. ROBERTS, DIANNA JEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies! Future Teachers of America, German Club, Drama-Speech Club, ROTC Sponsors, ROTC Drill Team. ROBINSON, RAY D.: Auto-Aviation, English! Wres- tling, Concert Band. ROBINSON, THELMA LOUISE: Home Economics, Physical Education, Science. ROE, MAX LEE: English, Printing, Social Studies! Techoir, Boys Octette, Boys Concert Club, Cannon agent. ROBERTSON, DANNY: English. ROGERS, JOHN LEO: Art, Auto-Aviation, English. ROGERS, MICHAEL C.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. Class of I 967 RONEY, MICHAEL EUGENE: Art, English! Football, Track, Basketball. ROSS, DENNIS ELWOOD: Auto-Mechanics, English. ROSS, LINDA GAYLE: Art, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. ROSSMAN, CLAYDIA LOUISE: English, Home Eco- nomics. ROTT, GARY DEAN: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, German Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Concert Band, Cannon agent. ROUSE, JOHN EDWARD: Building Trades, English! ROTC Officers Club, ROTC Rifle Team. ROZZELL, RICKEY LYNN: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Science, Social Studies! Drama- Speech Club, Music Club, Y-Teens, Techoir. RUCKER, RONALD FERRICE: English, Social Studies! Service Club, Football, Cannon agent. RUPERT, ETHEL LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! GAA, Future Teachers of America. RUSS, JOHN T.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. RUTHERFORD, RAINELLE: Business Education, En- glish! Natural Science Club. RYNARD, KENNETH DEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club. SALTER, HAROLD WILLIAM: Auto Mechanics, English, Social Studies. SAGE, LAWRENCE V.: English, Social Studies. SAMPLES, JOHNNY C.: Auto-Aviation, English. SANDERS, LILLIAN: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Future Teachers of America. SANDERS, PAMELA M.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. SATKAMP, CHESTER J.: Art, English, Mathematics! Drama-Speech Club, Thespians. SAUNDERS, TOM: Auto-Aviation, English. SCAHILL, LINDA DARLAND: English, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, High School Red Cross Club, Maiorettes. SCARBROUGH, LINDA JANE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club. SCHAFER, JACK A.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Key Club, Ger- man Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football. SCHULTZ, REBECCA ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. SEARS, GERALD A.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Human Relations Committee. SENOUR, ROBERT WILLIAM JR.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. SETTLES, CHERYL KAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. SEXSON, RICHARD WAYNE JR.: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies. SHANKLIN, DEAN E.: English, Printing, Social Studies. SHOCKLEY, ROGER NEIL: Drafting, English, Social Studies! Wrestling. SHOFFNER, LARRY DAVID: Auto-Aviation, English. SHORT, WILMA: Business Education, English. SICKLE, WILLIAM ERNEST: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! DCE Club, Radio Club, Chemistry- Physics Club. SIGG, HANS MICHAEL: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club, Techoir, ROTC Officers Club, Concert Orchestra, ROTC Rifle Team. SILVEY, JUANITA LYNN: English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies! Music Club, Techoir. SIMPSON, ARTHUR E. JR.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Chemistry- Physics Club, History Club, Tennis, Concert Band, Cannon agent. SIPF, CHRISTIAN E.: Art, Social Studies! Art Club, Music Club, History Club, Techoir, Boys Octette, Cross Country, Track, Basketball. SKUDROVSKIS, HAROLD GUNAS: English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, History Club, Cannon agent. SMITH, CLAUDE R.: Auto-Aviation, English. SMITH, DONNA LEE: Business Education, English! Service Club, Music Club. SMITH, JUANITA SUSAN: English, Home Economics. SMITH, MICHAEL M.: Art, English, Social Studies. SMITH, ROBERT D.: English, Printing. SMITH, ROGER: English, Science, Social Studies. SMITH, RONALD EDWARD: English, Science. SMITH, WILLIAM BENJAMIN: Electrical Trades, En- glish, Mathematics, Social Studies! Radio Club, Chess Club, Drama-Speech Club, Cannon Weekly Staff. SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. SMITH, WILLIAM RALPH: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Basketball, Track. SNORDEN, HOWARD EDWARD: Auto-Aviation, En- glish! Natural Science Club. SOLTAU, JAMES L.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Golf, Techoir. SPALDING, REBECCA LOUISE: Business Education, Home Economics, Social Studies. SPANIK, KAREN SUE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. SPARKS, SHARON ROSE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. SPAULDING, JERRY LEWIS: English, Metal Trades. 146 SPELLMAN, KATHERINE MARIE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. SPENCER, ROBERT LEE: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Service Club, XYZ Club, Chess Club, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Officers, Band Guard. SPRANKLE, CHARLES F.: Auto-Aviation, English! Chess Club, Service Club. SPURR, NOAH THOMAS: Auto-Aviation, English! ROTC Drill Team. STALLINGS, ROGER DALE: Building Trades, English. STANTON, REGINA MAE: English, Home Economics. STEELE, JO ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. STEVENSON, JAMES ROBERT: English. STEWART, ANNE ELIZABETH: English, Social Studies! History Club, Spanish Club, XYZ Club, Twirlers, Maiorettes, Techoir, ROTC Sponsors. STEWART, JERRY WAYNE: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. STINE, SANDRA KAY: Business Education, English, Home Economics! History Club. STORY, JUDY PAULETTE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, High School Red Cross Club, Future Nurses Club, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Girsl Concert Club, Cannon agent. STOVALL, GARLAND GAITHER: Auto-Aviation, En- glish! Track, Wrestling, Cross Country. STRONG, WALTER LOUIS: English, Metal Trades, So- cial Studies! DCE Club, Football, Track, Basketball. STRUBBE, DANIEL RAY: Drafting, English. STUART, MAY BERNICE: Business Education, English! Music Club, Y-Teens. STURGES, REGINA KAY: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics. rf I Above: Juonito Silvey frustrotes Jeff Oliveirc's superb shooting form as girls ploy boys in Roll Room 400's spoof. Right: Gory Rott becomes o cosuolty os teom- mate Jim Osborn comes to his rescue. Across page: Gory receives first-oid from Lin- do Phillips during ci desperote time-out. SUGGS, PAULETTE: English, Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! JCL Club, High School Red Cross Club, Service Club, XYZ Club, Y-Teens, Music Club, ROTC Sponsors. SULLENGER, STEPHEN RAY: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies. SULLIVAN, PAUL DAVID: Auto-Aviation, English. SUTTON, JAMES R.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Thespians, Drama- Speech Club, Concert Band. TAKACS, JOHN RENARD: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Concert Band. TALBERT, JANICE LOU: English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, Quill and Scroll, SAO Executive Board, Cannon Weekly Staff, Human Relations Committee. TARDY, MARVIN JOSEPH: Drafting, English, Mathe- matics! Basketball. TAYLOR, AUBREY: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. TAYLOR, JERRY: Building Trades, English! Track, Cross Country, Basketball. TAYLOR, PEGGY JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. TAYLOR, SYLVIA RAE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Concert Orchestra. TAYLOR, TIMOTHY ALAN: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics, Science! Techoir, Boys Concert Club. TECKENBROCK, ROBERT STEPHEN: English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Track Cross Country. THIRY, MARILYN JO: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, French Club, Service Club. THOMAS, ELAINE EMMA: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics. THOMAS, RONALD LEE: Auto-Aviation, English. THOMAS, SANDRA DEAN: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies! DCE Club, High School Red Cross Club. THOMASON, ARTHUR CLYDE: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies. THOMPSON, CHARLES WILLIAM: Auto-Aviation, English! Human Relations Committee. THONGPSON, VIRGINIA LORRAINE: English, Social Stu ies. THORNDIKE, MARSHA LOUISE: Business Education, English! Natural Science Club. TITTLE, CLYDE MARK: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! French Club. TODD, HARRY LOWELL: Auto-Aviation, English, So- cial Studies! ROTC Drill Team, Cannon agent. TODD, ROBERT WILLIAM: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Techoir, Melodayres, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. TOWNSEND, KENNETH GREGORY: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Natural Sci- ence Club, Track, Cross Country. TRACY, WILLIAM ANDREW: Electrical Trades, En- glish. TROTTER, BETTY JEAN: Business Education, English! GAA. rf I I TUNSTALL, RAYMOND C.: English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies. VANCLEAVE, HOWARD JR.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Baseball. VANSICKLES, GEORGE THORNTON, JR.: Art, Print- ing! Future Printers Club. VAN WYE, JUDITH A.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, Cannon agent. VAUGHT, JONATHAN DAVID: Building Trades, En- glish. VARBLE, ORVILLE FRANCIS: English, Science, So- cial Studies. VARNADO, DARLENA BEATRICE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! French Club, Future Teachers of America. VINT, JANICE: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Music Club, Girls Concert Club. VITT, ROGER A.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Band, Golf, Concert Or- chestra, Pep Band. WAGGONER, STEPHEN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. WAID, KAROLYN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens. WALKER, A. EUGENIA: English, Home Economics, Mathematics. WALKER, DAVID GEROLD: English, Printing! High School Red Cross Club. WALKER, LEROY MAURICE JR.: English, Science, Social Studies. WALKER, LINDA KAY: English, Home Economics. WALKER, SHERIAN: English, Home Economics. WALLICK, JANICE ELAINE: English, Social Studies! DCE Club, Spanish Club, Future Nurses Club. WALTERS, WANDA J.: English, Home Economics! High School Red Cross Club. WALTMAN, CHARLES STEPHEN: English, Social Studies. WALTMAN, DAVID ROBERT: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cannon Yearbook Staff, Cannon agent. WAND, MATTHEY ELLIS: English, Foreign Language. WARSAW, ROBERT L.: Electrical Trades, English! Football. WASHINGTON, LOIS ANN: Business Education, En- glish, Social Studies. WATSON, WILLIAM WARREN JR.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! Service Club, Music Club, Lettermen's Club, Natural Science Club, Radio Club, Boys Octette, Techoir, Cross Country, Track, Cannon agent. WEBB, ORA LEE: English, Home Economics, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! GAA. WEBER, CHARLES EDWARD: Drafting, English! Can- non agent. WEBSTER, PATRICIA FRANCINE: English, Home Economics. WELCH, JERRY ELAINE: English, Home Economics. WELLS, NEICA: Art, English, Social Studies! Natural Science, Cannon Weekly Staff, Cannon agent. WELTER, CAROLYN SUE: Art, English, Social Studies. WENDEL, LEE ANN: English, Foreign Language, So- cial Studies. WESTMORELAND, JAMES: Building Trades, English! Lettermen's Club, Art Club, Chemistry-Physics Club. WHITE, JEANNETTE CECILIA: English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. WHITE, DAVID: English, Social Studies. WHITFIELD, JAMES A.: Auto4Aviation, English! Track, Basketball. WILKERSON, MARILYN: English. WIGLEY, WILLIAM HENRY: English, Mathematics, Science! XYZ Club, Chess Club. WILKERSON, LARRY WILLIAM: English, Social Stud- ies! DCE Club. WILLIAMS, HALLIE MARIA: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Home Economics, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Spanish Club, GAA, ROTC Spon- sors, Cannon Weekly Staff, ROTC Officers Club, Human Relations Committee. WILLIAMS, HERBERT L.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. WILLIAMS, IRIS KAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies! High School Red Cross Club, cheer- leaders, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, SAO Executive Board. WILLIAMS, PAULA FAYE: Business Education, En- glish! Music Club, Girls Concert Club, Cannon Weekly Staff, Cannon agent. WILLIAMIS, SARAH CHARLENE: Business Education, Eng is . WILLIAMS, STEPHEN CARL: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. WILLIAMS, THOMAS EUGENE: English, Printing! Basketball. WILLNER, JAMES V.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. WILLOUGHBY, STEPHEN L.: English, Printing, Social Studies. WILSON, CHARLES R.: Auto-Aviation, English. WILSON, GEORGE ALBERT: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Chemistry-Physics Club, Natural Science Club, French Club, Future Teachers of America, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officers, Cannon agent. WILSON, MARYBETH: English, Foreign Language. WILSON, LARRY DEAN: Auto-Aviation, English, So- cial Studies! Baseball. WILSON, JACKIE LAYON: Electrical Trades, En- glish, Mathematics. WILSON, MICHAEL: Building Trades, English, Science, Social Studies. WILSON, RAMONA FRONCINE: English, Music. WIQIASQN, ROBERT A.: Business Education, English, usic. WILSON, STANLEY E.: English, Social Studies. WPLSOLN, VAN PRESTON: Auto-Aviation, English! rac . WISCHMEYER, ANN ELIZABETH: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! N.F.L., 1Drama'Speech Club, Thespians, XYZ Club, Speech eam. WISE, TIRESA ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. WONG, LINDA CORINNE: English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! G.A.A., French Club, Cannon agent. WOO, DANIEL RICHARD: Drafting, English, Mathe- matics! Chess Club, Service Club. WOO, WILLIAM HENRY: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Service Club. WOODARD, KEITH EDWARD: English, Drafting, Social Studies! Track, Basketball, Football. WOODCOCK, LINDA CAROL: Business Education, English, Social Studies. WOODS, KATHY JO: Business Education, English, Home Economics! DCE Club. WOODSON, HENRY EDWARD: English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies! Chess Club, Boys Concert Club. WORLEY, DONNA KAY: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Girls Concert Club, Cannon agent. WORTH, SAMUEL S.: English, Printing, Social Studies! Cross Country. WYETH, PHILIP M.: English, Science, Social Studies. YANT, BILL LEROY JR.: English, Mathematics, Sci- ence, Social Studies. YATES, JANICE ELEANOR: Business Education, En- glish, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Future Nurses Club, Cannon agent. YOUNG, DOROTHY PHINE: English, Home Eco- nomics! Y-Teens, GAA, Future Nurses Club. YOUNG, JAMES EDWARD: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Cross Country. YOUNG, JOHN EDWARD: English, Social Studies. YOUNP,h WESTERN FOREST: Business Education, Eng is . YOUNG, WILMA JEAN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, GAA. MTW Ross Furry and Bill Funke turn on oll the chorm of the Howoiion hulo in ci culturol moment for Roll Room I53--or maybe they iust "turn on" Roll Room I53. 5 People and events Faoultg and staff Allee, Mrs. Verda 62 Allen, Gaylord 11,20,21 Allen, Louis D. 38 Armel, Clyde 53,76 Armel, Mrs. Dorothy 22 Ayres, Mrs. Edna 22 Barnes, Thomas 46 Barr, G. Kenneth 18,37 Bayless, Kenneth 20,43 Beall, Howard E. 55 Bean, Carol 28 Bedell, Mrs. Mary B. 33,88 Beeler, Jim 28 Beeson, David E. 38,39 Behlmer, Rueben 46 Behlmer, Steven R. 53,85 Belding, Robert 17 Bell, Carlos L. 46,103 Bennett, Mrs. Arvilla 28 Bennett, Mrs. Christine 31 Berryman, Mrs. Ruth 22 Bettis, Susan 28,90 Billington, Floyd 53 Bockweg, Mrs. Emma 25 Boots, Mrs. Florence 41 Borshoff, James 18 Bowers, Melvin L. 46 Bowman, Robert 21 Bradford, Jack 46,110,111,115 Bradshaw, Mrs. Martha 34 Bramblett, Garold 59,77 Brandes, Raymond 44,82,148 Brinker, Norman 57 Brown, Mrs. Barbara 22 Brown, Harold S. 31 Brown, Wyman 103 Bryant, Mrs. Phyllis 43 Buchanan, Mrs. Leta Bussey, Charles 60 Caldwell, R. Forrest 34 Caldwell, Mrs. Paulene 38 Cameron, Mrs. Forence 25 Camplese, Daniel 46,105 Carbone, Dean 34,86 Carlock, Mahlon 20,92 Carpenter, Mrs. Esther 43 Caske Howard 19 Y, Catt, Howard J. 20,46,103,111,112 Cauble, Mrs. Virginia 22 Chadwick, Mrs. Janice 22 Chomar, Orlando 32,33 Chrisler, Fred 25 Christy, Kelly 21 Clapp, Mrs. Margaret 28 Clark, Mrs. Claudia O. 34 Clark, Ralph 53 Clearwater, Mrs. Angie 25 Cline, Ernest 20,46 Coddington, Roy 23 Cody, Mrs. Wyolene 41 Coffey, Mrs. Norma 25 Collins, Robert F. 37 Comstock, Diane 28 Cook, Arthur 23 Cook, Howard L. 37 Cook, Mrs. Martha 25 Cooper, Mrs. Esther 34 Cooper, Mrs. Janice D. 38 Corbin, C. H. 31 Corrie, Mildred 31 Cox, Mrs. Florence 22 Craig, Mrs. Frances 22 Creasser, Mrs. Louise 22 Cruser, Emanuel 57 Dagwell, Charles 46,18 Daily, Donald 20 Danheiser, Tom 28 Dant, Lowell 23 Davis, M. Turpin 43 Dawson, Thomas 62 Dearing, Mrs. Barbara 21 Deem, Harold 53 Deming, Leo 38 Dickerson, George 21 Dininger, Walter 34,103,104 Douglas, Mrs. Leona 25 Dudkowski, Sam 50 Duffy, Mrs. Goldie 25 Durham, Mrs. Wilma 22 Dykeman, Richard B. 38 Eason, John 46,99 Eccleston, Mrs. Mildred 41 Edwards, Mrs. Velma 43 Eickhoff, Frances 23 Elliott, Harold 53 Elliott, Mrs. Jessie 25 Emry, Mrs. Sue 28 Fanning, Mrs. Sandra 44,78,80 Farley, John 37 Fields, Mrs. Jeannette 23 Fine, Mrs. Serine 33 Fittz, Thomas 72 Flesher, Mrs. Judy 41 Ford, Robert 28 Fowler, Mrs. Fannie 22 Freeman, Joyce L. 43 Frye, Mrs. Lois 43 Furry, Mrs. Mary E. 28 Furry, Robert 23 Gale, Bruce C. 46 Garnes, Mrs. Thelma 25 Garrett, Mrs. Mariorie 28 Garrison, Mrs. Margaret 25 Garst, Mary K. 18 Gascho, Martha 28 Gillette, Mrs. Nancy 41 Gilliland, J. Kenneth 59 Glore, Charles 49 Glover, Richard 31 Goodrum, Mrs. Alice 28 Goodwin, Mrs. Alice 23 Graf, Josephine 34 Graney, William J. 38 Gruner, Wilbert 23 Guess, Mrs. Mercedes 37 Gunter, Mrs. Christine 25 Guss, Joanna S. 37 Hahn, Mrs. Margaret 28 Hale, Hester 28 Hamer, Mrs. Sarah F. 20,43 Hamilton, E. C. 22 Hanna, Mrs. Joyce 28 Hardiman, Emmett 28 Hardy, Marguerite 41 Harger, J. C. 43 Harts, Mrs. Louise 49 Harvey, Constance 33 Harvey, Mrs. Helen 22 Hawkins, Paula isee Paula Knoebeli Hawley, William R. 38 Haworth, Hadley 38 Heavenridge, Jack 23 Hiatt, Mrs. Caroline 22 High, Philip 44 Highley, Nancy isee Nancy Suttoni Hill, James L. 46 Hill, John C. Jr. 57 Hinshaw, Herman 17 Hoffman, Mrs. Mary 23 Holly, Mrs. Marian 41 Holmes, Ernest H. 55 Holtsclaw, Mrs. Elizabeth 40,41 Hon, David 37 Howard, Garlan W. 37 Howe, Allie B. 28 Huff, Mrs. Gwendolyn 23 Hurrle, John 20,46,105,108 Hutchinson, Mrs. Mildred 25 lnsley, Gertrude 28,129 lreland, Ronald 31 Jackson, Burney 53 Jackson, Mrs. Virginia 43 Jaus, Mrs. Florence 25 Jeffers, Leonard 34 Johnson, Alice M. 43 Johnson, William M. 37,56,57 Johnston, Mrs. Mildred 46 Jones, Bernice 28,70,73 Jones, Mrs. Gwendloyn 21,75 Kanouse, John 34 Karnes, Mrs. Alberta 25 Karnes, Mrs. Helen 25 Kasting, John R. 38 Kendrick, John W. 37 Kern, John 38 Kimberlin, William 34 Kirsch, Arthur 37 Klein, Mrs. Lola 25 Knoebel, Mrs. Paula 28 Kocher, Charles 55 Kriese, Maurice 31 Lagadon, Mrs. Maria 89 Landreth, Odus 17 Langlotz, Mrs. Mildred 23 Laubach, Mrs. Sarah 25 Lemen, Mrs. Jane Ann 28 LeVee, Carol 28 Leverenz, Rowland 37,151 Littell, Patricia 22 Loftus, Patricia 34 Longshore, Howard 11,17,72,14O Longshore, Jack 19,87 Loyal, Mrs. Ann 22 Lowes, William 19 Lyons, Frances 34 McAfee, Mrs. Mildred 20,28 McBride, Judith 21,28 McCoy, Fred D. 37,90 McCoy, Scott 37 McCutcheon, Mrs. Mariorie 41 McDonald, Mrs. Sylvia McGeath, Bruce 34 Machin, Mrs. Barbara 28 Maley, Mrs. Edna L. 43 Maloy, Robert 28 Manka, Mrs. Mary Lou 46 Mann, James 28 Marshall, Lewis A. 59 Martin, George 23 Martin, Robert 62 May, James 38 Medcalfe, Ernest 20,103 Meditch, Carl 53,111,113 Melvin, Mrs. Mary 25 Merrill, Mrs. Laura 25 Meyer, Robert E. 19,34,131 Myers, Paul 46 Miner, John 34 Moon, William 44,78 Moore, Mrs. Lola 25 Moore, Mrs. Marian 41 Moreman, lvan 20,46,103,104,100 Murphy, Wesley 34 Nessler, Margaret R. 28,68,69 Newcomer, Mrs. Dorothy 18 Nye, Martha 21 Obst, John 55 Ohmit, Mrs. Gwen 43 Orton, Richard 44 Oscarson, Paul E. 55 Osterhout, Mrs. Mary 25 Parker, Anna 46 Parker, Mariorie 43 Parrett, Sharon 21,46 Parrett, Shirley 46 Parsley, Mrs. Esta 25 Pentecost, Mrs. Mary 23 Peterson, Margaret 43 Phemister, Lorena 49 Potter, Wallace 18 Porter, Lionel 28 Prendergast, Mrs. Nora 25 Primus, Emmil 25 Puckett, Kenneth 17 Quillin, Phillip 46,47,98 Ransom, Mrs. Natalia 41 Ratliff, Mrs. Gwendolyn 25 Ray, Carolyn 23 Ray, Mrs. Gertrude 25 Reed, Ray 37 Reever, Mrs. Mae 25 Reeves, Mrs. Phyllis 22 Renault, Dale 28 Rhodes, Irene 28 Rieves, Charles 62 Ring, Edward 49 Robards, Mrs. Elsie 22 Robbins, Mrs. Gloria 22 Roberts, Mrs. Elsie 25 Shock, Richard O. Shoemaker, Ithel 19 Siedlecki, William 34 Sigg, Mrs. Elise 25 Simmons, Phyllis A. 31 Simmons, Michael 74,37 Simpson, Robert 44,148 Simpson, Mrs. Thelma 25 Sims, Mrs. Wilma 23 Sink, Lois 223 Slover, Michael 49,76 Smith, Alpha 23 Smith, Clyde Jr. 34,86 Smith, Mrs. Frances 41 Smith, Harry 31 Smith, Mrs. Lois 43 Smith, Mrs. Norma 25 Smith, Robert W. 53,76 Smith, W. Elbert 34 Southwick, Mrs. Barbara 28. Spahr, John 37 Stafford, Mrs. Ruth 41 Starkey Mrs. Mae 25 Steltingl, Mrs. Rosa 25 Sterrett, Mrs. Opal 25 Stewart, Stewart Stewart 1 Mrs. La Verne 22 William H, 59 James 17 19 Stoeckinger, John H. 30,31,86 Stout, Mrs. Dorothy 21,86 Strickland, Mrs. Marion 31 Stultz, Jane Anne 46 Sutherlin, Kay 23 Sutton, Mrs. Marie 25 Sutton, Mrs. Marie 25 Sutton, Mrs. Nancy 28 Swager, Deborah 43 Swenson, Kermit 49 Taylor, Mrs. Irene 25 Terrell, Roy K. 37 Terry, Earl B. 59 Thompson, Eileen 23 Thompson, Mrs. Gladys 25 Tobrocke, Floyd 20,53 Tozer, William 38,75 Tresslar, Cecil T. 19,28,73 Turpin, Mrs. Martha 21,93 Tussey, Mrs. Rita 22 Tuttle, Spencer 22 Underwood, Mrs. Susanna 33,88 Vaughn, Mrs. Linda 28,68 Vogt, Paul M. 55 Wagner, Lloyd 28,34 Walker, Tom 22 ,, -,-cs..-.f.., . M - .... ff- rl.. . X A . . , ., . rf Says Mr. Brandes to Mr. Simpson, "This Mordi Gros reolly gets hoirl" Roberts, Mrs. Lula 22 Robinson, Dan 31 Rosemeyer, Mrs. Dorothy 25 Rost, Mrs. Susie 25 Rodewald, Norma 22 Rowland, Mrs. Betty 23,73 Russell, Mrs.-Gertrude 23 Safman, Mrs. Phyllis 44,77,81 Sanders, Mrs. Flossie 25 Sare, Dale W. 31 Schnackenberg, Florence 28 Schneider, Mrs. Louise 23,49 Schneider, Karl 34 Schroder, Mrs. Helen 25 Schulte, Lisa 34 Skomp, Samuel 53 Scott, Patsy 20,46 Scudder, David 49 Sharp, William 57 Sherwood, Mrs. Lillian 25 Sheridan, Rita 33 Schoch, Mariorie 18 Wallace, Mrs. Mildred 41 Waters, Margaret 28 Webber, Mrs. Doris 28,66 Welch, W. W. 31 West, Delbert 21,34 Whalin, M. Ward 37 Wheeler, William R. 30,31 Whetstine, Verl 57 White, John 44 Whitmire, LaVon 49 Wiggins, John 43 Wignall, Mrs. Elva 41 Williams, John 53 Wilson, Anne L. 43 Wolverton, Ralph 38 Woodard, Robert 46 Woods, Morris O. 55 Woodward, Mona 43 Wythe John 37 in your Yarnell, Mrs. Rosalynne 22 Young, Mrs. Janiece 41 Zimmerman, Mrs. Virginia 28,33,89 Pupils Abbott, Michael lMikel 119,137 Abernathy, Charles F. Jr. 77 Abernathy, Deborah 74 Abner, Cecil 94 Adams, Cheryl 84 Adams, Earline 77 Adams, Linda 84 Adams, Nancy lNancee1 10,66,67,68, 72,73,78,86,136,14O Adams, Thomas lTom1 78 Adams, William lBill1 78 Albright, Kay 119 Alexander, Dennis 45,77,78,103,104 Allen, Marcia 61,74 Beverly, Elizabeth iliz, Bettyi 66, 86,91 Biggerstaff, Diana 82 Bishop, Brenda 78 Black, David 66,70 Black, James 84,85 Black, Phil 107 Blair, Albert 58,77 Blount, Donna 61,62,93,94,95 Blue, Dwight 103 Blue, Patrick 55 Bond, Geraldine 82 Bond, Hettie 82,83 Bond, Virginia 78 Bonfils, Lynn Helene 80 Bonnet, Frederich lFredJ 13,7O,9O,94, 116,i37,140,i52,l53 Bonnet, Jenifer 89 Boofer, Michael 107 if 'U Providing half-time entertainment at the Student-Faculty Game, glamor- ous, young faculty go-go girls swing to the beat of the band. Allen, Allen, Milton 103 Rita 119 Amato, James 139 Anderson, Larry D. 74,80,90 Anderson, Russel 57 Appleton, Nathan 110,111,112 Appleman, Phillip lPhill 73 Armour, Judy 66 Armstrong, George 62,68 Armstrong, Jill 64,94,109 Arnett, Linda 60,61,73,93,94 Arnett, Mahlon R. 74,119 Arnold, Carline 66,67 Arnold, Gary 66 Asberry, Deloris 95 Asberry, Doris 8,8O,82,13l Aubel, Larry 84,85,90,92 Avery, Tom 104 Backus, Jerry 82,84,85 Bailey Bettina S. 94 Bailey, Brenda 78,105,106 Bailey, David 107 Bailey, Eloise 66 Baker, Alan Baker, Joyce 43 Baker, Ronald 53 Baldwin, Bruce 76 Bandy, Mike 105 Banks, Ozzie 41 Barlow, Nancy 80 Barnes, Debbi 78,93,94 Barr, Gary 74 Bartley, Sue 94 Bartin, James 80 Barton, William 66,68,69,73 Bates, James 114 Baylor, Richard 92 Bean, Jerry 39,78 Beaty, Robert 105,114 Beck, Bill 92 Beck, Jeffrey lJeff1 103,104 Beck, Lawrence 76 Beck, Steve 103 Beem, John 90 Beight, Dan 82,83,84 Belding, Anita 78,93,95,106 Belle, Elvin 114 Bender, Frances 95,73,77 Benson, Harry 75,89,90 Bentley, Glenn 91,101,107 Berger, William 50 Boone, Julia 82 Boothe, Eric 67,86,95 Borden, Larry 66,67,86 Borden, Steve 88 Bosworth, Marleen 89 Bottoms, Marty 65,66,68,77 Bowers, Dan 59 Bowers, Marcia 86,138,140 Bowman, Chester 78 Bowman, Terry 62 Boyd, Rita Jane 88,94 Boyd, Terry 80,81,84,94 Boykin, Janelle 78,113 Bradley, Ronald 60,77 Brady, Linda 77 Brake, Larry 94 Brand, Ginny 77 Brannon, Sherry 75,95 Breland, Victor 105 Bremer, Frederick 86 Brenner, Ronald iRon1 34,70 Bridwell, Ronald 166 Bright, Dann 94 Bright, Susan 75,86,140,138 Briles, Larry 34 Brinkley, Kent 82 Brinkley, Herry 82 Broadus, Lawrence 84,85 Brock, Phyllis 78,79,81 Brown, Audry 82 Brown, Cora L. 66 Brown, Donald J. 66,75,78,166 Brown, James 76,77 Brown, Randy 77,78,8O,81,82 Brown, Stephen 52,138 Brownie, Charles 105 Brummet, Mike 80 Bryant, Mary Miss 40 Buchanan, Becky 94,113 Buchanan, Don 87,92,108 Buck, Cheryl 82 Buckholter, Lawrence 80 Buckley, William 68,86,95 Bullock, Cornelius 55 Bunnell, Carolyn 43,93,124,125,136 Burks, Sherry 34,106 Burns, Mary Ann 66 Burris, Salathiel 90 Burroughs, Jon Paul 80,86,88,94 Burtpn, Cynthia 80 Busic, Randy 94 Butrum, Dee 94 Byers, Ju anita 80,91 Byrd, Brakley 66,82,83,84 Byrd, Richard 78 Caldwell, Dianna 77,78,79,81,137,144 Campbell, David 51 Cam bell Drucilla 48 P , Campbell, James 84 Campbell, Jay 29 Campbell, Reta 94,113 Campb ell, Steven 37,74 Canedy, Bruce 58,59,103,104 Capshaw, Kathy 67 Carnal, Carpen Carter, Carter, Casey, Bobby 65 ter, Fred 54 Henry 104,114 James 103 Jacqueline 41 Casey, Marion 101 Caskey, Joy 94 Caton, Steve 105 Cavenaugh, Gregory 86,90 Chambers, Linda 166 Chambers, Marilyn 89 Champion, Gary 87,92,93,100 Chandler, Clarence 80 Chandler, Sherry 80 Chapman, Linda 114 Chapman 150 , Nancy 81,78,79,93,l30,140, Childs, Robert 103 Christensen, Ivan 71 Chronis, Chronis, Chris 78,92,i37,140 Linda 66 Clark, Bonnie Mae 140,138 Clark, Debbie 77,95 Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clary, Janice 80 Lewis 30,44,82,83,84,103 Louis A. 108,139 Kent 105,114 Susan 94,85,78,88 Sandra Louise 87 Clayton, Stephanie 82 Clellan Clellan Cline, d, Linda 94 d, Robert lBob1 92 Relis 74 Colbert, Delores 91 Coleman, Charles 114 Collester, Bruce 87 Collins, Connie 80 Crawford, Janice 86 Crooke, Robert 50 Cross, Lillie Mae 68,80,81 Curry, Margaret 80,81,89 Curry, Robert 80 Curtin, Party 105,106 Cutshaw, Susie 114 Dalton, Bonnie 74 Darland, Linda fsee Linda Seahilll Darland, Karen 114 Davis, Damon 52 Davis, Edmond 58,78,l08 Davis, Kevin 84 Davis, Linda 10,86,136,141 Davis, Paul 78 Davis, Robert E. 66,82,83 Davis, Susan 65,74 Davis, Violet 91 Dea, Larry 107 Dean, Barbara Ann 89 Debow, Jerry 62 DeBruhl, Donald 77 Decker, Stephen 74 Devitt, William 78,80,81,90,91,132, 138,141 Diamantidis, Elaine 88 Diamantidis, Kathryn 83 Dildine, Steve 108 Dinkins, Charles 84 Doan, Danny 72,73,78 Dockery, Jerry 78,92,11l,115,137,141 Doll, Janet 94,95 Donelson, James 114 Dorsey, Henry 141 Downing, Lnda 1O,61,63 Dykes, William lBilIl 66,68 Eads, George 137,141 Eads, Joseph N. 66,69,75,86,92 Ead s Lee Ann 66,67,68,77,95 Ealy, Jessie 91,93,9s,14i Eavy, Echo Russell 60 ls, Lawrence 57 Eckerty, Thomas 55 Edwards, Joe 71 Edwards, Sylvester 103,104 Egelhof, lris 94 Ellis, Lee 28 Elliot, Doris 80,81 Ennis, James Uimi 31,73 Ensminger, Mike 66,98 Celebrating a really smashing campus clean-up campaign, these Techites enjoy themselves in the Girls' Gym in May. Entwistle, James 82,83,84 Esarey, Carol 86,88,140 Espinosa, Manuel 84 Espinosa, Paula 89,90 Etchison, Gary 86 ger, Steven 94,105 Eubanks, Mike 36 Collins, Gail 76,89 Collins, Glenn Rufus 74,34,68,B6,166 Collins, Mary Paula 73,76,141 Collins, Roger 53 Colter, Patsy 94 . Combs, Daniel 60,62 EWU Condos, Leo 92 Cook, Linda 88 Cook, Susan 7 Cooper, Cynthia 80 Cooper, David 107 Cornett, Linda Kay 66,67,68 Cornett, Peggy 66 Corrado, Rita 10,13,73,82,88,136,l41 Cosby, Robert 59 Couse, Claudia 77 Coverstone, Donna 80 Cove Gar 76 Y, Y Cox, Gary 84,85,86,92 Cox, Gerald 104 Crawford, Glenn 34 Evans, Carol 90 Faidley, Rita 94 Faga Faga n, Jackie 74 n Sherry 74 Farral: Wilma 80 Farri Fega s, Donna 90 n, Ronald 62 Ferguson, Jerry 66,98 Ferguson, Steve 73 Fields, John 77 Finchum, Linda Sue 80 Fletc her, Andrew 13 Floyd, Raymond 86 Fogleman, Donna 80 Fogleman, Janine 105,106,140 Fogleman, Johnny 91 Fogleson, Kathryn 86,78,88,140 Folsom, James 105 Ford, Ford, Alfred 60,62 Linda 86 Foreman, Linda 81,77,78,79 Fort, Kyle 114 Fortune, Vicki 80 Foster, Ronald 39,70,83,84,85,124, 125,126 Foust, Donald 47 Franklin, Gerald 103,104 Franklin, James 56 Franklin, Mary L. 38,76,90 Franklin, Terry 87 Frantzreb, Judy 75,95 Frazier, Patricia 67 Freeman, Frances iFrankie1 80,94 Frost, Fuller Faye 75 Bonnie 117 Funke, Beverly 94,77 Funke, Steve 105,114 Funke, William iBill1 92,93,147,103, 138,140 Furry, Ross 78,92,110,111,147,112,115 Gaddie, Robert 104,113 Gammon, Ray 52 Garnett, Charles 59 Garrett, Thomas 80 Gartin, Reva A. 91 Gemmill, Mike 99 Geralds, Howard 103,104 Gibso n, Lewis 94 Gilbert, Denice 74 Gilke Sandra 86,89 Yr Gilman, Steve 76,90 Glasp ie, Paul 95,107 Glass, Edward 111 Glover, Allen 74,80 Goodrich, Preston E. 77 Goosh, Harriet L. 66,91 Gordon, Jerry W. 95 Gordon, Terry 95 Gouge, William 73,153 Grady, Dale 39 Grant, Charles 80 Graves, James 50 Grave s, Martha 94 Green, Bonnie 40 Green, Donna 38,80 Green, John 84 Green, Rebecca 93 Green, Sandy 90 Green Green e, James 105 well, David 87 Gregory, Carol 42 Greig, Kathy 80,86 Griffin, David 66,67,77 Griffin, Don 104 Griffin, James Uiml 73,82,84,85,138 Griffith, Rebecca lBecky1 70,71 Grigg s, Denny 105 Grimes, Steven iSteve1 60,73 Grimes, Wesley 59 Gross, David 30 Gross, Sarah 77 Grubb, Steve 104 Grundy, Brendaana 73 Grundy, Walter 103 Gullion, Linda 78 Haas, Ain 11,33,82,83,88 Haas, Marcia 84 Haley, Jeff 95 Haltzclaw, James 77 dd iff? 1 xv, 'W-. Haltzclaw, Larry 77 Hamilton, Cheryl 88 Hamilton, Doug 59 Hamlton, Nickie lNikki1 82,83,84,77 Hammond, Barry 91,108 Hampton, Paulette 41 Hand, Ralph 84 Handy, Jim 87,92,93 Handy, Stephen 1Steve1 78,92,93 Hangsleben, Roger 86 Hardesty, Calvin 64,78,80,81,9l,108 Harding, Cheryl 10,32,34,78,79,81,89 72,93,95,94,136,137,140 Harmeson, Patrick lPat1 94 Harmon, Jack 105,114 Harmon, Jerry 84 Harper, Vestal 105 Harris, Pete 82 Harper, Vonda 80 Harrison, Kay 61,73 Hart, Dora 78,105,106 Hart, Eileen 80 Hartle, Donna 71,74 Harvey, Susan 78,93,109,130,140 Hasty, Otis 74 Hausz, Faye Haworth, Hadley 38 Hawthorne, Willie 113 Heatherly, Jan 66,89 Hedrick, Pamela fPam1 66,67,68,69,73 Heitzman, Linda 136,140 Helfferich, Sam 74,103 Henard, Jesse 74 Henderson, Robert 28 Herman, Linda 61,66,67,68,70,80,86, 88,94,95 Herring, Larry 105 Hiatta, Rebecca 130 Hickerson, Denise 77,94 Hickey, Mike 65,91,92,93,141 Hickey, Tom 105,114 Hicks, Carol 40 Hicks, Janet 87 Hightower, Brenda 116 Hill, Rebecca iBecky1 8,28,65,78,81, 109,138,131 Hill, Larry 80 Hill, Linda 34,82 Hillman, Tony 113,114 Hilton, John 70,71,92,93,104,113 Hirschy, Robert 60,62,75,94,141 Hiselmann, Norman 88,141 Hite, Mary 90 Hackman, Gloria 8,34,70,141 Hodges, Linda 61,63,78 Hodgson, Bill 80 Hogan, Libby 78,106,141 Holder, Roger 11,78,91,93,101,103 Hollowell, Thelma 82,84 Holman, Sherron 76 Hooker, Stephen 75,77,88 Hopkins, Getsy 113 Hoskins, Fred 90 Howard, Phil 80,82 Hubbard, Charles 80 Huddleston, Patricia 40,41 Hudson, Linda Sue 141 Huebner, Donna 75 Hughes, Allen 86 Hunt, Donna 116 Hunt, Lorraine 78,79,81,136,137,141 Hunt, Vicki 80 Hurst, Rebecca 74 Hutcherson, Omega 91 Hylden, Jennifer 94 Hylton, James 60,62 Hynar, Vicky 94 llley, Elaine 78,140 lmel, Donald 86 lmel, Grant 78,91,92,93,103,140 Ingels, Robert lBob1 68,69,90 lngle, Dennis 73 lngle, Linda 73,88 Irons, Mattie 43 lrving, Allen 62 . Irwin, Jo Ann 80,81,94,103,113 Isbell, Marilyn 74 Isbell, Bill 74 lsham, Brenda 84 Jackson, Nora 94 Jackson, Ollimaria 90 Jackson, Robert L. 51 Jacobs, James 70,71,80,81,78,92,93, 72,132 Jacobs, Joe 56 1 Jones, Shawnee 80,93,95,106 Jones, Tommie 57 Jones, William H. 104 Jordan, Terry 55 Junge, Robert CBob1 82,83,84 Karres, Dennis 111 Kares, Robert 75 Karol, Kathleen 66,68,70,122 Keers, Barbara 94 Kemp, Kemper, Robert Lee 51 Kern, Cynthai 69 Kern, Elizabeth 80 Kern, Richard 82,83 Keutzer, Rebecca 1Becky1 94 Kiesel, Patricia 87 Kilcrease, Albert L. 95 Kimberly, Terry 107 King, Byron 56 King, Jack A. Jr. 70 Kinney, Jeanie 68 Kirby, John 105 Kirby, Suzan 70,71 Kleifgen, Steve 77,78 Kreiger, Karen 95 Krupicka, Loretta 77 Kugelman, James 114 Kurbursky, Elmer 62 Lacey, Kevin 107 Lackey, Wanda 91 Laing, Rebecca 40,106,122 Laker, Jerome 107 Lambert, Bruce 70,84 Lambert, Larry 90 Lane, William 60,78,95 Laswel, Jacqueline 82 Lawrence, Stuart 82,84,85 Lawson, Theresa 75 Leavell, Eddie 103 Leavell, Thomas 75,89 Ledford, Gerald 50,82,83,84 Lee, Alvin 107 Lee, Earl 101 Lee, Rachelle Ann 66,77 Lee, Rochelle A. 66,77 Lewis, Cindy 94,66 Lewis, Dennis 80 Lewis, James 113 Lewis, Rodney fRod1 44,80,84,85 Lines, Norma 89 Lomax, James 107 Lomax, Linda 77 Long, Michael P. Long, Tony 84 Loudermilk, Mary 66,68,69,72,73,86 Lowe, Diane 75,94 Lowhorn, Danny 80 Lucas, Marilyn 61 Ludwig, Barbara 86 Luke, Michael 63 Lumpkin, Mike 76 Luten, Fred Luter, Fred 107 Luttrell, Guy 92 Meid, Stephen 65,66,67,78,137,140 Meigs, Sue 95 Mendez, Sandy 77 Mentis, Jeffrey 10,11,77,78,129,130, 141,128,121 Michael, Patti 81,77,78,79,135 Mickel, Claude 105 Milton, Sylvia 66,67,77 Miller, Donna 94,95 Miller, Evelyn 80,84,86 Miller, Kathy 86 Miller, Lawrence 76 Miller, Marvin 66 Miller, Ruthanne 89 Miller, Victor 1Vic1 103,104 Mills, Joseph 60 Mills, Maureen 77,78,82 Miner, Marcia 86 Mitchell, Carol 66 Mitchell, David 113 Mitchell, Ernest 76,152 Mitchell, James 57 Mitchell, Paula 94,95 Monroe, Linda 70,71,80,95,135,12l Montgomery, Ed 66,100 Montgomery, Marcia 61,62,75,93,95, 136,140,138,121 Montgomery, Newman 36 Moody, Deborah 78,137,141 Moore, Harold 86 Moore, Mary Jean 73,77,94 Monday, Shirley A. 69 Moran, Michael 60 Morgan, Mary 89 Morris, Janet 86,94 Morris, Ron 135 Morris, Vickie 40 Morrow, Steven 90 Mosley, Raymond 56 Moss, Emily 91 Mullis, J. Michael 60,94 Muse, Rebecca 141,138 Myers, George 29 Nahas, Bradley 90 Nahas, Vicci 48,77,93,94,95 Neace, James 80 Neal, Stan 92 Nevins, John 55 Newell, Susan 10,61,72,73,88,93,129 136,140,139 Newkirk, Deborah 84,94 Nichols, Richard 1Rick1 103,104 Nooe, Danny 114 Norton, Joe 103,108 Oakley, Jim 105 Oates, Cornelia 69,73,74,77,80 O'ConneIl, Karen 94 Oliver, Franklin 74 Oliver, Richard 74 Oliveira, Jeffrey CJeff1 66,67,68,69, 73,86,89,90,92,141,146,166 Osborn, Jim 38,78,87,91,92,146 Owens, James 105 Owsley, Jerry E. 57 Nancy Chapman participated in o contest sponsored by the No- tional Youth Conference on Nat- ural Beauty and Conservation, and won a trip to Washington D. C., late last spring. There, Nancy had the rare experience of being personally greeted by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. James, Darrell 92 Jarrett, Charles 105 Jarrett, John 101 Jefferson, Debra 36 Jeffries, Barry 104 Jiles, Harold 48 Jekel, Mary 41 Johnson, Donna 105,1 Johnson, Jim M. 80 Johnson, King 57 Johnson, Mike 104 Johnson, Jim 80 Johnson, King 57 Johnson, Mike 104 Johnson, Patricia 89 Johnson, Richard 54 Johnson, Ron 101 Jones, Beverly 73,80 Jones, Leonard 89 Jones, Peggy 41 Lyle, Barbara 49 Lyle, Debra 90 Lynn, Ernie 56 McAtee, Jeffrey 10,45,77,82,83,84, 78,116,136,141,139,121 McCarty, Mark 52 McCarty, Marlene 106 McClary, Linda 135 McColly, Byron 50 McCord, Margaret 87 McCorm McCorm ick, Jim 91,116,117 ick, Ross A. 66,88,89 McCullough, Judy 94,80 McCurry, Minnie 48,76 McDaniel, Michael 1Mike1 84 McDona McDona ld, Fred 78 ld, Kristen 84 McEvoy, Libby 136 McFarland, Sandra 73,76,91 McKinney, Bob 107 McKinney, Linda 87,140,166,138 McKnight, Marianne 94,122,140 Madden, Elisha B4 Maddox Mahone , Wiliam tBillJ 103,104,108 , Mildred 90 Mallory, Shirley Ann 89 Mangus, Judy 80 Mansfie Mansfie ld, William 1Bill191,103 ld, Charles 105 Marks, Phyllis 73 Marsden, Ronald 1Ronnie1 59 Marshal Martin, I, Rex 105 Larry 56 Martindale, Margaret 66 Martindale, Mattie 66 Massa, James 104 Mason, Nancy 91 Mason, Leroy 91 Mason, Ronald 114 Palmer, Palmer, Doug 87 Mike 141 Palmore, Glenda 90 Panhors Parido, t, Dottie 89,94 Edgar 75 Parham, Greg 107 Park, Larry 82 Parker, Tom 84 Parkey, Larry 82,84 Parks, Phillip 76 Parnell, Annetta 40,66,67,95,166 Patterson, Donn 80,81,78,92 Patterson, Steve 66,67 Patton, Payne, Deborah 91 Roger 105 Pearson, Carl 70,71,72,86,133,141 Peck, Gwendolyn 91 Perkins, Deborah 91 Perry, Brenda 40 Peterman, Joe 87 Peters, Peters, Petree, Franky 105,106 Larry 68 Christine lChris1 1Colleen1 44, 78,93,105,106,136,141 Pfeiffer , Mary Lynn 78 Phillips, Linda K. 78,80 Phillips, Linda 94,106,146 Phillips, Pamela 82 Phillips, Peggy 40 Picot, John 94 Plummer, William 52 Masters, Thea 81,84,78,79,106 Matlock, Joseph 60,80 Mattingly, Thomas 1Tom1 70,71,135, 137,127 Maurer, Donna 87 Maxwell, Marilyn 73,90 Maxwell, Pamela 90 May, Dortha 88 Mayer, Fred 50 Mayfield, John 77 Medcalf, Robert 1Bob1 103,104 Medlock, Cheryl 77,94 Polson, Dan 92,141 Polvdaore, Brenda 77 Porter, Gregg 68,69 Posey, Sheila R. 77,166 Powell, Susan 66,68,73,86 Polvadore, Brenda 77 Price, James 91,95,110,111,112,115 Price, Mike 107 Pride, Danny 91,92,111 Proffitt, Donna 78 Proffitt, Linda 80 Pryor, Larry 71,77,82,86,140 Puckett, James 76 Puler, Laura 90 Purvis, Candace 74,88 Purvis, LeMont 51,74 Quackenbush, Linda 66,94 Quintana, Joseph 60,62 Rady, Ron 39,78,92,93,101,103 Ragsdale, Harold 105 Spaw, Raker, Vicki 88 Rance, Myron 60 Rand, Richard 74 Ransom, Patsy 66,69,91 Ray, Gary 10,11,82,84,85,92,137,140 Reecer, Margaret 46 Reed, Anna 40 Reed, Mary 80 Reese, Dollie 78,82,90 Reese, Edith 91 Remmetter, Teresa 95 Reneau, Dan 78,82,83,84,85,88 Reneau, Mary 82,84,85 Renfro, Frank 1661 98 Reno, Jay 103 Reno, Herry 105 Ressinger, Cathy 94 Reynolds, Mary 80 Reynolds, Roy Eugene 51 Reynolds, Tom 84 Rhinehart, Linda 114 Rice, Charles 55,103,104,113 Richards, Janis 82 Richards, Kathy 41 Richards, Larry 107 Richardson, Roland 110,11 Roark, Ray 111 Roberts, Allan 92 Roberts, Darlene 43,86 Roberts, Dianna 61,62,86,88,136, 137,140 Robinson, Paul 55 Robinson, Ray 84 Roddy, Debbie 77 Roe, Max 78 Rogers, Lonnell 55 Romans, Ronnie W. 51 Rose, David 84 Ross, Linda 74 Ross, Wendy 94 Rotert, Brad 59 Roth, Jerry 101 Rothenbush, JoAnn 78,88 Roti, Lynn A. Rott, Gary 70,86,92,116,134,140, 146,152 Rouse, John 63,148 Rowe, Max 80,81 Rowings, Paula 66,89 Rowley, Donna 90 Rozzell, Rickey Lynn 77,78 Rucker, Ronald F. 95 Rufner, Joe 87 Rupert, Susan 82,89,94 Rush, Linda 86 Russell, Chris 86 Russell, Joseph 51 Russell, Linda 94 Rynard, Kenneth 80 Sanders, ary 92,93 Sanders, Lillian 40 Sayles, Marcia 95 Scahill, Linda 78,79,B1,93,105,106 Scarbrough, Karen 89 Scarbrough, Kathy 89 Scarbrough, Linda 95 Schafer, Jack 91,92 Schaefer, Karl 94 Schneider, Timothy 89,113 Scott, Clifton 80 Scott, Paulp 82 Scott, Richard 30 Sears, Gerald 95,110,111,140 Sears, Linda 94 Sebastian, Larry 107 Seibert, Jack 8,80,92,93 Senour, Robert 55 Sexson, Richard iDick1 121,133 Shewman, Marsha 95,114 Sigg, Hans 60,63,78,82,94 Silvey, Charles 92,93 Silvey, Juanita 78,86,137,140,146 Sipf, Christian 45,74,76,77,78,80,81, Skarer, Leonard 86 Smith, Cynthia 89 Smith, David S. 75,80,88,95 86 Tackett, Sherry 94 Takacs, John 82,84 Talbert, Janice 10,72,73,86,93,94,116, 121,138,141 Tandy, Jeffrey 84 Tardy, Marvin 111 Taylor, Becky 94 Taylor, Billie 113 Taylor, Charles 54 Taylor, Eric 104 Taylor, Jerry 107,108 Taylor, Patty 94,109 Taylor, Steve 63 Taylor, Sylvia 141 Taylor, Tim 78 Taylor, Toni 94 Teckenbrock, Bob 91,107 Terry, Byron 105 Terry, Paul 70,84 Tex, Leota 40 Thomas, Charlene 91 Thomas, Jerry 76 Thomas, Patti 76 Thomas, Robert 104 Thomas, Sandra 87 Thomason, Brenda 77 Wallick, Janice 87 Walters, Charles G. 57 Wand, Barry 71,76 Wand, Timothy 71,75 Ward, Bridgette 66 Watson, Alfred 105 Watson, William W. Jr. 74,77,78,80, 81,90,95,101 Webster, John 84 Webster, Mary 84 Weilhammer, Linda 89 Wells, Neica .38,73,74 Wetherell, Karen 82 Whaley, Steve 92 Wharton, Rick 105 Whitaker, Chester 114 Whitaker, Jerry 105 White, Teresa 40,80,95 Whitsman, Marsha 74,82 Winnington, Maxine 94 Wiley, Roger 46 Wilkerson, Larry 87 Wilkerson, Thomas 1Tom1 41,105 Wilkinson, Donald E. Jr. 78,85,92 Williams, Faye 82 Williams, Hallie 61,63 Smith, Donna 91 Smith, Eugenia 80 Smith, Gerald 51 Smith, Roy C. 77,80,86 Smith, Sharon 73,88,103,106 Smith, William B. 77,90 Soltau Jim 78,137,140 Spann Richard 51 ' Karen Miss 40,106 Thomason, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Tilford, Jo Charles 95,141 Darlene 94 Doug 50 James 50,105,114 hn 62 Spencer, Robert Lee 60,63,75,90,95 Stafford, Linda 75,82 Stanfield, Sandra 84,89 Stansberry, Isaiah 69,76,9O Stansberry, Mildred 76,91 Stark, Roger 114 Steffey, Jerry 54 Stephens, Helen 94 Stevenson, James 55 Stewart, Anne 10,61,78,106,129,140 Stewart, Jane 84 Stigler, Lemuel 108 Stockton, Elizabeth 66 Story, Judith 70,71,80,95 Strang, Teresa 32 Strong, Judy 40 Strubbe, John 103 Struble, Robert 104 Stuart, Mar 116 Suggs, Paulette 61,62,63,75,89,94,95, 141,138 Summers, Maryellen 58 Sutton, James 65,66,67,82,83,84,137, 141 Swanigan, Gregory 57 Sweeney, Kent 92,93 Swinford, James 93,103,104 di? T Directed by Renato Pacini, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays such selections as "Grand Canyon Suite" at the all-school assembly held in the second semester. Open House brings many interested parents to Tech to check up. Mr. Rowland Leverenz brings out his grade book for their benefit. Tittle, Clyde 136 Tinsley, Preston 77 Todd, Harry 50,62 Todd, Robert 78 Tolen, Dawn 68 Tomescu, Kris 77,83,88,94 Toney, Martin 92 Towler, Linda 95 Townsend, Felix 101 Tracy, Bill 87 Tremp, William 50 Trimmer, Varl 74 Trittipo, Micheal iMike1 68,69 Trotter, Geneva 91 Troxel, Jerry 75,88,89,95 Tucker, Connie 94 Tunstall, Beverly 66 Underwood, Darrell 76 Van Sickle, Thornton 76 Varber, Anita 49 Varnardo, Solomon 103,104 Vaughn, Kim 82,83,88 Vitt, Roger 82,83,84,85 Volstad, Kathryn 80 Wade, Sylvia Ann 91 Waggoner, Mark 84 Waggoner, Steven 82,84,85 Waldo, Neita 61,63,75,80,89 Walker, Fred 105 Walker, Robert 52 Williams Williams , Herbert 80 Iris 65,78,81,93,109,138,141 Williams, Keith 94 Williams, Lloyd 57 Williams, Mike 114 Williams, Paula 80 Willner, James 59 Wilson, George 60,62 Wilson, JoAnn 75 Wilson, Micheal 60,62,75 Wilson, Patty 94 Wilson, Robert lBobl 82,84,85 Wininger, Randy 80 Winkle, Barry 75,88,90 Winzenread, Mark 91,103 Wischmeyer, Ann 86,141 Witsman, Twanetta 74 Woempner, Kathleen 80 Wong, Linda C. 8B,91,141 Woo, William H. 51 Wood, Steve 104 Woodridge, David 77,84,90 Woods, James 28 Woods, Kathy 87 Woodson, Henry E. 90 Wright, Donald 82,83,84 Wright, Diana 84 Wright, Elizabeth KLibby1 70,78,89,93 152 Wright, Gary 66,68 Wright, Rebecca 94 Young, Clyde 76 Young, James 50 Zonder, Jeff 52,53 rb One by one, after being hypnotized, these eight panel members are changing their names. With their new identities, they carry on a dis- cussion of President Lincoln, from the viewpoints of famous people of the Civil War period. The audience is mode up of history classes observing the Great Emoncipator's birthday. rb ...9- Upper left: Lynn Roti and Ernest Mitchell lay out an ad page. Lower left: Libby Wright calls ci prospect. Upper right: Gary Rott develops an ad print. Lower right: Miss Jones and Fred Bonnet discuss advertising business. y,,.,.f'f" fn- , ,W f-YM" 4 wymy, .N Mfr' " wr' ,,,..w-MA' "" l f- .... We 1 1 ,e,.- ' , r Meir," iw we-'X' ,, dwff ,M W,.44zwW4J 'f ""?1'-Mt ,. .' s gas? , , . Y E E Q ii 'Xt if Backing our db rb 515, 'l"""' L .QQ X fag N wh -'Sr 'P 4 1 I I wil fy'-fm mme fm '1 4 'W egg e S . '79 You Never Outgrow Your Need for MILK Drink at Least Three Glasses Every Day R. E. WILSON CO., INC. VANSICKLE RADIO AND SUPPLY CO. General Contractors Building Alteration and Repair . . N l 81 H ll' ft Service - Apartments - Industrial Building ore co 0 'Cro ers U 4131 North Keystone Avenue R. E. Wilson 638-5441 414-416 Dorman Street Everything in Electronics MAY ENGINEERING CO. WOLF SHELL SERVICE STATION 215 South Munsie Street 1045 East Michigan Street Cumberland, Indiana 637-OO55 Service Calls 315' 7119 ig K , r 1 ,vi .. . I ' v- ,. W9 Alva's Mac Tools 4215 Carson Avenue 787-5553 Compliments of Empire Studios 4032 East Washington We insure all risks Auto, Fire, and Homeowners Young and old drivers Low monthly payments RELIABLE INSURANCE AGENCY 638-7511 1122 East Washington 1 3 x 1 Ms-X 4 2 , I Mx.N.X"a-Mx, F : 215 ,ff:g:g.-.-:- S O :' .-:-:':-:!:3:3 :Y" ' A :Q:f:f:f:f:f:f:-. .-:?:-. if fs N -:f:uefSRf:1:I:1:5:f' " gg -.-.g9c.uv.-.-.-.vp . MQW' - fw- pf- - -'-g.g.g.g.:.. 3.3.4 - I f ,, ..,gG:g:g:g:g:f5-:-S:4Z.2.-: 0 .-.-.-.-Z-Z-I-'-.. , -3.3-3-3'lgigigigigigigijg X. " + :7C5:!-I-'JBI5 Q ,QS GS: U Y :fl 'v is 2 V First against Thirst Shelby Street Federal Savingsg and Loan Association 1525 Shelby Street 635-1503 Stoke1y's inest Fruits SLV egetables i " Picked and Packed... E .V at ' an me Peak of Flavor ', S f f of f . f 43' 0' --1 Si' Q ' S A Vmemvf 0-ie! ' 1 f o pm, M1050 If f ' ' L .B ,SQ Q V10 . "':z rsnA'L'n'r'-A' A is .W Van Camp s Pork SL Beans I ' Everybody's Favorite! ST OKELY-VAN CAMP, INC. Gen'i'a'Of'iceS Indianapolis PLEHURST For Books, Supplies Everything You Need- YOUR FRIENDLY BOOK STORE Compliments of: I-V COACH COMPANY lNcoRPoRA1ED ' Doiry Products 37115 Folrnsworth Street Charter Service omywhere in the United Stotes 634-3198 WASHINGTON AUTO PARTS, INC. New and Used Parts and Machine Facilities We Specialize in Motors and Transmissions DAIRY QUEEN ERICKSON 2840 East Tenth Street indianapolis, Indiana HARRY LEVINSON INC. - - Menswear Complete Line of Speed Equipment EOSTQOTG Shopping Cemer 2113 E. Washington 666-4481 359-8000 DRAKE'S FRIGIDAIR Get Out of The Rut E Come To Csince 19311 "The Hut" True-value Terms For the Sharpest Clothes in Town COHEN BROTHERS 25th Street oft Sherman Drive FREE SERVICE AND DELIVERY 1200 East New York 637-5311 POUDRE POUF BEAUTY SALON 3617 East Michigan Stree 353-1721 Compliments of MARIA'S PIZZA 8939 East 38th Street 897-1546 ART'S REXALL DRUGS I VONNEGUT'S 2502 Station Street 546.6313 INCORPORATED SUPER HARDWARE .CENTERS Compliments ot HARPOOL'S A AMERICAN CLEANERS FRN, 2510 Roosevelt Avenue 638-0277 William M. Harpool - Roy M. I-larpool MCALLISTER MILLINERY 22118 East Michigan Street 638-2039 T l .Q ggi ,,8 W AJQV Buy "Affordable Furniture" from RICHARD BENNETT 5804 East Washington INDIANA CYCLE SALES 1301 E. 10th Street 631 9344 Buy your Suzuki or Triumph here. E E552 Q 7li'ii A ' Q! 4 " ,, MM' Q' 356 7211 ' ru.. ' 2' -1A ,N 1 ll 1 ,,fr1"1ll mimi: in li 1 Q For Hands That Shape the Future .... Rings to Remember HERFF JONES JEWELERS 1401 North Capital Avenue 635-1554 Modern Reliable Courses Specialized Education for Business Careers Big Demand tor Graduates Attractive Salaries Courses Include Stenographic and Secretarial CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian 634-8337 W7Z'691fPa42z25 "Buy paint from a Paint Specialist" I Ll. Paint Pnonurts, inc. INDIANAPOLIS 5,INDIA Phone 925-8255 3301 N. MARTINDALE AVE AT SUTHERLAND N A ?,r,1!1ll rb Students get all their drafting needs at INDIANAPOLIS BLUEPRINT AND LITHQGRAPH CCMPANY 600 East Ohio Street 632-4466 625,000 Square Feet of Progress Another new HCA Victor plant... Another landmark in lno'iana's prosperity picture When all the latest statistics are in on eco- nomic growth in Indiana, you'll find RCA re-writing the record books. Shown above is the new Rockville Road plant west of Indianapolis-part of a S68 million ex- pansion program that is making RCA loom larger than ever on the Hoosier map fthe proof is on the rightl. How does Indiana benefit from RCA's success story? To the tune of S 140 million in annual wages and salaries. Not to men- Investigate employment op- portunities with RCA. Send resume to Manager, Em- ployment, 501 N. LaSalle St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46201. MONTICELLO I ' MARION' O INDIANAPOLIS I O FIOCKVILLE RD. I . BLOOMINGTON tion the 375 million worth of Indiana goods and services RCA buys each year. Is RCA a good place to work? Well, 25,000 Hoosiers seem to think so. And that total is growing. RCA offers good pay, challenging work and a bright future in one of the nation's most dynamic indus- tries. But don't take our word for it- ask a friend or relative who works at any of the live Indiana plants about the exciting opportunities available at RCA. THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN ELECTRONICS Where the Emphasis Is on YOU and YOUR FUTURE ,., ORTE V -r' gg-I -X 1' 6 48 MUNUMEIIT flllflf ' lIIOIAIIAP0lIS. INDIANA 46204 ' Phone, 639-2505 MAXIMUM 108 0PPOIiTUNITY CAREER' COURSES OR OUNG O E YY IBM B ' ' OR YOU Yi IBMDt P prff' iv' Be smart and look I ,,- , sharp. I g V, . :it 1 ' ..!, Q If MQW SMART SHOP 3916 Meadows Drive g Phone 546-5289 x 5 I z E '1 M 1 f ' I . 3 is., Treasure Hunting? WaItman's Antiques 1817 North Rural Street Phone 635-5991 BRICK MASONRY CONTRACTOR Estimates on request. Take a time out BURGER CHEF A "' ' 1 1,. " ' qV' 'V 'S VA':A'A X 1 I lforcffocourf ' -1-' mms V, 4 JY f 'wr f 1 'S' ' f.1 -',. AA,A I I tt f 1 l'l"""'lf"3 1 A 1 A 4 1151551153 1 11 ' "WM -4 Q' ,Q P 'Q . 'V Q A A Q 'N Qlflf N115 remains 1 25 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS E ali, 4 IN MARION COUNTY i Home or THE womn s GREATEST HAMBURGER-stlu oNLv15c. Delbo Drugs Klein's Quality Flowers 3105 English Avenue 2213 Eost 10th Street 637 2421 638 1122 Tee-Koy Flower ond Novelty Shop Armin Groul's Department Store 1401 North Olney Street 2506 Mortinolole Avenue 638-4264 923-7846 if it PEPSI beats the others colcl! PEPSI pours it on w,.,r,,,, 111 Yffii 4 dir-sf -Z ,ff . Lal, u 3,3 rw, W Ei? if' "'f""""'-ff-f-Qm...:,,,4:zw MAX GALLCWAY STUDIO Official Cannon Yearbook Photographer 20 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET 635-2200 r SMITH PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 2250 East Michigan Street Phone 638-2000 ACCENT COORDINATORS Wedding Consultants 3901 North Meridian Phone 926-8366 EMPIRE STUDIOS 3604 West 16th Street 4032 East Washington Street Phone 350-2828 THE BEST PLACE To stop after school get cts au W7 , ? 211 Qi , 1 - w v V or 1 11 TE 'V f'l39--I M 1 tix 1 I-'Il-Q X . , lm 7 Q 7 -IIKIIIIMI S eer 'lllilld 'halollrl INSIDE AND OUTSIDE DINING COMPLETE CARRY OUT SERVICE Tenth Street and Emerson I Martha Kay Ice Cream Co. 3024 Martindale Avenue 923-5530 Formerly McKinstray Ice Cream Co. Em Roe Sporting Goods 209 West Washington Street U HLERZS' Wholesale Food Do., Inc. 2346 East 10th Street Phone 636-2345 Suburban Gigi Beauty Salon 6960 East Tenth Street 359-7792 Salon Gigi 3737 North Sherman Drive 547-1888 Charles Walker Dry Cleaners 1841 East 46th Street Phone 251-9481 TEBCO Truck Equipment 81 Body Company SPECIALIZING IN MOTOR TRUCK BODIES Hercules Galion Dump Bodies and Hoists Holmes Wrecker Bodies Ramsey Winches Meyers Snowplows Farm Bodies and Hoists 3343 Shelby Street Phone 787-2244 I -J things gg b It ewiiifth QIS6 :IMI SPORTSMAN'S CLEANER Ask about our conditional guarantee SUEDE-LEATHER-PLASTIC CLEANING I5 North State Street Phone 631-8232 SAM'S TECHNICAL INSTITUIE INC. Associate Degree Programs in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TOOL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Technician Refresher Courses Industrial Classes Arranged Approved by Vocational Rehabilitation Division Veterans' Administration T720 East 38th Street Phone 545-2231 22 cmck MISTER CHICKEN s EXCLUSIVE Carry Out P z A Fast Delivery Service Three convenient locations I B 1 3816 North College 926-1349 C H I C K E N " I 10575 North college 846-6179 2325 East New York 634-2164 sun UP'-'FISI-I Acknowledgements The staff of the 1967 Cannon yearbook wishes to express its thanks for the assistance given' by the following: Newsfoto Publishing Company and its representative, MR. DICK KENNARD, for technical ad- vice, MR. KENNETH PUCKETT for financial guidance, our advertisers for help in financing our yearbook, MRS. BETTY ROWLAND for accounting, clerical assistance, and moral support, Our roll room agents who sold the yearbook, and our photographers. Photo Credits are Listed by Initials: Dave Black, Frederich Bonnet, Ronald Brenner, Ivan Christensen, Dwayne Dixon, George Eads, Ronald Foster, Wil- liam Gouge, James Jacobs, Kathy Karol, Bruce Lam- bert, Jeffrey Oliveira, Larry Peters, Gary Rott, Paul Terry. Top Yearbook Agents-Front Row: Sheila Posey, Linda McKinney, Linda Chambers, Annetta Parnell Back Row: Ronald Bridwell, Glenn R. Collins, Jef- frey Oliveira, Donald J. Brown. 1-I The Tech perspective. . . With its days of routine. . . bod doys. . .good days. . . 4- -,rg , .. -Mjsx. "f-:JCL r"l?'K its moments of serious thought... ic . QEQZPHUEE3 pt its times of being olone. , .or in cs crowd.. . the Tech perspective. . . fr' mf, sb gr with its unexpected encoun- i vang: ers. . . 'Q 4' is X H 4 , A T 2 cmd other moments not so serious. . . ffvzf-5? ' f - 1 gh. - - 412' .riff-5'qi 4 . , , 5 pt pt i 4? . sg is 4 pl never reaches the vanishing point. . . 167 QI- l, 5. V' - , :LY iff 9 .huh ,, 1 ,.,, Q .S 4... , K X A 5 if 'I I fi ' .TL 4: is by "'!w1. ,, .4 .dx 4 'asf N? -lr W 5.2 ' p', 1 -, ' 'H-5 - , . ,M 1' -'s -. ,J , Af. ' X' WWW ,fx V' .jx I 4 gf 't ,T ,4Q11,5f1'-LQKE1 -1 9 If img! ,,. ,A ' '-,'?'gQ,5'g:1A , 1 - m,,vf.aa, , 4 "vm, , , 1 Q Q u7 '2Y V . I ,Hi 'S 5,1 A. 3, f, wx N' 'QQ . sz 'Q 4 N-1, K W 1 3, 'R ,, Q ' J' '92 ' '- fs' 4? 4 " XJ' ii G 'Si . Q Sf' 'ff O S ' rf ' ' .Q fl am-5. , H - '-Hmm' A s - . ' ",,.1,:-ng. pi: Y - M . A3632 "g,5.fH.?A ,. ' ll- ', ' .sg .1354 Jw . ' A , 'g'g'f2'!Zf 132 ..,, - .. , . 72.1 2. '2."'f' - - ,211 1. ' .f -'fri W 1.3 ' " 3 P' 1-1, 'g-1 "vi: If - , vii' Q?:A .,-P Lil ,JW 41: i V. , I :I U ,I H 4, ' , V. ee 'f 1 I ,i ,w,..,Q ,. , ,a-. ,,. N - gr., ,V Wf X ,A P ,. 0 ,, ,, , ' I- "A - tv" , .1 -' :. T -, 'f ,I iw- 2- 4 - Y' -1-.ff ' , " , , ,Tv - , , '4 , v-" f' Q' '.'g.fw".75'Yj1Q-.A-, . "f"'?1H' ' - fl - - x s , ,. ' ' ' f P -, V -'H-::lf"'."'q I ff- ny, '.jf":?11:'Mi-vffsggfesf - Qvsftx . K - -Q4 I 1 'J , 5 ,V . , x . -L . 1-' :f,25q1,,-.e-,, '.fvhifv3'e:vn..:5-'fvs 1.fL':sw,' - ,. Ml, i' ,' -. ' - ,- i 1 , Eva-gzfglffff-hffgggfr',5,sy,'L A rg..,-pvQg1,3M1g,. .. . 3.24331 , 4 , A f,,. 1. v ,iqmxi 1 .' Q. E.. -7A ,fv,?'a54.Qf '3 '55',?.1'Q6'51rg 2-,4'5Q .V V 1' 147.31 ,Q X104 K I -t' ' V" I, . 'V is ' ' - .A I 15?'ffQ'!i WW' ' uv-f iff. ,Q N :fx I . .', I 1225? ff f- H ' 2' 'Y'f5!" V' V I V. ' ' ' i J'-NW f'- W is v, ' ' 'Z -"' J'-+""L2,fM," 'r":f.f".' -4 "liz: A Q- F - 0 l ' . . -9 'ra ' 4 :MGS 4.- 4 V ',. H ns ' W, 'QA 1 , ' rx ' , , w Q Q ' X 4-pr gm-4 ' 'v'-:'..' . 2 '. . '. ' ' 1 , ffm "1 ' f1'9f3?23 , Y' ' EW?r':-W' ,J f -. V p n N fx ' . ' L 5 1' ha 3 5575--I' 5'-fljx-3 3 WI' 'Wi' H ' f Y 'nz 35 ' L , ' 'A 'fu-9 5 ' , 1 'QA uv M X 1, Q ,,,,, Z T' ,' 5.4 -i,?fi:,Q2J' .j.,,f'.j3h3-' f..'4.i'K. A Y ti A, V, - V ,, .V 4, Q Q ,. j f . ,fx Z, Liz! .rv ,,5:V,,,'-y,. 47, ,i :A -3.,?.i:'A, f i -, , VV V A fe, M I Q i Q K R W Y ,X Vx . N gg, f' i' I mg v.g,,'z Q , ,. - ,. - fb. , f f b , I b f , , . VX In ', LY' ki? "'g-'f'f-f3",""Y'if'- 'Q " ff? L ' ' Q: -N' , 1 J. ' mg ' nv 1, Xl? f 'T ry- ' s. N 4 '- f ' if - .Y , -, .vysqg ., ' ,V-'A .., 1 f 0. ' - , -' K 'Af ' ' ' X' gm 4' 'Q si :gf . V M I ,gb 1 , -4,1-,L , 5, V nh 5 jf' 1. ,Q . W 4:-2 fv f-Q 1 -r ' k L - . .- . .. , 9 ,x,9.vf.yf i?,.xnf,,v1g,Qiff.A3 , -W-35, .r f , 5. 4, M X V , V N -3 ,. '-.M , , Y x E : - ,, !:'Q,,-if 1.4: til. .f.,1:'-1, '13T.,:W:,x',,f .Mi . A .gv " , is X tx ' -Q - V ' Q , .W , +A , ' w 'ai 1 2 4 Q s. ' ,Q . . , -- , '.-LQ. ,., , ,, . I ,qi iw: + sf, .,-4,.,.,, ,W N .V 3 A I 3 A , V ,I V V V x ,I ' A fl.j,fE 7' X y5,A,15,,:,- ,l f 1 A 5 bl A -V h -5, W 5, - K ,T V X. .4 gi ,Q 7 Q A , .' Q. N ,M ,zn ,f V Qgwg gy-f', .5 , 4 wr 2 1' ' 'V V- A X X Xi. .I I-gryyi . ' A 2, 1 5 3 Q V x is 1 y3"1ffw V A -Q , G L Vt. , i?'qfw f'f 'k Q ' wfb ' 'Ju , 31 1+Ef"'iQ? ,-7" f: . 1 . Q f 'X -' X ' ii' A , -I - ' K t P it gk SQ t 7,.v..l? gwjzan, '-xl !,..,, 4.5: 1. Q. - A Wi: N Q V , 4 V ,, 'A A jx ' . .Q Y ' g. V x A 4 7 56, 4, ,I L. ,i 3, , 4 .M J , X ' K, Q ,iv x is Glfgq 'Q fwifv xr A V .gg E -Q ' , ' ,, . 'Q -- -14 gg. ',9,v+g,vg1s,,w.5- g ,- my , ., .ML ' , .ka ,Z 5 .- ,7 A Q - - x 1 , Q X M .vw liz, Q' 'j Wk w Q f :- 5' - , ' b ' , pf' ya, F' 3' ,3igxf+f7"f 7' "-' ' Wg 1 ' 'Q 1 ' ' V' 5' - " 3 a ' "' 4- i' X, ,1z..,g,f- N A A Y W ' V ,ig Af 1 :V jaw, f Q. , W , ,N - .ak W 5 V D Q V .'g,.x1L,QvfZDjf3 1 iff: N. If W h ' fig 4, up S V W lfx, h I K if 3. . . 5, V , 0 2 ew- ,I , WQ-'f"X' L-S" - V M '. .g. ,, A ,-I 4 " . 3- V-5-.QW .l?v5wffjin?57'a5 f ' F I 4,5 Q 9, lg , ' nl N, ' t 3'-.3-,,?.+31.,'y'f'5M Z-V -I 1' :,,:.:- 5,!.,f,G gg V :X ' Eh rf 3, gil . V N ,Q 12" , 9152" T?-vw' xg' L9',2g.1l . Q 4 x J ff - k . 4, A 5571 A '15 V144 if ' . . 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Suggestions in the Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

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